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7. ,..s-^ 



B r i g h a fti Vo u ii4gr II n i v e r s i 

ember . . . 

For memory is the treasury of the past that is left 

when the future crowds in upon you . . . Remember 

with us the campus scenes so familiar to us all: 

the president's home caught in glittering forms of 

ice, snow and brilliant light . . . the hills sprinkled 

with the deep colors of red and gold from the autunm 

sun the fringed shadows cast by early spring 

leaves on campus lawns. Remember with us the 
sounds of campus: the carillonic bells as they marked 
the hours and carried a song to the entire campus; 
yes, even to the whole Utah Valley. Remember the 
President's voice with familiar dynamic ring . . . the 
sound of the organ as its tones filled the f ieldhouse . . . 
a hushed conversation in one corner of the library. 
Remember with us the walks across the campus, 
the early morning classes, the late evening dates. Re- 
member the apprehension just before the professor 
hands out an examination and the sudden release 
of tension you experienced after you had handed it 
in and were leaving the room. Remember that 
inexplicable sensation as the lights were dimmed be- 
fore "Act I." Remember the sweet smell of newly cut 
grass as early summer with its familiar army of 
lawTimowers converged upon campus lawns, and 
the school year drew to a close. Remember with us — 
at least insofar as these pages can communicate to 
you through their symbols — all of your experiences 
of this school year at Brigham Young University, 
^ere on these pages, these experiences are recalled. 
May each page softly say to you, "Don't forget. 
Remember — for these are your memories . . ." 





•^ tf WT- SL 







Activities Division 21 

Administration & Colleges 59 

Classes and Faculty 291 

Faculty Index 416 

Fine Arts Division 151 

Freshman Class 869 

History Section 52 

Junior Class 327 

Opening Section 4 

Organizations 183 

Reference Section 408 

Senior Class 305 

Sophomore Class -- 345 

Sports Division 83 

Student Index 418 

Student Leadership 119 

Student Publications 132 


Editor •John Marlowe 

Business Manager Dick Phelps 

Associate Editor . . . Yvonne Anderson 

Layout and Art Editor Bob Pratt 

Copy Editor Norman King 

Photography Editor .... Wally Barrus 

The Banyan Presents ... 

This is Brigham Young University — as seen 
through the eyes of the Banyan. Here in this 
volume we hope lie many of your memories. 
Memories which weave a fabric of thought 
and color from the first hectic day of regis- 
tration — through every expectant moment — 
to the final goodbye on the last day of school. 
Within the walls of the buildings of Brigham 
Young University are now enshrined the 
laughter, the chatter, and the whispers of stu- 
dents congregated to talk about the latest 
ballgame, last night's date, or next week's 

assembly. Here within the pages of this book 
are recalled, through the symbolism of word 
and picture, the inexpressible and buoyant 
feelings of each thrilling moment. For some, 
this year has been filled wdth the relief of 
culminated study and the realization of anx- 
iously awaited goals. For others, it has been 
a stepping stone from one year to another, 
from one dream to the next. And for still oth- 
ers, a hope has been realized; a little knowl- 
edge has been placed on the shelf of time; a 

i Member of Associated Collegiate Prets and Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Press Association. 



X -i 



X ^ 

Brigham Young University 

friend has found room in another's heart. But 
for all, this year has been a new brightness, a 
lingering remembrance. Here in these pages 
we have hoped to draw each memory from 
its comer of repose and fit it into a mural of 
campus moods. Here are recorded the vivid 
colors of each changing season as it trod its 
way across the campus and left its mark be- 
hind upon the grass, the trees, and the flow- 
ers. The misty smell of autumn, perfumed 
with the acrid odor of burning leaves; the 
soft coldness of winter, beneath whose cloak 

^Located in Provo, Utah 

of white the flowers sleep; the fresh awaken- 
ing of spring throwing out her blossomed 
tresses; and the cooling rains of summer 
bringing lightning flash and thunder's tim- 
pani — all mingle with the life of the student 
at BYU, and we find that God has spoken to 
us in color. From every facet of our life at 
BYU has been gleaned a tone which deepens 
the meaning of living: the smiles speaK of 
friendship, the furrowed brow signifies 
thought; laughter shouts out enjoyment, and 
prayer whispers of God. 


Smiles spoke of friendship as students gathered in various places 
to chat, to exchange ideas, or to join in genuine entertainment. 

You never imagined the 1957 school year would be like this. But now "this" has 
become a memory, a memory never to be forgot en, for what one learns \yith pleas- 
ure remains to sweeten life. The spirituality gained, the cramming for finals, and 
the many activities enjoyed are now a part of your life. High on this memorable 
list are the many friendships formed. There are the small incidental chats as you 
passed from one class to another; the heart to heart talks with a roommate as you 
discussed a mutual problem; the laughter and joking on a date; and the more 
serious discussions in the classroom. Each of these conversations gave you new in- 
sight into another's thinking, and as you came to understand them more and more, 
this understanding was replaced with genuine love and respect. More mature as- 
sociations brought respect for the \visdom that comes with age, and you learned 
to exchange opmions with those who had had experience which would help you 
in making important decisions. In short, through experiences with others, your life 
was enriched. It is hoped that through their experience \vith you, their lives were in- 
spired, too. Long within your heart will be cherished those favorite meeting places, 
and here are recorded for your reminiscing a few of those hallowed spots. The 
steps of any campus was a place to pause and chat with your friends; forbidden 
benches or planters urged you to stop and sit awhile; more formal gathennss en- 
coiu-aged the exchange of ideas; informal meetings stimulated laughter and fun. 
Yes, no matter where or when. . . talk begat friends, and these friends are a part 
of your memories. 




LAZY MOMENTS of conversation created friendships and strengthened interests. 

SUNDAY DINNER was a good time to get acquainted. BOOKSTORE was place of meeting. 
INFORMAL PARTIES and afternoon lunches were frequent sponsors of friendships. 



Furrowed brows signified that thoughts 

were in process ... a purchase, a sermon, work or study . . .all required it. 

Social life at Brigham Young University included more than the usual dance 
or show. It was more than just a date — or even a special date. Here it w^s a 
family affair as nearly every member of the studentbody engaged in devo- 
tionals, lyceums, ballgames, plays and student assemblies. Whether the group 
was two or two thousand, the same feeling of unity and cooperation was 
found. The familiar "hi" with its accompanying smile, the traditional long 
trek to the fieldhouse for devotionals, the usual intimacy of the classroom — 
all contributed to the feeling of one big "social unit ." For those who chose, 
there were dances and shows, social and service units, committees and coim- 
cils. All combined on the campus to make your social life a pleasant memory. 

STUDENT OFFICERS always occupied the frMJt row in Devotional as example to others. 

social contact, whether 
studying (right), coming 
from assembly (below left) 
or working in a play (below 
right). All of these rela- 
tionships helped to prepare 
us for meeting people in 
other situations wherever 
we may be required to do 

i WATCHING OTHERS (left above), ex- 

' changing views (left), or choosing for 

oneseU (above) helped to form our 

Quiet study, concentrated experiment or group dis- 
cussions gave us the knowledge in learning we were seeking. 

It was difficult to find a place where you could read 
the Daily Universe or write home for money, when 
the time for the final exams came around. It's certain 
that scholarship was not overlooked on the "Y" cam- 
pus. Only one thing bothered you — not enough people 
brought refreshments to the library. Remember how 
distinguished those briefcases looked? They easily 
packed away your track shoes, catcher's mitt, portable 
radio, pen and pencil set from Aunt Lissie, tuna sand- 
wich, a couple of packages of Spearmint gum, cross- 
word puzzles, and . . . oh, yes, sometimes your botany 
book. The lawn was priority study space when the 
weather was good, and other times the library had to 

suffice. Labs and the Science Center balcony provided 
extra space, and sometimes good observation stations 
were available. No use neglecting your education in 
any one field. Each quarter brought its usual study 
resolutions and intellectual budgeting, but they ex- 
pired prematurely, and the quarter ended with the 
heartfelt, "Well, next time I'll. . ." And yet it seemed 
like you never did. Not that your studies were neglect- 
ed; they just had to wait 'til other things had received 
their appropriate attention. Still you gained much. 
From English you learned to appreciate ancient and 
modern literature; botany gave you a glimpse of your 
world; and all your studies gave you a new memory. 

LAB EXPERIMENTS (below left), research in the Ubrary (below center), or on stairs (below right). . . we could learn anywhere. 

1 > 1 

WINTER AND SPRING each brought their particular type of study along. 





I ^F 

€. I 


A PLACE OF SOLITUDE with a convenient lookout provided an ideal place to look over tomorrow's math or review yesterday's physics. 

GROUPS were a familiar sight on campus, 

, especiaUy congregated on the balcony of the Science Center. InformaUty was the keyword. 

CROWDS always went to assemblies. 

Quiet hours in assembly, talks with friends 

last minute "cramming'' for exams, and class lectures — each 

gave us a sense of belonging — a direction to the course. 

If one thing was typical of the BYU, it was probably crowds. At least 
between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Reflecting the growth 
and bigness of the school, crowds gathered in assemblies, spent time in 
classes, attended sports events, and generally moved from one place to 
another. In the midst of these crowds you found yourself. You might 
have been sitting and concentrating; you might have been running to 
class; you might have been just an observer watching the rest of the 
busy world go by. In any rase, the crowds at BYU will always be one 
of your memories. 













' *" ' M 

1 i ' '"^isi^SB 

' i 


SMALL CROWDS gathered on lawn in spring. PEOPLE in crowds always seemed to be going. 


SOME CROWDS were conducive to thinking and meditation. Devotionals were especially thrilling for crowds to experience at the "Y." 



'. '^. 





COOPERATION on projects was characteristic of roommates. 

TELEPHONES were always busy, especially if you wanted to call. 

Busy telephones, spoiled meals, project planning 
were part of every dorm student's life. 

The memory of six "noisy" roommates, five of whom 
you didn't know last fall, will not soon fade from 
mind. Together you burned bread, dieted, mopped 
floors, padded the budget with peanut butter sand- 
wiches, had Ward Teachers, and prayed. You learned 
to love each of them as a sister despite the differences 
of opinion. There was Darlene, the little red-headed 
freshman from California. She was the spark of any 
party — in fact, just anything. You and the other girls 
almost decided to have a telephone installed especial- 
ly for her calls. Then there was Ruth, who had 
everyone analyzed and complexed from her study 
of psychology. Betty — and her violin practicing. Re- 
member the collection you took to have her closet 
soundproofed; Dorothy liked to study, of all things! 
Her report card was one of those things you would 
like to frame and hang in the front room. And yet, in 
spite of her lack of social life, she was the first to get 
engaged. Margie planned to be an author and dedi- 
cate a book to each of you. She carried a notebook 
like most girls carry combs. And you? You loved 
everyone of them. Life in the dorms was beautiful 
confusion. Through the year your cooking improved, 
and you graduated from buying the finished product 
at the bakery to Betty Crocker's ready mix. There 
was one consolation. Few of the other girls did much 
better. Sunday dinner was the time when you in- 
vited the fellows up for a taste of your cooking, and 
although you had no ulterior motives, Bill just 
seemed to like your cooking extra well. Suppose next 
August will be too warm for a honeymoon? That is 
the way things seemed to go in the dorms. The men's 
dorms were a bit different. No homecooked meals or 
three-room apartments. The fellows jokingly suffered 
from malnutrition at Wymount Dining Hall and 
slept on converted Army beds. There was plenty of 
horse-play among the boys — from stuffing rooms full 
of newspaper to full-scale water fights. Despite hard- 
ships of your own cooking and practical jokes played 
by your roommates, life in the dorms will be a 
favorite memory. 

MOST EVERY GIRL was curious to see who Janie went with. THERE WAS NO END to surprises when girls did cooking. 



; ■, ■ mvv■;^■^i^^vv ■ ■w- ■ l^^J&X ^ R T^ . ^ P■^ ^ H'J^^ WBWiW y^^lWVPJW ^^ 

MUTUAL ASSISTANCE, even in understanding the school paper, was a part of being a roommate to some cooperative student 

^'^yjf' ■ 

TEN-THIRTY, FAMILY PRAYER and then the girls are ready for bed. . . well ? 

SMITH FAMILY LIVING CENTER provided extra space to relax and study for students who could find no place in the libraries. 

MYRIADS OF STAIRS did not seem to stop anyone. . . even Mr. Wilkinson kept up. 








A COMMON SIGHT on BYU campus is a boy and a girl. They 
may be studying, talking, or just sitting looking at each 

Whether as couples, in small groups, or entire studentbody gatherings, 

associations with others developed friendship. 

One. . . two. . . there must be at least 
ten thousand eight hundred and sev- 
enty-two steps in the average day. And 
if you aren't going up, you're coming 
down. Perhaps some class will install 
escalators as a project. Until they do, 
the stairs will continue to be a part of 
coming to school at the "Y." Some of 
the stairs are meeting points for 
couples, some provide a magnificent 
view of the valley, and still others are 
solely utilitarian. The stairway leading 
to the fieldhouse is a mass of moving 
humanity as student return from devo- 
stairs in the McKay and Science build- 
ings are structures of beauty and utility. 
No matter what the use, or the number 
of steps in a particular flight of stairs, 
they will be one of your memories. 




Reverence was watchword learned in assemblies. 

Inasmuch as men who are not governed by God are ruled by 
tyrants, and seeing that the Church has a paramount interest 
in the free agency of man, it is entirely appropriate that the 
students attending BYU should be taught somewhat concerning 
the value of spirituality in their lives. This is accomplished 
through regularly scheduled religion classes, devotional assem- 
blies, and activity in the wards. ELach year, President David 0. 
McKay addresses the students and advises them wdth respect 
to the various requirements of their religion — not in a com- 
manding way, but in love and kindness. Thus is developed a 
reverence in the individual which will carry with him through- 
out his life. You, as a student, have been exposed to this practi- 
cal treatment of religion. It has become a part of you; it has 
found its way into your heart; it has become and will be great 
among your many memories. 


lk»/r I 







' 4 



THE WORDS OF A PROPHET are always heeded by the people of God. BYU students, faculty get opportunity to prove themselves. 

MARK E. PETERSEN is a champion 
of right living and is loolied up to by 
all of the youth of the Church. With 
a kind smile and good word for all, 
Elder Petersen champions the cause 
of virtue and urges all young people 
to be its safeguard. He teaches a 
reverence for life and lives in ac- 
cordance with his teaching. The stu- 
dents always turn out in large num- 
bers to hear the talks given by this 
Apostle of the Youth. In an introduc- 
tion of the Church advertising pro- 
gram. Elder Petersen admonished 
the "Y" students to be honest with 
themselves at all times. 


Early morning quiet, deserted halls between classes, a walk in the 

early evening. . . all brought a sense of repose and of rest to the busy world we lived in. 



From the "Y" you will take with you dreams of the 
quiet places, for your memories will include the times 
when you sat in an empty classroom, or the solo 
walks to the botany pond or around the canal. These 
moments were yours along. It may have been a rest- 
ful hour of study in a secluded spot or an afternoon 
spent in the library in extensive research. Whatever 
it may have been, these moments wall remain vivid 
in your memory as a time of meditation. Those who 

have learned the value of silence have found a deep 
spirituality as they watched the sun set over Utati 
Lake or observed its first rays on Mount Timpanogos 
in the early morning. Those who know not the value 
of silence are missing a fullness of spirit which comes 
only to the few who will take time to meditate. Study, 
meditation, dreams, and prayer are elements of the 
quiet mood which are among your memories. 

MOST ANY QUIET PLACE will do for studying on the BYU campus. 

Let then your mind claim the actions that you 
have performed here at BYU this year. Let 
your heart feel again, let your eye again be- 
hold, and let your ear hear the many sounds, 
for here are the faces, the classes, the dances, 
the parties, the work and the play which went 
to make the year 1956-57 a memorable one at 
this great University. These are your personal 
mementos. This is your personal record. Take 
from it the ideas and monuments you wish to 
remember and store them in the treasury of 
your mind. For here are recorded. . . Your 











HUGE PALM LEAVES in the Brimhall Building form perfect pattern of repose as sunlight falls through the window on mounted birda. 

STUDENTS CAST reflective, quiet mood. MORNING cold constrasts landscape. UBRARY provides quiet hours of study. 




U ' 


^^ > 


i\ ff-' 

.^*v f ■ 






»i^ — -■ 





. •;•!(. -■''■'^' 


i^ti. ; ^'i.^*?* 





■-T ..# 


These are your memories. . . your memories of activities at the "Y" during 
the year. Memories you found in the feUowship with leaders m conference; 
puzzled expressions as students worked and re-worked stubborn class 
schedules at registration; conversation with your special girl at a late hour 
after the Prom; the stir of emotion as you listened to the Berlm PhUhar- 
monic. The friendships created while you decorated for the Sophomore Loan 
Fund and Preference Balls will be always remembered. As you watched oth- 
ers perform in assemblies, you resolved to develop your own talents. Close 
association was stimulated on student tours; humor exposed m the remarks 
of that "card" in English; opinions exchanged in "dorm sessions. The thriU 
of a basketball victory, a tense moment in a drama, the inspuration of an 
Apostle— 'all declared, "Man is that he might have joy." 



■«V-- r-^ 



Section Index 

Banyan BaU 42 

Belle of the "Y" 46 

Bibler Bounce 39 

Christmas Activities 36 

Elections 48 

Frosh Week . 28 

History Section 52 

Homecoming ._ 31 

Junior Prom 40 

Preference Ball 34 

Snow Carnival 44 

Songfest ... 49 

Special Events ..-. 50 





r " 





A J^U^t^-^'M- 1 

*w ' 




Leadership Week 

Leaders got preview of year in week's activities. 

For the second year in a row, Bryce Canyon was selected 
as the preschool gathering spot for student leaders to hear 
inspirational talks, exchange ideas for the coming year and 
relax in informal surroundings before beginning the school 
year's duties. More than 100 student leaders, ranging from 
Executive Council members to club leaders and from pub- 
lications editors to special events chairmen, heard talks by 
Dr. Henry L. Isaksen, student coordinator, and Dr. Wesley 
P. Lloyd, dean of students. Most prominent roles were 
taken by student leaders themselves, however. These repre- 
sentatives explained workings of their areas in the student- 
body structure and . how individuals and organizations 
should go about organizing facilities. Various leaders also 
explained how to work with students and how to organize 
committees for staging activities. All was not work, how- 
ever, as leaders watched a Student Program Bureau show, 
took trek into scenic depths of Bryce Canyon and spent 
leisure time renewing friendships of the year before. The 
group spent two days at the park before returning to 

ARMED WITH BOOKS and sometimes stares of boredom, Freshmen stand in orientation sessions and prepare for year of study, play. 


^. .v^ 

STUDEa^T LEAOEStS sat on split logs and absorbed sunshine and instruction during the three-day conference held at Bryce Canyon. 

Frosh Orientation 

Preparation for college life baffled students. 

Wandering around confused, but eager to learn, more 
than 3,000 freshmen attended three days of orientation 
exercises the week before classes began in order to take 
aptitude tests, listen to advice from student and admin- 
istration leaders and to get the feel of college life. By 
having all this activity condensed into such a short 
period of time, the new student has a preview of col- 
lege's hustle and bustle and is "broken in" by the time 
studies begin the next week. Some freshmen had attend- 
ed an early orientation session during July. 

"NEXT PLEASE," is heard several hundred 
times a day as the new students line up to 
have pictures taken for student cards which 
will admit them to the various activities of 
the school 


REGISTRATION brought an increased enrollment over 
last year as students crowd tables to fill out class 
cards (left). Overall view of registration shows every- 
one is busy (above top). Student places sign which 
designates this as the place for students from North 
Africa (above bottom). Hello Week Assembly gathers 
in an atmosphere much like that of a national con- 
vention as students from every part of the nation and 
several foreign countries meet under their various 
signs. This year was no exception as students came 
from many places to unite at BYU (right). 

Fall Registration and Hello Vlfeek 

Enrollment rose ten per cent over previous year as it hiked to nine thousand mark. "Hi" 
became the word to everyone as teachers and students ended Hello Week with assembly hour. 

Two days of registration, Sept. 26 and 27, saw more than 
8,600 students file through the streamlined system, with 
another 400 completing their signup later. Final tabula- 
tions brought the total to a record-breaking 9,000, a 10 
per cent increase over 1956. The streamlining of pro- 
cedure by Bliss Crandall, dean of admission, allowed 
students to complete the often-tedious task in record 
time. An hour and a half seemed to be average registra- 
tion time. Students then passed out of the registration 
lines into the traditional Hello Week friendliness. 
Themed "Hi-ways To Happiness" the week stressed 

sociability and urged all students to make new friends 
on campus by saying "Hi" to those they met in the 
course of a day. Highlight of the week was the spectacu- 
lar annual Welcome Back Assembly in which students 
sat in state groups, loudly and energetically proclaiming 
their geographical loyalties with cheers and state songs. 
Other activities during week included two Hello Week 
mat dances, a Friday evening assembly and a Hello 
Week dance Saturday night. Dance was held in three 
large halls. 

00% ,^ 


Frosh Vlfeek Activities 

New talent, shoe-shine kits, kitten whiskers, the 
trek to the 'T" and no dates initiated the Frosh. 

Frosh Week, which began Oct. 1, was designed to build spirit 
within the Freshman class. Frosh wore traditional beanies, 
blue and white socks and catered to whims of the upper- 
classmen by shining shoes and singing school songs for them. 
Rules were laid down by the senior class. In addition to the 
initiation, however, the class made the annual trek up Y 
Mountain for a fall clean-up of the huge emblem, presented 
a Thursday assembly and lived it up at a mid-week mat 
dance. "The Mountain Lure" dance at week's end was pre- 
sented by the studentbody to welcome the Freshman class 
into the growing Brigham Young University family. 



<' \ 

HILARITY AND FUN were the order of the day on the 
Frosh Assembly as is evidenced by Sloan Hales and 
Bob Ward (left). Moving off the main trail proves too 
much for tired "Froshie" as two stragglers move to- 
wards "Y" (above). 

TIRED MALES lean on implements after having cleaned the school symbol. A few girls who made the trip also take a "time out." 


"DOESNT LOOK hke work to me" (center). 
One student takes the easy way down from 
the "Y" just to prove you can make work 
into play (left). Frosh get a chance to try 
their shine kits (above). 


^phonnore Loan Fund Vlfeek 

New method of "royalty" selection sparked Loan Fund Ball; 
assembly preceded profit-making dance "Midnight Moods." 

Something new in the way of elections, or selections, was introduced at 
the 1956 Sophomore Loan Fund Ball. Instead of election of a queen, royal- 
ty was selected by drawing and a king and queen were crowned. Students 
had only to purchase a ticket at pre-dance sales to have a chance to win. 
Karen Leishman and Eddie Wells held the lucky ticket and were crowned 
at the ball. Wells received a set of cuff links and Miss Leishman was pre- 
sented with a bouquet of roses. "Midnight Mood" was the theme and pro- 
ceeds were donated to the BYU Student Loan Fund. The ball, which 
turned out to be the most profitable in 10 years, realized a profit of $375 
for the expanding BYU Student Loan Fund reserves. 

EDDIE WELLS reigned as king over the Ball with date Karen Leishman as queen 

DUANE HIATT strikes a "knowing" pose. 

BEVERLY WHITFORD, Myrna Shurtliff, 
Larry Jenkins, Gordon Smith and Byron 
Fisher steered the Sophomore Loan Fund 
Ball to its success. 

"IS SHE THE ONE?" asks Richard 
Davis of Duane Hiatt in the Loan Fund 
Ball Assembly. 



Homecoming Activities 

BRICKER FLOAT depicting "Remember 
When" theme in Pioneer motif carried off 
Sweepstakes win for this unit (left). Pleasant 
smiles broke the ice on chilly weather sales 
resistance as the Spurs and IK's sold bkie 
and white balloons (above). 


MEN'S DORM took on "unlived in" appearance. 

THETA ALPHA PHI'S BANYAN FLOAT called for reminiscing. 
uaoaual float. 

ALUMNI RODE to Homecoming 
in style as old model came to life 
(above). Raccoon-clad daddy 
brought the big Sweepstakes tro- 
phy for dorm decoration to 
Broadbent Hall (center). Remem- 
ber then? Homecoming Queen, 
Claudia Sedgwick, gave the final 
decorative touch to the especially 
constructed Alumni Float (right). 




Three lovely queens were chosen and 1,000 alumni returned to see for 
themselves the changes wrought on campus during the past fevy years 
to make Brigham Young University's 1956 Homecoming festivities suc- 
cessful and joyous. Queen Claudia Sedgwick, and attendants Jan Mark- 
staller and Klea 1 laynie reigned over a week of festivities which saw 
everybody "Remembering When. . ." by recalling instances of bygone 
years and honoring 25 emeriti professors of the University. Decorations 
of housing units, song group contests, float competition, a Saturday 
morning breakfast and street dance, and that Saturday night Homecom- 
ing Dance were social events which provided the gay, festive air for 
alums and students. The spirit even extended to the gridiron where 
BYU's Cougars rolled over tlie University of New Mexico 33-12 to win 
their first conference game since Homecoming, 1954, when they 
downed Montana. Remembering When was interesting. 

Homecoming snow flurries brought out blankets on the spectators but not on their spirits as two sturdies rush in lor substitution. 


Unhampered by wind and stormy skies, Bob Bateman, chairman 
of Homecoming Week, presents beautiful Queen Claudia Sedgwick 
(center) along with her two attendants, Jan Markstaller (left) and 
Klea Haynie (right). Flowers and gifts were donated by various in- 
terested downtown merchants. 

Winning spirit was expressed in Home- 
coming Assembly as Joan Schoenleld 
and Makee Blaisdell revived some old 
songs to help everyone present to "Re- 
member When" the same songs we sing 
now were being sung in Mom's time. 

Faculty quartet, Thomas Martin, 
Earl Pardoe, Sydney Sperry and 
Reed Morrill, accompanied by Wil- 
liam Hanson, create "Remember 
When?" mood on assembly (above). 

Frances Armstrong and June Dudley prepare 
for act (above). Street dance despite cold 


Preference Ball 

Coeds named thirteen men to preferred position as annual invitational dance was staged. 

A lucky 1 3 men students were chosen by coed vote to be 
the year's male royalty and BYU's official Preferred 
Men. Voting was by the number of invitations the men 
received and prizes for the selected few were being hon- 
ored guests at the big dance — which was held in a 
record four ballrooms to accommodate the 2,100 girls 
who expressed preferences and their dates. Barrie Mc- 
Kay was the choice of BYU's coeds, while his brother, 
Monroe McKay and Jack Nelson were close runners-up. 
The other 10 men preferred by the women were Mur- 
ray Mclnnes, Bob Bateman, Sloan Hales, Sam Aton 

Bill Mathis, John Marlow, John Benson, Hans Kelling, 
Larry Jenkins and Barrel Walker. The preferred men 
were allowed to escort members of the Associated 
Women's Student committee which staged the event to 
the dance. The only coed-treat dance of the year saw 
the females making preferences of dates and invitations 
were sent to the fellows by AWS. The lasses even pur- 
chased the $1.25 tickets for the formal ball. The 2,100 
girls who participated in the mid-November event broke 
previous records. 

I ^^T 

Jack Nelson 

Monroe McKay 

PREFERRED MAN, Barrie McKay and his fiancee, Ebine Stirland, reminisce over double malts after the Preference Ball. 


DINNER JACKETS were the style lor the lucky "13" who were chosen as the men most preferred by the coeds tA the BYU. 

Darrell Walker Hans Kelling 

Bob Bateman 


Sloan Hales 


Murray Mclnnes Larry Jenkins 

Sam Atoa 

Bin MathU 

JoliB Benson 

John Marlow 



Christmas Concert and Television Sliovir 

Music groups joined in Christmas extravaganza which was televised in stereophonic sound effect. 

Two massive productions by students and student groups gave 
BYU and Utah a final view of the school's talent before the stu- 
dentbody scattered for Christmas vacation. Seven hundred singing 
voices and the Sjinphony Orchestra and Concert Band presented 
the annual Christmas concert Dec. 6 and several BYU groups 
teamed up to present Utah's first "stereophonic sound" television 
show. The show, a full-scale production, was telecast over KTVT- 
TV and KDYL radio simultanously to provide unique sound ef- 
fects for viewers. The show, which was viewed throughout the 
West, was a variety program. 

with the other music organizations 
on campus for the Christmas Con- 
cert. A vital part of the orchestra 
was the bass. 

SYMPATHETIC STRINGS added note of charm to other instruments of the orchestra. 


DON GOTTFREDSON and Joyce Gardner mingle their voices in song as TV camera catches them for everyone. 

THE THREE CLOWNS — Makee Blaisdell, Ron Bottema, Paul Crum put on comedy act for TV audience benefit. 


HAPPINESS PACKAGE is filled with food and games by Wes Turner, Barbara Kehmeier and Mary Ann Rutz for needy (amiljr. 

Charity Drive 

Lighted Christmas trees showed willing- 
ness of campus units to aid needy families. 

Val Norn, 0. S. Trovata and Val Hyric social units 
won trophies for being first units with 100 per cent 
donations to Christmas charity drive. Drive yielded 
enough food, clothing and toys to provide a happy 
Yule season for 65 families — with 212 children — in 
the Utah county area. All campus organizations par- 
ticipated in drive, with those who had 100 per cent 
membership participation lighting a special light on 
Christmas trees in Eyring Science Center lobby and 
Heritage Halls patio. The drive, which is sponsored 
annually by Associated Men Students and Associated 
Women Students, is part of a coordinated effort by 
BYU and Provo City groups to provide "Christmas" 
for needy central Utah families. Most active partici- 

Sants in the 1956 Yule charity drive were social, 
epartmental and housing clubs and groups. 

JOHN GUNNER and Gary Smith decorate "Charity" tree. 



EDITOR RALPH BARNEY presents Duane Hiatt, Karen Dixon and Professor Swenson with certificates as official Bibler characters. 

CARTOON in typical Bibler vein. 

Bibler Bounce 

Universe-sponsored dance became first 
to be held in Smith Family Living Center. 

Daily Universe staff members, while still producing 
student newspaper, found time to plan and stage annual 
Bibler Bounce — named after syndicated cartoonist who 
draws popular Little Man On Campus panels. Elections 
in studentbody assembly saw Dr. Albert Swensen, 
Duane Hiatt and Karen Jensen named "royalty" for the 
fun-filled festivities. They portrayed admirable char- 
acters in Bibler cartoons — Prof. Snarf, ghoulish educa- 
tor; Worthal, typical campus scholar, and Louise Lush, 
vampish coed. Dance held in four halls — Social Hall, 
Smith Ballroom, Smith Fieldhouse and, for the first 
time. Smith Family Living Center multi-purpose area. 
Newspaper production during day and dance planning 
during night marked the weeks before dance was staged 
as staffers kept pace with dance and school. 

"tbPA^ VetfCtmMCM WILL di at HCUVB? SttAtftaCfMAOm 


«lunior Prom 

Name band provided dancing and professional performers entertained at formal dance. 

A mysterious Arabian Nights atmosphere greeted the 
1700 couples who attended the two-night "Schehera- 
zade" Junior Prom. Jerry Gray and his Band of Today 
provided dance music, the Damons Quartet — an ex-BYU 
singing trouge — provided refreshment-entertainment 
ana Arabic decorations kept the dancers enthralled 
through the evening. An exotic assembly the day before 
Prom time brought forth Queen Scheherazade to tell a 
few tales of the "Thousand and One Nights" and 
warm the student heart to the weekend's salonic activi- 
ties. New system of refreshment-serving kept dance 

floor crowd at a minimimi throughout the evenings, 
with continuous serving and floor show entertainment. 
Tickets were sold by entertainment periods and stag- 
gered throughout the evenings. The two-night event, 
Feb. 1 and 2, gave planners the opportunity to iron out 
kinks in procedure and work first night's dance into 
smooth second night affair. Linda Lee was vocalist who 
performed with 14-piece Jerry Gray band in the only 
name-band appearance of the year at Brigham Young 
University. BYU motion picture production department 
shot several scenes for new film being proauced. 

Makee Blaisdell as the wicked sultan, Schahriar, demands the fulfilhnent of oath that he would marry new wife every day of his life. 






^^^^^^^^^^^H , 




Jerry Gray caresses the ivories at the Junior Prom as couples move in rhythm to danceable music produced by the popular band. 

Under the constant vision of genies and amid the unusual setting of ancient Arabia, Junior Prom goers enjoy dance of the year. 


Banyan Ball and Assembly 

Jungle thetne dominated the scene at the Banyan Ball As- 
sembly. Tambii dance theme was background for the queen. 

Africa set the theme for the annual Banyan Ball and assembly. The 
Banyan staff transported students to the dark continent during an as- 
sembly which featured cannibals, caldrons, comedians and queen candi- 
dates. At "Tambu," the yearly dance, the scene was highlighted by Afri- 
can landscapes, wild animals, grass huts, witch doctor masKS, spears and 
war shields. In a jungle setting Diane Stevenson was presented as the 
1957 Banyan Queen. She. and her two attendants, Arlene Arlt and 
Becky Campbell were selected by the famous artist Norman Rockwell, 
who chose the court from photographs. Carrying the African theme into 
programs and refreshments, the Banyan successfully created a native 

DIANE STEVENSON was chosen from 
among six finalists to reign over the Ban- 
yan Ball. The blonde freshman coed comes 
from San Gabriel, California, and is regis- 
tered in the College of Family Living. Miss 
Stevenson, who is a member of Cougar- 
ettes. Mask Club and Women's Chorus, 
was also chosen Miss Formal. Diane has 
plans for marriage as evidenced by her 
membership in Shomrah Kiyel. 

CALYPSO MUSIC on an African theme highlighted the story of plane-wrecked entertainers on the Banyan 
Ball Assembly. Accompanied by the cries of the jungle and guitars, the Vagabonds captured the mood and 
sang out in a modern vein. 




iT .-i 



. . r- f 1 





* »( 

ARLENE ARLT (left) and Becky Campbell (right) smile approval as former queen Juana Dalton crowns Queen Diane StevenMMi. 

NORMAN ROCKWELL, famed cover artist and illustrator, cast final vote for the Banyan Queen. 

LE GRANDE Hetcher 
gives Tarzan yell and 
beats chest wildly. 


Snow Carnival Vlf< 

A Snow Carnival Week, during which no snow was 
available on campus for sculptoring, forced activities to 
be limited to Utah ski areas, skating competition to be 
held a week early and the traditional sculptoring com- 
petition to be cancelled. Barbara Stewart was named 
queen of the week with Francis Armstrong and Marilyn 
Woodward winning attendant honors. Usual procedure 
for snow sculptoring when there is no snow is to haul 
the white ice from mountains, but it was decided that 
spring-like weather ruled possibility out this year. Snow 
Carnival, which had originally been scheduled for early 
February was postponed to week of February 1 8 because 
of Junior Prom on Feb. 1 and 2. Snow Circus dance 
Saturday concluded the annual event. 

6 1) m 


' r^ -^ -y 




SNOW QUEEN, Barbara Stewart, 
is not very far from home while 
she is at school. Hailing from Orem, 
Utah, Barbara is an elementary 
education major with a minor in 
speech correction. She divides her 
leisure time with ToKalon social 
unit, Alpine Club, and the Rocky 
Mountain Cloggers, a square dance 
club. Miss Stewart is a Junior and 
has won several honors in skiing. 
However, her interests go else- 
where into hiking, sewing, reading 
and dramatic skill. 

FRANCES ARMSTRONG, Barbara Stewart and Marilyn Woodward won carnival honors. 


READY FOR ACTION, the participants in the Snow Carnival competition are silhouetted dramatically against mountain ski-line. 

"THIS IS THE WAY" as one competent student shows how to make a turn leaving her trail ol snow dust as evidence behind her. 



Belle off the ''Y" Week 

Beauty, talent, and charm typified Belle of the "F" winner. 

More than beauty was needed to be "The Y's Fair Lady" of 1957. En- 
trants in the annual Belle of the "Y"contest were judged on talent, 
beauty, dancing ability, cake baking proficiency and popularity during 
Belle of the "Y" Week. The 35 coeds participating in the contest were 
eliminated down to three and the court was announced at the Belle of the 
"Y" dance. Chosen Fair Lady was Sharron Benson and her attendants 
were Janelle Brimhall and Marie Ostergaard. Television appearances 
of the court climaxed the week of activities. Sponsors of the Belle of the 
"Y" Week were the Intercollegiate Knights and the Y Calcares who 
donated funds raised to a permanent home for the "Y" Victory Bell. On 
Friday evening the huge block "Y" on "Y" Mountain was lighted by 
the lie's. The flaming "Y" was seen for the only time during winter 
quarter. Selection of the annual queen was designed to choose a coed most 
representative of the women on campus in beauty, talent and charm. 

SHARRON BENSON, Junior from 
Pamona, California, was chosen as 
Belle of the "Y." Her major is edu- 
cation, but she finds outside inter- 
est in music. She plans also to 
give music lessons. 

CONVERSATION seems the common thing for "Belle" candidates Betty Hansen, Janelle Brimhall, Karen Dixon awaiting judging. 


ELECTION MOTTO, "Roll to the Polls," brought many students to voice their choice for student officers. Service units helped with polling. 

Student Election 

Elections on Brighani Young University campus saw the 
Freshmen bring the greatest percentage of students to 
the polls. Although the amount of student interest was 
low as far as the number of candidates was concerned, 
the studentbody turned out in fair numbers to express 
their choices. Controversy over write-in candidates in 
the final elections brought an Exec Council decision 
which caused many indignant answers. After the furor 
of campaigning had died down, the studentbody accept- 
ed gracefully the winners and pledged their full support 
to tnose who were challenged with the responsibility for 
student affairs. Voting machines helped to bring a 
realistic atmosphere to the entire process of balloting. 
Service units gave of their time to check student cards 
and inform voters of the rules. After ballots were in, 
many long hours were spent in tallying them. Final 
count elected Webb Crockett to the office of Studentbody 




BILLBOARD CITY springs up overnight whenever elections are held. 


TOKALON SOCIAL UNIT won first place with their song, "Look To This Day" composed by Janet Welker, Sharon Benson, Anne 
Hawkins, Betsy Van Wagoner. Janet Welker also acted as accompanist for the singing group and Betsy Van Wagoner conducted. 

MEN'S HONORS were taken by the Viking Social Unit with their song, "Desert Harmony." This is the second year in a row that the 
unit has taken top place and one more win will give them the trophy permanently. Dave Taylor composed and conducted the song. 

Songffest -- "Contempora'* 

Associated Women Students of the University presented 
their annual "song fest" on April 5, 1957. A total of 
sixteen units participated with their original songs on a 
CONTEMPORA theme. The units represented the ef- 
forts of nearly one thousand students who spent long 
hours in practice for this event. This year marked the 
eleventh time that this aurora of talent in composition 
and lyric has been brought to the public and student- 
body. Unusual costumes, novelty numbers and a special 
finale arranged by Dr. Crawford Gates provided an eve- 
ning of exceptional entertainment. Many of the compos- 
ers of the original presentations acted as either con- 
ductor or accompanists for the groups performing the 
number. Chairman of the musical show was Shirley 
Snow and the script was written by Karen l.illywhite. 
The win in the women's division by ToKalon swept the 
trophy from the permanent possession of Val Norn, 
whereas the Viking win put them in the running for the 
permanent bid. 

SONGFEST NARRATOR, Karen LiUywhite, who 
shared spotlight with Lynn Gardner in event. 



Special Events 

again this year by the Sponsor Corps in coopera- 
tion with the Arnold Air Society. For three days 
during Winter Quarter, students gave freely of 
their Blood to be used in hospitals and for emergen- 
cy calls. Over six hundred pints were given in the 
total time. The American Red Cross aided the two 
organizations in the blood drive. Temporary hos- 
pital facilities were constructed in the basement of 
the Eyring Science Center. Although the amount 
of blood given was higher than in other years, the 
expected quota was not reached. 

AN INTRAMURAL CONTEST was held between 
the best speakers chosen from the several sections 
of Speech 1 and 2. This was the first time that 
such a contest was attempted and proved very suc- 
cessful. This contest, held during Winter Quarter, 
was to develop contest material and to give stu- 
dents an opportunity to participate before an audi- 
ence. Contestants were chosen by the instructor of 
the section on the basis of general speech ability. 
The contest included some fourteen participants. 

BLUE KEY service unit initiated the Polio Vac- 
cination Drive held during Winter and Spring 
Quarters under the chairmanship of John Marlow. 
A total of three clinics were sponsored and were 
administered by the Student Nurses of Brigham 
Young University. Dr. Barker of the Health Cen- 
ter was overseer of the project. In the first clinic 
over three thousand students were vaccinated. The 
series of three shots were given for one dollar per 
shot as the administering was done free of charge. 
Regretfully, the clinic ran s^hort of serum on 
the second clinic, but this was remedied and 

year, and probably one of the most needed, was the 
installation of the new telephone exchange. The 
new dial system for all on-campus numbers has 
greatly facilitated the handling of all calls. This 
change over took place at 6:00 a.m. on the 26th of 
January and includes a total of 1500 numbers. 
This can be expanded to 2500 on the present sys- 
tem, with an eventual capacity of five thousand if 
needed. The system now includes two hundred 
trunks to the downtown office and can be expand- 
ed to three hundred. Located in the basement of 
the SFLC, the exchange was installed by Mt. 
States at a cost of $200,00. and 10,000 man hours. 
The exchange gives around-the-clock service and 
is the largest private exchange in the mountain 

ONE OF THE LARGEST contests on campus was 
sponsored by the speech department. This contest 
drew some forty-five contestants this year. The 
contest is the Heber J. Grant Oratorical Contest. 
The total number of contestants competed in the 
opening round. Twelve quarter-finalists were cho- 
sen from this section. Further eliminations, total- 
ing two, chose three finalists who gave their ora- 
tions before the entire studentbody. Robert Boren, 
Claudia Woolston, and Norman King were the 
three thus chosen. The contest is in commemora- 
tion of the birthday of Heber J. Grant, former 
president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- 
day Saints. Several members of the Grant family 
were in attendance at the speech finals. The sub- 
ject matter for the contest was some faith promot- 
ing theme. The winner of the contest was Norman 
King, who spoke on the subject of "tolerance." 
The prize given to the winner was a triple com- 
bination of the LDS Scriptures presented by a 
granddaughter of President Grant. 

ORATORICAL WINNER, Norman Kinc get* triple-combinatimi. TELEPHONE CONNECTIONS readied for campus exchange. 



• M 



STUDENTS NURSES gave freely of their time lor polio vaccination drive. If looks mean anything, some students didn't appreciate it. 

SPEECH PARTICIPANTS in intrunural contest Fall Quarter. LIFE FLUID was donated in quantity in annual blood drive. 



* 1 


Chronology off 
World Events 

As 9,000 Brigham Young University stu- 
dents signed up for a year of collegiate study, 
the eyes of the world saw the United States 
deep in the political morass of a national 
election campaign. 

Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson 
and Pres. Dwight Eisenhower, RepubHcan, 
were conducting vigorous campaigns. Reciu"- 
ring issues in the active race were: President 
Eisenhower's health, the desirabihty of Vice 
President Richard Nixon, world prosperity, 
farm prices and hydrogen bomb testing. 

Segregation became a burning issue. 
Some progress was made in gradual integra- 
tion, but the Deep South's most explosive 
states did not even attempt to end segrega- 
tion. Indeed, most states even actively op- 
posed the move. 

The Suez Canal also held the world's at- 

Youngster at left was typical of thousands who took up 
arms to demand withdrawal of Soviet troops, control 
from Hungary in bloody November revolt. Hungarians, 
in the sudden release of pent-up fury brutally lulled 
security police (below) and valiantly fought for their 
freedom before Soviet reinfortements relentlessly 
crusheid all resistance, restoring "peace and order" to 
the Iron Curtain country after a short-lived, but 
bloody, revolt. 

Courtesy of Time & Life, Inc., Copyright 1956, Time Inc. 



1 . '1; 










Courtesy of Time & Life, Inc.. Copyright 1956. Time Inc. 


Two Negro students stand alone as a jeering mob of 400 blocks their way to Texarkana College after court decision bars segregation. 

Courtesy of Time & Life, Inc., Copyright 1956, Time Inc. 

Two Negro students wait with their mother and a police 
officer escort to enter an integrated school for the first time. 
Supreme Court decision outlawing segregation triggered riots 
in Tennesse and Texas when Negro children tried to enter 
white schools. Tennessee National Guardsmen had to be 
called out to restore order and prevent full-scale rioting. In- 
tegration attempts by Negroes in southern cities precipitated 
fights and bus boycotts in major cities. By school year's end 
an uneasy truce prevailed over most of the South. 

tention. Eight weeks after Egyptian President Abdul 
Nasser's mid-summer seizure of the Suez a mass 
walkout of more than 400 veteran foreign pilots 
and technicians slowed canal workings to a crawl — 
putting Egypt in a serious economic oind. 

Giving tne world a surprisingly accurate fore- 
warning of later uprisings, Communist puppet na- 
tions experienced unsettling occurrences — notably in 
Poland and Hungary — in October. 

Poznan trials in Poland — strangely resembling 
free trials — inspired Polish patriots to open criticism 
of the Soviet overlords. Surprising result of these 
outbursts was restoration of Wladyslaw Gomulka, 
an advocate of national communism, to party lead- 

It was in November that the school year's big 
news stories began to break. 

From Himgary came the news that the sim- 
mering pot had finally boiled over in a fury of 
hand-to-hand fighting. 

Thousands of Budapest students marched on 
Radio Budapest to make demands for withdrawal 
of Soviet occupation troops, freedom of speech, 

Eress and elections, and removal of Stalinist leaders. 
Tnhappily, security police fired into the crowd, 
enraging students who stormed the station. 

Demonstrations spread like wildfire throughout 
the city. Soon the situation was out of hand as sav- 
age battles raged on every street comer. 

Next day Russian-dispatched troops and armor 
attempted to stifle the uprisings but to no avail. 
Himgarian rebels arose throughout the coimtry, 
fighting with guns, stones, clxibs and fists. More 
Russian artillery was rushed into the beleaguered 

A "false truce" lulled Hungarians into a trap 
from which they were unable to recover. As valiant 
Hungarian freedom fighters settled down to await 


The pair, Steve Poston, 17, and Jessalyn Gray, 18, debated what to do next. After being refused police protection, they both left 

results of negotiations with Soviet officials, Russian 
reinforcements swooped into the country, crushing 
the young revolt in a bloody orgy that arevf protest 
from every nation of the free world — but about 
which nothing, short of total war, could be done. 

More trotible, meanwhile, was brewing in the 
Middle East. Israel, ostensibly irritated beyond reas- 
on by Arab fedayeen guerrilla raids, invaded Egyp- 
tian territories east of the Suez, including the Gaza 
Strip and key control points along the Aqaba Gulf. 
After ninety hours of briUiant, lightning of- 
fensive warfare, Israel had captured or destroyed 
more than half of Nasser's best equipment and 
crack troops, and had advanced nearly to the Suez 
Canal Zone itself. 

Britain and France, after warning the two na- 
tions to desist fron; action endangermg the canal, 
moved swiftly to take control of Suez. 

British and French planes bombed Egyptian air 
bases, and troops were landed at the Mediterranean 
end of the canal. 

In retaliation for this overwhelming show of 
force on the part of Israel, Britain and France, Nas- 
ser ordered the canal blocked. Ships were hastily 
sunk in the waterway and other obstructions placed 
so as to prevent passage for several months of even 
the smallest vessels. 

World indignation at the aggressive actions of 
these three nations forced a halt m the fighting and 

President and Mrs. Eisenhower and Vice-President and Mrs. 
Nixon wave jubilantly after learning the two candidates were 
swept into office for another 4 years. GOP control of admin- 
istration, however, did not mean control of Congress. Demo- 
crats won control of both houses and most governorships. 
First time a president elected without control of Congress 
since 1800s. 

CourtMy of United 


resulted in withdrawal from Suez by the Britisli 
and French and formation of a United Nations 
police force to police the canal zone after Anglo- 
French withdrawal. 

At home the big news was the national elections 
held the first week in November. War in the middle 
East became the big political question. In a record 
turnout, voters overwhelmingly endorsed President 
Eisenhower, giving him 457 of the 531 electoral 
college votes. 

On the legislative scene, however, the Demos 
retained control of both houses of Congress and a 
majority of the country's governorships. 

In a New Year's Day. 1957, meeting with con- 
gressional leaders of both parties, President Eisen- 
hower unveiled a new proposed Middle East Doc- 

This doctrine, as outlined by the President, 
called for U. S. military aid to Middle East states 
to assist in maintaining their independence and a 
$400 million economic aid program to help raise 
living standards in that area of the world. 

Mr. Eisenhower also asked for authority to use 
U. S. military might to halt any Communist ag- 
gression in the Middle East. 

This resolution was introduced into the 86th 
Congress sitting in joint session, and was passed in 
February by the House and in March by the Senate. 

Later in the month, Eisenhower disclosed his new 
$71.8 bilhon budget — a record for the country. By 
far the greatest amount, 43.3 billion, was earmarked 
for defense spending. 

In Britain, Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden, 
worn by the Suez crisis and failing in health, sub- 
mitted his resignation to the crown. Queen Elize- 
beth's appointment of Harold MacMillan gave 
promise of improved Anglo-American relations. Mac- 
Millan, who had an American-bom mother, was also 
a wartime friend of Eisenhower. 

In February, King Ibn Saud of Saud Arabia 
visited the U. S. 

Ike's Middle East Doctrine found favor with the 
visiting monarch and tentative promises were made 
to give King Saud the $250 million in American arms 
he requested. 

It was during this period that Israeli Prime Min- 
ister David Ben-Gurion created a delicate political 
situation by refusing to withdraw Israel's troops 
from the Gaza Strip and the Gulf of Aqaba. Ben- 
Gurion demanded secure guarantees against further 
Egyptian aggression in this area. 

Slight easing of world tensions appeared near the 
end of February, however, when Israel agreed to 
\vithdraw from the Gaza Strip and positions along 
the Gulf of Aqaba after Premier Ben-Gurion reported 
receiving promises from U. S., France and Britain 
that the Israelis would be allowed free use of the 
Aqaba and that Egypt would be e.xcluded from the 

On March 7, the Israelis turned administration of 
the Strip over to a U. N. police force and began with- 
drawing troops. 

During this period of Middle East crisis, attention 
focused briefly on Pacific Ocean earthquakes and 
the U. S. House of Representatives work on the 1958 

Two earthquakes near the Aleutians swept over 
parts of California, Japan and the Hawaiian Islands, 
causing at least 2 deaths in I lawaii and untold thou- 
sands of dollars damage in the 3 areas. Shortly after 
this, a series of jolts in the San Francisco bay area 
caused millions of dollars worth of damage and thor- 
oughly shook the population — although no deaths 
were reported. 

In Washington, D. C, taking to heart the public 
furor over the record budget submitted by Eisenhow- 
er, the House Appropriations Committee hacked at 
budget proposals and succeeded in cutting the budget 
considerably. Fate of the nation's money matters, 
however, was still very much in doubt by the school 
year's end. 

In a rapid series of March events, Egypt threw 
the Mid-East into another turmoil by naming an ad- 
ministrative governor to Gaza only 4 days after the 
Israeli puUout, taking administrative control of Gaza 
from the U. N. and renewing her claim to the Aqaba 
Gulf — all despite "shoot if we must" warnings from 

On the other side of the world, Philippine Presi- 
dent Ramon Magsaysay and 25 of his high-ranking 
aides perished in a plane crash high in the mountains 
of Cebu. Vice-Pi-esident Carlos Garcia was sworn in 
as new leader of the Philippines to replace the 
staunch American ally and anti-communist. 

The United States and the world also lost 


Sir Anthony Eden (above) emerges from his residence at 
10 Downing street after submitting his resignation as 
prime minister of Britain. Resignation came following 
Anglo-French intervention and blocking of Suez Canal 

Courtesy of Time & Life, Inc., Copyright 1956. Time Inc. 


March, one of the greatest explorers of all time. The 
first man to fly over the Poles, Antarctic explorer. 
Admiral Richard E. Byrd, died of a rheumatic heart 
disease at the age of 68. 

After mid-March Bermuda talks between Eisen- 
hower and Prime Minister MacMillan, Anglo-Ameri- 
can friendships were renewed in the form of U. S. 
promises to arm Britain with guided missiles. 

But, as Ike returned from his Bermuda interlude, 
^vicked spring blizzards locked a four-day reign of 
terror on southwestern United States. Described as 
worst in history, the storm left a death toll of 32 and 
buried parts of the southwest under 30 foot drifts. An 
estimated 7,500 travelers were stranded for a short 
time by the storms. 

At home, Academy Award winners were an- 
nounced, with Yul Brynner winning the actor's tro- 
phy for his performance in "The King and I" and 
Ingrid Bergman taking plaudits for "Anastasia." 
Michael Todd's "Around the World in 80 Days" was 
judged the best motion picture of the year. 

Also in the entertainment field — this time it was 
strictly music — two fads seemed to dominate the 
school year. 

One, "Rock and Roll," had a long-haired, shaggy 
side-burned, guitar-strimiming champion in the per- 
son of Elvis Presley — who groaned and slithered his 
way into the hearts of millions of bobby soxers and 
into the hair of millions of parents and teachers with 

such recordings as "Hound Dog," "Heartbreak Hotel" 
and "Love Me Tender." 

Another, more moderate but certainly as popular 
with the collegian, was the cal^-pso craze. Harry Bela- 
fonte, a smooth-voiced, versatile Bermudan, made 
many popular records along the calypso line. Among 
them were "Mary Ann," "Banana Boat Song" and 
"Jamaica Farewell." 

Returning to the congressional scene, at the end 
of April we see that a month of hearings had just 

Extensive probing into the public and private af- 
fairs of Teamster union officials and associates re- 
sulted in indictments, suspension and definite signs 
of racketeering on the part of Teamster President 
Dave Beck and his inner circle of friends. 

Beck admitted to the committee that he had used 
union funds for personal investments — and that some 
of the money had not yet been repaid. 

While the Senate committee aid not have power 
to prosecute teamster officials, it was likely that 
union and court judgments would unseat Beck and 
others uncovered by the probe. 

Killer tornadoes whirled through the South dur- 
ing the first days of April, leaving a trail of crushed 
homes, more than 45 deaths and upwards of 1,000 
injuries in 11 states. 

As the school year drew to a close, Egypt had full 
control of Suez, the Senate Investigation sub-com- 

Courtesy-tff Time & 'Ufe. IncrCopyHght 1956, Time Irye. 



Josh Culbreath, Glenn Davis and Eddie Southern mount victory stand after first All-American win in Olympics — 140 hurdles. 
Winner Davis set new Olympic record of 50.1 second, Southern in second place tied the old mark and Culbreath out ran Russia's best, 
lure Lituyev, for third. Americans dominated track and field events, but Russian wins in lesser events gave Soviets unofficial victory. 

mittee began training its sights on U. S. labor-man- 
agement racketeering and Israel was determined to 
test Egypt's warnings to stay out of Aqaba Gulf. 

On the brighter side, however, the nation's econ- 
omy was healthy, fair weather began drifting over 
the mountains and Church leaders reaffirmed their 
faith in the future at the 127th annual conference of 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 
Salt Lake City. 

This, then was the world we, as students, were 
preparing ourselves for at Brigham Young Univer- 

sity. Most of us who are destined to win fame, for- 
tune and be of tremendous benefit to our fellow man 
in our chosen field of endeavor, kept an apprehensive 
eye on the local, national and international happen- 
ings of the year. 

Each of us certainly entertained doubts about our 
capacity to help cure the world's ills. But each of us 
knew we were bound to make a mark on the world 
which is in need of our new ideas, thoughts and vi- 
tality. And each was preparing, in his own way, to 
make that mark and that vital contribution. 


\ I 


\ ^\. 


These are your memories. . . your memories of the colleges, departments of 
learning — vanguards of knowledge. Here was awakened an interest in 
chemistry, physics, or languages as a group requirement was filled. Here, 
as some professor's words struck a harmonic chord, you found a new fervor 
in your major. Yes, here was that familiar pattern, from Counseling Service 
to a specific college as an area of interest was established, classes set up, and 
a college career became a reality. Here, too, are your memories of the ad- 
ministration, the hands and minds behind BYU policy. Their influence was 
felt in the pulse of progress as new buildings changed campus skylines, the 
search for improvement as more rigid entrance and scholarship policies 
were enforced. Here the student, the college and the administration mingled, 
and you became a working part of the university. 


Administrative Officers - 64 

Biol, and Agri. Sciences 72 

Board of Trustees 63 

College Scenes 66 

Commerce 73 

Education 74 

Extension Division 82 

Family Living 75 

Fine Arts 76 

Graduate School 81 

Humanities and Soc. Sci 77 

McCune School 82 

Nursing 81 

Physical and Engr. Sciences .... 79 

Rec, Phys. Health Ed., Ath. .... 78 

Religion 80 

University Presidency 63 











President David O. McKay 

Board off 

Often in our society, we have heard the scripture, "The 
glory of God is inteUigence." Adopted as our University 
motto, the passage goes on to define inteUigence as 
"light and truth." Here emphasis is placed on character 
and related values rather than book-learning. Here the 
ultimate objective becomes a social envirorunent condu- 
cive to clean, wholesome relationships, strong character, 
keen intellect, happy homes and happy people. It is, there- 
fore, highly appropriate that our Board of Trustees should 
be composed of the First Presidency and Quorum of the 
Twelve. These men are chosen because of their strong 
characters and are asked to devote their entire lives to 
curing the ills of our age because of their contact with and 
mastery of actual life. When they speak to us, their mess- 
ages are filled with quotations from the book of living — 
rich experiences from their abundant lives. These men, 
chosen from the fields of law, business, teaching and pub- 
lic service, exercise a control which prevents our Univer- 
sity from becoming a stronghold of technical specialization 
and one-sided experimentation. Vitally interested in the 
education of the youth, they have shown this interest by 
the investment of millions of dollars in the expansion of 
the educational facilities of Brigham Young University. 
If BYU is imique .among educational institutions, it is be- 
cause those who formulate its philosophy have preserved 
the ideals upon which this institution was founded. Realiz- 
ing that to create mental insight is admirable, and corres- 
pondingly, to create moral and spiritual awareness is im- 
perative, these trustees have taken into their charge not 
only the scientific education of the students, but also their 
spiritual development. Through their example, education 
at BYU has truly become the power to thiruc clearly, the 
power to act well in the world's work, and the power to 
enjoy life after the example of great men. 

President Stephen L Richards President J. Reuben Clark, Jr. 

Joseph F. Smith 

Harold B. Lee Spencer W. Kimball Ezra Taft Benson Mark E. Petersen George Q. Morris 

Delbert L. Stapley Richard L. Evans Henry D. Moyle LeGrand Richards Marion G. Romney Adam S. Bennion 



The qualities necessary for administration are rig- 
orous. A dynamic, forceful leadership, yet a psycholog- 
ical awareness of tact; a bold optimism, yet a conservative 
realization of human and physical limitations, a realistic 
appraisal of potential. The university policies are hardly 
the result of a few sessions of an executive committee; 
long hours of earnest endeavor and research lie behind 
every university action. Personnel, faculty, curriculum, 
finance, campus expansion — all these problems are per- 
petual items requiring discussion and decision. To direct a 
city of nine-thousand inhabitants is by no means an easy 
task; to appropriate millions of dollars is no idle pastime. 
These tasks, these responsibilities fall upon the shoulders 
of the Presidency and their assistants. This school year 
brought many changes which did not lighten the load of 
this body of men. Hardly had we settled down for the 
school year when, on the weekend of October Conference, 
President Wilkinson suffered a severe heart attack. For 
weeks students manifested their interest in his welfare 
through prayer and fasting. Their leader was down, but 
not out, and soon progress reports showed him on the 
way to recovery. During his absence, the remaining lead- 
ers assumed the full burden of leadership over the Church 
Education System. Harvey L. Taylor, Executive Assist- 
ant to the President, presided over devotionals and other- 
wise acted in an official capacity as president. William 
F. Edwards, Vice-President in charge of finances and 
named next year as Treasurer to the First Presidency, 
along with William E. Berrett, Vice-President of Religious 
Education, saw their duties increase as the educational 
system was expanded to meet the needs of an enlarged 
studentbody. The multi-million dollar building program, 
a necessary accompaniment to the growth of BYU, re; 
quired much consideration and policy formation. The 
Smith Family Living Center with its spacious facilities 
was completed and dedicated; bids were let and construc- 
tion begun on the new men's dormitories; purchase of land 
for married students' housing plus plans for the new stu- 
dent union building — all kept researchers, planners, and 
Eolicymakers busy. Future unlimited growth was assured 
y the enactment of state legislation granting the right 
of eminent domain to private colleges, which enables them 
to obtain desirable lands for university construction. Re- 
turning in time to make his report to the Cieneral Auth- 
orities on the status of the university and school system 
in the spring of the year, President 'Wilkinson indicated 
that the Church might be forced to limit BYU to the en- 
rollment of upper division students and supplement it with 
junior colleges. University officials allow for this possibil- 
ity in their planning and work to accomplish their goals 
with devotion to the ideals of secular and religious 
education. Quality rather than quantity is always fore- 
most, for the student must feel the University as his home, 
not a manufacturing plant. They feel that only that uni- 
versiy which pays dividends in happiness as well as know- 
ledge is worthy of existence. The function of the true uni- 
versity must be to create, in an uplifting environment, 
students who desire truth above error, whatever their la- 
bels, and to assist him in the application of that truth in 
his association and relationships with man. nature, and 
his God. 

PRESIDENT ERNEST L. WILKINSON, seventh president of 
the University, graduated from Brigham Young, George 
Washington, and Harvard Universities. During his adminis- 
tration, the "Y" has become the largest church-related insti- 
tution in the United States. A man of "nervous energy, per- 
sonal drive and dedication, he leaves no tables unturned 
to gain a goal." 

Harvey L. Taylor, Ebcecutive 
Assistant to the President. 


William F. Edwards, Vice 
President in charge of Fi- 
nance and Business Admin- 

William E. Berrett, Vice 
President in charge of Re- 
ligious Education. 

Clyde D. Sandgren, Secre- 
tary of Board of Trustees, 
Board of Education, and 
Executive Committees, and 
General Secretary and 
Counsel for the Church 
School System. 


Administrative Offfficer« 


Assisting the Presidency in the formulation of policy, and 
directing the work of special departments, is a staff of 
officers whose work is not widely published. Problems of 
housing for married and unmarried students are handled 
by the directors of men's and women's housing. Purchas- 
ing, mail service, employment service, traffic and super- 
vision of grounds are also handled by these men and 
women. Lyceums, devotionals. radio and television, stu- 
dent publications and libraries are all coordinated under 
the direction of capable hands of these administrative as- 
sistants. Service to the students and school is their motto. 

Wesley P. Lloyd, Dean of Stu- 

Bliss Crandall, Dean of Admis- 
sions and Records. 

Lillian C. Booth, Counselor for Howard T. Reid, Chairman of 
Women. Counseling Service. 

Orrin H. Jackson, Admissions Selby G. Clark, Academic 
Officer. Standards. 

Lucile Spencer, Acting Regis- Cleo McCracken, Director of 
trar. Women's Housing. 

Kenner C. Kartchner Jr., Di- 
rector of Men's Housing. 

Kiefer B. Sauls, Treasurer. 

C. R. Peterson, Purchasing, 
Mail Service and Receiving. 

Leland Perry, Superintendent 
of Physical Plant. 


Ben E. Lewis, Director of Aux- 
iliary Services. 

Fred A. Schwendiman, Di- 
rector of Student Housing. 








Wetzel O. Whitaker, Director B. Keith Duffin, Director of 
of Motion Picture Production. Placement Bureau. 

Leonard E. Christensen, Direc- 
tor of Traffic and Security. 

Raymond E. Beckham, Secre- 
tary of Alumni Association. 

Stewart L. Grow, Chairman of Edwin Butterworth, Director 
Devotional Assemblies. of Press Relations. 

Herald R. Clark, Director of Joyce W. Tippets, Director of 
Lyceums and Musicals. Campus Planning and Develop- 


Harold I. Hansen, Chairman of Allan Barker, Director of 
Radio and TV Programs. Health Service and University 



Arthur D. Browne, Director of 
Administrative Studies. 

Floyd R. Taylor, Director of 
Booking University Attrac- 

Lester B. Whetten, Director Oliver R. Smith, Director of 
of Public Relations. Student Publications. 

Ernest L. Olsen, Chairman of S. Lyman Tyler, Director of 

Official University Publica- Libraries. 



The student at BYU is taught in the ways of all truth . . . 

Armed with a knowledge of the world about them, students are prepared to 
understand and to take their place among the peoples of society. This knowl- 
edge must include more than just one or a few fields in order for the individ- 
ual to be adequately prepared, however. For this reason, the Brigham Young 
University, along with many others, has seen the need for requiring a varied 
education. This is accomplished through requirements for graduation being 
placed in different areas of interest. The biological sciences help a person to 
understand the growth of plant and animal life in its natural habitat; physi- 
cal sciences give him an acquaintance with the earth and its laws. Usually 
only those students whose special interests lie in these areas would be at- 
tracted to them. However, with general requirements, many students develop 
a hobby in those fields which they are required to study. Surely nothing gives 
a person, especially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, more joy than 
an understanding of the earth, its laws and its living environment. 

INDUSTRIAL ARTS student leams such common and useful tasks as saddle construction. 

SECRETARIAL TRAINEE develops skilL FAMILY LIVING Center provides study area 


H*-'^ JMf -y<l?i 

MODERN BOTANICAL LAB furnished studenU with many unusual plant studies. 


INTRICATE MAZE of pipes and girders frame engineer- 
ing student at work (left). Curriculum Lab is favorite 
spot of education majors (above). One of the skills 
taught in the Clothing and Textiles department is the 
weaving and use of various materials. These many ac- 
tivities are to prepare students for their place in world 


a\>^g?HlViTtV* a*Mna»«— ^^-"| 

That he might prepare himself to take his place among his fellowmen and learn of the earth, 
its laws and its inhabitants, and that this might be tempered by a love of the beautiful . . . 

Coupled with a student's knowledge of the earth and its 
nature must come an appreciation of those things giv- 
en to man for enjoyment and inspiration. The family 
with its many activities such as cooking, sewing, paint- 
ing and building — and on the more abstract side of the 
picture, discipline, education and religion. These, too, 
are among the required courses which a student stud- 
ies. Psychology aids him in understanding himself and 
others; sociology shows him his relationships to others; 
religion classes bring him closer to his Creator and 
help him to establishing his Faith. The humanities and 
aesthetics group give the person an insight into the 
monuments of the men of genius. Through a study of 
the languages the student learns of the cultures of 
others and comes closer to understanding the reasons 

for the actions of various peoples. Music provides a 
repertoire of the classics which inspires the listener 
and participator or the popular for dancing and enjoy- 
ment. Art explains the beauty and balance in real life, 
the dramatic and grotesque which often prey upon the 
artist, the simple and serene which bring peace to the 
observer. The dramatic arts give an opportunity for 
escape into a world of fantasy or revive a dramatic 
moment in the lives of the viewers. The participation 
in public speaking develops the individual in expres- 
sion, enjoyment and communication of ideas. From 
these fields the student gains a knowledge and appre- 
ciation of the abstract — his soul is caught up in rapture 
as the masters of art communicate with him. 

ART STUDENTS learn rudiments of sculpture which will prepare them for a career. Other students leam art appreciation. 

^, ^FTa^K^^ 

■ I ■ t ^ ■ 


^ ^ 

College Scenes 

For he seeks the glory of God through the development and progression of man. He desires the 
truth which will free him from bonds of ignorance. 

With a knowledge of the earth and its physical law, 
bolstered by the wisdom and inspiration of the arts, the 
student is prepared to take his environment and make 
it serve him — profitably and constructively. Through 
the use of experimentation and discovery, new meth- 
ods are found for the harnessing of energy, better ma- 
terials provide man with safety and security, and con- 
trol of his environment make him the master. How- 
ever, it is neces,sary for the student or the non-student 
to inventory his values at intervals and assure himself 
that he knows where he is going. Will there be peace, 
contentment and faith as a result of his learning, or 
will he destroy his inner and physical security 
through the misuse of the knowledge that is his? These 
are questions which are now facing the world as a 

whole, but they are vital to the individual as well, for 
he can destroy himself if he fails to realize the respon- 
sibility which comes with learning. Backed by a true 
faith in God, the student at Brigham Young University 
has opportunity to educate himself in the true spirit of 
wisdom. No great value is placed on any one particu- 
lar area, but all receive an open-minded treatment that 
the student might judge the value of all things. Biology, 
botany, geology — math, physics, chemistry — English, 
phychology, geography — art, music, drama — all be- 
come essential in the life of the student as he learns to 
know himself, his fellowmen, and the world in which 
he lives. To him — "The glory of God is intelligence" — 
which glory he also seeks to attain. 

STUDENTS observe oscilloscope. REHEARSAL for BYU Symphony is held in the Social HalL 

STUDENTS develop lab techniques. 

ENGINEERING DRAWING is perfected by continuous effort and practice 
(left). Scientific experiment and problems develop student abilities (above). 





3 W\W' 

CHEMICAL ENGINEERS discover new methods and techniques (or refining uranium ore which will benefit many industries. 




— iv^i 



^*^<lf y 






INDUSTRIAL ARTS is a part of this college and provides many interesting activities such as oxy-acetylene welding being done by student. 

Biological and 
ricultural Science; 

The hidden wonders of life have always been a 
source of intense curiosity for man. The desire to 
know, to control, to develop and utilize has been 
especially dominant in our age of science. The 
College of Biological and Agricultural Sciences 
offers opportunity to learn the fundamental facts 
of life. Botany, zoology, bacteriology and various 
agricultural departments give to interested stu- 
dents background for research or practical applica- 
tion. Pre-dental and pre-medical students find here 
the necessary prereqiaisites for their chosen fields. 
Industrial Arts may also attract students who de- 
sire facility in the use of machinery, craftsmanship 
and mechanics. Most of the students in the Univer- 
sity come in contact with this college at some time 
during their college work, for here are required 
eight hours of credit for graduation. The study of 
his natural environment, its control and improve- 
ment, is the basis of study in this college which is 
supervised by Raymond B. Famsworth assisted by 
several men in the college who are specialists in 
their chosen area related to the biological sciences. 

FRONT ROW: Lawrence Morris, Chm. An. Hus.; Vasco M. Tanner, Chm. 
Zool. & Entom.; Raymond B. Famsworth, Acting Dean; Bertrand F. Harri- 
son, Chm. Hort. BACK ROW: Merrill J. Hallam, Chm. Agron.; Don H. 
Larsen, Chm. Bact.; Ivan L. Corbridge, Chm. Agri. Econ.; La Veil C. Gam- 
mett, Chm. Ind. Arts. 





STUDENTS ENROLLED in College of Commerce gain knowledge in varied fieldg, such as reading ol blueprints on factory developmente: 

The College of Commerce attempts to acquaint the 
individual with some of the practical methods by 
which man communicates and associates with his 
neighbor. Its objectives are to develop an under- 
standing of the human and social aspects of busi- 
ness, as related to the individual, the firm, and the 
community; to train in the use of the tools and 
information used in measuring and controlling 
business operations and economic change; and to 
develop in the student a capacity to determine 
what information is relevant to the accurate solu- 
tion of a business problem. As success in business 
requires both technical competence and a high de- 
gree of adaptability, training in all departments 
gives emphasis to the social, human, and technical 
aspects of business and economics. Departments 
give varied training in accounting, business educa- 
tion, office management, economics, finance and 
banking, industrial management and marketing. 
Careers in teaching, secretarial work, management 
and advising are open to students enrolled in this 
college. Part time employment within the depart- 
ment gives to these students practical experience in 
the field of endeavor which they have chosen as 
their major. 

FRONT ROW: Richard L. Smith, Chm. Ind. Mng.; Herald R. Clark, Dmii 
Emeritus; Weldon J. Taylor, Dean and Chm. Nfktg.; Lars G. Crandall, 
Chm. B.E. & O.M. BACK ROW: Ken Davies, Acting Chm. Econ.; Howard 
B. Lowe, Chm. Fin. & Banking; Verland Anderson, Chm. Acct. 


■^ \ 

C- "» 


TRAINING SCHOOL provides opportunity for education students to observe classroom situation where teaching becomes realistic factor. 


Perhaps no institution has greater influence and 
impact upon the individual than the school. Next 
to the home, and in some cases equal to it, the 
school shapes and guides lives. The teacher's func- 
tion is' a vital, almost frightening one. By his pa- 
tient understanding and interest, young people 
may be encouraged to an eventually successfully 
adjusted life; or through his incapabilities they 
may lapse into indifference. The College of Edu- 
cation has as its function the preparation of poten- 
tial teachers of tomorrow who will face this for- 
midable challenge. Secular knowledge without an 
understanding of teaching techniques is often the 
lamentable cause of teaching failures, and subse- 
quently, retarded students. Under the direction of 
Dean Woodruff and his various assistants, the 
College of Education provides a well-rounded pro- 
gram to train prospective teachers in their chosen 
field. Possible research projects are sponsored in 
the department and experimental classroom pro- 
cedures are validated. The laboratory school is 
under the supervision of the College of Education 
and gives students the opportunity to observe ac- 
tual teaching situations and then to evaluate them. 

FRONT ROW: Sterling Callahan, Chm. of Inst.; Asahel D. Woodruff, Dean; 
Antone K. Romney, Asst. Dean. BACK ROW: Robert L. Egbert, Chm. of 
Ed. Adm.; Jefferson N. Eastmond, Dir. of Off-Campus RelationsUps. 


NEW FACILITIES of the Smith Family Living Center give opportunities for all girls to participate and observe cooking demonstrations. 

Family Living 

Firm in the conviction that abundant living ema- 
nates primarily from the happy family, the Brig- 
ham Young University has innovated something 
unique in American universities — the College of 
Family Living. The experiences of family living 
involve the discoveries of science, the insights of 
the himianities and fine arts, and the inspiration 
of religion and recreation. The resources of these 
departments are used extensively in the program 
of the newest college on campus. Specific aims of 
this college are to help young men and women 
understand themselves and their abilities and to 
help them establish attractive and happy homes. 
They are also coached in accepting their responsi- 
bility as citizens of the community and in earning 
a living in a profession related to homes and fam- 
ilies. Modem equipment such as cooking labora- 
tories with observing mirrors and a nursery with 
one-way vision observation rooms enable student to 
gain the greatest advantage from their classes. 
Dean Marion C. Pfund directs this college with de- 
partments in clothing and textiles, economics and 
management of the home, foods and nutrition, 
homemaking education, housing and design, hu- 
man development and family relations and others. 

FRONT ROW: Marion C. Pfund, Dean; Elizabeth L. Gardner, Acting Chm. 
Hsng. & Des.; Josie S. Vincent, Acting Chm. Econ. & Home Mgt.; Marian 
Bennion, Chm. Food & Nut BACK ROW: Virginia Poulson, Chm. Hmkg. 
Ed.; Blaine M. Porter, Chm. H.D.F.R.; Margaret Potter, Chm. CL & Tex. 
Chm. CL & Tex. 



VARIOUS FIELDS of training are provided in the College of Fine Arts. Cultural development such as sketching and music are favorites. 

Fine Arts 

In an age when man seems to measure his suc- 
cesses by the amounts of material wealth he can 
acquire — in an age when the individual is domi- 
nated and submerged by pressures of his society — 
a renewed emphasis on the arts seems not only 
desirable but necessary. The policy of Brigham 
Young University to provide a patronage of the 
fine arts is concentrated in this division of the 
University. This college was organized in 1925 
and has since drawn many students to its curricu- 
lum. In the departments, art, music, speech and 
dramatic arts, the participants are provided with 
every practical experience necessary to qualify 
them either for teaching or professional work in 
their area of study. Students may work on student 
pubUcations and develop their ability in art; they 
may participate with musical organizations and 
perform for public audiences in many parts of the 
country; they may develop their speaking and dra- 
matic ability by taking part in contests and school 
plays. All of these extra-curricular activities draw 
many students each year as the University strives 
to instill vwthin its students an appreciation for 
the fine arts. 

Conan Matthews, Chairman of Art; Harold I. Hansen, Chairman of 
Speech and Dramatic Arts; Gerrit de Jong, Jr., Dean; John R. Halliday, 
Chairman of Music. 


PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMEINT grants opportunities for students to use modem testing methods, among them this lie detecting test. 

Humanities and 

With one of the largest faculties on campus, the 
College of Humanities and Social Sciences nelps to 
prepare the individual to live in the most intelli- 
gent and satisfying manner with his fellowmen. 
Man often lacks understanding and appreciation of 
men, nations, cultures and ideas vvhich would 
enable him to be a better citizen of the world. The 
Social Sciences teach him about different peoples 
and cultures so that he can better appreciate them. 
The Hvimanities bring him a greater understand- 
ing of the heritage given to him by great men of 
letters and help him to understand the thoughts of 
other through a study of their language. Bolstered 
by the departments of Sociology, Psychology, 
English, Journalism, History, Political Science, 
Geography and Archaeology this college provides 
a basic foundation for all students graduating from 
this University. Psychology helps him to under- 
stand his behavior; Sociology aids him in his as- 
sociations with others; History and Archaeology 
take him into the past; Political Science teaches 
him the operation of governments and their insti- 

FRONT ROW: L. Elliott Tuttle, Chm. Geog.; Leonard W. Rice. Chm. Eng.; 
A. Smith Pond, Acting Dean; Reed H. Bradford, Chm. Soc.; Richard D. 
Poll, Chm. Hist. BACK ROW: Oliver R. Smith. Chm. Journ.; Mark K. Al- 
len, Chm. Psych.; M. Wells Jakeman, Chm. Arch.: Stewart L. Grow, Chm. 
Pol. Sci. 


HEALTH STUDIES give students the basis for good health. Special areas of instruction include such things as posture formation, control. 

Recreation, Physical 
Health Education 
and Athletics 

In our day, as the working day grows shorter and 
the week is diminished, me institution of leisure 
time becomes increasingly important. To employ 
this time to the greatest advantage has become the 
concern of sociologists and the challenge of the 
College of Recreation, Physical and Health Educa- 
tion, and Athletics. The college is charged with the 
task of developing leadership in wholesome recre- 
ation. Church and family recreation are a heritage 
of the Mormon Church; thus, Brigham Young 
University is the natural environment in which to 
raise leaders for the Church and nation. Not only 
does this college provide training to all students but 
allows for specialization in many fields of sports 
and recreational activities. Departments include 
Recreation, Physical Education for Men and 
Women, Scouting, Health Education and Safety, 
Intercollegiate Athletics, Intramural Sf)orts and 

FRONT ROW: Royal B. Stone, Chm. Scouting; Leona Holbrook, Chm. 
Womem's Phys. Ed.; Milton F. Hartvigsen, Dean; C. J. Hart, Chm. Men's 
Phys. Ed. BACK ROW: David Geddes, Chm. Health Ed. & Safety; Edwin 
R. Kimball, Chm. Intercol. Atb.; Israel C. Heaton, Conun. in charge of 


DEPARTMENTS in this college give experience in physics, chemistry such as working with different materiab at high temperatures. 


Ours is an age of industrial expansion, of scien- 
tific discovenes and advancement never before 
paralleled in the world's history. Science is a field 
of constant change and ever-varying horizons — a 
challenge to the imagination and the curiosity. 
Science and its inventions have aided man in com- 
fort, convenience and opportunity. The challenge 
to help one's fellowmen is an exciting one and one 
which dominates the College of Physical and En- 
gineering Sciences. The college provides the funda- 
mental training for those who desire a career in 
teaching, industrial work or fundamental research. 
Departments in the college include Air Science, 
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Civil En- 
gineering, Electrical Engineering, Geology and 
Geological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 
Mathematics and Physics. The engineering pro- 
gram provides opportunities for the five-year en- 
gineering degree. 

FRONT ROW: Harvey Fletcher, Dean; E. John Eastmond, Acting Chm. 
Physics; Harry Hodson, Chm. Civ. Engr.; Milton Marshall, Chm, Math. 
BACK ROW: Leiand Baxter, Chm. Mech. Engr.; Jens Jonsson, Chm. 
Elect. Bngr.; H. Smith Broadbent, Chm. Chem. and Chem. Engr. 



CLASSROOM DISCUSSIONS provide students with stimulating conditions in which they exchange ideas under supervision of instructor. 


It has always been the view of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints that in the training of 
youth there should be a proper integration of mor- 
al and religious values with secular knowledge. 
The Brigham Young University accomplishes this 
aim by providing classes in religion for every stu- 
dent at the University, and requires of every stu- 
dent two hours of religion credit for every quarter 
in residence. The President of the University is 
head of the Division of Religion. Vice-president 
Berrett is directly in charge and Sidney B. Sperry 
is Director of Graduate Study. B. West Belnap is 
Director of Undergraduate Study. Students who 
complete thirty-four hours of religion, including at 
least four hours in each of the four departments 
receive special recognition at the time of their 
graduation. Students have a wide field from which 
to choose their courses in the departments of Bible 
and Modem Scripture, Church History, L.D.S. 
Church Organization and Administration, and 
Theology and Philosophy. An increased under- 
standing of the doctrines of the Church as well as 
an insight into the doctrines of other churches is 
provided to the interested student who desires to 
bolster his faith and testimony. 

THE RELIGION DEPARTMENT provides opportunity for development 
of students along a spiritual vein. Sydney B. Sperry, Director of Grad- 
uate studies, and B. West Belnap, Director of the Undergraduate Di- 
vision, direct the activities of the department. Discussions of gospel 
principles aid these two men to work efficiently, and they often en- 
gage in the same with other members of the religion department. 


Nursing School 

The School of Nursing furnishes young men 
and women with a basic collegiate program to 
prepare them to fill all beginning positions in 
the clinical areas of nursing. This includes ma- 
ternal and child care, medical-surgical nursing, 
public health nursing, and psychiatric nursing. 
The program leads to a Bachelor of Science de- 
gree and employs full-time faculty members, all 
of whom have been trained in their specific 
fields. Clinical experience is given students at 
the various hospitals in Salt Lake City and 
Provo, Utah. Students of nursing fill all general 
education requirements but spend most of their 
last two years in strictly ntirsing classes. This 
combination of curricula provides the student 
wdth a well rounded education. 

STUDENT NURSES are given ex- 
perience in several areas of their 
field by practical application of 
the theory given to them by class 

Director Chapman 

Graduate School 

The Graduate School of Brigham Young Uni- 
versity, established in 1922 as an administrative 
unit, has as its objective the developing of inde- 
pendent research and study. Each candidate for 
this school is required to have a general knowl- 
edge of a major field with less detail in the 
minor area. The faculty of this department is 
chosen from those who have the rank of profes- 
sor or associate professor and includes some of 
the best trained teachers on the campus. Candi- 
dates for the Graduate School are required to 
have a Bachelor's or equivalent degree. The 
school is administered by the Graduate Council 
which consists of the University President and 
other officials of the school. This council directs 
all graduate activity of students. 

various colleges receive advice 
and help from their advisors. Sec- 
retaries aid students in their 

Dean Hansen 


McCune School off 
lusic and Art 

The McCune School of Music and Art was 
established in Salt Lake City in 1920 and be- 
came a part of the Brigham Young University 
in 1952. N. Lorenzo Mitchell has been the direc- 
tor of the school since 1950 and is in charge of 
the administration of that department. Because 
of the emphasis placed on high artistic stand- 
ards, the McCune School has an enviable repu- 
tation for the contribution it has made to Utan's 
development in music, art. the dance and 
speech. The faculty is composed of the highest 
type of professionally trained teachers and in- 
cludes many leading personalities. The work 
done academically at the school is divided into 
the prepartory and the college. The individual 
does not receive credit for the preparatory 
courses. Any of the college credit given at the 
McCune School may be transferred and applied 
toward graduation from the University with the 
Bachelor of Arts. Many of the lyceums are 
sponsored in Salt Lake City through the instru- 
mentality of the school. They have also provided 
throughout the year several programs for the 
students at the University in Provo. Ability and 
appreciation of the arts are aims of this school. 

DIRECTOR OF MC CUNE, N. Lorenzo MitcheU 

Extension Division 

The Extension Division has a multiple division 
of duties and exists as a small university within 
the University. Under the direction of Harold 
Glen Clark they are composed of the Audio- 
Visual Services and the Adult Education Ser- 
vices. Films, tape recordings, visual aids and 
printed speeches are available at a nominal cost. 
The motion pictures shown in the Film Classics 
each week at the University are also under their 
supervision. The Adult Education is an exten- 
sive program which provides persons with the 
opportimity to study at night, in the home,^ by 
traveling or by attendance at Leadership Week 
held every year. Many lecture series are also 
sponsored at a nominal cost to those desiring to 
hear them. Many of the regular courses offered 
to resident students of the "Y" are given 
through the home study program. These classes 
also give college credit and will help toward 
graduation to some extent. This year several 
courses were offered in genealogical research 
methods and short-story writing. Prominent 
authors of the Church gave lectures to those 
desiring to write good literature. One of the 
widely participatea in activities of the Exten- 
sion Division is the Student Tours and the 
Peoples Tours. Both offer college credits. 

EXTENSION DIVISION is headed by Harold Glen Clark. 








These are your memories. . . your memories of sports activities at Brigham 
Young, of a dynamic story of success punctuated with an occasional loss. 
Here is recorded the rain- soaked Fresno game when football spirits refused 
to be dampened; Homecoming with New Mexico as early snow brought out 
winter coats and ear muffs. Here is the anxiety of basketball as the Montana 
game was dropped, closing the gap in competition for the championship; 
and then the thrill as a close game with Denver became a win to clinch the 
Skyline trophy for the "Y." Here are the cheers of a track event, the move- 
ments of a wrestler, the rhythm of a boxer. Here is life's parallel where only 
a slight margin separates victory from defeat, and a record becomes only 
a record for another who has the courage, initiative and determination to 




,.^... :',^WS^Jj 

Section Index 

Baseball 106 

Basketball . ... 92 

Football _ 86 

Golf . 108 

Marching Band . ..- 118 

Men's Intramurals 112 

Tennis 109 

Track 102 

Women's Intramurals 114 

Wrestling 101 

















.■■I -c 




t.' .11 *■■■ 





After wallowing in a quagmire of gridiron defeat for 
many years, Brigham Young University football en- 
joyed the first stages of a grand resurrection engi- 
neered by head coach Harold Kopp, an easterner with 
indominable will and foresight. Determination was the 
theme of this year's football campaign, and the Cougar 
Stadium echoed this determination more than once 
during the season. The enthusiasm of the new coach- 
ing staff seemed to carry over to a team which was 
usually over-matched in size and talent — but never 
were they over-matched in spirit. Mid-season saw the 
Cougars lose a disheartening contest to Montana. How- 
ever, during the tedious return trip to the BYU cam- 
pus, a new Cougar offensive was bom, and the grid 
campaign took on a more realistic outlook. Practice and 

instruction improved on the plan until the Cats were 
ready to make a new showing. Aerial warfare became 
the key to an impressive stretch run by the spimky 
Cats. Forty passes per game became the rule rather 
than the exception for the BYU Cougars. The new- 
look now being worn by the players and Coach Kopp 
captured the imaginations of Brigham Young's legions 
of athletic followers and also brought the Cougars 
within a whisker of beating the Conference champions. 
With this attitude for winning again apparent on the 
Cougar grid, fans and players alike became a new 
group of football enthusiasts who were willing to 
watch and willing to play a new game of new propor- 



Left End Ray Neel 

Left Tackle Dave Hanks 

Left Guard Jay Weenig 

Center Lynn Reading. 

Ed Hunt 

Wayne Ash 

Hal Stapley 

-Paul Dalebout 

Right Guard Glenn Taylor Bill Kuhlman 

Right Tackle Dick Ralph Mart Allred 

Right End Tom Clark Paul Brown 

Quarterback Carroll Johnston Don Dixon 

Left Halfback Burt Bullock Raynor Pearce 

Right Halfback Weldon Jackson Roy Jones 

Fullback Ron Jacobson Scott Farmer 

HERE WERE THE MEN who sparked the footbaU 
program at BYU this season. Owen Dixon, Line 
Coach; Allen Davis, Backfield Coach; Hal Kopp, 
Head Coach; Tally Stevens, End Coach; Max Tol- 
bert, Freshman Coach, all line up for a shot with 
Squaw Peak showing its snowy crag in the back- 
ground. Early practice and good weather saw the 
football team out in the spring to plan and prepare 
for an even better season for the coming year. 







Wichita 13 

13 Fresno State 26 

Colorado A. & M. 

6 Utah 41 

14 Montana 21 

7 Utah State 33 

33 New Mexico 12 

34 Denver 58 

6 Wyoming 7 

34 Air Force 21 

i:^-^^' ■' 


SIGNALS — one, two, three. 

WORRIED STANCE, with. an eye on the game, characterized Coach Kopp. 



AND DOWN TO GO (above) brings instructions from Coach (below). 

-vw^--.»^^^-...-Tr-f-f^--r-*--a--r^-----— '-'-:»«'-:»iCH'<- 





if •» 



POPCORN, LIGHTS, AND A GAME are only things needed to make a night complete for enthusiasts. . . especially a winning game. 

BAD WEATHER left partially filled bleachers to watch many football games. 

"1 WONDER. . ." worried comrade expresses. 


Varsity Football 

Missouri Valley Conference champs, Wichita, took the 
Cougars 13 to in the season's opener. Fresno State's 
burly Bullodgs visited Provo and nanded BYU its sec- 
ond straight loss, 26 to 1 3. A bitter stalemate resulted 
in the Cats' clash with former Skyline Conference 
champions. Colorado A&M, to 0. Utah's power- 
packed Indians held off an inspired Cat eleven for two 
periods and then exploded in the second half for a 41 
to 6 victorj' at Cougar Stadium. After four straight dis- 
appointments, the Cougars journeyed to Montana with 
hopes of their first win only to lose a tight one, 21 to 

14. Despite snow, wind and forty passes by Cat maes- 
tro of the lanes, Carroll Johnston, Utah State Aggies 
gained a 33 to 7 win at Logan. BYU's television dar- 
lings flashed great aerial power before a regional audi- 
ence in battering New Mexico's favored Lobos, 33 to 
12. Nightmare was the word used when the Denver 
Pioneers beat the Cougars 58 to 34. BYU's test with the 
conference champs, Wyoming, found the Cats win- 
ning in their fans' hearts but suffering a 7 to 6 defeat 
on the scoreboard. Air Force beat them 34 to 21 
the season's final. 


Jay Weenig 

Johnny Wood 

Paul Brown 

Dick Ralph 

FRONT ROW: Allen Davis, Backfield Coach; Hal Kopp, Head Coach; TaUy Stevens, End Coach. SECOND 
ROW: Tom Clark, Dick Ralph, Bob Loose, Paul Dalebout, Roy Buehler, Jim Taylor, Ed Hunt. THIRD ROW: 
Paul Caldwell, Mart Alh-ed, Richard Parque, Bob Olsen, Leroi Davies, Wayne Ash, Ron Zitting. FOURTH 
ROW: Paul Brown, Pete Sundwall, Glenn Taylor, Paul Eckel, Lynn Reading, Jay Weenig, Dave Hanks, 
Ray Neel. FIFTH ROW: Carroll Johnston, Wayne Startin, Bill Kuhlman, Jack Sawyer, Hal Stapely, Ron 
Jacobson, Weldon Jackson. SIXTH ROW: Don Dixon, Steve Campora, Scott Farmer, Dick Hunt, Lloyd 
Wall, Ralph Migliaccio, Burt Bulk>ck. SEVENTH ROW: Roy Jones, Larry Regis, John Wood, Karl Brooks, 
John Rooks, Raynor Pearce, Jack Hilton. 


Ed Hunt 


Ray Neel 

Richard Hunt 


Scott Farmer 



Success loomed high on Brigham Young University's 
gridiron horizon as Coach Max Tolbert's young fresh- 
men behemoths thundered through four straight tus- 
sles undefeated. The Kittens blasted Utah State's be- 
wildered Ramblers 31 to 7 in the season's opener and 
then tromped southern Utah's Dixie and Snow junior 
colleges. They made a shambles of the former to the 
tune of 53 to 6 and bombed Snow 59 to 0. These tre- 
mendous wins prepared the Kittens for the onslaught 
against the Ulan Papooses. In the campaign's final tilt, 

Frestiman Football 

the yearlings spotted Utah's highly-rated Papooses the 
first score and then exploded with fury in the second 
half for a final 21 to 13 victory. The key to the success 
of the Kitten team was their size and depth. Head foot- 
ball coach, Hal Kopp, watched the yearlings' successes 
wdth an intensified interest, seeing the nucleus for 
some great Cougar teams in the future. Certainly if a 
beginning has anything to do with the outcome, the 
prediction for some great years would not be amiss. 

FROSH MAKES ESCAPE as opponent comes from rear in early season game (left). Team members form to make tackle (right). 

II J -I 

FRONT ROW: Jim Crittenden, Asst. Backfield Coach; Bruce Ballard, Head Backfield Coach; Howard Condie. Tackle Coach; Max 
Tolbert, Head Coach; Ron Brown, End Coach; Jim Diddy, Guard Coach; Paul Eckel, Center Coach. SECOND ROW: Tom Stolworthy, 
Gary Merrill, Rex Reeve, Dick Clark, Ed Flint, Henry Long, Lonnie Dennis, Tohm Blohm, Floyd Weidauer. THIRD ROW: Joe Mc- 
Ginn, Tom Cole, Vem Skoy, George Kinder, Mel Brown, Ray Koncar, John Kapele, Dick Woolstenhuhne, Keith Hubbs. FOURTH 
ROW: Dave Kitzmiller, Bob Scott, Tom Larson, Alan Baird, Al Emery, Jim Page, Dave Cunliffe, George Smith, Allen Pulsipher. 
FIFTH ROW: Hugh Bigney, Ken Wheat, Paul Anderson, Dave Jones, Tom Freestone, Ken Peterson, Verl Shell, Wayne Chamber- 
lain. SIXTH ROW: Gerald Curtis, Howard Ringwood, Milan ChrisUey, Ralph Reese, Curtis Brown, Jay Goldman, Ron Startin, Jim 
Wright, Tony Valdez. SEVENTH ROW: Bob Smith. Don Harding, Chad Moon, Barth Bybee, Lonnie Ayers, Richard James, Sher- 
rill Brown, Harold Miller. 




Brigham Young University's basketball season was 
presaged by gloom and pessimism as the forecasters 
made their prognostications. However, the Cougars' 
enviable cage prestige survived ominous speculations 
as the Cats captured their seventh Mountain States 
Athletic Conference Championship with an 11 win 3 
loss record. They also walked off with a flock of indi- 
vidual honors. Coach Stan Watts and his spunky cag- 
crs took on what was possibly the toughest basketball 
schedule ever played by a BYU team. The Cougars 
rolled to a 19 and 9 overall record and surprised the 
many would-be predictors, who arbitrarily tagged the 
Cats with a fourth place label, by winning their first 
conference crown since 1951. Aside from the Skyline 
Championship, the Cats won third place in Madison 

Square Garden's Holiday Festival Tournament, which 
featured twelve of the nation's top teams; finished 
third in the Far West NCAA Regionals in Corvallis, 
Oregon; and were ranked among the nation's twelve 
best in the United States. Their accuracy at the charity 
line helped them to beat such nationally ranked teams 
as Washington, UCLA, and Ohio State, all of whom 
were voted among the top ten in the country at one 
time or another. The Cougars' only loss on their home 
court was suffered at the hands of Oregon State in the 
first game of the season. After that disappointing drop, 
Brigham Young won eleven straight home games 
which hiked their George Albert Smith Fieldhouse 
record to 62-10. 

FRONT ROW: Tom Steinke, James Thome, Bryant Squires, Mel Wilkes, Paul Kitchen, Russ Peterson, Jack Cravens, Hal Jensen, 
Harry Anderson. BACK ROW: John Gustin, Doug Beck, Lynn Rowe, John Benson, Russ Jones, Jack Anderson, Keith Pedersen, 
Bob Ricks, Gary Miles, Roy Thacker. 


L3mn Rowe 

Tom Steinke 

John Benson 

Harry Anderson 

Jack Anderson Hal' Jensen 




Basketball at the Brigham Young University this year proved to be a streak of wins, several 
losses, and a spectacular comeback which took the Skyline Conference Championship. 

Under Coach Stan Watts, who was voted "Coach of the 
Year" in the Skyline Conference, the Cougars have won 
1 66 games while losing only 80. Individually, the scrap- 
py Cats won their share of distinctions. Tom Steinke 
was voted the most valuable player in the Mountain 
States Conference, was unanimous choice for all-Con- 
ference honors, was chosen on the first team of the Lit- 
tle All-America team, was named on Helm's Ail-Ameri- 
can second team and was among the ten players repre- 
senting the west in the annual East- West All-Star game 
in Madison Square Garden. An uncanny outside shoot- 
er, Steinke averaged 19.6 points a game, a new high for 
a Brigham Young University player. Steinke's eighty- 
five per cent from the free throw line put him among 
the nation's ten most accurate foul shooters. John Ben- 
son, 6 foot 4 inch rebounding ace, plucked off 317 er- 
rant shots during the year, vvhich places him second to 
Mel Hutchins. Benson also scored the most points dur- 
ing the year — 516. 

JOHN BENSON, 43, comes from behind as long-armed man 
from Wyoming gives Lynn Rowe a side swipe (above). Tense 
huddle in the game found Thacker, 33, and Rowe, 41, on close 
guard of ball (below). 



HAL JENSEN, 45, makes jump for the ball as New Mexico players and John Gustin, 14, stend waiting for the rebound take. 

HARRY ANDERSON closed in many times for a quick change, when players like Tom Steinke found themselves in a close guard. 


■-' ■ v.g^ 




ONLY A TRY sometimes as John Benson pitched shot after shot to make him one of best all-round players in Skyline Conference. 

MANY ATTEMPTS were like reaching for air. BACK TO BACK, Benson and Thacker battled many times for the rebounds. 



LYNN ROWE, 41, sparked high against Montana with jump shots which proved to hit their mark and raised the Cougar score. 

JOHN GUSTIN, 14, came down with the ball and how. HARRY ANDERSON, SO, was noted for drive and speed. 


Thus it was from predicted underdog 
to Conference Champions, from a team 
hardly worth watching to one which 
gained attention all over the nation. 
That was the trail for the Cougars of 
1957 basketball fame. In appreciation 
of the work done by Stan Watts, coach 
of the team, the Downtown Coaches 
of Provo in cooperation with avid fans 
and willing businessmen, presented 
him with a new 1957 model Chevrolet. 
This honor came as a result of the 
"Fans for Stan" drive. Long remem- 
bered in the eyes of BYU and the 
sports-minded of the nation wdll be the 
come-up - from - behind - to - win tech- 
niques of the Cougars. And 1957 will 
go down in history as an important 
year in BYU basketball. The players, 
the coach, the playing will not soon 
be forgotten. 

MUSCLE TENSION and drive characterized many of Harry 
Anderson's plays in all games (left). It may have been bal- 
let as John Benson grappled for ball with Colorado A.&M. 

BYU -^mm^^ 

55 Oregon State 62 

70 Washington 66 

48 Iowa State .-.. 57 

61 Michigan State 79 

69 UCLA 74 

59 UCLA 58 

73 Bowling Green 56 

78 Bowling Green 69 

89 St. Johns 75 

66 Notre Dame 91 

84 Ohio State 78 

85 Montana 68 

66 Colorado A&M 61 

82 Wyoming 71 

Season Record: 19-9 Skyline: 11-3 

81 Utah 

81 Colorado A&M 

69 Wyoming 

66 Utah 

63 ....: Montana 

67 New Mexico 41 

65 Denver 51 

59 California* 86 

65 Idaho State* 54 

•Games played in NCAA Western Regional Tourney. 

A. & M. GAME provided opportunities for many substitutions as Jack Anderson, Gary Miles, and Bob Ricks tangled with opposition. 


b1 •^- ^0 
•vu r 

An important element that means a lot to the 
Cougars' basketball future was a brilliant Fresh- 
man Club that finished the season unbeaten. 
In a preliminary game to the Varsity BYU vs. 
Denver, the Kittens rolled to their twelfth 
straight victory, coming from behind to rock 
Mesa College of CJrand Junction, Colo., 84-62. 
The win gave Bob Bunker's boys an undefeated 
season, the first since Roland Minson. It also 
provides the Varsity Coach with good material 

for conference contenders of the future. At the 
start of the season, the Kittens weren't figured 
for any spectacular achievements. There was 
some good talent, but didn't appear to be much 
for depth. As it turned out, the Kittens had too 
much for their opponents. They beat Hill Air 
Force Base three times, Utah's frosh three times, 
Utah State's freshmen twice, Mesa twice, and 
Fort Lewis, A. & M., and Dugway Proving 
Grounds once each. 




FRONT ROW: Don Helm, Calvin Thorpe, Dick Sawyer, Lynn Gleave, Gary Crandall, Lanny Nalder. BACK ROW: Jim Demet, Earl 
Doman, Valoy Eaton, Coach Bob Bunker, Steve Nielson, Ralph Finlayson, Jim Rice. 


of the search for basketball talent by Coach 
Stan Watts and were featured at a half-time 
show of the BYU Varsity and Freshman game. 


Without a senior on the squad, the 1956-57 edition of 
Cougar wrestling, coached by Allen Davis, finished a 
respectable fourth in the Skyline standings, with the 
promise of better days ahead. In dual meets, the Cou- 
gars had a four win, three loss record with two wins 
over Utah, one each over Montana and Western State 
College of Gimnison, Colorado. The losses were two to 
Utah State and one to Mesa Junior College. The former 

were the winners of the Western Division. Those earn- 
ing letters, and all having the eligibility to wrestle again 
next year, are, Wes Packer, 123 lb.; Roger Overson, 130 
lb.; Mih Moore, 138 lb.; Wally Baker, 147 lb.; Leroy 
Davies, 157 lb.; Captain Ted Willick, 167 lb.; Calvin 
Merril and Merrill Glen, 177 lb.; and Dave Hanks, the 
school's heavyweight representative. 

lbs.; Glenn Barfuss, 137 lbs.; Phil Kresge. 147 lbs. BACK ROW: 
Leroi Davies, 157 lbs.; Theodore Willich, 167 lbs.; Calvin Merrell, 
177 lbs.; Dave K. Hanks, heavyweight. 

FOUR OF THE STUDENTS who helped to gain the four win, 
three loss record for the wrestling squad were Wes Wilcox, 
Milton Moore, Roger Overson and Wes Packer. Many of these 
students will return to aid the squad against next year. 

DAVE K. HANKS was chosen by the athletic department as 
the outstanding wrestler of the year. The heavyweight en- 
trant haiU from Burley, Idaho and is a senior at the "Y." 

WRESTLING IS THE SPORT for those who wish to develop 
their strength and agility. Rugged hoWs and tricky releases 
are taught in this manly art as is demonstrated here. 


ROLAND ANDERSON', Harry Anderson and Jim DeMet, three of BYU track stars, put many hours of hard practice in on the cin- 
ders. Heavy muscle work paid off in the many meets with other colleges in the conference as trackmen traveled to distant meets. 

Possibly the greatest track team ever to assemble, gathered itself at Brigham Young Uni- 
versity this year. Many outstanding freshmen bolstered the sixteen retiiming lettermen to 
give Coach Clarence Robison good depth in every event. Freshmen standouts were Gary 
Griffeth, John Quinnett, Wayne Chamberlain, and Marcus Neilson. Arlyn Finlinson, 
440 ace, and Paul Anderson, top half-miler, were the co-captains of the Skyline Confer- 
ence Champions. Oscar Anderson and Joe Tyler joined the co-captains to form a crack 
two mile relay team which finished third in the tough Kansas Relay at Lawrence, Kan- 
sas. One of the outstanding highlights in the lives of the fellows participating, as well as 
in the history of BYU sports, was the successful tour taken to Europe by the lettermen 
during the summer. The Cats made their annual trip to New Mexico and Arizona at the 
start of the season with many of their top men out because of injuries. Relying on depth, 
however, the spikesters won all three meets in which they engaged on the trip. The Cou- 
gars beat University of Arizona and Arizona State by the exact same score of 66 to 65. 
Up imtil that time, Robison had never won a meet by one point. Many of the trackmen 
have times which stand up to any others in the country. Dave Parker consistently nms 
the high hurdles at a flat 14.5, and Joe Tyler, holder of the 10,000 meter record in the 
United States, has run the mile in a brilliant 4.9. As in years past, the Brigham Young 
University track team honored the school by coming through with flying colors. 

TEAM WHICH represented "Y" in Europe. FRONT ROW: Dick Heywood, 
Jim Crittenden, Harry Anderson, Lewis Chatterley, Oscar Anderson, 
Arlyn Finlinson. BACK ROW: Sherald James, Paul Anderson, Ralph Bon- 
ham, Willard Herschi, Marv Roberson, Bok Suk Shim, Charles Higgins, 
Coach Robison. 


ux>o>>-»j.t--i« w ^w^iwMt>Mi n aa i Mi g. i i i i >>-.5?; 

■---J^A^.«>.^vs..^:^^UM;^.■.^!■^■'sj-■»-' ..'■av.^',.'..^a,- , . 

FRONT ROW: Marv Roberson, Richard Thatcher, Al Ray, Frank Baird, Dave Galbraith, Marcus Nielson, Steve Jones, Lorin Bone, 
Fred Gummow. SECOND ROW: McKay Rawlins, Gary Griffith, Bill Amett, Dave Gordo-n. Don Helm, John Quinnett Wayne tham- 
berUin, Oscar Anderson, Roland Anderson, Harry Anderson, Jim Demet. BACK ROW: Coach C. F. Robison, Mel Wilkes, Hal Wer- 
ner, Arlyn Finlinson, Paul Anderson, LeMoyne Perkins, Dave Parker, Bud Nielson, Richard Micbalson, Jim Crittenden, John Mil- 
liner, Dick Millett, Rod Kimball, Trainer. 

COACHES: Lorin Bone, Manager; C. F. 
Robison, Head Coach; Rod Kimball, Train- 
er; Marv Roberson, Asst. Coach. 



MARC NIIELSON was one of BYU's top track men in the pole vault entries. TOP FORM imperative in good vaulting. 

ENTRANCE TO THE STADIUM and the start of a long run for BUI Arnett, Wayne Chamberlain, Jim Crittenden, and Arlyn Finlinson. 


Trips to Europe, broken records, breakdown of buses: all of these characterized the track team and its 

various travels to meets this year. 

DON HELM demonstrated the form for high jump many times. 

CINDER BUDDIES are Paul Anderson and Arlyn Fmlinson. 

JOHN QUINETTE and Don Helm helped cop 
wins for BYU in high jump (above). Stren- 
uous muscle leap is made by Ralph Bonham 

DICK HEVWOOD OF BYU edges out opponent in European race. Dick was laid 
up for sometime with a strained leg muscle, but was an outstanding runner. 


FRONT ROW: Leon Moyes, aul Christiansen, Paul Kitchen, Lynn Foster, Karl Brooks, Phil Salter, Paul Haynie, Brent Pratley, 
Coach Jay Van Noy. SECOND ROW: Athletic Mgr. Dave Faddls, Jerry Warnick, Stan Jackson, Niel Filinders, John Blair, Owen 
Skousen, Jack Cravens, Dale Lewis. BACK ROW: Joe Rile, Jay Naylor, Larry Gardner, Cornell Taylor, Ralph Waitman, Johnny Jor- 
genson, Glenn Hatch, Doyle Seeley, Kent Anderson, Freshman coach, Don Poulson. 



The Cougar Baseball team, 1957 edition, had all the 
promise and glamour necessary for the nation's pastime, 
college style; new coach, new playing, and a new spirit. 
With the acquisition of ex-Cardinal, Jay Van Noy, the 
Cougars gave notice that the great sport of baseball was 
on the uphill trend at the Brigham Young University. 
Van Noy started off on the right foot, like a good ball 
player does, by creating friendly press relationships and 
mstalling his brand of hustle into the team. Opening 
day saw Brent Pratley catching, Lynn Foster at first 
base, Paul Hanney at second base, Tom Steinke, Cougar 
basketball star, as short stop. Norm Christiansen at third 
base. The outfield had Paul Kitchen, Leon Moyes, Carl 
Brooks, and Cornell Taylor all seeing action. While the 
pitchers handling most of the work were Owen Skousen 
and Jack Cravens, John Blair and Glen Hatch. With a 
good overall defense, strong pitching (although a good 
left hander would have helped), and good punch at the 
plate, the Cougars showed signs of bemg contenders all 
the way. The first few games of the season backed up 
the decision as the Cats sneaked wins from their 

PAUL KITCHEN was regular hitter. 

p^:<' :?•;•''•"'"■'•■ 






DRAMATIC SQUAW PEAK formed backdrop for Cougar diamond where fans and players met to enjoy a good game of ball 
(above). New bleachers gave needed resting place for those who came to watch the games of the Cougars which were played 
beneath the vanguard of Mt. Timpanogos. Through the development of a good turf and more interest on the part of students and 
townspeople, baseball became a major sport (below). 




Pouring fuel on the flame left over from a blazing fin- 
ish in 1956, the BYU golf team, led by six veterans and 
two newcomers, looked well on their way to a second 
straight Skyline golf championship this spring. Under 
the guidance of Coach Fred "Buck" Dixon, the sea- 
soned divoteers clobbered Utah, Utah State, and Mon- 
tana to the tune of 13-3, 15-3, and 11-1, respectively. 

John Geertsen earned medalist honors against Utah 
State, 70, and Montana, 71. Others not far behind him 
were returnees Lanny Nielson, Dean James, Herb 
Creviston, Max Fillmore and Phil Cannon. Newcom- 
ers to the group were Win Howe and Norman Jorgen- 
son. Howe was medalist against Utah with a low of 71. 
Max Fillmore is the only senior on the links crew. 

- T '" :0' '^K 

\'» .■«.4ti I -y 



> lk^ 

*-_ , 

1 /\ ' ^^ 4^ 

r^ ;^^ 

^ ii 

FRONT ROW: Phil Cannon, Gordie Hansen, Dean James, Gary Jenkins. BACK ROW: Coach Fred "Buck" Dixon, Norman Jorgensen, 
Herb Creviston, Max Fillmore, John Geertsen, I^anny Nielsen, Winston Howe. 

GOLFER MAX FILLMORE played links regularly for BYU. COMPETmON provided fun, sport for Phil Cannon, Dean James. 








Getting off to a slow start against Utah, the defending 
Skyline champs, the Brigham Young tennis team 
dropped a 7-0 meet in Salt Lake as their season opener. 
Against Utah State, the Brigham racketeers turned the 
tables for a 5-0 score. Last year the Cougars finished 
second in the Western Division, but have since lost 
lettermen Ed Pinegar, Gary Collins, Ross Woodward, 
Doug Smoot, and Gordon Crandall. Seven return let- 

termen bolstered the hopes of the Cat netters. Stan 
Kimball, Gary Madsen, Max Frampton, Judd Flower, 
Kent Dunford, Wilmer Lee, and Stan Collins were 
joined by Dick Dixon and Gary Crandall, Utah prep 
greats. Graduation will take a sizeable bite out of 
Coach Dixon's crew, Frampton, Madsen, Flower and 
Lee are the seniors. 


¥ * 


FRONT ROW: Judd Flower, Jim Ontiveros, Rue Lawrence, Bob Kroff, Wilmer Lee, Kent Dunford, Richard Dixon. BACK ROW: Calvin 
Thorpe, Paul Hart ,Gary Crandall, Stan Kimball, Gary Madsen, Stan Collins, Frank Driggs, Coach Fred "Buck" Dixon. 


which all good tennis players must learn as 
is demonstrated here by BYU player Rich- 
ard Dixon. Courts are busy in the spring. 


- >fi 


^n's Intrannurals 

Under the capable and patient guidance of Director Bill 
Hafen, the Intramural Department gave more than 
forty-five hundred Brigham Young University students 
a chance to participate in thirty different athletic events 
during the past year. The number of students active in 
the 'mural programs showed an increase of nearly one 
thousand over the previous year, a record as far as 
totals go. According to Director Hafen, the Intramural 
Department has been organized so that more students 
can play some sport at which they might be proficient, 
and also to enable them to develop 
a well-rounded college curriculum. 
Each year the sports are divided 

(M into three divisions: Fall, Winter 

*■ ■*?« and Spring. Each division contains 

about ten scheduled sports. In the 
Fall division, flag football proved 
^ L to be the "master" sport, wdth ap- 

^^d ^^^^ proximately six himdred students 
^^1^ J^^^ playing in the organized leagues. 
Stealing the limelight for Winter 
Director Bill Hafen -was a 450 tilt basketball league. 

Besides the regular school vmits, there were several 
BYU M-Men teams. Two of these teams, the Sixth and 
Eleventh Wards, participated in the All-Church Tour- 
nament. An innovation into the Winter Quarter pro- 
gram was a co-educational Chess league. Although this 
was the first of its kind on this campus. Director Hafen 
said that it was very successful. Softball and volley ball 
competitions led the Spring Quarter parade of sports; 
however, the highlights of this quarter would also in- 
clude the intramural track and swimming meets. One 
of the biggest jobs on campus, that of coordinating these 
various athletic competitions, is handled by Bill Hafen. 
Through his efforts, the social tmits, dorms, service or- 
ganizations, and Brigham Young University Wards are 
brought into a closer bond of friendship and understand- 
ing through participation in a variety of sports events. 
Competition on a level equal to their standard, these 
participants learn the value of clean sports. 

SOCIAL UNITS, dorms, and independents joined in basketball playoffs (left). Wally Gordon was one of the top acrobats (right). 



CONTEIMPLATIVE MOOD is set by some of the participants in intramural basketball tournament. Wards, units, and dorms all played. 


DIRECTOR HAFEN jokes with Badminton winner Hales, defendant Anderson. 

REPRESENTATIVES from various units participated in the "fite nite." 


ti^ /&,_iK 


MUSCLE STRENGTH and stamina are developed in body-building classes 

f * 4 , 

TENNIS winner, Jesse Johnson congratulate* 



RINGS, BARS, MATS and other equipment are the standard for those interested in art of gymnastics and acrobatics. 

in's Intrsinnurals 

Golf Winston Howe 

Flag Football Chaffey Tigers 

Tennis Singles Jesse Johnson 

Badminton Singles Sloan Hales 

Horseshoe Singles Delwin Jones 

Table Tennis Singles Bob Dyer 

Handball Singles Ken Orton 

Cross Country Run Bok Suk Shim 

Archery Norman Huffaker 

Paddle Ball Singles Owen Skousen 

Gymnastics Owen Skousen 

Table Tennis Doubles .. Grant Misbach 

Phil Cannon 

Handball Doubles David Pinckney 

Wayne Hoppie 

Basketball Seventeenth Ward 

Fencing Darrell Marler 

Reza Djahanbani 

Chess Hans Morawski 

Bowling Brigadiers 


Women's Intrannurals 

Miss Leona Holbrook and her assistants directed a 
program of Women's Intramurals. This program is de- 
signed to stimulate participation in physical education 
and sports. This program reached a majority of the 
women students at Brigham Young University this 
year. This was accomplished through individual and 
group joining in various phases of the women's sports. 
The calendar of events offered a diversified program 
throughout the school year. Teams competing in these 
sports were representative of the social units, campus 
housing, wards from the Brigham Young University 
Stake, physical education majors, and independent 
groups of students. Like the men's intramural activi- 
ties, those of the girls are divided into the several sea- 
sons of the school year. Programs include competition 
in volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, badminton, 
table tennis, bowling, track, swimming and co-educa- 
tional archery. These may be either team or individual 
competition. Working closely with the girls on sched- 
uling, and with Miss Holbrook on planning, is Miss 
Iva Lou Peterson, advisor to the women's intramural 

program. Miss Peterson is very friendly, and has the 
interest of the girls and the school at heart. She has 
worked for several years on the sports program and 
with the athletic department and has a feeling of the 
pulse of the entire organization. Miss Holbrook has 
been with the University for many years teaching and 
directing in the athletic department. Cooperation and 
patience are needed in the direction of such a large 
program as that of the women's snorts competitions. 
These were displayed by those 
in charge of the girls. A new 
event was introduced to the 
sports calendar this year. The 
first awards banquet in the In- 
tramural Department was held 
this year. It is the hope of the 
Intramural Council members to 
make this banquet an annual af- 
fair. Through a recognition of 
the girls' achievement, it is 
hoped to stimulate a greater 

Director Leona Holbrook 

SPORT AND PHYSICAL WELL-BEING were a part of women's intramural program in which volleyball, other sports were enjoyed. 



.■V,. '■., ■•<',"■ 



■ •?-■ 



SWIMMING was a part of the girls program which was offered by the intramural department to those desiring competition 



MANY WOMEN'S GROUPS participated in archery program offered by the Intramural department. 

rVA LOU PETERSON and JoAnn Calderwood are instruc- 
tors in the Physical Education department and help in the 
intramural sports program for women students. 

GRUELING EXERCISE was a part of 
the many activities in which the 
many women's units participated on 






VOLLEYBALL GAME (left) wm held in Women's Gym. Swimming (rigiit) wu popular in sprinc. 

outs were not only for 
the fellows to "enjoy." 


Marching Band 

The Cougar Marching Band was one of the features 
of the BYU football games. At the Homecoming 
game, played with New Mexico, they did a routine 
called "Seasons in Review;" the Utah game was a 
minstrel performance; and the Wyoming game saw 
a wild west show. The band made away-from-home 
trips, one to Denver and one to Logan. Composed of 
120 members, the band is directed by Dick Ballou 
and the Drum Major is Grant Elkington. The twirl- 
ers are led by Val Crossley, National Junior Cham- 

pion. Dick Ballou was also the 
originator of the band. The band 
has been on television and was 
named the outstanding band of 
1954. They are noted for their mu- 
sical quabty and performance of 
special routines. They are accom- 
panied by a group of twirlers 
called "the Debonettes." 

Director Dick Ballou 

NfARCHING BAND added spirit to football games with both pep music and half-time shows featuring unique formation like this. 

TRUMPETS, HORNS, AND DRUMS furnished the music and the beat for performances of marching band and its quick-step routines. 



■ V 



These are your memories. . . your memories of student leaders, the men and 
women whose names you knew but not always their works. Here are the 
early hours in council meetings; the late hours spent in meeting Banyan and 
Wye Magazine deadlines; the long hours in resolving problems of student 
government. Here is your President, Monroe; the committee which planned 
that special dance, assembly, or pep rally. Meet your Senate, a comparative- 
ly new body on campus, as they strove for recognition as a part of student 
government by initiating a new constitution; your Honor Council whose 
work was portrayed as a counselor reasoned with someone who had been 
cheating on an examination; your Bishop with his inspired word of spiritual 
uplift. Yes. here are your student leaders who worked for you and me and in 
so doing found service as their passport to joy. 


Section Index 

AMS, AWS 128 

Banyan - - - 136 

Coordinating Committees 124 

Coordinator .- 123 

Executive Council -.. 122 

Honor Council 130 

Pep Activities -.- 126 

Press 135 

Program Bureau 142 

ROTC - 150 

Senate 131 

Stake - .. 144 

Universe 132 

Wye, KBYU 140 


i ^^ n 


m wKm 


I pr'-i 

♦ -'si- 



H8 R H 

u us 
::HH« liU « 


student Coordinator and Executive Council 

Supervisor and advisor to the Studentbody, Dr. Henry L. 
Isaksen is charged with the responsibihty of coordinating 
the scheduHng of all activities, coordination between or- 
ganizations, training of student leaders and supervision of 
student government. Also under his jurisdiction is the 
expenditure of studentbody funds and the establishment 
of a liaison between the studentbody and the faculty and 
administration. Included on the staff of the office of the 
Coordinator of Student Organizations is Dr. Isaksen, Le- 
Roy Porter, and Elva Davis. Studentbody government 
with a minimimi of intervention from the faculty or ad- 
ministration is a goal for which Dr. Isaksen is working. 
Closely allied with the work of Dr. Isaksen is the Execu- 
tive Council of the studentbody. This council is made up 
of the Studentbody President, First and Second Vice- 
presidents, Secretary-historian, and Business Manager. 
Working with these elected representatives is a staff of 
nearly one hundred students who fill positions from ex- 
ecutive assistant to receptionists. J^o working with the 

Executive Council in an advisory position is the Cabinet, 
which is made up from members of various committees 
and groups as AMS, AWS, Honor Council, and IOC. The 
Studentbody President is the official representative of the 
school to other schools and to the world. He is the distinct 
head of the Executive Council and is responsible directly 
to the administration. The First Vice-president is director 
of the assemblies and cultural activities on the campus, 
and the Second Vice-president supervises the social and 
pep activities. The responsibility of the disbursal of $90,- 
000 is placed upon the Business Manager, and the Secre- 
tary-historian has the task of compiling a history of the 
school year. This body meets once a week to discuss prob- 
lems pertinent to the enforcement of student affairs. Any 
decision can be appealed to them as they are the ultimate 
head in student government. Many hours, tireless energy, 
interest in school, and a feeling of personal responsibihty 
characterize this student leaders. 

STUDENTBODY PRESIDENT, Monroe McKay plans to attend the Chicago 
Law School upon graduating from the "Y." McKay married in his Sopho- 
more year and is now the father of a daughter, 2 years old. He has re- 
ceived many scholastic awards among them the Hinckley-Rowberry Schol- 
arship, The BYU-Chicago Law School Scholarship, and Sundberg Religious 

STUDENT COORDINATOR, Henry L. Isaksen, had the 
task oi harmonizing student activities and representing 
the studentbody to the faculty. He worked closely with 
the various student groups to bring about the most ef- 
ficient operation of units, groups, and student govern- 
ment. He holds a Ph.D. and is an Associate Professor in 

PAT STRONG served as first vice-presi- 
dent of the studentbody. Her home is in 
Raymond, Alberta, Canada, and she is 
majoring in humanities. Pat has a great 
interest in music and is a member of 
a cappella choir and the "Mam'selles." 


Walker. He was active in athletics as a 
Freshman at Oregon State and has par- 
ticipated here with the Brigadier social 
unit. Darrell served a mission in the 
West Central States and is active in 
Church affairs on campus. 

DONNA GLAZIER was the elected secre- 
tary of the studentbody. She is from 
Mesa, Arizona and has a great interest in 
music. She is a member of White Key 
service unit, a cappella choir, and the 
"Mam'selles" recording group. Her major 
is education. 

BUSINESS MANAGER for the student- 
body was Kelvyn Cullimore of Oklahoma 
City, Oklahoma. Kelvyn has served as 
Honor Council Chairman, Duke of the 
IK's and Treasurer of the Viking social 
unit. He is a major in the field of mar- 
keting and business. 


Coordinating Connnnitte< 

FRONT ROW: Carol Mickelson, Karen 
Dixon, Mary Jane McCulley. BACK 
ROW: Sandra Smith, Marietta Bateman, 
Pat Henrie, Clifford Bush, Bob Webber. 
This group coordinated over twenty-five 
dances on campus this year. 

the Dance Committee as 
they coordinated dances on 
the campus this year. Over 
25 dances were scheduled. 


FRONT ROW: Dean Frampton, Pat 
Brighton, Karen Curtis, Pat Henrie, Mer- 

KTippetts, Frank Ryley. BACK ROW: 
ck Reimers, Ray Andrus, Phil Kolde- 
wyn, Stan A. Taylor, Charles Nelson, 
Ralph Clark. This group was composed of 
representatives from all areas of student 
activities and directed all campus pub- 
licity including the facilities of the stu- 
dent poster shop. 

RAY ANDRUS was director 
of the Publicity Committee 
in charge of all signs and 
poster plaeed on campus. 

FRONT ROW: Don Gardner, Lynn 
Bloomfield, Barbara Grauque, Keith Sel- 
lers. BACK ROW: Paul Flanary, Dennis 
Peterson, Darrell Bushnell, Ernest Briggi, 
Kay Howes. This committee was respon- 
sible for relations with the community. 


TED JOHNSON was chair- 
mtm of Public Relations and 
worked with the city. 


DON JENSEN was the executive 
assistant to the studentbody pres- 
ident and in this capacity was 
delegated authority to do various 
tasks for the president. Jensen 
accomplished work which was 
seldom observed by students. 

FRONT ROW: Gail Morrow, Janice 
Abbott, Karen Wright, Jean Lewis, 
Beverly Painter, Olga Gilbert. BACK 
ROW. Clark Rogers, Paul Lookinland, 
Kent Butterfield, Jerry Kindred, Steph- 
en Jones. Directors of all pep activities. 

in charge of the committee 
which had eveiything to do 
with the pep program at 
the "Y," indadlng the mas- 
cot, Cosmo. 

FRONT ROW: Yvonne Anderson, Nor- 
ma Bergen, Louine Berry, Carol Ben- 
nett, Marilyn Clawson. BACK ROW: 
Duane Christensen, Leo Weidner, 
Charles Nelson. This committee was in 
charge of all elections held on the cam- 
pus during the school year. Tabulation, 
balloting, and collection of votes were 
some of the headaches endured by this 
group of student helpers. 

JANIS HULL worfcod with 
her committee to expedite 
the student elections on the 
campus tliis school year. 

Assembly Committee members were, 
Jim Mitchell, Bliss Finlinson, Carol 
Folkman, Kenna Dayton, Harold Hew- 
itt, Douglas Hardy, Merry Tippetts. 
This group scheduled and worked with 
the student assemblies presented this 

ed the committee in charge 
of all student assemblies. 


The Pep Committee directs and coordinates the opera- 
tion of ten different areas concerned with the activities 
surrounding athletic events. These areas include Half- 
time Committee, Cougarettes, Cheerleaders, Songlead- 
ers. Cougar Band, Cosmo Committee, Pep Rally Com- 
mittee, Ticket Committee and Flag Twirlers. This 
liaison is established through the connection with the 
chairman of each group. The central committee then 
plans, cooidinates and directs each of the shows accom- 
panying each athletic event. The Flag Twirlers was a 
new group added to the department this year, and they 
will remain a permanent part of the organization. 

DIRECTOR BALLOU, twirlers, majorette and band performed at gai 

{ \H 

BATON TWIRLERS strut their stuff as they step fancy for football cro^ 


BYU SONG LEADERS for the year were, Kim High, Lois Lockhead, ! 
ron Benson, Janice Zollinger, Diane Daniels and Gail Morrow (ab 
Neiirly every sport event found them out trying to raise the spirit ( 

MICROPHONES coupled to loud voices gained attention of students at games for cheerleaders Paul Lookinland, Bob Ward, Bob 


FROSH cheerleaders, Karen Olsen, Tom Neilon, CecUy Collins, Pahnroy Bush, Kay Nielson. COSMO, the cougar, was BYU mascot. 

FLAG TWIRLERS, Fran Mansuy, AUcc Paddock, Ann Beswick, Marilyn Facer, Marilyn Anderson, Sharyn Sant Elaine Gordon, Carill Lee. 


FRONT ROW: Luana Schow, Norma Hensley, Ann Taylor, Sec.; Donna Hamilton, v.p.; Sally Emmett, Sheila Sorensen, Janis Hull. 
SECOND ROW: Carol McBride, Pat Lee, Margaret Snarr, Barbara Kehmeier, Nannette Bybee, Yerda Mason, Pauline Richardson. BACK 
ROW: Janelle Brimhall, Shirley Snow, Karen Curtis, Marilyn McMeen, Lee Ann Vanderford. 

Women Students 

A full year's activities were 
featured by Associated Wom- 
en Students as Preference 
Ball, Songfest and Women's 
Week were staged by the 
women's government group. 
Other activities in which 
AWS participated were the 
Big Sister program, transfer 
parties, foreign students' par- 
ty. Coed of the Month, travel- 
iward. Christmas Drive, "Y" 
Day, Campus Chest Drive, Fashion Show, Frosh 
Girls' Trek to "Y" and a program of visiting coeds. 
Inter-school highlight was the November 10 Utah 
AWS convention conducted at BYU for represen- 
tatives from all Utah colleges and universities. The 
purposes of AWS are to coordinate women's cam- 
pus activities, sustain and encourage high ideals in 
coeds, develop leadership abilities and stimulate 
the spirit and appreciation of BYU among women 
students. Bonnie Berrett served as president of the 
Associated Women during the year. 

nual Preference Ball to which the coeds on the campus 
took their favored man. Here the council writes invita- 
tions to those whom the girls preferred. Thirteen men 
were "preferred." 

President Bonnie Berrett 

mg service uopny a\ 




FRONT ROW: Dick Reimers, John Wadsworth, Joel Allred, John Gunner, Wayne Boyack, Kenner Kartchner, Advisor. SECOND ROW: 
Kay Walker, Phil Nolan, Jerry Griffith, Larry Regis, Jr. BACK ROW: Bob Bateman, Grant Bigelow, Kent Butterfield, Paul Eckel, 
Webb Crockett, Murt Bowman. 

Men Students 

The Associated Men Students 
includes all men attending 
the Brigham Young Univer- 
sity. It is the function of this 
organization to sponsor ac- 
tivities which will provide 
each student with a well- 
rounded academic and social 
life while at the "Y." Fall 
Quarter they sponsored the 
Autimin Leaf Hike and 
dance, Christmas Drive, 
Clean-up the Campus campaign, and foreign and 
transfer students' parties. The Snow Carnival, Fite 
Nite and Victory dance were Winter Quarter's ac- 
tivities, and "Y" Day and AMS Carnival complet- 
ed the year's calendar. The AMS sponsors a travel- 
ing trophy which goes to the social unit with the 
highest grade point, and a supremacy trophy 
which is given on a point basis. These activities, 
coupled with pep rallies, State Hospital programs, 
ana dances, were directed by AMS Council and 
its president. 

AMS COUNCIL MEMBERS participated in the many ac- 
tivities on campus and sponsored many of their own. One 
of the year's highlights was the AMS Carnival production. 

President Reed Blake 


FRONT ROW: Dorothy Kennison, Vanja Yorgason, Joan Bolin, Pat Brighton, Jane Newmain, Jewel Spilsbury, DeAnn Schwendiman, 
J. Carrol Read. BACK ROW: Norman E. King, Lynn H. Benson, Clesse Hilton, John Matsen, Richard Gibson, David B. Galbraith. 

Honor Council 

The Student Honor Council, 
organized in 1949 as a part 
of the Honor System, has had 
the responsibihty of educat- 
ing the studentbody to the 
Code and aiding in its en- 
forcement. This year even 
more emphasis was placed on 
education by dividing the 
Council into two committees, 
Chairman Howard Larsen counseling and publicity. The 
publicity committee prepared new literature to ex- 
plain the Honor Code, worked on a film begun last 
year, and effected a liaison with the Faculty Com- 
mittee on Honor, the disciplinary body of the 
school. "Keeping" one's honor rather than "regain- 
ing" it was emphasized. The Council met each 
Monday evening to discuss problems, and many 
addition il hours were spent on committee work. 
The Council also had several parties during the 
year. Especially delightful was the dinner party 
held at the home of Emily Stewart, a daughter of 
the late President George Albert Smith. 

HONOR COUNCIL met each Monday night to discuss busi- 
ness pertinent to the maintainance of standards of the 
BYU. Meetings were presided over by Howard Larsen. 


m ^ 

FRONT ROW: Bonnie Berrett, Sunny Seely, Shirleen Robinson, Myrna Day, Ann Brown. Secretaries were Pat Meuter, Diana Martin, Ann 
Smith. BACK ROW: Mike Yoshino, Carl Mitchell, Larry Jenkins, Sloan Hales, Blair Armstrong, Clarence Schramm, Reed Bkke, Nilo 

President Dennis Olsen 


The major responsibility of 
the Student Senate is to con- 
sider studentbody problems 
and legislate a program of 
activity which will alleviate 
these problems. The execu- 
tion of these activities is up 
to the Executive Council. In 
order to fulfill its task, the 
Senate is divided into com- 
mittees made up of two sen- 
ators and five others. After investigation of then- 
particular problem, the committee reports its find- 
ings to the Senate. Recommended action pro- 
motes the passing of bills which when signed be- 
come student law. The body is made up of three 
senators from each under-graduate class, one 
from the graduate class, the presidents and vice- 

5 residents of the classes, the studentbody presi- 
ent, and AMS — AWS presidents. This year, 
this body of twenty-four students has entirely re- 
vised the school constitution in order to more 
clearly define authority. 

THE SENATE STEERING committee was made up ot the 
following senators: FRONT ROW: Margot Seymour, Maz- 
ine Stuart, Jane Harrison. SECOND ROW: Dennis Olsen, 
Pat Murchie, Don Kenney. BACK ROW: Bob Brady, Rich 
Hunter, John Perry. 


Daily Universe 


Completing its first year as a daily newspaper, the 
Daily Universe ranked as the fifth largest daily news- 
paper in Utah. Ralph Barney edited the Universe two 
quarters, relinquishing control to Mark Murphy for 
Spring Quarter. Among noteworthy firsts established 
by the Daily Universe during the year were the pub- 
lication of a 16-page Homecoming edition and a 12- 
page spring shopping edition, in addition to more 
than a score of 8-page editions published regularly 
during the year. Winning 2nd prize in a national 
prc-Cnrislmas traffic safety campaign contest con- 
ducted for daily college newspapers, the Daily Uni- 
verse collected $250. Prize-winning entry included a 
series of four dramatic drawings with accompanying 
editorials. Shortly before Christmas recess, the Daily 
Universe supported a successful drive to raise money 
to sponsor two Hungarian students for an education 
at BYU. Nearly $2,000 was raised by BYU organiza- 
tions, and wheels were set in motion to bring tne stu- 
dents from Europe. A violent Utah State Prison liot 

Feb. 8 drew two Universe staffers — a reporter and a 
photographer — for an all-night vigil when it was 
learned that three BYU students were being held 
hostage by rioting inmates. Smooth coordination be- 
tween Universe and Y Press made possible early 
publication of a morning extra. The Daily Universe 
extra was the first Utah newspaper to announce the 
release of hostages and riot's end. During Spring 
Quarter the Daily Universe published a series of 
stories to acquaint students with progress of planning 
on proposed student union building and to enlist stu- 
dent aid in the planning and naming of the building. 
On the routine, everyday scene, a staff of nearly 40 
students worked tirelessly through the year to accom- 
plish publication of more than 150 editions of the 
Daily Universe. Newspaper is considered one of the 
most effective service groups on campus for rendering 
service and assistance to almost every student every 
day during school year. Untold thousands of volun- 
teer hours are devoted each year to this project — with 
a $36,000 budget. 

Deanna Bamum was society editor, later 
made news editor under Mark Murphy. 

Rich Hall, marketing major who 
post of sports editor for fall, « 

Dan Gashler, San Jose, Calif., was named managing editor 
during fall and winter quarters. A former Naval officer, 
Dan served as associate editor of Wye Magazine and news 
editor, reporter and photographer for Daily Universe be- 
fore filling managing editor slot. Duties he handled in- 
cluded supervision of paper's production from time stories 
written until finished product rolled from presses. Many 
hours were spent at the news desk in striving to meet 
daily deadlines and produce top-notch student newspaper. 
Scheduled for graduation in August, 1937, Dan eyed news- 
paper career. Unmarried, Dan was charter member of 
Chi Sigma XXV, a social unit for bachelors who reach 
quarter-century mark. 


Ralph Barney, Flagstaff, Ariz., 
edited Daily Universe from Feb., 
1956, to March 16, 1957. Guided 
paper in transition from four- 
times-weekly to daily — April, 
1956. A journalism major, Ralph 
graduated at end of 1966-57 
school year. Almost wedded to 
the Universe until he was suc- 
ceeded by Mark Murphy at the 
beginning of spring quarter, Ralph 
had served as news editor and 
managing editor before being se- 
lected for the top spot. Before 
entering BYU in 1964, he served 
as Navy journalist for 4 years 
aboard heavy cruiser in Korean 
combat area and later in China 
Sea. He was named 1957's top 
jouNialism graduate and awarded 
annual Forace Green Medal and 
cash award. Prominent accom- 
plishment, by his own admission, 
was folding his 6'7" frame in 
such a manner that he could tuck 
himself into his junior-sized auto- 
mobile several times a day all 




Darwin Hayes, distributed 7,000 papers 
a day for 150 days to get Universe read. 

Campus editor Sally Arnold recruited, 
trained and "owned" reportorial staff 

Irrepressible humor editor Ron Safsten 
brightened pages with cartoons, stories. 

Barbara Miller donated hundreds of 
hours as feature editor, later managing 

Seven reporters on Daily Universe 
staff are (front, 1 to r) Karen 
Larsen, Benda Evans, Marcella 
Whalley, Arlene Larsen, (back 
row, I to r) Dan Clark, JoAnn 
Dray and Iloger Larson. Arlene 
moved to campus editor slot 
spring quarter and Roger won 
Universe service award pin at 
year's end. Dan Clark was award- 
ed internship-scholarship by Salt 
Lake City newspaper, including 
summer job, 1957-58 tuition pay- 
ments at BYU. 


Daily Universe 

Chief Photographer Larry Hep- 
pier (right) and John Meeks. 
Don Christensen absent for pic. 

Another group of DaUy Universe reporters are (front. 1 to r) Ray Tracy, Oyde Farnsworth. 
Jean Whiting, Gene Barlow, (back row, 1 to r) Tom Worlton, Jerry MoUoy, Bob Koenig. Tracy 
and Koenig were editorial writers during spring quarter and Barlow was columnist durmg year. 

Writers for society sections are (1 to r) Joan Blad- 
gett, Margaret Hiinter and Service Award Winner 
Nadine Hall. Nadine took society editor job spring 

Editorial assistants are (1 to r) Service Award Winner Valerie Hill, Pat 
Bringhurst, Catherine Davies and Carolyn Thomsen. These assistants 
worked on layout, headlines, copyreading and page makeup during year. 

Carol Croshaw, Martha Pratt and Vicki Soha were 
members of 1956-57 DaUy Universe staff. Vicki was 
service award winner and feature editor spring 


Sports writers Jack Batchler, Mark Murphy and Jerry Cunnmgham. 
Jerry succeeded Rich HaU as sports editor and Mark took Daily Universe 
reins at end of winter quarter. Cunningham won award as years top 
sport writer. 


Rress Department 

The Y Press spent many extra hours of time in order 
to publish the Banyan on time this year. One of the 
finest shops in the country, and among the largest in 
the intermountain west, it is set up for complete facili- 
ty in offset and letterpress printing. Within the past 
year, they have installed an engraving plant which 
enables them to make their own cuts. Heretofore, it 
was necessary for these to be made elsewhere. The in- 
creased number of employees brought the total to 
fifty students and thirteen full-time employees. It is 
these people who print the school catalog, schedules, 

Programs, books, and pamphlets which are sold and 
istributed through University facilities. All Univer- 
sity printing work is down by the Y Press. Another 
feature of the print shop, often found in only the finest 
shops, is the ability to do full-color processing. These 
many factors permitted the press to print the entire 

Banyan and to do all work exclusive of binding. This 
is the first time in ten years that the Y Press has done 
the cover for the Banyan. As was done last year, the 
Banyan was printed by offset process. Other major 
projects of the press include 
the Daily Universe, B.Y. High 
Yearbook, and an ROTC year- 
book. Frank Haymore, the 
manager of the press, has been 
with them for twenty years. 
Delvar Pope, his assistant, has 
been with the press continu- 
ously since 1947, when the 
press was moved from the 
Maeser Building to its present 

Manager FVank Haymore 

THE SETTING of type (above) and the correction of errors 
(right) were all a part of the process which brought about the 
copy which you are now reading. Long hours were spent on 
type and copy. 

For the second year in a row, John Marlow served as 
editor of the Banyan. However, the production of a 
yearbook the size and quaUty of the Banyan is not the 
work of one nor a few persons. Rather it is a cooperative 
effort accomplished only with the help of many and 
after long and tedious hours. The staff which prepared 
this year's book numbered about 150 students. A record 
sales of 5300 was reached through the efforts of many 
energetic salesmen. The book was produced entirely by 
students, except for printing and binding. This work in- 
cluded art, layout, photography, and copy. Each of the 

sections of the book was directed by an editor who was 
assisted by several staff members, and who was respon- 
sible to the general editors — art, photography, copy — 
for the collection and completion of materials for his 
section. Other members of the studentbody could be 
called in to help if they were needed. The history sec- 
tion of this year's book was the result of a contest spon- 
sored among the students of one of the history classes. 
The book was produced on a budget of approximately 
$30,000 and, except for the binding, was produced en- 
tirely by the BYU Press. 

Wajrne Boyack, Sales Manager 

Ray Nielson, Advertising 

Dick Phelps, Business Manager 

Paul Nuttall, Space Sales 

Shirley Atkinson, Indexing 


CarylAnn Waldvogel, Paneling Editor 

Sharon Ricks, Fine Arts Editor 

John Beardall, Adm. and Colleges Editor 


Yvonne Anderson, Associate Editor 

Norman King, Copy Editor 

JOHN MARLOW served for the second consecutive year as Editor of the Banyan. 
A pre-medical student, he plans to enter medical school in Washington, D. C. this 
falL Some of his other activities include: chairman of the polio drive, the baritone 
lead of Toreador in "Carmen," and Blue Key. 

Cathy Moody, Chronology Editor 

Bob Pratt, Art & Layout Editor 



Loyce Olofson, Filing Editor 

Dale Harris, Sports Editor 

Jane White, Exchange Editor 

Staff Members Bee Hawkins, Helen Mackay, Klara Rowe. 

Photography Staff Norman Smith, LeGrande Fletcher, Phil Fauver. 

Georgia Moore and Jean Nay, Staff Assistants. 

Joy Aschmann and Connie Gabbott. 


> / 


Jeannie Decker, Delora Bertelson, DeAnne Dorny, Staff Workers. Staff Assistants, GlenDonna Staker, Sonja Leonard, Jean Sexsmith. 


Allen Frazier, Publicity Director 

Salesmen Merrill Branuh, Olga Gilbert, Myma Peterson. Marilyn Alter, Personalities Editor. 

Photo Studio 

The business of the Brigham Young University Photo 
Studio, although it comes only from on-campus, is suf- 
ficient to place them in the top brackets as far as volimie 
of work done is concerned. This year the force num- 
bered sixty part-time employees and three full-time. 
Much of the portrait and group photography for the 
Banyan was done by the Photo Studio. Tne studio is 
also equipped to do microfilming and facilitates storage 
by microfilming University publications and library 
material. The studio is self sustaining and operates on 
business principles. 

Studio was Clark Nelson. 
Under his supervision, the 
portrait and group pictures 
were taken for the 1957 

FULL-TIME and part-time workers complement the staff at the photo studio where work is done for Banyan, students, faculty. 


Vlfye Magazine 

iffm _ 

Under the direction of Joan Dunn and Jack Nelson, 
the Wye magazine worked this year for an approach 
which would give something to the studentbody which 
would be not only "good" writing, but also, would be 
understandable. Difficult as this task turned out to be 
— due largely to the impression that to be modern is to 
be obscure — the staff put out an excellent literary rep- 
resentation. The magazine was published three times 
during the year and was printed by the BYU Press. In 
an effort to stimulate wider participation in the sub- 
mission of work to the Wye, the magazine offered two 
$25 prizes — one for poetry and one for fiction. Accord- 
ing to editor, Jack Nelson, "there are people on campus 
who have the background for writing and the experi- 
ence. This prize should stimulate some of them to put 

their experiences down on paper." Photography and 
art reproductions formed an important contribution to 
the Wye magazine, and some excellent work, both ab- 
stract and realistic, was submitted. Over thirty persons 
worked on the staff of the magazine and many hours 
were spent in its production. Each issue averaged 
thirty-two pages. The magazine was in its fifteenth 
year, and in this time, has sought to give expression 
to student talent. The English and journalism depart- 
ments have helped by providing advisors from their 
ranks to aid in the selection of quality material. The 
staff was advised this year by Thomas Cheney of the 
English faculty. The presentation of interesting, credi- 
ble material was enthusiastically received and support- 
ed by both the faculty and students. 

Wye Magazine staff workers were, FRONT ROW: Claus Hansen, Lavon Boyenger, Virginia Mahoney, Jack Nelson, Marcella Wha- 
ley. Nan Beesley. BACK ROW: John Harris, Alfred Lewis-Busch, Joseph Carter, Conrad Nelson, Nancy Lott, Karen Anderson, Bud 

Wye Magazine were not always busi- 
ness. Here the several editors. Jack 
Nelson, Alfred Lewis-Busch, Joseph 
Carter, John Harris, Conrad Nelson 
and Lavon Boyenger get together to 
discuss the publication and to tell a 
few stories out of school. These men 
worked to produce a better quality 
magazine with material which would 
appeal to the greater part of the 

A POPULAR PROGRAM on the KBYU radio station was the one entitled "Blind Date." Coeds and fellows could win a show ticket, dinner, 
and an evening of bowling by participation with other contestants. Who knows, a new romance, even an engagement, might result. 

KBYU ANNOUNCER, Steve Anderson, broadcasts news. 

DEVERN PERRY operates recorder while Stan Porter makes transcription. 

Radio KBYU 


Provided with studios, TV facilities and mobile units, 
Radio KBYU broadcast daily to the students in on- 
campus housing, and through the connection with a 
power line, were able to reach to some of the down- 
town areas. Devern Perry was the station manager and 
Owen Rich acted as faculty advisor. Broadcasting a 
total of sixty-seven hours each week, the station has 
thirty-four broadcasters ranging from disc jockeys to 
news casters. Some of the most popular programs were 
"Music from the Mat," a program broadcast directly 
from the mat dance; the "Bob and Roy Show," and 
"Fullness of Times." The latter is a re-broadcast show 
and deals with the Book of Mormon. One of the inter- 
esting features of the publicity committee was the 
publication of a staff paper called the "Transmitter." 
A poll on the best shows of the week was run and was 
expanded into the best show of the year for which a 
prize was given. The gossip column of the paper was 
the most wddely read part of the paper. 

GARY ZISEK, Jim Mays, Larry Bastian rehearse radio script 


student Program Bureau 

Many aspects of student talent were presented in the 
shows of the Student Program Bureau as they toured the 
intermountain west. Janie Thompson was granted a 
leave of absence during the year, and her duties as 
director were taken over by Sylvia Tyler. The Student 
Chairman was Winston Christensen. Besides providing 
shows for various organizations on campus, the bureau 

provided a speaker service to the wards and branches in 
the area. MC's and directors were a vital part of the 
bureau's manpower and received experience in the 
planning and presenting of their own shows. Such 
groups as the Rockettes, Brighamettes, and Castle Danc- 
ers augmented the staff of entertainers. Assemblies were 
also presented by this versatile group. 

... iW ll 

Juama Dalton, Bryan Renstrom, Sylvia Tyler, Winston Christensen. PROGRAM BUREAU shows were taken to many campus functions. 

INDIVroUAL PERFORMERS and MC's were vital part of shows. UNUSUAL DANCE GROUP, Castle Dancers, performed regularly. 



7 \' 



BRIGHAMETTES were a song and dance group which performed often, 



^ ^Mfj^i^ 



CALYPSO MUSIC was feature of Vagabond singers. 


STUDENT PROGRAM BUREAU performed on assemblies and for private groups. Janie Thompson, director, poses pensively. 

THE ROCKETTES performed on assemblies and in tour programs. DANCERS Chyleen Bacon, Diane Stevenson perform ballet. 


Brighatm Young University Stake 

Although religious instruction is given within the classes 
of the Brigham Young University, it is not felt that this 
replaces religious activity without the University. Along 
with this outlook, it was felt that some students, while 
being away from home, left their recommends of mem- 
bership in their home wards. In order to provide better 
religious organization which would enable all students to 
be active and more students to have positions of responsi- 
bility, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
organized the Brigham Young University Stake of Zion 
on January 8, 1956. Unlike the traditional stakes, this 
stake has no independent boundaries. Its membership 
consists of single students living away from home, regard- 
less of where they live on the campus or in the communi- 
ty surrounding it, and of married students living in cam- 
pus apartments. Since its beginning twelve wards, the 
stake nas grown until at the present it has seventeen 
wards and twenty-three Elders' quorums, all of which 
are fully organized. Modified Relief Society programs. 
Mutual Improvement Associations, and a Stake Mission 
are progressing, as well as a Primary in the First Ward 
which is attended by married couples living in the Wy- 
mount area. Supervised Temple work and library re- 
search for genealogists are also being put into operation. 
Recognizing the need for close connections between the 
student's home ward and the Brigham Young University 
Stake, the General Authorities of the Church have pro- 
vided that the stakes and wards involved should work 
together in such matters as calling worthy brethren on 
missions and advancing them in the Priesthood. The 

Bishops and other executive leaders in this stake were 
called from among faculty members and prominent lead- 
ers in the community stakes and wards in order to assure 
a permanence to the organization. This included such 
offices as the Stake Presidency and Stake Clerks, the 
High Council, and auxiliary heads. The Bishops, with 
few exceptions, called their counselors from among the 
students living within their wards. This arrangement 
gives wide experience to capable students, but prevents 
them from hazarding their studies by leaving the major 
burdens in the hands of an experienced and permanest 
Bishop. All of the facilities of the school are made avail- 
able to the stake and on Sunday morning the buildings 
are nearly as fully used as on a regular school day. Al- 
though the social functions are somewhat limited as far 
as being sponsored entirely by the stake is concerned, the 
school and the Church cooperate closely in providing a 
full program of activity for those who are in need of it. 
This year the different wards combined for such events 
as Gold and Green Balls, speech competitions, roadshows, 
and parties. Two of the BYU wards participated in the 
all-Church M-Men Basketball Tournament and made a 
very good showing for first year participants. Every three 
months the regular Stake Conferences are held in the 
George Albert Smith Fieldhouse, and the students are 
given an extra opportunity to hear the General Authorities 
talk on the various Gospel principles. Thus growth and 
expansion have and will continue to characterize the 
Brigham Young University as it works with the Church 
to provide the students with a well-rounded spiritual life. 

A LITTLE OVER ONE YEAR has elapsed since the Church instituted the program of advertising to help the youth in observing the com- 
mandments of God. This program has sponsored large posters and smaller replicas to keep before the youth that honesty with oneself is 
the way which will lead to the best way of life. At one of the Stake Conferences held during the year, Elder Mark E. Peterses empha- 
sized the messages presented on these posters and asked Brigham Young University students to set the example for others. Large crowds 
of students turned out for both sessions. Elder Petersen has always been a favorite of the youth of the Church because of his appeal to 
subjects which are pertinent to their particular problems. Conferences throughout the year were well attended and brought leading 
Church authorities with messages of inspiration and instruction. Choral groups and special musical numbers were also presented (right). 

DANIAL D. BUSHNELL served as first 
counselor in the BYU Stake Presidency. 
He has also been a bishop and hifh 

ANTONE K. ROMNEY, Stake President, 
is a man with experience in the educa- 
tion and business fields. He has also 
served on the General Board. 

DEAN B. FARNSWORTH was caUed as 
second counselor after the release of 
Joseph Bentley. He is associated with the 
English department. 

The married students staying in the Wymount area 
met each Sunday in the Social Hall. This is the larg- 
est and most unusual ward on campus. Nearly every 
member of the ward is a father or a mother. Because 
of the problem of baby-sitting, social events are very 
difficult to conduct. However, on March 30 the Relief 
Societies of the other campus wards volunteered to 
baby sit for the First Warders, and the parents were 
able to attend a banquet sponsored by their Relief 
Society. This is also the only ward with a Primary 
organization. They divide classes by months rather 
than years because of the many children. 

FRONT ROW: Wendell Collier. Clerk; George Hatch, Coun.; 
Russell D. Lewis, Bishop; Duane Beazer, Coun. BACK ROW: 
LeRay McAllister, Clerk; Jon Fitt, Clerk; Joseph Pehrson, 
Clerk; Louis Jensen, Clerk. 


Young University Wards 

With a membership of 280, the BYU Second Ward meets 
in the McKay Building under the direction of Bishop 
Charles Taylor. They are noted for their large number of 
married couples and are continually adding to the ranks. 
This year the ward held their Gold and Green Ball and 
other social events under the direction of the MIA, which 
is headed by Larry Jenkins and Carolyn Asplund. Jack 
Frost was the Sunday School Superintendent, and two 
Elders' Quorimis provided opportunity for Priesthood 

FRONT ROW: Hans W. Kelling, Coun.; Charles Taylor, Bishop; 
Stuart R. Stringham, Coun. BACK ROW: Chuck Padbury, Clerk; 
Jack W. Lythgoe, Clerk; Don S. Terry, Clerk. 


Bishop Lester Allen directed the Third Ward in their 
meetings each Sunday in the McKay Building. He was 
aided by two fine counselors, Milton G. Wille and Sam 
Atoa. Three hxmdred students claimed this ward as their 
own and attended meetings each week. They were also 
treated to a ward Gold and Green Ball on Apnl 13, which 
proved a very lucky day for those who attended. The 
auxiliaries were directed by Ruth Naylor and Rowan Shir- 
ley, MIA; David Hart, Sunday School; and JoAnne Beas- 
ley, Relief Society. 

FRONT ROW: Milton G. WilUe, Lester Allen, Bishop; Samuel Atoa. 
BACK ROW: Anthony Earl, Kenneth Crocket, David Christensen, 
Eugene Chrismon. 

Two hundred and fifty members of the BYU Fotorth Ward 
met each Sunday morning in the Wymount Chapel. These 
meetings were under the supervision of the Sunday School 
Superintendent, Dave Paxman and the Bishop, William G. 
Dyer. The ward started a paper this year, sponsored a Gold 
and Green Ball and was in charge of a ward orientation 
program. The Elders of the ward met in a quonmi under 
the direction of Lamont Henricksen. 

FRONT: WilUam G. Dyer. Bishop. BACK ROW: Murray S. Mclnnes, 
Coun.; Paul J. Petersen, Coun.; Marvin Kuchar, Clerk. 

Another ward which claims title to the best ward in the 
BYU Stake is the Fifth Ward, which is presided over by 
Bishop Frank Killpack. He is aided in his duties by auxil- 
iary heads Claudia Sedgwdck, Relief Society; Pamela John- 
son and Robert Ritz, MIA; Owen Bae, Simday School; and 
Harvey Wilson, Elders' Quorvmi. The ward joined with 
the Second Ward for their Gold and Green Ball and held a 
party on the Heritage Halls patio Spring Quarter. 

FRONT ROW: Robert Bateman, Coun.; W. Frank Killpack, Bishop; 
Robert Chivers, Coun. BACK ROW: Abna Richie, Clerk; Jan West- 
man, Clerk Ray Ivie, Clerk. 


Each Sunday foiind a large percentage of the 450 members 
of the Sixth Ward congregated in the Joseph Smith Audi- 
torium. Here under the direction of Bisnop Wayne B. 
Hales the Elders met with either Keith Sellers or Charles 
Hall, and the Relief Society met with Connie Siggard. The 
Sunday School was directed by the leadership oi Merwin 
Stewart, and the MIA was supervised by Phyllis Mc- 
Kenzie for the women and Emerson West for the men. 
The Sixth Ward had the distinction of having two candi- 
dates for studentbody president as counselors to the Bishop. 

FRONT ROW: Edward Christensen, Barrie McKay, Wayne B. Hales, 
Bishop; Clyll Webb Crockett. BACK ROW: Sid Mitchel, Merrill 
Branch, Lynn« Hemenway, Gordon Burrell. 

Bishop Royal B. Stone with his two coimselors, John Wil- 
cox and Joseph Allen headed the organization of the Sev- 
enth Ward. They met each week in College Hall on lower 
campus. Here in the atmosphere of old buildings and art 
collections, 550 students met. This was one of tne largest 
wards on the campus. The MIA sponsored a Gold and 
Green Ball for its members and joined with the Eighth 
Ward for a showing of the film, "How Near to the 
Angels." Dorothy Kenison and Don Van Noy were the 
leaders of the MIA. Winston Christensen directed the Sun- 
day School. 

FRONT ROW: Royal B. Stone, Bishop; John B. Wilcox, Coun. BACK: 
J. Perry Poison, Clerk. 

Three hundred members of the Ninth Ward are super- 
vised in their meetings by Bishop Beckham. A ward 
known for its many social events, they held a party at the 
MIA Canyon Home during Fall Quarter, a snow party at 
Timp Haven, Winter Quarter, and a Spring Quarter out- 
ing. The Relief Society and Elders' Quorums of the ward 
sponsored a banquet for all members of the ward also. The 
meetings of the Ninth Ward are held each Sunday in the 
Banquet Hall of the Joseph Smith Building. 

FRONT ROW: Wilford J. Tobnan, Melvin R. Brooks, Bishop; Glen 
R. Stubbs. BACK ROW: Lloyd G. Olson, Gwyn D. Davidson, Lavar 
D. Godfrey, M. Ray Johnson. 

Closely scheduled meetings in College Hall were the rou- 
tine thing for the Eighth Ward as they met just prior to 
the Seventh Ward. From 400 to 430 members constituted 
the membership which was presided over by Bishop Mel- 
vin Brooks. A common occurrence in this ward was the 
blessing of babies. Every Fast Sunday at least one has 
been blessed. Because of the many married students which 
live in the ward, it does not combine with others during 
Christmas or summer vacation as do most of the others in 
the stake. 

FRONT ROW: Barry Wasden, Raymond Beckham, Bishop; Endfred 
J. Lundberg. BACK ROW: Dean H. Jensen, Max E. Llewellyn, Jerry 
Hall, Robert G. Safsten, Reid M. Hiatt. 


Brigliam Young University Wards 

The new Smith Family Living Center provides tlie setting 
for the meetings of the Tenth Ward under the supervision 
of Bishop Clyde Sandgren. During the year there were 
several Baptisms performed in this ward, a nvunber of 
marriages, and three babies were blessed. Two lovely 
dances, the Gold and Green Ball and the Blossom Ball, 
were held in this ward. Bishop Sandgren was aided in his 
duties by his two capable counselors, Wilbur Walton and 
Marvin Folsum. Some three hundred and fifty students 
comprised the membership. 

FRONT ROW: Jack Nixon, Wilbur T. Walton. Clyde D. Sandgren, 
Bishop; Marvin Folsom. BACK ROW: Howard B. Larsen, James S. 
Taylor, Richard E. Hall, Arlen A. Harris, Alan W. Larson. 

Outstanding on the records of the Eleventh Ward, was the 
winning of the Stake championship in the M-Men Basket- 
ball program. They later took second in the division and 
played in the all-Church tournament. B. West Belnap is 
the Bishop of the Ward which meets in the Joseph Smith 
Auditorium each Sunday morning. Five hundred and 
thirtv-five members claim the ward as home. One of the 
highlights of the social year was their Gold and Green Ball. 

FRONT ROW: B. West Belnap, Bishop; Richard J. Benson. BACK 
ROW: Alan Johnson, Richard W. Wells. 

Bishop J. N. Symons directs the activities of the Twelfth 
Ward in the McKay Building each Sunday. They are 
called the "stocking-feet ward" because of the many par- 
ties they have held in the men's gym with their shoes off. 
All of their original YMMIA Superintendency have been 
called on fuU-tmie missions. They have had one baptism 
during the year, one death (Laurel Bentley), and one 
birth announcement. 

FRONT ROW: Robert R. Beishline, R. Richard Vetterii, J. N. Sym- 
ons, Bishop; Leon B. Casper. BACK ROW: Ronald B. Simons, Earl 
W. Chapman, Hugh T. Edwards, K. Ray Durham. 

The Thirteenth Ward is not such an unlucky ward. They 
claim two distinctions — they held the first Gold and Green 
Ball in the BYU Stake and they are a ward with no mar- 
ried persons attending. Every one of their group is single. 
Bishop Albert Swenson is aided in the activities of the 
ward by Sandra Butler, Relief Society President; Doreen 
Lally and Carl Oliver, MIA; Richard Bunker, Sunday 

FRONT ROW: Scott Nelson, Darrel Bushnell, Albert Swenson, 
Bishop; Fred Garrett. BACK ROW: Kirk Tobnan, Milo Durfee, Ervil 
Welch, Raymond Brown, Reece L. Glines. 



Brigliam Young University Vlfards 

Bishop Conan Mathews of the Art Department is the Bish- 
op of the Fourteenth Ward and is assisted in the auxiliaries 
by Iris Schiers, Relief Society; Kay Stone and Tom Friz- 
zell, MIA; Ted Ridenhour, Sunday School. The 244 mem- 
bers meet in the new Smith Family Living Center. This 
ward joined with the Thirteenth Ward for their Gold and 
Green Ball and sponsored several other social activities 
during the year. They also joined with several other wards 
on a dinner-dance for the Elders' Quorums of these wards. 

FRONT ROW: Dean M. Green, Coun.; Conan E. Mathews, Bishop. 
BACK ROW: Charles L. Abercrombie, Clerk; James E. Warner, 

The Joseph Smith Banquet Hall is the scene of Sunday 
activity for the Fifteenth Ward under the direction of 
Bishop Loftis J. Sheffield, Robert Linebarger and Reed 
Collister. Because of their smiles and warm hellos, this 
ward has become known as the "Friendly Fifteenth." This 
is reflected also in their social activities which provide 
opportunities for everyone to get to know everyone else. 
They also have a weekly ward newspaper published. 

FRONT ROW: Robert N. Linebarger, Coun.; Lottis J. Sheffield, 
Bishop. BACK ROW: Reed R. Callister, Coun.; Thomas V. Thomas, 

Relief Society, MIA, Jimior and Senior Sunday Schools, 
and Priesthood meetings are some of the things that keep 
the members of Sixteenth Ward busy. The Jimior Sunday 
School is for all the stake excepting the First Ward. Carol 
Ward is the supervisor of this organization. From this 
ward of three hundred persons there have been a number 
of marriages, baptisms and a few missionaries have been 
sent out. Bishop Ernest J. Wilkins is assisted by auxiliary 
heads Diana Bell, Donna Bird and Mike Riley. 

Virgil Andersen, Ernest J .Wilkins, Bishop; Morris Parter. 

One of the finest "Singing Sisters" groups on the campus is 
to be heard in the Seventeenth Ward. The head of this 
organization is Bonnie Berrett. Another first in this ward 
is their MIA basketball team. This team won first in the 
Intramural program over ninety other teams. Bishop Dar- 
rell Taylor is assisted by his two counselors, Don Jensen 
and Clarence Schramm. The Sunday School is supervised 
by Mike Yoshino. The ward is one of the smaller ones 
having only 200 members. 

FRONT ROW: Donald F. Jensen, H. Darrel Taylor, BUhop; Clar- 
ence Schramm. BACK ROW: Jerald Ray, Dan Stoddard, Ray An- 


ME:MBERS of BYU ROTC leam by doing as (hey discuss a map and their position relative to it on a typical ROTC flight. Several 
(lights during the year made it possible for cadets to put into practice the theories which they had learned in the classroom. 


» -.^ Since 1951, the Department 

C'*^ ^ of Air Science at BYU has 

,^^ represented the Senior Divi- 

^^^H sion of the Air Force Reserce 

^8^K Officers Training Corps pro- 

gram. A graduate of AF 
ROTC is a trained junior ex- 
ecutive and will be given 
specialized training when he 
enters the service. A student 
must enroll in the program 
when he is a Freshman, but he may discontinue at 
any time. Each cadet is required to wear his uni- 
form one day a week at leadership laboratory. Dur- 
ing each year, cadets participate in a program of 
orientation flights. They visit Air Force Bases and 
aircraft assembly plants to gain first-hand informa- 
tion and experience. To qualify for upper division 
AFROTC, a cadet must be approved by a selection 
board. Training units are sponsored during the sum- 
mer in which members receive training and leader- 
ship responsibilities. Training and discipline are 
strictly regimented. 

Cecil L. Adamson 


MEMBERS AND OFHCERS of the ROTC stand inspection before 
the flight to Air Force Academy for the Air Force vs. BYU game. 







These are your memories. . . your memories of the fine arts at Brigham 
Young University. Here is the intricate plot of Desperate Hours and the 
smugness and tears of the hero in Oedipus Rex; the humor and fantasy as 
the Angel in the Pawnshop dances into your heart. Here from the, set of 
Carmen comes the bravado and power of the "Toreador Songs"; from the 
combined choruses and the Symphony Orchestra echoes the majesty of 
music as they join for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Here is the precision per- 
formance, from the geometric patterns of the Varsity Marching Band to the 
bold, realistic paintings of the Arnold Friberg display painted for the Ten 
Commandments. Here is music, art, drama — echoes from the invisible 

world, children of inventive minds, the harmonious voices of creation. 



^ M\ 

Section Index 

A Cappella Choir 162 

Art Department 180 

Carmen 1"1 

Concert Band 1^4 

Drama 1^ 

Experimental Plays 160 

Lyceimis 1 '" 

Madrigal Singers 164 

Male Chorus 168 

Opera Workshop 166 

Symphony Orchestra 176 

University Chorale 172 

Women's Chorus 170 







OEDIPUS, Lael Woodbury, demands the story of the former king from Carl Markworih which when told reveals fulfilbnent of prophecy. 

Oedipus Rex 

Oedipus Rex, written by Sophocles and the oldest play 
still being produced, was presented in the Joseph Smith 
Auditorium November 14 through 17. This play and 
Hamlet are the two most famous and popular dramas 
of literature. The story concerns the man who solved 
the riddle of the sphinx. His countrymen, in gratitude, 
gave him the Queen and the throne. However, in earlier 
days it was foretold that this same Oedipus would some- 
day kill his father and raise up children by his mother. 
During his kingship, Oedipus vows to solve the mystery 
of the former ruler, but in so doing he discovers that the 

Erophecy has been fulfilled. He has murdered King 
aios, his father, and is now married to his own mother, 
Jocasta. Under the able direction of Harold I. Hansen, 
the players gave a successful and skillful performance. 
Through the use of staggered level scenery, authentic 
costume, and lighting the tragic atmosphere was in- 


Oedipus Lael J. Woodbury 

Jocaste Georgia Faux 

Priest Nathan Smith 

Creon Max Golightly 

Choragus Charles Whitman 

Teiresias Thomas Macaulay 

Shepherd of Laios Carl Markworth 

Messenger from Corinth Gary Stewart 

Second Messenger Makee Blaisdell 


asperate Hours 

The first dramatic production after fall regis- 
tration was The Desperate Hours. Morris ding- 
er directed the play which was produced on the 
Joseph Smith Auditoriimi stage October 17 to 
20. Here was the story of three escaped crim- 
inals who broke into a private home and held 
the family hostage. Mr. Hilliard, head of the 
house, tried everything to protect his family. 
The children tried to find solutions. The climax 
of the play was heightened when the police 
moved into the house next door. Because of the 
tension, the criminals quarreled among them- 
selves and were all sent to their not-so-noble 
rewards. Excellent acting, combined with good 
technical direction, created moods of desperate 
men which were not soon to be forgotten. 


Eleanor Hilliard Florence Rogers 

Dan Hilliard Stan Porter 

Ralphie Hilliard Freddie Skousen 

Cindy Hilliard Martha Adams 

Glen Griffin Richard Franks 

Hank Griffin Rick Johnson 

Robish Makee Blaisdell 

Chuck Wright Charles Whitman 

Lt. Carl Fredericks Ross Broadbent 

IN A HIGH POINT of the play, Martha Adams prevenU boyfriend, 
Charles Whitman, from coming into the house. They embrace on 
the front porch while a convict stands secret guard inside (top). 
Several of the dramatic scenes from the play Desperate Hours are 
posed by the cast for the "lights up" of curtain calL Two such high- 
lights were the rebellions of two of the desperate trio against the 
leader (bottom). 


1 55 


EVERYMAN. Dean McMahon. pleads for another chance at life as Death, Lawrence McAllister, brings word that he must make account. 

Tlie famous play, Everyman, was first written m 
Dutch by Peter of Deist. From this original, Dr. 
Preston R. Gledhill wrote an adaptation which he 
directed and produced February 6 through 9. The 
play tells of Everyman who has dedicated his life to 
pleasure and wealth. In a visit from Death, Every- 
man is informed that his Maker is to require an ex- 
planation of all his deeds. He is granted a final jour- 
ney through life in which family, friends, and Mam- 
mon (money) fail him. When his weak Good Deeds 
and Faith continue to follow and plead his cause at 
the Judgment, Everyman is humbled. His humility 
strengthens him and he rises triumphant. Unusual 
settings designed by Dr. Hansen, modern dance rou- 
tines by Orchesis, and a large group of choir boys 
added to the effectiveness of the play. Fifteenth cen- 
tury music was supervised by Clawson Cannon. A 
cast of fifty was featured in this dramatic morality 


Everyman Dean McMahon 

Damsel K^Y McMahon 

The Lord Ly"" McKinlay 

Qgath Lawrence McAllister 

Fellow Wayne W. Thomas 

Debtor George Held 

Mammon David Longhney 

Good Deeds Kay Broadbent 

Paijjj Bonnidean Petty 

Devil Alyric Ray 

Tall Cousin Derald Mitchell 

Short Cousin ^o" Le^ 

Poor Neighbor Paul Montgomery 



Dr. Lael J. Woodbury directed winter quarter's 
first play which was presented January 16 to 
19. Ondine, written by Jean Giradoux, is a 
fantasy of a sea nymph who became mortal to 
marry a king's man whom she loved dearly. 
Confused by the court's manners and intrigues, 
Ondine is forsaken by her lover, and she, true to 
a promise made, returns to her home in the sea. 
This farewell scene, the climax of the play, is 
one of the most haunting in literature. Magic, 
illusions, sudden appearances and vanishings, 
coupled with a temperamental water fountain 
and elusive spirits brought many surprises. 
These difficult technical accomplishments were 
directed by Robert E. Struthers and George Tan- 
ner. Dorothy Whittaker and Nathan Smith pro- 
vided effective and realistic costumes. Here was 
a play that will stay long in our memories. 


Ondine Helen Keith 

Ritter Hans Ron Olauson 

Anguste Brad Powell 

Eugenie Dorothy Whittaker 

Old One Chet Harris 

Lord Chamberlain Carl Markworth 

Bertha Lorna Hart 

Bertram Blair Armstrong 

The King James Fife 

First Judge Makee Blaisdell 

Second Judge Will Erekson 

ONDINE, blessed with a forgetfulness of the past by 
the ruler of the sea, leaves her lover, Ron Olauson, in 
the sleep of death and returns to her home in the sea 
(right). Returning to court Ritter Hans meets his for- 
mer sweetheart, Lorna Hart. Rebuffed by her, he takes 
her hand too tightly and kills the bird she is holding 
gently (bottom). 

BRAD POWElXi, portraying a well-to-do drunk, condemns sober men for world problems while Mary Ann Nelson lives in world of past. 

JOE KJKK dbcnsses with Lizzie condition of Mr. Hilary. 

Angel in a Pawnshop 

Angel in the Pawnshop was the first production of Spring 
Quarter and was directed by Dr. Lael J. Woodbury. This 
lively comedy, produced March 20 through 23, expressed 
the spirit of the season and those who saw it will not easily 
forget its delightful story. An especially interesting feature 
was the authentic pawnshop interior which provided the 
background. Hilary, the tired owner of the pawnshop, is 
suffering with a bad heart and a case of cynicism. Lizzie 
appears and changes his second-hand-attitude. Together 
they work against the schemes of a drunk, a modern medi- 
cine man and a clarinet player who would take advantage 
of the old man. The climax comes when Hilary kills Dan- 
ny O'Keefe, a murderer, who, having once been married 
to Lizzie, seeks to take her back. 


Hilary Carl G. Markworth 

Lizzie Shaw Mary Ann Nelson 

Danny O'Keefe Roger L. Bown 

Timothy Spangle Gary L. Stewart 

Joe Joe Kirk 

Duke Jones Ronald Matson 

Drunk Brad Powell 

Young Man Richard A. Walsh 

Tom Charles Whitman 

Priscilla Nash Bonnidean Petty 


MARTHA ADAMS as Lizzie listens to the dream-filled conversation of Starbuck played by Chet Harris and receives a renewed hope. 

The Rainmaker 

The Rainmaker, a play by N. Richard Nash, was a high- 
light of the dramatic season. This three-act comedy was 
presented April 10 through 13 and was directed by Dr. 
Preston Gledhill. Staged with the use of movable scen- 
ery, this play told the story of a mid-western family 
which was being torn between two problems — the 
drought and catching a husband for Lizzie, the unmar- 
ried daughter. A high-talking rain wizard brings hope 
for the rain in return for one nundred dollars. Although 
the rainmaker turns out to be a swindler, through his 
homespun philosophies, he brings Lizzie to her senses, 
and she resolves to catch a husband. Starbuck, the wiz- 
ard, thinks it might be he, but when he carries his fan- 
tasy into reality, Lizzie turns to the sheriff's deput3^ 
As the swindler is allowed to escape, a thunderstorm 
breaks and everyone seems happy as the curtain drops 
amid lightning and thunder. 



H. C. Curry J. Richard Franks 

Noah Curry Howard V. Weight 

Jim Curry Rex W. Estes 

Lizzie Curry Martha C. Adams 

File H. Kay Moon 

Sheriff Neil A. Park 

Bill Starbuck Chet W. Harris 



The Male Animal 

An innovation in Brigham Young University Theatre 
was the presentation of Arena Tlieatre or Theatre in 
the Round. The first experimental play in this area 
was Male Animal by James Thurber. Dr. Preston 
Gledhill directed the play which was produced during 
Fall Quarter. A comedy of campus life, it is the story 
of a professor who is confronted with problems when 
an ex-football hero comes back and flirts with his wife. 
In order to save his marriage, the professor fights for 
his rights. Whether he loses or wins is a matter for 
the audience to saj-. 

derson and Claudia Woolston 
work together to get Chet 
Harris on sofa after his tus- 
sle with his wife's ex-boy- 

Tommy Turner Chet Harris 

Ellen Turner Claudia Woolston 

Patricia Stanley Judy Nelson 

Wally Myers Paul Anderson 

Dean Frederick Damon M. W. Smith 

Michael Barnes Ronald Minson 

Joe Ferguson Jed Richardson 

Mrs. Blanche Damon Josephine Meyer 

Ed Keller R. Max Rogers 

Myrtle Keller Carol Wayman 

LEONARD RICE as Socrates points accus- 
ing finger at Joe Kirk in experimental play. 

Barefoot in Athens 

A portrayal of the great philosopher of Athens was 
depicted by Dr. Leonard Rice in the part of Socrates in 
the Arena Theatre play, "Barefoot in Athens." This 
play by Maxwell Anderson was presented January 22 
through 26. The play told the story of the seige of 
Athens by the Spartans and of Socrates' refusal'to sub- 
mit to their somewhat Communistic ideas. Sparked 
with himior and wit throughout, the play ended with 
the death of the great champion of democracy. The 
play was directed by Professor Winnifred Bowers of 
the speech department. 


Socrates Leonard Rice 

Xantippe Arminta Mathews 

Lamprocles Rick Johnson 

Lysis William Southwell 

Phoenix Michael Rice 

Crito C. Paul Anderson 

Phaedo Charles Nackos 

Meletos Ned Hoopes 

Lycon Joe Kirk 

Magistrate Thorn Macauley 





I ! 

IN GYPSY CAFE garden, Lila Johnson as Carmen flirts with Don Jose and tries to get him to come with her and her people to the hills. 

Winter Quarter proved a musical season as the Opera 
Workshop presented Georges Bizet's opera, "Carmen." 
Double casting of the production provided more students 
with the opportunity to participate. Don Earl conducted 
and was assisted by Brandt Curtis. The Theatre Orches- 
tra performed the musical score for this tale of love and 
revenge which was first presented in Paris in 1875. 


Don Jose Reed Miner, Sam Thompson 

Escamiilo .John Marlow, Howard Putnam 

Carmen Ina Lou Elison, Lila Johnson 

Micaela Nannettc Owens, Nancy Irvin 

Morales Noel Twitchell 

Frasquita Joie Falslev 

Mercedes Frances McKay, Evelyn Murray 

El Dancairo Norman Gibbons, Jay Hyer 

El Remendado James Rawlings 

FORTUNE TELLING in the cards foretells of the death of 
Carmen because of her infidelity to Don Jose in favor of 



^ .^ n 


FRONT ROW: Cheryl Russel, Betty Hoover, Pat Strong. 
SECOND ROW: Carma Ricks, Nannette Owens, Carol Part- 
ridge. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Christensen, Kay Stone, Gloria 
Weight, Sharron Benson. FOURTH ROW: JoAnne Ottley, 
Carol Busselburg, Nedra Whitney, Sarah Digerness, Evelyn 
Murray. BACK ROW: Louise Johnson, Elaine Allen, Carol 
Lamb, Lynne Bloomfield, Donna Glazier. 

FRONT ROW: Virgil Camp, Ramon Kohler, Wayne Keith. 
SECOND ROW: Howard Putnam, Roger Miller, George Rey- 
nolds. THIRD ROW: Anthony Earl, Bob Stevens, Clayne 
Robison, Merlin Sorenson. BACK ROW: Burton Winters, 
Ray Andrus, Ted Johnson, James May, Ron Wilcox. 

a Cappella Choir 

The A Cappella Choir was organized by Newell Weight 
and is now going into its eighth year on the BYU cam- 
pus. The choir has been directed during this entire time 
by Mr. Weight. After this year, he is taking a leave of 
absence from the University to work on his Ph.D. The 
choir is an exclusive one and contains some of the best 
voices on the campus. Each student who sings with the 
choir is auditioned personally, and chosen, if his voice 
is both choir and solo material. This 
year, the activities of the choir in- 
cluded a three-day tour of the high 
schools in Ogden, Brigham, and 
Logan. At that time, the students of 
six different schools were permitted 
to hear the presentations. Two eve- 
ning concerts were also given. The 
choir participated in the annual 
Christmas program sponsored joint- 
Director Newell Weight 

FRONT ROW: Carol Johnson, Cherie Bell, Carol Dawn Lee. 
SECOND ROW: Barbara Dunn, Sylvia Tyler, Marilyn Luke. 
THIRD ROW: Karen Richards, Nannette Bybee, Joan Wors- 
ley, Karen Zander. FOURTH ROW: Pat Blanchard, Beverly 
Pincock, Helen Waltzer, Linda Weight. BACK ROW: Nancy 
Folsom, Peggy Haller, Nadda Smith, LaRae Carter, Diana 

FRONT ROW: Sherman Gibbs, Ron Lee, Jerry Ottley. 
SECOND ROW: Doug Gibbs, Robert Echols, Kay Hensey. 
THIRD ROW: Milton Larsen, Eddy Krieger, Russ Crockett, 
John Doman. BACK ROW: Winston Christensen, Ron Car- 
ter, John Herbst, Don Crandall. 

ly by the music organizations on campus. This included 
all the choral groups and the BYU Sj-mphony Orches- 
tra. The annual Winter Quarter party was a great suc- 
cess, and the members of the choir had a very good time. 
It was held in the Wymount Chapel on February 20. 
In March, the A Cappella had the privilege of recording 
the choral part for the Hill Cumorah pageant to be held 
this summer in New York (Palmyra). Their spring 
tour took them for a week to Los Angeles where they 
presented concerts to many audiences. They were also 
privileged to go through the Temple while there. One of 
the favorite audiences of the choir is the one at BYU. 
This is because of their wdlling and hearty reception. 
This year it was presented May 2 in the Joseph Smith 
Auditorium. A succeeding concert was given in the new 
high school in Orem on May 3. As usual, one of the 
highlights of the year was the annual banquet where 
awards and entertainment were given freely. 


" ■* 



i' a 


''^r\' • 

A CAPPELLA CHOm joined with other musical organizations to talte part in the Christmas Concert and Television show. 

BLACK AND WHITE characterized the Choir as they gathered in symmetrical pattern for concert performances. 


FRONT ROW: Luan Stevens, Patricia Pugmire, Janice 
Bailey. BACK ROW: Jacqueline Du Bois, Lila Johnson, Judy 

FRONT ROW: Grant Hood, Sam Thompson. BACK ROW: 
Phillip Cardon, Jim Rawlings, Jerome Wilden. 

FRONT ROW: Audrey H. Gunter, Sharon Reneer, Phyllis 
N. Sorensen, Ina Lou Elison. BACK ROW: Marcia Black, 
Carol Halliday, Sharon Bramwell, Marilyn Stanley. 

FRONT ROW: Bruce Cameron, Paul Montgomery, Kurt 
Weinzinger, Roger Traasdahl. BACK ROW: Dean McMahon, 
Richard Robison, Karl Bodon, Glen Van Wagenoo. 

Madrigal Singers 

The Madrigal Singers were organized in 1952 by Dr. 
John R. Halliday. Men or women chosen for the chorus 
were auditioned and then carefully selected from those 
who were heard. Almost every singer in the group is a 
soloist in his or her o\mi right. Almost every member of 
the group is taking voice training from one of the voice 
teachers on campus. Several 
members have given full eve- 
ning Senior or Graduate re- 
citals, which are a requirement 
of those taking voice lessons. 
Many of the members have also 
taken leads in the operas pro- 
duced by the Brigham Young 
University Music Department. 
During the last five seasons, the 
Madrigal Singers have toured 
some twenty-five thousand 

Director John Halliday 

These tours have taken them to many parts of the 
United States, and as the group traveled, their popu- 
larity has also traveled. Over four hundred pieces of 
music have been learned by the group for their various 
performances since the unit was organized. They are 
able to sing songs in six different languages. During the 
year, they have made three commercial recordings. The 
first was a Christmas album, the second, a religious, 
and the third, a patriotic theme was followed. On No- 
vember 28, 29, 30, the high school students of Sanpete 
County were given concerts by the group as they toured 
this part of the state. On March 15 they took a tour to 
Denver and Grand Junction, Colorado, Lander and Riv- 
erton, Wyoming, and Casper, Rock Springs, and Afton, 
Wyoming. They have made numerous appearances in 
devotional assemblies, church-wide conferences, and 
stake conferences. At least four of the members of the 
group had parts in the opera, "Carmen." 


CANDLES MUST BE "just so" as the Madrigals perform. Dr. Haliiday helps the girls before concert to center and arrange the setting. 

19TH CE:NTURY setting provides background for the works sung by this group. Excellent arrangement adds to interest and beauty. 


1 65 

Opera Vlforkshop Chorus 

The purpose of the Opera Workshop is to provide oper- 
atic experiences to the students at BYU. This not only 
means ^ving them training in the musical parts, but 
also traming students to handle all technical require- 
ments inherent in operatic production including acting 
and stage presence. In order to give students an under- 
standing of different styles of opera from different 
countries and different times a great variety of music 
was presented this year. The major production for the 
year was the grand opera "Carmen ' by Bizet, which 
was presented February 20-23 in the Joseph Smith 
Auditorium. Several light operas and opera excerpts 
were presented throughout the year. These included 

"Gianni Schicchi" and "Brigadoon." In the last 11 
years of the Chorus' existence over 25 operas have 
been produced. These include: "Carmen," "Faust," 
"The Marriage of Figaro," "La Boheme," "Cavaleria 
Rusticana," "Pagliacci," "La Traviata," "Lakme," 
"Rigoletto," and many others. All major operatic pro- 
ductions are produced with complete orchestra. The 
Chorus has its own theater orchestra which was organ- 
ized exclusively for its use. A double cast arrangement 
is used in all productions; in this way a greater niun- 
ber of students are given experience. Each cast sings on 
alternate nights. Besides the orchestra, all the scenery 
for the productions is constructed by the department 

t^ 41^ f * t 

II n 

BACK ROW: DLAnne Koshell, Lois Call, Janice Redford, 
Renee Bingham, Marian Ashby, VaLoy Washburn. CENTER, 
FRONT ROW: Reed Miner, Noel Twitchell, Dean Smith, 
Don Clark, Blaine Palmer, Jay Hyer, John Marlowe, Nilo 
Atkinson. SECOND ROW: Evan Bean, James Duggan. 


Or ( 




1 1 ^ 

FRONT ROW: Ann Voil, Shirley Harrison, Shirley Worley, 
Lila La Var, Dolores Drechsel, Coleen Ball, Dorothy Brown, 
SECOND ROW: Sonja Brenner, Nancy Irvin, Patricia Bing- 
ham, Joy Falslev, Marlene Taylor, Loretta Atkisson, Pat 
Remington. BACK ROW Francis McKay. 







« (.i- --^ 


which in addition designs and makes all of the cos- 
tumes. The Opera Workshop this year consists of sixty- 
five members. These members come from fifteen dif- 
ferent states in the United States and from two other 
foreign countries, England and Canada. Admission to 
the class is given only after each student undergoes a 
special audition to determine whether he or she pos- 
sesses the necessary vocal and dramatic ability to do 
the work planned for the class. Each fall and spring, 
the class makes a concert tour in order to provide 
music basically operatic to the general public. This 
year the spring tour went to the San Francisco, Cali- 
fornia area. Concerts were given in Ely, Nev., Gridley, 
Calif., Napa Calif., Oakland, CaUf., San Francisco, 
Cahf., Sacramento, Calif., and Stockton, Calif. The 
tovir lasted nine day from April 13 to April 20. Of- 

ficers for the year were: Evan Bean, president; Bar- 
bara Neeley, vice-president; Shirley Worley, secre- 
tary-treasurer; Velma Jackson, historian; Lois Telford, 
social chairman; Beverly Whitford, publicity chair- 

DR. DON EARL, conductor of the 

Opera Workshop, received his 

doctorate degree from Indiana 

University. During the Second 

World War, Dr. Earl served as a 

Naval Aviator in the United 

States Navy. A man of untiring 

energy, he was recently selected 

to serve on two national opera 

boards. The demands on his time 

have been so great that last year 

the late arrival of his son (all 

have been boys so far) found him 

in Canada conducting a concert 




^ ^ 









FRONT ROW: Barbara Allen, Bonnie Reeves, Beverly Whit- 
ford, Mary Lou Gardner, Dee Wright, Mary Anne Hunter. 
SECOND ROW: Barbara Neeley, Sharon Fritz, Elizabeth 
Rogers, Pricilla Pulliam, Velma Jackson. BACK ROW: Ellen 
Bonelli, Lois Telford, Mary Keck, Naomi Christensen, Mar- 
jorie Davenport, Cherie Poyfair, Karen Anderson. 

SECOND ROW: Marvin Wrigley, Leroy Heaton, Lloyd Eld- 
redge, Dave Wilkinson, Marvin Jenkins, Gene Coates. BACK 
ROW: Fancher Murray, Milton Lunt, Wendell Ward, Roger 
Ralphs, Daniel Bucknam, Norman Oliphant, Blair Arm- 
strong, Tony Bentley, Jim Petersen. 



n 5 5 ^' 

FRONT ROW: Don Gottfredson, Lywn Belnap, Tom Dunford, 
Robert Clark. BACK ROW: Darrell Hadley, Reginald Coltaz, 
Winslow, Christensen, Jay Weenlg, Kenyon Donaldson. 

FRONT ROW: Keith Cooper, Roger Lewis, John Moody, George 
Hewitt. BACK ROW: Lyle Cooper, Ronald Bottema, Paul Crum, 
Caldis Watson, Dick McFarland. 

FRONT ROW: Charles Porter, Lewis Hooker, Gary Erickson, 
Charles Tracy. BACK ROW: Bob Lewis, Rodney Zabriskie, Ted 
Rittenauer, Ray Hansen, Makee Blaisdell. 

«1 ^ a ^ 




-' I 


FRONT ROW: Carl Oliver, Ronald Nielson, Howard Bahr, Rich- 
ard Nielson. BACK ROW: Lawrence Blomquist, Lloyd Wilson, 
James Piper, Gary Singleton, Bob Ferrell. 

Male Chorus 

The University Male Chorus was organized in 1955 by 
Norman Gulbrandsen. Since this time, Mr. Gulbrand- 
sen has spent three very enjoyable years working with 
and training the organization. The fellows, because they 
like Mr. Gulbrandsen as well as enjoying to sing, do a 
commendable job and have made quite a name for 
themselves on campus and in various parts of the 
United States where they have taken extended tours. 
The chorus has won much ap- 
proval and had great success dur- 
ing its performances throughout 
the year. At Christmas time, they 
presented a Christmas assembly 
program. They were also able to 
participate in a state-wide tele- 
vision broadcast. They also sang in 
a Student Program Bureau assem- 
bly. Their interpretations and 
Director Norman touch have a definiteness which 

Gulbrandsen is enjoyed by the studentbody and 

faculty. Other exciting things have happened in this 
past year, too. One of the best, was a ten-day tour 
throughout Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. New places 
and new faces heard and saw the Male Chorus perform. 
Another trip was taken to Idaho, and various stops were 
made on the way to exhibit their talents. In keeping 
with the tradition of former years, the Male Chorus 
joined with the other music groups of BYU to sing at 
the Annual Conference of the Church in Salt Lake City. 
They provided the music for two sessions. They per- 
formed with the same group again at Baccalaureate 
and Graduation services for the seniors. Their last per- 
formance as a unit for the year was their Spring Con- 
cert. The Male and Women's Choruses sang songs of 
spring, praise, and love. The two choruses were accom- 
panied by the Brigham Young S3Tnphony Orchestra 
which was directed by Lawrence Sardoni. This concert 
was very well attended. 


iH I UTAH I rni im 


"SHE'S A GRAND OLD FLAG" formed part of the medley of songs sung in the production of Happy Holidays by the Male Chorus. 

CHATTER, indifference and 
pensive moods characterized 
the Male Chorus as they wait- 
ed lor their cue in the Christ- 
mas TV show. The chorus 
joined other musical organiza- 
tions on campus to present the 
outstanding program. 


t 8 

^ _ , /-^jf^^ 


»— 3 

FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Nielson, Jan Hyer, Roberta 
Wilkins, Jill Clarke. SECOND Row: Kathryn Maughan, 
Janet Miner, Dixie Barker. Janet Kane. TfflRD ROW: 
Carmen Carson, Luene Klienman, Cerita Moore, Bar- 
bara Niles. BACK ROW: Shirley Miller, Baunie Fran- 
com, Clo Ann Mason, Donna House, Joan Jesson. 

FRONT ROW: Shirley Ann Reid, Joyce Gardner, Bev- 
erly Devey. Pat Babbel. SECOND ROW: Ela Dee 
Thornley, Joyce Moroni, Karen Rowberry, Teddy Roh- 
bock. THIRD ROW: Sharon Thornley, Donna Redd, 
Marilyn Stanley, Elaine Sabin. BACK ROW: Aria 
Clegg, Gloria Anderson, DeLores Thompson, Cheryl 

FRONT ROW: Chyleen Bacon, Virginnia Jones, Marian Wilcox, 
GilBerta Fjelsted. SECOND ROW: Nanette Hinckley, Shirley 
Starley, Verda Kemper, Norma Blake. THIRD ROW: Sandra 
Forsyth, Carolyn Whittaker, Marlene Corak, Janyce Sharp, 
BACK ROW: Clare Schroeter, Barbara Ellsworth, Marjene Pet- 
erson, Eldene Jensen, Doreen Kurr. 

FRONT ROW: Arleen Mulhern, Ruth Stanfield, Diane Steven- 
son, Rhodie Slade. SECOND ROW: Karen Cullimore, Margaret 
Kohler, Karla Rees, Ada Ruth Jones. THIRD ROW: Shirley 
Starley, Marilyn Cunningham, Eldene Smith, Anne Udy. BACK 
ROW: Susanne Palmer, Martha Lamoreaux, Gail Walker, Zelda 

IMfomen's Chorui 

Under the direction of their conductor, Norman Gul- 
brandsen, the Women's Chorus was organized in 
1953. Since this time, it has been under his direction, 
and has thrilled audiences in many high school and 
public concerts in many of the western states. The 
girls for the chorus are carefully auditioned and cho- 
sen for their ability to sing harmoniously in an all- 
women's group. The purpose of the organization is to 
perform well the music which has 
been written especially for such 
groups. This year the group sang 
with the Male Chorus and Brig- 
ham Young University Symphony 
Orchestra in a final spring concert. 
Songs of spring, praise, and love 
were the songs which made up the 
evening's entertainment for the 
BYU studentbody and for the gen- 
eral public. This group also per- 
Director Norman Gulbrandsen 

formed at the Sunday School General Conference and 
joined with the other musical organizations in the 
Choral Union to sing in April Conference. They per- 
formed such nimibers as "I Know That My Redeem- 
er Lives" and "Joseph Smith's First Prayer," both 
arranged by Crawford Gates. One of the highlights 
in the musical year for the Women's Chorus was the 
invitation to sing wdth the A Cappella Choir for the 
recordings to be used in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. 
This is the first year that such an undertaking will 
have been taken by the BYU choruses. Music for this 
pageant was especially written and arranged by 
Crawford W. Gates of the Brigham Young Univer- 
sity music faculty. The accompaniment for the re- 
cordings is furnished by the University of Utah Sym- 
phony Orchestra. For this one production, the chor- 
uses and orchestra are being directed by Dr. Craw- 
ford W. Gates, composer and arranger. 





BELLS, WREATHS, AND CANES provided a festive setting for the participation of Women's Chorus in the Christmas TV show. 

HAPPY MILES AHEAD when the chorus goes on tour. Participants are director. Gulbrandsen (left), and members of the choruses. 


FRONT ROW: Mary Packard, Barbara Christison, Annette Mitton, Glenys Neal, Karen Randall, Tbelma Black, Katherine Cal- 
lister, Peggy Roland, Shirley Gray, Dianne Gilchrist. SECOND ROW: Brita Anderson, Margo Barling, Lila Carpenter, Leah Mae 
Averett, Chyrl Merrell, Janice Stettler, Gale Dame, Kelly Ann Hughes, Helen Mackay, Dolores Ann Bock, Sharon Higbee, Donna 
Pedersen. THIRD ROW: Reta Payne, Karen Dixon, Eileen Craythorn, Daleene Tueller, Kathleen Crook, Marlenne Clark, Karen 
Larsen, Diana Martin, Georgia Evans, Edith E. Dicks, Dorothy Lewis, Josephine Meyer, Shirley Smith, Diane Henry. BACK 
ROW: Darlene Stuehser, Marjorie Jo Whiting, Mary Lou Scoresby, Joyce Wiltbank, Marlene Monson, Vemalie Mills, Marilyn 
Wood, Dorothy Rockwood, Carol Bell, Glenna Gay Lewis, Margaret Grange, Margaret Hansen, Sally Murdock. 

FRONT ROW: Sally Christiansen, Carol Mackay, Gale Gibbs, Joyce Morgan, Bemice Murray, Janice Lowry, Diane Clements, 
Alice Neal, Jimme Ruth Burnette, Lynne Anderson, Dorothy Pierce, Coleen Hutchison, Ada Barlow, Lois Blomquist, Vartan 
Spencer. SECOND ROW: Delma Grigg, Peggy Seeley, Kathryn Stephenson, Charlene Brague, Johanna Baker, Annette Taysom, 
LaDonna Frederick, Helen Smytbe, Norma Draughn, Lorelle Yorgason, Carol Croft, Miriam Furr, Sandra Bradshaw, Nannette 
Hyde, Wanda Collet. THIRD ROW: Janice Kapp, Judi Sylvester, Vernadeen Jack, Ann Parkinson, Jean Vincent, Martha Pratt, 
Arlene Stubbs, Mary McKay, Norine Hawkins, Diana Creer, Beverly Moultrie, Marsha Hoyt, Vanja Yorgason, Ilene Hunter, 
Katbyleen Ray, Carole Christensen. BACK ROW: Joan Marsh, Edna Gerth, Karen Nicol, Geraldine Vavages, Roberta Hinze, Doris 
Larson, Ramona Pratt, Carmen Pratt, Frankie Taylor, Lynne Latimer, Reneta Gushing, Donna Goss, Elaine Michaelis, Nancy 
Kelly, Eleanor Peterson, Arva Johnson, Sharon Parsons. 

University Clioraie 

The University Chorale, formerly known as Univer- 
sity Chorus, is primarily for those who enjoy singing. 
It is open to anyone who wishes to join without audi- 
tion. Many students have begun with the University 
Chorale and have then worked up to one of the more 
exclusive groups. Like all other choral groups, the Uni- 
versity Chorale met each Tuesday and Thursday for 
two hours with the Choral Union. The University 
Chorale performed both alone and in combination wdth 
other nausic groups. They sang in a Devotional Assem- 
bly once each quarter as well as participating in a 
Brigham Young University Stake Conference. This 
Stake Conference was held Winter Quarter. Along 
with the other choral units on campus, the University 

with the other choral tmits on campus, the University 
Chorale sang at the General Conference of the Church 
held the 5, 6, 7 of April in Salt Lake City. Some of 
the songs performed were, "How Lovely is Thy Dwell- 
ing," "I Know That My Redeemer Lives," and "Jo- 
seph Smith's First Prayer." These were arranged by 
Crawford Gates, who was director of this chorus last 
year. The major work simg by the Chorale this year, 
and performed May 16 in cooperation with the other 
members of the Chorale Union, was the Mass in B 
Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. Other works pre- 
sented by the organization were, "Peaceable Kingdom" 
by Thompson, and "Psalm 86" by Hoist. The chorus 
held several social events during the year to help the 
members become better acquainted with each other. 


FRONT ROW: Dean May, David Koralewski, WilUam Lund, Brent K. Trossy, Vernon Fehlberg, Robert E. Williams, Blain Mor- 
gan, Charles Carlston, Wendell Walker, Stephen H. Anderson, Bryce Nielsen. SECOND ROW: Don F. Bahr, Robert L. Johansen, 
Ramon Squires, Dick Whiting, Beulah Barney, Mary Howlett, Karen Christensen, Adele Neilsen, Judy Jones, K'Lynn Paul, Val 
Greenwood, Verl Doman. THIRD ROW: Robert B. Harmon, Ferrin James Rex, Stan Jackson, Curtis E. Clark, Edward Miner, 
Gordon A. Woolf, Gam Lewis, Vernnon W. Mattson Jr., Carl Hoffman, Tony Beckstead, Merril Olson, Jerry Malloy. BACK ROW: 
Arlan Winterton, David K. Flake, Stan Simson, Charles R. Radely, Sidney Ro. Atkin, Mark W. Jarvis, Glenn AUman, Jimmy 
Speas, Richard Ray Tebbs, J. Wayne Fagg, Richard Allen, Richard Farnsworth, Reid May. 

FRONT ROW: Marjorie Wyss, Eileen L. Wyss, Jean Crow, Dora Mae Chaplin, Joyce McCullough, Beverly Morrison, Natalie 
Wickes, Barbara Whitaker, Margaret Tedrick, Ladonna Lee, Ellen Rollins, Mary Ruth Winkler, Carol Epperson, Cheryl McAllis- 
ter, Anna Joy Woffinden. SECOND ROW: Lorna Adamson, Dorothy Norten, Cecil Henderson, Joneen Johnson, Marie Kearl, 
Marie Holyoak, Margaret Morrey, Elaine Nelson, Yvonne Spell, Marilyn Peterson, Joyce Martin, Elaine Storrs, Carol Lyn Dial, 
Ruth Huffaker. THIRD ROW: Joey Hollingshead, Louise Judd, Meredith Wright, Judy Strong, Grace Nelson, Carol Jean Gibson, 
Clara Goates, Janice Lewis, Gwen Galloway, Shirley Cook, Janice Christensen, Carol James, Florence Christie, Lila Jean Carter, 
Kathy Matson. BACK ROW: Phyllis Campbell, Jeri Lee Lillebo, Julie Paschal, Sandra Jolley, LaRee Piper, Beverly Wankier, 
Sherry Acord, Vera Ann Murphy, Amanda Jean Whetten, Carol Brown, Florine Bremer, Evanell Wade, Coleen McCue, Madge 
Brady, Lee Ann Bird, Lillie Lola Alder. 

members become better acquainted with each other. 
Dming Fall Quarter, a dancing party was held. The 
members who came enjoyed themselves very much. 
Winter Quarter brought a roller-skating party and 
Spring Quarter saw the Chorale off to the canyon for 
a party. The offices of the Chorale saw a change in 
the middle of the year. Ted Baer and Steve Anderson 
were president and vice-president, respectively, with 
Dal Tueller as secretary, and Karen Dixon and Bryce 
Nielson as social chairmen. At the beginning of Spring 
Quarter, Steve was put in as president and the office 
of vice-president was left vacant for the rest of the 

Ralph Woodward directed the 
largest musical organization on 
the campus. This organization 
is open to all students without 
audition. They also sing with 
Choral Union. 


BRASS. FRONT ROW: Delma Grigg, Noel Twitchell, Lamar 
Twitchell. SECOND ROW: Janice Kapp, Adele Haynie, Irene 
Webb, K-Lynn Paul. BACK ROW: Russell Fadely, Dick Long, 
John Hanson, Scott Schwab, Leon Badham, Orion Wood. 


CLARINETS. FRONT ROW: Thomas Hopkins, Sherman 
Hawkins, Marie Holyoak, Frosty Duerden, Bill Washburn, 
Jack Rushton. SECOND ROW: Marvin Jenkins, Bill Mathis, 
Claudia Stapley, Dorothy Davis, Bessie Hale, Myma Lunt. 
BACK ROW: Creig McArthur, Paul Day, Hayden Peck, Owen 
Bae, Benny Knudsen, Don Da Grade. 



The Concert Band consists of a group of musicians who 
have been carefully auditioned, found outstanding in 
the instrumental area, and thus are chosen to play with 
the band. Under the direction of Ralph Laycock for the 
past four years, the band has performed in assemblies 
and musical programs and brought atmosphere and tal- 
ent whenever they were heard. This year they were 
fortunate to take two tours. The first one was a three- 
day trip to southern Utah and was taken in the Fall 
Quarter. The second tour, taken in the spring, took 
them into Oregon. They enjoyed themselves both times. 
They found that there is joy in 
I ^ja^^^k playing for appreciative audiences. 

In December, they presented a 
program in the Smith Auditorium. 
Dunng the year, they have re- 
corded the music sent to the high 
^^— — schools on a suggested band list. 

^^^^^^ In the Spring Concert, they per- 

^^^k ^^^ formed a symphony by a BYU 

^^^^ ^^B graduate, Frederick Clark. Several 

^^^^ iH parties were held by the group 

Director Ralph Laycock during the year. 

BYU CONCERT BAND participated in assembly and lyceum pro- 
grams under the capable direction of Ralph Laycock (above). 
Brass sections of band warm up before Christmas concert. Mel- 
low sounds of French horns add their note to the complete 



FLUTES. FRONT ROW: Kathleen Keeler Murphy, Sally Ev- 
ans, Alice Advalson, Sylvia Shumway, Roxanna Day, Loretta 
Derr. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Ovard, Marilyn McMeen, 
Mary Ellen Cornwall, Jeanne Millar, Pat Brighton, Dick Terry. 
BACK ROW: Terry Moyer, Bob Candland, Jim Layton, Mike 
Weeks, Mike Kirkham, Henry Todd. 

Doima Hamilton, Joyce Stephenson, Anson Scroggs, Nancy 
Deputy. SECOND ROW: Antoinette Hatch, Grant Miller, Jim 
Nielsen, Larry Bastian, John Anderson. BACK ROW: Kaye 
Burgon, Floyd Murphy, Leroy Harris, Stan Taylor, Leroy 


VIOLINS, FRONT ROW: Patricia Henrie, Robert Crist, Mollie 
Merrill, JoAnn Long. SECOND ROW: Merrill Johnson, Bar- 
bara Berry, Mary Allen, Susan Baker, Eugene Jensen, Rose- 
marie Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Eugene Field, Cleone Hurren, 
Ila Christenson, Jeannette Hunt, Donna House, Barbara 
Nelson, Norma Eberhart. BACK ROW: Carita Stroble, Linda 
Lou Smith, Anna Marie Salerno, Marva Larsen, McKinney 
Cartin, Milo Moody, Heber Dunn, Alden Crosby, K-Lynn 

WOODWINDS, FRONT ROW: Mary Ellen Cornwall, Joyce 
Baxter, David Bailey, Roxanna Day. BACK ROW: Roland 
Washburn, William Mathis, Douglas Gottfredson, LaVaun 

ker, Lee Ann Vanderford, Prof. Quentin Nordgren. SECOND 
ROW: Prof. Harold Laycock, Arlo Luke, Jeannie Decker, 
Marilyn Myrup. THIRD ROW: Mary Alice Monson, Todd 
Britsch, Barbara Jo Allen, Mary Decker. FOURTH ROW: 
David Wimmer, Dianne Whiffen, Salene Sandberg, June 
Dahle, Jan Summerhays. BACK ROW: Mitzi Towle, Berta 
Jo Eichelberger, Bryce LeBaron, John Beardall, Irene Webb. 

Kaye Buryon, Janet Anderson, James Nielson, Leroy Gib- 
fons. SECOND ROW: Larry Bastian, Prof. Richard Ballou, 
Floyd Murphy, Richard Long, Leon Badham, Earl Holt. 
BACK ROW: Lamar Twitchell, Dee Woods, Naomi Christen- 

Sympliony Orchestra 

Because of its outstanding performances in almost 
every important music center in the west, the Brig- 
ham Young University Symphony Orchestra has be- 
come known as one of the great symphony orchestras 
among American colleges. The orchestra is well-per- 
fected in its musiciansmp. The orchestra is conducted 
by Lawrence Sardoni who is also a master musician. 
In addition to giving regular concerts in and around 
Provo and Salt Lake areas, the orchestra has been 
heard periodically on radio and television. The A Cap- 
pella Choir — Symphony Orchestra assembly, which 
is presented annually, is one of the outstanding mu- 
sical presentations during the year. This year they 
performed a special number composed by Dr. Craw- 
ford Gates, "My Luve is Like a Red, Red Rose." 
Each Spring Quarter, the orchestra joins with the 
other organizations (choral) in presenting some of 
the great masterpieces of the music world. This year 

the concert featured the Mass in B Minor by Bach. 
Through the performance of such works, the out- 
standing instrumental soloists of the University are 
provided wdth the opportunity to obtain the hard-to- 
get experience of appearing as a soloist wdth orches- 
tral accompaniment. The symphony orchestra also 
performs the function of presenting to the public, 
new compositions which come from the hand of 
many well known contemporaries. 
This year such musical pieces in- 
cluded compositions by such Lat- 
ter-day Saint composers as Rowan 
Taylor, graduate student of BYU; 
Leroy Robertson, head of the Uni- 
versity of Utah's music depart- 
ment; John Phillip Dalby, faculty 
at Utah State; and Dr. Crawford 
Gates, faculty of Brigham Young 
University. Director Lawrence Sardoni 








K+S ''■■■'. 




pianist, perform ed on performer, made his debut third appearance in Provo. 

March'?. While yet a stu- «* ^^^ ^Be of ten in she sang German, Italian, 

dent he performed with Germany. English songs. 
Boston Symphony. 


appeared in concert on Jan- famed Tabernacle organist, 

uary 21. He is on his third presented works of his 

concert tour. former teacher. 

NORWEGIAN BOYS' CHOIR appeared January 
18. The choir was directed by Ragnvald Bjame 
and has given over two thousand concerts. 

The BERLIN PHILHARMONIC was presented in concert on Novem- 
ber 8 and was one of the highlights of the lyceum season. Herbert 
Von Karajan showed great versatility in his interpretation and 


V*' ■ 


PHILADELPHIA SYMPHONY was directed by Eugene Ormandy in concert on May 13. The orchestra just returned from European tour. 


The highlights of the "lyceum year" were no doubt the 
two symphony orchestras which favored our campus. 
The first one, the Berlin Philharmonic, played to a ca- 
pacity crowd on November 8. Directed by the versatile 
Herber von Karajon, they performed a varied program 
of symphony, overtures, and novelty pieces. A com- 
parable treat, musically, was enjoyed when the famous 
Eugene Ormandy conducted tne Philadelphia SjTn- 
phony on May 13. The entire musical repertoire was 
represented in the many programs given by various 
groups during the year. Modem and popular songs were 
sung by the Norwegian Boys' Choir; Chopin and Bee- 
thoven were presented by the orchestras; and Bach and 
Brahms were played in organ concert and sung by Uni- 
versity choral groups. Every taste in music was satisfied, 
and help was given to aid the audiences to enjoy all 
t3T)es of music. Instrumental and vocal concerts were 
presented on a smaller scale by such world known 
masters as Cesare Valletti, lyric tenor; Claramae Turn- 
er, contralto; Julian Olevsky, violinist; and Alexander 

Schreiner, master of the organ. The lyceum program 
at Brigham Young University permits the students to 
become acquainted with great artists and to enjoy the 
experience of good music. The programs presented in- 
cluded works from such operas as 'T)ie Meistersinger," 
"Carmen," and "II Trovatore." Masters of the sym- 
phony — Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Mendelssohn — 
were also. represented. Some contemporary works were 
given, but mostly the old masters were performed. Sev- 
eral of the artists were return- 
ing for the third and fourth 
time. For others, it was a first 
experience. Many of the per- 
formers were not only presented 
in public concert in the eve- 
ning, but were also given an 
opportunity to display talents in 
Student Assemblies. One such 

?"Oup were the Roman sisters, 
hey play the piano and are 
favorites with BYU audiences. 

Director Herald R. Clark 


Art Department 

The Art Department at the University is not only the 
means by which interested students are trained in 
painting, sculpturing, design, etc., but is also the 
guardian of many displays on campus which serve to 
educate everyone, even the layman, as pertaining to 
the fine arts. In the building known as the Education 
Building, and located on lower campus, are displayed 
exhibits of realistic and abstract painting, designs, and 
sculpture. Open for the perusal of every student, these 
displays represent many valuable collections. Peri- 
odically, these exhibits are changed, and thus, a pro- 
gressive educational system in the arts is provided. 
Along with these practical displays, the department 
offers general courses in appreciation to aid students 
in understanding some of the works of great artists. 
Also, a student may take rudimentary courses in 
drawing, painting, sculpturing, and design and per- 
haps awaken a latent talent or cultivate an educational 
hobby. Of course the greatest responsibility of this de- 
partment is to help those students desiring it, to get 
a background in theory and practice, so that they may 
go into the competitive fields of the art world — such 
as advertising, designing, illustrating. 

STUDENTS OF ART could be seen in many locations 
and in many moods — sketching, painting, sculpturing. 
Some smiled, some scowled, and others just listened. 






^.^/ J 

Art Department 


Presented here on these pages are some of the things' 
taught to students in the Art Department. Skill and 
pride in craftsmanship are resultant factors of such 
training. Many students study sufficiently well that 
they are able to provide decorations for their own home 
or for sale. Unusual crafts as copper enameling are 

comparatively inexpensive and yet are useful and in- 
teresting. For the student who desires a vocational 
background, and for the student who desires an appre- 
ciation if art, the Art Department offers a wide scope 
of training to the students attending BYU. 

COPPER enameling on plate done by Rachel Schmidt. 

WATERCOLOR by Boise Jr. College student, "Sawmille on Morris Creek." 

STnX LIFE IN OIL by Ray Hellberg was entitled, "Series 1, No. 2." 

TORSO in terra cotta, Johansen. STUDY in bronze, Franz Johansen. SCULPTOR JOHANSEN'S "White Lady" done in marble. 



^^■■. i^ • 






These are your memories. . . your memories of the student organizations 
as they performed their functions whether social, service or educational. 
Here are the mock street meetings of the Delta Phi pledges where they sold 
fire extinguishers and fieldhouse bleachers; the early morning serenade of 
the girls' dormitories by the Val Hyrics; the procession of candlelight at the 
Nautilus initiation. Here is the service and humanity of the Blue Keys as 
they initiated the drive to immunize the studentbody agamst pobo; the 
many smUes of welcome given by the IK's, Spurs, and YC's as they ushered 
at school functions. Yes, here incorporated under Greek letters, geographical 
locations, and simple English titles is the core of activity on campus. Here 
are the units which promoted friendship among individuals and provided 
national honor and recognition to the school. 





Section Index 

Departmental 369 

Geographical 250 

Greek Letters 235 

IOC 186 

Service Units 222 

Social Units 188 



Mish Hollingsworth, President 

Inter-organizatlonal Council 

Greater participation on the part of student organi- 
zations as far as activities are concerned, and in- 
creasing to the capacity in student organizations so 
as to furnish the opportunity for leadership experi- 
ence, were the underlying ideals guiding the IOC 
during 1956-57. The inter-change of workable ideas 
between presidents of the student organizations was 
encouraged under the leadership of Mish Hollings- 
worth (president for the first two quarters), and 
was furthered by his successor, Rod Fye. This 
change at the beginning of Spring Quarter permits 
a carry-over into next year's work. The presidents 
presiding over the six different types of organiza- 
tions — religious, service, social, departmental, geo- 
graphical, scholastic — performed well in encourag- 
ing activity and high goals among their particular 
f roups. The heads of standing committees worked 
iligently in coordinating the efforts of their com- 
mittee members. Approxunately eight hundred and 
fifty students participated in "rush week" Winter 
Quarter of 1957. This was a new high from the past 
several years. This large participation reflects the 
excellent work of Shirley Snow and her committee. 
A new system of advisory teams was inaugurated 
through the suggestions of Rod Fye. These teams 
are assigned to visit the units in their regularly 
scheduled meetings to help them in the solution of 
their problems. Throughout the year, several penal- 
ties were given against units which failed, either 
through indifference or neglect, to uphold the stand- 
ards required by the IOC. Efficiently, judicially and 
fairly these decisions were given. 

Rodney Fye, Vice-president 


Gayle Griffin, Secretary 


t r^-i 


„■' W I 


BELOW LEFT: Bruce Hilton, Inter-service units; Marlene Knight, Inter-religious units; Richard Bell, Inter-social units; Kay Berge, Inter- 
departmental units; Ken Skousen, Inter-geographical units. BEXOW CENTER: Marilyn Gerhart, Office Manager; Receptionists, Ann 
Hughes, Evelyn Smith, Donna Anderson, Elaine Nelson, Carol Curtis. 



A TYPICAL IOC MEETING required various units to be in attendance. Here pertinent matters were discussed. 

BELOW RIGHT: Wayne Thomas, Inter-activities Council Chairman; Shirley Snow, Rush Committee Chairman; Abna King, Faculty Ad- 
visor; Tom Wride, Auditor; Phil Koldewyn, Publicity Director. 


ALCYONE TRIO, composed of Sharon Steele, Kay 
Moody and Dorene Moody, is significantly called the 
Gay Notes. 

SONGFEST ENTRY by Alcyone, "Diamonds on Black Velvet," was con- 
ducted by its composer, Carol Rasmussen. Shana Jeppsen accompanied. 

Barrow, Ktee 
Afwater, Kathleen 
Becicsteod, Leda 
Bridge, Mary Jo 
Childs. W:lma 
Crookston, Lenore 
Crose, Carrol 
Croshaw, Carol 
Davis. Betty 
Eames, Elizabeth 

Geertsen, LouRita 
Evans, Georgia 
Hatl. Sue 
Harris, Va Nieta 
Hintze, Geraldine 
Hunt, Jeanette 
Hunt, Margaret 
Jennens. Dona 
Jeppsen, Shara Lee 
Kawal, Vee 

Lambert, Joan 
Kirk, Gayle 
Mansuy, Frances 
Manwaring, Coleen 
Miller, Marion 
Moody, Joan 
Moore, Marilyn 
NIms, Janet 
Olmstead, Patricia 
Oxendine, Peggy 

Moody, Kay 

Rampton, Martha 
Rasmussen, Carol 
Robins. Lorene 
Roclcwood, Daisy 
Rockwood, Dorothy 
RocJcwood, Eleanor 
Schneider, Dolores 
Skinner, LaVon 
Smith, Reva 


The Alcyone Social Unit was led through a year of activity and cultural pro- 
grams by President Barbara Budge. Spring Quarter the girls were up before the 
sun practicing for Songfest. After the Songfest, they turned their thoughts to 
dinner-dancing at the Oak Ridge Country Club. Again practices began, but this 
time for the assembly to be held in May. There was also a Spring Luau. During 
Winter Quarter, this unit invited the entire studentbody to their Christmas 
fashion show. They also held a Buddy Party during January to keep the dreary 
winter days alive. Alcyone endeavors to promote spirituality, love, friendship, 
virtue ancl knowledge through the social, spiritual and educational opportunities 
offered at the BYU. Organized six years ago with thirteen charter members, the 
unit has now grown to sixty in number. In 1956 the organization won the tro- 
phy for the outstanding assembly during Spring Quarter. They also won first 
place in the Homecoming float contest in the theme division that year. In 1955 
the Gay Notes, a trio from Alcyone, won the Homecoming trio contest and one 
of their girls was an attendant to the Banyan Ball and Snow Carnival Queens. 
In order to become a member of this unit, a girl must maintain the standards of 
the Latter-day Saint Church and be a full-time student at BYU. She must also 
have a 2.0 grade average. Other officers o fthe club this year were Dolores 
Schneider, vice-president, with Lou Rita Geertsen as secretaiy and Sherre 
Stevens as treasurer. Sponsors from the faculty were Mrs. Wilford E. Smith and 
Mrs. Larry C. Bybee. 

Barbara Budge, President 

CHARMING FLOAT in red and white and featuring typical youth against heart background was Alcyone entry in parade. 


'•■■ ^^v#^ 


1h ' Jn 

ATHENIAN MEMBERS gather in comfortable clothes to practice for their original songfest presentation composed by Bryce Nielson. 


Barnhlil. Bob 
Baer, Douglas 
Baker, Colvin 
Bate, Lee 
Barrett. Bob 
Blanch. Robert 
Bonney, Carl 
Callaway, Del 
Christensen, David E. 
Fallon. Kenneth 

Christensen. Herbert E. 
Clegg, Halvor 
Dickerson, Larry 
Gale. Bill 
Goff, Roland 
Hart, David Klrkwood 
Haycock, Roger 
Lambson, Bob 
Larson. Byron 
McClure. Jerry 

Moore, Mike 
Marshall, Charles 
Matsen, John 
Monson, Cal 
Nackos, Louis James 
Schult7. Ronald W. 
Sedgwick. Donald 
Smouse, George 
WhiHen. Hank 
Westfatl. Ronald 


The goal of the Athenian Social Unit is to foster, aid, and promote fellowship 
and brotherhood among the members; and to provide social entertainment for 
members in keeping with the high standards of the BYU. The imit was or- 

franized in January of 1952, and since that time it has grown to be one of the 
arger men's units on campus. One of the most active organizations since its 
beginning, the Athenians list as one of their most noteworthy historical events 
the several encounters with the IOC Courts concerning illegal rushing activities 
during the year. To qualify as a member a person must be regularly enrolled in 
the University aiid in eooa academic standing, and must comply with all stand- 
ards of living and conduct of the University and LDS Church. Athenians count 
five men on the honor roll. Homecoming saw this unit win first place trophy 
in the parade's humor division. Other activities included Invitational during 
Winter Quarter; presenting assembly with ToKalon; a swimming party at the 
Homestead; assembly and cast party; and Senior breakfast in May. Several 
exchanges were also held during the year with other units and members par- 
ticipated in various aspects of intramural sports. No doubt the highlight of the 
year was the dinner-dance held in Memory Grove in Salt Lake City. 

V' Eddi» 
/h- Wendell 


':i5, James F. 

'I son. Gary c■^ Jon Paul 
^fiqley. Karl 

Loa Hunter, President 


Vrigley, Marvin 
^ynn. Brent 



BYU BEAT UTAH . . . was theme of Athenian float for Homecoming parade, featuring a realistic football crowd and game. 

SAD AND LONELY students pose remorsefully on Argonaut assembly which was presented in cooperation with other units. 

Service to God, school, community, and brotherhood 
through social activities and scholastic betterment is 
cited by the Argonauts as goals of the unit. The unit 
first made its appearance on campus in 1951 and was 
rechartered in 1956. Listed as qualifications for unit 
membership is the upholding of Church and University 
standards. The Argonaut social unit participated in 

many campus activities during the year. In addition 
they held exchanges with other units and an annual 
dinner-dance. They presented a studentbody assembly 
during winter quarter with three other units. President 
of the organization was Ken Byers. Larry Best filled the 
post of vice-president, while Dick Allen held secretary 
post. Glen Palmer performed treasurer duties. 

Allen. D;ck 
Banks, Douglas 
Best. Larry 
Byers. Kenneth 
Call. Robert 
Collyer, Ron 
Fagg, Jack Wayne 
Farnsworth. Larry 

Grotegut, David , 
Jensen, Bruce A. 
Jenson. Grover 
Leavltt. Ronald 
O'Leary, Bert 
Palmer, Glen 
Woerner, Gary 


PARTY OF THE GODS was featured on the student assembly presented by Cesta Tie. Other social units also participated. 

Cesta Tie 

Cesta Tie Social Unit was organized in 1928 by a group 
of girls who desired to further social activities on cam- 

§us. It is the oldest women's unit on the campus and en- 
eavors to be well represented in all major activities 
sponsored by the BYU. The goal of the vmit is repre- 
sented in the letters of its name: culture, education, 
service, tolerance and achievement — all tied together to 
make the whole. Exchanges, such as the one with the 
Argonaut unit Winter Quarter, an invitational with a 
Scottish theme and several other parties kept the girls 
busy. Spring Quarter there was the joint dinner-dance 
and a canyon party to stand out in the memories of the 
unit members. Cesta Tie joined with RiVeda and Ar- 

gonauts for many of their activities. Among the honors 
won by this unit, they claim the only girl studentbody 
president that the University has ever riad. Other hon- 
ors are the permanent Songfest trophy and third place 
wdnner in the snow sculpture contest in 1954. In order 
to become a member of this unit, a coed must be at 
least a second quarter Freshman and have a "C" aver- 
age or better. Tnis year Toy Goldrick held the office of 
president and was assisted by Gerrie Crane and Marilyn 
McCormick. In keeping with the requirements of the 
Brigham Young University, this unit has a faculty 
sponsor in the person of Mrs. Afton Porter. 

Barnum, Deanna 
Crane. Georgia 
Goldrick. Toy 
Halladay. Jerry Ann 
Knighton. Josephine 

Lowder. Diiie 
McCormick, Maritynn 
Nielsen. Josephine 
Prtne, Crystal 


Swensen, Swen R. 
Sawyers, (Jack) Sherrell 
Todd, Byron 
Wadsworth, John 
Wilcoclt, Kei+h 
Wilcox, Dee C. 

BRICKER members and dates refresh themselves by candlelight. Food seems their only interest. 

Anderson, Gary 
Boilif, Mark 
Bentiey, Robert 
Bennett, David 
Blockhurst, Dennis 
Blaclthurst, Hoyt 
Boardman, Frank 
Boardman. Jack 
Bullock, Gordon 
Broctcbank, Brent 

Burgon, Kaye 
Caldwell, Paul 
Call, Rex 
Casper, Kent 
Dean, Mike 
Dixon, Don 
Dyer, Robert 
Ferwerda, Don 
Geertsen, John 
Forsyth, Terry 

Gardner, Dick 
Gibb, John Douglas 
Gosar. Greg 
Greenwood, Don 
Hale. John 
Hatch, Hal C. 
Holland, Jack 
Huish, Jim 
Hunt, Richard 
Keith, Wayne 

Lloyd, Eldon 
Larsen, Gary 
Liljenquist. Val Ray 
Lloyd. Gary 
Miller, Ed 
Pederson, Robert 
Peterson. Leon L. 
Reeder, Grant 
Ricks, Gary 
Robison, Clayne 


Founded in 1917 by a group of World War I veterans, the Bricker Social Unit 
lays the claim of being the oldest men's social unit on the BYU campus. Belief 
in a balanced social activity and fellowship and the perpetuation of college 
friendship through their alumni association characterize this imit. Brickers 
boast as former members, Dean Wesley P. Lloyd; Provo Mayor, Harold Van 
Wagonen, Coach "Buck" Dixon, and past BYU studentbody presidents, Lloyd 
George and Wid Tingey. This year saw the Brickers capture the sweepstakes 
trophy in the Homecoming parade. Activities included an Invitational; the 
Bricker Misfit Party; Bricker Haven; and the annual Bricker-Tausig Bury-the- 
hatchet Week. Listed high on the year accomplishments was the winning of the 
AMS Scholarship Trophy given to the men's unit with the highest grade point 
average. The trophy was won both Winter and Fall quarters. President of the 
organization was Jim Webster. Terry Forsyth handled the duties of the vice- 
president, while Hoyt Blackhiu-st acted as secretary. Treasurer duties fell to Hal 
Hatch. This group of capable officers led the club through a year of many ac- 
tivities, which was kicked off at the beginning of Fall Quarter wdth an assembly. 
The unit teamed with 0. S. Trovata in presenting "Five Dreams" to the student- 
body. Intramural competition saw the Brickers with many teams entered in 
every activity and consistently coming in high in the final analysis. 

Jim Webster, President 


VALIANT GIRL takes long draught from jug offered her by Bricker companions (left). 
Bob Dyer, composer and conductor of Bricker Songfest number, "Images of Autumn," 
gives group the downbeat. Clayne Robinson was co-composer and Terry Forsyth accom- 
panied (above). 



Thomas, Dorrelt 
Walker. Dorrell 
Thompson, Keith 
Wells. Floyd 

TRANSPORTATION THEME provided reminiscent mood of horse and buggy days as Brigadier Homecoming float depicted the 1920's. 


Aiken, Glenn 
Atwood, Robert 
Berg, Bill 
Berge, Woyno K. 
Broolcs. Jerry 
Bush, Clifford 
Cahill, Tom 
Eldredge, J. Lloyd 
Forbis, Al 
HewiH, Harold 

Griffin, Spencer D. 
Hood, Grant 
Houston, Ron 
Houston, Rod 
Jones, Lonnie 
Leifson, Jack 
Linning, Johannes 
Mclver, Walter 
Moon, Milton 
Madson, Hal 

Morgan, Blain 

Palmer, Jerry 
Reed, Kenneth D. 
Reed, Robert 
Richards, Gene 
Shell, Jock 
Smith, Forrest 
Smith, Terry 
Strawn, Alfred L. 
Tenney. Roy Allen 


With its only qualification for membership being the desire of any male stu- 
dent to belong, Brigadier Social Unit has grown many times over since its or- 
ganization in 1931 with only six members. Since E>r. T. Earl Pardoe first di- 
rected its organization, such men as Fred Mooney, Coach Robison, and Barrel 
Walker have been on its membership rolls. John Berge served as president of 
the unit this year and with the help of able assistants was able to supply a well- 
rounded program of activity. Since the purpose of the unit is to promote social 
activities, its calendar was filled. Winter Quarter was especially busy with ex- 
changes with Cami Los, ToKalon and Ri Veda. Also, in February, the Brigs 
teamed with Nautilus, Cesta Tie and Knights Templar to bring their annual 
assembly to the studentbody. High on the year's list of activities was the Brigs' 
interest in intramurals. They won the 1955-56 intramural trophy, and as they 

Sut it, "there's no need to list all the others." The Brigadiers capped off a won- 
erful year with their annual dinner-dance held on April 26 m Salt Lake's 
Country Club. 

Bob Anderson, President 

BRIGADIER MEMBERS meet on Saturday afternoon (or pictures with trophies won by this popular social unit on campus. 


Beck, Jockie 

Arbogast, Shonnio 
Beclcstrond, Helen 
Billington, Nadino 
Btauer, Lanls 
Borgquist, Laurel 

Brown. Carol Ann 
dough. Gloria 
Daniels. Diana 
Doy+on. Kenna 
Durrant. Viclci 
Eliason, Pat 

Hall. Nadine 
Forsyth. Gwen 
Gurney. Lois 
Higgins. Nancy 
Hausknecht. Jeanne 
Jensen. Karen 

Leishman, Karen 
Jones. Virginia 
Kendrick. Linda 
Lillywhite, Karen 
Llewellyn. Jo Ann 
McComas. Carole 

Montierth. Myrna 
Murchie, Pat 
Murdock, Sally 
Newman. Nancy Ann 
Nicholson, Donna 
Oates, Diane 

Orr, Diane 
Olsen, La Deane 
Orem, Kathryn 
Partridge. Miriam 
Pickering, Kathy 
Sant, Sharyn 

Scholes. Carol 
Schneider, Mahrah 
Scholes, Jo Ann 
Shay, Frances 
Smith, Karen 
Stanfield. Ruth 

Stokes, Eddi 

Steinagel, Joanne 

Stewart, Barbara 

Traver. Lonnle 

Westwood. Susan (Elizabeth) 

Whitaker, Joan ^. 




CamI Los 

Cami Los social unit has dedicated itself to the oration 
of lasting friendships and the task of providing to its 
members the opportunity to work together to make a 
well-rounded social life. This unit was organized on 
the BYU campus in the Spring Quarter of 1952 with 
an original membership of twenty-seven. These few 
have now grown to the full capacity of sixty members. 
Among their outstanding members, Cami Los claims 
the Snow Carnival Queen, Barbara Stewart. In 1955 
this unit took first place in the beauty division of 
Homecoming float competition. During Winter Quar- 
ter of this year they captured the Scholarship trophy 
given to the different women's organizations on cam- 
pus. In order to do this, the entire unit had a grade 
point of 5.2 average. Cami Los participated in the 

Songfest with an original song entitled, "Perspective." 
Some of the social events held during the year was a 
spring dinner-dance in the theme of "Artistry in Red." 
This unique dance was held in the Salt Lake Country 
Club. Several exchanges were held with other units 
on campus and an inivtational was held in Spanish 
Fork during Fall Quarter. Several 
lectures on beauty, etiquet and dress 
helped the girls to be aware of them- 
selves. During Winter Quarter they 
joined with the Vikings to produce a 
student assembly. These many activi- 
ties were directed by Louise Sundal, 

Louise Sundal, 


DREAMY SINGER on Cami Los assembly. 


OPENHOUSE GUESTS were well received as they sought for entrance into the functions and activities of Fidelas unit. 



Bell. Alice 
Ahern, Lynne 
Bell. Jessie Lee 
Bragg, Mary 
Cunningham, Marilyn 
Earl. Micki 
Forsyth. Sandra 
Fouh, Elva 
Gardner, Georganne 
Fenley, Mary 

Graham, Glenda 
Groneman, Janet 
Hannig, Karen 
Helm. Maurvene 
Houston Jean 
Kershaw, Gloria 
McAllister, Nancy 
Merrill, Cheri 
Nelson, Mary. Kay 
Rust, Pat 

Peterson, Cheri 
Robertson. Marilyn 
Smith. Miriam 
Smith, Marian 
Smith. Sue 
Sorensen, Judy 
Stay, Donavee 
Thaxton, Karen 
Torbert, Lynn 
StoUs, Margaret 

Fidelas was organized 28 years ago with the motto, "Amici Fidelas Ami," or 
Friends, Faithful, Forever. Purpose of the unit is to promote friendship and 
spirituality between members and to instill in each girl of the unit the realiza- 
tion that working together in all things brings unity. This year Fidelas won 
second place in the comedy division for floats during Homecoming and for the 
second year presented an outstanding assembly with Val Hyrics. Otner activities 
included takmg programs to the Utah State Hospital once a quarter. Elxchanges 
with Val Hyrics, a snow party; Knights Templar, a basketball party; and Ar- 
gonauts, The winter invitational was held in Orem, with the theme, ''House of 
Blue Lights." The dinner-dance was held in the spring at Salt Lake Country 
Club. 'The King and I" set the mood for the evening. Fall Quarter unit mem- 
bers held a slumber party and during Winter Quarter Utah State Prison Ward- 
en Marcell Graham spoke at fireside. Spring Quarter found Fidelas participating 
in Songfest with a calypso number. Jane Judd headed the unit, with Alice Bell 
as vice-president. Other officers were Judy Sorensen, secretary; Nancy McAllis- 
ter, treasurer; and Mrs. Evan Croft as sponsor. 

Jane Judd, President 

f /*fv- f:^ V < 

'^ "-. .»fl^ 

CALYPSO STYLE, complete with costumes characterized the Fidelas entry in Songfest. Marilyn Cunningham was the composer. 


Anderson. Paulene 
Adamson, Lorna 
Bailey, Barbara 
Bailey. Roma 
Becbtrand. Carol Nan 
Breitenbuech&r, Gayie 

Bennett, Betty 
Brown, Lora Lee 
Bryan, Lucile 
Burton. Donette 
Carroll. Maureen 
Curtis, Caroline 

Clark, DeLene 
Corey, Sharon 
Davis, Hazel 
Dunn. Pat 
Edwards, Elaine 
Ellsworth, Barbara 

Davis, Lena 
Fullmer. Claire 
Greenwood. Carma 
Hansen. Janell 
Hight. Dawn 
Holmes, Mary 





Ingersall. Mary! 






. Ralphlne 

Knapp, Charlene 
Lilly, Vivian 
Moffitt. Karen 
Myltol. Denise 
Nelson, Wilma 
Nielsen, Margene 

Pack, Jane Lucille 
Parkinson, Kay 
Paulos, Camllle 
Petersen, Margene 
Robinson, Margaret 
Rowley. Kay 

Perkins, Norma 
Rowley. Sharon 
Rumel. Pam 
Schmidt, Nathelle 
Selbert. Charlene 
Shipp. Sherry 

Smith, Mario 
Spratling, Coleen 
Sisemore. Claudia 
Taysom, Annette 
West. Joyce 


' The unit held their annual invitational at the Park- 
University Ward on January 11 and 12. A mock 
slumber party held in January also turned out very 
well. Another active evening during the month of 
January was a fashion show held at the Wasatch 
School. Talent shows, book reviews 
and regular business meetings kept 
the members of this unit busy and 
happy. Many of the prominent peo- 
ple in student affairs are affiliated 
with this new vmit and they claim 
also a few prominent people in the 
life of the school. Other officers were 
Betty Bennett, Donette Burton, and 
Sherry Shipp. 
nda Benson 

One of the newest social imits on campus, Kappa Debs 
have really been a most active group. Organized on 
January 27, 1955, this group has grown fast from its 
original forty-three members. With its purpose of cre- 
ating more social activities and leadership opportun- 
ities, Kappa Debs has a packed social calenaar. Ilda 
Benson served as president this year, and the imit 
was sponsored by Mrs. Norman Gulbrandsen. Win- 
ter Quarter seemd to be the busy quarter of the year 
with the unit's open house, rush parties, exchanges 
and cultural events. A testimonial meeting for mem- 
bers was held on January 28. The group's culture 
nights included book reviews and fine arts lectiu^es and 
were always poptdar with the members. A very 
friendly group, the unit uses five "keys" or goals as 
guides to better lives. 

SLUMBER PARTY with cuddle toys 
as invited guests proved a lot of 

GOAT DINNER was unique for pledges. 

PRETTY GIRLS on Kappa Deb float 
pose to be a memorable melody. 

Abrams, Howard 
Adams, John B. 
Ah Nee, Roy 
Al!en, Robert 
Andersen, C. Paul 
Baxter, Larry 
iown, Ciint 

Beckstead, Tony 
Bringhurst, Kent 
Broadbent, Joseph 
Burlce, Murland J. 
Chamberlain. Gary 
Gardner, Wayne 
Litster, Alien 

Heath, Frank A. 
towry, Jim 
Nielsen, Stewart 
Nicholes, Veriin 
Sorensen, Myron 
Schofield, Dave 
Ross iter, Terry 

Smith, Dave 
Smith, Eugene 
Tolman, Wayne 
Weller. Charles H. 
Wilberg, Carl 

DEE WOODS takes bow for unit's Songfest rendition. He was conductor and composer off the number. 


Knights Templar 

Originally the Knights Templar were an Order or- 
ganized after the First Crusade to guard the Holy 
Land. It was a very prominent and important order 
during the Middle Ages. The Knights Templar on the 
BYU campus have been very active in campus activi- 
ties during the past few years. In the spring of 1955, 
the unit took tnird place in the Songfest and first 
place in the men's division for an egg-throwing booth 
at the AMS carnival. In the Homecoming parade 
1956, Knights Templar won third place in the humor 
division. They also won third place in Songfest in 
men's division this year. The unit was organized to 
promote brotherhood and scholarship. They try to as- 
sist each other to attain the best mental, moral and 
spiritual goals. Another of their goals is the develop- 

ment of proper social refinements. The organization is 
pledged to serve the members by helping them gain 
valuable leadership qualities as well as experience in 
planning unit, school and community projects. This 
leadership and experience are obtained oy delegating 
responsibility to all members within the unit. One 
of the highlights of the year for this unit was their 
combining with Nautilus, Cesta Tie and Brigadier 
social units for a Winter Quarter assembly. The theme 
was Olympic Chaos and was the story of the Greek 
Gods' court and thir search for entertainment. Dee 
Woods served as president of the Knights Templar 
unit and was assisted during the year by Paul Ander- 
son as vice-president and John Adams as secretary. 

Dee Woods, President 

GRECIAN GODS get thrill of listening to Elvis Presley's music (above). 
"Down the hatch . . . and back." Goat week punishment is cruel (right). 


NATILUS SOCIAL unit became service unit and cleaned Oak Hills Chapel. The project made lasting friends. 

i^ "I" 

Alexander, Potti 
Atkinson, Laureita 
Babcocic, Barbara 
Baer, Virginia 
Barratt, Marilyn 
Bean, Audrey 
Bowden, Gaye 
Bunnell, Mary Helen 
Call, Caryol 
Crandall, LaWana 

Hansen, Roberta 
Hill, Valerie 
Hyde. Susann 
Johanson, Denece 
Johnson. Beth 
Leonhardt. Mary 
Modsen, Mary Lou 
Millar, Yvonne 
Murray, Evelyn 
Nebeicer, Louise 

'helps, Shirley 
'ayne. Louise 
tichards, Donna 
!ussell, Georgia 
ifaples, Sue Ann 
-fephan, Judy 
tiriand, Elaine 
Villeins, Bobb: 
tfong, Carole 

Nautilus off N.L.U. 

The girls in Nautilus of N.L.U. were busy this year with a full and varied 
schedule of activities. There were exchanges, business meetings and other 
activities which occupied their time. This unit participated in Songfest, which 
required long hours of practice. The reward came the night of performance, 
however, when they won third place in the most original song division. In 
November there was the Fall Invitational and the Under the Sea Banquet was 
held in January. In March they had their annual dinner-dance at the coimtry 
club in Salt Lake City. The purpose of this organization is to promote lasting 
friendships and to develop each individual member. These goals may be attained 
by living up to the standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints which are also the standards of Brigham Young University and the 
Nautilus Social Unit. Among the prominent members of Nautilus are the 
Homecoming Queens of 1953 and 1954 and the AWS presidents of 1954 and 
1955. This year this unit was sponsored by LaRae Carter and Myrtle Redmon 
served as president. 

Myrtle Redmon, president. 


NAUTILUS SINGERS pose for pretty picture at Songfest. Carita Strobel and Charlene Tate collaborated to compose "Obscurity." 



t .% ^ ^ jt 

w jC i3 ^ 

Webster, Sharron 
Thomas. Marcile 
Vandenberg, Norine 
Weaver, Ellen Claire 
Woodward. Marilyn 

EARLY MORNING Songfest rehearsal brought O.S. members in many costumes. 



Abegg. Gwen 
Anderson. Mary 
Anderson, Sue Marie 
Andrus. Rose Mary 

Ashworth, Penny 
Austin, Jeanne 
Bartow, Carolyn 
Bateman, Marietta 
Beck, Kathleen 
Bertoncelj, Eileen 

Broadbent, Beverly 

Campbell, Becky 

Carr. Janetle 

Carter. Judy 

Chapman, Jackie 

Christensen, Josephine Ann 

Collins, Sue 

Craythorn. Eileen 

Cutler, Dorothea 

Dixon, Keren 

Gould, Suzanne 
Green, Stieiann 
Grover, Judy 
Hacking, Lani 
Hansen, Patsy 
Hardy, Carolyn 
Haynie, Klea 
Johnson, Donna 
Johnson, Joneen 
Johnson, Virginia 

Kirk, Tamsin 
Jones, Vernadeen 
Lewis, Jean 
Kimball, Joan 
Kehmeier, Barbara 
Loynd, Pauta 
Moody. Catherine 
Nelson, Janice 
Nelson, Mary Ann 
Newitt. Norma 

Porter, PaHi 
Paramore, Mary Jo 
Patterson. Jeanne 
Perkins, Margo 
Petersen, Elaine 
Roberts. Virginia 
Snow, Louise 
Stapley, Claudia 
Swensen, Marilyn 
Swenson, Nancy 

Octo Sorosis Trovata was organized to promote worthwhile association among 
girls with mutual interests and ideals. In 1918, eight of such girls formed an 
organization to further their friendships. From this organization the name of 
Octo Sorosis Trovata is taken. Among the prominent members of this organ- 
ization is Klea Hajoiie, attendant to the 1956-57 Homecoming nueen. Ellen 
Weaver was chosen as the outstanding girl-of-the-month in her fiela, education, 
this year. This unit has also made showings in many of the competitions on 
campus and is known for its support of all school events. First place in the 
Chnstmas Drive went to O. S. Trovata. They also won second place in the 
beauty division of Homecoming floats with their entry, "We Lived in Fan- 
tasy." Many of the activities entered into by this unit required a lot of work 
but were a lot of fun. There was the work on the float and the early morning 
rours of Songfest practice. All of these activities were imder the capable direc- 
tion of President Carole Ann Morgan. Other activities held during the year 
were exchanges with Val Hyric and Vikings. The invitational was neld 
during Fall Quarter to the theme of ^'Crystallite," and the dinner-dance 
was held at the Starlight Gardens in Salt Lake City. They also participated in 
a new and different assembly, "Five Dreams," with several other units. A Can- 
yon party brought the year's activities to a close. 

Carole Ann Morgan, President 

UNUSUAL POSE is caught by camera as students performed on assembly presented by O. S. Trovata and other social imits. 



FIRST FLIGHT is brought to the remembrance of Homecoming parade spectators by dramatic float. Progress is emphasized. 


Ayers, Lonnie 
Ainsworth, Robert 
Anderson, Oscar 
Atkin. Roy 
Baird, Kay 
Blake. Bill 
Bultocic, Burt 
Burns, John 
Davis, Gerald E. 
Carter, Richard Garn 

Farmer, Scott 
Eckel. Paul 
Eyring, Phillip 
Hammond, Bill 
Hanning, Gary W. 
Harris, Frank D. 
Heywood. Richarc 
Horsley, Richard 
Hunter, Dave 
Hill, Paul M. 

Johnson, Rick 
Martin. James W. 
Miller. Rob 
Miner, Alan 
Nolen. Phillip W. 
Olson Bob 
Rather, Douglas 
Roberts, Dean 
Rooks, John 
Robertson, Gary 

Seiger, Richard 
Sant. Richard 
Slater, Wayne 
Soule, Carlin 
Staley, Roger 
Stohlton. John 
Taylor, Cornell 
Tebbs, Dan 
Taylor, Milton 
Tebbs, Dou9 

Originated in 1915 at the Brigham Young Academy, Tau Sigma is the oldest 
social unit on the campus. The group was organized under the title "The Three 
I's," but they changed the name in 1923 to tne Greek letters Tau Sigma. Mem- 
bers of the unit strive to promote social and athletic activity and encourage and 
develop leadership in their members. Under the leadership of Al Hemsley, 
president, the Tausigs held a dinner-dance, an invitational, Bury-the-hatchet- 
week, and several exchanges with other organizations. Other officers who served 
during the year were Wayne Slater, John Bums and Bill Blake. Dr. Weldon J. 
Moffit acted as the unit's sponsor. Among the famous alumni listed by the Tau 
Sigma imit are El wood Romney, BYU's first all- American; Terry Tebbs, bas- 
ketball all-American; Leroy Porter, past studentbody president; Stan Watts, 
BYU basketball coach; Wayne Soffe, physical education coach; Ed Firmage, 
owTier of the Firmage Department Store; and Weldon Moffit, BYU psychology 
professor. Awards and prizes won by the unit include first place in the 1956 
Snow Carnival sculpturing contest, an award in the 1955 AMS student carnival, 
and possession of the "hatchet" for the past decade. In order to become a mem- 
ber of this unit, candidates must have a grade-point average equal to the stand- 
ard set by the unit and a standing of second-quarter Freshman or higher in the 
University. Even with these high standards there are many applicants for ad- 
mission to this unit. 

Al Hemsley, President 

BRIGHT CUMBERBUNDS called attention to Tausigs Songfest group as tbey sang "The Song of Life," by Carl Chamberlain. 

Twitty. Charyle 
Wood, Carol 
Wright. Sharron 

TO KALON FLOAT presented pretty girk against a backdrop of an artificial rose. 


Beasley. JoAnn 
Anderson. Nancy 
Bell, Diana 
Benson, Sharon 
Billings, Marilyn 
Black, Marcia 
Bowen, Jane 
Brady. Beverly 
Brown, Ferneth 
Call, Sue 

Chflstensen. Karen 
Christensen, Kaye 
Cooper, Glenna 
Covey. Barbara 
Creer, Diana 
Crittenden, Carolyn 
Dalton, Juana 
Duffin, Deanna 
Erickson, Karen 
Fowles. Lueann 

Hanks, Nancy 
Hart, Sherlyn 
Hawkins. Norine 
Hunter, Margaret 
Hutchinson, Nafhel 
Jackson. Joyce 
Kaupp. Jackie 
Lamb, Carole 
Law, Elaine 
McBride. Deanna 

McDonald, Kathleen 
McLure, Mary 
Miller. Corena 
Moultrie, Beverly 
Ostergaard, Marie 
Oswald, Shirlene 
Parte, Diane 
Peacock, Wanda Lee 
Pond, Fran 
Reed, Maxine 

Roberts, Judy 
Robinson, Shirlene 
Russell, ChyrI 
Seymour, Margot 
Thornley, Sharon 
Von Wagoner, Betsy 
Welker, Janet 
White, Kathryn 
Whiting. Lois 


An earnest search for beauty in all things is the purpose of the members of the 
ToKalon social unit. This unit was organized on the BYU campus in 1949 by 
Carolyn Blair and seventeen others who chose for the organization the colors of 
turquoise and gold. During the 1956-57 school year, Toke members participated 
in a slumber party, Christmas dance, fireside chats, culture nights and a party 
at the MIA home. The unit also held an invitational and a dinner-dance to 
complete a well-rounded social calendar. The ToKalon unit won the 1957 Song- 
fest trophy for the best song in the women's division with their composition, 
"Look to This Day." President Ann Hawkins helped to compose the song and 
also acted as the conductor for the group. Other awards won during the past 
years are the Snow Sculpture second place in 1954, Songfest traveling trophy 
1951-52, second place in the Homecoming Quartet competition in 1952 and 
1956, and the most beautiful Homecoming float in 1952. Members for ToKalon 
must go through rushing procedures, be voted on by members, and must meet 
the pledging requirements set up by the unit. ToKalon offers to its members an 
opportunity for fellowship and social opportunities in campus life. Planned ac- 
tivities present both cultural and social benefits to members in order to develop 
them to the fullest extent. By competing in various events the unit makes many 
friends vsdth others. Sponsor for the ToKalon unit on campus during this year 
was Vonda Porter. 

Ann Hawkins, President 

BADMINTON, pedal-pushers, food and fun helped make canyon party a success. 

FUNNY HATS, popcorn, free conversation and fun were order of exchange party. 

was chosen as Val Hyric 
Sweetheart during the 


Berg, Richard 
Ash by, Gordon 
Bailey, Fred 
Bird, Talmage 
Blalce, Reed 
Bowman, Murton 
Brown, Mike 
Cena, Robert 
Chantry, Clyde 
Cornish, Clayton 

Carter. Don 
Cook, James 
DeGraw. Cliff 

Dixon, Glenn 
Estes. Rex 
Frannpton, Dean 
Frei, Don 

Froelich, E. Robert 
Fuhriman, David H. 
Gunnell. Bob 

Harman, Warren 
Harris, Howard M. 
Horton, Arney 
Ivie, Morrel W. 
Johnson, Ted 
Kenney, Don 
Lsyton, James J. 
Luke, Philip 
Merkley. Harvey 
Neilon, Tom 

Overson, Leiand 
Messervy, Hal 
Overson. Rodger 
Peterson, John D. 
Romney, Van 
Shaeffer, Marty 
Smith, Al 
Sorensen, Gerald 
Stubbs, Stan A. 
Tucker, Tom (Thomas Ray) 

^ubbs, Richard 
irner. Joe 
an Noy, Don 
talker. Kay 
bardie. Bud 
^asden, Leonard Barry 
^eidner. Leo 
/eidner, Roger 
^nde, Tom 

Val Hyric 

The four points of the Val Hyric pin stand for the goal of the unit: Service, 
Scholarship, Sportsmanship, and Sociability. Steeped in tradition, the Val 
Hyrics look to Norse legena for their name. Organized in 1927, the Val Hyrics 
celebrated their 30th year on campus with a full year of activities. Included was 
the traditional invitational, "Val Ilalla," featuring a full course dinner, stage 
show, and crowning of VH Sweetheart, Karen Lillywhite; backing last year's 
trophy-winning assembly with another outstanding assembly in conjunction 
witn Cami Los and Fidelas; sponsoring the "Rebelettes," a precision marching 
unit from Dixie College; leader in drive for Hungarian Student Fund; and ara- 
ditional two-day dinnerday at the Homestead. Val Hyric points to winning of 
the Christmas Drive trophy for the third straight year, capturing third straight 
AMS Carnival trophy, possession of intramural swimming trophy for third 
running year, and the winning of Supremacy for year, and second place in 
Homecoming quartet competition for second year. Members include Reed Blake, 
AMS president; Blair Armstrong, Sophomore vice-president; Don Kenney, 
Freshman senator; Ted Johnson, ASBYU cabinet; AMS councilmen Jerry Grif- 
fiths, Murton Bowman, and Kay Walker. Spring Quarter saw five Val Hyrics 
elected to studentbody and class offices. Firesides were held twice each month 
with prominent city and school officials speaking. The activities of the club were 
sponsored and advised by Galen Caldwell, a faculty member of the Political 
Science Department of the BYU campus. 

Jerry Ciriffitlis, President 

REED BLAKE and Craig Otterstrom composed "By the Serpentine," which was sung by the unit at 
Songfest Contempora. 



I m ' 

VAL NORN combined with Vikings to produce authentic Rip Van 
Winkle assembly. Modern dancers portrayed various moods. 


Allen, Barbara 
Andersen. LeArta 
Arit, Arlene 
Arnold. Marilyn 
Barker, JoAnne 
Bergstedt, Eleanor 
Brandley. Carmen 
Brown. Anne 
Burrup, Kaye 
Cram, Deanna 

Clyde, Jane 
Craner, Jeri 
Crandall. Sue Defte 
Ellsworth, Eloise 
Emmett, Sally 
Geddes, Koria 
Finlayson, Bliss 
Harding. Nancy 
Griffin, Gayle 
Harrison, Jane 

Henrle. Pat 
Haltt. Joyce 
Holman. Joy 
Hull, Janis 
Johansen, Joyce 
Johansson, Linnea 
Jones, Ann 
Jorgensen, Arlene 
Martcham, Barbara 
Maxfield, Carol Ann 

McKelt, Mickey 

Moon, Marilyn 
Munic, Marilyn 
Olpin. Jewel 
Ottosen. Ruth 
Pedersen, Sandra 
Redd, Linda 
Robinson. Pat 
Salisbury, RaNae 
Scott. Lee 

Simper, Geniel 
Seely. Sonya (Sunny) 
Sims, Jane 
Smeath. Lorna 
Snow, Shirley 
Stringham, Barbara 
Stuart. Daphne 
Stuart, Maxine 
Taylor. Ann 
Thomas. Colette 

Val Norn 

Val Norn was organized in 1928 with twenty-five charter members. The pur- 
pose of the organization is to further the bonds of friendship between members 
and to support all school activities. Among other qualifications, a member must 
maintain a 2.5 grade average. Listed in the accomplishments of the unit is win- 
ner in the Homecoming float competition \vith first place in the beauty division. 
The unit placed second in the women's division of Songfest this year and won 
first place in 1955. They also won first place in the field of composition at the 
Songfest this year. In addition to presenting the outstanding assembly, the Val 
Noms captured the AWS scholarship trophy and service trophy. Some of the 
prominent student leaders who are members of this unit are Kaye Burrup, 
Sophomore secretary; Jane Harrison. Junior senator; and Maxine Stewart, Sen- 
ior senator. Others are Ann Brown, Junior class vice-president, and Pat Henrie, 
concert mistress for the BYU Symphony. Some of the outstanding activities 
which dotted the calendar for this unit were the Feast of the Gods assembly. 
Banquet of Yellow Roses, winter invitational, a spring dinner-dance and a 
canyon party. Members also enjoyed many exchanges with other imits and 
participation in the AMS carnival. Responsible for the direction of these many 
and interesting projects were the officers, Kay Brockbank, president; Gayle 
Griffin, vice-president; Arlene Jorgenson, secretary ;and Ann Jones, treasurer. 
Mrs. Lucille Thome acted as the unit's sponsor. 

Kay Brockbank, President 

HOMECOMING FLOAT won first place 
in the beauty division for Val Norn unit. 

GIRLS sneeringly brag and complain of their work. 



■i >. 


FIRST PLACE Songfest honors went to the Vikings for the presentation of Dave Taylor's, "Desert Harmony.' 


Anderson, J. Paul 
Ashton, R. Paul 
Bacon, Carl 
Bean, Clark 
Bean, Larry 
Beebe. Jack 
Bosen, Lee 
Calvert. Tracy 
Butterfield, Kent 
Bryan, Lauren 

Chamberlain, Wayne 
Coffman, Gordon C. 
Cole, Tom 
Craig, Steve 
Davis. Reed 
Donahoo, Boyd 
Eagleston, Gerald 
Edward, Brent 
Finch, Richard 
Goodson, Ray 

Haddock, Gary 
Hales, Sloan 
Hansen. Lee 
Harris, Joe 
Harris, Martin 
Henderson. D. W. 
Hunter, Richard 
Jenkins, Gary 
Jensen, Richard 
Jenkins, Larry 

Jex, John 
Jeppson, Roger 
Kaleta, Gary 
Macdonald, Larry 
McGinn, Joseph 
Mitchell, Carl 
Nelson, Neil F, 
Pierce, Kenneth 
Perry, Lynn 
Peterson, Robert W. 

Pierce, Ron 
Pettingilt, Ted H. 
Smart, Richard J. 
Stoslch. David Jon 
Taylor, Bob 
Taylor, Dave 
Theobald, Neil 
Ward. Ron 
Webber. Robert R. 
Wood. Reid 


Viking social unit presents as its purpose the fostering of fraternal brotherhood 
and friendship through participation in traditional unit activities and by work- 
ing together as a group. This organization was formed in 1928 by charter mem- 
bers including Clyde D. Sandgren and Rulon Paxman. Outstanding alumni in- 
clude Mr. Sandgren, legal counsel for the Brigham Yoimg University. Activities 
for the unit during 1956-57 included an invitational, a dinner-dance, an assem- 
bly with the Val Norns, and a Jiggs party, where members and dates arrived 
decked in cartoon characters garb. Richard Bell served as president and was 
aided during the year by Kent Butterfield, vice-president; Reed Davis, secretary; 
and Gordon Coffman, treasurer. Under this executive group, the Vikings won 
the first place trophy in the 1957 Songfest — Contempora. Other awards of the 
unit include first place for men's presentation during the 1956 Songfest and a 
prize for the outstanding assembly of 1955-56. Viking sponsors are Clyde Sand- 
gren, Dr. Richard Hales, and Bill Dyer, BYU professor. They have assisted in 
the guidance of the unit during its activities and stand as aids and guides to the 
individual members. The Viking unit strives to offer its members an opportunity 
to participate in the activities of the University on a social and a service basis. 
Through such participation the members gain a better knowledge of the school 
and also grow to greater heights both spiritually and socially as an individual. 

Dick Bell, President 


VIKINGS did their share on the assembly produced with Val Norn. Here men brag of their accomplishments to the girls. 

SONGFEST FEATURED the presentation of Ri Veda as the first number on the program singing the song, "Reflections." 

"Sodalatus," the theme of Ri Veda Women's Social 
Unit, means "unity." The purpose of the unit is to 
promote friendship, love, and loyalty through associa- 
tion and to honor and develop respect for womanhood. 
Ri Veda is comparatively young, being reactivated dur- 
ing the Winter Quarter of 1955. Various social activi- 
ties enlivened the year's agenda. These activities in- 
cluded exchanges with the Y Marines, the Brigadiers 
and various other units. The organization also held a 
Valentine party and a buddy party which were quite 

Stuehser. Darlene 
Thomas. Sharon 
Walker. Beverly 

enjoyable for all who attended. The invitational was 
held during October and featured a Hawaiian theme. 
Together with Cesta Tie and Argonauts social units, a 
dinner dance was held May 3 in Salt Lake City. Mar~ 
lene Charles supervised this unit as its president and 
was assisted by Geraldine Allred, Darlene Stuehser 
and Louanne Miles. The unit was comprised of ap- 
proximately twenty girls and was sponsored by Lynn 

SOME of RiVeda's officers were 
Louanne Miles, Marlene Charles 
and Geraldine AUred. 

Aired. Geraldine 
Allred. Lorna 
Bartlett, Janet 
Beasley. Careen 

Blacichurst. Coleen 
Charles. Marlene 
Glenn. Darlene 
Miles, Louanne 

Ortosen, Shirley 
Pace, Vione 
Ruplinger. Kathryn 
Stratford, Nancy 


SOME BACHELORS over 25 receive instruction in development of techniques which may remove them from Chi Sigma XXV. 

Sigma Ctil XXV 

Perhaps the newest, and certainly the most xinique, 
unit on campus is the Chi Sigma XXV. Qualifications 
for membersnip are restrictive: the applicant must be 
male, over twenty-five years of age, single, and not en- 
gaged at the time of rushing. After initiation, members 
who marry must go inactive, but they are retained as 
honorary lifetime members. The unit was first organ- 
ized in October of 1956 after the appearance in the 
Daily Universe of an editorial suggesting the need for 
such an organization. The aim of the organization is 

to provide older bachelors on campus with suitable 
social opportunities to meet and mix with eligible 
young ladies. A Date Chairman arranges short-notice 
blind dates, and an Exchange Chairman contracts ex- 
change gatherings with all-girl organizations. Officers 
of the unit for the year were Robert Crist, president; 
Gordon Taylor and Donald Nelson, vice-presidents; 
and Arlen Harris, secretary. The organization was 
sponsored by Lyman Durfee. 

Barney Ralph 
Bethers, Gordon 
Brown. Farrell 
Crist. Robert 
Croft, Merlin 
Durfee, Lyman 

Forsberg. Robin 
Fye, Rodney 
Garrison. William 
Gasfiler, Dan 
Hadley, Darrell 
Hansen, Kimball 

Harley, Timothy 
Harris, Arlen A. 
Hatch, Dolray O. 
Horn, Gus R. 
Holdewyn, Phil 
Maughan. Scott 

May, Frank O. 
Miller, Donald L. 
Nelson, Donald B. 
Renstron, Keith 
Roberts, Cecil L. 
Schmidt, George W. 

West, Robert 

Smythe. James 


WILLING WORKER spirit shown as White Keys carry Homecoming "Y." COMMITTEE checks accuracy of White Key Directory. 

Vlfhite Key 

The White Keys are always striving to fulfill their 
stated purpose — *'to foster service and to promote a 
spirit of fellowship among students." Membership in 
trie organization is an ultimate honor, signifying four 
years of service, activity, and high scholarship; mem- 
bership is restricted to the top twenty-five girls of the 
Senior class, qualifications being a three-point grade 

average. Most girls in the organization are also officers 
other groups — all are active in student functions. 


Membership included Bonnie Berrett, AWS President, 
Donna Glazier, studentbody secretary, and Pat Strong, 
studentbody first vice-president. Their main activity is 
the preparation of the popular Student Directory. 
Sponsor is Lucille Spencer. 

Anderson, Lois Yvonne 
Arnold, Marilyn 
BerreH, Bonnie 
Brasher, Margaret Elaine 

Butler, Sandra 
Bunnell, Mary Helen 
Decker. Mary 
Edwards, Pat 

Glazier, Donna 
Grimshaw, Barbara 
Hart, Barbzara 
Johnson, Carol 

Humphries, Doris 
Murray, Evelyn 
Ottosen, Nadene 
Sabin, Joan 

Sedgwick, Claiudia 
Stephan, Judy 
Strong, Pat 
Stuart, Maxine 


MEMBERS admire Football Wlieel they sponsored. BLUE KEY members explain functions of organization at openhouse confab. 

Blue Key 

Blue Key is a national men's honor fraternity for upper- 
classmen or third quarter sophomores. Qualifications 
for membership dictate a three-point grade average, ei- 
ther for the two preceding quarters or for the overall rec- 
ord. Besides this scholarship criteria, members are 
selected on the basis of service to the school. 
The purpose of the organization as stated is to perpetu- 

ate and intensify the belief in God, to foster a desire 
to serve college and fellows among students, to study 
student problems, enrich student hfe, and stimulate the 
process and best interests of the Brigham Young Uni- 
versity. Prominent membership included Mike Yoshino, 
Monroe McKay, and Webb Crockett. Sponsor is Briant 

Allred, Bill 
Allred. Joel 
Bateman, Robert E. 
Crockett, Clyll Webb 
Ellison, Howard 
Griffiths, Jerry W. 

Gardner, W. Oallin 
Hanks, Charles W. 
Hilton, Bruce 
Hilton, Ciesse S. 
Hilton, H. Gill 
Hyde, Ronald G. 

Jackson, Norman Heber 
Jacobs, Dee V. 
Kingdon, Eugene Eart 
McArthur, Nedd 
McKay, Barrie 
Mathis, William 

Marlow, John 
Mitchell, Carl 
Peterson, Bruce R. 
Ragsdate, Ronald 
Ricks, Gary 
Monson, Calvin E. 

Simmons, Leiand 
Smart, Richard 
Waltman, Ralph Lawrence 
Westerberg, Bates 
Williamson, Gary 






KNIGHTS help with elections as school service. 

GAME VICTORY brings out bell and trailer to acclaim team. 


DEDICATED TO SERVICE was theme of IK float. 


DeMordaunt, Roger 
Hales, Ron 
Harvey. Ken 
Heath. Frank 
Hegerty, Everrott 
Hemenway. Lynne 
Ivie. Ray 
Jarvis, Mark W. 
Lake, Jay 
Lufkin, Cordell 

Lillywhite, Joy 
Madsen, Charley 
Merrell, Rulon 
Miller, Glen 
Miller, Roger 
Mitchell. Charles R. 
Molloy, Jerry 
Montgomery, Clint 
Moore, Michael 
Quinney, Gary 

Nowell, James 
Palmer, Blaine 
Price, Zack 
Powell, Brad 
Reimers. Richard D 
Relyea, Russell 
Roper, Keston 
Rust. Dilworth 
Schell, Gerald A. 
Smith, Gordon Lea 


Smith. Norman J. 
Sorenson, Line 
Tebbs, Doug 
Thorne. James 
Trane. Paul M. 
Tripp, Paul 
Varney, Joel 
Victor. Roger 
Werner. Dean J. 
Wilson, Richard 

Wilkinson. David 

Intercollegiate Knights 

Gold Y. Chapter of the Intercollegiate Knights outlines as its purpose to per- 
form service to the school and to promote brotherhood among each other and 
IK's from other campuses. The BYU chapter of the national men's service or- 
ganization was founded in 1941 and set many campus traditions since that time. 
Activities of the IK's such as the lighting of the block Y for Hello Week, Home- 
coming, Belle of the Y, Y day, Commencement and ringing of the Y bell after 
BYU sports victories kept members busy during the year. Thev also co-spon- 
sored Belle of the Y Week and Hello Week with Y Calcares and held exchanges 
and invitationals with other service units. Honorable Dute of the unit during 
the 1956-57 year, Paul Webb, headed an executive group composed of Roger 
Victor, vice-auke; Blaine Palmer, worthy scribe; Jay Late, chancellor of the 
exechequor; Roger De Mordaunt, recorder; Lynne Hemenway, expansion of- 
ficer; and Ray Beckham, sponsor. BYU men in order to be qualifiea for mem- 
bership in IK's must page or pledge for one quarter and fulfill certain page re- 
quirements. They must also maintain a 2.5 grade point average. Outstanding 
offices held by IK members during the 1956-57 year included Kelvyn CuUi- 
more, studentbody treasurer. As a service unit, the IK's perform many func- 
tions for the university as a part of their activities. These include ushering. 

Paul Webb, Honorable Duke 

i! n 


tj^j* ff<=) j^^ 

Salatar, Lillle 
Scholes, Carol 
Shumway, Carmen 
Smith, Catherine 
Stadmiller, Bobbi 
Stettler. Carolyn 
Stiriand, Elaine 

Staples, Sue Ann 
Swenson, Marilyn 
Taslcer, Dorothy 
Wright. Dolores 
Walker, Shirley 
Webb, Carolyn 
Zollinger, Janice 

WITH LEFT FOOT UP, the Sponsors are ready to 
start off on the right foot — which is their usual 
procedure as they serve at various functions on 
the Brigham Young University Campus. Here they 
participate in the Homecoming Day parade. 


Anderson, Karen 
Anderson. Sue Marie 
Ashby, Joan 
Ault, Myrna 
Bailey, Barbara 
Baker, Corma 
Beck. Jackie 
Beckstrand. Helen 
Berry, LouJne 
Bodihe, Shirley 

Brimhall, Janelie 
Brooks, Connie 
Burrup, Kaye 
Cahoon, Sharon 
Campbell, Carolyn 
Carter, Annette 
Chandler, Connie 
Collins, Cecily 
Cummings, Karen 
Dixon, Karen 

Durrant. Vicki 
Eliason, Pat 
Flenniken. Daisy 
Grover, Judy 
Hart, Barbara 
Hatch, Antoinette 
Hatch, Donna 
Henry, Diane 
Gyde, Edna Lou 
Ingram, Patricia 

Kozalc, Jackie 
Leishman, Karen 
Lewis, Marilyn 
Lochhead, Lois 
Mattice. Nan 
Merrill, Janet 
Miner. Janet 
Morgan, Marcia 
Nelson, Mary Ann 
Nutter, Diana 

Oberhansley. Loa 
Obregon, Socorro 
Orme, Kathryn 
Oxborrow, Jeanette 
Painter, Beverly 
Poole, Maxine 
Redd. Carolyn 
Reddish, Jackie 
Reed, Maxine 
Robinson, Leona 

Sponsor Corps is affiliated with university AFROTC and its purpose is to 
serve this group as well as BYU and the community. The coea group has a 
social purpose to have fun and make lasting friendships. 
Uniformed members were first seen on campus in 1952 when the four year 
organization was established. Since that time Sponsors have actively partici- 
pated in university functions and services. 

During 1956-57 the 75 members organized a fall Blood Drive, marched in the 
Homecoming parade, presented an assembly and the Military Ball in conjunc- 
tion with the AFROTC, gave a dinner dance, went on flights, held exchanges 
and presented a drill during the MMen Tournament. 

The military saluting of Sponsors on campus walks brought notice to mem- 
bers. And some of the members have won university titles during the year. 
Claudia Sedgwick was Homecoming Queen, Karen Leishman, Sophomore 
Loan Fund Queen; Diane Henry, runner-up for Delta Phi Dream Girl; Shar- 
ron Benson, Belle of the Y; and Janelie Brimhall, runner-up for Belle of the Y. 
In order to be qualified to join the Sponsor Corps applicants must apply in the 
fall and pass the interview and marching reviews as judged by respective 

Officers for 1956-57 were Claudia Sedgwick, commandant, Barbara Hart, ex- 
ecutive officer, Annette Carter, adjutant, Kathy Orme, finance and Col. Bar- 
nett S. Allen, sponsor. 

Claudia Sedgwick, Commandant 






kv W "A, 

Walker. Gail 
Ward. Georgeanna 
Wilcox, Marion 
Woodward. Lee Anna 
Wood, Carol 

SPURS PRACTICE formation and step for Homecoming parade. 

EARLY RISERS notify new members. 


Alder. Liltie 
Alien, Jeanne 
Alter, Marilyn 
Anderson. Marie 
Arnason, Lynefte 
Barry, Barbara 
Bates, Colleen 
Blact:, Marcia 
Blodgett, Joan 
Brim, Beulah 

Brown, Kay 
Browning, Kate 
Bunnell, Ann 
Cook, Barbara 
Coleman, Doreen 
Crandall, SueDette 
Cunningham, Marilyn 
Gardner, Georganne 
Hatch, Diane 
Francis, Jane Ann 

Holmon, Margaret 
Jennings, Glennja 
McDowell, Sylvia 
Mahaffey, Linda 
Matson. Kathryn 
Millar, Jeanne 
Miller, Corena 
Nielson, Susan 
Norman, Mary Jean 
Millett, Oonna 

Poulson, Jennie Lin 
Riggs, Loretta 
Sabin, Elaine 
Solvesen, Patrica 
SItidmore, Emellne 
Skinner, Vetda 
Smith, Janice Ann 
Todd. Marna 
Utschig. Mary 
Swalnston. Kay 


"At your service," is the motto that guides every Spur member in her service 
-projects for BYU. Members of this sophomore women's service unit try to pro- 
mote school spirit and good sportsmanship while carrying our various projects 
for the university. The university branch of the national Spurs organization 
was established in 1954 and during its first year was on probationary status. 
This means that the 19565-7 year is the unit's first as an independent chapter. 
Spur members joined in campus activities of many kinds. They ushered at 
Thursday assemblies, sold tickets, aided in election, "sponsored "singing Valen- 
tines" for the annual holiday, held a birthday dinner celebrating the national 
birthday of the organization, an exchange with IK's, and planning the regional 
Spurs convention which will be held on the BYU campus next fall. Spurs were 
led during 1956-57 by officers Kay Taylor, president; Jeanne Allen, vice-presi- 
dent; Kleina Skousen, secretary fall quarter; Pat Salvesen, secretary winter- 
spring quarter; Mama Todd, treasurer; Doreen Coleman, historian, George- 
arma Ward, editor; and Janis Hull and Margaret Snarr, Junior advisors. Mem- 
bership qualifications for Spurs restrict the applicants to sophomore women 
who are tapped for membership during the spring quarter of the freshman 
year. Coeds must have a 3.0 grade point average and maintain it during their 
sophomore year. Activities in high school, college and church plus a vnlling- 
ness to serve are also taken into consideration. 

ACTUAL PERFORMANCE in Homecoming parade sees Spurs watching to keep in step. Rounding a turn presents a few difficulties. 


PHONE calls and regUtration cards helped Thea AlexU to check phone directory. 


Blackburn, Georgia 

Adamson, Carole 

BadgeH, Yvonne 

Belm, Gabrlelle 

Bischof. Yvonne 

Bulkley, Anne 

Cole, Natalie 

CoonDbs, Suzanne 

Cowley, Elaine 

Farnswofth, Sue 
Goss, Donna 
Dahl, Pat 

Grange. Margaret 
Hammond, Patty 
Hanna. Marian 
Hansen, Nancy Lee 
Hatch, Sandrc 
Hunter llene 
Jacobsen, Sanda 
Jespersen, Pauline 

Johnson, Joneen 
Kartchner, Beverly 
Kearl, Ruth Marie 
Keller, Barbara 
KIrby, Janice 
Lamb, Laurelie 
Lindstrom, Gayle 
McAllister, Cheryl 
McDonald, Kathleen 
Michaells, Elaine 

Muhlestein. Mary K. 
Ostler, Betsy 
Parker, Margo 
Powell, Dixie Lea 
Rohbock, Teddy 
Rowberry, Kara 
Rutherford, Peggy 
Seeley, Peggy 
Senne, Joellen 
Sennhauser, Lore 

Sharp, Barbara J. 
Sharp, Janyce 
Simac, Ellen 
Smith, De Anna 
Smith, Marian 
Smith, Sharon 

Smurthwaite, Mary 

Spalding, Idyll 
Stout, Diane 
Steele, Shirley 

Thea Alexis 

New service unit on the BYU campus, Thea Alexis was organized during Fall 
Quarter and became active during Winter Quarter. The unit is composed of 15 
Freshman girls to promote scholarship ana service among freshman women. 
Purpose of the young organization is to serve the studentboay, encourage activi- 
ty and scholarship, uphold the traditions of the college and promote the "spirit 
of the Y." Members of Thea Alexis must meet qualifications set up by the 
charter group which are: 3.0 grade point average, interest in participating in 
school affairs, and membership in the freshman class when selected. First year 
activities brought the unit members in notice. Blue clad Freshmen aided in 
Spring Quarter voting, registration during Winter and Spring quarters, collec- 
tion of Freshman class dues. Junior Prom ticket sales. Freshman class stationery 
sales, ushered at university functions, and performed other services. Charter 
officers of Thea Alexis are Valeria Hatch, president; Peggy Rutherford, vice- 
president; Melba Whittle, secretary; Jane White, treasvirer; and Diane Hatch, 
sponsor. Miss Hatch was chairman of the organization committee which first 
made plans for the development of a new service vmit. After a successful first 
year on campus, members of the service unit are looking forward to continued 
activity and growth during 1957-58. Thea Alexis members feel that they and 
their unit will fill a vital need in the Freshman classes of the future on the 
BYU campus. 

Valeria Hatch, President 

ORGANIZATION OF UNIT was accomplished with help of Diane Hatch (right). THEA ALEXIS served at election booths. 

Swenson, Shirley 
Swainston, Colleen 
Stenley. Marilyn 
Thomas, Mardle 
Websier. Jeanis 
Wheeier, Carole 
Willtins. Jean 


FELLOWSHIP is a part of Y Calcares as evidenced by expressions on members' faces as they chat. 


Adomson, bmaiie 
Atkisson, Lauretta 
Bobcocl, Barbara 
Barlow, Pauline 
Ber+elsen, Delora 
Boiin, Joan 
Brockbonl:, Kay 
Brown, Anne 
Brown, Lora Lee 
Bringhurst, Pat 

Case. Gayle 
Christensen, Gayte 
Clark, DeLene 
Clarke, Jill 
Duerden, Frosty 
Dunn, Pat 
Esler, Sally 
Handley, Carolyn 
Harris, Sharon Kaye 
Evans, Jean 

Hoggan, Donna 
Johansen, Joyce 
Johnson, Charlene 
Johnson, Joan 
Johnstone, Marilyn 
Jones, Ann 
Jones, Ruth Junene 
Markham, Barbara 
Myrup, Marilyn 
McCune, Jeanne 

Nielsen, Betty Jo 
Olsen, Pat 

Resband, Karma 
Radford, Margaret 
Rodford, Ruth 
Ricks, Sharon 
Semadeni, Irene 
Shipp, Sherry 
Smyth, Marilyn 
Snarr, Margaret 

Y Calcares offers Junior women an opportunity to participate in campus service 
projects, uphold traditions of the University, promote school spirit and aid in all 
school activities. The members sei-ve by ushering and other school activity aids. 
Origin of the service unit is unknown although it has been in existence on the 
campus for many years. It was a two-year organization for sophomore and 
junior women until 1956 when it was changed to a one-year unit for Junior 
women only. During the 1956-57 school year, YC members were seen ushering 
at assemblies, helping with elections and lyceums, and passing out programs at 
football games. Social activities included an invitational with IK's during 
Spring Quarter. YC officers for the year were La Dean Wright, president; Ann 
Jones, vice-president; Colleen Swainston, secretary; Irene Semadini, treasurer; 
Joyce Johansen, historian-reporter; and Martha Jenny, sponsor. Membership in 
the organization is taken from Junior women who have a 3.0 grade point aver- 
age, an active interest and participation in school activities which is aetermined 
by the YC point system, and a willingness to serve. Members of this service tmit 
take an interest in the university as a large area in which to do services and 
gain intellectual and spiritual growth. Their many projects take them into vari- 
ous phases of campus life. 

LaDean Wright, President 


CAMPUS LAWNS furnish comfortable place for conversation. 

USHERING at school functions was Y Calcares service 

COUGARETTES were precision marchers from the Frosh coeds. Here they await their cue to perform <at game. 

Spectators at the BYU home games enjoyed the per- 
formances of the Cougarettes. They displayed their tal- 
ents at the Utah and New Mexico football games, Fall 
quarter. Halftime shows were also presented at the 
Oregon, USAC, Utah, and New Mexico basketball 
games. Cougarettes has developed from a cheering sec- 
tion to a march and dance group promoting pep 
throughout the school and participating in all pep ac- 
tivities. Cougarette Diane Stevenson was elected Miss 
Formal and Banyan Ball Queen. Another Cougarette, 

Becky Campbell, was an attendant to the Banyan Ball 
Queen. Freshman girls with poise, beauty, showman- 
ship, marching ability, dancing ability, personality, and 
dependability may become a Cougarette. Janice Abbott 
served as the club's commandant. Other officers were 
Janice Martin, president; Suzanne Gould, social chair- 
Joyce Bailey and Shirley Miller, activity chair- 


men; Dody Murray, secretary-treasurer; Clare Schroe- 
ter, publicity and historian. 

Latimer, Lynne 
Lowder, Kim 
Martin, Janice 
Mason, Gloria 
Miller, Shirley 
Moore, Sharon 

Murray, Dody 
Olson, Deanna 
Robinson, Shirley 
Schow, Sharon 
Schoeter, Clare 
Traver, Lonnie 

Stenvenson, Diane 
Yardley, Nancy 
Westwood, Susan 
Storrs, Elaine 
Yea+es, Carol 
Walker, De Ann 

Abbott, Janice 
Bailey, Joyce 
Campbell, Becky 
Christensen, Josephine Ann 

Christensen, Myrna 
Cook. Sue 
Gillison, Mary Lou 

Evans, Cheryl 
Gould, Suzanne 
Green, Sherriann 
Herron, Barbara 
Hess, Lee Ann 
Kirk, Tamsin 
Jones, Virginia 


Bob Beishline, 

Gary Casper, 

President of 


Lambda Delta 

Alpha Chapter 


Gordon Burrell, 
Gamma Chapter 

Arva Jtrfinson 
Omicron Chapter 

Deon Bean, 

Ann England, 



Psi Chapter 

Chi Chapter 

Lambda Delta Sigma 

Bearing the initials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 
this unit stresses leadership, fellowship, culture, intellectuality and 
spirituality. The first Lambda Delta Sigma unit was organized on the 
University of Utah campus in 1936 by Dr. Lowell Bennion and a 
group of students. It became national in 1941 and now has chapters 
on the campuses of over twenty colleges. With a president, tnree 
vice-presidents and several other officers, this organization shows 
vitality by the many functions which it sponsors. This year they held 
a Fall Formal, a Sweetheart Ball, a Theme Party and many chapter 
activities. They also made their annual trip to the art gallery in 
Springville and enjoj^ed several hours of culture. The L.D.S. club 
also had a hospital program by which visits were made to cheer up 
patients and pro^dde them with entertainment. Robert Beishline acted 
as the president of Lambda Delta Sigma and was assisted by the 
various chapter heads. The coordination of all activities required 
careful planning and scheduling. The students were helped in this by 
their sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Rich, Mr. and Mrs. Hynim L. 
Andrus, and Mr. and Mrs. Reed M. Izatt. 

STORY OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN was the theme of Lambda Delta Sigma's float in the Homecoming parade and digressed 
about as far back as possible in keeping with theme, "Remember When?" 

k^.._aff ^ 


Lambda Delta Sigma 

HAPPY COUPLES dance at Lambda Delta Sigma's "Silver Bell" dance, one of the many enter- 
tainments sponsored by them during the year (above). Close together like sardines* almost, was 
the case more often than not as Lamba Delta took their unique ''hayless" hayride just before 
Christmas (below). 

Bird, Donna 
Anderson, Lawrence 
Baker, Vee Ann 
Brewster, Marda 
Briqqs, Lucille 
Broadbenf, Ray Siddoway 
Brown, Cheryl 
Burnside, Clyde 
Call, James Richard 

Cardon, Anita 
Cardon, Ellen 
Carpenter, Lila 
Carter, H. Dennis 
Circuit, Jefi 
Currier, Jim 
Danks, Leora 
Downey, Frank 
Driskell, Carolyn 

Drake, Asa 
Dunford, Thomas J. 
Dunn, Heber G. 
Elzinga, Lavelle 
Elzlnqa, Yvonne 
Field, Ray A. 
Fowkes, Ivan Gene 
Gibson. Carol Jeafi 
Hall, Robert 

Hickman. Cherj 
Halladay. Ann 
Hamilton, Naomi 
Heaton, Carol Jean 
Holdsberg. Carroll 
Hynst, Kathleen 
Iwaasa, Henry 
Johnson, Nancy 
King, Stephen 

Marshall. Mina 
Larsen, Ruby 
Mcllrath, Pat 
Matthews, Tom 
Morgan. Scott 
Morris, Carol Jean 
Nielsen, Franklin O. 
Newman, Dianne 
Newman, Peggy 

Nelson, Narene 
Nordgren, Vickl Dawn 
0"Leary. Sharon 
Olsen. Elaine 
Pearson Vernon 
Peterson, Mary Jo 
Porter, Patricia 
Richardson, Ralph L. 
Rich, Merilynne 

Rock. Gordon 
Richins, Deanna 
Robertson, Kenneth 
Rogers, Milton 
Roper, Ron 
Russell, Carol 
Russell, John 
Sampson, Shirley 
Scalf, Robert 

Short, Marjory 
Smith, Marilyn 
Speas, James 
Speckart, Philip 
Spencer, Vartan 
Stepp, Caroline 
Stringham. Ruth 
Webb, Kay 
Welch, Norma 

Warren. Connie 
Whittaker, Arthur 




TUTORING SERVICE was one activity of Lambda Delta. STUDENTS of scholarship unit chat on the various activities held by their u« 


Ashby. Joan 
Alder. LMIIe 
Allen, Jeonne 
Aranson, Lynette 
Barney, Patricia 
Barry, Barbara 
Bloomfleld. Beverly 
Boel, Anne 
Brim, Beulah 
Burrup. Kaye 

Browning, Kate 
Christensen, Da 
Coolc, Barbara 
Crose, Carrol 
Cunningham, Marilyn 
Derr, Loretta 
Digerness, Sarah 
Francis, Jane Ann 
Gilchrist, Diane 
Hadley, Lenet 

Hansen, M. Margaret 
Hatch, Diane 
Holman. Sharon 
Hyde. Peggy 
King, Gwen 
Lundell, Connie 
Mahaffey, Linda 
Millar, Jeanne 
Johnson, Barbara 
McBride, Carol 

Norman, Mary Jean 
McClellan, Norene 
McDowell, Sylvia 
Miller. Corena 
Okelborry, Eva 
Palmer, Nedra 
Parkinson, Jerrolyn 
Peterson. Margene 
Poulson, Jennie Lin 
Salvensen, Patricia 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

"To promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning, and to encourage 
superior scholastic attainment among the Freshmen women in our institutions 
of higher learning." So reads the preamble of Alpha Lambda Delta, a national 
organization brought to this campus seven years ago. Coeds must earn a 3.5 
grade point average for the first two quarters of their Freshman year in order 
to qualify for membership. Intending not only to provide a place where girls 
can meet together for intellectually stimulating programs. Alpha Lambda Delta 
promotes academic improvement among the entire Freshman class by organiz- 
ing a tutoring service which offers personal help to all those desiring it. To bet- 
ter utilize this worthwhile service, these Freshmen tutors coordinate their efforts 
with the regular school counseling service. In keeping also with their goals of 
encouraging all around intelligence, the group names honorary members on the 
basis of their contributions to the fostering of Alpha Lambda Delta ideals. Al- 
ready, Lillian C. Booth, currently on leave from her position as Counselor for 
Women, Miss Iva Lou Peterson, and Dr. Irene Osmond Spears, have been 
honored with memberships. Miss Gwen Whitehead, in her first year on the 
English faculty, acts as sponsor of this year's organization, which also receives 
help traditionally from a Junior Class coed. 

Colleen Bates, President 

BI-MONTHLY MEETING of the unit is presided over by President 
Colleen Bates. Lectures and demonstrations are often held. 

rz> r 

Spencer, Karl 
Summers. Walton C. 
Waldron, Acie 
West. Emerson 
Wrathall. Jay W. 
Wray, Jerry 

PARTY SCENE on Delta Phi assembly (above). J. Wiley 
Sessions makes presentation to Dream-girl Helen Wilson at 
the annual ball (below). Heinz Hubler does juggling act on 
assembly (right). 


Abplanalp, Dalloy O. 
Arnell. Heaps 
Atkinson. Nilo 
Bateman, Robert E. 
Branch, Merrill 
Chriitensen. Winston 
Clark. Ralph 
Crockett. Clyll Webb 
Davis, Lloyd 
Echols, Robert 

Fye. Rodney W. 
Guyman, Duane 
Hollingworth, Mish 
Jensen, Don 
Jones, David Reese 
Jones, Gerald 
Kenney. Kenneth B. 
Koldewyn, Phil 
May, James A. 
McKay. Monroe 

Nielson, Ray P. 
Nuttall, Paul 
Okelberry, O. Jack 
Patten, Benton 
Petit, Robert 
Phelps. Richard L. 
Ray, Alyric 
Rice, Millard 
Scott, Jim 
Stubbs, Glen 

Delta Phi 

Delta Phi has the distmction of being the first Greek letter fraternity organized 
in Utah and one of the first west of the Mississippi River. The purpose of he 
organization IS to provide an honorary fraternity for returned nTissionaries to 
keep fellowship and missionary spirit, and to be of service to fellow students 
Delta Phi made its first appearance in 1869 as a debating society on the campus 
?QoS University of Deseret. now the University of UtaK. It was reorganiz Jin 
1920 under direction of John A. Widtsoe, then president of the University Z 
an organization for returned missionaries. In addition to BYU seven other col- 
lege and umyersity campuses boast Delta Phi chapters. Qualification for mem- 
bership require any male to have served as a missionary for six months or more 
fulMime, without pay Outstandmg alumni and members include Stephen L 
Richards, J. Reuben Clark, Jr. Joseph F. Merrill, John A. Widts^, and 
Ma thew Cowley. A full slate of social activities is carried on each year by 

Max Garrett, President 



O r) 






DELTA PHI CHORUS take. «. «««.! tour to some part ol United States. They are known for their h««ony «.d versatility. 


Delta Phi 

BARRIE McKAY and Elaine Stirland dance at ball. FLOORSHOW presented at Sweeheart ball — Sentimental Journey. 

HOODED CHARACTER pours bucket of water on 
pledge's head at "kangaroo" court held at Delta Phi 

REGULAR MEMBERS of unit give "thumbs down" on pledge as mock 
judge asks for sentence of guilty or not guilty at court session. 

PLEDGE TAKES "solemn" oath at Delta Phi "kangaroo" court. Gags and tricks were the general occurence at this annual event. 


GAMMA PHI members take a group of high school students on a tour of campus facilities and housing of Brigham Young University. 

Gamma Phi Omicron 

Gamma Phi Omicron, the oldest honorary organization 
for women on campus, began the year with pledging 
activities including a goat dinner and a formal initia- 
tion ritual. Upperclass women who are majoring in 
some field of home economics, who have a good pro- 
fessional attitude, and who have and maintain a high 
scholastic average are welcomed as members. 
The promotion of high ideals in home economics, a 

spirit of professionalism in the department, and su- 
perior scholarship are the Gamma Phi Omicron goals. 
Spring quarter a birthday banquet to honor alumni 
was presented and the group attended the state Home 
Economics Convention in Salt Lake City. They also 
led tours through the new Smith Family Living 

Barlow, Pauline 
Beckstrand, Coro! Nan 
Bennion, Lucille 
Brasher. Elaine 
Canty, Jenean 
Case, Gayle 

Cheney, Marian 
Clorlt, DeLene 
Clarlc, Nelda 
Dalton. Geneve 
Drake. Jonel 
Hunter, Margaret 

Enlce, Ruth 
Hess, Carlene 
Johonsen, Joyce 
Johnson Anna 
Johnson, Chorlene 
Johnson, Verno 

McFarlond, MeTva 
Olsen. Wanda 
Orme, Kathryn 
Ottosen, Nadene 
Redford Ruth 
Redford, Margaret 


FRONT ROW: Larry K. Vaughn, Dee Lynn Smith, Tom Read, Stanley Oshima, J. K. Berry, P. David Norris. 
Gates, Douglas Dill, Marlin E. Boyer, Eugene Devenport, Ronald Van Leuven, Tom Kennedy, Eugene Smith. 

BACK ROW: Keith T. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Alpha Phi Omega, Eta Omicron Chapter, welcomed 
BYU students who were affiliated with the Boy Scout 
movement during the year or at sometime in their life 
into the club's activities. An initiation ceremony and a 
banquet highlighted each quarter's activity schedule. 
Royal B. Stone sponsored the group which was organized 
to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout 
Oath and Law, to develop friendships and to promote 
service to humanity. Ron Vanheumen served as presi- 
dent, Tom Kennedy, vice-president, and Larry Vaughn, 

FRONT FOW: Sharon Sims, Priscilla Pulliam, Carol Johnson, 
bara Berry, Joyce Mills. 

Epsilon Chi Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon was organized 
on the BYU campus in 1955 to administer aid to the 
mentally ill through music, to advance music in Ameri- 
ca, to promote musicianship and scholarship, and to 
develop a true sisterhood. Tne group participated in a 
Formal Founders' Day Banquet with the University of 
Utah Chapter in November. A pledge recital and a bene- 
fit concert were also on their schedule. Carol Partridge 
is president of this club for music majors and minors. 
Betty Hoover, Jeanette Boyack, and Carol Johnson are 
other officers. Mrs. Ralph Woodward is the sponsor of 
the group. 

Mu Phi Epsilon 

Carol Partridge. BACK ROW: Naomi Christensen, Venae Bryan, Bar- 


FIRST ROW: Daniel L. Martino, Eddie Krieger, President; Robert Stephens, Karl H. Bodon, Eugene Jensen, J. J. Keeler. 


Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 

On the campus of Brigham Young University, art and 
its appreciation are paramount. In order to bring forth 
and publicize good music. Phi Mu Alpha was organized 
on the campus five years ago. Another of their aims is 
to stimulate an interest in music, and therefore, they 
make no requirement of members other than an interest 
and desire to learn about music. Persons may join either 
on application or invitation. Opportunity is given to 
associate with prominent music faculty whereby mutual 
enjoyment is received. Other associations of music, 
namely Mu Phi Epsilon, join with this unit in the com- 

Sleting of their aims. Phi Mu Alpha meets each Mon- 
ay evening in social, business or cultural capacities, 
where, under the direction of Eddie Krieger, president, 
and Clawson Cannon, sponsor, policies and plans of the 
club are formulated. Although the nimiber of active 
members is quite small, it being only four; many past 
members are on the campus. Among them are Newell 
Weight, Carl Fuerstner, Norman Gulbrandsen, J. J. 
Keeler, Lawrence Sardoni, Don Earl, Brandt Curtis, 
Ralph Laycock, Clawson Cannon, Ralph Woodward and 
Dan Martino. 

PHI MU ALPHA encourages development of such musical appreciation groups as this male quartet organized from A Cappella Choir. 
Members are Virgil Camp, Howard Putnam, Jerry Ottley and Eddie Krieger. They are widely known and participate here on TV show. 


Scoresby, Marilyn 
Scoresby, Mary Lou 
Smellie, Marilyn 
Weight, Gloria 
Wilding. Ru+h 
Yingling, Laura 

SHOMRAH KIYEL members who are waiting for the return of some missionary get together often in informal groups and parties. 




Auger, Rae 

Alcorn. Marlene 
Austin. Gaylia 
Batlantyne, Kay 
Barrow, Barbara Joan 
Bassett, Etouise 
Baxter, Laree 
Beard, Bernice 
Bird. Carol 
Boyer, Nada 

Braithwaite, Ruthmary 
Bremer, Fiorina 
Buttars, LaReen 
Christensen, lla 
Clark, Ranae 
Cluff. Gay 
Cook, Colleen 
Curtis, Delene 
Oenos, Janet 
Draper. Marva 

Evans, Jean 

Eberhard. Colletto 
Ellis. Geralyn 
Forsllng, Ann 
Fortini, Pat 
Greaves, Karren 
Hamilton, Donna 
Knight, Marlene 
Larsen, Barbara 
Lasson, Carolyn 

Macumber, Ann 
Leigh, Dorene 
Nelson, Pat 
Packer, Eileen 
Packer, LoRane 
Pugh, Sandra 
Pugmire, Pat 
Richie, Gwena 
Robb, Renee 
Schofield, Ha Claire 

Shomrah Klyel 

The uniqueness of Shomrah Kiyel is explained only by the uniqueness of a uni- 
versity whose male students are constantly leaving for the mission field. The 
girls they leave behind — their wives and sweethearts — unite under this Hebrew 
name, signifying women of strength, courage, valor, and virtue, for the purpose 
of cultivating spiritual growth while providing each other with social com- 
panionship during their long wait. Organized in the spring of 1955, this unusual 
group of devoted women, under the leadership of Gloria Paramore Firmage, has 
an average active membership of fifty, a figure which fluctuates as missionaries 
leave and return. With a core centering upon spiritual values. Shomrah Kiyel 
promotes the cultural, creative, aesthetic, and home interests of each girl. To 
realize these goals, Shomrah Kiyel activities include inspirational meetings with 
noted speakers, book reviews, talent programs, and practical home demonstra- 
tions by members. Traditional activities on the social calendar are slimiber 
parties, a Sweetheart Banquet, Junior Prom party, volleyball games and a 
Spring breakfast. The highlight of the current year was a sunrise service along 
with their Spring breakfast. With activities which allow these girls to share the 
experiences of their missionary-sweethearts, the future is made more assuring 
for those fellows who are responsible for Shomrah Kiyel. 

Gloria Firmage, President 

SWEETHEART DINNER was big event of the year and replaced dinner dance of other units. Invitations were sent to fiancees. 


FRONT ROW: Margurette Weaver, Linda Andrews, Joyce Baxter, Mickey Barrow, Roger Rugg. SECOND ROW: Jack Nelson, Dr. Alonzo 
Morley, John Burton, Buddy Kimball, Glen Peck. BACK ROW: Jerry Murphy, Shirley Larsen, Ruth Heber, Frances Armstrong, Jean 
Baziw, William Williams. 

Sigma Alpha Eta 

Majors in clinical speech and hearing who have shown 
marked interest in this field and who have, as undergrad- 
uates, ranked in the top third of their class, compose the 
Alpha Gamma Chapter on this campus of the Sigma 
Alpha Eta national professional society. Intended to 
stimulate the interest of more people in this field, and to 
promote exchange of professional ideals among colleges, 
the national organization was established in 1949. BYU's 

facilities in clinical speech and hearing make the Alpha 
Gamma Chapter an active and close knit one, shown by 
their first place award in the Mixed voices section of the 
1956 Son Festival. Officers this year are Bud Kimball, 
Elaine Erickson, Glen Peck, and Linda Andrews. Group 
activities include programs of professional interest and 
occasional socials. 

UNIT MEMBER works with children who need help with speech and hearing. This club is organized to give people wider experience. 


FRONT ROW: June Meiners. Nancy Briggs, Marian Green. Alice Schindler. BACK ROW: Robert Boren, Rete GUbert, Glen Dona 
Staker, Keith Rooker, 

Tau Kappa Alpha and Forenslcs 

Carrying on in the tradition which recalls both President 
Wilkinson and President A. Ray Olpin of the University 
of Utah debating at the BYU, the Forensics Society con- 
tinues to keep the university on top of competitive speech 
ranks in the Intermountain West. Participating in speech 
tournaments from coast to coast, the team managed to 
come off with their share of first places in debate and in- 
dividual events. This year's president, Nancy Briggs, won 

additional recognition as a national representative to Tau 
Kappa Alpha, which boasts among its alumni. President 
Olpin and Dean Emeritus T. L. Martin of the BYU. 
Other officers this year were Robert Boren, Norman King, 
and Keith Rooker. Jed Richardson coached the debators. 
Highlights of this year's competition were trips to Denver 
for the Regional Meet, and a trip to Rutgers, N. J., in 

FRONT ROW: June Meiners, Nancy Briggs, Nancy Price, Lenet Hadley, Alice Schlinder. SECOND ROW: Roger Jeppson, ReU Gilbert, 
Keith Jenkins, Loren Crane, Keith Rooker. BACK ROW: Norman E. King. Kathryn White. Glen Dona SUker, Arlene Arlt. Robert 


FRONT ROW: Ada Ruth Jones, Barbarajean Nelson, Claudia Bowers, DeNell Chrismon, Dean Werner. SECOND ROW: Kenneth 
Skousen, Norman Pruett, Stanley Jackson, Velda Skinner, Gary Montierth, Richard McLaws, David Flake, Don Kenney, Carolyn 
Mortensen. BACK ROW: Beverly Bloomfield, Lorna Allred, Loretta Riggs, Nathel Hutchinson, Lynn Standifird, Diane Smith, De- 
anna Dory. 


To provide real western fun and fellowship among stu- 
dents from the Sunset State is the goal of the Arizona 
Club. Much of the credit for promotion of activities 
with a western flavor on the BYU campus must be giv- 
en to the Arizona Club. The Arizona Daze celebration 
which was sponsored by the club has grown into the 
annual campus-wide Western Week with its assembly, 
rodeo, old-west displays, and dance. Events on the 

club calendar during the year included a series of 
western dances held Fall Quarter, the annual Spanish 
supper held in March, and the traditional sponsoring 
of the dance which culminates Western Week festivi- 
ties. Club officers were Kenneth Skousen, president; 
Norman Pruett, vice-president; and Deanna Dory, 
secretary. The club's sponsor was President Harvey L. 
Taylor of the University administration. 

SAD SACK typical of Western Daze. 

HILARIOUS HAY DAY and refreshment, too; in other words, Western Daze. 


FRONT ROW: Judy Peterson. Jean Craw, Carolyn Driskell, Gayle Craw. BACK ROW: Howard HiU, Doug Bush, Gordon Echols, 
Marilyn Benson, Wayne Bates, Don Biery. 


To the California Club belongs the distinction of holding 
all-time memberships. This club, organized in 1947, 
held a variety of activities to encourage club members to 
get acquainted with fellow Califomians and to provide 
service opportunities. After-game parties, firesides, an 
annual Christmas party (instituted this year), and a 
party spring quarter made for an eventful year. As a 

commendable service project, the club held parties for 
ward patients in the Utah State Hospital. The Cali- 
fomians turned out in force to welcome Senator Know- 
land when he visited the "Y" campus. They were also 
active in Intramural Sports, the Club football team 
taking second place in its division. Howard Hill headed 
the organization as its president. 

CALIFORNIA CLUB president, Howard Hill, welcomes Senator Knov, land to the BYU campus and presents him with California flag. 


FRONT ROW: Ron Dills, Jeanne Webb, Eleanor Brockbank, Voncile Owens, Betty Butler, Naomi Hamilton, Marilyn Miller, Timothy 
Walter Harley. SECOND ROW: L. Allen Watson, Tanya Dillman, Judy Hunt, Shirley Q. Sampson, Kay Henderson, Janice Woods, 
Donald Richard Dewey. BACK ROW: James David Sullivan, Vernon W. Mattson, Warren F. Crapse, Gary Tribett, Janice Opp, Paul 
Hamilton, Ervil Welch. 

of firesides. The Confederates also entered a float in the 
Homecoming Parade. This club was formed on campus 
during the Autumn quarter of 1955, and although it is 
a young organization it claimed twenty-two active 
members this year. Faculty sponsor for the club was 
Lieutenant Phillip Grindstaff, and Roy Spradley direct- 
ed the club's many activities. 

Students who live in the South and those with an inter- 
est in the South enjoyed activities among fellow Rebels 
in the Confederate Club. A full schedule of social events 
this year included a roller skating party, a tobogganing 
and a "tacky" party held during Winter quarter, and a 
swimming and a canyon outing held Spring quarter. 
Club projects included sponsoring dances and a series 

FRONT ROW: Kay Hackney, Treasurer; Virginia Blunck, Vice-pres.; Diane Brown, Fireside Chairman; Melba Tolson, Secretary; Celia 
Langford, Historian. BACK ROW: Mac Cartin, Program Committee Chairman; Roy Spradley, President; Barbara Parry, Publicity; 
Ronnie Blair, Activity Chairman. 


FRONT ROW: James J. Layton, Terese Olsen, Lucile Trost. Judith Prussc. Howard Larson. SECOND ROW: Karen Olsen, Shirley 
Call, Pat Mcllrath, Sharon Hatch, Carolyn Rice, Sharlcen Taylor, Georgia Moore. BACK ROW: Carole Adamson, Dee Ann Sjoblom, 
Kenneth Mano, Roger Nalder, Paul C. Smith, Sandra Adams, Jayne Evans. 

A new geographical club organized this year for the 
purpose of acquainting member-students with others 
from the same locality is the Davis Club. Drawing its 
membership from Davis County, the next county 
north of Salt Lake County, the club illustrates, by the 
fact of its recent organization, that the BYU is grow- 
ing in size and prestige so as to draw more students 
from areas which previously sent most of their college- 

ags youth to closer state universities. Officers in this 
charter year organization have spent most of their 
energies in mapping out the future for Davis County 
groups to came. They are Paul C. Smith. President; 
Day Marie Parkin, vice-president; Joe Klein, secre- 
tary. Lucile Trost acted as sponsor of the group offer- 
ing guidance and advice. The officers worked closely 
with her in promoting the club's activities. 


CLUB MEMBERS have informal get together after discussing club business matters. Refreshments are always a part of informality. 


FRONT ROW: Irene Semadeni. LUa Barber, Margie Torrey, LoAnne Jex, Patsy Redd, George Perkins. SECOND ROW: Keith Beagles, 
William Halls, Donna Marie Redd, Lorene Potts, Neal Thomas. BACK ROW: Keith Shumway, Almonte Barton, Robert A. Jones, Gary 
Lee Shumway, Glen Jones. 


Students from the San Juan Basin and Colorado joined 
in the organization of the Colo- Juan Club in January 
of 1955. Since then, this unit has functioned as a rec- 
reational and social outlet for the members claiming 
its name. Keith Shumway served as president of the 
unit and was aided in his duties by Neal Thomas and 
Lorene Potts. Some of the activities held this year were 
a roller skating party, an ice skating party, and a can- 
yon party. Through these and regular meetings friend- 
ships and social contacts were increased. 

The purpose of the Danish-Norwegian Club is to 
maintain and stimulate interest in the Danish and 
Norwegian cultures; to provide social activities, and to 
stimulate genealogical research. Activities during the 
year included a Scandinavian Christmas tree party, 
folk dancing, various parties, dances and firesides. 
Officers were John Matsen, president; Charles Mad- 
sen, vice-president; and Gary C. Williamson, secretary- 
treasurer. Ellis T. Rasmussen was sponsor. 

Danish - Norviregian 

FRONT ROW: Jim Baker, Burt Johnson. Jay Ross Hyer, Larry Slaughter, Anthon Lewis. BACK ROW: Charlie Madsen, Everett Hag- 
gerty, Kristian Aase, Gary Williamson, John Matsen. 


FRONT ROW: Scott Squires, Mary Helen Clark (President), Sharcn Heaton, Rosalie Slade, Marlene Frei, Mary Alice Foremaster, 
Don Burris. SECOND ROW: Richard Hunt, Boyd Clark, Brooks Taylor, Mrs. Ross Mc Arthur (Faculty Sponsor), Mr. Ross Mc Arthur 
(Faculty Sponsor), Harlan Harrison. BACK ROW: May Workman, LaRene Mortensen, Pat Rust, Ila Dawn Sullivan, Karl Brooks, 
Mary Lou Atkin, LaPbel Holt. 


The Dixie Club endeavors to maintain the common 
interest of students who have formerly attended Dixie 
College, or who have their homes and allegiances in 
the "South" of Utah. Activities during the year includ- 
ed eight firesides, several parties, skating and swim- 
ming excursions, and a canyon trip. Officers were 
Mary Helen Clark, president; Karl Brooks, vice-presi- 
dent; and Mary Alice Foremaster, secretary-treasurer. 
Ross McArthur was sponsor. 

Cache Valley Club provides activities for students from 
Cache Valley. The club is set up to bring in students 
from Southern Idaho as well as Northern Utah. Activi- 
ties included socials, parties, and participation in 
sports. President for the year was Larry Benson. Lyle 
Toggart had the duties of vice-president, with Ruby 
Larsen as secretary, and Joyce Martin, treasurer. As- 
sisting these officers in carrying out the year's activi- 
ties were Louise Last and Verl Lamb as social chair- 
men. Glen Peterson as sports director, and LaDawn 
Whittle, Idaho reporter, and Pauline Anderson, Utah 

Cache Valley 


FRONT ROW: Verl Lamb, Louise Last, Darlene Brown, Stanton Nuffer, Paul Swainston. BACK ROW: Larry Benson, Jeanene Jenson, 
Joyce Martin, Lyle Toggart, Ruby Larsen, Ray Wiser. 


FRONT ROW: Dorothy Brown, Maria Elena Chaviz, Ruth McKay, Georgina Gonzalez, Theresa Bandfeldt, Olga M. Stiarez Cardona, 
Connie Bonilla, Alicia Gonzalez, Iris Heinzig, Miguel Rossal. SECOND ROW: Alberto DeHoyos, Dennis Ward, Yung Sik Kim, Francisco 
CeboUada, Lucia Panuncio, Arturo Barrios, Jorge Mario Lopez, Juan Jose Rodas, Constantine Politis, Margaret Thomas, Lilia Perez. 
THIRD ROW: Shib Chattorai, Youn Chi, Hilkka Kangasniemi, Yong Soon Kim, Yvonne McKay, Estela Raya, Marie Sauvaget, 
Tomiko Imai, Raul Garcia, Cho Yanglai, Ki Sung Ho. BACK ROW: Gercharin Gill, Dian Davis, Eric Brodin, Dalphine Ward, Rafael 
Castillo, Ruth Schmalz, Ken Gillie, Beth Johnson, Joan Hacking, Dan Johnson. 

Foreign Students 

"What is it like in your country?" In the activities of the 
BYU Foreign Students Club the answer to this question 
may be found while mingling with students from many 
lands. Club membership is open to all foreign-born stu- 
dents and to American students interested in making and 
developing international friendships. Cultural evenings 
promoting an understanding of other lands and peoples 
were held as a regular club activity. The club was formed 

during the summer quarter of 1956. Social events during 
this first year of activities included after-game parties, a 
tobogganing party held Winter Quarter, and an outing 
during Spring Quarter. Officers: Rafael E. Castillo, presi- 
dent; Yvonne Mckay, vice-president; Dalphine N. Ward, 
secretary; and Ruth Schmalz, treasurer. Sponsor was Dr. 
Selby G. Clark. 

WITH BACKDROP of Mexican snowman, 
foreign students learn to know each other 
and shake hands in American way (left). 
Variety of games amuse students at party 


FRONT ROW: Tatsuo Takeuchi, Mary Kekaula, Judith Naumu, George Kojima, Donna Shimoda, Annie Akau, Lena Davis, Keala 
Aikau, Rosie Tufaga. SECOND ROW: Ernest Tsuji, Philip Kekauoha, James Kashiwagi, Robert Ho, Kaui Nahulu, Socorro Obregon, 
Margaret Kahuena, Betty Silva, Lauae Long, EMith Kahoilua. THIRD ROW: Allen Hiyashi, Stanley Oshima, Sharon Quick, Margery 
Kekauoha and daughter, Shirley lokepa, Ipo Moikeha, Margaret Adechi, Kathleen Teragawa, Marjorie Uyeda, Delthia Akiu and 
daughter. BACK ROW: John Kapele, Roy Runnels, Carol Ragonton, Gilbert Abrigo, Henry Long, Glenn Kukahiko, Samuel Kekauoha, 
Robert Uyehara, Keith Price, Donald Hatori. 


A taste of life and culture of the islands is carried to the 
BYU campus by members of the Hawaiian Club. Since its 
organization in 1948, the Hawaiian Club has produced, 
among other accomphshments, superior intramural ath- 
letic teams, two Homecoming queens, very original 
Homecoming floats, and outstanding entertainment fea- 
turing authentic songs and dances of the islands. A full 
calendar of activities this year began with a welcome 

back party Fall Quarter and continued with a Thanks 
giving party, a Beachcomer's party, an invitational 
dance, a spring show performer for the studentbody, and 
the year was climaxed with a farewell party given in 
honor of the graduating senior members. Some officers 
were Phillip Kekauoha, Robert Uyehara, Judith Puanani 
Naumu, and Margaret Adachi. E. Wayne Wright was 
club sponsor. 


HAWAIIAN ENTRY in Homecoming parade depicted scenes from the Islands. Authentic costumes and music added charm to theme. 


FRONT ROW: Dolores Ann Bock, Myra Faye Mortensen, Kenley Kulp, Karen Randall, Diane Boulet, Pauline M. Jespersen, Norma 
Welch. SECOND ROW: Mike Dean, Rod Johnson, Sharon L. Fritz, Caryl Ann Waldvogel, Judy Grover, Nancy Smith, Jeff Circuit. 


The Illinois-Wisconsin Club was founded in 1956 by Jef- 
frey Circuit, the present club president. The purpose of 
the organization is to promote friendship among students 
from the same general area and to represent the states 
of Illinois and Wisconsin at the BYU. To be a member of 
the club, one must have lived in either Illinois or Wis- 
consin, and adhere to the standards of the Church. They 

must actively support the club. Meetings were held bi- 
monthly and were divided into two parts: business and 
social. The group enjoyed many dances during the school 
year, in addition to sponsoring firesides. Sharon L. Fritz 
served as vice-president; Myra Faye Mortensen was sec- 
retary; and Mike Dean handled the duties of treasurer. 

CLUB ENJOYS unique dance requiring rolled pants. STRING GAME used to find partner gets everyone confused in the middle. 



FRONT ROW: Tavita Fitisemanu, Wayne Lemmon, Joyce Willbank, Duane Winn, Janice Larsen, Bill Martin, Shirlee Huskinson, 
Grant Grover, Tom Peck. Woody Nulson, Eleanor Petersen. Phil Be lion. SECOND ROW: Alan Grey, Jean Whiting, Sharon Reid, Eleanor 
Pezoldt, Chuck Stevenson, Venia Whipple, Mary Howlett, Janice Bair, Colleen Broan, Marvin Burton, Jan Summerhays, Leanne Pon- 
der, Irene Harger, Tom B. Erekson, Sam Atoa, Frank Horton. THIRD ROW: Patricia Barney, Mary Jean Cartwright, Loretta Vance, 
Irene Semadeni, Lei Rae Fawson, Myma Day, Carol Phippen, Cayla Lalliss. Karen Erickson, Joneen Johnson, Cecile James, Jerry 
Brooks, Derrel Robison. BACK ROW: Cleona Winn, Nevada Neeley, Cheril James, Darilyn By bee. Bee Snow, Evelyn Crandall, Helen 
Hanni, Jayne Evans, Lynette Bair, Ruthdale Walters, Lenore Crookston, Karleen Hitchcock, Dick Mickelsen. 

Kla Ora 

The Kia Ora Club brings to the Brigham Young campus 
one of the most unique clubs in American universities. It 
was first organized six years ago by returned missionaries 
from New Zealand to promulgate the customs, spirit and 
faith of the Maori people. The only requirement for ini- 
tial membership is a sincere interest in this culture; 
memberss are required to know and master various 

Maori songs and dances. The club has long been noted 
on campus for their amusing and graceful portrayals of 
the Maori customs. During the year the club conducted 
a three-day tour of southern Utah high schools, presented 
an evening program in the Spring Quarter, ana contem- 
plated a possible summer tour. Sponsors are Rulon Cra- 
ven and Frank K. Horton. 

KIA ORA CLUB attracts many students because of the unique dances 
performed and the many interesting trips. At left the men perform a 
war dance in which the chest is beaten wildly. The girls above are 
preparing for a dance routine which requires intricate and sikllful 
stcDS. Realistic make-up and costumes add to atmosphere of danc- 


FRONT ROW: Karen Reynolds, Joan Widdison, Jennie Hatch, Gay Ellis, Alice Paddock, Lynn Rossiter, Benda Lee Evans. SECOND 
ROW: Benny Le Baron, Ramon Squires, David Squires, Rhett Potter, Gary Stott, Loye E. Blackburn, Sherron H. Porter. BACK ROW: 
Nolan Kolste, Christ Kolste. Ken Peterson, Leroy Schenk, Denis Peterson, Earl M. Lee, Melvin J. Pearson. 


The Montana Club provides an association for social re- 
lations for students from the state of Montana. Purpose 
of the club is to further growth and friendship within the 
club and with other clubs on campus. Highlight of the 
year found two carloads of members traveling to Mis- 
soula, Montana, for the BYU-Montana basketball game. 
Various other meetings and socials were held during the 
year, including an exchange with the Y'oming Club. 

David Squires headed the club as president with Dee 
Dwight as vice-president. Other officers included Joan 
Widdison as secretary; Carl Hatch, business manager; 
and Tom Maughan as sports director. The Montana Club 
boasts one of the most unusual statements of qualifica- 
tions of any club on campus — "an inkling of or some 
connections with the state of Montana." 

MONTANA CLUB members gather around the Focault pendulum pit in Eyring Science Building after their regular formal meeting. 


FRONT ROW: Bob Asper, RoUin Zaugg, Mary Smurthwaite, La Donna Frederick, Laura May Yingling, Melvin Olsen. SECOND ROW: 
Jay Whipple, Douglas Dill, Rex Boiurds, Devar Cluff, David Harrison. 

Under the direction of Douglas Dill as president of the 
unit, the Oregon Club enjoyed a year of fun and friend- 
ship. As guardians of associations of the students on cam- 
pus who have lived or are connected with the state of 
Oregon, this unit provided many social and business 
functions during the year. Socials featured a variety of 
games, dancing and refreshments as members gathered 

in informal get-togethers. Assisting in the planning and 
preparation of the activities of the Oregon Club was Jay 
Whipple as vice-president; Laura Yingling, secretary; 
and Mary Smurthwaite, treasurer. The Oregon Club has 
been active on campus for some time and has fostered 
many friendships between residents of this state. 

CLUB officers discuss business and pleasure while munching on cookies. Why make everything hard if you can take it easy t 


FRONT ROW: Joyce McGee, Lynne Anderson, Marilyn Peterson, Natalie Wickes, Nancy Jackson, Jean Whiting. SECOND ROW: 
Marvin Loar, Anthon H. LewU, Ron Collyer, Shirley Cook, Janice Christiansen, Glen Pafaner. BACK ROW: Donald Jack, Margaret 
Stokes, Louise Lambson, Lureen Rencher, Mary Dagmar Fenley, Carole Christensen. 

Students from the state of New Mexico comprise the 
membership of the New Mexico Club. The club was or- 
ganized three years ago for the purpose of creating activi- 
ties for students from the same area accord irig to the 
BYU standards. The club combined with the Uinta Club 
and the Arizona Club for a roller skating party. Another 
exchange was held with the Yankee Club and a third 
with the Y'oming Club to give members a full slate of 
social activities. Douglas Banks is president of the organi- 
zation with Ronald Collyer as vice-president. Margaret 
Lee Stokes is secretary-treasurer. Sponsor of the club is 
Cleo McCracken. 

The Swedish Club was organized two years ago by a 
group of returned Swedish missionaries, desirous to re- 
tain friendships made in the mission field. Goals are to 
preserve members' knowledge of the Swedish language, 
stimulate interest in the Swedish culture and customs, 
and to provide enjoyable social, educational, and cultural 
activities for all persons interested in the land of Sweden. 
Activities of the year included Sunday firesides, the spon- 
soring of a float at Homecoming, "Jul Fest" exchange 
with the Danish-Norwegian Club and presenting a pro- 
gram for the LDS Swedish Organization in Salt Lake 


FRONT ROW: Jewel Spilsbury, Jack Okelberry, Sonja Whittle, Kay Jacobs, Dorothy Olson, Norma Spjut, Siv Eriksson. SECOND 
ROW: Bryan Wahlquist, Elwood Peterson, Dennis Peterson, Dee V. Jacobs, Lloyd Olson, Dale R. Carver, Rick Ericksson, Varr Y. Nel- 
son. BACK ROW: Bill Staff anson, Robert Safsten, Nils-Eric Brodin, WUbur T. Walton, Darold Marlowe, Carl F. Wamick, Calvin W. 
262 Jeppson. 

FRONT ROW: Pat Turley, Jane Atkerson, Florine Bremer, Martha 
EUis, Fred M. Evans. 

Taylor. BACK ROW: Tom Bird, Ron Pierce, Charles Bird, John M. 



Our cosmopolitan campus would not be complete without 
students from Texas, and wherever Texans are found, 
they are certain to be found together. Devotees of the 
Lone Star state are headed this year by Charles Bird, wdth 
other officers being Tom Bird, Pat Turley, and Leo 
Smith. They hold occasional parties where Texas dancing 
is featured and make more than their share of noise at 
the Autumn Quarter get-acquainted assembly. Although 
the unit is not of large proportions, the amount of fun 
they have at their parties easily compensates for their 
size. Dr. Richard Poll is sponsor of the unit. 

A century after the Civil War, BYU Yankees come from 
eight states east of Ohio and north of Washington, D. C. 
This year, the Christmas holidays saw two chartered 
Greyhounds make the 4000 odd mile round-trip. With 
Jim Newell as President, and Jim Ormisten, Janet Bart- 
lett, and Marilyn Johnstone sharing the leadership, these 
Easterners also held canyon, ice-skating, tobogganing, 
roller-skating, and exchange parties. Two of the finest 
parties of the year were the exchanges with the Arizona 
and New Mexico clubs. Harvey Fletcher of the BYU 
physics department was the sponsor. 


FRONT ROW: Marilyn Johnstone, Ginger Wyss, Janet Bartlett, Annette P. Glover, Anne Bulkley, Welda B. Lendt, Jean Doris Baziw. 
SECOND ROW: Gil Moen, Phillip Drinkwater, Welles Cannon, Howard McComas, Peter Knecht, Charles Weiler, James Nowell. BACK 
ROW: Edwin Hatch, Bill Schultz, Fred Kwiatkowski, Jerry MoUoy, Jo Ann Dray, Irene Harger, Laraine Lunt, Barbara Keller. 


FRONT ROW: Deanna Choules, Secretary-treasurer Ken Crockett, Athletic Chairman; Jewel Spibbury, Historian; Ray Spilker, Social 
Chairman; Kenneth Olsen, Transportation. BACK ROW: Dave Maurer, First Vice President; Lucille Burbidge, Second Vice President; 
Lamar Hair. President: Joan Blodgett, Publicity Chairman; RoUin Hogge, Social Chairman 

Students from Salt Lake Valley or who have lived in the 
valley make up the Salt Lakers Club, who boast of having 
more fun than any other campus club. Social activities to 
draw Salt Lakers together is the purpose of the organiza- 
tion. Salt Lakers had a hayride and square dance party 
to start the year off — followed by a calendar of activities 
that included Christmas caroling, roller skating party, 
and exchanges with other units. It sponsored candidates 

for Snow Carnival and Belle of the "Y." Spring Quarter 
found the club holding a dance at the Avalon. Officers for 
the year were Lamar Hair, president; David Maurer, 1st 
vice-president; and Lucille Burbidge, 2nd vice-president. 
Secretary-treasurer was Deanna Choules; historian was 
Jewel Spilsbury; with Ray Spilker and Rollin Hogge, 
social chairmen. 

SALT LAKERS enjoy roller skating party, and a pop-the-whip is just the thing to make the evening right in a rough way. 


FRONT ROW: Leda Beckstead, Jo Ann Goodrich, Gayle Case, Pauline Winkler, Zetta Lee, Miriam Smith, Shirley Steele. SECOND 
ROW: Curtis Dastrup, Keith Walker, Dal Seeley, Hugh Ebans, Jack Brothersen, Robert Jensen, Snellen Johnson. BACK ROW: Larry 
Hartman, Ronald Powell, Diane Nelson, Marta Morrill. Allene Calder, Duane Evans. Grant Mohlman. 

Uintah B 



Uinta Basin Ckib points to the renewing of old friend- 
ships and the making of new friends through planned 
activities as purpose of the organization. To be a mem- 
ber one must come from the Uinta Basin area or the 
eastern part of the state of Utah. The club held many- 
socials during the year including a roller skating and get- 
acquainted parties. The club fielded a team in intramural 

basketball which finished third in their division. Spring 
activities were canyon and swimming parties. Curtis Das- 
trup was president of the club and directed the social and 
business activities of the club. Jo Ann Goodrich acted as 
vice-president with Diane Nelson as secretary-treasurer. 
Social chairman was Miriam Smith. 



EVERY MEETTING must be well advertised and nothing does it so well as posters. Club members work to have everyone well informed. 



FRONT ROW: Claudia Johnson, Lillie Julander, Patricia Robins, Sandra Smith, Marian Smith. SECOND ROW: Lynn Powell, Sandra 
Reese, Jo Ann Long, Helen Martin, Glen Dona Staker. BACK ROW: AUene Calder, Beverly Brown, Carol Gay Young, Koa Jean 
Ogden, Joan Wemple. 

United Staters 

Students who represented their home states at either 
Boys' or Girls' State while in high school who wish to 
promote social companionship among other former dele- 
gates now at the "Y" call themselves the United Staters. 
Claiming to be the only organization of its kind in the 
nation, this year's group looks to its Governor, H. Lowell 
Ashman; its Secretary of State, Tommie Matthews; its 

State Historian, Lynn Howard; and to its Lieutenant 
Governor, Sandra Smith, for leadership. It is indicative of 
the university's unique geographical make-up that so 
many student leaders from widespread areas should func- 
tion together as a group. A full activity calendar includes 
periodical firesides and frequent club parties. 

FORMER BOY AND GIRL Staters chat over experiences in helping govern their particular state. Mutual experience brings enjoyment. 




FRONT ROW: Wesley Packer, Beverly Morrison, Carol Croft, Terry Cannon. BACK ROW: Ron Norris, Carol James, Joan Kimball, 
Phyllis Allphin. 

Cowboys from Wyoming who find the confines of the 
campus too close for them can find at least some consola- 
tion from an active 'Y-oming" Club. Residents, former 
residents, and just interested patrons of the plateau coun- 
try to the east of us are eligible for membership. Their 
officers, Kent Cannon, Shirley Phelps, and Carol Croft, 
list as their objectives, ( 1 ) The promotion of the mutual 
interests of its members through activities and relations 

'Y'onning Club 

with similar organizations. (2) The development of geo- 
graphical units at BYU. (3) The promotion of friendship 
and unity among club members. Activities this year 
have included a Vivian Park ice-skating party and a 
cultural night. Gordon Taylor acted as sponsor for this 
geographical unit and worked with the officers in direct- 
ing it in its activities. 


STUDY AND BOOKS are also a part of the Wyoming Club. 

HORSEMANSHIP is feature oi Wyoming Club. 


FRONT ROW: Tom Slade, Faith Despain, Bee Snow, Patricia Fiso, Lu Rae Fawson. SECOND ROW: Roger Nalder, Wayne Lenunon, 
Tavita Fitisemano'o, Sam Atoa, Glen Fiso, Avefua Fiso, Wendell H. Wiser. BACK ROW: Joyce Wiltbank, Jan Summerhays, Sharon 
Reid, Loretta Vance, Carol Phippen, Leanne Ponder. 

Afio Mai 

Samoan culture is actively promoted by the Afio Mai 
Club. Organized in 1954, this group has attained a repu- 
tation in the Intermountain West by its trips to present 
songs, dances, and customs of the Samoan people. Open 
to all interested in this particular island people, the club 
features several native camoans. Weekly meetings at 
which dancing and song practice are held last two hours, 

and with the tours, constitute a busy schedule. Recipients 
of special director awards for last year were Samuel 
Atoa and Lavita Fitisemann. In addition, each member 
was honorede for his efforts. Club officers are Thomas 
E. Slade, president; Arefua Fiso, vice-president; Loretta 
Vance, secretary; and Leanne Ponder, treasurer. 

AFIO MAI specializes in the songs and dances of the South Sea Islands. Costumes and special instruments help with the authenticity. 



FRONT ROW: Woodrow Sneed, Dorothy Sidwell, Doris Humphries, Barbara Stewart, Donna West, Dorene Del Fium, Norma Buchanan, 
Karen McMuUin, Suzanne Bruce, Marian Hanna. SECOND ROW: Neil Baker, Rodney Mc^ntire, Howard Uibel, George Schmidt, Gor- 
don Ashby, Lynn Olsen, Steven Smith, Buckley Brown, Carol Christensen, Lynne Ahem. THIRD ROW: Margo Strasser, Joanne Siems- 
sen, Joe D. England, Ralph Nevis, Terry Gassaway, Bob Wilson, Larry Heppler, Russell Church. BACK ROW: Bob Stones, Wally 
Abersold, Raphel Mec^am, Dave Chamberlin, David Evans, Dick Staats, Dick Miller, Dick Stones. 


Alpine Club won the "traveling ski" at the snow carnival 
Winter Quarter. Mountaineering is exercise for the body 
and contentment for the soul is the motto of club mem- 
bers. The club was organized in 1955 to promote an in- 
terest for outdoor activities for those who would other- 
wise never get the opportunity to participate in them. 
Mounain climbing, hiking, skiing, swimming, ice skating. 

and tobogganing were included on their activity schedule 
this year. People with an interest and a desire to partici- 
pate in these sports may become members. Rodney Mc- 
Intire is president of the Alpine Club. Howard Uibel 
holds the office of vice-president. Carol L. Christensen is 
secretary-treasurer of tne outdoor sports and ski club. 
David Evans sponsors the group. 




SPECIAL TALENT is required if one is to be an expert mountain climber as he is. 

SKIING is a sport enjoyed by Alpine Club. 


FRONT ROW: A. Norman Hopkins, Richard L. Bell, Wendell H. Wiser, Billings Brown, H. Smith Broadbent, Robert D. West (Faculty), 
Darwin Harwood, Doug Smoot. SECOND ROW: Ralph R. Hitchcock, La Vaun Merrill, Warren R. Hayden, Bruce Nelson, Ross Gor- 
don, Ronald R. Smith, M. Phillip Jameson, Gary Muir, Joseph H. Stoker. BACK ROW: Dennis N. Day, Millard B. Rice, Dick Cham- 
bers, Jerry Johansen, Reece L. Glines, Lionel Crowley, D.. Carlos Adams, Robert C. Gardner, Dawn Ray Wride, Lyle Bart Spendlove, 
A. Keith Jameson. 

Chemical Engineers Society 


President Douglas Smoot and other members of the 
Chemical Engineers' Socity, Chi Epsilon Sigma, toured 
an atomic energy site viewing such things as a material 
test reactor and uraniimi processing plant. "Solar Ener- 
gy," "High Pressure and Temperature Research," "The 
Challenge of Atomic Energy," and short student lectures 
were among those on the agendas for the meetings. Chi 

Epsilon Sigma was organized for chemical engineering 
students to devolp in them a professional attitude through 
lectures, tours, and meetings. Darwin Hopkins was sec- 
retary of the forty-member club. Norman Hopkins was 
treasurer. Ross Gordon and Frank Johansen served as 
publicity directors. Ronald Smith was in charge of 

FIFTH YEAR MEN in the Chemical Engineers were, FRONT ROW A. Keith Jameson, Wendell H. Wiser, Billings Brown, H. Smith 
Broadbent, Douglas Smoot. SECOND ROW: Ronald R. Smith, Richard L. Beu, Bruce Nelson, A. Norman Hopkins, Gary Muir. BACK 
ROW: Dennis N. Day, Reece L. Glines, Lyle Bart Spendlove, Joseph H. Stoker, Dick Chambers. 


fcL •I' 

Barton. James A. 
Butler, Lavar 
Coffin, Jack 
Farmer, Scott 
Gardner, Duane 
Hendricks. Calvin 
Heaps. Arnell 

Howard, John F. 
King, T, Eugene 
Lance. Elwon 
Lyman N. Francis M. 
Lundgren. Grant E. C 
Martin, Dean W. 
McKell, Eldon Clair 

Mortensen, Dean 
Milsson, Ray 
O'Brien, Donald 
Perry, Jay 
Terry, James Ross 
Phelps, Richard L. 


Commerce Club was the sponsor of the school dance the 
Spring Ad Ball in March. This club was organized to 
foster scholarship, activity, and high ideals in the field of 
commerce. Students enrolled in the commerce depart- 
ment who have a 2.7 grade point average may join the 
Commerce Club. In addition to the Spring Ad Ball the 
club enjoyed speakers in the field of commerce. There 


was also a club party in December. President Sill was the 
guest speaker at the Commerce Banquet in January. 
President Arnell Heaps presided over meetings that build 
the knowledge of commerce and the social activities. 
Vice-president Dean Martin worked by his side. Ernie 
Lundgren kept the records as secretary and treasurer. 
Eldred Johnson was club sponsor. 

PRIZES AND POSES were frequent at 
the Spring Ad Ball (above). Buffet 
style refreshments were party highlight 



FRONT ROW: Mills Crenshaw (Instructor), Wendy Midgely, De Anne Dorny (Secretary), Yvonne Badgett (Publicity), Merilyn Fuller. 
SECOND ROW: Dale Peabody, Merlin Croft, Cecil L. Roberts, Darryl Adams (President), Raymond Rutledge. BACK ROW: Wayne 
Cowley, John Lundquist, Larry R. Wold, Theron J. Egg Jr., Glen L. Lewis. 

Fencing Club 

Open to all men and women who have an interest in 
fencing and a desire to learn the art are welcomed into 
the Fencing Club. Members presented two half-time 
shows during the basketball season. They also presented 
a half-time show at the M-Men Basketball Tournament. 
The Fencing Club was organized in 1956 to promote an 
interest in fencing among students at BYU and to pro- 
vide an organization wherein beginning and advanced 

fencing students would have the opportunity of learning 
to fence among others with like proficiency and interests. 
Instruction was given by Mills Crenshaw. Under the 
leadership of President Darryl Adams the club partici- 
pated in intramural fencing. DeAnne Dorny was the 
clubs secretary and Richard Bond was treasurer. Jacque- 
lyn Nettles was faculty sponsor for the group. 

"EN GARDE," is an oft repeated phrase in the activities of the Fencing Club gatherings. 


"TOUCHE," is the final word. Agility 
and skill are developed as well as a 
knowledge of the various weapons 
which are used by those who are in- 
terested in the art of fencing. 


FRONT ROW: Lyle Ellsworth, Clifford Von Christensen, Bill Garrison, Don Carter, Kelton Chamberlain. SECOND ROW: Dee Smith, 
Ray O. Mikkelson, Tom Jensen, Gil Moon, Finley Bayles. BACK ROW: Ross McArthur, Dean Bishop, Robert H. Johnson, Jay Roy 
Bradshaw, H. Dean Higginson. 

Industrial Arts majors and campus hobbyists were able 
to develop their talents in the activities of the Industrial 
Arts Club. The club met twice monthly to work on pro- 
jects for campus improvement or to enjoy lectures and 
demonstrations on various subjects. Television jacks were 
installed by the Industrial Arts Club for the convenience 
of the residents of W3Tnount Village and the club under- 
took the job of building new bulletin boards for the use of 

Industrial Arts 

organizations on campus. A demonstration of what can be 
done with modern plastic by the workman and hobbyist 
was given by a representative of the Plastics Products 
Company. Stone-cutting and gem- making was discussed 
in a lecture by Edgar Jensen of the Education Depart- 
ment. Officers were: Irving De Smith, Bumell Evans, 
Clifford Christianson, and Jay Bradshaw. Club sponsor 
for this year was Lavell Gamett. 


EVERY MEASUREMENT must be accurate when one is building a fine 
piece of furniture. Precision work is an interest of those in Industrial 

THOSE WHO DESIRE to learn the art of upholstering 
may do so through the activities of this trade club. 



FRONT ROW: John Wilson, Prof. Dean K. Fuhriman, Rafael Castillo, Stanley Markham, Russel Brown. SECOND ROW: Prof. Harry 
Hodson, Glen H. CaUer, Ramon Bassett, Parry Harrison, Joseph Hancock, Eldon Roberts. BACK ROW: Alvin Noker, Blake Dallin, 
Parley HoUiday, Arnold Wilson, Prof. D. Allan Firmage. 

Civil Engineers 

The Civil Engineering Club seeks to supplement the col- 
lege courses of members by offering opportunity for 
professional fellowship and by participating in both so- 
cial and practical activities and projects. Club members 
were welcomed back to school after the holiday vacation 
at a Christmas party held January 3. On the field trip 
made to the Glen Canyon dam-site on March 15, future 
engineers had an opportunity to observe a large scale 
engineering project in progress. The club was organized 
on the BYU campus in October, 1955, and membership 
is open to civil engineering majors. 

Students interested in electrical engineering found an 
opportunity to further their knowledge through activities 
of the Electrical Engineers Society. Under the leadership 
of Dr. Jens Jonsson, these third, fourth and fifth year 
electrical engineer majors worked to further a profes- 
sional attitude in their field. Last year the society was 
organized and the constitution written and ratified. This 
year a full schedule of activities was enjoyed, including 
participation in Engineers' Week, a canyon party and a 
trip to the reactors of the Atomic Energy Commission at 
Arco, Idaho. Robert N. Linebarger served as the unit's 

Electrical Engineers 

FRONT ROW: Jerry Kindred, Lamont Gingerich, DeVerl Humpherys, Jens J. Jonsson, Richard Billstrom, Guy B. Ray, Gail M. 
Rogers. SECOND ROW: James F. Williams, Gary Kaleta, Merrill Sm art, Robert L. Dudley, George W. Hatch, Jere D. Hodges, David 
Swainston. THIRD ROW: Louis Lauritzen, Robert Linebarger, Verl Taylor, Robert L. Hamson, Ronald L. Harris, Wayne L. Bates, 
Duane Beazer. BACK ROW: James L. Peterson, Scott H. Nelson, Marion Hansen, Gam Penfold, Merrill W. Brooksby, Edward C. Huff, 
Richard G. Grant. 



FRONT ROW: Charlene Jensen, Wanda Olsen, Margaret Hunter, Anna Johnson. BACK ROW: Carma Baker, Elizabeth Gardner, Karen 


With an interest in the field of home economics, girls 
joined the Home Economics Club and found personal 
development through leadership, responsibility, use of 
their special home talents, and association with other 
girls in their field. In addition they found an increased 
Knowledge of home economics. Beginning the activity 
schedule was a fall initiation banquet. Fascinating dem- 
onstrations and lectures on silverware, picture selection, 
party planning, packing and selection of clothes for a 
trip occupied many meetings. Socials and entertainments 
completed the schedule under president Margaret 

The Press Club united students interested in journalism 
by sponsoring a Homecoming float; a field trip to the 
Deseret News Press, Newspaper Corporation Agency, and 
the Improvement Era editorial offices in Salt Lake City; 
movies and guest speakers. It presented awards to out- 
standing members at the spring journalism banquet of 
which it was the co-sponsor. Promoting journalistic ideas 
and ideals, the club was open to all students interested in 
journalism. President Roger Larson, with the help of 
the other officers, Jerry Cunningham and Deanna Barn- 
um, spearheaded and directed the year's various ac- 

Press Club 

FRONT ROW: Dale Barney, Gene Barlow, Barbara Miller, Mark Murphy, Rich Hall, Tom Worlton, Ron Safsten, Dan Gashler. BACK 
ROW: Jerry Cunningham, Roger Larson, Deanna Barnum, JoAnn Dray, Sally Arnold, Don Kenney, Jerry Molloy, EkI Butterworth. 



Blauer, Lanis 

Ballantyne. Kay 
Brady, Anna 
Carraway. Clarence O. 
Dayton. Kenna 
Ellsworth. Karmen 

Ellsworth. Karen 
Hanks. Nancy 
Hausknecht. Jeanne 
Lulte. Barbara 
Millet, Margaret 
Moore, Marilyn 

Moss, Joan 
Murphy, Mary 
Nelson, Marvin 
Oswald. Shlrlenfe 
Oxborrow, Jeanefto 
Rees, Karia 

Reaves. Bonnie 
Schipper. Donna 
Tenney. Janice 
Stone. Cynthia 


Orchesis is one of the fine arts units on campus and pro- 
vides its members %vith an educational dance experience 
— one in which they can share their creative ideas. Al- 
though this unit is comparatively new on the "Y" cam- 
pus, it was organized several years ago by Margaret 
H'Doubler at the University of Wisconsin. In order to 
become a member of this unit, one must belong to Junior 
Orchesis. The officers of Orchesis visit this unit regularly 

and select from their ranks those who are advanced 
enough to take part in Orchesis activities. This year, un- 
der the direction of Gerri Glover and Marilyn Richard- 
son, the members of this unit participated in assemblies, 
tours and the musical, "Brigadoon." They also performed 
their own concert which was choreographed entirely by 
members of the unit. 

TIGHTS AND SKILL are two basic 
things needed to join Orche«is, the 
modern dance club. Here same of the 
varied forms and expressions are 


ROCKETTES were Nancy Fife, Gay Cluff, SaUy Murdock, Dorothy Norton, Lois Call, Shirlee Peterson, Dianne Koshell, Pat Mc- 
Hwrath, Jean Stewart, Patricia Johnson. 



The Rockettes have danced throughout the year, provid- 
ing entertainment for student audiences as well as people 
all over the Western States. Since they were organized in 
1953 the girls have toured with the Student Program 
Bureau. A high kick, ability to learn the dances quickly, 
and good appearance form the requirements for member- 
ship The aim of every member is the Program Bureau 
Award or BYU pin they receive if they have performed 

on thirty or more shows during the school year. Lois Call 
is president of the Rockettes and is assisted by Shirlee 
Peterson, Jean Stewart, and Faye Croft. The director of 
the precision group is Toni Madsen, who also has her ovvn 
school of dance in Provo. Many friendships are formed in 
the long hours of rehearsal which go into the production 
of any one show. 

MANY CHANGES are required as the Rockettes go on tour with the Student Program Bureau, or as they perform at student functions. 


FRONT ROW: Althea Sand, Nobuyoshi Tachibana, Nancy Bradford, Joyce A. Jackson, Howard Shurtlcff. BACK ROW: Yo«h Miya, 
Leon Larson, A. L. Williamson, Mary Lou Humphrey, Ekiward Romones. 

Y Uudo Kai 

Y Judo members met three nights each week, Monday, 
Wednesday, and Thursday, for two hours to perfect their 
skill in the sport of Judo. The first meeting of the Y 
Judo Club was held on November 19, 1955. Since then 
the club has gained in popularity and membership. Yosh 
Miya participated in Judo tournaments in Denver, Colo- 
rado, Los Angeles, California, Ogden and Salt Lake City 
under the sponsorship of the BYTJ Judo Club. Miya held 

the post of president of the group of Judo enthusiasts. 
Membership is open to all BYU students and faculty who 
accept and maintain the Judo Honor Code, which per- 
tains to correct conduct and the use of Judo knowledge in 
necessary situations. A spirit of closeness and friendship 
is cultivated among the members of this unit which is i 
promoted on the campus by Ben Mortensen. 

EVEN WOMEN can throw their man in the Judo Club. Techniques and special holds are taught and experimented with in the club. 




Adamson, Cecil 
Barbezot, Donald G. 
Christensen. Neal 
Eliason, Norrell 
GarreH, Gordon 
Hanly, Thomas 

^^ ^ ^ ^ ^%j--" 

Hayden, Warren 
Neuenswander, Val J. 
Nielsen, Merrill 
Nixdorf, James 
Saunders. Arlan 
Spendlove, Lyie Bart 

Smith, J. Norman 
Smith, Robert B. 
Stewart, Richard A. 
Warner, Charles Y. 
Zlrlcer, Ronald J. 


Arnold Air Society members met twice each week during 
the year to further the interests of the Air Force by sup- 
porting the AFROTC on campus and by promoting 
brotherhood among those interested. Under Commander 
Dick Stewart and Executive Officer Chuck Warner, the 
cadets learned from Air Force officers about Air Force 
activities not given in air science classes. Activities for 

Arnold Air Society 

1956-57 included attendance at the Area Convention at 
Berkeley, California in December, a March dinner dance 
with Utah State Agricultural College and University of 
Utah squadrons at Hill Air Force Base, and the annual 
spring exchange picnic with the Sponsor Corps. Participa- 
tion in the Blood Drive, Military Ball Assembly and 
Homecoming Parade kept them busy in enjoyable ac- 
tivity. Members are advanced AFROTC cadets. 

BOARD OF ROTC members meets to choose the military queen to reign over the ball which was sponsored during Spring Quarter. 



ROTC MEMBERS get a look and a taste of what life in the Air Force would be like. Breakfast isn't so different, huh ? 



Abrams. HowarJ 
Anderson, Guy 
Anderson. John 
Andrus, James Gregg 
Ball. Ralph 
Beagles, J. Keith 
Berrelt, Richard 
Berry. "J" -K" 
Bowen, Lee Roy 
Circuit. Jeff 

Clay. Robert 
Dahl, David 
Enke. Art 
Hansen. Gordon 
Hansen, Ralph L 
Harrison, Russell D. 
Harward, Leon 
Isenburg, Theodore 
Jackson. Russell 
Jensen, Bruce 

Johnson. Larid 
■Judd, Frank 
Kenney, Don 
King, Cart 
Knight, William 
Kofford. Lyie 
lowson, Jon 
Mano, Kenneth 
Mertz. Gene 
Molloy. Gerald 

■organ, Scott 
lortensen, Karl 

'ttersffom, Tom 
ettit. Gene 
owell, Lynn 
mellie, Robert 
mith, Eugene 
nyder. Darryl 
winey. Gale 

Sabre Air Command 

Sabre Air Command provides an opportunity to further an interest in the Air 
Force ROTC program and offers those cacfets interested in developing their 
leadership ability as future officers in the United States Air Force a chance to 
do so. It also offers a means of mixing socially with other cadets with the same 
interests. A Sabre Flight was organized on the BYU campus Autumn Quarter, 
1955, and in April, 1956, the Sabre Flights throughout the United States merged 
with the Air Command Squadron to form the National Society of the Sabre Air 
Command, with headquarters at Ohio State University. Members are selected 
for this honorary society on the basis of their grade point average in both air 
science and academic major. Among the year's activities were flights and ex- 
changes. The Sabre Air Command flew to Nellis Air Force Base in February. 
Later they flew to Marana Air Force Base and Boeing Aircraft Co. Among the 
exchanges was the one with Cougarettes in February. 

Merrill W. Harward, Commander 

CADETS GO ABOARD plane to travel to airbase. 

ROTC MEMBERS learn of Hying and airplanes firsthand by doing. 


FRONT ROW: Lureen Rencher, Lois Whiting (Social Chairman), Christine Arave, Jack Martin, Joyce Williams, Jean Silver, E^wina 
Fortress, Jean Chandler. SECOND ROW: Alton Ekins, Bob Van Dyke, Leo Stewart, Philip Maxwell (President), John Dugan, Howard 
Larson, David Flake. BACK ROW: Paul Ekins, John Adams (Vice President), Earl Smith, Louise Lambson, Marita Hubbard, Sherril 
Turner (Secretary), Bud Lish. 

Rodeo Club 

With the crisp wind and splendor of the Indian Sum- 
mer, comes the group of fun-loving cowboys and cow- 
girls of the BYU Rodeo Club. The great hunter of the 
club — known by them as Daniel Boone — shot a nice 
six-point buck to provide meat for the first big festivity, 
a steak fry and dance. Later the party committee rang 
the dinner bell, and this time the club headed to a ban- 
quet in the Smith Building, where the girls, dressed in 
me finest calico, served the cowboys box lunches made 

up of the finest vittles that could be found. A fimny 
thine happened that night when the formal dance down 
the hall lost some of its formal attire to the western 
music. January 1 brought the tedious job of preparing 
for the annual rodeo. Committees and gears were set in 
motion, and despite weather and time it was pulled 
through as a smashing success. Phil Maxwell served as 
the club's president. 

MECHANICAL CALF gives the would-be calf roper 
experience that will prove beneficial in the arena 
(abov*). The Brahma bull proves the "downfall" of 
most rodeo performers. The Rodeo Club gives practi- 
cal experience here. 

j^*^^.* '■ 


student Nurses 

The Student Nurse Association of Brigham Young Uni- 
versity works closely with the School of Nursing in 
order to further the understanding of professional and 
social aspects of nursing. This unit was organized one 
year ago and lists as its only requirement the enroll- 
ment in the School of Nursing. They rank as prominent 
members the first graduating class of nurses from the 
BYU. This occurred in 1956. Some of the activities of 
this unit were the following: a presentation of The 
Nursing Pageant by the Jimior class, making toys for 
hospitalized children, a program presented to the School 
of Nursing, and a talent show held during Spring 
Quarter. Conscientious and willing, the student nurses 

fo through a course of study which is very difficult, 
'his unit helps to keep bright the goals first advanced. 
Mary McNaughton was president of the club, and was 
assisted by Verna Brimhall, Lynette Anderson, and 
Nancy Hatcher. 

STUDENT NURSES aided with polio shots when Blue Key 
sponsored the drive. They devoted their time free of charge. 
Over three thousand received shots. 

Albrecht, Joyce 
Arnett, Leslie 
Bagley, Fern 
Bauer, Helen 
Begay. Betty E. 
Blomquist, Kafhryn 

Coll. Katherine G. 
Christiansen. Pat 
Cornwell. Janis 
Deason, LaJuana 
Hogan. Karia Marie 
Hussey, Raedella 

Chadley. Ann Hill 
Knight. Carol B. 
Leifson, June 
May. Lynne 
McNaughtan. Mary 
Moosman. Velma 

Morse. Kay 
Olpin, Audrey 
Peterson, Avon Lucil 
Peterson. Elaine 
Rea, Ardeth Amy 
Ririo. Marilyn 

Seville. Marilyn 

Sharp, Annetta Clark 

Smith, Nadine 

Smith. Rilla Jeanine 

Williams, Mary 

Stock. Mariorie Elizabeth 


■T*^ ^ 

FRONT ROW: Gwena Richie, Caryl Ann Waldvogel, Carol Whitaker, Karyl Jarvis, Sandra Davenport. SECOND ROW: Alden Richins, 
Joe Klein, Bruce Byers, Reta Gilbert, Irene Harger. BACK ROW: Nan Beesley, Dorothy Simkins, Leslie G. Mason, Ray Little, Glenna 

Student Education Association 

Spring Quarter SEA members participated in an annual 
barbecue. Spring Quarter was also the second anniversary 
of the SEA of the BYU campus. Education majors and 
those interested in making teaching their career are 
invited to join SEA. The club's goal is to acquaint educa- 
tion majors with the benefits to be derived from belong- 
ing to a professional organization. Arthur D. Browne 

sponsored the group. Les Mason served as the president. 
Glenna Cooper carried on the business of the meeting in 
his absence since she was the vice-president. Minutes of 
the meetings were kept by secretary Karyl Jarvis. Sandra 
Davenport collected the dues and made out the financial 
statements at the end of each quarter as treasurer. 

TRAINING SCHOOL provides oppor- 
tunity for prospective teachers to ob- 
serve (left). Panel of students gives 
information to college class in educa- 
tion (above). 




FIRST ROW: Joyce Coy, Karen Turner, Omar Rios, Jean Messick, Merrill Branch, Eleana Smith, C. Nannette Bybee, Marlene Knight 
(Vice President), Lora Lee Brown (Publicity), Pat Edwards, Roberta Booth. SECOND ROW: John Duniord, Harold J. Nelson, Sandra 
Prows, J. N. Symons, John Compton, Vione Pace, Bob Ho, Arlene Nay, Jack ^ixon, Mary Jean C^twright, C. Kent Jensen. THIRD 
ROW: Reed Bradford, Gary Tanner, Rose Johnson, Paul M. Trane, Farrell Brown, Carol Folkman, Darlene Stuehser, Rochelle 
Nichols, Janice Larsen, Reneta Cushing, Vernon W. Larsen. BACK ROW: Wayne K. Berge, John W. Payne, Max W. Swenson, 
Everett L. Hagerty, J. Baker, Charles H. Weiler, Keith Thompson, Phil Hancock, Tom Bird, Charley Madsen, 

The "Y" Mechanical Engineers is a professional or- 
ganization which provides industrial contacts and fel- 
lowship. Members are required to have completed two 
years of engineering. Field trips to local industries pro- 
vide interest and stimulation for the students. 


Sociology Club 

Guest lecturers and field trips were the highlight of 
the Sociology Club as it worked to promote a better 
understanding of the social sciences among its mem- 
bers. Field trips included visits to juvenile and divorce 
courts, and the State Hospital. 

FRONT ROW: Jerry Mann, Non Lowder, Blaine Anderson (Faculty), Nasser Movaghar, Norman Gardner (Faculty), Dwayne A. Wil- 
Uams, Gordon Lunt. SECOND ROW: Don Kugath, Chuck Warner, Robert Perry, Bill Evans, Fred Parker, Victor Billings. BACK ROW: 
Fred Finlayson, Lou Hunter, L. K. Baxter (Dept. Chairman), John M. Simonsen (Faculty), Moe Martindale, Jim Ferrell, Joe Free. 


T"^ ^ 

FRONT ROW: Tatsuo Takeuchi, Omer Dean Nelson, Kenneth Olsen, Larry Skousen, James M. Finch, Aaron Bond, Alma G. Swann. 
BACK ROW: Paul J. Volkman, Ray A. Cattani, Norman Dale Rex, James Harvey, Allen Christensen, Jens Nickelsen. 

Stockman's Club 

Under the sponsorship of Phil Shumyvay, the Stockmen's 
Club seeks to promote agricultural education and socia- 
bility among those interested in this field. Each year the 
club chooses an honorary stockman and honor student. 
This selection is based on both practical and academic 
accomplishment. Among the prominent members of this 

unit is Ezra Taft Benson, the incumbent Secretary of 
Agriculture. Under the direction of Allen Christensen as 

f)resident, assisted by Jens Nickelsen and Delyn Wil- 
iams, the Stockmen's Club had various social events dur- 
ing the year. These included a banquet, dance and a ride 
up the trail. 

OFFICERS FOR THE STOCKMAN'S CLUB were Delyn E. WilUams, treasurer; Larry P. Skousen, social chairman; Allen Christensen, 
president; Jens Nickeken, vice president Alma G. Swann, project chairman. These men directed the activities. 



Phi Chi Theta 

Under president Elsie Church, Phi Chi Theta mem- 
bers met to promote the cause of higher business edu- 
cation and training for all women in business careers 
and to encourage fraternity and cooperation among 
women preparing for this career. An annual banquet 
with the Men's Commerce Club and a Valentine 
party were held. They also had culture nights with 
speakers such as the national president of Executives' 

Secretaries, Inc., and the head hbrarian. Spring Quar- 
ter a ball was held. Second place in theme competition 
in the Homecoming parade went to Phi Chi Theta. 
Joy Beckstead received the Phi Chi Theta Key Award 
and Colleen Jackson was awarded a scholarship from 
the National Chapter of Phi Chi Theta given to the 
most worthy ana outstanding girl throughout the 

Atltinson, Shirley 
Baker, Vee Ann 
Beckstead, Joy 
Church. Elsie 
Curiis. Karen 
Dahle, June 

Oe Angeles, Satly 
Dudley, June 
Farrimond, Joan 
Hutchinson, Nathel 
Hyde, Peggy 
Jackson, Coleen 

Larlcin, Phyllis 
Lyon, Patricia 
McPhie. Janino 
Mason, Yerda 
Mathie. Velma 
Mumford, Margaret 

Myers, Marilyn 
Myrup, Marilyn 
Nelson, Veda 
Noble. Zina 
Powelson, Kae 
Ririe, Garna 

Romney, Carolyn 
Sand. Althea 
Spencer, Loralee 
Stephenson, Merene 
Thurgood, Carolyn 
Vankier. Beverly 


FRONT ROW: Marcia Lund, Treasurer; Zina Noble, Secretary; Gordon Enders, President; Kay Pratt, Vice President; Eleana 
Smith Social Chairman. SECOND ROW: Vemice Noble. Mildred Rostrom, Shirley Magelsen, Betty Main, Pat Johnson, Martha 
Pratt, Joyce Connelley. BACK ROW: Raymond C. Brown, James E. Talbot, Stephen N. McAllister, Howard E. Sandberg, Ed 
Crawford, Theron J. Egg, Jr. 

Vlfasliington Club 

With the purpose to increase the interest of students 
in the University and to foster friendly relations be- 
tween students from Washington, this unit was or- 
ganized on the campus of BYU. Membership is open 
to all students from Washington who are upholding 
the standards of the '"Y." Every other Wednesday this 
imit met to discuss business and once a month they 
held a party or social of some kind. The climax of the 
year was a consolidated party with the Oregon Club to 

Mount Timpanogos on May 18. Other activities in- 
cluded a get-acquainted party held during Winter 
Quarter and the sponsoring of a bus at Christmas time 
to take the students home and back. Gordon Enders 
served as president and was aided by Kay Pratt, from 
Moses Lake, Zina Noble of Walla Walla, Marcia Lund 
of Shelton, and Eleama Smith of Seattle. Lamar Em- 
pey served as the club's sponsor. 

JANICE HAWS, Gordon Enders, president; Vemice Noble, Zina Noble, Marcia Lund get together to look over unit's activities. 



Confidential Vicissitudes 

"THIS is quite embarrassing, but would someone please 
point out the octave key to me?" 

"GOOD Griel!' 

"A PIN PRICK. That's all. Just a pin prick. But why the scratching 
noise on my bone?" 

"NO, Miss Jones, I refuse to raise your grade!" 

"JUDGE, as yov can see, my client is a man of natural open-faced 

IT'S fate: After all these years, a man with my blood type.' 




-Mfc^V" -'•• ■ 






\ . 


These are your memories. . . your memories of the faculty and classmates 
at the "Y." Here are recorded the faces of professors, some of Whom seem 
unfamiliar to you because they taught those seven o'clock sections of 
botany, history and English. Here is you favorite lecturer and your personal 
Mr. Snarf. Here, too, are the faces of students you'll always remember— 
the blonde you couldn't take your eyes from at the Junior Prom, the girl 
who knew all about getting dates, the little "guy" who knew the answers 
in physics and chemistry. Here are the portraits of the many you dated and 
the many more you didn't. Here are the scholars and the athletes, the tall 
and the short, the beautiful and the plain. Here are recorded the names and 
faces of your friends, lest with the passing of time their memory be erased 
from your heart. 


Section Index 

Acknowledgments _ 447 

Faculty 294 

Faculty Index - 418 

Friendliest Students 304 

Frosh Class 370 

Frosh Officers 369 

In Memoriam 406 

Junior Class - 328 

Junior Officers -— 327 

Personalities 301 

Reference Section 408 

Senior Class - - 306 

Senior Officers 305 

Sophomore Class 346 

Sophomore Officers - 345 

Student Index 420 









Alder, Lorna C. 
Alder, Zane 
Allen, A. Lester 
Allen, Mark K. 
Allman. Verl P. 
Allred. Mildred 
Allred, Dorald M. 

Allred, R. Chase 
Allred. Wallace E. 
Alward, Mignon 
Anderson, C. Dixon 
Anderson, H. Verland 
Anderson, Keith P. 
Anderson, Richard L. 

Anderson, Vernon L. 
Andrew, Barbara Whitehead 
Andrus, Hyrum L. 
Andrus, J. Roman 
Applonie, Evelyn Mildred 
Ashton, Clarence D. 
Babcock, Hyrum J. 

Bailey, Dale S. 
Ballif. Ariel S. 
Ballou, Richard E. 
Banqerter, Blauer L. 
Bankhead, Reld E. 
Barker, Allan 
Barnett, Owen L. 

Barlow, Francis P. 
Barney, Vermon S. 
Barrett, Ivan J, 
Bartholomew, Davis 
Bateman, J. LaVar 
Bauer, Edith B. 
Baxter, Leiand K. 

Beck, D. Elden 
Beck, Jay V. 
Beckham, Raymond 
Belnap, B. West 
Bendixsen, Grant D. 
Bennlon, Marion 
Bentley, Anthony I. 

Bentley, Joseph T. 
Berry, June E. 
Berryessa, Max J. 
BIssell, Harold J. 
Black. Jesse R. 
Blackham, Angus U. 
Bloom, Ruth S. 

Booth, Lillian C. 

Bos, Jacob 

Bowman, Genevieve West 

Boyle, C. S. 

Brace, William R. 

Bradford, Charles H. 

Bradford, Reed H. 

Brltsch, Ralph A. 
Brlmhall, Willis H. 
Broodbent, H. Smith 
Brough, Rulon 
Brown, Billings 
Brown. Jesse Richard 
Brownlee, Robert 5. 

Browne, Arthur D. 
Bryner, Loren C. 
Bullock, Kenneth C. 
Burmingham, Olive K. 
Burrup, Percy E. 
Bushman, Grant 
Bushman, Jess R. 



CHURCH PROGRAM of display posters is presented by Elder Mark E. Petersen to students and faculty in assembly. 

Butt, Newburn I. 
Butler, Eliot Andrew 
Butterworth, Edwin J. 
Buttle. Faye J. 
Caine, Julia 
Cfllder, Glen H. 
Caldwell, Gaylon L. 

Calderwood, JoAnn 
Callahan, Sterling G. 
Campbell, Eugene E. 
Campbell, Jennie 
Candland, Dorothy N. 
Canning, Ray R. 
Cannon, Clawson Y., Jr. 

Carle, Wayne M. 
Carpenter, Bernece 
Carr, William C. 
Carter, Harold 
Cbandler, Samuel C. 
Chapman, L. Bernice 
Cheney, Thomas E. 


Earl M. 
Edward L. 
Leonard E. 
Lillian A. 
Parley A. 
Ross T. 

Clark. Bruce B. 

Clarlc, Harold Glen 
Ciaric, Hazel 
Clarlc, Herald R. 
Clark, James R. 
Clark, Monroe H. 
Clark, Selby G. 
Clarke, A. John 

dinger, Morris M. 
Cochran. Thelma 
Compton. Lane A. 
Corbridge. Ivan L. 
Cowan, Cyntha A. 
Craig, Marshall R. 
Coi. Soren F. 

Crandall. Bliss H. 
Crandall. Lars G. 
Croft, Evan M. 
Crowton, David M. 
Curtis. Brandt 
Daines, Delva 
Darais, Alex 6. 



£|ji!^^£ I 

Davies. J. Kenneth 
Davidson, Bertha B. 
Davis, Allan 
deJong. Gerrit, Jr. 
Dixon. Fred W. 
Dixon, Owen 
Donaldson. David M, 

Done, G. Byron 
Downing, Lester N, 
Doxey. Roy W. 
Doxey, Willard B. 
Duffin. B. Keith 
Duke, Keith E. 
Earl, Don L. 

Dyer, William G. 
Eastmond, E. John 
Ediefsen, Blaine E. 
Edwards, William F. 
Egbert, Robert L. 
Ellsworth. J. Orval 
Empey. LaMor L. 

Farnsworth, Dean B. 
Evans, David Louis 
Farnsworth, Raymond 
Fielding. R. Kent 
Fisher. Albert L . 
Fitzgerald. H. Alvah 
Flake. Chad J. 

Fuerstner. Carl 
Fletcher. Harvey 
Fletcher, Harvey Jr. 
Fuhrlman. Dean K. 
Gardner, Elizabeth L. 
Gates, Crawford 
Gamett. LaVell 

Geddes, David D. 
Geertsen, O. Norman 
Gibson. M. Carl 
Gledhill. Preston R. 
Golightly. Max A. 
Goates. J. Rex 
Glover. Geraldlne 

Grow, Stewart L. 
Gubler, Donworth 
Gulbrandsen, Norman 
Gunn, Richard L. 
Guymon. Fred E. 
Gwllllam, Robert Franlcllr 
Hafen William J. 

Hafen, Leroy R. 
Hates. Richard W. 
Hales. Wayne B. 
Hall, H. Tracy 
Hallam Merrill J. 
Hamblin. Lawson O. 
Halliday, John R. 

Hammond, Lawson O. 
Hansen, George H. 
Hansen. Harold I. 
Hansen. Ralph 
Harris. James M. 
Harris. M. Maurino 
Harrison, Bertrand F. 

Harston, Marlow 
Hart. Anna B. 
Hart, Charles J. 
Hart. Edward L. 
Hartvlgsen. Milton F. 
Haupt. Floyd E. 
Haymore. Franklin R. 




ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY stand with President David O. McKay in opening exercises of weekly devotional 

Heaton, Alma 
Heaton. Israel C. 
Hellewell, Robert B. 
Hilton. Lynn M. 
Hintze, Lehl F. 
Hodson. Harry 
Holbroolc, Leona 

Horsley. A. Burt 
Horton, Frank L. 
Howell. Robert J. 
Hoyt, Gordon D. 
Hunt. Jay B. 
Isaksen, Henry L. 
Izatt. Reed M. 

Jackson. Orrln H. 
Jacobs. Briant S. 
Jacobs. Margaret 
Jakeman, M. Well 
Jenny. Martha R. 
Jensen. Mary B. 
Jensen, Vern H. 

Jenson, Edgar 
Jenson, Gloria Dav. 
Jex. J. Lorin 
Johnson, Alan P. 
Johnson. Eldred A. 
Jones. Garth N. 
Jonsson, Jens J. 

Jorgensen. Eleanor 
Kartchner. Kenner C 
Keeler. Joseph J. 
Kershaw. Thomas D. 
Kimball. O. Rodney 
Knell, Lee 
Kimball. Edwin R. 


Hattie M. 




Eleanor 5. 




Don H. 


Vernon W 


Gustive O. 


Clinton F. 

Laycoclt. Harold R 

Laycock. Ralph G. 


Robert L. 


Robert L. 


Jen E. 


R. Celdon 





Lloyd. Wesley P. 
Lowe, Howard D. 
Mabey. Melvln P. 
Madson. Parke 
Maeser, Georgia 
Marshall. Milton 
Martinez. John Ramon 

Mathews, Conan 
McConkie. Don L. 
McCraclcen. Cleo 
McKell. William E. 
McKinley, Lynn A. 
McKnIght. H. Nell 
McNamara. Delbert H. 

Mercer, Winston 
Mecham. Merlin J. 
Mikltelsen, Seymour 
Miller. Elmer 
Miller, Elva K . 
Miller, Karl A. 
Miller. Martin L. 

Minlc. Oscar G. 
Mitchell. Albert O. 
Moffitt. J. Weldon 
Monson, Darrel J. 
Monson, Samuel C. 
Morrill. A. Reed 
Morley. Alonzo J. 

Morris. Lawrence 
Mortensen, Benjamin 
Murdock, Joseph R. 
Nelson. Leroi 
Nibley. Hugh W. 
Nicholes. Henry J. 
Nlcholes. Joseph K. 

Nordgren. Quentin 
Nicholes. Max M. 
Nielson. Eve 
Nielsen Fred Kent 
Ookes Keith C. 
Olpin. J. Lloyd 
Orrock, Scott 

Olson. Ernest L. 
Pardee. Kathryn B. 
Pardoe. T. Earl 
Payne. John W. 
Perry. Leiand M. 
Peterson, C. R. 
Peterson. Hugh W. 

Peterson. Iva Lou 
Peterson, Lucille S. 
Peterson. Robert M. 
Pfund. Marlon C. 
Plaas, Hyrum 
Pond, A. Smith 
Poll. Richard D. 

Pope. Richard L. 
Porter. Blaine M. 
Potter, Margaret S. 
Potter, Norma 
Poulson. Virginia B. 
Purdy, Victor W. 
Rasmussen. Ellis T. 

Rasband. Mima 
Reld. Howard T. 
Relmschlissel, Ernest F, 
Rice. Leonard W. 
Rich. Naoma 
Rich. Owen S. 
Rich. Russell R. 



FACULTY MEMBERS watch intently as students display talents in factional and fictional on Thursday assembly. 

Richards, Grant S. 
Richardson, Jed J. 
Ricks. Eldon 
Riddle, Chauncey C. 
RIgby, J. Keith 
RIgqs, Robert E. 
Robinson. Burton W. 

Roblson, Clarence F. 
Rogers, Lewis M, 
Romney, Antone K. 
Sardoni, Lawrence 
Sauls, Klefer B. 
Schwendlman. Fred A. 
Shields. Leiand Grant 

Shirts, Morris A. 
Shumway, R. Phil 
Simonsen, John M. 
Smart, Lyman F. 
Smith, Carol T. 
Smith, Oliver R. 
Smith, Robert J. 

Smith, Richard L. 
Smith, Wilford E. 
Smithson. Rulon NephI 
Snell, William H. 
Soffe, H. Wayne 
Spears. Irene O. 
Sparks, LeRoy 

Spencer, LuciU 
Sperry. Sidney B. 
Stansfield. Russell N. 
Stewart, George 
Stone, Royal B. 
Stut7, Howard C. 
Struthers, Robert E. 

Swensen. Albert D. 
Swensen, Russel B. 
Symons. Joseph N. 
Tanner, George W. 
Tanner. Orea B. 
Tanner. Vosco M. 
Taylor, Charles 

Taylor, Ethelyn P. 
Taylor, Weldon J. 
Thatcher. J. Kenneth 
Thomas. John 
Thomas. Robert K. 
Tippets. Joyce W. 
Trost, Lucile Layton 




•*• p 

% '$ % 

Wnght. E. Wayne 
Yarn. David H.. Jr. 
Young. Karl E. 
Taylor, Floyd R. 

Turner, Glen H. 
Tuttle, L. Elliott 
Tyle, Samuel Lyman 
Tyndall. Clarence 
Valentine. Lee B. 
Van Noy, Jay Lowell 
Van Moorleham. Walter 

Vernon. Leo P. 
Wakefield, J. Homer 
Wall. Willard 
Wallace. Lulu 
Waterstradt, Jean Anne 
Watkins. Arthur R. 
Webb. Fredrick N. 

Watts, Stanley H. 
Weight. Newell B. 
Weinzinger. Kurt 
West. Dale H. 
West. John Robert 
Whetten. Lester B. 
White. J. Morgan . 

Whitaker. Wetzel O. 
Whitetord. June Margaret 
Wilklns, Ernest J. 
Williams, James Kenneth 
Wilson. Annette 
Wilson. Warren 
Wing John H. 

Wood, Marilyn 
Wiser. Wendell H. 
Witbeck. Alan Reid 
Woodbury. Lael J. 
Woodruff, Asahel D. 
Woodward. Ralph 
Woolf. Golden L 


-^ . 




MONROE MCKLAlY makes another appearance 
as a Banyan personality, making his third time 
for such an honor. The affable studentbodjy 
president is from Hnntsville, Utah, and is 
majoring in pohtical science. He has plans to 
attend the University of Chicago after gradu- 
ating this June. Besides his activities as stu- 
dentDody president, Monroe serves as a high 
councilman of the BYU Stake, head resident of 
a Heritage Hall, and a member of Blue Key. 
He likes sports. 

CLAUDIA SEDGWICK is from Riverside, 
California and a senior majoring in himian 
development and family relations. A member 
of Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honorary, Claudia 
also serves as Commandant of the Sponsor 
Corps and president of the Fifth Ward Relief 
Society. She was chosen as the Homecoming 
Queen for the 1956 Homecoming. She enjoys 
camping, hiking and other outdoor sports. Her 
quieter interests are reading and sewing. She 
sews all her own clothes. 

Monroe McKay 

Claudia Sedgwick 

Sam Atoa 

SAM ATOA is a political science major from 
Tuaefu, Upolu, Western Samoa. After gradu- 
ation he intends to return to Samoa to work 
in the personnel services of the government. 
He is at present on leave from his government 
to receive education. Sam is a heaa resident of 
one of the boys' dorms and is in the Third 
Ward Bishopric and a Master M-Man. 

BOB BATEMAN is a native of Idaho where he 
calls the town of Burley his home. After grad- 
uating with a degree in accounting. Bob plans 
on a "hitch" in the Air Force, and then he 
wall attend law school. He has plans for mar- 
riage in Jime. Bob dislikes people who take 
others for granted, but is interested in bru- 
nettes — especially one. Bob is serving as a 
counselor in the Fifth Ward Bishopric and as 
vice-president of Associated Men Students. 

WEBB CROCKETT, studentbodv president- 
elect, claims Pocatello, Idaho as his home. A 
major in economics and a minor in business 
law, Webb plans to go on to graduate school 
and then into the management phase of some 
corporation. He is presently serving in the 
Sixth Ward Bishopric, on the AMS Council, 
and as executive assistant to the studentbody 
vice-president. Webb is a member of the Blue 
Key service unit and Delta Phi fraternity. 
Webb claims no dislikes but is interested m 
good music and golfing. 

Bob Bateman 

Webb Crockett 


JANIS HULL plans to study in Europe after 
leaving school this year and then return to get 
her master's and doctor's degrees. Janis is a 
major in political science with a minor in psy- 
chology. With a 3.9 grade average, Janis holds 
a scholarship at the University. She likes piz- 
golf and reading, and dislikes narrow- 


minded people and liver. Despite her school 
work, Janis has found time to serve on the elec- 
tions committee, A.W.S. Council and is presi- 
dent of A.W.S. for next year. 

I DIANE HATCH is a pre-med student from 
Idaho Falls, Idaho and is a sophomore at the 
"Y." She hopes to attend John Hopkins after 
graduation. Diane has taken a very active part 
in student affairs. She has been on the Senate 
for two years, a member of the Constitutional 
Committee, and a member of the Spur service 
unit. She was also the one who originated the 
Freshman service unit, "Thea Alexis." She is 
a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and has 
won honors in the Forensics Squad. 

DENNIS OLSEN, president of the Student 
Senate, is a political science major and hopes 
to go to law school. He is also serving as presi- 
dent of his Elders' Quorum. Dennis likes 
hunting, fishing and working with people. He 
is a member of the honorary political science 
group on campus and just towards the end of 
the year won a scholarship to George Wash- 
ington Law School. As chairman of the Con- 
stitution Committee, Dennis was instrumental 
in revamping student law. 

I JACK NELSON has found activity in various 
fields of interest. He has served on the Studerit 
Senate, acted as IOC Chief Justice, and this 
year pelded direction over the Wye Magazine. 
Jack graduated in 1954 in the field of journal- 
ism and has since been studying English and 
journalism towards his M.A. He is from Bell- 
flower, California, but now claims "Stalag 
161" as his home. He dislikes the efforts to 
change the traditions at the school, but he en- 
joys Hunting, fishing, and fiction writing. 

MIKE YOSHINQ has plans to go to Columbia 
for advanced studies in law. He wdll graduate 
this June with a de^ee in Marketing. Mike 
was Senior Class president, Sunday School Su- 

Serintendent in the Seventeenth Ward, and 
as been teaching two classes in Japanese. 
Mike comes to us from Tokyo, Japan. He is a 
member of Blue Key service unit and has a 
$2,000 scholarshio to Columbia. Tennis, swim- 
ming, and the Gospel are listed among the 
things which Mike considers worthwhile. 



Janice Hull 

Diane Hatch 



Jack Nelson 

Mike Yosbino 



Jerry Griflith 

Ralph Barney 

Bonnie Berrett 

Pat Strong 


JERRY GRIFFITH has been appointed by stu- 
dent vote to serve as business manager of the 
studentbody next year. From the city of Long 
Beach, CaUfornia, Jerry is majoring in market- 
ing and industrial management. He plans to 
work as a manager or supervisor in the Safe- 
way chain stores. This year he served as presi- 
dent of Val Hyric social unit, on the Stake 
Sunday School Board, and as a member of 
AMS Council. Jerry won from Safeway the 
honor, "Best Future Prospect in Safeway's 

RALPH BARNEY will work for the Deseret 
News in Salt Lake City after he graduates this 
year. A major in journalism and political 
science, Barney sensed as editor of the Daily 
Universe. He also acted as chairman of the 
Hungarian Relief Fund and as president of the 
Press Club. Ralph is from Flagstaff, Arizona 
and enjoys outdoor things. Some of his favor- 
ites are basketball, softball, and photography. 
A friendly smile and word for everyone is a 
true "Barney" trait. 

BONNIE BERRETT served as president of the 
Associated Women Students this year, and at 
the same time found minutes to spend in 
White Key, Senate, Cabinet, and Y Calcares. 
An education (elementary) major, Bonnie 
comes from the city of Seattle, Washington. 
She likes hamburgers and malts, sewing, ten- 
nis, skiing and playing the organ. After she 
graduates she wants to teach school on the ele- 
mentary level. Bonnie won the Val Hyric 
award given to an outstanding student. 

PAT STRONG served as first vice-president 
of the studentbody this year and was directly 
in charge of assemblies. She claims Raymond, 
Alberta, Canada as her home, but enjoys the 
"Y" very much. Pat is a member of the White 
Key service unit and of a cappella choir. Her 
singing ability has placed her in a position 
from which she may see some monetary gain. 
She is a member of the "Mamselles," a group 
which recently completed a recording contract 
with RCA recording. 

BARRIIE MCKAY makes another appearance 
on the Banyan Personality list. The smiling 
Junior is from Huntsville, Utah. He wants to 
go to law school at Harvard, but his inmiediate 

Slans are marriage and graduation from the 
YU. Barrie is a member of Blue Key and 
Delta Phi and is active with the Student Pro- 
gram Bureau. He is a major in accounting 
with a minor in economics and political sci- 
ence. He likes Elaine, riding and people; he 
dislikes a busy signal. 


INA LOU ELISON is from Oak- 
ley, Idaho and is a graduate stu- 
dent in the field of music. She 
took a lead in "Carmen" this year 
and was a regional winner in the 
Met auditions. She is an honor 
student and a Madrigal. 

JOHN BENSON was a star basket- 
ball player for the Cougars. He is 
from Parowan, Utah and a major 
in phys. ed. and health. He plans 
to coach after graduation from 
the "Y" in June. 

marry this summer and then com- 

t)lete her schooling. She is an Eng- 
ish major and plans to teach. Her 
second time as a personality, she 
likes people, creative writing, and 

THE FRIENDLIEST BOY on campus this year was 
Barrie McKay from Huntsville, Utah. The fact that 
one of his first likes is people may account for the 
friendly smile and "hi" which he has for everyone. 
Barrie has served as chairman of the program bureau, 
Frosh Orientation chairman and is, at present, in 
the Bishopric of the Sixth Ward. 

THE STUDENTS OF THE "Y" chose Pat Strong as 
the most friendly girl on campus. Pat is planning on 
going into secondary education and is majoring in 
English with a minor in music. Immediate plans are 
rather indefinite as Pat is at the present with a re- 
cording group, the "Mamselles." Pat likes swimming 
and playing the piano very much. 



SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS were Marilyn Arnold, Secretary; Mike Yoshino, President; Myma Day, Vice-president. 







Senior Class Officers 

Mike Yoshino, Myma Day and Marilyn Arnold direct- 
ed the activities of the Senior Class during the year. 
This trio, along with the class cabinet, provided the 
Seniors with plenty of activity and participation. A 
service to the University was rendered by acting as 
guides and receptionists to guests and visitors on cam- 
pus. The class also participated in the Hungarian Relief 
and Charity Drives. Most of their donation was given in 
the form of labor as funds were a little low because of 
graduation activities, chime payments, etc. The Seniors 
were in charge of Frosh Week and gave the new stu- 
dents a good introduction to college life. Welcoming and 
guide committees, a testimonial. Senior court, an as- 
sembly and a dance were important facets of this event- 
ful week. To climax the year a Senior week was spon- 
sored. Class parties, assemblies, drives and projects will 
be long remembered by this year's Seniors. 



P ^ :^ 

Adachi, Margaret 
Abbott, Gwendolyn 
Adams, Geratdine 
Adams, Jack 
Adamson, Cecil L. 
Adamson. Walter 
Ainsworth. Robert 
Adams, William Don 

Akiu. Roger 
Alberts. Jack Junior 
Aleiander. Harry A. 
Allan, Dean S. 
Allan, Ronald J. 
Allred, David Norman 
Allred, G. Hugh 
Allred. James J. 

Allred. Rey L 
Allsop. Shirley Anne 
Almond. Mary Lou 
Anderson, Cyril Richard 
Anderson. Grant D. 
Anderson, Karen 
Anderson. Lewis A. 
Anderson, Jack 

Anderson. Lois Yvonne 
Anderson. Paul 
Anderson, Paulene 
Anderson, Ramona 
Anderson, Virgil E. 
Anae. Famika 
Arnett. Les'ie 
Armstrong, Frances 

Arnold. Marilyn 
Ashworth. Penny 
Aston. Dennis 
Atchley. Audrlenne M. 
Atkerson. Sarah Jane 
Atkinson, Shirley 
Atoa, Samueiu 
Averett, Charles R. 

Auger, Rae 
Austin, William A. 
Babcock. Barbara 
Baer, Ted 
Bagley, Fern 
Bailey, Roma 
Baker, Seth C. 
Balllf. Mark Dlion 

Barber. Bernls 
Barg. Ardella 
Barlow. Eleanor 
Barnes. Gary 
Barney, Ralph 
Barton. James A. 
Bate. William 
Bates, Victor Edward 

Bateman. Robert E. 
Bauer. Helen 
Bauer, Sheila Patricia 
Baum. H. Lowell 
Baumgarten, James 
Beasley. Jo Ann 
Beatty. Kenneth S. 
Beard, Betty B. 

Beazer, Keith 
Beckett. Janice 
Beckstead, Joy Ann 
Beckstrand. Carol Nan 
Begay. Betty E. 
Bell. Alice 
Bennett, D. Roger 
Bennion, LuciTle 

Benson. (Ida 
Bentley, Craig B. 
Bergstedt. Eleanor 
Berrett. Bonnie 
Berrett, Delwyn G. 
Bertch, Frederick 
Bertoncell, Eileen 
Bigefow. Grant W. 

Bethsold. Eleanor G. 
Billings, Marilyn 
Bills, Robert D. 
Bird, Charles 
Bird. Donald R. 
Bird. William P. 
Bjorkman, Marcla 
Bishop, Joseph L. 



ADACHI, Margaret, Zool.; ABBOTT, Gwendolyn, Ed.; 
ADAMS, Geraldine, Horn. Ec; ADAMS, Jack, Chem.; 
ADAMSON, Cecil, Acct.; ADAMSON, Walter, Ed.; 
AINSWORTH, Robert, Econ.; ADAMS, William, Phys- 
ics; AKIU, Roger, Phys, Ed.; ALBERTS, Jack, Acct.; 
ALEXANDER, Hany; AIXEN, Dean, Math.; AL- 
LAN, Ronald, Ed.; ALLRED, David, Mktg.; ALLRED, 
Hugh, Ec.; ALLRED, James, Ed.; ALLRED, Rey, 
Hort.; ALLSOP, Shirley, Ed.; ALMOND, Mary, Fam. 
Liv.; ANDERSON, Cyril, Mktg.; ANDERSON, Grant, 
Bact.; ANDERSON. Karen, Art; ANDERSON, Lewis, 
Acct.; ANDERSON, Paul, Hum.; ANDERSON, Paul- 
ene, Ed.; ANDERSON, Ramona, Ed.; ANDERSON, 
Virgil, Fr.; ANAE, Famika, Rec; ARNETT, Leslie, 
Nurs.; ARMSTRONG, Francis, Span.; ARNOLD, 
Marilyn, Joum.; ASH WORTH, Penny, Ed.; ASTON, 
Dennis, Mktg.; ATCHLEY, Audrienne, Ed.; A5KER- 
SON, Sarah, Ed.; ATKINSON, Shiriey, Ed.; ATOA, 
Samuel, Pol. Sc; AVERETT, Charies, Ed.; AUGER, 
Rae, Ed.; AUSTIN, William, Eng.; 
BABCOCK, Barbara, Fine Arts; BAER, Ted, Music; 
BAGLEY, Fern, Nurs.; BAILEY, Roma, Ed.; BAKER, 
Seth, Zool.; BALLIF, Mark, Rec; BARBER, Bemis, 
Ed.; BARG, Ardella, Ed.; BARLOW, Eleanor, CI. & 
Tex.; BARNES, Gary, Hort.; BARNEY, Ralph, Joum.; 
BARTON, James, Acct.; BATE, WilUam, Phys. Ed.; 
BATES, Victor, Soc; BATEMAN, Robert, Acct.; 
BAUER, Helen, Nurs.; BAUER, Sheila, Eng.; BAUM, 
Lowell, Hort.; BAUMGARTEN, James, Ed.; BEAS- 
LEY, Jo Ann, Fam. Liv.; BEATTY, Kenneth, Sp.; 
BEARD, Betty, Ed.; BEAZER, Keith, Mktg.; BECK- 
EIT, Janice, Ed.; BECKSTEAD, Jov, Ed.; BECK- 
STRAND, Carol, Horn. Ec.; BAGAY, Betty, Nurs. 
BELL, Alice, Fine Arts; BENNETT, Roger, Math. 
BENNION, Lucille, Food & Nutr.; BENSON, Ilda, Ed. 
BENTLEY, Craig, Geol.; BERGSTEDT, Eleanor, Ed. 
BERRETT, Bonnie, Ed.; BERRETT, Delwyn, Zool. 
BERTCH, Frederick, Geol.; BERTONCELI, Eileen, 
Mktg.; BIGELOW, Grant, Pol. Sc; BETHSOLD, El- 
eanor, Chem.; BILLINGS, Marilyn, Ed.; BILLS, Rob- 
ert, Phys. Ed.; BIRD, Charies, Chem.; BIRD, Donald, 
Acct.; BIRD, William. Art; BJORKMAN, Marcia, 
Com.; BISHOP, Joseph, Span.; BLACKHAM, Dick, 
Hoyt, Pol. Sc; BLAKE, Reed, Joum.; BLANCH, 
Claude, Soc; BLAUER, Lanis, Ed.; BLAU, Nadine, 
Ed.; BLOCK, Keith, An. Hus.; BLAYLOCK, Marilyn, 
Ed.; BOLINDER, Robert. Acct.; BONSER, Emma, Ed.; 
BLOMQUIST, Kathryn, Nurs.; BOONE, Charies, Phys. 
Ed.; BORGESON, June, Ed.; BOOTH, Wallace, Com.; 
BOWEN, Mario, Phys. Ed.; BOYACK, Alan, Geol.; 
BRADFORD, Robert, Geol.; BRADSHAW, Jay, Ind. 
Arts; BRADY, Con., Ed.; BREWER, David, Soc. 

Blackham, Did 
Blackham. Phyllis Ivlary 
Blackhurst, Hoyt 

Blake. Reed 
Blanch, CauJe C. 
Blauer, Lanis 

Blau, E. Nadine 
Blocli, Keith Ernest 
Blaylock, Marilyn Jean 

Bolinder. Robert D. 
Bonser. Emma 
Blomquist. Kathryn 

Boone, Charles 
Borgeson, June J. 
Booth, Wallace 

Bowen, Mario 
Boyack, Alan S. 
Bradford, Robert E. 

Bradshaw, Jay Roy 
Brady, Con H. 
Brewer, David L. 

RESERVED SECTION for (acuity was filled at assembly. WITH HUMBLE HEARTS the studentbody bows in reverent prayer. 




Brandenburg, Ray E. 
Brasher, Margaret Elaine 
Bray. Harry L. 
Briggs, James 
Brooks. Jerry D. 
Brown, Ferneth 
Budge, Barbara 
Brotherson, Mary Kathryn 

Bunnell, Mary Helen 
Burt, David W. 
Burt, Elaine 
Burton, Carlyle S. 
Burton, John Harold 
Bush. Alfred L. 
Butler, Sandra Jean 
Butterfield, Tomas Kent 

Bybee, C. Nannette 
Call, Dellwyn 
Call, Eran A. 
Call, Katherine G. 
Calvert, Douglas 
Cannon, Vena Lee 
Carr, Keith R. 
Call. Lael 

Carlson, Dolly 
Carter. Amber M. 
Carter, Harold LeRoy 
Carter, Janet 
Cartwright, Mary Jean 
Casper, Leon B. 
Chambers, Kathy 
Chapman, Earl 

CattanI, Ray A. 
Chappell, Robert O. 
Chappell, Thomas 
Chatelain, Dianne 
Chidester, John 
Christensen, Allen C. 
Christensen, Theodore 
Christensen, Karen 

Christensen, Patricia D. 
Christiansen, Patricia 
Christofferson, Leo 
Chun, Albert 
Clark, Nelda 
Clark. Ralph B. 
Christianson, James 
Clawson, Wlllard L. 

Clayson, Doug'as 
Clayton. Kelvin C. 
Clegg, Dennis A. 
Clucas, Jerry Keith 
Clyde, Kathryn Jane 
Cutler, Lynn 
Cruser, Lynn 
Cullimore, Kelvyn H. 

Croft, Margaret Ann 
Crowley, Lionel Paul 
Croft, Garth F. 
Critchlow, Robert T. 
Creer, Howard 
Craner, Jeri Tregeagle 
Crandall, Evelyn 
Crane, William E. Jr. 

Cozzens, Charles J. 
Cly, Joyce Kay 
Cowsert, Karen 
Cottam, Delmar 
Cowan, LuJean 
Cooper, Ken 
Cooper, Danna Lee 
Cook, L. Colleen 

Cornish. Clayton 
Collier, Wendell 
Collamer, Richard 
Coleman, Ronald D. 
Coleman, Ray W. 
Coffin, Jack 
Coffin, Anne 
Dahl, David C. 

Davenport, Evonne 
Danielson, G. Earl 
Davidson, Gwyn D. 
Davidson, Marlow G. 
Davis, Clinton 
Davis, Dorothy 
Davis, Elaine 
Davis, Lloyd F. 





BRANDENBURG, Ray, Psych.; BRASHER, Margaret, 
Food & Nutr.; BRAY, Harry, Soc; BRIGGS, James, 
Ed.; BROOKS, Jerry, Rad. & TV; BROWN, Femeth, 
Off Mng.; BUDGE, Barbara, Ed.; BROTHERSON, 
Mary, Fam. Liv.; BUNNELL, Mary Ed.; BURT, Dav- 
id, Acct.; BURT, Elaine, Ed.; BURTON, Carlyle, Ed.; 
BURTON, John, Sp.; BUSH, Alfred, Arch.; BUTLER, 
Sandra, Ed.; BUTTERFIELD, Thomas, Chem.; BYBEE, 
Nannette, Soc; 

CALL, Dellwyn, Acct.; CALL, Eran, Mklg.; CALL, 
Katherine, Nurs.; CALVERT, Douglas, Agron.; CAN- 
NON, Vena, Ed.; CARR, An. Hus.; CALL, Lael, Child 
Dev.; CARLSON, Dolly, Ed.; CARTER, Amber, CI. 
& Tex.; CARTER, Harold; CARTER, Janet, Ed.; 
BERS, Kathy, Ed.; CHAPMAN, Earl, Fin. & Bank.; 
CATTANI, Ray. Agron.; CHAPPELL, Thomas Ed.; 
CHATELAIN, Diane; CHIDESTER, John, Po!. Sc; 
Theodore, Music; CHRISTENSEN, Karen, Ed.; CHRIS- 
TENSEN, Patricia, Ed.; CHRISTIANSEN, Patricia. 
Nurs.; CHRISTOFFERSON, Leo, Physics; CHUN, Al- 
bert, Ed.; CLARK, Nelda, Ed.; CLARK, Ralph Agron.; 
CHRISTIANSON, James, History; CLAWSON. Wil- 
lard, Math.; CLAYSON, Douglas, Ed.; CLAYTON, Kel- 
vin, Phys. Ed.; CLEGG, Dennis; CLUCAS, Jerry, Pol. 
Sc; CLYDE, Kathryn; CUTLER, Lynn, Ed.; CRUSER, 
Lynn, Soc; CULLIMORE, Kelvyn, Mktg.; CROFT. 
Margaret, Ed.; CROWLEY, Lionel, Chem.; CROFT, 
Garth, Bac; CRITCHLOW, Robert, Mktg.; CREER, 
Howard, Ed.; CRANER. Jeri, Eng.; GRAND ALL, Ev- 
elyn, Ed.; CRANE, William; COZZENS. Charies, 
Psych.; COY, Joyce, Soc; COWSERT, Karen, Eng., 
COTTAM. Delmar, Span.; COWAN, LuJean, Ed.; 
COOPER. Ken, Phys. Ed.; COOPER, Danna Lee, Ed.; 
COOK, Colleen, Ed.; COMISH. Clayton, Mktg.; COL- 
Fin.; COLEMAN, Ronald, Mktg.; COLEMAN, Ray, 
Ed.; COFFIN, Jack. Mktg.; COFFIN, Anne, Ed.; 
DAHL, David, Acct.; DAVENPORT, Evonne, Phys. 
Ed.; DANIELSON, Eari, Ed.; DAVIDSON, Gwyn, 
Agron.; DAVIDSON, Marlow, Physics; DAVIS, Clin- 
ton, Mktg.; DAVIS, Dorothy, Ed.; DAVIS, Elaine, Ed.; 
DAVIS. Lloyd, Mktg.; DAVIS, Reed, Ind. Man.; DAY, 
Clark, Math.; DAY, Fay, Ed.; DAY, Myrna, Clo. & 
Tex.; DECKER, Loral, Chem.; DEASON, LaJuana, 
Nurs.; DECKER, Mary, Music; DECKER, Patricia. Ed.; 
DE HOYOS, Albert; DE MILLE. Lloyd, Bus. Man.; 
DEPUTY. Anne, Ed.; DE ST. JEOR. Johna, Pol. Sci.; 
DICKSON, Max. O/f. Man.; DINSDALE, Colleen, 
Speech; DODD, Russell, Mktg^; DOBSON, Lowell, 
Mktg.; DIXON, Dennis, Econ.; DONAHOO, Boyd, Ind. 
Man.; DONALDSON, Barbara, Fam. Liv.; DOTSON, 
Renee, Ed.; DRAKE, Janel, Foods & Nut. 

Davis, Reed Kay 
Day, Clark H. 
Day. Fay 

Day, Mvrna 
Decker. Loral A. 
Deason, LaJuana 

Decker. Mary 
Decker, Patricia 
De Hoyos, Albert 

DeMille, Lloyd 
Deputy. Anne 
De St. Jeor, Johna M. 

Dickson, Max Cook 
Dinsdale, Colleen K. 
Dodd, Russell, Elton 

Dobson, Lowell W. 
Dixon, Dennis 8, 
Donahoo, Boyd W. 

Donaldson, Barbara 
Dotson, Renee 
Drake. Janel May 


FOREIGN STUDENT displays talents for rest of students. 

PICK UP CLASS CARDS is a familiar sign at registration session. 





Dreger. Hilda M. 
Droubay, Dale 
Dudley, June 
Duffin, Irene 
Dunn. Barbara 
Durfee, Delsa 
Duvali. Richard E. 
Durham. Karl Ray 

Eagar. Herbert Lynn 
Edwards. Pat 
Elder. C. William 
Ellison. Howard 
Eliason, Norrell B. 
Ellsworth, John 
Engemann. Paul K. 
Ellsworth, Sterling 

E. Jr. 

Erelcson. Alma Y. 
Ergang. Ivadell H. 
Ericlcson. Clarence 
Erickson. Elaine 
Erickson, Leiand 
Estes. Reit 
Estrada, Fazur 
Ewell. Arlin R. 

Farr, Robert L. 
Fairbanks, George H. 
Fife, Florence E. 
Fife. James 0. 
Finlayson, Lucille 
Fisher, Robert B. 
Fiso. Avefuo 
Forsberg, Robin Reid 

Flalee. Rhito 

Flower. Judson H,. Jr. 
Forsling, Ann 
Foster. Nadine 
Fowltes. Jay 
Francom. Delbert D. 
Freeze, Gary 
Froetich, Ernest R. 

Gardner Shirley Faye 
Gardner. Sofia Ann 
Garner, Clari J. 
Garside. A. LaMoyne 
Gashler. Dan 
Gealta, John C. 
Geddes, Karla 
Geddes, June 

Gee. Beverly 
Gerth, Edno 
Giauque, Barbara 
Gibbons, Normand 
Gillings, James 
Glazier, Donna Charlenc 
Goodfellow, Don H. 
Gorringe, Richard Hal 

Gottfredson, Douglas 
Graham, Gene S. 
Grange, LaRene 
Grange, Scon 
Grant, Lou Jeane P. 
Grappendorf, Joan 
Graser, Robert 
Greathouse, Don 

Greene, Gloria 
Greenwood, Dennis I. 
Greer, Harvey S. 
Gregson, Norma 
Griffin, Gayle 
Griffin. Sylvia Gall 
Grover. Alda 
Gubler, Breni 

Gudmundsen, Stan 
Gurney, Lois 
Hadley, Rodney 
Hafen, Donald Neli 
Hagerty, Everett L. 
Hale, John Dewey 
Hales, Lynore 
Hall, Jerry 

Hall, Peggy M. 
Halladay, Albert Dee 
Halllday. Fred 
Haller, Peggy Anne 
Hamling, Donald 
Hammond. Martha 
Hansen, Betty Jean 
Hanni, Helen M. 



DREGER, Hilda, Ed.; DROUBAY, Dale, Ed.; Dudley, 
June, Bus. Ed.; DUFFIN, Irene, Ed.; DUNN, Barbara, 
Ed.; DURFEE, Delsa, Ed.; DUVALL .Richard, Chem.; 
DURHAM, Karl, Mktg.; EAGAR, Herbert, Fr.; ED- 
WARDS, Pat, Soc; ELDER, William, Sec. Inst.; ELLI- 
SON, Howard, Sp.; ELIASON, Norrell, Ag.; ELLS- 
WORTH, John, Ag.; ENGEMANN, Paul, Mktg.; 
ELLSWORTH, Sterling. Psych.; EREKSON, Alma. 
Acct.; ERGANG, Ivadell, Edf.; ERICKSON. Clarence, 
Geol.; ERICKSON, Elaine, Sp. Cor.; ERICKSON, Le- 
land, Mktg.; ESTES, Rex, Ind. Psych.; ESTRADA, Fa- 
zur, Ag.; EWELL, Arlin, Ed.; FARR. Robert. Phys. Ed.; 
FAIRBANKS, George, Geol.; FIFE, Florence, Ed.; 
FIFE, James, Sp.; FINLAYSON, Lucille, Ed.; FISHER, 
Robert, An. Hus.; FISO, Avefua, Ed.; FORSBERG, 
Robin, Geol.; FLAKE, Rhita, Phys. Ed.; FLOWER, Jud- 
son. Hist.; FORSLING, Ann, Ed.; FOSTER. Nadine, 
Soc; FOWKES, Jay, Geol.; FRANSOM, Delbert, Ed.; 
FREEZE, Gary, Ind. Mgt.; FROELICH, Ernest, Mktg.; 
GARDNER, Shirley, Bus. Ed.; GARDNER,Sofia, Earn. 
Liv.; GARNER, Clair, Acct.; GARSIDE, LaMoyne, Art; 
GASHLER, Dan, Joum.; GEALTA, John, Ed.; GED- 
DES, Karla, Sp. Ed.; GEDDES, June, Ed.; GEE, Bever- 
ly, Ed.; GERTH, Edna, Eng.; GIAUQUE, Barbara, Soc 
GIBBONS, Norman. Soc; GILLINGS, James, Arch 
GLAZIER, Donna, Ed.; GOODFELLOW, Don, Acct 
GORRINGE, Richard, Chem.; GOTTFREDSON, Doug- 
las, Music Ed.; GRAHAM, Gene, Acct.; GRANGE. La- 
Rene, Hom. Ec; GRANGE. Scott, Ed.; GRANT, Lou 
Jeane, Ed.; GRAPPENDORF, Jean, Fam. Liv.; GRAS- 
ER, Robert, Econ.; GREATHOUSE, Don, Ed.; 
GREENE. Gloria, Ed.; GREENWOOD, Dennis, Psych.; 
GREER, Harvey, Zool.; GREGSON, Norma, Food & 
Nurt.; GRIFFIN, Gayle, Hom. Ed.; GRIFFIN, Sylvia, 
Ed.; GROVER. Alda. Ed.; GUBLER, Brent, Hist.; GUD- 
MUNDSEN, Stan, Geol.; GURNEY, Lois, Ed.; HAD- 
LEY, Rodney, Mktg.; HAFEN. Donald, Ed ; HAGER- 
IT, Everett, Pre. Med.; HALE, John, Chem.; HALES, 
Lynore, Ed.; HALL, Jerry, Zool.; HALL, Peggy, Eng. 
HALLADAY, Albert, Ed.; HALLIDAY, Fred, Physics 
HALLER, Peggy, Ed.; HAMLING. Donald, Geol. 
HAMMOND, Martha, Eng.; HANSEN, Betty, Ed. 
HANNI, Helen, Ed.; HANSEN, Diane, Sp.: HANSEN, 
Henry, Physics; HANSEN, Edward, An. Hus.; HAN- 
SEN, Klaus, Hist.; HANSGEN, Gene, Acct.; HARRIS. 
Frank, Math.; HANSON, Darrell, Chem.; HARRIS, 
Lynn, Ind. Mgt.; HART, Barbara, Ed.; HARVEY, 
James, Hort.; HARWARD, Peggy, Bus. Ed.; HAR- 
WARD, Donna, Hom. Ec; HATCH, Lincoln. Phys. 
Ed.; HATCH, Thelma, Eng.; HATCH, Paul, Psych.; 
HAYES, Darwin, Eng.; HEBERTSON, Val, Geol.; 
HERBST, John, Music; HEAPS, Amell, Acct.; HEN- 
DERSON, Gerald, Geol,; HENDERSON, Clark, Ed.; 

Hansen, Diane 
Hansen, Henry Kimball 
Hansen, Edward L. 

Hansen. Klaus J. 
Hansgen, Gene 
Harris, Frank 

Hanson, Darrell 
Harris, Lynn R. 
Hart, Barbara Ann 

Harvey, James 
Harward. Peggy Lee 
Harward, Donna Carol 

Hatch, Lincoln 
Hatch, Thelma 
Hatch, Paul B. 

Hayes, Darwin L. 
Hebertson, Val M. 
Herbst, John R. 

Heaps, Arnell 
Henderson, Gerald 
Henderson, Clark Evan 

STUDENT LEARNS analysis of vitamins, minerals in foods. ADD ONE TEASPOON SALT. . . detailed instructions are a must in cooking. 




Herring, Jill Yvonne 
Hendricks. Calvin 
Henry. Phyllis Diane 
Hess. Carlene B. 
Hess. Wilford M. 
Hiatt, Celvin C. 
Higginson, Dean 
Heywood, Jared Y. 

Higginson, Gary 
Hill, Chadley Ann 


Derrell G. 


Max Jay 

Paul M. 
Hinhe, Geraldine 

Hilton, W. Bruce 
Hinlcson, Roland C. 
Hipwell. Grant 
Ho, Bob 

Hodgklnson, Larry 
Hodson, Daryl 
Hoeft, William G. 
Hogan. Karia Marie 

Hogensen, Marvin 
Hogge, Glen Ray 
Hoiladay, J. Eugene 
Hollingsworth, Marvin 
Holt. LaPhel 
Holt, Louise 
Homer, Norman C. 
Hollibaugh, Betty Lois 

Hoover, Kelvin 
Horiuchi, Helen 
Hotchkiss. Elizabeth Lee 
Houston, F. Grant 
Houston, Gloria M. 
Howard, John F. 
Hoyos, Alberto Do 
Hubner, William Clayton 

Huff, Glen 
Hughes. Shirley 
Humphries. Doris 
Hunsaker, Leland Ray 
Hunt. Elton E. 
Hunter. Arthol 
Huntsman, Raleigh 
Hunter. Karma 

Hussey. Raedelle 
Hutchinson, Nancy 
Hutchinson. Nathel 
Hutchinson, Sarah 
Huxford. Gary 
Hyde. SusAnn 
Hyer, Jay Ross 
Isaacson. Burke 

Ingram. Pat 
Jackson, Joyce Ann 
Jacobsen, Elmo G. 
Jacobs, Hugh R. 
James, Mildred R. 
Jenkins, F. Terry 
Jenkins. Wayne A, 
James, Thomas A, 

Jensen. R. Alma 
Jensen, Harley 
Jensen, Kenneth C, 
Jensen. V, Lamarr 
Jex. Keith W. 
Johns. Stanford 
Johnson, Carol 
Jensen, Reva 

Johnson. Carol 
Johnson. Cheryl 
Johnson. Faye Ann 
Johnson, Marian Ruth 
Johnson, Ross G. 
Johnson. Ted 
Johnson, Verna 
Jones, David Reece 

Jones, Douglas 
Jones. Duane A. 
Jorgensen, Arlene 
Josephson, Boyd Oleen 
Judd, Jane 
Kamauoha. Edwin L. 
Kartchner, Jean 
Kekauoha, Margery 



HERRING, Jill, Ed.; HENDRICKS, Calvin, Acct. 
HENRY, Phyllis, Soc; HESS, Carlene, Horn. Ec. 
HESS, Wilford, Ag.; HIATT, Calvin, Phys. Ed.; HIG 
GINSON, Dean, Ind. Arts; HEYWOOD, Jared, Sp. 
HIGGINSON, Gary, Mktg.; HILL, Chadley, Nurs. 
HILL, Dennis, Ind. Arts; HILL, Den-ell, Chem.; HILL 
Janet, Soc; HILL, Max, Mktg.; HILL, Paul, Sp. 
HINTZE, Geraldine, Ed.; HILTON, Bruce, Math. 
HINKSON, Roland, Eng.; HIPWELL, Grant, Mktg^; 
HO, Bob, Soc; HODGKINS, Larry, Comm. Art; HOD 
SON, Daryl, Sec. Ed.; HOEFT, William, Ed.; HOG AN 
Garla, Nurs.; HOGENSEN, Marvin, Ed.; HOGGE, 
Glen, Mktg.; HOLLADAY, Eugene; HOLLINGS- 
WORTH, Marvin, Geol.; HOLT, LaPhel, Ind. Arts; 
HOLT, Louise, Ed.; HOMER, Norman, Ed.; HOLLI- 
BAUGH, Betty; HOOVER, Kelvin, Pol. Sc; HORIU- 
CHI, Helen, Ed.; HOTCHKISS, Elizabeth, Eng.; HOUS- 
TON, Grant, An. Hus.; HOUSTON, Gloria, Bus. Ed.; 
HOWARD, John, Acct.; HOYOS, Alberto, Eng.; 
HUBNER, William, Soc; HUFF, Glen, Mktg.; 
HUGHES, Shirley, Ed.; HUMPHRIES, Doris, Ed.; 
HUNSAKER, Leland, Ed.; HUNT, Elton, Phys. Ed.; 
HUNTER, Arthol, Ed.; HUNTSMAN, Raleigh, Ind. 
Mgt.; HUNTER, Karma, Art; HUSSEY, Raedelle, 
Nathel, Bus. Ed.; HUTCHINSON, Sarah, Ed.; HUX- 
FORD, Gary, Hist.; HYDE, SusAnn, Hom. Ec; HYER, 
Jay, Pre. Dent.; ISAACSON, Burke, Comm.; INGRAM, 
Pat, Ed.; JACKSON, Joyce, Phys. Ed.; JACOBSON, 
Elmo, Acct.; JACOBS, Hugh, Mktg.; JAMES, Mildred, 
Ed.; ENKINS, Terry, Sp. Cor.; JENKINS, Wayne, 
Zool.; JAMES, Thomas, Comm.; JENSEN, Alma, Ed.; 
JENSEN, Harley, Acct.; JENSEN, Kenneth, Mktg.; 
JENSEN, Lamarr, Soc; JEX. Keith, Ed.; JOHNS, 
Stanford, Ed.; JOHNSON, Carol, Ed.; JENSEN, Reva, 
Ed.; JOHNSON, Carol, Ed.; JOHNSON, Cheryl, Ed.; 
JOHNSON, Faye, Ed.; JOHNSON, Marian, Eng.; 
JOHNSON, Ross, Soc; JOHNSON, Ted, Eng.; JOHN- 
SON, Vema, Food & Nurt.; JONES, David, Sec. Ed.; 
JONES, Douglas, Physics; JONES, Duane, Ag.; JOR- 
GENSEN, Ariene, Ed.; JOSEPHSON, Boyd, A| 
JUDD, Jane, Ed.; KAMAUOHA, Edwin, Phys. Ei 
Margery, Bus. Ed.; KELLEY, Barbara, Comm. Art: 
KENNEY, LuJuana, O. M.; KEKAUOHA, Phillip 
Art; KILLPACK, Wayne, Art; KENNEY, Kenneth 
Econ.; KIM, Young, Physics; KILTS. Clair, Hist. 
KIM, Yong Soon. Chem.; KIMBALL, Bud, Sp. Cor. 
KIMBALL, Duane, Geol.; KING, Edmund, Acct. 
KIMBALL, Joan, Ed.; KIRKLAND, Bufaye, Hom. Ec. 
KIRKMAN, Lawrence. Acct.; KLEINMAN, Wayne. 
Germ.; KLEIN, Joe, Ed.; KLINGER, Shiriey, Hom 
Ec; KNIGHT, Carol, Nurs.; KNIGHT, Marlene, Soc 
KNIGHTON, Josephine, Ed.; KNIGHTON, Bob, Pol. 

Kelley, Barbara 
Kenney, Lu Juona 
Kelauoha, Phillip 

Killpack, Wayne I. 
Kenney, Kenneth B 
Kim, Young S. 

Kilh, Clair T. 
Kim. Yong Soon 
Kimball. Bud 

Kimball, Royal Duane 
King, Edmund Crelghton 
Kimball, Joan 

Kirlcland, Bufaye 
KIrlcman, Lawrence H, 
Klelnman, Wayne 

Klein, Joe 

Klingier, Shirley Mae 

Knight, Carol 

Knight, Marlene 
Knighton, Joseptiine 
Knighton, Bob 

STUDENTS CROWD around Hugh B. Brown for autograph. BOREDOM IS EXPRESSED IN VARIOUS ways by uninterested students. 



Koenigh, Marjorie 
Krakowski, Henry Jr. 
Krieger, Eddie 
Lake, Jay 
Lamb. Verl S. 
Lance, Elwon 
Lane, Eugene 
Larsen, Marva Jean 

Larsen, Mary Evelyn 
Larsen, William 
Larson, Linda 
Latimer, Don 
Law, Elaine 
Lee, W. Boyd 
Leifson, June 
Lee, Frank 

Levanger, Delores 
Liljenquist, Val 
Lindsay, Dean R. 
LIndsey, Grant T. 
Lindstrom, Brent 
Lloyd, Eldon 
Lochhead, Lois 
Llewellyn, Jo Ann 

Long, Richard C. 
Longhurst, Jay 
Loose, Robert 
Loy, Henry Leiand 
Lucas, Frank James 
Lundberg, Gary 
Lundmark, Martin 
Lund, Catherine Louise 

Lyman, Emerson 
Lundgren, Grant E. O. 
Lyman. Francis M. 
MacKay. Carol Rae 
Macumber. Ann 
Madsen, Franklin B. 
Mangum. Claudie Kay 
Madsen. Janice 

Madsen. William H. 
Mangum. John Harvey 
Manser, K. Shirley 
Marchant. Gaye 
Marlow. John 
Marshall, Kuhn A. 
Martin, Dean Wright 
Matson. Janice 

Martin, James D. 
Martin. Ellen 
Maughan. Scott 
May. Frank O. Jr. 
May, Lynne 
Maxfield, Carol Ann 
McAllaster. LeRay L. 
McCosh. Leonard W. 

McCullough, LaRae 
McDougal. Richard 
McEwan, Hal 
McFadden. Bonnie B. 
MacFarland, Melva 
Mclnnes, Murray S. 
McKay, Monroe G. 
McKay, Frances Atterton 

McMahan, Thomas Timoth 
McMahon, F. Dean 
McNaughtan, Mary 
Meacham, Edgar LaVar 
Meeks. Hazel 
Merrill, Evan W. 
Merrill, Janet 
Merrill, Kathleen 

Merrill, Louis H. 
Merritt, Shirley Y. 
Messervy, Harold V. 
Meyer, Josephine 
Mickelson, Carol 
Milam, Gary 
Miller, David O. 
Miller, Reta E. 

Mills, J. R. 
Miller, Robert W. 
Milne, Marilyn 
Misbach, Grant L. 
Misken. Thain 
Money. Richard L. 
Monsen, J. Sheldon 
Moore. Marilyn 



KOENIG, Marjorie, Ed.; KRAKOWSKI, Henry, Chem.; 
KRIEGER, Eddie, Music; LAKE, Jay, Acct.; LAMB, 
Verl, Mktg.; LANCE, El won, Acct.; LANE, Eugene, 
Ind. Arts;LARSEN, Marva, Ed.; LARSEN, Mary Eve- 
lyn, Ed.; LARSEN, William; Hist. & Eng.; LARSON, 
Linda, Ed.; LATIMER, Don, Comm.; LAW, Elaine, 
Ed.; LEE, Boyd, Zool.; LEIFSON, June, Nurs.; LEE, 
Frank, Acct,; LEV ANGER, Delores. Ed.; UUEN- 
QUIST, Val, Fin. & Bkg.; LINDSAY, Dean, Mktg.; 
UNDSEY, Grant, Acct.; LINDSTROM, Brent, Pol. 
Sc; LLOYD. Eldon, Fin. & Bkg.; LOCHHEAD, Lois, 
Horn. Ec.; LLEWELLYN, Jo Ann, Ed.; LONG, Rich- 
ard, Music Ed.; LONGHURST, Jay, An. Hus.; LOOSE, 
Robert, Phys. Ed.; LOY, Henry, Chem.; LUCAS, 
Frank, Ind. Mgt.; LUNDBERG, Gary, Ind. Mgt.; 
LUNDMARK, Martin, Phys. Ed. & Rec; LUND. Cath- 
erine; LYMAN, Emerson, Ed.; LUNDGREN, Grant, 
Comm.; LYMAN ,Francis, Acct.; MACKAY, Carol, 
Ed.; MACUMBER, Ann, Phys. Ed.; MADSEN, Frank- 
lin, Mktg.; MANGUM, Claudie, Ed.; MADSEN. Janice, 
Bus. Ed.; MADSEN, William, Ed.; MANGUM, John; 
MANSER, Shirley, Fine Arts; MARCHANT, Gaye, 
Ed.; MARLOW, John, Zool.; MARSHALL, Kuhn, 
Mktg.; MARTIN, Dean, Ind. Mgt.; MATSEN, Janice, 
Ed.; MARTIN, James, Ed.; MARTIN, Ellen, 0. M.; 
MAUGHAN, Scott, Geol.; MAY Frank, Hist.; MAY, 
Lynne, Nurs.; MAXFIELD, Carol Ann, Bus. Ed.; MC- 
ALLISTER, LeRay, Acct.; MC COSH, Leonard, Chem.; 
An. Hus.; MCE WAN, Hal, Econ.; MCFADDEN, Bon- 
nie, Ed.; MCFARLAND, Melva, Hom. Ec.; MCINNES, 
Murray, An. Hus.; MCKAY, Monroe, Pol. Sc; MC- 
KAY, Frances. Music; MCMAHAN, Thomas, Geog.; 
MCMAHON, Dean, Sp. & Drama; MCNAUGHTON, 
Mary, Nurs.; ME.\CHAM, Edgar LaVar, Bus. Ed. & 
CM.; MEEKS, Hazel, Ed.; MERRILL, Evan, Acct.; 
MERRILL, Janet, Ed.; MERRILL, Kathleen, Eng.; 
MERRILL, Louis, An. Hus.; MERRITT, Shirley, Ed.; 
MESSERVY, Harold, Sp.; MEYER, Josephine, Ed.; 
MICKELSON, Carol, Hom. Ec.; MILAM, Gary, Chem.; 
MILLER, David, Ag.; MILLER, Heta, Ed.; MILLS, J. 
R., Econ.; MILLER, Robert; MILNE, Marilyn, Ed.; 
MISBACH, Grant, Sp.; MISKEN, Thain, Acct.; 
MONEY, Richard, Arch.; MONSEN, Sheldon, Sp.; 
MOORE, Marilyn, Ed.; MONTGOMERY, Robert, An. 
Hus.; MOODY, Floy, Ed.; MOOSMANN, Velma, 
Nurs.; MORRELL. Madison. Pol. Sc; MORRIS, Carol, 
Bus. Ed.; MORGAN, Carole, Ed.; MORTENSEN, Dean, 
Psych.; MORRISE, Jessard, Ind. Arts Ed.; MORSE, 
Kay; MORTENSEN, LaRene, Bus. Ed.; MORTIMER, 
Jean, Ed.; MOSS, Reed, Mktg.; MOTE, Herb, Soc; 
MURDOCK, Clair, Geol.; MURPHY, Mary, Rec; 
MURRAY, Robert, Ed.; MURRAY, Evelyn, Music; 
MUSIG, Morris, Art; MYERS, Marilyn, Sec. Tr.; NA- 
KAKURA, George, Ed.; NEBEKER, Louise, Ed.; 

Montgomery, Robert F. 
Moody. Floy A. 
Mossmann, Velma 

Morrell, Madison E. 
Morris, Carol Jean 
Morgan, Carole Ann 

Mortensen. Dean J. 
Morrise, Jesard 
Morse, Kay 

Mortensen, LaRene 
Mortimer, Jean Louise 
Moss. Reed L. 

Mote. Herb 
Murdock, Clolr N. 
Murphy, Mary 

Murray, Robert j. 
Murray, Evelyn 
Musig. Morris D. 

Myers, Marilyn Mabel 
Nalcakura, George 
Nebelcer, Louise 

INFORMATION, PLEASE. Students act as guide to new students. OBSERVATION and experimentation are common procedures in science. 



Neel, Ray 
Neeley, Nevada 
Neilson, Allen 
Nelson, Barbara L. 
Nelson. Charles 
Nelson, Conrad R. 
Nelson, Doris Kay 
Nelsori, Noei Norman ] 

Nelson, Charlotte 
Nelson, Lester Skip 
Nelson, Marvin Keith | 
Neubert, H. LaMon 
Neufeld, Robert L. 
Nichols, Annette 
Nichols, Lynn LaMarr 
Nield. Darreli W. 

Nielsen, James W. 
Nielson, Merrill 
Nielson, Ray P. 
Nierhoff, Audrey 
Nilsen, Carol 
Nllsson, Ray M. 
Nixdorf, James 
Nixdorf, Yuvonne A. 

Nixon, EIray 
Nixon, Ezra John Jr. 
Nuttall, Pearl Jennett 
Obregon, Socorro 
O'Brien, Donald A. 
Oier, Larry R. 
Olmstead. Patrica 
Olpin, Audrey 

Olpin, Jewel 

Olsen, Dennis M. 

Olsen, Elaine 

Olsen, LaDeane 

Olsen, Marva 

Olsen, Norma 

Olsen, Ray E. 

Olson, Beth W. 

Oshima, Stanley 
Ohsiek, David L. 
Ot+erson, Arnold 
Ottosen, Nadene 
Owens, Joseph 
Parker, John Carlyle 
Parlcer, Morris 
Packer, Wesley 

Parmley, Alice 
Palmer, Anna Belle 
Palmer, John Wendell 
Palmer, Pauline 
Partridge, Carol 
Patten, Thomas J. 
Patterson, Patricia Ann 
Patten. La Wana 

Payn*?, Julia Ann 
Paul. Ronald W. 
Payne. K. Lee 
Peacock, Mary M. 
Peck, Glen L. 
Peck, Ted Clarence 
Pennell, Paul E. 
Peel, LeRoy "F. 

Perry, Robert H. 
Petty, Clara Virtue 
Peterson, Arlene 
Peterson, Avon 
Peterson, Elaine 
Petersen,, Elaine B. 
Peterson, Elwood 
Peterson, Glenn 

Peterson, Kay R. 
Peterson, Kenneth E. 
Petersen, Morley 
Petersen, Paul 
Peterson, RaNee 
Phelps, Richard L 
Phillips. Blaine C. 
Potts, Allen Van 

Pinckney, David 
Prescott, Max W. 
Pratt, Lucile 
Price, Jay 

Prlngle, John Kenneth 
Prior, Jean 
Pugmire, Roger 
Prock, Gene 


ft «^ 


NEEL, Ray, Geol.; NEELEY, Nevada, Ed.; NEILSON, 
Allen, Ed.; NELSON, Barbara, Music; NELSON, 
Charles, An. Hus.; NELSON, Conrad, Eng.; NELSON, 
Doris, Span.; NOEL, Nelson, Zool.; NELSON, Char- 
lotte, Ed.; NELSON, Lester, Ind. Mgt.; NELSON, Mar- 
vin, Art; NEUBERT, LaMon, Ed.; NEUFELD, Robert, 
Acct.; NICHOLAS, Annette, Ed.; NICHOLAS, Lynn, 
Ed.; NIELD, Darrell, Phys. Ed.; NIELSEN, James, 
Ed.; NIELSON, Merrill, Ed.; NIELSON, Ray, Ind. 
Mgt.; NIERHOFF, Audrey, Ed.; NILSEN, Carol, 
Nurs.; NILSSON. Ray, Acct.; NIXDORF, James, 
Psych.; NIXDORF, Yuvonne, Ed.; NIXON, Elray, 
Agron.; NIXON, Ezra, Mktg.; Span.; NUTTAL, Pearl, 
Phys. Ed.; OBERGON, Soccorro, Ed.; O'BRIEN, Don- 
ald, Acct.; OLER, Larry, Ed.; OLMSTEAD, Patricia, 
Ed.; OLPIN, Audrey, Nurs.; OLPIN, Jewel, Ed.; OL- 
SEN, Dennis, Pol. Sc; OLSEN, Elaine, Ed.; OLSEN, 
LaDeane, Eng.; OLSEN, Marva, Ed.; OLSEN, Norma, 
Ed.; OLSEN, Ray, Ind. Arts; OLSON. Beth, Music; 
OSHIMA, Stanley, Ind. Arts; OHSIEK. David, Civ. 
Engr.; OTTERSON, Arnold, Music; OTTOSEN, Na- 
dene, Ed.; OWENS, Joseph, Geol.; PARKER, John, 
Hist.; PARKER, Morris, Mktg.; PACKER, Wesley, 
Chem.; PARMLEY, Alice, Ed.; PALMER, Anna, Ed.; 
PALMER, John, Acct.; PALMER, PauUne, Ed.; PART- 
RIDGE, Carol, Music; PATTEN, Thomas, Ger.; PAT- 
TERSON, Patricia, Hom. Ec; PATTEN, La Wana, 
Ed.; PAYNE, Julia, Ed.; PAUL, Ronald, Fin. & Bnkg.; 
PAYNE, Lee, Phys. Ed.; PEACOCK, Mary, Ed.; PECK, 
Paul, Pol. Sc; PEEL, LeRoy, Bact.; PERRY, Robert, 
Mech. Engr.; PETTY, Clara. Ed.; PETERSON, Arlene, 
Phys. Ed.; PETERSON, Avon, Nurs.; PETERSON, 
Elaine, Nurs.; PETERSEN, Elaine. Fine Arts; PETER- 
SON, Elvvood, Psych.; PETERSON, Glenn, Phys. Ed.; 
PETERSON, Kay, Ed.; PETERSEN. Kenneth, Ed.; 
PETERSEN, Morley, Ed.; PETERSEN, Paul. Fine 
Arts; PETERSON, RaNee, Ed.; PHELPS, Richard, 
Acct.; PHILLIPS. Blaine, An. Hus.; POTTS, Allen, 
Ed.; PINCKNEY, David, Phys. Ed.; PRESCOTT, Max, 
Geol.; PRATT. Lucile, Hum.; PRICE, Jay, Bus.; PRIN- 
GLE, John, Physics; PRIOR, Jean, Ed.; PUGMIRE, 
Roger, Comm.; PROCK, Gene, Ed.; PUSEY, Kathryn, 
Eng.; RABAN, Ted, An. Hus.; RAGSDALE, Ronald, 
Chem.; RALPH, Richard, An. Hus.; RAMONES, Ed- 
ward, Zool.; RAY, Alyric, Sp.; NELSON, Jean Ramp- 
ton, Fam. Liv.; RASBAND, Boyd, Acct.; REA, Ardeth, 
Nurs.; REED, Maxine, Ed.; REILLEY, Royce, Acct.; 
REED, Ronald, Ed.; RENCHER. Carolyn, Ed.; RICH- 
ARDS, Karin, Ed.; RICH, Harold, Mktg.; RICHARDS, 
Rosalie, Ed.; RICHARDS, Ruth, Eng.; RICHINS, Al- 
den, Ed.; RICHARDSON, Pauline, Ed.; RICHIE, 
Gwena, Ed.; RIDENHOUR, Ted, Hum.; 

Pusey. M. Kathryn 
Raban, Ted L. 
Ragsdale, Ronald O. 

Ralph. Richard B. 
Ramones, Edward 
Ray. B. Alyric 

Rampton, Jean 
Rasband. Boyd M. 
Rea, Ardeth Amy 

Reed, Maxine 
Reiley. Royce 
Reed, Ronald E. 

Rencher. Carolyn 
Richards, Karin 
Rich, J. Harold. Jr. 

Richards, Rosalie 
Richards. Ruth 
Richins, J. Aiden 

Richardson. Pauline 
Richie. Gwena 
Ridenhour, Ted E. 

IN RAPT ATTENTION. . . two students catch every word. ENERGETIC STUDENTS study while roommate is busied otherwise. 





Rigby, Ronald Kay 
Riggs, Lela 
Rlrie, Marib/n 
Roberson, Marvin 
Roberts, Don W. 
Roberts. Stanley B. 
Robison, Laren R. 
Robinson, Luella 

Robinson, Pat 
Robinson, Shirlene 
Rodeback. Charles 
Roderick. Judith 
Rogers, Gail M. 
Romney. Carolyn 
Romney, Sara Louise 
Rowe. M. Robert 

Rose, Robert O. 
Rowe. Thomas E. 
Rowley. Leon J. 
Rowley, Vernon C, Jr. 
Rucker. Fred W. 
Rugg, Karen Kay 
Rummler. Gary 
Rucker, Carol Dee 

Russell, John D. 
Rust, William L. 
Rymer. Newell Kay 
Sabln. Joan 
Sand. Althea 
Sardoni, Betty 
Sare, Anita 
Santistevan, Nanette 

Saunders. Robert W. 
Saville, Marilyn 
Saxey, Beverly 
Saxey, Edward 
Schiers. Iris 
Schow. Luana 
Schutt. Geraiynn 
Scott. Lois Jean 

Searle, Inez 
Sedgwick, Claudia 
Seely, Dean 
Sessions, Dale R. 
Sessions. Nellie Grace 
Sharp. Annetta Clark 
Sharp, Hugh L, 
Sharp, Joan Marie 

Shaw. Glen R. 
Shaw, Robert K. 
Shay. Frances 
Shepherd. John R. 
Shim, Bok Suk 
Shinsel. Glenda 
Simmons. Leiand R. 
Slggard. Connie Lou 

SImms, Connie May 
Skeen, LaMar W. 
Skldmore. John W. 
Skinner, LaVon 
Slaughter, Adele 
Smedley. George 
Smith. Crystal L. 
Smith. Dee Lynn 

Smith, John S. 
Smith, Gerald 
Smith. Gibson Ray 
Smith. Kay H. 
Smith, Linda Lou 
Smith, Leon Gene 
Smith, Lyie G. 
Smith, Mile R. 

Smith, Murtel 
Smith, Nadlne 
Smith. Ralph Jay 
Smoot, A. Owen 
Smoot, Harlow 
Sondrup. Keith D. 
Sorenson. Burnell 
Snow, Shirley 

Sowes, Cleona 
Speakman, William D. 
Spencer, Kart F. 
Standing. Ben W. 
Staples, Sue Anne 
Stapley, Cfaudia 
Stephan, Judith 
Stephen:. Darwin J. 


RIGBY, Ronald, Pol. Sc; RIGGS, Lela, Foods & Nut. 
RIRIE, Marilyn, Nurs.; ROBERSON, Marvin, Phys 
Ed,; ROBERTS. Don, Zool.; ROBERTS, Stanley, Math. 
ROBISON, Laren, Agron.; ROBINSON, Luella, HDFR. 
Ed.; RODEBACK, Charles, Soc; RODERICK, Judith 
Hist.; ROGERS, Gail, Elec. Engr,; ROMNEY, Carolyn 
Ed.; ROMNEY, Sara, Ed.; ROWE, Robert, Physics; 
ROSE, Robert, Acct.; ROWE, Thomas, Ed.; ROWLEY. 
Leon, Eng.; ROWLEY, Vernon, Ed.; RUCKER, Fred, 
Ind. Mgr.; RUGG, Karen, Ed.; RUMMLER, Gary, 
Joum.; RUCKER, Carol, Ed.; RUSSELL, John, Soc.; 
RUST, William, Ed.; RYMER, Newell, Hist.; SARIN, 
Joan, Eng.; SAND, Althea, Off. Mgt.; SARDONI, Betty. 
Ed.; SARE, Anita, Ed.; SANTISTEVAN, Nanette, Ed.; 
SAUNDERS, Robert, An. Hus.; SAVILLE, Marilyn 
Nurs.; SAXEY, Beverly, Clo. & Tex.; SAXEY, Edward 
Bus. Mgt.; SCHIERS, Iris, Mktg.; SCHOW, Luana 
Eng.; SCHUTT, Geralynn, Psych.; Scott, Lois, Ed. 
SEARLE, Inez, Soc; SEDGWICK, Claudia, HDFR. 
SEELY, Dean, Ed.; SESSIONS, Dale, Phys. Ed.; SES 
SIONS, Nelli, Ed.; SHARP, Annetta, Nurs.; SHARP. 
Hugh, Acct.; SHARP, Joan, Ed.; SHAW, Glen, Ed 
SHAW, Robert, Bot.; SHAY, Frances, Off. Mgt.; SHEP- 
HERD, John, Ed.; SHIM, Bok Suk, Pol. Sc; SHINSEL, 
Glenda, Eng.; SIMMONS, Leland, Mktg.; SIGGARD. 
Connie, Ed.; SIMMS, Connie, Ed.; SKEEN, LaMar. 
Fin. & Bnkg.; SKIDMORE, John, Art; SKINNER, La 
Von, Ed.; SLAUGHTER, Adele, Ed.; SMEDLEY, 
George, Phys. Ed.; SMITH, Crystal, Ed.; SMITH, Dee, 
Chem. Engr.; SMITH, John, Hort.; SMITH, Gerald, 
Phys. Ed.; SMITH, Gibson, Chem.; SMITH, Kay, 
Psych.; SMITH, Linda, Ed.; SMITH, Leon, Acct.: 
SMITH, Lyle, Ind. Mgt.; SMITH, Milo, Ind. Mgt.; 
SMITH, Muriel, Ed.; SMITH, Nadine, Nurs.; SMITH, 
Ralph, Ind. Arts; SMOOT, Owen, Chem. & Pre-Med, 
SMOOT, Harlow, Pre-Med.; SONDRUP, Keith, Phys 
Ed.; SORENSON, Burnell, Ed.; SNOW, Shirley, Ed. 
SOWES, Cleona, Ed.; SPEAKMAN, William, Ed. 
SPENCER, Karl, Chem.; STANDING, Ben, Ed. 
STAPLES, Sue Anne, Ed.; STAPLEY, Claudia, Ed. 
STEPHAN, Judith, Ed.; STEPHENS, Darwin, Acct. 
STEWART, Dave, Chem.; STEVENS, Bill, Agron. 
STOCK, Marjorie, Nurs.; STEWART, Eldon, Ed. 
STONE, Kay, Ed.; STOWELL, Dorothy, Ed.; STONE 
Lola, Ed.; STRATTON, Franklin, Ed.; STUART, Max 
ine, Ed.; STRINGHAM, Stuart, Comm.; STUBBS. 
Glen, Hist.; STUBBS, Richard, Ed.; STUKER, Eari 
Ed.; SUMMERHAYS, Charles, Ind. Mgt.; SULLIVAN 
Ralph, Chem.; SUMSION, Aleene, Ed.; SWADE, Rich 
ard, Zool.; SWANN, Alma; TAGGART, Charles, Ind, 
Mgt.; TAKEO, Ruth ,Ed.; TANNER, Ann Soc. 

Stewart, Dave 
Stevens, Bill 
Stock. Marjorie 

Stewart, Elden Lavern 
Stone. Kay Marie 
Stowell, Dorothy 

Stone. Lola 
Stratton, Franklin K. 
Stuart. Maxine 

Stringham. Stuart 
Stubbs. Glen R. 
Stubbs. Richard 

Stuker, Earl 
Summerhays. Charles 
Sullivan, Ralph J. 

Sumslon, Aleene 
Swade, Richard Howard 
Swann, Alma G, 

Taggart. Charles W. 
Takeo. Ruth Misayo 
Tanner. Ann 

THIS IS THE WAY it's done when one is chief bottle washer. "LET ME SEE. . ." Perplexed customer ponders over own choice. 


IJ" J 

Takeuchi, Tatsuo 
Tamashiro, Dennis 
Taylor, Barbara 
Taylor, Gayle 
Taylor, Lynneann 
Taylor, Mary C. 
Taylor, Melvin Jay 
Taylor. James ScotI 

Taylor, Neal 
Taylor, Robert Elmer 
Tebbs, Veda 
Tenney. Eugene 
Terry, Don 5. 
Terry, JoAnn Leavitt 
Terry. Marilyn 
Teragawa, Kathleen 

Terry, Max M. 
Thomas, lla M. 
Thomas, Rex LaMar 
Thomas, Ronald H. 
Thompson, Keith 
Thompson, Samuel O 
Thomson, Carolyn 
Thorne, Gay.a E. 

Thueson, Darlen*} 
Thorpe, Blalnn F. 
Tobler, Lee 
Todd, Carol 
Tolles. Harriet 
Toone, Kenneth M. 
Trubschenck, Carl H., Jr. 
Tseu. Albert K. 

Turner, Paul 
Turner, Ronald J. 
Turman. Sharon 
Turner, Grant T. 
Turley, Patricia 
Twitchell. Phyllis 
Van Natter. Anita 
Utiey. R. Kent 

Van Nov, Don 

Van Wagoner, Elizabeth J 

Vandenberg, Norlne 
Verltsky, Anne 
Vogel, Arvllla 
Volkman, Paul J. 
Waddell. Dix K. 
Wakefield, Mary Lynn 

Wakefield, Gregg 
Waldron, Acle C. 
Walker. Harold C. 
Walker, Kay 
Walser, Helen 
Walton. Wilber Tom 
Warnick, Charles P. 
Walton, Demi! Ree 

Warnock, D. Carl 
Wasden, Leonard B. 
Watson. Reba Carol 
Weaver, Ellen Claire 
Weaver, Gordon 
Webb, A. Paul 
Webster, "Ann 
Webster. Carl P. 

Webster, Jim 
Webster. Richard 
Weenig, Jay- 
Wells, Ernest 
Wendt. Roy E. 
Werner, Edward S. 
Westerberg, Thomas Bati 
White. Ballard T. 

Westman, Jan 
White, Glenda Mae 
White, William W. 
Whitlock. Von V. 
Whitney, Garth B. 
Whitney, Marcia 
Whittaker, Dorothy A. 
Whitear, Melvin J. 

Wilde, H. LuJeane 
Wiedenmeler, Marlynn 
Wllklns. Roberta 
Willett, Ralph 
Williams, Dallas 
Williams, Henry 
Williams, Noel 
Williams, Mary 




TAKEUCHI, Tatsuo, An. Hus.; TAMASHIRO, Dennis, 
Mktg.; TAYLOR, Barbara, Phys. Ed.; TAYLOR, Gayle, 
Ed.; TAYLOR, Lymieann, Sp.; TAYLOR, Mary C, 
Eng.; TAYLOR, Melvin Jay, Sp.; TAYLOR, James 
Scott, Span.; TAYLOR, Neal, Physics; TAYLOR, Rob- 
ert Elmer, Mktg.; TEBBS, Veda, Ed.; TENNEY, Eu- 
gene, Mktg.; TERRY, Don S., Chem.; TERRY, JoAnn 
Leavitt, Home Ec; TERRY, Marilyn, Ed.; TERAG- 
•AWA, Kathleen, Ed.; TERRY, Max, Acct.; THOMAS, 
Ila M., Ed.; THOMAS, Rex LaMar. Hist.; THOMAS, 
Ronald H., Ed.; THOMPSON, Keith. Soc; THOMP- 
SON, Samuel O., Mus.; THOMSEN, Carolyn, Joum.; 
THORNE, Gayle E., Ed.; THUESON, Darlene, Ed.; 
THORPE, Blaine F., An. Hus.; TOBLER, Lee, Fin. & 
Bnkg.; TODD, Carol, Home Ec.; TOLLES, Harriet. 
Ger.; TOONE. Kenneth M.. Phys. Ed.; TRUB- 
SCHENCK, Carl H., Jr., Hist.; TSEU, Albert K., Mkgt.; 
TURNER, Paul, Ed.; TURNER, Ronald J.; Ind. Art; 
TURMAN, Sharon, Nurs.; TURNER, Grant T., Acct.; 
TURLEY, Patricia, Phys. Ed.; TWITCHELL, Phyllis, 
Ed.; VAN NATTER, Anita, Eng.; UTLEY, R. Kent, 
Biol. Sci.; VAN NOY, Don, Sp.; VAN WAGONER, 
Elizabeth S., Sp. & Dr.; VANDENBERG, Norine, Fam. 
Liv.; VERITSKY, Anne, Acct.; VOGEL, Arvilla, Ed.; 
VOLKMAN, Paul J., An. Hus.; WADDELL, Dix K., 
Eng.; WAKEFIELD, Mary Lynn, Home Ec; WAKE- 
FIELD, Gregg, Ed.; WALDRON, Acie C, Agron.; 
WALKER, Harold C, El. Engr.; WALKER, Kay, Ind. 
Mgt.; WALSER, Helen, Ed.; WALTON, Wilber Tom, 
Ed.; WARNICK, Charles. Agron.; WALTON, Denzil 
Ree, Pol. Sci.; WARNOCK. D. Cari, Ed.; WASDEN, 
Leonard B., Mktg.; WATSON, Reba Carol, Ed.; 
WEAVER, Ellen Claire, Ed.; WEAVER, Gordon, Acct.; 
WEBB, A. Paul, Psych,; WEBSTER, Ann, Ed.; WEB- 
STER, Cari P.. Geol.; WEBSTER, Jim, Chem.; WEB- 
STER, Richard, Fin. Arts; WEENIG, Jay, Bio. Sci.; 
WELLS, Ernest, Jr.; WENDT, Roy E., Agron.; WER- 
NER, Edward S., Ind. Mgt.; WESTERBERG, Thomas 
Bates, Mktg.; WHITE, Ballard T., Ed.; WESTMAN, 
Jan, Pol. Sci.; WHITE. Glenda Mae, Ed.; WHITE, 
William W., Geol.; WHITLOCK, Von V., Mus.; 
WHITNEY, Garth B., Mktg.; WHITNEY, Marcia, 
Eng.; WHITTAKER, Dorothy A., Sp.; WHITEAR, 
Melvin J., Acct.; WILDE, H. LuJeane, Bus.; WIEDEN- 
MEIER, Marilynn, Ed.; WILKINS, Roberta, Mus.; 
WILLETT, Ralph, Pol. Sci.; WILLIAMS, Dallas 
Yvonne, Ed.; WILLIAMS, Henry L., An. Hus.; WIL- 
LIAMS, Noel, Ed.; WILLIAMS, Mary, Nurs.; WIL- 
LIAMS, Paul G., Bus. Mgt.; WILLIAMSON; Gary 
Clark, Comm.; WILUS, Vivian, Eng.; WILSON, Ar- 
lene. Ed.; WILSON, Ward. Ed.; WING, Glennis, Ed.; 
WINKLER, Mary Lee. Ed.; WINSLOW, Wayman L., 
Acct,; WINTERS, F. Burton, Mus.; WISTISEN, Ro- 
lene. Home Ec; WOOD, Paul Lavon, Agron.; WOOD, 
Helen. Bus.; WOODS. Richard, Acct.; WORSLEY, Joan, 
Ed.; WRATHALL, Jay W.. Engr.; WRIDE, Marion, 
Ed.; WRIDE. Tom, Acct.; WRITHT, Cahtreine Elaine, 
Ed.; WURST, LaDonna, Sp.; WRIGHT, Norma, Ed.; 
TOSHINE, Michael Y., Mkgt.; YEATES, James Lorin, 
Math.; YOUNG, Ross M.. An. Hus.; YOUN WOL, Chi, 
Pol. Sci.; ZABRISKIE, Marilyn, Ed.; ZIRKER, Ronald 
J., An. Hus. 

Williams. Paul 
Williamson. Gary Clark 
Willis, Vivian 

Wilson, Arlene 
Wilson. Ward 
Wing. Glennis 

WlnUer, Mary Lee 
Winslow, Wayman L. 
Winters, F. Burton 

Wistisen, Rolene 
Wood. Paul Lavon 
Wood, Helen 

Woods. Richard 
Worsley. Joan 
Wrathall, Jay W. 

Wride, Marlon 

Wride, Tom 

Wright. Catherine Elaine 

Wurst, LaDonna 
Wright, Norma 
Yoshino. Michael Y. 

Yeates, James Lorin 
Young, Ross M. 
Youn Wol, Chi 

Zabrlskte, Marilynn 
ZIrker, Ronald J. 


DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT to upperclassman. Freshman is uninterested. 

STUDENT LEADERS unloaded bags at Bryce Canyon meet. 



'Alexander, Patti 
Anderson, Robert A. 
Andrew. Frederick C. 
Arvanltas. Michael 
Baker, 5eth C. 
Ballard. Alice Ann 
Barbeiat, Donald 
Baxter, John 

Bassett, Ramon E. 
Beazer, Duane 
Beus. Spencer W. 
iillstrom. Richard 
Bishop. Dean A. 
Black, Kathryn E. 
Blair. John L. 
Blackhom. Dick 

Brewster. Richard 
Busath. Gerry Romney 
Bush, Clifford M. 
Bybee, Larry C. 
Carver. Dale R. 
Christensen. David E. 
Chrlstensen, Dewey L. 

Cowdell. Robert Boyle 
Davidson, Gwyn D. 
Dawson. David H. 
Eliasson, R. Ann Marie 
Fenn, Bi 
Ferrell, James 
Finlayson, Fred C. 
Farmer. Scott 

French. Donald Ira Jr 
Gates. Hugh I. 
Gingerich. Lament 
Gomm. Kenneth L. 
Gordon, David Simon 
Graham. Joyce 
Grant. Richard 
Grimshaw, Barbara 

Vj c ,o P 

Hilton. H. Gill 
Hilton. Clesse 
Holladay, Fred H. 
Moiling worth, Franklin 
Hone. Dean S. 
Houston, Ron 
Howells. James M. 

Hull. Clyde 
Huff, Edward 
Jackson. Harold 
Ikeda, Toshiko 
Jacobson, David Bartee 
Jenkins, Gary 
Joyce, Jack 

Jorgensen, Arlene 
Jensen, Gale n 
Jensen. Thomas R. 
Judkins, Carlton 
Kaaria, Sven V. 
Kofford. Jerald D. 
Jueschke, Alexander 


1^ i 


* '■ 


Lowder. Don L. 
Lunt, Gordon Ray 
Markman. Stan 
McEwan. Hal 
McKell, Eldon Clair 
Meiners. Juno 
Monson, Calvin E. 
Merrell, Rulon 

Mcrtensen. Bill 
Moon. H. Ka/ 
Moulton. Margie 
Murray, Robert J. 
Myres, Keith 
Nielson, Ronald F, 
Nuttall, Paul a 
Otterson, Jean D. 

OlipKanf. Virginia 
Olaveson, Eugene 
Pack. Elbert C. 
Patterson, Jeanne Ellen 
Perry, J. Russell 
Peterson, Bruce 
Rawlings, Jim 
Ray, Guy B. 

Reynolds, Allen Clair 
Redmon, Myrtle Leona 
Reynolds, Ruth 
Rice, Millard 
Rowley, Carl 
Rust, Oayle 
Scholle, Richard E. 
Rutter, Jesse J. 

Sessions, Charles M. 
Shepherd, Ivan Dale 
Shumway, Dale LeLand 
Stcousen, Larry P, 
Smith. Linnea 
Smith, J. Norman 
Smith, Sandra 
Sorenson, William Delbert 

ALEXANDER, Patti, Ed.; ANDERSON, Robert A., 
Mktg,; ANDREW, Frederick C, Mech. Engr.; ARVA- 
NITAS, Michael, Ed.; BAKER, Seth C, Zool.; BAL- 
LARD, Alice Ann, Ed.; BARBEZAT, Donald, Journ.; 
BAXTER, John Eng.; BASSETT, Ramon E., Civ. Engr,; 
BEAZER, Duane, Elec. Engr.; BEUS, Spencer W,, 
Elec, Engr.; BILLSTROM, Richard, Elec. Engr.; BISH- 
OP, Dean A., Ind. Arts; BLACK, Kathryn E., Ed.; 
BLAIR, John L., Phys. Ed.; BLACKHAM, Dick, Ed,; 
BREWSTER, Richard, Phys. Sci.; BUSATH, Gerry 
Romney; BUSA, Clifford M., Mktg.; BYBEE, Larry C, 
Mktg.; CARVER, Dale, Mktg.; CHRISTENSEN, David 
E., Elec, Engr.; CHRISTENSEN, Dewey L., Geol.; 
COOK, Bill, Math.; COWDELL, Robert Boyle, Elec. 
Engr.; DAVIDSON, Gwyn D., Biol. Sci.; DAWSON, 
David H., Phys. Sci.; ELIASSON, R. Ann Marie, Cloth. 
& Tex.; FENN, Billie, Home Ec; FERRELL, James, 
Mech. Engr.; FINLAYSON, Fred C, Mech. Engr.; 
FARMER, Scott, Comm.; FRENCH, Donald Ira, Jr., 
Pol. Sci.; GATES, Hugh I., Physics; GINGERICH, La- 
ment, Elec. Engr.; GOMM, Kenneth L., Mech, Engr,; 
GORDON, David Simon, Ed.; GRAHAM, Joyce, Bd.; 
GRANT, Richard, Elec. Engr; GRIMSHAW, Barbara, 
Sec. Ed.; GREENHALGH,TRichard, Ind. Mgt.; GUN- 
NELL, Robert, Civ. Engr.; GUYMON, Duane, Agron.; 
HADLEY, Stephen M., Acct.; HANCOCK, Joseph Per- 

B', Civ. Engr.; HANLY, Thomas F., Jr., Geol.; HART, 
avid K., Hum.; HARRIS, Boyce, Sp.; HARVEY, Ken- 
neth L., Phys. Sci.; HARWOOD, Darwin, Chem. Engr.; 
HATCH, {.eorge W., Elec. Engr.; HAYDEN, Warren 
R., Chem. Engr.; HICKEN, Elame; HODGES, Jere D., 
Elec. Engr.; HJLTON, H. Gill, Agron.; HILTON, 
Clesse, Agron.; IIOLLADAY, Fred H., Ed.; HOLUNG- 
WORIH, Franklin, Mktg.; HONE, Dean S., Comm.; 
HOUSTON, Ron, Acct. ; HO WELLS, James M., Art; 
HULL. Clyde, Bus.; HUFF, EdwaH, Elec. Engr.; 
JACKSON, Harold, Elec. Engr.; IKEDA, Toshiko, Hist.; 
JACOBSON, David Bartee, Ri.; JENKINS, Gary, Zool.; 
JOYCE, Jack, Bus.; JORGENSEN, Arlene, Ed.; JEN- 
SEN, Galen, Ed.; JENSEN, Thomas R., Ind. ArU; JUD- 
KINS, Carlton, Chem. Engr.; KAARIA. Sven V., Ger- 
man; KOFFORD, Jerald D., Mktg.; JUESCHKE, Alex- 
ander, Chem. Engr.; LOWDER, Don L., Mech. Engr.; 
LUNT, Gordon Ray, Engr.; MARKMAN, Stan, Civ. 
Engr.; MCEWAN, Hal, &on.; MCKELL. Eldon Clair, 
Acct.; MEINERS, June, Sp.; MONSON. Calvin E., Pol. 
Sci.; MERRELL, Rulon, Elec. Engr.; MORTENSEN, 
Bill, Civ. Engr.; MOON, H. Kay, Hum.; MOULTON. 

Webber, Robert R. 
Westenslcow, William Vernilo 
Williams. James F. 

Margie, Fin. Arts; MURRAY, Robert J„ Phys, Ed.; 
MYRIES, Keith, Pol. Sci.; NIELSON. Ronald F., Mktg.; 
NUTTALL, Paul E., Pol. Sci.; OTTERSON. Jean D.; 
OLIPHANT. Virginia. Cloth. & Tex.; OLAVESON, 
Eugene. Ed.; PACK, Elbert C, Pol. Sci,; PATTERSON, 
Jeanne Ellen, Comm.; PERRY, J. Russell, Art; PETER- 
SON, Bruce, Elec. Engr.; RAWLINGS, Jim. Pol. Sci.; 
RAY, Guy B., Elec. Engr.; REYNOLDS, Allen Clair, 
Engr.; REDMON, .Myrtle Leona, Eng.; REYNOLDS, 
RuQi, Ed.; RICE, .Millard, Chem. Engr.; ROWLEY, 
Carl, Hum.; RUST, Dayle, Phys, Ed.; SCHOLLE, Rich- 
ard E., Math.; RUITER, Jesse J., Acct.; SESSIONS, 
Charles M„ Hist.; SHEPHERD, Ivan Dale, Agr. Econ.; 
SHUMWAY, Dale LeLand, Hum.; SKOUSEjvT. Urry 
P., Hort.; SMITH, Linnea, Nurs.; SMITH, J. Norman, 
Engr,; SMITH, Sandra. Eng.; SORENSON, William 
D.. Biol. Sci.; STRANG, James L., Acct.; THROCK- 
MORTON, Alma Robert. Econ.; SQUIRES, David, Ed.; 
TWITCHELL, UMar, Physics; WALKER, Darrell, 
Mktg.; TODD, Jerrold, Phys. Sci.; WEBBER, Robert R., 
Ind. Mgt.; WESTENSKOW, William Vemile, Acct.; 
WILLIAMS, James F., FJec. Engr.; WHITING, Lois 
Fern, Ed.; WHITESIDES, James, Chem ; WITT, Dan- 
iel G.. Soc, 



^ ^ ^1 ^^ tr^f !^ 

Ailred. Garth W. 
Anderson. Daryl 
Anderson, Ernel L. 
Atkin, Dennis H. 
Baird, Ramon C. 
Baker, James M. 
Baker. Kay L. 
Beishline, Robert 

Benson. Ruth J. 
Berge, Wayne K. 
Blilings. Victor D. 
Briggs, Nancy 
Brown. Russell Olsen 
Bryan, VeNae 
Buschanan. Randall J. 
Burgon, Glade L. 

Buttars. Orvln A. 
Call. Udean 
Camp, Virgil H. 
Castillo. Rafael E. 
Chrlstensen. Ortho 
Contreras. Carlos A. 
Croft, Merlin R. 
Chattoraj, Shib 

Curtis. Kirk M. 
Dallin. Blake D. 
de Jong. Thelma B. 
Dinsdate, David R. 
Dumas. Mary E. 
Dunn. Joan Patricia 
Evans, John W. 
Evans. LaVon 

Fleming, Don E. 
Forsyth, Gordon J. 
Glines. Reece L. 
Gunter, Maynard 
Hamson, Robert L. 
Handy. Samuel D. 
Hodson. Phillip H. 
Helberg. Ray V/. 

Holllday Parley 
Hatch. Ronald D. 
Holt, A. Monte 
Hooper, Richard 
Hopkins, A. Norman 
Huerta, Doloris M. 
Hyde, Gerald R. 
Jacobs, Dee V. 

Jameson. Keith 
Ingalls, Max L. 
Johnson. Hotlls R. 
Jensen, Darrell 
Johansen. J. Frank 
Keller, Montie 
Kochevar, Lewis 
Larsen, Howard B. 

Lauritzen, Louis 
Mann, Jerry A. 
Marsh, William D. 
Movaghar, Nasser 
Mulr, Gary 
Nelson, Bruce A. 
Nichols, Murray L. 
Nettles. Jacquelyn 

Noker, Alvln J, 
NishJmura. Yoshiko 
Pedersen, Herbert N. 
Glazier. R, Penrod 
Perron. Wayne 
Petersen, Gerald 
Putnam, Howard H. 
Pitcher, Grant Grow 

Raynor, Wallace A. 
Rawson, Richard R. 
Richards, Don K. 
Richardson. Jay Ryan 
Roberts, Glenn Eldon 
Rollins. Boyd C. 
Sandberg, Karl 
Schultz, R. William 




ALLRED, Garth W., Lang.; ANDERSON, Daryl; AN- 
DERSON, Ernel L.; ATKIN, Dennis H.; BAIRD, Ra- 
mon C, Physics; BAKER, James M., Soc; BAKER, 
Kay L., Physics; BEISHLINE, Robert, Chem.; BEN- 
SON, Ruth J., Fr; BERGE. Wayne K., Soc; BILL- 
INGS, Victor D.. Mech. Engr.; BRIGGS, Nancy, Sp.; 
BROWN, Russell Olsen, Civ. Engr.; BRYAN, VeNae, 
Mus.; BUCHANAN, Randall J., Dram.; BURGON, 
Glade L.; BUTTARS, Orvin A.; CALL, Udean, Elec. 
Engr.; CAMP, Virgil H.. Mus.; CASTILLO, Rafael E., 
Carlos A., Psych.; CROFT, Merlin R., Mktg.; CHAT- 
TORAJ, Shib, Chem.; CURTIS, Kirk M., Ch. Hist.; 
DALLIN, Blake D., Civ. Engr.; DeJONG, Thelma B., 
Hist.; DINSDALE, David R., Hist.; DUMAS, Mary E., 
Zool.; DUNN, Joan Patricia, Eng.; EVANS, John W., 
Mech. Engr.; EVANS, La Von, Ed.; FLEMING, Don E.; 
FORSYTH, Gordon J.; GLINES, Reece L., Chem. 
Engr.; GUNTER, Maynard; IIAMSON, Robert L., 
Elec. Engr.; HANDY, Samuel D, Phys. Ed.; HODSON, 
Phillip H., Bact.; HELLBERG. Rav W.; HOLLIDAY, 
Parley, Civ. Ejigr.; HATCH, Ronald D., Chem. Engr.; 
HOLT, A. Monte, Elec. Engr.; HOOPER, Richard, 
Eng.; HOPKINS, A. Norman, Chem. Engr.; HUERTA, 
Doloris M., Sp.; HYDE, Gerald R , Physics; JACOBS, 
Dee v.. Per. Guid.; JAMESON. Keith, Chem. Engr.; 
INGALLS, Max L., Acct.; JOHNSON, Hollis R., Phys- 
ics; JENSEN, Darrell, Ed.; JOHANSEN, J. Frank, 
Chem. Engr.; KELLER, Montie, Mech. Engr.; KO- 
CHEVAR, Lewis, Geol.; LARSEN. Howard B., Psych.; 
LAURITZEN, Louis, Elec. Engr,; MANN, Jerry A., 
Phys. Sci.; MARSH, William; MOVAGHAR, Nasser, 
Mech. Engr.; MUIR, Gary, Chem. Engr.; NELSON, 
Bruce A., Chem. Engr.; NICHOLS, Murray L.; NET- 
TLES, Jacquelyn, Phys. Ed.; NOKER, Alvin J., Civ. 
Engr.; NISHIMURA, Yoshiko, Com. Art; PEDERSEN, 
Herbert N.. Physics; GLAZIER, R. Penrod, Ed.; PER- 
RON, Wayne, Phys. Ed.; PETERSEN, Gerald, Mktg.; 
PUTNAM, Howard H.; PITCHER, Grant Grow, Geol; 
RAYNOR, Wallace A., Hist.; RAWSON, Richard R., 
Geol.; RICHARDS, Don K., Ed.; RICHARDSON, Jay 
Ryan, Psych.; ROBERTS. Glen Eldon. Civ. Engr.; ROL- 
LINS, Boyd C, HDFR; SANDBERG, Karl, Fr.; 
SCHULTZ, R. William, Hist.; SEEGMILLER, David; 
SELIN, Terry; SKOUSEN, Karl; SHUPE, Margaret 
Virginia, Home Ec; SMITH, Ronald R., Chem.; Engr.; 
SMOOT. L. Douglas, Chem. Engr.; SONDEREGGER. 
Emory O., Acct.; SPENDLOVE, Lyie Bart, Chem. 
Engr.; STEED, Bruce David; STUBBS, Charles B., Art; 
SWITZER, Omar, Math,; SWAINSTON, David, Elec. 
Engr.; TAYLOR, Verl L., Elec. Engr.; WARNER, 
Charles Y., Mech. Engr.; TIDWELL, Frank Duane, 
Bac; WARNICK, Stephen L., Agron.; WILDE, Veldon, 
Mech. Engr.; WILLE, Milton 5., Mech. Engr; WIL 
SON, Arnold, Civ. Engr.; WILSON. L. David; WIL- 
SON, John L., Civ. Engr.; WOLD, Max P., Civ. Engr.; 
WOODFIELD, Norman, Math.; WOOD, Carol, Bus. 

WINNERS as Coeds of the Month pose on bookstore steps. 

Seegmiller, David 
Selin, Terry 
Skousen, Karl 

Shupe, Margaret Virginia 
Smith, Ronald R. 
Smoot. L. Douglas 

Sonderegger, Emery O. 
Spendlove, LyIe Bart 
Steed. Bruce David 

Stubbs, Charles B. 
Swiher, Omar 
Swalnston. David 

Taylor. Verl L, 
Warner. Charles Y. 
Tidwell, Frank Duane 

Warniclt, Stephen L, 
Wilde. Veldon 
Wille. Milton G. 

Wilson. Arnold 
Wilson, L. David 
Wilson, John L. 

Wold, Max P. 
Woodfield. Norman 
Wood. Carol 



"HERE'S YOURS," as Student Leaders serve the studentbody members. 



Andra, Car! 
Arnold, Kenneth L. 
Bethers. Gordon 
Boyenger. Lavon 
Bramwell, Jean 
Burge, Don 
Chapman, Glen W. 
Blaclcham, E. Donnell 

Chung, Henry P. 
Clayson, Harold 
Cook, Ivan B. 
de Hoyos, B. F. 
Duchesne, Andree 
Fuller, Rannon 
Gardner, Lynn 
Gonzales, Howard R 

Graham, Robert 
Hallsted, E. LeRay 
Hansen, Roberta 
Hansen, Uwe J. 
Jensen, Lenard 
Johnson, Howard 
LeBaron. Francis C. 
Marble, Glen bert 

Linebarger, Bob 
Lythgoe, Jack W. 
Miller. Glenn H. 
Moyle. Richard W. 
Neeley, Barbara 
Nelson, Jack 
Nielander Mary Ahlers 1 
Pace, Wayne 

Pace, Ronald 
Paris. Annette 
Parkinson, Ann 
Pendleton, Lynn 
Powell, Dwtghf Sampson 
Rollins, Myron B. 
Sharp, Louise C. 
PergolizzI, Lou 

Shields, Morris 
Sorensen. Merlin R. 
Spilsbury. Jewel Ann 
Sudweeks. Clara Peterson 
Tucker. Nettle 
Ward. Dennis 
Wells. Marilyn 
Westenskow. Richard 

Westwood, Ardls 
Williams, Dwayne A. 
Wood, Richard E. 
Yang, Kwang Nam 
Woodmansee, Robert 

NOW WHY did I have to hurt my leg so I can't run around ? 


JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS were Donna Hatch, Secretary; Carl Mitchell, President; Anne Brown, Vicc-presideni. 

Uunior Class Officers 

The Junior Prom was the largest project undertaken by 
the Junior Class this year. Staged to the theme of Sche- 
herazade, it featured the popular band of Jerry Gray. 
Roger Victor headed the Prom committee and had a 
large staff to aid him in the various aspects of the dance. 
In addition to this all-school dance, the Juniors enjoyed 
activities of their own. Two class parties were held — 
one a variety dance and the other a spring party. The 
Junior Class also participated in several school activities. 
Using education as their theme, they sponsored a float 
in the Homecoming parade; they also had a booth at the 
A.M.S. Carnival. One project which took the entire year 
was the collection of funds for the chimes. Every Junior 
was to be contacted and asked to donate. The year's 
activities were clima.\ed by the breakfast given to the 
Seniors. Carl Mitchell, Anne Brown and Donna Hatch 
served as officers. 




Aase. J. Kristian 
Adams. D. Carlos 

Adamson. Emalle 
Aeschback, Hanna 
Agutter, JoAnn 
Ahlberg. Clinton 
AhNee, Roy K. 
Allen, Elaine 

Aldoiis, Dean S. 
Allan, J. Collin 
Allen, Barbara 
Allison. Pat 
Ailred, Billie J. 
Allred, Geraldine 
Ailred, Susanne 
Andersen, Patsy 

Andersen, Mario 
Andersen. Paul C. 
Andersen, Paul G. 
Anderson. Arlene 
Anderson, Gloria 
Anderson, Jay 
Anderson. Joanne 
Anderson, Lawrence 

Anderson, Oscar 
Andersen, LeArta 
Andrews, Linda E. 
Andrus, Gary T. 
Andrus, Roman Raphael 
Archer, Warren 
Archibald. Vernene 
Arogast. Shonnle 

Argyle, LaVinla 
Armstrong, Glenna 
Armstrong, James H. 
Asay. Vernafay 
Aschmann, Joy 
Ashton, Paul 
Asplund. Harold John 
Atchley, Ronald 


Atltln, Mary Lucinda 
Atkinson, Eunece 
Atkinson. O. NIlo 
Atwater, Kathleen 
Austin, Thomas Dean 
Averett. Leah Mae 
Bae, Owen 

Baer, Larry Donald 
Baatey, Jerry 
Bailey, Barbara 

Bain, Walter 
Baird, H. Kay 
Baker, Faye 
Baker. Nell K. 

Ballord, Nona 
Banister, Letha 
Banks, Lavoir A. 
Barnes, Joanne 
Barnes, Richard 
Barnett, Edna 
Barlow, Pauline 

Barnetf. Mary 
Barnhlli, Bob 
Barrow. Clarence 
Barrow, Joan 
Bartholomew, M. Grant 
Barton, Delyle 
Bassett, Elouise 

Batchelor, Lee 
Bates, Wayne L. 
Baiiw, Jean 
Beach. Roy B. 
Bean, Clark S. 
Beazer, Gaylen Mark 
Bean, J. Evan 



Beck. Clive 
Beck. Kathleen 
Beckstrand, Therald C. 
Beheshti, Mohammed 
Bell, Jessie Lee 

Rose Mane 
Belt. Peggy 
Bennett, Betty 

Bennett, Carolyn 
Belliston, Iris 
Bennett. David M. 
Bensen, Marilyn 
Benson. Boyd 
Benson. Richard 
Benson, Yvonne 
Benson, Sharron 

Bergqulst, Gordon R. 
Berry. Nina 
Bertelsen, Delora 
Besendorfer. Joan 
Best. Brian Stanley 
Billings. Don 
Bird, Carol 
Bigelow, David 

Bird. Cloyd L. 
Bird. Talmadge 
Birks. Orval Jay 
Bishop. Jess 
Biftner, Joseph H. 
Black, Franklin 
Blockley. Demoyne 
Black. Patricia L. 

Blakely. Beverly 
Blakely, Robert 
Bloomfield. Lynne 
Blume, Patricia 
Bolin, Joan 
Bond. Aaron L. 
Bond. Richard W. 
Bluth, Robert R. 






Bray, Lawrence H. 
Breillatt. Patricia Yvonne 
Brewster, Bonnie 
Brimhall. Verna 
Bringhurst, Patricia 
Brock, Edward Earl 
Brock, Morris 
Brown, Anne 

Brockbank, Kay 
Broadbent, Kay 
Brown, Irma 
Brown. Kay Maureen 
Brown LaRae 
Brown. Lora Lee 
Brown. Ronald K. 
Byran, Lauren L. 

Bryant. Wlllia 
Bucknum, Daniel R. 
Buoge, Rayo B. 
Buhler, LeRoy N. 

Bullock, Gerald Anderson 
Bullock, Gordon 
Buliock, LaDell 
Eumann, Les 

Bunnell. Dale 
Burgon, Kaye H. 

Burke. Murland Jay 
Burnside, Clyde M, 
Burmester, Carla 
Burt. Merrill 
Bush, Myrna 
Bushman, Margaret Ann 

Bushnell, T. Darrell 
Busselburg, Carol 
Butler, Ervan H. 
Butler. Sylvan George 
Cable, Wayne 
Campbell, James William 
Caldwell, Sheila 
Call, James R. 

Call, Ivan T. 
Call. Caryol 
Call, Margie 
Call. Rita 
Call. Rodney F. 
Calvert, William J. 
Cannon. J, Terrance 

Candland, W. Rex 
Candland, Doris 
Cannon, M. Kent 
Cannon. Philip 
Cardon, Ellen 
Carraway, Clarence O. 
Carlston, Nancy J. 

Carlson, Bill LeRoy 
Carr, J. Douglas 
Carroll, Maureen 
Carruthers, Joyce 
Carter, Annette 
Case, Glenn 
Case, Gayle 

Castillo, Jorge I. 
Cattani, Tom 
Caiier, Ronald 
Chad wick, Charlotte 
Chadwlck, Jerald 
Chamberlain, Kelton 
Chalk, David N. 

Charles. Marlene 
Chase, Dolores 
Cheney, Marian 
Cherry, Clair G. 
Christensen, Clifford 
Christensen, Ben 
Child, Eva Diane 



Christensen, Gayle 
Christensen, Grant A. 
Christensen, Naomi 
Christensen, Robert 
Christensen, Sharll 
Chlvers, Robert L. 
Church, Elsie 
Christensen, LaVeme 

Clark, Dan 
Clark, DeLene 
Clark. Mary Beth 
Clarke, Jill 
Clifford, Tenia 
Coilard. Lorraine 
Colvin, Bob W. 
Clough, Gloria 

Collett, Carol Luana 
Collins. Stan E. 
Compton. John H. 
Conder, Donald A. 
Connell, Rosemary 
Conrad. Paul W. 
Conway. Tom L. 
Conwey. William 

Coster, Claudia 
Couzens, Darlene 
Covey. Barbara 
Covington, Wayne 
Cowley. Marjorie S. 
Cox, James B. 
Crandall, LaWana 
Craft, Robert 

Crane, Patricia 
Cree, Diana 
Crenshaw. Mills 
Crismon. Gene 
Crist. Robert H. 
Critchfield. Leroy R. 
Critchlow, Larry 
Crockett. C. Webb 


UPPERCLASSMAN explains as bewildered freshman looks on. 

Crookston. Lenore 
Croft. Mary K. 
Crosby, Alden 

Crosby. Luzon 
Crowley. Carole 
Crosley. Vera Alice 

Crowley. Nellissa 
Curtis, Caroline 
Cullimore. Sandra 

Curtis. Karen 
Dahlin. Kenneth 
Crowther Arven Jay 

Davis. Hazel Ruth 
Davenport. Chole 
Davis, Barbara G. 

Davis. Catherine 
Davidson. Marian N. 
Dalton. Geneve 




Davis, Raymond L. 

Davis. Sterling P. 

Day. Carl F. 

Day, Gloria 

Decker. Dean 

Decker. Jerry 

Decker, Rey M. 

DeMourdaunt. Paul Roger 

DeGraw, Clifford F. 
DeGrade, Don 
Denney, Donald 
Dennison. Betty 
Deputy. Russell M. 
Despaln, Faith 
Davenport, Eugene 
Devey. Beverly 

DeVries. Roberf 
Dieter. Alice 
Dieu, Douglas H. 
Dimter, Lauren 
Dixon, Mary Ann 
Djahanbani, Reza 
Drake, Asa Junlc/r 
Dixon, James D. 

Dredge, John 
Draper, Marva Arlene 
Dredge, Jesse R.. Jr. 
Duggan, James R. 
Dunfor, Chas. Kent 
Dunford, Thomas Jay 
Dunn, Carol Lynn Kelley 
Duerden, Frosty 

Dunn, J. L. 
Dunn, Patricia 
Earl. Micki 
Eberhard, Collette 
Edlefsen. Pat 
Edwards, Robert William 
Eldredge, J. Lloyd 
Egbert. Richard P. 

Ellis. John M. 
Eliason, Pat 
Ellison, Marilyn 
Ellsworth, Lyie 
Elmer. Theodore K. 
Emmett. Sally 
Enke, Ruth 

Erickson, Carl H. 
Erickson, JoAnn T. 
Esler. Sally 
Estabrooks. E. M. 
Estrada. David 
Estrada, Rosalind L. 
Evans, Sondra 

Evans. Georgia 
Evans, Jean 
Facer, Mark R. 
Fadely. Charles R. 
Fairholm, Gilbert 
Fawson. LuRae 
Fallls, Arvel 

Field. Ray A. 
Fife, Janice 
Finch, Richard H. 
Fisher. Margaret 
Fitt. Jon C. 
Flinders. Neil J. 
Folkman, Carol 

Flygare, Patricia 
Foremaster, Mary Ali< 
Forsyth, Gwen 
Fortlni. Pat 
Fowkes, Gene 
Fox. Robert B. 
Fowless. Robert L. 



.^ i 


r incis, Dean S. 
Foy, Margaret 
Freeman, Carol Ann 
Freeman. Peter Howe 
Frei. Don 
fr'ffi, Sharon 
" t, Jack 
3shan, Jean 

:ng. Richard 
Rodney W. 
Dbott. Connie 
oway. J. Alden 
Tiblin, Gerald A. 
^ett, Carolyn 
:ia. Carmen Ch. 
j'irdner. Colin 

-"flfdner. Duane L. 

-dner. W. Dallin 
. .r-eid. Don L. 
:7edge. DeVel 
'Berber, Bob 
iibbs. W. Sherman 

-; ;on, Richard 

::ert. Reta 

zer, L Dwight 

65. Margaret 
Godfrey, Lorin C. 
joldrick, Toy 
homez. Allan G. 
70uld. Phyllis 
cordon. Virginia 
^raham. Wayne 

odrlch, JoAnn 
't. Jay W. 
■:/, Elaine 

jreathouse. Shirley Lavlna 
ireen, Tom H. 
jreenwood. Carma 
.iresham. Ken 
, Greenwood. Carol 

"TfflS I MUST REMEMBER" says basy student in library 

Gfotegut. David A. 

Gubler, Iris 

Griffin. Vivian Irene 

Gummow. J, Fred 
Gustaveson, Lee S. 
Gunner. John E. 

Hadley. Don 

Guyon, Karen Denice 

Hadley. Janet 

Hates. George 
Halford. Harold H. 
Hale. Phil 

Hall. Charles 6. 
Hall. Dan Jay 
Hall. Charles M. 

Hall. Nadine 
Halladay. Jerry Ann 
Halladay. Kay 




. J. Ronald 

Hamilton, Donna 


. Carolyn 


Charles W. 
















W. Tracy 


Betty Lou 


, Robert B. 










Lila Ann 




Sharon Kay 




W-lliam R. 


Hal C. 

Harrison, Jane 




Renae J. 

Hatcher, Nancy 

Hawkins, Sherman 




, Loris J. 






Eberf R. 


Milton E. 




Harry G. 

Hemenway, Lynne 


cks, Lona C, 



Hendrickson, Roger R. 


Hensen, Ardyth Mae 


Hensley, Norma 


Henson, Charles 


Hepworth, Willis 


Herron, Frank 


Hepworth, Marvo 


Hess, Garth 


Hess, Vince C. 


Hewitt, Harold 


Higbee, Sharon L. 


Hill, Harry N. 


Hillam, Noreen 


Hinckley, Jane 


Hlilier, David Brown 


Hincklay, Thos. K. 


Hindley, James E. 


Hirschi, Diane 


Hiskey, Harold 


Hodgkinson, Jean 


Hoggan, Donna 


Hodgkinson, Kenneth 


Holcombe. Jarette 


Holman. LaJuan 


Holmes, Carole 


Holt. DeAnn 


Holtom. Gary 


Hone. Keith S. 

Hoover. Betty 


Hood, Grant 


Horn. Gus 

Horrocks, Don R. 


Horrocks, Kaye 


Houston. Jean 


Horsley. Richard Brown 




Howard. Elizabeth 
Howard. Rae 
Howell, Devon 
Hubbard, Marlta 
Hughart. Betty 
Hull. Janis 
Hulme, Thelma 
Hunt, Judith 

Hunt, Mat7 Lou 
Hunter, Louis G. 
Hunter, Mary Ann 
Hurlbut. Phillip R. 
Hurst, Dale 
Huskinson, Shirlee A. 
Hyde, Edna Lou 
Ivie. Morrel W. 

Hyde. Ellis 
Ingersoll. Mary! 
Isgrig, Wayne 
Jackson, Stan 
Jackson, Wendy Lu 
Jacobs. Clare 
Javadi, Marjorie 
Jacobs, Marjorie 

Jeffs, Craig 
Jenkins, Marvin L. 
Jennens, Dona F. 
Jensen, Bob 
Jensen, Charlene 
Jensen, Donald A. 
Jensen, Eldene 
Jenson. JoAnna 

Jensen, Kathryn 
Jensen, Kirk S. 

Jenson, Marilyn 
Jensen, Sharon 
Jeppson, Alda 
Jeppson, Roger 
Jex, LoAnne 
Johonsen, Joyce 





Jones, Delwin 
Jones, Gerald E. 
Jones, Peggy Ann 
Jones, Sharlene 
Jorgenson, Johnny 
Kaleta, Gary 
Keeler, Kathy 
Jueschlce, Arthur 

Keltauoha, Samuel 
Keller. Gloria 
Kenlson, Dorothy J. 
Kerby, Connie 
Kershaw, Gloria 
Killlan, James 
Kimball. Harper Taylor 
Khadjavi, H. Arsalan 

Kimball. LeGrand 
Kimball, Stanley 
Kimball, Sylvia Jane 
King. Roger 
Kingdon, Eugene E. 
Kirk, La Rae 
Kirkman, John C. 
Kirkendall, Hugh R. 

Kleinworth, Frank 
Kiskila, Carlene 
Knudson, Sandra 
Kohler, Ramon 
Koldewyn, Phillip Y. 
Kotter, Verle Glen 
Kris+janson, Mark 
Koshell, Dianne Ethone 

Laird, Harold E. 
Kugath, Donald 
Kulp. Kenley 
Lally, Doreen 
Lamsam, Wongsirl 
Lane, Shirley 
Larsen, Carol 
Larkin, Phyllis 

Larsen. Arietta 
Larsen, Janice 
Larson, Leon H. 
Larson, Odell 
Lasson, Carolyn 
Last. Louise 
Lasley, Gordon 

Lawrence, Louise 
Layton, James J. 
LeBaron. Bryce 
LeBaron, Melvin J, 
Lee, Patricia 
Lee, Ron 
Lee, Dave 

Leigh, Dorene 
LeVar. Ltia Lee 
Lewis, Affon 
Lewis, Emery Bowen 
Liebhart, Beverly 
Llewellyn, Leigh 
Lillywhite, Karen 

Ling, Wllma 
Long, Shelley 
Longson, Gordon 
Lorensen, Burton 
Louder, Darrell R. 
Lovell, Merton N. 
Lett, Nancy 

Lufkin, J. Cordell 
Lovett, Jack R. 
Lunceford. Dorothy 
Lundell, Norman E. 
Lunt, Milton 
McLamarrah, Betty 
McArthur, George 



McPhie. Janine 
Megerian. Audrey 
Mellor. Letha 
Mellor. Roger £. 
Menlove, Marlene 
Mercer, JoAnn M. 
Merrell, Calvin 
Merkley, Harvey 

Merrill. Cher! 
Merrill. Don W. 
Merrill, LaVaun 
Merritt, LaMonf 
Messiclt. Jean 
Meuter, Gerald 
Miller, Don L. 
Midgley, Wendy 

Miller. Ed. 
Miller, Leo D. 
Miller, Sterl F. 
MacPherson. Darrell 
Madsen, Mary Lou 
Modsen, Raymond LaVor 
Mahoney, Stephen B. 
Madsen, Rooald D. 

Malzahn, Judy 
Mansuy. Edward 
Manwaring. Colleen 
Marchant, Gary Reed 
Marlowe, Dardd 
Morr. Marilyn 
Markham, Barbara 
Marshall. Neldon H. 

Martin, Gerald B. Jr. 
Masada. Jerry 
Mason. Leon 
Mason, Sterling 
Mason, Yerda 
Mathews, Robert J. 
Mathls, John S. 
Matttce, Nan 

CONTRACT WINNERS perform for Christmas TV show, 

Matsen, John M. 
Maurer, David W. 
Maughon, Bruce 

McAlister, Nancy 
McAllister, Lawrence 
McComas, Willtann Howard 

McCann, Lauren B. 
McCune. Jeanne 
McCulley, Mary Jane 


McDow, Teri Leo 
McKay, Barrie 
McKay. William R, 

McKell. Clair J. 
McKell. David 
Mills. Joyce 

Miner, Janet 
Mitchell, Charles 
Mitchell. Arthur P. 



Mitchell, Collins 
Mitchell, Gay 
MJclcelsen, Richard 
Mitchell, Robert C. 
Mitchell. Ted R. 
Molle. Franlc 
Monsen, Stephen B. 
Montierth. Gary 

Montgomery, Paul 
Moody, Alice Kay 
Moody, Dorene 
Moody, Joan 
Moon, James D, 
Moon, Marilyn 
Moon, Milton 
Morgan, Myralee 

Morley, Burl 
Morley, Gayle L. 
Moore. Robert A. 
Morrell, Ruth 
Morton, Carolyn Kaye 
Moulton, Margie 
Moye. Lois 
Mott, Dean Garold 

Moyer, Terry 
Mumford, Margaret 
Murdocit, Robert 
Murdock, Thomas J. 
Muiphy, Jerry 
Murray, F. M. 
Musig, Meriai 
Munson, Lydia 

Myrup, Marilyn 

Nash. Blaine 

Naylor, Helen 

Naylor, Jay 

Nelson, Elaine 

Nelson, Mary Kay 

Nelson, Omer Dean 

Nelson, Neil F. 

Sir i* ^ 


Nelson, Richard Hayward 
Nelson, Patricia Lee 
Nelson, Varr Y 
Nettle, Hugh 
Nielson, Betty Jo 
Newton. Wallace S. 
Nelson, Ruth 

Nichols, Rochelle 
Niclcles, Ward A. 
Nielsen, Franklin O. 
Nielsen, Gaylon T, 
Nielson, Eldon (Bud) 
Nielson. Mary Lou 
Nilsen. Don Lee Fred 

Noble, Vernice 
Norton, Marlin 
Nuffer, Sharon 
Odermott, Louis W. 
Ogborn. Alton F. 
Ogden. DeVon M. 
Noble, J. Wayne 

Ogden. Koa Jean 
O'Leary. Sharon 
Oliphant, Robert 
Otsen, Barbara 
Oliver. Carl L. 
Olsen, Kenneth M. 
Olsen. Halvor M. 

Oison. Dale R. 
Olsen, Lynn 
Olsen. Pat 
Orchard, William 
Olson. Phyllis 
Orme. Kathryn 
Orton, Ken 





Oswald, Shirlene 
Orton, Kennefh R. 
Oltosen, Janiece 
Oviatt. Carmen 
Oxendlne. Peggy D. 
Oyler, Neldon D. 
Pace, Diane 
Pace, William C. 

Pace, Kaye C. 
Pack, Jane L. 
Palmer, Eileen 
Palmer, Blaine 
Palmer. Evan Mack 
Patmer. GlenaTee 
Palmer. James R. 
Palmer, Shirley 

Parker, Cecil B. 
Paromore, Mary Jo 
Parke, Diane 
Parker, Fred M. 
Partridge, Miriam 
Partridge. T. Keith 
Parque, Dick 
Patten, Benton P. 

Patjas, Selja 
Pautos, Cami 
Peacock, Bruce 
Peacock, Wanda Lee 
Pearson, Dean N. 
Pedersen, James L. 
Pedersen, Melvin L. 
Perkins, Keith Wayne 

Penfold, Garn 
Penrod, Karefyn 
Perkins. James 
Perry, Devern 
Perry, John E. 
Petersen, Bruce Jame 
Peterson, Dave 
Petersen, Edward H. 



Porter. Patti 
Porter. Reed J. 
Potter. LaWynn 
Poulsen, Margie 
Poulton, James 
Pouiton. Maxine 
Powell, AHene 
Price. Keith 

Powell. William 
Powell, Bernell Brad 
Price, Nancy 
Price. Zack 
Prince, Carol 
Pritchett. Robert M. 
Provost, Sara 
Pullan, Grant L. 

Pugmire, Pat 
Prows. Sandra 
Pyper. James William 
Quigley. Joe 
Ralphs. Roger T. 
Ramsay. Marilyn 
Rasmussen. Carol 
Rappleye, Sandra 

Rasmussen, Frederick A. 
Rasmussen, James 
Rather. Barbara Carol 
Raya. Estela 
Read, Carrol 5. 
Read, George FranUin 
Reber. Dennis 
Read, Juan C. 

Redd, Donna Maria 
Redford, Margaret 
Redford. Ruth 
Reed. Donald W. 
Reed, Robert A. 
Reed, Shirley Ann 
Reeder. Wendell Grant 
Reese, Edith F. 

Reynolds. Thomas Vern 
Remington, D. B. 
Richards. Gene Murdell 
Richardson, Judy 
Richardson, Ralph L. 
Richlns, Beverfy 
Ricks. David K. 

Richins, Lois 
Richlns, Duane 
Riclcs, Gary 
Ricks, Sharon 
Riggs, John 
Ringqulst, Robert 
Riley, David J. 

Roberts, K. David 
Robb, Renee 
Roberts, Judy Lynne 
Robinson, Klar 
Robertson, Jerold 
Robinson. Roland D. 
Rock, Gordon 

Roblson, Helen 
Rock, Kenneth H. 
Rockwood, Daisy 
Rockwood. Dorothy 
Rondo. Joseph Will 
Romney, Van E. Jr. 
Rogers. W. Thomas 

Roocker. Keith 
Roper. Keston A. 
Roper. Ronald 
Roundy. Vernon D. 
Roush, Robert R. 
Rldd. Roxalene 
Rugg, Roger 



.^ i 


Rusf. Patricia J. 
Sager. Robert Alton 
Salazar, Richard 
Saling. Wallace M., 
Salisbury. Todd B. 
Sanders. Lynn 
Saunders. Arlan R. 
Sawyers, Sherrell 

Sawyer, Melvin W. 
Scolf. Alan Robert 
Schenic, Marilyn 
Schetselaar. Gordon 
Schlinder, Alice 
Schloss. Fred 
Schmidt. Nathalie 
Schneider, Dolores 

Scholes, Jo Ann 
Schofield. Rex J. 
Schouten, John &. 
Schramm. Clarence F. 
Schult, Hazel 
Schwenlman. DeAnn 
Scott. James F. 
Seibert, Chcrlene 

Semadeni, Irene 
Selger. Richard Harding 
Sevy. Nonagene 
Sharp, Gay 
Sherwood. Glen 
Sherwood. Nell R. 
Shipley. Paul 
Shelton. Dorothy 

Shipp, Sherry 
Shirley, Kenneth Lee 
Shirts. Elmo 
Shocbley, Layne 
Short. Marjory 
Shumway, Marlene 
Shupe, William Dale 
Sidwell. Robert W. 

L VELL DRESSED and studious creates good learning situation 



Smith, Irving De 

Smith, Karen 

Smith, Lynn C. 

Smith. Marie 

Smith, Miriam 

Smith, Reva 

Smith, Sue 

Snarr, Margaret 

Snow, Gordon 
Smouse, DeForrest 
Snow, Louise 
Sobrio, Faye A. 
Sobrio, Marshall 
Sorensen, M. Todd 
Soule, Joan 
Sorensen, Judy 

Squire. Scott O. 
Spencer, U. Stanley 
Staffenson, Bill V. 
Stagg, Sharon 
Staker, Glen Dona 
Stanger. Ronald R. 
Stanley. Marilyn 
Stanton, Brian Eugene 

Stanley. Shirley 
Stapieton. William L. 
Starr, Sylvia 
Stay. Donavee 
Stebbing. Richard E. 
Steckler. Dianne 
Steele, Edris E. 
Steele. Sharon 

Stephenson, Joyce 
Stephen, Roy M. 
Stephenson, Merene 
Stepp, Carolyn 
Stettler, Carolyn 
Stevens, Marilyn 
Stewart. Barbara 
Stires. David W. 

Stirland, Elaine 
Stock, Janice 
Stoddard, Ann 
Stoffel, Mary Alice 
Stonehocker. Sandra 
Stoneking. Lois 
Stolworthy, Clara 

Stott, Gary R. 
Stout, Richard D. 
Stowell, Faye 
Stringham, Murray 
Strong, William J. 
Stuehser, M. Darlene 
Strong, Carol 

Summerhays, Dawnyse 
Summer, Walton 
Swain. Vard 
Swainson, Colleen 
Swenson, Dale G. 
Swenson. Dennis 
Swenson, Shirley 

Tahbas, Hossein 
Tannyhill, Richard J. Jr. 
Taylor, Gerald F. 
Taylor, L. John 
Taylor, Shirley 
Taylor, Stan A. 
Terry, David Ray 

Terry, Ross 
Tew, Dave 
Thacker, MarlTyn 
Thacker, F. Welcon 
Thayne, Lloyd 
Theobald, NeiT F. 
Thomas, Darrelf B. 






Thomas, Austin B. 
Thomas, Shirley 
Thomas, Wayne W. 
Thorne, James 
Thornley. Sharon 
Thornton, Fred 
Thurgood, Carolyn 
Thulin, Carol 

Thurgood, Jay D. 
Tilby, Vincent 
Tingey, Afton 
Tobler. Kenneth Burt 
Todd, Henry S. 
Todd, Reanon 
Tolman, Shirlene 
Tolson, John Deleslie 

Tomiinson, Joe 
Torbert, Lynn 
Tseu, Lawrence K. 
Turtey, Karen 
Turner, Norman C. 
Unger. Gloria 
Vance, Lorena 
Uyeda, Marjorie 

Valmer. Carl J. 
Van der Waal, John 
Van Dylte, John L. 
Van Dylte. Robert 
Vest. F. Rolta 
Victor, Roger 
Visser. Donna B. 
Waite. Wendell G. 

Wall. Lloyd 
Walker. Mary Jean 
Walker. Richard T. 
Walter, Carolyn 
Waltman, Ralph 
Wangsgard, Gene 
Ward, Darrel Nichola 
Ward, Sharon 





Webster. Sharron 
Weller. Charles H. 
Welch. Ervil 
Welles, Aleese 
Wells. Dick 
Wendt. Jean D. 
West, Emerson R. 
West. J. Donald 

Westonslcow, Dean 
West, Leonard R. 
Westover. Edwin L. 
Westover, Ray 
Whaley, Marcella 
Wheeler. Carole 
Whipple. Cal© 
Whitaker, Carol 

Whipple, Jay W. 
Whitaker. Joan 
White, Edward B. 
White, Jerald D. 
Whitesides, Gerald 
Whiting. Jean 
Whittaker. Harry H. 
Wilcox, Ron 

Wilcox, Dorinda 
Wilcox, Sonya 
Wilcox, Stanley F. 
Wilding, Ruth 
Wilding, Dixie 
Wilhelm, Guy A. 
Wilkes, Melvin R. 
Wilklns. Gail 

Wlllden, Jerome R. 
Wilklns. Rosalea 
Williams, Myrle 
Wilson, Bobby 
Wilson, Loyd 
Wilson, Richard J. 
Winkler. Pauline 
Wlnterton, Eldon W. 

A^ -^gL ilk V 


Wilson, William A. 
Winters, Kathleen 
Wirrick, Allyn J. 
Wirrlck, George W. 
Wolfley. Ella S. 
Wolsey, Marlene 
Wong, See Bon 

Wood. Fern 
Wood, Orln Lew 
Woodard, Jay 
Woodrlng. Thomas M. 
Woodward, Anita Ann 
Workman, Vena May 
Wortham, Luanna 

Worsley, Don 
Worthen, Ellis 
Wrathall. Wally 
Wray, Jerry 
Wright, Ann S. 
Wright, Jane Bee 
Wright. Colin 

Wright, LaDean 
Wynder, Marfene 
Yardley, Pauline Parry 
Young, Sevan G, 
Young, Sondra Elaine 
Zollinger, Janice 
Zohner, Glenn Dorln 



SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS were Blair Armstrong, Vice-president; Larry Jenkins, President; Kay Bumip, Secretary. 

Sophomore Class Officers 

/■ • 1 


The Sophomore Class was directed this year by Larry 
Jenkins as president. He was assisted by Blair Arm- 
strong and Kay Burrup. In the hands of these capable 
officers, the class progressed both in activity and in 
projects. The largest project undertaken was probably 
the Sophomore Loan Fund Ball sponsored for the pur- 

Sose of raising money to loan to students. Over four 
undred dollars was raised, the largest amount ever 
turned in by this function. Besides participating in 
Homecoming activity, the Sophomores were given a 
well-rounded social program during the year. Excnanges 
were held with the Senior and Junior classes as well as 
a "strictly" class party in the canj'on. During the Spring 
Quarter, a car washing project was sponsored to help 
raise funds for the class project of landscaping parts of 
the campus. The class caoinet was also active and held 
several exchange parties in the year. 


'Abercrombie. Charles L. 
Abbott, Janice 
Abplanalp, Delloy O, 
Abrams, Howard 
Adair. Bill 
Adams. Bonnie 
Adams, Bruce 
Adams, John 

Adams, Martha C. 
Adams, Darryl 
Addis, Don 
Ahlstrom, Dale 
Albiston, Stan 
Atbracht. Newell 
Alcorn, Marlene 
Alder. Lillie L. 

Allen, Eleanor 

Allen, Clair 

Allen. Gylan 

Allen, JeannI© 

Allen, Kathleen 

Allen, Lorenzo C. 

Allen. Richard 

Allen, Richard Micheal 

Allred, M. Duane 
Alter. Marilyn 
Anderson, Gary S. 
Anderson, Guy 
Anderson. Janet Ann 
Anderson, John A. 
Anderson, John R. 
Anderson, Joyce 

Andelin, Leslie H 

Anderson, Lynne 






Marian F. 

Richard Da 
Sue Marie 

Anderson, Wesley 

Anderson, Verl L. 
Anderson, Virginia 
Andrews, Jeremy 
Arnason, Lynette 
Arneson. Artelle 
Arnett, William W. 
Arit, Arleno 
Arney. Betty Chloe 

Ashby. Delroy 
Ashby, Goraon 
Ashby, Joan 
Ashton. Lee M. 
Ashby, Marian 
Ashby, Ralph 
Ash, Wayne 
Auffhammer, Edmund A. 

Ashman. H. Lowell 
Asay, Wayne W. 
Atkinson, Barbara 
Atkinson. Shirlene 
Atterton, Bruce 
Atwood, Mary 
Ault, Myrno 
Augade, Louise 

Avery. Wayne 
Aurich, Jimmie L. 
Austin. Gaylra Ann 
Baharie, Ronnie 
Bahr, Howard 
Bailey. Constance 
Bailey. Daria 
Bailey, Tlllle 

Bailey, Fred 
Baker. Coieen 
Baker. Evalyn 
Baker. Susan 
Baldwin, Theodore 
Ballantyne, Kay 
Ballard. Marilyn 
Baliif, Catherine Lou 



Adams, John R. 
Adams. Bryant L. 

Alexander. Charlene 
Alder, L. Jim 

Allison, Robert 
Allphin, Nylen Lee Jr. 

Anderson, Larry F. 
Anderson, Arllne M. 

STUDENTBODY PRESmENT, Monroe McKay gives instructions to school leaders. 


Ballou, Barbara Jean 
Bang, Robert 
Banks, Dougfas 
Barbezat, Eugene 
Berc'ay, Jean Marie 
Barlow, Sarah 
Barnes. Donna 
Barnson, LeRoy L. 

Barnhurst, Doris 
Barney, Patricia 
Barnum, Deanne 
Barren. Keith 
Barrios M,, Arturo A, 
Barrow, Klee 
Barry Barbara 
Barth, Neal 

Bartley. Gai! 
Bartlett. Janet 
Bateman, Lynn L. Jr. 
Bateman. Marietta 
Baumgart, Roy 
Banter. Judith 
Banter. Larry A. 
Baxter. Rand 

Bean. Audrey 
Bean. Deon 
Beard. Leiond Milo 
Beachler. Betty Lou 
Beck, Douglas J. 
Beck. Jacltle 
Beckstead. Demont 
Becker. JanTce 

Beckstead. Leda 
Becks*ead. Judy 
Beebe. John O. 
Behring. Ken 
Bell, Carolyn Kyle 
Bell, Cherie 
Bell, Diana 
Bell. Yuonne La Rae 

Bennett. Kathleen 
Bennett. DonaM 
Bennett, Mary 
Bennion, Fred 
Bennion. Koan 
Bennion. Stan 
Benson. Larry D. 
Berg, Kathryn 

Benson. Lynn H. 
Berrett, Robert D. 
Berry. Loulne 
Berry. Norma Jean 
Berryhill. Marilyn 
Besendorfer. John 
Beutel. Johan 
Best. Larry G. 



Bentley, Robert 
Bentley. Robert H. 
Bentley, Toney 
Bevans. Margaret A. 
Bigler, Sylvia 
Billington. Nadine 
Bills. Ronald 
Bills, William H. 

Bird, Donna 
Bishop, Joan 
Bishop, Merylln 
Bjorlc. Kay 
Black. David M. 
Black. John C. 
Blackhurst, Colleen 
Biackhurst. Dennis 

Blair, Carolyn 
Blair, Colleen 
Blake. William D. 
Blanch. Robert 
Blanchard. Farreif 
Blonchard. Pat 
Biankenship. PauFci 
Bliss, Eugenia 

Blodgett. Joan 
Bodon. Karl H. 
Boel, Anne 
Bohn, Ted S. 
Bond. James L. 
Bond. Kent 
Bone. Lorin 
Bonser. Margie 


Boren. Norma 
Borg. Clau<ilne 
Bornemann. Joan 
Boston. William H. 
Bosworth, Richard 
Bourne. Sid 
Bovard, Valerie M. 
Bowden, Joan 

Bowers, Rowena 
Bowers. Claudia 
Bowman. W. N. 
BoyacK. Wayne 
Boyer. Larsen S. 
Bradshaw. Larry 
Brady, Lon G. 
Braithwaite. Keith D. 

Brailsford, Jocic W. 
Bramwell. Sharon 
Breitenbuecher. Gayle 
Bremer. Ronald A. 
Brighton, Nancy Glee 
Brim. Beulah 
Brimhall, Janelle 
Brockbank, Brent 

Bringhurst. Kent 
Broadbent. Sheila 
Brodin, Nils Eric 
Brogdon, Norman E. 
Brooks. Wiltard M. 
Brower, Dile L 
Brown. Ann LaRay 
Brooksby, Brandt 

Brown, Barbara A. 
Brown. Charles Ray 
Brown, Colleen 
Brown. Diane 
Brown, Farrell 
Brown. Glenn L. 
Brown. Kay I. 
Brown, Melvin J. 

Brown, Ray M. 
Brown, Raymond C. 
Brown, Stanford L. 
Browning, Kate 
Bruner, John W. 
Brunken, Bonnie 
Budge, Gerald S. 
Buchanan. George EIRay 




Bingham, Finch 
Bird, Jay Thomas 

Blackmore. Moira 
Black. Marcia 

Blocker. John 
Bloomfield, Beverty 

Booth, Beverly 
Borden. Edward 

FILLING OUT APPLICATIONS for positions provides opportunity for everyone. 


Bullock. Burt 
Bunker, Loretta 
Bunnell, Ann 
Burbridge, Richard L. 
Burdick, Colleen 
Burns. Errol G. 
Burlew, John W. 

Burnslde. Afton 
Burns, Patrick John 
Burrell, Gordon K. 
Burrell. Janice 
Burrup, Kaye 
Burton, Beverly 
Burton, Donette 
Busby, Mona Rae 

Burton, Etholene 
Burton. Kfly 
Bush, Gary 
Buskey, Sandra Joan 
Butcher, Don 
Butler, A. Bay 
Butler, Betty 
Butler, Sherrel 

Buttars, La Reen 
Byers. Ken 
Bylund. Cyrus 
Caldwell. A. Lemoye 
Call. Diana 
Call, Henry M. 
Coll, Robert Leon 
Call, Ronnie Loree 

Call, Lots Ann 
Call, Sharon 
Calvert, Terry 
Campbell. Carolyn 
Campbell, Dennis J. 
Candland, Bob 
Carling. Marlena 
Carlile, Garvin 

Carlton, Karen 
Carrigan, James L 
Carruth, Carole 
Carter, Anita 
Carter. Don C. 
Cena, Robert 
Chamberlain. Gary 
Chambers. Bob 

Chandler, Jean 
Chandler, Connie 
Chanslor, Lewis 
Chaplin. Lois E. 
Cheney. Barbara 
Cheney. Garth 
Cheney. Wayno 
Christensen. Duane G. 



Childs. Wilma 
Chrlstensen, Carol 
Chris+ensen, Carol L. 
Christensen, David R. 
Christensen, Earl 
Christensen. Eugene 
Christensen, Herbert 
Christensen, lla 

Christensen, Jay 
Christiansen, Arden T. 
Christofferson. Kent 
Clark, Betty 
Clark, Dee Ann 
Clark, Gordon T. 
Clark, Robert 
Clawson, Gary 

Clegg, Anabel 
Clegg. DaNeil 
Cluff. Philip 
Cluff. Wanda 
Coffman, Gordon C. 
Cole, Carla 
Coleman, Doreen 
Coleman. Virginia 

Collins, Sue 
Combs, Jim 
Collyer, Ronald 
Condie, Howard 
Conklin. Dean 
Cook. Alonzo D. 
Cook. Barbara 
Cook, Kenneth Stanley 

Cooper. Shirlee 
Cooper, Robert A. 
Corak, Eva Marlene 
Corey, Sharon 
Cornelius. Don E. 
Cowan. Ross 
Cox. Gary 
Craig. Steve 

Cram, Deanna 
Cox. Sharron 
Crandall, Harvey L. 
Crandall, John 
Crandall. Sue 
Crane, Loren D. 
Crape. Carol 
Crapse, Warren F. 

Cravens, Jack 
Crawford. Arlean 
Crawford. Edward 
Crawford, Malcolm D. 
Critser. Bryan 
Crittenden, Carolyn 
Crockett, Ken 
Croft, Faye 

Croft. JulTa 
Crompton. Bruce G. 
Crosby. E, Earl 
Croshaw, Carol Ann 
Crowley, Larry O. 
Crowther. Ted 
Cross, Donald L. 
Crose, Carrol L. 

Crystal, Doris 
Cullimore, Kay 
Cummings, Karen 
Cunningham, Marilyn 
Currier, Jim 
Cutchen, Faye 
Dalnes, Nancy K. 
Daines, Wefdon 

Dalton, Dave 
Dalton, Jan 
Daniels, Donna May 
Daniels, Shanna 
Davenport, Margie 
Davidson. Dawn 
Davies. David Leroy 
Davidson. Ted E. 


Dovis, Bob 
Davis, Betty 
Davis, Dixie 
Davis, Eidon 
Davis, Gory 
Dovis, Goyle 
Dovis, Lynn 
Davis, Norman Boyd 

Davis. Rollin S. 
Dovis. Roscoe Ben 
Davison, Glenn 
Day, Roxonna 
Doyton, Kenna 
Deamer. Carol 
Dean. Larry 
De Angeles, Sally 

DeCastro. Odalr 
DeBloois. Betty 
Debs, John Edward 
Decfcer, Fred 
DecVer, Irving H. 
Declcer, Jeanie 
Decker, Wayne R. 
Del Flum, Dorene 

DemaTee, Ronald K. 
Dellenbach, Kenneth 
Demer, Clair D. 
Denos, Jan6l 
De Priest. Peggy 
Deputy. Nancy 
Derr, Loretta 
Despain, Philip 

Dibble, DeAnnft 
Devine. Mory 
Dewey. Don 
Dickey. Desmond 
Digerness. Sorah 
Dike. James 
Dittus. Hildegarde E. 
Dixon. Karen 

Dolan. Albert E. 
Doman, John Edward 
Donaldson. Kenyon V. 
Dorgon. F. G. (Zelce) 
Dorius. Dale M. 
Dory, Deanno 
Downey. Frank K. 
Dotson. Robert B. 

Dreger, Dorothy K. 
Doxey. Lawry 
Dray, JoAnn 
Drechsel. Dolores 
Drinkwater, Phillip 
Driskell. Caroryn 
Dryden, Thomas E. 
Duce, Lee 

Cleqg, Alene 
Clay. John P. 


Chrlstensen, Max L. 
Christiansen. Howard D. 

Coles, Rex L. 
Collins, Sharon 

Cooper, Marilyn 
Cool, John 

LAST MINUTE changes in class schedules is common occurrence at registration. 


Duke, E. Jean 
DuBois, Jacqueline 
Duffey. Dianne 
Dugmore, Dorlne 
Dunn. Patricia E. 
Du Paix. Mel 
Dupllsea, G. Hugh 
Du Pont. Clyde S. 

Eagleston, Gerald 
Eames. Elizabeth 
Earl, Anthony 
Eclce!, Paul R. 
Eddington. Bonnie 
Edwards, Elaine 
Egg, Theron J. Jr. 
Eichelberger. Berta Jo 

Ellis, Gay 
Ellis. Geralyn 
Ellis. Jede 
EUsworth, Christine 
Ellsworth, Eloise 
Elmer, Laura 
Ely, Raymond W". 
Eliinga. Lavelle 

Erickson, Glen 
Engle, Ira Jr. 
Ennis, Noel H. 
Erskine. June 
Esplin, Robert M. 
Estes, Dale 
Ettrlch. Frederick 
Evans, Barbara Leone 


Evans, Naomi 
Evans. Richard 
Evans, Sharron 
Fadely. Kenniih L. 
Fagg, J. Wayne 
Farnsworth, Clyde 
Farnsworth, Larry 
Fakharadeh, Jaiai 

Farnworth, Richard 
Farr. David B. 
Farrimond, Joan 
Fenn, Donald E. 
Fietkau. Ben R. 
Finch, James M. 
Fisher. Byron 
FInlinson. Arllne R. 

Fianary, Paul 
Flake David 
Flake. Iven 
Flenniken, Daisy 
Fletcher. Bonnie 
Flygare, Norma 
Follett. John C. 
Fletcher. George A. 

Foremaster. Lew 
Foreman, Richard W. 
Forsgren, G. Brent 
Forsyth, Sandra E. 
Foutz, Arlene 
Foutz, Elva 
Fowler, Janet Dawn 
Fox, Ruth 

Foy. Leo 
Frampton, Dean 
Francis, Jane Ann 
Francis. John 
Francom, Donell G. 
Franson, Larry 
Frasler. Ron K. 
Francom, Baunie 

Fujita. Wilfred 
Frazler, Allan 
Fronk, Robert 
Fuhriman, David Hyrum 
Fuller. Larry 
Fuller. Merllyn 
Galloway, Gwen 
Fullmer. Claire 



Durront, John L. 
Durfee, Milo V. 

ardner. Ervin 
arcia, Jose E. 

ardner, Georgonne 

ardner, Henry Wayne 

ardner, Larry 

ardner, Larry 

ardner, Mark 

ardner, Sherrll 

arfield, Carol Jean 
ardner. Tracy 
arner, Don 
5rreH, Clyde B. 
srretf, Mark 
stes, Keith T. 
;e, Janet 
sssaway, Terry 

jrber, Austin 

jntry, Evelyn 

!orge, Marilyn 

jrhart, Marilyn 

bb, Doug 

bbons, LeRoy 

bbs, Douglas 

bbons, William Andrew 

eclt. Fred Gory 

christ, Dianne 

I. Gurcharan 
3Sson, Ruth 
ivinic, Adohr 
3nn, Barbara 
inn. Darlene 
Jason, Carol 

nes, Jerry 

dfrey, Louise 

rdon, Elaine 

nder, Emerson 

odman, Jean 
' odrlch, Peggy 
' odsell. Glen 
' odman Wayne F. 

' odson, Joan 

* rdon. Janice 
' sar, Greg 
■ ss. Sally 
' iham, Glenda 
C athouse, Vona Lue 
( laves, Karren 
'int. John H. 

* en. Dixie 
' tenhalgh, David 
t enwood. Reid 
^ enwood, Val 
< *fis, Betty 

* rnaud. Donald L. 
( mmett. Dixie 
C neman, Janet 

Elliott, Nancy 
Edwards, Hugh T. 

Ence, Iva Dawn 
Elzinga, Yvonne 

Evans. David 
Evans. Fred M. 

EVERY AVAILABLE SPACE is used for studies when libraries and rooms are full. 


Gus+aveson. Jean 
Gudmundsen, Ruth 
Gwilllam. Norma 
Hacking. Eleanore Claire 
Hacking, Lu Jeanne 
Hackney, Kay Elaine 
Hadley. Darreli L. 
Haggen, Gilbert L. 

Hales. Ronald Williann 
Hale. Bessie 
Hales, Pryce N. 
Hales, Ron B. 
Hall, Gary D. 
Hall, Ronald D. 
Hallen, Gloria 
Halliday, Ernest 

Hamblin, Thee 
Halton. Nancy 
Hamilton. Annie Belle 
Hamilton, Larry G. 
Hamlin, Thella Mae 
Hancock, Philip Eugene 
Hansen, Joy 
Hansen, M. Margaret 


Ma»ilyn L. 
Robert L. 
R. Wayne 
John G. 

Harding. Nancy 
Harding, Neal 





Wallace G 
Antoine H. 


Harris. Leroy M. 
Harris, Howard M. 
Harris, Kathryn 
Harris, Michael G. 
Harris, Rita Jean 
Harrison, Carolyn 
Harrison, Phillip 
Harrison. R. David. Jr. 

Harvey, Gaynard 

Harrison, Willis 
Hatch, Carl Alvin 
Hatch, Diane 
Hausknecht. Jeanne 
Haworth, Carol 
Haycock, Janet 
Haymond, Tom 

Haynie, Kiea Carolyn 
Heaiey, David Winn 
Heath, Charles 
Heath, Frank A. 
Henderson Wiiliani W. 
Hennlngsen. Cherie 
Hansen, Carole 
Henry, Johan 

Hepburn, Ad^le 
Hermansen, Larry 
Hermansen, Ronald J, 
Herrin. Gene Carley 
Herrin, Luhuana Allen 
Herron, Richard R. 
HI.^tt, Duane 
Hickenlooper. Sharon 

Hickerson, Larry 
Higashl, Allen 
Hill, Gordon 
Hill, Howard Richard 
Hill. Valerie 
Hinkins, Norma 
HInze, Roberta 
Hitesman, Ferrell J. 




Hoagland. Luwilla 
Hoffman. Leon D. 
Hogqe, RolIIn 
Hollberg. D. Joyce 
Hollingshead, James B. 
Mollis, Almy 
Holman, Sharon 
Hotman, Margaret Jear 

Hoopes. Paul R. 
Hopkins, Arthur 
Hopkins. Don 
Hopkins. Donna 
Horlacher, Fred R. 
Hosman, Lew 
Hotchkiss, John L. 
Houssian, William C. 

Howlet, Duane K. 
Huffman. John H. 
Howard, Virginia 
Hubener. Nancy Ann 
Huff, Dale 
Huffaker. Norman 
Hughes. Gerald Jay 
Hughes. Ann 

Hulsh, Jim 
Hulsh, John 
Huhl, Sharon 
Hullinqer, Floyd 
Humpherys. Dee 
Hunt, Janette 
Hunt, Margaret 
Hunt. Shirley Joan 

Hunter, Aarl 
Hunter. G. Phillip 
Huntsman. Howard 
Hurd. Royal C. 
Hutchings. Paul N. 
Hyde. Peggy 
Hynst, Kathleen 
Hurst. Henry Wayne 

lokepa. Shirfey 
Inskeep. Bonnie J. 
Ipsen. Foster 
Irvln. Nancy 
Iverson. Jane 
Ivie, Alma 
Ivy, Richaro 
Iwaasa, Henry Nolan 

Jackson. Joyce 
Jackson. James Stantly 
Jackson, Marilyn 
Jacobs. Elaine 
Jacobsen. Judy 
Jallerat. Syvlanne 
James. Cherll 
James, William 

Hague, Franklin M. 
Hadley. Lenet 

Haltock, George 
Halvorsen, Sue E. 

Hansen. Marifyn 
Hansen, Arlene 

Hardy, Ernest J. 
Hardy, Carolyn 

SPRING brings green lawns and a nice soft place to relax those tired bones. 










Jarvis, B 

url E. 

Jarvls. Mark W. 


Richard Lee 

Jarvis. R 

onold M. 






3ruce A. 









Jex, Dor 


Jex, Ree 

d A. 

Johannesen, George 






Beth L. 






J. Cliff 






Jay L. 






Lila Rae 






Merlyn W. 



Jones, Carl 
Jones, Alonzo 
Jones, Carl Hugh 
Jones, Duane 
Jones, Marilynn 
Jones, Norryn 
Jones. Robert A. 
Judd, Ronald 

Jorgensen, E, Clay 
Jones, Richard 
Jorgensen. Margaret 
Jorgansen, William F, 
Judy, Beth Alene 
Kahuena. Margaret 
Kalwies. Brunhilde 
Judson, Herbert S., Jr. 

Kaupp. Jackie 
Kartchner Beverly 
Kaufman. Francis E. 
Kawai. Veda 
Keck. Mary Ruth 
Kehmeier. Barbara 
Keller. Alvin L. 
Kekaula, Mary 

Kendall. Dorothy 
Keller. Barbara 
Kelling. Hans W. 
Kemper, Verda 
Keyes, Marilyn 
Kim. Kichuen 
Kimber, Richard 
Keppner. Dawn 

King. Gwen M. 
King, Norman E. 
King, Peggy 
King, Reed 
King. Scott J. 
King. Stephen B. 
Kinnear John G. 
Kingsbury, Elizabeth 

Kinzel. Kenneth W. 
Klelnman, Rey 
Klelnworth, Wesley 
Knight. Derrel 
Knight. Karma 
Knighton, Ronald L, 
Knudsen, Benny 
Koenig, Gerald C. 



Jensen, Alice 
Jensen, Karen 

Kofoed, Norveen 
Koenig. Robert W. 
Kofford. Lyie C. 
Kohler, Carol 
Kohler, Rodney 
Koralewsici, David 
Kresge, Phyllis 
Kresge, Robert L. 

Lalliss, Coyla 
Lamb, Carote 
Lanribert, Joan 
Lombson. Pat 
Lan^oreaux, Gale 
Land, Linda 
Larsen, Arlene 
Larsen, David Roger 

Larsen, Gary 
Langlois, Sharon 

Larsen, Diane 

Larsen, James C. 

Larsen, Joan 

Larsen. Joann 

Larsen. Ruby 

Larsen, Orvil 

Lasson, Cynthia 
Larson. Donna 
Lauder, Doreen 
Law, Gladys 
Lawlor. Lavtrence 
Layton. H. Ray 
Leavell, Stephen 
Leavitt, Etda 

Le Baron, Sharon 
Leavitt. Ronald T. 
Lee. Carole Dawn 
Lee. Earl 
Leishman. ICaren 
Leonhardt. Mary 
Lewis. Anthon 
Lee, Virginia 

Lewis. Colleen 

Lewis. Elinor 

Lewis, JuVenta Lorraine 

Lewis. Robert 

Llddell. Carl 

Liddell, Ronald 

Lile, John 

Lewis. Roger 

Lillibridge, Suzanne 
Llllywhite, Jay Mitchell 
Lindsay. Catherine 
Lindsay. RaNao 
Lindsay, Margaret 
Linning, John 
Little, Gary 
Litster. Judith 

Johansen, Jerry 
Jennings, Glenna 

Johnson. Garney 
Johnson, Harold G. 

Johnston, Pat 
Jolley. Boyd 

OH - OH! SISTER. That's no way to get your lessons done even if you are tired. 




Llewellyn, Max E. 
Lloyd, John Carroll 
Longwell, Ruben 
Loomis, Jerry E. 
Long. Lou Rene 
Lopez, Jorge Mario 
Longhney, David 
Lovejoy, Bill 

Lowder, Dixie 
Love. Janet 
Lowry, David E. 
Lowry, Janice 
Luke. Phillip 
Lunceford, Blaine 
Lund. Joy 
Lund. Marcia Ellen 

Lydo, Raymond A. 
Lundell, Connie 
Lykins, Chester G. 
Lyklns, William 
MacArthur, Douglas 
MacCabe, Sondra 
MacDonald. Larry Keith 
Macltley, Venetta 

Mahaffey. Linda 
Mahoney, Virginia 
Madsen, Bryant 
Main, Betty 
Maloy, Albert Louis 
Mangelson, David R. 
Mangum. Alan E. 
Manning, Nell H. 

Marchant, Gerald 
Marsh. Mae 
Marsh, Mary 
Marshall, Melvin K, 

, Mina 

Ernest C. 

Homer V. - 



M a rti n , 


Martin, Kay 
Martin, James 
Mason, Clo Ann 
Ma+son, Kafhryn 
Matson, Ron 
Mathie, Velma 
Matthews, Tommie G. 
Mathews, Mary Ann 

May, Helen 
Maughan, Marelene 
Maughan, Thomas R. 
May. James A. 
May, Rled 
McBride, Carol 
McBride, Deanna 
McAllister. Myron 

McClellan, Norene 
McClure, Gerald L. 
McComas, Carole 
McCormlck. Marilynn 
McCue, H. Coieen 
McDaniet, Janice 
McDowell, Sylvlff trene 
McCracken, Paul 

McKee, B. Gene 
McKay, Mary 
McKell, James K. 
McKell. Mickey 
McKellar, Warren 
McKinney, Karen 
McKnlght, Eve 
McLaws. Richard P. 

McLeod. Donna 
McLoney, Lanny Jason 
McLure. Mary 
McMillan, Dorothy 
Memmott, Larry J. 
Merrill, Lura Mae 
Merrill, M. David 
Meservy, Virginia Rae 




Lovell. Lael H. 
Loveless, Judith 


n, Ruth 


. Pat 


Ferdle J. 


1, Patricia 




1. Eldon 

MIklelsen, Jerry 














Leon Carl 






Marshall Lee 




d. Frank 


d. Geoff 






. Joy 


. Karen 

Moesser. Kent L. 
Mitchell. Marlene 
Mitchell. William Carl 
Moikeha. Mona Amy 
Moody, Mifo Lyman 
Moore, Georgia 
Moore, Milton 
Morgan, Fred 

Morawski. Hans J. 
Montgomery, Barbara 
Montgomery, Clint 
Morgan, Blain 
Morgan. Jerold R. 
Morgan, Marcia Ann 
Morgan. Venna Dee 
Morn, Franic 

Morrey. Karen Mae 
Morrey. Margaret 

Morrill, Marta 
Morrissette. William 
Mortensen, Carolyn J. 
Mortensen, Karl E. 
Morton. Marfene 
Mortensen, Stuart 

Moulton, Betty 
Moss. Darlene 
Moultrie. Beverly 
Moyle. Betty 
Mueller, Bruce 
MunhaM, Grace 
Murdock, Allan 
Munger, Merretta 

Lund. Nedra Rae 
Lundberg. Endfred 

Madsen, Pauline 
MacLeod. Carlene 

Manwaring. tla 
Marble. Haws A. 

SNOWY TIMP acts as a perfect backdrop for campus buildings and square. 


Murdocit, Sally 
Murphy, Charlotie 
Murphy, David 
Murphy, Myrna Jean 
Murray. Donald 
Myers, Ted 
Neeley, David M. 
Nelson, Charlotte M. 

Nelson, Judy 
Nelson, Wilma J. 
Neser. Paul 

Nesbit, Jean 
Newitt, Norma 
Nicholes. Verlin 
Nicholson. Brad 
Nicholson, Donna 

Nielson. Dick H. 
Nielsen, Josephine 
Nielsen, Stewart 
Nielson, Carol 
Nielsen, Dora May 
Nielson. Joe L. 
Nielson, Ruth 
Nielson, Susan Linda 

Noble, Phyllis 
Noble, Zina 
Nock, George 
Nolan, Phillip W. 
Norberg, Jaron 
Nordgren. Shirley 
Norman, Many Jean 
Norris, Ronald Lee 

Nutter. Diana 

Nuffer, Stanton 
Nukaya, Serge 
Nuttall. Carol 
Oats, Diane L, 
O'Brien. Earl V. 
Ogilvie. Glenna L. 
Obray, JeNeal 

Okelberry, Jack 
Okelberry, Eva Pearl 
Olauson, Ron 
O'Leary, Bert 
Olsen, Richard A. 
Oliphant, Norman hienry 
Olofson, Loyce 
Olpin, L. Don 

Olsen, Bruce W. 

Olsen. Dale A. 

Olsen, Don 

Olson, Carolyn 

Olson, Lawrence 

Olson, Lloyd G. 

Olson, Yvonne 

Olson, Robert D. 

Ontiveros, LImhi 
Oman, Phyllis 
Osborne, Kenny 
Ostergaard, Marie Ann 
Ostler. Floyd 
Ottley, Carol 
Overson, Rodger 
Oviatt, Betty 

Owens, Hazel D. 
Oxborrow, Jeanette 
Oxborrow, Tony 
Oyler, Colleen 
Pace. Alfred 
Pace, Vione 
Paddock, Alice 
Padbury, Chuck 

Paine, J. Peter 
Page, Sharon 
Paget, John 
Painter, Beverly Ann 
Palmer, Jerry L. 
Palmer, Glen 
Palmer, Merrill 
Palmer, Nedra 




Parkinson, Jerrolyn 
Parlcinson, Kay 
Parkinson, Roy D. 
Parmeter, Glenn Phil 
Paschdl, JuHe 
Patterson Kenneth J, 
Patton, James R. 
Pattee, Harold E. 

Paulson, Donald 
Paitton, Thornton 
Payne. Louise 
Payne, Reto 
Peacock. Carol 
Pearce. L Marie 
Pearson, David A. 
Peart, Edward Lynn 

Pedersen, Donna Fae 
Pease, Roxie Lee 
Pedersen, Keith A. 
Pedersen, Myrna 
Pedersen, Robert 
Pedersen, Sandra 
Peel. Paul R. 
Pemberton, Judy 

Perkins. George W. 
Perkins. Don 
Perkins. Norma 
Perry. Lynn G. 
Ferryman. Betty G. 
Petersen. Edith 
Peterson, Berkley 
Peterson. Charles L. 

Peterson, Camlyn 

Peterson. Bonita 

Peterson. Iris 

Peterson, James 

^eterson, John D. 

•^eterson. Judith 

i^etersen, Margene 

^oterson, Mary Jean 

Peterson. Shirlee 
Peterson, Ronald 
Peterson, Royal 
r ittijohn, Ann 
''ezoldt, Elanor 
Phillips. Carolyn 
Phillips, Frank 
Phillips. Ridge M. 





■Pickering, Sandra 
Pilte. Carol 
Plncoclt. Beverly 
Pippert. J. Hal 
Pitts. LaVal M. 
Poog, Roselinda Renee 
Pope, Karl 
Pope, Valda 

Porter. William 
Porter. Rell 

Porter. Sharron Harold 
Poston. Donald 
Poulson, Jennie Lin 
Poulson. Jerald 
Price. Di Ann 
Price. Loyce 

Pritchett, David 
Pruett, Norman A. 
Ptomey, Lynne 
Pulllam. Priscilla 
Purinton, Barbara 
Pyne, Ivern L. 
Quinney. Gary 
Ragonton. Carol N. 

Rampelt, Carol 
Rasmussen. N. Kay 
Rawson, Belva 
Rayner, Harry H. 
Read, Robert 
Reading. Lynn 
Ream, Dianna 
Reams, Joyce 

Redd, Myrtle H. 
Reed, Ken D. 
Reeder, James Rendell 
Reid, Jack 
Reimers, Dick 
Relyea, Russell 
Reneer, Margie 
Rennie. Robert 

Rich, 'John Milton 
Rich. Sherron 
Richards. Barry 
Richardson, Sondra 
Richens, Lorn b. 
Richter, Sally 
Riddle, Dwanna Lee 
Ricks, Nedra Ann 

Riggs. Loretta 
Rigby, Harold 
Riley, Michael W. 
Rindfleisch, Lois 
Rinehart. Joan 
Ringquisi, Rita 
Rios, Omar 
Ririe. David 

Ritchie, Stephen 
Rirle. Garna L. 
Ritz, Robert 
Robbins, Karolyn 
Robbins, Richards 
Roberts. Cecil L. 
Roberts, Merleno 
Roberts. Dean 

Robertson, Marilyn 
Roberts, Virginia 
Robertson, Kent 
Robinson, Karl 
Robinson, Margaret 
Robinson. ReNell 
Roche, Marlene 
Rodas, Juan Jose 

Rockhill, Carolyn 
Rodriguez, Ada'n 
Rodriguez, Jose 
Rodriguez, Joyce 
Rogers, Elizabeth 
Rogers, Kenneth 
Rollins, Ellen 
Roe, Kenneth V. 




Porter. Charles J. 
Ponder, Leanne 

Pritchard, Robert 
Price, Norman L. 

Ramsey, Kathleen 
Quirl, Barbara 

Reaves. Bonnie 
Redd, Carolyn 

ACCURATE EXPERIMENTATION is vital part off scientific process used ffor testing. 

Rooks. Oran 
Romney. Anne 
Rose, Janet 
Rose. Natel 
Rowe. Mary Ellen 
Rowley. Claude A. 
Roylance. Marilyn 
Rowley. Leo W. 

Roylance. Sharon 
Russell, Georgra 
Russell, Homer 
Rust. R. Dllworih 
Rutz. Mary Ann 
Sabin. Elaine 
Salisbury, RaNae 
Sfibey, Linda 

Samuelson, Wayne 
Salvesen, Pat 
Sandberg. LaMar 
Sanders. Eerie 
Sant, Richard 
Sardoni. Lawrence W. 
Saunders. Ronald 
Soville, Ann 

Schell, Gerald A. 
Saxer, Alton H. 
Schiffman Doyle L. 
Schofield, David 
Schmidt. David 
Schmidt. Frank 
Schmidt, Rosemarle 
Schipper, Donna 

Schneider, Jack BarBour 
Schneider. Mahrah 
Schlappi, Kent 
Schulzke, Astrld 
Schwab, Marvin 
Scoresby, Mary Lou 
Scott. Anita 
Scoresby, Marilyn 

Scott, Ethel Lou 
Scott. Dean 
Scott, Russell W. 
Scriver, James 
Seeley, Dixie Lee 
Selter. Carolyn June 
Sellers, Harry F. 
Selfert, Marilyn 

Sessions, Vernal 
Sellers, Keith 
Severin, Shirlene 
Sewell, Calvin 
Shamburg, John B. 
Sharp. Barbara 
Sharp, Jarold L. 
Shaw, Perry Clayton 



Shelby, Joe L. 
Sheen, Norman 
Sheen, Stanley K. 
Shell, Jack 
Shelton, Steve 
Shepherd. Kent 
Shields. Earl D. 
Shimoda. Donna 

Shirts. Addle Uwarda 
Shoe, Norma Kay 
Shumway, Carmen 
Shumway. DeWayne 
Shumway. Jerry 
Shumway, Keith A. 
Shurtleff. Howard 
Silt. Bill 

Shurtliff, Myrna 
Simonis. Arlene Ruth 
Simper. Dorothy 
Sims, Jane 
Sisemore, Claudia 
Sjoberg, Russell J. 
Skidmore. Emeline 
Skinner. Velda 

Sloan. Marilyn 
Slade. Thomas E. 
Sly. Russell 

Smellie. Don 
Smellie. Robert 
Smith, Barry 
Smith, Betty 
Smith, Ciayn 



Smith, Janice Ann 

Smith, Larry D. 

Smith, LoreHa Mae 

Smith, Marilyn 

Smith. Mark M. 

Smith. Nadda 

Smith, Paul C. 

Smith, Steven H. 

Smith, Wayne F . 
Smith. Ted 
Smithson, Rhoda 
Smouse. George 
Smythe. James W. 
Sneed, Wood row B. 
Snell, Jacqueline 
Sobers, Richard 

Snow. Beora 
Snider. Eloise 
Solesbee. Martha Davis 
Somerville, R. Kedric 
Sorensen, Corlnne 
Sorensen, Griffith I. 
Sorensen, H. Gaye 
Sorensen. Gerald 

Sorensen, Roberta 
Sorensen. Stephen 
Sorenson, Emma Jean 
Soto. Ida 
Spell, Yvonne 
Sperry. Delbert 
Sperry, Joan 
Spradley. Roy H. 

Spjut, Norma 
Spiker. Saundra 
Spratllng. Coleen 
Stansfleld. Ruth 
Stanford. Ralph 
Stark, Joseph P. 
Steele. Jack L. 
Stradling. Phillip 

Stelner, Gordon 
Steeneck, Annette 
Stevens, Mont 
Stevens, Sherre 
Stewart, James 
Stewart, Scott P. 
Stewart. Sherrell 
Stewart, Norma Lee 


Shirley, Rowan 
Sherwood. Dora Lou 

Simmons, Edward J. 
Simmons, Mary Jo 

Skousen, Ken 
Skousen, Kliena 

Smith, Evelyn Ludean 
Smith, Jasmine 

PHOTO STUDIO provides pictures for campus projects. Student explains wishes. 

Stoker, Jimmy 
Stokes, Eddi 
Stokes, Wynn 
Stone, Cynthia Sue 
Stone, Leonora 
Stones. Robert C. 
Strasburg, George Bryant 
Stokes, Margaret Lee 

Stringham, Gary 
Stratford, Nancy 
Stroble, Carlto 
Strong, Genevieve 
Summerhays. Dick 
Summerhays, Jan 
Sumner, Vince 
Stuart, Daphne 

Sumslon, Carolyn 
Sumsion, M. Diane 
Sumsion, Mark L. 
Sundwall, Peter 
Sung, She-II 
Swainston, Kay 
Taba, Stanley 
Sylvester, Judith 

Swenson, Swen 

Tachibano, Nobuyoshi 
Tait, Julie 
Tarns, Garth L. 
Tangren, Marvin B. 
Tanner, Maurice M. 
Tannler Phyllis 
Tanner, Nancy 

Torwater Edra A. 
Tasker, Dorothy 
Tote, Ray 
Taylor, Ann 
Taylor, Bob 
Taylor, Cornell 
Taylor, Delberf 
Taylor, Dorene Smith 

Taylor, James 
Taylor, Jerald Lynn 
Taylor, Jon E. 
Taylor, Linda Gay 
Taylor, Milton 
Taylor, Nelson R. 
Taylor, Paul D. 
Tenney, Roy Allen 

Taylor, William 
Tenney. Gale 
Thacker, Zona 
Thanton, Karen 
Thorn, Derrick 
' ' Thomas, Carol 
Thomas, Connie 
Terry, David Lee 




Thomas. Neal M. 
Thomas. Deanna 
Thomas, Gordon M. 
Thomas, Jon 
Thompson, Donald J. 
Thompson. Ed 
Thompson, John 
Thomsen, Leo 

Thueson, Karla Ann. 
Thorup, Don 
Thornley, Ela Dee 
Thueson. Norvin 
TImmerman. William H 
Timmins, Marlene 
Tingey, Veria 
Trnney. Edwin 

Tippetts. Blaine M. 
Todd, Marna 
Tolley, VerJe 
Tolman. Dee Ann 
Tolman. Wayne 
Toison. Melba Virginia 
Toone. Winona 
Traher, Norman D. 

Tuilesu. Eliga Ane 
Trease, Jacque 
Turley, Loreine 
Turley. Luther Dean 
Turner. Joe 
Turner. Sherrll 
Turner. Wes 
Tyler. Mary Alice 

Van Ausdel, Clare 
Vallozzi, Roslna E. 
Van Leuven. Janet 
Van Leuven, Ron 
Vance, Allen L. 
Vanderford, Lee Ann 
Varney, Joel 
Varney, Lois 

Vaughan, Lois 
Vaughn. Charles 
Vavages, Geraldlne 
Vernon, Lynn 
Wade. LaRee 
Wagner. Ruth 
Wahlquist, Earl 
VIcentI, Norlne 

Wahlquist. Keith F. 
Walker, Beverly 
Waldvogel. Caryl Ann 
Walker, Gail 
Wallter. Newell R. 
Walker. Shirley 
Walser, Floyd L. 
Wallace. Wanda 

Walters. Ruthdale 
lankier. Beverly 
Wanlass. Gerl 
Ward, Carot J. 
Ward. Elaine A. 
Ward. Emily 
Ward. Georgeanna 
Ward. Ron 

Warden. Calvin J. 
Warren, Connie 
Wartena, Carol J. 
Wasden. Lyie 
Watt, David L. 
Weaver. M. Glenn 
Webb, Irene 
Watts. LaVerne 

Weese, Sherri 
Weldner. Leo A. 
Weight. Gloria 
Weinhelmer, Gerald 
Welch, D. Jean 

Horman Gordon 
Werner, Dean J. 
Wells. Floyd R. 



Wesp, Lynda 
West. Joyce 
Westring, Renae 
Wheeler, Gerri 
Whitaker, Carolyn 
White, Clarolyn 
White. Judith 
Whltford, Beverly Ann 

White. Kathryn 
White, Wendell 
Whiting, Dick 

James W. 
Marjorle Jo 
Maurice F. 
Arthur R. 

Whitworth, Darrell C. 
WIckes, Natalie 
Wlckstrom. Corky 
Wlddlson, Harold A. 
Wilberg. Carl 
Wilcock. Keith 
Wilcox. LuDean 
Wllden, David J. 

Wilcox. Marlon 
Wilkinson, David L. 
Wilkinson, Clifton B. 
Wilde, Keith D. 
Willes. Frank J. 
Williams, Delyn E. 
Williams, Eldon Blaine 
Williams, Helen 

Williams, Robert E. 
Williams, Joyce 
Williams. Paul Allen 
Williams, Terry 
Willis. Judith 
Wilson. Carolyn 
Wilson, Elliabeth 
Wilson, Helen 

Wilson, Robert 
Wilson. J. Ron 
Winkelman. Walt 
Wlnegar. Eleta I. 
WInegar, Gary 
Winkler, Mary Ruth 
Winn, William Duane 
Wittorf Robert H. 

Wintcrton, Doyle W. 
Wlscombo, Anne 
Winterton, Arlan 
Wittwer, Jon 
Woltman Pat 
Wood. Carol 
Wood. Orion 
Wood, Marilyn 

Thornton, Vernal B. 
Thorne. Gene 

TIppetts. Tamara 
Tippets, Merry 

Trane, Paul Morris 
Torrey, Margie 

Udall, Sam 
Tucker. Tom 

ALL THIS? What can be found in a woman's purse is surprising, he decides. 



Woodward, John 
Wood, Zella Virginia 
Woodbury, Rodney D. 
Woodward, Lee Anna 
Woodward, Marilyn 
Woolf. Gordon 
Worthington, Don L. 
Wright, Kenneth 

Worley, Shirley 
Wright, Ruth 
Wright, Wayne M. 
Wrigley. Karl 
Wuerth, Dieter 
Utschig, Mary L. 
Yardley. Gill La Var 
Wygal. Lavon 

Yingling. Bill 
Yingling, Kay Alan 
Yorgason. Lorelle 
Young, Jerry 
Young, Kathleen 
Zirker, Saundra 
Ziser, Gary 
Zitting, Ron D. 


.•>*-«v . s^E^^^Hb 





. .1 - ^™'" 

"-^ : 'f^ 

"FELLAS! I found that snag!" 

"VIOLA! He's pointing that little black box at us!" 

"GIVE that last chorus more sob-power. If the people 
want culture, we'll give it to 'em." 

"MY HUMILIATION is complete. I've forgotten my cue." 


FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS were Sunny Seely, Vice-president; Sloan Hales, President; Cathy Moody, Secretary. 

Freshman Class Officers 

The Freshman Class of 1957 was the largest freshman 
class ever to enroll at the University. With an increase 
of five hundred students over the past year, the total 
rose to 3709. Governing the affairs of this large class 
was the responsibility of Sloan Hales, Sunny Seely and 
Cathy Moody. Along with the Senior Class, the Fresh- 
men enjoyed an "Ivy League" party during Fall Quar- 
ter to offset the effects of the Senior Court. An innova- 
tion this year was the inclusion of coeds on the cleaning 
trek to the "Y." These lucky people of the later genera- 
tion. Other social events of the year included a tobog- 
ganing party at Timp Haven, a square dancing party 
and a Scandinavian theme part}'. Ihrough the sale of 
class stationery, imprinted with the class symbol, and 
the payment of dues the Freshmen were able to raise 
one thousand dollars for their as-yet-undecided class 
project for the school. 



Aaron, Diane 
Aagard, Carofyn 
Abegg. Gwen 
Abraham, George Watson 
Aclcley, Roberta 

Abercromble, Gary 
Acord, Sherry 
Adair, Helen 
Adams, Conroy 
Adams, Glenda 

Adams, David 
Adams, Gweneth 
Adams, John D. 
Adams, Kyle 
Adamson, Dick 

Adamson, Carole 
Adamson, Edwin 
Adamson, Sherron 
Ahern, M. Lynne 
Ailcau, Lahela 

Ahlqulst, MerAnn 
Ai. Allen H. 
Aird. Jeanne 
Aitken. Grant J. 
Alder, Lee 
Allen. Clarice 
Allen, Diane 
Allen, Tom 

Allen. Robert F. 
Allison. John 
Allman, Glenn W. 
Allphin, Phyllis Ann 
Allred. Alice Ann 
Allred, Lorna 
Alexander. Robert 
Allen. Orin Dan 

Alyea, Betty Jo 

Andersen, John 
Andersen, Karen 
Andersen, Lee G. 
Andersen, Karen 
Andersen. Trevor 
Anderson. Boyd 
Anderson, Carol 

Anderson. Brito 
Anderson, Connie 
Anderson, Donna 
Anderson, James David 
Anderson, Douglas 
Anderson, Janice 
Anderson. Joe 
Anderson, Kent K. 

Anderson, Leiand R.' 
Anderson, Lowell Ray 
Anderson, Lynn R. 
Anderson. Marilyn 
Anderson, Nancy 
Anderson, Orpha 
Anderson, Paul 
Anderson, ReChel 

Anderson, Ronald 
Andreasen, Erik 
Andreasen, Gary 
Andrews, 0. June 
Andrews, Nicholas W. 
Andrus, Greg 
Andrus, RoseMary 
Antsolo, Lea 

Andrus, Antone Marlon 
Arave. Christine 
Arbon, Lloyd E. 
Armstrong, Cheryl 
Arnold, John 
Arnold, Paul B. 
Arrington, Ann 
Asay, Connie 


Aubrey, Sheryl 
Aurich, Donald 
Austin, Eorl F. 
Austin, Jeanne 
Austin, Lindalie 
Autry, Robef+ Lee, Jr, 
Babbel, Patricia 
Awerltamp, Blaine 

Ayers, Lonnie 
Bacon, Chyleen 
Bacon, Joyce 
Badgett, Yvonne 
Badhom, Leon D. 
Baer, Shirley 
Bagley, Glenna 
Bahr, Don F. 

Bailey, Joan 
Bailey, Joyce 
Bailey. Larry L. 
Bailey, Leon F. 
Bailey, Robert U. 
Bair, Janice C. 
Baird, Frank 
alter, Calvin C 

Baker, Carma 
Balcer, Janet 
Baker, Vee Ann 
Baker, Johanna 
alderas, Guillermo 
Baldwin. Richard 
Bales, Del 
Baldwin. Beverly Ann 

Ball, Colleen 
Ball. Dean L. 
Ball, Ralph L 
Banlk, Lacy Marie 
Banks, Bennre 

irber. Lila Ray 
Barfield, James E. 
Barker. Barbara 

Barker, Dixie 
Barks, William G. Ill 
Barling, Margo 
Barlow, Ada Lucl 
Barlow, Carolyn 
Barlow, Flonanne 
Barlow, Gene E. 
Barnes, Janice 

Barnett. Gaye 
Barnett. Gary L. 
Barney, Buelah 
Barney. David Oren 
Barney, Irene 
Barney, John A. 
Barrett, Shirley 
Barney. Janice 



Bartiett. Vicki K. 
Barson, Ken 
Barth, Anita L. 
Barton, Al 
Bartiett. Helen 

Bassett, Clark 
Barrus, Nola 
Bastian, Lewis 
Batchler, Jack W. 
Bassett, Rex 

Bate, Aria Zoe 
Bate, Lee 
Bateman, E. Ray 
Bates, Colleen 
Baton, Sandra L. 

Beagles, J, Keith 
Baumqartner, Colleen 
Baxter, Sonja 
Bean, Nancy 
Beal, John E. 



Beard, Donna 
Beane, Earl D. 
Beardall, John S. 
Belnap, Lynn 
Beasley, Careen 
Beaver, Robert 
Beck, FIrl 
Beckstead, Anthony W. 

Beck, Sherman A. 

Beckstrand. Helen 
Beers, Barbara 
Beesley. Nan 
Behnke. Joseph Ray 
Belm, Gabrlelle 
Belknap, Addle 
Bell, Andrea 

Bell, Carol Ann 
Bell, Robbie Jean 
Bellon. Philip 
Beard, June 
Belue, Travene 
Bendfeld. Teresa 
Bennett, Carol 
Bennett, Sylvia 

Bennett. Kelvin L. 
Benson, Caria 
Berg, Richard L. 
Bergen, Norma Jean 
Berqer, Terryl 
Bergeson, Dean R. 
Bergeson, Scott 
Bergstedt, Einar 

Berrett, Richard 
Berry, J. K. 
Berry, Margaret 
Berry, Mary 
Berry, Rex 
Beswick, Anne M. 
Beus, Rodney L. 
Beutler, Dolores 

Bigelow, Rosemary 
Bieslnger, Joseph 
Bigler, Mont 
Bigelow, Larry 
Bigler, Ralph K. 
Bigney, Hugh 
Bllbray, Jim 
Bills, Royce A. 

Bingham, JoAnn 
Bingham, Helen 
Bingham, Pat 
Bingham, Renee 
Binks, Kaye 
Bird, Montgomery 
Bird, Sherry 
Birdzell, Mary Lou 



Black, Don 




Black, Sandra 




Bischof, Yvonne 

^^L^ [■ 

^^^B?W ^ ^^M 

^^^^ «. 




Blackburn, Georgia 



Black, Thelma 




Blacker, Royal J. 


K -^S 





T ^'^^ 



Blackburn, Helen 




Blackwell, Robert 


. ^ 


Blair, Loren 







_ jf 


DRESS-UP DAY made outstanding figures of Freshman students. 

Bloke. Susan Coleen 
Blanchord, Albert Deloy 
Bleazard, Janice 
Bledsoe, Janae 
Blohnn, Thorn 
Blonquisf, Lawrle 
Bloxham, Ben 
Boardon, Franl: 

Blunclt, Virginia 
Bock, Dolores Ann 
Boden, Lorraine 
Bodine, Shirley 
Boggs, Bill Gary 
Bohn, R. DeVon 
Bohnet, Jerry 
Bone, George Brian 

Bonelli. Ellen 
Bolles, Bob 
Bonham, Cheryl 
Bonilla, Marta Consuelo 
Bonney, Carl 
Booher, Maxene 
Booth, Roberta 
Booth. Nelda 

Borgquist. Laurel 
Bosworth, Gary 
Bosen, Lee 

Bounous, Beverly Jean 
Bowen, Harold 
Bowen, Lee Roy 
Bowen, Sylvta 
Bowman. John C. 

Bowles, Roy T. 
Bown. Robert N. 
Boucher, James A. 
Boulet, Diane 
Bounds, Rex B. 
Boyd, Ellen 
Boyer, Kent 
Boyer. Marlin 

Bracken, Byron 
Brackner, Fred L. 
Bradley. Carol 
Bradshaw, Sandra 
Bremer, Florine 
Brandley. J. Toby 
Braun, Joan 
Brady. Madge Renon 

Bridge, Mary Jo 
Brian, Dudley 
Brighf, Clifta 
Brighton, Pat 
Brindley, Mary Ann 
Broadbent, Joseph S. 
Broadbent. Ray 
Brock. Violet 



Broderick, Luelma 
Broclcbank. Eleanor 
Brogden. Douglas 
Broker, Marjean 
rooks, Connie 

Brown. Robert 
Brown, Marilyn 
Brown, Rosemary 
Brown, Victor L. Jr. 
Brown, Virginia Ann 
Brunner, Son|a 
Brunson, Barry 
Bryan, Glen 

Brunt, Bill 
Bryan. Lucile 
Bryson, Lawrence L. 
Buchanan, Jerry Lee 
Buchanan, Julynne 
Buchanan, Pat 
Buckley, Irene 
Buckwalter. Doyle 

Bullard. Sally 

Bulkley, Anne 

Budge, Kathryn 

Bullock, Genelle 

Bullock. Hart V. 

Bullock. Nola 

Burgen, Saify 

Bullock. Karl Hart 

Burgess, D. 
Burgess, Bruce 
Burgos, Maria Elena 
Burk, Charlene 
Burke. Larry 
Burke, Leora 
Burkholz. Karl 
Burnette, JImme Ruth 

Burnett, DeMar 
Burnlngham, Jennette 
Burningham. Monna 
Burns, Eloye 
Burns. William A. 
Burnson, Peter L. 
Burr. Glenda 
Burton. Marvin 

Burt. Kent 
Busby. Malcolm 
Bush, Palmroy 
Butrkofer. Maxine 
Butler, Kent 
Butsikares, George 
Butterfield, Sherrle . 
Bybee, Barth 

Byers, Bruce 
Byrd. Jesse F. 
Bybee. Joanne 
Cahoon, STiaron 
Caine, Lei Nan! 
Calder, Allene C. 
Calder, Colleen 
Bytheway. Darlene 



Campbell, Robert 
Campbell, Phyllis 
Canfield, Kaye 
Cannon, Linda 
Cannon, Welles 
Canto. John W. 
Carbin, Jack 
Capson, Russel 

Cardon, Anita 
Cardon, Bartell Wilson 
Cordon, Philip 
Carlen, Gary E. 
Carleton, Marian 
Carlile, Florence 
Carlile, Karen 
Carlston, Charles B. 

Carter, Florence 
Carter. H. Dennis 
Carter, Judy 
Carter. Lila Jean 
Carter, Murlan 
Carter, Wilson 
Cartin, G. McKinney Jr. 
Carpenter, Llla 

Carver, Moxlne 
Casper. George Gary 
Castleton, Lloyd 
Caulford, Edwin 
Cavin, Nancy J. 
Cawley, Virginia 
Cawley, Roger R. 
Cetoya, Varge 

Circuit, Jeffrey 
Chollburg, Norman 
Chamberlain, Kent 
Chambers, Robert L. 
Chaplin, Dora Mae 
Chapman, Jackie 
Chappell, Calvin 
Chappie, Benjamin R, 

Chatham, Betty 
Chelson, Gary 
Chidester, Ellene 
Chitds, Robert D. 
Chipman, Dorene 
Choules, Deonna 
Christensen, Don 
Christensen, Boyd 

Chrlsfensen, Fred 
Christensen, Gloria 
Christensen, Gordon V. 
Christensen, Josephine Ann 
Christensen, Karen 
Christensen, Mark E. 
Christensen, Rulon 
Christensen, Myrna 



Christran, Tony 

Christison, Barbara 

Christensen. Shirley 

Christiansen, Rollo 


Christiansen, Sally 

Christiansen, Laura 


Clark. James R. 

Christensen, Sharon 


Church, Leah 

Church, Russell 

Clarlt, Dave 

Clarlc, Alice Virginl 


Clark, Brent 

Clark. Dick J. 

Clark, Curtis E. 

Clark, Edy Lou 

Clark, George 

Christiansen, Steph 


Clark, Lee 

Clark, Ranae 

Clark, Marlene 
Clark, Robert L. 
Clark, Ronald 
Clark, Ronald K. 
Clarke, Nancy 
Clarke. Richard 
Clarkson, Alice 
Claw. Dorot'iy 

Clarkson. Vern S. 
Clawson, Marilyn 
Clay. Robert D. 
Clayson, Kendall 
Clayton, Kathleen 
Clemence, Dorothy 
Clements. Billy 
Clements. Diane 

Cloward, Kayle 
Cleverly, Norton 
dinger. Lawrence 
Cluff. Devar 
Cook, Betty Sue 
Cluff. Louise 
Clynick, Joanne B. 
Coats, Fred 

Coates, Wesley E. 
Cockayne. Carolyn 
Cook. Jean 
Coffman. Esther 
Colby, Arlene 
Cole. Dean 
Cole, Tommy 
Cole, Natalie 

Coleman, Jackie 
Coleman, Sandra 
Collet, Marietta 
Cluff, Gay 
Collard, Colleen 
Collins. Cecily 
Colton, Craig 
Conder, Gareth 

Connelley, Joyce 
Cooper, Gary 
Coffin. Gary 
Collet. Wanda Amber 
Cook. Robert F. 
Cook. Roger M. 
Cook. Mary Elaine 
Cook. Shirley 

Cook. Ruth 
Cooper. Glenna D. 
Cooper, Coleen 
Connelly. Jack 
Cook. Sonia K. 
Cooksey. Eva 
Coons, Richard 
Coombs. Suzanne 


Cowley, Johnny 
Cox, Claudia 
Cox, Deon 
Cox, Louise 
Crafts, David 
Croii. Betty 
Crane. Verna 
Crandall, Lenore 

Crawford. Shirley 
Crisman, Carole Irene 
Crismon. Denell 
Crockett, Lawana 
Crockett. Russell W. 
Croft, Carot 
Crow, Pat 
Cron, Earl J. Jr. 

Croolt, Kathleen 
Crook, Margaret Kay 
Crosby, John 
Crouse. Marisha 
Crow. Jean 
Crofts, Darel Kent 
Crow, Verna G. 
Crowther, Mariana 

Crowley, Jared 
Cullimore, Karen 
Cundick, Margaret 
Cunningham, Delores 
Curth. Marlfyn 
Curtis. Carol 
Curtis, Deanne 
Curtis, Nancy Lee 

Curtis. Delene 
Curtis, Robert D. 
Cushing, Reneta Arleno 
Cutler, Dorothea 
Dahle, Carolyn 
Dahle, June 
Dahl, David 
Dahl, Diane 

Dahl, Patricia 
Dailey, Diana 
Daines, David 
Dallin, Daria 
Dalton, Janet 
Dandridge, Sue 
Danks, Leora Ann 
Datlin. Shirl C. 

Daniels, Jack 
Danklef, Connie 
Davenport, Gorl 
Davenport, Marcia 
David, Suzanne 
Davidson, Warren 
Davles, Grant 
Davis. Beth 



■^"^ *^*»f-. ^r*"* 

Dicks, Edith E. 
Dewey, Joe 
DewiH, Deanne 
Dick. Marshall 
Didericksen, Coraleigh 
Didericksen, Margie 
Dilks, Carolyn 
DIerksen, Carol 

Dlllman, Tanya 
Dili. Douglas 
Dills, Joseph R. 
Dixon, Shirley W. 
Doak, Kathleen 
Doman. Verl 
Done. Norma 
Dorman, Doreene 

Doney. Barbara 

Dorny. De Anne 
Doty, Lois Ward 
Dougall. Jeanette 
Doxey, John R. 
Draughn, Norma 
Dredge. Cherye 
Drake, Leon R. 

Duce. Norm 
Duce. Dick 
Dudley. Alan 
Dudley. Mona Kae 
Dudman, Anne 
Duffin, Carolyn 
Duffin, Deanna 
Duncan, McNeil 

Dugan, John 
Dunford, Chaunce 
Dunford, John 
Durfee. Henry 
Durfee. Kenneth D. 
Durrant, Vlcki 
Durtschi. Elise 
Duvall, LaVoir D. 

Dustin, Byrna 
Dwight, Dee 
Dyer, G. Tom 
Dyson, Dixie 
Eastmond, Elbert J. 
Eaves. Bradford 
Eberhart, Norma 
Eaves, Sharon 

Echols, C. Gordon 
Eckert, Bob 
Edstrom, Patsy 
Edvalson, Alice 
Edwards, Echo 
Edwards, John 
Edwards. Thomas 
Egbert, Judy 


Erickson. Karen 
Erickson, Lorry B. 
Erickson, Mary 
Erickson, Maynard 
Erickson. Mignon 
Estes. Richard 
Ethridge, Eleanor R 
Eriksen, Erik P. 

Evans, Benda Lee 
Eubanks, Jay 
Evans, Cheryl 
Evans, Diane 
Evans, Douglas 
Evans, Douglas 
Evans, W, Duone 
Evans, John D. 

Evenson, Merrifyn 
Evans, Ronald 
Evensen, Ronald C. 
Evert, Lav/rence G. 
Eveson, Chariene 
Ewell. Sheldon 
Facer, Marilyn 
Facer, Norman 

Falkner. Marilyn 
Faller, Elaine G. 
Falslev, Joie 
Farmer, Fred 
Farnsworth, Barbara 
Farnsworth, Gall 
Farnsworth, Lavon 
Farnsworth, Jack 

Farnsworth. Susanna 
Farr, David G. 
Farr, James Gordon 
Farrell, Bob 
Faulkner, Leah 
Fauver, Phil 
Felt, Gene 
Fenley, Mary Dagmar 

Fickel, Marlles 
Fenton. Nelson T. 
Fernandez, Telia 
Field. Eugene 
Field, Sharlene 
Fielding, Jay 
Fife, Dennis J. 
Fields, Myrna Lee 




Fife, Diana 
Fife. Richard 
Finlayson, Ralph 
Finlayson, Carol J. 
Finlinson, Sandra 

Fihgerald, Marilyn ne 
Fisher, James 
Fieldsted, Carolyn 
Fleischauer, Mary Ellen 
Flint. Ed. 

Fieldsted, GilBerta 

Florine, Bonnie 
Fogle, Laurel Lee 
Folsom, Kelvin R. 
Folster, Steve 

Fountain. Barbara J. 
Foulk, Donald M. 
Foutz, Pauleen Marie 
Fox, Laura 
Fox. Steve 
Frampton. Evan A. 
Frederickson, William E 
Fredrickson, Lewis K. 

Freeman. Cheryl 
Freeman, Elwyn B. 
Freer. Forrest W. 
Frizzell, Thomas P. 
Froelich, Dale J. 
Froerer, Carol 
Frost, Allen 
Fryer. Kenneth 

Fugal, Janeil 
Fugal, Kristlne 
Fuhriman, Jerald 
Fuller. Marie 
Fuller, Marilyn 
Fuller, Robert A, 
Golbroith, David Brian 
Fuller, Doyle 

Gale, Levon 
Gale, Norman 
Gale, Virginia 
Gambles, Marilyn 
Gard, Rhonda L. 
Gardner, Jo Ann 
Gardner, Joyce 
Gardner, Kent 

Gardner, Lois 






Gardner, Vifate 

Garn, Bretr 

Mattle Jean 
Robert C. 

Garity, Garth R. 
Garn, Ralph 
Garrett, Dorothy 
Getts, Larry 
Giauque, David 
Gibbs, Carolyn 
Gibbs, Gayle 
Gibson, Carol Jean 

Gibb, Robert N. 
Gilbert. Otga 
Gilchrist. Alan Curtis 
Gilchrist. David 
Giles, Joyce 
Gillespie, David R. 
Gillie, Kenneth D. 
Gill, Jim 



Gilligan. Patricia 
Gillison, Mary Lou 
Gilman, Marlin 

Goates. Clara 
Godmundsen, Stewart 
Godfrey, W. Lynn 

Goft. Harold S. 
Going, Melvin Gerald 
Gold. Cherry 

WOOPS: TAKE rr easy* Fastest way down was everybody's wish. 

Goldsberry. Robert W. 
Good. Luther A. 
Goodson, Ray 
Gordon, Susan 
Gossett. Orien R. 
Gottfredson, Michael 
Gould, Harry 
Glines, Frederick 

Gould, Suzzanne 
Glauser, Nancy 
Glines, Roger 
Glover, Annette P. 
Graham, Bobby Don 
Graham, Emilie 
Grant, Sharleen 
Grange, Margaret 

Granthem» Glen W. 
Gray, Shirley 
Grayson, Jean 
Green, Joyce 
Green, June 
Green, Sherry Ann 
Greene. Chloe Ann 
Green, Myrna 

Greenhalgh, Jinean 
Greenhelgh. Utahna 
Greenwood. Jessie Kay 
Gregorsen. Marden 
Griffith. Doyle Robert 
Griffith. Dare W. 
Grigg. Delma 
Griffin, Gary Vernon 

Gubler. Jerald R. 
Griffiths. Marie 
Griffeth, Gary G. 
Groo, Denis 
Grover. Judy 
Grover. Sharel 
Groberg. Richard H. 
Gudmundson, C. W. 

Guild, Diane 
Gunter. Richard 
Gunther, Stanley J. 
Gurney. Deanna 
Gurney, Patricia Marie 
Gustavason, Verl Joseph 
Hacking, LanJ 
Hacking. Joan 

Haddock. Gary 
Haddock, Joan 
Haeussler, Gloria 
Hafen. Carol 
Halght, Charlotte 
Hahn, Barbara 
Haines. Daryle 
Hales, Lee 


Goff. Roland C. 
Golden. James 
Gooch. Thomas L, 

f f . S 3^ ^. 



Hales, Sloan 
Hall, Briggs 
Hall. Darrell 
Hall, Gary 
Hall, Julie Ann 

Hammond, Bill 
Hammer. Beverly 
Hammond, Judy 
Hammond, Myrna 
Hammond, Patty 
Hamrick, Jim 
Hamson Margaret 
Hancey, K. L. 

Hancock. Faye 
Hancock, Jaren 
Hanks. David L. 
Hanks, Eugene 
Hanna, Marian L. 
Hannig, Karen 
Hansen, Brent D. 
Hansen, Carol 

Hansen, Gary R. 
Hansen, Gordon L. 
Hansen, Kent B. 
Hansen, Margaret 
Hansen, Mavis Leia 
Hansen, Patricia 
Hansen. Norma 
Hansen, Nancy 

Hansen, Patsy 
Hansen, Ralph B. 
Hanson, Roger 
Hanson, Tom 
Harding, Don L. 
Hardman, Bert LaVoy 
Hardy, Doug 
Hardy, Paula 

Hanker, MeJvyn 
Harger, Irene 
Hardy, Wanetta Jean 
Harker, Ronald 
Harmon, Julta 
Harris, Arlen A. 
Harris, Darrell L. 
Harris, Dale 



Linda Lee 
Nola Kay 
Patricia M. 

Harris, Fay 

Harris, Paul Lavern 

Harrison, David 
Harris, Sheila 
Harris, Sharon 
Harrison, Robert 
Harrison, Shirley Dove 
Harrison, Wayne A. Jr. 
Hart, Paul D. 
Hart, James D. 





Hartley, Charles M. 
Hart, Paul Douglas 
Hart. Sherlyn 

Harvey. James I. 
Hartman, Larry 
Hartwell. Ed 

Harch, Forrest 
Hastings. Eldon E. 
Hatch, Antoinette 

Hatch. Mary 
Hatch. Lawrence 
Haskell, Leo Dwane 

DUST AND BRUSH seemed to be the order of things at the bottom. 

Hatch, Sandra 
Hatch, Sharon 
Hatch, Valeria 
Hatori. Donald K. 
Hatt, Jeanne 
Hausler, Don 
Hawkins. Dorothy Bee 
Hawley, Merrill 

Hawkins, Earlene 
Haws. Donna 
Haws, Janice 
Hayes, Gary E. 
Haynie, Adele 
Haynie. Alma Ann 
Heath, Mary Louise 
Heath, Shirleen M., Jr. 

Heemeyer, Lois 

Heaton, Sharon 
Heber. Clifford R. 
Heiner, Thane 
Heinzig, Iris 
Helm, Donald 
Henderson, Dee 
Henderson, Cecil 

Henderson, Kay 
Hendrickson, Lynn 
Hendricks. Robert 
Henkel, Dorothy 
Henkel, Orson 
Hennlngsen. Tove 
Henricksen. Mary Jo 
Henricksen, Lenola Irene 

Henrie, Ann 
Harney. Henrietta 
Heppler, Lawrence 
Herbert. Frank 
Herrick, Betty Jo 
Herron. Barbara 
Hess. Edward 
Hess, Lee Ann 

Hewitt. George 
Heugly, Helen Durnae 
Heurkens, Barbara 
Henckley. Nanette 
Hiatt. Lewis A. 
Hibbert, Donna Mae 
Hibbert, Annette 
Hiatt. Sherry Lynn 

Hickman. Cherl 
Hicken. Clyde 
Hicken. John Robert 
Hickman. Warren 
Higgins, Nancy 
Hight, Dawn 
Hilden, H. Gordon 
Higham. Zee Ann 





Hill, Beverly 
Hill, Don 
Hill, Joanne 
Hinsch. Nancy 
Hirschi, Max 

Hinhe, Harold 
Hislop, David 
Hitchcocit, Karleen 
Hobson, H. Carlos 
Hoen, James 

Hodgklnson, Judy 
Hoffman, Cheryl 
Hoffman, Ronald 
Hoffman, Carl 
Holdaway, Boyd F. 

Holdaway. Donna Vee 
Holdaway, Klin 
Holland, JacV 
Holllngshead, Joey 
Hollingworth, Brent 

Holman, Kathleen 
Holm, Jeannene 
Holman, Norman 
Holmes, Marian K. 
Holsten, Sharon 
Holt, Ivan K. 
Holyoalc, Clara Marie 
Holtom. Steve 

Homer, Bettv 
Hone, Glayde D. 
Honeycutt, Jim 
Hoopes, Grover 
Hopkins, Thomas D. 
Hoplcinson, Richard H. 
Hopple. Wayne 
Horlacher, David R. 

House, Donna 
Howard. Gloria 
Howard. Lynn 
Howarth, Dorothy 
Howells, Karen 
Howlet-t, Mary 
Hoyrup, Mons 
Hubbard. Ray 

Hoyt, Marsha 
Hubbs, Keith 
Huber, Margaret 
Hulgens, Orven 
Huffaker, Ruth 
Huggins, Cotleen 
Hughes, Arthur Thomas 
Hughes, Joan 

Hughes, Gene 
Hughes. Kelly Ann 
Hughes. Shirley 
Hulse, Evelyn Ann 
Humphries, Joan 
Humphries, Shirley 
Hunsakey, Sandra 
Hughes, Yvonne 

Hunt, Dale G. 
Hunt, Darwin Lee 
Hunt, James Olaus 
Hunter, Barbara K. 
Hunter, Craig 
Hunter, llene 
Hunter, Lois Anne 
Hunter, Richard Allen 

Hunter, Richard Brent 
Hunter, William B. 
Hurst, Paul J. 
Hurst. Yvonne 
Hutchlngs, Edward K, 
Hutchlngs, Robert 
Hutchison, Colleen 
Hyde, Nanette 


James. Lamar 
Jameson. Arnold 
January. Mary 
Jardine. Bonnie Marii 
Jorvis, Nei 
Jarvis. Stephen K. 
Jensen. Alice Faye 
Jenson, Afton 














Gary O. 






Larry C. 


Losca Lee 









Jespersan, Pauline 


. Calvin W. 





Johansen, Robert 

Johns, Glenda D. 

Johns, J 


Johns, Merrill 


Barry L. 


Afton F. 




David E. 


Dorothy Ann 






Elva M. 






Grove r 















Johnson, Larid D. 
Johnson, Linnera 
Johnson, L. Orlln 
Johnson, Marilyn 
Johnson, Linda Rae 










Ned L 




Patricia M 







Johnson, Theodore P. 
Johnson, Wanda M. 
Johnston, Lujean 
Johnstun, Carol 
Jolley, Carl H. 
Joll^y, Sanda K. 
Joliey, Clark 
Jones, Carol 

Jolley, Janeen 

Jones, Judy 

Jones, Kathryn 

Jones, Lloyd W. 

Jones, Mary Ann 

Jones, Merrilyn LaRee 

Jones, Rock 

Jones, Virginia 

Jorgensen, David W. 
Jones, Vonda 
Jordan, Kim Lee 
Jorgensen, G. Norman 
Jorgenson, Ronald 
Josle, Sonia Kathleen 
Jowers, Peggy 
Judd, Louise 

Judd, Frank Fuller 
Julander, Llllie 
Kalna, Earl 
Kaiser. Dolores 
Kangasniemi, Hilkka 
Kapele, John 
Kapp, Janice 
Kearl, Marie 

Keeler, Dixie 
Kellett, Kay 
Kee. Louie W, 
Kelly, Nancy 
Keller, Barbara 
Kemp, Dean R. 
Kenley, Lynn 
Kempf, Katherine 

Kenley, Vern 
Kenner, Brenda 
Kenney. Don 
Kennedy, Glenn 
Kerbs, Eugene 
Key. Bryan E. 
Kim, Heangja 
Kimball, Jay Crandall 

Kimball, Parrel 
Kimball, Joan 
Kimball, Marcia 
King. Carl L. 
Kingsford. Afton 
Kintzley, Thelma 
Kirby, Janice 
Klrby, Bobby 



Kruger, Caroline 
Kukahilco, Glenn 
Kunz. Vic 
Kurtz. Audrey 
Kwiatkowski, Fred 
Lahmann. Robert 
Laine, Dixie 
Lamb, Le Grande 

Lamb, Laurelie 
Lambert, Eugene 
Lambert, Kay Jean 
Lombson, Louise 
LamoreauK, Jack 
Lane, Guylen R. 
Lanea, Bordin 
Lane, Josle 

Larsen, Barbara 
Langford, Shermari 
Larsen, Karen 
Larsen, Nancy 
Larsen, Rayanna 
Lasson, Calvin G. 
Larson, Doris May 
Larson, Jackie 

Larson. Howard 
Larson, Robert C. 
Larson, Roger C. 
Lasson, Elaine 
Lasson, B. Eugene 
Latimer, Lynne 
Lawter, Sharon 
Laudie, Drew 

Lawrence, Darlene 

Lawrence, Robert 
Lawson, Jon 
Layton, Carol 
Leavitt, Bertha Anna 
Leavett, Carol Jean 
LeBaron, Bentlcy 
Leaf, Lawerence 

LeBaron, Charles 
Lee, Eldon V. 
Lee, Gary 
Lee, Ladonna 
Lee, Mike 
Lee, Steph 
Lee, Virgie 
Lee, Robert 


r 1 . 



Wallace R. 

Lee. : 




Lemmon. Gene 

Lee. Zetta 


, Welda B. 


rd. Sonja 


', Danny 

Lervold, John 




. Shirley 






Glen C. 


Glenna Gay 










. Alfred S. 

LIddell, Rulon 
Uddle. Wallace 
Leifson. Jack 
Lillard, Sonia 
Lilly. Vivian 
Linde. Carofyn 
Lindsfrom. Gayle 
Liston, Sandra 

Linton, Gayle 
Lister, Allen 
Litton. Janice 
Livingston. Nancy 
Livingston. Ronald 
Lloyd. Barbara 
Lloyd. Pat 
Loder, Beverly 

Lobos. Amilcar 
Loder, Bruce W. 
Lofgran. Wayne 
Logsdon. David P. 
Long. Henry 
Long. JoAnn 
Long, Richard Kay 
Loose. Loris Pat 

Losee. Richard D. 
Lorz. Forrest 
Lohrldge. Ann 
Lounsbury, Donald 
Loveland, Emerson R. 
Lovell. Pauline 
Low, Bill 
Loveless, Dave 

Loverldge, Bernell 
Lowder, CoIIIne 
Lowder, Patricia Ann 
Lowry, James 
Lowther, Leo 
Lund. Bill 
Lund, Nina 
Lund, Larry J. 

Lunt. LaRalne 
Lundquist, John Milton 
Lundy. Guy M, 
Lunt. Myrna 
Lybbert, W. Dean 
Lyman, Joyce 
Lyon. Pat 
Lyon, Suzanne 

MacDonald, Edwin 
Mabey. Kent L. 
Macaulay. Thomas 
Macfarlane, Larry 
Macit, Rodney 
MacKay, Jerald 
Mackay, Heten 
Mackey, Ellen Jean 




■ViViis: "i '^ ^ ^' 



Metcolf, Mavis 
Michoelis, Elaine 
Michie, Lois 
Michie, Mark 
Miles. Ruth 
Miller, Diane 
Miller. V. Fawntelle 
Miller. Harold 





Mills, Vernalie 
Milne, Nancy 

Miner, Sheila 
Miner. Edward Glen 
Minson, Carol Ann 
Minor, Jay 
Minson, Ronald 
Mitchell, Derald Lamar 
Mitton. Annette 
Mitchell, Jim 

Mitton. Reid 
Mobley. Par 
Moeller. Karen 
Moffett, Joana 
Moffit, Henry 
Mohler, Eldon 
Mohlman, Grant 
Mohlman, Marilee 



MontgomefY, Francene 
Montgomery, Robert 
Molloy, Jerry 

_ 4 

EN-GALLON HAT fits bandleader Dick Ballou for Wyoming game. 

Moody. Catherine 
Moore, Ronald 
Moorse. William 
Moosman, Jewel 
Morgan, John 
Morgan. Scott 
Moroni, Joyce 
Morgan. Joyce 

Morley. Carole 
Morris, Ephraim B. 
Morris, Judy 
Morris. Lee J, 
Morris. Myrno J. 
Morrison. Beverly 
Morriton. Hila 
Morrison, Joan 

Mortensen. Dorothy 
Mortensen, Myro Foye 
Moulton. Clark A., Jr. 
Mower, Marilyn 
Mueller, Sharon A. 
Muhlestein. Mary K. 
Mulhern, Arleene 
Moyle. Joseph A. 

Muirbroolt, Gordon K. 
Muir. Elmo 
Munk, Marilyn 
Murchie. Patricia J. 
Murdock, Karen 
Murdock, Sue 
Murphy, Vira Ann 
Murphy, Alan 

Murray, Pauline 
Myers, Ted 
Mykol. Elsa D. 
Nackos. Charles 
Nackos. Louis J. 
Nasman. Eddie J. 
Nalder, Lanny J. 
Nalder, G. Roger 

Nash. Veria 
Nanto. Robert M. 
Nasman, Gary 
Nay, Arleno 
Neal, Alice 
Neal. Dallas H. 
Neol, Glenys 
Nay, Jean 

Neilon. Thomas 
Nelson, Grace C. 
Nelson. Lucille 
Neal, John 
Nelson, Kay 
Nelson, Dean 
Neilson, Paul 
Nelson, Narene 







Kent R. 








Mary Ann 















Newbold. Marilyn 








Nancy Ann 




Nicholson, Jacqueline 
Nelson. Elaine 
Nicol, Karen 
NIchol. Jack W. 
Nielson, Brent 
Nielsen, DeAnn 
Neilson, Elwood 
Nielsen. Diane 

Nielson. Kareen 

Nielson, John 

Nielson, Judy 

Nielson, Larry K. 

Nielsen, Marcus 

Nielsen, Margene 

Nielson, Myrna 

Nielson, Nella 

Nielsen, Swen 
Nielsen, Pete 
Nielson, Stephen M. 
Niles, Barbara Lena 
Nims, Janet 
Noorlander, Mike 
Nolan, George 
Nixon. Suzanne 

Nordgren, Vicki Dawn 
Nordstrom, Gary 
Norton, Gary B. 
Norton. Harold L. 
Northrop, Sherena 
Norton. Dorothy Jean 
Novakovlch, Stephen 
Norton, Richard L. 

Nuttall, William R. 
Nunes, Pearl Ann 
Nybo, June 
Ober, Georgia M. 
Oberhansley, Loa Ann 
Obray, Vern Delmar 
O'Brien, Robert 
Oertle, Linda Dee 

O'Brien, Jim 
Ogborn. Corwin 
Ohman, Janice 
Okelberry, Shirlene 
Okey, John E. 
Oldham, Mereso 
Olds, Norma 
Oliver, Brian 

Olsen. Audrey 
Olsen, Delbert 
Olsen. David Blair 
Olson. Harold 
Olsen, Jimmy 
Olsen. Karen 
Olsen, Melvin E. 
Olsen, Larry 


^ ^'^^ 

Ord, Sharon 
Orr, Diane 
Orroclt, Luci 
Orton, John W. 
Osborne, Susan 
Oscarson, Cheryl 
Ostler, Julie 
Ostler, Betsey 

Ousbye. Don 
Otterstrom, Tom 
Ovard. Barbara 
Oviott. Gayle 
Oviatt. John D. 
Overson, Leland 
Oveson, Mary 
Owen, Lois 

Ontoby. Lou Jean 
Owen, Richard D. 
Owens. Voncile 
Ozawa. Fern K. 
Pace, Carol 
Pace, Dean 
Pace, Linda Jean 
Pack, Patricia 

Packard, Mary Ann 
Pack. Russell 
Packer, LoRane 
Pago. Gary 
Page. Jim 
Palmer. Junelle 
Palmer, Maureen 
Palmer, Lynne 

Pankhurst, Geroldln 
Palmer, Susanne 
Parker, Carol 
Parker, Ctair L. 
Parker. Gilbert 


Parkin, Kay Marie 
Parkin. Colleen Ruth 
Parks, Shannon 
Parris, Imogene 
Parry, Barbara Ann 
Parsons. Sharon 
Patterson. Patricio 
Pascoe, Wayne A. 


Payne. Patricia 
Paul. Lynn K. 
Payne. Robert L. 
Peacock. Evelyn M. 
Peabody. Dale 

Pearson, Kayle 
Peacock, Vlone 
Pearson. Clee B. 
Pearson, Mary Louise 
Pearson, Adele 

Pepper, Judy 
Pendrey, L. McKay 
Pedkins, Calsa Barbara 
Perkins, Cliff 
Perkins, Gary L. 
Perkins, Margo 
Perkins, Reetha 
Perrett, Heber D. 

Peter, Alan 
Perry. Joanne 
Peters, Janet 
Peterson, Bryan 
Petersen, Don 
Petersen, Eleanor 
Petersen, George 
Peterson, R. Boyd 

Petersen, Thelma Ruth 

Petersen, Alma Kent 

Peterson, Byron P. 

Peterson, Cher! 

Peterson, Clyde 

Peterson, Dale 

Peterson, Joyce 

Peterson, Gary Bert 

Peterson, Denis 

Peterson, Judi 

Peterson, Judith 

Peterson. Judy 

Petersen, Karen 

Peterson, Kenneth 

Peterson. LuDeen 

Peterson. Marilyn 

Peterson, Nile 
Peterson, Mary J. 
Peterson. Phil 
Peterson, Ronald 
Peterson, Stella J. 
Peterson. Stephen 
PeHit, Joy 
Phillips, Gerard 

Petty, Bonnidean 
Phair, Gary 
Phair. Larry 
Phelps, Sonja 
Pierce. Myron L, 
Pierce. Ronald L. 
PInegar, Dale 
Pinegar. Man L. 

Pittman, Sue 
Piper, LaRee 
Plumb, Marlow W. 
Poggione. Marsha 
Politis, Constan tines 
Pollan. Lew- 
Pond. Frances 
Pope, Larry 


TUDENTS SIGN for polio shots under sponsorship of Blue Keys. 

Porter. Pot 
Poulson, Lynn 
Poulton, Marvin 

Powell. Dean 
Powell, Ald& Mae 
Powell, Ann 

Powell, Dixie Lee 
Pcwell. Delburt 
Powell, James A. 

Powell, Ronald 
Poyfair, Chen 
Powell. Lynn K. 

Pratt. Darlene 
Pratt, Douglas 
Pratt, Martha Rush 
Pratt. Wallace 
Price, Bud O. 
Price, Charlene 
Price. Derrill 
Price, Harvey E. 

Prina, Peter 
Prlsbrey, Donna 
Prows, Ella Mae 
Prusse. Judith 
Puff, Charles E. 
Pugh, Sandra 
Pugmire. Ruth Ann 
Purvis, James H, 

Pulsipher, Vaughn 
Pulley. Dallas 
Putman, Norman 
Quick, Sharon 
Quirl, Barbara 
Rabidou. Donna 
Raddon, Dorthey 
Qulnnett, John 

Rampton, Martha 
Randall, Elbert 
Randall, Karen 
Randall. Melvin Kay 
Randall, Lloyd 
Ray. Karen 
Roy, Kathyleen 
Ray. Margo 

Royor, Darlene 
Raymond. Barbara 
Read, Frank 
Read, Lee 
Reading. Carolee 
Redd, Cherry 
Rebal. David 
Redd, Linda 

Reber, Marilyn 
Redd. Patricia 
Reddish. Jacquetyn 
Reece, Joan 
Reed, Phylls Jean 
Reeder. Lynn B. 
Rees, DIcIc 
Reed, Carl W., Jr. 

Reese, James 
Reese, David 
Reese. Sandra 
Reeve, Sharon 
Reeves. Jack 
Reid, Ann 
Reidhead, John 
Reiche, Ralph 




Reld. Sharon 
Remington, Pat 
Rencher, Lureen 
Revo, Diane 
Rencher, Leonard 

Reynolds, H. Lorraine 
Reynolds, Dixie 
Rex, Norman Dale 
Rex, Verda I. 
Rex. Ferrin James 

Richey, Foresf 
Richens, Fern 
Richey, Floyd 
Richie, Alma 
Richins, Coroi 
Richins, Deanna 
Richins, Jerry G. 
Robb. Wilnia Helen 

Riess, Geraldlne 
Riding. John A. 
Roberts. Beverly 
Roberts. JoAnn 
Roberts, Lois 
Robertson, Kenneth F, 
Robins. Lorene 
Roberts. Wendell 

Robertson. Scott 
Robins, Patricia 
Robinson, Barbara 
Robinson. Grant E. 


Lu Jean 

Rohbock, Teddy 
Robison, Clayne 
Robison. Derrel 
Roclcwood. Eleanor 
Rogers. Hawiey 
Rogers, Milton 
Roland. Peggy 
Rogers, Robert 

Rose, Charles 
Romney. Maurine 
Rooks. Bet+y Lou 
Rossiter, Carol L. 
Rounds. Jay 
Roundy, Bernell 
Roundy, Jerry 
Rossiter, Terry 

Rountree, Phyllis 
Rowberry. David Merlin 
Rowberry. Kara 
Rowe. Larry 
Rowley. Joan 
Rowley, Raymond S. 
Rowley. Walter 
Rowe. Klara 

Rowley. Ronald Dee 
Ruge. James 
Rumel. Pam 
Rummler, Roy 
Ruplinger. Kathryn 
Rupp. Jeri 
Russell, Carol R. 
Russon, Ann Ranae 


Rutherford, Peggy 
Rutledge, Cherry 
Rutledge, J. Raymond 

Sfibey, Keith 

Rynehert, JoAnne 
Rutledge, William 

Saibers, Lathelan 
Salazar, Lillle V. 
Salisbury, David 

Sampson, Shirley 
Salisbury, Marlow W. 
Sampson, Douglas C. 

SNflTH LOUNGE provides leisure hour entertainment in television. 

Samuel, Margaret Ann 
Sams, Dana 
Samuelson, Trudy 
Sandberg, Ann 
Sand berg, Howard E. 
Sanderson, Helen 
Sandwicic, Diana 
Sansom. Gary 

Sant, Sharyn 

Sauvaget, Marie Helene 
Sawyer, Dick 
Sayner, Florence 
Schaefermeyer, Jeanene 
Schaumann, Jon P. 
Schelsky, Gail 
Schempp, Lois 

Schencit, Leroy 
Schill, Gerhard D. 
Schlund, Sandra 
Schmidt. George W. 
Schneyder, Leslie 
Schofield, Sharlene 
Schoft, Charles H. 
Scholes, Robert 

Scholes, Carol 
Schow, Sharon Lee 
Schrimshire, Elma R. 
Schroeter, Clare 
Schwab, Scott K. 
Scoresby, Gaye 
Scott. Annette 
Scott, June 

Scott, Myrnatee 
Seamons, Marlene 
Seeley, Peggy 
Seely, Sonya 
Sedgwick. Donald H. 
Senne, Joellen Kay 
Sennhauser, Lore 
Sexsmith, Jean 

Severns, Pamela 
Sevy, Carlo 
Seymour, Elva Loree 
Shaffer, Vonda 
Sharp, Beveriy 
Shaw, Don 
Sheffield, JoAnn 
Sharp, Janyce 

Shepherd, Jerry E. 
Shell. Verl D. 
Shelton, Donna 
Shields, E. Marie 
Shields, Janice 
Shirk, Donna 
Shore, Daryle Jean 
Shields, Glenn 


P-^^4 "^ 



Shreeve, Dale 
Shuey. Valerie 
Shumway, David 
Shumway. Gary 
Shunn. Donald 


ay, Sylvia 



Slemssen, Joanne 
Sidwell, Dorothy 



Simmons. Jean 

Simmons. Karen Su 
Simper. Iris M. 

Simpson. Iris 
Simpson. Shirley 
Sinclair, Jerry 
Singleton, Monroe 
Sjoblom. Dee Ann 

Skelton, Jim 
Skousen. Owen Daniel 
Skousen. Karyle 
Skousen. Sherren 
Slade, J. Dion 
Skoy, Vernon 
Slade, Rosalie 
Smith, Alan 



David W. 
De Anna 

Smith. Forrest 
Smith. Eugene E. 
Smith. George 
Smith. Furlann 
Smith. Gerald 
Smith. Gordon 
Smith, Jacquelyn 
Smith. Jerry 


James Melvin 


Karl L. 




Smith, Martha 
Smith, Mirro 

Smith, Monty 

Smith. Noel 

Smith, Sandra 

Smith. Sharon 

Smith. Sharon Lynn 

Smith, Shirley 

Smith, Ronald 

Smith. Ray 

Smurthwaite. Mary 
Smithson, Clark 
Smythe, Hefen 
Snyder, Darryl 
Snow. Carol Le» 
Snowball. Alice Noeld* 
Soha, Vickl 
Solum, Darrell 

Sorensen. Charfes 
Somerville. David J, 
Sones, James 0. 
Sorensen, Margaret A. 
Sorensen. Sheila Ann 
Sorenson. J. Leon 
Sorenson. Ken 
Southwell. William 


FOOTBALL WEATHER was a bit wet for many of season's games 

Spurlock, C. P-^f 
Squires, Ramon L. 
Stoddard, Bob 
Stoddard, Margaret 
Storrs, Elaine 
Stringam, G. Bryan 
Stringam, Ruth 
Sudweeks, Anita 

Suarez, Olga C, 
Sullivan, James David 
Summers, Robert 
Sumner, Dee Ann 
Sumsion, Franic 
Sutherland, Exie 
Swalnston, Paul 
Swain, Keltti 

Swalberg, Carma 
Swanson, Robert 
Sweatt, Barbra 
Sweeten, Fay 
Swensen, Marilyn 

Swenson, Geraldlne 
Stadmiller, Barbara 

Swenson, Sharleen 
Staker. Lynn L. 
Staley, Roger 
Standifird, Lynn 
Stanton, David 
Starts, Ike 
Stay, Maxine 
Steed, Michael 

Steele, Shirley 
Steffensen, Sonia 
Stephens, LaVon 
Stephenson, Kathryn 
Stevens, Murray Robert 
Stettler, Janfce 
Stevenson, David L. 
Stevenson, Wilifred R. 

Stevenson, Diane 
Stevenson, William Charles 
Stevenson, William V, 
Stewart, Barry 
Stewart, Dave 
Stewart, James L. Jr. 
Stewart, Gary 
Stewart, Lois 

Stewart, Renee 
Stewart, Mary Lynne 
Stewart, Sandra 
Stiles, Pattie 
Stimpson, Sharlene 
Stock, Darls 
Stockton, Wayne 
Stirling, Keith 



Stoker, Vanae 
Stoltes, Larry 
Stolces, Ned 
Stone, Doug 
Stone. Duane 

Stoslch, David Jon 
Stone, Margaret 
Stoneking, Jack 
Stout, Diane 
Stout, Carol 

Strasser, Margo 
Strate, Eleanor Kaye 
StroKord. Jack 
Stratton, Betsey 
Stratton. David 

Strebel. Robert M. 
Stratton, Richard 
Strayer, George 
Strebe, David 
Strickland, Leita 

Strlcktln, Mary Ellen 
Stringham, Golda 
Strong, James 
Struthers. Buehl L. 
Stubbert, Colin 
Stubbs, Arlena L. 
Stubbs, Clifford 
Taggert. Lyie R. 

Togg, Howard 

Stumph, Joseph Kay Jr. 

Talbot, James Edwin 

Tanner, Adele 

Tanner, Bruce 

Tanner, Gary 

Tanner, Larry 

Tote, Charlene 

Tanner, Ronald 
Taylor. Barbara Ciarene 
Tauchin, Patty 
Taylor, Beverly A. 
Taylor, Clarence LaDell 
Taylor, Dalian 
Taylor. Dean 
Taylor, Harold 

Taylor, Frankie 
Taylor, Elwood 
Taylor, Janet 
Taylor, Jerry 
Taylor, Karen 
Taylor Kathryn A, 
Taylor, Larry B. 
Taylor, Louise 

Taylor, Martha J. 
Taylor. Mary Frances 
Taylor, Robert 
Taylor, Robert A. 
Taylor, Rulon V. 
Taylor, Sandra 
Taylor, Sharleen 
Taysom, Ruth Anette 

Taylor, Virginia 
Taylor, R. Valden 
Tobbs, Daniel 
Teela, Gerald 
Tenney, Bill 
Telford, Terry Lynn 
Terry, C. Richard 
Tenney, Claudia 

Till, Eugene 
Terry, Mary Ellen 
Tidwell, Darlene 
Tidwell, Ray 
Tingey, Nola 
Tipton. Marifyr) 
Thackeray, Carole Jean 
Tipfon, Gary 


Thorson. Robert 
Thurgood, Glen 
Thurston, Alayne 
Tolbert, Sherril 
Thurston, Nancy 
Tolley, Deanna 
Tolley, Harold C. 
Tolman, Marilyn 

Tolman, L. Kirk 
Tcombs, Bevelyn 
Topham, Daniel P. 
Topham, Mardell D, 
Tower, Harold A. 
Towle. M\h'i 
Tracy, Kay 
Tranter, Joene 

Traver, Lonnle 
Tribett, Gary 
Trtmnal, Gloria 
Tripp, Paul 
Trost, Charles F. 
Truman, Ferrol L. 
Tsuji, Ernest Yoshio 
Tryon, M. Leon 

Tueller, Daleene 
Tucker, Deon 
Tuft, Nadeane 
Tufts, Gwen 
Turley, Katherine 
Turner, Bill 
Turner, Karen 
Turner, Suzanne 

Tuttle, Ruth 
Turpin, Karen 
Tweten, Georgins 
Twitchell, Noel 
Twitty, Charyle 
Udall, Don A. 
Ulmer, Kay 
Urie, Dorothy 

Udy, Anne 
Unck, Pat 
Ure, Colleen 
Valle, Silvia 
Van Kampen, Brent 
Van Orman, Roy 
Van Leuven, Kay 
Van Quill. Mike 




Van Wagoner, Mart 
Vance. Sheryl 
Vandergrift, Carol Sue 
VerWeIre, William A 
VIcenti. Nina L. 

Vest. Lee 
Vernon. Skoy 
Vincent, Jean B. 
Voss. Ralph Nell 
Vincent. Sylvia 

Walker. Jean Ellen 
Walker, Melvin H. 
Walker, Royce B. 
Walker, Thurza 
Walker, Verlene 
Wallis, Travis L. 
Wallwork. Marlin G. 
Walston. Jerry 

Walton, Steven D. 
Ward, Robert L. 
Ware, Gerald Max 
Warner, Derral C. 
Warner, James W. 
Warren, Barbara 
Washburn. Richard 
Warren. Gary 

Warren. Connie 
Washburn, Roland 
Watkins, Peggy 
Watkins, Prince L. 
Watson, Dolores 
Watson, Jack 
Watson, Robert Gayl 
Watt, Diane 

Watts, Richard 
WaHs, Blaine 
Wayman, Mary Carol 
Webb, Cecil Wildon 
Webb. Carolyn 
Webb, Emma Lou 
Webb, Janet 
Webb. Jeanne 

Webb, Kay 
Webb. Richard 
Weber. Patsy 
Weber, Allen 
Weeks, Mike 
Weidauer, Leona 
Weidner, Roger 
Weight, Howard 

Weight, Linda 
Welch, Norma 
Wells, Edward 
Wells. Robert H. 
West, Donna Marlene 
Wells. Sam 
Wendelboe. Shirley 
Wemple. Joan 

West. James D. 
West. Jane 
West. Sharon 
Westenskow. Carolyn 
Westerduln. Johanna E. 
Westfall. Ron 
Westover. James 
Westwood. Elizabeth Sus 



Whitman, Darlene 
Whitmer, Leroy 
Whitmore, Geraldine 
Whittle. LaDawn 
Whittle. Melba 
Widdison, Bart 
Wilcox, Carol 
Widdison, Joan 

Wilcox, Jerry 
Wilde, Norma 
Wilhoit, Oarrel 
Wilkey, Georga 
Willey, Steve 
Williams. DarT 
Williams, Fred 
Williams, Laura Joyce 

Willis, Golda 
Wilson, Anne 
Wilson, Arvie R. 
Wilson, Betty 
Wilson, Marba 
Wilson, Maurice DeVon 
Wilson, Roger 
Wimber. Nancy 

Wimmer, David R. 
Winn, Virgil Arftiur 
Winters. Evan B. 
Wistisen. Martin 
Wong, Cornelia 
Wold, Joyce 
Wold. Larny 
Wolsey. Edward John 

Wolverton, Garrett 
Wood, Grant R. 
Wood, Janet 
Woodbury. Beau 
Woodbury. Nadine 
Woodruff, Ella Mae 
Woolstenhulme, Dick 
Workman. Lee A. 

Woolston, Claudia 
Workman. Bobbie A. 
Worley, Jan 
Worlton, Tom 
Wride, Anna Marie 
Wride, Dale Hayward 
Wright, Dale 
Wride, Dawn Ray 




Wright. Kaye 
Wright. Dolores 
Wright, Frances T. 
Wright. James R. 
Wright. Joye 
Wright, Karen 
Wright, Mary Lou 
Wright. Kei*h N. 

Wright. Meredith 
Wright. Robert Lee 
Wright, Sharron 
Wrigley, Marvin 
Wynn. Brent 
Wynn, Russell 
Wyss. Eileen 
Wunderli. Yvonne 

Yardley. Gene 
Yardley, Mary 
Yardley. Nancy 
Yeates, Carole 
Yergensen. Rae Jean 
Ylngling, Laura May 
Younce. Pat 
Yorgason. Vanja 

Young. Lynn B. 
Young, Marilyn S. 
Young, Carol Gay 
Young. Dennis 
Young. DeWayne 
Young, Lauretta 
Ziegler, Robert Pingree 
Zarlf, Roberto 

Freshmen Activities 

"DEAR ETHEL: Today we visited exotic lower campus . . . 



"WHV don't you listen? That's not my name!" 

'Y' DAY and you have to be allergic to whitewash!" 

VIEW of intrepid photographer, with cleverly concealed face, recording unguarded moments for posterity. 

"IT'S JUST a little something I picked up on Kodiac Island." BRIGHT YOUNG chemist discovers fantastic new expio- 

sive. (Seconds later, chemist, photographer, and ESC 
building went up in a blaze of glory). 


Courtesy of Rummel Photo Stu 



'^^ m 

^kir i 



'; V 







"^ly ' 


&: iOr 

Irl Memoria 

■ i ^l-y 

^ ^H . .-:.'^HS. 


6>^/ ■ ^ 



God's finger touched him, and he slept. 

.V,. ..^v.v^ Jentley, Anna Lee Christensen, Phillip Cluff, Rex Allen Eggertsen. 

Vincent Virgil Griner, Kenneth Ernest Hafen, Yvonne Lott, Marvie Leilani 

McGookin, Robert Mahan, Albert Lester iMiddlebrooks, Gwendolyn 

Odum, lyiernfl Marie Porter, Joan Sperry and George Allen Wager. 

Facts and Figures of BYU 

Cumulative enrollment grouped according to states and countries 

Texas 139 

Virginia '^5 

North Carolina 34 

Florida 29 

Georgia 1° 

South Carolina 18 

Oklahoma 13 

Mississippi 12 

West Virginia 7 

Alabama 6 

Kentucky 5 

Tennessee 5 

Louisiana 5 

Arkansas 3 



New York 71 

Pennsylvania 34 

New Jersey 25 

Maryland 18 

District of Columbia 18 

Massachusetts 12 

Conecticut 7 

Maine 6 

Vermont 3 

Rhode Island 3 

New Hampshire 1 



Canada 269 

Mexico 49 

Korea 15 

Guatemala 14 

Germany 9 








...„ 2 






Great Britain 



Australia ."..... 



New Zealand 


Switzerland 2 

South America (5 coimtries) 15 




North Africa 




West Africa . 



Illinois 55 

Indiana 30 

Michigan 30 

Iowa 24 

Wisconsin 24 

Ohio 23 

Kansas 21 

Minnesota 21 

Missouri 16 

Nebraska 15 

South Dakota 12 

North Dakota 6 



Utah 4658 

California 1657 

Idaho 1081 

Arizona 395 

Oregon 318 

Nevada 282 

Washington 253 

Wyoming 168 

Colorado 167 

Montana 127 

New Mexico 101 



Hawaii 79 

Alaska 13 

Canal Zone 1 



Eleven Western States 9207 

Twelve Central States 277 

Fourteen Southern States 339 

Eleven New Eng. & E. Seaboard .... 198 

Three Territories 93 

Thirty Foreign Countries 428 



Enrollment summary of Brigham Young University including laboratory school, extension students. 



Freshman Sophomore Junior 

Biological & Agricultural Sciences 228 220 202 

Commerce 358 304 342 

Education 287 400 452 

Family Living 162 125 90 

Fine Arts 206 145 136 

Graduate School 

Humanities and Social Sciences 209 220 230 

School of Nursing 65 49 27 

Physical and Engineering Sciences 545 380 277 

Recreation, Health, Phys. Ed. & Athletics 101 94 94 

General Registration 1548 513 78 








Graduate Men 

























TOTALS 3709 

Summer Quarter — 1956 

2450 1928 1833 




Total Daytime College Resident Students 

Evening Residence - 1035 

Extension Class and Correspondence 1731 


Less Duplications, 1956 Svunmer School 

Evening, Extension and Correspondence 

Net Cumulative Total — College Level 

B.Y.U. High School 

Junior High School 78 

Senior High School 105 

B.Y.U. Elementary School 99 

Total B.Y. High and Elementary School 282 


'Includes (47) 5th year Engineers 




- 600 

70 184 

79 184 

107 206 

256 538 



^, W 


j^^;_^~^\ ^■^^, 







? i 



FRONT ROW: Colette Thomas, Barbara Dunn, Dick Smart, 
Marilyn Billings, Helen Walser, Dr. Henry Isaksen, Advisor. 
BACK ROW: Bates Westerberg, Ron Paul, Bob Bateman, How- 
ard Ellison, Nedd McArthur, Barrie Wasden, Don Van Noy. 



FRONT ROW: Les Mason, Pat Edwards, Mary McKay, Barrie 
McKay, Karen Wright, La Dean Wright. BACK ROW: Jerry HaU, 
Duane Christensen, Bob Anderson, Byron Fisher, Raleigh Hunts- 
man, Reed Blake. 

FRONT ROW: Dawn Keppner, Diane Hanson, Sue Allred, Donna 
Hatch. BACK ROW: Luana Schow, Marilyn Woodward, Joy 
Beckstead, Kay Moody, LaVoy Washburn. 




FRONT ROW: Elaine Peterson, Ruth Stanfield, Shirley Snow, 
Karen Lillywhite, Carma Baker. BACK ROW: Don Crandall, 
Paul Murdock, Gordon Murdock, Leo Weidner. 


^^^HF '^^ 





FRONT ROW: Myma Shurtliff, Marsha Black, Byron Fisher, 
Christine Ellsworth, Beverly Whitford, Merry Tippets. BACK 
ROW: Gordon Smith, Brent Brockbank, George Turner, Duane 
Christensen, Don Crandall, Lynn Perry, Paul Flannery. 





FRONT ROW: Lynne Hemenway, Colette Thomas, Marcile 
Thomas, Joyce Stephensen, Elaine Stirland, Roger Victor. SEC- 
OND ROW: Carl Mitchell, Owen Bae, Karen Curtis, Pat Bring- 
hurst, Pat Olsen, Donna Hamilton, Gerald Wray, Roger Larson. 
BACK ROW: Ray Andrus, Dilworth Rust, Webb Crockett, Roger 
De Mordaunt, Leon Garrett, Ron Lee, Keith Price. 


FRONT ROW: Lora Brown, Margaret Snarr, Ruth Ottosen, Mer- 
tha Pratt. BACK ROW: Delora Bertelsen, Glenna Cooper, Ruth 
Redford, Marilyn Arnold, Elaine Sabin. 

FRONT ROW: Myrna Montierth, CarylAnn Waldvogel, Jane Har- 
rison. BACK ROW: John Marlow, Bob Pratt, Yvonne Anderson, 
Delora Bertelsen. 




^H^^^^^H^^B l^^^l 


FRONT ROW: Dick Reimers, Rosemary Schmidt, Rae Martin, 
Bern Ozawa, Barbara Kehmeier, Kay Walker. SECOND ROW: 
Robert Froelick, Tal Bird, George Hallock, Dorothy Hawarth, 
Douglas Banks. BACK ROW: Desmond Dickery, Israel Heaton, 
Advisor; John Bum, Don Cornelius, Gary Larson. 


FRONT ROW: Jerry Griffith, Walt Winkefanan. BACK ROW: 
Murray Mclnnes, Clark Bean, Faye Baker, Rich Hunter, Kent 




ffF„^j_ ,^ 



1 1 

•I . 




A NEW BUILDING on campus, the Joseph Smith Family Living Cented provided increased facilities for many departments. 

Campus Buildings 

I The Student Health Center was completed in Sep- 
tember of 1955 and was dedicated on May 7, 1957. 
During Fall and Winter Quarter of this year, seven- 
teen thousand visits were made by students to the 
center. They had an average of 5.5 bed patients and 
are staffed with three doctors and ten nurses. 

) Opened in March 1953, the Student Service Center 
provides the students with a self-help store. A stu- 
dent buys all textbooks and miscellaneous items at 
below average prices. Also housed here are the stu- 
dent offices, publications, extension division, and 
audio-visual aids. Old bookstore funds built it. 

I Knight-Mangum hall houses 288 coeds on a self- 
governing basis. Large study areas, a cafeteria, wash- 
ing and ironing facilities are provided. The Social 
Sail is attached to this building and is the main cam- 
pus hall for dancing. The music organizations also 
use the Social Hall for practice. 

I Seating approximately 1 1 ,000 persons, the fieldhouse 
has a main basketball coiu-t, two gymnasiums, two 
handball courts, two squash courts, a wrestling room, 
a boxing room, a corrective room and offices of the 
physical education department. There are also facili- 
ties for track and football activities. 

The largest building on campus, the Joseph Smith 
Family Living Center was put into use Winter 
Quarter and was dedicated May 7, 1957. It provides 
the most modem facilities for the girls interested in 
cooking and care of the home. Skills such as dress 
design and weaving are also taught. A specially de- 
signed nursery school allows students to "observe 
wdthout the children knowing about it. 

The Science Center contains 147,000 square feet of 
floor space and is divided into nine amphitheatres, 
twenty-four classrooms, ninety-eight labs, and forty- 
eight offices. The building can accommodate 2500 
students each hour. The building houses the chimes 
donated by several classes which ring out the hours 
and are used for concert purposes. The building also 
contains the Foucault pendulum and sound rooms. 

The Joseph Smith Building is the only building 
named for the Prophet. It was constructed largely on 
the Church welfare plan. The organ is the old Taber- 
nacle organ and was moved here in 1948. It is one of 
the finest organs in any college in the world. The 
auditorium seats 1200 people and can be increased to 
2200 with the ballroom. Most of the dramatic and 
concert productions are held here. 


CARL F. EYEING Physical Science Building 


HERALD R. CLARK Student Service Center 

JOSEPH SMITH Memorial Building 

HOWARD S. MCDONALD Student Health Center 

KNIGHT-MANGUM Hall and Social Hall 


Campus Buildings 


HERITAGE HALLS — Girls' Dorms 

BOTANICAL Laboratory Building 

The four wings of the Engineering Building house 
the departments of Chemical, Mechanical, Civil and 
Electrical engineering. Also housed here is the coun- 
seling service of the University. Spacious drawing 
rooms and experimental laboratories are found here. 

The only accommodations of their type in American 
universities, the Heritage Halls comprise a group of 
sixteen buildings, each with ten apartments of three 
bedrooms, a kitchen and a bath; and a newer group 
of eight buildings. Total population — 1539. 

Completed in the fall of 1955, the Botanical Labora- 
tory provides green houses and labs for botany and 
related subjects. Research classes are also conducted 
here. Of a total area of 9400 square feet, 6000 are de- 
voted to greenhouses and plant culture. 

Built similar to Allen Hall, a boys' dorm, Amanda 
Knight is eighteen years old and houses 130 girls. 
Two-bed and four-bed rooms are featured, ana the 
girls have washing and drying facilities, living room, 
and game room. Meals are served cafeteria style. 

Map of 




The Heber J. Grant Library was named for the late 
president of the Church and houses some two hun- 
dred thousand volumes and many valuable collec- 
tions. There is also much micro-film to aid those who 
desire to search out genealogy from among them. 

The McKay Building was completed in December of 
1954 and now houses the College of Education, and 
the departments of English, Foreign Languages, and 
Political Science. Modem stairways, spacious rooms, 
tile floors and air conditioning characterize this 

The Brimhall building was named for a former presi- 
dent of BYU, George H. Brimhall, and houses the 
biological and agricultural sciences. It was first con- 
structed in 1919, but two additional stories were 
added in 1935 to make room for more offices. 

The new Men's Dorms now under construction are 
expected to be ready for occupation in early 1958. 
This project will offer housing to 830 single men, and 
will include five residence halls and a central build- 
ing for eating, lounging, business and study. 


DAVm O. MCKAY Building 








L-i.....i.*:«^,i»|MM>«MilnlH'j>. . ^ . .: 

Faculty Index 

Alder. Lorna C. 294 
Alder, Zane, 294 
Allen, A. Lester, 146, 294 
Allen, Mark K., 77, 294 
Allman, Verl P., 294 
Allred, Mildred, 294 
Allred, Dorald M., 294 
Allred, R. Chase, 294 
Allred, Wallace E., 294 
Alward, Mignon, 294 
Anderson, Blaine, 285 
Anderson, C. Dixon, 294 
Anderson, H. Verland, 73, 294 
Anderson, Keith P., 294 
Anderson, Richard L., 294 
Anderson, Vernon L., 294 
Andrew, Barbara Whitehead, 294 
Andrjs, Hyrum L,, 294 
Andrus, J. Roman, 294 
Applonie, Evelyn Mildred. 294 
Ashton, Clarence D., 294 


Babcock, Hyrum J., 294 

Bailey, Dale S., 294 

Ballif, Ariel S., 294 

Ballou, Richard E., 176, 294 

Bangerter, Blauer L., 294 

Bankhead, Reid E., 294 

Barker, Allan, 65, 294 

Barnett, Owen L., 294 

Barlow, Francis P., 294 

Barney, Vermon, S., 294 

Barrett, Ivan J., 294 

Bartholomew, Davis, 294 

Bateman, J. LaVar, 294 

Bauer, Edith B., 294 

Baxter, LeIand K.. 79, 285, 294 

Beck, D Elden, 294 

Beck, Jay V., 294 

Beckham, Raymond, 65, 147, 225, 294 

Belnap, B. West, 80, 148, 294 

Bendixsen, Grant D., 294 

Bennion, Marion, 75, 294 

Bentley Anthony I., 294 

Bentley, Joseph T., 294 

Berrett, William E., 63 ,80 

Berry, June E., 294 

Berryessa, Max J., 294 

Bissell, Harold J., 294 

Black, Jesse R., 294 

Blackham, Angus U., 294 

Bloom, Ruth 5., 294 

Booth, Lillian C, 64, 294 

Bos, Jacob, 294 

Bowman, Genevieve West, 294 

Boyle, C. S., 294 

Brace, William R., 294 

Bradford, Charles H., 294 

Bradford, Reed H., 77, 285, 294 

Britsch, Ralph A., 294 

Brimhall, Willis H., 294 

Broadbent, H. Smith, 79, 270, 294 

Brough, Rulon, 294 

Brown, Billings, 294 

Brown, Jesse Richard, 294 

Brownlee, Robert S., 294 

Browne, Arthur D., 65, 294 

Bryner, Loren C, 294 

Bullock, Kenneth C, 294 

Burmingham, Olive K., 294 

Burrup, Percy E., 294 

Bushman, Grant, 294 

Bushman, Jess R.. 294 

Butt, Newburn I., 295 

Butler, Eliot Andrew, 295 

Butterworth, Edwin J., 65, 275, 295 

Buttle, Faye J., 295 

Caine, Julia, 295 

Calder, Glen H., 295 

Caldwell, Gaylon L, 295 

Calderwood, JoAnn, 295 

Callahan, Sterling G., 74, 295 

Campbell, Eugene E., 295 

Campbell, Jennie, 295 

Candland, Dorothy N., 295 

Canning, Ray R., 295 

Cannon, Clawson Y., Jr., 156. 295 

Carle, Wayne M., 295 

Carpenter, Bernece, 295 

Carr, William C, 295 

Carter, Harold, 295 

Chandler, Samuel C, 295 

Chapman, L. Bernice, 81. 295 

Cheney, Thomas E., 295 

Christensen, Earl M., 295 

Chrlstensen, Edward L., 147, 295 

Christensen, Leonard E., 65, 295 

Christensen, Lillian A., 295 

Christensen, Parley A., 295 

Christensen, Ross T., 295 

Clark, Bruce B., 295 

Clark, Harold Glen, 82, 295 

Clark, Hazel, 295 

Clark, Herald R., 65, 73, 295 

Clark, James R., 295 

Clark, Monroe H., 295 

Clark, Selby G., 64, 295 

Clarke, A. John, 295 

dinger, Morris M., 155, 295 

Cochran, Thelma, 295 

Compton, Lane A., 295 

Corbridge, Ivan L., 72, 295 

Cowan, Cyntha A., 295 

Craig, Marshall R., 295 

Cox, Soren F., 295 

Crandall. Bliss H., 64, 295 

Crandall, Lars G., 73, 295 

Croft, Evan M., 295 

Crowton David M., 295 

Curtis, Brandt, 161, 295 

Dalnes, Delva, 295 
Darais, Alex B., 295 
Davies, J. Kenneth, 73, 296 
Davidson, Bertha B., 296 
Davis, Allen, 86, 90, 296 
DeJong, Gerrit, Jr., 76, 296 
Dixon, Fred W., 108, 109, 296 
Dixon, Owen, 86, 296 
Donaldson, David M., 296 
Done, G. Bryon, 296 
Downing, Lester N., 296 
Doxey, Willard B., 296 
Duffin, B. Keith, 65, 296 
Duke, Keith E., 296 
Dyer, William G., 146, 219, 296 


Earl, Don L.. 161, 296 
Eastmond, E. John, 79, 296 
Ediefsen, Blaine E., 296 
Edwards, William F.. 63, 296 
Egbert, Robert L., 74, 296 
Ellsworth, J. Orval, 296 
Empey, LaMar L., 296 
Evans, David Louis, 296 

Farnsworth, Dean B., 296 
Farnsworth. Raymond B., 72, 296 
Feilding, R. Kent, 296 

Firmage, D. Allan, 274 
Fisher, Albert L, 296 
Fitzgerald, H. Alvah, 296 
Flake, Chad J., 296 
Fuerstner, Carl, 296 
Fletcher, Harvey, 79, 296 
Fletcher, Harvey Jr.. 296 
Fuhriman. Dean K., 274, 296 

Gardner, Elizabeth L., 75, 275, 296 

Gates, Crawford, 296 

Gamett, LaVell, 72, 296 

Geddes, David D., 78, 296 

Geertsen, O. Norman, 296 

Gibson, M. Carl, 296 

Gledhill, Preston R.. 156. 159. 160. 296 

Gollghtly, Max A., 296 

Goates, J. Rex, 296 

Glover, Geraldine, 296 

Grow, Stewart L, 65, 77, 296 

Gubler, Donworth, 296 

Gulbrandsen, ^^orman, 296 

Gunn, Richard L., 296 

Guymon, Fred E., 296 

Gwilliam, Robert Franklin, 296 


Hafen, William J., 296 

Hafen, Leroy R., 296 

Hales, Richard W., 219, 296 

Hales, Wayne B.. 147. 296 

Hall, H. Tracy, 296 

Hallam, Merrill J., 72, 296 

Hamblin, Lawson C, 296 

Halliday, John R., 76, 296 

Hammond, Lawson O., 296 

Hansen, George H., 296 

Hansen, Harold I., 65, 76, 154, 156, 296 

Hansen, Ralph, 296 

Harriss, James M., 296 

Harris, M. Maurlne, 296 

Harrison, Bertrand F., 72, 296 

Harston, Marlow, 296 

Hart, Anna B., 296 

Hart, Charles J., 78, 296 

Hart, Edward L., 296 ■ 

Hartvigsen, Milton F., 78, 296 

Haupt, Floyd E., 296 

Haymore, Franklin R., 296 

Heaton, Alma, 297 

Heaton, Israel C, 78, 297 

Hellewell, Robert B., 297 

Hilton, Lynn M., 297 

Hintze, Lehi F., 297 

Hodson, Harry, 79, 274, 297 

Holbrook, Leona, 78, 297 

Horsley, A. Burt, 297 

Horton, Frank L, 297 

Howell, Robert J., 297 

Hoyt, Gordon D., 297 

Hunt. Jay B., 297 


Isaksen, Henry L., 297 
Izatt, Reed M,. 297 

Jackson. Orrln H., 64. 297 
Jacobs, Briant S., 297 
Jacobs, Margaret, 297 
Jakeman, M. Wells, 77, 297 
Jenny, Martha R., 233, 297 
Jensen, Mary B., 297 
Jensen, Vern H., 297 
Jensen, Edgar, 297 
Jenson, Gloria Dawn, 297 
Jex, J. Lorin, 297 


Johnson, Alan P., 297 
Johnson, Eldred A., 297 
Jones, Garth N., 297 
Jonsson, Jens J., 79, 274, 297 
Jorgensen, Eleanor, 297 

Kartchner, Kenner C. Jr., 64, 297 
Keeler, Joseph J., 245, 297 
Kershaw, Thonnas D., 297 
Kimball, O. Rodney, 103, 297 
Knell, Lee, 297 
Kimball, Edwin R., 78, 297 
Knight, Hattie M., 297 
Kohler, Marion, 297 
Kondo, Eleanor S., 297 
Kopp, Harold, 86, 90, 297 

Larsen, Don H., 72, 297 
Larsen, Vernon W., 285, 297 
Larson, Gustive O., 297 
Larson, Clinton P., 297 
Laycock, Harold R., 176, 297 
Laycock, Ralph G., 297 
Layton, Robert L., 297 
Leake, Robert L, 297 
Lewis, Ben E., 64, 297 
Lewis, R. Celdon, 297 
Lloyd, Wesley P., 64, 298 
Lowe, Howard D., 73, 298 


Mabey, Melvin P., 298 
Madson, Parke, 298 
Maeser, Georgia, 298 
Marshall, Milton, 79, 298 
Martinez, John Ramon, 296 
Martino, Daniel L., 245 
Mathews, Conan, 76, 149, 298 
McArthur, Ross, 255 
McConkie, Don L., 298 
McCracken, Cleo, 64, 298 
McKell, William E., 298 
McKinley, Lynn A., 156, 298 
McKnight, H. Nell, 298 
McNamara, Delbert H., 298 
Mercer, Winston, 298 
Mecham, Merlin J., 298 
Mikkelsen. Saymour, 298 
Miller, Elmer, 298 
Miller, Elva K., 298 
Miller, Karl A., 298 
Miller, Martin L., 298 
Mink, Oscar G., 298 
Mitchell, Albert O., 298 
Moffitt, J. Weldon, 211, 298 
Monson, Darrel J., 298 
Monson, Samuel C., 298 
Morrill, A. Reed, 33, 298 
Morley, Alonzo J., 248, 298 
Morris, Lawrence, 72, 298 
Mortensen, Benjamin F., 298 
Murdock, Joseph R., 298 


Nelson, Leroi, 298 
Nibley, Hugh W., ^98 
Nicholes, Henry J., 298 
Nirholes, Joseph K., 298 
Nordgren, Quentin, 176, 298 
Nicholes, Max M., 298 

Nielson ,Eve, 298 
Nielsen, Fred Kent, 298 


Oakes, Keith C, 298 
Olpin, J. Lloyd, 298 
Orrock, Scott, 298 
Olson, Ernest L, 65, 298 

Pardee, Kathryn B., 298 
Pardoe, T. Earl, 33, 298 
Payne, John W., 298 
Perry, Leiand M., 64, 298 
Peterson, C. R., 64, 298 
Peterson, Hugh W., 298 
Peterson, Iva Lou, 298 
Peterson, Lucille S., 298 
Peerson, Robert M., 298 
Pfund, Marion C, 75, 298 
Plaas, Hyrum, 298 
Pond, A. Smith, 77, 298 
Poll, Richard D., 77, 263, 298 
Pope, Richard L., 298 
Porter. Blaine M., 75, 298 
Potter, Margaret S., 75, 298 
Potter, Norma, 298 
Poulson, Virginia B., 75, 298 
Purdy, Victor W., 298 

Rasmussen, Ellis T., 298 

Rasband, Mima, 298 

Reld, Howard T., 64, 298 

Reimschlissel, Ernest F., 298 

Rice. Leonard W„ 77, 160, 298 

Rich, Naoma, 298 

Rich, Owen S., 298 

Rich, Russell R., 299 

Richards, Grant S.,-299 

Richardson, Jed J.. 299 

Ricks, Eldon, 299 

Riddle, Chauncey C, 299 

Rigby, J. Keith, 299 

Riggs, Robert E., 299 

Robinson, Burton W., 299 

Robison, Clarence F., 102, 103, 299 

Rogers, Lewis M., 299 

Romney, Antone K., 74, 299 

Sandgren, Clyde D., 63, 148, 299 
Sardoni, Lawrence, 299 
Sauls, Kiefer B., 64, 299 
Schwendlmann, Fred A., 64, 299 
Shields, Leiand Grant, 299 
Shirts, Morris A., 299 
Shumway, R. Phil, 299 
Simonsen, John M., 285, 299 
Smart, Lyman F., 299 
Smith, Carol T., 299 
Smith, Oliver R., 65, 77, 299 
Smith, Robert J., 299 
Smith, Richard L, 73, 299 
Smith, Wilford E., 299 
Smithson, Rulon NephI, 299 
Snell, William H., 299 
Soffe, H. Wayne, 299 
Spears, Irene O., 299 
Sparks, LeRoy, 299 
Spencer, Lucile, 64, 299 
Sperry, Sidney B., 33, 80, 299 

Stansfield. Russell N., 299 
Stevens, Tally, 86, 90 
Sewart, George, 299 
Stone, Royal B„ 78, 147, 299 
Stutz, Howard C, 299 
Struthers, Robert E., 157, 299 
Swensen, Albert D., 39, 148, 299 
Swensen, Russel B., 299 
Symons, Joseph N., 285, 299 

Tanner, George W., 157, 299 
Tanner Orea B., 299 
Tanner, Vasco M., 72, 299 
Taylor, Charles, 146, 299 
Taylor, Ethelyn P., 299 
Taylor, Floyd R., 300 
Taylor, Harvey L., 63 
Taylor, Weldon J., 73, 299 
Thacher, J. Kenneth, 299 
Thomas, John, 299 
Thomas, Robert K., 299 
Tippets, Joyce, 65, 299 
Tolbert, Max, 86 
Trost, Lucile Layton, 253, 299 
Turner, Glen H., 300 
Tuttle, L. Elliott, 77, 300 
Tyle, Samuel Lyman, 300 
Tyndall, Clarence, 300 

Valentine, Lee B., 300 

Van Noy, Jay Lowell, 106, 300 

Van Moorleham, Walter, 300 

Vernon, Leo P., 300 

Vincent, Josle S., 75 


Wakefield, J. Homer, 300 
Wall, Wlllard, 300 
Wallace, Lulu, 300 
Waterstradt, Jean Anne, 300 
Watklns, Arthur 'R., 300 
Webb, Fredrick N., 300 
Watts, Stanley H., 300 
Weight, Newell B., 300 
Weinzlnger, Kurt, 300 
West, Dale H., 300 
West, John Robert, 300 
Whetten, Lester B., 65, 300 
White. J. Morgan, 300 
Whltaker, Wetzel O., 65, 300 
Whiteford, June Margaret, 300 
Wilklns, Ernest J., 149, 300 
Wilkinson, Ernest L., 63 
Williams, James Kenneth, 300 
Wilson, Annette, 300 
Wilson, Warren, 300 
Wing, John H.. 300 
Wood, Marilyn, 300 
Wiser, Wendell H., 300 
Witbeck, Alan Reld, 300 
Woodbury, Lael J„ 154, 157, 158 
Woodruff, Asahel P., 74 
Woodward, Ralph, 300 
Woolf, Golden L., 300 
Wright, E. Wayne, 300 

Yarn, David H., Jr., 300 
Young. Karl E., 300 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Aoron. Sylvia Diane, Santa Rosa, Calif. 370 

Aagard. Carolyn, Salt Lake City. 370 

Abbott, Duane R.. Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Aase, Jan Kristian, Las Vegas, Nev., 254, 328 

Abbott, Gwendolyn, Mesqui+e, Nev., 306 

Abbott, Janice, Las Vegas, Nev., 125, 234, 346 

Abegglen, Ronnie D., Vernal 

Abegg, Gwen Elaine, Provo. 208, 370 

Abercrombie, Charles L.. Indianapolis, Ind., 149, 346 

Abercrombie, Gary Y., Aberdeen, Ida., 370 

Abersold. Wallace G., Connpton, Calif., 269 

Abo. Sharie Chiyoko, Wahiawa. Oahu, T. H. 

Abplanalp. Delloy O.. Vernal, 240. 346 

Abraham, George Watson, Byron, Wyo., 370 

Abrams, Howard E., Salem, 204, 280, 346 

Abrigo, Gilbert Jose, Kawailoa, Oahu, T. H., 257 

Ackley. Roberta L., Syracuse, N. Y.. 370 

Acord, Sherry, Salt Lake City, 173, 370 

Adachi, Sonoko M., Kualopuu. Molokai. T. H., 306 

Adair, Helen Louise, Bloomfleld, N. Mex., 370 

Adair, William Ivor, Moab, 346 

Adams, Bruce Willis, Pierre, S. 0., 346 

Adams, Bryant Lee, Huntington, Ore., 347 

Adams, Conroy H., Idaho Palis, Ida., 370 

Adams, Darryl Alonzo, Bagdad, Ariz., 272, 346 

Adams, David William, Murray, 370 

Adams, Don Carlos, Huntington, Ore.. 270, 328 

Adams, Geraldlne. Provo, 306 

Adams, Glenda Dean, Lehi, 370 

Adams, Gweneth, Orem, 370 

Adams. Jack D., Kanab. 306 

Adams, John Dean, Manti, 204. 282. 370 

Adams, John Harper, Lund. Nev,. 346 

Adams. John Reed. Oakley. Ida.. 224, 347 

Adams, Kenneth Russell, Orem 

Adams, Kyle Ray, Oakley, Ida., 370 

Adams, Lisle Kent. Burbank, Calif. 

Adams. Martha Carolyn. Montpelier. Ida.. 155. 159. 

Adams. Orrin Karl. Huntington, Ore.. 
Adams. Sandra Anne, Layton, 253 
Adams, William Don, Provo. 306 
Adamson, Carole. Bountiful, 230. 253. 370 
Adamson. Cecil L.. Murtaugh, Ida., 279. 306 
Adamson, Edwin V., American Fork, 370 
Adamson, Emalle, Draper. 232 328 
Adamson, Sherron Kay. Nampa. Ida., 370 
Adamson, Richard D. North Platte. Neb..' 370 
Adamson. Walter M.. Orem, 306 
Agutter, Joann Eleanor. Salt Lake City. 328 
Ahkeah, Laverna, Shiprock, N. Mex., 
Ahem. Martha Lynne. Los Angeles, Calif., 200. 269. 

Ah Nee. Roy Kaulnohea. Honolulu, T. H.. 204. 328 
Ahlberg. Clinton Ray, Murray, 328 
Ahlqulst, Merann Kay, Salt Lake City, 370 
Ahlstrom. Roger Dale, Baker, Ore., 346 
AI, Allen Henry. HIlo, T. H.. 370 
Alkau, Keala K.. Wailuku. Maul. T. H.. 257 
Aikau. Lahela K.. Wailuku. Maui. T. H., 370 
Aiken, Glenn Goodman, Orem, 196 
AInsworth, Robert W., Van Nuys, Calif., 210, 306 
Altken, Grant Joseph( Spanish Fork. 370 
Alrd. Jeanne. Caldwell, Ida., 370 
Akau, Annie K.. Kawalhae, T. H.. 257 
Akiu, Rogers Ewaliko, Wailuku, Maui, T. H., 306 
Alberts, Jack Junior, Ogden, 306 
Alblston, Stan George. Kamloops. B. C. Can.. 346 
Albrecht. Newell, Loa, 346 
Albrecht, Peggy Joyce, Fremont, 283 
Alcorn, Marlene. El Monte, Calif., 246, 346 
Alder. L. Jim, Pima, Ariz.. 347 
Alder, Lee Sheldon. Weiser. Ida.. 370 
Alder. Llllle Lola. Weiser, Ida., 173, 228. 238, 346 
Alder, Wayne M., Midway 
Aldous. Dean Spafford, Tooele, 328 
Alexander, Adelbert W., Byron, Wyo. 
Alexander. Charlene E.. Hudson, Wyo.. 347 
Alexanler, Harry A., Saginaw, Mich., 306 
Alexander, Kay Clarice. Spokane. Wash. 
Alexander, Patricia A., Colton, Calif, 207. 322 
Alexander. Robert A., Colton, Calif, 370 
Allan, Dean Sylvester, Sprlngville. 306 
Allan, James Collin. Sprlngville, 328 
Allan, Ronald J.. Sprlngville. 306 
Allen, Barbara Jo, Prescott, Ariz., 176, 328 
Allen, Barbara Sloan, Provo, 167. 216 
Allen, Calvard Scott, Jerome. Ida. 
Allen. Carol Jeanne. Fair Oaks. Calif. 228. 238, 346 
Allen. Clair Levar. Tracy, Calif, 346 
Allen, Clarice, Fillmore, 370 

Allen. Diane True, Bellflower, Calif, 370 

Allen, Dianne, Gunnison 

Allen, Eleanor Pearl, Winslow, Ariz., 346 

Allen, Elaine, Gunnison, 162, 328 

Allen. Gylan Champ, Sprlngville, 346 

Allen, Joseph Robinson. Prescott, Ariz. 

Allen, Kathleen, Pleasant Grove, 346 

Allen, Lorenzo C, Rupert, Ida., 346 

Allen, Orin Dan. Orem, 370 

Allen. Philo Heaton. Kanab 

Allen. Richard John. Raymond. Alta.. Can.. 346 

Allen, Richard Michael, Prescott. Ariz.. 142, 346 

Allen. Robert Eugene, Provo 

Allen, Robert Francis. Glendaie. Ariz., 204, 370 

Allen, Ronald Dean, Provo 

Allen, Stanley Berry, Provo 

Allen. Thomas Knight. Palo Alto, Calif. 370 

Allen, Virginia, Delta 

Allison, John Samuel. Butte, Mont., 370 

Allison. Patricia Ann. Covlna, Calif., 328 

Allison, Robert L., Walsh. Alta.. Can. 347 

Allman, Curtis Roe. Sprlngville 

Allman, Glenn Walker. Provo, 173, 370 

Allman, Lula Marchant, Provo 

Allman, Verl P., Provo 

Allphin, Nylen Lee Jr., Lovell, Wyo., 347 

Allphin, Phyllis Ann, Lovell, Wyo., 267, 370 

Allred, Alice Ann. Washington. D. C, 370 

Allred. Billie J. Pima. Ariz.. 223. 328 

Allred, Carol, Provo 

Allred. Charles Mart, Ephralm. 86, 90 

Allred, Darrel Thomas, Deseret 

Allred, David Norman, Duncan, Ariz., 306 

Allred, Garth W., Fairvlew. Wyo., 324 

Allred, Freddy Russell, Provo 

Allred. Florence P.. Provo 

Allred. Geraldlne, Duncan. Ariz.. 220. 328 

Allred. Golden Hugh. Provo, 306 

Allred. Hazel B.. Huntington 

Allred James Jacobson. Fountain Green. 306 

Allred, Joe M.. Price, 223 

Allred, Lorna Fern. Duncan. Ariz.. 220. 250. 3 70 

Allred. LouAnn. Tooele 

Allred, Merlin Duane, Provo 346 

Allred. Ray Lamar, Provo 

Allred, Rey Lyman. Provo. 306 

Allred, Sandra Jean B.. Phoenix. Ariz. 

Allred. Susanne. Wheatridge. Colo.. 328 

Allred, Wallace Earl. Spring City 

Allsop. Shirley Anne. Salt Lake City. 306 

Almond. Mary Lou. Gresham, Ore., 306 

Alter. Marilyn K.. Bountiful. 139. 228. 346 

Althouse Sharon Lee, Sprlngville 

Alvey, Yuvonne. Provo, 316 

Alyea, Betty Jo. Portland, Ore.. 370 

Amott. Darlene. Salt Lake City 

Amundsen, Nancy, Salt Lake City 

Anae. Famika, Lale. Oahu, T. H., 306 

Andelln, Leslie Hart. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 346 

Andersen, Arlene. Idaho Falls. 'Ida.. 328 

Andersen. Blaine W.. Provo 

Andersen, C. Paul. American Fork, 160, 204, 328 

Anderson, Jay H., Tremonton. 328 

Andersen, Hans Verlan, Orem 

Andersen Joe Vance^ Chandler. Ariz. 

Andersen, John I., Blackfoot, Ida., 280. 370 

Andersen. Karen, San Diego. Calif.. 370 

Andersen, Learta L., Salt Lake City. 216 

Andersen, Lee Griffin. Boise, Ida., 370 

Andersen. Paul Goreth. Brigham. 328 

Andersen. Patsy Grace. Pocatello. Ida., 328 

Andersen, Trevor T., Orem. 370 

Anderson. Aeldred Nell. Provo 

Anderson, Anthon E. Ill, Salt Lake City 

Anderson, Arline Marie, Wilmington, Calif., 347 

Anderson, Boyd A., Payson. 370 

Anderson. Brita Rose, Orem, 172, 370 

Anderson. Carl Dixon. St. Johns. Ariz. 

Andsrson. Carma R. D.. Provo 

Anderson, Carol. Midvale. 370 

Anderson, Carol Joanne. Long Beach. Calif. 328 

Anderson. Connie, Midvale. 370 

Anderson, Cyril R.. Provo. 306 

Anderson, Darrell John, Spanish Fork 

Anderson, Daryl L.. Provo, 324 

Anderson. Don Roger. Sprlngville 

Anderson. Donna May. San Bernardino. Calif., 370 

Anderson, Ernel L., Fairvlew, 324 

Anderson. Ernest V., Calgary, Alta., Can., 149 

Anderson, Garron Perry, RIgby, Ida. 

Anderson. Gary Lee. Pleasant Grove, 194 

Anderson, Gary Stephen. Provo, 346 



Gloria L. Douglas. Wyo.. 170. 328 

Grant Dale. Ephralm, 306 

Guy Albert, Provo. 280. 346 

Harold C, Grantsville. 90, 102. 103 

James David, Sprlngville, 370 

James Dudley, Magrath, Alta., Can. 

Janet Ann, Orem, 175, 176. 346 

Janice. West Covlna. Calif. 370 

Jay Paul. Pleasant Grove. 91. 218. 370 

John Alfred, No. Hollywood. Calif. 175. 

John R.. Wendover. 346 
John Wayne. Salt Lake City. 306 
Joyce, Long Beach. Calif.. 346 
Karen Kay. Rlverton, 306 
Karen R.. Richfield. 167. 226. 370 
Keith Lester. Provo 
Kent Kay. Cedar. 370 
Kent Leon, Axtel 
Kent Mortel, Junction 
Laverle, Portland, Ore. 
Larry F.. Provo, 347 
Leiand Roy, Provo, 370 
Lewis, Provo, 306 

Lois Yvonne, Richfield. 125, 137. 222, 306 
Loren R., Portland, Ore. 
Lynette, Provo 
Lynn Reese, Vernal, 370 
Lynne. Alpine, 172. 262. 346 
Marian Faye. American Fork. 346 
Marie R., Midvale. 228, 346 
Marilyn V.. La Canada. Calif. 370 
Marjorie Sue, Junction 
Mary Ann. Evanston. III., 208 
Merlan, Manti 

Nancy Carol, Warsan, Ind., 212, 370 
Orpha, Oak City, 370 
Oscar Gene, Fillmore, 103, 210 328 
Paul Arnold, Griffith, Ind. 
Paul Kay, Kemmerer, Wyo.. 306 
Paul Leon, Provo 
Paul Rodney. Fillmore. 103 
Paulene, Newton. 202. 306 
Rachel, Pleasant Grave, 370 
Ramona, American Fork, 306 
Ravae. Orem 

Raymond N., Omak, Wash., 149 
Richard Dale, Lakewood. Calif. 346 
Richard L., Provo 

Robert A.. Dragerton. 196. 197. 322 
Robert W.. Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Roberta Ord. Provo 
Roma, Emery 

Roland v.. Grantsville, 102. 103. 346 
Russell G., Burley. Ida. 
Stephen John, Sprjng City, 141 
Sue Marie. Safford. Ariz., 208, 226, 346 
Terry Gene, Fairvlew 
Victor Edwin, Reno, Nev. 
Verl Lyn, Sandy, 346 
Virginia, Fairvlew, 346 
Wesley C, Salt Lake City, 346 

Andreason, Erik M., Los Angeles, Calif., 370 

Andreasen Gary Dean, China Lake, Calif, 370 

Andra, Carl Edward, Lincoln, Nev., 326 

Andrew. Frederick C, Provo, 322 

Andrews. Doris June, Ft. Smith. Ark., 370 

Andrews, Jeremy W., Nompa, Ida., 346 

Andrews. Linda E.. WhiHier Calif. 248, 328 

Andrews. Nicholas W.. Grangeville, Ida., 370 

Andrus, Alyn Brown. Ucon, Ida. 

Andrus, Antone Marlon, Draper, 370 

Andrus. Gary Todd, Ucon, Ida., 328 

Andrus, Helen Mae H.. Thornton, Ida. 

Andrus, Hyrum Leslie, Thornton, Ida. 

Andrus, James Gregory, Provo, 280. 370 

Andrus, Roman Raphael, Provo, 124, 328 

Andrus, Rose Mary, Provo, 208, 370 

Angoine, Russell J., Provo 

Antsola, Lea Inker!, Hameenllnna. Finland, 370 

Applegate, Gregory J., Richfield 

Applonie. Evelyn, Ogden 

Aragon, Jesus A., Chihahua, Mex. 

Arashiro, Kimie, Honolulu^ T. H. 

Arave, Juana Christine, 70 Mile House, B. C, Can., 

282. 370 
Archer, Warren M., Sandy, 328 
Archibald, Vernene, Glenwood, Alta., Can., 328 
Argyle, Lavinia, Woods Cross, 328 
Argyle, Philip Frank, Spanish Fork 
Argyle, Ralph Evan, Randolph 
Argyle, Sterling C, Spanish Fork 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 


132, 275 

Arit, Arlene Hedy, Franklin, Mich., 42, 43, 216, 

Armstrong, Cheryl P., Idaho Falls, Ida., 170, 370 
Armstrong, Frances M., Pocatello, Ida., 33, 44, 248 

Armstrong, Glenna Jean, Ephraim, 328 
Armstrong, James H., Doe Hill, Va., 328 
Arnason, Lynette, Millbrae, Calif., 228, 238, 346 
Arnetf, Leslie, Mesa, Ariz., 283. 306 
Arnesen, Artelle, Salt Lake City, 346 
Arnett, William Walter, Mesa, Ariz., 103, 346 
Arney, Betty Chloe, Globe, Ariz., 346 
Arnold, Dennis V., Reseda, Calif. 
Arnold. Edward W. Jr., Las Vegas, Nev. 
Arnold, Gary G., Huntington 

Arnold, John Robert, Redondo Beach, Calif., 370 
Arnold. Kenneth Lee, Payette, Ida., 326 
Arnold, Marilyn, Ogden, 216, 222, 305, 306 
Arbogast, Michon Anne, Birmingham, Mich 
Arbon, Lloyd Earl. Provo, 370 
Arnold, Paul Bennion, Salt Lake City, 370 
Arnold, Sally Ann, Redondo Beach, Calif, 
Arrington, Ann Louise, Salt Lake City, 370 
Arvanitas, Michael, Darraqh, Pa., 322 
Asay, Connie Rae, Orem, 370 
Asay, Donald Huntsman , Provo 
Asay, Vernafay, Meeteetse, Wyo., 328 
Asay, Wayne Wortham. Provo, 346 
Aschmann, Joy Anne, Albany, Calif., 138, 328 
Ash. Leonard. Pleasant Grove 
Ash. Lloyd Kay, Pleasant Grove 
Ash, Owen Kenneth. Provo 
Ash. E. Lynn, Springville, 371 
Ash, Wayne R., Pleasant Grove, 8, 90, 346 
Ashard, Jerry Noel, Florence. Ore., 371 
Ashby, Dale Francis. Seattle. Wash., 371 
Ashby, Delroy, fjyssa. Ore., 346 
Ashby, Gordon Thomas, Hillsborough 

269, 346 
Ashby, Joan Louise, Clearfield, 226, 238, 346 
Ashby, Ralph Edward, Kaysville, 346 
Ashby, Stephen David, Springville. 371 
Ashcraft, Leara M., Teton, Ida. 
Ashcraft, Vernia Grant, Teton, Ida. 
Ashley, George K., Salt Lake City, 371 
Ashman, Harold Lowell, Midvale, 346 
Ashton, Donavon C, Provo 
Ashton, Anna Spotten, Provo 
Ashton. Clive Edwin, Peoria, III., 371 
Ashton, Kenneth L., Provo 
Ashton. Lee Marsh. Midvale. 346 
Ashworth. Don Wilson, Las Vegas, Nev., 371 
Ashworth, Michael Ray, Bakersfield, Calif., 371 
Ashworth, Penelope, Bakersfield, Calif., 208, 306 
Asper, Robert Jon, Telocaset, Ore., 261, 371 
Asplund, Harold John, Provo, 328 
Ashton, Duane Ralfph, Cannonsburg, Pa. 
Aston, Dennis Robert, Cannonburg, Pa., 306 
Atack, Carol Lee, Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Atchley, Audrienne M., Boise. Ida., 306 
Atchley, Ronald Leroy, Las Vegas, Nev., 328 
Athay, Ralph Asa, Paris, Ida. 
Atkerson, Sarah Jane, Dallas, Tex., 263, 306 
Atkin, Dennis H., St. George, 324 
Atkin, Mary Lucinda. St. George. 255, 328 
Atkin. Roy David, Boulder, Nev., 210, 371 
Atkin Sidney Ravell Tooele, 173, 371 
Atkinson, Barbara, Salt Lake, City 346 
Atkinson, Marlene L., Mesa, Ariz., 371 
Atkinson, Otis Nilo, Evanston, Wyo.. 166, 240, 
Atkinson, Sadie Eunece, Evanston, Wyo., 328 
Atkinson, Sallie, Greensville, S. C. 
Atkinson, Shirlene, Yuba City, Calif., 346 
Atkinson, Shirley. Malad. Ida., 136, 287, 306 
Atkisson, Lauretta L., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Atoa, Samuelu, Upolu, Samoa, 34, 146 

Atterton, Bruce Vance, Chehalis, Wash 
Attridge, Joan, Rupert, Ida., 
Atwater, Kathleen R., Kanab, 108, 328 
Atwood, Robert W., Spanish Fork, 196 
Atwood, Mary Deliah, Pleasant Grove, 346 
Auffhammer, Edmund H., Syracuse, N. Y., 346 
Augade, Louise Letson, Calgary, Alta., Can., 346 
Auger, Bessie Rae, Napa, Calif., 246, 306 
Augustine, Lloyd Earl, Mansfield. Ohio 
Ault, Myrna Mae, American Fork, 226, 346 
Aurlch, Donald Carl, Spenard. Alaska, 371 

249 Averett, Charles R., Jr., Denver Colo., 306 
Averet, Leah Mae, Springville, 172, 328 
Averett, Sheila, Springville 
Avery, Wayne Howard, Salt Lake City, 346 
Awerkamp, Blaine N., Whittier Calif., 371 
Ayers, Lonnie D., Lewiston, Ida., 91, 210, 371 
Ayers, Wayne Maury, Vinton, Va. 

Banks, Bennie Lee, Salmon, Ida., 371 
Banks, Douglas Wayne, Gallup, N. Mex., 
Banks, Emma Del, Spanish Fork 
Banks, Lavoir A., RIgby, Ida., 224, 328 
Banner, Melvin Boyd. Burley. Ida. 

142, 347 

170, 371 
Can., 207, 232 

Aurich, Jimmie Lee, Spenard, Alaska, 346 

Austin, Bobby Lynn. Denver, Colo. 

Austin, Earl Francis, Palmyra, N. Y. 

Austin, Gaylia Ann, Provo. 246, 346 

Austin, Jeanne Ann, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Austin, Lindalie Melba, Provo, 371 

Austin, William Alfred, Palmyra, N. Y. 

Austin, Thomas Dean, Orem, 328 

Autry. Robert Lee Jr.. Wilmington, N 

Babbel. Patricia L.. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 
Babcock, Barbara L., Edmonton, Alta., 

Babcock, Orel B., Chester, Va. 
Bacon, Carl W., Los Angeles, Calif., 218 
Bacon, Betty Carolyn S., Los Angeles, Calif, 
Bacon, Joyce Carol, Bell, Calif., 371 
Bacon, Dorothy Chyleen, Los Angeles, Calif.. 
Badgett, Delois Yvonne, Glenside, Pa., 230, 
328 Badham, Leon D., Payson, 174, 176, 371 
Bae. Owen Richard, Marysville, Calif., 174, 
Baer, Frederick D., Lansing, Mich. 
Baer, Larry Donald, Morgan, 328 
Baer. Shirley J., Berkeley, Calif., 371 
Baer, Theodore J. Ill, Provo, 306 
Baer, Virginia P., Morgan, 207 
Bagley, Emmalou, Aurora 
Bagley, Gaylan V., Provo 
Bagley, Fern Jeanette, Koosharem, 283, 306 
Bagley, Gerald Call, Etna, Wyo., 328 
Bagley, Glenna, Sunnyside, Wash., 371 
Baharie. Ronnie. Teheran, Iran, 346 
Bahr, Don Francis, Dickinson. N. D.. 173. 371 
Bahr. Howard Miner, Dickinson, N. D., 346 
Bailey, Barbara M., American Fork, 202, 226, 
Bailey, Constance, Anaconda. Mont., 346 
Bailey, David Hamilton, Albany, N. Y., 176 
Bailey, Darla, Sanford, Colo., 346 
Calif., 214, Bailey, Fredric, Los Molinos, Calif., 214, 346 
Bailey, Janice Colleen, San Fernando, Calif., I 
Bailey, Joan Lydla, Salt Lake City, 371 
Bailey, Joyce, Fountain Green, 234, 371 
Bailey, Larry L., Liberty, 371 
Bailey, Leon Franklin, San Jacinto, Calif., 371 
Bailey, Lorin Merrill, Provo, 
Bailey, Roma, Salt Lake City, 202, 306 
Tillie, Dallas, Tex., 346 
Robert Udall, South Jordan, 371 
Bain. Walter Melvin Bakersfield Calif.. 328 
Balr, Laura Lynette, Salt Lake City, 259 
Bair, Janice Claire, Salt Lake City, 259, 371 
Baird, Alan G., Heber, 91 

H. Kay, Rlgby, Ida., 210, 328 
James E.. Provo 
Frank Bassett, Cowley, Wyo., 
Ramon Condie. Provo, 324 
Bernard Ollen, Galena. Kan. 
Calvin Clain. San Bernardino 
Baker, Carma Jane, Sparks, Nev., 226, 
Baker, Coleen, Orem, 346 
Baker, Doreen Annette, Porterville, Calif. 
Baker, Evalyn, Provo, 346 
Baker, Faye Arlene, Glendora, Calif., 328 
Baker, James Marion, Detroit, Mich., 254, 
Baker, Janet, Burley. Ida., 371 
Baker, Johanna, Provo, 172. 371 
Baker, Kay Lewis. Orem, 324 
Baker, Legrand Listen, Provo 
Baker, Neil Kay, Sparks, Nev., 269, 328 
Baker, Seth Claud, Bicknell, 306 
Baker, Susan. Whittier. Calif., 176, 346 
Baker, Veeann, Durango, Colo., 237, 287, 371 
Baker, Wallace Hayward, Menio Park, Calif. 
Baldwin. Beverly Ann. Philadelphia, Pa., 371 
Balderas, Gulllermo Jr., El Paso, Tex.. 371 
166, 207, 232 Baldwin, Richard Frank, Lebanon, Ore.. 37! 
259, 268, 301, Bales, F. A. Jr., Dayton, Tex., 

Baldwin, Theodore N. Jr., Bellflower, Calif., 
Ball, Dean Leroy, Henafer, 371 
Ball, Ralph Lloyd, Melba, Ida., 280, 371 
Ballantyne, Pearl Kay. Nyssa. Ore., 246, 276 
Ballard, Alice Ann T., Las Vegas, Nev., 322 
Arthur J., Seattle, Wash. 
Bruce McNeil, Arcadia. Calif., 
Harold Virgil. Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Marilyn, Richmond, Calif., 346 
Nona Lavon, Bountiful, 328 
Roger K., Idaho Falls, Ida.. 
Ballif, Catherine Lou, Portland Ore., 346 
Ballif, Mark Dixon, Ogden, 194, 306 
Ballou, Barbara Jean, Berkeley, Calif., 347 
371 Balmer. Sonja Hedy, Salt Lake City 

Bamberg, Carol Lu 
208, 371 Bang, James Richard, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Bang, Robert Alvin, Cincinnati, Ohio, 347 
'., 306 Bangerter Blauer L., Provo 

Banik, Lacy Marie, Kamas, 371 
C. 371 Banister. Letha Ellen. New York City, N. Y, 



103, 371 

Calif., 371 
275, 371 














Barber, Bernls, Coalville, 306 
Barber, David Harold, Spanish Fork 
Barber. Lila Rae, San Bernardino, Calif., 254, 371 
Barbezat, Donald G., Meridian, Ida., 224, 279, 322 
Barbezat, Eugene L., Meridian, Ida., 224, 347 
Barclay, Jean Marie, Blackfoot, Ida., 347 
Bardin, Lanea, Riverside. Calif., 38/ 
Barfield, James E., Wichita, Kan., 371 
Barfuss, Glenn Godfrey, Hill Spring, Alta., Can. 
Barg, Ardella, Salt Lake City, 306 
Barker, Barbara Ruth, Salt Lake City, 371 
170, 371 Barker. Cloyd E., Murray 
272, 371 Barker, Dixie Ann, Murray, 170, 371 

Barker, Joanne, Murray, 216 
328 Barker, Joanne Gardner, Provo 

Barker, Joseph Keith, Provo 
Barker, Volney Groves, Natchez, Miss. 
Barks, William G., Wiesbaden, Germany, 371 
Barling. Margo Darlene. Cody. Wyo.. 172, 37! 
Barlow, Ada, Lucille, Blackfoot, Ida., 172, 371 
Barlow, Carolyn, Provo, 208, 371 
Barlow, Elbert Gene, Denver, Colo., 134, 275, 371 
Barlow. Eleanor Mary, Salt Lake City, 306 
Barlow, Florianne, Clearfield, 371 
Barlow, Minnie, Provo 

Barlow, Pauline E., Salt Lake City, 232, 243, 328 
Barlow, Sarah, Vale Ore., 347 
Barnard, Logan W., Rockland, Ida. 
328 Barner. Don Aldon. Long Beach, Calif. 

Barnes. Donna Mae. Idaho Falls, Ida., 347 
Barnes. Gary Albert. Helena'. Mont., 306 
Barnes, Janice, Salt Lake City, 371 
Barnes, Joanne, Arco, Ida., 328 
64 Barnes, Leah Pearl. Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Barnes, Richard Lee, Taft, Calif., 328 
Barnes, William R., Holtville, Calif. 
Barnett, Edna Dorothy, Wyomlssing, Pa., 328 
Barnett, Gary Lew. Provo. 371 
Barnett, Mary, Norwalk, Calif.. 328 
Barnett, Sylvia Gaye, Idaho Falls, Ida., 371 
Barney, Beulah, Delta, 173, 371 
Barney, Clive, Orem 
Barney, David Oren, Indio. Calif., 371 
Barney, Gordon S., Hatch 
Barney, Irene Rae, Salt Lake City, 371 
Barney, Janice, American Fork, 371 
Barney, John Arnold, Indio, Calif., 371 
Barney, Katherlne H., Orem 
Barney, Patricia Ann. Salt Lake City. 238 
Barney, Ralph Dale. Flagstaff, Ariz., 133, 221 2/5 
303, 306 
190 Barney, Vermon S., Orem 
Barney, William Durell, Provo 
Barnhurst, Doris, Springfield, Ore., 347 
Barnhill, Robert E. .Coffeyvllle, Kan., 190, 328 
Barnson, Leroy Lester, Ely, Nev., 347 
Barnum, Deanna, Orem, 132, 193, 275. 347 
285, 324 Barr, Rebecca W., Provo 

Barratt, Marilyn June, American Fork, 207 
Barratt, James Donald, Provo 
Barrett, Bruce Arnle. Provo 
Barrett. Dallas Leslie, Provo 
Barrett, DeNae, Orem 
Barrett, Eulene, Orem 
Barrett. James Howard, Rexburg. Ida. 
Barrett, Joann. Malta. Ida. 
Barrett. Melvin Keith, Provo, 347 
Barrett. Shirley Dale, Provo, 371 
Barrios, M. Arturo A., Guatemala, 256, 347 
Barrow, Barbara Joan, Salt Lake City, 246, 328 
Barrow, Clarence L., Provo, 328 
346 Barrow, Klee, Tracy, Calif., 108, 347 

Barrow, Minnie Sue, Bellflower, Calif., 248 
Barrus, Nola Jean, Cheyenne, Wyo., 372 
34i Barrus, Wallace M.. Gooding. Ida., 137 

Barrv, Barbara Jean, Long Beach. Calif., 176, 228, 

238, 347 
Barth. Antla Luclle. Roslyn. N. Y.. 372 
Barson. F. Kennard, Inglewood. Calif., 372 
Barth. Neal Seymour, Twin Falls, Ida., 347 
Bartholomew, Merlin G., Van Nuys, Calif., 328 
Bartlett, Helen Marie. Westfleld. N. J.. 372 
Bartlett. Janet D., Westfleld, N. J., 220, 263. 347 
Bartlett, Leonard L., Mountain Home, Ida. 
Bartlett, VIckl Kaye, San Lorenzo, Calif., 372 
Bartley, Gall E., Burbank, Calif., 347 
Bartley. William J.. Richfield 
Barton, DeLyle. Provo, 328 
Barton. Greta J.. Ogden 
Barton. James A., Pleasant Grove, 271, 306 
Barton, Norman, Provo 
Barton, Warren Alfred, Montlcello, 372 



student Index - Autumn Quarter 


Can., 134, 

251, 274, B. 


Bossett. Clark G., Lovell, Wye, 372 

Bas-.ett, Elouisa, Delta, 246, 328 

Bassett, Ramon Eugene, Belmont, Calif., 274, 322 

Bassett, Rei Howard, Citrus Height?, Calif., 372 

Bastion, C. Weldcn, Alamo, Nev. 

Bastlan, Larry Weldon, Grand Junction, Colo., 

175, 176 
Bastian, Lewis Mangum, Santa Rosa, Calif., 372 
BatcSelor, Lee Ray, Vancouver, Wash., 328 
Batchelor. Stanley G.. Vancouver, Wash. 
Batchler. Jacic William, Lethbridge, Alta. 

Bate, Aria Zoe, Lander, Wyo., 372 
Bate, Lee J., Springville, 190, 372 
Bate, William John Jr., Eureka, 306 
Bateman, E. Ray. Sandy, 372 
Bateman, Lynn L. Jr., Spanish Fork, 347 
Bateman, Marietta Lee, Salt Lake City, 208, 347 
Bateman, Mary Lou ,Nyssa, Ore. 
Bateman, Robert Earl, Burley. Ida., 33, 34, 146, 223 

240, 301, 306 
Bates, Colleen B., Whittier. Calif., 228, 239, 372 
Bates, Lawrence W., Castro Valley, Calif. 
Bates, Victor Edward, Provo, 306 
Bates. Wayne Leslie, Los Angeles, Calif., 

Bath, Wallace Duane, American Fork 
Baton. Sandra Lee, Burbank, Calif., 372 
Bau3', Helen Carol, Provo, 283, 306 
Bauer, Sheila Patricia, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Baum, Homer Lowell, Provo, 306 
Baum, Shirley Ann, Provo 
Baumgart, Roy, Salt Lake City, 347 
Baumgarten, James N., Provo, 306 
Baumqartner, Colleen M., Salt Lake City, 372 
Baxter, Elwood Arvin, Orem 
Baxter, John Robb, Spring City, 322 
Baxter. Joyce Lynn, Chula Vista, Calif., 176, 248 
Baxter, Judith Louise, Chula Vista, Calif., 347 
Baxter, Larry Allen, Heber, 204, 347 
Baxter, Muriel Lynne, Salt Lake City 
Baxter, Rand C, Idaho Falls, Ida., 347 
Baxter, Sonya Dale, Klamath Falls, Ore., 372 
Bayles, Finley H., Blandlng, 273 
Baziw, Jean Doris, Rochester, N. Y., 248, 263, 328 
Beach, Gary Alan, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Beach, Roy Bucklin, Burbank, Calif., 328 
Beachler, Bette Lou, Kemmerer, Wyo., 347 
Beagles, Joseph Keith, Grand Junction, Colo. 

280, 372 
Beagley, Ferrell Kent, Orem 
Beagley, Donald Boyd, Orem 
Beal, John Edgar, Lehl, 372 
Bean, Audrey Joanne, Seattle, Wash., 207, 347 
Bean, Bert J., American Fork 
Bean, Clark S., Seattle, Wash., 218, 328 
Bean, Deon, Twin Falls, Ida., 235, 347 
Bean, Earl W., American Fork 
Bean James Evan, Provo, 166, 328 
Bean, Lawrence Eugene, Seattle, Wash. 
Bean, Nancy Carol, Salt Lake City, 372 
Beane, Earl Doren, Salt Lake CItv, 372 
Bean, Robert Halsey, Pendleton, Ore. 
Beard, Betty Bott, Brigham City, 306 
Beard, Donna Bott, Brigham City, 372 
Bea'd, June, Brigham City, 372 
Beard, Leiand Milo, Milford, 347 
Beard, Mary Bernlce, Coalville, 246 
Beardall, John Smith, Springville, 136, 
Beasley, Careen, Evanston, Wyo., 220, 
Beasley, Joann, Brigham City, 212, 306 
Beattle, Earlene, Hamilton, Mont. 
Beatty, Kenneth Sant, Hurricane, 306 
Beaver, Robert P., San Diego, Calif., 372 
Beazer, Duane, Layton, 145, 274, 322 
Beazer, Garald Roland, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Beazer, Gaylen Mark, Lorenzo, Ida., 328 
Beazer, Keith Jay, Idaho Falls, Ida., 306 
Beck, Betty Jo, Ogden 
Beck, Bruce Jr.. Montpeller, Ida. 
Beck, Cllve Lerve, Pleasant Grove, 329 
Beck, Douglas Julius, Pleasant Grove, 90, 
Beck, Faye Ellison, Provo 
Beck, Firl W., Centerfield, 372 
Beck, Jacqueline, Provo, 226, 198, 347 
Beck, Kathleen, Provo, 208. 329 
Beck, Malcolm H., Pleasant Grove 
Beck, Merrill F., Lehi 
Beck, Sherman Andrew, Centerfield, 372 
Becker, Janice B., Mllwaulkee, Wis., 347 
Beckett, Janice R., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Beckham, Idalee, Provo 

Beckstead, Anthony W,, Preston, Ida., 173, 204, 372 
Beckstead, Darrell E., Provo 
Beckstead, Demont L., Murray, 347 
Beckstead, Joy Ann, Riverton, 287, 306 
Beckstead, Judy, Riverton, 347 


218, 347 



176, 372 



212, 347 

BecKslead, Marriner L., Provo 

Beckstead. Leda Sarah, Talmage, 108, 265, 347 

Beckstrand, Carol Nan, Long Beach, Calif., 202 

Beckstrand Dale F., Long Beach, Calif. 

Beckstrand, Helen A., American Fork, 198, 

Eeebe, John Ovando, Bakersfieid, Calif, 

Beecroft, David 1., Provo 

Beecroft, Ruth Huish, Provo 

Beers, Monte D., Pleasant Grove 

Beers, Barbara M., Glendale, Calif., 372 

Beesley, Nancy Lynn, Bountiful, 284, 372 

Beesley, Wayne David, Provo 

Beesley, Wayne Oxiey, Springville 

Begay, Betty Ellen, ShIprocL, N. Mex., 283, 306 

Beheshtl, Mohammed, Teheran, Iran, 329 

Behnke, Joseph Ray, Klamath Falls Ore., 372 

Behrlng, Kendricks A., Burbank, Calif., 347 

Behunin, Margaret, Salt Lake City 

Beim, Gabrlelle Paya, Auckland 

Belshllne, Robert R., Ogden, 148, 235. 324 

Belknap, Addle Leah, Martinez, Calif., 372 

Bell, Alice Ann, Los Angeles, Calif., 200, 306 
Andrea, Castle Dale, 372 

Bell, Carol Ann, Shreveport, 172, 372 

Bell, Carolyn Kyle, Grantsvllle, 347 

Bell, Cherle G., Tarzana, Calif., 162, 347 

Bell, Dianna Pantone, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bell, James F., Loomis, Calif. 

Bell, Jessie Lee, Columbia, 200, 329 

Bell, Richard Leslie, Hoyt Lakes, Minn 

Bell, Robbie Jean, Moultrie, Ga., 372 

Bell, Rose Marie, Hoyt Lake, Minn., 329 

Bell, Yvonne LaRae, Pleasant Grove, 347 

Bellamy, Gymee, Detroit, Mich. 
Belliston, Iris, NephI, 329 
Bellon, Phillip Ned, SaltL ake City, 259, 372 
Belnap, Harold Lynn, Blackfoot, Ida., 372 
Belt, Peggy Sue, Las Vegas, Nev., 329 
Belue, Travene, Billings, Mont., 372 
Bender, Russel Melvin, Provo 

Bendfeldt, Aura T., Guatemala City, Guatemala, 372 B 
Bennett, Ada, American Fork B 

Bennett, Betty Lea, Delta, 202, 203, 329 B 

Bennett, Carol J., Bakersvllle, Calif., 125, 372 B: 

Bennett, Carolyn, Preston, Ida., 32V Bl 

Bennett, David Milner, Salt Lake City, 
Bennett, Donald Marsh, American Fork 
Bennett, Douglas, Bountiful 
Bennett, Douglas Roger, Magrath, Alta 
Bennett, Edward F., Fillmore 
Bennett, Erma, Provo 
Bennett, J. Von, Orem 
Bennett, Jesse H., Lehi 
Bennett, Kathleen L., Evanston, Wyo. 
Bennett, Kelvin LeRoy, Santa Monica 
Bennett, Mary Jo, Provo, 347 
Bennett, Robert L., Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Bennett, Sylvia L., Macon, Ga., 372 
Bennett, Val Dee, Tremonton 
Bennlon, Carol Joan, Portland, Ore. 
Bennlon, Fredric H., Corvallis, Ore., 347 
Bennlon, Lucille, Delta, 243, 306 
Bennlon, Stanley R., Independence, Mo., 347 
Benslng, Edward Earl, Manison, Colo. 
Benson, Boyd Wright, Tooele, 329 
Benson, Caria Kaye, Sandy, 372 
Benscn, llda Marie, Newton. 202, 203, 306 
Benson, John V., Parowan, 34, 90, 304 
Benson, Larry David, Preston, Ida., 255, 347 
Lynn Hunsaker, Ogden, 347 
Marilyn E., Lynwood, Calif., 251, 329 
Reba Rose, Orem 
Ruth J., Silver Spring, Md., 324 
Richard J., Montebello, Calif., 148 

Berkey, Bruce Elliott, Provo 
Berrett, Bonnie LaRae, Seattle, 

Berrett, Delwyn Green, Menan 
Berrett, Golden K., Sandy 
226, 372 Berrett, Richard H., Provo, 280, 372 

Wash., 128, 222, 303, 
Ida., 306 






Benson, Richard J., Montebe'llo, Calif., 148, 329 

Benson, Sharron Louise, Pomona, Calif., 46, 47, 

126, 162, 212, 329 
Benson, Yvonne, Parowan, 329 
Bentley, Anthony Ivlns, Provo 167, 348 
Bentley, Craig B., Orem, 306 
Bentley, Robert F., Monterrey, Mex., 194, 348 
Bentley, Robert H., Provo, 348 
Berg, Kathryn, Heber, 347 

Berg, Richard Lyman, Long Beach, Calif., 214, 372 
Berge, Charles William, Long Beach, Calif. 
Berge, John S., Coallnga, Calif., 197 
Berge, Wayne K., Coalinga, Calif., 196, 285, 324 
Bergen, Norma Jean, Ogden, 125, 372 
Berger, Terryl F., Victor, Ida., 372 
Bergeson, Paul S., Salt Lake City 
Bergeson, Dean R., Weston, Ida., 372 
Bergeson, Scott, Weston, Ida., 372 
Bergin, Allen Eric, Spokane, Wash. 
Bergquist, Gordon Ross, Provo, 329 
Bergstedt, Einar W., Salt Lake City, 372 
Bergsted, Eleanor Ann, Salt Lake City, 216, 306 

Berrett, Robert Dean, Salt Lake City, 190, 347 
Berry, J. K., Sacramento, Calif., 244. 280, 372 
Berry, Louine, San Gabriel Calif., 226, 347 
Berry, Mary Elizabeth, Sarah, Miss., 372 
Berry, Nina Beatrice, Salt Lake City, 329 
Berry, Norma Jean, Alhambra, Calif., 347 
Berryhlll, Marilyn Lee, Spring Valley, Ohio, 347 
Bertch, Frederick W., Knoxvllle, Pa., 306 
Bertelsen, Delora P., Springville, 138, 232, 329 
Besendorfer, John N., Heber, 347 
Besendorfer, Nancy J., Heber, 329 
Best, Brian Stanley, Kamas, 329 
Bessey, William NephI, Sunnyside, Wash. 
New Zealand, 230 Best, Larry Grant, Kamas, 142, 347 

BeswIck, Anne Melnzes, Alhambra, Calif., 372 
Bethers, Pratt Gordon, Cedar City, 221, 324 
Bethsold, Eleanor G., Bountiful, 306 
Beus, Rodney Lee, Nyssa, Ore., 372 
Beus, Spencer William, Nyssa, Ore., 322 
Bevans, Margaret Ann, Helena, Mont., 348 
Beutel, Anna Johan, Miami, Ariz., 347 
Beutler, Dolores E., New Plymouth, Ida., 372 
Bezzant, Stanley Dean, Orem 
Blckmore, Darrell, Provo 

Biery, Donald H. Jr., San Leandro, Calif., 251 
218, 219, 270 Bieslnger, Joseph R., Salt Lake City, 372 

Bigelow, David Owen, San Carlos, Calif., 32V 
Blgelow, Grant White, San Carlos, Calif., 306 
Bigelow, Rosemary, Fort Duchesne, 372 
Blgelow, Larry Jay, Lapoint, 372 
Biggs, Blllle Alfred, Springville 
Bigler, Sylvia, Caldwell, Ida., 348 
BIgler, Mont David, Salt Lake City, 372 
Bigler, Ralph Porter, Caldwell, Ida., 372 
Bigler, Walter H., Provo 

"gney, Hugh Clinton, Maiden, Mass., 91, 372 
Don, Orem, 329 
Keith Henry, Brigham City 
Lois Marilyn, Harbor City, Calif., 212, 306 
Victor Dunn, Provo, 285, 324 
ngton, Nadlne, Idaho Falls, Ida., 198, 340 
s, Douglass D., Payson 
s, Helen Marie, Salmon, Ida. 
s, Robert D., Azusa, Calif., 306 
s, Ronald Howard, Spanish Fork, 346 
s, Royce Allen, Evanston, Wyo., 372 
Strom, Richard A., Chula Vista,- Calif., 274, 322 
y Bahe, Fayette 
Blnch, Wayne George, American Fork 
Binder, Christa, Orem 

Bingham, Finch Monroe, Spanish Fork, 349 
Bingham, Helen, Garland, 372 
Bingham, James R.. Spanish Fork 
Bingham, Joann, Great Falls, Mont., 372 
Bingham, Patricia M., Provo, 166, 372 
Bingham, Peggie Lou, Springville 
B:Ingham, Renee, Weston, Ida., 166, 372 
Blnks, Glade Erickson, Springville 
BInks, Kaye, Anchorage, Alaska, 372 
Binney, Charles Joseph, Provo 
Birch, Larry B., Roseville, Calif. 
Bird, Bruce Burton, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Bird, Carol, Pocatello, Ida., 246, 329 
Charles A. Jr., Lubbock, Tex., 263 
Dan Richard, Springville 
Cloyd Lynn, Riqby, Ida., 329 
Donald Richard, Las Vegas, Nev., 

194, 329 

Can., 306 










Bird, Donna, Los Angeles, Calif., 237, 348 

Bird, Earle Prlngle, Provo 

Bird, Irvln Delbert Jr., Tooele 

Bird, L. Montgomery, Kanosh, 372 

Bird, James M., Provo 

Bird, Jay Thomas, Lubbock, Tex., 263, 285, 349 

Bird, Leeann, Tooele, 173 

Bird, Jon A., Springville 

Bird, Phillip Freeman, Springville 

Bird, Sherry Evelyn, Salt Lake City, 372 

Bird, Talmage C. Jr., Memphis, Tenn., 214, 329 

Bird, William Parker, Springville, 306 

BIrdzell, Mary Lou, Wells Nev., 372 

Blrks, Orval J., Orem, 329' 

Bischof, Yvonne, Burbank, Calif., 230, 373 

Bishop, Dean Angus, Payson, 273, 322 

Bishop, Jesse Jr., Alton, 111., 329 

Bishop, Joan, Los Angeles, Calif., 348 

Bishop, Joseph L., Delta, 306 

Bishop, Merylin, Sandy, 348 

Bitter, Reed Kirk, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Bittner, Joseph Henry, Los Angeles, Calif., 329 

Bitton, Gary W., Blackfoot, Ida. 

Bjerke, Ingrid A. H., Provo 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Bjork, Kay, Salt Late City, 348 

Bjorkman, Marcia, Culver City, Calif., 306 

Black, David Morley, 348 

Black, Donald Joseph, Long Beach, Calif., 373 

Black, Evetta, Laramie, Wyo. 

Black, Franklin, Laramie, Wyo., 329 

Black, Hal Lunt, Blanding 

Black, John Clifford, Burns, Ore., 348 

Black, Kathryn Ekins, Hinckley, 322 

Black, Keith Ernest, Delta 

Black, Lon Kimball, Pamona, Calif. 

Black, Marcia, Boise, Ida., 164, 212, 228, 349 

Black, Oaine, Blanding 

Black, Patricia Lee, Aurora, 329 

Black, Robert Gile, Henderson, Nev. 

Black, Paul Dean, Blanding 

Black, Sandra, Henderson, Nev., 373 

Black, Thelma, Delta, 172, 373 

Black, Phillip D., Lehi 

Blackburn, Lilly, Prove 

Blackburn, Georgia Lee, Riverside, Calif., 230, 373 

Blackburn, Helen, Provo 

Blacker, Paul Brown, Riverside, Calif. 

Blacker, Royal J., Rupert, Ida., 373 

Blackett, Stanley Elmo, Springville, 373 

Blacker, Stanley Neale, LaGrande, Ore. 

Blackham, Earl Donnell, Moroni, 328 

Blackham, Max A., Moroni 

Blacl^ham, Phyllis Mary, Moroni, 307 

Blackham, William R. Jr., Spanish Fork 

Blackhurst, Colleen, Pleasant Grove, 220, 348 

Blackhurst, Dennis P., Pocatello, Ida., 194, 195, 34ij 

Blackhurst, John Hoyt, Pocatello, Ida., 194, 307 

Blackley, Demoyne D., Springville, 329 

Blackmore, Moira Dawn, Cardston, Alta., Can., 349 

Blackwell, Robert H., Provo, 373 

Blackwell, Joe D., Hayward, Calif. 

Blair, Colleen Marie T., Glendale, Calif., 348 

Blair, Carolyn Ruth, Santa Barbara, Calif., 348 

Blair, John Leiand, Glendale, Calif., 106, 322 

Blair, Robert Ronald, Victoria, Tex., 252, 373 

Blair, Loren Henrie, Ventura, Calif., 373 

Blair, Robert Wallace, Provo 

154, 155, 157 
Blaisdell, Makee K., Hauula, Oahu, T. H.. 33, 37, 40, 
Blake, Norma, Provo, 170, 373 
Blake, Reed Harris, St. George, 214, 215, 307 
Blake, Rulon D., Provo 
Blake, Susan Coleen, Hinckley, 373 
Blake, Violet B., Provo 

Blake, William Dan, Idaho Falls, Ida., 210, 211, 348 
Blakely, Beverly J., Pamona, Calif, 329 
Blakely, Robert G., Idaho Falls, Ida.,' 329 
Blanch, Claude C, Ogden, 307 
Blanch, Robert Fred, Othello, Wash., 190, 348 
Blanchard, Albert D., Westwood, Calif., 373 
Blanchard, Farrell T., Springville, 348 
Blanchard, Pat Ann, Nampa, Ida., 162, 348 
Blanco, Mario Amaya, Col. Dublan, Chih., Mex. 
Blanco, Oscar, Col. Dublan, Chih. Mex. 
Blankenship, Paula M., Riverside, Calif., 348 
Blau, E. Nadlne, Logan, 307 
Blauer, Lanis, Burley, Ida., 198, 276, 307 
Blaylock, Marilyn Jean, Buhl, Ida., 307 
Blaylock, Mary Joan, Richfield 
Blaylock, Max Wayne, Nyssa, Ore. 
Bleazard, Janice Belle, Mountain Home, 373 
Bledsoe, Janae Irma, Walnut Creek, Calif., 373 
Bliss, Eugenia, Orem, 348 
Blocker, John Louis, Syracuse, Ind., 349 
Blodgett, Joan C, Salt Lake City, 134, 228, 264, 348 
Blohm, Thom Hugo, Somerton, Ariz., 91, 373 
Blomquist, Kathryn, Richfield, 283, 306 
Blomquist, Lawrence B., Cheyenne, Wyo., 109, 176, 373 
Bloomfield, Beverly, Bylas, Ariz., 238, 260, 349 
Bloomfield, Elsye L., Farmingtcn, N. Mex., 124 162 

Bloxham, Vestal Ben, Elko, Nev., 373 
Blume, Patricia Ellen, Brawley, Calif., 329 
Blunck, Virginia Mae, Roanoke, Va., 252, 373 
Bluth, Robert R., Provo, 329 

Eoardman, Frank Elmer, Klamath Falls, Ore., 194, 373 
Boardman, John Elmer, Provo, 194 
Bock, Dolores Ann, Milwaukee, Wis., 172, 258, 373 
Boden, Venna L., Sacramento, Calif., 373 
Bodine, Shirley, Long Beach, Calif., 226, 373 
Bodon, Karl Heinz, Salt Lake City, 164, 245, 348 
Boehm, Norman Curtis, Pamona, Calif. 
Boel, Beth Anne, Provo, 238, 348 
Boggs, Bill Gary, Henderson, Nev,, 373 
Bohn, Saun Lsfjoy, Mapleton 
Bohn, Ralph Devon, Beaver, 373 
Bohn, Theodore S., Ogden, 348 
Bohnet, Gerald Victor, Magrath, Alta,, Can., 373 
Boice, Maevonne, Romeo, Colo. 
Boker, Zoe Anne Dean, Ephraim 
Bolin, James Joseph, Baltimore, Md. 

Bolin, Joan Edith, Baltimore, Md., 130, 232, 329 

Bolinder, Robert D., North Sacramento, Calif.. 307 

Bolles, Robert E., Portland, Ore., 373 

Bond, Aaron L., Ramah, N. Mex., 286, 329 

Bond, James Leavitt, Ramah, N. Mex., 348 

Bond, Joe W., Provo 

Bond, Kent, Ramah, N. Mex., 348 

Bond, Larry Keith, Ramah, N. Mex., 329 

Bond, Richard Winfield, Bethesda, Md., 272, 329 

Bond, Max LeRoy, Provo 

Bone, George Brian, Lehi, 373 

Bone, Lorln Edward, Lehi, 103, 348 

Bonelli, Ellen Marie, Kingman, Ariz., 373 

Bonhani, Cheryl J., Indio, Calif., 373 

Bonham, Ralph D., Provo, 102 

Bonilla, Marta C, Guatemala, 256, 373 

Bonnoy, Carl Richard, Arnadlce, Calif., 190, 373 

Bonny, Paul W., Provo 

Eonser, Emma Mae, El Monte, Calif., 307 

Bonser, Margie Carol, El Monte, Calif., 348 

Bonsteel, Melvin A., Dryden, Mich. 

Bonsteel, Sandra K., Dryden, Mich., 329 

Booher, Maxene Marie, Kent, Wash., 373 

Boone, Charles Lee, Gardena, Calif., 307 

Boone, Margaret L., Edmonton, Alta., Can., 329 

Booth, Beverly An n,Orem, 349 

Booth, Beverly Jean, Prineville, Ore., 329 

Booth, Joan Dixon, Des Moines, Iowa 

Booth, Nelda, Hyattville, Wyo., 373 

Booth, Roberta, Springville, 285, 373 

Booth, Wallace Rubin, Columbus, Ga., 307 

Bordeaux, William B., Provo 

Borden, Edward Eugene, Schenectady, N. Y., 349 

Boren, Naoma, Provo, 348 

Boren, Robert Reed, Jerome, Ida., 249 

Boren, Ronald L., Bingham 

Eorg, Elsa Claudine, Sal Lake City, 348 

Eorgeson, June J., Santaquin, 307 

Borgquist, Laurel Ann, Los Angeles, Calif., 198, 373 

Bornemann, Joan G., LaMesa, Calif., 348 

Bos, Peter Jacob P., Provo 

Bosen, Lee Roy, Long Beach, Calif., 218, 373 

Boss, Karl Christian, Provo 

Boston, William Henry, Memphis, Tenn., 348 

Boswell, Carol Deane. Midvale 

Bosworth, Gary A., Ogden, 373 

Bosworth, Richard C, Ogden, 348 

Bott, Marilyn, Ogden, 329 

Bottema, Ronald C, Arcadia, Calif., 37 

Boucher, James Allen, LaMesa, Calif., 373 

Boulet, Diane Eve, Chicago, III., 258, 373 

Boulter, Virginia Lee, Sutton, Alaska 

Bounds, Rex Benow, Ashland, Ore., 373 

BounoMS, Beverly Jean, Provo, 373 

Bovard, Valerie M., Parma, Ohio, 348 

Bowdcn, Connie Gaye, Kimberly, Ida,, 207 

Bowen, Angela Lou, Atherton, Calif. 

Bowden, Harriet Joan, Kimberly, Ida., 348 

Bowen, Harold M., Coalville, 373 

Bowen, Jane Brlggs, Salt Lake City, 212, 329 

Bowen, John Mario, Provo, 307 

Bowen, LeeRoy E., Paso Robles, Calif., 224, 280, 373 

Bowen, Sylvia, Riverton, 373 

Bowers, Claudia Rose A., Eagar, Ariz., 250, 348 

Bowers, Howard L., Provo 

Bowers, Ida Rowena, Salt Lake City, 348 

Bowie, Gary William, Claresholm, Alta., Can. 

Bowers, Winnifred, Salt Lake City 

Bowles, Gearald Allman, Provo 

Bowles, Roy Tyler, Provo, 373 

Bowman, Calvin Murton, Las Vegas, Nev., 214 

Bowman, John Charles, Rockford, 111. 373 

Bowman, Wallace N., Deitrich, Ida., 348 

Bown, Douglas Lee, Fayette 

Bown, Fred S., Provo 

Bown, Jesse C. Jr., Provo, 204 

Bown, Robert Newell, Lynbrook, N. Y., 373 

Boyack, Alan Sterling, Spanish Fork, 307 

Boyack, Gary J., Springville 

Boyack, Jeanette, Salt Lake City 

Boyack. Merrill W., Seattle, Wash., 136, 224, 348 

Boyack, Paul W., Provo 

Boyce, Clifford G., Powell, Wyo., 329 

Boyd, Helen Jayne, Marion, N. C., 373 

Boyd, Ellen Bernice, San Mateo, Calif., 

Boyenqer, Gerald LaVon, Nampa, Ida., 224, 326 

Boyer, Harmon G., Provo, 329 

Boyer, Kent D. Roy, Pleasant Grove, 373 

Boyer, Larsen Strong, Springville, 348 

Boyer, Lynn David, Springville 

Boyer, Marlin Edward, Springville, 244, 373 

Boyer, Nada, Arco, Ida., 246, 329 

Boyne, William Milton, Compton, Calif. 329 

Brackner, Fred L., Wilmington, Calif., 373 

Bradfield, Terry Vern, Sclpio 

Bradford, Nancy Ann, Oxnard, Calif., 278, 329 

Bradford, Robert Ed, Spanish Fork, 307 

Bradley, Carol Faye, Salt Lake City, 373 

Bradshaw, Henry Jerry, Reno, Nev. 

Bradshaw, Jay Roy, Springville, 273, 307 

Bradshaw, Leora, Hurricane, 329 

Bradshaw, Sandra Kay, Mesa, Ariz., 172, 373 

Brady, Beverly Ann, Arlington, Va., 212 

Brad/, Anna Grace, Sandy, 276 

Brady, Con H., Orem, 307 

Bray, Lon Garth, Falrview, 348 

Brady, Robert Nyle, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Bragg, Mary Helen, Long Beach, Calif., 200. 329 

BraiUiord, Jack W., Las Vegas, Nev. 

Bray, Lawrence Hall, Sapnish Fork, 330 

Brebner, W. J., Carleton Place, Ont., Can. 

Brelllatt, Patricia Y„ Vallejo, Calif., 330 

Breitenbuecher, Gayle, San Francisco, Calif., 202, 348 

Bremer, Florine, Ft. Worth, Tex., 173, 246, 263, 373 

Bremer, Ronald Allen, Bellflower, Calif., 348 

Brennan, Clifford A., Walla Walla Wash. 

Brennan, Stania Lott, Walla Walla, Wash. 

Brewer, Bobby Jean, Joseph City, Ariz. 

Brewer, David Leslie, Tucson, Ariz., 307 

Brewster, Richard C Lakewood, Calif., 322 

Brewster, Bonnie Lu, Portland, Ore., 330 

Brian, Henry Dudley, Loa, 373 

Bridge, Mary Jo, Salt Lake City, 108, 373 

Briggs, Ernest Tom, Rexburg, Ida., 329 

Brlggs, Hermine, Magrath, Alta., Can. 

Braithwalte, Keith D., Magrath, Alta., Can., 348 

Braithwaite, Lee Fred, Provo 

Braithv/aite, Ruthmary, Provo, 246 

Bramwell, Thora Jean, Oakland, Calif., 326 

Bramwell, Sharon E., Ogden, 164, 348 

Branch, Merrill E., Wellington, 139, 147, 240, 285, 329 

Brandenburg, Ray E., Provo, 308 

Brandley, Carmen Ma, Provo, 125, 216, 329 

Brandley, Cleo Selk, Lethbridge, Alta., Can., 329 

Brandley, Jacqueline N., Provo, 329 

Brandley, John T., Ft. Macleod, Alta., Can., 373 

Brasher, Margaret E., Huntington, 222, 243, 308 

Bratsch, Kay Allison, Orange, Calif. 

Braun, Joan Mildred, Brooklyn, N. Y., 373 

Braun, Raymond, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bray, Harry Lainalolo, fHonolulu, T. H., 308 

Brlggs, James Osterloh, Magrath, Alta., Can., 308 

Brlggs, Kenneth George, Ptovo 

Brlggs, Nancy Iretta, Provo, 249, 324 

Bright. Clifta, Rigby, Ida., 373 

Brighton, Nancy Glee, Hartsdale, N. Y., 348 

Brighton, Patricia K., Hartsdale, N. Y., 175, 373 

Brim, Beulah, Downey, Ida., 228, 238, 348 

Brim, Willis Lavern Jr., Downey, Ida. 

Brlmhall, Arden J., Provo 

Brlmhall, Janelle, Provo, 46, 47, 226, 348 

Brimhall, Max B., Salt Lake City 

Brlmhall, Verna 8., Morro Bay, Calif., 330 

Brlnghurst, Kent H., Menio Park, Calif., 204, 348 

Bringhurst, Patricia, Santa Barbara, Calif., 134, 232, 

Brlnkerhoff, Harold E., Perrls, Calif. 
Brlnkerhoff, Jack L., Huntington 
Britsch, Todd Adam, Provo, 176 
Broadbent, Berne D., Provo 
Broadbent, Beverly, Riverside, Calif., 208 
Broadbent, Kay, Helper, 156, 330 
Broadbent, Joseph S., Salt Lake City, 204, 373 
Broadbent, Ray S., Salt Lake City, 237, 373 
Broadbent, Ross LeRoy, Payson, 155 
Broadbent, Sheila D., Boise, Ida., 348 
Broadhead, Maeser D., Delta, Colo. 
Broc-:, Edward Earl, Goldsboro, N. C, 330 
Brock, lleen. Salt Lake City 
Brock, Perry Morris, Goldsboro, N. C. 
Broc^, Violet Louise, Green River, 373 
Brockbank, Allen Brent, Provo, 194, 348 
Brockbank, Barbara Kay, Provo, 216, 217, 232, 330 
Brockbank, Eleanor Rae, Orlando, Fla., 252, 374 
Brodorlck, Luelma, Salt Lake City, 374 
Brodln, Nils Eric, Sethenburg, Sweden, 256, 262, 348 
Brogdon, Douglas , Jerome, Ida., 374 
Brogdon, Norman Edward, Jerome, Ida., 348 
Bromley, Sephen C, Downey, Calif. 
Brooker, Marjean, Blackfoot, Ida., 374 
Brooks, Ben Hugh, Cardston, Alta., Can. 
Brooks, Constance, Detroit, Mich., 226, 374 
Brooks, Jerry Dwayne, Phoenix, Ariz., 196, 259, 308 
Brooks, Karl, St. George, 90, 106, 255 
Brooks, Willard M., Cardston, Alta.. Can., 348 
Brooksby, Lyie Orson, Fredonia, Ariz. 
Brooksby, Merrill W.,, Fredonia, Ariz., 274 
Brooksby, Wesley B., Fredonia, Ariz., 348 
Brotherson, Jack Devon, Boneta, 265, 374 
Brothorson, Mary K., Salt Lake City, 308 
Brough, Eleanor, Kaysville, 374 
Brough, Vilate, Kaysville 
Brower Lloyd Vernon, Denver, Colo., 374 
Brower, Dile L., Carlsbad, Calif., 348 
Brown, Ann Laroy, Coalville, 348 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 


256. 374 

Anne, Taft, Calif.. 216, 232. 327, 330 

Barbara Ann. CookeysvIIIe. Md., 348 

Beverly Scipio. 266. 374 

Carleton Wade. Sacramento. Calif.. 374 

Carol Ann. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 198. 374 

Carol Ann. Oklahoma City. Okla.. 374 

Charles Ray. Whittler. Calif., 348 

Cheryl. Salt Lake City. 237, 374 

Colleen. Duncan. Ariz.. 348 

Curtis Perry. Stenington. Conn.. 91 

Darlene. Smihfield. 255, 374 

Diane Lucille. Atlanta. Ga.. 252. 348 

Donna. Turner. Ore., 374 

Dorothy May. White Rock, B.C.. Can., 




Brown. Elbert Earl, Glendale. Calif. 

Brown. Ferneth. Mesa. Ariz.. 212. 308 

Brown. Farrell Boyd. Koosharem, 221. 285, 348 

Brown, Francell, Brlgham City, 374 

Brown, Geraldine. Twin Falls. Ida.. 374 

Brown. Glen Alan. Manti. 374 

Brown, Glenn Louis. Leavenworth. Wash.. 348 

Brown. Harlow Floyd, Koosharem 

Brown, Heber Clark 

Brown, Harry J., Provo 

Brown, Irma, Spanish Fork, 330 

Brown, Jack Vernal. Provo 

Brown, James Frank, Lovell, Wye. 374 

Brown. Kay Idell. Highland. Calif.. 228, 348 

Brown. Kay Maureen. Oakland. Calif.. 330 

Brown. Kenneth Calhoun, Glencoe. III. 

Brown. Kenneth R.. Woodruff 

Brown. Kent L.. Cedar City 

Brown, LaRae, Bountiful. 330 

Brown, Lora Lee, Turner, Ore.. 202, 232, 285. 330 

Brown, Marilyn Joyce, Lehi, 374 

Brown, Melvin Jonathan, Buhl. Ida. 

Brown. Melvin R.. Coalville, 91 

Brown, Nancy Burton, Bend, Ore. 

Brown. Norma Lynn. Buhl, Ida. 

Brown. Paul Arnold. Springvllle. 86 

Brown. Ralph Buckley. Fallbrook, Calif. 

Brown, Ray Michael. Payson. 214, 348 

Brown, Ray Williams, Bountiful 

Brown, Richard A.. Bremerton. Wash. 

Brown, Richard Kent, Annabella 

Brown, Robert A.. Spanish Fork. 374 

Brown. Ronald Kay. Atlanta, Ga., 330 

Brown, Rosemary, Eureka, Caiif.. 374 

Brown, Russell Olsen, Provo, 274, 324 

Brown, Sherrill James, Oakland, Calif., 91 

Brown, Stanford Lee, Provo, 348 

Brown, Victor Lee. Aurora. Colo.. 374 

Brown. Virginia Ann. Denver, Colo.. 374 

Browning. Kate Goddard, Weaverville, Calif., 228, 

238, 348 
Brox, Blaine H.. Marysvale 
Bruner. John William. Cheyenne. Wyo.. 348 
Brunken. Bonnie Beth. Eugene. Ore.. 348 
Brunner. Sonja Jean. Los Angeles. Calif.. 374 
Brunsdale. Kenneth A.. Calgary. Alta.. Can. 
Brunson. Barry Brent. Fillmore, 374 
Brunt, Alfred W. Jr., Idaho Falls, Ida., 374 
Bryan, Glen Arthur, Tooele, 374 
Bryan, Hazel Venae, Tooele, 244, 324 
Bryan, Lauren Lee, Provo, 218, 332 
Bryan, Lucile, Springvllle, 202, 374 
Bryant, Billie Lane, Pinedale, Ariz. 
Bryant. Willla Rae. Castleford. Ida.. 330 
Bryce, Douglas Rae, Guotay, Calif. 
Bryner. Maurine F.. Provo 
Bryson, Lawrence LeRoy, Provo, 374 
Bryson, Robert Allen, Vernal 
Buchanan, Antoinette, Richfield 
Buchanan, Dona Julynne, Gunnison. 374 
Buchanan. George Elray, Salt Lake City, 348 
Buchanan, Lila Rae, Provo 
Buchanan, Jerry Lee, Centerfield, 374 
Buchanan, Patsy Marie, Bellflower, Calif., 374 
Buchanan, Randall J., Venice, 324 
Buchanan. Robert N.. Denville, N. J. 
Buck. Sylvia. Orem 

Buckley, Irene Lillian, Wesson, Miss.. 374 
Buckley, Mitzl, Mesa, Ariz. 
Buckman, Daniel R., Bend, Ore., 330 
Buckwalter. Doyle W.. LaGrande, Ore., 374 
Buckwalter, James B,, American Fork 
Budge, Barbara Blanche, Malad, 108. 188, 189, 308 
Budge, Rayo Beck, Roy, 330 
Budae, Gerald S.. Burley, Ida.. 348 
Budcie. Kathryn Jean. Provo. 374 
Buhfer. LeRoy Nile. Vale. Ore.. 33G 
Bulkley. Elizabeth A., Hadden Hts., N. J.. 230. 263, 

Bullard, Sally Clare. Aberdeen. Md.. 374 
Bullock. Burton Warren. Rawlins. Wyo., 86, 90, 210, 


Bullock, Genelle, Emily, Lethbridge, Alfa., Can.. 374 

Bullock, Gerald A.. Letnbndge, Alta,, Can.. 330 

Bullock, Gleneva Faye, Provo 

Bullock. Gordon W.. Provo. 194. 330 

Bullock, Karl Hart, Provo, 374 

Bullock, La Dell R., Welling, Alta.. Can., 330 

Bullock, Nola, Inglewood, Calif.. 374 

Bullock. Reuben Lynn, Salt Lake City 

Bumann. Les Barry. Elmhurst. 111., 330 

Bunkor, Ivan A.. Provo 

Bunker. Richard W.. Las Vegas. Nev. 

Bunker. Loretta. Atlanta. Ga. 

Bunker, Robert Clyde, Las Vegas, Nev., 100 

Bunnell, Ann, Price, 228, 349 

Bunnell. Dale Leon. Provo. 330 

Bunnell. Mary Helen. Price, 207, 222, 308 

Bunnell, Ted G., Provo 

Burbridge, Lucille, Salt Lake City, 264, 349 

Burbldge, Richard L.. Tacoma. Wash.. 224, 349 

Burdick, Colleen Madge, Dragerton, 349 

Burge, Donald Lockwood, Arcadia. Calif.. 326 

Burgess. DD Rae, Pilot Rock, Ore., 374 

Burgess, Bruce M.. San Rafael, Calif.. 374 

Burgess. Marva, Ogden 

Burgon, Glade L,, Provo, 324 

Burgon, Kaye H., Midvale. 175, 176, 194, 330 

Burk. Charlene, Springervllle, Ariz., 374 

Burgos, Maria Elena, Juarez, Chih.. Mex., 374 

Burke, Larry M.. Vernal, 374 

Burkr;, Leora, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 374 

Burke, Murland Jay, Idaho Falls, Ida., 204, 330 

Burkholz, Karl T. Jr., Pewaukee. Wis.. 374 

Burkinshaw, Kay Wilda, San Francisco, Calif. 

Burmester, Carla, San Mateo, Calif., 330 

Burle-v, John Wesley, Provo, 349 

Burnett, Demar Child, Boise, Ida.. 374 

Burnotte, Jimme Ruth, Detroit, Mich.. 172. 374 

Burningham, Jeanette B., Inglewood, Calif., 374 

Burningham, Monna L., Glendora, Calif., 374 

Burningham, Richard W.. Salt Lake City 

Burns. Eloye Jacob. Vernal, 374 

Burns. Errol G.. Vernal, 349 

Burns, Patrick John, Las Vegas, Nev.. 210, 211. 349 

Burns. William Arnold. Provo. 374 

Burnside, Afton, Provo, 349 

Burn^ide, Clyde Monte, Kenilworth. 237, 330 

Burnson, Peter L.. Las Vegas. Nev., 374 

Burr, Glenda, Orem, 374 

Burrall, Gordon Knight, Pasadena, Calif., 147, 235, 

Burrell, Janice Doreen, RIdgecrest, Calif., 349 
Burrls, Donald Adams, Magna, 255 
Burrup, Kaye LaRue, Provo, 216. 226. 238. 345, 349 
Burt, David W., Brlgham, 308 
Burt, Jack Weldon, Springvllle 
Burt, J. Kent. Springvllle. 374 
Burt. Merrill C. Richland. Wash.. 330 
Burt, Noel Wayne, Cardston, Alta.. Can. 
Burt. Ruth Elaine W.. Brlgham. 308 
Burton. Alice Kay. Ogden, 349 
Burton, Beverly Anne, Harpers Ferry. W. Va., 349 
Burton, Carlyle S., Payson, 308 
Burton, Donette, Salt Lake City, 202, 203, 349 
Burton, EthoTene, Taimage, 349 
Burton, Howard Edward, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Burton. John Harold. Phoenix, Ariz., 248, 308 
Burton, Marvin J.. Los Angeles, Calif.. 249, 374 
Busby, Mona, Montebello, Calif., 349 
Busby, Malcolm Vern, Tucson, Ariz.. 374 
Busch. Owen Charles, Dragerton 
Bush, Alfred L.. Denver. Colo.. 140, 308 
Bush, Clifford M., Lakevlew, Ore.. 196. 322 
Bush. Gerald Vernon. Ogden. 349 
Bush, Myrna Dene, South Gate, Calif. 330 
Bush, Palmroy Pung K.. Ewa. Oahu. T. H., 374 
Bushman, Curtis Samuel, Snowflake, Ariz, 
Bushman. Margaret Ann. Lehi, 330 
Bushman, Morris Smith, Provo 
Bushnell, Ted Darrell, Provo, 148, 330 
Buskey, Sandra Joan, Los Angeles, Calif., 349 
Busselberg, Carol Ann, Milwaukee, Wis., 162, 330 
Butcher, Don Llnford, Kaysville, 349 
Butikofer, Mailne, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 374 
Butenhoff, Kay, Spanish Fork 
Butler, Betty Rae, Cairo, Ga., 252, 349 
Butler. Arthur. Provo 
Butler, Beverly Jean 
Butler. Ervan H., Eager, Ariz., 330 
Butler, John Kent, Yuma, Ariz.. 374 
Butler, Lavar M.. Provo. 271 
Butle-. Sandra Jean. Whittler. Calif., 222, 308 
Butler Sherrel Gay, BIythe, Calif. 349 
Butler, Sylvan G., Hillspring, Alta., Can., 330 
Butslkares. George. West Orange. N. J. 374 
Buttars, Lareen, Weston. Ida., 246, 349 
Buttars, Orvin Allen, Burley, Ida,, 324 
Butteifleld, Sherrie A.. Rawlins. Wyo.. 374 
Butterfield. Thomas K., Phoenix, Ariz.. 218. 219. 308 

Bybee, Barth Nalder, Bell, Calif.. 91, 374 
Bybee, Cleona Nannette, Nyssa, Ore., 162, 285, 308 
Bybee, Joanne E., Oakland. Calif. 
Bybee, Larry Curtis, Smithfleld, 322 
Byers, Bruce Michael, Rosemead, Calif.. 284 
Bylund, Cyrus Rudolph, Santaquin, 349 
Byers, Kenneth Wayne, Ontario. Ore., 142, 349 
Byrd, Jesse Floyd, Lynwood, Calif, 

Cable. Wayne LeRoy, Hawthorne, Nev.. 330 

Cahill, Thomas E.. Provo. 196 

Cahor-n, James Albert. Cardston. Alta.. Can. 

Caine. Lei Nani Rena. Clearfield, 374 

Calder Allene C. Vernal, 265, 266, 374 

Cahoon, Sharon, Portland, Maine, 226 

Calder, Colleen, Provo, 374 

Calder, John Richard, Prove 

Caldv/ell, Allen L., Cardston, Alta., Can., 349 

Caldwell, Don J., Henderson, Nev.. 375 

Caldwell. James Dahl, Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Caldwell. Lowell C. Vernal 

Caldwell. Paul Marvin. Midvale. 90. 194 

Caldwell, Sheila, Granada Hills, Calif., 330 

Call, Ara Om Jr.. Appleton. Wis. 

Call. Caryol. Layton, 207, 330 

Call, Dellwyn R.. Twin Falls. Ida., 308 

Call, Diana Louise, Ogden, 349 

Call, Eran Abegg, Col. Dublan, Cl.Ih., Mei.. 308 

Call. Henry Dee. Layton, 375 

Call, Ivan T.. Ely. Nev.. 330 

Call. Henry Michael. Bountiful. 349 

Call, Lael Rae B.. Seattle, Wash., 308 

Call, Katherine G., Provo, 283, 308 

Call, Lois Ann, Salt Lake City, 166, 277, 349 

Call, Margie, Las Vegas, Nev., 330 

Call, Mar|orIe, Ogden 

Call, Rita Rae, Citrus Heights, Calif.. 330 

Call, Robert Leon, Aztec, N. Mex.. 142. 349 

Call. Rodney Ford, Bountiful, 330 

Call Ronnie Loree, Citrus Heights, Calif.. 349 

Call. Sharon. Soda Springs, Ida.. 349 

Call, Shirley Ann, Layton, 253, 375 

Call. Susan. Columbus. Ohio. 212. 375 

Call, Udean Raoul, Twin Falls, Ida.. 324 

Call. Vivian. Salt Lake City, 375 

Call, Willard Rex, Rigby, Ida.. 194, 375 

Callaway, Delvin V.. Altadena. Calif., 190 

Callister, David R., Glendale, Calif. 

Callister. Douglas L. Glendale, Calif, 375 

Callister, Geraldine, Spanish Fork 

Callister, Katherine, Delta, 172,375 

Calvert, Douglas Ray, Caliente, Nev.. 308 

Callister, Reed R., Glendale, Calif., 149 

Calvert, Terry Brant. Cody. Wyo.. 349 

Calvert, Tracy N.. Alhambra. Calif, 218, 375 

Calvert. William James. Caliente. Nev.. 330 

Camergo. Anthony C. De, Campinas, Brazil 

Cameron, Bruce Garth, Las Vegas, Nev., 164 

Cameron, Gary Reuel, Quincy, Calif., 375 

Cameron. Sondra. Provo 

Camp, Virgil H., Provo, 162, 245, 324 

Campbell, Becky. Phoenix, Ariz., 42, 43, 208, 234, 375 

Campbell, Carolyn, Gardena, Calif., 226, 349 

Campbell, Dennis James, Vernal, 349 

Campbell, Diane, Van Nuys, Calif. 

Campbell, Harold D., Detroit, Mich., 375 

Campbell, Howard Paul. Palmer. Alaska 

Campbell. James W., Portland, Ore.. 330 

Campbell, John W., Baker, Ore. 

Campbell. Lyman, Vernal 

Campbell. Maurice, Provo 

Campbell, Phyllis, Sparks, Nev., 173, 375 

Campbell, Robert Henry, Spanish Fork. 375 

Campora. Steve Holt. Stockton, Calif. 90 

Candland. Doris Jean. Santa Rosa, Calif, 330. 

Candland. Robert G., Provo, 175, 349 

Candland, Wendell Rex, Santa Rosa, Calif, 330 

Canileld, Alan Richard, Provo 

Canfleld, Kaye, Boise, Ida.. 375 

Canning, Lois Cook, Orem 

Cannon, J. Terrance, Worland, Wyo.. 267, 330 

Cannon. Linda, Salt Lake City, 375 

Cannon, Maurice Kent, Worland, Wyo., 330 

Canno, Vena Lee. Provo. 308 

Canly, Janeen J.. 243 

Cannon, Philip Ray, Provo, 108, 113, 330 

Cannon, Welles Pinney, New Haven, Conn.. 263, 375 

Capson, Valoran R., Salt Lake City. 375 

Canto, John Wayne, Springvllle, 375 

Canty, John Marvin, Sanford, Colo. 

Cardall, J. Norman. Provo 

Cardon, Anita, Durango, Colo.. 237, 375 

Cardon, Ellen, Durango, Colo.. 237, 330 

Cardon, Melvin Johnson, El Paso, Tex. 

Cardon, Phillip E., Venice, Calif, 164, 375 

Carls, Wayne M., Orem 

Cardon, Susette Vilate, Mesa, Ariz. 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Car?en, Gary Evans. Sprlngville. 375 

Carleton, Ella Marian. Price, 375 

Cartile, Florence, Heber, 375 

Cariile, Garvin E.. 349 

Carllle, Karen, Heber. 375 

Carling, Marlena Mae, Oasis, 349 

Carlisle, DoneHa June, Salt Lake City 

Carlisle, Ivan James, Provo 

Carlson. Bill LeRoy, Portola, Calif.. 330 

Carlson, Darlene Dolly, Monterey Park, Calif.. 30b 

Carlson. Terrence S., Enumclaw, Wish. 

Carls+on. Charles B., Arlington, Va., 173. 375 

Carlston. Nancy. Arlington. Va., 330 

Carlton. Karen, Boise. Ida., 349 

Carpenter. Lila Joy, Evanston, Wyo., 172. 237, 375 

Carr. J. Douglas, Clearfield. 330 

Carpenter, Ted Eugene. Manti 

Carr. Keith R.. Leres. Calif, 308 

Carr, Lynette. Helper 

Carr. Patricia Janelle. Oakland, Calif. 208 

Carraway, Clarence O., Baytown, Tex., 276, 330 

Carrigan, James Lisle, Bingham, 349 

Carroll, Maureen, Brigham, 202, 330 

Carroll, Roscoe Davis, Orem 

Carruth, Carole, Las Vegas, Nev., 137, 349 

Carruthers, Joyce E., Idaho Falls. Ida.. 330 

Carson. Carmen P.. Homedale. Ida., 170 

Carter, Amber Michie, Tabiona, 308 

Carter, Anita. Lund, Nev., 349 

Carter. Annette, American Fork, 226, 330 

Carter, Don C. Provo, 214. 273, 349 

Carter. Florence M., Ukiah, Calif. 375 

Carter, Harold Leray, Proyo, 308 

Carter, Henry Dennis. Oakland, Calif, 237. 375 

Carter, Janet Arline, Salt Lake City, 308 

Carter, Judith, San Diego, Calif. 208. 375 

Carter. Merrill Ray, Spanish Fork 

Carter. Murlan D.. Shelby. Mont.. 375 

Carter, Joseph L. Jr.. Alexandria, Va. 

Carter, Lila Jean, Tabiona, 173, 375 

Carter, Ronald Gary. Buhl, Ida., 162 

Carter, Rulon Newell 

Carter, Warren L., Los Angeles. Calif. 

Carter, Wilson Clive. Nelson, B. C. Can. 

Cartwright, Mary Jean, Draper, 29, 285, 308 

Carver, Dale Ross, Boise, Ida., 262. 322 

Carver, Gary Homer. Provo 

Carver, James Andrew, Provo 

Carver, Maxine Kay, Santa Monica. Calif., 375 

Casavantes, Jose A. F., Juarez, Chlh., Mex. 

Case, Gayle. Altamont. 232, 243, 265, 330 

Case, Glenn Alan, Altamonf 330 

Casper, George Gary, Junction City, Ore., 235, 375 

Casper, Gordon C, Provo 

Casper, Leon B.. Rigby, Ida., 308 

Casper, Marvin Dee. Provo 

Casper, Milan Kent. RIgby. Ida.. 1 94 

Castillo, Jorge i.. Quezaltge. Guatemala. 330 

Castillo, Rafael E., Cunen, Guatemala. 256, 274. 324 

Castleton, Lloyd, V.. Springville, 375 

Catmull, Delbert Reed. Rupert. Ida. 

Cattani, Ray A., Pasadena. Calif, 286, 308 

Cattani, Thomas, Glendale. Calif, 330 

Caulford, Edwin L., Schenectady, N. Y., 375 

Cazier, Ronald Norman, Las Vegas, Nev., 330 

Cavin, Nancy Johanne, St. Helens, Ore., 375 

Cawley, Virginia L., Augusta, Ga. 

Cawley, Roger R., Pleasant Grove, 375 

Cebellada, Francisco L., Melilla, Spain, 256 

Celentano, James John, Palisades, N. J. 

Cena, Robert E., Castro Valley, Calif, 214, 349 

Celaya, Varge H., Moses Lake, Wash., 375 

Chadwick, Charlotte L., Nampa, Ida, 330 

Chadwick, Hans Tim, American Fork 

Chadwick. Jerald Fay, American Fork, 330 

Chalk, David NIelson, Provo, 330 

Challburg. Norman Lee. Citrus Heights, Calif, 375 

Chamberlain, Charles Kent, Provo, 375 

Chamberlain, Edwin C, Ely, Nev. 

Chamberlain, Frank W.. Covina, Calif.. 91. 103, 218 

Chamberlain, Gary A., Toppenlsh, Wash., 204, 349 

Chamberlain, Jonathan. Kanab 

Chamberlain. Kelton L., Kanab, 273, 330 

Chamberlain. David M., Pasadena, Calif.. 269 

Chambers, Mary K., Provo, 308 

Chambers, Robert Lee. San Diego, Calif, 349 

Chambers, Robert LeRoy. Seattle. Wash.. 375 

Chandler, Helen C. Salt Lake City. 226, 349 

Chandler, Jean M., Welser. Ida., 282. 349 

Chanslor, Lewis Parker. Reno, Nev.. 349 

Chantry, Earl Clyde, Lancaster, Calif, 214 

Chaplin, Dora Mae, Provo, 173, 375 

Chaolin, Lois E., Provo, 349 

Chapman, Glen, Provo, 326 

Chapman, Earl W., Layton, 148, 308 

Chapman. Jaclcolyn L., San Diego, Cailf., 208. 375 

Chappelt, Conrad S., Bostonia. Calif. 

Chappell. Calvin Jay. Lyman. 375 

Chappell, Eddie G., Lyman 

Chappell, Larry Ray, Lyman 

Chappell, Lloyd L., Lyman 

Chappell. Robert O.. Provo, 308 

Chappell. Thomas Lee. Lyman. 308 

Chappie, Benjamin R., Anderson, Calif., 375 

Charles. Marlene P., North Hollywood, Calif., 220, 

Chase, Dolores, Orinda, Calif., 330 
Chase, Irel Lynn Jr., Nephi 
Chatelain, Hazel D., Salt Lake City, 308 
Chatham, Bet+y Jean, Lynwood, Calif.. 375 
Chattoraj, Shib Charan. West Bengal. India, 256. 324 
Chavez. Elena Elvira, Col. Juarez. Chih., Mex., 256 
Cheeakwai, Glenn, Port of Spain, Trinidad 
Chelson, Gary James, Colton, Ore., 375 
Cheney, Barbara, Provo, 349 
Cheney, Garth Wayne, Provo. 349 
Cheney, Jack Goodell. Nampa, Ida. 
Cheney, Joyce, Falrvlew 
Cheney, Marian. Provo, 243, 330 
Cheney, S. Cleone H., Nampa, Ida. 
Cheney, Wayne Douglas, Welser. Ida., 349 
Cherry, Clair Gail Ephraim, 330 
Cherry, Wallls Martin, Choteau, Mont. 
Cherry, Youn Wol, Seoul, Korea, 246 
Chi, Youn Wol, Seoul, Korea, 256 
Chidester, Craig Lynn, Brawley, Calif 
Chidester, Evar Leon, American Fork 
Chidester, R. Ellene, Buhl. Ida., 375 
Child. Eva Diane, Spanish Fork. 330 
Childs, Fred D., Sprlngville 
Childs, Forrest Barry. China Lake. Calif. 
Chllds. Howard LeRoy 
Child:. Jay Newel, Gunnison 
Childs, Robert Dale, China Lake, Calif, 375 
Childs. Wllma. Gunnison. 108, 350 
Chlpman. Dorene, Welling, Alta.. Can.. 375 
Chlvers, Robert L., Boise. Ida., 146, 331 
Chittock. David H.. Orem 
Choe, Ae Suk, Seoul, Korea 
Choi, Sung Sik, Seoul, Korea 
Choules, Deanna. Salt Lake City, 264, 375 
Chournos, George R., Ogden 
Chournos, Joyce Ann T., Ogden 

Chri jrensen 

Allen C, American Fork. 286, 308 
Bruce J., Provo 
Carol L., Provo, 350 
Carole. Farmlngton, N. Mex.. 172. 262 
Carol. Oakland. Calif, 269. 350 
Clarice A.. American Fork 
Clay B.. Redlands, Calif. 330 
Clifford, Morgan, 273, 330 
David E., Olldale. Calif, 190, 322 
David R., Arlington, Va., 350 
Dewey L., Ephraim. 322 
Don M., Aurora, 135, 375 
Donald W., Yucaipa, Calif, 
Duane G., Seattle, Wash.. 125, 412. 349 
Duane L., Long Beach. Calif. 
Earl Jay, Burley. Ida.. 350 
Fred M.. Pocatello, Ida., 375 
Gayle. Driggs, Ida., 232, 331 
Gladys L., Falrvlew, 331 
Gordon V., Shelley, Ida., 375 
Grant A., Provo. 331 
H. Boyd. West LaFayette. tnd., 375 
Herbert E.. Shelley. Ida., 190, 350 
Howard J., Salem 
Ha, Driggs, Ida., 176, 238, 246, 350 
Janice. Farmlngton. N. Mex., 173 
Jay E. Richfield, 350 
Jolene, Salt Lake City 
Jones Kay, Spanish Fork 
Joseph J.. Orem 
Josephine. Payson, 208, 234. 375 
Karen, Spanish Fork 
Kaye. Mesa. Ariz., 212 
Larry C, Springville 
Karen, Delta 

Karen E.. Springville. 308 
Max L., Delta, 351 
Marilyn. Provo. 162 
Mar.k E. Driggs, Ida.. 375 
Merritt L, Oak City 
Myrna I., Huntington, 234, 244.375 
Naomi R., Redding, Calif., 167, 176. 331 
Neal F., Lehi, 125. 279 
Ortho, Provo, 324 
Patricia. Provo. 308 
Richard L., Salt Lake City 
Richard F., Falrvlew 

Christensen. Ronal Eugene, Burley, Ida., 350 

Christensen. Ruby G., Springville 

Christensen, Rulon Ray, Wheat Ridge, Colo., 375 

Christensen, Sharil D., Payson, 331 

Christensen, Sharon L., Orem. 376 

Chriftensen. Shirley, Delta. 376 

Christensen. Theodore, Provo, 308 

Christensen, Weldon V., Fayette 

Christensen, William Robert, Antonito, Colo. 

Christensen. William W., Antonito, Colo. 

Chr.stensen, Winston E.. Delta, 162, 240 

Christian, Anthony L., Pioche, Nev., 376 

Christiansen, Arden T., Burlington, Wyo., 350 

Christiansen. Danielle, Provo 

Christiansen. David D.. Pleasant Grove. 

Christiansen, Gloria A., Welser, Ida. 

Christiansen, Howard D., Moreland. Ida., 351 

Christiansen. Kent H.. Gunnison 

Christiansen, Norman L., Provo 

Christiansen, Patricia, Monroe, 283. 308 

Chrlstlanson. James R.. Spanish Fork. 308 

Christiansen, Laura M., Parkdale, Ore., 376 

Christiansen, Rollo D., Ely. Nev., 376 

Christiansen. Sally A.. Ontario. Ore., 172. 376 

Christiansen Stephen, Gunnison. 376 

Christie. Florence V.. San Francisco, Calif. 173 

Christlson. Barbara A., Ely. Nev., 172, 376 

Christley. Milan R., Salem, Va., 91 

Chrlstofferson, Leo J., Lehl. 308 

Chrlstofferson. Reed K.. Salt Lake City. 350 

Churg, Henry Punt, Provo, 326 

Chun. Albert L. Ming, Honolulu, T. H., 308 

Church. Elsie, Alameda. Eire. Pa.. 287. 331 

Church. Leah, Delta, 376 

Church, Russell Arley, Gary, Ind., 269, 376 

Circuit, Jeffrey Lee, WInetta, 111., 237, 258, 280, 37b 

Clark, Alice Virginia^ Quincy. Fla,, 376 

Clark, Betty. Provo, 350 

Clark. Brent Nolan, Washington, D.C., 376 

Clark, Curtis E., Rosemead, Calif., 1 73. 376 

Clark, Dan Bartlett, San Diego, Calif, 133. 331 

Clark. David Gary. Provo 

Clatk, David Lee. Anaheim, Calif, 

Clark. DeeAnn, Montpeller, Ida., 350 

Clark, Donald Ward. Nampa. Ida.. 166 

Clark, Delete, Meridian. Calif. 202, 232, 331, 243 

Clark, Dick Joe, Yuba City. Calif., 91. 376 

Clark. Edy Lou. Lindsay. Okla., 376 

Clark, Donald D.. East Ely, Nev. 

Clark, Ellna C, Pleasant Grove 

Clark, Emma Lou, Provo 

Clark, Esther Marlene, Tooele, 376 

Clark, Erma. Morgan 

Clark, Gary Denzlo. Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Clark, George Alan, Redwood City, Calif. 

Clark, George Russell, Long Beach, Calif 

Clark. Gordon T.. Vale. Ore., 350 

Clark, Hazel Cook 

Clark, James Robert, Tacoma, Wash., 376 

Clark, Lee Jay, Meridian, Calif, 376 

Clark, Leona G., East Ely, Nev. 

Clatk, Malcolm G.. East Ely, Nev. 

Clark, Mary Elizabeth, Grantsvllle. 331 

Clark, Mary Helen, St. George, 255 

Clark, Nancy Karen, Sun Valley, Calif. 

Clark, Nelda Lydla. Etna, Wyo., 243, 308 

Clark, Ralph B.. Vale. Ore., 124. 240, 308 

Clark, Robert L.. Ogden. 376 

Clark. Ronald Carlos, Farmlngton, 376 

Clark, Robert M., Redwood City, Calif 

Clark. Robert Wesley, Klamath Falls. Ore., 350 

Clark, Ronald Keith, Lehi, 376 

CUrit, Ruel Ross, Provo 

Clark, Thelma Phillips, Provo 

Clark, Jorr. Paul, Pleasant Grove. 86, 90 

Clark. Welsfcrd H., Provo 

Clarke, Emily Jane, Alhambra. Calif 

Clarke. Jill, Provo. 170, 232. 331 

Cla-ke, William R., Burbank. Calif. 

Clarke. Nancy Ann, Vallejo. Calif. 376 

Clarke, Richard L., Panorama City, Calif, 376 

Clarkson, Alice Marie, Mesa, Ariz., 376 

Clarkson, Vern Shaw, Jerome, Ida., 376 

Claw, Dorothy, Chlnlee, Ariz., 376 

Clawson, Gary Clark, Stirling. Alta., Can., 350 

Clawson, Marilyn Rose, Pasadena, Calif., 376 

Clay. John Parley, Wichita, Kan.. 351 

Clawson. Willard LaVar, Provo, 308 

Clay, Robert Don. Wichita. Kan., 280, 376 

Clayson, Douglas W.. Santaquln. 308 

Clayson. Harold W.. Alameda, Calif.. 326 

Clayson. Jessie Merle, Payson 

Clayton, Kathleen, Salt Lake City. 376 

Clayson, RaeNee, Sprlngville 

Clayton, Kelvin C, Orem. 308 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Clegg. Alene, Heber, 351 

Clegg, Almon H., Heber 

Clegg, Anabel, Provo, 350 

Clegg, Aria Jeannine, Provo, 170 

Cleag, Daniel Giles, Heber, 350 

Clegg, Dennis A., Heber, 308 

Clegg. Don Ray, Springvilie 

Clegg, J. Holvor, Provo, 190 

Clemence, Dorothy J., South Gate, Calif., 376 

Clement, Carroll Gene, Provo 

Clements, Billy Gene, Ft. Worth, Tex., 376 

Clements, Diane, Roseville, Calif., 172, 376 

Clifford. Tonia C. Portland, Ore.. 331 

Cleverly, Norton A., Parma, Ida., 376 

Cline, Charles W., Craig, Colo. 

dinger, Lawrence A., San Diego, Calif., 376 

Clinaer, Janece, Provo 

dough, Gloria Marie, Salt Lake City, 198, 331 

Cloward. George Ray, Provo 

Cloward, Marie Eugene. Provo 

Cloward. Spencer K.. Provo. 376 

Clucas. Jerry Keith. Meridian. Ida.. 308 

Cluff. DeVar Dean. Ashland, Ore., 261, 376 

Cluff, Louise, Juarez. Chih.. Mex., 376 

duff. Stanna Gay. El Monte. Calif.. 246. 277. 376 

Cluff. Wanda Lorene. Farmington. N. Mex.. 350 

Clyde. Kathryn Jane. Heber, 216. 308 

Clynick, Joanne B.. Detroit. Mich.. 376 

Coales, Wesley Eugene, Gresham, Ore., 167, 376 

Coats, Fred Nielsen. Murray. 376 

Cockayne. Carolyn L.. Salt Lake City, 376 

Coe. Nathan Bert. Boulder. Nev. 

Coffin. Anne. Sheridan. Wyo.. 308 

Coffin, Gary Rex, Pocatello, Ida., 376 

Coffin, Jack La Veil, West Yellowstone, Mont., 271, 

Coffman, Esther G., Yuba City. Calif.. 376 
Colby. Doris Arlene. Huntington. 376 
Cole. Carla. Preston. Ida., 350 
Cole, Charles F., Santa Monica, Calif. 
Cole, Dean Clark, Tooele, 376 
Cole, Leslie Wayne, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
Cole, Natalie, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 230. 376 
Cole. Tommy Carl. Bard. Calif.. 91, 218. 376 
Coloman, Doreen. Mar Vista. Calif., 228, 350 
Coleman. Gene R.. Lyman. Neb. 
Coleman, Jacqueline, Salt Lake City, 376 
Coleman, Ray Walter, Ogden, 308 
Coleman, Ronald D., Arcadia, Calif., 308 
Coleman, Sandra Lee, Salt Lake City, 376 
Coleman, Virginia M., Payette, Idff., 350 
Coles, Otto Kent. Provo 
Coles, Scott C, Provo 
Coles, Rex Lydell, Rigby, Ida., 351 
Collamer, Richard J., Royal Oak, Mich., 308 
Collard, George E. Jr., Provo 
Collard, Lorraine, Idaho Falls, Ida., 33 1 
Colledge, Connie Rae, Orem 
Collet, Marietta S., Del Bonita. Alfa.. Can., 376 
Collett. Carol Luana, Kaysville. 331 
Collier. Wendell, Vernal. 145. 308 
Collins. Cecily Erika, Y^uba City, Calif., 226, 376 
Collins. Lila Marolyn, Provo 
Collins. Sharon. Swan Valley. Ida.. 351 
Collins, Stanley E.. Provo. 109, 331 
Collins. Sue. Provo. 208, 350 
Collyer. Ronald F.. Farmington. N. Mex.. 142. 262. 

Colt. John. Provo 

Colton, Craig W., Salt Lake City, 376 
Colson, Robert E., SA'an Valley, Ida., 
Colvin, Bobby Wallace, Odgen, 331 
Combs, Cloyd James. Provo. 350 
Comes. Barbara Joan. Scottsbli.ff. Neb. 
Cornish. D. Clayton. Payette. Ida.. 214, 308 
Compton, John Hilary. St. Francis. 5. D.. 285, 331 
Conder, Darrell George, American Fork 
Conder, Donald A., American Fork, 33 1 
Conder, Gareth, Alva. American Fork, 376 
Conder. Jerry Gillman, Bishop. Calif. 
Condie. Howard G.. Salt Lake City, 350 
Conklin. Edward Dean. Ferron. 350 
Connell. Rosemary, Salt Lake City. 331 
Connelley. Joyce E.. Moses Lake. Wash., 288. 376 
Connors. Roger Lee, Bandon, Ore. 
Conrad. Darel Albert, Provo 
Conrad, Paul W., Provo, 331 

Contreras, Carlos A., Comayaguela, Honduras, 324 
Converse, Roger F. Jr., Denville, N. J. 
Conway, Thomas Locke, El Paso, Tex., 331 
Conway, William David, Craig, Colo., 331 
Cook, Alan Dennis, Syracuse 
Cook. Alonzo Dean, Salmon, Ida., 350 
Cook. Barbara Jane, Willard, 228, 238, 350 
Cook, Betty Sue, Fountain Green, 234, 376 

Cook, Boyd G., Ogden 

Cook, Ivan B., Fruitland, Ida., 326 

Cook, Jack Robinson, Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Cook, Kenneth Stanley, Provo, 350 

Cook, Lautetta Jean, Martinez, Calif., 376 

Cook, Lillian C, Thornton, Ida., 308 

Cook, Loren Joseph, Orem 

Cook, Mary Elaine, Salt Lake City. 376 

Cook, Patricia LaRae, Great Falls, Mont. 

Cook, Roger Marvin, Idaho Falls, Ida., 376 

Cook, Ruth Ladene, Salt Lake City, 376 

Cook, Shirley, Clearfield, 173, 262, 376 

Cook, Sonia Kaye, Fountain Green, 376 

Cook, Robert F., Provo. 376 

Cook, William A., Rigby, Ida., 322 

Cooksey, Eva V., Rahchos of Taos, N. Mex., 376 

Cool, John R., Orem, 351 

Coortbs, Clyde Ray, Tremonton 

Coombs, Suzanne, Banning, Calif., 230, 376 

Coons, Richard A., Long Beach, Calif., 376 

Cooper, Coleen, Orem, 376 

Cooper, Gayle, Mesa, Ariz., 377 

Cooper, Danna Lee, Tucumcari, N. Mex., 308 

Cooper, Glenna D.. Springfield. Ida., 212. 285, 376 

Cooper. James Ervin. Knoxville, Tenn. 

Cooper, James Gary, Mesa, Ariz., 376 

Cooper, Jay E., Washington 

Cooper, Kenneth G., Pangultch, 308 

Cooper, Leslie Muir, Salt Lake City 

Cooper, Linda C, Gridley. Calif., 377 

Cooper. Lyie J.. Genola 

Cooper. Marilyn, Oceanside. Calif.. 351 

Cooper. Robert Allen. St. Louis. Mo.. 350 

Cooper. Shirlee Anne. Springfield, Ore., 350 

Corak, Eva Marlene, Midvale, 170. 350 

Corbett. Edward K.. Berkeley. Calif.. 377 

Corbett. Lawrence R., Worland, Wyo. 

Corbett, Samuel J. Jr., Leiand, N. C., 377 

Corbin, Jackie Wayde, Provo 

Cordon, Rula, Boise, Ida. 

Corey, Richard Ira, Provo 

Cordner, Raymond Grant, Provo 

Corey, Sharon Jeanne, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 202. 350 

Corless. Merlene. Provo. 377 

Cornelius. Don Edward. Ronan. Mont.. 350 

Cornelius, Merrill D., Ronan, Mont., 377 

Corlna, Ross H., Woodruff 

Cornwall, Mary Ellen, Clayton, N. Mex., 175, 176 

Coster, Claudia, Burley, Ida., 331 

Cote. Leo Francis, Amesbury, Mass. 

Cottam. Carolyn, Provo 

Cottam. Delmar R., Escalante, 308 

Cottle, Pauline, Pocatello, Ida., 377 

Couzens, Darlene Rae, Portland, Ore., 331 

Covey, Barbara Jean. Arcadia. Calif.. 212. 331 

Covington. Steve Vern. Idaho Falls, Ida., 377 

Covington, Wayne LeRoy, Pingree. Ida., 331 

Cowan, Alex Park, Hollywood, Calif., 377 

Cowan, Cynthia Ann, Provo 

Cowan, Claudine, Springvilie 

Cowan, LuJean, Boulder, Nev., 308 

Cowdell, Robert Boyle, Los Angeles, Calif., 322 

Cowan, Ross, San Bruno, Calif.. 350 

Cowles, Newell Eugene. Escalante 

Cowley. Dean Parrel. Venice 

Cowley, Johnny, Heber, 377 

Cowley, Elaine, Tremonton, 230, 377 

Cowley, Kendall F., Heber 

Cowley, Lewis Ted, Salt Lake City 

Cowley, Marjorie S., Layton, 331 

Cowley, Wayne Dixon, Provo, 272 

Cowsert, Karen N., Brawley, Calif., 308 

Cox, Claudia Ann., Draper, 377 

Cox, Deon. Hooper, 377 

Cox, Gary Everett, Wendell, Ida., 350 

Cox, Gaylen J., Manti 

Cox, Jack Arnold, Orem 

Cox, James Bruce, Provo, 331 

Cox, John Gordon, Provo 

Cox, Louise, Provo, 377 

Cox, Marion Irene, Parma, Ida. 

Cox. Sharron. Salt Lake City. 350 

Cox. Verl J.. Layton 

Cox. William Farrell. Provo 

Cov. Joyce Kny, Long Beach. Calif., 285 

Cozzens, Charles J., Provo, 308 

Crabb, Nevin Lee, Orem 

Crabtree, Kay Lee, Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Craft, Robert Gerald, Ontario, Calif., 331 

Cratts, David Scott, Delta, 377 

Crafts, Merlene, Delta 

Cragun, Laurel Ann, Yakima, Wash. 

Craia, Thadeus Steven, Safford, Ariz., 218, 350 

Cram Deanna, Las Vegas, Nev., 216, 350 

Crandall, Don Ashael, Mesa, Ariz., 162. 412 

Crandall, Evelyn, Springvilie, 259, 308 

Crandall. Gary L.. Springvilie. 100. 109 

Crandall. Harvey L.. Idaho Falls, Ida., 350 

Crandall. Horace Dean. Provo 

Crandall. John A., Mesa, Ariz., 350 

Cranoall, Lenore. Springvilie, 377 

Crandall, Sue Dette E., Safford, Ariz., 216, 228, 350 

Crane, Georgia Anne, Los Angeles, Calif., 193 

Crane, Loren Danford, Las Vegas, Nev., 249, 350 

Crane, Patricia, Los Angeles, Calif., 331 

Crane, William E. Jr., Mink Creek, Ida., 308 

Craner, Jeri T., Provo, 216, 308 

Crapo, Carol Berniece, Rosemary, Alta., Can., 350 

Craose, Warren Pitts, Savannah, Ga., 252, 350 

Craven, Frank L., Provo 

Craven, Rue Ann W., Provo 

Craven, Marian, Provo 

Cravens, Jack Graham, San Diego, Calif., 90, 106, 350 

Crawford. Arvin Clark, Spokane, Wash. 

Crawford, Edward R., Moses Lake. Wash.. 288. 350 

Crawford. Ray F.. Paris. Ida. 

Crawford. Malcolm D.. Yakima. Wash.. 350 

Crawford. Shirley Ann, Columbia, 377 

Crawford, Vanessa L., Sandy 

Creasey, Virgil L., Coos Bay, Ore. 

Creer. Diana Lee. Provo. 172. 212. 331 

Creer, Glade Y.. Spanish Fork 

Creer, Howard Nielsen, Spanish Fork, 308 

Crenshaw, Mills Laurie, Napa, Calif., 272, 331 

Creer, William N., Provo 

Crevislon, Gweneth E., Provo 

Creviston, Herbert William, Provo, 108 







smon, Leo Eugene. Casa Grande. Ariz., 331 
smon, Carole Irene, Mesa, Ariz.. 377 
smon, De Nell L., Phoenix, Ariz., 377 
st, Robert H., Pocatello, Ida., 176, 221. 331 

tchfield. LeRoy R.. Kamloops. B.C.. Can., 331 

tchlow. Larry W.. Ogden. 331 

tchlow. Robert T.. Ogden. 308 

tser. Byran K.. Orem. 350 

ttenden. Carolyn J.. Los Angeles. Calif. 212, 350 

ttenden. Jimmie F., Oakley, 103 
Crockett, C. Webb., Pocatello. Ida.. 48. 147. 223, 

240. 301. 331 
Crockett. Kenneth H., Salt Lake City, 156, 264, 350 
Crockett, Lawana Jean, Newport News, Va., 377 
Crockett, Russell W., Montpelier, Ida., 162 377 
Crott Carol, Lovell, Wyo., 172, 267, 377 
Croft, Faye Lavieve, Provo, 277, 350 
Croft, Garth Fisher, Provo, 308 
Croft, Julia M., Idaho Falls, Ida., 350 
Croft, Margaret Ann, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 308 
Crott. Merlin R.. Pleasant Grove. 221. 272. 324 
Crofts. Steve Maurice. Richfield 
Croft, Mary Katherine, Cedar City, 331 
Crofts, Darel Kent, Richfield, 377 
Crompton, Bruce Gene, Brigham City, 350 
Cron, Earl Jackson Jr., Provo, 377 
Crook, Kathleen, Emery, 172, 377 
Crook, Margaret Kay, Fallon, Nev., 377 
Crookston Lenore. Mesa. Ariz.. 108. 259. 331 
Crosby. Alden Glen. Ogden. 176. 331 
Crosby. David S.. Alex. Va. 
Crosby. Edward Earl. Altamont. 350 
Crosby. John S.. St. Johns. Ariz.. 377 
Crosby. Karen Jane. Dos Palos. Calif. 
Crosby. Luzon Orvilla. Orem. 33! 
Crose, Carrol Louise, Long Beach, Calif., 108. 238, 

Croshaw, Carol Ann, Mountain View, Calif., 108. 134, 

Cross. Donald Leon. Elgin. III.. 350 
Crosse, Richard E., Santa Cruz, Calif. 
Crossley, Vera Alice, Los Angeles, Calif.. 331- 
Crouse. Marisha Ann, Pagosa Springs. Colo., 
Crow. Charles William, Twin Falls, Ida. 
Crow, Sylvia P. 

Crow, Jean Lorraine, Hollywood, Calif., 173. 
Crow, Verna Gayle, Hollywood, Calif., 377 
Crowley, Carole Jean, Twin Falls, Ida., 331 
Crowley. Nellissa J.. Glendale. Calif.. 331 
Crowley. Lionel Paul. Ontario. Calif.. 270. 308 
Crowley. Jared O.. Upland. Calif.. 377 
Crowley. Larry Olson. Upland, Calif., 350 
Crowther, Arven Jay, Axtell, 331 
Crowther, Frank M., Fountain Green 
Crowther, Marinan, Fountain Green. 377 
Crowton. David Harris. Provo " 
Crowther. Teddy Joe. Alex. Va., 350 
Crowton, David M., Orem 
Crum, Paul E. Jr., Provo, 37 
Cruser, Merrill L., Monteview, Ida., 308 
Crystal, Doris Olive, Pleasant Grove, 350 
Cude, Ronald Lynn, Long Beach, Calif. 
Cullimore, Kay Haniss, Provo, 350 




student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Cullimore, Karen, Great Neclc. N. Y.. 170. 377 
Cullimore. Kelvyn H., Provo. 308 
Cullimore. Sandra V.. Pleasant Grove. 331 
Cummings. Karen. Salt Lalte City. 226. 350 
Cunningham. Jerald O.. Grand Junction. Colo.. 134. 

Cummins. L. G., Navosota, Tex. 

Cundick. Margaret Mae, Santa Barbara, Calif., 37V 
Cunliff. James David. Bingham Canyon. 91 
Cunningham. Delores P.. Farmington. 377 
Cunningham. Marilyn G.. Gallup. N. Mex.. 170, 200, 

228. 238, 350 
Currier, Carlton J., Trail. B. C. Can.. 350 
Curth. Marilyn, Los Angeles, Calif.. 377 
Curtis. Caroline. Lehi. 202. 331 
Curtis, Clayne Grant, Orem 
Curtis. Deanne Gae. Downey. Ida., 377 
Curtis Delene Rae, Downey. Ida.. 246. 377 
Curtis, Demar, Salina 
Curtis. Gerald Don, Salt Lake City, 91 
Curtis, Karen, Placerville, Calif., 124, 128, 287, 33 1 
Curtis, Kirk Moffitt, Orangeville, 324 
Curtis. Nancy Lee, Salt Lake City, 377 
Curtis. Paul Johnson, Spanish Fork 
Curtis, Robert D. , Provo, 377 
Cushing, Renetta Arlene, Los Angeles, Calif., 172, 

285. 377 
Cutler, Dorothea M., Salt Lake City, 208, 377 
Cutler. Douglas Lynn, Provo, 308 
Cutler, Marlene, Salt Lake City 
Cutler, Raye C. V.. Penticton. B. C. Can. 

Dagrade. Marvin Donald. Las Vegas. Nev.. 174 

Dahi, David Arthur Jr., Bakersfield, Calif., 377 

Dahl, David C, Raymond, Alta., Can., 280, 308 

Dahl, Diane, Inglewood. Calif.. 377 

Dahl.. Patricia. Pocatello. Ida.. 230, 377 

Dahl, Reed M,. Raymond. Alta., Can. 

Dahle. Dorothy Carolyn, Aberdeen. Ida.. 377 

Dahle, June Anne. Provo. 176, 287. 377 

Dahle. John Edward, Murray 

Dahlin, Kenneth A., Concord. Calif., 33 1 

Daitey, Diana Dee, Burbank, Calif., 377 

Daines, Nancy Kay, Lynnwood, Wash., 350 

Daines,' David Eugen^, Lynnwood, Wash. 

Daines, Weldon Lee, Firth, Ida., 350 

Dalby, Dean LaMar. Levan 

Dalebout, Paul, Provo, 86, 90 

Dalley. Ronald Albert, Overton, Nev. 

Dallln, Daria, Springvllle, 377 

Dallln. Don Blake, P'rovo, 274, 324 

Dallin, Shlrl C. Spanish Fork, 377 

Dalton, David Dare, Los Altos, Calif., 350 

Dalton, Jan Whitney, Springvllle, 350 

Dalton, Janet, Circleville, 377 

Dalton, Juana Miriam, Fullerton, Calif., 433, 212 

Dalton. Lena Geneve, Pleasant Grove, 243, 331 

Daly, Jay Wllford, Richfield 

Daney, Monnie Morgan, Talihlna, Okla. 

Dandrldge, Virginia S.. Pasadena, Calif.. 377 

Daney, Ramona Edna, Pleasant Grove 

Daniels, Diana May, Long Beach, Calif., 198 

Daniels, Donna May. Caldwell. Ida., 350 

Daniels, Nell Murray, St. Thomas, Ont., Can. 

Daniels, Philip Bliss, Annabella 

Daniels, Shanna Marie, San Rafael, Calif., 350 

Danielson, Gene Earl, Springvllle, 308 

Danks, Leora Ann, Evanston, Wyo.. 237, 377 

Danklef. Connie Jo, Pleasant Grove, 377 

Danley, Arlene Joy, Ft. Worth, Tex. 

Darling, Clair Hawkins, Spanish Fork 

Dart. James A.. Spanish Fork 

Dastrup. Bernard C Altamont. 265 

Davenport, Alice M.. Las Vegas. Nev. 

Davenport. Chloe Ann. Tama. Iowa, 331 

Davenport, Earl M., Walla Walla, Wash. 

Davenport, Evonne Mae, Meridian, Ida., 308 

Davenport, Geraldine, Tama, Iowa, 377 

Davenport, Grace R., Provo 

Davenport, Perry M., Walla Walla, Wash. 

Davenport, Margie, Provo, 167, 350 

Davenport, Sandra Lee, Caldwell. Ida., 284 

Davidson, Dawn llene. Salt Lake City, 350 

David, Suzanne, Salt Lake City. 377 

Davidson. Gwyn Dean. Alameda, Ida., 147, 308 

Davldcon, Marion N., Evanston, Wyo., 331 

Davidson, Marlow G.. Provo, 308 

Davidson, Warren E., Mapleton, 377 

Davidson, Theodore E.. Evanston. Wyo.. 350 

Davies. David LeRoi. Provo. 90. 350 

Davies. John Roy, Ogden 

Davies, Grant William, Provo, 377 

Davies, Mary Catherine, Salt Lake City, 134 

Davis. Barbara Grace. Camas, Wash., 331 

Davis, Beth, Provo, 377 

Davis, Betty Fay, Magna, 108. 351 

Davis. Briant LeRoy. Long Beach. Calif, 

Davis. Clinton D.. Spokane. Wash.. 308 

Davis. Dan Lee. Las Vegas. Nev. 

Davl;. Dee Ann, Buhl, Ida., 378 

Dell, Roger Marcus, South Gate, Calif. 

DeMarco. Louie George, Price 

OeMaree, Ronald K., Provo. 351 

Demet, James Hercules, Racine. Wis.. 100. 102. 103. 

Demer, Clair DeLoy, Murtaugh, Ida.. 351 

T. H. 


Can., 351 

Davis, Diane, Orem 

Davl:, Dixie, Panguitch, 351 

Davis, Dorothy, Provo, 174, 308 

Davi-,, Eldon Paul, Kanab, 351 

Davis, Elaine A.. Provo. 308 

Davis Elise Daney. Provo 

Davis. Gary Lee. So. Gate. Calif.. 3451 

Davis. Gerald E.. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 210 

Davis Hazel Catherine. San Jose. Calif.. 33 1 

Davis, Hazel Ruth, Salem, 202, 331 

Davis, Joan, Provo, 378 

Davis, Karen Marie. Monrovia, Calif.. 378 

Davis, Judy, Somerton, Ariz. 

Davis, Klliona Soloman. Hoolehua, Moloka 

Davis, Leah Rae, Sacto, Calif. 

Davis, Leland Ellis, Provo 

Davis, Lena K., Hoolehua, Moloka 

Davis, Lester Clark, Springvllle 

Davis, Lorin Richard, Orem 

Davl<. Lloyd F., Boise, Ida., 240, 

Davi:, Lynn Fay, Heber, 351 

Davis, Norman Boyd, Ashland, Ore.. 351 
Davis, Owena Gayle. Wellington, 351 
Davis, Raymond Leon, Kanarraville, 332 
Davis. Reedf Kay. Albuquerque. N. Mex., 

Davis. Richard Charles. Payson. 30 
Davis, Richard Lynn, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Davis, Robert Lyman, Panguitch 
Davis. Rollin Stuart. Salt Lake City, 351 
Davis, Ronald Cloyd, Roseville, Calif., 378 
Davis. Ronald Mitchell, Provo 
Davis, Sterling P., Emmett, Ida., 332 
Davis, Roscoe Ben. Alhambra. Calif.. 351 
Davis, Wendel Morgan, Salt Lake City, 378 
Davisson, Janeal S., Hillsboro, Ore., 378 
Dawson, David Harold. Layton, 322 
Dawson, Oliver Glenn, Owendale, Alta. 
Dawson, Ray H., Provo, 378 
Day, Andrew J. Jr., LaCanada, Calif. 
Day, Carl F., American Fork, 332 
Day. Clark Harris, Springvllle, 309 
Day. David B.. Layton 
Day, Dennis Nathan, Fairview, 224, 270 
Day. Fay. Salt Lake City, 309 
Da/, Gloria, Hiawatha, 332 
Day, Marian L.. San Diego, Calif., 378 
Day, Melvin Robert, Pleasant Grove 
Day, Myrna, Layton, 259, 305. 309 
Day. Paul F., Provo, 174. 378 
Day. Roxanna Kay, Kuna, Ida 
Day, Sidnee, Murray, 378 
Day. William E., Oakley, Ida. 
Daybell, Jack Warren, Mesa, Ariz. 
Dayton, Kenna Beth, Salt Lake City, 276, 198. 35! 
DeCastro. Odair Sllva. Sao Paulo. Brazil, 351 
De La Cruz. Jose D.. Col. Juarez. Chih. Mex. 
DeLange. Leland L., Orem 
De Mille. Lloyd. Midvale 

De St Jeor, Johna Mary, Sai, Bernardino, Calif. 
Deamer, Carol, Ogden, 351 
Dean, Larry Edward, Twin Falls, Ida., 351 
Dean. Michael S., Skokle, 111,, 194, 258. 378 
Dean. Nowlan Kelly. Midway 
DeAngeles. Sally A.. Turlock. Calif.. 287. 351 
Deason, Lajuana, Salt Lake City, 283, 309 
DeBloois, Betty Gene, Holden, 351 
Debry, Legrant C, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Debry. James Wayne. Provo 
Debs, John Edward, Pearblossom, Calif.. 351 
Decaire. Arlene Delia. Calgary, Alta., Can., 378 
Decker. Dean Alma. Enterprise. 332 
Decker. Don Lee, MantI 

Decker, Helen Jean, Mesa. Ariz.. 138. 176. 351 
Decker, Irving H., Evanston, Wyo., 351 
Decker, L. Fredrick, Snowflake, Ariz., 351 
Decker, Loral A., Snowflake, Ariz., 309 
Decker, Laurel Weldon, Mesa, Ariz., 176, 
Decker. Mary Rachael. Mesa. Ariz.. 176, 
Decker. Patricia Anna, Snowflake, Ariz 
Decker, Rey M., Mesa, Ariz., 332 
Decker, Wayne Reeves, Enterprise, 351 
Defriez, Stanley C, Huntington 
DeGraw, Clifford P., Spanish Fork, 314, 332 
DeHoyos, Alberto, Monterrey, Mex., 256. 309 
DeHcyos, B. Federico, Juarez. Max., 326 
DeJong. Thelma, Provo, 324 
Del Fium, Dorene J., Long Beach, Calif, 269, 351 
Dellenbach, Kenneth K., South Gate. Calif.. 351 

DeMordaunt. Paul Roger. Blackfoot. Ida., 224, 225 

332, 413 
Denhalter. John Henry. Orem 
Denney. Donald Boyd. Blackfoot, Ida., 332 
Dennis, Lonnie Morris, Los Angeles, Calif., 91, 378 
Danos', Janet Julia, Big Bear| Lake, Calif., 246, 351 
Dennlson, Betty Karen, Fullerton, Calif., 332 
Denos, Alonzo Elijah, Big Bear Lake, Calif. 
Denver, Charles H., Fort Duchesne 
DePauIa, Leoses Zanone, Parana, Brazil 
DePrlest, Peggy L., Los Alamos. N. Mex.. 351 
Deputy. Anne. Salisbury. Md.. 309 
Deputy. Nancy. Salisbury, Md., 175, 351 
Derr, Bradley K., Albany, Calif.. 378 
Derr, Lorstta G.. Green Lane. Pa.. 175, 238, 351 
De^pain, Faith, Lovell, Wyo.. 268. 332 
T. H.. 202. 257. 378 Despaln. Philip Clive. Centerfield. 351 
Despain. Richard S.. Lovell. Wyo. 
Devenport. Eugene C. Ucon. Ida., 244, 332 
Devey, Beverly, American Fork, 170, 332 
De Victoria. Joseph R. L.. Provo 
Devine, Mar/ M„ Seattle. Wash.. 351 
Devries. Robert H.. Oakland. Calif.. 332 
Dew, Donald C. Florence. S. C. 378 
218. 219. Dev/ey. Donald R.. St. Louis. Mo.. 252. 351 
Dewey. Joe Robert Jr.. Provo. 378 
Dewey. Larelne, Boise. Ida. 
Dewey. Patricia. Boise. Ida. 
Dewey. Phyllis M.. Ontario. Calif.. 378 
Dewitt. Deanne. Mesa. Ariz.. 378 
Diamond. Paul L.. Payson 
Dibble. Deanne Gail. Salt Lake City, 351 
Dick. Marshall Lee. Woodburn, Ore.. 378 
Dickenson. Lois Mai, Santa Paula, Calif. 
Dickerson, Larry Eu, Provo, 190 
Dickinson, Benjamin L., Ponca City, Okla. 
Dicks, Edith Ellen, Elko, Nev., 172, 378 
DIdrickson. Dan 
Dickson, Max Cook, Roy, 309 
Didericksen, Coraleigh, Tremonton. 378 
Dierksen, Carol Mae, Yosemite, Calif., 378 
Dieter, Alice Delia, Ontario. Ore.. 332 
Dieu, Douglas Hyrum, Ogden, 332 
DIgerness, Sarah I., Cheyenne, Wyo., 162. 238. 35l 
Dike James Alvln. Babbitt. Nev., 35 1 
Dilks. Carolyn Emily, Inglewood, Calif., 378 
Dill. Douglas Leon, Coos Bay. Ore.. 244, 261, 378 
Dillon. Reid L.. Orem 
Dillman. Laurie E.. Coeur d'Alene. Ida. 
Dillrran. Tanya Faye. Salt Lake City. 252. 378 
Dills, Joseph Ronald. Jacksonville. Fla.. 252. 378 
Dimter. Lauren Hanley. Los Angeles, Calif., 332 
Dinkins. Norman S.. Jesup. Ga. 
Dinsdale. Colleen K.. Provo. 309 
Dlnsdale. David R.. Provo. 324 
Dlttus. Heldegarde E.. Fargo. N. D.. 351 
Ditty, James Mitchell, Wilmington, Calif. 
Dix, Lawona Helen, Provo 
Dixon. Dennis B., Payson, 309 
30* Dixon. Fred. Provo 

Dixon. Donald R., Salt Lake City. 86, 90, 194 

Dixon, James D., Payson, 332 

Dixon. Mary Ann. Provo. 332 

Dixon. Karen, Provo. 39. 46. 172. 208. 226, 351 

Dixon. Richard Chlpman, Provo. 109 

Dixon. Shirley W.. Payson. 378 

Dixon. Willard Charles. Spanish Fork 

Djahanbani. Farrokh R., Teheran, Iran, 113, 332 

Doak, Kathleen Miriam. Hollywood. Calif,. 378 

Dodd, Russell Elton, Elkins, W. Va., 309 

Dobson, Lowell W., Orem. 309 

Dodds, David Maloy, Panguitch 

Doezle. Ephra. Pasadena. Calif. 

Dolan. Albert Edward. Provo. 351 

Dolinar, Richard A.. Provo 

Doman, Earl Arthur, Ontario, Ore.. 100 

Doman. John Edward, Nampa, Ida., 162. 351 

Doman. Verl Thomas. Riley, Ore., 173, 378 

Donahoo, Boyd W.. Los Angeles. Calif., 218. 309 

Donaldson. Barbara. Ogden. 309 

Done. John Marsh, Payson 

Done. Joseph Alvin, Provo 

Doney, Barbara. Franklin. Ida.. 378 

Dorff. Reginald Ray. Detroit. Mich. 

Dorgan. Francis G.. Provo. 351 

Dorlus. Dale M.. Fayette. 351 

Dorlus. Deanna Minnie. San Francisco, Calif. 

Dorman. Eva Doreene. Rick Springs. Wyo., 378 

Dorny. De Anne. Chevy Chase, Md., 139, 272, 378 

175. 176. 351 




student Index - Autumn Quarter 


Dorny. Ruth Emily. Salt Lake City 

Dory, Deanna. Queer) Creek, Ariz., 250, 351 

Dotion, Renee. Pocatello. Ida.. 309 

Dotv. Lois Ward. Provo. 378 

Dougall. Jeanette L,. Springville. 378 

Dow, Kay Harris. Calgary. Aita., Can. 

Downes. Florence J.. Spokane Wash. 

Downey. Frank Kent. Hayden. Ariz.. 237. 351 

Doxey. John Rulon, Oakland. Calif.. 378 

Doxey, Lawry Evans. Sal+ Lake City. 351 

Drake. Charles F.. Provo 

Drake, Janel May. Nampa. Ida . 243, 309 

Drake. Leon Ray. Nampa. Ida.. 378 

Dra^ulich. Jannie Lou. Ely. Nev. 

Draper. Marva Arlene. Bountiful. 246. 332 

Drajghon. Wells Earl, Durham. N. C. 

Draughn. Norma Dale. K/lt. Airy. N. C, 172 

Draper. Otto L., Midvale 

Dray. Joann Wanda. Renas. N. Y.. 133. 263, 

Drech>el. Dolores Fay. Salt Lake City. 166. 351 

Dredge, Cherye Lee. No. Hollywood. Calif., 378 

Dredge. John Deschamps. Malad. Ida., 332 

Dredge, Jesse Richard, Malad, Ida., 332 

Dreger. Hilda M.. Richland. Mont.. 310 

Dreger, Dorothy K., Richland. Mont.. 351 

Dreith, Margery Ann, Long Beach. Calit. 

Drigqs, Frank Swensen. Pleasant Grove, 109 

Driskell, Carolyn. San Jose. Calif.. 237. 251. 351 

Driver. Robert James. Chula Vista. Calif. 

Dro'jbay. Dale Ivan, Provo, 310 

Dryden. David Bruce. Glendale, Calif. 

Dryden, Thomas Edgar, Jerome, Ida., 351 

Dubois. Jacqueline M.. Los Angeles. Calif.. 

Duce. Lee Fisher. Marysvllle. Wash.. 351 

Duce. Norman Sheffield. Lethbridge. Alta. 

Duce! Richard F.. Marysvllle. Wash.. 378 

Duchesne, Andrie Lucy. Mesa, Ariz.. 326 

Dudding, Earl Brown. Washington. D. C. 

Dudley. June Nythel. Pocatello. Ida.. 33. 287 

Dudley. Mary Ann. Magrath. Alta.. Can. 

Dudley. Mona Rae. Magrath. Alta.. Can.. 378 

Dud'ey. Wlnone T.. Vancouver, Can. 

Dudley, Robert L., Pocatello. Ida.. 274 

Dudman. Anne. Ogden. 378 

Duerden. Frosty Ella. Downey. Calif.. 174 

Duffey. Dianne L., Van Nuys, Calif.. 352 

Duffin. Carolyn Faie, Nyssa, Ore.. 378 

Duifin. Deanna Zelma. Bountiful. 212. 378 

Duffin. Irene. Axtell, 310 

Dugan. John Paul, Colorado Springs. Colo.. 

Duggan. James Russell. Long Beach, Calif., 

Duke, E. Jean, Provo. 352 

DuVe, Larry B.. Heber 

Duncan, Lloyd Orval. Roosevelt 

Duncan. McNeil Jr.. Roosevelt. 378 

Duncan. David Lee. Oakland. Calif. 

Dunford, Bruce R.. Huntington Park. Calif. 

Dunford. Chaunce L., Fairfax. Calif.. 378 

Dunford. Charles K.. Provo. 109. 332 

Dunford. John Parley. Portland. Ore.. 285. 378 

Dunford, Thomas Jay, Bloominqton. Ida.. 237 

Dunn. Barbara. Boise. Ida.. 162. 310 

Dunn. J. L., Annabella. 332 

Dunn, Joan Patricia. Valley Stream. N. Y., 324 

Dunn. Lynn P.. Paul. Ida. 

Dunn, Patricia E.. Er.qlewood, Colo., 202. 352 

Dunn. Patricia Sally. Helper. 232. 332 

Dupaix. Melvin Miles, Huntington Park. Calif 

Fames, Elizabeth. Bountiful. 108. 352 

Earl. Anthony M.. Las Vegas. Nev., 146. 162. 352 

Earl. Esther Miriam. Las Vegas. Nev.. 200. 332 

Earl. James L.. Provo 

Easttncnd. Elbert John. Provo. 378 

Eaton. Armon Valoy. Vernal. 100 

Eatough. Norman, Provo 

Eaves, Bradford W., Honolulu, T. H., 378 

Eaves. Sharon Diane. Los Angeles. Calif., 378 

Eberhard. Collette. Preston. Ida.. 246. 332 

Eberhart. Norma P.. Grand Junction. Colo.. 176. 378 

Echols. Clyde Gordon. Hiqley, Ariz., 251. 378 

Echols Robert Lee Jr., Phoenix, Ariz.. 162 

Eckel. Paul Ralph, Medford. Ore.. 90. 210. 352 

Eckert. William R.. El Cajon, Calif. 

Eddlnqton. Bonnie Rae, Holladay. 362 
376 Edgell. Mary Lee. Jefferson City, Mo. 

Ediefsen. Patricia Lee. Boise. Ida.. 332 
275, 35i Edmen. Eleanor Stark. Salem 

Edrington. Josephine B.. Provo 

Edrington. LaMar Kay. Provo 

Edvalson. Alice. Llnlon. Ore.. 378 

Edstrom. Patricia L.. Salem. Ore.. 378 

Edward, John Brent. Sumatra, Mont., 218 

Edwards, Catherine, Provo 

Edwards, Charles B., Provo 

Edwards, Echo, Gunnison, 378 

Edwards, Elaine. Belle Fourche. S. D., 202. 352 

Edv/ards. Gary C. Heber 

Edwards, Hugh, Montlcello. 148. 353 

Edwards. Louis John. Thistle. 378 

Edwards. Luwana King. Provo 
35J Edwards. Patricia L.. Centralla. Wash.. 222. 285. 310 

Edwards. Robert W.. Provo. 332 


232. 332 

Duplisea, Gerald Hugh. Marysvllle. N 
Dupont. Clyde Stanley, Wahiawa, Oahu 
Durand. Rene Ronald, Chicago, III. 
Durtee. Delsa. Salt Lake City. 310 
Durree, Kenneth Dwayne. Heyburn. Ida 
Durfee. Milo Vaughn, Salt Lake City. 
Durfey. Joseph McLean. Bicknell 
Durfey. Robert Ellett, Provo 
Durham, Karl Ray, Santa Ana, Calif., 148, 310 
Durrant, John L., Provo, 353 

Norman W.. Blackfoot. Ida.. 
Vickl Leola, American Fork 
Belden B.. Provo 
Durtschi. Elise. Salt Lake City, 378 
Dus^in Bryna Loy. Pocatello, Ida., 

Joan LeFevre 

John Joseph, Roseburg. Ore. 

LaVoIr D., Moses Lake. Wash., 378 

Richard Ernest. Roseburg, Ore., 310 
Dwight, Dee Elaine. Butte, Mont., 167, 378 
Dyer Robert D., Portland. Ore.. 113. 194, 195 
Dyer. Grady T., El Paso. Tex.. 378 
Dyson, Dixie Joan. Nanalmo. B. C. Can.. 378 

Eagar, Herbert Lynn, Calton, Calif., 320 
Eagleston, Gerald John, Bakersfield. Calif. 



198, 226.. 378 


373 Edwards. Sheldon M.. Boulder City. Nev. 

Edwards. Thomas M.. Garden Grove. Calif.. 378 
Egan. Horace Fredric, Provo 
Egbert. Judy Marie. Murtaugh. Ida.. 378 
310 Egbert, Richard P.. Tetonia. Ida.. 332 
Egbert, Wendall W.. Preston, Ida. 
Egg. Theron Jay Jr.. SeaHle. Wash., 272, 288, 352 
Eichelberger, Berta Jo. Boise, Ida.. 176. 352 
Ekins. Alton Edwards. Provo. 282 
Eklns. Gene Arnold, Hinckley, 379 
Ekins, Paul Edwards, Provo. 282 
Elder, Charles WiHiam. Seattle. Wash.. 310 
Elder. Fern Arlene. Kennewlck. Wash.. 379 
Elder. Qulnten Joseph. Provo 
Elder. Richard Lee. Long Beach. Calif.. 379 
282. 378 Eldredge. Joseph Lloyd. Salt Lake City. 167, 196. 332 
166. 332 Eldredge, Lana Marie. Las Vegas. Nev.. 379 
Eldredge. Susan Ethel. Salt Lake City 
Elgan. Jess Bybee. Provo 
Elg^n, Mary Lynn, Mesa. Ariz., 379 
Eliason. Diane, Salt Lake City 
Eliason, Ncrrell B,, Bancroft, Ida.. 279. 310 
Ellasscn. Rosalie Ann. Detroit. Mich., 322 
Eliason, Patricia Ann, Snowville, 198, 226, 332 
Elison, Ina Lou Oakley, Ida., 161, 164, 304 
Elklngton, Grant Clark. Sprlnqville 
332 Elklnqton. William L.. Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Ellett, Rulon Sheldon, Bicknell 
Ellington, Harvey D.. Taber, Alta., Can.. 379 
EIIIoH. Nancy Lucy. Salt Lake City. 353 
Ellis. Alta Deanne. La Habra, Calif., 379 
Ellis. Gay Mercedes. Salt Lake City. 260, 352 
Ellis. Geralyn Rae. Pomona. Calif.. 246. 352 
352 Ellis. Jede Nell. Mancos. Colo.. 352 
Victor G.. Spanish Fork 
John McKIe. Palestine. Tex., 263, 332 
Ellison. Howard Reed. Lethbridge. Alta., Can.. 223, 

Ellison. Marilyn W.. Lethbrldqe. Alta.. Can.. 332 
Ellsworth. Barbara H.. Suffern. N. Y.. 170. 379 
Ellswcrth, Carol Lynn, Blackfoot. Ida.. 202 
Ellsworth. Christine. Pasadena. Calif.. 352 
Ells/rorth. Elolse. Pima. Ariz.. 216. 352 
Ellsworth. German C. M., Salt Lake City 
Ellsworth, Jonathan L., Farmlngton, N. Max., 3 10 
Ellsworth, Karen, Chino, Calif.. 276 
Ellsworth. Karmen, Chino. Calif.. 276 
Ellsworth. Lyle W.. Provo. 273. 332 
Ellsworth. Sterling G.. Salt Lake City. 310 
Elmer. Laura W.. Provo. 352 
Elmer. Theodore K.. Provo. 332 
Elton. Dan K.. Provo 
Elton. Curtis Beck. Tooele 
Elton. Lawrence S.. Orem 
Elton. Wayne D.. Salt Lake City 
Ely. Cheryl H.. Las Vegas. Nev.. 379 
Ely. Raymond William, Los Angeles. Calif.. 352 
Elzlnga. Yvonne Kay. Hunter. 237. 353 
Emery. Alvln Wllford, Salt Lake City. 91 
Emmett. Sally. Rochester, Minn., 216, 332 
218. 352 Emmett, Susan, Rochester, Minn. 

B.. Can.. 35i Elli; 
T. H.. 352 Elli! 

. 378 
48. 353 

Emmons. Elmer LaMar. Provo 

Ence. Iva Dawn. Las Vegas, Nev.. 353 

Endsrs. Gordon Wesley. Kennewlck, Wash., 288, 379 

Endlcott, Barbara G., San Rafael, Calif., 379 

England, Ann Christine, Minneapolis, Minn., 235, 379 

England, Joseph Deloyd, Tooele, 269 

England. Roger C. Tooele. 379 

Engle. Ira Jr.. Seymour. Conn.. 352 

Enke. Arthur Harold. Provo. 280. 379 

Enke. Ruth Graham. Provo. 243, 332 

Enz, Marlene Smith, Provo. 379 

Enyart, Robert Carl, Gooding, Ida. 

Epperson. Carol L.. Frankfurt. Germany, 173, 379 

Erekson, Alma Y.. Provo. 310 

Erekson. Arlene S., Provo 

Erekson, Gene M.. Provo 

Erekson. William B... Sandy. 157. 379 

Ergang, Ivadell Helen, Provo, 310 

Erickson, Alice, Sprlnqville 

Erickson. Carl Henry, Freedom, Wyo.. 332 

Erickson. Clarence Jr.. St. Joseph. Mo., 310 

Erickson, Donis L.. Boise, Ida. 

Erickson. Einar C. Ruth. Nev. 

Erickson. Elaine, Springville, 310 

Erickion, Gerald L. Lehi. 379 

Erickson. Karen Marie. Los Angeles. Calif.. 212. 259. 

Erickson. Larry Blaine. Lehl. 379 
Erickscn. Leiand Ross. Ogden, 310 
Erickson. LeRoy B.. Springville 
Erickson, Mary, Salt Lake City, 379 
Erickson, Maynard L., Sunnyside, 379 
Erickson, Mignon, Delta, 379 
Eriksen, Erik Paul. Danbury. Conn., 379 
Erikson. Glen Robert, Rexburg. Ida. 
Eriksson. Herbert. Las Vegas. Nev. 
Ersklne. June. Salt Lake City. 352 
Esler. Sally Ann. Phoenix. Ariz.. 232. 332 
Erickson. Jo Ann T., Fremont. 332 
Esplin, Robert Morris. Nyssa. Ore., 352 
Estabrooks. Eugene M,. Quebec. Can., 332 
Estes. Dale Arden. Rochester. N. Y., 352 
Estes. Richard L.. Redding. Calif., 379 
Estrada, David T., Provo, 332 

Estrada, Rex William, Stockton, Calif., 159, 214, 310 
Estrada. Fazur. Villa. Guerrero. Max., 310 
Estrada. Rosalind L, C. Provo. 332 
Ethridge, Eleanor Ruth. Macon. Ga.. 379 
Ettric, Frederick. Bellaire. N.Y.. 352 
Eubanks. Jay Winston. Nampa. Ida.. 379 
Evans, Barbara Leone. Salt Lake City. 352 

Evans. Benda Lee. Helena, Mont.. L33. 260, 379 

Evans. Bernell C. Payson 

Evans, Cheryl Ann. Boise, Ida.. 234, 379 

Evans, Betty Lou. Provo 

Evans. Douglas G., Calgary. Alta.. Can.. 379 

Evans. Diane L.. Salt Lake City. 379 

Evans, Fred Melvin, Dallas. Tex.. 263. 353 

Evans. Derald Robert. Tooele 

Evans, Georgia. Salt Lake City. 108. 172. 332 

Evans. Hugh Lusty. Arcadia, 265 

Evans. Jean. Riverton, 232. 246, 332 

Evans. John Deuel. Blackfoot. Ida.. 379 

Evans. John William. Provo. 324 

Evans. Lavon. Safford. Ariz.. 324 

Evans, Naomi Lillian, American Fork. 352 

Evans. Richard Wayne. Storm Lake. Iowa. 352 

Evans. Robert W.. Provo 

Evans. Ronald Walter. Mesa. Ariz., 379 

Evans, Sharron Rae. Tacoma. Wash.. 352 

Evans, Sondra, Salt Lake City. 332 

Evans. William Duane. Altamont, 265. 285. 379 

Evensen. Ronald C Durango. Colo., 379 

Evenson. Merrllyn Ann. Martinez. Calif.. 379 

Evert. Lawrence G.. Cody. Wyo., 379 

Eveson. Charlene. Glenwood. Alta., Can.. 379 

Eweli. Arlin Reed. Genola. 310 

Ewell. Sheldon F.. Monrovia. Calif.. 379 

Ewell. James Neil. Spanish Fork 

Exeter. George M.. Pocatello, Ida. 

Faber. Dorian Rey. Garrison 

Facer. Marilyn, El Monte. Calif., 379 

Facer, Mark Rolla, Malad, Ida.. 332 

Facer, Norman H., Provo. 379 

Faddls. John David. Pleasant Grove. 106 

Fadely. Charles R., Provo, 174, 332 

Fadely, Kenneth Lee, MIddletown. Ind.. 352 

Fagg. Jack Wayne, Oakley, 142, 173, 352 

Faheriy, Florence R.. Orem 

Fairbanks. George H.. Provo, 310 

Fairholm, Gilbert W., Salt Lake City. 332 

Fakharzadeh. Jalal. Tehran. Iran 

Falkner. Marilyn. Boise, Ida., 379 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Faller, Elaine G., Greenfield, Quebec, Can., 379 Fletcher, Bonnie Jean, Pascagoula, Miss,, 352 

Fallon, Kenneth Paul J., Spanish Fork, 190 Fletcher, Dale T., Prove 

Falslev, Maureen Joie, Altadena, Calif.. 161, 166, 379 Fletchtr, George A., Lethbridge, Alta., Can., 352 

Farley, E. Bruce, Yuma, Ariz. 

Farley, Gregory Dennis, Orem 

Farmer, Fred Duane, South Gate, Calif., 379 

Farmer, Scott Laval, Seattle, Wash., 86, 90, 210, 

Farnsworth, Barbara. M., Magna, 379 
Farnsworth, Carl Larry, La Plata, N. Mex., 142 
Farnsworth, Clyde Ray, Ely, Nev., 134, 352 
Farnsworth, Gail, Salt Lake City, 379 
Farnsworth, Helen M. 

Farnsworth, Jack H., La Plata, N. K^ex., 379 
Farnsworth, Lavon, El Dorado, Calif., 379 
Farnsworth, Susanne L., Sunnyside, 230, 379 
Farnworth, Richard A., Biggs, Calif., 173, 352 
Farr, David Jackson, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Farr, Robert Leiand, St. Johns, Ariz., 310 
Farrell, Robert M., Midway, Calif., 379 
Farrer, Walter Mark, Provo 
Farrar, Joann S., Provo 
Farrimond, Joan, Richland. Wash., 287, 352 
Fassler, Ronald J., Provo 
Faulkner, Leah Rae, Salt Lake City, 379 
Fauver, Phil Emmerton, Helena, Mont., 138, 379 
Fawson, Lurae Curtis, Salt Lake City, 268, 332 
Fehlberg, Vernon Lee, Orem, 173 
Felt, Horace Gene, Idaho Falls, Ida., 379 
Fenley, Mary Dagmar, Provo, 200, 26^, 379 
Fenn, Billie Weber, Eugene, Ore., 322 
Fenn, Donald Eugene, Eugene Ore., 352 
Fenton, Nelson Thomas, Pleasant Grove. 379 
Fenton, Robert, Pleasant Grove 
Ferguson, John A., San Diego, Calif. 
Ferguson, Roy Grant, Spanish Fork 
Fernandez, Celia Raye, Tampa, Fla. 
Ferrel, Alice Rexine, Denair, Calif. 
Ferrell, C. Edgar, Juneau, Alaska 
Ferrell, James Roger, Phoenix, Ariz 




285, 322 

Ferwerda, Don Leon, Concord, Calif., 194 

Fettertey, James Leon, Provo 

Field, Donald Willis, Provo 

Field, Eugene, New York, N. Y., 176, 379 

Field, Ray Arvid, Nyssa, Ore., 237, 332 

Field, Rosalie B., Ogden 

Field, Sharlene, Provo, 379 

Fields, Clarence L., Provo 

Fielding, Bonnie Joan, Payson 

Fielding, Jay Soelberg, Shelley, Ida., 379 

Fietkau, Benjamin R., Springville, 352 

Fife, Dennis J., Filer, Ida., 379 

Fife, Diana, New Orleans, La., 380 

Fife, James David, Burlingame, Calif., 157, 310 

Fife, Florence E., Burlingame, Calif., 310 

Fife, Janice, Yuma, Ariz., 332 

Fife, Richard S., Sacramento, Calif., 380 

Fife, Ronald Kay, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Fillmore, Alfred Max, Provo, 108 

Finch, James Moran, Spanish Fork, 286, 352 

Finch, Richard H., Oakland, Calif., 219, 332 

Findlay, Delano Saxton, Salt Lake City 

Findlay, Eugene Hugh, Provo 

Findlay, Jack R., Panaca, Nev. 

Finlayson, Carol J., Provo, 380 

Finlayson, Bliss B., Seattle, Wash., 216 

Finlayson, Fred C, Provo, 285, 322 

Finlayson, Lucille J., Ontario, Calif., 310 

Finlayson, Ralph Leon, Seattle, Wash., 100, 380 

Finlinson, Arline, Provo, 352 

Finlinson. Arlyn Jay, Leamington, 103 

Finlinson, Sandra, OaK City, 380 

Firmage, Gloria Ruth P., Provo, 246, 247 

FiscHborn, Hans H., San Jose, Costa Rico 

Fish, Patricia D., Mesa, Ariz. 

Fisher, Diane Jones, Whittier, Calif. 

Fisher, James Dwayne, Idaho Falls, Ida., 380 

Fisher, Margaret, Draper, 332 

Fisher, Milton Byron, Provo, 352 

Fisher, Robert B., Kuna, Ida., 30, 310 

Fishfader, William H., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Fiso, Avefua, Sauniato, Samoa, 268, 310 

Fitt, Jon Cleon, Provo, 145, 332 

Fitzgerald, Crozier K., Draper 

Fitzgerald, James B., Draper 

Fitzgerald, Marilynne, Salt Lake City, 380 

Fjeldsted, Carolyn. Gunnison, 380 

Fjeldsted, Gil Berta, Gunnison, 170, 380 

Flake, David Kay, Snowflake, Ariz., 173, 250, 282, 352 

Flake, Iven Kowallis Nyssa, Ore., 352 

Flake, Rhita, Snowflake, Ariz., 310 

Flanary. Paul Eugene. Nyssa, Ore., 124, 352 

Fleischauer, Mary E., Pinetop, Ariz., 380 

Fleming, Donovan E. Jr., Ogden, 324 

Flenniken, Daisy L., Millbrae, Calif., 226, 352 

Fletcher, Lewis L., Ogden, 138 

Flinders, Neil J., Ogden, 106, 332 

Flinn, Robert James, Salt Lake City 

Flint, Edward Carl, Bloomington, Calif., 91, 380 

Flint, Noel D., Layton 

Florine Bonnie Claire, Long Beach, Calif., 380 

Flower, Judson H. Jr., Provo, 109, 310 

Floyd, Clettis Earl, Booneville, Miss. 

Flygare, Dorathy, Provo 

Flygare, Norma, Salt Lake City, 352 

Flygare, Patricia, Afton, Wyo., 332 

Fogle, Laurel Lee, Inglewood, Calif., 380 

Folkman, Carol, Nyssa, Ore., 285, 332 

Follett, John Curtis, Ogden, 352 

Folsom, Kelvin R., Spokane, Wash., 380 

Folsom, Marvin Hugh, Provo, 148 

Folsom, Nancy Ellen, Salt Lake City, 162 

Folster, Stephen A., San Brunado, Calif., 380 

Forbes, Paul W., Salt Lake City 

Forbes, Allen Robey, American Fork 

Forbis, John Alvin, Tillamook, Ore., 196 

Ford, LaRue, Provo 

Ford, Margaret, Farmington 

Fordham, Paul Alton, Mishawaka, Ind. 

Foremaster, Lew Lloyd, Las Vegas, Nev., 352 

Foreman, Richard V/., Calgary, Alta., Can., 352 

Foremaster, Mary Alice, St. George, 255, 332 

Forgacs, Walter John, Winslow, Ariz. 

Forsberg, Robin, Lodi, Calif., 221, 310 

Forsgren, G. Brent, Murray, 352 

Forsling, Myrtle Ann, Twin Falls, Ida., 246, 310 

Forsyth, Gordon J., Provo, 324 

Forsyth, Sandra Elvera, Covina, Calif., 170, 200, 

Forsyth, Terry Norwood, Provo, 194, 195 

Forsyth, Ward R., Fremont, 380 

Forsythe. Francis K. G.. Waialus. Oahu, T. H. 

Fortress, Edwina Lee, Valecito, Calif., 282 

Fortini, Patricia Ann, Oakland, Calif, 246, 332 

Foss, Charleda Belle, Coeur d'Alene, Ida., 380 

Foss, Maralee O., Coeur d'Alene, Ida., 380 

Foster, Diane E., Palo Alto, Calif., 380 

Foster, Lynn, Pocatello, Ida., 106 

Foster. Lena Nadine, Danforth, Maine, 310 

Foster, Myra Alyce, Ely, Nev. 

Fotheringham, Dean VV., Orem 

Foulk, Donald Melvin, Walnut Creek, Calif, 380 

Fountain, Barbara Jean, Van Nuys, Calif., 380 

Foutz. Arlene, Mesa, Ariz., 352 
Foutz, Edwin Luff, Provo 

Foutz, Elvadeen, Las Vegas, Nev., 200, 352 
Foutz, Pauline Marie, Las Vegas, Nev., 380 

Fowkes, Elliott Jay, Evanston, Wyo., 310 

Fowkes, Ivar Gene, Evanston, Wyo., 237, 332 

Fowler, Janet Dawn, Salem, Ore., 352 

Fowler, Lois Ann, Lehi 

Fowles, Lueann, Oakley, Ida., 212 

Fowies, Robert LeMoyne, Mt. Pleasant, 332 

Fox, Joyce, Salt Lake City 

Fox, Laura Carolyn, Vernal, 380 

Fox, Robert Barlow, Ogden, 332 

Fox, Ruth Eleane, Elk Grove, Calif., 352 

Fox, Stephen Grant, Salt Lake City, 380 

Fox, William H., Lehi 

Foxley, Billy Sears, Everett, Wash. 

Foy, Leo Boyd, Duchesne, 352 

Foy, Margaret Ann, Pangultch, 333 

Frampton, Dean Earl, Las Vegas, Nev., 214, 352 

Frampton, Evan A., Fillmore, 380 

Frampton, Mary Helen, Provo 

Frampton, Orval Max, Provo 

Francis, Floyd John, Taber, Alta., Can., 352 

Francis, Dean Samuel, Provo, 333 

Francis, Dixie, Spanish Fork 

Francis, Jane Ann, Spanish Fork, 228, 238, 352 

Francis, Larry Lee, Spanish Fork 

Francis, Vaughn Elgin, Orem 

Francom, Baunie Jean, Salt Lake City, 170, 352 

Francom, Delbert Dee, Payson, 310 

Francom, Donell Gordon, American Fork, 352 

Franks, John Richard, Oakley, Ida., 155, 159 

Franks, Lynn W., Oakley, Ida. 

Franks, Shirley Allen, Pocatello, Ida. 

Franson, Larry Maxwell, Oakley, 352 

Frazler, Gerald Allan, Springville, 139, 352 

Frazier, Rulon Kent, Oakley 

Frasier, Ronald Keith, Roseburg, Ore., 352 

Frazier, Vernon LaMar, Provo 

Frederick, Ladonna L., Forest Grove, Ore., 172, 

Frederlckson, William, Springville, 380 

Fredrickson, Lewis K., Provo, 380 

Fredrickson, Ralph V., Provo 

Free, Joseph Carl, Las Vegas, Nev., 285 

Free Lory M., Panaca, Nev. 
Free, Myrtle Joy W., Panaca, Nev. 
Freeman, Cheryl Ruth, Fresno, Calif, 380 
Freeman, Dee Marlln, Pleasant Grove 
Freeman, Elwyn Baxter, Rockland, Calif., 380 
Freeman, Douglas Owen, Mesa, Ariz. 
Freeman, Lawrence G., Rockland, Ida. 
Freeman, Peter Howe, Santa Monica, Calif, 333 
Freer, Forrest William, Mt. Home, Ida., 380 
Freestone, Tom L., Mesa, Ariz,, 91 
Freeze, Gary Lyman, Los Angeles, Calif., 310 
Frel, Donald W., Idaho Falls, Ida., 215, 333 
Frei, Marlene, St George, 255 
Freldenberger, John B., La Junto, Colo. 
French, Donald Ira Jr., Delmar, N. Y., 322 
Frodsham, Erma Jean, Whittier, Calif, 333 
Fritz, Sharon Lynne, Freeport, Ida.. 167, 258, 333 
Frizzell, Thomas P., Farmerville, Tex., 380 
Froellch, Ernest R., Provo, 214, 310 
Froelich, Dale J., Provo, 380 
Froerer, Carol Joyce, Vale, Ore., 380 
Fronk, Robert David, Ogden, 352 
Frost, Allen DeLoss, Salt Lake City, 380 
Frost, Jack, Joseph City, Ariz., 333 
Frost, Robert James, Calgary, Alta., Can. 
Fryer, Kenneth Lowin, Provo, 380 
Fugal, Janeil, Pleasant Grove, 380 
Fugal, Kristlne, Pleasant Grove, 380 
Fuhriman, David Hyrum, Oakland, Calif, 214, 352 
Fuhrlman, Jerald Dene, Nampa, Ida., 380 
Fujita, Wilfred Susumu, Honolulu, T. H., 352 
Fuller, Doyle Gubler, La Verkin, 380 
Fuller, Gary R., Campbell, Calif 
Fuller, Larry Dean, Baker, Ore., 352 
Fuller, Marie, Salt Lake City, 380 
352 Fuller, Marilyn, Salt Lake City, 272, 380 
Fuller, Mary Jean, Roy 
Fuller, Mary Loueen, Salt Lake City 
Fuller, Ramon Conrad, Roy, 326 
Fuller, Marilyn M., Cottonwood Ariz., 352 
Fuller, Robert A., Parker Ida., 380 
Fuller, Robert Lewis, Provo 
Fullmer, Claire, Rexburg, Ida., 202, 352 
Fullmer, Clark Elmer. Springville 
Fullmer, Gayle G., Byron, Calif 
Fullmer, Jimmie, Springville 
Furlong, Richard M., Ogden, 333 
Furr, Miriam, Springville, 172 
Fye, Rodney W., Salt Lake City. 221, 240, 333 

Gabbitas, Rex Frank, Provo 
Gabbott, Connie Ann, Salt Lake City, 138, 333 
Gagon, Gale, Provo 
Galley, Richard W., Preston, Ida. 
Galbralth, David Brian, Raymond, Alta., Can., 103 
Gale, James Eldon, Durango, Colo. 
Gale, Muriel Belle, Provo 
Gale, Norman Lon, Sacramento, 380 
Gale, Terry William, Springville, 190 
Gale, Virginia Ann, Provo, 380 
Gallier, MIgnon A., Orem 
Galloway, Gwen, Roosevelt, 173, 352 
Galloway, John Alden, Roosevelt, 333 
Gambles, Harry B., Swan Lake, Ida. 
Gallup, Norman Ray, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Gambles, Marilyn, Swan Lake, Ida., 380 
Gamblln, Gerald Allen, San Carlos, Calif., 333 
Gamett, Carolyn, Provo, 333 
Ganus, Perry Gene, Sanford, Colo. 
Gappmayer, Louis B., Orem 
Garcia, Blanca Eugenia, Mesa, Ariz. 
Garcia, Gloria Velia, Mesa, Ariz. 
Gard, Ronda Lynn, Haines, Ore., 380 
Gardner, Beverly Ann H., Richfield 
Gardner, Alan W., Spanish Fork 
Gardner, Claudia Joan, Roy 
Gardner, Colin, Gridley, Calif., 333 
Gardner, Duane L., Idaho Falls, Ida., 271, 333 
Gardner, Eldon Claire, Glendale, Ariz. 
Gardner, Georganne, Lemesa, Calif., 200, 228, 353 
Gardner, Henry Wayne, El Centro, Calif., 204, 353 
Gardner, Janet Afton, Spanish Fork 
Gardner, Joanne, Pleasant Grove, 380 
Gardner, Joyce, Colusa, Calif, 37, 170, 380 
Gardner, Kent, Blackfoot, Ida., 380 
Gardner, Larry Gene, Las Vegas, Nev., 106, 353 
Gardner, Lawrence B., Provo, 353 
Gardner, Lois Jean, Oil City, Pa., 380 
Gardner, Lynn J. Monterey Park, Calif., 49, 326 
261 Gardner, Marvin A., Ashland, Ore., 380 
Gardner, Mattie Jean, Lund, Nev., 380 
Gardner, Melba. Snowflake, Ariz., 380 
Gardner, Mllford B., Afton, Wyo. 
Gardner, Ralph Ervin, Colorado Springs, Colo., 353 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 


Gardner. Richard M.. Provo, 194 

Gardner; Robert A., Reno. Nev.. 380 

Gardner. Robert Covey, Newport Beach. Caht., 270, 

Gardner, Sherril. Lund. Nev.. 363 
Gardner, Shirley, Blackfoot. Ida., 310 
Gardner, Sofia Ann. Snowflake. Ariz., 310 
Gardner, Tracy Calvin. Covina. Calif., 353 
Gardner, Vilate. Berkeley, Calif.. 380 
Gardner. W. Dallin, Richfield. 223. 333 
Gardner, Zane Delmar. Denver. Colo. 
Garfield, Carol Jean, Milford, 353 
Garfield, Don LaMar, Tremonton. 333 
Garity. Garth R., Santaquin, 380 
Garn, K. Brett. Nampa. Ida., 380 
Garn. Ralph Franklin. Sugar City, Ida.. 380 
Garner. Clair James, Ogden, 310 
Garner. Dean A.. Raymond, Alta., Can, 
Garner. Marcia S.. Genola 
Garner. Donald Ross. Rexburg. Ida.. 353 
Garner. William. Rexburg. Ida. 
GarreH, Clyde B.. Nephi, Utah. 353 
Garrett, Dorothy L., Bingham Canyon. 380 
Fred L.. Provo, 148 
Gordon B.. American Fork, 279 
Karol R.. Provo 
Lawrence Y., Ely, Nev. 
Leon Sheril. Provo , 

GarreH. Mark Wallace. Salt Lake City, 353 
Garrett, Max Harold. Salt Lake City, 240, 241 
Garrison, William L., Bulington, towa, 221. 273 
Garside. Arlyn Lamoyne, Ogden, 310 
Gashler. Daniel Hugh, San Jose, Calif., 132. 221 

Gossaway. Terrance Lee. Portland. Ore.. 269, 353 
Gaster. Shirley, Sandy 
Gatenby. Bob, Provo 
Gates, Hugh Isom, Hurricane, 322 
Gates, Keith Thompson, Nampa. Ida.. 244, 353 
Gealta. John Chester, Provo. 310 
Geddes, June Arlene. San Jose, Calif. 310 
Geddes. Karlo Fa. Banida. Ida.. 216. 310 
Gedge, Devel Kidgell, Riverton. 333 
Gee. Beverly, Sugar City. Ida., 310 
Gee, Edwin Lester, Provo 
Gee, Janet Anne, Kirkwood. Md.. 353 
Gee, Kenneth V., Gunnison 

Geertsen, John Ralph, San Bruno. Calif., 108, 194 
Geerfsen. Lou Rita, Provo. 189, 108 
Gentry, Evelyn Denver, Colo., 363 
George, Ernest. Cowley, Wyo. 
George. Geneva G., Black Hill. S.C. 
George, Lillie Mae. Whittier. N. C. 
George, Frank Roger, Bynum. Mont. 
George, Marilyn. Salt Lake City, 363 
Gerber, Alan Harold, Salt Lake City 
Gerber. Austin M.. Wellington, 353 
Gerber, Robert 'Clinton, Phoenix. Ariz., 333 
Gerhart, Marilyn Anne, Great Falls, Mont., 353 
Gerth. Edna May. Salt Lake City, 172, 310 
Getts, Larry David, Vaughn, Mont., 380 
Glauque, Barbara Anne, Monrovia, Calif., 3 10 
Glauque, David Hughes. Monrovia, Calif., 380 
Gibb. John Douglas. Salt Lake City. 194. 353 
Gibbons, John Elwood, Provo 
Gibbons. LeRoy. Holbrook. Ariz.. 175. 176. 353 
Gibbons, Norman Lee, St. George, 161, 310 
Gibbons. William A., Phoenix, Ariz., 353 
Gibbs. Carolyn Jean, McCammon, Ida., 380 
GIbbs, Douglas James, Portage. 162, 353 
Gibbs. Gayle Yvonne. Antioch, Calif.. 172, 380 
Gibson. Carol Jean. Phoenix, Ariz.. 173. 237 380 
Gibson, Richard S., San Francisco, Calif., 333 
Gibson, Shirley Rae, Nephi 
Gleck. Fred Gary, Boulder City, Nev., 363 
Gifford, Clarence A., Olympla, Wash. 
Gilbert. Olg aMay, Santa Barbara, Calif., 

Gilbert. Reta Alice, Pentlcfon, B. C, Can. 

Gilbert, Rulon Olsen, Arcadia 
Gilchrist, DIanne S., Princeton, N. J., 172. 
Giles. Joyce Carolyn. Whittier. Calif. 380 
Giles, Mary P.. Springville 
Giles. Marvin Ray. Orem 
Gilger, Lloyd Dwight. Las Vegas. Nev.. 333 
Gill, Gurcharan S.. Moga. India, 266. 353 
Gill. Jim Joseph. Long Beach, Calif., 380 
Gillespie, Almon Dean, Fillmore 
Gillespie. David Ross, Salt Lake City, 380 
Gillie, Kenneth Dean, Calgary, Alta.. Can., 266. 380 
Gillies. Margaret Kaye, Provo 
Gilligan, Patricia, Orem, 381 
Gilllngs, James L., Arcadia. Calif., 310 

Gillison. Mary L. Portland, Ore.. 234. 381 
Gillman, LaDell, Provo 
Gilman, Marlin Dale. Garrison, Mont. 381 
Gilmore, Leola Lee, Sherman Oaks. Calif, 
Gilster. Donald Conrad, Boise. Ida. 
Gines, Margaret, Kamas, 333 
Glngerich. Lament, Spanish Fork. 274, 322 
Giraud, John LeRoy. Provo 
Gist. Clayton Scott, Hollywood, Calif 
Glasgow, Buckner B. Jr., Prove 
Glasson, Ruth Ann. New Plymouth. Ida., 353 
Glauser, Nancy Jane. Hollywood. Calif. 38l 
Glavinic, Adhor Louise, San Pedro, Calif., 353 
Glazier, Donna C. Mesa, Ariz.. 162, 222. 310 
Glazier. Joan, Provo 
Glazier. Richard P.. Provo. 324 
Gleason, Carol, Provo. 353 
Gleave. Larry J.. Annabella 
Gleave, Lynn, Provo, 100 
Gleave, Winston T.. Monroe 
Gledhill. Rex D.. Reseda. Calif 
Glenn, Barbara Ann. Klmberly. Ida,, 363 
Glenn, Darlene. Anaheim. Calif., 220, 353 
Glenn, Merrll Holton, Brigham 
Gllnes. Jered P., Richland, Wash,. 353 
Glines, Frederick W., Richland. Wash,, 381 
Glines, Reece L., Provo, 148, 270, 324 
Gllnes. Roger Claire. Richland. Wash., 381 
Glover, Annette Perry. Philadelphia, Pa.. 263. 38! 
Glover, LeRoy Lennis, Seattle, Wash. 
Goad, Luther Andrew, Provo 
Godfrey, Arvin F., Idaho Falls, Ida. 
275, Godfrey, Eva Louise, Richmond. 353 

Godfrey, Lorin Card, Cardston. Alta.. Can., 333 
Godfrey, Rlrle M., Provo 
Godfrey, W. iynn, Portland, Ore.. 381 
Goff Roland Cyril, Glendale, Calif. 190, 381 
Goff Harold Scholes, MIdvale. 381 
Going, Melvin Gerald, Moreland, Ida., 381 
Gold. Cherry Sue. Sandy. 381 
Golbe, Richard Arlen. Farmlngton, N. Mex. 
Goldman. Jay, Murray, 91 
Golden. James W.. Nephi, 381 
Goldrick, Toy Gayle, Murray, 193, 333 
Goldsberry, Robert W.. Elko, Nev.. 381 
Golightly. Max C. Proxo. 154 
Gomez, Allan B., Spanish Fork, 333 
Gomm, Kenneth Lester. Provo. 322 
Gonder. Emerson Wayne, Garrison, 353 
Gonzales, Howard R., Long Beach, Calif, 326 
Gonzales, Lawrence, Price 
Gooch, Thomas Lloyd, Lewlston, Mont., 38 1 
Goodfellow, Don Harris, Ogden, 310 
Goodman, Jean Ann, Richmond, Va., 353 
Goodman. Wayne F., Salt Lake City. 353 
Goodrich, Joann, Bluebell, 265, 333 
Goodrich, LorenDale, Bluebell 
Goodrich, Peggy Ann, Tridell, 353 
Goodrldge, William W,, Provo 
Goodseil, Glen Richard, Arlington, Va., 353 
Goodson, Joan H., Idaho Falls, Ida,, 353 
Goodson, Raymond Lynn. Tallahassee, Fla., 218. 381 
Goodwin, David Arlow, Ephralm 
Gordon, David Reed, Richland, Wash. 
Gordon, David Simon, Provo, i03, 322 
Gordon, Donald Wallace, Los Angeles, Calif 
Gordon, Elaine, Tooele, 353 
Gordon, Janice, Provo, 353 
Gordon. Norman Ross, Richland, Wash., 270 
Gordon. Susan Jane. Pasadena. Calif., 381 
Gordon. Virginia Kay, Hiawatha, 333 
Gornlchec, James F.. Orem 
Gorrlnge, Richard Hal. Oakley. Ida.. 310 
Gosar, Greg Anthony, Provo, 1945. 363 
Goss. Donna Deanne, Salt Lake City. 1 72. 230 
Gossett, Orien Ray, Chula Vista, Calif.. 38 1 
139. Goss, Sally Jo.. Vallejo. Calif, 353 
Gottfredson, Don M., Springville. 37 
284. Gottfredson, Douglas, Ely. Nev.. 176, 310 
Gottfredson, James M,, Clrclevllle, 381 
Gottfredson. Paul E., Springville 
Gould, Franklin David, Hamilton City, Calif. 
Gould. Harry Joe. Winslow. Ariz., 381 
Gould. Phyllis I., Winslow, Ariz., 333 
Gould, Suzanne. Telleson, Ariz., 208. 234. 381 
Gould, Wilburn James, Hamilton City. Calif. 
Goulding, Paul Vernal, Phoenix. Ariz. 
Goulding, Willis LaRel, Orem 
Graham, Bobby Don. Green Forest, Ark., 381 
Graham, Emilie Kay, Palm Springs, Calif, 381 
Grace, Ray Merrill, Nephi 
Graham, Gene Sumslon, Falrvlew, 310 
Graham, Glenda. Draper, 200, 353 
Graham, Joyce lone, Los Angeles, Calif., 322 
Graham, Wayne Roberf Eden, 333 


238, 353 

172, 230, 381 


172, 381 


234, 381 


Granese, Margherlta, Provo 
Granese, Salvatore, Provo 
Grange, La Rene, Huntington, 310 
Grange, Margaret Ann. Pocatello, Ida 
Grange, Scott Myron, Provo. 310 
Grant, Jay Williams. Olympla Wash., 333 
Grant, John Hendricks. Olympia, Wash.. 353 
Granf Lou Jeane P., Provo, 310 
Granf Richard Giles. Provo 274. 322 
Grant, Sharleen, Los Angeles. Calif., 381 
Granthem, Glen William, Richmond, Calif, 38 
Grappendorf, Joan J., Waterloo, Iowa. 310 
Graser, Floyd Robert, Ogden, 310 
Gray, Alan A., Seattle, Wash. 
Gray, Gary E., Sacramento, Calif. 
Gray, Jaclel Elaine. Ogden, 333 
Gray. Ralph William. Mesa. Ariz. 
Gray, Shirley Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 
Greathouse. Cheryl, Lynndyl 
Greathouse. Don, Lynndyl, 310 
Greathouse. Shirley L., Ventura, Calif., 
Greathouse. Vona Lue. Lynndyl. 363 
Greaves, Karren. Preston, Ida., 246. 353 
Green, Charles Ronald, Phoenix. Ariz. 
Green. Dixie L., Salt Lake City, 353 
Green, Gordon Reed, Fountain Green 
Green, Joyce. Ventura, Calif., 38 1 
Green, Marian, Blackfoot. Ida.. 249 
Green, Myrna, Pa rowan, 38 1 
Green. Sherry Ann. Salt Lake City. 208, 
Green, Thomas Harrison, Albany, Calif, 
Green, Violet June, Mocksvllle, N. C. 
Greene, Chloe Ann, San Carlos, Calif, 381 

Greene, Gilbert W., Provo 

Greene, Gloria, American Fork, 310 

Greenhalgh, Bob B., Santaquin 

Greenhaigh, David Ray, Provo, 363 

Greenhalgh, JInean, Provo, 381 

Greenhalgh, Merllyn J., Santa Ana. Calif, 

Greenhalgh. Richard N., Santa Ana, Calif, 

Greenhalgh, Utahna, Springville, 381 

Greening, Arlan Robert, American Fork 

Greenig, Dwayne, San Diego, Calif. 

Greenig, John Franklin, Salt Lake City 

Greenwood. Carma Mae. American Fork, 202. 333 

Greenwood, Carol. American Fork. 333 

Greenwood. Dennis I.. American Fork, 310 

Greenwood. Donald B.. Madison, N. J., 194 

Greenwood, J. Reld, American Fork, 353 

Greenwood, Jessie Kay, Sandy, 381 

Greenwood, Val David, Sandy, 173, 353 

Greer, Harvey Stanselt, St. Johns, Ariz., 310 

Greer, Grant, Provo 

Greeson, Lois Nona, Klmberly, Ida., 

Gregersen, Marden J., Sevier, 381 

Gregson, Norma Dene, Cardston, Alta., Can., 310 

Gresham, Kenneth Earl, Coos Bay, Ore., 333 

Gresham, George E., 

Grey, Alan Hopwood, Auckland ,New Zealand, 259 

Gries. Barbara V., Grand Junction, Colo. 

Griffeth, Gary G., Preston, Ida., 103, 381 

Griffin, Gary Vernon, VIctorvllle, Calif.. 381 

Griffin. Janet. El Paso, Tex. 

Griffin, Mary Gayle. Salt Lake City, 216, 217. 310 

Griffin. Roland Ivan, San Carlos, Calif 

Griffin, Spencer Dee, Providence. 196 

Griffin, Sylvia G., Boise. Ida., 310 

Griffin, Vivian Irene, Lethbrldge. Alia., Can., 333 

Griffls. Betty Jean, Sandy, 363 

Griffith. Dare Whitney, Hayden, Ariz., 381 

Griffiths, H. Darrell. Provo 

Griffiths, Jerry Wayne. Long Beach. Calif. 214. 215. 
223. 302 

Griffiths, Marie, Provo, 381 

Grigg, Delma Kathryn, Ontario, Ore., 172, '174, 381 

Griffiths. Roen Dean. Bend, Ore. 

Grimmett. Dixie Ann, Provo, 353 

Grlmmett, Karen M., Provo 

Grindstaff, Philip L., Orem 

Grimshaw, Barbara Mae, Cedar City, 222, 322 

Groberg, Richard H.. Idaho Falls, Ida,. 381 

Groeger, Barbara Jean, San Diego, Calif 

Groeger, Klaus Wllhelm, Provo 

Groesbeck, May Cowley, Springville 

Groneman, Frances C, Provo 

Groo, Denis Earl, Provo, 381 

Grooms. Roger Nelson, Salt Lake City 

Grotequt. David Arthur. Spanish Fork. 142. 333 

Grover. Alda Morris, Provo, 310 

Grover, Deon, Draper 

Grover. Grant William, Salt Lake City, 259 

Grover, Judith Kay. Evanston. 111.. 164, 208, 226, 256, 

Grover, Lewis Joseph, Butte. Mont. 

Grover, Richard Keith. Brigham City 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Grover, Sharel Kay, Susanville, Calif., 381 

Groves, Harold J. Jr., Myton 

Gubler, Audrey Iris, Idaho Falls, Ida., 333 

Gubler. Brent H., Ivins, 310 

Gubler, Donworth V., Springville 

Gubler, Jerald Royce, La Verkin, 381 

Gudmundsen, Ruth, Inglewood, Calif., 354 

Gudmundsen, Stanley E.. Inglewood, Calif., 310 

Gudmundsen, Stewart L., Payson 

Gudmundson, Clair W., Ely. Nev., 381 

Guild, Diane E., Reno, Nev.. 381 

Gummow, John Fred, Burley, Ida., 103, 333 

Gundersen, Sherron, Gering, Neb. 

Gunnell, Robert Dean, Soda Springs, Ida., 214, 322 

Gunter, Audrey H., Provo, 164 

Gunner, John Eldred, Pittsburgh, Pa., 38, 333 

Gunter, Richard John, Glenwood Springs, Colo., 381 

Gunther, Dale Orville, Lehi 

Gunter, Robert Lloyd, Glenwood. Colo. 

Gurney, Deanna, Lehi, 381 

Gunther, Stanley J., Choteau, Mont., 381 

Gurney, John Albert, Provo 

Gurney, Kenneth R.. Salina 

Gurney, Lois Jean, Salt Lake City, 198, 310 

Gurney, Patricia Marie, Cadyville, N. Y., 381 

Gustaveson, Lee Scott, Fairview, 333 

Gustaveson, Verl J., Coalville, 381 

Gustaveson, Jean Ann, Salt Lake City, 354 

Gustaveson, Norman C, Springville 

Gustin, John, Springville, 90 i 

Guthrie, Don Arthur, Grand Canyon, Ariz. 

Guthrie, McKay L., St. Anthony, Ida. 

Gutierrez, Higinio Jr., Winslow, Ariz. 

Guymon, Duane S., Salt Lake City, 240, 322 

Guymon, Marilyn Lee, Provo 

Guyon, Karen Denlce, Montpelier, Ida., 333 

Guzman, Adolfo M., Aregripa, Peru 

Gwilliam, Robert P., Provo 

Gwilliam, Norma Dagmar, Boise, Ida., 354 

Gygi, Wayne Vance, Provo 


Haag, Eldon L., American Fork 

h(acking, Eleanore C, Vernal. 354 

Hacking, Joan Edna, Cardston, Alta., Can., 256, 381 

Hacking, Lani Ladean, Orem, 208. 381 

Hacking, Lu Jeanne, Cedar Valley, 354 

Hackney, Kay Elaine, Morehead, Ky., 252, 354 

Hackwell, Glenn Alfred, Helper 

Haddock, Gary Kay. Idaho Falls, Ida., 218, 381 

Haddock, Ian Grove, Meridian, Ida. 

Haddock, Joan, Bloomington, Ida., 38l 

Hadfield, Earl Milton, Owendale, Alta., Can. 

Hadley, Darrell, Emmett, Ida., 221, 354 

Hadley, Donald B.. Ogden, 333 

Hadley, Janet Kay, Ogden, 333 

Hadley Jay Rodney, Ogden, 310 

Hadley, Lenet, Emmitt, Ida., 238, 249, 355 

Hadley, Stephen M., Boise Ida. 322 

Haeussler, Gloria H.,' Wilmington, Calif., 381 

Hafen, Carol, Provo. 381 

Hafen, Donald Neil, Mt. Pleasant, 310 

Hagerty, Everett Louis, Woodland Hills, Calif., 254, 

285, 310 
Hague, Franklin Morris, HIghmore, S. D., 355 
Hahn, Barbara J., Muscatino, Iowa, 381 
Height, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, 38 f 
Height, Richard W., Salt Lake City 
Haines, Richard W., Salt Lake City 
Haines, Daryle N., Columbus, Ohio, 381 
Hair, LaMar, Salt Lake City, 264 
Hale, Bessie, Blackfoot, Ida., '174, 354 
Hale, Gerald Ardell, Eagar, Ariz. 
Hale, John Dewey, Salt Lake City, 194, 310 
Hale, Phillip Nathan. Glendale, Calif., 333 
Hales, Ernest Melvin, Spanish Fork 
Hales, George G., Springville, 333 
Hales, Harley Robert. Pleasant Grove 
Hales, Hervin Leon, Nampa, Ida. 
Hales, Jon Duane, Spanish Fork 
Hales, Joseph Sloan, Glendale, Calif., 28, 34, 113, 

218. 369. 382 
Hales, Lynore, Salt Lake City, 310 
Hales, Pryce N.. Provo. 354 
Hales. Ronald Burns. Maywood, Calif., 224. 354 
Hales, Ronald William, Elsinore, Calif., 354 
Halford. Harold Howard, Burley, Ida., 333 
Hall, Ansel Gary, Yuma, Ariz., 382 
Hall, Audrey, Springville 
Hall, Boyd A., Provo 
Hall, Bob, Eastland, Tex. 
Hall. Calvin Nelson, Provo 
Hall. Charles Brent, Carnation, Wash., 333 
Hall. Charles M., Kamas, 333 
Hall, Dan Jay. Santaquln. 333 

Nev., 382 

, 354 




Hall, Darrell Grant, McGill, 

Hall, David Bingham, Provo 

Hall, Francis J., Wellsville 

Hall, Gary Dene, Lakeside, Ariz, 

Hall, Gerald Ray, Tooele, 147, 

Hall, Julie Ann, Salt Lake City, 

Hall, Ida Rose L., Provo 

Hall, Karen Ann, Long Beach, Calif., 382 

Hall, Karen Fay, Spanish Fork 

Hall, Kenneth S., Monroe 

Hall. Margaret, Preston, Ida., 382 

Hall, Martin Arthur, Monroe 

Hall, Nadlne, Portage, 134, 198, 333 

Hall, Parley Briggs, Carnation, Wash. 

Hall, Peggy Margaret, Lorenzo, Ida.. 310 

Hall. Ralph Lynn. Nephi 

Hall. Richard E., Atherton. Calif.. 132. 134. 148.275 

Hall, Robert Ray, Evanston. Wyo., 237 

Hall, Ronald Devere. Payson, 354 

Hall. Sue Jayne, Oakland, Calif., 108 

Hall, Wendell J., Springville, 382 

Hallack, Gary Kent, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Halladay, Alijert Dee, Marysvale, 310 

Halladay. Ann. Spanish Fork, 237, 382 

Halladay, Jerry Ann, Provo, 193, 333 

Halladay, Kay Ellene, Spanish Fork, 333 

Halladay, Vilate J., Spanish Fork, 

Hallen, Gloria, Salt Lake City, 354 

Haller, Peggy Anne, Montebello. Calif. 

Halliday, Carol Flora, Provo, 164 

Halliday, Fred Owen^ Provo, 310 

Halliday, Ernest, Provo, 354 

Halliday, Joseph R., Salt Lake City, 334 

Hallman, Kathryn Vera. Oakland, Calif., 382 

Hallock, George Vernon, Enterprise, 355 

Halls, Helen Barton. Montlcello 

Hallsted. E. LeRay, Las Vegas, Nev., 326 

Halls, William W., Montlcello, 254 

Halvorsen, Sue Emily, Stellacoom, Wash., 355 

Halvorson, Vivian Beth, West Jordan, 382 

Ham, LaDean Edna, Bingham Canyon. 382 

Hambleton, Vernon Gene, Ponca City, Okla., 

Hamblln, Marilyn, Provo 

Hamblin. Marion Kay, Eagar, Ariz., 382 

Hamblln, Theo Dwayne, Chula Vista, Calif. 

Hamer, Ada Suzanne, Montebello. Calif. 

Hamilton. Annie Belle, Hyde Park, 354 

Hamilton, Carollyn L., Helper 

Hamilton, Donna Gay, Blackfoot, Ida., 130, 

Hamilton, Larry Gene, Walnut Creek, Calif, 354 
Hamilton, Paul H., Vanceburg, Ky., 252, 382 
Hamilton, Sharon LaRae, Tabiona 
Hamlin, Marilyn C, Gorham, Maine 
Hamlin, Thella Mae, Vallejo, Calif., 354 
Hamling, Donald D., Lethbridge, Alta., Can, 
Hammer. Beverly J.. Hood River, Ore., 382 
Hammond, Dale Alden, Idaho Falls, Ida., 224 
Hammond, Glen Roy, Las Vegas, Nev., 382 
Hammond, Judith, Sumatra, Mont., 382 
Hammond, Martha A. Lowe. Portland, Ore, 
Hammond. Myrna C. Upham. N. D., 382 
Hammond, Opal Gene, Sumatra, Mont. 
Hammond. Patty Jean, Colorado Springs. Colo., 230, 

Hammond, William B., Las Vegas, Nev.. 210, 382 
Hamrlck. James R. M. Jr., RIalto, Calif., 382 
Hamric, Robert L., Sacramento, Calif. 
Hamson, Margaret Heath, Provo, 382 
Hamson, Robert Lionel, Corona, Calif., 274, 324 
Hanberg, Dale S., Altamont 
Hancey, K. Lavor, Price, 382 
Hancock, Faye Marie, Citrus Hts., Calif., 382 
Hancock, Jaren Morgado, Honolulu, T. H., 382 
Hancock, Jay J., Provo 

Hancock, Joseph Perry, Tucson, Ariz., 274. 322 
Hancock, Philip Eugene, Bellflower, Calif., 285 
Handley, Lois Carolyn. Ogden, 232, 334 
Handley. G. Kennethh. Manhasset. N. Y. 
Handy. Samuel Darrell, Franklin, Ida., 324 
Hanks. Charles Warren, Orem, 223, 334 
Hanks, Boyd E., Salem 
Hanks, David A.. Burley, Ida., 86, 90 
Hanks, David L., Nampa, Ida., 382 
Hanks Eugene, Los Angeles, Calif., 382 
Hanks, Keith Lynn, Salem 
Hanks. Nancy Gwendolyn, Menio Park 

276, 334 
Hanks, Richard F., Prove 
Hanly, Thomas Frank Jr.. Worland, Wyo 




Hannig, Karen, Las Vegas, Nev., 200, 382 
Hansen, Ardyth Mae, Centerfield 
Hansen, Arlene, Dos Palos, Calif., 355 
Hansen, Arthur T., Spanish Fork 
Hansen, Betty Jean, Ephraim. 46. 310 
Hansen, Carol Jeane, Boise, Ida., 382 
Hansen, Carole C, Portland. Ore., 334 
Hansen, Brent Dixon, Spanish Fork, 382 
Hansen, David Leon, Payson 
Hansen, David Paul, Wanamassa, N. J. 
Hansen. Diane, Clarkston, 311 
Hansen, Doris Emma, Mayfield 
Hansen, Edward Lee, Hiko. Nev., 311 
Hansen, Ernest B., Provo 
Hansen, Gary Read, Ogden, 382 
Hansen, Gordon Leon, Salem, Ore., 108, 200. 382 
Hansen, Henry Kimball, Delta, 221, 311 
Hansen, James Vernon, Twin Falls, Ida. 
Hansen, Jean, Nlko, Nev., 334 
Hansen, Joseph Henry, Lomlta, Calif. 
Hansen, Joy Hawley, Vallejo. Calif., 354 
Hansen. Kenneth Odell, Provo 
Hansen, Kent Blaine, Spanish Fork, 382 
Hansen, Klaus J., Provo, 311 
Hansen, LaDonna, Tooele 
Hansen, LaVar June, Mayfield 
Hansen, Margaret Deann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 382 
Hansen, Marilyn, Montpelier, Ida., 355 
Hansen, Marilyn Lorene, Vale, Ore., 354 
Hansen, Mavis Leia, Vale, Ore., 382 
Hansen, Merrill Brown, American Fork 
Hansen, Myra Margaret, Delta, 172, 238, 354 
Hansen, Ned Humphrey, Payson 
Hansen, Nancy Ann, Whittier, Calif.. 354 
Hansen, Nancy Lee, Firth, Ida., 230, 382 
Hansen, Norma. Glendora, Calif., 382 
Hansen, Patricia A., Phoenix, Ariz., 382 
Hansen. Patsy. Provo. 381 
Hansen, Phyllis, Spanish Fork, 354 
Hansen, Ray Richard, Fall Brook, Calif., 334 
Hansen, Ralph Leon, Maywood. Calif., 280, 334 
Hansen, Robert L, Van Nuys, Calif., 354 
Hansen, Robert Wayne, Richfield, 354 
Hansen, Ralph Budd, Lovell, Wyo., 382 
Hansen, Quince Marion, Snowflake, Ariz., 274 
Hansen, R. Lee, Toppenish, Wash., 218, 334 
Hansen, Roberta Edith, Toppenish, Wash.. 207, 326 
Hansen. Stanley Dee, Grace, Ida. 
246, Hansen, Uwe Jens, Provo. 326 

Hansen, Weldon Tracy, Winslow, Ariz., 334 
Hansgen, Wells Eugene, Provo, 311 
Hanson, Darrell Allred, Shelley, Ida., 311 
Hanson, John Golden, Springville, 174, 354 
Hanson, June Howard, Orem 
Hanson, Marilyn Ruth, Spanish Fork 
Hanson, Norman J., Roosevelt 
Hanson, Paul Roger, Twin Falls, Ida. 
Harding, Alice K., Malad, Ida. 
Harding, Dale J., Provo 
Harding, Don Louis, Malad, Ida., 91, 382 
Harding, Evan Phillips, Provo 
Harding, Glen J., Las Vegas. Nev. 
Harding, Nadlne, Provo 
Harding, Nancy. Provo, 216, 354 
Harding, Neal D., Provo, 354 
Harding, Ralph Ray, Malad, Ida. 
Hardlsty, Joan Leone, Berkeley, Calif. 
Hardle. Betty^ Lou, San Francisco, Calif., 334 
Hardman, Bert Lavoy, Provo, 382 
Hardman, Ralph William, Lehi 
Hardy, Carolyn, Las Vegas. Nev., 208, 355 
Hardy, Douglas Miller, Stirling, Alta., Can., 382 
Hardy, Ernest Jay. Los Angeles, Calif., 355 
Hardy, Franklin Dardin, Scotland Neck, N.C. 
Hardy, Herbert M.. Las Vegas, Nev. 
Hardy, Irene El Nora, Provo 
354 Hardy, Larrain, Oakley, Ida., 354 
Hardy, Lynn R.. Provo 
Hardy. Paula, Salt Lake City. 382 

Hardy. Phillip Grant, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Hardy, Wanetta Jean, St. George, 382 
Harger, Irene S., Freeport, N. Y., 259, 263, 284, 382 
Harker, Ronald Clair, Idaho Falls, Ida., 382 
Harker, Gary Lee, Glenwood, Alta., Can., 354 
Harker, Melvyn Rulon, Magrath, Alta., Can., 382 
Harley, Helen P. Los Angeles. Calif., 354 
Calif., 212, Harley, Timothy W., Charleston, S. C, 221, 252 
Harlow, James Douglas, Port Angeles, Wash. 
Harman, Warren Spencer, Long Beach, Calif., 214 
279, 322 Harmer, Don, Springville 

Hanna, Leonard Depue, Los Angeles, Calif., 334 Harmer. Jerry Douglas, Pleasant Grove 

Hanna, Marian Lucy, Sacramento, Calif., 230, 269, Harmer. Wallace G., Springville. 354 
382 Harmon, Dell T., Provo 

Hannig, Gary Whitney. Las Vegas, Nev., 210, 334 Harmon, Gordon Wendell, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

HannI, Helen Mary, Redwood City, Calif., 259, 310 Harmon, Julia. Berkeley, Calif.. 382 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Harmon, Jon Preston, Lo Habro, Calif. 

Harmon, Robert B., El Cerrito, Calif., 173, 334 

Harney, Henrietta, Owyhee, Nev., 383 

Harper, Darrel Albert, Mesa, Ariz., 334 

Harper, Kathryn, Blaclcfoot, Ida., 354 

Harper, Kimball Taylor, Provo 

Harper, Lawrence W., Sandy 

Harper, Kristin M., Provo 

Harper, Leslie Keith, Orem 

Harrington, James K., Kearns 

Harris, Aldora K., Honolulu, T. H. 

Harris, Antoine H., Provo, 354 

Harris. Arlen Arthur, Ririe, Ida., 148, 221, 382 

Harris, Boyce Rich. Ogden, 322 

Harris, Chester Wayne, Independence, Mo., 157, 159, 

Harris, Darrel L., Lovell, Wyo. 

Harris, Darrell Leland. Colorado Springs, Colo., 382 
Harris, Deverle Porter, Lovell, Wyo. 
Harris. Diane, Oak City, 334 
Harris, Edward F., Provo, 354 
Harris, Enid. Hesperus, Colo., 382 
Harris, Fay, Columbia Falls, Mont., 382 
Harris, Frances Kay, Delta, 382 
Harris, Frank Donvelle, Whittier, Calif., 210, 311 
Harris, Franklin S., Salt Lake City, 354 
Harris, Harvey Don, Stone, Ida. 
Harris, Howard Melvln, Provo, 214, 354 
Harris, James R., 
Harris, Jerry Starr, Provo 
Harris, John S., Tooele 

Harris, Joseph W. Jr., Syracuse, N. Y., 218, 334 
Harris, Kathryn Kay, Evanston, Wyo., 354 
Harris, Leland Mack, Provo 
Harris, LeRoy McCoy, Ogden, 175, 354 
Harris, Lila Ann, Colorado Springs, Colo., 334 
Harris, Linda Lee, Provo, 382 
Harris, Lloyda Mae, Durango, Colo. 
Harris, Lynn Ronald, Ogden, 311 
Harris, M. Maurine, Evanston, Wyo. 
Harris, Martin, Long Beach, Calif., 218 
Harris, Mary Lou, Salt Lake City 
Harris, Meredith, Blanding, 382 
Harris, Merrill Dale, Independence, Mo. 
Harris, Michael G.r Crescent, Ore., 354 
Harris, Nola Kay, McCammon, Ida., 382 
Harris, Patricia Marie, Whittier, Calif., 382 
Harris, Reynold Paul, Pleasant Grove 
Harris, Ronald Lee, Frontier, Wyo., 274, 334 
Harris, Sharon Marie, Emmett, Ida., 382 
Harris, Sheila C, Provo, 382 
Harris, Sharon Kaye, Ogden, 232, 334 
Harris, Sidney Gene, Evanston, Wyo. 
Harris, Vera Vanieta, Bountiful, 108, 334 
Harrison, Carolyn L., Lund, Nev., 354 
Harrison, David C, Baker, Ore., 261, 382 
Harrison, Francis D., Heber 
Harrison, Garth T., Orem 
Harrison, Harlan F., St. George, 255 
Harrison, Jane, Sprlngvllle, 137, 216, 334 
Harrison, Parry DeLoss, Halad, Ida., 274 
Harrison, Phillip J.. Sprlngvllle, 354 
Harrison, Robert C, San Lorenzo, Calif., 382 
Harrison, Russell D. Jr., Inglewood, Calif., 280, 354 
Harrison, Shirley Dove, Brigham City, 166, 382 
Harrison, Wayne A. Jr., Tooele, 382 
Harrison, Willis Lee, Hawthorne, Nev., 354 
Hart, David K., Boise, Ida., 190, 322 
Hart, Barbara Ann, Oakland, Calif., 222, 226, 311 
Hart, James Douglas, Boise, Ida., 382 
Hart, Lorna Claire, Ogden, 157 
Hart, Paul Douglas, Provo, 109, 383 
Hart, Paul Duwayne, Ontario, Ore., 382 
Hart, Ronny David, Glendale, Calif. 
Hart, Sherlyn, Idaho Falls, Ida., 212, 383 
Hartley, Charles Mann, Woods Cross, 383 
Hartman, Larry Don, Altamont, 265, 383 
Hartwell. Edwin G. Jr., Attleboro, Mass., 383 
Harvey, James Daniel, Pleasant Grove, 286, 311 
Harvey, Duston George, Sun Valley, Calif. 
Harvey, Gaynard R., Ogden, 354 
Harvey, James Irwin, Sacramento, Calif., 383 
Harvey, Kenneth L., Pleasant Grove, 224, 322 
Harvey, Richard Dee, Provo 
Harvey, William Richard, Basalt, Ida., 334 
Harward. Donna Carol, Loa, 311 
Harward, Elmer Leon, Idaho Falls, Ida., 280 
Harward, Melvln F., Provo 
Harward, Merrill W., Idaho Falls, Ida., 280, 281 
Harward, Peggy Lee, Richfield, 3 I I 
Harward, Sherman Dean, Sprlngvllle 
Harward, Sheron Clyde, Gunnison 
Harwpqd, .Darwin J., Pocatello, Ida., 270, 322 
Haskell, Leo Dwane, Payson, 383 
Haskell, Raymond Trump, Lehi 

Haslam, Arlene, Bountiful 

Haslem, Verl, Roosevelt 

Hastings, Eldon Elmer, Mesa, Ariz., 383 

Hatch, Aaron L., Clearfield 

Hatch, Antoinette, Juarez, Chlh., Mex., 175, 226, 383 

Hatch, Carl Alvin, Browning, Mont., 354 

Hatch Delray Olsen, Koosharem, 221 

Hatch, Delsa Diane, Idaho Falls, Ida., 228, 231, 238, 

302, 354 
Hatch, Donna Louise, Juarez, Chlh., Mex., 226. 327 
Hatch, Edwin Burton, Syracuse, N. Y., 263 
Hatch, Forrest Ezra, Nampa, Ida. 
Hatch, George W., Oxford, Ida., 145, 274, 322 
Hatch, Glendon, Provo. 106 
Hatch, Hal C, Snowflake, Ariz., 194, 334 
Hatch, Jennie, Browning, Mont., 260 
Hatch, Lawrence Martin, Weiser Ida., 383 
Hatch, Lincoln Egbert, Tetonia, Ida., 311 
Hatch, Mary Ella, Salt Lake City, 383 
Hatch, Maurleen E., Salt Lake City, 334 
Hatch, Renae J., Provo, 334 
Hatch, Paul Burbank, Ogden, 311 
Hatch, Ronald Dwayne, Provo, 324 
Hatch, Sharon, Woods Cross, 253, 383 
Hatch, Sandra Truedy, Salt Lake City, 230, 383 
Hatch, Thelma, Bancroft, Ida., 31 I 
Hatch, Valeria, Idaho Falls, Ida., 230, 231, 383 
Hatcher, Nancy Merle, Vaughn, Mont., 334 
Hatorl, Donald K., Honolulu. T.H., 257, 383 
Haft, Ha Jeanne, Riverton, 383 
Hausknecht, Jeanne, Bingham. 198, 276, 354 
Hausman, David Brower, Sprlngvllle 
Hausler, Don Edward, Oakland, Calif., 383 
Hawkes, William R., Arcadia, Calif., 213 
Hawkins, Anne, Denver, Colo., 49, 212, 213 
Hawkins, Dorothy Bee, Salt Lake City, 138, 383 
Hawkins, Douglas S., Ely, Nev., 174, 334 
Hawkins, Earlene, Provo 
Hawkins, Farrell Ray, Murray 
Hawkins, Richard James, Oceanslde, Calif. 
Hawkins. Norine, Aurora, Colo., 172, 212 
Hawkins, Spencer James, Laketown 
Hawley, Lois Adele, Conrad, Mont. 
Hawley, Merrill S., Conrad, Mont., 383 
Haworth, Carol Anne, Canoga Park, Calif., 354 
Haws, Donna Joyce, Burbank, Calif., 383 
Haws, Janice, Walla Walla, Wash., 288, 383 
Haws, John K., Vernal 
Haws, Josepli Hugh, Lehi 
Haycock, Janet, San Leandro, Calif., 354 
Hayden, Warren Ray, Pleasant Grove, 270, 279, 322 
Hayes, Graham Horace, Salt Lake City, 334 
Hayes, Darwin Lyie. Georgetown, Ida., 132, 311 
Hayes, Gary Edward, Grantsvllle, 383 
Haymond, David Ruel, Sprlngvllle 
Haymond, Tom Neal, Sprlngvllle, 354 
Haynes, Leonard C. Jr., No. Hollywood, Calif. 
Haynle, Alma Ann, Provo, 383 
Haynie, Klea Carolyn, Los Angeles, Calif., 32, 33, 

208, 354 
Haynle, Paul Alva, Greenville, Mo., 106, 334 
Haynie, Sharon Adele, Alamosa, Colo.. 174, 383 
Heagy, Ebert Roger, Great Falls, Mont., 334 
Healey, David Winn, Provo, 354 
Healey, Nolan Lynn, Alpine 
Healy, Jay B., Orem 
Heaps. Arnell E., Payson, 240, 271, 311 
Hearn, Milton E., Phoenix, Ariz., 334 
Heath, Charles W., San Bernardino, Calif.. 354 
Heath, Frank Arvid, San Bernardino, Calif., 204, 224, 

Heath Mary Louise, San Bernardino, Calif., 383 
Heath, Shirlen M. Jr., Mancos, Colo.. 383 
Heath, Luclle S., Mapleton 
Heaton, Alma, Provo 
Heaton, Carol Jean. Alton, 237 
Heaton, LeRoy C, Kanab, 167 
Heaton, Sharen, Murray, 255, 383 
Heber, Cllffprd Royd, Magna, 383 
Heber, Grant Richard, Magna, 334 
Heber, Ruth Freda, Magna, 248, 334 
Hebertson, Val M., Provo, 311 
Hecht, Harry George, Powell, Wyo.. 334 
Heck, Ronald Glenn, Burbank, Calif 
Hedden, Robert George, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Heder, Rucelle Marsha, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Hedqulst, Robert A., Provo 
Heemeyer, Lois Marie, Lead. S. Dak., 383 
Hegemler, Gilbert A., La Canada. Calif. 
Helmark, Elmonda LaRae, Phillpsburg, Mont. 
Helner, Gary R., Provo 
Helner. Hallle Kenneth, Provo 
Helner, Thane Irwin, Heyburn, Ida., 383 
Helnzlg, Iris, Lehi, 256, 383 
Helberg, Ray Wayne, Provo, 324 

Helm, Donald Francis, Las Vegas, Nev., 100, 103, 383 

Helm, Maurvene Elaine, Los Angeles, Calif., 200, 334 

Helquist Lamar J., Blanding 

Helton, John, Anaheim, Calif. 

Hemenway, Arvel Lee. Provo 

Hemenway, John Lynne, Woodland, Calif., 147, 224, 

Hemsley, Allen Aaron, La Habra, Calif., 210, 211 
Henderson, Clark Evan, Cannonville, 311 
Henderson, Cecil H., Oakland, Calif., 173, 383 
Henderson, Dee Wursten, Twin Falls, Ida., 218. 383 
Hemsley, Ellis J. Salt Lake City 
Henderson, Fred David, Raymond, Atta., Can. 
Henderson, Gerald J., Burley, Ida., 3 1 1 
Henderson, Hyrum Senn, Salt Lake City 
Henderson, Kay, Salem, Va., 242, 383 
Henderson, Leslie F., Rock Springs, Wyo. 
Henderson, Paul Jay, Boise, Ida. 
Henderson, William W., Delta, 354 
Hendricks, Calvin, Provo, 271, 312 
Hendricks, Edgar E., Jr., Chlco, Calif. 
Hendricks, Lona C. J., Provo, 334 
Hendrickson, Lynn J., Gunnison, 383 
Hendrickson, Roger R., Gunnison, 334 
Hendrickson, Shyrma L., Sandy 
Henkel, Dorothy C, Van Nuys, Calif., 383 
Henket, Kurt G., Marburg, Germany 
Henkel, Orson R., Van Nuys, Calif., 383 
Hennessey, George D., Provo 
Hennlngsen, Cherle A., Stansbury, Wyo., 354 
Henrlcksen, Lenola 1., Alhambra, Calif. 
Henrlcksen, Mary Jo, Provo, 383 
Henrle, Ann Eleth, Delta, 383 
Henrle, James LeRoy, Lyman 

Henrle, Patricia Ann, Ventura, Calif., 124, 176, 216 
Henriksen, Lula M. H., Provo 
Henry, Johan Naomi, Yuba City, Calif., 354 
Henry, Phyllis Diane, Upper Darby, Pa., 172, 226, 312 
Hensley, Norma Rose, Kerman, Calif., 334 
Henson, Carole Ely, Pekln, III., 354 
Henson, Charles A., Council Bluffs, Iowa, 334 
Hepburn, Adele, No. Hollywood, Calif., 354 
Heppler, Lawrence John, Cardston. Alta., Can., 134, 

269, 383 
Hepworth Clarence Jr., Provo 
Hepworth, Marva, Grover, Wyo., 334 
Herbert, Douglas E., Salina 
Herbert, Franklin W., Arlington, Va., 383 
Herbst, John Ronald, Provo, 162, 311 
Hermansen, Joan, Spanish Fork 
Hermansen, Ronald John, Salt Lake City, 354 
Hermansen, Royce Larry, Payson, 354 
Herrick, Betty Jo, Ely, Nev., 383 
Herrln, Luhuana Allen, Artesla, Calif., 354 
Herrin, Gene Carley, Provo, 354 
Herring, Derryl Riches, Farmington, N. Mex. 
Herring, Jill Yvonne, Farmington, N. Mex., 312 
Herron, Barbara Gayle, Magna, 234, 383 
Herron, Frank L., Cut Bank, Mont.. 334 
Herzoq, Harold G., Kemmerer, Wyo. 
Herron, Richard Ross, Tooele, 354 
Herron, Stanley Ray, Heber 
Hertig, Lorene L., Salt Lake City 
Hess, Carlene Bess, Caldwell, Ida., 243, 312 
Hess, Edward Moser, Nampa, Ida., 383 
Hess, Garth, Provo, 334 
Hess. Lee Ann, Farmington, 234, 383 
Hess, Vince Crlddle, Farmington, 334 
Hess, Wllford Moser, Nampa. Ida., 312 
Heurkens, Barbara Ann, St. Paul, Minn., 383 
Heugly, Helen D., Omaha, Neb., 383 
Hewltson, Dorothy L., Park City 
Hewitt, George Wayne, Las Vegas, Nev., 383 
Hewitt, Harold Keller, Salem, Ore., 196, 334 
Heywood, Jared, Holbrook. Ariz., 312 
Heywood, Richard Dan, Cedar. 210 
HIatt, Calvin Columbus, Mt. Airy, N. C, 312 
Hlatt, Duane Evan, Payson, 30, 39 
Hlatt, Mary Rebecca, High Point, N. C. 
Hiatt, Lewis Albert, Payson, 383 
Hlatt, Merwln Russel, Payson 
Hlatt, Miriam Joyce, Glendale, Calif., 216 
Hlatt, Reid M., Payson, 147 
Hiatt. Sherry Lynn, Provo, 383 
Hibbert, Annette, Mesa, Ariz., 383 
Hibbert, Donna Mae, Boise, Ida., 383 
Hlckcox. Barbara Rae, Salt Lake City 
Hicken. Ada Elaine, Heber, 322 
HIcken, Clyde RIgtrup, Spanish Fork, 383 
Hicken, John Robert, Heber, 383 
Hickenlooper, Karl W., Payson 
Hickenlooper, Sharon A., Salt Lake City, 354 
Hlckerson, Richard L., Rock Springs, Wyo., 354 
Hickerson, Vern Hugh, Redondo Beach, Calif. 
Hickman, Cheri Kaye, Salt Lake City, 237, 383 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Hickman, Warren Walter, Snowville, 383 

Higbee, Dorothy June, Sunnyside, Wash. 

Higashi, Allan Akio, Makawell, Kauai, T. H.. 257, 354 

Higbee, Joseph Marvin, Provo 

Higbee, Richard Eugene, Provo 

Higbee, Sharon. Bremerton, Wash., 172, 334 

Higbee, William B. 

Higgins, Nancy Lee, Pasadena, Calif., 198, 383 

Higginson, Gary Anson, Pingree, Ida.. 312 

Higginson, Heber Dean, Lehi, 273, 312 

High, Kemba Ann, Lancaster. Calif. 

Higham, Zoe Ann, Los Angeles, Calif., 383 

Hight, Ethel Dawn, Farmington, 202, 383 

Hilden, Henry Gordon, Ukiah, Calif, 383 

Hill, Beverly Marie, Walla Walla, Wash. 

Hill, Chadley Ann, Sacramento, Calif., 312 

Hill, Don, Provo 

Hill, Dorothy Janet S., Provo 

Hill, Dennis LeRoy, Payson, 312 

Hill, Derrell Golden, Provo, 312 

Hill, Fern Joy, Orem 

Hill, Gordon Orville, Bremerton, Wash., 354 

Hill. Harry N., Idaho Falls, Ida.. 334 

Hill, Howard Richard, San Mateo, Calif., 251, 354 

Hill, Janet Leone, Oakland, Calif., 312 

Hill. Joanne, Carmlchael, Calif. 

Hill, Louis Douglas, Provo 

Hill, Margie Sue H., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Hill, Keith A., Provo » 

Hill, Max J.. Orem. 312 

Hill. Newell Kenneth, Ririe, Ida. 

Hill, Paul D.. Provo 

Hill. Paul M., Idaho Falls, Ida., 210. 312 

Hill, Valerie Kaye, Rigby, Ida., 134, 207, 354 

Hillam Noreen, Salt Lake City, 334 

Hlllier, David Brown, Hoytsville, 334 

Hilton, Clesse S.. Delta, 223, 322 

Hilton, Horace Gill, Delta, 223, 322 

Hilton, Jackson M., Greer, S. C. 90 

Hilton, Lael, Delta 

Hilton, W. Bruce, Delta,' 223, 312 

Hinckley, Nanette, Provo, 170 

Hinkley, Thomas K.. Provo, 334 

Hindley. James Ernest. American Fork, 334 

Hinkins, Norma Madge, Provo, 354 

Hinckley. Viola Jane. Salt Lake City, 334 

Hinksen, Roland, Provo, 312 

Hinkson, Jimmy W.. Provo 

Hinman, Kaye, Kalispell, Mont. 

HInricksen, Margaret, Provo 

Hinsch, Nancy M., West Allis, Wis. 

Hintze, Geraldine, Provo, 108. 312 

Hintze, Harold A., Provo 

Hinze, Roberta, Salem, 172, 354 

Hipwell, Dee E., Provo 

Hipwell. Grant Staker, Ogden, 312 

Hirschi. Diane, Rockville, 334 

Hirschi, Orell W., Rockville. 102 

Hirschi. Max G., Brigham 

Hirhel, Richard Dale. Burbank, Calif. 

Hitchcock, Ralph R., Buhl, Ida. 

HIskey, Harold H., Bicknell, 334 

Hislop, David Louis, Altamont 

Hitchcock, Karleen, Buhl. Ida., 259 

Hitesman, Ferrell J., Tooele, 354 

Ho Robert K. F.. Honolulu, T. H., 257, 285, 312 

Hoagland, Luwilla Jean, Melba, Ida., 355 

Hobbs, M. Odell, Preston, Ida. 

Hobbs, Mary Elizabeth, Salt Lake City 

Hobson, Carlos Henry, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Hocking, Marjorie J.. Bingham 

Hodge. Raymond Merrill. Provo 

Hodges, Jere Dale, Richmond. 274, 322 

Hidgkinson, Jean, Vernal. 334 

Hodgkinson, Judy. Vernal 

Hodgkinson, Kenneth A.. Orem, 334 

Hodgkinson, Larry S.. Provo, 312 

Hodson, Daryl Vance, Clearfield, 312 

Hodson, Phillip H., Provo, 324 

Hoeft, William George, Provo. 312 

Hoen, James Howard, Billings, Mont. 

Hoffman, Cheryl Sue, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Hoffman, Carl Lavon, Randolph, 173 

Hoffman, Leon Devan, Randolph, 355 

Hoffman, Ronald R., Draper 

Hogan, Karia Marie, Salt Lake City, 283, 312 

Hogensen, Marvin Cleon, Ogden, 312 

Hoggan, Donna Jeanne Temple City, Calif., 232, 334 

Hogge, Glen Ray, Ogden, 312 

Hogge, Rollin Byron, Salt Lake City, 264, 355 

Holcombe, Jarette Dee, Panorama City, Calif., 334 

Holdaway, Boyd F., Provo 

Holdaway, Donna Vee, Provo 

Holdaway, Klin Morvel, Provo 

Holgate, Ronald C, Salt Lake City 

Holindrake, Doris Emma, American Fork 

Holladay, Fred Howard, Santaquin, 322 

Holladay, James Eugene, WInnemucca, Nev., 3)2 

Holland, Jack W.. Nampa, Ida., 194 

Hollberg, Dorothy J., Salt Lake City, 355 

Holley, James Albert, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Hollibaugh, Betty Lois, Redding, Calif., 312 

Holliday, Parley Edgar, Sarah, Miss., 274, 324 

Holllngshead, Joey A., La Mesa, Calif., 173 

Hollingworth, Brent E., Denver, Colo. 

Holllngswworth. Marvin, Preston, Ida., 312 

Hollingworth, Franklin, Salt Lake City, 240, 322 

Hollis. Almy, Fillmore, 355 

Holm, Jeannene, Seattle, Wash. 

Holman, Albert N., Pocatello, Ida. 

Holman, La Juan, Pocatello, Ida., 334 

Holman, Joy J., Rexburg, Ida., 216 

Holman, Kathleen, Mesa, Ariz. 

Holman, Margaret Jean, Pocatello, Ida., 228, 355 

Holman, Max D., Sugar City, Ida. 

Holman, Marion J., Springville 

Holman, Sharon Alice, McGIII, Nev., 238, 355 

Holmes, Carol June, Montpelier, Ida., 334 

Holmes, John R., Raymond, Alta., Can. 

Holmes, Marian Kathryn, Salt Lake City 

Holmes, Thomas, Raymond, Alta., Can. 

Holmes, Mary Naonji, Harbor City, Calif.. 202 

Holsten, Sharon Kaye, Central, Ida. 

Holmes, Ramona C, Provo 

Holt, Arvll Monte, Provo, 324 

Holt, David Earl, Provo, 176 

Holt, Deann, Kamas, 334 

Holt, Glen Lamar, Springville 

Holt, Ivan Karl, Oakley, Ida. 

Holt, Ivin Laphel, Enterprise, 255, 312 

Holtom Gary S., Idaho Falls, Ida., 334 

HoJtom, Steve E., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Holtzer, Robert L., Imperlan, Calif. 

Holyoak, Clara Marie, Burley, Ida., 174 

Homer, David C, Crow Point, Ind. 

Homer, John Russell, Whittler, Calif. 

Homer, Norman Charles, Provo, 312 

Hone, Dean Sterling, Firth, Ida., 322 

Hone, Keith Stewart, Payson, 334 

Hone. Glayde Delbert, Provo 

Hone, George Lee, Springville 

Honeycutt, Jimmy Leo, Hendersonvllle, N. C. 

Hood, Harlow Grant, Salt Lake City, 164, 196, 334 

Hood, Herbert Bruce, Salt Lake City 

Hooker, Lewis Burton, Montpelier, Ida. 

Hooper, Richard T., Ukiah, Calif., 324 

Hoopes. Grover Ronald, Provo 

Hoopes, Ned Edward, Downey, Calif., 160 

Hoopes, Paul Roger, Provo, 355 

Hoover, Betty Ann, Springville, 162, 334 

Hopkins, A. Lincoln, El Cerrlto, Calif., 355 

Hoover, Kelvin L.. Provo. 312 

Hoover, Leola Maxine, Payson 

Hopkins, Alfred Norman, Provo, 270, 324 

Hopkins, Donald Ray, Allison Park, Pa., 355 

Hopkins, Donna Jean, Cut Bank, Mont., 355 

Hopkins, Geneva Nadine, Richmond, Calif. 

Hopkins, Thomas David, El Cerrlto, Calif., 174 

Hopklnson, Richard H,. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Hopla. Harold J., Mapleton 

Hopple, Wayne Darrell, Waco, Tex., 113 

Horban, Walter G., Ft. William, Ont., Can. 

Horluchi, Helen Yoshle, Lahaina, Maui, T.H., 312 

Horlacher, David R., Fallon, Nev. 

Horlacher, Floyd Kent, Orem 

Horlacher Fred R., Fallon, Nev., 355 

Horn, Gustav Relnhold, Pasadena, Calif., 221, 334 

Hornberger, Leon Bruce, Calgary. Alta., Can. 

Hornbeck, John Wesley, Rawlins, Wyo. 

Horrocks, Don R., Neola, 334 

Horrocks, Kaye, Richland, Wash., 334 

Horrocks, Sheldon Glen, Heber 

Horstmeier, Heinz L., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hoskin, Jerry Lee. Wickenburg, Ariz. 

Hosman, Lew Meade, Marmarth, N. Dak., 355 

Hostutter, Delila Ann, Tooele 

Hotchkiss, Elizabeth L., Grand Junction, Colo., 312 

Hotchkiss, John L., Laurel, Mont., 355 

Houssian, William G.. Calgary, Alta., Can. 

Houghton, James Rean, Provo 

House, Donna Mae, Provo, 170, 176 

Houston, F. Grant, Panguitch, 312 

Houston, Jean, Venice, Calif. 200, 334 

Houston, Rodney LeRoy, Los Angeles, Calif., 196 

Houston, Ronald Earl, Los Angeles, Calif., 196. 322 

Houtz. Vlnce R., Springville 

Howard, Dale W., Provo 

Howard, Elizabeth, Chester, Ida., 335 

Howard, Gary Reed, Pocatello, Ida. 

Howard, Gloria Jean, Inglewood, Calif. 

Howard, John F., Provo, 271, 312 

Howard, Lynn, Santa Cruz, Calif. 

Howard, Rae, Provo, 335 

Howard, Virginia, Sun Valley, Calif., 355 

Howe, Alice Elaine, Salt Lake City 

Howarth, Dorothy Ann, Portland, Ore. 

Howe, Winston A. Jr., San Francisco, Calif., 108, 113 

Howell, Donald Fay, Provo 

Howell, T. Devon, Blackfoot, Ida., 335 

Howells, James M., Midvale, 322 

Howes, Raymond E., Marysvale 

Howes, Roger Byron, Parma, Ida. 

Howells, Karen, Salt Lake City 

Howlett, Duane K., Draper, 355 

Howlett, Mary, Draper, 173, 259 

Hoyal, Donna Laurine, El Monte, Calif. 

Hoyal, James Christian, El Monte, Calif. 

Hoyrup, Mons Lancaster, Cloverdale, B. C, Can. 

Hoyt, Masha Ruth, NephI, 172 

Hubbard, Howard Ray, Springville 

Hubbard, Marlta J., Pine Island, Minn., 282, 335 

Hubbs, Keith Eugene, Colton, Calif., 91 

Hubener, Nancy Ann, Saxonville, Mass., 355 

Huber, Margaret, Lapoint 

Hubner, William C, Staten Island, N.Y., 312 

Hudman, Melvin R., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Hudgens, Orven Adolph, Long Beach, Calif. 

Huerta, Dolores M., Grants Pass, Ore., 324 

Huerta, Robert Henry, Orem 

Huff, Clifton Glen, Spanish Fork. 312 

Huff, Dale D., Spanish Fork, 355 

Huff, Edward Curtis, Spanish Fork, 274, 322 

Huff, Marlin Jolley, Spanish Fork 

Huff, Sherman E., Spanish Fork 

Huffaker, Dale Carlson. Ontario, Ore. 

Huffaker, Norman Ray, Vale. Ore., 113, 355 

Huffaker. Ruth Augusta. Tempe, Ariz.. 173 

Huffman, John Henry, Hawthorne, Nev., 355 

Huggins, Colleen, Globe, Ariz. 

Hughart, Betty Lou. Lynwood. Calif.. 335 

Hughes, Ann, Salt Lake City. 355 

Huggins, Glenda Mae, Rawlins. Wyo. 

Hughes. Arthur Thomas. Richland, Wash. 

Hughes, Eugene L., Jackson, Wyo. 

Hughes, Gerald Jay, Jackson, Wyo., 355 

Hughes, Joan, Blackfoot, Ida. 

Hughes, Kelly Ann, Kamas, 172 

Hughes, Mary Jean, Provo 

Hughes, Shirley Ann, Salt Lake City, 312 

Hughes, Shirley Arllne, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Huish, James W., Berkeley, Calif., 194, 355 

Huish. John, Berkeley, Calif., 355 

Hughes, Ydonne Katie, Ogden 

Huhl, Sharon C, Salt Lake City, 355 

Hullck, Robert Boyd, Provo 

Hull. Clyde Lamont, Ogden, 322 

Hull. Janis Patricia. Caldwell, Ida., 125, 216, 302, 335 

Hull, Sonja, Ogden 

Hulllnger, Carol Dawn, Provo 

Hulllnger, Dan Jay, Provo 

Hulllnger, Floyd Earl. Vernal. 355 

Hulme. Thelma Jean. Hagerman Ida., 335 

Humpherys, Melvin Dee, Thayne, Wyo., 355 

Humphrey, Mary L., Salt Lake City, 278 

Humphries, Doris Faye, Audubon, N. J., 222, 269, 312 

Humphries, Shirley Ann, Jerome, Ida. 

Humphries Joan. Salt Lake City 

Hunsaker, Leiand Ray. Delta, 312 

Hunsaker, Sandra, Provo 

Hunt, Darwin Lee, Green River 

Hunt. Dale G., Bunkerville, Nev. 

Hunt, Bernarr Parley, Sacramento, Calif. 

Hunt. Diana, Salt Lake City, 162 

Hunt, Earline, TIgard, Ore. 

Hunt, Edwin L, Snowflake, Ariz., 86, 90 

Hunt, Elton E., Enterprise, 312 

Hunt, Eugene C, Sunnyside, Wash. 

Hunt, James Olaus, Baker, Ore. 

Hunt, Jarman Roderick, Concord, Calif. 

Hunt, Jeanette Ruth. Baker, Ore., 108, 175. 355 

Hunt, Judith Ann, Bluefield, W. Va., 252. 335 

Hunt, Margaret Ann. Heyburn. Ida.. 108, 355 

Hunt. Mary Lou, Sacramento, Calif.. 335 

Hunt, Melvin, John, Spanish Fork 

Hunt, Noreen, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Hunt, Richard, Beryl, 90, 194, 255 

Hunt, Shirley Joan, Xenia, Ohi<?, 355 

Hunter, Aarl B., Holden, 355' 

Hunter, David B., Idaho Falls, Ida., 210 

Hunter, AHhol B., Provo, 312 

Hunter, Barbara K., Emmett, Ida. 

Hunter, Doris Eilleen, Provo 

Hunter, llene, Sprinqville. 172. 230 

Hunter, George Philip, Provo. 355 

Hunter, Karma. Provo. 312 


student Index - Autumn Quarier 

Hunter. Kenneth Duke. Oaden 

Hunter, Lois Anne. Salt Lake Citv 

Hunter, Louis G. Jr.. El Paso. Tex., 190. 335 

Hunter. Margaret. Salt Lake City. 134. 212, 243. 275 

Hunter Mary Ann. El Paso, Tex.. 167. 335 

Hunter, Richard Allen. Arcadia. Calif. 131. 218 

Hunter, William B.. Citrus Heights. Calif. 

Huntington. Gordon Ted. Oranqevllle 

Huntsman. Arlene, Provo 

Huntsman. Howard W.. Ferron. 355 

Huntsman. June Spraaue. Provo 

Huntsman. Lola Kave. Provo 

Huntsman, Raleigh L., Hamilton, Mont., 312 

Hurd. Harold Dan, Hawthorne. Calif. 

Hurd, Royal Clifford, Sioux City. Iowa. 355 

Hurlburt, Phillip, Provo. 335 

Hurst, Dale, Provo, 335 

Hurst, Paul Junior, Provo 

Hurst, Henry Wayne, Des Moines. Iowa. 355 

Husklnson. Shlrlee A., Pocatello. Ida.. 335 

Hussey, Raedelle, Mesa. Ariz., 283. 312 

Hutchlngs, Duane F., Spanish Fork 

Hutchings, Edward Kent, Deer Lodge, Mont. 

Hutchlngs. Paul Norman. Glenshaw. Pa.. 355 

Hutchings. Robert D., Sprjngvllle 

Hutchlns. Derald E., Rupert. Ida. 

Hutchinson, Nancy H.. Denver. Colo.. 312 

Hutchinson. Nannette C, Provo 

Hutchinson, Nathel, Mesa, Ariz., 212. 250 287, i\2 

Hutchinson, Sarah Ann. Burley. Ida.. 312 

Hutchinson, Colleen M., Hansen, Ida., 172 

Hutchison, Wallace W., Malta. Ida. 

Huxford, Gary. Portland. Ore.. 312 

Hyatt. Gene Val. Gunnison 

Hyde. Darcus Davis. Provo 

Hyde. Edna Lou S., Kensington, Md.. 335 

Hyde, Ellis Orson, Boise, Ida.. 335 

Hyde. Gerald Rodney. Provo. 324 

Hyde. Nadine, Baker. Ore. 

Hyde, Nannette. Sprlngvllle. 172 

Hyde. Ronald Gregory. Rupert. Ida.. 223 

Hyde, Susann, Sprlngvllle. 207. 312 

Hyde. Winnlfred Anne. Garrison. 355 

Hyden. Birdie Louise. Portland. Ore. 

Hyer. Janet Kay. Garden Grove. Calif.. 170 

Hyer, Jay R.. Garden Grove. Calif.. 161. 166. 254. 

Hymas, Marvin. Provo 
Hynst, Kathleen Linda, Chester, Va.. 237. 355 


Igarashi. Toshiro, Nigata, Japan 

Ikedo, Toshiko, Yamanashi-Ken, Japan. 322 

llcemofo, Mituo, San Paulo, Brazil 

Uemoto. Fausta A. F., San Paulo. Brazil 

Ingalls. Max Lavar. Provo. 324 

Ingersoll. Carl Grant, American ForV 

Ingersoll, Maryl, American Fork, 202. 335 

Ingleby. Lorreen. Salt 1-ake Citv 

Ingram, Mary Jo, Lehi 

Ingram, Patricia Anne, Cazenovia, N. V.. 202, 226, 

Inskeep, Bonnie Jean, Culver City, Calif. 35S 
lokepa, Shirley P., Kamuela, T. H., 355 
Ipsen, Foster Hughes, Malad, Ida., 355 
Irvin. Nancy Adele. Long Beach. Calif., I6i, 166. 355 
Irving, Kenneth C, Barnwell. Alta., Can. 
Isaacson, Burke Lee, Ogden, 312 
Isenburg. Theodore F, Los Angeles, Calif., 280 
Isgrig. Wayne Richard. Lancaster, Calif., 335 
Ivie. Boyd R., Orem 
Ivie, Carolann, Roberta, Ogden 
Ivie, Claudia Llnell, Benica, Calif. 
Ivie, Jane Ann, Sprlngville 
Ivie, Nancy Lee, Orem 
Ivie. Richard P., Sprlngville 
Ivie, William Elbert, Provo 
Ivins, Ronald Alma, Lund. Nev. 
Ivy, LeGrande Richard, Memphis, Tenn., 355 
Iwaasa, Henry Nolan, Raymond, Alta., Can.. 237, 355 
Iwaasa, Hanae, Raymond, Alta., Can. 

Jack, Dotiald Vernon, Farmington, N. Mex., 262 

Jaclclin. Ernest George, Heber 

Jackson, Carolyn R. P., Provo 

Jackson, Dorothy J., Salt Lake City 

Jackson, Flora Jean, Jerome. Ida. 

Jackson, Harold L.. El Paso. Tex.. 322 

Jackson, Joyce, Kanab, 212, 355 

Jackson, Joyce Ann, Boise. Ida., 278. 312 

Jackson, Karl Eugene, Payson 

Jackson, Lauralee. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Jackson, LeRoy Eugene, Provo 

Jackson, Lealand, Provo 

Jackson. Lola Colleen, Kamas. 287 

Jackson. Marilyn, Ogden, 355 

Jackson, Nancy Loral ne, Tucumcarie. N. Max., 262 

Jackson, Russell Henry, Provo, 280 

Jackson. Shelton Ray. Goldsboid. N. C. 

Jackson, Stancy D. I., Boise. Ida.. 106. 173. 335 

Jackson. Velma Cherle. El Paso, Tex., 167 

Jackson, Weldon F.. Mesa, Ariz., 86, 90 

Jackson, Wendy Lu, Salt Lake City. 335 

Jacobs, Barbara T.. Provo 

Jacobs. Clare McHale. Dedo. Ida.. 335 

Jacobs, Dee Valentine. Ogden. 223. 262. 324 

Jacobs, G. Richard. ScoHsbluff, Neb. 

Jacobs, Hugh Ronald. Ogden, 312 

Jacobs, Jacqueline 

Jacobs, Margaret A., Ogden 

Jacobs. Margaret Oa. Raymond. Alta.. Can.. 335 

Jacobsen, Eda Louise. Orem 

Jacobsen. Elmo Gordon. Heber, 312 

Jacobsen, J. Judy, Seattle, Wash.. 355 

Jacobsen, Sanda R., Kenewick, Wash., 230 

Jacobsen, Sharon C.. Burbank, Calif, 

Jacobson, Dennis Leon, Randolph 

Jacobson, David Bartee, Rivera, Calif., 322 

Jacobson, Norene, Bloomlngton, Ida. 

Jacobson, Ronald Jim, Duncan, Ariz.. 86. 90 

Jallerat. Sylvia nne F.. Paris, France. 355 

James. Carol. Rock Springs. Wyo., 173, 267 

James. Cheril, Provo. 259. 355 

James, Clyde R. Jr., Provo 

James Dean Fredrick, Mlllbrae, Calif., 108 

James, LaMar. Fayette 

James, Mildred Ruth.. Burbank, Calif., 312 

James, Roberta O. S.. Provo 

James. Sharon, Los Angeles. Calif. 

James. Thomas Arthur, Provo, 312 

James, William Robert, Inglewood. Calif., 355 

Jameson, A. Keith, Monticello, 270, 324 

Jameson, Kirk, Powell, Wyo., 356 

Jameson, Lynn Arnold, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Jameson, Marion P.. Monticello 

Jameson. Robert Brooks. LaSal, 356 

Jamison, Ronald, Los Angeles, Calif. 

January, Mary E., Salem, Ore. 

Jardine. Bonna Marie, Malta, Ida. 

Jarman, Barbara, Orem 

Jarman, Monte C, Provo 

Jarrett, Geraldlne F.. Las Vegas, Nev. 

Jarvis, Burl E., St. Johns, Ariz., 356 

Jarvis, Floyd, St. Johns. Ariz. 

Jarvis, James Nell, El Paso. Tex. 

Jarvis, Karyl Lee, Ontario, Ore., 284 

Jarvis, Mark William, Des Moines. Iowa, 173, 224, 356 

Jarvis. Reece Fielding. Pima. Ariz. 

Jarvis, Ronald Mack. Ontario. Ore., 356 

Jarvis. Stephan K.. Salt Lake City 

Jasperson, Janet, Goshen 

Javadi, Marjorle G., Provo, 335 

Jeffery, Leiloni, Provo. 202 

Jeffs, William Craig, American Fork, 335 

Jenkins, Charles E., Nampa, Ida., 356 

Jenkins. Gary Cluff, Pendleton, Ore., 108, 218, 322 

Jenkins, F. Terry. Provo, 312 

Jenkins, Frank W., Provo 

Jenkins, Keith Bunker, Jerome. Ida.. 249 

Jenkins. Lawrence W.. Pendleton. Ore.. 30, 34, 218, 

345. 356 
Jenkins, Marvin L., Nampa. Ida.. 167. 174. 335 
Jenkins. Wayne A., Nampa. Ida.. 312 
Jenks. William Harry, Sugar City, Ida. 
Jennens. Dona Fay, Whittler. Calif., 108. 335 
Jennings, Glenna Deane. Boise. Ida., 228 
Jensen. Alice Ann. Rigby, Ida. 
Jensen, Alice Faye. Aetna, Alta.. Can. 
Jensen, Annette L., MIdvale 
Jensen, Afton E., MIdvale, 202 
Jensen. Arthur Robert, TIgard. Ore.. 335 
Jensen, Bruce Allen, Midvale. 152, 280, 356 
Jensen, Bryce Lee, Cardston, Alta., Can. 
Jensen, Camille, Brigham 
Jensen. Charlene, "Byron, Wyo.. 275, 335 
Jensen, Charles Kent, Provo, 285 
Jensen, Connie Joy, Provo 
Jensen, Darrell L., Provo 
Jensen. Dean Hugh, Provo 
Jensen, Dennis Veronus. Salt Lake City 
Jensen, Don Bradley. Provo. 124 
Jensen, Donald F.. Las Vegas, Nev.. 149, 240 
Jensen, Eldene, Burley, Ida.. 170. 335 
Jensen, Elwood Stanley, Manti 
Jensen, Eugene Paul, Orem. 176. 245 
Jensen, F. Duane. Springville 
Jensen, Gale Richard. El Cerrito, Calif. 
Jensen, Galen Eugene, Clearfield, 322 
Jensen, Gary Oleen, Ogden 

Jensen. Groo Peter. Monroe 

Jensen, Gwen, Ashton, Ida. 

Jensen, Hal Barclay, Axtell, 90 

Jensen, Harley N., Lorenzo, Ida., 312 

Jensen, James Lee. Orangeville, Calif. 

Jensen, Jeri Ann, Gridley, Calif. 

Jensen. Jo Ann, Othello. Wash. 

Jensen, Joanne, Ft. Shaw, Mont. 

Jensen, Joe B., Orem 

Jensen, Kairle Dawn, Orem 

Jensen, Karen Ruth, Arcadia, Calif., 39, 198 

Jensen, Kathryn Fay. Huntsville, 335 

Jensen, Kenneth C, Ogden, 312 

Jensen, Kent M., Fairvlew 

Jensen, Kirk Stephens, Provo, 335 

Jensen, Larry Cyril, Denver, Colo. 

Jensen, Lasca Lee, Magrath, Alta., Can, 

Jensen, Lee Niels, Provo 

Jensen, Lenard A.. Gridley. Calif.. 145. 326 

Jensen, Louis W., Spring City 

Jensen, Max A., Deseret, 356 

Jensen, Milton Larry, Provo 

Jensen, Nancy Doris, Flint, Mich. 

Jensen. Paul Bentley, Logandale, Nev. 

Jensen, Nell E., Ephraim 

Jensen, R. Alma, Sprlngville, 312 

Jensen, Reva Joan, Fairvlew, 312 

Jensen, Richard Arthur, TIgard. Ore.. 218 

Jensen, Robert S., Provo 

Jensen, Robert R.. Twin Falls, Ida. 

Jensen, Robert Vernon, Roosevelt, 265 

Jensen, Ronald J., Springville 

Jensen, Sharon Marie, Alameda. Calif., 335 

Jensen, Sherll Marie, Coeur d'Alene. Ida. 

Jensen, Shirl Elvln. Sprlngville 

Jensen, Ted Woodward, Walnut Creek. Calif. 

Jensen. Thomas Ronald, Chicago. III.. 273, 322 

Jensen, Vernon Hortln. Ithaca. N. Y. 

Jensen, Vard Duane, Richfield 

Jenson, Dorothea J., Glendora, Calif. 

Jenson, Grover E., Peoa, 142. 356 

Jenson, Janet, Berkeley, Calif., 356 

Jenson, Marilyn Faye. Pocatello, Ida., 335 

Jeo, Eleanor. Dayton, Ida. 

Jeppersen, Share Lee, Brigham, 108, 188 

Jeppson, Calvin W., Brigham, 262 

Jeppson, Alda, Henefer, 335 

Jeppson, Idagene, Thornton, Ida. 

Jeppson, Roger Wayne, Yerington, Nev.. 218, 249, 

Jespersen, Pauline M., Wllmette, III., 230, 258 
Jessee, Dean, Springville 
Jessen, Eldon. Ely, Nev. 
Jessen, Joan Louise, Saratoga, Calif., 170 
Jessen, Mary Colleen, Mt. Pleasant 
Jewell, Calvin William, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Jewett, Faye Arlene, WInemucca, Nev. 
Jewkes. Garth A., Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Jex, Doris, Spanish Fork, 356 
Jex, John Ammon, Spanish Fork, 218 
Jex, Keith Wilford, Sandy, 312 
Jex, Lo Anne. Grand Junction, Colo.. 254, 335 
Jex, Reed Allen, Spanish Fork, 356 
Jex, Rhoda Joyce, Provo 
Jimenez, Joe Louis, Santa Fe, N. Mex. 
Johannesen, George T. J., Kalamazoo, Mich., 356 
Johansen, Gerald A., Lethbridge, Alta., Can. 
Johansen, J. Frank, Lethbridge. Alta., Can. 
Johansen, Jerald Ray, Mt. Pleasant, 270 
Johansen, Joyce Hulda, Lethbridge, Alto., Can. 216, 

231, 233, 235. 243 
Johansen. Robert Lee, Murray, 173 
Johanson, Denece, Midvale, 207 
Johansson, Linnea M., Salt Lake City, 216 
Johns. Judith, Whlttier, Calif. 
Johns, Glenda Diane, Lakewood, Calif. 
Johns, Standford K., Afton, Wyo.. 312 
Johns, Merrill L., Salt Lake City 
Johnson, Alan P., Provo, 148 
Johnson, Albert K., Salt Lake City 
Johnson, Alton F., Yahk, B. C, Can. 
Johnson, Anna J., Washington D. C, 243, 275. 335 
Johnson, Arleen, Empire, Calif., 351 
Johnson, Arva Arlene, Delta, 172. 235 
Johnson, Barbara Jo, Downey, Caltf., 238, 356 
Johnson, Barry LeRoy, Overton, Nev. 
Johnson, Bert Emll, Orem 

Johnson, Beth Louise. Modesto, Calif., 207, 335 
Johnson, Beth Lynn M., Cardston, Alta., Can., 256, 356 
Johnson, Blaine W., American Fork, 356 
Johnson, Bonna Jean, Phoenix, Ariz. 335 
Johnson, Carol, Honeywell, 162, 222, 244. 312 
Johnson, Carol, Cambridge. Ida., 312 
Johnson, Carolyn Joan, McGill, Nev., 232 
Johnson, Carolyn June, Salt Lake City, 356 
Johnson, Charlene, Pocatello, Ida., 232, 243 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Johnson. Cheryl B.. Berkeley, Calif.. 312 

Johnson, CUudia Rae, Provo, 266 

Johnson, Daniel M., Cardston, Alta., Can, 256 

Johnson, David Joseph, Las Vegas, fsjev 

Johnson, David Merrill, Sprlngville, 176, 386 

Johnson, Deverl Harmon, Redwood City, Cailf 

Johnson, Donald C, Cannbridge, Ida. 

Johnson, Donna Jewel, Phoenix, Ariz., 208, 356 

Johnson, Dorothy Ann, Midway 

Johnson, Edna Joyce, Provo, 356 

Johnson Edward A. (Ted), Buhl, Ida., 214, 124, 312 

Johnson Edwin LeRoy, Salem 

Johnson, Eleanor Law, Provo 

Johnson, Elaine Ann, Rawlins, Wyo. 

Johnson, Elizabeth A., Kennewick, Wash. 

Johnson, Elva Marlene, Jerome. Ida. 

Johnson, Eugene M., Orem, 335 

Johnson, Faye Ann, Yakima, Wash., 312 

Johnson, Garney Allen, Visalia, Calif., 357 

Johnson, Gary Thorley, Overton. Nev. 

Johnson, Genlel, Delta 

Johnson, Gregg W., Provo 

Johnson, Grover V., Bloomfield, N. Mex. 

Johnson, HIarold G.. Oram, 356 

Jotinson, Harold Verner. Springville 

Johnson, Hollis Ralph, Garland, 324 

Johnson, Howard S., Payson, 326 

Johnson, Hyrum Bennett, Holden 

Johnson, Ivan Elliott, Provo 

Johnson, James Alan, Conrad, Mont., 335 

Johnson, James Darrel, Downey, Calif. 

Johnson, James Lonell, Roseville. Calif. * 

Johnson. Jay Lorus. Orem, 356 

Johnson, Jo Ann, San Leandro, Calif.. 335 

Johnson, Jesse W., Ogden, 113 

Johnson, Joneen, Los Angeles, Calif. 173, 208, 230 

Johnson, Joyce Cynthia, Provo, 356 

Johnson, Judith J., Novato, Calif. 

Johnson, Kathleen, Long Beach, Calif. 

Johnson, ' Kay, Provo 

Johnson, Kay Irene. Provo 

Johnson, Kaye. Provo 

Johnson, Kimber Gordan, Rawlins, Wyo. 

Johnson, Laird Dee, Vernal, 280. 386 

Johnson, LaVon Clement, Payson 

Johnson, Lila Rae. Boise, Ida.. 161. 164, 356 

Johnson, Linda Rae, Yakima, Wash., 386 

Johnson, Loris Elaine 

Johnson, Lorna Dorothy, Orem 

JoTinson, Louis Orlln, Provo, 386 

Johnson, Lyie Duane, Show Low, Ariz., 356 

Johnson, Margaret E., Salt Lake City, 356 

Johnson, Marian Ruth. Salt Lake City, 312 

Johnson, Marilyn Hanks. Salem 

Johnson. Marilyn L., Salt Lake City, 386 

Johnson, Marvin R.. Kingman, Ariz.. 386 

Johnson, Mary Ann L., Logandale, Nev. 

Johnson, Mary Louise, Buhl, Ida., 162 

Johnson, Merlin A., Vernal, 356 

Johnson Merlyn W., American Fork, 356 

Johnson. Merrill L.. Delta, 386 

Johnson, Morgan L., Barnwell, Alta., Can., 386 

Johnson, Nancy Eileen, Puyallup, Wash., 237, 335 

Johnson, Morris Ray, Provo, 147 

Johnson. Ned LeRoy, Pleasant Grove. 386 

Jotinson, Norman R., Provo 

Johnson, Pamela Gay, Overton, Nev. 

Johnson, Patricia M., Moses Lake, Wash., 217, 288, 

Johnson, Paul Kent, Spanish Fork 

Johnson, Phil Arnold, Ogden, 335 

Johnson, Ralph E., Jr., Leh'\, 356 

Johnson, Ralphine A., North Hollywood, Calif., 202, 

Johnson, Raymond Byrd, Lakeside, Ariz., 386 

Johnson, Richard C, Phoenix, Ariz., 210 

Johnson, Reed Mark, Springville 

Johnson, Richard H., Compton, Calif., 160 

Johnson, Rita. Barnwell, Alta., Can. 

Johnson, Robert Alvln, Clalrton, Pa. 386 

Johnson Roberta, Pleasant Grove 

Johnson, Ronald L., Provo 

Johnson, Ross Glen, Orem, 312 

Johnson, Royce Creel, Aurora 

Johnson, Royle Nephi, Provo, 386 

Johnson, Sharon E., Lehi, 386 

Johnson, Sherril Dean, Phoenix, Ariz., 386 

Johnson, Snellen M., Roosevelt, 265 

Johnson, Stant S., Rexburg, Ida., 335 

Johnson, Theodore P., Roseville. Calif.. 162. 386 

Johnson. Verna, Tabor, Alta., Can., 243, 212 

Johnson. Verland D.. Pleasant Grove 

Johnson. Virginia C, Portland, Ore., 208 

Johnson, Wallace Karl, Provo, 386 

Johnson, Wanda May, Chandler, Ariz., 386 

Johnson Wllford E.. Welser, Ida. 

Johnston, Carroll M., Durango, Colo., 86, 90, 335 

Johnston, LuJean, Salt Lake City, 386 

Johnston, Olive Pat, Provo, 357 

Johnstone, Marilyn G., BloomfieUi |Sj. J., 232, 263, 

Johnstun, Carol, Warren, Ore., 38fc 

Johnstun, Jean, Vernal, 335 

Jollay, Boyd McKinloy, Provo, 357 

Jolley, Calvin Kent, Provo 

Jolley, Carl H., Emery, 386 

Jolley, Clark Thomas, Provo, 386 

Jolley, Janeen Lou, The Dalles, Ore., 386 

Jolley, Sandra Koye, Salina, 173, 386 

Jonas James Michael Glendale. Calif. 

Jones, Ada Ruth, Chandler, Ariz., 170, 250 

Jones, Alonzo Hinckley, Los Angeles, Calif., 196. 356 

Jones, Alyce, Camille 

Jones. Ann McEwan. Provo,2l6, 217, 232, 233 

Jones, Carl Hugh, Rock Springs, Wyo., 356 

Jones, Carol Anne, Gettysburg, S. D., 386 

Jones, Cleone, KIrtland, N. Mex. 

Jones, Clifford H., Downey, Calif. 

Jones. David Reece. Payson, 240, 312 

Jones, David Ronald, Byron, Wyo., 91 

Jones Delwin Grant, Duncan, Ariz., 113, 336 

Jones. Douglas Emron, San Gabriel, Calif.. 312 

Jones. Duane Arthur, Spanish Fork. 312 

Jones Duane Sidney. Holden, 356 

Jones, Earl Roy, Murray, 86 

Jones, Georgianna D., Owyhee, Nev. 

Jones, Gerald E., Getysburg, S. D., 240, 336 

Jones, Heber Kent, Heber 

Jones, Howard Palmer, Malad, Ida. 

Jones, Ivan Blaine. Riverton, 335 

Jones, J. Petty, Provo 

Jones, John Carlos, Jr., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Jones, John F., Provo 

Jones, Joseph Dean, Spanish Fork 

Jones, Judy Kay, Concord, Calif., 173, 386 

Jones, Kenneth Wendell, Salt Lake City 

Jones, Karl Gerber, Lehi 

Jones, Kathryn, Malad. Ida., 386 
259 Jones. Lavoy Teeples, Holden 

Jones, Lloyd W.. Lehi. 386 

Jones, Mary Ann, Montpeller. Ida., 386 

Jones. Merrilyn Laree, Dublan, Chlh., Mex., 386 

Jones. Norman Philip, Lehi 

Jones Norryn Mary, Inglewood, Calif., 356 

Jones, Patricl(' Ann, Cedar City 

Jones, Peggy Ann, Denver, Colo., 336 

Jones, Richard Carloss, Meridian, Ida., 356 

Jones. Robert Ashton, Standing, 254, 356 

Jones, Robert E., Provo 

Jones, Rock H., Caldwell, Ida.. 386 

Jones. Russell H.. Provo, 90 

Jones. Ruth Junene. Hllo. Hawaii, T.H., 232, 335 

Jones, Sharlene, Richland, Wash., 336 

Jones, Sharon Annette, Woodland, Calif. 

Jones, Vernadeen, Phoenix, Ariz., 208 

Jones, Virginia Pary, Wenatchee, Wash., 170, 198, 234. 

Jones, Vonda June. Dillon. Mont.. 386 

Jones. Warren Richard. San Anselmo. Calif. 

Jordan. Cleo Oswald. Brazil 

Jordan, Kim Lee. Imbler, Ore.. 386 

Jorgensen, Cllve D.. Provo 

Jorgensen, Arlene L., Pleasant Grove. 216, 217, 312 

Jorgensen, David W., Boise, [da., 386 

Jorgensen, Elmer Clay, Richland, Wash., 356 

Jorgensen, Hal, Richland, Wash. 

Jorgensen. John Darson. Provo 

Jorgensen. Margaret A.. Kansas City, Kan.. 356 

Jorgensen, Norman G., Rigby, Ida.. 108, 386 

Jorgensen, Newel M., Moses Lake, Wash, 
386 Jorgensen, Robert C, Provo 

Jorgensen, Roy Wilson, Whittier, Calif. 

Jorgensen, Vern A., Randlett 

Jorgensen, William F., Castle Dale, 356 
386 Jorgenson, Johnny C, Price, 106, 336 

Jorgenson, Orvll R., Douglas, Ariz. 

Josephson, Bcyd Oleen, Plymouth, 312 

Josle. Barbara. Mt. Pleasant 

Josle, Darrell Henry, Tabiona 

Josie. Joseph Bennett. Tabiona 

Josle, Lane William. Tabiona 

Josle. Sonia Kathleen, Mt. Pleasant. 386 

Jowers, Peggy Joyce, Salt Lake City. 386 

Joyce. Jack Atkins, Kornersville, N. C, 322 

Judd, Benarr Thomas, Lehi 

Judd, Frank Fuller, Los Angeles. Calif, 280, 386. 

Judd. Jane Penelope. Hurricane. 200, 201, 312 

Judd. Louise, Sparks. Nev. 173, 386 

Judd, Marlba, Provo 

Judd, Richard Clark, Provo 

Judd, Ronald Martin, Kanab, 356 

Judklns, Carlton Jay, Provo, 322 

Judk.ns, James Leonard, Provo 

Judklns, Newell Kay. Provo 

Judson, Herbert S., Jr., Oakland, Calif.. 356 

Judy. Beth Alene. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 356 

Jueschke, Alexander A.. Milwaukee. Wis.. 322 

Jueschke. Arthur F. Milwaukee, Wis., 336 

Julander, Rhea. Ogden 

Julander, Lillie D., Monroe, 266, 386 
335 ^ 

Kaaria. Sven T.. Tempe, Ariz., 322 

Kahoilua, Edi+h L. Hilo, Hawaii. T.H.. 257 

Kahuena, Margaret K., Kamuela, Hawaii, T.H., 257, 356 

Kaina, Earl Benedict. Lanlkal, Oahu, T.H.. 386 

Kaiser. Dolores J., Salt Lake City, 386 

Kaleta, Gary Jordan, Los Angeles, Calif., 218, 274. 336 

Kalwles, Brunhilde, Heine. Germany. 356 

Kamauoha. Edwin L.. Oahu, T.H., 312 

Kane. Janet, Provo, 170 

Kangasniemi, Hilkka L.. Calgary. Alta., Can.. 256. 386 

Kapele, John, Kancohe, Oahu, T.H., 91. 257, 386 

Kapp. Jack K., Provo 

Kapp, Janice. Vale. Ore.. 172, 174. 3^6 

Karren, Ca-ol Rae, Jerome, Ida. 

Kartchner, Beverly E., San Jose, Calif. 230. 356 

Kartchner, Jean Orrln, St. Johns. Ariz.. 312 

Kartchner. John Z.. Blanding 

Kashiwagl. James H., Kajalku, Oahu, T.H., 257 

Kaufman, Francis E., Portola. Calif., 356 

Kaufman, Vivian Joan, Groveton, Pa. 

Kaupp, Jacquelyn T.. Buffalo. N. Y.. 212. 356 

Kawai. Veda Claire. Pasadent. Calif., 108. 356 

Kay. Karen Luelta, Provo 

Kearl. Ruth Marie. Calgary. Alta.. Can.. 173. 230. 386 

Keck, Mary Ruth. Albany. Ore., 167, 356 

Keeler Dixie Lee, San Gabriel. Calif. 386 

Keeler. Kathleen. Provo, 175. 336 

Keetch, Gary Vern, Provo 

Kehmeier, Barbara Jean, Gresham, Ore., 38, 128, 208. 

Keith, Helen, Provo, 157 
Keith, Karen, Provo 
Kekeula, Edwin K., Honolulu, T.H. 
Kekaula, Mary K., Walmanalo, Oahu. T.H., 257. 356 
Kekauoha. Margery G., Honolulu. T.H.. 257. 312 
Kekauoha, Philip K., Lale. Oahu. T.H., 257. 313 
Kekauoha, Samuel N., Lale, Oahu, T.H., 257, 336 
Keller, Alvln LaMar, Menan, Ida., 356 
Keller, Barbara Y., Verona, N. J., 230. 263. 386 
Keller. Gloria Ann. Idaho Falls, Ida., 336 
Keller. Lamond Benson. Caldwell, Ida. 
Keller, Lysle Susanne, Las Vegas. Nev. 
Keller, Montle Rex. Idaho Fails, Ida., 324 
Kellett, Kay. Moroni, 386 

Kelley. Barbara Ann, Honolulu, Hawaii. T.H.. 313 
Kelling. Hans Wllhelm. Bremen, Germany. 34, 146. 356 
Kelly. Carol Lvnn. Denver, Colo.. 332 
Kelly. George Dayton. Grand Junction, Colo. 
Kelly. Nancy. Urbana. 111., 386 
Kelsey, S. Annete, Salt Lake City 
Kemp, Dean Raymond, La Mesa, Calif. 386 
Kemper, Verda Orah. Cranford, Alta., Can., 170. 356 
Kempf. Katherine J., Kaysvllle, 386 
Kendall, Dorothy Mae, Welser, Ida., 356 
Kendall, Robert L., Weiser, Ida. 
Kendrlck. Linda Lee. Sherman Oaks, Calif, 198 
Kenison, Dorothy Jean, Sunland, Calif., 336 
Kenley, Lynn Garden. Wendover. 386 
Kenley. Vernon F.. Walnut Creek, Calif.. 386 
Kennedy. Glenn Alan. Olympla. Wash., 386 
Kennedy. Thomas G.. San Francisco. Calif 
Kennedy, Tom Hartford, Springfield. III. 
Kenner. Brenda Jeanne. Jerome, Ida.. 386 
Kenney. Donald James, Phoenix. Ariz., 131. 214, 250. 

275. 280, 386 
Kenney, Lu Juana B.. Ogden, 313 
Kenney. Kenneth Ben. Salt Lake City, 240. 313 
Kensinger. Robert L.. Orem 
Keppner, Mary Dawn, Rexburg. Ida., 356 
Kerbs, Eugene George, Twin Falls, Ida.. 386 
Kerby, Clyde K.. Provo 
Kerby. Connie. Provo, 336 

Kershaw, Gloria Dee. Von Nuys. Calif. 200. 336 
Key. Bryan Eugene. Berkeley. Calif. 386 
Keyes, Marilyn. Kaysvllle, 356 
Khadjavi, Arsalan H., Teheran, Iran, 336 

an. Dorothy Reed, Sanger. Calif. 

an. James Frank. Kaysville. 336 
llpack. Wayne 1., Provo, 313 
Its. Clair T., Hooper, 313 
m Heang J. A., Seoul, Korea, 386 
m Kichuen, Taegu, Korea, 356 
m Soon Chang, Seoul, Korea 
m Yong Soon, Seoul. Korea, 256. 313 
m Young Sik. Seoul. Korea, 256. 313 
mball, Buddv. Dean. Roosevelt. 248. 313 
mball. Carolyn Joan, San Marino, Calif. 313 
mball, Farrell W.. Sacramento. Calif., 386 
mball. Joan. Rock Springs. Wyo.. 203. 267. 386 
mball. Marcia Rae. Fair Oaks, Calif.. 386 
mball. Parley L., Fillmore 
mball. Royal Duane. Richfield. 313 
mball. Stanley Clark. Montebello. Calif.. 336 
mball, Sylvia Jane. San Diego, Calif., 336 
mber, Richard Dee. Wells. Nev.. 356 
mber. William Dean. Provo 
nder. George Leo. San Diego. Calif. 91 
ndred, Jerald Crede. Ogden, 274 
ng. Buddy Jack. Dubois. Ida. 
ng, Carl Larry. Burbank, Calif. 280, 386 
ng, Edmund Crelghton. Provo, 313 


student Index - Autumn Quart* 

King. Gwendolyn M., Provo, 238. 356 

King, Norman Ellis. Provo. 130. 136. 249. 356 

King. Peggy Ramona. Tuielake. Calii.. 356 

King. Roger Dean, St. Charles. Mo., 336 

King. Scott J.. Las Vegas, Nev.. 356 

King, Rosalie. Darlington. Ida. 

King. T. Eugene. Provo. 271 

Kingsbury. K. Elizabeth. Salt Lake City, 356 

Kingsford. Afton. Boise, Ida., 386 

Kinnear. John Gilbert, Rhodesia. Africa. 356 

Kinne. James Arthur. Independence. Mo. 

Kintz'ey. Thelma L.. Citrus Heights, Calii.. 386 

Kinzel. Kenneth Wayne. Elmhurst. III.. 356 

Klrby. Janice, Aberdeen. Ida.. 230. 386 

Klrby. Rayda. Garland. Ida. 

Kirk. Barbara Garwood. Cortez. Colo. 

Kirk. Dean Arthur. Cortez. Colo. 

Kirk. Gayle. Carole. Glendale. Calif.. 108 

Kirk James Lowell. East Ely. Nev. 

Kirk, Larae. Ogden, 336 

Kirk. Louie A.. Jr.. Burbank. Calif. 

Kirk. Tamsin. Glendale. Calif.. 208. 234 

Klrkendall. Hugh R.. Dragerton. 336 

Klrkham. Michael Reed. Blackfoot. Ida.. 175. 387 

Kirkland. Bufaye. Carey. Ida.. 313 

Kirkman. Darrell Kent. Nampa. Ida. John Calvin. Mt. Airy, N. C. 336 

Klrkhman. Lawrence H., Provo. 313 

Klsklla. Carlene J., Los Angeles, Calif.. 336 

Kitchen. Paul Wilson, Provo. 90; 106 

Klauch. Edwin A.. Sprlngvllle 

Kitchens. Carolyn, Alhambra, Calif. 

Kitzmiller. David J.. Provo. 91. 387 

Kjar. Richard C. Manti 

Klein. Edwin J., Provo. 284 

Kleirman. Wayne Deloy. El Paso. Tex.. 313 

Kleinman. Harold Rey. El Paso. Tex., 356 

Klelnman, Luene. Hurricane, 170, 387 

Klelnworth, Wesley E.. Wlnslow, Ariz., 356 

Kleinworth. Frank J.. Winslow. Ariz., 336 

Klenk. Buddy Donafd, Salt Lake City 

Klingler, Shirley Mae, Rexburg, Ida.. 313 

Knapp. Charlene Mary, San Fernando. Calif.. 202 

Knapp, Cllve Jay, Minneapolis, Minn., 387 

Knauer, Rolf H.. Bielefeld. Germany 

Knecht. Peter A., Shrewsbury, Mass., 263 387 

Knight, Clyde E.. Burley, Ida. 

Knight, Darrell Oswell, Columbia City, Ore.. 356 

Knight. Ferral H., Mesquite. Nev.. 387 

Knight. James Allen, Vernal 

Knight, Joseph Adams, Provo 

Knight, Karmo, Salt Lake City, 356 

Knight, Marlene, Salt Lake City, 246, 285, 313 

Knight, William S.. Provo, 280 

Knighton, Josephine, Provo, 193. 313 

Knighton. Robert C, San Francisco , Calif.. 313 

Knighton. Ronald Lewis, Salt Lake City, 356 

Knudsen. Benny Lavler. Farmlngton. N. Mex., 174, 

Knudson. Sandra Kae, Brlgham City. 336 

Knupp. John Logan, Boise, Ida. 

Kobler, Kathleen L., Rock Springs, Wyo.. 387 

Kochevar. Lewis C. Los Angeles. Calif.. 324 

Koenig, Gerald Charles, Willlston Park, N. Y.. 356 

Koenlg. Marjorie Mary. Lynbrook. N. Y.. 314 

Koenig. Robert W.. Willlston Park. N. Y.. 134. 357 

Kofford, Lyie C. Grldley. Calif.. 280. 357 

Kofoed. Narveen H.. Clifton. Ida.. 357 

Kohler. Aleen B., Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Kohler, Carol Larae, Midway, 357 

Kohler, Marden Reed. Midway 

Kohler. Margaret L.. Midway. 170. 387 

Kohler, Ramon R.. Midway. 162. 336 

Kohler. Rodney A., Union, Ore., 357 

Kojima, George Kazuo. Waialua. T.H.. 257 

Koldcwyn. Phillip Y., Riverside. Calif.. 124, 240, 336 

Kolste, Nolan Deroy, Fairfield, Mont.. 260. 387 

Komm. Ronald William. Cardston. Alta.. Can., 387 

Koncar, Ray. Provo. 91 

Koralewski. David W., Provo. 173, 357 

Koi+h. Grant Martin, Nampa, Ida.. 387 

Koshell. Dianne E.. Ceres Calif.. 166, 277. 336 

Koskl. Dale Iver. Clear Creek 

Ko+er. Wayne Robert. Reno. Nev.. 387 

Kowalski, Rosina L. C. Payson 

Kourtldls, Demetrius. Athens. Greece 

Kozak. Jacquelyn Lee. Lakewood. Calif. 226 

Krakowski. Henry Jr.. Hermosa Beach. Calif.. 314 

Kramer, Richard C. Glendora. Calif. 

Krebs, Alvin Wayne, Pangultch. 387 

Kremer. Melvln Merrell, Glendale, Ariz.. 387 

Kresge. Phillip E.. Elmira, N. Y.. 387 

Krebs. George D.. Salt Lake City. 387 

Kresge. Phyllis Arlene. Elmira. N. Y.. 357 

Kresge. Robert Lee. Elmira. N. Y.. 357 

Krieger. Clarence E.. Temple City. Calif.. 162, 245, 3 

Kristjanson .Darryl G.. San Diego. Calif. 

Kristjanson. J. David, San Mateo, Calif. 

Kristjanson. Mark Leon. San Diego. Calif.. 336 

Kruger. Caroline L.. Uklah. Calif.. 387 

Kraff, Robert C, Tooele, 109. 387 

Kuchar. Marvin C. J.. Safford. Ariz., 146 

Kugain. Uonaia Artnur. West Allis. Wis . 285. 336 

Kuniman. William K. North bacramento. Cant.'. 86. 

Kunni, Ariin Verdell. Provo 

K.uKanmo. toienn M.. Honolulu, T. H.. 257, 387 

Kuip. Keniey Loran. Ingleside. III., 258. 336 

Kump. (jann G.. Provo 

Kump. Konald. Krovo 

Kunz. Victor Alfred Jr.. Los Angeles. Calif.. 387 

Kurr. David George. Spanish Fork 

Kurr. Doreen Barbara. Salt Lake City 

Kurtz. Audrey Irene. Anderson. Calit.. 38/ 

Kwak. Kun Se. Seoul. Korea 

KwiatKowski. hrearick. Reno. Nev.. 263. 387 

Kylen. DeVeHe Verner. Rlverton 

Lackey. Bob Dean. Wended, Ida. 
Ladle. Nancy Josephine, Provo 
Lahmann, Robert M., Orinda. Calif.. 387 
Laine. Dixie Gall. Marysville. Calif., 387 
Laird, Harold Edwin, Payson, 336 
Lake, Dennis M.. Rigby. Ida. 
Lake, Eileen 

Lakln. Howard Glenn. Mancos. Colo. 
Lalliss, Coyla. Buhl, Ida.. 259. 357 
Lally. Doreen, Sal' Lake City, 336 
Lamb, Carole, North Sacramento, Calif.. 162. 212. 
Lamb. Laurells. Alamo. Nev., 230, 387 
Lamb, LeGrande Norris, Chandler, Ariz. 
Lamb. Verl Seamons. Hyde Park. 255. 314 
Lambert. Eugene S.. Kamas, 387 
Lambert, Joan Lee, Ely, Nev., 108. 357 
Lambert, Kay Jean, San Diego, Calif.. 387 
Lambson. Alma Louise. Ramah. N. Mex.. 262. 282 
Lambson, Elton Kay. Ramah. N. Mex. 
LambsOQ. Robert E. Jr.. Albuquerque. N. Mex.. 190 
Lamoreaux, Gale. Chandler, Ariz.. 357 
Lamoreaux. Jack Wayne, American Fork, 387 
Lamoreaux, Martha B.. Provo, 170 
Lamsam, Wongsirl, Bangkok, Slam, 336 
Lance, Elwon, Grass Valley, Calif., 271, 314 
Land, Linda Lueana, Inglewood, Calif., 357 
Landry, Marilyn Joan, Salt Lake City 
Lane, Eugene V.. Provo. 314 
Lane. Guylen R.. Gatun. Canal Zone. 387 
Lane. Shirley Evelyn. Litchfield. Maine. 336 
Laney, Russell Judd, Sprlngville 
Langford, CeNa Joy, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., 252 
Langtord. Sherman Dale. Fairfield, Calif.. 387 
Langlois, Sharon. Salt Lake City, 357 
Larkin, Larry Shirk, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Larkin, Phyllis Louise. Snowville. 287. 336 
Larsen. Allan Reed. Manti 
Larsen. Aral Dean, Orem 

Larsen, Arlene Joan, McDermlt, Nev.. 133, 357 
jj^ Larsen, Arietta N., Idaho Falls, Ida.. 336 
Larsen. Arnold C, Orem 
Larsen. Betty Argyle. Provo 
Larsen, Barbara, Provo, 246, 387 
Larsen, Boyd Alan, Salt Lake City 
Larsen, Carol .^nn, McDermltt, Nev.. 336 
Larsen. David Roger. Richfield. 357 
Larsen. Dean Glllete, Holden 
Larsen, Diane, Harlem, Mont.. 357 
La'-sen. Donald R.. Provo 
Larsen, Edward S.. Spanish Fork 
Larsen, Ernest O.. Emery 
Larsen. Gary F.. Bountiful. 194, 357 
Larsen, Gladys Davis, Spanish Fork 
Larsen, Howard Bennie, Ogden, 148, 324 
Larsen, Ha Mower, Orem 
Larsen, Jack D., Spanish Fork 
Larsen, James Winget, Boise, Ida. 
Larsen. James C. Sallna. 357 
Larsen, Janice, Spanish Fork, 259, 285, 336 
Larsen, Joan Doloro, Sacramento, Calif., 357 
Larsen, JoAnn, Preston, Ida.. 357 
Larsen. Karen. Sunnyvale. Calif., 172, 133, 387 
Larsen, Kurt Ejvind, Orem 
Larsen, Linda Jalene, La Mesa. Calif. 
Larsen. Marilyn. Springvllle 
Larsen. Marva Jean. Rigby. Ida.. 176. 314 
Larsen, Mar/ Elizabeth, Provo 
Larsen, Mary Evelyn. Emmet. Ida., 314 
Larsen, Milton H., Provo, 162 
Larsen, Nancv, Salt Lake City, 387 
Larsen, Orvil James, Oulncy, Wash.. 357 
Larsen. Oscar George. Idaho Falls. Ida. 
Larsen. Pete Phillip. Spanish Fork 
Larsen. Rae, Twin Falls, Ida. 
Larsen. Rayanna. Provo. 387 
Larsen. Ruby Jean. Newton. 237. 255, 357 
Larsen, Shirley, Harlem, Mont.. 248 
14 Larsen, Stanley E.. Provo 

Larssn. William Edward. Waynesboro. Va.. 314 

Larson, Alan William, Provo, 148 

Larson, Byron Edmund, Inglewood, Calif.. 190 

Larson, Don, Orem 

Larson, Donna Rae, Murtaugh, Ida., 357 

Larson, Doris May, Blackfoot, Ida., 172, 387 

Larson, Howa'd Charles, Kaysville, 282, 253, 387 
Larson, Jacqueline, Salt Lake City, 387 
90 Larson, Karen, Sandy 

Larson. Leon H.. Woodland. Calif., 278. 336 
Larson, Linda Ann, San Gabriel, Calif., 314 
Larson, Margaret B.. Orem 
Larson Lloyd Odell. Provo. 336 
Larson. Robert C. Las Vegas, Nev., 387 
Larson, Roger Carter, Phoenix, Ariz., 133, 275. 387 
Larson. Thomas Owen. Yuma. Ariz.. 91 
Larson. Thomas F.. Payson 
Lasley. Gordon Ray. Orem. 336 
Lasson. Bernard E.. Birdseye. 387 
Lasson, Callice Elaine, Birdseye, 387 
Lasson, Calvin G., Birdseye, 387 
Lassen, Carolyn, Boulder, Nev., 246, 336 
Lasson Cynthia, Boufder, Nev.. 357 
Last. Louise. Richmond. 255. 336 
Latimer. Donald S., Sandy, 314 
Latimer, Lynne Adele, Pocatello. Ida.. 172. 234, 387 
Laub, Marvin J., Salt Lake City 
Lauder. Doreen. Leona. Medicine Hat. Alta.. Can.. 357 
Laudie. Drew Truman. Prairie Village. Kan.. 387 
Laurltzzen. Louis, Boise, Ida., 274, 324 
Laursen, Carl Eugene, American Fork 
Law, Elaine Edna, Santa Barbara, Calif.. 212 
Law. John Richard. Moses Lake. Wash. 
357 Lawlor, Lawrence Dow, Bute, Alta, Can.. 357 
Law. Wesley Ruane, Orangevllle 
Lawler Sharon May, Santa Rosa. Calif.. 387 
Lawrence, Darlene M.. South Gate. Calif. 387 
Lawrence. Delmer M.. Salt Lake City 
Lawrence, Louise, Salem, 336 
Lawrence, Robert J.. Tooele. 387 
387 Lawrence. Sandra Jean, Carson, Nev. 
Laws. Duane M.. Provo 
Lawson. David McKay. San Diego. Calif. 
Lawson. Jon Keith, Hawthorne, Calif.. 280, 387 
Lawson, Sharon Dee, Barstow, Calif. 
Lawton, David L.. Heber 
Lawton. Robert Arthur. Denver. Colo. 
Layden, Donald Richard. Holbrook. Ariz. 
Layton. James Joel. Layton. 175. 214. 253, 336 
Layton, Carol, Kaysville, 387 
Layton, Cecil Allan, Manassa, Colo. 
Layton H. Ray. Carlln. Nev. ,357 
Leach, Sid Delmar, Provo 
Leake, Lujean, Orem 
Leake, Robert L., Orem 
Leany, Hyrum Vard, Provo 

Leavell, Stephen Leon, San Francisco. Calif., 357 
Leavit, Bertha Anna. North Las Vegas. Nev.. 387 
Leavlt. Carol Joan. Banff. Alta.. Can., 387 
Leavit, Clair H., Nampa, Ida. 
Leavlt. Elda. Las Vegas. Nev.. 357 
Leavltt. Jack. Phoenix. Ariz. 
Leavlt. Nina Leota. Homedale. Ida. 
Leavit. Ronald Terry. Las Vegas, Nev., 142, 357 
Leavltt, Veryle, Leavltt, Alta.. Can. 
Leavltt, Wynona, Glenwood, Alta.. Can. 
LeBaron, Bryce Earl, Stevensvllle, Mont., 176, 336 
LeBaron, Charles D.. Payson. 387 
LeBaron. Francis C, Barnwell, Alta.. Can.. 326 
LeBaron, J. Bentley, Stevensvllle, Mont., 260, 387 
LeBaron, Melvln J.. Barnwell. Alta.. Can., 336 
LeBaron, Sharon E.. Flint. Mich., 357 
Lee, Carlll, Ina, Billings, Mont 
Lee, Carole, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Lee, Carole Dawn, Concord, Calif.. 162, 357 
Lee, Cora. LaOonna. Emmett. Ida.. 173, 387 
Lee. David Arthur. Bicknell. 336 
Lee, Dixie, Heber 
Lee, Eldon, Verl, Tooele ,387 
Lee, Frank, Stockton, Calif.. 314 . 
Lee. Gary Gene. Murtaugh, Ida.. 387 
Lee. Jerry Nebraska. Tampa, Fla. 
Lee, Laurence Arthur, Nepnl 
Lee, Maurice Dee, Farmlngton, N. Mex. 
Lee. Michael Ralph, Albany, Ore.. 387 
Lee. Patricia Fae. Vernal, 336 
Lee, Robert Earl, Lagg, Calif.. 387 
Lee. Ronald Eugene. New London. Iowa.- 162, 336 
Lee, Sonya E. Parsons, Pendleton Ore. 
Lee. Stephen M. Bicknell. 387 
Lee. Virgie, St. Ignatius. Mont. 387 
Lee. Winslow Boyd. Wlnslow. Ariz.. 314 
Lee. Zelda C, St Ignatius, Mont, 170, 388 
Lee, Zeta Maurle, Vernal, 265, 388 
Lee, Virginia, Eureka, 35? 
Lee, Wallace Raymond, Hesperus, Colo. 
Lees. Jerry D. Provo. 388 
Lefeber. Julia Anne. Elmira. N. Y. 
Lelfson. Jack W., Spanish Fork, 196, 388 
Leifson, June, Spanish Fork, 283, 314 
Leifson, Thor Elden, Spanish Fork 
Leigh, Dorene- Mesa, Ariz.. 246. 336 
Leigh, Llewellyn Young, Palo Alto, Calif. 
Leishman, Karen, Provo, 30, 198, 226, 357 
Lemmon, Lawrence G.. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 388 
Lemmon. Wayne B., Lindon, Calif.. 259. 268 
Lendt, Welda Beate. Buffalo. N. Y.. 363. 388 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Leor.ard, Sonja Ann, Boise, Ida., 138, 388 

Leonard, Richard James, Lakewood, Calif. 

Leonhardt. Paul Herman, Pleasant Grove 

Leroy, Danny Claude, Big Bear Lake, Calif, 388 

Lervold, John Darrell, Los Angeles, Calif., 388 

Lesley, Shirley Ann, Greenville, S. C, 388 

Leslie, Joan Marie. Tacoma, Wash. 

Levenger, Delores, Homedale, Ida., 314 

Levar. Lila Lee. Tavares. Fla., 166, 336 

Levar. Callis Jeddy. Tavares, Fla.. 388 

Lewis, Afton Ruth, Ramah, N. Mex., 336 

Lewis. Anthon Hugh, Farmington, N. Mex.. 255, 262 

Lewis, Allen Edward. Logandale. Nev. 

Lewis. Clifton M., Holbrook, Ariz. 

Lewis, Dale A., Provo, 106 

Lewis, David Darel, Prove 

Lewis, Dianns, Orem 

Lewis, Delbert Elwin, Provo 

Lewl$, Elinor, Holbrook, Ariz., 357 

Lewis, Dorothy C. Laurel. Wash., 388 

Lewis. Emery Bowen, Marion, 336 

Lewis. Garn Edward, Ogden, 173, 388 

Lewis. Glen L., Tabiona, 272 

Lewis. Glenn. Carlos. Kamas, 388 

Lewis, Glenna Gay. Kamas. 388 

Lewis. Jamos Ray. Spanish Fork 

Lewis. Janice Dee. Nyssa. Ore., 173. 388 

Lewis, Jean Loya. Chicago, III., 125 

Lewis, Juventa L., San Francisco, Calif., 357 

Lewis, John Ludlow, Spanish Fork 

Lewis, Marilyn, Blackfoot, Ida., 226, 388 

Lewis, Mary Coleen, Spanish Fork, 357 

Lewi:, Maxine, Duchesne 

Lewis, Nancy Gay, Orem 

Lewis, Richard Lynn, Provo 

Lewis, Robert Eugene, Laurel. Wash., 357 

Lewis. Roger Spencer. Boise, Ida.. 357 

Lewis, Venice Jane, Ramah. N. Mex., 388 

Lewis, Willard M.. Tooele 

Liddell, Maurice Scott. Orem 

Liddell, Carl Clark, Roosevelt, 357 

Liddell, Ronald. Duchesne. 3.57 

Liddiard. Robert Mills, Provo 

Liddiard. Gary Dennis, Provo 

Liddle. Alfred S.. Sacramento. Calif.. 388 

Llebhart. Beverly Y., Alameda. Calif.. 336 

Lile, John Clayton, North Plate, Neb.. 357 

Lilienquist, Val, Saft Lake City, 194, 314 

Lillard, Sonia Lee. Henderson, Nev. 388 

Lilley Adelene Beryl. Medina, Ohio 

Lillibridge, Suzanne. Corona, Calif.. 357 

Lilly, Vivian, Independence, Mo., 202, 388 

Lillywhite, Craig W., So. Gate, Calif. 

Lillywhite, Jay M.. Anaheim, Calif, 224. 357 

Lillywhite. Karen. Los Angeles, Calif. 49. 198. 214. 

Linde. Carolyn Gene, Blatne, Wash., 388 
Lindsay, Dean Ray, Palo Alto, Calif. 314 
Lindsay, Donald Ray, Provo 
Lindsay, Eleanor Ranae, Evanston. Wyo,, 357 
Lindsay, Ellzabefh F, Provo 
Lindsay. Grant T6one, Reno. Nev, 314 
LIndsey. Catherine L. Ridley Park. Pa. 357 
Lindsey, Gwynda Anne, Gilmer, Tex. 
LIndsey, Joel Douglas, Columbia 
Llndstrom, Brent C. Provo, 314 
Lindsey, Margaret L., Flint, Mich., 357 
Llndstrom, Gaylo, Spanish Fork, 230, 388 
Linebarger, Robert N., Redwood City, Calif, 149. 

Ling, Wilma Ame. filer, Ida., 336 
Linning, Johannes, Whittier, Calif.. 196, 357 
Linton, Gayie. Gardena, Calif., 388 
Linton. Gordon Bowers. Mona 
Lister. Cora Colleen. Montabello. Calif 
Liston. Sandra. Orem, 388 
LItster. Allen E., Huntington. 204, 388 
Litster, Judith Claire, Hutington, 357 
Little. Gary Walter. Cody, Wyo. 
Little. Gary W., Gridley, Calif, 357 
Little. Lawrence Ray, Ft. Bliss, Tex.. 284 
Little, Loretta Anne, Gridley, Calif. 
LIttlefield, Kenneth, Provo 

Litton, Janice Joann, Los Angeles, Calif., 388 
Livingson, Albert N., Provo 
Livi.ngston, Jack R., La Canada, Calif. 
Livingston, Nancy M., La Canada. Calif, 388 
Livingston, Nola B., Provo 
Livingston. Robert L., Los Angeles. Calif. 
Livingston, Ronald B., Spanish Fork, 388 
Lloyd, Eldon K., Provo, 194, 314 
Llewellyn, JoAnn, Salt Lake City, 198, 314 
Llewellyn, Max E., Jr., Detroit, Mich., 147. 358 
Lloyd. Barbara Jean. Springfield. Ida.. 388 
Lloyd, Dean Carter, Provo 
Lloyd, John Carroll. Meade. Kan., 358 
Lloyd. Patricia. Henderson, Nev., 388 
Lloyd, John Wayne. Heber 
Loader. Melvin Earlay, Provo 
Loader. Archie K., Provo 

Loarca. Carlos G.. Quezaltenango. Guatemala 

Lobos, Jose Amilcar, Zona, Guatemala, 388 
Lochhead, Lois C. St. Louis, Mo., 126. 226, 314 
Loder. Bruce Warren. Provo. 388 

Lofgran. Wayne C. Santaauin. 388 

Loertscher, Dwain V., Park City 

Logsdon. David Paul. Lehi, 388 

Lollar, Genevieve E., BBridger, Mont. 

Lollar, Marjorie L., Bridger. Mont. 

Lomax, Nadine Gloria, Portland, Ore. 

Long, Henry K., Wailuku, Maui. T.H.. 91. 257, 388 
. 357 Long, Jo Ann. Brigham City. 176, 266, 388 

Long. LaNae. Lita. Wailuku, Maui, T. H.. 257 

Long. Kenneth Arvon, Roosevelt 

Long. Lester Bert. Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Long. Richard Crowther, Provo. 174, 176, 314 

Long. Richard Kay, Orem, 388 

Long. Shelley. Las Vegas. Nev., 336 

Long. William Robert, Provo 

Longden, Frances S.. Salt Lake City 

Longhurst, Jay Buck. Woodruff 314 

Lorgson, Gordon Keith. San Diego, Calif., 336 

Longwell. Ruben S.. Silver City, N. Mex., 358 

Lookinland. Paul R.. San Pedro. Calif.. 125, 126 

Loomis. Jerry Emerson, Grlswold, Iowa, 358 

Loose. Loris Miriam. Belmont, Calif., 388 

Loose, Warren A. Robert, Jr., Belmont, Calif, 90, 314 

Lopez, S. Jorge Mario, Guatemala, C. A., 256, 358 

Lords. Jack Edward. Idaho Falls. Ida 

Lord, Robert L.. Provo 

Lorensen, Burton LeRoy. Elsinore, 336 

Lorz. Forrest A.. Moses Lake, Wash., 388 

Losee, Warren D., Provo 

Lothyan, Phillip ErII. Monrovia, Calif. 

Losee, Richard Darrel, Provo. 388 

Lott, Paul Bluke, Toppenish, Wash. 

Lett, Nancy Ann. Duchesne, 336 

Lottridge. Margaret A. 

Louder, Arden R.. Orem 

Louder. Darrell R., Orem, 336 

Louder, James Elgin, Provo 

Loughney, David, Blackfoot, Ida., 358 

Louie, Edward W., Salt Lake City 

Lounsbury, Donald E., Redding, Conn., 388 

Loveloy, Billy Brent, Idaho Falls, Ida., 358 

Loveland. Emerson Ray, Provo, 388 

Loveless , David G.. Provo 

Lovett. Jack Robert. El Paso. Tex.. 336 

Loveless, Harold W.. Burley, Ida. 

Loveless, Judith Ann, Payson. 359 

Lovell. Merton Nlelson. Oak City. 336 

Lovell. Paulino. Oak City, 388 

Loveridge. Bernell Jay. Sprlngvllle, 388 

Low. William Walbr, Jr., Nyssa. Ore.. 388 
336. Lowder. Colline. Denver. Colo., 234. 388 

Lowder, Dixie DIan, Homedale. Ida., 193, 358 

Lov/der, Donald Lee, Burley, Ida., 323 

Lowder, Patricia A., Long Beach, Calif. 388 

Lowe, Janet. Eugene Ore. 358 

Lowe, Milton Wallace, Provo 

Lowry. David Ezra, Cardston, Alta.. Can.. 358 

Lowry. James Robert, Jr., Coral Gables, Fla., 204, 388 

Lowry, Janice, Vallejo, Calif, 1 72, 358 

Lowry. Thomas Edwin, Glenwood, Alta.. Can. 

Loy. Henry Leiand. Provo, 314 

Loynd Paula Grace, Salt Lake City. 208 

Lucas. Frank James, Ogden, 314 

LucaSj Hugh L., Alexandria. Minn. 
274. Luce. Willard R.. Provo 

Lufkin, John Cordell. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 224, 336 

Luke, Calvin Junior, Heber 

Luke, Barbara Ellen. Provo, 276 

Luke. Joe O., Orangeville 

Luke. Merllyn F^ra. Twin Falls. Ida., 162 

Luke. Philip Odeen. Junction. 214. 358 

Luke. Zelda Morley, Provo 

Lunceford, Blaine R., Orem, 358 

Lunceford, Dorothy, Orem, 336 

Lund, Catherine Louise. Provo. 314 

Lund, Larry J., Thistle, 388 

Lund. Nedra Rae, Los Angeles. Calif, 359 

Lund, Nina Marie. Farmington. 388 

Lund. Paul Andrew, Temple, Calif. 

Lund, Priscilla Joy, Richmond. Va. 358 

Lund. William Guy, Provo. 173. 388 

Lundberg, Endfred Jon. Oakland. Calif. 147. 359 

Lundberg, Gary Barlow. Washington, D. C, 314 

Lundell, Connie, Vernal, 238 

Lundgren. Grant E. O., Pocatello. Ida., 271, 314 

Lundgren, Fauntelle, Pocatello, Ida. 

Lundell. Norman E.. Spanish Fork 

Lundholm, James Carlos, Payson 

Lundmark, Martin Nils, Calgary. Alta.. Can.. 314 

Lundquist, John Milton. Portland, Ore., 388 

Lundquist, John S., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Lundquist. Rex C. Rivera, Calif 

Lunt. Alan Kenneth. Duncan. Ariz 

Lunt. Gordon Ray. Provo, 285, 323 

Lunt. Laralne, Rahway. N. J.. 263. 388 

Lunt, Myrna Hope. Lordsburg, N. Mex.. 174. 388 

Lunt, Milton Day. Cedar City, 166, 336 

Lyda. Raymond. Alfred. Salt Lake City, 358 

Lybbert, Wally Dean. Greenacres. Wash. 388 

Lydlksen. Harry Walter, Provo 

Lykins, William Lee, Columbus. Ind., 358 

Lykins. Chester G., Columbus. Ind.. 358 

Lyman, Emerson. Holden. 314 

Lyman. Francis Marvin. Blanding, 271 

Lyman, Joyce. Monticello. 388 

Lyon, Elsie Suzanne, Hayward, Calif., 

Lyon, Patricia Anne, Overton, Nev, 

Lyons, K. Lyman, Burley, Ida. 

Lysenko, Peter, Provo 

Lythgoe. Jack W. Ventura. Calif. 146, 






Maa'i, John Lucas. Provo 

Mabey, Janet Faye A.. Provo 

Mabey. Kent Lavar. Oakley. Ida. 388 

MacArthur Douglas A.. Ogden. 358 

Macaulay, Thomas F.. Oakland, Calif, 154, 160. 388 

MacCabe, Sondra Ann, San Carlos. Calif. 358 

MacDonald, Edwin Jess. El Paso. Tex.. 388 

MacDonald, Larry Keith. El Paso, Tex., 218. 358 

Mace, Marcus Norquist. Jamestown, N. Y. 

MacFarlane. Larry Dean, Clearfield. 388 

Mack. Rodney Leslie, Temple City. Calif, 388 

Mackay, Carol Rae, Murray. 1 72, 3 14 

Mackay, Helen Mar, Menfo Park, Calif. 138. 172, 388 

Mackay, Jerald Ouentin, Menlo Park, Calif. 388 

Mackay. Leonard C. Provo 

Mackay. Ruth Mary. Melbourne. Australia 

Mackay, Yvonne Iris, Ceburg Victoria. Australia 

Mackley, Vonetta. Provo, 358 

Mackey, Ellen Jean. Sweet Home. Ore., 388 

MacLeod, Joyce Lee, Newton. Pa 

MacPherson, Darrell R.. Long Beach, Calif, 337 

Macumber, Ann Louise, Lorlmer, Iowa, 246, 314 

Madsen, Boyd D., Provo 

Madsen, Bryant Hans, Falrvlew, 358 

Madsen, Charley H.. Jr., Bountiful, 224, 254, 285 

Madsen, Franklin B. Provo, 314 

Madsen, Gjry. Provo 

Madsen, Janice Leona, Salt Lake City, 314 

Madsen, Jay Lloyd, Orem 

Madsen. Jean. Burley, Ida., 389 

Madsen, Mary Lou, Sandy. 207, 337 

Madsen. Melvin Demar. Rupert. Ida. 

Madsen. Pauline. Provo. 359 

Madsen, Raymond Lavor, Orem, 337 

Madsen, Ronald D.. Provo. 337 

Madson. Parke. Provo 

Madson. William H.. Payson, 196, 314 

Magaoay, Paslto L., Lanai, T.H. 

Magelsen, Shirley Ann, Kennewick, Wash., 288 

Magleby, Zella F., Provo 

Mahaffey. Linda Ann. Phoenix. Ariz.. 228. 238. 358 

Mahan, Robert Irvin, Long Beach, Calif.. 389 

Mahoney. Clarence B., Heber. 389 

Mohoney. Stephen B., Heber. 337 

Mahoney, Virginia Lee, Medford, Ore., 358 

Main, Betty Ann, Aberdeen, Wash., 288, 358 

Maines. Aubrey Bobby, Big Spring. Tex. 

Mair. John Douglas. Provo. 389 

Mairs. Marilyn. San Francisco, Calif., 389 

Major, Sherrol, Kaysville, 389 

Malan, Kennett P.. Ogden 

Malan, Loree. Petree, San Francisco, Calif. 

Maloy. Albert Louis. Phoenix, Ariz., 358 

Maipica. S. Victor R., Guatemala City, Guatamala 

Malstrom. Annette. Kallspell. Monf. 389 

Malzahn, Judith Ann. Idaho Falls, Ida. 337 

Manary. Carolyn Ann, Santa Monica. Calif. 

Manary. Marilyn Anita. Santa Monica. Calif. 

Mangelson, David R.. Levan. 358 

Mangelson. Robert Hal. Provo, 389 

Mangum. Alan Elmer. Provo. 358 

Mangum, Claudie Kay, Nutrioso. Ariz., 314 

Mangum, Fredrick Tony, Heber 

Mangum, John Harvey, Alexandria, Va., 314 

Mani, Marfia Diane. Concord. Calif. 389 

Mann. Jerry Arthur, Ellensburg, Wash., 285, 324 

Mann, Ronald M., Provo, 389 

Manning, Fabian Jay, Lehi, 389 

Manning, Neil Horry, Orem, 358 

Mano, Kenneth Hideaki, Woods Cross, 253, 280, 389 

Manser. Kathleen S.. Lethbridge. Alta., Can., 314 

Mansuy. Frances W.. Long Beach. Calif. 108. 389 

Mansuy, Edward Marcel. Salt Lake City. 337 

Manwarihg, Colleen. Ogden. 108. 337 

Manwaring, Ha. Vernal, 359 

Manwarren, Otto Keith, SteHing. Kan. 

Marchant. Gary Reed. Kamas, 337 

Marble, Haws Alan. Garland. 359 

Marchant. Fred Thomas. Provo. 389 

Marchant. Gaye. Peoa, 3 14 

Marchant. Gerald Lyie, Peoa. 358 

Marchbanks. April Y., Batle Mountain. Nev. 

Marcusen, Richard B., Portland. Ore. 



student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Marett, Tonia, Gilbert, Ariz., 389 

Marion, Melvin Jones. Oakland, Calif. 

Markham, Barbara Ann, Provo, 216, 232, 337 

Markman, Stanley Grant, Provo, 274, 323 

Markstaller, Jan H., Portland. Ore., 32, 33 

Marksworth, Carl G.. Jr.. National City, Calif.. 154, 157. 

Marler, Darrelf Jay, Idaho Falls, Ida, I 13 
Marler, Sharleen, Idaho Falls, Ida., 389 
Marlow, John Lloyd, Blackfoot, Ida.. 34, 137, 161. 166, 

223, 314 
Marlowe. Darold M., Salt Lake City 262. 337 
Marlowe, Holt C, Provo 
Marlowe, Marilyn N., Salt Lake City 
Marrott, Colleen Rose, Pleasant Grove 
Marsden. Howard Dee, Burley. Ida., 389 
Marsh. Almeda i^ae, Kankakee. HI., 358 
Marsh. Elvie Joan. Pasadena. Calif., 172. 389 
Marsh. Marilyn, Littleton. Colo., 389 
Marsh, Mary Joanne, Sprlngville, 358 
Marsh, William Dale. Salt Lake City, 324 
Marshall. Charles P., Jr., Riverside. Calif.. 190. 389 
Marshall. Kuhn A.. Provo, 314 
Marshall, Melvin Karl, Logandale, Nev., 358 
Marshall, MIna Alice, Salt Lake City, 237, 358 
Marshall. Mina Alice, Salt Lake City, 237, 358 
Marshall, Neldon Hayes. Rigby. Ida., 337 
Marshall. Ray Edward. Turlock, Calif. 
Marshall. Sharon, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Marshall, Sharon Lynn. Las Vegas. Nev. 
Marshall, William T., Portland. Ore. 
Martin. Cleta Rae, Huntington, 389 
Martin. Dean W.. Western Springs. III., 271, 314 
Martin, Diana Margaret, Tacoma, Wash.. 172. 389 
Martin. Ellen. Cowpens, S. C. 314 
Martin. Ernest C. Des Moines. Iowa. 358 
Martin, Gerald B.. Jr.. Long Beach, Calif.. 337 
Martin. Gloria Dawn. Cowpens, S. C, 389 
Martin, Helen lone. Alhambra, Calif. 266. 389 
Martin, Homer V.. Jr.. Carlsbad. N. Mex.. 358 
Martin, James Alvln, Sixes, Ore., 389 
Martin, James Douglas, Provo, 314 
Martin, James M, Provo 
Martin, James William. Diamond Springs, Calif., 210. 

259. 358 
Martin, Janice. Glendale, Calif.. 234, 389 
Mariln. Jerry Dale. Richland. Wash., 389 
Martin. Joyce. Preston. Ida., 173, 255, 358 
Marfin. Paul LaMar. Sclplo 
Martin, Susan Kay. Greenwood. Ind.. 358 
Martindale. David L.. Orem 
Martindale, Marda L.. Oakley. Ida., 389 
Martindale. Marilyn, Santa Monica. Calif. 
Martinez. Guillermos. Provo. 389 
Martineau, Mollyanne. Soda Springs. Ida.. 389 
Martinez. Connie Dulce. Taos, N. Mex., 389 
Marwede, Patricia. Santa Barbara, Calif., 389 
Masada. Jerry Hideo. Lanai. T.H., 337 
Mascari, Lucille R., Covina, Calif. 
Mason, Bernell Alton, McAllen. Tex. 
Mason, Clo Ann. Salt Lake City, 170, 358 
Mason, Edwin Leon, McAllen, Tex.. 337 
Mason, Gloria, Arlington. Va., 389 
Mason, James A., Provo 

Mason, Leslie Gunnetl, Lexington, Ky., 284, 412 
Mason, Shirley, Provo 
Mason, Sterling Alma, Springville. 337 
Mason, Yerda Ruth, Blaclcfoot. Ida., 128, 287, 337 
Matheson, William L., Fruita, 389 
Mathews, Arminta H., Provo, 160 
Mathews Gerald Lynn, Provo 
Mathews, Mary Ann, Fairfield, Calif., 358 
Mathews, Robert James. Provo. 337 
Mathews, Russell Roper, Nephi 
Matnie. Velma Mae, Blackfoot, Ida., 287, 358 
Mathis. Christal Young. Provo 
Mathls. John Stoker, Provo, 337 
Mathis, Richard Miles, St. George 
Mathis, William Ervin, Price, 34, 174, 176. 223 
Matsen. John Martin, Los Angeles, Calif., 130, 190. 

254. 337 
Matsen, Janice Claire, Los Angeles, Calif., 314 
Matson, Kathryn Ann, Truckee, Calif, 173, 212, 358 
Matson. Ronald J., Huntington Park, Calif., 158. 358 
Mathews. Dixie Carol. Evanston. Wyo., 389 
Mathews, Franklin Wm., Boise, Ida. 
Mathews, George E.. Superior, Ariz., 389 
Mathews, N. Arlene. Yuoa, Calif 
Mattson. Vernon W., Murray, 173, 252, 389 
Mathews, Tommie Grant, Evanston, Wyo.. 237, 358 
Mattice, Nan Marie. Pima. Ariz., 226, 337 
Mattinson, Willis J., Spanish Fork, 389 
Mauqhan. Berklee A,, San Gabriel, Calif. 
Maughan, Charlene L., Soda Springs, Ida. 
Maughan, Jeanlne B., Wellsvllle 
Maughan, Kathryn B., Wellsvllle, 170 
Maughan, Marelene, Newark, Calif., 358 
Maughan, Myrna Lynne, Burley. Ida. 
Maughan, Newell C, Preston, Ida., 389 
Maughan, Ronald B.. Boise, Ida, 337 
Maughan. Neil F., Preston. Ida. 

Maughan, Scott, San Gabriel, Calif.. 221 , 314 

Maurer, David Walter. Salt Lake City, 264, 337 

Maughan, Thomas R., Drummond, Mont., 358 

Maxtield. Carol Ann. Provo. 216, 314 

Maxfie'd, Thayne C, Trout Creek 

Maxwell, Carole Lee, Toronto. Ont., Can. 

Maxwell, Dean Woodrow, Bountiful. 389 

Maxwell, James Lee. Peoa, 389 

Maxwell, Marcelyn R., Burbank, Calif., 389 

Maxwell, Moxlne Kay, Graeagle, Calif. 

Maxwell, Philip H.. Provo, 282 

Mav, Dean Lowe, Caldwell. Ida., 173, 389 

May. Frank Reid, Caldwell. Ida., 173, 358 

May Frank O., Jr., Briqham City, 221, 314 

May, Gordon Closson, Blanding 

May, Helen. Blackfoot, Ida., 358 

May. James Andrew, Baker, Ore., 141, 162. 280, 358 

May, Nona Lynne, Brigham City, 283, 314 

Mayberry, Marilyn Ruth, Ogden, 389 

Maycock, Annette, Ogden 

Maycock, William Edwin, Sunset 

Mayne, Robert Verl, Gypsum, Colo. 

McAdam, John Robert, Provo 

Mcafer+y, Uoyd V., Olympla, Wash. 

McAlIster. Nancy E.. Rexburg, Ida., 200, 337 

McAllister, Cheryl, Monterey Park, Calif., 173, 230. 389 

McAllister, Lawrence B., Kanab, 156, 337 

McAllister. Dorothy F.. Ogden. 389 

McAllister, Leray L.. Delta, 145, 156. 314 

McAllister, Myron R., San Jose, Calif. 358 

McAllister, Stephen N. .Richland. Wash., 288, 389 

McArthur, A Crelg. Provo. 174 

McArlhur, George C, Calgary. Alta.. Can.. 336 

McArthur, Gerald C. South Gate. Calif. 389 

McArtfiur, Keith Lynn. Sclpio 

McArthur. Nedd W. Price. 223, 412 

McArthur, Perry H., Provo 

McBrlde, Davis Owen, Boise, Ida.. 

McBride, Carol Ann, Downey. Calif., 238, 358 

McBrlde, Carolee, Salt Lake City 

McBride., Deanna, BoBise. Ida., 212. 358 

McBrlde, Horton D.. Provo 

McBride, James L.. Sun Valley. Calif. 

McBride. Michael W., Long Beach, Calif., 389 

McBride, Velma Joy, South Gate, Calif. 

McCampbell, Jack R., Burmingham, Ala., 389 

McCance, Douglas A., Provo 

McCann, Lauren Bernard, Vancouver, Wash.. 337 

McCardell, Robert C, Lynndyl 

McCarthy, Jean C, Shrewsbury, Mass., 389 

McCartney, Alta Rutfi, Provo 

McClay, Maxlne Fay, Claremont, Calif. 

McClellan, Norene, Hayward, Calif., 238, 358 

McClure, Gerald Leland, Palmdale. Calif, 190, 358 

McClure. Thomas Hardy, Fontana, Calif., 389 

McComas. Carole Lynn, Pasadena, Calif, 198, 358 

McComas, William H., Inglewood, Calif, 263, 337 

McConnell. John R., Nashville. Tenn.. 389 

McConchle, Thomas O., Cardston, Alta., Can. 

McCormack, Agnes E., Toronto, Can. 

McCormIck, Marilynn, American Fork, 193. 358 

McCosh. Leonard W., Spokane. Wash., 314 

McCoy, Ewles Marshafl, Provo 

McCoy, William Robert, Provo 

McCracken, Ivan Hugh, Klrktand Lake, Ont., Can. 

McCracken, Paul Boyd, Pasadena, Calif, 358 

McCue, Hazel Coleen, Lethbrldge, Alta., Can., 173, 358 

Mc'Culley, Mary Jane, Milford, 337 

McCulley, Jessie Lewis, Mllford 

McCullough, Anna LaRae, Richland, Wash., 314 

McCullough, Joyce, DeFta. 173, 389 

McCune, Jeanne, Fillmore, 232, 337 

McDaniel, Janice E., Alamosa, Colo.. 358 

McDanlel, William A., Alamosa, Colo. 

McDonald, Dorothy Rae, Chambers.^ Ariz., 389 

McDermott, Naomi, Salt Lake City 

McDonald, Jer'^y George, Twin Falls, Ida. 

McDonald, Jessie .Salt Lake City 

McDonald, Kathleen, San Francisco, Calif, 212, 230 

McDonaFd. Steven S., Provo 

McDougal, Richard N., Salt Lake City, 314 

McDow, Terl Lee, Grand Junction, Colo., 337 

McDowell, Douglas C, Provo. 389 

McDowell, Sylvia Irene. Walla Walla, Wash., 228, 238. 

McEwan. Harold Pixton. Salt Lake City, 314 
McEwan. David Lewis, Provo. 389 
McFadden. Bonnie B.. Hiawatha, 314 
McFadden. Terry Ted, Deer Lodge, Mont. 
McFarland, Bruce B., Sprlngville 
McFarlane, Richard S., Moses Lake, Wash.. 389 
McFarland. Melva A., Lemhi, Ida., 243, 314 
McFarland, Roger B., San Gabriel, Calif. 
McGee. J. Lavoy. Farmlngton. N. Mex., 390 
McGee. Joyce. Farmlngton, N. Mex., 262, 390 
McGinn, Joseph Paul. Providence, R. I.. 91, 218 
McGregor. Jay Clark, Provo 
McGuIre, Harry W, Jr.. Los Angeles, Calif. 
Mcilrath. Patricia Mae. Bountiful. 237, 277, 390 

Mclnnes, Murray S., Eagar, Ariz., 34, 146, 314 

Mclntire, Jay Rodney, Ontario, Calif., 269 

Mclntyre, Ordella 1., Caldwell, Ida., 390 

Mclver, Walter A., Los Angeles, Calif., 196, 390 

McKay, Frances A., Provo, 161. 166, 314 

McKay, Barrie Gunn, FTuntsville, 34, 147, 223. 242, 303, 

304, 337, 412 
McKay, Mary, Ogden. 172, 358. 412 
McKay, Monroe Gunn, Huntsville. 34. I 19. 280, 301, 314, 

334, 346 
McKay, William R., Provo 337 
McKean, Jole Elaine, Salt Lake City 
McKee, Bobbie Gene. Riverton, 358 
McKell, Clair Johnson, Spanish Fork. 337 
McKee. Gay Elaine, Barstow, Calif, 390 
McKell, Eldon Clair, Provo. 271. 323 
McKell, Gerald David. Marysville, Calif, 337 
McKell. James Robert. Provo. 358 
McKell, Lynn H., Spanish Fork 
McKell. Maryem, Provo, 216 
McKellar, John A., Wendover, 390 
McKellar, Warren Peter, Wendover, 358 
McKendrick. William J., Provo 
McKenna. Earl A., Roosevelt 
McKenzie, Phyllis L., Lund, Nev. 
McKilllp, Barbara F., Orem 
McKenzie, Roderick G., Lund, Nev., 390 
McKeon, Howard P., Tujumga, Calif. 
McKInley, Bruce, Challis. Ida. 
McKinney, Karen Ruth, Spring City, 358 
McKirinon, Douglas Lynn. Randolph, 390 
McKnIght, Eve Lauretta, Minersville. 358 
McKnight, Vera Babbel, Provo 
McKrola, Donald K., Mt. Vernon, Ore., 390 
McLamarrah, Betty J., Pima, Ariz., 336 
McLaws, Jesse Robert, Tooele 
McLaws, Richard Prize, Mesa, Ariz., 250. 358 
McLeod. Donna Ruth. Alhambra, Calif., 358 
McLoney, Lanny Jason, La Mesa, Calif. 358 
McLure, Mory Frances, Hollywood, Calif., 358 
McMahon, Frank Dean, Provo, 156, 164, 212, 314 
McMahon. Thomas T.. Provo. 314 
McMeen, Marilyn F., Denver, Colo., 175, 390 
McMichael, Rupert L, Jr., Macon, Ga., 390 
McMillan, Dorothy, Lehl. 358 
McMullan. George W. 

McMullIn, Arthur Doran, Edmonton, Alta., Can. 
McMullin, Karen W., Connell, Wash., 269. 390 
McNaughton, Mary. Heber. 283, 314 
McNeil, C. Craig. Provo 
McNeil, Sharl Karleen. Portland. Ore., 390 
McPhee. Martin W.. Bath. Maine, 390 
McPheeters. Roger A.. Kallspell, Mont., 390 
McPhie, Janine, Provo. 287, 337 
McVay. Myrtle Jean, Welser. Ida.. 390 
Meacham. Edgar L.. Twin Falls. Ida.. 314 
Meacham. John Arlen. Grace. Ida.. 390 
Measom, Dee Ann, Spanish Fork 
Mecham, Mary, Wallsburg 

Mecham, Raphael Cllve, Aspen, Colo., 269, 390 
Mecham, Wallace E.. Wallsburg 
Meek, John Clark. Othello. Wash.. 134. 390 
Meeks, Alta LaRae. Midway. 390 
Meets. Hazel. Lovell. Wyo. 314 
Megerian, Audrey L., Berkeley, Calif, 337 
Mefrord. Margie Ann. Sacramento. Calif, 390 
Mehr, Lois Marilyn, Hollydale, Calif, 390 
Meldllnger, Michael J., Council Bluffs, Iowa 
Msidllnger, Richard J., Council Bluffs, Iowa, 390 
Meier, Joseph Tippetts, Richfield 
Melkle, Joanne, Woodland, Calif, 390 
Meiling, Jaque Lloyd, Provo, 390 
Meiners, June, Kaysvllle, 249, 323 
Meldrum. Carol Jean. Orem, 390 - 
Meldrum, Grant Cluff. Provo 
Meldrum, Virginia, Provo 
Mellor, Carl Joseph, Lehl 
Mel'or, Chester McKay, Fayette 
Mellor, Kent E., Fayette. 390 
Mellor. Letha, FayeHe, 337 
Mellor. Opal Orpha. Fayette. 390 
Mellor. Roger Edwin, Provo. 337 
Memmott, Evan J., Orem 

Memmott, Joseph Larry. Col. Dublan, Chih.. Mex.. 358 
Mendenhall. Bob Lovell, Salt Lake City, 390 
Mendenhall. Robert B., Santaquin 
Mendenhall. Spencer K., Payson 
Mendoza, Alvaro, N. C. Grandes. Chlh., Mex.. 390 
Menlove. Marlene M., Salt Lake City, 337 
Menlove, Robert L., Payson 
Menning, Zelda, Redding, Calif 
Mercer, Jo Ann Marilyn, Provo, 337 
Meredith, Franklin J., Denver, Colo. 
Merkley, Harvey B., Calgary, Alta., Can., 214, 337 
Merrell, Calvin J, Farmlngton, N. Mex., 337 
Merrell, Charles B, Provo 
Merrell, Chyrl Janice, Duchesne, 172, 390 
Merrell, Dan Keith, Provo 
Merrell, Rulon L., Idaho Falls. Ida.. 224. 323 
Merrill, Cheri Dene. Pocatello, Ida., 200, 337 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Merri!!. Evan W.. Paul, Ida.. 314 

Merrill, Gary Dell, Mesa. Ariz.. 91 

Merrill. Heber Kent, Lethbridge. Atta.. Can.. 390 

Merrill, Janet T., RIverton. 226. 314 

Mer-III. Kathlesn T., Lethbridge. Alta.. Can.. 314 

Merrill, LaVaun S.. Jr. Idaho Falls. Ida., i76, 270. 337 

Merrill Louis Hyde. Swan Lake. Ida. 314 

Meriill. Lura Mae, Salt Lake City, 358 

Merrill, Marrlner D., Farmington, 358 

Merrill. Mary Ann. Twin Falls. Ida.. 390 

Merrill, Nathan Wayne. Lorenzo, Ida. 

Merrill, Ralph Taft, Pocatello, Ida. 

Merrill, Ronnie Bently, Valparaiso. Fla. 

Merrill. Wade Harris, Lorenzi, Ida., 390 

Merrill. Wllda Louise, Mesa, Ariz., 390 

Marritt, Lamo-it Rich. Afton. Wyo., 337 

Merritt, Shirley Y., Afton. Wyo.. 314 

Mertz. Martin F.. Helena. Mont. 

Mertz, Relnard Gene. Bellflower. Calif., 280, 390 

Meservy. Naomi. Provo 

Mes?ervy, Robert Dale. Kelso. Wash. 

Meservy. Virginia Rae, Provo. 358 

Messersnnlth. Robert H.. Cedar Valley 

Messervy. Harold V.. Kelso. Wash.. 214, 314 

Messick, Don Allen. Provo. 390 

Mesiick. Velna Jean. Provo. 285, 337 

Metcelf, Mavis, San Bernardino. Calif., 390 

Methvin, Ruth Grey, Natchitoches, La., 359 

Meuter, Gerald J.. San Leandro, Calif., 337 

Meuter, Patricia F., San Leandro, Calif, 359 

Meyer, Ferdinand J.. Calgary, Alta., Can., 359 

Meyer, Josephine Lena, Calgary, Alta, Can., 172. 160. 

Meyer. Peter C, Provo 
Michie. Carol. Heber, 359 
Michael, Patricia Jean. Muncie, Ind.. 359 
Micnaelis, Elaine, Garland. 172. 230. 390 
Michie, Lois Ann, Heber, 390 
Michie. Mark Lowel'. Hanna. 390 
MicKelson. Caro' P.. Duchesne. 124. 314 
Middaugh, Carma Barker. Provo 
MIdqIey. Wendy Trenker. Lake Villa. III.. 272. 337 
Miglidccio, Ralph R., Spanish Fork. 90 
MIkesell. Eldon. LaMar. Rawlins, Wyo., 359 
MIkkelsen. Jerry C. Richland, Wash.. 359 
MIklelson, Ray O. .Fountain Green, 273 
Miles, Gary H., Montpeller. Ida.. 90 
Miles, Joe M., Orem 
Miles, Louanne, Kamas. 220 
Miles. Priscllla R., Draper, 390 

Millar, Norma Jeanne. Shelley. Ida.. 175. 212, 238. 359 
Millard. Lorna, Salt Lake City 
Millard, Robert H.. Burley. Ida. 
Miller Alene, Provo 
Miller. Annette, Thayne. Wyo., 359 
Miller, Barbara Jo. Portland. Ore., 132. 275 
Miller, Colin. Tabor, Alta., Can. 
Miller, Connie Mae, Mesa, Ariz. 

Miller Corena. Moses Lake, Wash. 212, 228. 238, 359 
MiS'er Da Lea. Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Miller. Dale Arden. San Fernando, Calif. 
Miller, David Owen, St. David, Ariz., 314 
Miller. Donald Lewis Denver, Colo.. 221. 337 
Miller, Eddy Lenard, Monrovia, Calif., 337 
Miller, Eddie N., Cedar City, 194 
Miller, Franklin Kay, Provo 
Miller, Glenn H., Idaho Falls, Ida.. 224. 326 
Miller. Grant Alden. Provo. 175. 359 
Miller. Harold Archie, Sacramento, Calif., 91 
Miller. LaVon June. Washington. D. C. 390 
Miller, Leo D.. Taber. Alta., Can.. 337 
Miller, Leon Carl, Salt Lake City. 359 
Miller, Lucille Diane. Salt Lake City, 390 
Miller. Marilyn Ruth. Las Vegas. Nev. 252. 359 
Miller. Marion, Liverpool. Eng., 108. 390 
Miller, Marshall Lee, Price. 359 
Miller. Morgan Lewis, Manti 
Miller. Reed Karl. Provo 
Miller, Reta Elder, Provo, 314 
Miller, Robert Wayne. Williams, Ore., 210, 314 
Miller, Robert Dudley, San Diego, Calif., 359 
Miller, Roger L.. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 162, 224 
Miller. Sterl F., Tremonton, 337 
Miller, Shirley Gayle, Hyrum. 170, 234, 390 
Millar, Tom Frederick, Garrison, Mont., 390 
Miller, Vetma F.. Salt Lake City. 390 
Mlllsr, Woodlne. Idaho Falls. Ida. 
Millet, Margaret, Mesa. Ariz., 276 
Millet. Richard L.. Mesa, Ariz., 103, 359 
Millet, Donna Elaine, San Bernardino, Calif., 228, 359 
Milliner, James Reed, Peoa 
Milliner, John Thomas, Heber. 103, 390 
Mills. Helen Joyce, Bountiful. 244. 337 
Mills, Nancy Jean, Santa Monica, Calif. 
MilU, Joseph Ray, Pleasant Grove. 314 
Millward, Franklin C. Berkeley. Calif.. 359 
Millward. Geoffrey C. Berkeley. Calif.. 359 
Milne, Donald Charles. Sandy, 359 
Milne. Marilyn Rachel, Jordan. 314 
Milne, Nancy, Salt Lake City. 390 

Milner, Don R., Provo 

Miner. David Lee, Springvllle 

Mins', Edward Glen, Sandy, 173. 390 

Miner, Janet. Grantsville. 170, 226. 337 

Miner. Reynolds Reed, Springvllle, 161. 166 

Miner, Rodger Larry, Springvllle 

Miner, Rosemary. Sandy, 359 

Miner, Sheila Marie. Fairview, 390 

M-n!:. Oscar Gorton, Provo 

Mine, Jay Lou'S, Lakewood, Calif.. 390 

Minor. Milt Peterson, Provo 

Minson. Carol Ann. Salt Lake City, 390 

MIn:-on, Joy, Garden Grove, Calif.. 359 

Min;on. Ronald Kay, Salt Lake City. 160. 390 

Miraiti, Charles R.. Burllngame, Calif. 

MIsbach, Graham H.. Cottage Grove. Ore. 

Misbach. Grant Lemmon. Lowell. Ore., 113. 314 

Miskin, Thain LaMont. Palisades, Ida.. 314 

Mitchell. Charles Ray, Provo. 224. 337 

Mitchell, Arthur P., Orem, 337 

MIsseldlne. Marilyn, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Mitchell. Collins B., Cedar City. 338 

Mitchell, Dalles Carl. San Bernardino. Calif.. 131. 218. 

223, 327 
Mitchell, David Frost. Spanish Fork 
Mitchell. Derald LaMar, Richland, Wash.. 156. 390 
Mitchell, Gay Aleen, Fillmore 338 
Mitchell. Jackie Mae. Fillmore 
Mitchell. James P., Burley, Ida.. 390 
Mitchell. John Kay, Spanish Fork 
Mitchell, Karl Clark. Parowan 
Mitchell, Marlene. Burbank, Calif., 359 
Mitchell, Melvin Adams. Parowan 
Mitchell, RobeH- C, Fairfield, Iowa. 338 
Mitchell, Sidney Frank. Phoenix. Ariz.. 147 
Mitchell, Theodore, Provo 
Mitchell. Theodore R., Phoenix, Ariz., 338 
Mitlon, Annette T.. Vallejo, Calif., 172, 390 
MIyaglshlma Yoshihide, Shimlzu, Japan. 278 
Mobley. Patrlc O., Stanton, Calif., 390 
Moeller. Karen. Phoenix. Ariz., 390 
Moen. Gilbert, Union, N. J., 263, 273 
Mof^et. Joana. Duncan, Ariz.. 390 
Moffit. Henry Edward. Sweet Home. Ore.. 390 
Moffitt. Karen E., Hutlngton, 202. 359 
Mohler. Eldon Arnold. Las Vegas, Nev., 390 
Mohlman. Grant Carter, Altamont. 265. 390 
Mohlman. Marllee. Elko, Nev., 390 
Moikeha, Mona Amy H.. Wailuku, Maul, T. H.. 359 
Moir. Wilfred Jr., Niagara Falls. N. Y. 
Molle. Frank Dalton. Hawthorne, Calif., 338 
Molloy. Gerald Edward. Hempstead. N. Y., 134. 224 

263, 275. 280, 391 
Money, Richard L., Payson. 314 
Monsen. J. Sheldon. Mt. Pleasant, 314 

Monson, Dale LeRoy, Boise. Ida. 

Monson, Stephen B., Mt. Pleasant, 338 

t^onson, Darrel James, Provo 

Monson. David Edward, Pleasant Grove 

Monson, Eva Carol, Boise, Ida.. 391 

Monson, Marleno. American Fork, 172, 391 

Monson, Mary Alice, American Fork, 176 

Monson, Sonja A,, Vacavllle, Calif., 391 

Montague, Anitra, Payson, 391 

Montague, Blaine Lee. Payson 

Montgomery. Barbara J.. Pagosa Springs. Colo. 

Montgomery, Robert L., Nyssa. Ore.. 391 

Montgomery, Clinton Y., Melrose Park. III., 224. 359 

Montgomery, Francene P., Nyssa, Ore., 391 

Montgomery, Melvin J., Heber 

Montgomery. Neal Brent. Heber 

Montgomery. Paul Dean. Burley. Ida.. 156. 164, 338 

Montgomery, Robert F., Ogden. 315 

Montierth, Gary Cloyd, Norwalk. Calif., 250, 338 

MontieH-h, Max Romney, Long Beach. Calif.. 391 

Montorl. Olive D. Concord. Calif., 391 

Montierth. Myrna Lue, Phoenix. Ariz.. 198, 391 

Moody. Alice Kay. Delta. 108, 188. 338 

Moody Catherine P., Washington. D. C, 137, 208, 369, 

Moody. Dorene Nell. Delta. 188, 338 
Moody Floy Annette, Provo. 315 
Moody. Joan LaPreal. Oakland. Calif., 108. 338 
Moody. John Duane. Delta 
Moody. Milo Lyman. Spanish Fork. 176, 359 
Moon, Harold Kay, Provo. 159. 323 
Moon. Chad Dewitt. Provo. 91 
Moon, Gwen, Craig. Colo., 391 
Moon, James Dean. Farmington, 338 
Moon, Marilyn, Springvllle, 216, 338 
Moore, Bruce J., Salt Lake City 
Moore. Cerita Marie. Nampa. Ida.. 170 
Moore. Donna, Salt Lake City 
Moore. Colleen. Ely, Nev. 
Moore, Gayle Timpson, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Moore, Georgia Helene. Bountiful. 138. 253. 359 
Moore. Marilyn Elva. Bountiful. 108, 276. 314 
Moore, Michael Robins, San Bernardino, Calif., 224, 391 
Moore, Milton Harry, Fruita, Colo.. 359 
Moore, Robert Arthur, Provo, 338 

Moore, Ronald Muiomooi, Parker, Ariz., 391 
Moore, Sharon. Los Angeles. Calif.. 234 
Moosmann, Velma, Tridell, 283 
Moosman, Jewel, Boulder, 391 
Morawski, Hans Joachim, Berlin. Germany, I 1 3, 359 
Moray, Geraldine May. Salt Lake City. 
Morgan. Blain. Kenllworth. 173. 196, 359 
Morgan, Carole Ann, Phoenix, Ariz., 208, 209, 315 
Morgan Gloria Alice, Pangultch 
Morgan, Jerrold Ramon, Sandy, 359 
Morgan, John David, San Diego. Calif., 391 
Morgan. Joyce. Walnut Creek, Calif., 172. 391 
Morgan. Marcia Ann. Sacramento, Calif., 226, 359 
Morgan, Myra Lee, Kuna, Ida., 338 
Morgan. OHand Fred. Prosser, Wash.. 359 
Morgan, Rene E.. Provo 

Morgan, Scott Kendrick, Wilmette, III.. 237, 280. 391 
Morgan, Venna Dee, Sanford. Colo.. 359 
Morley, Alonzo J.. Provo 
Morley, Gayle L., Moroni 
Morley, Burl D.. Provo, 338 
Morley. Carole A.. Bountiful. 391 
Morn, Frank Thomas. San Lorenzo, Catlf., 359 
Moroni, Carolyn Joyce, Walnut Creek, Calif., 170, 391 
Morr, Marilyn. Salt Lake City. 337 
Morrell. Madison E.. Logan, 315 
Morrell. Ruth. Brlgham City, 338 
Morrey. Karen Mae, Joseph, 359 
Morrey, Margaret J., Joseph. 173, 359 
Morrill. Marta, Tridell, 265, 359 
Morris, Benny Boyd, Dallas, Tex. 
Morris. Carol Jean, Thatcher, Ariz.. 237. 315 
Morris. Ephralm Bonner, Salt Lake City. 391 
Morris. Judy Kay, Anaheim, Calif.. 391 
Morris, Lee J.. Heber. 391 
Morris. Lyle Ray, Provo 
Mc-rls, Myrna Jean, Salt Lake City, 391 
Morrlse, Jesard. Hollywood. Calif.. 315 
Morrison. Beverly, Lovell, Wyo.. 173, 267. 391 
Morrison. Hlla Mary, Wenatchee. Wash., 391 
Morrison, Joan Cynthia, Provo, 391 
Morrlssette, William R.. Barstow, Calif., 359 
Morrow, Gail Lucille. Alhambra, Calif., 125, 126 
Morse, Kay Eleanor. Murray, 283, 315 
Morse, William M., Manhattan Beach, Calif. 
Mortensen, Benjamin F.. Provo 
Mortensen. Carolyn J.. BIythe, Calif., 250. 359 
Mortensen. Dean J., Provo, 271, 315 
Mortensen, Dorothy, Juarez Chih, Mex., 391 
Mortensen, Karl Ernest, Mesa, Ariz., 280, 359 
Mortensen, Larene, St. George, 255, 315 
Mortensen, Max Curtis, Ogden 

Mortensen, Myra Faye, Western Springs, III,, 258, 391 
Mortensen, Stuarl L., Emery, 359 
Mortensen, William E., La Grande. Ore.. 323 
Mortenson. Peggy JoAnn. Seattle, Wash. 
Mortimer. Jean Louise. Montclair, N. J., 315 
Mortor, Carolyn Kaye, American Fork, 338 
Morton, Kayla Marlene, Warner, Alta., Can., 359 
Moser, Dennis H.. Bancroft, Ida. 
Moss, Beverly, Durango, Colo. 
Moss. Darlene Mae, Santa Rosa, Calif., 359 
Moss, Dennis Dean, Woods Cross. 
Moss, Joan, Lanton, 276 
Moss. Reed L.. Rirle. Ida.. 315 
Mostert. Andre J. E., Provo 
Mote, Herbert Irvln. Provo. 315 
Mott. Dean Garold. La Jara, Colo.. 338 
Mott, Ethel, Provo 
Mott, Jacqueline. Provo 
Moulton, Betty Jean. Kelly. Wyo.. 359 
Moulton, Clark A., Jr., Kelly, Wyo., 391 
Moulton, Margie Ann, Provo, 338 
Moultrie, Beverly Ann, Salmon. Ida., 172, 212, 359 
Movaghar, Nasser, Teheran. Iran. 285. 324 
t^ower, Donald L.. American Fork 
Mower. John F., Jr., Provo 
Mower, Marilyn, Ogden. 391 
, Mower, Morris L.. Fairview 
Moye, Lois Marilyn, Arlington. Va., 338 
Mower, Richard L.. Provo 
Moyeda, Eglantina P., Juarez Chih., Mex. 
Moyer, Terry Jsck, Oregon City, Ore., 175, 338 
Moyes, Leon Roger, San Diego, Calif., 106 
Moyle, Joseph Austin, Meridian, Ida.. 391 
Moyle, Betty Louise, Pleasant Grove, 359 
Moyle, Kathleen, American Fork 
Mueller, Sharot A., Tooele, 391 
Mueller, Bruce James, Running Springs. Calif., 359 
Muhlestein. Gerald R.. Provo 
Muhlestetn, Helen. Provo 
Muhlestein.-Mary K., Boise. Ida.. 230. 391 
Muir. Elmo Ricks. Rexburg. Ida.. 391 
Muir. Gary Rees. Randolph. 270, 324 
Muirhead, Alice M., Williams, Ariz. 
Mulrbrook. Gordon K., Ogden, 391 
Mulholland. Gary W.. Tacoma. Wash. 
Mulhern. Arleene. Long Beach. Calif.. 170, 391 
Mulkay. Lewis M., Pacific Grove. Calif. 
MuHin, Michael Glen. Torrance, Calif. 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Mumford. Joyce Draper, Mt. Pleasant 

Mumford. David Louis, Mt. Pleasant 

Mumford. Margaret Ann, Mt. Pleasant, "287. 338 

Munger. Merretta Zina. Seattle, Wash., 359 

Munhal!, Grace. Las Vegas. Nev.. 359 

Munk, Marilyn Kay. Alhambra. Calif., 216, 391 

Munson. Diet: Addy. Prove 

Munson. Lydie Carole. McGill, Nev.. 338 

Murchie, Patricia J.. Long Beach. Calif.. 198. 391 

Munton, George Ernest, Laquna Beach. Calif. 

Murdoclc. Allan L. Driggs. Ida., 359 

Murdocic, C. Dale. Beaver 

Murdoclc, Benny, Duchesne 

Murdoclc. Clair N.. Vernal, 315 

Murdoclc. Gordon Ray, Provo 

Murdoclc Karen Louise, El Cajon. Calif., 391 

Murdoclc, Olive Sue, Campton, Calif., 391 

Murdoclc, Robert John, Sprlngville, 338 

Murdock, Sally Jo, Sacramento, Calif.. 172. 198. 277. 

Murdock. Thomas J., Heber. 338 
Murphy. Alan Boyd. Salem. Ore.. 391 
Murphy, Charlotte, Los Angeles. Calif.. 360 
Murphy, David Russell, West Covina, Calif., 360 
Murphy, Floyd Melvin, Seatle, Wash., 175. 176 
Murphy. Jerry Bert, Provo, 248, 338 
Murphy, K. Mark, Salem. Ore., 132. 134, 275 
Murphy. Mory, Roosevelt, 276, 315 
Murphy. Myrna Jean, Spanish Fork, 360 
Murphy, Myrna Lee. Provo 
Murphy. Vlra Ann. Spanish Fork, 173, 391 
Murray, Donald Dave, Cortez. Colo., 360 
Murray. Evelyn Alice, Boise, Ida.. 161. 162. 207, 222. 315 
Murray, Fancher M.. NephI, 167. 338 
Murray, Robert James, Los Angeles, Calif., 3 i 5 
Murray, Pauline Rae, Riverside, Calif, 234, 391 
Murray, Robert Julian, Prove 
Murray, Thayne E., Sprlngville 
Musig, Merial Dean, St. George. 338 
Musig, Morris DeMllle, Salt Lake City, 315 
Myerhoff, Donna LeRoy, Salt Lake City 
Myers. Emmett Theodore. Burbank. Calif., 360 
Myers. Marilyn Mabel, Salt Lake City, 287. 315 
Mylcol. Elsa Denise. Salem, Ore., 202, 391 
Myers, Theodore E., Provo, 391 
Myres, Dennis Keith, San Diego, Calif.. 323 
Myrup, Marilyn. Provo, 176. 232. 287, 338 


Nackos, Charles James, Oakland, Calif.. 160, 391 

Nackos, Louis James. Oakland. Calif.. 190, 391 

Nahulu, Eli Kaui, Nanakuli, Oahu, 257 

Nakakura, George T.. Honolulu, T. H., 315 

Nalder. George Roger, Layton, 253, 268, 391 

Nalder. Lanny Johnson. Shelley, Ida., 100, 391 

Nanto, Robert Masuki. Moses Lake, Wash., 391 

Nash, Blaine Elynn, Provo, 338 

Nash. Verla June. But+e, Mont., 391 

Nasman, Eddie Jensen, Meridian, Ida., 391 

Nasman, Laura Aleda, Meridian, Ida. 

Nasman, Gary Jensen, Meridian, Ida. 

Nate, Gordon Owens, Boise, Ida. 

Nation. Frances Arlene, Gunnison 

Naumu, Judith P., Hanapepe. Kauai, T. H., 257 

Nay, Arlene, Lovell, Wyo., 285, 391 

Nay, Mateland D. Sigurd 

Nay, Wanda Jean. Parma, Ida. 138. 391 

Naylor. Clyde Richard. Provo 

Naylor. Helen, Alexandria, Va., 338 

Neal, Alice, Malad, Ida.. 172, 391 

Neal. Dallas Howard. Malad. Ida.. 391 

Neal, Glenys Marie, Stone. Ida. 172. 391 

Neal. John Albert, Malad. Ida., 391 

Nebeker, Dorothy J., Pasadena. Calif. 

Nebeker, Louise. Murray. 207, 315 

Nebeker, Nevelle Owen. Pasadena, Calif. 

Needham, Richard Ell. Whittier, Calif. 

Neel, Norman Ray. Orem. 86. 90. 316 

Neeley. Barbara Carol, Spanish Fork, 167, 326 

Neeley, David Mitchell, Spanish Fork, 360 

Neeley, Jay Miller, Pico. Calif. 

Neeley, Nevada May. Los Angeles. Calif.. 259. 316 

Nellon, Thomas A.. Long Beach. Calif., 214, 391 

Neilson. Don E., Salt Lake City 

Nellson, Fred A., Washington 

Neilson, Ferd Adams, Washington 

Neilson, Kenneth Ervin, Magrath, Alta., Can. 

Nellscn, Lenord Elwood, Los Angeles, Calif., 392 

Neilson, Marie Adele, Redwood City, Calif., 1 73 

Neilson, Morris E., Provo 

Nelson. Allan Rhodes. Provo 

Nelson, Alvln J.. Jr., Provo 

Nelson. Ann Marie, Richmond 

Nelson, Berbarajean, Phoenix, Ariz., 250, 361 

Nelson, Barbara Lenore, Pullman. Wash., 176, 316 

Nelson, Bruce A.. Provo, 270, 324 

Nelson, Charles Roland, Salt Lake City, 316 

Nelson, CharloHe. Mt. Pleasant. 316 

Nelson, CharloHe M., Idaho Falls, Ida.. 360 

Nelson, Conrad Rulon, Ferron, 316 

Nelson, Dean McClain, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 391 

Nelson .Donald Brim. Pocatello. Ida. 

Nelson, Diane Bernice, Roosevelt. 265, 361 

Nelson, Doris Kay, Hinsdale. 111.. 316 

Nelson, Elaine. Las Vegas. Nev.. 173. 392 

Nelson. Elaine, Tucson, Ariz.. 338 

Nelson, Elbert Dwain, Orem 

Nelson. Elsie Phyllis. Lynn. 392 

Nelson, Ferrel Garth, lona. Ida. 

Nelson, G. Kay. Salt Lake City. 391 

Nelson, Gloria, Spanish Fork 

Nelson. Gordon Ivan. Provo, 391 

Nelson, Grace C, Redmond. 173, 391 

Nelson. Harold John. Salt Lake City. 285 

Nelson, Jack Adolph. gellflower. Calif., 34, 140. 302. 326 

Nelson, Jack Wesley, Rexburg, Ida.. 248 

Nelson. Janice Loa. Pocatello. Ida. 

Nelson. Janice Natella. Provo, 208. 392 

r>Jelson, John Dewey. Overton. Nev, 

Nelson, John Earl, Cifrus Heights, Calif. 

Nelson, Judith Naoma, Gooding, Ida., 160, 360 

Nelson. Lea Joan, Logan 

Nelson, Lester Vail, Bellflower, Calif., 316 

Nelson, Lois Gloria. Newberg, Ore. 

i^Jelson, Louise Kimball, Springville 

Nelson, Lucille Jane, Bellflower, Calif., 391 

Nelson. Marcia, Phoenix, Ariz., 392 

Nelson, Martin, Provo, 392 

Nelson, Marvin Keith. Phoenix. Ariz.. 276, 316 

Nelson, Mary Ann. Provo, 158. 208. 226, 392 

Nelson. Mary Kay, Snowvllle. 200. 338 

Nelson, Meda Joan, Orem 

Nelson. Merrill W., Orem 

Nelson. Milton Dale. Ogden 

Nelson. Narene. Martin. S. D., 237, 391 

Nelson, Neil Foss. Preston, Ida., 218, 338 

Nelson, Noel Norman, Burlingame, Calif., 316 

Nelson, Omer Dean, Tucson. Ariz., 286, 338 

Nelson, Patricia Lee, Tulsa, Okla., 246. 338 

Nelson, Richard Carl, Provo 

Nelson, Rhea, Price, 392 

Nelson, Richard Folsom, Provo 

Nelson, Ruth, Tucson, Ariz., 338 

Nelson, Rodney Price, Spanish Fork. 392 

Nelson, Ronald Kent. Sandy, 392 

Nelson, Sergie W. Jr., Sprlngville, 392 

Nelson. Varr Y.. Idaho Falls. Ida., 262. 338 

Nelson, Scott Howar'3, Carmen, Ida., 148. 274 

Nelson, Sharlene, Monrovia, Calif. 

Nelson, Sherian E., Sterling. Ida,, 392 

Nelson Shirley Mae, Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Nelson, Veda Rae. Buhl. Ida., 287, 392 

Nelson, Wilma Jean. Coalville, 202, 360 

Nesbit, Emma Jean. Portland, Ore., 360 

Neser, Gerald Otto, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Neser. Paul Irving. Los Angeles. Calif.. 360 

Neslen, Sharon M.. Santa Barbara, Calif., 392 

Nessen, Koy, Howell 

Nettles. Gloria J., Dundee, Fla., 324 

Netto, Nicholas Edward, Orem 

Neubert, Harvey Lamon, Provo. 316 

Neubert, Joe Ann, Graeagle, Calif. 

Neufeld. Robert LeRoy, Jacksonville, Fla.. 316 

Nevis. Ralph E., Long Beach, Calif., 269 

Newbold, Marilyn, Jordan, 392 

Newell, Dix A., Richfield 

Newell, Rulon Kay, Richfield 

Newltt. Norma, Spanish Fork. 208. 360 

Newman. Darlene E., Huntington Park, Calif., 392 

Newman, Dianne Eileen, Salt Lake City, 237, 392 

Newman, Jane Ann, Twin Falls, Ida., 392 

Newman, Nancy Ann, Riverton, 198, 392 

Newman, Peggy June. Ogden, 237, 392 

Newman, Walter Dennis, American Fork 

Newman, William A., Sprlngville 

Newton, Donald McKay, Edmonton, Alta.. Can. 

Newton, Jayne Ann, Salt Lake City 

Nichol, Jack Wayne, Salt Lake City, 392 

Newton. Wallace Smith, Edmonton, Alta., Can., 338 

Nibley, Phyllis D., Provo 

Ncholes, Verlln Roy, Orem. 204, 360 

Nichols, Annette, Ogden, 316 

Nichols, Lynn LaMarr, Pocatello, Ida., 316 

Nichols, Murray Leo, Spartanburg, S. C, 324 

Nichols, Rochelle, Brigham City, 285, 338 

Nicholson. Bradley W.. Brown Summit, N. C, 360 

Niclcles. Ward A., Redlands, Calif.. 338 

Nicholson. Donna Belle. Provo. 198. 360 

Nicholson, Jacqueline, Summit, N. C, 392 

Nickelsen. Uwe Jens. Quito. Equador, 286, 361 

NIcol, Karen Anne, PItsburg, Calif. 172, 392 

Nielander, Mary Ahlers. Wichita. Kan.. 326 

Nietd, Darrell W., Montpelier, Ida., 316 

Nield, Deloyd M.. Long Beach. Calif., 

Nielsen. Alfred Carl. Orem 

Nielsen, Allen Bryce, Provo, 36) 

Nielsen. Bobby J.. Provo 

Nielsen, Carol Jean, San Francisco, Calif, 360 

Nielsen, DeAnn, Provo, 392 

Nielsen. Dick Hyatt, Centerfield. 360 

Nielsen, Eva Fae, Orem 

Nielsen. Franklin Ole. St. JoRns, Ariz., 237, 338 

Nielsen, Harvey Holt, Spanish Fork 

Nielsen, James W., Glenwood Springs, Colo.. 175. 176, 

Nielsen, Josephine, Ogden, 193, 360 
Nielsen, Lanny D., Blackfoot. Ida., 108 
Nielsen. Lorna Ruth, Ogden 
Nielsen, Margene E.. Salt Lake City. 202, 392 
Nielsen, Marcus, Mesa, Ariz., 103 
Nielsen. Marsha Lynne, Richfield 
Nielsen, Milton Peter, Rupert. Ida., 392 
Nielsen, Richard Reed, Hamilton, Mont. 
Nielsen. Ronald L.. American Fork 
Nielsen, Shirley D.. Bountiful 
Nielsen, Stewart Harry, Ferron. 204, 360 
Nielsen, Swen Claudi, Provo, 392 
Nielson. Adonis H., Jr.. Burley. Ida. 
NIelson, Betty Jo, Worland, Wyo. 
Nielson. Brent L, Cardston, Alta., Can.. 392 
NIelson, Charles F., Monroe 
Nielson, Dora May, Gooding, Ida., 360 
Nielson, Eldon O., Leamington, 338 
Nielson, Fred Kent. Provo 
Nielson, Emogene, Lynndyl 

Nielson, John Richard, Cardston. Alta., Can., 392 
Nielson. Joseph Lynn, Salt Lake City, 360 
Nielson, Judith, Sandy, 392 
Nielsen, Kareen M.. Sandy, 392 
Nielson, Larry Kent, Gunnison, 392 
Nielson, Mary Lou, MantI, 170. 338 
Nielson, Merrill Gene, Lynndyl, 279 
Nielson, Myrna, Spanish Fork, 392 
Nielson, Nella L.. Mesa. Ariz., 392 
Nielson, Ray P., Roosevelt, 136, 316 
Nielson, Ronald F., Salt Lake City, 323 
Nielson, Ruth R., Bluewater, N. Max., 360 
Nielson, Stephen M., Montlcello, 100. 392 
Nielson. Susan Linda, Lynndyl, 228. 360 
NIerhoff, Audrey M., Milwaukee, Ore., 316 
Nies, Barbara Lena, Los Angeles, Calif. 170, 392 
Nllsen. Carol, Alhambra, Calif., 3 1 6 
Nllsen, Don Lee Fred, Spanish Fork, 338 
Nllsson. Ray Morris, Pocatello, Ida., 316 
Nims, Janet Roberta, Marysville, Calif. 108, 392 
NIsh, Dale LeRoy, Kimball, Alta.. Can. 
Nish, Kay Lavern, Cardston, Alta., Can. 
Nishimura, Yoshiko, Kyoto, Japan, 324 
NIxdorf, James, Jansen, Sask., Can.. 279. 316 
Nixon. Elray, Milwaukee, Wis., 316 
Nixon. Ezra John, Jr.. Roosevelt, 316 
Nixon, John Davis, Blackfoot. Ida., 148, 285 
Nixon, Richard S., Sprlngville 
Nixon, Suzanne, Arlington, Va., 392 
Nndem Nndem Etuk Udo, Calabar, Nigeria 
Noble, Carol Joy. Orem 
Noble, Charlene Joe, Whiterocks, 361 
Noble, Joseph Wayne, Farmington, 338 
Noble, Margaret E., San Diego, Calif. 
Noble, Phyllis Joan. Whiterocks. 360 
Noble, Vernice. Walla Walla, Wash., 288, 338 
Noble. ZIna, Walla Walla, Wash., 287. 238, 360 
Nock, George III, San Francisco, Calif, 360 
Noel, Ethel Frances, San Diego, Calif. 
Noker, Alvin John, Ogden, 274, 324 
Nolan, George. Rosecfale, N. Y., 392 
Nolen, Phillip Wayne, San Diego, Calif, 210. 360 
Noorlander.'Phlllip M.. Reedsport, Ore., 392 
Norberg, Jaron B., Salt Lake City, 360 
Nordgren, Shirley Joy. Salt Lake City, 360 
Nordgren, VIckl Dawn, Provo. 237. 392 
Nordgren, Weston N.. Provo 
Nordstrom, Gary Lee, Spanish Foric, 392 
Norman, Mary Jean, Whittier, Calif, 228, 238. 360 
Norrls, Ronala Lee, Green River, Wyo., 267, 360 
North. Jamas Albert, Heber 
Northrop. Sherena Cloe, Payette, Ida., 392 
Norton, Gary Blaine, Provo, 392 
Norton, Dorothy Allen. Fillmore, 173. 277. 392 
Norton, Harold Lee, Sllverton, Ore., 392 
Norton. Jaimee, Larue, Orem, 361 
Norton, Marlln Lavon. Pima, Ariz., 338 
Norton, Richard Leslie, Ogden, 392 
Norton, Shurlene Gwynn, Provo 
Novakovch, Steve G., Wheat Ridge, Colo.. 392 
Novis, Dary! Glenn. Salt Lake City 
Nowell. James Irwin, Mendham. N. J., 224, 263. 36! 
Nuffer, Sharon, Preston, Ida., 338 
Nuffer, Stanton Smart, Preston Ida., 255, 360 
Nukaya, Sadayoshi, Tokyo, Japan, 360 
Nunes, Pearl Ann, Newark, Calif., 392 
Nunley, Phyllis L., Sandy 
Nuttall, Carol Vera, Provo, 360 

Nuttall. Paul Everett, Pacific Grove. Calif, 136, 204. 323 
Nuttall, William R., Provo, 392 
Nuttall, Pearl J., Pacific Grove, Calif. 316 
Nutter, Diana Geneva, Corona, Calif., 226, 360 
Nybo, Dean Strong, Spanish Fork 
Nybo, June Loretta, Salem, 392 
Nybo, Ronald Carl, Salem 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Oaks, Janet, Provo 

Oates, Diane Lucille, Pasadena, Calif., 19, 360 

Ober,'Georglana Mae, Feeding Hills, Mass., 392 

Oberhansley, Loa Ann, Spanish Farit, 226, 392 

Oberhansley, Reid B., Spenish Fork 

Obray, Jeneil, Payette, Ida., 360 

Obray, Vern Delmar, Provo 932, 

Obergon, Socorro, Carlin, Nev., 226, 257, 316 

O'Brien, oDnald A., Salt Lake City, 271, 316 

O'brien, Earl Verne, Ouray, Colo., 360 

O'Brien, James Patrick, San Diego, Calif., 382 

O'Brien, Robert M., Jr., Roberts, Ida., 392 

O'Brien, Stanley, Ouray, oClo. 

Ockey, James H., Jr., Nephl 

Odermott, Louis W., Provo, 338 

Oertle, Linda Dee, San Gabriel, Calif., 392 

Ogborn, Alton Fred, Moss Point, Miss., 338 

Ogborn, Corwin Lanier, Moss Point, Miss., 392 

Ogden, Bruce Fraser. Richfield 

Ogden, Devon Morris, Richfield, 338 

Ogden, Koa Jean, Richfield, 266, 338 

Ogilvie, Glenna L., Newport, R. I., 360 

Ohman, Janice, Brigham, 392 

Ohsiek, David Lee, Jennings, Mo., 316 

Okelberry Belva, Oakley, Ida., 392 

Okelberry, Otis Jack, Goshen, 204, 262, 360 

Okelberry, Eva Pearl, Goshen, 238, 360 

Okey, John Edwin, Provo, 392 

Okimoto, Howard T., Honolulu, T. H. 

Olauson, Clarence R., Salt Lake City, 157, 360 

Olaveson, Eugene D., Rigby, Ida. 

Oldham, Edmeresa, Coalville, 392 

Oldroyd, Herman J., Provo 

Oldroyd, Mark Thomas, Provo 

Oldroyd, Paul Robert, Provo 

Oldroyd, Thomas T., Provo 

Olds, Norma Lee, Independence, Calif., 392 

Oleary, Bert W., Milford, 142, 360 

Oleary, Yvonne Sharon, Wenatchee, Wash., 237, 338 

Oler, Larry Ramon, Provo, 316 

Oliphant, Ronald E., Orem 

Ollphant, Robert Toone, Orem, 338 

Oliphant, Virginia, Orem, 323 

Oliver, Carl Lloyd, Delta, 338 

Oliver, Sarah Jane, Salt Lake City 

Oliver, Brian Kay, Lethbrldge, Alta., Can., 392 

Olmstead, Patricia, Salt Lake City, 108, 316 

Olofson, Loyce Shlrln, Pasadena, Calif, 138, 360 

Olpln, Audrey, Heber, 283, 316 

Olpln, Lawrence Don, Ogden, 360 

Olpin, Richard Guy, Heber 

Olpln, Shirley Jewel, Pleasant Grove, 216, 316 

Olpln, Violet, Heber 

Olsen, Audrey Jeanne, Denver, Colo., 392 

Olsen, Barbara Joy, Sacramento, Calif., 338 

Olsen, Bruce W., Emery, 360 

Olsen, David Blair, Spanish Fork, 392 

Olsen, Delbert Elmer, Ft. Macleod, Alta., Can., 392 

Olsen, Dennis M., Blackfoot, Ida., 131, 302, 316 

Olsen, Don Richard, Moses Lake, Wash., 360 

Olsen, Elaine, Los Angeles, Calif., 237,^316 

Olsen, Halvor Miller, Woods Cross, 333 

Olsen, Helen Kaye, Haywood. Calif., 393 

Olsen, Jimmy Raymond, Springville, 392 

Olsen, Kenneth Fyold, Kimberly, Ida. 

Olsen, Kenneth Mark, Salt Lake City, 264, 338 

Olsen, Ladeane, Provo, 198, 316 

Olsen, Lanore, Emery 

Olsen, Larry Wayne, Idaho Falls, Ida., 392 

Olsen, Lynn Ernest, Rigby, Ida., 269, 338 

Olsen, M. Marva, Los Angeles, Calif., 316 

Olsen, Melvin Eugene, Pendleton, Ore., 261, 392 

Olsen, Norma, Los Angeles, Calif., 316 

Olsen, Patricia Lee, Ogden, 47, 232, 338 

Olsen, Ray Edward, Provo, 316 

Olsen, Richard Alan, Santaquin, 360 

Olsen, Roger L., Gunnison, 393 

Olsen, Ruby Karen, Woods Cross, 253, 392 

Olsen, Sharon, Blackfoot, Ida., 393 

Olsen, Teresa Aurella, Bountiful, 253, 393 

Olsen, Wanda Marie, BaHle Creek, Mich., 243, 275 

Olsen, Willis J., Ephraim 

Olson, Carolyn Norma, Murray, 360 

Olson, Carrol Jeane, Blackfoot, Ida., 393 

Olson, D'Ann, Lakewood, Calif., 393 

Olson, Dale R., Idaho Falls, Ida., 338 

Olson, Darrel William, Rigby, Ida., 393 

Olson, Delray, Spanish Fork, 393 

Olson. Deanna Dee, Phoenix, Ariz., 234, 393 

Olson, Dolores, Salt Lake City 

Olson, Gerald E., Springville 

Olson, Gerald Poulton, Salt Lake City 

Olson, Evelyn Victoria, Provo, 393 

Olson, Harold Carr, Spanish Fork, 392 

Olson. James K., Manila, 393 

Olson, Janet Marie, Provo, 393 

Olson, Lavera Jean, Wenatchee, Wash. 

Olson, Lawrence K., Nyssa, Ore., 360 

Olson, Lloyd Godfrey, Bergland, Ont., Can., 147, 262 

Olson, Mary Harris, Provo 

Olson, Merrill H., Orem, 173 

Olson, Phyllis Karlene, Wenatchee, Wash., 338 

Olson, Robert Dan, Sheridan, Wyo., 90, 210, 360 

Olson, Yvonne E., Portland, Ore., 360 

Oman. Phyllis Fern. Mesilla Park, N. Mex., 360 

Onell, Phillip Glade, Glendale. Ore., 393 

Ontlveros, Jimmy, Midvale, 109, 393 

Ontlveros, Limhi, Col. Dublan, Chih., Me.., 360 

Ontlveros, Seth Tullo, Col. Dublan, Chih., Mex. 

Openshaw, Mary L., Santaquin. 393 

Opp, Janice Terrell, Tampa. Fla., 252, 393 

Openshaw, Fred H. C, Santaquin, 393 

Orchard, William Peck, Twin Falls, Ida., 338 

Orcutt, Dorothy Jean, Cardston, Alta.. Can., 393 

Orcutt, Herbert D. Jr., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Ord, Sharon Faye, Pacolma, Calif., 393 

Ord, Marilyn Jane, Walla Walla, Wash., 393 

Orgill, Derwin Jay, Provo 

Orme, Kathryn. Idaho Falls, Ida., 198, 226, 243, 338 

Ormiston, James L., Watertown, N. Y. 

Orr, Diane Gall, Mesa, Ariz., 198, 393 

Orr, Richard Allan, South Gate, Calif. 

Orrock, Lucille, Joseph, 393 

Orton, John William, Welser, Ida., 393 

Orton. Kenneth Ray, Ogden, 113, 339 

Orton, Thomas Kenneth, Phoenix, Ariz., 338 

Orton, Wayne Liddle, Salt Lake City 

Osborne, Kendall J., Las Vegas, Nev., 360 

Osborn, Susan, Salt Lake City, 393 

Osborne, Leo Osman, Spring City 

Osburn, John Albert, Salt Lake City 

Oscarson, Cheryl Rae, Baggs, Wyo., 393 

Oshima, Stanley Yutaka, Lanal, T. H., 244, 257, 316 

Osmond, Carolyn, Berkeley, Calif. 

Ostergaard, Marie Ann, Duarte, Calif., 46, 47, 212, 

Ostler, Earcel Melvin, Provo 

Ostler, Elizabeth Ann, Spenard, Alaska, 230. 393 

Ostler, Eugene Baker, Salt Lake City 

Ostler, Floyd L., Springville, 360 

Ostler, James B., Sandy 

Ostler, Robert Howard, Casa Grande, Ariz. 

Ostler, Julie May, Salt Lake City, 393 

Oswald, Shlrlene, Idaho Falls, Ida., 212, 276, 339 
Often, Ella Rae L., Provo 
Often, Leaun Glen, Provo 
Otterson, Arnold W., Provo, 316 

Otterstrom, Francis C Castle Dale, 215 

Otterstrom. Frank T., Burbank, Calif., 280, 393 

Ottesen, Karen M., Springville 

Ottosen, Ruth, Salt Lake City, 216 

Ottley, Carol Irene, San Mateo, Calif., 360 

Ottley, Jerold Don, Salt Lake City, 162, 245 

Ottosen, Janiece, Kamas, 339 

Ottosen, Nadene, Roosevelt, 222, 243, 316 

Ottosen, Shirley R., Mesa, Ariz., 220 

Ousbye, Donald H., Los Angeles, Calif., 393 

Ovard, Barbara Gayle, Idaho Falls, Ida., 393 

Ovard, Glen, Provo 

Ovard, Mary Lou, Idaho Falls, Ida., 175 

Overson, Leiand C, Lynndyl, 214, 393 

Overson, Rodger Don, Lynndyl, 214, 360 

Oveson, Howard Morgan, Castle Dale 

Oveson, Mary Louise, Pendleton, Ore., 393 

Oviatt, Betty Ruth, Salt Lake City, 360 

Oviatt, Carmen L., Salt Lake City, 339 

Oviatt, Gayle Louise, Pasadena, Calif., 393 

Oviatt, John Duane, Hartleyvllle, Alta., Can., 393 

Oviatt, Lester C, Orem 

Owen, James Richard, Ogden 

Owen, Lyold V., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Owen, Lois, Riverton, 393 

Owen, Richard D., Idaho Falls, Ida., 393 

Owens, Hazel Dean, San Diego, Calif., 360 

Owens, Nannette, Joseph, 161, 162 

Owens, Joseph, San Bernardino, Calif., 316 

Owens, Shirley, Pangultch 

Owens, Voncile, Irenton, Fla., 252, 393 

Oxborrow, Anthony C, Las Vegas, Nev., 360 

Oxborrow, Jeanette. Las Vegas, Nev., 226, 276, 360 

Oxendine, Peggy Dean, Cottondale, Fla., 108, 339 

Oxtoby, Lou Jean, Duarte, Calif., 393 

Oyler, Colleen, Brigham, 360 

Oyler, Phillip D., Brigham 

Ozawa, Fern Kazuko, Welser, Ida., 393 

Pabst, Lennis George, Rigby, Ida. 

Pace, Alfred Lawrence, Provo, 360 

Pace, Carol Maurine, Provo. 393 

Pace, Gloria Diane Globe, Ariz., 339 

Pace, Harvey Dean, Coalville, 393 

Pace, James Byrum, Salt Lake City 

Pace, Kaye Cowley, Layton, 339 

Pace, Linda Jean, Chandler, Ariz., 393 

Pace, Ralph Wayne, Coalville, 326 

Pace. Ronald Thornton, Las Vegas, Nev., 326 

Pace, Robert Lemuel, Cell, Ark. 

Pace, Vione Richins, Coalville, 220, 285, 360 

Pace, William Cardon, Duncan, Ariz., 339 

Pack, Elbert Chandler, Sherman Oaks, Calif., 323 

Pack, Jane Lucille, Blackfoot, Ida., 202, 339 

Pack, Patricia, Pleasant Grove, 393 

Pack, Russell T., Grace, Ida., 393 

Packard, Milan A., Springville 

Packer, Eileen, Redwood City, Calif., 246, 339 

Packer, Lorane, Redwood City, Calif., 246, 393 

Packer, Wesley Lee, Worland, Wyo., 267, 316 

Padbury, Charles T., Helena, Mont., 146, 360 

Paddock, Alice Rose, Butte, Mont., 260, 360 

Page, Don Evans, Whittler, Calif. 

Page, Dick Howard, Provo 

Page, George Dee, Bountiful 

Page, Jim Fredrick, Colorado Springs, Colo., 91, 393 

Paget, John Robert, Portland, Ore., 360 

Paine, J. Peter, Unlondale, N. Y., 360 

Painter, Beverly Ann, Bloomlngton, Ida., 226, 360 

Pallios, Mike, Pasco 

Palmer, Anna Belle, Mesa, Ariz., 316 

Palmer, Blaine Charles, Vernal, 166, 224, 225. 339 

Palmer, Evan Mack, Park Valley, 339 

Palmer, G. Richard, Provo 

Palmer, Gayle Mary, Bemidil, Minn. 

Palmer, Glen Omer, Farmington, N. Met., 142, 192, 

262, 360 
Palmer, Glenalee. Blending, 339 
Palmer, Jerry Lee, Salt Lake City, 196, 360 
Palmer, John Wendell, Cannonvllle, 316 
Palmer, Mary Lynne, Farmington, N. Max., 393 
Palmer, Maureen, Salt Lake City, 393 
Palmer, L. Merrill, Provo, 360 
Palmer, Nedra, Blanding, 238, 360 
Palmer, Pauline, Preston, Ida., 316 
Palmer, Shlrlene, Aurora, 361 
Palmer, Shirley, Blanding 
Palmer, Shirley L., Moline, 111., 339 
Palmer, Susanne K., BemidjI, Minn., 170, 393 
Palmer, William James, Riverton, 361 
Pandolfi, Flavlo Jose, Cantono, Brazil 
Pankhurst, Geraldlne E., Lethbrldge, Alta., Can,, 393 
Papenfuss, Elaine, St. Ignatius, Mont. 
Paramore, Mary Jo, Provo, 208, 339 
Paris, Annette, Austin, Tex., 326 
Pardew Everett Earl, Parma, Ida., 361 

Paris, Charles William, Worland, Wyo., 361 

Park, Clifford William, Provo 

Park, Ivan John, Provo 

Park, Nell Alonzo, Nephl, 159, 361 

Parke, Diane Ceclle, Reno, Nev., 212, 339 

Parker, Carol Jean. Honolulu, T. H., 393 

Parker, Clair Leeman, Springfield, Ore., 393 

Parker, Cecil Blaine, Ogden, 339 

Parker, David W., Redlands, Calif., 361 

Parker, Donald W., Springville, 393 

Parker, Don Bryon, Payson 

Parker, Fred Maughan, Wellsville, 285, 339 

Parker, George Rex, Joseph. 36t 

Parker, John Carlyle, Roy. 316 

Parker, Margo Lynne, Los Angeles, Calif., 230,393 

Parker, Morris W., San Francisco, Calif., 316 

Parker, Marilyn C, Boulder City, Nev., 393 

Parkin, Carl Dean, Wilmington, Calif. 

Parkin, Kay Marie, Bountiful, 393 

Parkinson, Ann, Salt Lake City, 172, 326 

Parkinson, Carol Bird, Salt Lake City 

Parkinson, Jerrolyn, Idaho Falls, Ida., 238, 361 

Parkinson, Kay, Rexburg, Ida., 202, 361 

Parkinson, Ray Deen, Fairfield, Calif., 361 

Parks, Shannon L., Salt Lake City, 393 

Parmeter, Glenn P., Danville, Calif., 361 

Parmley, Alice, Hiawatha, 316 

Parque, Richard A., Bell Gardens, Calif., 90, 339 

Parry, Barbara Ann, Arlington, Va.. 252. 393 

Parry. Douglas Fred, Salt Lake City 

Parrls, Imogene, Gaffney, S. C, 393 

Parsons. A. Glenn, Orem 

Parsons, Robert E., Provo 

Partridge. Carol May. Burlington. Wyo., 162, 244, 316 

Partridge, Miriam Faye, North Hollywood. Calif., 198. 

Partridge. Thomas K.. Pangultch, 339 

Partridge, Ruth Louise, Provo 

Paschal, Julie Rae. Annabella. 173. 361 

Pascoe. Wayne A., Salt Lake City, 393 


student Index - Autunnn Quarter 

Pathakis, Andrew Dean, Salt Lake City 

Patjas. Seija. Tampere. Finland, 339 

Patrick, Kathleen, Sprinqvllle 

Pattee, Harold E., Phoenix, Ariz., 361 

Paten, Benton Penrod, Elberta, 204, 339 

Patten, Hildreth B., Sprinqville 

Patten, Leiand Kent, Prove 

Patten, Sybil, Vernal 

Patten, La Wana, Orem, 316 

Patten, Thomas J., Orem, 316 

Patterson, Frank A., Jr., Provo 

Patterson, Keneth J., Richland, Wash., 361 

Patterson, Patricia, Bloomington, Ida., 393 

Paterson, Patricia A., Pima, Ariz., 316 

Patton, James Robert, Charleston, W. Va., 361 

Paul, David Wilcox, Ogden 

Paul, K. Lynn, Fergus Falls, Minn., 173, 174, 176, 393 

Paul, Ronald W., Ogden, 316 

Paulos, Joan Camille, Compton, Calif., 202, 339 

Paulos, Theodore W., Compton, Calif. 

Paulson, Donald E., Pelican Rapids, Minn., 361 

Paulson, Fred Martell, Orem 

Paxman, David Alger, Washington 

Paxton, Thornton S., Santa Rosa, Calif., 361 

Payne, B. Louise, Seattle, Wash., 207. 361 

Payne, Gary Barton, Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Payne, Julia Ann, Portland, Ore., 316 

Payne, Keneth Lee, Carey, Ida., 316 

Payne, Lawrence Nephi, Provo 

Payne, Lucinda, Yuba City, Calif. 

Payne, Patricia Ann, Bridgeport, Tex., 394 

Payne, Reta Marie, Idaho Falls, Ida., 172, 361 

Payne, Robert L., Fillmore, 394 

Payne, Sara Harris, Provo 

Peabody, Kenneth Dale, Sunnyslde, Wash., 272, 394 

Peacock, Ernest A., Pasadena, Calif. 

Peacock, Carol Mae, Mesa, Ariz., 361 

Peacock, Evelyn M., Orangeville, 394 

Peacock, John Bruce, Manti, 339 

Peacock, Var Lynn, Provo 

Peacock, Vione, Lund, Nev., 394 

Peacock, Mary Madsen, Manti, 316 

Peacock, Wanda Lee, Price, 212, 339 

Pearce, Leona Marie, Oakland, Calif., 361 

Pearce, Raynor Dale, Beaver, 86, 90 

Pearson, Adele, Salt Lake City, 394 

Pearson, Clee Bernard, Parma, Ida., 394 

Pearson, David Adhelm, Phoenix, Ariz., 361 

Pearson, Dean Nelson, Clearfield, 339 

Pearson, Kayle Ruth, Meadow, 394 

Pearson, Mary Louise, Lehi, 394 

Pearson, Maughn M., Richfield 

Pearson, Melvin Jay, Fairfield, Mont., 260, 394 

Pearson, Richard C, Provo 

Pearson, Rikard Dwain, Richfield 

Pearson, Robert Vernon, Fairfield, Mont., 237, 394 

Pearson, Samuel Edwin, Healdsburg, Calif. 

Peart, Edward Lynn, Las Vegas, Nov., 361 

Pease, Roxie Lee, Los Angeles, Calif., 361 

Peay, David George, Nampa, Ida., 394 

Peck, Bruce Arnold, American Fork 

Peck, Darrell Leo, Salt Lake City 

Peck, Isaac Dan, Lehi 

Peck, Elwyn Virge, American Fork 

Peck, Leslie Glenn, Olympia, Wash., 248, 316 

Peck, Louis Chaney, Carey, Ida., 394 

Peck, Myron Hydn II, Ventura, Calif., 174, 394 

Peck, Patricia E., Provo, 394 

Peck, Ted Clarence, Boise, Ida., 316 

Pedersen, Darhl, Max, Orem 

Pedersen, Donna Fae, American Fork, 172, 361 

Pedersen, Herbert N., Orem, 324 

Pedersen, James Loel, Tooele, 339 

Pedersen, John T., Caldwell, Ida. 

Pedersen, Melvin LaMar, Brentwood, Calif., 339 

Pedersen, Myrna A., Bountiful, 139, 361 

Pedersen, Robert G., Stockton, Caiif., 194, 361 

Pedersen, Sandra, Orem, 216, 361 

Pederson, Floyd Eugene, Downey, Calif., 394 

Pederson, Keith Alvin, Salt Lake City, 90, 361 

Pederson, Paul Martin, Downey, Calif. 

Peel, LaRae Werner, Burbank, Calif 

Peel, LeRoy F., Burbank, Calif., 316 

Peel, Paul Randolph, Mt. Pleasant, 361 

Peers, Janet Beryl, Santa Barbara Calif 

Peery, David, Palo Alto, Calif. 

Pehrson, Barbara R., Provo 

Pehrson, Joseph J., Provo, 145 

Pehrson, Lois Estelle, Salt Lake City, 394 

Pehrson, Nancy Michele, Garden Grove, Calif 

Pehrson, William E., Pocatello, Ida., 394 

Peiry, Judith E. B., Provo 

Pendleton, Lynn, Provo, 326 

Pemberton, Judy Cerene, 361 

Pendleton, Sharon, Murray, 394 

Pendrey, Lowell McKay, Montpeller, Ida., 394 

Penfold, Gam Farley, Hagerman, Ida., 274, 339 

Penney, Barbara Julie, Layton 

Penock, Robert Elden, Springville 

Penrod, Karelyn, Provo, 339 

Pentelute, Sherry A., Salt Lake City 

Pepper, Judy Rae, Great Falls, Mont., 394 

Percival, Charles Mark, Provo 

Pergolizzi, Louis G., Philadelphia, Pa., 326 

Perkins, Caisa Barbara, Salt Lake City, 394 

Perkins, Carole Jean, Mesa, Ariz. 

Perkins, Cecil Owens, Clay Springs, Ariz. 

Perkins, Franklin Jay, Provo 

Perkins, Gary Lynn, Montpelier, Ida., 394 

Perkins, George W., Blending, 254, 361 

Perkins, James Adams, Blending, 339 

Perkins, James Brower, Long Beach, Calif. 

Perltins, Lena Bundy, Kaysville 

Perkins, John N., Twin Falls, Ida. 

Perkins LeMoyne, Clay Springs, Ariz., 103 

Perkins, Margo, Salt Lake City, 208, 394 

Perkins, Keith Wayne, Mesa, Ariz., 339 

Perkins, Norma Donna, Salt Lake City, 202, 361 

Perkins, Raymond C, Las Vegas, Nev., 394 

Perkins, Reetha Lou, Seattle, Wash., 394 

Perkins, Robert Donald, Clay Springs, Ariz., 361 

Perkins, Vaughn Junior, Kaysville 

Perley, Louis L., Jr., Manassa, Colo. 

Perron. Wayne Clifford, Shoshone, Ida., 324 

Perry, DeVern Jay, Brigham City, 141, 271, 339 

Perry Joanne, Idaho Falls, Ida., 394 

Perry, John Edwin, Orem, 131, 339 

Perry Laura Hair, Provo 

Perry, Jay Eric, Provo 

Perry, Lynn Gilbert, Spanish Fork, 361 

Perry, Robert H., Los Angeles, Calif., 285, 316 

Perry, Shirley Joan, Ogden 

Ferryman, Betty, Pocatello, Ida., 361 

Persson, Phil Finch, Woodland, Calif. 

Peters, Alan Joe, Baker, Ore., 394 

Peters, Janet, Montebello, Calif., 394 

Peters, Ralph Jerry, Provo 

Petersen, Donald J., Sacramento, Calif., 394 

Petersen, Edward H., Glendale, Calif., 339 

Petersen, Elaine Beth, Port-land, Ore., 208, 316 

Petersen, Gerald Avard, Lincoln, Neb., 324 

Petersen, George K., Clearfield, 394 

Petersen, Jesse Gale, Orem 

Petersen, Karen, Boise, Ida., 394 

Petersen, Karen Gae, Hinckley, 339 

Petersen, Kent J., Brigham City 

Petersen, Ludeen, Riverton,: 394 

Petersen, Margene, Salina, 170, 202, 238, 361 

Petersen, Mary Eleanor, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Petersen, Morley, Henry, Eureka, 316 

Petersen, Paul J., Provo, 146, 316 

Petersen, Raymond, Boyd, Cottonwood, Ariz., 394 

Petersen, Ronald LeRoy, Provo, 339 

Petersen, Thelma Ruth, Camp Verde, Ariz., 394 

Petersen, Wayne Bryan, Hinckley, 394 

Peterson, Alma Kent, Lehi, 394 

Peterson, Arlene, Falrview, 316 

Peterson, Avon Lucille, Nyssa, Ore., 283, 316 

Petersonj Berkley C, Henderson, Nev., 361 

Peterson, Bruce Ross, Santa Barbara, Calif., 223, 323 

Peterson, Byron Pratt, Galveston, Tex., 394 

Peterson, Carolyn, Castle Dale, 361 

Peterson, Clarence H., Salt Lake City 

Peterson, Charles S., Snowflake, Ariz. 

Peterson, Charles Lyie, Lehi, 361 

Peterson, Cheri Lee, Los Angeles, Calif., 200, 394 

Peterson, Dale Glen, Nyssa, Ore., 394 

Peterson, Dennis E., Provo, 262 

Peterson, David Noel, Hastings, Minn., 339 

Peterson, Denis C, Chester, Mont., 260, 394 

Peterson, E. Wayne, Tooele, 339 

Peterson, Elaine, Richfield, 283, 316 

Peterson, Elwood R., Provo, 262, 316 

Peterson, Gary E., Provo 

Peterson, Elnora Irene, Selma, Calif. 

Peterson, Gary Bert, Filer, Ida., 394 

Peterson, Glenn C, Provo, 316 

Peterson, Gordon Allen, Concord, Calif. 

Peterson, Glenice Lamb, Provo 

Peterson, Glenn Howard, Logan 

Peterson, Iris Ann, Dragerton, 361 

Peterson, Jack O., Monticello 

Peterson, James C, Littlefield, Ariz., 167, 339 

Peterson, James G., Provo, 361 

Peterson, James LeRoy, Portland, Ore., 274 

Peterson, Joan, Paramonut, Calif., 339 

Peterson, John Delon, Castle Dale. 214, 361 

Peterson, Judith L., Chlco, Calif., 251, 361 

Peterson, Joyce Eileen, San Mateo, Calif., 394 

Peterson, Judith Ann, Concord, Calif., 394 

Peterso,n, Julia Rae, Monticello, 394 

Peterson, Kay R., Lethbridge, Alta., Can., 316 

Peterson, Kenneth D., Chester, Mont., 91, 260, 394 

Peterson, Kenneth E., Sandy, 316 

Peterson, Larry W., Downey, Calif. 

Peterson, Lars W., Spanish Fork 

Peterson, Lawrence E., Lethbridge, Alta., Can. 

Peterson, Leon Latren. Snowflake, Ariz,, 194 

Peterson, M. Bonita, Hoper, 361 

Peterson, Marguerite, Snowflake, Ariz., 339 

Peterson, Marilyn Joy, Salt Lake City, 173, 262, 394 

Peterson, Mary Jean, Salt Lake City, 361 

Peterson, Mary Jo, Victor, Ida., 237, 394 

Peterson, Melvin Dale, Myton 

Peterson, Nancy Jean. Salt Lake City 

Peterson, Nile Ernest, Lehi, 394 

Peterson, Phil, Sanford, Colo., 394 

Peterson, Phyllis D., Provo 

Peterson Ranee, Glenwood, 316 

Peterson, Robert Smith, Copperton 

Peterson, Robert W., Phoenix, Ariz., 218, 339 

Peterson, Ronald B., Nyssa, Ore, 394 

Peterson, Ronald M., Los Altos, Calif., 361 

Peterson, Royal Edwin, McGill, Nev., 361 

Peterson, Russell E., Franklin, Neb. 90 

Peterson, Shirlee M., Ucon, Ida.. 277, 361 

Peterson, Stanley A., Provo 

Peterson. Stella J., Puento. Calif.. 394 

Peterson, Stephen L., McGill, Nev., 394 

Pettijohn, Zita Ann, Melba, Ida., 361 

Pettingill, Ted H., Portland, Ore., 218, 339 

Pettit, Naomi Joy, Wolcott, Colo., 394 

Pettit, Robert Dean, Centerville. 204, 339 

Petty, Bonni Dean, Woodland Hills, Calif., 156, 158, 

Petty, Clara Virtue, Emery, 316 
Peyope. Pasculita. Portage 
Pezoldt. Eleanor E., Stockton. Calif., 259, 361 
Phair, Gary Richard, Klamath Falls, Ore., 394 
Phair, Larry Eldon, Klamath Falls, Ore., 394 
Phelps, Shirley, Rock Springs, Wyo., 207 
Phelps, Richard L., Oakland, Calif., 136, 204, 271, 316 
Phelps Sonja Pearl, Portland, Ore., 394 
Phillips, Blaine C, Springville, 316 
Phillips, Carolyn Y., Danville, Calif., 361 
Phillips, Delbert Ross, Portland, Ore., 339 
Phillips, Franklyn Dee, Spanish Fork, 361 
Phillips, Gerald T., Caliente, Nov., 394 
Phillips, Kenneth E., Murray 
Phillips, Marie, Idaho Falls. Ida., 339 
Phillips, Ridge M., Inkom, Ida., 361 
Phillips, Ronald J., Provo 
Phillips, Ruby Louise, Lethbridge, Alta., Can. 
Phillips, Victor' Dee C, Provo, 339 
Phlppen, Carol Jean, San Bernardino, Calif., 259, 268 
Phlppen, Claudia, Salt Lake City 
Phipps, Don Curtis, Orem 

Pickering, Lorna Kathy, La Canada, Calif., 198, 339 
Pickering, Sandra Lee, No. Hollywood, Calif, 362 
Pickett, Mearl Norman, Taber, Alta., Can. 
Pierce, Kenneth Lee, Portland, Ore., 218 
Pierce, Myron Lisonbee, Spanish Fork, 394 
Pierce, Ronald Lee, El Paso, Tex., 218, 263, 394 
Pierce, Walter Hugh, Moultrie, Ga. 
Pike, Carol Joan, Brawley, Calif., 362 
Pilling, Moyle H., Leavitt, Alta., Can. 
Pinckney, David S., Alameda, Calif., I 13, 316 
PInckney, George H., Alameda, Calif. 
Pincock, Beverly, Ucon, Ida., 162, 362 
PInegar, Dale Edward, Spanish Fork, 394 
PInegar, Max L., Spanish Fork, 394 
PInegar, Effle Jolley, Provo 
PInegar, Mary Jolley, Spanish Fork 
PInegar, Rex Dee, Spanish Fork, 339 
Piper, Laree Stella, Los Angeles, Calif., 173, 394 
PIppert, Maude M., Meridian, Ida. 
Pitcher, Grant, Provo, 324 
Pitkin, Gordon Rex, Salt Lake City 
PIttman, Reba Sue, Los Palos, Calls., 394 
Pitts, Laval M., Provo, 362 
Piatt, Willa Mae, Reno, Nev., 339 
Platts, Darlene Rae, Paul, Ida. 
Plessinger, Jayne, Twin Falls, Ida 
Poehlein, Maureen M., Long Beach, Calif, 339 
Plumb, Marlow Waite, St. Johns, Ariz.. 394 
Poggione, Marsha Ann. Santa Barbara. Calif. 394 
Polltls. Constantines. Lefkas. Greece. 256. 394 
Poll. Emogene H.. Provo 
Pollan. Lew Wallace. Elslnore. Calif, 394 
Polock, James L.. Nampa. Ida. 
Pollock. LaMoine. Tropic 
Pomeroy. Karl Besf Provo. 339 
Pond. Frances. Grace. Ida.. 2122. 394 
Ponder. Leanne. Albuquerque. N. Mex.. 259. 268. 363 
Poog. Roselinda Renee. Pocatello. Ida.. 362 
Poole. Maxine. Preston, Ida., 226, 339 
Pope, Karl Theodore, Vernal, 362 
Pope, Larry Wells, Vernal, 394 
Pope, Mardell Ray, Springville 
Pope, Valda, Vernal, 362 

Porter, Charles James, Sacramento, Calif., 363 
Porter, Elizabeth T., Provo 
Porter, Eriine, Novato, Calif 
Porter, Garth Howard, Ontario, Calif 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Por+er. LeRoy Earl, Provo 

Porter, Patricio Anne, Portland, Ore., 208. 340 

Porter, Patricia Ethel, Fairfield, Calif., 237, 395 

Porter, Richard, Orem 

Porter, Stanley C, Provo, 155, 141 

Porter, William C, Orem, 362 

Posey, Charlotte Ann, Lorrgview, Tex. 

Po?tma, Robert Kent, Evanston, Wyo. 

Poston, Donald Charles, Englewood, Colo., 362 

Potter, Albert R., Provo 

Potter, Dwight Lowell, Provo 

Potter, Glenn Thompson, Washington, D. C. 

Potter, Marian, Battle fvlountain, Nev. 

Potter, Norma Lawynn, Twin Falls, Ida., 340 

Potter, Rhett Forsyth, Bute, Mont., 260 

Potter, Wester Schow, Provo 

Potts, Allen Van, Salt Lalce City, 316 

Potts, Lorene E., LaJara, Colo, 254 

Poulos. Dwight C, Lexington, Ky. 

Poulsen, Anna Margaret, Magna, 340 

Poulsen, Glen Martin, Spanish Fork 

Poulson, Jennie Lin, Provo, 238, 228, 362 

Poulson, Jerald F., San Rafael, Calif., 362 

Poulson, Lynn Otto, Orem, 395 

Poulter, MarilyrT, Salt Lake City 

Poulton, James Carlos, Oakley, Ida., 340 

Poulton, Maxine, Oakley, Ida., 340 

Poulton, Marvin M., Twin Falls, Ida., 395 

Powell, Alda Mae, Lehi, 395 

Powell, Bernell, Brad, Pocatello, Ida., 157, 158, 224, 

Powell, Arlene, Huntington, 340 

Powell, D. Keith, Lehi 

Powell, Delburt Earl, St. Helens, Ore., 395 

Powell, Dixie Lee, San Bruno, Calif., 230, 395 

Powell, Dwigtit Sampson, Schurz, Nev., 326 

Powell, Elizabeth Ann, Salt Lake City, 395 

Powell, James Alton, Phoenix, Ariz., 395 

Powell, Lynn Keslor, Provo, 266, 280, 395 

Powell, Ronald F., Altonah, 265, 395 

Powell, William C, Lehi, 340 

Powelson, Kae, Lovell, Wyo., 287 

Powell, Robert B., Salt Lake City 

Powlan, Robert F., Calgary, Alta., Can. 

Powless, Mary E, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Poytair, Cherie Lynn, Vancouver, Wash., 167, 395 

Pratley, Brent McGee. Glendale, Calif., 106 

Pratt, Darlene Kay, Moses Lake, Wash., 288, 395 

Pratt, Douglas Eugene, No. Hollywood, Calif., 395 

Pratt, Gene A., Provo 

Pratt, Glenn Alma, American Fork 

Pratt, Lucile, Chihuahua, Chih., Mex., 316 

Pratt, Martha Ruth, La Center, Wash., 134, 172, 

Pratt, Robert LeGrande, Denver, Colo., 137 
Pratt, Wallace Leon, Boone, Iowa, 395 
Prece, E. Bruce, Vernal 
Prescott, Max W.. Provo, 316 
Price, Albert Keith, San Francisco, Calif., 340 
Price, Alvln O., Provo 
Price, Billy Ray, Crosroads, Calif. 
Price, Bud O., Sunnyside, 395 
Price, Derrlll Spencer, Henderson, Nev., 395 
Price, DIAnn, Provo, 362 
Price, Harvey Edward, Bountiful, 395 
Price. James William, Orem 
Price, Jay Edwin, Provo, 316 
Price, Loyce, F. J., Roseville, Calif., 362 
Price, Lawrence M., Tucson, Ariz. 
Price, Nancy Ellen, Gridley, Calif, 249, 340 
Price, Norman LaVar, Tucson, Ariz., 363 
Price, Perry L, New Rockford, N. D. 
Price, Zack Zane, Crosroads, Calif., 224, 340 
Prina, Peter Gene, Ely, Nev., 395 
Prince, Carol Laurine, Hiawatha, 340 
Prince, Dale Leavitt. Glenwood, Alta., Can. 
Prine, Crystal Darlene,, Prineville, Ore., 193 
Pringle, Carrie H., Provo 
Pringle, John K., Ogden, 316 
Prisbrey, Donna J., Brigham, 395 
Pritchard, Robert H., Baker, Ore., 363 
Pritchett, Robert M., Provo, 340 
Prltchett. David Leigh, Spokane, Wash.. 362 
Prock, Lola Marilyn S., Phoenix, Ariz., 316 
Proctor, Janis, Pleastant Grove 
Prothero, David Dean, Springville 
Prothero, Walter Hall, Provo 
Provost, Sara Mae, Heber. 340 
Prows. Arvin Ronald, Spanish Fork 
Prows, Ella Mae, Kanish, 395 
Prows, Sandra. Tooele, 285, 340 
Pruett, Norman A., Winslow, Ariz., 250, 362 
Prusse, Judith Melba. Bountiful, 253, 395 
Pryor, Ewa Joan, Tucson. Ariz. 
Ptomey. Nancy Lynno. Akron, Ohio, 362 
Puff, Charles Ernest, Toele, 395 
Pugh, Sandra, Provo, 246, 395 

Pullan. Grant Leon. Bingham Canyon, 340 

Pugmire, Patircia, Pocatello. Ida., 164, 246. 340 

Pugmire. Roger Lionel. Yakima. Wash., 316 

Pugmire, Ruth Ann, St. Charles, Ida., 395 

Pulley. Dallas Bates, American Fork, 395 

Pulley, Jon Matson, American Fork 

Pulliam, Priscilla A., Long Beach, Calif., 244, 362 

Pullman, Charles Dee, Spanish Fork 

Pulsipher, Allan G., Denver, Colo., 91 

Pulver, Willis C, Payson 

Pulsipher, Allan G.. Denver, Colo., 91 

Pulver, Willis C, Payson 

Pulsipher, Vaughn, Logandale, Nev., 395 

Purinton. Barbara Ann, Briston, Vt., 362 

Purley, Anthony F., Winslow, Ariz. 

Purvis, James Heber, Phoenix, Ariz., 395 

Pusey, Mary Kathryn, Denver, Colo., 317 

Putnam, Howard Hoggan, Ontario, Ore 

Putnam, Norman Earl, Jr., Durango, Colo., 395 
Pyne, Ivern Lavell, Orem, 362 
Pyrah, Fredrick Walter, Carey, Ida. 

Reading, Carolee. Scottsbluff. Neb.. 395 
Reading. Lynn James. Murray. 86. 90. 362 
Reagan. Michael A.. Los Angeles. Calif. 
Ream. Dianna Mae. Las Vegas. Nev.. 362 
Ream. Donna Rene. Las Vegas. Nev. 
Reams, Joyce Leah, San Carlos, Calif., 362 
Reaves, Bonnie Jeanne, El Paso, Tex., 276, 363 
Rebal. David Michael, Glendale, Calif., 395 
Reber. Dennis Mesquite, Nev., 340 
Reber, tna, Mesquite, Nev. 
Reber, Marilyn, LIttlefield, Ariz., 395 
Redd. Carolyn. Orem. 226. 363 
Redd. Donna Maria. Salt Lake City, 170. 254. 340 
Redd. Ernest LaMar Jr.. El Paso. Tex. 
Redd. Helen Cherry. Monticello. 395 
Redd. Linda. Heidelberg. Germany, 216, 395 
1A1 iti i>c Redd, Patricia Ann. Blending. 254. 395 

162. 161. 245. D.JJ;.L CM — - 1 O: tJ. ^-11 ,,. 

Quick. Norma Sharon. Moose, Wyo., 257, 395 
Quigloy, Joseph Bert, Provo, 340 
Quiivlan, Edward W., American Falls, Ida. 
Ouinnett. John Richard. Rialto. Calif., 103. 395 
Quinney, Gary G., Whittier. Calif, 224, 362 
Quirl, Barbara, Teton, Ida., 395 

Raban, Teddy Lewis. Sf Johns. Ariz., 317 

Rabidou. Donna Evelyn. Calgary, Alta., Can., 395 

Rackham, Alan C. 

Raddon, Dorthey, Salt Lake City. 395 

Radley. Rosalind. Spokane. Wash. 

Radmall. Grant M.. Pleasant Grove 

Radmall, Paul K.. Pleasant Grove 

Ragsdale. Donald Frank. Provo 

Ragonton. Carol N.. Kekaha. T. H.. 257. 362 

Ragsdale. Ronald O.. Boise. Ida.. 223. 317 

Ralph. Richard Barnes Livermore. Calif. 86, 

Ralphs. Roger Thorpe. Aberdeen. Ida.. 167. 340 

Ramones. Edward E.. Lanikai. T. H.. 278. 317 

Rampelt. Carol Jean, Parma. Ohio. 362 

Rampton Jean D., Corvallis, Ore., 317 

Rampton, Martha Jean ,Chelan, Wash., 108, 395 

Ramsay, Kathleen, American Fork, 363 

Ramsay, Marilyn, American Fork, 340 


172, 258 




Randall, Karen Lenore, Ch 
288, 395 

Randall, Lloyd Otis, Portland, Ore., 395 

Randall, Melvin Kay, Los Angeles, Calif, 

Rands, George Cole, Arcadia, Calif 

Rappleye, Sandra Jean, Bakersfield, Calif, 

Rasband. Boyd M.. Heber. 317 

Rasband. Karma Rao. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 232 

Rasmussen. Brian L.. Provo 

Rasmussen. Carol. Salt Lake City. 108. 188, 

Rasmussen, Don Que, Provo 

Rasmussen, Frederick A., Orem, 340 

Rasmussen, James A., Evanston, Wyo., 340 

Rasmussen, Kenneth W.. Draper 

Rasmussen. Kay Newell. Sparks. Nev., 362 

Rasmussen, Ronald W., Lehi 

Rather, Douglas B., Las Vegas, Nev., 210 

Rather, Barbara Carol, Las Vegas. Nev.. 340 

Rawlings. Eugene Paul. Provo 

Rawlings. James L. Jr., Rock Springs, Wyo., 161 

Rawlinson, Claude Hal, Orem 

Rawson, Richard Ray. Santa Barbara. Calif. 324 

Ray. Albert Eugene. Queens. N. Y.. 103 

Ray. Bruce Alyric. Wilmington. N. C. 156. 204. 

Ray. Ernest L. Sr., Mesa, Ariz. 

Ray, Guy B., Mesa, Ariz., 274. 323 

Ray. Karen Alice. San Francisco Calif. 395 

Ray. Kathyleen Diana. Hayward. Calif. 172. 395 

Ray. Margo. Mesa. Ariz.. 395 

Raya. Estela Col. Juarez. Chih.. Mex., 256. 320 

Raymond. Barbara. Kaysville. 395 

Rayner. Harry H.. Weehawken. N. J., 362 

Payor. Darlene Joyce. Inglewood. Calif. 395 

Rea. Ardeth Amy. Taber. Alta.. Can.. 283. 317 

Rea. Joan. Sacramento. Calif. 

Road. Frank Thompson, Spokane, Wash., 395 

Read, George F., Sherman Oaks, Calif, 340 

Read, Juan Coleman, Provo, 340 

Road. J. Carrol. Seattle. Wash.. 340 

Read, Kenneth Wayne, Frultland, Ida. 

Read. Lee Jacqueline. Long Beach. Calif. 395 

Read. Lynno Nell. Long Beach. Calif 

Read. Robert Leon, Sherman Oaks. Calif. 362 

Reddish. Eileen J.. Riverside. Calif. 226, 395 

Redford, Edith Janice, Bancrott, Ida., 166 

Redd. Myrtle Harris. Blanding. 362 

Redford. Margaret A.. Salt Lake City. 232. 243. 340 

Redford. Marilyn. Salt Lake City 

Redford. Ruth Mary, Salt Lake City, 232. 243. 340 

Redmon. Myrtle Leona. Monohans. Tex.. 207. 323 

Reece. Joan Maxine. Salt Lake City. 395 

Reed. Carl W. Jr.. Orem. 395 

Reece. Michael Don. Payson 

Reed. Donald Wayne. Denver. Colo.. 340 

Reed. Kenneth Dale. Sanger. Calif. 196. 362 

Reed. Maxine. Denver. Colo.. 212. 226. 317 

Reed. Phyllis Jean, Thermopolis, Wyo., 395 

Reed, Robert Arthur. Sanger, Calif, 196, 340 

Reed. Ronald E.. Sf David. Ariz.. 317 

Rood. Shirley Ann. Mt. View. Calif. 340 

Rooder. James Randall. Sandose. Calif.. 362 

Reedor. Lynn B.. Brigham. 395 

Roes. Karia Mae. Boise. Ida.. 170. 276 

Rees. Lary Price, Oram 

Rees, Richard Wayne, Salt Lake City, 395 

Reese, Edith Fuller. Tacoma, Wash., 340 

Reese. Gary Fuller. Tacoma. Wash. 

Reese. James Rex, Provo, 395 
90, 317 Reese, Ralph Granf Murray. 91 

Reese. David Thomas. Orem. 395 

Reese. Ruby Laraine, Vernal 

Reese, Sandra Lee, Redding, CaUf, 

Roovo, Naomi, Salt Lake City 

Reeve, Rex C, Salt Lake City, 91 

Reeve. Sharon Doe. No. Hollywood. Calif.. 

Reeves. Donald L.. Provo 
275, Reeves, Michael Jack, Long Beach, Calif, 395 

Regis, Larry Orchard J., Konilworth, 90 

Reiche, Ralph Groo, Carmichael, Calif, 395 

Reid, Bruce Alan, Los Angeles, Calit, 

Reid, Donald, Springville 

Reid, Jack Leon, Lund, Nov., 362 , 

Reid, Sharon. Los Angeles. Calif. 259. 268. 396 

Reid. Tholma Ann, Inglewood, Calif, 395 

Reid, Wesley Clark, Lund, Nev. 

Reid, William. Jr.. Groybull. Wyo. 

Reidhead. John Merrell. Superior. Ariz.. 395 

Reiley. Royce E., Tetonia. Ida.. 317 

Roimers. Richard Darr. Arcadia. Calif.. 

Reiter, Dennis Burton, Portland, Ore. 

Relyoa, Russell Ervin, Boise, Ida., 224, 

Remington, Donald B.. Cardston. Alta.. 

Remington Patricia A.. Los Angeles. Calif. 166. 394 

Rommele. Evelyn Carlyn. Santa Rosa. Calif. 
144. Rencher. Paul Richard, Eager, Ariz. 

Rancher, Donna C. E., Mesa, Ariz. 

Rencher, Loonard Jay, Sf Johns, Ariz., 396 

266, 395 


124, 129, 224, 

Can., 340 

Rencher, Lureen, Farmington, N. Mex., 262, 282. 396 
Roneer. Margie Ann. Los Angeles. Calif., 362 
3l7RBnoer, Sharon, Tucson, Ariz., 164 

Ronnie, Robert Richard, Toronto, Onf, Can., 362 

Renstrom, Keith Arnold, Huntsville, 22! 

Revo, Willene Diane, Los Angeles, Calif, 396 

Rex, Forrin James, Randolph, 173, 396 

Rex, Norman Dale, Randolph, 286, 396 

Rex. Vorda Irene. Georgetown. Ida.. 396 

Reynolds. Allen Clair,' Beaver. 323 

Reynolds. George C. San Carlos. Calif. 162 

Reynolds. Hannah L.. Beaver. 396 

Reynolds. Karen LuJean. Fairtield. Mont.. 260 

Reynolds. Loran R., Pulaski. Iowa 

Reynolds. Mayroo W.. Provo 

Reynolds. Ruth. Provo. 323 

Rhinohart. Joan. Whittier. Calif 

Rhoads. Joanne L.. Cody. Wyo.. 396 

Rhoton. James F.. Jr.. Snowflake. Ariz. 

Rice. David Lindsay. No. Hollywood. Calif. 396 

Rice. James Gooding. Tempiute, Nov.. 100. 396 

Rico. Carol Lyn. Bountiful, 253, 396 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 



Rice, Millard Blayne, Claresholm, Alta., Can., 204, 

270, 323 
Rich. John Harold Jr., Boise, Ida., 317 
Rich, Marian Dariene, Kortiand. Ore., 396 
Rich, Merllynne, Orem, 237. 396 
Rich. John Milton, Portland. Ore., 362 
Rich, Sherron, Sacramento. Calif., 362 
Richards, Ann Cathtee, Richmond 
Richards. Barry W., Provo, 362 
Richards, Clanta H., Truclcee. Calif.. 396 
Richards. Don K., Provo. 324 
Ricnarjs. Donna. American Fork. 207 
Richards, Judy Jenine, Huntington, 396 
Richards, Horace Bryan, Salt Lake City 
Richards, Hyrum E., Aetna, Alta.. Can., 
Richards. Kai.n Rae. Salt Lake City. 162, 317 
Richards Nephl Jensen, Aetna. Alta., Can. 
Richards, Pamele, Brigham 
Richards, Philip D., Aetna, Alta.. Can. 
Richards, Rosalie, Pleasant Grove, 317 
Richards, Ruth, Pleasant Grove, 317 
Richards, Stanley Ezra, Salt Lake City 
Richards, Thomas John, Florence, Ore. 
Richardson, Jay Ryan, Provo, 324 
Richardson, Judith L., Skamokawa. Wash., 340 
Richardson, Jerald A., Spanish Fork, 
Richardson, Marvin H., Vernal 
Richardson, Pauline, Benjamin. 317 
Richardson, Sondra' Ann, Provo, 47, 
Richardson, Theral B., Provo 
Richens, Lorn S., Vernal, 362 
Richie. Alma M., Salt Lake City, 146. 396 
Richie. Gwena, Salt Lake City, 246, 284, 317 
Richlns, Beverly, Duncan, Ariz., 340 
Rlchins Carol M., Henefer, 396 
Richins, Deanna, Marysville, Calif.. 237, 396 
Richlns, Donald Duane, Mesa, Ariz.. 340 
Rlchins, Frank William. Provo 
Rlchins, Grant Norman, Henefer 
Richins, llene Lois, Coalville, 340 
Richins, James Alden, Henefer, 317 
Richlns. Jerry George, Gridley, Calif.. 396 
Richins, Lois, Gridley, Calif. 
Richins, Sherry Marie, Gridley, Calif. 
Richter, Sally Jane, Dallas, Tei.. 362 
Rickenback. Paul, Richfield 
Ricks, David K., Boise, Ida.. 340 
Rids, Gary Roland, Stockton, Calif., 194, 223, 340 
Ricks. Karma Joan. Boise, Ida., 162 
Ricks. Nedra Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 362 
Ricks. Robert J., Stockton, Calif., 90 
Ricks, Sharon, Sugar, Ida., 136, 232, 340 
Ricks Vera Nancy, Gresham, Ore. 
Ricks, Welby Willis, Provo 
Ridd, Roxalene, Brigham, 340 
Riddle, Dwanna Lee, Salt Lake City, 362 
Ridenhour, Ted Eugene, Concord, N. C, 317 
Ridge, Donald Leonard, Provo 
Ridge. Paul J.. Orem 
Riding, Judith, Springville 
Rless, Geraldine G., Lawndaie, Calif., 396 
Rless, Geraldine G., Lawndaie, Calif., 396 
Rigby, Don A., Montpelier, Ida. 
Rigby, Hellen Degn 
Rigby. Ronald Kay. Rexburg, Ida., 318 
Rigby. Ruth Krebs, Provo 
Riggs, John David, Junction City, Ore., 340 
Riggs, Joseph Ivor, Hatch 
Riggs, Leia, Hatch, 318 

Riggs. Loretta Carol. Chandler, Ariz., 228, 250. 362 
Riggs, Myrna, Hatch 
Riggs, Rockford R. Jr., Phoenix. Ariz. 
Rile. Joseph Eldon, Provo, 106 
Riley, David Jonathan, Skamokawa, Wash.. 340 
Riley, Michael Willis, Burbank, Calif., 36* 
Rindfleisch, Lois Jean, Downey, Calif.. 362 
Ringquist, Rita Mabel, Vancouver, Wash., 362 
Ringqulst, Robert Hugh, Vancouver, Wash., 340 
Rlngwood, Howard Lee, Salt Lake City, 91 
Rirle. Clive Perry, Provo 

Rlrie, David Leonard, Magrath, Alta., Can.. 362 
Rirle, Garna Lynne, Salt Lake City, 287, 362 
Ririe, Marilyn, Rexburg, Ida., 283, 318 
Rirle, Paul Jensen, Provo 
Ritchie, Stephen L... Kuna, Ida., 362 
Ritz, Robert Theodore, Woodland, Calif., 362 
Robb, Renee, Mancos, Colo., 246, 340 
Robb, Wlllmia Helen, Mancos, Colo., 396 
Robbins, Donna Jo, Salt Lake City 
Robbins. Karolyn Mae, Van Nuys, Calif., 362 
Robbins, Richard S., Provo, 362 
Roberson, Marvin R.. Chlcasha, Okla., 318 
Roberts, Beverly C, Fontana, Calif.. 396 
Roberts. Cecil Lynn. T^biona. 221, 272. 362 
Roberts, Dean Scott. Provo, 210 

Roberts, Dean Stone. Snanlsh Fork 

Roberts, Donald Wilson, Phoenix, Ariz.. 318 

Roberts, Glen Eldon, Spanish Fork, 274, 324 

Roberts, Jack Alan, Sequlm, Wash. 

Roberts, James Cal, Layton 

Roberts, Judy Lynne, Boise, Ida., 212, 340 

Roberts, Karl David, Vernal, 340 

Roberts, Lois Margaret, San Diego Calif., 396 

Roberts, Marjorle J., Monrovia, Calif. 

Roberts, Merlene, Salt Lake City, 362 

Roberts, Parley Cleve, Annabella 

Roberts, Randall N., Monroe 

Roberts, Richard A., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Roberts, Robert Dejaun, Pleasant Grove 

Roberts, Stanley B., Ogden, 318 

Roberts, Virginia F., Anchorage, Alaska, 208, 362 

Roberts, Wendell L., Tremonton, 396 

Roberts, Wilford Harry, Vernal 

Robertson Jerald C, Provo, 340 

Robertson, Joel Scott, Burley, 396 

Robertson, Kenneth F.. Richmond, Va., 237, 396 

Robertson, Kent F., Honolulu, T.H.. 362 

Robertson Marilyn. Los Angeles. Calif.. 200, 362 

Robertson, Mildred R.. Richmond. Va. 

Robins, EIna Lorene. Ontario, Ore., 108, 396 

Robins, Patricia Lynn, Salina. 266, 396 

Robinson Barbara J. Stoneham, Mass., 396 

Robinson, Curtis E.. Tacoma, Wash. 

Robinson. Franklin D., Provo 

Robinson, Grant Evans, American Fork, 396 

Robinson, Karl F., Grace, Ida., 362 

Robinson, Leona Mae, Richfield, 226 

Robinson, Lu Jean, American Fork 

Robinson, Luella, Salt Lake City, 318 

Robinson, Oscar Klar, Richfield, 340 

Robinson, Margaret, Salt Lake City, 202 

Robinson, Millie Marie, Col. Dublan, Chlh., Mex.. 396 

Robinson. Patricia A., Van Nuys, Calif.. 396 

Robinson, Patricia R... Las Vegas, Nev., 216, 318 

Robinson, Roland Dee, Richfield 

Robinson, Renell, Freedom, Wyo.. 362 

Robinson, Shirlene, Kanab, 212, 318 

Robinson, Shirley Ann, Richfield '^34, 396 

Robison, ^Bryant W., Logandale, Nev. 

Roblson. Clarence F., Provo 

Robison, Clayne Wilcox, Boise, Ida., 162, 194, 195, 

Robison, Derrel Jerome Ida. 259, 396 
Robison, Helen Fern, Fillmore, 340 
Robison, Laren R., Georgetown, Ida., 318 
Robison, Klchard A., Provo 
Robison, Richard W., Murray, 164 
Rockwood, Dorothy D., Salt Lake City. 108, 172. 340 
Roche, Marlene Frances, Antloch, Calif., 362 
Rock Kenneth He„ber, Morgan, 340 
Rockwood, Clarence L.. Provo 
Rockwood, Daisy B., Salt Lake City. 108, 340 
Rockwood, Eleanore B., Richland, Wash., 108, 396 
Rockhlll, Carolyn, Kamas, 362 

Rodas, Juan Jose, Quezalto, Guatemala, 256, 362 
Rodeback, Charles H... Chicago, III., 318 
Rodeback, Wilbur Ray, Vernal 
Roderick. Judith Ann, Provo, 318 
Rodriguez, Adan Raul, Quatemala. C. A., 362 
Rodriguez, Joyce E., Provo, 362 
Rodriguez, Jose, Puente, Calif. 
Roe, Kenneth V.. Panqultch, 362 
Rogers, Elizabeth Anne, Falrhaven, Mass., 167, 362 
Rogers, Gail Monroe, Provo, 274, 318 
Rogers, Hawley, Monroe, 396 
Rogers, Kenneth Eugene, Nampa, Ida., 362 
Rogers, Milton Stout, China Lake, Calif., 237, 396 
Rogers, Warren Thomas, Minneapolis, Minn.. 340 
Rogers, William Robert, Manassa, Colo. 
Rohbock, Theodora Ann, Orem, 170, 230, 396 
Roland, Peggy Lee, Macon. Ga., 172, 396 
Rollins. Boyd Carter, Provo, 324 
Rollins, Myron B.. Morgan, 326 
Romero, Ervin Gordon, San Leandro, Calif. 
Romney, Carolyn, Phoenix. Ariz., 287, 318 
Romney, Geraldine 
Romney, Gretta Anne, Provo, 363 
Romney, Janet, Pullman, Wash. 
Romney, Maurlne, Col. Juarez, Chlh., Mex.. 396 
Romney, Van E. Jr., Kimberly, Ida., 214, 340 
Romney, Sara Louise, Annlston, Ala., 318 
Rooker, Clifton Keith. Modesto, Calif., 249, 340 
Rooks, Betty Lou, Marlanna, Fla., 396 
Rooks, John Douglas, Blountstown, Fla., 90, 210 
Rooks, Oran Dewey, Blackfoot, Ida., 363 
Roper, Keston A., Westwood, Calif., 224, 340 
Roper, Laver L., Meeteetse Wyo. 
Roper. Volt J., Provo 
Roper, Ronald Rey, Kenilworth, 237, 340 
Rose, Charles Buckley. Berkeley. Calif.. 396 

Rose, Janet, Bountiful, 363 

Rose, Marteil Beverly, Van Nuys, Calif. 

Rose. Natel, Morgan, 363 

Rose, Robert Orrin, Northrldge, Calif., 318 

Rosier, Cora Jean, Chester 

Ross, Maxlne, Brigham 

Ross, Richard K.. American Fork 

Rossal, Miguel Angel, Quez, Guatemala, 256 

Rosslter, Carol Lynn, Helena, Mont., 260, 396 

Rossiter, Ernest Terry, Salt Lake City, 204, 396 

Rothe Frank Adams, Cardston, Alta.. Can. 

Rothe, Ruth, Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Rounds, Jay Carmer, Oakland, Calif., 396 

Roundy, Bernell Adair, The Dalles, Ore., 396 

Roundy, Vernon Dean, Escalante, 340 

Rountree. Phyllis Gene. Redwood City, Calif., 396 

Roush, Robert Ronald, Dillon, Colo., 340 

Routsong, Robert W., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Rowberry, Kara Jane, Idaho Falls, Ida., 230, 396 

Rowe, Klara, Las Vegas, Nev.. 138. 396 

Rowe, Lynn B.. Spanish Fork, 90 

Rowe, Mathew Robert, Grand Junction, Colo., 318 

Rowe, Mary Ellen, Oakland, Calif., 363 

Rowe, Thomas Edward, Huntsvllle, 318 

Rowland, Guy Lund, Waynesboro, Va. 

Rowley, Carl Marion, Provo, 323 

Rowley. Dariene, Springville 

Rowley, Joan, Orem, 396 

Rowley, Leo Wayne, Bynum, Mont., 363 

Rowley, Leon J., Provo, 318 

Rowley, Ralph A., Bountiful 

Rowley, Raymond S., Bynum, Mont., 396 

Rowley, Ronald Dee, Holladay, 396 

Rowley, Rodney Ray, Parowan 

Rowley, Vernon C. Jr., Blandlng, 318 

Rowley, Walter Cecil, Garrison, 396 

Roylance. Marilyn, Springville, 363 

Roylance, Sharon, Ogden, 363 

Royle, Kathleen. American Fork 

Rucker, Carol, Tremonton, 318 

Rucker, Fred Walker, Tremonton, 318 

Ruesch, David Arthur, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Ruge, James Downing, Twin Falls, Ida., 396 

Rugg, Roger Horace, Provo, 248, 340 

Rummler, Gary Carl, Provo, 318 
Rummler, Roy Lee, Milford, 396 

Runnels, Roy R. Jr., Honolulu, T. H., 257 

Rupllnger, Kathryn E.. San Diego, Calif., 220, 396 

Rupp, Jerolyn, Murray, 396 

Runyan, Raymond J. Jr., Denver, Colo. 

Rushton, Jack Louis, Ruth, Nev., 174 

Russell, Carol Roberta, Elmlra, N. Y., 237, 396 

Russell, ChyrI Ann, Lo» Angeles, Calif.. 212 

Russell, Georgia, New York, N. Y., 207, 363 

Russell, Harry C., Provo 

Russell, John Douglas, Los Angeles. Calif.. 237. 318 

Russell, Warren S., Kallspell, Mont. 

Russon, Ann Ranae, Lehi. 396 

Russo, Vito, Johnston, R. I. 

Russon, Dee Ray, Lehi 

Russon, Wendell Gerald, Orem 

Russon, LaVell. lehi 

Russon, William Harold, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Rust, Dayle Kimball, Las Vegas, Nev., 323 

Rust, Maida, Salem 

Rust, Marleah, Salem 

Rust, Patricia J., Henderson, Nev., 200, 255, 341 

Rust, Richard Dllworth, Vernal, 224, 363 

Rust, William L., Spanish Fork, 318 

Rutherford, Peggy M., Alameda, Calif.. 230, 397 

Rutledge, Cheryl Anne, Murtaugh, Ida.. 397 

Rutledge, William B., Calgary, Alta.. Can., 397 

Rutledge, James R., Cardston, Alta., Can., 272, 397 

Rutter, Jesse James, Malad, Ida., 323 

Rutz, Mary Ann, Portland, Ore., 38, 363 

Ruward, Donald Fred, Hawthorne, Nev. 

Ryan, Stanley Leiand, Eureka 

Ryley, Frank Marion, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Rymer, Newell K.. Provo, 318 

Rynhart. Joanne M., No. Hollywood, Calif., 397 

Sabey, Linda, MIdvale, 363 

Sabin, Robert Burton, Yuba City, Calif. 

Sabiers, Lathelan, Provo, 397 

SabIn, Elaine, Salem, 170, 228, 363 

Sabin, Joan, Salem, 222, 318 

Sackett, Robert Eugene, Bellflower, Calif. 

Safsten, Robert Gary, Blaine, Wash., 147, 262 

Sager, Robert Alton, Vancouver, Wash., 341 

Salazar, Llllle V.. Dayton, Ohio, 226, 397 

Salazar, Richard David, Dayton, Ohio, 341 

Salerno, Anna Marie, Provo, 176 

Saling, Wallace M. Jr., Pleasant Grove, 341 

Sallng, Sally Irene, Pleasant Grove 


Sfudent Index - Autumn Quarter 


238, 363 

210, 363 




, 363 

David G., Los Angeles, Calif., 397 
Marlow W.. Murray, 397 
Paul M., Provo 
Todd Blaine, Provo, 34! 
RaNae Emma, Murray, 216. 363 
Salmon, David Reginald, Almonte, Ont., Can. 
Salter, Philip Wayne, Santa Barbara, Calif 
Salvesen, Patricia Ann. Downey, Ida., 228. 2 
Salyer, King. Glendora. Calif, 
Sam, David, Gary, Ind. 
Sampson, Douglas C. Provo, 397 
Samuel, Margaret Ann, Banning, Calif., 397 
Samuelson, C. Wayne. Long Beach. Calif., 363 
Sanchez, Carole Dean. Murray 
Sand. Althea Grace, Long Beach, Calif., 278 
Sandberg. Ann, Huntington, 397 
Sandberg, Howard E., Yakima. Wash., 288. 397 
Sandberg. LaMar A.. Grantsville. 363 
Sandberg. Karl C. Monroe, 324 
Sanders, Lynn M.. Shelley, Ida., 341 
Sanders, Raymond Earle. Ogden, 363 
Sanderson. Helen Rae, Boise, Ida.,. 397 
Sanderson, James W., Provo 
Sandgren, Vivi Ann .Z, Provo 
Sandoval, Arthur R., Farmlngton, N. Mex. 
Sanford. Dorothy. Holjaloa. T. H. 
Sandwick. Diana Joy, Magna. 397 
Sansom. Gary Lynn. Richland. Wash., 397 
Sant George Richard, La Canada. Calif, 
Santi Sharyn Sue, La Canada, Calif., 198, 397 
Santlstevan, Edith N., Midvale, 318 
Sappington, Melvln Jay, Pocatello, Ida, 
Sardoni, Betty, Provo, 318 
Sardoni, Larry Whitman, Provo, 363 
Sare, Gene Raymond, San Diego. Calif. 
Sare, Anita Jean C, Provo, 318 
Sarno, Robert, Walalua, Oahu, T.H. 
SaHerfleld, Robert L., Sterling 
Sato, Jeanette MIyeko, Idaho 
Sauls, Mary Alice, Provo 
Saunders, Arlan Rex, Buhl, Ida 
Saunders, Glen Eldon, Ogden 
Saunders, Robert W., Provo, 318 
Saunders, Ronald A., Blackfoot, Ida 
Savllle, Ann, Boise, Ida.. 363 
Sauvaget, Marie H., La Rochelle, France 
Savllle, Marilyn, Boise. Ida.. 283, 318 
Sawyer, Melvln Wayne. Rock Springs, Wyo, 
Sawyers. Sherrell Jack, Tooele, 90. 194, 341 
Sawyer, Richard B., Salt Lake City, 100, 397 
Saxer, Alton Hugh, Victoria, Tex., 363 
Saxey, Beverly H., Ogden, 318 
Saxey, Edward Snow, Ogden. 318 
Sayner, Florence B.. Ogden. 397 
Schaerrer. Russell J., Payson 
Schaefermeyer, Jeanene, Seward, Alaska, 397 
Schaumann, Jon Peter, Devon. Conn.. 397 
Schell, Gerald Albert, Lincoln Park, Mich., 224 
Schempp, Mildred Lois, Mesa. Ariz., 397 
Schenk, Calvin LeRoy Ft. Shaw. Mont., 260, 397 
Schenk .Marilyn Jean, Wenatchee, Wash., 341 
Schetselaar, Gordon, Salt Lake City, 341 
Schiers, Iris Laverne, Victor. Ida.. 318 
Schiffman. Doyle L., Klamath Falls, Ore., 363 
Schill, Gerhard D., Col. Dublan. Chlh., Mex., 397 
Schlinder. Alice, Blackfoot, Ida., 249, 341 
Schipper, Donna Mae, San Leandiro, Calif. 

Schlappl, Lloyd Kent. Fillmore, 363 
Schloss, Fred W., Salt Lake City, 341 
Schlund. Sandra Lee. Murtaugh, Ida., 397 
Schmalz, Ruth Mathilde. Bern, Switzerland 
Schmidt. David, Lordsburg. N. Mex., 363 
Schmidt, Frank, Lordsburg, N. Mex., 363 
Schmidt, George W., Mountain View, Calif. 

Schmidt, Nathalie C, Gresham, Wis,. 202, 
Schmidt, Rachel Lois, Gresham, Wis. 
Schmidt, Rosemarle, Riverton, 176, 363 
Schneider, Dolores J., Portland, Ore., 108, 189, 341 
Schneider, Mahrah Lee, Los Angeles, Calif., 198 
Schneyder, Leslie M.. Magrath, Alta,, Can., 397 
Schoenfeld, Joan Mae, Parma, Ohio, 
Schofield, David L., Provo, 204. 363 
Schofleld, Ha Claire, Hiko, Nev„ 246 
Schofield, Rex John, Orem, 341 
Schofleld, Sharlene, Hiko. Nev., 397 
Scholes, Carol, American Fork, 198, 
Scholes Joann, American Fork, 198, 
Scholle, Richard E„ Orem, 323 
Scholes, Robert M.. American Fork 
Schouten. John G., Springville, 341 
Schouten, Robert Dean, Springville 
Schow, Luana June, Twin Falls, Ida., 128. 318 
Schow, Sharon Lee, Twin Falls, Ida., 234 397 

Schramm, Clarence F., Payson, 149, 341 
Schramm, Orva! Ray. Provo 
Schrlmshire, Elma R., Macon, Ga., 397 
Schroeter, Clare, Brookfield, 111.. 170. 234. 397 
Schulf, Richard P., Salt Lake City 
Schuike, Thomas Walter, Helena, Mont. 
Schult. Hazel Memmott. Fresno, Calif.. 341 
Schultz. Ronald W.. Buffalo. N. Y., 190, 263, 324 
Schulzke, Astrid M. E.. Toronto. Can., 363 
Schutt, Geralynn L.. Spokane. Wash., 318 
Schwab, Marvin G.. Afton. Wyo., 363 
Schwab, Scott Kingston, Salt Lake City, 174, 397 
Schwendiman, Deann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 341 
Scoresby, Jessie Gaye, lona, Ida., 397 
287, 318 Scoresby, Marilyn, lona, Ida., 246. 363 

256, 397 






Sco/esby, Mary Lou, lona, Ida.. 172. 246, 363 

Scott, Andrew Jerry. Springville 

Scott, Anita Rose, Orem, 363 

Scott, Annette, Reno, Nev., 397 

Scott, Dean E.. Salt Lake City. 363 

Scott, Ethel Lou, Ft. Benton. Mont., 363 

Scott, James F., Sklatook, Okla., 204, 341 

Scott, Jasper Denis, American Fork 

Scott, June, Provo, 397 

Scott, Leon Rouzelle, Provo 

Scott, Lois Jean, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 318 

Scott, Myrnalee, Palo Alto, Calif., 216, 397 

Scott, Peggy Ann, Provo 

Scott, Robert M. Jr., Compton, Calif., 91 

Scriver, James William, Niagara Falls, N. Y., 363 

Scroggs, Robert Anson, Norfolk, Va., 175 

Sealund, Gloria E., Menio Park, Calif. 

Seamons. Marlene. Montpelier. Ida., 397 

Searle, Inez Smith, Corpus Chrlstl, Tex,. 318 

Secretan, Robert Lee, Del Bonita, Alta.. Can. 

Sedgwick, Claudia, Riverside. Calif., 31, 32, 33. 222 

226. 227, 301, 318 
Sedgwick, Donald H., Riverside, Calif., 190, 397 
Seegmiller, David W., Provo, 325 
Seeley, Dixie Lee, Huntington, 363 
Seeley, Peggy Marie, Ogden, 172, 230, 397 
Seely, Doyle Grant, San Diego, Calif., 106 
Seely. Kay Gee, Provo 

Seely, Sonya N., Craig, Colo., 47, 216, 369, 397 
Sego. Norman Kerry. Manassa. Colo. 
Sego, Thomas T., Manassa, Colo. 
Selbert. Charlene F.. San Francisco. Calif., 202. 341 
Selfert, Marilyn, Bountiful, 363 
Selger, Richard H., Orem, 210. 341 
Selter, Carolyn June, Heber, 363 
Selln. Terry G., Springville, 325 
Sellers, Robert D.. Bellflower, Calif. 
Sellers, Harry Francis, Rock Springs, Wyo.. 363 
Sellers, Keith LaMar, Rexburg, Ida., 363 
Semadeni, Irene Alice, Creek Dove, Colo.. 232, 233 

243, 254. 259. 341 
Senne, Joellen Kay, Topeka, Kan., 230, 397 
Sennhauser, Lore Luise, Salt Lake City. 230. 397 
Sessions, Charles M., Layton, 323 
Sessions. Dale R.. Heber, 318 
Sessions. Nellie Grace. Ogden, 318 
Sessions, Vernal C, Afton, Wyo., 363 
Severns. B. Pamela, Chicago, III., 397 
Severin, Shirlene M., Los Angeles, Calif.. 363 
Sevy, Caria, Salt Lake City, 397 
Sevy, Nonagene, Salt Lake City, 341 
238, 276, Sexsmlth, Margaret J., Las Vegas, Nev., 138, 397 
Seymour, J. Barton, Murray 

Seymour, Karen Margot, Stockton, Calif., 131. 212 
Shaeffer, Earl M., Palisade, Colo., 214 
Shamburg, John Burton, Santa Barbara, Calif., 363 
Shannon. Alice J. 

Sharp. Annetta Clark. Salt Lake City. 283. 318 
Sharp. Barbara J., Mt. View, Alaska, 230, 363 
269, Sharp, Beverly, Preston, Ida.. 397 

Sharp, Gay, Long Beach, Calif., 341 
Sharp, Hugh Leo, Salt Lake City, 318 
Sharp, Janyce White, Salt Lake City, 170, 230, 397 
Sharp, Jerold Lon, Provo, 363 
Sharp, Joan Marie, Redlands, Calif., 318 
363 Sharp, Louise Clark, Salt Lake City, 326 
Sharp, Paul Gregory, Preston, Ida. 
Shattuck, Marilyn A., San Jose, Calif. 
Shaw. Bill Eugene. Port Angeles. Wash, 
Shaw, Donald Tracy, Charlotte, N. C, 397 
Shaw, Glen Robert, Provo, 318 
Shaw, James Thatcher, Tetonla, Ida. 
Shaw. Richard Ernest. Segnim. Wash. 
Shaw. Robert Clinton, Provo 
Shaw, Robert Keith, Cardston, Alta., Can., 
Shay, Frances M., Albuquerque, N. Mex,, 198, 318 
Sheen, Norman Dewayne, Cardston, Alta., Can.. 364 
Sheen, Stanley Kay, Cardston, Alta., Can., 364 
Sheffield. Jack. Orem 
Sheffield, Joann, Kaysville, 397 










Sheffield. Katherine F.. Springville 
Shelby. Joe Lester. American Fork. 364 
Sheldon. Robert B.. Provo 
Shell. Verl Dee. Provo. 91. 397 
Shell. Jack Earl. Payson. 196. 364 
Shelton. Donald L., Midvale 
Shelton, Donna, Salt Lake City, 397 
Shelton, Dorothy A,, Concord, Calif., 341 
Shelton, Fred Auston, Lehl 
Shepherd, Charles H., Payson 

Shelton, Stephen Ralph, Huntington Park, Calif., 364 
Shepherd, George Kent, Lehl, 364 
Shepherd, Ivan Dale, Payson, 323 
Shepherd, Jerry Earl, Springville, 
Shepherd, John R., Provo, 318 
Sherry, Claude Joel, Provo 
Sherwood, Dora Lou, Salina, Kan.. 
Sherwood. Neil Ray, Provo. 341 
Sherwood, Rufus Glen, Cardston, Alta., Can.. 341 
Shields. Earl Delos. Calgary, Alta., Can.. 364 
Shields. Elise Marie. Rosemary. Alta., Can., 397 
Shields, Janice Lyn, Tooele, 397 

Shields, Robert Glenn, Swift Current, Sask.. Can., 397 
Shields, Morris D., Shaughnessy, Alta., Can., 326 
Shim, Bok Suk, Seoul, Korea, 102, 113, 318 
Shlmoda, Donna Akiko, Salt Lake City, 257, 364 
Shinsel, Glenda Lee, La Grande, Ore.. 
Shipley, Paul Price, Mesa, Ariz.. 341 
Shlpp, Clair Barton, Springville 
Shipp, Sherilynn, Joseph, 202, 203, 232, 
Shirk, Donna Lee, St. Louis, Mo., 397 
Shirley, Kenneth Lee, Salt Lake City, 341 
Shirley, Rowan Dee, Gilmer, Tex., 365 
Shirts, Elmo Bryant, Portland, Ore.. 341 
Shirts, Addle Uwarda, Portland, Ore.. 364 
Shockley, Stanley L.. Jerome. Ida., 341 
Shoemaker. Donna Rae. Caldwell. Ida. 
Shoe. Norma Kay. Nebane, N. C, 364 
Shore, Daryle Jean, Oakland, Calif.. 397 
Short, Mariory G., Provo, 237, 341 
Shown, John Alan, San Antonio, Tex. 
Shuey, Valerie J., Wilmington. Calif.. 398 
Shreeve, Dale Fuller, Spanish Fork, 398 
Shumway, Carmen, St. Johns, Ariz., 226, 364 
Shumway, David Alma, Chandler, Ariz., 398 
Shumway, Dean C, Blandlng 
Shumway Dewayne J.. Blandlng. 364 
Shumway, Gary Lee, Blandlng, 254, 398 
Shumway, Jerry, Provo, 364 
Shumway, Katie, Provo 
Shumway, Keith Ardlt, Blandlng, 254, 364 
Shumway, Marlene, St. Johns, Ariz.. 341 
Shumway, Sylvia, Taylor, Ariz.. 175. 398 
Shunn, Donald William, Los Angeles, Calif., 398 
, Shupe, Larry Lee, Lehl, 398 
Shupe, Margaret V., Salt Lake City, 325 
Shupe, William Dale, Col. Juarez, Chlh., Mex., 341 
Shurtleff, Howard Paul, Castro Valley, Calif., 278, 364 
Shurtliff, Donald, Overton, Nev., 341 
Shurtliff, Myrna, Overton, Nev., 30. 364 
Shurtz, Garrold Cleve, Washougal, Wash. 
Sidwell. Dorothy J., Whittler, Calif., 269. 398 
Sldwell, Robert W.. St. George, 341 
Siemssen, Joanne J., Portland, Ore., 269. 398 
Siggard, Connie Lou, Brigham, 367 
Silk, Fredric Roger, Carmichael. Calif. 
Sill. William Dudley, Las Vegas, Nev., 364 
Sllva, Betta May, Murray, 257, 398 
Silver, Jean Russell, Salt Lake City, 282. 398 
Slmac, Ellen Ann, Griffith, Ind., 230, 398 
Simmons, Almo B.. Provo 
Simkins, Dorothy, Parowan, 284 
Simmons, Edward James, Bloomlngton, 111.. 
Simmons. Ernest W.. Helena. Mont., 341 
Simmons, Karen Sue, Grace, Ida., 398 
Simmons, Leiand R., Allison Park, Pa., 223, 
Simmons, Lillian Jean, Dayton, Ohio, 398 
Simmons, Mary Jo, Las Vegas, Nev., 365 
Simmons, Preston D., Long Beach, Calif. 
Simmons, Robert C, Provo, 341 
Simms, Connie May, Seattle, Wash., 318 
Simonis, Arlene Ruth, LaGrande, Ore., 364 
Simons. Ronald Budd. San Bernardino, Calif., 148, 341 
Simper, Dorothy, Oakley, Ida., 364 
Simper, Genlel, Pleasant Grove, 216, 341 
Simper, Iris May, San Francisco, Calif,. 398 
Simpson, Beth, fHooper 

Simpson, Iris Marie, Greensboro, N. C, 398 
Simpson, Shirley Ann, Kernersville, N. C. 398 
Sims, Patricia Jane, Marlanna, Fla., 216, 364 
Sims, Paul Glen, Greenville, Calif. 
Sims. Sharon Marlcia. Portland, Ore., 244, 341 
Sinclair, Jerry Victor, Calgary, Alta.. Can.. 398 
Singleton. Gary O., Provo 
Singleton. Kenneth B.. Lehl 




student Index - Autumn Quarter 



, 113, 398 
Chih.. Mex. 

91, 398 

Singleton. Monroe P., Provo. 398 

Sirrine, Edwin Boyd, Phoenix, Ariz.. 341 

Sisemore. Claudia. Salt Lake City. 202, 364 

Sjoberg, Russell Jones. Logan. 364 

Sioblom, Dee Ann E.. Farminglon. 253 

5keen. James Frank. Nyssa. Ore.. 341 

Skeen. Lamar W., Ogden. 318 

Skeen, Talmage Wheeler. Ogden 

Skidmore. Emellne. Pocatello. Ida., 228 

Skelton. James LaMar, Provo, 398 

Skidmore, John Wesley, Provo. 3 18 

Skinner. Nola Lavon. Salt Lake City, 108, 318 

Skinner, Velda, Safford, Am., 228, 250. 364 

Skipper, Dyion S.. Leiand, N. C. 

Skousen, Karl M.. Spanish Fork. 325 

Skousen, Karyle. Spanish Fork. 398 

Skousen. Kenneth W., Mesa. Ariz.. 250, 365 

Skousen, Kliena Jean. Chandler. Ariz.. 365 

Skousen, Larry Piatt. Col. Juarez. Chih.. Mex.. 286, 

Skousen. Owen D., Mesa. Ariz., 106, 
Skousen, Owen Daniel. Col. Juarez, 
Skousen, Sherren, Orem. 398 
Skousen, Wendell W., Orem 
Skoy, Vernon Sylvester, Shelley. Ida 
Slade. Christine, Hesperus. Colo. 
Slade. J. Dion. Dunsmulr. Calif.. 398 
Slade. Nancy Jo, Hesperus. Colo. 
Slade. James Wilford. Hesperus. Colo. 
Slade, Marlow Lyie, Durango. Colo. 
Slade. Rosalie, Hesperus. Colo.. 255. 398 
Slade, Thomas Edmund, Provo. 268. 364 
Slater, Cleo Yvonne. Yerington. Nev. 
Slater. Henry Wayne. McGill. Nev., 210, 211. 34' 
Slaton, Rubye Janelle. Provo 

Slaughter, Larry Dean, Bakersfield, Calif.. 255. 341 
Slay, Joan, Many, La. 

Slaughter, Opal Adele. Bakersfield. Calif., 318 
Slay. David, Many, La. 

Sloan. Marilyn Jean, Lethbridge. Alto.. Can.. 364 
Sly. Russell Melvln. Milford. 364 
Smart, Merrill Jay, Springvllle, 274. 341 
Smart. Richard J., Portland. Ore., 218. 223. 412 
Smeath. John Boyd, Provo 
Smeath, Lorna Mae. Provo. 216 
Smedley, George H.. Clearfield, 318 
Smedley, Milton g.. Clearfield. 341 
Smellie, Don Carl, Provo, 364 
Smellie, Marilyn Ruth. Needles, Calif.. 246 
Smellie. Robert F.. Needles. Calif.. 280. 364 
Smith, Alan James. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 398 

Smith, Albert G., San Bruno. Calif., 214 

Smith, Anja O. K., Provo 

Smith, Archie Duone. Spanish Fork 

Smith, Arnetta lona. Soda Springs. Ida., 398 

Smith, Barbara Ann. Porterville. Calif. 

Smith, Barry Melvin, Temple City, Calif., 364 

Smith, Bertrand Gary. Cedar 

Smith. Betty, Lehi. 364 

Smith, Blake M.. Provo 

Smith, Burke Martin, Richfield 

Smith, Carole. Salt Lake City 

Smith, Carolyn. Henrieville. 341 

Smith. Charlene Irene, Murray 

Smith. Catherine, Brooklyn. N. Y., 226, 398 

Smith, Charles Kumen, Tacoma, Wash. 

Smith, Clayn. Phoenix, Ariz.. 364 

Smith, Crystal LaRee. Drlggs, Ida., 318 

Smith, Cynthia J.. Billings. Mont., 341 

Smith. David Warren, Downey. Calif., 204. 398 

Smith, De Anna, Milwaukee, Wis., 230. 398 

Smith, Dean Thomas, Cowley, Wyo., 166 

Smith. Dee Lynn, Burbank. Calif.. 244. 273, 318 

Smith. Diane, Provo. 250, 398 

Smith. Doris Diane. Globe. Ariz. 

Smith. Edele, Oakley, Ida., 398 

Smith Eleana. Alderwood Manor, Wash., 285. 288. 341 

Smith, Elizabeth Anne, Snowflake. Ariz.. 341 

Smith. Eugene Clinton. Spanish Fork 

Smith. Eugene Edward. Concord. Calif.. 204. 208, 398 

Smith, Forrest Clinton. Blackfoot. Ida.. 196. 398 

Smith. Furlann. Lehi. 398 

Smith, Gerald James, Tpoele. 398 

Smith, George Locklen. Salt Lake City, 91. 398 

Smith. Gerald Lee, Yakima, Wash. 

Smith, Gerald W.. Provo. 318 

Smith. Gibson Raymond. Provo. 318 

Smith, Glen Mecham, American Fork 

Smith, Gordon E., Payson. 30 

Smith. Gordon Lee, Boise. Ida., 224 

Smith, Gordon Malin, Lehi, 398 

Smith, Heber Chase, Alhambra, Calif. 

Smith. Henry Ray. Roosevelt. 398 

Smith, Ida Fae, Ellensburg, Wash. 

Smith, Irving De, Estacada, Ore., 342 




Jacquelyn D., Helena Mont., 398 

James Meivln. Burbank. Calif.. 398 

Janice Ann, Woodburn, Ore.. 228. 364 

Janice Nona. Draper. 398 

Jasmine Louise, Kansas City. Kan., 365 

Jerry Petersen. Salt Lake City. 398 

John Storton. Salt Lake City. 318 

Karen Breckon, Phoenix. Ariz., 198, 342 

Karl Leiand, Frulta, Colo.. 398 

Kay Hogan. Provo, 318 

Keith Craig, Pasadena, Calif.. 398 

Kenneth Merrill. Salt Lake City 

Larry Don. Lehi, 364 

Leo Edward, San Antonio. Tex. 

Leon Gene, Provo. 318 

Linda Lou. Ogden. 176. 318 

Loretta Mae. Yakima, Wash., 364 

Luther Hagen. Richland. Wash. 

LyIe Green. Klamath Falls, Ore.. 3 18 

Lynn Crane. Provo. 342 

M, Linnea. Farmlngton, N. Mex., 323 

Marian Dee, Los Angeles, Calif., 200. 230. 266, 


Marie. Monroe. 202. 342 

Marilyn, Portland. Ore., 237, 364 

Martha Emelle, Granger, Wash., 

Max Dale, Klamath Falls, Ore. 

Mearle B., Provo 

MIlo Ray, Snowflake, Ariz., 318 

Miriam, Vernal, 200, 265. 342 

Mirra. Carmangay. Alta., Can.. 

N. Wayne. Orem 

Nadda. Mesa, Ariz., 162, 364 

Nadlne N.. Salt Lake City, 283 

Nathan C. Wendall, Ida., 154. 

Noel Edward, Draper, 398 

Oliver, Provo 

Paul Charles, Layton. 253 

Paul Stephenson. St. George 

Ralph J,. Provo, 318 

Ray Arlow. Rupert, Ida. 

Reva Alice, Rexburg, Ida., 108, 

Richard Condie, Roy 

Richard L., Monticello 

Rilla Jeanine, Granger, Wash., 283 

Robert Bailey, Provo 

Robert B.. Provo, 279 

Robert Vigh, Van Nuys, Calif. 

Ronald Cole, Rupert, Ida., 398 

Ronald Gary, Los Angeles, Calif. 




Ron.ild R.. Green River, Wye. 2/0, 325 

Sharon E., Salt Lake City 

Sandra. Las Vegas, Nev.. 323 

Sandra Marie, Woodland Hills, Calif.. 266, 398 

Sharon Fern. Salt Lake City 

Sharon Lyn, Tustln. Calif.. 230. 398 

Sharon Lynn, Provo, 398 

Sheldon Kay. Draper 

Sheryll Lynn. Provo 

Shirley. PIncher Creek. Alta.. Can.. 172, 398 

Steven H., Nyssa, Ore.. 269. 364 

Sue Eileen, Van Nuys. Calif.. 200, 

Terry Alan. Los Angeles, Calif., 196 

Vern G., Three Forks. Mont. 

Wayne Fredrick, Provo. 364 
thson. Clark Louis. Los Angeles. Calif., 
thson, E. Brady. Holbrook. Ariz, 
thson. Rhoda Pearl, Scottsdale, Ariz.. 364 
Smoot. Abraham Owen, Salt Lake City, 3 18 
Smoot, Harlow E. II, Provo. 318 
Smoot, Leon Douglas. Springvllle, 270, 325 
Smouse. Deforrest, Farmlngton. N. Mex., 342 
Smouse. George Robbin, Prewitt, N. Mex. 
Smurthwaite, Mary Vera. Beaverton Ore 


Smyth, Marilyn Delia, Boise, Ida., 232 
Smythe, Helen Gall, Ft. Worth. Tex., 172, 398 
Smythe, James William. Salt Lake City, 221. 364 
Snarr, Carol Erna. Salt Lake City 
Snarr, Margaret. Salt Lake City. 232, 342 
Sneed, Woodrow Blaine. Cherokee, N. C, 269, 364 
Snell, Jacqueline, Magna. 364 
Snelson, Keith P.. Springvllle 
Snider. Eloise Mae. Delta. Colo.. 364 
Snow, Beora Marlene. Walnut Creek. Calif 259 268 

Snow. Carol Lee. Provo. 393 
Snow. Gordon Lee, Spanish Fork, 342 
Snow, Louise. Provo, 208, 342 
Snow, Norma Jean C, Provo 
Snow, Sherron Marie, Price 
Snow, Wanda M., Provo 

Snow, Shirley, Ogden, 49. 128. 216. 318, 412 
Snowball, Alice Naelda. Riverside, Calif., 398 
Snyder, Darryl Lynn. Burbank. Calif.. 280. 398 

.. 172, 


, 190, 


Sobers. Richard, Vallejo. Calif., 364 

Sobrlo, Marshall G., Reno. Nev., 342 

Soha. Victoria Ruth. Great Falls. Mont., 134. 398 

Solesbee. Ralph W.. Provo 

Solesbee. Martha Jane, Fullerton, Calif.. 364 

Solum, Darrell R., Georgetown. Ida., 398 

Somervllle. David J.. Monticello. 398 

Solomon, James Devey. Provo 

Somervllle. Rulon K., Monticello. 364 

Sones. James Dalton, Provo, 398 

Sondregger. Emory O., Midway, 325 

Sondrup. Keith D.. Provo, 318 

Soper. Charles Leslie. Bell, Calif. 

Soper. Edna Florine B.. Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Sorensen, Charles C, Sacramento. Calif., 398 

Sorensen, Cotinne. Elko, Nev., 364 

Sorensen, Edwin Ralph. Lovell. Wyo. 

Sorensen, Gerald C. Jr.. Vallejo, Calif., 214, 364 

Sorensen, Griffith L., Sierra Madre, Calif., 364 

Sorensen, Helen Gaye. Vallejo, Calif., 364 

Sorensen, Joyce, Salt Lake City 

Sorensen, Judith Ann, Alhambra, Calif.. 200, 342 

Sorensen, Lincoln Boam, Provo. 224 

Sorensen, Margaret A., Las Vegas, Nev., 398 

Sorensen, Phyllis N., Salt Lake City, 164 

Sorensen, Merlin Ray, Ogden, 162, 326 

Sorensen. Milton Tod. Mt. View, Calif.. 342 

Sorensen. Myron Louis, Sacramento, Calif., 204 

Sorensen. Roberta Ann, Alhambra, Calif.. 364 

Sorensen. Sheila Ann. Santa Fe. N. Mex., 398 

Sorensen, Stephen, Redmond, 364 

Sorenson, Burnell D., Pleasant Grove. 318 

Sorenson. Carol Dawn, Delta 

Sorenson, Emma Jean. Roseville. Calif., 364 

Sorenson, John Leon, Denver, Colo.. 398 

Sorenson, Kenneth C, Lahabra. Calif., 398 

Soule, Carlin Lee, Glendale, Calif., 210 

Southwell. William H., Lyman. Neb.. 160, 398 

Southwick. William S.. Ogden 

Southworth. Grant L.. Provo 

Sowerwine. Ronald J., Sparks. Nev.. 399 

Spackman. Diane M., Lethbridge, Alta.. Can. 

Spalding, Idyll Grace. Provo, 230. 399 

Sparks. Yvonne Suzette, Los Angeles, Calif., 399 

Speakman, William D.. Cottonwood, Ariz., 318 

Speakman, Robert B.. Provo 

Speckart, Philip S., Provo, 237. 399 

Speas, James Clark. Richmond, Va.. 173. 237, 399 

Spell, Anna Yvonne, Clinton, N. C, 173, 364 

Spencer, Claudlne, Payson 

Spencer, Elva. Provo, 399 

Spencer. Duane Hayden, Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Spencer. Karl F., Escalante. 204, 318 

Spencer. Lael A., Escalante 

Spencer, Lora Lee. Richfield, 287 

Spencer. Robert R., Tillamook. Ore.. 399 

Spencer. Ushur Stanley, Escalante, 342 

Spencer, Virginia. Provo 

Spendlove, George Paul, Hurricane 

Spendlove, LyIe Bart, Hurricane, 270. 279. 325 

Sperry, Delbert Joy, Provo, 364 

Spllsbury. Jewel Ann, Salt Lake City, 262. 264, 326 

Sperry, Joan Carol, Pomona, Calif., 364 

Spilker, Raymond A., Salt Lake City, 264. 399 

Spjut, Norma Esther, Salt Lake City, 262. 364 

Spradley, Roy Hathaway, Jacksonville, Fla., 252, 364 

Spratling, Coleen. West Jordan, 202, 364 

Springer, Dale Lyman. Sandy, 399 

Sprouse. Elmer Leon, Roosevelt 

Spurlock, Charles P.. Navajo. Ariz.. 399 

Squire, Adrien J., Laverkin 

Squire, Scott O., Laverkin. 255, 342 

Squires, Bryant, Idaho Falls. Ida., 90 

Squires, David A.. Fairfield, Mont., 260. 323 

Squires, Ramon Llle, Fairfield Mont., 173, 260. 399 

Staats, Richard C, Orem, 269, 399 

Staffanson, Bill Vern, Lompoc, Calif.. 262, 342 

Stadmlller, Barbara A., San Jose. Calif.. 226. 399 

Stagg. Marland N.. Vernal 

Stagg, Sharon Arlene. Salt Lake City, 342 

Staheli, Zera Larralne, Provo 

Staker. Glen Dona, Mt. Pleasant. 249, 266. 342 

Staker. Lynn LeRoy. Teton, Ida., 399 

Staley, Roger F., Mlllbrae. Calif., 210, 399 

Standiflrd. Lynn, Chandler, Ariz.. 250. 399 

Standing. Benjamin W.. Ogden, 3 1 8 

Stanfleld, Minta M., Provo 

Stanger, Viva Brown. Provo, 342 

Stanford. Ralph C, Los Angeles, Calif-, 364 

Stanger, Ronald R., Grants Pass, Ore. 

Stanfleld. Ruth, Bellflower. Calif., 170. 198. 364 

Stanley. Marilyn. Heber, 164. 170. 212, 342 

Stanton, Brian Eugene, Park City, 342 

Staples David O., Kanosh 

Stanton, David Carl, Hamilton, Mont., 399 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

staples, Sue Anne, Denver, Colo., 226, 207, 318 

Stapleton, William L, Owendale, Alta., Can., 342 

Stapley, Claudia, Beaver, 174, 208, 318 

Stapley, Hal Spencer, Provo, 86. 90 

Stapley, Homer D., Provo 

Stark. Joseph Paul, Phoenix. Ariz.. 364 

Starks, Ikey, Orem, 399 

Starley, Shirley May, Burley, Ida., 170, 342 

Starr. Sylvia Mae, Hiawatha, 342 

Startin, Ronald S., Murray, 91 

Startin, Wayne Leroy, Provo, 90 

Stay, Donavee, Montebello. Calif., 200, 342 

Stay. Maxine, Montebello, Calif.. 399 

Stebbings. Richard E., Marylake, Wash., 342 

Stecker, Alexander T.. Pleasant Grove 

Steckler, Dianne Kay, Bern, Ida., 342 

Steed, Michael Eugene, Salem, Ore., 399 

Steed. Bruce David, Cardston, Alta., Can.. 325 

Steed, John H.. Blackfoot. Ida. 

Steel, Harvey LaVar. Prcvo 

Steele, Edris Eleanor, Phoenix, Ariz., 342 

Steele, Jack LeRoy, Paradoy, Colo., 364 

Steele, Sharon Kay, Delta, 108, 188, 342 

Steele, Shirley, Rangely, Colo., 230, 265, 399 

Steeneck, Annette L., Salt Lake City, 364 

Steffensen, Sonia, Woodland Hills, Calif., 399 

Steimie, Douglas Allen, Yermo, Calif. 

Stein, Joanne, Burbank, Calif. 

Steiner, Gordon, Rexburg, Ida., 364 

Stelnagel. Joanne, Sacramento, Calif., 198 

Steinbach, Richard R., Albany, N. Y. 

Stelnke, Tonn Edward, West Jordan, 90 

Stephen, Judith R., Murray, 207, 222, 318 

Stephen, Roy M., Kamloops, B. C, Can., 342 

Stephens, Darwirr J., Nampa, Ida., 318 

Stephens, Harriet L., Bountiful, 399 

Stephens, Larry T., Whittier, Calif. 

Stephens, Robert E., Powell, Wyo., 245 

Stephenson, Clyde W., Provo 

Stephenson. Kay Verl, McCammon, Ida. 

Stephenson, Joyce, Wendell, Ida.. 175, 3"42 

Stephenson, Kathryn, Lehl, 172, 399 

Stephenson, Maralyn, Rexburg, Ida. 

Stephenson, Merene. Holden. 287, 342 

Stephenson, Paul James, Nampa, Ida. 

Stepp, Caroline F., Arlington, Calif., 237, 342 

Stepp, Marcla Lee, Arlington, Calif. 

Stettler, Carolyn, Caldwell, Ida., 226, 342 

Stettler, Janice, Caldwell, Ida., 172, 399 

Stevens, Dale B., Provo 

Stevens, Donald Elmer, Lovell, Wyo. 

Stevens, Donn Douglas. Alameda, Calif. 

Stevens, Marilyn, Clearfield, 342 

Stevens, Mont Johnson, Holden, 364 

Stevens, Murray Robert, New York City, N. Y., 162 

Stevens, Norma Luan, Springville, 164 
Stevens, Sherre, San Carlos. Calif.. 108, 189. 364 
Stevenson. Dwayne H., Salt Lake City 
Stevenson, Dale Floyd, Payson 
Stevenson, David Lee, Las Vegas, Nev., 399 
Stevenson, Diane Lei, San Gabriel, Calif., 42, 43, 143 

170, 234, 399 
Stevenson, Wlllfred R., Great Falls, Mont.," 399 
Stevenson, William C, Camarillo, Calif., 259, 399 
Stevenson, William V., Layton, 399 
Stewart, Barbara, Orem, 44, 198, 269, 342 
Stewart, David D., Provo, 399 
Stewart, David M., Provo, 319 
Stewart, Elden Levearn. Falrvlew. 319 
Stewart, Elta Renee, Falrvlew, 399 
Stewart, Gary L., Kaysvllle, 154, 158 
Stewart, Gary Llnck, Las Vegas, Nev., 399 
Stewart James E. Falrvlew, 3bA 
Stewart. James L. Jr.. Congress, Ariz., 399 
Stewart, Jean, Ft. Collins, Colo., 277 
Stewart. Kay Josephine. Las Vegas. Nev. 
Stewart. Lois Marie. Nampa, Ida., 399 
Stewart, Mary Lynne. Ogden, 399 
Stewart. Lawrence E.. Lehl 
Stewart. Marilyn Grace. Salt Lake City 
Stewart. Merwln Udell. Las Vegas. Nev. 
Stewart. Norma Lee. Nampa. Ida.. 364 
Stewart, Richard Allen, Grldley, Calif., 279 
Stewart, Sandra Rae, Eugene, Ore., 399 
Stewart. Scott P.. Provo, 364 
Stewart, Sharon Lynn, Garden Grove, Calif. 
Stewart, Sherrell. Spanish Fork. 364 
Stewart. Thell James. Meadow 
Stewart. Virginia R.. Spanish Fork 
Stickler, Pearly E., Provo 
Stiles, Patricia Mae, Mesa, Ariz., 399 
Stillman, Michael T., La Crescenta, Calif. 
Stimpson, Sharlene M., Paul, Ida., 399 
Stlres. David Warfleld, Malvern, Ohio, 342 

Stirland, Elaine, Chinook, Mont., 34. 207, 226 242, 

304, 342 
Stirling, Keith Henry, Las Vegas, Nev., 399 
Stock, Darls Armoleen, Waterflow, N. Mex.. 399 
Stock, Janice Irene, Fish Haven, Ida., 342 
Stock, Marjorle E.. Waterflow. N. Mex., 283, 319 
Stoddard, Ann, Ventura, Calif.. 342 
Stodard, Ellas Thomas, Washington, D. C. 
Stoddard, Frederick D., Provo, 149 
Stoddard, Margaret E., Wlem, Calif., 399 
Stoddard, Robert Lee. Rigby. Ida.. 399 
Stoffel. Mary Alice. San Diego. Calif.. 342 
Stohlton. John B.. Millbrae. Calif., 210 
Stoker, Jimmy B., Nyssa, Ore., 365 
Stoker, Joseph Howell, Provo, 270 
Stoker. Vanae. Nyssa, Ore., 400 
Stokes, Edna Marie, Hayward, Calif., 198, 365 
Stokes, Larry Eldon, Twin Falls, Ida., 400 
Stokes, Margaret Lee, Albuquerque, N. Mex.. 200, 

262, 365 
Stokes, Mirl Wynn, Salmon, Ida., 365 
Stokes, Ned Arthur, Fruitland, Ida., 400 
Stolworthy, Andrew T., Spanish Fork. 91 
Stolworthy. Clara Joy. Spanish Fork. 342 
Stone, Conrad G., Provo 
Stone, Cynthia Sue, Orem, 276, 365 
Stone, David John, Provo 
Stone, Duane Deane, Stockton, Calif., 400 
Stone, John Royal, Orem 

Stone, Kay Marie, Raymond, Alta., Can., 162, 319 
Stone, Lola, Sterling, Ida., 319 
Stone, Leonora M., Provo, 365 
Stone, Margaret Louise, Portland. Ore., 400 
Stone, Rhea Christina, Sterling, Ida. 
Stonehocker, Sandra, Rolla, Mo., 342 
Stoneking, Jack L., Galesburg, III., 400 
Stonek'ng, Lois Marie, Provo, 342 
Stoneking, Stanley D., Galesburg, III. 
Stones, Richard Deal, Mllwaukie, Ore., 269 
Stones, Robert Carr, Portland, Ore., 269, 365 
Storey, Jerald T., Provo 
Storrs, Elaine. Tooele, 173, 207, 399 
Stoslch. David Jon. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 218. 400 
Stott. Gary R., Fairfield, Mont., 260, 342 
Stott, Leiand Franklin. Provo 
Stout, Carol, Salt Lake City, 400 
Stout, Richard Dale Salt Lake City, 342 
Stout, Mary Diane, San Bruno, Calif., 230, 400 
Stout, Robert Thomas, Boise. Ida. 
Stowell. Conrad W., Phoenix, Ariz. 
Stowell, Desma Faye, Nephl, 342 
Stowell, Dorothy S., Pocatello, Ida., 319 
Stradllng, Phillip R., Mesa, Ariz., 364 
Strang, James LeRoy, Moscow, Ida,, 323 
Strang, Robert James. National City. Calif. 
Strange. Teralee. Bellflower. Calif. 
Strasburg. George B.. Lehl, 365 
Strasser. Margo Gene. Salt Lake City. 269. 400 
Strate. Eleanor Kay. Salt Lake City. 400 
Stratford. Nancy Sue. San Bernardino. Calif.. 220, 

Stratford, Theron Jack, San Bernardino, Calif., 400 
Stratton, Betsey L., Salt Lake City, 400 
Stratton, David C. Salt Lake City. 400 
Stratton. Franklin K.. Orem, 319 
Stratton, Richard B.. Orem. 400 
Strawn. Alfred Lament. Lomita, Calif., 196 
Strayer, George Henry, Torrance, Calif., 400 
Strebe, David Albert, El Cajon. Calif., 400 
Strebel. Robert Martin. Provo. 400 
Strickland, Lelta. Cedar Valley. 400 
Stricklln. Mary Ellen. El Paso, Tex., 400 
Strlngham, Barbara J., Elgin, Ore., 216 
Strlngham. Gary Rice. Hill Spring, Alta., Can., 365 
Strlngham, George B., Hill Spring, Alta., Can., 399 
Strlngham, Golda, Bountiful, 400 
Strlngham, Joan, Salt Lake City 
Strlngham, Murray H.. Cardston, Alfa., Can., 342 
Strlngham, Ruth Marie, Lethbrldge, Alta.. Can,, 237 

Strlngham. Stanford B.. Bountiful 
Strlngham. Stuart R., Ogden, 146, 319 
Stroble, Carlta. Lu, Boone, Iowa, 176, 207, 365 
Strong, Carol, American Fork, 207, 342 
Strong. Genevieve, Drlggs, Ida., 365 
Strong Janet, Idaho Falls. Ida. 
Strong. Judith. Los Angeles, Calif., 173 
Strong. Larry M., Provo 
Strong. Patricia Marie. Raymond. Alta.. Can.. 162 

222. 302. 304 
Strong. William J., Drlggs, Ida., 342 
Struthers, Buehl Lavon, San Jose, Calif.. 400 
Stuart, Charles C, Rupert, Ida. 
Stuart, Daphne, Salt Lake City, 216, 365 
Stuart, Maxine, Salt Lake City, 131,216. 222. 319 

Stuart, Nathan J., Springville 

Stuart, Ronald William. Elba, N. Y. 

Stubbert, Colin H.. Taber, Alta., Can., 400. 

Stubbs, Arlene Louise, Napa, Calif., 172, 400 

Stubbs, David Bott, Provo 

Stubbs, Clifford Ray, Provo, 400 

Stubbs, Charles Bruce, Salt Lake City, 325 

Stubbs, Glen R.. Ephralm. 147. 204. 319 

Stuehser, M. Darlene. Bennlng, Calif.. 172. 220. 285. 

Stuker. Earl, Provo, 319 

Stump, Lois Josephine, Santa Marie. Calif. 
Stutznegger, Vera Jo, San Jose, Calif. 
Sudweeks, Charles L.. Boise, Ida. 
Sudweeks, Anita, Boise, Ida., 399 
Sudweeks, Clara P., Provo, 326 
Sullivan, Ha Dawn, Hurricane, 255 
Sullivan, Ralph J.. St. George, 319 
Summerhays, Charles C Provo. 319 
Summerhays Dawnyse. Stockton, Calif.. 342 
Summerhays, Janet, Salt Lake City, 176, 259, 268. 

Sumerhays, Richard M.. Pasadena, Calif.. 365 
Summers. Robert Loran, Idaho Falls, Ida., 399 
Summers, Roger Allen, Portland. Ore. 
Summers, Walton C, Ogden, 204, 342 
Sumner, Dee Ann, Provb, 399 
Sumner, Vincent Mack, Price, 365 
Sumpter, Wynston, Provo 
Sumsion, Aleene, Cheney, Wash., 319 
Sumslon. Carolyn C. Springville. 108. 365 
Sumsion, Fredrick F. , Provo, 399 
Sumslon, Mark L., Provo, 365 
Sumsion, Mary Diane, Walnut Creek, Calif.. 365 
Sumsion, Stanley C, Springville 
Sundal, George Sigurd, Glenalden, Pa. 
Sundal, Martha Louise, Glenalden, Pa., 198, 199 
Sundwall, Peter Val, Murray, 90, 365 
Sung, She II, Seoul, Korea, 365 
Surratt, Gerald Wayne, Payson, III. 
Sutherland, Russell L., Provo 
Sutton, Ann Adele, Oakland, Calif. 
Sutton. Jimmy Charles. Provo 
Svade, Richard Howard. Salt Lake City 
Swain, Evelyn Wootton, Provo 
Swain, Keith Gerber, American Fork, 399 
Swain, Noel L., Provo 

Swalnston, Carolyn Kay, Drlggs, Ida., 228, 365 
Swain, Vard Gerber, American Fork, 342 
Swalnston, Colleen, Preston, Ida., 232, 233, 342 
Swalnston, David William, Preston, Ida., 274. 325 
Swalnston, Paul C, Preston, Ida., 255, 399 
Swalberg, Carma Rae, Marysvale, 399 
Swan. Alma Galley, Preston, Ida., 236, 319 
Swanson, Harold Arthur, Deerfield, III. 
Swanson. Robert Edwin. Needles, Calif., 399 
Swasey, Amanda 

Sweatt, Barbra, Lazelle, Phoenix, Ariz., 399 
Sweeten, Fay, Malad, Ida., 399 
Swensen, Marilyn, Provo. 208. 226. 399 
Swensen. Swen Russel. Provo, 194. 365 
Swenson, Dale Gene. Ogden. 342 
Swenson, Dennis M., Rangely, Colo., 342 
Swenson, Geraldlne, Downey, Calif., 399 
Swenson, Max W.. Orem. 285 
Swenson. Jack Jex. Spanish Fork 
Swenson. Nancy J.. Portland. Ore.. 208 
Swenson. Sharleen A.. Downey. Calif.. 399 
Swenson. Shirley Ruth, Pleasant Grove, 232, 342 
Swenson, Sterling Reed, Spanish Fork 
Swenson, Vernon Lynn, Provo 
Swenson, William W., 399 
Swindle. Roger D.. Monroe 
Sylvester. Bart R., Panorama City. Calif. 
Sylvester, Judith R., Draper, 172, 365 
Sylvester, Leon R., Fillmore 
Swltzer, Omar Jayne, Portland, Ore. 
Syrett, Dawnetta, Pangultch 
Syrett, Douglas Ruben, Pangultch 

Taba, Stanley Sumlo, Kapaa. Kauai. T. H.. 365 

Tachlbana. Nobuyoshl. Tokyo, Japan, 278, 365 

Tagg, Howard Robert, Cardston, Alta ..Can., 400 

Taggart, Charles, Cody. Wyo., 319 

Taggart, Lyie Ray, Homesdale. Ida., 400 

Tahbas, Hosseln, Tehran, Iran. 342 

Talt. Don R., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Tail, Julie Ann, Millbrae, Calif.. 365 

Takenaka, Howard S., Kapaa, T.H., 

Takeo, Misayo Ruth, Kuaiapuu, Molokai, T. H., 319 

Takeuchl, Hatsuo, Kekaha, Kauai, T. H., 257, 286, 320 

Talbot, James Edwin, Seattle, Wash., 288, 400 

Talley, George McRae, LaPlata, N. Mex. 

Tamashlro. Dennis F.. Walanae, Oahu, T. H., 320 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Tarns, Garth Leishman. Chinook. Mont., 365 

Tangren. Marvin Brough, Montebello. Calif.. 365 

Tanner. Ann. Farmington. N. Me«.. 319 

Tanner, Annie AtUn, Provo 

Tanner, Connie Adele, WhlHIer, CalK., 400 

Tanner, Douglas Bruce, Frennont, 400 

Tanner, Gary Neil, Compton, Calif.. 285, 400 

Tanner. Gaylon 

Tanner. Kirk Poulton. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Tanner, Larry Kent, Provo, 400 

Tanner, Marcia Lynne. Spanish Fork 

Tanner, Maurice M.. Phoenix. Ariz.. 365 

Tanner. Nancy Lee. Boise. Ida.. 365 

Tanner. Ramona. Farmington. N, Me«. 

Tanner, Ronald Stanley, Kirtland. N. Mex.. 400 

Tanner. Wilmer Lynn. Provo 

Tannler, Phyllis Ann, Portland. Ore.. 108. 365 

Tannyhill, Richard J., Los Angeles. Calif.. 342 

Tarwater. Edra Anne. Chandler. Ariz.. 365 

Tasker. Dorothy Eileen. Salt Lake City, 226, 365 

Tate, Charleen, Salt Lake City, 207, 400 

Tate, Roland Ray, Provo, 365 

Tauchin, Patty J., Tuba City, Ariz.. 400 

Tayama, June. Honolulu. T. H. 

Tayler. Kenneth E., Guernsey. Ct. 

Taylor, Amy Poulson, Provo 

Taylor Ann, Piedmont, Calif., 128, 216, 238, 365 

Taylor, Barbara Ann, Bloomington, Calif. 

Taylor, Barbara Jane, Provo, 320 

Taylor, Bert L., Provo 

Taylor, Beverely A., White Salmon, Wash., 400 

Taylor, Byron Brooks, St. George, 255 

Taylor, Clarence R., Provo 

Taylor, Clarence L., Loa. 400 

Taylor, Cornell D.. Boise. Ida.. 106. 210. 365 

Taylor, Dalian Carlos, Boise, Ida., 400 

Taylor. Dave Whiteley, Portland, Ore.. 49. 218 

Taylor. Dean Phillip. Twin Falls. Ida.. 400 

Taylor. Delbert. Provo. 365 

Taylor. Dorene. Farmington, N. Mex., 365 

Taylor, Duane Floyd, Payson 

Taylor, Ernest Elwood, El Paso, Tex., 400 

Taylor, Frankie Jane, Richland, Wash.. 172, 400 

Taylor, Gayle, Almo, Ida., 320 

Taylor, Gerald F., Salem, 342 

Taylor, Gordon Max. Cheyenne, Wyo., 221 

Taylor, Gwendolyn K.. Lewisburg, W. Va. 

Taylor, Harold H., Payson, 400 

Taylor, James Douglas, Rock Springs, Wyo., 365 

Taylor, James Scott, Price, 148, 3J0 

Taylor, Janet Marilyn, San Jose, Calif.. 400 

Taylor. Jerald Lynn. Col. Dublan, Chih.. Mex.. 365 

Taylor, Jerrie Marie, South Gate, Calif. 

Taylor. Jon Eric. San Diego. Calif.. 365 

Taylor. Karen. Burley. Ida.. 400 

Taylor, Kathryn Ann, Provo, 400 

Taylor, Josephine C Provo 

Taylor, Koa Donna. McGill, Nev. 

Taylor, Larry Bosworth, Long Beach, Calif.. 400 

Taylor, LeRoy John, Roy, 342 

Taylor, Linda Gay, Driggs, Ida., 365 

Taylor, Louise, Price, 400 

Taylor, Lynn Anne, Provo, 320 

Taylor, Martha Jane, Kermit, Tex.. 263. 400 

Taylor, Mary Corbett, Provo, 320 

Taylor, Mary Frances, Provo, 400 

Taylor. Melvin Jay. Kermit. Tex.. 320 

Taylor, Mennell H.. Col. Juarez, Chih., Mex. 

Taylor. Neal. Burley, Ida., 320 

Taylor, Nelson R., Provo, 365 

Taylor, Paul Dee, Provo, 365 

Taylor, Reed Johnson, Boise, Ida. 

Taylor, Robert Andrew, Ogden, 400 

Taylor, Robert Edwin, Provo, 400 

Taylor, Robert Elmer, Farmington, N. Mex., 320 

Taylor, Ronald G., Howell 

Taylor, Robert Lloyd, El Paso, Tex., 365 

Taylor, Robert Milton, Rexburg, Ida., 210 

Taylor, Roslyn Rae H., Provo 

Taylor, Rulon Valden, Chico, Calif.. 400 

Taylor, Sharleen, Layton, 253, 400 

Taylor, Sandra Jean, Monrovia, Calif., 400 

Taylor, Rowan Shaw, Alhambra, Calif. 

Taylor. Shirley Zina. Heeker, Colo., 342 

Taylor, Stanley A., Provo, 175, 342 

Taylor, Ted M., Provo 

Taylor, Vaughn M.. Welling, Alta., Can., 365 

Taylor, Verl Lamar, Mapleton, 325 

Taylor, Virginia Gail, Owen Sound, Ont.. Can., 400 

Taylor, Walter E.. Provo 

Taylor, William Glenn, Provo. 86, 90 

Taylor, William Paul, Burbank, Calif, 365 

Taysom, Lloyd P., Provo 

Taysom, Ruth Annette, Napa, Calif.. 172. 202. 400 

Tebbs. Frances Janet, Pangultch 

Tebbs, J, Daniel. Panguitch. 210. 400 
Tebbs. Richard Ray. Panguitch. 173 

Tebbs, Veda. Panguitch, 320 

Teela, Gerald Oliver, Ripon, Wis., 400 

Telford, Faye, Vallejo, Calif. 

Telford. Lois. Vallejo, Calif.. 167 

Telford. Terry Lynne, Woods Cross ,400 

Tenney, Claudia, San Diego, Calif.. 400 

Tenney, Gale Wear, Tempe, Ariz., 280, 365 

Tenney, Janice, Chino, Calif.. 276 

Tenney. Lynn Harry. Dallas. Tex. 

Tenney. Eugene Delbert. Tempe. Ariz.. 320 

Tenney, Roy Allen. Boise, Ida., 196, 365 

Tenney, William F. .Glendale. Ariz.. 400 

Teragawa. Kathleen I.. Honolulu. T. H.. 257, 320 

Terry, David Lee, Long Beach, Calif.. 365 

Terry. David Ray. Ogden. 342 

Terry. Don Stanley. Chehalis. Wash.. 146. 320 

Terry. Douglas Webster. Lethbridge, Alta., Can. 

Terry. Golden Dean. Kamas 

Terry, Joann Leavitt, Provo, 320 

Terry, James Ross, Fairview, 271, 342 

Terry, Marilyn Louise, Whit+ier, Calif.. 320 

Terry. Max Martell. Provo. 320 

Teuscher, Deloy Alvin, American Fork 

Tew, Carolyn, Talmage 

Tew, David Ivan, NephI, 342 

Thacker, F. Weldon. Castle Gate. 342 

Tewanema. Harvey. Winslow. Ariz. 

Thacker, Marilyn, Castle Gate, 342 

Thacker, Myrle, Kamas 

Thacker, Roy Murray, Heber, 90 

Thacker, Zona Arlee, Overton, Nev., 365 

Thackeray, Carole Jean, Portland, Ore., 400 

Thalman, Arlene, Los Angeles, Calif.. 401 

Thatcher. Richard W., San Marino. Calif., 103, 401 

Thaxton, Karen Maureen, Phoenix, Ariz., 200, 365 

Thayne, Donna Anderson, Provo 

Thayer, Robert Eugene, Provo 

Thayne, Lloyd, Layton, 342 

Thayne, Rulon Lamar, Farmington 

Theobald, Neil F., Toquerville, 218, 342 

Thorn, Derrick James, New Castle, Eng.. 365 

Thorn. Melvin Daris. Schuri, Nev. 

Thomas. Austin B.. Spanish Fork. 343 

Thomas, Charmaine, Salt Lake City 

Thomas, Carol, Spanish Fork, 365 

Thomas, Colette L.. Norwalk, Calif.. 216. 413 

Thomas, Connie, Provo, 365 

Thomas, Darrell B., Spanish Fork. 196, 342 

Thomas, David Brent, Manltou Springs, Colo. 

Thomas, Deanna, La Jara, Colo., 366 

Thomas. Elaine. Sanfprd, Colo., 401 

Thomas, Ellen E., Murray, 401 

Thomas, Flossie Marie, Los Angeles, Calif., 401 

Thomas, Francis Marion, Tifton, Ga., 401 

Thomas, Gerry, Provo, 401 

Thomas, Gordon Max, Spanish Fork, 366 

Thomas, Jon Blair, San Bernardino, Calif., 366 

Thomas, Karen Jodelle, Baker, Ore. 

Thomas. Larry Vernon, Provo 

Thomas, Leland Nielson, La Jara, Colo. 

Thomas. Lindsay Kay Jr.. Falls Church, Va. 

Thomas. Lynn, Spanish Fork 

Thomas, Marcile K.. Seattle. Wash., 208, 232, 413 

Thomas, Mary lla R., Provo, 320 

Thomas, Nancy V.. Arlington, Va. 

Thomas, Neal Merril. Monticello. 254. 366 

Thomas. Rex Lamar. Provo. 320 

Thomas. Ronald Earl. American Fork 

Thomas, Ronald Howard, Eureka, 320 

Thomas, Sharon Lee, Woodside, Calif.. 220. 401 

Thomas, Sheila Rae, Woodside, Calif., 401 

Thomas. Shirley Kay. Liberty. 343 

Thomas. Ronald Johnson. Spanish Fork. 401 

Thomas. Wayne W.. Malad. Ida.. 156, 343 

Thomas, William L.. San Diego. Calif.. 401 

Thompson. Delores Jean. Kennewick. Wash., 170, 40 

Thompson, Donald James, Clackamas, Ore., 366 

Thompson, Edgar Joseph, Kearns, 366 

Thompson, Edna Lavonne, Luna, N. Mex. 

Thompson. J. Franklin, Orem 

Thompson, James Lane, Weiser, Ida., 401 

Thompson, Janeth Ann, Carmichael, Calif.. 401 

Thompson, Joanne, Salt Lake City 

Thompson, John L., Downey. Ida. 

Thompson. John Stanley. Provo 

Thompson. John Vincent. Babbitt. Nev.. 366 

Thompson. Keith S., Danville, Calif.. 196. 285. 320 

Thompson. Kent R.. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Thompson. Noel H.. Orem 

Thompson, Paul David, Fontana, Calif.. 401 

Thompson. Robert. Bradbury Park. Md. 

Thompson, Samuel O., Malta, Ida., 161, 164, 320 

Thompson, Shirley, Provo 

Thompson, Verda Ann, Boise, Ida. 
Thomsen. Carolyn. Salt Lake City, 134, 320 
Thomson, Leo Arnold. Springfield, Ore., 366 
Thomson. Irene G.. Provo 
Thomson, John R. Jr.. Temple City, Calif. 
Thorn, James A.. Springville, 224 

Thorn, Maris, Springville 
Thome, Charlyn, Pleasant Grove 

Thorn, Jerry Grant, Springville 

Thorne, Dennis Eugene. Reno. Nev.. 210. 367 

Thorne. Gayle E., Pleasant Grove, 216, 320 

Thorne, James Markham, Provo, 90, 343 

Thornley, Doraleen, Harlem, Mont. 

Thornley. Sharon. Harlem. Mont.. 212. 343 

Thornley. Ela Dee. Harlem. Mont.. 170. 366 

Thornley. Suzanne. Kaysvllle 

Thornock. Alton LaVar. Bancroft, Ida. 

Thornock, Robert C. Provo. 401 

Thornton. Fred E.. Dillon. Mont.. 343 

Thornton. Vernal B.. Springville, 367 

Thorpe, Blaine F., Springville, 320 

Thorpe, Calvin E., Springville, 100, 109, 401 

Thorpe, Marilyn, Springville, 401 

Thorpe, Robert Ronald, Springville 

Thorson, Robert Cecil, Provo, 401 

Throckmorton, Alma R., Los Angeles, Calif.. 323 

Thorup, Don Ralph, Covlna, Calif., 366 

Thueson, Alma Delbert, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Thueson, Helen Darlene, Nampa. Ida.. 320 

Thulln. Ellen Carol. El Cerrlto, Calif., 343 

Thueson, Karia Ann, Twin Falls, Ida., 366 

hurgood, Carolyn, Clearfield, 287, 343 

Thurgood, Glen Stoker, Clearfield, 401 

Thurgood, Jay D., Provo, 343 

Thurston, Alayne, Woodside, Calif.. 401 

Thurston. Nancy G., Inglewood, Calif.. 401 

Tidwell. Darlene Marie. Nampa. Ida.. 400 

Tidwell, Frank Duane, Nampa, Ida.. 325 

Tidwell. Ray Webb. McGill. Nev.. 400 

Tilby. Vincent Marinus. Genola. 343 

Till, Eugene Powell, Jacksonville, Fla., 400 

Tilley, Alma R., Provo 

Tilley, Charleen, Provo 

Tillman, Betty Farr, Provo 

Tillman, Chester E., Gainesville, Fla. 

Timmlns. Blllie M., San Diego, Calif., 366 

TImmerman, William H. J.. Richland. Wash., 366 

Tingey, Nola, Centervllle, 400 

Tinney, Edwin L.. Rexford, N. Y.. 366 

Tippetts Ella Beck, Provo 

Tippets, Merry, Provo, 367 

Tippets, Richard B.. Provo 

Tippetts, Frank M.. Provo 

Tippets. Tamara. Thermopolis. Wyo.. 367 
Tippetts. Blaine M.. Provo. 366 
Tippetts. Jean. Orem 
Tipton, Marilyn, Springville, 400 
Tipton, Gary P., Springville, 400 
Tittle, Donald LeRoy, Columbia 
Tobler, Don Lee, Nampa, Ida., 320 
Tobler, Kenneth Burt, Provo, 343 
Tobler, Ronald Earlin, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Todd. Byron Taylor. Los Angeles. Calif.. 194 
Todd. Henry Swan, Gridley, Calif.. 175, 343 
Todd, Carol, Salt Lake City, 320 
Todd, Calvin Eugene, Salt Lake City 
Todd, Jerrold W.. Oakland. Calif., 323 
Todd, Marna, Gridley, Calif., 228, 366 
Todd, Reanon, Reno, Nev. 
Tolbert. Sherril Waun. Abraham. 401 
Tolles, Harriet. Ithaca, N. Y.. 320 
Tolley, Deanna, Gridley, Calif., 401 
Tolley, Harold C, Orem, 401 
Tolley, Verle Dean, Gridley, Calif.. 366 
Tolman. Deeann. Bountiful, 366 
Tolman, Lawrence Kirk, Burley. Ida., 148, 401 
Tolman, Marilyn Esther, Maywood, Calif.. 401 
I Tolman, Shirlene. Provo. 343 
Tolman, Wayne Allen. Yucaipa, Calif., 204, 366 
Tolman, Wilford J.. Burbank, Calif.. 147 
Tolman. William Odell. Provo 
Tolson. John D.. Charlotte. N. C. 343 
Tolson. Melba Virginia, Charlotte, N. C. 252. 366 
Toone, Carol Mary A., Ft. Monroe. Va. 
Tomlinson. Joseph E.. La Crescenta. Calif., 343 
Toone, Gordon Owen, St. Anthony. Ida. 
Toone. Jay Grover, Provo 
Toone. Kenneth G., Green River, Wyo., 320 
Toone, Winona, Salt Lake City, 366 
Topham, Mardell Dalton, Circlevllle, 401 
Topham, Daniel P., Salt Lake City, 401 
Torbert, Carolyn, Alhambra, Calif., 200 
Torst, Richard K., Phoenix. Ariz. 
Torrey, Marjorle Anne, La Jara, Colo., 254, 367 
Towle, Mitzl, Boise, Ida., 176, 401 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Townsend, Patsy Ann, Redding, Calif 

Toytari, Raija Sisko, Turku, Finland 

Traasdahl, Roger O., Boulder City, Nev., 164 

Tracy, Brent Kay, Ucon, Ida., 401 

Tracy, Raymond Calvin, Provo, 134 

Tracy, Rosena Mary, Malta, Ida. 

Traher, Norman Dean, Elko, Nev., 366 

Trane, Paul Morris. Lehi, 224, 285, 367 

Traver, Loneta Lynn, Los Angeles, Calif, 198, 234, 401 

Tranter, Olive Joene, Midvale. 230, 401 

Trease, Jacquelyn L., Turlock, Calif, 366 

Treu, William R., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Tribett, Gary Lamont, McMeehen, W. Va., 252, 401 

Tribett, James A., Alamo, Nev. 

Trimnal, Gloria J., Rock Hill, S. C, 401 

Tripp, Paul Lawrence, Detroit, Mich.. 224, 401 

Trost, Charles F., Parma. Ida.. 401 

Trubschenck, Carl H. Jr., Grass Valley, Calif., 320 

Truman, Ferret, LaMar, Lima, Mont., 401 

Trush, John M. .Philadelphia, Pa. 

Vryon, Merlin Leon, Baumsholder, Germany ,401 

Tryon, Opal, Mesa, Ariz. 

Tsai, Chern Hwa, Canton, China 

Tsalaky, George, Provo 

Tseu, Albert K., Honolulu, T. H., 320 

Tseu, Lawrence K. W., Honolulu, T. H., 343 

Tucker, Deon Frances, Ogden, 401 

Tucker, Nettie E. C, Provo, 326 

Tucker, Thomas Ray, Idaho Falls, Ida., 214. 367 

Tuckett. Marilyn. American Fork. 216 

Tuckett. William F.. Spanish Fork 

Tueller, Darleene Y., Fresno. Calif. 172, 401 

Tufts, Mary Gwen, Taber, Alta., Can., 40! 

Tuft, Nadeane, Salt Lake City, 401 

Tullesu, Eliga Ane, Tutuila, Samoa, 366 

Tureck, Eileen Viles, Nogales, Ariz. 

Turek, Robert Vincent, Hatch 

Turley, Jay Freeman, Snowflake. Ariz. 

Turley, Karen. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 343 

Turley, Loreino, Mesa. Ariz., 366 

Turley Luther Dean, Col. Juarez, Chlh., Mex., 366 

Turley, Mary Katherine, Denair, Calif. 401 

Turley. Patricia. San Antonio, Tex.. 263. 320 

Turman. Sharon Jane. Glendale. Calif. 283, 320 

Turner, George Mason. Butte. Mont. 

Turner, Grant Taylor, Provo, 320 

Turner, Joseph Grant, Elko, Nev., 214, 366 

Turner, Karen, Fillmore, 285, 401 

Turner. Paul Eugene. Provo. 320 

Turner. Richard Alan. Santa Ana. Calif. 

Turner, Robert Bruce, Seattle, Wash. 

Turner, Roger C. Lehi 

Turner, Ronald Jay, American Fork, 320 

Turner, Sherrll Ann, Anaheim, Calif., 282, 366 

Turner, Wesley William, Portland. Ore.. 38, 366 

Turner, Suzanne. Chicago. II!., 401 

Turpin, Karen, Boise. Ida.. 401 

Turner. William Jones. Rlverton, 401 

Tuttle. Gene Elliott. Provo 

Tuttle, Ruth, Castle Dale, 401 

Tuttle, Ruth Jensen, Orem 

Tweten, Georgine Ellen, Detroit, Mich., 401 

Twitchell, James E., Orem 

Twitchell, Ancil LaMar, Delta, 174. 176. 323 

Twitchell. Noel EIroy. Delta. 161, 166, 174, 40! 

Twitchell, Phyllis, Salt Lake City, 320 

Twltty, Thelma Charyle, Columbus. Ohio, 212, 401 

Tyler, Dell R., Provo 

Tyler, Mary Alice, Long Beach, Calif, 200. 366 


Udall, Don Alan, Mesa, Ariz., 401 

Udall, Samuel, Provo, 367 

Udy, Barbara Anne, Malta, Ida., 170, 401 

Uibel, Howard Falconer, Mt. View, Alta., Can., 269 

Unck, Patsy J. NIeman, San Francisco, Calif.. 401 

Ulmer. Evelyn Kay. Salt Lake City, 401 

Uuger, Gloria Mae, Provo, 216, 343 

Ure, Colleen Elizabeth, Edmonton, Alta., Can., 198, 

Urie, Dorothy Jean, Hansen, Ida., 401 
Utiey, R. Kent, Los Angeles, Calif., 320 
Utschlg, Mary Louise, San Mateo. Calif, 228, 368 
Uyeda, Marjorle Sueko, Kapaa, Kauai, T. H., 257, 343 
Uyehara Robert K.. Honolulu, T. H., 257 

Valadez, Antone Ray, San Antonio, Tex., 9! 
Valentin!, Gail Marie, Santa Monica, Calif 
Valle, Silvia Beatrlz, Montevideo, Uruguay. 401 
Vallozzi, Roslna E., Los Angeles, Calif., 366 
Van Ausdal, Clare E., Santaquin, 366 
Van Ausdal, Ray Lavere. Santaquin 
Van Der Waal, John D., Los Angeles, Calif., 343 
Van Dam, Norman Alan, Chevy Chase, Md. 

Van Dyke, John L., Arlington, Va., 343 

Van Kampen, Brent, Ogden, 401 

Van Dyke, Robert R., Anaheim, Calif, 282, 343 

Van Leuven, Clifford R., Springvllle, 244, 366 

Van Leuven, Janet. Springvllle. 366 

Van Noy. Don Lewis. Oakland, Calif. 214, 330, 412 

Van Natter, Anita, Wheat Ridge, Colo., 320 

Van Quill, Michael E., Orem, 40! 

Van Orman, Wllford R., Bountiful, 401 

Van Wagenen, Glen E., Provo, 164 

Van Wagoner, Anna L., Provo 

Van Wagoner, Drew A., Provo, 320 

Van Wagoner, Elizabeth, Palo Alto, Calif, 49, 212, 

Van Wagoner, Ferrin, Heber 

Van Wagoner, Mark Dee, Castro Valley, Calif., 402 
Vance, Allen Lamont, Fairview, 366 
Vance, Calvan Douglas, American Fork 
Vance, Jennie Lou, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
Vance, Loretta, Salt Lake City, 259, 268, 343 
Vance, Rita Mae, Col. Juarez, Chlh., Mex. 
Vance, Sheryl, Los Angeles, Calif, 230, 402 
Vandenberg, Norlne, Salt Lake City, 208, 320 
Vanderford, John W.. Aberdeen, Ida. 
Vanderford, Lee Ann, Stockton, Calif, 176, 216, 366 
Vandergrlft, Carol Sue, Burbank, Calif. 108, 402 
Varney, Joel Richard, Blackfoot, Ida.. 224, 366 
Varney, Lois Ann, Anahlem, Calif, 366 
Vaughan, Charles Macey, Richmond, Va., 366 
Vaughan, Lois, Malad, Ida., 238, 366 
Vaughn. Larry Kent, Fruitland, Ida., 244 
Vavages, Geraldlne, Parker, Ariz., 172, 366 
Veritsky, Anne Beverly, Porcupine, Ont., Can., 320 
Veritsky, Eugene W., Porcupine, Ont., Can. 
Vernon, Fern T., Provo 
Vest, Fearn Rolla, Payson, 343 
Vernon, Lynn Orson, Orem, 366 
Verweire, William A., Glendale, Calif, 402 
Vest, Lee Niles, Long Beach, Calif, 402 
Vetterii, Ralph R., Fresno, Calif, 148, 210 
VicentI, Carl, Dulce, N. Mex. 
VIcenti, Nina, Dulce, N. Mex., 402 
Victor, Roger, LodI, Calif, 224, 225, 343, 413 
Vicenti, Norlne I., Dulce, N. Mex., 366 
Vincent, Jean B., Los Angeles, Calif,. I 72, 402 
Vincent, Sylvia R., Provo, 402 
VIsser, Donna B., Rivera, Calif, 343 
Vogel, Arvilla Pearl, Salina, 320 
Volkman, Paul James, Preston, Minn., 286, 320 
Volmer, Carl John, Richland, Wash., 343 
Voorhees, Ted Clifford, Spanish Fork 
Voss, Ralph Neil, Salt Lake City, 402 
Voyles, Pearl Ann, Columbia, S. C, 402 


Waddell, Dix K., Driggs, Ida., 320 

Waddoups, Connie Mary, Bountiful 

Wade, Alton Lavar, Provo 

Wade, Carole Linda, Provo, 402 

Wade, Evanell, Bountiful, 173 

Wade, Katherine L., Bountiful, 366 

Wadley, Paul Douglas, Tabiona 

Wadley, Alexander, Pleasant Grove 

Wadsworth, John K., Hemet, Calif 

Wadsworth, John Milton, Panaca, Nev., 194 

Waggoner, Sonya Arlene, San Francisco, Calif,, 402 

Wagner, Ruth Ivy, Toronto, Ont., Can., 238, 366 

Wagstaff Sheryl Ann, Salt Lake City 

Wahlquist, Bryan K., Idaho Falls, Ida., 262, 402 

Wahlqulst, Earl J., Idaho Falls, Ida., 366 

Wahlquist, Keith F., Ogden, 366 

Wahlquist, Wayne Leroy, Provo 

Wahlstrom, Barbara, Los Angeles, Calif 

Wainwright, Arlyn Roy, Kemmerer, Wyo. 

Waite, George Alma, St. Johns, Ariz. 

Waite, Warren A., Meridian, Ida. 

Waite, Wendell Glen, Las Vegas, Nev., 343 

Wakefield, Dan W., Provo 

Wakefield, Gregg Perry, Huntington, 320 

Wakefeld, Mary Lynn, Provo, 243, 320 

Wakefield, Thomas Kent, Huntington 

Waldron, Acie Chandler, Malad, Ida., 204, 320 

Waldron, Leahmae, Malad, Ida., 230, 402 

Waldvogel, Caryl Ann, Bensenville, III., 136, 258, 284, 

Walker, Beverly J., Afton, Wyo., 220, 366 
Walker, Darrel Paul, Provo, 34, 196, 323 
Walker, Deann, Salt Lake City, 234, 402 
Walker, Gail, Reno, Nev,, 170, 228, 366 
Walker, Glenn Ronald, Peoa 
Walker, Harold C, Winslow, Ariz., 320 
Walker, Jean Ellen, Phoenix, Ariz., 402 
Walker, Lynn P., Springvllle 
Walker, Keith Alan, Lapoint, 265, 402 
Walker, Lowell W., Springvllle 

Walker, Mary Jean, Pleasant Grove, 343 

Walker, Melvin Haslam, Ely, Nev., 402 

Walker, Newell R., RIgby, Ida., 366 

Walker, Norris Kay, Ogden, 214, 320 

Walker, Rex Vernon, Boise, Ida. 

Walker, Richard Taylor, Peoa, 343 

Walker, Royce Brent, Pleasant Grove, 402 

Walker, Shirley Lee, Durango, Colo. 

Walker, Shirley Louise, Henderson, Nev., 226, 366 

Walker, Thomas Alan, Lehi 

Walker, Thurza Mae, Gaffney, S.C, 402 

Walker, Verlene, Mesqulte, Nev., 402 

Walker, Verdon Reed, Pleasant Grove 

Walker, Wendell F., Marsing, Ida., 172 

Wall, Charles Leonard, Salt Lake City 

Wall, Fred G., Long Beach, Calif 

Wall, Lehman D , American Fork 

Wall, Lloyd LeRoy, Spring Canyon, 90, 343 

Wallace. Wanda. Driggs, Ida., 366 

Wallendorff Loren J., Seattle, Wash. 

Wallis, Travis Lee, Vernal, 402 

Wallwork, Marlin G., Redwood City, Calif, 402 

Walser, Floyd Leroy, Col. Juarez. Chlh., Mex., 366 

Walser, Helen, Pleasant Grove, 162, 320 

Walsh, Richard Allan, Albany, N.Y., 158 

Walston. Jerry Rolland. Conrad, Mont., 402 

Walter, Carolyn, American Fork, 343 

Walters, Ruthdale, Whittier, Calif, 259, 366 

Waltman, Ralph Larence, Fontana, Calif., 106, 223, 

Walton, Conrad F.. San Jose, Calif. 
Walton, Denzll Ree, Springvllle, 320 
Walton, Paul Francis, Layton 
Walton, Steven Douglas, Salt Lake City, 402 
Walton, Wilbur Thomas, Gooding, Ida., 148, 262, 320 
Wangsgard, Gene, Santa Monica, Calif., 343 
Wankler, Beverly J., Los Angeles, Calif, 173, 366 
Wanlass, Geraldlne, Santa Maria, Calif., 366 
Wanlass, Rhea, Lehi, 402 

Ward, Dalphine M., White Rock, B.C., Can., 256 
Ward, Carol Jean, Portland, Ore., 366 
Ward, Dennis Eric, White Rock, B. C, Can., 256, 326 
Ward, Elaine Ardell, Elba, Ida., 366 
Ward, Emily Sue, Long Beach, Calif., 366 
Ward, Eric Franklin, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Ward, Georgeanna Jane, Twin Falls, Ida., 228, 366 
Ward, Robert Lindsay, Long Beach, Calif, 402 
Ward, Ronald Willis, Paradise, Calif, 218, 366 
Ward, Wendell L, Idaho Fallsr Ida., 167, 343 
Ward, Sharon Luella, Richfield, Ida., 343 
Warden, Calvin Jones, Otto, Wyo., 366 
Wardle, Bud J., Provo, 214, 343 
Wardleigh, Helen L, Ogden, 108, 343 
Ware, Colene Joan, Sandy 
Ware, Gerald Max, Draper, 402 
Warford, George K. Jr., Berkeley, Calif. 
Warner. Charles Young, Aberdeen, Ida., 279, 285, 325 
Warner, Derral C, Heyburn, Ida., 402 
Warner, James Lee, Fillmore, 343 
Warner, James William, South Bend, Ind.. 402 
Warner, Keith C, Payson 
Warner, Kent M., Payson 
Warner, Nadlne, Spanish Fork, 343 
Warner, Orvll R., Provo 
Warnick, Boyd L., Pleasant Grove 
Warnick, Charles Peter, Windsor, Colo., 320 
Warnick, Gerald Brunt, Pasadena, Calif., 106 
Warnick, Stephen Lee, Pleasant Grove, 325 
Warnock, D. Carl, Sigurd, 320 
Warren, Allan H., Spanish Fork 
Warren, Barbara Joanne, Missoula, Mont.. 402 
Warren, Connie L., Price, 237, 402 
Warren, Donald W., Oklahoma City, Okla., 343 
Warren, Gary Wallace, South Gate, Calif, 402 
Wartena, Carol Joan, San Jose, Calif., 366 
Wasden, Leonard B., Idaho Falls, Ida., 147, 214, 320, 

Wasden, Lyle Lloyd, Scipio, 366 
Wasden, Michael Dale, Berkeley, Calif, 343 
Washburn, Richard M., Nampa, Ida., 402 
Washburn, Robert Alvln, Nampa, Ida. 
Washburn, Roland M., Pasco, Wash., 176, 402 
Waters, Max Leroy, Burley, Ida., 343 
Washburn, Veloy, Provo, 166, 343 
Waters, Arlln Glade, Provo 
Watkins, Margaret Jean 
Watklns, Prince Luther, Boqart, Ga., 402 
Watson, David M., Honolulu, T. H. 
Watson, Gary Kent, Provo 
Watson, Dolores Anne, Twin Falls, Ida., 402 
Watson, Luke A., Jr., Hartsville, S. C, 252 
Watson, Mary Etta, Inglewood, Calif 
Watson, Reba Carol, Twin Falls, Ida., 320 
Watson, Robert Gayl, Bozeman, Mont., 402 
Watt, David Leo, Lansing, Mich., 366 




student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Wafts. Blaine Harvey, Idaho Falls, Ida., 402 

Watt. Diane, Layton. 402 

WaHs. Jack Arlyn. Provo. 343 

Watts. Joseph Laverne. KIrtland. N. Me«.. 366 

Watts, Larry George. Portland. Ore. 

Watts. Louise. Kanosh 

Watts, Zelda D. K.. Prove 

Watts. Sharon Kay, Salt Late City 

Watts. Richard Arlin. Springville, 402 

Wayman, Mary Carol. Provo. 160. 402 

Waymire. Katherlne, Overton. Nev.. 343 

Weatherbee. Doris Ann. Rienzi. Miss., 343 

Weathernnan. Don I., Twin Falls. Ida. 

Weaver, Barbara Ethel, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Weaver. Clyde Marquis. Chula Vista, Calif. 

Weaver. Ellen Claire. Melrose Park. III.. 208. 320 

Weaver. Marqurette L.. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 248. 343 

Weaver, Marvin Gordon, Cowan, W. Va.. 320 

Weaver, Melvin Glenn. Grace. Ida., 366 

Webb. Armond Paul. Lehl. 224, 225. 320 

Webb. Cecil Wlldon, Provo, 402 

Webb, Carolyn K.. Lynwood. Calif.. 226, 402 

Webb, Elbert C. Jr.. Oceanside. Calif. 

Webb. Emily Jeanne. Winston-Salem. N. C 230. 252. 

Webb. Emma Lou. Provo, 402 
Webb. George Richard, Melba. Ida.. 402 
Webb. Irene. Mesa. Ariz.. 174. 176. 366 
Webb. Janet. Lehi. 402 
Webb. Karen. Provo. 343 
Webb, Karl Eugene. Lehi 
Webb, Kay, San Manuel, Ariz., 237, 402 
Webber, Maurice R., Big Timber, Mont. 
Webber, Robert Reed, Bronxville, N. Y., 124. 218. 

Weber. Allen Howard. Lorenzo. Ida.. 402 
Webster, Ann V.. Burbank. Calif., 320 
Webster, Carl P.. Banlda. Ida., 320 
Webster. F. Jean. Rexburg. Ida,, 216. 232. 343 
Webster. James W.. Provo. 194, 195, 320 
Webster. Lorraine. American Fork. 343 
Webster, Richard V., Burbank. Calif. 320 
Webster. Sharron. Provo. 208, 344 
Weeks, Michael Wayne, Provo, 175. 402 
Weenig, Jay F.. Boise. Ida., 86. 90. 320 
Weenig, Max T.. Boise. Ida. 
Weese. Sharon C. Fullerton. Calif.. 366 
Weidauer. Floyd Paul, Kearns. 91 
Weidauer, Leona Marie. Kearns, 402 
Weldner, Leo Albert. Portland. Ore., 125. 214. 366. 

Weldner, Roger Gilbert. Portland. Ore.. 214. 402 
Weight, Conda Ann, Springville 
Weight, Gloria. Orem. 162, 246. 366 
Weight, Howard Vane, Springville. 159, 402 
Weight, Joyce L., Provo 
Weight, Linda, Springville, 162, 402 
Weight, Mary Lou, Provo 
Weiler, Charles Henry, Nahant, Mass., 204. 263. 285, 

Weinheimer, Edith L., Welling, Alta.. Can. 
Weinheimer. Gerald W.. Welling. Alta.. Can., 366 
Weitzell. Norman Lee. Provo 
Welch. Dorothy Jeanne. Logan. 366 
Welch. Ervil W.. Sarah. Miss.. 148, 252, 344 
Welch, Keith W., Springville 
Welch, Norma Anne. Provo, 237, 258, 402 
Welker. Janet Louise, Pima. Ariz.. 49, 212 
Welles, Aleese P. .Glendale. Calif.. 344 
Wells, Edward J., Pasadena. Calif., 30. 190. 402 
Wells. Ernest Stewart, Provo. 320 
Wells. Marilyn Galvin. Provo, 326 
Wells, Richard W.. Las Vegas, Nev., 148, 344 
Wells, Robert Homer. Provo, 402 
Wells. Samuel Bently. Logandale. Nev., 402 
Welsh. Richard L., Peoa 
Wendt, Jean Davis, Kalispell, Mont.. 344 
Wemple. Joan Rae, Dorris, Calif., 230, 266, 402 
Wendelboe, Shirley L., Las Vegas. Nev., 402 
Wendt, Roy Eugene. Kalispell, Mont.. 320 
Wengreen. Earl Wayne. Orem 
Werner, Dean J.. Burbank. Calif.. 224. 250. 366 
Werner, Edward Scott. Albuquerque. N. Mex., 320 
Werner, Miriam Anne. Provo 
Werner. Harold Lewis. Provo. 103 
Wernz. Therald A.. Provo 
West. Donna Marlene, Hurricane. 269. 402 
West. Emerson Roy, Salt Lake City, 204, 344 
West. Herschel J. Jr., La Mesa. Calif. 
West, James David. Denver. Colo.. 402 
West. John Hunt Jr.. Glendora. Calif. 
West. Joseph Donald. Provo. 344 
West. Joseph. Glendora. Calif. 
West, Joyce. Pocatello. Ida.. 202, 367 
West, Leonard R.. American Fork. 344 

West. Sarah Jane. Los Angeles. Calif.. 402 
West. Robert D.. Rexburg, Ida.. 221 
West. Sharon Grace. Salt Lake City, 402 
Westenskow. Carolyn. Imbler. Ore.. 402 
Westenskow. Leiand D.. Imbler. Ore.. 344 
Westenskow, Richard. Weedburn. Ore., 326 
Westenskow, William V., LaGrande, Ore.. 323 
Westerberg, Eleanor L., St. Anthony, Ida. 
Westerberg. Thomas B.. St. Anthony, Ida.. 223. 320. 

Westerman, Lynn Ray. Magna 

Westfall. Ronald D.. No. Hollywood. Calif.. 190, 402 
Westman, Price Jan, San Fernando, Calif.. 146. 320 
Westover. James Howard. Provo. 402 
Westrlng. Renae, Nephl. 367 
Westwood, Ardis Jean, Moab, 326 
Westwood, Elizabeth S.. San Diego, Calif., 198. 234. 

Westwood. Kent D., Provo 
Westwood. Richard. Provo 
Whaley. Marcella Gay, Ogden, 133. 344 
Whatcott, Velora Jean, Salt Lake City 
Whatcott. Wes EIroy. Provo 
Wheadon. Pearl Ellen. Riverton 
Wheat, Kenneth Edwin, Torrance, Calif., 9 1 , 403 
Wheeler, Geraldine, Salt Lake City, 367 
Wheeler, Carole J.. Ogden, 232. 344 
Wheeler, Paul Marvin, Rawlins, Wyo., 403 
Whetman, Lelcl, Draper, 403 
Whetten. Amanda Jean. Col. Juarez. Chlh,. Mex., 

173, 403 
Whetten, Velma, Col. Juarez, Chih., Mex, 
Whetten. Kate Allred. Provo 
Whetten. John Jerome, Provo 
Whlffen, Diana. Alameda. Calif., 176. 226. 403 
Whipple, Cale, Bellflower. Calif.. 344 
Whipple. Carol Louise. Monticello. 403 
Whipple. Jay Wlllard, Rainier. Ore., 261. 344 
Whipple. Connie Inez, Long Beach, Calif.. 403 
Whipple. Venla. Showlow. Ariz., 259 
Whipple, Verland T.. Citrus Heights, Calif. 
Whipple. Walter Leroy. Long Beach, Calif. 
Whitaker. Carol Jean. Portland. Ore., 238. 284, 344 
Whitaker, Barbara. Stockton. Calif., 173. 403 
Whitaker, Carolyn Ruth, Kanosh, 367 
Whitaker, Dorothy Joan, Provo, 198, 344 
Whitaker, Ivie, Portland, Ore., 403 
White. Allle Lou. Provo. 403 
White, Ballard Thurman. Salt Lake City. 320 
White, Clarelyn, Mesa, Ariz.. 367 
White, Dennis K.. Provo 
White. Earl Roger. Santa Monica, Calif. 
White, Edward B.. Mesa, Ariz.. 344 
White. Glenda Mae. Porterville. Calif.. 320 
White, Jerald Dell, Green River. Wyo., 344 
White. John Owen, Rosevllle, Calif, 403 
White, Judith Anne, Attleboro. Mass., 403 
White. Kathryn Ruth. Wyndotte, Mich.. 212. 249. 367 
White. Leiand Darrell. Clearfield 
White. Marline. Green River, Wyo., 200, 403 
White, Nancy Prlscilla, Los Angeles, Calif., 200, 403 
White. Olivia Jane. Redding. Calif., 138. 216, 230. 

White. Richard Nielsen, Redding. Calif 
White. Sarah Ann. San Leandro, Calif, 198, 403 
White. Verna. Emmett, Ida.. 403 
White. Samuel James. Goshen, 403 
White. Wendell Charles, Jerome, Ida.. 190. 367 
White. William W.. Attleboro. Mass.. 320 
Whitear. Melvin J.. Ogden, 320 
Whiteford, June Gracey, Orem 
Whitehead. Craig B. 111. Ogden, 403 
Whitehead. Gwendolyn C, Palisades. Calif. 
Whltehouse, Alan Lee, Tooele 
Whitesides, Gerald. Burley, Ida., 344 
Whitesides. James Neal. Twin Falls. Ida.. 323 
Whltford. Beverly Ann. Lakewood. Calif. 30, 167, 367, 

Whiting. Dick R., Burley, Ida.. 173. 367 
Whiting, Eugene J.. Heber 
Whiting. Fred Leon, Provo 
Whiting. James W.. Springville, 367 
Whiting, Jean Frances. Albuquerque. N. Mex., 134. 

259. 262, 344 
Whiting. Lois Fern. Salmon. Ida.. 212, 282, 323 
Whiting, Marjorie Jo, Idaho Falls, Ida., 172. 367 
Whitlock, Von Varlynn, Long Beach, Calif 320 
Whitlock. Woodrow C, Provo. 403 
Whitman. Charles W.. Montpeller. Ida., 154, 155, 158 
Whitman, Darlene Ethel, Chandler. Ariz.. 403 
Whitmer, LeRoy Swapp, Fruitland, N. Mex., 403 

Whitmore, Daniel R., Waynesboro, Pa. 
Whltmore. Geraldine. Sandy. 403 
Whitney. Garth B.. Parowan. 320 
Whitney. Marcia. Bellevue. Wash., 320 

Whitney. Maurice P., Tacoma, Wash., 367 

Whitney. Nedra Ann. Springville. 162. 212. 367 

Whitney. Shirley Dean. Springville 

Whittaker. Arthur R.. Circleville, 237. 367 

Whittaker, Dorothy A., Circleville. 157. 320 

Whittaker. Harry H.. Thornton. Ida., 344 

Whittaker. Larry Sevy. Circleville 

Whittle. LaDawn, Preston, Ida.. 403 

Whittle. Melba Lynne. Kimberly, Ida.. 230, 403 

Whitworth. Darrell C. Inkom. Ida.. 367 

Wickes. Natalie. Ogden. 173. 262. 367 

Wickstrom. Corlnne C. Pasadena. Calif.. 367 

WIddison. Harold A.. Helena. Mont.. 367 

Widdison. Joan Edna. Helena. Mont.. 260, 403 

WIddison, William Bart. Portland, Ore.. 403 

Wiedenmeier. Marilyn, Fond du Lac. Wis., 320 

Wlese, Glen James, Ogden 

Wight. Gordon M.. Springville 

Wlqnall. Mark J.. Salem 

Wllberg. Carl Creed, Orem, 204, 367 

Wilcock, Keith Dickson, Salt Lake City, 194, 367 

Wilcox, Carol Maurline, Saratoga, Calif.. 403 

Wilcox. Dorinda. La Habra, Calif.. 344 

Wilcox, Jerry Dean. Provo, 403 

Wilcox, Joel William. Provo 

Wilcox, John Boyd. Calgary, Alta.. Can., 147 

Wilcox. Ludean. Pleasant Grove. 367 

Wilcox. Marion Fern, Huntington Park, Calif., 170, 

228, 367 
Wilcox, Sonya, Boise, Ida.. 344 
Wilcox. Stanley Frank. Azusa. Calif.. 344 
Wilcox. Wesley. Nampa. Ida. 
Wilde. H. LuJeane. Park City. 287, 320 
Wilde, Keith Dean, Welling, Alta. ..Can.. 367 
Wilde. Norma. Union. Ore.. 403 
Wilde. Veldon Lawrence, Provo. 325 
Wilding. Dixie Lee, Terreton. Ida.. 344 
Wilding, Ruth Jeanette, Sugar City, Ida.. 246. 344 
Wilhelm. Guy A., WInslow, Ariz.. 344 
Wllholt, Darrel Loel, Portland, Ore., 403 
Wilkes, Melvin Ronald, Aurora, 90, 103, 344 
Wilkes, Vincent C. Aurora 
Wilkey. George Carl, Nephl, 403 
Wilkins, Gail. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 344 
Wllkins. Myrza Jean. Sherman Oaks. Calif. 232 
Wilkins, Roberta E.. VIctorvIlle. Calif, 170. 207, 320 
Wllkins, Rosalea Lois, Santa Monica, Calif. 344 
Wilkinson, Alice L.. Provo 
Wilkinson, Clifton B.. Coalville. 367 
Willjlnson, David L., Provo. 167. 224. 367 
Wilkinson, Milton J.. Richfield 
Wilkinson. Oral Bryan. Murray 
Wilkinson, Robert C. Provo 
Wlllden. David Joel. Beaver 
Wlllden, Jerome R.. Salt Lake City. 344 
Willden. William K., Orem 
Wille. Milton George, Chicago, 111., 325 
Wllles, Frank Jesse, Babblft, Nev.. 367 
Willett. George R Jr.. Provo. 320 
Willey. Steven Moon. Bountiful. 403 
Williams. Bertha M., Salt Lake City 
Williams. Blaine Dean. San Diego, Calif 
Williams, Byron Cole, Axson, Ga. 
Williams, Dallas Y., Hamer, Ida.. 320 
Williams, Delyn Elmer. Lakeview. Ore.. 286. 367 
Williams. Dwayne A., Phoenix. Ariz.. 285. 326 
Williams. Eldon Blaine. Richland. Wash.. 367 
Williams. Fredrick R.. Provo 
Williams. Hanna Mae. Provo 
Williams. Helen Ann. Spanish Fork. 367 
Williams. Henry Leroy. Olympla, Wash.. 320 
Williams. James Fred. Ogden. 190, 274, 323 
Williams, John Kirk. Ontario, Ore.' 
Williams. Joseph V., Price 
Williams, Joyce Arlene. Clearfield, 282, 367 
Williams, Laura Joyce. Kansas City. Kan., 403 
Williams, Margaret O., Orem 
Williams. Mary, Pioche. Nev., 283, 320 
Williams, Myrle, Kamas, 344 
Williams, Myrna Loy, Sunnyslde 
Williams. Noel Judd. Provo. 320 
Williams. Owen B.. Orem 
Williams. Paul George, Provo, 321 
Wlllianis, Robert E., Mesa. Ariz.. 173. 367 
Williams. Terry Rae, Provo. 367 
Williams, William G.. Boise. Ida., 248 
Williamson, Gary Clark, San Marino. Calif., 190 223 

254. 321 
Wllllch, Theodore. Provo 
Willis, Golda. Chandler, Ariz.. 403 
Willis. Judith Carol. Martinsville. Ind., 367 
Willis, Vivian Love. Snowflake, Ariz., 321 
Wilson, Alice Ann. St. Michaels. Ariz. 
Wilson, Anne Helen. Monticello. 403 
Wilson. Arlene. Salt Lake City, 321 


student Index - Autumn Quarter 

Wilson, Arnold, Springvllle, 325 

Wilson, Avard Lynn, Prove 

Wilson Arvilla Ray, Gushing, Okla., 403 

Wilson, Betty Joan, Salt Lake City, 403 

Wilson, Bobby R., Kernersville, N. C, 344 

Wilson, Delight, Glendale, Calif. 

Wilson, Eber Keith, Riverside, Calif. 

Wilson, Elizabeth P., Santa Rosa, Calif., 367 

Wilson, Elmond, Tridell 

Wilson, Harvey A .Jr., Salt Lake City 

Wilson, Helen, Hatch, 240, 367 

Wilson, Jack Ronald, Provo, 367 

Wilson, Jay Roger, Salt Lake City, 403 

Wilson, John L., Idaho Falls, Ida., 274, 325 

Wilson, Lamon David, Provo, 325 

Wilson, Larry R., Orenn 

Wilson. Lawrence D., Roosevelt 

Wilson, Lerona M., Col. Juarez, Chih., Mex. 

Wilson, Loyd Leon, Woodland, Calif., 344 

Wilson, Warba, Hatch, 403 

Wilson, Maurice Devon, Sinclair, Wyo., 403 

Wilson, Richard J. , Portland, Ore., 224, 344 

Wilson, Robert Earl, Portland, Ore., 269, 367 

Wilson, Ward P., Provo, 321 

Wilson, Wayne Paxton, Provo 

Wilson, William Albert, Dov/ney, Ida., 344 

Wiltbank, Jerry D., Greer, Ariz. 

Wiltbank, Joyce, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 172, 268 

Wlmber, Melvin Leon, Springvllle 

Wimber, Nancy Kay, Salt Lake City, 403 

Wimmer, David Rolland, San Lorenzo, Calif., 176, 403 

Wlmmer, Lucille Jean, Duchesne 

Wimmer, Robert Osmond, San Lorenzo. Calif. 

Winborg, James P., Pocatello. Ida. 

Winegar, Eleta Irene, Provo, 367 

Wlnegar, Gary H., Ontario, Ore., 367 

Winegar, Jack, Buhl, Ida. 

Wlnegar, Legrand, Salt Lake City 

Wing, Glennis, Lehi, 321 

Winkel, Thomas Ray, Alameda, Calif. 

Winkler, Louis Albert, Mount Pleasant 

Winkelman, Walter W., Salt Lake City, 204, 367 

Winkler, Mary Lee, Provo, 321 

Winkler, Mary Ruth, Arlington, Va., 173. 367 

Winkler, Pauline, Bluebell, 265, 344 

Winn, Paul B., Preston, Ida. 

Wlnslow, Wayman Lloyd, Lehl, 321 

Winters, Francis B., Provo, 321 

Winters, Kathleen, Afton, Wyo., 344 

Winterton, Arlan E., Heber, 173, 367 

Wlnterton, Doyle W., Orem, 367 

Winterton, Eldon W., Roosevelt, 344 

Wlnterton, Wayne Allen, Orem 

Winters, Evan Burton, Afton, Wyo., 173, 403 

Winther, Emily, Anaheim, Calif., 198 

Wlrrlck, Allyn Joseph, Hood River, Ore., 344 

Wlrrlck, George Walker, Hood River, Ore., 344 

Wlrrlck, Thomas Kay, Hood River, Ore. 

Wlscombe, Anne, Springvllle, 367 

Wistisen, Martin J., Bancroft, Ida., 403 

Wistisen, Rolene, Bancroft, Ida., 321 

Wltbeck, Carol, Provo 

Witt, Daniel G., Heber, 323 

Wlttorf, Robert Henry, New York, N. Y.. 367 

Wittwer. Jon Paul, Chula Vista, Calif.. 190, 367 

Wixom, Sharl, Salt Lake City 

Woerner, Gary Carl, Laguna Beach, Calif., 142 

Wofflnden, Anna Joy, Lehi. 173 

Wold. Joyce Elaine, Murtaugh, Ida., 403 

Wold, Larry Richard, Idaho Falls, Ida., 272, 403 

Wold, Max Preston, Mesa, Ariz.. 325 

Wolfley, Ella Sellers, Freedom, Wyo.. 344 

Wolsey. Edward John. Provo, 403 

Wolsey, Marlene, Provo, 344 

Woltman, Patsy Nell, Citrus Heights, Calif., 367 

Wolverton, Garrett W., Anaconda, Mont., 403 

Wong, Cornelia Ah Lin, Lanai, T. H., 403 

Wong, See Bon, Provo, 344 

Wood, Blair, St. George 

Wood, Carol, Cardston, Alta., Can., 212, 228, 367 

Wood. Fern, Spanish Fork, 344 

Wood. Grant Reed. Holden. 403 

Wood, Helen, Holden, 321 

Wood, Janet, Salem, 403 

Wood. James Dean. Cardston. Alta., Can. 

Wood, John Ray, Ogden 

Wood, John Rich, Murray 

Wood, Marilyn, Provo 

Wood. Marilyn. Salt Lake City, 367 

Wood, Orin Lew, Big Creek, Calif., 344 

Wood, Orion Howard, Cedar City, 174, 367 

Wood, Paul Lavon, Baker, Ore., 321 

Wood, Richard Eugene, Orosi, Calif., 137, 326 

Wood. Zella Virginia, Baker, Ore., 367 

Woodard, Jay, Goshen, 344 

Woodbury, Marita N., Monroe, 403 

Woodard, Lawrence E., Rangely, Colo. 

Woodbury, Rodney D., Las Vegas, Nev.. 368 

Woodbury. Thomas B.. Wichita. Kan., 403 

Woodfleld, Norman R., Ogden, 325 

Woodmansee, Robert I., Rexburg. Ida., 326 

Woodring, Thomas M., Santa Barbara, Calif., 344 

Woodruff. Ella Mae. Weiser, Ida., 403 

Woodruff. Eva S.. Provo 

Woodruff. Jackson B. Jr., Berkeley, Calif. 

Woods, Daniel Bryant, Springvllle 

Woods, Elva Janice, Charleston, S.C, 252 

Woods, Herbert Dee, Ogden, 176, 204. 205 

Woods, Richard Brazier, Salt Lake City. 321 

Woods. Robert Charles. Pen Gllly, Minn. 

Woodward, Anita Ann, Fallon, Nev., 344 

Woodward, John Lowell, Provo, 368 

Woodward, Lee Anna, Sacramento, Calif, 228, 368 

Woodward, Marilyn I., Seattle, Wash., 44, 208, 368, 

Woodworth, Beverly Lee, Provo 
Woodworth, Roger F., Spokane, Wash. 
Woolf. Gordon Alan, Ucon, Ida.. 173, 368 
Woolstenhulme, Dickie, North Bend, Ore., 91, 403 
Woolston, Claudia J., American Fork, 160. 403 
Wooton. Devere Gareth. American Fork 
Wootton. Richard R., Provo 
Workman, Lee Alma, Rlverton, 403 
Workman, Bobbie Ancll. Provo. 403 
Workman. Vena May, St. George, 255. 344 
Worley. Shirley Arlene, Fair Oaks, Calif, 166, 368 
Worley Jan Eugene, Los Angeles, Calif., 403 
Worlton, Dale Reid, Blackfoot. Ida. 
Worlton, Thomas Grover, Blackfoot, Ida., 134 
Worsley, Donald S., Peru. Ind., 344 
Worsley. Joan Kay, Provo, 162, 321 
Worsley, Klea Evans, Provo 

Wortham, Luanna Lea, Grand Junction, Colo., 344 
Worthen, Ellis C, Price, 344 
Worthington, Don L., Payson, 368 
Wrathall, Jay W., Depew, N. Y., 47, 204. 321 
Wrathall. Taft Wallace. Palo Alto. Calif. 344 
Wray. Gerald N., Irwin, Ida., 204, 344 
Wride, Anna Marie, Payson, 403 
Wride, Dale Hayward, American Fork. 403 
Wride. Dawn Ray. Aberdeen. Ida., 270, 403 
Wright, Jack Olsen, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Wride, Marion, Spanish Fork, 321 
Wride. Wendell Tom. Long Beach. Calif.. 214, 321 
Wright, Ann Selgrld. Eugene. Ore. 
Wright. Catherine E.. Ogden. 321 
Wright, Colin. Independence. Mo. 
Wright. Dan L.. Heber 
Wrlghf Dolores Sharon. Glendale. Calif. 208, 226 

Wright, Edna Ladean, Murray. 232. 233 
Wright, Frances Thelma, Malta, Monf. 404 
Wrighf George Gilbert, Chula Vista, Calif 
Wright, James Reuben, Gooding. Ida.. 91. 404 
Wright. Joye, Murray, 404 
Wright. Karen. Salt Lake City, 404 
Wright. Kaye. Heber. 404 
Wright, Keith Norwood, Clawson, 404 
Wright, Kenneth D., Los Angeles, Calif, 368 
Wright, Mary Elizabeth. Mapleton 
Wright, Meredith, Denver, Colo., 173, 404 

Wright. Norma. Los Angeles, Calif., 321 
Wright, Norman Dale, Murray 
Wright, Robert Lee. Provo. 404 
Wright. Robert Royce, Cardston, Alta., Can. 
Wright. Wayne M., Tacoma. Wash., 368 
Wright, Ruth Louisa, San Jose. Calif, 368 
Wright. Ronald Charles. Riverside, Calif. 
Wright, Sharron, Mesa, Ariz., 212, 404 
Wright. William Jay, Alamo, Nev. 
Wrlgley, Karl A., Burley, Ida., 190, 368 
Wrigley. Marvin B.. Burley, Ida., 167, 190, 404 
Wuerth, Dieter, Tacoma. Wash., 368 
Wunderli. Yvonne Joy. Sacramento, Calif.. 230, 404 
Wurst, Ladonna S.. Sf Anthony, Ida., 321 
Wursten, Deanna G., Provo 
Wursten, John A. Jr., Arlington, Calif 
Wygal, Lavon, Springerville, Ariz., 368 
Wynder, Marlene, Calgary, Alta., Can., 344 
Wynn. George Brent. Ontario. Ore., 190, 404 
Wynn, Russell D., Springfield, Ida., 404 
Wyss. Eileen Loretta, Washington, D. C, 173, 263, 

Yang, Kwang Nam, Pusan, Korea, 326 

Yapelli, Albert Jr., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Yardley, Gene Russell, Gunnison, 404 

Yardley. Nancy. Beaver. 234, 404 

Yardley, Mary Alice, Salt Lake City, 230. 404 

Yeates, Carole, Logan, 234, 404 

Yeates, James Lorin. Denver, Colo., 321 

Yergensen, RaeJean, Monroe, 404 

Ylngllng, Billy Alvln, North Bend, Ore., 368 

Ylngling, Kay Alan, Waynesboro, Pa., 368 

Ylngllng. Laura May, North Bend, Ore., 246, 261, 404 

Yoder, George Henry, South Gate, Calif. 

Yorgason, Joseph Wayne, Provo 

Yorgason. Lorelle, Otto, Wyo., 172, 368 

Yorgason. Vanja Louise, Ogden, 172, 404 

Yorgensen, William L., Provo 

Yorgesen. Delmar Ralph, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Yoshino, Yootaro. Tokyo, Japan, 131, 302, 305, 32! 

Younce, Patty Rae, Hlllsboro, Ore., 404 

Youd. T. Leslie, Spanish Fork 

Young. Alice Kathleen, Chambers, Ariz., 368 

Young, Barbara Claire, San Luis Obispo, Calif. 

Young. Carol Gay. Provo, 266, 404 

Young. Beven Guy. Huntington. 344 

Young. Dennis Allen, Fullerton. Calif.. 404 

Young. Donald Woolley. Huntington Park, Calif. 

Young, Elizabeth Jean, Taber, Alta., Can. 

Young. James W.. Farmington, N. Mex. 

Young. Jean Lenore, Payson 

Young, Jerry Sherman, Idaho Falls, Ida., 368 

Young. Kendall W.. Blanding 

Young. Lauretta. Rainier, Ore., 404 

Young, Leonard D., Blackfoof Ida., 404 

Young. Marilyn Starr, Bluewater, N, Mex., 404 

Young. Robert M., Provo 

Young. Ross. Heber. 321 

Young, Sondra Elaine, La Crescenta, Calif, 198, 344 

Zabel, Kara Lynn, El Cajon, Calif 

Zabrlskle. Grant R., Provo 

Zabrlskle, Marllynn, Orem, 321 

Zabrlskle. Maurine. Pleasant Grove 

Zaccardi. Ben C, Springvllle 

Zander. Karen Patricia. Fond du Lac, Wis., 162 

Zarif. Roberto. Brazil, 404 

Zaugg. Waldo S.. Union, Ore. 

Zeller. Ronald P., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Zlegler, George Robert, Lehl 

Zlelinski, Judith Ann, Tacoma, Wash.. 368 

Zinn. Raymond David. El Centro. Calif 

Zirker. Ronald John, Wardon, Wash., 279, 321 

Zirker. Saundra, San Diego, Calif, 208, 368 

Zitting, Ronald Dwayne. Clarkston. Wash.. 90, 368 

Zohner, Glenn Dorin, Driggs, Ida., 344 

Zollinger, Janice L., San Bernardino, Calif. 226, 341 

Zuber, Donovan Adolf, Toronto, Ont., Can. 

Zundel, Ivan Brown, El Paso, Tex. 


student Index - Winter Quarter 

Aamodt, Molvin Heber, Murray 
Abegg, Myrlon Bentley, Provo 
'Adams, Bonnie Jean, Pierre, 5. D., 346 
Adams, Lavere, Tremonton 

Adamson, Lorna Marie, Salt Lake City, 173, 202 
Addis, Donald F., Oakland, Calif., 346 
Aeschbach, Hanna, Aarav, Switzerland, 328 
Aldean. Edward Fulton, Bakersfield. Calif. 
Allan, Barbara, Mapleton 
Allen, Denzel C, Berkeley, Calif. 
Allen, Terry S., Winslow, Ariz. 
Allphin. Ann S. H., Lovell Wyo. 
Allphin, Marian A., Lovell, Wyo. 
Allred, Leslie Dee. Provo 
Andersen, Mario Ray Provo, 328 
Anderson, Arthur Carl, Glenns Ferry, Ida. 
Anderson, Douglas L., Salt Lake City 
Andetson, Gale Yancey, Pocatello ,lda. 
Anderson, Joan, Gunnison 
Anderson, Lawrence O., Santa Monica, Calif., 23 7, 

Anderson, Lois Raymond, Sacramento, Calif. 
Anderson, Lowell Ray, Falrview 
Anderson, Richard D., Sacramento, Calif. 
Anderson, Ronald B., Salt Lake City 
Anderson, Warren B., Pleasant Grove 
Ands'ton, Janice, Roosevelt 
Andrus, Irva Pratt, Provo 
Andrus, Richard D., Long Beach, Calif. 
Andrui. Ramona E. Glaus, Long Beach, Calif. 
Angus, Donald Roy. Blythe, Calif. 
Applegate, Thayne R., Richfield 
Armstrong, Biair, Idaho Falls, Ida., 167, 345 
Asay, Adelbert B., Provo 
Ashby, Marian, Provo, 166, 346 
Ashton. R .Paul, Midvale, 218. 328 
Aubrey, Sheryl Jean, Woodland, Calif. 
Austin, John M., Provo 


Backman, Robert Jon, Santaquin 

Baer, Richard David, Berkeley, Calif. 

Bagley. Rodney Deland, Ogden 

Bair, Steven L., Glenwood Springs, Colo. 

Baird, Alan, Payson 

Baird, Vaughn. Hey burn, Ida. 

Baker, C. Frank Jr., Delta 

Baker, John Reynold, Tooele 

Ball, Colleen, Murray, 166 

Ballantyne, Wlllard J., Orem 

Barkdull, Franklin Del, Pocatello. Ida. 

Barth, Richard Ervin, Salt Lake City 

Barton, H. Keith, Orem 

Batman. Lanny Leroy, Portland. Ore. 

Beachem, Paul John, St. Augustine, Fla. 

Bean, Ronald H., Seattle, Wash. 

Beardall, Robert Lloyd, Sprlngville 

Bearnson, William J., Sprlngville 

Beck, Gayle, Ogden 

Beck, Vaughn K., American Fork 

Beck, Veria, Ovid, Ida. 

Beckstead, Zan L. 

Beckstrand, Therald C, Meadow, 329 

Beecroft. Bill L.. Provo 

Belnap, Richard Duane, Ogden 

Belt, Glenys Rollins, Lyman, Wyo. 

Bengry, Ruth Roberts, Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Bennett, Gordon L., American Fork 

Bennett, Richard L., Lehi 

Benson, Owen J., Ephralm 

Berg, Lowell A., Heber 

Berry, Margaret Ann. No. Hollywood, Calif., 372 

Berry, Rex Alden, Provo, 372 

Bertoncelj. Eileen, Point of Rocks, Wyo.. 208. 306 

Bethers, Euray, Heber 

Bilbray, James Hubert, Las Vegas, Nev., 372 

Bills, William Harvey, Emmett, Ida., 348 

Bingham, Darold Leroy, Idaho Falls Ida. 

Sinks, Joseph D., Mapleton 

Bird, Beverly Ann, Memphis, Tenn. 

Bird, Eva Deon, Mendon 

Blanchard, Wilma Jean, Pendleton, Ore. 

Blankenstein. John B., Provo 

Bodon. Harold W., Salt Lake City 

Boelter, Barbara, Salt Lake City 

Bollnder, Richard L., Sacramento, Calif. 

Bonnett, Lowell W., Provo 

Boothe, Mali J., Orem 

Boots, William James, Cobalt, Ida. 

Bosen, Bonnie Joy, Long Beach, Calif. 

Bourne. Sidney Arthur, Lethbridge. Alta., Can., 348 

Bowers, Donald Dale, Nyssa, Ore. 

Bown, Roger Layfette, Provo, 158 

Boyack, Anne, Salt Lake City 

Boyack, Margaret May, bpringvill* 

Boyce, Barbaro Ann, Provo 

Boyden, Jacqueline, Lethbridge, Alta., Can. 

Bracken, Byron Lee. Tooele, 373 

Bradshaw, Lawrence S., Drummond, Mont., 348 

Brady, Madge Renon, Spring City. 173, 373 

Brague, Charlene Ann, Riverside, Calif., 172 

Bralthwaite, Leonard D., Provo 

Brandt, William E. Jr., Orem 

Brasher, Ruth E., Huntington 

Breevwer, Jan, Faardam, Holland 

Brew:ter, Marda, Portland, Ore.. 237 

Briggs. Arta Lucille, Salt Lake City, 237 

Brim, Larry Hyde, Downey, Lda. 

Brlndley, Mary Ann, Koosharem, 373 

Bringhurst, Fred R., Alhambra, Calif. 

Brinkerhoff, Golda, Flowell 

Broadhead, Dean Morris, Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Broman, David Gary, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Brook, William Dean, Payson 

Brooks, Kenneth Wayne, Henefer 

Brooksby, Wayne J., Fredonia, Ariz. 

Brown, Jacqueline Sue, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Brown, Kay F., Arcadia, Calif. 

Brown, Raymond Carroll, Bremerton, Wash., 288, 348 

Brown, Richard Dale, American Fork 

Brown, Walter Dean, Blackfoot, Ida. 

Bryner, Maurice Clair, Overton. Nev. 

Buchanan, Norma C, Provo, 269 

Buckwalter, Jolayne, American Fork 

Buckwalter, Kent G., American Fork 

Buettner, Roy Hans, Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Buhler, Sylvan B.. American Fork 

Bukich, Rudy Andrew, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bullock, Dennis S., Welling, Alta., Can. 

Bulow, Melvlna, Provo 

Bunker, Gary Lamond, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Burden. Jack Duane, Portervilie, Calif. 

Burgess, Sara Jane, Copperton 

Burnham, Lucy Gail W,. Provo 

Burns, Noel Eugene. Salt Lake City 

Burt, Rodney L.. Sprlngville 

Bush, Douglas P., Rosemead, Calif., 251 

Butler, Albert Bay, Richfield, 349 

Butler, Oral C, Provo 

Byington, Deverl Y., Jerome, Ida. 

Bytheway, Mercy D., West Jordan, 374 

Cahoon, Thomas Patrick, Calgary, Alta., Can. 

Calder, E. Vance, Orem 

Call, James Richard, Olldale. Calif., 237, 330 

Call, Owen Dean, Col. Dub., Chih., Mex. 

Callaway, Lowell Evan, Pasadena, Calif. 

Campbell. Kerry Leon, Provo 

Capps, Douglas L., Jerome, Ida. 

Cannon, Wilford Glenn, Payson 

Carbine, Chadra, Las Cruces, N. Mex. 

Cardall, Stanley. Provo 

Cardon. Bartell Wilson, Oakland, Calif., 375 

Carlisle, Elmo J., Payson 

Carlion, Thayne G.. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Carson, Eldon Earl. Salt Lake City 

Carter, Dannie Wallls, Orem 

Cartin, Gilbert M., Jacksonville, Fla., 252, 375 

Case, James Richard, Scottsdale, Ariz, 

Cassell, William Carol. Ft. Worth, Tex. 

Cavanaugh. George L., Agar, S. Dak. 

Chambers, Richard W., San Diego, Calif., 270 

Chaney, Evan Ray, Spokane, Wash. 

Chapman, James Edwin. Merced, Calif. 

Chappie, Jay Darrell, Provo 

Chowdhury, Pratlp. Nath 

Christensen, Carolyn, Payson 

Chrlstensen, David C, Denver, Colo. 

Christensen, Ida B. K. 

Christensen, Lorimer, Spanish Fork 

Chrlstensen, Sharon, Orem 

Christensen, William J., Pleasant Grove 

Christiansen, Margit A. 

Christopherson, Merrll. Provo 

Clarldge, Frances Gall, White Salmon, Wash. 

Clark, Bonita Rae, Nampa. Ida. 

Clark, Edward Roy, Portland, Ore. 

Clark, Hoover W., Provo 

Clark, Ranae. 246, 376 

Clarke, RIssa M., Provo 

Clayson, tlmo Anthon, Spanish Fork 

Clayson, Kendall T,, Alameda, Calif., 376 

Clayton, Donna Lee. Bountiful 

Clegg, Darrel Lewis. Provo 

Cluff, Donna Vee, Orange, Calif. 

Cluff. Kenneth C, Provo 

Cluff, Rulon Walker, Provo 

Clyde, Kahleen S., McGill. Nev. 

Coates, Verl bugnell, Lehi 

Coffman, Gordon Crabb, Salt Lake City, 218, 219, 

Collard, Colleen Rea, Provo, 376 
Collet. Wanda Amber, Del Bonita. Alta., Can., 172, 

Comer, Paul B., Lehi 
Connelly, Earl Jack, Prove, 376 
Cook, James Reed, Sprlngville. 214 
Cooper, William L., Raymond, Alta., Can., 377 
Cooper, VIvean Keith, Provo 
Corbet t, David Dewayne, South Gate, Calif. 
Cornwell, Janis S. B., Salt Lake City, 283 
Coultos, Reginald Hess, Provo 
Cowan, Gary Kent, NephI 
Cox, Alice Taylor, Provo 
Cox, Alta, Provo 
Cox, Kim Vernon, Payson 
Cox, Robert B.. Orem 
Craig. Harris Olene, Layton 
Crail, Betty Irene, Merced, Calif., 377 
Crandall, Gordon C, Sprlngville 
Crandall, Lawana, Twin Falls, Ida., 207, 33 1 
Crandall, Lynn Wallace, Sprlngville 
Crane, Verna May, Lethbridge, Alta., Can., 377 
Crawford, Carl W., Orem 
Crawford, Arlean A.. Helper, 350 
Craythorn, Margaret E., Provo, 172, 208 
Crnkovie, E. Elina 

Curtis, Carol Jean, Salt Lake City, 377 
Curtis, Robert Kenneth 
Cutchen, Eleanor Faye, Dothan, Ala., 350 

Dalebout, Gladys J., Salt Lake City 

Dallin, Reed Lowell, Sprlngville 

Dame, Gale, Ogden, 172 

Dam, Ingrid Elisabeth, Rungsted, Den. 

Daniels, Jack Keith, Alameda, Calif., 377 

Dart, George Edwin, Provo 

Darton. Melvin Ray, Oakland, Calif. 

Davenport. Byron F., Provo 

Davis, Richard J., Provo 

Davis, Robert L., Richfield, 351 

Davis, Terence Avard, Payson 

Davis. Terrel Eugene. Mt. Home, Ida, 

Dawson, Kenneth Edsel, Henefer 

Day, Sherman Ross, Draper 

De Pew, Adeline 

Dean, Arzuman George, Sandy 

Dean, Clifford A., Pima, Ariz. 

Dean, Connie Ann, American Fork 

Dean, Ernest H., American Fork 

Dean, Mildred G., American Fork 

Dearden, Blaine Beard, Henefer 

Deby, Wlnnlfred V., Edmonton, Alta., Can., 378 

Decker, Jerry, Mancos, Colo., 332 

Dennett, El wood, Provo 

Dennis, Ronald M., Orem 

Denys, Sylvia Kay, Provo 

Derrick, Sylvia Marie, Atlanta. Ga. 

Derrick, Paul Irven, Atlanta, Ga. 

Despain, Harold Steele, Lovell, Wyo. 

Dickey, Desmond C, Jacksonville, Fla., 351 

Diderlcksen. Margie, Tremonton, 378 

Dimick, Frank Reed, Provo 

Dixon, Glenn Ray, Payson, 214 

Dobson, Boyd, Farmington 

Donaldson, Kenyon V., Duncan, Ariz. 

Done, Edna Harris, Provo , 

Done, Norma Maudell, Provo, 378 

Dotson, Robert B., Panaca, Nev.. 351 

Downs, Gerald C, Copperton 

Doxey, Roger W., 

Drake, Asa Junior, Victor, Ida., 332 

Drakullch, Jannie Lou, Ely, Nev. 

Draper, Vernon Thomas, Price 

Drinkwater, Phillip F., Runnemede, N. J., 263, 351 

Dudley, Alan Wallace, Magrath, Can., 378 

Dug more, Dorlne, Ferron, 352 

Dugmore. Gale A. 

Duke, Elaine Whitney 

Dunford, Max Patterson, Provo 

Dumas, Mary Elizabeth, Randolph. Vt.. 324 

Dunn, Heber Grant. Provo. 176. 237 

Durfee. Henry Clement. Caldwell, Ida., 378 

Durfey. Evan Haws, American Fork 

Durham, Luanne, Trenton, N. J, 

Durrant, Ronald, Provo 

Earp, Deverle Jess 

Earp, Robert Eugene, El Monte, Calif. 
Eckerman, Nevlyn Marie. New Laguna, Valencia 
Ellis, Jede Nell, Mancos, Colo, 


student Index - Winter Quarter 

Ebinga, Joyce L. Salt Lake City. 237, 352 

Emery, Ivan Earl, Ganado, Arii., 379 

Engemann, Paul K.. Van Noys. Calif.. 310 

Ennlss. Noel Huff, Salt Lake City. 3S2 

Erickson. Lucile B., Springville 

Eskelson. Oral W., American Fork 

Escobar, Victor. San Leandro. Calif. 

Eschler. Harold, Bountiful 

Evans. David L. Inglewood. Calif.. 269. 353 

Evans. Douglas Lloyd. Raymond. Alta.. Can.. 379 

Evans. Forrest Stewart, Vernal 

Evans. Jayne, Layton. 253, 259 

Eyring. Phillip Max. Berkeley, Calif., 210 

Fallis, Arvel A., Hatch. 332 

Fannin. George R-, Moses Lake. Wash, 

Farley, Gilbert Lamar. Covlna. Calif. 

Farnsworth. Verl S., Mapleton 

Farr, David Brown, Lakeside, Arii.. 352 

Farr. James Gordon. Lakeside. Ariz,, 379 

Faucette. Reese Earl. Provo 

Felsted. Harold W., Pullman, V/ash. 

Fenton. Darrell K.. Pleasant Grove 

Fickel, Marie Luise. Milwaukee. W.s. 

Fife. Nancy Jane. Los Angeles. Calif., 277 

Fillmore. Charles L., Provo 

Fillmore. Gary N., Orim 

Finch. Gerald Max, Payson 

Fisher, Elaine Karin, Bountiful 

Fitch. Marian F,, San Diego. Calif. 

Fitisemanu, Tavita, Apia, West Samoa. 259. 266 

Flanary. Howard Lee. Nyssa, Ore. 

Flitton. Dee W., Ogden 

Foote, Arvel Wayne, Welling. Alta., Can. 380 

Ford. Leiand Levon. Springville 

Forman. John Ernest, Heber 

Forrest. Hugh A. Jr., Springville. Mass. 

Forsyth. Gwen, Provo, 198, 332 

Foulk, David Richard, Walnut Creek, Calif. 

Foutz, Robert B. Jr.. Farmlngton, N. Men. 

Fox. Harold Chlpman. Lehi 

Fox, William, Tooele 

Frederickson, Horace G,, Twin Falls. Ida. 

Freeman, Carol. Long Beach, Calif., 333 

French. Russell Carl. Hill Spring, Alta.. Can. 

Frome. Lionel 0-. Afton, Wyo. 

Frost, Merrill F.. Provo 

Fruman Rlma Delmont 

Fuchigoml. Ronald S,. Lanai City. Hawaii 

Fuller. Dena. Mesa. Ariz. 

Fuller, Eldon R.. Pasco. Wash. 

Fullmer. Jonene, Springville 

Fullmer. Richard R.. Springville 

Gabbltas. George W., Jr., Bakersfield. Calif. 

Gale. Levon Russel. Durango. Colo. 

Gambles, Paul Dean, Swan Lake. Ida. 

Garcia, Carmen C, Provo. 333 

Garcia. Jose E., Las Cavces. N. Mex.. 353 

Gardner. Barclay, Spanish Fork 

Gardner, Franklin D.. Afton. Wyo. 

Gardner. Mark Lavar. Firth, Ida., 353 

Garslde, Jayne G., Kansas City 

Carter, Richard Garn. Provo 

Gates, Joseph Lawrence, Compton. Calif. 

Geddes. Marlse Alder, Provo 

Gentile, Margaret Mary, Brooklyn. N, Y. 

Gibb, Robert Nelson, Raymond, Alta.. Can,. 380 

Gibbons, Lorene Donna 

Gibbs. Walter S., Portage, 162. 333 

Gibb:, Laurel E.. Reliance, Wyo. 

Gilchrist. Alan Curtis, Qulncy. Wash.. 380 

Gilchrist. Norman D., Quincy. Wash., 380 

Gilger. Marilyn. Las Vegas. Nev. 

Gines, Ralph Junior, Orem 

Gish, Melvin Paul. Ontario, Calif. 

Glasgow. Diane Dunford 

Glenn, Lowell Marshall, Orem 

Goatas, Clara. Parma, Ida., 173, 381 

Goates, Irene, Parma. Ida. 

Gobte. Dee Roy, Calgary, Alta,, Can. 

Goodrich, Glen M., Trldell 

Gowans, Hugh E., Tooele 

Graham, Robert William. Rlgby. Ida. 

Grayson. Jean Edna, N. Vancouver, Can., 381 

Gray, Sam L.. Monroe 

Greene. Marva Lue 

Grenko. Rudolph John. Gallup. N. Mex. 

Grenny, Guy Wayne. Spokane. Wash. 

Griffin. Gerald B.. Escalante 

Griffin. Rodney Dale, American Fork 

Griffith. Doyle Robert. Bell, Calif.. 381 

Grimaud. Donald L., MIdvale. 353 

Groesbeck. Robert Dean, Springville 

Groneman. Janet Marie, Provo. 200, 353 

Gubler. Antoine Hafen, Rosemead. Calif. 

Gunter. Monroe Maynard, Portland. Ore.. 324 

Gurr, Willis Opvllle, Sigurd 

Gurr, Delmar Smith. Parowan 

Guymon, Fred Edgar 

Gwynn, Ann Lorraine, Garches, France 


Hacking. Donald Earl, Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Hacking, Kenneth J,. Provo 

Hadley. Dee Wlllard. Ogden 

Hafen. Clark Jacob, St. George 

Haggen. Gilbert L., Lovell, Wyo., 354 

Hahl, Constance Jean, Rehway, N. J. 

Hale, Rodney. Oakley, Ida. 

Hales, Glade Cowan. Spanish Fork 

Hall. EIna Ann S., 

Hall, John Richard, Tooele 

Helton. Nancy Lavaun, Albany, Ore,, 354 

Halvorson. Allan L., Abbey. Sask.. Can., 382 

Hamot. Jerry Edward, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Hamilton, Naomi Ruth. Vanceburg, Ky., 237. 252. 

Hamilton, Robert Dean. Fallbrook. Calif., 382 
Hansen, Douglas William, Orem 
Hansen, Duane A., Springville 
Hansen, Irving Carl. Belleville, N. J. 
Hansen, James Norman. Cottonwood. Arlr. 
Hansen, Janell, West Jordan. 202 
Hansen. Nile Joseph, Dayton, Ida. 
Hansen. Norma Gae, Richfield 
Hansen. Ray, Mayfleld 
Hansen. Wilford Roy. Gunnison 
Hanson, Gene Russell, Provo 
Hanson. Thomas E. Jr., Duluth, Minn. 
Hard/, William Heber, Provo 
Harker, Dale Wayne, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Harris.. Charles Wright, San Bernardino, Calif. 
Harris, Lynn- M., Ogden 
Harris. Paul Lavern, Rirle. Ida.. 382 
Harris, Rita Jean. Torrance. Calif.. 354 
Harris, Val Leroy. Provo 
Hart. John Adolph. Provo 
Harvey. David C., Pleasant Grove 
Harward. Eldon Kent, Midvale 
Hatch, Rey Lynn, El Paso, Tex. 
Haws, Shirley Mae, Richland, Wash. 
Haycock, Bevan O., Grand Junction, Colo, 
Haycock, Judith Wilma. Salt Lake City 
Haycock, Roger G., Cedar. 190 
Hayes. Henry Howard. San Jose, Calif. 
Hayes, William Oscar, American Fork 
Hays, Gilbert Aird, Sen Diego, Calif. 
Helnzman, Gene Roger, Vallejo. Calif, 
Held. George John Jr., Glendale. Calif. 
Henderson, Ashton R., Pocatello, Ida. 
Hendricks. Robert R.. Salt Lake City, 383 
Heninger, Richard W.. Raymond. Alta., Can. 
Hennlngsen, Tove B., Esblerg, Denmark, 383 
Henri ksen. Alma Lamont. Provo 
Henriksen. Adolph F. Jr., Betlflower, Calif. 
Hepworth. Lester O.. Hinckley 
Herron, Jack Richard, Cut Bank, Mont. 
Hicks, Robert Franklin, Rochester. N.Y. 
Hill. Frank Wilson, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Hiskey. Mona Ellett. Blcknell 
Hodion. Harry, Provo 
Hogan. Williom E.. Salt Lake City 
Holdaway, Grant Harold, Provo 
Holdsberg. Carroll. Los Angeles. Calif., 237 
Hollingshead, James. Wlhttier, Calif, 355 
Holmes, Carole Jean, Springville 
Holmstead. Ralph Kay. Lehi 
Holtman, Peggy Key, Salt Lake City 
Homer, Betty Jo. Salt Lake City 
Hooper, Gerald Ray, San Gabriel-. Calif. 
Hornberger, Sheila I,, Calgary, Alta., Can. 
Horsley, Richard Brown, Salt Lake City, 210, 334 
Horton, Frank Arnold. Provo. 214, 259 
Hosklns, Phillip K,. Kellogg. Ida. 
Housslan. William C, Calgary. Alta., Can.. 355 
Hubler, Helm Helmuth, Blel. Switzerland. 240 
Huff. Leonard Ray. Spanish Fork 
Huff, Franklyn Dan. Orem 
Hulse, Evelyn Ann, Buhl. Ida. 
Hunter. Richard Brent, Eugene. Ore. 
Hunter, Sherman Craig, Salt Lake City 
Huntsman. Lewis R., Enterprise 
Hurst, Jewell Y., Mapleton 
Hurst, Margene. Mapleton 
Hyde, Leonard Blaine, Provo 


mal. Tomlko, Tokyo. Japan. 256 

rving. Eldred W., Nyssa, Ore. 

rving, Magdalena A.. Nyssa. Ore. 

verson, Jane. Pleasont Grove. 355 

vie, Alma Raeldon, Ogden. 146, 224. 355 

vie. Dwayne Seymour. Benlcla, Calif. 

vie, Morrel W., Fillmore, 214, 335 

vie. Virgil Stanley, Provo 

vlns, Anthony Harold, Lund, Nev. 

Jack. Vernadeen, Farmlngton, N. Mex.. 172 

Jackson. Gerald Lee. Salt Lake City 

Jackson. James Stanley, Lakeside. Ariz.. 250. 355 

Jackson, Paul W., Ogden 

Jackson, Norman Heber. Kanab, 223 

Jacobs, Elaine. Salt Lake City. 355 

James, Lucie Howard. Orem 

Janson, Donald Granger. Phoenix, Ariz. 

Jarvie, Thearn Gill. Draper 

Jarrard, Richard Lee, 355 

Jeffs, Mark Dee, Heber 

Jensen, Bryant Levern, Falrvlew 

Jensen, Donald Alvln. Salt Lake City, 335 

Jensen, Melron Curtis. Minneapolis. Minn. 

Jensen, Richard W.. Stirling, Alta., Can. 

Jensen, Wilds Darlene. Moses Lake 

Jensen. Vernon L.. Ithaca. N. Y.. 312 

Jenson. Jeanene. Smithfield. 255. 356 

Johnson. Barbara L., Downey, Calif. 

Johnson, Burt Harold, Rlverton. 254 

Johnson, Carma Jean, Ogden 

Johnson, Charles Lynn, SprlngvIlU 

Johnson, David Eric, Blackfoot, Ida. 

Johnson, Dorlne. South Jordan 

Johnson. Douglas G., Santoquin 

Johnson, Hal La veil. Ferron 

Johnson, Harold Austin, Murray 

Johnson, J. Clifford Jr., Marysvllle, Calif.. 356 

Johnson, James Irving, Pleasant Grove 

Johnson. John Keith, Buhl. Ida. 

Johnson, Karen S.. Denver. Colo. 

Johnson. Kerma, Holden 

Johnson, Lawrence M.. Salt Lake City 

Johnson, Maurice Webb. Provo 

Johnson. Oliver T.. Orem 

Johnson, Richard X., Studio City. Calif. 

Johnson. Robert Hugh, Richfield, 273, 335 

Johnson. Rodney Allan. High Bridge, Wis., 258 

Johnson, Walter Howard, Provo 

Jolley, Carol, Provo 

Jolley. Harold Lee. Provo 

Jones. Bruce Edward. Salt Lake City 

Jones, Glen Ashton. Blending. 254 

Jones. J, Stephen, Provo, 103 

Jones, Marilynn, Pasadena. Calif., 356 

Jones, Merjorle E. P., Grand Junction, Colo. 

Jorgensen, James Neil, Mount Pleasant 

Joyce, John Michael, Antonlto, Colo. 

Kapp, Grant Wilford, Springville 

Karren, Jay B., Vernal 

Kashanlan. Farrokh, Teheran, Iran 

Kee, Louis Walter Jr.. Boise. Ida. 

Keith, Wayne Penrod, Provo, 162, 190 

Kesler, Sharen Lee, Milford 

Killian, Sheffield D., Kaysvllle 

Kimball, Jay Crandall. Lynwnod, Calif. 

Kimball, Edwin Norman n, Provo 

King. George Arvel. Provo 

King. Gerald Carl. Springville 

King. James Ernest Jr., St, Petersburg, Fla. 

King, Reed Lewis. Darlington. Ids., 356 

King. Stephen Best, Moore, Ida., 237, 356 

King, Scott J., Las Vegas, Nev. 

KIngdon. Eugene Earl. Staten Island. N. Y.. 223. 336 

KIrby. Bobby. Bakersfield, Calif. 

Kitras. Zissls C, Athens, Greece 

Kitchin. William R., Sweet Home. Ore. 

Kneeland, Judith Amy. Rosemead. Calif. 

Knickerbocker. William, New Plymouth. Ida. 

Knotts, Dianne 

Knudsen, Gale, Farmlngton. N. Mex. 

Knudsen, Clarence. Provo 

Knudsen. Wendell W.. Farmlngton. N. Mex. 

Kofford. Jeratd. Gridley, Calif. 322 

Kolsta. Christ Edward. Fairfield. Mont.. 260. 387 

Kondo, Eleanor Setsuko, Kapaa, Hawaii 

KoHer. Verle Glen. Shelley, Ida.. 336 

Kotter, Vernon Henry, Payson 

Labrum, Joyce. Lapoint 

Laird. Fred H. Jr.. Ruth. Nev. 

Lake. Jay Vaughn, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 224, 225. 314 

Lambson. Glen H.. Provo 

Lambson, Patricia Ann. Prescott. Ariz.. 357 

Lang. Rudolph Edwin Jr.. N. Hollywood. Calif 

Larsen, Dean L., Mesa. Ariz. 

Larson, Byron Albert 

Larson. Glade. Moses Lake, Wash. 

Latham, Glenn. Eugerie, Ore. 

Lew, Gladys. Bountiful. 357 

Law. Pierce Alan. Herkimer, N. Y. 

Lawrence, Rue Lewis. Salt Lake City 

Leaf. Lawrence Dennis. Seattle. Wash.. 387 

Leavltt, Allen Mark 

Lechtenberg. Duwayne T.. Bancroft. Ida. 

Lee. Earl M., St. Ignatius. Mont.. 260. 357 

Lee. Emily Brian, Loa 

Lee, Jennings Miles, Orem 

Lee, Wilmer Grant. San Diego. Calif. 

Leonhardt, Mary. Pleasant Grove, 207. 357 

Lewis, Anthon H.. Farmlngton. N. Mex. 

Lewis. Frank, Decatur, Neb. 

Lewis. Wayne J.. Provo 

Llddell, Rulon Dee, Duchesne, 388 

Liddle, Wallace S.. Arlington, Va., 388 

Llllebo. Jeri Lee. North Bend, Ore.. 173 

Lindsay, W. Paul. Morelsnd, Ida, 

Lish. Roderick Nell, McCammon, Ida.. 282 

Livingston, Tonya, Springville 

Lloyd, Gary M.. Provo. 190 

Loar. Marvin John. Farmlngton. N. Mei,. 262 

Loertscher. Paul Rush. Park City 

Long, Louis Rene, Overton, Nev,. 358 

Lopez, Inez, Dragerton 

Lord, Marilyn C, Provo 

Lorah, Clifton L.. Meridian. Ida. 

Lord. Richard Oliver. Mayfleld, Ida. 

Lott, Adelbert Snow. Salt Lake City 

Lott, Lowell Dean 

Louder. Boyd Mitchell. Kamas 

Louder. Myrl B.. Kamas 

Lowther. Leo Marley. Arlmo. Ida.. 388 

Luke, Arlo Dillon. Twin Falls, Ida.. 176 

Lund, Marcls Ellen, Spenard, Alaska, 268, 356 

Laub, Myrna C, Monrovia. Calif. 

Lundy, Guy Murr. Portland. Ore., 388 

Lythgoe. George H., Myton 


Madsen, Darrell H.. Ogden 

Magleby. Carvel. Koosharem 

Mangelson. L. Dee. Nephl 

Manwarlng, Helen Jeane. San Diego. Csllf. 3B9 

Marble. Glen B.. Malad. Ida., 326 

Margetts, Jean. Sunnyvale. Calif.. 369 

Marlowe, Dorothy P.. Seattle. Wash. 

Marlowe. Kent Warren. Salt Lake City 

Marriott, Merle E.. Salt Lake City 

Marshall. Kenneth N.. Provo 

Marshall, Patricia J.. Lehi 

Marvosh. Denis Bryner. Covlna, Calif 

Martin. Robert Lee. Burley. Ida., 389 

Meson, Keith Howard. Provo 

Mathews, Kristin A.. Provo 

Mathews, James D., Nephl 

Mathle, Alton J., Ogden 

Matson, Marlane Mae. Hawthorne, Nev. 

Matthews. Dorothy Anne. Montpeller, Ida. 

Maxfleld, Verl Ray, Delta 

McAdam, Beverly Jean, Provo 


student Index - Vlfinter Quarter 

McComb. Charles Ben. Provo 

McConkie. Lorry J., Vernal. 389 

McCoy. Audrey Ann, Tooele 

McCullough, Donald, Richland. Wash. 

McDonald. Ervin J., Orem 

McDonald Stuart Lyie. Orem 

McGee. Grace J., Farmington, N. Mex. 

Mclinnes, William M.. Eagar. Arii. 

McKay, Teddy A., Santaquin 

McKee. Burton Clair. Holden 

McKee, Trevor Ronald, Colton. Calif. 

McKee, Margaret Joan S., Fillmore 

McLaws. Robert Dwame, Sun Valley. Calif.. 390 

McMullin. Larry Keith. Moses Lake. Wash. 

McNeill, Lawrence M.. Salt Lake City 

McWilliams. Ruth Ann. St. Louis. III,. 390 

Mecham, Don T., San Gabriel, Calif. 

Meldrum, Floyd Alton, Provo 

Menlove, Richard D.,. Provo 

Merrell. Ma* J„ Moses Lake, Wash. 

Merrill. Don William, Riverton, 337 

Merrill. C^rol Joan, Salt Lake City 

Merrill, Marlene, Elcasan. Calif., 390 

Mlckelsen, Richard A., Rigby, Ida.. 259, 338 

Miitkelsen, Orel M., Provo 

Milam. Gary Dean, Glendale, Calif., 314 

Miles, Michael Angus, Burnaby, B. C. 

Millar. Yvonne. Pleasant Grove. 207. 359 

Miller, Don Leroy. Victor, Ida. 

Miller. Klint F.. Salt Lake City 

Miller. Richard Dale, Evansville, Ind., 269 

Miller. Shirley Joy, Salt Lake City. 390 

Miller, Webster Hoover. Provo 

Mills. Vernatie. Bountiful, 172. 390 

Miner. Alan Edv^ard, Grantsville, 210 

Mink, Julia Laverne, Glenns Ferry, Ida. 

Mitton, Wallace Reid. Albam. Ore., 390 

Mitchell, William Carl. Provo. 359 

Moesser Kent Lanny, Etna. Wyo.. 359 

Monson, Calvin Eugene, American Fork, 190. 223, 323 

Montague. David Oliver, Nampa, Ida. 

Moon, Clarence. Orem 

Moon, Davl Midlton, Provo, 196 

Moon. Merrill, Provo 

Moore. James Richard, Flint, Mich, 

Moore, Katharyn Cole, Provo 

Morgan, Ronald J., Lehi 

Mortensen. Paul Trent, Mesa, Ariz, 

Mousley, Boyd H., Riverton 

Murdock, Paul B., Napa. Calif. 

Mussler, Hans Karl, Bad Homburg, Germany 

Myers, Ronald Floyd. American Fork 


Nagel, Kurt Voss, Calgary, Alta., Can. 

Naylor. Karl Glen, Mesa, Arii. 

Naylor, Jay Harvey. Provo, 106. 330 

Naylor, Robert L,, Grantsville 

Neaman, Darlene E.. Washakie 

Neilson, Jo Ann, Sacramento. Calif. 

Neilson. Paul Guthrie, W. Jordan, 391 

Nelson, Allen Eugene, Helper 

Nelson, Connie Lou 

Nelson. Eldon J., Glenwood. Alta., Can. 

Nelson. Lloyd Keith. Orerri 

Nelson, Richard H., Provo 

Nelson, Verne Terry, Bisbee, Ariz., 392 

Nettle, Hubert, New Albany, Ind., 338 

Netto. Nicholas E., Orem 

Neuenswander, Val J.. Weston, Ida.. 279 

Nielsen. Allen Wells, Moroni, 316 

Nielsen. J. Marion 

Nielsen, Lynn Moser, Lehi 

Nielson, Maxine. San Francisco, Calif. 

Ninow, Cecil Dudley. Johannesburg. S. Africa 

Noel. Gordan Andrew. Magrath, Alta.. Can. 

Noori, Hossein Sheikh, Teheran, Iran 

Norris, Paul David Jr., Etna, Calif.. 244 

Norton, Al M., Provo 

Oliphant, Norman Henry. Orem, 167, 360 

Olsen, Beth Wardell, Otto, Wyo., 316 

Olsen. Dale A., Provo. 360 

Olsen. Richard D.. Salt Lake City 

Olson, Dorothy Lou G.. St. Louis. Mo,. 262 

Oquist. Selfrid, Sundyberg. Sweden, 393 

Orrock. Scott G.. Provo 

Orfon, Frederick L.. Sidney, Iowa 

Otter:on. Jean Daniels, San Luis Obispo, Calif, 323 

Ot+ley. Joann S.. Provo. 162 

Oyler, Neldon Duane, Re«burg. Ida., 339 

Packard, Mary Ann, Orem, 172. 393 

Packer, Edward Lee, Portland. Ore. 

Page, Gerald James, Kamas 

Page, Gary Lee. Emmett. Ida.. 393 

Palfreyman. Raphel C, Provo 

Palmer, Daniel Sewell, American Fork 

Palmer. James R,, Park Valley, 339 

Palmer, Junelle. Park Valley, 393 

Page, Sharon, Grace, Ida.. 360 

Panuncio, Lucia Maria, Buenos Aires. Argentina, 256, 

Papic, Rerrell Deloy, Riverside, III.. 
Papic, Richard Steven 
Parker. Gilbert, Paris. Ida.. 393 
Parkin. Colleen Ruth, Bountiful, 393 
Parsons, Sharon Laree, Paso Robles, Calif.. 172, 393 
Patterson, Jeanne E., Phoenix, Arlr.. 208, 323 
Pearson, Vernon J., Moore, Ida. 
Peck. Doris Eileen, Olympia. Wash. 
Pennock, MIonne. Twin Falls, Ida. 
Penrod, Beth, Mesa. Arli. 

Perrett, Heber David, Stirling, Alta., Can., 394 
Perry. John Russell, Provo. 323 
Perei. Casfro Lilia. 256 

Petersen, Bruce James, Evanston, Wyo., 339 

Petersen. Karen, Boise. Ida. 

Peterson. Clayton Reed, Medford. Ore. 

Peterson, Luc. lie S,, Provo 

Peterson, Nadine. Provo 

Pettit. Edwin Eugene, Idaho Falls, Ida., 280 

Phillips, Thomas B., Phoenix. Ariz. 

Pitcher. Sandra, South Gate, Calif. 

Plumb, Lenore R., Provo 

Polacca. Howella Jr.. Crystal. N. Me». 

Pooe. Charles Ernest. Provo 

Porter. Donna Ruth, Spanish Fork 

Porter, Edson Rell, Sun River, Mont., 362 

Porter. Kenneth Thomas, Salt Lake City 

Porter. Reed Johnson, Spanish Fork, 340 

Porter, Vonda C. 

Porter, Sherron Harold. Sun River. Mont.. 260. 362 

Powell. Dean Bevin. Pleasant Grove. 395 

Powell, Leland Max, Huntington 

Powelson. Gerald Dee. American Fork 

Prestwich, Eart J,, Orem 

Price. Charlene, Provo, 395 

Prior, Jean, Lawndale, Calif.. 316 

Pritcherd, Laverne S., Burley, Id^.. 

Pyne. Jimme Lavar, Orem 

Pyne, Clifton Morris, Orem 

Pyper, James W.. Wells. Nev., 340 

Quails. Gary L., Kalispell. Mont. 
Quinton. Peggy Ann, El Cerrlto, Calif. 

Ramos. Gavira Myrna. Mexico City, Mei. 

Randall. Elbert E., Centerville, 395 

Rawie, Joseph M,, Sprlngvllle 

Rawson, Belva June. Hooper, 362 

Raynor. Bob C. Salt Lake City 

Raynor. Wallace A. .Ogden, 324 

Read, Nelson Ralph, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Reed. LyIe Lee. lahdo Falls, Ida. 

Reed, Mitchell Louis. Orange, Tex. 

Reeder, Wendell Grant, Dallas Tex., 194, 340 

Reese, Blair Thomas. American Fork 

Reese, Edna Scott. Provo 

Reeve, Orvilie Lee, American Fork 

Reveiti, Domlnick J. 

Revo. Wini Leila, Millbrae. Calif. 

Reynolds, Dixie Jo, Vernal. 396 

Reynolds, Rae Mona K., Portland. Ore, 

Reynolds. Thomas V. Jr.. Provo, 340 

Rhoes, Howard S., Calgary, Alta., Can. 

Richards, Charlene L., Covina, Calif. 

Richards. Fred Bruce, Provo 

Richards, Gene Murdell, Blackfoot. Ida., 196, 340 

Richards, Victoria J.. Salt Lake City 

Richardson, Oscar L., Brlgham, 396 

Richardson, Ralph L, Virden, N. Me«.. 340 

Richens, Fern, Vernal. 396 

Rlchey, Forest M., Anchorage, Alaska, 396 

Rlchey, Floyd Heaton, Anchorage, Alaska 

Riding, John A., Sprlngvllle, 396 

Riding, Jerry Russell, Orem 

Rigby, Harold Ray, Grace, Ida.. 362 

Rigtrup. Brent Reed, Sprlngvllle 

Rlos, Omar Gustave, Edinburg. Tex.. 285, 362 

Robertson, Gary Evan, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 210 

Robinson, Dorothy L.. Chambersburg. Pa. 

Robinson, Roland Dee, Richfield, 340 

Rock, Gordon K., Morgan 237, 340 

Roe, Wilford Earl, Panguitch 

Rogers, Clark Douglas, Olympia, Wash. 

Rogers. Garth Olsen. Provo 

Rogers, Verna Vanburen, Provo 

Rollins, Ellen May. Cardston, Alta.. Con.. 173, 362 

Rollins, Leslie McKay. Lyman, Wyo. 

Romero, Gary, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Rondo. Joseph W„ 340 

Ross. Daniel Lee, Payson 

Roundy, Jerry Coy, Escalante, 396 

Rowan. Norman Joel. Orem 

Rowberry, C, Joseph, Provo 

Rowberry. Donald M., Provo 

Rowe. Larry Olene, Thomas, Ida.. 396 

Rowley, Fay Frances, Salt Lake City, 202 

Rowley. Sharon, Salt Lake City, 202 

Rumel, Pamela Susan. Pocatello, Ida., 202. 396 

Russell. John Joseph, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Sabey. Ronald Keith, Magrath. Alta.. Can.. 397 

Safsten. Ronald Duane. Blaine. Wash., 132 

Salmenson, Emily, San Francisco. Calif. 

Sampson, Bill. Salt Lake City 

Sampson, Shirley 0- Covington, Va., 237, 252, 397 

Sams, Dana Lou, Culver, Kan.. 397 

Samuelsen, Tur.d, Provo. 397 

Sanders, Loralee Green. Ogd^ 

Sandstrom, Barbara L., Santa Ana, Calif. 

Sauer, Joan Marjorie, Rigby. Ida. 

Scalf, Robert Alan, Columbus, Ind., 237, 341, Dallas, St. Anthony, Ida. 

Schneider, Jack B., Snowflake. Ariz., 363 

Schofield. Allen C. Spanish Fork 

Scholer, Bruce C, Salt Lake City 

Schott. Charles Henry. Royal Oak. Mich., 397 

Schulthles, Karl B., Nampa, Ida. 

Scott, George Jesse, American Fork 

Sederstrom. Stanley G,, St. Paul, Minn. 

Seelev. Wallace Dal, Bluebell. 265 

Seely. Dean H.. St. Anthony. Ida.. 318 

Seymour, Elva Loree, Del Paso. Calif., 397 

Shaffer. Vonda Lee. Warner, Can., 397 

Shaw, Perry Clayton. Salt Lake City. 363 

Shlpp, Rodney C. Joseph 

Shirts, Morris Alpine 

Shriver, William F., Provo 

Shumway, Dale Leland, Shumway, Ariz,. 323 

Silva. Yvonne, Eleanor, Gooding, Ida,, 

Simpson, Lamar C, Orem 

Skinner, Dale E., American Fork 

Slade, Monte H., Kline. Colo. 

Slade. Ronnie, Durango, Colo. 

Smith, Arthur Yates, Raymond. Alta.. Can., 398 

Smith, Arlen Morgan, Champion, Can., 398 

Smith. Blake Thomas. Cowley. Wyo. 

Smith, Cleo. American Fork 

Smith, Earl Gordon. Payson, 282, 341 

Smith. Evelyn. Walnut Creek, Cal.f.. 365 

Smith, Evelyn L.. Salt Lake City 

Smith, James La Vae. Fillmore 

Smith. James Norman, Farmington. N. Mex,, 224, 276. 

Smith, Joseph Gale, Fillmore 
Smith, Kay G.. Shelley, Ida. 

Smith. Lamont Wood, Hill Spring. Alta.. Can.. 398 
Smith. Lenore Emily. New West Mlnsre, Can,, 398 
Smith, Martha Emelle, Granger 
Smith, Priscilla Jean, Logan 
Smith, Renee, Provo 

Smith, Robert Gene, Redondo Beach, Calif. 
Smith, Ted Lamar, Los Angeles, Calif., 364 
Snell, Robert Morris, Provo 
Soellner, Gilbert G,, Calgary, Alta., Can. 
Sonzlni, Lorraine, Salt Lake City 
Sorensen, David J., Burbank. Calif, 
Sorensen, William 0.. Las Vegas. Nev., 323 
Sorenson, Ann, Aurora 
Sorenson, Eliot Ben. Payson 
Soto. Ida. Somerton, Ariz., 364 
Soule. Joan Lillian, Albany, N.Y., 342 
Spencer. Richard H.. Spokane. Wash. 
Spencer. Vartan, Murray. 172, 237, 399 
Sperry, Brent Harrison. Provo 
Sperry. Arlln Howard, Provo 
Spiker, Saundra. Salt Lake City, 364 
Spoerl, Karl William, Great Falls. Mont,, 399 
Sprague, Leland. Overton, Nev. 
St Clair, Stephen L.. Dragerton 
Steele, Albert Eugene, LaSat 
Steffans, Jaskueline, Sprlngvllle 
Stephens, Keith Leon, Oakland, Calif. 
Stephenson. Lyman C, Nampa, Ida. 
Stevens, Carole, Salt Lake City 
Stevens, Patricia Anne, Greensboro, N. C. 
Stevens. Walllam Ray, Barnwell, Can., 319 
Stewart, Barry D., Klamath Falls. Ore.. 399 
Stewart, Carolyn. Salt Lake City 
Stewart, Donna, Alamo, Nev. 
Stewart, Jerrie C„ Seattle, Wash. 
Stewart, Kathrine L., Spanish Fork 
Stewart, Samuel Lynn, Shelby, Mont. 
Stewart, Solomon Lan, Glendale. Ariz, 
Stireman, Loren Roger, Provo 
Stockton. Wayne Thomas. Bartlesville. Okla., 399 
Stokes. Earl Dean, Salmon, Ida. 
Stone. Douglas Nelson, Raymond, Alta., Can., 400 
Storey, Robert F., Salt Lake City 
Strong. James William. Rapid City. S. D., 400 
Strong, Robert E. Lee, Provo 
Stubbs, Naoma, Provo 
Sfubbs, Richard C. Sprlngville. 214. 319 
Stubbs, Stanley Allan, Sprlngvllle, 214 
Stucki. Dora Jean, Overton, Nev. 
Stumph. Joseph K. Jr., Provo. 400 
Suarez, Cardona Olga M., Quatemala. 399 
Sullivan, James D., Monticello, Arfc„ 252, 399 
Summers. Rita May. Oneida, Wis. 
Sutherland. Exie R., Paseagoula, Miss,, 399 
Swan. Geral^e, Orem 
Swan, Marian, Orem 
Swen;en, Jennie R., Provo 
Sweeten. Lloyd R., Malad, Ida. 
Sweeten. Beth Shafer, Malad, Ida. 

Tawflk, Salah, Bagdad, Iraq 

Taylor, B. Kent. Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Taylor, Barbara C, Sherman Oaks, Calif.. 400 

Taylor, Evan C, Provo 

Taylor, Gary Earl, Burbank, Calif. 

Taylor, John W.. Provo 

Taylor, Mary Lou Dixon, Provo 

Tebbs, Douglas Clark. Panguitch, 210, 224 

Terry. Charles R.. Sacramento. Calif., 175, 400 

Terry, Mary Ellen, Bountiful. 400 

Tew. Ronald Kay. Sprlngville 

Thatcher, David Weston. Provo 

Thomas. John Carl, Provo 

Thomas. James Philip. Anaconda, Mont. 

Thompson, Gordon H., Warsaw. Ind. 

Thompson. Grant C. Provo 

Thompson, Howard Abbe, Kenne, N, H. 

Thompson. Robert M., 

Thomsen, Irene Carol, Ingle wood. Calif, 

Thome, Sally H., Provo, 401 

Thornock, Russell O.. Montpelier, Ida. 

Thueson, Norvin Dean, Twin Falls, Ida,, 366 

Ti dwell, Bette Laverne, McGill, Nev. 

Tidwell, William D., Homedale. Ida. 

Tingey, Afton M., Sprlngville. 343 

Tingey, Verla, Woodruff, 366 

Tollestrup, Stephen, Lethbridge. Alta., Can. 

Toly, Allen Stewart, Coaldale, Alta.. Can. 

Toombs. Bevelyn. Benson, 401 

Tower. Harold A., Yuba City, Calif., 401 

Tracy. Charles H., Flint Mich. 

Tregeagle, Karen Lee, Provo, 216 

Trimble, Bill Noel, Pleasant Grove 

Trost, Lucile Layton, Layton 

Tsuji. Ernest Y.. Honolulu. T.H.. 257, 401 

Tuckett. John M.. Lake Shore 

Tuft, Don B.. Murray 

Turner, Norman Clyde, Riverton. 343 

Turpin, James F,, Blackfoot, Ida, 

Tyler, Joseph W., Los Angeles, Calif. 


student Index - Winter Quarter 

Tyndall, Otella W., Provo 


Undhicm, Marlon W., Bountiful 

Van Leuven. Giaria, Emmett. Ida. 

Van Leaven. Kay, Emmett. Ida., 401 

Van Ry, Mardee J., Bountiful 

Vance, Jan Newetl 

Vance, Loal A.. Parma, Ida. 

Veritsty, V^illiam Allen, S. Porcupine. Can. 

Voigt, Robert Elmer. Sacramento, Calif. 


Wacti, Dorothy Jane. Salt l.alie City. 402 

Wade, Robert Graham, Salt Late City 

V^/aldron, Fredrick Glen, San Bernardino, Calif. 

Walker, Clark Allen. Evanston, Wyo., 402 

Walksr, Bobby V.. Afton, Wyo. 

Walker. Lee E., Mesquite, Nev. 

Wall, Angus Lamar, Provo 

Wallace. Nona Laree, Portland, Oro, 

Walton, Patricia J., San Jose, Calif. 

Ward, Darrell Nicholas. Malad, Ida., 343 

Ward. Lawrence William, Murtaugh, Ida. 

Warner, Sandra Renee, Grantsville 

Wardle. Larry, Provo 

Warren. Floyd Eugene, Spanish Fork 

Wasden. Del Mar F., Scipio 

Washburn. Dawna J.. Salt Lake City. 343 

Washburn, Larry Don. Salt Lake City 

Watson, Callis Archie, Hertsville. S.C. 

Watson, Jack Robert. Gridley, Calif.. 402 

Watts. Carolyn Ruth, Orem 

Webb Alice. Green River, Wyo.. 343 

Webb, Elizabeth, Mesa, Ariz. 

Webb. Lynn Robert Jr., Lehi 

Webb. Ralph Dan, Provo 

Weber, Patricia Ann, Rapid City, S. D., 402 

Wells. Floyd R., Blackfoot. Ida.. 197. 366 

Welsh, Sheila Smith, Parker, Ariz. 

Wesp, Lynda Charlotte, Glendale. Calif 

Westerduin, Johanna E.. Clearfield. 402 

Westover. Edwin L., Santaquin. 344 

Westover. H. Ray. Santaquin, 344 

Westover, Robert N., Provo 

Wheelock, Bert Cyrus 

Whiffen, Henry L.. Alameda. Calif.. 190 

Whipple, Boyd V., Sacramento, Qallf. 

Whitaker, Scott. M., Provo 

White. Donald Jay, Porterville. Calif. 

White, F. Dean, Frulta, Colo. 

White, Thomas Howard, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Whitehead, Joseph Earl, Provo 

Wilcox. Dee Clyde. Provo. 194 

WllcoK, Ronald Wilson, Modesto, Calif.. 162 344 

Wilde. Clark O. Dell. Oakley 

Wilkey. Lawrence. Nephi 

Wilkey, Leila Hone 

Wille. Frances Lynette, Aspen. Colo. 

WiUes. Sidney Blaine. Spanish Fork 

Williams, Darl Craig, Malad, Ida., 403 

Williams, Don Emar. Moeb 

Williams. Eureka A.. Provo 

Williams, John Charles, Concord, Calif. 

Williams, Larry, Ogden 

Williams, Paul Allen. Spanish Fork. 367 

Williamson, Alfred L., Greeley, Colo., 278 

Willis, Richard Stuart. Provo 

Wilson, Carolyn L. ,5an Francisco, Calif, 216. 367 

Wilson, Jesse Lavern. Winnsboro, S. C. 

Wilson, Larry R., Orem 

Wilson, Marguerite. Salt Lake City 

Wilson. Tom J.. Ogden 

Wilson. Wilbur J., Springville 

Winn. William D., Kirtland. N. Met.. 279 367 

Winn. Virgil Arthur. Boise. Ida., 403 

Witt. Joseph W.. Heber 

Wood. Carol. Spanish Fork. 325 

Wood, Karl George, Provo 

Wood. Milton Blaine, Springville 

Wood. Reld Morgan. Pendleton. Ore 218 

Wood. William. Provo 

Wood. Willis Ellis. Spanish Fork 

Woodward. Harold Leon, Burris. Wyo. 

Worsley, Dean Wallace, Peru. Ind 

Wright, Carol Ruth 

Wright. Dale Mervin, Springville. 403 

Wright, James O., Salt Lake City 

Wright, Jane Bee. Provo. 344 

Wright. Joe F.. Provo 

Wright. Philip E.. Springville 

Wright, Warren Slrrine, Provo 

Wyler, Wayne Edward. Provo 


Yanle. Edwin L. Paquate. N. Met. 
Yardley. Gill LaVar. Gunnison. 368 
Yardley. Pauline Parry, Gunnison. 344 
Yorgesen. Bonnie Rae, Idaho Falls. Ida. 
Young, Ethelyn M.. Chester, Calif. 
Young, Lynn Budd. Orem, 404 

Zauqg, Rollln S., Union. Ore., 261 

Zeller. Eldon Ray, Lovell, Wyo. 

Zlegler. Robert P.. Milwaukee. Wis., 404 

Ziser, Franklin Gary, Sepulveda, Calif, 368 

Student Index - Spring Quarter 

Ahlstrom, Marvell N., Redondo Beach, Calif. 

Allan, Marion L., Springville 

Allen, John W., Pangultch 

Anaya, Lupe C, Carlsbad, N. Mex. 

Andersen. Donna M. N.. Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Andersen, Wilson Kay. Provo 

Anderson. Blaine M., Berkeley, Calif 

Anderson, Boyd O.. Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Anderson. C. Leroy. Thornton. Ida. 

Anderson, Janet Sue. Huntington. Ind. 

Anderson, John M., Orinda, Calif 

Anderson, Lois R., Provo 

Anderson, Nedra Karen. MantI 

Anderson. Vernon L.. Orem 

Andreasen. Frank M.. China Lake, Calif 

Armstrong, Patty Lou. Doe Hill, Va. 

Atkinson, Geraldine N., Springville 

Atkinson, John H., Provo 

Ayers, Laurence R. W.. Lewiston, Ida. 

Azevedo. Benedlto, G.. Brazil 

Balrd. Max H.. Heyburn, Ida. 

Baldwin, Elizabeth A.. Lebanon. Ore, 

Barfield, Iva Jean. Wichita, Kan. 

Barnes. Carol Ann. Northrldge, Calif 

Barney. Glade J., Spanish Fork 

Bascom. Gary Ray. Pocatello, Ida. 

Bates, Daniel Leiand. Cardston. Alta.. Can. 

Bates, Joseph 

Beckman, Leonard W.. Orem 

Bellows, Merrill Don. Spanish Fork 

Belnap, Elizabeth W.. Col.. Dublan. Chih.. Me: 

Belnap, Richard D.. Provo 

Bennett, Robert L., Downey, Calif 

Binney, Charles. Provo 

Bishop, Clarence R., Hinckley 

Blackblurn, Loye E., Great Falls. Monf 

Blair, Kenneth R.. Vallejo, Calif 

Blake. Emma B.. Provo 

Blocher, Loren M., Olympia. Wash, 

Blomquist, Lois Ann, Hawthorne, Calif, 172 

Blomqvlst, Blrgit. Lahti, Finland 

Boettlcher. Dorothy, Clifton, N. J. 

Borden, Lucy H., Hoolehua. Molokai, T. H. 

Borelli Elena 

Bower. Von Durbin. Fresno, Calif 

Bowman. Genevieve W., Provo 

Boyer, Stanley, Springville 

Brady, Gary John, Salt Lake City 

Brady, Thera Lue, Provo 

Bray, Marsha Ann. Provo 

Brimhall, Norman A.. Pleasant Grove 

Brimley. Dawn Baker, Provo 

Brink, Charlene Kay 

Brock. Barbara Ann. Salt Lake City 

Bronson, Charlene 

Brown. Lawrence Reed, Provo 

Brown, Wallace. Salt Lake City 

Brown. Wayne Lamar, Montlcello 

Bruckman, Jan Korom, Provo 

Buhler, Lyman Ray, American Fork 

Bullington, Robert J.. Denver, Colo 

Bullock, Robert E„ Welling, Alta Can 

Bunker, Carolyn M. B., Salt Lake City 

Bushman, Carolyn Mae, Seattle, Wash 

Bushman. Dean N.. Joseph City. Arli. 


Caldwell. Beverly D.. Florence Ore 
Call., Fred. Rigby. Ida. 
Candland. Dorothy. Provo 

Carruth. Marva Mae, Olympia. Wash. 

Carter, Arvil Donald. Springville 

Carter, Margaret C, Provo 

Casper. Lavern, Heber 

Chandler, Donald P.. New Plymouth, Ida. 

Chapman, Donavon L., Greenville. S. C, 

Chlvers. Norma M. 

Christensen, Donald H., Orem 

Chrlstensen. Don V., Orem 

Christensen, Doreen L., Firth. Ida. 

Christensen, Howard J., Salem 

Christensen, Martha A., Hawthorne, Calif 

Clark, Terry Eldon, Provo 

Clayton, Shlrl Lafay, Provo 

Clement, Arlen M., Aberdeen, Ida. 

Collard, C*thryn. Provo 

Conant. Phyllis R., Provo 

Condle, Arthur P., Springville 

Coombs, Gertrude C, Provo 

Cooper, Phillip E., Ruth, Nev. 

Copley. Clara Ellen 

Coryell Allen Keith, Provo 

Crandall. Robert W., Springville 

Crapo, Carol B.. Rosemary. Alta., Can. 

Cropper. Daryl M., Hinckley 

Curtis, Sandra Sue, Bell, Calif 


Dansle, Clinton D.. Sapinsh Fork 

Davis, William M.. Beverly Hills. Calif 

Dean, Donna, American Fork 

Dearinger. Virginia 

Dennett, Karen lleen, Provo 

Dennett, Nettie Hardy. Prove 

Desai, Hasmukhrai S. 

Detton, Richard Lee, Honolulu. T. H. 

Devries. Carolyn D.. Salt Lake City* 

Dickson. Lloyd L. Mexico, Maine 

Dixon. Janice Thorne. Spanish Fork 

Dodd. Lorna Colleen, Beverly. W. Va. 

Domlnques, Thomas Jr., Diamond ' Springs. Calif 

Downing. David G.. Salt Lake City 

Downs. Gerald C. 

Drew. Lamar H., American Fork 

Driggs. Dlanne 

Driggs, Gary Harmon 

Duke. Calrice P., Provo 

Dunkley. James L.. Magna 

Durfee Lyman James. Provo 

Durrant, Jeanne Davis. American Fork 

Dutson. Earnest Paul. Ontario. Ore 

Dymock, Garry Evan. Tooele 

Edenfleld, Grady Lamar 

Ellsworth. Stanford G.. Salt Lake City 

Evans, Hal S.. Parowan 

Everett, Charles L., Farmlngton. N. Mex 

Eveson. Charlene. Glenwood, Alta., Can 

Fairbanks, Rulon Roi, Raymond, Alfa.. Car. 

Farley, Wllford H., Riverside. Calif 

Farthing, Virginia J.. Chadwick. III. 

Faulk. Cllve Gene. Provo 

Fawson, Lurae C.. Salt Lake City 

Ferguson, James Earl, Richland. Wash. 

Fisher. Lois 

Foster, Gary Lee. Phoenix. Arli. 

Foulger. Jack Lewis, Washington, D. C. 


Gagon, Glen S., Provo 

Galley, CharloMe Ann, Redlands, Calif 

Gallup. Nola Jean O.. St. John. N. B., Can. 

Gardner. Carol Barson, Provo 

Gardner. Miller, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Gardner, Wllma H., Firth, Ida. 

Garner. Gary T. 

Garner, Dean A. 

Geddes, Harry Roy. Brentwood. Calif 

Gee, Ivin Laurence, Lander, Wyo. 

Gllson, James N., Provo 

Glasson. Marie Stella. New Plymouth. Ida. 

Glines. Laralne, Woolford, Alta., Can. 

Gogarty. Zola Walker, Springville 

Golden. Phillip Joe, South Gate, Calif 

Goldman. Norris Dean, Murtaugh. Ida. 

Goodson, Charles G. 

Gunn, Jeanne W., Provo 

Gunnell. Jerl Ann J., Gridley Calif 

Gunter, Henry C. Arlmo, Ida, 

Guymon. Burton L. Sherman Oaks. Calif 


Hafen, Ann Woodbury. Provo 

Hagmann, Mark Joseph. Philadelphia. Pa 

Hales, Van B., Salt Lake City 

Hall, Douglas Kenf Vernal 

Hamblirl. Ida Tanner, Provo 

Hanks, Richard K.. Provo 

Hannikainen, E. Ylerml. New York, N Y 

Hansen. Phillip Lee, Richfield 

Harrington. Ronna Dean. Bakersfield. Calif 

Harris. Jeanne Partridge. Provo 

Harris, Kenneth G., Columbia 

Hart. Keith C, Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Harvey, James S., Kaysville 

Harward. Merrill W., Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Hawkins. Darrell B.. San Diego. Calif 

Haws, Henry H., Mesa. Ariz. 

Hayes, Rex Bruce 

Haynie. Roger Lane 

Hegemler. Vera A. C. Los Angelas. Calif 

Hewitson, William G. 

Higgins, John C, Las Vegas. Nov. 

Higglrson, George, Denver Colo. 

Hill, Delia Mae P., Provo 

Hill, Reed E.. Orem 

Hill, Scott E., Alhambra, Calif. 

Hinckley, Phillip W., Prove 

Holdaway. Donald Hugh. Pleasant Grove 

Hollow, Frank Dennis. Bell. Calif 

Horsley. Grant L.. Salt Lake City 

Hosier. Robert Eugene, Provo 

Huff Blaine E.. Pocatello. Ida. 

Huff. Marlln E., Spanish Fork 

Hutchinson, Nannette C. Sellflower, Calif 


tkpe, Susannah B., Uyo, Nigeria. W. Africa 
Irvine. Linda, Mt. Shasta. Calif 

Jackson. William R., Beverly Hills. Calif 

Jacobs, Heber Grant, Provo 

Jacobs,. Kay Parkin, Paso Robles. Calif 

Janson. Joanne McFate. Provo 

Jarvis. Walter P.. Durongo. Colo. 

Jonse. Gary Webb 

Jensen, Marjorle Anne, Richfield 

Jensen. Ronald J.. Springville 

Jensen, Steven H.. Gridley, Calif 

Johnson, Alan P., Provo 

Johnson. Bert, Orem 

Johnson, Ernest F., Phoenli, Ariz. 

Johnson, Kenneth W., Jerome. Ida. 

student Index - Spring Quarter 

Johnson, Mary L.. Eureka, Nov. 
Jones. Eugene L., Montpelier, Ida, 
Jones, Jennie. Malad, Ida. 
Jones, WMIlam D. 

KersKaw. Eileen 

Killpack, Louis A., Perron 

King. Kent W.. Las Vegas, Nev. 

Kirliham, Melvin L.. Lehi 

Kirkham. Mary Kay. Salt Lake Cify 

Kisan, Gerald John, Provo 

Knoblauch, Sue Ann H,, Lamar Colo. 

Knudson, Viola M., Provo 

Kolehmainen. Terttu A., Leppavirta, Finland 

Kraus, PaulR.. Richland, Wash. 

Kuhn. Fred Ellis, Flagstaff. Arii. 


Labrum, Blayne, Midvale 

Lamoure, Clifton Alan, Oceanside, Calif. 

Lant. Let+y Lou, Provo 

Lapi. Barbara Louise. Bell, Calif. 

Larsen. Keith A., Huntington 

Larson. Donald Gene. San Gabriel, Calif, 

Lear, Shirley D., Pipestone, Minn. 

Ledingham, Dorald D„ Salt Lake City 

Lee, Byong Ha, Seoul. Korea 

Lee, Leona Terry, Orem 

Lee. Max E., Eureka 

Leydsman, Henry, Union. N. J. 

Lillywhite, James Owen, Taylor, Ariz. 

Lines. Martin Vardell, Springfield, Ore, 

London, Delores Ethel, Gardena, Calif, 

Losee, Patricia Joy 

Lunt, Sharron J., Duncan. Ariz. 


Magleby. Alma Gray, Richfield 

Marsh, Dennie D. A., Boise, Ida. 

Marshall, Robert E,, Central Point, Ore. 

Martin, Jack Brooks, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Mason, Herbert K., Blackfoot, Ida. 

Maurer. John Clarke, Bouth Bend, Ind. 

Maycock. Nelson S., Rome, N. Y. 

Mayna. Joy Pettlt 

McAllster, Charles M., Provo 

McArthur. Dale Kent, Salt Lake City 

McArthur. Arthur B. 

McBride, Doyle R., Boise, Ida. 

McClellon, Lois Dixie, Provo 

McClennan, Marvin R., Santa Monica. Calif, 

McCulley, Jessie Lewis, Provo 

McDonald, Joyce Y., Shaffer. Calif. 

McFarlane. Joan, Rlverton 

Melbos, Richard L., Provo 

Mellne, Paul Peter, Burley, Ida. 

Mellor, Hilda Lapriel, Fayette 

MIetus, Charles R., Roy 

Millar, Carol W., American Fork 

Miller, Elva Killlan, Provo 

Mitchell, Theron D., Provo 

Moeller, Joan, Idaho Falls, Ida 

Moffett, Max William 

Monsen, Ray Gllman, Orem 

Morgan, Jack C, Nephi 

Morrill, Doris F. P.. Trldell 

Morris, Monte J,, Las Vegas, Nev, 

Moses, Wilford Dean. Moab 

Motf, Jewell, Prove 

Mulrhead, Roberta J.. Provo 

Myers, Leon Aaron, Boise. Ida. 


Nelson, Jay E. 

Nelson, Keith LIndon, Calgary, Alta., Can. 

Newton, Charles Snow, Provo 

Nichols, Nancy Ruth. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Nielsen. Olive Parter 

Nielsen. Rosemary H. 

Nielsen, Velma M., Salt Lake City 

Nielson. Charles G.. SpringviJle 

Nlelson, Dell R.. Delta 

Traher, Norman Dean 

Norton, David C, Springville 

NuttaN, Donald M., Hurricane 

Odell, Wayne Lamar, Franklin, Ariz. 

Olpln, David L, Portland, Ore. 

Olsen. Darold R.. Provo 

Olsen. Gilbert Clyde, Provo 

Olsen. Vila M.. Cardston, Alta.. Can. 
Osborn. William D.. South Gate, Calif. 
Ostergaard. Robert W. 
Owen, Lyie C, Kennewick, Wash. 
Owen, Marita N,, Salt Lake City 
Owen, Roberta B., Salt Lake City 

Pace. Margie, Craig. Colo. 

Pace. Ralph Eugene, Orem 

Pace, Ralph Walter, St. George 

Packer, Edson F., Heber 

Paulsen, George L., Ephraim 

Palmer, John E., Chicago, III. 

Palmer, Val Wesley, Compton, Calif. 

Parkinson, Garry Ed. Rexburg, Ida. 

Patterson, Flora Mae 

Paul, Sharon Yvonne. Short Hills. N. J. 

Pauole, Evelyn Jean. Hanalei, Kauai, T. H. 

Payne, Eugene D.. Heber 

Pearson, Alaiff Joseph, Richfield 

Peay. Margery, Provo 

Peck, Beverly Gayle. Salt Lake City 

Peck. Nelson Thomas Jr., Hlnkley, Calif. 

Pedersen. Alfred H., Brentwood. Calif. 

Pedersen. Herschel N., Orem 

Penrod. Richard G. 

Perkins, Darrell W. Jr., Orem 

Petersen, Walter Ray, Wendell, Ida. 

Peterson, Kenneth D.. Lehl 

Phelps, Harold E .Jr., Los Angeles, Calif, 

Phillips, George S., Nephl 

Phillips, Ronald O., Spearfish, S. D, 

Pierce. Dorothy Mae. Dearborn. Mich., 172 

Pike, James. Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Pinney, Susan, Gardena, Calif, 

Poggi, Phyllis. National City, Calif. 

Polacca, Allison S.. Oralbl. Ariz. 

Police, Judith Anne. New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Pollei, Julia Claire, Salt Lake City 

Porter. Beverly. Snowflake, Ariz, 

Poulsen. Leah Rae. Ogden 

Poulson, Gaytin W., Redmond 

Powell. Paul R., Price 

Pratt. Carmen, Chihuahua, Chlh., Met. 

Pratt, Jacqueline, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Pratt, Ramona, Chihuahua, Chih., Mei. 

Proven. Eleanore C, New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Pullen, Larry E. M., Lincoln Park, Mich. 

Pyper, Ora Rose. Springville 


Rasmussen, Delia Mae, Provo 

Ream. Sharon R.. Spanish Fork 

Ream, Winstow Dale, Dingle, Ida. 

Reed, Jack Boyd, Kaysville 

Rees, Clair Francis, Provo 

Reim. Irene K., Elk Grove, Calif. 

Renshaw, Gerald, Concord, Calif, 

Reynolds, Michael G., Salt Lake City 

Rice, Adrienne Leona, Fresno, Calif. 

Richards, Thomas Drew, Huntington 

Richmond. Lloyd H.. Salt Lake City 

Rlggs. Westlyn C. 

Riggs, Ursel Lynn, RIgby. Ida. 

Robe.ts, Benjamin, Salt Lake City 

Roberts, Robert E., Pleasant Hill. Calif. 

Robertson. Richard G., Kennewick, Wash. 

Robinson, Jeanene B.. Bountiful 

Robison, Wilbur G.. Salinas. Calif. 

Rogers, Dixie, Bountiful 

Romney. George J,, Salt Lake City . 

Romney. Jean. Salt Lake City 

Rose, Marvin Leroy, El Monte, Calif. 

Rosenlof, Faye, Spanish Fork 

Rcssal, Miguel Angel. Quez., Guatemala 

Rostrom, Mildred Ann, Seattle, Wash. 

Royse, Donald W. 

Rust, Orson David Jr., Henderson Nev, 


Schless, Edwin Wayne, Victor, Ida. 
Schnebly, Paul Flake, Phoenix, Arli. 
Schriener. Merle Astin, Springville 
Schulzke, Ernest F., Toronto, Can. 
Schumann, Norene Olea, Provo 
Scoresby. David O., lona. Ida. 
Scott, Norman Wayne, Salt Lake City 
Selpert, Cleon Rex, Lewlston. Ida. 
Shawcroft. Wade S., Alamosa. Colo. 
Shelton, K. E.. Sandy 
Shields, Donald Jack, Tooele 

Slaughter, Nicholas R., Bakersfleld, Calif. 

Smith, Barbara Gene. Tremonton 

Smith. Ernan Young, Provo 

Smith, Lawrence E., Walnut Creek, Calif. 

Smith. Leslie Ray, Pocatello. Ida. 

Smith, Lot D.. Central. Ariz. 

Smith, Shirley, Hlllsprlng. Alta., Can. 

Snow. Edward Donald. Provo 

Soper, William Ronald, Bell. Calif. 

Stalllngs, Arthur C, Mesa. Arli. 

Starling. Carlos W., Portland. Ore. 

Stein, Nancy Gail, Burbank. Calif. 

Stewart, Charles W.. Evansville. Ind. 

Stewart, Leo King, Alamo, Nev. 

Stocking, Jenna Vee. Murray 

Strong. Harvey L. 

Sullivan, Jack Robert, Spanish Fork 

Swain. Foy H., American Fork 

Swensen. Arthur Jaren. Murray 

Swensen. Marvin D., Murray 

Swenson. Ivan C. Provo 

Swenson, Ronald Kay, Provo 

Syrja, Ralli Annikki, Tampere, Finland 

Tawara, Yoshlyuki. Provo 

Taussig, Charlene C, Provo 

Taylor, Bayard M., Salt Lake City 

Taylor, Darlene, Meridian, Ida. 

Taylor, Frances Neff, Provo 

Tedrick, Margaret Ann, Cincinnati. Ohio 

Terry, Earl Melroy, Provo 

Thacker, Helen, Castle Gate 

Thomas. Joan Marjorle, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Thomas, Margarita 

Thomas. Nell Dee. Provo 

Thompson. Keith R.. Weiser, Ida. 

Thom'.on, Clarence M.. Moab 

Thorne. Lucile M.. Provo 

Thornton. Harold R., Salt Lake City 

Timothy. Paul M., Salt Lake City 

Tolman, John Odell. Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Tranter. Thomas Dee, Nephl 

Trewartha, Robert T., San Francisco, Calif. 

Trott, Phillip Everett, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Truex, Charles R,, American Fork 

Tucker, Cheryl M., Altadena, Calif. 

Tufaga, Rosie Lani, Laie, Oahu. T. H. 

Tyler. Sylviai, Los Angeles. Calif.. 162 


Van Wagoner, Anna Loye, Provo 
VIcenli. Nina J.. Dulce. N. Mex. 
Vltley, Joseph G., Boise, Ida. 


Woife. Robert Starr 

Walker, Vivian. Mesqulte. Nev. 

Walters. Charles T,. Woodland Hills, Calif. 

Walton, Gerald C, Heber 

Warnick. Carl F., Pleasant Grove 

Watts, PagI Gene Jr., Portland, Ore. 

Warnick, Myrna Loy, Salt Lake City 

Wathen, Boyd. Letii 

Watts, Donald W., Reno. Nev. 

Webber. Richard C, American Fork 

Welsh, Stanley Larson, Sandy 

Westra, Janet L. Seattle, Wash. 

Westra. Gerald John, Seattle. Wash. 

White, J. Morgan, Soanish Fork 

White, Weston Jay, provo 

Whitehead, John Clark. Twin Falls, Ida. 

Wilde, Rosalie Hall 

Williams, Carwin C, Provo 

Williamson, Herbert R., Whittier. Calif. 

Wilson. Marion Lyman, Orem 

Wilson. Merrill Dean, Springville 

Wilson. Mary M., Richfield 

Wilson, Tracy Revill, Midvale 

Wilson, Winnie P., Hoolehua, T. H, 

Wing. John H. Jr. 

Wingett, Gary Dean, Salt Lake City 

WortSingon, Grant E.. Nephi 

Wright. Lynn Bernard. Camp Verde. Ariz. 

Wulff, John C. Long Beach, Calif. 

Wyss, Marjorie Ann. Salt Lake City 

Yim. Anthony Morris, Glendale, Calif. 
Youngkeit. Louis Gene. Provo 

Zaret, Ronald Martin, Culver City, Calif. 




i^ -6 


Producing a yearbook as large as the 1957 Banyan 
requires the combined effort of a great niimber of 
people. Without teamwork and cooperation, the book 
could not have been published. It is the purpose of 
this page to express to those members of this team 
how much we have appreciated their devotion to the 
book. As a part of the University during 1957 you 
too have been a member of this team. Your purchase 

of the book has made it financially possible. We 
hope that you will overlook any errors that might 
appear on the book's pages, but we also hope that 
you will enjoy the good sections of the book. Since 
the shadow of our work will fall where we may never 
be, we hope that you will be able to appreciate what 
we have tried to create. From our point of view we 
have learned much from the BANYAN this year. 
Although this book cannot now profit from much of 
this knowledge, we know that future books will. 
The 1957 BANYAN has been a rich experience for 
us. We hope that you will cherish it for many years 
to come. 

John Marlow, Editor. 


Business Manager Dick Phelps 

Sales Manager Wayne Boyack 

Space Sales Manager Paul Nuttal 

Advertising Manager Ray Nielson 


Editor John Marlow 

Associate Editor Yvonne Anderson 

Art and Layout Editor Bob Pratt 

Photographic Editor Wallace Barrus 

Copy Editor Norman King 

Administration Editor John Beardall 

Chronology Editor Catherine Moody 

Classes Editor Jane Harrison 

Index Editor Shirley Atkinson 

History and Research Editor Dick Woods 

Student Leadership Editor Carole Carruth 

Music and Drama Editor Sharon Ricks 

Paneling Editor Caryl Ann Waldvogel 

Paste-up and Cutting Director Georgia Moore 

Sports Editor Dale Harris 

E.\change Editor Jane White 

Filing Editor Loyce Olofson 

Secretarial Director Sonja Leonard 

Publicity Director Allan Frazier 


Printing BYU Press, Provo, Utah 

Portraits BYU Photo Studio, Provo, Utah 

Covers BYU Press and Mountain States 

Bindery, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Binding Deseret News Press, 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

The 1957 BANYAN was printed by offset process 
on a Miehle 29 press. It was assembled in 8, 16, 
and 24 page signatures. It was printed on Alamo 
Velum paper distributed by the American Paper 
and Supply Company of Salt Lake City. Type 
faces used were 8, 10, 12 point vogue, waverly, 
waverly italic and rex bold face. Headings used 
were Venus extra bold extended foundry type 
supplied by Western Newspaper Union. 5,300 
copies of the BANYAN were sold and distributed 
the last of May. Each book cost the student $5 
during the sales period which ended in October. 
The book operated on a budget of approximately 
$30,000 and had a staff numbering about 150 
including salesmen. 


We are especially indebted to the following for 
their contributions to the book: Former Editor 
Lynn Staheli for both endsheets; Norman Rockwell 
for his kindness and consideration in selecting our 
1957 BANYAN queen; Herb Starlight of the 
United Press and Dorothy L. Smith of the Time 
and Life, Inc. for their help in securing pictures 
for our History Section; Dr. Richard Poll for spon- 
soring a project to obtain source material for the 
History Section; Rummel Studio for the "In 
Memoriam" picture of the Los Angeles Temple; 
Delvar Pope and the entire staff of the "Y" Press 
for their considerations in working many long 
extra hours to meet distribution deadlines; Mr. 
Haymore of the press for his help when our 
"backs were against the wall"; to Phil Jacobsen 
and the Deseret News Press for their consideration 
and help in binding the book; Clark Nelson of the 
Photo Studio for his cooperation; the Machine 
Accounting Office and Bliss Crandall for saving 
us many hours of work; the Cashier's Office for 
handling our final payments; Brother Gunn for 
his support throughout the year; Gale Tenney who 
worked on our photographic staff all year but 
whose picture did not appear on the staff page; 
Sharon Stewart for her help with the Opening 
Section copy; Ralph Barney for the Chronology 
Section copy; David Wilkinson for his help in the 
Administration Section; Barbara Miller, Marilyn 
Benson, and Bill Porter for helping out at the last 
minute; Jean Whiting, Bill Larsen, Mark Murphy 
and Jerry Cunningham all for their copy; Caryl 
Ann Walvogel and Georgia Moore for their 
loyalty; and all who have in any way contributed 
to the 1957 BANYAN. . . 





Banyan Ball 42 

Belle of the Y 46 

Bibler Bounce 39 

Charity Drive 38 

Christmas Activities 36 

Elections 48 

Frosh Week 28 

Hello Week 27 

Homecoming 31 

Junior Prom 40 

Leadership Conference 24 

Orientation Week 25 

Preference Ball 34 

Registration 26 

Snow Carnival 44 

Songfest 49 

Sophomore Loan Fund 30 

Special Events 50 


Church Leaders 62 

Department Heads 64 

Faculty 294 

University Presidents 63 





Freshmen 369 

Sophomores 345 

Juniors 327 

Seniors 305 


Freshmen 370 

Sophomores 346 

Juniors 328 

Seniors 306 

Graduates 324 


Biological and Agriculture .. 71 

Commerce 73 

Education 74 

Extension Division 82 

Family Living 75 

Fine Arts 76 

Graduate 81 

Hmnan. and Soc. Sciences .... 11 

McCime School of Music 82 

Nursing 81 

Phys. & Eng. Sciences 79 

Recreation, Health, & 

Physical Sciences 78 

Religion 80 


Angel in the Pawnshop 158 

Carmen 161 

The Desperate Hours 155 

Everyman 156 

Experimental Plays 160 

Oedipus Rex 154 

Ondine 157 

The Rainmaker 159 



Faculty 416 

General 448 

Student 418 



A Cappella 162 

Concert Band 174 

Madrigal Chorus 164 

Men's Chorus 168 

Opera Workshop Chorus 166 

Symphony Orchestra 176 

University Chorale 172 

Women's Chorus 170 


Afio Mai 268 

Alcyone 188 

Alpha Lambda Delta 238 

Alpha Phi Omega 244 

Alpine 269 

Argonauts 192 

Arizona 250 

Arnold Air Society 279 

Athenian 190 

Blue Key 223 

Bricker 194 

Brigadier 196 

Cache Valley 255 

California 251 

Cami Los 198 

Cesta Tie 193 

Chemical Engineers 270 

Chi Sigma XXV 221 

Civil Engineers 274 

Colo-Juan 254 

Commerce 271 

Confederate 252 

Cougarettes 234 

Danish-Norwegian 254 

Davis 253 

Delta Phi 2 40 

Dixie 255 

Electrical Engineers 274 

Fencing 272 

Fidelas 200 

Foreign Students 256 

Gamma Phi Omicron 243 

Hawaiian 257 

Home Economics 275 

Intercollegiate Knights 224 

lUinois 258 

Industrial Arts 273 

I.O.C 186 

Kappa Debs 202 

Kia Ora 259 

Knights Templar 204 

Lambda Delta Sigma 235 

Montana 260 

Mu Phi Epsilon 244 

Nautilus 206 

New Mexico 262 

Orchesis 276 

Oregon 261 

O. S. Trovata 208 

Phi Chi Theta 287 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 245 

Press 275 

Ri Veda 220 

Rockettes 277 

Rodeo 282 

Sabre Air Command 280 

Salt Lakers 264 

S.E.A 284 

Shomrah Kiyel 246 

Sigma Alpha Eta 248 

Sociology 285 

Sponsors 226 

Spurs 228 

Stockmen 286 

Student Nurses 283 

Swedish 262 

Tau Kappa Alpha 249 

Tausig 210 

Texas 263 

Thea Alexis 230 

ToKalan 212 

Uintah 265 

United Staters 266 

Val Hyric 214 

Val Norn 216 

Viking 218 

Washmgton 288 

White Key 222 

Yankee 263 

Y Calcares 232 

Y Judo Kai 278 

Y Mechanical Engineers 285 

Y'oming 267 


Banyan 136 

Photo Studio 139 

Press 135 

Universe 132 

Wye Magazine 140 


Campus Buildings 412 

Committees 410 

Statistics 408 


Baseball 106 

Frosh Basketball 100 

Frosh Football 91 

Golf 108 

Intramurals 110 

Marching Band 118 

Tennis 109 

Track 102 

Varsity Basketball 92 

Varsity Football 86 

Women's Sports 114 

Wrestling 101 






S'. 1 


'' *v. 


;\ .i^ , 


■♦•\ .. -^ 




^ And tlirnre tlte VVintrr oinirx- 
ngrr.<: stralin^ coiorj/o/ri tl><- ,V //v>\ 
1 hrti spreads her /loar^^flAft'V^er all 
And w/n{^ess stillrihf^artd. 
^•jBo i^jrtcmory^ as-it I 
First hrightftLen, caugt^ away- 
Like fle^fuM^ndlelight — 
No more to .sMne. 

rmah E. King 

mmt -«. 

<«c: - .- 



Brigham Young University