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Through the gateway 

To the future 

The student sees the vision 

Of a new, entrancing world, 

As the pathway of Destiny 

Leads on to Knowledge, Progress 

And Achievement. 

And as the Present 

Rolls on to become the Past, 

And the student stops along the road 

Sometimes, to look back, 

He is strengthened by his memories 

Of the love and faith and friendship, 

He found here at BYU. 

_ . / / y/ 

■< >' Y /: :- ■ Jsr^ 

■T- \ - v\ v- i 

JT .r- ^ j -V s X^j ^ 

■</- * "-^ ^-^^ «iBL Y' 
Contents /. j :i ; ^p> #" *y< 

Activities Di vision: , ; .?.' 2Q- ^~^F^^T~*-" 

Administratiorj ana ^r '■• lt: *■''' t- 
Colleges "^^-^^52 »-<> ,#«/ - 

Classes and Faculty* .* u2B8~- e '•. * 

Faculty Index . . J. .... 396 ? s . Aj ^ 

Fine Arts Division . . jcTTKj 1 *jjt- — . 

Freshman Class ....... 342 

History Section •., .374 » ^ 

Junior Class -A. 304 

Opening Section 4 • „ / / 

Organizations .\J78 

Reference Section 390 

Royalty Section .*.... ^0j ^ ^ ... . t 

Senior Class 282 

Sophomore Class 320 

Sports Division 104 

Student Index 400 

Student Leadership 76 

Student Publications ... 86 


THE Ba^TAN 19 * 

Wallace M. Barms • • Editor ' 

V Jay Liechty Business Manager c ^\ 

John S. Beardall Managing Editor^ 

Bob Pratt Art and Layout Lditor £i 

Ruth MacKay '....'. Copy Editor f-- 








\ fcr^. 


v * 







Published by the Associated Students of Brigham Young University, 
^Provo, Utah 

wRfeiber- of the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Press Association 

• * 


Thy Word is a Lamp unto my Feet; a Light unto my Path. 

Yet God writes the Gospel not in words 
alone, but in the faces of men. Revealing 
the path of righteousness, the light of faith 
and love shines through true leadership, 
which dedicates itself to the task of de- 
veloping in others, the habits, hopes, and 
faith which will chart the course for time 
and all eternity. President David O. Mc- 
Kay (left), inspired leader of Latter-Day 
Saints throughout the world, speaks from 
the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. 

Elder Mark E. Peterson, ever ready to 
counsel young people, listens to a stu- 
dent after giving an inspiring message 
at a devotional assembly. 

) Courtesy Robert Stum 

Student leaders give serious thought to words of counsel at Devotionals. 
Paul E. Felt, Student Co-ordinator, with Webb Crockett, Studentbody Presi- 
dent, and Lynne Bloomfield, Secretary. 

FRIENDSHIP— the cement that binds nations. 

Faith and friendship are found in all good works. 

"Wherever the eye doth rove.' 

Cecil B. de Mille and President Harvey L. Taylor on their way 
to Commencement Exercises. The producer of "The Ten Com- 
mandments" movie delivered the Commencement Address. 

Faces light up when students meet in Stu- 
dent Service Center, renewing old friend- 
ships and making new ones. 

The Campus in the Rockies. As students cross campus to attend classes, they gain inspiration from the ever- 
changing beauty of Mount Timpanogos. Patterned by snow and sun, clouds and sky, forbidding rocks and 
trees, Timp fills the soul with its magnificence. 

One — but not alone. 

Deep versed in books. 

1955 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Laxness and wife visit campus. 

* «fe;- %4**F" 

Softly, as of music heard in the distance, the first notes of Autumn fall into a symphony of color. Cadences 
deepen until the air floats with gold-flecked shimmering light while the haunting yellows, clashing reds and 
vibrant browns carry a melody of echoing Nature. 

God and man combine to achieve progress in all things. 

Energy — the force that makes for ac- 
complishment. Without it, no dream, 
no talent, no opportunity, no genius, 
will ever reach the attainment of things 
desired or hoped for. 

Nourishing the understanding by ap- 

Experimentation goes on all the time. Students testing with up-to-date 

It's easy for some, hard for others. Expressive hands and rapt attitudes form a study in themselves as students strive for expres- 
sion through their talents. 

Through culture development students find\ 

Good speech is eloquence. 


A/ ^ 


-7 " v. 




A concord of sweet sounds. 

Precision in music creates harmony. 

True culture results in the 
development of the indivi- 
dual. A development which 
expresses the finer percep- 
tions of life through the me- 
dium of Drama, Speech, Art 
and Song. A part well play- 
ed, a harmony of young 
voices, a speech of well- 
chosen words, actions which 
are expressive, and music, 
liquid and golden, develop 
in the participant, the ability 
to interpret life, to understand 
the desires of others, to un- 
derstand their failures and 
their triumphs. The Arts re- 
fine the feelings and the sen- 
timents, and bring us closer 
to an understanding of our 
fellow men. Students form 
life-long friendships while 
participating in cultural acti- 



^r } ^t J.. 

H 4\ -J '• ^f*L^ 1 

I A^v m A 1 

_ ^l 


n W ^f *JM WmMt 

■ v ^ ill 

Produced by the Brigham Young University Theater, William Shakespeare's "Julius 
Caesar" featured Max Golightly as Caeser. 

Rl 1 ■ 



&\-fr- XrimrLi 
r ■ '\Jirnmrm 


B 1 ^^H ' 


Concentrated on the task. 

Blossoming into song. 

The language of the face interprets all. 


Youthful hearts learn to love through the ability to appreciate music, for the highest graces of music flow from the 
feelings of the heart. On our way through life, it is music that can strike the tender chords of memory, allowing us to 
relive our rich moments. It can summon anew, hopes buried under every day stress, and can garner for us treas- 
ures of the mind which we thought lost. 


Wfiat man knows is ex- 
pressed by what he does 

Dancers ready to perform at the Hello 
Week Assembly. Co-ordination of 
thought and movement provided a spec- 
tacle of flowing, graceful action. 

Skillful hands on delicate instruments. 

A singer of Samoan songs, realistically 
daubed, plucks the heart strings at an 


The virtue lies in the struggle - not the prize. 

.11 Conference tackle 
>hn Kapele heads line 
readied footballers on 
deline at football 
ame with Utah. 

A desperate effort for control of the ball in the basketball game with Iowa State. 

Watching, applauding, bemoaning, or cheering itself hoarse, the crowd in the stand encour- 
ages the home team to grapple with the invaders. 


Faculty, Alumni, Students and Visitors, all paid tribute 
to the lovely Homecoming Queen, Diane Stevenson, dur- 
ing the Homecoming Week of 1957. Receptions, open- 

houses, football, dances, parade, and the traditional 
lighting of the Y, were events over which the gracious 
Queen reigned with simple dignity. 


Homecoming Week's activities included a 
street dance with instrumental solos, while 
the Pep Rally's bonfire enabled everyone to 
keep warm in the chilly weather. 

Attitudes of ease, interest, curiosity, concentration, awareness, attention to detail and deep, en- 
grossing thought, displayed at the Homecoming Assembly. 

Student activities set the mood for participation and enjoyment. 


"Let's not debate that point." Chairman Bob Boren gives all his attention to the objector. 

"Would he make a 
good Vice-President, I 
wonder?" Students take 
seriously their obliga- 
tions in electing officers 
in their organizations. 

Everywhere, and at any 
time, officers of organi- 
zations get together for 
informal discussions on 
activities, problems and 




I .-•^ l . '\-:'- 

^V ). 

Deviltry was afoot when the Tausig's Homecoming Parade entry conquered all opposition. 

; ".;v\ ■':.;..,'•', 

» V- 

»■"•■ 4x'' v t '^ 

'tn-SX v » 

Enthusiasm for projects and 
painstaking work produce results. 

Hope abandoned? 




To be perfect must be shared. 

It cannot be caught -when chased 

But can alight - unexpectedly 

As the result of activity 

In seeking and in doing. 

For such happiness as we are capable of 

Comes from the full participation 

of all our powers, 

In the endeavor 

To wrest from each changing 

Situation or experience 

Its own full 

And rich meaning. 


Action springs from the seed of thought. 

Selected, well-chosen words, sincerely uttered by elected leaders, in- 
spire organization leaders. 

Leadership Conference. We reform others unconsciously 



wnen we walk uprignuy. 

Bryce Canyon has become the accepted meeting place 
for the pre-school Conference of Student Leaders. The 
inspiration of talks and doing given at Leadership 
Conferences by Student Advisers and Leaders, set a 
pattern for others to follow, for people seldom improve 

when they have no model. The first great gift which 
leaders bestow on others is a good example, and no 
one in an organization is so insignificant as to be sure 
his example dees not do harm. These are the things 
that are impressed upon those who attend Leadership 
Conference. There is a lighter side to the meeting, in 
provided entertainments, scenic walks to famous spots, 
and opportunity to form happy and lasting friendships. 

Conference-goers at Sunset Point, Bryce Canyon 


Eloquence in repose. Sleep (and a cameraman) sometimes 
come upon us unawares. 

Frosh Orientation and Activities 
Build Freshman Spirit 

A disturbing, fascinating new world opens up for frosh 
students entering college. Confused, friendly, eager to 
learn, they wander around campus, mislaying build- 
ings, books and bicycles. With the help of the pre- 
school exercises, talks by Administration and Faculty 
members, they become orientated by the time school 
starts. But the condensation of so much newness in 
such a relatively short time leaves some things for- 
gotten, and the frosh is apt to find himself in the wrong 
room or class or going in the wrong direction. There 
always seems to be, however, the friendly smile or 
helping hand nearby. Freshmen enter the life of the 
University early, electing their own representatives and 
pursuing electioneering practices with all the energy 
and spirit of seasoned campaigners. Dances, football, 
skiing events, and other recognition of their status, 
brings to the Freshmen something of the pride of place 
in a special group. Their initiation into the Y, their wear- 
ing of distinctive blue and white beanies, and eccentri- 
cities of dress, establish in the mind of the frosh, the 
sense of belonging. From then on he is a Y student, fill- 
ed with an indefinable pride in his school, and the 
ideals and purposes it stands for. So the Frosh comes to 
college, where he will grow in stature, in maturity and 
character to take his place in the affairs of men and 
the outside world. 

Something unexpected turned up as Frosh trip their own 
heels, and, (below) Freshmen take the first steps toward 
a future. 

"What! Go back again? We've just come from there. 

Reflecting happiness across to others at 
Frosh Assembly. 

Registration: in chosen 
fields of learning 

Mysterious packets filled with cards, class 
cards, class schedules, pencils, forms to 
be filled in, forms to be handed in, signa- 
tures to be obtained, traffic clearances, 
housing clearances, activity cards, lost 
and found, turnstiles to go in, turnstiles to 
go out, fees to be paid; these, together 
with renewals of happy friendships, are 
all part and parcel of the business of regis- 
tration. After trudging wearily around the 
track, students seek the helpful assistance 
of faculty and staff and wind their way 
through the converging lines to emerge, 
like moths from a cocoon, from the Field- 
house, triumphant and registered, ready, 
if not eager, to pursue their studies in the 
profession they have chosen. 

Consultation with advisors is im- 
portant when schedules have to 
be changed. And, (far right) friends 
show helpful interest, too. 

Nothing worth while was ever achieved that was not the result of 
patient working and waiting. 

The first line-up, outside the Fieldhouse, 
and (right) skilled assistance in form- 

Nations, as well as individuals, are part of a wondrous world. Understanding between them is welded by a gracious welcc 
such as is extended to foreign students on BYU campus. 

Activities to enable students to say Hello ai 

With a registration of approximately 9,000 stu- 
dents, 1957 Hello Week and Welcome Back 
Activities got off to a good start despite the dep- 
redations of the Asian flu bug which made its 
appearance at the same time as the students. 
The "Hi-Daze" 1957 version of the traditional 
week sponsored a Queen Contest, parade, dec- 
orations, football, and various other activities 
which kept new and returning students busy. 
The Hello Week Assembly, with its impressive 
display of students from all over the United 
States, Canada, Hawaii and many overseas 
nations, demonstrated the international flavor 
which is welcomed in this University in the West 

"Y" painters find the pain in painting,- one looks longingly at civilization. 


Gathered together under their respective banners, students from each 
state of the Union unite for the common purpose of achieving intellec- 
tual maturity. 




Cheering spurs on the team. 

Welcoming Suzanne, from Nigeria. 

Whooping up some entertainment. 


aiian girls provide lilting island songs. Getting ready to raise the roof. Kim Kichuen responding for Foreign Students. 


Homecoming Week . . . 1957 

Manifesting Sputnik's influence, the Homecoming theme for 
1957, "Out of This World," enabled imaginative enthusiasts to 
conceive and decorate floats, houses, and dormitories, with 
startling effect. The out-of-this-world moon watched serenely, 
as tired students worked through the nights and days with 
chicken wire, paper napkins, satin, and paint to produce some- 
thing really Sputnikistic. Striking results were achieved and 
were rewarded when another orb, the sun, smiled warmly 
down on Provo for the parade. Crowds lined the route as color- 
ful, decorative, humorous and imaginative floats provided a 
joyous spectacle. Gaiety, fun, football, frolics, dancing, com- 
petitions and rally powered the 1957 Homecoming out of this 
world. Rocketed above all as queen, Diane Stevenson was en- 
throned with Lena Davis and Vicki Durrant as attendants. 
Hundreds of alumni "came home" for the weekend and were 
entertained with a full agenda of special alumni events which 
included luncheons, receptions, open-houses, and tours of the 
campus, which to some of the alums, is a changed world. 
Carl Mitchell carried the duties of Homecoming chairman. 

Maria singing of her love for Dimitri. 


■""££".. -^, - 

c * 




The useful and beautiful are never separ- 
ated. Necessary labor before the presen- 
tation to three beauties. 

"I Thee Crown," Diane's father is applauded as he performs 

Queen Diane's serenity is 
rippled by expressions of 
wonder - question - exhorta- 
tion - and gaiety. 

is was their finest hour. Coach Kopp 
ng chaired by an elated football 
m after defeating Denver in the 
mecoming game. 



Homecoming (continued) 


This entry won off-campus prize. Devil's Haven forks way to prize. Drama conceived this stark, prize-win- 
ning entry. 

Originality, ingenuity and beauty combined 
to achieve excellence. 

*>v fiMfe 

Striking design and humor got together to win a prize. 


Cougars sprint onto field for second half as fans acclaim 
BYU's lead. 

Fund Ball 



"Gondolier! ", the theme for the an- 
nual Sophomore Loan Fund Ball, 
captured the festival gaiety of Ven- 
ice, as gondolas, music and song 
created the atmosphere of the Car- 
nival City in Fieldhouse and Social 
Hall. Swirling to the music of Wes 
Barry and Jerry Hyde, the dancers 
felt the fascination of the old world 
whose tradition they had borrowed 
for the evening. No canal in Venice, 
no sidewalk cafe, no doge's palace 
had ever resounded to more laughter, 
more romantic whisperings, or more 
sheer happiness than did the hi-ways 
and by-ways of the two dance floors. 
The Sophomore Class sponsors the 
Loan Fund Ball, held annually to in- 
crease the amount of funds held by 
the Loan Fund treasury. These funds 
are used to make loans to students, 
usually for payment of tuition or the 
purchase of books. Set up five years 
ago, the Sophomore Loan Fund Ball 
has become a traditional and enjoy- 
able means of helping others. 

She was music to his eyes. 

"Miss Sophomore", Pat Murchie (center) reigned as Queen of 
the Sophomore Loan Fund Ball. Her attendants were Joyce 
Bailey and Chyleen Bacon (left) . 

A spectacular floorshow holds attention 
of dancers. 

Refreshments add to any occasion. 


Thirteen men were chosen "most preferred", and honored by coeds at Preference Ball. (1 to r) Wayne 
Peterson, Sloan Hales, Jerry Griffiths, Barrie McKay, Hal Hatch. Preferred also was Doug Hill. 

Preference Ball Makes Dreams Come True 

Twenty-three hundred university coeds balloted for their preferred man to 
escort them to the traditional Preference Ball. Sponsored by the AWS, Chairman 
Donna Daniels and an energetic committee made the occasion an affair to 
remember. Delectable refreshments and a sparkling floor show added to the 
gaiety and enjoyment of the preferred and their partners. Four halls were needed 
to accommodate the dancers. Honored at the Ball and feted at a preceding 
banquet were the thirteen "most preferred" by the coeds. Excitement ran high 
throughout the week as the girls made selections, waited for their invitations, 
discussed the important question of what to wear, or went into huddles, think- 
ing up new decorations and food menus, for many of the coeds invited their 
escorts home after the ball. 


crin, Lavon Boyenger, Jay Naylor, Dick Wells, John Kindred, Webb Crockett, Mike Kirkham, Larry 

Preferred man, Webb Crockett. Beauty dances with dignity at Preference Ball. 


Xmas Concert & TV Show 

The very rafters of the Fieldhouse sang as the 
Brigham Young University's Music Dept. staged 
its Christmas Program in December, 1957. De- 
lighting all musical tastes the concert revealed 
a galaxy of talent. With the playing of a group 
of carols, the BYU Symphony Orchestra, con- 
ducted by Prof. Lawrence Sardoni, opened the 
program. The Madrigal Chorus, under the di- 
rection of Dr. John Halliday, presented French, 
Italian and Polish carols. Professor Ralph Wood- 
ward conducted the Male Chorus which sang, 
"Allelujah" and "Unto Us A Child Is Born." 
With the harmonious message of this musical 
program in their minds, the students later left 
to enjoy Christmas at home or with friends. 

From schools in the Provo-Orem area came children to 
sing as a choir, under the direction of Prof. Ralph 

r* si 

SmH K9I9 



r/f mm 

1 M B^ 



1 % m ■ H 

^m^r ^^^^^m^m^L^m 



► j 

tj B\ 

1 Jfl 


Music imparts nobility, render- 
ing unrivaled eloquence which 
grips the hearer in a willing en- 

Conducted by Dr. John R. Halliday, the Madrigal Chorus, in a per 

feet settina. Sana "Anaels Wo Hnve Hev-rrH nn HinVi " nnrl "Wnnrfer 


feet setting, sang "Angels We Have Heard on High, 

and "Wonder, 

Sensitively dramatized on the Christmas 
program, Carleton-Colby's "The Toy Shop," 
weaved a spell of magic through the voices 
of Roy Baumgart and assistant Lucky. 


Snow Carnival Week and the snow came just in time. 

Springlike weather ushered in Snow Carnival week, 
but the fates were kind and dropped sufficient snow 
for the activities to be held. Skiing ability, poise, per- 
sonality and appearance were the attributes on 
which royalty was chosen. Marilyn Woodward won 
the Queen's crown and Reginald Coultas was select- 
ed King. Sculpturing reached new and ingenious 
heights on campus, which became a fashionable 
promenade as co-eds, in the latest snowsports attire 
graced the walks. The Snow Carnival Assembly 
featured the Tyrolian Olympiad theme and Stadium 
Events included a snow-shoe race, barrel stave and 
relay races, yodelling contest and figure skating. 
Tyrolian hats for the dancers added to the enjoyment 
of those who attended this special event. 

The nearby Rockies provide an 
appropriate back-drop as skat- 
ing race contestants adjust their 
identification before lining up. 

A knotty problem holds up skating competitors. 

Knight Templar's "Olympic Bobsled- 
ders" took sweepstakes. 

Brigadiers took 2nd place with 
horse carving. 

Brickers humorous entry gained third. 


Accompanied by appropriate music, and dressed in national costume, yodellers took part in a contest during Snow 
Carnival Week. Only the snow was conspicuous by its absence. 

Echoes reverberate through the canyons 
as snow sports raise enthusiasm. 

Pictures of yellow-green fields, spotted 
with dainty white edelweiss, of centuries 
thick glaciers in the Swiss Alps, of moun- 
tains, rigid with close-packed snow, of 
little girls with braided blonde hair, carry- 
ing buckets of milk, of breath-taking ski 
runs, and waterfalls were recalled in the 
Snow Carnival's Week of activities, as 
yodellers sent cascades of clear, lucid 
notes to tumble into the pool of night, or 
daring skiers, many from overseas coun- 
tries, weaved their craft on mountain top. 

Start of one of the ski races held at Timp 
Haven and (right) Ice Hockey in action. 


Destiny Fund and Spirit of Y Week 

To demonstrate the Spirit of the Y, a week of activities 
was held Feb. 23 to March 1 . Dr. Reed Bradford, chairman 
of the week's fireside, at which Mark E. Petersen was the 
speaker, analyzed the Spirit of the Y as the "fullest teach- 
ings of Christ". It embraces the development of man in- 
tellectually, physically, socially, culturally and spiritually. 
Also appearing at the fireside were the BYU Symphony 
Orchestra, the University Chorale and the Madrigal Sing- 

ers. Other Week activities included a concert of carillonic 
bells by Dee Woods; the serenading of Heritage Halls, by 
Alpha Phi Omega; the singing of school songs in front of 
the Eyring Science Building; two basketball games; the 
Banyan Ball; assembly; the opera, "Martha"; and dis- 
plays of University relics, history, trophies and flags. The 
Spirit of the Y promotes the realization of the unique mis- 
sion and destiny of the University. 

WHAM WUMr uniiw ' ' 

Special booth for Destiny Fund collections. 

Ground breaking ceremony for the building of 
a shrine to house the Y bell, which has become 
a traditional symbol. 

The Y bell will be housed in a $5000 shrine, south of stadium. 

William Noble Waite, head of Brig- 
ham Young University Destiny Fund, 
and Assistant to Pres Wilkinson, in 
charge of campus development. He 
was chairman of the group which 
raised money for Los Angeles LDS 


Students contacting those living off campus to explain Des- 
tiny Fund program, reported enthusiastic support. 

Music of the Y records found a ready sale. 

Clyde Sandgren introduced his new school song. 


Special lighting arrangements created 

Banyan Ball dancers form half circle to 
listen to and enjoy the singing of the 
"Symphonettes,,' a women's trio from 
University of Utah. They performed dur- 
ing the intermission. 

Banyan Ball & Assembly 

Tying things up out front, Banyan staff members line up a little 

The good old days of vintage cars, and gaslight, 
of red plush furniture and group photographs, 
were recalled as the Banyan developed its "Fa- 
mily Album" theme for 1958. In the Fieldhouse and 
Smith Family Living Center, the Banyan Ball deco- 
rations in white, gold and green carried out a 
"Time Was" atmosphere as students danced to 
the music of Jerry Hyde and Stan Taylor. With 
photographers busy taking pictures and programs 
designed to frame them, the dancers carried away 
memories of a happy time. Crowned Banyan 
Queen for 1958, Dorothy McGraw, and her attend- 
ants Gwen Abegg and Mary Anderson reigned 
over the merry throng. As part of the Spirit of the 
Y Week, the Banyan staff collaborated with the 
Student Program Bureau and Orchesis Club, to 
present the Spirit of the Y assembly to the student- 

Assembly antics kept studentbody in good 



& Mj 



- &;* 


Sweet sophistication and gracious dignity marked the 
coronation of the 1958 Banyan Queen, Dorothy McGraw 
of Medford, Ore. The crowning ceremony took place at the 
Banyan Ball and was performed by last year's Queen, 
Diane Stevenson. Dorothy's two attendants were Gwen 
Abegg, shown at left, and Mary Anderson. 


Belle of the "Y". Janice Babcock (center) with her attendants Carolyn Crawford (left) and Beverly Armstrong. 

Belle of the "Y" Week 

Escaping from old Ireland for the even- 
ing, leprechauns flitted among the sham- 
rocks to carry out the theme of the Belle 
of the Y dance, "Shamrock Serenade". 
Held in the Smith Family Living Center 
and the Social Hall, dancers trod to the 
music of Jerry Hyde's and the Y's Men 
Bands. The Belle of the Y was enthroned 
under the shadow of a large silver Y. 
Tenor Jack Morris sang Irish songs during 
the intermission, and Belle of the Y, Janice 
Babcock was presented with the tradition- 
al necklace. With her attendants, Carolyn 
Crawford and Beverly Armstrong, she 
reigned over the dance at the end of a 
week of varied activities. 

A crown for a queen 


Dressed in all her finery, she awaits her escort. 

Seventy co-eds vied for the honor of be- 
ing judged Belle of the Y. During a 
week of activities, the girls took part 
in a cake baking contest, points being 
judged for originality, texture, appear- 
ance, flavor and icing. In the beauty 
contest, formals were worn and the co- 
eds were judged on posture, carriage, 
poise, alertness and sense of humor. On 
March 12, contestants displayed their 
ability in jitterbug, waltz, and two step 
during the regular mat dance. The tal- 
ent quest was held in the Smith Family 
Living Center. As the final step, the 
girls took part in a popularity contest, 
which was conducted at the regular stu- 
dentbody assembly. At the Belle of the 
Y dance on March 15 Janice Babcock 
was awarded the honor with Carolyn 
Crawford and Beverly Armstrong, as 

The angelic strains of the harp were 
heard in the Family Living Center as 
contestants took part in the talent 

Old world fragrance 

Colorful and delicious, the cakes made by contestants provided a cutting problem. 

Exquisite culinary artistry. 


Viking Social Unit sang "The Bell of Cottonwood Valley", to win first place honors at Songfest. 

BB ■-*;;.', " f >."*:'■ i'iiv^- 

*^^^^^ _ ^ ■ 


i Wm MB 

1 1 

1 BeJ 

^ ' ^ 55 



r ■ 

1 1 

r v 

■ ' 1 J 

Representatives of Viking, I.K., Kappa Deb, 
Tokalon, and Val Norn units claim their 
awards from Chairman Lora Lee Brown, (left) 
"Cranberry Corners, U.S.A.", capers. 

Song jest 

Viking social unit won permanent possession of the 
first place trophy in the men's division of the annual 
Associated Women Students-sponsored Songfest, 
April 4th. Three consecutive first place wins gained 
them the trophy. This year's prize winning song was 
composed and conducted by Dave Taylor. Kappa 
Debonaires walked away with the first place in the 
women's division and the trophy for the most original 
song, composed by Marlene Monson and conducted 
by Joan Blodgett. Tokalon unit won second place with 
the song, "You Belong With Me", composed by Janet 
Welker and directed by Sharron Benson. Val Norn 
took third place, singing, "One Day", composed and 
conducted by Pat Henrie. Second place in men's 
division went to Intercollegiate Knights with "Forever 
Dear", composed and conducted by Leroy Gibbons. 
Goldbrickers took third place with "The Greater 
Road", composed by Dee Woods, Clayne Robison, 
and Terry Forsythe. 

"Cranberry Corners, U.S.A." finale 
by all units. 

^^^B£ spotty 

k S»*8i i 

Eta* v v 


Kappa Debonaires sing "Paper Boy", winning them first place in women's division and trophy for most original song. 


Bibler Bounce 

Photos of contestants attracted many students A busy hive of workers 

Bibler Bounce dance, held April 5 

Professor Snarf (Floyd E. Haupt) stares sternly at Worthal (Harvey B. Merkley) who gets lost contemplating Louise Lush 
(Diane Scott) 



omen s 


Women's Week was held April 28 to May 2. These five days were filled 
with events designed especially for coeds on campus, and included a 
Frosh Show, "Trousseau Treasures," a display of hope chest material, 
silver and china, a Fashion Show, and after the traditional Y Day activ- 
ities a banquet was given to honor senior women selected to receive lead- 
ership and service trophies, and also the most outstanding freshman, soph- 
omore and junior woman. The annual Women's Week dance culminated 
the week's activities. 

Busily painting animals to represent each event. 

Linda Mahaffey, Joan Cannon, and Marlena Carling took part in Women's Week events 
which were sponsored by A.W.S. 


The eye and the ear were assailed on all sides. 

A rolling poll toured the campus to catch votes. 


"Participate in '58" voting was urged in this year's stu- 
dentbody and class elections. A battle of the sexes de- 
veloped as, for the first time in BYU history, a coed con- 
tended for the position of top student officer. The campus 
resounded with political catchcries pleading with students 
to vote, as it was hoped to register a record percentage of 

enrollment participating. The competitive spirit between 
classes was introduced when a challenge was issued that 
the class president who had the smallest percentage vote 
from his class, would get a pie in his face at assembly. 
Winners were announced at the Inaugural Ball. 


Two knights joust their 
lances to win for a fair lady, 
Diane Hatch. 

Tom Stone, winner of electa 
for studentbody president, slip 
into sweater of office, helpe< 
by Webb Crockett. 

An old-fashioned political rally was held in Smith Fieldhouse. 

Committees worked round the clock. 


Athletic events of the University are enliven- 
ed by activities directed by the Pep Commit- 
tee. With ten areas to coordinate, the Central 
Committee plans and directs each of the 
shows accompanying the school's athletic 
events. The Half-time Committee arranges for 
the entertainment during the half-time break, 
the Cougarettes perform for the fans with 
amazing precision, the Cheerleaders jump 
gymnastically to rouse the fans to a pitch of 
excitement. Song-leaders start off the song of 
the Cougars, the Cougar Band is famous for 
its routines, the Cosmo Committee sponsors 
the antics of Cosmo, the rascally Cougar; the 
Ticket Committee excels in its task, and the 
Flag Twirlers dexterously and nonchalantly 
juggle the flags. Paul Flannery is Pep Com- 
mittee Chairman and he and his committees 
provided amusement and entertainment 
which kept the thousands of fans in their 
seats during the absence of the team athletes. 

Cheerleaders (1. to r.) Chuck Ogata, Tom Stone, Lyle Taggart, 
Brad Powell. 

Justly famed for its routines, the Cougar Marching Band, directed by Dick Ballou, performed at games, and ap- 
pear at a concert at Hollywood's Ambassadors Hotel. With Dick Ballou (right) are Val Hegemier, John McKellar. 


Cosmo, mascot of the Cougars 

Frosh cheerleaders (1 to r) Dallas Hill, Dave Grant, Bonnie Oscarson, Ron Leckie, 
Norma Hedguist. 

Flag twirlers (1 to r) Marilyn Facer, head twirler, 
Shirley Hopkins, Sharyn Sant, Carill Lee, Fran- 
ces Mansuy. 

Songleaders( 1 to r) Karen Leishman, Carolyn Bar- 
low, Becky Campbell, Carol Taylor, Nancy Living- 




I *j|ijw*i?( 

Administration Section 

Behind them unseen, 

Stand the scholars of the ages. 

Before them the vision, 

Of things still to come. 

Around them the aura 

Of santified learning. 

And within them .... the character 

Outlined in their faces, 

Developed by study 

Of all that is true. 

Their knowledge, their wisdom 

Offered gladly to Youth, 

So that Past .... Present, 

And Future, give meaning to Life. 


First President 

President David O. McKay 

In expressing gratitude for the 
honor of delivering the com- 
mencement address for the 1957 
graduation exercises of Brigham 
Young University, Cecil B. De- 
Mille stated: "I have also a 
very personal reason for being 
grateful for this honor, because 
it forms another link in the 
strong bond of one of the most 
valued friendships that I have, 
the friendship of a man who 
combines wisdom and warmth 
of heart, in whom four-score 
years have not dampened the 
enthusiasm of youth, a man 
who can truly and literally be 
called a Latter-day Saint, the 
President of your church, David 
O. McKay." 

Stephen L Richards, first Coun- 
selor in the First Presidency, is 
a man we all love and admire. 
His words of guidance and wis- 
dom are always inspiring to us 
and we look forward to hearing 
him speak at our Devotionals. 

J. Reuben Clark, Jr., second 
Counselor in the First Presiden- 
cy, is another well beloved ser- 
vant of the Lord. His exemplary 
life is one that we could profit- 
ably pattern our lives after. We 
are grateful to these leaders of 
the Church for their lives and 
testimonies of the Gospel. 


id Board of Trustees EYU 

To learn how to live as well as how to make a living has 
often been stressed as one of the major goals of education at 
Brigham Young University. It is regarded as a most signifi- 
cant responsibility of this, the largest church-owned univer- 
sity in the country, to mold conviction, character, and ideals 
as well as executives, engineers, and educators. These les- 
sons in life can be taught by the select group which makes 
up our faculty, but to insure stimulation of the spirit as well 
as the mind it is highly appropriate that the men who serve 
as the Board of Trustees are those who serve as the Quorum 
of the Twelve. 
These are men who stand as examples of successful tempor- 

al and spiritual lives. Men we trust to represent the highest 
kind of good which man can attain. Because we place them 
on such a high level it becomes difficult for us to realize that 
they too are human, that they have problems, and human 
frailties which must be overcome. And yet if we can look 
upon them in this light we will more deeply appreciate the 
lives which they lead and we will feel a stronger bond and 
unity. We as students are regretful that Elder Adam S. Ben- 
nion ended his untiring service to our University and church 
this year. We mourn his death and extend a tribute to a man 
who truly has laid up in store treasures in heaven. 

Joseph Fielding Smith 

Harold B. Lee 

Spencer W. Kimball 

Ezra Taft Benson 

Mark E. Petersen 

Henry D. Moyle 

Delbert L. Stapley 

Marion G. Romney 

LeGrand Richards 

Adam S. Bennion 

Richard L. Evans 

George Q- Morris 


Presidency of the University 

The sudden surge of science during the past year brought 
a new challenge to educators, a challenge which is being 
faced squarely and realistically by the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints. In November, 1957, a statement 
issued by the First Presidency of the Church declared 
that "because of its combination of revealed and secular 
learning, the Brgiham Young University is destined to be- 
come, if not the largest, at least the most proficient institu- 
tion of learning in the world, producing scholars with testi- 
monies of truth, who will become leaders in science, in- 
dustry, art, education, letters, and government." A Destiny 
Fund was inaugurated to supplement this program, which 
is based on careful forecasts of the university's actual 
burdens and responsibilities for the future. The BYU cam- 
pus has been expanded by more than $18 million in build- 
ings since 1950 with the construction of 38 major perma- 
nent structures. President Wilkinson foresees that the great 
fund of knowledge and skill of the university can be ap- 

plied towards the advancement of Latter-day Saints all 
over the world by the setting up of auxiliary campuses, 
thereby serving the church which operates the school. The 
face of the campus will be changed, as, in the near future, 
four new structures will begin to rise, a new Administra- 
tion building at a cost of $2 million, a Physical Education 
building, $2 million, a new Library to house a million vol- 
umes, $4 million, and a Commons building. The Adminis- 
tration building will be located just east of the stadium, 
the Library on the site of the present North building, the 
Physical Education building just north of the present sta- 
dium house. The new Commons building will house all 
student activities. Included will be cafeterias, banquet 
halls, large dance hall, student offices, conference rooms, 
bowling alley, and other recreational activities. With these 
plans in mind, the Presidency of the University have set 
this goal to celebrate the university's centennial in 1975. 


Harvey L. Taylor, Vice President 

William E. Berrett, Vice President in 
charge of Religious Education. 

Earl C. Crockett, Vice President 

Clyde D. Sandgren, Secretary of the 
Board of Trustees, Board of Educa- 
tion, and Executive Committees, and 
56 General Secretary and Counsel for 
the Church School System. 

Joseph T. Bentley, Executive Assist- 
ant to the President. 

Wm. Noble Waite, Assistant to the 




■ smmaS '&M 

.■iiSiKP *??>'* 

President Ernest L. Wilkinson, for eight years dyna- 
mic leader of the Brigham Young University, earned 
degrees from BYU, George Washington University 
Lav/ School and Harvard Law School where he ob- 
tained the degree of Doctor of Juridical Science. 
President Wilkinson inaugurated, this year, the Fund 
planned to enable the university to fulfill its destiny. 

Biological & 
Agricultural Sciences. 

Selfless devotion to great ends is the keynote of 
the College of Biological and Agricultural Sci- 
ences. Students, who must pass through this col- 
lege in order to fill graduation requirements, pause 
to wonder and sometimes stand rapt in awe as 
the impenetrable ceases to be mysterious and be- 
comes part of our living world. A background of 
botany, zoology, bacteriology, and several agri- 
cultural departments leads to further research, 
practical application and craftsmanship in a chos- 
en field. The necessary prerequisites for dentistry 
and medicine are also an integral segment of this 
college. Students who desire facility in ihe use of 
machinery, craftsmanship and mechanics may 
be attracted by the Industrial Arts. Other students 
wishing only to fill graduation requirements soon 
find their curiosities aroused as they probe and 
seek to understand the secrets of nature. Raymond 
B. Farnsworth (lower right), head of this college, 
is assisted by able and experienced men who 
are specialists in their chosen area related to the 
biological sciences. The study of man's natural 
environment, its control and improvement is the 
basis of the college and helps to satisfy the desire 
prevalent in this age of science, to know, to con- 
trol, to develop, and to utilize. The opportunity to 
understand the basic concepts and fundamental 
facts of life, is thereby afforded to students. The 
hidden wonders of life, always a source of intense 
curiosity for man are explored, explained, under- 
stood, and made an integral part of life. 

Ideas of the sort propounded are likely to cling to the mind. 

Curious as Herophilus in the dissecting room. 

Raymond B. Farnsworth, acting dean of the 
College of Biological and Agricultural Sciences. 

Puzzling and fascinating are the pictures seen under a microscope. 


/ J 

With light heart and gay smile, he combs the hair 

College of Commerce 

With the primary purpose of instilling in to the students 
the practical methods by which men in a complex busi- 
ness world communicate and associate with each other, 
the College of Commerce, nevertheless, endeavors to give 
students a realization of the human and social aspects of 
business as related to the community, the business firm 
and the individual. Other important objectives are, train- 
ing in the use and tools of modern business and informa- 
tion on the controlling and measuring of economic change 
and business operations; and to assist the student to de- 
velop the ability to determine the type of information ap- 

Teachers experienced in true judgment assist students to map 
out careers. 

plicable and vital to the solution of business problems. All 
departments of the College emphasize technical, human, 
and social aspects of business and economics, for success 
needs technical knowledge and a high degree of adapt- 
ability in the fields of Accounting, Business Education, 
Economics, Finance and Banking, Industrial Management, 
and Marketing. Technical training is given in all these de- 
parments. Training for careers in teaching, secretarial 
work, management and advisory services, is also avail- 
able in this College. 

A quiet calculation before taking work over the jumps. Weldon Taylor, Dean of the College, stands before a picture of world's 

business center. 


College of Education 

The modern world, with its emphasis on education, places 
a heavy responsibility on teachers, to train and educate 
the children of today for the developments of tomorrow. 
A many faceted curriculum in the College of Education is 
designed towards development, in the student teacher, 
the qualities which make for successful teaching. The 
natural ability of the individual is developed so that this 
ability can be used to inspire in others, a love of, and de- 
sire for, learning. The College emphasizes a thorough 
understanding of subjects, in order that the teacher may 
awaken interest, and kindle the kind of enthusiasm which 
produces results in classrooms. Hidden or submerged 
talent under an outward characteristic, in a child can be 
brought to its full development by a teacher trained to 
recognize it. The program followed by the College of Edu- 
cation gives the student teacher invaluable practical ex- 
perience in teaching, and of observing and evaluating 
special conditions in the Laboratory School. Graduates 
from this college are eagerly sought for positions through- 
out the United States. 

Asahel D. Woodruff, Dean of the College of Education. 

Prospective teachers find plenty to do in lab. 

Thouaht and action are stimulated in classes. 

Teachers must be able to explain motives and values. 


Dr. Marion C. Pfund, Dean of the College of Family Living. 

Truths are taught with carefully chosen 

College of Family Living 

The home is the center of our personal universe, and 
from it springs all the good and evil which character- 
ize our thoughts and actions. The College of Family 
Living has a program designed to inculcate into the 
student the understanding and knowledge which is the 
basis for happy home life. With the inspiration of 
religion permeating the structure, the program develops 
the student through classes in Human Development 
and Family Relationships, Food and Nutrition, Clothing 
and Textiles, Economics and Management of the Home, 
Nursing, Housing and Design, and other related sub- 
jects. Expert instruction and an individual interest in 
the student ensures the intake of knowledge which 
will play an important part in the happiness of the 
homes, and of the people and of the nation, in the 
future. Dr. Marion C. Pfund, Dean of the College since 
its inception in 1954, was instrumental in developing 
it into a large and important area of study at BYU. She 
was consultant for the construction of the new building, 
which is devoted entirely to the science of Family Liv- 
ing and in which many innovations have been made. 
The gleaming laboratories, modern equipment, and 
functional classrooms make it a joy to study in the col- 
lege, which is in some ways unique throughout the 

Patience and artistry go hand in hand to achieve decora- 
tive results. 


Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Gerrit de Jong, Jr. 
There's no music in a rest, only the making of it. 

College of Fine Arts 

Rich, fertile minds, pregnant with possibilities, will pro- 
duce nothing but weeds unless seeds of productivity 
are sown and cultivated to blossom into fruition. The 
Fine Arts, Music, Art, Speech, and the Dramatic Arts, 
when firmly implanted into the minds of youth, develop 
in it a refinement of mind and soul which levens the 
pressure of economic daily cares. Color in a painting, 
the clear smooth line of a drawing, or the life-like qual- 
ity in a marble sculpture, a pure sweet note of music, 

the losing of an actor in his part, all these and other 
developments in the Fine Arts, bring to the individual 
the realization that success in life must not be measur- 
ed by material wealth or the pursuit of learning for 
learning alone, but by the response one gives to the 
refinements of the mind. The College of Fine Arts pro- 
vides many opportunities for participation in curricula 
and extra curricular activities. 

We don't get a very good perspective from up here. 

Caught in the claws of a conscientious mood. 


Leonard W. Rice, Dean 
of the College of Hu- 

Humanities and Social Sciences 

In the old pioneer days of a country, it was a simple matter 
to love one's neighbor, and to respect his rights, for the 
difficulties which arose were common problems and common 
struggles. But today, with fast travel and lightning-like com- 
munication, we find that our neighbors are the people of all 
nations, differing in thought, color, race, and creed. To be- 
come mature and understanding in our dealings with our 
new neighbors, it is necessary to learn of their customs, 
languages, histories and present conditions. The various 
departments of the College of Humanities and Social Sci- 
ences provide a curricula which is extensive in its scope, to 
give the student the desire to comprehend the ways of other 
peoples. A knowledge of a language, the songs, literature, 
and culture of a foreign country exploration, the behavior 
of peoples and why they act the way they do, the communi- 
cation of facts, the study of the past and how it relates to 
the present and the future, these and many other aspects 
are to be studied in Languages, Sociology, Psychology, Jour- 
nalism, History, Geography, English, and Archaeology de- 
partments of the College. Such studies bring forth a new 
mental vigor which solves not only the problems of our 
neighbors but our own at home. 

Comprehension of languages is developed in lab. 
Students follow events through campus newspaper. 

Following the trails of explorers who opened up new worlds. 


Physical and Engineering Sciences 

During the year, the College of Physical and Engineering 
Sciences brought the number of its departments to nine, 
by dividing the former Department of Chemistry and 
Chemical Engineering Science into two separate units. 
Training students for teaching, research or industrial 
work in Air Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering 
Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geology 
and Geological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 
Mathematics and Physics, the college keeps pace with the 
modern theory that industry has become the language 
understood by all nations, bringing with this understand- 

ing, higher standards of living, better means of produc- 
tion, and new avenues of opportunity. Organized just five 
years ago, the college is the largest of the University. Be- 
cause of the great need, students in recent years have 
been attracted into the areas of technical and scientific 
study. A bachelor's degree in one of the engineering sci- 
ences requires five years of study. Dr. Armin J. Hill, Dean 
of the College, formerly was physicist with the motion 
picture research council. He helped develop new sources 
of light and has also specialized in astrophysics, mathe- 
matics, and optical engineering. 

i * f ' *% 

The study of mathematics gives grasp and power to the 

Calculated precision is one of the first elements of truth. 

Dr. Armin J. Hill, Dean of College of Physical and En- 
gineering Sciences. 

Rational men, using science, can secure the welfare of all. 


Ballet toe work in a game of flag football. 

Muscle and mind coordinate for strength and 

Table tennis is popular with the girls. 

Recreation, Physical and Health 
Education and Athletics 

The program offered by the College of Recreation encourages 
vigorous participation in skiing, basketball, modern dance, 
swimming, tumbling, folk dance, football, field sports, gymnas- 
tics and softball. Specialized skills are recognized and students 
are encouraged to take part in well-coordinated intramural and 
intercollegiate programs. Affiliation with the Skyline Confer- 
ence provides opportunities for competition in basketball, foot- 
ball, golf, wrestling, track, baseball and tennis. Brigham Young 
varsity squads make nationwide tours to meet team of other 
universities. This College also takes the initiative to develop 
leadership in both new and established areas. Professional 
training is emphasized in the major fields or recreation, Scout- 
ing education, physical education, health education and 
safety. Certification requirements for teaching in Utah and other 
states may be completed in these fields. Students may also 
specialize in dance and pre-physical therapy. The BYU is the 
first university to offer a major in Scouting education. The pro- 
gram is twofold: the training of men for professional Scouting 
and their preparation to serve the church and community in 
youth leadership capacities. The Annual Open House Activity 
Night was held on March 10 on the main floor of the Fieldhouse. 
Designed to better acquaint the public with the college and its 
program, the evening included intramural contests, square, 
modern and social dancing exhibitions, women's physical edu- 
cation skill demonstrations, gymnastics and the BYU folk danc- 

Up and over, then a flip down. 

Dr. Milton F. Hartvigsen, Dean of the College of Receation, Physi- 
cal and Health Education and Athletics. 


School of Nursing 

With the ideals of alleviating human suffering and 
of assisting the recovery of patients by expert care, 
Nursing offers a career filled with the satisfaction of 
service. The basic collegiate program is a prepara- 
tion for the beginning positions in all the clinical 
areas of nursing: maternal and child care, medical- 
surgical nursing, public health nursing, and psychiat- 
ric nursing. The program, which leads to a Bachelor 
of Science degree, is planned to meet the require- 
ments and standards for accredited schools of nurs- 
ing on state and national levels. All instructors are 
full-time university faculty members and have gen- 
eral and professional backgrounds consistent with 
the academic rank they hold. The Church operates 
thirteen hospitals. Although headquarters for the col- 
legiate program in nursing is on the BYU campus, 
clinical experience in various specialties is provided 
in church hospitals or other institutions qualified to 
provide collegiate nursing education. 

L. Bernice Chapman, Director of the School of Nursing, under 
whose leadership the BYU nursing program aims to develop 
the growth of the students so that they are able to fill ade- 
quately an important niche in community life, as well as 
to enjoy the satisfying and useful role they play in their 
personal and family life. 

Children's ailments are carefully watched 
and studied. (Center) Students taking part in 
actual hospital routine, and (top) puzzling 
work for particular fingers. 




of Reli 


In studying the word of God, students learn the inner 
discipline which permits a proper integration of moral 
and religious values, with secular knowledge. Two 
hours of religion credit are required of every student 
for each quarter in residence; and, with the well bal- 
anced program offered, the student is encouraged to 
develop the spiritual side of his preparation for life. 
The President of the university heads the Division of 
Religion. Vice President W. E. Berrett is directly in 
charge with Sidney B. Sperry as Director of Graduate 
Studies and B. West Belnap as Director of Undergradu- 
ate Study. A staff of able and experienced instructors 
aid students to achieve a greater understanding of the 

"None are so poor, none so rich, or none so maimed or 
sick, that cannot enjoy the spiritual relationship be- 
tween man and God" proclaimed President David O. 
McKay, speaking to 7,316 students and faculty members 
on November 5. 

Sidney B. Sperry, Director 
of Graduate Studies in the 
Division of Religion, has a 
rich background of service. 

B. West Belnap, Director of 
Undergraduate Studies in 
Religion, guides students 
with understanding. 

President David O. McKay, for 51 years a member of the General Authorities of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 


Extension Division 

Through its various services the Extension Division 
offers a comprehensive program to those desiring 
further education. Directed by Harold G. Clark, the 
division offers Audio-Visual, and Adult Education 
services, through which films, tape recordings, visual 
aids and printed speeches are available at nominal 
cost. An extensive program is followed by the Adult 
Education Service. Night credit classes afford those 
who cannot attend regular classes the opportunity 
to continue their studies, either for the attainment of 
a degree or in pursuit of further knowledge or prac- 
tical development. Enrollment in night classes has 
doubled during the last year, increasing from 903 
fall quarter to 1997 winter quarter. Approximately 
150 classes taught during the day are included in 
the evening school. They include industrial manage- 
ment, library science, journalism, nursing, clothing 
and textiles, food and nutrition and family health. 
Russian has been added to the list of evening school 
languages, making the series as complete as regular 
day school language classes. 

Harold Glen Clark, Director of the Extension Division, 
who leads the extensive program of adult education 
through Home Study, night credit classes, tours, and 
lectures. Leadership Week is also organized in his 

On hand is a valuable collection of films and other 
teaching aids. 

The wisdom and knowledge of learned men are available to all. 


Dr. A. Smith Pond, Dean of the Graduate School and 
Chairman of the Graduate Council. Before taking 
over his new appointment this year, Dr. Pond was 
acting dean of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Graduate School 

Within the Graduate School this yast year, the final 
steps have been taken to bring about one of the big- 
gest developments in the university for many years. 
Beginning next year, for the first time in university 
history, nine departments will offer Doctor's degrees. 
This was planned under Dr. G. H. Hansen, former 
Dean of the Graduate School, authorized by the 
Board of Trustees, and has been carried through by 
Dean Pond. The Graduate School of the Brigham 
Young University was established in 1922 and has 
as its objectives, individual research, initiative, and 
scholarship. The school is administered by the 
Graduate Council which is presided over by the 
Dean of the Graduate School. Its faculty has repres- 
entatives from every college offering graduate work. 
These are professors, associate professors, assistant 
professors with a Doctorate, and additional faculty 
members approved by the Council. 

Throughout four years of college many students 
find that the reservoir of knowledge they are trying 
to fill never seems to reach the top. They discover 
they've gained good general concepts, but that 
now the time has come to specialize to an even 
greater degree. Learning, then, becomes a never 
ending process and the Graduate School provides 
the channels through which they progress. 


Administrative Officers 

Quiet performance of duty without fanfare characterizes 
those persons who act as the assistants to the presidency 
of the university. Fulfilling a number of positions concern- 
ing all phases of school operation, the men and women 
who are administrative officers work for the furthering of 
the academic, social, activity, and organizational operation 
of Brigham Young University. Working with students, facul- 
ty, and other persons both on and off campus, these per- 
sons put forth their effort in many areas. Problems of hous- 
ing for married and single students fall under the jurisdic- 
tion of the men's and women's housing directors. Service 
in other areas includes lyceums, campus security, admis- 
sions, academic standards, counseling service, and place- 
ment. Concern with the attitudes of the public involves 
those persons directing press relations, university attrac- 
tions, university publications, public relations, alumni, and 
radio and television programs. Coordination of the library 
facilities, devotional assemblies, motion picture production, 
treasurer's office, registrar's office, purchasing, mail service, 
receiving, the physical plant, and auxiliary services is also 
worked out in detail. Taking large loads of responsibility 
are Dean of Students, Wesley P. Lloyd, and Dean of Ad- 
missions, Bliss Crandall. They oversee the major adminis- 
trative operations and work on the actual coordination of 
the many other duties being performed. Concern with the 
operation of the university in the best possible manner is 
their goal on the physical and academic level. 

Wesley P. Lloyd, dean of students, acts as main admin- 
istrative officer concerned with the academic and prac- 
tical functioning of Brigham Young University. From his 
office in the Smith Family Living Center, he keeps a 
well-informed view of the functions of BYU. Bliss Cran- 
dall, Dean of Admissions and Records, organizes and 
keeps track of the many records that are concerned with 
the listing and admitting of students, grades, registrants 
and other information. 

Lester B. Whetten, Director 
of Public Relations. 

Ben E. Lewis, Director of 
Auxiliary Services. 

Samuel Brewster, Superintendent 
of Physical Plant. 


Wetzel O. Whifaker, 
Director of Motion 
Picture Production. 

B. Keith Duffin, Director Leonard E. Christensen, Raymond E. Beckham, Lillian C. Booth, 
of Placement Bureau. Director of Traffic Secretary of Alumni As- Counselor for Women. 

and Security. sociation. 


Howard T. Reid, Orrin H. Jackson, 

Chairman of Counsel- Admission Officer, 
ing Service. 

nan em m 

Selby G. Clark, Stewart L. Grow, Edwin Butterworth, 

Chairman of Academic Chairman of Devotional Director of Press Rela- 
Standards. Assemblies. tions. 

Herald R. Clark, Joyce W. Tippets, Lucile Spencer, 

Director of Lyceums and Director of Campus Acting Registrar. 
Musicals. Planning, Development. 

Cleo McCracken, 
Director of Women's 

Kiefer B. Sauls, 

Harold I. Hansen, Allan Barker, Director of Oliver R. Smith, C. R. Peterson, S. Lyman Tyler, 

Chairman of Radio and Health Service and Uni- Director of Student Pub- Purchasing, Mail Ser- Director of Libraries. 
TV Programs. versify Physician. lications. vice and Receiving. 


Fred A. Schwendiman, Arthur D. Browne, Floyd R. Taylor, Ernest L. Olsen, Blaine Parkinson, 

Director of Student Director of Administra- Director of Booking Uni- Chairman of Official Director of Men's Hous- 

Housing. five Studies. versify Attractions. University Publications, ing. 


Departmental Chairmen 

Directing departmental operations in the many colleges 
of the university are more than 50 departmental chairmen 
who keep constant check on the academic procedures of 
their special area. Many facets of their duties require a 
devotion to the purposes and tenets of education on a uni- 
versity level and these men and women spend long hours 
of work preparing class lectures, counseling, and making 
sure that their department is running smoothly and in 
complete control. It is a position only for a person with 
a true ideal of standards of academic striving, one who is 
willing to sacrifice to insure the furthering of the students 
under his guidance. In classes, the office, at meetings, or 
lecturing for an off-campus group, it is vital that all de- 

partment chairmen be thoroughly grounded in their field 
and be informed of any and all recent developments. In 
the sciences, experimentation and continuation of labora- 
tory work never ends for the chairman. In the humanities 
and fine arts, use of talent and constant contact with 
people is all-important for the chairman who wishes to 
keep abreast of his field. All the hours of effort possible 
are poured in academic progress by these men and wo- 
men, but students of the university are still the most im- 
portant item of consideration. Help, advice, academic 
guidance, and friendship are all offered to the interested 
coed or college man. 

H. Verlan Anderson 

Clarence D. Ashton 
Horticulture and horticul- 
ture specialties 

Vesta W. Bamett 

Economics and manage- 
ment of the home 

Leland K. Baxter 
Mechanical engineering 

Marion Bennion 
Food and nutrition 

Reed Bradford 


Ralph A. Britsch 

Percy E. Burrup 
Education administration 

G. Byron Done 

L.D.S. church organization 

and administration 

Elizabeth L. Gardner 
Housing and design 

H. Smith Broadbent 

Sterling G. Callahan 
Education instruction 

Roy W. Doxey 

Bible and modern scrip 


David D. Geddes 
Health education and safe- 

Billings Brown 
Chemical engineering 

Edward L. Christensen 
Business education and 
office management 

Robert L. Egbert 
Educational resarch and 

Stewart L. Grow 
Political science 

Kenneth C. Bullock 
Geology and geological 
engineering science 

Ivan L. Corbridge 
Agriculture administration 

Lavell C. Gamett 
Industrial arts 

Wayne B. Hales 


Departmental Chairmen (continued) 

Merrill J. Hallam 

John R. Halliday 

Harold I. Hansen 

Speech and dramatic arts 

Bertrand F. Harrison 

Charles J. Hart 

Israel Heaton 

Harry Hodson 

Leona Holbrook 

Physical education for 


Civil engineering science 

Physical education for 





1 m ' 

Robert Howell 

M. Wells Jakeman 

Jens J. Jonsson 

C. Rodney Kimball 



Electrical engineering sci- 

Intercollegiate athletics 

Hattie M. Knight 
Library science 

Don H. Larsen 

Howard D. Lowe 
Finance and banking 

Milton Marshall 


Conan Mathews 

Richard D. Poll 

Lawrence Morris 
Animal husbandry 

Blaine M. Porter 

Human development and 

family relations 

Keith R. Oakes 
Education values and pro- 

Margaret Potter 
Clothing and Textiles 

Clinton L. Oaks 

Virginia B. Poulson 
Homemaking education 

Russell R. Rich 
Church history 

Chauncy C. Riddle 
Theology and philosophy 

Richard L. Smith 
Industrial management 

Oliver R. Smith 

Royal B. Stone 
Youth Leadership 

Vasco M. Tanner 
Zoology and entomology 

L. Elliott Tuttle 

Arthur R. Watkins 


. » ^v*™^» -v - v : ■ - >" 

Student Leadership 


The magnificent whirlpool of color 

Of the great Canyon, 

Which is ageless, 

Blots out for a time 

The insignificant thoughts of man. 

For here, too, he is ageless 

Like a Pharoah 

Looking out over the universe 

And taking a glimpse of eternity. 

In this gathered atmosphere of a million years 

Student leaders meet in conclave 

To translate into University life 

The inspiration of Bryce Canyon. 


Student Coordinator and Executive Council. 

A kindly, approachable manner allows Mr. Paul E. Felt (left) 
to accomplish seeming miracles in his multifarious duties as 
Student Coordinator. His is the responsibility of co-ordinat- 
ing the scheduling of all activities, co-ordination between 
organizations, training of student leaders, and supervision 
of student government. Expenditure of studentbody funds 
comes under his jurisdiction, as does the liaison between 
studentbody, faculty, and administration. Mr. Felt's staff in- 
cludes Elva Davis, friend of all students, and D. Gardner, 
Assistant Co-ordinator. Mr. Felt's work is closely allied to 
that of the Executive Council of the Studentbody. This coun- 
cil comprises studentbody president, first and second vice- 
presidents and business manager. In addition, many students 
fill positions which enable the council to function effectively. 

The oath of office being administered 
to the Executive Council by its Pres- 
ident, Webb Crockett. 


Studentbody President Webb Crockett, an Economics major from 
Idaho, plans to marry in the summer before attending Graduate 
School in the East. 

1st Vice Pres. Beverly Broadbent from 
Riverside, California, is an Elemen- 
tary Education major. 

si ■■ ' . 



2nd Vice President Roger Victor, 
from Lodi, California is a Market- 
ing major. 

Jerry Griffiths, Business Manager, 
is a Marketing major from Long 
Beach, Calif. 

Secretary Lynne Bloomfield comes 
from Farmington, N. Mex. Major 
is Music Education. 79 

Associated Women Students Council: Front Row (1 to r) Donna Daniels, Ruth Stansfield, Jerri Jacobsen, Linda Redd, Darlene 
Brown, Joan Blodgett. Second Row (1 to r) Lora Lee Brown, Kay Sundwall, Jane Swift, Kathy McDonald, Ruth Redford, Pat 
Brighton, Jane White, Mary Clark, Charlotte Chadwick. Third Row (1 to r) Janelle Brimhall, Corena Miller, Janis Hull, 
Glenna Cooper. Eve McKnight and Ann Taylor are also members of the Council. 

Associated Women Students 

The Associated Women Students featured a full year's activities 
as members participated in organizing the traditional Preference 
Ball, Songfest, Christmas Drive, Transfer Students' Party, Big 
Sister Program, Coed of the Month, Y Day, Campus Chest Drive, 
Fashion Show, Foreign Students' Party, and other successfully 
arranged activities. Presiding over the organization was Janis Hull, 
who, with her officers, aimed to develop leadership qualities in 
the University coeds, to help them sustain the spirit of the Y, to 
encourage the forming and the development of high ideals. This 
year a new program was initiated for the organizing of girls who 
live off campus, in order to draw them into women's campus 
activities, which are coordinated by the Associated Women Stu- 

A quintette of charming carpenters works on 
new AWS offices. 

AWS members pack Christmas parcels for 
needy families. 


Big Sister Council: Front Row (1 to r) S. Reese, S. Smith, 
S. Schofield, G. Cooper, J. McCune. Second row M. Ew- 
ing, M. Barling, C. Lundell, J. Trease, M. Devine, C. 
Baker, A. Taylor. Other members of Council are R. Mor- 
rell, C. Burmester, M.McMeen. 



**r « 

*} *> 

5^'' ^^ 




7^ w ^^ 

m * 'fl l^t 



tC 5* ' 

•1 1 1 s& 

T v ■■■ « _3b 

j^^k. ^■■i 


h -6 */' 

y w 

■L B ^ 


S " 


Ix ^^ : J 




Ml 1 



■ ml. 

r . -. N 

If ■ M 

fy?* M V 

y w 

y sg - f 

m Urn/ [. Bf 

fc\ .. A 



& w 

■ 1 
C- - 1 






Associated Men Students Council: Front row (1. to r.) Brad Powell, Rich Hall, Clark Whitehead, Harvey Merkley, Rich 
Thatcher, Al Miner. Second Row (1. to r.) Secretary Janice White, Russell Relyea, Ted Sandberg, Keith Hart, Eugene Jones, 
Larry Regis, John Stohlton. Back Row (1. to r.) Dave Farr, Norm Smith, Tal Bird, President, Paul Brown, Vice-President, 
Mike Brown, Secretary, Marvin Wrigley. 

Associated Men Students 

The Associated Men Students includes all men attending the 
Brigham Young University. To carry out its function this or- 
ganization sponsors activities which give to every partici- 
pating student the balance necessary to obtain a well-round- 
ed academic and social life while attending the Y. With a 
busy schedule this year the AMS accomplished project after 
project. The Snow Carnival, mat dances, Fite Nite, Y Day, 
frosh orientation tours, Christmas Drive, student dance after 
the BYU-University of Utah basketball game and the Autumn 
Leaf Hike and Dance were some of the events in which the 
AMS participated. The organization also sponsors a travel- 
ing trophy which goes to the social unit with the highest 
grade point. 

Sponsored by AMS, Snow Carnival Scultpuring Contest 
attracted ingenious entries. 

Council members (1 to r) Ted Sandburg, John Stohlton, Al 
Miner, Marvin Wrigley. 


Supreme Court members, (1 to r) Robert Lord, Franklin D. Barkdull, and Endfred Lundberg, Chief Justice. 

Supreme Court 

The Brigham Young University is one of the few schools 
in the nation that has a judiciary in its student government. 
Following on the lines of the Supreme Court of the United 
States, the three justices interpret the studentbody Consti- 

tution, and define the limits and scope of authority within 
student organizations. The opinion of the Court is available 
to officers of clubs and organizations on matters of pro- 

Chief Justice Endfred Lundberg discusses a problem as secretary Kay Brown 
takes notes. 

Kay Brown, secretary to the Court. 


Honor Council: Seated (1 to r) Carolann Ivie, Roy Howard, Eugene Kingdon, Chairman, Jewell Spillsbury, Carolyn Jaurez, 
Esther Coffman, Carrol Reed. Standing (1 to r) Elbert Pack, Vanja Yorgason, Kent Benson, Dick Gibson, Patricia Brighton, 
Bruce Barlow and Clesse Hilton. Not in picture are Norman King, Barrie McKay, Phil Keeler and Joan Bolin. 



onor k^outici 

The Honor Council serves primarily as a student counsel- 
ing body. Students involved in Honor Code violations such 
as smoking, drinking, and direct academic cheating are 
referred to members of the Council, in an attempt to help 

them overcome their weaknesses. The Council has sought 
to promote ethical awareness among the studentbody and 
to build into the Honor System, a living spirit, both humane 
and just. 

Council discusses a student's problem. 

Eugene Kingdon gives advice to a student in need. 


Members of the Senate: First row (1 to r) Glenna Jennings, Sec, Marilyn Ord, Joan Peterson, Karen Curtis, Beverly Thom- 
as. Second row (1 to r): Alton Saxer, Pat Bowen, Chuck Whiting, Tom Walters, Ronald Jones, Nilo Atkinson. Third row 
(1 to r): Michael Kirkham, Wendell Ward, Blair Armstrong, Rich Hunter, Pres. of Senate; Ron Ward and Claire Eliason. 


The senate is made up of four elected senators 
from each class, and each class president. 
There are four committees: student relations, 
student government, student affairs, and special 
events. "Tell It To Your Senator Week" was 
held March 10-15 to acquaint students with the 
work of the Senate, which includes students' 
complaints which are referred to the committee 
concerned, and then reported to the Senate 
body for discussion and action. 


Cabinet: Front row (1 to r) Tal Bird, Diane Hatch, Janis Hull, Howard Flanary. 2nd row: Lee Miller, Dave Melendez, Phil 
Koldewyn, Duane Christensen, Doug Evans. 


The Cabinet is primarily an advisory committee to the Stu- 
dentbody President, meeting every two weeks to advise him 
on all problems and activities in every phase of student life. 
Monthly sounding boards were held with the Dean of Stu- 
dents, Dean Lloyd, and quarterly sounding boards with the 
Administration, at which, during winter quarter, all mem- 

bers of the University Presidency were in attendance. A 
broader scope of student life was given to the Studentbody 
President when the four class presidents, the senate presi- 
dent, the Universe editor, and the Supreme Court Chief Jus- 
tice were invited to sit in on Cabinet meetings. 



ML r "I' 

H 1 

Bob Koenig, started as manag- 
ing editor, took top post. 

K. Mark Murphy, Salem. Ore., directed opera- 
tions as Universe reached greatest productive 
capacity. Receiving his Journalism degee in 
June he assumed Universe leadership as a 
graduate student, turning the reins over to 
Bob Koenig at end of fall quarter, to take up 
position with an Oregon newspaper. 

Business manager, Bert Pack, Meridian, Idaho, 
headed business staff and advertising staff. 

Covering regular advertising accounts of Provo merchants, sales cr 
achieved new sales high for Daily Universe. Standing (1. to i.) Paul Pc 
Bob Ritz, (sitting) Stan Collins, Jim Chapman. 


krnipus editor Arlene Larser 
atiently pursued news of in 
jrest to students. 

Deanna Barnum rose from news 
editor to managing editor. 

Daily Universe 

In keeping with the growth of the University, the Daily Uni- 
verse continues to expand its aims and activities. In its third 
year as a daily, this year saw the largest edition ever, the 
Homecoming edition of 24 pages. This was also the first 
Universe to be sold in downtown Provo, and to visiting alum- 
ni on campus. Another accomplishment was the 157 editions 
scheduled for the year, with a total page production, averag- 

Hartt Wixom took over sports as 
Army took over previous editor. 


Society editor Nadine Hal 
pace with dates and ever 

ing, in fall quarter, 5.3 pages per issue. A special edition 
came out to announce endowment fund plans of the Univer- 
sity Administration, and among many worthy causes, the 
paper sponsored the collection of books for Utah State Prison. 
The paper's faculty advisors are Dr. Oliver R. Smith and 
Wayne Carle. 


Part of large reportorial staff: (standing 1 to r) Lee Hammond, Jeddy LeVar, Dee Green, Mary Hudson, Del Van Orden, Craig ( 
tensen, (Sitting) Rita Wheeler, June Martineau, Julie Pingree, Susan Kearns, Janet Bain, Carleen Dyer. Mary Hudson was appo 
associate compus editor during winter quarter, a position created to consolidate the task of keeping track of stories and repo 


Daily Universe Continued 


Copy Staff: Gary Harker, Roger Larson, Clyde Reporters Judy Harvey, Aleece Wells, Alan Miner, Doug Evans, Carolyn 

Farnsworth. Whipple. 

Society writers: Janis Moore, Judene Dalebout, Carleen Sports staff: Hartt Wixom, Carolyn Harrison, Alf Pratte. 

M. Pratt, receptionist; F. Fisher, artist; K. White, feature 

Photographers G. Boyden, D. Somerville, S. Blakemore, 
B. Mortimer, D. Dill, W. Covington. 


Press Department 

Located behind the Student Service Center, the Y Press 
has complete facilities for offset and letterpress printing, 
and is able to produce high quality work. The Press prints 
the campus daily newspaper, the Universe, as well as the 
university catalogs, class schedules, books and pamphlets 
which are sold or distributed throughout the University. 
Also printed are the programs for lyceums, student pro- 
ductions, assemblies, tickets and posters. All the printing 

needed for the university offices and departments is done 
by the Press, and one of its major tasks is the printing of 
the university yearbook, the Banyan. Including, full color 
processing all the work for the Banyan is done by the 
Press, with the exception of the binding, which is done by 
an outside source. The quarterly Wye Magazine is also 
printed by this department. 

Frank Haymore (center) Press Dept. Manager, with Delvar 
Pope (left), asst. mgr., and Reese Faucette, engraver. 

Finishing one of many projects of BYU Press. 

Don Olsen, compositor, assembles type 
for a Press job. In background Harold 
Tolley operates linecasting machine. 


Banyan Stajj 

Managing Editor John Beardall, assist- Robert Pratt, from Denver, Colorado, for 
ant to the editor and staff coordinator, third year in succession produced high 
from Mapleton, Utah. quality art and lay-out. 

To give students of the University a 1958 
yearbook full of factual and pleasurable 
memories, the Banyan staff worked 
many long hours, snatched between 
classes, meals, assignments and activi- 
ties, for the book is produced entirely 
by students, except for portraits, print- 
ing and binding. The work of production 
includes art, layout, photography and 
copy. Student salesmen scoured the 
campus to make sales. They were back- 
ed by an advertising campaign noted 
for its fresh and unrestrained good hu- 
mor which depicted the theme of the 
1958 Banyan, "Family Album". The re- 
sult was a sales figure of 4,400 copies. 
Editor Wallace M. Barrus kept things 
moving, smoothly, ironing out difficulties 
as they arose and eliminating bottle- 
necks as they came along. The Banyan 
office was a happy place to meet as 
everyone got together to produce a 
book of lasting memory. 

Dan Bucknum, director of 
space sales. 

Dick Bolton, Assistant Business 

This was Jay Liechty's first year 
as Business Manager of the 
Banyan. Jay is from Springville, 
Utah, and is majoring in Econ- 


Merrill Branch, Sales Manager. 

Joene Tranter, Student Leader- 
ship Editor. 


Ruth M. MacKay, from Melbourne, 
Australia, wrote copy for Banyan. 

Wallace M. Barrus, Editor, from Gooding, Idaho, 
completes third year with Banyan. He acted as 
Photography Editor for previous two years. 

■aryl Ann Waldvogel, Chrono- 
>gy Editor. 

Georgia Moore, Classes Editor. Jean Nay, Index Editor. 



Barbara Miller, Administrat 

:iyllis Reed, Fine Arts Editor. Tom Worlton, Sports Editor. 

Ron Safsten, Publicity Director. Jean Sexsmith, Exchange Edit 


Banyan Staff (continued) 


Carol Ralphs, 
Filing Editor 

Helen Mackay, 
Organizations Editor 

Sonya Leonard, 
Secretarial Director 

Kay Sundwall, 

History and Research Ed. 

Banyan business manager, Jay Liechty (left) with Tom 
Bradshaw (right) and (center) Paul Whiteman, who select- 
ed the Banyan Queen. 


Mickey Halliday, Kichene Kim, Dorothy Pierce, Louise Petty. 

Lynn G. Hale, 
Head Photographer 

Jim Stevens, 
Production Manager 

Classes section: Jackie Reddish, Joy Madsen, Judith Litster. 

Photographers: Front row (1. to r.) Joe Rowdo, Earl Shields, 
John Tanner. Back row: John Meek, Ray Geigle. 

BYU's centennial capsule being interred on Y Day. 

Time Capsule 

On Y day, President Ernest L. Wilkinson presided at a 
service held in front of the Family Living Center, when 
the university's Time Capsule was lowered into a con- 
crete and steel crypt. Containing the names of Destiny 
Fund contributors, photographs and issues of school 
publications, the capsule will be unearthed at Centen- 
nial services in 1975. 

President E. L. Wilkinson and President H. L. Taylor 
with Dean W. Lloyd inspect capsule. 

National Student Association (NSA) functions in 350 
universities throughout the United States, with the 
schools sending representatives to a congress each 
summer, where rules and NSA powers are delegated 
and adopted. This year, the BYU campus was the 
scene of the annual regional assembly, held Jan. 25, 
at which a regional constitution was adopted. 

National Student Association 

National Student Association members: Chairman Diane Hatch, Lynn Benson, Valerie Hatch and Sloan Hales wel- 
comed representatives from nine colleges and universities. 


Editorial Board of the Wye Magazine. From left, Marilyn Cunningham, poetry editor; Levi Peterson, fiction editor; Karen 
Smith, art editor; Don Nilson, editor-in-chief; Sally Esler, non-fiction editor; and Nancy Lett, associate editor. 

Wye Magazine 

Wye staff members proclaim that the magazine is a 
quarterly medium for campus genii to develop creative 
talents. Spurring them on is a new personality who ap- 
peared on campus during Fall Quarter, when editor 
Don Nilson introduced "Freddie", the little man who 
represents the Creative Spirit, and who equals Holly- 
wood's "Oscar" and Television's "Emmy". Winners of 
"Freddie" excel in the fields of technique, humor, and 

creativity. The magazine, designed to be of interest and 
enjoyment of every student, has as its objective the 
development of superior talent. This year's circulation 
showed an increase of 500 copies and was highly 
praised by the Associated College Press for its en- 
couragement of quality art and photography, as well 
as of literature. A first in the life of the Wye Magazine 
was the full color art section in the spring issue. 



1 6 

F. Gary Ziser, station manager of KBYU, listens intently as a student rehearses; (lower right) directors of camera and script. 

Radio KBYU 

The story of KBYU is a story of service to the studentbody of the 
University. With studios, TV facilities, and mobile units which make 
it one of the best equipped stations in the area, KBYU broadcasts 
daily to the students in on campus housing, and, through the con- 
nection with a power line, is able to reach downtown areas. The 
government regulates the activities of KBYU, claiming that it is not 
wise for college stations to cover areas outside the university cam- 
pus, where AM radio is concerned. Broadcasting to a listening stu- 
dentbody, is however, not the prime function of the radio station; the 
real work is that of training interested students in radio techniques. 
During the school year more than 150 students received first hand 
experience in radio work, and, throughout the entire West, many of 
today's present radio announcers were trained in the KBYU studios. 
Owen Rich acts as faculty advisor. 


Tritones — winning trio in on-campus Women's Contest. 
Billie Lou Sorenson, Kay Sorenson, Verda Kemper. 

The Kia Ora Club performs dances of the Maoris. 

96 This group of attractive coeds sing as the "Downbeats", and have been singing together for three years. Front row (1 to 
r) Kay Lynn Busterud, Lynn Fescher. Center row (1 to r) Jane Anne Bown, Lola Van Wagener. Back row, Connie Jones, 
Delores Nelson. 

Student Program Bureau 

The Student Program Bureau is one of the most 
effective public relations mediums of Brigham 
Young University. Essentially a service organi- 
zation, the Bureau aids the university as well 
as giving valuable service to the church, to 
communities and civic organizations. It receives 
countless program requests from wards, stakes, 
and organizations from Utah, Idaho, Nevada 
and other states, each year. Receiving no re- 
muneration, the students putting on the shows 
feel well repaid in the pleasure they give to 
others. The Program Bureau is the medium for 
developing the talents of all students, giving 
them the needed incentive to develop. One of 
the most successful programs produced this 
year was the "Happy Holidays" show which 
toured the Northwest for ten days. 

MC's Jay Wrathall, Marilyn Neeley, James Judd, Keith Hardy, George 
Hewitt, Larry Amoldson. 

Fontell Messervy, Production Director 

Student Cabinet Co-ordinator, Doug Evans. 
Director of talent search, Marilyn Neeley. 

The Y's Guys and Gals performed at many events and assemblies. 

The "Y-kettes" is a versatile group of 
performers who, together and indivi- 
dually, have marching and dancing 


! k 




Sister McKay sits with students to hear the President speak at devotional. 



Briqham Y 

rignam loung unwersi 


ity Staki 

Religion is an integral part of life, and the BYU University- 
Stake was organized to give students of the university 
the benefits of belonging to wards in which they could 
be active and develop in positions of responsibility in the 
Church as well as in their chosen fields of study. Com- 
mencing with twelve wards in 1956, the stake has grown 
to 18 wards, the youngest being the ward organized to 
include Wyview Village, the married students' housing 
area. The bishops and other executive leaders of this stake 
are called from among the faculty members and promi- 
nent leaders in the community stakes and wards in order 
to insure permanence of the organization. The bishops, 
with few exceptions, call their counselors from the stu- 
dents living within their wards. All of the facilities of the 
university are made available to the stake. Conferences 
are held regularly within the stake. 

Dean B. Farnsworth, Second Counselor Antone K. Romney, Stake President 

Daniel D. Bushnell, First Counselor 

Activity is the keynote of Second Ward which has a 
better than 80 percent average attendance at sacrament 
meeting. The basketball team took second place in 
Lakeview Invitational. Striking decorations made the 
Gold and Green Ball outstanding. 

(L to r) Ward Clerk, Chester Lykins; Clarence Jensen, 
Coun.; Hans W. Kelling, Coun.; Charles Taylor, Bishop. 

First Ward, largest in the Stake, serves Wymount Vil- 
lage and boasts five classes of three-year-olds in the 
successful Primary program. A root cellar was com- 
pleted in September and parties held for Christmas and 
the 24th of July. A bazaar was also held during the 

(L to r) Russell D. Lewis, Bishop; George W. Hatch, 
Coun.; Duane Beazer, Coun.; John Fitt, Clerk. 


Brigham Young University Wards 

A. Lester Allen is the capable bishop directing Third 
Ward's many activities. He is aided by two very fine 
and enthusiastic counselors, Tom Glenn Davies and 
Grady L. Edenfield. The McKay building is where Third 
Ward's membership will be found on Sunday mornings. 
Leah Church directs the Relief Society's activities, 
Duane Stone supervises the Sunday School, and the 
Mutual has two very capable leaders, William Stebbing 
and Georgeanna Ward. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Lester Allen, Bishop; Tom Glenn 
Davies, Coun.; Grady Edenfield, Coun.; Leo Eugene 
Crismon, Clerk. 

William G. Dyer is the enthusiastic bishop of the Fourth 
Ward. With a membership of 225, the members meet 
at Wymount Chapel every Sunday morning. It is the 
only ward in the Stake that does not share its meeting 
place. Annual ward parties provide much of the out- 
side recreation and entertainment. A Halloween party, 
a Christmas party, and a yearly ward picnic are a few 
items on the busy agenda. Bishop Dyer is assisted by 
his two counselors. LaMont Henriksen and Larry Peter- 

LEFT TO RIGHT: William G. Dyer, Bishop; LaMont 
Henriksen, Coun.; Larry Petersen, Coun.; Marvin Kuch- 
er, Clerk. 

Another ward claiming an outstanding title is the Fifth 
Ward under the leadership of Bishop W. Frank Killpack 
and his two qualified counselors, Robert Chivers and 
Ronald J. Durrant. In the Smith Family Living Center 
their Gold and Green Ball provided an enchanting time, 
February 21. Robert Roberts and Pamela Johnson direct 
the many Mutual activities. The sisters of the ward have 
an excellent record of attendance at Relief Society un- 
der the presidency of Diana Nutter. Marvin Jenkins 
supervises the Sunday School. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Frank Killpack, Bishop; Robert 
Chivers, Coun.; Ronald J. Durrant, Coun.; Harold Hal- 
ford, Clerk. 

The BYU Sixth Ward, under the direction of Bishop 
Wayne B. Hales, is one of the largest wards in the stake. 
The 430 members congregate each Sunday in Joseph 
Smith Auditorium. It was one of the first wards to hold 
its Gold and Green Ball, held fall quarter in Smith Fam- 
ily Living Center. Included in the many social activities 
was an exchange party held between the sisters of the 
Relief Society and the brethren of the Priesthood. Edna 
Lou Hyde heads Relief Society. A ward newspaper, 
"The Sixth Ward Family Circle," edited by Bob Billing- 
ton, keeps members well informed. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jay Duane Dudley, Clerk; Barrie Mc- 
Kay, Coun.; Wayne B. Hales, Bishop; Melvin Glen 
Weaver, Coun. 


The atmosphere of College Hall provides the meeting 
place of another outstanding ward in the stake. Bishop 
Royal B. Stone with the help of his two able counselors, 
John Wilcox and Wayne Berg, direct the activities of 
the Seventh Ward. An outstanding roadshow and spon- 
ship of a Gold and Green Ball held in conjunction with 
the Eighth Ward were among the many activities of the 
MIA. One of the largest wards in the stake, the 500 
members keep active in the Sunday School, Relief So- 
ciety and Priesthood meetings. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Royal B. Stone, Bishop; John B. Wilcox, 
Coun.; Wayne Berg, Coun.; J. Perry Poison, Clerk. 

J0fe (^ f~\ 


A common occurrence in the BYU wards is the bless- 
ing of babies on Fast Sunday. Eighth Ward is doing its 
best to put the ward on the top of the list in this respect. 
Because they meet just prior to the Seventh Ward in 
College Hall, closely scheduled meetings are routine. 
Bishop Melvin R. Brooks heads the ward organizations 
with the help of Wilford Tolman and Neal Taylor, his 
two counselors. Because of the large percentage of 
married students, they do not hold Christmas nor sum- 
mer vacation get-togethers as do most of the other 
wards in the stake. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: LaVar Godfrey, Clerk; Neal Taylor, 
Coun.; Wilford J. Tolman, Coun.; Melvin R. Brooks, 

The Banquet Hall of the Joseph Smith Building is the 
scene of the Ninth Ward's Sunday meetings. The three 
hundred members are guided by the able leadership 
of Bishop Raymond Beckham. Ninth Ward has initiated 
one of the most successful MIA programs in the stake. 
Every four weeks new teachers who are exceptionally 
qualified are secured. Each one teaches one lesson to 
four different classes. This program has greatly enhanc- 
ed the Ninth Ward's mutual attendance. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Hyde, Clerk; Reed Hiatt, Coun.; 
Fred Lundberg, Coun.; Raymond E. Beckham, Bishop. 

The Smith Family Living Center provides an excellent 
background for the meetings of the Tenth Ward Under 
the leadership of Bishop Clyde D. Sandgren and his two 
counselors, Wilbur Walton and Bruce Hilton. The ward 
newspaper, "The Reflector," keeps the members up-to- 
date on all important news events. Each quarter the 
MIA has sponsored a big dance. Fall quarter they or- 
ganized the Cupid Committee where all brothers and 
sisters of the ward signed up and then the committee 
paired them off. This was one of their most successful 
dances. Jonia Emory and Lynn Eric Johnson are the ex- 
ceptional leaders of the MIA. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Bruce Hilton, Coun.; Wilbur Walton, 
Coun.; Clyde D. Sandgren, Bishop; BACK: Rich Hall, 
Clerk; James Taylor, Clerk. 


Brigham Young University Warns 

Eleventh Ward has B. West Belnap as bishop, assisted 
by Richard Benson and lay Smith, counselors. The ward 
membership can be seen in the Joseph Smith Auditori- 
um every Sunday morning. A Gold and Green Ball held 
February 1 1 with an undersea theme provided one of 
the many activities under the guidance of the Mutual 
presidency, Olga Gilbert and Dan Keith. Irene Semedini 
presides over the Relief Society and John Buckmiller 
supervises the Sunday School. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jay Smith, Clerk; Richard Wells, 
Coun.; Richard Bensen, Coun.; B. West Belnap, Bishop. 

The McKay building provides the setting for Sunday 
morning activities of the Twelfth Ward. Bishop J. N. 
Symons, aided by his two counselors, Leon B. Casper 
and Bruce T. Dyer, preside over the ward's many activi- 
ties. An outstanding Gold and Green Ball was held 
March 7. Marlene Alcorn and Harold G. Hillam direct 
the MIA activities. The Sunday School is supervised by 
V. Milton Taylor. Lloyd Wilson is Genealogical chair- 
man. The Relief Society's activities are directed by 
Doris Bacon. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: J. M. Symons, Bishop; Leon B. Casper, 
Coun.; Hugh T. Edwards, Clerk; Todd B. Salsbury, 

Thirteen is a lucky number for Bishop Albert Swenson 
and the membership of their Thirteenth Ward. A Gold 
and Green Ball held February 22 is included in the ac- 
tivities of the Mutual headed by Annette Steeneck. Not 
to be outdone, the Relief Society planned a sub-for- 
Santa to a needy family. Verda Kemper is the able 
president. An outstanding ward outing was planned 
May 7 at the MIA Girls' Home. Swimming, dining and 
dancing were activities listed on the agenda. Bishop 
Swenson is assisted by Darrel Bushnell and Scott 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Albert Swenson, Bishop; Darrel Bush- 
nell, Coun.; Scott Nelson, Coun.; Raymond Brown, 

The setting for the Fourteenth Ward is provided by the 
new Smith Family Living Center. Bishop Conan Math- 
ews of the art department directs the activities. His two 
capable counselors are Dean Green and James Warner. 
Jesse Byrd performs the duties of ward clerk. Wendell 
Ward and Yvonne Breillatt preside over the Mutual. The 
Relief Society is under the leadership of Dorothy Bartels, 
and the Sunday School is supervised by Keith Martin. 
Joe Armstrong directs activities of the Elders' Quorum. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Mel Sapington, Clerk; Jesse Byrd, 
Clerk; James E. Warner, Coun.; Dean Green, Coun.; 
Conan Mathews, Bishop. 


The "Friendly 15th Ward News" is most widely read 
publication of 202 members. Bishop Loftis J. Sheffield di- 
rects activities with the assistance of Reed R. Callister 
and Richard H. Henstrom. Thomas V. Thomas, Jr. keeps 
the records straight. The Mutual, under the leadership 
of Charlene Tate and Douglas Callister, held many out- 
standing activities, among them the Gold and Green 
Ball held in comfortable atmosphere of the Pioneer Mu- 
seum, February 11. Judith Hunt presides over Relief 
Society, and Sunday School is supervised by Kent Ben- 
son. The banquet hall of the Joseph Smith Building is 
scene of their Sunday activities. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Loftis J. Sheffield, Bishop; Reed Callis- 
ter, Coun.; Richard Henstrom, Coun.; Thomas V. 
Thomas, Clerk. 

Outstanding on the records of the Sixteenth Ward is the 
winning basketball team. Also noteworthy in its excel- 
lence is the Junior Sunday School which is held for the 
whole stake except for the Tenth Ward. It also has an 
exceptional ward teaching record, missing 100 per cent 
in visits only once. The 260 members have Ernest J. 
Wilkins as their bishop with Morris W. Parker and Ster- 
ling Grant Ellsworth as his counselors. DeVern Jay Perry 
tackles the job of keeping all of their outstanding activi- 
ties recorded. The Smith Family Living Center is the lo- 
cation of their meetings. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Ernest J. Wilkins, Bishop; Morris W. 
Parker, Coun.; Sterling Ellsworth, Coun.; DeVern Perry, 

An Elders' Chorus under the direction of Peter Hender- 
son, who is from New Zealand, is heard often in Seven- 
teenth Ward. Alternating with the brethren are the 
"Singing Sisters." Organized just last year, they have 
proven many times their unusual singing ability. Joan 
Justis is the talented director. The Seventeenth Ward is 
very proud of Klair Bybee. He wrote and produced an 
original three-act play presented to the largest recorded 
MIA night. Bishop H. Darrell Taylor presides over Sev- 
enteenth Ward with assistance of his two counselors, 
Donald F. Jensen and Clarence Schramm. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Floyd Haupt, Clerk; Clarence 
Schramm, Coun.; Don F. Jensen, Coun.; H. Darrell Tay- 
lor, Bishop. 

Dale Tingey is the bishop of the newest ward, the Eight- 
eenth Ward. The membership receives news every 
other Sunday from their ward newspaper, "Y-View 
News and Views." Bishop Tingey is assisted in the 
leadership of the ward by Joseph Brinkerhoff and Mar- 
vin Higbee, his two counselors. The Relief Society 
under the direction of Josephine Wells has sponsored 
several ward dinners. The Mutual in turn has sponsored 
a Halloween and a Valentine dance open to the entire 
ward. The Gold and Green Ball was held March 9 at 
the Page School. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Dale Tingey, Bishop; Joseph Brinker- 
hoff, Coun.; Marvin Higbee, Coun.; Melvin Mabey, 




* K 


High above the floor 

He bounds, with grace in every line, 

And flicks the ball towards the strings 

With skill that comes from deep within. 

Strong and taut the muscles flow, 

His face resolved and set, 

Whilst teammates watch with rising hopes 

And opponents tense - to spring 

If he should fail, 

And in the darkened house 

Where every breath is held 

And every fan with heart astir 

Shares the passing moment 

That is his. 



..■ £lAt00&: ^A^i* 

Brigham Young University football has finally been 
awakened, and has begun to flex its muscles like a giant 
rising from a long sleep. With Coach Harold Kopp lead- 
ing the way, the 1957 Cougar football team fought its way 
to a second place Skyline Conference finish — the highest 
in 16 years. For leading the Cougars from seventh to 
second place in one short year, Coach Kopp was named 
coach of the year in the Skyline Conference. But this was 
nothing new to the sturdy New Englander who had taken 
coach of the year honors four times in six years of his 
coaching career. Three of these awards were won at 
Rhode Island, where he piled up a record of 25 wins, five 
losses, and two ties. However, the success of the 1957 
team was not a one man show. The players and coaches, 
with encouragement from the fans, worked hard all year 
to put together some fine performances and compile five 
conference wins. Although the squad was dominated by 

sophomore players, they shook the sophomore jinx early 
in the season and showed some very alert defensive 
plays. The Cougar defenders were tops in the nation 
in stopping punt returns and tied the national record of 32 
fumble recoveries. They showed skill at picking off loose 
balls not only on the ground, but also in the air — inter- 
cepting 21 passes while losing only ten of their own. This 
was indeed an unusual record for a team which had 23 
sophomores out of 46 listed on the roster. But these sopho- 
mores were a major factor in the Cougars' successful 
season. Although they were inexperienced, it was their 
talent and enthusiasm that gave the team the extra boost 
that was needed. With plenty of returning talent and a 
crew of freshmen players trying to crack the varsity 
squad, the 1958 Cougar team should again be a con- 
tender for the Skyline crown. 

> B)> 

Allan Davis 

Owen Dixon 

Max Tolbert 

Harold Kopp, Brigham Young Uni- 
versity head football coach, was 
named 1957 Coach of the Year in the 
Skyline Conference. 

> $ 





l >sS 

■ I • 



'*.' ™jj|V 

Dave Hanks runs interference as Raynor Pearce sweeps around the left end against Denver before huge Homecoming crowd. 

Players had to be alert to stop the opposition. 

W. Ash 

R. Reeve 

P. Eckle 

I. Sawyer 

N. Putman 

L. Dennis 

C. Brown 

D. Hanks 

H. Stapley 


The season had its unhappy moments as 
well as its happy ones. 

Tempers flared when the Cougars had about cinched possession of 
the coveted wagon wheel. 

Brigham Young Opponents 

14 Arizona 14 

7 Kansas State 36 

20 Montana 7 

Utah 27 


25 Denver 6 

14 Utah State 

14 Fresno State 27 

26 Colorado State 9 

14 New Mexico 12 

Coach Kopp accepts 'wheel' after beating Aggies. 

P. Anderson 

J. Taylor 

G. Kinder 

M. Christley 

M. Allred 

T. Olsen 


T. Phillips 


T. Turley 

W. Slartin 

R. Startin 

C. Johnston 

D. Dixon 

Utah player tries acrobatics as Cougars close in. 

L. Reading 

D. Kilzmiller 

Trainers made sure players were all right before continuing play. 

P. Dalebout 

B. Clsen 


Howard Ringwood tackled a Denver ball-carrier in dangerous territory while both teams and thousands of fans looked on. 


J. McGinn 

B. Bullock 

K. Hubbs 

V. Shell 

If Hubbs couldn't find a way through the line, he went over. 


Paul Caldwell (82) and teammate stop Denver player in Homecoming game. 

W. Jackson 

R. Reese 

S. Campora 

M. Brown 

D. Woolstenhulme 

K. Wheat 

P. Caldwell 

G. Smith 

H. Ringwood 

R. Pearce 

R. K. Brown 

J. Kapele 

Fans rushed out on the field to congratu- 
late the team for victory. 


Cougars joyously took charge of the wagon wheel, symbolic of football 
supremacy between BYU and Utah State. 

Keith Hubbs suddenly found himself in the clear with Colorado State's Rams in hot pursuit with teammates try- 
ing to block two at once. 

L. Regis 

W. Chamberlain 

Coach Kopp always kept a careful watch on his 
boys while plotting new strategy. 

*m* ? 

Cougar quarterback Carroll Johnston runs the ball in the 
Aggie contest. 

Joe McGinn uses a straight-arm against Aggie tackier 


Freshman Football 

Perhaps the most important element in building great 
football teams is getting and keeping top player material. 
Brigham Young University coaches have again accom- 
plished this by bringing some outstanding freshman talent 
to grace the freshman team, and prospects for great future 
teams were never brighter. The 1957 edition of the fresh- 
man football squad, recently christened the Gatos, rolled 
to a three and one record against some fine competition. 
The Gatos opened the season by blasting the Ramblers 
from Utah State 46 to 7, scoring 39 of their points in the 
second half. But the next week-end was a cold and dreary- 

one for the Cougar greenlings as they fumbled their way 
through a 20 to 6 loss to a powerful Wyoming freshman 
team. The unbeaten Wyoming yearlings took the initiative 
when they pounced on a Goto fumble in the end zone for 
an easy six points, and went right on to win despite some 
brilliant plays by the BYU freshmen. However, the Gatos 
bounced back full of fight to crush a highly touted fresh- 
man team from Montana State and end its five game 
winning streak. Win number three was notched at the 
expense of the hapless Utah freshmen as the Gatos rolled 
to an easy 42 to victory. 

W£ £"'t-V £ * " ** 



M*- '& 

FRONT ROW: Bud Belnap, Roy Tidwell, Gary Beckstead, Hal Lewis, Michael Jones, Eddie Young, Richard Garcia, John 
Shacklett, Dale Grant, LaVere Simon, Jerry Crittendon, Merlin Smith, Dave. Pulsipher, Clark Stringham. SECOND ROW: 
K. Smith, Larry Harrison, Von Taylor, Dick Magoffin, Sherm Beazer, Leslie Walch, Richard Dunn, Bruce Kochevar, Jim 
Shumway, Kent Home, Elwin Kay Harper. THIRD ROW: Jack Gifford, Shirley Christensen, Albert Hoffman, John Duke, 
Wilbur Cordon, Ron Nielson, Wesley Vorwaller, Henry Taber, Dale Long, Dennis Moffit. FOURTH ROW: Joe Degregario, 
Gary Dunn, Dan Morgan,' Jerry Lamb, Ron Doty, Ron Tomlinson, Dave Barms, Rulon Johnson, Don Buckner, Lynn 
Mathie. FIFTH ROW: Coach Jay Van Noy, Coach Rex Reeve, Head Coach Max Tolbert, Coach Jim Dity, Coach Dick Felt. 


■■1. " 

l S '^ 

•-» ■ 



Fumbles were common in the Wyom- 
ing game and all attention became 
fixed on the ball as the offensive team 
got that sinking feeling, (above). Cou- 
gar frosh broke through the line to 
catch the ball-carrier from behind and 
break up the play (left). Line play was 
an important factor in the Gatos' suc- 
cessful season (below left). 

The last defensive man stopped a Gato scoring at- 
tempt with a well-executed tackle. 



Brigham Young University basketball 
coach, Stan Watts, again guided the 
Cougars to the Skyline Conference 
first division, in spite of the inexperi- 
ence which handicapped the team. 
Coach Watts has never had a team 
finish under third place and has never 
had a losing season. 

Throughout the rugged 1958 
basketball season, the team 
seemed to hang in a bal- 
ance between its inexperi- 
ence and its great potential, 
and the two factors about 
balanced with the Cougars 
compiling a 13 win, 13 loss 
season. Inexperience show- 
ed its ugly head in the form 
of bad passes, traveling, 
etc., in almost every game 
and the Cougars, realizing 
this as their weakness work- 
ed hard to correct it. The middle of the season was a joy to the loyal fans, 
as the squad put on a terrific show to win eight straight games and jump 
into the Skyline lead. With this amazing surge the Cougars took on the 
favorite's roles, only to falter and prove once again the unpredictability of 
the Skyline Conference. Fans gave the Cougars a big boost towards a 
successful defense of their championship as a total of 95,533 cheering fans 
turned out to the 12 home games. 

The Cougar attack was led by all-conference forward, John Nicoll, who 
led the conference in rebounds and field goal percentage while placing 
second in scoring. Mel Wilkes, who is the only Cougar not returning, was 
a big boost to the Cougar cause with his steady and coolheaded ball- 
handling. Roy Thacker, the only starter who returned from last years 
team, was ineligible at the first of the season, but provided some fine play 
later that helped spark the Cougars to victory. Russ Peterson and John 
Gustin also put in some fine play that helped the Cougars out of some 
tight spots. 

Besides defeating every Skyline opponent at least once the Cougars 
scored victories over Washington, Portland, Loyola, and Montana btate. 

* *1 



Through a hard-fought season, the Brie 
ham Young University basketball teen 
made up for its inexperience with 1 
great spirit. 





i ' ■ i— 



Teamwork? Roy Thacker and John 
Nicoll had plenty of it in spear- 
heading the Cougar scoring at- 

Don Volpi 

Mel Wilkes 

Don Helm 

Gary Miles 

Lynn Gleave 

Bill Treu 

Roy Thacker John Nicoll 

■ ■ 

Jack Cravens 

Valoy Eaton 











Iowa State 



























Montana State 



Colorado State* 









Utah State* 



Montana State 


■ 66 

New Mexico* 






Utah State* 






Colorado State* 












New Mexico* 


'Conference games 

Bill Treu was one of the hardest driving members of the team. 

Players always had to be alert to keep from losing the ball. 

Russ Jones 

Russ Peterson 

Mac Madsen 

John Gustin 

Gary Crandall 


Speedy guard, Mel Wilkes, who was 
the only senior on the team, played an 
exceptional floor game. 

Unorthodox shots were sometimes the 
way to score. 



Basketball players are stopped by the camera 
ivith thoughts written on their faces 


•Hr $ V 




f vl ' 


• > ' Js 

1 I mtf 

** ^"^ b. - 

■ r^l^l y ^ri| ^B^^^V^ 



^^^B^^^^^^ -.-" .^^^— ■— * 


Who fouled who? Well, the referee seemed to be the only one 
that was sure. 

Iowa State's experienced team 
proved too much to handle for 
the inexperienced Cougar 

sping the ball was sometimes the 
•dest part of rebounding. 

The lay-in was not always easiest way to score. 

Roy Thacker was one of the few cer 
ters in the game that was good on th 
fast break. 


The success of the 1957-58 season can well be attributed to a 
great team effort. Players who never had the opportunity to start 
a game often cams through with some fine play in the crucial 
moments. John Nicoll got most of the publicity, but a large share of 
the credit for his success, as well as the success of the team as a 
whole, must go to the players who didn't get the publicity. 

Trainer, Rod Kimball, was always on hand k' 
look after the health of the players. 

Russ Peterson's shooting helped the Cougar: 
win some rough ones. 

John Gustin's jump shots kept the oppositioi 

Mel Wilkes made a specialty of picking ui 
loose balls. 

Lay-ins by John Nicoll were the terror 
of the opposition — and with good 






« *J 



Standing: Ron Abegglen, Rickey Shumway, Danny Moore, 
Larry Hess, Bob Skousen, Ken Hunt, Steve Crookston, 
Dave Eastis, Lonnie Gleave, Bruce Hill, Lamont Skousen, 

Gary Earnest, Frank Cooper, and Sherrell Berrett. Kneel- 
ing: Coach Bob Bunker and Jack Millet, manager. 

Freshman Basketball 

One of the most colorful freshman basketball teams ever 
to be assembled at BYU lightened the hearts of coaches 
and fans with its performances. Coach Bunker's crew com- 
piled a 10-2 season record, the two one-point losses being 
the only losses for BYU freshmen in the last 27 games. 

The University of Utah Papooses who lost one game to the 
Gatos by fourteen points got revenge for past defeats by 
pinning the two one-point losses on the Gatos. This year's 
freshman team was the highest scoring in BYU history, 
averaging almost 85 points per game, while holding their 
opponents to over 20 points per game less. This team 
promises a lot of help for Coach Watts in the coming 
year's Varsity squad. 

Lonnie Gleave launched many hook shots to the dis- 
may of the opposition. 


Rickey Shumway's speed help- 
ed break up many plays. 

Players had to be alert to stop the 
fast breaks. 

ith e a E h a ookshot S Qn aggreSsive rebounder besi des being a deadly man Bob Skousen's jump shot made him one of the team's top 

SCOi GlS. 

Ken Hunt's alertness was invaluable to the 
team, especially in those crucial moments 
when there was a loose ball. 

1 11 three Utah games were hard-fought 


Fine track teams, coached by Clarence Robi- 
son, have almost become a tradition in the 
Skyline Conference. For the past three years 
the skillful BYU track and field stars have 
run away with the conference championship, 
and all predictions were that it would happen 
again in 1958. 

The Cougar stars took their annual tour south 
at the beginning of the season and started 
the season by humiliating conference mem- 
ber, New Mexico, 104-27. Arizona State man- 
aged to down the Cats 77 1 / 2 -53 1 /2, but Ari- 
zona was not so fortunate, as they fell 79 2 / 3- 
51 1/3, before the Cougar onslaught. 
During the past four years, BYU track teams 
have lost only one conference meet. Although 
three Cougars who hold Skyline Conference 
records were lost through graduation, there 
was still enough depth on the Cougar squad 
to rate them as favorites to win their fourth 
straight title. This year's team has only four 
seniors, and is dominated by sophomores and 

Several of the Cougar track stars will be 
shooting for conference records. In an early 
exhibition, Marcus Nielson bettered the con- 
ference pole vault record by nearly two 
inches. Although this mark was not counted, 
he was expected to break the record in one 
of the conference meets. 

Coach Robison worked tirelessly with his 
runners to improve their times. 

Gary Griffeth finished ahead of Cal Morrell in 
the intra-squad meet. 

Rusty Weeks was a top sprint man. 

Gary Eliason ran the relay with Gary Griffeth. 

McKay Rollins, Oscar Anderson, and Dean Lundell helped Oscar Anderson, Dale Long, Dean Lundell, and 
pile up high point totals. Wayne Chamberlain were classy runners. 

Front row: Asst. Coach Paul Anderson, Gary Griffeth, Oscar Anderson, Al Ray, Dave Gordon, Bob Burton, Dave Rober- 

son, McKay Rollins, Wayne Chamberlain. 

Second row: Dick Millett, Dave Parker, Dale Long, Terry Jensen, Cal Morrill, Gary Eliason, Billy George, Dean Lundell, 

Coach Robison. 

Third row: Jim Thornton, Wayne Norman, Glade Nixon, Eldon Hastings, John Quinnette, Marc Nielson, Norm Robison, Al 

Warren, Ted Potter. 

Back row: Bob Snell, Mel Wilkes, Ben Brooks, Bill Arnett, R usty Weeks, Errol Thompson, Dean Champion, Bob Giff. 


Track Continued 

Billy George threw the discus. 

Ben Brooks broad jumped 23 feet in early meet. 

John Quinnett had top form in the high jump that carried him over 6 ft. 4 in. 







Curtis Brown threw the shot put after 
football season. 

Dick Millet held the Western Division low 
hurdle record. 

Throwing the javelin was A 


Dave Parker proved to be a fine 
hurdle man. 

Mel Wilkes looked back to check on Ben Brooks as he came across the line 
to win the relay- 

Dale Long, Wayne Chamberlain, Enrol Thompson, and Bill Arnett were runners that showed great promise. 


Front row: Jim O'Brien, Frank Herbert, Kcrrl Brooks, Joe De- 
Gregorio, Pcrul Haynie, Stan Jackson, Steve Campora, 
David J. Garrett. 

Second row: John Faddis, Roger Glines, Jack Cravens, Leon 
Moyes, Dale Lewis, Cornell Taylor, Mac Madsen, Coach 

Jay Van Noy. 

Back row: Jack Shipp, Gary Cowan, Jay Naylor, Glen 
Hatch, Dean Bergesen, Richard Thornton, Hugh McMillan, 
John Jorgenson, Tom Phillips. 


Fired by the optimism of Coach Jay Van Noy, baseball began to 
show signs of becoming a very popular sport at BYU. In the 
early season games the Cougars gave a performance very 
pleasing to coaches and fans. On the Cougars' annual tour 
south, they managed to win five while losing three against some 
strong competition. 

In San Diego the youthful club won two, 2-0 and 3-2, against the 
Naval Training Center, while dropping a 0-1 decision to the 
same team. Other victories came at the expense of Los Angeles 
State, 13-10; Pepperdine, 4-1; and Terminal Island Navy, 10-1. 
The Cats lost to Los Angeles State, 2-3, and Pepperdine, 0-11. 
The first games in the Western Division found the BYU dropping 
two to a strong Utah team, 2-7 and 7-8. 

Last year BYU tied for second place honors with Utah after Utah 
State copped the division crown. Although they are loaded with 
a large number of sophomores and juniors, the Cougars certain- 
ly have displayed the spirit necessary to give the season their 

Coach Jay Van Noy was head baseball coach for 
the second year. 




P ; 


Slow curves were hard to hit. 

After one Utah player got picked off first, this one was more wary. 

Jack Cravens was a pretty good hitter as well as being a fine pitcher. 

A good crowd turned out on nice spring 

The water fountain was a popu- 
lar spot. 


Batters had to be prepared for anything. 




The tennis team, like most of the other BYU teams this year, 
was short on experience, but long on desire and spirit. And 
building a winning team with a lot of untried and unknown 
potential provided Coach Dixon with a major problem. Stan 
Collins was the only regular who returned from last year's 
squad. However, three other lettermen — Gary Crandall, 
Kent Dunford, and Morrie Ballif — also added their ex- 
perience to the team. Although the experience on the team 
was very thin, Coach Dixon's hopes were brightened con- 
siderably by the presence of several promising freshmen, 
and some returned missionaries with varsity experience. 
The newcomer who showed what was probably the most 
outstanding promise was a freshman from Texas, Harold 
Turley. He was runner-up in the state singles in Texas and 
has had quite a bit of experience in the summer tourna- 
ments in California. 

Over the years the tennis championships in the skyline 
have been pretty evenly divided, with the Cougars winning 
their fair share. However, BYU has not taken the conference 
honors since 1950 and 1951. Last season the Cougar ten- 
nis squad lost to the University of Utah to end up in second 
place in the conference after having tied the Utes for the 
western division crown. But five of the six starters who 
sparked last year's team were missing when the players 
for this year's squad were assembled. 

Not everyone could relax while playing tennis. 

mUlH 1 :: ■ ■ ; 

um v - ' ;;: : : 

■' [ : : ; 

Above: Maurice Ballif prepares to 
use his backhand. 

Right: Front row: Paul Hart, Calvin 
Thorpe, Mel Schetselaar, Dale Wil- 
liamson, Stan Collins, Gary Crandall, 
Richard Connelly. Back row: Jim On- 
tiveras, Richard Brown, Maurice Bal- 
lif, Harold Turley, Paul Anderson, 
Kent Dunford, Don Dixon, Rue Law- 
rence, Coach Dixon. 



Brigham Young University's golf team for the 1958 season 
promised to be a good one. Coach "Buck" Dixon had 
seven returning lettermen back from last year's Western 
Division Champions and all but one man back from the 
1958 Western Division and Conference Championship 

Last year the Cougars won the Western Division with 
ease but then had a bad day at the conference play- 
offs at Ft. Collins. New Mexico wen the team champion- 
ship, with the Cougar linksters finishing fourth. 
In outside competition the Cougar golfers are usually 
able to hold their own. Last June the team competed in 
the national collegiate meet at Colorado Springs and 
finished twelfth, finishing ahead of several Big Ten 

The team consists of three 3-year lettermen — John Geert- 
sen, Dean James, and Phil Cannon; two 2-year lettermen 
— Lanny Nielson and Herb Creviston; and two 1-year 
lettermen — Norm Jorgenson and Win Howe. There are 
also two newcomers on the squad who are pushing the 
others for one of the top four spots. They are John An- 
dersen and Errol Raven. 

The damp spring weather made the course soggy and 
limited workouts, but with the advent of warm weather 
things brightened up with an opening match victory over 
Utah I6V2-I V^. The 1958 Cougar golfers are probably 
one of the best teams ever fielded in the Skyline. 

Tore!" was a common cry on the golf course. 

First row: Phil Cannon, John Geertson, Lanny Nielson and Dean James. 

Back row: Errol Raven, John Anderson, Herb Creviston, Norm Jorgenson, Win Howe, and Coach Fred W. Dixon. 



After a poor start during which they lost the 
first four matches, the Cougar wrestlers 
brought their season mark to a more respect- 
able four win and six loss record. The Cougar 
crew seemed to improve with each match. In 
the conference championships they came up 
with third place, behind Wyoming and Colo- 
rado State. 

Throughout the season the Cougars relied on 
big Dave Hanks, senior heavyweight who 
went through the regular season without be- 
ing scored upon. Ted Willich in the 167 pound 
weight class also was a consistent point-get- 
ter for the Cougars. In the lighter divisions 
BYU's chances were hurt considerably when 
three lettermen from last year were called on 

The Cougar grapplers started the season by 
dropping a match to Mesa College, 12-14, 
and another to Western State, 10-21. They also 
lost to Utah State, 14-16, and the Air Force 
Academy, 9-17. The Cougar crew then came 
back with a vengeance and defeated Denver 
University by an overwhelming 31 to 3 score. 
Utah took two close ones from the Cougars, 
13-16, and 15-17. But the hardy Cat grapplers 
beat Montana State, 24-8, and avenged two 
earlier losses by downing Utah State, 17-11, 
and Mesa College 16-15. Dave Hanks was the 
only Cougar who won his weight class in the 
conference championships held in the BYU 
fieldhouse, but Ted Willich, Phil Kresge, and 
Kent Chamberlain each won second place, 
while Joe Dewey and Gary Cooper took 
fourth place honors. 

An important part of wrestling depends 
on powerful and skillful legs. 

If a wrestler wasn't careful he coulc 
get himself in some awful fixes. 

Heavyweight champion Dave Hanks usually 
short order. 

finished off opponents in 

Moves from the standard position were can 
fully thought out. 


,a w^^. 



Wrestlers watched closely for any opportunity for 
a take-down. 

Fans sometimes had trouble telling which man was 


Men s Intramurals 

Brigham Young University has always taken great pride 
in its program of intramural activities. Working from the 
mottos — "Sports for all," and "An activity for every stu- 
dent and every student in an activity," — the intramural 
council has planned a program that provides a wonder- 
ful variety of activities. The enthusiasm of those who 
take part in the intramural sports program is a testi- 
monial that the program will fill a real need in the life of 
the students. But Intramural Director Bill Hafen and his 
associates are not going to be satisfied until they can 
interest every student in some activity. 
The friendly competition offered provides ample oppor- 
tunity for developing leadership, learning new skills, 
and making new friends. One of the most popular ac- 
tivities and the one that included by far the most partici- 
pants was the basketball program. 

An estimated 1140 students played in what was one of 
the largest leagues in the state. Many of the players 
came to BYU expecting to play varsity basketball, but 
could not make the team. This type often helps a great 
deal in keeping high standards of competition and help- 
ing other students to greater proficiency in the game. 
Another activity that aroused wide interest was the "Fite 
Night" which pitted some of the best amateur wrestlers 
and boxers in the school. With other activities ranging 
from archery to table tennis, any student who had an 
interest in sports was able to fill his longing for activity 
through the intramural program. Those who took part 
reaped many rewards in a better life, and a new health 
and vigor. 

Fencing was a new and interesting activity that had m 

Basketball action was always spirited and exciting. 

Fight Nite was very successful and drew a good crowd. 


Intramural Director Bill Hafen presented 
Dick Davis with the medal for best all- 
around gymnast, as others looked on. 

mdball was one of many activities. 

Flag football players gained a skill as well as the enjoyment of a good game. 


The parallel bars were a real test of skill. 

It took strength and coordination for stunts like this. 

Mens Intramurals 


and Joe Hansen — Gone Johns 


Woodward and Diana Woolley 




and Jim O'Brien — San Diego Club 

CHESS Hans Morawiski — Chess Club 

CHECKERS Arthur Thorson— Val Hyric 


Jim O'Brien 
—San Diego 



Jim O'Brien 

— San Diego 

HANDBALL Lloyd Richmond— Viking 


Sloan Hales 

— Viking 


.. Harold Turley 

— Independent 


Bob Reed 

— Brigadier 


Kent Robertson — Hawaiian Club 

GOLF Mike Jonas — Independent 

BASKETBALL Eightballs 

GYMNASTICS Brigadiers 


Even chess found its way into the intramural program. 


Women's Intramurals 

Participation of women students on the university cam- 
pus in physical education and sports is furthered by the 
women's intramural program. This program, under the 
leadership of Dr. Leona Holbrook, organizes group and 
individual sports activities for coeds in an effort to create 
more interest in team and single play. Types of pro- 
grams were divided into seasonal offerings as a part 
of the effort to present a diversified slate of activities 
which would be of benefit and enjoyment to all parti- 
cipants. Planned play and sports activities are a better 
way to more enjoyment of life and friendship is the 
sentiment of Dr. Holbrook, and she gives free-heartedly 
of her time and energy to a sports-for-the-sake-of-sports 
program. Competition for the year's leagues and games 

was taken from social units, campus housing, wards of 
the Brigham Young University Stake, physical education 
majors and independent groups of students. Supervisor 
of the women's intramural program, Joanne Calderwood, 
aided in the establishment of the yearly series which 
included competition in volleyball, basketball, Softball, 
tennis, badminton, table tennis, bowling, track, swim- 
ming and co-educational archery. All may be either 
team or individual competition. Through a recognition 
of winners of all events and an annual awards banquet, 
held this year for the second season, the department 
hopes to build interest of the women on campus in a 
program of benefit and enjoyment which will offer new 
fields of personal development. 

Women's Intramural Council consisted of Charleda 
Foss, Publicity Manager; JoAnn Calderwood, Faculty- 
Advisor; Gweneth Adams, Asst. Intramural Mgr.; 
Geri Wanlass, Records; Dorene Moody, Soc. Units 
Coordinator; Joyce Cox, BYU Stake Coordinator; 
Elaine Mechaelis, Major Coordinator; Maralee Foss, 
Independent Coordinator. Not pictured were: LaVern 
Ellis, Intramural Manager; Sally Evans, Campus 
Housing Coordinator. 

Major volleyball winners were: Joleen Reece, Charleda Foss, 
Gweneth Adams, Maralee Foss, Pat Blume. 

Sports Managers who put in a lot of 
work were: Devanna Riddle, Majors 
Volleyball; Diane Nolen, Organization- 
al Volleyball; Annie Akau, Organiza- 
tional Basketball; Val Shuey, All Cam- 
pus Tennis; Dixie Grimmett, Bowling; 
Beth Alene Judy, Table Tennis, Track 

Regular organization intramural winners were Val Norn team members 
Mary Lou Taylor, Karen Poulter, Marilyn Arnold, Anne Brown and Pat 
Lee. With the aid of other Val Norns absent at the time of this picture, 
these sportsminded misses copped first place in volleyball and basket- 
ball for the second straight year. The Val Norns were undefeated in 
the volleyball contest, but had to battle their way out of a three-way 
tie with Fidelas and the Hawaiian Club to garner top honors in the 
hoop tourney. 



lk **^ 




.' » 




Fine Arts 

On the wings of the morning 
Came Music 

With a gay and lilting air. 
She curtseyed low, and smiling 
Before a pink-gold dappled world. 
Melodies she fashioned 
Of gossamer rainbow thread 
To touch the souls of humans 
With tenderness, and love. 
She set their hearts a-singing, 
Turned their thoughts away from woe 
And brought comfort to the weary- 
As the golden sun sunk low 
And the stars came out to play. 


Art captures the elusive 
creative spirit, to make 
visible emotions deeply 


The artist visualizes character as the reality, not 
the form. 

To achieve complete unity of composition, each detail must be in ha 
monious accord. 

Richly-tinted still life paintings, sculptured pieces of fine texture, and 
warmly colored landscapes (left) contrast with the light and shade 
results of the photographer's art (right). 

Patient application to principles produces the spark of genius. 


The beauty of form, of light, of color, line and composition is an un- 
told joy, even to those who are laymen in the fine arts. Whether it 
be in finelly textured marble or bronze, on canvas, in clay, metal, 
wood or any other medium suitable for its purpose, the clean flow- 
ing line, the fresh color, or the expressed vision of the creator, draws 
to its beauty the eye of the beholder. Students at the University not 
only have the opportunity to study these things, but, through the 
displays and exhibitions arranged by the department, the student 
is able to absorb the arts of the ages, in appreciating the artistry of 
the Titians, the Raphaels, the Cellinis, and the many other great 
names in the world of Art. Art has its modern application too, so 
that the everyday things we use in daily life will be not only useful, 
but pleasing to the eye. The department has the responsibility of train- 
ing desirous students, in theory and practice, to enable them to 
enter into competitive fields in the world of modern business. Adver- 
tising, designing, and illustrating are some of the fields which offer a 
colorful challenge to the art student. But the pleasure of creating is 
not reserved solely for the career-minded. A hobby through which 
one can express, without words, the so-deep hidden emotions within, 
is as much a necessity in the modern world as a career, for it is in 
art that we accomplish realization, understanding and development. 

Students learn from real life, from design, and from 


Expression — so important to technical excellence. 

Blending into notes of colorful harmony, the song pours out to the 


A Cappella Choir 

Members of A Cappella Choir. Front row (1 to r):Joyce Far- 
ley, Arlene Mulhern, Chyleen Bacon, Joyce Swan, Diane 
Stevenson, Margaret Kohler, Carol Dawn Lee, Dixie Bar- 
ker, Barbara Niles, Mel Rae Bateman, Ada Ruth Jones, 
Beverly Simmons. Second row (1 to r): Ruth Stanfield, Doris 
Bacon, Evelyn Harris, Clare Schroeter, Marsha Hoyt, Ron 
Hadley, Darrell Hadley, Ron Lee, Sherman Gibbs, Bar- 
bara Ellsworth, Marilyn Ramsay, Halene Brinton, Naomi 
Davis, Teddy Rohback. Third row (1 to r): Carol Bussell- 
berg, Marian Ashby, Jesse Steppe, George Hewitt, John 
Moody, Gary Heiner, Robert Echols, Gerald Tolman, 
Dwight Ladle, John Lile, Sherman Johansen, Lynn Belnap, 
Russell Crockett, Rex Arnett, Helen Walser, Beverly Pin- 
cock, Louine Johnson. Fourth row (1 to r): Louise Johnson, 
Marilyn Hansen, Doreen Kurr, Wayne Keith, Blaine Watts, 
Lewis Hooker, Gary Brown, George Jarvis, Frank Hen- 
ricks, David Shepherd, J. Pyper, Drew Van Wagoner, 
Larry Bluth, Clayne Robison, Stephen Brown, Joyce Muh- 
lestein, Carole Lamb, Naomi Christensen. Members not 
in picture are Ray Andrus, Lynn Johnston, Del Hughes, 
Dick Robbins, Buzz Abegg, Lynne Bloomfield. 

Since its organization in 1949, the A Cappella Choir has 
toured extensively throughout Utah and the western 
States, the great local tradition of the university serving 
as an excellent background for this specialized type of 
choral music. Extensive auditions are held each year to 
select the choir of 65 members, who, this year, came from 
fourteen states, Washington, D.C., and Canada. Ten mem- 
bers have been in the service and others are active in 
university and church positions. 

Practice and more practice is the prerequisite of the purity of perfection. 

Receiving his BS degree at 
University of Utah, Director 
Norman R. Gulbrandsen, 
was granted a fellowship to 
Northwestern University 
where he was Asst. Director 
of Choral activities and 
gained his MM degree. 



In 1952 when Dr. John R. Halliday returned to BYU 
after a trip to Europe, he organized the Madrigal Sing- 
ers of BYU. This group of fine musicians is carefully 
auditioned and selected. Almost every member of the 
group is a soloist in his own right. Several are accom- 
plished instrumentalists as well as vocalists, and 
some have given full evening or graduate recitals and 
have taken leading roles in BYU operas. The group 
is widely acclaimed throughout the United States and 
Canada, where it has toured some 25,000 miles during 
the last five seasons. Their repertoire includes songs in 
six languages, and since its inception, the choir has 
learned 400 pieces of music. As Assistant Director is 
Kurt Weinzinger, formerly assistant director of the 
famous Vienna Academy Choir. He holds a diploma 
from the Vienna Academy in trombone, theory and 
composition, and has had extensive training and ex- 
perience as a vocal coach. 

Front row (1 to r) Sally Waddoups, Celia Ann Haynie, 
Norma Gwilliam, Vanja Yorgason, Diane Heder, Carol 
Halliday, Luene Kleinman, R'Lene Jensen, Billie Lou 
Sorensen, Luan Frederickson, Janice Bailey. Back row 
(1 to r) Sharon Sims, Marcia Black, Marilyn Stanley, 
James Guinn, McKay Rollins, James Rawlings, Jerome 
Willden, Ralph Gam, Paul Montgomery, Kent Van 
Wagener, Joe Armstrong, Theron Burgess, Rodney 
Zabriskie, Maughan McMurdie, Kurt Weinzinger, Judy 
Grover, Colleen Redford, Patricia Babbel. 


Dr. John R. Halliday, chair- 
man of the BYU department 
of music since 1948, studied 
choral conducting at the 
State Academy of Music in 
Berlin, and later in Paris and 
Rome. He has served as as- 
sistant conductor to the Salt 
Lake Tabernacle Choir, and 
as acting dean of the BYU 
College of Fine Arts. 

Members of the choir rest and relax between numbers. 



3 erforming in a beautiful setting. A moment of relaxation. 

Awaiting the conductor's signal. 


Front to back (1 to r) First row: Dr. Earl, S. Harrison, S. Rich, D. Kohler, A. Hilden, N. Twitchell, A. Franks, J. Young, N. 

Atkinson, K. Stanfield, D. Dwight, N. Paris, L. Petty, Brandt Curtis. 

Second row: A. Voyles, C. Shumway, D. Ewing, L. Judd, E. Bean, L. Gardner, M. Gish, R. Wilkinson, G. Pratt, K. Hall, 

K. Rex, V. Jackson, C. Tilley. 

Third row: J. Arnold, M. Barrus, L. LeVar, M. Ostergaard, D. Green, D. Larson, A. Mendoza, D. Shurtleff, R. Hall, E. 

Bonelli, E. Oaks, J. Hyer, B. Taylor. 

Fourth row: S. Smiley, J. Falslev, F. Gardner, N. Irvin, E. Ellsworth, R. Stout, W. Wood, K. Bybee, K. Hoover, J. Milliner, 

C. De Gaston, J. Justis, J. Beckstead, C. Jacobs, B. Peterson. 

Fifth row: P. Remington, J. Redford, M. Grange, S. Johansen, D. Bartels, N. Oliphant, R. Ralphs, H. Wolthius, D. Bucknum, 

T. Ericksen, D. McDowell, J. Bain, S. Kearns, M. Davenport, B. Whitford, S. Larson. 

Opera Workshop 

The Opera workshop provides opportunities for BYU stu- 
dents to participate in operatic productions, not only in 
the training of musical parts but in all the technical re- 
quirements, including acting and stage presence, neces- 
sary to stage opera. The first opera presented by the work- 
shop was "Amahl and the Night Visitors" by Gian-Carlos 
Menotti and, during Spirit of the Y Week the opera in 
four acts, "Martha" by Foltow was presented for a four 
night season. Dr. Don Earl directed the entire performance. 
Scenes from the operas appear below. 

Dr. Don Earl, Director of 
the Opera Workshop, re- 
ceived his doctorate de- 
gree from Indiana Univer- 
sity. His enthusiasm for 
operatic works and his un- 
tiring energy combine to 
inspire participating stu- 
dents to give of their best. 

« 1 

IP 1 s r , f&J 


WjC^t^+^kH iW. 4J 

J^Bi^^^* \^|^^^^ ^r^M ^A 

• yh^Vsrr-'-^ 


First row (1 to r): Dr. Earl, Mary Jean Norman, Beverly Harris, Nancy Skeen, Cecelia Ross, Jean Tidwell, Penni Moody, 

Dorene Moody, Brandt Curtis. 

Second row (1 to r): Kathryn Carlstcn, Helen Mackay, Dorene Moesser, Linda Johnson, Evelyn Murray, Jane Swift, Jean- 

ette Royle, Nancy Hansen. 

Third row (1 to r): Carolyn Evans, Dorothy Norton, Sharon Holman, Evelyn Oaks, Diane Love, Nancy Robinson, Kay 

Snow, Joyce Warburton, Carol Noble. 

Fourth row (1 to r): Wildon Webb, Evan Bean, Graeme Frehner, Wayne Keith, Denis Hollow, Noel Twitchell. 

First row (1 to r): Barbara Barry, Briant Davis, Mary Ann Merrill, Arlene Teague, Jay Young, Kathy Matson, Karen Ogden. 

Second row (1 to r): Louise Wakefield, Wayne Wood, Dorothy Shoush, Merilynne Rich, Kathleen Crook, Karen Skousen, 

Georgia Ashcraft, Barbara Watts, Pat Miller, Joie Falslev, Lynn Shurtleff. 

Third row: Deanna Watkins (at piano), Naomi Boyer, Frosty Duerden, Marvin Jenkins, Jacob Bos, Robert Rothlisberger, 

Richard Whelchel, Janet Anderson, Nancy Carey, Marian Anderson, Gerald Nielsen, Robert James, Roy Rummler, Ed 


Fourth row: Ina Lou Cheney, Al Richman, Sharron Ward. 


Male Chorus 

The University Male Chorus appeared in many pro- 
grams throughout the year, participating in the state- 
wide television program, broadcast at Christmas time. 
The Chorus won great approval for its interpretations 
and the quality of the singing. Throughout the year 
the Chorus toured many places in Utah to perform at 
varied activities. With other music groups they com- 
bined to sing at the annual Conference of the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City. 
With the Women's Chorus, the Male Chorus performed 
at one of the assemblies, and, as a separate unit, ap- 
peared on devotional assemblies throughout the year. 
This group of male voices has developed greatly since 
its organization in 1955 and has become one of the 
most looked for items on school programs. 

Front row (1 to r) David Jarvis, Dennis Kingborn, George 
Reynolds, David Foulger, Robert Roush, J. P. Colyar, 
Robin Norris, George Turner, Harry Tarr, Vernon Matt- 
son, Keith Slade, Richard Dewey. Second row (1 to r) 
Wallace Penrose, Robert Harmon, Layne Evans, Merrill 
Olson, Robert Jenkins, Gary McClurg, Mario Sogers, 
Verl Doman, William Ashmore, Max Anderson, Wayne 
Marberry, Gene Hughs. Third row (1 to r) Charles Pen- 
rose, Miles Judd, R. Gibbs, Grant Winn, Arnold String- 
ham, Grant Smith, David Coombs, David Bush, Keith 
Child, Royce Bills, Hugh Alsop. 

Ralph Woodward, Director of 
the Male Chorus. His pleas- 
ant personality and unfailing 
good humor inspire the stu- 
dents to give of their best, 
sometimes surprising them- 
selves with the result. 

Beautiful harmony is not achieved without a great deal of assiduous practice. 


Metres slip away and pleasure fills the soul as the song issues forth. 

Hymns are prayers set to music. 


Responding to the artistry of the Director, the Chorus flows into song. 

Director Norman Gulbrandsen conducts Chorus. 



omen s 



Members of Women's Chorus. Front row (1 to r): Anne Shef- 
field, Diane Gilchrist, Shirlene Atkinson, Beverly Devey, 
Janet Anderson, Beverly Morrison, Ruth Olsen, Carol Ju- 
lian, Carolyn Crawford, Pat Lee, Carolyn Brohberg, Vir- 
ginia Lutz, Susan Poppas, Joyce McDonald, Kara Row- 
berry, Dixie Randall, Jeanette Taylor, Judy Volman. 
Second row (1 to r): Sunny Evans, Karla Rees, Mary Korth, 
Cerita Moore, Clifta Bright, Carol Cox, Gilberta Fjeldsted, 
Janet Randall, Sharon Elton, Mary Bonelli, Sally Murdock, 
Lynne Croft, Karen Dixon, Janet Kane, Yvonne Blaylock! 
Norma Blake. Third row (1 to r): Nanette Hinckley, Shirley 
Nordgren, Margene Petersen, Carol Pulley, Karen Hard- 
wick, Joyce Green, Zetta Lee, Carolyn Whittaker, Beverly 
Armstrong, Ev McKnight, Elaine Sabin, Marcia Musser, 
Shirley Smith, Verda Kemper, Ela Dee Thornley. Fourth 
row (1 to r): Marlene Corak, Judy Petersen, Emaline 
Skidmore, Alyce Giles, Vira Murphy, Rella Sproiil, Cheryl 
Armstrong, Gloria Anderson, Aria Clegg, Susanne Pal- 
mer, Gloria Norr, Donna Redd, Patty Jo Ward, Mary Anne 
Keeler, Adele Neilson. 

From 275 applicants this year were chosen 65 members 
of the Women's Chorus, organized by Norman R. Gul- 
brandsen in 1953. Selected for poise and charm as well 
as for beauty of voice and music ability, the group per- 
formed throughout Utah, and participated in the Music 
Dept. Christmas Program, Spring Concert and appeared 
at many stake conferences and student assemblies. 

Notes of pure gold melt into the glory of crescending sounds . . . 

Director of the Women's 
Chorus, Norman R. Gul- 
brandsen has established 
himself in the field of vocal 
pedagogy and choral con- 
ducting. In 1956 he was bari- 
tone soloist in the perform- 
ance of the oratorio, "Bel- 
shazzar's Feast", a produc- 
tion subsequently recorded 
for commercial distribution. 


University Chorale in alphabetical order: K. Abbott, A. 
Alder, R. Allen, E. Allphin, K. Andersen, C. Anderson, D. 
Anderson, V. Anderson, A. Marlon Andrus, E. Armstrong, 
S. Askby, C. Ashton, M. Gay Austin, W. Baker, B. Barney, 
D. Barney, G. Bartley, D. Bates, G. Becenti, M. Beckstead, 
C. Bell, R. Benson, L.Berland, D. Beutler, B. Bird, T. Black, 
B. Blackett, S. Bodily, N. Boley, S. Bourne, F. Bremer, N. 
Broadbent, M. Brown, J. Brundage, A. Budge, I. Burnham, 
V. M. Burnham, W. Burris, G. Bush, D. Byers, J. Cannon, 
M. Christensen, S. Christensen, B. Christison, M. Christen- 
son, E. Craythorn, D. Crockett, D. Crow, G Crow, D. Crow- 
ther, R. Cushing, D. DaGrade, C. Dance, G. Day, R. Day, D. 

Dean, A. Denning, L. Dennis, K. Derrick, A. Dunford, J. Ed- 
gar, G. Ellis, C. Fagg, S. Ferrill, L. Fielding, M. Fish, L. M. 
Fletcher, D Folder, SaDonna Frederick, T. Gallagher, D. 
Garrett, K. Giles, B. Green, C. Green, M. Green, D. Griffin, 
D. Grimcmd, B Grotegut, D. Goss, J. Gunn, S. Hackley, L. 
Halles, J. Hall, M. Hammond, P. Hanchett, M. Hansen, D. 
Hansen, K. Hardy, J. Harrison, JoAnn Haslam, P. Haws, 
LeRoy Heaton, Judith Henrie, J. Holm, R. Horsley, C. Hug- 
gins, M. Huss, D. James, E. Jensen, J. Jensen, C. Johns, 
J. Johnson, J. Johnson, R. Johnson, S. See Johnson, M. Jones, 
J. Kapp, T. Keele, B. Keiser, P. Kelly, M. Larsen, S. Larsen, 
D. Larson, B. LeBaron, V. Ann Lenroot, C. Lindberg, L. 


University Chorale is one of the largest musical organi- 
zations on campus and is open to all students without 
audition. In addition to meeting on Mondays, Wednes- 
days and Fridays, Chorale members attend Oratorio 
Choir rehearsals every Tuesday. Under the direction of 
Ralph Woodward the Chorale had a satisfying year of 
activity. Autumn quarter the Chorus sang "The Hun- 
dredth Psalm" at a devotional assembly, and also par- 
ticipated in the Christmas Concert in December, with 

other musical organizations. They sang "A Christmas 
Cantata" accompanied by the BYU Symphony Orches- 
tra. Many of the Chorale members participated on the 
Christmas Television Program. Winter quarter, the Uni- 
versity Chorale took part in the Brigham Young Uni- 
versity Stake fireside, singing, "Sing Unto the Lord". 
Students attending assemblies also heard the chorus 
sing "Morning Hymn" and "Jesus, Word of God Incar- 

Lyman, J. Madsen, J. Madsen, E. Maloy, D. May, J. Mayer, 
E. McCauley, S. McNeil, B. Vande Merive, G. Merrill, d 
Mickelsen, C. Middaugh, A. Miller, M. Monson, M. Mon- 
son, S. Morley, N. Ann Morrell, C. Mortensen, P. Morten- 
sen, J. Mott, M Murphy, A. Neal, M. Neely, G. Nelson, R 
Voe Nelson, S. Ness, S. Nielsen, J. Nims, C. Niman I 
Oliver, B. Olson, H. Olson, K. Olson, S. Oswald, J. Page, 
K. Peck, C. Penrod, E. Peterson, S. Phillips, E. Pond, B. Pul- 
sipher, R. Query, N. Ray, N. Ray, T. Reid, J. Ruvell, J.- 
Richards, M. Richter, F. Robertson, D. Rockwood, E. Rock- 
wood, . Roland, G. Roper, C Ross, R. Roswall, P. Rowley, 
R. Rummber, J. Rushton, R. Safster, H. Sanderson, M. Sar- 

gent, K. Senzee, K. Shaw, D. Shimoda, V. Shuey, G. Sham- 
way, D. Skriver, A. Smart, A. Smith, L. Smith, H. Sparks, 
G. Stable, J. Starlin, S. Stewart, D. Stimpson, L. Stoddard, 
M. Stokes, C. Sulivan, P. Swainston, S. Swenson, L. Tan- 
ner, A. Tingey, D. Thompson, J. Thompson, Mary Threet, 
C. Tippetts, P. Trimmell, E. Turner, S. Van Scyoc, A. Wof- 
finden, L. Walker, L. Walker, W. Walker, K. Wallace, D.' 
Wangsgard, R. Ward, L. Washburn, M. Watts, M. Webb, 
C. Westenskow, J. Westring, S. Whitaker, M. White, N. 
Whitehead, M. Whiting, M. Whiting, M. Wilson, B. Withe- 
row, P. Zinn. 

During Spring quarter, the Chorale joined with the other cam- 
pus choruses, under the direction of John R. Halliday and 
Don Earl to sing for a special assembly and for General Con- 
ference in Salt Lake City on April 4th. Included in their 
presentation were, "Psalm 150", "Oh, Say What Is Truth?" 
"Oh, My Father", "Send Forth Thy Spirit", "Allelujah Christ 
Is Risen", and "How Beautiful Are The Feet of Him". In 
May, the University Chorale and Oratorio Choir presented a 
Spring Concert. Gary L. Roper and Melvin G. Wilson assist- 
ed Professor Woodward during the year, as student manag- 
ers. Delma Grigg was pianist for the organization. 

Ralph Woodward, di- 
rector of University 
Chorale and Oratorio 
Choir, inspired mem- 
bers of the group 
with his outstanding 
musical knowledge 
and ability, his sense 
of humor and his pa- 





Front row (1 to r) Patricia Henrie, Jorge Kemeny, Nancy 
Bomen.Karen Polly, Betty Ann Hoover, Lee Ann Vander- 
iord, Barbara Jo Allen, Mary Safsten. Second row (1 to r) 
Merrill Johnson, Barbara Jean Barry, Jeanette Hunt, Carol 
Forslund, Carol Halliday, Mary Ellen Cornwall, Kenneth 

Jensen, Naomi Boyer, Jenie Decker, Prof. Quentin Nord- 
gren, June Dahle, Mary Alice Monson. Third row (1 to r) 
Briant Davis, Cleone Cheney, K. Lynn Paul, Alden Cros- 
by, Mary Louise Jacob, Don DaGrade, Marvin Jenkins, 
Bill Washburn, Larry Merrill, Prof. Jacob Bos, Lawrel Deck- 

SympJiony Orchestra 

Brigham Young University Symphony Orchestra is one 
of the most versatile musical organizations on campus. 
It participates with choral units at devotional assem- 
blies, the music department's Music for Christmas pro- 
gram, and annual Oratorio, presented in the fieldhouse 
each spring. The orchestra performs the important ser- 
vice of giving outstanding young artists of the Brigham 
Young University the opportunity of appearing as solo- 
ist with full symphony orchestra accompaniment. This 
past year, five artist-students of the university were ac- 
corded this privilege. This group is one of the main tour- 
ing musical groups of the university, having appeared 
in concerts in almost every city of importance through- 
out the entire west, as well as on campus. 


Sweet music a background to song. 

Music pleasantly grasps its adherent 

/ J 

* K 


er, Prof. Harold Laycock, Olive Montori, Lynn Shurtleff, 
Jack Morris, Karen Ogden, Selene Sandberg, Loya Vance. 
Fourth row (1 to r) Carita Stroble, Glenna Jennings, JoAnn 
Long, Eugene Jensen, Sonia Peterson,Glenna Stahle, Helen 
Dunn, Carleton Whelchel, Floyd Murphy.Clifford Madsen, 
Janet Anderson, LeRoy Gibbons, Tony Thurber, Leon Bad- 

ham, Douglas Perry, Lamar Twitchell, Allen Watson, Mitzi 
Towle, Bryce LeBaron, Sharron Ward, Irene Webb, Wayne 
Wood, Mary Ann Merrill, Barbara Nelson, Elaine Jennings, 
Dixie Thomson, Lurean Dennison. Fifth row, Robert Camp- 
bell, Dee Woods, Laurie Blomquist. 

Lawrence Sardoni, con- 
ductor of the Orchestra, 
who has built it into one 
of the most outstanding 
university orchestras in 
America. He has appeared 
as guest conductor of or- 
chestras in Colorado, Ida- 
ho, Montana and Oregon. 



Row 1 (1 to r): Bill Washburn, Patricia Larsen, Marvin Gay, 
Jack Rushton, Linda Callister, Marilyn McMeen, Joyce 
Snow, Mary Ellen Cornwall. 

Row 2: Marvin Jenkins, Frosty Duerden, Arlene Mayberry, 
Robert Bowden, Janice Fife, Don DaGrade, Jeanne Millar, 
Kenneth Jensen, Roxcmna Day, Naomi Boyer, Patricia 

Concert Band 

A high honor was accorded to the Concert Band this year 
when an invitation was extended by the largest group of 
music teachers in the United States for the Band to appear 
at the Music Educators National Conference in Los An- 
geles. The Concert Band, directed by Ralph G. Laycock, 
also made a three day tour of Utah and Idaho in Decem- 
ber 1957. Assemblies, Christmas Concert and concerts at 
South High, Salt Lake City, Lincoln Junior High, Orem, and 
Provo High filled a busy schedule for this group of talented 



Brighton, LaRue Barms, Janet Grigg, Delma Grigg, Janice 
Capp, Mary Oveson, Jaque Meiling. 

ROW 3: Robert Campbell, Adele Haynie, David Thyne, 
Ada Barlow, Hal Tucker, Leon Ericksen, Beverly Painter, 
Bruce Whitening, Nancy Carey, Marian Anderson, Laurie 
Blonquist, Nancy Deputy, LeRoy Gibbons, Janet Anderson, 

Music is one of the fairest gifts of God. 

The poetry of music blends into har 
mony as musicians play their instru 

jt- V 


Howard Moffitt, Paul Day, Dale Hardy, Michael Kirkham. 
Row 4: Grady Edenfield, Irene Webb, JoAnn Zirbel, Creig 
McAurthor, Bob Gene Dayley, Marriner Beckstead, Clif- 
ford Madsen, Tracy Rollins, Charleton Whelchel, Larry 
Bastion, Jay Terry, Cornelia Bales, Gene Smith. 

Row 5: K-Lynn Paul, Larry King, Robert James, Lamar Lay- 
ton, Russell Fadley, Dougles Perry, Larry Wright, Paul 
Mortensen, Leon Badham, Scott Schwab, Ed Yeager, Roy 
Tidwell, Bill Broadbent. 
Not present: Evan Winters, Robert Warnick. 

Prof. Ralph Laycock, con- 
ductor of the Band. He 
achieved success when 
the Band's performance at 
the National Convention 
of Music Educators Con- 
ference in Los Angeles this 
year, was acclaimed by 
music lovers as an out- 
standing event. 


"He plays like a god, makes the 
Strad sing as an angel," a New 
York paper said of Zino Frances- 
catti, who appeared at BYU Janu- 
ary 27. 

Fernando Germani, one of the 
world's most discriminating organ 
virtuosi and a devout interpreter, 
performed November 25. 

Spanish-born Amparo Iturbi, one 
of the most gracious and talented 
keyboard artists to appear at BYU. 

Jose Greco, with 25 dancers, sing- 
ers and musicians, presented fas- 
cinating festival and dances of the 
Canary Islands. 



Herald R. Clark, director of Lyceums, is the man who has patiently 
built the pathway for noted singers, dancers, and musicians to come 
to the Brigham Young University. Regularly, throughout the year, 
famed artists trek westward from world centers, to present programs 
of unexcelled quality to students, visitors, and residents of Provo. The 
friendliness of BYU and the charming courtesy shown to visiting ar- 
tists by Prof. Clark and his committee is rewarded by artists wel- 
coming the opportunity to appear more than once on the stage of 
the BYU auditorium or fieldhouse. Student appreciation of musical 
art is thus developed, an appreciation which colors the life of the 
student through all his activities, by deepening the perceptions for 
the finer nuances of artistry. Among the celebrated artists appearing 
this year were: the Utah Symphony Orchestra; Zino Francescatti, 
violinist; Jose Greco and his dance company; Blanche Thebom, sing- 
er of operatic aries; Marias and Miranda, folk song interpreters; 
Amparo Iturbi, incomparable artist of the piano; Leonard Warren, 
baritone; Fernando Germani, organist; Gina Bachauer, and Gary 
Graffman, pianists. 

Highlight of the BYU-Community Concert Series, the Utah Symphony Orches- 
tra, conducted by Maurice Abravanel, performed before an enthusiastic 
160 audience Nov. 18, playing Brahms' "Academic Festival Overture", Stravin- 
sky's "Petrouchka Ballet Suite", and Tchaikovsky's "Symphony No. 4 in F. 

The Concordia Choir, directed by 
Paul J. Christiansen, presented a 
special concert in the Fieldhouse. 

Gina Bachauer, Greek pianist, pre- 
sented a program of outstanding 
beauty in the Smith Auditorium 
April 16. 

Metropolian Opera Star, Blanche 
Thebom, hailed as "Met's most 
amazing mezzo/'delighted us with 
operatic arias. 

Warren's dramatic baritone spell- 
bound music lovers at his concert 
on January 20. 



Revolution, princesses, suicide and an insane asylum, provide the 
authentic atmosphere of real life events on which the story of "Anas- 
tasia" is based. The 17-year old youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas 
of Russia reportedly survived the shooting of the royal family in 1918. 
Seriously wounded, she was smuggled out of the country, but tried 
to commit suicide when she found herself, alone, without funds or 
papers, in Berlin. Her rescue, admittance to an insane asylum, and 
subsequent resognition, set the scene for many gripping and emotion- 
al moments in the play, which was directed by Dr. Preston R. Gled- 


Anastasia Martha Adams 

Dowager Empress Merle Schreiner 

Prince Bounine .. Stan Porter 

Chernov Neal Barth 

Petrovin Wayne Elton 

Dr. Serensky Kay Moon 

Sergei Richard Walsh 

Varya Barbara Luke 

Counselor Drivinitz Bill Black 

The Charwoman Carol Lynn Wright 

Prince Paul Thomas Macauley 

Baroness Livenbaum Lanene Johnson 


Loud tied Patrick 

Changing from the soft light of the flaring gas jets to those of the electric era, was 
a problem which con fronted many home-owners at the turn of the century. "Loud 
Red Patrick" is completely in favor of the change, but he faces the resistance of the 
eldest of his four daughters who is in love with a young executive of the gas com- 
pany. Loud Red Patrick's daughters have inherited some of his fiery quick Irish 
temper and the situations in which the family and friends find themselves develop 
into hilarious comedy. But all comes out happily in the end. The play was directed 
by Morris M. Clinger, assistant professor of Speech. 


Patrick Flanagan Wayne Elton 

Maggie Flanagan Judith Baxter 

Mary Flanagan Judy Nelson 

Rosalie Flanagan Lynne Palmer 

Rita Flanagan Sharon McGee 

Mr. Finnegan Carl Markworth 

Mrs. Gallup Margo Barling 

Richard O'Connor Gene Hughes 

Ralph Ron Olauson 


\ /' ^ 

Star Wagon 


Forced by two thugs to use his invention, the star-wagon, 
Stephen Minch, in the Maxwell Anderson play, "The 
Star-Wagon", fearfully sets the machine in motion to take 
him backwards into his youth. "Martha can have her 
celluloid man," he tells his friend Manus. "I'm going to 
marry the other one this time." For he had reached middle 
age, content with the full and satisfying life he had spent 
in his laboratory, finding things better than money. But 
he discovered that his wife, Martha, was not happy. 
Badgered by her criticism, sickened by his boss' bullying 
and assisted by the pressing insistence of the two intrud- 
ers, he takes the road back to his youth, to a fresh start 
from the cross-roads and a new destiny. 

Stephen Minch Thomas F. Macauley 

Manus Wicks Ray Wilkinson 

Martha Minch Mary Ann Wood 

Duffy Lynn Gardiner 

Hollie Ann Visscher 

Mrs. Rutledge Jeannette Morrell 

Thugs John Beach 

Mardell Topham 


Julius Caesar 

Shakespeare's tragedy in five acts, "Julius Cae- 
sar", was presented by the Brigham Young Uni- 
versity Theater. Based on Plutarch's lives of 
Caesar, Antony and Brutus, the action covers the 
conspiracy led by Cassius and Brutus. Cassius 
conceives the plot against Caesar, partly because 
he was jealous and partly because he fears a 
dictatorship. Brutus, because he loves the Roman 
republic even better than he loves Caesar, re- 
luctantly joins the conspirators who murder Cae- 
sar in the Senate House. In a great speech over 
Caesar's body, Marc Antony so infuriates the 
people agains the assassins that they are driven 
from Rome, where a triumvate of Octavius, An- 
tony, and Ledipus is formed. Brutus and Cassius 
go to Asia Minor and join forces at Sardis. Brutus 
accuses Cassius of taking bribes, there is a quar- 
rel followed by a reconciliation and the news of 
the death of the wife of Brutus, Portia. Meeting the 
forces of Antony and Octavius in Macedonia, 
they are soundly defeated. 


Caesar Max Golightly 

Brutus Dick Waite 

Cassius Tom Macauley 

Marc Antony Charles Whitman 

Octavius Caesar Ron Olauson 

Calpurnia Carolyn Juarez 

Portia Martha Christensen 

Blithe Spirit 

Noel Coward's brilliant comedy-farce was produced at the Arena Theater 
and was directed by Dr. Harold I. Hansen, chairman of Speech and 
Dramatic Arts. Charles Condomine, wishing to learn the mysteries of the 
occult, invites to his home a medium, who obliges by bringing back 
Charles' first wife, much to Charles' distress, his first wife's delight and 
his second wife's chagrin. With two wives, one in this world, and the 
other a"blithe spirit," Charles finds himself in predicaments which cause 
the complications which provide the action in the play. In order to portray 
Elvira's ghostly movements which are visible only to Charles, a false 
wall was used and seating arrangements altered. 


Charles Condomine Charles Whitman 

Ruth Condomine Carol Lynn Wright 

Elvira Condomine Lynn Ann Taylor Richards 

Madame Arcati Sally Thome 

Dr. Bradman Carl Markworth Jr. 

Mrs. Bradman Pat Morgan 

Edith Barabra Luke 

The medium concentrates on spirits while others wait for a manifestation of the occult. 


Complicated situations arise when a blithe spirit 
takes a hand in her husband's personal affairs. 

I *-i 

Angel Street 

A suspense thriller of the Victorian era, "Angel Street," was 
an Arena Theater presentation by the BYU Speech Depart- 
ment. The Arena Theater is so constructed that no one in the 
audience, which surrounds the stage in ampitheater style, is 
more than 15 ft. from the center. Angel Street depicts the slow 
torturing of his wife by the kindly Mr. Manningham who, by 
arranging petty aberrations, accuses his wife of going out 
of her mind, as her mother did. While he is absent, a kindly 
Inspector of Police visits the house and is able to convince 
Mrs. Manningham that her husband is a maniacal criminal, 
already suspected of committing murder in the same house, 
and he is able to prove that Manningham is getting ready to 
dispose of his wife. The game then begins to outwit the crimi- 
nal. Director was Dr. Lael J. Woodbury; designer, Carl White; 
tech. dir., Robert Struthers; and costumer, Dorothy Whitaker. 


Mrs. Manningham Dorothy Nielsen 

Mr. Manningham Wayne Ayers 

Nancy Judy Nelson 

Elizabeth Susan Lee Ungermann 

Rough Miller Gardiner 







k m-. 


• •• . ... • 


The wedding of Jean Maclaren and Char- 
lie Dalrymple brought together pretty 
Diane Stevenson and tall Ron Carter. 


The Scottish drama, Brigadoon, added a bit of fantasy, 
song and dance to the spring dramatic season. Directed 
by Dr. Harold I. Hansen, assisted by Don Earl, the story 
unfolded of two American hunters losing their way in the 
Scotch Highlands and stumbling into the land of Briga- 
doon, a town with a miracle. The musical, written by Fred- 
erick Loewe and Allen Jay Lemer, featured such hit tunes 
as "Waiting For My Dearie," "The Heather on the Hill," 
and "Almost Like Being in Love." Special sets by Jed Rich- 
ardson provided the Scottish atmosphere. 


Jeff Douglas Ned Hoopes 

Tommy Albright Lael J. Woodbury 

Meg Brockie Joan Worsley 

Archie Beaton Blaine Huff 

Harry Beaton Charles Whitman 

Andrew MacLaren LeRoy Gibbons 

Fiona MacLaren Louise Johnson 

Jean MacLaren Diane Stevenson 

Charlie Dalrymple Ron Carter 

Angus .. Carl Markworth 

Mr. Lundie Dennis Hollow 

Stuart Dalrymple Ron Lee 

Jane Jacquiline DuBois, Diana Bell 

Frank Charles Nackos 

Maggie Gerrie Glover 

Two American hunters, Lael 
Woodbury and Ned Hoopes, 
find themselves lost in the 
Scotch Highlands and ponder 
the dilemma. 

Tommy asks old Mr. Lundie about the miracle of Brigadoon while Jeff stands by. 


The Prince and the Pauper 


The production "The Prince And The Pauper", was pre- 
sented by the Youtheatre. Adapted from the novel by 
Mark Twain, the play was directed by Albert O. Mitchell. 
The action of the play takes place at the time of the death 
of Henry VIII in England, when Prince Edward is 14. The 
young prince sees a pauper boy outside the palace gates, 
and trades places with him to find out how other people 
live. After many exciting adventures between the Prince 
and the Pauper, everything is restored to order with a most 
unusual ending. The cast of the Youtheatre toured the 
Rocky Mountain area for eleven days. The play was pre- 
sented at the Rocky Mountain Theatre Conference at Poca- 
tello, Idaho. Other plays presented by this group during 
the year were "Penrod" and "The Wizard of Oz." 

Tom Canty Kristin Mathews 

Prince Edward Karen Mathews 

Miles Hendon Dean McMahon 

John Canty Craig Heesch 

Hugo Farrell Smith 

Priest Max Golightly 

Hertford David Coombs 

St. John Robert Clark 

Ruffler John Beach 

Jezebel Kay McMahon 

Welcoming the prince back. 

Surrounded by unbelieving subjects the prince admits he is dressed as a pauper. 










Royalty - with its dreams 

Woven of precious gemmed crowns 

And richly colored cloaks 

Edged with ermine, 

And thrones and princes and princesses 

And palaces centuries old 

Where fairytale towers 

Point up into the sky, 

And richly gilded coaches 

With gaily coated footmen 

And horses white as snow. 

But Reality places diadems 

On those whose actions come 

From their pure and simple hearts. 


Royalty of BYU 

We read of ancient legends, which have come down through the ages 

To emphasize the worth, in nation, land or clime — 

Of our most precious possessions, the maidens pure and sweet 

Whose characters are firm and whose loyalties are complete. 

So in crowning these young ladies, as Queen of this or that 

The students pay a tribute to all coeds of BYU. 

Homecoming Queen, Diane Stevenson, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Stanley W. Stevenson of San Gabriel, Calif. 
Diane reigned over Homecoming Week activities with a 
charm and grace which has made her a favorite with 

On the eve of her nineteenth birthday Pat Murchie re- 
ceived the crown of "Miss Sophomore" at the Sopho- 
more Loan Fund Ball. The red haired beauty comes 
from Long Beach, California, and is a member of Cami 
Los social unit. She was sponsored by Val Hyric. 

n fl 


^^- ^ ^^E 



M '*%¥■*&: jflM* 

Chosen to reign as Banyan Queen was Dorothy 
McGraw, of Medford, Ore. Dorothy, a junior, is 
majoring in physical education and has danced 
in Fieldhouse Frolics and road shows. She was 
crowned at Banyan Ball. 

Snow Queen for 1958 was Marilyn Woodward from 
Seattle, Wash. A junior, majoring in English, merry- 
eyed Marilyn reigned over the Snow Carnival Week's 
"Tyrolean Olympiad" activities with Snow King Regi- 
nald Coultas. 

Janice Babcock was chosen from 70 entrants for the 
coveted honor of "Belle of the Y", the ideal BYU coed. 
Janice hails from Reno, Nevada, and was awarded the 
crown for excelling in talents as well as for beauty, 
poise and personality. 



Friendliest boy and girl on campus, were Webb 
Crockett and Beverly Broadbent, The contest is 
sponsored by the Banyan, and the President and 
Vice President of the ASBYU received the awards 
at the Banyan Assembly. 


anyan rersona 


Throughout the year, as in all years, some personalities on campus 
stand out as symbols of those whom they represent. In these pages the 
Banyan has tried to picture those whom you will remember, some for 
their activities, some for their beauty and graciousness, and others for 
their sincere friendliness. 

Janis Hull, Associated Women's 
President, has attended BYU on a 
scholarship since her frosh year. She 
has been a Sunday School teacher 
in the 6th ward since the formation 
of the BYU Stake. 

Diane Hatch, one of the most outstanding stu- 
dents of the year with a grade point average 
of 3.92. Her major is physics pre-med. She was 
NSA co-ordinator and Utah regional chairman 
of NSA. She also received the Val Hyric award 
for outstanding ability. 

Phillip Koldewyn, a senior from San Bernadino, 
Calif., plans on working toward a Ph.D in 
Spanish language and literature at the Univer- 
sity of California, in Berkeley. Phil has been 
active in student government as a member of 
several committees. 

Diane Stevenson, a California co-ed, and Homecoming 
Queen for 1957. Diane was Banyan Queen in 1957. 

Georgeanna Ward, one of the most likeable per- 
sonalities on campus. Georgeanna is president of the 
Y. C's and of the AWS for 1959. She is senior resi- 
dent at Heritage Halls, and is on the Junior Prom 

Lavon Boyenger, a marketing major with a 
minor in art. Art Editor of the Wye Magazine, 
he is president of the Art Guild and was one 
of sixty top advertising students in the nation 
selected to attend "Inside Advertising Week" 
in New York City. 

Roger Victor, second vice-president of ASBYU 
and an active worker in student affairs. He was 
a Vice-Duke of the IK's for the year 1956-57 and 
Junior Prom chairman in. 1957. He was also a 
member of the Senate during the year 1955-56. 
A member of the Third Ward, Roger is in the 
Elders Quorum Presidency, and besides taking 
part in the many activities of the church and 
school, he works in downtown Provo. 

Richard A. Hunter, President of the Senate, is a pre-law 
student from Arcadia, California. Active in school af- 
fairs, Rich was a senator in his freshman year and also 
chairman for the Snow Carnival Dance. He is also a 
Sunday School teacher. 

Beverly Broadbent, first vice president of 
the ASBYU, plans to teach after graduat- 
ing. Voted "Friendliest Girl of the Year", 
Beverly belongs to the O.S. Trovata social 
unit and was named "Outstanding Spon- 
sor of the Year 1956", by the ROTC Spon- 
sor Corps. She enjoys walking, creative 
writing, classical music and skiing. 

Michael Kirkham, a member of the Varsity Band, the Con- 
cert Band, Freshman Orientation Committee, Sophomore 
Loan Fund Ball Committee, Chairman of the "Belle of the Y" 
Week. His activities in the Church include being a member 
of the Elders' Quorum Presidency, and between times he is 
enrolled in the College of Commerce. 


Kay Sundwall, freshman from Mur- 
ray, Utah, is President of Junior AWS 
Council, history and research editor 
Banyan, and went to Germany last 
summer as a foreign exchange stu- 

Norman E. King, Vice Chairman 
of the Honor Council, and active in 
areas pertaining to speech, being 
speech director of BYU Stake. Nor- 
man is a student teacher and 
takes a keen interest in drama. 

Ron Safsten, sophomore from Blaine, 
Wash., and the campus publicity 
man, whose sense of humor and 
friendliness won many friends. Ac- 
tive in his class, the Banyan and 
Universe as well as committees, he 
also found time for the fair sex. 

Nan Greene, a freshman, is a member of Junior AWS 
Council, and chairman of one of the sub-committees of 
the Destiny Fund. Active in the MIA, she is Junior Gleaner 
teacher. Nan's cheerful and smiling personality has won 
her many friends during her first year at the university. 


>*jjj I * 

^ w 

Webb Crockett, Studentbody President and a member of the 
BYU Stake High Council. He served on a mission for the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the northern 
states, serving as second counselor of the mission. He was 
voted "Friendliest Boy of the Year". 








•^/T k 


Methinks he's only fooling 

To take me by surprise, 

That bat looks mighty handy 

As if it's organized 

For use 

Upon some hapless victim 

Whom he spies. 

I see his eyelids quiver 

Though he pretends to sleep 

And I know 

A smile lurks under 

Those lips so firmly closed 

To break forth in friendly greeting 

To everyone he knows. 


Inter-Organizational Council 

The Inter-Organizational Council is comprised of all the presi- 
dents of student organizations on campus. The six areas are, 
service, social, honorary, department, religious and geo- 
graphical. Through the IOC, students form the rules and the 
constitution, and any violation of the rules is handled by 
the IOC court system. The purposes of the Council are, to 
coordinate the activities of all student organizations and to 
promote student interest in the various groups applicable to 
their interests and choice, and to provide a central point 
where leaders of organizations can receive help and informa- 

tion, keep their records and receive mail pertaining to the 
organization in which they are active. The IOC also plans 
and organizes Student Organization Week in the Fall. Plans 
are well under way for the production and distribution next 
year, of a booklet on student organizations, to each new stu- 
dent. This booklet will detail the aims and purposes of each 
of the 140 student organizations on campus, in which ap- 
proximately half of the students attending the university 
take part. 

Inter-Organizational Council members: (front row) Phil Koldewyn, Lee Ann Vanderford, Craig Carpenter, (back row) Barrie 
McKay, Kent Butterfield, Bob Lawton, George Chournos. 


Making plans for Rush Week during winter quarter are IOC committeemen 
Hal Hatch, Brother Paul Felt, Steve Craig and Deanna Duffin. 

Inter-Organizational Chairmen: (front row, 1 to r) Sherrie Harger, Deanna Duffin, Jan Nims. (back row) Bob Roberts, Gene 
Jones, and Jay Olpin. 



Alcyone Social Unit, organized in 1952, began 
the year with their annual "Woodhues" fall 
dance. Their Homecoming float won third place 
for beauty. The unit, together with Delta Phi, 
presented a Christmas assembly to the stu- 
dentbody. Other activities included helping 
with the blood drive, subbing for Santa, invi- 
tationals with Tausigs and Delta Phi, the din- 
ner dance held at the Salt Lake Country Club, 
and participating in the Snow Carnival and 
Songfest. A traditional Hawaiian Luau with 
Athenians was also held. Alcyone added to 
its honors .trophies earned at 
the Freshman Carnival for 
the best booth and the largest 
profit, and trophies awarded 
to them by Vol Hyric social 
unit for "Miss Venus" and 
best pledge skit. The unit 
worked hard to support its 
aims of friendship, know- 
ledge, and spirituality. 

Carol Rasmussen 

Hobo antics at a party provided lots of fun. 

Four new pledges pose together at formal initiation. 

Atkinson, Shirlene 
Atwood, Marguretta 
Barrow, Klee 
Beckstead, Leda S. 
Bennion, Joan 
Bingham, Jeraldine 
Bridge, Mary Jo 

Brown, Marlene 
Crose, Carrol L. 
Davis, Betty Fay 
Edgar, Janice L. 
Evans, Georgia 
Gardner, Janet A. 
Gerrard, Judy Norene' 

Gee, Janet Anne 
Gurr, Kathy Ann 
Harris, VaNieta 
Henderson, Cecil H. 
Hiltbrand, Ann 
Holmes, Carol June 
Hunt, Jeanette R. 

Jeppson, Annalee 
Jennens, Dona F. 
Jeppsen, Shara Lee 
Johnson, Linda Rae 
Johnson, Norma May 
Johnston, Pat 
Josie, Sonia 

Kawai, Veda C 
Kuykendall, Kathy 
Lambert, Joan 
Lindgerg, Cheryl 
Loomis, Nadine 
Mansuy, Frances 
Matthews, Dixie Can 


' <'\ 

^m a ^^ 

The butterfly motif of the Alcyone Homecoming float gave the appearance of graceful flight. 

/fulhem, Arleene 
/loody, Dorene N. 
Jelson, Barbara Jean 
Jims, Janet R. 
)penshaw, Mary Louise 
(ay, Kathyleen 
loberts, Linda L. 

lencher, Lureen 
lobins, Elna Lorene 
;ockwood, Daisy B. 
.ockwood, Dorothy D. 
:ockwood, Eleanor B. 
andstrom, Joan E. 
himoda, Donna A. 

chipper, Donna 
mith, Reva 
tead, Diane 
teele, Sharon Kay 
itevens, Carole 
tevens, Sherre 
owns, Diane C. 

anner, Phyllis Ann 
utile, Ruth 
an Dam, Gloria 
andergrift, Carol Sue 
fade, Venis Kay 
/ardleigh, Helen L. 
Whipple, Connie I. 

1 83 



The Athenian Social Unit is one of the largest 
men's units on campus. Organized in January 
of 1952, it aims to foster, aid and promote 
fellowship and brotherhood among its mem- 
bers; and to provide social entertainment in 
keeping with BYU standards. The unit partici- 
pated in all intramurals, sponsored the appear- 
ance of the Debonnettes, a marching group 
from Nevada, gained third place in the Snow 
Carnival, and put on an assembly with Cami 
Los social unit. Highlight of year was traditional 
"Dixie Ball" held in Memory- 
Grove. Participation was ac- 
tive in firesides and unit get- 
togethers and in exchanges 
with Cami Los, Val Nom, To- 
Kalon, Cougarettes, O. S. 
Trovata and Kappa Debs. 
The unit also competed in 
the Songfest. 
Marvin Wrtgley 





The Athenian float in the Homecoming parade. 

Adamson, Edwin 
Anderson, Gary 
Arbogast, Mike 
Bates, Wayne 
Baer, Doug 
Baker, Calvin 
Bergeson, Scott 

Berry, David 
Birkland, Gary 
Bolander, Giles 
Bowen, Pat 
Brown, James 
Brown, Larry 
Bums, Keith 

Callaway, Del 
Callaway, Lowell 
Carlson, Thayne 
Carter, Walt 
Christensen, David 
Christensen, Herbert 
Davis, Jack 

Dickerson, Larry 
Dockstader, Bruce 
Evans, Gary 
Frame, Jerry 
Fuller, Robert 
Giauque, David 
Goodrich, Roger 

Groberg, Richard 
Hart, James 
Hopkinson, Richard 
Hunsaker, Glen 
Jensen, Larry 
Larson, Byron 
Justesen, McRae 


The Athenian Unit's enty in the Snow Sculpture Contest, in front of McKay Building. 

Lewis, J. Wayne 
Lowry, H. Clay 
Marshall, Charles 
McKeen, Howard 
Moor, Bruce 
Moore, Mike 
Moore, Warren 

Novakovich, Steve 
Rogers, Clark 
Scholes, Robert 
Schultz, Ronald 
Scott, Allen 
Sheets, Lekmd 
Sedgwick, Donald 

Slade, Dion 
Smith, Steve 
Smouse, George 
Sorenson, Kenneth 
Sorensen, Lund 
Taylor, Richard 
Webber, Rick 

Westfall, Ron 
Whiffen, Hank 
White, Wendell 
Williamson, Richard 
Wootton, E. Gareth 
Wrigley, Karl 



Since its organization in 1931 with 
only six members the Brigadier Soc- 
ial Unit has developed into a close 
knit social organization, with the aim 
to promote among its members a 
fellowship and brotherhood which as- 
sists their development in intellec- 
tual pursuits and religious activity. A 
full social calendar kept all mem- 
bers busy with exchanges with 
Tokalon, Sponsors, Cami Los and 
Kappa Debs. Also the Brigadiers 
teamed with the Ri Veda and Kap- 
pa Debs units to present an assem- 
bly in January. During Winter quar- 
ter the highlight social event was the 
annual Bowery Brawl and in the 
spring members and their friends 
enjoyed exchanges, weekly parties 
and canyon party. The climax of 
social activities was the dinner dance 
at the Hotel Utah's Starlite Gardens 
for which the theme was "South Sea 
Island Magic." The 
Brigs interest in 
intramurals has 
become traditional 
and this year they 
aimed for the Su- 
premacy Trophy. 

Bob Anderson 



The Brigadiers — onlookers to a "Seventh Heaven" with their Homecoming floe 

Anderson, Ronald 
Byers, Kenneth 
DuPont, Clyde 
Ellsworth, D. Kirk 
Fairbanks, Grant 
Farr, David 
Grotegut, David 

Gutierrez, Higinio 
Hale, Boyd 
Hardy, Richard 
Hewitt, Harold 
Hilden, H. Gordon 
Hollingworth, Brent 
Houston, Ron 

Jensen, Bruce 
Lewis, Anthony 
McAffee, Jerry 
Mclver, Walter 
Neeley, Jay 
Nelson, Varry 
Palmer, Glen 


The Brigadiers aim for supremacy in intramurals. 

Brigadiers won a prize for this excellent snow sculpture. 

Palmer, Kenley 
Paul, K. Lynn 
Reeo, Robert 
Rohner, Wilbur 
Smith, Forrest 
Smith, Terry 
Sorenson, John 

Spilker, Raymond 
Stewart, Thell 
Stoker, Wayde 
Tobler, Kenneth 
Van Epps, Leonard 
Warner, James 
Woerner, Gary 


Cami Los 

Cami Los social unit was organized in the 
Spring quarter of 1952 with an original mem- 
bership of 27 girls. Their aim was to work 
together for social development, scholastic 
achievement, and recognition through ser- 
vice. These few members have now grown 
to the full capacity of 60 members. 
Cami Los member Diane Stevenson reigned 
as queen of 1957 Homecoming activities, 
with C. L. sister Vicki Durrant as one of her 
attendants. The unit also won first place in 
the beauty division of Homecoming floats 
with their entry "Golden Horizons Through 
Greater Knowledge." 

Pat Murchie was elected queen of the Soph- 
omore class, and Diane Nolen won the honor 
of attendant to the Snow Queen for 1958. 
Winter quarter brought many exciting rush 
activities, including a combined quarter 
brought many exciting rush activities, in- 
cluding a combined rush party and dance 
with Viking social unit. 

This year Cami Los and 
Athenians presented "Our 
Angels," as assembly 
comparable to one they 
presented with Val Hyrics 
during the year 1956-57 for 
which they were aarded 
the trophy for outstanding 
unit assembly. 
Karen LUlywhite 

Displaying the spoils of competition and leadership. 

Ashby, Kelly 
Ashby, Marian 
Barron, Joan 
Beckstrand, Helen 
Blauer, Jone 
Borquist, Laurel 
Brimley, Jan 

Bramwell, Bonnie 
Brown, Carol 
Dayton, Kenna Beth 
Derrick, Karen 
Durrant, Vicki 
Eliason, Patricia 
Fish, Pat 

Hale, Sherry 
Hall, Nadine 
Heal, Sandra 
Hibbert, Annette 
Higgins, Nancy Lee 
Hoffman, Sharlene 
Hopkins, Shirley 

Jensen, Karen 
Johnson, Jonelle 
Jones, Connie 
Lee, Carillina 
Lee, Virginia 
Leishman, Karen 
Moore, Sharon 


i llffXfir lH I 

^i TirkJiifiS 

~ . .-* rj. fl'^Hi 

.1 (if 

The Cami-Los Homecoming Float "Golden Horizons Through 
Greater Knowledge" won first place in beauty division. 

McComas, Sally 
Murchie, Pat 
Murdock, Sally 
Nelson, Doloris 
Orr, Diane 
Parduhn, Sharlene 
Perry, Connie 

Parker, Peggy 
Peterson, Joan 
Randall, Dixie 
Sant, Sharyn 
Schofield, Sandra 
Soholes, Carol 
Scott, Diane 

Smith, Karen 
Stanfield, Ruth 
Steinagel, Joanne 
Stevenson, Diane 
Thomander, Dawn 
Tippetts, Connie 
Ure, Collene 

Visscher, Anah 
Walker, De Ann 
Walker, Jean 
White, Sarah Ann 
Wood, Nancy 




Friends, Faithful, Forever, or "Amici 
Fidelas Ami," is the motto of Fidelas, 
organized 28 years ago, with the pur- 
pose to promote friendship and spirit- 
uality in the members. This year the 
club held many entertainments, an 
Invitational Dance "Orchids in the 
Moonlight" with orchids flown from 
Hawaii, a guest Culture Night at 
which Mrs. Lillian Booth lectured and 
showed slides on her tour of Europe; 
a rush party with a circus theme; a 
bicycling party where the girls all 
rode to the lake for a picnic; "Hol- 
iday in Holland" at Memory Grove; 
and exchanges with other clubs. Fi- 
delas entered and won second place 
in the intramural basketball, and 
sang "Perfect Love" in the Songfest. 
Other outings of this very active 
club included a 
canyon party, and 
one Monday night 
in every month a 
trip to the Mental 
Hospital to enter- 
tain the patients of 
Ward 25. 

Gloria Kershaw 

Many hours were spent by Fidelas members in decorating their float and housing 

Anderson, Doris Elaine 
Belknap, Addie L. 
Bellows, Janet M. 
Bragg, Mary H. 
Brough Evelyn 
Coleman, Doreen 
Cunningham, Marilyn Ga 

Dennert, Norma Joan 
Driskell, Carolyn 
Earl, Micki 
Edlefsen, Patricia Lee 
Foutz, Elvadeen 
Gill, Diane V. 
Graham, Glenda 

Grotegut, Jill 
Helm, Maurvene Elaine 
Hickman, Cheri K. 
Jacobson, Karen F. 
Jensen, Carolyn 
Jensen, Julie Ann 
Johnson, Elaine A. 


Beauty of formal initiation ceremony is always happy memory. 

lershaw, Dianne 
ones, Nonyn Mary 
•owry, Janice 
.unt, Laralne 
Canary, Marilyn 
fcAlister, Nancy E. 
filler, Marilyn R 

litton, Annette 
lorgan, Marcia E. 
earn, Donna Rene' 
ingquist, Rita 
obertson, Marilyn 
mith, Sue E. 
mith, Marian 

orenson, Judy A. 
tout, Lu Jean 
olman, Marilyn E. 
fatson, Dolores Ann 
fatts, Mary Jean 
'eske, Fredy Lou 
Trite, Patricia Ann 

Wyss, Elieen L. 
Wyss, Marjorie Ann 
Zirbel, JoAnn 


Founded in 1917 by a group of World 
War I veterans, the Bricker Social 
Unit claims to be the oldest men's 
social unit on campus. Characteriz- 
ing this unit is their belief in a bal- 
anced social activity and fellowship 
and the perpetuation of college 
friendships through their alumni as- 
sociation. Distinguished former mem- 
bers of the Brickers are Dean Wes- 
ley Lloyd, Dean of Students; the for- 
mer Mayor of Provo, Harold Van 
Wagonen; Coach "Buck" Dixon; and 
past BYU studentbody presidents, 
Lloyd George and Wid Tingey. This 
year's activities were led by Hal 
Hatch as president, and consisted of 
an Invitational, a Misfit Patry, an ex- 
change and various parties. The 
unit also collaborat- 
ed in presenting an 
assembly with the 
members of O. S. 
Trovata during win- 
ter quarter. 

Hal C. Hatch 

"A Voice From the Past," was the religious theme of Brickers Homecoming flc 

Ash, Lynn 
Asay. Don H. 
Ballif, Mark 
Beaman, Bruce W. 
Beckstead, Gary 
Bennett, David M. 
Blackhurst, Dennis 

Boardman, Jack 
Brown, Floyd R. 
Caldwell, Paul 
Call, Rex W. 
Chambers, Bob L. 
Chandler, Kay 
Clarke, Jack 

Crandall, Gary L. 
Dixon, Donald R. 
Doxey, Roger W. 
Dyer, Robert D. 
Finlayson, Ralph L 
Gardner, Dick 
Evans, Earl A., Jr. 


' A Bricker party unloaded some charming misfits at the 

Officers (1 to r) Greg Gosar, Don Dixon, Hal Hatch, Dave Simp- 
son, Gary Lloyd. 

( sar, Greg A. 

i Jand, Jack 

I sh, Jim 

i ish, John Martin 

I tit, Richard 

J kson, Kenneth N. 

J iris, George K. 

I snquist, Val Ray 

J sen, Jay 

I yd, Eldon K. 

I yd, Gary Murdock 

kdsen, Frank 

I rino, Joe M. 

r 1on, DeRay 

Cks, Merrill C. 

F >ison, Clayne W. 

£ vyers, Don M. 

£ vyers, Sherrell (Jack) 

S apson, David Vern 

£ ngham, Clark 

l'lor, Sam S. 

Kappa Dehonaires 

Kappa Debs big event of the year 
was the winning of the most original 
song in the Songfest contest. Having 
as its motto "Through social activ- 
ities and working together, to be of 
service, and to develop unity and 
growth of friendship, the Kappa Debs 
is a fast growing organization." 
Throughout the year many functions 
were held, commencing with Home- 
coming activities and a Buddy Party 
in the autumn. They sponsored an 
attendant to the Homecoming Queen, 
had a Fall rush party and several 
exchanges. A Dinner Dance and In- 
vitational provided formal fun and 
queen contests, snow carnival and 
a banquet for old and new officers 
kept things moving. Culture nights 
were held through- 
out the year and 
an assembly pre- 
sented in conjunc- 
tion with the Brigs 

and Ri Veda. 
Betty Bennett 

At the Pajama Party were many styles of slumber wear, but skeleton outshone al; 

Behg, Kathryn 
Allred, Alice 
Blodgett, Joan 
Breitenbuecher, Gayle 
Brown, Lora Lee 
Burbidge, Lucille 
Clark, De Lene 

Burton, Donette 
Crane, Georgia 
Curtis, Caroline 
David, Suzanne 
Davis, Hazel 
Davis, Lena 
Edwards, Elaine 

Dunn, Pat 
Fuller, Lousen 
Hight, Dawn 
Holmes, Mary 
Jeffery, Leiloni 
Jensen, Afton 
julander, Lillie 


.f r)k 
Kappa Debs rich and shining float glided along into the land of "Fantasia" with bells ringing and beauty, smiling. 

Lee, Dixie 
Knapp, Charlene 
Lowry, Pauline 
McCormick, Marilyn 
Moffitt, Karen 
Monson, Marlene 
Morrey, Margaret 

Mykol, Denise 
Nielsen, Marchene 
Petersen, Margene 
Pommerville, Winelle 
Ramsay, Kathleen 
Rogers, Hawley 
Rumel, Pam 

Schmidt, Nathalie 
Rust, Maida 
Schmidt, Rosemarie 
Seibert, Charlene 
Sennhouser, Lora 
Shipp, Sherry 
Sisemore, Claudia 

Smith, Alta 
Starr, Bonnie 
Swan, Geralee 
Taysom, Annette 
Turpin, Karen 
Tolman, Dee Ann 


The purpose of this unit is to promote lasting 
friendships and to develop each individual 
member by encouragement in living up to 
the standards of the Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter-day Saints and the BYU. The unit 
is characterized by the membership activ- 
ities in all phases of campus life, having 
members in social, geographical religious, 
musical, service and scholastic and student 
improvement. Members also participate ac- 
tively in BYU wards and stakes. This unit 
had a busy year as the members worked 
and planned activities, such as the Home- 
coming festivities, assembly, dinner-dance, 
Under-the-Sea banquet, spring canyon party, 
senior breakfast, alumni tea, snow carnival, 
"Y" day activities, scholarship banquet and 
Kampus Karnival. Culture nights were held 
monthly and visits were made to the mental 
hospital and rest home 
to work with the aged. Par- 
ticipating in all areas of 
the Intramurdls the unit 
took top honors in bad- 
minton and softball. Spon- 
sors were Lorna Nielsen 
and Mrs. Clyde Sandgren. 

Dense* Johamon 

Officers, 1st row: Caryol Call, Phyllis Kresge, Denece Johanson, Marcic 
Hoyt, Mary Lou Madsen. 2nd row: Peggy King, Vivi Ann Sandgren, Karer 
Wright, Carol Strong, Glenna Jennings. 

Alexander, Patricia Ai 
Atkisson, Lauretta 
Baker, Johanna 
Bounous, Beverly Jean 
Bradley, Carol 
Brandley, Cleo S. 
Bright, Clifta 

Call Caryol 
Call, Shirley Ann 
Christensen, Kay 
Cooper, Marilyn 
Dixon, Shirley W. 
Eyre, Sheila 
Gabbott, Constance Ar 

Gibbs, Gayle Y. 
Harris, Kathryn Kay 
Hatch, LaPreal 
Hoyt, Marsha 
Hyde, Nanette 
Jennings, Glenna 
Johnson, Beth L. 

Jolley, Janeen L. 
King, Peggy R. 
Knudson, Jalair L. 
Leishman, Donna Mae 
Littledike Jacqueline 1 
Leonhardt, Mary 
Madsen, Mary Lou 


■♦* v- j ■■■■■-; 


Nautilus float in Homecoming parade had as its theme "Ethereal Gardens," beautifully carried out in white, pale blue. 

dcDaniel, M. Kay 

/JcFarland, Katherine 
dehr, Marilyn 
'ayne, B. Louise 
*elph, Shirley 
'resiwich, Louise 
'riestley. Bonne 

'rovstgard, Donna 
teddish, Jacquelyn 
teese, Sandra L. 
toss, Ann 
tussell, Georgia 
limmons, Beverly Beth 
tephan, Judy 

troble, Carita Lu 
trong, Carol 
wendsen, Lesee Ann 
ate, Charlene 
olley, Deanna 
'dall, Dora Adeline 
Veigel, Mary Kay 




Winning trio in Quartet and Trio contest. 

Invitational had "Infinity" theme which dancers took to heart. 

The Nautilus Scholarship Banquet brought all members together in a festival atmosphere. 


Knights Templar 

The Knights Templar were organized after the 
First Crusade to guard the Holy Land and be- 
came a prominent and important Order during 
the Middle Ages. The unit was organized on 
BYU campus to promote brotherhood and schol- 
arship and to assist each other to attain the 
highest moral, mental and spiritual goals. The 
organization is pledged to serve the members 
by helping them develop val 
uable qualities in leadership, 
and in planning unit, school 
and community projects. 
Knights Templar coordinated 
with Nautilus and Fidelas so- 
cial units to present assem- 
bly on May 1st, with a theme 
of the Russian Sputnik. 

Robert Allen 

Knights Templar won first prize with this 
entry in the Snow Carnival Sculpturing 
competition in January- 

Anderson, Paul 
Bates, Douglas 
Burke, Murland 
Clark, Ed 
Harris, Don 

Hodgins, Darrell 
Leonard Therald 
Litster, Allen 
Lunt, Alan 
Mason, Roger 

Nielson, Stewart 
Otterstrom, Frank 
Smith, Eugene 
Tolman, Wayne 
Weber, Gerry 


O.S. Trovata 

In 1918, eight girls met and lived together in 
a place called Cougarville. Realizing just 
how much they cherished their association 
and wishing to share their happiness with 
others, they decided to form a club, each 
girl contributing her own special gift to the 
new unit. Muriel offered her undivided loy- 
alty lane, her poise, Regina, intelligence, 
Alma, sincerity, Elaine, her beauty, Virginia, 
her creative ability, and Ina, leadership qual- 
ities. Nell blended all these gifts with her 
bubbling personality, and the club came into 
being as Octo Sorosis Trovata. This year s 
activities settled down early to a fast pace 
and included the annual OS-Bricker assem- 
bly "Collegiate Game," African Tanganyika 
Invitational, winter dinner-dance at the Hotel 
Utah, honoring the O.S.T. "Playboys," many 
exchanges, the annual goat dinner, and an 
entry in the Snow Sculp- 
ture contest which won 1st 
place. The same qualities 
pledged at the inception of 
the club are still shared, 
and a spirit of friendship 
and cooperation made this 
year one to be remem- 
Nancy )o S wens on 

Laughter and fun prevail at the banquet 

Abegg, Gwen 
Anderson, Mary Ann 
Andrus, Rose Mary 
Barlow, Carolyn 
Bateman, Marietta 
Bower, Melene' 
Brogerg, lulianne 

Bunker, Susan 
Busterud, Kay Lynne 
Campbell, Becky 
Campbell, Carolyn 
Cannon, Joan 
Christensen, Josephine 
Collins, Sue 

Craythom, Eileen 
Cutler, Corothea Marie 
Dana, Judith V. 
Driggs, Gloria Kay 
Dunyon, Ann C. 
Fechser, Leslie 
Fechser, Lynn 

Fleming, Laura 
George, Joni C. 
Grover, Judith Kay 
Hacking, Lani L. 
Hall, Katie Dean 
Hansen, Patsy 
Hansen, Phyllis 


Artistry and beauty distinguished O.S. Trovata's Homecoming float. 

Hardy, Carolyn 
Haynie, Klea Carolyn 
Jackson, Kay 
Johnson, Donna 
Johnson, Janet Marcia 
Johnson, Joneen 
Jorgensen, Ayn 

Johnson, Virginia C. 
Kirk, Tamsin 
Lewis, Jean L. 
Loynd, Paula G. 
Moody, Catherine P. 
McEwan, Nani 
McKell, Linda 

Paramore, Mary Jo 
Patterson, Jeanne E. 
Payne, Bette 
Perkins, Margo 
Redd, Judy 
Roberts, Virginia F. 
Stephenson, Maralyn 

Swensen, Marilyn 
Thomas, Marcile K. 
Thomas, Sharon 
Walker, Helen Jo 
Warron, Patsy 
Webster, Shanron 
Whitney, Kay 

O- «fc '<% 

Woodward, Marilyn I. 




Tau Sigma social, the oldest social organiza- 
tion on campus, was organized in 1915 at the 
Brigham Young Academy, under the title of 
"The Three I's," but in 1923 the name was 
changed to the Greek letters Tau Sigma. Active 
in many fields, the unit won the Homecoming 
Sweepstakes in 1957, and intramural football. 
The Tausig social register contains many of the 
highlights of social life at the university, some 
of the more important functions being the an- 
nual Christmas Party, Invita- 
tional, Tausig-Bricker "Bury 
the Hatchet Week," and col- 
orful Tausig Topper. The mot- 
to of the Fraternity, "Omnus 
Uno" (All for one and one for 
all) is constantly in the mind 
and heart of every member. 

John Barnes 

(1 to r) John Stohlton, Dean Roberts 
John Burns. 

Robert Olson, Dick Miller, 

m. » 

Adams, Dave 
Alder, L. Jim 
Anderson, Oscar Gene 
Atkin, Roy D. 
Ayers, Lonriie D. 
Balrd, H. Kay 
Benson, Jerome T. 

Borgqulst, Tom T. 
Brown, Lawrence R. 
Brown, Ronald K. 
Bucknum, Dan 
Bullock, Burt W. 
Byers, Dennis W. 
Bullock, Dennis S. 

dinger, Larry A. 
Campbell, Maurice 
Carr, Paul B. 
Challburg, Norman L. 
Connelly, J. Richard 
Dunn, Gary Joe 
Eckel, Paul R. 

England, Joe D. 
Eyring, Phillip M. 
Hammond, Bill 
Honing, Gary W. 
Hansen, James V. 
Hastings, Eldon E. 
Heilner. Richard D. 

Hill, Paul M. 
Horsley, Richard 
Hyde, William 
James, Dean Frederi 
Knecht, Peter A. 
Lewis, Roger Martin 
Lundberg, Don C. 




The Tousig's strikingly executed entry in the Snow Carnival Sculpture Contest. 

Martin, James W. 
Madsen, Mac O. 
Mathie, Lynn 
Matis, Fred W. 
McArthur, Creig 
Mecham, Raphael 
Miller, Richard L 

Miller, Tom 
Miner, Alan Edward 
Olson, Kenyon R. 
Olson, Robert D. 
Powelson, Douglas H. 
Purser, Gerald L. 
Regis, Larry Jr. 

Rather, John D. 
Roberts, Dean Scott 
Hill, Paul 
Shields, R. Glenn 
Stohlton, John B. 
Taylor, Cornell D. 
Taylor, Von J. 

Taylor, Milt 
Turlet, Tillman 
Vetterli, Richard 
Warren, Al 
Waymier, Lee E. 
Wheat, Ke n 
Whiting Chuck 




A diligent search for beauty in all things is 
the aim of the members of the Tokalon Soc- 
ial unit. This unit was organized on the BYU 
campus in 1949 by Carolyn Blair and sev- 
enteen others who chose colors of turquoise 
and gold for the organization. The unit also 
upholds the standards of BYU and endeav- 
ors to provide social, cultural, spiritual and 
intellectual growth for interested female stu- 
dents on campus. Tokalon entered a beau- 
tifully artistic float in the Homecominb par- 
ade and their quartet took first place at the 
Quartet and Trio contest. The unit's entry 
in Songfest was one of those recorded on 
the Songfest record. Other activities were 
exchange, Culture Night, 
Intramurals and Christmas 
Dance, Christmas Carol- 
ing, Invitational, Dinner 
Dance, and assembly. 

Judy Lynne Roberts 

Once upon a time" was the theme of Tokalon's Homecoming float. 

Alter, Marilyn 
Bacon, Chyleen 
Baker, Carma 
Baker, Faye 
Bartlett, Helen Marie 
Bartley, Gail 
Benson, Carla 

Benson, Sharron 
Black, Marcia 
Black, Shiela 
Bowen, lane 
Brian, Sharron 
Brown, Ann 
Buckley, Connie 

Call, Sue 
Cooper, Glenna 
Covey, Barbara 
Creer, Diann 
Duffin, Deanna 
Fowles, Jeannette 
Grant, Deanna 

Groshell, Patricia 
Hammond, Patty 
Hanks, Nancy 
Hart, Sherlyn 
Hawkins, Norine 
Jackson, Joyce 
Jacobsen, Geraldine 


Winning quartet (1 to r) Chyleen Bacon, Shar- 
ron Benson, Janet Welker, Marie Ostergaard. 

Tokalon officers work at snow pictures (1 to r) Jane 
Bowen, Norine Hawkins, Gail Bartley, Judy Roberts, 
Sharron Wright. 

Jennings, Eaine 
Wright, Sharon 
Jensen, Gwen 
Judd, Louise 
Judd, Mariba 
Lamb, Carole 
Larsen, Arlene 

Laster, Shari 
Mathews, Karen 
McBride, Deanna 
McDonald, Kathleen 
McMeen, Marilyn 
Miller, Corena 
Nutter, Dianna 

Ord, Marilyn 
Ostlund, Karen 
Richards, Ann 
Shurtliff, Myma 
Skidmore, Carol 
Stanfield, Kay 
Tenney, Pat 

Thulin, Carol 
Twitty, Sherrie 
Vance, Geraldine 
Waddoups, Sara 
Welker, Janet 
Whiifen, Diana 
Wright, Janet 


Val Hyric 

Val Hyric, the unit of tradition, was founded in 
1928, and draws its name from Norse mythol- 
ogy — Val Hyric being the elite vanguard of the 
King's army. In leadership and social activities 
Val Hyric won second place in Homecoming 
Parade, in beauty division, with its float, as 
well as first place, campus Blood Drive, second 
place Snow Carnival Sculptoring, and winning 
scholarship trophy, spring quarter. Social ac- 
tivities included parties at the "Hideaway", 
Miss Val Hyric Venus con- 
test, annual two-day dinner 
dance held at Fort Douglas 
Country Club and "Home- 
stead", Stag Nites, and unit 


Val Hyric's prize winning float in beauty division 

Reed H. Blake 

Abbott, Kelton 
Armstrong, Blair 
Armstrong, Charles 
Armstrong, Joseph 
Ashby, Gordon 
Baker, Dennis 
Barnard, Robert 

Barnes, R. Lloyd 
Beardall, James C. 
Bird, Tal 
Bybee, Klair 
Carter, Don 
Cena, Robert 
Cook, James 

Crandall, Richard 
Cornelius, Don 
Crowley, Robert 
DeGraw, Clifford 
Davis, W. Morgan 
Evans, Ronald 
Foulger, Jack 

Gardner, Jerry 
Gardner, Richard 
Gam, Brett 
Garn, Ralph 
Gilliland, Steve 
Gray, Al 
Hair, Lamar 

Griffiths, Jerry 
Hall, Briggs 
Hammond, Sam 
Harris, Howard 
Hart, Keith 
Holtom, Steve 
Heninger, Brent 


Jonelle Johnson, Val Hyric sweetheart 

Lilting melodies of the islands, featured at Val Laua 

Jarrard, Richard 
Ivie, Morrel 
James, Rex 
Johansen, J. Frank 
Johnson, Marvin 
Larkin, Eldon 
Kenney, Don 

Luke, Philip 
Lybbert, Dean 
Maloy, Edwood 
Meacham, John 
Meek, John 
Merkley, Harvey 
Monson, Farrell 

Morgan, Scott 
Neath, Stephen 
Nielson, Charles 
Olpin, Jay 
Ottley, LeRoy 
Pearce, Douglas 
Person, Phil 

Peterson, Clyde 
Roberts, Bob 
Shaeffer, Earl 
Sinclair, Jerry 
Singleton, Gary 
Smith, Al 
Snow, Sheldon C. 

Sorensen .Gerald 
Stubbs, Stanley 
Thorson, Art 
Udall, Don 
Ward, Wendell 
Weidner, Leo 
Whitehead, Clark 



Organized in 1928 with twenty five charter 
members, Val Norn aims to further the bonds 
of friendship between members and to sup- 
port all school activities. A 2.5 grade aver- 
age must be maintained to hold membership. 
The unit won third award in Songfest this 
year with its entry "One Day," and was 
given permanent possession of the Scholar- 
ship Trophy, having won it three quarters in 
succession. The Val Norn Volleyball and 
Basketball teams took first place in the Intra- 
murals. Outstanding activities of this unit 
were an Invitational, at which the members 
wore original Swedish dresses, the Darn 
Redskin assembly, with the Vikings, and 
annual events, Feast of the Gods, Banquet 
of Yellow Roses, and a 
canyon party. This high 
■^~3M ranking unit has an impos- 

ing list of members out- 
t" standing for their scholar- 

" ^M ship and activity. Spon- 
1 - Ef sors were Mrs. Ralph 

^ V A Britsch and Mrs. Lavern 

- ^H Green. 

Mickey McKell 

Officers, Kaye Burrup, Leedita Anderson, Gail Gagon, Mickie McKell, 

Andersen, LeArta 
Andrus, Aniene 
Arnold, Marilyn 
Barnes, Nancy 
Burrup, Kaye 
Callister, Geri 
Byers, Sharon 

Collard, Margene 
Chrlstensen, Myrna 
Cram, Deanna 
Crandall, Sue 
Devine, Mary 
Dunkley, Laura Jo 
Emmett, Sally 

Ellsworth, Eloise 
Evans, Cheryl Ann 
Fenton, Allice 
Green, Carole 
Harrison, Jane 
Hatch, D. Diane 
Hedquist, Norma 

Henrie, Patricia 
Hiatt, Miriam Joyce 
Hull, Janis 
Jones, Ann 
Keith, Karen 
Larsen, Margaret 
Moon, Carol 


Songfest third prize went to Val Norn. Presentation of Scholarship Trophy to Val Norn who gained it permanently. 

IcGinnis, Jo Ann 
foon, Marilyn 
luhiestein, Mary 
lelson, Elaine 
Kelsen, Dorothy 
[ieisen, Linda 
Jaks, Evelyn 

)ldroyd, Hannah 
)veson, Mary 
edersen, Sandrc 
oily, Karen 
alisbury, RaNae 
cott, Myrna Lee 
cott, Jill 

immons, Sandy 
1ms, ]ane 
now, Kathy 
ayior, Ann 
aylor, Mary 
homas, Colett 
uckett, Marilyn 

an Wagoner, Katherine 
i anderford, Lee Ann 

erhaaren, Joy 
Vebber, Kay 
I'Tiite, Jane 
' r hHe, Ruth 

Woodruff, Gaile 



Through the ages, Viking has come to con- 
note strength in unity. Vitalized by legends 
of Franthor, the fearless, all men who group 
in the name of Viking, find power in unity 
and strength in faith. Organized in 1928 by 
Clyde D. Sandgren and Rulon Paxman, now 
outstanding alumni, the Vikes enjoy tradi- 
tional events such as: Invitational, Viking- 
Val Nom assembly, Jiggs Party, Dinner 
Dance at Brighton and spring chicken fry. 
Talented Dave Taylor led Vikes to a third 
consecutive victory in Songfest and the per- 
manent retirement of the trophy. Traditionally 
active in athletics and student government, 
Vikings had as members Rich Hunter, pres- 
ident of Senate; John Kindred, freshman class 
president; Paul Anderson, A.M.S. presidency; 
I.O.C. councilmen Kent Butterfield and 
Steve Craig. Viging ath- 
letes were Joe McGinn, Bill 
Treu, Bob Skousen, Ken 
Hunt, Dave Eastis, Harold 
Turley, Wayne Chamber- 
lain. Assisting the presi- 
dent were Carl Bacon, Jer- 
ry Eagleston, Stan Collins, 
Grant Goodson and Lloyd 


Gary C. J»nkin» 

Strength, vision and beauty combined in Viking Homecoming floe 

Anderson, Paul 
Ashton, R. Paul 
Bacon, Carl 
Bentley, Kenn 
Berrett, Sherrell 
Buckwalter, Ross 
Bluth, Larry 

Butterfield, Kent 
Carpenter, Craig 
Childs, Lewis 
Collins, Stan 
Conger, Gordon 
Cortez, Ross 
Eagleston, Gerald 

Craig, Steve 
Eastis, Dave 
Eliason, B. Clair 
Goodson,, Grant 
Goodson, Ray 
Hale, Garron 
Hales, Sloan 

Hunt, Kenneth 
Hansen, Lee 
Heiner, Gary 
Hunter, Richard 
Jenkins, Arlen 
lex, John 
Jensen, Bob 


Trikes, bonnets and sweaters for the goats. 

Presentation of Songfest award. 

Vikings reveal unsuspected talent in assembly. 

Kindred, John 
Lee, Scott 
Liljenquist, John 
MacDonald, Edwin 
Marple, Jon 
Millar, Jim 
Nelson, Neil 

Richmond, Lloyd 
Richards, Bryan 
Sharp, Edward 
Skousen, Lamont 
Skousen, Richard 
Skousen, Robert 
Stohl, John 

Stratford, Larry 
Thompson, J. Errol 
Turley, Harold 
Ward, Ron 
Warner, James 
Webber, Robert 
Westover, James 

Westra, Jerry 
Woodward, Robert 
Wood, Reid 


White Key 

White Key is an honorary service unit. It 
is composed of senior women selected for 
outstanding scholastic and service records 
during their years in college. Their stated 
purpose is to "foster service and to promote 
the spirit of fellowship among students". This 
year the White Keys led the Homecoming 
Parade, carrying the traditional blue and 
white block Y. As is customary, they again 
produced the White Key Directory of the 
names, addresses and telephone numbers 
of all students attending the university. The 
members of this unit also took an active 
part in various service projects. Each quar- 
ter, the White Key presents a trophy to the 
women's social unit with the highest grade 
point average. This year 
the trophy was awarded 
permanently to Val Norn 
social unit by White Key 
President Joyce Linebarger 
for their having won the 
trophy for three successive 
quarters. Sponsor for the 
unit is Mrs. Doris Bacon. 

Joyce linebarger 

A lotta legs lug a lotta letter up Center Street as liberally 
labelled White Key lassies limber up a few lissome limbs in 
the Homecoming Parade. 

Bertelsen, Delora 
Bringhurst, Pat 
Brown, Anne 
Burmester, Carla 
Christensen, Gayle 
Daines, Barbara 
Dunn, Patricia 

Hall, Janis 
Esler, Sally 
Hamilton, Donna 
Harrison, Jane 
Henrie, Patricia 
Jones, Ann 
Orme, Kathryn 

Mason, Yerda 
Redford, Margaret 
Redford, Ruth 
Schindler, Alice 
Shipp, Sherry 
Stockier, Dianne 
Swainston, Colleen 


Blue Key 

The Brigham Young University Chapter of 
Blue Key National Fraternity observed its 
25th anniversary on this campus, as its first 
local president, Clyde D. Sandgren, return- 
ed to Blue Key activity as faculty sponsor. 
Blue Key president, Dal Gardner presented 
the old "WAGON WHEEL" to Coach Hal 
Kopp, following a 14-0 victory over the Ag- 
gies. The Wagon Wheel is a traditional sym- 
bol of football supremacy sponsored by the 
Blue Key chapters of the two campuses. Blue 
Key sponsored its annual projects of the of- 
ficial school calendar, the Freshman Hand- 
book, "BY and You", and the Polio Drive in 
conjunction with the Student Health Center. 
Nearing completion is a 
project conceived and 
backed by Blue Key, a 
shrine for the old Y Bell. 
The unit was represented 
at ground breaking cere- 
w monies by Dell Barkdull. 

Dallin Gardner 

Spokes speak for themselves as three wheels trundle trophy 
to hub of campus activities. (1 to r) Dallen Gardner, Nilo 
Atkinson, and Paul Felt. 

Allred, Billie 
Armstrong, Blair 
Armstrong, Joseph 
Atkinson, Nilo 
Barkdull, F. Del 
Bentley, Joseph 
Berry, David 

Blackhurst, Dennis 
Brown, Floyd 
Brown, Wallace 
Brundage, Joe 
Carpenter, Craig 
Christensen, David 
Conger, Gordon 

Crockett, Webb 
DaGrade, Don 
Goodson, Grant 
Hilton, H. Gill 
Hilton, W. Bruce 
Kelling, Hans 
Koldewyn, Phillip 

Linebarger, Robert 
Martin, A. Keith 
Olpin, Jay 
Pack, Elbert 
Peterson, Bruce 
Peterson, Larry 
Phillips, Delbert 


f f> f f$ 

Ik " 

OOij? «'•' c 



Ricks, David 
Wells, Dick 
Worthen, Ellis 

Intercollegiate Knights 

Gold Y Chapter of the Intercollegiate Knights 
affirms as its purpose service to the school 
and the promotion of brotherhood among 
themselves and the IK's on other university 
campuses. The BYU chapter of the national 
men's service organization was founded in 
1941. The IK's sponsor Hello Week, Belle 
of the Y Week, and International Week. They 
are responsible for the ringing of the Old 
Y Bell, and lighting the Y. They assisted in 
Freshmen Orientation, ushered and sold 
programs at football and basketball games 
and performed many other services for the 
school. The Gold Y Chapter received a tro- 
phy for the most efficient chapter in the Na- 
tional Service Fraternity. They gained sec- 
ond award in the Songfest 
and second in the Home- 
coming parade in the hu- 
mor section. Social activi- 
ties included an Invitation- 
tional, exchanges and 

Grand Duke: 
Laron Boyenger 

IK's light the "Y". Here they are setting oil soaked waste in prep- 
eration for the evenings spectacle. 

Bahr, Do n F. 
Adams, Darryl A. 
Barnes, Dick 
Bloom, Bradley Bruce 
Bown, Robert N. 
Bullock, Gerald A. 
Circuit, Jeff L. 

Dutson, Paul 
Edmunds, Paul K. 
Gardner, Robert C. 
Gibbons, LeRoy 
Hale, Boyd J. 
Hamm, lames L. 
Harrison, Edwin C. 

Hammond, Dale A. 
Hemenway, Lynne 
Ivie, Alma Ray 
Jones, Bill D. 
Kirkham, Mike 
Lufkin, J. Cordell 
Lysenko, Peter 


The I.K.'s Homecoming float won second place. 

Relaxing for a moment at a convention. 

Chosen as Sweetheart of Intercollegiate Knights was Sharon Byers. 

McDonald, Jerry 
Merrell, Rulon L. 
Minor, Jay L. 
Mitchell, Jim 
Moore, Mike 
Olsen, Roger L. 
Powell, Bemell Brad 

Palmer, Francis A. 
Relyea, Russell Ervin 
Sabey, Wayne 
Saxer, Alton H. 
Smith, J. Norman 
Sorenson, Kenneth C. 
Wahlquist, Earl 

Vamey, Joel R. 
Webb, Armond Paul 
Winterton, Arlan E. 
Wistisen, Martin J. 
Young, L. DeWayne 





Every Spur member is guided by the 
motto "at your Service," in service 
projects for BYU. Members of this 
sophomore women's service unit en- 
deavor to promote the spirit of the 
school and good sportsmanship, 
while carrying out various projects 
for the university. The university 
branch of the national Spurs organ- 
ization was established in 1954. With 
Zetta Lee as president, this year the 
Spurs hosted a regional convention 
on November 1st and 2nd, followed 
by the initiation of new members 
on November 14th. They also had 
exchanges with I.K. and Delta Phi. 
Other activities included a Presenta- 
tion Banquet, Slumber Party, Char- 
ity Christmas and Thanksgiving 
Baskets, tapping new members at 
5 a.m. and excursions to the Mental 
Hospital Each 
Spur is, and has a 
secret pal. The 
unit's services in- 
cluded ushering 
and managing e- 
\ - . ^ft* lection booths. 


Spurs registering for regional convention on BYU campus November 1st and 2n< 

Zetta Lee 

Anderson, Brita 
Anderson, Rachel 
Armstrong, Cheryl 
Babbel, Pat 
Bagley, Glenna 
Black, Thelma 
Chatham, Betty 

Christensen, Janet 
Crook, Kathleen 
Day, Sidnee 
Domy, DeAnne 
Draughn, Norma 
England, Ann 
Fritzsche, Mary 

Gries, Barbara 
Halgren, Patricia 
Hansen, Myrla 
Hawkins, Dorothy Bee 
Johnson, Claudia 
Jones, Judy 
Julander, Lillie 


A Spur service — selling Sophomore class cards. 

At a Spurs party punch proved to be popular. 

Awakened at 5 a.m. to be told she had made the Spurs. 

Kearl, Marie 
Lee, Zelda 
Lendt, Welda 
Lewis, Mctxine 
Martin, Helen 
Mehr, Marilyn 
Morris, Judy 

Nelson, Elaine 
Nelson, Narene 
Olsen, Audrey 
Pittman, Sue 
Reynolds, Karen 
Roberts, Beverly 
Rich, Merilynne 

Stewart, Jean 
Taylor, Ardith 
Tranter, Joene 
Turpin, Karen 
Yorgason, Vanja 
Young, Carol 


Thea Alexis 

Thea Alexis is a young organization on cam- 
pus formed to fill a vital need in the Fresh- 
man class and to promote scholarship and 
service among freshmen women. Their pur- 
pose is to serve the studentbody, encourage 
activity and scholarship, uphold the tradi- 
tions of the college and promote the "spirit 
of the Y". Members of Thea Alexis must meet 
qualifications set up by the charter group. 
These are a 3.0 grade point average, a de- 
sire to serve and membership in the fresh- 
man class when selected. Thea Alexis mem- 
bers sold brochures during Homecoming 
Week, sold dance tickets for Preference Ball, 
Freshman Party, Snow Carnival, Spring Ball, 
and Junior Prom. They assisted in the City 
. mm Polio Drive, the Destiny 
1 Fund, sold Y records, as- 

sisted AMS and AWS and 
Studentbody elections. 
They also manned booths 
for I.O.C. week and Kam- 
pus Karnival. 

Carol Ralphs 

Officers of Thea Alexis (1 to r) Judy Moss, Christine Atkinson, Pat Smith 
Claudia Clark, Sandy Wardell, Karen Derrick, Carol Ralphs, Valeria Hatch 

Atkerson. Christine 
Bilderback, Judy- 
Black, Sheila 
Bower, Melene' R. 
Bunnell, Beth Marie 
Cammack, Elaine 
Christensen, Corrice 

Christensen, Suzan J. 
Clark, Claudia G. 
Croxford, Kay Val 
Daw, Janet 
Day, Carol 
Derrick, Karen 
Fowles, Jennette 

Halladay, Mickey 
Hegsted, Evelyn 
Hellewell, Sandra 
Jacob, Karin 
Jensen, Ilene 
Johnson, Sharyn 
Kearns, Susan 

Kelly, Patricia 
Kilberth, Barbara 
Madsen, Doris 
Millar, Carol Ann 
Moss, Judith 
Nelson, Linda Lee 
Oscarson, Bonnie 


Members of Thea Alexis manned voting booths for student organizations throughout year as one of their fields of 


Parry, Sharon 
Potter, Marge 
Price, Sharon 
Redford, Christie 
Riohter, Martha 
Rigby, Janet 
Robison, Janeen 

Roberts, Linda Lee 
Rollo, Mary 
Sandberg, Selene 
Shirts, Linda 
Smith, Pat 

Tippets, Connie Rae 
Titus, Diann 

Ward, Patty 
Wardell, Sandra 
Wheeler, Rita 
White, Karen 
Wright, Carol 


Y Cat 


Intelligent, active, and industrious 
Junior women with a 3.0 or above 
grade average are eligible to become 
members of Y Calcares, an honorary- 
service unit. During the year the or- 
ganization has contributed to school 
activities in many ways, promoting 
school spirit and upholding BYU tra- 
ditions. Members ushered at devo- 
tionals and lyceums, as well as at 
special events and football games. 
Other days they were busy selling 
tickets to all school functions and 
helping with registration. Taking 
time off for a little fun, the unit had 
a "Secret Pal" party with the IK's, 
and also an invitational with the 
theme "Shakespearean Splendor." 
In the spring YC members sponsor 
an open house for new members, 
who are carefully selected by a point 
system from Sophomore applicants. 
An honor banquet is held for senior 
members. Versatile YC's also were 
in charge of the Hello Week assem- 
bly at the beginning of the year, and 
the Belle of the Y con- 
t e s t. Georgeanna 
Ward, president, was 
voted A.W.S. presi- 
dent for next year, 
and another member, 
Linda Mahaffey was 
named outstanding 
coed of the month in 
the college of Biolog- 
ical and Agricultural 

Georgeanna Ward 

Regular meetings were held by Y C's to report progress and to plan activities. 

Alder, Lillie Lola 
Alder, Marilyn Kathleei 
Anderson, Lynne 
Anderson, Marie R. 
Bird, Donna 
Brim, Beulah 
Burke, Jean 


Carling, Marlena 
Carter, Anita 
Cluif, Wanda L. 
Cook, Barbara Jane 
Cunningham, Marilyn 
Devine, Mary M 
Fennig, Mary R. 

Francis, Jane Ann 
Hamilton, Marilyn 
Holman, Sharon A. 
Inskeep, Bonnie Jean 
Johnson, Donna J. 
Keller, Marcla 
Leishman, Donna Mae 


Parties and games helped members make friendships. Even snow could not dampen Y-C's enthusiasm when selling 

football programs. 

Mahaffey, Linda Ann 
,Matson, Kathryn Ann 
Moore, Georgia H. 
Murphy, Myrna Jean 
Nielson, Susan L. 
Norman, Mary Jean 
Poulson, Jennie Lin 

Pedersen, Myrna A. 
Richardson, Kaye 
Schulzke, Astrid M. 
Skidmore, Emeline 
Skinner, Velda 
Smith, Janice Ann 
Snell, Jacqueline 

3oule, Joan L. 
Stewart, Norma Lee 
Taylor, Kay 
Waldvogel, Caryl Ann 
Wood, Carol Lisa 
AToodward, Lee Anna 


Sponsor Corps 

Sponsor Corps is affiliated with the university 
AFROTC and its purpose is to serve this group 
as well as BYU and the community. Uniformed 
members were first seen on campus in 1952 
when the four year organization was estab- 
lished. Since that time Sponsors have actively 
participated in university functions and serv- 
ices. During 1957-58 the 75 members purchased 
new uniforms, participated in the Homecoming 
parade .organized a fall Blood Drive, sponsored 
Mat Dances, presented an assembly, and Mil- 
itary Ball in conjunction with the AFROTC, pre- 
sented an exhibition drill during half time ac- 
tivities at a basketball game, 
received first place award 
during the Sponsor National 
Drill Team Competition at 
Utah State University, usher- 
ed at assemblies, participat- 
ed in booth work on cam- 
pus, assisted in Destiny Fund 
Drive, and participated in 
AFROTC Spring Review. 

Edna Hyd. 

Friendly chatter at the Sponsors open house. 


Armstrong, Beverly 
Ashby, Joan 
Atwood, Marguretta 
Baker, Manna 
Benjamin, Judith 
Buel, Corene 
Burrup, Kaye 

Colder, Allene 
Colder, Colleen 
Colder, Suzanne 
Cartre, Annette 
Corbett, Janet 
Corey, Marsha 
Doty, Ann 

Crose, Carrol 
Driggs, Gloria 
Durrani, Vicki 
Evans, Cheryl Ann 
Fernandez, Celia 
Fisher, Karin 
Francom, Judith 

Groshell, Patricia 
Grover, Judith 
Hall, Katie 
Hansen, Patricia 
Harger, Irene 
Howard, Mickie 
Jensen, Elaine 

Jensen, Lorraine 
Johansen, Sonla 
Keller, Barbara 
Kemp, Julianne 
Larson, Barbara 
Lelshman, Karen 
Lochhead, Linda 


imarter uniforms replaced 
he old. 

Attractive and smart in distinctive uniforms winning drill team performed on Sponsor assembly. 

Lyman, Joyce 
Madsen, Judy 
Mattice, Nan 
Mauss, Janice 
McKay, Mary 
Moore, Janis 
Noel, Nancy 

Mortensen, Donna 
Oakes, Judy 
Oliver, Kristin 
Olson, D'Ann 
Orme, Kathry n 
Peterson, Joan 
Randall, Janet 

Reddish, Jacquelyr 
Royle, Jeanette 
Rutz, Mary Ann 
Salazar, Lillle 
Schroeter, Clare 
Scott, Jill 
Semadeni, Irene 

Seneca, Loretta 
Shoe Norma 
Smith, Cathi 
Sorensen, Joane 
Swalberg, Carma 
Swensen, Marilyn 
Tcrsker, Dorothy 

Symons, Margene 
Turley, Martha 
Ward, Florence 
Watkin, Sharon 
Whiifen, Diana 
Upstill, Suzann 
Zollinger, Janice 


Ri Veda 

The theme of Ri Veda women's ocial 
unit, "Sodalatus" means unity. The 
purpose of the unit is to promote 
friendship, love, and loyalty through 
association, and to honor and devel- 
op respect for womanhood. Ri Veda 
was reactivated during the winter 
quarter of 1955 and has become a 
recognized unit on campus. Under 
the leadership of Darlene Glenn as 
president this year, members of the 
club enjoyed many activities. The 
organization sponsored an Invita- 
tional dance on November 8 in the 
Smith Family Living Center. A 
Homecoming Open House was held 
during Homecom- 
ing Week, and ex- 
changes made 
with other clubs, 
and dinner dance 
enjoyed. Ri Veda 
entered the Song- 
fest Contest and 
held many fire- 

Darlene Glenn 

Members of Ri-Veda sing 
"Friendship's Park" in Songfest. 

"i <*s 

Allred, Lorna 
Bartlett, Janet 
Bloomfield, Beverly 
Briggs, Sharrene 
Buchanan, Julynne 

Hughes, Kelly 
Lewis, Glenna 
Loose, Pat 
Nelson, Ann 
Nielsen, Josephine 

Noble, Vernice 
Ottsen, Shirley 
Parkin, Colleen 
Sanderson, Helen 






Gamma Phi Omicron is the oldest 
honorary organization for women on 
campus. Upper-class women with a 
good professional attitude who have 
and maintain a high scholastic aver- 
age in the field of Home Economics 
are invited to become members. The 
goals of Gamma Phi Omicron are to 
promote high ideals in home econ- 
omics, create a spirit of profession- 
alism in the department, and to pro- 
mote superior scholarship. Among 
their special activities are pledging 
and the goat dinner, and exchanges. 
Lectures, demonstrations, and field 
trips which would be of special in- 
terest to one in the field of home 
economics are included in their ac- 

. President: 
Margaret Redlord 

1st row (1. to r.): Marilyn Alter, Donna Bird, Ann Mathis, Corinne Sorensen, Margaret 
Redford, Ruth Redford, Kathy Orme, Irene Semadini. 

arlow, Pauline 
ird, Donna 
oel, Anne 
.'arter, Anita 
'ase, Gayle 
lark, Delene 
Huff, Wanda L. 
Sark, Mary 

unn, Patricia Sally 
[uskinson, Shirlee A. 
lskeep, Bonnie Jean 
jhns, Geneve D. 
ihnson, Carlene 
jhnson, Joan C. 
nudson, Sandra K. 
inebarger, Joyce J. 

IcCune, Jeanne 
loye, Lois M. 
Irme, Kathryn 
oulson, Jennie Lin 
edford, Ruth Mary 
ichens, Donna 
ogers, Dixie 
chloss, Margaret A. 

smadeni, Irene Alice 
himoda. Donna A. 
inith, Janice Ann 
Mensen. Corinne 
anner. Nancy Lee 


Formed to promote pep and spirit 
within the studentbody and to pro- 
vide entertainment for hall time ac- 
tivities, the Cougarettes provided 
much pleasurable enjoyment to spec- 
tators at football and basketball 
games. They also appeared at Wy- 
oming and Colorado ASM. Fresh- 
men girls are judged on poise, beau- 
ty and marching ability for admiss- 
ion to the Cougarettes. That these 
girls have personality and charm is 
evidenced by the fact that so many 
of their members are honored by the 
students. lanelle Johnson was chos- 
en Val Hyric Sweetheart; Diane 
Scott, Louise Lush; Janice Babcock, 
Belle of the Y; Carolyn Crawford, 
Attendant to the Belle of the Y, and 
Lynn Fechser, at- 
tendant to Miss 
Merry Christmas. 
The Cougarettes 
presented an as- 
sembly with the 
Tausigs called 
"C o n t e m p o r- 
ary Trends." 


Shirley Roblruon 

Cougarettes performed precision drills at basketball halftimes. 


Andreason, Gail 
Andrews, Fay 
Babcock, Janice 
Blauer, Jone 
Bower, Melene 
Busterud, Kay 
Dana, Judith 

Crawford, Carolyn 
Dayley, Barbara 
Fechser, Leslie 
Fechser, Lynn 
Fleming, Laura 
Hale, Sherry 
Hoffman, Sharlene 

Jacobs, Gaye 
Johnson, Janet 
Johnson, Jonelle 
Johnson, Sharon 
Jbrgensen, Ayn 
McKell, Linda 
Pappas, Su-san 

Randall, Dixie 
Redd, Judy 
Scott, Diane 
Smith, Carolyn 
Tidwell, Claudia 
Thomander, Dawn 
Walker, Helen 

Chi Sigma XXV 

Qualifications for membership of 
Chi Sigma XXV are as restrictive 
as they are unusual. The appli- 
cant must be male, over twenty 
five years of age, unmarried and 
not engaged at the time of rush- 
ing. After initiation members who 
marry must go inactive, but they 
are retained as honorary lifetime 
members. The unit was first org- 
anized in October of 1956 after the 
publishing of an editorial in the 
Daily Universe, which suggested 
the need for such an organization. 
The group planned activities to 
enable older bachelors to meet 
sligible young ladies and ex- 
changes were 

held with vari- 

o u s women's 

I s 

units. A West- 

ern Dance, and 


'Flamingo Love' 

X ^0W 

invitational cli- 

1 maxed the acti- 



Arlen Hauls 

Chi Sigma XXV bachelors find themselves in the hands of spring ladies at ex- 
change with Nautilus. 

Bothers, Pratt 
Brown, Farrell 
Croft, Merlin 
Grigg, Samuel 
Hansen, Kimball 
Hatch, Delray 
Horn, Gus 

Hunter, James 
Johnson, Lynn 
Kimball, Farrell 
Peterson, Clayton 
Phillips, Blaine 
Poulton, Lee 
Roberts, Cecil 


Lambda Delta Sigma 

The first Lambda Delta Sigma unit was organiz- 
ed on the University of Utah campus in 1936 by 
Dr. Lowell Bennion and a group of students. 
The unit became national in 1941 and now has 
chapters on the campuses of many universities 
throughout the nation. Led by Gordon K. Bur- 
rell as president, Lambda Delta Sigma stressed 
leadership, fellowship, culture, intellectuality, 
and spirituality, and aimed to provide express- 
ion through activity, of the principles of relig- 
ion. Activities of the year included social ex- 
^^^^^^ changes with other units, in- 

rspirational hours, cultural 
meetings. During Autumn 
* «- quarter the Fall Ball was 

held, and on St. Valentine's 
Day, the unit planned a suc- 
cessful Sweetheart Ball. 
Spring quarter members en- 
qJZTLi* j °y ed ,he Incrugural Banquet. 

1st row: Judy Morris, Durnae Heugly, Ralph Richardson, Donna 
Turner, Ann Halladay; 2nd row: John Russell, Karen Hall, 
Brian Strong, Deon Bean, Gordon Burrell, Mariana Crowther. 

Barney, Beulah 
Asper, Bob 
Bartels, Dorothy- 
Bean, Deon 
Brown, Elizabeth Joan 
Brown, Maurine 
Circuit, Jeff L. 

Collett, Luana 
Clark, Betty 
Crow, Gayle 
Crow, Jean 
Danks, Leora Ann 
Dwight, Dee Elaine 
Eames, Clarissa 

Elder, Fern Arlene 
Frost, Louise 
Dunford, Thomas Jay 
Field, Ray A. 
Hagen, Lillis M. 
Halladay, Ann 
Heugly, Helen Durnae 

Holdsberg, Carroll 
Hullinger, Carol Dawn 
Johnson, Sharon Lou 
Kulp, Kenley 
Larson, Karen 
Mackay, Walter Dale 
McClellan, Blaine S. 

Merrill, H. Kent 
McClellan, Jeanstte 
McBride, Carolee 
Miller, Alene 
Mohlman, Marilee 
Morgan, Scott K. 
Morgan, Carolyn 


Lambda Delta Sigma quartet. Swirling and swinging in gay mood to the music of the dance. 

Morris, Judith Kay- 
Moss, Dennis D. 
Nelson, Narene 
Nelson, Shirley M. 
Newman, Dianne 
Parry, Barbara Ann 
Rich, Merilynne 

Richardson, Ralph L. 
Richter, Martha Ann 
Robertson, Milly 
Saunders, Arlan 
Smith, Bob 
Strong, Brian E. 
Thurman, Kathleen 

Thompson, Shirley 
Trimnal, Gloria J. 
Turner, Donna Lee 
Walter, Larry D. 
Webb, Jeanne 
Weight, Mary Lou 
Welch, Norma Anne 

Whitton, Gerald Allen 
Whipple, Connie 
Wilcox, Sharlene 
Wursten, Robert L. 



Delta Phi has the distinction of being 
the first Greek letter fraternity organ- 
ized in Utah and one of the first west 
of the Mississippi river. The purposes 
of the fraternity are to provide ser- 
vice, spiritual, scholastic, and social 
outlets and opportunities for its mem- 
bers. 1957-58 was an outstanding 
year for the Y Chapter. Last spring 
its chorus toured over 5,000 miles to 
New York and Washington, D.C. 
and performed before 10,000 people. 
Delta Phi began this school year by 
winning the Men's Organization 
Quartet Competition at Homecoming. 
In the fall RaNae Salisbury, Murray, 
Utah was chosen as Delta Phi Dream 
Girl at annual Dream Girl Formal 
from among 17 lovely girls. The fra- 
ternity conducted the most successful 
Campus Chest Drive in recent his- 
tory raising over twice the amount 
raised in recent years. Other an- 
nual features are the Invitational, 
Polygamy Party, and "Love 'em and 
Leave 'em" Party. Arturo Barrios 
was crowned "Greatest lover in the 
world." Some out- 
standing Delta Phi 
alumni are John A. 
Widtsoe, Stephen 
L Richards, J. Reu- 
ben Clark, Jr., Jos- 
eph F. Merrill, 
Matthew Cowley, 
Milton R. Hunter, 
A. T. Tuttle, and 
Marion D. Hanks 

James F. Scott 

Delta Phi's lovely sweetheart — RaNae Salisbury was honored at Sweetheart Party. 

Abplanalp, Delloy 
Atkin, Thomas 
Atkinson, Nilo 
Atkinson, Stephen 
Barkdull, Del 
Barrios, M. Arturo 
Bascom, Gary 

Clay, John 
Blair, Kenneth 
Bloxham, Ben 
Conder, Donald 
Ely, Raymond 
Davis, Thomas 
Davidson, Marion 

Flinlinson, David 
Frehner, Verl 
Gibbs, W. Sherman 
Gunderson, Alvin 
Jenkins, Marvin 
Johansen, Robert 
Koldewyn, Phillip 






Beautiful orchids for beautiful girls as they watch and enjoy the floor show during intermission at the Sweetheart Ball. 

Larson, Raymond 
Lawlor, Lawrence 
LeBaron, Norman 
Mason, Dennis 
May, James ■ 

Miller, Sterl 
Morris, Monte 

Nuttall, Paul 
Nichol, Jack 
Olsen, Lynn 
Pateen, Benton 
Petersen, Ray 
Pettit, Robert 
Schulzke, Ernest 

Simmons, Edward 
Slaughter, Larry 
Smith, Donald 
Soper, William 
Stapley, Merrill 
Swann, Edward 
Thomas, Gerald 

► '- 

Waywell, Kelvin 
Tolman, Gerald 
West, Emerson 
Widdison, Harold 
Wray, Gerald 

Shomrah Kiyel 

Shomrah Kiyel is a unique organiz- 
ation, and could only be brought 
into being in a university whose 
students are constantly leaving for 
the mission field. The girls they 
leave behind, their wives or sweet- 
hearts, unite under this Hebrew 
name, signifying women of strength, 
courage, valor and virtue, for the 
purpose of cultivating spiritual 
growth while providing each other 
with social companionship while 
waiting for their men to return. Or- 
ganized in the spring of 1955, this 
unusual group of devoted women 
under the leadership of Nada Boyer, 
completed a full schedule this year. 
With the emphasis on spiritual val- 
ues, the unit organized meetings, 
home demonstrations, aesthetic and 
creative meetings, a quarterly testi- 
mony meeting, a 
Sweetheart Ban- 
quet, Junior Prom 
Party, Spring 
Breakfast, Talent 
Program and book 

Nada Borer 

Members of Shomrah Kiyel at the Sweetheart Banquet which replaces dinner dance 
of other units. 

Alcorn, Marlene 
Austin, Gaylia 
Baker, Susan 
Barrow, Barbara 
Baumgartner, Colleen 
Bergen, Norma 
Black, Lorene 

Bledsoe, Doris 
Bodine, Virginia 
Booth, Beverly 
Bremer, Florine 
Cobia, Loma 
Condie, Genene 
Crystal, Doris 

Evans, Jean 
Greaves, Karren 
Hawke, Jeannine 
Hixson, Patricia 
Holmes, Nelda 
Horton, Carolyn 
Hunt, Joan 


Santa Claus brought each girl a surprise gift from her 

Refreshments are served to members after formal pledge. 

Konopelski, Helen 
Larson, Barbara 
Leigh, Dorene 
Lundell, Connie 
McClellan, Norene 
McDowell, Sylvia 
Murdock, Joyce 

Petty Corinne 
Rogers, Dixie 
Sabey, Linda 
Scoresby, Marilyn 
Scoresby, Mary Lou 
Shirts, Addie 
Smith, DeAnna 

Walters, Carol 
Wilding, Ruth 
Wilkerson, Nancy 
Williamson, Joyce 




Janine McPhie 

President Janine McPhie led Phi Chi Theta members in 
their efforts to promote the cause of higher business edu- 
cation and teaching for all women in business careers 
and to encourage fraternity and cooperation among wom- 
en preparing for this career. The big activity during aut- 
umn quarter was a progressive dinner and a crowded 
schedule was carried out throughout the year. Exchanges 
with other clubs, lectures, a slumber party. Halloween 
festivities, pledge initiation, a banquet and a ball during 
spring quarter kept the members together. Visits were 
also made to business offices and State Mental Hospital. 

"Eternal Efficiency" was the out of this world theme for the Phi Chi Theta Homecoming float. 

Baker, Faye 
Booth, Beverly- 
Curtis, Karen 
Heemeyer, Lois 
Holmes, Carole 
Jackson, Colleen 
Larkin, Phyllis 

Mason, Yerda 
Mumford, Margaret 
Noble, Zina 
Phillips, Marie 
Roche, Marlene 
Swenson, Camille 
Towne, Diane 


P.E.M.M. Club 

1st row: M. Ingersoll, K. Moyle, P. Idlefsen, D. Wilcox, C. Ure, J. Taylor, B. Foxley, S. Holtom, D. Laudie,, M. Miera, D Sul- 
livan. 2nd row: D. Mickelsen, R. Fuchigami, C. S. Reed, T. Heiner, S. Evans, B. Alene Judy, J. Williamson, N. Ricks, E. Mich- 

allis,D .Woolley,T.Dillmcm.3rdrow:P.Hardy,.D.Grirnmett,G. Adams, D. Riddle, N. Hansen, K. Ann Hughes, C.' Foss, L 
Jones, I. Funk. J. Sawyer, K. Berg, M. Foss. 4th row: G. Ward, C. Park, L. Bone, L. Wilson, L. Giles, S. Solomon, J. Sawyer, 

D. Millett, R. Startin, D. Saling, V. Shuey, H. W. Soffe, W. Gordon, M. Stokes, G. Wanlass, C. Saling, D. Paulson, R. Edwards 

The College of Recreation, Physical and Health Education 
and Athletics holds a professional meeting each Thurs- 
day morning during the school year for all major students. 
The Deans, departments of the College and P.E.M.M. Club 
rotate in taking charge of the meetings. This procedure 
has greatly assisted P.E.M.M. to report a very successful 

year. For the first time, the club entered a float in the 
Homecoming parade and took second place for most 
original. Other activities were Western Round-up, spring 
Steak-Fry, Valentine Sports Night and socials, and panel 
discussion groups. 

1st row: Wally Gordon, Paula Hardy, Ida Funk, Maryl Inger- 
soll. 2nd row: Wayne Soffe, JoAnn Calderwood, Charles Sal- 
ing, Dora Saling. 3rd row: Leonard Mackay, Ray Watters, 
Garry Parkinson, Curt Brown. 

Physical health is evident in his action and smile. 


Arnold Air Society 

The Arnold Air Society is a professional honorary- 
service organization of all four year AFROTC ca- 
dets. Its objectives aim to promote American citizen- 
ship in an air age and to advance the support of air 
power. The unit designs to further the purpose, miss- 
ion, tradition and concept of the United States Air 
Force for national security, and to create a closer 
and more efficient relationship with the Air Force Re- 
serve Officers' Training Corps. The Society plays 
host to speakers on world events. Relevant films on 
this subject are also shown. Flights to Air Force 
bases throughout the United States are made by the 
cadets to familiarize them with the terrain of the 
country and a trip made to the national concleave. 
Social events were parties, a Dinner-Dance and 
the highlight of the Social Cal- 
endar, the A.F.R.O.T.C. Military 
Ball. The first annual Dinner- 
Dance was held April 1 1 to cel- 
ebrate the merger of the Sabre 
Air and the Arnold Air Society. 


Gordon Hansen 

Members of Sabre Air and Ar- 
nold Air Society shake hands 
on merger. 


Andrus, James 
Baker, Gary- 
Ball, Sam 
Burgess, Theron 
Carruth, Gene 

Clay, Robert 
Garrette, Ben 
Houghton, Robert 
Houlihan, Richard 
Isenburg, Theodore 

Jex, Earl 
Mackintosh, Dean 
Meacham, Douglas 
Morgan, Scott 
Otterstrom, F. Thomas 

Slade, Sheldon 
Smith, Harvey 
Steele, Vern 
Wilcox, Jerry 
Yingling, Kay 

Five members get together to drink a toast of friendship and service. 

Sabre Air Command 

Robert D. Smith 

Ellsworth, D. Kirk 
Famsworth, Carl Larry 
Garrett, Gordon B. 
Harrison, Russell David, Jr. 

Hanly, Thomas F., Jr. 
Hayden, Warren R. 
Heath, Charles W. 
Hinckley, Thomas K. 

Setting off on a familiariza- 
tion flight. 

Neuenswander, Val J. 
Smith, J. Norman 
Rowley, Ralph A. 

to 4 *L- id*- * 


1st row: Norma Dale Droughn, Margo Barling, Tutoring Chairman; Judy Morris, Vice President; Marilyn McMeen, Pres- 
ident; Betty Chatham, Secretary; Linda Jean Pace, Treasurer, Melba Lynn Whittle, Historian. 2nd row: Cheryl Mc Al- 
lister, Audrey Jeanne Olsen, Barbara Beers, Sidnee Day, Janet Dalton, Pat Brighton. 3rd row: Margo Parker, Narene 
Nelson, Glenna Cooper, Jilene Hoggan, Pat Halgren, DeAnne Dorny, Claudia Johnson, Welda Lendt, Sonja Balmer, Na- 
deane Tuft, Suzanne N. Crowther, Cheryl Armstrong, Elaine Nelson. 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honorary organ- 
ization composed of sophomore women who main- 
tained a 3.5 grade average for two or more quarters 
in their freshman year. The BYU chapter is under 
the sponsorship of Miss Jean Anne Waterstradt and 
Mrs. Lillian C. Booth, who is the Western Region 
Supervisor of the National organization. The year's 
activities commenced with a first initiation in the 
spring for eligible freshmen girls. A second initiation 
was held in the fall for girls who raised their aver- 
ages. Several cultural evenings were also enjoyed. 

1st row (1. to r.): Cheryl Armstrong, Betty Chatham, Melba 
Whittle, Pat Brighton. 2nd row: Marilyn McMeen, Judy Morris 

1st row: Chuck Stevenson, Bob Skousen, Pago Afaulo, Lenard Wells, Phil Bellon, Taveve Fanene. 2nd row: Loretta Vance, 
Sandra Jolley, Joyce Wiltbank, LuRae Fawson, Sharon Reid, Eleanor Peterson, Barry Bright. 3rd row: Sylvia Bigler, Lou- 
ise Andrus, Anna Joy Woffinden, Lenore Crandall, Shirley Iokepa. 

Alio M 


Samoan culture is stressed by the Afio Mai Club. Organized 
in 1954, this group associates with the Student Program Bur- 
eau in presenting the songs, dances and customs of the Sa- 
moan people throughout the intermountain west. Activities 
sponsored were swimming parties and the traditional outing 
to Homestead. 

Alpha Phi Omega, Eta Omicron Chapter managed the Des- 
tiny Fund Information Booth in the Eyring Science Center, 
assisted at the Eagle Scout Banquet and the Boy Scout Merit 
Pow-wow as well as taking an active part in the Invitational 
Track Meet and the school polio and flu shot drives. 

AlphaPhi Omega 

1st row: Bishop Royal B. Stone, Faculty Advisor; Lorn H. Kennedy, President; Elmer L. Emmons, Vice President; Keith 
Gates, Secretary. 2nd row: Tom Dunning, George Scott, Bill Leach, Paul Williams, William Adams, Norman Holman, 
Jim Hazard. 3rd row: Bruce Bone, Craig Whitehead, Gene Devenport, William Stebbing, Doyle Fuller, Stephen Frazier. | 239 

1st row: Dennis Byers, Ed Clark, Dave Chamberlain, Bob Stones, Unknown. 2nd row: Gay Chambers, Myrna Bankhead, 
Reg. Coultas, Dorene Del Fium, Raphael Meachum, JoAnn, Marilyn. 3rd row: Dick Seiger, Richard Wall, Unknown, Dave 
Simms, Kay Croxford, Joe D. England, Sunny Seeley, Dave Adams, Mike Arbogast, Rick Heilner, Unknown. 

Alpine Club 

The motto for members of the Alpine Club is that 
"mountaineering is exercise for the body and con- 
tentment for the soul." The club was organized in 
1955 to promote an interest in mountain climbing, 
hiking, skiing, swimming, ice skating and toboggan- 
ing. Indoor activities this year included lessons on 
rock climbing, lectures on first-aid, mountain safety, 
ski films and pictures, and a Halloween Party. An 
ambitious outdoor program consisted of a two week 
climbing trip in the Colorado Rockies before fall 
registration, the climbing of Utah's highest mountain, 
King's Peak, in October of 1957 in which twenty 
members participated, a cross country ski hike over- 
night into Aspen Grove area in February, a skiing 
get-together between quarters and active climb- 
ing on Timp, Mt. Nebo and Provo Peak. The Club 
sponsored the first sanctioned Intermountain Ski 
Association race at Timp Haven — The Hoover Cup. 
Dorene Del Fium was president, Ralph Mecham, vice 
pres., Carmen Bradley, Sec.-Treas.; Reg Coultas, Ac- 
tivity Coordinator and advisers were Dave Evans 
and Dick Ballou. 


1st row: Janice Wood, Carol Sue Campbell, Justin Skousen, Barbara Nelson, Mary Ella McDowell, Barbara Sweatt, Pat 
Sanderson, Pauline Judd. Carolyn Woolsey, Jeannette Martineau. 2nd row: Claudia Bowers, Deanna Skousen, Gratia 
Schastey, Frances Gardner, Peggy Gardner, Virginia Ashford, Kay Passey, Sylvia Shumway, Lou Knudson. 3rd row: 
Frank Kleinworth, Charles Shumway, Glen Beecroft, Louise Conover, Marilyn Black, Sonia Josie, Charlene Riggs, 
Wayne Fletcher, Gerald Nielson. 4th row: Toni Gaddis, Norman Pruett, Bobby Rothlesberger, Raleigh Johnson, Alan 
Peterson, Steve Crookston, Dave Shepherd, Lynn Steele, Ken Ramsey, Marlow Plumb, James Boone, William Larry 
Ashby, Edward Neilson. 

Arizona Club 

The Arizona Club was established on the BYU campus 
to provide opportunities for students from Arizona to as- 
sociate with those from the great Sunshine state. The 
activities this year consisted of several western dances, 
firesides and exchange parties with other geographical 
units. Members also enjoyed a toboggan party, a Span- 
ish supper and a steak fry. The club entered a float in the 
Homecoming parade and participated in Western Week, 
sponsoring the Western Dance and Chuck Wagon Break- 
fast. The officers for the year were: Norman Pruett, Pres- 
ident; LeRoy Gibbons, Vice-President; Sylvia Shumway, 
Secretary; and Barbara Nelson and Raleigh Johnson as 
Social Chairmen. The sponsor was Dixon Anderson of 
the Language Department. 

The Japanese Club is a Geographical club which was or- 
ganized on February 12, 1958. It was organized with a 
membership of 25 people and has grown steadily since 
that time. 

The club was organized for the purpose of developing a 
deeper understanding and friendship between the peoples 
and cultures of the world by study and group activity. 
The club sponsors semi-monthly meetings at which guest 
speakers are invited. Frequent oriental dinners are also 
held. The club also sponsors periodic film classics in con- 
junction with the Audio-Visual Aids. 

Japanese Club 

1st row: David R. Broadhead, Nobuyoshi Tachibana, Bruce Beaman, Chuck Ogata, David Tanaka. 2nd row: Henry Ta- 
wara, Fern Ozawa, Jack Morgan, Treasurer; Don C. Lundberg, President; Noel H. Enniss, Vice President; Eleanor Jeo. 
3rd row: Mike M. Suzuki, Bruce Bone, Connie Lundell, .David Bodily, Jonia Emory, John C. Higgins, Joanne Rhoads, 
C. LeRoy Anderson, Howard Moffitt, Jr. 


Front row (1 to r) J. Tanner, S. Lepard, B. Kurtz, J. Johnson, D. Kenney, J. Wood, G. Neilson, T. Williams, T. Finch. Sec- 
ond row: M. Wynder, L. Williams, C. Brandley, M. Brown, E. Young, G. Bullock, L. Oliver, M. Kearl, B. Kurtz, D. K. Rice, 
G. Tidey, A. Pratje, P. Brandley, M. Ursenbach, M. Shields. Third row: V. Archibald, P. Bennett, L. Peterson, J. Johansen, 
C. Ellingson, G. Shields, J. Pilling, W. Hamilton, R. Livingston, C. Johansen, L. Boucher, B. Richards. 

Canadian Club 

The Canadian Club was formed to support and par- 
ticipate in school functions and activities. With Larry 
Peterson as president, this year the Club organized 
a successful ice skating party at Boat Harbor, at 
which a hundred and fifty people attended. Other 
activities included representation in the Snow Carni- 
val ,an exchange with the Nevada Club and entries 
in the intramurals. Basketball and touch football 
teams entered into competitions, and Canada was 
well represented on the Geographic assembly. 

A neighborly conference to solve a problem. 


1st row: D. Cluff, A. Powell, D. Washburn, J. Hansen. 2nd row: D. Clark, K. Brown, B. Johnson, M. B. Clark, C. Jensen, M. 
Alter, M. Lewis. 3rd row: E. Cordon, C. Baker, I. Semadini, R. Schmidt, M. Schloss, P. Moon, V. Archibald, C. Sorensen, A. 
Mathis, D. Shimoda, P. Peck. Row 4: M. Stevens, M. Peterson, K. Orme, K. Hogan, M. Bradshaw, D. Bird, J. Linebarger, P. 
Redd, Miss Gardner. 5th row: J. Smith, M. Redford, M. Morgan, D. Richens, J. Millar. 


ome economics 

The Home Economics Club provided opportunities for girls 
with special home making talents, and who showed a per- 
sonal interest in that field, to develop leadership and organ- 
izational qualities through participation in demonstrations, 
interesting lectures and social activities. 

Aiming to develop professional attitude in students and to 
provide opportunities for fellowship, the Civil Engineering 
Club, with Joseph Hancock as president, sponsored field 
trips, films, and meetings as well as a Valentine Party, Glen 
Canyon dam trip and an Awards Banquet at the end of 
the year. 

Civil Engineers 

Front row (1 to r) Arnold Wilson, Instructor, Bert Taylor, Stanley Markman, Joseph P. Hancock (President), Ramon Bassett, H. 
Hodson, Department Chairman, Parry D. Harrison. Back row. Paul W. Erekson, Instructor, Dale C. Perry, Asst. Prof., 
Claire Gardner, Glen Calder, Laver Roper, Eugene Veritsky. 


First row, (1. to r.): Dick Starr, Georgia Moore, Joy Madsen, Sylvia Hunt, n Safsten. 2nd row: Dale Hatch, R. Dale Miller, 
Daniei Bucknum, Thomas Worlton, John Tanner, Bonnie Montgomery, - it Montgomery, R. C. Larson. 3rd row: Gary 
Harker, John Beardall, Duston Harvey, Douilas Dill, David Jarvis. (Portru 3 of W. McBride Barrus.) 

Petroglyph Society 

Most unique organization at BYU is probably Petro- 
glyph Society, founded in haste and ignorance by 
distinguished campus wags. Headed by Granidose 
Most High Exalted Chiseler Ron Safsten, who was 
responsible for most of group's worries, the society 
held gala social malfunctions which no one attended 
and toured impressive Clark Student Service Center 
basement. At year's end vast majority of club's 
members still thought petroglyphs were small for- 
eign cars. 

Poster-plotting committee commandeers usable tri- 
pod, art paper. 

Doing field work, inept members gather specimen. 

• • 

1 \ '■'■ 

r-. .; '^Sg 



5 5?M '^^vH^ /&^ 

^3 &HB3 

m ' Wm^'m 


v. •- "> . W 

K ,-!•:< .': 1% 


1st row: Nelda Holmes, Michael Kirkpatrick, Charlotte Ann Posey, Grant Speed. 2nd row: Ella Mae Duarte, Janet Wright, 
Pat Tenney, Christine Atkirson, Dennis Reeder. 3rd row: Lynda Sawyer, L. G. Cummings, Alvin M. Otte, Florine Bremer, 
Clarence O. Carraway. 

Texas Club 

Organized in 1956, the Texas club consists of residents and 
former residents of the Lone Star State. The club was formed 
by students who desired to promote unity and friendships 
among Texans at BYU. The club held occasional parties 
where Texas dancing was featured, and get-acquainted as- 
semblies given. The unit is not large but the amount of fun 
easily compensates for size. 

Cumorah Club 

Participants in the Hill Cumorah Pageant, wishing to con- 
tinue their association with each other, and returned Eastern 
States missionaries organized this fall to form the Cumorah 
Club. The group promoted religious and social fellowship 
among its members with firesides and get-togethers. Craw- 
ford Gates, composer of the music for the Pageant, lectured 
at one fireside. 

1st row: C. Roundy, M. Hawkins, K. Waymier, S. Shultz, A. Boel, N. Hyde, M. Anderson, B. Whitford, C. Lilley, S. Stark, 
K. Larsen, D. Larsen, M. Coombs. 2nd row: J. Roundy, President; D. Lee, A. Tingey, W. Lendt, G. Neal, C. James, S. Koff- 
ard, L. Seneca, S. Palmer, L. Anderson, B. Leeke, D. Dwight, K. Burrup, N. Atkinson, H. Williams, B. Simmons, Secretary- 
Treasurer; J. Cummings, J. Jackson, Vice-President. 3rd row: C. Gates, Speaker; G Gates, D. Scott, Social Chairman; A. 
Doty, K. Peterson, K. Wilkins, Publicity Chairman; B. Wagstaff, D. Bartels, C. Finlayson, A. Muller, L. Pyper, M. Keller 
J. Kofford, D. Felt, J. Malloy. 



Danish - Norwegian 

The Danish-Norwegian Club was formed to maintain and 
stimulate interest in the Danish and Norwegian cultures to 
provide social activities, and to stimulate genealogical re- 
search. This year, for the first time a float was entered in 
the Homecoming Parade. A very successful "Jubilee Fest" 
(Christmas-Tree party) was held. Shown above are some 
members attending one of their firesides. 

The Davis Club was organized last year for the purpose of 
acquainting member-students with others from the same lo- 
cality. Drawing its members from Davis County, the club has 
held socials, firesides, and arranged rides home for its mem- 
bers. The aims of the club are to strengthen social and spirit- 
ual fellowship. This year the Davis Club was ably led by 
Kenneth Mano, President, Helen Jo Walker, Vice President. 

Davis Club 

1st row: Mary Ann Rose, Joan Starlin, Helen Jo Walker, Elenor Brough, Evelyn Brough, Lucile Trost (advisor). 2nd row: 
Dixie Gittins, Patsy Cook, Shirley Cook, Jerry M. Keyes, David C. Horhe, Allen Page, Sandra Adams, Daleen Clegg, Ken- 
245 neth Mano (President) 3rd row: Georgia Moore, LeGrand Ingles, Mike Stevenson, Dean Layton, James J. Layton, Richard 
Arbon, Nelson Dibble, Neil Adams, Kenley Palmer. 

1st row: Dwayne A. Williams, Secretary-Treasurer; Don L. Lowder, Vice President; James Roger Ferrell, President. 2nd 
row: Jack Kapp, R. Gary Smith, Gordon R. Lunt, Robert G. Blakely, Leon R. Scott, Kenneth N. Marshall. 3rd row: Perry 
G. Ganus, Kenneth L. Gomm, Bill Mathews, Joseph C. Free, Frederick C. Andrew, Gale C. Hamelwright. 

Mechanical Engineers 

With James Farrell as President, the Mechanical Engineers 
this year have participated in meetings of the American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers in Salt Lake City, which 
give the students an understanding of the practical prob- 
lems they will meet within industry. In the spring, be- 
fore graduation, a 5th year Steak Fry is held, and the 
mechanical engineers join in the Engineers picnic. 

The Dixie Club aims to maintain the common interests of 
students who formerly attended Dixie College or have their 
home in Utah's "South." Activities duriag the year were a 
roller skating party in the autumn, cultural nights at which 
slides of other countries were shown, and lectures. President 
was Karl Brooks, Vice-President, Ethel Pointer. 

Dixie Club 

1st row: Mary Alice Foremaster, Patty Miller, Ross McArthur, Mae D. Mc Arthur, Karl Brooks, Ethel Pointer, Fae Donna 
Chamberlain, Vanda Lee Hollaway, Fern Neilson. 2nd row: Fred Neilson, Marlene Frei, Alice Hafen, Annette Snow, Bev- 
erly Blakely, Douglas Pearce, Mary Lucinda Atkin, Jerald R. Gubler, Nancy Joyce Birkeland, Dawn Sullivan. 3rd row: 
Leonard Clove, Reed Blake, Loreine Turley, Doyle G. Fuller, Paul Spendlove, Richard Hunt, Sheldon C. Snow, Brooks 
Taylor, Scott O. Squire, Brooksby Hafen. 


1st row: D. Bahr, K. Peck, M. Geist, T. Read. 2nd row: R. Cordner, L. Hadley, C. Anderson, S. Osborne. 3rd row: R. Gil- 
bert, A. Schindler, B. Marchant, G. Staker. 4th row: R. Boren, M. Dixon, E. Brough, R. Walker. 5th row: M. Potter, G. Chris- 
tensen, P. Walker, T. Crapo. 


Formed to give BYU worthy prestige and status in 
forensic activities at intercollegiate level, the BYU 
Forensic Association travelled more than 16,000 
miles during the 1957-58 season, under the direc- 
tion of Jed Richardson, debate coach, and forensic 
officers, Robert Boren, manager Keith Rooker, Asst. 
Manager Lenet Hadley, Publicity Manager and Tom 
Read, secretary; participating in and winning hon- 
ors in 14 major tournaments in western and eastern 
states, contesting with teams from Northwestern, 
Southern California, Oklahoma, Oregon, universities, 
and schools from north, south, east and west. 

J. Richardson teaches a debating class. 


1st row: G. W. Hatch, R. L. Dudly, M. W. Brooksby, R. G. Grant, D. V. Humpherys, D. Monson, J. J. Jonsson, A. N. Chaston, 
D. Bartholomew, L. Gingerich. 2nd row: J. Varney, K. Rogers, T. Paxton, H. Jackson, D. Humpherys, T. J. Crowther, G. B. 
Ray, S. W. Beus, J. D. Hodges, R. L. Harris, J. T. Williams, R. N. Linebarger. 3rd row: E. C. Huff, R. R. Rennie, N. Montgom- 
ery, W. Crapse, F. M. Murray, M. Hansen, K. S. Cook, A. Gifford, S. H. Nelson, G. Penfold, R. Billstrom. 

Electrical Engineers Society 

The Y.E.E. (Electrical Engineers) Society's main activity 
this year was Engineering Week, held Feb. 16-21, 1958. 
The Y.E.E. were awarded the trophy for best displays 
which included demonstrations of high voltage, missile 
control, stereo sound T.V. and electronic organs. 

The Finnish Club was organized to enable returned miss- 
ionaries and Finnish students to get together and talk in 
the native tongue. Cultural porgrams, parties, folk danc- 
ing and get togethers are enjoyed during the year. 

Finnish Club 

1st row, (1. to r.): H. Wilson, T. Kolehmainen, L. Mahoney, U. Wahlroos, R. Syria, A. Sarkka, M. Nikamo. 2nd row: B. Wil- 
son and daughter, G. Driggs, R. Lawton, S. Aamodt, R. Garrett, F. McKnight, A. Havland, B. Mayfield, D. Grimaud. 3rd 
row: R. Lawton, M. Aamodt, J. Mumford, T. Riddle, T. Tampen, M. Garrett, D. Wright, J. L. Taylor, J. Cederlof. 249 

1st row (1 to r): Elias Brinton, Wilfred Fujita, Tiny Black, Maizie Qiun, Jack Randall, Doana Shimoda. 2nd row. Betty Sil- 
ver, Scott Orrock, Sam Kekayoha, Keith Price, Judy Naumu, Vernon Honda, Brad Eaves, Glenn Kukahiko. 3rd row: Kay 
Parkinson, Baliby K. Uyeheara, Margaret Kahailani Kahuena, Mona-Amy Hooipoipo Moickeha, Shirley Pualeilana 
Iokepa, Carol Leilehua Flores, Sharie Chiyoko Abo. 




Celebrating its tenth year as an organized unit, the 
Hawaiian Club reaffirmed its aims to promote 
friendships, to raise scholastic standards and to en- 
courage participation in student activities. This tal- 
ented and popular group makes its appearance on 
many programs, singing the lilting songs of the is- 
lands and gracefully dancing its way into the hearts 
of audiences. The club participated in the Polynes- 
ian assembly, and a small group was seen in the 
Fieldhouse Frolics. A colorful Thanksgiving ban- 
quet was the big activity autumn quarter and a big 
aluau was put on in the spring. Ever ready to dis- 
play the life and culture of the islands of the Pacific, 
the members of the club donated many hours to 
community activities, where they are always enthus- 
iastically received. Traditional music and songs bade 
farewell graduating students at an Aloha party. 

Members of the club practice Hawaiian dances. 

Officers of the Hawaiian club. 


1st row (1 to r): Lawrence Brady, Arven Crowthers, William Garrison, Kelton Chamberlain, Milo Bowen, Euray Bethers. 
2nd row: LeGrande Fletcher, Dee Smith, Mac McKinnon, Ross McArthur, Advisor; Dean Brown, Keith Black, Raymond 
Davis. 3rd row: Gil Moen, Joe Luke, Tom Wakefield, Myron McAllister, Lamoine Pollock, Harmon Boyer, Finley Bayles, 
President; Earl Ferguson, not present. 

Industrial Arts 

The purpose of the Industrial Arts Club is for the 
standardization of information and techniques of the 
industrial arts. The club meets twice monthly, the 
second meeting of every month being devoted to 
field trips to various industries, plants and foundries. 
This past year the club visited a cabinet shop, heard 
a representative from the J. B. Tile Company, went 
to Lehi to the John Hutching's Shop, and participated 
in organizing and arranging displays for the State 
Industrial Arts Convention. The club held social par- 
ties as an integral part of club activities. The presi- 
dent was Thomas Jensen. 


1st row: Rodney Call, Bob Pettit, Lamar Butler, Steve Covey, Dean Weldon Taylor, Prof. Herald R. Clark, Dick Wells, Almo 
Simmons, Val Liljenquist. 2nd row: Leroy R. Critchfield, not known, Ron Neilson, Charles Penrose, not known, William 
Yorgeson, not known, not known, Ivan T. Call, Cliff DeGraw, Jim Williamson. 3rd row: Robert Allen, Bill Hyde, Eugene 
King, not known, not known, Rick Williamson, Dick Felt, Grant Goodsow, Dick Birmingham, Steve Mahoney. 




Dean Clark lectures to commerce class. 

The purpose of the Commerce Club is to devel- 
op intellectuality outside the classroom, and to 
gain practical knowledge in the field of com- 
merce, by associating with men who are prom- 
inent and successful in the world of business. 
The club sponsored invitational speakers who 
were business men of outstanding acumen on 
the national scene. These speakers held sem- 
inars during school hours for the students. Trips 
and excursions were made to various business 
locations throughout the intermountain area, 
to enable students to observe actual business 
practices in operation. Those students having a 
2.7 grade point average and are enrolled in the 
College of Commerce are eligible to join the 
Club. The social event of the year was the 
Spring Dinner-Dance, which took place in the 
Starlite Roof Garden of the Hotel Utah. Elder 
LeGrand Richards of the Council of the Twelve, 
was the guest speaker. Leaders of the Com- 
merce Club this year were Dick Wells, Presi- 
dent; LaVar Butler, Vice-President; Eugene King, 
Secretary-Treasurer; Ivan Call, Chairman of 
Speakers; and Val Liljenquist, Dinner-Dance 


1st row: Lynette Bcrir, Cheril James, Dean Champion, Janice Larsen, Susie Deputy, Markay Hamblin. 2nd row: Frank K. 
Horton, Marvin J. Burton, Eleanor Pezoldt, Ida Funk, Marilyn Berryhill, Jean Burke, Kathryn Stephenson, Jean Palmer, 
Jean Whiting, Vicki Martin. 3rd row: Dallas Puke Hill, Pete Henderson, Bill Martin, Lorie Christensen, Terry Rizzari, Welda 


The land of the Maoris is represented on campus by the Kia- 
Ora Club. Organized seven years ago by missionaries re- 
turned from New Zealand, the Club fosters a knowledge of the 
culture of the Maoris with its age old history of customs and 
beliefs. The only requirement for initial membership is a strong 
and sincere interest in the culture, and members are encouraged 
to know and to be able to perform various Maori songs and 
dances. The club is welcomed on programs for its understand- 
ing interpretations of the Maori entertainment. 

Officers: Cheril James, Janice Larsen, President; Mar- 
vin Burton. 

There is symbolic significance in face and dress markings. 

Made-up and costumed they wait their turn. 

(L. to r.) Yvonne Badgett, Theron Egg, Ron Cordon, Dick Bolton, Darryl Adams, George Catrell, De Anna Dorny. 



Weekly meetings were held by the Fencing Club, to give 
members the opportunity to fence and to learn more of the 
skillful and fascinating art. The club is open to all men and 
women who are interested in fencing. President of the club 
was Dale Peabody and the teacher, Mills Crenshaw. 

Epsilon Chi Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon was organized on the 
BYU campus in 1955. This year the Chapter took part in a 
Founder's Day Banquet with Chapters of Salt Lake City. A 
• lecture series by the music faculty was sponsored and two 
programs given emphasizing American music. 

Mu Phi Epsilon 

Front row (1. to r.): Margo Barling, Betty Hoover, Sharron Ward, Naomi Christensen. Back row: Pat Henrie, Lee Ann Van- 
derford, Barbara Barry. 


First row (1 to r.) Janice Nelson, Mary Fennig, Joanne Meikle, Janet James, Frances Holmes, Sec.-Treas.; Sue Knudsen 
2nd row: . Navor Tafoya. Carole Christensen Barbara Bond, Ardith Smithee, Janice Christensen, Marilyn Cunningham', 
Nilo Smith, Shernll Young. Third row: Obid Hamblin, Patrick Maher, Glen Palmer, Anthon Servis, Pres Marilyn Young 



Students from the state of New Mexico comprise the mem- 
bership of the New Mexico Club, which was formed four 
years ago to provide students from the area with activities 
of university standards. During the year exchanges were 
held with Arizona and Texas Clubs and a tobogganing party 
provided plenty of fun. 

This group was organized as a branch of the Utah Educa- 
tion Association, to orient students gaining teaching certifi- 
cates into the teaching profession. Members attended the 
U.E.A. Convention at SLC and U.E.A. Leadership Conven- 
tion in Cedar City. Officers for year were Reta Gilbert, Pres.; 
Kay Little, Vice-Pres.; Carol Ann Waldvogel, Sec.-Treas.; 
and Dr. Jefferson Eastmond as Sponsor. 

Student Education Association 

Front row (1. to r.): Helen Faltz, Claudia Bowers, Lynn Anderson, RaNae Salisbury. Back row: Carol Ann Waldvogel, Ray 
Little, Reta Gilbert, Larry Sommers, Georgia Moore. 


Today, as always, the battle for supremacy between man and beast provides excitement and action for participant 
and onlooker. 

Stockmen s Club 

The Stockmen's Club aims to improve the members' 
understanding of livestock, including the problems 
involved in buying, raising and marketing. Mem- 
bers of the group discuss their own particular prob- 
lems and gain help in solving them. The club also 
endeavors to provide opportunities for its members 
to enjoy a socially rounded life. This year they were 
active in recruiting new members, holding elections 
and with socials. A banquet was held for Stockman 
of the Year, chosen from the local farmers; and to 
honor the Junior Stockman, a student. As well as 
educational film evenings the Club completed a pro- 
ject on Swine Feeding. 

This business of bulldogging is enough to take the ears off a 

Making a tie on a calf after it has been roped. 

"Darling, I just can't bear to 



go like this." 


b 4 




?•: * 




™ V 





WT~ - is 

- ^ 

1st row: C. Merrill, V. Jensen, V. Brimhall, L. Smith, M. Jacobs, S. Mangum, K. Turley. 2nd row: C. Davenport, W. Ling, 
J. Ellsworth, R. Johnson, F. Nation, N. Ballard, I. Belliston. 3rd row: D. Holt, M. Morr, J. Downes, L. Collard, W. Jackson, R. 
Redd, E. Wolfley. 4th row: S. King, D. Spackman, J. Swenson, W. Piatt, S. Ward, R. Bell. Fifth row: P. Clark, S. Great- 
house, L. Potter, D. Olson, N. Hatcher. Not pictured: L. Dorgan, L. Kowalski, and D. Hirschi. 

Student Nurses 

The Student Nurses Association works closely with the 
School of Nursing, to promote professional and social activi- 
ties. A busy schedule this year included culture nights, a 
Welcome Back party, music appreciation get-together, Home- 
coming float, and Talent Show. Plans were made to send a 
representative to the National Nurse Association convention 
in Chicago. 

The Press Club united students interested in journalism by 
activities including a field trip to the Deseret News Press 
and a lecture by Dan Valentine, Salt Lake Tribune column- 
ist. Purpose of the club is to promote an interest in journal- 
ism and the development of social and professional fellow- 
ship. The organization co-sponsors the spring journalism ban- 
quet, when awards are presented to outstanding members. 



1st row( 1 to r) Roger Larson, president; Hartt Wixom, Alf Pratte, Deanna Barnum. 2nd row: Carolyn Harrison, June Mar- 
tineau, Arlene Larsen, Vema Mae Ho, Mary Hudson, Judene Dalebout, Jerry Shipley, Karen White, Rita Wheeler. 
3rd row. Leon Hunsaker, Bill Porter, Bob Koenig, Doug Hardy, Bill Mortimer. 


1st row: Bruce Armstrong, Keith Jenkins, Mike Henry, Gory Hogan, Merlin Bodily, Dennis Elzinga, Kelton Abbott. 2nd 
row. Claudia Dahl, Kay Thompson, Louise Petty, Karen Wallace, Nancy Boley, Carolyn Curtis, Patricia Bott. 

United Staters 

Students who represented their home states at either 
Boys' or Girls' State while in high school and who 
wish to promote social companionship among other 
former delegates at the "Y" call themselves the 
United Staters and claim to be the only organiza- 
tion of its kind in the nation. It's twin aims are to pro- 
mote service to the students and to the university 
and to uphold the standards and the prestige of the 
BYU. The members meet together every two weeks, 
either for a meeting or a party. Ice skating and 
canyon parties provided fun and enjoyment for mem- 
bers and their friends, while spiritual and intellec- 
tual needs were filled at the firesides held through- 
out the year. The club entered the contest for win- 
dow display during Homecoming Week and carried 
away first prize. It is indicative of the university's 
unique geographical make-up that so many student 
leaders from widespread area should function to- 
gether as a group. 

Officers: Patricia Bott, McVoy Henrie, Claudia Dahl. Back 
row: Kelton Abbott, Gary Hogan. 


1st row: Gordon Enders, President; Dr. Joseph 
R. Murdock, Faculty Advisor; Roger Good- 
rich, Vice-President; Lorcm Cobia, Secretary. 
2nd row: Joan Hunt, Eleana Smith, Carolle 
Stratton, Carolee Zirker, Martha Pratt, Col- 
leen Sullivan. 3rd row: Phil Folsom Sandra 
Oman, Gary Stewart, Cortney Buchanan, 
Dave Simms, Sharon Smith, Loreen Allen, 
Liel Rowbury 


With the stated purpose to increase the interest of 
students in the University and to foster friendships 
between students from Washington, this unit was 
organized on the campus of BYU. Membership is 
open to all students from Washington who uphold 
the standards of the Y. As well as the business 
meetings held throughout the year the club engaged 
in numerous social activities. Exchanges were held 
with the United Staters and Oregon Clubs, a Club 
dance proved a great success, a Valentine's Day 
Banquet was a celebration and a spring picnic 
party was thoroughly enjoyed by members and 
their friends. The Club entered the decorated win- 
dow display contest during Homecoming Week and 
chartered busses to make the trip home for the 
Christmas vacation. Guiding the club during the 
year of 1958 were Gordon Enders, President; Roger 
Goodrich, Vice-President, Lorna Cobia, Secretary. Dr. 
Joseph R. Murdock was faculty advisor to the club. 

Food and fun were ingredients to make lasting friendships. 


1st row: Janet Bartlett, Jerry Molloy, Helen Bartlett, Julie Kemp, Ernest Keller, Robert Jenkins. 2nd row: Ronald William 
Schultz, Judy Silver, Susan Kearns, E. 'Jo' Paine, Sherry Harger, Welles Cannon. 3rd row: Robert Wittorf, Gil Moen, 
William J. Mortimer, Barbie Witherow, (not pictured). 

Yankee Club 

The Yankee Club was reactivated last year to unite 
campus Easterners — north of Washington, D.C. and 
east of Ohio — in many activities. Sportsminded 
Yankees had swimming tobogganing, and ice-skat- 
ing parties, and planned a spring excursion down 
the Provo river in innertubes. The group sponsored 
a bus at Christmastime to take members home for 
the holidays. Firesides and exchanges with Arizona 
and Denver clubs were also held, and during the 
year, speakers lectured on various subjects. Happy 
to be away from smog-filled, busy Eastern cities, the 
members adapted easily to nature, and also held 
refreshing canyon parties in the mountains. 

Officers, 1st row: Ronald W. Schults, 

Janet Bartlett, Barbara Keller. 2nd row: 

260 E. 'Jo' Paine, Helen Bartlett, Jerry Moloy. 

1st row: Siv Eriksson, Herbert (Rick) Eriksson and son, Richard Deland, Norma Spute, Wilbur Walton. 2nd row: Marg- 
aret Johnson, Terttu Kolehmainen, Doris Japson, Jewel Spilsbury, Janet Jenson, Don Grimaud, Elaine Bentrick, Geniel 
Fugal. 3rd row: Nils Eric Brodin, Calvin Jepson, Robert Safston, Darrell Marlow, Maureen Harris, Max Anderson. 

Swedish Club 

The Swedish Club was organized 3 years ago by a group 
of returned Swedish missionaries to retain friendships 
made in the mission field. Goals were to preserve the 
members' knowledge of the Swedish language, and to 
learn more of Swedish culture and customs. This year 
the club promoted firesides, a smorgasbord, and Christ- 
mas party. 




"Relax and enjoy it," was the advice of Orchesis di- 
rector, Mrs. Gerry Glover, to the audience at the Or- 
chesis show in January. The numbers ranged from 
texts from the Bible to a comical story of the Little 
King. These dances were created by students and fac- 

ulty at Brigham Young University, and some had been 
worked on for five or six months. Mrs. Glover explained 
that Modern Dance is an art medium, having a similar 
philosophy to modern music and painting. 

Movement gives color to the dance 

Like a symphony it flows in varying moods. 

Gracefulness of pose adds depth to the art. 

Learning the design of modern dance. 


1st row: Sharon Lynne Fritz, Carol Day, Diane Boulet, Carolyn Lamp, Karen Nuttall, Secretary-Treasurer. 2nd row: Scott 
Morgan, President Richard Houlihan, Bob Streibich, Clint Montgomery, Dave Montgomery, Ron Rhodes, Vice-President. 



in - llli 


Founded in 1956, the purpose of the organization is to pro- 
mote friendship among students from the same general 
area and to represent the states of Illinois and Wisconsin 
at the BYU. To be a member of the club, one must have 
lived in either Illinois or Wisconsin, and adhere to the 
standards of the Church. They must also actively support 
the club. 

Organized Fall quarter, the Y Flyers aims to further an 
interest in aviation among the students, and to afford 
members an opportunity to obtain a greater knowledge 
of flying. During the year, the club took field trips to Hill 
AFB and Salt Lake airports, and organized a social. 

Y Flyers 

1st row: Carolyn Lasson, Judy Jones, Polly Wright. 2nd row: John Burnett, Ralph Hensen, Walt Burris, James Sullivan, 
Douglas Meacham, Harvey Smith, Bill Lykens, Loal Vance, President. 3rd row: Phillip Burt, Keith Frandsen, Ray Green, 
Oscar Anderson, Bob Koenig, John Nagle. 263 


?*«• fc 




',-» *> 


In a Japanese garden with the pink cherry blossoms falling, beautiful maiden Miya hears of the love of her prince. 


unior rrom 

The Junior Prom this year was a triumph in imagina- 
tive conception. The mystic splendor of the East filled 
the Fieldhouse as prom goers wandered through Jap- 
anese Gardens to visit Buddha in his lotus pond or to 
dance in the shadow of a shrine where a huge golden 
dragon breathed fire and brimstone. And, as they 
passed through oriental pagodas with gaily swinging 
lanterns in the make believe gardens they felt the magic 
power of the land "East of the Sun." Japanese art mur- 
als and a huge 9x7 foot Buddha greeted the couples 
as they crossed an oriental bridge to enter the Field- 



Y Day Activities 

The morning of "Y" Day was spent in community work projects. This student is cleaning windows for Provo widow. 


Unit Activities 

Some points need a great deal of discussion, between friends, and especially from the sidelines. 

Cultures from other lands are welcome additions to programs The type of game everyone enjoys. 

266 Homecoming Week brought much roadside activity to Provo as ingenious minds devised floats, decoration, an 

students graduated tc work at hard labor. 



f * 



Faculty and Classes 

Richer than the richest music 

Are the words of daily speech 

When spoken in a manner 

That's earnest and sincere. 

The words so simply uttered 

Are a delight 

For those who hear. 

They sing their way 

Into the mind - and linger on 

As vibrant echoes, 

When the voice itself has ceased, 

To come back to the memory 

Like the sweet and tuneful air 

Of a sacred, much loved hymn. 


Loma C. 
Zone G. 
A. Lester 
Bamett S, 
Stephen L. 

Altaian, Verl 

Allred, Dorald M. 



Allred, Mildred E. 
Allred, R. Chase 
Allred, Wallace E. 
Alward, Mignon 
Anderson, C. Dixon 
Anderson, Colleen 
Anderson, Floyd M. 

Anderson, Keith P. 
Anderson, Leland E. 
Anderson, Vernon L. 
Andrus, Hyrum L. 
Andrus, J. Roman 
Andrus, Richard D. 
Applonie, Evelyn 

Babcock, Hyrum J. 
Babcook, Vida 
Bailey, Dale S. 
Ballou, Richard E. 
Bangerter, Blauer L. 
Bankhead, Reid E. 
Barlow, Frances P. 

Barnett, Owen Lee 
Barney, Vermon S. 
Barrett, Ivan J. 
Barron, Howard H. 
Bartholomew, Davis 
Bateman, J. Lavar 
Bean, John E. 

Beck, D. Elden 
Beck, Jay V. 
Bell, R. DerMont 
Bendixsen, Grant D. 
Bennett, Erma 
Benson, Mark A. 
Bentley, Anthony I. 

Beny, June 
Berryessa, Max J. 
Bills, Seth H. 
Bissell, Harold J. 
Blackkham, Angus U. 
Bloom, Ruth S. 
Bos, Jacob 

Bowman, Genevieve W. 
Boyle, William H. 
Bradford, Charles H . 
Brady, Marion 
Brimhall, Willis H. 
Brooks, Melvin R. 
Brownlee, Robert S. 

Bryner, Loren C. 
Bryner, Maurine 
Bushman, Grant M. 
Bushman, Jess R. 
Butler, Eliot A. 
Butt, Newbern I. 
Butterworth, Edwin J. 

Buttle, Faye J. 
Caine, Julia A. 
Calder, Glen H. 
Calderwood, Joann 
Campbell, Eugene E. 
Campbell, Jennie 
Canning, Ray R. 



Classroom explanation never ends. 

Registration requires many signatures. 

Carle, Wayne M. 
Carlisle, D. June 
Chandler, Samuel C. 
Cheney, Thomas E. 
Childs, Fred 
Chournos, Joyce 
Christensen, Dean C. 

Christensen, Earl M. 
Christensen, P. A. 
Christensen, Ross T. 
Christiansen, John R. 
Clark, Bruce B. 
Clark, Hazel C. 
Clark, Herald R. 

Clark, James R. 
Clark, Marden J. 
Clark, Monroe H. 
Clarke, A. John 
dinger, Morris M. 
Compton, Lane 
Cook, Carol Lee 

Cooper, Leslie 
Cowan, Cyntha A. 
Cox, Soren F. 
Craig, Marshall R. 
Crnkovic, John K. 
Croft, Evan M. 
Crowton, David M. 

Cundick, Robert M. 
Curtis, Brandt B. 
Curtis, Clayne G. T/Sgt. 
Daines, Delva 
Davidson, Bertha 
Davies, J. Kenneth 
Davis, Allen 

dejong, Thelma 
DeMille, Stanford 
Dixon, Fred W. 
Dixon, Owen G. 
Domgaard, Mignon 
Donaldson, David M. 
Downing, Lester 

Doxey, Willard B. 
Drewes, Henry W. 
Dudley, J. Duane 
Duke, Keith E. 
Dye, Gerald J. Capt. 
Dyer, William G. 
Earl, Don L. 


^5fc iZikiL^im 

Eastmond, E. John 
Edlefsen, Blaine E. 
Ellsworth, J. Orval 
Empey, LaMar T. 
Evans, David L. 
Farnsworth, D. B. 
Faux, M. Charles 

Fielding, R. Kent 
Flake, Chad J. 
Flandro, Royce P. 
Fletcher, Harvey Jr. 
Fletcher, Harvey St. 
Fuerstner, Carl 
Fuhriman, Dean K. 

Gardner, Charles N. 
Gardner, John Hals 
Gates, Crawford 
Gaty, J. Patricia 
Geertsen, O. Norman 
Gledhill, Preston R. 
Glover, Gerrie S. 

Goates, J. Rex 
Golightly, Max 
Grimes, Jesse W. 
Grandstaff, Philip Capt. 
Groesbeck, Lue 
Gubler, Donworth 
Gulbrandsen, Norman 

Gunn, Richard L. 
Guymon, Fred E. 
Gwilliam, Robert F. 
Hafen, LeRoy R. 
Hafen, William J. 
Hales, Richard W. 
Hall, David, Major 

Hall, H. Tracy 
Hamblin, Lawson O. 
Hammond, May C. 
Hancock, Morck, M/Sgt. 
Hansen, George H. 
Hansen, Omar M. 
Hansen, Ralph 

Hanson, William F. 
Hardy, Kenneth R. 
Harris, James M. 
Harris, John S. 
Hart, Anna B. 
Hart, Edward L. 
Hatton, Betty Jo 

Haupt, Floyd E. 
Hayward, C. Lynn 
Heaton, Alma 
Hellberg, Ray W. 
Henstrom, Richard H. 
Herde, Karl Jr. 
Hilton, Lynn M. 

Hilton, Ross 
Hintze, Lehi F. 
Hogan, A. Henrietta 
Horsley, A. Burt 
Horton, Frank K. 
Hoskisson, William A. 
Huish, Sterling, Capt. 

Hunt, Jay B. 
Izatt, Reed M. 
Jackson, LeRoy E. 
Jacobs, Briant S. 
Jacobsen, Phyllis 
Jenny, Martha R. 
Jensen, Christen 



Graduation vestements appear as faculty members prepare for another ceremony. 

Jensen, Lucile 
Jensen, Mary Bee 
Jensen, Vern H. 
Jenson, Edgar M. 
Jenson, Gloria D. 
Jex, J. Lorin 
Johansen, Franz 

Johnson, Eldred A. 
Jorgensen, Eleanor 
Keeler, J. J. 
Kimball, Edwin R- 
King, Alma W. 
Knell, Lee 
Kohler, Marion 

Kendo, Eleanor S. 
Kopp, Harold W. 
Larsen, Vernon W. 
Larson, Clinton F. 
Larson, Gustive O. 
Laycook, Harold R. 
Laycock, Ralph G. 

Layton, Robert L. 
Leake, Robert L. 
Lee, Harold W. 
Lewis, R. Celdon 
Lewis, Stella D. 
Mabey, Melvin P. 
Madson, Parke 

Maeser, Georgia 
Magleby, Ward H. 
Martin, Thomas L. 
Mason, James A. 
McBride, Joy 
McConkie, Don L. 
Mecham, Merlin J. 

Meibos, Richard L. 
Melville, Keith 
Memmott, Evan J. 
Mercer, Winston 
Mikkelsen, Seymour 
Miller, Elva K. 
Miller, Martin L. 

Mitchell, Albert O. 
Moffit, J. C. 
Monson, Darrell J. 
Monson, Samuel C. 
Morley, Alonzo J. 
Morrill, A. Reed 
Munk, Lorene 

1 J*. £. 










Murdock, Joseph R. 
Nash, William V. 
Nelson, Elmer E. 
Nelson, Glen T. 
Nelson, K. Leroi 
Nelson, Keith, Capt. 
Nibley, Hugh W. 

Nicholes, Henry J. 
Nicholes, Joseph K. 
Nielsen, Alfred, T/Sgt. 
Nielsen, Fred K. 
Nielson, Howard C. 
Nielsen, Lorna R. 
Nordgren, Quentin R. 

Olpin, J. Lloyd 
Olson, Ernest L. 
Oniki, Mary 
Ord, John E. 
Orrock, Scott G. 
Owens, Joseph 
Packer, Boyd K. 

Parker, Clyde A. 
Parkinson, Blaine 
Parsons, Mary Helen 
Payne, John W. 
Perry, Dale C. 
Peterson, Dean A. 
Peterson, Hugh W. 

Pierce, Guy 
Plass, Hyrum 
Poison, J. Perry 
Porter, LeRoy E. 
Potter, Norma 
Poulson, M. Wilford 
Purdy, Victor W. 

Rasband, Mima 
Ray, Ernest, M/Sgt. 
Reeder, Jesse W. 
Reimschiissel, Ernest 
Rich, Russell 
Rich, Naoma 
Rich, Owen S. 

Richards, Grand S. 
Rickenbach, Dean 
Ricks, Eldin 
Rigby, Avard A. 
Rigby, J. Keith 
Robinson, Donald 
Robison, Clarence F. 

Rogers, Sadie 
Rogers, Lewis M. 
Rollins, Boyd C. 
Rollins, Ralph L. 
Romney, Antone K. 
Sardoni, Lawrence W. 
Schlindler. Ruth P. 

Sheffield, Sherman B. 
Shumway, R. Phil 
Simmerman, Gerald M. 
Simmons, Elbert R. 
Simonsen, John M. 
Smart, Lyman F. 
Smiley, Dorothy 

Smith, Carol T. 
Smith, Jay M. Jr. 
Smith, Robert J. 
•Smith, Wilford E. 
Snell, William H. 
Snow, Don 
Soffe, H. Wayne 



Lectures entail detailed preparation. 

Meeting university guests is important. 

Sparks, LeRoy 
Spears, Irene O. 
Stansfield, Russell 
Statham, Homer G. 
Stevensen, Helen 
Stewart, George 
Storrs, D. Leon 

Struthers, Robert E 
Stutz, Howard C. 
Swensen, Beulah S. 
Swehson, Russel B. 
Symons, JosepH N. 
Tanner, Orea B. 
Tanner, Wilmer W. 

Taylor, Barbara Jane 
Taylor, Celestia I. 
Taylor, Charles 
Taylor, Darrel 
Taylor, Ethelyn P. 
Taylor, Lyn n D. 
Terry, Elvis 

Thomas, Robert K. 
Tingey, Dale 
Tolman, James R. 
Trost, Lucile 
Tucker, John W. 
Turner, Glen H. 
Tyndall, Clarence 

Valentine, Lee B. 
Vernon, Leo P. 
Van Noy, Jay 
Wakefield, Anna S. 
Wallace, Lulu 
Waterstradt, Jean Anne 
Watts, Stanley H. 

Webb, Fredrick N. 
Weinzinger, Kurt 
Wengreen, Earl 
West, Dale H. 
Weston, Donna M. 
Whitaker, W. O. 
White, J. Morgan 

Whiteford, June 
Wickes, Harry E. 
Wilcox, Ray T. 
Wilkes, William 
WiUden, William K. 
Wilkinson, Frank R. 
Wilkins, Ernest J. 



I— ->! 

Woodward, Ralph 

Wilson, Annette 
Wilson, Marguerite 
Wiser, Wendell H. 
Witbeok, Alan R. 
Wood, Glena D. 
Wood, Stephen L. 
Woodbury, Lael J. 

Snarf candidate Lynn McKinlay glares at student entering the classroom alter the bell had rung. 


Faculty Activities 

Attendance at university devotionals is a weekly faculty habit. 

AFROTC classes find uniformed class instructors at 
the stand. 

Spending long hours of preparation entails research and 
thought on the information to be presented during class time 
lectures. Contribution of the faculty members includes facts 
and figures from thousands of volumes. 



Orchestra drummer watches conductor tensely. 


Popular assembly speaker, Mark E. Petersen, meets students after 

On way to receive coveted parchments, seniors mirror expectancy. 

Assembly performer speaks in three dimensions. 

Mr. Gunch, would you like an introduction to 
the girl sitting by you? 



Bender, Russell M. 
Borg, Rosemary 
Breitenstein, Frank V. 
Buchmiller, John J. 
Butterfield, Thomas Kent 
Casper, Leon B. 
Chi, Youn Wol 
Coleman, Jackie 

Dyer, Bruce Thomas 
Coy, Joyce Kay 
DaGrade, Don 
Emory, Jonia Ann 
Graff, Brittemarte Claudia 
Hall, Stanley 
Hansen, H. Kimball 
Hardy, Blaine Carmon 

Hayes, Darwin L. 
Hilton, H. Gill 
Hilton, W. Bruce 
Hoover, Kelvin 
Hunter, Margaret 
Hyun, Cho Jong 
Ihrig, Marshall L., Jr. 
Ivie, Morrel W. 

James, Dean Frederick 
Jenkins, Eldon E 
Jenkins, Marvin J. 
Jones, Howard 
Josephson, John C. 
Knudson, Sandra 
Lillywhite, Fem 
Loveridge, Neil L. 

McAIfee, Jerry H. 
McLane, Dale B. 
Martin, Ellen 
Moon, Harold 
Norri, Hossein 
Phillips, Blaine C. 
Pomeroy, Lucille T. 
Rhodes, Dan D. 

Rhodes, Ronald L. 
Ro, Jai Bong 
Shaw, Weilding T. 
Shim, Bok Suk 
Stones, Frances A. 
Strawn, Alfred L. 
Swade, Richard H. 
Taylor, Bruce J. 

Taylor, James S. 
Tiffany, Ronald Ray 
Troen, Roger Smith 
Tung, Grace Yuan Hui 
Walton, Wilbur 
Wasden, Michael Dale 
Whitman, Charles 
Webb, Armond Paul 

Whitney, Marcia 
Woodring, Thomas M. 
Wrathall, Jay W. 
Yang, Kwang Nam 
Yang, Linda Ching-Tze 

Well, would it help my grade if I came in nights and mopped 


Allred, Garth W. 
Andersen, Paul G. 
Anderson, Richard C. 
Bartley, Bill J. 
Basse!!, Ramon Eugene 
Beazer, Duane 
Bills irom. Richard A. 

Berge, Wayne K. 
Buchanan, RandaD J. 
Cartwright, Mary Jean 
Cho, Yanglai 
Chrislensen, David E. 
Christiansen, Kent M. 
Crowley, Lionel 

Croft, Merlin R. 
Curtis, DeMar H. 
Ferrell, James R. 
Finlayson, Joseph Carl 
Fuller, Ramon C. 
Ganus, Perry G. 

Gardner, Eldon Claire 
Gomm, Kenneth Lester 
Gossett, Dan 
Grover, Wells A. 
Hansen, Klaus J. 
Harris, Evelyn Murray 
Harrison, Parry Debss 

Hatch, George W. 
Hill, Paul M. 
Hilton, Clesse S. 
Hinkson, Jimmy W. 
Ho, Ki Sung 
Hobbs, M. Odell 
Hodges, Jere D. 

Hovenier, Peter J. 
Huff, Edward C. 
Hunter, Louis George Jr. 
Jackson, Harold L. 
Jacobs, G. Richard 
Jamison, Ronald Dee 
Johansen, Sherman Allen 

Jorgensen, Hal 
Kapp, Jack R. 
Linebarger, Robert N. 
Lowder, Do n L. 
Loy, Henry Leland 
Marble, Glen B. 
Markman, Stanley 

Miller, William A. 
Moyle, Richard W. 
Musig, Morris D. 
Pace, Ronald T. 
Pedersen, Daxhl 
Pendleton, Lynn 
Prescott, Max W. 

Richardson, Jay 
Safsten, Robert 
Schultz, Ronald William 

.^^ < V 



ALLRED, Garth W., Ger.; ANDERSEN, Paul G. ; ANDER- 
SON, Richard C, Chem.; BARTLEY, Bill J., Chem.; BAS- 
SETT, Ramon Eugene, Civ. Eng.; BEAZER, Duane, Eng.; 
BILLSTROM, Richard A., Elec. Eng.; BERGE, Wayne K., 
CHO, Yanglai, Phys.; CHRISTENSEN, David E., Elec. Eng.; 
CHRISTIANSEN, Kent M., Pers. & Guid.; CROWLEY, Lionel, 
Eng.; CROFT, Merlin R., Mkt.; CURTIS, DeMar H., Entom.; 
FERRELL, James R., Eng.; FINLAYSON, Fred C, Mech. 
Eng.; FREE, Joseph Carl, Mech. Eng.; FULLER, Ramon C, 
Mus. Eheo.; GANUS, Perry G.; GARDNER, Eldon Claire, 
Civ. Eng.; GOMM, Kenneth Lester, Mech. Eng.; GOSSETT, 
Dan; GROVER, Wells A., Acct.; HANSEN, Klaus J., Hist.; 
HARRIS, Evelyn Murray, Mus.; HARRISON, Parry Deloss, 
Civ. Eng.; HATCH, George W., Elec. Eng.; HILL, Paul M., 
Sp.; HILTON, Clesse S., Ed. Adm.; HINKSON, Jimmy W., 
Ms.; HO, Ki Sung; HOBBS, M. Odell, Bio. Chem.; HODGES, 
Jere D.; Hovenier, Peter J., Ed. Adm.; HUFF, Edward G; 
HUNTER, Louis George Jr., Mech. Eng.; JACKSON, Harold 
L., Elec. Eng.; JACOBS, G. Richard, Elec. Eng.; JAMISON, 
Ronald Dee, Math.; JOHANSEN, Sherman Allen, Ed. & 
Adm.; JORGENSEN, Hal. Ed.; KAPP, Jack R., Mec. Eng.; 
LINEBARGER, Robert N., Elec. Eng. & Math.; LOWDER, 
Don L., Mec. Eng.; LOY, Henry Leland, Eng.; MARBIE, 
Glen B., Hist.; MARKMAN, Stanley, Civ. Eng.; MILLER, 
William A., Zool.; MOYLE, Richard W., Geol.; MUSIG, 
Morris D., Fine Arts; PACE, Ronald T., An. Hus.; PEDER- 
SEN, Darhl, Psych.; PENDLETON, Lynn, Chem.; PRESCOTT, 
Max W., Geol.; RICHARDSON, Jay, Psych.; SAFSTEN, 
Robert, Hist; SCHULTZ, Ronald William, Hist.; SEARLE, 
Inez S., Pers. 6, Guid.; SLATER, Paul, Phys. Ed.; SMITH, 
Grant B., Psych.; SMITH, Ronald Gary, Mech. Eng.; SOR- 
ENSEN, Don R., Pre-den.; SORENSEN, Donald, Pers. & 
Guid.; SPILSBURY, Jewel Ann, Elem. Ed.; STEPHENS, Larry 
T.; Elec. Eng.; STEPP, Jessie Anne, Ed. Inst.; STEWART, 
David, Chem. Eng.; STUART, Nathan J., Elec. Enug.; SUL- 
LIVAN, Ralph J.; SWENSEN, Adolph LeRoy; TAYSOM, 
Lloyd P., Lot.; WHITE, Ballard T.; WHITE, Leland D., Ent.; 
WILLIAMS, Dwayne A., Mac. Eng.; WILLIAMS, James F., 
Elec. Eng.; WORTHINGTON, Keith; YOUNG, Dora Jean; 
ZILLNER, Melva Ann, Ger. 

Searle, Inez A. 
Staler, Paul 
Smith, Grant B. 

Smith, Ronald Gary 
Sorensen, Dan R. 
Sorensen, Donald 

Spilsbury, Jewel Ann 
Stephens, Larry T. 
Stepp, Jessie Anne 

Stewart, David 
Stuart, Nathan J. 
Sullivan, Ralph J. 

Swensen, Adolph LeRoy 
Taysom, Lloyd P. 
White, Ballard T. 

White, Leland D. 
Williams, Dwayne A. 
Williams, James F. 

Worthington, Keith 
Young, Dora Jean 
Zillner, Melva Ann 

^ jl^v ^^rs 

All eyes are on Prof. Woodward as he directs orchestra. Drummer warms up before assembly. 








Every senior who is graduated from the Brigham Young 
University and every freshman enrolled is helped by 
the activities of the Senior Class organization. During 
the last week of spring quarter, known as Senior Week, 
the class plans the Senior Testimonial and the final 
trek around the Alma Mater for those graduating. The 
Senior Class also presents the last assembly of the 
year and sponsors the Senior Ball. The Class also 
plans ahead for the onrush of freshman, who are con- 
ducted through orientation exercises and are made ac- 
quainted with the university, thus instilling into the 
new students the traditions of the school. 

Concentration on the job in hand 

Missing no move of the act. 

A step toward graduation. 


Studying the basis of good health. 

Class officers take the oath of office, with a 
full realization of duties and requirements. 

Senior Class officers, Presi- 
dent O. Nilo Atkinson (cen- 
ter), Patricia Lee Olsen (left) 
and Ann Jones, Vice Presi- 
dent, directed activities 
throughout the year. 



R35.H SUES 5- 

Andrus, Gary T. 
Atkinson, Eunece 
3ailey, Barbara Maurine 
Barratt, Marilyn June 
Birks, Orval Jay 
Bischoff, Gordon K. 
Blume, Patricia Ellen 
Brown, Kay Maureen 

Brooks, Karl 
Burrell, Janice 
Call, Fred 
Calvert, William J. 
Camargo, Anthony C. 
Carlisle, Ivan James 
Cheney, Jack G. 
Christensen, Bruce J. 

Conder, Donald A. 
Christensen, Roy E. 
Ferguson, Roy Grant 
Froneberger, Mickye Clark 
Gardner, W. Dallin 
Gines, Margaret 
Gould, Phyllis Irene 
Griffin, Vivian Irene 

Grimshaw, Barbara 
Grotegut, David A. 
Guyman, Duane S. 
Guyon, Karen 
Hague, Barbara Davis 
Haliord, Harold 
Hall, Nadine 
Hall, Richard E. 

Hall, Ralph Lynn 
Halladay, Kay Ellene 
Heath, Lucile S. 
Holcombe, Jarette 
Hull, Janis 
Hunt, Judith Ann 
Jensen, Sharon Marie 
Ivie, Boyd R. 

Kennedy, Tom Hartford 
Kinnear, John G. 
Kofiard, Jerald Dick 
Layton, H. Ray 
Martin, Corene 
Mason, Leslie G. 
Montgomery, Paul D. 
Mason, Sterling 

Moody, Dorene Nell 
Moody, Joan 
Moon, Marilyn 
Munson, C. Lydia 
Murphy, Floyd M. 
Neilson, Fred 
Olson, Phyllis Karlene 
Pinegar, Rex Dee 

Orme, Kathiyn 
Phelps, Shirley 
Schreiner, Merle A. 
Smith, Irving De 
Smith, Reva Alice 
Steele, Edris 
Stephenson, Merene 
Squires, David 

Stevens, Patricia 
Stock, Janice Irene 
Strong, Carol 
Summerhays, Dawnyse 
Swalnston, Colleen 
Tenney, Sally Richter 
Teuscher, DeLoy 
Thomas, Beverly Brady 

Thomas, Darrell B. 
Thornton, Fred E. 
Uyeda, Mariorie 
Vance, Loretta 
Van Den Waal, lohn D. 
Vaughn, Lois 
Wahlquist, Wayne L. 
Zollinger, Janice 

Wamick, Boyd L. 
West, Emerson R. 
Wilcox, Stan F. 
Wilding, Dixie Lee 
Wilding, Ruth Jeanette 
Williamson, H. Richard 
Woodward, John D. 
Wood, Dorothy Rockwood 




ANDRUS, Gary T., Soa; ATKINSON. Eunece, Elem. Ed.; 
BAILEY, Barbara, Elem. Ed.; BARRATT, Marilyn, Off. 
Man.; BIRKS, Orval, Acct.; BISCHOFF, Gordon, Agron.; 
BLUME, Patricia, Phys. Ed.; BROOKS, Karl, Sec. Ed.; 
BROWN, Kay, Horn. Mak. Ed.; BURRELL, Janice, Horn. Ed.; 
CALL, Fred, Ed.; CALVERT, William, Span.; CAMARGO, 
Anthony, Ind, Man.; CARLISLE, Ivan, Mkt.; CHENEY, Jack, 
Zool.; CHRISTENSEN, Bruce, Acct.; CHRISTENSEN, Roy, 
Acct.; CONDER, Donald, Bus. Ed.; FERGUSON, Roy, Ed.; 
FRONEBERGER, Mickey, Elem. Ed.; GARDNER, Dallin, 
Ind. Mang.; GEE, Kenneth, Hist.; GINES, Margaret, Elem. 
Ed.; GOULD, Phyllis, Elem. Ed.; GRIFFIN, Vivian, Soa; 
GRIMSHAW, Barbara, Sec. Ed.; GROTEGUT, David; 
GUYMAN, Duane, Agron.; GUYON, Karen, Eng.; HAGUE 
Barbara; HALFORD, Harold, Ace; HALL, Nadine, Journ.; 
HALL, Ralph, Agron.; HALL, Richard; HALLADAY, Kay; 
HANKS, Charles, Econ.; HANSEN, Myra, Elem. Ed.; HART, 
Keith, Mkt.; HAWLEY, Lois, Sec; HEATH, Lucile, Elem. 
Eo.; HECHT, Harry; HOLCOMBE, Jarette, Int. Dec; HOL- 
TOM, Gary, Phys. Ed.; HULL, Janis, Pol. Sci.; HUNT, Ju- 
dith, Elem. Ed.; HYDE, Edna, Soa; IVIE, Boyd, Elem. Ed.; 
IVIE, Richard, Sec. Ed.,- JACKSON, Colleen; JENSEN, Ar- 
thur, Mkt.; JENSEN, Galen, Eng.; JENSEN, Sharon, Elem. 
Ed.; KENNEDY, Tom, Soa; KINNEAR, John, Journ.; KOF- 
FORD, Jerald, Mkt.; LAYTON, Ray, Acct.; MARTIN, Cor- 
ene, Journ.; MASON, Leslie, Hist.; MASON, Sterling, 
Math.; MONTGOMERY, Paul, Mus. Ed.; MOODY, Dorene, 
Phys. Ed.; MOODY, Joan; MOON, Marilyn, Art; MUNSON, 
Lydia, Ed.; MURPHY, Floyd, Mus. Ed.; NEILSON, Fred; 
OLSON, Phyllis, Elem. Ed.; ORME, Kathryn; PHELPS, Shir- 
ley, Bus. Ed.; PINEGAR, Rex, Elem. Ed.; RAGSDALE, 
Donald, An. Hus.; RATHER, Barbara, Elem. Ed.; ROB- 
BINS, Donna; SCHENK, Marilyn; SCHIESS, Leora; 
SCHREINER, Merle, Elem, Ed.; SMITH, Irving, Ind. Arts; 
SMITH, Reva, Bus. Ed.; SQUIRES, David, Sec. Ed.; STEELE, 
Edris, Elem. Ed.; STEPHENSON, Merene, Bus. Ed.; STE- 
VENS, Patricia, Latin; STOCK, Janice; STRONG, Carol; 
SUMMERHAYS, Dawnyse, Elem. Ed.; SWAINSTON, Col- 
leen; TENNEY, Sally, Elem. Ed.; TERRY, David, Zool. Pre- 
Med.; TEUSCHER, DeLoy, Soa; THACKER, Fay, Chem.; 
THOMAS, Beverly, Ed.; THOMAS, Darrell, Ed. Soa; 
THORNTON, Fred, Mkt.; UYEDA, Marjorie, Soa; VANCE, 
Lorretta, Elem. Ed.; VAN DER WAAL, John, Pol. Sci.; 
VAUGHN, Lois, Bus. Ed.; WAHLQUIST, Wayne; WAR- 
NICK, Boyd, Econ.; WEST, Emerson, Soa; WILCOX, Stan, 
Ed.; WILDING, Dixie, Home Eo.; WILDING, Ruth, Elem. 
Ed.; WILLIAMSON, Richard, Mkt.; WOOD, Dorothy, Elem. 
Ed.; WOODWARD, John; WRAY, Gerald, Ind. Mang.; 
ZAUGG, Waldo, Chem.; ZOLLINGER, Janice, Home Ed.; 

Gee, Kenneth V. 
Hansen, Myra Margaret 
Hanks, Charles W. 

Hart, Keith C. 
Hawley, Lois 
Heicht, Harry G. 

Holtom, Gary S. 

Ivie, Richard O. 

Hyde, Edna Lou Stratford 

Jackson, L. Colleen 
Jensen, Galen E. 
Jensen, Arthur Robert 

Ragsdale, Donald 
Robbins, Donna Jo 
Rather, Barbara Carol 

Schenk, Marilyn 
Schiess, Leora 
Terry, David R. 

Thacker, Fay Weldon 
Wray, Gerald N. 
Zaugg, Waldo S. 


Professors get varied expressions from students. 

Before my next class I'll just rest my eyes . 





Ahlberg, Clinton Ray 
Bailey, Janice C. 
Ballard, Avis Marie 
Barton, Greta J. 
Bishop, Dean Angus 
Brown, Lora Lee 
Bullock, Gerald Anderson 
Burningham, Richard Wesley 

Call. Owen 
Call. Rodney F. 
Carter. Annette 
Case, Glenn A. 
Chalk. David N. 
Chamberlain, Kelton L. 
Charles, Marlene Jatricia 
Chantry. Earl Oyde 

Cheney, Cleone Hurren 
Coultas, Reginald H. 
Covey, Barbara 
Covington, Oral 
Critchlow, Larry W. 
Davenport, Sandra L. 
Echols, Velna Jean 
Despain, Faith 

Elmer, Theodore 
Emmons, Elmer L. 
Erickson, Carl H. 
Fife, Janice 
Fisher, Karin 
Flake, Nena Venice 
Flygare, Patricia 
Freeman, Carol Ann 

Fowles, Robert L 
Gilger, Marilyn 
Grant, Richard G. 
Greenwood, Carina Mae 
Greenwood, Carol 
Greenwood. Dennis J. 
Gubler, Audrey Iris 
Hales, George G. 

Hansen, Ray 
Harper, Kimball Taylor 
Hatch, Maurleen E. 
Higbee, Joseph Marvin 
Hill. Keith A. 
Howard, Virginia 
Howe, Allie 
Howell, Devon 

Hughart, Betty 
Ingersoll, Maryl 
Jeffs, W. Craig 
Johansen, Jerald R. 
Tohnson. Beth Louise 
Johnson, Rita 
Kerby, Connie 
Joyce, Jack A. 

Kimball, LeGrand Parley 
Kimball, Sylvia Jane 
King, Norman E. 
Kirk. LaRae 
Larson, Dean 
Law, Wesley R. 
Lawrence, Louise 
McAlister, Nancy Elizabeth 

Le Var, Lila Lee 
Morley, Gayle L 
Moye, Lois Marilyn 
Murdock, Thomas J. 
Naylor, Helen 
Nelson, Richard H. 
Oldroyd Thomas T. 
Oliphant, Roland Elgin 

Orchard, William P. 
Oxendine, Peggy 
Pedersen, Melvin Lamar 
Perkins, Nancy Carlston 
Phillips, Marie 
Powell, Arlene 
Powless, Mary E. 
Robison, Wilbur Gerald 

Rasband, Karma 
Rock, Kenneth Heber 
Rothe, Ruth 
Roundy, Vemon D. 
Rowley, Ralph 
Saling. Doris Darlene 
Stanger, Ronald Ray 
Smith, Elizabeth Ann 


AHLBERG, Clinton, Hist.; BAILEY, Janice, Mus. App.; 
BALLARD, Avis, Phys. Ed.; BARTON, Greta, Elem. Ed.; 
BISHOP, Dean, Indus. Arts; BLACK, Kathryn, Elem. Ed.; 
BROWN, Lora, Soa; BULLOCK, Gerald, French; BURN- 
INGHAM, Richard, Mkt.; CALL, Owen, Psych.; CALL, 
Rodney, Indus. Mang.; CARTER, Annette. Eng.; CASE, 
Glenn, Elem. Ed.; CHADWICK, Charlotte, Home Ed.; 
CHALK, David, Ed.; CHAMBERLAIN, Kelton, Ind. Arts; 
CHANTRY, Earl, Soa; CHARLES, Marlene, Math.; CHENEY, 
Cleone, Music; COULTAS, Reginald, Music; COVEY. Bar- 
bara, Elem. Ed.; COVINGTON, Oral, Geol.; CRITCHLOW. 
Larry. Acct.; DAVENPORT, Sandra, Elem. Ed.; DESPAIN, 
Faith, Soa; DIXON, James, Speech & Hear.; ECHOLS, 
Velna, Soa; EDWARD, Brent, Ag. Econ.; EIMER, Theodore; 
EMMONS, Elmer, Scouting Ed.; ERICKSON, Carl. Physics; 
EVANS, Jean, Bus. Ed.; FIFE, Janice, Elem. Ed.; FISHER, 
Karin, Elem. Ed.; FLAKE, Nena, Off. Man.; FLYGARE, 
Patricia, Bact.; FOWLES, Robert, Elem. Ed.; FREEMAN, 
Carol, Elem. Ed.; GILGER, Marilyn, Elem-. Ed.; GRANT, 
Richard, Elea Eng.; GREENWOOD, Carma; GREENWOOD. 
Carol, Elem. Ed.; GREENWOOD, Dennis; GUBLER, Audrey, 
Hdfr.; HALES, George, Zool.; HANSEN, Ray, Math.; 
HARPER, Kimball, Agron.; HATCH, Maurleen, Elem. Ed.; 
HEALEY, David, Eng.; HIGBEE, Joseph, Phys. Ed.; HILL, 
Keith, Engin.; HOWARD, Virginia, Elem. Ed.; HOWE, Al- 
lie, Eng.; HOWELL, Devon, Soa; HUGHART, Betty, Elem. 
Ed.; INGERSOLL, Maryl, Phys. Ed.; JEFFS, Craig, Geol.; 
Rita, Elem. Ed.; JOYCE, Jack, Bus. Ed.; KERBY, Connie; 
KIMBALL, LeGrand, Mkt.; KIMBALL, Sylvia, Hem. Ed.; 
KING, Norman, Public Speak.; KIRK, LaRae, Bus. Ed.; 
LARSON, Dean, P. E.; LAW, Wesley, Hist.; LAWRENCE, 
Louise, Elem. Ed.; LE VAR, Lila; McALISTER, Nancy, Bus. 
Ed.; McKEAN, Joie, Health Ed.; McPHIE, Janine, Bus. Ed.; 
MORLEY, Gayle, Physics; MOYE, Lois, Hdfr; MURDOCK, 
Thomas; NAYLOR, Helen, Elem. Ed.; NELSON, Richard, 
Sec. Ed.; OLDROYD, Thomas, Geol.; OLIPHANT, Roland, 
Sea Ed.; ORCHARD, William, Acct.; OXENDINE, Peggy, 
Elem. Ed.; PEDERSEN, Melvin, Art; PERKINS, Nancy, 
Hdfr; PHILLIPS, Marie, Bus. Ed.; POLLOCK, LaMoine, Ind- 
Arts; POWELL, Arlene, Home Ea; POWLESS, Mary, Hist.; 
RASBAND. Karma, Hist.; RASMUSSEN, Carol, Elem. Ed.; 
RILEY, David, Anim. Hus.; ROBISON, Bryant, Mkt.; ROBI- 
SON, Wilbur, Zool.; ROCK, Kenneth, Acct.; ROTHE, Ruth. 
Home Ed.; ROUNDY, Vernon, P. E.; ROWLEY, Ralph. 
Indus. Arts; SALING, Doris, Home Ed.; SANDGREN, Vivi, 
Elem. Ed.; SMITH, Eleana, Soa; SMITH, Elizabeth, Acct.; 
SMITH, Terry, Indus. Manag.; STANGER, Ronald, Pol. 
Sci.; STEENECK, Annette, Elem. Ed.; STEPP, Caroline, 
Zool.; TAYLOR, Kent, Mkt.; THOMAS, Marcile, Hist.; 
WOOD, Fem, Elem. Ed.; WURSTEN, John, Bact. 

Black, Kathryn E. 
Chadwick, Charlotte L. 
Edward, J. Brent 

Dixon, James D. 
Healey, David Winn 
Evan9, Jean 

McKean, Joie E. 
Pollock, LaMoine 
McPhie, Janine 

Rasmussen, Carol Lois 
Riley, David lonathan 
Sandgren, Vivi Ann 

Robison, Bryant W. 
Smith, Teny Alan 
Smith, Eleana 

Steeneck, Annette L. 

Taylor, B. Kent 

Stepp, Caroline Frances 

Thomas, Marcile Kozette 
Wursten, John 
Wood, Fem 

This joke was funny to my classes last quarter. One of the performances on a student assembly. 




"^^npifi f^ '*ji| ^TP 

iffii ^i si Si 

Abegg, Myrlon B. 
Andersen, C. Paul 
Andrus, Irva Pralt 
Benson, Richard J. 
Booth, Joan 

Chamberlain, Jonathan M. 
Christiansen, Howard D. 
Crismon, Leo Eugene 

Collett. Carol Luana 
Croft, Mary Katherine 
Crookston, Lenore 
Cullimore, Sandra Vemee 
Dahlin, Kenneth 
Davis, Raymond L. 
Duerden, Frosty E. 
Fairholm, Gilbert 

Durrani, Jeanne 
Fenre, Carl M. 
Field, Ray Arvid 
Flanary, Howard L 
Foremaster, Mary Alice 
Fcxley, Billy Sears 
Fritz, Sharon 
Frei, Marlene 

Frost, Jack 

Gabbott, Connie Ann 
Garrison, William L. 
Gines, Ralph J. 
Goodrich, JoAnn 
Goulding, W. LaRel 
Hansen, Jean 
Greaves, Karren 

Hansen, R. Lee 
Harris, Sharon Kaye 
Haslem, Verl 
Hawkins, Spencer James 
Hepworth, Marva 
Hillier. David B. 
Johns, Geneve 
lohnson, Arva 

Johnson, Beth Lynne 
Johnson, Bonna Jean 
Johnson, James Alan 
Johnson, Nancy E. 
Johnstone, Marilyn Grace 
Jones, Nadene 
Kershaw, Gloria 
Jones, Ruth Junene 

King, Kent William 
Kirkendall, Hugh R. 
Koshell, Dianne Ethone 
Larsen, Janice 
Lee, David A. 
Madsen, Mary Lou 
Matsen, John 
McBride, Diane 

Maurer, David W. 
Mellor, Letha 
Merkley, Harvey 
Mitchell, Charles R. 
Mitchell, K. Clark 
Bott, Dean Garold 
Nelson, Neil F. 
Oswald, Shirlene 

Overacker, Robert R. 
Pearson, Alcriff Joseph 
Pemberton, George Stanley 
Pennock, Robert E. 
Perry- Devem 
Pyper, James W. 
Ross, Sherrill 
Schloss, Fred W. 

Simmons, Ernest William 
Smith, Burke M. 
Smith, Sue E. 
Terry, Hilton Reed 
Thayne, Rulon L 
Wardleigh, Helen 
Wathen, Boyd J. 
Waters, Max L, 

Waymire, Katherine 
Webber, Kay Brockbank 
Webster, Lorraine 
Webster, Sharon 
Welles, Aleese 
Willden, Jerome R. 
Willich, Theodore IJI 
Wilson, Winifred Puainahau 




ABEGG, Myrlon, Elem. Ed.; ANDERSON. C. Paul, Sp. & 
Dra.; ANDRUS, Irva, Elem. Ed.; ANDRUS, Roman, Fine 
Arts; BENSON, Richard, Econ.; BEST, Brian, Sec. Ed.; 
BOOTH, Joan, Elem. Ed.; BRUNDAGE, Joe, Chem.; CARL- 
SON, Bill, Acct.; CHAMBERLAIN, Jonathan, Eng.; CHRIS- 
TIANSEN, Howard, Agron.; COLLETT. Carol, Arch.; COR- 
NIA, Ross, An. Hus.; CRISMON, Leo; CROFT, Mary, Hmkg. 
Ed.; CROOKSTON, Lenore, Elem. Ed.; CROWLEY, Edmund, 
Pre-Med.; CULLIMORE, Sandra, Bact.; DAHLIN, Kenneth, 
Elem. Ed.; DAVIS, Raymond, Ind. Arts; DUERDEN, Frosty, 
Elem. Ed.; DURRANT, Jeanne; FAIRHOLM, Gilbert, Pub. 
Ad.; FERRE, Carl, Pol. Sci.; FIELD, Ray; FLANARY, How- 
ard, Psych.; FOREMASTER, Mary, Elem. Ed.; FOXLEY, 
Billy; FREI, Harlene, Elem. Ed.; FRITZ, Sharon, Elem. Ed.; 
FROST, Jack. Hist.; GABBOTT, Connie, Elem. Ed.; GAR- 
RISON, William, Ind. Arts; GINES, Ralph, Acct.; GOOD- 
RICH, JoAnn, Bus. Ed.; GOULDING, W. LaRel, Sec. Ed.; 
GREAVES, Kan-en, Elem. Ed.; HANSEN, Jean, Homkg. Ed.; 
HANSEN, R. Lee, Chem.; HARRIS, Sharon, Journ.; HAS- 
LEM, Verl, Fin. & Bank.; HAWKINS, Spencer, Sec. Ed.; 
HEPWORTH, Marva, Elem. Ed.; HILLIER, David, Spch.; 
JOHNS, Geneve, Food & Nut.; JOHNSON, Arva, Elem. Ed.; 
JOHNSON, Beth, Homkg. Ed.; JOHNSON, Bonna, French; 
JOHNSON, James, Acct.; JOHNSON, Nancy, Sec. Ed.; 
JOHNSTONE, Marilyn, Fr. Ed.; JONES, Nadene, Elem. Ed.; 
JONES, Ruth, Ed.; KERSHAW, Gloria, Elem. Ed.; KING, 
Kent, Acct.; KIRKENDALL, Hugh, Ed.; KOSHELL, Dianne, 
Mus. Ed.; LARSEN, Janice, Soc; LEE, David, Sec. Ed.; 
MADSEN, Mary Lou, Elem. Ed.; MATSEN, John, Zool.; 
MAURER, David, Soc; McBRIDE, Diane, Fam. Liv.; McKAY, 
Barrie, Acct.; MELLOR, Letha, Homkg. Ed.; MERKLEY, 
Harvey, Pre-Law; MERRILL, LaVaun, Chem. Ed.; MITCH- 
ELL, Charles. Bact.; MITCHELL, K. Clark, Mkt.; MOTT, 
Dean, Hem. Ed.; NELSON, Niel, Acct.; NORTH, James, 
Zool.; OGBORN, Alton, Math.,- OLSEN, Pat, Elem. Ed.; 
OSWALD, Shirlene, Dance; OVERACKER, Robert, Hist.; 
PEARSON, Alaiff, Spch, Corr.; PEMBERTON, George, Sec. 
Ed.; PENNOCK, Robert, Bact.; PERRY, Devern, Bus. Ed.; 
PHILIPS, Victor; PYPER, James, Chem.; ROSS, Sherrill, 
Acct.; RUTTER, Jesse, Acct.; SCHLOSS, Fred, Acct.; SIM- 
MONS, Ernest, Econ.; SMITH, Burke, German; SMITH, Sue, 
Acct.; STEVENS, Marilyn, Acct.; STOFFEL, Mary, Elem. 
Ed.; SWENSON, Nancy, Elem. Ed.; TAUSSIG, Charlene, 
Psych.; TERRY, Hilton; THACKER, Myrle, Elem. Ed.; 
THAYNE, Rulon, Pol. Sci.; WAKEFIELD, Thomas, Ind. Arts; 
WARDLEIGH, Helen, Eng.; WARNER, Nadine, Art; 
WATERS, Max, Bus. Ed.; WATHEN, Boyd, Mkt.; WAY- 
MIRE, Katherine, Elem. Ed.; WEBBER, Kay, Psych.; WEB- 
STER, Lorraine, Ed.; WEBSTER, Sharron, Eng.; WELCH, 
Ervil, Off. Ad.; WELLES, Aleese, Journ.; WILLDEN, Jerome, 
Art. Ed.; WILLICH, Theodore, Ag. Ec. & An. Hus.; WIL- 
SON, Winifred, Elem. Ed. 

Andrus, Roman R. (Ray) 
Brundage, Joe R. 
Best, Brian S. 

Carlson, Bill 
Cornia, Ross H. 
Crowley, Edmund Drew 

McKay, Barrie G. 
Merrill, LaVaun Jr. 
North, James Albert 

Ogborn, Alton F. 

Olsen, Pat 

Phillips, Victor Dee C. 

Rutter, lesse J. 
Stoffel, Mary Alice 
Stevens, Marilyn 

Swenson, Nancy lo 
Taussig, Charlene Chandler 
Thacker, Myrle 

Wakefield, Thomas K. 
Warner, Nadine 
Welch, Ervil W. 



Now I wonder what he's trying to prove by that? 

All together now: one, two, three, kick; one, two 




Arnason, Lynette 
Ash, Owen K. 
Atkin, Mary Lucinda 
Barrett, Bruce Amie 
Barrow, Barbara Joan 
Beach, Roy B. 
Berge, Charles William 
Bertelsen, Delora 

Bergquist, Gordon R- 
Besendorfer, Nancy Joan 
Brady, Anna Grace 
Brown, Lawrence Reed 
Burke, Murland Jay 
Bushnell, Ted Darrell 
Caldwell, Lowell C. 
Callaway, Del 

Cardon, Earl Leon 
Caldwell, Sheila 
Cardon, Ellen 
Chivers, Robert L. 
Christensen, Gayle 
Christian, Karl A. 
Clegg, DaNeil 
Compton, John H. 

Crofts, Steve M. 
Crowley, Carole 
Curtis, Karen 
Davis, Hazel Ruth 
Devey, Beverly 
Eliason, Patricia Ann 
Finch, Richard Henry 
Durrani, Ronald J. 

Gordon, Donald W. 
Griffiths, Jerry Wayne 
Gygi, Wayne Vance 
Halls, William Wood 
Hannig, Gary W. 
Harward, Sherman D. 
Henrie, Patricia 
Harrison, Jane 

Higbee, Sharon 
Jensen, Charlene 
Jeppson, Dolores S. 
Johnston, Carroll M. 
Johnson, Mary Louise 
Kanahele, George S. 
Larsen, Ila M. 
Lasson, Carolyn 

LeBaron, Melvin 
Lillywhite, Karen 
Lindsay, Donald Ray 
Linebarger, Joyce 
Lykins, Chester G. 
MacPherson, Darrell Robert 
Mason, Yerda Ruth 
Mattice, Nan 

Melendez, David 
Misbach, Graham 
Monson, Mary Alice 
Pace, William C. 
Shelley, Long 
Shipp, Sherilyn 
Sidwell, Robert W. 
Slade, Lyle 

Slade, James W. 
Smellie, Marilyn 
Stoddard, Ann 
Taylor, Ronald G. 
Thulin, Carol 
Tribett, James A. 
Trush, John M. 
Tilby, Vincent 

Unger, Gloria Mae 
Webb, Alice 
Weeks, Shirley Lyn 
Wemer, Harold L. 
Werner, Miriam Hopping 
Whaley, Marcella G. 
Wheadon, Ellen 
Whitesides, Gerald O. 

Wilcox, Sonya 
Whiting, Jean Frances 
Wilkinson, Milton J. 
Williams, Myrle 
Winkler, Pauline 
Wong See Bon 
Wright, Jane Bee 
~'- 1 ->riskie, Maurine 




ARNASON, Lynette, Chem.; ASH, Owen. Chem.; ATKIN, 
Mary, Bern. Ed.; BARRETT, Bruce, Mkt.; BARROW, Bar- 
bara, Bus. Ed.; BEACH, Roy, Sec. Ed.; BERGE, Charles, 
Geol.; BERGQUIST, Gordon, Phys. Ed.; BERTELSEN, Delora, 
Hist.; BESENDORFER, Nancy, Hem. Ed.; BRADY, Anna, 
Phys. Ed.; BROWN, Lawrence, Pol. Sci.; BURKE, Murland, 
Mkt.; BUSHNELL, Ted, Fin. and Bnk.; CALDWELL, Lowell, 
Phys. Ed.; CALDWELL, Sheila, Elem. Ed.; CALLAWAY, 
Del, Ind. Mgmt.; CARDON, Earl, Hist.; CARDON, Ellen; 
CHIVERS, Robert, Zool.; CHRISTENSEN, Gayle, H.D.F.R.; 
CHRISTIAN, Karl. Ind. Mgt.; CLEGG, DaNeil, Ed.; COMP- 
TON, John, Soc.; CONRAD, Paul, Agron.; CREER, Diana, 
Sec. Ed.; CROCKETT, Webb, Econ.; CROFTS, Steve, Ind. 
Mgt.; CROWLEY, Carole; CURTIS, Karen, Bus. Ed.; DAVIS, 
Hazel, Bus. Ed.; DEVEY, Beverly, Hmkg. Ed.; DURRANT, 
Ronald, Hem. Ed.; EARL. Micki, Off. Mgmt.; ELIASON, 
PATRICIA, Elem. Ed.; FINCH, Richard, Chem.; GORDON, 
Donald, Phys. Ed.; GRIFFITHS, Jerry, Mktg.; GYGI, Wayne, 
Mktg.; HALLS, William, Chem.; HANNIG, Gary, Sec. Ed.; 
HARRISON, Jane, Eng.; HARWARD, Sherman, Soc. Sec. 
Ed.; HENRIE, Patricia, Mus. Ed.; HIGBEE, Sharon,; JEN- 
SEN, Charlene, Hmkg. Ed.; JEPPSON, Dolores, Ed.; JOHN- 
SON, Mary, Mus. Ed.; JOHNSTON, Carroll, Phys. Ed.; 
KANAHELE, George, Pol. Sci.; LARSEN, Ila, Elem. Ed.; 
LASSON, Carolyn; LE BARON, Melvin, Pol. Sci.; LEWIS, 
Emery, Sec. Ed.; LEWIS, Glen, Ind. Art; ULLYWHITE, 
Karen, H.D.F.R.; LINDSAY, Donald, Phys Ed.; LINEBAR- 
GER, Joyce; LOVELAND, Duane, An. Hus.; LYKINS, Ches- 
ter, Ag. Econ.; LYSENKO, Peter; MACKLEY, Veneta, Elem. 
Ed.; MAC PHERSON, Darrell, Elem. Ed.; MARLOWE, 
Darold, Pre-Med.; MARTIN, Homer, Mktg.; MASON, Yerda, 
Bus. Ed.; MATHEWS, Kristin, Eng.; MATTICE, Nan, Bus. 
Ed.; McCLELLAN, Norene, Sec. Ed.; McCulley, Mary; MEL- 
ENDEZ, David, Pol. Sci.; MISBACH, Graham, Sp.; MON- 
SON, Mary; NIELSON, Ronald, Mktg.; NILSEN, Don. Eng.; 
PACE, William, Agron.; SEIBERT, Charlene, Elem. Ed.; 
SEMADENI, Irene; SHARP, Gay, Soc; LONG, Shelley, 
Hem. Ed.; SHIPP, Sherilyn; SHIRTS, Elmo, Hem. Ed.; 
SHUPE, William, An. Hus.; SIDWELL, Robert, Bad.; 
SLADE, James, Span.; SLADE, Lyle, Geo.; SMHLIE, Mari- 
lyn, Elem. Ed.; STODDARD, Ann, Hem. Ed.; TAYLOR. 
Ronald, Econ.; THULIN, Carol, Hmkg. Ed.; TILBY, Vincent, 
Actg.; TRIBETT. James, Actg.; TRUSH, John, Hist.; UNGER, 
Gloria, H.D.F.R.; WEBB, Alice, Bus. Ed.; WEEKS, Shirley, 
Sp. Ed.; WERNER, Harold, Phys. Ed.; WERNER, Miriam, 
Hmkg. Ed.; WHALEY, Marcella, Journ.; WHEADON, Ellen, 
Ed.; WHITESIDES, Gerald, Acct.; WHITING, Jean, Joum.; 
WILCOX, Sonya, Hem. Ed.; WILKINSON, Milton, Sec. Ed.; 
WILLIAMS, Myrle, Hem. Ed.; WINKLER, Pauline, Phys. 
Ed.; WONG, See, Phys.; WRIGHT, Jane, H.D.F.R.; ZA- 
BRISKIE, Maurine, Eng. 

Conrad, Paul W. 
Crockett, C. Webb 
Creer, Diana 

Earl, Micki 
Lewis, Glen L. 
Lewis, Emery Bowen 

Lysenko, Peter 
Loveland, Duane G. 
Mackley, Veneta 

Marlowe, Darold M. 
Mathews, Kristin 
Martin, Homer V. Jr. 

McClellan, Norene 
Nilsen, Don 
McCulley, Mary Jane 

Nielson, Ronald F. 
Seibert, Charlene 
Semadeni, Irene Alice 

Sharp, Gay 

Shupe, William Dale 

Shirts, Elmo B. 


Maybe if I look as if I'm interested, I'll pass. 

One of the fine student combos plays at a dance. 




Aase, Jan Kristian 
Adams, Joe N. 
Agutter, JoAnn E. 
Alexander, Patricia Ann 
Allan, Barbara 
Allen, Denzel C. 
Armstrong, Glenna 
Allred, Geraldine 

Anderson, Joanne 
Anderson, Paul R. 
Archibald, Vernene 
Berge, John S. 
Bird, Carol B. 
Bolin, Joan Edith 
Bowen, B. Jane 
Beyer, Harmon 

Boyer, Nada 
Bragg, Mary H. 
Briggs, Ernest T. 
Bright, Barry H. 
Brown, Anne 
Brown, Irma 
Brown, Walter Dean 
Bush, Myma D. 

Bryant, Willia Rae 
Bushman, Margaret Ann 
Call, Caryol 
Call, Ivan T. 
Carraway, Clarence O. 
Carter, Margaret C. 
Cattani, Thomas 
Clark, Dan B. 

Clark, Mary B. 
Couzen, Darlene 
Crawford, Vanessa R. 
Daly, Jay W. 
Hanly, Thomas F. 
Harris, VaNieta 
Hiskey, Harold H. 
Jackson, Velma Cherie 

Hodgkinson, Jean 
Johnson, Lynn Eric 
Liebhart, Beverly 
Lorensen, Burton Leroy 
Louder, DarreU R. 
Lovett, Jack R. 
Middaugh, Carma 
Miller, Colin Harris 

Montierth, Gary 
Moon, Patricia 
Moore, Robert A. 
Nelson, Omer Dean 
Nelson, Varr Y. 
Packer, Eileen 
Peterson, David N. 
Price, Nancy Ellen 

Petersen, Ronald L 
Porter, Reed J. 
Ralphs, Roger T. 
Red Elk, Cannelita 
Redd, Donna Maria 
Redford, Margaret A. 
Redford. Ruth Mary 
Riggs, John D. 

Reynolds, George C. 
Roberts, Judy Lynne 
Rothe, Ruth 
Saling, Wallace M-, Jr. 
Schiess, Edwin Wayne 
Scott, James F. 
Slaughter, Larry D. 
Simpkins, Dorothy 

Sonzini, Lorraine 
Smith, Robert B. 
Sorensen, Line B. 
Sguire, Scott O 
Stoker, Glen Dona 
Steinagel, Joanne C. 
Strong, William J. 
Summers, Walton C. 

Taylor, Bayard M. 
Tew, David 1. 
Tobler, Kenneth Burt 
Walter, Carolyn 
Ward, Wendell L. 
White, Donald Jay 
Woodard, Jay Lewis 
Wood, Orin Lew 




AASE, Jan, Agron.; ADAMS, Joe, Math.; AGUTTER, Jo 
Ann, Elem. Ed.; ALEXANDER, Patricia, Elem. Ed.; ALLAN, 
Barbara, Elem. Ed.; ALLEN, Denzel, Ind. Arts; ALLRED, 
Geraldine, B.E.O.M.; ANDERSON, Joanne, Elem. Ed.; AN- 
DERSON, Paul, Acct.; ARCHIBALD, Verene, Hmkg. Ed.; 
ARMSTRONG, Glenna, Hmkg. Ed.; ASAY, Vernafay, Elem. 
Ed.; BERGE, John, Geol.; BIRD, Carol, Elem. Ed.; BOLIN, 
Joan, Elem. Ed.; BOWEN, Jane, Sec. Ed.; BOYER, Har- 
mon, Ind. Arts; BOYER, Nada, Elem. Ed.; BRAGG, Mary, 
H.D.F.R.; BRIGGS, Ernest, Acct.; BRIGHT, Barry, Acct.; 
BROWN, Anne; BROWN, Irma, Elem. Ed.; BROWN, Walter, 
Sec. Ed.; BRYANT, Willia, Elem. Ed.; BUSH, Myrna, Elem. 
Ed.; BUSHMAN, Margaret, Elem. Ed.; CALL, Caryol, Elem. 
Ed.; CALL, Ivan, Fin. & Bnk.; CARRAWAY, Clarence, 
Mktg.; CARTER, Margaret, Elem. Ed.; CATTANI, Thomas, 
Agr. Ed.; CLARK, Dan, Journ.; CLARK, Mary, Home Ec. 
Ed.; COUZEN, Darlene; CRAWFORD, Vanessa, Elem. Ed.; 
DALY, Jay, Psych.; DREGER, Dorothy, Ger.; HANLY, 
Thomas, Geol.; HARRIS, Va Nieta, Elem. Ed.; HEMEN- 
WAY, Lynne, Mktg.; HEMSLEY, Ellis, Sc. Ed.; HISKEY, 
Harold, Ag. Eo.; HODGKINSON, Jean, Bus. Ed.,- HOLMES, 
Mary, Pol. Sci.; HOUSTON, Ron, Acct.; HUNT, Mary Lou, 
Soa; HUNT, Melvin, Agron.; HUSKINSON, Shirlee, Hmkg. 
Ed.; JACKSON, Velma, Elem. Ed.; JENSEN, Thomas, Ind. 
Arts; JOHNSON, Lynn Psych.; JONES, Blaine, Agron.; 
LIEBHART, Beverly, Elem. Ed.; LORD, Robert, Pol. Sci.; 
LORENSEN, Burton, Bus. Ed.; LOUDER, Darrell; LOVETT, 
Jack, Phys.; LUNT, Sharron; MIDDAUGH, Carma, Art; 
MILLER, Colin; MONTIERTH, Gary, Rea; MOON Patricia, 
Hmkg.; MOORE, Robert; NELSON, Omer, Agron.; NELSON, 
Varr, Zoo.; OGDEN, Koa, Elem. Ed.; ORTON, Kenneth. 
Com.; PACE, Alleen, Eng.; PACKER, Eileen, Hem. Ed.; 
PETERSEN, Ronald; PETERSON, David, Chem.; PORTER, 
Reed, Chem.; PRICE, Nancy, Sec. Ed.; RALPHS, Roger, 
Mus. Ed.; REDD, Donna, Elem. Ed.; RED ELK, Carmelita, 
Elem. Ed.; REDFORD, Margaret, Hmkg. Ed.; REDFORD, 
Ruth, Fd. Nut.; REYNOLDS, George, Mus. Ed.; RIGGS, 
John, Acct.; ROBERTS, Judy, Elem. Ed.; ROTHE, Ruth Hmkg. 
Ed.; SALING, Wallace, Journ.; SCHIESS, Edwin, Agron.; 
SCHOFIELD, Rex, Acct.; SCOTT, James, Pol. Sci.; SHOCK- 
LEY, Layne, Int. Des.; SIMONS, Ronald, Chem. Eng.; 
Robert, Geol.; SONZINI, Lorraine, Elem. Ed.; SORENSEN, 
Line. Sec. Ed.; SQUIRE, Scott, Zoo.; STAKER, Glen, Spch.; 
STEINAGEL, Joanne, Elem. Ed.; STRONG, William, Phys.; 
SUMMERS, Walton, Acct.; TAYLOR, Bayard, Soa; TEW. 
David, Elem. Ed.; TOBLER, Kenneth, Chem.; WAITE, Wen- 
dell, P. E.; WALKER, Richard, Acct.; WALTER, Carolyn, 
Elem. Ed.; WARD, Wendell, Mktg.; WHITE, Donald, An. 
Hus.; WOOD, Orin, Phy.; WOODARD, Jay, Geol. 

Dreger, Dorothy K. 
Asay, Vernafay 
Hemenway, Lynne 

Hemsley, Ellis I. 
Houston, Ro n E. 
Holmes, Mary Naomi 

Hunt, Mary Lou 
Hunt, Melvin J. 
Jensen, Thomas R. 

Huskinson, Shirlee 
Jones, Blaine 
Lord, Robert L. 

Lunt, Sharron J. 
Orton, Kenneth Ray 
Ogden, Koa lean 

Pace, Alleen 
Schofield, Rex J. 
Shockley, Layne 

Simons, Ronald B. 
Walker, Richard T. 
Waite, Wendell G. 

Why am I always late to my class on lower campus? Some students stay after class to "get the facts" 



Akau, Annie Kahikilani 
Anderson, Paul Arnold 
Ballou, Barbara Jean 
Beamson, Bill 
Beazer, Garald Roland 
Beck, Clive L. 
Benson, Boyd 
Bell, Jessie Lee 

Bird, Tal 

Bolinder, Richard Gall 
Brian, Sharron 
Broadhead, Jon 
Brock, Edward Earl 
Busselberg, Carol Ann 
Butler, Lavar M. 
Christensen, Naomi 

Chittock, David H. 
Day, Gloria 
Dinner, Lauren H. 
Gines, Margaret 
Hadley, Donald Blaine 
Halladay, Jerry Ann 
Harlow, J. D. 
Hurst, Dale 

Horsley, Richard Brown 
Hyde, William H. 
Janson, Donald 
Johanson, Denece 
Johnson, Beth L. M. 
Jones, Emalye Adamson 
Jueschke, Alex 
Lovell, Merton 

Kensinger, Robert L. 
Kiskila, Carlene J. 
McKenna, Earl A. 
Merritt, LaMont 
Mikkelson, Ray O. 
Miller, Nancy L. 
Moss, Joan 
Miller, Don L. 

Moulton, Margie Ann 
Mussler, Hans 
Nelson, Louise Kimball 
Nelson, Varr Y, 
Parler, Cecil B. 
Partridge, Miriam Faye 
Pattee, Harold E. 
Paramore, Mary Jo 

Peacock, Wanda Lee 
Pearson, Dean N. 
Pedersen, John Thomas 
Penrose, Charles W. 
Peterson, Bruce Ross 
Petersen, Edward H. 
Peterson, Larry Williams 
Peterson, Leon L 

Pettit, Robert D. 
Phillips, Ronald J. 
Phillips, Thomas B. 
Polacca, Allison S. 
Pomeroy, Karl B. 
Prine, Crystal Darlene 
Rands, George Cole 
Ream, Donna Rene 

Robinson, Klar 
Richins, Lois 
Rowley, Ralph A. 
Rust, Maida 
Salazar, Richard David 
Scholes, Jo Ann 
Scoresby, David Owen 
Shoe, Noma Kay 

Scoresby, Mary Lou 
Shelby, Joe L. 
Shumway, Dale L. 
Sims, Sharon 
Smith, Karen B. 
Sorensen, Judith Ann 
Stagg, Sharon Arlene 
Staker, Sharon 

Stanley, Marilyn 
Sweeten, Lloyd Robert 
Syrett, Dawnetta 
Thornton, Vernal B. 
Whipple, Venla 
Whipple, Walt 
Whitak-er, Carol Jean 
Wright, Ann 


ATKINSON, Nilo; BAKER, Joyce, Elem. Ed.; BALLOU. Bar- 
bara, Hem. Ed.; BARLOW, Pauline, Hmkg. Ed.; BARRETT, 
Eulene, Mmkg. Ed.; BASSETT, Elouise, Elem. Ed.; BAZIW, 
Jean, Hem. Ed.; BEAGLEY, Boyd, Sec. Ed.; BEAN, Evan, 
Mus. Ed.; BEARNSON, Bill, Chem.; BEAZER, Garald, Geol.; 
BECK, Clive, Ind. Mgt.; BELL, Jessie, Elem. Ed.; BENNETT, 
Carolyn, Elem. Ed.; BENSON, Boyd, Ind. Mgt.; BIRD, Doris; 
BIRD, Tal. Math.; BLACKHAM, William, Elem. Ed.; BLAKE- 
LY, Beverly, Exe. Sec; EOLINDER, Richard, Pol. Sci.; 
BOREN, Robert; BOULTER, Virginia; BRAY, Lawrence, 
Journ.; BRIAN, Sharron, Elem. Ed.; BROADHEAD, Jon, 
Mkktg.; BROCK, Edward, An. Hus.; BROOKS, Ben, P.E.; 
David, Elem. Ed.; CHRISTENSEN, Naomi, Mus. Ed.; DAY, 
Gloria; DIMTER, Lauren, Hist.; DUNFORD, Kent, Hist.; 
GINES, Margaret, Elem. Ed.; HADLEY, Donald, Acct.; HAL- 
LADAY, Jerry, Art; HARLOW, J. D., Hort.; HORSLEY, 
Richard, Ed.; HURST, Dale, Acct.; HYDE, William; JANSON, 
David, Ed.; JOHANSON, Denece, Elem. Ed.; JOHNSON, 
Beth, Hmkg. Ed.; JONES, Emalye, Elim. Ed.; JUESCHKE, 
Alex, Chem.; LOVELL, Merton, Hist.; KENSINGER, Robert; 
KISKILA, Carlene, Soa; McKENNA, Earl, Sec. Ed.; MER- 
RITT, LaMont, Sec. Ed.; MIKKELSON, Ray, Ind. Arts; 
MILLER, Don, Agron.; MILLER, Nancy, Hmkg. Ed.; MOSS, 
Joan, Elem. Eo.; MOULTON, Margie, Elem. Ed.; MUSSLER, 
Hans, Lang.; NELSON, Louise, Dem. Ed.; NELSON, Varr, 
Zoo.; PARAMORE, Mary Jo, Eng.; PARLER, Cecil, Sec. Ed.; 
PARTRIDGE, Miriam, Bern. Ed.; PATTEE, Harold; PEA- 
COCK, Wanda, Elem. Ed.; PEARSON, Dean, Sec. Ed.; 
PEDERSEN, John, Mktg.; PENROSE, Charles, Fin. & Bank.; 
PETERSEN, Edward, Ed.; PETERSON, Bruce, Comm.; PETER- 
SON, Larry, Hist.; PETERSON, Laurence, Spch.; PETERSON, 
Leon, Eng.; PETTIT, Robert, Ind. Mgt.; PHILLIPS, Ronald, 
Mktg.; PHILLIPS, Thomas, Mktg.; POLACCA, Allison, Soa; 
POMEROY, Karl, Psych.; PRINE, Crystal, P. E.,- RANDS, 
George, An. Hus.; REAM, Donna, Bact.; RICHINS, Lois, 
Hmkg. Ed.; ROBINSON, Klar, Mktg.; ROWLEY, Ralph, Sec. 
Ed.; RUST, Maida; SALAZAR, Richard, P.E.; SCHOLES, 
JoAnn, Elem. Ed.; SCORESBY, David. Agron.; SCORESBY, 
Mary Lou, Elem. Ed.; SHELBY, Joe, Elem. Ed.; SHOE, 
Norma, Spch.; SHUMWAY, Dale, Geog.; SIMS, Sharon, F. 
A.; SMITH, Karen, Art; SORENSEN, Judith, Bus. Ed.; 
STAGG, Sharon, Eng.; STAKER, Sharon, P.E.; STANLEY, 
Marilyn, Mus. Ed.; SWEETEN, Lloyd, Acct.; SYRETT, 
Dawnetta; THORNTON, Vernal, Ind. Mgt.; WEST, Donna, 
Elem. Ed.; WHIPPLE, Venla, Elem. Ed.; WHIPPLE, Walt, 
Psych.; WHITAKER, Carol, Hem. Ed.; WRIGHT, Ann; 
WYNDER, Marlene, Hmkg. Ed. 

Adams, Carlos 
Atkinson, O. Nilo 
Baker, Joyce 

Barlow, Pauline Elizabeth 
Bassett, Elouise 
Barrett, Eulene 

Baziw, Jean Doris 
Bean, J. Evan 
Beagley, Boyd D. 

Bennett, Carolyn 
Blackham, William Ft. 
Bird, Doris 

Blakely, Beverly J. 
Boren, Robert Reed 
Bray, Lawrence H. 

Boulter, Virginia 
Brooks, Ben Hugh 
Peterson, Laurence E. 

Dunford, C. Kent 
West, Donna Hatch 
Wynder, Marlene 

The Welcome Back Assembly brought back memories. Kia Ora Club performs for a student assembly. 





Adams, Arlene Andersen 
Anderson, Mary 
Anderson, Richard DeVon 
Atkisson, Lauretta Lillian 
Averett, Leah Mae 
Baird, H. Kay 
Bamett, Mary 
Baker, Neil 

Bartholomew, M. Grant 
Beckstead, Leda S. 
Bonsteel, Sandra Kathleen 
Bowden, Connie Gaye 
Bown, Roger L. 
Boyce, Clifford Golden 
Bullock, LaDell Ray 
Casey, John W. 

Cardall, Stanley H. 
Cebollada, Grancisco L. 
Chelson, Edna Barnett 
Cheney, Marian 
Childs, Lewis B. 
Cloward, Mark E. 
Crosby, Alden G. 
Crowther, Arven Jay 

Crowley, Robert L. 
Curtis, Caroline 
Dennison, Betty K. 
Dinkins, Shirley Palmer 
Eriksson, Herbert 
Hannig, Gary W. 
Harris, Jill C. 
Harris, Mary Lou 

Heath, Lucille S. 
Heber, Ruth Freda 
Hegemier, Val Crossley 
Hemsley, Allen A. 
Henriksen, Karen P. 
Hill, Newell K. 
Jennens, Dona F. 
King, Reed L. 

McGride, Clarence E. 
McKay, Elaine S. 
McLaraTTah, Betty J. 
Milam, Gary D. 
Miller, Barbara Jo 
Misbach, Graham H. 
Mumford, Margaret Ann 
Nelson, Janice L 

Oliver, Carl L. 
Pack, Elbert C. 
Page, Gerald J. 
Palmer, E. Mack 
Penrod, Karelyn 
Phillips, Delbert 
Poole, Maxine 
Porter, Patti 

Price, Albert Keith 
Poulson, Margie 
Price, Zack 
Prince, Carol Laurine 
Prows, Sandra 
Pullan, Grant L. 
Read, Carrol S. 
Redford, Janice 

Reber, Dennis 
Richardson, Judith 
Richardson, Ralph L. 
Riddle, Dwanna 
Rogers, Dude 
Rondo, Joseph W. 
Rothe, Frank A. 
Rowley, Edward M. 

Salter, Philip W. 
Sanders, Lynn M. 
Schult, Hazel M- 
Schmidt, Rachel Lois 
Sherwood. Neil R. 
Simmons, Almo B. 
Stebbing, William E. 
Swann, Alma G. 

Swenson, Shirley Ruth 
Tew, Norma Rose H. 
Thomas, Colette LaVerne 
Thurgood, Carolyn 
Throckmorton, Alma Robert 
Ursenbach, Maureen 
Whittaker, Harry H. 
Witt, Daniel G. 




ADAMS, Arlene, Sec. Ed.; ANDERSON, Mary, Elem. Ed.; 
ANDERSON, Richard, Hem. Ed.; ATKISSON, Lauretta, 
Elem. Ed.; AVERETT, Leah, Elem. Ed.; BAIRD, H. Kay, 
Mkt.; BAKER, Neil, Com.; BARNES, Richard, Chem.; BAR- 
NETT, Mary, Bact.; BARTHOLOMEW, M. Grant, Hist.; 
BECK, Kathleen, Hem. Ed.; BECKSTEAD, Leda, Elem. Ed.; 
BEST, Margaret; BANSTEEL, Sandra, Food & Nut.; BOW- 
DEN, Connie, Elem. Ed.; BOWN, Roger, Sp.; BOYCE, Clif- 
ford, Acct.; BULLOCK, LaDell, Geol.; CARDALL, Stanley, 
Chem.; CASEY, John, Hem. Ed.; CEBOLLADA, Francisco, 
Lang.; CHELSON, Edna, Hem. Ed.; CHENEY, Marian, Hmkg. 
Ed.; CHILDS, Lewis, Chem.; CLOWARD, Mark, Acct.; 
CROSBY, Alden, Chem.; CROWLEY, Robert; CROWTHER, 
Arven, Ind. Arts; CURTIS, Caroline, Bus. Ed.; DENNISON, 
Betty, Hem. Ed.; DINKINS, Shirley, Elem. Ed.; ERIKSSON, 
Herbert, Sp.; FRITZ, Sharon, Hem. Ed.; GURR, Willis, Acct.; 
HANNIG, Gary, Ed.; HARRIS, Jill, Hem. Inst.; HARRIS, 
Mary Lou, HDFR; HAWLEY, Lois, Exec. Eea; HEATH, 
Lucile, Hem. Ed.; HEBER, Ruth, Sp. Corr.; HEGEMIER, Val, 
P.E.; HENSLEY, Allen, Econ.; HENDRICKSEN, Karen, Hem. 
Inst.; HILL, Newell, Ind. Man.; HUDMAN, Melvin, An. Hus.; 
JACKSON, Stan, Pub. Rel.; JENNENS, Dona, Bus. Ed.; 
JENSEN, Kirk; JORGENCEN, Cecil, Agron.; KING, Reed. 
Ind. Arts; LEACH, William, Sp.; LINDSEY, Joel, Pol. Sci.; 
MADSEN, Gary, P.E.; McBRIDE, Clarence; McKAY, Haine, 
Ed.; McLAMARRAH, Betty, Acct.; MILAM, Gary, Chem.; 
MILLER, Barbara, Joum.; MISBACH, Graham, Sp.; MUM- 
FORD, Margaret; NELSON, Janice, Hem. Ed.; OLIVER, 
Carl, Mus. Ed.; PACK, Hbert, Math.; PAGE, Gerald, Hem. 
Ed.; PALMER, E. Mack, Ed.; PENROD, Karelyn, Hem. Ed.; 
PHILLIPS, Delbert, Chem.; PHILLIPS, Victor, Sp. Ed.; POOLE, 
Maxine, Bus. Ed.; PORTER, Patti; POULSEN, Margie, Hem. 
Ed.; PRICE, A. Keith, Mkt.; PRICE, Zack Hist.; PRINCE, 
Carol, Med. Tech.; PROWS, Sandra, Soc; PULLAN, Grant, 
Hem. Ed.; Read, Carroll, Rea; REBER, Dennis, Pre-den.; 
REDFORD, Janice, BEOM; RICHARDSON, Judith, Fam. Liv.; 
RICHARDSON, Ralph, An. Hus.; RIDDLE, Dwana, P.E.; 
ROGERS, Dixie, Hmkg. Ed.; RONDO, Joseph, Elem. Ed.; 
ROTHE, Frank, Phys.; ROWLEY, Edward, Agron.; SALTER, 
Phillip, P.E.; SANDERS, Lynn Acct.; SCHMIDT, Rachel, 
Home Ec. Ed.; SCHULT, Hazel, Elem. Ed.; SHERWOOD, 
Neil, Psych.; SIMMONS, Almo, Mkt.; STEBBING, William; 
STOKER, Wayde, Pol. Sci.; STOOPS, Linford, Math.; SUT- 
TON, Ann, Hem. Inst.; SWANN, Alma, An. Hus.; SWEN- 
SON, Shirley, Hem. Inst.; TAYLOR, Paul, Math.; TEW, 
Norma, Hem. Ed.; THOMAS, Colette, Hem. Ed.; THROCK- 
MORTON, Alma, Econ. & Span.; THURGOOD, Carolyn; 
URSENBACK, Maureen, Eng.; WEBBER, Robert; WHALEY, 
Marcella, Journ.; WHITTAKER, Harry, Sp.; WITT, Daniel, 

Barnes, Richard Lee 

Beck, Kathleen 

Best, Margaret Fisher 

Fritz, Sharon Lynne 
Hawley, Lois Adele 
Gurr, Willis O. 

Hudman, Melvin R. 
Jackson, Stan 
Jensen, Kirk S. 

Jorgensen, Cecil M. 
Leach, William G. 
Lindsey, Joel Douglas 

Madsen, Gary 
Phillips, Victor D. 
Sherwood, Neil R. 

Stoker, Wayne C. 
Stoops, Linford R. 
Taylor, Paul D. 

Sutton, Ann A. 
Whaley, Marcella Gay 
Webber, Robert R. 

Dick Ballou leads the band for half-time shows. 

I wonder why she wears that dress every day? 




Andrus, Alyn 
Aragon, Jesus A. 
Ashton, R. Paul 
Asplund, Harold John 
Bean, Larry 
Belt, Peggy 
Bennett, Betty 
Bringhurst, Pat 

Benson, Yvonne 
Call, Rodney F. 
Case, Gayle 
Christensen, Ila 
Church, Elsie A. 
Clay, John P. 
Cluff, Oretta Jeanne 
Cox, James B. 

Coryell, Allen Keith 
Critchfield, Leroy R. 
Crosby, Luzon O. 
Davidson, Marion N. 
Davix, Garold N. 
Denney, Donald B. 
DeVictoria, Joseph R. 
Devenport, Eugene C. 

De Vries, Robert 
Dunn, Patricia Sally 
Duvall, John Joseph 
Esler, Sally Ann 
Estabrooks, E. M. 
Evans, Fred M. 
Fletcher, George A. 
Eyring, Phillip M. 

Forsyth, Gwen 
Frei, Donald W. 
Gailey, Richard 
Gibbs, Laurel 
Helm, Maurvene Elaine 
Hendrickkson, Roger R. 
Jex, LoAnne 
Johnson, Anna 

Johnson, Charlene 
Kashanian, Farrokh 
Kingdon, Eugene Earl 
Kohler, Ramon R. 
Kristjanson, Mark Leon 
Lamsam, Wongsiri 
Landry, Marilyn 
Lane, Shirley E. 

Larkin, Phyllis 
Larsen, Carol Ann 
Lawlor, Lawrence 
Layton, James J. 
Lee, Patricia Fae 
Little, L. Rey 
Lunceford, Dorothy 
Marshall, Neldon H. 

Madson, William Halvor 
Morgan, Myralee 
Morrell, Ruth 
Murrhy, Jerry B. 
Nichols, Rochelle 
Nickelsen, Jens U. 
O'Leary, Sharon 
Olsen, LaNore 

Olsen, Barbara 
Olsen, Kenneth M. 
Oviatt, Carmen L. 
Provost, Sara 
Robinson, Roland Dee 
Roundy, Colleen M. 
Skousen, Lester P. 
Scorsby, Marilyn 

Smith, Alta Marie 
Smith, Miriam 
Smith, J. Norman 
Sorenson, Milton Tod 
Starr, Sylvia M. 
Steele, Sharon Kay 
Stewart, Barbara 
Tseu, Lawrence 

Swenson, Dennis M. 
Torbert, Lynn 
Warner, James L. 
Washburn, Dawna 
Weatherbee, Doris Ann 
Welch, Keith W. 
Wells, Ernest S. 
West, J. Donald 




ANDERSON, Warren Boyd, Agron.; ANDRUS, Alyn, Sec. 
Ed.; ARAGON, Jes'us A., Ind. Mat.; ARCHER, Warren; 
ASHTON, R. Paul, Mkt; ASPLUNG, Harold John, Ind. Mgt.; 
BEAN, Larry, Soc.; BELT, Peggy, P.E.; BENNETT, Betty, 
Elem. Ed.; BENSON, Yvonne, Elem. Ed.; BRINGHURST, Pat, 
lourn.; CALL, Rodney F., Ind. Mgt.; CASE, Gayle; CHRIS- 
TENSEN, Ila, English; CHURCH, Elsie A., Bus. Ed.; CLARK, 
Delene; CLARK, Donald D.; CLAY, John P., Phys.; CLUFF, 
Oretta Jeanne, Fds. & Nut.; CORYELL, Allen Keith, Sapn.; 
COX, James B., Phys. Ed.; CRITCHFIELD, Leroy R., Fin. & 
Bank.; CROSBY, Luzon O., Elem. Ed.; DAVIDSON, Marion 
N.; DAVIX, Garold N., Ger.; DENNEY, Donald B., Ind. Mgt.; 
DEVENPORT, Eugene C, Zool.; DE VICTORIA, Joseph R., 
Pol. Sci.; DE VRIES, Robert, Ace; DUNN, Patricia Sally; 
DUVALL, John Joseph, Chem.; ESLER, Sally Ann, English; 
ESTABROOKS, E. M., Geol.; EVANS, Fred M. Span.; EY- 
RING, Phillip M., Fin. & Bank.; FIELDING, Bonnie Jean, 
Elem. Inst.; FLETCHER, George A., Sec. Inst.; FORSYTH, 
Gwen; FRO, Donald W., Mkt.; GAILEY, Richard, Sp. & 
Dra.; GAPPMAYER, Louis B., Ed.; GARDNER, Colin, Phys.; 
GARDNER, Duane L., Eco.; GIBBS, Laurel, Elem. Ed.; 
GIBBS, W. Sherman, An. Hus.; GILGER, Marilyn, Elem. 
Ed.; GOODSON, Grant, Fin. & Bank.; HAMILTON, Donna 
Gay; HARRIS, Jerry S., Chem. Eng.; HELM, Maurvene 
Elaine; HENDRICKSON, Roger R., Chem.; HINDLEY, James 
E., An. Hus.; JENSON, Janet, English; JEX, LoAnne, Elem. 
Inst.; JOHNSON, Anna, Clo. 6, Tex.; JOHNSON, Charlene, 
HDFR; KASHANIAN, Farrokh, Ag. Eco.; KINGDOM, Eugene 
Earl; KOHLER, Ramon R., Sp.; KRISTIANSON, Mark Leon, 
Ind. Arts; LAMSAM, Wongsiri; LANDRY, Marilyn, Hist.-Sec. 
Ed.; LANE, Shirley E., Bus. Ed.; LARKIN, Phyllis, Bus. Ed.; 
LARSEN, Carol Ann, Bus. Ed.; LAWLOR, Lawrence, Ed.; 
LAYTON, James J., Sec. Ed.; LEE, Patricia Fae, English; 
LEWIS, John L., Chem.; LITTLE, L. Ray, Art Ed.; LUNCE- 
FORD, Dorothy. Phys.; MADSON, William Halvor, Elem. 
Ed.; MARSHALL, Neldon H., Math.; MELDRUM, Virginia, 
Exe. Secy.; MORGAN, Myralee, Horn. Econ. Ed.,- MORRELL, 
Ruth, Bus. Ed.; URPHY, Jerry B., Sp. Corr.; NEWTON, Wal- 
lace S., P.E.; NICHOLS, Rochelle, Soc.; NICKELSEN, Jens 
U., An. Hus.; O'LEARY, Sharon, Rec.; OLSEN, Barbara, 
Bus. Ed.; OLSEN, Kenneth M., An. Hus.; OLSEN, LaNore, 
Sp.; OVIATT, Carmen L., Elem. Ed.; PAULSON, Lynn M., 
Ed.; PROVOST, Sara, Hem. Ed.; ROBINSON, Roland Dee, 
Off. Adm.; ROUNDY, Colleen M., Ace; SCORBSBY, Marilyn, 
Elem. Ed.; SKOUSEN, Lester P., Hort.; SMITH, Alta Marie, 
Elem. Ed.; SMITH, J. Norman, Math.; SMITH, Miriam, 
English; SORENSON, Milton Tod, Psya; STARR, Sylvia M., 
Elem. Ed.; STEELE, Sharon Kay, Bus. Ed.; STEWART, Bar- 
bara, Hem. Ed.; SWENSON, Dennis M., Ace; TINGEY, Af- 
ton, Exe. Secy.; TORBERT, Lynn, Hem. Ed.; TSEU, Law- 
rence, Zool.; VICTOR, Roger, Mkt.; WARNER, James L., 
PE.; WASHBURN, Dawna, Home Ec. Ed.; WEATHERBEE, 
Doris Ann, Bus. Ed.; WELCH, Keith W., Phys.; WEILS, 
Ernest S., Fre.; WEST, J. Donald, Bact. 

Anderson, Warren Boyd 
Archer, Warren 
Clark, Delene 

Clark, Donald D. 
Fielding, Bonnie loan 
Gilger, Marilyn 

Goodson, Grant 
Gibbs, W. Sherman 
Gardner, Colin 

Gardner, Duane L. 
Gappmayer, Louis B. 
Hamilton, Donna Gay 

Harris, Jerry S. 
Jenson, Janet 
Hindley, James E. 

Lewis, John L. 
Newton, Wallace S. 
Meldrum, Virginia 

Paulson, Lynn M. 
Tingey, Alton 
Victor, Roger 

Crawford Gates' personality produced results in fun. 




Anderson, Gloria Louise 
Austin, John. M. 
Ballard, Nona L. 
Barton, DeLyle 
Bell, Rose Marie 
Belliston, Iris 
Bennett, Douglas R. 
Booth, Beverly Jean 

Brimhall, Verna 
Clegg, DaNeil 
Collard, Lorraine 
Conell, Rosemary 
Crandall, LaWana 
Davenport, Chloe 
Downes, F. Joan 
Ellsworth, Judith M. 

Gale, Ramona Pratt 
Gambles, Harry B. 
Gamblin, Gerald A. 
Garcia, Carmen H. 
Gordon, Virginia K. 
Greathouse, Shirley L. 
Hatcher, Nancy M. 
Hirschi, Diane 

Jackson, Wendy 
Jacobs, Margaret Oa 
Johnson, Roberta 
King, Sally I. 
Kowalski, Lorraine C. 
Leigh, Dorene 
Ling, Wilma A. 
Lowgree, George F. 

Mangum, Sandra S. 
Merkley, Harvey Ballard 
Merrill, Cheri D. 
Miller, Colin H. 
Miller, Reed K. 
Morr, Marilyn 
Nation, Frances H. 
Olson, Dolores N. 

Piatt, Willa M. 
Potter, N. LaWynn 
Ridd, Roxalene 
Smith, Linnea 
Spackman, Elaine M. 
Swenson, Jaqueline B. 
Tidwell, Dalphine 
Ward, Sharon 

Wilson, William A. 
Wolfley, Ella S. 
Wood, Blair 


ANDERSON, Gloria Louise, Elem. Ed.; AUSTIN, John M., 
Chem.; BALLARD, Nona L., Nurs.; BARTON, DeLyle, Geo.; 
BELL, Rose Marie, Nurs.; BELLISTON, Iris, Nurs.; BENNETT, 
Douglas R., Geol.; BOOTH, Beverly Jean, Ace; BRIMHALL, 
Verna, Nurs.; CLEGG, DaNeil, Elem. Ed.; CALLARD, Lor- 
raine, Nurs.; CONNELL, Rosemary, Elem. Ed.; CRANDALL, 
Lawana, Bus. Ed.; DAVENPORT, Chloe A., Nurs.; DOWNES, 
F. Joan, Nurs.; ELLSWORTH, Judith M., Nurs.; GALE, Ra- 
mona Pratt, Elem. Ed.; GAMBLES, Harry B., Ag. Econ.,- 
GAMBLIN, Gerald A., Mkt.; GARCIA, Carmen H., Elem. 
Inst.; GORDON, Virginia K., Nurs.; GREATHOUSE, Shirley 
L., Nurs.; HATCHER, Nancy M., Nurs.; HIRSCHI, Diane, 
Nurs.; JACKSON. Wendy, Nurs.; JACOBS, Margaret O., 
Nurs.; JOHNSON, Roberta, Nurs.; KING, Sally, Nurs.; KO- 
WALSKI, Lorraine C, Nurs.; LEIGH, Dorene; LING, Wilma 
A., Nurs.; LONGREE, George H. F., Fren.; MANGUM, San- 
dra S. ( Nurs.; MERKLEY, Harvey Ballard, Psya; MERRILL, 
Cheri D., Nurs.; MILLER, Colin H., Fin. & BanJc.; MILLER, 
Reed K., Elem. Inst.; MORR, Marilyn, Nurs.; NATION, 
Frances A., Nurs.; OLSON, Dolores W., Nurs.; PLATT, Willa 
M., Nurs.; POTTER, N. LaWynn, Nurs.; RIDD, Roxalene, 
Nurs.; SMITH, Linnea, Nurs.; SPACKMAN, Diane M., 
Nurs.; SWENSON, Jaqueline B., Nurs.; TIDWELL, Dalphine, 
Hist.; WARD, Sharon L., Nurs.; WILSON, William A., 
English; WOLFLEY, Ella S., Nurs.; WOOD, Blair, Art. 

Me? I thought you brought the football. 

They'll never tell this activity card from the real thing. 

You WILL go with me? Golly, I can hardly contain myself. 

Anyone know a long story? 

Well, class, we can't seem to get n 0/ I tell you. No, No, Nol ! I 
the projector started .... 




£ iirJ&L 


*M 9 i*'A£ 

.11 iM 

' T.J < 

Weiler, Charles 
Wasden, Michael Dale 
Whittaker, Clyde D. 
Wirrick, AUyn J. 
Wirrick, George W. 
Wirrick, Thomas K. 

Anderson, Mai G. 
Anderson, Oscar G. 
Atwater, Kathleen R- 
Bacon, Carl W. 
Bae, Owen Richard 
Batchelor, Lee R. 
Belnap, Richard D. 
Bates, Wayne L. 

Binch, Wayne G. 
Bucknum, Daniel R. 
Conway, Tom L. 
Christensen, Ralph G. 
Cook, Jack 

Danielson, Gene Earl 
Decker, Dean A. 
Djahanbani, Reza 

Estr Ada, David 
Dudley, Robert L 
Fadley, Charles K 
Fowkes, I. Gene 
Glenn, Merrill Holton 
Graii, Brittemarte 
Greenhalgh, Richard N. 
Graham, Wayne R. 

Gummow, J. Fred 
Gustaveson, Lee Scott 
Hanks, Nancy Gwendolyn 
Hanna, Leo 
Hansen, Ralph L. 
Harris, Ronald Lee 
Harvey, Kenneth L. 
Hawkins, Merial Musig 

Horban, Walter George 
Heninger, Brent 
Hill. Harry N. 
Houston, Jean Doris 
Ivie, Carolann Roberta 
Johnstun, Jean 
Kahoilua, Edith Leinaala 
Kaleta, Gary J. 

Hewitt, Harold Keeler 
Kindred, Jerald C. 
Kugath, Donald Arthur 
Larson, Milton H. 
Lee, Ron 
Lulkin, J. Corbell 
Lundberg, Don C. 
Marchant, Gary Reed 

McAllister, Lawrence B. 
McCann, Lauren B. 
Merrell, Rulon L. 
Mickelsen, Richard A. 
Miner, R. Reed 
Murray, Fancher M. 
Neilson, Morris E. 
Newman, William A. 

Patton, Joseph B. 
Park, Neil A. 
Peniold, Gam F. 
Penrod, Karelyn 
Perkins, James Adams 
Ramsay, Marilyn 
Ray. Guy Burnell 
Read, Juan C. 

Reid, William V. 
Ricke, David JC 
Saunders, Arlan R. 
Scott, Leon R. 
Shipley, Paul 
Short, Marjory 
Shumway, Marlene 
Sirrine, Edwin 

Smart, Merrill 
Smith, Evelyn 
Smith, N. Wayne 
Stanford, Ralph C. 
Stott. Gary 
Sullivan, Ila Dawn 
Thomas, Austin B. 
Todd, Jerrold W. 


ANDERSON. Max G., Math.; ANDERSON, Oscar G., Ind. 
Arts; ATWATER, Kathleen, Hmkg. Ed.,- BACON, Carl W., 
Pre-raed.; BAE, Owen, Music Ed.; BATCHELOR, Lee R., 
Acct.; BATES, Wayne L., Elec. Eng.; BELNAP, Richard, 
Mech. Eng.; BINCH, Wayne, Ed.; BROWN, Farrell, Soc; 
BUCKNUM, Daniel, Acct.; CHRISTENSEN, Ralph, Bact.; 
CONWAY, Tom L„ Sec. Ed.; COOK, Jack, Phys. Ed.; 
DALTON, Juana, Bus. Ed.; DANIELSON, Gene, Econ.; 
DECKER, Dean A., Sec. Ed.; DJAHANBANI, Reza, Civ. Eng.; 
DUDLEY, Robert, Elec. Eng.; ELLIS, John, Ind. Man.; ES- 
TRADA, David, Agron.; FADLEY, Charles, Music Ed.; 
FOWKES, I. Gene, Chem. Eng.; GLENN, Merrill, Civ. Eng.; 
GRAFF, Brittemarte, Sec. Ed.; GRAHAM, Wayne, Mech. 
Eng.; GREENHALGH, Richard, Ind. Mgt.; GUMMOW, J. 
Fred, Ed.; GUSTAVESON, Lee, Meoh. Eng.; HANKS, Nancy, 
Dance; HANNA, Leo, Pre-den.; HANSEN, Ralph, Ed.; HAR- 
RIS, Ronald, Elec. Eng.; HARVEY, Kenneth, Mech. Eng.; 
HAWKINS, Merial, Hmkg. Ed.; HEGEMIER, Gil A., Eng.; 
HENINGER, Brent, Pre-den.; HEWITT, Harold, Geol.; HILL, 
Harry, Acct.; HORBAN, Walter, Eng.; HOUSTON, Jean, 
English; HUFF, Dale D.; IVIE, Carolann, Exe. Secy.; JOHN- 
STON, Jean, Hmkg. Ed.; JORGENSON, Johnny, Phys. Ed.; 
KAHOILUA, Edith, Soc; KALETA, Gary, Eng.; KINDRED, 
Jerald, Elec. Eng.; KLEINWORTH, Frank, Mech. Eng.; KU- 
GATH, Donald, Mech. Eng.; LARSEN, Milton, Music; LEE, 
Ton, Music; LONGSON, Gordon, Civ. Eng.; LUFKIN, J. Cor- 
bell, Pre-den.; LUNDBERG, Don C, Mech. Eng.; MAR- 
CHANT, Gary, Elec. Eng.; MARCHBANKS, AP"L Phys- Ed.; 
McALLISTER, Lawrence, Music Ed.; McCANN, Lauren, 
Geol.; McCune, Jeanne, Hmkg. Ed.; MERRELL, Rulon L., 
Elec. Eng.; MICKELSEN, Richard, Phys. Ed.; MINER, R. 
Reed, Econ.; MURRAY, Fancher, Elec. Eng.; NEILSON, 
Morris, Econ.; NELSON, Scott, Elec. Eng.; NEUENSWAN- 
DER, Val J., Hist.; NEWMAN, William, Elec. Eng.; PALMER, 
James, Bot.; PARK, Neil A., Speech; PATTON, Joseph, 
Chem. Eng.; PENFOLD, Gam, Eng.; PENROD, Karelyn, Elem. 
Ed.; PERKINS, James, Mktg.; PURSER, Gerald, Sp.; RAM- 
SAY, Marilyn, Elem. Ed.; RAY, Guy, Elec. Eng.; READ, 
Juan, Eng.; REID, William, Mec. Eng.; RICKS, David, Pre- 
med.; RICE, Thomas; ROBERTSON, Gary, Pol. Sci.; SAUN- 
DERS, Arlan, Mec. Eng.; SCOTT, Leon, Mec. Eng.; SHIP- 
LEY, Paul, Eng.; SHORT, Marjory, Ed.; SHUMWAY, Mar- 
lene, Music; SIRRINE, Edwin, Eng.; SMART, Merrill, Dec. 
Eng.; SMITH, Evelyn, Elem. Ed.; SMITH, N. Wayne, Soc. 
Sci.; STANFORD, Ralph, Ind. Man.; STOTT, Gary, Mec. 
Eng.; SULLIVAN, Ila Dawn, Phys. Ed..- THOMAS, Austin, 
Sec. Ed.; THURGOOD, Jay, Mec. Eng.; TODD, Henry, Eng.; 
TODD, Jerrold, Eng.,- WASDEN, Michael, Ind. Arts; WEILER, 
Charles, Soc; WHITTAKER, Clyde, Sec. Ed.; WILSON, 
Bobby, Civ. Eng.; WIRRICK, Allyn, Mktg.; WIRRICK, 
George, Civ. Eng.; WIRRICK, Thomas, Mec. Eng.; WORTH- 
EN, Ellis, Mus. Th. 

Brown, Farrell B. 
Dalton, Juana M. 
Ellis, John M. 

Hegemier, Gil A. 
Huff, Dale D. 
Jorgenson, Johnny Craig 

Kleinworth, Frank J. 
Longson, Gordon K. 
Marohbanks, April Yvonne 

McCune, Jeanne 
Nelson, Scott Howard 
Neuenswander, Val J. 

Palmer, James Rudger 
Purser, Gerald L. 
Ricks, David K. 

Robertson, Gary Evan 
Stanford, Ralph C. 
Thurgood, Jay D. 

Todd, Henry S. 
Wilson, Bobby Rudolph 
Worthen, Ellis 

Balloon, Mister? 











Junior Class officers planned a year of successful 
activity. At one party during autumn quarter an all 
time high of 500 students attended. The Presidencey 
worked for a more efficient and more closely knit 
class, in conjunction with ten cabinet members, four 
of whom are senators. The biggest event of the year 
was the Junior Prom for which Joe Armstrong and 
Keith Martin were appointed chairmen. The class of- 
ficers went to the orient for the theme of the dance, 
and called it, "East of the Sun". Held in late spring, 
it fulfilled the expectations of those who attended and 
those who worked on the preparations. 

Even a cameraman is caught sometimes 

Dean Lloyd watches from stand. 

Intent on the words. 

His attention is elsewhere 

A chemistry student checks out supply of 
materials from stock room. 

funior Class President Blair 
Armstrong (center) with Karen 
Dixon (left), secretary, and 
feanne Allen, Vice President, 
were responsible for planning 
rlass events. 



Abplanalp, Delloy D. 
Adams, Bonnie 
Allison, Robert L. 
Austin, Gaylia Ann 
Barkdull, Del 
Bean, Deon 
Bethers, Eu Ray 
Bjork, Kay 

Bird, Earle 
Bloom, Bradley 
Bowers, Claudia R. A. L. 
Brady, Lon G. 
Brown, Kay 
Burnside. Ailon 
Carling, Marlena 
Burrup, Kaye 

Casper, M. Kent 
Dietrich, Emest 
Dunford, Thomas Jay 
Green, Dixie L. 
Hansen, Reid G. 
Henry, Johan N. 
Jackson, James Stanley 
Jeppson, Calvin W. 

Johnson, Lynne 
Kawai, Vee 
Kendall, Dorothy Mae 
Larsen, Jo Ann 
Larsen, Orvil James 
Lawson, Sharon Dee 
Lin, Paul Y. K. 
Lindsey, Gwynda 

Mackay, W. Dale 
MacLeod, Carlene 
Maloy, Elwood A. 
Middleton, Pat 
Morrey, Margaret J. 
Pitkin, Gordon 
Poulter, Karen 
Read, Robert Leon 



. -,V ' 

Robb, Renee 
Richmond, Lloyd H. 
Rightenour, David 
Rogers, Kenneth E. 
Sanderson, James W. 
Schmidt, Rosemarie 
Shurtleff, Howard Paul 

Shirley, Rowan D. 
Snow, Sheldon C. 
Spencer, James C. 
Spratling, Coleen 
Stanfield, Kay 
Stewart, Norma 
Stringham, Bruce M. 

Stokes, Eddi 
Stone, Nancy 
Stone, Thoma9 R. 
Strong, Larry N. 
Sung, Sheil 
Stumbaugh, Kathy 
Thomley, Ela Dee 

Tate, Ray R. 
Tolson, Melba Virginia 
Toone, Winona 
Towne, Diane 
Trimmell, Patricia Elaine 
Van Dyke, Que M. 
Turley, Tillman E. 

Vest, F. Rolla 
Walker, Gail 
Weese, Sherri C. 
Whitworth, Darrell Clyde 
Willes, Frank J. 
Williams, Delyn E. 
Winkelman, Walt W. 


Anderson, Clarence E. 
Arnett, Rex Marvin 
Arney, Betty Chloe 
Atkinson, Stephen E. 
Brown, Wally 
Burton, Donette 
Christensen, Joan 
Chandler, Jean Marie 

Clark, Robert W. 
Devine, Mary 
Glenn, Darlene 
Gurcharan, Gill S. 
Hale, Rodney F. 
Hamilton, Annie Belle 
Haycock, Janet 
Huish, Jim 

Heileson, Sara Lee 
Hopkins, Eulaleone 
Huppi, Rose Marie 
Inskeep, Bonnie Jean 
Ivie, Alma Ray 
Jackson, Corinne 
Kimball, David A. 
James, Sharon 

Langlois, Sharon 
Lewis, Anthon H. 
Lines, Martin Vardell 
Mahaffey, Linda Ann 
McKee, B. G. 
Olson, Yvonne E. 
Pike, Carol Joan 
Pincock, Beverly 

Pointer, Ethel 
Pommerville, Winelle 
Prestwich, Earl 
Rindfleisch, Lois Jean 
Robins, Kenneth L. 
Roche, Marlene 
Sabin, Elaine 
Roe, Kenneth V. 

2athy checks her notes before leadership session begins 

Sill, Bill 

Smith, John Thomas 

Strong, John R. 

Smith, Ted LaMar 
Smythe, James W. 
Tannler, Phyliss 

Taylor, William Paul 
Todd, Mama 
Wall, Fred G. 

Vance, Allen L. 
Weidner, Leo Albert 
Walters, Ruthdale 

Wood, Willis E. 
Wrigley, Karl A. 
Woods, Janice 




Andrus. Floyd W. 
Bates, Colleen B. 
Black, Robert Duane 
Broman, D. Gary 
Brown, Dennis D. 
Carrigan, James L. 
Cooper, Marilyn 
Comaby, Douglas L. 

Bunker, Ivan A. 
Davenport, Margie 
Davis, Eldon P. 
Davis, D. Monte 
Draper, Thomas 
Dryden, Thomas E. 
Findlay, Lynn F. 
Fox, Ruth E. 

Feller, George R. 
Graham, Bobby Don 
Graham, Glenda 
Guymon, Burt L. 
Halliday, Ernest R. 
Hawkins, George A. 
Jacobsen, Ercol L. 
Huffman, John H. 

Haworth, Carol 
Jensen, Douglas Nile 
Kaufman, Francis E. 
Keller, Alvin L. 
Kimber, Richard D. 
Kingsbury, Elizabeth 
Larsen, James C. 
Lowder, Dixie D. 

Leavitt, Veryle 
Lindsey, Margaret 
Marlowe, Portia 
Mathews, Mary Ann 
Matson, Kathryn 
Mayberry, Orlene Lois 
McComas, Carole Lynn 
McCandless, William E. 

McCormick, Marilynn 
McDowell, Donald Ray 
Noble, Larry Earl 
Parker, George R. 
Pedersen, Sandra 
Peterson, Kenneth 
Polgar, Peter 

Robertson, Milly 
Pritchett, David L. 
Roy lance, Marilyn 
Russell, Georgia 
S'ant, G. Richard 
Saxer, Alton H. 
Schloss, Margaret Anne J. 

Sharp, Robert M. 
Schulthess, Richard C. 
Simpkins, Don 
Skillman, Yvonne 
Skinner, Velda 
Slade, Nancy Jo 
Slade, Tom 

Smith, Gerald L. 
Snow, Annette 
Stewart, Marilyn 
Tangren, Marvin 
Vandenhazel, Ailko 
Wade, Evanell 
Ward, Carol Jean 

Williamson, Carol 
White, Wendell C. 
Wicks trom, Corky 
Wittorf, Robert Henry 
Wood, Reidm 
Woodward, Marilyn I. 
Young, Betty 



Anderson, John 
Ashby, Joan Louise 
Beckstead, Judy- 
Bush, Gary V. 
Butler, Betty 
Christensen, Herbert E. 
Conder, Jerry G. 
Byers, Kenneth Wayne 

Cooper, Shirlee (Shay) A. 
Cornwall, Mary Ellen 
De Bloois, Betty G. 
Dike, James A. 
Edwards, Hugh Ted 
Ellsworth, D. Kirk 
Ericksen, Thomas L. 
Ferrimond, Joan 

Godfrey, Louise 
Crane, Georgia Anne 
Hacking, FJeanore C. 
Hacking, LuJeanne 
Hawkins, Norine 
Johansen, Jerry A. 
Jorgensen, Clay E. 
Lee, Carole Dawn 

Hostutler, Delila Ann 
Lichtenstein, Deanna M. 
McAUister, Carolyn 
Merino, Joe 

Meservy, Virginia Rae 
Millett, Donna Elaine 
Montegomery, Clint 
Monson, Farrell Ray 

Moon, Clive D. 
Moore, Georgia 
Morgan, Marcia Elizabeth 
Neser, Gerald O. 
Neser, Paul I. 
Nielson, Susan Linda 
Nock, George 
Noble, Carol Joy 




Adams, Neil J. 
Alder. Dixie 
Andreasen, Cal J. 
Anderson, Lowell Ray 
Anderson, Sue Marie 
A twood, Mary 
Baer, Daniel H. 
Berry, David 

Baker. Dennis M. 
Birch, Dennis A. 
Bolander, Giles Terry 
Bone, Lorin 
Bornemann, Joan G. 
Brown, Raymond C. 
Brown, Richard R. 
Bullock, Beverly Rulh 

Caldwell, Colleen Ranae 
Christensen, Duane Gene 
Chrislensen, Lawrence M 
Dahl, Sheldon T. 
Dalby, Elaine 
Davis, Garold N. 
Day, David P. 
Fitgerald, Crozier K. 

Daylon, Kenna 
Flanary, Paul E. 
Fuller, Mary Pearl 
Gosar, Greg 
Gould, Stanley Kay 
Groscost, C. Kenneih 
Hair, L LaMar 
Hammond, Sam 

Hale, Boyd J. 
Hosman, Lew 
Johnson, David E. 
Johnson, Douglas Rollin 
Johnson, Kay Irene 
Johnston, Pat 
Judd, Gale 
Jones, William D. 

a> o r> 

t ) W^ t 


Keller, Emest 
Kemper, Verda Orah 
Kimball, Farrel W. 
Lee, Leona 
Leonhardt, Mary 
Main, Betty 
Lyon, John Boyd 

Madsen, Mac O. 
Maxwell, Ann 
McKinney, Karen Ruth 
Morgan, Jerrold R. 
Mower, Glade 
Neilson, Clayton A. 
Paulsen, George L. 

Nisbett, Robert S. 
Pruett, Norman A. 
Ricks, Nedra Ann 
Rutz, Mary Ann 
Ryley, Frank M. 
Shipley, Jerrye 
Skousen, Richard E. 

Smedley, Allan T. 
Smith, Nila 
Scoule, Joan 
Summerhays, Jan 
Sylvia Bigler 
Todd, Sally McClay 
Trent, Dennis W. 

Whipple, Carolynn 
Treu, William R. 
Whitehead, John Clark 
Williams, Paul LaVaun 
Williams, Ronald C. 
Wursten, Robert L, 
Zander, Karen 




Arbogast, Mike A. 
Baddley, Robert 
Baer, Richard 
Baharie, Ronnie 
Bartley, Gail 
Brian, A. William 
Cloward, Connie S. 
Brim, Larry H. 

Conger, Gordon 
Cummins, Wes L. 
Davis, Richard L. 
Deputy, Russell M. 
Dickson, Neil S. 
Doman, John Edward 
Farnsworth, Melvin T. 
Gardner, Sterling E 

Fife, Charles Lynn 
Hamblin, Markay 
Harris, Howard M, 
Harrison, Edwin C. 
Hart. Dan-ell H. 
Hepburn, Adele 
Hogge, Rollin B. 
Hobson, Dayleen 

Holmes, Carole J. 
Howell, Leland H. 
Irvin, Nancy 
Jensen, Donald F. 
Jones, Robert A. 
Justesen, McRae 
Keyes, Jeny M. 
Miller, L. Paul 

Loesch, Joseph F. Jr. 
Menzies, James W. 
Miller, Sylvia B. 
Neuberl, Joe Ann 
Nock, George 
Okelberry, Jack 
Olsen, Lynn E. 
Paulson, Donald Eugene 

3J>J3 9 H3 

4 Yfc.^-V* 

Don't you understand? It's really easy! 

Richens, Donna 
Peck, Ronald J. 
Roberts, Cecil L 

Roper, Donale Lee 
Schulzke, Astrid Margarete 
Shields, Marie 

Skousen, KUena J. 
Sorensen, Joane 
Strong, Genevieve 

Sorensen, Lund 
Stone, Thomas R. 
Watts, Joseph L. 

Tucker, Hal Whittier 
Wallace, Joan 
Wilcox, LuDean 

Webster, Robert Leon 
Wright, Don C. 
Wright, Ruth Louisa 



Adams, Darryl 
Alcorn, Marlene 
Alder, Lillie Lola 
Allen, Kathleen 
Alter, Marilyn 
Argyle, Sonja Lee 
Baker, Evalyn 
Ballif, H, Maurice 

Baldwin, Theodore N. 
Barrios, M. Arturo A. 
Bartlett, Janet Dorothy 
Beck, Janet Ruth 
Bell, Carolyn Lyle 
Blanchard, Patricia 
Bodily, David M. 
Borden, Edward E. 

Bourne, Sidney Arthur 
Bowen, Milo D. 
Boyer, Stanley 
Bradfield, Terry Vern 
Brim, Beulah 
Brunken, Bonnie B. 
Budge, Allen N. 
Bun dock, Nancy 

Bullock, Burt 
Burbridge, Lucille 
Burnett, Joyce N. 
Burton, Beverly Anne 
Bush, Douglas P. 
Carlston, Kathryn 
Catlett, Patricia Alene 
Chadwick, Regenia 

Clark, Betty 
Christensen, Lorie 
Currier, Carlton James 
Daniels, Shanna Marie 
Despain, Philip C. 
Evans, Janye 
Farmakis, Demetrios 
Felsted, Harold Winward 

O c 03ff% 

JiM r~' • ^Z '* 

* /»Xl 

.*! M 

Fennig, Mary R. 
Gardner, Janet A. 
Gibson, Carol Joy 
Goodsell, Evelyn 
Gordacan, Vincent Frank 
Gunderson, Merrill Ray 
Hansen, Arda Ann 

Hansen, Reed 
Harrison, R. David 
Iokepa, Shirley Pualeileni 
Jenkins, Arlen D. 
Judy, Beth Alene 
King, Peggy R. 
Kartchner, Lawrence Ned 

Kohler, Carol 
Larson, Donna R. 
Marker, Betty L. 
McDowell, Sylvia Irene 
McGraw, Dorothy Irene 
Meidlinger, Richard John 
Ogden, DeVon M. 

Miller, Richard 
Morgan, Carolyn 
Owen, Lyle C. 
Palmer, Glen O. 
Peterson, James 
Peterson, Joan 
Pinster, William C. 

Pippert, J. Hal 
Pyper, Idonna 
Relyea, Russell E. 
Tippets, Tamara 
Vance, Jennie Lou 
Wood, Marilyn 
Waldron, Frederick Glen 




Anderson, Joyce 
Albiston, Stan G. 
Barnes, Joanne 
Barrus, LaRue 
Beutel, Johan 
Brown, Ann LaRay 
Crowther, Duane S. 
Christensen, Carole 

Davis, Audrey 
Decker, Rey M. 
Du Paix, Mel Miles 
Eagleston, Gerald J. 
Foster, Diane E. 
Gee, Ivin Laurence 
Hafen, Ada Marie 
Hall, Karen A. 

Harrison, Willis Lee 
Henretty, Thomas A. 
Hunt, Jeanette Ruth 
Jameson, Robert 
Jensen, Bruce A. 
Johnson, Donna 
Johnson, Ivan E. 
Johnson, Doris Elaine 

Johnson, Raleigh W. 
Jonson, Rolfe J. 
Keller, Marcia 
King, Verleen 
Kourtides, Demetrius 
Larsen, Ruby 
Larson, Raymond K. 
Lewis, Jean L. 

Lewis, Willard Marcellas 
Lile, John Clayton 
McKillop, Ruth Carole 
Miller, Donna 
Miller, Lee 
Miller, Marilyn 
Morgan, O. Fred 
Noble, Zina 




Blanch, Robert F. 
Blomquisl, Lois A. 
Booth, Beverly 
Bosworth, Richard C. 
Branch, Merrill 
Brooksby, Brandt 
Bullock, B. Neil 
Carter, Anita 

Cena, Robert E 
Condie, Arthur Packard 
Cooper, Robert A. 
Day, Roxanna Kay 
Dayton, Kenna 
Deputy, Nancy 
Durfee, Milo V. 
Edwards, Elaine 

Ellsworth, Delbert W. 
Ely, Raymond W. 
Empey, William Jerry 
Evans, SharTon (Sally) 
Farnsworth, Clyde Ray 
Fenton, Jean 
Finlinson, Arline 
Foltz, Helen Maye 

Forrman, R. W. 
Fortress, Edwina Lee 
Foulz, Elva 
Goates, Irene 
Grimmett, Karen 
Gylan, Allen 
Harker, Gary Lee 
Jones, Carl H. 

Harrison, Carolyn 
Judd. Ronald M. 
Kaupp, Jackie 
Kemper, Ross Edward 
Kim, Kichuen 
Knapp, Charlene Mary 
Knudsen, Wendell W. 
Kresge, Phyllis A. 


C A r% u» OR ft 


, '-'If* 

V + 

Le Bree, Raymond E. 
Lambert, Joan 
Leishman, Karen 
McNeely, Dennis 
Merrill, Lura 
Michie, Carol 
Mortensen, Carolyn Jane 

Mortensen, Paul H. 
Moyes, Leon R. 
Nash, Verla 
Nicholson, Donna 
Nuttall, Carol 
Olpin, Jay Lloyd 
Park, Dennis James 

Osborn, W. Dale 
Pearce, Douglas N. 
Pedersen, Myrna Agnes 
Peterson, Clarence H. 
Rice, Adrienne 
Rich, Sherron 
Richardson, Kaye 

Robinson, Renell 
Rogers, RaNae 
Russell, Hazel Lee 
Schlappi, Kent 
Smouse, George 
Stevens, Carole 
Stevens, Marvin B. 

Stewart, Carolyn 
Swensen, Swen 
Vanderford, Lee Ann 
Wahlquist, Earl 
Wamick, Lloyd J. 
Watts, Carolyn 
Walkins, Kent M. 



Ashby, Marian 
Anderson, Marie 
Anderson, Russell Gerald 
Baker, Susan 
Barnard, Robert C. 
Barrow, Klee 
Bascom, Gary Ray 
Beard, Leland Milo 

Beebe, John 
Beesley, Wayne David 
Blackhurst, Colleen 
Cheney, Barbara 
Combs, Cloyd James 
Cook, Barbara Jane 
Gordon, Patti Kay 
Crawford, Ed 

Downing, David G. 
Eddington, Bonnie 
Ellis, Geralyn Rae 
Fadely, Kennith L. 
Fannin, George R. 
Ferrell, Kaye 
Foote, Duane H. 
Forsyth, Ward R. 

Fuller, Merilyn M. 
Gailey, A. Varney 
Garfield, Carol Jean 
Gunderson, Alvin V. 
Hallook, George V. 
Hamilton, Larry G. 
Henningsen, Charie Arlene 
Holman, Maragaret Jean 

Jones, Elwood T. 
Johnson, Merlyn W. 
Miller, Corena 
Mobley, Thurle 
Morgan, Marcia Ann 
Murphy, Myrna Jean 
Nordgren, Weston N. 
Palmer, F. A. 

Couple chats in the SFLC lobby between classes. 

Oliver, H. Gordon 
Palmer, L. Merrill 
Payne, Louise 

Radmall, Grant M. 
Rea, Joan 
Ringquist, Rita M. 

Richens, Lorn S. 
Rios, Omar 
Ritchie, Stephen L. 

Sell, John Arthur 
Shirts, Addie Uwarda 
Shumway, Carmen 

Shurtliff, Donald Clair 
Smith, Vem H. 
Wells, Arthur E. 

Young, Beven Guy 
Young, Jerry Sherman 
Wolthuis, Henry B. 


J» &~ 



■ o 











Addis, F. Donald 
Allen, Jeanne 
Anderson, Marian Faye 
Atkinson, Shirlene 
At wood, Marguretta 
Awerkamp, Dwayne Roger 
Barry, Barbara Jean 
Babcock, Sallee Marie 

Bennion, Joan 
Besendorfer, John 
Bird, Donna 
Bloomfield, Beverly 
Burke, Isebelle Jean 
Carter, Don C. 
Davis, Richard Lynn 
Decker, Jean 

Dayton, Diane 
Dixon, Karen 
Dudley, Winone T. 
Estes, Dale A. 
Fanene, Taueeve L. 
Francis, Jane Ann 
Fuchigami, Ronald 
Griffiths, R. Wayne 

Gibbons, LeRoy 
Hales, Ronald B. 
Hayes, Rex B. 
Herrin, Gene Carley 
Ho, Verna Mae 
Hogensen, Gary J. 
Holman, Sharon Alice 
Hoopes, Marlene 

Hoyal, Donna Laurine 
Hunn, William John 
Huse, Mary Elaine 
Hyde, Donald R. 
Ireland, Sam H. 
James, Rex L. 
Jennings, Melissa L. 
Jones, Eugene Lee 

a 3 H£2& 

Jones, La Vyrle 
Marchant, Gerald F. 
Merrell, Ellsworth E. 
North, Ila Jean 
Petersen, Margene 
Ritz, Robert T. 
Royner, Harry H. 

Robertson, Marilyn 
Rogers, Elizabeth. A. 
Rowland, Guy 
Schipper, Donna Mae 
Sheets, Leland O. 
Smith, Sheryll 
Shimoda, Donna A. 

Spjut, Norma E. 
Sorensen, Joane 
Sprague, Lois 
Stevens, Sherre 
Stockton, Stephanie Dee 
Tenney, Roy Allen 
Wall, Zone Kay 

Thomas, Gordon M. 
Thomson, Leo A. 
Thorson, Arthur L. 
Tippets, Merry 
Tranter, Thomas Dee 
Trease, Jacque 
Taylor, Paul S. 

Webb, Karen 
White, John Clark 
Wilcox, Dorinda M. 
Wilcox, Gerald 
Wood, Zella Virginia 
Wright, Keith N. 
Yorgason, Lorelle 




Barnum, Deanna 
Benson, Lynn H. 
Bonser, Margie Carol 
Burgess, Bruce M. 
Carpenter, Craig R. 
Cate, Eleta I. 
Christiansen, Richard C 
Clawson, Gary- 
Cox, Gary E. 
Daniels, Donna May 
Dunford, Harold G. 
Dutson, Ernest Paul 
Erdman, Kimball S. 
Evans, Naomi Lillian 
Ferguson, J. Earl 
Fishburn, Jerry R. 

Gleason, Carol 
Gilbert, Reta 
Grimaud, Donald L. 
Hallen, Gloria 
Hamilton, Marilyn 
Haraguchi, Jean 
Hardy, Keith H. 
Hatch, Diane 

Harris, Arlen A. 
Hatch, Valeria 
Hensley, Porta Lee 
Hill, Margie Holland 
Hunsaker, Wms. Leon 
Kearl, Sherman L. 
Keppner, Dawn 
Kirkpatrick, Michael K. 

Lowry, Pauline 
Lamb, Carole 
Manary, Marilyn Anitc 
Mangelson, Evan G. 
Maughan, Marelene 
McKell, Mickey 
Millar, Jeanne 
Minson, Joy 

Madsen caid Craven taking it easy after practice. 

Nicoll, John Cleveland 
Nielsen, Dick H. 
Patton, James R. 

Petersen, Bruce J. 
Rook, Gordon K. 
Porter, William C. (Bill) 

Rodeback, Wilbur 
Russell, John J. 
Shields, Jay Glen 

Sobers, Richard 
Schrier, Henry Frederick 
Scott, Anita 

Widdison, Harold A. 
Thompson, J. Garth 
Thompson, Lorna 

Willis, Jusith Carol 
Wittmayer, Theodore I. 
Zaret, Ron M. 




Armstrong, Blair 
Eeachler, Belle Lou 
Bell, Yvonne Larae 
Breitenbucher, Gayle Carol 
Brimhall, Janelle 
Bullock, Robert Earl 
Crandall, Due Bette 
Coleman, Doreen 

Curtis, Marilyn 
Driggs, Gary Harmon 
Dunn, Patricia E, 
Edenfield, Grady Lamar 
Famsworth, Carl Larry 
Fenton, Charles C. 
Fields, Charles W. 
Finch, James M. 

Frederickson, William E. Jr. 
Fuhriman, Charlene 
Gieck, Fred Gary 
Giles, Kathleen 
Groberg, John H. 
Hamelwritht, Gale C. 
Hammond, Lee 
Hancock, Fred L. Jr. 

Hansen, Marilyn 
Hurst, Henry Wayne 
Irvin, Nancy A. 
Jenson, Jeanene 
Koening, Gerald C. 
Larsen, Robert Arlind 
Mangura, Alan 
Leifson, Jack 

May berry, Wayne 
McBride, Deanna 
Miller, "H" Lewis 
Millward, Frank 
Morawski, Hans J. 
Moyle, Betty 
Nelson, Barbara Jean 
Mumford, Carole 


m^. ,«'V~^ HBH 

Nielsen, Stewart 
Nelson, Charlotte M. 
Perkins, Don 
Phillips, Deanna 
Pierce, Dorthy 
Prosey, Charlotte Ann 
Quinney, Gary G. 

Reed, Jack 
Robison, Charole 
Salisbury, RaNae E. 
Samuelson, C. Wayne 
Schields, E. Marie 
Stratford, Karlene 
Smith, Janice Ann 

Stroble, Carlta 
Tanner, Nancy Lee 
Tasker, Dorothy 
Tebbs, Richard Ray 
Tew, Carolyn 
Thueson, Karla Ann 
Tuokett, Marilyn 

Turner, Charles W. 
Utschig, Mary Louise 
Wade, Venis Kay 
Waldvogel, Caryl Ann 
Walker, Kay L. 
Walters, Carol Ruth 
Wanlass, Gerl 

Ward, Georgeanna 
Watts, Joseph L. 
Whiting, Chuck W. 
Wilkinson, Clifton B. 
Williamson, Doris 
Wiscombe, Anne 
White, Clarelyn 



Aland, Gordon A. 
Ahlstrom, Marvell 
Blodgett, Joan 
Brown, Steven L 
Carlston, Charles B. 
Carlston, Kathryn 
Can, Janelle 
Carr, Paul B. 

Cox, Gary E. 
Cranlord, Gary Philip 
Crawford, Malcolm D. 
Du Paix, Carol Jean 
Farley, Joyce Marie 
Gibbons, LeRoy 
Gordon, Janice 
Gunderson, Alvin V. 

Hansen, David P. 
Hague, Franklin Morris 
Haynie, Klea Carolyn 
Hi Ham, Harold 
Hirschi, Max G. 
Kaufman, Vivian H. 
Loomis, Jerry 
King, Lougene 

Mortensen, Paul H. 
Neeley, Jay 
Norman, Mary Jean 
Nutter, Diana Geneva 
Painter, Beverly Ann 
Parkinson, Kay 
Pezoldt, Eleanor Elizabeth 
Poulsen, Glen Martin 

Rennie, Robert Richard 
Richardson, Kaye 
Roberts, Virginia 
Rockwood, Daisy 
Rogers, Elizabeth 
Rohner, Wilbur Lines 
Russell, Chyrl Ann 
Sharp, Barbara J. 





With the aim of giving to class members a spirit of 
belonging, Sophomore Class oficers formed a student 
participation committee to encourage all students to 
take part in school activities and affairs. This includes 
a voice in social and political affairs. The committee 
originates in the Cabinet and has a representative in 
each dormitory of university housing. This student con- 
tacts all the class members in an assigned area. Tal- 
ents are reported to Cabinet and Senate, which uses 
it in programs and other functions. The class sponsors 
the annual Sophomore Loan Fund Ball, a privilege 
extended to the class to raise money to help students 
with financial problems. 

Experiments are the very soul of progress 

I know I'm supposed to laugh. 

Setting the jaws to work. 

An empty purse and a letter home. 

At devotionals, speakers give plenty of food for thought and introspection. 

ophomore Class officers, Presi- 
ent Mike Kirkham (left), Kim 
owder, Secretary, and Don 
enney, Vice President, ac- 
uainted themselves personally 
ith every class member. 




Ayers, Lonnie D. 
Allen, Robert F. 
Barker, Barbara Ruth 
Blanco, Mario A. 
Boucher, H. David 
Boyd, Ellen Bernice 
Bremer, Florine 
Brindley, Milton Wayne 

Cardon, Anita 
Chambers, Gay 
Clark, George A. 
Cole, Natalie 
Crandall, Lenore 
Dennison, N. Lureen 
Draughn, Norma Dale 
Driskell, Carolyn 

Dunn, Heber G. 
Enders, Gordon W. 
Frandsen, Margaret 
Herron, Stanley Ray 
Hoggan, Jilene 
Hogan, Kathryn 
Holm, Kenneth 
Holman, Laurel L. 

Hunt, Sylvia lane 
Hyer, Jan K. 
Jackson, Mary Beth 
Jackson, Robert A. 
jasperson. Jack Don 
Jensen, Paul Bentley 
Jeppsen, Shara Lee 
Johansson, Linnea 

Klemm, David 
Johnson, Raymond B. 
Kristjanson, Darryl G. 
Lahmann, Robert M. 
Leonard, Sonja Ann 
Lloyd, Gary M. 
Lyman, Joyce 
Martineau, June 

Marcusen, Richard B. 
McCracken, Ivan Hugh 
Muirhead, Alice Malinda 
Muller, Alan E. 
Nims, Janet R. 
Norton, Dorothy A. 
Onderson, Steven L. S. 
Ousby, Don 

Pqrker, Margo Lynne 
Page, Elden R. 
Parry, Darold 
Pearson, Adele 
Perkins, Cecil 
Peterson, Clyde Owen 
Petersen, Ray A. 
Powell, Alda Mae 

Pixton, Bob 
Read, Tom 
Reed, Phyllis Jean 
Rees, Karla 
Rees, Richard W. 
Reese, Sandra L. 
Reiche, Ralph G. 
Rhoads, Joanne L. 

Rumel, Pam 
Roberts, Robert E. 
Salisbury, David G. 
Scott, David R. 
Shaw, Robert C. 
Shumway, Sylvia 
S'tarr, Bonnie J. 
Stevenson, W. Charles 

Stewart, Mary Lynne 
Thompson, Ronald Lynn 
Tolbert, Sherril W. 
Tolman, Wayne Allen 
Toone, Paul C. 
Turner, William Jones 
Walker, De Ann 
Wilcox, Jerry D. 




Barling, Margo 
Adams, Conroy H. 

Barlow, Ada Lucille 
Barnes, Janice 

Birdzell, Mary Lou 
Birkland, Gary Jacob 

Black, L. K. 
Bramwell, Bonnie 

Bradley, Carol Faye 
Brighton, Pat 
Brimhall, Norman A. 
Brown, Darlene 
Bosworth, Gary Arthur 
Boulet, Diane 
Campbell, Phyllis 
Crawford, Shirley 

Christensen, Josephine Ann 
Croft, Carol 
Crook, Kathleen 
Dennis, Lonnie Morris 
Dhal, Patricia 
Dill, Douglas 
Dorny, De Anne 
Dougall, Jeanette L. 

Drake, Leon Ray 
Durtschi, Elise 
Earhart, Winifred Marie 
Edmunds, Paul K. 
Eliason, Diane 
Ellis, Deanne 
Ellis, Jede N. 
Ellsworth, Barbara 

Endicott, Barbara 
Evans, Benda Lee 
Evans, Duane 
Evensen, Ronald C. 
Facer, Marilyn 
Farnsworth, Barbara May 
Farr, David J. 
Fenley, Mary Dagmar 

Faulk, Clive G. 
Fife, Richard S. 
Folsom, Kelvin R. 
Forgacs, Walter J. 
Forrest, Anna Marie 
Foulk, Donald M. 
Foutz, Pauleen Marie 
Froelich, Dale J. 

McNeil, Shari Karleen 
Gappmayer, Richard E 
Gilchrist, Alan 
Moody, Catherine 
Morris, Judy 
Moss, Ruth 
Murdock, Olive Sue 
Redd, Linda 

Rehm, Robert 
Reynolds, Karen L. 
Soper, William R. 
Spencer, Loralee 
Stevenson, Diane 
Sutherland, Exie Ray 
Swenson, Jeri 
Stock, Valon 

With so much activity little time is left for study. 



Adamson, Sherron Kay 
Anderson, Connie 
Armstrong, Cheryl Palricia 
Barson, F. Kennard 
Beasley, Careen 
Behunin, Margaret 
Beim, Gabrielle 
Bell, Marvin J. 

Benson, Carla Kaye 
Bills, Royce A. 
Bingham, Joann 
Black, Thelma 
Blacker, Royal 
Bohnet, Gerald V. 
Draper, Ted C. 
Griffeth, Gary G. 

Falslev, Joie 
Heiner, Georgia 
Harger, Irene Shearin 
Harper, Vernon Milchel 
Hewilt, George W. 
Jarrard, Dick L, 
Johnson, Deverl N. 
Jorgensen, Dan C. 

lulander, Lillie D. 
Lykins, William L. 

Mefford, Margie Ann 
Miller, Belty 
Moeller, Karen 
Morrison, Kenneth J. 
Moulton, Clark A. 
Murphy, Vira Ann 

Nielson, Brent 
Reacock, Evelyn 
Remington, Patricia Ann 
Rose, Charles B. 
Rossiter, C. Lynn 
Sansom, Gary 
Sego, Norman Kerry 
Schulzke, Ernest 

S'cott, Richard L. 
Sharp, Edward 
Silver, Jean Russell 
Simper, Iris May 
Simpson, Iris 
Sinclair, Jerry V. 
Slade, J. Dion 
Smith, Alan J. 

Smith, Ernan Y. 
Smith, Forrest C. 
Smith, G. Stanford 
Smith, Jerry Petersen 
Smith, Keith Craig 
Smith, Noel E. 
Snarr, Robert 
Sorensen, Janice 

Starley, Max R. 
Stevens, James Talmage 
Sv/ainston, Paul C. 
Swenson, Marilyn 
Thomas, Karen J. 
Tolley, Deanna 
Twitchell, Noel E. 
Vargas, M. Julio 

Unck, Patricia Jean 
Vicenti, Nina J. 
Voyles, Ann 
Walters, Charles T. 
Warner, Derral C. 
Westover, James Howard 
White, Janice 
Wilson, Maurice De Von 

Worley, Jan Eugene 
Wright, Frances 
Wright, James O. 
Wright, Karen 
Wright, Meredith 
Wright, Robert Lee 
Yorgason, Vanja 
Young, Marilyn Starr 





Batchler, Jack 
Atkinson, Marlene 

Baxter, Muriel Lynne 
Bauers, Shannon 

Bean, Nancy 
Bergen, Norma Jean 

Carter, Lila Jean 
Crofts, John De Loy 

Daily Universe reader waits for class to begin. 

Dixon, Shirley W. 
Echols, C. Gordon 
Esplin, Thomas V. 
Fisher, Joan 
Geisler, Patricia 
Hallman, Kathy 
Harding, Glen 
Harney, Henrietta 

Huggins, Colleen 
Jenkins, Keith B. 
Kingsford, Afton 
Lee, Deanna 
Lewis, Byron C. 
Lindsay, Edward John 
Lunt, La Raine A. 
Mackay, Helen Mar 

Mansuy, Frances W. 
Marshall, Charles 
Mattson, Vernon Williams 
McAllister, Cheryl Harte 
McDonald, Kathleen 
McKeon, Sharon Dalene 
Milliner, John 
Mohlman, Grant 

Nelson, Elaine 
Morse, William Martin 
Norton, Richard L. 
Nuttall, Drayton G. 
Ober, Georgia 
Owen, Richard D. 
Palmer, John Wesley 
Palmer, Junelle 

Police, Judy 
Peterson, Kenneth D. 
Potter, Rhett F. 
Pratt, Martha Ruth 
Ray, Kathlyeen 
Rich, Merilynne 
Smith, Marian Dee 
Spalding, Idyll 

Smith, Ronald C. 
Steffensen, Sonia 
Stores, Elaine 
Taysom, Annette 
Tranter, Joene 
Tyler, Larry A. 
Ure, Colleen 
Vincent, Sylvia 

Webb, Emily Jeanne 
Whitaker, Ivie 
Whitton, Gerald Allen 
Wood, William 
Willey, Thelma 
Wright, Lynn Bernard 
Yingling, Laura May 
Wrigley, Marvin B. 




Alder, Sheldon Lee 
Andersen, Adrian L. 
Barbezat, Eugene 
Barney, Glade J. 
Bartletl, Helen 
Bell, Andrea 
Bigler, Ralph P. 
Bown, Robert 

Brindley, Mary Ann 
Brandley, Peter 
Byrd, Jesse F. 
Calder, Colleen 
Campbell, William A. 
Carlelon, Marian 
Cook, Shirley 
Crow, Gayle 

Growther, Glen W. 
Dahl, Arthur D. Jr. 
Dailey, Diana Dee 
Dallin, Darla 
Davidson, Dave A. 
Davis, Joan 
Dean, Mike 
Dunford, Arlene 

Dierksen, Carol 
Eberhart, Norma 
Eliason, C. Daniel 
Erekson, William B. 
Evans, John Deuel 
Evert, Lawrence G. 
Fuller, Loueen 
Garcia, Jose E. 

f^ Lji ft 


m k 

Gibbs, Carolyn Jean 
Greene Chloe Ann 
Greenhalgh, Jinean 
Griffith, Dare W. 
Gubler, Jerald R. 
Hadfield, Koven Lamont 
Halgren, Pat 
Hamblin, Kay 

Hammond, Patty 
Hansen, W. Bryce 
Hart, Paul Douglas 
Horraker, Ruth A. 
Hollingshead, Joey Arlede 
Holmes, Marian Kathryn 
Hoskins, Phil K. 
Howarth, Dorothy Ann 

Hughes, Delano B. 
Hughes, Kelly Ann 
Hunter, Ilene 
Hutchings, Kent 
Imal, Tomiko 
Jensen, Elton W. 
Jesperson, Llyn W. 
Johnson, Kay 

Johnson, Lorna D. 
Kirkham, Mike Reed 
Kofiord, JoAnne 
Larson, L. Keith 
Le Baron, Norman G. 
Lewis, Maxine 
Litster, Allen E. 
Martin, Al 

Lorin B. McRae 
Metcalf, Mavis 
Monson, Marlene 
Morgan, Scott K. 
Morrill, Weston H. 
Nichol, Jack W. 
Pace, Carol 
Nielson, Marc C. 

Peterson, Alan Kay 
Prince, Janet 
Query, Renee 
Rounds, Jay C. 
Scholes, Robert M. 
Sloan, Suzanne 
Smith, Martha 
Smith, Karl L. 





Baumgartner, Colleen 
Beckstrand, Helen A. 

Elder, Fern A. 
Gillison, Mary Lou 

Gardner, Robert C. 
Goldsberry, Robert W. 

Green, Dee Forace 
Green, Myrna 

A student rests after many hours of study. 

Hales, Sloan 
Hamm, James Lee 
Hanna, Marian 
Hansen, Myrla Vee 
Hansen, Nancy Lee 
Herrick, Betty Jo 
Herron, Barbara Gayle 
Jones, Mary Ann 

Johnson, Joneen 
Kaiser, Dolores 
K-Lynn, Paul 
Larson, Roger C. 
McDonald, Dorothy Rae 
Merrill, Louise 
Moosman, Jewel 
Muhlestein, Mary K. 

Nielsen, V. Marchene 
Mykol, Denise 
Newman, Dianne 
Niles, Barbara 
Norton, Harold L. 
Nybo, June 
Olsen, Audrey J. 
Olsen, Helen Kaye 

Olsen, Ruth 
Olsen, Terese Aurelia 
Olson, D'Ann 
Oliver, Tally 
Orr, Diane 
Parker, Marilyn 
Parkin, Colleen 
Perkins, Cecil 

Patrick, Kathleen 
Petersen, Bryan 
Peterson, Judy 
Rogers, Hawley 
Rostrom, Mildred 
Rowe, Klara 
Shuey, Valerie 
Smith, Eugene E. 

Peacock, Vione 
Peck, M. Hayden II 
Smith, Shirley 
Stapley, Merrill L. Jr. 
Starr, Bonnie 
Stewart, Dale 
Strong, Brian E. 
Tate, Charlene 

Tolman, Kirk 
Tracy, Brent K. 
Tsuji, Ernest 
White, Patricia A. 
Wolz, Paul 
Younce, Pat R. 
Zink, Ann Ruth 
Zollinger, Diane 




Alexander, Robert A. 
Anderson, Arthur C. 
Anderson, Blanine 
Andrus, Antone Marlon 
Atkinson, Carma L. 
Bagley, Glenna 
Baker, Calvin C. 
Banks, Bennie Lee 

Beardall. John Smith 
Belnap, Lynn 
Boetticher, Dorothy 
Burke, Leora 
Call, Verle G. 
Chidester, Craig L. 
Clark, Brent N. 
Clayton, Kathleen 

Crow, Jean 
Day, Marian L. 
Densley, Vernon 
Egan, L. Norman 
Escobar, Victor 
Finlayson, Ralph 
Frehner, Verl L. 
Goodman, Evelyn Corene 

Groberg, Richard H. 
Hadley, Ronald 
Hamblin, Marley 
Hansen, Brent D. 
Hensen, Kent B. 
Harris, Paul Lavern 
Hilden, H. Gordon 
Hughes, Gene L. 

• A P>w X-jr -S-T^ • •*•*!! 

Hunter, Lois Anne 
Hyde, Nan Etle 
Josie, Sonia 
Kohler, Aleen B. 
Larsen, Bruce G. 
Lawrence, Robert J. 
Lobos, Jose Amilcar 
Lowry, Janice 

Lucas, Hugh 
Lunt, Myrna Hope 
Madsen, Jean 
Mairs, Marilyn 
Maloy, Clair 
Malstrom, Annette 
Manning, Eldena 
Marcum, Mary Kay 

Milton, Annette 
Montori, Olive 
Mulhern, Arleene 
Pinegar, Dale 
Porter, Erline 
Porter, Patricia E. 
Porter, S'herron H. 
Posey, Walter L. 

Poupos, Constantinos 
Pratt, Douglas Eugene 
Price, James W. 
Roundy, Jerry C. 
Sennhauser, Lore 
Stevenson, William V. 
Stewart, Gary 
Taylor, Ardith J. 

Thayne, David B. 
Tolles, Dianne C. 
Walker, Rex V. 
Washburn, Roland M. 
Wayment, Stan 
West, Donna Marlene 
Whiffen, Hank 
Whitehead, Norma LaVon 

Whittle, LaDawn 
Wilson, Betly Joan 
Wiltbank, Joyce 
Wimber, Nancy 
Wixom, Hartt 
Workman, Lee A. 
Wright, Joye 
Young, Carol Gay 


Badgett, Yvonne 
Babbel, Pat 
Badham, Leon D. 
Baird, Joseph M. 
Benson, Kent 
Bounds, Rex Benow 
Bounous, Beverly Jean 
Bowles, Roy T. 

Brown, Beverly 
Bradshaw, Sandra 
Baithwaite, Ruthmary 
Brown, Donna 
Brown, Gary Leonard 
Brown, Wayne LaMar 
Brunt, Bill 
Burnson, Peter L. 

Bybee, Joanne 
Call, Susan 
Callaway, Lowell E. 
Callister, {Catherine 
Cutler, Dorothea 
Hansen, Patricia 
Hill, Annette 
Isenburg, Theodore F. 

Her, Denis R. 
Kelly, Nancy 
Matthews, Dixie Carol 
Meredith, Gary E. 
Merrell, Chyrl Janice 
Merrill, Heber Kent 
Midgley, Marlin Keither 
Milne, Nancy 

Moffett, Joana 
Moffit, Henry E. 
Mohler, El don 
Mohlman, Marilee 
Pace, Dean 
Powell, Lynn K. 
Rowlings, Joyce 
Rex, Verda 

Reeve, Naomi 
Richards, William J. 
Roberts, Beverly Colleen 
Rockwood, Eleanor 
Royse, Don W. 
Sant, Sharyn 
Slade, Rosalie 
Stone, Duane D. 

Smith, Edele 
Smith, Edward W. 
Taylor, Mary Frances 
Thomas, Flossie Marie 
Thorne, Sally 
Twitty, Charyle 
Webb, Carolyn 
Weber, Allen H. 



Allison, Bud 
Allred, Alice 

Allred, Lorna 
Anderson, Brita 

Anderson, Carol 
Arnold, Alvin 

Arnoldsen, Larry M. 
Austin, David 

Sophomores whoop it up at class assembly. 




Ashley, George K. 
Alkin, Roy David 
Awerkamp, Blaine 
Bagley, Emma Lou 
Barlow, Carolyn 
Bennett, Helene J. 
Bergeson, Dean R. 
Bertoch, Janice Carol 

Bergeson, Scott 
Blackburn, Helen 
Blonquest, Lawrie B. 
Bloxham, Ben 
Blunck, Virginia 
Bone, George Brian 
Booth, Nelda 
Buchanan, Julynne 

Colder, Allene C. 
Budge, Kathryn Jean 
Call, Henry Dee 
Casperson, Nadean 
Challburg, Norman L. 
Chatham, Betty 
Christensen, Carolyn 
Christensen, Shirley 

Christiansen, Sally 
Christiansen, Laura 
Clarke, Nancy Ann 
Clarkson, Vem S. 
Clay, Robert D. 
Connelley, Joyce 
Cowley, Elaine 
Davis, W. Morgan 


4,. ->* ~- - 

^ k 

Crafts, David Scott 
Deaver, Cameron Keith 
Curtis, Deanne 
Doxey, John Rolon 
Duce, Norman 
Durfey, McLean 
Evans, Doug G. 
Finlinson, David S". 

Fox, Laura 
Froneberber, Harold 
Fuller, Robert A. 
Gold, Cherry Sue 
Goodson, Ray L. 
Gordacan, Janice Freeman 
Gray, Shirley Ann 
Hansen, Norma 

Hamblin, Delmer Hyrum 
Harris, Nola Kay 
Hastings, Eldon E. 
Hinckley, Nanette 
Hollings worth. Brent E. 
Jarrard, Dick L. 
Jennings, Jerry 
Jones, Lavaughn 

Jensen, Dennis 
Judd, Frank F. 
Kapele, John Kamana 
Kellett, Kay 
Kristjanson, Darrl G. 
Meiling, Jaquell 
Michaelis, Elaine 
Moeller, Karen 

Nicol, Lola Ann 
Neal, Dallas H. 
Palmer, Susanne 
Peabody, Dale 
Pearson, Adele 
Rasmussen, Ronald 
Richardson, Oscar LaVon 
Redd, Cherry 

Rohbock, Teddy 
Smith, Edele 
Speckart, Philip 
Walters, Charles Tom 
Wride, Dale Hayward 
Yardley, Mary 
Young, Lynn Budd 
Yager, Ed G. 


Brandis, Jean 
Burnham, Gail 



Christensen, Donald H. 
Didericksen, Coraleigh 

Dredge, Cherye 
Green, Joyce 

Coeds check programs before a studentbody assembly. 

Ham, LaDean 
Harrison, Wayne A. Jr. 
Higglnson, Jerry C. 
Jackson, Kay 
Jackson, Renee 
Jacobsen, Geraldine 
Johnson, Claudia 
Jielson, John Richard 

Johnson, Wallace K. 
Jordan, Kim Lee 
Kenney, Don James 
Lambert, Eugene S. 
Lee, Kent 
Long, JoAnn 
Loveless, Judith 
Martin, Dawn 

Marchant, Fred Thomas 
Maughan, Newell C. 
McConnell, John R. 
Mecham, Raphael C. 
Miller, Tom F. 
Mitchell, Jim 
Monson, Carol 
Moore, Cerita 

Morris, Ephraim B. 
Moyes, Marlene 
Nay, Arlene 
Neal, Alice 
Nicol, Karen 
Nicoll, Lynn A. 
Neilson, Lenord Elwood 
Nielson, Nella Louise 

Olsen, Melvin 
Ostler, Julie 
Ozawa, Fern K. 
Packker, Edward Lee 
Parry, Barbara Ann 
Peacock, Evelyn M. 
Peck, M. Hoyden II 
Peterson, Ludeen 

Penrose, Wallace K. 
Peterson, Mary Eleanor 
Pollei, Julia Claire 
Ray, Margo 
Redd, Patrica 
Reynolds, Lorraine 
Rowley, Leo W. 
Smith, Furlann 

Russon, Ann Ranae 
Speas, James Clark 
Stubbert, Colin H. 
Swan, Geralee 
Walker, Glen O. 
Warren, Barbara Joannt 
Wheat, Ken E. 
Wong, Cornelia 





Bright, ClUla 
Brock, Violet 
Christensen, Janet 
Crouse.Marisha Ann 
Good sell, Joan 
Cony, Karen M. 
Gibbs, Gayle Y. 
Gillie, Kenneth D. 

Gowans, Hugh E. 
Hansen, Gordon S. 
Hansen, Roland F. 
Hanison, David C. 
Harrison, Shirley Dove 
Harvey, Donald G. 
Hatori, Donald K. 
Hawley, Merrill Sheldon 

Haws, Patricia Fay 
Hess, Edward M. 
Hibbert, Donna Mae 
Johnson, Kimber Gordan 
Johnson, La Veil R. 
Johnson, Linda Rae 
Johnson, Raymond 
Johnson, Rodney Allen 

Jorgensen, Norman G. 
Jones, Mary Gail 
Kearl, Ruth Marie 
Keith, Karen 
Kee Ling, Jerry 
Key, Bryan E. 
Keller, Barbara Yvonne 
Kimball, Joan 

Kenley, Lynn G. 
Kirk, James L. 
Kirk, Tamsin 
Kleinman, Luene 
Knapp, Clive Jay 
Knight, Ronald A. 
Kohler, Margaret L. 
Larsen, Barbara 

Larson, Donald Gene 
Lasson, Calvin G. 
Leaf, Lawrence D. 
Leavitt, Beverly S. 
LeBaron, Bentley 
Lee, Earl M. 
Lee, Ladonna 
Lee, Zetta 

Lehr, Wallace 
Lund, Nina 
Marks, Cecil D. 
Marsh, Marilyn 
Martin, Diana Margaret 
Matheson, Gordon Keith 
McBride, Carolee 
McClure, Thomas 

McCormack, Nancy 
McDaniel, William A. 
McQuarrie, Rhonda 
Moore, Linda 
Morgan, Joyce 
Morphis, Karl Dean 
Morris, Monte 
Murray, Ann 

Muir, Elmo Ricks 
Nay, Wanda Jean 
Norberg, James 
Novakovich, Stephen 
Northrup, Sherena C. 
Opp, Jannice Terrell 
Ord, Sharon Faye 
Palmer, Jean 

Robb, Willmia H. 
Robertson, Joel S. 
Roland, Peggy L. 
Rutledge, Cheryl 
Sallenbach, Shirley I. 
Sarauelsen, Trudy 
White, Sarah Ann 
Webb, C. Wildon 





Clegg, Almon H. 
Clegg, Carol Ann 
Cobia, Loran 
Cox, Eunice 
Curtis, Carol 
Dalebout, G. Judene 
Dalton, Janet 
Davis, Beth 

Day, Sidnee 
Deby, Winnifred 
Dewey, Phyllis M. 
Durham, Luanne 
Eastmond, Elbert 
Emery, Ivan Earl 
Fuller, Doyle G. 
Evenison, Merrilyn 

Gardiner, Verlin D. 
Gries, Barbara Venice 
Hackney, Kay Elaine 
Hall, Margaret 
Hall, Wendell J. 
Hamilton, Paul 
Hoen, James Howard 
Hokanson, Paul M. 

Holt, Ivan K. 
Hollow, F. Dennis 
Howard, Lynn 
Hudson, Mary Linda 
Ingham, V. B. 
Lee, Zelda 
Lloyd, Norlene 
Petersen, Karen 

Nelson, Marcia 
Nielsen, Diane 
Oertyle, Linda Dee 
Pittman, Reba Sue 
Pullman, Charles Dee 
Raymond, Barbara 
Somerville, David J. 
Stephenson, Kathryn 

Taylor, Ladell 
Taylor, Sharleen 
Thomas, Gerald E. 
Tucker, Deon 
Valentine, Gay 
Webb, George Richarc 
Weeks, Michael 
Widdison, Bart 

West, James D. 
Wilson, Melvin G. 
Wittle, Melba Lynne 
Wold, Larry R. 
Wood, Janet 
Wride, Dawn Ray 
Zeller, Eldon Ray 
Ziemer, Paul D. 

Carlile, Florence 
Boggs, William G. 

Carlson, QUI D. 
Christensen, Karen 

Chaplin, Dora Mae 
Church, Leah 

Christison, Barbara 
Clark, Lee J. 

Faculty members view assembly with great interest. 





Bailey, Joyce 
Anderson, Chris A. 
Bancroft, Laverne Carl 
Bond, Hal D. 
Bonelli, Ellen Marie 
Call, Vivian 
Chambers, Robert L. 
Clark, Dick J. 

dinger, Larry A. 
Clay, Robert D. 
Cordner, Robert Roy 
Crook, Margaret Kay 
Dunn, Heber G. 
Durrani, Vicki 
Ellsworth, Cherel Jane 
Elton, Robert H. 

Fletcher, George 
Fackrell, Lynn L. 
Gale, Levon Russel 
Garn, Ralph 
Gibbs, Carolyn J. 
Grover, Judith Kay 
Hales, Lee 
Hardy, Douglas M. 

Haynie, Sharon A. 
Heiner, Thane 
Holman, Albert N. 
Howlett, Mary 
Hunt, James Olaus 
Irvine, Fleet R. 
Jacobson, Norman Bruce 
Johnson, Larry D. 

Jones, Lloyd W. 
Jorgensen, Orvil R. 
Laudie, Drew 
Lee, Alder Sheldon 
Lee, Wallace Raymond 
Lunt, Alan Kenneth 
Mansor, Donna Maxine 
Mehr, Marilyn 

Moeller, Karen 
Neeley, Marilyn 
Neilson, Adele 
Nelson, Narene 
Nelson, Shirley M. 
Newman, Peggy June 
Nielson, Myma 
Nielson, Virginia 

Nuttall, Carol LaVerne 
Nunes, Pearl Ann 
Olson, Merrill H. 
Ord, Marilyn J. 
Oster, Eugene 
Pace, Linda Jean 
Pace, Melven Allen 
Randall, Karen 

Russon, Lavell Dwayne 
Reddish, Jackie 
Sandberg, Howard E. 
Sherwood, Dora Lou 
Shields, Glenn 
Sidwell, Dorothy Joanne 
Snyder, Darryl Lynn 
Swenson, Carnille V. 

Taylor, Larry B. 
Terry, Don W. 
Thorpe, Calvin E. 
Tripp, Paul Lawrence 
Van Epps, Leonard 
Walker, Glenn Ronald 
Walker, Wendell 
Welch, Norma A. 

Watts, Blaine H. 
Weight, Mary Lou 
Wood, Grant R. 
Woods, Janice 
Wyss, Eileen L. 
Wyss, Marjorie Ann 
Young, L. DeWayne 
Yingling, Kay A. 




Beagles, Joseph Keith 
Behnke, Joseph Ray 

Call, S'hirley Ann 
Bradford, Stewart 

Evans, Ronald W. 
Ewell, Sheldon F. 
Fjeldsted, Gilberta 
Fletcher, Robert H. 
Freeman, Cheryl Ruth 
Froerer, Carol Joyce 
Gardner, Vilate 
Hancoc, Faye 

Green, Violet June 
Hansen, Gordon 
Hansen, Patsy 
Hardy, Paula 
Harris, M. Dale 
Harris, Frances 
Hart, Sherlyn 
Henderson, Cecil H. 

Henderson, Kay 
Hickman, Cheri Kaye 
Higgins, Nancy Lee 
Hight, Dawn 
Hyer, Jan K. 
Ivey, Anita Jane 
Jacobsen, Sandra Roberta 
James, Carol 

Jarvis, George K. 
James, Donald E. 
Jensen, Annette L. 
Jensen, Gwen 
Jensen, Larry 
Jessen, Eldon 
Johns, Charlene 
Johansen, Carl R. 

Johnson, Wanda M. 
Johns, Judy 
Jolley, Janeen Lou 
Jorgensen, David William 
Jorgensen, Newell M. 
Knuz, Victor 
Kurt2, Audrey Irene 
Kapp, Janice 

Lee, Virgie 
Malloy, Jerry 
Mayer, Willard L. 
McAllister, Cheryl Harte 
McKellar, John A. 
McKrola, Donald A. 
McMichael, Rupert Lee 
Stoddard, Robert Lee 

Merrill, Mary Ann (Molly) 
Swanson, Harold A. 
Thompson, Keith R. 
Thurgood, Glen Stoker 
Tilley, Charleen 
Topham, Mardell Dalton 
Turley, Katherine 
Tweten, Georgine 

Crail, Betty 

Cox, Claudia Ann 

Dew, Donald C. 
Duniord, John P. 

A student works parttime to finance his education. 




Barker, Dixie A. 
Bell. Carol 

Blacker, Leon Wendell 
Blackett, Stanley E. 
Borgquist, Laurel A. 
Brokaw, Blanche 
Brown, Geraldine 
Brown, James F. 

Brown, Maurine 
Bullington, Robert James 
Bullock, Genelle 
Burgoyne, Beverly 
Burnett, Paul Merlin 
Burr, Glenda 
Canto, John W. 
Cardon, Bartell W. Jr. 

Carlile, Alvin R. 
Chanslor, Barbara Jo 
Christensen, Janice 
Clark, Ensyne 
Clark, Robert Leslie 
Clark, Sonya B. 
Clelland, Velda Jean 
Clement, Arlen M. 

Coffman, Esther 
Condie, Genene G. 
Coombs, Suzanne 
Cooper, Gayle 
Cooper, Glenna 
Crapo, Carol B. 
Crockett, Dorothy J. 
Davidson, Janeal S. 

De Land, Richard L. 
Dills, Joseph Ronald 
Durley, McLean 
Durtschi, Belden 
Guzman, Adolfo M. 
Lendt, Welda Beate 
LaVar, Callis Jeddy 
Liddle, Alfred S. 

Lewis, Glenna Gay 
Linton, Gayle 
Linston, Sandra 
Litster, Judith C. 
Lloyd, Dean Carter 
Lowder, Colline 
Lowder, Patricia Ann 
Love, Diane 

MacDonald, Edwin 
Maughan, Berklee A. 
Mano, Kenneth 
Rands, Ellen 
Richins, Grant N. 
Salazar, Lillie V. 
Scholes, Carol 
Schott, Charles Henry 

Schow, Sharon 
Schultz, R. Conrad 
Scoresby, Gaye 
Shaw, Donald Tracy 
Sherwood, Dora Lou 
Smith Catherine 
Smith, James M. 
Sorensen, Charles C. 

Sorenson, Kenneth 
Stevenson, David L. 
Stout, Diane 
Strong, James W. 
Sullivan, James David 
Sung, Haengja K. 
S'wann, Edward Harold 
Toombs, Beverlyn 

Swanson, Robert 
Trimnal, Gloria J. 
Van Wagoner, Anna Loye 
Walden, John F. 
Whitmore, Geraldine 
Whittle, Melba Lynne 
Wimmer, David R. 
Williams, Carol 


"ox, Louise 

Janiels, Jack K. 
i )ugan, John Paul 

'ndicott, Barbara 

Irickson, Karen 
I jickson, Larry B. 

Sardner, Peggy Jane 

ugal, Janeil 

jiudmundson, Clair Webster 
Uibson, Carol Jean 
lautierrez, Higinio Jr. 
Ilammond, Bill 

lamrick, James Russell Martin Jr. 
Iligginson, George E. 

loltom, Steve 
Jensen, Aft on E. 

lyewood, Annette 
Dhnson, Jensen 
alley, Sandra Kaye 
jiudson, Saundra R. 
arson, Doris May 
orz, Forrest A. 
.und, William Guy Jr. 
4angum, Jerry D. 

tfartin, Helen lone 
4ason, Dennis L. 
<feikle, Joanne 
Morrison, Beverley 
'aimer, Lynn 
earson, Melvin J. 
eterson, Mary Jo 
ichards, Clarita H. 

chaefermeyer, Jeanene Marie 
chweppe, Harold 
immons, Karen Sue 
mith, Charlene 
now, Carol Lee 
orensen, Shauna Lee 
agg, Howard Robert 
tevenson, Warren Walker 

hompson, Delores (Dodey) 

aylor, Kathryn Ann 

hompson, Paul D. 

ipton, Gary P. 
Jowle, Mitzi 
cruman, Ferrol L. 
lumer, Karen 
*ufts, Gwen 

,/alker, Melvin Haslam 

/eber, Gerry Jr. 
Vest, Sharon Grace 
|/estenskow, Carolyn 
ij/hetten, Amanda Jean 

/hippie, Connie 
Viddison, Joan 

/illshire, Coleen Ann 



Abercrombie, Gary 
Baker, Johanna 

Bingham, Jay D. 
Bissell, Preston 

Burch, John R. 
Christensen, Gordon V. 

Cook, Mary Elaine 
Clark, Nancy 

Some listen while others sleep. 

P9!^ W&i 




Acheson, Sharon Lynette 
Adams, Sandra Anne 
Aiken, Glenn 
Aird, Jeanne 
Andrews, Carlos 
Atkinson, John H. 
Anderson, Paul 
Bahr, Don F. 

Baker, Carina 
Beach, John L. 
Bean, Robert Halsey 
Belknap, Addie L. 
Bennett, Sylvia Lucille 
Berrett, Richard Heber 
Brown, Carol 
Caldwell, Don J. 

Davenport, Janis Lee 
Decker, Laurel W. 
Enders, Gordon W. 
Evans, William Bruce 
Farnsworth, Jack H. 
Fernandez, Telie 
French, William 
Fritzsche, Mary 

Fugal, Kristine 
Gardiner, Rodney E. 
Jones, Judy Day 
Lapi, Barbara 
Lee, Virginia 
Lemon, Hilda Jane 
McDonald, Jerry 
McDonald, Joyce Yvonne 

a c 

McDowell, Douglas 
Mills, Vemalie 
Miner, Edward Glen 
Minor, Jay L. 
Miratti, Richard 
Montierth, Myma 
Otterstrom, Frank Thomas 
Ricks, V. Nancy 

Richards, Belle 
Robins, Ellen 
Robins, Larry M. 
Robinson, Don L. 
Robinson, Elaine 
Robinson, Millie 
Rossiter, Terry 
Rogers, Milton S. 

Rummler, Roy L. 
Ruthledge, James Ray 
Rutherford, Peggy 
Safsten, Ron D. 
Salmenson, Emily 
Sampson, Douglas 
Smith, Darlene Kay 
Schill, Gerhard D. 

Smith, Janet 
Smithson, E. Brady 
Sorenson, John Leon 
Stewart, James Duane 
Stewart, Lois 
Stewart, Sandra 
Stubbs, Arlene Louise 
Taggart, Lyle Ray 

Thompson, Lane 
Tidwell, Ray W. 
Tolman, Marilyn 
Tuft, Nadeane 
Turpin, Karen 
Udall, Don A. 
Uibel, Howard F. 
Vollma, N. Judy 

Waldron, Leahmae 
Waters, Arlin G. 
Waywell, Kelvin T. 
Weber, Patricia 
Welcher, Robert 
Wilson, David F. 
Winn, William D. 
Worlton, Tom 




Brown, C. W. 
Brockbank, Eleanor R. 
Circuit, Jeffrey L. 
Cook, Roger M. 
Dixon, Marjorie Jean 
Hall, Gary 
Hammond, Judy 
Harris, Don 

Hawkins, Dorothy Bee 
Hatch, Forrest E. 
Hawks, Marlene M. 
Hazard, Jim 
Hendrickson, Lynn J. 
Hepplei, Lawrence John 
Hickman, Warren W. 
Hitchcock, Karleen 

Holdsberg, Carroll 
Hooker, Lewis B. 
Hubbard, Ila 
Hunter, Richard Brent 
Jeffery, Leiloni 
Johnson, Grover V. 
Loveridge, Bernell 
McMeen, Marilyn 

Miner, Sheila Marie 
Oaks, Merrill C. 
Oertle, Linda 
Olsen, Roger L. 
Olson, Kent James 
Pace, Ralph 
Peterson, Stephen L. 
Parle, Roy Edwin 

Richins, Carol Margaret 
Reed, Kennith A. 
Robinson, Shirley Ann 
Sauvaget, Marie Helene 
Schofield, Sharlene 
Schrimshire, E. Royce 
Schwab, Marvin G. 
Secretan, Robert 

Seely, Sonya (Sunny) 
Seeney, Joellen Kay 
S'harp, Ronald 
Smith, De Anna 
Smith, Dorig Diane 
Smith, Edna M. 
Spoerl, Karl 
Smith, Sharon 

Steed, Michael 
Steele, Richard Thomas 
Weight, Howard Vane 
Whihout, Darrel L. 
White, Judith Ann 
Willard, Frances 
Woffinden, Anna Joy 
Wilson, Marba 

Abo, Sharie 
Atkinson, Dell C. 

Aitken, Grant J. 
Barney, Buelah 

Blair, Kenneth R. 
Beers, Barbara 

Bowen, Lee Roy Edward 
Blackburn, Georgia 

Students get registration advice from their advisors. 




Clark, Alice Virginia 
Faller, Elaine G. 
Felt, Gene 
Fletcher, George 
Gam, Brett 
Garner, David H. 
George, Lillie Mae 

Gilbert, Olga 
Glauser, Nancy J. 
Grigg, Samuel P. 
Gustaveson, Verl J. 
Hale, Lynn G. 
Hallack. Gary K. 
Hammond, Myrna C. 

Halladay, Ann 
Harshall, Charles 
Hatch, Jenniah 
Heemeyer, Lois Marie 
Keller, Judith 
Mabey, Kent Lavar 
Meacham, John Arlen 

On second thought — I'll put it back. 


Seems to be a paper ball of some sort, I'll just tear 
340 it in ha - - 

Anxious moment came when airplane buzzed field, dropping anti-football tracts. 

You say the game was last night? 

Put me down this instant! ! ! 

Back on stage, girls. We gotta keep this show moving. 



According to John Kindred, freshman class president, the 
motto of the class was, "We aim to please — you aim, too, 
please". Interest and activity in the class was evidenced 

I by the fact that 1359 freshmen class cards were sold this 
year, more than ever before and more than that of any 
other class. Parties, socials and firesides are held through- 
out the year, and the major project, this year, and which 
benefited the entire studentbody, was the handling of the 
Associated Men Students Carnival during the first week 
of April. Social and service units erected booths and a 
traditional trophy was awarded for the best display. 

Putting all her breath into one balloon. 

Frosh coeds are worth watching. 

A galaxy of beauty 

A long hard climb to the "Y" 

Frosh assembly reveals scintillating youth with its love and fun and gaiety. 

Freshman Class officers, John 
Kindred, President, Dixie Ran- 
dall, Secretary, and Tomelene 
Dyer, Vice President, governed 
affairs of the large freshman 



Andersen, Todd G. 
Adams, James 8. 
APen, Erna Loreen 
Andreason, Gail 
Andrus, Aniene 

Armstrong, Barbara Ann 
Arbon, Gary K. 
Ashby, William Larry 
Baldree, Edward Ola 
Barnson, Roger 

Bangerler, Maurine 
Barnes, Nancy 
Bellon, Philip Ned 
Bird, Lynne 
Bratcher, Laree 

Boyle, Ellen Rae 
Brown, Barbara E. 
Bryant, Carole Ann 
Budge, Arvin R. 
Buckwalter, Ray G. 

' : ' 

ft rt> e> e fWa 

'y> '? & < 

Covey, Richard Wayne 
Call, Barbara 
Davis, Judy 
De Leeuw, Farell H. 
Dennert, Norma 
Felt, John 
Fenn, Alva Lee 
Drechsel, Larue 

Fletcher, Gloria 
Finch, Theodore 
Fraser, Frances 
Gay, Marvin Lewis 
Glbb, Divid R. 
Gonalez, Melvyn 
Green, Daryl W. 
Good, Beverly "B" 

Harisay, Richard 
Grotegut, Berniece 
Hall, Thomas Ken 
Harrison, Lois Margaret 
Holt, George W. 
James, Judith D. 
Larson, Suzanne 
Howletf, Bryce L. 

Lee, Barbara Kay 
LePard, Stuart 
Leslie, Anabel Lee 
Lund, Dona 
Madsen, C. Ronald 
Marlow, Joan 
Mariell, Darwin 
Mayo, Janet 

Martin, David Chancellor 
McDearmon, Richard James 
Meredith, Ralph Joe 
Michaels, Sheila 
Millar, Carol Ann 
Musser, Marcia E 
Nichol, Rosalie 
Mussler, Hans 

Peterson, Judith 
Ramos, Robert 
Reed, Barbara Ann 
Rowbury, Lyle 
Runser, Albert W. II 
Sant, Gary L. 
Seneca, Loretta 
Slater, Gail L. 

Swapp, A. Jeanne 

Stillmaker, Faybeth 

Van Orden, Royd 

Van Wagoner, Katherine S. 

Webb, Alan 

Williams, Jacqueline 

Zirker, Carolee 

Wilson, Jeril B. 




Autumn Leaf hikers enjoy view from top of Squaw Peak. 

Carolson, Sheryl Sue 
Carruth, Gene A. 
Carter, Walter C. 
Christensen, Ardene 
Echelberger, Don, Jr. 
Edgar, Janice L. 
Eggett, Lanay 
Elzinga, Charles Dennis 

Ellsworth, Lyn 
Evans, Charlene 
Evans, Jacqueline 
Everton, La Dee 
Ewell, Marlow H. 
Fagg, Connie May 
Farnsworth, Keith E. 
Fielding, Leica 

Folsom, Philip K. 
Foulger, Jack L. 
Fowler, Joyce E. 
Francom, Judith Kay 
Frederickson, John R. 
Funk, Ida 
Gay, Joyce 
George, Billy 

Giles, Je Annette L. 
Gibbons, Donna P. 
Johnson, Clarence E. 
Johnson, Sharon Lee 
Johnson, Wallace D. 
Merryman, Anita 
Oakes, Judith Ellen 
PeFley, Donna Jean 

Porter, Laura 
Powell, Melvin B. 
St. Claire, Richard A. 
Shelton, Janet 
Silver, Judith 
Skousen, Karen 
Stander, Klint Howard 
Skousen, Denna 

Steimle, Sally 
Stewart, Charles Hardy 
Stewart, Darryl M. 
Stewart, Gary K. 
Tripp, Patricia Ann 
Vance, Geraldine R. 
Webster, Clair Carl 
Werner, T. Bryant 

Weston, James Alexis 
Whatcott, Weston Elroy 
Wier, Joe 
Wilde, Sue Carol 
Wilmoth, Carolyn Faye 
Winn, Ted A. 
Wood, Nancy Annette 
Witherow, Barbara Jean 

Anderson, Doris Elaine 
Adamson, Newell H. 
Alder, Anita 

Andrews, Fay Marie 
Brown, Larry Lee 
Bohon, Nelda V. 

Bunnell, Beth Marie 
Burgess, D Ray 
Bullock, Clara Joyce 

Butler, Robert Glenn 
Butler, Virginia May 
Campbell, Carol Sue 




A K ;m 1 

Anderson, Janet Sue 
Adams, William J. 
Allphin, Mervin 
Barrus, Merle Ann 
Barson, Clyde J. 

Beck, Earlene 
Barllett, D. Max 
Bayless, Dwain P. 
Benson, Rita M. 
Buckley, Connie 

Berg, Danyla 
Bevan, Paul Keith 
Cable, Lewis Jay 
Callis, Gary Lee 
Aaron, Bert Castle 

Campbell, Judy 
Christensen, Corrice 
Christensen, Kay 
Chlarson, Kenneth F. 
Christensen, Sharon Anne 



Dance, Celia 
Davidson, Berry Louise 
Davis, Aldeana 
Davis, Betly B. 
Dibb, Dianne 
Dickerson, Judith L. 
Divine, Lee Ann 
Evans, Carolyn Nadine 

Fletcher, Wayne Calvin 
Gerhart, Phil 
Hanke, M. Alfred 
Harwood, Robert Lawrence 
Haskin, William H. 
Hawk, Gordon E. 
Henry, Darrel L. 
Hawes, Verl J. 

Humpherys, Alfred Glen 
Herrin, Selby 
Jex, Earl 

Mecham, Richard W. 
Mendenhall, Linda 
Meservy, Jerry D. 
Moore, Evelyn P. 
Nelson, Don 

Olsen, Merlin V. 
Pagett, Richard 
Rasband, John Lynn 
Redmon, Mary L. 
Regenscheit, Marjorie 
Rice, Dreena Kay 
Richards, Susan 
Reed, Leah Kay 

Richter, Martha Ann 
Scott, Jill 
Skousen, Justine 
Smith, Ralph Leon 
Smith, Sandra 
Snow, Nadine 
Southam, Dorothy 
S'treibich, Robert John 

Tanner, Richard C. 
Taylor, Larry Hugh 
Taylor, Richard C. 
Tenney, Patricia 
Thompson, Kay 
Towler, Sandra S. 
Van Scyoc, Sharon 
Walker, Jean Ellen 

Turley, Harold E. 
Washburn, Laurel Kay 
Weatherford, Jean 
Weigel, Mary K. 
Whitaker, Sharon 
Williams, Lois Bea 
Woodward, Karren 
Zundel. Darlene 



Bond, Joyce E. 
Boucher, Louis 
Bown, Jane Anne 
Bradshaw, Marcia 
Brill, Linda Lee 
Brimhall. Frank Eugene 
Budge, Sharon 
Broberg, Carolyn 

Bundy, Claudia Gail 
Bullock, Ralph P. 
Buminghara, Stephen 
Burnham, Ilena 
Burton Keith 
Clark, Joan 
Collard, Donna 
Collard, Margene 

Durrant, Deanna 
Edner, Judith Annette 
Eliasen, Gary 
Ellis, Claudia 
Fontana, Janice 
Gates, Franklin T. 
Grifiin, Richard Earl 
Hokanson, Devon E. 

Holraan, Jenevieve 
Horn, Annegret 
Houlinan, Richard A. 
Hugentobler, Caralee 
Jenkins, Robert B. 
Johnson, Kendall D. 
Jones, Kathi 
Larson, Sharon Christine 

Larson, Bonnie 
Loomis, Nadine 
MacDonald, Odynne 
McKenzie, Donald 
Monson, Marcia 
Morgan, Patricia Ann 
Nuttall, Karen 
Norr, Gloria 

Oxborrow, Joan 
Pack, Paul Eugene 
Paine, Donna Jean 
Paine, Eliza Jo 
Passey, Kaye Louise 
Patten, Carolyn 
Pearce, La Reta Eileen 
Pedersen, Kent Lee 

Penrose, Charles Wayne 
Petty, Corinne 
Roberts, Joyce 
Rogers, Walter W. 
Shirley, Linda 
Sorensen, David K. 
Spendlove, Margaret 
Sutherland, James A. 





* '***' m 


Bay, Sluart 
Beecroft, Glen 
Benjamin, Judith Ann 
Benson, Diantha 
Bennett, Carol Sue 

Bladwin, Roland A. 
Boden, Marjorie 
Boothe, Larry 
Dicky, Mary Lou 
Earaes, Clariassa 

Broolcsby, Rene 
Evans, C. Harriet 
Fife, Jo Anne 
Fish, Maurine 
Forslund, Carol Jean 

Hancock, Dixie 
Francom, Sharon Louise 
Foxx, Dan 
Hansen, Lindsey 
Hanson, Merrell 

4s m rnAk iv 

Q iflf j 


Harper, Bill 
Hayden, Dennis M. 
Henderson, Virginia Helen 
Henry, Darrel L. 
Hite, Albert 
Hicken, Phillip 
Hixson, Patricia 
Hoffman, Sharlene 

Hodgkinson, Janet 
Hoffman, Walter L. 
Jensen, Robert Glenn 
Johnson, Julaine 
Justesen, Joel Lee 
Keith, Daniel T. 
Kuykendall, Kathryn 
Lee, Dianne 

Leifson. Mark L. 
Leggett, Howard M. 
Lesue, Martin G. 
Leverenz, Nancy A. 
Lovett, Sara 
Lowry, Leon K. 
Lyon, Kenneth 
Lweton, George W. 

MacKintosh, Dean A. 
Malan, Joel B. 
Mashburn, Dick 
McClellan, Jeanette 
McComas, Sally Meta 
McDonald, Eugene Jessie 
Miller, Ronald L 
Miller, Taft C. 

McGinnis, Joann 
Miller, Wendell V. 
Montague, Mike 
Moore, Janis 
Moore, Warren 
Moss, Connie 
Neilson, Pat 
Myers, Judy Ann 

Neilson, James K. 
Neilson, Ronald A. 
Sanders, Sandra 
Sanders, Tom 
Stokes, Gordon E. 
Stott, Robert V. 
Thompson, Robert L. 
Tobler. Wayne Gates 

Taylor, Grant H. 
Walter, Paul 
Wardell, Sandra Lynn 
Warren, Moore 
Weese, Sandy 
Witham, Linda Lee 
Woodward, Robert S. 
Yates, Eleanor 




Many study others relax and soak up the sunshine. 

Ahlin, Jan 

Abbot, Kelton Brent 

Anderson, Carole M. 

Cardon, Wilford A. 
Christian, Bonnie 
Capps, Garn Stafford 

Clark, S'onia Diantha 
Coombs, David H. 
Cook, Patsy 

Cramer, Dioksie 
Crowther, Joan 
Curtis, Marriann Jo 

Daw, Janet 
Davis, Beth DeAnn 
Day, Carol 
Dayton, Lynn T. 
Decker, Barbara 
Derrick, Karen 
Dewey, Richard Alan 
Dunyon, Joleen 

Egbert, Lawence K. 
Edgley, Evelyn 
Evensen, Val 
Farnsworth, Mary Ellen 
Flint, Richard Allen 
Fossum, Linda K. 
Foulger, David 
Freeman, Robert H. 

Frehner, Graeme 
Frehner, Roberta 
Fronk, Frances Kay 
Fugal, Lois 
Fullmer, David 
Geist, Maureen 
Gerrard, Judy Norene 
Hugentobler, Caralee 

Giannola, Bob 
Hubbard, Dale S. 
Hull, Marilyn 
Jacobs, Gaye 
Jenkins, Norman 
Jensen, Carolyn 
Jensen, C. Neil 
Jensen, Orson Eugene 

Johnson, Louise 
Jensen, Larry O. 
Johnson, Judith Ray 
Jones, Connie 
Lake, Carolyn 
Lamoreaux, Isabella 
Lamp, Carolyn 
Landvatter, Karma Joyce 

Larkin, Eldon Jones 
Larsen, Charlene 
Layton, Dean S. 
Lewis, Wayne 
Lewis, Douglas S. 
Lopez, Leonor Angelica 
Maughan, Betty LaVerne 
Memmott, Muriel 

Skriver, Darlene 
Smith, Farrell 
Soloman, Scott Keith 
Sorenson, Nadene 
Spackman, Verlene 
Stryker, Jerry W. 
Yost, Fay 
Wright, William G. 


r, p a 

'v4^ ■ 






Anderson, Gary E. 
Anderson, Joan 
Anderson, Sharon Kay 
Ballard, Sharon Arlene 
Arnold, Nancy 

Benson, Jerome Taft 
Birk, Janis 
Blake, Barbara 
Brower, Ardis 
Bryant, Carole 

Gentry, Louise 
Bybee, Klair N. 
Camarillo, Gloria 
Goodwin, Douglas C. 
Groshell, Patricia 

Grappendorf, Dick 
Gurr, Kathryn Ann 
Half acre, Bonnie Gail 
Hatcher, Sharyl 

Hubbert, Annette M. 
Jocobs, Carrie 
Jagelun, Nan Yvonne 
James, Robert F. 
Jenson, Gary O. 
Jensen, Ilene 
Jensen, Jay Cdell 
Jones, Maicia 

Jensen, Pauline 
Jones, Ronald Calvin 
Johnson, Helen Ruth 
Johnson, Karen Marie 
Johnson, Linda 
Johnson, Richard B. 
Johnson, Ruth Marie 
Johnson, Sharon F. 

Johnston, Howard Wes 
Johansen, Moani 
Justls, Joan 
Keel, Delmas S. 
Kemp, Julianne 
Menssen, Juergen W. 
Merrill, Gene 
Knight, Maureen L. 

Mills, Janice M. 
Moesser, Dorene 
Moody, Merrill Franklin 
McDaniel, Kay 
McPherron, Marilyn Kay 
Oberosler, Evelyn 
Paulson, Weldon 
Pennington, Shirley 

Pingree, Julie 
Porter, William Dale 
Reisher, Dorthy 
Richards, Jean 
Rimlngton, Nancy Jane 
Robinson, Walter R. 
Rowley, Phylis 
Robinson, Nancy A. 

Rowley, Ranae E. 
Sanders, Ted H. 
Schenk, Larry 
Shumway, Charles L. 
Shupe, Jennie Marie 
Simpson, Delores 
Skidmore, Carol 
Smiley, Sherril 

Smith, Joan 
Smith Allen 
Smith, Kay G. 
Smith, LaVona 
Sorensen, Billie Lou 
Stephensen, Beverly 
Stratford, Larry C. 
Stratton, Carol Le 




Aubrey, Sheryl Jean 
Barton, Edson K. 
Beeson, David Ray 

After a hike students find time to enjoy nature. 

Clarke, Denadene 
Clements, Donald William 
Conroy, Constance 
Curtis, Carolyn 
Daniels, David R. 
Davison, Norman Eugene 
Dean, Dorothy 
Deshler, Sandra Lee 

Dewey, JoAnne 
Dodd, Graham 
Durfee, Kaye L. 
Farrimond, Robert T. 
Fowler, Joyce Elaine 
Gardner, Frances 
Gibbs, Ronald 
Goldbar, Bonnie Lou 

Gordon, David Raymond 
Griffin, Loretta 
Grigg, Barbara Janet 
Grotegut, Jill 
Grover, Cardon L. 
Guerra, Ernesto 
Hadfield, La Vee 
Hansen, Jacqueline 

Hair, Patsy Ann 
Hanchett, Patricia M. 
Hansen, Noreen E. 
Harward, Oranee 
Henrie, Donald K. 
Howard, Kathleen E. 
Dennis, Lorraine 
Moody, Penny 

Nelson, Shirley Mae 
Moon, Carole 
Pulsipher, Ella 
Royle, Jeanette 
Smith, Norman E. 
Smith, Thomas B. 
Sorensen, Terry C. 
Smithee, Ardith 

Spaceman, Darrell V. 
Tidwell, Roy Lee 
Van Tassell, Joan 
Verhaaren, Joy A. 
Young, Richard K. 
Walker, Bruce 
Walker, Lary C. 
Walter, Larry Dean 

Warnick, Reed Taylor 
Ward, Delbert Wilson 
Ward, Sharron Lynne 
Warren, Patricia 
Weeks, Gerald C. 
Wells, Sam 
White, Karen Rae 
Werntz, Margaret 




Balmer, Janet 
Bennett. Colleen 
Bennett, Pearl 
Bentley, Kenneth J. 
Bodily, Shari 

Charters, Raymond R. 
Christensen, Douglas Allen 
Coffel, Shirley 
Despain, William J. 
Doty, Ann Marie 

Nell, Wilma 
Parker, Peggy 
Paulson, Audrey 
Peterson, Blaine 
Peterson, Deanna Faye 
Price, Ralph Lorin 
Provstgard, Donna 
Pugmire, Linda Lee 

Pulsipher, Von W- 
Pulley, Carol 
Ream, Eldon D. 
Redd, S'terling H. 
Reeves, Patricia 
Remington, Garth I- 
Rex, Nona Marie 
Rieske, Lee M. 

Rice, Beverly Lynn E. 
Roberts, Linda 
Romney, Joan Marie 
Roper, Clyde V. 
Sabey, Wayne 
Sogers, Mario W. 
Saling, Charles C. 
Saunders, Vernon D. 

Schade, David 
Smith, Patricia 
Smith, Sharon Lynn 
Sorensen, Kay 
Steele, Lynn 

Stockman, Janice Annette 
S'tokes. Mary Patricia 
Szeremi, Elizabeth 

Taylor, Sally Marie 
Thomas, Kathryn J. 
Thorpe, Donald E. 
Thueson, J. Darrell 
Tidwell, L. Jean 
Titus, Diann 
Turley, Martha Louise 
Turner, Evelyn 

Turner, Dorothy Ruth 
Vollentine, Cleone 
Webb, Donna 
Weinheimer, Gordon E. 
Weske, Freddie Lou 
Williams, Thomas C. 
Wilson, James J. 
Walker, Helen Jo 

Windsor, Judy L. 
Ward, Florence C. 
Washburn, Judith 
Waters, Melvin C. 
Watkin, Sharon Ann 
Walson, Linda 
Watson, Mary Lorraine 
Watts, Mary Jean 




Anderson, Dean Ray 
Bachler, Bill 
Bankhead, Myrna L. 

'here's nothing like an old Banyan for reading material 

Harris, Beverly 
Henry, Michael R. 
Huband, Edwin 
Ingles, Joseph LeGrand 
Jameson, Karen 
Jackson, Jack Lawrence 
Jensen, Terry M. 
Jespersen, Penny 

Jones, Jerry L. 
Jolley, Rose Marie 
Johnson, Jonelle E. 
Lee, Byung Ha 
Longerbeam, Larry S. 
Lyman, Edith Lucille 
Mauss, Janice 
McCune, Karen 

McClellan, Warren E. 
McEwan, Nani 
Nelson, Linda Lee 
Nyman, Carol 
Olsen, Dee R. 
Perry, Elna 
Perry, Evelyn 
Roberts, Doris A. 

Poulson, Patricia 
Richmond, Kaye 
Roberts, Wendell 
Robison, Janeen 
Robison, Norman L. 
Robison, Ronald E. 
Robinson, Carraa 
Robinson, Marjorie 

Robinson, Doris 
Robinson, Judy M. 
Rodgers, Paul L. 
Rojas, Olivia 
Rojas, Rudolfo 
Ross, Ann 
Ross, Cecelia 
Ross, Creig 

Rumble, Ruth B. 
Sandberg, Selene 
Sanderson, Patricia 
Slade, Sheldon 
Stout, LuJean 
Tippetts, Connie Rae 
Thayn, Janet 
Thomas, Marsha Beth 

Williams, Claree Andrea 
Young L Grey 
Wilhelmsen, Gail 
Wiliams, Larry S. 
White, Marianne 
Wood, Tom R. 
Wood, Kathleen 
Woodard, Betty Lee 




Anderson, Donna Rae 
Aycock, Ann 
Byington, Game G. 
Christeansen, Connie 
Christiansen, David G. 

Clayton, Jeanette 
Clark, Qaudia Grace 
Cleqg, Donna Daleen 
Clanger. De Ann 
Cody, Helen 

Douglas, Jean 
Drake, Robert J. 
Duker, Beppie Anne 
Duncan, Ronald 
Dunyon, Ann 
Evans, Layne R. 
Faufate, Palmyra H. 
Duttom, Diana 

Fechser, Leslie 
Faulkner, Kenneth L 
Fieldhouse, Eleanor A. 
Finnell, Jerald E. 
Fitch, James W. 
Gardner, Mattie J. 
Ganick, Shryl Earl 
Hodgkinson, Marie 

Hoffman, Albert W. 
Holiingshead, Leon G. 
Holman, Donald P. 
Homer, Betty I. 
Honda, Vernon 
Horton, LaMar Jr. 
Hunt, Phylis Joan 
Isaacson, Shirley Ann 

Hutchison, Jackie Leroy 
Irvine, Linda 
Keams, Susan 
Keiser, Bob 
Kendall, Diane 
Kesler, Fred C. 
Knight, Launa 
Kinghom, Dennis Ray 

Lambert, Lucille 
Lange, Terry 
Pryde, Marvin 
Larsen, Stirling D. 
Richins, Dean 
Sheffield, Nan 
Shurtieff, Lynn R. 
Snow, Glennda 

Smith, Harvey R. 
Smith Ray Thomas 
Sorensen, David K. 
Stark, David C. 
Starlin, Joan Elizabeth 
Steed, Sherry 
Steenblik, Sheila Deane 
Steele, Vemon F. 

Swenson, Donald G. 
Tautkus, Barbara 
Thorup, Lee Burgess 
Tucker, Tim 
Vance, Jerry Kay 
Ward, Marie Anna 
Welsh, Sheila 
Whiting, LaRue 




Adams, Keith L. 
Atkerson, Christine 
Arnold, Carol Ann 

Ball, Loris N. 
Barker, Linda 
Bateman, Mel Rae 


Students' attention is easily held by some instructors 

Duffin, Luann 
Huskey, Ritchie Devon 
Jarvis, David L. 
Jensen, Karma 
Johnson, Colleen 
Johnson, Norma Maye 
Jones, Judith Ariene 
Kinateder, Douglas 

Judy, Doyle 
Knapp, Ellen D. 
Korth, Mary Rose 
Larson, Sigrid Elaine 
Lawson, Cheryl Phyllis 
Lee, Linda 
Lee, Robert Thomas 
Madden, Charles B. 

Mason, Roger N. 
Matson, Lorena Ra 
McDaniel, Earl W. 
Means, Sidney G. 
Miller, Barbara 
Morgan, Afton Adolph 
Orgill, Joel I. 
Ostlund, Karen Ann 

Paris, Nadine C. 
Payne, Bette 
Player, Glenda 
Pond, Karen Lee 
Pratte, Alf 
Price, Sharon V. 
Pullan, Renee 
Pulsipher, David C. 

Ray, Naty Alice 
Rasmussen, Lee 
Randall, Dixie Carol 
Rasmussen, Le Roy 
Rokes, Kathleen 
Rollo, Mary Elizabeth 
Sandstorm, Joan 
Rollston, Carol L. 

Santiage, Francis 
Slater, R. Doyle 
Smith, Arlen Morgan 
Strong, Philip L. 
Thiriot, Jeannetta 
Tinge y, L. Kay 
Toronto, Joseph C. 
Tipwell, Claudia 

Trone, Marilyn Joyce 
Turner, Carolyn Marie 
Ungermann, Susan Lee 
Whetten, Lila Lee 
Woodland, Mike 
Woodward, Carolyn F. 
Yamasaki, Jimmy 
Young, Harry B. Jr. 




Allen, David Lawrence 
Aralon, Helaman 
Ashby, Keith Donald 
Ball, Laverl N. 
Ball, Andy 

Ashton, Melvin T. 
Barfuss, George W. 
Bates, Douglas F. 
Bright, Dennis A. 
Brough, Evelyn 

Crook, Mary E. 
Crookston, Stephen T. 
Crum, Elma Mae 
Dale, Diane 
Davis, Naoma Mila 
Dayley, Barbara Lee 
Dayley, Newell 
Deputy, Susan 

Dittmore, Sandra 
Dutson, Dixie 
Frazier, Stephen E. 
Goodrich, Roger Evans 
Hamblin, Ellis A. 
Harris, R. William 
Hubble, Deanne 
Knudsen, Lue 

Larson, Karen 
Lewis, Glenn C. 
Lowe, Marilyn J. 
Lunt, R. Berkley 
Lundell, Dean Leon 
Ralphs, Carol 
Ray, Evan C. Jr. 
Redford, Christie 

Reed, Diane 
Schofield, Sandra Lee 
Scott, Diane 
Scott, George 
Scott, Kathy 
Scott, Sandra 
Scow, Eldean 
Senzee, Norma Kay 

Skidmore, Ronald 
Snow, Joyce Faye 
Snow, Kathie 
Sproul, Rella 
Sowby, Karen B. 
Stark, Sarah Lydia 
Steele, Donald H. 
Stegman, Ronald 

Tidwell, Ruth 
Stevens, Merrillyn 
Thurman, Kathleen 
Timms, Derek 
Udall, Dora Adeline 
Vawdrey, Irma Rae 
Vorwaller, Wesley 
West, Don J. 

Visscher, Anah 
Wilhelmy, Sue 
Williamson, Dale 
Williamson, Jean Carol 
Wind, James Eugene 
Wrathall, Grant Rowberry, Jr 
Wyatt, Janette B. 
Yates, Lanny M. 


Anderson, John Stephen 
Andrus Louise 
Antrim, Lovina, Joy 

Adair, Neldon K. 
Armstrong, Beverly 
Bansener, Karen D. 

Babcock, Janice Elaine 
Ball, Sam 
Burgovner, Earl 

Broadbent, William E. 
Brown, Marlene 
Burris, Walter 

Jay Liechty finds extra-curricular activities exhausting. 

Christensen, Lura Jean 
Chamberlin, Kathy 
Christensen, Jack L. 
Christensen, Rita 
Clement, Lyle M. 
Clinton, Pat 
Coe, Harvene 
Clark, Kathleen 

Conover, Ina 
Craner, Carl B. 
Croft, Harvey M. 
Denning, Elizabeth Ann 
Elder, Clara Lee 
Eddington, Joann 
Eyre, Snaila 
Fowles, Sally Jo 

Frey, Le Slie 
Finell, Charles Wayne 
Hoover, Margret 
Kelly, Patricia 
Hunter, Sandra 
Kilbreth, Barbara 
Leckie, Ronald Jay 
Larson, Barbara 

Leftwich, Mark R. 
Lehmann, Judith H. 
Littledike, Jacqueline 
Lochhead, Linda 
Ludwig, Edith 
McVaugh, William H. 
Roden, Janet L. 
Pugmire, Caroline Kay 

Roberts, Joyce 
Robertson, Frances Camille 
Smith, Allen LeRoy 
Stanger, Norma 1. 
Stoddard, Larry Bert 
Steel, La Rae 
Stone, Gerald P. 
Stoffer, Lucile 

Taylor, Leslie D. 
Tanner, Betty Jean 
Taylor, Mortensen 
Terry, Lewis L. 
Tetley, Diane Alice 
Thacker, La Preal 
Thomas, Melva J. 
Thacker, Allan Dale 

Thomas, Snaron 
Thompson, Gordon H. 
Venema, Lynette K. 
Walker, G. Perrin 
White, Sharon Rae 
Whitney, Kay 
Whittle, Drew L. 
Wilson, John M. 





Armstrong, Beverly Renee 
Barlow, Lynne 
Bean, Glade S. 
Berland, Lyndall L. 
Blackburn, Loye E. 

* % l 

Heesch, Craig Faye 
Heder, Diane Claudia 
Horton, Sondra 
Jacob, Karin 
Johnson, Barbara Ann 
Johnson, Karen 
Johnson, Patricia G. 
Jordan, Lee T. 

Kolehmainen, Teritu 
Judd, Pauline 
Larsen, Jay Richard 
Lent, Kenneth M. 
Longhurst, Madge 
Lumpkins, Chris 
Lundgren, Janet Marilyn 
Lunt, Judy Ann 

Martinez, Clara 
McGinnes, Robert Drue 
McMeen Elaine 
MacGregor, Judith A. 
Moser, Blair V. 
Mote, George E. 
Neff, Joann B. 
Nichols, Carma Sue 

Oesterling, Lani Louise 
Parry, Stephen C. 
Pearson, Judith Ann 
Peterson, Marian 
Petty, Louise 
Ragsdale, Patricia 
Raya, Evangelina 
Rasmussen, Linda 

Shaw, Celestia Grace 
Spann, Mable 
Strange, Leona L. 
Taioa, Navor B. 
Taylor, Ronnie 
Telck, Margaret Jane 
Thurgood, Beth Ann 
Van Dam, Gloria 

Traasdahl, Madeline A. 
Walkingshaw, Carol Lee 
Wangsgard, Dalene 
Wheeler, Rita Lorraine 
Wilding, Robert L. 
Woodruff, Gaile 
Young, Phyllis 
Zinn, Pat 



Carson, Judith Elizabeth 
Charles, William F. 
Cookayne, Judy Kaye 
Corbett, Harold S. 
Corey, Patricia Mary 
Cox, Carol Ann 
Crane, Caroline Patricia 
Crittenden, Jerald C. 

Cunninghams, Kaye 
Davis, Richard Leroy 
Dennis, Karol Ann 
De Ryke, Edith 
Ensign, Richard Doug 
Erickson, David W. 
Ewing Dana 
Frandsen, Melvin Keith 

Fielden, Connie Leone 
Gadd, Carol 
Garber, R. Mike 
Garner, Carol Lynne 
Garrett, Barbara Ann 
Goble, Kenneth Grant 
Goodwin, Penny 
Hamblin, David Curtis 

Hedquist, Norma 
Helbig, Nancy Lee 
Holmes, Marian 
Householder, Dawnna 
Hunter, Sharon J. 
Johnson, Marlene 
Jueschke, Judith 
Jeppson, Annalee 

Lewis, Joseph Ronald 
Lewis, Margaret 
Lillywhite, Susan Carol 
Livingston, Ronald Wallace 
Lopossa, Lynne C. 
McKinnon, Delia LaRae 
Miller, Bobbe-Ann 
Neilson, Albert S. 

Miller, Ellis W. 
Reese, Thomas 
Rigby, Janet J. 
Scalmanini, James R. 
Smoke, Betty Gene 
Steele, Dorothy Ellen 
Strong, Brent 
Thompson, George B. 

Swainston, Madelyn 
Van Thiel, Rineke 
Wiliams, Ann 
Williams, John Brent 
Williams, Thomas M. 
Wood, Sylvia 
Wright, Patsy Lo Ann 
Woolley, Joanne 




Alger. Ellen Afton 
Allen, Larry Carl 
Anderson, James L. 
Ashcraft, Georgia 
Bangerter, Janice 

Attryde, Sandra Charlene 
Baker, Parley John 
Barnes, Carol Ann 
Bell, Robbie Jean 
Bartholomew, Errol 

Bonelli, Mary Letha 
Boyce, Kalhryn Sherryl 
Boyce, Paul Richard 
Brady, Sandra 
Brink, Charlene Key 

Bryan, John C. 
Bossard, Ben E. 
Byers, Sharon Lee 
Buckner, Daniel Thomas 
Bullock, Diane 

Bushman, Dennis R. 
Calder, Suzanne 
Coates, Barbara Naomi 
Conover, Louise 
Cox, Melba Yvonne 
Drake, Beverly Ann 
Dunkley, James Leonard 
Dunn, Gary Jot 

Dutson, Gary D. 
Eddington, G. Joane 
Eliason, Berl Clair 
Fife, Mary Ellen 
Fischer, Clyde F. 
Fischer, Lynn 
Gertsch, Karen 
Fitzgerald, Hal R. 

Gilbert, Myma 
Grant, Dale E. 
Grant, Leo Melvin 
Green, Bonnie 
Goldup, Laurel 
Hale, Norma Lynn 
Hansen, Janet Faye 
Hastings, Robert (Bob) 

Hamblin, Georgia 
Hathaway, Scott 
Hedrick, Carolyn S. 
Hetner, Shannon Jo 
Hellewell, Sandra Joy 
Henrie, Judith McVoy 
Hill, Melba Ramona 
Hindley, Donna Rae 

Hiltbrand, Ann 
Hitchcock, Jerry L. 
Hodson, Keith D. 
Ireland, Phyllis Diane 
Jacobson, David A. 
James, Larry Dean 
Jensen, Elaine 
Jensen, Judy 

Jensen, R'lene 
Johnson, Dian Loan 
Jones, Kathi 
Jones, Linda Margo 
Larson, Dallas W. 
Jensen, Lorraine 
Nichols, Marcia 
Pennington, Roy B. 

Porter, Blaine Dell 
Percy, Lyndon J. 
Rediord, Colleen 
Ripple, Jessie 
Robinson, Sharon 
Ross, Joan 
Smart, Antoinette 
Trujillo, Rafaela 



Call, Don R. 
Busselberg, Evonne 
Cazean, Alan Ray 
Chadwick, Carol 
Chamberlain, Monte 
Collings, Tucker 
Cox, M. Jean 
Dockslader, Bruce 

Gross, Wallace C. 
Green, Melvalee 
Hale, Sherry 
Hancock, Richard M. 
Hartvigsen, Richard Neil 
Haslam, Jo Ann 
Hastings, Sylvia 
Hatcher, Shirley 

Haymore, F. Ronald 
Hickman, Regina 
Jarvis, Donald K. 
Jensen, Dave 
Jones, Randy 
Jorgensen, Ayn 
Maxfield, Emma Marie 
Magleby, Mayva Anne 

McMullin Samma Jane 
Millerberg, Diane 
Nally, Lonnie B. 
Nebeker, Spencer 
Neal, Allen 
Neilson, Patricia 
Or Miston, Loretta Jean 
Oxborrow, Kathy Sue 

Purvis, Archie C. 
Paul, Charles Leo 
Peterson, Joan M. 
Quinnett, Paul G. 
Roach, William N. 
Robinson, Gene Roland 
Rochfort, Terry 
Rosvall, Rhea Mae 

S'chnepf, Darel W. 
Shaffer, Howard C. 
Smith, Don S. 
Smith Richard 
Sparks, Helen 
Sporcich, Carol Elaine 
Stahle, Glenna 
Spell, Carolyn Joyce 

Staten, Jim 
Taylor, Lynn L. 
Tessay, Dorinda 
Thompson, Kay 
Twara, Henry Yoshiyuk. 
Ungermann, Susan Lee 
Walker, Kenneth B. 
Welton, Robert B. 



Allen, David Thomas 
Austin, Pat 
Beck, Elizabeth 
Bennett, Roger H. 
Black, Arvid Kay 

Bodily, Merlyn R. 
Cleland, Richard D. 
Coats, Carolyn 
Hawes, Merlin P. 
Hansen, Karen 

Haycock, Steven 
Jensen, Darryl M. 
Jensen, Marjorie Anne 
Knapp, Jeff 
Larsen, Sharon Roberta 

Larsen, Knud S. 
Larson, Mary Sue 
Latier, Lorna Lu 
Laudie, Robert 
Lauritzen, Leonne 

Leavitt, Carolyn 
Lawlor, Dale W. 
Lead, Margaret 
Lee, James Victor 
Lee, Patricia B. 
Madsen, Judy A. 
Marcroft, Donna 
Marler, Loene 

Martin, Woodford L. 
Mathie, Lynn R. 
McCluskey, Kenneth M. 
McConkie, Sarah 
Meier, Jerome D. 
Mickelsen, Carol A. 
Moyle, Rose Ann 
Moffat, Dennis G. 

Mullen, Loralee 
Murdock, Joyce 
Murdock, J. Larry 
Nakken, Dixie Ann 
Nelson, Lowell 
Nichols, Nancy Ruth 
Oman, Sandra L. 
Olson, Jerri 

Oswald, Blaine 
Otte, Alvin Martin 
Ovard, Judith Ann 
Owen, Joan 
Owen, Judy 

Packard, Bernard Bernie 
Parkin, Edwin H. 
Park, Curtis J. 

Parks, Jane Ronell 
Parry, Sharon 
Partridge, Jerry A. 
Passey, Kaye Louise 
Paxton, Robert Charles 
Payne, Lioyd Verale 
Peck, Katherine 
Peterson, Darwin 

Peterson, Dale E. 
Pollock, John 
Prestwich, Louise 
Ouesenberry, Phyllis 
Richhart, Richard L. 
Skousen, Bob 
Smith, James R. 
Sorensen, Bonnie Rae 

Stevenson, George Michae 
Sumpter, Kenneth Rush 
Thrush, Rose LaRae 
Tucker, Edwin Reed 
Van DeMerwe, Bea 
Wolfley, Valera 
Wright, Gearld Lewis 
Wright, Janet L. 



Adkins, Lelly Mae 
Allen, Harrietann 
Anderson, Ada Annelle 

Armstrong, Ellis Bruce 
Asay, Sandra 
Anderson, Janis 

Atkisson, Barbara 
Banner, Sherma 
Atwood, Sondra 

Barron, Joan Christie 
Basinger, Joanne 
Barrow, Jeanetle 

Experiments result in increased knowledge for students. 

Beokstrom, Paul H. 
Bergam, Darvis 
Besner, Linda 
Blair, Neal Brian 
Black, Lorene 
Blaylock, Yvonne 
Booth, Dona Marilyn 
Boley, Nancy Laureen 

Bronson, Tracy Victor 
Broderick, Pat A. 
Buss, Gene W. 
Butler, Leone Gena 
Call, John W. 
Cheeseman, William E. 
Christensen, Craig W. 
Cole, Russell 

Clyniok, Carole E. 
Cox, Frank 
Damron, Paul E. 
Dayley, Bob Gene 
Ewing, Mardell 
Fleming, Laura A. 
Foley, Sandra D. 
Foster, Ken G. 

Garrett, Ben Hill 
Gillespie, Marilyn Rae 
Green, Nancy Ruth 
Greenwood, Kay 
Hales, Loretta Joan 
Hall, Katie Dean 
Harris, Renelle 
Hatch, LaPreal 

Heal, Sandra 
Heilner, Richard David 
Hewett, David E. 
Hyde, G. Osmond 
Jameson, Virginia 
Jarman, Don Burton 
Kelly, Barbara 
Keely, Roy Allen 

Kershaw, Dianne 
Larsen, Margaret Ann 
Neath, Stephen K. 
Nelson, Larry C. 
Page, Joan 

Petersen, Nels Lowell 
Ross, Nancy 
Roylance, Kenneth O. 

Sohemensky, Geniel 

Spencer, Joe Lynn 
Taber, Henry Eugene 
Thomas, Mary Hane 
Thompson, Karen 
Zunich, Deanne Louise 
Villalobos, Efrain 





a ^ i 

AUred, Diane 
Adhton, Norma Jean 
Andersen, LaMar 
Anderson, Kenneth 
Baldauf, Martha 

Barfus, Maxine Georgia 
Barney, Diane 
Barton, Billy Joe 
B.ates, Cornelia M. 
Belton, Linda J. 

Belnap, Dean H. 
Best, Mary L, 
Bishop, Dale 
Blakemore, Susan 
Bowe, Richard I. 

Boam, Ann 
Bradbury, Roberta 
Brazil, Linda L. 
Brown, Richard C. 
Cannon, Vance 

Colyar, J. P. 
Driscoll, Jerry A. 
Dunn, Stanley W. 
Giles, Lawrence C. 
Hinckley, Kathleen 
Johnson, Grant H. 
Kennedy, Leon J. 
Johnson, John Lewis 

Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Ann 
Larsen, Wayne Ammon 
Lewis, Glenn C. 
Miller, Toft C. 
Mills, Oula 
Morgan, Neil William 
Mollerup, Carol A. 
Morr, Bruce Robert 

Morris, Jack B. Jr. 
Nackos, Frank J. 
Newbold, Maureen 
Nobbs, Ronald C. 
Noel, Wanda Lee 
Norton, DeRay 
Olsen, Rea 
Pack, Annette Ruth 

Pack, Russell Allyn 
Palmer, Philip L. 
Payne, Charles 
Petersen, Judy Ann 
Petersen, Joyce LaVerne 
Polly, Karen E. 
Powelson, Douglas 
Randall, Janet Gay 

Priestly, Bonnie 
Ramsay, Ken 
Rasmussen, Robyn K. 
Raven, Errol Jay 
Recht, Charles H. 
Redd, Judith 
Reisner, Lillian 
Rex, Katherine 

Richins, Eddie 
Rowley, Hugh A. 
Rust, David W. 
Stein, Nancy 
Stewart, Udell 
Stewart, Dale John 
Taggart, Jean 
Sullivan, Colleen 

Tanner, Darlene Odell 
Thacker, Eloy G . 
Thomander, Dawn 
Tidey, Joanne Claire 
Timothy, Gayl 
Washburn, Virginia 
Waymire, Lee E. 
Whisenant, Vernis C. 




Atack, Rodney M. 
Bonilla, Marta Consuelo 
Brown, Richard Sidney 

Budge, Eleanor Wynn 
Butler, Ardyth 
Castagno, Ella Merle 

Cook, Sterling L. 
Christensen, Margaret 
Champion, Dean John 

Dahl, Claudia 
Douglass, Randall V. 
Durrant, Deanna 

Student leaders discussed future plans at Bryce Canyon. 

Frost, Louise 
George, John Karl 
Gutiarrez, Andrew Paul 
Holbrook, Linda 
Holmes, Nelda Ann 
Holmes, Walter William Jr. 
Holt, Clifforn 
Horlaoher, Jim R. 

Hughes, Cherlyn 
Hull, Nona 
Hunter, Jeraldine 
Kaiser, Jacqueline 
Kammerman, John C. 
Keeie, Thomas N. 
Killpack, Cheryl 
Killpack, Perry Leon 

Kjergard, James Lee 
Knudson, Jalair Lueretia 
La Follelte, Bob 
Lank, Clifford Owen 
Laursen, Kay William 
Lewis, Joseph Marvin 
Monson, Margia 
Naegle, John C. 

Parry, Helen Marlene 
Purdy, Norma 
Rainey, Linda 
Redd, Verna 
Reynolds, Max J. 
Riggs, Faye 
Rying, Hennette 
Sandstrom, John Leonard 

Schofield, Patrick B. 
Shields, Clair H. 
Simmons, Sandra Lou 
Simms, David M. 
Skeen, Nancy Jill 
Smith, LaVonne 
Smith, Louise 
Stevens, Karen 

Smith, Robeit W. 
Stoddard, Louise 
Stohl, John Lloyd 
Swift, Jane 
Symons, Margene 
Tate, Thomas E. 
Taylor, Jeanette 
Three, Mary E. 

Tingey, Blaine 
Tobler, Anna Mae 
Trott, Phillip E. 
Waldron, Robert A. 
We string, Janet 
Willardson, Linda Lee 
Wolz, Lougene 
Whiting, James Bruce 






Adkins, Ivan D. 
Adamson, Jeanene 
Arbon, Richard D. 
Arnold, Jackie 
Ashby, Sandra 

Bain, Darlene 
Bain, Janet 
Baker, Charlene 
Ball, Judy 
Ball, Jennie 

Egbert, Delores Ann 
Davis, Charles W. 
Emmetl, Judi J. 
Fillmore, Bill 
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Hanseen, Sondra Kaye 
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Herzinger, Raymond George 
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Jex, Earl Morgan 
Macklin, Marcia 
Martin, James G. 

Mayer, Janet Elaine 
May, Dorothy 
Mayer, Nancy 
Merrill, Myma Joan 
Miller, Patricia Lee 
Montgomery, David C. 
Muhlestein, Richard Dee 
Nelson, Jeniel 

Nielsen, Shanna Lee 
Olivas, Jose Saul 
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Potter, Marge 
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Rasmussen, Craig William ! 

Reece, Joleen 
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Remde, Adelheid Heidi 
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Saunders, Gwen Ella 
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Suarez, Olga Marina 
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Tedrick, Margaret 
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Tirey, Merlene 

Tolman, Gerald Cheney 
Tomlinson, Ronald Delbert 
Tracy, Loma Joy 
Trevin, Rodolf 
Van Wagoner, Katherine I 
White, Ruth 
Wright, Carol Lynn 
Wright, Max L 


If tomorrow's exams were only a dream. 

Hatley, Joan 
Hawk, Judy Marie 
Hayward, Eddie 
Hegsted, Evelyne A. 
Heiner, Gary Lee 
Henderson, Peter 
Higginbotham, Sharley 
Hill, Sarah Jeanelte 

Hilden, Alice Kay 
Madsen, Nina 
Madsen, Rosalie 
Magleby, Marilyn 
Magnusson, Sherri 
Maher, Patrick J. 
Main, Jim 
Manwill, Iva Aliens 

Mainor, Gail 
Marchant, Beth Ivy 
Marchant, Duane Harding 
Marion, Melvin J. 
Markham, Elza 
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Martineau, Jeanette 
Mathews, Karen A. 

Mathews, Neldon C. 
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McClellan, Delna 
McCloskey, Caldona 
McClurg, Gary 
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Yorgason, Sandra Joan 





Carter, Dell Robert 
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Dalby, Virginia 
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Hanson, Roy L. 
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Bamum, L. Jeneal 
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Andersen, John 
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Brown, Nad R. 
Brown, Jerry 

Brown, Rex A. 
Croxford, Kay Val 
Dahl, Claudia 

Dunning, Tom 

De Gregorio, Joseph P. 

Driggs, Paul C. 

ctivities are an important part of students' education. 

Engebretsen, David H. 
Eschler, Harold 
Gallagher, Terance 
Greenwell, Carla 
Hamilton, Wallace 
Hardy, Clinton Ray 
Hardy, Karel 
Hart, Gary L. 

Herron, Lynn E. 
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p Q C < 

4 * i 

Gunn, Jerrilyn K. 
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Millet Floyd Jackson (Jack) 
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Schastey, Gratia 
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Van Leuven, Jo Ann 





Chapman, James E. 
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Hanks, Lawrence S. 

Judd, James T. 

Johnson, Ted D. 
Lawyer, Judith Ellen 
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Liljenquist, John E. 
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Loveless, Connie 

Knowledge doesn't come without study and application. 

Malan, Ronald F. 
Mantle, Janet 
McConnell, Robert 
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Monson, Darlene 
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Mortimer, William J. 

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Watson, Roger C. 
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Wrathall, Donald Prior 
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Young, Fred D. 

rH f. 


Throckmorton, Mary Alice 
Yancey, Marvin V. 
Young, John M. 

Haven't either of you got a comic book? This is gonna last till ten, you know. 

Bone, Bruce 
Cottrell, Irene 
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Griffin, Dixie 
Hall, Judith Diana 

Hanby, Janet Y. 
Higgins, Heather 
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Kenney, Dee 

Langford, Gordon 
Larsen, Boyd Alan 
Leak, Sandra G. 
Lyon, Kathryn Linda 
Marlow, Jay W. 
Maughan, Mark W. 
Miller, Ann 

Miller, Henry N. 
Moore, Walter J. 
Morrill, Glenda Rose 
Murphy, Richard Frank 
Nail, Margery Ann 
Pray, Hal A. 
Smith, James 

Smith, Netha Jane 
Smith, Ron H. 
Smith, Sharon O. 
Stevenson, Karin Marie 
Suico, Richard Allen 
Sundwall, Katherine 
Tame, Myrna Lois 

All together now, C-O-U-G-A-RI 


Miss Horsechester! ! Put away that comb and tissue paper. NOW. 
Today I'd like to tell you about the life of Karl G. Maeser. 

Did you have to put my change in the punch? 

C'mon everybody! We found the guy that lost 
the game. 


And then the salesman said 




• V * 

f '-.*- 







;:/ ; V 









* - 


j -f ■ 

* :■*« 


History Section 

The bell tolls, as within those doors 

Flow the fragrant memories of the past. 

The aged, grey walls of weathered hue, 

Breath softly in the light spring breeze 

To tell of laughing children 

Who have romped around the grounds 

And built their golden castles 

In the air. 

And the trees, expectant and patient 


As the human pageant passes by 

To fulfill its destiny, 

Only those of feeling heart 

Hearing the voice of the old school. 



History Section 

Friday, October 4, 1957, marked the beginning of man's 
conquest of space, as a Russian satellite blasted into 
an orbit 560 miles above the earth. Reactions to this re- 
markable scientific achievement were strange as well 
as sober. In Tokyo "land" rights on Mars jumped from 
55 cents to $2.58 an acre. Secretary of State Dulles con- 
firmed that the successful launching of Sputnik by 
Russia had aroused the country and Congress to the 
importance of the missiles' program. Alexander V. Top- 
chiev, a leading member of the Soviet Academy of 

Sciences, said that the achievement made possible "the 
natural victory of socialism over capitalism" in the race 
for leadership in science. Sputnik I weighed 184 pounds 
and on November 3rd, Sputnik II was launched, weigh- 
ing 1,120 pounds. On Friday, January 31, 1958, the 
American baby moon was successfully launched by 
the Army, thus breaking the Russian monopoly of outer 
space. In the years that lie ahead, it is certain that man 
will make conquests startling in their conception. 





Below (left) Laika in her 
cabin prior to Sputnik II as- 
sembly, the first living organ- 
ism to travel through cosmic 
space. (Right) Model of Sput- 
nik I draws crowds at Mos- 
cow exhibition hall. Photos 
by courtesy USSR Magazine. 

For the third time in two years Vice President Nixon was 
called to assume the duties and responsibilities of Presi- 
dent Eisenhower, due to his indisposition, following a 
slight stroke just before Thanksgiving. This curtailment 
of the President's activity came at a period of deep 
concern in world affairs, with the NATO Conference 
in Paris being scheduled for the following week; the 
budget and legislative program in the planning for the 
year, and vexatious questions concerning the United 
States missile program to be answered. Vice President 
Nixon shouldered the burdens until the President was 
able to return to duty. 

Britain's gracious an charming Queen, Elizabeth II, 
with her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 
paid her first visit since her coronation to the United 
States at the end of October, renewing the firm friend- 
ship formed in England with Dwight D. Eisenhower. 
The President, in his formal welcome, said, "In closer, 
stronger cooperation between your country and ours, 
lies the best hope for world peace and security." Mrs. 
Eisenhower's front porch welcome was unrestrained 
and sincere, "We've been wanting you to come for so 
long. My, but your look pretty." Such unqualified 
friendliness assured the success of the visit. 

Negro pupils with their paratroop escort climb steps to Central 
High, watched by white students. (Photo, courtesy Life maga- 

World Events Contd. 

"Niggers are in our school," screamed some of the girl stu- 
dents at Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas, when the 
school year began. Hysterical parents removed their children 
and interracial brawling broke out in the town, although the 
Negro students were not molested. The desegregation issue 
was bitterly contested in Little Rock, with Governor Orval Fau- 
bus, Governor of the State of Arkansas, questioning the Federal 
Government's right to interfere. As reports flew to Washington 
that the Little Rock police were unable to cope with the situa- 
tion, President Eisenhower issued an emergency proclamation 
ordering obstructionists to "cease and desist" from interfering 
with integration. With his order unheeded, the President ordered 
federal troops to restore order in the town. The 101st Airborne 
Division took control of the city, and were removed when the 
situation quieted down. 

&t L 

Labor tactics caused the Senate's Select Committee on 
Labor and Management Practices to begin investigating, 
in March, 1957, "improper activities" by high-ranking of- 
ficials of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The 
Committee charged against the union attempted pinball 
machine monopoly; adventure into establishment of 
houses of prostitution; use of union money and union in- 
fluence to take over law enforcement from the office of 
district attorney to governor. During spring and summer, 
the American congressional scene staged the expose of 
graft in the Teamsters' Union, and, although the constant 
use of the Fifth Amendment made history, the union was 
finally voted out of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. by a five to one 
majority. According to President George Meany of the 
A.F.L.-C.I.O., the Teamsters must rid themselves of dicta- 
torship by leaders, before being readmitted to the national 

Early in 1958, the South American nation of Venezuela 
arose in anger at the oppressions of the dictator, General 
Marcos Perez Jimenez, who had been in power for nine 
years. A rebellious military, and a civilian strike so har- 
ried the 43 year old dictator that he sun-ended to the 
ultimatum of a junta and flew off, early one morning, to 
take refuge in the Dominican Republic. Songs of celebra- 
tion rose from the crowd gathered in front of Miraflores 
palace as soon as the people realized he had fled. Under 
the Presidency of Rear Admiral Wolfgang Larrazabal, a 
respected naval officer, the country was put under a mili- 
tary junta. Traces of order and responsibility began to 
emerge from the chaos as Admiral Larrazabal hastened 
to quiet the people. To preserve the reputation of Vene- 
zuela and to protect its huge oil industry, the Admiral 
promised the safety of foreign investments. Release of the 
dictator's thousands of political prisoners was proclaimed. 

One of the unforeseen results of the Russians being first 
to launch Sputnik was the great deal of heartburning over 
America's educational system. Former Harvard University 
President, Dr. James A. Conant suggested that the way to 
improve public school education for all American youth 
was to improve the guidance system and strengthen the 
programs offered for various types of students. "The iden- 
tification and education of academically talented students 
are matters of special interest to a highly industrialized 
society seeking to preserve its freedom in a dangerously 
divided world," he said. 

-et^ i 




* mm 
!*& mm* ■ 

Asiatic, or Asian, 'flu struck the United States in 
1957. Within a period of twenty weeks, ten million 
people thoughout the world had been struck down 
with the disease, which is the only one in modern 
times to reach epidemic proportions, approximate- 
ly four times every century. This time the country- 
was prepared for its coming, and a preventative 
vaccine was found by Dr. Maurice Hilleman of 
the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, which 
undoubtedly kept the epidemic in control. 


History and World Events 

Nations of the East and the West met in Paris, at a NATO 
summit meeting during January, 1958. A statement of the 
principles sought by the Conference were resolved as a 
desire to "pool and to increase the common fund of sci- 
entific knowledge; to strengthen the free world by econom- 
ic cooperation; to consult with and to conciliate policy 
differences among members; to bolster common security; 
to seek honorable unification of Germany; and to explore 
realistic avenues toward disarmament with Russia. 
NATO's goal is world peace." 

The heads of NATO delegations sit for a formal portrait 
around the compass symbol of NATO in the Palais de 
Chaillot. Above (1 to r) are Premier Van Acker, Belguim; 
Prime Minister Diefenbaker, Canada; Prime Minister Hansen, 
Denmark; Premier Gaillard, France; Chancellor Adenauer, 
Germany; Premier Karamanlis, Greece; Premier Jonasson, 
Iceland; Premier Zoli, Italy; NATO Secretary-General Spaak, 
Belguim; Premier Beck, Luxembourg; Prime Minister Drees, 
Netherlands; Premier Gerhardsen, Norway; Minister of State 
Caetano, Portugal; Premier Menderes, Turkey; Prime Minis- 
ter MacMillan, Britain; President Eisenhower, United States. 


Annual Report 


Brigham Young University was established pursuant to a deed of trust 
executed by Brigham Young on October 16, 1875. That deed expressly 
stated that the "Pupils shall be instructed in . . . such branches as are 
usually taught In an academy of learning," and also in Old and New 
Testaments, the Book of Mormon and the Book of Doctrine and Covenants." 

The credits of the Brigham Young University today are recognized 
and accepted by other universities throughout the country and the world 
to the same extent of those of other leading American universities. The 
real test, of course, of our scholastic standing is in the actual performance 
of our students. I propose therefore to very briefly give you instances of 
actual performance of our students in the various colleges. 
College of Biological and Agricultural Sciences 

This College consists of the Departments of Agricultural Economics, Ag- 
ronomy, Animal Husbandry, Bacteriology, Botany, Horticulture and Horti- 
cultural Specialties, Industrial Arts and Drawing, Zoology and Entomology. 

In preparing students for graduate study, this College has gained na- 
tion-wide recognition. For example, at the National meetings of the 
Agronomy and Soil Science Society of America held in November, 1350 
Harold Myers, president of the society, stated that no university in the 
United States could match the record established by Brigham Young Uni- 
versity for the training of students for a graduate program in agronomy 
and soils. 

This is the college in which our young men train to be pre-medical and 
pre-dental students. In these fields it is significant to note that last year 
77 per cent of BYU students who appliced for admission to medical schools 
throughout the country were admitted, as compared to a national average 
of 55 per cent; last year, also, 79 per cent of BYU students applying for 
admission to dental schools were admitted as compared with a national 
average of 55 per cent. 
College ol Commerce 

This College consists of the Departments of Accounting, Business 
Education and Office Management, Economics, Finance and Banking, In- 
dustrial Management, and Marketing. 

Over the last several years the New York Council of Market Research 
has conducted an annual nation-wide contest among students of all uni- 
versities in the country. In 1954 students of Brigham Young University 
placed first and second in this contest. In the ensuing three years, students 
of the Brigham Young University won more of the top prizes than students 
of all other universities in the country. 

In the fall of 1956 we had an accrediting committee visit our campus 
to evaluate our different colleges. This accrediting committee criticized 
our College of Commerce on the ground that its faculty was too heavily 
loaded with teachers who believed in free enterprise. In our opinion this 
was the best compliment they could pay our College of Commerce. 
College oi Education 

This College consists of the following Departments: Educational Ad- 
ministration, Educational Research and Services, Educational Values and 
Programs, and Instruction. 

To remain in the teaching program at the Brigham Young University, 
freshmen and sophomores must maintain a cumulative grade-poiot average 
of 80 per cent; juniors and seniors must have a grade-point average of at 
least 82.25 per cent. 

The high regard in which students graduating from the Brigham Young 
University who intend to teach are held is shown by the fact that the 
superintendent of one of the large school districts of California came to our 
campus a few years ago and offered to take 90 per cent of our graduates 
who intended to go into teaching unsight and unseen. 
College of Family Living 

In 1954 we established on our campus a College of Family Living. 
We felt that because of the importance of the family in the plan of life 
and salvation this Church university certainly ought to have a College 
of Family Living. As of last year ten students had already made note- 
worthy scholastic achievements, one of these receiving a graduate schol- 
arship wirth $2,900. The Departments are Clothing and Textiles, Economics 
and Management of the Home, Food and Nutrition, Homemaking Edu- 
cation, Housing and Design, Human Development and Family Relationships. 
College of Fine Arts 

The Dean of the College of Fine Arts states he has yet to receive 
the report of a Masters Degree student who has failed to make good in 
further graduate work and that no graduate who has applied for a fellow- 
ship, scholarship, or assistantship in any of the leading universities of the 
country has yet been denied. The College consists of the Departments of 
Music, Speech and Dramatic Arts, and Art. 
College of Humanities and Social Sciences 

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences contains the Depart- 
ments of Archaeology, English, Geography, History, Journalism, Modern 
and Classical Languages, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. 
Typical of the raising of scholastic standards in that College is the pro- 
gram that is being carried on in the Department of English. Standardized 
examinations are now being given to all students of Freshman English at 

the end of each quarter. An English proficiency test is also being required 
of all juniors as a prerequisite to graduation. 

It is from this College of Humanities and Social Sciences that we turn 
out most of our pre-legal stuents who go into the very large field of law. 
One of the earliest graduates from this institution was George Sutherland, 
who later became President of the American Bar Association and then a 
Justice of the United States Supreme Court. No other person from the State 
of Utah has achieved that distinction. Also the law school of Leland Stan- 
ford University gives priority to graduates of Harvard, Stanford and Brig- 
ham Young University because of the records that previous students from 
these institutions have made. 
School of Nursing 

Our School of Nursing was organized in 1952. In Medical Nursing, 
when compared with all fifty-three jurisdictions, Utah nurses as a whole 
ranked ninth in the nation, with a total average score of 575.7, whereas the 
average score for Brigham Young University nurses was 615.1. In all cases 
of Surgical Nursing, Obstetrical Nursing, Nursing of Children, and Psychi- 
atric Nursing the average for all Utah nurses was unusually high as com- 
pared with the 53 jurisdictions involved; but in each case the average of 
BYU graduates was even higher. 
College of Physical and Engineering Sciences 

In 1954 we created a new college of Physical and Engineering Sci- 
ences to take care of Air Science, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Geology, 
Geological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics. 

In the field of the engineering sciences, ours is the only college in 
the state which requires five years of training in order to obtain a Bach- 
elors degree. Our program is patterned largely after that of the California 
Institute of Technology and is in accord with the modern trend evidenced 
by Columbia and Harvard of emphasizing the basic sciences. 
College of Recreation, Physical and Health Education and Athletics 

In 1954 we created also a College of Recreation, Physical and Health 
Education and Athletics. We are one of the few institutions in the country 
which has a separate college in this field. We did this because we wanted 
here to train professional Boy Scout and recreational leaders for our Church 
and our country, and because we wanted our athletics subject to the 
control of proper academic and administrative standards. 

Division of Religion 

Though it is difficult to measure scholastic achievement in religion 
courses, Dr. Belnap, Chairman of this Division, reports that the scholarship 
in this area is comparable with that in other colleges in the University. 
The Board of Trustees has now authorized us to give doctorate degrees 
in certain fields of religious learning so that the young men and women 
of our Church will now be able to obtain scholarly religious training in an 
atmosphere where the faculty believes implicitly in the revealed word of 
God. Under this new program most of our future Institute and Seminary 
teachers will be trained at the B.Y.U. 
Graduate School 

In the Graduate School scholarship has been greatly improved in recent 
years. One change which has made this possible is the establishment of 
more classes which are strictly graduate. A second impetus to better schol- 
arship is small classes in graduate work. This makes better direction of 
graduate work possible. A third element is the availability of more and 
better graduate scholarships. Since 1953, 129 scholarships with a combined 
value of $70,375 have been awarded. A fourth contribution to better schol- 
arship is better equipment and facilities for study, including an expanded 
library. A new library building will cost around $4,000,000 and will be the 
largest library in the intermountain area. It will have facilities for five times 
the number of books housed in our present library. 

Never a week passes but what some of our students receive awards of 
some kind. Apart, however, from our scholastic achievements, we hope 
we will always radiate on this campus the spirit of the Gospel, which in 
itself is a great motivating force for higher scholarship and for greater 
Christian endeavor. This last fall the American Council on Education se- 
elcted two of the brightest students in the country to come to this campus 
to make observations with respect to the development of character 
among our students. This was one of many campuses visited by them. They 
reported back that they had found no campus where the ideals of the 
church were so exemplified in the lives of the students. 

We also had on our campus during the year the President of Tokyo 
University, who was also visiting a great many universities After his visit 
to the Brigham Young University, he made the following comment to our 
Dean of Students, Dr. Wesley P. Lloyd: 

"We have observed something among student leaders on this 

campus which we have never experienced before. TKere is a kind 

dedication to high purposes and a cooperative attitude which we 

have never seen in other universities in the United States or 

in other countries." 

We often hear it said that the chief function of this University is to give 
our students such a firm testimony of the divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ, 
that they will live as Christians should live. 

As in the past, this University will continue as an educational temple 
where boys and girls of both poor and wealthy parents may together 
learn that under the American System success comes only through indi- 
vidual effort and dedication to service to our fellowmen. 




" V* ( 




■ 1 

Built by the new lift slab method, the new Men's dorms, north of the stadium will be ready for occupancy in the Fall. 

Campus Buildings 

The central building of the new Men's Housing Unit will 
house the administrative offices, cafeterias, snack bar, 
recreation room and patio, and a lounge where female 
visitors will be permitted. In the dorms two students will 
be assigned to each room, which has built-in wardrobe, 
study table, file drawer and bookshelves. Furnishings are 
modern study chairs, beds, study lamps, and colorful car- 
peting in each room, and are expected to cost $300,000, 

the draperies alone costing $15,000. Three music practice 
rooms are in each unit, two with pianos, and one for 
other instruments. Four parking areas are provided for in 
the plans and a pedestrian tunnel to campus, which will 
alleviate traffic congestion at that point. In addition to the 
five units near completion, space has been allowed for 
two more dorms as the school grows. 


Completed in the fall of 1955, the Botanical Laboratory 
provides green houses and labs for botany and related 
subjects. Research classes are also conducted here. Of a 
total of 9400 square feet, 6000 are devoted to greenhouses 
and plant culture. 

The McKay Building, completed in December of 1954, 
houses the College of Education, nd the departments of 
English, Foreign Languages, and Political Science. Mod- 
ern stairways, spacious rooms, tile floors and air con- 
ditioning characterize this building. 

The Heber J. Grant Library was named for the late pres- 
ident of the Church and houses some two hundred thous- 
and volumes and many valuable collections. There are 
also many micro-films to aid those who desire to search 
out genealogy. 

The Brimhall building was named for a former president 
of BYU, George H. Brimhall, and houses the biological 
and agricultural sciences. It was first constructed in 1919, 
but two additional stories were added in 1935 to make 
room for more offices. 

Built similar to Allen Hall, a boys' dorm, Amanda Knight 
houses 130 girls. Twe-bed and four-bed rooms are fea- 
tured, and the girls have washing and drying facilities, 
living room and game room. Meals are served cafeteria 

Largest building on campus, the Joseph F. Smith Family 
Living Center, was put into use Winter Quarter and was 
dedicated May 7, 1957. It provides the most modern fac- 
ilities for girls interested in cooking and home care. 
Skills such as dress design and weaving are also 
taught. A specially designed nursery school allows stu- 
dents to "observe" without the children knowing about it. 

BOTANICAL Laboratory Building 

DAVID O. McKAY Building 







Campus Buildings (continued) 

j7 *«.><*• Ma "' 

The Science Center contains 147,000 square feet of floor 
space and is divided into nine amphitheatres, twenty- 
four classrooms, ninety-eight labs, and forty-eight offices. 
The building can accommodate 2500 stuednts each hour. 
The building houses the chimes donated by several class- 
es which ring out the hours and are used for concert 
purposes. The building also contains the Foucault pendu- 
lum and sound rooms. 

Opened in March 1953, the Student Service Center pro- 
vides the students with a self-help store. A student buys 
all textbooks and miscellaneous items at below average 
prices. Also housed here are the student offices, publica- 
tions, extension division, and audio-visual aids. Old 
bookstore funds built it. 

The Student Health Center was completed in September of 
1955 and was dedicated on May 7, 1957. During Fall 
and Winter quarter of this year, nineteen thousand visits 
were made by students to the center. They had an aver- 
age of 8 bed patients and are staffed with doctors and 
eleven nurses. 

The four wings of the Engineering Building house the de- 
partments of Chemical, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical 
engineering. Also housed here is the counseling service 
of the University. Spacious drawing rooms and experi- 
mental laboratories are found here. 

The only accommodations of their type in American 
universities, the Heritage Halls comprise a group of six- 
teen buildings, each with ten apartments of three bed- 
rooms, a kitchen and a bath; and a newer group of eight 
buildings. Total population — 1539. 

Knight-Mangum hall houses 288 coeds on a self-govern- 
ing basis. Large study areas, a cafeteria, washing and 
ironing facilities are provided. The Social Hall is attached 
to this building and is the main campus hall for dancing. 
The music organizations also use the Social Hall for prac- 

The Joseph Smith Building is the only building named for 
the Prophet. It was constructed largely on the Church 
welfare plan. The organ is the old Tabernacle organ and 
was moved here in 1948. It is one of the finest organs in 
any college in the world. The auditorium seats 1200 people 
and can be increased to 2200 with the ballroom. Most of 
the dramatic and concert productions are held here. 
Seating approximately 1 1 ,000 persons, the fieldhouse has 
a main basketball court, two gymnasiums, two handball 
courts, two squash courts, a wrestling room, a boxing 
room, a corrective room, and offices of the physical edu- 
cation department. There are also facilities for track and 
football activities. 


CARL F. EYRING Science Center 


HERALD R. CLARK Student Service Center 


HOWARD S. McDONALD Health Center 


HARVEY FLETCHER Engineering Building 

HERITAGE HALLS— Women's Dorms 





Melvin Day- 
Dean Crandall 
Geraldine Crandall 
Colleen Ann Collett 

Richard Clark Judd 
Nelson Maycock 
James Col Roberts 
Usher Stanley Spencer 

Eugene Chase 
George Stewart 

Thomas E. McKay 
Adam S. Bennion 
Oscar A. Kirkham 








Provo, Utah 





Hawaii 73 

Alaska 16 

Canal Zone 1 



11 Western States 9510 

12 Central States 293 

14 Southern States 304 

12 New England and 

Eastern Seaboard 174 

3 Territories 90 

34 Foreign Countries 397 

Grand Total 10,768 

Foreign Countries 

Canada 244 

Mexico 38 

Korea 14 

Iran 12 

Japan ! 

Brazil 8 

China 8 

Finland 7 

Guatemala 7 

Germany 5 

Greece 5 

Peru 5 

India 4 

Norway 3 

New Zealand 3 

England 3 

Costa Rica 2 

Denmark 2 

Equador 2 

















Eleven Western States 

Utah 4895 

California 1672 

Idaho 1084 

Arizona 408 

Oregon 322 

Nevada 275 

Washington 239 

Wyoming 199 

Colorado 173 

Montana 135 

New Mexico 108 


Twelve Central States 

Illinois 55 

Ohio 37 

Iowa 31 

Michigan 30 

Wisconsin 27 

Minnesota 25 

Missouri 22 

Indiana 18 

Kansas 15 

Nebraska 12 

North Dakota 5 


Fourteen Southern States 

Texas 76 

Florida 43 

Virginia 38 

North Carolina 36 

Georgia 22 

South Carolina ■ 21 

Oklahoma 14 

Mississippi H 

Louisiana 10 

Arkansas 10 

West Virginia 8 

Tennessee 6 

Kentucky 5 

Alabama 4 


Twelve New England and 
Eastern Seaboard States 1 

New York 65 

New Jersey 24 

Maryland 20 

Pennsylvania 19 

Dist. of Columbia 12 

Massachusetts 12 



New Hampshire 

Vermont 3 

Rhode Island 

Delaware 2 



Provo, Utah, Campus 
As of March 26, 1958 

Freshmen Sophomore 

Biological and Agricultural Sciences 197 232 

Commerce 355 404 

Education 337 381 

Family Living 239 168 

230 148 














Fine Arts 

Graduate School 

Humanities and Social Sciences 199 255 255 257 8 

School of Nursing 83 41 31 40 1 

Physical and Engineering Sciences 544 370 271 267 *70 

Recreation, Health, Physical 

Education and Athletics .106 79 85 100 7 

General Registration 1320 404 58 5 3 

TOTALS 3610 2482 1975 1992 *709 

Summer Quarter — 1957 

Total Daytime College Students on Campus 

Evening College Students on Campus 


Less Duplications, 1957 Summer School 

Less Duplications, Day Students Taking Evening Classses (4 Quarters) 
Net Cumulative Total — College Level 

BYU High School 

Junior High School 

Senior High School 

B.Y.U. Elementary School 

Total B. Y. High and Elementary Schools 


'Includes 60 5th year Engineers. 
**Does not include Extension Class and Correspondence students who were included in simil 











































ar tables for prior years. 

Campus progress is seen in the construction of a planetarium. 



Orientation Committee members: Front row (1. to r.) Sunny 
Seeley, Joyce Bailey, Kathy Moyle. Back row: Dave Mel- 
endez, Paul Ashton. 

Student Public Relations Committee members: Front row 
(1. to r.): Nancy Skeen, Howard Flanary, Gary Lloyd. 
Back row: Bud Recht, Ken Sorenson. 

Publicity Committee members: Front row (1. to r.) Joan Blod- 
gett, Lee Miller, Carol Garner. Back row: Roy Howard, Jack 
P. Johnson, Frank Nielson. 

Pep Committee members: Front row (1. to r.) C. Taylor, A. 
Mulhurn, S. Hoffman, M. Shurtliff, B. Painer, P. Rutheford. 
Middle row: M. Facer, G. Mangum, H. Madsen, L. Taggert. 
Back row: O. Gillbert, P. Flanary, C. Garner 

Assembly Committee- members: Front row (1. to r.) Louise 
Merrill, Ann Haynie, Carol Curtis, Marilyn Marsh. Back 
row: Carol Penrod, Bruce Dockstader, Kenneth Robins, 
Brad Powell, Steve Shelton, Judene Dalebout. 

Preference Ball Committee members: Front row (1. to r.) 
Myrna Christianson, Donna Daniels, Glenda Johns. Back 
row: Diane Tolles, Sandra Rees, Mary Overson, Dorothy 


Songfest Committee members: Front row (1. to r.) Cleo 
Brandley, Arm Wright, Lora Lee Brown, Marilyn Wood- 
ward. Back row: Cheryl Russell, Stan Porter, Gary Lloyd, 
Ken Sorenson, Tom Stone, Kay Webber. 

"Y" Day Committee members: Front row (1. to r.): Sherrie 
Twitty, Kathy McDonald, Danyla Berg, Sherry Hale, Mar- 
ilyn Woodward, Tami Kirk. Back row: Israel Heaton, Dick 
Miller, Pat Groshell, Jean Sexsmith, Al Miner, Jerry Purser. 

Sophomore Loan Fund Ball Committee members: Front 
row (1. to r.): Sloan Hales, Tami Kirk ,Tom Walters, Joseph- 
ine Ann Christensen, Jim Warner. Back row: Don Larson, 
Zeta Lee, Ellen Boyd. 

Junior Prom Committee members: Front row (1. to r.) M. 
Todd, N. Tanner, M. Shurtliff, K. Stanfield, G. Ward. Mid- 
dle row: M. McKell, L. Berry, G Conger, H. Shurtliff, A. 
Jenkins, S. Nielson, M. Bateman. Back row: K. Martin, A. 
Stine, K. Peterson, F. Brown, J. Armstrong. 

Central Dance Committee members: Front row (1. to r.): 
Kay Taylor, Olga Gilbert, Lora Lee Brown, Betty Maugh- 
am, Karen Leishman, Donna Daniels. Back row: Alton 
Saxen, Russell Relyea, Eleana Smith, Lynne Hemenway, 
Dick Barnes, J. P. Johnson. 

Jr. A.W.S. Council: Front row (1. to r.): P. Hixon, C. Ander- 
son, P. Hill, N. Green, L. Steel. Middle row: C. Skidmore, 
B. Witherow, G. Norr, A. Andrus, E. McMeen. Back row: 
M. Geist, J. Swift, K. Sund wall, S. Lillywhite,- C. Cooper, 
A.W.S. Advisor. 


Committees (continued) 

Snow Carnival Committee members: Front row (I. to r.) 
Marilyn Marsh, Brad Powell. Back row: Bruce Dockstader, 
Steve Shelton. 

Election Committee members: Front row (1. to r.): Claudia 
Bowers, Rita Wheeler, Sidnee Day, Barbara Garrett. Back 
row: Sharon O. Smith, Richard Wall, Duane Christensen, 
Rollie Jonson, Marsha Hoyt. 

Homecoming Committee members: Front row (1. to r.): C. 
Brandley, E. Nelson, A. Carter, D. Hamilton. Back row: D. 
Christianson, D. Jensen, H. Kelling, D. Ricks, B. Hilton, F. 
Brown, D. Gardner, K. Hilton, E. Jones, E. Worthen, C. 

Spring Ball Committee members: Front row (1. to r.): Lorna 
Millard, Ted Wittmayer, Carolyn Thurgood, Walt Winkel- 
man, JoAnn Goodrich. Back row: Jon Broadhead, Doris 
Weatherbee, Marlene Roche, Sharon Parry, Carole 

The Joseph Smith Building — a popular meeting place for students. It houses auditorium, ballroom, banquet hall, 
Cougareat and information center. 


Greatness Beckons BYU 

In the age of Sputniks and rockets, a stainless steel sat- 
telitic "time capsule" arrived on BYU campus. Built to 
serve as a streamlined crypt to hold names of Destiny 
Fund participants, pictures of one hundred percent con- 
tributing organizations, proposed plan of campus, Ban- 
yan and Wye magazines and special edition of the 
Universe, the capsule will preserve these tokens for 
the BYU centennial year celebrations in 1975. Student 
leaders and administrative officials were present at Y 
day ceremonies burying the capsule on campus. Un- 
veiling took place on the quad, between Eyring Science 
Center and McKay Building. 

The old things passeth to make way for the new. 




Donated to the University by the U. S. Steel Corporation the six foot long, eighteen inch diameter capsule was on display 
until April 30. The "missile" was built in the mechanical and electrical shop at Geneva Works. Treated against corrosion 
during interment, sealing was effected by silver soldering a plate at the capsule's tail end. 


Faculty Index 

Alder - Woodbury 

Alder. Lorna C. 270 
Alder, Zone G., 270 
Allen. A. Lester, 100. 270 
Allen, Barnett S., Col., 270 
Alley, Stephen L. 270 
Allman, Verl, 270 
Allred. Dorald M.. 270 
Allred. Mildred E., 270 
Allred. R. Chase, 270 
Allred. Wallace E., 270 
Alward. Mignon, 270 
Anderson, C. Dixon, 270 
Anderson, Colleen, 270 
Anderson. Floyd M., 270 
Anderson, Keith P.. 270 
Anderson, Leland F_, 270 
Anderson, Verlan H., 72 
Anderson. Vernon L. 270 
Andrus. Hyrum L, 270 
Andrus. J. Roman, 270 
Andrus. Richard D.. 270 
Applonie, Evelyn, 270 
Ashton, Clarence D., 72 

Bobcock, Hyrum J., 270 
Bebcock. Vida. 270 
Bailey. Dale S., 270 
Ballou. Richard E., 140. 270 
Bangerter, Blauer L-. 270 
Bankhead. Rled E . 270 
Barker, Allan 
Barlow. Frances P.. 270 
Barnett. Owen Lee. 270 
Barnett, Vesta W.. 72 
Barney. Vermon S., 270 
Barrett. Ivan J., 270 
Bartholomew, Davis, 270 
Bateman, J. Lavar, 270 
Baxter, Leland K., 72 
Bean, John E., 270 
Beck, D. Elden, 270 
Beck. Jay V., 270 
Beckham. Raymond E. 
Bell. R. DerMont. 270 
Bendixsen, Grant D.. 270 
Bennett. Ernie, 270 
Bennion, Marion, 72 
Benson, Mark A., 270 
Bentley, Anthony I., 270 
Berry. June, 270 
Berryessa, Max J., 270 
Bills, Seth H., 270 
Bissell, Harold J., 270 
Blackham, Angus U., 270 
Bloom, Ruth S.. 270 
Bos. Jacob, 270 
Booth. Lillian C. 
Bowmen, Genevieve W.. 270 
Boyle. William H., 270 
Bradford. Charles H., 270 
Bradford. Reed. 72 
Brady. Marion, 270 
Brimhall, Willis H., 270 
Britch, Ralph A., 73 
Brooks. Melvin R.. 270 
Broadbent. H. Smith. 73 
Brownlee. Robert S.. 270 
8rown. Billings, 73 
Bryner, Loren C. 270 
Browne. Arthur D. 
Bryner. Maurine. 270 
Bullock, Kenneth C. 73 
Bushmen. Grant M.. 270 
Burrup. Percy E., 73 
Bushman. Jess R., 270 
Butler. Eliot A., 270 
Butt. Newbern I., 270 
Butterworth, Edwin J.. 270 
Buttle, Faye J., 270 

Caine. Juluia A.. 270 
Colder, Glen H., 270 
Callahan. Sterling G-. 73 
Colderwood. Joonn. 270 
Compbell. Eugene E., 270 
Campbell, Jennie, 270 
Conning. Ray R., 270 
Carle, Wayne M., 87. 271 
Carlisle, D. June, 271 

Chandler, Samuel G, 271 
Cheney. Thomas E-. 271 
Childs. Fred, 271 
Chournos, Joyce, 271 
Christensen, Dean C, 271 
Christensen. Earl M.. 271 
Christensen, Edward L, 73 
Christensen. P.A.. 271 
Christensen. Leonord E. 
Christensen, Ross T.. 271 
Christiansen. John R.. 271 
Clark, Bruce B.. 271 
Clark, Hazel C. 271 
Clark. Herald R.. 160. 271 
Clark. James R., 271 
Clark, Marden J., 271 
Clark. Monroe H.. 271 
Clark. Selby G. 
Clarke. A. John, 271 
dinger, Morris M., 163, 271 
Compton, Lane, 271 
Cook, Carol Lee, 271 
Cooper, Leslie, 271 
Corbridge, Ivan L, 73 
Cowan, Cyntho A., 271 
Cox. Soren F., 271 
Craig. Marshall R., 271 
Crnkovic, John K., 271 
Croft. Even M.. 271 
Crowton. David M.. 271 
Cundick. Robert M.. 271 
Curtis. Brandt B.. 271 
Curtis. Clayne G.. T/Sgt., 271 

Daines, Delva, 271 
Davidson. Bertha. 271 
Dovies. J. Kenneth, 271 
Dovis, Allen, 106, 271 
deJong, Thelmo, 271 
DeMille. Stonford. 271 
Dixon, Fred W.. 271 
Dixon. Owen G.. 106. 271 
Domgoard, Mignon, 271 
Donaldson. David M., 271 
Done, G. Byron, 73 
Doxey, Willard B.. 271 
Doxey. Roy W., 73 
Drewes, Henry W., 271 I 
Dudley. J. Duane. 271 
Duffin. B. Keith 
Duke. Keith E.. 271 
Dye. Gerald J., Capt.. 271 
Dyer. William G., 100. 271 

Earl. Don L., 271 
Eastmond. E. John, 272 
Edlefsen. Blaine E., 272 
Egbert, Robert L. 73 
Ellsworth, J. Orval. 272 
Empey, LaMar T.. 272 
Evens. David L. 272 

Farnsworth, D. B., 99. 272 
Faux. M. Charles. 272 
Fielding. R. Kent, 272 
Flake. Chad J.. 272 
Flandro. Royce P.. 272 
Fletcher. Harvey. 272 
Fletcher. Harvey Jr., 272 
Fuerstner, Carl. 272 
Fuhriman. Dean K.. 272 

Gamett, Lavell C. 
Gardner. Charles N.. 272 
Gardner, Elizabeth L., 73 
Gardner, John Hale. 272 
Gates, Crawford. 272 
Gaty. J. Patricia. 272 
Geddes, David D.. 73 
Geertsen. O. Normon. 272 
Gledhill, Preston R., 162. 272 
Glover. Gerrie S-. 272 
Gootes. J. Rex. 272 
Golightly. Mox. 1 65, 272 
Grimes. Jesse W„ 272 
Grindstoff, Phillip. Copt., 272 
Groesbeck. Lue, 272 
Grow, Stewort L.. 73 
Gubler. Donworth. 272 
Gulbrondsen, Normon, 272 

Gunn, Richord L., 272 

Guymon, Fred E., 272 

Gwilliam, Robert F., 272 

Hafen. LeRoy R.. 272 

Hafen. William J.. 272 

Hales. Richard W.. 272 

Hales. Wayne B., 272 

Hall, David, Maior, 272 

Hall, H. Tracy, 272 

Hallam. Merrill J., 74 

Hamblin, Lawson O.. 272 

Halliday. John R.. 74 

Hammond. May C. 272 

Hancock. Merck. M/Sgt., 272 

Hansen, George H.. 272 

Hansen. Harold I.. 74 

Hansen. Omar M.. 272 

Hansen, Ralph, 272 

Hanson, William F., 272 

Hardy. Kenneth R., 272 

Harris. James M.. 272 

Harris. John S.. 272 

Harrison. Bertrand F., 74 

Hart. Anna B„ 272 

Hart. Charles J.. 74 

Hart. Edward L. 272 

Hatton, Betty Jo, 272 

Haupt, Floyd E., 272 

Hayward, C. Lynn. 272 

Heaton. Alma. 272 

Heaton. Israel, 74 

Hellberg, Ray W., 272 

Henstrom, Richard H.. 272 

Horde. Karl, Jr., 272 

Hilton, Lynn M., 272 

Hilton. Ross. 272 

Hintze. Lehi F., 272 

Hogan. A. Henrietta. 272 

Hodscn. Harry. 74 

Holbrook. Leona, 74 

Horsley. A. Burt. 272 

Horton. Frank K.. 272 

Hoskisson, William A., 272 

Howell. Robert. 74 

Huish. Sterling. Capt., 272 

Hunt. Jay B., 272 

Izatt. Reed M., 272 

Jockson, LeRoy E„ 272 
Jackson, Orrin H. 
Jensen. Lucile. 273 
Jensen. Mary Bee. 273 
Jensen. Vern H.. 273 
Jenson, Edgar M., 273 
Jenson. Gloria D., 273 
Jex. J. Lorin. 273 
Johansen. Franz. 273 
Johnson. Eldred A.. 273 
Jonsson. Jens J., 74 
Jorgensen. Eleanor. 273 

Keeler. J. J.. 273 
Kimball, Edwin R., 273 
Kimball, C. Rodney, 74 
King. Alma W., 273 
Knell. Lee, 273 
Knight, Hattie M„ 74 
Kohler, Marion, 273 
Kondo, Eleanor S., 273 
Kopp, Harold W.. 106. 113. 273 

Larsen. Don H., 74 
Larson. Vernon W., 273 
Larson. Clinton F.. 273 
Larson. Gustive O., 273 
Laycock. Harold R., 273 
Loycock. Ralph G., 273 
Layton, Robert L, 273 
Leake. Robert l_, 273 
Lee. Harold W.. 273 
Lewis. R. Celdon. 273 
Lewis. Stella D., 273 
Lowe, Howard D., 74 


Mabey. Melvin P.. 273 
Madson. Parke. 273 
Maeser. Georgia. 273 
Magleby, Ward H., 273 

Marshall. Milton. 74 
Martin, Thomas L., 273 
Mason. James A.. 273 
Mathews. Conan, 75 
McBride. Joy, 273 
McCracken, Cleo 
McConkie, Don L, 273 
Mechem, Merlin J.. 273 
Meibos. Richard L., 273 
Melville. Keith, 273 
Memmott, Evan J., 273 
Mercer, Winston, 273 
Mikkelsen, Seymour, 273 
Miller, Elva K.. 273 
Miller. Martin L, 273 
Mitchell. AlBert O., 273 
Moffit. J. C, 273 
Monson. Dorrell J.. 273 
Monson. Samuel C 273 
Morley. Alonzo J., 273 
Morrill. A. Reed, 273 
Morris, Lawrence, 75 
Munk, Lorene, 273 
Murdock. Joseph R.. 274 

Nash. William V., 274 
Nelson. Elmer E., 274 
Nelson, Glen T.. 274 
Nelson, K. Leroi, 274 
Nelson. Keith, Capt., 274 
Nibley. Hugh W., 274 
Nicholes, Henry J.. 274 
Nicholes. Joseph K., 274 
Nielsen, Alfred, T/Sgt., 274 
Nielsen, Fred K., 274 
Nielson, Howard C. 274 
Nielsen, Lorna R., 274 
Nordgren. Quentin R.. 274 

Oaks, Clinton L. 75 
Olpin. J. Lloyd, 274 
Olson, Ernest L. 274 
Oniki. Mary, 274 
Ord. John E.. 274 
Orrock. Scott G.. 274 
Owens. Joseph. 274 

Packer. Boyd K.. 274 
Parker. Clyde A.. 274 
Parkinson. Blaine. 274 
Parsons. Mary Helen. 274 
Payne. John W!, 274 
Perry. Dale C. 274 
Peterson, C. R. 
Peterson, Dean A.. 274 
Peterson. Hugh W., 274 
Pierce. Guy, 274 
Plaas. Hyrum. 274 
Poll. Richard D.. 75 
Poison. J. Perry. 274 
Porter. Blaine M.. 75 
Porter, LeRoy E„ 274 
Potter, Margaret. 75 
Pottor, Norma. 274 
Poulson, M. Wilford. 274 
Poulson. Virginia B., 75 
Purdy. Victor W., 274 

Rasband. Mima. 274 
Ray. Ernest, M/Sgt., 274 
Reeder. Jesse W„ 274 
Reid. Howard T. 
Reimschiissel, Ernest. 274 
Rich, Naoma, 274 
Rich, Owen S.. 274 
Rich, Russell R.. 75 
Richards. Grant S.. 274 
Rickenbach, Dean, 274 
Ricks, Eldin, 274 
Riddle, Chauncy C 75 
Rigby. Avard A., 274 
Rigby. J. Keith. 274 
Robinson. Donald, 274 
Robison, Clarence F.. 274 
Rogers. Sadie. 274 
Rogers. Lewis M.. 274 
Rollins. Boyd C, 274 
Rollins. Ralph L. 274 
Romney. Antone K.. 99. 274 

Sardoni. Lawrence W., 274 
Sauls, Kiefer B. 
Schindler, Ruth P., 274 
Sheffield. Sherman B., 274 
Shumway, R. Phil, 274 
Simmerman, Gerald M., 274 
Schwendiman, Fred A. 
Simmons. Elbert R., 274 
Simonsen, John M., 274 
Smart, Lyman F.. 274 
Smiley, Dorothy, 274 
Smith. Carol T.. 274 
Smith. Oliver R., 75 
Smith. Jay M.. Jr., 274 
Smith, Richard L, 75 
Smith, Robert J., 274 
Smith, Wilford E., 274 
Snell. William H., 274 
Snow. Don, 274 
Soffe. H. Wayne. 274 
Sparks, LeRoy, 275 
Spears. Irene O.. 275 
Spencer. Lucile 
Stansfield, Russell, 275 
Statham, Homer G., 275 
Stevensen. Helen, 275 
Stewart, George, 275 
Stone, Royal B., 75 
Storrs, D. Leon. 275 
Struthers. Robert E.. 167, 275 
Stutz. Howard C. 275 
Swensen. Beulah S., 275 
Swenson. Russel B.. 275 
Symons, Joseph N„ 102, 275 

Tanner, Orea B., 275 
Tanner, Vasco M., 75 
Tanner. Wilmer W., 275 
Taylor, Barbara Jane, 275 
Taylor. Celestia J., 275 
Taylor. Charles, 99, 275 
Taylor, Darrel, 275 
Taylor, Ethelyn P., 275 
Toylor. Floyd R. 
Taylor, Lynn D.. 275 
Terry. Elvis. 275 
Thomas. Robert K., 275 
Tingey. Dale, 275 
Tippets, Joyce W. 
Tolman, James R-, 275 
Trost, Lucile, 246. 275 
Tucker. John W.. 275 
Turner. Glen H., 275 
Turtle. L Elliott, 75 
Tyndall. Clarence, 275 
Tyler, S. Lyman 

Valentine, Lee B., 275 
Vernon, Leo P., 275 
Van Noy, Jay, I 14, 275 


Wakefield, Anna S., 275 
Wallace. Lulu. 275 
Waterstradt, Jean Anne. 275 
Watkins. Arthur R., 75 
Watts. Stanley H.. 275 
Webb. Fredrick N., 275 
Weinzinger, Kurt, 275 
Wengreen, Earl. 275 
West. Dale H., 275 
Weston, Donna M., 275 
Whitaker. W. O., 275 
White. J. Morgan. 275 
Whiteford, June. 275 
Wickes. Harry E.. 275 
Wilcox, RayT., 275 
Wilkes. William. 275 
Willden. Williiam K., 275 
Wilkinson, Frank R„ 164. 275 
Wilkins. Ernest J., 103, 275 
Wilson Annette, 276 
Wilson, Marguerite 276 
Wiser, Wendell H.. 276 
Witbeck, Alan R., 276 
Wood. Glena D., 276 
Wood. Stephen L., 276 
Woodward. Ralph, 34, 276 
Woodbury, Lael J.. 167. 276 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Aamodt, Melvin Heber, Provo 

Aase, Jan Kristian, Las Vegas, Nev., 292 

Abbott, Kelton Brent, Reno, Nev., 206. 349 

Abegg, Gwen Elaine, Orem, 41, 200 

Abegglen, Ronnie A., Vernal, 124 

Abegg, Myrlon Bentley, Orem 288 

Abercrombie, Gary L, Aberdeen, Ida., 337 

Abo, Sharie Chiyoko, Oahu, T.H.. 339 

Abplanalp, Delloy O., Vernal 306 

Acheson, Sharon L, San Diego, Calif., 338 

Adair, Merlyn J., Mesa, Ariz. 

Adair. Neldon Kay, Panaca, Nev., 357 

Adams, Arlene Andersen, Provo. 296 

Adams, Bonnie Jean, Pierre, S.D., 3$6 

Adams, Barbara J., Riverton, Wyo. 

Adams, Bruce Willis, Pierre, S.D. 

Adams, Conroy H., Provo 323 

Adams, David William, Murray, 202 

Adams, Darryl, Alonzo, Marana, Ariz., 214, 312 

Adams, D. Carlos, Provo 295 

Adams, Dean Barnard, Lund, Nev. 

Adams, Gweneth, Orem 

Adams, Howard Leon, Oakley, Ida. 

Adams, James Brent, Pierre, S.D., 344 

Adams, John Harper, Lund. Nev., 292 

Adams, Joseph Neil, Rigby, Ida., 310 

Adams, Judy, Berkeley, Calif. 

Adams, Keith Lincoln, Vernal 355 

Adams, Kenneth Russell, Orem 

Adams. Kyle Ray, Oalcley, Ida. 

Adams, Larry Byron, Oakley, Ida. 

Adams, Lavere, Tremonton 

Adams, Lisle Kent, Burbank, Calif. 

Adams, Maxine Poulton, Oakley, Ida. 

Adams, Martha Carolyn, Montpelier, Ida.. 162 

Adams. Orrin Karl, Brownsville .Ore. 

Adams, Sandra Anne, Layton, 246. 338 

Adams, William J., Jr., Salt Lake City, 346 

Adamson, Edwin Virgil, American, Fork 184 

Adamson, — eanene, Vernal, 366 

Adamson, Newell Henry, Tooele, 345 

Adamson, Sherron Kay, Nampa, Ida., 324 

Adkins, Letty Mae, Little Sandy, Ky., 363 

Adkins. Ivan Dean, Nampa, Ida., 366 

Addis, F. Donald, Oakland, Calif., 316 

Afualo. Pago Pago L, Oahu. T.H., 239 

Agutter, JoAnn Eleanor, Salt Lake City, 292 

Ahlberg, Clinton Ray, Murray 286 

Ahlin, Janice Allaire, South Gate, Calif, 349 

Ahnee, Roy Kauinohea, Honolulu, Oahu, T.H. 

Ahlstrom, Marvell, N., Redondo Beach, Calif., 319 

Aikne, Glenn Goodman, Orem 338 

Aiken, Raymond Elwin, Paul, tda. 

Aird, Jeanne, Caldwell, Ida,, 338 

Aitken, Grant Joseph, Spanish Fork, 339 

Akau, Annie Kahikilani, Hawaii, T.H.. 294 

Albiston, Stonley Geo., Kamloops, B.C., 313 

Aland, Gordon Albert, Monteplier, Ida.. 319 

Alcorn, Marlene, El Monte, Calif, 232, 312 

Alder, Anita Marie, Weiser, Ida., 345 

Alder, Leslie James, Pima. Ariz., 202 

Alder, Sheldon Lee. Weiser, Ida., 326 

Alder, Lillie Lola. Weiser, Ida.. 220, 312 

Alexander, Archie D., Santiquin 

Alexander, Adelbert W., Byron, Wyo. 

Alexander, Harry A., Saginaw, Wish. 

Alexander, Robert A., Jr., Colton, Calif, 328 

Alexander, Patricia A., Colton, Calif, 196, 292 

Alger, Ellen Afton, Orem, 360 

Allan David Lawrence, Bowness, Alto. 

Allan, James Collin, Mapleton 

Allan, Leland Clark, Springville 

Allan William Rol, Bowness, Alto., 367 

Allen, Austin Eugene, Indio, Calif 

Allan, Barbara, Springville, 292 

Allen, Barbara Jo .Prescott, Ariz., 156 

Allen, Barnett S., Orem 

Allen, Calvard Scott, Jerome, Ida. 

Allen Carol Jeanne, Fair Oaks, Calif, 316 

Allen, David Thomas, Pleasant Grovo, 362 

Allen, David William, Spokane, Wash. 

Allen, Deon J., Provo 

Allen, Denzel C, Jr., Berkeley, Calif. 292 

Allen, Erna Loreen, Seattle, Wash., 344 

Allen, Gary Byrum, Mesa, Ariz. 

Allen, Gylan Champ, Springville 

Allen, Gary Ross, Van Nuys, Calif 

Allen, Harriet Ann, Yuba City, Calif, 363 

Allen, Irvin Bruce, Circleville 

Allen, Kathleen, Pleasant Grove, 312 

Allen, Larry Carl, Los Angeles, Calif, 360 

Allen, LeGrande, Provo 

Allen, Lurls Porter, Provo 

Allen, Marvin Lynn, American Fork 

Allen, Orin Dan, Orem 

Allen, Richard, los Angeles, Calif 

Allen, Robert Eugene, Provo 

Allen, Robert Francis, Glendale, Ariz.. 322 

Allen, Robert D., Mesa, Ariz. 

Allan, Robert See, Eldorado Springs, Colo. 

Allen, Ronald Dean, Provo 

Allen, Terry S., Winslow, Ariz. 

Allison, Jhon Samuel, Butte, Mont., 329 

Allison, Robert L., Zangdon, Alta., 306 

Allman, Curtis Roe, Springville 

Allman, Stanley Dwayne, Provo 

Allman, Verl Phillips, Provo 

Allphin. Phyllis Ann, Orem 

Allphin, Marian Asay, Lovell, Wyo. 

Allphin, Mervin Kerry. Provo, 346 

Allphin, Elizabeth F.. Orem 

Allphin, Nylen Lee, Jr., Lovell, Wyo. 

Allred, Alice Ann, Washington D.C., 194, 329 

Allred, Billie J., Pima. Ariz., 213 

Allred, Birdie Lou H., Hinckley 

Allred, Carol, Provo 

Allred, Charles Mart, Ephraim 

Allred, Oiane Florence, Chico, Calif., 364 

Allred, David Norman, Duncan, Ariz. 

Allred. Elwood Byron, Burley, Ida. 

Allred, Freddy Russell, Provo 

Allred, Florence P., Provo 

Allred, Golden Hugh, Provo 

Allred, Geraldine, Duncan, Ariz., 225, 329 

Allred, Ray La Mar, Moroni 364 

Allsop, Ralph Williams, Lone Pine, Calif. 

Althouse, Sharon Lee, Springville 

Alsop, Hugh H., Tooele, 150 

Alter, Marilyn K., Bountiful, 204, 220, 312 

Amos,, Marilyn Rae, Sacramento, Calif. 

Andelin, Leslie Hart, Provo 

Andersen, C. Paul, American Fork, 280, 288 

Andersen, Adrian L., Mesa, Ariz.. 326 

Andersen, Karen, Brigham City 

Anderson, Learta L., Provo, 288 

Andersen, Lee Griffin, Boise, Ida. 

Andersen, LaMarr, Provo 

Andersen, Paul Gareth, Brigham City, 109 

Andersen, Trevor T., Orem 

Andersen, Todd Gilbert, Elslnore, 344 

Anderson, Ada Annette, Emery, 363 

Anderson, Arthur Carl, Glenns Ferry, Ida., 328 

Anderson, Audrey Rolph, Orem 

Anderson, Blaine M., Berkeley, Calif, 328 

Anderson, Boyd A., Payson 

Anderson, Brita Rose, Orem, 216. 329 

Anderson, Carl Dixon, Provo 

Anderson, Carma Rose. Provo 

Anderson, Carole M., Oklahoma City, Okla., 349 

Anderson, Carol, Midvale, 329 

Anderson, Carol Joanne, Long Beach, Calif. 

Anderson, Christian A., American Fork, 334 

Anderson, Clarence E., Ogden, 307 

Anderson, C. Leroy, Thornton, Ida. 

Anderson, Connie, Midvale, 324 

Anderson, Dean Ray, Provo, 353 

Anderson, Donna May, SanBernardino. Calif 

Anderson, Donna Rae, Glenns Ferry, Ida., 354 

Anderson, Doris Elaine, San Bruno, Calif, 190, 345 

Anderson, Gary Eugene, Jerome, Ida., 184, 350 

Anderson, Gloria L, Douglas, Wyo., 153, 300 

Anderson, Gordon W., Riverton, 347 

Anderson, James Dudley, Magrath, Alta. 

Anderson, James David, Springville 

Anderson, James LeRoy, N. Hollywood, Calif, 360, 

Anderson, Janet Ann, Orem, 153 
Anderson, Janice Luan, Cambridge, Minn. 
Anderson, Janice V., Salt Lake City, 359 
Anderson, Janis Faye, Las Vegas, Nev., 363 
Anderson, Janet Sue, Huntington, Ind., 346 
Anderson, Jay Paul, Pleasant Grove 
Anderson, Joan Ruth, Jacksonville, Flo., 350 
Anderson, John M., Orinda, Calif, 309 
Anderson, John Stephen, Richfield, 357, 369 
Anderson. Joyce, Long Beach, Calif, 313 
Anderson, Karen, Spokane, Wash., 361 
Anderson, Karen Reine. Richfield 
Anderson, Kenneth S., Shelley, Ida., 364 
Anderson, Keith Lester, Provo 
Anderson, Kent Thomas, Hiawatha 
Anderson, Laurel Dean, Weiser, Ida. 
Anderson, Larry F., Provo 
Anderson, Lois Blanche, Provo 
Anderson, Loren R.. Portland, Ore. 
Anderson, Lowell Ray, Fairview, 310 
Anderson, Lynn Reese, Vernal 
Anderson, Lynne, Alpine, 220 
Anderson, Marian Faye, American Fork, 316 
Anderson, Marie R., Midvale, 220. 315 
Anderson, Mary Ann, Evanston, 111., 42, 200, 296 
Anderson, Max Gustave, Corinne, 150, 302 
Anderson, Nedra A., Manti 
Anderson, Oscar Gene, Fillmore, 202, 302 
Anderson, Paul R., Fillmore, 292 
Anderson, Paul Arnold, Griffith. Ind., 294 
Anderson, Paul Leon, Provo, 109, 210 
Anderson, Rachel, Pleasant Grove, 216 
Anderson, Raymond N., Hooper 
Anderson, Richard C, Venice, 280 
Anderson, Richard D., Sacramento, Calif. 296 
Anderson, Robert Alan, Provo 
Anderson, Robert W., Niagara Falls, N.Y. 
Anderson, Ronald B., Provo, 186 
Anderson, Roland E., Provo, 186 
Anderson, Russell G., Burley, Ida.. 315 
Anderson, Sharon Kay, Green River, Wyo., 350 
Anlerson, Sue Marie, Safford, Ariz., 310 
Anderson, Terry, Vernal 

Aamodt - Atkinson 

Anderson, Terry Gene, Fairview 

Anderson, Vernon Lee, Springville 

Anderson, Verna L., Boise, Ida., 347 

Anderson. Virginia L„ Fairview 

Anderson, Warren Boyd, Pleasant Grove, 299 

Anderton. Mary Louise, Richfield 

Andreasen, Gary Dean. China Lake, Calif 

Andreasen, Cal Juel, Pasadena, Calif, 310 

Andreasen, Krank M., China Lake, Calif 

Andreason, Gail. Filer, Ida., 226, 334 

Andreason, Marjean, Filer, Ida. 

Andrew, Frederick C, Provo 

Andrew, Joyce Ladeane, Orem 

Andrews, Carlos C, Nampa, Ida.. 338 

Andrews, Fay Marie, Salt Lake City. 226, 345 

Andrews, Linda E., Whittier, Calif 

Andrews, Nicholas W.. Grangeville, Ida. 

Andrus, Antone Marlon, Draper, 328 

Andrus, Aniene, Provo. 208, 334 

Andrus, Alyn Brown, Ucon, Ida., 298 

Andrus, Floyd William, Inglewood, Calif, 308 

Andrus, Gary Todd, Ucon, Ida., 284 

Andrus, James G., Provo, 224 

Andrus, Irva Pratt, Provo 288 

Andrus^ Louise, Oakley, 239, 357 

Andrus, Rose Mary, Provo, 200 

Anthon, Robert Edward, Springville 

Antrim, Lovina Joy, Glendale. Calif, 357 

Appel, Gerardina Anita. Salt Lake City 

Apptegate. Thayne R., Richfield 

Applonie, Evelyn M., Ogden 

Aragon, Helaman, 356 

Aragon, Jesus Antonio, Mexico, 298 

Arbon, Lloyd Earl, Provo 

Arbon, Richard D., Provo, 246, 366 

Arbogast, Michael A., Birmingham, Mich., 184, 311 

Arbogast, Michon Anne, Birmingham, Mich. 

Archibald, Vernene. Glenwood, Alta., 292 

Archer, Warren McCalta. Sandy, 299 

Argyle, Nina Mae, Clearfield 

Argyle, Philip Frank, Spanish Fork 

Argyle, Sterling Cowan, Spanish Fork 

Argyle, Ralph Evan, Randolph 

Argyle, Sonja Lee, ElMonte, Calif, 312 

Armatage, Ross S., Montpelier, Ida. 

Armstrong, Beverly R. ( Idaho Falls, Ida., 42, 153. 222, 

357, 358 
Armstrong, Charles S., Idaho Falls, Ida., 206 
Armstrong, Cheryl P., Idaho Falls, Ida., 153. 216, 324 
Armstrong, Blair, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 84, 213, 206, 318 
Armstrong, Barbara A., Macon, Ga., 334 
Armstrong, Ellis Bruce, Salt Lake City, 363 
Armstrong, Glenna J., Ephraim, 292 
Armstrong, Joseph R., Idaho Falls, Ida., 146, 206, 213 
Arnason, Lynette, Milbrae, Calif, 290 
Arnett Junette, Mesa, Ariz. 
Arnett, Marvin Rex, Mesa, Ariz., 307, 145 
Arnett, William W., Mesa, Ariz. 
Arney, Betty Chloe, Globe, Ariz., 307 
Arnold, Deryle Ann, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Arnold, Carol Ann, Hamilton, Ohio, 355 
Arnold, Alvin Watson, Cochran, Ga., 329 
Arnold, Jacqueline P., Redondo Beach, Calif, 366 
Arnold, Nancy Ann, Salt Lake City, 350 
Arnold, Paul Bennion, Salt Lake City 
Arnold, Marilyn, Ogden, 208 
Arnold, Timothy Ferril, Crownsville, Md. 
Arnoldsen, Larry M., Las Vegas, Nev., 97, 329 
Arrington, Ann Louise, Salt Lake City 
Asay, Donald Huntsman, Provo, 192 
Asay, Robert Dix, Lovell, Wyo. 
Asay, Vernafay, Meeteetse, Wyo., 293 
Asay, Sandra Lou, Provo, 363 
Aschmann, Joy Anne, Albany, Calif 
Ash, E. Lynn, Springville, 192 
Ash, Leonard Leroy, Pleasant Grove 
Ash, Wayne R.. Provo. 108 
Ash, Owen Kenneth, Provo, 290 
Ashby, Dale Francis, Seattle, Wash. 
Ashby, Gordon Thomas, Hillsborough, Calif., 206 
Ashby, Joan Louise, Clearfield, 222, 309 
Ashby, Keith Donald. Bellflower, Calif, 347, 356 
Ashby, Karolyn, Provo 
Ashby, Marian. Provo, 185, 145, 315 
Ashby, Sandra Dale, Hillsborough, Calif., 366 
Ashby, William Larry, Phoenix, Ariz., 344 
Ashcroft, Rulon Butler. Eager, Ariz. 
Ashcroft, Georgia Mae, Springville, 360 
Ashcraft, Vernia Grant, Teton, Ida. 
Ashley. George K., Salt Lake City, 330 
Ashford, Virginia Lynn, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Ashmore, William R.. Jr., Burbank, Calif, 150 
Ashton, Clive Edwin, Peoria, III. 
Ashton Kenneth L., Provo 
Ashton, Norma Jean, Provo 
Ashton, Melvin Thomas, Provo, 356 
Ashton. Ralph Paul, Midvale, 210, 298 
Asplund, Harold John, Provo, 298 
Asper, Robert Jon, Telocaset. Ore., 228 
Atack, Rodney Merrill, Cheynne, Wyo., 365 
Atkerson Christine, Dallas, Tex., 218, 355 
Atkin, Mary Lucinda, St. George, 290 
Atkin, Roy David, Boulder City, Nev., 202, 330 
Atkin, Thomas Raymond, Tooele, 230 
Atkinson. Bernice, Springville 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Atkinson. Carmo Lou, Provo, 328 

Atkinson. Gereldine N., Springville 

Atkinson. John Horace. Dearborn, Mich., 338 

Atkinson, Dell Cornia. Evenston. Wyo., 339 

Atkinson. Otis Nilo. Evanston, Wyo.. 84, 213. 230. 283. 

Atkinson Marlene L. Mesa. Ariz.. 325 
Atkinson. Melvin S.. Provo 
Atkinson, Sadie Eunece, Evanston. Wyo., 284 
Atkinson. Sallie, Greenville, S.C. 
Atkinson. Stephen E., Evanston, Wyo., 230, 307 
Atkinson. Sherlene. Yuba City. Calif., 153. 182, 316 
Atkisson. Lauretta L. Palo Alto, Calif.. 196, 296 
Atkisson, Barbara Ann. Palo Alto. Calif.. 363 
Atwater. Kathleen R.. Kanab, 302 
Attridge, June Marie. Rupert. Ida. 
Attryde, Sandra C. Hanna, Wyo., 360 
Atwood. Marguretta. Salem. Ore.. 182. 222, 316 
Atwood. Mary Deliah, Pleasant Grove, 310 
Atwood, Sondra, Mesa. Ariz., 363 
Atwood. Robert William. Spanish Fork 
Aubrey. Sheryl Jean. Woodland, Calif., 351 
Auffhammer, Edmund H., Syracuse, N.Y. 
Austin. David, Pasadena, Calif., 329 
Austin. Brenda Warner. Pleasant Grove 
Austin. Bobby Lynn. Denver. Colo. 
Austin, Anna Patricia, Santa Ana, Calif.. 362 
Austin, Gaylia Ann, Provo. 232, 306 
Austin. John Maxfield. Provo. 300 
Austin, Monya Gay, Provo 
Austin, Thomas Dean, Orem 
Austin, William Alfred. Pleasant Grove 
Autry, Robert Lee. Jr., Wilmington. N.C. 
Averett. De Lon. Meadow 
Averett, Leah Mae. Springville, 296 
Avery. Paul De Lancy. Albany, Calif 
Awerkamp, Blane N., Whittier. Calif.. 330 
Awerkamp. Dwayne Roger. Whitter, Calif.. 316 
Aycock. Dagmar Ann. Vernal 354 
Ayers. Leonard Wayne. Tooele 167 

Tyers. Lonnie Douglas. Lewiston. Ida., 202, 322 
Ayers, Wayne Maury. Vinton. Va. 

Babbel, Patricia L, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 146. 216. 329 

Babcock, Barbara L.. Alberta, Canada 

Babcock, Sallee Marie. Perris. Calif., 316 

Babcock, Janice Elaine. Reno, Nev.. 42. 173. 226. 357 

Bachler, William D.. Whitefish, Mont., 353 

Backman, Robert Jon, Santaquin 

Backus. Lamar Adorns. Provo 

Bacon, Dorothy Chyleen. Hollywood, Calif., 31. 145, 

Bacon. Carl William, Provo. 210. 302 

Bacon, Betty Carolyn, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bacon. Doris Mae R., Hollywood. Calif.. 145 

Bacon. Wynefred Mae, Moise, Ida. 

Badgett. Delois Yvonne. Glenside, Pa.. 329 

Badham, Leon D.. Payson 156. 329 

Bee, Owen Richard, Marysville, Calif.. 302 

Baer. Frederick D., Lansing. Mich.. 311 

Baer, Harry Daniel. Anderson. Calif., 310 

Bagley, Emma Lou. Aurora, 330 

Bagley, Glenna. Sunnyside, Wash. 216, 328 

Bagley, Max, Forest Grove, Ore.. 370 

Bagwell, Bojean, Manassa. Colo. 

Baharienejab, Mohamad. Iran. 311 

Bahr. Don Francis, Bismark. N.D., 214. 338 

Bailey. Barbara Anne, S., Sanford, Colo. 

Bailey Barbara M., American Fork, 284 

Bailey. Junior C, Liberty 

Bailye, Joyce, Fountain Green 31, 334 

Bailey, Janice Colleen, San Fernando. Calif. 145. 286 

Bailey, Larry Kieth, Sanford. Colo. 

Bailey, Lorin Merrill, Provo 

Bailey. Larry Lysle. Liberty 

Bailey, Raymond T.. Jr., American Fork 

Bailey, Udell Robert. Riverton 

Bain. Walter Melvin. Bakersfi eld, Calif 

Bain, Darlene B., Salt Lake City, 366 

Bain, Janet Louise. San Francisco. Calif, 87, 366 

Baird, Alan. Payson 

Baird. Joseph Mark. Draper, 329 

Baird. H. Kay, Rigby. Ida., 202, 296 

Baker, Calvin Clain, San Bernardino, Calif. 184. 328 

Baker. Carma Jane. Sparks, Nev., 204. 222. 338 

Baker, Dennis Michael. Nampa. Ida., 206. 310 

Baker, Charlene E., Torrance. Calif, 80. 366 

Baker, Evatyn. Provo, 312 

Baker, Gary Lynn, Malad, Ida., 224 

Baker, Janet, Burley, Ida. 

Baker. Johanna, Provo, 196, 337 

Baker. Joyce, Burley. Ida., 295 

Baker, LeGrand Liston, Provo 

Baker, Larry Wade, Burley. Ida. 

Baker. Parley John. Burley, Ida., 360 

Baker. Neil Kay. Sparks. Nev., 296 

Baker. Susan. Whittier. Calif. 232, 315 

Baldauf, Martha Marie. Delancey, N.Y., 364 

Baldree. Edward Ola, Blackfoot. Ida.. 344 

Baldwin, Oliver F.. Jr.. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Baldwin, Roland A., Rawlins. Wyo. 

Baldwin. Rey Duane. Provo 

Baldwin, Theodore N„ Jr., Bellflower. Calif.. 312 

Bales, Francis A., Jr., Dayton, Tex. 

Bell, Andrew. Kannapolis, N.C, 356 

Ball, Judith Lee, Salt Lake City, 366 

8all, Loris Noreen, Evanston, Wyo., 355 

Ball, LaVerl Nean, Driggs, Ida., 356 

Ball, Jennie, Lewisvilte, Ida., 366 

Ball, Samuel Quist, Ogden, 224, 357 

Ballantyne. W. James, Orem 

Ballard. Avis Marie. Laguna Beach, Calif. 286 

Ballard. Janice Arlene. Porterville, Calif, 347 

Ballard. Nona Lavon. Bountiful, 257. 300 

Ballard. Marilyn, Richmond 

Ballard, Sharon Arlene, Denver, Colo., 350 

Balle, Lynn Royal. Payson 

Ballif H. Maurice, Boise. Ida., 312 

Ballif, Mark Dixon. Ogden, 192 

Ballou, Barbara Jean, Berkeley, Calif., 294 

Balmer, Sonja H., Salt Lake City 

Balmer. Janet F., Sajt Lake City, 352 

Berne, Ceorle Ester, Provo 

Bancroft, Laverne Carl, Boone, Iowa, 334 

Bangerter, V. Maurine, Bountiful, 344 

Bang, Christian Victor, Cincinnati Ohio 

Bang, James Richard, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Bangerter. Janice Kaye, Bountiful 

Bankhead, Myrna Lois. Eugene. Ore., 353 

Banks, Bennie Lee, Salem, Ida., 328 

Banner, Sherma, Nyssa, Ore., 363 

Bensemer. Karen Dee, Long Beach, Calif.. 357 

Banner, Melvin Boyd, Burley, Ida. 

Barber. David Allan. Provo 

Barber. Mary Etta. Thermopolis, Wyo. 

Barbezat, Donald G.. Provo 

Barbezat, Andree L D., Provo 

Barclay, Jean Marie, Blackfoot, Ida. 

Bardln, Betty Ann, Arlington. Calif, 347 

Barfus, Georgia Maxine, Preston, Ida., 364 

Barfuss, George W., Parma, Ida., 356 

Bergeron. Kim Gordon, Provo 

Barkdull. Franklin D.. Alameda, Ida., 82, 213, 230, 326 

Barker. Barbara Ruth, Salt Lake City, 322 

Barker. Dixie Ann, Murray, 145. 336 

Barker, Duane A., Salt Lake City 

Barker. Linda. Kaysville, 355 

Barks. William G., III. Monrovia. Calif 

Barling. Margo Darlene. Cody, Wyo., 80. 163, 323 

Barkett. Ronald S... San Diego, Calif 

Barlow, Christie Lynne, Denver, Colo., 358 

Barlow. Ada Lucille, Blackfoot, Ida., 323 

Barlow. Carolyn, Provo, 141, 200. 330 

Borlow, Elbert Gene, Denver, Colo. 

Barlow, Janet Marie, Santa Monica, Calif 

Barlow, £ereh, Vele. Ore. 

Barlow, Nathan Bruce, Provo 

Barlow, Paul Weston, Bountiful 

Barlow, Pauline E.. Salt Lake City, 236, 295 

Barner, Donald Alldon, Provo 

Barnard, Logan Willie, Rockland, Ida. 

Barnard. Robert C, twin Falls. Ida.. 206, 315 

Barnes, Carol Ann, Northrldge. Calif.. 360 

Barnes, Janice. Salt Lake City, 323 

Barnes. Joanne, Arco, Ida., 313 

Barnes. Leah Pearl. Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Barnes. Nancy E., Long Beach, Calif, 208, 344 

Barnes. Richard Lee. Taft, Calif, 214, 297 

Bemes, William Lloyd, Lordsburg. N. Mex., 206 

Barnes, William R.., Holtville, Calif 

Barnett, Gary Lew, Provo 

Barnett, Warren O, Provo 

Barnett. Mary, Norwalk, Calif. 

Barnett, Owen Lee. Murray 

Barnett, Thetis Marie, Provo 

Barney. Beulah, Delta. 228. 339 

Barney, Clair, Springville 

Barney. Grace Diane, Annabella, 364 

Barney, John Arnold, Indio, Calif. 

Barney, Lyman Kendall, Castro Valley, Calif. 

Barney, Gordon S., Hatch 

Barney, William C. Jr., Orem 

Barnum, Deanna, Orem, 87, 317 

Barnum, Lee Jeaneal, Orem, 368 

Barnsurst, Lanord John, Springfield, Ore.. 369 

Berratt, James Donald, American Fork 

Barrett, Marilyn June, American Fork, 284 

Barrett, Denae, Orem 

Barrett, Bruce Arnie, Logan, 83, 290 

Barrett, Eulene, Orem 

Barrieault. Donald P., Gallup, N. Mex. 

Barrios, M, Arthuro A., Guatemala, 230 312 

Barrow. Clarence L., Ogden 

Barron, Joen Christie, La Canada, Calif., 188, 363 

Barrow, Jeanette, Tempe, Ariz., 363 

Barrow, Barbara Joan, Salt Lake City, 232, 290 

Barrow. Klee. Tracy. Calif. 182, 315 

Barrus. Dave Earl, EHajon, Calif., I 14 

Barrus, LaRue, Sugar City, Ida., 313 

Berrus, Merle Ann, Sacramento, Calif., 346 

Barrus. Nola Jean, Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Berrus, Wallace M„ Gooding, Ida., 90 

Barry, Barbare Jean, Long Beach, Calif, 156, 316 

Barson. Farren Kennard. Inglewood. Calif., 324 

Barson, Clyde John, Inglewood, Calif., 346 

Barte. Robert Lee, Pocatello, Ida. 

Berth. Anita Lucile, Bound Brook, N.J. 

Bartels, Dorothy Mae, Columbus, Neb., 228 

Bartley, William J., Richfield, 280 

Berth, Neal Seymour, Twin Falls, Ida., 162 
Bartholomew, Errol, Springville, 360 
Bartholomew, Anna Lee, Springville, 361 
Bartholomew, Gerald L., Wilmington, Calif. 
Bartholomew. "Merlin G., Von Nuys, Calif, 296 
Bartholomew, Richard L, Salt Lake City 
Bartlett, Darwin Max, Twin Falls. Ida., 346 
Bartlett, Helen Marie, New Province. N.J., 204. 260, 

Bartlett, Janet D., New Province, N.J., 225, 260, 312 
Barton, Billy Joe, Mountain Home. Ida., 364 
Barton, Greta Jennette, Ogden, 286 
Barton. Grant K., Provo 
Barton, Edson King. Montlcello, 351 
Berton, Delyle, Provo. 300 
Barton, John Kenneth, Carey, Ida., 366 
Barton, Merolyn Kay, Moab 
Basford, Judith Ray, Hannibal, Mo. 
Besinger, Joanne, Berkeley, Calif, 363 
Bascom, Gary Ray, Pocatello. Ida., 230, 315 
Bassett. Elouise, Delta. 295 
Bassett, Rex Howard, Citrus Heights, Calif 
Bassett, Ramon Eugene, Belmont, Calif. 280, 295 
Bastian, Cyril Weldon, Alamo, Nev. 
Bastian, Lewis M., Santa Rosa, Calif 
Batchter. Jack William. Canada. 325 
Batchelor, Lee Ray, Vancouver, Wash., 302 
Bateman, Lura Inez, Olathe, Colo., 366 
Bateman, Marietta Lee, Salt Lake City, 200 
Bateman, Mel Ree, Sandy, 145, 355 
Bates, Cornelia May, Boulder City, Nev., 364 
Bates, Daniel Leland, Alta., Can. 
Bates, Colleen B., Whittier. Calif., 308 
Bates, Douglas Fetzer, Salt Lake City, 178, 356 
Bates, Orrin Raymon, Driggs, Ida. 
Bath, Wallace Duane, American Fork 
Botes, Weyne Leslie, Los Angeles, Calif, 184, 302 
Batty, Wayne D., Vernal 

Bauers, Shannon M., Los Angeles, Calif, 325 
Baum. Barbare Helen, Heber 
Baum, Homer Lowell, Provo 
Baumgarten, James N., Provo 
Baumgertner, Colleen M., Salt Lake City. 232. 327 
Baumgart, Roy, Salt Lake City, 35 
Baxter, Judith Louise, Chula Vista, Calif, 163 
Baxter, Muriel Lynne, Salt Lake City, 325 
Bay, Arthur Stuart, Dillon. Mont., 348 
Bayliss, LaVonnne O, Tooele 
Bayles, Finley Harris, Blending 
Bayles, Dwayne Parker, Blending, 346 
Baziw, Jean Doris, Rochester. N.Y., 295 
Beech, John Laurence. Riverton, Wyo., 164, 166, 338 
Beach, Roy Bucklin, Burbank, Calif, 290 
Beachler, Bette Lou, Kemmer, Wyo., 318 
Beagley, Boyd Donald, Provo, 295 
Beegley, Ferrell Kent, Orem 

Beagles, Joseph Keith, Grand Junction, Colo., 335 
Beagley, John Robert. American Fork 
Beal, Clayton Philip, Tacome, Wash. 
Bean, Clark Stanford, Seattle, Wash. 
Bean, Dorothy Irene, Medford, Ore. 
Bean, Deon, Twin Falls, Ida., 228, 306 
Bean, Glade Seth, Twin Falls, Ida., 358 
Bean, Earl W., American Fork 
Bean, James Evan, Provo, 149, 295 
Bean, Lawrence Eugene, Seattle, Wash., 298 
Bean, Nancy Carol, Salt Lake City, 325 
Been, Robert Halsey, Oregon City, Ore., 338 
Bean, Ronald H., Seattle. Wash. 
Been, Scott W., American Fork 
Beard, June B.. Brigham City 
Beard, Leland Milo. Milford, 315 
Beardell, John Smith, Springville. 90, 94, 244. 328 
Beerdell, Jemes C, Springville, 206 
Beordell, Naomi Smith, Springville 
Bearnson, James L., Hiawatha 
Beernson, William John, Springville, 294 
Beasley, Cereen, Evanston, Wyo., 324 
Beazer, Gorald Roland, Idaho Falls, Ida., 294 
Beazer, Sherman Lee, Idaho Falls, Ida., 1 14 
Becenti, Gloria V., Tahatchi, N. Mex. 
Beazer, Duane, Layton, 99, 280 
Beck, Clive L. Pleasant Grove. 294 
Beck, Douglas Julius, Pleesant Grove 
Beck, Elizabeth. Joseph, 362 
Beck, Earlene, Fairview, 346 
Beck, Firl Winnifred, Centerfield 
Beck, Gayle, Ogden 
Beck, Janet Ruth, Provo. 312 
Beck, Sherman Andrew, Centerfield 
Beck. Verla, Ovid, Ida. 
Beckham, Idalee J., Provo 
Becker, Joseph Delano, Midvale 
Becker, Janice Barbara, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Beckner, Annabelle, Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Beckstead, Gary B., Twin Falls, Ida., 114, 192 
Beckstead, Darrell E... Provo 
Beckstead, Judith, Salt Lake City 
Beckstead, Judy, Riverton, 309 
Beckstead, Leda Sarah, Talmage, 182, 296 
Beckstead, Marriner L., Provo 
Beckstrand, Helen A., American Fork, 188, 327 
Beckstrand, Therald O, Provo 
Beckstrand, Thane M., San Jose, Calif 


Beckstrom, Paul H., Spanish Fork, 363 

Bedner, Richard Lee, San Leandro, Calif., 366 

Beebe, John Ovando, Bakersfield, Calif., 315 

Beecroft, Marilyn, Sonora, Mex. 

Beecroft, David Irl, Provo 

Beecroft, Ruth Huish, Provo 

Beecroft, Glen Albert, Overgaard, Ariz., 348 

Beecroft, Joseph N., Provo 

Beers, Barbara Moree, Glendale, Calif., 339 

Beers, Monte D., Pleasant Grove 

Beesley, Wayne Oxley, Springville 

Beeson, David Ray, Eldorado, Arlc., 351 

Beesley Wayne David, Provo, 315 

Behnke, Joseph Ray, Klamath Falls, Ore., 335 

Beheshti, Mohammed, Iran 

Behnin, Irwin George, Jr., Monticello 

Behunin, Margaret, Salt Lake City, 324 

Beisel, Ronald Philip, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Beim, Gabrielle Paya, New Zealand, 324 

Beighley, JacTT Richard, American Fork 

Belknap, Addie Leah, Martinez. Calif., 190, 338 

Bell, David Leon, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Bell, Andrea, Castle Dale, 326 

Bell, Carol Ann, Shreveport, La., 336 

Bell, Carolyn Kyle, Grantsville, 312 

Bell, Elouise Mildred, Tucson, Ariz. 

Bell, Karen Donna, Bingham Canyon, 351 

Bell, Jessie Lee, Columbia, 294 

Bell, Marvin J., American Fork, 324 

Bell, Robert Allan, San Gabriel, Calif., 370 

Bell, Robbie Jean, Moultrie, Gai, 360 

Bell. Rose Marie, Hoyt Lakes, Minn., 257, 300 

Bell. Richard D., Salt Lake City 

Bell, Yvonne Larae, Pleasant Grove, 318 

Belllston, Iris, Nephi, 257, 300 

Bellon, Philip Ned, Salt Lake City, 239, 344 

Bellows, Janet Marie, Orem, 190 

Belnap. Dean Hatch, Blackfoot, Ida., 364 

Belnap, Francis Alvin, Hooper 

Belnap, Harold Lynn, Blackfoot, Ida., 145, 328 

Belnap, Marvin J., Salt Lake City 

Belnap, Richard Duane, Provo, 302 

Belton, Linda Jean, Santa Barbara, Calif., 364 

Belue, Travene, Billings, Mont. 

Belt, Peggy Sue, Las Vegas, Nov., 298 

Bench, Earl Markham, Burbank, Calif, 347 

Bender, Russell Melvin, Provo, 279 

Benjamin, Judith Ann, Milbrae, Calif., 222, 348 

Bennett, Betty Lea, Delta, 298 

Bennett, Carol Sue, Salem, Ore., 348 

Bennett, Carol Janet, Bakersfield, Calif. 

Bennett, Carolyn, Preston, Ida., 295 

Bennett, Colleen, Orem, 352 

Bennett, David Milner. Salt Lake City, 192 

Bennett, Douglas Reed, Bountiful, 300 

Bennett, Edward Faun, Fillmore 

Bennett, Emma Helene J., Warren, Ore. 

Bennett, Jay Lynn, American Fork 

Bennett, Jesse H., Lehi 

Bennett, Mary Jo, Provo 

Bennett, Roger H., Carlsbad, N. M., 362 

Bennett, Sylvia L., Macon, Ga., 338 

Bennett, Pearl Agnes, Ontario, Can., 352 

Bennett, Val Dee, Tremonton 

Bennion, C. Joan, Portland, Ore., 182, 316 

Bennion, Neal Warren, Salt Lake City 

Benson, Carta Kaye, Sandy, 204, 324 

Benson, Boyd Wriqht, Tooele, 294 

Benson, Dean Wall, Provo 

Benson. Jerome Taft, Atherton, Calif., 202, 350 

Benson, Josephine D.. Lynwood, Calif., 348 

Benson. Kent, Preston, Ida., 83, 329 

Benson, Lynn Hunsaker, Ogden, 93, 317 

Benson, Marilyn E., Lynwood, Calif. 

Benson, Richard J., Montebello, Calif, 102, 288 

Benson, Rita Mildred, Medford, Ore., 346 

Benson, Sharron Louise, Pomona, Calif, 204 

Benson, Willard Clark, Hurricane, 366 

Bneson, Yvonne, Parowan, 298 

Bentley, Craig B., Orem 

Bentley, Curtis Vail, Provo 

Bentley, Kenneth J., Provo, 210, 213, 352 

Berensen, Richard Karl, Price 

Berdixnen, Grant D., Provo 

Bentsen, Robert Earl, Rawlins, Wyo. 

Berg, Danyla, Beaverton, Ore., 346 

Berg, Judith Lee, Salt Lake City 

Bergam, Darvis Yvonne, Richland, Wash., 363 

Berg, Kathryn, Heber, 194 

Berge, Wayne Kay, Coalinga, Calif, 101. 280 

Bergen, Norma Jean. Ogden, 232, 325 

Bergen, Dixine Lyn, Torrance, Calif., 366 

Berge, John Stark, Coatinga, Calif., 292 

Berge, Charles William, Provo. 290 

Bergeson, Dean R... Weston, Ida., t30, 330 

Bergeson, Scott, Cornish, 184, 330 

Berqquist, Gordon Ross, Provo. 290 

Berland. Lyndolt Linda, Tohatchi, N. Mex., 358 

Berrett, Delwyn Green, Menan, Ida. 

Rerrett, Richard Heber, Provo. 338 

Berrett. Sherrell K., Murray, 124. 210 

Berrett, Robert Dean, Salt Lake City 

Berry, Louine. San Gabriel, Calif. 

Berry, Rex Alden, Lindon 

Berry, William N., Payson 

Berryhill, Marilyn Lee, Spring Valley, Ohio 

Bertelsen, Delora P., Springville, 212, 290 

Bertoncelj, Rae Dell, Point of Rocks, Wyo., 351 

Bertoch, Janice Carol, Salt Lake City, 330 

Besner, Linda Irene, Globe, Ariz., 363 

Besendorfer, Nancy J., Heber, 290 

Besendorfer, John Noah, Heber, 316 

Best, Margaret Fisher, Provo, 297 

Best, Mary Luell, Springville, 364 

Best, Brian Stanley, Kamas, 289 

Bethers, Gloria B. R., Kamas 

Bethers, Euray, Kamas, 306 

Bethea, Martha Jane, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Bethers, Pratt Gordon, Cedar City, 227 

Bettis, Ella Mae, Delta, Colo. 

Beus, Spencer William, Nyssa, Ore. 

Beutel, Anna Johan, Miami, Ariz., 313 

Beutler, Dolores E., New Plymouth, Ida. 

Beutler, Ralph Kenneth, Richfield 

Beveridge, Robert M., Orem 

Bezzant, Brian Mauritz, Pleasant Grove 

Bickmore, Darrell Webb, Provo 

Bevan, Paul Keith, Tooele 

Bigelow, Clarence A., Eagar, Ariz. 

Bigney, Hugh Clinton, Maiden, Mass. 

Bigler, Walter Huish, Provo 

Bilderback. Judith Ann, Boulder City, Nev., 218, 361 

Billman, Alice Joan, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Bills, Douglas Daley, Payson , 

Bills, Frank Lynn, Payson 

Bills, Ronald Howard, Spanish Fork 

Bills, Osmer K., Provo 

Bills, Royce Allen, Evanston, Wyo., 150, 324 

Bills, Marilyn Golda, Orem 

Bills, Robert D., Provo 

Billstrom, Richard A., Chula Vista, Calif, 280 

Blnch, Wayne George, American Fork, 302 

Bingham Coleen Mae, Vernal 

Bingham, Jay Dee, Santaquin, 337 

Bingham, Jeraldine, Coulee Dam, Wash., 182, 347 

Bingham, Joann, Great Falls, Mont., 324 

Bingham, James R., Spanish Fork 

Bingham, La Monte C, Great Falls, Mont., 368 

Bingham, Patricia Anne, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Bingham, Richard David, Pleasant Grove 

Biniaz, Amir Meliedi, Iran 

Binks, Joseph Dean, Springville 

Binney, Charles J., Provo 

Bird, Beverly Ann, Memphis, Tenn. 

Bird, Bruce Burton, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bird, Carol Blood, Pocatello, Ida., 292 

Bird, Cloyd Lynn, Rigby, Ida. 

Bird. Doris Holindrake, Provo, 295 

Bird, Dan Richard, Springville 

Bird, Donna, Los Angeles, Calif, 220, 236, 316 

Bird, Earle Pringle, Provo, 306 

Bird, Irvin Delbert, Jr., Tooele 

Bird, Jon A., Springville 

Bird, Lewis Montgomery, Kanosh 

Bird, Lee Ann, Tooele 

Bird, Lynn Hurst, Mapleton. 344 

Bird. Talmage C, Jr., Hemphis, Tenn., 81, 85. 206. 294 

Birdzell, Mary Louise, Wells, Nov., 323 

Birkeland Nancy Joyce, San Bruno, Calif., 347 

Birk. Janis Virginia, Los Angeles, Calif., 350 

Birk, Joyce Priscilla. Los Angeles, Calif, 351 

Birkland, Gary Jacob, Redding, Calif, IB4, 323 

Birks, Orval Jay, Orem, 284 

Birrell, John Arnold, Twin Falls, Ida., 347 

Bischoff Sandra Lee, Blackfoot, Ida., 347 

Bischoff Gordon K., Swink, Colo., 284 

Bischoff, Jaydee L., Salt Lake City 

Bishop, Carolyn C, Delta 

Bishop, Cecil Robert, Springville 

Bishop, Dale Gordon, Logandale, Nev., 364 

Bishop. Dean A.,. Payson, 286 

Bishop, Joseph Layton, Delta 

Bishop, Merylin, Sandy 

Bishop, Joan, Hpllywood, Calif. 

Bissell, Harold P., Provo, 337 

Bittner, Joseph H., Beverly Hills, Calif 

Bltton, Gary W., Blackfoot, Ida. 

Bjarnson, John Gerald, Provo 

Biork, Kay. Salt Lake City, 306 

Black, Arvid Kay. Blending, 362 

Black. David Morley, Hawthorne. Calif. 

Black, Doris Lee, Caldwell, Ida., 368 

Black. Don Valdean, Tooele 

Black, Edward Lee, Provo 

Black, Joseph Layne, Logan 

Black, Jane Ann, Farmington, N. Mex. 

Black, Keith Ernest, Delta 

Black, Kathryn Ekms, Hinckley, 287 

Black, Lorene, Delta, 232, 363 

Black, Lon Kimball, Pomona, Calif, 323 

Black, Marcia, Boise. Ida., 146 204 

Black, Marilyn, Snowflake, Ariz., 351 

Black, Robert Duane, Ogden, 308 

Black, Thelma, Green River,. Wyo., 216, 324 

Black. Wallace Stocks. Ely. Nev. 

Black, Susan Joy. Henderson, Nev. 

Black, William Vincent, Avenal, Calif. 162 

Black, Sheila, Phoenix, Ariz., 204. 218, 36! 

Atkinson -Booth 

Blackburn, Georgia Lee, Riverside, Calif, 339 

Blackburn, Helen, Provo, 330 

Blackburn, Lily, Provo 

Blackburn, Loye E., Great Falls. Mont., 358 

Blacker, Leon Wendell, Rupert, Ida., 336 

Blacken, Royal J., Rupert, Ida., 324 

Blackett, Stanley Elmo, Springville, 336 

Blackett, Barbara May, Provo 

Blackham, William R., Jr., Long Beach, Calif. 295 

Blackhurst, Colleen, Pleasant Grove, 315 

Blackhurst, Sarah Ann, Butte, Mont., 370 

Bleckley, Demoyne D., Provo 

Blackwell, Joe D., Jr.. Hayward, Calif 

Blackwell, Z. LaVerne, Boise, Ida. 

Blad, Blaine L, Salem, 368 

Blackwell, Robert H.. Provo 

Blackwelder, Ralph A., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Blair, Carolyn Ruth, Santa Barbore, Calif. 

Blair, Loren Henrie, Ventura, Calif. 

Blair. Neal Brian, Provo. 363 

Blair, John Leland, Glendale, Calif 

Blair. Kenneth Raymond, Vallejo, Calif.. 230, 339 

Blake, Barbara Ann, Glendale, Calif, 350 

Blake, Emma B... Orem 

Blake, Norma, Provo, 153 

Blake, James Verdon, Provo 

Blake, Reed Harris, St. George, 206 

Blakemore. Susan E., San Diego, Calif 364 

Blakely, Beverly J„ Pomono, Calif., 295 

Blakely, Robert George. Orem 

Blanch, Robert Fred, Othello, Wash., 314 

Blanchard, Wilma Jean, Pendleton, Ore. 

Blanchard. Patricia A., Nampa, Ida., 312 

Blanco, Mario A... Mexico, 322 

Blauer, Aeron Clyde, Burley, Ida. 

Blauer, Jene, Burley, Ida., 188, 226, 358 

Blaylock, Gail Yvonne, Buhl, Ida., 153, 363 

Bledsoe Doris Diane, Torrance, Calif., 232, 366 

Blodgett, Joan Carolyn. Salt Lake City, 80, 194, 319 

Blocher, Loren Milam, Olympia, Wash, 

Blonquist, Lawrence B.,. Cheyenne, Wyo., 330 

Blomquist, Lois Ann, Hawthorne, Calif, 314 

Bloom, Bredley Bruce, Boise, Ida., 214, 306 

Bloomfield. Beverly, Bylas. Ariz., 225. 316 

Bloomfield, E. Lynne, Fermington, N. Mex., 5, 79 

Bloomquist, Kenneth W., Arlington. Va., 351 

Blount, Harold Parker, Pearson, Ga. 

Bloxham, Vestal Ben, Elko, Nev.. 230, 330 

Blume, Patricia Ellen, Brawley, Calif, 284 

Blunck, Virginia Mae, Salem, Va., 330 

Bluth, Robert Roneal, Provo 

Bluth, Lothaire E., Jr., Farmington, N. Mex., 145, 210 

Bluth, Jeanne Thomas, Provo 

Boam, Margaret Ann, Murray, 364 

Boardman, Frank Elmer, Klamath Falls, Ore. 

Boardman, John Elmer, Provo, 192 

Boden, Mariorie, Salt Lake City. 348 

Bodily, David Martin, Lewiston, 312 

Bodily. Shari, Compton, Calif, 352 

Bodily, Merlyn Ross, Meridian, Ida., 362 

Bodine, Virginia Anne, Long Beach, Calif, 232 

Boel, Bethanne, Provo, 236 

Boetticher, Dorothy A., Clifton, N.J., 328 

Boggs, Bill Gary, Henderson, Nev., 333 

Bogason, Robert S., San Diego, Calif. 

Bohn, Saun Leroy, Provo 

Bohn. Kalvin Lee, Provo 

Bohon, Nelda Vera, Salem, Va., 345 

Bohrer, Joan Fern, Portland, Ore. 

Bohnet, Gerald Victor, Alberta, Canada, 324 

Boies, Bernice Una, Las Vegas, Nev., 347 

Bolander, Giles Terry, Cedar City. 184, 310 

Boley, Kay Benson, Provo 

Boley, Nancy Leureen, American Fork, 363 

Boley, Vonda, American Fork 

Bolin, James Joseph, Jr., Orem 

Bolles, Robert E„ Portland. Ore. 

Bolinder, Richard Gail, Sacramento, Calif, 294 

Bolin, Joan Edith, Baltimore, Md., 292 

Bolin, Myrna Mae Ault, Orem 

Bolton, Richerd Berton, Milford, 90 

Bond, Berbers Ruth, Remah, N. Mex., 359 

Bond, Dennis Emer, Remah, N. Mex., 359 

Bond, Aaron Le, Ramoh, N. Mex. 

Bond, Jemes Leevitt, Ramoh, N. Mex. 

Bond, Joe W., Provo 

Bond, Joyce Earlene, Mesa, Ariz., 347 

Bond. Hal D.. Salt Lae City, 334 

Bond, Marius Leverl, Remah, N. Mex. 

Bond. Richard Winfield. Bethedsa, Md. 

Bone, Lorin Edward. Lehi, 310 

Bone, Steven Douglas. M'oses Leke. Wosh., 351 

Bone, George Brien, Lehi. 330 

Bonelli, Ellen Merie, Kingman, Ariz.. 153, 334 

Bonelli, Mary Lethe, Kingman, Ariz., 360 

Bonner, Woyne Webster, Heber 

Bonille, Morto C, Guatemale, 365 

Bonsteel, Wende Key, Dryden, Mich. 

Bonser, Mergie Cerol, El Monte, Calif, 317 

Bonsteel. Sandra K., Dryden. Mich.. 294 

Bonsteel, Koa Donna T.. McGill. Nev. 

Boone, Margeret L., Edmonton, Alberta. Can. 

Boone. James Flake, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Booth, Beverly Ann, Orem, 234 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Booth, Dona Marilyn, Oklahoma City, Okla., 363 

Booth, Beverly Jean. Provo, 232, 300, 314 

Booth, Joan, Boise, Ida., 288 

Booth, Nelda, Hyertville, Wyo., 330 

Booth. Roberta, Springville 

Boothe, Mell J., Provo 

Boothe, Lewis Larry, Honeyville, 348 

Borden, Edward Eugene, Schenectady. N.Y., 312 

Boren, Gordon M., Provo 

Boren, Naoma, Provo 

Boren, Ronald L., Bingham Canyon 

Boren, Robert Reed. Jerome, Ida.. 18, 295 

Borg, Rosemary, tnglewood, Calif., 279 

Borgeson, Carolyn J.. Santaquin 

Borgquist, Dale Thomas, Los Angeles, Calif., 202 

Borgquist, Laurel Ann, Los Angeles, Calif., 188, 336 

Bornemann, Joan G., LaMesa, Calif., 310 

Borresen, Helene L., Newcastle. Calif., 368 

Borup, Myrtle Caroline, Boise. Ida., 36f 

Bos, Peter Paul, Provo 

Bossard, Alan Sterling, Richfield 

Boston, Twila Roberta, Nephi, 352 

Bosworth, Richard C, Ogden, 314 

Bosworth, Gary Arthur, Ogden, 323 

Bott, Joseph LeRoy, Provo 

Bott, Patricia Ruth, Brigham City, 347 

Boucher, Lois Jane, Toronto, Canada. 347 

Boulet. Diane Eve. Chicago, 111., 323 

Bounds, Ren Benow, Ashland, Ore., 329 

Bounous, Beverly Jean, Provo, 196, 329 

Boulter, Virginia Lee, Alaska, 395 

Bourne, Sidney, Arthur, Lethbridge, Canada, 312 

Bowden, Connie Gaye, Kimberly, Ida., 296 

Bowden, Robert Cedric, Provo 

Bowe, Richard Irving, Wolfbaro, N.H., 364 

Bowen, Jane Briggs, Salt Lake City, 204, 292 

Bowen! LeeRoy Edward. Paso Robles, Calif.. 339 

Bowen. Milo Dean, Driggs, Ida., 312 

Bowen, Walter Dean, American Fork 

Bowen, Patrick Gale, Moses Lake, Wash., 84, 184, 368 

Bowen Victor Gary. Great Falls, Mont.. 361 

Bower. Melene Rochelle. Woodland Hills Calif., 200, 

218, 226. 359 
Bowers, Ida Diane, Long Beach, Calif., 368 
Bowers, Claudia R. A., Eager, Ariz., 306 
Bowers, Howard L., Provo 
Bowles, Roy Tyler, Idaho Falls. Ida., 329 
Bowman, John Charles. Rockford, III. 
Bown, Jesse C. Jr.. Provo 
Bown. Jane Anne. Provo, 96. 347 
Bown, Robert Newell. Lynbrook, N.Y.. 214, 326 
Bown, Roger Lafayette. Provo, 296 
Boyce, Kathryn Sherryl, Portland, Ore., 360 
Boyce, Clifford Golden, Provo. 296 
Boyce, Paul Richard. Sandy, 360 

Boyd, Ellen Bernice, San Mateo, Calif.. 322 

Boyenqer, Gerald Lavon, Nampa, Ida.. 32, 176, 214 

Boyer, Harmon Gould, Provo, 292 

Boyer. Kent Deroy, Pleasant Grove 

Boyer, Mary Naomi, Springville, 156, 359 

Boyer, Nada, Arco, Ida., 292 

Boyer, Stanley, Springville, 312 

Bradbury, Roberta Ruth. Bellingham, Wash., 364 

Bradfield. Terry Vern, Scipio, 312 

Bradford, Stewart M., Henderson, Nev., 334 

Bradford. William W., Spanish Fork 

Bradley, Carol Faye, Salt Lake City, 196, 323 

Bradley, lone, Richfield 

Bradshaw, Henry Jerry, Reno 

Bradshaw, Marcla Seely. Salt Lake Cty, 347 

Bradshaw, Sandra Kay, Mesa. AW?., 327 

Bradshaw, Lawrence S.. Drummond, Mont. 

Brady, Anna Grace. Sandy. 290 

Brady, Donald Ray, Ithaca, N.Y. 

Brady, Dee Jay. Concord, Calif. 

Brady. Gary John, Salt Lake City 

Brady! Lawrence C, Salt Lake City 

Brady, Lon Garth, Fairview, 306 

Brady. Madge Renon, Spring City 

Brady. Sandra, Durham. N.C., 360 

Bragg, Mary Helen, Long Beach, Calif., 190, 292 

Braithwaite, Keith D., Alberta, Can. 

Braithweite, Kay, Arco, Ida. 

Braithwaite, Lee Fred, Provo 

Braithwaite. Leonard D., Provo 

Braithwaite, Ruthmary, Provo 

Bramwell, Bonnie Kay, Oakland, Calif., 188, 323 

Bramwell, Maqorie D., Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Brandis. Jean, Berkeley, Calif., 33! 

Branch. Merrill E.. Wellington. 90, 314 

Brandley. Cleo Selk. Alberta. Canada. 196 

Brandley, Carmen M.. Provo 

Brandon, Lila Kay, Provo 

Brandt, William E., Jr., Orem 

Brandt. Dale Elwood, Duluth, Minn. 

Breun Joan Mildred, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Bratcher, Tillie Laree, Blythe. Calif., 334 

Bray, Lawrence Hall, Provo, 295 

Bray, Clark Orval, Springville 

Brazil, Linda Lee, Smackover, Ark., 364 

Brebner, William J., Ontario, Canada 

BreiHett, Patricia Y., Valtelo. Calif. 

Breitenbuecher. Gayle, San Francisco, Calif. 194. 318 

Brewster. James Edward. El Dorado, Ark., 368 

Brewster, Richard C, Lakewood, Calif. 

Brian. Henry Dudley, Loa 

Brian, Sharron. Des Moines, Iowa. 204, 294 

Brian. Janet, Des Moines, Iowa 

Bridge. Mary Jo, Salt Lae City, 182 

Briggs. Ernest Tom, Rexburg, Ida., 292 

Briggs. Hermine, Magrath, Alberta, Can. 

Briggs, Kenneth George, Provo 

Briggs, Sharrone M„ Port Arthur, Tex., 225, 355 

Bright, Darris J., Teton, Ida., 368 

Bright, Dennis A., Teton, Ida., 356 

Bright. Clifta. Rigby, Ida., 153, 196, 332 

Bright, Barry H., Teton, Ida., 292 

Brighton, Patricia K., Barrington III., 80, 83, 323 

Brill. Linda Lee, Arcadia, Calif., 347 

Brim, BeulaR, Downey, Ida., 220, 312 

Brim, Willis Lavern, jr., Downey, Ida. 

Brim, Larry Hyde, Downey, Ida., 31 1 

Brimhall, Frank Eugene, Pleasant Grove, 347 

Brimhall. Janelle, Provo, 80, 318 

Brimhall, Norman A., Pleasant Grove, 323 

Brimhall. Verna B.. Morro Bay, Calif., 257, 300 

Brimhall. Willis H., Pleasant Grove 

Brimley. Vern, Jr., Provo 

Brimley, Janice, Redondo, Calif., 188 

Bringhurst, F. R., Jr., Murray 

Brink, Charlene Kay, Canoga Park, Calif., 360 

Bringhurst, Patricia, Santa Barebara, Calif., 212, 298 

Brinkerhoff, Joseph D., Bicknell. 103 

Brinton, Elis P., Salt Lake City 

Brinton. Halene Joyce. Salt Lake City 

Bristol, Barbara Ann, Salt Lake City, 359 

Bristow, Buddy Dale, Crowder, Okla. 

Broadbent, Berne D., Provo 

Broadbent, Beverly, Riverside, Calif, 78, 174, 176 

Broadbent. Nann, Lehi, 361 

Broadbent, William E... Casper, Wyo., 357 

Broadhead, David R., Nephi 

Broadhead, Jon Daker, San Marino, Calif, 294 

Broadhead. Mina Louise. Nephi 

Broberg. Wallace E., Orem 

Broberg, Carolyn, San Francisco, Calif., 153 

Broberq, Julianne, PFioenix, Ariz., 200, 368 

Brock, Edward Earl, Goldsboro, N.C., 294 

Brock, Barbara Ann, Salt Lake City 

Brock, Violet Louise, Green River, 332 

Brock, Perry Morris, Goldsboro, N.C. 

Brockbenk, Barbara Kay, Provo 

Brockbank, Eleanor Rae, Orlando, Fla., 339 

Broderick, Patricia A., Stockton, Calif, 363 

Broderick, Luelma, Emery 

Brodin, Nils Eric, Hollywood, Calif. 

Brokaw, Blanche. Albuquerque, N. Mex., 336 

Broman, David Gary, Cincinnati, Ohio, 308 

Bromley, Richard Green, American Fork 

Bronson, Tracy Victor Pleasant Grove, 363 

Bronson, Charlene, Tremonton 

Brook, William Dean, Payson 

Brooks, Ben Hugh, Alberta, Canada, 295 

Brooks, Jack J., Provo 

Brooks, Karl Francis, St, George, 130, 284 

Brooks, Tom D., Richmond, Calif 

Brooksby, Gerald A., Eugene, Ore. 

Brooksby. Merrill W.. Fredonia, Ariz. 

Brooksby. Wesley B., Fredonia, Ariz., 314 

Brooksby, Rene, Fredonia, Ariz., 348 

Brossard, Ben Edgar, Palo Alto, Calif., 360 

Brothersen, Jack Devon, Boneta 

Brough, Evelyn, Kaysville. 190, 246, 356 

Brough, Eleanor, Kaysville, 246 

Brough, Vilate, Kaysville, Utah 

Brower, Ardis Jane, Morgan, 350 

Brown, Ann Laray, Coalville, 204, 313 

Brown, Anne, Taft, Calif, 212, 292 

Brown, Barbara E., Portland, Ore., 344 

Brown, Beverly, Scipio, 329 

Brown, Carleton Wade, Sacramento, Calif., 339 

Brown, Carol Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 188, 338 

Brown, Charles Ray, Provo 

Brown, Curtis Perry, Jr., Stonington, Conn. 

Brown, Connie, Salt Lake City, 361 

Brown, Darlene, N. Ogden, 80. 323 

Brown, Dee Ann Clark, Montpelier, Ida. 

Brown. Delbert Bwendel. Provo, 356 

Brown, Dennis Dean, Sandy, 308 

Brown, Donna, Turner, Ore., 329 

Brown. Elizabeth Joan, Bloomington, 111., 228, 353 

Brown, Erroll Ronald, Pocatello, Ida. 

Brown, Farrell Boyd, Koosharem, 227, 303 

Brown, Florence Child, Provo 

Brown, Floyd Ray. Alhambra, Calif, 192, 213 

Brown, Garry Smith P., Provo, 145 

Brown, Geraldine, Twin Falls, Ida., 336 

Brown, Glenna Marlene, Grantsville, 182, 357 

Brown, Glen Alan, Manti 

Brown, lrma, Spanish Fork, 292 

Brown, Jack Vernal, Clearfield 

Brown, James Jay, Denver, Colo., 184, 356 

Brown, James frank, Lovell, Wyo., 184, 336 

Brown, Jerryl Dene, Lakewood, Calif., 369 

Brown. Kay [dell, Hiqhland, Calif., 306 

Brown, Kay Maureen, Oakland, Calif., 228, 284 

Brown, Kay Fredrick, Arcadia, Calif 

Brown, Keith Holbrook, Alhambra, Calif 

Brown, lafayette Berry, Provo 

Brown. Larry Lee, Klamath Falls, Ore., 184, 345 

Brown, Lawrence Reed, Provo, 202, 290 

Brown, Leonard Gary, Coalville 

Brown. Linda Lee K., Sherman Oaks, Calif. 

Brown, Lora Lee, Turner. Ore.. 80, 194, 286 

Brown. LuDene, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Brown, Melvin Richins, Coalville 

Brown, Melvin Jonathan, Buhl, Ida. 

Brown, Murlyn Lamar, Provo 

Brown, Nancy Burton, Bend, Ore. 

Brown, Patricia Ann, Provo 

Brown, Ralph Buckley, Fallbrook, Calif. 

Brown, Raymond Carroll, Bremerton, Wash., 102 

Brown, Ray Mitchell, Payson 

Brown, Richard A.., Japan, 310 

Brown, Richard Carvel, Cheeynne, Wyo., 364 

Brown. Richard Roy, Ogden, 310 

Brown, Richard Sidney, Olympia. Wash., 365 

Brown, Rogers Howard. Alaska, 35a 

Brown, Ronald Kay, Provo. 112, 202 

Brown, Steven L., Provo, 145, 319 

Brown, Vada Maurine, Alberta, Canada 

Brown. Walter Dean, Blackfoot, Ida., 292 

Brown, Wayne Lamar, Monticello, 329 

Brown, Wallace Berrett, Salt Lake City 213, 307 

Brown, William Richard, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Bruckman, Jan Korom, Provo 

Brunken, Bonnie Beth, Eugene, Ore., 312 

Bruner, John William, Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Brundage, Joe R... II, Phoenix, Ari., 213, 289 

Brunsdale, Kenneth A.., Alberta, Canada 

Brunson, Barry Brent, Fillmore 

Brunt, Alfred W., Jr., Idaho Falls, Ida., 329 

Bryan, John Carver, Tooele, 360 

Bryant, Billie Lane, Pinedale, Ariz. 

Bryant, Carole Ann, Oakland, Calif, 334, 350 

Bryant, Willia Rae, Castleford, Ida., 292 

Bryson, Philip Lowell, Vernal 

Buchanan, Dona Julynne, Gunnison, 225, 330 

Buchanan, Fredrick C, Richland, Wash. 

Buchanan, Lila Rae, Provo 

Buchanan, Randall J., Venice, 280 

Buchmiller, John Jr., Rexburg, Ida,, 279 

Buckley, Connie Lynne, Provo, 204, 346 

Buckner, Daniel Thomas, Pleasant Grove, I 14, 360 

Bucknum, Daniel R... Bend, Ore., 90, 202, 302 

Buckner, Eugene T., Provo 

Buckner, Dean Taylor, Provo 

Buckwalter, James ,B., American Fork 

Buckwalter, Kent G., American Fork 

Buckwalter, Ross M., Americaan Fork, 210 

Budge, Eleanor Wynn, Van Nuys, Calif., 365 

Budge, Kathryn Jean, Provo, 330 

Budge, Allen Newell, Roy, 312 

Budge, Sharon, Burley, Ida., 347 

Buel, Corene Leona, Green River, Wyo., 222 

Buhman, Dennie Ray, Alhambra, Calif. 

Buhler, Leroy Nile, Provo 

Bulkley, Verlane, Layton, 361 

Bullard. Wallace Reed, Texarkana, Tex. 

Bullard, Sally Clare, Huntsville, Ala. 

Bullington, Robert J., Denver, Colo., 336 

Bullock, Burt Warren, Rawlins, Wyo., Ill, 202. 312 

Bullock, Benjamin Neil, Provo, 314 

Bulloch, Beverfy Ruth, Boulder, Nev., 310 

Bullock, Clara Joyce, Pleasant Grove, 345 

Bullock, Dennis S., Alberta, Canada, 202 

Bullock, Diane. Coalville, 360 

Bullock, Genelle Emily, Alberta, Canada, 336 

Bullock, Gerald Alvin, Alberta, Canada, 214 

Bullock, Gerald A., Alberta, Canada, 286 

Bullock, Ladelt Ray. Alberta, Canada, 296 

Bullock, Nancy Kay. Provo 

Bullock, Ralph P., Provo, 347 

Bullock, Reuben Lynn, Salt Lake City 

Bullock, Robert Earl, Alberta, Catioda, 318 

Bulow, Melvina, Provo 

Bumann, Les Barry, Bradenton, Fla. 

Bundock Nancy Sonja, Ashland, Ore., 312 

Bundy, Claudia Gail, Hanna, Wyo., 347 

Bunker, Ivan Andersen, Orem, 308 

Bunker, Robert Clyde, N. Las Vegas, Nev. 

Bunker, Susan, Las Vegas, Nev., 200 

Bunnell, Betfi Marie, Brigham City, 218, 345 

Bunnell, James E. Jr. Provo 

Bunnell, Ted G., Provo 

Burbridge, Lucille, Salt Lake City, 194, 312 

Burbridge, Richard L., Tacoma, Wash. 

Burch, John Raymond, Heyburn, Ida., 337 

Burckle, Lloyd Henry, Green Bay, Wise. 

Burdick, Colleen Madge, Dragerton 

Burge, Donald L., Arcadia, Calif 

Burgener, Dixie Lee, Orem 

Burgess, DD Rae, Pilot Rock, Ore., 345 

Burgess, Bruce Miles, San Rafael, Calif, 317 

Burgess, Marva, Ogden 

Burgess, Theorn I., Simms, Mont., 146, 224 

Burgess, Robert Gary, Inglewood, Calif. 

Burgoyne, Beverly Ann, Riddle, Ore., 336 

Burgoyne, Earl Douglas, Riddle, Ore. 

Burke, Darius Boyd, Vernal, 359 

Burke, Isabelle Jean, Alaska, 220, 316 

Burke. Murland Jay, Idaho Falls, Ida., 199, 290 


Burke, Marlyn Kuulei, Honolulu, T.H. 

Burke, Larry M., Vernal 

Burke, Leore, Idaho Palls, Ida., 328 

Burmingham, Kimball A., Provo 

Burmester, Carla Brown, San Mateo, Calif., 80, 212 

Burnett, Ivan Marcel, Portland, Ore. 

Burnett, Joyce Norine, Ogden, 312 

Burnett, John David, Provo 

Burnett, Paul Merlin, Meridian, Ida., 336 

Burnham, flena May, Grand Junction, Colo., 347 

Burnham, Gail Durango, Colo., 331 

Burnham, Vosco Millet, Jerome, Ida., 359 

Burnham, Lucy G. Wayman, Provo 

Burnham, Lewis Edward, Provo 

Burningham, Richard W., Salt Lake City, 286 

Burningham, Stephen G... Provo, 347 

Burns, Emerson, Shawnee, Okla. 

Burns, Noel Eugene, Salt Lake City 

Burnside, Afton, Orem, 306 

Burnson, Peter Leonard. Las Vegas, Nev., 329 

Burr, Glenda, Orem, 336 

Burrell, Janice D., Ridgecrest, Calif., 284 

Burrell, Gordon Knight, Alhambra, Calif., 228 

Burris, Walter Earl, Portuguese Bend, Calif., 357 

Burrup, Kaye Larue, Provo, 208, 222, 306 

Burt, Jack Weldon, Alaska 

Burt, John Kent, Springville 

Burt, Philip Bruce, Cardston, Alberta, Canada 

Burton, Beverly Anne, Harpers Ferry, W. Va., 312 

Burton, Etholene, Talmage 

Burton, Clea Morgan, Orem 

Burton, Ponette, Salt Lake City, 194, 307 

Burton, John Narold, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Burton, Marvin John, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bunton, Keith Corry, Harpers Ferry, W. Va., 350 

Burton, James Ashland, Cleveland, Ohio 

Burton, Melvin Poulter, Lehi 

Burton, Robert George, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Burton, Sheril Dale, Malad, Ida. 

Busby, Stanley Eugene, Pekin, III. 

Busch, Owen Charles, Dragerton 

Bush, AlfrecT Lavern, Denver, Colo. 

Bush, Douglas P., Rosemead, Calif., 312 

Bush, Clifford Merinus, Lakeview, Ore. 

Bush, Gerald Vernon, Ogden, 309 

Bush, Peggy Louise, Denver, Colo., 361 

Bush, William Stanley, American Falls, Ida., 359 
Bush, Palmroy Pung K., San Francisco, Calif. 
Bush, Myrna Dene, Long Beach, Calif., 292 
Bush, Richard David, Tooele, 150, 355 ' 
Bushman, Dean Nelson, Provo 
Bushman, Carolyn Mae, Provo 
Bushmen, Grant Moroni, Provo 
Bushman, Laural Jean, Lehi 
Bushman, Morris Smith. Provo 
Bushman, Margaret Ann, Lehi, 292 
Bushman, Patty Ordeane, Show Low, Ariz. 
Bushnell, Ted Darrell, Provo, 102, 290 

Busselberg, Carol Ann, Milwaukee. Wis., 145, 294 

Buss, Gene Williams, Burlington, Wis., 363 

Busselberg, Evonne, Milwaukee, Wis., 361 

Busterud, Kay Lynne, Provo, 96, 200, 226 

Butcher, David Harold, Alaska 

Butcher, Darwin Eugene, Alaska 

Butler, Albert Bay, Richfield 

Butler, Ardyth Gay, Alberta, Canada, 365 

Butler, David E., Shelley, Ida. 

Butler, Ervan Henry, Eagar, Ariz. 

Butler, Elizabeth R„ Cairo, Ga., 309 

Butler, John Kent, Yuma, Ariz. 

Butler, Leone Gene, Jerome, Ida., 363 

Butler, Linda, Yuma, Ariz. 

Butler, Lavar M., Orem, 294 

Butler, Lavon Wygal, Springerville, Ariz. 

Butler, Ross Erin, Jr., Vale, Ore. 

Butler, Robert Glenn, Teton City, Ida., 345 

Butler, Virginia May, Kellogg, Ida., 345 

Butsikares, George, Orange, N.J. 

Buttars, Orvln Allen, Burley, Ida. 

Butterfield, Thomas K., Denver, Colo., 210, 279 

Buttle, Constance, Bountiful 

Bybee, Clyde Weston, Nyssa, Ore. 

Bybee, Larry Curtis, Smithfield 

Bybee, Klair Nalder, Bell, Calif., 206, 350 

Bybee, Joanne E., Oakland, Calif., 329 

Bybee, Marjorie Ann, Seattle, Wash. 

Byers, Kenneth Wayne, Ontario, Ore., 186, 309 

Byers, Dennis Wendell, Franklin, Mich., 202, 353 

Byers, Sharon Lee, Franklin, Mich., 208, 360 ' 

Byington, Deverl Y., Provo 

Byington. Garrie, Ashland, Ore., 354 

Byrnes, Thomas Edgar, Shreveport, La. 

Byrd, Jesse Floyd, Lynwood Calif., 326 

Cable, Lewis Jay, Los Angeles, Calif., 346 
CehiN, Thomas Earl, Caliente, Nev. 
Cahoon, Thomas Patrick, Alberta, Can. 
Calabrese, Ronald V., Provo 
Calbreath, Margaret A., Corning, Calif., 370 
Calder, Allene C, Vernal, 222, 330 
Calder, Colleen, Provo, 222, 326 
Calder, John Richard, Provo 
Calder. Glen H., Provo 
Calder, Suzanne, Provo, 222, 360 

Caldwell, Allen L., Alberta, Can. 
Caldwell. Colleen R., Salt Lake City, 310 
Caldwell, Donald J., Henderson, Nev., 338 
Caldwell, Lowell C, Vernal. 290 
Caldwell, Mary Jean W., Pleasant Grove 
Caldwell, Paul Marvin, Midvale, 112, 192 
Caldwell, Sheila, Granada Hills, Calif., 290 
Call, Barbara Evelyn. Salt Lake City, 334 
Call, Carolyn Irene, Malad, Idaho, 368 
■ Call, Caryol. Layton, 196, 292 

Call, Dorcus Jean, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Call, Donald Romney, Appleton, Wis., 361 

Call, Fred, Rigby, Ida., 284 

Call, Ivan Taylor, Ely, Nev., 292 

Call, Henry Dee, Layton, 330 

Call, John William, Los Angeles, Calif., 363 

Call, Kaye Jane M., Provo 

Call, Lynn Bowen, Carlin, Nev., 368 

Call, Larry Ben, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Call, Owen Dean, Provo, 286 

Call, Rita Rae, Citrus Heights, Calif. 

Call, Rodney Ford. Bountiful, 286, 298 

Call, Shirley Ann, Layton, 196, 335 

Call, Susan, Columbus, Ohio. 204, 329 

Call, Verle George, Rigby, ida. 328 

Call, Vivian, Salt Lake City, 334 

Call, Willard Rex, Rigby, Ida., 192 

Callaway, Lowell Evan, Altadena, Calif., 184, 329 

Callis, Gary Lee, Reno. Nevada, 346 

Callaway, Delvin Vance, Altadena, Calif., 184 290 

Callister, Linda, Glendale, Calif. 

Callister. Douglas L, Glendale, Calif. 

Callister, Katharine, Delta, 329 

Callister, Kenneth N.. Grantsville, 368 

Callister, Reed R., Glendale. Calif., 103 

Calvert, Douglas Ray, Caliente, Nev. 

Calvert, William James, Caliente, Nev., 284 

Camargo, Anthony Cide, Brazil, 284 

Camarillo. Gloria Jean, Monterey Park, Calif., 350 

Cameron, Sondra, Provo 

Cemmack, Elaine, Blackfoot, Ida., 218, 356 

Campbell, Carolyn, Gardena, Calif., 200 

Campbell, Carol S„ Phoenix, Ariz., 345 

Campbell, Don Richard, Provo 

Campbell, Edward Brian, Provo 

Campbell, Jack Dempsey, Pikeville, Ky. 

Campbell. Judith, Chicago, III., 346 

Campbell, Jacqueline, Murray 

Campbell, Kerry Leon, Provo 

Campbell, LaVelle O., Bakersfield, Calif. 

Campbell, Lyman Marion, Vernal 

Campbell. Maurice L., Provo, 202 

Campbell, Nancy Jane, Columbus, Ohio 

Campbell, Phyllis R.. Sparks, Nev., 323 

Campbell, Roger Byron, Bakersfield, Calif. 

Campbell, Rolland Alan, Bakersfield, Calif. 

Campbell, Rebecca, Phoenix, Ariz.. 141, 200 

Campbell, Robert H., Spanish Fork, 156 

Campora, Steven Holt, Stockton, Calif. 112, 130 

Campman, Keith Stanley, Rawlins, Wyo. 

Candland, Doris Jean, Santa Rosa, Calif. 

Cane, Alyce Mary. Cedar City 

Canfield. Kaye, Boise, Ida. 

Canfield, Alan Richard, Provo 

Canning, Lois Cook, Orem 

Cannon, Lynne, Salt Lake City, 359 

Cannon, Philip PCay. Provo 

Cannon. Patricia V., Richmond Hills, N.Y.. 359 

Cannon, Vance Chipman, Hawaii, 364 

Cannon, Wanda Joan, Sacramento, Calif.. 200, 368 

Cannon, Wilford Glen, Payson 

Cannon, Welles Pinney, New Haven, Conn., 260 

Cantrell, George Allen, Lynwood, Calif. 

Cantrell. Richard M.., Boise, Ida. 

Canto, John Wayne, Springville, 336 

Capps, Garn Stafford, Hartsville, S.C., 349 

Capson, Valoran R., Jr., Salt Lake City 

Carbine. Edmund D.. Las Cruces, N. Mex. 

Cardall, Stanley H., Provo, 296 

Cardon, Bartell W., Jr., Oakland, Calif., 336 

Cardon, Earl Leon, El Paso, Tex.. 290 

Cardon, Anita, Durango, Colo., 322 

Cardon, Ellen, Durango, Colo.. 290 

Cardon, Grover Leonard Pueblo, Colo. 

Cardon, Susette V., Mesa, Ariz. 

Cardon, Rodney Harold, El Paso, Tex. 

Cardon, Wilford Allen, Mesa, Ariz., 114, 349 

Carey. Nancy Elizabeth, Ontario, Ore., 367 

Carleton, Ella Marian, Price, 326 

Carlile, Alvin R., Springville, 336 

Carlile, Florence, Heber, 333 

Carlile, Garvin Earl, Heber 

Carling, Marlena Mae, Oasis, 220, 306 

Carlisle, Ivan J., Payson, 284 

Carlson, Bill Leroy. Provo, 289 

Carlson, Duane Clifton, Buhl, Ida., 333 

Carlson, Sheryl Sue, Spanish Fork 

Carlson, Thayne G., Los Angeles, Calif.. 184 

Carlston, Charles B., Arlington, Va., 319 

Carlston, Kathryn, Fairview, 149, 312, 319 

Carman, Thomas Ralph, Milwaukie, Ore. 

Carpenter, Craig R., Washington, D.C., 210, 213, 317 

Carpenter, Janine L., Hermiston, Ore. 

Carpenter. Lila Joy, Evanston, Wyo. 

Booth - Cheney 

Carr, J. Douglas, Clearfield 

Carr, P. Janelle. Oakland. Calif., 319 

Carraway, Clarence O., Baytown, Tex., 292 

Carr, Paul Bernell, Helper, 202, 319 

Carrigan, James Lisle. Bingham Canyon, 308 

Carroll, Clifford E., Provo 

Carroll, Paul Wayne, Orem 

Carroll, Raymond Kay, American Fork 

Carroll, Roscoe Davis, Orem 

Carruth, Gene Arlan, Phoenix, Ariz., 224, 346 

Carson, Eldon Earl, American Pork 

Carson, Judith E., Australia, 359 

Carson, Callie, Shelley, Ida. 

Carter, Anita, Lund, Nev., 220, 236, 314 

Carter, Annette, American Fork, 222. 286 

Carter, Carma Fern, Lehi. 356 

Carter, Don Clyde, Provo, 206, 316 

Carter, Dell Robert, Provo, 367 

Carter, Florence Mary, Ukiah, Calif. 

Carter, Judith, San Diego, Calif. 

Carter, Lila Jean, Tabiona, 325 

Carter, Margaret C, Provo, 292 

Carter, Murlan Duane, Shelley, Mont. 

Carter, Rodney A., Provo 

Carter, Ronald Kenneth, Springville 

Cartin, G. McKInney, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Carter, Waiter Charles, Berkeley, Calif., 184 

Cartmill, Charles E., San Diego, Calif. 

Cartwright, Mary Jean, Draper, 280 

Carver, James Andrew, Provo 

Carver, Dale Ross, Provo 

Carver, Gary Homer, Provo 

Carver, Elsa Johanson. Provo 

Casad, Aaron Bert, Chehalis, Wash., 359 

Case, Glenn Alan, Altamont, 286 

Case. Gayle. Altamont, 236, 298 

Case, Marvin Douglas, Scotsdale, Ariz. 

Case, James Richard, Provo 

Cash, Marilyn Ruth, Cuy Falls, Ohio 

Casey, John William, Provo, 296 

Casper, Lavern, Heber 

Casper, Leon B., Rigby, Ida., 102, 279 

Casper, Gordon C, Provo 

Casperson, NaDean, Montpelier, Ida., 330 

Casper, Marvin Dee, Provo 

Casper, Milan Kent, Rigby, Ida., 306 

Castagno, Ella Merle, Tooele ,365 

Catlett, Patricia A.., Independence, Kan., 312 

Cate, Eleta Irene, Tooele, 317 

Cattani, Thomas Sommer, Glendale, Calif., 292 

Cazier, Ronald Norman, Las Vegas, Nev, 

Cazeau, Alan Ray, Idaho Falls, Ida., 361 

Cazin, Carol Ann, Evanston, Wyo., 358 

Cebollada, Francisco L., Spain, 296 

Cena, Robert Eugene, Castro Valley, Calif., 206, 314 

Cerva, Jack Wayne, Provo 

Chadwick, Charlotte L, Nampa, Ida., 80, 287 

Chadwick, Carol Jean, Provo, 361 

Chadwick, Mary Ellen, Randolph Center, Vt. 

Chadwick, Regenia M.,. Provo, 312 

Chalk, David Nielson, Provo, 286 

Challburg, Norman Lee, Citrus Heights, Calif., 202, 

Chamberlain, Fae Donna, OrdervilU 
Chamberlain, Frank W., Covina, Calif., 32, 113 
Chamberlain, Kelton L., Kanab, 286 
Chamberlain, Monte, Kanab, 361 
Chamberlain, Jonathan, Kanab, 288 
Chamberlain, David M., Pasadena, Calif. 
Chamberlain, Kathleen D., Boise, Ida., 357 
Chambers, Gay Deanne, Fullerton, Calif., 322 
Chambers, Robert Lee, San Diego, Calif., 192, 334 
Champion, Dean John, Alhambra, Calif., 365 
Chambers, Robert Leroy, Seattle, Wash. 
Chandler, Donald Paul, Provo 
Chandler, David Lee, New Plymouth, Ida. 
Chandler, Jean Marie, Weiser, Ida., 307 
Chaney, Evan Ray, Spokane, Wash. 
Chantry, Earl Clyde, Lancaster, Calif.. 286 
Chanslor, Barbara Jo, Reno, Nev., 336 
Chaplin, Dora Mae, Provo, 333 
Chapman, Donavon Laroy, Greenville, S.C. 
Chapman, Glen Willis, Provo 
Chapman, James Edwin, Merced, Calif., 86, 371 
Chapman, Jackolyn L., Tempe, Ariz. 
Chappell. Calvin Jay, Lyman 
Chappell, Larry Ray, Provo 
Chappell, Eddie Grant, Lyman 
Chappell, Robert Owen, Provo 
Chappell, Conrad S., El Cajon, Calif. 
Chappie, Janet L., Spanish Fork 
Charles, William F., Council Bluffs, Iowa, 359 
Charters, Raymond R.., Bingen, Wash., 352 
Charles. Marlene P., Hollywood, Calif., 286 
Chase, Dolores, Orinda, Calif. 
Chase, Helen Atkinson, Evanston, Wyo. 
Chaston, Albert Norton, Provo 
Chatham. Betty Jean, Lynwood, Calif., 216, 330 
Cheeseman, William E., Milwaukee, Wis., 363 
Chee, A. Kwai Glenn, Trinidad 
Chelson, Edna Barnett, Provo, 296 
Cheney, Barbara, Provo, 315 
Cheney, Garth Wayne, Provo 
Cheney, Marian, Provo, 296 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Cheney, Jack Goodell, Nampa, Ida., 284 

Cheney, Wayne Douglas, Weiser, Ida. 

Cheney, Cleon Hurren, Provo, 156, 286 

Cherlonlto, Roger Wayne, Alberta, Can. 

Chi. Youn Wol, Seoul, Korea. 279 

Chicle. Barbara Jean, Kesington, Md., 355 

Chidester, Evar Leon, American Fork 

Chidester, Craig Lynn, Brawley, Calif., 328 

Chidester, Elaine, American Fork 

Child, Keith Berthel. Nyssa, Ore., 150 

Childs, Forrest Barry, China Lake, Calif. 

Childs, Lewis B.., Springville, 210, 296 

Ching, Judith Kuia A., Hawaii 

Chivers, Norma McRae, Boise, Ida. 

Chivers. Robert L, Boise, Ida., 100, 290 

Chlarson. Kenneth F.. Safford, Arir., 346 

Chittock. David Harry. Orem, 294 

Cho, Yanglai, Seoul, Korea, 280 

Choy, Kilsoon, Seoul, Korea 

Chournos, George R., Termonton 

Christensen, Ardene, Central, Ida., 345 

Christensen, Bruce J., Provo, 284 

Christensen, Bruce F., Farmington, N. Mex., 353 

Christensen, Carl R., Goshen 

Christensen, Carole, Farmington, N. Mex.. 313 

Christensen, Carolyn, Payson, 330 

Christensen, Carol, American Fork 

Christensen, Corrice, Salt Lake City, 218, 346 

Christensen, Craig W., Lehi, 87, 363 

Christensen, David E., Oildale, Calif., 184, 213, 280 

Christensen, Denna L., Bear River 

Christensen, Dean E., Pleasant Grove 

Christensen, Don V., Orem 

Christensen, Donald H., Orem, 331 

Christensen, Douglas A., Oildale, Calif., 352 

Christensen, Duane G., Vashon, Wash., 310 

Christensen, Duane L., Lakewood t Calif. 

Christensen, Elva F., Kinghem, Ariz. 

Christensen. Elsie M., Fairview 

Christensen, Fred Matt, Pocatello, Ida. 

Christensen, Francis J., Salem 

Christensen, Gordon V., Shelley, Ida., 337 

Christensen, Henry Don. Blackfoot, Ida. 

Christensen, Herbert E., Shelley, Ida.. 184. 309 

Christensen, Ha, Driggs, Ida., 298 

Christensen, James G., East Garland 

Christensen, Janet, Tahiti, 216, 332 

Christensen, Janice, Farmington, N. Mex., 336 

Christensen, Jolene Salt Lake City 

Christensen, Joan, Clearfield, 307 

Christensen, John L., Idaho Falls, Ida., 357 

Christensen, Joseph G., Nephi 

Christensen, Josephine, Payson, 200, 323 

Christensen, Karen, Delta, 333 

Christensen, Kay, Springville, 196, 346 

Christensen, Lawrence, Farmington, N. M., 310 

Christensen, Larry C, Springville 

Christensen, Lure Jean, Manila, 312, 357 

Christensen, Martha A., Hawthorne. Calif., 165 

Christensen, Mauree L., Provo 

Christensen. Max L., Delta 

Christensen, Myrna, Castle Dale, 208 

Christensen, Nanette, Provo 

Christensen, Naomi R., Redding, Calif.. 145. 294 

Christensen, Ralph G., Detroit, Mich., 302 

Christensen, Rita L., Arimo, Ida., 357 

Christensen, Richard P., Fairview 

Christensen, Robert W., Ithica, N.Y. 

Christensen, Roy Edgar, Springville, 284 

Christensen, Ruth, Mesa, Ariz., 355 

Christensen, Suzan J., Reno, Nov., 218 

Christensen, Sharon A., Glendale, Calif., 346 

Christensen, Sharon, Milford 

Christensen, Shirley, Delta. 114, 330 

Christensen Shirley D., Othello, Wash., 355 

Christensen, Stephen J., Orem 

Christensen, W. Robert. Antonito. Colo. 

Christian, Karl Adam, Los Angeles, Calif., 290 

Christian, Bonnie, Sandy 

Christiansen, David G., Minneapolis, Minn., 354 

Christiansen, Danielle, Provo 

Christiansen, David D., Pleasant Grove 

Christiansen, Connie R., Nephi, 354 

Christiansen, Elroy G., Parkdale, Ore., 366 

Christiansen, Howard D., Moreland. Ida., 288 

Christiansen, Jeri, Santa Rosa, Calif. 

Christiansen, Kent M., Moreland, Ida., 280 

Christiansen, Laura M., Parkdale, Ore., 330 

Christiansen, Margit A.. Denmark 

Christiansen, Richard, Monroe, 317 

Christiansen, Rollo D., Ely, Nev. 

Christiansen, Sally A., Ontario, Ore., 330 

Christison, Barbara A., Ely, Nev., 333 

Christley, Milan R., Salem, Va.. 109 

Christopherson, Allen, Alexandria, Minn. 

Chun, Maizie U., Maui 

Church, Leah. Delta, 333 

Church. Elsie Almeda, Erie. Pa., 298 

Church, Russell Arley, Gary, Ind. 

Circuit, Jeffrey Lee, Winnetka, III., 214, 228. 339 

Claridqe, Edward M., Safford, Ariz. 

Oaridge. Frances Gail, Salmon, Wash. 

Clark. Alice Virginia, Quincy, Fla.. 340 

Clark, Bessie S., Provo 

Clark. Betty, Provo, 228 

Clark, Bruce J., Provo 

Clark, Brent Nolan, Washington. D.C., 328 

Clark, Claudia Grace, Walnut Creek, Calif., 218. 354 

Clark. David Gary. Provo 

Clark, Dan b., Provo. 292 

Clark, Dickie Joe, Yuba City, Calif.. 334 

Clark. Delene, Meridian, Calif.. 194, 236. 299 

Clark, Donald D„ Ely, Nev., 299 

Clark, Donald Dean, Yuba City, Calif. 

Clark, Donald Driggs, Provo 

Clerk, Douglas Merlin, Oram 

Clark, Edward Roy. Portland, Ore., 199 

Clark, Ensyne Strout, Salt Lake City, 336 

Clark, Gary Derzle, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Clerk, Garry Andrew, Cut Bank, Mont. 

Clark, George Alan, Redwood, Calif., 322 

Clark, Hoover Winfield, Provo 

Clark, Joan Cecile, Provo, 347 

Clark, Kathleen, Grantsville, 357 

Clar, Lee Jay, Meridian, Calif., 333 

Clark, Lewis Dale, Redwood City, Calif. 

Clark, Malcolm G., Ely, Nev. 

Clark, Mary Elizabeth, Grantsville, 80, 236. 292 

Clark, Nancy Karen, Sun Valley, Calif., 337 

Clark, Robert Wesley, Klamath Falls, Ore., 169, 307 

Clerk, Robert Mowery, Redwood, Calif., 169 

Clark, Ronald J., Lehi 

Clark, Ronald, Cannonville 

Clark, Roland Shipley, Provo 

Clark, Robert Leslie, Ogden, 336 

Clark, Ronald Keith, Lehi 

Clerk, Ruel Ross, Provo 

Clark, Sonya Baxter, Klamath Falls, Ore., 336 

Clark, Sheldon Lamar, Georgetown, Ida. 

Clark, Sonla Dientha, Coalville, 349 

Clark, Tom Paul, Pleasant Grove, 108 

Clark, William Dean, Provo 

Clarke, Denadene, Phoenix, Ariz., 351 

Clarke, Gail Morrow, Alhambra, Calif. 

Clarke, Nancy Ann, Vellejo, Calif., 330 

Clarke, William Robert, Burbank, Calif. 

Clarkson, Vern Shaw, Jerome, Ida., 330 

Clawson, Gary Clark, Alberta, Canada, 317 

Clay, John Parley, Wichita, Kan., 230, 298 

Clay. Robert Don, Wichita, Kan., 224, 330, 334 

Clayson, Elmo Anthon, Springville 

Clayton, Carl Vernan, Clearfield 

Clayton, Jeanette, Fairbanks, Alaska, 354 

Clayton, Kathleen Salt Lake City, 328 

Clayton, Shirl Lafay, Provo 

Clegg, Alene, Heber 

Clegg, Almon Hyrum, Heber, 333 

Clegg, Aria Jeannine, Provo, 153 

Clegg, Carol Ann, Heber, 333 

Clegg, Don Ray, Springville 

Clegg, Darrel Lewis, Provo 

Clegg, Daneil Giles, Heber, 290, 300 

Clegg, Donna Daleen, Layton, 246, 354 

Clegg, Howard James. Jr., Tooele, 356 

Clegg, Leta Jane, Ucon, Ida. 

Clelend, Richard Dale, Draper, 362 

Clelland, Velda Jean, Phoenix, Ariz., 336 

Clement, Lyle Moram, Blackfoot, Ida., 357 

Clement, Carroll Gene, Provo 

Clement, Arlen Mark, Provo, 336 

Clements, Donald W., Ontario, Can., 351 

Clements, Donald Neil, Clayton, N. Mex. 

Clements, Ray R., Provo 

Clemmer, Terry Paul, M idway, Wash. 

Clendenin, George H., Modesto, Calif. 

Clifford, Datlis 8urch, Buhl, Ida. 

dinger, Deann, Provo, 354 

Clinger, Lawrence A., San Diego, Calif., 202, 334 

Clinton, Patricia Mae, West Covina, Calif., 357 

Cloward, Georqe Ray, Provo 

Cloward, Mark Eugene, Provo, 296 

Cloward, Stanley June, Spanish Fork, 354 

Cloward, Viva Miller, Provo 

Cluff, Donna Vee, Orange, Calif. 

Cluff, Devar Dean, Ashland, Ore. 

Cluff, Oretta Jeanne, Central, Ariz.. 298 

Cluff, Wanda Lorene, Farmington, N. Mex., 220, 236 

Clyde, Kathleen S., Salt Lake City 

Clyde, Wilford Russell, Springville 

Clynlck, Carole Edna, Detroit, Mich., 363 

Coates, Barbara Naomi, Salt Lake City, 360 

Coats, Carolyn, Mesa, Ariz., 362 

Coates, Wesley Eugene, Ely, Nev. 

Cobia. Lorna, Moses Lake, Wash., 232, 333 

Cockayne, Judith Kaye, Salt Lake City, 359 

Cody, Helen Lucille, Leupp, Ariz., 354 

Coe, Nathan Bert, Provo 

Coe, Harvene, Gridley, Calif., 357 

Coffel, Shirley Lee, Yuba City, Calif.. 352 

Coffin, Gary Rex, Pocatello. Ida. 

Coffman. Esther Grace. Yuba City, Calif., 83, 336 

Cole, Natalie, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 322 

Cole, Russell Lee. Rupert, Ida., 363 

Cole, Tommy Carl, Bard, Calif.. 108 

Coleman, Doreen, MarVista, Calif., 190, 318 

Coleman. Ronald Edward, Springfield, Ore. 

Coleman, Virginia M., Payette, Ida. 

Coles, Arlo Leo, Rigby, Ida. 

Collard, Cathryn, Provo 

Collard, Donna Jean, Blackfoot, Ida., 347 

Collard, Lorraine E. ( Idaho Falls, Ida.. 257, 300 

Collard, Rae Margene, Grand Junction, Colo., 208, 

Collet, Marietta S., Alberta, Canada 
Collett, Carol L. Kaysville, 228, 288 
Collett, Colleen Anne, Springville 
Collier, Donald Harold, Rangely, Colo. 
Collings, William B., Jr., Idaho Falls. Ida.. 361 
Collins, Mary Alice S., Provo 
Collins, Jean Marie, Ogden, 354 
Collins, Sue, Provo, 200 
Collins. Stanley E., Provo, 86, 210 
Collinwood. Gerry E., El Monte, Calif., 354 
Colton, Craig W., Salt Lake City 
Colyar, Justin Pierson, Orem, 150, 364 
Combs, Cloyd James, Provo, 315 
Compton, John Hilary, Provo, 290 
Compeni, Younis, Teheran 
Conant, Phyllis R., Provo 

Conder, Donald A., American Fork, 230, 284 
Conder, Jerry G., Bishop, Calif., 309 
Condie, Arthur P., Springville, 314 
Condie, Genene, Preston, Ida., 232, 336 
Condie, Howard G., Provo, 108 
Condie, Sihrley Palmer, Provo 
Connelt, Rosemary, Salt Lake City, 300 
Connelley, Joyce E., Moses Lake, Wash., 330 
Connelly, John Richard, Tooele. 202, 356 
Connors, Jennie Andrew, Provo 
Conover, Ina, Bountiful, 357 
Conover, W. Louise, Mesa, Ariz., 360, 371 
Conrad, Geprg Heinrich, Germany 
Conrad, Paul Willard, Provo, 291 
Conrad, Merjorie Paula, Idaho Falls, Ida., 366 
Conroy, Constance C, Denver, Colo., 351 
Converse, Roger F., Jr., Denville, N.J. 
Conway, William David, Craig, Colo. 
Cook, Alonzo Dean, Salmon, Ida. 
Cook, Barbara Jane, Willard, 220, 315 
Cook, Alan Dennis, Syracuse 
Cook, Betty Sue, Fountain Green 
Cook, Carol Atack, Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Cook, Grant Leroy, Payson 
Cook, James Reed, Springville, 206 
Cook, Jack Robinson, Cheyenne, Wyo., 302 
Cook, Kenneth Stanley, Orem 
Cook, Mary Elaine, Salt Lake City, 337 
Cook, Philip Charles, Hogansburg, N.Y. 
Cook, Patsy, Clearfield, 246. 349 
Cook, Roger Marvin, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 339 
Cook, Rutn Ladene, Salt Lake City 
Cook, Sterling L., Orem, 365 
Cookson, Karen Dorris, Denver, Colo., 353 
Coombs, David Hales, Salt Lake City. 150, 169, 349 
Coombs, Melba Lael, Salt Lake City 
Coombs, Suzanne, Banning, Calif., 336 
Coomes, Richard Merril, Provo 
Coons, Richard A., Long Beach, Calif. 
Cooper, Cherril Dean, Springville 
Cooper, Detta Fern, Riverton, 352 
Cooper, Gayle, Mesa, Ariz., 336 
Cooper, Glenna D., Springfield ,lda., 80, 204, 336 
Cooper, Frank D., Panguitch, 124 
Cooper, James Ervin, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Cooper, Leslie Muir, Provo 
Cooper, Marilyn, Oceanside, Calif., 196, 308 
Cooper, Robert Allen, Provo, 314 
Cooper, Shirlee Anne, Springfield, Ore., 309 
Cooper, Vivean Keith, Provo 
Copelin, Lloyd Ray, Gridley, Calif. 
Copple, Nancy Fay, Delano, Calif. 
Corak, Eva Marlene, Midvale, 153 
Corbett, Edward K., Berkeley, Calif. 
Corbett, Harold S., Worland, Wyo., 359 
Corbett, Janet Kerr, Glendale, Calif., 222 
Corbett, Lawrence R., Worland, Wyo. 
Corbin, Jackie W., Provo 
Corbridge, Arnold Neil, Cheyenne, Wyo., 353 
Cordner, Robert R., American Fork, 334 
Cordner, DaWayne, Orem 
Cordner, Raymond Grant, Provo 
Cordon, Ronald William, Logan 
Cordon, Patti Kay, Phoenix, Ariz., 315 
Corey, Marsha Rae, Idaho Falls, Ida., 222, 356 
Corey, Mary Patricia, Idaho Falls, Ida., 359 
Corlett, Kathleen Mary, Huntington Park, Calif., 368 
Comaby, Douglas L, Salt Lake City, 308 
Cornia, Ross Holbrook, Woodruff, 289 
Cornelius, Don E., Ranon, Mont., 206 
Cornwall, Mary Ellen, Clayton, N. Mex. 
Corry, Karen Marie, Salt Lake City, 309, 332 
Cortez, Ross Douglas, Los Angeles, Calif., 210 
Coryell, Allen Keith, Burbank, Calif., 298 
Cosgrove, Marilyn Ann, Lethbridge, Canada 
Cottrell, Calvin W., Provo 
Couch, Ronald Clarence, Deer Lodge, Mont. 
Coultas, Reginald Hess, Provo, 286 
Counts, Wayne Dixon, Garden Grove, Calif. 
Couzens, Darlene Rae, Portland, Ore., 292 
Covey, Barbara Jean, Arcadia, Calif., 204, 286 
Covey, Sandra Renee, Salt Lake City 
Covey, Richard Wayne, Arcadia, 344 


Covington, Kenton L., Blackfoot, Ida. 

Covington, Steve V., Blackfoot, Ida. 

Covington, Wayne Leroy, Pingree, Ida. 

Covington, Oral Ray, Hurricane, 286 

Cowan, Ross, San Bruno, Calif. 

Cowley, Dean Farrel, Venice 

Cowley, Ann, St. Johns, Ariz. 

Cowley, Elaine, Tremonton, 330 

Cowley, Kendall F., Heber 

Cowlishaw, Benjamin R., Sunnyvale, Calif. 

Cox, Carol Ann, San Lorenzo, Calif., 153, 359 

Cox, Claudia Ann, Draper, 335 

Cox, Eunice Ann, Shelley, Ida., 333 

Cox, Frank Newton, Walnut Creek, Calif., 363 

Cox, Gary Everett, Wendell, Ida., 317, 319 

Cox, Jack Arnold, Orem 

Cox, James Bruce, National City, Calif., 298 

Cox, Louise, Provo, 337 

Cox, Marvin R., Springville 

Cox, Martha Jean, Buhl, Ida., 361 

Cox, Melba Yvonne, Fairview, 360 

Cox, Robert B., Orem 

Cox, William Farrell, Provo 

Coy, Joyce Kay, Long Beach, Calif., 279 

Crabb, Nevin Lee, Orem 

Craft, Robert Gerald, Ontario, Calif. 

Crafts, David Scott, Delta, 330 

Craig, Harris Olene, Layton 

Craig, Thadeus Steven, Safford, Ariz., 210 

Crail, Betty Irene, Merced, Calif., 335 

Cram, Deanna ,Las Vegas, Nev., 208 

Cramer, Dicksie L., Van Nuys, Calif., 349 

Crandall, Gary L., Springville, 119, 192 

Crandall, John Leslie, Oakley 

Crandall, John Charles, Orem 

Crandall, Lawana, Twin Falls, Ida., 300 

Crandall, Lynn W., Springville 

Crandall, Lenore, Springville, 239, 322 

Crandall, Sue D. E., Safford, Ariz., 208 

Crandall, Richard W., Twin Falls, Ida., 206 

Crandall, Vern Jay, Provo 

Crane, Caroline P., Chula Vista, Calif, 359 

Crane, Georgia Anne, Los Angeles, Calif., 194, 309 

Crane, Patricia, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Craner, Carl Brigham, Provo, 357 

Cronford, Gary Philip, Camilla, Ga„ 319 

Cranmer, Fred Fausett, Springville 

Cranney, Harold K., Oakley, Ida. 

Crapo, Carol Berneice, Rosemary, Ata. Canada 336 

Crapse Warren Fitts, Savannah, Ga. 

Crapo, Terry Lavele, Idaho Falls, Ida., 356 

Craven, Frank Leroy, Provo 

Cravens, Jack Graham, San Diego, Calif., 118, 130 

Crawford, Carolyn R„ Orem, 42, 153, 226 

Crawford, Arvin Clark, Provo 

Crawford, Edward R., Moses Lake, Wash., 315 

Crawford, Myron Lloyd, Orem 

Crawford, Malcolm D., Yakima, Wash., 319 

Crawford, Vanessa L., Sandy, 292 

Crawford, Richard Lee, Eugene, Ore., 356 

Crawford, Shirley Ann, Columbia, 323 

Creer, Diana Lee, Provo, 204, 291 

Crenshaw, Mills L., Nepa, Calif. 

Creviston, Herbert W., Provo 

Creviston, Gweneth E., Provo 

Crismon, Leo Eugene, Casa Grande, Ariz., 100 

Crismon, Carole Irene, Mesa, Ariz. 

Critchfield, Leroy R., Kamloops, B.C., 298 

Critchlow, Larry W., Ogden, 286 

Critser, Bryan Kalmar, Orem 

Crittenden, Jerald C, Oakley, 114, 359 

Crockett, Clyll W„ Pocatello, Ida., 5. 32, 33 78 174 

Crockett, David F. Berkeley, Calif. 
Crockett, Dorothy J., Manteca, Calif., 336 
Crockett, Edwin Austin, Provo 
Crockett, Russell W., Montpelier, Ida., 145 
Crockett, William C, Berkeley, Calif. 
Croft, Carol, Lovell, Wyo., 323 
Croft, Faye, Lavieve, Provo 
Croft, Julia Marian, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Croft, Lynne, Lovell, Wyo., 153 
Croft, Harvey Merrill, Rock Springs, Wyo., 357 
Croft, Mary Kathrine, Cedar City, 288 
Croft, Merlin Richard, Pleasant Grove, 227, 280 
Crofts, Carolyn, Heyburn, Ida. 
Crofts, John Deloy, Richfield, 325 
Crofts, Steve Maurice, Richfield, 290 
Crofts. Darel Kent, Richfield 
Croly, John Cecil, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Cronin, James Ralph, Provo 
Crook, James Peterson, Smoot, Wyo. 
Crook, Kathleen, Emery, 216, 323 
Crook, Mary Eveline, Heber, 356 
Crook, Margaret Kay, Fallon, Nov., 334 
Crookston, Lenore, Mesa, Ariz., 288 
Crooston, Stephen T„ Phoenix, Ariz., 124, 356 
Cropper, Daryl Mahonri, Hinckley 
Crosby, Aldan Glen, Ogden, 156, 296 
Crosby, Edward Earl, Altemont 
Crosby, Karen Jane, Linda Mar, Calif. 
Crosby, Luzon Orvilla, Orem, 298 
Crosby, Marilyn O., Oram, 354 
Crose, Carrol Louise, Long Beach, Calif., 182, 222 

Crosby, Gary Wayne, Spurger, Tex. 

Croshaw, Fred Elored. Mountian View, Calif. 

Crossley, Jewel, Montebello, Calif., 353 

Crouse, Marisha Ann, Pagosa Springs, Colo., 332 

Crow, Jean Lorraine, Palm Springs, Calif., 328 

Crow, Verna Gayle, Palm Springs, Calif., 228, 326 

Crowley, Carole Jean, Twin Falls, Ida., 290 

Crowley, Edmund Drew, Glendale, Calif., 289 

Crowley, Lionel Paul, Orem, 280 

Crowley, Jared Orson, Honolulu, T.H. 

Crowley, Larry Olson, Honolulu, T.H. 

Crowley, Robert Leslie, Twin Falls, Ida., 206, 296 

Crowther. Arven Jay, Axtell, 296 

Crowther, Elda Joan, Provo, 349 

Crowther, Duane S„ Battle Creek, Mich. 

Crowther, Mariana, Fountain Green 

Crowther, Suzanne N., Alexandria, Va. 

Crowther, Teddy Joe, Alexandria, Va. 

Crowton, David M., Orem 

Crowton, David Harris, Provo 

Croxford, Gary Lloyd, Great Falls, Mont., 370 

Croxford, Kay Valerie, San Mateo, Calif., 218, 369 

Crowton, Daliyne B., Provo 

Crum, Elma Mae, Provo, 356 

Crump, Norman Ray. Riverton 

Cruser, Merrill Lynn, Monteview, Ida. 

Crystal, Doris Olive, Pleasant Grove, 232 

Cullimore, Sandra V., Pleasant Grove, 288 

Cummins, L. G., Navasoto, Tex., 311 

Cundick, Margaret Mae. Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Cunningham, Jerald Que, Grand Junction, Colo. 

Cunningham, Marilyn G., Gallup, New, Mex., 94. 190 

Cunningham, Kaye, Ukiah, Calif., 359 
Cunningham, Mary Lynn, Grand Junction, Colo. 
Currier, Carlton James, Trail, B.C., 312 
Curtis, Betty Carolyn, W. Monroe, La., 194 
Curtis, Caroline, Lehi, 296 351 
Curtis, Carol Jean, Salt Lake City, 333 
Curtis, Clayne Grant, Provo, 149 
Curtis, Demar Henry, Salina, 280 
Curtis, Deanne Gae, Downey, Ida., 330 
Curtis, Joan Marilyn, W. Monroe, La., 318 
Curtis, Karen, Placerville, Calif., 84, 234, 290 
Curtis, Marriann Jo, Downey, Calif., 349 
Curtis, Paul Johnson, Spanish Fork 
Cushing, Renetta Arlene. Los Angeles, Calif. 
Cutchen, Eleanor Faye. Dothan, Ala. 
Cuthrell, James R„ Los Angeles, Calif. 
Cutler, Dorothea Marie, Salt Lake City, 200, 329 
Cutler, Raymond C. V., Penticton, B.C. 
Cutler, Phyllis Ray, Cambridge, Ida 

Dagrade, Marvin Donald, Las Vegas, Nev 156 213 

Dahl, Barbara. Vienna, Va., 366 
Dahl. Claudia, Deeth. Nev.. 365, 369 
Dahl, Arthur David, Jr., Bakersfield, Calif 326 
Dahl, Patricia, Pocatello, Ida. 
Dahle, June Anne, Provo, 156 
Dahlin, Kenneth Andrew, Concord, Calif., 288 
Dahneke, Barton Eugene, Hollister, Calif. 
Dailey, Diana Dee, Burbank, Calif., 326 
Daines, Weldon Lee, Firth, Ida. 
Dalby, Dean Lamar, Levan 
Dalby, Elva Elaine, Rupert, Ida., 310 
Dalby, Virginia D., Ventura, Calif., 367 
Dalebout, Paul R„ Provo, 110 
Dale, Gale Diane, Idaho Falls, Ida., 356 
Dalebout, Gladys J., Salt Lake City, 333 
Dailey, Ronald Albert, Overton, Nev. 
Dallin, Darla, Springville, 326 
Dalton, Juana Miriam, Fullerton, Calif., 303 
Dalton, Janet, Circleville, 333 
Daly, Jay Wilford, Salt Lake City, 292 
Dam, Ingrid Elisabeth, Pungsted, Denmark 
Damron, Paul Edwards, Delta, 363 
Dana. Judith Vivian, Phoenix, Ariz., 200, 226 
Dance, Celia Faye, Blackfoot, Ida., 346 
Daniels, Donna May, Caldwell, Ida., 32, 80, 317 
Daniels, David Ross Payson, 351 
Daniels, Jack Keith, Alameda, Calif., 337 
Daniels, Margaret J., Provo 
Daniels, Neil Murray, St. Thomas, Ont. 
Daniels, Shanna Marie, San Rafael, Calif., 312 
Danielson, Gene Earl, Springville, 302 
Danley, Arlene joy, Ft. Worth, Tex. 
Danks, Leora Ann, Evanston, Wyo., 228 
Dart, George Edwin, Provo 
Darton, Melvin Ray, Oakland .Calif. 
Dastrup, Bernard C, Altamont 
Dastrup, Carolyn, Altamont 
Dastrup, M. Phyllis, Sigurd 
Davenport, Chloe Ann, Tama, Iowa, 257, 300 
Davenport, Florence, Santa Monica, Calif 
Davenport, Janis Lee, Meridian, Ida.. 338 
Davenport, Earl M„ Walla Walla, Wash. 
Davenport, Geraldine, Waterloo. Iowa 
Davenport, Sandra Lee, Caldwell, Ida., 286 
Davenport, Perry M., Provo 
Davenport, Margie, Boise, Ida. 
David, Suzanne, Salt Lake City, 194 
Davidson, Dawn llene, Salt Lake City 
Davidson, Betty Louise, Verdunig, Quebec, 346 

Cheney - Demet 

Davidson, Gwyn Dean, Provo 

Davidson, Marion N., Evanston, Wyo., 230, 298 

Davidson, Warren Edwin, Mapleton 

Davies, Clarence L., Provo 

Davies, R. J., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Davies, Thomas Glen, Alberta, Canada, 100 

Davis. Audrey Bean, Seattle, Wash., 313 

Davis, Aldeana, Seattle, Wash., 346 

Davis, Beth DeAnn, Casper, Wyo., 349 

Davis, Beth, Provo, 333 

Davis, Betty Fay, Magna, 182 

Davis, Betty Bernice, Salt Lake City, 346 

Davis, Briant Leroy, Provo, 156 

Davis, Charles Floyd, Billings, Mont. 

Davis, Charles William, Grants, N. Mex., 366 

Davis, Dee Lamar. China Lake, Calif. 

Davis, Diane, Provo 

Davis, Donald David, Jacksonville ,Fla. 

Davis. Douglas Monte, Buhl, Ida., 308 

Davis, Eldon Paul, Kanab, 308 

Davis, Elise Dancy, Provo 

Davis, Gerald England, Woodland Hills, Calif. 

Davis, Garold Neil, Provo, 298, 310 

Davis, Hazel Ruth, Salem, 194, 290 

Davis, Jack Lynn, Hawthorne, Calif, 184 

Davis, Joan, Provo, 326 

Davis, Judy, Somerton, Ariz., 344 

Davis, Leland Ellis, Provo 

Davis, Lena K., Hoolehua, Hawaii, 29 

Davis, Linda Gale, Boise, Ida., 354 

Davis, Lorin Richard, Orem 

Davis, Michael J., Provo 

Davis, Nina Doreen, Salt Lake City 

Davis, Naoma Mila, Riverside, Calif, 145, 356 

Davis, Raymond Leon, Kanarreville, 288 

Davis, Richard LeRoy, Powell, Wyo., 359 

Davis, Richard Lynn, Los Angeles, Calif, 311, 316 

Davis, Robert Ollerton, Oakland, Calif. 

Davis, Rollin Stuart, Salt Lake City 

Davis, Ronald Mitchell, Provo 

Davis, Thomas Nichols, Ogden, 230 

Davis. William Keith, Ashland, Ore. 

Davis, Wendel Morgan, Salt Lake City, 206, 330 

Davison, Norman E.,. Grants Pass, Ore., 351 

Davisson, Janeal S., Hlllsboro, Ore., 336 

Daw, Janet, Idaho Falls, Ida., 218, 349 

Dawson, Kenneth Edsel, Henefer 

Dawson, Ray H., Provo 

Day, Arthur Merrill, Provo 

Day, Carl F., American Fork 

Day, Carol Louise, Bellwood, III., 218, 349 

Day, Gloria, Hiawatha, 294 

Day, Gloria Eleanor, Provo 

Day, Kent Roundy, American Fork 

Day, Melvin Robert, American Fork 

Day, Marian Leonora, San Diego, Calif, 328 

Day, Roxanna Kay, Kuna, Ida., 314 

Day, Paul Frederick, Provo 

Day, Sherman Ross, Draper 

Day, William Edward, Oakley, Ida. 

Day, Sidnee, Murray, 216, 333 

Dayley, Bobby Gene, Burley, Ida., 363 

Dayley, Barbara Lee, Burley, Ida.. 226, 356 

Dayley, Kendall Newell, Burley, Ida., 356 

Dayton. Kenna Beth, Salt Lake City, 188, 310, 314 

Dayton, Lynn Taylor, Cokeville, Wyo.. 349 

Dayton, Sharon Reed, Jr., Cokeville, Wyo. 

Dayton, Diane Louise, Salem, 316 

Dean, Billy Rex, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Dean, Connie Ann, American Fork 

Dean, Dorothy Mae, Evanston, Wyo., 354 

Dean, Dorothy, Midway 351 

Dean, Duane Harvey, Spanish Fork 

Dean, Leroy Albert, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Dean, Larry Edward, Twin Falls. Ida. 

Dean, Stanley Michael, Spokie, III., 326 

Deaver, Cameron Keith, Deep Run,' N.C., 330 

DeBloois, Betty Gene, Provo, 309 

DeBloois, Evan Ira, Holden, 368. 

Debry, Legrant C, Monterey, Calif. 

Deby, Winnifred Vera, Edmonton, Canada, 333 

DeCastro, Odair Silva, S. Paulo, Brazil 

Decker, Barbara Jean. Glendale, Calif, 316. 349 

Decker, Dean Alma, Winnemucca, Nov., 302 

Decker, Helen Jean, Mesa, Ariz. 

Decker, Loral Alvin, Snowfiake, Ariz. 

Decker, Laurel Weldon, Mesa, Ariz., 156, 338 

Decker, Rey Melvin, Mesa, Ariz., 313 

Dedrickson, Dan Lee. American Fork 

DeGraff, Enried Helen, Provo 

DeGaston. Camilla T., Los Angeles, Calif 

DeGregorio, Joseph P., Jewett City, Conn., 114 130 

Dehaas, Corry Cornelia, Orem 
DeHart, Dennis Arno, Payson 
DeLaney, Dorre Anne, Cranbury, N. J. 
DeLand, Richard L„ Lynwood, Calif, 336 
DeLange, Leland Lerey, Orem 
Delemare, Donald Kay, Tooele 
Del Fium, Dorene J., Downey, Calif. 
Demaree, Ronald K., Provo 
Do Marcus, Ronald L., Lancaster, Calif, 368 
Demer, Clair Deloy, Murtaugh, Ida. 
Demet. James Hercules, Racine, Wis. 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Densley, Vernon Lamar, River+on, 328 D 

Denhalter, John Henry, Orem 

Denham, Clara Parker, Provo 

Dennett. Norma Joan, Culver City, Calif., 190, 344 

Dennett, Karen lleen. Provo 

Denning. Deloy. Vaughn, Mont. 

Denney. Donald B., Blackfoot, Ida.. 298 

Denning, Elizabeth Ann, Charlotte, N.C.. 357 

Dennis, Kerol Ann, Gunnison. Colo., 359 

Dennis, Lorraine A., Modesto, Calif., 351 

Dennis, Lonnie Morris. Pico, Calif., 108. 323 

Deputy, Susan, Salisbury, Md., 356 

Deputy, Nancy, Salisbury, Md., 314 

De Paula, Looses Z., Brazil 

Derrick, Loretta B.. Provo 

Derrick. Keren, Salt Lake City. 188, 218, 349 

Derrick, Paul Irven, Provo 

De Ryke. Edith, Ogden. 359 

Derr, Bradley K., El Cerrito. Calif. 

Desai, Hasmukhrai S., India 

Qeshler, Sandra Lee, Mesa, Ariz., 351 

Despain, Faith, Lovell, Wyo., 286 

Despain, Philip Clive. Centerfield, 312 

Despain, William J., Sandy, 352 

Detomasi, Lilian Rae, Orem 

Detomasi, Vivian Mae, Orem 

Devashrayee, Jyolindra, Bombay 

Devereaui, Lynn Birk, American Fork 

Devenport, Eugene C, Ucon, Ida.. 298 

Devey, Beverly, American Fork. 153, 290 

De Victoria, Joseph R., New York. N.Y., 298 

Devine, Mary Mildred. Seattle. Wash., 80. 208. 220, 

De Vries, Carolyn D.. Salt Lake City. 298 
Devries, Robert Herman, Oakland, Calif. 
Dew, Donald C, Florence, S.C., 335 
Dewey, Edith JoAnne, Ogden, 351 
Dewey, Lareine, Boise, Ida. 
Dewey. Joe Robert. Jr., Provo 
Dewey, Richard Alan. Overton, Nev.. 150, 349 
Dewey, Patricia, Boise, Ida. 
Dewey. Phyllis M.. Ontario. Calif., 333 
Dey. John Coyle, Jr., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Dibb, Dianne, Draper, 346 

Dibble. Maynard Nelson. Salt Lake City, 246, 353 
Dickerson, Larry E., Provo, 184 
Dickerson, Judith L., Tucson, Ariz., 346 
Dickey. Mary Lou. Orem. 348 
Dickson, Lloyd Brent, Provo 
Didericksen. Coraleigh. Tremonton, 331 
Dierksen, Carol Mae. Yosemite, Calif.. 326 
Dietrich, Ernest John, Emmett, Ida., 306 
Dike. James Alvin, Hawthorne, Nav., 309 
Dilks, Carolyn Emily, LaHabra, Calif. 
Dill, Douglas Leon, Salem, Ore., 323 
Dillman. Esther Elaine, Salt Lake City 
Dillman, Tanya Faye, Salt Lake City 
Dills, Joseph Ronald, Jacksonville, Fla., 336 
Dillon. Reid L., Orem 

Dimick. Delbert Royal. Albany. Ore.. 354 
Dimter. Lauren Hanley. Los Angeles, Calif., 294 
Dinkins. Shirley P., Provo, 296 
Dinkins, Norman S., Provo 
Ditlevsen. Calvert A., American Fork 
Dittmore. Sandra W.. Leoria, N.J.. 356 
Dittus, Hildegarde E.. Fargo, N.D. 

Ditty. James Mitchell, Wilmington, Calif. 

Divine, Kora Lee Ann, Bonanza, 346 

Dixon, Donald Romney, Salt Lake City. 110. 192 

Dixon, Glenn Ray, Payson 

Dixon, James Douglass, Payson. 287 

Dixon. Karen, Provo, 153, 316 

Dixon, Marjorie Jean, Orem. 339 

Dixon, Shirley W.. Payson, 196, 325 

Diahanbani, Farrakh R., Iran, 302 

Dockstader. Bruce Jay, Preston, Ida., 184, 361 

Dockstader. James D., Preston, Ida.. 354 

Dodd, Graham. Alberta, Canada. 351 

Dolinar, Richard A., Provo 

Domon. John Edward. Nampa, Ida., 311 

Doman, William Larry, Ontario, Ore. 

Doman, Earl Arthur. Riley, Ore. 

Doman. Verl Thomas. Riley. Ore., 150 

Doman, Joyce Moroni, Walnut Creek. Calif. 

Donaldson. Kenyon V.. Duncan. Ariz. 

Done, Joseph A.. Provo 

Done, John Marsh, Payson 

Dorgan, Lynette A.,. Provo, 257 

Doraan, Francis G., Provo 

Dorius, Dale M., Fayette 

Dorius, Sheldon Alma. San Francisco. Calif. 

Dorman, Joseph Wayne. Pompano Beach. Fla., 354 

Dorny. Deanne Emilie. Chevy Chase. Md.. 216. 323 

Dory. Deanna, Maxwell. Calif. 

Dorr. Phil, San Carlos. Calif. 

Dotson. Robert Bryce, Panaca, Nev. 

Doty, Ronald Evan. Colton, Calif., I 14 

Doty, Lois Ward, Provo 

Doty, Ann Marie, Fort Etewart, Ga., 222, 352 

Dougall, Jeanette L., Springville, 323 

Douglas, Jean, Billings. Mont., 354 

Douglass. Madelyn Faye, China Lake. Calif., 353 

Dowler. Joanne Rae. Richfield 

wning, David G., Provo, 315 

Downes, F. Joan. Spokane. Wash.. 257, 300 

Downing, George Joy, Hi-Nelle, N.J. 

Downs. Gerald Cecil, Midvale 

Doxey, John Rulon, Oakland, Calif.. 330 

Doxey, Roger Watson. Salt Lake City, 192 

Drage. Berniece C, Spanish Fork, 370 

Drake. Beverley Ann, Reno, Nev., 360 

Drake, Leon Ray. Nampa. Ida., 323 

Drake. Robert Joseph, The Dalles, Ore.. 354 

Drake. Charles F., Falkville, Ala.. 

Dreney, Cyril L.. Jr., American Fork 

Draper. Eilene Mae, Price 

Draper. Leola CuHorth, Moreland, Ida. 

Draper, Vernon Thomas, Price, 308 

Draper, Ted C, Provo. 324 

Draper, Otto Ludwig. Provo 

Dray, Henry Dennis, Rens, N.Y., 352 

Draughn. Norma Dale. Mount Airy, N.C.. 216. 322 

Dreith. Margery Ann, Lakewood, Calif. 

Drechsel, LaRue. Salt Lake City, 344 

Dredge. Jesse R., Jr., Melad, Ida. 

Dredge, Cherye Lee. N. Hollywood, Calif., 331 

Dreger. Dorothy K., Richland, Mont., 293 

Drew. Lamar H., American Fork 

Drennan, Robert Warren. San Mateo, Calif., 370 

Driggs. Gary Harmon. Phoenix, Ariz., 318 

Driggs. Gloria Kay. Fresno. Calif., 200, 222, 358 

Driver, Robert James. DelMar, Calif. 

Drtscoll, Jerry Adams. Pingree, Ida., 364 

Drisell. Carolyn. San Jose. Calif., 190. 322 

Drown, Doris, Murray 

Drollinger. Richard O.. Payson 

Drummoncl,.. Alvin Lavar, Sacramento. Calif. 

Dryden. Thomas Edgar, Jerome. Ida., 308 

Duarte. Ella Mae. Brownsville. Tex., 352 

Duce Norman 5., LetRbridge, Alberta, 330 

Dudding. Earl B., Washington. D.C. 

Dudley, Winone tillack, Provo. 316 

Dudley, Robert Lee, Provo, 302 

Duerden. Frosty Ella. Downey. Calif., 288 

Dufftn, Deanna Zelma, Bountiful, 204 

Duffin, Carolyn Faie, Nyssa, Ore. 

Duffin, Luann, Tooele. 355 

Dugmore. Gale A.. Ferron 

Dugan. John Paul, Colo. Springs, Colo., 337 

Duke. E. Jean Fisher, Provo 

Duke, John Helekunihi, San Leandro, Calif., 114 

Duker. Beppie A. Van H., Berkeley, Calif. 

Duncan, Edward Bruce. Calgary. Alberta 

Duncan, James Sherrill. Springville 

Duncan. Lloyd Orval, Roosevelt 

Duncan, McNeil, Jr.. Roosevelt 

Duncan. Robert Adam. Salt Lake City 

Duncan, Ronald Parker, South Africa. 354 
Dunford, Charles Kent, Provo, 295 
Dunford, Arlene, Provo, 326 
Dunford. John Parley. Portland, Ore.. 335 
Dunford, Harold Gene, Provo, 317 

Dunford, Max Patterson. Provo 

Dunford, Thomas Jay, Bloomington, Ida., 228. 306 

Dunkley. James Leonard. American Fork. 360 

Dunkley. Laura Jo., Arlington, Va., 208 

Dunlap, Freida Lurleen, Hagerman, Ida. 

Dunn, Charles Richard, Boise. Ida., 114 

Dunn. Gary Joe, San Diego. Calif., 114, 202, 360 

Dunn, Heber Grant. Provo. 322, 334 

Dunn. J. L.. Annabella 

Dunn Patricia Sally. Provo. 212. 236 

Dunn, Patricia E.. Englewood Colo., 194. 298, 318 

Dunn. Stanley W., Golden, Colo., 364 

Dunyon, Ann Curry, Grantsville, 200, 354 

Dupaix, Melvin Miles, Provo, 313 

Dupaix, Carol Rampelt, Provo, 319 

DuPont, Clyde Stanley, Oahu, Hawaii, 186 

Durand, Rene Ronald, Chicago, III. 

Durfee, Milo Vaughn, Provo, 314 

Durfee, Lynn Ernest. W. Covina. Calif. 

Durfee, Keye Lucille, Spanish Fork. 351 

Durfee, Kenneth D., Heyburn, Ida. 

Durfey, Evan Haws, Provo 

Durfey, Joseph McLean, Bicknell, 330, 336 

Durham, Luanne. Trenton. N.J.. 333 

Durrant, Deanna C, Cedar City, 347, 365 

Durrant, John L.. Meridian, Ida. 

Durrant. Jeanne Davis. American Fork, ?88 

Durrant, Norman W., Blockfoot, Ida. 

Durrant. Ronald Jesse. Blackfoot, Ida., iOO, 294 

Durrant, Vicki Leola, A.merican Fork, 29, 188, 222, 

Durtschi, Alma Fenton. Orem 

Durtschi, Belden B., Provo, 336 

Durtschi. Elise, Salt Lake City, 323 

Dutson. Gary D.. Deseret, 360 

Dutson, Earnest Paul. Ontario, Ore.. 214, 317 

Dutson. Dixie. Oak City. 356 

Dutton, Charlene Daina. Pasadena. Calif. 

Duxbury. Doug, Calgary, Alberta 

Duval!. John Joseph. Roseburg, Ore., 298 

Duvall. Lavoir D.. Moses Lake, Wash. 

Dwight, Dee Elaine, Butte. Mont.. 228 

Dyer. Carleen Mae, Salt Lake City, 87 

Dyer, Bruce Thomas. Portland, Ore.. 279 

Dyer, Tomelene. Tempe, Ariz., 343 

Eagleston. Gerald J.. Bakersfield, Calif, 210, 313 

Eager, Stephen Robert, San Manuel, Ariz. 

Eames, Clarissa G.. Empire. Ore., 228, 348 

Earhart, Winnifred M.. Artesia. N. Mex., 323 

Earl, Esther Miriam, Las Vegas, Nev., 190, 291 

Earl, Roman Dale. Lethbridge, Alta. 

Earnshaw, Cheryl Ann. Bountiful 

Earnest, Gary Winton, Longview, Wash., 124 

Eastis, Dave Lee. Denver, Colo., 124, 210 

Eastmond. Elbert J.. Jr., Provo, 333 

Eaton, Valoy, 118 

Eaves, Bradford Wilbur, Hawaii 

Eatough, Norman LeRoy, Provo 

Eberhard, Collette, Preston, Ida. 

Eberhart, Norma P.. Grand Junction, Colo., 326 

Echols. Clyde Gordon. Provo, 145. 325 

Echols. Eleanor Joyce, Phoenix. Ariz. 

Echols. Velna Jean M., Provo, 286 

Echelberger, Don D.. Jr., San Diego. Calif., 345 

Eckel. Paul Ralph. Medford. Ore., 108, 202 

Eddington, G. JoAnn, Murray, 357, 360 

Eddington, Bonnie Rae, Northridge, Calif., 315 

Edgar, Janice Lee, Richland, Wash., 182, 345 

Edgley. Evelyn Lamar. McBean, Ga., 100, 318 

Edenfield, Grady, McBean. Ga., 100, 318 

Edlefsen. Patricia Lee. Boise, Ida., 190 

Edner, Judith Annette, Hayward, Calif., 347 

Edmunds. Paul K.. Mepleton, 214, 323 

Edward, John Brent, Sumatra, Mont., 287 

Edvalson, Carl Ronald, Ogden 

Edrington. Val Dean, Roosevelt 

Edwards, Charles B.. Provo 

Edwards. Elaine. Belle Fourche. S.D., 194, 314 

Edwards, Gary Clifford, Heber 

Edwards, Hugh Ted, Monticello, 102, 309 

Edwards, Louis John, Thistle 

Edwards, Ray. Orem 

Edwards. Sheldon M.. Boulder City, Nev. 

Een, Myrtle Kay. Woods Cross 

Egan, Horace Fredric. Provo 

Egen, Leonard Norman, Vancouver. Wash.. 328 

Egbert, Dolores Ann, Murtaugh. Ida. 

Egbe^. Lawrence K.. Twin Falls, Ida., 349 

Egg. Theron Jay, Jr., Seattle, Wash. 

Eggett, Lanay, Bountiful, 345 

Ekins, Gene Arnold, Hinckley 

Elam, Diane Kathleen, Pendleton, Ore. 

Elder, Clara Lee, Casper, Wyo., 357 

Elder. Fern Arlene. Kennewick, Wash.. 228. 327 

Eldredge, Joseph Lloyd, Vancouver, Wash. 

Eldredge, Susan E., Salt Lake City 

Elgan. Jess B., Provo 

Eliason. Patricia Ann, Snowville, 188, 290 

Eliasen, Gary Raymond, Rockland, Ida.. 347 

Eliason. Bert Clair. Snowville. 84, 210, 360 

Eliason, Carl Daniel, Gettysburg, S.D., 326 

Eliason, Diane, Salt Lake City, 323 

Elison, William W., Blackfoot. Ida. 

Elkins, John Russel, Altadena, Calif. 

Ellett, Sheldon, Bicknell 

Ellingson. Harvey D., Taber. Alta. 

Elliott. Shirley, Provo 

Ellis. Claudia. Ogden. 347 

Ellis, Deanne Alta, LaHabra, Calif., 323 

Ellis, Gay Mercedes, Provo 

Ellis. Geralyn Rae, Pomona, Calif., 315 

Ellis, Jede Neil. Mancos, Colo., 323 

Ellis, James_William, San Diego, Calf, 358 

Ellis, John McKie, Palestine, Tex., 303 

Ellis. Royal Val, Heber 

Ellis, Victor Gary, Spanish Fork 

Ellison, Carole, Provo 

Ellsworth, Barbara H„ Vesta, N.Y., 145, 323 

Ellsworth, Cherel Jane, Las Vegas, Nev., 334 

Ellsworth. Delbert W... Sacramento, Calif., 314 

Ellsworth, D. Kirkman, Payson, 186, 237, 309 

Ellsworth, Eloise, Pima, Ariz., 288 

Ellsworth, Elmer, Pasadena, Calif. 

Ellsworth, Judith M., Salt Lake City, 257, 300 

Ellsworth, Karen, Chino, Calif. 

Ellsworth, Karmen, Chino, Calif. 

Ellsworth. Lynn, Ontario. Calif. 345 

Ellsworth, Sterling G... Salt Lake City, 103 

Elm. Bruce Hyde. Burbank. Calif 

Elmer, Sheldon Leroy. Central, Ariz. 

Elmer, Theodore K... Provo, 286 

Elmore, Janice Sue, Carlsbad, N. Mex., 352 

Elton. Dan K.. Provo 

Elton, Robert Harold, Los Angeles, Calif, 334 

Elton, Sharon Anne, Salt Lake City, 153 

Elton, Wayne Daniel, Salt Lake City, 162, 163 

Ely, Raymond William. Los Angeles, Calif. 230, 314 

Ely. Glade Ervin, Payson 

Elzinga. Charles D.. Burley. Ida., 345 

Emery, Ivan Earl, Ganado, Ariz., 333 

Emmett, Sally. Rochester. Minn., 208 

Emmett. Judith Joni, Ontario, Ore., 366 

Emmons, Elmer Lamar, San Jose, Calif., 286 

Emory, Jonia Ann, Washington, D.C. 279 

Empey, Jay Grant, Price 

Empey. William Jerry, St. George, 314 

Enders. Gordon Wesley. Kennewick. Wash., 322, 338 

Endicott, Barbara G., Springfield, Ore., 323. 337 


Engelman, Jacqueline, F. Frovo 

Engemonn, Paul Karl, Van Nuys, Calif. 

Engel, Wayne Taylor, San Francisco, Calif. 

England, Joseph Deloyd, Provo, 202 

England, Ann Christine, Salt Lake City, 216 

Engle, Ira, Jr., Seymour, Conn, 

Enniss, Noel Huff, Provo 

Enos, Mildred P., Hawaii 

Enos, Arthur Keawe, Hawaii 

Enz, Marlene Smith, Provo 

Ensign, Richard Doug, Glendale, Calif., 359 

Epling, Duane Alan, La Grande, Ore. 

Epperson, Carol L., New York City, N.Y. 

Erdman, Kimball S., Eugene, Ore., 317 

Erekson, William B., Salt Lake City, 326 

Erekson, Paul W., Provo 

Ericksen, Thomas Lund, Mt. Pleasant, 309 

Erickson, Allan Grant, Provo 

Erickson, Car) Henry, Freedom, Wyo., 286 

Erickson, Karl Gaylord, Boise, Ida. 

Erickson, Barbara L., Salt Lake City 

Erickson, Donn D., Monroe 

Erickson, David W., Pendleton, Ore., 359 

Erickson, Einar C, Ely, Nev. 

Erickson, JoAnn T., Fremont 

Erickson, Karen Marie, Los Angeles, Calif., 337 

Erickson, Larry Blaine, Lehi, 337 

Erickson, Leroy B., Provo 

Erickson, Maynard L., Sunnyside 

Eriksson, Herbert, Provo, 296 

Erskine, June Phoebe, Salt Lake City 

Escobar, Victor, San Leandro, Calif., 328 

Esler, Sally Ann, Phoenix, Ariz., 94, 212, 298 

Esplin, Thomas Valoy, Monroe, 325 

Estabrooks, Eugene M., Vaudrevil, Quebec, 298 

Estes, Dale Arden, Rochester, N.Y-, 316 

Estrada, David, Oakland, Calif., 302 

Estrada, Rosalind Sail, Oakland, Calif. 

Ettrich, Frederick E., Long Island, N.Y. 

Ethrldge, Eleanor Ruth, Macon, Ga. 

Evans, Bernell C, Payson 

Evans, Benda Lee, Helena, Mont., 323 

Evans, Camilla Harriet, Arimo, Ida., 348 

Evans, Carolyn Nadine, Sandy, 149, 346 

Evans, Cheryl Ann, Boise, Ida., 208, 222 

Evans, Derald Robert, Tooele 

Evans, David Lloyd, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Evans, Douglas Lloyd, Raymond, Alta. 

Evans, Douglas George, Calgary, Alberta, 85, 97, 330 

Evans, Earl Andrew, Jr., Las Vegas, Nev., 192 

Evans, Fred Melvin, Dallas, Tex., 298 

Evans, Georgia, Salt Lake City, 182 

Evans, Gary Hugh, Riverside, Calif., 184 

Evans, Jayne, Layton, 312 

Evans, Jean, Riverton, 232, 287 

Evans, Jacqueline, Bountiful, 345 

Evans, John Deuel, Blackfoot, Ida., 326 

Evans, Keith Ray, Payson 

Evans, Layne Robert, Ogden, 150, 354 

Evans, Myrtle Juanita, Salt Lake City 

Evans, Morgan John, Pleasant Grove 

Evans, Naomi Lillian, American Fork, 317 

Evans, Richard Neil, Clearfield 

Evans, Ronald Walter, Mesa, Ariz., 206, 335 

Evans, Sharron Rae, Tacoma, Wash., 3 14 

Evans, Sunya Dale, Berkeley, Calif., 153 

Evans, William Duane, Altamont 

Evans, William Bruce, Meridian, Ida., 338 

Evensen, Val Eugene, Durango, Colo., 349 

Evensen, Ronald C, Provo, 323 

Evenson, Merrilyn Ann, Martinez, Calif., 333 

Evert, Carolyn Janette, Cody, Wyo. 

Everton, LaDee, Brigham City, 345 

Evert, Lawrence Gerald, Cody, Wyo., 326 

Eveson, Charlene, Glenwood, Alta., 345 

Ewell, Marlow Henry, Santaquin, 345 

Ewell, Sheldon Feron, Monrovia, Calif., 335 

Ewing, Dana Kae, Omaha, Nebr., 359 

Ewing, Marie Ardella, Palo Alto, Calif., 80, 363 

Ewing, Joseph Harold, Provo 

Ewing, Caroline J., Provo 

Eyre, Sheila, Las Vegas, Nev., 196, 357 

Eyring, Wendell H., Jr., Chandler, Ariz. 

Eyring, Phillip M., Berkeley, Calif., 202, 298 

Facer, Mark Rolla, Malad, Ida. 
Facer, Marilyn, El Monte, Calif., 141, 323 
Fackrell, Lynn L., Hagerman, Ida., 334 
Fadley. Charles R., Provo, 302 
Faddis, John David, Pleasant Grove, 130 
Fagg, Connie May, Oakley, 345 
Fadely. Kennith L„ Middletown, Ind., 315 
Faherty, Florence R., Orem 
Fairbanks, William D., Raymond, Alta. 
Fairbanks, Rulon Roi, Raymond, Alta. 
Fairholm, Gilbert W., Salt Lake City 
Feller, Elaine G., Montreal, Que., 340 
Falslev, Joie, Altadena, Calif., 324 
Fannin, George R., Moses Lake, Wash., 315 
Fanene, Tauveve Leauma, Hawaii, 239, 316 
Farley, Ernest Kent Mesa, Ariz. 
Farley, Joyce Marie, Thatcher, Ariz., 145, 319 
Farley, E. Bruce, Yuma, Ariz. 
Farmakis, Demetrios, Greece, 312 

Farmer, Richard John, Fremont 

Farnsworth, Barbara M. ( Magna, 323 

Farnsworth, Clayton E.„ Panaca, Nev. 

Farnsworth, Carl Larry, La Plata, N. Mex., 237, 318 

Farnsworth, Clyde Ray, Ely, Nev., 314 

Farnsworth, Errol K., Twin Falls, Ida., 345 

Farnsworth, Gail, Salt Lake City 

Farnsworth, Kay, Long Beach, Calif., 94 

Farnsworth, Jack H., La Plata, N. Mex., 338 

Farnsworth, Mary Ellen, Orem, 349 

Farnsworth, Susanne L., Sunnyside 

Farr, Beverly, Pleasant Grove 

Farr, Gary Maurice, Case Grande, Ariz. 

Farr, David Jackson, Los Angeles, Calif., 81, 186, 323 

Farr, Lyle Elvin, Provo 

Farr, Michael Durham, Palo Alto. Calif., 358 

Farrell, Robert M„ Midway City, Calif. 

Farrer, Maureen Kay, Fullerton Calif. 

Farrer, Walter Mark, Provo 

Farrimond, Joan, Richland, Wash. 

Farrimond, Robert T., Santa Rosa, Calif., 351 

Faulk. Clive Gene, Lakeview, Ore., 323 

Faufata, Palmyra H., Hawaii, 354 

Faulkner, Kenneth L., Toppenish, Wash., 354 

Fauver, Phil Emmerton, Helena, Mont. 

Fawson, LuRae Curtis, Salt Lake City. 239 

Fay, Russell Durrant, Ely, Nev., 358 

Fechser, Lynn, Provo, 200, 226 

Fechser, Leslie, Provo, 200, 226, 354 

Fehlberg, Vernon Lee, American Fork 

Feller, George Russell, St. George, 308 

Felsted, Harold W., Pullman, Wash., 312 

Felshaw, Davicf D., Jr., Glendora, Calif. 

Felt, Howard John, Idaho Falls. Ida., 344 

Felt, Horace Gene, Idaho Falls, Ida., 340 

Felt, Richard George. Lehi 

Fenley, Mary Dagmar^ Provo, 323 

Fenn, Alvalee, Chilo, Mex., 344 

Fenn, Donald Eugene, Roseburg, Ore. 

Fennig, Mary Rita, Clovis, N. Mex., 220, 312 

Fenton. Alice Jean, San Mateo. Calif.. 208, 314 

Fenton, Charles Clark, San Mateo, Calif., 318 

Fenton, Nelson Thomas, Pleasant Grove 

Ferguson, Byron Paul, Orem 

Ferguson, James Earl, Kennewick, Wash., 317 

Ferguson, John A., San Diego, Calif. 

Ferguson, Roy Grant, Spanish Fork, 284 

Ferguson, Thelma J., Provo 

Fernandez, Celia Raye, Tampa, Fla., 222, 338 

Ferre, Carl Martin, Farmington, N. Mex., 288 

Ferrell, Richard M.., Hardin, Mont. 

Ferrell, James Roger, Provo, 280 

Ferrell, lla Kaye, Ogden, 315 

Ferris, Wesley Melvin, Springville 

Fesler, Fae Louise, Los Angeles, Calif., 370 

cklin. Royce Conrad, Salem 

elden, Connie Leone. Salt Lake City, 359 

eldhouse. Eleanor A.. Dodgevllle, Wis., 354 

eld, Eugene, Flushing, N.Y. 

eld, Ray Arvid, Nyssa, Ore., 228, 288 

elding, Bonnie Joan, Payson, 299 

elding, Leica, Salt Lake City, 345 

elding, Robert Kent, Orem 

elds, Charles Wesley. Vale, Ore., 318 

fe, Charles Lynn, Idaho Falls, Ida., 3(1 

fe, Dennis J., Filer, Ida. 

fe, Janice, Yuma, Ariz., 286 

fe, JoAnne, New Orleans, La., 348 

fe, Mary Ellen, New Orleans, La., 360 

fe, Sharon, Hamilton, Mont. 

fe, Richard Stewart, Sacramento, Calif, 323 

llmore, Alfred Max, Provo 

llmore, William Ray, Idaho Falls, Ida., 366 

nch, Gerald Max, Provo 

nch, James Moran, Spanish Fork, 318 

nch, Richard Henry, Oakland, Calif., 290 

nch, Shirl Joseph, Orem 

ndlay, Helen Roblson, Provo 

ndlay, Lynn F., Kanab, 308 

ndlay, Jack R., Panaca. Nev. 

nell, Charles Wayne, Walnut Creek, Calif., 357 

nlayson, Fred C, Provo, 280 

nlayson, Ralph Leon, Seattle. Wash., 192, 328 

nlinson, David S., Oak City, 230, 330 

nlinson, Arline Rose, Provo, 314 

nnell, Gerald Edwin, Kelso, Calif, 354 

nlinson, Sandra, Oak City 

scher, Clyde F.., Cincinnati, Ohio, 360 

schborn, Hans H., Costa Rica 

sh, Errol Ross, Mesa, Ariz., 366 

sh, Maurine, Salt^Lake City. 348 

sh, Marilyn Lee, Glendale, Ariz., 366 

shburn, Jerry R., Ogden, 317 

sher, E. Karin, Bountiful, 222, 286 

sher, Franklin F., Altadena, Calif., 366 

sher, Jan Gordon, Pleasant Grove, 368 

sher, Lynn Jessica, El Monte, Calif., 360 

sher, Joan, ShowLow, Ariz., 325 

ft, Jon Cleon, Provo, 99 

tisemann, Tavita, Samoa 

tch, James W., San Diego, Calif, 354 

tzgerald, Crozier K., Draper, 310 

tzgerald, Hal R., Whittier, Calif, 360 

tzgerald, James B., Draper 

Densley - Freeman 

Fitzgerald, Marilynne, Salt Lake City 

Fjeldsted, Carolyn, Gunnison 

Fjeldsted, Gilberta, Gunnison, 153, 335 

Flake, Lowry Kowallis, Nyssa, Ore., 358 

Flake, Nena Venice, Snowflake, Ariz., 286 

Flanary, Howard Lee, Nyssa, Ore., 85, 288 

Flanary, Paul Eugene, Nyssa, Ore., 140, 310 

Flenniken, Daisy, Millbrae, Calif. 

Fleming, Laura Ann, Provo, 200, 226, 363 

Fletcher, Donald E., Monitor, Wash. 

Fletcher, Bonnie Jean, Pascagoula, Miss. 

Fletcher, George A.., Provo, 298 

Fletcher, George R., Green River, Wyo., 334, 340 

Fletcher, Gloria, Magrath, Alta., 344 

Fletcher, L. Marie, P., Ogden 

Fletcher, George A., Provo, 298 

Fletcher, Lewis L., Provo 

Fletcher, Robert H., Santa Paula, Calif, 335 

Fletcher, Wayne Calvin, Ft. Collins, Colo., 346 

Flick, Roger Carroll, San Fernando, Calif 

Flint, Richard .Allen, Bellflower, III., 349 

Flitton, Dee W., Ogden 

Florine, Bonnie Claire, Long Beach .Calif. 

Flores, Carol Leilehua, Hawaii 

Floyd, Clettis Earl, Bonneville, Miss. 

Flygare, Patricia, Alton, Wyo., 286 

Flygore, Dorothy, Provo 

Folkman, Carol, Nyssa, Ore. 

Foley, Sandra, Temple City, Calif., 363 

Folsom, Kelvin Robert, Spokane, Wash., 323 

Folsom, Philip Kent, Ephrata, Wash., 345 

Foltz, Helen Maye, Boone, la., 314 

Fontana, Janice E., Castro Valley, Calif., 347 

Foote, Arvel Wayne, Welling, Alta. 

Foote, Duane Horace, Salt Lake City, 315 

Ford, LaRue, Provo 

Foreman, Richard W., Calgary, Alta., 314 

Foremaster, Mary Alice, St. George, 288 

Forgacs, Walter J., New York, N.Y., 323 

Forman, Robert Kent, Salt Lake City 

Forrest. Annamarie W., Payson, 323 

Forshee, Loy C, Provo 

Forshee, Toy Goldbrick, Provo 

Forslund, Carol Jean, Burbank, Calif., 156, 348 

Forster, Kenneth G., Calgary, Alta. 

Forsyth, Allen Dunn, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Forsyth, Gwen, Provo, 298 

Forsyth, Ward R., Fremont, 315 

Forsyth, Terry Norwood, Stockton, Calif 

Fortress, Edwlna Lee, Vallecito, Calif., 314 

Fossum, Linda Kay, Willow Ranch, Calif, 349 

Foss, Charleda Belle, Coeur d'Alene, Ida. 

Foss, Maralee Oiive, Coeur d'Alene, Ida. 

Foster, Diane E., Palo Alto, Calif, 313 

Foster, Margaret S., Copperton 

Foster, Myra Alyce, Ely, Nev. 

Fotheringham, Dean W., Orem 

Foulger, David Cragun, American Fork, 349 

Foulger, Jack Lewis, Washington, D.C., 150, 345 

Foulk, Donald Melvin, Walnut Creek, Calif, 323 

Fountain Barbara Jean, Van Nuys, Calif. 

Fout7, Elvadeen, Las Vegas, Nev., 190, 314 

Foutz, Pauleen Marie, Las Vegas, Nov., 323 

Fowkes, Ivar Gene, Evanston, Wyo., 302 

Fowler, Joyce Elaine, Burley, Ida., 345, 351 

Fowler Richard M... Lehi 

Fowlie, John Kenneth, Calgary, Alta. 

Fowles Robert L., Provo, 286 

Fowles, Lue Ann, Oakley, Ida. 

Fowles, Jennette, Oakley, Ida., 204, 218 

Fowles, Sally Jo, Caldwell, Ida., 357 

Fox, Harold C, Lehi 

Foxx, Daniel Leroy, Jr., Guffney, S.C., 348 

Fox, Laura Carolyn, Vernal, 330 

Fox. Robert Barlow, Ogden 

Fox, Ruth Elaine, Elk Grove, Calif, 308 

Fox, William, Tooele 

Fox, William Hartley, Provo- 

Foy, Margaret Ann, Panguitch 

Frame, Jerold M., Cedar City, 184 

Francis, Dean Samuel, Provo 

Francis, Larry Lee, Spanish Fork 

Francis, Jane Ann, Spanish Fork, 220, 316 

Francom, Baunie Jean, Salt Lake City 

Francom, Donell G., American ForV 

Francom, Judith Kay, Green River, Wyo.. 222, 345 

Francom. Sharon Louise, Salt Lake City, 348 

Frandsen, Melvin Keith. Idaho Falls. Ida., 359 

Franks. Allen George, Oakley, Ida. 

Franks. Lynn W., Oakley, Ida. 

Fraughton, Carol, Pleasant Grove 

Fraser, Frances Ann, Grantsville, 344, 356 

Frazier, Vernon Lamar, Provo 

Frazier, Stephen E., Pocatello, Ida. 

Frederickson, John R.. Twin Falls, Ida., 345 

Frederickson, William E., Jr., Springville, 318 

Frederick, Ladonna Lee, Forest Grove, Ore. 

Fredrickson, Lewis K., Provo 

Fredrickson, N. Luan S., Provo, 146 

Fredrickson, Ralph V., Provo 

Free, Joseph Carl, Provo, 280 

Free, Lory M., Provo 

Freeman, Carol Ann, Long Beach, Calif., 286 

Freeman, Cheryl Ruth. Fresno. Calif., 335 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Freeman, Lawrence G., Rockland, Ida. 

Freeman, Robert Dean, Rockland, Ida. 

Freeman. Robert Hugh. Hazlehurst, Miss.. 349 

Freeman. Ronald George, Ogden 

Freer, Ferrel Lewis. Mountain Home, Ida. 

Frehner, Verl L, Mesquite. Nev., 230. 328 

Frehner, Graeme Henry. Mesquite, Nev., 149, 349 

Frehner. Roberta. Salt Lake City, 349 

Frei. Donald William, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 298 

Frei, Marlene. St. George, 288 

French. Russell Carl, Hillspring, Alta. 

French. William C. Long Beach, Calif.. 338 

Fresh. Ludene E., Blackfoct. Ida. 

Frey, Leslie Jean. Portland, Ore.. 357 

Friel, Boyd D.. Springville 

Fritz. Sharon Lynne. Freeport, III.. 288, 358 

Frirzsche, Mary Ellen, Chicago, III.. 216 338 

Frizzell Thomas P., Farmersville. Tex. 

Froelich. Dale J.. Provo. 323 

Frcerer, Carol Joyce. Vale. Ore.. 335 

Froneberger. Harold B.. Cherryville. N.C.. 330 

Fronlc. Frances Kay, Ogden, 349 

Froneberger. Mickye R.. Cherryville, N.C., 284 

Frost, Allen DeLoss. Salt Lake City 

Frost, Jack, Joseph City, An.. 288 

Frost. Louise. Spanish Fork, 228, 365 

Frost, Merrill F„, Provo 

Frost, Ronald Norman, Springville 

Frost, Robert James. Calgary, Alta. 

Fryer, Gary Lee, Springvile 

Fryer, Kenneth Lowln, Provo 

Fjchigami. Ronald S.. Hawaii, 316 

Fugal. Lois, Pleasant Grove. 349 

Fuga!, Janeit, Pleasant Grove, 337 

Fugal, Kristine, Pleasant Grove. 338 

Fuhrimen, Charlene, Melba. Ida.. 318 

Fuhrimen. Jerald Dene, Nampa, Id*. 

Fujita. Wilfred Susumu, Hawaii 

Fuller. Dorthy Ann. Winslow. Ariz. 

Fuller, Doyle Gubler, LaVerkin, 333 

Fuller, Gary Rex, Campbell, Calif. 

Fuler.'Mary Loueen, Sat Lake City. 194, 326 

Fuller, Merilyn May, Cottonwood. Ariz.. 315 

Fuller. Mary Pearl. Fruita. Colo.. 310 

Fuller. Ramon Conrad. Roy. 280 

Fuller. Robert Allen, LaCrescenta. Calif., 184, 330 

Fullmer. Darlene, Delta 

Fullmer. David F.. Monticello. 349 

Fulsom, Robert C, Provo 

Funk Ida Emelia. Deweyville, 345 

Funk] Leonnie. Blythe. Calif., 358 

Furlong, Richard M., Ogden 

Furr, Mary Lucile. Byron, Wyo. 

Gabbitas, George William. Jr.. Bakersfield, Calif. 
GabboH, Constance Ann, Salt Lake City, 196, 288 
Gabbitas. Rex Frank, Provo 
Gadd. Carol Louise, Nephi, 359 
Gaddis, Gail Thomas. II. Chandler. Ariz., 368 
Gagon. Gale, Prcvo 

Gailey, Arthur Varney. San Diego, Calif.. 3 15 
Gailey. Richard W.. Preston, Ida., 298 
Gale. James Elden, Provo 
Gale. Levon Russel. Durango, Colo., 334 
Gale. Douglas Lavoir. Moses Lake, Wash. 
Gale. Orvil Lavar. Chandler. Ariz. 
Gale, Norman Lon. Sector. Calif. 
Gallego, David Tapia. Delona. Calif. 
Galloway, John Alden, Roosevelt 
Gallup. Norman Ray, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Galbles. Harry Brim. Swan Lake, Ida.. 300 
Gamblin, Gerald Allen, San Carlos. Calif.. 300 
Gamett. Joe Taylor. Provo 
Ganus, Perry Gene, Sanford. Colo.. 280 
Gappmayer. Richard B., Orem 
Gappmayer, Louis Bartl, Orem, 299 
Garber. Ralph Michael, Boise. Ida.. 359 
Garcia, Richard Louis. Yuma. Ariz., 114 
Garcia. Pereyra Raul, Mexico 
Gardiner. Rodney E., Lethbridge. Alta., 338 
Gardiner. Verlin D., Vernal, 333 
Gardner, Alan W., Spanish Fork 
Gardner, Andrew R.. Delta 
Gardner. Archibald B., Orem 
Gardner, Charles N., Provo 
Gardner. Carol Barson, Provo 
Gardner. Colin, Gndley, Calif.. 299 
Gardner, Claudia Joan, Roy 
Gardner. Duane L., Provo. 299 
Gardner, Eldon Claire. Glendale. Ariz.. 280 
Gardner, Frankiln D.. Afton. Wyo. 
Gardner, Frances, Snowflake, Ariz. 
Gardner, Georganne, La Mesa, Calif. 
Gardner, Henry Jerry. Midvale. 206. 358 
Gardner, Lawrence B.. Provo 
Gardner, Lynn Jesse. Monterey Park. Calif.. 164 
Gardner. Mark Lavar. Firth. Ida. 
Gardner. Mattie Jean, Lund. Nev., 354 
Gardner. Milford B„ Afton. Wyo. 
Gardner, Miller R., Colorado Springs. Colo.. 167 
Gardner, Peagy Jane. Chlcopee Falls, Mass., 337 
Gardner, Robert Covey. Newport Beach, Calif., 214. 

Gardner, Richard M., Springville. 206 

Gardner. Richard M„ Provo. 192 

Gardner, Tracy Calvin, Covina, Calif. 

Gardner. Vilate. Berkeley. Calif.. 335 

Gardner, Wilma Harvey, Firth, Ida. 

Gardner. Wiley Dallln. Richfield. 284 

Garff. Kethryn Naomi, Salt Lake City 

Garfield, Carol Jean. Milford. 315 

Garfield, Don LaMar. Tremonton 

Garn. Kenneth Brett. Provo. 206. 340 

Gam, Ralph Frankin. Sugar City. Ida.. 146, 206. 334 

Garner. Carol Lynne, Burley. Ida., 359 

Garner, David Henry, Driggs. Ida.. 340 

Garner, Rex Wayne, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Garner, Melvin Hill. Payson 

Garrett, Barbara Ann. Nephi, 359 

Garrett, Ben Hill. San Marino, Calir., 190. 363 

Garrett, Beverly, Provo 

Garrett. Doro+hy L.. Copper+on 

Garrett. Gordon B.. American Fork. 237 

Garrett, Lawrence Y.. Ely, Nev. 

Garrett, Leon Sheril. Provo 

Garrett. Mark Wallace. Provo 

Garrlck, llyn David, Provo 

Garrick, Sheryl Earl, Provo. 354 

Garside. Arlyn Lamoyne, Ogden 

Garrison, William Lee, Burlington, la., 288 

Garside, Jayne G.. Provo 

Gessaway, Terrance Lee, Milwaukie, Ore. 

Gates. Franklin T., Seattle. Wash.. 347, 370 

Gates. Keith Thompson, Nampa, Ida. 

Gay. Joyce Gloria. Castro Valley, Calif., 345 

Gay, Marvin Lewis, Springville, 34^ 

Geddes. Marlse Alder, Provo 

Gedge, Devel KIdgetl, Riverton 

Gee, Edwin L., Provo 

Gee, Ivln Laurence, Lander, Wyo., 313 

Gee. Janet Anne. Oakland, Calif., 182 

Gee, Kenneth Vernal, Gunnison, 285 

Geer+sen. Lou Rita, Provo 

Geertsen, Vonda June, San Bruno, Calif. 

Geertsen, John Ralph, San Bruno. Calif. 

Gelgle, Ray Albert. Salt Lake City 

Geist. Maureen Grace, Orem, 349 

Geisler. Patricia M.. Salt Lake City, 325 

Gentile, Margaret Mary, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Gentry, Evelyn, Denver.Colo. 

Gentry, Edith Louise, Myton 

George, Curtis Dwight, Choteau, Mont. 

George. Billy. Hollden. 345 

George, Cloyd rOmond, Tooele 

George. DeAnn. Phoenix, Ariz. 

George. Joan Claudine, Las Vegas, Nev., 200, 358 

George, John Karl, Provo, 365 

George. Lillie Mae. Whlttier, N.C., 340 

Gerber, Austin M., Wellington 

Gerber, Alan Hero'd, Salt Lake City 

Gerber. Russell C, Lehi 

Gerhart. Fhil C. Great Falls, Mont.. 346 

Gerrard, Dortha Lynne, Murray 

Gerrard. Judith Norene. Evanston. Wyo., 182. 349 

Gertsch. Karen M., N. Hollywood. Calif.. 360 

Gesell. Laurence Ellis, Pomona, Calif., 358 

Getts, Larry David. Vaughn, Mont. 

Giauque, David Hughes, Monrovia, Calif., 184, 331 

Giauque, Barbara Anne. Monrovia, Calif. 

Giannola, Robert Lee, The Dalles, Ore., 349 

Gibb. David R., Walla Walla. Wash., 344 

Gibb, Robert Nelson, Raymond. Alta. 

Gibbons, Donna Porter, Holbrook, Ariz.. 345 

Gibbons. LeRoy III, Holbrook, Ariz., 156, 214. 316. 319 

Gibbons, Normand Lee, St. George 

Gibbs. Carolyn Jean, McCammon. Ida., 326, 334 

Gibbs, Gayle Yvonne, Antioch. Calif., 196. 332 

Gibbs. Calvin James, Ogden 

Gibbs. Laurel E.. Reliance. Wyo.. 298 

Gibbs, Walter Sherman, Portage, 230, 299 

Gibbs, Ronald Kent, Blackfoot, Ida., 150. 35! 

Gibson, Carol Jean. Phoenix, Ariz., 337 

Gibson, Carol Joy, Chino. Calif., 312 

Gibson, Richard S., San Francisco. Calif., 83 

Gibson, Shirley Rae, Nephi 

Gieck, Fred Gary. Boulder City. Nev., 318 

Glfford, Jack Hunter, Orange, Tex., 1 14 

Glfford, Clarence A., Olympia. Wash. 

Gilbert, Olga May. Santa Barbara. Calif.. 340 

Gilbert, Myrna Lee, Dayton, Ohio, 360 

Gilbert, Reta Alice. Penticon, B.C.. 317 

Gilchrist, Alan Curtis. Quincy, Wash., 323 

Gilchrist. DIanne S., Fort Sill. Okla.. 153 

Gilchrist, Norman D., Quincy. Wash. 

Giles. Alyce, Heber. 153 

Giles, Annette, Springville 

Giles. Kathleen. Hooper, 318 

Giles, Lawrence C, Salt Lake City, 364 

Gi'es, Leda Jeannette. Downey, Calif., 345 

Giles, Marvin Ray. Orem 

Gilger, l. Dwight, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Gltqer. Marilyn. Las Vegas, Nev.. 286. 299 

Gill. Gurcharan S.. Indio 

GUI, Diane Vlrqlnia. Los Angeles, Calif., 190 

Gillespie. Marilyn Rae. Casa Grande, Ariz., 363 

Gillie. Kenneth Dean. Calgary. Can., 332 

GHHson, Mary Louise. Portland, Ore.. 327 

Gllliland, Steve F.. Rosemead, Calif., 206, 370 

Gillman, Ladell, Provo 

Glngerich. Lamont, Spanish Fork 

Gines, Margaret, Woodland. 284, 294 

Gines, Ralph Junior, Orem. 288 

Giraud, John Leroy. Provo 

Gist, Clayton Scott, North Hollywood. Calif. 

Gish, Melvin Paul, Victorville. Calif. 

Gittins. Dixie Joy. Provo. 246, 370 

Glasgow, Buckner B., Jr. Provo , 

Glasson, Ruth Ann, New Plymouth, Ida. 

Glasson. Marie Stella, New Plymouth, Ida. 

Glauser. Nancy Jane, N. Hollywood, Calif., 340 

Glazier. Joan. Provo 

Gleason. Carol, Provo. 317 

Gleason, Alene, Provo, 370 

Gleave. Lonnie Deray, Provo, 124 

Gleave, Lynn, Provo, 118 

Gleave, Larry John, Annabella 

Gledhill, Cher! Lee, P. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Gledhill, Rex Dennis, Reseda, Calif. 

Glenn, Darlene, Anaheim, Calif., 307 

Glenn, Lowell M., Orem 

Glenn, Merrill Holton, Bri.gham City, 302 

Gloves. Geraldine S.. Provo 

Glover, LeRoy Dennis, Seattle, Wash. 

Glover, Jeanette, Fermington, 370 

Goad, Luther Andrew, Provo 

Goates, Irene, Parma. Ida.. 314 

Goble, Kenneth Grant, Magna, 359 

Goble. Dee Roy, Calgary. Alta. 

Godbold. Robert David. El Cajon. Calif., 370 

Godfrey, Arvin F., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Godfrey, Eva Louise, Richmond, 309 

Godfrey, Wesley Lynn, Portland, Ore. 

Godwin, Douglas Craig, Ely, Nev., 350 

Goff, Aladeen, Preston, Ida. 

Goff, Roland Cyril, Glendale, Calif. 

Gold. Cherry Sue. Sandy, 330 

Goidbar. Bonnie Lou, Sacramento, Calif., 351 

Goldman, Jay. Murray 

Goldsberry. Robert W.. Elko. Nev., 327 

Goldrup. Laurel Jean. Palo Alto. Calif., 360 

Goligfitly. Max C. Provo, 165, 169 

Gomm. Kenneth Lester, Ogden, 280 

Gonzalez, Melvyn P.. Costa Rica, 344 

Gooch, Thomas Lloyd, Provo 

Gooch. Darla Lou, Maywood, Calif. 

Good. Beverly B., Fullerton, Calif.. 344 

Gooch, Barbara Maryenn, Provo 

Goodfellow. Nola Gay, Bountiful 

Goodman, Evelyn Corene. Ventura, Calif.. 328 

Goodman, Wayne Frank, Salt Lake City 

Goodman, Shirley Dale, Provo 

Goodrich, Joann, Bluebell, 288 

Goodrich, Leonard Drew .Bluebell, 366 

Goodrich, Roger Evans. Moses Lake, Wash., 184, 356 

Goodsell, Joan Hale. Arlington, Va. 

Goodsell, Evelyn T., Rexburg, Ida., 312 

Goodson, Raymond Lynn, Tallahassee. Flo.. 210, 330 

Goodson, Charles Grant, Denver. Colo., 210, 213. 299 

Goodwin. Penny Lou, Santa Monica. Calif., 359 

Goodwin, Robert Allen, Panaca. Nev. 

Goold, Judy. Glendale. Calif.. 358 

Goold, Stanley Kay. Monroe 

Gordacan, Janice F., Fresno, Calif., 330 

Gordacan, Vincent F., Fresno, Calif.. 312 

Gordon. Donald, Wallace. Los Angeles. Calif.. 290 

Gordon. David Raymond. Provo, 351 

Gordon. David Reed, Richland, Wash. 

Gordon, Jerilee C, Culver City, Calif. 

Gordon, Janice. Provo. 319 

Gordon. Norman Ross, Richland, Wash. 

Gordon. Virginia Kay, Hiawatha, 300 

Gorringe. Richard Hal. Oakley, Ida. 

Gosar. Greg, Provo, 193. 310 

Gortler. Gordon Dickie, Columbia City, Ore.. 370 

Goss, Donna Deanne, Salt Lake City 

Gossett, Orien Roy, Chula Vista, Calif. 

Gossett. Daniel T„ Chula Vista, Calif.. 280 

Gould, Harry Joe, Winslow, Ariz. 

Gould. Suzanne. Tolleson, Ariz. 

Gould, Phyllis Irene, Phoenix. Ariz., 284 

Gould. Franklin David, Hamilton City, Calif. 

Gould. WllbumJames, Hamilton City. Calif. 

Goulding, Paul Vernal, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Goulding. Willis Larel, Provo. 288 

Gowans. Hugh Edmond, Tooele, 332 

Gowers. Cecil Mellree, Nephi 

Graff, Brittemarte C. Oregon City, Ore., 279, 302 

Goza. Kay Frances, Milton. Fla. 

Graham, Bobby Don, Green Forest, Ark., 308 

Graham, Boyd Mikel. Duckwater, Nev. 

Graham, Glenda, Draper. 190, 308 

Graham, Loyal Berkeley. Fairview 

Graham. Lillian H.., Eden 

Graham, Marilyn. Lorenzo. Ida., 370 

Graham. Wayne Robert. Eden, 302 

Granese, Salvatore, Provo 

Grange. Marqaret Ann, Pocatello, Ida., 370 

Grant. Dele Eldredqe. Provo, 114. 360 

Grant. David, Salt Lake City, 141 

Grant. Jay Williams, Olympia. Wash. 

Grant, Leo Melvin, American Fork, 360 

Grant. Marilyn Redford, Provo 





Grant, Richard Giles, Los Angeles, Calif., 286 

Grappendorf, Richard H., Waterloo, Iowa, 350 

Grappendorf, Joan J., Waterloo, Iowa 

Gray, Alan A., Seattle, Wash., 206 

Gray, Ralph William, Provo 

Gray, Shirley Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 330 

Gray, Sam Leland, Monroe 

Grey, Velma Jo, McGill, Nev. 

Greathouse, Shirley L, Ventura, Calif., 257, 300 

Greathouse. Linda M., Lynndyl 

Greaves, Karren, Preston, Ida., 232 288 

Green, Bonnie Ray, Casper, Wyo., 360 

Green, Carole, Blackfoot, Ida., 208, 358 

Green, Charles Ronald, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Green, Dixie L. t Salt Lake City, 306 

Green, Dee Forace, Salt Lake City, 87, 327 

Green, Diane, Redondo Beach, Calif. 

Green, Gordon Reed, Fountain Green 

Green, Joyce, Ventura, Calif., 153, 331 

Green, John Edward, Green River, Wyo., 358 

Green Myrna, Parowan, 327 

Green, Melvalee, Joplin, Mo., 361 

Green, Nancy Ruth, Salt Lake City, 363 

Green, Ray Wilbur, Harrisburg, Ore. 

Green, Violet June, Mocksville, N.C., 335 

Greene, Chloe Ann, San Carlos, Calif, 326 

Greene, Gilbert Weldon, Pleasant Grove 

Greene, Florence Nan, Glendora, Calif., 177, 370 

Greenhalgh, JInean, Provo, 326 

Greenhalgh, Richard N., Tustin, Calif., 302 

Greening, Dale Henry, American Fork 

Greenwell, Carla Lee, Grass Valley, Calif, 369 

Greenwood, Carma Mae, American Fork, 286 

Greenwood, Carol, American Fork, 286 

Greenwood, Dennis I., Union, Ore., 286 

Greenwood, Kay Frances, Salt Lake City, 363 

Greenwood, Noal Thomas, Sandy 

Greer, Harvey Stansell, St. Johns, Ariz. 

Greeson, Lois Nona, Kimberly, Ida. 

Gregerson, Marden J., Sevier 

Gregersen, Judith Ivy, Sevier, 370 

Grey, Alan Hopwood, New Zealand 

Grey, Sherrie Ann, Miami, Fla., 358 

Grey, Patricia Barney, Salt Lake City 

Grles, Barbara Venice, Grand Junction, Colo., 216, 333 

Griffeth, George G., Preston, Ida., 324 

Griffin, Gary Vernon, Victorville Calif. 

Griffin, Loretta Joyce, Hurricane, 351 

Griffin, Richard Earl, El Dorado, Ark., 346 

Griffin, Vivian Irene, Lethbridge, Alberta, 284 

Griffith, Dare Whitney, Hayden, Ariz., 326 

Griffiths, Francine A., Santa Rosa, Calif 

Griffiths, Floyd Leor, Provo 

Griffiths, Jerry W., Long Beach, Calif, 32, 79, 206, 290 

Griffiths, Roy Darrell, Provo 

Griffiths, R. Wayne, Santa Rosa Calif., 316 

Grigg, Delmo Kathryn, Ontario, Ore. 

Grigg, Samuel Parley, Harper, Ore., 227, 340 

Grigg, Barbara Janet, Ontario, Ore., 351 

Grimaud, Donald Leroy, Midvale, 317 

Grimmett, Karen M., Provo, 314 

Grimmett, Dixie Ann, Provo 

Grimshow, Barbara Mae, Cedar City, 284 

Groberg, John Holbrook, Provo, 318 

Groberg, Richard H., Idaho Falls, Ida., 184, 328 

Groneman, Janet Marie, Provo 

Groneman, Frances C, Provo 

Groo, Denis Earl, Provo 

Groshell, Patricia Ann, Seattle, Wash., 204, 222, 350 

Gross, Wallace Clint, Rockvllle, Ind., 361 

Grossen, William Mack McCloud, Calif 

Grotegut, David Arthur, Spanish Fork, 186, 284 

Grotegut, Berniece Ann, Spanish Fork, 344 

Grotegut, Jill, Spanish Fork, 190, 351 

Grous, Robert Donald, Garden Grove. Calif 

Grover, Deon, Draper 

Grover, Judith Kay, Evanston, III., 146, 200, 222, 334 

Groves, Harold J., Jr., Myton 

Grover, Wells Alston Rexburg, Ida., 280 

Grover, Scott Carl, Brigham City, 370 

Grow, David Spencer, Provo 

Gubler, Audrey Iris, Idaho Falls, Ida., 286 

Gubler, Brent H., Ivins 

Gubler, Jerald Royce, LaVerkin, 326 

Gudmundsen, Stewart L., Payson 

Gudmundsen, Ruth, Inglewood, Calif. 

Gudmundson, Clair W., Ely, Nev., 337 

Guerra, Ernesto, Peru, 351 

Guinn, Gayle William, Ajo, Ariz. 

Guinn, James Robert, Denver, Colo., 146 

Gummow, John Fred, Burley, Ida. 

Gundersen, Sherron, Salt Lake City 

Gunderson, Alvin Vern, Lorenzo, Ida., 230, 315, 319 

Gunderson, Gary Steven, Seattle, Wash., 370 

Gunderson, Cannon L., Huntington 

Gunderson, Merrill Ray. Spanish Fork, 312 

Gunn, Jerrilyn K.. Laconia, N.H., 370 

Gunnell Ro.bert Dean, Soda Springs, Ida. 

Gunner, John Eldred, Pett, Pa. 

Gurney, John Albert, Salina 

Gumey. Ralphena T., Payson 

Gurr, Kathryn Ann, Salt Lake City, 182, 350 

Gurr, Willis Orville, Siqurd. 297 

Gustaveson. Verl J., Coalville. 340 

Gustaveson, Lee Scott, Bountiful 

Gustin, John Lester, Springville, 119 

Gutierrez, Higiniio, Jr., Winslow, Ariz., 186, 337 

Gutierrez, Andrew Paul, Winslow, Arrz., 365 

Guymon, Duane S., Salt Lake City, 284 

Guymon, Burton L., Sherman Oaks, Calif., 308 

Guymon, Joan, Orem 

Guyon, Karen Denice, Montperier, Ida., 284 

Guzman, Aldofo M., Peru, 336 

Gwilliam, Norma Dagmar, Boise, Ida., 146 

Gwynn, Ann Lorraine, San Rafael, Calif. 

Gygi, Wayne Vance, Praovo, 290 

Haag, Eldon Leonard, American Fork 
Haase, Herbert Paul, Fillmore, Calif. 
Habeck, Marion Luella, Oconomowoc, Wis. 
Hacking, Donald Earl, Provo 
Hacking, Eleanore C, Vernal, 309 
Hacking, Joan Edna, Cardston, Alta., 309 
Hacking, Kenneth J„ Provo 
Hacking, Lani LaDean, Orem, 200 
Hacking, Lu Jeanne, Cedar Valley 
Hackwell, Glenn A., Helper 
Hackney, Kay Elaine, Morehead, Ky., 333 
Hackley, Sara Pauline, Provo 
Haddock, Gary Kay, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Haddock, Ian Grove, Meridian, Ida. 
Haddock, Stanton Mark, Meridian, Ida. 
Hadfield, llah LaVee, Lehi 
Hadley, Donald Blaine, Ogden, 145, 294, 351 
Hadley. Lenet, Emmett. Ida. 
Hadley, Darrel Leroy, Emmitt, Ida., 145 
Hadley. Ronald Lester, Salt Lake City, 328 
Haertel, Ronald Fred, Salt Lake City 
Hafen, Ada Marie, Ivins, 313 
Hafen, Ann Woodbury, Provo 
Hafen, Carol, Provo 
Hafen, Brooksby, Ernest. Santa Clara 
Hagerty. Everett Louis, Woodland Hills, Calif. 
Hagberg, Robin Carl, Gridley, Calif., 370 
Hague. Barbara Davis, Camas, Wash., 284 
Hague, Franklin Morris, Highmore, S.D., 319 
Hagmann, Mark Joseph, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Haines, Daryle Newton, Columbus, Ohio 
Heir, Leland Lamar, Salt Lake City, 206, 310 
Hair. Patsy Ann, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 351 
Hakes, Beverly Ann, Ashland, Ore.. 358 
Hale, Garron Ronald, Beaverton, Ore., 210, 370 
Hale, Glenn F., Payette, Ida., 358 
Hale, Gerald Ardell, Eagar, Ariz. 
Hale, Lynn Grant, Salt Lake City, 92, 340 
Hale, Norma Lynn, Midvale, 360 
Hale, Rodney F., Provo, 307 
Hale, Sherry, Glendale, Calif, 188, 226, 361 
Hales, Hervin Leon, Nampa, Ida., 334 
Hales, Glade Cowan, Spanish Fork 
Hales, George G., Springville. 286 
Hales, Joseph Sloan, Glendale, Calif, 32, 93, 210, 327 
Hales, Loretta Joan, Bakersfield, Calif., 363 
Hales, Ronald Burns, Maywood, Calif., 316 
Halford, Harold Howard, Burley. Ida., 100, 284 
Halfecre, Bonnie Gail, Los Angeles, Calif., 350 
Hall, Ansel Gary, Yuma, Ariz., 339 
Hall, Audrey. Springville 
Hall, Calvin Nelson, Provo 
Hall. Darrell Grant, McGill, Nev. 
Hall, Douglas Kent, Vernal, 331 
Hall, Elna Ann S., Provo 
Hall, Hilton Davenport, Springville 
Hall, Janet Ann, Inkom, Ida., 212, 350 
Hall, Joel Steven, Pleasant Grove 
Hall, Karen Ann, Long Beach, Calif, 313 
Hall, Katie Dean, Salt Lake City, 200, 222, 363 
Hall, Lula DeAnn, Yuma, Ariz., 370 
Hall, Margaret, Preston, Ida., 333 
Hall. Nadine, Portage. 87, 188, 284 
Hall, Parley Briggs, Carnation, Wash., 206 
Hall, Richard Earl, Provo, 81, 101, 284 
Hall, Ralph Lynn, Nephi, 284 
Hall, Ronald Devere, Payson 
Hall, Stanley Arthur, Provo, 279 
Hall, Wendell J., Springville, 333 
Hallack, Gary Kent, Los Angeles, Caif, 340 
Halladay, Ann, Spanish Fork, 228, 340 
Halladay, Crystal S., Marysvele 
Halladay, Jerry Ann, Provo, 294 
Halladay, Kay Ellene, Spanish Fork, 284 
Halladay, Jack Gordon, Marysvale 
Halladay, Micky, Provo, 218, 370 
Hallen, Gloria, Salt Lake City, 317 
Halliday, Ernest R., Mesa, Ariz., 308 
Halllday, Carol Flora, Provo, 145, 156 
Halliday. Maxine, Riverton 
Hallman, Kathryn Vera, Oakland, CaWf, 325 
Hallock, George Vernon., Enterprise, 315 
Halls, Leiqh Ann, Oqden 
Halls, William Wood. Monticello, 290 
Hallsted, Ernest Leray, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Halstead, Lester Mark, Provo 
Ham, Ledean Edna, Bingham Canyon, 331 
Hamblin, Delmar Hyrum, Roosevelt, 331 
Hamblin. David Curtis. Provo, 359 
Hamblin. Ellis A., La Plata, N. Mex., 356 
Hamblin, Georgia K., Mesa, Ariz., 360 

Hamblin, Ida Rowane, Farmington, N. Mex. 

Hamblin, John Ray, Eagar, Ariz. 

Hamblin, Marion Kay, Eagar, Ariz. 

Hamblin, Marley Kay, Roosevelt, 328 

Hamblin, Marilyn, Provo 

Hamelwright, Gale Cloy, Price, 318 

Hamilton, Donna Gay. Blackfoot, Ida., 212, 299 

Hamilton, Annie Belle, Hyde Park, 307 

Hamilton, Larry Gene, Walnut Creek, Calif, 315 

Hamilton, Elaine Mae, Portland, Maine 

Hamilton, Marilyn, Sugar, Ida., 220, 317 

Hamilton, Paul Hudson, Vanceburg, Kent., 358 

Hamilton, Sharon Larae, Tabiona 

Hamilton, Thomas E., Vanceburg, Kent., 358 

Hemm, James Lee, Bellflower. Calif, 214, 327 

Hammond, Dale Alden, Idaho Falls, Ida., 214 

Hammond, Don Lee, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Hammond, Floyd Melvin, Sugar City, Ida. 

Hammond, Judith, Rosebud, Mont., 339 

Hammond, Lee Evans, Bountiful, 87, 318 

Hammond, Karen Joyce, Pioche, Nev., 370 

Hammond, Myrna C. ( Upham, N. Dak., 340 

Hammond, Patty Jean, Colo. Springs, Colo., 204, 326 

Hammond, William B., Las Vegas, Nev., 202, 337 

Hamrick, James R. M., Jr., Rialto, Calif, 337 

Hamric, Robert Lee. Sacramento, Calif. 

Hanby, Janet Yvonne, Washougal, Wash., 372 

Hanchett, Patricia M., Annabella. 351 

Hancock, Faye Marje, Citrus Heights, Calif, 335 

Hancock, Gloria Gunn, Provo 

Hancock, Fred, Jr., Safford, Ariz., 318 

Hancock, Dixie, Mesa, Ariz., 348 

Hancock, Jaren A., Hawaii 

Hancock, Jay Juul, Provo 

Hancock, Joseph Perry, Provo 

Hancock, Morck Oluf, Provo 

Hancock, Philip Eugene, Bellflower, Calif. 

Hancock, Richard M., Bellflower, Calif, 36! 

Hanke, Manfred Alfred, Salt Lake City, 346 

Hanks, Delbert R., Portland, Ore. 

Hanks, Charles Warren, Orem, 285 

Hanks, David A., Burley, Ida., 108 

Hanks, Eugene, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Hanks, Lawrence S.. Owyhee, Nev., 371 

Hanks, Nancy Gwen, Menlo Park, Calif, 204, 302 

Hanks, Richard F., Provo 

Hanks, Teddy Lee, Springville 

Hanly, Thomas Frank, Jr., Worland, Wyo., 237, 292 

Hanna, Marian Lucy, Sacramento, Calif., 327 

Hanna, Leonard Depue, Charleston, W. Va., 302 

Hannig, Gary Whitney, Las Vegas. Nev., 202, 290. 296 

Hanseen, Sondra Kaye, Provo, 366 

Hansen, Arthur T., Provo 

Hansen, Arda Ann, Centerfold, 312 

Hansen Brent Dixon, Spanish Fork, 328 

Hansen, David Paul, Wanamassa, N.J., 319 

Hansen, Darrell David, Hio, Nev. 

Hansen, Douglas David, Glendale, Calif. 

Hansen, Gordon Leon, Portland, Ore. 

Hansen, Gordon Stanley. Winslow, Ariz., 332, 335 

Hansen, Henry Kimball, Delta, 227, 279 

Hansen, Jacqueline F., Salem, Ore., 351 

Hansen, James Vernon, Twin Falls, Ida., 202 

Hansen, Janet Faye, San Mateo, Calif, 360 

Hansen, Jean, Hiko, Nev., 288 

Hansen, Jim Pratt, Riverside, Calif. 

Hansen, Joseph Henry, Lomita, Calif 

Hansen, Joy Hawley, Vallejo, Calif 

Hansen, Kenneth Odell, Kearns 

Hansen, Kent Blaine, Spanish Fork, 328 

Hansen, Klaus J., Provo, 280 

Hansen, Karen Lee. San Leandro, Calif, 362 

Hansen, Kristine, Corvallis, Ore. 

Hansen, Lindsey B., Jr., Ogden, 348 

Hansen, Margaret Deann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 

Hansen, Marilyn, Montpelier, Ida., 318 

Hansen, Marolyn Lorene, Wale, Ore., 145 

Hansen, Mavis Lela, Vale, Ore. 

Hansen, Myra Margaret, Delta. 285 

Hansen, Myrla Vee, Pocatello, Ida., 216, 327 

Hansen. Ned Humphrey, Payson 

Hansen, Nancy Lee, Firth, 149, 327 

Hansen, Norma, Glendora, Calif, 330 

Hansen, Noreen E., Vallejo, Calif, 351 

Hansen, Patricia. Ann, Phoenix, Ariz., 222. 329 

Hansen, Patsy, Provo, 200, 335 

Hansen, Phyllis, Spanish Fork, 200 

Hansen, Quince Marion, Snowflake. Ariz. 

Hansen, Ralph Leon, Maywood, Calif, 288, 302 

Hansen, Ralph Leslie, Portland. Ore. 

Hansen, Ralph Waldemar, Oram 

Hansen, Ray Richard. Los Angeles, Calif., 286 

Hansen. Reid Glazier, Wheat Ridge, Colo., 306, 312 

Hansen, Richard Lamar, Springville 

Hansen. Richard R., Provo 

Hansen, Robert Wayne. Richfield 

Hansen. Roger Lee, Toppenish, Wash., 210 

Hansen, Roland Fred, Monroe, 332 

Hansen, Roberta Edith, Toppenish, Wasn. 

Hansen, Stanley Dee. Grace, Ida. 

Hansen, Spenst M., Payson 

Hansen, Sharron Faye. Salt Lake City 

Hansen, Willard Layton, Moses Lake, Wash., 367 

Hanson, Craig Alfred, S. Pasadena, Calif. 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Hanson, Gary Richard, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Hanson, Jesse Merrell. Salt Lake City. 348 

Hanson, Paul Roger, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Hanson, Paul Walker, American Fork 

Hanson, Roy Lund. Jr., Los Angeles, Calif., 367 

Hanson, Thomas E„ Jr.. Duluth. Minn. 

Haraguchi, Jean S., Hawaii, 317 

Harbertson, Virginia, Ogden 

Horbicen. James Lee, Sepulvede. Calif. 

Hardgrove, Starley L-. Avenal, Calif. 

Harding, Betty Lou, Provo 

Harding, Glen J.. Las Vegas, Nev., 325 

Harding, Liare, Provo, 367 

Harding, Neal Davies, Provo 

Hardwick, Eva Karen, Burley, Ida.. 153 

Hardy. Douglas MiHer. Stirling. Alta.. 334 

Hardy, Carma Jean, Omaha, Neb. 

Hardy, Carolyn, Las Vegas, Nev., 201 

Hardy, Blaine Carmon, Provo, 279 

Hardy. Dale Calvin, Stevensville. Mont. 

Hardy, Darwin Lee, Omaha. Neb. 

Hardy, Gordon Lee. Las VeVgas. Nev. 

Hardy. Keith Horace. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 97, 317 

Hardy. Paula. Salt Lake City, 335 

Harger Irene Shearin, Freeport, N.Y., 222, 324 

Harisay, Richard A., Stockton. Calif.. 344 

Harker, Dale Wayne, Provo 

Harker. Gary Lee, Alberta, Can., 314 

Harker, Ronald Clair, Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Harley. Fred Ittner, Charleston Hts., S.C. 

Harlow, James Douglas, Port Angeles, Wash.. 294 

Harman, Barry Weston. Murray 

Herman, Clifford Gary, Salt Lake City 

Harmer, Allan Bearnson. Springville 

Harmer, Don Ludlow, Springville 

Harmer, Jerry Douglas, Pleasant Grove 

Harmer. Sybil Denise, Casa Grande, Ariz. 

Harmon, Dell Tolman, Provo 

Harmon, Jon Preston, LeHabra, Calif., 94 

Harmon, Julia, Berkeley. Calif. 

Harmon, Layle Jon, Provo 

Harmon. Robert B., El Cerrito, Calif. 

Harney, Henrietta, Owyhee, Nev., 325 

Haroldsen, Ancel Deval, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Harper. Albert Allen, Fillmore, Calif. 

Harper, Darrel Albert, Mesa, Ariz. 

Harper, Elwin Kay. Malta, Ida.. 114, 367 

Harper, Kimball Taylor, Oakley. Ida.. 286 

Harper, Kathryn, Blackfoot, Ida. 

Harper. Vernon M.. Albertson, N.C., 324 

Harper, William Thomas. Salt Lake City, 348 

Harr, Robert Golden, W. Covina. Calif. 

Harrington, Lona Gayle. Shelby. Mont. 

Harrington, Ronna D.. Bakersfield, Calif. 

Harris, Alva Alton, Shelley, Ida. 

Harris. Arlen Arthur, Ririe. Ida.. 317 

Harris. Beverly Ann, Wenetchee, Wash., 149, 353 

Harris, Diane. Oak City 

Harris, Edward Fowler, Provo 

Harris, Frances Kay, Delta, 335 

Harris. Harvey Don, Stone, Ida., 199, 339 

Harris. Howard Melvin, Provo, 206, 311 

Harris, Jerry Starr, Provo. 299 

Harris, Kenneth George. Columbia 

Harris, Kathryn Kay, Evanston. Wyo., 196 

Harris, Kenneth B.. Provo 
Harris, Kaye, Blanding 

Harris, Larry Dean, Columbia Falls, Mont. 

Harris, Lynn M., El Cajon, Calif. 

Harris. Margaret M., Evanston, Wyo. 

Harris. Mary Lou, Salt Lake City, 296 

Harris, Merrill Dale, Independence, Mo., 335 

Harris, Michael George, Crescent, Ore. 

Harris. Milalee ,Cut Bank. Mont. 

Harris. Nola Kay, McCammon, Ida., 330 

Harris, Paul Leuern, Ririe. Ida.. 328 

Harris. Reynold Paul. Pleasant Grove 

Harris, Renelle, Stone, Ida., 363 

Harris, Ronald Lee, Frontier. Wyo.. 302 

Harris, Robert William, Escondido. Calif.. 356 

Harris, Suzanne, Provo 

Harris. Sandra Louise, Phoenix, Ariz., 358 

Harris, Sharon Kaye, Ogden. 288 

Harris, Vera Vanieta, Bountiful, 182. 292 

Harrison, Betty Dodge. Provo 

Harrison, Carolyn L., Lund. Nev.. 314 

Harrison, David Clyde. Baker .Ore., 332 

Harrison, Linnaea. Provo 

Harrison. Jane. Sprinqville, 208. 212. 290 

Harrison. Larry Hill, Tooele, 114. 367 

Harrison, Lois M^, Steamboat Spring, Colo., 344 

Harrison, Parry Deloss. Malad, Ida., 280 

Harrison. Russell D., Jr.. Whittier. Calif. 237. 312 

Harrison, Rollo B., Grace, Ida. 

Harrison, Shirley Dove. Briqham City. 332 

Harrison, Wayne A., Jr., Tooele. 331 

Harrison, Willis Lee, Hawthorne, Nev., 313 

Hart, Eleanor Coleman, Provo 

Hart, James Douglas. Boise. Ida., 184 

Hart, Faralee Ann, Ogden 

Hart. Keoth Collins, Idaho Falls. Ida., 81. 206, 285 

Hart, Lome Claire, Ogden 

Hart, Paul Douglas, Ontario, Ore.. 326 

Hart, Paul Duwayne, Provo 

Hart Ronald David, Glendale, Calif. 

Hart. Sherlyn. Idaho Falls. Ida., 204, 335 

Hartley, Charles Mann, Woods Cross. 367 

Hertmen, Larry D., Altamont 

Hartzog. Julian T., Clayton, Ala. 

Hartvigsen. Richard N.. Provo. 361 369 

Harvey. Donald Glenn, Blythe, Calif.. 332 

Harvey. Duston George. Sun Valley, Calif. 

Harvey. Bessie W.. Montibello, 367 

Harvey, Bruce Douglas, Blanding. 366 

Harvey, Bonnie Deane, Blanding, 367 

Harvey, Gaynard R.. Provo 

Harvey. Kenneth L., Pleasant Grove, 302 

Harvey, Paul Albin. American Fork 

Harward. Elmer Leon, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Harward. Karen, Richfield 

Harward. Oranee, Salt Lake City, 351 

Harward. Sherman Dean. Springville, 290 

Harwcod, Judith, Salt Lake City 

Harwood. Robert L., Lordsburg, N. Mex., 346 

Haskell, Leo Dwane. Spanish Fork 

Haskin. William Harvey, Baker. Ore.. 346 

Haslam. Joann Garfield, Denver, Colo.. 361 

Haslem, Verl, Roosevelt. 288 

Hastings. Eldcn Elmer, Mesa, Ariz., 202. 330 

Hastings. Robert W.. Mesa. Ariz., 360 

Hastings, Sara Sylvia, Mesa. Ariz., 361 

Hatch, D. Diane. Ldaho Falls, Ida.. 85, 93. 175, 208. 

Hatch, Delray Olsen, Koosharem, 227 
Hatch, Forrest Ezra, Nampa. Ida.. 339 
Hatch, George W., Clarkston, 99. 280 
Hatch. Glendon. Provo. 130 
Hatch. Howell Cloyd. Snowflake. Ariz.. 32, 192 
Hatch, Jennie. Browning. Mont. 
Hatch. Jeremiah, Bountiful, 340 
Hatch. Lawrence Martin, Welser. Ida. 
Hatch, Lincoln Egbert, Tatonia, Ida. 
Hatch, LaPreal. Bancroft, Ida.. 196. 363 
Hatch. Maurleen E„ Salt Lake City, 286 
Hatch. Orrin Grant. Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Hatch, Paul Burbank. Ogden 
Hatch, Rey Lynn. El Paso, Tex. 
Hatch, Valeria. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 93. 317 
Hatcher, Nancy Merle. Vaughn, Mont.. 257. 300 
Hatcher, Sharyl. Vaughn, Mont., 350 
Hatcher, Shirley, Vaughn. Mont., 361 
Hatch. Wilder leroy. Bancroft, Ida. 
Hatfield, Gary Keith, Ephreim 
Hatfield, Mary Lynne, Rocky River, Ohio. 358 
Hatori, Donald K., Hawaii. 332 

Hatley, Joan, Dallas, Tex., 367 

Hathaway. Merlin Scott. San Leandro, Calif., 360 

Hausknecht, Jeanne, Bingham Canyon 

Hausler, Don Edward. Oakland, Calif. 

Hawke, Jeannine, Provo. 232 

Hawes, Merlin Doyle, Aberdeen. Ida., 362 

Hawk, Gordon Ellison, Northsurrey. B.C., 346 

Hawk. Judy Marie. Whittier. Calif., 367 

Hawes, Verl Jack. Aberdeen, Ida.. 346 

Hawkes, Lloyd, Orem 

Hawkins. Dorothy Bee. Salt Lake City, 216, 339 

Hawkins, Douglas S.. Ely. Nev. 

Hawkins. Earlene, Provo 

Hawkins, George Alfred, Manila. 308 

Hawkins. Norlne. Aurora. Colo.. 204, 309 

Hawkins. Merial Dean, Manila. 302 

Hawkins. Spencer James. Laketown, 288 

Hawley, Merrill S.. Conrad, Mont.. 332 

Hawley. Lois Adele. Conrad, Mont., 285 

Haworth. Carol Ann, Canoga Park, Calif., 308 

Haws, Ben Frank, Junction 

Haws, Donna Joyce, Burbank. Calif. 

Haws, Patricia Fay, Lynwood, Calif., 332 

Haws, Shirley Mae, Richland, Wash. 

Haycock, Janet, San Leandro, Calif., 307 

Hayden, Wayne Elza, Provo 

Haycock, Steven Mack, Clrcleville, 362 

Hayden, Dennis Murland. Prcvo, 348 

Hayden. Warren Ray. Pleasant Grove. 237 

Haycock. Roger, Cedar City 

Hayes, Darwin Lyle. Georgetown, Ida., 279 

Hayes, Gerald C, Georgetown, Ida. 

Hayes, William Oscar, American Fork 

Hayes. Rex Bruce, Moab, Ida., 316 

Haymond, Barbara, Springville 

Haymond, Paula Faye, Springville 

Haymore, Franklin R., Provo, 361 

Haynes, Rebecca Ann, John Day. Ore. 

Haynie, Klea Carolyn, Los Angeles. Calif.. 201, 31V 

Haynie. Celia Ann, Los Angeles. Calif., 146 

Haynie, Sharon Adele. Alamosa, Colo.. 334 

Haynie, Paul Alva, Greenville, Mo., 130 • 

Haynie. Roger Lane, Manassa. Colo. 

Hayword. Gerald Lynn, Provo 

Hayward, Edward Allen, Cheyenne, Wyo., 367 

Hazard, James Ray. Culver City, Calif., 339 

Heal. Sa.ndra Louise, Provo, 188, 363 

Healey. David Winn. Provo. 287 

Healey, Steve Grant, American Fork 

Healey, Nolan Lynn, American Fork 

Healy, Jay B., Orem 

Hearn. Milton Eugene, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Heath, Herman. Provo 

Heath. Charles William. San Bernardino, Calif, 237 

Heath Lucille Sanford, Springville, 284, 296 

Heaton, Alma. Provo 

Heaton, Leroy C, Kanab 

Heber, Gmet Richard, Magna 

Heber. Ruth Freda, Magna, 296 

Hecht, Harry George, Powell. Wyo.. 285 

Heder. Diane Claudia. Los Angeles. Calif. 146, 358 

Hedin. Carolyn Jean, Salt Lake City 

Hedquist. Norma Dee, Provo, 141. 208, 359 

Hedrick, Carolyn Sue, Indianapolis, Ind., 360 

Heemeyer. Lois Marie, Lead. S.D.. 234, 340 

Hedrick, Frank Gilbert, Temple City, Calif. 

Heesch, Craig Faye, Portland. Ore., 169. 358 

Heggie. Gordon Fawns. Alberta, Can| 

Hegsted, Evelyne A., Orem. 218. 367 

Hegemier. Vera C, Provo. 14, 396 

Hegemier. Gilbert A., LaCanada. Calif, 303 

Heileson, Sara Lee, Tetonia. Ida., 307 

Heimark, Elmonda L., Philipsburg, Mont. 

Heilner, Richard David. Baker, Ore., 202. 363 

Heiner, Gary Lee, Mesa, Ariz.. 210. 367 

Heiner. Hallie Kenneth. Provo 

Heiner, Georgia, Morgan, 324 

Heinzman, Gene Roger, Provo 

Heiner, Thane Irwin, Heyburn, Ida., 334 

Heinz, Kerry Maurice, Ashton, Ida. 

Heiner, Shannon Jo, Wichita, Kan., 360 

Helbig. Nancy Lee, New Orleans, La., 359 

Hellewell, Sandra Joy, Sacramento, Calif., 218, 360 

Hellstrom, James A., Concord, Calif. 

Hellewell. George E„ Heyburn, Ida. 

Helquist, Boyd Jay. Blanding 

Helquist. Larry A., Ricfield 

Helm, Donald Francis. Las Vegas, Nev., 118 

Helm, Mauruene Elaine, Los Angeles, Calif, 190. 293 

Helton. John James, Anaheim. Calif. 

Hemenway, John Lynne, Woodland, Calif, 214, 293 

Hemsley, A. Allen, La Habra, Calif, 296 

Hemsley. Ellis J., Salt Lake City, 293 

Henderson, Cecil H.. Oakland, Calif. 182, 335 

Henderson, Ashton R., Posatello, Ida. 

Henderson, Dee Wursten, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Henderson. Fred David, Raymond, Can. 

Henderson. Gerald V., Burley, Ida. 

Henderson, Kay, Salem, Va., 335 

Henderson, Leslie Fred. Rock Springs, Wyo. 

Henderson, Peter John, Auckland. New Zealand, 367 

Henderson, Virginia H., Boise, Ida., 348 

Hendricks, Edgar E., Jr., Chico, Calif. 

Hendricks. Robert R., Salt Lake City 

Hendrickson, Clifford, Calgary, Can., 369 

Hendrickson, Lynn J., Gunnison, 339 

Hendrickson. Roger R., Gunnison, 298 

Hendrix, Karolyn, Ely, Nev., 352 

Heninger, Brent Elliot, Sunset. 206, 302 

Henkel, Kurt G., Germany 

Henningsen, Cherie A., Stansbury, Wyo., 315 

Henretty, Thomas Alan, Gaylord. Mich., 313 

Henricksen, Mary Jo, Provo 

Henrie, Donald Kirk, Las Vegas. Nev., 351 

hlenrie, Judith McVoy, Marysvale, 360 

Henrie. Patricia Ann, Ventura. Calif, 156, 208. 212. 

Henriksen, Alma Lamont, Orem, 100 
Henriksen, Adolph F., Bellflower, Calif 
Henrikson, Ronald W., Alhambra, Calif 
Henry, Johan Naomi, Yuba City, Calif. 306 
Henry, Darrell Leon, Portland. Ore., 346. 348 
Henry, Michael Raymond, Yuba City, Calif. 353 
Hensley, Porta Lee, Glendale, Ariz.. 317 
Henson. CTiartes A., Council Bluffs, la. 
Heppler. Lawrence, John, Alberta, Can.. 339 
Hepburn, Adele, N. Hollywood. Calif, 311 
Hepworth, Clarence. Jr., Provo 
Hepworth, Marva. Grover, Wyo., 288 
Herbert, Franklin W., Arlington, Vo.. 130 
Herde. Myrna Durfee, Provo 
Hermansen, Royce Larry, Payson 
Herold. Robert Cameron. Arlington, Va., 366 
Herrick, Betty Jo.. Ely, Nev._, 327 
Herrick, Darle, Long Beach, Calif. 
Herrin, Charles Selby. Bentonia, Miss., 346 
Herring, Sonja, Pleasant Grove, 358 
Herrin, Gene Carley, Provo, 316 
Herrin, Luhuana Allen, Hollydale. Calif 
Herron. Barbara Gayle. Magna. 327 
Herron, Stanley Ray, Heber. 322 
Herron. Ternk Lewis. Cut Bank, Mow. 
Herzinaer. Raymond G.. Buhl, Ida. 366 
Hess, Edward Moser. Nampa, Ida., 333? 
Hess, Garth, Provo 
Hess, Larry T., Fielding, 124 
Hess, Sheridan Lane, Long Beach, Calif 
Hess, Vlnce CrirJdle, Farmington 
Heurkens. Barbara Ann, St. Paul. Minn. 
Heualy. Helen Durnae, Omaha. Neb.. 228 
Hewitt. Harold Keller, Salem. Ore.. 186. 302 
Hewitson. Dorothy L., Park City 

Hewitt. Georae Wayne. Las Vegas. Nev., 97. 145. 324 
Hewett, David Ernest, Sprluqs, Fla., 363 
Heywood, Annette. Richfield 
Heywood. Evelyn, Holbrook, Ariz. 
Hiatt, Merwin Russel, Payson 


Hanson - Hum 

Hiatt, Miriam Joyce, Glendale, Calif., 208 

Hiatt, Reid Moore, Payson, 101 

Hiatt, Sherry Lynn, Provo 

Hibbard, Elden R., Ely, Nev. 

Hibbert, Annette, Mesa, Ariz., 188 

Hibbert, Donna Mae, Boise, Ida., 332 

Hickcox, Barbara, Salt Lake City 

Hicken, Clyde Rigtrup, Spanish Fork 

Hicken, John Robert, Heber 

Hicken, Philip Pratt, Heber, 348 

Hickerson, ftichard L., Rock Springs, Wyo. 

Hickman, Cheri Kaye, Salt Lake City, 190, 335 

Hickman, John William, Reedsport, Ore. 

Hickman, Warren Walter Snowville, 339 

Hickman, Regina Mae, Overton, Nev., 361 

Hicks, Robert F„ Rochester, N.Y. 

Higashl, Allan Akio, Makaweki, Kauai, Hawaii 

Higbee, Joseph Marvin, Salt Lake City, 103, 286 

Higbee, Sharon Lavern, Brem, Wash., 290 

Higginbotham, Sharley, Escalon, Calif, 367 

Higgins, Heather Ann, Las Vegas, Nev., 372 

Higgins, John Clayborn, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Higgins. Nancy Lee, Pasadena, Calif, 188, 335 

Higginson, George Elmo, Denver, Colo., 337 

Higginson, Gary Anson, Pingree, Ida. 

Higginson, Heber^ Dean, Lehi 

Higginson, Jerry C., Denver, Colo., 3Ji 

Hight, Ethel Dawn, Farmington, 194, 335 

Higham, Merrill Farr, Oakland, Calif, 366 

Hilden, Alice Kay, Ukiah, Calif 

Hiiden, Henry Gordon, Ukiah, Calif, 186, 328 

Hill, Annette, Idaho Falls, Ida., 329 

Hill, Beverly Marie, Walla Walla, Wash. 

Hill, Bruce A., Fayette, 124 

Hill, Dellamae Porter, Provo 

Hill, Dallas, Lynn, Camillo, Calif, 141, 366 

Hill, Dick Dwayne, Provo 

Hill, Frank Wilson, Jacksonville, Ha. 

Hill, Fern Joy, Orem 

Hill, Gordon Orville, Bremerton, Wash. 

Hill, Garth Argyle, Payson 

Hill, Harry N., Idaho Falls, Ida.. 302 

Hill, Janet Penny, Sam Houston, Tex. 

Hill, Keith A., Provo, 286 

Hill. Lee, Provo 

Hill, Louis Douglas, Provo, 32 

Hill, Margie Holland, Idaho Falls. Ida., 317 

Hill, Melba R., Montrose. Colo., 360 

Hill, Newell Kenneth, Orem, 296 

Hill, Paul M., Idaho Falls, Ida., 202, 280 

Hill, Reed Eugene, Ririe, Ida. 

Hill, Richard Lavar, Provo 

Hill{ Sandra Wright, Corpus Chrlsti, Tex. 

Hill, Sarah Jeanette, Monroe, 367 

Hillam, Harold Gordon, St. Anthony, Ida., 319 

Hilliger, Harold A., Long Beach, Calif. 

Hillier, David Brown, Provo, 288 

Hiltbrand, Margaret A., Idaho Falls. Ida., 182, 360 

Hilton, Clesse Snow, Delta, 83. 280 

Hilton, Horace Gill, Delta, 213, 279 

Hilton, Jerold Almon, Stillwcl-er, Okla. 

Hilton, Ross Cropper, Provo 

Hilton, Wil'ford Bruce, Delta, 101, 213, 279 

Hinckley. Kathleen, Salt Lake City, 364 

Hinckley, Nanette, Provo. 153, 330 

Hinckley, Thomas Kent, Provo, 237 

Hindley, Donna Rae, American Fork, 360 

Hindley, James Ernest, American Fork, 299 

Hinds, Robert Warren, Turlock, Callt. 

Hinkson, Jimmy Wilford, Provo, 280 

Hinsch, Nancy Marilyn, Allis, Wis. 

Hintze, Harold A., Provo 

Hirschi. Diane, Rockville, 257, 300 

Hirschl, Max G., Brigham, 319 

Hiskey, Harold H., Teasdale, 292 

Hislop, Lane Tracy, Baker, Ore. 

Hitchcock, Jerry Lyle, Oakland, Calif, 360 

Hitchcock, Karleen, Buhl, Ida., 339 

Hite, Albert William, Millersburg, Ind., 348 

Hixson, Patricia, Columbia, 232, 348 

Hitesman, Ferrell J., Tooele 

Ho, Ki Sung, Seoul, Korea, 280 

Ho, Verna Mae Kaivlani, Honolulu, Hawaii, 316 

Hobbs, Ledon, Glendora, Calif. 

Hobbs, Charles R., Provo 

HobGs, M. Odell, Preston, Ida., 280 

Hodge, Raymond Merrill, Bend, Ore. 

Hodges, Jere Dale, Richmond, 280 

Hodglns, Darrell L, Jr.. Seattle, Wash., 199, 369 

Hodgkinson, Kenneth A., Orem 

Hodginson, Jean, Vernal, 292 

Hodgkinson, Marie, Vernal, 354 

Hodgkinson, Janet, Vernal, 348 

Hodson, Harry, Provo 

Hodson, Keith Dennis, Oswego, Ore., 360 

Hoen, James Howard, Billings, Mont., 333 

Hoffman, Albert W., Roslyn Heights, N.Y.. 114, 354 

Hoffman, Ronald, Draper 

Hoffman, Sharlene, Draper, 188, 226, 348 

Hoffman, Walter Leroy, Monogahela, Pa., 348 

Hogan, Gary Kay, Burley, Ida. 

Hogan, William Elliot, Provo 

Hogensen, Gary Jay, Ogden, 316 

Hoggan, Saundra Ethel, Provo 

Hoggan, Daniel Hunter, Provo 

Hogge, Rollin Buron, Elko, Nev., 311 

Hokanson, Paul M., Thayne, Wyo., 333 

Hokanson, Devon Etsel, Battleground, Wash., 347, 368 

Holbrook, Linda Mary, Lima, Mont,, 365 

Halcombe, Jarette Dee, Santa Ana, Calif., 284 

Holdaway, Boyd F.. Provo 

Holdaway. Donald Hugh, Provo 

Holdaway, Grant H., Orem 

Holdaway, Helen D., Yuba City, Calif. 

Holdsberg, Carroll, Los Angeles, Calif, 228, 339 

Holgate, Ronald Calvin, Salt Lake City 

Holland, Jack Waldram, Nampa, Ida., 193 

Holland, Barron G.., San Jose, Calif 

Hollinger, Lorna Rae, Ursine, Nev., 370 

Hollingshead, Joey A., LaMesa, Calif., 326 

Hollingshead, Leon G., Panaca, Nev., 354 

Hollingsworth, Marvin, Preston, Ida. 

Hollingworth, Brent E., Denver, Colo., 186, 330 

Hollow, Frank Dennis, Bell. Calif, 149, 333 

Holm, Jeannene, Seattle Wash. 

Holm, Kenneth M., Provo, 322 

Holman, Albert Norman, Alameda, Ida., 334 

Holman. Donald Pari, Ely, Nev., 354 

Holman, Jenevieve, Mesa, Ariz., 347 

Holman, Kathleen, Mesa, Ariz, 

Holman, Joy J., Rexburg, Ida. 

Holman, Marion Jay, Springville z 

Holman, Margaret Jean, Pocatello, Ida., 315 

Holman, Tharon Alice, McGill, Nev., 149, 220, 316 

Holmes, Carole Jean, Springville, 234, 31 I 

Holmes, Carol June, Montpelier, Ida., 182 

Holmes, Kenley Dionne, Provo 

Holmes. John Richard, Alta., Canada 

Holmes, Marian Kathryn, Salt Lake City, 326 

Holmes, Nelda Ann, Dallas, Tex.. 232, 365 

Holmes, Mary Naomi, Harbor City, Calif, 194, 293 

Holmes, Marian, Bountiful, 359 

Holmes, Thomas, Alta., Canada 

Holmes, Walter William, Jr.. Phoenix. Ariz., 365 

Holsten, Sharon Kaye, Central, Ida. 

Holmstead, R. Kay, Lehi 

Holt, Clifford Leon, Provo, 365 

Holt, David Earl, Provo 

Holt, Deann, Kamas 

Holt, Ivan Karl, Oakley, Ida.. 333 

Holt, Glen Lamar, Springville 

Holt, George Wilson, Spanish Fork, 344 

Holt, Ralph Moyle, Long Beach, Calif. 

Holt, Sharif C, Springville 

Holtom, Gary S., Provo, 285 

Holtom, Steve E., Idaho Falls, Ida., 337 

Holtzer, Robert L., Imperial, Calif. 

Homan, Howard Brent, Sandy 

Homer, Betty Jo, Salt Lake City, 354 

Honda, Vernon Hiroshi, Oahn, Hawaii, 354 

Hone, George, Lee Springville 

Hone, Keith Stewart, Payson 

Honeycutt, Jimmy Leo, Hendersonville, N.C. 

Hood, Herbert Bruce, Salt Lake City 

Hooker, Lewis Burton, Montpelier, Ida., 145, 339 

Hooper, Gerald Ray, San Gabriel, Calif. 

Hooper, Richard Taylor, Ukiah, Calif. 

Hoopes, Grover Ronald, Provo 

Hoopes, Norvan L., Fortuna, Calif 

Hoopes, Marlene, Rexburg, Ida., 316 

Hoover, Betty Ann, Springville, 156 

Hoover, Carol Bartlett, Orem, 368 

Hoover, Kelvin L., Provo, 279 

Hoover, Margret Janet, Provo, 357 

Hoover, Stanley Jay, Provo 

Hopkins, Eula Leone, St. George, 307 

Hopkins, Shirley L, LaHabra, Calif, 141, 188 

Hopkinson, Richard H., Los Angeles, Calif, 184 

Hoppie, Wayne Darrell, Waco, Tex. 

Hoppe, Werner, Salt Lake City 

Horban, Walter George, Ontario, Can., 302 

Horlacher, James Reed, Fallon, Nev., 365 

Hornberger, Leon B., Calgary, Can, 

Horn, Annegret £., Salt Lake City, 347 

Horn, Gustav Reinhold, Pasadena, Calif, 227 

Home, David Christian, Kaysville, 246 

Home, George Kent, Glendale, Ariz., I 14 

Horrocks, Kaye, Richland, Wash. 

Horrocks, Sheldon Glen, Heber 

Horsley, Grant LeRoy, Salt Lake City 

Horsley, Richard Brown, Salt Lake City, 202, 294 

Horton. Carolyn Ann, Salt Lake City, 232 

Horton, Golden LaMar, Phoenix, Ariz., 354 

Horton, Sondra, Circleville, 358 

Hoskins, Phillip Keith, Page, Ida.. 326 

Hostutler, Delila Ann. Tooele. 309 

Hossein. Sheikhh N., Teheran, Iran 

Hoskin, Arnold Keith, Wellsville 

Hosman, Lew Meade, Marmarth, N. Dak., 310 

Hosier, Robert Eugene, Provo 

Hotchkiss, John L., Red Lodge, Mont. 

Houlihan, Richard A., Wilmette. III., 224, 347 

Houghton, James R., Provo 

Houghton, Robert W., Grand Junction, Colo., 224, 368 

Houghton, Ann Yyonne, Copperton 

House, Donna Mae, Provo 

Householder, Dawna J., Yuba City, Calif, 359 

Houston, Jean Doris, Los Angeles, Calif., 302 

Houston, Ronald Earl, Los Angeles. Calif., 186, 293 

Hovls, Elaine Jones, Kirtland. N. Mex. 

Hovland, Heikki Johan, Saga, Norway 

Hovenier, Peter Jacob, Goleta, Calif., 280 

Howard Dale William, MIdvale 

Howard, Gary Reed, Pocatello, Ida. 

Howard, Jacqueline, Santa Cruz, Calif. 

Howard, Kathleen Eva, Wellington, 351 

Howard, Mickie Rawnie, Wilmington, N.C. 222, 370 

Howard, Roy William, Old Westbury, N.Y., 83, 368 

Howard, ReNee, Orem 

Howarth, Dorothy Ann, Portland, Ore., 326 

Howard, Virginia, Sun Valley, Calif., 286 

Howarth, John Wendel, Portland, Ore., 368 

Howe, Leonard Riley, Billings, Mont, 

Howe, Alice Elaine, Salt Lake City, 286 

Howe, Winston A., Jr., Provo 

Howell, Mary Louise, Oakdale, Calif., 368 

Howell, Trenor Devon. Blackfoot, Ida., 286 

Howells, James M., MIdvale 

Howlett, Mary, Draper, 334 

Hoyrup, Mons Lancaster, Cloverdale, B.C. 

Hoyal, Donna Laurine, El Monte, Calif., 316 

Hoyal, James C. O., El Monte, Calif 

Huband, Edwin Heber, N. Ogden, 353 

Hoyt, Marsha Ruth, Nephi, 145, 196 

Hubbard, Dale S., Dillon, Mont., 349 

Hubbard, Ha, Malad. Ida.. 339 

Hubble, Deanne Elaine, Muscatine, ta., 356 

Hubbert, Annette Marie, Pasadena, Calif., 350 

Hubbs, Keith Eugene, Colton, Calif., Ill, 113 

Huber, Lulu Margaret, Lapoint 

Huddlestone, Ralph E., Alta., Canada 

Hudman, Melvin R., Idaho Falls, Ida., 297 

Hudson, Mary Linda, Elsinore, Calif., 87, 333 

Huerta, Robert Henry, American Fork 

Huff, Dale Delos, Spanish Fork, 303 

Huff, Edward Curtis, Spanish Fork, 280 

Huff, Wayne Lewis, Payson 

Huffaker, Carma Jean, Midway 

Huffaker, Ruth A., Tempe, Ariz. 

Huffman, John Henry, Hawthorne, Nev., 308 

Huggins, Colleen, Globe, Ariz., 325 

Hugentobler, Caralee, Buhl, Ida., 347 

Hughart. Betty Lou, Lynwood, Calif., 286 

Hughes, Cherlyn Sue, Kansas City, Mo., 365 

Huqhes, Doris Ivy, Seattle, Wash. 

Hughes, Eugene L., Ephraim, 150, 163, 328 

Hughes, Gerald Jay, Jackson, Wyo. 

Huqhes, Kelly Ann, Kamas, 225, 326 

Hulsh, James William, Bereley, Calif, 193, 307 

Hulsh, John Martin, Berkeley, Calif, 193 

Huish, Thera Nicholas, Orem 

Huish, Sterling S., Jr., Garland 

Hull, Clyde Lamont, Ogden 

Hull, Janis Patricia, Caldwell, Ida., 80, 174, 208, 284 

Hull, Marilyn Elaine, Murray, 349 

Hull, Nona Lura, Malad ,lda., 365 

Hullinger, Carol Dawn, Provo, 228 

Hulme, Thelma Jean, Hagerman, Ida. 

Humphrey, Laural K., Provo 

Humpherys, Deverl S., Thayne, Wyo. 

Humpherys, Melvin Dee, Thayne, Wyo. 

Humpherys, Alfred Glen, Ovid, Ida., 346 

Hunger, Francis Dean, Lehi 

Hunn, William John, Chicago, III., 316 

Hunsaker, Glen Lewis, American Fork, 184 

Hunsaker, Williams L., Delta, 317 

Hunt, Barbara Rose, Anadarko, Okla., 369 

Hunt, Bernarr Parley, Sacramento, Calif 

Hunt, Darwin Lee, Green River 

Hunt, Jeannlne, Pleasant Grove, 156 

Hunt, Jarman Roderick, Concord, Calif. 

Hunt, Jay B., Provo 

Hunt, James Olaus, Baker, Ore., 334 

Hunt, Jeanette Ruth, Baker, Ore., 182, 313 

Hunt, Judith Ann, Bluefield, W. Va., 284 

Hunt, Kenneth Raymond, Quincy, 124, 210 

Hunt, Melvin John, Spanish Fork, 293 

Hunt, Max Ray, Taylor, Ariz. 

Hunt, Patricia Ardell, Nlles, Calif, 351 

Hunt, Phyllis Joan, Kelso. Wash., 232, 354 

Hunt, Richard, Beryl, 193 

Hunt, Sharlene Jones, Richland, Wash. 

Hunter, Barbara K., Letha, Ida. 

Hunter, llene, Springville, 326 

Hunter, Jeraldine, Provo, 365 

Hunter, James Wendell, Citrus Hts., Calif.. 227 

Hunter, Kenneth Duke, Ogden 

Hunter, Louis G., Jr., E| Paso, Tex., 280 

Hunter, Lois Anne, Ealt Lake City, 328 

Hunter, Nevln Doran, San Diego, Calif. 

Hunter, Richard Brent, Eugene, Ore., 339 

Hunter, Richard Allen, Arcadia, Calif, 84. 210 

Hunter, Sandra Joy, San Francisco, Calif., 357 

Hunter, Sharon Jewell, San Francisco, Calif., 359 

Huntsman, June Sprague, Provo 

Huntsman, Lola Kaye, Provo 

Huntsman, Lory Ray, Pleasant Grove 

Huntsman, Lewis R., Enterprise 

Huppi, Rose Marie, Logan, 307 

Hupp, Arnold Jay, Centralia, Wash. 

Hunttlng, Lloyd C, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Hurd, Royal Clifford, Sioux City, Iowa 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Hurlburt. Phillip R.. Provo 

Hurst. Dale, Provo, 294 

Hurst, Byron Lloyd, Provo 

Hurst, Henry Wayne, Des Moines, la., 318 

Hurst, Leila Durfee, Provo 

Hurst, Mary Anne, Blending 

H use,' Mary Elaine, Gallup, N. Mex., 316 

Huckinson, Sfirlee A.. Pocatello, Ida., 236. 293 

Huskey, Ritchie tfevon, Nampa, Ida., 355 

Hutchings, Bernell L.. Springville 

Hatchings, Edward Kent, Deer Lodge, Mont., 326 

Huchings, Larry T., Riverton 

Hutchings, Robert L., Pearl River, N.Y. 

Hutchings, Paul Norman, Provo 

Hutchinson, Gary Lee, American Fork 

Hutchison, Colleen Mae, Hansen, Ida. 

Hutchison, Jackie L., Malto, Ida., 354 

Hutchison. Wallace W., Malto, Ida. 

Hyatt, Gene Val, Gunnison 

Hyde, Donald Reed. Swan Lake, Ida., 316 

Hyde, Dolan Thomas, Provo 

Hyde, Edna Lou S., Kensington, Md., 285 

Hyde, George Osmond, Jr., Kensington, Md., 363 

Hyde. Leonard Blaine, Provo 

Hyde. Nanette, Springivlle. 196, 328 

Hyde, William H... Washington, D.C., 202, 294 

Hyer, Janet Kay, Garden Grove, Calif., 322, 334 

Hyun. Chojong, Seoul, Korea, 279 

Ihrig, Marshall L. Provo. 279 

Her, Denis Roy, South Gate, Calif., 329 

lkemoto, Mituo, Sao Paulo, Braiil 

Ikpe, Susanna Blankson Nigeria, Africa, 27, 368 

Imai, Tomiko, Tokyo, Japan, 326 

Ingalls, Max Lavar, Provo 

Ingersoll, Carl Grant, American Fork 

Ingham, Vernon Brown, Vallejo, Calif., 333 

Ingersoll, Maryl, American Fork 

Ingleby, Lorreen, Salt Lake City 

Ingles, Joseph Legrand, Bountiful, 246, 353 

Inskeep, Bonnie Jean, Culver City, Calof, 220, 236, 

lokepa, Shirley P., Kemuela, Hawaii, 239, 312 
Ireland, Phyllis Diane, Martin, S. Dak., 360 
Ireland. Sam Howard, Martin, S. Dak., 316 
Irvin, Nancy Adele, Long Beach, Calif., 311, 318 
Irvine, James Marion, Springville, 368 
Irvine, James Richard, Fair Oaks, Calif., 368 
Irvine, Fleet Raymond, Redding, Calif., 334 
Irvine, Linda Wales, Mt. Shasta, Calif., 354 
Isaacson, Shirley Ann, Tempe, Ariz., 354 
Isakson. Lawrence B., Peoa, 355 
Isenhour, Ruth Anita, Salt Lake City 
Isenburg, Theodore F., Los Angeles, Calif., 224, 329 
Isgrid, Wayne Richard, Lancaster, Calif 
Isom, Robert Smith, Lomita, Calif. 
Iverson, Charmane, Pleasant Grove 
Iverson, Larry Alma, Pleasant Grove 
Ivey, Anita Jane, Bellflower, Calif., 335 
Ivie, Carolenn Roberta, Ogden, 83, 302 
Ivie, Boyd Rudolph, Orem, 284 
Ivie. Alma Raeldon, Ogden. 214, 307 
tvie. William Elbert, Salina 
Ivie, Richard Peterson, Springville, 285 
Ivie, Virgil Stanley. Provo, 370 
Iwaasa, Henry Nolan, Alta., Canada 
Iwaasa, Hanae, Alta., Canada 

Jacklin, Ernest G., Heber 
Jacklin, Harold, Pleasant Grove 
Jackson, Carl Howard, LaGrange, Ohio, 370 
Jecson, Corrinne, Lakeside, Ariz., 307 
Jackson, Earl Kenneth, Provo, 193 
Jackson, Harold Lavere. Provo, 280 
Jackson, Joyce, Kanab, 204 
Jackson, Jack L., Dixon, Mont., 353 
Jackson, James Stanley, Lakeside, Ariz., 306 
Jackson, Larry C, Ogden 
Jackson, Lola Ranae, Mt. View, Wyo. 
Jackson, Lindell W.. Fredonia, Ariz. 
Jackson, Lola Colleen, Kamas, 234, 285 
Jackson, Leroy Eugene, Provo 
Jackson, Mary Beth, La Jara, Cola, 322 
Jackson, Nancy Loraine, Tucumceri, N. Mex. 
Jackson, Norman Heber, Kanab 
Jackson, Neva. Renee, Sandy, 331 
Jackson, Russell Henry, Provo 
Jackson, Thelma Kay, Covina, Calif., 201, 331 
Jackson, Stancy D. E., Boise, Ida., 130, 297 
Jackson, Shelton Ray, Goldsboro, N.C. 
Jackson, Velma Cherie, El Paso, Tex., 292 
Jackson, Wendy Lu, Salt Lake City, 257, 300 
Jackson, Weldon F., Jr., Mesa, Ariz., I 13 
Jacob, Karin Edla, Northridqe. Calif., 218. 358 
Jacob. Mary Louise, San Diego, Calif., 156 
Jacobs. Carrie. Emmett, Ida., 350 
Jacobs, Glen Richard, Scottsbluff, Neb., 280 
Jacobs, Gaye, Oakland, Calif, 226, 349 
Jacobs, Huqh Ronald, Provo 
Jacobs, Heber Grant, Provo 
Jacobs, Margaret A.. Ogden, 257 
Jacobs. Margaret Oa, Alta., Can., 300 
Jacobsen, Errol LeRoy, Pocatello, Ida., 308 
Jacobsen, Elmo Gordon, Heber 

Jacobsen, Geraldine, Provo. 80, 204. 331 

Jacobsen. Paul Rexford, Orem 

Jacobsen, Sanda R-. Kennewick. Wash.. 335 

Jacobsen, Sharon C, Burbank, Calif. 

Jocobson, Constance J.. Salt Lake City 

Jacobson, David Allred, Provo, 360 

Jacobson, Erma Elaine, Provo 

Jacobson, Frances K., Orem, 190 

Jacobson, Norman Bruce, Proenix, Ariz., 334 

Jacoby, Betty Jo, Duchesne 

Jallerat, Sylvianne, Paris. France 

James, Carol, Rock Springs, Wyo., 335 

James, Clyde R., Jr., Provo 

James, Cehryel Ann, Oxnard, Calif., 371 I 

James. Cheril, Provo 

James, Donald Edward, Helper, 335 

James, Dean Fredrick, Millbrae. Calif. 202, 279 

James, Judith Darl, Tooele, 344 

James, Lucie Howard, Provo 

James, Larry Dean, Soda Springs, Ida., 360 

James, Rex Lamar, Phoenix, Ariz., 207, 316 

James, Robert Francis, Poison, Mont., 350 

James, Sharon, Los Angeles, Calif., 307 

James. William Robert, Inglewood, Calif 

Jameson, Gwen, Monticello 

Jameson, Karen Louise, Kanab, 353 

Jameson, Kirk Merchant, Powell, Wyo. 

Jameson, Virginia, Provo, 363 

Jameson, Marion P., Monticello 

Jameson, Robert Brooks, Provo, 313 

Jamison, Ronald Dee, Los Angeles, Calif, 280 

Janson, Donald Granger, Provo, 294 

Jarman, Karen, Berkeley, Calif. 

Jarman, Don Burton, Berekeley, Calif., 363 , 

Jarman, Monte Cornell, San Diego, Calif. 

Jarrard. Richard Lee, Menlo Park, Calif., 207, 324, 330 

Jarvis, David L., Nampa, Ida., 94, 150. 355 

Jarvis, Donald Karl. Des Moines, Iowa, 361 

Jarvis, George Kirkham Salt Lake City, 145. 193, 33b 

Jarvis, Floyd, St, Johns, Ariz. 

Jasperson, Jack Don, Goshen, 322 

Jasperson, Janet, Goshen 

Jaussi, Norman L., Paris, Ida. 

Jaussi, Diana, Orem 

Jeffecy, Leiloni, Provo, 194, 339 

Jeglum, Nan Yvonne, Ogden 

Jeffs, William Craig, American Fork, 286 

Jenkins, Arlen Dean. Pendleton, Ore., 210, 312 

Jenkins, Eldon E., Freedom, Wyo., 279 

Jenkins. Gary Cluff, Pendleton, Ore. 

Jenkins, Keith Bunker, Jerome, Ida., 325 

Jenkins, Lawrence W.., Pendleton, Ore. 

Jenkins, Marvin L., Nampa, Ida., 156. 230 

Jenkins, Norman Lee. 349 

Jenkins, Robert Ball, Kearny, N.J., 150, 260. 347 

Jenkins, Wayne Alton, Nampa, Ida. 

Jennens, Dona Fay, Whittier, Calif, 182, 296 

Jennings, Elaine, Phoenix, Ariz., 156, 205, 368 

Jennings, Carl George, Hurricane 

Jennings, Glenna Deane, Boise, Ida., 84, 156, 196 

Jennings, Joan Camille, Compton, Calif. 

Jennings, Jerry Albert, Tampa Fla., 330 

Jennings, Melissa L., Medford, Ore., 316 

Jense. Gory Webb, Pleasant Grove 

Jensen, Afton Eunice, Midvale. 194, 33* 

Jensen, Annette L., Midvale, 335 

Jensen, Arthur Robert, Tigard, Ore., 285 

Jensen, Bryant Levern, Orem 

Jensen, Bruce Allen, Midvale, 186, 313 

Jensen, Carl Lee, Ely, Nev. 

Jensen, C. Neil, Cheyenne, Wyo., 349 

Jensen, Charlene, Byron, Wyo., 290 

Jensen, Charles Kent, Arcadia 

Jensen, Clarence G., Huntsville, 99 

Jensen, David C, Jr., Provo 

Jensen, David Byron, Orem 

Jensen, Derryl Max, Albank, Ore., 362 

Jensen, David Richard. Twin Falls, Ida.. 3ol 

Jensen, Dean C, Provo 

Jensen, Dennis Veronus, Salt Lae City, 330 

Jensen, Donald F.. Idaho Falls, Ida., 103, 311 

Jensen, Don Bradley, Provo 

Jensen. Douglas Nile, Provo. 308 

Jensen, Duane, Richfield 

Jensen, E. Eldene, Burley, Ida. 

Jensen, Elaine lone, Riverside, Calif., 222, 360 

Jensen, Elwood Stanley, Provo 

Jensen, Elton Wayne, Admire, Kan., 326 

Jensen, Euqene Paul. Orem, 156 

Jensen, F. Duane, Springivlle 

Jensen, Galen Eugene, Clearfield, 285 

Jensen, Gary O., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Jensen, Gerald Niel. Springville 

Jensen, Gwen, Ashton, Ida., 205, 333 

Jensen. Ilene Ruth, Flint, Mich., 350 

Jensen, Jay Odell, San Diego. Calif, 193. 218, 350 

Jensen, John Kenneth, Klamath Fails, \Jre. 

Jensen, Judith Maurine, Huntington, 360 

Jensen, Julie Ann. San Jose, Calif, 190 

Jensen, Karl Reed. Provo 

Jensen. Karma, Manassa. Colo., 355 

Jensen, Karen Ruth. Arcadia, Calif., 188 

Jensen, Kirk Stephens. Provo, 297 

Jensen, Keith Verl, Springville 

Jensen, Kent M., Provo 

Jensen, Keith Marlin, Rupert, Ida. 

Jensen, Larry Cyril, Denver, Colo., 184, 335 

Jensen, Larry O., Minneapolis, Minn., 184, 349 

Jensen, Lee Niels, Provo 

Jensen, Lenard Adna, Gridley, Calif. 

Jensen, Louis Wells, Spring City 

Jensen. Lorraine Y., Riverside, Calif. 222, 360 

Jensen, Mae Rlene, Provo 

Jensen, Marjorie Anne, Richfield, 362 

Jensen, Mary Carolyn, Provo 

Jensen, Mary White, Provo 

Jensen, Mary Diane. Midvale 

Jensen, Orson Eugene, Tremonton 

Jensen, Paul Bently, Logandale, Nev., 322 

Jensen, Pauline, Gibsonburg, Ohio, 350 

Jensen, Peter David, Richland, Wash. 

Jensen. Robert Vernon, Roosevelt, 210 

Jensen, Robert Sophus, Provo, 210 

Jensen, Robert Glenn, El Segundo, Calif., 348 

Jensen, Shirl Elvin, Springville 

Jensen, Sharon Marie, Alameda. Calif., 284 

Jensen, Sehril Marie, Coeur d'Alene, Ida. 

Jensen, Terry M., Idaho Falls, Ida., 363 

Jensen, Thomas Ronald, Chicago, ML, 293 

Jensen, Vernon H., Jr., Ithaca, N.Y., 257 

Jenson, Jeanene, Smithfield, 318 

Jenson, Marilyn Faye, Pocatello, Ida. 

Jenson, Janet, Berkeley, Calif, 299 

Jeo, Eleanor, Dayton, Ida. 

Jeppsen, Shara Lee, Brigham, 182, 322 

Jeppson, Calvin Wight, Provo, 306 

Jeppson, Annalee, Riverside, Calif, 182, 359 

Jeppson, Dolores S., Provo, 290 

Jeppson, Peter Blair, Rexburg, Ida. 

Jeppson, Roger Wayne, Yerington, Nev. 

Jepson, Jack L., Provo 

Jespersen, Penny Lee, Salt Lake City, 353 

Jesse, Dean, Springville 

Jessee, LaVerne Rose, Rialto, Calif 

Jessen, Eldon, Ely, Nev., 335 

Jex, Earl Morgan, Grand Junction, Colo., 224, 346, 

Jex, John A., Spanish Fork, 210 

Jex, Helen Isabel, Spanish Fork 

Jex, Loanne, Grand Junction, Colo., 298 

Johansen, Gerald A., Alta., Canada 

Johansen, Helmer E., Richfield 

Johansen, Carl Ray. Alta., Canada, 335 

Johansen, Jerald Ray, Mt. Pleasant, 286 

Johansen, John Frank, 'Alta., Canada, 207 

Johansen, Robert Lee, Murrey, 230 

Johansen, Sherman A., Huntsville, 145, 280 

Johansen, Sonia E., Richfield, 222 

Johansen, T. Moani, Springville, 350 

Johansson, Linnea M., Salt Lake City, 322 

zJohanson, Denece, Midvale, 294 

Johns, Charlene, Lynwood, Calif, 335 

Johns, Geneve Dalton, Pleasant Grove, 236, 288 

Johns, Judith, Whittier, Calif, 335 

Johns, Glenda Diane, Laewood, Calif. 

Johns, Rex William, Emmett, Ida. 

Johnson, Anna Jenifer, Bethesda, Md., 298 

Johnson, Arlen Kent, Nampa, Ida. 

Johnson, Arleen Taft, Provo 

Johnson, Arva Arlene, Delta, 288 

Johnson, Barbara Ann, Tooele, 358 

Johnson, Barbara Jo, Downey, Calif 

Johnson, Bert Emll, Orem 

Johnson, Betty Lynne, Alta., Canada, 288, 294 

Johnson, Beth Louise, Modesto, Calif. 145, 196, 286 

Johnson, Betty Jean, Monte Vista, Colo. 

Johnson, Beverly Moss, Durangp, Colo. 

Johnson, Burt Harold, Riverton 

Johnson, Bonna Jean, Phoenix, Ariz., 288 

Johnson, Carolyn June, Salt Lake City 

Johnson, Carolyn Joan, McGill, Nev., 236 

Johnson, Charlene, Pocatello, Ida., 236, 298 

Johnson, Clarence E., Bloomfield, N. Mex., 345 

Johnson, Claudia Raea, Provo, 216, 331 

Johnson, Colleen, Sopkane, Wash., 355 

Johnson, Connie A., Murray, 372 

Johnson, David Merrill, Springville 

Johnson, David Wallace, Springville 

Johnson, Dean Kendall, Showlow, Oraz. 

Johnson. Deverl H., Redwood City, Calif, 324 

Johnson, Dian Loeh, Salt Lake City, 360, 369 

Johnson, Donald C, Provo 

Johnson, Donna Jewel, Phoenix, Ariz., 201, 220, 313 

Johnson, Doris Elaine, Hooper, 313 

Johnson, Edwin Leroy, Salem 

Johnson, Edna Joyce, Provo 

Johnson, Elaine Ann, Rawlins, Wyo., 190, 369 

Johnson, Eugene M., Orem 

Johnson, Eula Rae, Vernal 

Johnson, Evangeline M. ( Salt Lake City 

Johnson, Garney Allen, Delano, Calif 

Johnson, Gary Aldon, Provo 

Johnson, Gary Thorley, Overton, Nev. 

Johnson, Geniel, Delta 

Johnson, Grant Hiram, Lehi, 364 

Johnson, Gregg W., Provo 

Johnson, Grover Volney, Bloomfield, N. Mex., 339 

Johnson, Hal Lavell. Ferron 



Harold Glenn, Orem 

Helen Ruth, Tempe, Ariz., 350 

Hyrum Royden, Murray 

Ivan Elliott, Provo, 313 

Jack Preston, Alto., Canada, 368 

James Alan, Conrad, Mont., 288 

James Lonell. Roseville, Calif. 

Jay Lorus, Orem 

Janet Marcia, Phoenix, Ariz., 201 

Jeneen, Redondo Beach, Calif, 337 

Joneen, Los Angeles, Calif., 201, 327 

John Lewis, Vernal, 364 

Jonelle E., Marysville, Calif., 188. 353 

Julaine, Lovell, Wyo., 348 

Judith Roe, Overton, Nev„ 349 

Karen Marie, Salt Lake City, 350 

Kay, Provo, 326 

Kaye, Provo 

Karen $., Denver, Colo., 358 

Kay Irene, Provo, 3 10 

Kendahl James, Kingman, Ariz., 347 

Kenneth W., Jerome, Ida. 

Kimber Gordon, Rawlins, Wyo., 332 

La rid Dee, Vernal 

Larry G., Orem 

Larry Dale, Orem, 334 

Lavell R., Salt Lake City, 332 

Linda Rae, Yakima, Wash., 182, 332 

Linda June, Mesa, Ariz., 149, 350 

Lois Eva, Provo 

Louanne Miles, Provo, 145 

Lauene, Lovell, Wyo., 162 

Louise, Preston, Ida., 349 

Lurline, Phoenix, Ariz., 369 

Lyn Eric, St. Anthony, Ida., 227, 292 

Lynne Frances, Roseville, Calif., 306 

MacDonald M., Provo 

Margaret, Salt Lake City 

Marilyn Honks, Salem 

Marlene Ann, San Clemente, Calif., 359 

Marvin Rollie, Kingman, Ariz., 207 

Mary Louise, Buhl, Ida., 290 

Mary Louise, Eureka, Nev. 

Maurice Webb, Provo 

Merlyn W., American Fork, 315 

Nancy Eileen, Puyallup, Wash., 288 

Nodene Morie, Spanish Fork 

Norma Maye, Nampa, Ida., 182, 355 

Pamela Gay, Overton, Nev. 

Patricia E., Provo, 369 

Patricio Mae, Moses Lake, Wash. 

Patricia G., Evanston, Wyo., 358 

Paul Kent, Sapnlsh Fork 

Ralph Edwin, Alhambra, Calif. 

Raleigh West, Showlow, Ariz., 313 

Roymond Byrd, Lokeside, Ariz., 322 

Roymond M., Ceres, Calif., 332 

Richard H., Provo 

Rlchord B„ Berkeley, Calif, 350 

Richard, Studio City, Calif. 

Rita, Alta., Canada, 286 

Robert B., Ontario, Ore. 

Roberta, Pleasant Grove, 300 

Rodney Allonn, High Bridge, Wis.. 332 

Rodney Leo, Baldwin Park, Calif. 

Royce Creel, Aurora 

Rulon H., Compton, Calif, 114, 369 

Ruth Marie, Cambridge, Ida., 350 

Sharon E., Pleasant Grove 

Sharon Faye, Colton, Calif, 350 

Sharon Lee, Yakima, Wash., 345 

Sharon Lou, Puyallup, Wash., 228, 368 

Snellen M., Roosevelt 

Stant S., Rexburg, Ida. 

Ted Douglas, Tacoma, Wash., 371 

Verland D., Pleasant Grove 

Virginia C. Portland, Ore., 201 

Wallace Karl, Provo, 331 

Wallace D., Shelley, Ida., 345 

Walter H., Provo 

Wanda May, Chandler, Ariz., 335 

Wilma Frances, Delano, Calif., 352 

Yvonne B., Berkeley, Calif. 
Johnston, Carroll M„ Mesa, Ariz., 110, 290 
Johnston, Olive P., Provo, 182, 310 
Johnston, Robert D., Lakeport, Calif. 
Johnston, Wes Howard, Provo, 350 
Johnston. Marilyn G„ Bloomfield, N.J., 288 
Johnstun, Jean, Vernal, 302 
Jolley, Carol. Provo 
Jolley, Carl H., Emery 
Jolley, Clark Thomas, Orem 
Jolley, Janeen Lou, The Dalles, Ore., 196, 335 
Jolley, Sandra Kaye, Salina, 239, 337 
Jolley, Rosa Marie, Nampa, Ida.. 353 
Jonas, James Michaeal, Glendale, Calif. 
Jones, Alan Lee, Jr., Columbus, Ohio 
Jones, Ada Ruth, Chandler, Ariz. 
Jones, Alonzo Hinckley, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Jones, Ann McEwan.J Provo, 208, 212 
Jones, B. Nadene, Alta., Canada, 288 
Jones, Carl Walden, Salt Lake City 
Jones, Carl Hugh, Rock Springs, Wyo., 314 
Jones, Charlotte Ann, Provo 

Jones, Connie, Provo, 96, 188, 349 

Jones, Douglas Emron, San Gabriel, Calif 

Jones, Earl Roy, Provo 

Jones, Elwood Thomas, Spanish Fork, 315 

Jones, Emalie Adamson, Riverton, 294 

Jones, Eugene Lee, Montpelier, Ida., 81, 316 

Jones, Heber Kent, Provo 

Jones, Howard Palmer, Malad, Ida., 279 

Jones, Ivan Blaine, Riverton 

Jones, Jerry LeGrand, Kanab, 353 

Jones, Judy Kay, Concord, Calif., 216, 338 

Jones, Judith Ariene, Malad, Ida., J5b 

Jones, Kathryn, Riverton, 347, 360 

Jones, Karl Gerber, American Fork 

Jones, Karen Ruth, Provo, 370 

Jones, Kenneth Wendell, Salt Lake City 

Jones, Keith Lavar, Chandler, Ariz., 370 

Jones, Lavaughn H., Kirtland, N. Mex., 330 

Jones, LaVoy, Teeples, Holden 

Jones, Linda Margo, Ogden, 360 

Jones. Lloyd W., Lehi, 334 

Jones, Lorna M. Smeath, Provo 

Jones, Mae Lavyrle, Paul, Ida., 316 

Jones, Marcia, Alta., Canada 

Jones, Marilynn, San Gariebl, Calif. 

Jones, Mary Ann, Montpelier, Ida., 327 

Jones, Mary Gail, Portland, Ore., 332 

Jones, Michael, Provo. 114, 191 

Jones, Norryn Mary, Inglewood, Calif. 

Jones, Norman Philip, Lehi 

Jones, Peggy Ann, Denver, Colo. 

Jones, Raymond Lee, Salt Lake City 

Jones, Randall Lee, Salt Lae City, 361 

Jones, Richard Allen. San Gabriel, Calif 

Jones, Ronald Calvin, San Diego, Calif., 84, 350 

Jones, Robert Ashton, Blanding, 311 

Jones, Russell Howard, Provo, 119 

Jones, Ruth Junene. Hilo, Hawaii, 288 

Jones, Samuel John, Provo 

Jones, Theresa Gayle. Montpelier, Ida. 

Jones, Tobin Harry, Rochester, Minn. 

Jones, William Draper, Boise, Ida., 214, 310 

Jongsma. M. Deanne, Salt Lake City, 370 

Jonson, Rolfe Jacob, Seattle, Wash., 313 

Jordan, Kim Lee, Imbler, Ore., 331 

Jordan, Lee Thomas, Nampa, Ida., 358 

Jorgensen Ayn, Whittier, Calif, 201, 361 

Jorgensen, Dan Charles, Midvale, 324 

Jorgensen, Cecil Max, Price, 297 

Jorgensen, David W., Boise, Ida., 335 

Jorgensen, Elmer Clay, Richland, Wash. 

Jorgensen, Hal, Richland, Wash., 280 

Jorgensen, James Neil, Mt. Pleasant 

Jorgensen, Newel M., Moses Lake, Wash., 335 

Jorgensen, Norman G., Rigby, Ida., 332 

Jorgensen, Vern A., Randlett 

Jorgensen, William F., Castle Dale 

Jorgenson, Clara Gwen, Douglas, Ariz. 

Jorgenson, Orvil R,, Douglas, Ariz., 334 

Jorgenson, Johnny C.|, Kenilworth, 130, 303 

Josephson, John C., Salt Lake City, 279 

Josie, Barbara Dolores, Mt. Pleasant 

Josie, J. Bennett, Tabiona 

Josie, Soma Kathleen, Mt. Pleasant, 182, 328 

Joyce. Jack A., Kernersville, N.C., 286 

Joyce, John Michael, Antonito, Colol. 

Juarez, Carolyn, Phoenix, Ariz., 83, 165 

Judd, Frank Fuller, Palmdale, Calif, 330 

Judd, Judith Ann Jacob, Orem 

Judd, James Thurston, Hurricane, 97, 371 

Judd, Louise, Sparks, Nev., 205 

Judd, Mariba, Provo, 205 

Judd, Myles Albert, Orem, 150 

Judd, Pauline, Fredonia, Ariz., 358 

Judd, Ronald Martin, Kanab, 314 

Judkins, Carlton Jay, Provo 

Judkins, James L., Provo 

Judy, Beth Alene, Idaho Falls, Ida., 312 

Judy, Doyle D., Idaho Falls, Ida., 355 

Jueschke, Judith A., Milwaukee, Wis., 359 

Jueschke, Alexander A., Milwaukee, Wis., 294 

Julian, Glen B., Provo 

Julian, Carol, American Fork, 153 

Julander. Lillie D., Monroe. 194, 216, 324 

Justesen, Alan Morris, Ogden 

Justesen, Joel Lee, Lancaster, Calif, 348 

Justis, Joan Rosalyn, Denver, Colo., 350 

Kahoilua, Edith L, Hilo, Hawaii. 302 
Kahuena. Margaret K., Kamuela, Hawaii 
Kaiser, Jacgueline Ann, Long Beach, Calif, 365 
Kaina, Earl Benedict, Lanaai, Hawaii 
Kaiser, Dolores J., Long Beach, Calif., 327 
Kaleta, Gary Jorden, Los Angeles. Calif, 302 
Kamauoha, Florence L„ Kailua, T.H. 
Kaminska, Rodney Earl, Parowan 
Kammerman, John C, Escondido, Calif., 365 
Kanahele, George S., Oahu, T.H., 290 
Kane, Janet, Provo, 153 

Kapele, John Kamena, Oahu. T.H., 15, 112, 330 
Kapp, Janice, Vale, Ore., 335 
Kapp. Jack R., Provo, 280 
Karner, Leo Herman, Torrance, Calif. 
Kartchner, Judy LaNae, Salinas, Calif., 370 

Hurlburt - Kingsford 

Kartchner, Lawrence N., Carlsbad, N.M., 312 

Kashanian, Farrokh, Teheran, Iron, 298 

Koufmon, Vivian H., Provo, 319 

Kaupp, Jacguelyn T., Buffalo, N.Y., 314 

Kaufman, Francis E., Provo, 308 

Kawai, Vedo Claire, Pasadena, Calif, 182, 306 

Keorl, Russell Reid, Cordston, Conoda 

Keala, Dovid Kooo, Jr., Mavi, T. H. 

Kearl, Ruth Marie, Calgary, Canada, 217, 332 

Kearl, Sherman LeRoy, Los Angeles, Calif, 317 

Kearns, Keith Richard, Provo 

Keorns. Suson Pearl, New York, N.Y., 87, 218, 260 

Kearsley, Renee, St. Helens, Ore., 370 

Keel, Delmas Stephen, Provo, 350 

Keele, Thomas Nielson, Blanding, 365 

Keeler, Phillip F., Provo 

Keeler, Mory Anne, Provo, 153 

Keeling, Jerry Lee, Proxo, 146, 332 

Keely, Roy Allen, Sulo, Mont., 363 

Keetch, Gary Vern, Orem 

Keiser, Robert Herman, Salt Lake City, 354 

Keith, Daniel Thomas, Los Angeles, Calif, 348 

Keith, Karen, Provo, 208, 332 

Keith, Wayne Penrod, Provo, 145 

Kewaula, Mary Kaualoku, Waimanalo, Oahu 

Kekauoha, Samuel N., Oahu, Hawaii 

Keller, Alvin Lamar, Menan, Ida., 308 

Keller, Barbara Yvonne, Verona, N.J., 222, 332 

Keller, Elmo A., Jr., Preston, Ida. 

Keller, Lamond Benson, Caldwell, dla. 

Keller, Judith Santa Cruz, Calif, 340 

Keller, Marcia, Min Creek, Ida., 220, 313 

Kellett, Kay, Moroni. 330 

Kelling, Hans W., Bremen, Germany, 99, 213 

Kelley, Van Blaine, Salina 

Kelly, Barbara Jean, Fullerton, Calif, 363 

Kelly, Patricia Ann, Reno. Nev., 218, 357 

Kelly, Nancy, Urbona, 111., 329 

Kelly, Mary Louise, La Jara, Colo. 

Kemp, Julianne, Wantogn, N.Y., 222, 260, 350 

Kemeny, Jorge Thomaz, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 156 

Kemper, Ross E., Jr., Pueblo. Colo., 3114 

Kemper, Verda Orah, Alta., Canada. 96, 153, 310 

Kendall Diane, Salt Lake City, 354 

Kendall, Dorothy Mae, Weiser, Ida., 306 

Kendrick, Katherine F., Santo Ana, Calif, 370 

Kenley, Lynn Garden, Wendover, 332 

Kennedy, Thomas Gene, Paulsko, Wash. 

Kennedy, Thomas G., Ignacio. Calif 

Kenner, Brenda J., Jerome, Ida. 

Kenney, Donold James, Phoenix, Ariz., 321, 331 

Kennedy, Tom Hertford, Springfield, III., 284 

Kenney, Lynn Dee, Alto., Canada 

Kennedy, Leon Joseph, Provo, 364 

Kensinger, Robert L, Orem, 294 

Keppner, Mary Dawn, Rexburg, Ida., 317 

Kerby, Joe Kent, Provo 

Kerby, Clyde Kendall, Provo 

Kerby, Connie, Provo, 286 

Kernwein, Dorothy G., Gig Harbor, Wash., 370 

Kershaw, Elva Dianne, Van Nuys, Calif, 191, 363 

Kershaw, Gloria D., Van Nuys. Calif, 288 

Kesler, Fred Clark, Blackfoot, Ida., 354 

Key. Bryan Eugene, Berkeley, Calif, 332 

Kiilau, Walter Masao, Lihue, Hawaii 

Kilbreth, Barbara Nell, Bakersfield, Calif, 218, 357 

Killpack, Ardis Gadd, Springville 

Killpack, Cheryl Jeon, Sun Volley, Colif, 365 

Killpack. Perry Leon, Roosevelt. 365 

Killpack, Wayne Ivan, Provo 

Kim, Yong Soon, Seoul, Korea 

Kim, Kichuen, Taegu, Korea, 314 

Kim, Soon Chang, Seoul, Korea 

Kimball, C. Rodney, Provo 

Kimball, Crozier R., Jr., Provo 

Kimball, David Ashby, Provo, 307 

Kimball, Edwin Norman, Provo 

Kimball, Farrell W., Sacramento, Calif, 227, 310 

Kimball, Joan, Rock Springs, Wyo., 332 

Kimball, Parley L., Fillmore 

Kimball, Sara Ann, Montebello, Calif, 370 

Kimball, Sylvia Jane, San Diego, Calif., 286 

Kimber, Richard Dee, Provo, 308 

Knder, George Leo, San Diego, Calif, 109 

Kinateder, J. Douglas, Nampa, Ida., 355 

Kindred, Jerald Crede. Ogden, 302 

Kindred, Edna Jensen, Provo 

Kindred, John R., Idaho Falls, Ida.. 32. 21 I. 343 

King, Betty Colleen, Durango, Colo. 

King, Carl Larry, Burbank, Calif 

King, Gwendolyn M., Richfield 

King, James Ernest, Jr., St. Peters, Fla. 

King, Kent William, Las Vegas, Nev., 288 

King, Lougene, Moore, Ida., 319 

Kong, Norman Ellis, Darlington, Ida., 149, 177, 286 

King, Peggy Ramona, Tule Lae, Calif, 196, 312 

King, Reed Lewis, Provo, 296 

King, Roger Dean, St. Charles, Miss. 

King, Sally Saling, Salt Lake City, 257, 300 

King, Verleen, Moore, Ida., 313 

King, Thomas Eugene, Provo 

Kingdon. Eugene Earl, Berkeley, Calif, 83, 298 

Kinghorn, Dennis Ray, Hollywood, Calif, 150, 354 

Kingsford, Afton, Boise, Ida., 325 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Kingsbury. Kathryn E.. Solt Lake City. 308 

Kinnear, John Gilbert, Rhodesia, Africa, 294 

Kintigh, David Dwight, Provo 

Kirk, Dean Arthur, Cortez, Colo. 

Kirk, James Lowell, Ely, Nev.. 332 

Kirk, Louie A., Jr., Pacoima, Calif. 

Kirk, LaRae, Ogden, 286 

Kirk. Tamsin. Glendale. Calif., 201,. 332 

Kirkendall, Hugh R.. Jr.. Dragerton, 288 

Kirkham. Michael Reed. Blackfoot, Ida., 32, 84. 214. 

321, 326 
Kirkpatrick. Michael K.. Baytown. Tex.. 317 
Kirkman, James D.. Springville 
Kirkpatrick. Robert A., Provo 
Kirkpatrick, Elizaeth. Jacksonville. Flo.. 364 
Kirkman, John Calvin, Mt. Airy, N.C. 
Kiskila. Carlene J.. Los Angeles. Calif., 294 
Kitchen, Merlin R.. Provo 
Kitchens, Carolyn. Alhambra, Calif. 
Kitras, Zissis C. Greece 
Kitimiller. David J.. Greensboro, N.C, 110 
Kjerard. James Lee, Menlo Park, Calif., 365 
Klauck. Edwin A., Springville 
Kleinman, Luene Hurricane. 332 
Klenck. Buddy Donald, W. Jordan 
Klemm. David LeRoy, Salt Lake City, 322 
Klienworth, Frank J., Winslow, Ariz.. 303 
Knapp. Clive Jay. Minneapolis, Minn.. 332 
Knapp. Cherlene Mary. San Fernando. Calif.. 195. 314 
Knapp. plyde J.. Jr., Murray, 362 
Knapp, Ellen Dora, Chicago, III., 3S5 
Knecht, Peter Anthony, Shrewsbury, Mass.. 202 
Knight, Darrell Oswell, Columbia, Ore. 
Knight. Ferral H., Mesquite, Nev. 
Knight, James Allen, Vernal 
Knight. Jeanne Jensen, Vernal 
Knight, Launa Jane. Provo. 354 
Knight, Larry Vinson, Orem 
Knight, Maureen L., La Jara. Colo., 350 
Knight, Ronald Allen, San Manuel, Ariz., 332 
Knight. Richard L.. Vernal 
Knight, William S., Provo 
Knudsen, Lue, Farmington, N.M., 356 
Knudsen, Marilyn Marie, Salt Lake City 
Knudsen. Wendell W., Provo. 314 
Knudson. Jalair L.. Tecumseh, Mich., 196, 365 
Knudson, Sandra Kee. Brigham City. 236, 279. 337 
Knudson. Saundra R., Burbank, Calif. 
Knupp, John, Orem 

Kochevar, John Bruce. Los Angeles, Calif., I 14 
Koepsel, Gustav H.. Provo 
Koepsel. Maragarete. Provo 

Koenig, Gerald Charles. Williston Park. N.Y.. 318 
Koenig, Robert Wiliam. Williston Park, N. Y.. 86 
Kofford, Jerald Dick. Pendleton, Ore.. 284 
Kofford, JoAnne. Baker. Ore.. 326 
Kohler. Aleen B, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 328 
Kohler. Dawnettq. Midway 
Kohler Carol LaRae. Midway, 312 
Kohler, Ramon Royden. Midway, 290 
Kohler, Margaret L, Midway, 145, 332 
Kohler, Norman. Midway 
Koiima, George K., Oahu, T.H. 

Koldewyn, Phillip Y.. Riverside. Calif.. 85. 149. 213, 

Kolehmainen Terttu A., Finland. 358 
Kolste, Larry George, Fairfield, Mont. 

Kolste. Nolan Deroy. Fairfield, Mont. 

Kolste. Christ Edward, Fairfield. Mont. 

Kondo. Eleanor, Springville 

Korth, Mary Rose, Nampa. Ida., 153, 355 

Koshell, Dianne Ethone, N. Highlands. Calif., 288 

Koski, Dale Iver, Clear Creek 

Koski, Kenneth George, Clear Creek 

Kotter, Verle Glen, Shelley, Ida. 

Kovach, John Joseph, Kemmerer, Wyo. 

ourtides. Demetrius A., Provo, 313 

Kowalski. R. Lorraine C. Payson. 257, 300 

Kozak, Jacquelyn Lee. Lakewood, Calif. 

Kramer .Richard C Glendora. Calif. 

Krebs, George David, Salt Lake City 

Krebs, Alvin Wayne, Penguitch 

Kresge, Phyllis Arlene. Elmira, N.Y.. 314 

Kristjanson, J. David. San Mateo. Calif. 

Kristianson. Mark Leon, San Diego, Calif., 298 

Kristjanson, Darryl G.. Sen Diego, Calif., 322. 330 

Kroff. Robert C. Provo 

Kugath, Donald Arthur, W. Allis. Wis.. 302 

Kuchar, Marvin Curtis. Safford. Ariz. 

Kuhn. Diane Morley, Provo 

Kulp. Kenley Loran, Ingleside, III., 228 

Kump, Ronald, Provo 

Kunz. Victor A.. Jr., El Segundo, Calif., 335 

Kurtz, Audrey Irene, Anderson, Calif.. 335 

Kurr, Doreen Barbara. Salt Lake City, 145 

Kurtz, Elizabeth Ann, Alta., Canada 

Kutch. Doyle Al. San Diego. Calif. 

Kuykendall. Kathryn. Brostow, Calif., 182, 348 

Kyle. April Ann, Yuma, Ariz. 

LaBree, Raymond Edwin, Guilford, Maine 

Ladle. Harris Dwiqht, Provo. 145 

La Follette, Lawrence, Burlington, Wyo., 365 

Laird. Harold E., Springville 

Lake, Carolyn, Eugene, Ore., 349 

Lake, Judith Anne. Manteca, Calif. 

Lalltss, Coyla, Burl, Ida. 

Lamb, Farrelt Bret, Salem 

Lamb, Carole, Sacramento. Calif., 145, 205, 317 

Lamb, Jerry Levon, Chandler, Ariz., I 14 

Lamb, Verl Seamons, Hyde Park 

Lamb, Nancy Gay Lewis, Provo 

Lamb, Mona Rae, Santaquin 

Lambert, Annie C, Yuma, Ariz. 

Lambert, Aurelia, Kamas 

Lambert, Eugene S., Kamas, 331 

Lambert, Joan Lee, Ely, Nev.. 182, 314 

Lambert, Kay Gleason, Kamas 

Lambert. Lucille, Salt Lake City, 354 

Lambson, Glen H., Provo 

Lamoreaux, Jack Wayne. American Fork 

Lamoreaui, Isabelle, Chandler. Ariz.. 349 

La Moure. Clifton A.. Whittier, Calif. 

Lamp, Carolyn Joyce, Moline, III., 349 

Lamsam, Wongsiri, Bangkok, Siam, 298 

Land. Linda Lueana, Inglewood, Calif. 

Lance, Mary Marjean, Moab 

Landry, Marilyn Joan. Salt Lake City, 298 

Landvatter, Karma J., Salt Lake City, 349 

Lane, Guylen Robert, Canal Zone 

Lane. Shirley Evelyn, Litchfield, Maine, 2 

Laney, Russell Judd, Springville 

Lang, Rudolph E., Jr., Springville 

Langford, Sherman Dale, Fairfield, Calif. 

Lange, Terry William, Byron, Wyo., 354 

Langford, Celia Joy, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Langlois, Sharon, Salt Lake City, 307 

Lank, Clifford Owen. Vancouver, Can., 365 

Lent, Letty Lou, Provo 

Lapi, Barbara Louise, Culver City, Calif., 338 

Larkin, Eldon Jones, Spokane, Wash., 207, 349 

Larkin, Phyllis Louise, Snowville, 234, 298 

Larsen, Arietta Nancy, Caldwell, Ida. 

Larsen, Arlene Joan, McDermitt, Nev., 87, 205 

Larsen, Barbara, Provo, 222, 332 

Larsen, Bruce Gardner, Spanish Fork, 328 

Larsen, Carol Ann, McDermitt, Nev., 208, 298 

Larsen, Charlene, Chandler, Ariz., 349 

Larsen, Dean Gillitte. Holden, 286 

Larsen, Donald Reid, Provo 

Larsen, Edward S., Spanish Fork 

Larsen, Gladys Davis, Spanish Fork 

Larsen. Howard Bennie. Ogden 

Larsen, Ha Mower, Orem, 290 

Larsen, James Fletcher, Spanish Fork 

Larsen, James C, Salina, 308 

Larsen. James Winget, Provo 

Larsen, Janice, Spanish Fork, 288 

Larsen, Jay Richard, Winter Haven, Fla., 358 

Larsen, Joseph Bent, Provo 

Larsen, Joann, Preston, Ida., 306 

Larsen, Knud S., Alhambra, Calif., 362 

Larsen, Larry Conway. Orem, 368 

Larsen, Leland Stan, Salt Lake City 

Larsen, Margaret Ann, Aurora, Colo., 363 

Larsen, Milton Hansen. Provo. 302 

Larsen, Orvil James, Quincy, Wash., 306 

Larsen, Patricia Ann, Spanish Fork 

Larsen, Robert Arland, Idaho Falls, Ida., 318 

Larsen, Ruby Jean, Newton, 313 

Larsen, Sharon R., LaGrande, Ore., 362 

Larsen, Stanley E., Provo 

Larsen, Stirling D., Salt Lake City, 94, 354 

Larsen, Thomas Owen, Yuma, Ariz. 

Larsen, Wayne Ammon, Waynesboro, Va., 364 

Larson, Alan William, Sawickley, Pa. 

Larson, Barbara Mae, Minneapolis. Minn., 233, 357 

Larson, Bonnie, Blackfoot, Ida., 347 
Larson. Byron Albert, Fullerton. Calif., 184 

Larson, Dallas Walter, Aberdeen, Ida., 360 

Larson, Donna Rae, Murtaugh, Ida., 312 

Larson, Don, Orem 

Larson, Doris May, Blackfoot, Ida., 337 

Larson, Donald Gene, South Gate, Calif., 332 

Larson, Glenn Bruce. Preston. Ida. 

Larson. Karen, Sandy, 356 228 

Larson, Laura Lee, Charlotte, N.C. 

Larson, Lloyd Odell, Murtaugh, Ida. 

Larson. Mary Sue Phoenix. Ariz., 362 

Larson. Roger Carter, Phoenix, Ariz., 327 

Larson, Raymond Keith, Morgan, 231, 313 

Larson, Sigrid Elaine, Ft. Worth, Tex., 355 

Larson, Suzanne, Moroni, 344 

Larson, Sharon C, El Cenito, Calif. 

Lasley. Gordon Ray, Rockland, Ariz. 

Lasson, Carolyn, Boulder City, Nev., 290 

Lasson. Calvin Grant, Birdseye, 332 

Lasson, B. Eugene, Birdseye 

Lasson, Cynthia, Boulder City. Nev. 

Laster, Shari Louvenia, Tulsa, Okla., 94, 205, 370 

Latier, Lorna Lu, Sinclair, Wyo., 362 

Laub, Marvin James. Salt Lake City 

Lau, Daniel Richard, Soda Springs, Ida., 369 

Laudie, Drew Truman, Prairie Vill, Kan. 

Laudie. Arthur Robert, Prairie Vill, Kan., 362 

Lauritzen, Leanne, Eugene Ore., 362 

Laursen, Carl Eugene, American Fork 

Laursen, Kay William, Provo, 365 

Law, Daniel Jordon, Provo 

Law, Wesley R„ Orangeville, 286 

Lawlor, Lawrence Dow, Butte, Can., 231, 298 

Lawlor, Dale Walton, Columbia, Can., 362. 369 

Lawrence Louise, Salem, 286 

Lawrence, Robert J., Tooele, 328 

Laws, Duane Marvin, Provo 

Lawson, Cheryl Phyllis, LaCanada, Calif., 355 

Lawson, Sharon Dee, Barstow, Calif., 306 

Lowton, Robert Arthur, Denver, Colo. 

Lawyer, Judith Ellen, Wichita, Kan., 371 

Layton, H. Ray. Carlin, Nev., 284 

Layton, James Joel H., Layton, 246, 298 

Layton, Dean Smith, Layton, 246, 349 

Lozenby, Ferrell C, Aurora 

Leach, William Glenn. Modesto, Calif., 297 

Lead, Laura Margaret, Vancouver, Wash., 362 

Leaf, Lawrence Dennis, Seattle, Wash., 332 

Leak, Sandra Gail, Toppenish, Wash., 372 

Leany, Hyrum Vard, Provo 

Leavitt, Beverly Steel. Burley, Ida., 332 

Leavitt, Clair H., Nampa, Ida. 

Leavitt, Daryll Lee, Alta, Can. 

Leavitt, Carolyn, Mesquite, Nev., 362 

Leavitt, Lynn Porter, Springville 

Leavitt, Neva, Hartleyville, Con., 370 

Leavitt, Veryle, Alta., Can., 308 

LeBaron, Charles Don, Provo 

LeBaron, Bryce E., Orem, 156 

LeBaron, J. Bentley, Stevensville, Mont., 332 

Le Baron, Norman G., Alta, Can., 231. 326 

LeBaron, Melvin Jay, Alta, Can., 290 

Leboskie, John Lee, Gary, Ind. 

Leckie. Ronald Jay, Billings. Mont., 141, 357 

Lee, Arnold Carl, Provo 

Lee, Brabara Kay, Jerome, Ida., 344 

Lee, Byung Ha, Seoul, Korea, 353 

Lee, Carole Dawn, Concord, Calif., 145, 309 

Lee, Carill Ina, Billings, Mont., 141, 188 

Lee, Carole, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Lee, Cora Ladonna, Emmett, Ida., 332 

Lee, Dixie, Heber, 195 

Lee, David Arthur. Bicknetl, 288 

Lee, Deanna, Coeur d'Alene, Ida., 325 

Lee, Diane. Pico, Calif., 348 

Lee, Dorothy J. K., Dallas, Tex. 

Lee, Earl Maughan, St. Ignatus, Mont., 332 

Lee, Jack Vinson, Provo 

Lee, James Victor, Globe, Ariz., 362 

Lee, Kent Higbee. LaMirada, Calif., 331, 371 

Lee, Linda Anne, Monroe, 355 

Lee, Leona, Farmington, N. Mex, 

Lee, Leona Terry. Orem, 311 

Lee, Mary Jean, Montebello, Calif., 370 

Lee, Ken Nai, Hong Kong, China 

Lee, Michael Ralph, Albany, Ore. 

Lee, Joan, Alta., Can. 

Lee, Patricia Beth. Port Angeles, Wash., 362 

Lee, Patricia Fae, Vernal, 153. 298 

Lee, Ronald Eugene. New London. Iowa, 145, 302 

Lee, Robert Thomas, Los Angeles, Calif., 355 

Lee, Scott Gardner, Portland, Ore., 211 

Lee, Virginia, Eureka, 188 

Lee. Virgie, St. Ignatus, Mont., 335, 338 

Lee, Wallace Raymond, Hesperus, Colo., 334 

Lee. Zelda Claudette. St. Ignatus, Mont., 153. 217, 333 

Lee, Zetta Maurie, Vernal, 332 

Lees, Jerry, Provo 

Leetham, Kenneth LeRoy, Provo 

Leggett, Howard M., Ill, Berkeley. Calif., 348 

Leftwich, Mark Richard, Provo, 357 

Lehmann, Judith Helen, Salt Lake City, 357 

Lehr, Wallace Boyd, Long Beach, Calif., 332 

Leichty, Victor Jay, Springville, 90 

Leifson, Mark Lewis, Spanish Fork, 348 

Leifson, Jack Waldo, Spanish Fork, 318 

Leigh, Dorene, Mesa, Ariz., 233, 300 

Leigh, Phil M.. Poison, Mont. 

Leigh, Mary Louise, Cedar City, 370 

Leishman, Karen, Provo, 141. 188. 222, 314 

Leishman, Donna Mae. St. Ignatus, Mont., 196, 220 

Lemon Hilda Jane, Powhatan, W. Va„ 338 

Lendt. Welda Beate, Buffalo, N.Y., 217, 336 

Lent, Kenneth Marvin, Kansas City, Mo., 358 

Lenroot, Vera Anne. Salt Lake City, 368 

Leonard, Geneve Smith, Provo 

Leonardson, Arliss W„ Provo 

Leonard, Sonja Ann, Boise, Ida., 92, 322 

Leonhardt, Mary E., Pleasant Grove, 196, 311 

Leslie, Anabel Lee, Pocatello, Ida., 344 

Lesher, Dean Stanley, Merced, Calif. 

Lesue, Geoff Martin, Nampa. Ida., 348 

Lesueur, Patricia J., Huntington Park, Calif. 

Levanger, Michael Reed, Spanish Fork 

Levar, Callis Jeddy, Tavares, Fla., 87 

Leverenz, Nancy Ann, San Francisco, Calif., 348 

Levar, Lila Lee, Tavares, Fla., 286 

Levie, Macel, Sevier, 368 

Le Vitre, Lynda, Provo 

Le Vitre, Margo Elayne, Salt Lake City 

Lewis, Allen Edward, Logandale, Nev. 

Lewis. Afton Ruth, Ramah, N. Mex. 

Lewis, Anthon Hugh, Farmington, N. Mex., 186, 307 

Lewis, Byron Columbus, Holbrook, Ariz., 325 


Lewis, Clifton M. ( Holbrook, Ariz. 

Lewis, Dale A., Provo, 130 

Lewis, Douglas S-, Nyssa, Ore., 349 

Lewis, Dwynn, St. Johns, Ariz. 

Lewis, Emery Bowen, Marion, 291 

Lewis, Gay, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Lewis, Glenna Gay, Kamas, 225, 336 

Lewis, Glen L., Tabiona, 291 

Lewis, Glenn Carlos, Kamas, 356, 364 

Lewis, Glen Hal, Pleasant Grove, I 14 

Lewis, Ida Baird, Springville 

Lewis, Jean Loya, Chicago, III., 201, 313 

Lewis, John Ludlow, Spanish Fork, 299 

Lewis, John Earl, Provo 

Lewis, Joseph Ronald, Encino, Calif., 359 

Lewis, Joseph Marvin, Marion, 365 

Lewis, Joseph Wayne, Mesa, Ariz., 185 

Lewis, Laury Marion, Blackfoot, Ida. 

Lewis, Margaret, Declo, Ida., 359 

Lewis, Mark L., Petaluma, Calif. 

Lewis, Maxine, Duchesne, 217, 326 

Lewis. Willard M., Tooele, 313 

Lewton, George W., San Manuel, Ariz., 348 

Leydsman, Henry N., Union, N.J. 

Lichtenstein, Deanna M., Brigham City, 309 

Liddell, Ronald John, Duchesne 

Li dd el I , Carl Clark, Bonanza 

Liddiard, Gary Dennis, Provo 

Liddle, Joseph D., Jr., Payson, 368 

Liddle, Wallace S., Arlington, Va., 368 

Liddle, Alfred S-, Arlington, Va., 336 

Liebhart, Beverly Y., Alameda, Calif. 

Likes, Ivan LeRoy, Fruita, Colo., 371 

Lile, John Clayton. N. Platte, 145, 313 

Liljenquist, Val R., Salt Lake City, 193 

Liljenquist, John E., Arlington, Va., 211, 371 

Lilly, Norman Gene, Beckley, W. Va. 

Lillywhite, Karen, Palisades, Calif., 290 

Lillywhite, Susan C, Anaheim, Calif., 359 

Lin, Paul Yong Kad, Hong Kong, 306 

Lindberg, Cheryl Ann, Salt Lake City, 344 

Lindsay, Donald Ray, Provo, 290 

Lindsay, Edward John, San Bernardino, Calif., 325 

Lindsay, Sandra LaVon, Midland, Ore. 

Lindsay, Rao Humpherys, Dingle, Ida. 

Lindsay, Gwynda Anne, Gilmer, Tex., 306 

Lindsey, Joel Douglas, Columbia, 297 

Lindsey, Margaret Lois, Flint, Mich., 308 

Lindsey, Loyd Ray, Lodi, Calif. 

Lindstrom, Brent C, Provo 

Linebarger, Robert N., Redwood, Calif, 213, 279 

Linebarger, Joyce J., Leth., Alta., 290, 236 

Lines, Martin Vardell, Springfield, Ore., 307 

Linford, Margaret Ann, Long Beach, Calif, 368 

Ling, Wilma Anne, Filer, Ida., 300 

Linton, Gayle, Gardena, Calif., 336 

Linton, Gordon Bowers, Provo 

Lish, Roderick Neil, McCammon, Ida. 

Liston, Sandra, Oram, 336 

Ulster, Allen E., Huntingtor. 199, 326 

Litster, Judith Claire, Huntington, 92. 336 

Little, Gary W., Cody, Wyo. 

Little, Harold R., Provo 

Little, Lawrence Ray. Fort Sill, Okla., 298 

Ltttledike, Jacqueline, Ely, Nev., 196, 357 

Littlefield, Raymond K., Orem 

Littlefield, Kenneth, Provo 

Liu, Alvin K. M., Honolulu, Hawaii 

Livingston, Albert N., Provo 

Livingston, Jack R., La Canada, Calif, 369 

Livingston, Nancy M., La Canada, Calif., 141 

Livingston, Ronald W., Alta., Can., 359 

Lloyd, Dean Carter, Provo, 336 

Livingston, Ronald B., Orem 

Lloyd, Gary Murdock, Provo, 193 

Lloyd, John Carroll, Meade, Kan. 

Lloyd, Patricia, Henderson, Nev. 

Lloyd, NoHene Ellen, Millbrae, Calif, 333 

Loar, Marvin John, LaPlata, N. Mex. 

Loarca, Carlos G., Guatemala 

Lobos, Jose Amilcar, Guatemala, 328 

Lochhead, Linda, University City, Mo., 222. 357 

Loertscher, David V., Park City 

Logsdon, David P., Lehi 

Lollar, Genevieve E., Bridger, Mont. 

Long, Dale Aden, Bell-flower, Calif., 1 14 

Long, Joann, Brigham City, 94, 156, 331 

Long, Lester Bert, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Long, Shelley, Las Vegas, Nev., 290 

Long, William Robert, Provo 

Longhurst, Dale Ashton, Chih., Mex. 

Longhurst, Ruby Madge, Chih., Mex., 358 

Longerbeam, Larry S., Hillsboro, Va., 353 

Longson, Gordon Keith, San Diego, Calif., 303 

Longree, Georges H. ., Liege, Belgium 

Lookinland, Paul R., San Pedro, Calif 

Loomis, Jerry Emerson, Griswold, la., 319 

Loomis, Nadine, Hayward, Calif, 182, 347 

Loose, Loris Miriam, Belmont, Calif 

Lopez, Leonora M., Santa Ana, Calif, 349 

Lopez, Jorge Mario .Guatemala, C.A. 

Lopez, Leonor Angelica, Mesa, Ariz. 

Lopossa, Carol Lynne, Long Beach, Calif, 359 

Lord, Carolyn Evelyn, Provo 

Lord, Robert LeRoy, Provo, 82, 293 

Lorensen, Burton LeRoy, Elsinore, 292 

Lorenz, Friedrich H., Heidelberg, Germany 

Lorz, Arlan Elvert, Moses Lake, Wash. 

Lorz, Forrest Albert, Moses Lake, Wash., 337 

Lorrlgan, Monte Tom, Weiser, Ida., 368 

Losee, Lani Kay, Glendale, Calif 

Losee, Patricia Joy, Provo, 225 

Lott, Dorothy lola, Mobridge, S.D. 

Lott, Geraldine, Monroe 

Lott, Merrill Kent, Tappenish, Wash. 

Lott, Nancy Ann, Duchesne, 94 

Lott, Paul Blake, Tappenish, Wash. 

Louder, James Elgin, Kamas 

Louder, Arden R., Provo 

Louder, Darrell R., Orem, 292 

Lounsburg, Donald E., Redding, Conn. 

Love, Diane, Idaho Falls, Ida., 149, 336 

Loveland, Emerson Ray, Provo 

Loveland, Duane Garner, Rupert, Ida., 291 

Loveland, Sterling Gee, Provo 

Loveless, David George, Provo 

Loveless, Connie, Provo, 371 

Loveless, Judith Ann, Payson, 331 

Lovell, Merton Nielson, Oak City, 294 

Lovell, Pauline, Oak City 

Loveridge, Bernell Jay, Springville, 339 

Loveridge, L. Neil, Provo, 279 

Lovett, Sarah Ann, El Paso, Tex., 348 

Lovett, Jack Robert, El Paso, Tex., 292 

Low, Bryant Edwin, Salinas, Calif. 

Low, William W., Jr., Nyssa, Ore. 

Low, Kathleen Lola, Alta., Can., 369 

Lowder, Dixie Dian, Homedale, Ida., 308 

Lowder, Donald Lee, Burley, Ida., 279 

Lowder, Colline, La Mesa, Calif., 336 

Lowder, Patricia Ann, Long Beach, Calif., 336 

Lowe, Marilyn, Joan, Santa Ana, Calif., 356 

Lowry, David Ezra, Alta., Can. 

Lowry, Henry Clay, Coral Gables, Flo., 185, 368 

Lowry, James Robert, Jr., Coral Gables, Fla. 

Lowry, Janice, Vallejo, Calif, 191, 328 

Lowry, Leon Kent, Missoula, Mont., 348 

Lowry, Thomas Edwin Alta., Can. 

Lowry, Pauline, Ojai, Calif, 195, 317 

Loynd, Pa ila Grace, Salt Lake City, 201 

Loy, Henry Leland, Provo, 279 

Luch, Warren Floyd, Allen town, Pa. 

Lucas, Hugh Laurence, Alexandria, Minn., 328 

Ludwig, Edith, Allis, Wis., 357 

Lufkin, John Cordell, Idaho Falls, Ida., 214, 302 

Luke, Calvin Junior, Heber 

Luke, Barbara Ellen, Provo, 162, 166 

Luke, Joseph O., Orangevllle 

Luke, Kathryn, Lynwood, Calif, 368 

Luke, Philip Odeen, Junction, 207 

Lum, Lorene Lai Ping, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Lumpkins, Anna C, Farmington, N. Mex., 358 

Lunceford, Blaine R., Orem 

Lunceford, Dorothy, Orem, 298 

Lunceford, Kenneth C. Orem , 

Lunceford, Gerald B., Orem, 368 

Lund, Dona Marie, Glendale, Calif, 344 

Lund, Nina Marie, Farmington, 332 

Lund, Marion Richards, Provo 

Lund, Paul Andrew, Tempi© City, Calif 

Lund, William Guy, Jr., Provo, 337 

Lundberg, Endfred Jon, Provo, 82, 101 

Lundberg, Jane L. Pack, Provo 

Lundberg, Gary Barlow, Washington, D.C. 

Lundberg, Don Charles, Westgate, Md., 202 ,302 

Lundell, Connie, Vernal, 80, 233 

Lundell, Dean Leon, Vernal 356 

Lundgren, Grant E. O., Pocatello, Ida. 

Lundgren, Janet M., LaGrande, Ore., 358 

Lunt, Alan Kenneth, Duncan, Ariz., 199, 334 

Lunt, LaRaine Addie, Rahway, N.J., 191, 325 

Lunt Gordon Ray, Provo 

Lunt, Judith Ann, Wayne, Mich., 358 

Lunt, Myrna Hope, Lordsburg, N. Mex., 328 

Lunt, Spencer McCune, Honolulu, T.H. 

Lunt, Robert Berkley, Chih., Mex., 356 

Lunt, Sharron J., Duncan, Ariz., 293 

Lutz, Virginia Marie, Petaluma, Calif, 153 

Lybbert, Wally Dean, Greenacres, Wash., 207 

Lyda, Raymond A., Jr., Boulder City, Nev. 

Lykins, William Lee, Columbut, Ind., 324 

Lykins, Chester G. t Columbus, Ind., 99, 290 

Lyman, Edith Lucille Spanish Fork, 353 

Lyman, Gordon Dee, Blanding 

Lyman, Joyce, Monticello, 223, 322 

Lyon, John Boyd, Firth, Ida., 310 

Lyon, Kenneth Seldon, Firth. Ida., 348 

Lyon, Patricia Anne, Overton, Nev. 

Lystrup, Ramona Harris, Pleasant Grove 

Lysenko, Peter, Provo, 214, 291 

Lythgoe, George H., Myton 

Mabey, Marco, Bountiful 
Mabey, Kent Lavar, Oakley, Ida., 340 
MacCabe, Sondra Ann, San Carlos, Calif. 
MacArthur, Douglas A., Ogden 

Kingsbury - Marshall 

Macaulay, Thomas F., Jr., Oakland Calif, 162, 164, 165 

MacDonald, Alberta O., Tucson, Ariz., 347 

MacDonald, Edwin Jess, El Paso, Tex.. 21 I, 336 

MacGregor, Judith Ann, Long Beach, Calif, 358 

Machado, Josephine M., S. Paulo, Brazil 

Mackay, Helen Mar, Menlo Park, Calif, 92, 149, 325 

Mackay, Leonard C, Provo 

Mackay, Ruth Mary, Australia, 91 

Mackay, Walter Dale, Salt Lake City, 228, 306 

Mackey, Ellen Jean, Sweet Home, Ore. 

Mackley, Venetta, Provo, 291 

Macklin, Marcla J., San Jose, Calif, 366 

Mackintosh, Dean Alma, Minidoka, Ida., 224, 348 

Macleod, Carlene E., Riverside, Calif, 306 

Macpherson, Darrell R., Long Beach, Calif., 290 

Madden, Charles B., Jr., La Puente, Calif, 355 

Madsen, Boyd D., Provo 

Madsen, Charley H., Jr., Bountiful 

Madsen, Clair N., Mt. Pleasant 

Madsen, Clifford K., Provo, 156 

Madsen, Clifford R., Woods Cross, 344 

Madsen, Doris Gail, Salt Lake City, 218 

Madsen, Elmina, Springville 

Madsen, G. Franklin, II, Provo, 193, 297 

Madsen, Jay Lloyd, Orem 

Madsen, Jean, Burley, Ida., 328 

Madsen, Joy Diane, Provo, 92, 352 

Madsen, Judith Ann, Boise, Ida., 223, 362 

Madsen, Mary Lou, Sandy, 196, 288 

Madsen, Mac Lynn Olaf, Boise, Ida., I 19, 130, 203, 31 I 

Madsen, Ronald D., Provo 

Madsen, Rosalie, Sandy, 367 

Madson, William Halvor, Payson, 298 

Madson, Parke, Provo 

Magleby, Alma Gray, Richfield 

Magleby, Mayva Anne, Elsinore, 361 

Magleby, Marilyn, Provo, 367 

Magnusson, Sherri Lana, Glendale, Ariz., 367 

Magoffin, Richard I., Dulzura, Calif, 114 

Mahaffey, Linda Ann, Phoenix, Ariz., 221, 307 

Maher, Patrick Joseph, Kirtland, N. Mex., 367 

Mahoney, Clarence B., Heber 

Mahoney, Stephen B., Heber 

Mahony, Dorris Jane, Tarzana, Calif. 

Main, James Alfred, Santa Maria, Calif, 367 

Main, Betty Ann, Aberdeen, Wash., 310 

Mainor, Iva Gail, Henderson, Nev., 367 

Mairs, Marilyn, San Francisco, Calif, 328 

Makalo, Elaine Poipe, Hilo, Hawaii 

Malan, Kennett Peck, Ogden 

Malan, Ronald Floyd, Canoga Park, Calif, 371 

Malan, Joel Brent, Fresno, Calif, 348 

Maloy, Elwood Angus, Safford, Ariz., 207, 306 

Maloy, Orlena Clair, Safford, Ariz., 328 

Malstrom, Annette, Kalispell, Mont., 328 

Manary, Carolyn Ann, Santa Monica, Calif 

Manary, Marilyn Anita, Santa Monica, Calif, 191, 317 

Mangan, George Edward, Dodge City, Kan. 

Mangelson, Evan Glen, Provo. 317 

Mangum, Alan E., Provo, 318 

Mangum, Fredrick Tony, Heber 

Mangum, John Harvey, Provo 

Mangum, Jerry D., Lindon, 337 

Mangum, Sandra S., Provo, 257, 300, 

Mann, Ronald Mads, Provo 

Manning, Eldena, Weiser, Ida., 328 

Manning, Neil Harry, Provo 

Mano, Kenneth Hideak, Woods Cross, 246, 336 

Mansor, Donna Maxine, Boulder City, Nev., 334 

Mansuy, Frances W., Long Beach, Calif. 141, 182, 325 

Mansuy, Edward Marcel, Salt Lake City 

Mantle, Janet, Salt Lake City, 371 

Manwarlng, Helen Jeane, San Diego, Calif. 

Manwill, Iva Allene, Boise, Ida., 367 

Marble, Glen Bert, Malad, Ida., 279 

Marchant, Duane H., Kamas, 367 

Merchant, Beth Ivy, Salt Lake City, 367 

Marchant, Fred Thomas, Provo, 331 

Marchant, Gary Reed, Kamas, 302 

Marchant, Gerald Lyle, Peoa, 316 

Marshbanks, April Y„ Battle Mt., Nev., 303 

Marcroft, Donna Lee, Norwalk, Calif, 363 

Marcum, Mary Kay, Mammoth, Ariz., 328 

Marker, Betty Louise, Dayton, Ohio, 312 

Marion, Melvin Jones, Oak, Calif, 367 

Markham, Brabara Ann, Provo 

Markham, Elza Merlene, Ontario, Ore., 367 

Markham, Stanley Grant, Provo, 279 

Marks, Cecil Dewltt, El Dorado, Ark., 332 

Markworth, Carl G„ Jr., Provo, 163, 166 

Marler, Darrel Jay ,Orem 

Marler Loene, Mesa, Ariz., 363 

Marlowe, Darold M„ Salt Lake City, 291 

Marlowe, Dorothy P., Seattle, Wash., 308 

Marlowe, Kent Warren, Salt Lake City 

Marlowe, Holt C, Placerville, Calif 

Marlow, Elosia Joan, Blackfoot, Ida., 344 

Marple, Jon Howard, Columbus, Ohio, 211, 352 

Marriott, Merle Eugene, Conda, Ida. 

Marsh, Mary Joann, Springville 

Marsh, Marilyn, Littletown, Colo., 332 

Marshall, Charles F., Jr., Riverside, Calif, 185, 325 

Marshall, Kenneth N., Provo 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Marshall. Neldon Hayes, Rigby. Ida.. 298 

Marshall, Ross. Fillmora 

Marshall. Robert L, Jr.. Medford. Ore. 

Marshall. Ray Edward. Turlock. Calif. 

Martell, Darwin S.. Burley, Ida.. 344 

Martin, Corene Vinetia. Ogden. 284 

Martin, Cleta Rae, Huntington, Ore. 

Martin. Arthur Keith, Glendale, Calif.. 213 

Martin. David C, St. Joseph. Mo.. 344 

Martin, Diana M., Tacoma, Wash., 332 

Martin, Gloria Dawn. Cowpens, S.C.. 331 

Martin. Hubert Clay. Jr.. Marion, N.C. 

Martin, Helen lone. San Gabriel. Calif.. 217, 337 

Martin, Homer V.. Jr., Carlsbad, N. Mex.. 291 

Martin. James Alvin, Sizec, Ore.. 203 

Martin, James William, Stockton, Calif. 

Marton. James Guy, Orem. 366 

Martin, Mariorie Ellen. Cowpens, S.C., 279 

Martin, Robert Wayne, Oswago, Mont. 

Martin. Vicki Dee, Oakland. Calif., 367 

Martin Woodford Lee. Temple City. Calif., 362 

Martindale, Robert R., Nampa, Ida. 

Martineau. Jeanette. Mesa. Ariz.. 87. 367 

Martinez. Clara Teresa. Mexico. 358, 369 

Martinez, Wayne E.. Santa Rosa, Calif. 

Marwede Patricia. Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Marx, Anna Laraine. Mt. Pleasant 

Masada, Jerry Hideo. Lanai. Hawaii 

Mashburn, Richard E... Santa Monica, Calif, 348 

Mason, Dennis Lavere. Boise, Ida.. 231, 337 

Mason. Herbert Keith, Blackfoot; Ida. 

Mason, Keith Howard, Orem 

Mason. Leslie Gunnell, Lexington, Ky., 284 

Mason, Roger Noef, Garland, 199, 355 

Mason, Sterling Alma. Springville. 284 

Mason, Shirley, Provo 

Mason. Yerda Ruth, Blackfoot, Ida., 212. 234, 290 

Massey, Carolyn, Corona, Calif. 

Matheson, Gordon Keith, Chicago, III., 332 

Metheny, Ray Thomas, Sandy 

Matheson, Audria, Oroville, Calif. 

Mathews, Arminta, Provo 

Mathews, Gerald Lynn, Provo 

Mathews, James David, Nephi 

Mathews. Kristin A.. Provo. 169, 291 

Mathews, Karen Adeline. Provo. 169. 205, 367 

Mathews. Mary Ann, Fairfield, Calif., 308 

Mathews, Robert James, Provo 

Mathews, Neldon C, Panaca, Nev., 367 

Mathie, Lynn Richard, Ogden. 114, 203, 362 

Mathie, Alton J., Ogden 

Mathis, Ann Bunnell, Provo 

Metis. Fredrick W., Roy, 203 

Matsen, John Martin, Los Angeles, Calif., 288 

Matson. Lorene Raee, Anacortes, Wash., 355 

Matson. Kethryn Ann, Truckee, Calif., 221. 308 

Matthews. Dorothy Anne, Montpelier, Ida. 

Matthews, Franklin III, Boise, Ida. 

Matthews. Georgia, Montpelier, Ida. 

Matthews, Dixie Carol, Evanston, Wyo., 182, 329 

Matthews. George E., Superior, Ariz., 

Mattice. Nan Marie, Pima. Ariz.. 223. 290 

Mattinson, Willis J., Spanish Fork 

Mattson. John Gary. Boone, Iowa 

Mattson, Vernon W., Murray, 150. 325 

Meughan, Betty L. Burley, Ida.. 349 

Maughan. Berlee Allen, South Gate, Calif., 336 

Maughan, Marelene A.. Newark, Calif., 317 

Maughan, Newell Cyril, Preston, Ida., 331 

Maughan. Ronald Bruce, Boise, Ida. 

Mauss, Janice Lee, Twin Falls. Ida.. 223. 353 

Maurer, David Walter, Salt Lake City. 288 

Maurey. Kenneth L., Jersey Shore. Pa. 

Maxfield. Emma Marie. Stockton, Calif, 361 

Maxwell, Ann, Salt Lake City, 310 

Maxwell. Mary Jean, Salt Lake City 

May, Dorothy, Blackfoot, Ida., 366 

May, Frank Reid, Ogden 

May, Dean Lowe, Caldwell, Ida. 

May, Helen, Blackfoot, Ida. 

May .James Andrew, Baker, Ore., 231 

Mayberry, Wayne Howard, Ogden, 150, 318 

Mayberry. Orlene Lois, Ogden, 308 

Meycock, William Edwin, Sunset 

Mayer. Janet Elaine. Highlands, Calif., 366 

Mayer. Nancy Lou, North High., Calif, 366 

Mayo, Janet, Atlanta, Ga., 344 

McAdam. John Robert, Duchesne 

McAffee. Jerry Harmon, Harbor City, Calif, 186, 279 

McAllister, Cheryl H„ Provo, 325. 335 

McAllister, Jack S., Mt. Pleasant. 367 

McAllister, Lawrence B.. Kanab, 302 

McAllister, Myron R., Provo 

McAllister, Nancy E„ Rexburg. Ida., 191, 286 

McAllister. Susan J.. San Leandro, Calif. 

McAllister. Stephen N.. Richland. Wash. 

McArthur. Arthur Creia. Provo, 203 

McBride. Clarence E.. Pima. Ariz., 296 

McBride, Carolee. Salt Lake City, 228. 332 

McBride. Diane, Pima. Ariz., 288 

McBride. Deanna. Boise. Ida.. 205. 318 

McBride. Davis Owen. Provo 

McBride. James Linehan. Chula Vista. Calif 

McBride. Michael W.. Provo 

McBride. Richard H.. Grand Junction. Colo. 

McBride. Velma Joy. South Gate, Calif. 

McCallum. Barry G., Alberta. Can. 

McCandless. William E.. Huntington 

McCann. Lauren B., Vancouver. Wash.. 302 

McCance, Douglas A., Provo 

McCardell, Robert C... Lynndyl 

McCarty, Marian F.. Idaho Falls, Ida. 

McCauley, Evelyn Laree, Hollywood. Calif., 367 

McClellan, Delna M., Hayward, Calif, 367 

McClellan, Charles A., Payson 

McClellan. Norene, Hayward. Calif., 233, 291 

McClellan, Jean Young, Payson 

McClellan. Jeanette, Idaho Falls. Ida., 228, 348 

McClellan. Warren E.. Kennewick. Wash., 353 

McCloskey, Caldona M.. Wash, Pa., 367 

McClure, Thomas Hardy, Fontana. Calif, 332 

McCluskey. Kenneth M., Jr., Santa Ana, Calif.. 362 

McClurg. Odas Gary. El Dorado. Ark.. 150. 367 

McComas. Sally Meta. Pasadena. Calif., 189. 348 

McComas. Carole Lynn, Pasadena. Calif. 

McConkie, Colleen, Provo 

McConkie, Don Clayton, Provo 

McConkie. Vivian. Salt Lake City 

McConkie, Sarah, Kemmerer, Wyo.. 362 

McConnell, Robert G.. Spanish Fork, 371 

McConnell. John Robert, Nashville, Tenn.. 331 

McCormack, Agnes E., Toronto, Can., 332 

McCormick, Marilynn, American Fork, 195, 308 

McCosh, Leonard W., Manti 

McCracken, Ivan Hugh, Alta. Can., 322 

McCulley. Mary Jane, Milford, 291 

McCune, Jeanne, Fillmore, 80 236, 303 

McCune, Karen, Fillmore, 353 

McCune, Blake Warren, Alhambra, Calif., 367 

McDaniel, Earl Wayne. Alamosa. Colo., 355 

McDaniel. Eualena, Bloomfield, N. Mex.. 367 

McDaniel. Maren Kay. Casper, Wyo.. 197, 350 

McDaniel. Lucy S., Southern Pines, N.C. 367 

McDaniel, William A.. Alamosa. Colo.. 332 

McDearmon. Richard J., Los Angeles, Calif, 344 

McDonald Dorothy Rae, Chambers, Ariz., 327 

McDonald. Ervin John, Orem 

McDonald, Eugene J.. Midway, Calif., 348 

McDonald, Jerry George, Twin Falls, Ida., 215. 338 

McDonald, Kathleen San Francisco. Calif, 80. 205, 325 

McDonald. Joyce Y., Shaffer, Calif, 153, 338 

McDonald. Steven S.. Provo 

McDonald. Stuart Lyle. Orem 

McDowell. Mary Ella. Mesa. Ariz.. 367 

McDowell. Sylvia Irene. Walla Walla, Wash., 233. 312 

McDowell. Donald Kay. Jacksonville, Flo., 308 

McDowell, Douglas C, Provo, 338 

McEwen Harold Pixton, Provo 

McEwan, Nani Ann, Salt Lake City, 201. 353 

McEwen, Orlo Kay, Orem 

McFadden, Terry Ted, Deer Lodge, Mont. 

McFarland, Katharine, Casper, Wyo., 197 

McFarland, Roger B., San Gabriel, Calif. 

McFarland, Ralph H., Provo 

McFarland, Melva A., Lemhi. Ida. 

McFarlane, Hardy Nyle, Riverton 

McGarry. Larry Kent, Provo 

McGinnis, Jo Ann, Salt Lake City. 209. 348 

McGinnes. Robert Drue. Kennewick, Wash., 358 

McGinn, Joseph Paul, Provo, III, 113 

McGraw, Dennis M., Puyallup. Wash. 

McGraw, Dorothy Irene, Medford, Ore.. 41. 173. 312 

Mclff. Lyle Hatch. Orem 

M~cllrath, Patricia Mae. Woods Cross 

Mclntire. Jay Rodney, Ontario, Calif. 

Mcintosh. Hazel Halice. El Paso. Tex. 

Mclver. Walter A., Los Angeles. Calif. 186 

McKay. Elaine Stirland. Chinook, Mont., 296 

McKay, Barrio Gunn, Huntsville, 32, 100. 289 

McKay, Mary, Huntsville, 223 

McKay. William R.. Provo 

McKean. Joie Elaine. Salt Lake City, 287 

McKee, Burton Clair, Holden 

McKee Bobbie Gene, Riverton, 307 

McKee, Margaret Joan, F illmore 

McKell, Eldon Clair. Provo 

McKell. Glen Charles. Provo 

McKell, Linda Kay, Provo. 201. 226 

McKell. Maryem, Provo. 317 

McKellar. John Alvin. Wendover, 140. 335 

McKenna. La Jean. Farmington. N. Mex. 

McKenna. Earl Albert. Roosevelt, 294 

McKenzie, Donald W„ Lund. Nev.. 347 

McKeon. Sharon Darlene Whittier. Calif.. 325 

McKenzie. Roderick G., Lund. Nev. 

McKean. Howard. Phillip. Tuiuangaa. Calif. 185 

McKinney. Karen Ruth. Spring City, 310 

McKinnon. Delia L., Evanston, Wyo. 

McKnight, John Robert, Heber 

McKnioht, Eve Laurette. Minersville. 80. 153 

McKrol*. Donald K.. Mt. Vernon, Ore., 335 

McLamarrah. Betty J.. Pima, Ariz., 296 

McMahon, Kay Alexander, Spokane, Wash., 169 

McMahon. Frank Dean, Provo. 169 

McMeen. Elaine Kay, Denver, Colo.. 358 

McMeen. Marilyn F., Denver. Colo., 80. 205. 339 

McMichael. Rupert L., Jr., Macon, Ga., 335 

McMillan. Hugh Lloyd, San Diego. Calif, 130 

McMullin, Karen Wood. Connell, Wash. 

McMullin, Samma Jane. Arcadia. Calif. 361 

McMurdie, Larry Lee, Buhl, Ida. 

McMurdie. Maughan W., Provo, 146 

McNeely, Harry Dennis. St. George, 314 

McNeil, Shari Karleen, Portland, Ore., 323 

McPhee, Lucille T., Provo 

McPheeters, Carol Ann, Rivera, Calif 

McPheeters, Joanne., Bank, Mont. 

McPhee, Martin W., Bath, Maine 

McPheeters, Roger A., Kalispell, Mont. 

McPherron, Marilyn K„ Faitborn, Ohio, 350 

McPhie, Janine, Provo, 287 

McPhie, Robert, Heber 

McOuarrie, Rhonda, Beaver. 332 

McRae. Lorin lirent, Santa Barbara, Calif., 326 

McVaugh, William H., Mesa, Ariz., 357 

McVay, Jean M., Weiser, Ida. 

Meacham, Duane Lamar, Salt Lake City 

Meacham, Douglas G„ Arco, Ida. 224, 370 

Meacham, John Arlen, Grace, Ida., 207 

Mead. Robert M., American Fork 

Means. Sidney Glenn. Freeport, Tex.. 355 

Means, Joann, Provo 

Mecham, Richard W„ American Fork, 340, 346 

Mecham,' Raphael Clive, Aspen, Colo., 203, 331 

Meek, John Clark, Othello, Wash.. 207 

Megerian. Audrey L.. Berkeley. Calif. 

Mefford, Margie Ann, Secto, Calif., 324 

Mehr, Lois Marilyn, Hollydale, Calif. 197, 217, 334 

Meidiinger, Richard J., Council Bluffs, Iowa, 312 

Meidlinger, Michael J., Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Meier, Grant Bower, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Meier, Jerome Dale, Pasadena, Calif., 362 

Meier, Joseph T., Richfield 

Meiners, Donis Grant, Burley, Ida., 367 

Meiling. Jague Lloyd, Provo, 330 

Meikle, Joanne. Woodland. Calif., 337 

Meldrum. Grant Cluff. Provo 

Meldrum, Leon H., Provo 

Melendez. David. Rexburg. Ida.. 85, 290 

Meldrum, Virginia, Provo, 299 

Mellor, Arnold Harold, Fayette 

Mellor, Carl Joseph, Lehi 

Mellor, Letha, Fayette, 288 

Mellor, Robert Lee, Salt Lake City 

Memmott, Muriel Dawn, Bountiful, 349 

Mendenhall, Linda, Escalon, Calif ,346 

Mendenhall, Robert L., Provo 

Meudoza, Alvaro, Chili., Mex. 

Menssen, Juergen W., Sandy, 350 

Menzies, James Wesley, Price, 311 

Mercer, Frances J., Provo 

Mercer, Joann Marilyn, Provo 

Merino, Jose Maria, San Diego, Calif. 193, 309 

Meredith, Gary Edward, American Fork, 329 

Meredith, Ralph J., Pleasant Grove, 344 

Merkley, Harvey B.. Calgary, Can., 81, 207, 288, 300 

Merkley, John Patrick, Bremerton, Wash. 

Merrell. Chryl Janice, Duchesne, 329 

Merrell, Lawrence E., Duncan, Ariz. 

Merrell. Rulon Leroy, Idaho Falls. Ida., 215, 302 

Merrill. Carol Joan, Salt Lake City 

Merrill, Cheri Dene, Pocatello, Ida., 257, 300 

Merrill, Don William, Riverton 

Merrill, Heber Kent, Alta. Can., 228, 329 

Merrill, Keith West, Alta, Can. 

Merrill. Lavaun S.. Jr., Idaho Falls, Ida., 289 

Merrill, Lura Mae, Salt Lake City, 314 

Merrill, Myrna Joan, Phoenix, Ariz., 366 

Merrill, Mary Ann, Twin Fells, Ida., 156. 335 

Merrill, Ralph Taft, Pocatello, Ida. 

Merrill, Ronald B., Valparaiso, Fla. 

Merrill, Robert Eugene, Ramah, N. Mex., 350 

Merrill, Wilda Louise, Mesa, Ariz., 327 

Merrill, Wade Harris, Lorenzo, Ida. 

Merritt, Lamont Rich, Afton, Wyo., 294 

Merryman, Anita Marie, Arcadia, Calif., 345 

Meservy, Jerry De Marr, Bountiful, 346 

Meservy, Virginia Rae, Provo, 309 

Messegee, Ramon George, Provo 

Messegee, Sharon Mills, Provo 

Messervy, Don Carlos, Orem 

Metcalf Clifford W„ Provo 

Metcalf. Mavis, San Bernardino, Calif., 326 

Meudoza. Alvaro. Chile 

Michaels, Sheila Crowe, Las Vegas, Nev.. 344 

Michaelis. Elaine, Garland. 330 

Michie. Carol. Heber. 314 

Mickelsen. Carol A.. Antonito. Colo. 

Mickelsen, Richard A., Rigby, Ida.. 302 

Middleton, Marilyn, La Habra, Calif, 370 

Middleton, Patricia A., Tallahassee, Fla., 306 

Middleton, Ernest W., San Francisco, Calif 

Middaugh, Carma Barker, Provo, 292 

Midgley Duane Van. Salt Lake City 

Midgley. Merlin Keith, Salt Lake City. 329 

Miera, Manuel Ruben, Layton 

Migliaccio, Ralph R., Spanish Fork 

Miqliaccio, Karen M„ Spanish Fork 

Mikkelsen, Orel M., Provo 


Mikkelsen, Ray O., Provo, 294 

Mikkelsen, Ramon Lang, Eugene, Ore. 

Milam, Gary Dean, Glendale, Calif., 296 

Miles, H. Gary, Montpelier, Ida., 118 

Miles, Joe Milton, Pleasant Grove 

Miles, Marilyn Vilate, Provo 

Millar, Carol Ann, Boise, Ida., 218, 344 

Millar, James Franklin, Palo Alto, Calif, 211 

Millar, N. Jeanne, Shelley, Ida., 317 

Millar, M. Yvonne, Pleasant Grove 

Millard, Lorna, Salt Lake City 

Millard. Robert H., Burley, Ida. 

Miller, Alene, Provo, 228 

Miller, Barbara Yvonne, Salt Lake City, 91, 355 

Miller, Bobbe Ann, San Rafael, Calif., 359 

Miller, Beth, Victor, Ida. 

Miller, Barbara Jo, Portland, Ore., 296 

Miller, Corena, Portland, Ore., 80, 205, 315 

Miller, Colin Harris, Alberta, Can., 292, 300 

Miller, Dale Arden, San Fernando, Calif. 

Miller, Donna, Ogden, 313 

Miller, Don Leroy, Victor, Ida., 294 

Miller, Eddy Lenard, Monrovia, Calif. 

Miller, Eve, Sandy 

Miller, Ellis Wilson, Twin Falls, Ida., 359 

Miller, Franklin Kay, Provo 

Miller, H. Lewis, Ogden, 3 18 

Miller, Henry N., Jr., San Diego, Calif., 372 

Miller, Jerry R., Springville 

Miller, Lavon June, Washington, D.C. 

Milter, Linda Lou, Modesto, Calif. 

Miller, Lindalee, Sun Valley, Calif. 

Miller. Lewis Paul, Manti, 31 I 

Miller, Mark, Sandy 

Miller, Marilyn Ruth, Las Vegas, Nev., 191, 313 

Miller, Martin L., Provo 

Miller. Marshall Lee, Provo, 85, 313 

Miller, Mary Margaret, Orem 

Miller, Morgan Lewis, Manti 

Miller, Nancy Ladle, Provo, 294 

Miller, Patricia Lee, Millbrae, Calif., 366 

Miller, Reed Karl, Provo, 300 

Miller, Richard K., Elmhurst, III., 312 

Miller, Richard Lynn, Great Lakes, 111., 203 

Miller, Ronald Leroy, Indio, Calif., 348 

Miller, Sterl Ferren, Tremonton, 231 

Miller, Taft Crandell, Ovid, Ida., 348, 364 

Miller, Thomas Lynn, Stockton, Calif., 203, 371 

Miller, Taylor Karl, Sandy 

Miller, Toni, Olmstead 

Miller, Tom Frederick, Garrison, Mont., 331 

Miller, William Albert, Beaver, 279 

Miller, Wendell V., Provo, 348 

Millerberg, Diane, Midvale, 361 

Millet, Floyd Jackson, Salt Lake City, 370 

Millett, Donna Elaine, Lake Arrowhead, Calif, 309 

Milleft, Maurice S., Hermosa Beach, Calif 

Millett, Richard L, Mesa, Ariz. 

Milliner, John Thomas, Heber, 325 

Mills, Janice Marie, Bountiful, 350 

Mills, Oula, Bountiful, 366 

Mills, Vernalie, Oakley, Ida., 338 

Mllward, Joseph D., Warden, Wash., 370 

Millward, Franklin Jr., Berkeley, Calif, 318 

Milne, Brent Lindsay, American Fork 

Milne, Nancy, Salt Lake City, 329 

Milner, Susann Hyde, Payson 

Miner, 8ryant Albert, Sandy 

Miner, Alan Edward, Grantsville, 81, 203 

Miner, David Lee, Springville 

Miner, Edward Glen, Sandy, 338 

Miner, Francis Lynn, Springville, 370 

Miner, Janet, Grantsville 

Miner, Reynolds Reed, Springville, 302 

Miner, Sheila Marie, Fairview, 339 

Minor, Jay Louis, Lakewood, Calif, 215, 338 

Minson, Joy, Garden Grove, Calif, 317 

Minson, Ronald Kay, Salt Lake City 

Mlratti, Charles R., Burlingame, Calif, 338 

Misbach, Graham H. ( Austin, Minn., 290, 296 

Misseldine, Marilyn, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Mitchell, Arthur P., St. George 

Mitchell, Charles Ray, Provo, 288 

Mitchell, Dallas Carl, San Bernardino, Calif 

Mitchell, Gilbert A., Bellflower, Calif, 370 

Mitchell, Joyce, Provo 

Mitchell, James P., Burley, Ida., 215, 331 

Mitchell, Karl Clark, Parowan 

Mitchell, Theodore R., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Mitton, Annette T., Vallejo, Calif, 191, 328 

MIya, Yosh, Shimtsu, Japan 

Mobley, Thurla Ann, Menan, Ida., 315 

Mock, Leilani Viola, Sparks, Nev. 

Moeller. Karen, Phoenix, Ariz., 324, 330, 334 

Moen, Gilbert, Union, N. J., 260 

Moesser, Dorene Louie, Etna, Wyo., 149, 350 

Moesser, Kent Lanny, Etna, Wyo. 

Moffat, Dennis George, Apple Valley, Calif, 114, 362 

Moffett, Joana, Duncan, Ariz., 329 

Mofflt, Henry Edward, Sweet Home, Ore., 329 

Moffltt, Howard, Jr., Duchesne 

Mohter. Eldon Arnold, Las Vegas, Nev., 329 

Mohlman, Grant Carter, Altamont, 325 

Mohlman, Marilee. Elko, Nev., 228. 329 

Moir, Wilfred, Jr., Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

Moikeha, Mona Any H., Wailuka, Maui 

Mollerup, Carol Ann, Pocatello, Ida., 364 

Molyneux, Ivan Earl, Kimberly, Ida. 

Molle, Frank Dalton, Hawthorne, Calif. 

Molloy, Gerald Edward, Hempstead, N.Y., 260 

Monahan, Raymond E., Clifton, Colo. 

Moncur, Robert Merrill, Lovell, Wyo. 

Monroe, Sherry Lee, Salt Lake City, 368 

Monroe, Stephen L., Burlingame, Calif. 

Monsen, Stephen Brent, Mt. Pleasant 

Monsen, Ray Gilman, Orem 

Monson, Claudia S., Riverside, Calif. 

Monson, Darlene, Ucon, Ida., 371 

Monson, David Edward, Pleasant Grove 

Monson, Darrel James, Provo 

Monson, Dale Leroy, Boise, Ida. 

Monson, Eva Carol, Boise, Ida., 331 

Monson, Farrell Ray, Idaho Falls. Ida., 207, 309 

Monson. Mary Alice, American Fork, 156, 290 

Monson, Marcia, Denver, Colo., 347, 365 

Monson, Marlene, American Fork, 195, 326 

Monson, Ronald K., McGill, Nev. 

Montague, Michael D., Payson, 348 

Montague, David Oliver, Salt Lake City 

Montgomery, David C, Melrose Park, III., 366 

Montgomery, Clinton Y., Melrose Park, 111., 309 

Montgomery, N. Brent, Provo 

Montgomery, Melvin J., Heber 

Montgomery, Paul Dean, Burley, Ida., 284, 146 

Montierth, Gary Cloyd.Norwalk, Calif, 292 

Montlerth, Myrna Lue, Phoenix, Ariz., 338 

Montorl, Olive Delores, 328 

Moody, Catherine P., Washington, D.C, 201, 323 

Moody, Dorene Nell, Delta, 149. 183, 284 

Moody, Julia Penelope, San Jose, Calif., 149, 351 

Moody, Joan Lapreat, Oakland, Calif., 284 

Moody, Lester Young, Delta, 370 

Moody, John Duane, Provo, 145 

Moody. Merrill F., Moline, III.. 350 

Moon, Clive Dee, Duchesne, 309 

Moon, Carole Irene, Springville, 208, 351 

Moon, Elaine, Provo, 370 

Moon, Harold Kay, 'Jr., Provo, 162, 279 

Moon, Marilyn, Springville, 209, 284 

Moon, Merrill, Provo 

Moon, Patricia Nelson. Tulsa, Okla., 292 

Moore, Bruce Jay, Salt Lake City 

Moore, Cerita Marie, Nampa, Ida., 153, 33! 

Moore, Danny William, Hagerman, Ida., 124 

Moore, Evelyn Penelope, Provo, 346 

Moore, Georgia Helene, Bountiful, 91, 221, 246, 309 

Moore, Janis Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 223, 348 

Moore, Linda Alice, Monte Vista, Colo., 332 

Moore, Michael Robins, San Bernardino, Calif, 185, 

Moore, Robert Arthur, Provo, 292 
Moore, Sharon, Los Angeles, Calif., 188 
Moore, Warren Allen, Concord, Calif, 185, 348 
Moosman, Jewel, Boulder, 327 
Moray, Agnes Marie, Long Beach, Calif 
Morawski, Hans Joachim, Berlin, Germany, 318 
Morgan, Afton Adolph, Circleville, 355 
Morgan, Alma Paul, Circleville 
Morgan, Carolyn, Ovid, Ida., 228, 312 
Morgan, David Everett, Crowley, Ida. 
Morgan, Jackeen Ann, San Marino, Calif., 368 
Morgan, Jerrold Ramon, Sandy, 310 
Morgan, John David, San Diego, Calif. 
Morgan, Joyce, Walnut Creek, Calif., 332 
Morgan, Michael F., Provo 
Morgan, Marcia E., Presido, Calif, 94, 191. 309 
Morgan, Marcia Ann, Provo, 94, 315 
Morgan, Myralee, Kuna Ida. 298 
Morgan, Orland Fred, Prosser, Wash., 313 
Morgan, Neil William, Ovid, Ida., 364 
Morgan, Patricia Ann, Pleasant Grove, 166, 347, 368 
Morgan, Venna Dee, Sanford, Colo. 
Morgan, Scott Kendrick, Wilmette, III., 207, 224, 228, 

Morley, Gayle L., Moroni, 286 
Morley, Sharon, Fountain Green, 368 
Morley, Vanetta Mario, Clearfield 
Morr, Bruce Robert, Riverside. Calif, 185, 364 
Morr, Marilyn, Salt Lake City, 300 
Morphis, Karl Dean, Casta Mesa, Calif, 332 
Morrell, Nancy Ann, Brlgham City, 368 
Morrell, Ruth, Brigham City, 80, 298 
Morrey, Margaret Jean, Joseph, 195, 306 
Morrill, Callls Gary, Tridell 
Morrill David Grant, Provo, 368 
Morrill, Keren Kaye, Tridell, 371 
Morris, Ephraim Bonner, Salt Lake City, 331 
Morris, Julie Anne, Provo 
Morris, Jack Borden, Provo, 156, 364 
Morrs, Judith Kay. Anaheim, Calif, 217, 229, 323 
Morris, Lee J., Heber 

Morris, Monte J.. Las Vegas, Nev., 231. 332 
Morris, Suzy Ann, Orange, Calif., 371 
Morrison, Floy John, Heyburn, Ida., 368 
Morrison, Beverly, Lovell, Wyo., 153. 337 
Morrison, Kenneth J., Kaysville, 324 

Marshall - N alder 

Morrison, Wayne Lee, Los Angeles, Calif 

Morrow, Melvin Kenneth, Long Beach, Calif., 368 

Morse, William Martin, Manhattan Beach, Calif, 325 

Mortensen, Boyd, Ephraim 

Mortensen, Carolyn J., Blythe, Calif., 314 

Mortensen, Donna Jean, Monrovia, Calif, 223, 370 

Mortensen, Myrna Faye, Western Springs, III. 

Mortensen, Paul Holden, Springville, 314, 319 

Mortensen, Taylor M., Blythe, Calif. 

Mortensen, Stuart L. ( Emery 

Mortensen, William E., La Grande, Ore. 

Mortimer, William J., Montclair, N.J., 260, 371 

Morton, Carolyn Kaye, American Fork 

Moser, Blair Vernal, Preston, Ida., 358 

Moses, Wayne Clair, Parma, Ida., 370 

Moss, Connie, Durango, Colo., 348 

Moss, Dennis Dean, Woods Cross, 229 

Moss, Joan, Layton, 294 

Moss, Jack Elmo, Salt Lake City 

Moss, Judith, Salt Lake City, 218 

Moss, Ruth Mae, Ririe, Ida., 323 

Mote, George Earle, Grants Pass, Ore., 358 

Mote, Herbert Irvin, Grants Pass, Ore. 

Mott, Dean Garold, LaJara. Colo.. 288 

Mott, Jewell, LaJara, Colo. 

Mott, Jacqueline, LaJara, Colo. 

Mott, Ralph Lionel, Orem 

Mott, Ethel LaJara, Colo. 

Moulton, Margie Ann, Provo, 294 

Moulton, Clark Alma, Jr., Kelly, Wyo., 324 

Moultrie, Beverly Ann, Salmon, Ida. 

Mousley, Boyd Hyrum, Riverton 

Mower. Glade Weston, Fairview, 310 

Mower, Richard L., Orem 

Moye, Lois Marilyn, Arlington, Va., 286 

Moyes, Billie Marlene, Provo, 331 

Moyes, Leon Roger, Provo, 130, 314 

Moyle, Helen Roseann, Beryl, 362 

Moyle, Betty Louise, Meridian, Ida., 318 

Moyle, Kathleen. American Fork, 236 

Moyle, Richard W., American Fork, 279 

Mueller, Bruce James. Running Springs. Calif. 

Muhlestein, Gerald R., Provo 

Muhlestein, Ltla M. C, Provo 

Muhlestein, Joyce, Provo, 145 

Muhlestein, Helene D., Prove 

Muhlestein, Mary K., Boise, Ida., 209, 327 

Muhlestein, Richard D., Provo, 366 

Muir, Elmo Ricks, Provo, 332 

Muirhead, Alice M. B., Williams, Ariz., 322 

Mulhern, Arleene, Long Beach, Calif, 145, 183, 328 

Mullen, Loralee, Murray, 362 

Mulrooney, Virginia F., Venice, Calif. 

Mumford. Carole, Mt. Pleasant, 318 

Mumford. Margaret Ann, Mt. Pleasant, 234, 296 

Munhall, Grace, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Munson, Lydia C, McGill. Nev., 284 

Munson, Dick Addy, Provo 

Murchie, Patricia Jean, Long Beach, Calif, 31, 172, 

Murdoch, Susan Nibley, Salt Lake City, 367 
Murdock, Allen Kent, Springville 
Murdock, C. Dale, Beaver 
Murdock, Jon Larry, Provo, 362 
Murdock, Paul Bingham, Nada, Calif. 
Murdock, Olive Sue, Compton, Calif., 323 
Murdock, Sara Joyce, Cokeville, Wyo., 233, 362 
Murdock, Sally Jo, Sacramento, Calif, 153, 189 
Murdock, Stephen Paul, American Fork 
Murdock, Thomas J., Heber, 286 
Murphy, David Russell, West Covlna, Calif. 
Murphy, Charlotte E., Los Angeles, Calif 
Murphy, Floyd M„ Provo, 156, 284 
Murphy, K. Mark, Salem, Ore.. 86 
Murphy, Jerry Bert, Provo, 298 
Murphy, Myrna Jean, Spanish Fork, 221, 315 
Murphy, Sheridon Leo, Provo, 370 
Murphy, Sherron,, Glendale, Calif 
Murphy, Richard F., Quebec, Can., 372 
Murphy, Vira Ann, Spanish Fork, 153, 324 
Murray, Drusilla Ann, McMinnville, Ore., 332 
Murray, Evelyn Alice, Boise, Ida., 149 
Murray, Fancher M., Nephi, 302 
Murray, Jerry Lyle, Myton 
Murray, Robert James, Los Angeles, Calif 
Musal, Anita, St. Remy, N.Y. 
Musick, Linda Ruby, Alhambra, Calif., 367 
Musig, Morris Demille, Salt Lake City, 279 
Musser, Marcia Ellis, Chevy Chase, Md., 153, 344 
Mussler, ans Karl, Frankfurt, Germany, 294, 344 
Mussatt, James Roy, Sunnyside, 367 
Myers, Judith Ann, Salt Lake City, 348 
Myers, Leon Aaron, Boise, Ida. 
Myers, Stephen Robert. New Plymouth, Ida. 
Mykol, Elsa Denise, Salem, Ore., 195, 327 

Nackos, Frank James, Oakland, Calif., 364 
Nackos, Charles James, Oakland, Calif 
Naegle, John Charles, Ucon, Ida., 365 
Nahulu, Eli Kaul, Oahu, T.H. 
Nakken, Dixie Ann, Salt Lake City, 362 
Nally, Lonnie Boyd, Lordsburg, N. Mex., 361 
Nalder, Lanny Johnson. Shelley, Ida. 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Nash, Blaine Elynn, Provo 

Nash. Verio June, Butte. Mont., 314 

Nate, Dee Ann, Cokeville, Wyo., 367 

Naumu, Judith Puanani, Kauai, T.H. 

Nation, Frances Arlene, Gunnison, 257, 300 

Nay, Barbara Jean, Los Angeles, Calif., 367 

Nay, Arlene, Imperial, W. Vo., 331 

Nay, Mateland D., Sigurd 

Nay. Wanda Jean. Parma, Ida.. 91, 332 

Naylor, Clyde Richard, Provo 

Naylor, Helen, Alexandria, Va., 28a 

Naylor, Karl Glen, Provo 

Naylor, Jay Harvey, Los Angeles, Calif., 32, 130 

Neal, Alice, Malad, Ida.. 331 

Neal, Dallas Howard, Malad. Ida., 330 

Neal, Glenys Marie, Stone. Ida. 

Neath, Stephen Klages, Bountiful, 207, 363 

Nebeker. Spencer P., Afton, Wyo.. 361 

Neeley, David Mitchell, Spanish Fork 

Neeley, Douglas M., Spanish Fork 

Neeley. Jay Miller. Pico. Calif., 186, 319 

Neeley, Marilyn Maude. Salt Lake City, 97, 334 

Neff. Joann Berteena. Ogden, 358 

Neff, Wilma Bankhead, Santa Rosa, Calif., 352 

Neff, David E., Wells Nev. 

Negro, Donald Ray, Lovell, Wyo. 

Neil, Roberta Mary, Long Beach, Calif. 

Neilsen, Wayne Leland, Lark 

Neilson, Elmo Gary, Alberta, Can. 

Neilson, Ferdanand A., Washington 

Neilson. Fred A., Washington. 284 

Neilson, Joann, Sacramento, Calif. 

Neilson. Lenord Elwood, Los Angeles, Calif., 331 

Neilson, Morris Earl, Provo, 302 

Neilson. Marie Adele. Redwood, Calif., 153, 334 

Neilson, Patricia M., Temple City, Calif., 348 

Nelson. Allen Eugene, Helper 

Nelson, Alvin John, Jr., Provo 

Nelson, Ann Marie, Richmond, 225 

Nelson, Barbra Jean, Phoenix, Ariz., 156, 183, 318 

Nelson, Charlotte M., Idaho Falls, Ida., 318 

Nelson, Conrad Rulon, Ferron 

Nelson, Dale Lee, Comnne 

Nelson, Dean McClain, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Nelson, Doloris, Provo, 189 

Nelson. Elaine, Las Vegas, Nev., 209, 217, 325 

Nelson, Ferrel Garth, Orem 

Nelson, George F., Montpelier, Ida. 

Nelson, Grace C, Redmond 

Nelson, Harold John, Salt Lake City 

Nelson, Janice Loe, Pocetello, Ida., 296 

Nelson, Janeen, Lehi, 352 

Nelson, Janice, La Plata, N. Mex. 

Nelson, Jeniel, St. Ignatus, Mont., 366 

Nelson, Judith Naoma, Gooding, Ida., 163, 167 

Nelson, Keith Jacob, Provo 

Nelson. Kay, Moses Lake, Wash. 

Nelson, Keith Lindon, Provo 

Nelson, Larry C, Provo, 363 

Nelson, Linda Lee, Long Beach, Calif., 218, 353 

Nelson, Lowell Robert, Whitehall, Mont., 362 

Nelson, Louise Kimball, Springville, 294 

Nelson, M. Don, Genola, 346 

Nelson, Marcia, Phoenix, Ariz., 333 

Nelson, Mary Kay, Snowville 

Nelson, Neil Foss, Preston, Ida., 211, 288 

Nelson, Neal Allen, Preston, Ida. 

Nelson, Narene, Martin S.D., 217, 229, 334 

Nelson, Omer Dean, Thatcher, Ariz., 292 

Nelson, Ra Voe, Jackson. Wyo., 367 

Nelson, Richard H.. Spanish Fork, 286 

Nelson, Rodney Price, Spanish Fork 

Nelson, Ronald Kent, Sandy 

Nelson, Ruth, Thatcher, Ariz. 

Nelson, Sergie W., Jr., Payson 

Nelson. Scott Howard, N. Fork. Idaho, 102, 303 

Nelson, Shirley Mae, Spanish Fork, 229, 351 

Nelson, Shirley Mae, Idaho Falls. Ida., 334 

Nelson, Thomas Lane, Provo 

Nelson, Varr Young. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 186, 292 

Neser, Paul Irving, Los Angeles, Calif., 309 

Neser. Gerald Otto, Los Angeles. Calif., 309 

Neslen, Sharon M., Carp. Calif. 

Neuenswander, Doyle J., Weston, Ida. 

Neuenswander, Val J.. Weston, Ida., 237, 303 

Newbold, Maureen, Riverton, 364 

Newbury, Twilla M., Springville 

Newbold, Marilyn, South Jordan 

Newman, Dianne Eileen, Salt Lake City, 229, 327 

Newman, Peggy June, Ogden, 334 

Newman, William Albert, Springville, 302 

Newman. Walter Dennis. American Fork 

Newton, Mary Alice. Provo 

Newton, Wallace Smith, Alberta, Can.. 299 

Nibarger, A. Lamont. Mountain View, Wyo. 

Nichol. Jack Wayne. Salt Lake City, 231, 326 

Nicholes, Henry Joseph, Provo 

Nicholes, Perrine, American Fork 

Nicholls. Roger Verl. Orem 

Nichols, Carma Sue, Burley, Ida., 358 

Nichols, Clyde R.. Jr., Hartsville. S.C. 

NichoU. Kermit Botlon, Roy 

Nichols, Marcia F.. Salt Lake City. 360 

Nichols, Murrey Leo, Bessemer, N.C. 

Nichols, Nancy Ruth, Palo Alto. Calif., 362 

Nichols. Rosalie E., Salt Lake City. 344 

Nichols, S. Rochelle. Brigham City, 298 

Nicholson, Donna Belle, Provo, 314 

Nickelsen, Owe Jens, Quito, Ecuador, 298 

Nicol, Lola Ann, Arabia, La., 330 

Nicol, Keren Anne, Pittsburg, Calif., 331 

Nicoll, Lynn A., Mesa, Ariz., 331 

Nicoll, John Cleveland. Mesa. Ariz.. I 18, 317 

Nield, Deloyd Minor, Long Beach, Calif. 

Nielsen, Alfred Carl, Orem 

Nielsen, Dick Hyatt, Centerfield, 317 

Nielsen, Dorothy Marie, Pasadena, Calif., 167, 209, 368 

Nielsen, Edward Denny, St. Johns, Ariz. 

Nielsen, Franklin Ole. St. Johns, Ariz. 

Nielsen. Genevieve L., Mesa, Ariz. 

Nielsen, Harry S., Ferron 

Nielsen, Josephine, Ogden, 225 

Nielsen, Lanny D., Blackfoot, Ida. 

Nielsen, Leslie Gerald, St. Johns, Ariz. 

Nielsen, Linda Mae, Provo, 209 

Nielsen, Lynn Moser, Lehi 

Nielsen, Lorna Ruth, Ogden 

Nielsen, Marcus O, Mesa, Ariz. 

Nielsen, Phyllis V., Orem 

Nielsen. Ronald Leland, Provo 

Nielsen, Swen Claudi, Provo 

Nielsen, Shenna Lee, Houston, Texas, 366 

Nielsen, Shirley Diane, Bountiful 

Nielsen, Velma M., Holladay, 327 

Nielson, Albert S., Ill, Santaquin, 359 

Nielson, Allen Russell, Mesa, Ariz., 368 

Nielson, Allen W., Moroni 

Nielson, Betty Jo, St. Worland, Wyo. 

Nielson. Brent L. Alberta. Can., 324 

Nielson, Charles f\, Monroe, 207 

Nielson, Clayton A., Orem 

Nielson, Dixie Lee, Tooele 

Nielson, Fred Kent, Provo 

Nielson, Glenice Lewis, Monticetlo 

Nielson, James King, Monroe, 348 

Nielson, John Richard, Alberta, Can. 

Nielson, Julia Adams, Provo 

Nielson, Mary Lou, Manti 

Nielson, Myrna, Spanish Fork, 334 

Nielson, Merritt D., Freewater, Ore., 368 

Nielson, Nella Louise, Mesa, Ariz., 331 

Nielson, Patricia, Bingham, 361 

Nielson, Ronald A., Tooele, I 14 

Nielson, Roger B., Springville 

Nielson, Ronald F., Salt Lake City, 291, 348 

Nielson, Stephen M., Monticello 

Nielson. Susan Linda, Lynndyl, 221, 309 

Niles. Barbara Lena, Los Angeles, Calif., 145, 327 

Nilsen, Don Lee Fred. Spanish Fork, 94, 291 

NIms, Janet Roberta, Marysville, Calif., 183, 322 

Nish, Dale Leroy, Alberta, Can. 

Nish. Kay Lavern, Alberta, Can. 

Nisbett, Robert Sonnie, Boise, Ida., 310 

Nixon, Elray S., Provo 

Nixon, Glade O, Holden 

Nixon, Richard Smoot, Provo 

Noakes. Geraldine, Orem 

Nobbs, Ronald Clarence, Salt Lake City, 364 

Nixon, Lynn William, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Noble, Carol Joy, Ogden, 149, 309 

Noble, Joseph Wayne, Farmington 

Noble, Larry Earl, Eugene, Ore., 308 

Noble, Phyllis Joan, Whiterocks 

Noble, Morrelt Edwin, Atlanta, Ga. 

Noble. Zina, Walla Walla, Wash.. 234, 313 

Noble. Vernice. Walla Walla. Wash., 225 

Nock, George Roy, Santa Cruz, Calif., 309. 311 

Noel, Nancy Lee, Monrovia, Calif., 223, 369 

Noel, Robert Edward. Chandler, Ariz. 

Noel. Wanda Lee, Oakland, Calif., 364 

Noel, Ethel Frances, San Diego, Calif. 

Nolen, Diane Oates, Pasadena, Calit. 

Nolen, Phillip Wayne, Pasadena. Calif, 309 

Nooner, Tennie Joy, Lisle, III. 

Norberg, James Angus, Oakland, Calif., 332 

Nordgren, Shirley Joy, Salt Lake City, 153 

Nordgren, Weston Nephi, Provo, 315 

Noreen, Diane Yvonne, Lakewood, Calif., 367 

Norman, Mary Jean, Whittier, Calif, 149, 221, 319 

Norr, Gloria, Tremonton, 153. 347 

Norris, Robin Mitchell Phoenix. Ariz., 150. 368 

Norris. Paul David. Jr., Etna, Calif 

Northrop. S"herena Cloe, Nampa, Ida., 332 

North, lla Jean, Heber, 316 

North. James Albert, Heber, 289 

Norton, Betty Velate, Central, Ariz., 313 

Norton, De Ray, Provo, 193, 364 

Norton, Dorothy Allen, Spanish Fork, 149, 322 

Norton, Belva Baker. Provo 

Norton, Harold Lee, SHverton, Ore., 327 

Norton, Jaimee LaRue, Orem 

Norton, Lynda Dawn, Sandy, 368 

Norton, Merritt Ronald, Orem 

Norton. Richard Leslie, Oqden. 325 

Novakovich, Stephen G., Denver, CoJo., 185, 332 

Nowell, Norine Patsy, Huntington Park, Calif 

Numkena. Shirley Ann, Kayenta, Ariz. 

Nunes. Pearl Ann, Newark, Calif., 334 

Nuttall, Drayton G., Sacramento, Calif., 325 

Nuttall. Carol Vera. Provo. 314, 334 

Nuttall, Karen, Downers Grove, III.. 347 

Nuttall, Ronald Dean, Lehi 

Nuttall, Paul Everett, Pacific Grove, Calif. 231 

Nutter, Diana Geneva, Corona. Calif., 205, 319 

Nybo, June Loretta, Salem, 327 

Nybo, Ronald Carl, Provo 

Nybo, Dean Strong, Spanish Fork 

Nyman, Carol, Nephi, 353 

Oakes. Judith Ellen, Riverside. Calif, 223, 345 
Oaks, Janet, Provo 
Oaks, Evelyn, Provo. 149, 209, 368 
Ober. Georgia Mae, Feeding^Hills, Mass., 325 
Oberosler, Evelyn O, Power, Mont., 350 
Oberhansley, Reid B., Spanish Fork 
O'Brien, Earl Verne, Provo 
O'Brien, James Patrick, San Diego, Calif, 130 
O'Brien, Robert Milo, Provo 
O'Brien, Robert M., Jr., Provo 
O'Brien, Roger Stanley, Provo 
Ockey, James Heber, Jr., Nephi 
Odermott, Louis William, Provo 
Oertle, Linda Dee, San Gabriel, Calif, 333, 339 
Oesterling, Lani L., Riverside, Calif., 358 
Ogborn, Alton Fred, Moss Point, Miss., 289 
Ogborn, Corwin Lanier, Moss Point, Miss. 
Ogato, Mamoru, Japan, 140 
Ogden, Koa Jean, Richfield, 293 
Ogden, Leila, Richfield 

Ogden, Karen Louise, Everett, Wash., 156, 368 
Ogden. Marshall D. ( Richfield 
Ohran, James Wallace, Belmont, Calif. 
Ohm, Barbara Linnea, Noroton Heights, Conn. 
Okelberry. Belva S., Oakley, Ida. 
Okelberry, Eva Pearl, Goshen, 309 
Okimoto, Howard T., Honolulu, T.H. 
Olauson, Clarence R.. Salt Lake City. 163, 165 
Olaveson, Eugene D„ Rigby, Ida. 
Oldroyd, Hannah Louise, Provo, 209 
Oldroyd, Herman J., Provo 
Oldroyd, Hannah R., Provo, 371 
Oldroyd, Mark Thomas, Provo 
Oldroyd, Paul Robert, Provo 
Oldroyd, Thomas Terry, Provo, 286 
Oldroyd, William V., Jr., Provo 
Olds, Norma Lee, Independence, Calif 
Oliekan, Darlene, Salt Lake City 
O'Leary, Yvonne Sharon, Wenatchee, Wash., 298 
Oliphant, Norman H., Orem 
Ollphant, Ronald Elgin, Provo, 286 
Olivas, Jose Saul, Colonia, Juarez, Nex., 366 
Oliver, Gerge William, Mona 
Oliver, Carol Lorraine, Alberta, Can., 369, 371 
Oliver. Carl Lloyd, Delta, 296 
Oliver, Howard Gordon, Alberta, Can., 315 
Oliver, Sarah Jane, Salt Lake City 
Olpin, Edwin Dee. Pleasant Grove 
Olpin, Jay Lloyd, Provo, 207. 213, 314 
Olpin, Violet, Heber 

Olsen, Audrey Jeanne, Denver, Colo., 217, 327 
Olsen, Barbara Joy, Sacramento, Calif., 298 
Olsen, Burton K., Emery, 110, 370 
Olsen, Darold Robert, Provo 
Olsen, Dale Albert, Ogden 
Olsen, Dee Redford, Alberta, Can., 353 
Olsen, Don Richard, Springville 
Olsen, Helen Kaye, Hayward, Calif., 327 
Olsen, Holly Marie, Tremonton, 368 
Olsen, Jimmy Raymond, Springville 
Olsen, Kent Johnson, Fairbanks, Alaska, 366, 369 
Olsen, Kenneth Mark, Salt Lake City, 298 
Olsen, Larry Wayne, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Olsen, Lawrence Reed, Spanish Fork 
Olsen, Lanore, Emery, 298 
Olsen, Linda Nan. Oxnard. Calif, 368 
Olsen, Melvin Eugene, Pendleton, Ore., 331 
Olsen, Merlin V., Alberta, Can., 346 
Olsen, Patricia Lee, Ogden, 283 289 
Olsen, Rea, Jerome, Ida., 364 
Olsen, Richard Alan, Santaquin 
Olsen, Richard Lee, Brigham City 
Olsen, Roger L.. Gunnison, 215, 339 
Olsen, Robert Young, Provo 
Olsen. Ronald Ellis, Blending, 368 
Olsen, Ruby Karen, Woods Cross 
Olsen, Ruth, Preston, Ida.. 153, 327 
Olsen, Terese A., Bountiful, 327 
Olsen, Terry Johnson, Fairbanks, Alaska. 368 
Olson, Beverly, Arimo, Ida., 370 
Olson, Carl Femelius, Salt Lake City 
Olson, Carolyn Norma, Murray 
Olson, Dann, Lakewood. Calif, 223, 327 
Olson, Del Ray, Spanish Fork 
Olson. Dolores N., SaltJ_ake City, 257. 300 
Olson, Gerald Edward, Springville 
Olson, Harold Carr, Spanish Fork 
Olson, James Kent, Manila. 339 
Olson, Janet Marie, Provo 
Olson, Jerri, Lakewood, Calif., 362 
Olson, Karen Lynn, El Cerrito, Calif., 371 
Olson, Kenyon Robert, Sacramento, Calif, 203, 368 
Olson, Lawrece K., Provo 


Nash - Peterson 

Olson, Lee, 231, 311 

Olson, Linda, Klamath Falls, Calif. 

Olson, Lloyd Godfrey, Ontario, Can., 231, 311 

Olson. Merrill H., Oram, 150, 334 

Olson, Phyllis Karlene, Wenatche, Wash., 284 

Olson, Robert Dan, Evanston, Wyo., 203 

Olson, Robert Richard, Buena Vista, Calif. 

Olson, Sonja May, Reno, Nev., 367 

Olson, Yvonne E., Portland, Ore., 307 

Oman, Sandra Louise, Moses Lake, Wash., 362 

Oman, Phyllis Fern, Mesilla Park, N. Mex. 

Ontiveros, Jimmy, Midvale 

Ontiveros, Limhi, Chihuahua, Mex., 309 

Openshaw, Fred H. C„ Santaquin 

Openshaw Mary Louise, Mesa, Ariz., 183 

Opp, Janice Terrell, Tampa, Fla., 332 

Oquist, Self rid, Sweden 

Orahood, Delpha Ruth, San Jose. Calif., 367 

Orcutt, Dorothy Jean, Alberta, Can. 

Orchard. William Peck, Twin Falls, Ida., 286 

Ord, Sharon Faye, Pacoima, Calif., 332 

Ord, Marilyn Jane. Walla Walla, Wash., 84, 205 334 

Orgill Joel Ivan, Grantsville, 355 

Orgill, Derwin Jay. Draper 

Orme, Kothryn, Idaho Falls, Ida., 212, 223, 236, 284 

Ormiston, Loretta Jean, Phoenix, Ariz., 361 

Orr, Diane Gail Mesa. Ariz., 189, 327 

Orr, Richard Allan, South Gate, Calif. 

Orrock, Lucille, Joseph 

Orton, Beverly St. C, Provo 

Orton, Diane Bevan, Tooele 

Orton, Frederick L., Provo 

Orton, Arnold Merle, Orem 

Orton, Kenneth Ray, Ogden, 293 

Orton, Thomas Kenneth, Provo 

Osborn, William Dale, Payson, 314 

Osbourn, Sue Ann, St. Louis, Mo., 369, 371 

Oscarson, Bonnie Lee, St. Louis, Mo., 141, 218 

Ostergaard Deward J., Duarte, Calif. 

Ostergaard, Marie Ann, Duarte, Calif. 

Ostler, Betty Lou, Casa Grande, Ariz. 

Ostler, E. Melvin, Provo 

Ostller, Eugene, Salt Lake City, 334 

Ostler, Julie May. Salt Lake City, 331 

Ostlund, Karen Ann, Phoenix, Ariz.. 205, 355 

Oswald, Willard Blaine, Idaho, Falls, Ida.. 362 

Oswald, Shirlene Gay, Idaho Falls, Ida., 288 

Often, Leaun Glen, Salem 

Otte, Alvin Martin, Odessa, Tex.. 362 

Otterstrom, Frank T., Burbank, Calif, 199, 224, 338 

Ottley, LeRoy, Sen Mateo, Calif., 207 

Ottosen, Shirley Renee, Mesa, Ariz., 225, 309 

Ousbye, Donald H., Los Angeles, Calif., 322 

Ovard, Judith Ann, Salt Lake City, 362 

Overacker, SKlrley A., Pima, Ariz. 

Overacker, Robert R., Douglas, Ariz., 288 

Overly, Gerald Glen, Provo 

Oveson, Keith E., Provo 

Oveson, Mary Louise, Pendleton, Ore., 209 

Oviatt, Carmen L, Salt Lake City, 298 

Oviatt, Lester C, Provo 

Oviatt, Robert Neal, Henderson, Nev., 368 

Owen, Judith Ann, Lewiston, Ida., 362 

Owen, Lloyd V., Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Owen, Lyle Chester, Kennewick, Wash., 312 

Owen, Richard D., Idaho Falls, Ida., 325 

Owen, Phyllis Joan, Lewiston, Ida., 362 

Owens, Richard R., Joseph 

Oxborrow, Joan, McGill, Nev., 347, 371 

Oxborrow, Kathryn Sue, Carson, Nev., 361 

Oxborrow, Jeanette, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Oxendine, Peggy Dean, Cottondate, Fla., 286 

Ozawa, Fern Kazuko, Weiser, Ida., 331 

Oyler, Nefdon Duane, Rexburg, Ida. 

Pace, Carol Meurine, Provo, 326 
Pace, Harvey Dean, Coalville, 329 
Pace, Gloria Diane, Globe, Ariz. 
Pace, Joan, Spanish Fork, 371 
Pace, Linda Jean, Chandler, Ariz., 334 
Pace, Margie, Craig, Colo. 
Pace, Mary Alleen, Phoenix, Ariz., 94, 293 
Pace, Ronald Thornton, Las Vegas, Nev., 279 
Pace, Ralph Eugene. Orem, 339 
Pace, William Cardon, Morenci, Ariz., 290 
Pacheco, Gilbert A., Grant, N. Mex. 
Pack, Annette Ruth, Salt Lake City. 364 
Pack, Elbert Chandler, Meridan, Ida., 83. 213. 296 
Pack. Paul Eugene, Meridian, Ida., 86, 347 
Pack Russell Allyn. Pleasant Grove, 364 
Packard, Bernard Berny, Bountiful. 362 
Packer, Edward Lee, Portland, Ore. 331 
Packer, Eileen, Redwood, Calif, 292 
Paddock, Alice R., Butte, Mont., 313 
Page, Gerald James. Kamas, 296 
Page, George Dee, Bountiful 
Page, Joan, Kamas, 363 
Page. Melven Allen. Clearfield. 246, 334 
Pagett, Richard Boyd, Manassa, Colo.. 346 
Page, Sharon, Grace, Ida. 
Page, William H.. Provo 
Paine, Donna Jean, Sunnyvale. Calif.. 347 
Paine, Joseph Peter N., Uniondale, N.Y. 

Painter, Beverly Ann, Bloomington. Ida., 319 

Paine, Eliza, Johanna, Uniondale, N.Y., 347 

Palmer, Blaine Charles, Vernal 

Palmer, Evan Mack, Park Valley, 296 

Palmer, Francis Andrew, Vernal, 215. 315 

Palmer, Glen Omer, Farmington, N. Mex., 186, 312 

Palmer, George Richard. Provo 

Palmer, James Rudger, Park Valley, 303 

Palmer, Jean, Salt Lake City, 332 

Palmer, Jerry Lee, Salt Lake City 

Palmer, Junelle, Park Valley, 325 

Palmer, John E., Chicago, III. 

Palmer, John W., Provo 

Palmer, John Wesley, Preston, Ida., 325 

Palmer, Kenley C, Kaysville, 187, 246 

Palmer, L. Merrill, Provo, 315 

Palmer, Mary Lynne, Farmington. N. Mex., 163, 337 

Palmer, Maureen, Salt Lake City 

Palmer. Philip L., Blanding, 364 

Palmer, Susanne K., Bemidji, Minn., 153, 330 

Palmer, William Hal, Preston, Ida. 

Papenfuss, Elaine, St. Ignatus, Mont. 

Pappas, Susan Joy, New York, N.Y., 153, 226 

Paramore, Mary Jo, Provo, 201, 294 

Pardew, Everett Earl, Parma, Ida. 

Parduhn, Sharlene, American Fork, 189 

Paris, Cleo Nadine, Inglewood, Calif., 355 

Paris, Charles W., Worland, Wyo. 

Park, Dennis James, Tooele, 314 

Park, Curtis Jay, Tooele, 362 

Park, Clifford William, Provo 

Park, Ivan John, Salt Lake City 

Park, Neil Alonzo, Nephl, 302 

Park, Samuel Kay, American Fork 

Parke, Darrel Thompson. Carey. Ida. 

Parke, Darwin Morgan, Carey, Ida. 

Parker, Carol Jean, Honolulu 

Parker, Cecil Blaine, Ogden, 294 

Parker, Clair Leeman, Springfield, Ore. 

Parker, Donald W., Sprlngvllle 

Parker, David Walter, Redlands, Calif. 

Parker, George Rex, Joseph, 308 

Parker, Jeraldine, Pocatello, Ida. 

Parker, llene Kendell, Provo 

Parker, Jeannette, Pocatello, Ida. 

Parker, John Wendell, Redwood. Calif. 

Parker, Margo Lynne, Los Angeles, Calif, 322 

Parker, Marilyn C. Boulder City, Nev.. 327 

Parker, Peggy Delila. Sandy, 189. 352 

Parkhurst, Hurley H., Carmichael, Calif 

Parkin, Carl Dean, Wilmington, Calif. 

Parkin, John Ro&ert, Nephi 

Parkin, Colleen Ruth, Bountiful, 225. 327 

Parkin, Edwin Henry. Pine Island, Minn., 362 

Parkinson, Garry Ed, Provo 

Parkinson, Kay, Rexburg, Ida.. 319 

Parkinson, Jerrolyn, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 309 

Parle, Roy Edwin, Burbank, Calif, 339 

Parks, Jane RoNell, Whittler, Calif 

Parry, Barbara Ann, Arlington, Va., 229, 331 

Parry, Evelyn, Monticello 

Parry, Helen Marlene, Springville, 365 

Parry, Stephen Cahoon, Bountiful. 358 

Parry, Venita Gay. Provo 

Parry, Sharon Louise, Seattle, Wash.. 219. 362 

Parsons, Sharon Laree, Paso Robles. Calif. 

Partridge, Jerry Alvin, Pingree, Ida., 362 

Partridge, Miriam Faye, Hollywood, Calif.. 294 

Paschal, Julie Rae. Annabella 

Paskett, Curtis McKay, Jerome. Ida. 

Passey, Kaye Louise, Salt Lake City. 347. 362 

Passmore Vernene J.. Gridley. Calif., 368 

Patrick, Kathleen. Springville, 327 

Patricio, Mercedes, Brazil 

Pattee, Harold Edward, Provo, 294 

Patten, Carolyn, Provo, 349 

Patten, Thomas J., Orem 

Patten. Sybil M., Provo 

Patterson. Jeanne E., Phoenix, Ariz., 201 

Patterson, Kenneth J., Provo 

Patton. James Robert, Charles, W. Va.. 317 

Paul. K. Lynn. Fergus Falls. Minn., 156, 187 

Paul Brent Williamson. Short Hill. N.J., 368 

Paul, Charles Leo, Elko, Nev., 361 

Paul, David Wilcox, Ogd&n 

Paulsen, Weldon B.. Lewisville, Ida.. 350 

Paulson, Audrey Mae. Minneapolis, Minn., 352 

Paulson. Donald Eugene. Pelican Rapids, Minn.. 311 

Paulson, Lynn Marrott. Pleasant Grove, 299 

Paxman, David Alger, Washington 

Paxton, Robert Charles, Santa Rosa. Calif, 362 

Paxton. Thornton S., Santa Rosa, Calif 

Payne, B. Louise, Seattle. Wash.. 197, 315 

Payne, Bette Lyn, Phoenix, Ariz., 201, 355 

Payne, Gary Barton, Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Payne, Lloyd Vearle, Lordsburg, N. Mex., 362 

Payne, Shermin Duane, Provo 

Peabody, Kenneth Dale, Sunnyside. Wash., 330 

Peacock, Evelyn M., Oranqeville, 324, 331 

Peacock, Ernest Arnold. Altadena, Calif. 

Peacock, John Bruce, Manti 

Peacock, Vione. Lund, Nev., 327 

Peacock, Wanda Lee. Price. 294 

Pearce, Douglas Nelson, St. George, 207, 314 

Pearce, LaReta Eileen, Riverside, Calif., 347, 371 

Pearce, Raynor Dale, Beaver, 108, 112 

Pearson, Alaiff Joseph, Richfield, 288 

Pearson, Adele, Salt Lake City, 322, 330 

Pearson, Dean Nelson, Clearfield, 294 

Pearson, Judith Ann, Palo Alto, Calif, 358 

Pearson, Melvin Jay, Fairfield, Mont., 337 

Pearson, Maughn Marden, Richfield 

Pearson, Richard O, Orem 

Pearson, Samuel Edwin, Healsburg, Calif. 

Peart, EcTward Lynn, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Peay, Carol, Provo 

Peay, David George, Palmer, Alaska 

Peay, Margery Renona, Provo 

Peay, Stanley Eugene, Provo 

Peck, Bruce Arnold, American Fork 

Peck, Beverly Gayle. Salt Lake City 

Peck, Darrell Leo, Provo 

Peck, Elwyn Virge. American Fork 

Peck, Katherine Marie, Stockton, Calif, 362 

Peck, Kathleen, Lehi 

Peck, Myron H., II, Ventura, Calif, 327, 331 

Peck, Patricia E., Provo 

Pedersen, Darhl Max, Orem, 279 

Pedersen, Alfred H., Jr., Brentwood, Calif. 

Pedersen, Kent Lee, Caldwell, Ida., 349 

Pedersen, Herschel N., Orem 

Pedersen, John Thomas, Caldwell, Ida., 294 

Pedersen, Melvin Lamar, Brentwood, Calif, 286 

Pedersen, Myrna Agnes, Bountiful, 221, 314 

Pedersen, Sandra, Orem 209 308 

Pedersen, Keith Alvin, Salt Lake City 

Peel, LeRoy Franklin. Mesa, Ariz. 

Peel, Robert Kendall, Pomona, Calif, 309 

Peers, Janet Beryl, Santa Barbara, Calif 

Pefley, Donna Jean, Provo, 345 

Pemberton, George S., Tieton, Wash., 288 

Pendleton, Lynn, Provo, 279 

Pendrey, Lowell McKay, Montpelier, Ida. 

Penfold, Garn Farley, Hagerman, Ida., 302 

Pennington, Roy Byron, Athens, Tex. 

Pennington, Shirley A.. Springfield. Ore., 350 

Pennock, Mionne, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Pennock, Robert Elden, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Pennington, Roy Edwin, Evanston, Wyo., 360 

Penrod, Carol Ida, San Diego, Calif., 367 

Penrod, Karelyn. Provo, 296, 302 

Penrose. Charles W„ Salt Lake City, 150. 294 

Penrose, Wallace Kay. Salt Lake City, 150, 331 

Penrose, Charles Wayne, Downey, Ida., 348 

Perclval, Charles M., Provo 

Percy, Betty, Provo 

Perkins, Caisa Barbara, Salt Lake City 

Perkins, Cecil Owens, Clay Springs, Ariz., 322, 327 

Perkins, Darrell W., Jr., Orem 

Perkins, Gary Lynn, Montpelier, Ida. 

Perkins, James Adams, Blanding, 302 

Perkins, John Newton, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Perkins. Margo, Salt Lake City, 201 

Perkins, Nancy C, Arlington, Va., 286 

Perkins, Robert D., Arlington, Va., 318 

Perkins, Reetha Lou, Seattle, Wash. 

Perkins, Raymond C, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Perry, Dale CKarles, Provo 

Perry, Constance Jean, Berkeley, Calif., 189 

Perry, Devern Jay, Perry, 103. 288 

Perry, Douglas Colton, Hinsdale, III.. 156 

Perry, Elna, Brigham City, 353 

Perry, John Russell, Provo 

Perry, Jay Eric, Provo 

Perry, Lyndon James, Salt Lake City, 360 

Perry, Marvin Stuart, Idaho Falls, Ida., 367 

Perry, Robert LaRelle, Salt Lake City 

Persson, Jerry Lynn, J'ayson 

Persson, Phil Finch, Woodland, Calif. 207 

Peters, Gary Wayne, Rochester, Minn. 

Peters, Gordon Clayson, Blackfoot, Ida., 366 

Peters, Sonya Arlene, Gregory, S.D., 367 

Petersen, Bruce James, Evanston, Wyo., 317 

Petersen, Blaine Reese, San Manuel, Ariz., 352 

Petersen, Edward Harry, Glendale, Calif., 294 

Petersen, Edith Rosa, Hinckley 

Petersen, Howard Ray, San Manuel, Ariz., 369 

Petersen. James Anthon, Cottonwood, Ariz. 

Petersen, Judith Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 153. 364 

Petersen, Judith Ann, Salina. 364 

Petersen, Joyce L., Glendale. Calif.. 364 

Petersen, Karen, Boise, Ida. 

Petersen, Karen Gae. Hinckley 

Petersen, Ludeen. Riverton, 331 

Petersen, Mary E., Los Angeles, Calif., 331 

Petersen, Margene, Salina, 153, 195, 316 

Petersen, Nets Lowell. Hinckley, 239. 363 

Petersen, Ray Alvin, Orem. 231. 322 

Petersen, Ronald LeRoy, Ogden. 292 

Petersen, Paul Robert, Provo 

Petersen, Wayne Bryan, Hinckley 

Peterson, Alma Kent, Lehi 

Peterson, Barbara S.. Elqin, Ore. 

Peterson, Byron Pratt, Provo 

Peterson, Bruce R.. Provo, 213. 294 

Peterson. Burl Samuel, Provo 

Peterson, Carolyn, Castle Dale 

Peterson. Charles Lyle, Lehi 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Peterson, Charles S., Orem 

Peterson, Clyde Owen, Littlefield. Ariz., 207, 322 

Peterson. Clayton Reed, Lark, 227 

Peterson, Clererce, Jr.. Orem. 314 

Peterson, Dale Ervin, Fal'brook, Calif.. 362 

Peterson. David Noel, Hastings. Minn.. 292 

Peterson. Darwin W.. Las Vegas. Nev„ 362 

Peterson, Deanna Faye. Provo. 352 

Peterson. Gary Bert, Filer. Ida. 

Peterson. Gary D.. Santaquin 

Peterson. Glenn Howard, Logan 

Peterson. Jack Olin, Monticello 

Peterson. James Gary. Provo. 312 

Peterson, James LeRoy. Portland. Ore. 

Peterson. Joan. Provo. 223. 371 

Peterson. Joan Marie. Valentine, Neb., 189. 361 

Peterson. Joan, Paramount, Calif.. 84, 3 12 

Peterson. Julia Rae, Monticello 

Peterson, Judith Ann, Cheyenne. Wyo., 327, 344 

Peterson. Karen Nan, Orem 

Petersen. Karen Rae, Los Angeles. Calif. 

Peterson. Kenneth D.. Lehi, 308 

Petersen, Kenneth A., Delta 

Peterson. Kenneth D.. Chester. Mont., 325 

Peterson. Larry W.. Downey. Calif.. 32. 100. 213. 294 

Peterson. Lars W., Spanish Fork 

Peterson. Laurence E.. Alberta. Can., 295 

Petersen. Levi Savage. Snowflake. Ariz.. 94 

Peterson. Leon L.. Snowflake. Ariz., 294 

Peterson, M. Bonita. Hooper, 313 

Peterson. M. LaDeane P., Lehi 

Peterson. Marian, Provo, 358 

Peterson, Marilyn Joy, Salt Lake City 

Peterson, Marian P.. Huntsvllle, 371 

Peterson. Marilyn V.. Salt Lake City 

Peterson. Mary Jean, Salt Lake City 

Peterson. Mary Jo. LaBarge. Wyo., 337 

Peterson. Nancy Jean. Salt Lake City. 309 

Peterson, Phil, Senford. Colo. 

Peterson, Russell E.. Franklin. Neb.. 119 

Peterson. Stephen L.. Orem. 339 

Peterson. Stanley A.. Provo 

Peterson, Sonia, Boise. Ida.. 156 

Petrit. Edwin Eugene, Salt Lake City 

Pettit. Robert Dean. Centerville, 231, 294 

Petty, Corinne Ann, Salt Lake City. 233, 349 

Petty, Louise. Ogden, 358 

Petty, Wayne Andrew, Orem 

Pezoldt. Eleanor E.. Stockton. Calif.. 319 

Phair, Gary Richard. Klamath Falls, Ore. 

Phair. Larry Eldon. Klamath Falls. Ore. 

Phegley. Kathryn L.. Portland. Ore. 

Phelps. Shirley. Rock Springs. Wyo.. 197. 284 

Phillips. Barbara L.. Duncan. Ariz.. 368 

Phillips, Blaine C. Springville. 277, 279 

Phillips, Carolyn Y., Danville, Calif. 

Phillips. Delbert Ross. Portland. Ore., 213. 296 

Phillips, Deanna J.. Safford. Ariz.. 318 

Phillips. Franklyn Dee. Provo 

Phillips. George S.. Nephi, 313 

Phillips. Marie. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 234. 286 

Phillips. Ridge M.. Inkom. Ida. 

Phillips. Ronald J.. Provo. 294 

Phillips. Thomas B.. Phoenix, Ariz.. I 10. 294 

Phillips, Victor D.. Provo, 289. 297 

Phillips, Willard R.. Provo 

Phipps, Don Curtis, Orem 

Pickering, Lome K., La Canada. Calif. 

Pickens, George David. Frulta, Colo. 

Pickering. Richard C, Phoenix. Ariz.. 369 

Pierce, Dorothy Mae. Dearborn. Mich.. 3 1 8 

Pierce, Niles. American Fork 

Pierce. Ronald Lee. El Peso, Tex. 

Pierce. Welter Hugh. Moultrie. Ga. 

Pie. Joan, Brawley. Calif., 307 

Pihlaiamea. Marja R.. Finland 

Pincock. Beverly. Ucon. Ida., 145. 307 

Pinegar. Dale Edward, Provo. 328 

Pinegar. Patricia Murl. Pearl River. N.Y. 

Pingree. Julie Anne. Ogden, 87. 350 

Pinegar, Rex Dee. Spanish Fork. 284 

Pinster, William C... Cascadia, Ore.. 312 

Pinney. Susan. Gardera. Calif. 

Pippert, John H., Sacramento, Calif., 312 

Pitcher. Max Grow, Alta. Can. 

Pitkin. Gordon Rex. Salt Lake City. 306 

Pittman. Reba Sue, Palos. Calif.. 217. 333 

Pitts. Laval M.. Provo 

Pixton, Robert Myron, Salt Lake City, 322 

Plaas. Johanna W., Salt Lake City 

Piatt, Willa Mae. Reno. Nev.. 257. 300 

Platts. Robert Guy, Paul. Ida. 

Player. Glenda Lou. Hartsville, S.C.. 355 

Plumb, Marlow Walte. Orem 

Pocock, Richard L.. Ontario. Calif. 

Pointer Ethel. St. George. 307 

Politis, Constantinos. Greece 

Polacca, Allison S.. Oraibi. Ariz.. 294 

Poll. Harry Ronald, Salt Lake City 

Polqar, Peter, Hungary. 308 

Police. Judith Anne. New Philadelphia. Ohio. 325 

Polland, Donald Jack, Hawthorne, Nev. 

Pollel. Julia Claire. Salt Lake City. 331 

Pollock. Beryl Jean. Brawley. Calif., 366 

Pollock, John Walter. Provo, 362 

Pollock. La Moine. Tropic. 287 

Polly. Karen Elizabeth, Long Beach. Calif., 156. 209. 

Pomeroy. Karl Best. Provo. 294 
Pomeroy. Lucille T... Provo. 279 
Pomeroy. Ralph Jay, Chandler, Ariz. 
Pommerville. Winelle R., Los Angeles. Calif., 193. 307 
Pond, Frances. Grace, Ida. 
Pond, Eileen, Salt Lake City 
Pond. Karen Lee, Glenda'e. Calif.. 355 
Ponder. Kent. Albuquerque. N. Mex. 
Poole, Maxine. Preston. Ida.. 296 
Pope. Larry Wells. Vernal 
Poppleton. Warner B.. Wellsvllle 
Porter. Slaine Dell. Provo. 360. 369 
Porter. Erltne. Novato. Calif.. 328 
Porter, LeRoy Earl, Provo 
Porter, Laura. Hatch. 345 
Porter. Patricia E.. Fairfield. Calif.. 328 
Porter, Patricia Anne, Portland. Ore., 296 
Porter. Reed Johnson, Springfield. 292 
Porter, Richard, Orem 
Porter, Stanley O. Provo. 162 
Porter. Vonda C Provo 

Porter, Sherron Harold. Sun River, Mont., 328 
Porter, William Dale. Pleasant Grove. 350 
Porter. William Frank. Oakland. Calif. 
Porter. William Claude. Orem. 317 
Posey. Walter Leo. Cortez. Colo.. 328 
Posey. Charlotte Ann. Longview. Tex. 
Poston, Donald Charles. Englewood, Colo. 
Potter. Carole Anne. Battle. Mt.. Nev. 
Potter, Glenn Thompson, Washington, D.C. 
Potter, Margy, Battle Mt., Nev., 219, 366 
Potter. Marian. Battle Mt.. Nev. 
Potter, Norma Lawynn. Twin Falls. Ida., 257. 300 
Potter. Teddy Warren. Butte, Mont. 
Potter. Rhett Forsyth, Butte. Mont.. 325 
Potts. Allen Van. Salt Lake City 
Poulos, Dwight C.. Lexington. Ky. 
Poulsen, Anna Margaret. Magna. 296 
Poulsen, Glen Martin. Spanish Fork, 319 
Poulson. Jennie Lin. Provo, 221, 236 
Poulson. Lynn Otto, Orem 
Poulson, Patricia Ann, Salt Lake City. 353 
Poulter, Karen, Ogden, 306 
Poulton. James Carlos, Oakley, Ida. 
Poulton. William R.. Oakley. Ida. 
Poupos. Constantinos. Cyprus, 328 
Powell. Alda Mae. Lehi. 322 
Powell. Arlene. Huntington. 286 
Powell. Bemell B.. Pocatello. Ida.. 81. 140. 215 
Powell. Esther Dee A.. Salt Lake City 
Powell. James Alton, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Powell, Lynn Kesler, Provo, 329 
Powell. Melvln Burtren, Salt Lake City. 345 
Powell. Robert Bleak. MIdvale 
Powell. William C. Lehi 
Powelson. Douglas H.. Byron. Wyo., 203. 364 
Powers. Jack ., Lyman, Wyo. 
Powless. Mary E.. Oneida. Wis., 286 
Pratt, Douglas Eugene, Hollywood. Calif.. 328 
Pratt. Edna Gail, Honolulu, Hawaii. 309 
Pratt, Gary Lee, Aberdeen, Ida., 371 
Pratt, Glenn Alma. American Fork 
Pratt. John Leon, Woodland, Wash. 
Pratt, Lucile, Chihuahua. Mex. 
Pr a t+. Martha Ruth. Woodland. Wash.. 325 
Pratt. Ramona, Chihuahua. Mex. 
Pratt. Robert LeGrande, Denver. Colo.. 90 
Pratt. Wallace Leon, Boone, la. 
Pratt, William Noel. Riverside. Calif. 
Pratte, Paul Alfred. Alberta, Can., 355 
Prescott. Max W.. Kemas. 279 
Prestwich, Earl Jay. Orem. 307 
Prestwkh. Louise. Provo. 197. 362 
Prestwich, Max Kay. Orem 
Price. Albert Keith. San Francisco. Calif.. 296 
Price. Billy Ray, Cross Roads. Calif. 
Price. Charlene. Provo 
Price, Harvey Edwards. Bountiful 
Price. James William. Provo. 328 
Price. Nancy Ellen. Grldley. Calif.. 292 
Price. Ralph Lorin. Richfield. Ida., 352 
Price. Sharon Viola. Richland. Wash., 219, 355 
Price. Zack Zane, Cross Roads. Calif., 269 
Priestley. Bonne. Salt Lake City, 197. 364 
Prina. Peter Gene. Ely. Nev. 
Prince. Donald. San Diego, Calif. 
Prince. Carol L.. Hiawatha. 296 
Prince. Janet. San Diego. Calif, 326 
Prine. Crystal Darlene. Prlneville, Ore.. 294 
Prinqle. John Kenneth, Ogden 
Pritchett. David Leigh. Spokane. Wash., 308 
Proebstel. James R., Whitewater, Calif. 
Proctor. Janis. Pleasant Grove 
Prothero, David Dean. Springville 
Provstgard. Donna. Salt Lake City, 197. 352 
Provost, Sara Mae. Heber. 298 

Proven, E'eanore C, New Philadelphia. Ohio. 370 
Prows. Arvln Ronald. Spanish Fork 
Prows. Sandra. Tooele. 296 
Pruett. Norman Alvln. Winslow. Ariz., 310 

Calif.. 357 

153. 352 

Pryde, Marvin Eugene. Briggs. Calif., 354 
Pryor, Thomas Allan, Lynwood, Calif. 
Ptomey. Nancy Lynne. Akron. Ohio 
Pugmire. Caroline Kay, Centerville. 
Pugmire. Linda Lee. Seattle, Wash., 
Pullan, Grant Leon. Bingham, 296 
Pullan, Renee. Salt Lake City, 355 
Pulley, Carol Rose. Pleasant Grove, 
Pullman. Charles Dee. Spanish Fork, 333 
Pulsipher. El'e, Ashland. Ore.. 351 
Pulsipher, David C. Orem. 114. 355 
Pulsipher. Janell. St. Johns. Ariz. 
Pulsipher, John Lowell. Los Angeles, Calif. 
Pulsipher. Von Walter, Ashland. Ore., 352 
Pulsipher, Vaughn L.. Logandale. Nev. 
Purby, Norma Marie. Twin Falls, Ida., 365 
Purdy. Victor W.. Jr., Provo 
Purser. Gerald L. West Jordan. 203. 303 
Purley. Anthony F., Winslow. Ariz. 
Purvis, Archibald C. New York. N.Y., 361 
Pusey, John Richards. DIckerson. Md.. 370 
Putnam, Norman Earl. Jr.. Durango, Colo., 108 
Pyne. Charles Raymond. Orem 
Pyne, Ivern LaveM, Orem 
Pyper, Ora Rose. Springville 
Pyper. Idonna, Midway, 312 
Pyper, James William Wells, Nev., 145. 288 


Query, Renee. Monrovia, Calif., 326 

Quails, Gary LeMar, Kalispell, Mont. 
Quesenberry, Phyllis A., Corinth, Miss., 362 
Quigley. Joseph Berr. Provo 
Quinlan, Edward Wade. Spanish Fork 
Quinnett, John Richard. Rialto, Calif. 
Quinnett, Paul G., Rialto, Calif.. 361 
Quinney, Gary George, Whittier. Calif., 318 
Quinn. Larry Wallace. Hot Springs, Calif. 
Qulst. Gerald Wilford, Grldley. Calif. 

Rackham, Alan Clyde. Carmichael. Calif. 
Radmall. Grant Millen. Springville, 315 
Radmall. David Weeks, Pleasant Grove, 366 
Radmall. Paul Kelvin. Pleasant Grove 
Ragsdale, Patricia Lee, China Lake. Calif.. 358 
Ragsdale, Donald Frank. Provo. 285 
Ragonton, Carol Nalani, Hawaii 
Rainey. Linda Sue, Burbank, Calif., 365 
Ralphs, Carol. Ferron. 92, 356 
Ralphs. Roger Thorpe, Aberdeen Ida.. 292 
Ramos Robert. Los Angeles, Calif., 344 
Remones. Edward E.. Provo 
Ramsay, Kathleen, American Fork. 195 
Ramsay. James Kenneth, Phoenix. Ariz., 364 
Ramsay. Marilyn, American Fork, 145. 302 
Ramsey. Michael Brian. Cleveland, Ohio 
Randall. Dixie Carol. Tempe, Ariz., 153, 189. 226, 343. 

Randall, Gecrge R.. Jr.. Grand Junction, Colo. 
Randall. Jack Vincent, Honolulu 

Randall. Janet Gay. Los Angeles, Calif., 153. 223, 364 
Randall. Karen Lenore, Chicago. III., 334 
Randall. Lloyd Otis. Portland. Ore. 
Randall. Melvin Kay. Los Angeles, Calif. 
Rands, Rulon Reed, Ogden 
Rands, George Cole, Arcadia, Calif., 294 
Rands. Ellen Rencher. Eagar, Ariz., 336 
Ransom, Patricia L.. Rialto, Calif. 
Rasband. John Lynn, Heber, 346 
Rasband. Karma Rae, Idaho Falls, Ida., 286 
Rasmussen. Brian Louis, Provo 
Rasmussen. Craig W.. Draper, 366 
Rasmussen, Carol Lois, Salt Lake City. 287 
Rasmussen, James A.. Evanston. Wyo. 
Rasmussen, Linda Joy. LaGrande. Ore., 358 
Rasmussen, Lee Charles. Ferron, 355 
Rasmussen. Leroy. Alberta, Can.,_ 355 
Rasmussen. Ronald W„ Lehi, 330 
Rasmussen, Robyn Kemp, Ogden, 364 
Rather, Barbara Carol. Las Vegas. Nev., 285 
Raven, Errol Jay. Provo. 364 
Rawllngs, Evelyn Joyce. Jordan, 329 
Rawlings, James L., Jr., Rock Springs. Wyo.. 146 
Rawlinson. Nida A.. Provo 
Ray. Ernest L., Sr., Mesa. Ariz. 
Ray, Atbert Eugene, Albany. N.Y. 
Ray, Evan Calllster. Jr., San Francisco. 

Guy Bumell. Mesa. Ariz., 302 

Karen Alice. San Francisco, Calif. 

Kathyleen Diana. Cupertino. Calif., 

Naty Alice. Prineville, Ore.. 355 

Margo. Mesa. Ariz.. 331 

Chowdhury Pratlp N.. India 
Raya. Evengelina, Chih., Mex., 358 
Raya. Estela. Chih.. Mex. 
Raymond. Barbara. Kaysville. 333 
Rayner, Harry, Weehewken. N.J., 316 
Rea. Joan, Napa, Calif., 315 
Read. Frank Thompson, Spokane. Wash., 
Read, George Franklin, Sherman Oaks. Calif. 
Read. J. Carrol. Seattle. Wash., 296 
Read. Juan Coleman, Smlthfield, 302 
Read. Robert Leon. Sherman Oaks, Calif. 306 
Reading. Janet Mary. Murray 
Reagon, Michael A.. N. Hollywood, Calif 


Calif, 356 

183, 325 



Peterson - Ross 

Reading, Lynn James, Murray, I 10 

Ream, Eldon Dunford, Berkeley, Calif., 352 

Ream, Donna Reno, Las Vegas, Nev M 191, 294 

Ream, Winston Dale, Dingle, Ida. 

Reber, Dennis, Mesquite, Nev., 296 

Recht, Charles Howard, San Diego, Calif., 364 

Redd, Carolyn, Orem 

Redd, Donna Marie, Salt Lake City, 153, 292 

Redd, Judith, Orem, 201, 226, 364 

Redd, Helen Cherry, Monticello, 330 

Redd, Linda, El Paso. Tex., 80, 323 

Redd, Sterling H., Salt Lake City, 352 

Redd, Patricia Ann, Blanding, 331 

Redd, Robert Byron, La Sol 

Redd, Verna, Sonora, Max., 365 

Reddish, Jacquelyn, Riverside, Calif., 92, 197, 223, 334 

Red Elk, Carmelita D., Walters, Okla.. 292 

Redford, Christie, Salt Lake City, 219, 356 

Redford, Colleen, Glenns Ferry, 146, 360 

Redford, Edith Janice, Bancroft, Ida., 296 

Redford, Margaret A., Salt Lake City, 212, 292 

Redford, Ruth Mary, Salt Lake City, 80, 212, 236, 292 

Redmon, Mary Lee, Portland, Ore., 346 

Reece, Anna Joleen, Meridian, Ida., 366 

Reed, Catherine Jane, Pocatello, Ida. 

Reed, Diane, Midvale, 356 

Reed, Barbra Ann. Midway, 344 

Reed, Jack Boyd, Kaysville, 318 

Reed, Leah Kay, Mt. View, Calif., 346 

Reed, Kennith Arnold, Provo, 339 

Reed, Phyllis Jean, Thermopolis. Wyo„ 91. 322 

Reed, Robert Arthur, Sanger, Calif., 187 

Reeder, Lynn Barrett, Brigham City 

Reeder, Dennis James, Dallas, Tex., 368 

Reeder, James Randell, San Jose, Calif. 

Rees, Karle Mae. Boise. Ida., 153, 322 

Reese. Clair Francis, Provo 

Rees, Richard Wayne. Salt Lake City, 322 

Reese, Blair Thomas, American Fork 

Reese, Edith Fuller, Tacoma, Wash. 

Reese, Gary Fuller, Tacoma, Wash. 

Reese, Gloria, Heber, 366 

Reese, Jane, Springville, 366 

Reese, John Gayle, Panaca, Nev., 371 

Reese, Ralph Grant, Murray, 112 

Reese. William Dennis, Glendale, Calif. 

Reese, Sandra Lee, Redding, Calif., 80, 197, 322 

Reese, Thomas F., Bountiful, 359 

Reeve, Juliann Estelle, Santa Ana, Calif., 368 

Reeve, Naomi, Salt Lake City, 329 

Reeve, Rex Cropper, Jr., Salt Lake City, 108 

Reeves, Donald L., Provo 

Reeves, Patricia, Centerville, 352 

Regis, Larry, Jr., Kenllwor+h, 81, 113, 203 

Regenschelt, Marjorie, Santa Cruz, Calif., 346 

Rehm, Hans Robert, Lynwood, Calif., 323 

Reid, Carole Marie, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Reid, Amy Yvonne, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Reid, Donald, Springville 

Reid, Fred, Springville 

Reid, Jack Leon, Lund, Nev. 

Reid, Marvin C, Springville 

Reid, Sharon, Los Angeles, Calif, 239 

Reid, Thelma Ann, Inglewood, Calif. 

Reid, William Vern. Greybull, Wyo., 302 

Reid, Sondra Carter, Santo Monica Calif, 

Reisher, Dorothy Ann, Naturita, Colo., 350 

Reisner, Lillian Annie, Virginia, Ida., 364 

Relyea, Russell Ervin, Boise, Ida., 81, 215, 312 

Remde, Adelheld, Shawnee, Kan., 366 

Remington, J. Garth, Bluebell, 352 

Remington, Donald 8., Alberta, Can. 

Remington, Patricia A., Gardenia, Calif., 324 

Remmele, Marlene E., Santa Rosa, Calif. 

Rencher, Lureen. Farming ton, N. Mex., 183 

Rencher, Paul, Eagar, Ariz. 

Reno, Dale Lynn, Shelley, Ida. 

Rennie, Robert Richard, Toronto, Can., 319 

Renshaw, Gerald, Provo 

Revelli, Dominick J., Evanston, Wyo. 

Rex, Katherine, Richland, Wash., 364 

Rex, Norman Dale, Randolph 

Rex, Verda Irene, Georgetown, Ida., 329 

Rex, Nina Marie, Randolph, 352 

Reynaud, Arthur Lee, Provo 

Reynolds, Allen Clair, Beaver 

Reynolds, Gayle Marie, Richland, Wash. 

Reynolds, George Cook, San Carlos, Calif, 150, 292 

Reynolds, Hannah L., Beaver, 331 

Reynolds, Karen J.. Fairfield, Mont., 217, 323 

Reynolds, Max J., Circleville, 365 

Rhees, Sharon E., Ogden 

Rhoads, Joanne L., Cody, Wyo., 322 

Rhodes, Dan Devere, Liberty. 279 

Rhodes, Ronald Leslie. Lombard, III., 279 

Rice, Beverly Lynne, SeDuIveda City, Calif.. 352 

Rice, Adrienne Leona, Fresno, Calif., 314 

Rice, Dreena Kay. Alberta, Can., 346 

Rice, James Gooding Caliente, Nev. 

Rich, Merilynne, Orem, 217, 229, 325 

Rich, Sherron, Sacramento, Calif., 314 

Richards, Ann. Portsmouth, N.H., 205 

Richards, Barrle W., Provo 

Richards, Clarlta H„ Truckee, Calif, 337 

chards, Dorene, Sandy 

chards, Fred Bruce, Provo 

chards, Horace Bryan, Salt Lake City, 211 

chards, Jean, Pleasant Grove, 350 

chards, Larry Gene, Ogden 

chards, Nephi Jensen, Alberta, Can. 

chards, Philip D., Alberta, Can. 

chards, Ronald H., Fresno, Calif. 

chards, Stephen M.., American Fork 

chards, Susan, Las Vegas, Nev., 346 

chards, Vera Belle, Alberta, Can., 338 

chards, William J., Alberta, Can., 329 

chardson, Donna Lee, Long Beach, Calif, 368 

chardson, Jay Ryan, Provo, 279 

chardson, Judith L., Skamokawa, Wash., 296 

chardson, Kaye. Centralia, Wash., 221, 314, 319 

chardson, Oscar L., Brigham City, 330 

chardson, Ralph L., Duncan, Ariz., 229, 296 

chardson, Theral B„ Provo 

chens, Lorn S., Vernal 

chey, Forest Moroni, Spenard, Alaska 

chey, Floyd Heaton, Spenard, Alaska 

chhart, Richard L„ Provo, 362 

chins, Carol M., Henefer, 339 

chins, Beverly, Duncan, Ariz., 313 

chins, Dean Verland, Grid ley. Calif., 354 

chins, Deanna, Marysville, Calif., 

chins, Eddie Lake, Gridley, Calif.. 364 

chins, Grant Norman, Henefer, 336 

chins, llene Lois, Coalville 

chins, Janice, Eugene, Ore., 366 

chins, Jerry George, Gridley, Calif 

chins, LeRoy Harvey, Gridley, Calif. 

chins, Lois, Gridley, Calif, 294 

chmond, Kaye, Salt Lake City, 353 

chmond, Lloyd Harold, Salt Lake City. 2 I 1 , 306 

chter, Martha Ann, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 219, 229, 346 

kenbach, Dixie W., Richfield 
cks, David Kay, Boise, Ida., 213, 302, 303 
cks, Kathleen, Berkeley, Calif, 366 
cks, Nedra Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 310 
cks, Robert J., Stockton, Calif, 
cks, Welby Willis, Provo 
cks, Vera Nancy, Gresham, Ore., 338 
dd, Roxalene, Brigham City, 300 
ddle, Dwanna Lee, Salt Lake City, 296 
ddle. Thello. Richfield 
denhour, Ted Eugene, Concord, N.C. 
dge, Donald Leonard, Provo 
ding, John A., Jr., Springville 
ding, Jerry Russell, rem 
ding, Ronald Edwin, Provo 
eske, Lee Mervin, Spanish Fork, 352 

Reiske, Kent Richard, Pn 

Rigby, Cleston Neil, Springville 

Rigby, Janet Joyce, Birmingham, Mich., 219, 359 

Riggs, Charlene Beth, Chandler, Ariz., 371 

Riggs, Faye McGary, Eugene, Ore., 365 

Riggs, Joseph Ivor, Hatch 

Riggs, John David, Junction City, Ore., 292 

Riggs, Loretta Carol, Chandler, Ariz. 

Riggs, Myrna, Hatch 

Righ ten hour, David, Yellowstone, Mont., 306 

Rigtrup, Brent Reed, Springville 

Rile. Joseph Eldon, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Riley, David Jonathan. Skamakawa, Wash., 287 

Rimtngton, Nancy Jane. Tooele, 350 

Rindfleisch, Lois Jean, Downey, Calif, 307 

Rios, Omar Gustavo, Edinburg, Tex., 315 

Ringquist, Rita Mabel, Vancouver. Wash., 191, 315 

Ringquist, Robert Hugh, Vancouver, Wash. 

Ringwood, Howard Lee, Salt Lake City, III, 112 

Ripple, Jessie Dee, Provo, 360 

Ririe. Clive Perry, Provo 

Ritchie, Stephen L.. Kuna, Ida., 3 15 

Rivers. Ernest George, Silver Springs, Md. 

Ritz, Robert Theodore, Woodland, Calif, 86, 316 

Ro, Jai Bong, Seoul, Korea, 279 

Roach, William Ned, Brisbane, Calif, 361 

Robb, Willmia Helen, Mancos, Colo., 332 

Robb, Renee, Mancos, Colo., 306 

Robbins, Donna Jo, Salt Lake City, 285 

Roberts, Brent James. American Fork 

Roberts, Beverly C, Fontena, Calif., 217, 329 

Roberts. Cecil Lynn, Tabiona, 227, 3 I I 

Roberts, Doris Argyle, Woods Cross 

Robert, Dean Crott. Provo, 203 

Roberts, Dorothea T., San Mateo, Calif 

Roberts, Jack Alan, Provo 

Roberts, Julia, Salt Lake City, 370 

Roberts, Judy Lynne, Boise, Ida., 292 

Roberts, Kent Stanley, American Fork 

Roberts, Karl David. Myton 

Roberts, Lael, Brigham City 

Roberts, Linda Lee. Santa Barbara, Calif., 183, 219. 

Roberts, Margaret J., Vernal, 347, 357 
Roberts, Randall N.. Monroe 
Roberts, Richard A., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Roberts, Robert Eugene, Provo. 207, 322 
Roberts, Virginia F., Los Anqeles, Calif, 201, 319 
Roberts, Wilmer Lynn, San Mateo, Calif. 
Roberts, Wendell Lee, Tremonton, 353 
Robertson, David E., Honolulu, Hawaii 

Robertson, Donald J., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Robertson, Frances C, Arlington, Va., 357 

Robertson, Gary Evan, Idaho Falls, Ida., 303 

Robertson, Jerold C, Spanish Fork 

Robertson, Joyce Lily, Coeur d'Alene-, Ida. 

Robertson, Joel Scott, Burley, Ida., 332 

Robertson, Kent F., Honolulu, Hawaii 

Robertson, Marilyn, Los Angeles, Calif, 191, 316 

Robertson, Mildred R„ Richmond, Va., 229 

Robertson, Rita W., Kennewick, Wash. 

Robertson, Richard &., Kennewick, Wash. 

Robertson, Russell C, Spanish Fork 

Robins, Elna Lorene, Ontario, Ore., 183 

Robins, Ellen K., Richfield, 338 

Robins, Larry Max, Richfield, 338 

Robins, Kenneth Lyton, Ogden, 307 

Robinson, Carma LaRee, Meridian, Ida., 353 

Robinson, Curtis E., Tacoma, Wash., 

Robinson, Dorothy L. ( Provo 

Robinson, Doris, Orem, 353 

Robinson, Don L., Afton, Wyo., 338 

Robinson, Elaine, Roy, 338 

Robinson, Franklin D., Chihuahua, Mex. 

Robinson, Gene Roland, Grace, Ida., 361 

Robinson, Gerald B., Jr., Gunnison 

Robinson, Grant Evans, American Fork 

Robinson, Howard Roger, Inglewood, Calif. 

Robinson, Judith M., Salt Lake City, 353 

Robinson, Lynda Marie, Glendale, Calif. 

Robinson, Majorie, Preston, Ida., 353 

Robinson, Millie Marie, Chih., Mex., 338 

Robinson, Nancy Ann, Jerome, Ida., 149, 350 

Robinson, Oscar Klar, Richfield, 294 

Robinson, Renell, Freedom, Wyo., 314 

Robinson, Roland Dee, Richfield, 298 

Robinson, Shirley Ann, Richfield, 226, 339 

Robinson, Sharon, Salt Lake City, 360 

Robinson, Walter R., La Jolla, Calif, 350 

Robison, Bryant W., Logandale, Nev., 287 

Robison, Charole L., Thornton, Ida., 318 

Robison, Clayne Wilcox, Boise, Ida., 145, 193 

Robison, Eva Janeen, Delta, 219, 353 

Robison, Laren R., Salt Lake City, 353 

Robison, Norman Lee, Colton, Calif 

Robison, Richard Ashby, Fillmore 

Robison, Ronald Elwin, Bakersfield, Calif, 353 

Robison, Wilbur G„ Jr., Salinas, Calif, 286 

Rock, Gordon Kay, Morgan, 317 

Rock, Kenneth Heber, Morgan, 286 

Rochfort, Terence John, Canada, 361 

Roche, Marlene Frances, Antioch, Calif, 234, 307 

Rockwood, Clarence L., Provo 

Rockwood, Daisy B„ Salt Lake City, 183, 319 

Rockwood. Eleanor B., Richland, Wash., 183, 329 

Rockwood, Dorothy D., Salt Lake City, 183 

Rodeback, Wilbur Ray, Vernal, 317 

Roden, Janet Larae, Draper 

Rodgers, Paul Lee, Purcellville, Va., 353 

Rodriguez, Adan Raul, Guatemala 

Roe, Kenneth V., Panguitch, 307 

Roe, Wilford Eerl, Panguitch 

Rogers, Clark Douglas, Tacoma, Wash., 185 

Rogers, Dixie, Bountiful, 233, 236, 296 

Rogers, Elizabeth Anne, airhaven, Mass., 316, 319 

Rogers, Hawley, Monroe, 195, 327 

Rogers, James Keith, Provo 

Rogers, Kenneth E., Chicago, III., 306 

Rogers, Joseph John, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Rogers, Lewis M.., Orem 

Rogers, Milton Stout, China Lake, Calif, 338 

Rogers, RaNae, Ogden, 314 

Rogers, Robert William, Manassa, Colo. 

Rogers, Walter Elmo, Aztec, N. Max., 347 

Rogers, Warren Thomas, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Rohbock. Theodora Ann, Orem, 145, 330 

Rohner, Wilbur Lines, Los Angeles, Calif. 187, 319 

Rojas, Olivia Aurora, Chihuahua, Mex., 353 

Rojos, Rodolfo D., Chihuahua, Mex., 353 

Rokes, Nina Kathleen, Lynwood, Calif, 355 

Roland, Peqqy Lee, Macon, Ga.. 332 

Rolapp, William H.., Los Angeles, Calif 

Rollins, Erma Bennion, Provo 

Rollins, Leslie McKay, Lyman, Wyo., 146 

Rollins, Tracy Loraine, Lyman, Wyo. 

Rollo, Mary Elizabeth, Glendale, Calif, 219. 355 

Rollston, Garol Lee, Hollywood, Calif., 355 

Romero, Ervin Gordon, Orem 

Romney, Gretta Anne, Provo 

Romney, Joan Marie, Murray, 352 

Romney, Van Ernest. Jr., Kimberly, Ida. 

Rondo, Joseph William, Ventura. Calif, 296, 92 

Rooker, Clifton Keith, Modesto, Calif. 

Rooks, Oran Dewey, Blackfoot, Ida. 

Rooks, John D., Rangely, Colo. 

Roper, Clyde Vernon. Sprlngfiled, 352 

Roper, Gary Lovell, Oak City 

Roper, Laver L., McCloud, Calif. 

Roper, Ted Warren, Preston, Ida. 

Rose. Charles Buckley, Berkeley, Calif, 324 

Rose, Darrell Eugene. Portage 

Rose. Many Ann, Bountiful, 246 

Rose, Prlscilla B„ Salt Lake City, 369 

Rosen, Harold Earl, Spokane, Wash. 

Ross, Annette Marie, Provo, 353 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Ross, Chloe Hillman, Driggs. Ida., 309 

Ross, Creig. Tridell, 353 

Ross, Charlotte Ann, Redwood City, Calif. 

Ross, Cecelia Harriet, Portland, Ore., 149, 353 

Ross, Joan, Tridell. 360 

Ross, Nancy Elizabeth, Los Angeles, 363 

Ross, Maxine, Salt Lake City 

Ross, Sherrill Lee, Victor, Ida., 288 

Rossiter. Carol Lynn, Helena, Mont., 324 

Rossiter. Terry, Salt Lake City, 338 

Rostron, Ira Ralph, Springfield 

Rosvall. Rhea Mae, Salt Lake City, 361 

Rostrom, Mildred Ann, Seattle, Wash., 327 

Rothlisberger, Robert, St. Johns. Ariz. 

Rothe, Frank Adams, Alberta, Can., 296 

Rothe. Ruth H., Alberta, Can.. 286, 292 

Rounds, Jay Carmer, Oakland, Calif., 326 

Roundy, Colleen M., Pleasant Grove, 298 

Roundy, Jerry Coy, Escalante, 328 

Roundy. Ruby Ranee, Ignacio, Colo. 

Roundy, Vernon Dean, Escalante, 286 

Roush, Robert Ronald. Dillon. Colo., 150 

Rowbotham, Gary Bryan. Monrovia Calif. 

Rowbury, Lyle Dee, Moses Lake, Wash., 344 

Rowberry, Kara Jane. Idaho Falls, Ida., 153 

Rowberry, Cecil Joseph, Provo 

Rowe, Klara, Las Vegas, Nev., 327 

Rowe, Larry Olene, Thornton, Ida. 

Rowland, Guy Lund, Waynesboro, Va., 316 

Rowley, Claude Alvin, Orem 

Rowley. Edward M.., Roosevelt. 296 

Rowley. Hugh Alcorn, Bountiful, 364 

Rowley, Leo Wayne, Bynum. Mont.. 331 

Rowley. Phyllis Myrtle, Roosevelt, 350 

Rowley, Ranae, Provo, 350 

Rowley, Ralph Alcorn. Bountiful, 237, 286, 294 

Rowley, Rodney Ray, Parowan 

Roylance, Kenneth O., Provo, 363 

Roylance, Marilyn, Springfield, 308 

Roylance. Thomas S., Provo 

Royte, Jeanette. American Fork, 149. 223, 351 

Royse, Donald William, Fruitland, Ida.. 329 

Rugg, Roger Horace, Santaquin 

Rumel. Pamela Susan, Pocatello, Ida., 195, 322 

Rumble, Ruth Beatrice, San Diego, Calif., 353 

Rummler, Roy Lee, Milford, 338 

Runser, Albert W., Great Falls, Mont., 344 

Rushton, Jack Louis, Ely, Nev, 

Russell, Chyrl Ann, Los Angeles, Calif., 319 

Russell, Georgia, Salt Lake City, 197, 308 

Russell, Hazel Lee. Mesa, Ariz., 314 

Russell, John Joseph", Los Angeles, Calif., 317 

Russon, Ann Ranae, Lehi, 331 

Russon, Lavell D., Lehi, 334 

Russon, William Harold, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Rust. David Walker, Verna, 364 

Rust. Maida. Salt Lake City. 195. 294 

Rust, William Luke, Salem 

Rutherford, Kay, Long Beach, Calif. 

Rutherford Peggy Mari, Alameda, Calif., 338 

Rutledge, James R., Alberta, Can., 338 

Rutledge, Cheryl Anne, Murtaugh, Ida., 332 

Rutz, Mary Ann, Portland, Ore.. 223. 310 

Rutter, Jesse James, Malad, Ida., 289 

Ryan, Patricia Marie. Piedmont, Calif. 

Ryan, Ronald Orville, Piedmont, Calif. 

Ryan, Stanley Leland, Eureka 

Ryley, Frank Marion, Phoenix, Ariz.. 310 

Ryng, Henriette Adele, Belgium, 365 

Rynhart, Jo Anne M., Hollywood, Calif. 

Rymer Newell Kay, Manti 

Sabey, John Wayne, Midvale, 215, 352 
Sabey, Linda. Midvale. 233 
Sabey, Ronald Keith, Alberta, Can. 
Sabin, Elaine, Salem, 153, 307 
Sebin, Joan, Salem 

Safsten, Mary R. D., Blaine, Wash., 156 
Safsten, Ronald Duane. Blaine, Wash., 91. 338 
Safsten. Robert Gary, Blaine, Wash., 279 
Sage, Lee Gordon Provo 
Sagers, Mario William. Delta, 150, 352 
Salerni, Beverly Ann, Richmond, Va.. 366 
Salazar. Lillie V., Dayton, Ohio. 223, 336 
Salazar, Richard David, Dayton. Ohio, 299 
Saling, Charles C, Mokane, Miss., 352 
Saling, Doris Darlene, Mokane, Miss., 286 
Saling. Wallace M., Jr., Pleasant Grove. 292 
Saling, Dora Lerene, Mokane, Miss., 313 
Salisbury. Charles D., Salt Lake City 
Salisbury. David G., Los Angeles. Calif., 322 
Salisbury. Ranae Emma, Murray, 209, 318 
Salisbury. Todd B., Salem, Ore.. 102 
Salmenson, Emily, San Francisco, Calif., 338 
Sallenbach. Shirley I.. Alberta, Can., 332 
Saluesen, Patricia Ann, Downey. Ida. 
Salter, Philio Wayne, Santa Barbara, Calif. 296 
Sampson, Douglas C. Samoa, 338 
Samuelsen, Turid, Provo, 332 
Samuelsen, Roy, Provo 

Samuelson, C. Wavne, Long Beach, Calif., 318 
Sanborn, Richard G.., Grantsville 
Sanchez, Carlos Jorge. Lima. Peru, 366 
Sandberg, Carma Leora, Provo 

Sandberg, Howard E., Yakima, Wash., 81. 334 

Sandberg. Selene, Provo. 156, 219, 353 

Sanders, Lynn M., Shelley, Ida., 296 

Sanders, Ted Houston, Gaffney. S.C., 350 

Sanders, Thomas C, Caldwell, Ida., 348 

Sanders. Raymond Earle, Ogden 

Sanders. Sandra Jean, Gilmer, Tex.. 348 

Sanderson, Helen Rae, Boise, Ida., 225 

Sanderson, James W., Nampa, Ida., 306 

Sanderson, Norman S... Pleasant Grove 

Sanderson, Patricia G., Idaho Falls, Ida., 353 

Sandgren, Viviann Zola, Provo, 287 

Sandstrom, Joan E., Santa Ana, Calif., 183, 355 

Sandstrom, John L„ Eureka, 324 

Sansom, Gary Lynn, Richland, Wash., 324 

Sant, Gary LeRoy, Idaho Falls, Ida., 344 

Sant, Sharyn Sue, La Canada, Calif., 141. 189, 329 

Sant. Geo Richard. La Canada. Calif., 308 

Santiago, Frances, Bronx, N.Y., 355 

Sappington, Melvin Jay, Pocatello, Ida. 

Sardoni, Lawrence W.. Provo 

Sargent, Morris Neal, Tacoma, Wash. 

Saunders, Arlan Rex, Eugene, Ore., 229, 302 

Saunders, Glen Eldon, Ogden 

Saunders, Gwen Ella, Vale, Ore., 366 

Saunders, Vernon D., Mansfield, Ohio, 352 

Sauvaget, Marie Helene, Snowflake, Ariz., 339 

Sawtelle. Sally, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Sawyers, Sherrell Van, Tooele, 193 

Sawyer, Richard Boyle, Salt Lake City 

Sawyer, Carl Devon. Vernal 

Sawyer, John Raymond, Van Nuys, Calif. 

Saxer, Alton Hugh, Victoria. Tex., 84, 215, 308 

Scalmanini, James R., San Francisco, Calif., 359 

Schade, David Orion, Portland, Ore, 352 

Schaefermeyer, Jeanene, Seward, Alas., 337 

Schaumann, Jon Peter, Devon Conn. 

Schastey, Gratia Ellen, Haworth. N.J., 370 

Schauerhamer, Joyce E., Orem 

Schemensky, Geniel, Provo, 363 

Schenk, Calvin Leroy, Ft. Shaw, Mont. 

Schenk, John Larry, Nyssa, Ore., 350 

Schenk, Marilyn Jean, Wenatchee, Wash., 285 

Schetselaar, Gordon, Salt Lake City 

Schiess, Ramona Faye, Victor, Ida., 307 

Schi'ess, Leora B., Victor, Ida., 285 

Schill, Gerhard D.. Chihuahua, Mex., 338 

Schiess, Edwin Wayne, Victor, Ida., 292 

Schipper, Donna Mae, San Leandro, Calif., 183, 316 

Schindler, Alice. Blackfoot, Ida.. 212 

Schlappi, Lloyd Kent, Fillmore, 3)4 

Schloss, Margaret A. J., Kansas City, Kan., 308 

Schloss, Fred William, Salt Lake City. 288 

Schmidt. David, Lordsburg. N. Mex., 307 

Schmidt, Howard Gerald, Gresham, Wis. 

Schmidt, Rosemarie, Riverton, 195. 306 

Schmidt, Rachel Lois, Gresham, Wis., 296 

Schneider, Jack 8., Snowflake, Ariz. 

Schneyder, Leslie M., Alberta, Canada 

Schnepf, Darel William, Queen Creek, Ariz., 361 

Schofield. Allen C, Spanish Fork 

Schofield, David, Provo 

Schofield, Patrick B., Riddle, Ore., 365, 370 

Schofield, Sandra Lee, Burley. Ida., 189, 356 

Schofield, Rex John, Orem, 293 

Schofield. Sharlene, Hiko, Nev.. 339 

Scholes, Carol, American Fork, 189, 336 

Scholes, Robert M., American Fork, 185, 326 

Scholle, Richard E., Orem 

Scholes, Joann, American Fork, 294 

Schott, Charles Henry, Provo, 336 

Schouten, Warren Brady, Springville 

Schow, Sharon Lee, Ogden, 336 

Schreiner, Merle Astin, Springville, 162, 284 

Schramm, Clarence F., Provo, 103 

Schrier, Henry F., Middletown, N.Y., 317 

Schrimshire, Elma R., Macon, Ga., 339 

Schroeter, Clare, BrookTield, III., 145, 223 

Schuenman, Forest R., Las Vegas, Nev. 

Schuqk, Marita. J. H., Salt Lake City 

Schulthess, Richard C, Los Angeles, Calif., 308 

Schult. Hazel Memmo+t, Fresno, Calif. 

Schulzke, Ernest F.H., Toronto, Canada, 231, 324 

Schultz, Ralph Conrad, Eugene, Ore., 336 , 

Schultze, Robert G., Auborn, Calif. 

Schultz, Russell Wayne, Lewiston, Ida. 

Schulzke. Astrid M., Tononto, Can., 221, 311 

Schumacher, Joseph, Jr., Provo 

Schwab, Donald Elvis, Arcadia, Calif. 

Schwab, Scott Kingston, Salt Lake City 

Schwab, Jeanne Moser, Weiser, Ida., 371 

Schweppe, Harold Dean, Long Beach, Calif., 337 

Schwendiman, Deann, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Scoresby, Jessie Gaye, lona. Ida., 336 

Scoresby, Marilyn H... lona, Ida., 233, 298 

Scoresby, Mary Lou, lona, Ida., 233. 294 

Scoresby, David Owen, lona, Ida., 294 

Scott, Andrew Jerry, Provo 

Scott, Allen Ernest, Los Angeles, Calif., 185 

Scott, Anita Rose, Orem., 317 

Scott, Diane, Delano, Calif., 189, 226, 356 

Scott, David Randall, Portland. Ore., 322 

Scott, Catherine Lydia, Salt Lake City, 356 

Scott, George Jesse, American Fork, 356 

Scott, James Fredric, Shiatook, Okla., 230, 292 

Scott, Jasper Denis, American Fork 

Scott, Jill Irene, Mountain View, Calif. 209, 223, 346 

Scott, J. Frank, Spanish Fork 

Scott, Leon Rouzelle, Provo, 302 

Scott, Max Lee, Lehi 

Scott, Myrnalee, Mountain View, Calif., 209 

Scott, Richard LeRoy, Salt Lake City, 324 

Scott, Sandra, Provo, 356 

Scoville, Jo Anne, Rosemead, Calif. 

Scriver, James William, Niagra Falls, N.Y. 

Scow, Nelma Eldean, Salt Lake City, 356 

Scroggs, Robert Anson, Norfolk, Va. 

Seamons, Marlene, Mont pel ier, Ida. 

Searle, Inez Smith, Corpus Christi, Tex., 281 

Secretan, Robert Lee, Alberta, Can., 339 

Seckinger, Alice Janet, Overton, Nev., 370 

Sedgwick, Donald H., Riverside, Calif., 185 

Seeley, Schuyler D., Huntington 

Seely, John McLain, San Diego, Calif. 

Seely, Sonya N., Craig, Colo., 339 

Sego, William Arnell, Clovis, N. Mex., 368 

Sego, Norman Kerry. Manassa. Colo., 324 

Seibert, Richard R., Hollywood, Calif. 

Seibert, Charlene F.. San Francisco, Calif., 195, 291 

Seiger, Richard H., Orem 

Self, Mary Annette, Downey. Calif. 

Sell, John Arthur, Walden, N.Y., 315 

Sellers, Robert D., Bellflower, Calif. 

Semadeni, Irene Alice, Dove Creek, Colo., 223, 236, 

Seneca, Loretta, Versailles, N.Y., 223, 344 
Senzee, Norma Kay, Jefferson, Miss., 356 
Senne, Joellen Kay. Topeka, Kan. 
Sennhauser, Lore Luise, Salt Lake City, 195, 328 
Seppi, Ernest Frank, Provo 
Seppi, Ned Fred, Provo 
Sevy, Nonegene, Salt Lake City 
Sexsmith, M. Jean, Las Vegas, Nev., 91 
Seymour, Patricia Ann, Del Paso Heights, Calif. ,37 1 
Seymour, Karen Margot, Stockton, Calif. 
Shaeffer Earl Martin, Palasade, Colo., 207 
Shaclett, John David, La Mesa, Calif.. 114 
Shaffer. James Elmer, Bullhead, Ariz. 
Shaffer, Howard Coulam, Arlington, Va., 36) 
Sharp, Edward Charles, Glendale, Calif.. 211, 324 
Sharp, Barbara J., Anchorage, Alaska, 319 
Sharp, Gay, Long Beach, Calif., 291 
Sharp, Jerold Lon, Richfield, 313 
Sharp, Paul Gregory, Preston, Ida. 
Sharp, Robert Morrison, Baroursville, W. Va., 308 
Sharp, Ronald Ethan. Burbank, Calif., 339 
Shaw, Bill Eugene, Port Angeles, Wash. 
Shaw, Charlene, Coalville 
Shaw, Clestia Grace, Halfway, Ore., 358 
Shaw, Douglas Gilbert, Weiser, Ida., 370 
Shaw Don D„ Malta, Ida. 
Shaw, Donald Tracy, Weiser, Ida., 336 
Shaw, Karen Jessie, Owyhee, Nev. 
Shaw, Robert C, Provo, 322 
Shaw, Perry Clayton, Provo 
Shaw, Phyllis Anne, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Shaw, Weilding T., Clearfield, 279 
Shawcroft, Bessie Ann, Provo 
Shawcroft, Wade Smith, Provo 
Sheen. Stanley Kay, Alberta, Can. 
Sheets, Spencer G., Salmon. Ida, 
Sheets, Leland Ogden, Payson, 185, 316 
Sheen, Norman Dewayne, Alberta, Can. 
Sheffield. Homer J., Kaysville 
Sheffield, Ann. Los Altos. Calif., 153, 369 
Sheffield, Mary Nan, Springville, 354 
Shelby, Joe Lester, American Fork, 294 
Sheldon, Robert B., Salt Lake City 
Shell, Verl Dee, Provo, I I I 
Shell, Jack Earl, Payson 
Shelton, Donald Leland, Midvale 
Shelton, Dorothy A., Concord, Calif. 
Shelton, Fredrick A., Lehi 
Shelton, Janet, South Gate, Calif., 345 
Shelton, Stephen Ralph, Huntington, Calif. 
Shepherd, David R., Mesa, Ariz., 145, 366 
Shepherd, Ivan Dale, Payson 
Shepherd, Tvlaureen, Midvale, 371 
Sheppard, Stanley Ross, Powell, Wyo. 
Sherbeck, Carol Lea, Hilisboro, Ore. 
Sherman, Leona Faye. Lakeside, Calif. 
Sherwood, Barbara Ann, Provo 
Sherwood, Dennis Owen. Billings, Mont. 
Sherwood, Lora Lou, Salina. Kan., 334 336 
Sherwood, Nell Ray, Provo. 296 
Sherwood, Rufus Glen, Provo 
Shields, Earl Delos, Provo 
Shields, Elise Marie Alberta Can., 311 
Shields, Clair Hardy, Alberta. Can., 365 
Shields, Janice Lyn, Pleasant Grove 
Shields. Jay Glen, Pleasant Grove, 317 
Shields, Roger Elwood, Gainesville, Fla. 
Shields, Robert Glenn, Saskatchewan, Can., 203. 334 
Shields, William G., Provo. 319 
Shill, Norman L., Mesa, Ariz. 
Shim, Bok Suk, Seoul, Korea, 279 
Shimoda. Donna Akiko, Salt Lake City, 183, 236. 316 
Shipley, Paul Price. Mesa, Ariz., 302 


Ross - Southam 

Shipley, Geraldine Mae, Barstow, Calif., 310 

Shipp. Sherilyn, Joseph. 195, 212. 290 

Shippen, Vera, Son Diego, Calif. 

Shirk, Donna Lee, St. Louis, Mo. 

Shirley, Linda, Salt Lake City, 347 

Shirley, Rowan Dee, Nephi. 306 

Shirts, Elmo Bryant Portland Ore.., 291 

Shirts Addle Uworda, Portland, Ore.. 233. 315 

Shirts, Ida Linda. San Diego, Calif., 219 

Shockley, Stanley L., Jerome. Ida., 293 

Shoe, Norma Kay, Mebane, N.C.. 223, 294 

Short, Valrie Jean, Provo 

Short, Marjory G., Provo, 302 

Shown. John Alan, San Antonio, Tex. 

Shuey, Valerie Jeanne, Willmington. Calif., 327 

Shumway, Dale Leland, Provo, 294 

Shumway, Carmen, St. Johns, Ariz., 315 

Shumway, Bruce Lyman, Blending 

Shumway, Charles Lloyd, Taylor, Ariz., 350 

Shumway, Eric Brandon, St. Johns, Ariz., 371 

Shumway, Gary Lee, Blanding 

Shumway, James Hyrum, Tempe, Ariz..,. I 14 

Shumway, Jesse P., Provo 

Shumway, Jerry, Provo, 313 

Shumway, Katie, Provo 

Shumway, Miles S., Provp, 313 

Shumway, Marlene, St. Johns. Ariz., 302 

Shumway, Slyvia, Taylor, Ariz., 322 

Shupe. Jennie Marie, Chih., Mex., 350 

Shupe, Larry Lee, Lehi 

Shupe, William Dale, Chihuahua Mex., 291 

Shurtleff, Lynn R... Vallejo. Calif., 156, 354 

Shurtleff. Howard Paul, Castro Valley, Calif., 306 

Shurtleff, James L., Provo 

Shurtliff, Barbara Ann, Salt Lake City 

Shurtliff, Doniel R„ San Leandro, Calif. 

Shurtliff, Donald C. Overton, Nev., 315 

Shurtliff, Myrna, Overton, Nev.. 205 

Sidwell, Dorothy J„ Whittier, Calif., 334 

Sidwell, Robert W., Ogden, 290 

Sik. Lun Sung, Hong Kong, China 

Silk. Fredric Roger, Carmichoel, Calif. 

Sill, William Dudley, Las Vegas, Nev., 307 

Silver. Judith Gail, Princeton, Mass., 260, 345 

Silva, Yvonne Eleanor, Gooding, Ida. 

Silva, Betta May, Murray 

Silver, Jean Russell. Holladay, 324 

Simkins, Dorothy, Parowan 

Simmons, Beverly Beth, Allison Park, Pa.. 145, 197. 319 

Simmons, Almo Beals, Provo, 296 

Simmons, Carl Bernard, Provo 

Simmons. Edward James, Bloomington, III., 231 

Simmons, Ernest William. Helena, Mont.. 288 

Simmons. Karen Sue, Grace, Ida., 337 

Simmons, Melba, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Simmons, Mary Jo, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Simmons, Sandra Lou, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 209. 365 

Simmons. Robert C, Provo 

Simms, David McKay, Seattle. Wash., 365 

Simon. LaVere Andre, Pocatello, Ida., I 14 

Simonis. Arlene Ruth, LaGrande, Ore., 309, 313 

Simons. Jerold Jean, San Bernardino, Calif., 371 

Simons, Ronald Budd. San Bernardino, Calif., 293 

Simpkins, Donald E., Sacramento. Calif.. 308 

Simper. Iris May. San Francisco. Calif.. 324 

Simper. Colleen, New Port, Ore. 

Simpson, Iris Marie, Greensboro, N.C., 324 

Simpson. Delores Marie, Hanford, Calif. 

Simpson, LaMar C„ Orem 

Sims, Sharon Maricia, Portland, Ore., 146, 294 

Sims, Patricia Jane, Marianna, Fla., 209, 317 

Sims. Norman Marvin, Lehi 

Sinclair. Jerry Victor. Alberta. Can.. 207, 324 

Singer, Harald E.. Salt Lake City. 370 

Singleton. Gary Orval, Provo. 207 

Singleton, Monroe P., Provo 

Sirrine. Edwin Boyd. Phoenix. Ariz.. 302 

Sisemore. Claudia. Salt Lake City, 195 

Skeen, Nancy Jill, Nyssa, Ore.. 149. 365 

Skidmore, Carol. Seattle. Wash., 205, 350 

Skidmore. Emeline, Pocatello. Ida'.. 153. 221. 319 

Skillman Yvonne, Long Beach. Calif.. 308 

Skidmore, Ronald, Stone. Ida., 356 

Skinner. Joyce. American Fork 

Skinner. Velda. Stafford, Ariz.. 221. 308 

Skousen, Denna Mesa. Ariz., 345 

Skousen. Johanna Karen. Chandler, Ariz.. 345 

Skousen. Justine. Phoenix, Ariz., 346 

Skousen. Lester P., Jr., Juarez, Mexico. 298 

Skousen. Lamont Lester, Mesa, Ariz., 124, 211 

Skousen, Kliena Jean Chandler, Ariz., 311 

Skousen. Willard R„ Mesa, Ariz., 124. 211, 239, 362 

Skriver, Darlene Rae, Fontana, Calif., 349 

Slack, Robert A.. Cedar City. 313 

Slade. Billie Lucille, San Leandro, Calif., 371 

Slade. Francis Sheldon, Hesperus. Colo.. 224. 353 

Slade. J. Dion. Dunsmuir. Calif.. 185. 324 

Slade, James Wilford, Hesperus, Colo.. 290 

Slade, J. Keith. Dunsmuir Calif., 150 

Slade, Monte H.. Hesperus. Colo. 

Slade, Marlow Lyle, Durango, Colo., 290 

Slade, Nancy Jo, Hesperus, Colo.. 308 

Slade, Rosalie, Hesperus, Colo.. 329 

Slade, Thomas Edmund. Salt Lake City. 308 

Slater. Gail Lenore, Ann Arbor, Mich., 344 

Stater, Raymond Doyle, Ogden, 355 

Slater, Cleo Yvonne, Yerington, Nev. 

Slater. Paul Wheeler, Ogden, 281 

Slater. Henry Wayne. Provo 

Slaughter. Larry Dean. Bakersfleld. Calif., 231, 292 

Sled, Martha Lynett. Fortana, Calif., 370 

Slough. Robert Lee. Globe, Ariz. 

Smart, Antoinette M.. Los Angeles. Calif.. 360 

Smart, Merrill Jay, Springville, 302 

Smellie, Don Carl. Provo 

Smellie, Marilyn Ruth. Needles, Calif., 290 

Smiley, Sherril, Salt Lake City, 350 

Smith, Alan James. Idaho Fas, Ida.. 324 

Ata Marie. Monroe. 192, 298 

Albert G., San Bruno. Calif., 027 

Allen H„ Provo, 350 

Allen LeRoy, Provo, 357 

Arlen Morgan, Champion. Alberta. Can.. 355 

Arthur Yates, Raymond, Alberta. Can. 

Barbara Graham, Salt Lake City 

Barbara McKay, Provo 

Bertrand Gary. Cedar City 

Beth Louise, Evanston. Wyo. 

Betty. Lehi 

Blake Thomas. Cowley, Wyo. 

Burke M., Springville, 288 

Carolyn, Henrieville. 226, 309 

Carolyn Gay, San Diego. Calif., 371 

Catherine. Brooklyn. N.Y.. 223, 336 

Charlene Irene, Murray, 337 

Charles Kumen, Vulcan, Alberta. Can. 

Connie. Rupert. Ida. 

Darlene Kay P.. Denver, Colo. 

Darleen, Moses Lake. Wash., 371 

DeAnna. Milwaukee, Wis.. 233. 339 

Donald Stohl. Downey, Calif., 231, 361 

Doris Diane, Globe, Ariz., 339 

Duane N., Orem, 371 

Edele, Shoshone, Ida., 329, 330 

Edna Maria, Vulcan, Alberta, Ca., 339 

Edward William, American Fork, 329 

Eleano, Alderwood Manor, Wash., 287 

Elizabeth Anne Snowflake. Ariz., 286 

Ernan Young, Roosevelt, 324 

Evelyn, Walnut Creek, Calif., 302 

Eugene Edward. Concord. Calif., 199. 327 

Farrell Melvin. Inglewood, Calif., 169, 349 

Forrest Clinton. Blackfoot. Ida.. 187, 324 

Furlann Lehi, 33 I 

Gary Lee. Coos Bay, Ore., 370 

Gene Stanford Idaho Falls, Ida., 324 

Gaynor Rich. Vancouver, B.C.. Can. 
, George Lochlin. Salt Lake City. I 12 
, Gerald Lee, Yakima, Wash., 308 

Gibson R.. Jr.. Provo 

Gordon Delbert, Portland, Ore. 

Grant Broadbent, Provo, 150, 281, 319 

Gordon E., Provo 

Harvey Kay. Tooele 

Harvey Ralph, Pacific Beach. Wash., 224, 354 

Irving De, Estacade, Ore., 284 

James Lavont. Victorville, Calif. 
i James Byron, Compton, Calif., 367 

James Russell. Los Angeles, Calif. 

James LaVae, Provo 

James Andrew, Santaquln, 372 
, James Melvin, Burbank. Calif., 336. 362 

James Norman, Farmington. N. Mex., 215, 237, 

Janice Nona. Sandy, 338 

Janice Ann, Woodburn, Ore., 221. 318 

Jeannine, American Fork 

Jerry Petersen, Salt Lake City, 324 

Joan Ann. Midvale 

John Thomas, Malad. Ida.. 307 

Joseph Gale, Fillmore 

Karen Breckon. Phoenix, Ariz.. 94, 189, 294 

Karl Leland, Fruita, Colo., 326 

Kay Gerald, Shelley. Ida.. 114. 350 

Keith Craig, South Pasadena. Calif., 324 

Lamont Wood, Alberta, Can. 

Lavona. Provo 

La Vonne Emma. San Leandro, Calif.. 350, 365 

Lawrence Eugene. Walnut Creek. Calif. 

Lenora Emily. Surrey, B.C., Canada 

Leslie Ray, Provo 

Lynn Crane, Provo 

Marian Dee. Los Angeles. Calif., 191, 325 

Martha Emelle, Granger, Wash., 326 

Max Dale. Klamath Falls. Ore. 

Merlin A., Salt Lake City. I 14 

Mearle B., Provo 

Melvin Isaac. Jr.. Los Angeles, Calif., 313 

Miriam, Vernal. 298 

Myrtle L.. Farmington. N. Mex. 

Nancy Ann, Provo 

N. Wayne. Orem. 302 

Nancy Lee. McCammon. Ida.. 371 

Netha Jane. Greensboro. N.C., 372 

Noel E.. Sandy. 324 

Norman Clair, Fruita. Colo.. 371 

Norma Jean. Murray 

Norman Edwin. Estacada. Ore, 81. 351 

















































































































































































Smith, Oliver Rollin, Provo 

Smith, Patricia, Reno. Nev., 219, 352 

Smith, Paul Charles. Loyton 

Smith, Paul S., St. George 

Smith, Peggy Dorine, Heber, 371 

Smith, Ralph Leon, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Smith, Ray Thomas, Gresham, Ore.. 354 

Smith, Ralph Jay, Provo 

Smith, Renae, Provo 

Smith ,Reva Alice, Rexburg, Ida.. 183, 284 

Smith, Richard Elmo, Brunswick, Ga., 361 

Smith, Robert Elliott, St. Cocoa, Fla. 

Smith, Robert Clair, Salt Lake City 

Smith, Robert Bailey, Provo 

Smith, Robert Bernard, Lathrop, Calif.. 292 

Smith, Robert Wayne, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. 365 

Smith, Roe Elijah, Henrieville 

Smith, Ronald Gary, Provo, 281 

Smith, Ronald Cole, Nyssa, Ore., 325 

Smith, Ronald Coombs, Calgary, Alta., Can. 

Smith, Ronald Hubert, Walnut Creek, Calif., 372 

Smith, Rudger Grant, Phoenix, Anz. 

Smith, Sandra, Idaho Falls, Ida., 346 

Smith, Sharon Lynn, Toppenish, Wash., 352 

Smith, Sharon Orvllla, Miiwaukie, Ore., 372 

Smith, Sharon Lyn, Tustin. Calif., 339 

Smith, Sheryll Lynn. Provo, 316 

Smith, Shirley, Hillspring, Alta., Can., 153. 327 

Smith, Sue Eileen, Van Nuys. Calif.. 191, 288 

Smith Stephen Thomas, St. Joseph. Mo., 185, 371 

Smith, Steven H., Nyssa. Ore. 

Smith, Terry Alan, Los Angeles, Calif., 187, 287 

Smith, Ted Lamar, Los Angeles, Calif., 307 

Smith, Thomas Burton, Woodburn, Ore., 351 

Smith, Vern Hadley, Warden, Wash.. 315 

Smith, Wayne Fredrick, Provo 

Smith, Wayne Louell, Alta., Canada 

Smlthee, Ardlth. Farmington, N. Mex., 351 

Smithson, Ellis Brady, Holbrook, Ariz.. 338 

Smoke. Betty Gene, Tallahassee, Fla., 359 

Smithson, Rhoda Pearl, Scottsdale. Ariz., 319 

Smouse, George Robbin, Prewitt, N. Mex., 185, 314 

Smyth, Robert Nell, Milford. 371 

Smyth, Marilyn Delia, Boise, Ida. 

Smythe, James William, Salt Lake City. 227, 307 

Snarr. Margaret. Salt Lake City 

Snarr. Robert Barton, Idaho Falls, Ida., 324 

Snarr. Carol Erna, Salt Lake City 

Snell, Jacqueline, Magna, 221, 313 

Snell. Robert Morris, Provo 

Snell. William Henry, Provo 

Snow, Annette, St. George, 308 

Snow, | Beora Marlene, Walnut Creek, Calif. 

Snow, Carol Lee, Provo, 337 

Snow, Gordon Lee, Spanish Fork 

Snow, Glennda, Delta. 354 

Snow, Joyce Faye. Charlottesville, a., 356 

Snow. Kathryn, Royal Oaks, Mich., 149, 209, 356 

Snow Norma Jean C, Provo 

Snow, Nadine, Provo. 346 

Snow, Sheldon Clark, St. George, 231, 306 

Snowball. Alice N., Riverside, Calif. 

Snyder, Darryl Lynn, Burbank. Calif.. 334 

Snyder, William C. Alta., Canada 

Sobers, Richard, Vallejo, Calif., 317 

Soewirjo. Indonesia, 363 

Solum, Darrell R., Georgetown, Ida. 

Solomon, Scott Keith. Las Vegas, Nev., 349 

Somerville. David J.. Monticello, 333 

Somerville, Drue V., Moab 

Sonzinl. Lorraine, Salt Lake City. 292 

Soper. William Ronald. Bell, Calif., 231, 323 

Sorensen, Billie Lou, Saline. 96, 146. 350 

Sorensen, Arlo George, Vallejo, Calif. 

Sorensen, Bonnie Rae, Salt Lake City, 362 

Sorensen, Arthur B.. Driggs, Ida., 319 

Sorensen. Charles C. Sacramento, Calif., 336 

Sorensen. Corinne, Elko. Nov.. 236. 313 

Sorensen, Daniel Ray, Driggs, Ida.. 281 

Sorensen. David Kelton, Salt Lake City. 347, 364 

Sorensen. Donald, Provo. 281 

Sorensen, Gerald C, Jr., Vallejo. Calif., 231 

Sorensen, Hazel, Driggs. Ida.. 319 

Sorensen. Joane, Salt Lake City. 223, 311. 316 

Sorensen, Judith Ann. Alhambra, Calif., 294 

Sorensen, Janice L., Provo. 324 

Sorensen, Jeremy C., Burbank. Calif. 

Sorensen. Lincoln Boam. Provo. 292 

Sorensen, Mary Lynne, Stockton, Calif. 

Sorensen. Milton Tod. Mt. View. Calif.. 298 

Sorensen, Norman Allen. VaMelo. Calif. 

Sorensen. Shauna, Salt Lake City. 337 

Sorensen, Roberta Ann. Alhambra, Calif., 319 

Sorensen, Terry C... Downey, Ida., 351 

Sorensen, William L., Driggs. Ida. 

Sorensen. Eliot Ben. Provo 

Sorenson, Emma Jean. Roseville. Calif.. 319 

Sorenson. Kay, Aurora. 96, 352 

Sorenson, K. Clark, La Habra, Calif.. 185. 215. 336 

Sorenson, John Leon, Denver. Colo.. 187, 338 

Sorenson, Nadene Oakland, Ca'If.. 349 

Sorenson, Shanlcy S., Spring Lake 

Soule. Joan Lillian. Delmar, N.Y., 221 

Southam, Dorothy Rae, Vernal, 346 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Sowby, Karen Beth, Los Angeles. Calif., 356 

Spaceman. Diane Marie, Alta.. Canada. 257, 300 

Spackman, Darel V., Millrae. Calif., 351 

Spademan, Dorothy V.. Pioche. Nev., 349 

Spalding, Idyll Grace, Provo, 325 

Spann, Mable Faye, Rock Springs, Wyo., 358 

Sparks, Janice, Cokeville, Wyo. 

Sparks, Helen, Nephi, 361 

Speas, James Clark. Richmond, Va., 331 

Speckart. Philip S.. Provo. 330 

Speed, Donald Rainey, San Angelo, Tex. 

Speed, Eldon Dale. San Lorenio, Calif. 

Speed, Ulysses Grant, San Angelo, Tex. 

Spell, Carolyn Joyce. Temple City, Calif., 361 

Speierman, W. Chatelain, Glendale, Calif. 

Spencer, Clifford J.. Emmett, Ida.. 306 

Spencer Dennis 8., Peyson 

Spencer, Gary O., Ogden 

Spencer, Joe Lynn. Peyson, 363 

Spencer, Joyceen, Hinckley, 367 

Spencer, Lael A., Escalante 

Spencer, Loralee, Richfield, 323 

Spencer. Richard H.. Spokane. Wash. 

Spendlove, George Paul, Hurricane 

Spendlove, Verl Dewey, Brigham City 

Spendlove, Margaret E.. Provo, 347 

Sperry, Brent Harrison, Provo 

Spice, Perry LeRoy, Ontario, Canada, 368 

Spilker, Raymond A... Salt Lake City, 187 

Spilsbury, Jewel Ann. Salt Lake City, 83, 281 

Spjut, Norma E.. Salt Lake City. 316 

Spoerl, Karl William. Great Falls. Mont., 153, 339 

Sporcich, Carol Elaine, Denver, Colo., 361 

Sprague, Lois, Las Vegas, Nev., 316 

Spratling, Coleen, West Jordan, 306 

Sproul, Rella. Provo, 356 

Squire, Adrien J., LaVerkin 

Squire. Scott O.. LaVerkin, 292 

Squires. David A... Fairfield, Mont., 284 

Staets. Richard C... Santa Monica. Calif.. 319 

St. Clair, Stephen L., Provo 

St. Claire, Richard A., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Stagg, Marland Ned, Vernal 

Stagg, Sharon Arlene. Salt Lake City, 294 

Stahle, Glenna, Lovell, Wyo., 156, 361 

Staker, Glen Dona, Mt. Pleasant, 292 

Staker, Keith M., Powell, Wyo. 

Staker, Sharon, Teton City, Ida., 294 

Staley, Roger Ferguson, Millbrae, Calif. 

Stander, Klint Howard, Blackfoot, Ida., 345 

Standiford, Robert A., Chandler, Ariz. 

Stanfield, Kay Rulene. Ogden, 189, 306 

Stanfield, Ruth. Bellflower, Calif.. 80, 145, 205. 319 

Standifid. Robert A., Chandler, Ariz. 

Stanger, Ronald Ray, Provo, 286 

Stanger, Norma Irene, Grants Pass, Ore., 357 

Stanger, Robert K., Springville 

Stanley, Marilyn, Heber, 146. 294 

Stanley, A. Marilyn G.. Orem 

Stanton. Brian Eugene, Park City 

Stanton, David Carl, Hamilton. Mont. 

Staples, David O., Kanosh 

Staples. Alice Louisa, Monroe 

Stapleton, William L., Alta., Canada 

Staples. Whittier. Calif. 

Stapley, Hal Spencer, Orem, 108 

Stapley. Merrill L, Jr., Eugene, Ore., 231, 327 

Stark, David Candland, Wilmington, Del., 354 

Stark, Sarah Lydia, Wilmington, Del., 356 

Starks. Nancy Jean, Canoga Park, Calif. 

Starley. Max Reed, Burley, Ida., 324 

Starlin, Joan E., Bountiful. 246. 354 

Starr, Bonnie Joan, Salem, Ore., 195. 322, 327 

Starr. Sylvia Mae, Hiawatha, 298 

Startin, Wayne LeRoy. Murray, I 10, 319 

Startin, Ronald S., Murray, 110 

Startup, Karen Ruth, Pasadena, Calif. 

Staten, James Louis. Grants Pass, Ore., 361 

Stead, Barbara Diane, Las Angeles, Calif., 183 

Stebbing, William E., Baltimore, Md.. 296 

Stebbing, Richard E... Baltimore. Md. 

Steckler, Dianne Kay, Bern, Ida., 212 

Steed, Bruce David. Provo 

Steed, Barbara Ann, Alta., Canada, 371 

Steed, John Henry, Blackfoot, Ida. 

Steed, Michael Eugene, Salem, Ore,, 339 

Steed, Sherry A., Las Cruces, N. Mex., 354 

Steel, Harvey Lavar. Provo 

Steel. LaRae, Burley. Ida., 357 

Steele, Dorothy Ellen. Vale, Ore.. 359 

Steele, Donald H.. Panguitch. 356 

Steele. Ike Lynn. Mesa, Ariz., 352 

Steele, Edns Eleanor. Phoenix. Ariz., 284 

Steele. Lloyd David, Paradox. Colo. 

Steele, Richard T... Salt Lake City. 339 

Steele, Sharon Kay, Delta, 183. 298 

Stee'e. Vernon Francis. Oqden, 224, 354 

Steeneck, Annette L. R., Salt Lake City, 287 

Steenblik. Sheila D.. Salt Lake City, 354 

Steoman, R'-nald C. Chand'er. Arir., 356 

Stoffensen Sonia, Woodland Hills. Calif., 325 

S+e'fens, Ross L.. Springville 

Stein, Nancy Gail. Burbank, Calif., 364 

S^eimle, Sally LoRene, San Garbiel, Calif., 345 

Steimle. Douglas Allen, Yermo, Calif. 

Steinagel, Joanne C. Sacramento, Calif., 189, 292 

Stenquist. Jenae, Tremonton 

Stephen, Roy McBain, Kamloops, B.C., Can. 

Stephan. Judith R.. Murray, 197 

Stephens. Larry T., Whittier, Calif., 28i 

Stephensen, Beverly, Provo, 350 

Stephenson, Joyce, Wendell, Ida. 

Stephenson, Merene, Holden. 284 

Stephenson, Maralyn, Rexburg, Ida. 

Stepp. Caroline F.. Arlington, Calif., 287 

Stepp. Jessie Ann, Chehalis, Wash., 145. 281 

Stettler, Janice. Caldwell, Ida. 

Sievens. Carole, Salt Lake City. 183. 314 

Stevens, James Talmage, Greensboro, N.C.. 92, 324 

Stevens, Karen, Spanish Fork, 365 

Stevens, Marvin Brice, Coeur d'Alene, Ida., 314 

Stevens, Marilyn, Clearfield, 289 

Stevens, Merrilyn, Blanding, 201. 356 

Stevens, Patricia Anne, Greensboro, N.C., 284 

Stevens, Rae Dell, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Stevens, Sandra, Blanding 

Stevens, Sherre, San Carlos, Calif., 183, 316 

Stevenson, Alexander A.. N.S.W., Australia, 366 

Stevenson, Dale Floyd, Spanish Fork 

Stevenson, David Lee, Henderson, Nev., 336 

Stevenson, Diane Lee, San Gabriel, Calif., 16, 29, 41, 

145, 172, 175, 189, 323 
Stevenson George M., Layton, 246, 362 
Stevenson, Warren W., South San Gabriel, Calif., 337 
Stevenson, Wilifred R., Great Falls, Mont. 
Stevenson, William C. Camarillo, Calif., 239. 322 
Stevenson, William V,, Layton. 328 
Stewart, Barbara Sue. EvansvIUe, Ind. 
Stewart, Barbara. Orem. 298 
Stewart, Barry D., Klamath Falls. Ore. 
Stewart, Carolyn, Salt Lake City, 314 
Stewart, Charles Hardy, Alamo, Nev., 345 
Stewart, Carl Lloyd, Cedar Fort 
Stewart, Darryl Martin, Alamo, Nev., 345 
Stewart, David Murdock, Provo. 281 
Stewart, Dave D., Provo 
Stewart, E. Dale, Nampa, Ida., 327 
Stewart. Gary Karless, Moses Lake. Wash., 328, 345 
Stewart, Gary Linck, Las Vegas, Nev., 328 
Stewart, Hillda Nancy, Provo 
Stewart, James D., Champaign, Ml.. 338 
Stewart. James E., Fairview 
Stewart, Jean, Fort Collins, Colo., 217 
Stewart, John Lloyd D., Alberta, Can., 364 
Stewart, Kathrine L., Payson 
Stewart, Karl Dale, Spanish Fork 
Stewart, Lois Marie, Nampa, Ida., 338 
Stewart, Marilyn, Salt Lake City, 308 
Stewart, Mary Lynne, Ogden, 322 
Stewart Norma Lee, Nampa, Ida.. 221, 306 
Stewart, Sherrell. Spanish Fork 
Stewart, Sandra Rae, Eugene, Ore., 338 
Stewart, Thell J., Meadow, 187 
Stewart. Udell. Gridley, Calif., 364 
Stewart, Thad C, Meadow 
Stiles, Patricia Mae, Mesa, Ariz. 
Stillmaker, Faybeth, Inqlewood, Calif., 344 
Stimpson, David Vern, Provo. 193 
Stine, Alan Lanqlois, Ogden, 313 
Stirling, Keith Henry, Las Vegas, Nev, 
Stirland, Thomas J., Chinook, Montana 
Stock, Janice Irene, Fish Haven, Ida., 284 
Stock, Barbara Jean, Soldotna, Alaska 
Stock. Valon Edwin, Ogden. 323 
Stockman, Janice A., Salt Lake City, 352 
Stockton. Stephanie D.. Spokane. Wash., 316 
Stoddard. Dale Hull, Portland. Ore. 
Stoddard. Ann, Ventura, Calif.. 290 
Stoddard, Clayne J., Rexburg, Ida. 
Stoddard, Ellas Thomas, Washington, D.C. 
Stoddard, Larry Bert. Randlett. 357 
Stoddard, Louise, Mountain View, Wyo., 365 
Stoddard, Ted Dee, Salmon, Ida. 
Stoddard. Robert Lee, Rigby, Ida., 335 
Stohl, John Lloyd. Salt Lake City. 81. 211,365 
Stoffel. Mary Alice, San Diego. Calif., 289 
Stoffer. Lucile Ann, Portland. Ore.. 357 
Stoker, Blen David, Clearfield 
Stoker, Joseph H., Provo 
Stoker, Judith Faye, San Mateo, Calif., 367 
Stokes, Earl Dean, Salmon, Ida. 
Stokes, Edna Marie, Castro Valley, Calif. 
Stokes. Gordon Ellis. Provo. 348 
Stokes, MIrl Wynn, Salmon Ida. 
Stokes, Mary Patricia, Kamas, 352 
Stokes, Marqaret Lee, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
Stone. David John. Provo, 319 
Stone. Duane Deane. Stockton, Calif., 329 
Stone. Douglas Nelson, Raymond, Alta., Can. 
Stone. Dorothy Renee, Raymond, Alfa., Can. 
Stone, Gerald Phillip, East Draper. 357, 369 
Stone, John Royal, Orem, 101 
Stone. Jacqueline Lee. Berryville. Ark, 37t 
Stone, Margaret Louise, Oaden 
Stone, Nancy. Victor, Ida., 306 
Stone, Rhea Christina, Sterlinq, Ida. 
Stone, Thomas Robert. Piedmont. Calif.. 140, 306, 311 
Stones. JoAnn, Portland, Ore. 

Stones, Frances A., Pocatello, Ida., 279 

Stones. Robert Carr, Provo, 309 

Stoops. Linford R., Waynesboro, Pa.. 297 

Storrs. Elaine. Tooele, 325 

Stosich. David Jon, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Stott, Gary R., Fairfield, Mont., 302 

Stott, Leland Franklin, Provo 

Stott, Robert Vear. Fairfield, Mont., 348 

Stout, LuJean, Salt Lake City. 191, 353 

Stout, Carol, Salt Lake City 

Stout, Mary Diane, San Bruno, Calif., 336 

Stout, Richard Dale, Spanish Fork 

Stradling. Phillip R., Mesa. Ariz. 

Strang, Robert James, National City, Calif. 

Strange, Leona Lucille, Las Vegas, Nev., 358 

Stratford, Larry C, Chicago, III., 211.350 

Stratford, Karlene B.., Ogden, 94, 318 

Stratford, Roland Jack, Lomita, Calif. 

Stratton, Carolle, Seattle, Wash., 350 

Stratton, Richard B., Orem 

Strawn, Byron LaNar, Lomita. Calif. 

Strawn, Alfred lament, Lcmita, Calif.. 279 

Streibich, Robert John, Peoria, III.. 346 

Stringer, Norma Jean, Fort Bridger, III., 371 

Stringham, Bruce M., Ogden, 306 

Stringham, Arnold J., Provo, 150 

Stringham, Nathaniel C.j Riverside, Calif.. 114, 193 

Stringham, Murray H., Cardston, Alta., Can. 

Stroble, Carita Lu, St. Boone, Iowa, 156, 197. 318 

Strong, Brent Marvin, Idaho Falls, Ida., 359 

Strong, Brain Eveson, Lethcridge, Alta., Can., 229, 327 

Strong, Carol, American Fork, 197, 284 

Strong, Don Robert, Springville 

Strong. Gary, American Fork 

Strong, Genevieve, Drlggs, Ida. 

Strong, Harvey L., Filer, Ida. 

Strong, James Wiifiam, Rapid City, So. Dak., 336 

Strong, Janet, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Strong, John Ray, Driggs, Ida., 307 

Strong, Larry Mendon, Provo, 306 

Strong, Philip Leon, Rapid City, So. Dak., 355 

Strong. William James. Driggs, Ida., 292 

Stryker, Gerald Wayne. San Diego. Calif., 349 

Struthers. Buehl Lavon, Provo 

Stuart, Nathan J.. Springville, 281 

Stubbert. Colin Harold, Taber. Alta., Can.. 331 

Stuart Ronald William, Elba, N.Y. 

Stubbs, Arlene Louise, Napa, Calif., 338 

Stubbs. Clifford Ray, Provo 

Stubbs. Charles Bruce, Salt Lake City 

Stubbs, William James, Murray 

Stucki, Dora Jean. Overton, Nev., 371 

Stumbaugh, Kathleen A., San Gabriel, Calif., 306 

Stutz. Gladys Gall, Duchesne 

Suarez, Olga Marina, Guatemala, 366 

Sullivan, Ha Dawn, Hurricane, 302 

Sullivan, Collepn R., Richland, Wash., 364 

Sullivan, Jack Robert, Orem 

Sullivan, James David, Crossett, Ark., 336 

Sullivan, Jon M„ So. Payette, Ida., 366 

Sullivan, Ralph James, Provo, 281 

Summerhays, Dawnyse, Stockton, Calif., 284 

Summers, David Leon, Santa Fe, N. Mex. 

Summers, Robert Loran, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Summers, Rita May, West De Pere, Wis. 

Summers, Walton C, Ogden. 227, 292 

Sumner, Dee Ann, Provo 

Sumpter, Kenneth Rush, Provo, 362 

Sumsion, Fredrick F., Provo 

Sundwall. Katherine. Murray. 80, 92. 177, 372 

Sjnq, Haengja Kim, Seoul, Korea, 336 

Sung, She II, Seoul, Korea, 306 

Surratt. Gerald Wayne, Payson, III. 

Sutherland. Exie Ray, Pascogoula. Miss., 323 

Sutherland, James A., El Monte, Calif., 347 

Sutton, Ann Adele, Oakland. Calif., 297 

Sutton. Craig R.. Salt Lake City 

Swade, Richard Howard, Salt Lake City 

Swain Noel Lilburn Provo 

Swainston. Colleen, Preston, Ida., 212, 284 

Swainston, Made'yn, Charlo, Mont., 359 

Swainston, Paul O, Preston, Ida., 324 

Swalberg, Carma Rae, Marysvale, 223 

Swallow, Ronald Eugene, Kelso. Wash. 

Swan. Geralee. Orem, 195, 331 

Swan, Joyce Ruth, B.C., Canada. 143 

Swann, Alma Galley, Preston, Ida., 296 

Swann Edward Harold Preston, Ida., 231, 336 

Swanson. Harold Arthur. Deerfield, III., 335 

Swanson, Robert Edwin. Needles. Calif., 336 

Swapp, Ada Jean. Carlin, Nev., 344 

Swapp, Patsy, Albuquerque. N. Mex. 

Sweatt, Barbra Lazelle, Phoenix, Ariz.. 94 

Sweeten. Lloyd Robert, Malad, Ida., 294 

Sweeten, Elizabeth S., Malad, Ida. 

Swendsen. Leslee Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 197 

Swensen, Arthur Jaren, Murray 

Swensen. Albert John, Provo 

Swensen. Donald George, Provo, 354 

Swensen, Adolph Leroy, Salt Lake City, 281 

Swensen, Swen Russell, Provo, 314 

Swensen, Marvin Duane, Murray 

Swensen, Marilyn. Provo, 223, 324 

Swenson Camille V. Concord Calif., 234. 334 


Sowby - Trease 

Swenson, Dennis M., Rangely, Colo., 298 

Swenson, Dale Gene. Ogden 

Swenson, Geraldine, Downey, Calif., 323 

Swenson, Jack Jex, Spanish Fork 

Swenson, Jacqueline B., 257, 300 

Swenson, Nancy J., Portland, Ore., 289 

Swenson, Shirley Ruth, Pleasant Grove, 296 

Swenson, Sharon F., Spanish Fork 

Swenson, Sterling Reed 

Swenson, Vernon Lynn, Murray 

Swenson, Wayne H.., Spanish Fork 

Swift, Jane*Elizabeth, Detroit, Mich., 80, 149, 365 

Swinburne, Robert D., Cleveland 

Symons, Margene, Provo, 223, 365 

Syrett, Ruben Douglas. Panguitch, 294 

Syria, Raili Annikki, Finland 

Syrett, Dawnetta, Panguitch 

Szeremi, Elisebeth U., Hungary, 352 

Taber, Henry Eugene, I 14, 363 
Tachibana, Nobuyoshi, Tokyo, Japan, 309 
Taba, Stanley Sumio 

Tafoya, Navor Baldamar, La Plata, N. Mex., 358 
Tagg, Howard Robert 

Taggart, Lyle Ray, Homedale,- Ida., 140, 338 
Taggart, Mary Jean, Evanston, Wyo., 364 
Tohauri, T. T. Arthur, Vernal, 367 
Tahbaz, Hossein, Tehran, Iran 
Tait, Don Russell 

Talbot, James Edwin, Seattle, Wash. 
Tangren, Marvin Brough, Montebello, Calif., 308 
Tanner, Betty Jean, Payson, 357 
Tanner, Darlene Odell, Cortez, Colo., 364 
Tanner, Howard Duane, Compton, Calif. 
Tanner, John Daniel, Alberta, Canada 
Tanner, John Sherman P., Juneau, Alaska 
Tanner, Kirk Poulton, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Tanner, Nancy Lee, Boise, Ida., 236, 318 
Tanner, Richard C... Provo, 346 
Tanner, W. Lynn, Provo 
Tarr, Harry L., Jr., La Puente, Calif., 150 
Tannler Phyllis Ann Portland Ore. 183, 307 
Tarwater, Edra Anne Chandler, Ariz. 
Tacker, Dorothy Eileen, Salt Lake City, 223, 318 
Tate, Charlene, Salt Lake City, 197, 327 
Tate, Roland Ray, Idaho Falls, Ida., 306 
Tate, Thomas Errol, Tooele, 365 
Tawara, Yoshiyuki, Japan 
Taufer, John Edward, Salt Lake City 
Taussig, Charlene C, Provo, 289 
Taub, Eugene Norman, Venre, Calif. 
Tawfik, Salah, Bagdad, Iraq 
Tautkus, Barbara May, Rockville, Conn., 354 
Tauchin, Patty J., Tuba City, Ariz. 
Taylor, Ann, Piedmont, Calif., 80, 209 
Taylor, Ardith Janine, Cody, Wyo., 217, 328 
Taylor Bayard Monson, Salt Lake City, 292 
Taylor, Benjamin Kent, Idaho Falls, Ida., 287 
Taylor, Bert Leroy, Provo 
Taylor, Bonnie J. R., El Paso, Tex., 
Taylor, Byron Brooks, St. George 
Taylor, Cal Tomphson, Springville 
Taylor, Cheryl Rae, Salt Lake City 
Taylor, Clarence L., Loa 
Taylor, Clarence R., Chico, Calif. 
Taylor, Cornell D„ Pocatello, Ida.. 130, 203 
Taylor, Daniel Thomas, Provo 
Taylor, David W„ Portland, Ore. 
Taylor, Duane Floyd, Payson 
Taylor, Ernest Elwood, El Paso, Tex., 227 
Taylor, Gerald Fay, Provo 
Taylor, Grant Heber, Levan, 348 
Taylor, Gwendolyn Kay, Lewisburg, W. Va., 221 
Taylor, Harold Hacking, Payson 
Taylor, Hyrum Larry, Fremont 

Taylor, James Douglas, Rock Springs, Wyo., 101, 109 
Taylor, James Scott, Price, 279 
Taylor, Jeanette G„ Provo, 153, 365. 369 
Taylor, Josephine C. Provo 
Taylor, Judith Annette, Provo 
Taylor, Karen, Burley, Ida. 
Taylor, Kathryn Ann, Provo, 337 
Taylor, Larry Hugh, Provo, 346 
Taylor, Larry Bosworth, Long Beach, Calif., 334 
Taylor, Leroy John, Roy 

Taylor, Leslie Dawn, San Leandro, Calif., 357 
Taylor, Lynn Lee, Almo, Ida., 361 
Taylor, Mary Frances. Provo, 329 
Taylor. Mary Louise, Encinitas, Calif., 209 
Taylor, M. Harvey, Juarez, Mex., 357 
Taylor, Melvin Jay, Springville 
Taylor, Neal, Burley. Ida., 101 
Taylor, Paul Scott. Price, 297, 316 
Taylor, Richard Call. Billings, Mont., 185, 346 
Taylor, Robert E., Chula Vista. Calif. 
Taylor, Robert Lloyd, El Paso, Tex. 
Taylor, Ronald Glen, Howell. 290 
Taylor, Ronnie Stanley, Orem, 358 
Taylor, Sally Marie, 352 
Taylor, Seymour S., Jr., 193 
Taylor, Stanley Armond, Provo 
Taylor, Stanley Kay, El Paso, Tex. 
Taylor, Vaughn Milton, Alberta r Can. 
Taylor, Von J., Fillmore, 114, 203 

Taylor, Virginia Gail 

Taylor, William Paul, St. George, 307 

Taysom, Lloyd P., Afton, Wyo., 281 

Taysom, Ruth Annette, Napa, Calif., 195, 325 

Teague, Arlene Ruth, Pasadena, Calif. 

Tebbs, Douglas Clark, Panguitch, 318 

Tedrick, Margaret Ann, Cincinnati, Ohio, 366 

Tebbs, Richard Ray, Panguitch 

Teela, Gerald Oliver, Ripon, Wis. 

Telck, Margaret Jane, Springs, Wyo., 358, 369 

Tenney, Lynn Harry, Sarcramento, Calif. 

Tenney. Sally Richter, Dallas, Tex.. 284 

Tenney, Patricia. Sacramento. Calif., 205, 346 

Teney, Roy Allen, Boise, Ida., 316 

Terry, Donald Webster, Alberta, Canada, 334 

Terry, David Ray, Provo, 285 

Terry, Earl Melroy, Provo 

Terry, Hilton Reed, Provo. 288 

Terry, Jay DeWitt, Concord, Calif. 

Terry, James Ross, Fairview 

Terry, Karen Joyce, Orem 

Terry, Lewis Leroy, Las Vegas, Nev., 357 

Tessay, Dorinda, Cibecas, Ariz. 361 

Tetley, Diane Alice, Whittier, Calif., 357 

Teuscher, Talvin Smith, American Fork 

Teuscher DeLoy A., American Fork, 284 

Tew, David Ivan. Nephi, 292 

Tew, Carolyn, Talmage, 318 

Tew, Norma Rose H., Nephi, 296 

Tew, Ronald Kay, Springville 

Tewanema, Harvey, Joseph City, Ariz. 

Thacker, Fay Weldon. Castle Gate, 285 

Thacker, Allan Dale, Orem. 357 

Thacker, Eloy Glenn, Owyhee, Nev., 364 

Thacker, Myrle, Kamas, 289 

Thacker, LaRreal, Castle Gate, 357 

Thacker i Zona Arlene, Overton, Nev. 

Thacker, Roy Murray, Heber City. 118 

Thatcher, Richard W., San Marino, Calif., 81, 193 

Thayn, Marnell, Lehi 

Thayn, Flora Janet, Wellington, 353 

Thayn, Paul Homer, Lehi 

Thayn, Ronald E.. Lehi, 288 

Thayne, David Clifton, Provo 

Thayne, David Blaine, Farmington, 328 

Thayne, Lloyd, Layton 

Thayne, Rulon Lamar, Farmington 

Theophanides, John M., Greece 

Thiriot, Jeannetta, Las Vegas. Nev., 355 

Thomander, Dawn Ivonne, 189, 226, 364 

Thorn, Melvin Daris. Schurz, Nev. 

Thomas, Austin Barnett, Payson, 302 

Thomas, Beverly Brady. Provo, 84, 284 

Thomas, Charmaine, Salt Lake City 

Thomas, Colette L., Seattle, Wash., 209, 284. 294 

Thomas, Darrell B., Provo 

Thomas, David Brent, Provo 

Thomas, Elaine, Sanford, Calif. 

Thomas, Ellen E., Murray 

Thomas, Flossie Marie. Los Angeles, Calif., 329 

Thomas, Glenn Harvey, American Fork 

Thomas, Gordon Max, Spanish Fork, 316 

Thomas, Joan Marjorie, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Thomas, Kathryn Jane, Spanish Fork, 352 

Thomas, Karen Jodelle, Baker, Ore., 324 

Thomas, Larry Vernon, Provo 

Thomas Lynn, Spanish Fork 

Thomas, Marcile K.. Seattle, Wash., 201, 287 

Thomas, Marili, Manassa, Colo. 

Thomas, Marsha Beth, San Gabriel, Calif., 353 

Thomas, Mary Jane, La Jara, Colo., 363 

Thomas, Maxine, Spanish Fork 

Thomas, Melva Jessie, Donnelly, Ida., 357 

Thomas, Neil Dee. Provo 

Thomas, Ray W., Deer Lodge, Mont. 

Thomas, Ruth B., Malad. Ida. 

Thomas, Shirley Kay, Ogden 

Thomas, Sharon, San Rafael, Calif., 201, 357 

Thomas. William Leslie, San Diego, Calif. 

Thompson, Brian Lamont, Albion, Ida. 

Thompson, Carol, Nampa, Ida., 366 

Thompson, Delores Jean, Kennewlck, Wash., 337 

Thompson, Edgar Joseph, Kearns 

Thompson, Farrell Kay, Jerome, Ida. 

Thompson, Gerald E., Alberta, Can. 

Thompson. George Brant, Alberta. Can., 359 

Thompson, Gordon Henry, Warsaw, Indiana, 357 

Thompson, James T., Orem 

Thompson, J. Franklin, Orem 

Thompson, James Lane, Weiser, Ida., 338 

Thompson, Jon Errol. Palo Alto, Calif., 21 I 

Thompson, John Stanley, Provo 

Thompson. Joseph Garth, Warsaw, Ind., 317, 319 

Thompson, Karen, Provo. 363 

Thompson. Kent R., Provo, 335 

Thompson, Kay, Ogden, 346, 361 

Thompson, Lorias Lee, American Falls, Ida. 

Thompson, Lorna Joean, Alberta, Can., 317 

Thompson, Marvin Herf, Payson 

Thompson, Patricia Ann. San Antonio, Tex.. 368 

Thompson, Paul David, Fontana, Calif., 337 

Thompson, Richard K., Weiser, Ida. 

Thompson, Ralph Wayne, San Mateo, Calif. 

Thompson, Robert Leroy, Stevenson, Wash., 348 

Thompson, Ronald Lynn, Ontario, Calif., 322 

Thompson, Shirley, Provo, 229 

Thomsen, Virginia, 316 

Thomsen, Leo Arnold, Springfield, Ore. 

Thomson, Dixie Jean, Salt Lake City, 156 

Thomson, Irene &., Provo 

Thorn. Jerry Grant, Springville 

Thome. Sally Helen, Provo, 166, 329 

Thornhill, Frances L., Shreveport, Louisiana 

Thornley, Ela Dee, Harlem, Mont., 153, 306 

Thornock, Robert C, Provo 

Thornton, Harold R., Salt Lake City 

Thornton, Gordon Max, Provo 

Thornton, Fred Earl, Blackfoot, Ida.. 284 

Thornton, James Clyde, Pleasant Grove 

Thornton, Vernal B., Springville, 294 

Thorpe, Donald Eugene, Gridley, Calif., 352 

Thorpe, Calvin E.., Springville, 334 

Thorpe, Robert Ronald, Provo 

Thorson, Arthur Lowell, Salt Lake City, 207, 316 

Thorson, Robert Cecil, Provo 

Thorup, Lee Burgess, Fontana, Calif., 354 

Threet, Mary Ellen, Mesa, Ariz., 365 

Thrush, Rose LaRae, North Bend. Ore., 362 

Thueson, John Darrell, Nampa, Ida,, 352 

Thueson, Karla Ann, Twin Falls, Ida., 318 

Thulin, Ellen Carol. El Cerrito. Calif., 205, 290 

Thurber, Anthony M„ Ontario, Calif. 

Thurgood, Carolyn, Clearfield, 296 

Thurgood, Jay D., Provo, 303 

Thurgood, Beth Ann, Salt Lake City, 358 

Thurgood, Glen Stoker, 335 

Thurman, Kathleen. Provo, 229, 356 

Thurston, Emma Louise, Hurricane 

Thurston, Alayne, Woodside, Calif. 

Thurston, Sharon Kay, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Tidey, Joanne Claire, Brandon, Canada, 364 

Tidd, Marjean, Orem 

Tidwell, Claudia, ly, Nev., 226, 355 

Tidwell, Leah Jean. Richmond, Calif., 149, 352 

Tidwell. Roy Lee, Caldwell, Ida., I 14, 351 

Tidwell, Ray Webb. McGill, Nev., 338 

Tidwell, Ruth Iva Dell, Nampa, Ida., 356 

Tilby, Vincent M., Santaquln, 290 

Tilley, Charleen, Provo. 335 

Tillman, Chester Earl, Gainesville, Fla. 

Timmermann, Marguerite. Chicago, III. 

Timms, Derek, Norwalk, Calif., 356 

Timothy, Gayl Shlrlene, Vernal, 366 

Tingey, Afton Maureen, Springville, 299 

Tongey, Garth Leroy, Springville 

Tingey, Blaine Cornia, Salt Lake City, 365 

Tingey, Florence Clare, Sarcamento, Calif. 

Tingey, Joseph Willard, Salt Lake City 

Tingey, Loretta Kay, Sacramento, Calif., 355 

Tinned, James Edward, El Dorado. Ark. 

Tinney, Edwin L., Rexford, N.Y. 

Tippetts, Marylee, Provo, 316 

Tippets, Tamara, Thermopolis, Wyo., 312 

Tippetts, Connie Rae, Kallspell, Mont., 189, 219, 355 

Tippetts, Loris Valeen, Vaughn, Mont. 

Tipton, Gary P., Springville. 337 

Tipton, Marilyn, Springville 

Tirey, Merlene, Grand Junction, Colo., 366 

Titus, Diann, Heber, 219, 352 

Tobler, Anna Mae, Provo, 365 

Tobler, Kenneth Burt Provo, 187, 292 

Tobler, Wayne Gates, Salt Lake City, 348 

Todd. Henry Swan, Gridley, Calif., 303 

Todd, Jerrold Wheeler, Oakland. Calif., 302 

Todd. Marna, Gridley, Calif, 307 

Tolbert, Sherril Waun, Abraham, 322 

Tolles, Charlotte D., Concord, Calif, 328 

Tolley, Deanna, Gridley. Calif., 197, 324 

Tolley, Harold C, Orem 

Tolman, Dee Ann, Bountiful. 195 

Tolman, James Russell, Burley, Ida. 

Tolman, Gerald Cheney, Hillspring, Canada, 195, 231, 

Tolman, Lawrence Kirk, Burley, Ida., 327 
Tolman. Marilyn E., Maywood, Calif, 191. 338 
Tolman, Wayne Allen, Yucaipa. Calif. 199 
Tolman, Wilford Judson. Burbonk, Calif. 101 
Tolson, Melba Virginia, Charlotte, N.C., 306 
Tomlinson, Jimmy Dick, Mack, Calif. 
Tomlinson, Ronald D., Vallejo, Calif, 114, 366 
Tonks, Jesse Warren. Springville 
Toombs. Bevelyn, Smithfield, 336 
Toone, Gordon Owen, St. Anthony, Ida. 
Toone, Winona, Salt Lake City, 306 
Topham, Mardell Dalton. Circleville, 164. 335 
Torbert, Carolyn, Alhambra. Calif., 298 
Toronto. Joseph C. Spanish Fork,. 355 
Towler, Sandra Suzanne, Manhattan Beach, Calif., 346 
Towle. Mltzi, Boise, Ida.. 156. 337 

Towne. Diane Clare. Boulder iCty. Nev., 183, 234. 306 
Traasdahl, Madeline A.. Boulder City, Nev., 358 
Tracy. Loma Joy. Idaho Falls, Ida., 366 
Tracy, Charles Henry, Ephrata, Wash. 
Tracy, Brent Kay, Ucon, Ida., 327 
Tracy, Raymond Calvin, Provo 
Tranter, Thomas Dee. Nephi, 316 
Tranter Olive Joene, Midvale, 90, 217, 325 
Trease, Jacquelyn L.. Turlock, Calif, 80, 316 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Trevino. Rodolfo, Uvalde, Tex., 366 

Treu, William Richard, Los Angeles, Calif., 118, 310 

Trobett, James Addison, Alamo, Nev., 290 

Trimble. Bill Noel, Pleasant Grove 

Trimmell, Patricia E., Westminister, Calif., 306 

Tripp, Robert Meredith. Ft. Hall, Calif. 

Tripp, Patricia Ann, Salt Lake City, 345 

Tropp. Paul L„ Detroit, Mich., 334 

Trost, Lucile Layton, Layton 

Troen, Roger Smith. Portland, Ore., 279 

Trone, Marilyn Joyce, Elko, Nev., 355 

Trott. Phillip Everett, Los Angeles. Calif., 365 

Trotter, Roy Lee, San Clemente. Callt. 

Trumbull, Elnora L., Greybull, Wyo., 367 

Trujillo, Rafaela P., Taos, N. Men., 360 

Truman, Ronald Alma, Andale, Nev. 

Truman, Ferrol Lamar, Lima, Montana, 337 

Trush, John M.. Andalusia, Pa., 290 

Tryon, Merlin Leon 

Tsalaky, George, Provo 

Tsai, Chem Hwa 

Tsuji, Ernest Yoshio, Honolulu, T.H., 327 

Tseu. Kathleen T., Provo 

Tseu, Lawrence K. W., Honolulu, T.H., 298 

Tucker, Edwin Reed, Provo, 362 

Tucker, Deon, Willard, 333 

Tucker, Karen J., Filer, Ida., 367 

Tucker, Nettie E. C, Burley, Ida. 

Tucker, Tim Mickelsen, Oswego, Ore., 354 

Tuckett, William F., Spanish Fork 

Tuckett. Marilyn. American Fork, 209, 318 

Tuft, Nadeane Louise, Salt Lake City, 338 

Tufts, Mary Gwen, Taber, Canada, 337 

Tullis, Floyd Lamond, Vernal 

Tung, Grace Yuan Hui, Taipei Taiwam, China, 279 

Turley. Harold E., Jr., El Paso. Tex., 21 I. 346 

Trimnal Gloria June. Rock Hill, S.C. 

Turley. Karen, Idaho Falls. Ida., 257 

Turley. Lorelne, Mesa, Ariz. 

Turley, Luther Dean, Juarez, Mexico 

Turley, Jay Freemen, Snowflake, Ariz. 

Turley. Mary Katherine, Tacna, Peru, 335 

Turley, Martha Louise, San Antonio, Tex., 223. 352 

Turley, Tillman Eagar. Eager, Ariz., 110. 203, 306 

Turner, Brent R., Santa Ana. Calif. 

Turner, Dorothy Ruth. LaGrande, Ore., 352 

Turner, Charles W., Phoenix, Ariz., 318 

Turner. Douglas John, Calgary, Canada 

Turner, Carolyn Marie, Salt Lake City, 355, 369 

Turner. David Gary, Salt Lake City 

Turner. Donna Lee. Los Angeles. Calif.. 229 

Turner, Tvelyn, Holden, 352 

Turner. George Mason, Butte, Mont., 150 

Turner. Laurel, Springville 

Turner, Karen, Fillmore, 337 

Turner, Norman Clyde, Provo 

Turner. Sharon Marie, Taylor, Tex., 371 

Turner, William Jones. Riverton, 322 

Turrentine. Catherine. Dayton. Ohio 

Turpin, Karen, Boise, Ida., 195, 217, 338 

Turtle. Gene Elliott, Provo 

Turtle. Ruth, Castle Dale, 183 

Tweten. Georgine Ellen, Detroit, Mich., 335 

Twitchell, Ancil Lamar. Delta, 156. 227 

Twitched, Melvin A., Springville, 371 

Twitchell. James E., Orem 

Twitchell, Noel Elroy. Delta, 149. 324 

Twitty. T. Charyle, Columbus, Ohio. 205. 329 

Tyler, Dell Roy, Provo 

Tyler, Larry Arthur, Phoenix, Ariz., 325 

Tyndall. Ottella W., Provo 

Udall, Dora Adeline. Mesa. Ariz., 197, 356 
Udall, Don Alan. St. Johns. Ariz.. 207, 338 
Udy. Richard Grant, Rockland, Ida. 
Ulbel, Howard Falconer, Alberta, Canada, 338 
Unck, Jatsy Jean N.. San Francisco. Calif., 324 
Unger, Gloria Mae, Provo, 290 
Ungermann. Susan Lee, Santa Paula, Calif., 167, 355. 

Upstill. Suzann Dee. Burbank, Calif. 189. 223. 371 
Ure, Colleen E., Edmonton, Canada, 325 
Ursenbach, Maureen. Calgary. Canada. 296 
Utley. Roger E.. Joseph 

Utschig. Mary Louise. San Mateo, Cali., 318 
Uyeda, Marjorie Sueko. Honolulu, T.H., 284 
Uyehara. Robert KenjI, Honolulu, T.H. 

Valle. Silvia Beatriz. Uruguay 
Vance. Allen Lamont, Fairview, 307 
Vance, Gera'dine Rae, Sparks, Nev.. 205. 345 
Vance, Loal Arthur, Parma, Ida., 156 
Vance. Jerry Kay. Salt Lake City. 354 
Vance, Loretta, Long Beach, Calif.. 284 
Vance. Jennie Lou. Albuquerque. N. Mex., 312 
Vance, Morris B'ain, Spring Valley. Calif. 
Vance. Ronald Neil, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Van Cott, John W., Salt Lake City 
Van Dam. Gloria. Chevy Chase, Md., 183. 358 
Vande. Merwe P. Beo, Salt Lake City. 362 
Vandenhazel. AUko. Salt Lake City, 308 
Van Der Waal, John De. Downey, Calif, 284 
Vanderqrift. Michael E.. Burbank. Calif. 
Vanderford. Olga C, Kirtland. Wash. 

Vanderford, Lee Ann, Stockton, Calif., 156, 209, 314 

Vandergrift, Carol Sue, Burbank. Calif.. 183 

Van Dyke. Que Morrell, Provo, 306 

Van Epps, Leonard, Rivera, Calif., 187, 334 

Van Leuven, Joann, Springville, 370 

Van Leuven, Janet, Springville 

Van Leuven, Kay, Emmett, Ida. 

Van Noy, Don L.. Oakland. Calif. 

Van Orden, Royd Hyer. Bountiful, 87, 344 

Van Scyoc, Sharon L.. Fairfield. Calif., 346 

Van Tassell, ona Joan, Duchesne, 351 

Van Thiel, Berghuys A., Amsterdam, Holland, 359 

Van Wegenen, Alan Kent, Provo, 146 

Van Wagenen, Glen E., Provo 

Van Wagenen, Lola Jean, Provo 

Van Wagenen, Palma S., Provo 

Van Wagoner, Ann Q. C, Orem 

Van Wagoner, Earl Jr., Orem 

Van Wagoner, Anna Loye. Provo. 33o 

Van Wagoner. Drew A., Provo, 145 

Van Wagoner, Katherine. Palo Alto, Calif.. 209. 344. 

Van Wagoner. Willard L. .Salt Lake City 
Vargas. Juliio. Peru, 324 
Varney. Joel Richard, Las Vegas, Nev., 215 
Varney, Lois Ann, Anaheim, Calif. 
Vaughn, Raymond Vance, Gideon, Mo. 
Vaughan, Lois, Malad, Ida., 284 
Vawdrey, Irma Rae, Draper, 356 
Veritsky, Eugene W., Ontario, Canada 
Venema, Kathryn L., Santa Paula, Calif., 357 
Verhaaren, Joy Arlene, Palo Alto. Calif.. 209, 351 
Veritsky, William A., Ontario, Canada 
Vernon, Lawrence Deon, Orem 
Vernon, Robert Dean, Provo 
Verweire. William A., Glendale, Calif. 
Vest. Fearn Rolla, Payson, 306 
Vetterli, Ralph R... Fresno, Calif., 203 
Vicentl, Nina J., Dulce. N. Mex., 324 
VicentI, Carl A.., Dulce, N. Mex. 
Victor Roger, Lodi, Calif., 79, 176. 299 
Vlllalobos, E?rein, 363 
Vincent, Emily Arlene, Mesa, Ariz. 
Vincent, Ann Janette, Orem 
Vincent, Dale Ellison, Provo 
Vincent, Jean B., Los Angeles, Calif., 309 
Vinson, Gerald Lloyd, Sepulveda, Calif. 
Vincent. Sylvia R.. Provo, 325 
VIsscher Anah, Salt Lake City, 164, 189, 356 
Vogt, William Dean. Coqullle, Ore. 
Vollman, Judy C, Seattle. Wash.. 153, 358 
Vo'lentine, Cleone E.. Kennedy, N.Y., 352 
Volpi, Donald Paul, Riverside, Calif, 118 
Vorwaller, Wesley G., Tooele, I 14, 356 
Voyles, CaroT Jane, Worland, Wyo. 
Voyles, Pearl Ann, Columbia, S.C, 324 


Waddoups, Sara Anne, Honolulu, T.H., 146, 205 

Wade. Betty Jane, Long Beach, Calif. 

Wade, Alton L, Fillmore 

Wade, Diane Mae Daniel, Long Beach, Calif. 

Wade. Evandell. Bountiful, 308 

Wade, Robert Graham, Salt Lake City 

Wade, Venis Kay, Long Beach, Calif., 183, 318 

Wade. Vistor B.. Malad, Ida. 

Wedsworth. John Milton. Panaca, Nev. 

Wagley, Margie K., Beaumont, Tex. 

Wahlquist, Earl J„ Idaho Falls. Ida.. 2IS, 314 

Wahlquist. Bryan K„ Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Wahlquist. Wayne Leroy. Provo. 284 

Wainwright, Arlyn Ray. Kemmerer, Wyo. 

Waite. oJseph Richard, Hyde Parle. 165 

Waite. Wendell Glen. Las Vegas, Nev., 293 

Wakefield. Thomas K.. Huntington, 289 

Walch, Leslie Roy. Provo, I 14 

Walden, John Foster, Denver, Colo., 336 

Waldron, Fredrick Glen, Provo, 312 

Waldron, Robert Arthur, South Gate. Calif., 365 

Waldron, "Leahmee, Malad, Ida., 338 

Waldvogel, Caryl Ann. Bennsonville. III., 91, 221. 255, 

Walker, Bruce Winn., Boise, Ida., 351 
Walker. Clemons F.. Henderson, Nev. 
Waluker, Deann. Salt Lake City, 189. 322 
Walker. Darrel Paul. Salem. Ore. 
Walker. Gail, Reno. Nev.. 306 
Walker, Glenn Perrin. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 357 
Walker. Glen Dna. Rockland, Ida., 331 
Walker. Glenn Ronald. Peoa, 334 
Walker, Helen Jo, Phoenix, Ariz., 201, 226, 246, 352 
Walker, James Joe. Powell, Wyo., 371 
Walker, Kay LeGrand Reno, Nev., 318 
Walker, "Kenneth B., Heber. 361 
Walker, Keith Alan, Lapoint 
Walker. Lary C... Marsing, Ida.. 351 
Walker, Lee E., Provo 
Walker, Lorrie Diane, Murray 
Walker, Melvin JHaslam. Ely. Nev.. 337 
Walker. Nancy Jeneen, Pleasant Grove 
Walker, Newell R.. Rigby. Ida., 313 
Walker, Rex Vernon, Boise. Ida., 328 
Walker. Richard Taylor. Peca. 293 
Walker, Ronald Warren, Bakersfield, Calif., 371 
Walker, Royce Brent, Pleasant Grove 

Walker, Verdon Reed, Pleasant Grove 

Walker, Wendell F., Marsing, Ida., 334 

Walkingshaw, Carol Lee, Palisades, Calif., 358 

Wall. Clyde LeRoi, Provo 

Wall, Frederic Glade, 307 

Wall, Lloyd Leroy, Spring Canyon 

Wall. Lehman D., American Fork 

Wall, Zane Kay, Altamont 

Wall, Richard Jay, Fullerton, Calif., 309 

Wallace, Karen Agnes, Caldwell, Ida., 371 

Wallace, Joan, Price, 31 I 

Wallace, Robert Bruce, Caldwell, Ida. 

Wallace, Wanda, Driggs, Ida. 

Wallis, Travis Lee, Vernal 

Walser, Helen, Provo. 145 

Walsh, Richard Allan Albany, N.Y., 162 

Walter, Carolyn, American Fork, 292 

Walter, Roger Kenneth, Cheyenne, Wyo.. 371 

Walter. William Paul. American Fork, 348 

Walter, Larry Dean, Fort Wayne, Ind., 229, 351 

Walters. Cahrles T., Woodland Hills, Calif., 84. 324. 

Walters, Carol Ruth, Sugar City, Ida., 233, 318 
Walters, Ruthdale, Whittier. Calif., 307 
Walton, Wilbur Thomas, Gooding, Ida., 101, 279 
Wansgard, Dalene, San Bruno, Calif., 358 
Wangsgard, Gene, Palisades, Calif. 
Wanlass, Geraidine, Santa Maria, Calif., 318 
Warburton, Joyce A., Salt Lake City. 149 
Ward, Bill Kyle., Provo 
Ward. Anna Marie, Bloomington, Ida., 354 
Ward, Darrel Nicholas, Malad, Ida. 
Ward. Delbert Wilson, Burbank, Calif., 3511 
Ward, Carol Jean, Portland, Ore., 308 
Ward. Florence Carrol. Nogales, Ariz., 223, 352 
Ward, Georgeanna Jane, Twin Falls, Ida., 175, 220, 

Ward, Lawrence William, Murtaugh, Ida. 
Ward. Patricia Joe. Twin Falls, Ida., 153, 219 
Ward, Sharon, Luella, Richfield, Ida. 
Ward, Ronald Willis, Paradise, Calif., 84, 211, 309 
Ward, Wendell Loveland. Idaho Falls, Ida., 84 231, 

Wardell, Sandra Lynn, Reno, Nev., 219, 348 
Wardell, Mack Jones. Otto, Wyo. 
Wardle, Larry K., Provo 
Wardleigh, Helen L. Ogden, 183, 288 
Ware, Gerald M"ax, Draper 
Warner, Derral C, Heyburn, Ida., 324 
Warner, Howard Elden, Orem 
Warner, James William, Fillmore, 187 
Warner. James Lee, South Bend, lnd„ 211, 298 
Warner, Keith Crandell, Payson 
Warner, Kent Max, Payson 
Warner, Nadine, Spanish Fork, 289 
Warnick, Boyd L.. Pleasant Grove, 284 
Warnick, Loyd J., Pleasant Grove, 314 
Warnick, Reed Taylor, Windsor, Colo., 351 
Warnick, Robert W., American Fork 
Warnick. Stephen Lee. Pleasant Grove 
Warr, Richard Merrill. Oakley, Ida. 
Warr, Frank William, Payson 
Warr. Glenn C. Oakley, Ida. 
Warren, Allan H.. Laguna Beach, Calif., 203 
Warren. Carolyn Cobb, McCook, Neb. 
Warren, Bruce William, Provo 
Warren, Barbara Joanne. Missoula, Mont., 331 
Warren. Jean E... Spanish Fork. 370 
Warren, Patricia, Springville, 201, 226 
Ward, Sharon Lynne, Beaverton, Ore., 156, 257, 300 
Washburn, Dawna June, Salt Lake City, 298 
Washburn, Judith, Covina, Calif., 352 
Washburn, Laurel Kay, Monroe, 346 
Washburn, Roland M„ Pasco, Wash., 156, 328 
Washburn, Richard M... ampa, Ida. 
Washburn, Virginia, Provo, 364 
Waters, Arlin Glade, Provo, 338 
Watkin, Sharon Ann, Richfield. 223. 352 
Waters. Melvin C, Provo, 352 
Wathen. Merriel, Jr., Burley, Ida. 
Waters, Max Leroy, Burley, Ida., 288 
Waters, Teddy Mac, Menan, Ida. 
Wathen, Boyd J„ Lehi, 288 
Watkins, Allen Ned, Yucaipa, Calif. 
Watkins, Lyle Deanna, Burbank, Calif. 
Watkins, Prince Luther, Bogart, Ga. 
Watson, David McCrae, Honolulu, T.H. 
Watson, Dolores Anne, Twin Falls, Ida., I9T 
Watson, Linda Margaret, Hartsville, S.C, 352 
Watson, Luke Allen, Jr.. Hartsville, S.C, 156 
Watson, Mary Lorraine, Payette, Ida., 352 
Watson. Roger Clarke, Bountiful, 371 
Watts Carolyn Ruth. Orem. 314 
Watts, Blaine Harvey, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 145. 334 
Watts. Jerry William, Portland, Ore. 
Wafts, Joseph Laverne, Kirtland. N. Mex.. 311, 318 
Watts, Mary Jean, Midvale, 191, 352 
Watts, Orvil Arlin, Provo 
Watts, Paul Jene. Jr., Riolinda. Calif. 
Watts, Richard A., Springville 
Wayman, Carol, Provo, 94 

Waywell, Kelvin Thomas, Toronto, Canada, 231. 338 
Waymire. Katherine. Overton. Nev., 288 
Waymire, Lemoine E., San Diego, Calif.. 203, 364 


Wayment, Stanley Glen, Springville, 328 

Weatherford, Eltas J., Darlington, S.C. 

Weatherbee, Doris Ann, Reinzi, Miss., 234, 298 

Weaver, Clyde Marquis, Chula Vista, Calif. 

Weaver, Margurette L., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Weaver, Melvin Glenn, Grace, Ida. 

Webb, Alan Wendell. Molalla, Ore., 344 

Webb, Armond Paul, Lehi, 215, 279 

Webb. Alice. Green River, Wyo., 290 

Webb, Carolyn Kay, Granada-Lynwood, Calif. 329 

Webb. Cecil Wildon, Provo, 332 

Webb, Donna. Lehi, 352 

Webb, Emma Lou, Provo 

Webb, Emily Jeanne, Salt Lake City, 325 

Webb, George Richard, Melba, Ida., 333 

Webf>, Irene, Mesa, Ariz.,. 156, 309 

Webb, Janet Lehi 

Webb, Karen, Provo, 316 

Webb, Kay, San Manuel, Ariz., 212 

Webb, Lucile J., Provo 

Webb\ Marie Call, Provo 

Webb. Ralph Dan, Provo 

Webber, Richard C, American Pork, 185 

Webber, Robert Reed. Bronxville, N.Y., 211, 297 

Weber, Gerald F., Encino. Calif, 199, 337 

Weber, Allen Howard, Lorenzo, Calif., 329 

Weber, Patricia Ann Rapid City, So. Dak., 338 

Weber, Ralph Samuel, Parma, Ida. 

Webster, Clair Carl, Amrican Fork, 345 

Webster, F. Jean, Rexburg, Ida. 

Webster, Lorraine. American Fork, 288 

Webster, Mary Eldon, Cedar City 

Webster, Sharron, Provo, 201, 288 

Webster. Robert Leon, Ontario, Calif., 311 

Weeks, Gerald Colborne, Alhambra, Calif., 351 

Weeks, Morris Lee, Ojai, Calif. 

Weeks, Martin S., Provo 

Weeks, Michael Wayne, Provo, 333 

Weeks, Shirley Lyn, Woods Cross. 290 

Weese, Sharon Cleo, Fullerton, Calif., 306 

Weese, Sadra Lynne, Fullerton, Calif., 348 

Weiqel, Mary Katharine, Salt Lake City, 197, 346 

Weidner, Leo Albert, Portland, Ore., 231, 307 

Weight, Howard Vane, Springvolle. 339 

Weight, Merlynne, Provo 

Weight, Nedra Louise, Nampa, Ida., 226, 371 

Weight, Mary Lou, Provo. 229, 334 

Weiler, Charles Henry Nahaut, Mass., 302 

Weinheimer, Gordon E., Alberta, Canada, 352 

Weinhetmer, Edith L., Alberta, Canada 

Welch, Ervil Wrensia, Sarah, Miss., 289 

Welch, Keith W., Corinne, 298 

Welch, Norma A., Provo, 229 334 

Wlcher, Robert E., Topeka. Kan., 338 

Welker, Janet Louise, Pima, Ariz., 205 

Welles, Aleese, Glendale, Calif., 288 

Wells, William Lathair, Nephi 

Wells, Arthur Elwood, Selby, Calif., 315 

Wells, Ernest Stewart, Provo, 298 

Wells, Leah May, Lafayette, Calif. 

Wells, Marilyn Galvin, Provo 

Wells, Robert W., Jr., Joseph 

Wells, Richard Wooley, Las Vegas, Nev., 32, 102, 213 

Wells J Samael Bently, Logandale, Nev., 351 

Welsh Sheila Smith, Parker, Ariz., 354 

Weltqn, Robert Banta, Sacramento, Calif., 361 

Wendt, Roy Eugene. Kalispell, Mont. 

Wendelboe, Shirley L., Las Vegas, Nev. 

Wengreen, Earl Wayne, Orem 

Werner. Harold L.. Wenatchee, Wash., 290 

Wernz, Therald Albert, Provo 

Werner, Miriam Hopping, Provo, 290 

Werner, Theodore B... Las Vegas, Nev., 345 

Werntz, Margaret Ellen, Denver. Colo., 351 

Weske, Fredericka L., Culver, Calif., 191, 352 

West, Donald Jesse, Denver, Colo., 356 

West, Donna Hatch, Provo, 295 

West, Donna Marlene, 328 

West, Farrin W., Pleasant Grove 

West, Emerson Roy, 231, 284 

West, Herschel Joseph, La Mesa, Calif. 

West, James David, Denver, Colo., 333 

West, Joseph Donald. Provo, 298 

West, Leonard R., American Fork 

West, Robert D., Provo 

West, Sterling Duane, Ariel, Wash. 

West, Sharon Grace, Salt Lake City, 337 

West, William Edqar, Adams, Ariz. 

Westenskow, Carolyn, Imbler .Ore, 337 

Westenskow, William V.., La Grande. Ore. 

Weston. James Alexis, Cairo, Ga., 345 

Westfall. Ronald D„ Hollywood, Calif.. 185 

Westover, James H.. Provo. 211, 324 

Westring, Janet, ephi, 365 

Westwood, Kent David, Provo 

Westwood, E. Susan, San Diego, Calif. 

Westwood, Roger George, Circleville, 367 

Whaley. Marcella Gay, gden, 94, 290, 297 

Whatcott, Weston Elroy, Provo, 345 

Wheadon, Pearl Ellen, Riverton, 290 

Wheat, Kenneth Edwin, Redondo, Calif, 112, 203, 331 

Wheeler. Rita Lorraine, Puyallup, Wash.. 87, 219, 358 

Whelchel Richard C... Oswego. Ore., 156 

Whetten Amanda Jean, Chih,, Mex,, 337 

Whetten, Lila Lee, Provo, 355 

Whiffen, Henry L. Jr., Alameda. Calif, 185, 328 

Whipple, Connie Inez, Long Beach, Calif. 183, 229, 

Whipple, Carolyn, Ogden, 310 
Whipple, Venla, Showlow, Ariz., 294 
Whipple, Walter Leroy, Hawthorne, Calif, 294 
Whisenant, Vernis C, Jr., Galena Park, Tex., 364 
Whitaker, Carol Jean, Portland, Ore., 294 
Whitaker, Carolyn Ruth, Kanosh 
Whitaker, Ivie, Portland, Ore., 325 
Whitaker, Sharon Jo, Portland, Ore., 346 
Whitby, Roger Merlin, American Fork 
White. Ballard T., Salt Lake City, 281 
White, Carleyn, Mesa. Ariz., 318 
White. Donavee Stay, Montebello, Calif 
White, Donald jay, Rorterville, Calif, 292 
White Earl Roger, Provo 
White, Erma Ruth, Salt Lake City 
White, Floyd Dean, Fruita, Colo. 
White, Jerald Dell, Green River, Yyo. 
White, Janice, St. Anthony, Ida., 80, 81, 324 
White. Judith Anne, Attleboro, Mass., 339 
White. Karen Rae, Santa Ana, Calif, 219, 351 
White, Leland Darrell, Clearfield, 281 
White, Marvin Daniel, Goshen 
White, Marianne, Venice, Calif., 353 
White, Marjorie Joline, American Fork 
White, Neil Gordon, Roosevelt 
White, Nancy Priscilla. Los Angeles, Calif. 
White, Jane Olivia, Redding, Calif., 209 
White, Orson Hyde, Los Angeles, Calif. 
White, Patricia Ann, Las Vegas. Nev., 191, 327 
White, Ouentin Harvey, American Fork 
White, Sharon Rae, Jerome, Ida., 357 
White, Sarah Ann, San Leandro, Calif, 189, 332 
White, Thomas Howard, Phoenix, Ariz. 
White, Weston Jay, Provo 

White. Wendell Charles, Jerome, Ida., 185. 308 
Whitehead, Craig B., Ill, Ogden 
Whitehead, John Clark, Twin Falls, Ida., 81, 207, 310, 

Whitehead, Norma L., Salt Lake City, 328 
Whitesides. Gerald O., Burley, Ida., 290 
Whitesides. James Neal, Twin Falls, Ida. 
Whitford. Beverly Ann, Lakewood, Calif. 
Whiting, Charles W., Sun Valley, Calif, 
Whiting, Eugene J., Heber 
Whiting, Dick R., Burley, Ida. 
Whiting, James. Bruce. Minneapolis, Minn., 365 
Whiting, Jean Frances, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 290 
Whiting, LaRue. Springville, 354 
Whiting, Marjorie Jo, Idaho Falls, Ida., 309 
Whitlock, Woodrow C, Provo 
Whitman, Charles W., Montpelier, Ida., 165, 166, 203. 

Whitmore, Daniel R., Waynesboro, Pa. 
Whitmon, Geraldine, Sandy, 336 
Whitney, Marcia, Sopkane. Wash., 279 
Whitney, Nedra Ann. Springville 
Whitt, Kenneth Wayne, Bonham, Tex. 
Whitney, Vivian Kay, Springville, 201, 226, 357 
Whittaker, Harry H.„ Thornton, Ida.. 296 
Whittaker. Dorothy, Circleville 
Whittaker, Clyde D„ Circleville. 302 
Whittingham, Frederick, Warnick, R.I. 
Whittle, Drew L., Portland, Ore., 357 
Whittle, LaDawn, Preston, Ida., 197, 328 
Whittle Margaret Ann, Kimberly, Ida. 
Whittle, Melba Lynne, Kimberly, Ida.. 336 
Whittle, Virlil Eugene, Rupert, Ida. 
Whittle, William M... Provo 

Whitton. Gerald Allen. Fort Wayne, Ind.. 229, 325 
Whitworth, Darrell C, Inkom, Ida., 306 
Wickstrom. Corinne C„ Pasadena, Calif.. 308 
Wickes, Harry Edqar, Provo 
Widdison, Joan Edna, Helena, Mont.. 337 
Widdison, William Bart, Portland, Ore.. 333 
Widdison, Harold A... Helena, Mont., 231, 317 
Wier. Joseph Ewell, Victorville, Calif, 345 
Wiese, Glen James, Ogden 
Wight, Gordon M., Springville 
Wiqht, Peqgy Ann, Ogden 
Wilberg, Castle Dale 
Wilcox, Carol Maurline, Saretoge, Calif. 
Wilcox, Dee Clyde. Provo, 193 
Wilcox. Dorinda M„ La Habra. Calif. 316 
Wilcox, Gerald_Allen, Bridgeport, Neb., 316 
Wilcox, Joel William, Provo 
Wilcox, John Boyd, Alberta, Canada, 101 
Wilcox, Jerry Dean, Great Falls. Mont., 224. 322 
Wilcox, Ludean, Pleasant Grove, 311 
Wilcox, Marion Fern, Huntington Park, Calif. 
Wilcox, Sharlene. Great Falls, Mont.. 229 
Wilcox, Stanley Frank, Azusa. Calif, 28 
Wilcox. Silvia Lee, Woodland Hills, Calif. 
Wilcox. Wesley, Nampa. Ida. 
Wilcox. Sonva. Boise, Ida.. 290 
Wilde, Sue Carol. Orem, 345 
Wilding, Thomas P., Provo 
Wildinq, Robert Lee. Downey. Ida.. 358 
Wildinq, Dixie Lee. Terreton. Ida.. 284 
Wildinq. Ruth J.. Suoar City. Ida.. 233. 284 
Wilhelmsen, Gail B.. Salt Lake City, 353 

Trevino - Winters 

Wilhelmy. Susan Renee, LaHabro, Calif., 356 

Wilhoit, Darrel Loel, Portland, re. 

Wilkes, Vincent Conway, Aurora 

Wilkes, Melvin Ronald, Aurora, 118 

Wilkins, Gail, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Wilkins, Linda LaRee, Bell. Calif., 

Wilkins, Kent Myrup, Murray 

Wilkins, Roberta E., Colton, Calif. 

Wilkinson, Clifton B., Coalville. 318 

Wilkinson, Milton J., Provo, 290 

Wilkinson, Ronald. Orem 

Wilkinson, Steve B., Richfield 

Willard, W. Frances, Ajo, Ariz., 339 

Willardson, Linda Lee, Son Diego, Calif., 365 

Wlllden, William Keith, Orem. 146 

Willden, Jerome R., Beaver, 288 

Willes, Arthur Lynn, Spanish Fork 

Willes, Frank Jesse, Provo, 306 

Willey, Thelma June, San Antonio, Tex., 325 

Williams, Ann Rae, Grantsville, 359 

Williams, Blaine Dean, San Diego, Calif. 

Williams, Carol C, Mattapan, Mass.,, 336 

Williams, Claree A., Boulder City, Nev., 353 

Williams, Delyn Elmer, Lakeview, Ore., 306 

Williams, Don Emar, Moab 

Williams, Dwayne A.,. Phoenix, Ariz.. 281 

Williams, Grant, Levan 

Williams, Gad Lee, Provo 

Williams, Helen Ann, Spanish Fork 

Williams, Hannah Mae, Provo 

Williams, Jacqueline L., Fallon, Nev., 344 

Williams, James Fred, Ogden, 281 

Williams, John Brent, pJyssa, Ore., 359 

Williams, Joseph V.., Price 

Williams, Joyce Arlene, Clearfield 

Williams, Larry Samuel, Ogden, 353 

Williams, Myrle. Kamas, 290 

Williams, Myrne Rodney. St. Louis, Mo. 

Williams, Paul Levaun, Idaho Falls, Ida., 310 

Williams, Thomas M., Cardston, Alberta, Canada. 359 

Williams, Thomas C, Washington, 352 

Williams, Terry Rae, Provo 

Williams, William G. G., Vancouver, Wash. 

Williamson, Carol, Ogden, 308 

Williamson, Alfred L. 

Williamson, Leon Edgar, Madison, Fla. 

Williamson, Jean Carol, S. Paula, Calif., 356 

Williamson, John Dale, San Marino, Calif., 193, 356 

Williamson, Doris, Moab, 318 

Williamson. Herbert R., Whittier, Calif., 185, 284 

Willich, Theodore, II, Provo, 288 

Willie, Weds Golden, Malad. Ida. 

Willis, Jeffrey H., Cody, Wyo. 

Willis, J. Robert, Mesa, Ariz. 

Willis, Judith Carol, MarHnsy, Ind., 317 

Willits, Pearl L. A., Denver, Colo. 

Willis, Vivian Love, Snowflake, Ariz. 

Wlllmore, Floyd Earl, Rexburg, Ida. 

Willoughbv, Philip K., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Wilmoth, Carolyn Faye, Chestee, Va., 345 

Wills, Sharon Diane, Longview, Wash., 371 

Wilson, Alfred Eugene, Orem 

Wilson, Arnold, Springville 

Wilson, Brigit Hannele, Downey, Ida. 

Wilson, Betty Joan, Salt Lake City, 328 

Wilson, Bobby Rudolph, Kernersy, N. C, 303 

Wilson, Catherine Duke, Northway. Alaska 

Wilson, Delight, Glendale, Calif. 

Wilson, David Fay, Detroit, Mich., 338 

Wilson, Gfenna E., Provo 

Wilson, Harvey A., Jr., Provo 

Wilson, Ivo Lavell, Northway, Alaska 

Wilson, James "J., Chihuahua, Mex., 352 

Wilson, Jeril Brent, Salt Lake City, 344 

Wilson, John Arthur, Caracas, VenezueTa 

Wilson, John Mont, Payson, 357 

Wilson, John Mcln+yre, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 357 

Wilson, Kay Lee, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 

Wilson, Larry R., Orem 

Wilson, Lorin Dean, Meridian, Ida. 

Wilson, Marquerite I., Salt Lake City 

Wilson, Marba. Hatch, 339 

Wilson, Maurice Devon, Sinclair, Wyo., 324 

Wilson, Wayne Paxton, Provo 

Wilson, Winifred P., Hawaii, 288 

Wilson, William Albert, Downey. Ida., 300 

Wiltbank, Joyce, Canada, 239, 328 

Wiltshire, Coleen Ann, Circleville, 337 

Wimber, Nancy Kay. Salt Lake City. 328 

Wimmer, David Rolland, S. Lorenzo, Calif., 336 

Wind, James Euqene, Provo, 356 

Windsor. Judith Lee. Calif.. 352 

Winborg, James Peter, Pocatella. Ida. 

Winegar, Jack, Buhl. Ida. 

Wina. John H., Jr., Provo 

Winlelmen. Walter W.. Salt Lake City, 199. 306 

Winkler. Pauline, Bluebell. 290 

Winn. Grant Marion, Idaho Falls, Ida., 150. 371 

Winn, James Dfl'e Rexburq 

Winn. William Duane. KMIand. N. Mex.. 338 

Winn. Ted Avon^ Las Vegas. Nev., 345 

Winters, Arnell Cyril, Pleasant Grove 

Winters, Evan Burton, Afton, Wyo. 

Winders, Jimmy Allan, Blandlnq 


Autumn Quarter Student Index 

Winterton, Arlan E... Heber, 215 

Winterton, Doyle W., Orem 

Winterton, Wayne Allen, Orem 

Winther. John C ic, Clifton, N.J. 

Wirriclt, Thomas Kay, Hood River, Ore., 302 

Wirrick, Allyn Joseph, Hood River, Ore., 302 

Wiscombe. Anne, Springville, 318 

Wishert, James Thomas, Mattoon, III. 

Wiswell. Elinor R., P. S.. Calif. 

Wistisen, Martin J., Bancroft, Ida., 215 

Witham, Linda Lee, Mitchell, S. Dak.. 348 

Witherow, Barbara Jean, Del Mar, Calif., 345 

Withers. LaVar M., Rexburg, Ida. 

Witt, Daniel Grimshaw, Heber, 296 

Wittke, Patricica R., Tooele 

Wittorf, Robert Henry, Now York City, N.Y., 240. 308 

Wittmayer, Theodore I., Lodi, Calif.. 317 

Wittwer, Jon Paul, Chula Vista. Calif. 

Woerner, Gary Carl, Long Beach, Calif., 187 

Wixom, Hartt Partridge, Provo, 87, 328 

Woffinden, Arthur J., Kennewick, Wash. 

Woffinden, Anna Joy, Lehi, 239, 339 

Wold, Larry Richard, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 333 

Wolfley, Ella Sellers, Houston, Tex., 257, 300 

Wilfley, Valera, Blackfoot, Ida., 362 

Wolthuis, Henry Boyd, Ogden, 315 

Wolz, Lou Gene, Byron, Wyo., 365 

Wolz. Paul Louis. Rigby, Ida., 327 

Wong, See Bon, Ogden, 290 

Wong, Cornelia Ah Lin, Lanai City, T.H., 331 I 

Wood, Blair. St. George, 300 

Wood, Carol Lisa, Alberta, Can., 221 

Wood. Carol Ann, Salem 

Wood. Dale Glen, Salt Lake City 

Wood. Fern, Spanish Fork, 287 

Wood. Gary Zang, Farmington, N. Mex. 

Wood, Grant Reed. Holden, 334 

Wood, Janet, Spanish Fork, 333 

Wood, James Dean, Abit., Can. 

Wood. Kathleen, Portland, Ore., 353 

Wood, Lowell Dale. Alberta., Can. 

Wood. Marilyn, 5alt Lake City 

Wood, Marilyn, Provo. 312 

Wood. Mary Anne, Keysville, 164 

Wood, Nancy Annette, Yakima, Wash., 189, 345 

Wood. Orin Lew, Big Creek, Calif.. 292 

Wood. Philip Wayne, Oakland, Calif., 156 

Wood, Reid Morgan, Yakima, Wash,, 211 

Wood, Sylvia, Big Creek, Calif., 359 

Wood, Tom Russell, Henderson, Nev., 353 

Wood, Zella Virginia, Baker, Ore., 316 

Wood, William. Provo, 325 

Wood. Willis Ellis, Spanish Fork. 307 

Woodard. Betty Lee, Eltopia, Wash., 353 

Woodard, Jay Lewis, Goshen, 292 

Woodheed, William W„ Tremonton 

Woodhouse, Norman Kay, Provo 

Woodhouse, Trafford K., Oakley, Ida. 

Woodland, Frank M... Santa Ana, Calif., 355 

Woodmansee, Robert I., Rexburg, Ida. 

Woodruff, Gaile, Provo. 209, 358 

Woods, Elva Janice, Charleston, S.C. 

Woods. Daniel Bryant, Springville 

Woods. Janice Mae, C. Grande, Ariz., 307, 334 

Woods, Herbert Dee. Oqden, 156 

Woodward, Carolyn F., Sacramento, Calif., 355 

Woodward. Marilyn I., Seattle. Wash., 36, 173. 201, 

Woodward, John David, Seattle, Wash.. 284 
Woodward, Lee Anna, Sacramento, Calif., 94, 221, 319 
Woodward, Karren, Salt Lake City, 234. 346 
Woodward. Robert S„ Seattle. Wash., 211, 348 
Woodworth, Roger F„, Provo 

Wooley. Gene Paul, Richland, Wash, 

Woolf, Marion, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Woolley, Diana, Tarzana, Calif. 

Woolley, Joanne, Jerome, Ida., 359 

Woolsey, Doris C, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Woolstenhulm. Dick D„ North Bend, Ore., 112 

Woolston. Ethel H. 

Wootton, Devere Gareth, American Fork. 185 

Wootton, Myrth Annette, Provo 

Workman, Bobbie Ancil, Provo 

Workman, Lee Alma, Riverton, 328 

Workman, William S„ Stockton, 371 

Worley, Jan Eugene, Los Angeles, Calif., 207, 324 

Worlton, Frederick R., American Fork 

Worlton Thomas Grover, Blackfoot, Ida.. 91, 338 

Worthen. Ellis Clayton, Price. 203, 213, 303 

Worthington, Keith N., Nephi, 281 

Worthington, Grant E., Nephi 

Worthinaton, Don Leroy, Payson 

Wrathall' Jay W., New York. 97, 279 

Wrathall. Grant R„ Aptos, Calif., 356 

Wrathall. Donald Prior, New York, 371 

Wrathall, Taft Wallace, Palo Alto, Calif. 

Wray, Gerald N„ Irwin, Ida., 231, 285, 362 

Wride, Dale Hayward, American Fork, 330 

Wright, Ann Seigrid, Eugene, Ore., 294 

Wright, Anna, Malta, Mont., 368 

Wright, Carol Lynn, Provo, 162 166, 219, 366 

Wright, Edna Ladean Murray, 212 , 

Wright, Frances Thelma, Malta, Mont., 324 

Wright, Gearld Lewis, Salt Lake City 

Wright. James Owen, Salt Lake City, 324 

Wright, Jane Bee, Provo, 290 

Wright, Janet Lavon, Dallas, Tex., 205. 362 

Wright, Joe F., Provo 

Wright, Joan Susan, Fullerton, Calif. 

Wright, Joye, Salt Lake City, 328 

Wright, Karen, Salt Lake City, 197, 324 

Wright, Keith Norwood, Clawson, 316 

Wright, Lynn Bernard. Camp Verde, Ariz., 325 

Wright, Max Lorenzo, Dixon, Calif., 366 

Wright, Myron Donald, Provo 

Wright, Meredith. Denver, Colo., 324 

Wright, Norman Dale, Murray 

Wright, Patsy Lo Ann, Provo, 359 

Wright, Pauline. Sheer Heights. Ohio 

Wright, Richard Allen, Gooding, Ida. 

Wright. Robert Lee, Provo. 324 

Wright, Ruth Louisa, San Jose. Calif., 311 

Wriqht, Sharron, Mesa, Ariz., 205 

Wriqht, Warren Sirrine, Provo 

Wriqley, Karl A... Burley, Ida., 185, 307 

Wright, William Gam, Kearns, 349 

Wriqley, Marvin B„ Burley, Ida., 81. 184, 325 

Wuerth, Dieter, Tacoma, Wash., 313 

Wursten, John A., Jr., Arlington, Calif, 287 

Wyatt, Janette Bailey, Wellsville, 356 

Wygal, Doris Elaine, Springerville, Ariz. 

Wynder, Marlene, Alberta, Can., 293 

Wynn, George Brent, Ontario, Ore. 

Wyss, Marjorie Ann, Salt Lake City, 191, 334 

Wyss, Eileen Loretta, Washington, D.C., 191. 334 

Yager, Edwin Georqe H., Detroit, Mich., 330 
Yamashita, Tekeji, Kobe, Japan 
Yamane, Ben Tsutomu, Hiroshima, Japan 
Yamasaki, Jimmy Tatsuo, Payson, 355 
Yancey, David Odell, Provo 
Yancey, William Elvie, Boise, Ida. 
Yanq, Linda Ching Tze. Taipei, Taiwan, 279 
Yanq. Kwang Nam, Pusan, Korea, 279 
Yardley, Mary Alice, Salt Lake City, 330 
Yates, Eleanor Salt Lake City, 348 

Winterton - Zunich 

Yates, oJseph Richard, Rigby. Ida, 

Yazzie, Edwin Lowell, Paguate, N. Mex. 

Yates, Lanny Marzine, Reseda, Calif., 356 

Yergensen, Rae Jean, Provo 

Yingling, Kay Alan, Waynesboro, Pa., 224, 334 

Yingling, Laura May, North Bend, Ore., 325 

Yorgason, Lorelle, Otto, Wyo., 316 

Yorgason, Vanja Louise, Ogden, 83, 146, 217, 324 

Yorgason, Glen Elbert, Burlington, Wyo. 

Yorgason, Sandra Joan, Otto, Wyo., 367 

Yorgesen, Ralph Delmar, Provo 

Yoshino, Yootaro 

Yost, Fay Louise, Portland, Ore., 349 

Youd, John D., Spanish Fork 

Younce, Patty Rae. Hillsboro, Ore., 327 

Young, Alice Kathleen, Chamber, Ariz., 319 

Young, Beven Guy,, Huntington, 315 

Young, Carol Gay, Provo, 217, 328 

Young, Duane Mar, Altonah, 334 

Young, Eddie Don, Colton, Calif., 114, 367 

Young, Elizabeth Jean, Alberta, Can., 308 

Young. Ethel Annette, Overland, Mo. 

Young, Fred Dee, Nampo, Ida., 371 

Ycung, G=wlord Farrcll, Boise, Ida. 

Young, Harvey W., Jr., Fly, Nev. 

Young, Harry B., Jr., Sedai ; a, Miss., 355 

Young, Henry Alvin, Apex, N.C. 

Young, Jerry Sherman, Idaho Falls, Ida., 315 

Young, John Mortimer, Provo, 372 

Young, Joseph E., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Young, Karen Sandra, Bakersfield, Calif. 

Young, LaDean, Salt Lake City 

Young, Leonard Dewayne, Blackfoot, Ida., 215 

Young, Lynn Budd, Orem, 330 

Young, Loyd Grey, Portland, Ore., 353 

Young, Marilyn Starr, Bluewater, N. Mex., 324 

Young, Phyllis Jean, Cleveland, Ohio, 358 

Young, Richard Kent, Monteview, Ida., 351 

Young, Sherrill F., Bluewater, N. Mex., 371 

Young, Sandro Elaine, La Crescenta, Calif. 

Young, Val J., Huntington 

Yunes, Julia Edna, Peubla, Mex. 

Yunes. Maria Elena, Puebla, Mex. 

Zabriskie, Grant R., Provo, 146 
Zabriskie JoAnn A., Provo 
Zabriskie, William R... Provo 
Zabriskie, Maurine, Pleasant Groce, 290 
Zaret, Ronald Martin, Culver City, Calif., 317 
Zaugg, Rollin S., Union, Ore. 
Zaugg. Waldo S., Union, Ore., 285 
Zeller, Ronald Peter, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ziegler, George Robert, Lehi 
Ziemer, Paul Douglas, Los Angeles, Calif., 333 
Zillner. Melva Ann S... Provo, 281 I 
Zinn, Raymond David, El Centro, Calif. 
Zirker, Saundra, San Diego, Calif. 
Zinn, Patricia Alice, El Centro, Calif., 358 
Zink, Anne Ruth, Durango, Colo., 327 
Ziser, Franklin Gary, Sepulveda, Calif., 95 
Zirbel, JaAnn Elaine, Las Vegas, Nev., 191 
Zirker, Carolee Jeanne, Moses Lake, Wash., 344 
Zohner, Glenn Dorin, Driggs, Ida. 
Zollinger, Janice L., San Bernardino, Calif., 223, 284 
Zollinger, C. Diane, Logan, 327 
Zufelt, Darrell R., Richfield 
Zufelt, Dewey Laverl, Globe, Ariz. 
Zundel, Darlene E., Salt Lake City, 209, 346 
Zundel, Evelyn, Ogden 
Zundel, Ivan Brown, El Paso, Tex. 
Zundel. Yvonne W,. Sacramento, Calif. 
Zunich, Deanne Louise, American Fork, 363 


Winter Quarter Student Index 

Adair - Morgan 

Adair, Gerry Leon 

Adams, Deanne 

Adams, Neil J., Layton 

Ah Sam, Henry Ah You, Hawaii 

Alfraro, Maria F. 

Allen, William H., Huntsvllle 

Alloway, Marjorie A.N., Bridley, Calif. 

Allred. Birdie Lou H.. Hinckley 

Allred, Merlyn Walker, Pleasant Grove 

Allred, Verle Morrill 

Anderson. Estella Rose, Midvale 

Anderson, James Ronald, Ely, Nev. 

Anderson, Reese Glenn, Rupert, Ida. 

Arbon, Gary Kay, Grantsv'lle 

Ash, Joseph Lee, Pleasant Grove 

Ashby, Gearld Blaine. Spanish Fork 

Ashton, Calvin Nielson 

Atkinson, Orvil Delore, St. Anthony, Ida. 

Augason. Philip Abner, Midvale 

Austin, Curtis M., Pocatello, Ida. 

Austin. Claudia, Provo 

Bagley, Dan Rowland, Springville 
Baker, Stanley Kent, Salt Lake City 
Baker, Wayne Stevens, Alberta, Canada 
Barber, John Keith, Spanish Fork 
Bardsley, Otto V., Sprlngv'lle 
Barlow, Nathan Bruce 
Barnett. Frederick S., Provo 
Barney, Helen Luine, Monroe, 369 
Barnson, Bruce Russell, Ely, Nev. 
Barnson, Roger Melvo, Ely, Nev. 
Barton, Lonnie Ray, Provo 
Bass. Kenneth R., Clinton, Ark. 
Bauer, Boyd Heber, Provo 
Baxter, John Golden, Salt Lake City 
Beazer. Harry Dean, Alberta, Can. 
Beck, Jay Tyler 
Belt. Robert Walter. Provo 
Bennett, Gale Vaun, Hinckley 
Benson, John Owen, Parowan 
Benson, Robert Ritchie, Orem 
Bergen, Dixine Lyn, Torrance, Calif. 
Berry, Brent Reid, Cedar Valley 
Bertrand, Douglas L., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bertram, Larry Leavitt, Los Angeles. Calif 

Biddulph, Howard Lowel 

Birch, Dennis Alan, Pocatello. Ida.. 310 

Bird, Kathryn Lynns 

Birk, Clyde Gordon, American Fork 

Black, Karen Dunn, Logan 

Blackett, John W., Springville 

Blasongame, Donald R. 

Bone, Bruce. 372 

Boren, Neldon George. Provo 

Bowe, Jack DeWayne, Ogden 

Bowers, Glen H., Payson 

Boyle, Ellen Rae, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Bowman, Genevieve W., Provo 

Boyce, Vernon, Anaconda, Mont. 

Borden, Gary Doren 

Bradford, Philip Alma, Pomona, Calif. 

Brady, Patrick Lee, Alhambra, Calif. 

Braithwaite John A., Ephraim 

Brian, Arthur William, Loa 

Britsch. Ralph Lanier, Provo 

Broadhead, Kent David, Orem 

Brooks, Joseph Kay, St. George 

Brown, Denny L., McCammon, Ida. 

Brown. Nad Richard. Richfield. 369 

Brown, Rex Albert, 369 

Brown. Sandra Lee, Columbia Falls, Mont. 

Buckwalter, Ray G., LaGrande, Ore. 

Budge. Arvin Rae, Payette. Ida. 

Bullock. Jerry Albert 

Burke, William Irving, Lake Grove, Ore. 

Burr, Elroy Eugene, Jr., Sacramento, Calif. 

Burt, Joan 

Busby, Ray Thomas 

Busker, David Lloyd, Provo 

Butler, Kenneth David, Payson 

Bybee, Myron B., Jr., 


Calton, Robert Gordon 

Campbell, Glen Laroy 

Campbell, Margaret L., Honolulu, T.H. 

Carroll, Howard Lane. Hinckley 

Carstensen. Charles R., Richfield 

Cazin, Carol Ann 

Chadwick, Morris Wells, Springville 

Chang, Robert Yun 

Cherry, Arvella Clare, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Child, Mary Beth, Bountiful 

Choquette. Beulah Lee 

Christensen, Lee K., Los Angeles. Calif. 

Christiansen, John R., Salt Lake City 

Chynoweth. Mary Jane. Orem 

Clarkson. Joyce Fay 

Clove, Leonard Grant. Enterprise 

Cloward. Connie Smith, Payson, 311 

Cole, Jacqueline Ann, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Colledge, D'xie, Orem 

Collins, Leland Kent, Provo 

Conger, Gordon G„ 210. 311 

Connell, Gae Bernice, Lewisville. Ida. 

Conner, Lloyd John 

Cook, Kaaren Lera, Springville 

Cook, Marion H.. Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Cook, Roger Earl. Ogden 

Coomes, Gerald A., Orem 

Cottrell, Irene M., 372 

Cousins, John Robert, Tronto, Can. 

Craig, Ruth Haglund, Provo 

Cromcrty, Harold A. 

Cummins, Lowell Wesley. Pacific Grove, Calif. 

Curtis, Charles Robert 

Dahl, Sheldon T.. Layton, 310 

Dalton, Jack, Twin Falls. Ida. 

Darley. Beverley Kay, Redding, Calif. 

Davenport, Allen L.. Springv'lle 

Daw. A. Maurice. Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Day, David Parley, Aurora. 310 

Dean, William Paul. Payson 

Dennison, Mary Lureen. Fullerton, Calif. 

Dennis, Ronald D., Stockton, Calif. 

Despain Rodney H„ Provo 

Dial. Hal Boyd, Salt Lake City 

Dickson, Netl S., Morgan, 31 I 

Dixon, David Arthur 

Dixon, Jerald LaMar, Provo 

Dowling, Ted King, Provo 

Driggs, Paul Creer, Wilmette. III.. 369 

Dunn, Richard. Tooele 

Dunyon, Joleen R. Salt Lake City 

Dutson, June L., Desert 

Eaklor, Charles Gary, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Een, Lamont Redd, Woods Cross 

Engebretsen. David H., Norway, 369 

Ericksen, Auen Leon, Lovell, Wyo. 

Evans, Loretta Sneed. Orem 

Farmer, Melvin Roy, Portland, Ore. 

Fatemi, Nader Nick, Iran 

Ferrell, Sharron Lynn, Salt Lake City 

Finch, Theodore S., Alberta, Can. 

Finlayson, Richard P., Provo 

Fisher, Bonnie Jo, Ventura. Calif. 

F'tzgerald, Sandra, Draper 

Flinders, Robert F.. Burbank, Calif, 372 

Fordham. Gerry David, Pleasant Grove 

Frandsen, Margaret E.. Pasadena, Calif. 

Fraser, Warren Howard, Las Vegas. Nev. 
Fullmer, Richard, Springville 

Gallagher, Roland T., 369 
Gassman, John R., Ephraim 
Gay. Morden Leon, Payson 
Geddes. Cleo G., Banida, Ida. 
Gedge, Gerald Rames, Riverton 
Ghoush, Beigui. M. N., Teheran, Iran 
Gibbs, Yolanda. Wendell, Ida. 
Gleck, Sharon Lee, Covina, Calif, 372 
Gleave, Janet, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Glissmeyer. Floyd Dean. Ogden 
Goodman. Paul Roland, Tuscon, Ar'z. 
Goodman, Raymond I.. Jr., Orem 
Goodman, Ronald Jay, Murtaugh, Ida. 
Goodrich, John Merrill, Moses Lake, Wash. 
Grasteit, Karen Louise. Napa, Calif. 
Greaves. Beverly Joyce, Payson 
Greenhalgh. Paul Alan, Provo 
Greer, Herbert Russell. Provo 
Griffin. Dixie, Shelley, Ida.. 372 
Griffin, Lynn John, Long Beach, Calif. 
Griffith. Ronald R., Tuson, Ariz. 
Groscost, Charles K., Tooele, 310 

Hadfield. Kouen LaMont, Alberta, Can. 
Haghighi, Ahmad, Teheran. Iran 
Hales, Melting. Spanish Fork 
Halgren, Julia P., Salt Lake City 
Hall, Blaine Hill, Wellesville 
Hall, Judith Diana, Vancover. B. C, 372 
Hall, Thomas Ken. Provo 
Hall. William E., Jr.. Compton, Calif 
Hamblin, Obid Allen. LaPlata. N. M. 
Hamilton, Arthur W., Alberta. Can., 369 
Hanks, Sterling Wayne. Tooele 
Hansen, Heloise. Salt Lake City 
Hansen, Lindsey B., Jr., Ogden 
Hardy, Clinton Ray, Alberta. Can.. 369 
Hardy, Karel Sharon, Salt Lake City, 369 
Hart, Gray Leonard. South Hadley Falls. Mass., 369 
Harvey. Judith. Salt Lake City 
Harvey. Linda. Salt Lake City 
Hatam, Khosrow, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Hatfield. Doyle H„ Leslie, Ida. 
Havilla. Henry John, Lehi 
Hawkes. John Douglas, Salt Lake City. 369 
Hawks. Marlene Mavis 
Heap Larry George, Parowan 
Helner, Paul Eddington, Salt Lake City 
Heninger, John Cannon 
Hermansen, Scott Wayne. Elsinore 
Heywood. Austin Garn, Cedar City 
Hill. Carolyn Ann, Burbank, Calif. 
Hobson, Dayleen LaVon, Boise, Ida., 311 
Hogan, Kathryn, Salt Lake City 
Hollaway. Vonda Lee, Richfield 

Holm, Charles Arthur, Provo 

Holman, Laurel LeRoy, Panguitch 

Holmes, Fred Carlson, San Francisco, Calif 

Holmes, Frances Mae, Farmington, N. M., 372 

Holt, Lawrence Palmer, San Mateo, Calif 

Hood, Thomas Easton, Bedford, Wyo. 

Hooker, Ralph Frank, Gila, N. M. 

Hoskisson, Don Young 

Howell, Leland H., Ogden, 311 

Hughes. Donald Louis. Alameda, Calif 

Humphries, Arthur J., Salt Lake City 

Hunt, Keneth Raymond. Ogden 

Hunt, Slyvia Jane, Richfield 

Hunstman Karma, Shelley, Ida., 369 

Hurst, Walter Fredr ; ck, Mapleton 

Imai, Kazuo. Japan 

Jackson. Robert Austin, Camas, Wn. 
Jacobson. Joan Carol, Redando Beach, Calif 
Jacobson. Slyvia Ann, Salt Lake City 
Jalil, Haamidian, Teheran, Iran 
James, Janet, Farmington, N. M., 372 
Jarman, Ray LeGrand, Orem 
Jeffrey, Elizabeth Ann, Australia. 372 
Jeglum, Nan Yvonne. Ogden 
Jense, Thomas Myron, Provo 
Jensen, Charles K., Fairview 
Jensen, Winston McKay, Emmett, Ida., 369 
Johns, Goldia Bernice, Elisnore 
Johnson, David Barnett, 310 
Johnson, Derrell Gail, Provo 
Johnson, Diane Louise, Maywood. Calif. 
Johnson, Douglas R., 310 
Johnson, Gary Lee. Bannme, Calif. 
Johnson, Jared LeRoy, Moses Lake, Wash. 
Johnson. Joyce Natalie, Los Angeles. Calif 
Johnson, Leah Clark K., Salt Lake City 
Johnson, Roger L., Springville 
Jolly, Aldwin Evans. St. Louis. Mo. 
Jones, Anna Kathleen. Lehi 
Jones. Fred Gilbert, Provo 
Judd, Gale. St. George. 310 
Justesen. McRae. 3 1 I 

Kemsley, Clinton Quinn. Hollywood, Calif 
Kent. Richard Larry. Othello, Wash. 
K'ng, Bruce George, Garland 
King, Elaine Darlene, Los Angeles, Calif. 
King, Larry Reed, Provo 
King, Randle Roland, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Kinkade, Robert Lloyd. El Paso, Tex., 369 
Kland, George Edward. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Kliem, Ann Farmer, LaCanada, Calif 
Kristjanson, Merodeen, San Diego. Calif. 
Kunze, Harold E., Springville 
Kurtz, Robert Blair, Alberta, Can. 

Lamont, Helen Doris, Provo 
Lampen. T'mo Heikki E., Lahti, Finland 
Lapray. Hal Adrian 
Larsen. Charles Dean. Bountiful 
Larsen, Clyde Duane, Richfield 
Larsen, Newell Joseph, Pleasant Grove 
Larson. Roger Gilbert 
Laws, LaMar Richard. Orem 
Layton. Linda, Moore. Ida. 
Leasure, John R., Jr., Santa Monica, Calif 
Lebanon, Garn Que. Salt Lake City 
Leonard, Therald L.. Huntington, 199 
Lepard, Stuart James. Lethbrldge, Can. 
Liljenquist, Robert C, Salt Lake City 
Lore, Clarence Edward, Pocatello, Ida. 
Lowe, Connie Deon, Cincinnati, Oh'o 
Loynd, Lavon Dee, Rigby, Ida. 
Lund, Marion Chryst. Moroni 
Lyman. Alfred Grant, Payson 
Lyon, Kathryn Linda, 372 
Maag, Ted Eugene. Orem 
Magdlel, Marilee Edel, Boise, Ida. 
Marlow, Jay Walton, Blackfoot. Ida., 372 
Martlneau, Mabel June, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Mason, Dean Newell, Provo 
Mathews, Vergie Kay, Pasco, Wash.. 369 
Maughn, Mark Wright, Rowan. Mont., 372 
McClellan, Blaine S., Provo 

McGee, Sharron Maureen, Farmington. N. M., 163 
McGraw, Danny Horace, Puyallup, Wash. 
McKnight, Fern. Heber 
Melaws, Jack 

McNeill Patricia Anne. Waynesvllle, N. C. 
McReynolds, Stephen L., Murray 
Menlove. Alan Cleon, Provo 
Mentry. Monte Edward. 369 
Merrill, Robert Eugene, Ramah. N. M. 
Miller, Anna Maria, Royal, 372 
Miller, Donna, Ogden 
Miller, Sadie Emma, Springville 
Miller, Sylvia Janett. Manti. 311 
Miller, Wade Elliott, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Mohlman, Rex De'bert. Spanish Fork 
Montero, Max Condova. Collma, Mex. 
Montgomery, Anthon O.. Clearfield 
Moody. Robert Cecil. Los Angeles. Cal'f 
Morgan, Laverde. Sanford. Colo. 


Winter Quarter Student Index 

Morley, Gerald K„ Provo 

Morrill, Glenda Rose, Ithaca. N. Y., 372 

Morris, Elizabeth Jean, Moses Lake, Wash. 

Morse, Bert Jennings, 369 

Mortensen, Cecil Dale, Blythe, Calif. 

Mortensen, Lloyd, Ephraim 

Mosteller. Robert E„ Richland. Wash. 

Muir, Joseph Russell, Walnut Creek, Calif., 369 

Muirhead, John III, Provo 

Muller, Alan Edward, Salt Lake City 

Murray, Ronald J., Tooele 

Nail, Margery Ann, Winchester, Va., 372 
Nekashima, Edwin, Honolulu, Hawaii 
Nakagowa, Robert K., Hawaii 
Naylor, Gerald D., Riverton 
Nelson, Dale Douglas, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Nelson, Donald Tracy, Helper 
Nelson, Larry C. 
Netto, Nicholas Edward, Orem 
Ness, Stanley J., Jr., Haywood, Calif. 
Newman, Fred B., Pleasant Grove 
Noyes, David William, Salina 
Nuttall, Janice Leola, Lakeside, Calif. 

Oliphant, Gineal, Orem 
Oliver, Richard Lynn, Fairfield 
Olpin, Joseph Gerald, Pleasant Grove 
Olsen, Murrel Kent, Cresell, Ore. 
Ord, Faun Mellor, Provo 
Osborn, Thomas Abner, Ogden 
Osborne, Suzanne 
Owen, John Thomas, Kemas, 369 
Oyler, George Elvis, Wichita, Kan. 

Page. Elden R. 

Parduhn, Jerry H., American Fork 
Parkinson, David P., Franklin, Ida. 
Parkinson, Samuel C, Salt Lake City 
Patten, Gaylord Penrod, Elberta 
Payne, Gordon Allen, Alberta, Can. 
Pearson, Harold Bert, Fairfield, Mont. 
Pencovic, Robert Lee, Oakland, Calif. 
Perry, Nelson S„ Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Petersen, Howard L., San Manuel, Ariz. 
Peterson, Alan Kay, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Peterson, Glade L., Lehi 
Peterson, Richard L., Payson 
Phillips, Robert V., American Fork 
Phillips, Victor Ray, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Pierpont, Thomas C, Provo 
Pilling, Jerald Dean, Alberta, Can. 
Potts, Laurence Roland 
Poulson, Barbara Ann, Aberdeen, Ida. 
Poulsen, Lorraine 
Poulter, Karen, Ogden 
Power, Terry Karen, Queen Creek, Ariz, 
Prater, June Yvonne, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Prengel, Roger Delano, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Price, Daniel Michael, Long Beach, Calif. 
Proctor, Donald James, Spanish Fork 
Pyne, Thomas Mark, Piedmont, Calif. 

Rasmussen, Robyn Kemp, Ogden 
Rather, John David, Las Vegas. Nev., 203 
Rawls, James Franklin, Santla Cruz, Calif. 

Ray, Mac Neil, Bingham 

Reimer, Thomas James, Alberta, Can. 

Revill, Julianne, Santa Paula, Calif. 

Rice, William Allan 

Richens, Donna Ann, Price, 311 

Ricks, William A., Jr., Gresham, Ore. 

Ririe, Sylvan Parley, Ririe, Ida. 

Rizzari, Theresa Marie, Alameda, Calif., 371 

Robertson, Jerry Lee 

Robinson, Elaine, Roy 

Rodabough, Lela R., Provo 

Rogers, Harry Thomas, Paducah, Ky. 

Roper, Donald Lee, Huntington, 311 

Rowley, James Howard, Provo 

Rudd, Karma, St. Anthony, Ida. 

Ryan, Patricia Marie, Piedmont, Calif. 

Salinas. Abel Robert, Lodi, Calif., 369 
Sawyers, Don Miller, Tooele 
Sawyer, Lynda Loyce, Fort Worth, Tex. 
Scanlon, Shauna Marie, Arcadia, Calif., 369 
Schenck, Terrell Dean, Fort Shaw, Mont. 
Schmidt, David Henry, Riverton, Ariz. 
Schnabel, Judith Marie, Billings, Mont. 
Scott, Charles Rex, Lehi 
Sheets, James Gary, Richfield 
Shelton, Joseph David, Ogden, 371 
Sheriff, Scott Lovell, Oak City 
Shook, Ronald Ray, Fredonia, Ariz. 
Shultz, Jennie Eva F., Logan 
Shurtleff, Philip S.. Oakland, Calif. 
Simmons, Vivian Olsen, Provo 
Sims, Bruce Russell, Marysville, Calif. 
Skousen, Lamont Lester, Mesa, Ariz. 
Slade, Marvin Dale, Vernal 
Sloan, Suzanne, Salt Lake City 
Smedley, Alan Thurgood, Layton, 310 
Smith, Marion Kay 
Smith, Owen Keith, Copperton 
Smith, Roxanna Lynn, Colton, Calif. 
Snyder, Sandra Lee, Burbank, Calif. 
Sonderegger, Colleen, Midway 
Sorensen, De Onne G., St. George 
Sorensen, Francis L., Salt Lake City 
Sorensen, Robert O., Denver, Colo. 
Speed. Eldon Dale, San Leandro, Calif. 
Spendlove, Dale J., Orem 
Springer, Johanns H., Richfield 
Stanton, Brabara Ann, Ferron 
Starlln, Joan E., Bountiful 
Starr, Richard F., Lakewood, N.Y. 
Stephens, Robert C, Montpelier, Ida. 
Stevens, Royal Robert, Springville 
Stevenson, Karen Marie, Worcester, Ver., 372 
Stewart, Howard R., Springville 
Strong, Jerry Leon, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Suico, Richard Allen, Irvington, Calif., 372 
Sumner, James Franklin, Provo 
Sutton, Leota Smith, Provo 
Swain, Eleanor Duffin, Salt Lake City 

Talbut, Shannon R., Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Tame, Myrna Lois, Salt Lake City, 372 
Tanaka, David Teruo. Japan 
Tanner, Bernard T., Kirtland, N.M. 
Tanner, Linda Elaine, Mesa, Ariz. 

Money - Zundel 

Taskin, Ataollah, Iran 

Taylor, Diane, Springville 

Taylor, John Robin, Provo 

Thayne, Flora Mae F., Louisville, Ky. 

Theobald, Charles E., Hinckley 

Thompson, Harvey Allen, Pierre, S.D., 369 

Thornton, Nellie Carol, Salt Lake City 

Thorpe, Gordon Levi, Springville 

Throckmorton, Mary A., Salt Lake City, 372 

Tiffany, Ronald Ray, San Francisco, Calif., 279 

Tirrell. Galen D., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Tobler. Clifford C, Provo 

Tolman, Lyman Kay, Burbank, Calif. 

Toone, Paul Child, Morgan 

Tormey, David Michael, Australia 

Tracy, Lyman Grant, Great Falls, Mont. 

Tucer, Lavora Murray, Myton 

Tucker, Wilhelm Verl, Mesa, Ariz. 

Tueller, Elizabeth, Provo 

Turley, Sandra, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Tyler, John W., Provo 

Veile, Leman Dale, Denver, Colo 

Wade, Sharen Jean, Ogden 
Wagstaff. Barbara Ann, American Fork 
Wagstaff, Howard, Orem 
Waisner, Norma Jean, Provo 
Walker, Eldon Holmes 
Walker, Leif Irvin, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Wallengren, Delbert E., Midway 
Wang, Chen Chi, Formosa 
Ward, Richard Keith, Boise, Ida. 
Ward, Rosalind Deon, Malad, Ida. 
Webb, Brian Call, Bountiful 
Webb, Marilynne, Oklahoma City, Okla., 369 
Webb, Margaret Ann, Lehi 
Wells, Leonard Rolland, Sumter, S.C. 
Whiffen, Diana, 205, 223 
Whiting, Alice Louise, Hamilton, Mont. 
Whitmer, Ben Angus, Cortez, Colo. 
Whitney, Mardean F., Springville 
Wilcox, Duane Thorn, Salt Lake City 
Williams, Edith Gladys, Spanish Fork 
Williams, Lois Bea, Vancouver, B.C. 
Williams, Ronald C, 310 
Wilson, J. Lloyd, Hatch 
Windley, Robert Vern, Payson 
Winn, Donald Alexander, Rexburg, Ida. 
Wolverton, Diane E., Las Vegas, Nev, 
Wong, Rebekah, Hong Kong, China 
Wood, Joseph Stanley, Spanish Fork 
Woodbury, Gerald C, Pleasant Grove 
Wright, Don Collins II, Glendale, Calif., 311 
Wright, Lawrence Glenn, Provo 
Wright, Tracy Dean, Salt Lake City 
Wursten, Robert Luther, Idaho Falls. Ida. 310 229 

Yancey, Marvin Verne, Magna, 372 
Yorgensen, David Frans, Othello, Wash. 
Young, Dora Jean, Phoenix, Ariz., 281 
Young, Nell Thurman, Lehi 

Zabrlskie, Carl William, Midvale 
Zabriskie. Richard G., Provo 
Zundel, Evelyn, Ogden 


Spring Quarter Student Index 


Abrath, Paul L, J. 

Adams, Larry Lamar 

Adamson, Kenneth M, 

Addy, Caroline Stuclci 

Aitlcen, Ray Ellsworth 

Allen, Lorenzo C. 

Alley, Stephen Lewis 

Anderson, Helen Marie 

Anderson, Hugh Cheney 

Anderson, JoAnna M. 

Andra, Carl E. 

Andreasen, Erik M. 

Andrew, David Allen 

Andrus, James Clawson 

Arnold, Dennis V. 

Arnold, Frank Harold 

Asay, Dawn Johnson 

Ashby, Verel Roderick 

Atwood, Jay Larry 

Austin, Richard M. 

Baer, James Logan 

Baer, Larry Donald 

Bagley, Terrence Floyd 

Baifey, Dale S. 

Baird, Gareth Maughn 

Baker, Jean Vvonne 

Ballif, Carma 

Ballif, Catherine Lou 

Baner, Charlene Baker 

Barker, Joanne 

Bateman, Lloyd Herbert 

Bates, Perry Allen 

Baxter, Colleen D. 

Beardatl, Nilan Ross 

Beasley, Careen 

Beck, Gayle 

Beckstrand, Harlo Mel 

Beecroft, James Lewis 

Bendfeldt, Aura Teresa 

Bennion, Roy Billings 

Bentley. Richard T. 

Bentwet, Elaine Edna 

Berger, William F. 

Bethers, Telia Mae 

Biggs, Thomas Roy 

Bills, Sterling Wayne 

Bitton, Joyce Reams 

Blackburn, Duane E. 

Boetticher, Dorothy A. 

Boice, Charles Elwin 

Bonitta, Marta C. 

Borup, Jerry Hamilyton 

Bradford, Anita C. 

Bradshew, Merrill Kay 

Braithwaite, Kay 

Bramwell, Richard H. 

Bray, Marsha Ann 

Broadbent, Jesse Mons 

Brown, Diane Lucile 

Brown, Kay 1 del i 

Brown, Susan 

Bruner, John William 
Burnham, Lucy Gail 

Busby, Charles Edward 
Butler, Frank Albert 
Cahoon, James Albert 
Calder, Glen Hacking 

Call, Carole Hatton 
Call, Vivian 

Campbell, Lyman Marion 
Campbell, Roian Selwyn 
Candland, Wendell Rex 
Cannon, John Nelson 
Carbine, Chadra 
Carlisle, Donetta June 
Carr, Gail Edwin 
Carroll, Howard Lane 
Carter, George Ross 
Casper, Leon B. 
Castelberry, Glen C. 
Chandler, Alice Elaine 
Charlton, Larry Hogge 
Charles, William Floyd 
Chaston, Gloria E. D. 
Cheney, Marian 
Chournos, Joyce T. 
Christensen, Carrol J. 
Christensen, Charles M. 
Christensen, Dick 
Church, Russell Arley 
Clark, John Clark 
Clark, Norman Dean 
Clark, Warren Kay 
Claudin. William A. 
Clawson, Marilyn Rose 
Clement, Grant L. 
Cloward, Spencer Kayle 
Clyde, Richard Cornell 
Cole, Jean Pierre 
Cote, Lyle Nelson 
Cole, Loyal David 
Coleman, Norman Kenney 
Comer, Paul Biaine 
Conklin, Edward Dean 
Cook, Mona Neilson 
Cooper, Leslie Muir 

Cormier, Clarence Noel 

Cote, Leo Francis 

Cottrell, Warren R. 

Cox, Kaye Bruce 

Cox, Sharron 

Crowther, Lois 

Crum, Paul Edger, Jr. 

Daines, Nancy Kay 

Daines, David ugene 

Dance, David Philip 

Dansie, Clinton Devone 

Davies, Thomas Leland 

Davis Elise Danncy 

Davis, Robert Dee 

Davis, Thomas Emmett 

Dehaas, Cornelia J. 

De Hart. Ardell R. 

Devey, Charles Richard 

Dewsnup, Henry Kent 

Dibises, Patricia Gail 

Dietrich, Rudolph 

Dittus, Mryna Rita 

Doty, Harold Ray 

Drake, Asa Junior 

Duke, Eva Jean 

Dunn, Carol Kelly 

Dunn, Richard Marvel 

Durley, Gordon Ray 

Eberhard, Ernest, Jr. 

Edwards, Clyde C. 

Edwards, Luwana King 

Eldredge, Lana Marie 

Ellis, David Lorrin 

England, Elmo Gary 

Edgley, Richard C. 

Engle, Afton Lee 

Enniss. Jean Goodman 

Erekson, Paul Webb 

Evans, Gayle Wells 

Eyring, Wendell H., Jr. 

Farnsworth, Jack H. 

Finlinson, Arlyn J. 

Follett, John Curtis 

Forsythe, Francis K. G. 

Frederickson. Horace G. 

Fredrickson, R. Hartley 

Freeman, Peter Howe 

Frodsham, Erma Jean 

Fullmer, Paul H. 

Fullmer, Robert Leon 

Gabriele, Ernesto 
Gagon, Robert J. 
Gardner, Harlan Bryce 
Garner, Dean A. 
Gengler, Gerald Peter 
Channad, Reza Hadp M. T. 
Gibbs, Sonya 
Gibbs. Richard Park 
Godfrey, Deon 
Goldie. Wallace Elroy 
Gonzales, Antonio 
Goodwin, Reese J. 
Graham, Lillian H. 
Graham, Yvonne Larae B. 
Grant, Gerald Giles 
Green, Arthur William 
Green, James Montel, II 
Greenhalgh, Richard N. 
Greenwood, John B. 
Greer, John Harris 
Griffith, Thomas Wayne 
Grimes, Juanita C. 
Groberg, David H. 
Grosebeck, Monty C. 
Grosjean, Maxine 
Gubler, Donworth V. 
Gurney, Ralphena T. 

Haertel Ronald Fred 
Hair, Patsy Ann 
Hales, Glade Cowan 
Hall, Glade Arthur 
Hall. Leo Dan 
Hall, Martin Arthur 
Halverson, Jay Grant 
Hammond, Milton Wm. 
Hancock, Larry Earl 
Hansgen, Welk Eugene 
Hansen, James Norman 
Hansen, Marsha Lynne N. 
Hansen, Phillip Lee 
Hanson, Narvo! Leo 
Harris, Mary Jo 
Harrison, Helen E. P. 
Hatch, Ira Wallace 
Hatch, Lawrence Martin 
Hatch, Marlyn Ephralm 
Hatcher, Sharyl 
Hatton, Delia llene B. 
Hawkins, Gordon West 
Haws, Gary Louis 
Heath, Leo Merlin 
Helbing, Ernest L., Jr. 
Helms, Jimmy Oliver 
Henderson, Ivan B., Jr. 

Hendrix, Leland Jacob 
Henningsen, Cherie A. 
Hendicksen, Alma Lamont 
Henriksen, Adolph F., Jr. 
Henry, Darrell Leon 
Herbert. Phil J. 
Herron, Peggy Jean 
Hess, Edward Moser 
Hiatt, Shirley Cloward 
Hicken, Jon Ralph 
Hildt. Allen Dale 
Hill, Cecil D. 
Hill. Margaret 
Hill Royden Grant 
Hilliard, Jack Briggs 
Hillman, Gordon Paven 
Hillquist, Don Richard 
Hilton, Rebecca Brough 
Hoff. Henry 
Hoggan, James Robert 
Holdaway, Boyd F. 
Holland, Jena V. 
Hollingworth, Franklin 
Holm, Donald Jay 
Holman, Max D. 
Holman, Margaret Jean 
Holt, Rex B. 
Homer, John Russell 
Hone, Glayde Delbert 
Hoopes, Ann Nielsen 
Hoover, Mark William 
Horlacher, Fred R. 
Horrocks, Don R. 
Hovland, Anja Suneva 
Howard, Charles Roland 
Hull, Diane 
Humphreys. Marlene 
Huntington, John Ray 
Huntsman. Lola Kaye 
Hurst, Leonard 
Hurst, Leon 
Hutchings, Chloe W. 

Ivie, Dwayne Seymour 
Ivie, Stewart Riding 
Ivins, Anthony Harold 

Jackson, Mary Ann 
Jackson, William R. 
Jarman, David Lee 
Javadi. Marjorie Guest 
Jeffs, William Graig 
Jenkins, Norman Lee 
Jensen, David C. Jr. 
Jensen, Gary Lorenzo 
Jensen. Harold Stark 
Jensen, Lorin Paul 
Jex, Louis Lynn 
Johannesen, George, Jr. 
Johns, Loretta Ann 
Johns, Stanford K. 
Johnson, Inge Anna M. 
Johnson, Kenneth Wayne 
Johnson, Richard H. 
Johnson, Royle Eldon 
Johnson, Thad McClure 
Jones Shirley Velva 

Kanaga, Adele 
Kennedy, Thomas G. 
King, Gwendolyn M. 
King, Glen Chester 
King. Judith May 
King. Paul Martin 
Kleven, Donald Axel 
Kukahiko, Glen M. 

Labrum, Connie 
Lamb. Bryce Edwin 
Larsen, V. Blatn 
Larson, Lawrence E. 
Lawson, David McKay 
Lawton, Ritva Anneli K. 
Leach, Sid Delmar 
Lee, James Morgan 
Lee, Rex Edwin 
Lennberg, Robert Bruce 
Lewis, Mary Colleen 
Lindberg, Gary William 
Lloyd, William Wayne 
Long, Louis Rene 
Long, Robert Nathan 
Lorah, Clifton Leor 
Loft, Philip Vaness 
Lundholm, James Carlos 
Lundquist, John Milton 
Lundquist, Rex Charles 

Mahlstede, John P., Ill 
Mahmoudi, Homayoum M. 
Malan, Phyllis Marlene 
Manwell, Marion C. 
Markland, Elaine 
Maynard, Lyle James 
Mayo. Raymond Louis 
Mayo, Alvin Kenneth 
McBride, Jay Leonard 
McBride, Terry Lynne T. 
McBride, Victor Alvin 

McDowell, John Russell 
McGhie, Frank Wagstaff 
McKeon, Joseph Bruce 
Methvin, Ruth Grey 
Mitchell, John Kenneth 
Mock. Git W. 
Montgomery. Shield B. 
Montgomery. William K. 
Moore, Kent Edward 
Morrill, Marta 
Moulton. Albert Page 
Mullins, Lawrence D. 
Murdock, Vernon Leroy 

Nelson. Jack Adelbert 
Nelson. Judy Ann 
Nesbit. E. Jean 
Nielson. Otto Eldon 
Nielson, Allan Theodore 
Nielsen, David James 
Nikamo, Margarita 
Nisonger, Dan Paul 
Nuttall, Clark Ray 

Oaks. Elaine Waddoups 
Oborn. Neldon Mardell 
Olsen. Larry Andrew 
Olsen. Sharon Nuffer 
Olson, Oeanna Dee 
Orrock. Scott D. 
Osborne, Jeanne Ann 
Oscarson, Cheryl Rae 
Ouzounyan, Hagop J. 

Pace. Ralph Walter 
Palfreyman, Max Blake 
Palmer. Paul Wight 
Park. Robert H. 
Parkin. George Richard 
Paskett. John Keith 
Peterson, Alexander. Jr. 
Pearson. Rikard Dwaln 
Pedersen, Herbert N. 
Pedersen, James Loel 
Pedroza, Paul Sergio 
Pelton, Barbara Elaine 
Perez, Lidia Nilse 
Perkins, J. Wayne 
Perkins, Stephen Young 
Perry, Dale Stephen 
Peters, Donna Mae 
Peterson, Carol Brown 
Peterson. Janet Marie 
Philips, Joan 
Politis, George Sptros 
Pollock, Dorothy Ann M. 
Ponder, Vasaloloa 
Pope, Maxine Shepard 
Potter, Wester Schow 
Potts, Jon Selby 
Potts, Nathalie Smith 
Powell, Dwight Sampson 
Powell, Reed Lynn 
Price, Dixina 
Pritchard, James A. 
Pullan. Grant Leon 
Pulley. Morris Dee 
Purser. Gerald L. 
Pyper, Ora Rose 

Raile. Frederick N. 
Ralphs, Janice Mae 
Ramsey. Winton Michael 
Reed, James Warren 
Reeve. Sharon Dee 
Reimschiissel, Eva P. 
Rencher, Alvin C. 
Reynolds, Thomas V., Jr. 
Richards, David Ronald 
Richey. Floyd Heaton 
Riding. Jean Winifred 
Riggs, Loretta Carol 
Riggs, Ursel Lynn 
Ritchie, Diane 
Robinson, Jeanene B. 
Robinson, Robert E. 
Rodriguez, Joyce E. 
Rogers, William Grant 
Ross, Chloe Hillman 
Russon, Dee Ray 
Russon, Richard Lunt 

Sanders, Shirley Payne 
Sandstrom, Carl L. 
Sarkka, Armi Kearina 
Sawyer, Melvin Wayne 
Schouten, Ronald W 
Schow, Leona Osterloh 
Scoresby, Martha Ann 
Scovill, Beverly Fay 
Selers, Jimmy Loren 
Sessions, Barbara B. 
Shirts. Fred Donald 
Shore. David Thomas 
Shumway, Larry Vee 
Simonsen. John Marion 
Simpson, Louis A. 
Slade, Cleone Rea 
Slangerup, Signe Marie 

Smith, Carol Tanner 
Smith, Gayner Rich 
Smith. Jay Myrven. Jr. 
Smith. Leslie Ray 
Smith. Marilyn Lee 
Smith, Myron Glade 
Smith, Phil McFate 
Snow, Carol Lee 
Solomon, James D., Jr. 
Sommers, Larry E. 
Sparks. Lavorn Greer 
Spencer. Wayne Ernest 
Sperry, Delbert Joy 
Springer, Dale Lyman 
Standifird, Georgia L. 
Steed, Bruce David 
Steele, Maxine Binch 
Stephens, Charles Hugh 
Stevenson, Ronald Dee 
Stewart. Joann 
Stewart. Joan 
Stock, Robert Earl 
Stocking. Jenna Vee 
Stokes, Larry Eldon 
Stolworthy, Willard O. 
Stune. Lewis Kay 
Stones. Barbara T. 
Stott, Lloyd 
Strange, James Leroy 
Stromberg, Sheryl 
Strong. Robert Lee 
Suarez. Olga Marina 
Sunderland, Reed L. 
Sweeten, Fay 
Swenson, Sterling Reed 
Tanner, Annie A. 
Tanner, Gary Neil 
Taylor, Barbara J. 
Taylor, Marylue Abbott 
Taylor, Michael Robert 
Taylor, Robert Edwin 
Taylor, Robert Lloyd 
Thatcher, David Weston 
Thomas, Gordon Kent 
Thompson. Janeth Ann 
Thompson, Si Maurice 
Thrush, Rose Larae 
Tolman, John Odell 
Tolman. Lynn J. 
Tracy, Raymond Calvin 
Trammell, Melgar Lyle 
Tripp, Richard Graham 
Tucker, Donald L. 

Underwood, William S. 
Utley. Dwight Wilard 

Vance, Calvan Douglas 
Van Dyke, Robert R. 
Van Tassell, Erma M. 

Wadley. Jessie R. 
Wadsworth, Geraldine 
Waggoner, Sonya Arlene 
Wahlroos, Ulla Anna V. 
Walker, Nancy, Jeneen 
Wall. David F. 
Walser, Helen 
Ward, James Lamar 
Warner, Sherman E! Van 
Warren, Lloyd Eugene 
Wasden, David R. 
Wathen, Boyd J. 
Watts. Jack Arlynn 
Webb. Aria 

Wemm, Mildred Whipple 
Weeks, Michael Wayne 
Welker. William Harris 
Werner. Glen H. 
West, Donna Hatch 
West, Robert Walker 
Westenskow, Wiliam V. 
Westover, Horace Ray 
White. J. Morgan 
Whitehead. Leroy. Jr. 
Whitney, Maurice F. 
Wilkey. Patricia Ferre 
Wilkinson. Clark D. 
Williams. Byron Cole 
Willits. Pearl Lynette 
Windsor. Judith Lee 
Winkel, Thomas Edward 
Winkler. Harold Junior 
Winterbottom. John P. 
Witbeck. Carol 
Woodard. Lawrence E. 
Woolley. Sharon 
Wright. Gerald Dean 
Wright. Willis Lydell 
Yang, Chong Whan 

Youd. T. Leslie 
Young. Max Halley 

Zeller, Donald Earl 
Zundel. Dorothy Nelle 





Business Manager V. Jay Liechty 

Sales Manager Merril Branch 

Space Sales Dan Bucknum 


Editor Wallace M. Barrus 

Managing Editor John S. Beardall 

Art and Layout Editor Bob Pratt 

Photography Editor Lynn G. Hale 

Copy Editor Ruth MacKay 

Administration Editor Barbara Miller 

Chronology Editor Caryl Ann Waldvogel 

Classes Editor Georgia Moore 

Index Editor J ea n Nay 

History Editor Kay Sundwall 

Student Leadership Joene Tranter 

Royalty Editor Marlene Roche 

Music and Drama Editor Phillis Reed 

Sports Editor Tom Worlton 

Exchange Editor Jean Sexsmith 

Filing Editor Carol Ralphs 

Secretarial Director Sonja Leonard 

Organization Editor Helen Mackay 

Publicity Director Ron Safsten 

Production Manager Jimmy Stevens 


We are especially indebted to the following for their contributions to 
the 1958 BANYAN: Dr. Oliver Smith for his help as Financial Advisor; 
Richard L. Gunn, our Editorial Advisor, for his council and advice; 
Frank Haymore for his patience and assistance when we were in a 
bind; Delvar Pope, Reese Fausett, Charles Pope, and Marlene Heber 
for the many extra hours spent preparing the book for printing; Eugene 
Orton for skill and care in printing. Ronda Jenkins for his talents in pro- 
viding slick proofs for the camera; D. E. Alexander, Marlin B. Brown, 
Harold C. Tolley, Don Olsen and Ina Roberts for their contributions in 
setting all the type. Royce Schrimshire and Alvin Arnold for their fold- 
ing of the signatures; Doris Jackson and her crew of assistants: Avis 
Ballard, Betty Ann Bardin, Sylvia Bigler, Barbara Blackett, Betty Rae 
Butler, Karen Jones, Connie Lundell, Joy Minson, Jewel Moosman, Vione 
Peacock, Velda Skinner, Diana Whiffen, Rineke Van Thiel, Marjory 
Short, Ron Malan, Ed Kolste and Edward Barnett who stuffed and as- 
sembled the book. 

President Ernest L. Wilkinson for his Progress Report; Time and Life 
Inc. for pictures used in the History Section; U.S.S.R. Magazine also for 
pictures used in the History Section; Robert Stum for his anscochrome 
of President David O. McKay; Rollie Jonson for his help reading copy; 
Irene Webb for her assistance as Chairman of our BANYAN Queen Con- 
test; Carlene Dyer for her help with the BANYAN Assembly; Paul 
Whitman for his selection of the BANYAN Queen; Dean Bliss Crandall 

and the machine accounting office for the Student and Faculty Index; 
the Cashier's office for handling our final payments; Deseret News 
Press for their consideration and help in binding the book; 

Diane Hatch for her last minute help with the BANYAN Assembly; Bob 
Pratt for another year of outstanding layouts; Our Australian friend, 
Ruth MacKay for the time she spent on writing interesting copy; Bob 
Koenig for his help with the copy on the Universe pages; Georgia Moore, 
Caryl Ann Waldvogel, John Tanner, Joy Madsen, Dan Bucknum, and 
Jay Leichty for their loyalty; Ron Safsten for his humor and outstanding 
sales posters; and all who have in any way contributed to the 1958 
BANYAN . . . 

The 1958 BANYAN was printed by the offset lithography process 4 pages 
up on a Miehle 29 press. It was assembled in 16 page signatures. 

Paper: Alamo Gloss Text manufactured by Chillicothe Paper Co. 

Supplier of paper: American Paper Co., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Type: 8 and 10 point Memphis light; Headings in 24 point Egmont Italic- 
Index in 8 point Vogue light. 

Number of books sold: 4300. 

Sale price: $6.00 during sales period ending October 31. Budget: $36,000. 

Staff: 80 persons including sales personnel. 

Printed by: BYU Press. 

Bound by: Deseret News Press, Salt Lake City. 

Covers made by: Mountain States Bindery, Salt Lake City. Covers lith- 
ographed by BYU Press. 

Classes and social unit portraits: BYU Photo Studio. 






Banyan Ball 40 

BelleoftheY 42 

Bibler Bounce 46 

Christmas Activities 34 

Elections 48 

Hello Week 26 

Homecoming 28 

Junior Prom 266 

Leadership Conference 22 

Orientation 23 

Preference Ball 32 

Registration 24 

Snow Carnival 36 

Songfest 44 

Sophomore Loan Fund 31 

Spirit of the Y 38 


Church Leaders 54 

Department Heads 72 

Faculty 270 

University Presidents 56 



Freshmen 342 

Sophomores 320 

Juniors 304 

Seniors 282 


Freshmen 344 

Sophomores 322 

Juniors 306 

Seniors 284 

Graduates 279 


Biological and Agricultural 58 

Commerce 59 

Education 60 

Extension Division 68 

Family Living 61 

Fine Arts 62 

Graduate 69 

Human, and Soc. Sciences .... 63 

Nursing 66 

Phys. and Eng. Sciences 64 

Recreation, Health and 

Physical Education 65 

Religion 67 


Anastasia 162 

Angel Street 167 

Blithe Spirit 166 

Brigadoon 168 

Julius Caesar 165 

Loud Red Patrick 163 

Prince and Pauper 169 

Star Wagon 164 



Faculty 396 

Student 400 



A Cappella 144 

Concert Band 156 

Madrigal Singers 146 

Men's Chorus 150 

Opera Workshop ..' 148 

Symphony Orchestra 158 

University Chorale 154 

Women's Chorus 152 


Afio Mai 239 

Alcyone 182 

Alpha Lambda Delta 238 

Alpha Phi Omega 239 

Alpine 240 

Arizona 241 

Arnold Air Society 236 

Athenian 184 

Blue Key 213 

Bricker 192 

Brigadier 186 

Cami Los 188 

Canadian Club 242 

Chi Sigma XXV 227 

Civil Engineers 243 

Commerce 252 

Cougarettes 226 

Cumorah Club 245 

Danish-Norwegian 246 

Davis 246 

Delta Phi 230 

Dixie 247 

Electrical Engineers 249 

Fencing 254 

Fidelas 190 

Finnish Club 249 

Flying Club 263 

Forensics Assn 248 

Gamma Phi Omicron 225 

Hawaiian 250 

Home Economics 243 

Intercollegiate Knights 214 

Industrial Arts 251 

Japanese Club 241 

Kappa Debs 194 

Kia Ora 253 

Knights Templar 199 

Lambda Delta Sigma 228 

Mu Phi Epsilon 254 

Nautilus 196 

New Mexico 255 

Orchesis 262 

O. S. Trovata 200 

P. E. Majors 235 

Petroglyph Society 244 

Phi Chi Theta 234 

Press 257 

Ri Veda 224 

S. E. A 255 

Shomrah Kiyel 232 

Sponsors 222 

Spurs 216 

Student Nurses 257 

Swedish 261 

Tausig 202 

Texas 245 

Thea Alexis 218 

ToKalon 204 

United Staters 258 

ValHyric 206 

Val Norn 208 

Viking 210 

Washington 259 

White Key 212 

Wisconsin-Illinois 263 

Yankee 260 

Y Calcares 220 

Y Mechanical Engineers 247 


Banyan 90 

Press 89 

Universe 86 

Wye Magazine 94 


Campus Buildings 384 

Committees 392 

Statistics 390 



Baseball 130 

Frosh Basketball 124 

Frosh Football 114 

Golf 133 

Intramurals 136 

Tennis 132 

Track 126 

Varsity Basketball 116 

Varsity Football 106 

Women's Sports 139 

Wrestling 134 


AMS 81 

AWS 80 

Cabinet 85 

Executive Council 78 

Honor Council 83 

KBYU 95 

NSA 93 

Program Bureau 96 

Senate 84 

Supreme Court 82 



From the depths 
Of humility, 
The heights of Destiny- 
Look grandest, 

As we climb towards our goal 
With what speed we can muster. 
Persevering, learning, and doing 
According to the character 
We have developed 
Through the study of God's Word 
And belief in His Law. 
Hoping always to attain 
Something of the perfection 
For which we aim.