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the college that \jc 


one, the throne of wisdom s 







{_) let us- li)-t our songs above the 

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thronqina multitude 

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united must 

be true, 

true to thee our w 

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I hen cheer anew for the \j ■ | • LJ • 

e ve come to worl^. to live to do. 

ell raise our 

rtandard bear it 


V_Jur hearts are true to the o . 


M««WB1W'WWWWWVI > ^W-'"^^'^'' 

: > . • \ •' 

» ■ ^ ■•'«- 

V JW. 

Joseph Smith, Jr., the prophet, stands before 
mankind as a forceful ideal of a truly edu- 
cated man. He held his head high with the 
dignity of intellect. Intelligence, he taught, 
is eternal and ennobled by the glory of God. 



> • . ^Sk^* 




His open, searching heart marked dignity 
of soul. He saw the horizons of truth 
through a humble awareness of his re- 
lationship with the universe. 

His hands found joy in the dignity of 
work. He rejoiced that, as a free agent, 
he could lift himself to the greatest goals. 
In Joseph Smith, the head, the heart, the 
hand, united to form a strong and noble 
structure of true wisdom. Before each 
student stands this ideal and promise of 
dignity and intelligence. 



• """• 






• - ■ . - 

' ■ - -.-'' - '.".■•■■ : - - ■ --'. ' - ■"""-, c ::j?3 

•-. - . •• ■• - ■ - "..'.. •• •■--■-- - J 

- " ■ "- . ,'■■" ■ ' ■' . ■ .••_■•.'.-" .•" - .- . ■ ' ■ - 

- .r- :•."""■' 
















The students of Brigham Young University are blessed with 
the living ideal and leadership of men who have learned the 
strength of true intelligence. President David O.McKay, his coun- 
selors and the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints act as the Board of Trustees of the University. 
These are men of dedicated service who spend their full time 
teaching a philosophy in which education is the basic precept. But 
their ideal of education stands out and is brightened by the spark 
of living truth. It cries out as a grave message to a world that has 
become preoccupied with a war of technical advance and to a civ- 
ilization that has become over-balanced with a single standard of 
knowledge. The leaders of the Church and the University visual- 
ize education as an opportunity for youth to gather knowledge, 
evaluate it properly and utilize it in happy successful lives. This 
vision is founded on truth, for these men have achieved their pos- 
itions of leadership because they have come in contact with life 
and achieved mastery over it. With faith in their convictions they 
foster the creation of opportunity for young students to gain wis- 
dom, grow in spirituality and enjoy creative activity. On this bal- 
anced structure of the head, the heart and the hand rests a hope 
in the future. 

Photographs— Lynn G. Hale 


HARVEY L. TAYLOR, Vice-Presi- 

EARL C. CROCKETT, Vice-President 



The job of transforming an ideal into workable reality is one of the most diffi- 
cult tasks. Into the hands of President Ernest L. Wilkinson and his assistants 
has been placed the responsibility of transforming the lofty ideals of the leader- 
ship of the Church into a successful system of education. The success of the 
administration in this endeavor has been marked by the amazing growth of the 
University in size and stature. The school has become the largest church-sup- 
ported university in America, and the reputation of the quality of its students 
has spread throughout the world. This success is the result of long hours of 
preparation and earnest endeavor. The administration is made up of men who 
have spent many years of studious preparation. To their scholastic qualifications 
these men have added the strength of humble, dedicated hearts, and a desire to 
work devotedly for the students of their university. Thus on the same strong 
and unified structure of the head, the heart and the hand, rests the organization 
of Brigham Young LJniversity. To the University, President David O. McKay 
and his counselors have made this promise "... because of its combination of 
revealed and secular learning, the Brigham Young University is destined to 
become, if not the largest, at least the most proficient institution of learning 
in the world, producing scholars with testimonies of truth, who will become 
leaders in science, indusry, art, education, letters, and government." 

JOSEPH T. BENTLEY, Administra- 
tive Assistant 

Wm. NOBLE WAITE, Assistant to 
the President 



The distinction of great men is their 
success in facing life and gaining the 
most from it. President Ernest L. Wil- 
kinson, by balancing the factors of ac- 
complishment, has become a great and 
respected leader. Because of his great 
spiritual ideals he has been called to 
be president of Brigham Young Univer- 
sity and head of the vast education 
system of the Church. In his practice of 
law and his work for the BYU his in- 
dustry and diligence have won him 
great respect. President Wilkinson has 
learned the strength of the unity of the 
head, the heart and the hand. 

Photographs— Prince Watkins 

The men and women involved in the job of assisting 
the president of the University are connected with every 
phase of campus life. Although their jobs are often times 
done without recognition, daily they work with students, 
faculty, citizens of Provo, and others to further the growth 
of BYU spiritually, academically, and physically. The 
many important jobs occurring in a university of almost 
ten thousand students may go unnoticed at times, yet 
they are vital to the proper functioning of the whole 
school. Such persons as dean of students, Wesley P. 
Lloyd, are examples in serving Brigham Young Univer- 
sity with complete devotion. 

Dean of Students 


Director of Public Relations 


Director of Auxiliary Services 

Superintendent of Physical Plant 

Director of Lyceums: Musicals, 
and Assemblies 

Director of Student Housing 


Assistant Dean of Students 

Coordinator of 
Student Organizations 

Director of Motion 
Picture Production 

Director of 
Placement Bureau 

Director of Libraries 

Secretary of Alumni Chairman of Official 

Association University Publications 

Admissions Officer 

Director of Program 
and Personnel for 
Men's Housing 

Chairman of 
Academic Standards 

Acting Registrar 

Director of Program 
and Personnel for 
Women's Housing 

Chairman of 
Counseling Service 

Counselor for Women 

Adviser to Foreign 

Adviser on Indian 

Chairman of Radio and 
TV Programs 


Director of Health Service 

Director of Booking 
University Attractions 

Purchasing, Mail Service 
and Receiving 


Chairman of Student 
Publications Committee 

Director of Traffic 
and Security 


Assistant in Student 
Personnel Services 

Assistant in Student 
Personnel Services 


- - . 


. - 


■- ' - 

■ --, £ • .-■ . •-— * 

- -v ••' * ,— .■■■'..- ■- - .-.- •."-* : 

^ . ■ ■ 

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■- • 
.'■■-.' - '• ■ 


>r •:..:,. 

- - - " • . '- * - • .-." "' ■■'■:■- 

...-.--.*•*•■ — ' •-* . •• * 

** J^g a wlI ." -T 2- i *9 -^.w* ', 

- - "V <"-y : --" 

: . ' >■_ ~ • .** 

.••.--.--■..-i-f:-"/"-- :X~-'-r - 

•'•--- . . 

A,. . . -c 

VS-i< c 


-' te- . _-v :r .,••• •-—--'-. -<..--v : r t .•• .-■-, .,.■-, .-' .4'.-- - '-« ■ "":, 

■ *■ •: - - 


■•-' : -. >->_■- 






At a typical weekly meeting the council 
discusses problems pertaining to every phase 
of school administration and activity. 

dent of Finance 

ALAN E. MINER, Vice President of 
Cultural Activities 

ident of Social Activities 

J. PAUL ANDERSON, Vice Presi- 
dent of Student Relations 


■■IIIIM I . 


The Executive Council is composed of the Studentbody President 
and four Vice Presidents, elected to serve in the areas of culture, 
student relations, social activities, and finance. This Executive 
Branch of the Studentbody meets weekly to consider studentbody 
policy and make decisions concerning all studentbody activities. 
With the theme "Friendships Unlimited," the Council has sought 
to improve inter-school relations, and has been host to schools 
from throughout the west, besides visiting many schools. Their 
main goal has been to provide an atmosphere favorable to aca- 
demic, cultural, social and spiritual growth for each student 
through participation in various activities, and to promote good 
relationships and better understanding between the University Ad- 
ministration and Associated Students of Brigham Young Univer- 

Student Coordinator - Paul Felt 


ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS, S !° 'i el ",) Uf °"? Wh,t : n «' L "" ie ""'"• Cm 'y Decker; Presid »* Z™"' !!«"«>"■ R»w 2: Id. Elkn Andrew, J„d v 

Preference Ball, Song Fest, Women's Week, and many other of 
the 1958-59 school year's biggest events bore the Associated 
Women Students' trademark. The AWS Council and the Junior 
Council worked on many projects aimed at getting all girls to feel 
more a part of the Brigham Young University student body Or- 
ganizations exist within AWS for girls living both on and off 
campus. A physical fitness program was started this year, with 
exercises printed weekly in the Daily Universe. A mothers' tea 
during General Conference, new students' fashion show, and 
similar projects were sponsored during the year by the AWS Coun- 
cil. Combining with the Associated Men Students, AWS sponsored 
the Christmas Drive and transfer students' parties. Y Day was a 
joint AWS-AMS activity also. The councils also got together in 
appointing a Cougar of the Week every week during the year 
These were chosen by deans of colleges for outstanding academic 
work, and also by the councils for extra curricular activities. 

The Preferred Men appear before the BYU 
assembly audience in an AWS activity. 

*i ll "i I V 


Row 1 (left to right) : Chyrl Russell, Vice President; Georgeanna Ward, President; Carol Skidmore, Treasurer; Patricia Groshell, 
Secretary. Row 2: Dixie Randall, DeAnna Hawkins, Lannie Berrett, Nan Greene, Linda Pugmire, Kay Taylor, Marilee Beard. Row 
3: Lee Ann Woodward, Carolyn Decker, Peggy Newman, Marcia Bradshaw, Jean Inskeep, Pat Halgren, Sidnee Day, Pat Haws. 
Absent: Jeanne Millar. 

(above) Santa Claus Tom Jones visits the annual combined council 


(right) Judy Shell was one of many lovely models at the introductory 

autumn fashion show. 


Row 1 (left to right) ■ Douglas Pearce, Boyd Hill, Larry Brim, Bob Roberts, Mike Moore, Jack Davis, Dave Berry. Row 2: Lynn 
Anderson, Sam Hammond, Bill Jackson, Eugene Jones, President; Ted Sandberg, Vice President; Max Pinegar, Secretary; Bruce Dock- 
stader; Gareth Wooten. 


Coordinating Men's activities and supporting student body activi- 
ties, the Associated Men Students were responsible for many cam- 
pus functions. Winter Carnival, themed "Etchings in Ice" and fea- 
turing Stan Kenton's orchestra at a concert and dance, was AMS 
sponsored. Other AMS activities include the scholarship and su- 
premacy trophies for social units, Fite Night, Outstanding Man- 
hood Award, Stag Night, AMS Security Committee, Men off- 
campus program, and several studentbody dances and parties. 
This year saw the addition of an active Junior AMS Council. In 
addition the organization annually sponsors many events in con- 
nection with the Associated Women Students. 

A right to the jaw from both parties is viewed at AMS fight night. 

(left to right): Ronald Lee, Gary Green, Barbara Beers, Carolyn Broberg, Keith Martin, Chairman; Bruce Barlow, Thomas Quinn, 
Glenna Cooper, Vanja Yorgason, Gordon Wells, Richard Gibson, Jesse Shumway. 


Fifteen members of the Honor Council, including representatives 
from every class, work to help students overcome problems of in- 
tegrity in academic work and Word of Wisdom violation. The 
purpose of the group is to counsel with students individually and 
help them to overcome these problems. Keith Martin served as 
chairman, with Dick Gibson, Bruce Barlow and Stuart Benedict 
assisting him. The council worked in two areas, that of dealing 
with cases when they occurred and also the education of the stu- 
dent body as to their responsibilities under the Honor System. 
Between 100 and 200 cases were handled by the year's end and 
programs were taken to many campus organizations. Future plans 
include meeting with groups of faculty members on the depart- 
ment level and exchanging ideas. 

Careful preparation is given to each new 
problem the Honor council is called to con- 

Row 1 (left to right) Rex Lee; President, Marilyn McMeen, Katherine Sundwall, Jim Taylor, Patty Jo Ward, Karl Spoerl. Row 2: Jud- 
ith Litster, LeeAnn Vanderford, Glenda Cooper, Gordy Hansen, Bonnie White, LaMont Ririe, Penny Druke, Bill Hunn, Don Bahr. 
Row 3: Dennis Warner, John Mangum, Ray Ely, Dan Lau, John Anderson, Jerry Benson, Chuck Johnson, Laura Jo Dunkley. 


Acting as the legislative branch of the government of 
the Associated Students of Brigham Young Univer- 
sity, the senate was active this year in passing bills 
and other such legal action. One of the chief ac- 
complishments of the senate was the passing of legis- 
lation defining the use of emblems by campus or- 
ganizations. They also made possible the provision 
that cheerleaders should be elected. A constitutional 
amendment, making the Constitution the supreme 
law of the student body. A bill limiting queens and 
preferred men was also acted upon. The group also 
sponsored "Tell It To Your Senator Week" in the 

Frosh class president, John Anderson, expresses his opinion 
concerning a change in the constitution. 



The studentbody president's cabinet serves as advisory body de- 
signed to bring a broad scope of opinion into various vital questions 
concerning the studentbody. This group forms an important leaison 
between the studentbody president and the leaders of all campus 
governmental organizations. It is also an instrument for effective 
dissemination of information received from the university admin- 
istration and other schools through the studentbody president. 

Row 1 (left to rieht): Janet Christenson, sec. to ASBYU President; Gordon Coffman, Supreme Court; Tom Stone ASBYU Presi- 
dent; Rex Lee, Senate; Georgeanna Ward, AWS; Gary Driggs, IOC. Row 2: Gordy Hansen, Junior Class; Keith Martin, Honor 
Council; Dallas Merrill, assistant to the president; Ray Ely, Senior Class; Dan Lau, Sophomore Class; Max Pitcher, Elections; Dee 
Hadley, Student Participation. 


Seated (left to right) Ray A. Geigle, President; Pat Ford. 
Standing: Sharon Ballard, Judy Shell, Janet Nims, Sharon 
Holsten, Thomas MacKay. 


Student government, educational af- 
fairs, student affairs, and international 
affairs are the four division of the Na- 
tional Student Association on the Brig- 
ham Young University campus and in 
the regional and national divisions. Ray 
Geigle and his committee heads, Judy 
Shell, Janet Nims, Tom Mackay and 
Sharon Ballard have worked this year on 
such projects as a student government 
handbook and a chart showing adminis- 
trative chain of command for student 
information. They also attended conven- 

tions, meeting with other NSA leaders. 
NSA is made up of over 400 colleges 
and universities throughout the United 
States. These are divided into approxi- 
mately 30 regions, the Utah region be- 
ing made up of five schools. BYU stu- 
dents, Ray Geigle and Doug Evans, 
served this year as president and vice- 
president of the Utah region. On 
campus, this organization acts as an 
independent organization, under the 
supervision of the student body presi- 
dent and student coordinator. 

Judy Shell directs the production of the 
new ASBYU organizations chart to be 
placed in the Student Coordinator's Of- 





Stan Taylor 

Gordon Coffman 

Tom Asplund 

The campus Supreme Court has jurisdiction over all 
cases which arise under the Associated Students of 
Brigham Young University Constitution. Justices per- 
form similar duties to those in the United States Su- 
preme Court, in serving as a judicial part of govern- 

ment. Justices Gordon Coffman, Stan Taylor, and Tom 
Asplund made up the court. Court decisions were 
made during the 1958-59 school year on such matters 
as the Senate's right to investigate the budget. 


Future personalities and technicians of the radio and 
television world are able to get practical experience 
at campus radio station KBYU. Boasting a station as 
well as or better equipped than most commercial 
radio stations, KBYU will begin broadcasting on 
FM during fall quarter in 1959- Two complete con- 
trol rooms and a $1500 recorder, unmatched by any 
local station, are included among the station's assets. 
When broadcasting, the station will be clearly heard 
within a 15-mile radius. Programming will be en- 
tirely commercial-free. Classical and semi-classical 
music will be featured along with educational pro- 
grams sponsored by various departments on campus. 
This year, while waiting for a license from the Fed- 
eral Communications Commission, the chief activity 
at KBYU has been the tape network. Half-hour pro- 
grams are made up by students and sent to radio 
stations in eleven western states. These programs 
feature BYU devotional speakers and special musical 
programs. Gary Bush has served as station manager 
this year. 

Kay G. Lambert, Chief Engineer at 
the controls; Gary Bush, Station 
Manager at the microphone. 


HARTT WIXOM, Editor-in-Chief 

ROGER LARSON. Managing Editor 

DUSTON HARVEY, Campus Editor 

JEDDY LE VAR. News Editor 

With final deadlines at 6 a.m., typewriters clacked 
and the teletype clanked at almost any hour of the 
day or night in the Daily Universe office in the base- 
ment of the Clark Student Service Center. The of- 
fice was always decorated with long narrow strips 
of yellow wire copy, and signs such as "Right It 
Write," "Cry Quietly Please," and "Help Stamp Out 
America's Greatest Blight— Arizona." While the pa- 
per was being put on the stands every school day, 
conversations in the office ranged from "Where on 
earth is that photographer now?" and "What's that 
copy doing here, it should have been to the press an 
hour ago," to "Ah, come on Safsten, you've got to 
ask a girl out sometime." Staffers stuck together in 
forming the Unicorns, a team that played in intra- 
mural basketball and softball competition. One of 
the most triumphant moments of 1958-59 history for 
Universe staffers was when the Unicorns downed 
The Daily Utah Chronicle basketball team from the 
University of Utah in the annual Unicorn-Chrony tilt. 

Sports Editor 

Society Editor 

Associate Campus Editor 


Assistant Sports Editor 

KAREN WHITE, Feature Editor 

Reporting Staff: Row 1: Ann Winegar, Carolyn Whipple, Julie Pinegrie. Row 2: Chris 
Allred, Dave Thomas, Wanda Brown, Dave Blackstone, Karel Ann Anderson. 

Photo Staff: Doug Dill, Head Photographer; Susan Blakemore, Paul Walter, Marvin Perry, Clyde Farnsworth, Brent Rytting. 

STAN MICHELSEN, Business Mgr. 

Circulation: Lamont Ririe, Robert Stott 

Circulation Mgr., Jim Brackner; Adv. Sales: Jerry Peterson, Dick Houlihan, 
Dick Oliver. Seated: Dixie Bruno, Karen White. 

Something for everyone to do in the Universe 



An important service of providing the public with 
printed information concerning the University is per- 
formed by the BYU Press. Among its more promin- 
ent publications are the campus newspaper, known 
as the Daily Universe, and the Banyan yearbook. The 
Press prints a variety of other material, including 
about 40 bulletins per year, ranging from a four- 
page folder to the General Catalog. Employment for 
an average of about 45 students, many of whom are 
thereby enabled to attend school, is another service 
of the Press. 

Frank Haymore, 

Delvar Pope, 
Asst. Mgr. 

Operating Bindery equipment. 

The linotype machine sets type almost as 
fast as typing 



Few persons are aware of the many hours of toil that have 
been put into the production of the 1959 Banyan by dozens of 
students. The Banyan staff and Faculty Advisors R. Neal Richards 
and Richard Gunn have taken the responsibility of making 
the 1959 edition one of the most successful yet produced. About 
5000 copies will be distributed to members of the studentbody 
and faculty at the end of the year. Treasured memories of happy 
experiences, events, organizations, friends, work, and accom- 
plishment, as well as spiritual, professional, and vocational 
preparation for life are herein recorded in word and picture 
for future reference. The 1959 Banyan is unique in that it has 
grouped faculty and senior class members according to college. 
Another feature of this edition is a section containing original 
color pages of Bngham Young University President Ernest L. 
Wilkinson and President David O. McKay of the Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These pictures of President 
McKay are the first ever taken especially for the Banyan. The 
theme for the 1959 Banyan, "the head, the heart, and the hand, 
the spirit of the 'Y'," is derived from the school song. 

Lynn G. Hale - Editor 



Lynn Helbing 

Art - Layout Editor 

Judy Bilderback - Office Mgr. 

Loretta Wood 
Asst. Office Mgr. 

-T « 


Ronald D. Safsten 
Publicity Director 

Lynn Thacker 
Organizations Editor 

Georgia Moore - Classes Editor 



Katherine Sundwall 
Associate Editor 

Jay Liechty - Business Mgr. 

Jim Stevens 

Business Mgr. Fall Qtr. 

Barbara Key 

Asst. Classes Editor 

Alice Knudson 
Asst. Business Mgr. 

Joel Justesen - Space Sales Mgr. 

R. Neal Richards 
Faculty Adviser 

Richard L. Gunn 
Faculty Art Adviser 

Above left, V. Jay Liechty, 
Sports and Activities Editor 

Above, Susan Westwood, Ed- 
itorial Assistant 

Left, George R. Smouse, 

Someday we'll be done. 

Activities staff: front, Millie Waldvogel, Ethel Niedei 
hauser, Nickie Jan Collins. Back, Evonne Smith, Juditi 
Dalton, Mary Young, Christina Jensen, Jenifer Peterson 
and Diane Zobell. 





Merla Vee Hansen, Sales 

F. Paul Smith, Office As: 


Secretarial staff: Bonnie Bensen, Loretta Wood, Winona 
Bogenrife, Diane Zobell. 


Photographers: Doug Hill, Dawna King, Mike Kneeshaw. 

Campus Art committee, Ron Safsten. 


Students and faculty who have writing or artistic talents have an excellent op- 
portunity to display their abilities through the Wye, official magazine of the 
Associated Students of Brigham Young University. The Wye is published and 
distributed without charge to students three times yearly during the Autumn, 
Winter, and Spring Quarters. This year, the magazine contained some outstand- 
ing literary contributions in the form of essays, short stories, poetry and re- 
views. Paintings, sketches, murals, and photographs were included among its 
praiseworthy art contributions. 

Bernar Hunt, Editor 

Diane Hull, Assistant Editor 

(L. to r.) : Merry Tippets, Alberta Jacobs, Marilyn Mehr 




Campus, ward, stake, civic, and social requests for 
programming are answered by the BYU Program 
Bureau, a department of the Public Relations Area. 
Probably no other organization has been more ef- 
fective in promoting public interest in Brigham 
Young University. Its great success lies mainly in the 
willingness and enthusiasm of the many campus 
groups which furnish exceptional talent for pro- 
grams of various length. This year, the Bureau was 
responsible for booking and scheduling the major 
spring music, variety, and drama tours of several 
western states. These tours took the A Cappella 
Choir to the Northwest, the International Folk 
Dancers to Montana, the Madrigal Singers to the 
San Francisco Bay area, the Opera Workshop to Los 
Angeles, the Drama Department to Arizona and 
New Mexico, the Symphony Orchestra and the 
Hawaiians to Colorado, and the Men's Chorus to 
Idaho. High school contact tours were also sent 
throughout the state of Utah. 

The Melo D's"; Lorene Black. Judy Bishop, and Nedra Fullmer. 

Student Program Bureau Directors; seated Deanne Hoen, Bennie Banks. Stand- 
ing: Jay Wrathall, Cameron Deaver, Boyd Hill, Theron Burgess. 

Fontelle Meservy, Program Bureau Chairman 

* ♦ 

The "Wild Cats" livened up many Program Bureau appearances. 

Emcee Jay Wrathall entertains his audience between 

Program Bureau members enjoy refreshments after a show. 

Graceful Dahnell Bower delighted audiences with her 
dance interpretations. 

Bill Sego's aftershow autograph session. 


Elder John Longden, Assistant to the 
Council of the Twelve, at Spring Quarter 
Stake Conference. 

Organization of the Brigham Young University Stake in 
January, 1956, initiated a substantial increase in church 
activity accompanied by an increase in the spiritual de- 
velopment of the students. Since its organization, the 
stake has grown from twelve wards with a membership 
of 4,320 to twenty four wards having a membership of 
7,077 at the end of 1958. Under the leadership of Antone 
K. Romney, Stake President and his counselors, Daniel D. 
Bushnell and Dean B. Farnsworth, the stake seeks to 
furnish the religious activity necessary to develop good 
Latter-day Saints. It ranks among the leading stakes of 
the church in percentage of members active and in degree 
of participation in almost all phases of church activity. 
Small wards aid in providing more opportunities for in- 
dividual church service. About 5,500 students held ward 
or stake positions this year. The more time consuming of- 
fices are generally held by BYU faculty members and 
citizens from stakes in the Provo area. B.Y.U. Stake is 
sure to be an important factor in the development of many 
future church leaders. 

Antone K. Romney, President 


Daniel D. Bushnell, First Counselor 

Dean B. Farnsworth, Second Counselor 


First Ward, which is composed of Wymount Village 
couples, is 662 strong with a reserve of 78 babies 
born in 19^8. Along with their busy home life, Sun- 
day School Superintendent Carl M. Terre, and Joyce 
McBride, Relief Society President, keep things mov- 
ing in the ward. Lending their help are Wayne Star- 
tin, YMMIA, and Colleen Bender, YWMIA. 

1st Ward Bishopric— Chester E. Tillman, Bishop Russell D. 
Lewis, Lloyd Thayne, Neldon D. Oyler. 

Twenty-five married couples and a new pair of twins 
were chief among the distinguished characteristics 
of the Second Ward. The Gold and Green Ball, 
Ward Banquet, and Canyon Party were the main 
social events of the year. Last year the ward cap- 
tured second place in the All-Church Basketball 
Tourney. The ward's 27 s ) members are drawn from 
Heritage Halls 1 and 2, and the off-campus area 
above Eighth North and West of University Ave. 
They meet in 261 McKay under Bishop Charles Tay- 
lor. Jay Grant (Sunday School), Ethel Pointer (Re- 
lief Society), Doug Pearce (YMMIA), and Clara 
Goates (YWMIA) are the auxiliary heads. 

2nd Ward Bishopric— Shelton R. Jackson, Bishop Charles 
Taylor, Richard O. Christensen, Clarence Jensen. 

Ingenuity of Third Ward leadership was shown in 
the planning of two highly successful parties. In 
October Smith Fieldhouse press box was the scene 
of a well-attended welcome party. "Pioneer Jubilee' 
days were celebrated by ward members in Provo's 
Pioneer Museum. Two hundred and fifty members of 
Third Ward met in the McKay Building with Bishop 
A. Lester Allen. Valerie Shuey, Bob Mauzy, and 
Gordon Thomas headed MIA activities. Tom Quinn 
was Sunday School Superintendent. 

3rd Ward Bishopric— Grady L. Edenfield, Bishop A. Lester 
Allen, Boyd H. Busath, Gary Carson. 

Fourth Ward's Sunday School was named the out- 
standing Sunday School in BYU Stake on the basis 
of participation. Sunday School Superintendent was 
Hart Andelin. Bishop William Dyer met with the 
300 members of his ward in Wymount Chapel. Ray 
Lindsey and Lee Gilmore directed MIA activities. 
Highlight of the year was the Gold and Green Ball 
held with Second Ward on St. Valentine's Eve. Suc- 
cessful performances came from the M Men basket- 
ball team and ward road show cast. 

4th Ward Bishopric— Marvin Kurchar, Bishop William G. 
Dyer, Irvin Bird, Jr., Carlton Marlow. 


"The friendliest ward on campus" is the by-word of 
Fifth Ward. This year's activities included the Fifth 
Ward anniversary party, Heritage Halls patio barbe- 
cue, annual Elders' Quorum all-day party, and the 
Gold and Green Ball held March 14th in the multi- 
purpose room of the Family Living Center. Marcia 
Ann Morgan is President of the "fired-up" Relief 
Society, and Rey Lynn Hatch heads the Elders' Quo- 
rum. Superintendent of the Sunday School is Marvin 

5th Ward Bishopric— James C. Currier, Alton L. Wade, 
Bishop W. Frank Killpack, Harold H. Halford, Alma Ray 

Bishop Wayne B. Hales and the 340 members of the 
Sixth Ward meet in the Joseph Smith Auditorium 
each Sunday. Geographically, the ward includes 
Amanda Knight Hall, D-6, D-7, and the off-campus 
area between Second East and Ninth East, and from 
Eighth North to 1430 North. The Gold and Green 
Ball, Elders-Relief Society Exchange, and Spring 
Fiesta highlighted the social calendar. Their M-Men 
basketball team reached the All-Church finals two 
years ago, and the division finals last year. Auxiliary 
heads in the ward are Richard Skousen, Sunday 
School; Sandra Evans, Relief Society; Donald Garner, 
YMMIA; and Margaret Grange, YWMIA. 

6th Ward Bishopric-Max W. Hill, Glen Weaver, Bishop 
Wayne B. Hales, V. Dallas Merrell, Alan G. Vincent. 

Eighth Ward's M Men basketball team was named 
All-College Champion at the 1959 All-Church tour- 
nament. The 560 ward members met with Bishop 
Melvin Brooks in College Hall. The 200 married 
Eighth Warders presented the ward with about 20 
tiny new members during the year. Leadership of 
MIA was in the hands of Steve Brown and Diane 
Pyper. Sunday School Superintendent was Bob John- 
son, and Betty J. Dunnell headed Relief Society. 
Loyia Green directed Primary. 

8th Ward Bishopric-James Pyper, Wilford J. Tolman, 
Bishop Melvin R. Brooks, Lloyd G. Olson. 

The nearly 500 members of the Seventh Ward make 
it one of the two largest in the stake. It also boasts 
the largest Aaronic Priesthood group in the stake. 
The off-campus area from Fifth North to Eighth 
North, and from University Ave. to Second East, as 
well as the right wing of Stover Hall makes up the 
ward geographically. Meetings are held in College 
Hall. The ward regularly publishes its own news- 
paper, and last year won the Stake M-Men Basketball 
Tourney. Bishop Harvey S. Glade was called to his 
position in July of 1958. Leaders of ward organiza- 
tions are John Crooks, Sunday School; Yolanda 
Gunderson, Relief Society; Norman LeBaron, 
YMMIA; and Coreen Lasser, YWMIA. 

7th Ward Bishopric-J. Alan Blodgett, John S. Berge, 
Bishop Harvey S. Glade, Sheldon T. Dahl. 


"The Neighborly Ninth" has been really on top this 
year. The 270 member Sunday School is headed by 
Superintendent Don Christensen. Who wouldn't 
want to attend MIA, with snow parties, canyon out- 
ings, swimming, roller skating, and an outstanding 
road show judged good enough to go on television. 
Bartel Cardon, YMMIA President, and Irene Webb, 
YWMIA President, helped to plan the many events. 
The Relief Society and Elders' Quorum are "pushed" 
by Mary Fritsche and Don Nelson and Robert John- 

9th Ward Bishopric— Fred J. Lundberg, Bishop Raymond 
E. Beckham, Robert G. Safsten, James Stewart. Not pic- 
tured is Gerald Hyde. 


Jfcr I 

A ^Hk:^ A 




*, \ ■- - 

The Multi-Purpose Area of the Smith Family Living 
Center is where the 235 members of the Tenth Ward 
hold regular services. Bishop Clyde D. Sandgren pre- 
sides over this ward which is composed of Heritage 
Halls 17 and 18, and the off -campus area bordered 
by Center St., Sixth East, 560 North, and Ninth East. 
The Gold and Green Ball, Ward Banquet, MIA ac- 
tivities, and the publication of a ward newspaper 
keep members occupied. Arnold Stringham (Sunday 
School), Elaine Papenfuss (Relief Society), Richard 
Lambert (YMMIA), and Lorna Cobia (YWMIA) 
are auxiliary leaders. 

10th Ward Bishopric-Alan W. Larson, W. Bruce Hilton, 
Bishop Clyde D. Sandgren, Wesley R. Law, Elbert C. Pack. 

The Joseph Smith Auditorium is the scene of Elev- 
enth Ward activities. Some 283 members, coming 
from the second floor of Knight-Mangum and the 
off-campus area from Seventh East to Ninth East and 
from 560 North to 820 North, comprise the ward. 
The Gold and Green Ball and a Christmas party 
headed the list of social events for the year. Several 
temple excursions were also held. Auxiliary organi- 
zation heads are Don Stevenson, Sunday School; 
Phillis Kresge, Relief Society; Daniel Keith, 
YMMIA; and Nila Smith, YWMIA. 

llthWard Bishopric-Koven Lamont Hadfield, Jay Smith, 
Thomas L. Ericksen, Bishop B. West Belnap. 

i 1 >;(*lx/j 

Six major social events, beginning with a Patio "Get 
Acquainted" Party September and ending with a 
Girls' Camp Party in May, were featured in the 
Twelfth Ward. The 265 members of the ward come 
from Heritage Hall 13, McKay House, Hardy House, 
Larsen House, and Wiscombe House, plus the off- 
campus area north of Center Street and east of Ninth 
East. Meetings are held in 167 McKay under Bishop 
J. N. Symons. Sunday School Superintendent Alan 
Miner, YMMIA Superintendent William McKay, 
YWMIA President Joan Starlin, and Relief Society 
President Nina Mae Argyle lead the auxiliaries. 

12th Ward Bishopric— Richard C. Anderson, Max G Pit- 
cher, Bishop J. N. Symons, Stephen R. Covey, Lynn J. Tol- 


Bishop Albert D. Swensen's 284 member Thirteenth 
Ward is out to be the best and is doing it. Glenna 
Cooper has led the Relief Society, while Dick Wood 
has "pushed" the Sunday School organization. The 
Mutual Improvement Association was just that this 
year. With Carol Richins and Harris Done as Presi- 
dent and Superintendent, how else could it be! They 
can well be proud of the road show, one of three in 
the stake selected for television. The annual Gold 
and Green Ball, along with a bob-sled party, kept 
the ward members busy this year. 

13th Ward Bishopric-N. Wayne Merrill, R. Darrell Bush- 
nell, Bishop Albert D. Swensen, Scott H. Nelson, Raymond 
C. Brown. 

Lack of size proved no handicap for the 187 member 
Fourteenth Ward, as social activities for the year in- 
cluded the Gold and Green Ball, and two ward par- 
ties. The Smith Family Living Center serves as the 
chapel for this ward, whose membership is drawn 
from the left wing of David John Hall, and Heritage 
Halls 15 and 16. Bishop Conan Mathews is ably 
assisted by auxiliary heads Don Clark (Sunday 
School), Janet Sims (Relief Society), Bruce Whiting 
(YMMIA), and Beverly Hill (YWMIA). 

14th Ward Bishopric— Scott Fisher, Bishop Conan E. Mat- 
hews, Dean M. Green, Keith Beswick. 

One of the few wards of the BYU Stake with a regu- 
lar ward publication is the Fifteenth. Under Bishop 
Loftis Sheffield the ward sponsored a number of 
social activities, including the Ward Banquet, Priests' 
Breakfast, Gold and Green Ball, and Academy 
Awards Night. The ward's 240 members come from 
D-5, Graduate House, Allen Hall, and Heritage 
Halls 9 and 10. They meet in the Joseh Smith Ban- 
quet Hall. Auxiliary leaders are Tom Davies, Sun- 
day School; Astrid Schulzke, Relief Society; Norman 
Calhoun, YMMIA; and Nan Greene, YWMIA. 

15th Ward Bishopric— Richard H. Henstrom, Thomas V. 
Thomas, Gordon G. Conger, Bishop Loftis J. Sheffield. 

The right wing of David John Hall and Heritage 
Halls 19 and 20 comprise the 275 member Sixteenth 
Ward. Bishop is Ernest j. Wilkins. The Gold and 
Green Ball, Ward Banquet, and Ward Outing 
topped the list of social activities for this ward which 
holds its meetings in the north end of the Smith 
Family Living Center. Leaders of ward organizations 
include Sunday School Superintendent Kay Moon, 
YMMIA President Ralph Stewart, YWMIA Presi- 
dent Lura Merrill, and Relief Society President Diane 

16th Ward Bishopric— Clarence Beesley, Dalian R. Clark, 
Bishop Ernest J. Wilkins, Ira Ralph Telford, Devern Perry. 


Spring Ward Reunions in the cool Utah mountains, 
along with an excellent choir directed by Joan Tho- 
mander and Peter Henderson, help make the Seven- 
teenth Ward tops, according to Gale Smith, Sunday 
School Superintendent, and Daphne Poulton, Relief 
Society President. Wayne Pratt, YMMIA President, 
and Patricia Pugmire, YWMIA President, keep the 
403 members busy with many activities, among which 
are the Christmas Party and dances. 

17th Ward Bishopric— Donald F. Jensen, Bishop Darrell 
Taylor, Gerald N. Wray, Floyd E. Haupt. 

"Strictly off -campus" is the Nineteenth Ward. The 
area runs between 5 th North and 8th North and 
west of University Avenue to the city limits, and 
includes a total membership of 207. Caroling "ward 
hoppers" helped brighten the holiday season for pa- 
tients at the Utah State Hospital. The Gold and 
Green Ball, held February 14th at the Social Hall, 
was a huge success judging from the pleased expres- 
sions of Letty Lou Lant, YWMIA President, and 
Jesse Tonks, YMMIA Superintendent. Wayne Shute 
is Superintendent of the Sunday School, while Robert 
Clark is President of the Elders' Quorum. 

19th Ward Bishopric- A. William Bowers, Gerald J. Dye, 
Bishop Howard H. Barron, Darnell H. Jones, Klare S. EI- 

Five hundred residents of Wyview Village, all mar- 
ried couples and their children, comprise the Eight- 
eenth Ward. Ward membership, consisting of more 
children than adults, met in the Page School with 
Bishop Melvin Mabey. Editor Dezzie Christensen of 
the ward's weekly newspaper covered the news of the 
ward community. Active basketball teams came from 
the Relief Society as well as the M Men. Verl B. 
Leavitt and Beverly Blasongame headed MIA ac- 

18th Ward Bishopric— J. Grant Stevenson, Bishop Melvin 
R. Mabey, Harry L. Tarr, Jay M. Jeffery. 

If you want to keep in shape while attending Gen- 
ealogy class, go to the Twentieth Ward's, held in the 
weight-lifting room of the Fieldhouse. A weekly 
bulletin informs the ward members, comprised of 
Chipman right wing and Young Hall. The outstand- 
ing firesides have been attended by a large group. 
Helping to make theme and other ward activities a 
success are Sunday School Superintendent Jack Cou- 
sins, Relief Society President Kay Harris, YMMIA 
Superintendent Vince Breglio, and YWMIA Presi- 
dent Patty Jo Ward. 

20th Ward Bishopric-Sherman B. Sheffield, Melvin R. 
Farnsworth, Bishop Lester N. Downing, Harold D. By- 
water, James L. Harbican. 


The ball bounced in the right way making "Division 
Volleyball champions" of the 350 member Twenty- 
first Ward. Between the Relief Society President 
Carol Larsen, and Evelyn Gentry (YWMIA) on one 
side, and Jay Rounds (Sunday School Superintend- 
ent), and Eldon Speed (YMMIA) on the other, it 
has been a busy time in the Twenty-first. Ice skating 
parties, and the Gold and Green Ball kept the mem- 
bers "bouncing" right along with that proverbial 

21st Ward Bishopric-Jay W. Wrathall, Keith Garrett, 
Bishop Verl Clark, John Stevens. 

Larry Lundwall's staff keeps the 250 Twenty-second 
Ward informed with the Ward Newspaper, telling 
them to come to bonfire parties, winter ward socials, 
the Gold and Green Ball, and Quorum activities. 
"This 'baby-giant' ward of the stake is out to break 
all records," says Stewart Grow, Bishop, and Fred 
Tweed, Superintendent of Sunday School. In its first 
years, the Mutual activities headed by Allen Moxley 
(YMMIA), and Afton Jensen are in full swing. Not 
to be outdone, Joan Long (Relief Society President), 
and Paul Will (Elders' Quorum President), are 
pitching right in to make the Twenty-second "first." 

22nd Ward Bishopric— Karl Snow, Ernest F. Schulzke, 
Bishop Stewart L. Grow, Harold L. Hansen. 

When Twenty-third Ward's Relief Society Invita- 
tional is attended by an Elders' Quorum which is 65 
per cent returned missionaries, things are bound to 
happen ! Neva Leavitt is Relief Society President, and 
Sherman Nibbert, General Ward Chairman. Duane 
Crowther is Superintendent of Sunday School. Elmo 
Keller (YMMIA), and Joan Wallace (YWMIA), 
are proud of their televised road show, along with 
the joint Halloween Party. 

23rd Ward Bishopric— Wayne Beere, Jay Olpin, Bishop 
Harvey J. Fletcher, Kirk Tolman. 

"Look up to the members" was the word given to 
Sunday School Superintendent Ted Ridenhour and 
Relief Society President Elenore Rolappe. The 
YMMIA under Superintendent Dean Bergeson and 
Judy Richardson's YWMIA were busily planning 
parties and the Gold and Green Ball. Mike Brown is 
President of the Elders' Quorum. Held in room 230 
of the Eyring Science Center, the 200 member ward 
meets in the "pit," but seems to like it fine, even 
though they are continually "looking down" at their 

24th Ward Bishopric— Edmund C. King, Ray H. Garrison, 
Bishop Carl Gibson, Marion H. Cook. 


■ - 

• - ■. ■ ' . 


.. - ,-... 
- - •■ -1 • ' ■ 

. ■ • .- _--■■ ._/-;; 

'• ■ - ■ • -•-■-.-;- 

• - -' * .T*. . ■• - e 

■■ ■ ■ . .""■.• • - 

"-■• :-.--- ■■. -> '■■-.*:-.'- "--■.-."-"..■- 

-' - - -'-■- r --■ ' ' '.&•' ---"■•'--,;.-,. ~- ~~-^- •- ■ s*i- ' ~~'~ ■■' 


:-+■—: -• . ' .■•••'■-.- . -.:.. i •-*..■. ^ i'. 

■ ' ■ -. 

•"•-'.■-•■'.- ■ '■ ■■■ ' : -'■•.' .- -.-V " : ' ■■ -*■■»■ • . < 

; - - ■ • <. ,~ ■-"-. .. --- : '- -••■ '■•■'.c.-.v--' ■>;. "*■'■;' 

•"- "■"..'■i'-y.-v-J.-: 

- .-■-•■..•■ ,*.-,*,..- ->?■■•. .„ ■ ..:••-■ -;•.-■•-...: '-••. T 3 \^=v" ,. /v: .: 

'r-Nv-:-;- .. 

- ■ r :, '_'- ■ -■'■..:■'. ■''^.'; v ■-•".i- '"•'- '.'..-• ""■'"' -r ' ; '•>'■''■""■■,-'.''■ 



Dean M. J. Hallam 


Microscopes, dissecting tools, and weird looking containers 
full of organisms of all descriptions are familiar objects to stu- 
dents registered in classes offered by the College of Biological 
and Agricultural Sciences. In these sections students learn about 
the mysteries of the unseen world, in addition to plant and animal 
life. Agriculural Economics, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, 
Bacteriology, Botany, Horticulture, and Zoology and Entomol- 
ogy departments provide a rounded-out education in these sci- 
ences. Students are encouraged to prepare for teaching and re- 
search. Those interested in planning careers in medicine, medical 
technology, dentistry, and veterinary science also receive their 
pre-training in this college. 

C. Lynn Hayward 
Zoology and Entomology 

Ernest Reimschiissel 

Lawrence Morris 
Animal Husbandry 

Chase R. Allred 

Kent H. Mc Knight 

David Donaldson 


Constant searching and experimentation proved valuable to 



Animal dissection was interesting as well as messy. 

Allen, A. Lester 
Allred, Dorald 
Ashton, Clarence 
Beck, Elden 
Beck, Jay V. 
Christensen, Earl M. 

Farnsworth. Raymond B. 
Harrison, Bertrand 
Hoskisson, William A. 
Jackson, LeRoy E. 
Larson, Don H. 
Mikkelsen, Seymour 

Moore, Glen 
Murdock, Joseph 
Nicholes, Henry J. 
Pierce, Guy 
Richards, Grant 
Shumway, R. Phil 

Simmons, Elbert R. 
Wood, Steven Lane 
Stutz, Howard 
Tanner, Vasco 
Tanner, Wilmer 



Harper, Kimball T. 

Conrad, Paul W. 
Peterson, Marian 
Anderson, Warren B. 
Argyle, Ralph Evan 
Bailey, Larry K. 
Baldwin, Theodore 

Bascom, Gary R. 
Berry, David 
Brewster, Richard C. 
Brown, Raymond C. 
Bullock, Robert Earl 
Christensen, Max L. 

Clark, Robert W. 
Christensen, Ralph G. 
Drake, Asa J. 
Erdman, Kimball S. 
Finch, James M. 
Gardner, Larry B. 

Francis, Vaughn E. 
Garfield, Carol 
Green, Dixie L. 
Gunderson, Alvin V. 
Hague, Franklin Morris 
Hammond, Samuel J. 

Harrison, Edwin C. 
Hatfield, Kenneth M. 
Herrin, Gene Carley 
Horsley, Grant L. 
Jensen, Niel E. 
Jones, William D. 

Keller, Alvin L. 
King, Verleen 
Leavitt, Veryle 
Lunceford, Blaine 
Main, Betty 
Marchant, Gerald 

Merrell, Cleston Glade 
Mumford, Carole 
Nelson, Varr Y. 
Nielsen, Harry Stewart 
Nisbett, Robert S. 
Noble, La Ray 

ft? fv^ 

Oyler, Neldon D. 
Hallock, George 
Quist, Paul S. 
Reeder, James R. 
Ritz, Robert T. 
Roper, Donald L. 

Stones, Robert C. 
Speed, Grant U. 
Smith, Wayne T. 
Shields, Jay G. 
Sheets, Leland O. 
Schweppe, Harold D. 

Taba, Stanley 
Taylor, Carole Lynn 
Turley, Luther Dean 
Van Dyke, Robert 
Ward, Ron 
Webber, Maurice R. 

Williams, Delyn E. 
Williams, Theo L. 
Wootton, D. Gareth 
Allison, Robert Leonard 
Bryner, Jerald B. 
Anderson, Lowell R. 

Freeman, L. Gerry 
Hale, Boyd J. 
Houston, Rod 
Ivid, Morrel W. 
Kearl, Sherman L. 
Kitchens, Carolyn 

Lovins, J. Maynard 
Magleby, Richard Sterling 
Mathews, Robert J. 
Packham, Willis A. 
Pedersen, James L. 
Richens, Lorn S. 


Construction starting on the new business education build- 
ing at the first of May was the biggest news in the College of 
Business this year. The new structure will house business classes, 
formerly held in the North Building. These classes prepare stu- 
dents for entrance into the world of market quotations, clattering 
typewriters, and fast-talking salesmen. Students learn to use and 
understand machines and information necessary to business func- 
tions. They also study the art of communicating ideas both orally 
and in writing. The human element in business as well as the 
social aspects of the economy are also studied. Business problems 
and their solutions through relevant and accurate information 
are also discussed in these courses. Emphasis is also placed on 
correct and modern business procedures. 

Courses of study are available for those planning to teach 
business courses in high schools. Formerly called the College of 
Commerce, the school changed its name this year to the College 
of Business, which is more inclusive. 

Dean Weldon J. Taylor 

Robert J. Smith 

Glen T. Nelson 

Lars G. Crandall 
Business Education and 
Office Management 

Clinton Oaks 
Business Management 

Prospective secretaries gained speed only through diligent practice. 


Calculators were essential in many classes of the College. 


Andersen. Verlan H. 
Corbridge, Ivan L. 
Croft. Evan M. 
Christensen, Edward 
Covey, Stephen R. 
Davies, J. Kenneth 

Demille. Stanford 
Doxey, Willard B. 
Guymon, Fred E. 
Herde, Karl P. Jr. 
Johnson, Eldred A. 
Lowe. Howard D. 

Mclff. Lyle 
White, J. Morgan 
Nielsen, Howard C. 
Petersen, Dean A. 
Poison, J. Perry 
Smith, Jay M. 

Pond, A. Smith 
Smith. Richard L. 
Rickenbach, Dean 
Stansfield, Russel N. 
Swenson, Beulah S. 
Wilson, M. Lyman Jr. 

ex o 


Belnap. Ronald F. 
Ballantyne, James W. 

Typing classes were popular to many students. 

Evans, Arza Carroll 
Goodson, Grant C. 
Moyle, Betty 
Powell, Dwight S. 
Yamashita, Take|i 
Albiston, Stan G. 

Ahlstrom, Mar Veil 
Armstrong. Kenna Rae 
Ashby, Gordon 
Ashby, Joan Louise 
Ashton, Kenneth L. 
Bagley. Terrence F. 

Baker. Faye 
Belnap, Ronald 
Black, Robert D. 
Borden, Edward E. 
Bornemann, Joan G. 
Brooksby, Wesley Brandt 

Brough, Arta J. 
Brown, Richard A. 
Brown, Steve L. 
Bucknum, Daniel R. 
Carter. George Ross 
Calton. Robert 



Casper, Marvin D. 
Cena, Robert 
Chadwick, Mary Ellen 
Chandler, Jean M. 
Christensen, Duane Gene 
Christopherson, Leroy W. 

Cook, Barbara 
Cook, Loren J. 
Crockett, Edwin A, 
Currier, Jim 
Dahl, Sheldon T. 
Daniels, Jack K. 

Draper, Vernon Thomas 
Davis, Thomas N. 
Driggs, Gary Harmon 
Du Paix, Mel 
Durrant. John 
Eagleston, Gerald 

Edvalson, C. Ronald 
Ellis, John M. 
Ely, Raymond W. 
Evans, Earl A. Jr. 
Flanary, Paul E. 
Fenton, Jean 

Flenniken, Daisy 
Foreman, Richard W. 
Fuhriman, Charlene 
Fujita, Wilfred 
Gibbs, Calvin J. 
Glasson, Ruth A. 

Hair, L. Lamar 
Halliday, Ernest R. 
Hannig, Gary W. 
Hansen, R. Wayne 
Harris, Alva A. 
Harper, Darrel Albert 



Hendricks, Robert 
Higashi, Allan 
Hill, Harry 
Holmes, Carol Jean 
Hotchkiss, John L. 
Hulme, Thelma 

Howell, Leland H. 
Hunt, leanette Ruth 
Hyde, Donald R. 
Jensen, Lee N. 
Jeppson, Calvin W. 
Johnson, K. Wayne 

Johnson. Doris E. 
Jones, Elwood T. 
Kekauoha, Samuel N. 
Kenney, Donald James 
King, Randle Roland 
Lambert, loan L. 

Klenk, Buddy D. 
Larsen, James C. 
Lee, Carole Dawn 
Lewis, Mark L. 
MacKay, Diane Towne 
Lundberg, Don C. 

Mackay, W. Dale 
Mansuy. Edward 
Martindale, Robert 
McBride, Richard H. 
Mellor, Arnold 
Messervy, Don C. 

Meredith, Gary Edward 
Milam, Gary D. 
Miller. Marilyn R. 
Miner, David Lee 
Moesser, Kent L. 
Morgan, Jack C. 


Morgan, Jerrold R. 
Mower, Glade 

This &)oe$?ae(& calculator. I could add better myself 

Neser, Paul 
Nielsen, Dick Hyatt 
Noble, Zina 
Nolen, Phillip W 
Oliver, Howard Gordon 
Oborn, Neldon M. 

Oldroyd, William V. 
Olsen, Larry A. 
Olsen, Sharon N. 
Olson. Lloyd G. 
Ontiveros, Lim Hi 
Ragnnton, Carol N. 

Ramsey, Jimmy D. 
Rencher, Paul R. 
Robins, Raymond 
Robinson, Curtis E. 
Rooks, Oran D. 
Roche. Marlene 

Russell, Georgia 
Payne, G. Barton 
Pearson, Rikard D. 
Perkins, James 
Perry. Dale Stephen 
Petersen, Bruce J. 


o c 

Peterson, Kenneth D. 
Saxer, Alton 

Dear Mother, today I am in typing class so I thought I 

Sharp, Jerold L. 
Skousen, Richard E. 
Smith, Nila 
Smith, Phil M. 
Sorensen, Arthur Bryce 
Stanford, Ralph C. 

Stewart, Carolyn 
Stoddard, Elias Thomas 
Tucker, Hal Whittier 
Van Dyke, Que M. 
Van Wagoner, Willard L. 
Vaughn, Ray 

Ventsky, William Allen 
Weidner, Leo A. 
Whitehead, J. Clark 
Wilcox, Sharlene 
Wilkins, Kent M. 
Winkelman, Walter William 

Willis, Judy 
Winn. Cleona Jones 
Winterton, Arlene 
Wittmayer, Theodore I. 
Wray, Gerald N. 
Wood, Lowell D. 



Wright, Don C. 
Young, Jerry S. 
Alfred, Lavoy C. 
Bloom, Bradley B. 
Brian. A. William 
Carr, Paul B. 

Garcia, Jose E. 
Dieu, Douglas 
George, Revell 
Huish, John M. 
Martindale, Larry E. 
Koenig, Gerald C. 

Monson, Farrell Ray 
Roberts, Cecil L. 
Shelton, Stephen R. 
Shields, William G. 
Smythe, James W. 
Stevens, John 

Welch, Ervil 
White, Wendell 
Williamson, Doris 
Willis, Robert 
Winn, William D. 
Wursten, Robert 


Dean Asahel D. Woodruff 


With the added importance of education in today's world, 
new stress is now being placed upon the preparation of tomor- 
row's teachers. In the College of Education students can receive 
a thorough knowledge of both subject matter and teaching tech- 
niques. Practical experience is gained by observing classroom sit- 
uations and also in student teaching. Personal characteristics 
which reflect the best ideals of civilization are emphasized in the 
teaching certification program. A high capacity for learning 
coupled with a mastery of major and minor fields are necessary 
also. The departments of Educational Administration, Instruction, 
Educational Philosophy and Programs, and Educational Research 
and Services are included in the program. Preparation for teach- 
ing in many fields can be obtained. Training is available for 
teaching handicapped children, industrial arts, homemaking or 
kindergarten, with other specialized jobs such as librarian, coun- 
selor, superintendent, and administrative supervisor. A new pro- 
gram has also been initiated this year, where students can work 
towards attaining a Doctor of Education degree. 

Antone K. Romney 
Assistant Dean 

Dean C. Christensen 
Educational Instruction 

Audio visual aids students used the opaque projector to good advantage. 

Keith Oakes 

Educational Administration 


Alder, Lorna 
Babcock, Hyrum J. 
Barnett, Owen 
Bean, John E. 
Bennett, Erma 
Berryessa, Max J. 

Boyle, William H. 
Burrup, Percy 
Callahan, Sterling G. 
Campbell, Jennie 
Clark, Harold Glen 
Clarke, A. John 

Clark, Monroe H. 
Crnkovic, John K. 
Daines, Delva 
Downing, Lester N. 
Flandro, Royce 
Gibson, Jed G. 

Grimes, Jesse W. 
Hammond, May C. 
Harris, James M. 
Hilton, Lynn M. 
Jenson, Edgar M. 
Jensen, Vern H. 

Krider, Mary A. 
Maeser, Georgia 
Memmott, Evan J. 
Morrill, A. Reed 
Ord, John E. 
Orrock, Scott 

Rigby, Avard 
Slater, Arthur 
Thomas, Lowell D. 
Tyndall, Clarence 
Wilcox, Ray T. 
Wilson, Marguerite L. 


What does he want? 
Can't he see this is a 
study area? 


Asay, Robert D. 
Atkinson. Nilo 
Leach, William G. 
Waite. Wendell G. 
Clark, Donald Edward 
Rands, George C. 

Shute, Wayne 
Mayfield, Craig K. 
Alder, Lill.e 
Andelin, Hart 
Anderson, Gayle C. 
Anderson, Lynne 

Anderson, Janet Ann 
Anderson. Marie R. 
Andrus, Floyd W. 
Argyle, Phillip 
Argyle, Sonja Lee 
Argyle, Sterling C. 

Austin, Nancy 
Atwood, Marguretta 
Ashby, Marian 
Babcock, Sallee 
Bailey, Larry L. 
Baker, Susan 

Bulletin boards were either 
informative or entertaining. 

Barnes, Joanne 
Barrow, Klee 
Barrus, Larue 
Barry, Barbara Jean 
Bean, Deon 
Beckstrand, Therald C. 

Benson, Lynn H. 
Bennett, Hope H. 
Bennion, C. Joan 
Berryhill, Marilyn L. 
Beutel, Johan 
Blodgett, Joan 

Blackhurst, Colleen 
Bloomfield, Beverly 
Booth, Beverly Ann 
Bowers, Claudia Rae 
Boynton, Leo G. 
Bradfield, Terry V. 

Brasher, Pattie S. 
Brim, Beulah 
Brown, Nancy B. 
Bundock, Nancy S. 
Burke, I. Jean 
Brown, Ann LaRay 

Information or al- 
most any subject was 
available to almost 
any student. 

Carlston, Kathryn 
Carling, Marlena M. 
Carr, P. Janelle 
Chun, Maizie U. 
Clark, Betty 
Conway, Thomas L. 

Cline, Morris 
Corak, Eva Marlene 
Cordon, Patti Kay 
Cornwall, Mary Ellen 
Cox, Sharron 
Crose, Carrol L. 

Daniels, Donna 
Crowther, Jean D. 
Crystal, Doris O. 
Davis, Betty Fay 
Davis, Patricia S. 
Dixon, Karen 

Derrick, Kathleen 
Dredge, Jesse R. Jr. 
Dunn- Patricia E. 
DuPaix, Carol 
Fye, Rodney W. 
Echols, Robert Lee 



Edenfield, Grady 
Empey, William Jerry 
Enos, Arthur 
Enos, Mildred 
Erickson, JoAnn T. 
Evans, Donald Ray 

Fanene, Tauveve L. 
Flake, Leona 
Flores, Carol Leilehua 
Floyd, Clettis E. 
Francis, Jane Ann 
Foote, Duane H. 

Gardner, Sherril 
Garfield, Don L. 
Gee, Janet A. 
Giles, Kathleen 
Graham, Glenda 
Greenwood, Noal T. 

Gordacan, Janice F. 
Gummow, J. Fred 
Hackney, Kay Elaine 
Hafen, Ada Marie 
Hall, Ronald D. 
Hallen, Gloria 

Hamilton, Marilyn 
Hansen, Ardith Ann 
Hansen, Ralph Leon 
Harachuchi, Jean 
Harley, Marilyn Ballard 
Harrison, R. David Jr. 

Harrison, Betty D. 
Hartsfield, Audrie 
Hausknecht, Jeanne 
Hawkins, Earlene 
Haycock, Janet 
Hensley, Nada 


Heninger, Brent E. 
Henretty, Thomas A. 
Hirschi, Joyce 
Holley, Laurie Dea 
Hopkins, Eulaleone 
Irvin, Nancy 

Hurst, Dorothy L. 
Jarman, Karen 
Javadi, Marjorie 
Jensen, David B. 
Johnson, Kay Irene 
Johnson, Lynne F. 

Jones, Ada Ruth 
Kaing, Peggy R. 
Kamauoha, Florence Leialoha 
Kawai, Veda Claire 
Kendall, Dorothy Mae 
Kiilau, Walter M. 

King, Lougene 
Knight, Darrell O. 
Kresge, Phyllis 
La Bree, Ray E. 
Lalliss, Coyla 
Leishman, Karen 

Larsen, Arlene 
Lindsay, Margaret L. 
Littlefield, Kenneth 
Lum, Lorene 
Lundell, Connie 
MacArthur, Douglas A. 

Makaio, Elaine 
Manning, Neil H. 
Martin, Anne 
Masado, Jerry H. 
Mayberry, Orlene 
Matson, Kathryn 


Moore, Georgia H 
Minson, Joy 
Morgan, Carolyn 
Morgan, Fred 
Morgan. Marcia 
Moss, Lorenzo C. 

Mortensen, Carolyn 
Mortensen, Stuart L. 
Mott, Jacqueline 
Naumu, Judy Puanani 
Neser, Gerald 
Neilsen, Lynn M. 

Norman, Mary Jean 
Nuttall, Carol 
Nutter, Diana G. 
Okimoto, Howard 
Pace, Kaye C. 
Osborn, W. Dale 



Map making stu- 
dents sometimes ap- 
peared in search for 
hidden treasure. 

Parkinson, Kay 
Pedersen, Sandra 
Penrod, R. Gary 
Peterson, M. Bonita 
Pezoldt, Eleanor E. 
Pike, Carol J. 

Pinster, William 
Pincock, Beverly 
Pointer, Ethel 
Pommerville, Winelle 
Porter, Sherron H. 
Posey, Charlotte Ann 

Poulsen. Glen Martin 
Prince, Carma Rene 
Raile, Frederick N. 
Ramsay, Marilyn 
Rands, Ellen R. 
Rich. Sherron 

Read, Robert Leon 
Riddle, Thello 
Riding. Ronald Edwin 
Ritz, Myrna Pedersen 
Robertson, Mildred R. 
Robinson, ReNell 



Archeological displays sought the 
eyes of many passing students. 

Robison, Charole 
Rogers, Elizabeth 
Rogers, James Keith 
Russell, ChyrI Ann 
Salisbury, RaNae 
Sabey, Linda 

Sanderson, James W. 
Schlappi, Edith P. 
Schlappi, Kent 
Sharp, Barbara J. 
Shaw, Perry 
Short, Marjory G. 

Shirts, Addie Uwarda 
Shumway, Carmen 
Simonis, Arlene 
Skeen, James F. 
Skinner, Velda 
Smith, Edward W. 

Smith, Betty 
Smith, Evelyn 
Snell, Jacqueline 
Snow, Annette 
Sorensen, Hazel 
Spjut, Norma 



Stant'ield, Kay R. 
Stevens, Carole 
Stewart, Marilyn 
Steimle, Corinne 
Stone, Nancy 
Stratford, Karlene 

Tannler, Phyllis 
Strong, John R. 
Tarwater, Edra A. 
Tasker, Dorothy 
Taylor, Bonnie 
Taylor, Carol Dawn 

Tedrick, Margaret 
Thompson, Lorna 
Thornley, Sharon 
Thueson, Karla Ann 
Tippets, TamaRa 
Tolson, Melba Virginia 

Movies were invaluable to learning in 
many classes. 


Education bulletin board 
was the voice of the 
Education Department. 

Wade, Evanell 
Waldvogel, Caryl Ann 
Webb, Karen 
Webber, Renata 
Webster, Mark E. 
White, Orson Hyde 

Whiting, Marjorie Jo 
Wilberg, Ann 
Willes, Frank J. 
Williams, Joyce Arlene 
Wilson, Wayne P. 
Winegar, Eleta I. 

Wallace, Joan 
Wiscombe, Anne 
Van Leuven, Janet 
Verdoorn, Joan 
Zander, Karen 
Vallozzi, Rosina E. 

Walker, Norlan G. 
Drew, LaMar 
Anderson, Joanne 
Lewis, Emery B. 
Moser, Calvin L. 
Nielson, Eldon (Bud) 



The conviction that abundant living evolves pri- 
marily from the happy family, creates the platform on 
which the aims of the College of Family Living rest. 
Study is conducted under the departments of Clothing 
and Textiles, Economics and Management of the Home, 
Food and Nutrition, Homemaking Education, Housing 
and Design, and Human Development and Family Rela- 

tionships. A newly instituted research program is chiefly 
concerned with the addition of a biological dimension to 
what has been primarily a behavior study. Researchers 
are studying, as an experiment in preventive medicine, 
what effect personality types in children have in making 
them prone to certain diseases when older. 

Elizabeth Louise Gardner 
Housing and Design 

Blaine Porter 
Human Development 
and Family Relationships 

Virginia Poulson 
Family Living and 

Eleanor Jorgensen 
Clothing and Textiles 

Vesta Barnett 

Economics and Management 

of the Home 

Marian Bennion 
Food and Nutrition 

I hope my future husband appreciates my efforts. 


Dean Jack B. Trunnell 


Applonie, Evelyn 
Barlow, Frances P. 
Bowman, Genevieve W. 
Bryner, Maurine F. 
Domgaard, Mignon 

Kondo, Eleanor S. 
Lewis, Stella Dixon 
Potter, Margaret S. 
Trost, Lucille 

So the Giant chased Jack to the beanstalk and with a mighty lunge 


I could swear somebody in there was watching us. 

Alter, Marilyn K. 
Anderson, Elvadeen 
Anderson, Marian F. 
Baker, Evalyn 
Bartlett, Janet D. 
Bird, Donna 

Bjork, Kay 
Brimhall, Janelle 
Burrell, Janice 
Burton, Beverly 
Carter, Anita 
Crismon. Carole Irene 

Cluff, Wanda L. 
Crapo, Valeria 
Day, Sidnee 
Dory, Deanna 
Dreith, Margery 
Gibson, Carol Joy 

Edwards, Elaine 
Glenn, Darlene 
Goodson, Klea 
Hansen, Sandra K. 
Hawkins. Julia 
Herrin. Luhuana A. 



Iokepa, Shirley 
Inskeep, Bonnie Jean 
James, Cheril 
Kohler, Carol 
Lance, Carma 
Markstaller, Jan 

Lundberg, Jane L. 
McBride, Deanna 
McCune, Jeanne 
McKell, Mickey 
Merrill, Lura Mae 
Millar, Jeanne 

Miller, Alene 
Michie, Carol 
Murphy, Myrna J. 
Nelson, Barbrajean 
Nelson, Elaine 
Nielson, Susan Linda 

Page, Sharon 
Otterson, Jean 
Richins, Beverly 
Robertson, Marilyn 
Schmidt, Rosemarie 
Pickering, Kathy L. 

Smith, Janice A. 
Sorensen, Corinne 
Sorensen, Roberta Ann 
Stones, Barbara T. 
Taylor, Nancy T. 
Smithson, Rhoda P. 

Watson, Mary Etta 
Wilkinsen, Georganne G. 
Wright, Pauline 
Young, Kathleen 
Toone, Winona 
Gentry, Evelyn 



"To provide opportunities for all students of BYU to gain 
general cultural values through acquaintance with one or more 
of the fine arts; for students who major or minor in one of the 
fine arts to acquire thorough understanding of the arts and to 
develop special skills; and for the prospective teachers of the arts 
to acquire techniques of teaching the fine arts on all instructional 
levels" are the objectives of the College of Fine Arts according to 
its dean, Gerrit de Jong, Jr. The College has an excellent faculty 
with training in some of the best schools of the fine arts in the 
world. Brigham Young University is noted for its outstanding 
musical and dramatic performances which are made possible 
through the efforts of the Departments of Art, Music, and 
Speech and Dramatic Arts of this College. 


Dean Gerrit de Jong, Jr. 

Conan Mathews 

Creation of many forms was produced by the varied activities of the College of Fine Arts. 

John R. Halliday 

'The King and I," one of the major productions of the drama department, drew very favorable comment. 

Harold I. Hansen 


Andrus, J. Roman 
Ballou, Richard E. 
Bos, Jacob 
Brownlee, Robert S. 
dinger, Morris M. 
Cundick, Robert 

Curtis, Brandt 
Darias, Alex B. 
Earl, Don L. 
Edlefsen, Blain E. 
Fuerstner, Carl 
Gledhill, Preston 

Grosbeck, Lue 
Gulbrandsen, Norman R. 
Gunn, Richard L. 
Hanson, William F. 
Henstrom, Richard H. 
Johansen, Franz 

Jex, J. Loren 
Keeler, J. J. 
Laycock, Harold 
Laycock, Ralph G. 
McAllister, John W. 
McKinlay, Lynn 

Madsen, Florence 
Mecham, Merlin J. 
Mitchell, Albert O. 
Morley, Alonzo J. 
Nordgren, Quentin R. 
Pardoe, Kathryn 

Pardoe, T. Earl 
Rich, Owen S. 
Richardson, Jed 
Sardoni, Lawrence W. 
Struthers, Robert 
Terry, Elvis B. 


Turner, Glen H. 
Wakefield, J. Homer 
Weinzinger, Kurt 
White, Carl K. 
Wilkes, William 
Wilson, Warren B. 

Woodbury, Lael J. 
Woodward, Ralph 



Adams, Fred C. 
McLane, Dale B. 
Swensen, A. LeRoy 
Yonemori, Shirley K. 
Allen, Barbara 
Adams, Martha Carolyn 

Baird, Leota 
Beachler, Bette Lou 
Beazer, Gaylen 
Black, Marcia 
Blinco, Eugene 
Clark, Marilyn T. 

Coleman, Doreen 
Crowther, Duane S. 
DaGrade, Don 
Day, Roxanna 
Dudley, Winone 
Frederickson, William E. Jr. 

Frost, Merrill F. 
Gailey, A. Varney 
Gibbons, LeRoy 
Gilbert, Reta 
Gudmundsen, Ruth 
Hall, Leo D. 


Hall, Martin 
Hansen, Larsen Milton 
Harris, Kathryn Kay 
Holman, Sharon 
Heileson, Sara Lee 

Hull, Diane 
Jenkins, Marvin L. 
Jolley, Donal C. 
Kolehmainen, Terttu 
Lee, Ronald E. 
Lewis, Anthon H. 

Lichtenstein, Deanna M 
Lile, John C. 
Lowry, Pauline 
May, James A. 
Misbach, Graham H. 
Mortensen, Paul H. 

Nelson, Charlotte M. 
Oliphant, Norman 
Pace, Ralph W. 
Ptomey, Lynne 
Pugmire, Patricia 
Purser, Gerald L. 

Roberts, Virginia 
Reid, Amy Yvonne 
Shumway, Margene P. 
Skidmore, Emeline 
Stone, Thomas Robert 
Stanfield, Ruth 

Stroble, Carita L. 
Stewart, Mary Lynn 
Vanderford, Lee Ann 
Wilcox, Marion 
Wood, Marilyn Ann 
Catlett, Patricia 

Baddley, Robert 
Grover, Milton Dee 
Marker, Betty L. 
Mortensen, Loyd 
Shumway, Larry 
Skillman, Yvonne 

i H .i^frlfc fc 


An understanding of man, his great heritage, his intellectual 
creations, his accomplishments, his nature, environment, motives, 
and relationships, his institutions, and his social problems is the 
aim of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. It offers 
both general and specialized training in these areas. Two new 
inter-departmenal majors, "humanities" and "area studies" will 
soon be added to the curricula. The humanities major is designed 
to give non-vocational training to the student who wants broad 
cultural goals. The area studies major will offer a variety of 
studies pertaining to a specific geographical area. It is intended 
to prepare students for both government and private occupations 
in foreign countries. Hispanic America studies is the only area 
study major being offered at present. 

- 1 

Dean Leonard W. Rice 


Mark K. Allen 

Ralph A. Britsch 

Stewart L. Grow 
Political Science 

Harold Lee 

Reed H. Bradford 

M. Wells Jakeman 

Language students made constant use of the taped lang- 
uage facilities of the departments. 



Anderson, Floyd M. 
Anderson, Vernon L 
Gailey, Dale S. 

Brady, Marion B. 
Caldwell, Gaylon 
Campbell, Eugene 
Canning, Ray R. 
Cheney, Thomas E. 
Christensen, P. A. 

Christensen, Ross 
Christiansen, John R. 
Clark, Bruce B. 
Clark, Marden J. 
Cox, Soren 
Craig, Marshall 

Drewes, Henry 
Duke, Keith E. 
Dyer, William 
Egbert, Robert L. 
Empey, LaMar T. 
Evans, David L. 

Farnsworth, Dean B. 
Fielding, R. Kent 
Gibsen, M. Carl 
Gubler, Donworth J. 
Hafen, L. R. 
Hardy, Kenneth R. 

Hart, Edward L. 
Horton, Frank K. 
Howell, Robert J. 
Hunt, Jay B. 
Jacobs, Briant 
Jensen, Christen 

Larson, Clinton 
Larsen, Vernon W. 
Layton, Robert 
McKendrick, John E. 
Melville, Keith 
Mabey, Melvin 



Moffitt. Weldon 
Monson, Samuel C. 
Pavne, John W. 
Poulson. M. Wilford 
Reeder. Jesse W. 
Riggs, Robert E. 

Robinson. Burton W. 
Rogers. R. Max 
Sheffield, Sherman B. 
Smart, Lyman F. 
Smithson. Rulon M. 
Spears. Irene Osmond 

Swensen, Russel B. 
Symons, J. N. 
Tanner. Orea B. 
Taylor. Charles 
Taylor. H. Darrell 
Thomas. Robert K. 

Tuttle. L. Elliott 
Valentine, Lee B. 
VC'aterstradt. Jean Anne 
Watkins, Arthur R. 
West, Dale H. 
Smith. Wilford E. 


Barber, Kitty S. 
Baumgarten, James N. 
Anderson, C. Leroy 

Call, Owen D. 
Cebollada, Francisco L. 
Choquette, Lee 

Who me? 

Covington, Wayne 
Fellows, Kay V. 
Gibson, Richard S. 


Gillings, James L. 
Hyun, Chojong 
Johansen, Hans C. 
Kilts, Clair T. 
Lowell, Merton N. 
Oish, Toshio 

Moon, Harold Kay 
Otterson, Winston 
Peterson, Elwood Rey 
Richards, Foster Gene 
Ridenhour, Ted E. 
Taylor, James Scott 

Schultz, Ronald W. 
Wahlroos, Ulla 
Wiese, Glen 
Abplanalp, Delloy O. 
Andrea, Cal J. 
Barkdull, F. Del 

Baker, Dennis M. 
Barney, Lyman K. 
Barnum, Deanna 
Blakeley, Lou Ann 
Bentley, Joseph S. 
Bowles, Roy T. 

-t fe 


The IBM computer kept students and faculty members busy supplying data for it to analyze and solve. 

Brown. Richard R 
Bradford. Nancy A. 
Braithwaite, John A. 
Broman, D. Gar>' 
Buchanan. Frederick Courtney 
Busby. Charles E. 

Burton, Thomas R. 
Call, James Richard 
Chadwick, Regenia 
Chambers. Gay D. 
Chandler. Connie 
Coffman. Gordon C. 

Clark. Ensyne S. 
Condie. Arthur Packard 
Cook. Philip Charles 
Cooper. Keith V. 
Cornelius. E. Don 
Cutler. Ray C. V. 

Cunningham. Marilyn Gail 
Dam. Ingrid E. 
Day. John Laurence 
Dayley. Alan J. 
Done, Harris N. 
Dudding. Earl B. 



Dutson, E. Paul 
Ellis, Gay M. 
Ellsworth, D. Kirk 
Ericksen, Thomas L. 
Erickson, Maynard 
DuPont, Clyde 

Farnsworth, Clyde R. 
Ferre, Carl Martin 
Finlinson, Arline 
Fishburn, Jerry R. 
Fortress, Edwina L. 
Forsyth. Ward R. 

Francis, Robert E. 
Gallup, Norman Ray 
Garner, Don R. 
Gieck, Fred Gary 
Glissmeyer, Floyd 
Grey, Patricia Barney 

Greer, Deon C. 
Hale, Gerald A. 
Hamilton, Larry G. 
Harker, Gary L. 
Harrison, Carolyn L. 
Heath, Charles W. 

Hendricks, Edgar E. 
Hibbert, H. Sherman 
Hill, Gordon O. 
Hill, Margie 
Hirschi, Max G. 
Hogensen, Gary J. 

Hogge, Rollin B. 
Holman, Margaret Jean 
Holmstead, R. Kay 
Hughes, Gerald Jay 
Humphries, Arthur 
Hunter, Richard Brent 


Displays by the Archeological Society were the result of many hours of preparation and study. 

S J. %@ 

Jacobs, M. Alberta 
Jennings, Glenna 
Jensen, Donald F. 
Johnson, Paul Kent 
Johnston, Patricia 
Jones, Charles E. 

Kahoilua, Edith L. 
Jones, Kent 
Keppner, Dawn 
Kingsbury, Elizabeth 
Knauer, Rolf H. 
Kirkendall, Hugh 

Knudsen, Wendell W. 

Kook, Yung Gill 

Kotter, Verle 

Kunz, Lyle 

Lebaron, Theron Cheney 

I.aney, Alden H. 

Leifson, Jack W. 
Lorah, Clifton L. 
Mackay, Ian Wendell 
Mahmoudi, Homayoun 
Marsh, Mary J. 
Lowder, Dixie 



Mauzy, Robert 
May, Frank Reid 
McAllister, Lawrence B. 
McBride, Davis O. 
Millward, Frank 
Middleton, Pat 

Mower, Virginia 
Nielson, Charles F. 
Moikeha, Mona-Amy 
Ogden, DeVon 
Orton, Frederick L. 
Paul, Dewitt J. 

Owen, Lyle C. 
Palmer, Kenley C. 
Pearce, Douglas N. 
Peel, Robert K. 
Phillips, George S. 
Pratt, Gail 

Quinn, Thomas 
Richardson, Kaye 
Ricks, Gary 
Rile, Joseph E. 
Robertson, Joyce 
Rios, Omar G. 

Rodriguez, Adan Raul 
Roush, Robert R. 
Schulzke, Astrid 
Schulzke, Ernest 
Shirley, Rowan 
Riggs, Abbie Lee 


Geography students found map making tedious requiring patience and effort. 

Simmons, Edward 
Shumway, Jerry 
Slater, Geo 
Smith. Paul C. 
Sobers, Richard 
Sorensen, Joane 

Stewart, Norma Lee 
Stimpson, David Vern 
Stine, Alan 
Summers, Rita 
Taylor, Clarence R. 
Taylor. Paul S. 

Tenney, Roy Allen 
Theobald, Merlin G. 
Thomas, Gordon Kent 
Thompson, Ralph W. 
Tippets. Marylee 
Todd, Sally McClay 

Turner, Charles W. 
Whipple, Cale 
Whipple, Carolynn 
Widdison, Harold A. 
Wilkinson, Clifton 
Williams, Byron C. 



Winborg, James 
Wirrick, Irene 
Wixom, Hart 
Wood, Gary Zang 
Woodring, Tom M. 
Woodward, Marilyn 

Woods, Janice 
Wuerth, Dieter 
Zaret, Ronald 
Allen, Lorenzo C. 
Allred, S. Patricia 
Ash, Wayne R. 

Anderson, Loren R. 
Asplund, Tom 
Baer, Richard D. 
Barrios, M. Artiuo 
Best, Brian S. 
Cruser, Lynn 

Brown, Dennis D. 
Giles, Glade 
Hall, Charles M. 
Hardy, B. Carmon 
Hicks, Robert F. 
Tarvis, George 

Kim, Kichuen 
Mayfield, Craig K. 
Miller, Rob 
Obregon, Socorro 
Richards, Foster Gene 
Rounds, Clifford C. 

Stephenson, Don Ray 
Tuomenoksa, Eila O. 
Wahlroos, Ulla A. 
Williams, Paul LaVaun 
Zohner, Glenn 
Walker, Kay L. 



Dean Bernice L. Chapman 


Nursing students donned their white uniforms and ventured into their 
chosen field. 



Allred, Mildred E. 
Alward, Mi#non 
Babcock, Vida R. 
Bloom, Ruth S. 
Gaty, Joan Patricia 
Harris, Maurine 

Jenny, Martha R. 
Kohler, Marion 
McBride, V. Joy 
Oniki, Mary N. T. 
Parsons, Mary Helen 
Potter. Norma 

Schmdler, Ruth P. 
Smiley, Dorothy M. 
Stevenson, Helen T. 
Weston, Donna May 
Wilson, Annette 


This year the School of Nursing gained the status 
of a college and its director, L. Bernice Chapman, became 
dean. Dean Chapman is ably assisted by a staff of 16 
instructors. It is the goal of this college to prepare students 
to fill the positions of professional nurses which are so 
greatly needed in America today. Facilities to meet this 
goal are among the most modern available. Nursing 
majors are required to fill all general requirements for 
graduation in addition to the special courses in nursing. 
Mostly during the junior and senior years, student nurses 
gain valuable clinical experience at the Latter-day Saints 
Hospital and the Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake 


City, the Utah Valley Hospital of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints in Provo and some public hos- 
pitals and agencies in Salt Lake City. Students graduat- 
ing with a bachelor of science degree in nursing are able 
to fill positions in all the clinical areas of nursing: mater- 
nal and child care, medical-surgical nursing, public health 
nursing, psychiatric nursing, etc. Perhaps no other pro- 
fessional field offers greater opportunities for service than 
this. In the event of war or other national emergency, 
probably no other professional field will be more greatly 
needed, nor will any be more greatly appreciated by 

Becker. Janice B. 
Cheney, Barbara 
Christensen, Jolene 
Cooper, Shirlee (Shay) 
Cornaby. Etholene B. 

Erskine, June P. 
Fletcher, Bonnie J. 
Gundersen. Sherron 
Hacking, Eleanore C. 
Hacking, Lu Jeanne 
Harper, Kathryn 

Jasperson, Janet 
Jenson. Marilyn Faye 
Lewis, Afton R. 
May, Helen 
Olpin, Violet 
Olson, Carolyn N. 

Oman, Phyllis F. 
Okelberry, Eva Pearl 
Peterson, Nancy J. 
Snarr, Carol E. 
Steele, Barbara H. 
Strong, Genevieve 

Tobler, Zona Arlene 
Wallace, Wanda 
Wilcox, LuDean 
Young, Elizabeth J. 
Snow, Beora M. 
Larson, Donna R. 



Col. Barnett S. Allen 
Air Science 

|ohn M. Simonsen 
Mechanical Engineering 

Jens J. Jonnson 

Electrical Engineering Science 

■IB ■ .''-• 

L, 1 






D. K. Fuhriman 

Civil Engineering Science 

Billings Brown 

Chemical Engineering Science 

Keith P. Anderson 

E. John Eastmond 

Harvey J. Fletcher 

Kenneth C. Bullock 
Geo. Engineers Science 

While enrollment in engineering dropped at a nation- 
al average of seven per cent this year, it dropped only 
three per cent at Brigham Young University. In addition 
to this, BYU had a larger proportion of its students en- 
rolled in engineering than the national average. In view 
of the present high demand for scientists and engineers in 
all types of industry, this is an encouraging fact to Dean 
Armin J. Hill. Dean Hill also had reason to be happy 
about this year's engineering week which he described 
as "the biggest in every respect" ever held at BYU. A 
significant increase in research, especially in the chemistry 
department, was made during the 1958-59 year. This in- 
crease came about partly as a result of financial grants 
from public and private sources. The college is presently 
busy planning new space and new curricula to meet 
future needs. 

Dean Armin J. Hill 


Baxter, Leland K. 
Bissell, Harold J. 
Blackham, Angus U 
Brimhall, Willis H. 
Bryner, Loren C. 
Bushman, Jess R. 

Butler, Elliot A. 
Calder, Glen 
Compton, Lane A. 
Curtis, Clayne G. 
Dudley, J. Duane 
Dye, Gerald J. 

Firmage, David A. 
Fletcher, Harvey 
Gardner, C. N. 
Gardner, John H. 
Geertsen, Norman O. 
Goates, J. Rex 

Grindstaff, Phillip L. 
Hales, Richard W. 
Hall, David B. 
Hall, Tracy H. 
Hancock, Morck O. 
Hansen, George H. 

Haupt, Floyd E. 
Hintze, Lehi 
Hodson, Harry 
Huish, Sterling S. Jr. 
Izatt, Reed M. 
McNamara, Delbert 

Marshall, Milton 
Meibos, Richard L. 
Miller, Martin L. 
Monson, Darrel J. 
Nelson, K. LeRoi 
Nicholes, Joseph K. 


Nielsen, Alfred 
Nielson, Fred K. 
Olpin, J. Lloyd 
Owens, Joseph 

Perry, Dale C. 
Peterson, Hugh W. 
Ray, Ernest L. 
Rigby, J. Keith 
Robinson, D. W. 
Rollins, Ralph L. 

Swensen, Albert D. 
Tippetts, Frank M. 
Vernon, Leo P. 
Wickes, Harry E. 
Wing, J. H. 
Wiser, Wendell H. 


Bender, Russell M. 
Davis, Briant L. 
Hansen. Kimball 
James, MarLynn 
lohnson, Kenneth D. 
"Walton, Wilbur T. 

Wrathall, Jay W. 
Allen, Terry S. 
Anderson, Richard C. 
Anderson, Robert W. 
Barney, William C. 
Bates, Wayne 

Butler, Ervan 
Brooksby, Merrill 
Craft, Robert 
Daniels, Neil M. 
Davis, Lorin R. 
Delange, Leland 



Science and engineering students made good use of the Science Center's many gadgets and devices. 

Djahanbani, Reza 
Dudley, Robert L. 
Ellis, Victor G. 
Erickson, Clarence E. Jr. 
Fowkes, Ivar Gene 
Gingerish, Lamont 

Grotegut, David 
Hansen, Lee 
Hansen, Q. Marion 
Harris, Ronald Lee 
Hegemiar, Gilbert A. 
Hansen, Stanley D. 

Hess, Garth 
Jones, Howard P. 
Kaleta, Gary J. 
Kleinworth, Frank J. 
Kugath, Donald A. 
Madsen, Ronald D. 

Marchant, Gary Reed 
McCosh, Leonard W. 
Mohammed, Beheshti 
Murray, Fancher M. 
Nay, Mateland D. 
Newman, William A. 



Stapleton, William 
Thurgood, Jay D. 
West, Leonard R. 
Williams, Joseph V. 
Wirrick, Thomas K. 
Allen, Gylan 


Allphin, Nylen Lee 
Beers, Monte D. 
Beus, Spencer W, 
Binch, Wayne G. 
Blakely, Robert G. 
Bodily, David Martin 


Breitenstein, Frank V. 
Brady, Lon G. 
Broadbent, Berne D. 
Budge. Allen N. 
Bullock, B. Neil 
Bunker, Ivan A. 

Bush, P. Douglas 
Byers, Kenneth 
Canfield, Alan R. 
Chiang, Weihauan 
Clark, Ruel Ross 
Christensen, Herbert E. 

Gifford, Clarence Alvin 
Davis, Kiliona S. 
Davis, Ronald M. 
Decker, Rey M. 
Gilger, L. Dwight 
Farmakis, Demetrios 

Godfrey, Arvin F. 
Green, Gordon R. 
Green, James M. 
Gunnell, Robert 
Haddock, Ian G. 
Harmon, Dell Colman 

Hanson, Craig Alfred 
Hatfield, Gary Keith 
Hodgkinson, Kenneth 
Hunn, William J, 
Jensen, Robert S. 
Ihrig, Marshall L., Jr. 

Johansen, Gerald A. 
Jones, Carl Hugh 
Kaminska, Rodney E. 
Lasley, Gordon R. 
Loomis, Jerry 
Luke, Phil 

Lysenko, Peter 
Mangelson, Evan G. 
Mathews, William 
Morrell, Lee 
Nelson, Alvin J., Jr. 
McCann, Louren B. 



1^1* t* 

Olpin, Jay Lloyd 
Ostler, Mel E. 
Paugh, Clifford Edward 
Peck, Ronald J. 
Pedersen, Gaylen 
Pitcher, Max Grow 

Peterson, James L. 
Rencher, Alvin 
Roberts. Richard A. 
Robinson, Gerald B. 
Rogers, W. Thomas 
Sharp, Robert M. 

Rusell, John 
Shumway, Jesse F. 
Strong, Larry M. 
Thompson, Ed. J. 
Vance. Allen L. 
Twitchell. Ancil L. 

Varney, Joel R. 
Walker. Reed Verdon 
Watts, Joseph 
White, Dean 
Workman, Vena May 
Wittorf, John J. 


Clark. Donald D. 
Awerkamp. Dwayne 
Bradford, Richard B. 
Brim. Larry H. 
Cook, William A. 
Buckwalter, James B. 


Crowther, Ted J. 
Crapse, Warren F. 
Crum, Paul E. 
Dike, James A. 
Freeman, Peter H. 
Dotson, Robert B. 

Graham, Wayne 
Ghahremani, Akbar 
Hammond, Dale Alden 
Harrison, Willis 
Harvey, Kenneth L. 
Huffman, John H. 

Jacobsen, Errol L. 
Jensen, John 
Jensen, Lester D. 
Johnson, Raleigh W. 
Kartchner, Lawrence Ned 
Jones, Jonnie A. 

Miller, Ed 

Leavitt, Crayton DeLange 

Pack, Elbert 

Palmer, L. Merrill 

Paris, Charles 

Patton, James R. 

Park, Dennis James 
Patton, Joseph B. 
Polgar, Peter 
Prince, Donald 
Read, Juan C. 
Shields, Earl D. 

Smith, John T. 
Smith, Ted L. 
Stott, Gary 
Thayne, Lloyd 
Thomas, David Brent 
Weller, Lynn D. 


Dean Milton F. Hartvigsen 

Leona Holbrook 

Physical Education for Women 

C. J. Hart 

Physical Education for Men 

Royal B. Stone 
Youth Leadership 

Israel Heaton 

Lddie Kimball 
Intercollegiate Athletics 

David Geddes 
Health Education 

This college, with its departments of Health Educa- 
tion, Intercollegiate Athletics, Physical Education, Recre- 
ation, and Youth Leadership, served over 4500 students 
this year with a variety of classes ranging from basketball 
and horseback riding to personal hygiene and philosophy 
of recreation. Under the direction of Dean Milton F. Hart- 
vigsen and a full time staff of 36, the college provides 
students with physical development and prepares them for 
the responsibilities of youth leadership. A large outdoor 
athletics play area was begun this year south of the field- 
house. Construction of an extension on the west side of 
the fieldhouse was also expected to begin very soon. A 
new football coaching staff was named after the resig- 
nation of Coach Hal Kopp. Tally Stevens, formerly an 
assistant to Coach Kopp, was the new coach. As his assis- 
tants, Tally chose Chris Apostal, Owen Dixon, Hal Mit- 
chell, and Carl Rollins. 

Handball kept many hustling for good exercise 



Varied activities proved interesting 
to women. 

Barney, Vermon S. 
Bunker, Robert 
Calderwood, JoAnn 
Cowan, Cynthia 
Crowton, David M. 
Davis, Allan 

Dixon, Fred W. 
Dixon. Owen G. 
Hafen. William J. 
Heaton, Alma 
Jacobson, Phyllis C. 
Jensen, MaryBee 

Kimball, Rodney C. 
Kopp, Harold 
Leake, Robert L. 
Robison, Clarence F. 
Soffe, Wayne 
Stevens, Tally 

Van Noy, Jay 
Wallace, Lulu 
Watters, Ray 
Watts, Stanley H. 
Witbeck, Alan 
Bangerter, Blauer L. 



Many took advantage of good weather for outdoor sports. 

Prospective nimrods developed skill in archery. 

Cook, Jack R. 

Moe, Rudy 
' Tung. Grace 
[ Yang. Linda Ching Tze 
{ Adams. John H. 

Adams. Gweneth 

Anderson, Joyce 
Applegate, Thayne R. 
Barg, Kathryn 
Bateman. Marietta L. 
Berg, Kathryn 
Bodily, Teth Alene 

Bolander, Giles Terry 
Bone, Lorin 
Buhler, LeRoy 
Caldwell, Colleen R. 
Dayton, Kenna B. 
Condie, Howard G. 



Evans, Sharron R. (Sally) 
Foss, Charleda 

Fuchigami, Ronald 
Foss, Maralee 
Grimmett, Dixie 
Holman, Albert N. 
Holmes, Thomas 
Grimmett, Karen 

Hutchison, Wallace W. 
Jameson, Kirk M. 
Johnson, Gary T. 
Johnson, Richard H. 
Kimber, Richard D. 
Laub, Marvin 

Lewis, Dale 
Lewis, Allen E. 
Mickelsen, Richard 
Mortensen, Ruthdale 
Nolen, Diane O. 
Orr, Richard A. 

Park, Clifford W. 
Pritchett, David L. 
Pyper, Idonna 
Reid, Jack 
Ricks, Nedra 
Slade, Thomas E. 

Sawyers, (Jack) Sherrell 
Schmidt, Nathalie C. 
Spencer, Lael A. 
Sprague, Lois 
Startin, Wayne 
Stokes, Mirl Winn 

Thacker, Roy 
Todd, Henry 
Trent,. Dennis Wayne 
Wanlass, Geri 
Wilcox, Gerald Allen 
Ward, Georgeanna 


Religious knowledge, properly integrated with 
secular learning is the purpose of the College of 
Religion. In the two hours of required religion each 
quarter, students receive a broad acquaintance with 
the many facets of the Latter-day Saint religion. 
Bible and modern scriptures are taught along with 
courses in LDS History. Principles, doctrines, and 
philosophy of the church are also studied. In ad- 
dition students have the opportunity to learn about 
church organization and administration in religion 
courses. These classes provide specific knowledge 
of Mormonism and enable students to continue a 
more educated study of the Gospel. 

Dean David H. Yarn, Jr. 

Truman Madsen 
Theology and Philosophy 

Sidney Sperry 
Graduate Studies 

Russell R. Rich 
Church History 

Eldin Ricks 

Bible and Modern Scripture 


Byron G. Done 

L.D.S. Church Organization 

and Administration 

Whipple, Walter L. 
McCue, Robert J. 



Afternoon classes were attended by wide awake, attentive students. 

Andrus, Hyrum L. 
Bankhead, Reid E. 
Barrett, Ivan J. 
Barron, Howard H. 
Belnap, B. West 
Bentley, Anthony I. 

Brown. Harold 
Clark, James R. 
Doxey, Roy 
Ellsworth, J. Orval 
Fitzgerald, H. Alvah 
Horsley. A. Burt 

Larson, Gustive O. 
Ludlow, Daniel 
Nibley, Hugh 
Pearson, Glen 
Rasmussen, Ellis T, 
Riddle, Chauncey C. 

Rogers, Lewis M. 
Tingey, Dale 
Turner, Rodney 


He who hesitates needn't be lost, at least as far as 
choosing a major and minor are concerned. The Division 
of Provisional Registration, one of the departments in 
the new General College, advises incoming students 
who are undecided about their life's work. A series of 
two-year technical programs are also outlined as part of 
this college which accepted students for the first time 
fall quarter, 1958. Here students can receive special 
training in the fields of engineering, business, and agri- 
culture. Industrial Education majors are also registered 
in this college, taking courses in drawing, metalwork, 
woodwork, and other related subjects. 


Dean Wayne B. Hales 

Faux, Charles M. 
Gammett, Lavell C. 
McArthur, Ross J. 
McKinnon, Max E. 
Snell, W. H. 
Willden, William K. 


Arbon, Lloyd E. 
Carter, Don C. 
Christiansen, Richard O. 
Crosby, Edward E. 
Dawson, Kenneth E. 
Grimaud, Donald Leroy 

Harris, Paul 
Hill, Garth 
Hitesman, Ferrell J. 
Huish, Jim 
Lowry, Thomas E. 
McAllister, Myron 



Anderson, Leland 
Bendixsen, Grant D. 
Berry, June 
Brooks, Melvin 
Buttle, Faye J. 
Caine. Julia 

Carlisle, June 
Christensen, Lillian 
Davidson, Bertha 
Golightly. Max 
Hansen, Ralph 
Hart, Anna B. 

Hatton, Betty Jo 
Hellberg, Ray W. 
Hilton, Ross C. 
Hogan, Henrietta 
Jensen, Lucille 
Knell, Lee 

Madsen, Parke 
Mercer, Winston 
McConkie, Don 
Miller, Elva 
Miller, Karl Fred 
Nelson, Elmer E. 

Porter, Leroy E. 
Rasband, Mima 
Rogers, Sadie 
Snow, Donald 
Sparks, M. LeRoy 
Taylor, Lynn D. 



Secretaries were constantly keeping offices in 
top order. 




Graduate students produced beautiful designs and patterns in advanced work of ceramics and pottery. 

Brigham Young University offered university work 
at the highest level this year with the initiation of a doc- 
torate program in the Graduate School. Doctor's degrees 
were offered in nine different fields. The program is to 
be expanded in 1959-60 to include three additional fields, 
bringing the total to twelve. Under the very capable 
leadership of Dean A. Smith Pond and an excellent 
graduate faculty, several hundred graduate students were 
successful this year in meeting the rising academic stand- 
ards of the School. A new library being planned on the 
campus, along with the many fine facilities now avail- 
able, will aid the Graduate School in accomplishing its 
original purpose as announced when the division was 
established in 1922. That purpose was stated in these 
words: "The essential aim ... is to develop the power 
to do independent work and to encourage the spirit of 

Dean A.Smith Pond 


Not unfamiliar to graduate students were the many volumes 
of material on hand in campus libraries. 

Fugal, John P. 
Fletcher, George A. 
Hatton, LeOra 
Hsu, Tsin-Sheng 
Marlowe, Darold 
Goodman, N. Joyce 

Reneer, Sharon P. 
Rosen, Harold E. 
Shah, Shashi K. 
Bethsold. Eleanor 
Bragg, Mary H. 
Briggs, Gwen 

Bartholomew, M. Grant 
Carruthers, Joyce 
Hogge, Elmer M. 
Hilton, Bruce 
Noori, Hossein 
Nilsson, Bruce R. 

Pearson, Dean N. 
Papenfuss, Elaine 
Palmer, Revier 
Sharp. Gay 
Seely, James Dale 
Thompson, Sam O. 

Bush, Richard A. 




Harold Glen Clark. Director 


The Adult Education and Extension Services division performs a 
variety of tasks ranging from supervising home study courses 
and evening school to sponsoring many special credit and non- 
credit classes for adults outside the university curriculum. At the 
BYU Centers, located in Ogden, Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls, 
a program of adult education is carried out. In addition classes 
are also sponsored in many other cities. Travel studies, which 
send students to such places as Quebec, Hawaii, Old Mexico, 
Europe, Alaska and even on world-wide and church history tours 
is also a part of this division. It is also responsible for the audio- 
visual aids department, which supplies teaching aids such as films 
and phonograph records to university classes. 


Lynn Hilton, Asst. Director 

Audio visual aids, one of many extension di- 
vision activities. 


Row 1 (left to right): Jean Burke, Susan Baker, Velda Skinner, Lee Ann Vanderford, Kathy Matson, Susan Nielson. Row 2: Bill 
Hunn, Ada Ruth Jones, Nila Smith, LaMont Ririe. 


In traditional spirit the Senior Class started the 
school year for new students with Frosh Week. The 
Freshmen made a trek to the block "Y", enjoyed a 
Frosh Find 'um Party and were given a good intro- 
duction to college life. 

In the Homecoming Parade the Senior Class entered 
a beautiful, modernistic float. 

In November, January and May successful class 
parties were held. Class activity cards were sold for 
admission to the parties and the proceeds helped in 
the fund-raising for the class project. 
The climax of their college experience came to the 
members of the graduating class of 1959 during 
Senior Week. Just before graduation, members of the 
Senior Class participated in the Senior Trek, the 
Class assembly, a Senior Ball and a Class testimonial. 
During the same week the gift of the Class was dedi- 
cated and presented to the university. This was a 
lovely fountain on the patio of the Smith Family Liv- 
ing Center. It will be a monument to the happy 
years spent at BYU by the Class of 1959. 

Raymond Ely, President 

Marna Todd, Vice President 

Lillie Alder, Secretary 


-- ^ - — -- . — 

- .. - . 

. • -. "J 

* -- 


■ .> 

- • 


.- ■ ' ' 

■ . 




' ■ ~.-v \ . ' . •','... ' .- „;. '■■, -•■ V,5: -'•»* : .-Vr v.? r ---. , v ; *- i ■ 

' *»'-s—j i.-,,- f.."-.-": i .^/;--i/." .v., - p j .-'->. f. ■;■-. u*";' 

=-..■- * Vs. ■• . " ..— »." --v.,-. ' .,, . ? ■■;■„ •;;^v .,i 

'" ■ '' s-.i-.. „~ ' V-/'«*-*,4- ■ .."'V- '.v " ■ ,-- 7 '■■* - ,' .'.'' . /'-■ ■■ '"'-.- 



■ *.:..-■ 


m^&^^i^^mSMMS riMr A DT^ 


George W. Aaron, Gerald T. Aaron, Edwina Acker, Christine A. 
Allred, Sheldon L. Anderson, Robert W. Atwood, Bonnie M. 
Bagley, Arlene E. Bahe, Durant H. Ball, Bonnie L. Ballif, Kay 
Bassett, Judith A. Bishop, Aaron C. Blauer, Judith L. Bodine, 
Ethel C. Bond, Rae A. Bringhurst, Joan Brower, Cleo E. Brown, 
William K. Burris, Vernean Butcher, Janice Bybee, Lynne Can- 
ning, Elanor Capson, Elsie M. Christensen, Daryl E. Cooper, 
Marba Cottle, Joyce L. Crockett, Raymond C. Cutler, James D. 
Davis, Carole A. Derrick, Jeanette L. Dieudonne, Jesse R. Dregde, 
Allien R. Dunster, Agnes A. Eddington, Elaine Ellis, Sharlene 
Ellsworth, Mary L. Escobar, Shirley Eyring, Sharon L. Fuller, 
Gayleen Garlick, Susan Gillette, Loyia Greene, Jeannette Grimes, 
Kathleen L. Gurney, Gloria D. Haecker, Geraldine Hall, Karen 
E. Hanna. 

Joyce Hansen, Nadine Harding, Claudia E. Hardy, Bonnie L. 
Harman, Claire Hatch, Janis E. Hirst, Susan C. Hopper, Mary 
E. Huse, George V. Ipson, Jeane F. Jacobsen, Mary D. Jensen, 
Alice Beth Johnson, Carol Johnson, Theodore P. Johnson, Karen 
L. Kapp, Philip R. Kunz, Edna R. Lamb, Judith I. Lambert, 
Ruth H. Lamberty, Gordon L. Langford, Barbara A. Lapray, 
Kenneth B. Lauritzen, Penelope L. Lewis, Edith L. Lyman, Hel- 
ene I. Lysy, Joy D. Madsen, Donald R. Marshall, Nola D. Mat- 
thews, Lolene McAllister, Evalyn L. McCauley, Mary L. Merrell, 
Carolyn A. Miles, Dale B. Miller, Mary M. Miller, Robert W. 
Miller, Virginia Millward, Jon L. Monasmith, Joan Monson, 
Janice A. Morgan, Brenda A. Morrison, Douglas W. Morrison, 
Don R. Muller, Ethel L. Murphy, Judy A. Nelson, Laura L. Niel- 
son, Lola Ogden, Ralph W. Osmond. 



Ellen S. Patchell, {Catherine M. Peck, Kathryn L. Phegley, Pat- 
ricia Pierson, Carol L. Pinkston, Delray B. Piatt, Terrel M. Plotts, 
Judith Ralph, Joan D. Ranck, Donna D. Rinquest, Gale W. 
Roach, Eugene L. Robertson, Clyda J. Robison, Gaylin W. RoK 
lins, Sharron J. Rowe, Barbara A. Rumel, Ann R. Russon, Frank 
Schetselaar, Maria L. Shepherd, Clair H. Shields, Rodney H. 
Showalter, Delores M. Simpson, Linda L. Smith, Patricia A. 
Smith, Jennett Smithson, Linda A. Smoot, Sylvia J. Snow, Aug- 
ustus D. Stephens, Mary R. Stevens, Ann Thomas, Galen B. 
Thomas, Patricia L. Tipton, Mary L. Van Dam, Stephen W. 
Vanderkooi, Bryan K. Wahlquist, Glenn R. Walker, Patsy D. 
Weatherbee, Carolyn Westenskow, Sharon J. Whitaker, Janice 
K. White, Kristine Whiting, Linda D. Wightman, Laurence E. 
Webb, Judy Wagner, Evalyn Baker. 

Vermoyne Beecher, Carol A. Bell, Marsha R. Bluemel, Dean L. 
Bolles Ida Diane Bowers, Maureen Boyack, Gwen E. Briggs, 
Wyn D Brown, Norman D. Calhoun, Ruth D. Claridge, Joyce 
Cook, Jessie M. Covey, Reneta A. Cushing, Gloria E. Day, Dixie 
Rutson, Sydney H. Dyal, Jeannette Foote, Laura C. Fox, Roland 
T Gallagher, Myrna L. Gilbert, Sharon Greene, Mary Howlett, 
Eueene P Jensen, Ruth M. Johnson, Janeen L. Jolley, Mary G. 
Jones, Patricia A. Kelly, Joyce F. Luth, Douglas Q. Maclean, 
Kathleen E. Maynard, Karen O. Moss, Alice Neal, Karen L. 
Ogden, Helen K. Olsen, Merlin V. Olsen, Reta M. Payne, Con- 
nie Pierson, Deanna Rasmussen, Gary L. Roper, Helen R. Sander- 
son, Beth Schrumpf, Norma K. Senzee, Terry A. Shawcroft, Char- 
les L Shumway, Judith O. Simonds, Colleen R. Sullivan, Carol 
Anne Whatley, Natalie Wickes, Val E. Evensen, Silvia L. Bennett. 

More than two hundred singers make up this enthusiastic group. It is open to all interested in develop- 
ing musical gifts. Cougar Devotionals have often heard them. And their music at concerts includes 
selections like "Te Deum" and "Rejoice Beloved Country." Extensive social activities are regularly 
carried on, under the direction of President Donald Marshall, and student conductors Duane Crow- 
ther, Keith Burris and Mary Howlett. The University Choral aids students to become better musicians 
while entertaining audiences. 

Ralph Woodward 

Since its organization in 1949, the 
A Cappeila Choir has toured exten- 
sively throughout the western states. 
The greatest musical tradition of BYU 
serves as an excellent background for 
this specialized type of choral music. 
This past Christmas season the Choir 
broadcast was presented on a nation- 
wide radio broadcast. Extensive au- 
ditions are held each year to select the 
seventy-five voice choir, which has 
thrilled innumerable audiences. 


Norman Gulbrandscn 




Row 1 (left to right): Nancy Skeen, Rodie Slade, Beverly 
Morrison, Diana Bell, Margaret Kohler, Arleen Mulhern, 
Ruth St?nfield, Nanette Hinckley, Lynda Lee, Mary,Wald- 
ron, Naomi Davis, Carole Dawn Lee, Mel Rae Bateman, 
JoeAnn Neubert, Virginia Lutz, Barbara Allen, Carolyn 

Row 2 : Sunya Evans, Heide Remde, Annette Hansen, Cami 
deGaston, Marsha Hoyt, Clare Schroeter, LaMar McCloy, 
Ronald Nielson, Richard Linford, Ronald Lee, Nilo At- 
kinson, Karen Zanders, Hannah Oldroyd, Bonnie Benson, 
Jane Weaver, Ada Barlow. 

Row 3. Marilyn Ramsay, Beverly Fincock, Marian Ashby, 
Gwen Jensen, Gloria Bills, Delano Hughes, Junior Drake, 
Dick Robbins, Gary Heiner, Larry Shumway, Ronald Fra- 
zier, Jim Rawls, John Lile, Fred Williams, Charles Soper. 
Karen Keller, Nancy Folsom, Joyce Barney, Barbara Niles, 
Clifta Bright. 

Row 4: Doreen Kurr, Marilyn Hansen, Ronald Dixon, Carl 
Harris, Earle Larson, Dee Tracy, George Jarvis, David 
Perry, Ken Heaps, Reed Millar, David Shepherd, Nyle 
Kinghorn, Jay Olpin, Keith Child, Graeme Frehner, Bill 
Jackson, Farrell McKiney, John Thompson, Evelyn Parry, 
Gloria Norr. 

W I j* 




Row 1 (left to right) : Sharon Reneer, Sally Waddoups, Norma 
Gwilliam, Vanja Yorgason, Diane Heder, Carol Halliday, Luene 
Kleinman, Celia Ann Haynie, R'Lene Jensen, Billie Lou S. John- 
son, Patricia Pugmire, Norma Pocock. 

Row 2: Karma Jean Kay, Charlene Anderson, Marcia Black, 
Jim Guinn, Mike Suzuki, Alden Sorenson, Sam Hammond, Rick 
Raile, Gerald Jensen, Rod Zabriskie, Maughan McMurdie, Ther- 
on Burgess, Kent Van Wagenen, Lloyd Tew, Ross Brown, Judy 
Grover, Colleen Redford, Pat Babbel. 


Vocal talent alone does not qualify one 
to be a Madrigal singer. Besides that 
he has to have a stage personality and 
ability to "sell" BYU, music, and Mor- 
monism. Dr. Halliday's elite group is 
booked heavily on concerts. From the 
Salt Lake Tabernacle to their ten-day 
tour of the San Francisco area, audi- 
ences have acclaimed them. They ap- 
peared on TV over KUED, sang in the 
"Messiah," and at Commencement. 
Their president is Rodney Zabriskie. 

John R. Halliday 

Row 1 (left to right): Wanda Brown, Andrea Everett, Ruth 
Moss, Sara Calapp, Joyce Roberts, Karen Derrick, Natrone Ward, 
Lynne Croft, Sylvia Cropper, Yvonne Blaylock, Juliane Johnson, 
Jeanette Ludlow, Carolyn Merrill, Mary Ann Grudzinski, Bev- 
erly Odonnal, Penny Druke. 

Row 2: Jacqueline Richardson, Kathy Low, Diane Hartley, Jean 
Palmer, Lael Heiner, Bonnie White, Karen Benfell, Gilberta 
Fjeldsted, Mary Korth, Lorrie Walker, Deanne Rhodes, Kathy 
Howard, Betty Peterson, Cerita Moore, Lynda Boone, Norma 
Blake, Carol Hollingshead. 

Row 3 : Thelma Black, Judy Stienmetz, Vera Butler, Shirley 
Nordgren, Elaine Storrs, Ruth Marie Kearl, Michalene Packer, 
Kay Paris, Nila Smith, Zelda Lee, Judith Hallet, Beverly Arm- 
strong, Carol Criddle, Linda Nielson, Doris Madsen, Adele 
Nielson, Carolyn Crawford, Joyce Anderson. 
Row 4. Clara Goates, Pat Fish, Carol Pulley, Nancy Robinson, 
Gail Spilsbury, Roxie Madsen, Sharlyn Hart, Linda Palmer, 
Alyce Giles, Elmary Davidson, Emeline Skidmore, Margaret 
Hansen, Rella Sproul, Donna Mortenson, Mary Ann Keeler, 
Linda Potter, Sylvia Berg, Charlene Johns, Charlene Edmunds, 
Connie Whipple. 

• it* 

▼I T TO •' * ; 







Conductor : 

Norman Gulbrandsen 

The University Women's Chorus is in 
its sixth year of concerts. Last year the 
Chorus toured through Wyoming, Ida- 
ho, and Utah. They have performed at 
stake conferences, at devotionals, and 
this year participated in the "Messiah." 
They joined with the combined choruses 
to sing for General Conference, and in 
the past have presented an assembly. 
Members are selected after exacting au- 
ditions on the basis of voice, musicality, 
charm and poise. 



Eirst row (left to right): Layne Evans, Eugene Hughes, Arthur 
Daniels, Bernard Packard, Richard Smack, Robert Jenkins, Lary 
Walker, Max Anderson, Mario Sagers, Ronald Sirnne, Charles 
Cummins, Wayne Mayberry, Gary Anderson, Donald West. 
Second row: Kay Salmon, William Ashmore, Paul Thomas, La- 
mar Pond, John Jones, Robert Turley, Vernon Mattson, Thad 
Stewart, Donald Jarvis, DeMoyne Bekker, George Turner, Gary 

Third row: John Bingham, Earl McDaniel, Gary Hart, David 
Eoulger, Hugh AIsop, Clifford Sorensen, Dwight Kelsey, Leon- 
ard Larsen, David Bush, William Rice, Arnold Jameson, David 
Noyes, Robert Matheson. Not shown: Robert Roush, Paul Kirk- 
patrick, Newell Dayley, John Sharpe, Kenneth Blair, Justin 


Though not strictly limited to classical 
selections, the Male Chorus certainly 
has its accent there. They have engaged 
in two major concerts, taken part in the 
"Messiah," sung at April Conference, 
toured to Snow College, and other do- 
ings. They have performed before the 
National Music Educators Conference 
in Salt Lake. With Women's Chorus 
their annual Spring Banquet was a suc- 
cess. President Gary Lloyd says entering 
requirements for the 45-man group are 
high, but its worth it. 

Conductor: Ralph Woodward 

I-'irst row: (left to right) :Roland Washburn, Marvin Jenkins, 
Orlene Mayberry, Marvin Gay, David Thayne, Brent Faulkner, 
Roxanna Day, Naomi Boyer, Mary Thomas, Linda Callister, 
LaRue Barrus, Janet Grigg, Robert Bowden, Darrell Hart, Clif- 
ford Sorensen, Ada Barlow, John Winters, Doris Dahle, Su 

Maurer, Mary K. Davis, Carol Nielsen. Second row: Mary Ove- 
son, J. Buscaglia, Nancy Carey, Marian Anderson, Kathleen 
Stewart, Howard Eastland, Lee Chocjuette, LeRoy Gibbons, 
Marian McCarty, Bruce Beaman, Lewis Sutherland, Ruth Anne 
Peterson, Don DaGrade. Third row: Charlotte Elder, Susan Rich- 



Because of the performances and tours of the Concert 
Band, many people have gained greater appreciation 
of good music. Each quarter they gave a campus con- 
cert, and supplemented this with Thanksgiving and 
dinner-dance appearances. Audiences evidenced 
large gratitude on tours— one to central Utah, and 
another to northern Utah and southeastern Idaho. 
They were chosen to perform before the Utah Music 
Educators Association January 19 in Salt Lake, and 
again the brass section performed before the nation- 
al convention of that group. Its seventy-five mem- 
bers include musicians from 18 states and Canada. 
Florida performers sit beside Alaskans. President is 
Don DaGrade. 

Conductor: Ralph Laycock 

ards, Elda Schoonover, Jack McAllister, Bobby Newell, Carolyn 
Decker, Newell Dayley, Cornelia Bates, Clifford Madsen, Brent 
Packard, Eugene Webb, Harry Boley, Noel Jewkes, David Tucker, 
Dale Hardy, Michael Kirkham. Fourth row: Bernell Berrett, 
Dean Pace, Robert Campbell, Elmonda Heimark, James May, 

Martin Thorne, Larry King, Delbert Carbine, Cherrie Beauregard, 
Lurae Ahrendes, Roy Rummler, Veldon Bennett, Wilson Brown, 
Cordell Chipman, Leon Badham, Jack Sharpe, Larry Wright, 
Grant Erickson, Paul Mortensen. 

First row (left to right): Barbara Barry, Concertmis tress; Jean 
Nesbit, Linda Peterson, Howard Christensen, Carita Stroble, 
LeAnn Vanderford, Loya Vance, Karen Ogden, Second row: 
Phyllis Clay, Nancy Barnes, Linda Luckau, Brenda Morrison, 

Marilyn McMeen, Mary Ellen Cornwall, Naomi Boyer, Roxana 
Day, Wayne Wood, Prof. Harold Laycock, Eugene Jensen, Selene 
Sandberg, Lynn Shurtliff. Third row: Ronda Jeffery, Carole 
Bates, Signe Slangerup, Carolyn Morriss, Donna House, Sonia 


The widely-traveled BYU Symphony Orchestra has gain- 
ed an enviable reputation as one of the major university 
orchestras in America. Professor Sardoni has brought the 
orchestra to its present eminence. Under his direction they 
have performed in Utah and Colorado, before the Nation- 
al Music Educators Association in Salt Lake, in such pro- 
ductions as the "Messiah" and "Sand In Their Shoes." 
Each year they accompany about five student vocalists, and 
are usually found with a major role in campus musical 
productions. Admission to the classical performers is by 
audition. Paul Mortensen is President, Marvin Jenkens, 
vice president, and Maria Brimhall, secretary-treasurer. 


Peterson, Marvin Jenkins, Bill Washburn, Larry Merrill, Don 
DaGrade, Jeanne Millar, Mocella Brimhall, Bruce Everton, 
Fourth row: Carolyn Decker, Karen Polly, Joan Long, Mary 
Allen, Robert Campbell, Marita Brimhall, Lurene Dennison, 

Glenna Stahle, Gary Lundell, Mary Louise Jacobs, Anne Marie 
Ward, Beulah Lee Choquette, Prof. Richard Ballou, Clifford 
Madsen, Cornelia Bates, Jay Terry, Paul Mortensen, Veldon Ben- 
nett, Wilson Brown, John Beardall, Gloria Dotson, Dawn Wat- 
son, Sharon Ward, Irene Webb, Harmon Hatch. 


Conductor: Lawrence Sardoni 


Both model and artist spend many hours to gain an abstract reality 

The arduous task of selecting pictures for the exhibition 


The big event of this school year in the art department was 
the Anual Student Art Show which started May 4th and 
continued to the end of the month. Every student who 
entered the student art contest was represented. 
In the artistic field every student has the opportunity to 
create, to express a nonverbal form of creativity. Some- 
thing directly from the mind to the hand is made. Art is 
found in many forms and made from many materials. 
The students in the department select from these varied 
forms and materials and learn proficient use of them. 
After the proper techniques are learned they may be ap- 
plied in a life profession or an enjoyable hobby. 

Creativity in the form of mosiac work 


- HI 


Students gather to observe the opening of the Annual Student Art Show 

Wood is made into an art form. 

Students display the results of an art excursion to southern Utah 



Dr. Don L. Earl 

Members of the Opera Workshop are seen in the pictures above 
in costume for their production, "The Masked Ball.'' 

Grand opera, light opera, and musical comedy are all 
part of the stock of the Opera Workshop, under the di- 
rection of Don Earl. "Masked Ball" by Verdi was their 
outstanding work this year, followed by Victor Herbert's 
"Red Mill," during Spring Quarter. 

Two tours, to Los Angeles in the Spring, and Utah high 
schools in the Fall, have been taken. Several members 
have won honors, and Don Earl has been selected for 
special training at New York City Opera Company. 
Eugene Blinco is president of the organization. 





1 , 



.j> •* , 





Opera Workshop Members: Judith Applebaum, Jacqueline Arnold, Lorene 
Black, Donna Dean, Nancy Empey, Carolyn Evans, Donna Rae Garrett, 
Boyd Hancock, Sharon Healy, Patrica Hunter, David Jarvie, Loretta John- 
son, Joan Justis, Susan Kearns, Phillip Keeler, Patricia Kelsey, Barbara 
Key, Turlene Levar, Dennis Linde, Robert Merrill, Julia Nielson, Duane 
Perry, Jacqueline Roberts, Barbara Savage, Margot Schauman, Brent Shaw, 
Klint Stander, Louise Stoddard, Otto Stone, Carl Stones, Jean Sidwell, 
Faye Wittever, John Young, Dorene Moesser, Nancy Mills, Charlotte 
Elder, Kenneth Adams, Russell Bender, Raul Crum, John Eastman, Joie 
Falsler, Margaret Grange, Dee Green, Patricia Hammond, Shirley Harri- 
son, Evelyn Hegsted, Peter Henderson, Dorothy B. Hicks, Nancy Irvin, 
Jolly Clark, Judith Keller, Claire Leavitt, Lila Levar, Sandra Sue Mc- 
Master, Evelyn Oaks, Richard Olsen, Jane Reese, Sherron Rich, Rita Ring- 

quist, Gilbert Taylor, Samuel Thompson, Tilley Dunn, Deanna Turner, 
Norman Oliphant, Eugene Blinco, Louise Judd, Bill Harris, Lynn Mecham, 
Ina Lou Cheney, Ray Samuelson, Ruth Melville, Klair Bybee, Nanette 
Hinckley, Gary Hulshoff, Alice Hilden, Kathy Snow, Margaret Stoors, 
William Wiscomb, Lawrence Manerman, Rex Johns, Darrell Hadley, 
Sirlee Boebles, Jeanette Griggs, Carmen Shumway, Ann Sheffield, Ann 
Voyles, Beverly Harris, Jane Swift, Beverly Whitford, Leon Ricks. 
Theatre Orchestra: Ina Ammons, Cornelia Bates, Juane Hansen, Carrie 
Jacobs, Richard Oliver, Lewis Sutherland, Glen Williams, Wilma Homer, 
Barbara Barry, Bobby Newell, Martin Wiiks, Eleanor Hart, Barbara Beers, 
Merilyn Rich, Marvin Jenkins, Bruce Beaman, Lynn Shurtleff, Harry Tarr, 
Allen Nielson, Karen Ogden, Sharon Ward Weeks. 

A love scene at the foot of the gallows marks a high 
point in the Opera Workshop's production of "The 
Masked Ball," by Giuseppe Verdi. In the eternal tri- 
angle, Ricardo, the hero is in love with his best 
friend's wife. Renato discovers this following the 
love scene between Ricardo and Amelia under the 
gallows at the edge of town. Renato decides to join 

Ricardo, the king. At a masked ball attended by both 
friends and enemies of Ricardo, the conspirators suc- 
ceed in the plot. Renato bribes a page to reveal Ri- 
cardo's disguise, Renato shoots the King and faces 
death by the courtiers. However, the dying Ricardo 
tells Renato that his wife has been loyal to him. Ren- 
ato, full of remorse, accepts Ricardo's forgiveness. 

"Beyond Reasonable Doubt," was the crux of the 
plot in "Twelve Angry Women." The production 
played December 9 to 1 3 in the Arena Theatre at the 
Arts Building. Twelve women of divergent back- 
grounds are sitting in judgment at a murder trial. 
Only one of the women believes the boy on trial is 
innocent. She teaches her colleagues something about 
democracy, something about justice, and something 
about the intangible quality known as human kind- 
ness. The play was "Without Reasonable Doubt" 
one of the stellar productions of the year. 



I A 

Pictured are the scale model scenes from the production to be held May 29 to June 3rd. 

A cast of over 700 will present "Sand in Their Shoes" in 
the Brigham Young University stadium. 
"Sand in Their Shoes" has been in preparation for two 
years, and represents a dedicated effort by the Brigham 
Young University to catch the spirit of this soul-stirring 
movement and preserve for future generations a realiza- 
tion of the sacrifice and toil of the courageous pioneers 
who declared "This is the Place" over the Salt Lake Val- 

The original script was written by Don Oscarson, an 
alumnus of B.Y.U. A powerful musical score has been 
composed by Dr. Crawford Gates, who is well known for 
his music to the Utah Centennial production of "Promised 
Valley," and the music for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. 
Dr. Harvey Fletcher, world famous pioneer in the field 
of stereophonic sound, has designed an elaborate sound 
system especially for this production. The choreography is 

under the direction of Eugene Loring, who has produced 
dances for many outstanding Hollywood and Broadway 

Leading roles in this production will be played by such 
well-known stage personalities as Ewan Harbrecht, highly 
successful soloist with the Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir on 
their European Tour; Ina Lou Cheney, who has had many 
leading roles in BYU operas; Lorna Erickson, formerly of 
Plymouth Summer Stock Company; Walter Richardson, 
former soloist with the St. Louis Symphony; Howard Ruff, 
who has been soloist with the U.S. Navy Band; and Lael 
Woodbury of the B.Y.U. Speech Department and veteran 
of many outstanding B.Y.LT. productions. 
Directed by Dr. Harold I. Hansen, for years the director 
of the highly-acclaimed Hill Cumorah Pageant, the pro- 
duction will be the most outstanding performance of its 
kind ever produced in the intermountain area. 



In "George Washington Slept Here" he 
really didn't. Benedict Arnold did. A 
man in a gray flannel suit buys a home 
in which George Washington was sup- 
posed to have slept. The whole idea of 
buying the place was to "get away from 
it all," but the hard-pressed family 
merely "bring it with them." Tensions 
mount and comedy reigns as the city 
dwellers try to make a go of it in the 
virgin wilderness of upper New York. 
The Moss Harth George S. Laufman 
production played the Smith Auditor- 
ium. November 5-8, it was a Home- 
coming play worth coming home for. 


> - £t 


An earnest group of dramatists presented Oscar 
Wilde's most earnest farce, "The Importance of Be- 
ing Earnest," October 15 to 18 in the Smith Audi- 
torium. The production was so succesful that it was 
taken on an extensive tour with full cast, sets and 
lights. Apparently the play is based on the old saying, 
"I'm me unless I was switched in the incubator." 
Gwendoline Fairfax, played by Martha Adams, re- 

fuses to marry a man whose name isn't Earnest. John 
Worthing, played by Duane Ryan, sets out in earnest 
to become Earnest. He even goes so far as to make 
an appointment to be re-christened. Everything is 
peachy in the end, when it is discovered that John 
Worthing is in reality Earnest. He was left in a sat- 
chel in a train station as a child and thus the mix up 
in names. 

■ » J 


9 iff H 

|&BffSii8ff v> 'TB28S^ 



Director Dr. Lael ]. Woodbury 

Music Dr. Don L. Earl 

Scene and Light Designs Charles Henson 

Choreography Shirlene Oswald and Diane Russon 

Costume Designs Dorothy Whittaker 

Technical Director Robert E. Struthers 


Captain Orton Harry Whittaker 

Louis Lc-onowens John Ferguson 

Anna Leonowens Lynne Bloomfield 

Interpreter Wayne Phillips 

Kralahome Varney Gailey 

King John K. Crnkovic 

Phra Alack Ron Olauson 

Tuptim Gwen Newton 

Lady Thiang Suzanne Harris 

Prince Chululongkorn Roger Porter 

Lun Tha Richard Baer 

Sir Edward Ramsay Dick Walsh 


Stage Manager Charlene Anderson 

Construction Wayne Phillips 

Paint Supervisor Warren Luch 

Make-up ... Paul Anderson and Members of Make-up Class 
Construction and Painting Members of Stage Craft Class 

Lights John Beach and Members of Stage Craft Class 

Costume Construction Laura Porter, Merilynne 

Rich, Carol Mitchie, Martha Christensen 

Special Assistance JoAnn Barker, Betty Porter 

Music by Members of Theatre Orchestra 



With a gigantic set lending realism and costumes adding beauty 
to an already beautiful story, "The King and I" by Rogers and 
Hammerstein was the outstanding production of the year. Pre- 
sented January 21-24, the "King," played to packed houses 
throughout. The production combined the directing talents of Dr. 
Lael J. Woodbury in acting and Dr. Don Earl in music. The cast 
numbered over fifty, with John Crnkovic, Lynne Bloomfield, Suz- 
anne Harris, taking leading roles. The play is taken from the 
book, "Anna and the King of Siam," by Margaret Dorthea Lan- 
don. It was adapted to music and had a successful run on Broad- 
way with Yul Bryner and Gertrude Lawrence. With lighting, 
costumes and music integrated beautifully, the BYU performance 
needed to take a back seat to no one. 






i f 



t .A 


With "just the right amount of adventure and the 
right amount of sitting quietly at home," the cast 
of "The Matchmaker," by Thornton Wilder cap- 
tivated the audience. Played in the Joseph Smith 
Auditorium, March 11-14, the play was a riot from 
start to finish. The heros, Cornelius Hackle and 
Barnaby Tucker, decide to leave their dull lives in 
Yonkers and have a fling in New York. Their auth- 
oritarian boss, Horace Vandergelder discovers them 
and the result is riotous. Cornelius was played by 
Ron Olauson. Tom Stone played Barnaby Tucker, 
who had to be told when he was having an adven- 
ture and when he was in trouble. Summing up the 
production in words of Barnaby Tucker. "Booding!" 


Director, Dr. Harold I. Hansen 
Set Design, Robert E. Struthers 
Technical Director, Charles Henson 
Costume Director, Dorothy Whittaker 

Director, Dr. Preston R. Gledhill 
Set Designer, Charles Henson 
Technical Director, Robert E. Struthers 
Costume Designer, Dorothy Whittaker 


Mr. Kimber Fred Dixon 

Newton Fuller Duane Ryan 

Annabelle Fuller Martha Christensen 

Madge Fuller Diane Markham 

Steve Eldridge _ Ron Olauson 

Katie Eileen Blake 

Mrs. Douglas Marilyn Cunningham 

Clayton Evans Fred Adams 

Rena Leslie Judith Baxter Olauson 

Hester Janeal Christensen 

Raymond David Dixon 

Uncle Stanley Roger Jordan 

Leggett Frazer Ray DeSpain 

Tommy Hughes Frain Pearson 

Sue Barrington Carma Nichols 

Miss Wilcox Jean Leavitt 

Mr. Prescott Tom Macaulay 


Horace Vandergelder Fred Dixon 

Ambrose Kemper Thomas Macaulay 

Joe Scanlon Varney Gailey 

Gertrude Sally Thome 

Cornelius Hackle Ron Olauson 

Ermengarde Julia Harmon 

Malachi Stack Robert Nelson 

Mrs. Levi Carol Lynn Wright 

Barnaby Tucker Thomas Stone 

Mrs. Molloy Judith Olauson 

Minnie Fay Suzanne Calder 

A Cabman Arnold Stringham 

Rudolf John Beach 

August Richard Keller 

Miss Flora Van Huysen Mickey Halladay 

Her Cook Eileen Blake 

A Gypsy Ross Brown 

Director, Dr. Preston R. Gledhill 
Costume Director, Dorothy Whittaker 
Technical Director, Charles Henson 


Guard Pat Catlett 

Forman Lynne Ptomey 

Two Sandra Hill 

Three PaeMona Reynolds 

Four Lorna Nielsen 

Five Judi Judd 

Six Beverly Stephensen 

Seven Martha Christensen 

Eight Kathleen Kent 

Nine Beverly Whitford 

Ten Eileen Blake 

Eleven Mickey Halladay 

Twelve Joanne Tidey 

Director, Prof. Morris M. dinger 
Technical Director, Robert Struthers 
Designer, Charles Henson 
Costumes designed by Dorothy Whittaker 


John Worthington, J. P Mr. Duane Ryan 

Algernon Moncrieff, his friend Mr. Fred Adams 

Rev. Canon Chasuble Mr. Thomas Macaulay 

Marriman Mr. C. Paul Andersen 

Lane Mr. Roger Jordan 

Lady Bracknell Miss Carol Lynn Wright 

Hon. Gwendoline Fairfax Miss Martha Carolyn Adams 

Cecily Cardew Miss Elaine McMeen 

Miss Prism Miss Marilyn Ord 


Musical Director and Conductor, Don L. Earl 

Set Designer, Charles A. Henson 

Stage Director, Robert B. Chambers 

Technical Director, Robert E. Struthers 



Gustav III, King of Sweden Brandt Curtis Sam Thompson 

Count Johan Ankerstrom Roy Samuelson Wayne Keith 

Amelia Joie Falslev Nancy Irvin 

Ulrica Ina Lou Cheney Ruth Melville 

Oscar Lila Levar Nancy Empey 

Silvano Gilbert Taylor Boyd Hancock 

Count Ribbing Klair Bybee Brent Shaw 

Count Horn Gene Blinco Gene Blinco 

Lord Chief Justice Darrell Hadley Otto Stone 

A Servant of Amelia Nannette Hinckley Nannette Hinckley 


-' '■ — » 

• - . 




■ .- 

- ■ - "-*'-J" 

■. . '■■-■: • . ■ 

- . . 

- r- 

--' - . ■ :: '■ - 


-i. - • - 

-- ■ 


- ' - - '-. r' - -: •" ..." .--■_-• • • ---:'-. > .' V" ' '-, - ^- ! 
■"■'--'. ■'--"-" ' £'-' .'.'■-'■: ■.-'■'.",'. ■ .-,' 

-,^. v.;---.. . . • . . g5r- 

'^i>\ v - 

'■■>■• •-—-■•■- -v-!- . . ■■>■ - ~ = . - ■■!*;■• :.\-;.--'.s •.:• 

'\ v.- <-.<* js. ;-~ ," - 

-'-•'» ■,-■'•••.■« • ■ . "'. .-■ ■■*■ -s"^:.- '•-»=■;.->.•"--■'-,.(-■■ . 

r ■•' ^--: ■ -- ;-,■-.:• ■'"■-■•- ^ -it.--:*;.. ,--.^->?» 

.'.r' - v-- 

. - ,^..-- -v ■-■.'../-- ■:.-■■-■ ■■:-.- : .^-y. \ •-- >«;• .■■' ; -:v. ; -— -' -- 
„.- »•--„--. .-T. ■ • -~-- -^-* •'.-'--- .-»-r^.-- .3.-.,-.^:---;-., 




Keith Larson, Publicity Chairman; Bob Walker, Auditing Committee; Wayne Bales, 
Central Rush; Jo Paine, Planning sub-committee Chairman; Chuck Nielson, Student 
Organization Week. 

Inter Unit Council Presidents, 
Black, Lee Ann Vanderford. 

Clark Rogers, Ernie Schulzke, Scott Morgan, Thelma 

Six kinds of organizations were legislat 
ed and coordinated by the Inter-Organ- 
ization Council, this year. Department- 
al, honorary, religious, service, social, 
and geographical groups combined to-' 
gether in supporting many campus ac-; 
tivities. Skits and slides illustrated or-' 
ganization activities to incoming fresh- 
men during orientation. An organiza- 
tion booklet was compiled and given to 
freshmen for the first time this year: 
Student Organization Week, sponsored 
by IOC, was marked by displays con-i 
structed by different campus groups. 
The IOC also presented a student as- 
sembly during this week. International 1 
Week was another IOC responsibility. 
The officers and staff spent many hours 
clearing the way for organizations to 
follow their functions on campus. Co- 
ordination between the administration 
and the various organizations was 
handled by the IOC also. Carrying the 
idea that organizations should govern 
their own affairs, the IOC keeps legis- 
lative actions to a minimum. 


Gary Driggs I.O.C. President 

Astrid Schulzke Executive Assistant 

Joanne Kolby, Anne Williams Executive Secretaries 



Senior women with records of active participation 
in university affairs are admitted to White Key 
honorary service unit. The 25 members must have 
a 3.2 cumulative grade point average. White Key 
organized in 1934 as a pep club. Its only present pep 
activity is leading the homecoming parade. Other 
projects include yearly production of the student 
directory, sponsoring of Cougarettes, freshman 
women's pep-service club. This year White Keys 
donated hours working in the picture files of the 

alumni office. In the 
spring they acted as 
hostesses at the invita- 
tional track meet. 
White Key Karen Dix- 
on was chosen attend- 
ant to the 1959 Home- 
coming queen. 

Taylor, Kay, President 

Alder. Lillie 
Allen, Barbara 
Ashby, Joan 

Bird. Donna 
Brim, Beulah 
Burke, Jean 

Burrup, Kaye L. 
Cook, Barbara 
Dixon, Karen 

Leishman. Karen 
Lundell, Connie 
Matson, Kathy 

Millar, Jeanne 
Miller, Corena 
Nakashima. Donna 

Norman, Mary Jean 
Pratt, Gail 
Skinner, Velda 

Snell, Jacqueline 
Stanfield, Ruth 
Taylor, Ann 

Vanderford, Lee Ann 
Barry, Barbara Jean 
Waldvogel, Caryl Ann 

Homecoming found the White Keys marching 



Blue Key Honor Fraternity is represented on many 
campuses of the nation by high calibre students. Blue 
Key combines scholastic, personal and leadership 
achievement as the basic requirements for entrance. 
The national organization sprang from a select 
group of students who were asked to take charge of 
Homecoming events at the University of Florida in 
1924. The group was organized for the purpose of 
serving the University and the interest of the uni- 
versity community. Service became the tradition of 
the permanent organization which followed. Among 
the objectives of Blue Key are betterment of the 

studentbody and the 
university through sup- 
port of the studentbody 
officers and various 
projects, and better- 
ment of society in gen- 
eral by producing men 
who will be able to 
serve well in their com- 
munities. Ye old Wag- 
on Wheel, the Activity 
calendar and the Y Bell 
tower are sponsored by 
Blue Key. Gordon Con- 
ger is president and 
Clyde Sandgren sponsor. 

Conger, Gordon G., President 

Blue Keys parade the treasured wagon wheel 

Anderson, Paul 
Anderson, Robert D. 
Barkdull, F. Del 
Berry, David K. 
Brundage, Joe 
DaGrade, Don 
Cardon, Bartell Wilson 

Dahl, Sheldon 
Driggs, Gary Harmon 
Gardner, Blaine Avery 
Goodson, Grant 
Hammond, Samuel J. 
Hunter, John 
Lehr, Wallace Boyd 

Liechty, Victor Jay 
Marshall, James T. 
Martin, A. Keith 
Merrell, V. Dallas 
Paul, Dee 
Olpin, Jay L. 
Pitcher, Max 

Ricks, Gary R. 
Schulzke, Ernest 
Sharp, Ed 

Skousen, Richard E. 
Sandberg, Howard E. 
Stone, Tom R. 
Ward, David 


The "Gold Y" chapter of Intercollegiate Knights, 
national honorary service fraternity, has 60 members. 
Their service projects throughout the year range 
from ushering at lyceums, devotionals, and ball 
games and assisting in charity drives, to special pro- 
jects performed under supervision of university ad- 
ministration. Highlight of the year's achievements 
was presentation of the Joseph Smith mural to the 
university. The IK's performed various services such 
as production of the Heritage Halls directory, guid- 
ing visitors around campus, and awarding scholar- 
ships to worthy students. IK's co-sponsored Belle of 

the Y Week and Hello 
Week with Y Calcares. 
Traditional activities of 
IK's are ringing of the Old 
Y Bell after" BYU vic- 
tories, and lighting of the 
huge block Y on occasions 
such as Y Day, Home- 
coming, and graduation. 

Sorensen, Line B., President 

Bahr, Don F. 
Bean, Walter E. 
Benson, Kent 

Bloom, Bradley B. 
Brinhall, Eugene 
Brossard, Ben E. 

Dredge, David Ray 
Drennan, G. Bryan 
Farr, Michael D. 

Fletcher, Wayne C. 
Hale, Boyd J. 
Hammond, Dale Alden 


Dale Hammond, Line Sorenson, Lynn Thacker, Fran Palmer, and Brad Bloom 
rejoice in the return of the long-lost "Y" Bell. 


The I.K.'s model of the planned "Y" Bell Towe. 
took second place honors in the snow sculpture con 

Hancock, Richard M. 
Harvey, Don 
Hunn, William J. 
Hyde, Osmond 
Ivie, Ray 

Jackson, Malan R. 
James, Donald E. 

Jones, Ron 
Jones, William D. 
Kirkham, Mike R. 
Lewis, J. Ronald 
Lewis, Laury 
McDonald, Jerry 
Michelsen, Stan C. 

Millar, Z. Reed 
Palmer, Fran A. 
Palmer, Philip L. 
Parker, John W. 
Peters, Gordon C. 
Rigby, Sterling C. 
Sabey, Wayne 

Stander, Klint 
Swensen, Donald G. 
Swensen, John A. 
Thurman, Gordon 
Tolman, Lynn J. 
Watson, Chuck W. 
Watts, Dan L. 

Weller, Lynn D. 
Winterton, Arlan 
Young, L. Grey 

f?*? fP *-"# 

Pages Dick Weaver, Douglas Hansen, Jay Markham, Clark Neuron, Rich- 
ard Scott, Jon Enos, Bill Elison, Kaye Cox, Don Hughes, David Hansen, Doug 
Perry, David Rust, and Ron Lewis say, "You'll smile like this too, if you had 
just come from a two hour meeting." 

The I.K.'s latest gift to the University, the Joseph 
Smith Mural, is unveiled by Lavon Boyenger, chair- 
man of the project. 

The fifty members of Y Calcares are traditionally 
chosen on the basis of high scholasticism and parti- 
cipation in student affairs. Their call as service unit 
members is to serve the university and the com- 
munity. With Intercollegiate Knights they sponsored 
Hello Week and Belle of the Y Week. Other ser- 
vice projects included ushering at lyceums, ball 
games, and devotionals, selling tickets to dances, 
visiting Utah State Hospital, reading to blind stu- 
dents, selling Banyans, and working in the Fall 

registration process. Y 
C'sheld an invitational 
and several exchanges 
with the IKs. They 
marched in the Home- 
coming parade and en- 
tered a float in the par- 
ade. Among other ac- 
tivities were a hero 
party, dinner-d a n c e, 
firesides, and presenta- 
tion of a winning trolio 
in Snow Carnival com- 

Beers, Barbara, President 

Anderson, Connie 
Anderson, Carol 
Anderson, Rachel 

Arrington, Ann Louise 
Barrus, Nola J. 
Black, Thelma 

Bright, Clifta 
Calder, Colleen 
Cooper, Glenna 

Chatham, Betty Jean 
Christensen. Janet 


Y Calcares perform for Homecoming 


Prize-winning Trolio 

Coombs. Suzanne 
Dalton, Janet 
Darley, Lucille 
Dillman, Tanya 
Dorny, DeAnne 
Draughn, Norma 
Fritzsche, Mary E 

Foutz, Pauleen Marie 
Fjeldsted, Gilberta 
Grange, Margaret 
Grover, Tereece 
Halgren, Pat 
Hansen, Myrla Vee 
Hoyt, Marsha Ruth 

Hoggan, Jilene 
Hudson, Mary 
Kearl, Marie 
Lee, Zetta 
Lendt, Welda B. 
Lewis, Maxine 
Mathews, Karen 

McBride, Carol 
Moosman, Jewell 
Olsen, Audrey J. 
Palmer, Jean 
Peck, Pat 
Pittman, Sue 
Porter, Patricia E. 

Reichert. Maxine 
Rich, Merilynne 
Smith, Carol 
Valentine, Gay 
Worthen, Connie L. 
Young, Carol Gay 
Wiltbanlc, Joyce 

The Y Calcares float 

^ _^ 

Friendships were made and renewed at open house. 


Atkerson. Christine 
Barney, Diane 

Bateman, Melrae 
Belton, Linda 

Christine Atkerson, Vice President; Marian Holmes, Historian; Julie Pin- 
gree, Editor; Christy Redford, Secretary; Judy Moss, President; Jeannetta 
Thiriot, Treasurer; Barbara Beers and Zetta Lee, Jr. Advisors. 


A willingness to uphold BYU standards, participa- 
tion in school and church activities, a sense of honor, 
unselfishness, democracy, and a 3. accumulative aca- 
demic average are what makes a "Spur." To prove 
this, one might see such outstanding alumni such as 
A.W.S. President, Georgeanna Ward; White Key 
President, Kay Taylor; Y Calcares President, Bar- 
bara Beers; and National Spurs Region III Director, 
Zetta Lee. Serving as officers this year are Judith 
Moss, President; Vice President and Social Chair- 
man, Christine Atkerson; Secretary Christie Redford, 
and Miss Patricia Hurran is Sponsor. Traditional ac- 
tivities include tapping breakfast for "tapees", initia- 
tion ceremony, and the annual invitational. "Service" 

is the word most often 
used at Spur meetings. 
This year the group has 
made baby dresses for 
the Primary Children's 
Hospital, visited the 
State Hospital, cele- 
brated Founder's Day, 
marched in the Home- 
coming Parade, and 
ushered at forums. 

Moss. Judith, President 

Fun made for a happy Valentines' day. 


Clynick. Carole E. 
Conover, Ina 
Croft, Lynne 
Davis, Linda Gale 
Day, Martha R. 
Ellsworth, Lyn 
Hegsted, Evelyne 

Hamilton, Carollyn L. 
Hellewell, Sandra J. 
Holmes, Marian 
Judd, Pauline 
Justis, Joan R. 
Kearns, Susan P. 
Kelly, Patricia A. 

Lillywhite, Susan 
Magleby, Mayva 
Millar, Carol Ann 
Morrell, Nancy Ann 
Nelson, Linda Lee 
Olsen. Linda 
Pingree. Julie Anne 

Redford, Christie 
Rex, {Catherine 
Rigby, Janet 
Sandberg, Selene 
Senzee, Norma Kay 
Sheffield, Ann 
Stone, Jackqueline 

Thiriot, Jeannetta 
Watts, Mary 
Wilhelmsen, Gail 
Thurston, Louise 

Spurs had fun with their Trolio. 

Spur awarded for fine needlecraft: 



Thea Alexis started its fourth year with sixty-five 
members taking part in the Freshman elections. Many 
are the activities which keep the girls busy in this 
popular unit. Besides ushering every other Friday at 
student assemblies, they have taken on a new project 
this year. The group will work sixty hours a week 
in the alumni office. This project is to become a 
traditional activity of the group. Other activities in- 
clude selling tickets and brochures for various cam- 
pus organizations and activities, participating in IOC 
week, manning the voting booths at election time, 
ushering at basketball games and visiting the patients 
of ward 21 at the I'tah State Hospital once a week. 

Here they play games 
and dance with the pa- 
tients. Alexis members 
look forward to the 
series of cultural even- 
ings, the monthly pa- 
per, "Alexis Reflexis", 
and the annual invita- 
tional. Officers are 
Janet Morris, president; 
Ann Heaps, vice presi- 
dent; Law rin Greene, 
secretary; Kathy Fagg, 
treasurer; Sue- McMas- 
ter, social chairman. 

Morris. Janet S.. President 

Thea Alexis served the studentbody by selling tickets and working 
in elections. 

Clark, Claudia G 
Adams, Tillie 
Allred, Doris 
Allred. Christine 
Bowen, Nancy M. 
Copeland. Marian 
Card. Kenlyn 

Carlston, Jill 
Cochran, Judy 
Coleman, Coieen 
Colvin, Julie 
Davis, Elaine 
Dieudonne. Jeanette 
Dayes, Carolyn 

Dosal. Sandra 
Fagg, Kathleen F. 
Gardner. Dianne 
Greene, Lawrin 
Heaps, Anne 
Henderson, Joyce 
Jeppson. Marilyn 

Ice. Carole L 
Johnson, Judy 
Kleinman. Dianne 
Klingler, Linda 
Madden. Merna 
Leonard, Louise 
Kolby, Joanne 


Friendship made the unit close, and meetings fun 

Officers of Thea Alexis (left to right) : Cris Allred, Nadine Waldvogel, 
Janet Morris, Lawrin Greene, Ann Heaps, Kathy Fagg. 

McFarlane, Glenda 
Madsen, Margaret Anne 
Malmstrom, Deanne 
McDowell, Margaret 
McMaster, Sandra Sue 
Moody, Linda 
Nissen, Shirley E. 

Olpin, Sherry Lynne 
Park, Judy F. 
Pond, Carolyn 
Ragon, Donna Jeanne 
Reid, Lois 
Rencher, La Veta 
Ross, Luzon 

Richardson, Jacqueline 
Russell, Suzanne 
Sands, Caralinda H. 
Sandberg, Chralotte 
Schumann. Cella 
Sheffield, Joyce 
Roundy, Esther Jane 

Silcock, Gloria 
Simonds, Judy 
Skidmore, Linda 
Smith, Doris 
Stewart, Kathleen 
Stoddard, Kathryn 
Thompson, Carla 

Tipton, Pat 
Van Dam, Lou 
Waldvogel, Nadine S. 
Webber, Joyce 
Wingfield, Judy Lynne 
Wood, Judy 
Wood, Loretta 

Sponsors, ROTC members, and their dates 
enjoyed themselves at the Military Ball. 

Adamson, Jeanene 
Aina, Mildred L. 
Allen, Charlette 
Barney, Yvonne 

Bates, Yvonne 
Brown, Geraldine 
Bush, Susan 
Calder. Allene C. 

Calder, Suzanne 
Carlson, Harriet C. 
Castagno, Ella Merle 
Chambers. Dora Lee 

Christensen, Kay 
Clement, Sharilyn 
Clynick, Joanne B. 
Crose, Carrol L. 

Del Fium, Dorene ]. 
Doty, Ann Marie 
Fames, Kathryn 
Giltemer, Barbara E. 


Military Ball Queen and attendants: Barbara Larsen, Ann Doty, and Judy Hull, members of the Sponsor Corps, were presented to the guests. 

Harger, Sherry 
Hartley, Diane 
Haws, Virginia L. 
Howe, Janey Bucher 
Johnson, Connie 
Johnson, Joyce A. 
Johns, Loretta 

Judd, Janet G. 
Keller, Barbara V. 
Kemp. Julianne 
Larsen, Barbara 
Leishman. Nancy 
Lunt, LaRaine A. 
Meatoga. Yvonne 

Merrill, Maureen 
Milne, Nancy A. 
Montgomery, Linda J. 
Nielson, Hope 
Palmer, Linda 
Parry, Venita G. 
Patchell, Sue 

Petersen, Eleanor 
Robinson, Marjorie 
Rogers, Elizabeth A. 
Rutherford, Peggy 
Rutz, Mary Ann 
Seneca, Loretta 
Smith, Anna Joy 

Shurtleff, Kathleen 
Sorensen. Janice 
Spencer, Maylene 
Stirland, Diane 
Stringham, Judith L. 
Tanner, Darlene 
Symons, Margene 

Taylor, Lin 
Vincent, Neldine 
Williams, Vila Jean 
Williams, Ann 
Watson. Dawn R. 

Organized at the request of the Fourth Air Force, 
Sponsor Corps have seen considerable growth and 
have gained an enviable reputation on campus. They 
were officially recognized as a campus organization 
by the IOC soon after their organization in 1952. Led 
this year by President Joan Ashby, Executive Officer 
Barbara Larsen, Administrative Officer Carrol Crose 
and Social Chairman Alene Calder, the 70 members 
participated in many campus activities. The blue 
uniformed girls were seen working in election and 
ticket booths, as ushers, on fund drives, the Sponsor 
Corps blood drive, and many other projects. All was 

not work with the unit 
as they co-sponsored 
an outstanding assem- 
bly and military ball 
with the ROTC. High- 
light of the year's ac- 
tivities was the annual 
dinner dance held this 

Ashby, Joan, Commandant 

Members of Sponsors portrayed strange inhabitants of a new planet 
explored in their assembly. 



The Cougarettes are BYU's famous marching group 
of freshman girls. They are well-known for their 
participation in half-time activities at football and 
basketball games. This year, as well as their participa- 
tion at home, the group traveled with the basketball 
team to Oregon to perform there. Social events are 
also included in the activities of the Cougarettes. 
They have held several exchanges this year and pro- 
duced an assembly with 
the Athenian Social 
Unit. The commandant 
is Carolyn Crawford. 
Annette Humphreys 
was the President and 
Mary Jensen acted as 
faculty advisor. 

Crawford, Carolyn, Commandant 

Bright smiles enhanced the Cougarettes marching skill. 

Berkline, Carol A. 
Bodily, Sandra 
Brienholt, Karen 
Campbell, Judy 
Clark, Mary Jean 
Cordner, Joyce Kay 
Davis, Karren 

Edmunds, Charlene 
Fliedner, Vicki K. 
Garwood, Marjorie 
Giles, Linda C. 
Gold, Linda Lou 
Griffith, Maralyn 
Hastings, Ann 

Hickox, Carol L. 
Holley, Leah 
Humpherys, Annette 
Jarman, Murna 
Johnson, Karen 
Kunz, Viccie 
Lindholm, Beverly 

Maxwell, Gloria 
Ogden, Linda 
Perkes, Elaine 
Schade, Robin 
Swensen, Shauna 
Thomas, Darla 
Thorpe. Tamara 


Row 1 (right to left): Owen D. Roper, Stephen E. Frazier, Norman Holman, Bill Leach, Craig B. Whitehead, Bill Adams, Paul L. 
Williams, Manual Miera. Row 2 : Mark J. Hagmann, Kenneth D. Martin, Paul Jones, Kent J. Olsen, Roger C. Flick, Dale A. Miller, 
Don Thome, Lawrence A. Maureman, Duane D. Allred. Row 3: M. Nelson Dibble, E. Blake Hart, F. Richard Campbell, Darwin 
L. Cheney, Dick Bolton, Don Eastman, George J. Scott, Evan Herbert Ludwig, William J. Mortimer, Karl Seethaler. 


Alpha Phi Omega, national scouting fraternity, establish- 
ed one of its chapters at the BYU in 1951. Having 37 
members under the direction of officers William Leach, 
Craig Whitehead, and William Adams, the service unit 
participated in many campus activities including responsi- 
bilities at the Annual Invitational track meet, first aid 
during Y Day, and ushering at assemblies. 

Circle K is the newest service club on campus, and is one 
of several hundred nationally affiliated clubs which are 
dedicated to service and fellowship. Organized less than 
two years, an active program has been established which 
gives students opportunities to serve their club and school, 
and in so doing, develop their own lives. There are 
presently twenty-five members. 


Row 1 (left to right): Roy Welty, Doug Andrews, Richard Stratton, Craig Rasmussen, Stephen Burningham, Sam Brewster, Advisor; 
R. T. Dalley. Row 2: Marion Lund, Lynn Steffensen, Kelly Blair, Juergen Menssen, Kay Huff. Row 3: Bruce McMaster, Bill Harris, 
Bernell Loveridge, Robert Burningham, David Gardner. 159 

Baker, Tamra 
Barrow, Klee 
Blake, Barbara 
Bridge, Man lo 
Brown. Marlene 
Cockayne. Barbara 

Crawford, Shirley 
Cockayne, Lynne 
Crose, Carrol 
Cushing, Reneta 
Eittreim, Donna 
Grigg. Janet 

Gee. Janet 
Girrard, Judy 
Gurr, Kathy 
Halfacre, Bonnie 
Henderson, Cecil 
Hill. Sally 

Hiltbrand. Ann 
Hixson, Pat 
Hoidaway, Dianne 
Holmes. Carol 
Hunt. Jeanette 
Jeppson, Annlee 


The fast rising star of Alcyone has shown down on 
the BYU social calendar since 1951 when the unit 
was organized. Fall quarter started the 1958-59 
school year out with such activities as the construc- 
tion of a Homecoming float, an after-Preference 
Ball party, and a western satire assembly with Brig- 
adiers. Alcyone members also earned the AWS 
Scholarship trophy with a 3-2 average. A Beatnik 
party and a first place in the trolio competition were 
followed during Winter quarter by exchanges with 
Val Hyrics and Vikings, and also "Miramar", the 
annual Alcyone-TauSigma Invitational. During rush, 
Alcyone pledges sported a newly designed pledge 
pin with abstract star motif. Spring quarter included 

participation in Song- 
fest, the traditional 
Hawaiian Luau with 
Athenians, and a dinner 
dance at the Fort Doug- 
las Country Club in Salt 
Lake City. All activity 
was under the direction 
of sponsors Mrs. Wil- 
ford Smith and Mrs. 
Dolores Jeppson and 
officers, Donna Schip- 
per, Carole Stevens, 
Janet Nims, and Carrol 

Schipper. Donna, President 

Jan Griffin brings memories of Alcyone's Fashion Show. 


Johnson, Norma 
Johnston, Pat 
Jones, Nancie 
Kawai, Vee C. 
Kimball, Sara Ann 
Kuykendall, Kathy 
Matthews, Dixie 

Lambert, Joan 
McClure, Joan 
McClure, Linda 
Mulhern, Arleene 
Neil, Bobbie 
Nims, Jan 
Perkins, Margie 
Pearce, LaReta 

Potter, Linda 
Price, Jacki 
Ray, Kathyleen 
Rencher, Lureen 
Rockwood, Eleanor 
Robins, Lorene 
Russell, Jeanette 

Smythe, Helen 
Smyth, Laurel 
Stead, Diane 
Stevens, Carole 
Tannler, Phyllis 
Tuttle, Ruth 
Whipple, Connie 

Alcyone-Brigadier Assembly, "How To Catch A Man." 

Alycone Homecoming float "Mirrors the Years." 

Officers: Janet Nims, Secretary; Carole Stevens, V. President; Donna 

Schipper, President. 



President of the Men of Athens welcomes rushee. 

Unit truck monopolized the attention of Athenians 
in the Homecoming parade. 


Athenians and Cougarettes 
find happiness in "Manhatten 

Anderson, Gary 
Bagley, Jerry 
Bates, Wayne 
Baxter. Gene 
Black. Max 

Bodily, Arlyn R. 
Bolander, Terry 
Christensen, Herbert 
Bradford, Phil A. 
Clark, Brent 

Cottrell, William R. 
Davis, Jack 
Dockstader, Bruce Jay 
Dockstader, James D. 
Edwards, Charles B. 

Ferguson, James E. 
Fisher, Budd 
Fisher, Scott 
Fuller, Robert A. 
Genet, Donald K. 

Giauque. David H. 
Griffiths, Roy D. 
Houston, Tosco 
Hunsaker, Glen L. 
Larson, Keith 


The Athenian social unit is one of Brigham Young 
University's youngest units, having been organized 
in 1951. Among other honors, the organization was 
named winner of the Supremacy trophy in 1958 for 
the fourth consecutive year. Athenians are especially 
noted for their participation in all phases of intra- 
mural sports, including skiing. The unit introduced 
a new rush program this year and also received a 
trophy for the best assembly of the year. Athenians 
annually sponsor the Debonette marching group 
which performs in half time shows. The group also 
plans a series of exchanges and parties throughout 
the year and in addition participates in many cam- 
pus activities including 
Song Fest, Homecom- 
ing, and Winter Carni- 
val. The Dixie Ball din- 
ner dance annually tops 
the Athenian social cal- 
endar. Athenian offic- 
ers were Mike Moore, 
Wayne Bates, Bruce 
Dockstader, and Har- 
old Scholes. Sponsors 
were Ben Lewis and 

Moore, Mike, President Lynn McKinlay. 

Officers: President Mike Moore, Steve Shelton, Jerry Bagley, Wayne Bates, 
Brute Dockstader, and Bruce Moore. 

Leckie, Ron 
Lee, Robert T. 
Lindford, Richard Wil 
Maughan, Berklee A. 
Morr, Bruce 
Moxley, Allen V. 
Powell. Brad B. 

Peck, Hayden 
Raile, Rick 
Rasmussen, Robyn K. 
Rehm, Bob 
Rice, Bill 
Riley, Gerald 
Santiago, Frank 

Schilling, Jim L. 
Shaw, Douglas 
Shelton, Steve R. 
Smith, Sloan 
Smith, Joseph 
Sorenson, Kenneth 
Stephens. Jon 

Speed, Eldon 
Stephens, Kent 
Stevens, Jay A. 
Stevens, John 
Taylor, Richard C. 
Tomlinson, John 
Tracy, Lyman F. 

West, Don J. 
Wirthlin, Lee 
Wilson, John M. 
White, Wendell C. 


The Brigadier Social Unit, which was organized in 
1931, is one of the largest social units on campus. 
Their growth is a result of achieving their objectives 
which are: promote sympathetic understanding, 
democratic fellowship, social adjustment, cultural 
and academic advancement, physical aptitudes, and 
to carry over the ideals set forth by the Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Brigadiers have 
won many trophies through their participation in 
Homecoming week, student assemblies, Snow Carni- 
val, intramurals, and other campus activities. They 
have won the Intramural Supremacy trophy two 
of the last three years. They enjoy traditional parties, 
invitationals. cultural events, and athletic programs 

within the unit. Award- 
ed each year are three 
coveted annual awards: 
The Outstanding Brig- 
adier, The Lovers Cup 
and the Grasscutters 

Palmer, Kenley 


Aiken, Glenn G. 
Allred, Richard G. 
Biorkman, Lynn 

Anderson, Lee G. 
Bean, Robert H. 
Boulet, Jon Lioyd 

Brown, Denny 
Byers, Kenneth 
DuPont, Clyde 

Carson, Jerry 
Clark, Richard C. 
Frandsen, Ed 

Fairbanks, Grant 
George, Billy 
Gillespie, Leonard Kay 

Goodwin, Newell A 
Grotegut .David A. 
Grover, Scott C. 

Hints were generously given away in "How To Catch A 


Preacher Fairbanks says last rites over Paddy Murphy while Gene 
Gutierrez and Bob Robinson look mournfully on. 

Gutierrez, Higini (Gene) 
Hagberg, Robin 
Hamilton, William E. 
Hanna, Leo D. 
Hansen, Kent B. 
Hansen, Robert Terry 
Hayes. Gerald 

Hastings, Jim 
Hayes, Jack 
Holmes, James 
Higley, Bruce 
Hilden, Gordon 
Hoggan, James Robert 
Henretty, Thomas A. 

Hupp, Jay 
James, Mar Lynn 
Jeppesen, K. Merle 
Liu, Alvin K. M. 
Kleinworth, Frank 
Lewis, Anthon 
Johansen, Jerry A. 

Maher, Patrick J. 
Mathews, Neldon C. 
Montague, Mike 
Montero, Max C. 
Mortensen, Loyd 
Muhlestein, Wayne R. 
Muirhead, John III 

Nelson, Varr 
Olsen, Richard 
Parkinson, Howard 
Paxton, Robert C. 
Rigby, Hal B. 
Rodgers, Paul L. 
Robinson, Robert E. 

Shelton, Jesoph Eugene 
Wixom, Dean 
Spackman, Darell 
Stokes, Paul G. 
Swanson, Harold 
Solum, Darrell R. 


Officers: Grant Fairbanks, V. President; Ken Byers, Ser- 
geant at Arms; Gene Gutierrez, Social Chairman; Jake 
Berge, Sponsor; and Gordon Hilden, Public Relations. 

At the annual Dinner Dance, Jake Berge asks his date if she wants 
to go out for some air, while Terry Smith and his partner are ob- 
livious to it all. 

svimming is fine on Center Street 

Beck, Jackie 
Barron, Joan C. 
Bird, Virginia 
Blauer, Jone 
Borquist, Lolly 

Bramwell. Bonnie Kay 
Brown, Barbara E. 
Burley, Beth 
Cordner, Joyce 
Crawford, Carolyn 

Dana, Carol Lynne 
Derrick, Karen 
Durrant, Vicki 

Felts, Susan 
Fife. Mary Ellen 

Griffith, Maralyn 
Hale, Norma Lynn 
Hale, Sherry 
Hargreaves, Susan 
Hastings, Ann 

Hibbert, Annette 
Hoffman, Sharlene 
Jarmon, Myrna 
Jensen. Susan 
Johnson, Jonelle 


Seven flowers whose first letters combine to form 
the name Cami Los, represent seven virtues which 
are the ideals of the organization. Organized in 1952 
with only 27 members, the group has grown until it 
now is active in many campus events. Second place 
prize in the beauty division was awarded to the Cami 
Los homecoming float this year. They also received 
the scholarship trophy fall quarter. Snow Princess, 
Joan Peterson, was a Cami Los member. In addition 
to exchanges and rush activities the Cami Los mem- 
bers held an invitational and dinner dance. Other 

activities annually plan- 
ned include a Y Day 
Sleeping Party and 
birthday party. The 
group also participates 
each year in Homecom- 
ing, Winter Carnival, 
and Songfest. Officers 
this year were Karen 
Leishman, Ruth Stan- 
field, Vicki Durrant. 
and Sherry Hale. Spon- 
sors were Mary Bee 
Jensen and Mary Mc- 

Leishman, Karen, President 

Officers and members in charge of birthday dinner gather around cakes. 


Johnson. Linda Lee 
Kunz, Vicci 
Lawther, Judy E. 
Lee, Carill Ina 
Lee, Virginia 
Leishman, Nancy 
McComas, Sally M. 

Montierth, Myrna 
Murchie, Pat 
Parduhn, Sharlene 
Parker, Peggy D. 
Perry, Connie 
Peterson, Joan 
Peterson, Kaye 

Randall, Dixie 
Sant, Sharyn 
Robinson, Lynda M. 
Schade, Robin A. 
Schofield, Sandra Lee 
Scholes, Carol 
Stanfield, Ruth 

Stevenson, Diane 
Smith, Roxie 
Smoot, Linda 
Taylor, Carole Lynn 
Taylor, Janet 
Teasdale, Thera 
Thomander, Dawn 

Thorpe, Tamara 
Ure, Colleen 
Visscher, Anah 
Westwood, Susan 
White, Sarah Ann 
Willardson, Linda 
Wood, Nancy 

ItaW i 

r > 


* % Wt^ w 

1 1 

*' -'-k', : '■'";-. ^1'' 

Thrilling moment to all is the singing to a newly engaged couple. 

Officers; Back row: Karen Leishman, Vicki Durant, 
in front, Sharon Sant and Ruth Stanfield. 


Glowing faces bear witness to an enchanting evening of dinner and dancing. 


"Fashion through the years,'' the Fidelas homecom- 
ing float; "Bali Hi", the annual invitational; and a 
traditional Senior Breakfast are only a few of the 
projects which the Fidelas social unit undertook this 
year. The full name of the organization is Amici Fi- 
delas, Amis, or Friends Faithful Forever. Members 
took the maple leaf as a symbol of friendship. Sister- 
hood, service, and spirituality are the aims of the 
group and are symbolized by the jewels in the Fidelas 
pin. A Christmas party which Santa Claus attended, 
a slumber party, guest night, and the annual dinner 
dance were some of the activities Fidelas members 
participated in. They also held several exchanges, 

among them "Winter 

in Madrid" with the 
Saxons. Members also 
participated in the snow 
sculpturing competition. 
Fidelas also points to 
Cheri Hickman, elected 
Miss Formal of 1958. 
Doreen Coleman, Mari- 
lyn Tolman, Yvonne 
Badgett, and Karen 
Bell served as officers 
this year. Sponsors were 
Mrs. Evan Croft and 
Mrs. Paul Neser. 

Coleman. Doreen. President 

The use of a Fidelas pledge is full. 


Barnum, Deanna 
Barton, Carol 
Bloomfield, Beverly 
Bragg, Mary 
Brough, Evelyn 
Cunningham, Marilyn Gail 
Fenley, Mary 

Graham, Glenda 
Hawkins, Barbara 
Hickman, Cheri 
Johnson, Elaine 
Kitchens, Carolyn 
Means, Jo Ann 
Meikle, Joanne 

Middleton, Pat 
Jones, Norryn Mary 
Owen, Judith M. 
Pace, Carol 
Peterson, Annette 
Rinquest, Donna 
Schempp, Lois 

Shawcroft, Emma Rae 
Shields, Marie 
Sullivan, Colleen 
Tolman, Marilyn 
Watson, Dolores Ann 
Watts, Mary 
Wood, Janet 


--^^k ^^^h. 


Argyle, Sonja 
Badgett, Yvonne 
Bain, Darl B. 

Fashion is shown by Fidelas. 

Styles in fashion were depicted on the homecoming float. 


Officers: Sam Taylor, Roger Doxey, Dave Stimpson 


Allen, Joseph H. 
Anderson, B. Ray 
Anderson. Gale 

Anderson. John H. 
Asplund, Tom 
Beckstad, Gary 

Bennett, David M. 
Caldwell, Paul 
Chandler. Kay H. 

Clark, Cecil 
Clement, Mel 
Christensen, Tony 

Dangerfield, Steve 
Paul, DeWitt J. 
Dixon, Fred C. 

Characterizing this unit is their belief in a balanced 
social activity and fellowship and the perpetuation 
of college friendships through their alumni associa- 
tion. Distinguished former members of the Brickers 
are Dean Wesley Lloyd, Dean of Students; the for- 
mer mayor of Provo, Harold Van Wagonen; Coach 
"Buck" Dixon; and past BYU studentbody presidents 
Lloyd George and Wid Tingey. Founded in 1917 
by a group of World War I veterans, the Bricker 
Social Unit is the oldest social unit on campus. Brick- 
ers traditionally have been leaders in various ac- 
tivities. The Bricker-O. S. Trovata assembly was 
chosen the best assembly of the Winter Quarter and 
was picked to travel to Utah State for the exchange 
assembly. The Goldbricker float won the sweepstakes 

trophy during home- 
coming, and the Bricker 
quartet won first place 
in the trio-quartet com- 
petition. Dave Stimpson 
served as president and 
under his leadership the 
unit was able to main- 
tain its unique unity 
and brotherhood. 

Stimpson. David V., President 

Prize winning assembly brought enjoyment to the studentbody. 

Dixon, Jerald L. 
Doxey, Roger W. 
Driggs, Ken 
Driggs, Paul C. 
Geigle, Ray A. 
Foutz, Ed 
Dunkley, Robert 

Graham, Leonarc 
Hart, Dick R. 
Hatch, Hal 
Huish, Jim 
Huish, John 
Jackson, Ken N. 
Jackson, Bill 

Jarman, Charles 
Jarvis, George 
Madsen, Dale 
King, Charles R. 
Leavitt, Fred 
Liljenquist, Robert C. 
Keeler, Phil 

Madsen, Frank 
Malan, Richard M. 
Marshall, James T. 
Merrill, Keith W. 
Nelson, Paul 
Paul, Brent 
Sperry, Dick 

Porter, Dale 
Pedersen, Gary E. 
Stewart, E. Dale 
Stringham, Clark 
Tall, Bruce 
Taylor, Seymour Sam 
Van Wagenen, Richard 

Wilcox, Dee C. 
Young, LeGrande 
Williamson, Dale 

Brickers gained the sweepstakes trophy on their Homecoming float. 


Lovely Kappa Debonaires host their best beaus at their annual dinner dance. 

Allen, Charlotte 
Allred, Alice 
Allred, Doris 


The Kappa Debs celebrated the fifth birthday of 
their social unit this year. Although it is one of the 
youngest girl's units at BYU, it is one of the most 
active. The group tries to give every member an op- 
portunity for social development and cooperative ac- 
tivity. Four main social events are held each year. 
These are the autumn invitational, the winter buddy 
party, the spring dinner dance and Special Day at 
the Homestead. The Kappa Debs have also held 
several exchanges with men's units and culture even- 
ings. In Homecoming activities this year the unit had 

two finalists in the 
queen contest and won 
second place in the trio- 
quartet competition. 
Mrs. Armin J. Hill and 
Mrs. Stephen Covey are 
sponsors of the Kappa 
Debonnaires. The presi- 
dent is Joan Blodgett. 
Claudia Sizemore is vice 
president, Wynn Pum- 
merville is secretary and 
Marchene Nielson is so- 
cial chairman. 

Blodgett. Joan. President 


Arnold, Carol 
Babcock, Salee 
Barlow, Lynn 

Bartholomew, Anna Lee 
Belliston, Karen 
Benson, Jewel 

Berg, Kathryn 
Breeze, Karen 
Brown, Susan 

Bullock, Diane 
Burbridge, Lucille 
Bybee, Marjorie 

Carlston, Kathy 
Chappie, Janet 
Christensen, Margaret 


United efforts went into the building of the Homecoming float. 

Officers: Alice Allred, Sallee Babcock, Joan Blodgett. 

Coleman, Colleen 
Crane, Gerri 
Edwards, Jo Ann 
Eldridge, Ruth 
Crail, Betty 
Fraser, Frances Ann 
Farnsworth, Barbara 

Hansen, Sherylene 
Herron, Barbara 
Holmes, Marian K. 
Householder, Dawna 
Hunter, Ilene 
Hunter, Lois Anne 
Julander, Lillie 

Jensen, Afton 
Kelsey, Patsy 
Kimball, Marilyn 
Lee, Dixie 
Lyman, Joyce 
McCormick, Marilyn 
Medley, Kathy 

Milne, Nancy 
Mundy, Benita 
Neeley, Marilyn 
Nelson, Cary Ellen 
Nielsen, Marchene 
Nielson, Pauline 
Nybo, June 

Ozawa, Fern 
Petersen, Judy 
Peterson, Judy 
Pommerville. Winelle 
Rogers, Hawley 
Salazar, Lillie 
Senne, JoEllen 

Sisemore, Claudia 
Steed, Barbara 
Tame, Myrna 
Taysom, Annette 
Tolman, Dee Ann 
Turpin, Karen 
Vance, Jerry Kay 

Wood, Janice 



Nautilus officers, Sandra Reese, Mary Kay Weigel, Carole Hoppe 
Georgia Russell. 

Adamson, Joyce 
Albach, Dawn 
Ball. Jennie 

Pledges were installed by members during a formal ceremony. 

Barlow, Sarah 
Barton, Marolyn 
Boucher, Lois 

Braithwaite, Gail 
Bright, Clifta 
Camarillo, Gloria 

Carter, Anita 
Christensen, Kay 
Colmere, Karleen 

Craske, Loretta 
Crotch, Marian 
Daniels, Donna 

Dixon, Shirley VC 
Evans, Jackie 
Gledhill, Sue 

Nautilus-Delta Phi Christmas assembly won the tro- 
phy for the outstanding assembly of fall quarter. 


Harding, Deanna 
Harris, Kay 
Harris, Nola Kay 
Hatch, LaPreal 
Hawley, Lois 
Helm, Donna 
Hoppe, Carole 

Hyde, Nanette 
Johns, Loretta 
Keeler, Mary Anne 
Keller, Barbara 
King, Peggy 
Knudson, Jalair 
Kresge, Phyllis A. 

Limb, Sheri 
Littledike, Jackie 
Mangum, Wendy 
Mantle, Mardean 
McDaniel, Kay 
McNeil, Shari 
Moore, Colleen 

Nesbit, Jean 
Niederhauser, Ethel 
Parry, Barbara 
Price, Gloria 
Rigby, Coralie 
Robins, Patricia 
Robinson, Carma 

Ross, Ann 
Ross, Luzon 
Russell, Georgia 
Smith, Evelyn 
Spilsbury, Gail 
Stephen, Sue 
Stone, Jackie 

Swendsen, Leslee 
Thurn, Jacquie 
Tolley, Deanna 
Weigel, Mary Kay 
Whittle, LaDawn 
Witherow, Barbie 
Wright, Karen 

Nautilus of N.L.U. came into existence on October 
6, 1920 when eight close friends banded together and 
chose as their motto "Excelsior Ever Higher". Ever 
since this early beginning the Nautilus social unit 
has been active in campus affairs. With the chamber- 
ed nautilus as its symbol, the organization's goal is 
to foster cultural, spiritual, and social growth 
through unit activities. The Nautilus-Delta Phi 
Christmas assembly was awarded a trophy for pre- 
senting the best assembly Fall Quarter. The annual 
invitational was held Winter Quarter and was fol- 
lowed by a dinner dance in the spring. One of the 
most remembered events of the Nautilus year was 
the annual Kiddie Party. Other activities participated 

in were Homecoming, 
Songfest, culture nights, 
exchanges, the intra- 
mural program, and ser- 
vice projects. Officers 
Sandra Reese, Mary 
Kay Weigel, Glenna 
Jennings, Phyllis Kres- 
ge and Carol Hoppe 
r ^j^ , supervised the activities. 

t(P* ^^fc^. Sponsors were Mrs. 
Clyde D. Sandgren and 
Reese. Sandra. President Mrs. Dalian Clark. 

Members and their dates participated in the annual invitational, "Lavender Mist. 


Tradition and unity are the foundations of O. S. 
Trovata, the oldest women's unit on campus. This 
year's homecoming started a chain of trophy win- 
ning events for O.S.T. First place in originality went 
to O.S. float, and Karen Dixon was attendant to the 
homecoming queen. Fall quarter invitational, Mo- 
combo, featured beautiful Japanese decorations, food 
and charm. Winter quarter brought honors to O.S. 
for the outstanding unit assembly, presented with 
Goldbrickers. Belle of the "Y" acclaim was won by 
O.S. member Carol Ronnnw who was named attend- 
ant to the Belle. First 
place awards in Song- 
fest women's division 
and originality went to 
O.S. Trovata. Climax- 
ing a year of canyon 
parties, open houses, 
exchanges, scholarship 
dinners, and culture 
nights was the annual 
Starlite Gardens Dinner 
Dance. Lucky male 
guests, "Men About 
Town," were entertain- 
ed in regal O.S. atmos- 

Andrus, Rose Mary, President 

Float "Reflecting Childhood' brought O.ST, first place 
in originality in the Homecoming Parade. 

Committee and dates check final arrangements for 
dinner dance. 

Abegg, Gwen 
Anderson, Sue Marie 
Armstrong, Beverly 

Bateman, Marietta 
Bower, Melene 
Bunker, Susan 

Busterud, Kay Lynne 
Campbell, Becky 
Cannon, Joan 

Carr, Janelle 
Clark, Mary Jean 
Covey, Myrna 

Covington, Dorcus 
Craythorn, Eileen 
Dana, Judy 

' mi 


Officers: Gwen Abegg, Secretary; Virginia Roberts, V. President; Rose Mary 
Andrus, President; Sharon Thomas, Treasurer. 

P. J. rush party— "Heavenly O.S.T. 

Driggs, Anne 
Driggs, Gloria 
Fechser, Leslie 
Fechser, Lynn 
Finch, Pat 
Fleming, Laura 
George, Joni 

Goodson, Charlene 
Grover, Judy 
Hall, Katie Dean 
Hansen, Patsy 
Haynie, Ann 
Johnson, Virginia 
Jones, Janet 

Lewis, Jean 
Malan, Marlene 
McEwan, Nani 
Olson, Deanna 
Perkins, Margo 
Phegley, Kathy 
Pinney, Susan 

Redd, Judy 
Ronnow, Carol 
Roberts, Virginia 
Sainsbury, Karen 
Spencer, Carmen 
Steed, Sherry Ann 
Stephenson, Maralyn 

Sumsion, Marilyn 
Sumsion, Madeline 
Swensen, Shauna 
Taylor, Joan 
Thomas, Darla 
Thomas, Sharon 
Whitney, Kay 
Wood, Kathy 

Wood, Marilyn 
Woodward, Marilyn 
Whitaker, Sharon 


Officers, Back row: Jack Campbell, Norbert 
ames. Bill Greene. Front row: Ralph Huddle- 
tone Howard Hill, Arnie Brown. 

Adams, Elwyn 
Allan, Roy 
Allison, Robert L. 
Anderson, John David 

Bird, John D. 
Brown, Arnie 
Campbel, Jack D. 
Frost, Bob J. 

Eriksen, Erik 
Gardiner, Rod 
Gifford, Jack H. 
Hamblin, David Curtis 

Harmon, Gary 
Hartvigsen, Richard N. 
Hayes, Bob 
Hendrickson, Cliff 


Saxon float received first place in humor division. 


Heninger, John C. 
Huddlestone, Ralph 
Huskey, Ritchie D. 
Janes, Norbert R. 
Kearl, Reid 
Leach, Del 
Meier, Grant B. 

Marshall, Melvin (Pete) 
McCallum, Barry 
Morgan, Dan E. 
Nish, Gary Lee 
Pollock, John 
Preece, Dennis 
Sargady, Nick 

Robison, Clark 
Spencer, Elmer A. 
Stone, Douglas 
Timmons, Robert Lee 
Tangren, Marvin B. 
Tryon, Leon 
Tomlinson, Ronald D. 

Hill, Howard Richard, 

The Saxon social unit, organized in 1952, re-entered 
the Brigham Young University social scene this year 
after being inactive since 1956. Members started the 
year by winning first place in the humor division in 
the Homecoming float competition. During Winter 
Carnival, the Saxons' giant robot took first place in 
the men's division of the snow sculpturing contest. 
Also, Arlene Black, sponsored by the Saxons, was 
named attendant to the Snow Princess. Other activi- 
ties included exchanges, intramural activities, an as- 
sembly produced with Nautilus, a dinner dance, a 
Christmas party at the mental hospital for patients, 
and also a special banquet which featured a cere- 
mony for new members. Supervising Saxon activities 
were officers Howard Hill, Dick Wright, Elwyn Ad- 
ams, Ralph Huddlestone, Norbert James, and Pete 
Marshall. Ivan J. Barrett and Marion Hinckley acted 
as sponsors. 

Turner, Doug 
Wier, Joe E. 
Woodbury, Lynn K. 


- X 

Giant robot surrounded by figures, gained first prize in winter carnival's 
snow sculpturing contest. 


Adams, David 
Baird, H. Kay 
Baker, Bill J. 
Bangerter, Darrell 
Barber, David 
Borgquist, Tom 
Bucknum, Daniel R. 

Bullock, Burt W. 
Byers, Dennis 
Campbell, Bud 
Campora, Steven 
Connelly, Richard 
Cox, William P. 
Croft, Kent 

Boyle, Dennis 
Dunford, Frank W. 
Dunn, Stanley W. 
Dyer, Brent R. 
Dyer, Grady T. 
Dyer, Ron E. 
Eckel, Paul 

Eliasen, Gary R. 
England, Joe D. 
Faulkner, Brent W. 
Felsted, Harold 
Foulk, Don 
Gardner, Kay E. 

Greenhalgh, Merrill A. 
Greer, Deon C. 
Hasty, T. Mikel 
Hawkins, Ronald D. 
Helms, Jimmy 
Hill, Paul 
Hubbs, Keith E. 


Proud of the distinction of being the oldest social 
unit on campus, members of Tau Sigma can point to 
a beginning in 1915 at the Brigham Young Academy. 
The original name "The Three I's" was changed to 
the Greek Letters Tau Sigma in 1923- The red-blazer- 
ed Tausigs have as their motto "Onmus Uno", all 
for one and one for all. Some traditional projects of 
the group include "Bury the Hatchet Week" with 
the Brickers; the Alcyone-Tausig invitational "Mira- 
mir"; and a deer bust. Tausigs are noted for their 
participation in athletic events. In addition, members 
enjoy many exchanges with other social units and a 
variety of other parties, including the annual dinner 

dance. Officers for the 
1958-59 school year 
were Cornell Taylor, 
Phil Nolan, Dan Buck- 
num, and Dave Adams. 
Jay Van Noy acted as 
sponsor to the group. 

Taylor, Cornell, President 

Everyone loved listening and watching Tausigs "Hill Billy Band.' 


KIT~'< "t 

Hucks. Howard H., Jr. 
James, Dean 
Johnson. Nolan L. 
Jones, Jerald 
Kjergard, Jim 
Marshall. Don 
Mackintosh, Dean 

Martin, James W. 
Mathie, Lynn 
Meier, Glenn 
Miller, Tom 
Miner. Allen Edward 
Nichols. Byron V. 
Nolen. Phillip W. 

Nielson, Ronald F. 
Oldroyd, William Victor, Jr. 
Olson, Bob D. 
Olson, Kenyon R. 
Petersen, Don 
Powelson, Doug 
Seiger, Richard H. 

Robison, Weston K. 
Sharp, Ronald E. 
Shields, Robert Glenn 
Sibett, Kent H. 
Simpkins, Jerry 
Sparks, La Vorn 
Stohlton, John B. 

Strong, Brent M. 
Taylor, Lyman D. 
Taylor, Milt 
Thygerson, Alton 
Tucker, Donald L. 
Young, Eddie 
Warren, Allan H. 

Receiving first place at songfest. 

Officers: Cornell Taylor, Dan Backnum, Phil Noland, Dave Adams. 



An overnight outing at the MIA Home, the Val 
Hyric-ToKalon breakfast and a Christmas Dance are 
just three of the traditional ToKalon activities each 
year. During the 1958-59 year, members of the unit 
were active in all phases of campus life. Tokalon 
Faye Baker was named Homecoming Queen, the 
Tokalon quartet was named winner in the trio-quar- 
tet contest and the group also took first place in the 
Christmas Drive. In snow sculpturing Tokalons cap- 
tured second place in the women's division, along 
with receiving the award for the smallest structure. 
Exchanges were held with Vikings, Delta Phi, and 
Val Hyrics in addition to the annual invitational. 
Tokes and Val Hyrics combined in producing an as- 
sembly, and also in 
their annual breakfast. 
Secret pals and sports 
participation are two 
other regular Tokalon 
activities. The tradition- 
al dinner-dance topped 
the year's activities. 
Margot Seymour, Ann 
Brown, Deanna Mc- 
Bride, and Patty Ham- 
mond acted as officers. 
Mrs. Ina Lou Cheney 

Margot Seymour, President was fa g roU p's advisor. 

Officers: Margo Seymour, Ann Brown, Arlcne Larson, Deanna Mc- 
Bride, Patty Hammond. Corena Miller absent. 


Baker. Carma Jane 
Baker, Faye 
Bartlett. Helen Marie 
Bensen, Bonnie 
Benson, Carla 
Black, Marcia 

Black, Sheila 
Brown, Ann LaRay 
Buckley, Connie 
Cochran, Judy 
Cole, Jackie 
Cooper, Glenna 

Clayton, Bee 
Dickerson. Brenda 
Douglas, Dotti 
Doty, Ann Marie 
Erickson, Karen 
Falslev, Joie 

Fowles, Jeannette 
Garwood, Marjorie 
Greene, Sharon 
Groshell, Patricia Ann 
Hamilton, Carolyn 
Hammond, Patty 

Hart, Sherlyn 
Heder, Diane 
Humpherys, Annette 
Jensen, R Lene 
Jensen, Gwen 

Guests arrive at Tokalon's invitational. 

A lady fair rode their entry for Homecoming. 

Slumber parties are times for long hours of chatting together. 

Jeppson, Marilyn 
Judd, Marcia 
Judd. Louise 
Larsen, Arlene 
MacDonald. Kathy 
Madsen, Doris G. 
Madsen, Margaret Anne 

Mathews, Karen 
Maughan, Betty 
McBride, Deanna 
McBride, Lu Jean 
McMeen, Elaine Kay 
McMeen, Marilyn F. 
Miller, Corena 

Nutter, Diana 
Ord, Sharon 
Ostlund, Karen 
Peters, DeLoris I. 
Price, Ruth 
Pugmire. Linda Lee 
Robinson, Kathy 

Rutledge, Cheryl 
Segerstedt, Sharon 
Shurtliff, Carolyn 
Skidmore, Carol 
Slater, Gail 
Storrs, Elaine 
Tanner, Jeanne 

Tenney, Pat 
L'pstill, Suzann 
Vance, Geraldine 
Wingfield, Judy 
Whiffen. Diana 
Wright, Janet 

Founded on the immortal rock of friendship, the Val 
Hyric social unit has been active on campus since 
1928. This year the group held three traditional af- 
fairs, the invitational "Val Halla", a two-day dinner 
dance "Asgard," and also the "Val Luau." In addi- 
tion they held exchanges with Tokalon, O. S. Tro- 
vata, Cami Los, Kappa Debs, and Val Norns; held 
firesides; and combined with Tokalon members to 
produce an assembly. VH scruds were identified by 
white bibs, sponsored the Miss Venus contest and 
candlelight pledge dinner. Actives crowned Elaine 
Storrs "Sweetheart of Val Hyric", in addition to 
naming the outstanding boy and girl on campus in 
their annual award. In addition to winning this year's 
Charity Drive trophy, Val Hyric points to retirement 
of the swimming and Charity Drive trophy, being 
four-time winner of the Kampus Karnival trophy, 
and three time winner of the assembly trophy— all 
in the past six years. This year the unit has continual- 
ly ranked in the top three in all phases of the intra- 
mural competition. VH officers were LaMar Hair, 
Leo Weidner, Sheldon Snow, and Doug Pearce. 
Sponsors were Dr. Gaylen Caldwell and Dr. Wilford 

Officers: Doug Pearce 
LaMar Hair, President: 

Social's Chairman; Leo Weidner, V. President; 
Bob Roberts, Treasurer; and Shed Snow, 


Hair, L. LaMar, PresiJent 

"World Fair" assembly was selected to 
Utah with the Student Program Bureau. 



Abbott, Kelton 
Armstrong, Charles 
Ashby, Gordon 
Barnson, Roger 

Bateman, Ron J. 
Beardall, Jim 
Benson, Clark 
Berntsen, Mike 

Blair, Robert Ronald 
Blake, Reed 
Brooks, Ralph 
Bybee, Burrell 

Cena, Robert Eugene 
Christensen, Craig W. 
Clayton, Woody 
Cropper, Dave 

Fredrickson, Gordon 
Fred rickson, Hartley 
Frisbey, Jerry 
Foulger, Jack L. 

Gallagher, Bill 
Gardner, Jerry 
Gardner, Richard M. 
Gilliand, Steve 


High honor was given to Elaine Storrs, Sweetheart of 
Val Hyric. 

Annual Hawaiian feast, Val Luau, highlighted Winter Quarter activities. 

Hall, Glade 
Hammond, Sam 
Hanson, Narvol 
Hatori, Donald K. 
Haycock, Steven 
Hess, Edward Ted 
Johnson, Marv R. 

Jacobson, Paul 
Jones. Eugene L. 
Jones, Terry 
Jordan, Roger 
Judd, James 
Lapray, Hal A. 
Kenney. Alan A. 

Larkin, Eldon J. 
Larsen, Larry 
Luke, Phil 
Lund, Marion R. 
McMillan, Jim 
Monson, Farrell 
Nielson, Charles 

Morgan, Scott K. 
Neath, Stephen K. 
Nielson, Russell 
Noble, Larry 
Olpin, Jay 
Ortan, Steve L. 
Palfreyman, Clark 

Pearce, Douglas M. 
Pinegar, Max L. 
Reynolds, Max- 
Roberts, Bob 
Robins, Ray 
Sanderson, Devon 
Schofield, Pat 

Saxer, Alton H. 
Shuman, Tom 
Snow, Sheldon C. 
Speckart, Paul F. 
Stanko, LeRoy 
Stones, Carl 
Ward, Dave 

During the rush, Val Norns 
and rushees joined in the 
Songs of the Islands at their 
authentic Hawaiian party. 

Allen, Elizabeth 
Allen, Mary I. 
Avery, Carolyn 
Bailey, Connie 
Ballif, Bonnie Lauris 

Bardin, Betty Ann 
Barnes, Nancy E. 
Bennett, Carol 
Breinholt, Karen 
Britsch, Charlotte 

Burrup, Kaye L. 
Calapp, Sara L. 
Collared, Margene 
Cram, Deanna 
Crandall, Sue Dette 

Crane. Ann 
Dotson, Gloria June 
Dunkley, Laura Jo 
Eldredge, Lana 
Farnsvvorth, Kay 


Combining scholastic ability with service and social 
activities the Val Norn social unit was organized in 
1928. Members must maintain a 2.5 grade point. The 
group's service projects include visits to the mental 
hospital and old folks' homes. They annually pro- 
duce an assembly with the Vikings, sponsor sports 
teams, and participate in campus activities such as 
Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and Songfest. They 
have retired both the scholarship and service tro- 
phies. A carnival party is traditionally planned by 
members during rush week along with a special 
Hawaiian party during the same time. The Val 
Norns also have many exchanges and other social 

functions, such as the 
annual dinner dance. 
Joyce Hiatt, along with 
other officers, Deanna 
Cram, Jean Sexsmith, 
and Joanne McGinnis, 
led the group. Mrs. La- 
Vern Green and Mrs. 
Ralph Britsch acted as 

Joyce Hiatt. President 

Homecoming float, "Through the Eyes of Fantasy,'' with Aladdin and 
his magic lamp. 

Fenton, Alice Jean 
Fielding. Leica 
Fife, Sue 

Firmage, Karen Marie 
Hatfield, Mary Lynne 
Harrison, Suzanne 
Hedquist, Norma 

Higginbotham, Sharley 
Johnson, Dagny J. 
Larsen, Margaret 
Markman, Diana 
McGinnis, Jo Ann 
McKell, Mickey 
Muhlestein, Mary K. 

Murphy, Jo Ann 
Nielsen, Dot 
Nielsen, Linda 
Nielsen, Shanna L. 
Oaks, Evelyn 
Oldroyd, Hannah 
Oveson, Mary L. 

Pedersen, Sandra 
Perkes, Elaine 
Redford, Colleen 
Small, Natalie 
Smith, Carol Lynn 
Smith, Marcia Louis 
Snow, Kathyrine 

Startup, Karen 
Taylor, Mary Lou 
Vanderford, Lee Ann 
Verhaaren, Joy A. 
Wight, Peggy Ann 
Woodruff, Gaile 

At pledge the motto became their own— "She flies with her wings." 

Officers: Mary Oveson, Treasurer; Deanna Cram, V. President, 
Dot Nielson, Social Chairman; and Jean Sexsmith, Secretary. 



Jiggs party, a deer bust, and a special Christmas party 
are all traditional activities which the Viking social 
unit plans each year. Again during the 1958-59 
school year they produced an assembly with the Val 
Norns as well as holding invitationals. Vikings also 
participated in campus events such as Songfest, Win- 
ter Carnival, and Homecoming. Sporting gray blaz- 
ers, members of the unit are active in all phases of 
campus life. Vikings retired the Songfest trophy 
last year, and in addition won the intramural supre- 
macy trophy. A dinner dance and chicken fry topped 
the Viking social calendar during spring quarter. 

Viking officers were 
Heber Thompson, John 
Marple, Clair Eliason, 
and Jerry Eagleston. 
Sponsors were Howard 
Nielsen and Steve Cov- 

Heber Thompson. President 

This year's float, 
of the onlookers. 

built around a patriotic theme, attracted the gazes 

Bentley. Kenneth 
Boyce, Richard 
Bluth. Oscar D. 
Carter, Ross 
Coffman. Gordon 
Cameron. Stan 

Cole, Tom 
Crismon, Wayne 
Durrant. Olani 
Eagleston. Gerald 
Eames, Brent 
Eliason. Clair 

Fish, Errol R. 
Fuhnman. Parker John 
Green, James M. 
Hale, Garron R. 
Hatfield. Kenneth 
Hansen. Lee 

Haymond. J. Brent 
Heiner. Gary 
Hunter, John 
lones. Randy 
Kirkham. Tom 
Lawrence, Rue 

Knight. Ed 
LaRue. Jerry D. 
Lee. Rex 
Lilienquist, John 
Linford, Ron 
Lee, Scott G 

f f-lfhS f $ 

£ % £ 1 

Scruds have fun kidnapping actives during "Hell 

Vikes have a 

'ball'' learning "cha-cha-cha" at ex- 

Officers: Lee Hansen, John Marple, Heber Thompson, Dick Skousen, Jerry 
Eaglestone, John Liljenquist, and Claire Eliason. 

Marple, Jon 
Mashburn, Dick 
Matsen, Jeff 
McAllister, David C. 
McCue, L'Dean 
Moody, Lester Young 
Peterson, Brent R. 

Nosier, John F. 
Ord, John E. 
Raddon, Stan 
Rees, Robert 
Robison, Ron E. 
Rolapp, Richard 
Rose, Marvin 

Schade, John 
Seymour, Tony 
Sharp, Ed 

Shumway, Wilford D. 
Skousen, Richard E. 
Smith, Phil M. 
Skousen, Bob 

Stevenson, Warren 
Stewart, Glenn 
Stewart, Jan 
Stewart, Ralph 
Stratford, Larry 
Goodson, Grant 
Thompson, J. Errol 

Torney, Richard 
Turley, Harold E., Jr 
Walker, Bud 
White, Ronald 
Whitmore, Gordon 
Woodward, Ross E. 
Wimmer, Larry T. 

With an emphasis on the "social" and not on the 
"unit", Chi Sigma XXV is made up of a group of 
bachelors over 25 interested in bettering their social 
opportunities and meeting a larger circle of friends. 
Unlike other social units, members do not participate 
in goating or similar activities, but instead concen- 
trate on just having a good time. During the year 
exchanges were held with several girls' units, parties 
after games and school dances were planned along 
with a dinner dance at the year's end. The unit was 
organized during the fall of 1956 in response to let- 
ters appearing in the 
Daily Universe. The 
end result was a sugges- 
tion that bachelors on 
campus get organized, 
and thus Chi Sigma 
XXV was formed. Of- 
ficers this year were 
I Merlin Croft, LaMar 
Twitchell, Kimball 
Hansen, and Hal D. 
Bond. Sponsor was Ly- 
Croft, Merlin R.. President man Durfee. 


Aiken, Raymond 
Bath, Wallace D. 
Beasley, Clarence 

Bond, Hal 
Brian, William 
Hancock, Boyd \X< 

Hansen, Kimba 
Hatch, Rey L. 
Liddiard, Robert M 

Twitchell, LaMar 
Renstrom, Keith A 
Smythe, James 


Officers: Kimball Hansen, LaMar Twitchell, Merlin Croft. 

Strength in unity is necessary to ward off the girls. 

Officers: Cameron Deaver, Walt Winkelman, Roger Mason. Back row: 
Bob Keiser, Jerry Webber, David Jarman. 

Knight Templars and their dates meet before going to their dance. 


Knights Templar social unit took its name from the 
noble guards of the Holy Land after the First Cru- 
sade. The unit was organized on the BYU campus 
to promote brotherhood and scholarship and to as- 
sist members in attaining the highest moral, mental, 
and spiritual goals. First place honor for sculptur- 
ing in Snow Carnival was claimed by Knights Temp- 
lar. The Homecoming parade float took second place 
awards, and they rated second in the Broken Ski con- 
test. First place and sweepstakes trophies for best 

booth in the 1958 AMS- 
Frosh Carnival went to 
Knights Templar. List- 
ed among the most pro- 
minent alumni is Max 

Winkelman, Walt 

Adams, Dennis G. 
Bolles, Dean L. 
Brimhall, F. Eugene 
Byran, Melvin W. 
Carr, David B. 
Cowley, Maury 
Cutler, Herbert R. 

Deaver, Cameron K. 
Eyre, LaMar 
Hovik, Doug 
Harper, Vernon M. 
Harvey, Edward T. 
Pinkston Ronald L. 
Hansen, DuRell C. 

Jarman, David L. 
Johnson, Raymond 
Keiser, Bob 
Mason, Roger 
Newman, Frank 
Ravsten, Lynn 
Howlett, Robert 

Woodland, Mike 
Stewart, John Dale 
Thorup, Lee B. 
Tolboe, Gary 
Sehlmeier, Adrian W. 

n p*i bf^ fi 



Any returned Christian missionary who has served 
at least six months on a mission, and who has a 2.5 
grade average may belong to the oldest greek letter 
fraternity in Utah. Purposes of Delta Phi are to pro- 
vide service, spiritual, scholastic and social outlets 
and opportunities for its members. The group began 
the school year by placing second in men's quartet 
competition at Homecoming. This year's Delta Phi 
Dream Girl was Louise Judd, who was chosen at the 
annual Dream Girl Dance. Another group, the 
"famous" Gadianton Band, put on a program for 
a Stake building project in Salt Lake City. Other an- 
nual features are the invitational "Love 'em and 
Leave em" dinner dance. Outstanding alumni are 
John A. Widtsoe, Milton R. Hunter, Matthew Cow- 
ley, and Stephen L 
Richards. The Delta 
Phi Chorus will climax 
its 1958-59 season with 
an estimated 7000 mile 
tour. Officers are Lynn 
Findlay, president; Erni 
Schulzke, vice presi- 
dent; Ben Patton, secre- 
tary; and Dave Bouch- 
er, social chairman. 
Sponsor is Reed Bank- 

Findlay, Lynn F., President 


Abplanalp, Delloy O. 
Andrus, Larry J. 
Arnold, Leo F. 

Atkinson, Nilo 
Barkdull, F. Del 
Barrios. M. Arturo A. 

Boucher, David 
Christiansen, Richard O. 
Cook, C Ronald 

Cousin, Jack R. 
Cox, Kaye B. 
Dixon, Dick 

Louise Judd predicts a mysterious future tor Toney Turley and Carl 
Skouscn at the Delta Phi Invitational. 

Lovely Louise Judd will reign as Delta Phi Dream Girl for 
the coming year. 

Dixon, Ron 
Ely, Ray 

Finlinson, David S. 
Freeman, Peter H. 
Garner, Don R. 
Gentry, Raymond 
George, Willard L. 

Hansen, Harold Lewis 
Haycock, Richard C. 
Henrie, Lyman 
Hill, Glayde 
Johansen, Carl R. 
Jenkins, Marvin L. 
Hoolaway, Don E. 

Kelsey, Dwight L. 
King, Alma Paul 
Larson, Raymond K. 
Mason, Dennis Lavere 
Miller, Dale B. 
Nelson, Glen -B. 
Nielsen, Weston W. 

YVyfy T"* "" 

- r 


Peterson, Ray A. 


Price, Lloyd D. 

• ^^ 

Reinhold, Allen K. 


Salmon, Kay 


Skouson, Carl Whipple 


Schulzke, Ernest F. H. 


Scholes, Jon F. 



Delta Phi pledges hold a mock street meeting 

Wright, Gary H. 
Winward, Emer K 
Walton, Andrew J 


> ^ M ff9 --r-iBi si m 


*W ^^Jm m s £fl Bv^vl B^^^B ^F"^^B 

4^ . ^Sk. FT JV ■ W^ ^^. \ 

t. " ■ 

■ ^1 

*w ^H 

■*■ ^* Lg Tim •KJH fc"^I^^K 


KL^| ^m * ' < ^ v Vi 

i a *• ^| ^ii A 



^% ^H 



LJ i 

___ ■C^ftk- 

The Delta Phi Chorus, under the direction of John Thompson, performed throughout the year. 


Lambda Delta Sigma is an international fraternity, 
with active chapters on campuses throughout the 
United States, Mexico, and Canada. The chapter at 
BYTJ is Zeta. It is divided into three chapters, Tau, 
Upsilon and Beta. Each of these function as separate 
units, with a controlling group of executive officers 
over the entire group. Officers of this year's group 
are: John Russell, president; Roxanne Watkins, vice 
president; Menlynne Rich, secretary; Bob Wursten, 
treasurer; and Charles Myler, pledge vice president. 
The sponsor is Glen Pearson. The activities of LDS 

center around five 

ideals— leadership, 
ture, spirituality, 



which pres- 

ently number 50, at- 
tempt to develop them- 
selves toward these 
goals. Lectures, Fall 
Formal, Sweetheart 
Ball and Inaugural Ball 
are part of these many 

John J. Russell. President 

Dreaming at the Sweetheart Ball 



Abbott, Helen 
Allen, Larry 
Antone, Gerald 
Bird, Lee Ann 
Brown. Janeen 
Chappie, DeRoy 

Coleman, Anna Marie 
Clark, Virginia 
Elzinga, Lavelle 
Hal lock, George 
Hendricks, Gayle 
Hess, Leanora E. 

Holladay, Beatrice K. 
Ingersoll, Carol 
Johnson, Judy Ann 
Knight, Helen 
Larson, Karen 
Laney, Margaret 

Leigh, Mary Louise 
Loftus, Naomi B. 
Marion. Jack 
McClellan, Blaine 
Mclntyre, Arlene J. 
Mentry, Monte E. 

Morris, Judy 
Myler, Charles F., Jr. 
Powell, Ann 
Phillips, Carolyn S. 
Pratt, Linda Lee 
Rich, Merilynne 

Saunders, Arlan R. 

Riggs, Connie 

Swapp, Sandra 

Thurman, Kathleen 

Walter, Ann 

Watkins, Marilyn Roxanne 

t — m nBnan 

I i" i 




- ■ I*. 



1 k 

\ 1 



Sweethearts of Lambda Delta Sigma for 1959: Merilynne Rich, Sweetheart Kathleen Thurman, and Karen Larson. 

Weight, Mary Lou 
White, Judy 
Whitton, Gerald A. 
Wilcox, Sharlene 
Wursten, Robert 

Lambda Delta Sigma executive officers for the year 1959. 


"Shomorah Kiyel", the Hebrew word which signifies 
keeper of the faith, or guardian of a trust is the name 
given to forty-five girls joined together in this unique 
organization. In 1955 a group of girls who were 
waiting for missionaries decided to organize a club, 
where girls in similar circumstances could have the 
companionship of each other. Members must be 
seriously waiting for a missionary and receive "hon- 
orable releases" when their missionary returns. While 
waiting for missionaries, the Shomorah Kiyel's de- 
velop their spiritual, cultural and social lives. Tra- 
ditional activities include the Junior Prom party, 
quarterly testimony meeting, annual Sweetheart's 
Banquet and the Christmas party, which always 

has a surprise for the 
girls. This year each 
girl received a tape re- 
cording of "his" voice. 
Barbara Larson is presi- 
dent, Nada Hawsley 
secretary, Doris Crystal, 
treasurer, and Pat Tay- 
lor historian - report- 
er. Mrs. Wayne B. 
Hales is the club spon- 

Ames, Marilyn 
Anderson, Janet Ann 
Anderson, Lynn 

Babbel, Pat 
Bartlett, Joyce 
Baumgartner, Colleen 

Bennion, Joan 

Bird, Carol 

Booth, Beverly Ann 

Campbell, Phyllis 
Clarke, Nancy 
Crystal, Doris 

Larsen, Barbara, President 


Shomrah Kiyel picked a bride and groom to adorn their float. 

Fox, Laura 
Hatch, Claire 
Hemsley, Nada 
Herron, Peggy 
Lloyd, Karen 
Lundell, Connie 

Manning, Marilyn Rae 
Packer, Ruth 
Pedersen, Karen 
Reynolds, Joan M. 
Roberts, Joan M. 
Roberts, Joyce 
Robinson, Millie 

Sabey, Linda 
Shingleton, Nadeane 
Shirts, Uwarda 
Smith, DeAnna 
Stanard, Carole 
Taylor, Patricia 

Turner, Karen 
Vincent, Sylvia 
Weatherbee, Patsy Darlene 

The annual sweetheart banquet is fun even without men. 


Row 1 (left to right): Unidentified, Merrell Hanson. Unidentified, Conda Weight, Keith Larson, Unidentified, Evelyn Edgley, Garth 
Sweeten, Fay Sweeten, Dorthy Waters, Unidentified. Row 2: Darrell Eddington, Ken Peterson, Judy Peterson, Dee Dwight, Nanette 
Hyde, Afton Tingey, Roger Clyde, Alan Muller, Beverly Simmons, Ken Wilkins, Dick Edgley, Unidentified, Alvin H. Price, Unidentified. 


The Cumorah Club promotes religious and social fellow- 
ship among its members with firesides and get-togethers. 
The club was organized during the fall of 1958 by partici- 
pants in the Hill Cumorah Pageant, who wished to con- 
tinue their association with each other, and returned 
Eastern States missionaries. 

Returned Missionaries of the Mexican and Northern Mex- 
ican Missions constitute the membership of this organiza- 
tion. This year, under the direction of President Merlin 
Theobold, the group has gathered frequently after games 
and other school activities for mexican food and reflection 
on missionary days. The club also holds reunions twice a 


Row 1 (left to righht): Marge Pace, Rosa Blanca, Lois Sprague, Neva Flake, Romona Gale. Row 2: Dale Harrison, Marvel Ahlstrom, 
Martin Landers, Roger Showalter, Leona Flake, Maria Alfaro, Fred Kuhn. Row 3: Rodney Hale, Merlin Theobald, president. Rex E. 
Lee, Sterling Brimley, Richard Magleby, James Gale, Bruce Haslem. 

Promoting the dances, songs and customs of the Samoan 
people is the purpose of the Afio Mai Club. Thirty mem- 
bers participate in the group's activities which include per- 
forming dances and songs on local shows and nationwide 
tours. Organized in 1954, the Polynesian club includes 
both members and returned missionaries from Samoa. Dr. 
Richard Snow is sponsor of Afio Mai. Officers are Anna 
Joy Woffinden, president; Lenore Crandall, vice presi- 
dent; Shirley Sokepa, secretary; and Nola Harris, social 

Friendships are made in working together. 


Row 1 (left to right) : Lenore Crandall, Sandra Jolley, Anna Joy Woffinden, Mary Howlett, Joyce Wiltbank, Carolyn Gibbs. Row 2: 
Ipo Moikeha, Sally Takahashi, Louise Andrus, Gaye Holt, Eleanor Capson, Marcelline Slsicker, Amy Fuchigami, Marie C. Fanene, 
Sandra Dunkley, Jeffery Dunkley, Sam Kehanoba, Skip Cline, H. Fitislmanu, Richard T. Snow, Pago Afuah, Taieueve L. Fanene, Mel- 
vin E. Dunkley. 

Row 1 (left to right): Charles Shumway, Ron Shumway, J. Ken Ramsay, Ken Ashby. Row 2: Joan Ray, Sue Campbell, Joan Merrill, 
Diane Perry, Starla Cathcart, DeAnn George, Kay Crockett. Row 3 : Kendall Johnson, Larry Ashby, Lynnette Peterson, Dorine Smith, 
Elizabeth Shook, Dixie Hancock, Patty Bushman, Raleigh Johnson, Eugene Webb. Row 4: Clarence Bigelow, Fran Boyler, Donna Wel- 
ke, Susan Macdonald, Sharon Ashcroft, Peggy Jane Gardner, Pauline Judd, Joanne Miegle, Denna Skousen. 


fji I 




+>■ i :i9fc* ' 

*- T 



Lovely Arizonan Belles ride in the Homecoming Parade. 

For a real Spanish supper, western dances and assembly rodeo, 
join the Arizona Club. The hundred and fifty members will wel- 
come you with a real "Western howdy." Many non-Arizonians 
belong and enjoy their brand of fun. The club was originator of 
the campus-wide Western Week, which includes old west dis- 
plays, a western assembly and dance. Club officers of the Arizon- 
ians are Raleigh Johnson, president; Charles Shumway, vice presi- 
dent; Patty Bushman, secretary, and Gene Carruth and Joan Mer- 
rill, social chairmen. Club sponsor is Dixon Anderson. 

Officers plan activities for the club. 

Display set up for western week. 


Row 1 (left to right) : Kathy Low, Carol Wood Jensen, Unidentified, Lael Heiner, Marie Kearl, Barbara Steed, Beth Kurtz Livingstone. 
Row 2: Unidentified, Earl Shields, Leona Smith, Unidentified, Unidentified, Edna Smith, Neva Leavitt, Marie Shields. Row 3; Wally 
Hamilton, Lamont Hatfield, Andrew Walton, Unidentified, Claire Shields, Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, Delmar Hunt, 
Wayne Pilling. Row 4: Unidentified, Barry McCallum, George McArthur, Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, Dee Goble, Al- 
fred Rea, Unidentified, Harry Beazer, Dave Boucher. Row 5: Unidentified, Unidentified, Doug Evans, Alf Pratte, Unidentified, 
Connie Heninger, Unidentified, Ray Caldwell, Unidentified, Jim Cahoon. Row 6: Carol Crapo, Jean Lee, Allan Shields, Unidentified, 
Henry Iwaasa. 


Fifty-six students from "North of the Border" are mem- 
bers of this year's Canadian Club. The group, which has 
been on campus for many years, meets to keep members 
posted on all important events. Active in campus affairs, 
the members take part in sports, various socials, and skat- 
ing parties. The group promotes "brotherhood" among 
the students from Canada. Officers are David Boucher, 
president; Henry Iwaasa, vice president; Beth Kurtz, sec- 
retary; and Marie Kearl and Bob Miller, social chairmen. 

"It's always fair weather when Rebels get together" and 
students from south of the Mason-Dixon line, get to- 
gether often. Any person from "Dixie" or who is inter- 
ested in the South may belong. Social get-togethers are a 
main part of the Confederate club. Parties tobogganing, 
dances, tubing, exchanges with other clubs and competing 
in school affairs are some of these events. Officers are Kay 
Hackney, president; Richard Mathis, first vice president; 
Pete Marks, second vice president; Peggy Wiggins, secre- 
tary; Joanne Bert, social chairman; and Marion Copeland, 
publicity chairman. 


Row 1 (left to right): JoAnn Best, Virginia Portie, Sharon Marks, Mary Ellen Fife, Kay Hackney, President; Peggy Wiggins, Bessie 
Mae Mills, Jean Weatherford, and Patsy Weatherlee. Row 2: Ervil Welch, Jim, David Hansen, Frank Redick, Vernon Harper, Pete 
Marks, Jere Hyder, Richard Mathias, Vice President; Jon Enos, Roger Trimnal, and Bob Timmons. 


Row 1 (left to right): Mr. and Mrs. Ross McArthur, Sponsors; Spencer Belliston, Publicity Chairman: Glena Hatch, Secretary; Ethel 
Pointer, President; Ralph Pace, Vice President. Row 2: Deanna Hawkins, Pat Miller, Marilee Beard, Helen Miles, Gale Judd, Celia 
Corbett. Annette Snow. Row 3: Doug Pearce, C. DeLange Levuitt, Jerry Empey, Dudley Rowley, Leonard Clove. 


The Montana Club provides an association for social re- 
lations for students from the state of Montana. The pur- 
pose of the club is to further growth and friendship with- 
in the club, and with other clubs on campus. During the 
year they hold various meetings and socials along with ex- 
changes. The Montana Club boasts one of the most un- 
usual statements of qualifications of a club— "an inkling 
of, or some connection with the state of Montana." 

Alumni of Dixie Junior College and residents of southern 
Utah's "Dixie" have organized the Dixie Club. The club 
has held many social gatherings including exchanges with 
other groups. Service and culture projects included such 
things as a visit to the state mental hospital and evenings 
of lectures and slide shows. The president of the club -is 
Ethel Painter. Ralph Pace is the vice president and Glenna 
Hatch is the secretary. Faculty sponsor is Ross McArthur. 



Row 1 (left to right): Anna Wright, Lynn Potter, Glee Nelson, Jeannie Widdison, Loralee Eddington, Shirley Hatcher, Frances 
Wright, Edith Wright. Row 2: Gary Croxford, Dan Simkins, Kent Scott, Rhett Potter, Gary L. Johnson, Merle E. Blackburn, Edward 
Carl Robbins. Row 3: Larry Kolste. Max G. Berthelson, Theron Murphy, DeLoy Denning, Austin Adams, Robert Stott, Phil Gerhart. 

The new 50th state of Hawaii is represented at BYU 
by one of the largest and most active clubs on the 
campus. The Hawaiian Club has become famous 
throughout Utah for their excellent shows. The 
group has been a favorite part of the Student Pro- 
gram Bureau for many years. Of course, they are also 
a favorite of BYU students for their assembly par- 
ticipation and their annual spring show. Club mem- 
bers include those who were born or raised in the 
Islands. The new junior college which the Church 
has built in Hawaii has sent several of its alumni to 
the BYU and they have become an active part of the 
club. By holding an annual "luau" and cooperating 
with other Polynesian Clubs, the Hawaiians hope to 
maintain and share the beautiful culture of their 
homeland. Thirty-five Hawaiian students will be in 
the graduating class this year. Howard Okimoto is 
the club president and Scott Orrock is the faculty 

Row 1 (left to right) : Earl Kaina, Treasurer; Kuki Kukahiko, Athlet- 
ics; Kaui Nahulu, Vice President; Howard Okimoto, President; Ernest 
Tsuji, Co- Vice President. Row 2: Ipo Moikeha, Co-Program Chair- 
man; Margaret Kahuena, Program Chairman; Verna Mae Nahulu, 
Publicity; Annette Keala, Co-Secretary; Shade Abo, Secretary. Not 
present; Mr. Scott Orrock, Sponsor; Marilyn Burke, Athletics; Carol 
Ragonton, Spring show; Shirley lokepa, Chorister. 


Row 1 (left to right): Alvin Liu, Ernest Tsuji, Kaui Nahulu, Howard Okimoto. Row 2: Mrs. J. Kaina (baby, Kini), Mrs. K. Mont- 
gobery (baby, Ali), Anette Keaia, Ipo Moikeha, Mrs. M. Liyehara, Mrs. V. Nahula, Janeen Brown, Jean Haraguchi, Betty-Lou Ching. 
Row 3: Sherry Abo, Kay Parkinsoo, Mr. Henry Ah Sam, Edith Ka-hoilua (baby, Julie-Beth Ah Sam), Carol Rangonton, Yvonne Mea- 
tonga, Bernardine Sam Fong, Judy Naumu, Elaine Makaio, Debbie Hitner, Lorene Lum, Mrs. J. Ah Sam, Marlene Anderson, Susan 
Shrum, Elizabeth Shook, Donna Eittreim (face hidden), Linda Niswender, Luree Baker. Row 4: Alvin Battad, Walter Kiilau, Wilfred 
Fujita, Jerry Masada, Stanley Taba, Leslie Chambers, Brian Wright, Jerry Ching, Gary Masuoka, Clearance Ching, Mr. Ed Nakashima, 
Mrs. Ed Nakashima. Row 5: Glenn Kukahiko, Mr. Earl Kaina, Allen Kigashi, Mrs. Robert Uyehara. 

Row 1 (left to right): Anita Duke, Dixie Bruno, Don Marshall, Glennda Snow, Jean Burke, Verlene Spackman, Sue Eldredge, Lorie 
Christensen. Row 2: Sandy Stump, Gwen Gwilliam, Kathy Kuykendall, Phyllis Campbell, Eleanor Pezoldt, Vernalie Mills, Marilyn 
Berryhill, Wilberta Neil, Rhonda McQuarrie, Ardith Taylor, Charlotte Allen. Row 3: Dixie Bradberry, Ruth Ware, Janis Hirst, Welda 
Lendt, Kathleen Howard, Marilyn Crosby, Karen Olson, Barbara Fountain, Susan Blakemore, Janice Sorensen, Mary Yardley, Becky 
Bird, DeEtta Hienton, Judy Applebaum. Row 4: Lynn Bjorkman, Bruce Higley, Darris Bright, Eleanor Petersen, Dean Champion, 
Don Kimball, Bob Maynard, Rodney Clark, Lee Ann Cagle, Bevelyn Toombs, Hugh Brunson, Pete Henderson. 


The beauty of the Maori culture and language is brought 
to the "Y" campus by the Kia Ora Club. Organized in 
1950 by members and returned missionaries who served in 
the Maori-speaking missions, the club has some fifty-five 
members. To belong to "Kia Ora" one must have an in- 
terest in Maori songs and games, and an appreciation of 
the culture. Cheryll James is president of Kia Ora. Walda 
Lendt is secretary. Each year Kia Ora Club performs for 
wards and branches, and has toured both the United States 
and Canada. To build a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus 
Christ, promote an understanding of Maori culture, and 
raise money for Church building funds are some of the 
objectives of Kia Ora. 

Island dancing is shown by Kia Ora Club members 

Tahi rua totu fa 


Row 1 (left to right): Dennis Bond, Monte Lambson, Tom Davis, Burl Bollyer, John Whittiden, Dean Castleton. Row 2: Joan Mc- 
Gee, Peggy Hamblin, Sherrel Young, Minnie White, Francis Brown, Patsy McGee, Judy Miller, Lois Nielson, Nila Smith, Bever- 
ly Romney. Row 3: Lyndall Berland, Elam Tudesque, Lana Chapman, Duane Winn, Carwin Watts, Richard Sego, Buddy Tafoya, 
Janice Nelson, Jenny Lewis, Arlen Sellers. Row 4: Anthon Lewis, LaVaughn Jones, Bruce Beckstead, Gene Merrill, Lafe Harris, Bruce 
Christensen, Ed Harvey, Kenneth Christensen, Ricky Hostetter. Not pictured: Joe Hartman, Punkie Hartman, Dave Gardner. 

An enthusiastic group of thirty students from the Salt 
Lake area, joined under the leadership of President Terry 
Rossiter, were successful in carrying out the purposes of 
the Club. Friendships were established, transportation was 
provided, and unforgetable memories were formed. A 
Pizza Party, an exchange with the Tooele Club, a Christ- 
mas skating and house party, and the Spring Revival were 
the highlight's of the Club's activity. Other officers were 
Marsha Bradshaw, vice president; Bruce Armstrong, social 
chairman; Marilyn Wood, secretary-treasurer; and Barbara 
Key, publicity chairman. 


The New Mexico Club has 40 members from the Land of 
Enchantment. Members of the group formed a western 
band to add to the liveliness of club activities. Highlights 
of the year were a Spanish supper, Halloween party, chili 
supper, building of a homecoming float, tobogganing 
party, and several exchanges. 


Row 1 (left to right): Dean Wixom, Richard Scott, Bob Keiser, Dean Williams, Art Thorson. Row 2: Bonnie Sorenson, Marilyn 
Wood, Wendy Mangum, Evelyn Jensen, Marcia Bradshaw. Row 3: Lynn Lundberg, Pat Reed, Maxine Anderberg, Linda Barney, 
Jean Webb, Evelyn Neff. 

Row 1 (left to right): Elwood R. Peterson, Ann Nelson, Anne Udy, Norma Spjut, J. C. Steel, J. D. Morris. Row 2: Pieter J. Krom- 
menhoek, Paul Toner, Dewey Nelson, Varr Nelson, H. Kay Baird, Bryan Wahlquist. 


The Swedish Club was organized in 1954 by a group of re- 
turned Swedish missionaries. The purpose of the organiza- 
tion is to preserve the members' knowledge of the Swedish 
language and stimulate interest in the Swedish culture. 
The club has held many social, cultural and educational 
activities during the year, including firesides, participation 
in Homecoming and Snow Carnival and an annual spring 
Smorgasbord. Byran Walquist is president of the club and 
Gustav Larson is the faculty sponsor. 

Organized in 1949 by the Indian students and re- 
turned Southwest Indian missionaries, the Tribe of 
Many Feathers has become one of the best known 
BYU clubs. Programs of Indian dances and culture 
are given by the forty members who also work with 
the Program Bureau and television programs. Mel- 
vin Thorn is president; Eloy Thacker, vice president; 
Karen Shaw, secretary; and Jody Millward, social 


Row 1 (left to right) : Beverly Murphy, Betty Ann Mooya, Margie Edmonds, Roger Trimnall, Eloy G. Thacker, Vice President; 
Melvin Thorn, President; Charles Harrison. Row 2: Edward L. Perkins, Emma L. Crowe, Cleo Brown, Gary W. Owens, Sandy 
Towne, Jody Millward, Dorinda Tessay, Lillian B. Hornbuckle, Helen Warner. 


It's an assembly in the Unitah Basin. 

Unitah Club members enjoy the great out-of-doors. 


Uinta Basin Club points to the renewing of old 
friendships and the making of new friends through 
planned activities, which is the purpose of the or- 
ganization. To be a member one must come from 
the Uinta Basin area or the eastern part of the state 
of Utah. The Club holds various socials and other 
activities during the year along with their regular 

Row 1 (left to right) : Sylvia Snow, Cheryl Evans, Dorothy Southam, Keith Walker, President; Jeanene Adamson, Secretary, Nor- 
val Hanson, Vice President; Leon Smuin, Udell Winkler. Row 2: Dale Harrison, Connie Lundell, Ann Aycock, Lila Jean Carter, 
Sharon Hamilton, Annette Batty, Janet Seeley, Shana Lee Winkler, Diane Busch, Delloy Abplanalp. Row 3: Jerry Moon, Arvil Beck- 
sted, Drew Goodrich, Cecil Roberts, Jay Goodrich, Richard Hurley, Theo Anderson, Larry Hartman, Ray Durney. Absent when pic- 
ture was taken: Deleen Burke, Barbara Cowan, Carolyn Sullivan, Kenny Benson, Bob Long, Lloyd Swasey, Margaret Huber, Bill 
Christensen, Scott Valore, Lewis Case, Daryl Teel, Delyle Southam, Homer Cook, Phil Bryson, Allene Calder, Colleen Bingham, 
Kaye Kenney, Donna Swasey, Robert Michie, Snellen Johnson. 


Front row (left to right): Willard L. Hansen, Dennis A. Linde, Delton Jensen, Maurice F. Whitney, Wally Caviness, Dale Blan- 
chard. Second row: Neldine Vincent, David Yorgeson, Treasurer; John Yearout, Publicity Chairman; June Rodeback, Secretary; 
Glayde Hill, President; Martha Pratt, Vice President; Karen Sainsbury, Historian; Adaline Pratt, Richard Pratt, Advisors; Mary 
Merrell. Third row: Claudin Sorensen, Judy Hull, Ruth Ann Snow, Margaret Madsen, Nadene Eldridge, Clo Verne Kind, Steve 
Bone, Janet Jones, Jeane Jacobsen, Belva Gae Hill, Rosa Lynn McMullin, Margaret Lead, Maureen Boyack, Connie Smith. Back 
row : Lyle Rowbur'y, Gary Stewart, Don Holley, Vic Hart, Stephen Pratt, Don Fletcher, Edward Jepson, Van Jorgensen. 


Banquets, exchanges, canyon and skating parties and the annual 
dinner dance are some of the activities which keep members of 
the Washington Club active during the year. Officers of this 
year's group are Glade Hill, president; Martha Pratt, vice presi- 
dent; June Rodeback, secretary; and Courtney Buchanan, social 
chairman. Richard Pratt is club sponsor. Known for their "Side 
by Side" service projects, the 35 member Washington Club per- 
forms such worthwhile services as giving Christman programs and 
entertaining patients at the Utah State Hospital during the month 
of February. A bus takes members of the club to their home state 
for the Christmas holiday. Any student from the State of Washing- 
ton may join. 

The "Evergreen Wonderland" of the Dinner Dance was a big success. 

June Rodeback and Mary Merrell try their skill in the 
acrobatic field on the backs of Courtney Buchanan, 
Steve Bone, and Dan Halle)-. 

m / 

Row 1 (left to right) : Richard Riehle, Jr., Anne Udy, Kay Yingling, Brent Paul, E. 
Margie Gentile, Charlotte Easter, Marietta Christley, "Duffy" Evans, Dick Clark. 

"J." Paine, Paul Toner. Row 2: Doug Gourley, 


Proving they are still around, the twenty-five "Yankees" 
who compose what is known on the Y campus as the 
Yankee Club, are from the eastern side of the Mississippi. 
Main features of the group are parties, exchanges and 
the chartering of a bus for the annual holiday trip to the 
East. Brent Paul is the president of the Yankee Club, vice 
president is Kay Yingling, and "Jo" Paine is secretary. 

The Alpine Club is one of the most active mixed-groups 
on campus, with seventy-five members. The club motto is 
"Mountaineering brings exercise to the body, contentment 
to the soul." Activities include mountaineering, skiing, 
hiking, ice skating, road climbing, cross-country skiing 
and various other outdoor activities. Night skiing, ice 
skating and hot chili and cocoa make the Alpine Club's 
meetings memorable occasions. 


Row 1 (left to right) : Bob Stones, Frances Stones, Ed Clark, Keith Smith, Dale DePry, Gay Chamers, LaVelle Morris, Lyle Owen, 
Jerry Carr, Bill Boyne, Bob Bush, Dorene Delfium, Terry Gassaway, Ron Malan, Richard Bearford. Row 2: Karl Seethaler, Jeanette 
Fowles, Betty Maughan, Landon McCune, Richard Houlihan, Rita Rinquist, Joan Hacking, Carolyn Westenskow, Douglas Shaw, John 
Passow, Jon Davies, Carla Sevy, Tom Stoddard, Joe D. England, Dick Seiger. Row 3: Terry Rossiter, Gayle Hutchings, Karen Turner, 
Jane Brunt, Wendy Mangum, Susan Bush, Fred Twede, Jim Kjergard, Kirk Evans, Mike Lawyer, Jack Davis, Ty Keller, Ben Foulk, 
Jerry Simpkins, Sherman L. Butters, Bill Conway, Boyd Tangren, Sunny Seely. Row 4: Tom Spalding, Kurt A. P. Laub, Linda Rae 
Hilton, Barbara Vibel, Howard Ulbel, Carole Simpson, Pauline Maude, Carol Hafen, Mel Farmer, Bob Brodie, Gene Marley, Tom 
Shuman, Johnny Leasure, Marsha McGhie, Mike Arbogast, Dean Macintosh, Sue Scott, Mary Joan Wanlass, Dianne Springer. Row 5 : 
Dave Adams, Wallie Goldie, Myrna Bankhead, Judy Bilderback, Bennie Banks, Al Camball, Kay Reese, Sharon Walker, Dick Torney, 
Betsy Cannon, Barbara Butters, Jeanette Dieudonne, Susan Maurer, Evelyn Croft, Lois Keiser. 


Row 1 (left to right) :Charles Fenton, Connie Lundell, Kay Stanfield, Elizabeth Rogers, Jackie Snell, Bonnie Taylor, Chryl Russell, 
Donna Daniels. Row 2: Annette Snow, Pat Miller, Carol Pike, Ethel Pointer, Claralynn White, Duane Foote. Row 3: Bill Wood, Jack 
Reed, Advisor; Max Berryessa. 


A club for all elementary education majors, teachers, and 
parents, the A.C.E. is working for the betterment of edu- 
cation. This year's activities included the Conference trip 
to St. Louis, Missouri, and various socials. Officers are 
Kay Stanfield, president; Claralynn White, vice president; 
Elizabeth Rogers, secretary; and Duane Foote, social 


Chi Epsilon Sigma was organized for chemical engineer- 
ing students to develop in them a professional attitude 
through lectures, tours, and meetings. 


Row 1 (left to right): Joseph B. Patton, Ronald D. Madsen, Ronald B. Simons, Charles Paris. Row 2: Dennis J. Park, Gary Ellis, 
LaVaun Merrill, Gary K. Hatfield, George D. Page. Row 3: Gerald Johansen, Weldon L. Daines, Nephi J. Richards, David Grotegut, 
William L. Stapleton. Row 4: Dr. Billings Brown, Lee Hansen, Mohammed Beheshti. 

Row 1 (left to right): Ted Smith, Stanley D. Hansen, Robert D. Gunnell, Joe Black, Leo Karner. Row 2: Glenn Weaver, F. Reza 
Djanhanbani, James Buckwalter, Malan R. Jackson, Arnold Wilson. Row 3: Vard Jensen, David M. Neeley, Roy M. Stephen, Bob 
Wilson, Laver Roper, James Peterson, Clyde Naylor, Doyle Winterton. 


Promotion of civil engineering and better professional re- 
lationships is the purpose of the Brigham Young Univer- 
sity Civil Engineering Society, which is open to all stu- 
dents in this department. This year's activities included 
participation in Engineering Week, an annual field trip to 
Glen Canyon, an annual awards banquet, and speeches by 
various men in industry, according to the president, Laver 

The Commerce Club has been on campus since the or- 
ganization of the College of Business. Purpose of the club 
includes the promotion of friendship through the interest 
the students have in common, and to make improvements 
in the School of Business by stimulating interest outside 
the classroom. It is felt these things will encourage high 
scholastic achievement. 


Row 1 (left to right) : La Voy Robinson, Vice President; Hal W. Tucker, Intramural Chairman; Stephen R. Covey, Faculty Advisor; 
Walt Winkelman, President; Stan Albiston, Speakers Bureau; Darrel Albert Harper, Social Chairman; John M. Ellis. Row 2: James A. 
Perkins, Denis E. Groo, Edward E. Borden, Jerold L. Sharp, Don C. Lundberg, Keyte L. Hanson, Dale S. Perry, Phil M. Smith. 
Row 3: Ted Wittmayer, Ray Ely, Clark Whitehead, Eugene Pettit, Denny L. Brown, Paul Neser, LeRoy W. Christopherson. 

Row 1 (left to right): J. J. Jonson, Merrill Brooksby, Marion Hansen, Robert L. Dudley, Davis Bartholomew. Row 2: Dee Humpherys, 
Howard Jones, Edwin Sirrine, Carrel J. Monson, DeVerl Humpherys, Ted J. Crowther, Paul J. Watts, Boyd D. Madsen. Row 3: Reed 
Marchant, Richard Stratton, Gary Kaleta, Lamont Gingerich, Wayne L. Bates, Rod Kamalu, Rod McKenzie, Levon Gale, Otto L. 
Draper. Row 4: Merrill Smart, Frank F. Judd, Grant M. Randmall, Paul K. Merrill, John H. Huffman, Earl W. Bean, John A. Roberts, 
Guy B. Ray, Spenser W. Beus, K. Stanley Cook. Row 5: Gordon Romero, Ralph Merrill, Rex James, Dwayne Awerkamp, Arvin God- 
frey, Ervan Butler, Leland Davies, William A. Newman, Garth Hess, Leland DeLange, Frank Herron, Ron Nybo. Row 6: Brent 
Montgomery, Scott Nelson, Alvin Gifford, Paul Shipley, Ronald L. Harris, Garn Penfold, Don Harmer, Clyde Peterson, Lloyd Thayne, 
John Clark. Row 6: Joel Varney, Dale Olsen, Malcolm D. Crowford. Those absent from picture are: James L. Anderson, Douglas 
Bills, Myron L. Crawford, Robert D. Davis, Richard Dolinar, Glen L. Hunsakar, Alma Ray Ivie, Ned Kartchner, B. Eugene Lasson, 
Clifford E. Paugh, William C. Rockett, Royal Shipp, Monroe P. Singleton, Karl L. Smith, Henry F. Suhrier, Warren F. Crapse, Gary 
R. Howard, Kent A. Johnson, Kurtlee J. Karlinsey, John Linford, Merrill L. Palmer, Peter Polgar, Fancher Murray. 



Advancement of education in the field of electrical 
gineering is the purpose of the seventy-three members of 
the Electrical Engineers Society. The outstanding activities 
of the two-year-old organization included a formal dance, 
a spring banquet, and Engineers Week, a campus-wide 
function. Membership is limited to electrical engineering 
juniors or above, according to Merrill Brooksby, president. 

The Forensics squad participated in 22 major tournaments 
this year, traveling more than 30,000 miles to meet over 
100 different schools including Stanford and Harvard Uni- 
versities, Universities of Oregon and Utah, and University 
of California at Los Angeles. Debate activity included 
regular debate, extemporaneous speaking, interpretative 
reading, oratory, and salesmanship. Among the many top 
honors claimed by the Forensics squad was a third place 
award won by George Clendenin and Tom Read at the 
national Tau Kappa Alpha meet. 


Row 1 (left to right) : Tom Read, Lenet Read, Shirley Nissen, Laurel Fisher, Jan Lauritz, Colleen Johnson, Alice Schlinder, Reta Gil- 
bert. Row 2 : Neville Rea, John Duckett, Craig Christensen, Don Call, Tom Jenness, Jed Richardson, Russell Nielson, Tom Quinn, 
Bob Donaldson, L. Grey Young, Don Bahr. Row 3: Terry Crapo, Jerry Jensen, G. Perrin Walker, Michael Wilbur, Jay Stevens, Reed 
T. Warnick, Dan Lau, Ronald Walker, Robert D. Hatch, George Clendenin. 

Row 1 (left to right) : Margaret Hall, Treasurer; Mary Jo Peterson, Historian; Patricia Shumway, Vice President; Patricia Peck, Presi- 
dent; Pamela Johnson, Secretary; Janet Williams, Publicity chairman; Janice Whitehead. Row 2: E. "Jo" Paine, Claudia Bundy, Carole 
Ladnek, Nancy Lee Moss, Louise Leonard, Winona Toone, Beth McEwan, Linda Skidmore, Sidnee Day, Martha Pratt, Marsali McAl- 
lister, LaRee Jackson. Row 3: Linda Moody, Margaret Lewis, Marjorie Robinson, Rhoda Smithson, Jeanne McCune, Donna Bird, 
Edna Smith, Donna Richens, Phyllis Johnson, Virginia Clark. 


The Home Economics club is one of the more popular 
departmentals. The club was started on a national basis 
in 1903 and brought to this campus in 1926. Its purpose 
is to gain friends through working together and to further 
the work of home economics. As special projects the group 
conducts tours through the Smith Family Living Center 
and provides a warm Christmas for a needy family. 

Meeting twice a month, the 25 members of the Industrial 
Arts Club make bulletin boards, blackboards, articles used 
by students and teachers. These are done free, except in 
large projects, where the money is put into the club fund. 
Any major in Industrial Arts may join. Making displays 
and listening to outside speakers from industry take up 
much of the meeting time. This year's officers include 
Wayne Noble, president; Lawrence Bradey, vice president; 
Mark Khrisjansen, secretary; and Dean Smith, social 
chairman. Club sponsors are LaVell Gamette, Ross Mc- 
Arthur, and Max McKinnon. 


Seated (left to right) : Lawrence Brady, Dean T. Smith, J. Wayne Noble, Mark L. Kristjanson, Gary Singleton, Don Carter. Standing: 
Mark Rigtrup, Lloyd E. Arbon, Rulon Judd, Ross McArthur, Roy Anderson, Dale Froelich, Ronald L. Thompson, Don Carpenter, T. 
Edwin Lowry, F. A. Butler, Paul Harris, Garth A. Hill, Max E. McKinnon, Donald L. Grimaud. 

Students who attend the University theatrical pro- 
ductions and assemblies soon become acquainted 
with Orchesis. Dancers from this group have par- 
ticipated in many shows such has Carousel, Briga- 
doon, and The King and I. They have also worked 
with Dr. Earl in the productions of the opera work- 
shop and spent considerable time with the Student 
Program Bureau. Orchesis is a national honorary 
organization. Its purpose is to further interest and 
appreciation of modern dance. The name comes 

from an ancient Greek 
word meaning dance. 
At B.Y.U. the organiz- 
ation has become well 
known for their annual 
Christmas concert. Pres- 
ident of Orchesis is Ka- 
ren Grimmett. The vice- 
president is Kenna Day- 
ton and Marietta Bate- 
man is the secretary. 

Karen Grimmett, President 


Aagard, Diane 
Bateman, Marietta L. 
Blauer, Jone 

Brown, Jerry 
Bullock. Diane 
Butters, Sharolyn 

Carpenter, Darlene M. 
Chapman, Don 
Cox. Louise 

Davis, Karen 
Dayton, Kenna 
Ellis, Mary Jo 

Ellsworth. Karmen 


Varied forms and expressions of creative dancing are shown by Orchesis members. 

Erikson, Deveda 
Firmage, Karen Marie 
Garner, Carol Lynne 
Gillingwater, A. G., Jr. 
Tobler, Alma Jean 

Halladay, Mickey 
Hatch, Frank W. 
Hausknecht, Jeanne 
Jerman, Camille D. 
Johnson, Sharon Faye 

Keiser, Lois A. 
McClellan, Warren E. 
Naylor, Carolin 
Neeley, Marilyn 
Newmyer, LeAnne 

Nolen, Diane 
Oaks, Evelyn 
Oswald, Shirlene 
Oxborrow, Jeanette 
Palmer, Lynne 

Pettit, Kathy 
Pritchett, David L. 
Redd, Cherry 
Richardson, Francis A. 
Russon, Diane 

Sipherd, Janice Tenney 
Solomon, Scott A. 
Sorensen, James R. 
Wood, Janice M. 


Row 1 (left to right) : Wayne Graham, Stephen Ritchie, Bill Mathews, Tom Wirrick, Gil Hegemier, Willis Harrison. Row 2: John M. 
Simonsen, Frank Kleinworth, Thomas Rogers, Demetrios Farmakis, Larry Behrmann, Forrest Hatch, Gary Stott, Terry McFadden, 
Bob Clarke, Gale C. Hamelwright. Row 3: Darrell Whitworth, Joseph Williams, H. Wayne Slater, Gene Fowkes, Donald Kugath, 
Richard Belnap, Brian Chelius, Rex Candland, Bob Olson, Mark Percival, Richard D. Bartholomew. 


All professional people like to associate with members of 
their own group. For this reason the mechanical engineers 
have formed this group. The 50 members meet twice 
monthly at which time they plan the more interesting parts 
of their program such as the quarterly party, the annual 
engineering week picnic and special meetings such as the 
recent trip to Salt Lake to see GM's "Firebird". Chairman 
is Tom Wirrick. 

The Press Club consists of students who are interested in 
journalism and those who are working on student publica- 
tions. One of the most interesting events on the campus 
this year was a debate on "The People's Right to Know" 
between the Salt Lake City chief of police and an editorial 
writer for the Salt Lake Tribune. This was sponsored by 
the Press Club. Other activites of the Press Club included 
the annual Spring Banquet and several lectures by profes- 
sional journalists. 


Row 1 (left to right) : Deloris Watson, Dave Blackstone, Gary Wood, Duston Harvey, Rita Wheeler, Dave Thomas, Clyde Farns- 
worth. Row 2: Susanne Washburn, Doug Pearce, Ken Morrison, Carolyn Harrison, Del Van Orden, Merrill Johnson, Dallas Burnett. 
Row 3: Judy Madsen, Brent Rytting, John Beardall, Stan Michelson, Larry Day, Leon Hunsaker, Dr. Oliver R. Smith. 



Seated (left to right) : Doug Evans, Lee, Tracy Calvert, Jerry Eagleson, and Harold Turley. Back row: Dave Ward, Gordon Whit- 
more, and Victor Oldroyd. 

r— ^ -—. I — v— j— ^-^k a I — \ I '/^"> /^~ N I I I I — ^ Sportswomen's Club, sister unit of Sportsmen, has the 

[—)( )Ur — ) N l\J — ) \^ I J LJ same general purpose and organization, according to Ruth 

"' Gudmundsen, chairman. Their joint activities have in- 

cluded ski trips, bicycle trips, picnics, a sportsman's feast, 
steak fries, a jazz symposium, a water ski show and clinics 
on various sports such as golf, tennis and water skiing. 
The unit was organized Winter quarter by six girls. 

Achieving a balance between spiritual, physical, cultural 
and social activities is the purpose of one of the youngest 
organizations on campus, Sportsmen's Club, which began 
in January this year. Membership is limited to 25 and by 
invitation. The organization consists of a central govern- 
ing board, headed by Tracy Calvert, chairman. Activities 
are generally held with the girls unit. 



Row 1 (left to right) : Mary Etta Watson, Ruth Gudmendsen, Tamsin Kirk, Dawn Thomander, Karen Lillywhite. Row 2: Beverly 
Good, Jan Markstaller, ReNell Robinson, Hannah Oldroyd, Charlene Johns, Jonelle Johnson. 


Row 1 (left to right): Georgia Moore, President; Ada Marie Hafen, Lynn Anderson, Claudia Bowers, Carol Smith. Row 2: Bill 
Hunn, Rick Raile, Quentin Utley, Advisor; Carl Dearden. 


Guest speakers and discussions of the professional aspects 
of teaching, merit rating and ethics have been sponsored 
by the Student Education Association, a professional or- 
ganization affiliated with the Utah Education Association 
and the National Education Association. Prior to 1955, 
SEA was known as the Future Teachers of America. Mem- 
bership is open to prospective public school teachers, ac- 
cording to President Georgia Moore. 

One of the main purposes of the Student Nurse Associa- 
tion is to become better known and accepted by the entire 
BYU studentbody. Although half the student nurses are 
at the LDS hospital in Salt Lake City, and away from 
campus, they have participated in Homecoming where they 
won the beauty trophy. They participated in Songfest. 
Guiding the SNA are Eleanore Hacking, president; Donna 
Larsen, vice president; Etholene Cornaby, secretary; and 
Beverly Roberts, social chairman. Dean L. Bernice Chap- 
man and Mrs. Mary Oniki are advisors. 


Row 1 (left to right): Bonnie Fletcher, Afton Lewis, Kleina Skousen, Janet Jasperson, Carol Snow, Eva Pearl Okelberry, Genevieve 
Strong, Elholene Burton Cornaby, Nancy Jean Peterson. Row 2: LuDean Wilcox, Barbara Hickcox Steele, Kathryn Harper, Kathrine Call, 
Lynette Anderson Dorgan, Helen May, Marilyn Jenson, Wanda Wallace, Zona Thacker Tobler, Shirlee Cooper, Violet Olpin, Jolene 
Christensen.Row 3: June Erskin, Phyllis Oman, Lu Jeanne Hacking, Sherron Gunderson, Janice Becker, Barbara Cheney, Eleanore 
Hacking, Judy Beckstead Jenkins, Elizabeth Young, Carolyn 


If you happen to be an upperclassman with a 3. 
average and just happen to be in the College of 
Family Living, Gamma Phi is for you. According to 
Donna Bird, president, present membership is thirty- 
five members. Donna Richens is vice president and 
secretaries are Jennie Lin Poulson and Donna Naka- 
shima.Club sponsor is Eleanor Jorgensen. Club activi- 
ties are planned to promote high ideals in home 
economics, a spirit of professionalism in the college 
and superior scholarship. The oldest honorary or- 
ganization for women on campus, the group spon- 
sors such activities as 
pledging, lectures, ex- 
changes, demonstra- 
tions and field trips and 
the annual Birthday 

Donna Bird, President 

Officers Donna Bird and Mary Joe Petersen prepare for 

Rachel Andersen 
Wanda Cluff 
Suzanne Crowther 

Sidnee Day 
Margaret Froyd 
Jean Goodsell 

Margaret Hall 
Jean Inskeep 
Marie Kearl 

Judith Litster 
Jean McCune 
Carol Michie 

Jeanne Millar 
Donna Nakashima 
Linda Pace 

Evelyn Peacock 

Pat Peck 

Mary Joe Peterson 

Maxine Reichert 
Donna Richens 
Elda Schoonover 

Jo Ellen Senne 
Edna Smith 
Rhoda Smithson 

Winona Toone 


Row 1 (left to right): Gaile Woodruff, lone Bradley, Kaye Passey, unidentified, Diane Barney, Sonja Clark. Row 2: Susan Lilly- 
white, Mel Rae Bateman, Elaine McMeen, Carol Lynn Wright, Susan Blakemore, unidentified. Kathey Rex. Row 3: Joan Clark, 
Phyllis Cutler, Judy Moss, Selene Sandberg, Margo LeVitre, Janet Rigby, Pat Kelly, Lynne Croft, Gloria Van Dam, Nanq r Morrell, 
)udv Bilderback. Row 4: Naomi Boyer, Susan Kearns, Nancy Mayer, Ann Doty, Marsha Bradshaw, Linda Olsen. 


Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honor- 
ary organization, is composed of soph- 
omore women who maintained a 3-5 
grade average for at least two quarters 
during their freshman year. L'nder the 
leadership of Lynn Croft, the girls 
strive "to promote intelligent living and 
a high standard of learning, and to en- 
courage superior scholastic attainment 
among the freshmen women in our in- 
stitutions of higher learning." Miss 
Cleo McCracken is their sponsor. 

Front: Judy Moss, V. Pres.; Lynne Croft, President. Back: Selene Sandburg, Historian; 
Nancy Mayer, Publicity, and Gloria Van Dam, tutoring chairman. 


Row 1 (left to right): George J. Downing, Doug Christensen, Ross M. Buckwalter, Donald P. Holman, Richard Young, William E. 
Cheeseman, Gordon Gortler, Craig Christensen. Row 2: John Parker, Duane A. Barker, Richard Pagett, Keith H. Brown, A. Clyde 
Blauer, Ronald C. Jones, Ron Robison, G. Perrin Walker, Clyde Roper. 


Men attaining a cumulative three-point-five grade 
average during their freshman year are admitted to 
Phi Eta Sigma, a national honorary scholastic frater- 
nity. The purpose of the organization is to encourage 
a higher standard of learning. This is done by spon- 
soring lectures and maintaining a tutoring service for 
freshman students. Activities throughout the year 
included an initiation ceremony, a banquet, guest 
speakers and several socials. 

"Theatre" is the grand key word of Utah Beta Chap- 
ter of Theta Alpha Phi. They support it, work for its 
growth, participate in it, usher at it, put up its pos- 
ters, and in between they stage a "Culture Night" 
and prepare a Homecoming Float. President C. Paul 
Andersen says members are chosen for their schol- 
arship, acting, and technical competence. 


Row 1 (left to right) : Yvonne Skillman, Beverly Whitford, Lynn Palmer, Sally Thome, Martha Adams, Carol Lynn Wright, Julia 
Harmon, Judith Olauson, Mickey Halladay. Back row: Tom Stone, Dr. Harold I. Hansen, Tom Macaulay, Varney Gailey, Dick Walsh, 
Ron Olauson, C. Paul Andersen, President, Bob Nelson. 

The Arnold Air Society has been organized on the 
BYU campus since 1950. It is for all AFROTC 
cadets who are in good standing in ROTC. Members 
are chosen by the board. Membership presently 
numbers fifty. Arnold Air Society president is Kirk 
Ellsworth, vice president is Gary Cox and secretary, 
Wendell Knudsen. Under the expert guidance of 
Captain Sterling Huish, the group promotes fellow- 
ship among its members, and an understanding of 

the Air Force. Ex- 
changes, stag breakfast, 
lectures, films and din- 
ner dance provide social 
life for the society 

Blue uniforms representing blue skies give that etherial touch to the 
Military Ball. 

Ellsworth, Kirk 

Squadron Commander 


Captain Huish, Sponsor 

Later on they'll fly 'em. 

Bak, Edmund 
Bevan, Wayne R. 
Burr, Glade L. 
Campbell, Blaine 
Carragher, Michael 
Church, David 
Gortlar, Gorden 

Hansen, R. Leon 
Harrison, David 
Heath, Bruce L. 
Heath, Charles 
Huish, Sterling S. 
Johnson, Martell 
King, Charles R. 

Kirkland, Ronnie 
Knudsen, Wendell W. 
McAllister, M. Dean 
Meacham, Douglas G. 
Moore, John R. 
Olsen, James Gary 
Olsen, Lawrence J. 

Oveson, Ronald C. 
Palmer, Martin L. 
Passow, John R. 
Pew, Ronald D. 
Rhoton, Dennis 
Russon, David 
Slater, Henry W. 

Smith, Harvey R. 
Sorensen, Laurel C. 
Taylor, Gilbert 
Tidwell, Ray W. 
Toronto, Joseph C. 
Vanderkooi, Steve W. 
Walker, Kenneth Richard 

Future officers of the Air Force learn planning and technique. 


Cook, Shirley 
Cuningham, Kaye 
Holmes, Carol J. 
Hunt, Jeanette 
Leonard, Sonja 

Linton, Gayle 
McNeil, Shari 
Mefford, Margie 
Noble, Zina 
Ottosen, Shirley 

Peterson, Judy 
Peterson, Marilyn 
Powell, Alta Mae 
Roche, Marlene F. 
Rogers, Hawley 


Phi Chi Theta, a national honorary business frater- 
nity for women participated in many activities this 
year, according to Faye Baker, president. The 32 
members held a dinner dance with Men's Commerce 
Club, a senior farewell, a spring ball, presented a 
key award to the outstanding junior in business, were 
hosts for the high school commercial convention, and 
invited guest speakers in business and other fields. 
Membership is open to business majors with a 2.5 
grade point. The purpose of the organization is to 

promote the cause of 
higher business educa- 
tion and teaching and 
to encourage fraternity 
and cooperation among 
the women preparing 
for this career. Officers 
of the fraternity, which 
is affiliated with the 
College of Business, in- 
clude Marlene Roche, 
Margie Medford and 
Carole Holmes. 

Baker. Faye , President 


Row 1 (left to right) : Wanda Cluff, Virginia Rae Messervy, Student Co-ordinator; Mary Bee Jensen, Faculty Sponsor; Donna Nichol- 
son, Marilyn Robertson. Row 2: Carol Meservy, J. Bascaglia, Darlene Carpenter, Roy Griffiths, Judy Peterson, Bob Thorson, Helene 
Lysy. Row 3: Duane Young, Blaine Kelly, Anna Lee Bartholomew, Bob Welton, Afton Kingsford, Gary Bowen, DeAnne Dorny, 
Roy Elmer, Gloria Grimmett, Vernon Ingham, LuAnn Duffin, Kloyd Donaldson, Linda Callister, Noreen Hansen, Lyman Durfee, 
Student Co-ordinator; David Noyes. 

The International Folk Dancers have won the hearts 
of the people of Utah and surrounding states with 
their ability to perform authentic European folk 
dances. Their colorful dancing and costumes pro- 
vided enjoyable entertainment for halftimes, cultural 
groups, and tours to San Francisco and Montana. 
Directors include: Faculty— Mary Bee Jensen, Stu- 
dent Co-ordinators— Virginia Rae Meservy, Lyman 
Durfee, and De Wayne Young. 


The Order of Artus is a National Honorary Econo- 
mics Fraternity. Its purpose is to stimulate activity in 
all areas of economics. It gives the members of the 
Economics Department opportunity to become well 
acquainted with the other members of the depart- 
ment. It promotes close professor-student relations 
and thus helps broaden student knowledge and ex- 
perience. Milt Taylor is president. 


Row 1 (left to right) : Milt Taylor, Herald R. Clark, Pat Hurren, Weldon Taylor, Willard Doxey. Row 2: Jay Liechty, Phil Smith, Kyu 
Bok Whang, Dean Rickenbach, Cal Jepson, Takeji Tamashita. Row 3: Bentley Gardner, Glen Nelson, Ken Davies, Del Gardner, 
Harold Western, Carrol Evans, Ted Whitmeyer. 225 



- ■ ; 


■ *■ - . 



- " . ..- ,...:> 
. - - " '" . • 

" 5*- 

■-'.-■ ■' ..' 

- • 

- - -~- .- 

: . ■ " "' -~, V I.;--. v ~ r ' Z'- :-•"•'-- --'.'' '--"".':>■ ~' : -- : ->"""-- -"-- "' '•-■ '-':.'■;■ i^;'. 

'■'- l>v r ^ -V.:--^:^- v : -.V'Vr' - v:-.-*"- ._- " ..7"./ ■ .'-'-■ _.'. ,•--":- -- ". 

- . ■ 

■ ~ ■ "--- ~r ' "'■■ :i "-"*'V V"' '.-i 

«-:~^rs _,_.. 


.i—.,.-- - J-. 

-->•. ■»;-- -■; ',■-: -,; X -i ■ <- -..-y •■■*■*•■; -.MB -^ ffe-XkriK 

»3* Si'-i * • -:- ."• -w- '■ : ; -•-"";: S?3 ^#*: 

■■■' • . ■ ""_ ., ■* — -4 . " J/ *;• si *' - "•'■"■' .; i fci-'" 

-. -- -■'"-■•' •■•'- - ;*£&-** v' ; /-.^-^ 1 .; finS* ~_.o~' 

•;_- . ; ■>■ _ ,..-* -X^-r -< ■" -':'■-■; " '■"--rj"."---'- S 

'■'" .•'■■•■ *■*- " ""~<sV.»~ ■:--,'''•„' '•"'* "-r ; '- '■*-'r- . j»? '>-•'■'*."!_- „: : " '","*■ "• ■"«' 
,: -,■.. „■ .- *-- *S~\ ■> v.^.-- r ,i.- v-: —.:?••.••*■•-«<....-* -J ,-•>;■■% v 

d •■ ";\" .,-- *'■-..' - ""-',- ••-':";.-/■'•' •*;.-' .. -C^t^V- 5 

>\>. .■■ . - ■■ .." - ■'---• .-.-. ■ •■?-/■ * :-.->: .• j -.-v •>-•-• 
;.'■•> •■. f- -• - ■■■ ■-■:..< _>.- ;■■-■ "■•»' vi .- . ■'•- .' • ^-•-•,"v '- ?•« i« 
■- .vj -..-» ..... y;-.' -- ' .TV '" ''..'" '•*.i" y ■ .-^.V-: V ."."L"'' 

«■'.$■■ ""■:' ■'.'>* <-' "■ J- ..* '^>:.'' '■ -'L-. >•'->•'...- V,".*'; ; .> '" ^i^ 



«fe .'^s^-' ~: -.A';. 

'; !- '.'j*. -V,- k r -* ;:-x t ..,, ; • 

-. ;=V/ -■-/-.'.'-. ^.' : -'"-^. "%-''',::. ^:^:^ : ~'--'\^^^'-.V I 

... : ' '•'.■■■ ~-' • ." ', - - *'• ,' * 'I.—. — ~ • -.^ ' _"»"^. „ -';" .1."™ ': ""« «*•' 

5» .jp _ 

- K-»t . ii. 

•—.'-. .-.*-■- -"*' ■-.■.'.. '■.'.'•- .••■"' :■"-■ ^;*v; .'■■'- .••~-:' - .-i--V'." ;> '^» 

-'^' ■' * ? ~^ ~r V- ~ "' . V * V.^"~ \JI' ^ i •1'-''--- • % * . .-"I—.--^ '^r- ^* -"T^'i-"*" 2* 




In their third and final season at the helm of Cougar 
football, head coach Hal Kopp, above, and his four as- 
sistants, Owen Dixon, line coach; Allen Davis, backfield 
coach; Tally Stevens, assistant coach; and Max Tolbert, 
end coach, gave BYU a winning team. 

Lack of consistent play by the varsity led to an "up and 
down" season on the gridiron. Coach Hal Kopp's charges 
finished third in the Skyline race with a 5-2 record. Over- 
all the Cougars had a 6-4 seasonal mark. The Cats opened 
strong with convincing wins over Fresno State 29-7 and 
Utah 14-7 before falling to Colorado State in a major 
Skyline upset. The BYU victory over Utah was the first 
for the Y in 16 years. The not-to-be-denied Cats tallied on 
a fourth down play in the last quarter on an aerial from 
Wayne Startin to R. K. Brown. After the Ute clash, the 
Cougars hit a slump which saw them drop decisions to 
CSU, COP and North Texas State before regaining their 
winning ways against humble Montana State 14-12. Again 
on the track, the Cats won the next three in a row before 
bowing to Wyoming, 22-13, in the championship battle 
at Provo. The Y's team was also able to maintain posses- 
sion of the coveted Wagon Wheel by downing Utah 
State in a thriller. Bud Belnap's desperation pass was the 
victory margin. 

PRE-GAME WORRY clouds the face of Kopp as he strides onto 







/&!• Bitot m tW 

THE COWBOYS COVERED a lot of ground. Wyoming went on to defeat Hardin Simmons in the Sun Bowl. 

Football Scores 



Sept. 20 Fresno State 



*Sept. 27 Utah 



*Oct. 4 Colorado State 



Oct. 11 College of Pacific 



Oct. 18 North Texas State 



*Oct. 25 Montana 



*Nov. 1 Utah State 



*Nov. 8 New Mexico 



*Nov. n Denver 



*Nov. 22 Wyoming 



* conference games 


LET'S GET EM determination appears 
as Cougars jog to field. 

7f4 " 

. * . J: 

UP AND OVER, a Cougar plunges for a first down against the Poke line. 

R. K. Brown 

Burt Bullock 


Tom Cole 

John Cobabe 

Milan Christley 

Shirley Christensen 

Steve Campora 

Paul Caldwell 

Dave Barnes 

Gary Beckstead 

Bud Belnap 

Jay Goldman 


Lonnie Dennis 

Gary Dunn 

Richard Dunn 


Dale Grant 

Howard Condie Elwin Harper 

Larry Harrison 


Harold Hawkins 

Kent Home 

BACK TO BACK— an unidentified Cougar tackier stops a New Mexico back dur- 
ing the Lobo tussle which the Cats won. The game was played before a standing- 
room-only crowd. 

AND SUDDENLY IT WAS SPRING again for 85 prospective Cougar gridders, 
with Coach Tally Stevens and his new staff putting the Cats through their paces. 

Jack Gifford Keith E. Hubbs 


LOBO LOOSE, fleet Cats pursue a speedy New Mexico halfback in hard-fought contest. 
John Kapele George Kinder Fred Leavitt 

Hal Lewis 

JF ; ~*S^ 


* w 

Verl Shell 

Lyle MacFarlane Joe McGinn Bob Olsen Norman Putnam i^ynn Reading Howard Ringwood 

Ron Startin Wayne Startin Clark Stringham 

Jim Shumway George Smith Merlin Smith 

Hank Taber 

Jim Taylor 

Roy Tidwell 

Wes Vorwaller Fred Wittingham Eddie Young Legrande Young 




Row 1 : R. Clegg, Don McCracken, Cal Thacker, Don Petersen, 
Steve Dangerf ield, Gary Erten, Steve Sullivan. Row 2 : Kenneth 
Driggs, Russell Felt, Chuck Hoffman, Bill Brown, unidentified, 
Richard Moody, Wayland Shepherd. Row 3: Lyman Taylor, un- 
identified, F. Harris, Foa Tau Tau Saloana, Lynn Stewart, Tony 

Seymore, Paul Allen, Gale Andersen. Row 4: George Black, 
Paul Garcia, Deon Frazier, John Haul, Milton Johnson, Russell 
Chipperf ield, Clyde Pierce. Row 5 : Rex Reeves, Jack Sawyer, 
Jay Van Noy, Tom Verbanatz, Larry Regis. 



m u *^ 7 



GANG TACKLING MSC Bobcats pounce on a defenseless 


HIT AND RUN Cougar attack as an unidentified Cat circles end. 



iUL ALLEN snags an aerial in the MSC Bobcat contest which the Cougars dropped 

Brigham Young's undermanned freshman grid squad 
found the going anything but easy in 1958 as they 
dropped three out of four contests to their opposi- 
tion. Coach Tom Verbanatz's Gatos got off on the 
right foot as they downed the LItah State farm boys, 
21-0, at Logan. However, from then on the roof fell 
in as the Kittens couldn't compete with the powerful 
Utah Papooses and Montana State Bobkittens. The 
Utes crushed the Cougar Cubs twice in one-sided 
battles. In the first clash in Cougar Stadium, the 
Redskins deftly lifted the Cougars' scalps along with 
the victory, 21-0. Then the Cats tried to get back on 
the winning trail, against the Bobkittens, but a tough 
defense and speedy backfield stopped the Cats in 
their tracks. The offense-minded MSC frosh downed 
the Gatos impressively, 34-14. Seeking revenge from 
their first defeat at the hands of the Papooses, the 
Gatos invaded Salt Lake City. However, the Utes 
would have none of it as they rolled over the Kittens, 
40-0 to gain the unofficial Utah State Frosh title. 
The '58 campaign was the last for Coach Verbanatz 
who resigned this spring. He was replaced by Hal 
Mitchell from California. 



Gymnastics: Marc Nielsen, rope climb; Erkki Ker- 
tulla, free exercise; Lynn Bjorkman, side horse; 
and Steve Pratt, flying rings, tumbling, hori 
zontal bar, long horse, parallel bar and trampo- 
line. All-around champion, Steve Pratt. 

Paddleball Singles: Jim O'Brien, San Diego Club. 
2nd, Ron Linford, Viking social unit. 

Paddleball Doubles: Ron Linford and Lloyd 
Richmond, Viking social unit. 2nd, Jim O'Brien 
and Charley Cartmill, San Diego Club. 

Table Tennis Singles: Jim O'Brien, San Diego 
Club. 2nd, Robert Dyer, Bricker social unit. 

Table Tennis Doubles: Jim O'Brien and Karl 
Wriglcy, San Diego Club. 2nd, Boy Dyer and 
Dave Bennett, Bricker social unit. 

Chess: Fraj Sami, Iranian Club. 2nd, Larry Strong, 

Checkers: Raymond Charters, BL2 Residence Hall. 
2nd, Ralph Dahlberg. 

Bowling: Independent Team composed of Dick 
Capener, Dee Wilcox, Brent Sears and Bob 
Bentscn. 2nd CLl "A" team. 

Basketball: BYU Stake Division-8th Ward-Ger- 
lad Bohnet, Rudy Moe, Ron Lee, Carrell Har- 
per, Wayne Wood, Larry Dotson, Saun Bohn, 
Gary Wood, Bud Belnap and Gary Brinkerhoff. 
2nd 21st Ward. Intramural Division— B-Brawl- 
ers, independents. Chuck Busby, Blaine Awer- 
kamp, John Anderson, Sterling Murray, Therin 
Brown, Blaine Murray and Larry Jensen. 2nd 
Brickers social unit. 

Volleyball: Hawaiian Club, Kavi Nahulu, Howard 
Okimoto, Bill Montgomery, Kahale Murray, 
Glenn Kukahiko, Dave Keala, George Kojima, 
John Jensen and Don Hatori. 2nd Bricker social 

Handball Singles: Larry Taylor, 8th Ward. 2nd 
Ron Linford, Viking social unit. 

Badminton Singles: Sloan Hales, independent. 

Tennis Singles: Glenn Meier, independent. 2nd 
Heber Thompson, Viking social unit. 

Horseshoes Singles: Gerald Young, independent. 
2nd Lee Hansen. 

Flag Football: San Diego Club, Jim O'Brien, 
Charles Carmill, Jack Cravens, Bob Deckare, 
Hugh McMillan, Leon Moyes, Carl Wrigley, Al 
Forsythe, Jim Young, Dick Thornton and Jack 
Cook. 2nd Tau Sigma social unit. 

Cross Country Turkey Trot: Leon Smuin, Uintah 
Club. 2nd Alex Cowan, Saxon social unit. 

Golf— Autumn Quarter: Paul Boyack, indepen- 
dent. 2nd Edwin N. Nakashima, Hawaiian 

Fitc Nite: 1st place boxing winners— Eddie Le- 
Baron, Bernie Packard, Hugh McMillan, Gordy 
Hansen, Dave Matson, and Dave Barrus. 1st 
plate wrestling winners— Ron Phair, Gary Jen- 
sen, Jerry Harris, Burt Chamberlain, Gene 
Baxter, Derrell Johnson, Arthur Thorsen and 
Calver Fackerell. 

Winter Carnival: 1st place winners— Women Class 
A slalom, Arlene Black, Alpine Club; Men Class 
A slalom, Dave Black, Alpine Club; Men Class 
B slalom. Bob Barton, independent; Men Class 
C slalom, Bruce Reed, independent; Women 
(lass A downhill, Arlene Black, Alpine Club; 
Women Class B downhill. Gay Chambers, Al- 
pine Club; Women Class C downhill, Karen 
Lieshman. Cami Los social unit; Men Class B 
downhill, Fred Hicks, D-5; Men Class C. 
downhill, Dean Macintosh, Tau Sigma social 
unit; Women figure skating, Annette Smith, 
independent; Men's relay. Bob Allison, Earl 
Lloyd, Bill Green and Doug Turner, Saxon 
social unit. 


Even horseshoe enthusiasts could find a spot for themselves in the 
well-rounded program. 

Jay Naylor, Bill Hafen, Robert Gibb, Carill Ina Lee, Ben Brooks. 

BYU's Fitldhouse tennis courts were always busy with intramural action such as that which is pictured above. 


Over 4000 students were given an opportunity to sharpen 
their athletic skill, round out their curriculum and make 
friendships through the intramural program this year 
under the direction of Bill Hafen. With activities ranging 
from gymnastics to chess, everyone can find a place in 
the intramurals and this year's figures show that more 
students than ever before are taking advantage of the 
program. The 'murals scheduled contests in over 30 
sports this year. Social units, residence halls, clubs, service 
units, wards and independent teams all took part in the 
action. The San Diego Club proved to be the best point- 
getter in the club division, garnering numerous first and 
second places including the sought-after flag football 
crown. Another highlight of the 1959 season was Steve 
Pratt's tremendous one-man show in the gymnastics com- 
petition. He captured medals in six events, including fly- 
ing rings, tumbling, horizontal bar, long horse, parallel 
bar and trampoline. Eighth Ward's basketball team cli- 
maxed its season by defeating Utah State 1st Ward to 
take the all-college championship in the M-Men tourna- 
ment. BYU 1st and 21st Wards also competed in the 
tourney, with the 1st Ward capturing the consolation 

Here comes a mellon ! 



The 1958-59 season which was highlighted by victories 
over top-ranked Kansas State, Dayton and St. Mary's, was 
also the worst finish that any of Stan Watts' quintets has 
ever made in the Skyline Conference. Ending fourth for 
the first time since Watts took the helm at BYU 10 
seasons ago, the Cougars still managed a 15-11 seasonal 
record. The highpoint of the entire season for the Cats 
was the night they knocked off Bob Boozer and his Kan- 
sas State teammates in Provo, 77-68. The Wildcats were 
rated number two in the nation and lost only two games 
all season. Victories over Santa Clara and St. Mary's gave 
the Wattsmen the right sendoff, as they traveled to Buf- 
falo to participate in the Queen City Invitational, where 
they lost to Dartmouth and Seton Hall to place last. The 
trip cost the Y the services of John Nicoll, all-conference 
forward in 1958, and Dave Eastis, sophomore hook shot 
artist, for several weeks. Both returned to the lineup after 
the conference season was well underway and their ab- 
sence was deeply felt. The Cougars lost three overtime 
contests during the season, including a heartbreaker to 
Utah, 76-74 before Utah's fans in the Smith Fieldhouse. 
Bob Skousen, who set a new BYU scoring mark with 39 
points against Ohio State in Columbus, led the Y scorers 
with a 17.7 point per game average. The Cats won eight 
and lost six in Skyline action. 


* ..I. 


** H / 


* 1 i 

! 4 




LWg ^_ 





Washington State 
Kansas State 




Santa Clara 



Santa Clara 



St. Mary's 



Seton Hall 


. 82 

Ohio State 






Colorado State 






Utah State 



New Mexico 






Utah State 



Colorado State 












New Mexico 



Ron Abegglen 

Frank Berrett 

Sherrell Berrett 

Gerry Brewer 

Gary Earnest 


Dave Eastis 
Valoy Eaton 

Bruce A. Hill 

Mac O. Madsen 

Bert Meyers 

John Nicoll 

Russell Peterson 

Rick Shumway 

Robert Skousen 

Jim Spencer 

Gary Miles 

Roy M. Thacker 


Front Row (kneeling) : Jim Anderson, Perry Bates, Dennis Wagner, Dennis Nate, Dean Conant, Brent Eames, Dave Barber. Second 
Row: Paul Haynie (assistant coach), Frosh Coach Bob Bunker, Mark Miller, Timo Lampen, Glenn Stewart, Bob Inglis, Brent Peter- 
son, Elliot Jordan, Rod Kimball (trainer), and Head Basketball Coach Stan Watts. 


Tipoff Tussle gives Gatos possession of the ball against Aggies. 


Coach Bob Bunker's squad had a re- 
spectable 8-3 mark for the season. How- 
ever, all three of the losses came at the 
hands of the Utah Papooses who were 
led by towering Billy McGill. The 
Gatos were led by Timo Lampen, Fin- 
nish star who averaged 18 points per 
game and did a tremendous job on the 
boards. Big Bob Inglis, who stands 6'1" 
developed his rebounding and shooting 
ability towards the end of the season to 
provide a threat inside for the Kittens. 
Other consistent scorers for the Gatos 
were forwards Mark Miller and Brent 
Peterson and guards Perry Bates and 
Dave Barber. Highlighting the season 
the Cougar Cubs were victorious in the 
College of Southern Utah Invitational 
tournament. The Gatos downed Comp- 
ton J. C. of California and CSU to grab 
the crown. Except for the final Utah 
encounter, the Kittens could have won 
all of their games. Coach Bunker gave 
all his men plenty of opportunities to 
perform and show their abilities. 

NO YOU DON'T says Brent Peterson, 44, as he blocks a Utah 
Papoose's shot. 

The defense minded Kittens had trouble with USU. 

DENNIS NATE, 40, pushes up a shot as Jordan Elliot, 43. fights for 



Lack of experience and depth played havoc with the 
fortunes of the BYU wrestling squad during the 
1959 season. The Cougars were forced to forfeit the 
177 pounds class nine times in ten meets because they 
didn't have anyone to fill the gap. Four sophomores, 
Jerry Meservy, Ron Leckie, Bill Yancey and Kent 
Home, were all regulars on the '59 mat squad. The 
Cats ended the season with a 2-8 record. The grap- 
plers notched their wins over Utah State, 20-13, and 
Adams State, 17-13. The most consistent performer 
for Coach Allan Davis this past season was 270 
pound heavyweight Home who went undefeated in 
the dual meets, but who was defeated in the confer- 
ence championships in Salt Lake City. He won six 
matches including two pins, while drawing in four. 
Ron Leckie had a 6-4 record in dual meets to be the 
second most effective man on the squad. Allan Roe, 
123-pound class, won five, lost four and drew one 
and Jerry Meservy had a 4-2 mark. The other regular, 
Bill Yancey, had a 4-6 record. With a couple more 
men the Cats would have had a much different 
record. Except for their 33-2 loss to Wyoming, 23-5 
loss to Western State and their 26-5 loss to Utah, all 
the matches were close enough to be decided by one 
pin. With losses through graduation almost nil, the 
Cats can look forward to a more experienced squad 
and a better season next year. The Cats will miss 
their coach next year, though. Coach Davis resigned 
his position as assistant football coach this year and 
will turn his attention to other less variable work. 

BYU squad members prepare for a future match. 

Allan Rowe 
Kent Home 
Ron Leckie 



It takes more than a team to produce 
a winner. It takes the backing and 
encouragement of the entire student- 
body. The cheerleaders, pom-pom 
girls, flag twirlers, Cosmo (Tami 
Kirk), the marching band, varsity 
band, and the less tangible "Spirit of 
the Y" all added up to make the 
1958-59 athletic year a success in 
every respect. The halftime shows 
even brought admiring words from 
the hard-boiled press. In fact, the 
color of the various events were all 
that attracted many of the spectators 
(especially of the coed variety). The 
newest innovation to hit the cheering 
section was the small girl pictured 
below who captivated the audiences 
with her antics at basketball games at 
the Fieldhouse. 

And something to look at was supplied by the captivating Pom-pom girls. 

A new Mascot appeared in '59. 

Cosmo unveiled at the final game. 

Turning the "Spirit of the Y" into something vocal were the cheerleaders. 

The Marching Band added spirit and good music. 



In his second year at the reins of Bngham Young's baseball for- 
tunes, Coach Jay Van Noy guided the Cougars in defense of their 
newly acquired Skyline and NCAA Region 7 crowns. Eight re- 
turned lettermen, together with 18 sophomores and a couple of 
valuable transfers, made up the nucleus of the Cat squad. The Y 
took its annual trek to Southern California in the spring where 
they won six while dropping three. Upon returning to Provo, the 
Cougars jumped on Weber College twice to win a doubleheader. 
Then, opening their loop schedule against Utah in a weekend 
twin-bill, the Cats won the opener 8-5 and dropped the Saturday 
contest to the Utes, 10-5, in Salt Lake City. Next the Cougars 
dumped Montana State twice in Provo, 12-3 and 6-4. The Western 
Division race went right down to the wire with Utah and BYU 
both in contention. Out of a squad of 33, the Cougars lose only 
six seniors, three of whom were starters in 1959. 

MASTER MENTOR Jay Van Noy led the Cougar 
baseball squad in defense of its Skyline crown with 
vigor and determination. 

MAPPING STRATEGY, the Cougars listen to Van 

STEVE CAMPORA shows catching form that will be missed 
next year. 


FEARED HITTER Jim Pierson was always dangerous. 

DAN MOORE shows why the Cats were good on the base paths. 

Row 1 : Jay Van Noy, Gary Earnest, Jimmie O'Brian. Row 
2 : Bob Noel, Steve Campora, Cornell Taylor, Pete Marks, 
Karl Clayton, Ralph Ashby, Leon Moyes, Larry Schenk, 
Dean Bergeson, Erwin Haws, Mike Henry, Mike Montague. 
Row 3: Arnold Birrell, Blaine Bradford, Bob Gianola, 

Jack Shipp, Danny Moore, Bert Meyers, Norm Forsythe, 
Erik Eriksen, Bob Mosteller, Jerry Martin, Jack Cravens, 
Jim Pierson, Mac Madsen, Don Davis, Brent Haymond, 
Larry Boothe. 



For the fifth straight season, BYU's thinclads garnered the Sky- 
line track crown. Coach Clarence Robison's charges dropped two 
early practice meets to Arizona and Arizona State while going 
undefeated in Skyline dual meets. The Cats had a real tussle with 
New Mexico, winning 67-64. The roster was a combination of ex- 
perience, excellent new comers and a standout mentor. Returning 
to bolster the cindermen were conference record holders, Gary 
Griffeth, two mile; Dave Parker, high hurdles; and Dick Millett, 
low hurdles. Transfer Ed Costa, who held the junior college high 
jump title, aided the Cats cause, as did Alton Thygerson, Texas 
high school dash champion, and Mat Raty, Finnish distance star. 
Marcus Nielsen broke the conference record in the pole vault 
with a vault of 14 feet $y 8 inches in the Utah meet which the 
Cats won by the score of 105 2/3 to 24 1/3. 

Cindermen coach Clarence Robison piloted his Cougars to their fifth 
consecutive Skyline title under his direction. 

Row 1: Gary Bnnkman, Dick Millett, Don Steele, Dave Gordon, Al Warren, Ed Costa, McKay Rollens. Row 2: Dale Long, Gary Grif- 
fith, Mervin Beckstrand, Glade Nixon, Alton Thygerson, Ted Potter, Richard Palmer, Lew Deveraux, Leon Smuin, Marcus Nielson. 
Row 3: Bob Hallett, Gary Elliason, Marti Raty, Barr Bishop, Roland Anderson, Dave Parker, Doug Hovik, Jerry Jensen, Larry Mc- 
Donald, Coach Robison. Row 4 : Mgr. John Parker, Wilber Greenhalgh, Allen Shields, Dave Youkstetter, Harry Murray, Bill George, 
Alex Cowan, Larry McLennan. 


Even Marcus Nielsen couldn't clear the bar every time 
despite his record breaking performances in 1959- 

v -«fe> 


V i 


IN HIS tenth season at the helm of Cougar thinclad for- 
tunes, Robison's team reached new heights. 

UP AND OVER, Nielsen clears the bar with the form that 
enabled him to break the conference record. 


I r 


Highlighting the track season for the Cougars was the 46th 
annual Invitational Meet, April 16-18. In the feature event of 
the day Mati Raty, flying Finnish freshman, outdistanced Max 
Truex of the University of Southern California in a driving 
blizzard to win the special events two-mile race. A freak snow 
storm held the times way up, with Raty winning in a slow 
9:41.5. Skyline two-mile record holder Gary Griffeth, also of 
BYU, finished second to his teammate, edging Truex by 10 
yards. While many of the fans who braved the inclement 
weather were disappointed at the absence of world decathlon 
champion Rafer Johnson who was unable to make his plane in 
Los Angeles because of an automobile accident, they were treat- 
ed to a spectacular exhibition by discus thrower Karl Johnstone 
of North Phoenix High. Johnstone amazed the crowd of ap- 
proximately 2000 onlookers when he tossed the platter 190 
feet in an exhibition throw to better his own world high school 
record by five feet. Since the throw wasn't against competition, 
it didn't count as a record. Other Cougars who braved the mud- 
dy track in five exhibitions for those in attendance included 
Dave Parker in the high hurdles, Dick Millett in the low 
hurdles, and Marcus Nielsen in the pole vault. 

AGONY IN VICTORY, as Raty heads into the final lap. 

ED COSTA SAILS over the high-jump bar, Number 1 junior college jumper in '58, he proved a consistent winner. 

«&. > 

BILL GEORGE lets fly with a discus effort. 

Flu played havoc with the thinclads on their 
annual spring trip to New Mexico and Ari- 
zona. All but three of the contingent con- 
tracted the bug and as a consequence BYU 
lost two matches in the same season for the 
first time in over five years. The Cats' loss 
to Arizona brought to an end a nine-meet 
winning streak. However, the Cougars' dual 
meet and conference meet record, which 
hasn't been blemished for well over five 
years, came through unscathed. The Cougars 
had a close call with New Mexico in their 
dual meet, winning 67-64. The Lobos also 
proved to be tough competition in the Sky- 
line meet. 



•• . ' *£s" 

HARRY MURRAY lauches a small satelite in a mid-week workout. 


ROLAND ANDERSON, left, was lead-off man for the Y's mile relay team which downed Utah in this meet. 



Brigham Young University's golf team was a contender for 
Western Division honors for the second straight year. The Cou- 
gars started off on the right foot in their first match of the season 
as they waxed Utah's linksters, l61/ 2 to ll/ 2 . Coach "Buck" Dixon's 
crew was always tough and gave every club a run for the money. 
Four returning lettermen greeted Dixon in the spring. They were 
Winston How, two-year letterman; Errol Raven, a one year sopho- 
more letterman; and Jerry Westra, a one-year junior letterman. 
Also lending support to the Cats' cause were Paul Boyack and 
Robert Peterson, two juniors who hadn't lettered previously. 
Other men rounding out the contingent were Ed Nakashima, 
Clark Whitlock and Les Moody. Loss of four of his starters from 
the 1958 team necessitated filling Dixon's gap with inexperienced 
men who came through for him. 


DEAN JAMES tees off at Timp Course. 

BUT THE CUP always seemed far away. 

Front row: Ed Nakashima, Les Moody, Lyman Tracy, Errol Raven. Back row: Win Howe, Paul Boyack, Dean James, Clark Whitlock, 
Jerry Westra. 





■ ■■■■•;.■■ HimffiBm 

■ ••■■■ ■ ■ ■ ^nt\<r>i%) 

■ ■ ■ -r'T'li-i-.-tftT 


Crowded courts were always the order of the day, until construction 
built 10 new ones. 


A lack of summer practice hurt Coach "Buck" 
Dixon's otherwise experienced tennis squad at the 
beginning of the season. Towards the end of the 
year, though, the racquetmen were rounding into 
shape and holding their own. The Cats had seven 
returning lettermen, including four of last year's 
starters. Accompanying the track squad on its annual 
spring tour, the netmen suffered losses at the hands 
of New Mexico, Arizona and Arizona State. Then, 
opening their conference schedule against Utah, the 
Cougars were blanked 7-0. Except for Maurice Bal- 
lif's opening set victory, the Cats were set down in 
straight sets by the defending Skyline Champion 
Redskins. The Cats were able to get on the winning 
track the following week, as they got past the Mon- 
tana Grizzlies. With Ballif as the only senior of the 
team, the future of tennis at BYU is definitely pro- 
mising. Others on the squad included: Cecil Clark, 
sophomore; Rue Lawrence, junior; Glen Meier, 
freshman; Phillipe Michaux, sophomore; Melvin 
Schetselaar, junior; William Stowell, junior; and 
Harold Turley, sophomore. 

Front row: Cecil Clark, Conway Stowell, Phillip Michaux, Glen Meier, Rue Lawrence. Back row: Mike Weber, Richard Connelly, Gary 
Crandall, Maury Ballif, Mel Schetselaar, Harold Turley, Richard Dixon. 




Row 1: Gweneth Adams, Dixie Grimmett. Row 2: Gerie Wan- 
lass, Margo LeVitre, Nedra Ricks. 




Row 1 : Elaine Makaio, Bernadene Som Fong, Jane Britton, Betty 
Lou Ching. Row 2: Carol Ragonton, Lei Jensen, Clara Loo, La 
Verne Flores. 

Organizational— Hawaiian No. 2 
Majors— Dixie 


Independents— Panleb 
Organizational— Val Norn 
Majors— Dixie 


Independents— Leaping Lizzies 

Organizational— Alcyone 

Majors— Dixie 

Foul Pitch: 

Independents— Panleb 

Organizational— Hawaiian No. 2 

Majors— Faculty 

Snowshoe Relay: 

Majors— Conquistadores 

Row 1: Evelyn Peacock, Beth Quist, Kathleen Shurtleff. Row 2: 
Karen Greenwood, Janice Aldean, Nadien Tuft. 

Friendly competition in both team and individual sports 
was provided by the women's intramural program of the 
physical education to the coeds of BYU. Through the ac- 
cumulation of points throughout the year, organizations 
work for the supremacy trophy which is awarded at the 
annual awards banquet in the late spring. Competition 
this year extended over various types of activities, in- 
cluding volleyball, basketball, Softball, tennis, badminton, 
table tennis, bowling, track, swimming and snowshoe re- 
lays. The teams and individuals are grouped into three 
different leagues: independent, organizational and majors. 
In each sport, winners are declared in each of the three 
leagues. Social units, campus housing, wards of the BYU 
Stake and independent teams all participated in this year's 
competition. The department hopes to build interest in the 
intramural program on campus. The one aim of the intra- 
mural system is to benefit and add to the enjoyment of 
those who wish to develop themselves further through 

Old college try is exhibited by the runner left during one of 
the women's intramural softball contests. 

Row 1 (left to right) : Mickey Young, Diane Asay, Earlene Dur- 
rant, Luane Blacker, Suzie Coombs, Marilyn Perry. Row 2: Ruth 
Ann Hiatt, Charleda Foss, Beverly Harmon, Jolene Reece, Mara- 
lee Foss, Annette Kerla, Mary Joan Knight. (Sheila Black, Helen 
Miles, Mary Jane Edwards, not pictured.) 

2 ; uu 

Row 1 (left to right): Margo LeVitre, Peggy Roland, Gweneth 
Adams, Nedra Ricks. Row 2: JoAnn Calderwood, Carol Moncur, 
Shirley Dixon, Kathy Berg, Elaine Michaelis, Dixie Grimmett. 
(Teddy Rohbock not pictured.) 


. ' 


. , "... 

- . * 

. . 

• . , 


' ^ s - - 

. - 

^-" „ .-■ — - . 
■-* v _ V :'- 


•*. ~ . ■ ^ ^ -^.v •■% 

- - __■-. . -■ ■ ." i-'vi ''■- • - ' .-- '■■■:' •- -• - • 

•—•Jr", ..*£. 

•■'''•> '. '. . ." •-■•-• 

'-.•■"" •• • _- _*£■. ~ f ? .^-•- ..■':'■■ -v- .'••»:.■.■ '->- ;'"".> Y" , V -'-.'- ! 
: .- ■ .- -.'--"•'.•" £S ■--*•*.--"'.?.•"■• -"JT.- ■ '•■.'■' '■■-'' •£■•;*•" '-5 ■■-*** 5 

' , : . 'J&&$ '..■ .i .- -: >■'■ ■ — J--, 

■ ■ * . w * * „■. _ 'J — • ■ ' V' ' * ' r ' ■ t "■"■'«.'" 

' »-'.■• .-.,' :----' '- ■ •'--»'■ • -*->-=-.' '• ••?•:---- ■■..!.= . S, -;;: 

.. ■ rv.'- •' 

■ -' -.. .r^.->.- •._-- -' ■■ ■:■■■■■ ■ t'.-T*;"-! i. .^-c- .-•:.>■ ........ 



All listened intently to instructions given. 


Two weeks before fall quarter began, over two hundred student leaders ar- 
rived in Provo, then boarded busses bound for Sun Valley, Idaho. During the 
three-day leadership conference, leaders learned more about their responsibili- 
ties and had fun on the side. Enlightened Leadership was the theme around 
which the conference activities revolved. Spencer W. Kimball, of the Council 
of the Twelve of the LDS Church, included this theme in his special address 
which highlighted the whole event. President Harvey L. Taylor was present 
at the activities, where students attended workshops for the purpose of develop- 
ing leadership and also study sessions. During the more relaxing hours, stu- 
dents went hiking, bicycling, swimming and for an hour-long chair-lift ride. 
In the evenings the group socialized, dancing and playing games which plagued 
the campus during the rest of the school year. 

Sun Valley was beautiful even without snow 

Even classes were fun 


Freshmen arrived on the BYU campus several days before their 
fellow students and spent the extra time becoming acquainted with 
the campus and taking tests. Some of these tests were for place- 
ment in English and history courses while others measured achieve- 
ment and aptitude. In other sections of orientation, freshmen 
learned about campus organizations, the honor system, the student 
government, and about the physical layout of the campus. At night 
the frosh attended assemblies, one of which they produced. Here 
they also did such things as learn the words to school songs and 
meet the administrators of the school. They also learned of the 
BYU custom of "Hi". By the time the experienced upper class- 
men arrived on campus, freshmen were feeling as much at home 
as any of their elder classmates. 

Marv Wriggley, chairman of orientation, welcomes students 

Freshmen gathered with mixed emotions 



Registration for fall quarter was held September 29 
and 30 in the Smith Fieldhouse. During the two days 
of registration a total of 9115 students registered. 
The final registration reached almost 10,000. Figures 
showed that 1500 ex-missionaries and 1000 veterans 
were enrolled. Foreign countries were represented by 
300 students this year. Indians from tribes in 25 
states were also registered. Freshman registration 
showed students from every state except Vermont. 
Winter and spring quarters students avoided the 
fieldhouse maze and pre-registered before the begin- 
ning of the next quarter. 

Serious doubts arise as one waits 
Once in— the word is hurry 

f . , 

r nm»*flfe 


[kikntiw Imuran - ♦ 4 

Only to wait in other lines. 



Hello Week is the week when freshmen 
become acquainted with the tradition of 
saying "hi" at the Y. The week began 
with the Welcome Back Assembly. Stu- 
dents sat according to their home states 
and sang state songs as well as BYU 
songs. There was a great deal of com- 
petition between students of the differ- 
ent states in their singing. Crawford 
Gates of the Music Department led the 
singing. Pres. Wilkinson delivered a 
welcoming address. A Frosh Find-Urn 
party was held during the week. Senior 
class officers were hosts to the fresh- 
men during an evening of games, danc- 
ing and refreshments. "Life with Joe 
College" was the name of the Hello 
Week assembly. 

Freshmen have fun in cleaning the "Y" 

Hiking up to the "Y" was even fun Frosh sits down to survey other students They hold their own elections 



We'll miss the girls. 

The HiLo's sing for the Queen. 

Row 1 : Marilyn Neeley, Charlotte Sandberg, A. Larsen, Kay Stanfield, Lillian 
Booth, Jane Swift, Jim Green, Jack Davis. Row 2 : Ed Butterworth, LaVar Rock- 
wood, Stewart Grow, Dick Skaise, Drew Crawley, Roger Doxey, Ray Beckham, 
Paul Felt, Alma Kiny. 


Sophomore class presented float. 

COMMITTEE - Dave Ben- 
nett, Betty Ann Bardon, Rog- 
er Doxey, Sharon Davis. 
Standing: Jean Sexsmith, 
Dave Stimson. 




The fairest of the "Y" ride the homecoming float. 

Faye Baker 

Karen Dixon 

Carolyn Juarez 


"Mirrors of Years" proved to be an appropriate theme for the 1958 Homecom- 
ing as thousands of BYU alumni, students and faculty gathered together on 
the campus to witness the dedication of Helaman Halls and a statue of Dr. 
Karl G. Maeser, pioneer organizer and first leader of the Brigham Young 
Academy, now Brigham Young University. Five Helaman Halls, beautiful new 
men's dormitories, and a central administration building also represent monu- 
ments to six leaders and pioneers of the Church after whom they were named. 
Stephen L Richards, first counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, delivered the dedicatory address and pronounc- 



ed the dedicatory prayer. Reigning over the activities of the week were charm- 
ing Faye Baker, Homecoming Queen, and her attendants, Karen Dixon and 
Carolyn Juarez. Provo witnessed record participation in the Homecoming par- 
ade as fifty-seven floats were entered. Each float was designed to reflect events 
of the past. About thirty high school bands from Utah, Nevada and Idaho also 
participated making this one of the largest parades ever seen in Utah. Plays, 
banquets, dances, class reunions, the popular "Fieldhouse Frolics", and a foot- 
ball victory all contributed to a colorful and memorable Homecoming, 1958. 

Drama club shows students what to expect 
through the year 

Val Hyric presents lovely ladies 

Banyan staff showed confusion 

Val Norn had a smiling genie on 
their float 

Snow Hall captured first place for their Homecoming decoration 

Tribe of Many Feathers take part in parade. 

Arizona Club shows off state's beauties. 

Cosmo does flips for admiring onlookers. 

Historical theme is depicted on float. 

Fashions through the ages are shown in parade. 

Mike Kirkham, 2nd Most Pre- Makn Jackson, 3rd Most Pre- 
ferred Man. f erred Man 

Tom Stone, the Most Preferred Man on Campus 


The Preferred Men for 1959. Row 1 (left to right): Alan Miner, Craig Carpenter, Steve Shelton, Dallas Merrill, Paul Flannery. Row 2: Max 
Pitcher, Doug Evans, Sloan Hales, Maylan Jackson, John Anderson, Tom Stone, Dave Stimpson, Paul Anderson, John Kindred. 


w I *- : 

i> a^ 

By the Greek pillars of Adonis dance the couples at the Preference Ball. Below are pictured scenes at the assembly where Venus was in search of 
the perfect man. 

Once each year, coeds at BYU have the opportunity 
of inviting a preferred man to the Associated 
Women Students' Preference Ball. Response this year 
was good, as usual, although many of the more timid 
girls "preferred" to stay home. Fifteen most pre- 
ferred men were chosen as hundreds of invitations 
were sent. Names of the fortunate fifteen were an- 
nounced to the studentbody at a Preference Ball as- 
sembly preceding the dance. Adonis, a Greek god 
representing the perfect man, was the theme of the 
ball. The dance was held at four locations with 
music being provided by the bands of Wes Barry, 
Gary Madsen, Bob Evans, and the Y's Men. Among 
the special guests were Richard Ballou, Clarence 
Robison, Dr. William Dyer, and Mr. Merrill Brad- 
shaw, all former preferred men and now members of 
the faculty of Brigham Young University. An en- 
thusiastic, hard-working committee under chairman 
Dixie Randall contributed much to the success of 
this annual occasion when a woman can choose a 
man without attracting undue attention. 

\ N 1 

Darlene Newman 

Joan Peterson 

Arlene Black 



Winter Carnival week got off to a good start with plenty of new snow for the 
annual snow sculpturing contest, but viewers had little time to enjoy the display 
as the early February sunshine soon left meaningless heaps of snow scattered 
about the campus quad. Spurs were awarded sweepstake with a structure of 
four figures representing religion, education, home and science. Stan Kenton 
and his orchestra were featured at the Snow Carnival dance and a separate jazz 
concert which concluded the week's events. "Etchings in Ice" was the winter 
theme for the dance. Snow Princess Joan Peterson, a ski instructor, reigned 
over the carnival which also included intra-mural skiing and skating competi- 
tion, Fite Nite, Snow Frolics, an assembly, and Trolio (short skit) competition, 
a new event. 

Spurs' sweepstake snow sculpture pictured religion, education, home and science. 


Our Belle of the "Y," Carol Bjorndal. 

Cakes are judged. 

Skit is given. 

Musical talent is heard. 



Displaying ability for cake baking, fox-trotting, jitter- 
bugging, waltzing and even cha-chaing, and then demon- 
strating beauty, talent, poise and popularity, Brigham 
Young University coeds competed for the title of Belle of 
the Y. The contest, annually sponsored by the Inter-Col- 
legiate Knights and Y Calcares, selects the campus' most 
versatile girl in many of the feminine arts. The week-long 
competition was topped by the Belle of the Y dance, "Sea 
of Dreams", at the end of the week, where the belle and 
her two attendants were crowned. After accumulating the 
most points in the five contests, the Belle of the Y also re- 
ceived the traditional necklace and bouquet of roses. That 
evening the IK pages also lit the block Y on Y Mountain, 
marking the climax of the week's activities. A party was 
held the next day for committee members. The Belle of 
the Y and her attendants were there presented with gifts 
from local Provo merchants. 

R'lene Jensen 
Carol Ronnow 

Before last judging, contestants and committee are excited 


Don Marshall with trophy and friend Our President with some winners 

Trophy giver and recipient 

Cami Los sings forth 


"Trade Tunes" was the theme of the 1959 Songfest sponsored by the Associated 
Women Students. Tau Sigma Social Unit won first place in the men's division 
for their song entitled "Swiss Clock Maker". The song was written and con- 
ducted by Don Marshall, Tau Sigs also placed second in the most original 
division. O. S. Trovata Social Unit was first place in the women's division for 
"Nine to Five", composed and conducted by Ann Haynie. O. S. Trovata also 
won first place for the most original song. Goldbrickers won second place in 
the men's division for "Smithy of Yore" written by Dee Woods. Intercollegiate 
Knights won third place for "The Story of John", written and conducted by 
Larry Shumway. "John Law & Co." won second place in the women's division 
for Val Norn. Gloria Dotson wrote the song. Cami Los placed third in the 
women's division for "Mother's Trade Tune", written by Ruth Stanfield and 
Karen Leishman. Nan Greene was chairman of Songfest. 




. -tr ; .wV -■''■' 

From either side the music was good 


Hobos and other sorts sang 

Old authority— He who triumphs will be happy 

Many faces were represented 



"Zodiac 1959," was the theme the Associated Women Students' Council chose 
for the annual Women's Week, April 27th to May 1st. Miss Kay Taylor was 
the general chairman of all the week's activity. One of the first programs was 
the Zodiac Fashion show held on the Smith Family Living Center lawn at Mon- 
day noon. Jean Inskeep acted as chairman of this event. 
Trousseau Treasures were also on display during the week. 

Under the direction of Beulah Brim, Annals of Achievement was held Thurs- 
day night. Sister Spencer W. Kimball was the honored speaker. She spoke con- 
cerning the place of the modern woman in the world today and inspired those 
in attendance not to forget gratitude. Tributes were given honoring thirteen 
Provo women, dorm and unit president, and housing residents. Selected as out- 
standing freshman woman was Carolyn Decker; Sophomore, Dixie Randell; 
Junior, Barbara Larson. The service trophy was presented to George anna Ward 
and the Leadership award went to Kay Taylor. Martha Adams received the 
Alpha Lambda Delta award for top grade point honors. An awards banquet 
and women's choice dance, "Swing on a Star," were held under the direction of 
Donna Daniels to conclude the week's activity. 

Trousseau Treasures are displayed 

Georgeanna and Kay receive their service 
and leadership award 

Cougar Co-eds of the Week are honored 

Women's Week Committee, Row 1 (left 
to right): Marilyn Plown, Kay Taylor, 
Jean Inskeep. Row 2: Barbara Cook, 
Beulah Brim, Donna Daniels, Dixie Ran- 


r <t & 

Al Blair entertains in the true fashion of Worthal 


The orchestra had a chance to entertain 

Each year the Daily Universe, in conjunction with its sister 
organization, the BYU Journalism Department, sponsors 
the "Bibler Bounce," a gay soiree in honor of the three 
most Bibler-cartoon-like college types (the sadistic, sub- 
human professor; the college man, slovenly and triple- 
libidoed; and the college queen, cold, calculating and 
vampid) on campus. 

Triumphing by studentbody votes over a field of forty 
two nominees were Professor Karl M. Skousen, who sug- 
gested his new Snarf title would make accounting classes 
something to "really" remember; Sherlyn Hart, whose sup- 
porters claimed that she has many talents; and Al Blair 
who presented a personal history at the Bounce which 
put everyone (including Blair) to sleep. 

Al Blair, Worthal; Sharlyn 
Hart, Louise Lush; Professor 
Karl M. Skousen, Snarff. 

Even the horses would vote 

Campaign posters lasted only until fateful wind started 


Hs Htt °< * — 





With Maeser looking on students gather as candidates publicly aired views 


Beginning with the Freshman elections in the fall and continuing until the big 
spring elections, the Elections Committee supervised all activities involved in 
the election of officers. Getting ballot boxes in the right place at the right 
time, making sure that elections were fair, printing and counting ballots, and 
arranging voting booths were just a few of the problems handled by the com- 
mittee. Complete control over elections was given to the committee this year, 
giving them power to make and enforce rules. Elections for Homecoming 
Queen, AWS and AMS officers, cheerleaders, members of the executive coun- 
cil, class officers, and senators came under the Election Committee's jurisdic- 

Platforms shown 

Qualifications listed 

9 ^crfeTTShrv I //TuV 9*-Aj^3aJ 


An example of the excellence in decoration. 


"Francilles En Baroque," was the theme of the Junior Prom for April 24th and 
25th, 1959. The highlighted dance featured decorations and atmosphere from 
the Baroque period of history. 

The assembly "D' Announce Du Ball," was presented under the chairmanship 
of Larry Bluth. Original music was written by Keith Burris, the script by Tami 
Kirk, and choreography arranged and done by Phil Keeler and his dance group. 
Everyone will remember the story of the engagement party for the very con- 
ceited Duke Gaspard de Bluppe. The young man ended up with not one but 
four fiances, much to the delight of the audience. At the Prom decorations were 
large scale artifact, murals, arches, and ponds to add to the atmosphere of a 
large elaborate mansion, Baroque style. The details were complete, even in- 
cluding landscaping shrubs for final effect. 

The music was by the Billy May Orchestra, starring Frankie Lester. Intermission 
featured the progressive jazz trio of Page Cavanaugh. 

Ken Bentley served as general chairman for the prom. Other committee mem- 
bers were Ralph Stewart and Sandy Reese, decorations; Gareth Wootton, inter- 
mission; John Liljenquist and Ann Driggs, publicity. 


Enjoying intermission, held on the Fieldhouse floor. 

Junior Prom Committee, Row 1 (left to right) : Marilyn Ord, Carole 
Hoppe, Sandra Reese, Sharlene Parduhn, Ann Driggs. Row 2: Terry 
Crapo, Ralph Stewart, John Liljenquist, Ken Bentley, Bob Donalson. 

The Page Cavanaugh Trio with refreshing enter- 

'Billy May and his band of today". 


The lighting of the "Y" 


President-elect Rex Lee is pulled in by the members of the 
old executive council. 

Over 1200 member of social and service units and 
several BYU wards gave the "Y" a new white face 
this year. At the same time 4,000 others were active- 
ly participating in community facelifting projects. 
Work was followed by lunch and a program at the 
fieldhouse. In the afternoon activities Paul Flannery 
took top honors in cake baking competition and 
George Hallock was named Least Preferred Man on 
Campus. Other fun was seen in the faculty greased 
pig race, wagon pulling races, and balloon popping 
contest. These were followed by tug of war between 
new and old executive council and social and service 

At the conclusion of this busy day was the annual 
blue and white game and the ringing of the Y Bell. 
The IK's lit the new white Y. 

And a good time was had by all," giving Provo a good facelifting. 





Prophet and Seer, President David O. McKay is seen at his annual visit to address the 
BYU audience and to bring the inspiration of his presence to the LDS Church member- 


In keeping with the religious tradition at the school, many 
fine devotional assemblies were held during the year. 
Outstanding among them was the April visit of President 
David O. McKay. 

Other speakers who came from Salt Lake City to address 
the studentbody were Elders Richard L. Evans, Harold B. 
Lee, and Hugh B. Brown of the Quorum of the Twelve, 
Elder Marion D. Hanks, member of the First Council of 
Seventy, and Elder Sterling W. Sill, assistant to the Quo- 
rum of the Twelve and assistant church historian Preston 

President Stephen L Richards, first counselor in the First 
Presidency, gave the dedicatory prayer and address at the 
dedication of Helaman Halls and many other members of 
the leading church councils appeared at BYU, sponsored 
by clubs, wards and other groups. 

Members of the studentbody and faculty were admonished 
by Elder Sill to seek knowledge and to eat of the fruit of 
the tree of knowledge. 

The dependence of the world upon service of others was 
emphasized by Elder Hanks. "Everyone should serve in 
any way he can, in home, school, community, church and 
family," he said. 

"God is the personality and heart of religion," Elder Hugh 
B. Brown advised his devotional listeners. 
"Of all men who have been connected with the church 
since its beginning. . . he is our greatest man," said his- 
torian Nibley, speaking of Joseph Smith. 
"If it were not for him, this university would not be here 
today. His visions restored God to man,' he said. 


Stan Kenton's popular dance band per- 
formed at B.Y.U. during Winter Carni- 

The campus was honored to receive the 
Vice President of the United States, 
Richard Nixon, who related the status of 
our country in world affairs. 


Mantovani and his famed orchestra concluded the lyceum program for 

Lyceum Committee: Row 1 (left to right) : Dagny Johnson, Larry Ash- 
by, Sharon Wilkey. Row 2 : Gloria Price, Joyce Henderson, Marion 
Ashby, Linda Moody. 

Honored poet Carl Sandberg spoke at forum assembly 

to thrill the "Y" audience with his poetry and 

philosophy. He is also scheduled to be the 

commencement speaker for 1959. 

A forum assembly made three the number of weekly as- 
semblies held at Brigham Young University. The high- 
lights of the year's forums were addresses by Vice Presi- 
dent Richard M. Nixon, poet Carl Sandburg, editor Nor- 
man Cousins, and a debate between Utah's three Senate 

The vice president spoke to an overflow crowd of 12,000 
students and faculty on the subject of United States foreign 
policy. He dwelt on the Chinese phase of American policy 
and urged his listeners to take an active part in their gov- 

Carl Sandburg, poet and biographer of President Abraham 
Lincoln read several of the Pulitzer Prize winning poems 
he has had published. He spoke of his impressions con- 
cerning Brigham Young and spoke on the life of Lincoln. 

President Wilkinson later announced Sandburg would re- 
turn to deliver the commencement address. 
Norman Cousins, editor of the Saturday Review, asked 
Americans not to chase "After history with a mop" but to 
unite behind the United Nations for peace. 
The Utah Symphony Orchestra and Ferrante and Teicher, 
piano team, supplied musical entertainment at two of the 
forums. Other speakers presented by the school at the 
forums were President Wilkinson; Dr. Effie Mona Mack, 
Nevada history authority; Brig. Gen. Robert L. Scott, Jr., 
author of God Is My Co-pilot; Felix Greene, authority 
on modern Communist China; Daniel Schoor, Moscow 
radio correspondent; Sen. Everett Dirksen, (R.-Ill.) and 
Rep. Richard Boiling; (D.-Mo.) and many others prom- 
inent in their fields. 

Democratic Senator Smathers from Florida 
is pictured with Eddie Williamson, President 
of the Young Democrats on campus. 

A well-loved apostle, Elder LeGrand Richards addresses a typical devotional audience. 

Nila Nagidoff, Russian born authoress 
of the best seller, "Nila", spoke of her 
youth in Russia and contrast with 

Lowell Bennion was a devotional speaker 
from the Institute of Religion of Univer- 
sity of Utah. 

C. Northcote Parkinson delighted many with 
his explanation of his best selling book, "Par- 
kinson's Law." 

Continuing the tradition of bringing renowned concert 
performers to the Brigham Young University stage, the 
Lyceum committee this year has brought many prominent 
musicians to the campus. 

Johanna Martzy, violin virtuoso from Hungary, who be- 
gan her musical career appearing with the Budapest 
Orchestra at the age of 17, was an example of the high 
quality musical ability brought to the school. 
Pianist Jacques Abram was the first artist to come during 
Autumn Quarter. He was followed by the National Sym- 
phony Orchestra of Mexico under the direction of Luis 
Herrera de le Fuente. 

Dr. Frank Asper, tabernacle organist from Salt Lake City, 
presented an organ concert in the Joseph Smith Auditor- 
ium. The same setting was the scene of chamber music 

offerings presented by the faculty woodwind quartet and 
Handel's "Messiah" given by the Brigham Young Uni- 
versity music department before Christmas vacation. 
Stan Kenton, playing for the Winter Carnival dance, also 
presented a jazz concert featuring his version of "Peanut 

The Augustana Choir from Augustan College, Rock 
Island, 111. presented a musical version of Carl Sand- 
burg's "Who Shall Speak for the People." 
The Parennenin quartet, LItah Symphony Orchestra also 
delighted BYLT audiences. Climaxing the year's musical 
presentations was the Mantovani concert presented at the 
beginning of Spring Quarter. The 40 piece British group 
offered selections which have made the orchestra's re- 
cordings world famous. 

Antoine R. Ivins, First Council 
of Seventy, provided further de- 
votional inspiration. 

From France, the Parennenin Quartet presented chamber music both at a lyceum and 
forum performance. 


Pictured with Utah's Senator Wallace F. Ben- 
nett is Republican Senator Dirkson from Ohio. 

Renowned guitarist and balladeer, William Claw- 
son, sang to charm the audience with his variety 
of folk songs. 

An interesting forum on the subject of love 
letters was given by actor, John Fostini. 

"A colorful panorama" 

The famed narrator of "Sunday on 
Temple Square," Elder Richard L. 
Evans, visited for a Wednesday de- 

r{ ; ^ 


-". "V- -*" 

\ - • 


The Utah Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maurice Abravanel is a 
favorite attraction for the BYU audience. 


-- .-.-■ I 



. V . 

s- *-: .-v 

. '• • 


" ■: 

r . 

.. . . - . 

■ • . ' •- ' . - • •--••. ■ ■•"* ,- 

. • - . -_ - • , .. 

- - " i_> . ';-. VV^l^v-^ , '--. : -'- r 3-.'i ,_ -*^? T" '" ■■-^ r '- .■'. '_ " ,--v~? : ';«>-- ~.-~. .t ^ *■"-■-■.- . — • . • -.;.-. -^~- '' ■•■ : ;7-^--' '-*"■•■ x \:-*~-**- \T^X---i' 


■ ; *- - ■ - . - ■■ - . -..- ,.•■.- - ... - , 

, - V - ■ •- .' ' -■;'•"'-■". -,r. . ' ■ • '< . ;- ; •/■ 
~ '. -'•"*. -i- ' - - . " , '■__ ..: ;. . - 'i >-" . •'■'.-■""■p.-; ■-.'.» 

,-;-»•- • -• ;■'! \.--. •-• " -- .^ V;- Sir ■'-■-■ 
■ "•:, .. • : : . ' : : - ■■ . • .-•■ -' -. •£ . ■ ■««.*•**« " "- 
» . :- .^ ■"■ - ' "■ . ' - - • ■:■. \- A~+ v- :-"'..• -. 

<-- • .-**•*> .^" —.-..- ... •.., • » ..."■■.».■„-- T ,''•-•'.■ 

. „' .-^ - . ■•...-_>?» -... - . ■ .V ., • - : --..-'.•"--':-;."-..> .' 

•■ ■' •- . • '-"i.;^ -i*. .— •••"'•■ iv>*«-.-"T - -*■ • i\«r/« ; J'» 

.- ■ - .-r -*- T... . . " ^]S **^y ««T .. . -T'^*"- , * x * ... 

-•slS .-■:■ ,;<-■ ':. '-.-'-• .'. .'T- -•:■•■_ y-^-^.-. .'.v.- •. ■ 

-:. ; ■ I- .v • - '■ ■..— ■■ -, -, . •?;' .. \, > . ; "'.v ■>■.- 

-V-~" . ■ '"jr-'--* • -;- - .:r. :, -...i:-'v."f - •-* r" .-;. - 4A - 





Gordy Hansen, President 

Maxine Lewis, Secretary 

Right, Helen Starley, Vice 


Service to the University was the important theme 
of the Junior Class activity this year. 
The Class officers have made plans for a pep booklet 
which will be published next year. It will be pocket- 
size and will contain school songs, yells, and space 
for addresses and autographs. 

For their gift to the BYU, the Class of I960 have 
planned a monument, to be placed at the entrance 
to the campus, bearing the inscription: "Welcome to 
Brigham Young University." 

The highlight of the junior year of every class is the 
spring Junior Prom. The theme chosen for this year's 
prom was "Francilles en Baroque." Billy May and 
his famous band provided the music. The Page Cava- 
naugh trio also performed. 

Several parties were held with members of other 
classes and an effort was made to sell class cards 
and raise money for the project. An exchange party 
with the University of Utah was held, also. 
In the Homecoming parade, the Junior Class entered 
a novel float which depicted costumes of the ages. 
The Class won the Snow Carnival award for the 
smallest snow sculpture in the contest. 
At the closing of the year, just before graduation, 
the Juniors honored the graduating Seniors with a 

Junior Prom 1959— "Are you sure this is the right street?' 

JUNIOR CABINET MEMBERS: Front: Elaine McMeen, Judith Litster. Back: Don Bahr, Tom Schuman, Scott Morgan, Max Starley. 



Adams, David 
Abo, Shane 
Adams, Gay la 
Adams, Larry L. 
Adams, Sharon Kay 
Adamson. Franklin D. 
Adamson, Sherron Kay 
Adermann, Raymond F. 

Affleck. Suellen 
Aiken. Glenn G. 
Aina. Mildred L. 
Aird. Jeanne 
Aitken. Grant 1. 
Allan. David W. 
Allen. Joseph L. 
Allen. Joe H. 

Allison. Bud (John Samuel) 
Allen. Richard 
Allison, Stan 
Allred, Carma J. 
Andersen. Lee G. 
Anderson, Arthur C. 
Anderson. B. Ray- 
Anderson. Boyd O. 


J. Paul 
Jered L. 
Lynn R 
Ronald B 

Anderson. Steven L. S. 
Andrus. James C. 
Andrus. Kenneth 
Andrus, Mona 
Andrus, Larry J. 
Arbogast. Mike 
Arbuckle. James K. 
Arnold. Alvin W. 

Ashby. Dale F. 
Asper, Robert J. 
Atkinson. Lewis C. 
Atkinson, Sallie 
Austin, R. De 
Awerkamp. Biaine 
Baczuk. Alan 
Aycock. Max E. 

Badgett. Yvonne 
Badham. Leon D. 
Baer. Richard D. 

Bahr. Don F. 

Bailey, Margaret Anne 

Bailey. Lawrence P. 

Baker. Bonnie 
Baker. Carma Jane 
Baker, Johanna 

Please — no! Not the hot marshmallow in the face 


Balmforth, Lynn 
Bangerter, Darrell H. 
Banks, Bennie 
Barkdull, Jay H. 
Barker, Barbara Ruth 

Barling, Margo 
Barlow, Ada Lucille 
Barlow, Glenn B. 
Barnes, Janice 

Here comes the girl I told you about now 

Beard, Marilee 
Beardall, John S. 
Beasley, Careen 
Beck, Jacqueline 
Beck, Marian 
Beckstrand, Mervin B. 
Beers, Barbara 
Behrmann, Lawrance 
Bekker, DeMoyne 

Bell, Carol A. 
Bell, Diana M. 
Belliston, Spencer R. 
Bennett, Helene J. 
Bennett, Sylva L. 
Bennett, Veldon J. 
Benson, Carla K. 
Benson, Kent 
Benson, Jewel R. 

Benson, Sonja 
Bentley, Kenneth J. 
Bergeson, Dean R. 
Berg, Sylvia 
Bergen, Norma Jean 
Bertoch, Janice 
Beus, Daniel S. 
Beus, Kent B. 
Best, Richard B. 

Beutler, Dolores 
Bigney. Hugh C. 
Bills. Gloria Jean 
Bingham, DeAnn 
Bingham, J. Irvine 
Bingham, JoAnn 
Bird, Montgomery 
Birdzell, Mary Lou 
Blair, Robert R. 

Black, Thelma 
Blacker, Leon 
Blake, Norma 
Blanco, Mario 
Bloxham, Ben 
Blunck, Virginia M. 
Bohnet, Gerald Victor 
Bond, Hal D. 
Bonzo, Douglas G. 

Boone, James L. 
Booth, Gordon 
Borgquist, Lolly 
Boucher, David H. 
Boulet, Diane 
Bounous, Beverly J. 
Brady, Gary John 
Bramwell, Bonnie K. 
Bramwell, Barbara 

Bramwell, Richard H. 
Brandis, Jean 
Brice. Dixina 
Bridge, Mary Jo 
Bright, Clifta 
Bright, Don 
Brimhall, Norman A. 
Bringhurst, Bob 
Brindley, Wayne 



Bnnghurst, Ralph 
Bnnghurst, Wayne H. 
Brinkman, Gary 
Brockbank, Eleanor 
Brough, Eleanor 
Brown, G. Marlene 
Brown, LuDene 
Brown, Janeen 

Buchanan, Alyce Joyce 
Buchanan, Ju Lynne 
Budge, Kathryn 
Burnside, Jesse C. 
Burnson, Peter Leonard 
Burr, Glenda 
Butler, Frank 
Butler, Lavon 

Buxton, Boyd M. 
Bybee, Joanne 
Calder, Allene C. 
Calder, Colleen 
Caldwell. Ray 
Call, Shirley Ann 
Campbell, Bob 
Call, L. Diana 

Campbell, Phyllis 
Cannon, Marvin Burke 
Cannon, Shirley Ann 
Cannon, Welles 
Cardon, Bart W. 
Carleton, Marian 
Carlson, Cliff 
Carlson, Thayne G. 

Carter, Carolyn 
Carpenter, Donald 
Carpenter, Corene 
Carter, Don 
Carter, Lila Jean 
Cassell, Gayle 
Chandler, Howard K. 
Chanslor, Barbara 

Chappell, Calvin J. 
Chappie, Janet 
Charlton, Larry H. 
Chatham, Betty Jean 
Chatwin, Marshall 
Ching, Betty Lou 
Christensen, Dick 
Chelius, Brian 

Christensen Gordon V. 
Christensen, Janet 
Chipman, Stephen M. 

Christensen, Joseph Gordon 
Christensen, Karen 
Christensen, Myrna I. 

Christiansen, Donald R. 
Clark, Brent Nolan 
Church, Russell A. 

It looked so easy on Disneyland 


It's the only way I know to stop tension 

Cole, Tom 
Colfyer, Burl 
Condie. Reed Glenn 
Connell. Wesley D. 
Cook, Shirly 
Cook, Elizabeth 
Cook, Marion H. 
Cook, Ronald 
Connelly, Lavona 

Coombs, Suzanne 
Cooper, Glenna D. 
Cooper, Linda C. 
Cordner, Robert Roy 
Cowan, Gary 
Cox, H. Bruce 
Cox, William 
Cox, Mernyn K. 
Cox, Louise 

Crail, Betty 
Crandall, Lenore 
Crane, Georgia 
Crawford, Shirley 
Craythorn, Eileen 
Creighton, David 
Crismon, Wayne 
Crockett, Dorothy 
Crockett, William C. 

Croft, Kent C. 
Crook, Kathleen 
Crook, Margaret 
Crooks, John A. 
Crouse, Marisha A. 
Crowther, Mariana 
Curtz, Audrey 
Dain, Jerry 
Cushing, Reneta Arlene 

Danks, Leora Ann 
Daines, David E. 
Dalton, Janet 
Decher, Anita J. 
Dennison, Lureen 
Demorest, Elaine 
Dennett, Karen 
Danner, Robert E. 
Davis, Joan 

Davis, John 
Deaver, Cameron 
Densley, Vernon Lamar 
Deputy, Russell M. 
Dew, Don C. 
Dewey, Phyllis M. 
Dickerson, Kay J. 
Dickey, Desmond C 
Dill, Douglas L. 

Dixon, Shirley W. 
Dixon, Dick 
Donaldson, Kenyon 
Donaldson, Rita Jean 
Donaldson, Robert M. 
Dorny, De Anne 
Dotson, Gloria J. 
Draughn, Norma ale 
Dotson, Larry A. 

Clark, Colette 
Clark, Sonya 
Clark, Varro R. 
Clarke, Jack A. 

Clarke, Connie Jo 
Clarke, Nancy A. 
Clarkson, Jack E. 
Clayton, Beverly 
Clarkson, Vern Shaw 



Dredge, Cherye L. 
Drennan, Gerald Bryan 
Driggs, Anne 
Driggs, Gary Harmun 
Dnskell, Carolyn 
Duncan, McNeil J. 
Dunford, John 
Dunkley, Melvin E. 

Eliason, Barbara 
Durr, Bill L. 
Durrant, S. Olani 
Easton, James Lee 
Edgley, Richard C. 
Edwards, Patricia 
Eggertsen, Ron C. 
Elder, Fern A. 

Ellis, Robert W 
Ellis, David L. 
Ellis, Jede N. 
Elzinga, J. Lavelle 
Enders, Gordon 
Endicott, Barbara 
England, Joseph D. 
Engberson, Charles A. 

Erekson, William B 
Ereksen, Erik Paul 
Enckson, Karen 
Escobar, Victor 
Evans, Douglas G. 
Evans, Douglas L. 
Evans, Sondra 
Evans, Marva 

Evenson, Merrilyn Ann 
Evensen, Ronald 
Faller, Elaine G. 
Falslev, Joie 
Farnsworth, Barbara M. 
Felsted, Harold 
Farnsworth, Susanne L. 
Farnsworth, Mel 

Felt, Gene 
Fernandez, Telie 
Fielding, Helen 
Fife, Richard 
Fish, Melvin C. 
Fjeldstedt, Gilberta 
Fletcher, Wayne C. 
Flygare, Dorothy 

Foley, Sandra 
Forsgren, Curtis B. 
Fortuna, Eugene 

Foulk, Don 
Foster, Diane E. 
Fountain, Barbara 

Frain, Pearson 
Foutz, Pauleen Marie 
Frazier, Ronald 

Wily student keeps up scholarly appearance while dozing 


Gibbs, Sonya 
Gillie, Kenneth D. 
Gillison, Mary Lou 
Gilmore, Lee 
Glissmeyer, Connie 
Goates, Kenneth Joseph 
Goates, Morris A. 
Goble, Dee Roy 
Goff, Karen 

Gowans, Fred R. 
Goodson, Wallace Gary 
Gowans, Hugh 
Graf, Garry Wayne 
Graham, Leonard E, 
Grange, Margaret 
Gray, Shirley 
Gray, Wendell C. 
Green, Bill 

Greenhalgh, Jineen 
Green, Janean 
Griffis, Robert 
Groberg, David H. 
Groo, Denis E. 
G rover, Tereece 
Gubler, J. Lynn 
Gwilliam, Jerry A. 
Gutierrez, Higinio (Gene) 

Haase, Herbert P. 
Hadfield, Koben Lamont 
Hadley, Dee W. 
Hadley, Ron 
Hadley, Shirley A. 
Hagmann, Mark Joseph 
Hales, Sloan 
Hall, Blaine H. 
Halgren, Pat 

Hall, Carolyn 
Hall, Glade Arthur 
Hall, Margaret 
Hallack, Gary 
Halladay, Ann 
Hallman, Kathy 
Hamilton, Meredith 
Hammond, Judy 
Hammond, Myrna 

Hanna, Marian 
Hanneman, Lea 
Hansen, Arlene 
Hansen, Grant R. 
Hansen, Harold Lewis 
Hansen, Louise E. 
Hansen, Margaret 
Hansen, Marsha 
Hansen, Myrla Vee 



« J f 


Hansen, Norma 
Hansen, W. Bryce 
Hanson, Keyte L. 
Hanson, Narvol 
Hanson. Robert Denny 
Hanson, Thomas E. 
Harch, Forrest E. 
Hardy. Ernest J. 

Harkey, Dale E. 
Hargee. Sherry 
Harley, Fred I. 
Harman, Dean 
Harmer, Marvin Bliss 
Harmon, Julia 
Harmon, Sondra 
Harper. Vernon M. 

Harris, Nola Kay 
Harris, Frances 
Harris, Paul L. 
Harrison, Evan Dale 
Harrison. James M. 
Harrison. Shara Lee 
Harrison, Wayne 
Harrison. Shirley Do^e 

Hart, Gary L. 
Hart, Paul Douglas 
Hart. Sherlyn 
Hartman. Larry 
Harvey. Donald G. 
Hatch, Sandra 
Hatori. Donald K. 
Hatch, Edwin B. 

And this is Victor. He never made it past midterms. 

Hawk. Dorothy 
Hawkins, Deanna 
Hawkins. Dorothy Bee 
Hawley, Merrill Sheldon 
Haws. Patricia Fay 
Hayes, Gerald C. 
Hayes, Rex B. 
Haynes, Wm. Frank 

Haynie. Roger L. 
Haynie. Sharon Adele 
Hazen. Bob D 
Heath. Leo M. 
Heiner. Lynn C 
Henderson. Kay 
Henncksen. Mary Jo 
Henderson. Cecil H. 

Henne. Samuel N 
Hepworth. Nello 
Hendnckson. Lynn J 


Herron. Barbara Gayle 
Herrin. Naome 
Herzog. R- Deverl 

Hess. Edward 
Heurkens. Barbara A 
Hickman. Cheri Kave 


Heywood, Annettc 
Hiatt, Ruth Ann 
Hickman, Warren 
High, Daniel J. 
Hilden. Gordon H 

Would somebody please wake me up-next winter 

Homan, Nancy Lee 
Holt, Ronald W. 
Hone, Merrill D. 
Honey, Bruce Alden 
Hooker, Lewis B. 
Hoopai. Angeline K. 
Hoopes, Reese 
Hornberger. Leon B. 
Howard. Charles R. 

Houston, Rod 
Howlett, Mary 
Hubbs, Keith E. 
Hudson, Mary 
Hughes, Eugene L. 
Hughes, Donald Louis 
Hunsaker, Vern A. 
Hunt, James O 
Hughes, Gene L. 

Hunt, Joan 
Hunter, John 
Hunter, Lois Anne 
Hunter, R. Keith 
Hyde, Nanette 
Ingersoll, Carol 
Ingham, Vernon B. 
Ipsen, Foster 
Ipson, George V. 

Isenburg, Theodore F. 
Ivie, Alma Ray 
hey, Anita 
Jacklin, Ernest G. 
Jackman, J. Harvy 
Jackson, Flora Jean 
Jackson, Laree N. 
Jackson, Lauralee 
Jackson. Mary Beth 

Jackson, Malan R. 
Jackson, William Richards 
Jacobs, David H. 
Jacobsen, Sharon C. 
Jarman, David L. 
Jarvis, David L. 
Jensen, Afton E. 
Jensen, Don C. 
Jensen, Dennis 

Jensen, Gary L. 
Jensen, Richard C. 
lessen, Eldon 
John, Edward C. 
Johns, Charlene 
Johns, Judith 
Johnson, Betty 
Johnson, Claudia 
Johnson. Don F 

Johnson, Don L. 
Downing, George J. 
Johnson, Kimber G. 
Johnson, Larry D. 
Johnson, Lidge O. J. 
Johnson, Merlyn 
Johnson, Nolan L. 
Johnson, Raymond B. 
Johnson, Royle E. 



luhnson, Theodore 
Jolley, Carl H. 
lolley, Janeen 
lolley, Marilyn L 
Jolley. Sandra 
Jonas. James M 
Jones, James J 
Jones. La Vaughn 

Jones. Lois 
Jones. Man 1 Ann 
Jones, Mary Gail 
Jones. Shirley V 
Jones. Tom L 
Jorgensen. David VC'. 
Judd. Frank F. 
Judd. Ben 

Judd. Jaclyn 
Judd. Gale 
Judd, Manba 
Judd. Ronald M. 
Judd, Rulon V. 
lulander. Lillie 
Kaarlela. Robert 
Kearl. Ruth Mane 

Kapele. John K 
Keller. Barbara V. 
Keller. Beth 
Keller, Judith 
Kellett, Kay 
Kelly. Nancy 
Kelsey, Dwighl L. 
Killpack. Weston F 


Kenner. Brenda Jeanne 
Kimball. Griffith Lyn 
Kimble. Joan 
Kindred. Boyd 
King. Charles R 
Kingsford. Afton 
Kleinman. Luene 
Knight. Edwin George 

Knapp. Give Jay 
Knight. Richard E 
Knight. Ronald 
Kohler. Margaret 
Kondo. Miriam E. 
Kualaau. Odetta 
Lane. Guylen 
Lambert. Glen R. 

Lane. Rex R 
Larsen, Barbara 
Lant. Letty 

Larsen. Leonard 
Larsen. Robert A 
Larson. Donald G. 

Larson. L Keith 
Larson. Doris May 
Launtzen. John P. 

And the one on the left is my little niece Grizelda 


Whadaya mean . . . anchronism? 

Leaf, Lawrence D. 
Lavulo, Siosaia 
LeBaron, Dale 
Lechtenberg, Althea 
Lee, Rex E. 

Lehr. Wallace 
Lendt. Welda B. 
Lenhart, Barbara 
Leonard, Sonja 
LeVar, C. Jeddy 

Lewis, Dorothy C. 
Lewis. Glenna Gay 
Lim, Sang Woo 
Linford, Ron G. 
Lin, Paul Yang Kad 

Linton, Gayle 
Liston, Sandra 
Litster. Judith C. 
Lloyd, Gary M. 
Littlefield. Neil 

Loo, Clara L. 
Long, Jo Ann 
Love, Diane 
Loveless, Judith 
Loveridge. Bernell J. 
Lowder, Kim 
Lundquist. Rex 
Lunt, Myrna 
Lunt, Alan K 

Malin, Shan 
Malphurs, Roger E. 
Mansfield, Dean R. 
Marcusen, Richard B. 
Marcyes. Donald David 
Marks. Cecil 
Marsh, Gail R. 
Marshall. Charles 
Marshall. Melvin K. 

Marshall, Don 
Martin, Diane M 
Martin, Gloria Dawn 
Martineau, Claudette 
Mason, Dennis L. 
Masterson, Daniel E. 
Masuoka, Gary 
Matthew, Dixie 
Mathews, Karen 

Matthews, George 
Mattson, Vernon 
Maughan. Berklee 
Maxwell, Mary Ellen 
May, James Allen 
May, John D. 
Mayer. Willard 
McAllister. Cheryl 
McBride. Carolee 

McCIoy, LaMar 
McCommas, Pauline 
McCormack, Nancy 
McCracken, Ivan Hugh 
McDaniel. William 
McDonald, Jay 
McDonald, Jerry 
McKee. Marian L. 
McKellar, John Glen 

McKinley, John M. 
McKinney, C Farrell 
McKrola. Don K. 
McMeen. Marilyn F. 
McNeil. Shari 
McQuarne, Rhonda 
Mecham, Gwen 
Meikle, Joanne 
Mendenhall, John Paul 

Merrell. Chyrl Janice 
Merrell. Dallas 
Merrill, H. Kent 
Merrill, Louise 
Merrill, Paul A. 
Merrill. Paul K. 
Merrill. Preston M 
Merrill, Reid L. 
Michelsen. Stan C. 






Michaelis, Elaine 
Michie, Rex 
Michie, Robert A. 
Mickelsen, Margene 
Miles, Helen Jo 
Miles, Robert L. 
Millar, Z. Reed 
Miller, Dale 

Miller, Da Lea 
Milliner, John 
Mills, Vernahe 
Miner, Edward Glen 
Miratti, Richard 
Mitchell, Don William 
Mobley, Betty Lou 
Mohler, Eldon A 

Molen, Kenneth A. 
Montgomery. Brent 
Montierth, Max R. 
Montierth, Myrna L. 
Moody, Catherine P. 
Moore, Paul F 
Moosman. Jewel 
Morgan, Alvin W. 

Morgan, Joyce 
Morgan, Scott 
Morrell, David N. 
Morrill, Weston H. 
Morris. Judy Kay 
Morris, LaVelle L. 
Morrison, Beverly 
Morse, William M 

Girl plots modern masterpiece, hoping for "C" art class 


Mortensen, Ernest Wayne 
Moss, Dennis 
Moss, Ruth 
Muhlestein, Mary K. 
Mulhern, Arleene 
Muller. Allan E 
Murchie, Pat 
Murphy, Sheldon R. 

Murphy. Vira Ann 
Murray. Blaine 
Murray, Sterling 
Myers, Bert 
Myler. Charles 
Nakamura, Stanley A. 
Neal, Alice 
Neeley. Marilyn 

Neilson, Marie Adele 
Nelson, Glee 
Nelson, Narene 

Nelson, Jan 
Newell, Allen C. 
Nichol, Jack Wayne 

Newman. Peggy 
Nichols, Gerald C. 
Nichols. Kaye P. 

Nicol, Karen 
Nielsen, Diane 
Nielsen, Marc 
Nielsen, Marchene V 
Nielson, Myrna 

Nielson, Stephen 
Nielson, Virginia C. 
Nims, Janet 
Norberg, James 
Noakes. Geraldine 

Why . . . This isn't KOVO. 

Olsen, Dale 
Olsen, Audrey Jeanne 
Olsen, Darwin 
Olsen, J. Gary 
Olson. James Kent 
Olson, Robert Vern 
Orcutt, Dorothy Jean 
Ostler, John T. 
Ousbye, Don H. 

Owens, Hazel 
Oveson, Mary 
Owen. Richard D. 
Ozawa. Fern K. 
Pace, Dean 
Pace, Linda Jean 
Pack, Paul E. 
Packer, Dick 
Palmer, junelle 

Palmer, Jean 
Palmer, Lynne 
Palmer, Susanne 
Parkin, Colleen R. 
Parsons, Sharon 
Passey, Betty Jo 
Patten, Emery P. 
Payne, Reta Marie 
Pearson, Adele 

Peck, Hayden H. 
Peck, Patricia E. 
Pederson. Floyd E. 
Perkins, Caisa Barbara 
Petersen, Karen 
Petersen, Mary Eleanor 
Petersen. Myrna 
Petersen. Ray A. 
Peterson, Clyde O. 

Peterson, Byron P. 
Peterson, Frank 
Peterson, Judy 
Peterson, L. Edward 
Peterson, Marilyn J. 
Peterson, Mary Jo 
Peterson, Robert W. 
Pierce, Dorothy M. 
Pierson. Laurence M. 

Pierson, Addie Belknap 
Pinegar, Dale 
Pinegar, Max L. 
Pittman, Sue 
Pocock, Norma 
PoIIet, Julia Claire 
Pope, Larry 
Porter, Charles J. 
Porter, George L. R. 

Porter, Patricia E. 
Potter, Phett 
Potter, Riki 
Poulsen. Lorraie 
Poulton. Lee B. 
Powell. Alda Mae 
Pratt. E. Wayne 
Pratt, Martha Ruth 
Pratt. Richard \X'. 



Prince, Dale L. 
Price, Dixina 
Price, Ruth 
Pritchett, Clyde L. 
Pulsipher, Kent 
Pyper, George E. 
Quinney, Gary G. 
Ray, Kathyleen D 

Ray, Karen A. 
Ray, Margo 
Raymond, Barbara 
Redd, Cherry 
Rees, Robert A 
Reese, Ralph G 
Reese, Sandra 
Reichert, Maxine 

Rehm, Robert 
Reid, Carolyn 
Rencher, Lureen 
Reneer, Douglas 
Reynolds, Thomas V., Jr. 
Rex, Verda I. 
Rich, Merilynne 
Richards, Clarita 

Richards, William J. 
Richards. M. Lovell 
Richens, Donna Ann 
Ricks, Nancy 
Rigby, Hal B. 
Rigby, Sterling C. 
Riggs, Earl L. 
Robb, Willmia Helen 


Roberts, Beverly 
Robbms, Richard L. 
Roberts, James W. 
Roberts, Robert E. 
Roberts. Sherilynn 
Robins, Elna Lorene 
Robins, Larry M. 
Robinson, Elaine 

Robinson. Don L 
Robinson. Millie 
Robison, Lav or 
Rodriguez, Joyce 
Rogers. Hawley 
Rohbock, Teddy 
Roland, Peggy Lee 
Rose, Marvin L. 

Rose, Charles 
Ross, Maudean 
Rowe, Klara 

Rossiter, Terry 
Rowley, Dudley |. 
Rowe. Larry O. 

Rowley. Kent 
Rudd. Merrill W. 
Rummler, Roy 

Thanks a lot for the lift, fellas 


Russon, Ann Ranae 
Rutledge, Cheryl 
Saiki, Gladys 
Saldana, Julia 
Salazar, Lillie V, 

Why . . . It's a blue sky of some sort 

Scoresby, Jim E. 
Scott. David R. 
Scott, George J. 
Sears, Ann 
Seeley, Joe 
Seely, Sunny 
Sellers, Charles L. 
Senne, Jo Ellen 
Sennhauser. Lore L. 

Sevy, Carla 
Sharp, Ed 

Shawcroft. Emma Rae 
Shawcroft, Terry A. 
Sheen, Stanley K. 
Sheets, Spencer G. 
Shipp, Jack F. 
Shields, Janice L 
Sheppard. Stanley R 

Shrum, Susan Lee 
Show-alter. Rodney H 
Shuey, Valerie 
Shuman. Tom 
Shumway, Bruce L. 
Shumway, Patricia 
Silva, Betta 
Skyles, George H. 
Simper. Ins M. 

Slade. Rosalie 
Smith, Carol A. 
Smith. Charlene 
Smith. Dons Diane 
Smith, Edele 
Smith, Edna 
Smith. Evelyn L. 
Smith Furlann 
Smith, Gene S. 

Smith. Karl L. 
Smith, Kay G. 
Smith. Marian 
Smith, Ronald C. 
Smoot, Robert S. 
Snow, Claude R. 
Snow, Sheldon C. 
Snyder, Darryl 
Solum, Darrell R. 

Sorensen. Janice 
Sorensen, Carl 
Soper. William 
Sorenson. Ell B. 
Sorenson, Kenneth C. 
Sorensen, Shauna 
Speckart, Philip 
Spencer, Campbell 
Spencer, Gary O. 

Spencer, Janet G. 
Spencer. Jim 
Sperry, Delbert J. 
Spilker, Raymond A. 
Spoerl, Karl W. 
Springer, Dale L. 
Stander. Carvel R. 
Stapley, Merrill L., Jr. 
Starley. Helen M. 

H p 



4^ fii 

Starley, Max R. 
Steed, Michael 
Stephens, Kent G. 
Stephenson, Kathryn 
Stevenson, Ronald Dee 
Stevenson, Wilifred R. 
Stewart, Lois 
Stewart, Dale 

Stogsdill, Eldon Earl 
Stewart, Ralph 
Stone, John Royal 
Storrs, Elaine 
Stout, Edward 
Stratton, Richard B. 
Strong, Brian E. 
Stubbert, Colin H. 

Stubbs, Arlene L. 
Sullivan, James David 
Sumsion. Carolyn 
Sunderland, Audrey V. 
Swenson, Marilyn 
Tachibana, Nobuyoshi 
Taka Hashi, Sally S. 
Tashiro, Jacqueline K. H. 

Taylor, Karen 
Taylor, Gene K. 
Taylor, Ardith J. 
Taylor, LaDell 
Taylor, M. Harvey 
Taylor, Mary Frances 
Taylor. Shirley Zina 
Taylor, Patricia 

Teeples, Daryl H. 
Teela, Gerald O 
Taysom, R. Annette 
Telford, Ira Ralph 
Terry, Wanda 
Tetreault. Edward L. 
Thomas, D. Cornel 
Thacker, Lynn 

Thomas. Ellen 
Thomas, Karen J. 
Thompson. Heber M. 
Thompson, Kenneth D. 
Thompson, Robert H. 
Thorne, Sally 
Thorum, Arden R. 
Thorson, Robert C. 

Thurgood, Glen S. 
Thurn, Jacqueline 
Tidwell. Ray 

Tolbert, Sherril 
Tirrell. Galen D. 
Tolley, Deanna 

Tolman. Marilyn E. 
Toombs, Bevelyn 
Tolman. L. Kirk 

Thanks again for the swell dinner 


Trimnal, Gloria 
Tufts, M. Gwen 
Tuft, Nadeane 
Turner, Karen 
Turnblom, Grant Wn 

Tuttle, Jane 
Turpin, Karen 
Twede, Fred G. 
Uibel, Howard F. 
Ure, Colleen 

Iff* ©"$ % 

I hope the second features better 

Wade, John E. 
Vincent, Sylvia R. 
Voyles, Ann 
Wahlquist, Bryan 
Waldron, Leahmae 
Walker, Don D. 
Walker, Eldon 
Walker, Richard 
Warner, Derral C. 

Warnick, Erlend 
Warren, Barbara 
Watson, Charles W. 
Watt, Max D. 
Watts, Phyllis 
Wayment, Stan 
Waywell, Kelvin T. 
Weber, Gerry F. 
Webb, Emily Jeanne 

Weech, Bill K. 
Welty, Roy E. 
Weight, Mary Lou 
Welker, William H. 
Wells, Edwin Gordon 
Westenskow, Dean 
Westenskow, Carolyn 
Westerberg, Eleanor 
Western, M. Wayne 

Whatcott, Weston Elroy 
Whiffen, Diana 
Whipple, Connie I. 
Whitaker, Ivie 
White, David A. 
White, Dennis D. 
Whiting, Chuck 
Whiting, Deanne 
Whitehead, Craig B. 

Whittle, La Dawn 
Wickes, Natalie 
Widdison, Joan Edna 
Wilcox, Duane T. 
Wilding, Wayne Ross 
Wilson, Carolyn L. 
Williams, Jacqueline 
Wilson, Monte D. 
Williams, Carol Christine 

Wimmer, Larry T. 
Wmward, Emer Koyle 
Wood, Janet 
Wold, Larry R. 
Woffinden, Anna Joy 
Woods, Janice 
Wood, Richard L. 
Workman, William 
Workman, Robert A. 

Worthen, Connie 
Wride, Anna Marie 
Wright, Frances 
Wright, Karen 
Wright, Lynn Bernard 
Yates, June 
Wright, Meredith 
Wright, Willis L. 
Wrigley, Marvin 

Yardley, Mary A. 
Yingling, Kay A. 
Yorgason, Vanja 
Young, James L. 
Young, Carol Gay 
Young, L. DeWayne 
Young, LeGrande 
Young, Marilyn S. 
Ztemer, Paul Douglas 


Dan Lau, President 

Carole Green, Secretary 
Steve Gilliland, Vice Presi- 


The graduating class of 1961 started its Sophomore 
year with the traditional Sophomore Loan Fund 
Ball. "Brigadoon" was chosen as the theme, and a 
Scottish motif was used. 

For the first time in many years the Ball made an 
actual contribution to the Loan Fund. Tickets were 
not sold, but students who attended were asked for 
a one dollar donation. The bands graciously per- 
formed without charge. 

The Sophomore Assembly was entitled "Trigger- 
doon." It told the story of a smog-ridden town in 
California that was saved from suffocation by two 
Scottish scientists. Kathy Van Wagonner directed the 
assembly, and Dot Nielson was in charge of the 

The Sophomore Class was active in Homecoming 
activities and prepared a float for the parade. The 
float was in the shape of a florist's box held in a 
giant hand. Inside the cellophane box were three 
lovely Sophomore coeds in orchid formals. 
This year the University asked the classes to help 
with the BYLI Destiny Fund. The Sophomores plan- 
ned for many months a successful campaign. Mark 
Bench directed the work and with help from the 
Spurs every member of the class was contacted for 
support. The Class plans to establish a fellowship or 
research grant. Mr. Charles Faux has acted as ad- 
visor in this project. 

For the interest of its members and the students of 
future years the class of 1961 has started a history 
book. This will contain articles pertaining to Class 
activities for its four years and will be placed in the 
new Union Building when it is completed. 

Hard at work? 

SOPHOMORE CABINET MEMBERS: Front row: Dianne Holdaway, Mark Bench, Gary Stewart, Laura Jo Dunkley, Helene Bor- 
resen, Garron Hale. Second row: Carolyn Hamilton, Susan Kearns, Maureen Geist, Patty Joe Ward, Dorothy Crofts, Bruce Dock- 
stader. Third row: Keith Brown, Reed Warnick, Jerry Benson. Missing, Kay Sundwall. 


Barnum, Lea Jeneal 
Barron, Joan 
Barson, Clyde J. 
Bartholomew, Anna Lee 
Bartholomew, Errol 

Bartlatt, Vicki K. 
Bartlett, Max 
Barton, Billy J. 
Barton, John K. 
Barton, Marolyn 

Bashford, Gordon V. 
Bassett, William L. 
Bateman, Melrae 
Bates, Cornelia M. 
Beach, John L. 

Ahhott, Gary Lee 
Abbott, Kelton 
Acheson, S. Lynnette 
Adams, James B. 
Adams, William J., Jr. 
Adamson, Jeanene 
Adamson, Newell H. 
Adelheid, Heidi Renide 
Adamson, Rex L. 


Robert W. 
Roy W. 

David T. 
David W. 
Larry Carl 

Allen, Loreen 
Allen, Marvin Lynn 
Allen, Patricia Jo 
Allred, Diane 
Allred, Garth 
Anderson, Avis Marie 
Anderson, Carole 
Anderson, Joan 
Anderson, James L. 

Anderson, Nina Rae 
Anderson, Joyce Gaye 
Andersen, Erik M. 
Andreason, Mar Jean 
Andrus, Aniene 
Andrus, Louise 
Antone, Gerald 
Aragon. Helaman 
Arave, Ramon V. 

Armstrong, Bill E. 
Armstrong, Beverly R. 
Armstrong, Charles 
Armstrong, Ellis Bruce 
Armstrong, Suzanne 
Arnold, Carol 
Ashby, Sandra 
Ashcraft, Georgia M. 
Ashby, William Larry 

Ashmore William R., Jr. 
Atack, Rodney M. 
Atkerson, Christine 
Atkinson, Laura Lee 
Attridge, June 
Averett, De Lon 
Aycock, Ann 
Ayers, Leonard W. 
Bachler, William 

Bagfey, Max 
Bailey, Junior 
Bain, Darlene 
Bain, Janet 
Baker, Gary Lynn 
Baldauf, Martha 
Baldwin, Roland 
Ball, Jennie 
Ball, Sam 

Bardm, Betty Ann 
Ballard, Sharon A. 
Balls, Karen 
Barfuss, Dan C. 
Barker, Linda 
Barlow, Christia Lynne 
Barnes, Larry 
Barnes, Nancy 
Barney, Grace Diane 

Beazer, Harry D. 
Beal, Clayton P. 
Beck, Earlene 
Beers, Max D. 
J . K '^~ ' Beeson, David 

Excuse me but would you two mind posing for a 
spring type picture? 


Beifert, Marilyn 
Bell, Karen Donna 
Bell, Kenneth G 

Belmap, Bud 
Belnap, Dean 
Belton, Linda 

Bench, Mark 
Bennett, Pearl 
Bennett, Roger H. 
Benson, Jerry T. 
Benson, Diantha 
Bentley, Curtis 
Berg, Danyla 
Bergen, Dixie 
Berland, Lyndall Linda 

Best, Mary 
Bevan, Paul 
Beveridge, Larry M. 
Bilderback, Judith Ann 
Bingham, Coleen 
Bird, Lynne 
Birrell, J. Arnold 
Bischoff, Steve J. 
Bingham, LaMonte C. 

Bishop, Dale 
Bjorndal, Carol 
Black, Emory 
Black, Lorene 
Blacker, Royal 
Blackhurst, Sarah Ann 
Blad, Blaine L. 
Blair, Kenneth G. 
Blake, Barbara 

Blake, Frank 
Blakemore, Susan 
Blauer, Aaron Clyde 
Blaylock, Yvonne 
Boden, Marjorie 
Bodily, Merlyn Ross 
Bodily, Shari 
Bohon, Nelda V. 
Boetticher, Dorothy A. 

Bolton, Richard 
Bohn, Saum L. 
Bone, Steven D. 
Bonilla, Connie 
Boothe, Lewis Larry 
Borg, Kenneth P., Jr 
Booth, Roberta 

Borup, Jerry 
Borresen, Helene 
Borup, Myrtle 
Boucher, Lois 
Bowen, V. Gary 
Bowers, Diane 
Boyer, Naomi 

Bradley, lone 
Brackner, James 
Brany, Sandra 
Bradshaw, Marcia Seely 
Bragg, Harvey L. 
Bratcher, Laree 
Brian, Janet 



Briggs, Wade J. 
Bright, Darris J. 
Bright, Dennis A. 
Brimhall, Eugene 
Brimhall, Marita 
Brimhall, Mocella 
Broadbent, Nann 
Broberg, Carolyn 
Brooksby, Rene 

Bromley, Richard 
Brossard, Ben 
Brough, Evelyn 
Brough, John Lynn 
Brower, Ardis 
Brown, Arnie R. D. 
Brown, Barbara Elizabeth 
Brown, Claude 
Brown, James Jay 

Brown, Keith 
Brown, Larry L. 
Brown, Lee 
Brown, Pat 
Brown, Richard C. 
Brown, Susan 
Brown, Willard D. 
Brown, William R. 
Brown, Wyn D. 

Brunson, Richard Hugh 
Bryan, Melvin W. 
Bryner, L. Conrad 
Buckley, Connie 
Budge, Arvin 
Bullock, Diane 
Bullock, Ralph P. 
Bunnell, Beth 
Bundy, Claudia 

Burgess, DD Rae 
Burke, William H. 
Burnhamm, Vosco 
Burningham. Serge Lee 
Burningham, Steve 
Burton, Clyde 
Burton, Keith C. 
Busby, Stanley 
Busath, Boyd H. 

Bush, Richard David 
Bush, Ronald 
Bush, William S. 
Bushman, Laural J. 
Butler, Ross Erin, Jr. 
Butler, Sherrel Gay 
Butler, Virginia M. 
Butters, Sharolyn 
Bybee, Klair 

Butters, Sherman L. 
Bybee, Marjorie A. 
Bylund, Elizabeth J. 
Bywater, Harold D. 
Calder, Suzanne 
Call, Carolyn Irene 
Call, Lynn B. 
Callister, Linda 
Call, Don 

Camarillo, Gloria 
Campbell, Carol Sue 
Campbell, Jack D. 
Campbell, Kenneth L. 
Campbell, Robert Alan 
Capps, Garn S. 
Carey, Nancy 
Carkulis, Peter T. 
Carnes, Iniece M. 


Champion, Dean 
Chapman, Donavon LaKoy 
Chappie, Benjamin R. 
Charles, William F. 
Cheeseman, William E. 

Chipman, Dan L. 
Christensen, Bruce F. 
Christensen, Corrio 
Christensen, Craig 
Christensen, Douglas A. 

Student carefully adjusts microscope preparatory to 
breaking expensive slide. 



Christensen, Elaine 
Christensen, E. Morrissa 
Christensen, H. Boyd 

Christensen, Jack L. 
Christensen, Margaret 
Christensen, Kay 

Christensen, Susan 
Christensen, Rita Louise 
Christian, Bonnie 
Christiansen, Elroy Gene 
Christofferson, Sharon Y. 
Claridge, W. Fred 
Clark, Claudia G. 
Clark, Joan 
Clark, Ranae 

Clark, Kathleen 
Clark, Sonia D. 
Clark, Virginia 
Clayton, Elwood M. 
Clayton, Jeanett 
Clements, Donald N. 
Clements, Don William 
Clinger, DeAnn 
Clyde, Russell 

Clyde, Wilford R. 
Clymore, Roger L. 
Clynick, Carole 
Clynick, Joanne Barbara 
Coates, Barbara N. 
Coats, Carolyn 
Cockayne, Barbara Ann 
Cody, Helen L. 
Coffel, Shirley L. 

Coe, Harvene 
Coffey, Glen R. 
Cole, Russell 
Coleman, Iris 
Collings, Tucher 
Colt, Virginia 
Colyar, Justin P. 
Conover, Ina 
Connelly, Richard J. 

Cox, Boyd R. 
Covington, Dorcus J 
Cox, Bryant L. 
Cox, Kaye B. 
Crandall, Richard 
Croasmun, Don 
Crandall, Vern 

Crockett, David F. 
Crockett, Ernest David 
Crockett, Lanny James 
Croft, Lynee 
Crotch, Marion 
Crofts, Dorothy Irene 
Crofts, Lewis M. 


Crosby, Marilyn 
Crosland, Ivan Anthony 
Crowther, Glen W. 
Crowther, Joan 
Croxford, Gary 
Cunninghame, Key 
Curtis, Henry 
Cutler, Phyliss 
Dahl, Claudia 

Dahle, Carolyn 
Dahl, James G. 
Dahneke, Barton E. 
Damron, Paul E. 
Dance, Celia 
Dance, David P. 
Davis, Betty 
Davis, Helen Diane 
Davis, Linda Gale 

Day, Carol 
Davis, Thomas E. 
Day, Ted S. 
Dayton, Lynn T. 
Dean, Dorothy 
Deby. vy/innifred 
Decker, David S. 
DeMarcus, Ronald L. 
DeGaston, Cami 

Denning, DeLoy 
Dennis, Ronald D. 
Dermates, Charles 
Derrick, Karen 
Despain, William 
Dewey, JoAnne 
DeWitt, Gayle 
Dibble, M. Nelson 
Dey, John 

Dickerson, Judy 
Dichson, Lloyd Brent 
Dixon, Jerald L. 
Dixon, Joann 
Dockstader, Bruce J. 
Dockstader, James D 
Done, Norma Maudell 
Doty, Ann Marie 
Doty, George E. 

Douglas, Jean 
Doty, H. Ray 
Downing, George J. 
Drake, Beverley 
Drake, Robert J. 
Dray, Henry Dennis 
Drechsel, LaRue 
Drinkwater, Phillip F. 
Dnscoll, Jerry A. 

Dunlap, Freida L. 
Duffin, Luann 
Dundley, Laura Jo 
Dunn, Stanley W. 
Dunyon, Joleen R. 
Durfee, Kaye 
Durrant, Martin H. 
Dutson, Dixie 
Dutton, Daina 

Easterling, Jerrie A. 
Eames, Clarissa 
Eastman, John V. 
Edger, Janice 
Edgley, Evelyn 
Edvalson, Lars E. 
Egan, Kathleen 
Egbert, Dolores 
Eldredge, Lana M. 

Door to knowledge swings wide, as students listen 
to lectures on importance of attendance. 


Farrimond, Robert T. 
Farrer, Maureen Kay 
Felshaw, David D. 

Faulkner, Kenneth 
Felt, John 
Fielden, Connie L. 

Fife, JoAnne 
Fielding, Leica 
Fife, Mary Ellen 
Fischer, Clyde F. 
Fisher, Gerald D. 
Fisher, Grant L. 
Flick, Roger C. 
Foulger, Jack L. 
Fontana, Jan 

Foulger, Carol 
Power, Howard G. 
Fowles, Jennette 
Fowles, Sally J. 
Francom, Judith Kay 
Frandsen, Melvin Keith 
Fraser, Francis 
Freer, Ferret L. 
Frazier, Stephen 

Fugal, Lois 
Fuhriman, Parker J. 
Gallagher, Terance 
Gandy, Jettie Sue 
Gardner, H. Jerry 
Gardner, Mattie Jean 
Garrett, Barbara Ann 
Garrison, Ray H. 
Gates, Frank T. 

Gay, Marvin 
Gentry, Louise 
George, Billy 
George, DeAnn 
George, Willard L. 
Gerhart, Phil 
Gerrard, Judith 
Giannola, Bob L. 
Gerrard, Dortha Lynne 


Gilliland, Steve 
Giltner, Barbara 
Glover, Jeanette 
Goates, Clara 
Goff, Aladeen 
Good, Beverly "B 
Godwin, Douglas 

Goodrich, Leonard D. 
Goodfellow, Nola Gay 
Goodman, Linda R. 
Goodwin, Robert A. 
Goodwin, Robert D. 
Goold, Judy 
Gortler, Gordon D. 



Grant-. Dale 
Gowers, Cecil M. 

Grant, Leo Melvin 
Green. Bonnie 
Greene, Loyia 
Greene. Sharon 
Green well, Carla 
Griffian, Norma 
Gries. Edward R. 

Griffin. Norma 
Griffiths, Roy D. 
Grigg. Janet 
Groderick, Patricia 
Groshell, Patricia 
Gross, Wallace C. 
Grover, Scott C. 
Guerra, Ernesto 
Gunn. Jerrilyn K. 

Gunter. Robert L. 
Gurley. Dale L. 
Habeck. Marion 
Hagberg. Robin C. 
Hakes. Beverly Ann 
Hale, Garron R 
Hale. Norma Lynn 
Halfacre, Bonnie G. 
Hall. Janet Ann 

Hale, Sherry 
Hall. L. DeAnn 
Hall, Robert W. 
Hall. Sandra Diane 
Hamilton, Annie Belle 
Hamliton. Carolyn L 
Hamilton. Wallace 
Hammer. Marshall 
Hanks. Delbert 

Hanchett. Pat M 
Hancock. Dixie 
Hanks. Sterling Wayne 
Hansen. Douglas D. 
Hansen. Janet F. 
Hansen, Karen L. 
Hansen. Kent 
Hansen. Noreen 
Hansen. Larry Douglas 

Hanson, Merrell 
Harbican. James L. 
Harding, Irene 
Hardwick. Karol V. 
Hardy. Karel S. 
Harper. Richard F. 
Harper, Robert J. 
Harris. Beverly Ann 
Harrington, Lona 

Harris, Larry D. 
Harris. Robert 
Harris. William (Bill) 
Harrison, Larry 
Hartlauer. Donald Ray 
Hartvigsen. Richard 
Harvey. Bonnie D. 
Harvey, Bruce 
Hastings, Robert W. 

Hasty, T. Mikel 
Hatch. Antoinette 
Hatch. A. Paul, Jr. 
Hatcher. Shirley 
Hatfield. Mary Lynne 
Hawkes, John Douglas 
Hawkins. Harold J. 
Haymore. F. Ronald 
Heaps, Helen 

Hegsted. Evelyn 
Heigert. Lawrence S 
Hellewell. Sandra 
Helbig. Nancy Lee 
Hemer, Gary L. 

Hellstrom, Jim 
Hellyer. Janice 
Hemingway. LeRoy E. 
Henderson, Virginia 
Hendricks. Gayle 

Henricksen. Lenola Irene 
Hendxickson. Cliff 
Henrie. Lyman 
Henry. Michael R 
Hendrix. Karolyn 

Lady scholar writes day old English theme while 
others participate in music class. 


Herrera, Elias 
Herrin, Charles Selby 
Heywood, Elijah Reed 

Hickox, Carol L. 
Higgins, Heather Ann 
Herzinger, Raymond 

Hilden, Alice Kay 
Hill, Max Glade 
Hill, Sally 
Hirschi, Patricia R. 
Hitchcock, Jerry Lyle 
Hixson, Patricia 
Hodgkinson, Janet 
Hodson, Richard B. 
Hoffman, Sharlene 

Hakonson, Don 
Hogan, Gary 
Hoggan, James R. 
Holbrook, Linda 
Holdaway, Dianne 
Holley, Leah 
Hollinger, Lorna Rae 
Holman, Donald 
Hollingshead, Leon G. 

Holmes, Marian 
Holmes, Walter W., Jr. 
Holt, Clifford L. 
Hoppe, Carole 
Horrocks, Dwain 
Horton, Golden LaMar, Jr. 
Hoskisson, Don Y. 
Houlihan, Richard A. 
Householder, Dawna J. 

Hovland, Heikki 
Houston, Tosco 
Howard, Kathleen Eva 
Howard, Mickie R. 
Howard, ReNee 
Howell, Mary L. 
Huband, Edwin H. 
Humpherys, Alfred G. 
Hubbard, Dale S. 

Huntsman, Lola 
Huntsman, Verlee 
Hurst, Mary Ann 
Huskey, Ritchie D. 
Hutch, LaPreal 
Hutchinson, Marie 
Hutchings, Robert L 

Hyde, G. Osmond, Jr 
Hyer, Ruel C. 
Hyun, Kilsoon 
Irvine, James M. 
Irvine, Jim 
Jacob, Mary Louise 
Jackson, Jack 








Lake, Carolyn 
Labrum, Connie 
Lamb, Mona 
Lamberty, Ruth Helen 
Lambert, Aurelia 

Landers, Martin P. 
Lange, Terry W. 
Langtord, Gordon L. 
LaPray, Hal A. 
Larkin. Eldon Jones 

Larsen, A. Boyd 
Larsen, J. Newell^en. Jay Richard^trn. Margaret 
Larsen, Larry C. 

Larsen. Stirling David 
Larsen, Wayne A. 
Larson, Barbara M. 
Larson. Bonnie 
Larson, Karen 

Jacobs, Carrie 
Jacobs, Gaye 
Jacobs, Heber G. 
Jacobs, John Carroll 
Jacobs, Kay 
Jacobsen, Paul R. 
lames, Judith D. 
lames, Larry 
Jarman. Charles D. 

Janes, Marsha 
Jameson, Karen 
Janes, Norbert Ray 
lames, Larry Dean 
Jarvis, Don K. 
Jeglum, Nan Y. 
Jenkins. Robert B. 
Jenness, Mary Jeanne 
Jenness, Tom E. 

Jennings, Elaine 
Jensen, Eugene P. 
Jensen, Jay 
lensen, R Lene 
Jensen, Samuel R. 
Jeppesen, K. Merle 
Johnson. Barry L 
Johnson, Colleen 
Jex. Helen I. 

Johnson. Dun Loah 
Johnson, Elaine A. 
Johnson, Helen R. 
[ohnson, Jared L. 
[ohnson, John L. 
Johnson, Jonelle E. 
Johnson, Judy Ann 
Johnson, Julaine 
Johnson, Louise 

Johnson, Norma M. 
Johnson, Nadene 
Johnson. Rulon 
Johnson, Ruth Marie 
Johnson, Sharon Faye 
Johnson, Sharon Lee 
Johnson, Wallace D. 
Jones, Jerry L. 
Jones, Judy A. 

Jones, Ronald C. 
Jones, Randy 
Judd, Pauline 
Jueschke, Judith 
Justesen. Joel 
Kcarns. Susan P. 
Keele, Thomas N. 
Keiser, Bob H. 
Kelly. Patricia 

Kens, Susie 
Kemp, Julianne 
Killpack, Ardis G. 
Killpack, Cheryl 
Kimball, Marilyn 
Kinghorn, Nyle 
Kinross, David Andrew 
Kline, Marie 
Kiergard, Jim Lee 

Knapp, Ellen 
Klomp, Nancy Kaf-hryn 
Knapp, Jeff 
Knighton, Nelva 
Knudsen, Lue 
Knudson, Jalair 
Korth, Mary R. 
Krantz, Michael B. 
Kuykendall, Kathryn 

Do you actually think III believe that photosynthesis 
story ? 


Larson, Roger C. 
Larson, Suzanne 
Lau, Daniel R. 

Laudie, Robert 
Lawrence, Rue 
Layton, Dean 

Layton, Deon 
Leach, Del 
Lead, Margaret 
Leavitt, Carolyn 
Leavitt, Karma Rae 
Leckie, Ronald Jay 
Leckie, Ronald Jay 
Lee, Barbara Kay 
Lee, Boyden E. 

Lee, H. Byung 
Lee, Diane 
Lee, Jean 
Lee, Linda A. 
Lee, Pat 

Lee, Stephen M. 
Leifson, Mark Lewis 
Leigh, Mary Louise 
Lemond, Kenneth J. 

Leslie, Anabel Lee 
Lester, Andrea V. 
LeVitre, Margo 
Lewis, Douglas S. 
Lewis, J. Ronald 
Lewis, J. Wayne 
Lewis, Laury M. 
Lewis, Margaret 
Lewis, Ronald J. 

Liddle, Joe D. 
Likes, Ivan LeRoy 
Lillywhite, Susan 
Lindsay, Stanley W. 
Lindsey, Danice E. 
Linford, Margaret Ann 
Lisonbee, James L. 
Lloyd, William Wayne 
Littledike, Jacqueline 

Lundell, Dean L. 
Lund, Marion R. 
Lundell, J. L. 
Lutz, Virginia 
Lyman. Edith Lucille 
Lyda, William 
Lyon, Kenneth S. 

Mackintosh, Dean 
Mackay, Thomas W 
Macklin, Marcia J. 
Madden, Charles B , 
Madsen, Doris 
Madsen, Judy 
Magleby, Mayva 


Maher, Patrick J. 
Mainor, Gail 
Malan, Ronald F. 
Manning, Marilyn K 
Marchant. Duane Harding 
Marcroft, Donna L. 
Markham, Elza 
Marlow, Joan E 
Marple, Jon H 

Martin, David 
Martineau, Jeanette 
Martinez, Jesse N. 
Mashburn, Dick 

Mathe\\s, Neldon C. 
Mathews, Vergie Kay 
Matson, Lorena 
Maughan, Betty 
Maul. Willis Dean 

Mauss, Janice 
Maxfield, Emma M 
Maxwell, Mary Jean 
Mayer, Janet 
Maynard, Bob 
McAllister, Jack 
McBnde, W. Don 
McCallum, Barry 
McCarty, Marian F. 

McCauley, D. Thuryle 
McCauley, Evalyn L. 
McClellan. Delna 
McClellan, [eanette 
McClellan, Warren E. 
MLCloskey, Caldona 
McComas, Sally 
McConkie, Colleen 
McCune, Karen 

McDaniel, M. Kay 
McDaniel, Lucy S. 
McDaniel, Earl 
McGee, LaVoy 
McGinnis, JoAnn 
Mchor, Garry M. 
McKell, Glen C. 
McLaughlin, Leslie 
McMillan, Hugh 

McMeen, Elaine K, 
McMuIlin, Larry K. 
McPheeters, Carol A. 
McPherron. Marilyn 
McQueen, Phil Keith 
Means, JoAnn 
Meiners, Donis G. 
Meliza, Ray W. 
Menlove, Alan C. 

Mentry, Monte Edward 
Menssen, Juergen W. 
Meredith. Ralph J. 
Merrell, Gene 
Merrill, Joan 
Meservy, Jerry D. 
Michie, Lois 
Mickelsen, Carol A. 
Middleton, Ernest W. 

Miera. Manuel R. 
Millar, Carol Ann 
Miller, Bobbie-Ann 
Miller, James F. 
Miller, Linda-Lou 
Miller, Margaret 
Miller. Pat L. 
Miller, Ronald 
Miller, Tom 

Moray, Marie M. 
Morgan. Danny 
Morgan, Jackeen 
Morgan. Niel W 
Morr, Bruce R. 

I can't help but think it'd be easier to go out and 
buy the engagement ring. 


Morrell, Nancy Ann 
Morris, Ronald 
Morrison, Wayne 

Morris, Suzy Ann 
Morse, Bart J. 
Mortimer, William J. 

Mortensen, Donna 
Mose, Ann E. 
Moss, Connie 
Mote, George E. 
Motter, Sammie D. 
Muhlestein, Wayne R. 
Murdock, Larry 
May, Barbara J. 
Murphy. Sheridon 

Neath, Stephen K. 
Neibaur, Karryn A. 
Neil, Roberta M. 
Nelson, Cary Ellen 
Nelson, Glen B. 
Nelson, Linda 
Nelson, RaVoe 
Neuroh, Clark R. 
Newman, Darlene E. 

Nichols, Carma 
Nielsen, Dorothy 
Nielsen, Phyllis V. 
Nielsen, Shanna L. 
Nielsen, William J., Jr. 
Nielson, James K. 
Nielson, Roger 
Nielson, Russell 
Nielson, Lois 

Noel, Robert 
Norman, Gary 
Nuttall, Karen 
Oaks, Evelyn 
O'Brien, Maxine 
Ogata, Mamoru 
Okelberry, Carl Ridges 
Olsen, Kent J. 
Oliphant, Gineal 

Oman, Sandra 
Oudemans, Bob 
Oquist, Selfrid 
Osbourn, Sue A. 
Oscarson, Cheryl R 
Ostlund, Karen 
Otte, Alvin Martin 

Oviatt, Robert N. 
Owen, Tom 
Oxborrow, Joan 
Pace, Joan 
Pack, Russell 
Packard, Bernard 
Pack, Vona H. 


Padgett, Patrick Fielding 
Page, Ira Keith 
Pagett, Richard B. 
Paine, Eliza Jo 
Palmer, Philip L 
Parduhn, Sharlene 
Park, Curtis J. 
Parker, Fuhriman 
Parker, John W. 

Parker, Ken R. 
Parker, Peg^y 
Parker, S. LeGrande 
Parkin, Edwin H. 
Parkin, George Richard 
Parkinson, David 
Parkinson, Howard E. 
Parks. Jane R. 
Parry, Evelyn 

Parry, Sharon L. 
Parry, Venita G. 
Partridge, Jerry 
Paskett, Dwayn 
Passey, Kaye Louise 
Paul, Brent 
Paul, Charles Leo 
Payne, Bctte 
Payne, George G. 

Payne, Gordon 
Payne. Robert 
Paxton. Robert C. 
Payne. Lloyd V. 
Peay, Carol 
Peck. [Catherine 
Pedersen, Kent Lee 
Peery. Richard Taylor 
Pefley, Donna 

Penrose, Charles 
Perkins, J. Wayne 
Perkins, Margie Ann 
Perry, Marilyn 
Perry, Marvin S. 
Peters, Gordon 
Peters, Sonya Arlene 
Petersen. Howard R. 
Peterson. Joan 

Peterson, Ferry Wade 
Peterson, Judith Ann 
Peterson, Leland 
Peterson, Vicki L. 
Pingree. Julie Anne 
Pinney, Susan 
Pitt, Maurine 
Plowman, Marilyn 
Plumb, Marlow W. 

Pollock, John 
Polly, Karen 
Porter, Blaine 
Porter, Don LaMar 
Porter, Laura 
Porter, William Frank 
Potorf, Judyann 
Poulson, Barbara 
Powell, Elizabeth Ann 

Powell. Richard L. 
Powelson, Doufilas H. 
Pratt, Gary L. 
Pratte, Alf 
Prengel, Roger D. 
Prestwich. Robert L. 
Price, Alvin H. 
Price, Ralph L. 
Price. Willard 




w Tr\ 

•■,,. -..MX,-. 1 



Rasnius5en, Craig 
Rasmussen, Elaine 
Rasmussen, Lee 
Rasmussen, Vaughn R. 
Raven, Errol J. 

We've got to develop some organization. 


Ray, Evan C. 
Ray, Joan 
Ray, Naty 

Rca, Neville 
Ream, Eldon 
Reavis, Roberta 

Recht, Charles H. 
Redd, Judith 
Redd, Verna 
Reece, Joleen 
Reed, Howard G. 
Reed, Leah Kay 
Reed, Pearl 
Reese, Gloria 
Reeder, Dennis J. 

Reese, Jane 
Reeve, Rex C. 
Reeve, Sharon D. 
Regenscheit, Marjorie 
Reisner, Lillian A. 
Reno, Lynn Dale 
Retz, Jae C. 
Rex, Katherine 
Rex, Nina Marie 

Reynolds, Max J. 
Rhees, Sharon 
Rice, William C. 
Rich, Kathleen 
Richards, Paul C. 
Richardson, Janice 
Richins, Janice 
Rieske, Lee M. 
Richmond, Kaye 

Rigby, Janet 
Riley, Lee F. 
Rinquest, Donna 
Ritchie, Diane 
Roach, William Ned 
Roberts, Don 
Roberts, Linda 
Robertson, David E. 
Robertson, Ezra H. 

Robertson, Francis 
Robinson, Doris 
Robinson, Gene Roland 
Robinson, Marjorie 
Robinson, Robert E. 
Robison, Clark 
Robison, Ronald E. 

Robison, Weston K. 
Rogers, Walter E. 
Rojas, Olivia O. 
Rojas. Rodolfo 
Rokes, Kathleen 
Rollo, Mary Beth 
Romney, Joan M. 

Ronllins, Carma 
Ronnow, Carol M. 
Roper, Clyde V. 
Rowbury, Lyle D. 
Royster, Nancy 
Roylance, Kenneth O. 
Royle, Jeanette 





J<r*-' ^t 

i f, 

>u m 

Rudd, Larry 
Runser, Albert W., II 
Rust, David W. 
Sabey. J. Wayne 
Sabers. Mario 
Sam Fong, Bernadine 
Salazar, Sarah 
Sanchez, Carlos J. 
Sanders, Thomas C. 

Sand berg, Selene 
Sandstrom, Joan 
Santiago, Frank 
Sargent, Morris N. 
Sargent, Sheldon 
Schade, David Orion 
Schastey, Gratia 
Scalmanini, James R. 
Schaumann. Margot 

Schofield, J. Gary 
Schultz. Russell Wayne 
Schofield, Pat B. 
Scott, June 
Scott, Robert V. 
Seamons, Blaine L. 
Seegrist, Roger E. 
Sego, Bill 
Seeley, Schuyler D. 

Sehlmeier, Adrian W. 
Sellers, Robert S. 
Senzee, Norma Kay 
Seymour, Patricia Ann 
Sharpe, Jack 
Sharpe, John R. 
Shaw, Douglas G- 
Sheffield, William Frank 
Shields, Clair H. 

Shepherd, David 
Shirley, Linda 
Shumate, Chan 
Shurtleff, Kathleen 
Sibbett, Kent H. 
Siemssen, Joanne 
Sirrine, Ronald 
Skidmore, Carol 
Skousen, Denna 

Slade, F. Sheldon 
Skousen, J. Karen 
Slater, Gail 
Small, John R. 
Smith, Allen L. 
Smith, Carlos W. 
Smith, Darleen 
Smith, Ernan Y. 
Smith, Gerald J. 


Marilyn Lee 
Marion K. 
Merlin A. 
Nancy Lee 
Norman Clair 
Peggy Dorine 
Ralph L. 

Smith, Thomas B. 
Smith, Randall F. 
Smith, Ray T. 
Smith, Robert Wayne 
Smith, Ronald M. 
Smith, Roxie 
Smythe, Helen 
Snow, Glennda 
Smoke, Betty Gene 


Soper, Edward L. 
Snow, Kathy 
Solomon, Scott 
Sorensen, Arlo G. 
Sorensen, Bonnie Rae 

Sorensen, Billie Lou 
Sorenson, Nadene 
Sorensen, Terry C. 
Spackman, Darell B. 
Southam, Dorothy 

Sparks, Helen 
Spackman, Verlene 
Sparks, Janice 
Speed, Eldon 
Spencer, Dennis B. 

Spendiove, Jerry 
Sproul, Rella 
Stahle, Glenna 
Stander, Klint 
Spencer, Joe Lynn 

Gosh! wouldja' look at that. 


Stead, Diane 

Starlin, Joan Elizabeth 

Staten, Jim 

Steed, Barbara 
Steel, Larae 
Steed, Shery Ann 

Steenblik, Shiela 
Stegman, Ronald C. 
Steimle, Lawrence J. 
Steimle, Sally L. 
Stephensen, Beverly 
Sterling, Mike 
Stevens, Lloyd 
Stevenson, Mike 
Stewart, Charles 

Stevenson, Warren 
Stewart, Gary K. 
Stocking, Royal J. 
Stockman, Janice A. 
Stoffer, Lucile 
Stoker, Judy F. 
Stokes, Gordon E. 
Stott, Robert V. 
Streibel, Ted W. 

Strong, Brent 
Strong, James W. 
Strong, Philip L. 
Suarez, Olga Marina 
Suico, Richard Allen 
Sullivan, Colleen 
Suzuki, Mike M. 
Swapp, Jeanne 
Sweeten, Fay 

Sutherland, Lewis R. 
Sweeten, Garth 
Swendsen, Leslee 
Swensen, Albert John 
Swift, Jane E. 
Symons, Margene 
Szereni, Elizabeth 
Tafoya, Navor 
Taber, Henery E. 

Taylor, Blake G. 
Tautkus, Barbara 
Taylor, Daniel T. 
Taylor, Diane 
Taylor, Jerrie M. 
Taylor, Michael Robert 
Taylor, Richard C. 

Tessay, Dorinda 
Taylor, Robert Dean 
Taylor, Sally 
Thacker, Allan D. 
Thacker, Eloy G. 
Thomas, Bruce Evan 
Thomander, Dawn 

£* £? 

c% Ca ^i 

Thomassen, Arthur K. 
Thompson, Janeth Ann 
Thompson, Karen 
Thompson, Kay 
Thorup, Lee B. 
Throckmorton, Mary Alice 
Thrush, Rose 
Thurman, C. Gordon 
Tidwell, Claudia 

Thurman, Kathleen 
Thurston. Sharon K. 
Timms, Derek 
Timothy, Gayl Shirlene 
Tingey, Blaine C. 
Tingey, Kay 
Titus. Diann 
Toronto, Joseph 
Tomlinson, Ronald D. 

Towler, Sandra S. 
Traasdahl. Madeline T. 
Tracy, Dee M 
Tripp, Richard 
Trone, Joyce 
Tucker, Karen 
Turley, Anthon H., Jr. 
Turley, Harold E. 
Turner, Douglas J. 

Tullis, Jack D. 
Turner, Evelyn 
Turner, Robert R. 
Twogood, Theron T. 
L'ngermann, Susan Lee 
Vance, Geraldine Rae 
Vance. Jerry Kay 
Van Wagoner, Kathenne 
Van Dam, Gloria 

Vonvaller, Wesley G. 
Van Thiel, Rineke 
Visschu, Anah 
Von Almen, Karl W. 
Wach, Dorothy 
Walker, Clark A. 
Walker, Clemons F. 
Walker. Glen Ronald 
Walker, G. Perrin 

Walker, Kenneth B. . 
Walker. Lary 
Walker, Lorrie Diane 
Walker, Nadine R. 
Walkmgshaw, Carol Lee 
Walter, Roger Ken 
Walton. Andrew J. 
Ward, Florence 
Walter, William P. 

Washburn, Virginia 
Ward, Sharron Lynne 
Washburn, Laurel Kay 
Waters, Melvin C. 
Watkins, M. Roxanne 
Watson, Lorraine 
Watts, Daniel L. 
Weatherford, Jean 
Webb, Alan Wendell 

Webb, Manlynne 
Weeks, Margaret 
Weigel, Mary Kay 
Wemheimer, Gordon E. 
Wells, Leonard R. 
Wells, Robert W., Jr. 
Welton, Robert B. 
Westra, Gerald 
Wesse, Sandra 

Weston, James A. 
Westwood, Elizabeth Susan 
Wheelock. Carol A. 
Whetten, John C. 
Whetten, Lilalee L. 

White, John O. 
Whitaker, Sharon 
White, Karen R. 
White. Weston 
W'hiting, LaRue 

Whiting, James Bruce 
Whitney, Kay 
Whitney, Maurice F. 
Whitton, Geralda 
Whitten, Lila Lee 

Wier, Joseph E. 
Wight, Peggy Ann 
Wilde. Sue Carol 
Wilhelmsen. Gail 
Wilhelmy. Sue 

But it's so simple . . . Je veur avoir la diner. 


Wilkenson, Herbert L. 
Williams, Ann 
Willardson, Linda Lee 

Keep looking, the "on" button must be here some- 

William, Claree A. 
Wilmoth, Carolyn 
Williams, Thomas C. 

Williamson, Jean C. 
Wilson, Caryll 
Wimmer, Beverly E. 
Witherow, Barbie 
Wood, Kathy 
Wood, Nancy Annette 
Wood, Sylvia 
Wood, P. Wayne 

Woodward, Karren 
Woodland, Mike 
Woodward, Ross E., 
Woolley, Joanne 
Wrathall, Grant R. 
Wright, Anna 
Wright, Carol Lynn 
Wright, David 

Wright, Gary Hatch 
Wright, Donald L. 
Wright, Gerald D. 
Wright, Gerald L. 
Wright, Janet L. 
Wright, Patsy 
Wright, Susan 
Wright, Richard D. 

m '•""' 5) «s» <«« , » 


Wright, William Gam 
Wynn, Russell 
Yancey, William E. 
Yamasaki, Jimmy 
Yates, Eleanor 
Yates, Lanny 
Yorgason, Sandra 
Young, Eddie D 

Young, G. Farrell 
Young, L. Grey 
Young, Mary 
Zirbel, Jo Ann 
Young, Richard K. 



John Anderson, President 

Judy Tilton, Secretary 

Ri^ht, John Bingham, Vice 



A great deal of spirit and enthusiasm was added to 
the BYU by the largest class in its history. That was 
the Freshman Class of this year, and the graduating 
class of 1962. 

The officers of the Class were chosen in the most 
enthusiastic election and campaigning of the year. 
Immediately class officers began a drive to sell class 
membership cards, with an eye on projects in future 

There was no lack of willing workers to help in the 
preparation of the float which the Class entered in 
the Homecoming parade. It was one of the most 

Class parties were among the best of the year. One 
was held with the Junior Class and the other was 
held for the Freshman Class alone. 
The Freshman Assembly was held only after a per- 
sonal duel, held on the quad, established which 
writer would get a chance to present the assembly 
that he had prepared. This novel and humorous ap- 
proach helped to make the presentation a success. 
The Class' closing activity for the school year was the 
popular Carnival. University organizations prepared 
booths for the event and all who attended enjoyed 

The Class of 
Frosh Week. 

1962 became a part of the "Y" during 

FRESHMAN CABINET MEMBERS: Front row: Bonnie Benson, Second row: Noel Hales, Dave Thomas, Bill Hardy, 

. Third row: Gary Woods, David Perry, Barry Lauritzen, Stuart Loosli. Missing: Ed Borup, Chuck Carter, Penny Druke, 
Janet Morris, Joan Taylor, Dennis Warner, Beverly White. 


I'm coming back tomorrow to buy books for my 
morning classes. 

Aag3rd. Diane 
Aaron, Gerald Tinge] 
Abbott. Helen 

Abercrombie, M, 
Acker. Edwina 
Adams, Deanne 

Adams. Austin 
Adams, Donald 
Adams. Janice Kay 

Adams. Lawrence 
Adams. Kendall 
Adams. Tillie 



JLL ? 

23 a £A& 

Adkins. Roberta 
Adamson, Joyce 
Ahrendes, Lurae 
Airth. Edward 
Albach, Dawne B. 
Aldean. lanac 
Aldndge, Daniel P. 
Alexander. Archie 
Alger. Joyce 

Allen, Donald 
Alldredge. Cloy 
Allen. Charles R. 
Allen, Charlotte 
Allen. Darlene 
Allen, Frank Anthony 
Allen. James V 
Allen, Judy D. 
Allen. Kay 

Allen, Mary 
Allen, Virginia 
Allman, Jimmie 
Allred. Christine 
Alfred, Doris Jean 
Ailred, Duane Owen 
Allred, Richard 
Allred. Robert 
Amend, Jean 

Allred. Warren G. 
Amnions, Ida 
Amrine. Sarah 
Anderberg, Maxine 
Andersen, Berit 
Andersen. Dale O. 
Anderson, Carole Kay 
Anderson. Gale 
Anderson, Judy 



Karel Ann 
Keith Eric 
LaMarr G 
Larry G. 
Sheldon L. 

Anderson, Theo George 
Anderson. Valerie 
Anderson. Verdeana 
Anderson, Viola 
Andrews, Doug 
Andrews. Ida Ellen 
Andrus. Jo Ann 
Anthony. Sue 
Angel. Roberta 

Applonie, John D . )i 
Aranda. Constantino 
Arbon. Bob 
Archer. Sybelle 
Argyle, Donna 
Armas, Dora 
Arrington. Cam 
Axvanitas, Patty 
Ashcroft. Sharon 

Asay, Diane 
Ashbey, Kenneth R. 
Ashton, Pat F. 
Astle. Ronald 
Atkin, Margaret 
Attwooll, Bill 
Aurich, Floyd C. 
Aust, Walter A. 
Auger. Charles 

Austin. William T. 
Avery, Carolyn 
Avery, Erva 
Aydelotte, Frank 
Babbel, Gary 
Bacon, Roger 
Bag ley, Bonnie 
Bagnell, Sharon 
Bailey, Connie 

Baity, Wanda 
Bak, Edmund 
Bake, Larry Dean 
Baker, Tamra 
Baker, Virginia L 
Baker, William J. 
Baldauf, Elsie 
Baldwin, Lois 
Bales, Wayne 

Ball, Durant 
Ballantyne, Melvin B. 
Banks, James 
Banks, Loretta 
Barben, Janeal 
Barber, Russell 
Barlow, Charles 
Barlow. Stan D. 
Barlow. Wilford Larry 


Barnes, Arthur P. 
Barnes, Gary Dean 
Barnett, Dale 
Barnett, Linda 
Barnett, Robert LeRoy 
Barney, Frances 
Barney, Linda 
Barney. Yvonne 

Barnhill, Ann 
Barnhill, BUI 
Barraclough, Nancy 
Barrus, Judy 
Barrus, Margaret 
Bartlett, Joyce V. 
Barton, Carol 
Basford, Donna K. 

Barwick, Ronald 
Bateman, Brenda 
Bateman, Judy Ann 
Bateman, Lloyd 
Bateman, Ronald J. 
Bates. Yvonne 
Batty, Annette 
Baughman, Denavar 

Baxter, Clinton 
Beagley, John L. 
Bean, Linda 
Bean, Ruth 
Beatse. James 
Beck, Jo Ann 
Beck, Linda 
Beck, Carolyn K. 

Beckstead, G. Bruce 
Beckstead, Arvil Laron 
Beckstead, Chad 
Beckstead, Mary 
Beckstead, Sharon 
Beckstrom, Clark J. 
Bedwell, Dave 
Beecher, Vermoyne 

Beedle, Joyce 

Belcroft, Don 

Bell, Barbara 

Bell, Linda 

Bell, Marita 

Belliston, Karen 

Belshe, Dorothy Naydine 

Benincosa, Mary Jo 

&<f f^ 

Student scans Daily Universe for comprehen- 
sive, terse, over-all world view. 

Benedict, Stewart 
Btrnfell, Karen Jean 
Bennett, Lynetta 

Benson, Bonnie 
Benson, Morris C. 
Bentley, Joseph I. 

Benzley, Sherril Ann 
Berg, Peggy 
Bcrkline. Carol 

Berger, Jerry 
Bernsten, Michael S. 
Berry, June 

Berthelson, Max G. 
Berrett, Lanette 
Bessey, Merritt L. 
Best, Joanne 
Best, Michael 
Beswick, Keith H 
Bevan, Joan 
Biddle, Gayle 
Bickmore, Darla 

Bigelow. Wilbur 
Biggs, Douglas 
Bills, Gary L. 
Bills, Mac Martin 
Bingham, George W. 
Bingham, John M. 
Bingham, Linda Lee 
Bingham, Loretta 
Bird, Dale J. 

Birchall, Steve 
Bird, Rebecca M 
Bird, Thomas D 
Bird, Virginia E. 
Bird. William B. 
Birrell, Dave 
Bishop, Barr 
Bishop, Judy Anne 
Bitter. Ronald 

Bitter, Dean 
Black, Bonita Dian 
Blackburn, Duane E. 
Blackburn, Merle 
Blair, Albert C. 
Blair, P. Diane 
Blair. Kelly 
Blake, Eileen 
Blamshard, Joan M 

Blatter, Cheryl E. 
Blaser, Carleen 
Blood, Judith 
Bluemel, Marsha R 
Bluth, Oscar D. 
Bogenrife, Winona 
Bogh, Jo Ann 
Boley, Harry 
Boll. Bonnie Gae 

Bone. Donna M 
Bonham, Beverly 
Bonney, Fred J, 
Boone, Lynda 
Boren. Neldon G. 
Bortz, Jack 
Borup. Philip 
Boulter, Don F. 
Boulet, Jon L. 

Boulton. Lloyd D. 
Bounds, Dennis Rae 
Bourne. Mercia 
Bourre, Sharron D. 
Bowen. Nancy Marie 
Bowman. Larry 
Bowman. Rhead S. 
Bown. Ann Marie 
Boyack. Brent 


Boyack, Maureen 
Boyd, Marvin J. 
Boyd, Marvin J. 
Boyer, jorden J. 
Boyer, Mac Dell 
Boyer, Mac D. 
Boyle, Fran 
Boel, Jolene 
Bodley, Sheila Irene 

Bodine, Judy L. 
Bodily, Sandy 
Bodily, Richard H 
Bradbury, Dixie 
Bradshaw, Marcia 
Brady, Judith Merlene 
Braithwaite, Gail 
Bramall, Betty 
Branning, Royce DeWitt 

Breeze, Karen 
Breglio, Vince 
Bremer, Robert J. 
Bringhurst, Raeann 
Brinkerhoff, Merline B. 
Britsch, Charlotte 
Brodie, Robert E. 
Brogdon, Frances 
Bromley, Dennis 


Rhea B. 
Alice L. 
Paul W. 
Ralph M. 





Brown. Cicely A. 
Brown, Charles Ross 
Brown, Cleo 
Brown, Gayle 
Brown, Jay Dean 
Brown, Joan 
Brown, Laurel 
Brown, Lee 

Brown, Linda 
Brown, Myrlan A. 
Brown, Pat E. 
Brown, Paul A. 
Brown, S. Kent 
Brown, Sandra L. 
Brown, Sharon 
Brown, Wanda Kay 

Brown, William H. 
Browning. Gary Lee 
Bruno, Dixie (Mary) 
Brunt, Jane 
Bursh, Ardis 
Buck, Penny J. 
Bullard. Donald 
Bullock, Richard 

Bunnell, Gary K. 
Bunker, Merrill K. 
Burgess, Eva Dean 
Burgess, J'Deane 
Burke, Deleen 
Burley, Beth 
Burningham. Robert 
Burnett. Ivy Lapriel 

Burrell, Lester 
Burr, Glade Le Earl 
Burrows. Hal 
Burt. Jane 
Burt, Linda 
Burt, Roger T 
Burton. Grant S. 

Burton. Duane S. 
Burton, Joan 
Burton, John R. 
Bush. Robert L. 
Bush. Susan 
Bushman. David R 
Butcher. Vernean 
Bush. Vernon E 



Ah, golly, Donovan, you really don't mean 
that. But if you do . . . 

Buttr, Barbara 
Butler, Vera 
By bee, Craig 

Bybec, Janice 
Bybee, Linda 
Bybee, Marlene 

Byers. Carl N. 
Byrd, Donna 
Calapp, Sara 

Cagle, Leann 
Caldwell. DeLynn 
Call, Marie Ann 

Callister, Joann 
Call, Thora La Rae 
Callister, Louise M 
Calvin, Jean 
Cameron, Allen 
Cameron, Marilyn 
Camp, Linda L. 
Campbell, Blaine B., Jr. 
Campbell, Frank R. 

Campbell, Grant B, 
Campbell, James R. 
Campbell, Judy A. 
Campbell, Linda Lee 
Campbell, Travis K. 
Campbell, Van Lavor 
Cannon, Elizabeth 
Cantrell, Kristin 
Capps, Lavora Jean 

Card, Kenlyn L 
Capson, Eleanor 
Cardon, Joan 
Carlson, Harriet 
Carlston, Betty Jill 
Carlson, Judy L. 
Canning, Lynne 
Cannon, Charles T. 
Carr, Barbara 

Carpenter, Darlene M 
Carr, David B. 
Carr, Jerry J. 
Carr, Kathleen 
Carragher, Michael 
Carson, Gerald 
Carter, Charles 
Case, Lewis A, 
Castle, Dean L. 

Castleton, George E. 
Caviness, Wally 
Cazier, Sheila 
Chadwick, Douglas B, 
Chadwick. Nola K. 
Chamberlain, Deann 
Chambers, Carla V, 
Chambers, Dora Lee 
Chambers, John 

Chapin, Judy A. 
Chapman, Gregory W. 
Chappie, Harry LeRoy 
Chapman. Lana Patricia 
Chapman, Linda 
Charles, Richard F. 
Cheek, Truceson 
Chelson, Gary 
Cheney, Darwin Le Roy 

Chien, William N. 
Childs, Howard Le Roy 
Chipman, Reed 
Christansen, Renn 
Christensen, Anthony 
Christensen, David M, 
Christensen, Howard B. 
Christensen, Jack 
Christensen, Kay 

Christensen, Kenna 
Christensen. Kenneth 
Christensen. Linda 
Christensen. Mark VC\ 
Christensen, Niel 
Christensen, Robert K. 
Christiansen. Mardeen 
Christley, Marietta 
Christsen. Deanna 

Chnstopherson, Mary 
Church, David L. 
Clandge, R. Diane 
Clark, jerold R. 
Clark. John Nile 
Clark. Lynne 
Clark, Alar)' Jean 
Clark, Paul W. 
Clark, Richard C. 

Clark, Rodney J. 
Qawson, Marjorie 
Clay, Jean 
Clay, Phyllis C 
Clayson, Boyd 
Clcavinger, Lois A. 
Clement. Mel A. 
Clemens. Ted W 
Clement, Sharilyn 

Cline. Ernest 
Cltne. Jo-Ellen 
Clinton, Colleen 
Clynick, Don 
Cockayne, Lynne 
Cochran, Judith R. 
Cockrell, Ronald 
Colby, Barbara J. 
Cobly. Beverly Anne 


Coiemere, Carlene 
Coleman, Colleen A. 
Coleman, Gene R. 
Coiemere, Joyce L. 
Collett. Sharron L. 
Collins. John Bunting 
Collins, Nickey Jan 
Collins. Roger O. 

Colvin, Julie 
Coloma, Elba Anita 
Condie, Ronald 
Conklin, Judy M 
Conley, John 
Conners, Christine M. 
Cook, Homer J. 
Cook, Paul T. 

Coombs. Richard J. 
Coon, Janice 
Coon, Paul R. 
Cooper, Rayna 
Copeland, Marion 
Cornaby, Gayle 
Cornett, Janice 
Cottle. Marba 

Cottrell, Warren 
Coup, Ronald L. 
Courture, Carrol 
Covey, Myrna 
Covington, Dorcus J. 
Cowan, Barbara 
Cowley, J Maurice 
Cox. James S. 

Cox, Nancy May 
Cox, Vivian Jean 
Crafton. Diana 
Cragon, Paul 
Crane, Ann 
Crapo, Karel 
Craske. Loretta A. 
Craven. Sam Hinckely 

Crawford, Jill 
Crawford, Norman 
Crawford, Thelma J. 
Creer. Roger P. 
Criddle. Donna J. 
Crockett, David S. 
Crockett, Joyce 
Criddle. Carol 

If ftf 3& 

Why, Carlo! You do have all gold fillings! 

Crockett, Kay- 
Croft, Evelyn M. 
Croft, Robert R. 

Crofts, Beverly A. 
Cromarty, Alex 
Crompton. Don 

Crookston, Donna P 
Cropper, Sylvia 
Crosson, Betty Jane 

Crow, William R. 
Crowe, Emma L. 
Cull i more. Joy 


Cummins, Charles C. 
Curtis. Jeneal 
Curtis, Linda J. 
Curtis, William Newell 
Cutler, Herbert R. 
Dahl, Betty Kay 
Dahl, Doris Marie 
Bower, Dahnelle 
Dames, Velma 

Dalley, Ronald John 
Dalton, Jean 
Dalton, Judith Hean 
Dana, Carol 
Dangel, Katie 
Daniels, Arthur G. 
Daniels, Karen 
Danielson, Zoe 
Darling, Forrest 

Davidson, Elmary 
Darling, Ronald W. 
Da vies, Jon 
Davies, Veneta 
Davis, Darrel H. 
Davis. Diane 
Davis, Elaine 
Davis, James D 
Davis, Jim 

Davis, Karren 
Davis, Lola 
Davis, Mary K. 
Davis. Zelda 
Dayes, Carolyn 
Dean, Kay 
Dearden, Carl R 
Dearing. Jo-Ann 
Deckard. Robert W. 

Decker, Carolyn 
DeGiaw, Marsha 
DeLange, Clark 
DeMill, Wayne 
Demsher, Gloria A. 
Denison, Deanna 
Dennett, Jeanette 
Dennett, LaVaun 
Dennis, Anita L 

Derrick, Carole Anne 
Dennis, Roger 
DePalma, John 
Derry, Diane E. 
Deschamps, Mary Kaye 
DeSpain, Ray O. 
Deters, Elaine 
DeVnes, Leonora 
Dewey, Adrienne 

Dieudonne, Jeannette 
DeWitt. Dorothy Louise 
Dick, John R. 
Dickerson, Brc-nJa 
Dilks, Yvonne 
Dilworth, Legrand M. 
Dimick, Frank 
Donaldson, Arlene V. 
Dixon, Blaine T. 

Donaldson, Kloyd 
Dorius, Dixie 
Dosal, Sandra L. 
Douglas. Dorothy 
Dove, Jack E. 
Dow, John H. 
Downing, Sharene 
Driggs, Ken G. 
Duce, Carol A. 

Dudley, Gayloy D. 
Duke, AHene N. 
Duke, Anita 
Duke, Murine 
Dunford, Gayle 
Dunn, Bonnie 
Dunn, Ole D. 
Dunster, Allien 
Durant, Charlene 

Durfee, Linda 
Durney, G. Ray 
Durrant, Earlene 
Durrant, Russell 
Dupaix, LeMoyne A. 
Dyal, Sydney 
Dye, Jess D. 
Dyer, Zeta G. 
Eastwood, Judith A. 

Eastman, Donald Lee 
Eatough, Delbert 
Eastland. Howard 
Easter, Charlotte 
Eames, Barton 
Echevarria, Jean 
Edwards, Mary G. 
Edwards, Joan 
Edman, Richard S. 


Eddington, Agnes Ann 
Edmunds, Charlene 
Edwards, Les W. 
Edwards, Diane 
Edgell, Daniel L. 
Edmonds, Margie 
Eddington, La Vonda 
Edmunds, Mary Ellen 

Edde, Kent G. 
Eggett, Lanay 
Eitel, Carole Ann 
Ekins, Leo 
Ellis, Elaine 
Ellis, William Mark 
Eldredge, Ruth 
Elder, Charlotte 

Ellefsen, Joyce A. 
Ellsworth, Sharlene 
Eldredge, Nadine 
Empey, Nancy 
Emmertson, Lee 
England, Sherry 
England, Kaye 
Enos, Jon G. 

English, Amelia M. 
Ence, Barton K. 
Erekson, Allen 
Eriksen, Deveda 
Ervien, JoAnn 
Erekson, Rosalie Ann 
Evans, Robert Kirkham 
Erdman, Katherine 

Evans, George W. 
Evans, Cheryl 
Everett, Andrea 
Evans, Sue A. 
Evans, Linda 
Everton, Bruce 
Evans, Sharon 
Everett, Andrea 

Ewell, Marie 
Eyring, Lynette 
Eyre, LaMar 
Eyring, Carolyn 
Eyre, Elaine 
Fackrell, Calvert M. 
Fackrell, Deena Lee 
Fackrell, Mary 



I saw this very movie once in a 'theee-ater' 
or whatever my grandmother called it. 

Fairbourn, Lee Ray 
Fairbourne, Marjorie 

Faramarz, Sami 

Fames, Kathryn 
Farnsworth, James Rex 
Fechser, Phyllis 

Feik, June 
Felsted. Effie 
Felts, Susan 

Fenrich, Georgia 

Ferguson, Carolee 
Ferguson, James E. 

Ferguson, Robert 
Ferre, Sharen 
Ferrel, David 
Fife, Lynn 
Fillmore, Becki L. 
Finch, Pat 
Fincher. Janice L. 
Finlinson, Jady 
Firmage, Karen Marie 

Fischer, Vaughn 
Fish, Myrna Lee 
Fish, Sharon G. 
Fisher, Earl B. 
Fisher, Laurel J. 
Fitts, Joann 
Fitzgarrald, Garlan D. 
Fliender, Vicki K. 
Fok, Raymond 

Flygare, Carole 
Ford, Pat 
Forsberg, Max 
Forsling, Janet L 
Forsyth, Janiel 
Fountain, Colleen G. 
Foy, Meg 
Francis, David 
Francis, Jon Hoyer 

Freiberg. Mary Ann 
Frandsen, Edward R. 
Franson, Karen 
Frey, Mary 
Fuller, Dorothy 
Fullmer, Nedra 
Funk, Carolyn 
Furr, James Bruce 
Furr, Mary Lu 

Fuhnman, George 
Garcia, Paul A. 
Gardner, Betty J. 
Gardner. David R 
Gardner, Dunne 
Gardner, Lois 
Garlick. Merton C. 
Garner, Jennie Lee 
Garrard, Jackie 

Garrison. Roy D. 
Garrett, Donna R 
Garwood. Marjorie A. 
Gateman. Judith Ann 
Gaynor, David 
Gadd, Galen N. 
Gadd. Wendell 
Gage. Richard B 
Galvin, Harold 

Gale, Leon D. 
Gallagher, William 
Gano, Joanne 
Ganz. Michael D. 
Geiogamah. Claudttte 
Gengler. Gerald 
Gessel. Eric B. 
Ghazanfari, Manigeli 
Geyerman, Jerry B 


1 i a 

Ghazanfari, Mehdi 
Gherkns, John R. 
Gibb. Geraldene 
Gibson, Judith K. 
Gibson, Patricia 
Gifford, James Lee 
Gilbert, James Edward 
Gilbert. Wayne L. 
Giles. Kay E. 

Giles. Linda 
Gillespie. Kay 
Gillette, Susan 
Glassford, Lynnc 
Gledhill, Sue 
Gledsoe. Janae 
Glenn, Karol N. 
Glenn, Virginia 
Glines. Gary L. 

Glew, Everlie L. 
Glines. Loanna 
Glover, Elaine 
Godfrey. L. Carl 
Goebel. Frances 
Gold. Linda Lou 
Golden, James W. 
Golightly. Elson Chadwick 
Golob. Gordon 

Good, Patsy 
Goodson. Charlene E. 
Goodman, William H. 
Goodwin. Johnie Ray 
Goodwin, Newell A. 
Gordon. Dixie 
Gordon, Junious D. 
Gordon, Pamela 
Gourley, Doug 


Gourdin, Paul F. 
Graham. '"E" Robert 
Grant, Jean 
Gray, Fenton (Mike) 
Graythorn, Gary E. 
Gregory, Darvel 
Green, Gary 
Green, J. Allen 

Green. John D. 
Green, Robert S. 
Greene, Lawrin 
Greene, Shirley M. 
Greenhalgh. Merrill A, 
Greenhalgh, Neil W. 
Greenhalgh, Wilbur O 
Greenwood, Karen 

Grevstad. Gary J. 
Griffith, Maralyn Edna 
Griggs, Marsha L. 
Grigsby, Jerry 
Grimes, John W. 
Groneman, Dale 
Grover, Gary 
Grudzinski, Mary Ann 

Gurney. Kathleen L. 
Gurney, Lloyd B. 
Guyon, Ed. 
Gwilliam, Gwen 
Haase, William Frederick 
Hacking, Colleen 
Haddon, M. Kent 
Hagberg, Merne Jill 

Haecker, Gloria Diaz 
Haggerty, David L. 
Hahl, Christine H. 
Halberg, Lynne E. 
Hale, Lloyd D. 
Hales, Glen J. 
Hales, Nancy 
Hales, Noel 

Hale, Sydnie 
Hall, Gerry 
Hall, Glade 
Hall, Janet K. 
Hall. LeRoy 
Hall, Roger 
Hall, Wanda Louise 
Halladay, Sheree 


w ^ & 

Rare untouched photo shows lab sinks in spot- 
less condition — soon to be remedied. 

Halliday. Glen 
Hallet. A. Judith 
Halverson, Jay 

Halverson. Robert Alan 
Hamidian, Jalil 
Hammond, Patricia M. 

Hamilton, Jannet 
Hancock, Boyd W. 
Hancock. Phyllis 

Hanes, Betty L. 
Haney, Dorothy L. 
Hanks, Karen C. 



Larry B. 
Karen E. 

David W. 



Jim W. 

, Karen J. 



Lee Duane 

Merlin Arvel 
Robert T. 
Terry Lee 
, Arleen 
, llene 

Harris, Jerald W. 
Harding, Neil E. 
Hardward, Kaye 
Hardy, William F. 
Harley, Linda 
Harman, Bonnie L 
Harmon, Gary 
Harmon, Juanita 
Haroldsen. Terry Jess 

Haroldson, James 
Harris, Carl 
Harris, Ella 
Harris, Gerard Neil 
Harris, Jerry Jay 
Harris, Lafe N. 
Harris, Lana 
Harris, Lynne 
Harris, Meredith 

Harris, William G. 
Harrison, Bonnie L. 
Harrison, Charles 
Harrison, Larry D. 
Harrison, Suzanne 
Hart, Blake E. 
Hart. Richard R. 
Hart, Robert J. 
Hart, Victor G. 

Hartley, Diane 
Hartman, Joe 
Harvey. Evelyn 
Harvey. Kenion R. 
Harvey, T. Edward 
Harward, Kaye 
Harward. Leland K. 
Harward, Tom 
Hassell, Beverly 

Hastings. Ann 
Hastings, James 
Hatch, Anthony H. 
Hatch, Sylvia 
Hatch, Claire 
Hatch, Frank 
Hatch. Glena Mae 
Hatch. Robert D. 
Hatfield, James 



Hauser, Linda 
Hawkes, Anne 
Hawkins, Barbara A. 
Hawkins, Jancie M. 
Hawkins, Larry Lee 
Hawkins, Larry O. 
Hawkins, Ronald D. 
Haws, Polly Anna 
Haycock, Carol 

Haycock, Richard Call 
Hayes, John L. 
Hayes, Robert A, 
Hayes, Willard H. 
Haymore, Ralph 
Haynes, Kenneth Lloyd 
Healy, Sharon L. 
Heaps, Anne 
Heaps, Leslie 

Heath, Diane 
Heath, Pearl Edna 
Heber, Kent B, 
Hedgecock. David 
Hedman, John Gilbert 
Hegsted, Merline E. 
Heiner, Roselyn Lael 
Helm, Donna Joyce 
Helms, Jimmy O. 

Helton, Ernest Jack 
Hemingway, Mike 
Hemrick, David L. 
Hendershott, Marjorie L. 
Henderson, Frances E. 
Henderson, Joyce 
Henderson, June 
Henricks, Elaine 
Henderson, Ocalla 


Hendrickson, Roger 
Hendrickson, Sheryl 
Hendrix, Shirleen 
Henrie, Donald K. 
Heninger, Connie 
Herrien, Curtis Lamar 
Herring, Lorraine 
Hess, Leanora 

Heywood, Bonnie 
Heywood, Kathy 
Hiatt, Margaret 
Hibbert, Richard 
Hickish, Sharon R. 
Hicks, Earlene A. 
Hicks, Richard Charles 
Higginson, Kaye 

Hicks, Sande L. 
Higginson, Zada M. 
Higginson, Zola 
Higley, Bruce 
Hill, Belva Gae 
Hill, Byrde 
Hill, Roger 
Hillman, Gordon 

Hills, Roy C. 
Hilton, Linda Rae 
Hinckley, Linda 
Hinich, Dianne 
Hinton, DeEtta 
Hippie, Nancy 
Hirschi, LaNae K. 
Hobbs, Laura 

Hirst, Janis 
Hoen, Deanna 
Hoffman, Barbara Ann 
Hofmeister, Elmer 
Holbrook, Susan 
Holdaway, Dennis L. 
Holdaway, Jeanne 
Holladay, Beatrice 

Holland, Joyce Marie 
Hollenbaugh, Mary Ellen 
Holley, James 
Hollingshead, Carol 
Holloway, Don E. 
Holmes, Fred C. 
Holt, Gaye 
Holtry, Deanna 

The Berlin Crisis, the African situation, Fri- 
day's dance, all over-whelming problems get 
equal attention in this student's thoughts. 

Hoover, Wesley B. 
Hoogendoorn. Paula 
Hopkins, Gay Ion 

Hopper, Susan 
Hopper, William 
Horrocks. Harold K 

Hoppins, Mary 
Horsley. Eleene 
Horton. Caryl 

Hostetter, William Ricky 
Hovik, Doug 
Howard. Louis B. 

Howe, Janet M. 
Howells. Dorothy 
Howlett. Robert 
Hoyal. Sylvia J. 
Hubbard. Robert Brent 
Hubbell, Richard S. 
Hudson. Jeneane 
Huffman. Constance 
Huff. Gary W. 

Huff. Kay L. 
Hughes. Donald Leroy 
Hughes. Ronald Dee 
Hull. Judy 
Hullinger. Mary 
Humpherys. Annette 
Humpherys. Bruce W. 
Hundley. Judy Kaye 
Hunt, R. Alan 

Hunt. Marilyn 
Hunt, Merrill L. 
Huntting, Lloyd C. 
Hutchings, Brenda 
Hutchings. Gayle 
Hutchinson. Deanna 
Hutchinson. Larry 
Hyde, Howard H. 
Hyde. William Palmer 

Hvllested, Flemming Dahl 

H virus, Steven B. 

Ice. Carole 

Imlay. Dale Fen ton 

Ingham, Judith 

Innes, Dixie 

Inouye. Ronald N. 

Irvin, Susan 

Issac. David B. 

Jackson, Myrtle 
Jackman, Arthur R. 
Jackson. Renee 
Jacobsen, Jeane 
James, Elaine 
Janetski. Jill 
Jansen. Georgine 
Jarman. Gill 
Jarnagin. Marley 


Ron W. 

Aulene J. 
Rondo N. 
, Emron T. 
. Judith 
Kara Lynn 
Dennis Arlee 
Dennis Ray 

Jensen. Jay Lynn 
Jensen, Jerrie 
Jensen. Jerry L. 
Jensen. Jolene 
Jensen. Julie 
Jensen, Susan L. 
Jensen. William Delton 
Jeppson. Marilyn 
Jeppsen, Linda 


Jcpson, Elwood 
Jerman, Camille 
Jimenez, Noel H. Herrera 
Johns. Loretta 
Johnson, Alice Beth 
Johnson, Ann Louise 
Johnson, Betty Jean 
Johnson, Beverly V. 
Johnson, Carl M. 

Johnson, Carl Robert 
Johnson, Carol 
Johnson. Carolyn 
Johnson, Dagny Judith 
Johnson, Devon R, 
Johnson, Diane 
Johnson, Dorothy 
Johnson. Janice Ann 
Johnson, Joyce Ann 

Johnson, Judy 
Johnson, Judy Lynn 
Johnson, Karen 
Johnson, Karen 
Johnson, Kieth 
Johnson, Leland S. 
Johnson, Lynn W. 
lohnson, Mary Jean 
Johnson, Merrill A. 


Milton K. 
Peggy Ann 
Tanya Kay 
Tony D. 


Larry Curtis 


Jolley, Joy Ann 
Jones. Albert L. 
Jones, Carolyn 
Jones, Constant L. 
Jones, Daniel A 
Jones, Geri 
Jones, Janet 
Jones, Judy 

Jones, Jerald 
Jones, Judith Lee 
Jones, Judy R. 
Jones, Karen L. 
Jones, Katherine Ann 
Jones. Kenneth H. 
Jones, Laura Judith 
Jones, Lura L. 

Jones, Nancie Lou 
Jones, Sharon A. 
Jones, Sonja 
Jones, Terry E. 
Jons, Mabel Marie 
Jorgensen, Iris 
Jorgensen, Margaret 
Jost, Marguerite 

Jorgensen, Van L. 
Joyce, Robert 
Judd, Janet 
Judd, Mary Lee 
Kaiser, Jacqueline A. 
Kalwies, Horst 
Kapp, Karen 
Karren. E. Nicholes 

Keeler, John B. 
Keeler, Larry R. 
Keeler, Valda Mae 
Keiser, Lois A. 
Keller, George 
Keller, Karen D. 
Keller, Richard Ty 
Keller, Virginia 

Kelsey, Patsy 
Kempton, Kenneth F, 
Kendall, Lee 
Kennedy, Maxine Val 
Kenner, Bruce B. 
Kenney, Alan A. 
Kenney. Kaye 
Kent, Kathy 

They under-charged us again, girls. 

Kent, Norman H. 
Kenyon, Robert Paul 
Kessler, F. Michael 

Key, Barbara 
Kiddle, Marilyn 
Kieffer, Pat 

Killian, Myrna 
Kimball, Don C. 
Kimball, Judy Anne 
Kimball, Myrna 

Kimball, Shir! B. 
Kinchloe, Ralph T. 
Kins, CloVerne 

King, Dawna 
Kinne, Anita 
Kinyon, Patrick 
Kirby, Karen 
Kirkland, Ronnie O'Neil 
Klein, Alice C. 
Kleinman, Dianne 
Kleinman, Larry H. 
Kleven, Donald A. 

Klingler, Linda A. 
Knapp, Eleanor 
Kneeshaw, Michael D. 
Knight, Helens 
Knight, Mary Jean 
Knudson, Alice 
Kocherhans, Gilbert J. 
Kohler, Lloyd N. 
Kolman, Gary 

Koncurat, Pierre J. 
Kopinsky, Michael J., Jr. 
Koplin, Tamara 
Korth, Vaughn B. 
Kowallis, Diane 
Krause. Charles 
Kroenert, Mary R. 
Krommenhoek, Hans Herman 
Krommenhoek, Pieter, Jr. 

Kunz, Phillip 
Kuehne, Renate 
Kunz, Vicci M. 
Kurtz, Karen 
Kyle, April Ann 
Labrum, Nikki D. 
Ladnek, Carole 
Lake, Janet 
Lake, Katherine T, 

Lamb, Edna Rachel 
Lambert, Judy I. 
Lambert, Linda 
Lambert, Richard C. 
Lambright, Lenton LaMarr 
Lambson, Kathleen Gail 
Lambson, Monty 
Lamoreaux, Vivian 
Lancaster, Don 

Lance, Marlin 
London, Carol 
Landvatter, Karma 
Lane, Margaret A. 
LaPray, Barbara 
Larison, Wayne A. 
Larkin, Frank 
Larkin, Nona 
Larragan, Carmen 

Larsen, Ashby B. 
Larsen, Carl 
Larsen, Dennis H. 
Larsen, Earle Summerhays 
Larsen, Ervin L. 
Larsen, John Reid 
Larsen, LaRay 
Larsen, Norman 
Larsen, Ralph T. 



Larsen. Valerie C. 
Larson, Carol Ann 
Larson, Carol M. 
Larson. Connie Beth 
Larson, Delbert LaClede 
Larson, Larry L. 
Larson, Mary Margaret 
Larue. Jerry 
Larson, Maurine N. 

Lau, Karen 
Lau, Woon Ki 
Laub. Kurt A. P. 
Lauritze, Janice F. 
Lauritzen, Garry K. 
Lawrence, Gary P. 
Lawther, Judy Elaine 
Leavitt. Connie 
Lawyer. Michael 

Leavitt. Claire 
LeBaron. Eddy 
LeBaron, Richard C. 
Lee, Donald G. 
Lee. Geraldine 
Lee. Janice 
Lee. Lei Lani 
Lee, Lynda 
Lee. William P. 

Lemmon. Diane 
Leonard. Clooeen 
Leonard, Louise 
Leonard. Lynn V. 
Lerwill, Gayla 
Lesher. Dennis 
LeVar. Lurlene 
Levin. Barbara 
Lewis, Darrell 


Lewis, Floyd Leon 
Lewis, Homer S. 
Lewis, Joseph M. 
Lewis, Marsha G 
Lewis, Penny L. 
Lewis, Robert N. 
Ltddle, Ann 
Light, Mariorie 

Limb, Sheri L. 
Linde, Dennis 
Lindheimer, Cristina A. 
Lindholm, Beverly 
Lindsay, Douglas 
Lindsey, Jackie Wyatt 
Lindsey, Joseph W. 
Lindsey, Ronald J. 

Lmford, Richard W. 
Litchfield, Maureen 
Little, Larry George 
Little, Lorna Beth 
Lloyd, Earle K. 
Lloyd, Karen 
Lockhart, Joan 
Loftus, Lynn K. 

Loftus, Naomi 
Lomax, Thomas R. 
Long, Robert Nathan 
Loosli, Stuart Lemar 
Lott, Alex D. 
Lowe, Margaret 
Loyd, El Ray 
Luckau. Linda 

Ludwig, Evan Herbert 
Like, Gene 
Like, Marsha Lynne 
Lu nee ford, Hazel 
Lunceford, John 
Lundberg, Lynne 
Lundell, Gary 
Lunt, Kathleen Mae 

Lunt, Lorlalie June 
Luth, Joyce 
Lutz, Nolan J. 
Lybbert, Glade 
Lyman, David 
Lyman, Diane 
Lyon, Calvert B. 
Lysy. Helene 

Maybe if I put all the calories on this side. 

MacDonald, Katherine 

MacDunald, Susan 
Macias, Edna Elvira 

Whittaker, Mack 
MacKey, John Wayne 
Mat Lean, Douglas O. 

Mac Peterson, LinJ.i 
Madden, Merna A 
Maddex. Doneitta 

Madsen, Jeff R, 
Madsen, Margaret Ann 
Madsen. Monty Lee 

Madsen, Maureen 
Madsen, Roxie Ann 
Malm. Connie Diane 
Malmstrom, Deanne 
Mansfield, Jesse D. 
Mangum, Dorothy Kaye 
Mangum. Wendy K. 
Manning, Marilyn Rae 
Mantle, Mardean 

Manwill, Marion C. 
Marchant, Lily Jean 
Marcusen, Judy K 
Marcyes, Carole S. 
Margetts, Jean 
Marion. Jack T. H. 
Markham, Diana 
Markham, Jay 
Markland, Elaine 

Marks, Sharon 
Marley, Raymond 
Marlor, Janet 
Marlowe-, Roger 
Marguardson, Kaye 
Marsh, Stephen J 
Marshall, Maxine M 
Marshall, Roger Lee 
Martin, Joeen 

Martin. Karen 
Martin, Mel 
Martinez, Nelson 
Marx. Dennis Robert 
Mason. Dick R. 
Massey, Bill 
Massey, Virginia 
Mathews, Nola D 
Matlock, Tom 

Matthis, Richard Wells 
Matting!;, Carolin 
Maude, Pauline 
Mauerrnan, Lawrence A. 
Maughan, David A. 
Maughan. Mark W. 
Maughan, Maureen 
Maurer, Susan 
Maxfield, Thomas 

Maxwell, Gloria Kaye 
Maxwell, Nancy Ann 
May, Sharon 
McAllister, Kenneth F. 
McAllister, Karl David 
McAllister, Lolene 
McAllister, Marsali 
McAllister, Marvin Dean 
McBeth, Dennis B. 

McBride, Glen W. 
McBride, Patty E. 
McCann, Garth 
McClellan, Blaine 
McCIellan, Toby Ann 
McClure, Linda 
McCracken. Don 
McCune, Landon W. 
McDaniel, Geneva L. 

McDonald, Jack W. 
McDougd, Wilbern 
McDowell, John 
McDowell, Margaret 
McEwan. Beth 
McEwen, Myrna 
McFarland, Andrea 
McFarlane, Glenda 
McGee, JoAnne 

McGee, Nadea N. 
McGee, Roscoe H. 
Mcllhagga, Al 
Mclntire, Carla 
Mcintosh, Nancy 
Mclntyre, Arlene 
McKean, JoAnn 
McKinnon, Ruth 
McLennan, Larry W. 

McMaster, Bruce 
McMaster, Sandra Sue 
McMuliin, Rosa Lynn 
McMurdie, Dennis S. 
McNab, Jeanie 
Mecham, Lawrence C. 
Medill, April Judy 
Medina, Mary Lou 
Meldrum, Colleen 

Meldrum, Jim R. 
Melville. Marae 
Menlove, Roger A. 
Meredith, Joan 
Merkle, Dieter 
Merrell, Mary 
Merrill, Carolyn 
Merrill, Keith W. 
Merrill, Maureen 


Merrill. Marilyn K. 
Meservy, Carol 
Meyer, Klaus 
Michaelis, Lynn 
Michaelson, Earlene 
Michelsen. Dean P. 
Miles, Carolyn 
Miller, Barbara 

Miles. Sherwoud N. 
Miller, Dale B. 
Miller, David 
Miller. Gayle 
Miller. Gerald L. 
Miller, Judith L. 
Miller, Linda 
Miller, Nancy 

Miller, Neil K. 
Miller, Robert 
Miller, Wayne E. 
Millett, Gordon 
Mills, Bessie Mae 
Millward, Virginia 
Milne, Betty Gay 
Milne, Nancy Ann 

Milner. Linda 
Miner. Don Rodney 
Miner, Sally Lynn 
Mitchell, John K. 
Moffett, Lonnie J. 
Mohlman, Cheryl A. 
Monasmith, Jon L. 
Monn, Corina Fay 

Montgomery, James 
Montgomery, Linda 
Monroe, Ida lone 
Monson, Alan C. 
Moody, Linda 
Moody, Richard Y. 
Moon, Jerry R. 
Moon, Leon P. 

Moore, Barbara Jean 
Moore, Colleen 
Moore, Dennis F. 
Moore, Glen A. 
Moore, J. Richard 
Moore, L. Lucille 
Moore, Ruth Ann 
Mooya, Betty Ann 


Helaman Hallers take frequent study breaks 
like this to keep blood from coagulating. 

Morgan, Janice Ann 
Morgan, Vernon 
Morrey, Russell 

Morrison, Douglas W. 
Morriss, Carolyn 
Morris, Janet 

Mortensen, Kathy 
Mortensen, Kendall A. 
Moss, Alice Ilene 

Mosier, LaMarr 
Moss, Berneil 
Moss, J. Lowell 


Moss, Larry A. 
Moss, Marlene 
Moss, Nancy Lee 
Moulton, David Stanley 
Moulton, Jack 
Muhlestein, Ralph 
Muller, Don Richard 
Mulliner, Kent 
Mundy, Benita 

Munk, Jackie 
Munson, Kathryn 
Murdock. Carolyn 
Murphy, Beverly 
Murphy, JoAnn 
Murphy, Theron H. 
Nate, Dennis Orson 
Nay, DeVon R. 
Naylor, Carolyn J. 

Naylor, Frances K. 
Nebeker, Rosalind 
Needham. Beth 
Neely. Marilyn 
Neff, Evelyn 
Neff, JoAnn S. 
Neilson, Shurl 
Nelson, Afton 
Nelson, James H. 

Nelson. JaNell 
Nelson. Kent 
Nelson, Kent E. 
Nelson. Paul 
Nelson, Ray 
Nelson. Raymond 
Nesbit, Cathy 
Neuens, Wander Kerma 
Newell, Bobby Ray 

Newman. Frank H. 
Newman, Linda 
Newmyer, Lee Anne 
Newsom, Marian Arlent 
Nicholson, Meredith 
Niederhauser. Ethel 
Nielsen, Carol Jean 
Nielsen, Hope 
Nielsen, Julia Ann 


Weston W. 
Deon Reed 
Kenneth A. 
Laura Lee 

Nielson, Lois 
Nielson, Pauline 
Nish, Gary L. 
Nissen, Shirley 
Niswender, Linda ). 
Noakes, Jaycene 
Noall, L. Brooke 
Norberg, Janice K. 
Nordes. Vaughn E. 






Sandra E. 




, Wanda F. 



O'Brien, Robert. Sr. 




nt, Sharon 


Coral ie 

O'Donnal, Beverly 






Dick L. 


Anna Louise 


Sherry Lynne 


Anita M. 


Bill L. 


Kent Johnson 


Lawrence J. 


Men lee J. 








Janet Joyce 




, Eldon Shane 

Openshaw, Orchid-Marie 

Openshaw, Ronald M. 


, Bryce 

Ord, John E. 

Ord, Linda R. 

Ord, Russell J. 


Phyllis M. 




Steve L. 


Ostler, Ronald 
Oversby, Judith 
Owens, Gary W. 
Owen, Judith M. 
Pace, Glenn L. 
Packer, June 
Packer, Michaelene 
Padgett, Emi! G. 

Page, Coy G. 
Page, Patti 
Page, Zora 
Paiva, Oswaldo 
Palmer, Dee 
Palmer, Gary 
Palmer, Ileene 
Palmer, James E. 

Palmer, Jeanette 
Palmer, Linda 
Palmer, Martin 
Palmer, Richard 
Parchman, Robert 
Paris, Kay 
Park, Susanne 
Park, Judith 

Parker, Giles E. 
Parker, John R 
Parker, Sharon M. 
Parker, Vivien 
Parkinson, Ed. S. 
Parry, Caren 
Parson, Lois 
Passey, Anita 

Patchell, Sue 
Patrick, Wally, Jr. 
Patterson, Dawn M. 
Payne, David J. 
Peacock, Judith 
Pearson, Harold Bert 
Pearson, Judy R. 
Peay, Neil W. 

Peck, Erlene Renee 
Pedersen, Gary E. 
Pedroza, Raul S. 
Peery, Kathleen 
Pehrson, Betty M. 
Pehrson, Jacqueline D. 
Pehrson, Lois C. 
Perkes, Elaine 

Letters home require careful preparation, fre- 
quent reference to Thesaurus to find new ex- 
otic ways of asking for money. 

Perm, Dan E. 
Perkins, Eddie 
Perkins, Jacquehn 

Perry, Charlotte 
Perry, David Earl 
Perry, Duane 

Perry, Edmund A. 
Perry, Sharon Diane 
Pessner, Beverly 

Peters, DeLons 
Petersen, Karen A. 
Petersen, Karen Ann 

£^ £ ik£fi S 


Terry L. 
Brent R. 
David J. 
Donald H. 
Ida Ruth 

Peterson, Kaye 
Peterson. Linda 
Peterson, Luella Mae 
Peterson, Lynn V. 
Peterson, Maureen 
Peterson, Ruth Anne 
Peterson, Thelma Ann 
Pett, Stanley T. 
Petrovich. Barbara L. 

Pettingill, Lewis 
Pettit, Kathleen 
Pew, Ronald D. 
Phair, Ronald 
Pheglay, Kathryn 
Phelps, Shirley 
Phillips, Carolyn S. 
Phillips, David L. 
Pickard, Jerry B. 

Pickett, Dianne 
Pierce, Mary Z 
Pierson, Connie 
Pierson, Patricia 
Pihl, Karen E. 
Pilling, Wayne K. 
Pinkston, Lynn 
Pitcher. Jed 
Pittner, Anthony 

Pittman, Judy C. 
Place, Sharon Lou 
Piatt, Delray B. 
Plotts, Terrell M. 
Poisel, Joan 
Pollock, Mary Ann 
Pond. Carolyn 
Pond, Lamar K 
Pope, Clayne 

Pope, Evan H. 
Pope, Kay L. 
Pope, Linda Rose 
Porter, Frank J. 
Portie. Virginia Ann 
Poutala, Karen A. 
Powell, Leon A 
Powell, Theo Jay 
Price, Gloria 

Pratt, Doratha 
Pratt, Ernest E. 
Pratt, Gregory 
Pratt, Iris K. 
Pratt, Lew David 
Pratt, Marilyn 
Pratt, Mary E. 
Preece, Dennis 
Price, Arlene 


Price, Jacquelyn 
Price, Kathie 
Price, LeGrand 
Price, Lloyd 
Price, Murvin C. 
Price, Sandra E. 
Prina, Larry 
Pritchett, John E 
Proksch, Joe A. 

Pryde, Sandra S. 
Puch, Len 
Pulham, Judith 
Pulley, Carol 
Pulley. Johna Vee 
Pulsipher, Linda 
Pykalinen, Ritva M. 
Quiroz, Arturo Lavorin 
Raeuber, Rebecca Lynn 

Ragon, Donna Jeanne 
Ralph, Judith 
Ralphs, Ethel 
Ranck, Joan D. 
Rao, Janice 
Ray, Sharon 
Rasmussen, Deanna 
Rasmussen, Emmajean 
Rasmussen, Lane Douglas 

Rasmussen, Lenore 
Rasmussen, Robert E. 
Rawlings, Marilyn 
Rawlins. JaNeen 
Rawlinson, Don H. 
Rawlinson, Ralph S. 
Ream, Juan Dianne 
Record, Gaye 
Redd, Tonya 


Redick, Frankie T. 
Reed, Patricia 
Reese, Kay 
Reeve, Becky 
Reeve, Elaine 
Reeve, Janet 
Reisner, Melvin 
Rencher, LaVeta 

Rex, Don Elroyd 
Rex, Jeanette 
Reynolds, Joan Marie 
Rhodes, Deanne 
Rhoton, Dennis L. 
Rice, Donna 
Rich, Suzanne 
Richardson, Francis A. 

Richards, Susan 
Richardson, Jeanne 
Richardson, Marilyn A. 
Richardson, W. Dale 
Richens. Nancy C. 
Riddle, Marcia Jean 
Riesher, Dorothy A. 
Rigby, Corelie 

Riggs, Connie 
Rigtrup, Mark L 
Ririe, James A. 
Roach, Gale W. 
Robb, Bryant 
Robbins. Edward Carl 
Robbins, Marsha F. 
Robbins, Joyce 

Roberts, Jackie 
Roberts, Jerry Lee 
Roberts. Lucille Jane 
Roberts. Margorie JoAnn 
Roberts, Stan H., Jr. 
Robertson, Eugene L., Jr. 
Robison. Charlotte 
Robinson, Gay Marie 

Robinson, Herma K. 
Robison, Joan 
Robison, Russell M. 
Robinson, Ruth 
Rock, Nancy L. 
Rodeback. June 
Roe, Helen 
Rogers, Aloa 


Coin inseretion manipulation of vending mach- 
inery sometimes produces edibles. 

Rogers, Bonnie Let- 
Rogers, Luella 
Rollins, Gaylin W 

Romney, Beverly Ann 
Romney, Keith, Jr. 
Rooks, Donald E. 

Ross, Luzon 
Roper, Owen D. 
Rothsprack, Anne 

Rotz, Selma Ann 
Roundy, Ester Jane 
Roundy, Wendell Don 



Rousseau, Ruth 
Rowe, Sharron J. 
Rowley, Clayton A. 
Rowley, Naoma 
Roylance, Donna 
Roylance, Douglas M. 
Roylance, Patricia 
Rozelle, Betsy R. 
Rudy, Mary 

Rumel, Barbie A. 
Rumpel, Susan 
Russell, Jo Anne 
Russell, Suzanne 
Russon, David 
Rytting, Brent 
Sabey, Evelyn 
Sabine, Margery 
Sackett, Kenneth 

Sainsbury, Karen Dee 
Saber, Paul J. 
Salanoa, Faatautau 
Salbacka, Carol 
Salisbury, Marlow W. 
Sampson. Allen A. 
Sampson, Norman D. 
Sandberg, Charlotte A. 
Sanches, Ben V. 

Sandall, Deanna 
Sanderson, Charles Devon 
Sands, Caralanda 
Sant, Dennis S. 
Saunders, Ida Valine 
Sauer, Lee E. 
Savage, Sharon L. 
Schade, John W. 
Schetselaar, Frank 

Schade, Robin 
Schill, Ruder 
Schipper, Connie 
Schmidt, Archie H. 
Schreder, Elaine 
Schroemges, Jean P 
Schuch, Karen 
Schuldt, Narda M. 
Schumann, Celia 

Scott, Adene 
Scott, David 
Scott, Ruth 
Scott, Susan 
Scovjl, Nan 
Sebree, Patty 
Sechrest, Verona 
Sedgwick, Beverly 
Seeley, Janet 

Seethaler, Karl 
Sego, Richard 
Sellers, Arlen Glenn 
Sellers, Raymond 
Senf, Jean A. 
Sessions, Hazel 
Seyednikkhah, Fereydann 
Shaffer, Glenda 
Sharp, Carol 


Sharp, Milton L 
Sharp, Pat 
Shaw, Barbara 
Shaw, Heidi Ann 
Shaw. Julia M. 
Shaw, Brent S. 
Shaw, Karen 
Sheffield, Joyce 
Shell, Judy 

Shelton, Joseph E. 
Shelton, Lois L. 
Shepherd, Alycesun D. 
Shields. Allen LeRoy 
Shingieton. Linda 
Shingleton, Nadeane 
Shock, Helen 
Showed, Janet 
Shook. Elizabeth Ann 

Shrader, Dan 
Shreeve, Sid 
Shumway, Glenna R. 
Shumway, Ronald 
Shumway, Wilford D. 
Shurtliff. Burnadell 
Shurtliff, Josephine E. 
Shurts. Henry W. 
Siders, Georgia B. 

Silcock, Gloria 
Simiskey, Patrick L. 
Sirnkins, Dan 
Simmons, Jerry J. 
Simmons, LeRoy 
Simms, Linda 
Simms. Shirley A. 
Simonds, Judy D. 
Simper, Pat Anne 


Simpdins, Gerald 
Six, Gerald L. 
Sirrine, Ronald 
Skidmore, Linda 
Skousen, David 
Slangerup, Signe 
Sleight, Karen 
Smack, Dick 

Small, Natalie Bale 
Smart. James L. 
Smelling, Carolyn 
Smith. Annette 
Smith, Ardath 
Smith, Barbara Gail 
Smith, Carma L. 
Smith, Carol Lee 

Smith, Carol Lynn 
Smith, Christina 
Smith. Connie 
Smith. G. David 
Smith. Gerald H. 
Smith, Joseph L. 
Smith, Karen Lee 
Smith, Keith 

Smith, Keith Rodger 
Smith, Kenneth Creston 
Smith, La Juan 
Smith, Le Grande G. 
Smith, Linda Ann 
Smith, Lorna Rae 
Smith, Lucy 
Smith, Mariela M. 

Smith, Maurice W. 
Smith, Majorie H. 
Smith, Paul Thomas 
Smith. Ronald 
Smith, Sherrie M. 
Smith, Sloan 
Smith. Stephen T 
Smithson, Carole 

Smock, Sandra 
Smithson, Jennett 
Smot. Linda Alpha May 
Smuin, Leon Kenneth 
Smyth, Laurel 
Snideman, John E. 
Snow, Alice 
Snow, Orlo L. 


Backed by books, fronted by homework, some 
students develop healthy, terrified, study atti- 

Snow, Ruth Ann 
Snow, Sylvia 
Soderberg, Ulrika 

Soper. T. Michael 
Sorenson, Alden 
Sorensen, Claudia Ann 

Sorensen, James R. 
Sorenson, Laurel C. 
Sorenson, Tim W. 

Southam, De Lyle 
Southam, Grant Lyle 
Southwick, Steve 

Spalding, Thomas L. 
Sparks, Connie 
Speckart, Paul F. 
Spencer, Carmen 
Spencer, Elmer A. 
Spencer, Maylene 
Spencer, Norene 
Spilsbury, Gail 
Springer, Barbara 

Springer, Dianne 
Sproul, Ann 
Stallings, John 
Stamworth, Lee E. 
Stanard, Carole 
Stanfield, Karen G. 
Starling, Lorenzo Don C. 
Steele, Darryl 
Steele, Zoreatha 

Steele, Lois 
Steffensen, Lynn A. 
Stein, Linda Lee 
Stephan, Sue 

Stephens. Augustus David 
Stephens, Sylvia 
Stevens, A. Jay 
Stevens, Mary Rosalee 
Stewart, Janet 

Stewart, Joan 
Stewart, Kathleen 
Stewart, Lynn J. 
Stewart, Patricia J. 
Stirland, Diane 
Stacker, Robert 
Stockton, Suezanne 
Stoddard, Kathryn 
Stone, David L. 

Stone, Gary 
Stone, Milly 
Stonely, Larry L. 
Stones, Carl 
Stookey, Gail 
Storrs, Lorna 
Stott, George K. 
Stouffer. Don 
Strate, Naomi Marie 

Street, Judy 
Stratford, Karen K. 
Strong, Don Robert 
Strong, Roy 
Stump, Carol 
Sullivan, Carolyn 
Sullivan, Jim 
Sumsion, Madeline 
Sundberg, Myrleen 

Suomela, Cheryl Ann 
Suttles, George 
Sutton, Barbara L. 
Swann, Neal R. 
Swapp, Sandra K 
Swasey, Donna 
Sweeney, Bill 
Swensen, Loran E. 
Swensen, Jerry 


~3 I? JE^ 

Swensen, Sh-iuna 
Swenson, David Hughs 
Swenson, Terry A. 
Swinyard. William R. 
Sybrowsky, Ann Marie 
Talley, Jim 
Tamara, Webb 
Tanner, Jeanne 
Tanner, Dewane 

Tanner, Trent 
Tawzer, Blanche 
Taylor, Dawna Lee 
Taylor, James E. 
Taylor. Janet 
Taylor, Jean Ann 
Taylor, Jesse L. 
Taylor. Joan W. 
Taylor, Kay 

Taylor, Linda L. 
Taylor, Lyman D. 
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth 
Taylor, Thelma Juanita 
Terhune, Carole 
Terry, Carol Ann 
Terry, Keith 
Terry, Lynda 
Thacker, LaPreal 

Thayn, Susan 
Thaxton, M. Nadine 
Thielman, Kay 
Thomander, Joan 
Thomas, Alan R. 
Thomas, Darla 
Thomas, David H. 
Thomas, Mary 
Thomas, Grace Jane 


Thomas, Paul R. 
Thompson, Carla Jo 
Thompson, Juanita D. 
Thomson, Bill 
Thomson, Lois 
Thorne, Marty 
Thorpe, Tamara 
Thurman, Ronald 

Thyberg, Virginia 
Thygerson, Alton L. 
Till, Roberta 
Tilton, Judy 
Timmons, Bob 
Tipton, Patricia L. 
Tirrell, Karla 
Tobler, Alma Jean 

Toborg, Russ 
Todd, Ann 
Tokoi, Helen 
Tolboe, Bary D. 
Tomlinson, John A. 
Toner, Paul G. 
Torney, Richard William 
Towne, Sandy C. 

Tracy, Lyman 
Trimnal, Roger 
Tripp, Patricia Ann 
Tucker, David 
Tuellei, Sharilyn 
Tunks. Roger B. 
Turner, Deanna 
Turner, Jay Donald 

Turner, June E. 
Turner, Karen 
Turrentine, Cathy L. 
Twitchell, Melvin A. 
Udy, Anne Kathryn 
Uibell, Lynn J. 
L'licny, Sandy 
Ursenbach, Jeanne 

Urton, Gary 
Valentine, Jane 
Valora, Milton S. 
Van Dam, Mary Lou 
Vander Kooi, Steve 
VanDeVanter, Ronald 
Van Zweden, Judy 
Van Vliet, Deanna 

Other students develop other attitudes — also 

Varla, Jane Owens 
Verdoorn, Peter Dirk 
Vikari, Chris 

Villal. Obos Frain 
Vincent, Neldioe 
Voncannon, Jeraldine 

Waite. Kenneth 
Wakefield, Susann Emma 
Waldo, Kim 

Waldron, Helen 
Waldron. Wilma B. 
Waldvogel. Nadine Sue 

Walker, Bud 
Waldvogen. Mildred 
Walker, Darrell 
Walker, Glenda Marlene 
Walker. Richard 
Wallace, Barbara 
Walter, Betty Ann 
Walton, Alexander 
Walton, Glenda F. 

Walton, John 
Walton, Pauline L. 
Wanlass, Mary Joan 
Ward, Carolyn 
Ward, James LaMar 
Ward, Marvin W. 
Ward, Natrone 
Ward, Pat 
Ware, Ruth 

Warner, Dennis 
Warner, Helen May 
Warner, Richard 
Warren, Cheri 
Warthen, La Juana 
Washburn, William Thomas 
Watson. Clea 
Watte rson, Judy 
Watts. Brenda Lee 

Watts, Carwin 
Washburn, Suzanne 
Watts, Enid 
Waymire, Frances 
Weatherbee, Patsy Darlene 
Weaver, M. Jane 
Weaver, Richard B. 
Webb, Eugene 
Webb, Lanay 

Webber, Joyce M. 
Weber, Robert Michael 
Weidner, Stephen M 
Welker, Donna 
Wells, Ivyl 
Wells, Ramona Gail 
Wendel, Carol 
Wentz, Robert Wells 
Westenskow, Joyce 

Westnng. Colleen 
Whatley, Carol 
Whisenant, Keith 
White, Beverly Jane 
White, Carol 
White, Charlotte Lee 
White Glenn M. 
White, Janice 
White, Jeanne 

White, Judy M. 
White, Mervin F. 
White, Minnie 
White. Sheila J. 
Whitear, Sharon 
Whitehead, Janice 
Whitefield. Dee Ann 
Whiting, Jeaneete 
Whiting. Kristine 


Whiting, Lynn D. 
Whiting, Sydna 
Whitmore, Jay Gordon 
Whittaker, Mack 
Whittle. Glenn 
Widdison, Gayle 
Widdison, Jeannie L. 
Wilcock, Arvella 
Wikox, John S. 

Wilcox, Sharron 
Wilde, Bonita 
Wilde, Howard R. 
Wilkes, Rae Ann 
Wilkey, Sharon 
Wilkerson. Ullie 
Wilkinson, Barbara 
Willey, Gary 
Williams. Beverly S. 


David W. 


Wiliams. Ronald E. 
Wiliams, Thomas Dean 
Williams, Vila Jean 
Williamson, Albert J. 
Wiliamson, Jeanette 
Willis, Laurel 
Willis, Sidney Kent 
Wilmoth, Joy 
Wilmarth, Judy C, 


Wilson, Dean L. 
Wilson, Dennis R. 
Wilson, Lewis 
Wilson, Marilyn 
Wimmer, Arlene P. 
Windsor, William David 
Wingfield, Judy 
Winters, John B. 

Winterton, Joyce 
Wirthlin, Rex Lee 
Wiscombe. Bill 
Wittwer, Faye 
Wixom, Dean 
Wold, Beverly M. 
Wood, Beverly Fay 
Wolfley, DeLoy E. 

Wood, Gary 
Wood, Gladys 
Wood, Judy 
Wood, Loretta 
Woodard, Joan L. 
Woodbury, Lynn 
Woods, Patsy Jane 
Woods, Charla Anne 

Woolsey, Sue 
Woolley, Sharon 
Workman, Gloria 
Wortham, Dean 
Wright, Chad C. 
Wright, Craig 
Wright, David 
Wright. Edith 

Wright-, John 
Wright, Lynn A. 
Wright, Norman W. 
Wright, Treva H. 
Yearout, John 
Yingling, Donna 
Yorgesen, David F. 
Young, Alan 

Young, Carol Joy 
Young, George 
Young, Gerald E. 
Young, Judy Ann 
Young, Les A. 
Young, Linda 
Young, Margaret 
Young, Russell Jay 



Starley, Jack 
Sutter, Lyman B. 
Swain, Helen Sherryl 
Tippets, Gerald V. 
Zaugg, Wilma Nfarie 

Adams, Kendall 
Anderson, LaMarr G. 
Barton, Robert O. 
Bernotski, Steve W. 
Bird, Karen E. 
Bonner, Ewa Kaye 
Bowman, DeWayne C. 
Demsher, Gloria A. 
Haws, Virginia Louise 

Larson, Maurine N. 
Meservy, Carol 
Perry, EIna 
Pickard, Jerry B 
Pratt, Iris K. 
Shook, Ronald R. 
Simpson, Delores M. 
Smith, Patricia R. 
Snelling, Carolyn 

^8% JmL 

Don Horsechester ? No, I don't believe 
I know him. 



He wants a date with ME ? 

Let's not keep the poor fool waiting. 



'The Head, the Heart, and the Hand"— it is the combina- 
tion of these three essentials that compose the "Spirit of 
the Y." 

Much emphasis has been placed on the assumption that 
the Y's Spirit is friendship. This is only one of the vital 
aspects. We are fortunate to have the atmosphere of per- 
sonal freedom that is present upon this campus; the feel- 
ing that you can say "hello there," to anyone and perhaps 
make a friend. "Friendships Unlimited," has been the 
theme of the student activities this year; this was typified 
by the exchanging of dances, "Stag's the Style," and closer 
relationship between student government and students. 
Another extremely important part of life at Brigham 
Young University is the academic status reached by the 
students. Fot this reason those students who have been 
selected from the various colleges as "Cougar of the 
Week," have been honored in the 1959 Banyan as Banyan 
Personalities. These people are those who not only up- 
hold the passing qualifications of scholarship but those 
who have excelled in their field. Many of these students 
have also been active in other fields of endeavor and thus 
have extended a two fold service to their school. Those 
Cougars of the Week who are not pictured but who also 
deserve equal credit are: Lee Fred Braithwaite, Perrin 
Walker, Joan Ashby, Karla Ann Thueson, Gary Haws, 

Wesley Burr, Ralph Pace, Kay Taylor, Merylin Bishop, 
Eva Okelberry, Karen Grimmett, and Dick Kimber. The 
Brigham Young University is known not only for the 
L.D.S. standards and culture but for scholarship among its 
students. Therefore, a salute is given not only to the pub- 
licized scholars and to those who make the honor roll 
but to those students who have a true desire to learn and 
comprehend knowledge that they may better serve their 
fellow men. An unforgettable aspect of the Spirit of the 
Y is the religious attitude present. Much of this atmos- 
phere can be attributed to the standards of the Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and futhermore to those 
who pledge to uphold those standards. It has been said 
and justly so that there is a Christ-like spirit on this campus 
not comparable to any other institution. 
Picured in this last section of the Banyan are some of the 
beautiful places on campus that will be recalled in many 
a graduate's memory. Familiar sights and sounds are re- 
membered by the scenes represented and the action cap- 

It is not, then, to be forgotten that together, the Head of 
academic achievement, the Heart of Christianity, and the 
Hand of Friendship is what will make Brigham Young 
University the greatest in the world. 

Helaman Halls 







From the College of Humanities is Glenna 
Cooper, President-elect of A.W.S. Plus main- 
taining a 3.89 average she also served as a 
Y.C. and President of 13th Ward Relief So- 

Sheldon Dahl, high honor graduate from 
Weber, represents the College of Commerce. 
He is a member of the 7th Ward Bishopric 
and working for a teacher's certificate. 

From the College of Biology and Agriculture I 
is a Bacteriology major, Betty Main. Betty 
held executive positions in Beta Sigma and 
Washington Clubs besides keeping a high 
academic standard. 

One of the quietly beautiful parts of campus. 

A Book of Mormon Archaeology display in the ESC. 


BY's "Lover's Lane" in the Spring. 

Wayne L. Startin, Physical Education major, has 
been co-captain of this year's football team, play- 
ing in the quarterback position. Wayne has also 
served in the Hyper Club, as superintendent of 
the 1st Ward YMMIA, and head of a family of 

The President's Garden. 

The Eyring Science Center. 

5 % • • 

JUL" naBTia!,. 

m «a ii M 3 

wmjtm is ^ a ss/i 

"3 nil hi: 

Judy Moss from Salt Lake City has served during this year as 
vice President of Alpha Lambda Delta, President of Spurs and 
Sunday School teacher in the 6th Ward, and in past years as 
secretary of Thea Alexis. 

An education-psychology major, Lynn Benson proves an example 
as possessor of R.O.T.C. Distinctive Military Student Award, 
N.S.A. Congress delegate, member of Psi Chi, and top student. 

The new, efficient, and "nerve'-saving pre-registration system. 
360 . . 

The Smith Family Living Center 

Harvey Fletcher Engineering Building 

The Heber J. Grant Library 

A constant member of the Honor Roll is Beulah Brim of the Education 
College. Nominated for Cougar of the Week by White Keys, she is also 
a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. 

Heritage Halls training ground for boy scouts. 





E* "-* 






^E£ ■* 

^** S ^5^l 

**«*i *>\ 





.1 . - •*. i 


St - 



wt < 

y r 







5 X 


-arrr mw wrm 

■ i ■■ at:* ■!:■ 

■iia en's s'na 

pi ■■ ■:».- 


! 3i 

■•ill"" 1 


The Joseph Smith Memorial 

A good example of a versatile top student is 
Kay Stanfield as seen by a maintainance of an A 
average, singing in student productions, and serv- 
ing on Jr. Prom and Homecoming committees. 

Lunch at Cannon Center, Helaman Halls 

The annual Red Cross Blood Drive takes a quota from B.Y.U. students. 

A tribute to Banyan Personalities in their own 
right, the Janitorial staff at B.Y.U., represented 
by a member above. 

Sister Davis, as she is fondly referred to, is the secretary to the Student 
Coordinator. She is to be remembered not only for her job well done 
but for always having a sincere interest in the welfare of the general 
student body. 

From the Collee of Fine Arts Lee Ann Vanderford represents activity 
plus: having participated in I.O.C., Senior Senator, A.W.S. Council, 
Mu Phi Epsilon, intramurals, and White Key. 

Amanda Knight Hall 


1 I J 


1 ■ 

I , 


1 r 




■ 1 




George H. Brimball Building 

Herald R. Clark Student Service Center 

Knight Mangum Hall 

On the way to the Maeser Building 


Donna Bird of the College of Family Living is a Cougar of the 
Week. Adding to a mission in the Northwest, Donna has a mem- 
bership in White Key and is presiding over Gamma Phi Omicron. 

Ann Taylor, history major, has given many services to B.Y.U. 
Again maintaining a high grade point average, Ann is a White 
Key, member of Alpha Lambda Delta and has served three years 
on A.W.S. councils. 

Class of 1959 valedictorian, a returned Argentine missionary, Gor- 
don Thomas represents the College of Humanities as an English 
major with a Spanish minor. A member of Phi Kappa Phi with a 
3.98 average, Gordon is now serving as a BYU Stake missionary. 

1Lt&Wi*j&&&\ *s*i 





Botanical Laboratory Building 


The David O. McKay Building 


The B.Y.U. Motion Picture Studio 

W. O. Whittaker, director of the new motion picture studio at 
the dedication program. 

The George Albert Smith Fieldhouse 

• s 


s t 

An early April morning 






Completion of the "Hundred and one." 

Upper division lawnology 

Although classes are over, the ability to learn has been 
our major gain. Now our classes will not be limited by 
walls and textbooks. Only the ends of eternity limit us as 
the textbook of life continues to unfold forever. Many 
miles have been travelled and many new paths have been 
seen. New experiences are old ones now, soon to be 
memories that enrich our thinking and expand our use- 

Looking back it is easy to see many errors. Now a better 
way is apparent, and even though this year is already 
recorded, this time of learning can readily be applied in 
future activities. Our memory notes, and takes pride in 
the accomplishments that we have seen, and gratitude is 
felt for those who have made it possible. We give grati- 
tude to Jay Liechty for the last minute compiling and 
editorializing of both the activities and sports sections. 
And to Loretta Wood and Judy Bilderback for constantly 
being on hand to handle all secretarial office work and 
producing the index. In the perpetual perplexities of pro- 
ducing a yearbook the stress eventually must fall heavily 
on the press, and we are grateful that we can find there 
the help and patience of Frank Haymore and Delvar 
Pope. To the loyal members of the Banyan staff we are 
indebted; especially to Judith Dalton and Barbara Key 
for continued loyalty in their assignments. Paul Smith 
was always on hand for those interminable tasks that al- 
ways occur. Most of the cutlines and much of the other 
work would not be if Susan Westwood had not given so 

much of her time in the last few months of production. 
Books are composed of pictures and copy. For long hours 
in taking and making pictures we extend our appreciation 
to Doug Dill, Dawna King and Mike Kneeshaw. For 
unusually intent effort in writing copy, thanks to Julie 
Pingree. Without advisors we would be traveling conti- 
nents without roads and for this help we are indebted to 
R. Neal Richards and Richard Gunn. The great weight 
of this work is deeply felt by the department chairman, Dr. 
Oliver Smith, and the student coordinator, Paul Felt, who 
have shown much patience and whose office staffs helped 

And in the beginning it is you students who make this all 
possible. You are the ones who bought the 5,000 copies. 
We thank you for trusting us to efficiently use your 
$30,000-plus to produce this book. 

; i>,- 





t ui 



**r— ^r 

' - . - 

. - -• 




Stephen L Richards, First Counselor, Presidency 
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- 
day Saints 


John Lester Gustin 
Gerald Eugene Thomas 


A. Smith Pond, Dean of Graduate School 

Joseph Sudweeks, Associate Professor Emeritus 
of Religion 

Stella P. Rich, Assistant Professor Emeritus of 

Edgar M. Jenson, Professor of Education 

Thomas L. Martin, Professor Emeritus of Ag- 
ronomy and Bacteriology; Dean Emeritus 
of the College of Applied Sciences 

James L. Barker, Professor Emeritus of Modern 

':■.--..•.'--. -.- ---.....-./-..- .;-.•■: 

• - ■-■ 

-".■:■.■■ ■--; . • - 

• -;.:..< v.- • - . ---, ■-.-.- -....-- ..-■.-. 

."; • : - - ■ • ■■--■ - ■ -■ - • 

■ l ■• • ■:.; p >-.:■" -' r^.^ . <■■;- . 

•■- .:..■'■ ■-■•.,- "•---- ^.;--..- • .- - • 5 - - • 

■ .•^'-' ;--^- -■---.>.;-■ •; ■•■.". : - •- -~->; 

?3?:-*-r ..* : -: -■ V'.' •- -.: ■.--- **- :■ -V.: ■ --. ,:'.:> ■'■•-: 


.■•■:■ -V. ..->•-«- 

\~ ■'- ' - '■■ ■■ '"" .' ' - 7 

- - "■ •-— .' • •■ .- '«•»- -; - - 

. -• ., - • i .- '•'-'. ' ."■'- - - ■ - 

.-'""'-.'-■- .-.'%_.,- . : . • 

. ... ... .-.._- .._■ . . ...- 



. *■•--- ■ ■ 
~5* '-■- 

■'•"•" a ■ .■•- Iit*jsa -V : \."-- -'- 

- . .. •.■!■' ... ■ •" 



• ■-.- - 

■ . ■-:•-' - ••. 

■ • . ••- •-■.- --. •- -■ ■■.. 

" - " 

S> ~* — 



. ■ ■ • 

'- V.' 

' >• r- 



VIM ■■ m m "'.t*m 

. . .-.. . "< ..•- ^. - - . - .... 

• '• -.'.--v - " ■••-.'.-■ - " ii. . 

. •' .■-••- •-"■-■ : '"'...•■• \ : ■"- '. •. • ■ 

' > "'".".• -.': . ■• - . ■ -*■ " /• ' ' <-■ "'". . •_ . L ■■'■ ~y. ■ 
'■ -■--•■ . . ■• . '■• -=i. • ■ . - ^. - ■ ■ ■ 


' - ' -. 

• ■ " " 




The cumulative autumn, winter and spring enrollment of regular daytime students according to states and foreign 

countries as of May 5th, 1959. 



I 1 .' 


Alabama 7 

Alaska 18 

Arizona 385 

Arkansas 9 

California 1809 

Colorado 187 

Connecticut 18 

Delaware 3 

Florida 57 

Georgia 25 

Hawaii 97 

Idaho 1193 

Illinois 65 

Indiana 26 

Iowa 20 

'Kansas 20 

Kentucky 5 

Louisiana 14 

Maine 2 

Maryland 16 

Massachusetts 14 

Michigan 40 

Minnesota 29 

Mississippi 11 

Missouri 24 

Montana 143 

Nebraska 14 

Nevada 287 

New Hampshire 5 

New Jersey 33 

New Mexico 124 

New York 88 

North Dakota 7 

North Carolina 55 

Ohio 37 

Oklahoma 20 

Oregon 374 

Pennsylvania 34 

Rhode Island 6 

South Dakota 18 

South Carolina 32 

Tennessee 9 

Texas 92 

Utah - 4933 

Vermont 1 

Virginia 49 

Washington 277 

Washington DC 17 

West Virginia 13 

Wisconsin 25 

Wyoming 189 

10, 976 
All of the fifty United States are repre- 

Aden 1 

Alberta 191 

Angola 1 

Belgium 1 

Brazil 8 

British Columbia 20 

Canal Zone 2 

Chile 1 

Costa Rica 2 

Dem. Rep. of Germany 2 

Denmark 4 

Egypt 1 

El Salvador 1 

Ellice Islands 1 

England 3 

Fiji Islands 1 

Finland 11 

France 1 

Greece 4 

Guatamala 10 

Hong Kong 8 

Hungary 1 

India 7 

Iran 22 

Japan 12 

Lebanon 1 

Manitoba 2 

Maritime Provinces 1 

Mexico 42 

Nationalist China 5 

Netherlands Holland 4 

New South Wales 1 

New Zealand 4 

North Korea 2 

Norway 3 

Ontario 27 

Peru U 

Quebec 3 

Republic of China 1 

Samoan Islands 2 

Saskatchewan 5 

South Korea 9 

Spain 1 

Sweden 1 

Tongan Islands 3 

Turkey 1 

Uruguay 2 

Venezuela 1 

Victoria 1 

West Germany 2 

Students from fifty foreign countries are 


Freshmen Sophomores 

Biological and Agricultural Science 211 202 

Commerce 354 352 

Education 381 383 

Family Living 226 196 

Fine Arts 221 160 

Graduate School 

Humanities and Social Sciences 260 262 

School of Nursing 83 45 

Physical and Engineering Sciences 504 340 

Rec, Health, Phys. Ed., and Athletics 131 103 

General Registration 1390 2534 

Total daytime col. students on campus 3761 2534 

-1958-59 as of May 5th, 1959 


Seniors 5th Year Graduate 

















































































A new addition to the expanding campus features, the Senior class presented this fountain for the Family Living Center patio. 




Addy, George M 
Alder. Lorna. 6} 
Alder, Zane 
Allen. A Lester. 51 
Allen. Barnett S , 94 
Allen, Mark K . 82 
Alley. Stephen L 
Allphin. Grace 
Allred. Dorald M., 51 
Allred. Mildred, 92 
Allred. R Chase, 50 
Allred, Wallace 
Allvord, Ray W 
Alward, Mignon, 92 
Andersen, H Vcrlan. 55 
Anderson. Carol 
Anderson. Floyd M , 83 
Anderson. Harold 
Anderson, Keith P.. 94 
Anderson, Lebnd E.. 109 
Anderson, Vernon L„ 83 
Andrus, Hyrum, 107 
Andrus. J. Roman, 79 
Andrus. Richard D, 
Applonie. Evelyn, 75 
Argyle, Nina Mae 
Arnold, Frank 
Ashton, Clarence D.. 51 
Atkinson. Ellis D 


Bibcock. Hyrum J,, 63 
Babcock, Vida. 92 
Bailey. Dale 
Ballif. Ariel. 17 
Ballou. Richard. 79. 128 
Bangerter, Blauer L.. 95 
Bankhead, Reid, 107 
Barkdull, Sally B. 
Barker, Allan H . 12 
Barlow, Frances P., 75 
Barlow. Minnie 
Barnett. J Dean 
Barnett, Owen L.. 63 
Barnett. Vesta, 74 
Barney, Vermon. 103 
Barrett. Ivan J.. 107 
Barron, Howard H., 107 
Bartholomew, Davis. 95 
Baxter, Leland K . 95 
Bean, John E., 63 
Beck. DElden. 51 
Beck. Florence 
Beck, Gayle 
Beck. Jay V, 51 
Beckham, Raymond E 17, 266 
Beebtr. Wayne M 
Belnap, B. West. 107 
Bendixsen, Grant. 109 
Bennett, Archibald F. 
Bennett. Erma, 63 
Bennett, Louise 
Bennion, Marian. 74 
Bentley. Anthony I., 107 
Bentley. Joseph T.. 14 
Berrett, William E,, 14 
Berry. June, 109 
Berryessa. Max J,, 63 
Bissell. Harold J.. 95 
Blackham, Angus I',, 95 
Blodgett. J. Alan 
Bloom, Ruth, 92 
Bloomquist, Milton 
Boman. Paul V 
Booth. Lillian C. 17, 266 
Bos. Jacob, 79 
Boulter, A. Roy 
Boyer. Francis 
Boyle. Clarence S 
Bradford, Reed H.. 82 
Bradley, Adine 
Bradshaw. Merrill 
Brady. Marion, 83 
Brasher, Elaine 
Brewster, Sam F, 16 
Briggs. Nancy 
Bnmhall. Willis H .. 95 
Bntsch. Ralph, 82 
Brooks. Melvm R , 109 
Brown. Billings. 94, 210 
Brown. Irene 
Brown. Jack 
Brown. Loree J 
Brown. Richard 
Brownlee. Robert 
Bryner. Loren C . 95 
Buggert, Gustav 
Bullock. Kenneth C, 94 
Bunker. Robert E., 103 
Burch, Hilton 
Burnett. M Dallas 
Burnside. Wesley 
Burrup, Percy E., 63 
Bushman, Jess R., 95 
Butler. Eliot A., 95 
Butt. Newbern 
Butterworth, Edwin J . 266 
Buttle, Faye, 109 


Came. Julia, 109 
Older, Glen H„ 95 
Calderwood. JoAnn. 103 
Caldwell, Gaylon. 83 
Callahan. Sterling G , 63 
Campbell, Eugene E . 83 
Campbell. Jennie, 63 
Canning, Ray R., 83 
Cannon. C Y., Sr. 
Cannon. John N 
Cannon. Kenneth L 
Carlisle, June, 109 

Carlson, Ruth 
Carver. Gary 
Chalk. David 
Chambers, Celo 
Chapman, Bernice. 92 
Chaston. A Norton 
Cheney, Ina Lou 
Cheney. Thomas. 83 
Childs. Fred 

Chnstensen, Dean C , 62 
Christensen. Earl M , 51 
Chnstensen, Edward L, 55 
Christensen, Evelyn 
Chnstensen, Glen A. 
Chnstensen, James J. 
Christensen. Leonard E„ 17 
Chnstensen. Lillian, 109 
Christensen, P A., 83 
Chnstensen, Ross T.. 83 
Christiansen. John R . 83 
Chugg, Lee R. 
Clark, Bruce B . 83 
Clark, Harold Glen. 63 
Clark. Herald R . 16 
Clark. J. Reuben, III, 107 
Clark. James R 
Clark, Marden J.. 83 
Clark, Monroe H.. 63 
Clark. Selby G„ 17 
Clark, Welsford 
Clegg, Lula 
dinger, Morris M , 79 
Cloward, Myrlt W 
Cloward, Wells 
Compton. Lane, 95 
Cook, Carol 
Coombs, Norman 
Corbridge, Ivan, 55 
Covey, Stephen R. 55, 211 
Cowan. Cynthia. 103 
Cox, Soren F., 83 
Craig. Harris O 
Craig. Marshall. 83 
Crandall, Lars, 54 
Craven, Rulon G. 
Crnkovic. John K., 63 
Crockett. Earl C. 14 
Croft, Evan M. 55 
Crowton, David M . 103 
Cundick. Robert M„ 79 
Curtis. Brandt. 79 


Dames. Delva. 63 
Darais, Alex B 
Dartey. Erma 
Davidson, Bertha. 109 
Davidson. Richard 
Davies, J. Kenneth, 55 
Davis, Allan, 103 
Davis, John R 
Day. Bill 

de Jong. Gernt, Jr., 78 
de Jong. Thelma 
DeMille, Stanford, 55 
Decker, Daniel 
Dixon, Fred W,. 103 
Dixon, Owen G.. 103 
Domgaard, Mignon, 75 
Donaldson, David M , 50 
Done. G Byron, 106 
Doughty, Gladys 
Downing, Lester N.. 63 
Doxey. Roy W , 107 
Doxey, Willard B.. 55 
Drewes. Henry W.. 83 
Dudley, J. Duane. 95 
Duerden, Claude 
Duffin. B Keith. 17 
Durrani, Helen 
Dye. Gerald J.. 95 
Dyer. Bonnie 
Dyer. William G.. 83 

Earl, Charles 
Earl. Don, 79 
Eastmond, E John. 94 
Eckley. Orfa 
Edlefsen. Blaine. 79 
Edmunds. Paul K .. M.D 
Edwards, Ora R 
Egbert. Robert L.. 83 
Ellsworth. Orval. 107 
Ellsworth. Richard 
Empey. LaMar, 83 
Erekson, Paul W 
Evans. David. 83 
Evans, Lamar F 


Furnsworlh. Dean B , 83 
Faux. M Charles. 108 
Fearnley, Lawrence 
Fearnley, Lenore 
Felt, Paul E.. 17, 266 
Fielding, R Kent, 83 
Finlayson, Fred 
Firmage, Allan. 95 
Fitzgerald. H Alvah. 107 
Fitzroy. George W. 
Flake. Chad J 
Flandro. Royce, 63 
Fletcher. Harvey, Jr , 94 
Fletcher. Harvey, Sr., 95 
Francis, Janet O 
Fuerstner. Carl. 79 
Fuhriman, Dean K. 

Garnet. LaVell C. 108 
Gardiner. Alma A 
Gardiner. C Norman, 95 
Gardner. Elizabeth. 74 
Gardner. John Hale. 95 
Gates. Crawford 
Geddes, David D . 102 
Geertsen. Norman. 95 
Gibbons. Eileen 
Gibsen, M. Carl. 83 
Gibson. Jed. 63 
G leave, Roy 
Gledhill. Preston R., 79 
Goates. J. Rex. 95 
Goates, Marcia 
Golightly, Max, 109 
Goodwin, Mark H 
Greer, Carr 
Gnmmett, MacCene M 
Groesbeck, Lue, 79 
Grover. Richard 
Grow, Stewart L.. 82. 266 
Gubler, Clark 
Gubler, Donworth V . 83 
Gulbrandsen. Norman, 79 
Gunn, Richard L.. 79 
Guymon, Fred E„ 55 
Gwilliam, Robert F., 17 


Hafen, LeRoy R„ 83 
Hafen. William J., 103 
Hales. Richard W . 95 
Hales, Wayne B 
Hall. David B . 95 
Hall, Elson 
Hall, George M 
Hall, H Tracy. 95 
Hallam. Merrill J.. 50 
Halliday. John R, 78 
Hamblin, Lawson 
Hammond. May. 63 
Hancock. Morck O , 95 
Hansen. George H.. 95 
Hansen, Harold I.. 17. 78 
Hansen. Oliver 
Hansen, Ralph W„ 109 
Hansen. Wilford N. 
Hanson. William F„ 79 
Hardy. Golden 
Hardy. Kenneth R.. 83 
Harris, James M., 63 
Harris. John B. 
Harris. Ken 
Harrison, Bertrand, 51 

Harston. Marlow R 
Hart, Anna B , 109 

Hart. C. J.. 102 

Hart, Edward, 83 

Hartvigsen, Milton F. 

Harward. Verdon 

Hauh, Ephraim 

Hatton. Betty Jo, 109 

Haupt. Floyd E . 95 

Hayes, John E. 

Hayes. William O 

Haymore, Frank 

Hayward, C. Lynn, 50 

Heaton, Alma. 103 

Heaton, Israel C 102 

Hechtle, Eugene 

Hellberg, Ray, 109 

Henson, Charles 

Henstrom, Richard H., 79 

Herde, Karl, 55 

Hill, Armin J., 94 

Hill. Max 

Hillam, Kenneth L 

Hilton, Lynn M. 

Hilton, Ross. 109 

Hintze. Lehi F.. 95 

Hintze, R Sears 

Hirtzel. Richard 

Hodson, Harry. 95 

Hogan. Henrietta. 109 

Holbrook, Leona. 102 

Hoopes. Keith H 

Horsley. A. Burt, 107 

Horton, Frank K.. 83 

Hoskisson, William, 51 

Howell, Robert J.. 83 

Hoyt, Gordon D. 

Hoyt, Rose 

Huish, Sterling S„ 95 

Humpherys. DeVerl 

Hunt. Jay B.. 83 

Hurren, Patricia 

Hyde. Darcus D 

Hyde, Ronald G 

Hyer. Paul V 

Hymas, Scott 

Izatt, Reed M . 95 



Gagon. Glen S. 
Gale, Romona 

Jackson, Doris 
Jackson. Orrin H., 17 
Jackson. Le Roye, 51 
Jackson, William B, 
Jacobs, Briant, 83 
Jacobson, Phyllis. 103 
lakeman, M. Wells. 82 
Jenny. Martha R„ 92 
Jense", Christen, 83 
Jensen. Dave 
Jensen, DeLamar 
Jensen. Don 
Jensen, Lucille N , 109 
Jensen. Mary B . 103 
Jensen, Phil 
Jensen, Vern H 

Jenson, Gloria Dawn 
Jex. J Lorin. 79 
Johansen, Franz M., 79 
Johnson, Douglas 
Johnson, Eldred A.. 55 
Jones, Andrew J 
Jonsson. Jens J., 94 
Jorgensen, Eleanor, 74 

Young, Karl, 84 
Nordgren, Quentin R . 79 
Nordgren, Weston 


Karst. Edgar 
Keeler. J J.. 79 
Killpack, W F 
Kimball, C Rodney. 103 
Kimball. Edwin R 
King. Alma W . 17. 266 
King, Lenore H. 
Kirchoff, Herberl R 
Knight. Kent H„ 50 
Knight. Hattie M. 
Kopp. Harold W., 103 
Krider, Mary. 63 
Kunz, Jean T. 


Larsen, A Dean 
Larsen, Carol 
Larsen, Don H , 51 
Larsen. Evard 
Larsen, Vernon, 83 
Larson, Clinton, 83 
Larson, Gustive O . 107 
Lauritzen, Kenneth A., 17 
Lawrence. James H. 
Laws. Duane 

Laycock, Harold R„ 79. 128 
Laycock, Ralph G.. 79 
Lay ton. Cecil 
Layton. Robert L., 83 
Leake. Robert. 103 
Lee, Harold W., 82 
Lee, Minnie 
Lewis, Ben E , 16 
Lewis. Stella, 75 
Lloyd, Wesley P . 16 
Lowe. Howard D.. 55 
Ludlow, Daniel H., 107 
Lundberg, Jonia 
Lyman, Don 


McNeil. Craig 
Mecham. Merlin J.. 79 
Meibos. Richard L., 95 
Melville, Keith, 83 
Memmott, Evan J., 63 
Mercer. Winston, 109 
Meservy, Keith 
Messervy, Fontell C. 
Mikkelsen. Seymore, 51 
Mites, Frank 
Miller. Elva, 109 
Miller. Karl, 109 
Miller, Martin L., 95 
Millett. Marion T 
Mitchell, Albert O.. 79 
Mitchell. Olive 
Moffitt, J. C. 
Moffitt. J. Weldon. 84 
Monson. Darrel J., 95 
Monson, Samuel, 84 
Montgomery, Bonnie 
Moore. Glen, 51 
Morley, Alonzo J., 79 
Morrell. Jeannette 
Morrill, A. Reed. 63 
Morns, Lawrence, 50 
Morris, Sadie O 
Morrison, Carl 
Munk, Keith M 
Murdock, Joseph R.. 51 
Mabey, Melvm, 83 
Madsen, Florence J., 79 
Madsen, Franklin 
Madsen. Harold 
Madsen. Parke. 109 
Madsen, Truman G.. 106 
Magleby, Ward H 
Marshall, Milton. 95 
Martino, Daniel 
Martino. Ruth 
Mason, A. James 
Mathews, Armmta 
Mathews, Conan E.. 78 
Mathews. Gerald 
McAllister, J W., 79 
McArthur, Ross J . 108 
McConkie. Don, 109 
McCracken, Geo, 17 
McKehey. Mona 
McKendnck, John. 83 
McKinlay. Lynn A.. 79 
McKinnon. Max E.. 108 
McKnight. H Neil 
McKnight, Kent H 
McNamara, Delbert H , 95 


Nash. William V. 
Nelson. Bill 
Nelson. Dale L. 
Nelson. Elmer E.. 109 
Nelson. Glen T , 54 
Nelson, Joseph E 
Nelson. K. LeRoi. 95 
Nibley. Hugh. 107 
Nicholes. Henry J„ 51 
Nicholes, Joseph K . 95 
Nielsen, F Kent. 96 
Nielsen, Lorna 
Nielson, Eve 
Nielson, Howard C , 55 


Oak, Cecil R. 
Oakes, Keith R , 62 
Oaks. Clinton L.. 54 
Olpin, J Lloyd. 96 
Olson, Ernest L . 17 
Ord, John E„ 63 
Orrock. Scott G 
Oswald, Shirlene 
Ovard. Glen 
Owens. Joseph, 96 


Packer. Boyd K 
Pardoe, Kathryn B., 79 
Pardoe. T. Earl, 79 
Parker, Clyde A.. 17 
Parkinson, Blaine. 17 
Payne, John W , 84 
Pearson, Glenn, 107 
Peterson, C. R.. 17 
Peterson, Dean A. 
Peterson. Elwood 
Peterson. Hugh W,, 96 
Phillips. Wm Revel! 
Pierce, Guy. 5 1 
Poison, J Perry. 55 
Pond, A Smith. 110 
Pope, Bill J 
Pope Delvar 
Porter. Afton N 
Porter. Betty 
Porter. Blaine M„ 74 
Porter, LeRoy, 109 
Potter. Margaret. 75 
Potts. Allen 
Poulos. Chris 
Poulson. M. Wilford. 84 
Poulson, Virginia B , 74 
Price. Alvin O. 
Pugmire, Don 
Purdy, Victor W. 
Pyper. Ora 


Rasband. Mima, 109 
Rasmussen, Ellis T.. 107 
Rasmussen, Paul 
Ravsten, Lynn A 
Read. Walter T. 
Ream. Eleanor Kondo, 75 
Reed. Catherine 
Reeder, Jesse W., 84 
Reid, Howard T.. 16 
Reimschiissel, Ernest, 50 
Rice, Leonard, 82 
Rich, Naoma 
Rich, Owen S.. 79 
Rich. Russell R.. 106 
Richards, Grant, 51 
Richards, R Neal 
Richardson, Jed J„ 79 
Richenbach, Dean. 55 
Richins, Nita 
Ricks, Elden. 106 
Riddle, Chauncey C, 107 
Ridling. Evelyn 
Rigby. Avard A . 63 
Rigby, J Keith, 96 
Riggs, Robert. 84 
Robertson. Hilton A. 
Robinson. Burton W , 84 
Robinson. Carol 
Robinson, Donald. 96 
Robison, Clarence, 103 
Rockwood. LaVar 
Rogers. Juanita 
Rogers, Lewis Max. 107 
Rogers, R. Max, 84 
Rogers. Sadie. 109 
Rollins. Ralph L„ 96 
Romney. Antone K.. 62 
Rowberry, Joseph 
Rowley. John 
Russon. Diane 


Sagers, Richard 
Sandberg. Carma 
Sanderson, Ivan L 
Sandgren, Clyde D„ 14 
Sardoni, Lawrence. 79 
Sauls, Keifer B.. 16 
Schulthess. David A 
Schultz, Fona 
Schwendiman. Fred A.. 16 
Shaw. Lucille 
Sheffield, Karma Rae 
Sheffield. Loftis J. 
Sheffield, Sherman B , 84 
Shumway. R. Phil. 51 
Simmons, Elbert R., 51 
Simonsen, John M., 94 
Skousen, Karl M 
Slater, Arthur D., 63 
Smart, Lyman, 84 
Smiley, Dorothy, 92 
Smith, Carol 
Smith, Grant B. 
Smith. Jay M„ 55 
Smith, John L. 
Smith, Oliver R„ 17, 216 
Smith. Richard L , 55 
Smith. Robert J.. 54 
Smith, Wilford E , 84 
Snell. William H. 
Snow, Richard L. 
Soffe. H. Wayne. 103 
Sorenson, John L. 
Sparks, LeRoy, 109 

Spears. Irene, 84 
Spencer. G Albert 
Spencer. Lucile, 17 
Sperry. Sidney B., 106 
Stansfield, Russell. 55 
Stevens, Floyd C, 103 
Stone, Royal B , 102 
Storey, Lorraine 
Storrs, D. Leon 
Stnngfellow. M. D. 
Struthers, Robert E., 79 
Stum, Robert W. 
Stutz. Howard. 51 
Sudweeks, Clara 
Swensen, Albert D., 96 
Swensen, Merlynn 
Swensen, Russell B.. 84 
Swenson, Beulah, 55 
Symons, Joseph N.. 84 


Tanner. Orea B., 84 
Tanner. Vasco M., 51 
Tanner, Wilmer W., 51 
Taylor, Barbara 
Taylor. Charles, 84 
Taylor, Floyd B.. 17 
Taylor, H. Darrell. 84 
Taylor. Harvey L., 14 
Taylor. Lynn 
Taylor, Richard M. 
Taylor, Weldon J., 54 
Terry, Elvis B., 79 
Thayer, Douglas 
Thole, Muriel 
Thomas, Robert, 84 
Thomas, T. V. 
Thomson, Irene 
Thomson, Lowell 
Thomson, Woodruff 
Thome, Lucile M. 
Tippetts. Frank M., 96 
Tolbert, Max 
Tolman, James R. 
Trunnell, Jack, 74 
Turner, Glen H.. 80 
Turner, Rodney, 107 
Turtle, A. Theodore 
Tuttle, L. Elliott, 84 
Tyler, S Lyman. 17 
Tyndall, Clarence, 63 
Tyndall, Hilda 
Tyndall, Ottella 


Utley, Quentin E. 


Valentine, Lee B , 8' 
Van Cott. John W. 
Van Noy, Jay, 103 
Vernon, Leo P., 96 
Vincent, Josie 


Waite, Noble, 14 
Wakefield. J. Homer. 80 
Wakefield. Helen 
Wakefield. Lynn 
Wallace, Lulu. 103 
Warner. Paul 
Warren, Carolyn 
Waters. Max 

Waterstradt. Jean Anne. 84 
Watkins, Arthur R„ 84 
Waiters. Ray, 103 
Watts. Stanley H.. 103 
Webb, Irene 
Webb. Fred, 109 
Webb. Rex 
Weeks. Emily G. 
Weight. DeVere 
Weinzinger. Kurt, 80 
Wengreen. Earl W,, 109 
West, Dale. 84 
West. J. Robert 
Western, Harold 
Whetten. Lester B.. 16 
Whitaker. Scott M. 
Whitaker. W. O.. 17 
White. J. Morgan. 55 
Whiteford. June. 109 
Whittaker, Dorothy 
Wickes. Harry E., 96 
Wilcox. Ray T„ 63 
Wilding. Malcolm 
Wilkes, Doran F. 
Wilkes, William L,. 80 
Wilkins. Ernest J,. 84 
Wilkinson, Ernest L. 
Wilkinson, Frank Ray, 84 
Willden. William. 108 
Wille. Milton G. 
Williams, J, Kenneth. 109 
Williams. Wayne 
Wilson, Arnold 
Wilson, M. Lyman, 55 
Wilson. Marguerite, 63 
Wilson. Warren B„ 80 
Wing, John H„ 96 
Witbeck, Alan R., 103 
Wood, Glena, 84 
Wood, Stephen L. 51 
Woodbury, Uel J„ 80 
Woodruff. Asahel D.. 62 
Woodward. Margaret 
Woodward. Ralph. 80 
Worsley. Klea 


Yarn. David H. 
Young, Hazel 




Aagard, Diane, Salt Lake City, 214, 328 
Aaron, George W., San Francisco, Calif., 116 
Aaxon, Gerald Tingey, Evanston, Wyo., 116, 328 
Abbott, Duane Ronald 
Abbott, Gary Lee, Taylorsville, Calif., 308 
Abbott, Helen, 194, 328 
Abbott, Kelton Brent, Reno, Nev., 184, 308 
Abegg, Gwen Elaine, Orem 
Abegglen, Ronnie A., Vernal, 238 
Abercrombie, Maril C, Aberdeen, Ida., 328 
Abernathy, Thomas L., Gardena, Calif. 
Abo, Shane Chiyoko, Wahiawa, Oahu, 203, 290 
Abplanalp, Delloy O., Vernal, 85, 192, 207 
Acheson, Sharon L., San Diego, Calif., 308 
Acker, Edwina, Bess, Ala., 116, 328 
Acord, Newell Clair 
Adair, Wm. Webster, Orderville 
Adams, Austin Lewis, Fairfield, Mont., 202, 328 
Adams, Conroy H., Jdaho Falls, Ida- 
Adams, Darryl Alonzo, Marana, Ariz. 
Adams, David William, Murray, 159, 180, 209, 

Adams, Deanne, 328 

Adams, Dennis Glenn, Rio Vijta, Calif., 191 
Adams, Donald Leroy, Wmslow, Ariz., 328 
Adams, Elwyn F., Logandale, Nev. 
Adams, Fred C, Montpelier, Ida., 80 
Adams, Gayla N., Oakiey, Ida., 290 
Adams, Gweneth, 104 
Adams, James Brent, Pierre, S. D., 308 
Adams, Janice Kay, Oakley, Ida., 328 
Adams, Jerry Ann , Monticello 
Adams, John Harper, Lund, Nev., 104 
Adams, William J., Jr., Salt Lake City, 308 
Adams, Kendall, Provo, 328, 355 
Adams, Kenneth Russell, 132 
Adams, Larry Lamar, Brownsville, Ore., 290 
Adams, Lawrence H., Palmer, Alas., 328 
Adams, Lyle B., Kaysville 

Adams, Martha Carolyn, Montpelier, Ida., 80, 221 
Adams, Max Leone, Bountiful 
Adams, Sharon Kay, Ogden, 290 
Adams, Tillie Marie, American Fork, 154, 328 
Adamson, David C, Heber 
Adamson, David P., Salt Lake City 
Adamson, Dorothy Joyce, Salt Lake City, 174, 328 
Adamson, Edwin Virgil 
Adamson, Franklin D., Rigby, Ida., 290 
Adamson, Jeanene, Vernal, 156, 207, 308 
Adamson, Newell Henry, Tooele, 308 
Adamson, Rex Lloyd, Rigby, Ida., 308 
Adamson, Sherron Kay, Nampa, Ida., 290 
Adermann, Raymond F., Whittier, Calif., 229, 290 
Adkins, Roberta J., Cheifland, Fla., 328 
Affleck, Suellen, Ogden, 290 
Afualo, Pago Pago L., Oahu, T.H., 199 
Ah Sam, Henry Ah You, Halaula, Ha. 
Ahkes, Beverly Ann, Ashland, Ore. 
Ahlberg, Clinton Ray, Murray 
Ahlstrom, Marvell N., Redondo, Calif., 56, 98 
Ahrendes, Lurae, Lakewood, Calif., 56, 98 
Aiken, Glenn Goodman, Orem, 164, 290 
Aiken, Raymond E., Paul, Ida., 190 
Aina, Mildred L., Hil, Ha., 156, 290 
Aird, Jeanne, Caldwell, Ida., 290 
Airth, Edward Lewis, Orem, 328 
Aitken, Grant Joseph, Spanish Fork, 290 
Akerson, Richard S., Portland, Ore. 
Aland, Gordon Albert, Montpelier, Ida. 
Albach, Dawne Belinda, Watsonville, Calif., 174, 

Albiston, Stanley G., Kamloop, B.C., 56, 211 
Alcorn, Marlene, El Monte, Calif., 76 
Aldean, Janice Dee, Bakersfield, Calif., 328 
Alder, Anita Marie, Weiser, Ida., 308 
Alder Lillie Lola, Weiser, Ida., 64, 146, 113 
Alder, Richard Sears, Preston, Ida. 
Aldridge, Daniel Paul, Avalon, Calif., 328 
Alexander, Archie D., Santaquin, 328 
Aley, James Donley, Leggett, Calif. 
Alfaro, Maria F., Morcha, Mex., 98, 308 
Alger, Elaine Joyce, Milford, 328 
Alger, Ellen Af ton 

Allan, David Wayne, Springville, 290 
Allan, Edward Raymond, Springville 
Allan, James Collin, Mapleton 
Allan, Robert W., Oakland, Calif., 308 
Allan, William Roy, Bownies, Alta, Can.. 308 
AHdredge, Clifton C, Delta, 328 
Allen, Barbara, 80, 119, 146 
Allen, Barnett S., Orem 
Allen, Calvard Scott, Jerome, Ida. 
Allen, Carol Jeanne, Fair Oaks, Calif. 
Allen, Charles Ray, Delta, 328 
Allen, Charlotte Ann, Orem. 156, 172, 204, 328 
Allen, Dan, 308 
Allen, Darlene Elna, Orem, 328 
Allen, David Thomas, Pleasant Grove, 308 
Allen, David William, Spokane, Wash., 308 
Allen, Deon I. 

Allen, Donald Bruce. Spokane, Wash., 328 
Allen, Elizabeth Ann, Salt Lake City, 186, 308 
Allen, Erna Loreen, Seattle, Wash., 308 

Allen, Frank Anthony, Los Angeles, Calif., 328 

Allen, Gylan Champ, Springville, 98 

Allen, James Vernett, San Carlos, Calif., 328 

Allen, Jeanne, 76 

Allen. Joseph Hilton, Oakland, Calif., 170, 290 

Allen. Joseph Lovell, Provo, 290 

Allen, Judy Dawn, Springville, 328 

Allen, Kay McCann, Fairfield. Mont., 328 

Allen, Larry Carl, Los Angeles, Calif.. 194, 308 

Allen, Lorenzo C, Rupert, Ida., 91 

Allen, Marvin Lynn, American Fork, 308 

Allen, Mary Inez, Provo, 129, 186, 328 

Allen, Orin Dean 

Allen, Patricia Jo, Phoenix, Ariz., 308 

Allen, Paul Elwood, Pleasant Grove 

Allen. Paul Kirkman 

Allen, Richard, Los Angeles, Calif., 290 

Allen. Terry S., Winslow, Ariz., 96 

Allen, Virginia, Spanish Fork, 328 

Allen. William H., Huntsville 

Allison. John Samuel. Koswell. N. Mex., 290 

Allison, Robert Leonard, Alberta Canada, 53 

Allison, Stan, Lehi, 290 

Allman, Curtis Roe 

Allman, Jimmie Lee, 328 

Allman, Stanley 

Allphin, Elizabeth F. 

Allphin, Nylen Lee, Jr.. Lovell, Wyo., 98 

Allphin. Marian Asay, Lovell, Wyo. 

Allphin, Phyllis Ann, Salt Lake City 

Allred, Alice Ann, Washington, D.C, 31, 172 

Allred, Carma June, Ogden, 290 

Allred. Christine Ann, Salt Lake City, 31. 116, 

154, 155. 328 
Allred. Diane Florence, Chico, Calif., 308 
Allred, Doris Jean, Washington. D.C, 154, 172, 

Allred, Duane Owen, Richland, Wash., 159, 328 
Allred, Freddy Russel 
Allred, Garth Lamar. 308 
Allred. Garth W., Fairview, Wyo. 
Allred, Golden Hugh 
Allred. Lavoy Cowley, 61 
Allred, Lyle Gene 
Allred, Merlyn Walker 
Allred, Patricia May 

Allred, Richard Gordon. Bountiful. 164, 328 
Allred, Robert James, Gannett, Ida., 328 
Allred, S. Patricia, Provo, 91 
Allred, Verle Morrill 

Allred. Warren G., Albuquerque, N. Mex., 328 
Allsop, Ralph William, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Alsop, Hugh H., Tooele, 124 
Alter. Marilyn K., Bountiful, 76 
Althouse, Sharon Lee, Salt Lake City 
Alva. Edmond G.. Silver City, N. Mex. 
Alvey. Tommy Lynn. Springville 
Alvord, Bonnie Lou 
Amend. Jean, Portland, Ore., 328 
Ames, Marilyn, 196 

Ammons. Ida Grace, Pueblo, Colo., 132, 328 
Amos, Douglas Arnold, Sacramneto, Calif. 
Armine, Sarah Dean, San Diego, Calif., 328 
Andelin, Leslie Hart, 64 
Andeline. Lois Chaplin 
Anderberg, Maxine, Sandy, 205, 328 
Anderson, LaRene. Ogden 
Andersen. Aase Berit, Hillerod, Denmark, 328 
Andersen, C. Paul, American Fork 
Andersen. Dale Owen, Los Angeles, Calif.. 328 
Andersen. Gayle, Milford, Utah, 64, 232 
Andersen, Karen, Brigham City 
Andersen, Kathleen R., American Fork, 219 
Andersen, Lee Griffin, Boise, Ida., 290 
Andersen, Margaret C, Salt Lake City 
Anderson, Arthur Carl, Glenns Ferry, Ida., 290 
Anderson, Avis Marie. Payson, 308 
Anderson, B. Ray, 170 
Anderson, Blaine M., Berkeley, Calif. 
Anderson, Bonnie Jene. Buhl, Ida. 
Anderson, Boyd Oley, Idaho Falls, Ida., 290 
Anderson, C. Leroy, Thornton, Ida., 85 
Anderson. Carol. St. Johns, Ariz., 290 
Anderson. Carol, Midvale, 150 
Anderson, Carole Kay, Salt Lake City, 328 
Anderson, Charlene, Price, 290 
Anderson, Connie, Midvale, 150, 290 
Anderson, Darrell John 
Anderson. Don Roger 
Anderson. Elvadeen F.. Grantsville, 76 
Anderson, Evelyn Giles 
Anderson. Gale Ray, Milford, 64, 170, 328 
Anderson, Gareth Rlynn, Myton 
Anderson, Gary Eugene, Kearns, 124, 162 
Anderson. J. Paul. Pleasant Grove. 20 
Anderson, James Leo 
Anderson, James Ronald, Ely. Nev. 
Anderson, James L., Hollywood, Calif., 308 
Anderson, James Frank, Provo 
Anderson, Janet Ann, 64, 196 
Anderson, Jay Paul, Pleasant Grove. 20, 290 
Anderson. Jered L., 290 
Anderson. Joan Ruth, Jacksonville. Fla., 308 
Anderson, Joanne, Thornton. Ida., 73 
Anderson, John David, Springville, 26 
Anderson. John Haakon. Safford, Ariz., 170, 328 

Anderson, John M., Orinda 

Anderson, Joyce Gaye, Afton, Wyo., 308 

Anderson, Joyce, Long Beach, Calif., 104, 123 

Anderson, Judith. Venice, 328 

Anderson, Karel Ann, Spanish Fork, 31, 328 

Anderson, Karen, Spokane, Wash. 

Anderson, Keith Eric, Burbank, Calif., 328 

Anderson, Keith Jensen, Clarkston, Wash. 

Anderson, Kent Thomas, Salem, Va. 

Anderson, Lamarr Glen. Manhattan Beach, Calif 

328, 355 
Anderson, Lan Stephen 

Anderson. Larry Gordon, Fairbanks, Alas., 328 
Anderson, Lee G., Boise, Ida., 164 
Anderson, Lois Blanche 
Anderson, Loren R., Portland, Ore.. 91 
Anderson, Lowell Ray, Fairview, 53 
Anderson, Lynn Reese, Vernal. 25, 196, 290 
Anderson, Lynne, Alpine, 64, 218 
Anderson, Marsha, Pico Rivera, Calif., 328 
Anderson, Marian Faye, American Fork, 76, 126 
Anderson. Marie R., Midvale, 64 
Anderson, Marlene, 203 
Anderson, Mary, Burbank, Calif. 
Anderson, Max Gustave, Corinne, 124 
Anderson, Norlene, San Gabriel, Calif., 328 
Anderson, Norman Dean, Shelley, Ida. 
Anderson, Oscar Gene, Fillmore 
Anderson, Paul, American Fork, 147 
Anderson, Paul Brent, Provo 
Anderson, Paul R., Fillmore 
Anderson, Rachel, Pleasant Grove, 150, 290 
Anderson, Raymond N., Hooper 
Anderson, Richard C, Venice, 96 
Anderson, Robert W., Niagra Falls, N.Y., 96 
Anderson, Robert Demar, Seattle, Wash., 147 
Anderson, Roland E., Orem 
Anderson. Roland V., Grantsville 
Anderson, Ronald B., Salt Lake City, 290 
Anderson, Sheldon L., Salt Lake City, 116, 328 
Anderson, Stephen John, Spring City 
Anderson, Steven L., Minneapolis, Minn., 290 
Anderson, Sue Marie, Safford, Ariz. 
Anderson, Terry, Vernal 
Anderson, Theo George, Myton, 207, 328 
Anderson, Valeen, Montebello, Calif., 328 
Anderson. Valerie Kay, Long Beach, Calif., 328 
Anderson, Verdeana, Annabella, 328 
Anderson, Vernon Lee, Springville 
Anderson, Viola, Murray, 328 
Anderson, Warren Boyd, Pleasant Grove, 52 
Andrea, Cal J., 

Andreasen, Cal Juel, Orem, 85 
Andreasen, Erik M., Los Angeles, Calif., 308 
Andreason, Marjean, Filer, Ida., 308 
Andrew, Lorelei Ruth, Long Beach, Calif. 
Andrews, Douglas A., Dundee, Ore., 159, 328 
Andrews, Ida Ellen, San Diego, Calif., 22, 328 
Andrews, Linda E., Whittier. Calif. 
Andrus, Aniene, Provo, 308 
Andrus, Floyd W., Provo, 64 
Andrus, James Clawson, Boise, Ida., 290 
Andrus, JoAnn, Murray, 328 
Andrus, Kenneth Oakley, 290 
Andrus, Larry Joel, Ucon, Ida., 192, 290 
Andrus, Louise, Oakley, 199, 308 
Andrus, Mona Alice, Ucon. Ida.. 290 
Andrus. Ramona Glaus, Provo 
Andrus, Rose Mary, Provo 
Angel, Roberta lone. Salt Lake City, 328 
Anger, Thomas C, Jr., Napa, Calif. 
Angus, Constancia M., Whispering Pines, Minn. 
Anthon, Robert Edward, Springville 
Anthony, Sue Ann, Pomona, Calif., 328 
Antone, Gerald, Marysvale, 194, 308 
Applebaum, Judith S., Albany, N.Y., 132, 205 
Applegate, Thayne R., Richfield, 328 
Applonie, John D.. Jr., Spokane, Wash., 328 
Aragon, Helaman, Chikuascuo, Mex., 308 
Aragon, Humberto, Chihuahua, Mex. 
Aranda, Constantino, Aiea, Hawaii, 328 
Arave, Ramon Vernon, Idaho Falls, Ida., 308 
Arbogast, Michael A., Provo, 209, 290 
Arbon, Lloyd Earl, Provo, 108 
Arbon, Richard D., Bountiful 
Arbon. Robert, Pocatello, Ida., 328 
Arbuckle, James K., Woods Cross, 290 
Archer. Sybelle Ann, Wabash, Ind., 328 
Argyle, Donna Dean, Woods Cross, 328 
Argyle, Philip Frank, Spanish Fork, 64 
Argyle. Ralph Evan. Randolph, 52 
Argyle, Rell Gary, Monticello 

Argyle, Sonja Lee, El Monte, Calif.. 64, 168 
Argyle, Sterling Cowa, Spanish Fork, 64 
Armas. Dora Orfelina, La Libertad, 328 
Armstrong, Beverly R., Idaho Falls, Ida., 123. 308 
Armstrong, Bill E., 308 
Armstrong, Blair 

Armstrong. Charles S., Idaho Falls, Ida., 184, 308 
Armstrong. Cheryl P., Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Armstrong, Ellis Bruce, Salt Lake City, 308 
Armstrong. Kenna Rae, Salt Lake City, 56 
Armstrong. Suzanne, Salt Lake City. 308 
Armstrong, William A.. Ontario. Can. 
Arnett, Junetta. Mesa, Ariz. 
Arney, Betty Chloe. Globe. Ariz. 

Arnold, Alvin Watson, Cochran, Ga., 290 

Arnold, Carol Ann. Hamilton. Ohio, 172, 308 

Arnold, Jacqueline, Esplanade R.B , Calif., 132 

Arnold, Leo Finlinson, Salt Lake City, 192 

Arnold, Marilyn, Ogden 

Arnold, Robert B„ Salt Lake City 

Arnoldsen, Larry M., Las Vegas, Nev. 

ArringCon, Ann Louise, Salt Lake City, 150 

Arrington, Cammon Irby, Salt Lake City, 328 

Arvanitas, Patricia E., Pittsburgh, Pa., 328 

Asay, Dawn Johnson, Provo 

Asay, Donald Huntsman, Provo 

Asay, Estella Diane. Lovell, Wyo.. 329 

Asay, Robert Dix, Lovell, Wyo., 64 

Ash, Anthony Woodrow, Buhl, Ida. 

Ash, Donald B., Lehi 

Ash, Len Gene, Pleasant Grove 

Ash, Nola, Pleasant Grove 

Ash, Owen Kenneth, Provo 

Ash, Wayne R., Provo, 91, 229 

Ashby. Dale Francis, Seattle, Wash., 290 

Ashby, Gordon Thomas, Provo, 56, 184 

Ashby, Joan Louise. Clearfield, 56, 146, 157 

Ashby, Karolyn, Provo 

Ashby, Keith Donald, Bellflower, Calif. 

Ashby, Kenneth Ralph, Phoenix, Ariz., 200, 245, 

Ashby, Marian, Provo, 64, 119 
Ashby, Sandra Dale, Hilborough, Calif.. 308 
Ashby, Verel Roderick, Provo 
Ashby, William Larry, Phoenix, Ariz., 200, 308 
Ashcraft, Georgia Mae, Springville, 308 
Ashcroft, Sharon A.. Eager, Ariz., 200, 308 
Ashmore, William R., Jr., Provo, 124, 308 
Ashton, Kenneth L., Orem, 56 
Ashton, Melvin Thomas, Provo 
Ashton, Norma Jean, Provo 
Ashton, Patsy Fay, Provo, 329 
Asper, Robert, Telocaset, Ore., 290 
Asplund, Charles T„ Alberta, Can., 29, 91, 170 
Astle, Ronald Quist, Los Angeles. Calif., 329 
Atack, Rodney Merrill, Cheyenne, Wyo., 308 
Athay, Marlys, Paris, Ida. 
Atkerson, Christine, Dallas, Tex., 152, 308 
Atkin. Dennis H., St. George 
Atkin, Margaret, Ruth. Nev., 329 
Atkinson, Bernice, Springville 
Atkinson. Dell Cornia, Evanston, Wyo. 
Atkinson. Ellis Doty, Provo 
Atkinson, Geraldine, Springville 
Atkinson, John H., Dearborn, Mich. 
Atkinson, Laura Lee, Provo, 308 
Atkinson, Lewis C, Bend, Ore., 290 
Atkinson, Otis Nilo. Evanston, Wyo., 119, 192 
Atkinson, Sallie, Greenville, S.C., 290 
Attridge, June Marie, Rupert, Ida., 308 
Attwool, William J., os Angeles, Calif., 329 
Atwater, Kathleen R.. Kanab 
Atwood, Jay Larry, Ogden 
Atwood, Marguretta, Salem, Ore.. 64 
Atwood, Mary Deliah, Pleasant Grove 
Atwood, Robert W., Spanish Fork, 116 
Augade, Charles C, Calgary, Alta., Can., 329 
Aurich, Floyd C, Spenard, Alaska, 329 
Aust, Walter Allen. 329 
Austin, Curtis M., Pocatello, Ida. 
Austin, David, Pasadena, Calif. 
Austin, Monya Gay, Provo 
Austin, Nancy Elliott. Salt ake City, 64 
Austin, Richard M., Provo 
Austin. Robert DeMott. Pasadena, Calif., 290 
Austin, Roger Lee. Long Beach, Calif 
Austin, William Thomas, Provo, 329 
Averett, De Lon, Meadow, 308 
Avery. Carolyn, Fairfax, Va., 186, 329 
Avery, Erva, Moses Lake, Wash., 329 
Awerkamp, Blaine N., Whittier, Calif., 290 
Awerkamp. Dwayne Roger, Whittier, Calif., 100, 

Aycock, Dagmar Ann, Vernal, 207, 308 
Aycock, Max Edward, Vernal, 290 
Aydelotte. Frank, Arlington, Tex., 329 


Babbel, Gareth Roy, Twin Falls, Ida., 329 
Babbel, Patricia L„ Idaho Falls, Ida., 196 
Babcock, Sallee Marie, Perris, Calif., 64, 172 
Bachler, William D . Whitefish, Mont., 308 
Backes, Henry V., Jr., Wichita, Kan. 
Backman, Robert Jon, Santaquin 
Backus, Judith Ann. Mesa, Ariz. 
Bacon. Roger Lee, Nampa, Ida., 329 
Baczuk, Alan Eugene, Ogden, 290 
Baddley, Robert R., Pasadena, Calif.. 81 
Badger, Adrienne Rice, Fresno, Calif. 
Badger. Franklin A., Provo 
Badgett, Delois Yvonne, Columbus, Ohio, 168, 

Badham, Leon D., Payson, 126. 290 
Baer, Richard David, Provo, 91. 290 
Bagley, Bonnie, Idaho Falls, Ida., 329 
Bagley, Jerry, Grover, Wyo., 162 
Bagnell. Sharon M, Coalville, 329 
Bagwell. Robert Lavere, Manassa, Colo. 


, 52 

, 290 


. 308 

Bagwell, Tommey Joe, Manassa, Colo. 

Bahe, Arlene Ellian, Fairfield, Conn., 116 

Bahen, Gordon, Escondido, Calif 

Bahr, Don Francis. Bismarck, N.D., 26, 148, 212 

Bailey, Margaret Ann, 290 
Bain, Darlene B., Salt Lake City, 168. 308 
Bain, Janet Louise, San Francisco, Calif., 308 
Bainsbury, Karen Dee, Toppenish, Wash. 
Baird, Craig Riska, Draper 
Baird, H. Kay, Rigby, Ida . 180, 206 
Baird. Leota, Lewiston, Ida., 80 
Baity. Wanda Jean Eva, Peace Dale, R.I., 329 
Bagley, Terrence Floy, Grover. Wyo., 56 
Bagley, Emma Lou, Salt Lake City 
Bagley, Donabel Mane. Salt Lake City 
Badgey. Bonnie Marie. Idaho Falls, Ida., 116 
Bagley, Max, Hillsboro, Ore., 308 
Bailey, Barbara Anne, Sanford, Colo. 
Bailey, Lonn Merrill. Provo 
Bailey, Larry Keith, Sanford, Colo 
Bailey, Larry Lysle, Liberty, 64 
Bailey, Junior C, Liberty, 308 
Bailey, Constance, 186, 329 
Bailey, Lawrence Page, Monticello 
Bailey, Joyce, Fountain Green 
Bak, Edmund Jesse. Felton, Del., 223, 329 
Bake, Larry Dean, Parma, Ida., 329 
Baker, Bonnie, 290 

Baker, Carma Jane, Sparks, Nev., 182, 290 
Baker, Charlene E., Torrance, Calif. 
Baker. Dennis Michael. Nampa, Ida., 85 
Baker, Evalyn, Provo, 76, 117 

Baker, Faye Arlene, Glendnra, Calif., 56, 182, 224 
Baker, Gary Lynn, Malad, Ida., 308 
Baker. Glenda, Burley, Ida 
Bjker. Janet, Burley, Ida. 
Baker, Jean Yvonne. Salt Lake City 
Baker, Johanna, Provo, 290 
Baker, Joseph O., Draper 
Baker, Luree, 203 
Baker, Parley John, Burley, Ida. 
Baker. Stanley Dent, Salt Lake City 
Baker, Susan. Whittier, Calif., 64. 112 
Baker, Tamra. Redondo Beach, Calif., 160 
Baker. Thomas Carl, Orem 
Baker, Virginia Loree, Phoenix, Ariz., 329 
Baker, Wayne Stevens, Alberta, Can. 
Baker, William Joseph, Detroit, Mich. 
Balck, Arvid Kay, Blanding 
Balck, Thelma, Green River, Wyo. 
Baldauf, Marth Marie, Delancey, N.Y. 
Baldauf, Elsie E„ Delancey, N.Y., 329 
Baldwin. Theodore, Jr., Bellflower. Calif., 52 
Baldwin, Lois Mane, Bountiful, 329 
Baldwin, Rey Duane, Provo 
Baldwin. Roland A , Rawlins, Wyo.. 308 
Bales, Floyd Wayne. Provo, 329 
Bales, Francis A., Jr., Dayton, Tex. 
Ball. Durant Hansford, N. Wilkesboro, N.C., 116, 

Ball. Jennie. Lewisville. Ida., 174, 308 
Ball. Samuel Quist. Ogden. 308 
Ballantyne, Martha J , Boulder City, Nev. 
Ballantyne, Melvin B., Nyssa, Ore., 329 
Ballantyne, Nancy Lee, Winnemucca, Nev. 
Ballantyne, W. James, Provo, 56 
Ballard. Avis Marie, Provo 
Ballard. Betty Raye, Ogden 
Ballard, Sharon Arlene, Denver, Colo., 29, 308 
Balle, Dawn Byrleen, Bicknell 
Ballif, Bonnie Lauris, Provo, 116, 186 
Ballif, Catherine Lou. Portland, Ore. 
Ballif, H. Maurice, Boise, Ida., 251 
Ballif, Margot N„ Boise, Ida. 
Balls, Karen, Dayton. Ida., 308 
Balmer, Son|a H., Salt Lake City 
Balmforth, Ernest Lyn. Idaho Falls, Ida 
Bame, Cecile Ester, Provo 
Bang, Christian Victor, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Bang. James Richard, Cincinnati. Ohio 
Bangerter. Darrell. Seattle, Wash.. 180, 291 
Bankhead. Myrna, Oregon, 209 
Banks, Bennie Lee. Salmon, Ida., 39, 209, 
Banks, James Demar, Milford, 329 
Banks, Joseph Howell, Springville 
Banks. Loretta Luram, Battle Creek, Mich., 329 
Banner, Melvin Boyd. Provo 
Baptiste. Linda S . Gardena.. Calif. 
Baraclough. Nancy Rose. Los Angeles, Calif.. 329 
Barben. Janeal. West Jordan. 329 
Barber, David Henry, Concord, Calif., 180, 240 
Barber, Kitty Sue, Baytown, Tex., 85 
Barber, Russell B.. Layton, 329 
Barclay. Jean Marie, Blackfoot. Ida. 
Bardin, Betty Ann. Arlington, Calif., 186, 266, 

Bardin, Lanea, Arlington, Calif. 
Bardsley, Otto V , Springville 
Barfuss. Dan Christian, Eagle, Ida.. 308 
Barfuss, George W , Eagle, Ida. 
Barg. Kathryn, 104 

Barkdull. F Del, American Falls. Ida.. 85 
Barkdull. Franklin D. Alameda, Ida, 192, 147 
Barkdull, Jay Harrison, American Falls, Ida., 291 
Barker, Barbara Ruth, Salt Lake City, 291 
Barker, Cloyd Edison, Salt Lake City 
Barker, Duane A., Salt Lake City. 221 
Barker. Linda, Kaysville, 308 
Barker. Mary Joyce, Saratoga, Calif. 
Barker. Sandra, M,urray 
Barker, Shirley Ann, Loganville, Wis. 
Barling. Margo Darlene, Cody, Wyo.. 291 
Barlow, Ada Lucille. Blackfoot, Ida.. 119. 126, 

, 308 




Barlow, Charles Edmund, Layton, 329 
Barlow, Christia Lynn, Denver, Colo.. 172 
Barlow, C. Paul, Santa Monica, Calif. 
Barlow, Glenn Burnham. Santa Monica, Calif 

Barlow, Mic Gerald, Pocatello, Ida. 
Barlow, Nathan Bruce. Provo, 25 
Barlow, Paul Weston, Provo 
Barlow. Sarah, Vale, Ore., 174 
Barlow, Stanley Dee, Otello. Wash , 329 
Barlow, Wilford Larry, Bountiful, 329 
Barner, Edward Lee 
Barnes, Arthur P., Arco, Ida., 329 
Barnes. Dave, 229 

Barnes, Gary Dean, Downey, Ida., 329 
Barnes, Janice, SLC, 291 
Barnes. Joanne, Arco, Ida.. 65 
Barnes. Larry P., Arco, Ida. 
Barnes, Leah Pearl, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Barnes, Myrna Dee, L'con, Ida. 
Barnes, Nancy E., Long Beach, Calif.. 

Barnes, William R., Holtville, Calif. 
Barnett, Dale Gilmer, Sunset, 329 
Barnett, Edward L., Shreveport, La. 
Barnett, Fredrick S., Provo 
Barnett, Linda K., Fontana. Calif., 329 
Barnett, Mary Garff. SLC. 
Barnett. Owen Lee, Murray 
Barnett, Robert Leroy, Sun Valley, Calif 
Barnett, Warren C, Ogden 
Barnette, Charles R., Albertson, N. C. 
Barney, Beulah, Delta, 291 
Barney, Dianne, Annabello, 151 
Barney, Frances Dee, Samuels, Ida., 329 
Barnty, Grace Diane, Annabella, 151, 295, 308 
Barney, Glade Jolley, Salem 
Barney, Joyce, 119 
Barney, Linda, SLC, 205, 329 
Barney, Lyman Kendall, Provo, 85 
Barney. Shirley, Salem 
Barney. Jr., William C. Orem. 96 
Barney, Yvonne, Elsinore, 156, 329 
Barnhill, Lila Ann, Provo, 329 
Barnhill, William C, Coffeyville, Kan., 329 
Barnhurst, Lanford John, Springfield, Ore. 
Barson, Rodger, Junction, 184 
Barnum, Deanna, Orem. 85, 169 
Barnum, Lea Jeaneal, Ore, 308 
Barrett, William Edgar, Malta, Ida. 
Barrios, M. Arturo A., Guatemala, 91, 192 
Barron, Joan C, La Canada, Calif., 166, 308 
Barrow, Allan Orvil, Gridley, Calif. 
Barrow, Klee, Tracy, Calif., 65, 160 
Barrus, Dave Earl, Ekojon, Calif. 
Barrus, Judith Jean, Pasadena, Calif., 329 
Barrus, La Rue. Sugar City, Ida.. 65. 126 
Barrus, Margaret, Grantsville, 329 
Barrus, Nola Jean, Cheyenne, Wyo., 150, 
Barrus, Wallace, Gooding, Ida. 
Barry, Barbara Jean, Long Beach, CaL, 65, 

Barson, Clyde John, Inglewood, Calif., 308 
Bartholomew. Anna Lee, Long Beach, Calif., 172 

225, 308 
Bartholomew, Davis, 212 
Bartholomew, Errol, Springville, 308 
Bartholomew, Merlin, Van Nuys, Calif. 
Bartholomew, Richard, Provo, 216, 291 
Bartlett, Darwin Max, Twin Falls, Ida., 308 
Bartlett, Helen Marie, New Providence, N. J. 

Batty, Annette, Vernal, 207, 329 
Baughman, Denavar L., Kanab, 329 
Baum, Homer Lowell, Provo 
Baum, Lynden P., Seattle, Wash., 291 
Baumgarten, David Ree, San Bernardino, Calif. 
Baumgarten, James N., Provo, 85 
Baumgartner, Colleen. Salt Lake City, 196, 291 
Baxter, Clinton J., Murray, 329 
Baxter, Colleen D, Provo 
Baxter, Judith Louise, Chula Vista, Calif. 
Baxter, Loren Gene, Klamath Falls, Ore., 162 
Baxter, Muriel Lynne, Salt Lake City 
Bay. Arthur Stuart, Dillon, Mont. 
Bay, Robert Ellis, Marysvale 
Baules, Finley Harris, Blanding 
Beach, Jerry Arthur, Los Angeles, Calif., 291 
Beach, John Laurence, Riverton, Wyo., 308 
Beach, Roy Bucklin, Burbank. Calif. 
Beach, William F., Springville 
Beachler, Bette Lou, Kemmerer, Wyo., 80 
Beagley, John Laray, Tooele, 329 
186, 303, Beagley, Kent Ferrell, Orem 

Beal, Clayton Philip, Tocoma, Wash., 308 

Beals, Arthur Reeve, Mesa, Ariz. 

Beaman, Bruce Wayne, San Diego, Calif., 126, 

Beaman, Helen Keith, Provo 
Bean, Deon, Twin Falls, Ida., 65 
Bean, Dorothy Irene, Medford, Ore. 
Bean, Earl W., American Fork, 212, 291 
Bean, Glade Seth, Twin Falls, Ida. 
Bean, Linda Ann, Shelley, Ida . 329 
Bean, Natalie Diane Price, 291 
Bean, Robert Halsey, Oregon City, Ore 
Bean, Ruth Ellen May, Provo 
Bean, Ruth Mane, Ashland, Ore., 329 
Bean, Scott W., American Fork 
Bean, Walter Ellis, LaGrande, Ore. 
Beard, Marilee, St. George, 23, 202 
Beardill, Georgena M., Springville 
Beardall, James C, Springville, 184 
Beardall, John Smith, Springville, 129, 216, 291 
Beardall. Nilan Ross, Springville 
Bearford, Richard. 209 
Beasley, Careen, Evanston, Wyo., 291 
Beasley, Clarence, Grantsville, Fla., 190 
Beatse, James. Provo, 329 
Beauchamp, Sharon Gail, Weatherford, Tex. 
Beauregard, Cherry N., Fillmore, 126 
Beazer, Gaylen Mark, Lorenzo, Ida., 80 
Beazer, Harry Dean. Alberta, Canada, 201, 308 
Beck, Brent Robinson, Provo 
Berk, Carolyn K , Salt Lake City, 329 
Beck. Douglas Julius, Pleasant Grove 
Beck, Earlene. Fairview, 308 
Beck, Elizabeth, Joseph 
Beck, Firl Winnifred, Centerfield 
Beck, Gayle, Ogden 
Beck, Jacqueline, Provo, 166, 291 
Beck, Jay Tyler, Parker, Ida. 
Beck, Joann, Butte. Mont., 329 
Beck, Larry Robinson, Provo 
Beck, Linda, Provo, 329 
Beck, Marian, Provo, 291 
Beck. Phyllis Delora. Rock Hill, S.C. 
Beck. Veria. Ovid, Ida. 

Becker. Janice Barbara, Salt Lake City, 93, 218 
Beckstead, Arvel Laro, Talmage, 207, 329 
Beckstead, Cloyde B„ Kirtland. N Mex., 205 
Beckstead, Gary B ., Murray, 170, 229, 329 
Beckstead, Henry Chad, Midvale, 329 
Beckstead, Mary Ann, Murray, 329 
82 Beckstead, Mary, Riverton 


148, 291 
, 291 



Bartlett, Janet D., New Providence, N. J., 76 Beckstead, Sharon Ann, Preston, Ida., 329 
Bartlett, Joyce Viola, Bramtree, Mass., 196, 329 Beckstom , Clark J ., Napa, Calif., 329 

Bartlett. Vicke Kaye, San Jose, Calif., 308 

Bartley, Diane, Richfield 

Bartley, Gail E, Burbank, Calif., 291 

Barton, Barbara Carol, Dallas, Tex., 169, 329 

Barton, Billy Joe, Mountain Home, Ida., 308 

Barton, Catherine, Salt Lake City 

Barton. Grant K., Provo 

Barton. John Kenneth, Carey, Ida., 308 

Barton, Marolyn Kay, Moab, 174, 308 

Barton, Robert Owen, Twin Falls, Ida., 355 

Barton, Robert Owen, Twin Falls, Ida., 355 

Barwick, Ronald M , Washington, DC, 329 

Bascaglia, J., 225 

Bascom, Gary Ray, Provo, 52 

Basford, Donna Karleen, Hannibal, Mo., 329 

Bashford, Gordon V.. Worland, Wyo., 308 

Bassett, Arthur Ray, St. Anthony. Ida. 

Bassett, Kay McCurdie, Delta, 116 

Bassett, Rex Howard, Citrus Heights, Calif. 

Bassett, William Lynn. Delta, 308 

Bassett, Wilmer T„ Lovell, Wyo. 

Batchelor, David W., Layton 

Bateman, Brenda, Sandy, 329 

Bateman, Judith Ann, L'nion, Ore., 329 

Bateman. Linden Bart, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Bateman, Lloyd, Butte, Montana, 329 

Bateman, Marietta Lee, Salt Lake City, 104, 214 

Bateman, Mel Rae, Sandy, 119, 152, 220, 308 

Bateman, Ronald Jay. Tooele, 184, 329 

Bates, Carole Jean, Hillsborough. Calif, 128 

Bates. Cornelia May. Boulder City, Nev 

132, 308. 
Bates, Douglas Fetzer, Salt Lake City, 291 

Beckstrand, Mervin M., Meadow, 291 

Beckstrand, Therald C, Meadow, 65 

Beckstrom. Paul H , Spanish Fork 

Beckwith, Rio Varne. Orem 

Bednar, Richard Lee. San Leandro, Calif. 

Bedwell, David Eugene, Park Forest, 111., 329 

Beebe, Wayne Metcalf, Provo 

Beecher, Vermoyne, Elba, Ida., 117, 329 

Beecraft, David Irl. Provo 

Beecroft, Bill Lorenzo, Provo 

Beecroft, Don Edward. Yuma. Ariz. 

Beecroft. Ruth Huish, Provo 

Beedle. Joyce Darline, Miami, Ariz., 329 

Beers, Barbara Moree, Glendale, Calif., 25, 132, 

150, 291 
Beers, Max Delane, Belhngham, Wash., 98, 308 
Beers, Monte D., Pleasant Grove 
Beesley, Merrill Pratt, Salt Lake City 
Beeson, David Ray, Council Bluffs. Iowa, 308 
Beheshti, Mohammed, Teheran. Iran, 210 
Behrmann, Lawrence A , San Bruno, Calif., 216, 

Behrmann, Verl Otto. Springville 
Behunin, Irwin G., Jr., Monticello 
Behunin, Leonard Kehl, Vernal 
Behunin, Margaret, Salt Lake City 
Bekker, Lee De Moyne, Sunnyvale, Calif.. 124, 

Belknap. Addie Leah. Provo 
Belcroft, Don, 329 
26. 129, Bell, Barbara Lynnc, Grantsville, 329 

Bell, Carol Ann. Shreveport, La., 117, 291 
Bell, Carolyn Kyle, Grantsville 

Bates. Mary Yvonne. Salt Lake City, 156, 329 Bell. Diana Maria, Los Angeles, Calif., 291 
Bates, Perry Allen, Santa Monica, Calif, 240 Bell, Elouise Mildred, Tucson, Ariz. 

Bates, Wayne Leslie, Los Angeles, Calif., 96, 162, Bell, Karen Donna, Bingham City, 309 

212 Bell. Kenneth George, Roy, 309 

Bath. Wallace Duane. American Fork, 190 Bell, Landa Anita, Long Beach, Calif., 329 

Battad, Alwin Ronald, Kapaa Kauai, Hawaii, 203 Bell, Marita. LaGrande. Ore., 329 

Bell, Norman Darrel, Ogden 

Bell, Robert Allen, San Gabriel, Calif. 

Belliston, Karen, Pleasant Grove, 172, 329 

Belliston, Spencer R.. Nephi, 202, 291 

Bellon, Arlin Kay, American Fork 

Bellows, Merrill Don, Spanish Fork 

Belmont, Steven Wayne, Provo 

Belnap, Bud, 229 

Belnap, Dean Hatch, Blackfoot, Ida., 309 

Belnap, Elizabeth W., Chih., Mexico 

Belnap, Francis Alvin, Hooper 

B'elnap, Richard Duane, Provo, 216 

Belnap, Ronald Foster. Ogden, 56 

Belshe, Dorothy Naydene, Glendale, Ariz., 329 

Belt. Robert Walter, Provo 

Belton, Linda Jean, Santa Barbara, Calif., 152, 309 

Belue. Travene, Billings, Mont. 

Bench, Ardean William, Orem 

Bench, Earl Markham, Burbank. Calif., 309 

Bench, Enos Walter, Provo 

Bender, Russell M.. Provo, 96, 132 

Benedict, Stewart, Provo, 330 

Benfell. Karen Jean, Spokane, Wash., 123, 330 

Benincosa, Mary Jo., Clearfield, 329 

Bennett, Carol Janet, Bakersfield, Calif., 186 

Bennett, Carol Sue, Salem, Ore. 

Bennett, David Allen, Dallas, Tex. 

Bennett, David Milner, Salt Lake City, 170, 266 

Bennett, Douglas Reed, Bountiful 

Bennett, Emma Helen, Warren, Ore., 291 

Bennett, Fern Louise, Holden 

Bennett, Hope Hilton, American Fork, 65 

Bennett, Jay Lynn, American Fork 

Bennett. Kelvin Leroy, Santa Monica, Calif. 

Bennett, Lynetta M., Harbor Creek, Pa., 330 

Bennett, Mary Jo, Provo 

Bennett, Pearl Agnes, Ontario, Canada, 309 

Bennett, Roger H., Carlsbad, N. Mex., 309 

Bennett, Sylvia L., Macon, Ga., 117, 291 

Bennett, Veldon J., Meadow, 129, 291 

Bennion. C. Jean, Portland, Ore., 65, 196 

Bennion, George Cannon, Delta 

Bennion, Kenneth P., West Jordan 

Bennion, Paul Clark, Farmington 

Bennion, Roy Billings, Lehi, 229 

Benson, Bonnie Amussen, Washington, D.C., 22, 

36, 119, 182, 329 
Benson, Carla Kaye, Sandy, 182, 291 
Benson, Clark, 184 
Benson. Dean Wall, Provo 
Benson, Jerome Taft, Atherton, Calif., 26, 309 
Benson, Jewel Rhea, Idaho Falls, Ida., 172, 291 
Benson, Josephine D , Lynwood, Calif., 309 
Benson, Kent, Preston, Ida., 148, 291 
Benson, Linda Louise, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Benson, Lynn Hunsaker, Ogden, 65 
Benson, Morns Clayson, Preston, Ida., 330 
Benson, Son|a, Boise, Ida., 291 
Benson, Willard Clark, Hurricane 
Bentley, Curtis Vail, Provo, 309 
Bentley. Joseph C, Provo, 85 
Bentley, Joseph Ivins, Monterrey, 330 
Bentley. Kenneth J., 188, 291 
Bentsen, Robert Earl, Rawlins, Wyo. 
Benzley. Shernll Ann. Alhambra, Calif., 330 
Berchtold, Robert E., Brigham 
Berg, Danyla. Beaverton, Ore., 309 
Berg, Kathryn, Heber, 104, 172 
Berg, Peggy Irene, Copperton, 330 
Berg, Sylvia Maurine, Ogden, 123. 291 
Berge, Charles William, Provo 
Berge, John Stark, Coalinga, Calif. 
Bergen, Dixie, 309 
Bergen, Norma Jean, Ogden, 291 
Berger, Dixie Lyn, Terrance, Calif. 
Berger, Jerry Robert, Milford, 330 
Bergeson, Dean R., Provo, 245, 291 
Bergquist. Vernon Lee, Longview, Wash. 
Berkline, Carol Anne, Inglewood, Calif., 158, 330 
Berland, Lyndall Linda, Farmington, N. Mex., 

205, 309 
Bernotski, Stephen, Jr., Reno, Nev., 356 
Berntsen, Michael S„ Orem, 184, 330 
Berrett, Bernell W., Riverton, 126 
Berrett, Frank Dee, Ogden, 238 
Berrett, Lanette L., Downey, Calif., 22, 23, 330 
Berrett, Sherrell K., Murray, 238 
Berry, David Kay, Gabriel, Calif., 25, 52, 147 
Berry. Henry Hilburn, Provo 
Berry, June Irene, San Francisco, Calif., 330 
Berry, Louine, San Gabrial, Calif. 
Berry, Rex Alden, Provo 
Berryesa, Max, 210 
Berryhill, Marilyn L., Spring Valley, Ohio, 65, 

Bertch, Frederick W., Springville 
Berthelson, Max Garet, Conrad, Mont., 202, 330 
Bertoch, Janice CaroL* Salt Lake City, 291 
Bessey, Merritt Lane. Strathmore, Calif., 330 
Best, Brian Stanley, Kamas, 91 
Best. Hazel Joanne, Woodville, Tex., 201, 330 
Best, Mary L., Springville, 309 
Best, Michael Fredric, Kamas, 330 
Best, Richard Brown, 291 
Beswick, Henry Keith, Alhambra, Calif., 330 
Belts, Kay, Salt Lake City 
Beus, Daniel Spencer, Manan, Ida., 291 
Beus, Kent B., Othello, Wash., 291 
Beus. Spencer William, Othello, Wash., 98, 212 
Beutel. Anna Johan, Miami, Ariz., 65 
Beutler. Dolores E.. New Plymouth, Ida., 291 
Bevan, Nellie Joan, Tooele, 330 
Bevan, Paul Keith, Tooele, 309 
Bevan, Wayne Rulon, Sacramento, Calif., 223 


Beveridge, Larry M., Pleasant Grove, 309 

Bezzant, Brian M., Pleasant Grove 

Bickmore, Darla Ann, Lancaster, Calif., 330 

Biddle, Gloria Gayle, Oakland, Calif., 330 

Biddle, Joan E., Victoria, B.C., Canada 

Biddulph, Howard Lowe, Rexburg, Ida. 

Bielson, Gerald W., Lynndyl 

Bigelow, Clarence A., Provo, 200 

Bigelow, Wilbur W., Bloomfield, N. Mex., 330 

Biggs,' Carolyn Jean, McCammon, Ida. 

Biggs, Douglas Alton, Kirtland. N. Mex., 330 

Biggs, Thomas Roy, Scofield 

Bigler, Walter Hish, Provo 

Bigney, Hugh Clinton, Maiden, Mass., 291 

Bilderback, Judith Ann, Boulder City, Nev., 34, 

152, 209, 220, 309 
Bills, Gloria Jean, Boise, Ida., 119, 291 
Bills, Delbert Ray, Lorenzo, Ida. 
Bills, Douglas Daley, Provo 
Bills, Frank Lynn, Payson 
Bills, Gary Lynn, Carmen, Ida., 330 
Bills, Mac Martin, Mapleton, 330 
Bills, Osmer K., Provo 
Bills, Ronald Howard, Spanish Fork 
Bills, Sterling Wayne, Payson 
Binch, Wayne George, American Fork, 98 
Bingham, Goleen Mae, Vernal, 309 
Bingham, DeAnn, Newdale, Ida., 291 
Bingham, George W., Twin Falls, Ida., 330 
Bingham, James R., Spanish Fork 
Bingham, Jay Dee, Santaquin 
Bingham, Joann, Great Falls, Mont., 291 
Bingham, J. Ervine, Emmett, Ida., 291 
Bingham, John M., Emmett, Ida., 124, 330 
Bingham, LaMonte C, Great Falls, Mont., 309 
Bingham, Linda Lee, Douglas, Ariz., 330 
Bingham, Loretta Edith, Idaho Falls, Ida., 330 
Binks, Joseph Dean, Springville 
Birchall, Steven T., Turlock, Calif., 330 
Bird, Carol, 196 
Bird, Cloyd Lynn, Rigby, Ida. 
Bird, Dale J., Provo, 330 

Bird, Donna, Los Angeles, Calif., 76, 146, 213 
Bird, Earle Pringle, Provo 
Bird, John Douglas, Springville 
Bird, Thomas D., Jr., St. Francis, Wis., 330 
Bird, Karen E , Rigby, Ida., 356 
Bird, Kathryn Lynne. Memphis, Tenn., 309 
Bird, Lee Ann, 194 
Bird. Lewis Montgomery, Kanosh, 291 

Bird, Rebecca Mary, Frankton Jct.N.Zeal., 204,330BoebIe, Sirlee, 132 

Blakemore, Susan E., San Diego, Calif., 32, 220, 

304, 309 
Blanca, Rosa, 98 

Blanchard, Henry Dale, Othello, Wash., 208 
Blanchard, Joan Marie, Great Falls, Mont., 330 
Blanco, Mario A., Chih., Mexico, 291 
Blaser, Carleen, Carmichael, Calif., 330 
Blasongame, Donald R., Boutiful 
Blatter, Cheryl Elaine, Idaho Falls. Ida., 330 
Blatter, Layne Farrel, Centerville 
Blauer, Aaron Clyde, Burley, Ida, 116, 221, 309 
Blauer, Jone, Burley, Ida., 166, 214 
Blaylock, Gail Yvonne, Buhl, Ida., 123, 309 
Blaylock, Marilyn Jean, Buhl, Ida. 
Bledsoe, Janae O., Walnut Creek, Calif. 
Blinco, Eugene Loyal, Salt Lake City, 80, 132 
Blines, Loanna Mary, Grover City, Calif. 
Blinn, Margaret L., Cottonwood, Ariz. 
Blocher, Loren Milam, Olympia, Wash. 
Blodgett, Joan Carolyn, Salt Lake City, 65, 172 
Blomquist, Laila S., Lahti, Finland 
Blood, Judith, Garland, Wyo., 330 
Bloom, Bradley Bruce, Boise, Ida., 61, 147 
Bloomfield, Beverly, Bylas, Ariz., 65, 169 
Bloomfield, E. Lynne, Farmington, N. Mex. 
Blount, Harold Parker, Pearson, Ga. 
Bloxham, Vestal Ben, Elko, Nev., 291 
Blue, Pncilla Lane, Rock Hill, S. C 
Bluemel, Marsha Rose, Sherman Oaks, Calif., 117, 

Blunck, Virginia Mae, Salem, Va., 291 
Bluth, Dorothy Chylee, Farmington, N. Mex. 
Bluth, Frederick Lee, Santa Monica, Calif. 
Bluth, Lothaire E., Jr., Farmington, N. Mex. 
Bluth, Oscar Daniel, Farmington, N. Mex., 188, 

Boam, Margaret Ann, Murray 
Bobo, Aileen Dauphin, Honolulu, Ha. 
Boden, Marjorie, Salt Lake City, 309 
Boden, Venna Lorraine, Sacramento, Calif. 
Bodley, Sheila Irene, San Luis Obispo, Calif., 331 
Bodily, Arlyn R., Jerome, Ida., 162 
Bodily, Beth Judy, Lewiston 
Bodily, David Martin, Lewiston, 98 
Bodily, Merlyn Ross, Meridian, Ida., 309 
Bodily, Richard H., Preston, Ida., 331 
Bodily, Sandra, Compton, Calif., 158, 331 
Bodily, Shari, Compton, Calif., 309 
Bodily, Teth Alene, 104 
Bodine, Judith Lillia, Evanston, Wyo., 116, 331 

Bird, Virginia Ellen, Arlington, Calif., 330 

Bird, William B., Pocatello, Ida., 330 

Birdzell, Mary Louise, Wells, Nev., 291 

Birkland, Gary Jacob, Redding, Calif. 

Birrell, Arnold, 245 

Birrell, David Robert, Twin Falls, Ida., 330 

Birrell, John Arnold, Twin Falls, Ida., 309 

Bischoff, Joseph S., Idaho Falls, Ida., 309 

Bishop, Barr Burton, Hollywood, Calif., 330 

Bishop, Carolyn C, Delta 

Bishop, Clarence R., Provo 

Bishop, Dale G., Logandale, Nev., 309 

Bishop, Judith Anne, Delta, 116, 330 

Bishop, Joseph Layton, Delta 

Bishop. Lowry Francis, Hinckley 

Bishop, Merylin, Sandy 

Bissell, Harold P., Provo 

Bitter, Dean Ray, Idaho Falls, Ida., 330 

Bitter, Ronald Adams, Idaho Falls, Ida., 330 

Bjarnson, John Gerald, Provo 

Bjork, Kay, Salt Lake City, 76 

Bjorkman. Lynn Robert, Culver City, Calif., 164 

Bjorndal, Carol Jeanne, Salt Lake City, 309 
Black, Beth, Provo 

Black. Bonita Diane, McLean, Va., 330 
Black, David Morley, Hawthorne, Calif. 
Black, Emory Clifford, Savannah, Ga., 309 
Black, George William, Springville, 232 
Black. Joseph Layne, Orem, 211 
Black, Lorene, Delta, 132, 309 
Black, Marcia, Boise, Ida., 80, 182 
Black. Max, Delta, 162 
Black, Robert Duane, Ogden, 56 
Black, Sheila, Phoenix, Ariz., 182 
Black, Thelma, Manila, 123, 150, 291 
Blackburn. Duane E., Great Falls, Mont., 330 
Blackburn. Loye E.. Great Falls. Mont. 
Blackburn, Merle E., Great Falls, Mont., 202, 
Blacker, Leon Wendell, Rupert, Ida., 291 
Blacker, Luane. Heyburn, Ida. 
Blacker, Royal J., Rupert, Ida., 309 
Blackett, John W., Springville 
Blackham. Earl D., Moroni 
Blackhurst, Colleen. Pleasant Grove, 65 
Blackhurst, Sarah Ann. Butte, Mont., 309 
Blackley, Farris Duan, Salt Lake City 
Blackstone, Wallace D., Kenmore, N.Y., 31, 2 
Blad, Blaine L., Salem, 309 
Blair, Albert Carlile, San Diego, Calif., 330 
Blair, James Kelly. Los Angeles, Calif., 159 
Blair. Kenneth Gordon, Shelley, Ida., 309 
Blair, Kenneth Raymond, Vallejo, Calif., 330 
Blair. Paula Diane, Farmington. N. Mex., 330 
Blair, Robert Ronald, Victoria, Tex., 184, 291 
Blake. Barbara, Glendale, Calif., 160. 309 
Blake. Eileen, Shelley. Ida.. 330 
Blake, Frank Brent. St. Anthony, Ida., 309 
Blake, James Verdon, Provo 
Blake, Norma, Provo, 123, 291 
Blake, Reed Harris, St. George, 184 
Blakely, Lou Ann A.. Orem, 85 
Blakely, Robert George, Orem, 98 

Boel, Jolene, Provo, 331 

Boetticher, Dorothy A., Clifton, N. Jersey, 309 

Bogenrife. Winona L., Boulder City, Nev., 36, 

Bogh, Jo Ann, San Bernardino, Calif., 330 

Bohn, Linda Lyman, Blanding 

Bohn, Saun L., Springville, 309 

Bohnet, Gerald Victor, Magrath, Alta., Can., 291 

Boice, Charles Elwin, Tujanga, Calif. 

Bolander, Giles Terry, Cedar City, 104, 162 

Boley, Harry, American Fork, 126, 330 

Boll, Bonnie Gae, 330 

Bolles, Dean, Hayward, Calif., 117. 191 

Bollyer, Burl, 205 

Bolton, Richard Barton, Milford, 159, 309 

Bond, Dennis Emer, Ramah, N. Mex., 205 

Bond, Ethel Carolyn, Ramah, N. Mex., 116 

Bond, Hal D., Salt Lake City, 190, 291 

Bond, James Leavitt, Ramah, N. Mex. 

Bond, Joe W., Provo 

Bond, Marius Laverl, N. Mex. 

Bone, Donna May, Kaysville, 330 

Bone, George Brian, Lehi 

Bone, Lonn Edward, Lehi, 104 

Bone, Ste\en Douglas, Moses Lake, Wash., 208, 

Bonham, Beverly Jean, San Gabriel , Calif., 330 

Bonilla, Marta Ca„ Zonalo, Guatemala, C. Amer., 

Bonner, Evva Kaye, Midway, 356 

Bonney, Frederick J., San Carlos, Calif., 330 

Bonsteel, Koa Donna, Orem 

Bonzo, Douglas Gene, Cedar City, 291 

Boone, James Louie, Boulder City, Nev., 291 

Boone, Jeaneal Lasson. Boulder City, Nev. 

Boone, Lynda Louise, Glendora, Calif., 123, 330 

Booth, Beverly Ann, Orem, 65, 196 

Booth, Dorothy H., Mapleton 
330 Booth, Gordon Dixon, Orem, 291 

Booth, Nelda, HyattviIIe, Wyo. 

Booth. Roberta, Springville, 309 

Boothe. Lewis Larry, Honeyville, 245, 309 

Boothe, Mell J., Provo 

Borden, Edward Eugene, Schenectady, N.Y., 56, 

Borden, Gary Doren, Provo 

Boren. Lenn J., Pendleton, Ore. 
fi Boren, Mane Bramall, Pendleton, Ore. 

Boren, Neldon George, Provo, 330 

Boren. Robert Reed, Provo 

Borg, Kenneth Price, Jr., Salt Lake City, 309 

Borgquist, Dale Thomas. Los Angeles. Calif.. 180 

Borquist, Laurel Ann, Los Angeles. Calif., 164, 

Bornemann. Joan G., La Mesa, Calif., 56 

Borresen, Helene L., Newcastle. Calif.. 309 

Bortz, Jack, Rupert, Ida., 330 

Borup, Jerry Hamilton. Provo, 309 

Borup, Myrtle Caroline, Provo, 309 

Borup, Philip Edward, Provo, 330 

Bos, Peter Paul, Provo 

Boss, Karl C. Provo 

Bossard, Karl C, Provo 

Bossard, Alan Sterlin, Richfield 

Bosworth, Gary Arthur, Ogden 

Bosworth, Richard C, Ogden 

Bott, Mark Dean, Ogden 

Bott, Patricia Ruth, Brigham 

Boucher, Harold David, Toronto, Can., 192, 201, 

Boucher, Lois Jane, Toronto, Can., 174, 309 
Boulet, Diane Eve, Chicago, 111., 291 
Boulet, Jon Lloyd. Chicago, III., 164, 330 
Boulter, Don Foutz, Sutton, Alaska, 330 
Boulton, Lloyd D., Jr., Bingham Canyon, 330 
Bounds, Dennis Rae, Ashland, Ore., 330 
Bounous, Beverly Jean, Provo, ,291 
Bourne, Sharron Diane. Kansas City, Mo., 330 
Bourne, Sidney Arthur, Lethridge, Alta., Can. 
Bowden. Robert Cednc, Provo, 126 
Bowe, Jack DeWayne, Ogden 
Bowen, Evelyn T G., Driggs, Ida. 
Bowen, Leeroy Edward, Saugus, Calif. 
Bowen, Milo Dean, Driggs, Ida. 
Bowen, Nancy Marie, McGill, Nev., 154, 330 
Bowen, James R., Sr., Jax. Fla. 
Bowen, Victor Gary. Great Falls, Mont., 225, 309 
Bower, Dahnelle. Milwaukee, Wis., 334 
Bower, Melene Rochell. Woodland Hill, Calif. 
Bowers. Claudia, Eager, Ariz., 65, 218 
Bowers, Howard L., Provo 

Bowers, Ida Diane, Long Beach, Calif., 117, 309 
Bowers, Joy Arrowsmith, Provo 
Bowles, Roy Tyler, Idaho Falls, Ida., 85 
Bowles, Shirlee F.. Salt Lake Gty 
Bowman, De Wayne C. Las Vegas, Nev., 356 
Bowman, Larry Frank, Hot Springs, Ida., 330 
Bowman, Rhead S., Salt Lake City, 330 
Bown, Ann Marie, Whittier, Calif., 330 
Bown, Jane Anne. Provo 
Bown, Jesse C, Jr., Provo 
Boyack, Brent Evans, Provo, 330 
Boyack, Maureen, Seattle, Wash.. 117, 208, 331" 
Boyack, Paul Wallace, Provo, 250 
Boyce. Paul Richard, Sandy, 188 
Boyd, Marvin Jerry, Cody, Wyo., 330, 331 
Boyenger, Gerald Lavon, Nampa, Ida. 
Boyer, Ernest Fritz, Springville 
Boyer, Jorgen Jarrett. Springville, 330 
Boyer, Kent DeRoy, Pleasant Grove 
Boyer, Mac Dell, Pleasant Grove, 330. 331 
Boyer. Mary Naomi, Springville, 126, 128, 152, 

220, 309 
Boyle. Dennis, 180 

Boyle, Frances Kathryn. Phoenix, Ariz.. 200. 330 
Boyle, William H„ 63 
Boyne, William M , Fullerton, Calif., 209 
Boynton, Leo George, Sandy, 65 
Brackner, James Walter, Long Beach, Calif., 309 
Bradbury, Dixie Gay. Bellingham, Wash., 204, 

Bradfield. Terry Vern, Scipio, 65 
Bradford, Blaine J., Spanish Fork, 245 
Bradford, Nancy Ann, Oxnard, Calif., 162 
Bradford. Philip Alma, Pomona, Calif., 162 
Bradford, Richard B., Oxnard, Calif., 100 
Bradford, Robert W., Spanish Fork 

Bradford, Stephen C, Pomona, Calif. 

Bradley, lone, Richfield, 152, 220, 309 

Bradshaw, Janet S., Provo 

Bradshaw, Lawrence S., Drummond, Mont. 

Bradshaw, Marcia Seely, Salt Lake City. 23. 205, 

Bradshaw, Marcia Lynn, Salem Ore., 309. 331 

Brady, Donald Ray, Ithica, N. Y. 

Brady, Gary John, Salt Lake City, 291 

Brady, Judith Merlene, Sandy, 331 

Brady, Lawrence C, Provo, 213 

Brady. Lon Garth, Fairview, 99 

Brady, Sandra, Durham, N.C., 309 

Bragg, Harvey LeRoy, Salt Lake City, 309 

Bragg, Mary Helen, Long Beach. Calif., 169 

Braglio, Vincent J., Whittier, Calif 

Braithwaite, Gail, Salt Lake City, 174, 331 

Braithwaite, Keith D., Magrath, Alta.. Canada 

Braithwaite, Lee Fred. Provo 

Braithwaite, Leonard, Provo 

Biaithwaite, Ruth Mary, Provo 

Bramall, Betty Jean, Careywood, Ida., 331 

Bramwttl, Barbara Ann, Ogden, 291 

Bramwell, Bonnie Kay, Oakland, Calif., 166, 291 

Bramwell, Richard H., Inglewood, Calif., 291 

Brandis, Jean, Berkeley, Calif., 291 

Brandley, Peter, Raymond, Alta., Canada 

Brandon, Lila Kay. Provo 

Brandt. William E , Jr.. Orem 

Brannen. James R., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Branning, Royce DeWitt. American Fork, 331 

Brany, Sandra, 309 

Brasher, Pattie Sue, Huntington, 65 

Bratcher. Tillie Laree. Blyth, Calif.. 309 

Braun, Joan Mildred. Brooklyn, NY. 

Bray, Clark Orval. Springville 

Bray. John Kent. Salt Lake City 

Bray. Lawrence Hall, Spanish Fork 

Breeze, Karen, Salt Lake City, 172, 331 

Breglio. Vince, Whittier. Calif.. 331 

Brienholt. Karen M.. Provo. 186 

Breitenbuecher. Gayle. San Francisco. Calif. 

Breitenstein. Frank V., China Lake, Calif., 99 

Bremer, Robert J.. Dallas. Tex., 331 

Brewer. Gerry Wayne, Snowflake, Ariz., 238 

Brewster, Richard C, Lakewood, Calif., 52 

Brewster, Sam, 159 

Brian, Arthur William, Logan. 61, 190 

Brian, Janet, Bountiful, 309 

Bridge, Mary Jo, Salt Lake City. 160. 291 

Brienholt, Karen, Provo, 158 

Briggs, Ernest Tom, Provo 

Briggs, Gwen Ellen, Rigby, Ida., 117 

Briggs, Nancy Iretta, Provo 

Briggs, Wade J., Winnemucca, Nev., 310 

Bright, Clifta, Rigby, Ida., 119, 150, 174, 291 

Bright, Darns J., Teton, Ida., 204, 310 

Bright, Dennis A., Teton. Ida., 310 

Bright, Don Douglas, St. Anthony, Ida., 291 

Brighton, Patricia K., Barrington. 111. 

Brim, Beulah, Downey, Ida., 65, 146 

Brim. Larry Hyde, Downey, Ida., 25, 100 

Brim, Willis LaVern, Downey, Ida. 

Brimhall, Arden J., Provo 

Brimhall, Frank Eugene, Mesa, Ariz., 148, 191, 

Brimhall, Janetle, Provo, 76 
Brimhall, Manta L., Mesa, Ariz., 129, 310 
Brimhall, Mocella Ann, Mesa, Ariz., 128, 319 
Brimhall, Norman A., Pleasant Grove, 291 
Brimhall, Stephen Kar, Provo 
Brimhall, Willis H., Pleasant Grove 
Brimley, Sterling, Santa Monica, Calif., 98 
Brindley, Milton Wayne, Koosharem, 291 
Bringhurst. Rae Ann, Menlo Park, Calif., 116. 331 
Bnnghurst, Ralph O., Toquerville, 292 
Bringhurst, Robert J., Alhambra, Calif., 291 
Bringhurst, Robert J., Alhambra, Calif., 291 
Bringhurst, Wayne Hal, Toquerville, 292 
Brinkerhoff, Kendell. Lovell. Wyo. 
Bnnkerhoff, Merlin, Worland, Wyo., 331 
Brinkman, Gary Willis, Placerville, Calif., 292 
Brinton, Elias, Provo 
Britsch, Charlotte, Provo, 186, 331 
Britsch, Ralph Lanier. Provo 
Broadbent, Berne D., Mapleton, 99 
Broadbent, Nann, Lehi, 310 
Broadbent, William E., Casper, Wyo. 
Broadhead, David Karl, San Marino, Calif. 
Broadhead, David R„ Nephi 
Broadhead, Dee Warren, Heber 
Broadhead, Kent David, Orem 
Broadhead, Maeser D., Grand Junction, Colo. 
Broadhead, Nina Louise, Nephi 
Broberg, Carolyn, San Francisco, Calif., 25, 119, 

Brock, Carson Willie, Boldsboro, N. C. 
Brock, Edward Earl, Goldsboro, N. C. 
Brock, Perry Morris, Goldsboro, N. C. 

Brockbank, Diane, Salt Lake City 
Brockbank, Eleanor R., Orlando, Fla., 292 

Brockhoff, Joseph, Jr.. Metairie, La. 

Broderick, Patricia A., Stockton, Calif., 314 

Brodie, Robert Edmund, Flagstaff, Ariz., 209, 331 

Brogdon, Frances L., Jerome, Ida., 331 

Broman. David Gary, Ohio, 86 

Bromley, Dennis Karl, Downey, Calif., 331 

Bromley, Richard Green, American Fork, 310 

Bromley, Stephen C, Downey, Calif. 

Brook, William Dean, Payson 

Brooks, Alice Louise, Los Angeles, Calif., 331 

Brooks, Ben Hugh, Cardston, Alberta, Can. 

Brooks, Paul Wayne, Bell Gardens. Calif., 331 

Brooks, Ralph Morris. Detroit, Mich., 184, 331 

Brooks, Teena. Provo 

Brooks, Tom D., Richmond, Calif. 

Brooksby, Gerald A., Eugene, Ore. 

Brooksby, Merrill W.. Fredonia, Ariz., 95, 212 

Brooksby. Oscar Keith, Fredonia, Ariz. 

Brooksby, Rene, Fredonia, Ariz., 310 

Brooksby, Wayne J., Provo 

Brooksby, Wesley B., Fredonia, Ariz., 56 

Bross, Keith William, Medford, Ore. 

Brossard, Ben Edgar, Palo Alto, Calif., 148, 310 

Brough, Arta Jenkins, Nephi, 56 

Brough, Eleanor, Kaysville, 292 

Brough, Evelyn. Kaysville, 169. 310 

Brough, John Lynn, Nephi, 310 

Brower, Ardis Jane, Morgan, 310 

Brower, Beth, Poison, Mont., 331 

Brower, Elizabeth Ann, Poison, Moot. 

Brower, Jean, Blackfoot, Ida., 116, 331 

Brower. Joan, Mt. View, Alaska, 116, 331 

Brower, Juanita R., Heyburn, Ida. 

Brower, Raedene, 331 

Browman, Rhea, Cincinnati, Ohio, 331 

Brown, Ann LaRay, Coalville, 65, 182 

Brown, Arnie Richard, Bozeman, Mont., 310 

Brown, Barbara Elizabeth, Portland, Ore., 310 

Brown, Barbara Jean, Portland. Ore., 166, 331 

Brown, Burton Ross, Provo 

Brown, Charles Ross, Farmington, N. Mex.. 331 

Brown. Charles Ray. Whittier. Calif. 

Brown, Cicely Anne, San Marino. Calif., 331 

Brown, Claude, 310 

Brown, Geo Elaine, Melbourne. Fla., 116, 206, 

Brown, Colleen, Duncan. Ariz. 

Brown, Curtis, 229 

Brown, Dee Ann Clark, Montpelier. Ida. 

Brown, Dennis Dean. Sandy, 91 

Brown, Denny L.. Pocatello. Ida., 164, 211 

Brown, Diane Lucile, Atlanta, Ga. 

Brown, Edna Lee, Provo 

Brown, Edward Dennison, Centerville 

Brown, Frances L , Bluewater, N. Mex . 205 

Brown. Frank Robert, American Fork 

Brown. Gayle. Idaho Falls, Ida., 331 

Brown. Gerald Allan, Provo 

Brown, Geraldine, Twin Falls. Ida., 156 

Brown. Glenda Mary, Orem 

Brown. Glenna Marlene. Grantsville. 292 

Brown, Harold. Provo 

Brown. James Frank. Lovell. Wyo. 


Brown, James Jay, Denver, Colo., 310 
Brown, Janeen Ruth, Palos Verdes, Calif., 194, 

203, 293 
Brown, Jay Dean, Payson, 331 
Brown, Jerryl Dene, Lakewood, Calif., 214 
Brown, Joan Maxine, San Bruno, Calif., 331 
Brown, Curtis P., Jr., Stonington, Conn. 
Brown, Kay I dell, San Francisco, Calif. 
Brown, Keith Holbrook, Alhambra, Calif., 221 

Brown, Kent Stanley, Bountiful 
Brown, Lafe B., Provo 
Brown, Larry Lee, Klamath Falls, Ore., 310 
Brown, Laurel. West Jordan, 331 
Brown, Le Dene, Idaho Falls, Ida., 292 
Brown, Lee, Provo, 331 
Brown, Lee Raymond, Tooele, 310 
Brown, Leonard Gary, Coalville 
Brown, Linda LaRue, Jacksonville, Fla., 331 
Brown, Marlene, Grantsville, 160 
Brown, Mary Corey, Rigby, Ida. 
Brown, Melvin Richins, Coalville, Utah 
Brown, Murlyn Lamar, Provo 
Brown, Myrlan Anderson, St Johns, Ariz., 331 
Brown, Nancy Burton, Bend, Ore , 65 
Brown, Orval Nicholas, Sherman Oaks, Calif. 
Brown, Owen Keith, Pleasant Grove 
Brown, Patricia Emily, Salt Lake City, 310, 331 
Brown, Paul Aroe, Blanding, 331 
Brown, Ralph Buckley. Fallbrook, Calif. 
Brown, Ray Michael, Provo 

Brown, Raymond, Carrol, Bremerton. Wash., 52 
Brown, Rex Albert, Rigby, Ida. 
Brown, Richard A., Saseboe, Japan, 56 
Brown, Richard Carvel, Cheyenne. Wyo., 310 
Brown, Richard Dale, American Fork 
Brown. Richard Roy. Ogden, 86 
Brown. Ronald Kay. Atlanta, Ga., 229 
Brown, Sandra Lee, Columbia Falls, Mont., 331 
Brown, Scott Kent, Sandy, 331 
Brown, Sharon, Kamas, 331 
Brown, Steven L., Provo, 56 
Brown, Susan, Hollywood, Calif., 172, 310 
Brown, Wanda Kay, Tooele, 31, 123, 331 
Brown, Wayne Lamar, Monticello 
Brown, Willard D, Buhl, Ida., 310 
Brown, William Claude, Castro Valley, Calif. 
Brown, William Herbert. Los Angeles. Calif., 331 
Brown. William Richard, Las Vegas, Nev., 310 
Brown. William Theron, Rexburg, Ida. 
Brown, William Winn, Lovell, Wyo. 
Brown, Wilson Carl, Provo, 126, 129 
Brown. Wyn De Alton. Clearfield. 1 17, 310 
Browne. Frank Almon. Arvada. Colo. 
Browning. Gary Lee, St. Manes, Ida., 331 
Browning, Judy Ann, Baton Rouge, La. 
Browning, Linda Lee. Baton Rouge, La. 
Brownlee. Nancy Diehl, Provo 

Bru*.e, Gary Harman, Chandler. Ariz. 

Bruckman, Jan Korom, Provo 

Brundage. Joe R., Phoenix. Ariz., 147 

Bruno, Dixie, 204 

Bruno, Mary Frances, St. Louis, Mo., 331 

Brunski, Beverly. Salt Lake City 

Brunson. Richard Hugh, Baytown, Tex., 204, 310 

Brunt. Clara Jane, Idaho Falls. Ida., 209. 331 

Brush, Ardis Fay, Cupertino. Calif., 331 

Bryan. John Carver, Tooele 

Bryan, Melvin Ward. Ogden, 191, 310 

Bryner, Jerald Bitner, Salt Lake City, 53 

Bryner. Loren Conrad. Provo, 310 

Bryson, Philip Lowell, Vernal 

Buchanan. Alice Joyce. Columbia. Mo., 292 

Buchanan. Dona Julynn, Gunnison, 292 

Buchanan. Frederick C . Richland, Wash., 86 

Buchanan, Richard Max, Provo 

Buchanan, Robert N„ Denville, N. J. 

Bucher, Janet Mae, Bellflower. Calif. 

Buch. Penny Joyce. Othello, Wash.. 331 

Buckley. Connie, Provo. 182. 310 

Buckley. John C, Provo 

Buckner, Dean Taylor, Provo 

Buckncr, Eugene T., Provo 

Bucknum, Daniel R., Bend, Ore., 56, 180 

Buckwalter. James B., American Fork, 100, 211 

Buckwalter, Ray G., Provo 

Buckwalter, Ross M., American Fork, 221 

Budge. Allen Newell, Roy. 99 

Budge, Arvin. Payette, Ida., 310 

Budge. Kathryn, Provo, 292 

Buhler, LeRoy Nile, Provo, 104 

Buhler, Ned H .. Midway 

Buhman, Dennis Ray. Alhambra, Calif. 

Bullard. Donald. Bell. Calif., 331 

Bullock. Nancy Kay, Provo 

Bullington. Robert J., Denver, Colo. 

Bulloch. Beverly Ruth. Boulder City, Nev. 

Bullock. Benjamin N.. Provo, 99 

Bullock, Burt Warren, Rawlins, Wyo., 180, 229 

Bullock, Clara F., Provo 

Bullock. Diane. Coalville, 172. 214, 310 

Bullock, Genelle Emil, Alberta, Canada 

Bullock, Gerald Alvin, Alberta, Canada 

Bullock, Ladell Ray, Alberta, Canada 

Bullock. Ralph P.. Provo, 310 

Bullock. Richard H , Provo, 331 

Bullock. Robert Earl. Alberta, Canada 

Bundock. Nancy Sonja, Ashland, Ore , 65 

Bundy. Claudia Gail. 152, 213, 310 

Bunker. Gary Lamond, Provo 

Bunker, Ivan Andersen, Orem, 99 

Bunker. Merrill K .Delta. 331 

Bunker, Richard W., Provo 

Bunker, Robert Clyde, Las Vegas. Nev. 

Bunker, Susan, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Bunnell, Beth Marie, Brigham, 310 

Bunnell, Judith Mae, Salt Lake City 

Bunnell, Karl Gary, Provo, 331 

Burbidge. Lucille. Salt Lake City, 172 

Burch, Robert John, Oakley, Ida. 

Burckle, Lloyd Henry, Green Bay, Wis. 

Burgess, DD Rae. Pilot Rock, Ore., 310 

Burgess, Eva Dean, Rupert, Ida., 331 

Burgess, Theron I , Simms, Mont., 39 

Burich, Roger John, Westminster, Calif. 

Burke. Deleen, Vernal, 331 

Burke, Hugh Earl, Manchester, Ga. 

Burke. Isabelle Jean, Eielson AFB, Alaska, 65, 
112, 146, 204 

Burke, Larry M., Vernal 

Burke, Marlyn Kuulei, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Burke, William Harold. El Cernto, Calif., 310 

Burke. William Irving, Lake Grove, Ore. 

Burley, Bessie Louise. Whittier, Calif., 166, 331 

Burnett, Dallas, 216 

Burnett, Ivy Lapriel, Ontario, Ore., 331 

Burnett, Joyce Norine, Ogden, 66 

Burnett, Norma Kay, Santaquin 

Burnett, Paul Merlin, McFirth, Ida. 

Burney, Boyd Francis, Salina 

Burnham, Russell A., Las Vegas, Nev. 

Burnham, Vosco Millet, Jerome, Ida., 310 

Burningham, Karen, Bountiful 

Burningham, Lee Serge, Bountiful, 310 

Burningham, Robert G., American Fork. 159. 331 

Burningham, Stephen G.. Provo, 159, 310 

Burns, Darrel James, Park City 

Burns, Keith J., Duart, Calif. 

Burnside, Afton, Orem 

Burnside, Clyde Monte, Kenilworth 

Burnside, Jesse C, Fairview, 292 

Burnson, Peter Leonar, Las Vegas, Nev., 292 

Burr, Glade LeEarl. Orem, 223, 331 

Burr. Glenda, Orem, 292 

Burr, John William, Provo 

Burr. Wesley Ray, Salt Lake City 

Burrell, Gordon Knight, Alhambra, Calif., 66 

Burrell, Janice D , Ridgecrest, Calif., 76 

Burrell, Lester Ray, Farmington, N. Mex.. 331 

Burris, William Keith, Seattle, Wash., 116 

Burrows, Hal R.. Mapleton. 331 

Burrup, Kaye LaRue, Provo, 66, 146, 186 

Burt. Jack Weldon, Springville 

Burt, Linda Lee, Richland, Wash.. 331 

Burt, Martha Jane. Provo, 331 

Burt, Roger Taggart, Salt Lake City, 331 

Burt, William Melvin, Salt Lake City 

Burtenshaw, Rosemarr, Blanding, 331 

Burton, Beverly Anne, Harpers Ferry, W. Va., 76 

Burton, Clyde Ernest. Salt Lake City, 310 

Burton, Duane Smedley, Layton, 331 

Burton. Etholene, Talmage 
Burton, Grant Shirl, San Jose, Calif., 331 
Burton, Hanna Joan, Sun Valley, Calif., 331 
Burton, James Ashland, Cleveland, Ohio 
Burton, Janet, Ogden 
Burton, John Richard, Portland, Ore., 331 
Burton, Keith Corry, Harpers Ferry, W. Va., 310 
Burton, Sheril Dale Malad, Ida. 
Burton, Tamara, Ontario, Ore. 
Burton, Thomas Roshaa, Ogden, 86 
Busath, Boyd Hanks. Salt Lake City, 310 
Buscagha. J. Walter, Crockett. Calif., 126 
Busch. Diane Joy. Vernal. 207 
Bush. Douglas P.. Provo. 99 
Bush, Gary, 29 
Bush, Gerald Vernon, Ogden 
Buch, Richard Andrew, Provo, 111 
Bush, Richard David Provo, 124. 310 
Bush, Robert Leon. Santa Ana, Calif., 209, 331 
Bush, Ronald Leslie, Salt Lake City, 310 
Bush, Susan Ann, Salt Lake City, 156, 209, 331 
Bushman, Carolyn Mae, Provo 
Bush, Vernon Eugene, Denver, Colo., 331 
Bush, William Stanley, American Falls. Ida., 310 
Bushman, David Ray, Showlow, Ariz., 331 
Bushman, Dean Nelson, Provo 
Bushman, Laural Jean, Lehi, 310 
Bushman, Patty Ordean, Showlow, Ariz , 200 
Busker, David Lloyd, Provo 
Busselberg, Evonne, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Busterud, Kay Lynne, Provo 
Butcher, Catherine L., Hiawatha 
Butcher, Vernean, Kaysville, 116. 331 
Butler. Albert Ray, Richfield 
Butler, Dorothy Louise, Bell, Calif. 
Butler, Ervan Henry, Eagar, Ariz., 96, 212 
Butler, Frank Albert, Idaho Falls, Ida., 213. 292 
Butler. Ross Ervin, Jr.. Vale, Ore., 310 
Butler, Kenneth David, Payson 
Butler, Lavon Wygal, Springerville, Ariz., 292 
Butler, Leone Gena, Jerome, Ida. 
Butler. Sherrel Gay. Provo. 310 
Butler, Vera, Kamas, 123, 332 
Butler. Virginia May, Kellogg, Ida.. 310 
Butt, David Lamar, Bingham 
Butterfield, Glenn A., Pocatello, Ida- 
Butters. Barbara, Salt Lake City, 209, 332 
Butters, Sharolyn. Bountiful. 214, 310 
Butters. Sherman Layne. Pacific Palisades. Calif., 

209, 310 
Buxton. Boyd Marlin, Moore, Ida., 292 
Buxton. Clifford Val. Lewiston 
Buyon, Edwin Franklin. Montpelier. Ida. 
Bybe. Delva Marlene, Ely, Nev., 332 
Bybee, Craig Emil, Springville, 332 

Bybee, Janice, Van Nuys, Calif., 116, 332 
Bybee, Joanne E„ Oakland, Calif., 292 
Bybee, Klair Nalder, Bell, Calif., 132, 310 
Bybee, Linda Ellen, Bell, Calif., 332 
Bybee, Marine Ann, Seattle, Wash., 172, 310 
Bybee, Myron Burrell, Ely, Nevada, 184 
Byers, Carl Norman, Oakland, Calif., 332 
Byers, Dennis, 180 

Byers, Kenneth Wayne, Ontario, Ore., 99, 164 
Byers, Sharon Lee, Franklin, Mich 
Bylund, Elizabeth Joan, Eugene, Ore., 310 
Byrd, Donna Lee, Jackson, Wyo., 332 
Byrnes, Thomas Edgar, Shreveport, La. 
Bywater, Harold Diane, Brigham City, 310 
Bywater. Richard Lama, Vallejo, Calif. 


Cable, Lewis Jay, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Cable, Leona Ann, San Mateo, Calif., 204, 332 

Cahoon, Jim, 201 

Calapp, Sara Lorraine, Sacramento, Calif., 123, 

186, 332 
Calder, Allene C, Vernal, 156, 292 
Calder, Colleen, Provo, 150, 292 
Calder, Suzanne, Provo, 156, 310 
Calderon, Paula M„ Yakima, Wash 
Caldwell, Colleen R., Salt Lake City, 104 
Caldwell, De Lynn, Alberta, Canada, 332 
Caldwell, Paul Marvin, Midvale, 170, 229 
Caldwell, Ray Edward, Cardston, Alberta, Canada, 

201, 292 
Calhoun, Norman D.. Mesa, Ariz , 117 
Calhoun, Wayne Elgin, Mesa, Ariz. 
Call, Ann Mane. Bountiful, 332 
Call, Anson Vee, Chihuahua, Mex. 
Call, Carolyn Irene, Malad, Ida., 310 
Call, Diana Louise, Ogden, 292 
Call, Donald Romney, Appleton, Wis., 212. 310 
Call, fames Richard, Oildale, Calif., 86 
Call, Katherine, Salt Lake City, 218 
Call, Larry Ben, Twin Falls, Ida. 
Call. Lynn Bowen, Brigham City, 310 
Call. Margie, Las Vegas, Nev., 66 
Call, Osborne Jay, Soda Springs, Ida. 
Call, Owen Dean, Orem, 85 
Call, Shirley Ann, Layton, 292 
Call. Steven Taylor, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Call, Thora LaRae, Rigby, Ida., 332 
Callaway, Lowell Evan, Altadena, Calif. 
Callister. Douglas S., Glendale, Calif. 
Callister, JoAnn, Delta 332 
Callister, Katherine, Delta 
Callister, Linda, Fillmore 126, 225, 310 
Callister, Louise M„ Whittier, Calif., 332 
Calton, Robert Gordon, Salt Lake City, 56 
Calvert, Tracy, Alhambra, Calif., 217 
Calvin, Jean Marie, Buffalo, N. Y., 332 
Camarillo, Gloria J , Monterey Park, Calif , 174, 

Cameron, Frederick A., Quincy, Calif., 332 
Cameron, Marilyn, Van Nuys, Calif., 332 
Cameron. Stan, Provo, 180 
Camp, Linda Lou, Palmdale, Calif., 332 
Campora, Steve, 229, 245 
Campball, L„ 209 
Campbell, Beth Larsen, Provo 
Campbell. Bud, 180 
Campbell, Carol S., Phoenix, Ariz., 310 
Campbell, Carolyn, Los Alamitos, Calif. 
Campbell, Don George, Sandy 
Campbell, F. Richard, Mesa, Ariz., 159, 332 
Campbell, Gary Lyman, Orem 
Campbell. Grant Baird, Los Alamitos, Calif.. 332 
Campbell, Jack Dempsey, Pikeville, Ky., 310 
Campbell, James R., Boise, Ida., 332 
Campbell, Blaine B., Jr., Salt Lake City, 223, 332 
Campbell, Judith, Chicago, III. 
Campbell, Judy Ann, Orem, 158, 332 
Campbell, Kenneth L , Orem, 310 
Campbell, Linda Lee, American Falls, Ida.. 332 
Campbell, Lyman Mario, Vernal 
Campbell, Margaret, Honolulu, Hawaii 
Campbell, Maurice L., Provo 
Campbell, Phyllis R„ Sparks, Nev., 196, 204, 292 
Campbell, Rebecca, San Diego. Calif. 
Campbell, Robert H . Spanish Fork, 126, 129, 292 
Campbell, Robert Alan, Los Angeles, Calif., 310 
Campbell, Roger Byron, Provo 
Campbell, Sue, 200 

Campbell. Travis K„ Salt Lake City, 332 
Campbell. Van Lavor, Nampa, Ida., 332 
Campbell. William A.. Boise, Ida. 
Campora, Steve H., Stockton. Calif., 180 
Candland. Wendell Rex, Santa Rosa, Calif., 216 
Canfield, Alan R-ichard. Provo, 99 
Canfield, Kaye, Boise, Ida. 
Canning, Lynn, San Marino, Calif,, 116, 332 
Cannon. Elizabeth Ann, Berkeley, Calif., 209. 332 
Cannon, John Nelson, Provo 
Cannon, Marvin Burke, Wajand, Wyo.. 292 
Cannon. Ruth Ipson, Provo 
Cannon, Shirley Ann, Henderson, Nev., 292 
Cannon, Wanda Joan, Sacramento, Calif. 
Cannon. Welles Pinney. Woodbridge. Conn., 292 
Cannon. Wilford Glenn, Provo 
Canto, John Wayne, Springville 
Cantrell. Joyce Elaine. Atlanta, Ga. 
Cantrell, Kristin. Compton, 332 
Capps. Garn Stafford. Hartsville. S.C.. 310 
Capson, Eleanor, Arcadie, 116, 119, 332 

Carbine, Chadra, Las Cruces, N. Mex. 

Carbine, Edmund D., Las Cruces, N. Mex., 126 

Card, Kenlyn Lea, Monrovia, Calif., 154, 332 

Cardon, Anita, Bloomington, 111. 

Cardon, Bartell W., Oakland, Calif., 147, 292 

Cardon, Grover Leonar, Pueblo, Colo. 

Cardon, Joan, Escalante, 332 

Carey, Nancy Elizabet, Ontario, Ore., 126, 310 

Carft, Robert Gerald, China, Calif. 

Carkulis, Peter T„ Helena, Mont., 310 

Carlen, Lynn M , Springville 

Carleton, Ella Marian, Price, 292 

Carlile, Alvin R., Springville 

Carlile, Garvin Earl, Helper 

Carlmg, Marlena Mae, Oasis, 66 

Carlisle, Carolyn C, Provo 

Carlisle, Donetta June, Salt Lake City 

Carlson, Beth, Rupert, Ida. 

Carlson, Duane Clifton, Buhl, Ida., 292 

Carlson, Harriet Caro, Portland, Ore., 156, 332 

Carlson, Judith Lee. Salt Lake City, 332 

Carlson, Lowell Frank, Denver, Colo. 

Carlson, Sheryl Sue, Spanish Fork 

Carlson, Thayne G., Los Angeles, Calif., 292 

Carlston, Jill, Arlington, Va., 154, 332 

Carlston, Kathryn, Fairview, 66, 176 

Carly, Roger Peter, Mapleton 

Carndall, John Charles, Orem 

Carnes, Iniece Meliss, McMinnville,- Ore., 310 

Carpenter, Corene, Eden, Arizona, 292 

Carpenter, Craig R., Independence, Mo., 20 

Carpenter, Darlene M., Copperton, 214, 225, 332 

Carpenter, Donald, Oklahoma City, Okla., 213, 

Carpenter, Janine L., Hermiston, Ore., 310 
Carr, Barbara, Provo, 332 

Carr. David Boice. Menlo Park, Calif., 191, 332 
Carr, J. Douglas, Clearfield 
Carr, Jerry Joe, Bingham, 209, 332 
Carr, Kathleen. Salt Lake City, 332 
Carr, Patricia Janell, Oakland, Calif., 66 
Carr, Paul Bernell, Heber, 61 
Carragher, Michael A., Snowflake, Ariz., 223. 332 
Carroll, Paul Wayne, Orem 
Carruth, Gene Arlan, Phoenix, Ariz., 310 
Carruthers, Joyce E., Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Carson, Callie, Shelley, Ida. 
Carson, Eldon Earl, American Fork 
Carson, Gary Lane, Dillon, Mont 
Carson, Gary Lynn, Pleasant Grove 

Carson, Gerald George, Las Vegas, Nev., 332 

Carson, Jerry, Las Vegas, Nev., 164 

Carson, Judith E., Palo Alto, Calif.. 310 

Carter, Anita. Lund, Nev., 76, 174 

Carter, Bob, Provo, 310 

Carter, Brian Tiff en, Ogden, 310 

Carter, Carolyn, Salt Lake City, 292 

Carter, Charles Gurde, Berkeley, Calif., 332 

Carter, Dell Robert, Provo 

Carter, D'On, Pingree, Ida., 292 

Carter, Don Clyde, Provo, 108, 213 

Carter, George Ross, Provo, 56, 188 

Carter, Henry Dennis, Orem 

Carter, Lila Jean, Tabiona, 207, 292 

Carter, Merrill Ray, Spanish Fork 

Cartre, Ronald K., Springville 

Cartin. G. McKinney, Jr., Jackonville, Fla. 

Cartmill, Charles E., San Diego. Calif, 

Cartwnght. Barbara K., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Carvens, Jack Graham. San Diego, Calif. 

Carver, Gary Homer, Provo 

Case, Garrett Eugene, Vernal 

Case, Lewis Albert, Vernal, 332 

Cash, Marilyn Ruth, Cuyahga Fall, Ohio 

Casper, Douglas Alma, Orem 

Casper, Irene, Salt Lake City 

Casper, Marvin Dee, Provo, 57 

Cassell, Karen Lee, American Fork 

Cassell, Owena Gayle, Wellington, 292 

Castagno, Ella Merle, Provo, 3, 10, 156 

Castle, Dean Lowell, Albuquerque, N. Mex., 205, 

Castleberry, Glen C, Provo 

Castleton, George Earl, Eureka, 332 

Cathcart, Starla Joy, Elfrida, Ariz., 200, 310 

Catlett, Patricia A,, Independence, Kan., 81 

Cavanaugh. George L., Agar, S. D. 

Caviness, Wallace, Coulee Dam, Wash., 208, 332 

Cazeau, Alan Ray, Whittier, Calif., 310 

Cazier, Catherine A., Springville 

Cazier, Sheila. Reseda, Calif., 332 

Cebollada. Francisco, 85 

Cena. Robert Eugene, Castro Valley, Calif., 57, 

Chadwick, Charlotte L., Nampa, Ida. 

Chadwick. Douglas B , Provo, 332 

Chadwick. Jerald Fay, American Fork 

Chadwick, Mary Ellen. Randolph, Vt., 57 

Chadwick, Nola Kay, La Mesa, Calif., 332 

Chadwick, Regenia M., Provo, 86 

Chajanfan, B. Salehi, Tehran, Iran 

Chalk, David Nielson, Provo 

Chamberlain. DeAnn, Toppentsh, Wash., 332 

Chamberlin, David M., Pasadena, Calif. 

Chamberlin, Kathleen, Boise, Ida., 310 

Chambers. Carla Vadis. Oakland, Calif., 332 

Chambers. Dora Lee. San Carlos, Calif., 156, 332 

Chambers, Gay Deanne, Fullerton, Calif., 86, 209 

Chambers, John L„ Provo, 332 

Chambers, Leslie Owen. Los Angeles, Calif., 203, 

Chambers, Robert B. Springville 

Champion, Dean John, Alhambra, Calif., 204, 310 


Chandler, Connie, 86 

Chandler, Helen C, Salt Lake City 

Chandler, Howard Kay, Rigby, Ida., 170, 292 

Chandler, Jean Marie, Weiser, Ida., 57 

Chandler, Lois Jean, LaGrande, Ore. 

Chaney, Evan Ray, Spokane, Wash. 

Chang, Robert Yun, Taipei, Formosa 

Chanslor, Barbara Jo, Reno, New, 292 

Chapin, Judith Anne, Menlo Park, Calif., 22, 332 

Chapman, Donavon Laroy, Greenville, S.C., 214, 

Chapman, Gregory W., Los Angeles, Calif., 332 
Chapman, James Edwin, Provo 
Chapman, Lana Patricia, Gallad, N. Mex., 205, 

Chapman, Linda Gay, Bountiful, 332 
Chapman, Calvin Jay, Lyman, 292 
Chappell, Larry Ray, Provo 
Chappie, Benjamin Ros, Anderson, Cal., 310 
Chappie, Harry Leroy, Anderson, Calif., 194, 332 
Chappie, Janet L., Spanish Fork, 172, 292 
Charles, Richard Fred, Comstock, Calif,, 332 
Charles, William F., Bluffs, Iowa, 310 
Charlton, Larry Hogge, Ogden, 292 
Charters, Raymond R... Birgen, Wash. 
Chase, David, Marsing, Ida. 
Chase, Dolores. Orinda, Calif. 
Chase, James Layton, Sunnyvale, Calif. 
Chaston, Albert Norton, Provo 
Chaston, Gloria E. D_, Provo 
Chatham, Betty Jean, Lynwood, Calif., 150, 292 
Chatwin, Marshall, Payson, 292 
Chavis, Judith Kay, Pleasant Grove 
Cheek, Truceson B., Rosemead, Calif., 332 
Cheeseman, William E.. Milwaukee, Wis.. 221, 

Chelias, Brian Dennis, Los Alamos. N Mex., 216, 

Chelson, Gary James, Provo, 332 
Cheney, Barbara, Provo, 93, 218 
Cheney. Darwin Leroy. Heyburn. Ida.. 159, 332 
Cheney. Garth Wayne, Payson 
Cheney, Ina Lou, 132 
Cheney, Wayne Douglas, Weiser, Ida. 
Chiang, Wei Hsuan, China, 99 
Chidester, Elaine, American Fork 
Chien, Van Nien, Hong Kong, 333 
Child, John Matson, Salt Lake City 
Child, Keith, Nyssa, Ore., 119 
Childs, Forrest Barry, China Lake, Calif. 
Childs. Fred D., Springville 
Childs, Howard Lerny, Dillon, Mont.. 332 
Childs, Lewis B.. Springville 
Ching, Betty Lou. Kaneohe, Oahu, 203, 292 
Ching, Clarence, Honolulu. Hawaii, 203 
Ching, Jerry, Houula. Oahu, Hawaii, 203 
Ching, Judith Kuia A.. Honolulu, Hawaii 
Chipman, Dan Leroy. Wei Alb, Canada. 310 
Chipman, Freeman Reed. Magrath, Alberta, Can., 

Chipman, Harold C, Payson, 126 
Chipman, Max Curtis. American Fork 
Chipman, Richard E., American Fork, 56 
Chipman, Stephen M , American Fork, 292 
Chipperfield. Russell. Stonington. Conn., 232 
Choquette. Bculah Lee. Palo Alto, Calif., 85, 126, 

Chournos, George R., Tremonton 
Christensen, Anthony, Payson, 332 
Christensen, Arna J., San Pedro, Calif. 
Christensen. Bernard. American Fork 
Christensen, Bruce R., Salem 
Christensen, Bruce F., Farmington, N. Mex., 205 

Christensen, Celia Jo, Provo 
Christensen, Charles. Driggs, Ida. 
Christensen, Corrice, Salt Lake City, 310 
Christensen, Craig W., Lehi, 184, 212, 221, 310 
Christensen, David M.. Provo, 332 
Christensen Deanna. Richfield, 333 
Christensen, Dean E.. Pleasant Grove 
Christensen, Denna L., Bear River City 
Christensen, Dewey L , Ephraim 
Christensen. Dick. Payson 
Christensen, Don V., Provo 
Christensen, Donald H , Orem 
Christensen. Douglas. Bakersfield, Calif., 221, 310 
Christensen, Duane G„ Washington, 57 
Christensen. Earl L., Pleasant Grove 
Christensen, Elaine, Shelley, Ida., 311 
Christensen, Elsie M, Fairview, 1 16 
Christensen, Etha M., Driggs, Ida., 311 
Christensen, Francis, Salem 
Christensen, Gordon V , Shelley, Ida., 292 
Christensen, H. Boyd, W. Lafayette, Ind.. 311 
Christensen, Herbert, Shelley, Ida.. 99. 162 
Christensen, Jack A., Stirling. Ala., 311. 332 
Christensen, James Lee, Driggs, Ida. 
Christensen, James G., Garland 
Christensen. Janet, Richfield, 27, 150, 292 
Christensen. John L., Salt Lake City 
Christensen, John R., Denver, Colo. 
Christensen, Jolene, Salt Lake City, 93. 218 
Christensen, Joseph G., Ephraim. 292 
Christensen. Karen. Delta, 292 
Christensen. Kathleen, Arimo, Ida.. 332 
Christensen, Kay, Springville, 156, 174. 311 
Christensen, Kenneth, Farmington. N. Mex., 205, 

Christensen, Larry C , Springville 
Christensen, Laurie, Bonner Spring, Kan., 204 
Christensen. Linda, Salt Lake City, 333 
Christensen, Margaret, 172, 311 

Christensen. Marilyn. Ithaca, N.Y. 

Christensen. Mark C, Oakland, Calif. 

Christensen, Mark W.. Detroit, Mich.. 333 

Christensen, Martha A.. Provo 

Christensen, Max L., Provo, 52 

Christensen. Merritt, Oak City 

Christensen. Myrna L. Castle Dale, 292 

Christensen. Nanette. Provo 

Christensen. Niel, American Fork, 333 

Christensen, Norma Kay, Salt Lake City 

Christensen, Ralph G., Detroit, Mich., 52 

Christensen, Richard. Fairview, 108, 192, 292 

Christensen. Rita L„ Arimo, Ida., 311 

Christensen, Robert W., Ithaca, N.Y. 

Christensen. Robert K., Red Monroe, 333 

Christensen, Shirley. Othello, Wash. 

Christensen. Shirley. Provo, 229 

Christensen. Susan Ann, St. George. 31 1 

Christensen, Suzan J.. Reno. New 

Christensen, Tony, 170 

Christensen. W. Gordon, 170 

Christensen. W. Gordon, Provo 

Christensen. Wynn, Provo 

Christian. Bonnie, Sandy. 311 

Christiansen. Daniell. Orem 

Christiansen. Donald, Glendale. Calif.. 292 

Christiansen, EIroy G.. Parkdale, Ore., 311 

Christiansen, Kent H., Provo 

Christiansen, Mardeen, Parkdale, Ore., 333 

Christiansen, Margit 

Christiansen. Renn K.. Salt Lake City, 332 

Christiansen. Richard. Monroe 

Christison, Barbara Ann. Ely, New 

Christley. Marietta. Salem. Va., 209, 333 

Christley, Milan R.. Idaho Falls, Ida., 229 

Christofferson, Sharon, Ogden, 311 

Christopherson, Allen. Alexandria, Minn. 

Christopherson. LeRoy. Provo, 57, 211 

Christopherson, Mary, Provo, 333 

Chun. Maizie l. T ., Lahaina Mali, 66 

Church, David Lloyd, Eirie. Pa.. 223. 333 

Church, Lewis Robins, Burley, Ida. 

Church. Russell Arley, Gary Ind., 292 

Claridge, R. Diane, Santa Monica, Calif., 117, 333 

Claridge, Roy Monroe, Provo 

Claridge, W. Fredrick, Santa Monica. Calif., 311 

Clark. Bessie S.. Provo 

Clark, Betty, Provo, 66 

Clark, Brent Nolan, Washington, D. C, 162. 292 

Clark, Cecil. 251 

Clark. Claudia Grace, Alamo, Calif., 154. 311 

Clark. Colette H.. Sacramento. Calif., 293 

Clark, Dacosta Cecil, Provo 

Clark, David Gary, Provo 

Clark. Donald Dean. Yuba City, Calif.. 100 

Clark, Donald Driggs. Provo 

Clark. Donald Edward, Visalia. Calif.. 64 

Clark, Douglas Merlin, Orem 

Clark, Edward Roy, Portland, Ore.. 209 

Clark, Ensyne Strout. Salt Lake City, 86 

Clark. Gaylan Charles. Morgan, 293 

Clark. Jerold, Randall, Chih.. Mex.. 333 

Clark. Joan, Bountiful. 311 

Clark. Joan Cecile. Provo. 170, 220 

Clark, John A., 63 

Clark. John Calvert, Ely. New 

Clark, John Nile, Wendell, Ida., 212, 333 

Clark. Jon George, Provo 

Clark, Kathleen Grantsville, 152, 311 

Clark. Lynne, Pasadena. Calif., 333 

Clark. Malcolm C. East Ely. New 

Clark. Marilyn T.. 80 

Clark, Mary Jean, Provo, 158, 333 

Clark, Mickey Hosman. Marmarth, N.D. 

Clark. Norman Dean. Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Clark. Paul Ward, LaFayette, Calif., 333 

Clark, Ranae, Pico Revera, Calif., 311 

Clark, Richard C. St. Laconia, N.H., 164, 209 

Clark, Robert Wesley. Klamath Falls. Ore 5? 

Clark, Rodney Jim, Salt Lake City, 204. 333 
Clark, Ronald J., Lehi 
Clark, Ruel Ross, Provo, 99 
Clark. Sharon, Cedar City 
Clark, Sheldon LaMar. Georgetown. Ida 
Clark. Sonia Diantha. Coalville, 220, 31 1 
Clark, Sonya Baxter. Klamath Falls, Ore., 152 

Clark, Stephen, Provo 

Clark. Varro Rocke, Sacramento, Calif.. 293 
Clark. Virginia, Provo, 194. 213, 311 
Clark, Warren Kay, Provo 
Clark. Weldon K., Etna. Wyo. 
Clarke. Chadwick, Pocatello, Ida. 
Clarke, Connie Jo, Portland, Ore.. 293 
Clarke, John Alva, Provo, 293 
Clarke, Nancy Ann. VaMejo. Calif., 196, 293 
Clarke. William Robert, Provo 
Clarkson, Jack E.. Provo, 293 
Clarkson. Vern Shaw, Provo, 293 
Clawson, Arthur Tenney, Covina, Calif. 
Clawson, Gary Clark, Sterling, Alta.. Canada 
Clawson. Marjorie T., Sharp Park. Calif.. 333 
Clay, Dean C. Wichita, Kan. 
Clay. Jean C, Wichita. Kan.. 333 
Clay. Phyllis C. Wichita, Kan.. 128. 333 
Clayson, Boyd Farr, Provo, 333 
Clayson, Elmo Anthon. Springville 
Clayson. Paul Taylor. Salt Lake City 
Clayton, Beverly. Salt Lake City. 182. 293 
Clayton. Cal Vernan, Clearfield, 245 
Clayton, Elwood M , Salt Lake City. 184. 311 

Clayton, Glade M., Orem 

Clayton. Jeanette, Fairbanks, Alaska. 311 

Cleavinger. Lois Ann, Provo, 333 

Clegg. Almon Hyrum, Heber 

Clegg, Anabel, Provo 

Clegg. Howard Mame. Tooele 

Clegg, Kenneth A., Provo 

Clegg. Ronald Gary, Stockton. Calif., 232 

Clelland, Velda Jean. Phoenix. Ariz., 293 

Clemens. Ted William. Spokane. Wash.. 333 

Clement, Carroll Gene, Provo 

Clement, Grant L., Springville 

Clement. Melvin Alma, Roberts. Ida., 170. 333 

Clement, Sharilyn, Magna, 156, 333 

Clements. Donald Neil. Santa Fe, N. Mex . 311 

Clements, Leta. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 293 

Clemmer. Terry Paul, Midway, Wash. 

Clendenin. George H.. Modesto. Calif., 212 

Cline. Ernest. Richland, Wash.. 333 

Cline Horrse, 199 

Cline, Jo Ellen, Downey, Calif., 333 

Cline. Morris George. El Monte. Calif., 66, 199 

Cline, Skip. 199 

Clinger. DeAnn. Provo, 311 

Clinton, Colleen Lois, Parkdale. Ore.. 333 

Clinton, Thomas Gene. Arnolds Park. Ida. 

Clonts, Roy Lester, Hawthorne. Calif. 

Clove, Leonard Grant. Enterprise, 202 

Cloward. Arelene D., Spanish Fork 

Cloward. Connie Smith. Payson 

Cloward. George Ray, Provo 

Cloward. Julia Anne. Springville 

Cloward, Sherman L.. Gibsonville, N.C. 

Cloward, Stanley June. Provo 

Cluff, Oretta Jeanne, Central, Ariz. 

Cluff. Stanna Gay. El Monte. Calif. 

Cluff, Wanda Lorene. Farmington. N. Mex., 76, 
219. 225 

Cluff, Wilbur Eldon. Jaurez, Chih.. Mexico 

Clyde, Grant E., Springville 

Clyde, Richard Cornel. Springville 

Clyde. Roger. Springville, 198 

Clyde. Wilford Russel, Springville, 311 

Clymore, Roger Lee, Worland. Wyo., 311 

Clynick. Carole Edna, Detroit. Mich.. 153. 311 

Clynick. Donald C. Detroit, Mich., 333 

Clynick, Joanne B„ Detroit, Mich., 156, 311 

Coates. Barbara Naomi. Salt Lake City, 311 

Coates. Morris A., 293 

Coats, Carolyn, Murray, 311 

Cababe, Irwin John, Hermosa Beach, Calif. 229, 

Cobia, David W . Moses Lake, Wash., 293 

Cobia, Lorna, Moses Lake, Wash., 293 

Cochran. Eugene Allen. Wilmington. N.C. 

Cochran. Judith Rae. Omaha. Neb., 154, 182, 333 

Cockayne, Barbara Ann. 160, 311 

Cockayne. Edna Lynne. Provo. 160. 333 

Cockrell, Gregory L., Orem 

Cockrell. Ronald Dewey, Lovell. Wyo.. 333 

Cody, Helen Lucille. Leupp. Ariz.. 311 

Coe. Harvene. Gridley. Calif.. 311 

Coe. Nathan Bert. Provo 

Coffel, Shirley Lee. Yuba City. Calif.. 311 

Coffey, Glen Roger. Provo, 311 

Coffin. Gary Rex, Pocatello, Ida.. 293 

Coffman, Gordon C. Salt Lake City. 27. 29. 86, 

Colby. Barbara Jean, Oceanside, Calif., 333 

Colby. Beverly Anne. Oceanside. Calif., 333 

Cole, Alice Germaine. New York City. N.Y. 

Cole. Jacqueline Ann. Los Angeles, Calif., 182 

Cole. Loyal David, Rupert, Ida., 293 

Cole. Lyle Nelson, Preston, Ida., 293 

Cole, Russell Lee. Rupert, Ida.. 311 

Cole. Tommy Carl. Bard, Calif., 188. 229. 293 

Coleman. Alyce Coleen. Provo, 154, 333 

Coleman, Anna Marie, Orem, 194 

Coleman. Doreen, Mar Vista. Calif.. 80. 168, 173 

Coleman, Gene R., 333 

Coleman. Iris. Orem, 311 

Coleman, Jay, 230 

Coleman. Ray Walter, Ogden. L'tah 

Colemere, Carlene. Salt Lake City. 174, 333 

Colemere, Joyce L.. Salt Lake City, 353 

Collard, Rae Margene, Grand Junction. Colo., 186 

Collet. E. Ralph, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Collett, Sharron Lee. San Marino. Calif.. 333 

Collier. Palmer, Heber 

Collings, Tucker, 31 1 

Collings, William, Jr., Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Collins, Gary Max. Provo. 293 

Collins. John Bunting. Billings, Mont., 333 

Collins. Nickey Jan, Jacksonville, Fla.. 333 

Collins. Roger Owen. Oakland. Calif.. 333 

Collins. Sue. Provo 

Collins. Wendell Kay, Provo 

Collinwood, Gerry E.. Provo 

Collyer, Burleson T.. Farmington, N. Mex., 293 

Coloma. Elba Anita, Lima. Peru. 333 

Colt. Virginia M.. Salt Lake City-. 311 

Colvin. Julie. Ogden, 154, 333 

Colyar. Justin Pierson. Orem, 311 

Comer. Paul Blaine. Lehi 

Compani. Younis. Teheran. Iran 

Compton. Berkeley T., Columbia. S.C 

Compton, John Hilary. Provo 

Conant. Dean Rossman, Provo, 240 

Conant. Phyllis R.. Provo 

Conda. Weight. 198 

Conder. Darrell George. American Fork 

Condie. Arthur P.. Springville, 86 

Condie. Genene. Preston. Ida 

Condie. Howard G.. Salt Lake City, 104, 231 

Condie. Reed Glenn. Preston. Ida., 293 

Condie, Ronald W.. Thatcher, Ida., 333 

Condie, Shirley Palmer. Provo 

Conger. Gordon Gene. Seattle. Wash , 147 

Conklin. Judy Marie, Ferron, 333 

Conley. John Wayne, Marshall, Tex.. 333 

Connell. Larry Vee. Lewisville. Ida. 

Connell. Wesley Dale, Idaho Falls. Ida., 293 

Connelly. John Richard, Tooele. 180. 251, 311 

Conners, Christene M.. Bucksport. Mn., 333 

Connolly. LaVoyna B . Cottonwood. Ariz., 293 

Conover. Ina, Bountiful. L'tah, 153. 311 

Conover, W. Louise. Provo 

Conover. William M . Dillon. Mont.. 311 

Conrad. Paul Willard. Provo, 52 

Conroy, Constance, Denver, Colo, 311 

Converse. Roger F . Jr., Denville, N.J. 

Conway, Thomas Locke. El Paso, Tex., 66 

Conway. William David. Craig. Colo., 299 

Cook. Barbara Jane. Willard, 57, 146 

Cook, Carol Attack. Cheyenne. Wyo. 

Cook, Clarence Ronald, Mesa. Ariz., 192, 293 

Cook. David Reynolds, Provo 

Cook. Elizabeth Ann. Hogansburg. N.Y.. 293 

Cook. Barnt. LeRoy, Payson 

Cook. Gene Alonzo. Rigby, Ida.. 311 

Cook, Homer J., Roosevelt, 333 

Cook, Jack Robinson, Provo, 104 

Cook. Joyce, Roy, 117 

Cook. Kaaren Lera. Springville 

Cook. Kenneth Stanley. Orem 

Cook. Louis Severn. Salt Lake City 

Cook, Loren J., Orem, 57 

Cook. Marion H.. Idhao Falls. Ida., 293 

Cook. Mary Elaine. Salt Lake City 

Cook. Paul Truman. Boulder City, New, 333 

Cook, Philip Charles, Hogansburg. N.Y.. 86 

Cook, Roger Earl. Ogden 

Cook, Shirley, Clearfield. 224, 293 

Cook, Stanley, 212 

Cook, Sterling L„ Orem. 311 

Cook. William A.. Rigby. Ida., 100 

Cookson. Karen Dorris. Denver. Colo., 311 

Coombs, Catherine N , Orinda. Calif. 

Coombs. Richard J.. Jr., Banning Calif., 333 

Coombs. Suzanne. Banning. Calif., 150. 293 

Coomes. Richard Merril, Provo 

Coon, Janice Sue. Chula Vista, Calif., 333 

Coon, Paul R., Pomona. Calif., 333 

Cooper, Daryl Evan, Darby, Mont., 116 

Cooper. Glenna D.. Silt Lake City. 25. 26. 151. 

182, 293 
Cooper. James Ervin, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Cooper. James Gary. Mesa. Ariz. 
Cooper, Keith V„ 86 
Cooper. Linda C. Gridley. Calif., 293 
Cooper. Mane Raenell. Vernal, 311 
Cooper, Rayna, Sandy, 333 

Cooper. Shirlee Anne, Springfield, Ore., 93. 218 
Cooper. Vivean Keith. Provo 
Copeland. Tune Marion. Jacksonville. Fla.. 154, 

Corak. Eva Marlene. Midvale. 66 
Corbett. Cecelia Ann. St. George. 202 
Corbett. Edward K . Berkeley, Calif. 
Corbin. Jackie W., Provo 
Corbridge. Arnold Neil, Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Corckett, Ernest Davis, Las Vegas, Nevada 
Corckett. Lanny James, Mesa, Ariz. 
Cordner. DaWayne. Provo 
Cordner. Joyce Kay. Orem, 166, 158 
Cordner, Robert R.. American Fork, 293 
Cordon. Patti Kay. Phoenix. Ariz.. 66 
Corey. Marsha Rae. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 311 
Corfield. Charles M., American Fork 
Cormier. Clarence 
Cornaby. Etholene B.. 93. 218 
Cornaby, Gayle. Provo, 333 
Cornelius. Don E., Roan. Mont.. 86 
Cornett. Janice, Reseda. Calif., 333 
Cornwall. Evelyn C. Ithaca. N.Y. 
Cornwall. Mary Ellen, Clayton. N. Mex., 66, 128 
Cosgrove. Ronald M.. Calgary. Alberta. Canada 
Cottle. Marba. Pocatello. Ida., 116, 333 
Cotterell. Warren R . Fresno. Calif.. 333 
Cotterell. William R„ Salt Lake City, 162 
Coup, Ronald Lee, Eustis, Fla., 333 
Courture Carrol. Van Nuys, Calif., 333 
Cousins, John Robert. Toronto. Canada. 192 
Covey, Jessie May, Odell. Ore., 117 
Covey, Myrna. Salt Lake City, 333 
Covey, Richard Wayne. Arcadia, Calif. 
Covey, Sandra Renee. Provo 
Covington. Dorcus Jun. Seattle. Wash., 311. 333 
Covington. Wayne L.. Pingree. Ida.. 85 
Cowan, Alex Park. North Hollywood, Calif. 
Cowan. Barbara, Duchesne, 333 
Cowan. Gary Rodney. Grand Junction. Colo., 293 
Cowan, Ross, San Bruno. Calif. 
Cowley, Elaine, Tremonton 

Cowley. James Maurice. Billings, Mont.. 191. 333 
Cowley. Wayne Dixon, Provo 
Cowlishaw. Benjamin R.. Sunnyvale. Calif. 
Cox. Boyd Ray. Kaysville, 311 
Cox. Bryant La Vern. Fairview, 311 
Cox, Earl Lee, Provo 
Cox. Gary Everett, Wendell. Ida. 
Cox. H. Bruce, St. George, 293 
Cox. Jack Arnold, Orem 
Cox, James Stanley, Twin Falls. Ida.. 333 
Cox. Kaye Bruce. Pocatello. Ida., 149, 192, 311 
Cox. Louise. Provo, 214. 293 


, 333 

, 180, 293 

, 333 


Cox, Martha Jean. Buhl, Ida. 

Cox, Melba Yvonne, Faimew 

Cox, Mervyn K., St. George, 293 

Cox, Richard D , Provo 

Cox. Robert B, Orem 

Cox, Sharron, Salt Lake City. 66 

Cox, Soren Franklin, Orem 

Cox, Vivian Jean, Gridley. Calif 

Cox, William, Sacramento, Calif 

Coy, Dale Vern, Ogden 

Coyle. Robert B, Stockton, Calif. 

Crafton, Diana B, Valieio. Calif. 

Craft, Robert, Ontario, Calif., 96 

Crafts, David Scott, Delta 

Cragun, Paul, Provo, 333 

Craig, Harris Olene, Provo 

Craig, Ruth Haglund, Provo 

Crail, Betty Irene, Merced, Calif-, 293 

Cram, Deanna, Las Vegas, Nev., 186 

Crandall, Gary L., Spnngville, 251 

Crandall, Kent C, Spnngville 

Crandall, Lenore, Spnngville, 199, 293 

Crandall, Richard W, Twin Falls, Ida.. 

Crandall, Robert W„ Spnngville 

Crandall, Sue Dette. Safford, Ariz., 186 

Crandall, Vern Jay, Provo, 311 

Crane, Ann Marie, Las Vegas, Nev , 186, 333 

Crane, Georgia Ann, Los Angeles, Calif., 173, 293 

Craner, Carl, Bngham, Provo 

Cranmer, Fred Fausett, Springville 

Crapo, Carol Berneice, Rosemary. Alberta, Canada, 

Crapo, Karel, St. Anthony, Ida., 333 
Crapo, Terry Lavelle, Idaho Falls, Ida., 212 
Crapo, Valeria Hatch, Idaho Falls, Ida., 76 
Craps, Warren Fitts, Savannah, Ga., 101 
Craske, Loretta Ann, N. Vancouver, Can., 174, 

Craven. Sam Hinckely. Bountiful, 333 
Cravens, Jack, 245 

Crawford, Arvin Clark, Spokane, Wash. 
Crawford, Carolyn, Orem. 123, 158, 166 
Crawford, Jill Luree. Grand Junction, Colo., 333 
Crawford, Malcolm D„ Yakima, Wash,. 212 
Crawford, Myron Lloyd, Orem 
Crawford, Norman Jay, Eugene, Ore., 333 
Crawford. Shirley Ann, Columbia, 160, 293 
Crawford, Thelma Jean. Yuma, Ariz., 333 
Craythorn, Cary Edmund, Provo 
Craythorn, Margaret E., Provo, 293 
Creer, Roger Paul. Beth.. Md, 333 
Creighton. David M, Provo, 293 
Criddle, Carol Jensen. Downey, Ida.. 123, 333 
Criddle. Donna Jean, Anthony. Ida., 333 
Crismon, Carole Irene. Mesa, Ariz., 76 
Crismon, Wayne D„ Provo, 188, 293 
Critser. Bryan Kalmar. Orem 
Crnkovic. Peter John, Provo 
Croasmun. Donald Guy, Pueblo, Colo., 311 
Crockett. David F„ Berkeley, Calif, 311 
Crockett. David S, Hayward, Calif., 333 
Crockett, Dorothy J, Manteca, Calif., 293 
Crockett. Edwin Austin. Provo, 57 
Crockett. Ernest David, 311 
Crockett. Joyce Lucile, Portland, Ore., 116, 333 
Crockett. Kay, Pima. Ariz.. 200. 334 
Crockett, Lanny James, 311 
Crockett, William C. Berkeley. Calif., 293 
Croft, Carol, Lovell. Wyo. 
Croft, Evelyn Mae. Provo, 209, 334 
Croft. Harvey Merrill. Provo 
Croft. Kent Calvin, Burley, Ida., 180, 293 
Croft, Lynne. Lovell, Wyo. 123. 151, 153. 220. 

Croft, Merlin Richard. Pleasant Grove, 56, 190 
Croft. Robert R, Lovell, Wyo., 334 
Crofts, Beverly Alicia, Menlo Park, Calif, 334 
Crofts, Carolyn. Hevburn, Ida. 
Crofts, Darel Kent. Richfield 
Crofts, Dorothy Irene, Menlo Park. Calif, 311 
Crofts, John DeLoy, Provo 
Crofts, Lewis M, Richfield, 311 
Cromar. Bruce Young, Denver Colo. 
Cromarty, Harold A , Alberta, Canada, 334 
Crompton, Don Walter. Ogden. 334 
Cronin, lames Ralph. Orem 
Crook. James Peterson. Smoot, Wyo. 
Crook, Kathleen. Emery, 293 
Crook. Margaret Kay. Fallon. Nev., 293 
Crook, Mary Evaline, Heber 
Crooks, John Amos. Shelley, Ida, 293 
Crookston. Donna Pear, Salt Lake City. 334 
Cropper, Daryl Mahonri. Hinckley 
Cropper, Dave Leon, Provo, 184 
Cropper. Gaylen Ekins. Hinckley 
Cropper, Sylvia May, Reno, Nev, 123, 334 
Crosby. Edward Earl, Altamont, 108 
Crosby, Gary Wayne. Spurger, Tex. 
Crosby. Karen Jane, Pedro Valley. Calif. 
Crosby. Marilyn O, Orem, 204, 413 
Crose, Carrol Louise. Long Beach, Calif, 66, 156, 

Crosland, Ivan Anthony. 312 
Crosson. Betty Jane, Albany. N.Y, 334 
Crotch, Marion Audrey. Provo, 174, 311 
Crouse, Marisha Ann. Pagosa Spring. Calif, 293 
Crow. William Roy. Downey, Calif, 332 
Crowe. Emma Louise, Neobrara, Neb . 206. 334 
Crowley. Edmund Drew, Provo 
Crowther. Duane S, Battle Creek. Mich, 80 
Crowther, Elda Joan, 312 
Crowther, Glen Wintsc. Provo, 312 
Crowther. Helen Decker. Mesa, Ariz 

Crowther, Lois, Provo 

Crowther, Mariana, Fountain Green, 293 

Crowther, Suzanne N, Arlington, Va, 219 

Crowther. Teddy Joe, Alexandria, Va, 121, 212 

Crowton, David Harris, Provo 

Crowton, David M, Orem 

Croxford, Gary Lloyd, Great Falls, Mont , 202, 

Crum. Paul Edgar, Provo, 101, 132 
Crump. Norman Ray, West Jordan 
Cruser, Merrill Lynn, Montview, Ida., 91 
Crystal, Dons Olive, Pleasant Grove. 66, 196 
Cullimore, Joy, Pleasant Grove, 334 
Cummins, Charles C, Jackson, Wyo, 124, 334 
Cummins, L. G, Navasota, Tex. 
Cummins, Lowell Wesley, Pacific Grove, Calif. 
Cundick, Carolyn, Salt Lake City 
Cundick, Margaret Mae. Santa Barbara, Calif. 
Cunningham. Jerald Q, Grand Junction, Colo. 
Cunningham, Marilyn G , Gallup, N. Mex, 86, 

Cunninghame, Kaye, Santa Rosa, Calif, 224, 312 
Currie, James Dwight, Provo 
Currier, Carlton James, Trail, B.C., 57 
Curtis, Deanne Gae, Downey, Ida. 
Curtis, DeMar Hene, Salina, 312 
Curtis, Jeneal, Payson, 334 
Curtis, Joan Marilyn, West Monroe, La. 
Curtis. Linda Jean, Walnut Creek. Calif , 334 
Curtis, Mary Alice, Provo 
Curtis, Paul Johnson, Spanish Fork 
Curtis. Robert Thomas, Orem 
Curtis, William Newell, American Fork, 334 
Curtz, Audrey, 293 
Cushing, Reneta Aden, Los Angeles, Calif, 117, 

160, 293 
Cutchen, Eleanor Faye, Dathan, Ala. 
Cutler, Herbert R, Albert, B.C., 191, 334 
Cutler, Phyllis Ray, Cambridge, Ida, 220. 312 
Cutler. Raymond C. V, Pendcton ; B.C., 86, 116 

Davis, Blanche Elaine, Florissant, Mo., 154 

Davis, Bnant Leroy, Provo, 96 

Davis, Charles Floyd, Billings, Mont. 

Davis. Charles Ward, Hermosa Beach, Calif. 

Davis, Darrel Henry. Provo, 334 

Davis, Donald David, Provo, 248 

Davis, Frank Val, Provo 

Davis, Garold Neil, Ashland, Ore. 

Demer, Clair Deloy, Murtaugh, Ida. 
Demill, Gerald Wayne, Powell, Wyo., 334 
Demille, Stanford D , Provo 
Demsher, Gloria Ann, Canby, Ore, 334, 366 
Dennett, Grace Lavaun, Meridian, Ida. 
Dennett. Jeanette, Spnngdale, 334 
Dennett, Karen Ileen, Provo, 293 
Dennett, Nettie Hardy, Provo 

Davis, Helen Diane, Los Angeles, Calif, 312, 334 Denning, Deloy, Vaughn, Mont , 202, 312 
Davis, J. Brent, Idaho Falls, Ida. Dennis, Anita Louise, Modesto, Calif, 334 

Davis, Jack Lynn. Hawthorne, Calif, 25, 162, 209, Dennis. Karol Ann, Gurrison, Colo 



Dabies. Race Dion, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Dagrade, Marvin Donal, Las Vegas, Nev, 80, 128, 

126, 147 
Dahl, Betty Kay, Bakersfield. Calif, 334 
Dahl, Claudia, Deeth, Nev, 312 
Dahl, James Gardner, Pocatello, Ida, 312 
Dahl, Sheldon T, Layton, 57. 147 
Dahle. Doris Mane, Monteview, Ida, 126, 334 
Dahle, Dorothy. Monteview, Ida, 312 
Dahlin. Kenneth Andrew, Concord, Calif. 
Dahneke. Barton Eugene. Hollaster. Calif. 312 
Dain, Gerald Vincent. Colton, Calif, 293 
Daines, David Eugene. Alderwood, Wash, 293 
Daines, Velma May. Firth, Ida, 334 
Daines, Weldon Lee, Provo 
Dalby, Dean Lamar 

Dalley, Ronald John, Helena. Mont , 159, 334 
Dallin, Darla. Springville 
Dalton, Jack. Twin Falls, Ida. 
Dalton, Janet, Circleville, 151, 293 
Dalton, Jean, Covina. Calif, 334 
Dalton, Judith Jean, Provo, 334 
Daly. Jay Wilford. Salt Lake City 
Dam. Ingrid Elisabeth. Rungsted, Denmark, 86 
Damron. Paul Edwards. Delta, 312 
Dana, Carol Lynne, Phoenix, Ariz, 166, 334 
Dana. Judith Vivian, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Dance. Celia Faye, Blackfoot, Ida., 312 
Dance. David Phillip, Blackfoot, Ida, 312 
Dangel. Katie Jean, Pico Rivera, Calif., 170, 232 
Daniels, Arthur G, Danville, Calif, 124, 334 
Daniels, Donna May, Caldwell, Ida, 66, 174, 210 
Daniels, Jack Kieth, Provo, 57 
Daniels, Karen Diane, Spanish Fork, 334 
Daniels, Neil Murray, Ontario. B.C., 96 
Danielson, Zoe K, Pipestone, Minn, 334 
Danklef, James August, Provo 
Danks, Leora Ann, Evanston. Wyo, 293 
Danley, Arlene Joy, Provo 

Danner, Robert Eugene. Big Bear City. Calif, 293 
Dansie. Clinton Devon, Payson 
Darke, John Francis, Princeton, N. J. 
Darley. Donna Lucille, Centerville, 151 
Darley. Erma. Centerville 
Darling. Forrest Gree. Salem, Ore, 334 
Darling, Ronald Wilson, Stoughtan, Mass, 334 
Darner, Trever Earl, Rawlins, Wyo. 
Darrington. John Rco, Elba, Ida. 
Dart, George Edwin, Provo 
Darton, Melvin Ray, Oakland, Calif. 
Dastrup, Carolyn, Altamont 
Davenport. Perry M, Provo 
David, Marian. Salt Lake City 
Davidson, Dawn Irene. Salt Lake City 
Davidson, Daniel W , Payette, Ida. 
Davidson. Elmary, Pocatello, Ida, 123, 334 
Davidson, Warren Edwin, Mapleton 
Davies. Clarence L, Provo 

Davies. JonAlleman, Thiensville. Wis, 209, 334 
Davies. Toseph Kenneth. Provo 
Davies, Pauline Taylor, Provo 
Davies, R. J, Idaho Falls. Ida. 
Davies, Thomas Glen, Bow Islan, B.C. 
Davies, Thomas Leland, Provo, 212 
Davies. Veneta, Provo, 334 
Davis. Arnold Geo 

Davis, Betty Bernice, Salt Lake City, 312 
Davis. Betty Fay, Magna, 66 

Davis, James Anthony, Orem, 334 

Davis, James Dwight, Provo, 116. 334 

Davis, Joan, Provo, 293 

Davis, John Leland. Torrance, Calif, 293 

Davis, Judy, Somerton, Ariz. 

Davis, Karren, Provo, 158, 214, 334 

Davis. Kathryn Diane. Salt Lake City 

Davis, Kent Murdock. Midvale 

Davis, Kent Shelley, Shelley, Ida. 

Davis, Kiliona Solomo. Downey. Ida., 99 

Davis, Leah Taylor, Provo 

Davis, Leland Ellis, Orem 

Davis, Lena K, Hoolehua, Mol. 

Davis, Linda Gale, Boise, Ida, 153, 312 

Davis, Lola Clyden, Cimarron, Kan, 334 

Davis, Lonn Richard, Orem, 96 

Davis, Mary Katherine, Apopka, Fla, 126, 334 

Davis. Naoma MUa, Riverside, Calif, 119 

Davis, Owen Gerald, Boise, Ida. 

Davis. Patricia Ann, Downey, Ida. 

Davis, Philip Reed, Salem 

Davis, Richard Lynn. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Davis, Robert Dee. Powell, Wyo. 

Davis, Robert Ollerto, Oakland, Calif. 

Davis. Roger Davis, Powell, Wyo. 

Davis, Ronald Mitchel, Provo, 99 

Davis, Terence Avard, Payson 

Davis, Thomas Emmett. Gallup, N. Mex., 205, 

Davis. Thomas Nichols, Ogden, 57 
Davis, Zelda Leona, Idaho Falls, Ida, 334 
Dawson, David Harold, Layton 
Dawson, Kenneth Edsel. Henefer, 108 
Dawson, Ray H, Provo 
Day. Arthur Merrill, Provo 
Day, Carol Louise, Bellwood, 111, 312 
Day. David Parley. Aurora 
Day. Gloria Eleanor, Provo. 117 
Day. John Laurence, Idaho Falls. Ida, 86 
Day. Kent Roundy, American Fork 
Day. Larry, 216 
Day, Marian Leanora. Provo 
Day. Martha R, Fort Wayne Ind, 151 
Day. Michael David, Worland, Wyo. 
Day, Robert Darrell. Draper 
Day, Roxanna Kay. Kuna, Ida, 80, 126. 128 
Day, Sidnee, Murray, 23, 76, 213. 219 
Day, Ted Saxton, Provo, 312 
Day. William Edward. Oakley, Ida. 
Daybell. Patsy Kaye, Midway 
Dayes, Carolyn Helen. San Diego, Calif, 155. 334 
Dayley, Alan Jay, Ogden, 86 
Dayley, Bobby Gene, Burley, Ida. 
Dayley, Kendall Newel. Burley, Ida, 126 
Dayton, Kenna Beth, Salt Lake City, 104, 214 
Dayton, Lynn Taylor. Cokeville, Wyo., 312 
De Bry, Dale Jay, Sun Josey, Calif, 209 
De Castro, Odair S, S. Paulo, Brazil 
De Gaston, Camilla T . Los Angeles, Calif 

De Graffenried, Helen, Provo 
De Grange. Larry W, Emmett, Ida. 
De Guzman. Rosaline, Waimanalo. Oahu 
De Hart, Ardell R, Payson 
De Hart, Dennis Arno, Payson 
De La Cruz. Jose, Col. Juarez, Chih, Mex 
De Loura, Roselyn M, Colton, Calif. 
De Marcus. Ronald L, Lancaster, Calif. 
De Palma, John Joseph, Elizabeth, N. J., 334 
De Vries, Leonora, San Bruno, Calif, 334 
Deakin, Mary Cathleen, Ephraim 
Dean, Donna Kaye, Vancouver, Wash 
Dean, Doris Kay, West Covina, 334 
Dean, Dorothy. Midway, 312 
Dean, Duane Harvey, Spanish Fork 
Dean, Larry Edward, Twin Falls, Ida. 
Dean. William Paul. Payson 
Dearden, Carl Ramon. Henefer, 218, 334 
Deanng, JoAnn, Provo, 334 
Dearinger, Diana Dee, Kimball, Neb. 
Deaver, Cameron Keith. Deep Run, N.C. 

Debloois. Betty Gene, Provo 
Deby, Winnifred, Alta.. Can, 312 
Deckard, Robert W, Los Angeles. Calif, 334 
Decker. Anita Jane, Garden Grove. Calif, 293 
Decker, Carolyn Mae. Mesa, Ariz, 22, 23, 126, 

128, 334 
Decker, David Stephen, Provo, 312 
Decker. Loral Alvin, Snowflake, Ariz. 
Decker, Rey Melvin, Woodruff, Ariz., 99 
Degraw, Marsha Ruth. Provo, 334 
Deheer, William Gary, Springville 
Del Fium. Dorene J, Lakewood, Calif, 156, 209 
Deland, Richard Leroy, Lynwood, Calif. 
Delange. Clark D, Orem. 202, 334 
Delange, Leland Leray, Orem, 96, 212 
De Marcus, Ronald L, Lancaster. Calif 
Demaree. Ronald K , Orem 
Demarest, Elaine, Ogden, 293 

. 119 



, 312 

Dennis, Lonnie Morns, Pico, Calif, 230 
Dennis, Raphael Elvin, Provo 
Dennis. Roger. Los Angeles, Calif, 334 
Dennis, Ronald D, Stockton, Calif, 312 
Dennison, Deanna, Pocatello, Ida., 334 
Dennison, Mary Lureen, Fullerton, Calif., 129, 

Densley, Vernon Lamar, Riverton, 293 
Depratter, June Carol, Lake City, Fla. 
Depriest, Roxey Lee, Los Alamos, N. Mex. 
Deputy, Russell Miner, Frankford, Del, 293 
Derrick. Carole Anne, Salt Lake City, 116, 334 
Derrick, Karen, Salt Lake City, 123, 266, 312 
Derrick, Kathleen, Phoenix, Ariz., 66 
Derrick, Loretta B, Provo 
Derrick, Sylvia Marie. Daly City, Calif. 
Deny, Frances Diane, Midway, 334 
Deschamps. Mary Kaye, Burbank, Calif, 334 
Despain, Aoy Owen, Provo, 334 
Despain, Faith, Lovell. Wyo. 
Despain, William J, Sandy, 312 
Deters, Elaine Esther. Salt Lake City, 334 
Detomasi, Vivian Mae, Orem 
Devashrayee, Jyotindra, Bombay, India 
Deveraux, Lew R , Pleasant Grove 
Devey, Charles Richard, American Fork 
Dew, Donald C , Florence, S. C, 293 
Dewey, Adnenne D, Los Angeles, Calif, 334 
Dewey, Edith JoAnne, Ogden, 312 
Dewey, Joe Robert, Jr., Provo 
Dewey, Lareine, Eagle, Ida. 
Dewey, Patricia, Eagle, Ida. 
Dewey, Phyllis M, Ontario, Calif, 293 
Dewitt, Dorothy Louis, Franklin, III., 334 
Dewitt, Gayle, St. Johns, Ariz., 312 
Dewsnup, Henry Kent, Deseret 
Dey, John Coyle, Jr., Los Angeles, Calif., 312 
Dibble, Maynard Nelson, Salt Lake City, 159, 312 
Dibiase. Patricia Gail, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Dick. John Raymond. West Jordan, 334 
Dickenson. Kay J, Pleasant Grove, 293 
Dickerson. Brenda M, Tucson, Ariz:, 182, 334 
Dickerson, Judith L, Tucson. Ariz, 312 
Dickerson, Larry E, Provo 
Dickey. Desmond Calli, Jacksonville. Fla . 293 
Dickson, Lloyd Brent, Provo, 312 
Dickson. Neil S, Morgan 
Didencksen, Coralie G, Paul, Ida. 
Didencksen. Margie, Paul, Ida. 
Dietrich, Ernest John, Emmett, Ida. 
Dieu, Douglas, Ogden, 61 
Dieudonne, Jeannette. Burbank, Calif., 155, 166, 

209, 334 
Dike. Gail Walker, Reno, Nev. 
Dike. James Alvin, Hawthorne, Nev, 101 
Dilks, Carolyn Emily. Fullerton, Calif. 
Dilks, Yvonne Ethel, Fullerton, Calif, 334 
Dill. Douglas L, Salem, Ore., 32, 37, 293 
Dillman, Esther Elaine, Salt Lake City 
Dillman, Tanya Faye. Salt Lake City, 151 
Dillon, Reid L, Orem 
Dilworth, Legrand M, Shoshone, Ida, 334 
Dimick, Delbert Royal, Albany, Ore. 
Dimick, Franklin E, Albany, Ore, 334 
Dittus, Hildegarde E, Fargo, N. D. 
Dittus, Myrna Rita, Fargo, N. D. 
Dixon, Blaine Taylor, Payson, 334 
Dixon, Fred, 170 

Dixon, Jerald Lamar, Provo, 171, 312 
Dixon, Joann, Ogden, 312 
Dixon, Karen, Provo, 66, 146 
Dixon. Marjorie Jean, Provo 
Dixon, Richard Chipman, Provo 
Dixon. Richard Thomas. Salt Lake City, 192, 293 
Dixon. Ronald Olson. Falls Church, Va., 119, 193 
Dixon, Shirley W, Payson. 174, 293 
Djahanbani, Farrakh R, Provo, 97, 211 
Dockstader, Bruce Jay, Preston, Ida, 25. 162, 312 
Dockstader, James D, Orem, 162, 312 
Dodd. Graham, Alberta, B.C. 
Dolinar. Richard A, Provo 
191, Donaldson, Arlene V, Seneca, S.C, 334 
Donaldson, Kenyon V, Duncan, Ariz, 293 
Donaldson, Kloyd N, Duncan, Ariz, 225, 335 
Donaldson, Rita Jean, 293 
Donaldson, Robert M, Provo, 212, 293 
Done, Harris Nielsen, Provo, 86 
Done, Joseph A, Provo 
Done, Norma Maudell, Provo, 312 
Dorgan, Francis G, Provo 
Dorgan. Lynette Anderson, Provo, 218 
Dorius, Dixie Naomia, Fayette, 335 
Dorny, Deanne Emilie. Chase, Md, 225, 293 
Dory. Deanna, Maxwell, Ariz, 76, 151 
Dosal, Sandra Lee, Riverside, Calif, 154, 335 
Dotson, Gloria June. Cedar City, 129, 186. 293 
Dotson. Larry Alan, Panaca, Nev, 293 
Dotson. Robert Bryce, Panaca, Nev., 101 
Doty, Ann Marie, Ft. Stewart, Ga, 156, 182, 220, 

Doty, George Edward. Salt Lake City, 312 


Doty. Harold Ray, Overton, New, 312 

Doty, Lois Ward, Provo 

Dory, Ronald Evan, Colton, Calif. 

Dougall, Jeanette L., Springville 

Douglas, Dorothy M., Whittier, Calif., 182, 335 

Douglas, Jean, Billings, Mont., 312 

Douglas, Donald Ervin, Richland, Wash. 

Dove, Jack Earl, Byron, Wyo., 335 

Dow, John Howard, South Gate, Calif., 335 

Dowdle, Robert Keith, Orem 

Downes, F. Joan, Spokane, Wash. 

Downey, Dann Barbara, Salem, Ore. 

Downing, George Jay, Somerdale. N. J.. 221, 31 

Downing, Sharene Nee, Somerdale, N. J., 335 

Doxey, Douglas Allen. Provo 

Doxey, Roger Watson, Salt Lake City, 171. 266 

Doxey, Samuel George, Orem 

Doyle, Dennis Earl. Colton, Calif. 

Drake, Asa Junior, Victor, Ida., 52. 119 

Drake, Beverley Ann, Reno, New, 312 

Drake, Lorraine W.. Tremonton 

Drake, Robert Joseph. The Dalles, Ore., 312 

Draney, Cyril L.. Jr., American Fork 

Draper, Charles R., Nyssa, Ore. 

Draper. Donald Stewart, Fallon, New 

Draper, Otto Ludwig, Provo, 212 

Draper, Vernon Thomas, Provo, 57 

Draughn, Norma Dale, Mt. Airy, N.C.. 151, 293 

Dray, Henry Dennis, Rens, N. Y., 312 

Drechsel, LaRue, Salt Lake City, 312 

Dredge, Cherye Lee, Hollywood. Calif.. 294 

Dredge. David Roy. Malad, Ida., 148 

Dredge, Jesse R., Jr., Malad, Ida., 66. 116 

Dreith, Margery Ann. Lakewood. Calif.. 76 

Drennan. G. Byran. San Mateo, Calif., 48. 294 

Drew, Lamar H.. American Fork. 73 

Drewes. Marie Moser, Smitbiield 

Driggs. Anne Marie, Portland, Ore., 294 

Dreggs. G. Kenneth. Fresno, Calif., 171, 232, 335 

Driggs, Gary Harmon. Phoenix, Ariz., 27. 57. 

147. 294 
Driggs. Gloria Kay, Fresno, Calif. 
Driggs. Paul Creer, Wilmette, III., 171 
Drinkwater, Phill. Jr., Bellmawr, N. J., 312 

Driskell, Frank S., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Driscoll, Jerry Adams. Pingree, Ida., 312 

Driskell, Carolyn. San Jose, Calif., 294 
Driver. Caroline Crane, Del Mar, Calif. 

Driver. Robert James. Del Mar. Calif. 

Drollinger, Richard O.. Payson 

Druke. Kalhryn P.. Salt Lake City, 26, 123 

Drummond, Alvin Lavar, Sacramento. Calif. 

Dtringham. Arnold J.. Provo 

Duarte, Ella Mae. Brownsville, Tex. 

Duce, Carol Ann, Marysville, Wash., 335 

Duckett. John Edward, Provo, 212 

Dudding. Earl B., Washington, D. C. 86 

Dudley, Gaylon. Deronz. Alberta, Can.. 335 

Dudley. Robert Lee, Provo, 97, 171, 212 

Dudley. Winone Tillac, Provo, 80 

Duffin, Deanna Zelma, Bountiful 

Duffin, Luann, Tooele, 225 

Duffin, Rey L.. Tooele. 312 

Duke. John Helekunihi. San Leandro. CaliffI 

Duke. Maxine. Provo. 335 

Duke. Nedra Ailene. Salt Lake City, 335 

Duke. Richard K . Helper 

Duke. Richard Morris. Provo 

Duke. Wanda Anita. Belleville, III., 204. 335 

Duncan. McNeil, Jr., Provo. 294 

Duncan. Lloyd Orval, Roosevelt 

Duncan, Ronald Parker. Cape Town, S. Agrica 

Dunford. Frank Winslow, Chula Vista, Calif., 

Dunford. Gayle. Salt Lake City, 335 

Dunford. Harold Gene, Provo 

Dunford. John Parley, Portland. Ore., 294 

Dunford. Robert M.. Bloomington, Ida. 

Dunkley. Clifford E.. Provo 

Dunkley, Jeffrey, 199 

Dunckley, Melvin E., Jr., Salt Lake City, 199, 294 

Dunkley, Laura Jo, Arlington, Va., 26, 186, 312 

Dunkley, Sandra, 199 

Dunlap. Freida Lurlee, Eau Gallie. Fla., 312 

Dunn, Bonnie Lee, Sacramento, Calif., 335 

Dunn, Charles Richard, Boise, Ida. 

Dunn, Gary Joe, Lemon Grove, Calif.. 230 

Dunn. Joan Patricia, Valley Stream, N. Y. 

Dunn. Ole Don, Englewood, Colo.. 335 

Dunn, Patricia E., Englewood, Colo., 66 

Dunn, Richard Marvel. Brigham, 230 

Dunn, Stanley W.. Golden, Colo., 180. 312 

Dunn, Tilley 

Dunster. Allien Ruth. Salt Lake City, 116, 335 

Dunyon, Joleen R.. Salt Lake City, 312 

Dupaix. Lemoyne Alan. Huntington Park. Calif., 

Dupaix. Melvin Miles, Provo, 57, 66 
Duplisea, Ronald Lome, Marysville, N. Can. 
Dupont. Clyde Stanley, Wahiawa, Oahu. T.H., 87 

Durant, Charlene Gail. Akron. Ohio, 335 
Durfee. Kaye Lucille. Spanish Fork, 312 
Durfee, Linda. Almo. Ida., 335 
Durney, Gordon Ray, Blackfoot, Ida., 207, 335 
Durr. Bill L„ Yuma. Ariz.. 294 
Durrant, Clarence R„ Meridian, Ida. 
Durrani, Deanna C. Cedar City 
Durrant, Earlene, Cheyenne. Wyo., 335 
Durrant, George D ., American Fork 
Durrant, John L.. Meridian. Ida., 57 
Durrant, Martin Hogge. Evanston, Wyo., 312 
Durrant. Stewart Olan, American Fork, 188, 294 

Durrant. Vicki Leola. American Fork. 166 

Dutson, Dixie, Oak City, 117, 312 

Dutson, Earnest Paul, Ontario, Ore., 87 

Dutson, Janet Leilani. Roberts, Ida. 

Dutton, Charlene Dain. Newport Beach. Calif., 

Duvall. John Joseph, Provo 
Duxbury, Doug, Calgary, Alberta, Can. 
Dwight, Dee Elaine. Bulte, Mont., 198 
Dyal. Kvnra Gay. San Bernardino, Calif. 
Dyal, Sydney H . San Bruno. Calif., 117, 335 
Dye, Jesse Dean. Shelley, Ida., 335 
Dyer, Brent Rulon. Salt Lake City. 180 
Dyer, Carleen Mae. Salt Lake City 
Dyer, Edna Maxine, Annandale, Va. 
Dyer. Grady Tom, El Paso, Tex., 180 
Dyer. Robert Dennis. Portland, Ore. 
Dyer, Ronald Earl, El Paso, Tex., 180 
Dyer. Zeta Gay, Prairie, Wash., 335 

Eagar, Terry Sherwood, Eagar, Ariz. 

Eagleston, Gerald J., Bakersfield, Calif., 57, 188, 

Eames, Barton Thomas. Empire, Ore , 188. 335 
Eames. Clarissa G.. Empire, Ore., 312 
Eames. Wendell Brent, Washington, DC, 240 
Earl, Roman Dale, Lethbridge, Alberta, Can. 
Earnest, Gary Winton, Longview, Wis., 251, 238 
Easter, Charlotte T., Roosevelt, N. Y., 209, 335 
Easterling, Jerrie A.. Santa Barbara, Calif., 312 
Eastis, Dave Lee. Littleton, Colo.. 239 
Eastland. Howard Fred, Nampa. Ida., 126, 335 
Eastman, Donald Lee. Riverton, 169, 335 
Eastman, John V.. Pullman, Wis.. 132, 312 
Easton, James Lee, San Fernando. Calif., 294 
Eastwood, Judith Ann. Compton. Calif., 335 
Eaton, Valoy, Provo, 239 
Eatough, Delbert Jay, Provo. 335 
Eatough, Norman LeRoy, Provo 
Echevarria, Lena Jean, American Falls, Ida., 335 
Echols, Clyde Gordon, Orem 
Echols, Robert Lee. Boise, Ida., 66 
Eckel. Paul Ralph, Medford, Ore., 180. 230 
Edde, Kent Garth, Grantville, 335 
Eddington, Agnes Ann, 116, 335 
Eddington, Darrell R.. Murray, 198 
Eddington. LaVonda, Kanab, 335 
Eddington, Loralie. Great Falls. Montana. 202 
Edenfield. Grady Lama. McBean Ga., 67 
Edgar. Janice Lee. Richland, Wash., 312 
Edgell, Daniel LeRoy. Jefferson, Mo. 
Edgeley, Evelyn. Preston, Ida., 198, 312 
Edgeley, Richard C, Preston, Ida., 198, 294 
Edman. Richard Stark, Salem, 335 
Edmonds, Margie Ann, Anadrarko, Okla., 206, 

Edmunds, Charlene Rae, Alhambra, Calif., 123, 

158, 335 
Edmunds, Joseph T., Provo 
Edmunds. Mary Ellen. Mapleton, 335 
Edrington. Lamar Kay. Pleasant Grove 
Edrington, Val Dean. Provo 
Edvalson, Carl Ronald. Ogden, 57 
Edvalson, Lars Eric, L'nion, Ore., 312 
Edward, Clyde C, Provo 
Edwards, Charles B., Provo, 162 
Edwards, Earl Grant, Ely, New 
Edwards, Elaine, Moses Lake. Wash., 76 
Edwards, Fern Ann, American Fork 
Edwards, George T., Page, Ariz. 
Edwards, Hugh Ted, Monticello 
Edwards, Joan, Moses Lake, Wash.. 173, 335 
Edwards. Les W.. Las Vegas, New, 335 
Edwards, Lila Diane. Salt Lake City, 335 
Edwards, Luwana King, Provo 
Edwards, Mary G.. Colfax, Calif.. 335 
Edwards. Mildred E., Salt Lake City 
Edwards, Patricia L.. Lawrence, Kan., 294 
Edwards. Sheldon M., Boulder City, New 
Egan, Horace Fredric, Provo 
Egan, Kathleen, Arimo, Ida.. 312 
Egan, Leonard Norman, Vancouver, Wash. 
Egbert, Dolores Ann. Murtaugh, Ida., 312 
Egbert. Lawrence K_, Twin Falls, Ida., 312 
Egbert, Robert Lindsay. Provo 
Eggertsen, Ronald Carr, Long Beach, Calif.. 294 
Eggett, Lanay, Bountiful, 335 
Ehnderson. Kay. Richmond, Va 
Eitel, Carole Ann. Ellerson, Va., 335 
Eittreim, Donna Jane. Phoenix, Ariz., 160. 203 
Ekins, Alton Edwards. Orem 
Ekins, Paul Edwards, Orem 
Ekins, Walter Leo. Hinckley, 335 
Elder. Charlotte Lee, Sparks, New, 126, 132, 335 
Elder, Fern Arlene. Kennewick, Wis., 293 
Eldredge, Gary Wayne, Salt Lake City 
Eldredge, Lana Marie. Las Vegas, New, 186, 312 
Eldredge. Nadine, Bellevue. Wash.. 208, 335 
Eldredge, Ruth, Salt Lake City, 173, 335 
Eldredge, Susan E.. Salt Lake City, 204 
Eliasen. Gary Raymond, Rockland. Ida.. 180, 312 
Eliason, Barbara, Bancroft, Ida., 294 
Eliason, Bert Clair, Downey. Ida.. 188 
Eliason. Carl Daniel. Gettysburg. S. D. 
Eliason. Cynthia Marie. Gettysburg. S. D. 
Eliason. Diane, Salt Lake City 
Eliason, Susan Arline. Salt Lake City 
Elison, Barbara Neele. Spanish Fork 
Elison, William W.. Blackfoot, Ida.. 149, 312 
Elk-fsen, Joyce Ann. Fresno. Calif . 335 

Ellibee, Gary Stanley, Portland, Ore. 

Ellingson, Harvey D., Taber, Alberta, Can. 

Ellingson. Clare S., Warner, Alberta. Can. 

Elliott, Larry Dean, Provo 

Elliott, Max Brent, Farmington, 312 

Elliott, Robert Ekins, Heber 

Elliott, Thomas L., Sault. Ste. Mar., Can. 

Ellis, Charles Arthur, La Canada, Calif. 

Ellis. David Lorrin, Mancos, Colo., 244 

Ellis, Elaine, Farmington, 116, 335 

Ellis, Ellis E . Los Angeles. Calif. 

Ellis, Gay Mercedes, Provo, 87 

Ellis, James William. San Diego, Calif., 312 

Ellis. Jede Neil, Mancos, Colo., 294 

Ellis, John McKie, Palestine, Tex., 57, 21 1 

Ellis, Mary Jo.. Sacramento, Calif., 214 

Ellis. Robert W.. Los Angeles, Calif., 294 

Ellis, Victor Gary, Spanish Fork, 97, 210 

Ellis. William Mark, Spanish Fork, 335 

Ellsworth. Barbara H.. Van Nuys, Calif. 

Ellsworth, D. Kirkman, Payson, 87, 222 

Ellsworth, Elmer, Pasadena, Calif. 

Ellsworth, Eloise. Pima, Ariz. 

Ellsworth, Karen, Chino, Calif. 

Ellsworth, Karmen, Chino, Calif.. 214 

Ellsworth. Lyn. Chino. Calif., 153, 212 

Ellsworth, Sharlene, Salt Lake City, 22, 116. 335 

Ellsworth, Stanford G., Provo 

Elm, Bruce Hyde. Burbank, Calif., 312 

Elmer, Blaine R., Provo 

Elmer, Reanon Todd, Provo 

Elmer, Sheldon Leroy, Central, Ariz., 225, 312 

Elmore, Janice Sue, Carlsbad, N. Mex. 

Elton. Gary McCormick. American Fork 

Elton, Lawrence Samuel, Orem 

Elwell, John Charles. Coronado, Calif. 

Ely. Raymond William, Los Angeles, Calif., 26, 

27, 113, 193, 211 
Elzinga. Joyce Lavell, Provo, 194, 294 
Elzinga, Yvonne Kay. Hunter, 312 
Emmerton, Claralee, Reno, New, 335 
Emmett, Judith Joni. Ontario, Ore. 
Emmett, Susan, Rochester, Minn. 
Emory, Jonia Ann, Provo 

Empey, Nancy Jean, Las Vegas, New, 132, 335 
Empey, William Jerry, St. George, 67, 202 
Ence, Barton Kendall, Kaysville, 335 
Enders, Gordon Wesley, Kennewick, Wash., 294 
Endicott, Barbara G., Springfield, Ore., 294 
Engberson, Charles A., Oakland. Calif., 294 
Engebretsen, David H„ Provo 
Engebretsen, Louise P., Provo 
England, Ann Christine, Salt Lake City 
England, Elmo Gary, Tooele 
England. Joseph Deloy, Tooele, 180, 209. 294 
England, Kaye. Tooele, 335 
England, Sherry Lynne, Salt Lake City, 335 
Engle, Afton Lee, Springville 
Engle, Ira. Jr., Seymour, Conn. 
English, Amerlia Marie. Salt Lake City, 335 
Enke, Arthur H., Provo, 312 
Enniss, Noel Huff, Provo 
Enos. Arthur, Keawe, Laie Oahu, Hawaii, 67 
Enos. Jon Goree. Beaumont, Tex.. 149, 201, 335 
Enos. Maile Ann K., Laie, Oahu. Hawaii 

Enos. Mildred P., Provo, 67 

Erdman, Katherine, Eugene, Ore., 335 

Erdman, Kimball S., Eugene, Ore., 52 

Erekson, Paul Webb, Orem 

Erekson. Rosalie Ann., Scarsdale, N.Y., 335 

Erekson, William B.. Salt Lake City, 294 

Ericksen, Thomas Lund, Mt. Pleasant, 87 

Erickson, Allan Grant, Provo, 126 

Erickson, David W., Pendleton, Ore. 

Erickson. JoAnn T., Fremont, 67 

Erickson, Clarence, Jr., St. Joseph, Mo., 97 

Erickson, Karen Marie, Los Angeles. Calif., 82, 

Erickson. Karl Gaylor, Boise, Ida. 

Erickson. Maynard L„ Sunnyside, 87 

Ericson, Eril, 245 

Eriksen, Erik Paul, Sun Valley, Calif., 294 

Eriksson, Herbert. Provo 

Erskine. June Phoebe, Salt Lake City, 93, 218 

Erten, Gary, 232 

Ervien, Joann, Phoenix, Ariz., 335 

Erwin, John Wayne, Long Beach, Calif. 

Escobar, Mary L., San Leandro, Calif., 116 

Escobar, Victor, San Leandro, Calif., 294' 

Estassi, Shukri, Cairo, Egypt 

Evans, Arza Carroll, Murray. 56 

Evans, Camilla Harrie, Arimo, Ida 

Evans, Carolyn Nadine, Sandy, 132 

Evans, Cheryl, Altamont, 207, 335 

Evans. Cheryl Ann. Boise, Ida. 

Evans. Darla Jean. North Merrick, N. Y. 

Evans. David Lloyd, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Evans, Derold Robert, Tooele 

Evans, Donald Kay, Altamont, 67 

Evans. Douglas George, Calgary, Alberta, Can., 
201. 217. 294 

Evans, Douglas Lloyd, Raymond, Alberta. Can., 

Evans, Duffy. 209 

Evans, Gary Hugh, Riverside. Calif. 

Evans. George Wesley, Mesa. Calif., 335 

Evans, George Leath. Riverside, Calif. 

Evans, Jack. Chicago, III. 

Evans. Jacqueline. Bountiful, 174, 312 

Evans, James L., Provo 

Evans. Joan Karyl. Helena, Mont 

Evans, Joann. Lehi 

Evans, Earl Andrew, Provo, 57 

Evans, Layne Robert, Ogden, 124, 312 

Evans. Marion Linda. Van Nuys, Calif., 335 

Evans, Marva, Salt Lake City, 294 

Evans, John Morgan, Lehi 

Evans, Oral Lamar, Provo 

Evans, Robert Kirkham, Arlington. Va.. 209, 335 

Evans, Sharon, Pocatello, Ida. 

Evans. Sharron Rae, Tacoma, Wash., 105, 335 

Evans, Sondra, Salt Lake City, 294 

Evans. Sunya Dale. Berkeley, Calif., 119, 312 

Evans. Thelma Joan, Tooele 

Evensen, Ronald C, Durango, Colo., 294 

Eveqsen, Val Eugene, Durango, Colo., 117, 312 

Evenson, Merrilyn Ann, Martinez, Calif , 294 

Everett, Andrea, Lafayette, Calif., 123, 335 

Evert, Carolyn Janett, Cody, Wyo. 

Evert, Lawrence Gerald, Cody, Wyo. 

Everton. Bruce M., Nampa, Ida., 128, 335 

Ewell, Marie, Springville, 335 

Ewing. Joseph Harold, Provo 

Ewing, Marie A., Palo Alto, Calif., 312 

Excell, Ternll Don. Henderson, New 

Exeter. George Merlin, Pocatello, Ida. 

Eyre, Elaine, Las Vegas, New, 335 

Eyre, Larry Kent, Salt Lake City 

Eyre, Preston Lamar, Evanston, Wyo., 191, 335 

Eyring, Helen Lynette. Berkeley, Calif., 335 

Eyring, Caroline L., Berkeley. Calif., 335 

Eyring, Shirley Wanit, Chandler, Ariz., 116 


Facer, Marilyn, El Monte, Calif. 

Fackrell, Calvert M.. Stockton. Calif., 335 

Fackrell, Deena Lee, Stockton, Calif., 335 

Fadely, Kennith L., Middletown, Ind. 

Fagg. Kathy, Corvallis. Ore., 154. 155 

Faherty, Florence R. 

Fairbanks, Grant Smith, Salt Lake City, 164 

Fairbanks. Rulon, Raymond, Alberta, Can. 

Fairbanks, William D., Alberta, Can. 

Fairbourne, Lee Ray, Salina, 336 

Fairbourne, Marjorie, Idaho Falls, Ida., 336 

Fairchild, Sharon, Boise, Ida. 

Falkenburg, Robert, Ely, Nev. 

Faller. Elaine G.. Montreal, Quebec, Can., 294 

Falslev, Joie, Altadena, Calif., 132, 182, 294 

Fanene. Marrie C, Oahu, Hawaii, 199 

Fanene, Tauveve Leaum, Provo, 67, 199 

Farley, E Bruce, Yuma, Ariz. 

Farley, Ernest Kent, Mesa, Ariz. 

Farmakis, Demetrios. Dalonica, Greece, 99, 216 

Farmer. Melvin Roy. Portland, Ore., 209 

Farmer, Richard John, Fremont 

Fames, Kathryn, Bountiful, 156, 336 

Farnsworth, Barbara M., Magna, 173. 294 

Farnsworth, Clyde Ray, Ely, Nev., 32, 87, 216 

Farnsworth, Errol K., Twin Falls, Ida. 

Farnsworth, Gail, Salt Lake City 

Farnsworth, Gary F., Salt Lake City 

Farnsworth, Kay, Long Beach, Calif., 186 

Farnsworth, Mary Ellen, Orem 

Farnsworth, Melvin T., Salt Lake City, 294 

Farnsworth, Rex Wayne, Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Farnsworth, Susanne L., Provo, 294 

Farnsworth, Duane Give, Preston, Ida. 

Farnworth, Lois Anne, Meridan, Ida. 

Farr, Michael Durham, Palo Alto, Calif., 148 

Farrell, Robert M., Midway City, Calif. 

Farrer, Maureen Kay, Fullerton, Calif., 313 

Farrer, Walter Mark, Provo 

Farrimond, Robert T., Provo, 313 

Fatemi, Nader Nick, Berkley, Ida. 

Faulkner. Brent W„ Fresno, Calif., 126, 180 

Faulkner, Kenneth L. Toppenish, Wash., 313 

Fauver. Marilyn Guymo. Provo 

Fauver, Phil Emmerton. Helena, Mont. 

Faux, Adella, Moroni 

Fawcett, Irene May, Portland, Ore. 

Fay, Russell Durrant, Ely, Nev. 

Fearn, Jane, Burley, Ida. 

Fechser. Leslie, Provo 

Fechser, Lynn, Provo 

Fechser, Phyllis Nola, Provo, 336 

Feik, June. Nyssa, Ore., 336 

Fellows, Kay Vard, Preston, Ida., 85 

Felshaw. David D„ Jr., Glendora, Calif.. 313 

Felsted, Effie Lou, Pullman, Wash., 336 

Felsted, Harold W , Pullman, Wash., 180, 294, 

Felt. Horace Gene. Idaho Falls. Ida., 294 
Felt. Howard John. Idaho Falls, Ida., 313 
Felt. Russell Ray, Lehi, 232 
Feltner, Herbert, Provo 

Felts, Susan Karen, Los Angeles. Calif., 166, 336 
Fenn. Donald Eugene, Roseburg. Ore. 
Fenley, Mary, Provo, 169 
Fenrich, Georgia Gail, Idaho Falls, Ida., 336 
Fenton, Charles, 210 

Fenton, Alice Jean, San Mateo. Calif., 57. 187 
Ferguson. Carolee Ann. Martinsville. N. J., 336 
Ferguson. Howard Jerry. Orem 
Ferguson. J. Earl. Provo 

Ferguson. James Elliott. Fresno. Calif.. 162. 336 
Ferguson. Margaret. Provo 
Ferguson, Robert E., Provo, 336 
Fernandez. Celia Faye. Tampa, Fla. 
Ferre, Carl Martin, Provo, 87 
Ferre. David Kent. Salt Lake City 
Ferre. Sharen, Provo, 336 
Ferrell. Ila Kaye. Provo 


Goss. Donna, Salt Lake City 
Gould. Franklin Da\ id, Hamilton City, Calif- 
Gould, Harry Joe. Phoenix. Ariz 
Gould. Suzanne. Litchfield, Ariz. 
Gould. Wilburn James. Hamilton City. Calif. 
Gourdin. Paul F. Orem. 337 
Gouriey, Douglas Allen. Washington, DC. 209, 

Gowans, Fred Ross. Salt Lake City, 295 
Gowans. Hugh Edmond. Tooele, 295 
Gowers, Cecil Mellree. Nephi, 313 
Graf, Garry Wayne. Santa Clara, 295 
Graff, Bnttmurte C, Oregon City, Ore. 
Graham, Bobby Don, Green Forest, Ark. 
Graham, Edgar Robert. Washington. DC 337 
Graham. Glenda Draper, 67, 169 
Graham. Leonard. Jr . Rigby. Ida.. 171, 295 
Graham. Wayne Robert. Eden, 101. 216 
Grail. Betty. 171 
Grange. Margaret Ann. Pocatello, Ida, 132. 151.. 

Grant, Dale Eldredge, Salt Lake City. 230. JI4 
Grant, Jay Williams. Provo 
Grant. Jean, Glendora. Calif., 337 
Grant. Stanley P.. Lehi 
Gray, Haney Engene, Blanding 
Gray, Shirley Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 295 
Gray, Wendell Clyde. St George, 295 
Green Arthur William. Lethbndge. Can. 
Green. Bill, Alberta. Can., 295 
Green, Bonnie, Casper, Wyo., 314 
Green. Carma May, Murray 
Green, Carole. Blackfoot. Ida. 
Green, Dee Forace, Salt Lake City. 132 
Green, Dixie L.. Salt Lake City, 52 
Green. Eugene Edward. Provo 
Green, Gary Richard. Bakersfield, Calif., 25, 337 
Green, Gordon Reed, Fountain Green, 99 
Green. James Monte. Pasadena. Calif., 99. 188, 

Green, Janean, 295 
Green, Jess L , American Fork 
Green, John Daniel, Carey. Ida., 337 
Green, Jon Allen, Portland, Ore. 

Green, Ray Wilbur, Harnsburg. Ore. 

Green, Robert Sherman, 337 

Green, Violet June, Mocksville, N.C. 

Greene, Chloe Ann. San Carlos, Calif. 

Greene. Florence Nan. Glendora, Calif., 23 

Greene. Lawrin May, Glendora. Caiif., 154. 155, 

Greene. Loyia. Glenwood. Alberta. Can.. 116. 314 

Greene, Sharon. Alberta. Can., 117, 182, 314 

Greene, Shirley Mae. Glenwood, Alta.. Can.. 337 

Greenhalgh, Jinean. Provo. 295 

Greenhalgh, Merrill A.. Provo. 180. 337 

Greenhalgh. Neil W . Nephi. 337 

Greenhalgh. Wilbur O. Nephi. 33J 

Greenwell, Carta Lee. Auburn. Calif., 314 

Greenwood, Ahron L . Calif. 

Greenwood, John B„ El Cerrito. Calif. 

Greenwood. Karen, Midvale, 337 

Greenwood. Ned H.. Eagar. Ariz. 

Greenwood, Noal T._ Sandy, 67 

Greer, Deon Carr. Provo, 87. 180 

Greer. Herbert Russel. Provo 

Greer, Jo Ann, Salt Lake City 

Greeson. Lois Nona, Renton, Wash. 

Gregersen, Marden J , Provo 

Gregg. Norma Faye, Kinston, N C 

Gregory, Darvel James. Preston. Ida., 337 

Gregory. Iloa Young. Provo 

Gresham, Kenneth Earl, Coos Bay. Ore. 

Grevstad, Gary John. Piedmont. Calif., 337 

Grey. Alan Hopwood. Auckland, N. Z 

Grey. Patricia Barney. Provo, 8^ 

Grow. Da\id Spencer. Provo 

Grudzinski. Marv Ann. S San Gabriel. Calif . 123. 

Gubler. Joseph Lynn. LaVerkin. 295 
Gudmundsen. Ruth. Inglewood. Calif . 80. 217 
Guerra. Ernesto. Peru. S.A.. 314 
Guinn. James Robert. Denver. Colo. 
Gummow. J. Fred. Burley. Ida., 67 
Gundersen. Sherron. Goring, Nebr . 93, 218 
Gunderson. Alvin Vern. Lorenzo, Ida.. 52 
Gunderson. Merrill R.. Spanish Fork 
Gunderson. Reed Elder. Spanish Fork 
Gunn. Jernlyn K.. Locona. N.H., 314 
Gunnell. Robert Dean. Soda Springs. Ida.. 99. 211 
Gunter. Robert Lloyd. Glenwood. Colo., 314 
Gurley. Dale Lee. Orange Vista, Calif.. 314 
Gurney. John Albert. Provo 
Gurney. Kathleen L. Salma. 116. 337 
Gurney, Lloyd Brent. Lehi. 337 
Gurr. Delmar Smith. Parowan 
Gurr. Kithy. Salt Lake City, 160 
Guthrie. Don Arthur, Grand Canyon. Aru 
Gutierrez. Andrew P.. Winslow. Ariz 
Gutierrez. Higinio. Jr.. Winslow. Ariz.. 165. 29S 
Guymon. Fred Edgar. Provo. 337 
Guymon. Reed Dean. Provo 
Guzman. Adolfo M . San Bruno. Calif 
Gwjlliam, Gwen. Nampa. Ida.. 204. 337 
Gwilham. Jerry A.. Boise. Ida . 295 
Gwilliam. Norma Dagmar. Boise, Ida. 
Gygi. Wayne Vance. Provo 


Gries. Edward Robert, Grand Junction. Colo.. 314 Halgren. Pat. Provo 

Haag, Max Leo. American Fork 

Haase. Herbert Paul. Fillmore. Calif.. 295 

Hasse. William F., Provo, 337 

Habeck. Marion Luella. Wis.. 314 

Hacking. Colleen. Valleio. Calif . 33" 

Hacking. Donald Earl. Cardston. Alberta. Can. 

Hacking. Eleanore C. Vernal. 93. 218 

Hacking. Joan Edna. Cardston. Alta.. Can . 209 

Hacking. Lani Ladean. Orem 

Hacking, Lu Jeanne. Cedar Valley. 93. 218 

Hackley. Sara Pauline. Provo 

Hackney. Kay Elaine. Morehead. Ky.. 67. 201 

Haddock. Ian Grove, Meridian. Ida.. 99 

Haddock. Stanton Mark. Meridian. Ida. 

Haddon. Merrill Kent. Sheridan, Ore.. 337 

Hadfield, Louen Lamsn. Alberta. Can., 295 

Hadley. Darrell L . Emmett. Ida.. 132 

Hadley. Dee Willard. Provo, 27. 295 

Hadley. Lenet. Emmett, Ida 

Hadley, Ron. Salt Lake City. 295 

Hadley, Shirley Ann. Pleasant Gro\e. 295 

Haecker. Gloria D . Guatemala City. Guatemala. 

Hafen. Ada Marie. Ivins. 67. 218 
Hafen, Brooksbv Ernest. Santa Clara. Calif. 
Hafen. Carol. Provo. 209 
Hagberg. Merne Jill, Gndley. Calif.. 337 
Hagberg. Robin Carl. Gridley. Calif . 165. 314 
Haggerty, David Leon. Danville. 111.. 337 
Haghighi. Ahmad. Logan 
Haghighi. Mahmoud. Teheran. Iran 
Hagmann. Mark Inseph. Philadelphia, Pa., 

Hague. Franklin Morns, Provo. 52 
Hahl. Christine Hilda. Rohway. N.J.. 337 
Hainsworth. Don Child, ortland. Ore. 
Hair, Leland Lamar. Salt Lake City. 57. 184 
Hiir Patsv Ann. Albuquerque. N. Mex . 295 
Hakes. Beverly Ann. Ashland. Ore.. 314 
Haleren. lulia P . Salt Lake City. 23 



Griffeth. George G., Pro\o 

Griffin. Janet, Provo 

Griffin. Norma, Lovell. Wyo.. 314 

Griffis. Robert L.. Sandy, 295 

Griffith. Maralyn E„ Provo. 158. 166. 337 

Griffiths. Zera Diane, Angels Camp. Calif. 

Griffiths, Floyd L., Provo 

Griffiths. Phyllis Mae, Santaquin 

Griffiths. Roy Darrel, Provo, 162, 225. 314 

Grigg, Barbara Janet, rovo, 126. 160. 314 

Grigg, Samuel Parley. Harper, Ore 

Griggs, Jeanette. Idaho Falls, Ida., 132 

Grigsby. Jerry Roger. Martin. Ky., 337 

Grimaud, Donald Leroy, Midvale, 108. 213 

Grimes. Jeannette. Murray, 116 

Grimes. Jesse W,, Murray, 63 

Grimmett. Dixie Ann, Provo. 105 

Gnmmett. Gloria Dell. Provo, 225 

Grimmett. Karen M . Provo. 105. 215 

Groberg. David H.. Provo. 295 

Groendyke. Norman D.. Salt Lake City 

Groneman. Dale Gordon. Provo. 337 

Groo, Denis Earl. Provo. 211. 295 

Groscost. Charles K.. Tooele 

Groshell, Patricia A.. Seattle. Wash.. 23. 182, 314 

Gross. Wallace Clint. Rockville, Ind., 314 

Grossarth. Galen W., Provo 

Grotegut, Berniece A.. Spanish Fork 

Grotegut, David Arthur. Spanish Fork. 97. 164, 


, 76 

Hall. Allan Perry. Springville 

Hall, Audrey. Spring-. ille 

Hall. Blaine Hill. Wellsville. 

Hall, Calvin Nelson. Provo 

Hall. Carolyn. Boise. Ida.. 295 

Hall. Charles M, Salem. 91 

Hall. Charlotte. Nampa. Ida. 

Hall. D.irrell Grant. Provo 

Hall. Elna Ann S . Provo 

Hall, Frankie Taylor. Salem 

Hall. George Merrill. Mesa. Ariz. 

Hall. Geraldine. Hayward. Calif.. 116. 337 

Hall, Glade A . Springv,lle, 295. 337 

Hall. Glade Lowe. Carnation. Calif.. 85 

Hall. lanet Ann. Inkom. Ida.. 314 

Hall. Janet Kay, Sparks. New. 337 

Hall. Karen Ann. Long Beach. Calif. 

Hall. Katie Dean, Salt Lake City 

Hall. Leo Dan. Nampa. Ida.. 80 

Hall. Leroy Eldrid. Lava Hot Springs. Ida . 337 

Hall. Lula DeAnn. Yuma. Ariz,, 314 

Hall. Margaret. Preston. Ida.. 213. 219. 295 

Hall. Martin Arthur. Provo, 81 

Hall. Merle Kav. Eagar. Ariz 

Hall. Robert Walker. Altadena. Calif.. 314 

Hall. Roger Verge. Lorenzo. Ida.. 337 

Hall. Ronald Devere. Payson. 67 

Hall. Sindra Diane. 314 

Hall. Sue Jayne. Oakland. Calif. 

Hall. Wanda Louise. Eagar. Ariz.. 337 


Grothmann. Wilhelm H.. I'ber Herford. Germany Hallack. Gary Kent. Los Angeles. Calif 

Grover. Alda Morris, Provo Halladay Ann. Spanish Fork. 295 

Graver. Judith Kay, Evanston, Wyo. Halladay. Jack Gordon, Marysvale 

Grover, Milton Dee. Malad. Ida., 81 Halladay. Jerry Ann. Provo 

Grover. Scott Carl, Brigham, 164, 314 Halladay. Merlene. Provo. 215, 221 

Grover, Sharel. Susanulle. Calif Halladay. Sherree. Phoenix. Ariz.. 337 

Grover. Tereece Mane. Thornton. Ida.. 151. 295 Hallen. Gloria. Salt Lake City. 67 


Hallet. Ann Judith. Roslmdale. Mass., 337 
Halliday. Carol Flora, Provo 
Halliday. Ernest R . Provo. 57 
Halliday. Glen Gene, American Fork. 337 
Hallman. Kathryn Vera, Oakland. Calif.. 295 
Hallock. George Vernon. Enterprise. 53, 194 
Halsted. Ernest Lera, Safford. Ariz 
Halstead, Lester Mark. Provo 
Halverson. Jay Grant. Spanish Fork. 337 

HaKerson. Robert Alan. Harbor City. Calif., 337 
Halberg. E. Lynn. Hawthorne. Calif. 

Hale, Boyd Jay, Blackfoot, Ida.. 53. 148 

Hale, Garron Ronald. Beaverton, Ore.. 188. 314 

Hale. Gerald A . Ariz.. 87 

Hale, Lloyd Dean. Pnneville. Ore.. 337 

Hale. Lynn Grant, Salt Lake City, 34 

Hale. Norma Lynn, Midvale. 166, 314 

Hale. Rodney. Oakley. Ida., 98 

Hale: Sherry. Glendale, Calif., 166, 314 

Hale, Sydnie Ann. Whitefish, Mont.. 337 

Hales. Blaine Ferron. Springville 

Hales. George Noel. Nampa. Ida 

Hales. Glen J., Orem 

Hales. Joseph Sloan, Glendale. Calif.. 295 

Hales. Meiling. Spanish Fork 

Hales. Nancy Elizabeth. Spanish Fork, 337 

Hales. Pryce N.. Provo 

Hales. Robert. Provo 

Halfacre. Bonnie Gail. Glendale. Calif., 160. 314 

Hamelwnght. Gale C, Orem, 216 

Hamilton. Annie Belle, Clyde Park, 314 

Hamilton, Arthur W . Ft. Mac, Alta.. Can., 201 

Hamilton. Carollyn L.. Helper. 153, 182, 314 

Hamilton, Dennis. Blackfoot. Ida. 

Hamilton, Jannet, Riverton. 337 

Hamilton, Larry Gene. Walnut Creek. Calif.. 87 

Hamilton, Lavar Archie. Helper 

Hamilton. Marilyn. Sugar City. Ida.. 67 

Hamilton. Meredith C , Provo, 205 

Hamilton, Sheron Larae, Tabiona, 207 

Hamilton. Thomas E., Vanceburg, Ky. 

Hamilton. Wallace, 314 

Hamilton. William E.. Prescott, Ariz., 164 

Hammer. A C . Payette. Ida. 

Hammer, Marshall. Arlington, Va., 314 

Hammond. Dale Alden, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 101. 148 

Hammond, Floyd Melvin, Sugar City, Ida. 

Hammond. Judith, Fresno, Calif.. 295 

Hammond. Milton William. Las Vegas, Nev. 

Hammond. Milton D . Jr.. Salt Lake City 

Hammond. Myrna C. L'pham. N.D.. 295 

Hammond. Patricia M„ Twin Falls. Ida.. 132. 338 

Hammond. Patty Jean. Colorado Springs, Colo., 

Hammond. Samuel Jense. Idaho Falls, Ida., 25, 52, 
147, 185 

Hamnck. James R., Jr., Rialto, Calif. 

Hamblin, Antonette. Kanab 

Hamblin. David Curtis. Provo 

Hamblin. Harold Clyde. Luna, N Mex 

Hamblin. John Ray. Eagar. Ariz. 

Hamblin. Marilyn, Provo 

Hamblin, Markay Elber, Alhambra, Calif. 

Hamblin. Peggy Enid. La Plata. N. Mex.. 295 

Hamel. Wright Gale. Price 

Hanchett. Pat M.. 314 

Hancock. Boyd W . Blackfoot. Ida., 190 

Hancock. Dixie. Mesa. Ariz., 314 

Hancock. Richard M . Bellflower. Calif., 149 

Hanks. Boyd E . Spanish Fork 

Hanks. Delbert. Dayton. Ohio. 314 

Hanks. Karen Colleen, Dayton, Ohio. 338 

Hanks. Larry Berkely, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 338 

Hanks. Linda Fay, Spanish Fork 

Hanks. Sterling Wayne, Tooele. 314 

Hanna. Karen Eleanor. Butte. Mont.. 116. 338 

Hanna. Leonard D., Brooklake. La.. 165 

Hanna, Marian Lucy, Sacramento. Calif.. 295 

Hanneman. Muriel Lea. Madras, Ore., 295 

Haney. Whitney, 240 

Hannig, Gary Whitney, Las Vegas, Nev., 57 

Hansen, Annette Louise, Othello. Wash.. 119 

Hansen. Arda Ann. Centerfield, 67 

Hansen. Arlene, Dos Ralos, Calif., 295 

Hansen. Carl Demont. American Fork 

Hansen. Darrel David. Hiko, Nev. 

Hansen. David Leon. Payson 

Hansen. David Wendell. Mcallen. Tex., 149, 201. 

Hansen. De Ann, Kennewick. Wash., 338 
Hansen, Douglas Lee, Richfield, 149 
Hansen. Douglas David. Gelndale. Calif., 314 
Hansen. Durell C . Twin Falls. Ida.. 191, 338 
Hansen, Gordon Leon. Portland, Ore.. 26, 27 
Hansen. Gordon Stanley. Winslow, Ariz. 
Hansen, Grant Rega. Salt Lake City. 295 
Hansen. Harold Lewis. Ida., 193. 295 
Hansen. Henry Kimball. Delta 
Hansen. James Vernon. Twin Falls, Ida. 
Hansen. James Wayne. Ceres. Calif.. 338 
Hansen. Janet Faye. San Mateo. Calif., 314 
Hansen. Jo Jean. Redlands. Calif 
Hansen. Joy Hawley, Provo 
Hansen. Joyce. Dos Palos, Calif.. 116, 338 
Hansen. Joyce, Ogden, 338 
Hansen. Lindsey B.. Jr.. Ogden 
Hansen. Karen Juanita. Dallas. Tex . 132. 338 
Hansen. Karen Lee. San Yeandro. Calif., 314 
Hansen. Kenneth Louis. Los Angeles. Calif. 
Hansen. Kent B.. Clarkston. 165. 314 
Hansen. Kimball, Provo, 96, 190 
Hansen. Klaus J.. Provo 
Hansen. Kristine. Corvallis, Ore. 
Hansen. Larry Douglas. Shoshone. Ida., 314 

Hansen. Larsen. Milton. 81 

Hansen. Laura Gayle, Smithfield 

Hansen. Lee Duane. Vale, Ore.. 97, 188, 210, 338 

Hansen, Louise C . Monroe. 295 

Hansen. Marco Eugene, Weston, Ida. 

Hansen. Margaret Dean, Idaho Falls, Ida., 123, 

Hansen. Marie. Hiko. Nev.. 338 
Hansen. Marilyn Loren. Vale, Ore., 119 
Hansen. Marsha Lynne. Richiefld, 295 
Hansen, Merlin Arvel, Blackfoot. Ida., 338 
Hansen, Myrla Vee. Pocatello. Ida.. 37, 151, 295 
Hansen. Noreen E , Vallejo. Calif., 225, 314 
Hansen. Norma. Glendora. Calif.. 296 
Hansen, Patsy, Provo 
Hansen. Peggy Lynne. Monroe 
Hansen. Q. Marion, Snowflake, Ariz., 97, 212 
Hansen. Ralph Leon, Maywood. Calif., 67, 223 
Hansen, Ralph Waldema, Orem 
Hansen. Richard Ray, Orem 

Hansen, Richard Lamar. Springville 

Hansen. Robert Terry, Portland, Ore.. 165, 338 

Hansen. Robert Wayne, Richfield. 57 

Hansen. Roger Lee. Toppenish, Wash. 

Hansen. Sandra K.. Salt Lake City, 76 

Hansen Sherylene Dal. Salt Lake City, 173. 338 

Hansen, Stanley Dee, Grace, Ida., 97, 211 

Hansen, Terry Lee, Spanish Fork, 338 

Hansen. Wilford Bryce, Cardston. Alta., Can., 296 

Hansen. Willard L , Moses Lake, Wash.. 208 

Hanson. Brooks Kent. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Hanson, Carleen Sylvia, Pasadena, Calif. 

Hanson, Craig Alfred, Provo, 99 

Hanson. James Grant, Wendell, Ida. 

Hanson. Jesse Merrell. Salt Lake Gty, 198 

Hanson, Thomas E.. Jr., Duluth, Minn. 

Hanson, Judith Ann, Salt Lake City 

Hanson, Keyte L, Salt Lake City, 211, 296 

Hanson, Maurice Rolan, Spanish Fork 

Hanson. Mettell, Salt Lake City, 314 

Hanson. Narvo! Leo, Roosevelt, 185, 207, 296 

Hanson. Robert Denny. Jerome, Ida., 296 

Hanson. Robert W , Cortez. Colo. 

Hanson. Thomas E.. Duluth, Minn.. 296 

Hanchett. Patricia M., Annabella 

Hancock. Bernice W., Napa, Calif. 

Hancock, Boyd Wayne. Blackfoot Ida., 132 

Hancock, Dixie. Mesa, Ariz.. 200 

Hancock, Jay Jul. Provo 

Hancock. Morck Oluf. Provo 

Hancock. Phyllis Jane. Napa, Calif. 

Hancock. Richard M.. Bellflower, Calif. 

Hanes. Betty Lucile. Reseda, Calif. 

Haney, Dorothy Leslie, Great Falls. Mont. 

Haney. Irene Ladean. Moses Lake. Wash. 

Haraguchi. Jean. Kauai, Hawaii, 67. 203 

Harbrean. James, Sepulveda, Calif., 314 

Harch. Forrest, 296 

Harding, Arleen. Provo 

Harding. Deanna, Bountiful 

Harding. Diane, Provo, 314 

Harding, Glen J., Las Vegas, Nev. 

Harding. Irene. American Fork 

Harding. Neal Davies. Provo 

Harding, Neil Elden, Lehi 

Harding. Nudine, Provo, 116 

Hardwick, Karol V., Midvale, 314 

Hardy. Blaine Carmon, Wapato, Wash. 

Hardy. Carolyn, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Hardy. Claudia Elaine. Sunnyvale. Calif., 116 

Hardy. Dale Calvin. Stevensville, Mont, 126 

Hardy. Ernest Jay, Los Angeles, Calif., 296 

Hardy. Karel Sharon, Provo, 314 

Hardy. Paula. Salt Lake City 

Hardy, Richard Clair, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Hardy. William Ford, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Hardy. William Ralph, Salt Lake Gty 

Harger. Sherry. Freeport, N.Y., 296 

Hargreaves, Suzanne. Portland, Ore., 166 

Harker, Gary Lee, Mesa. Ariz., 87 

Harker, Ronald Clair, Provo 

Harker. Royal Kent, Idaho Falls. Ida. 

Harkey. Dale Eugene, Pomona. Calif.. 296 

Harkness. Wallace S.. Salt Lake City 

Harley, Fred Ittner. Provo, 296 

Harley, Linda Lucile. Los Angeles, Calif., 338 

Harley, Marilyn B., Provo, 67 

Harman, Beverly Ann. Salt Lake City 

Harman. Bonnie Lajune, Salt Lake City, 116, 338 

Harman. Dean Williams. Provo. 296 

Harmer. Allan Bearnso, Springville 

Harmer. Don Ludlow, Mapleton, 212 

Harmes. Albert William, Springville 

Hremes. Albert William. Springville 

Harmon. David McKay. Provo 

Harmon. Del! Tolman. Provo, 99 

Harmon, Gary Curtis. The Dalles. Ore., 338 

Harmon, Joseph Alvin. Spartanburg, S.C. 

Harmon, Juanita, CokevilJe, Wyo., 221, 338 

Harmon, Julia. Berkeley, Calif.. 296 

Harmon, Larry E., Afton, Wyo. 

Harmon, Robert B. 

Harmon. Sondra Laurel. Price. 296 

Haroldsen. James Henry. Idaho Falls, Ida., 338 

Haroldsen. Terry Jess. Arlington, Va.. 338 

Harper. Albert Allen. Fillmore. Calif. 

Harper. Darrel Albert. Provo, 57, 211 

Harper, Elwin Kay, Malta. Ida., 230 

Harper. Kathryn. Blackfoot, Ida., 93, 218 

Harper. Kimball Taylor. Oakley, Ida., 52 

Harper. Lawrence, Provo 

Harper. Richard F.. Albertson, N.C, 314 

Harper. Robert J.. Blackfoot, Ida., 314 


Ferrel, David Warner, Denair, Calif., 336 

Fielden, Connie Leone, Salt Lake City, 313 

Fielding, Dorothy S., Orem 

Fielding, Helen Mary, Shelley, Ida., 294 

Fielding, Lecia, Salt Lake City, 187, 313 

Fields, Charles Wesley, Provo 

Fife, A. Lynn, Grass Valley, Calif. 

Fife, Jo Anne, New Orleans, La., 313 

Fife, Mary Ellen, New Orleans, La., 166, 201, 

Fife, Richard Stewart, Sacramento, Calif., 294 
Fife, Suzanne E., Berkeley, Calif., 187 
Fillmore, Rebecca L , Fruitland. Ida., 336 
Filton, Sheryl Lynn, Provo 
Finch, Gerald Max, Provo 
Finch, James Moran, Spanish Fork, 52 
Finch, Patricia Leah, Oakland, Calif., 336 
Finch, Shirl Joseph, Orem 
Fincher, Janice Louis, Higley, Ariz., 336 
Findlay, Lynn, Kanab, 192 
Finlayson, Irene, Provo 
Finlayson, Fred C, Provo 
Finlinson, Arline, Provo, 87 
Finlinson, Arlyn J., Leamington 
Finlinson, David S., Oak City, 193 
Finlinson, Judith, Oak City, 336 
Finlinson, Vance, Oak City 
Finlson, Sandra, Oak City 
Firmage, Edwin Brown, Provo 
Firmage, Judith Anne, Provo 
Firmage, Karen Marie, Chatham, N. J., 187, 215, 

Fischborn, Dominica E., San Jose Costa, CA. 
Fischborn, Hans H., San Jose Costa, CA. 
Fischer, Clyde F., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Fischer, Vaughn, Provo, 336 
Fish, Alfred Edwin, Alamogordo, N. Mex. 
Fish, Errol Ross, Mesa, Ariz., 188 
Fish, Melvin C, Toquerville, 294 
Fish, Myrna Lee, Cincinnati, Ohio, 336 
Fish, Patricia Delane, Mesa, Ariz., 123 
Fishburn, Jerry P., Ogden, 87 
Fisher, Budd, 162 
Fisher, Earl Fred, Seattle, Wash. 
Fisher, Gerald Douglas, Midvale. 313 
Fisher, Grant L., Hill Spring, Alberta, Can., 313 
Fisher, Laurel J.. Bountiful, 212, 336 
Fisher, Lurlene Marie, Boise, Ida. 
Fisher, Madison Scott, Del Mar, California, 162 
Fitislmanu, T., 199 

Fitts, Joann Fannie, Salt Lake City, 336 
Fitzgarrald, Garlan D.. Bridgeport, Neb., 336 
Fitzgerald, Hal P., Whittier, Calif. 
Fitzgerald, Marilynne, Salt Lake City 
Fjeldsted, Carolyn, Gunnison 
Fjeldsted, Gilberta, Gunnison, 123, 151, 294 
Flake, Leona, Snowflake, Arizona, 67, 98 
Flake, Neva Venice, Snowflake, Arizona, 98 
Flanary, Howard Lee, Orem 
Flanary, Paul Eugene, Nyssa, Ore., 57 
Fenniken, Daisy, Millbrae, Calif., 57 
Fletcher, Bonnie Jean, Salt Lake City, 93, 218 
Fletcher, Donald E , Monitor, Wash., 208 
Fletcher, George A., Lethbridge, Alta., Can., Ill 
Fletcher, James Elton, Monitor, Wash. 
Fletcher, Wayne Calvin, Ft. Collins, Colorado, 

148, 294 
Flick, Roger Carroll, San Fernando, Calif., 159, 

Fliendner, Vicki Kay, Glendale, Calif., 158, 336 
Flinders, Robert F., Burbank, Calif. 
Flores, Carol Leilehua, Honolulu, Hawaii, 67 
Florian, Don Alan, Conn. 
Florian, Nancy Bowers, Salt Lake City 
Flowers, Joseph Dwain, Wilmington, N. C. 
Floyd, Clettis Earl, Booneville, Miss., 67 
Flygare, Carole, Salt Lake City, 336 
Flygare, Dorothy, Provo, 294 
Fock, Hing Luen R., Kowloon, Hong Kong 
Foley, Sandra, Temple City, Calif., 294 
Folsom, Nancy, Edmond, Wash., 119 
Fontana, Janice, Castro Valley, Calif., 313 
Foote.-Duane Horace, Salt Lake City, 67, 210 
Foote, Jeanette, Wellington, Alta., Can., 117 
Ford, LaRue, Provo 
Ford, Patricia Rae, Reno, Nev., 29, 336 
Fordman, Richard W., Alberta, B.C., 57 
Forsberg, Max lams, Garland, 336 
Forsgren, Curtis Brent, Ogden, 294 
Forsling, Janet Louri, Twin Falls, Ida., 336 
Forster, Kenneth G., Calgary, Alberta, Can. 
Forsyth, Allen Dunn, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Forsyth, Janiel, Teasdale, 336 
Forsyth, Ward R., Fremont, 87 
Forsythe, Norm, 245 

Fortress, Edwina Lee, Vallecita, Calif., 87 
Fortuna, Eugene Frank, Hawthorne, Calif., 294 
Foss, Charleda Belle, Coeur D'Alene, Ida., 105 
Foss, Maralee Olive, Coeur D'Alene, Ida., 105 
Fossum, Karen Eleen, Baker, Ore. 
Foster, Diane E , Palo Alto, Calif., 294 
Foster, Jerald Ree, Hemet, Calif. 
Foster, Myra Alyce, Ely, Nev. 
Fotheringham, Dean W., Orem 
Foulger, Carol, N. Hollywood, Calif., 313 
Foulger, David Cragun, American Fork, 124 
Foulger, Jack Lewis, Washington, DC, 184, 313 
Foulk, Benjamin Lewis, Walnut Creek, Calif., 

180, 209 
Fountain, Barbara Jean, Van Nuys, Calif., 204, 

Fountain, Colleen G„ Salyer, Calif., 336 
Foutz, Ed, Provo, 171 
Foutz, Pauleen Marie, Las Vegas, Nev., 151, 294 

Powers, Howard G., Hooper, 313 

Fowkes, Ivar Gene, Evanston, Wyo., 97, 216 

Fowkes, Kay Pennelope, Compton, Calif. 

Fowler, James Oliver, Morristown, Tenn. 

Fowler, Joyce Elaine, Burley, Ida. 

Fowler, Joyce Pearl, Conrad, Mont. 

Fowler, Richard M., Camp Williams 

Fowles, Jennette, Oakley, Ida., 182, 209, 313 

Fowles, Sally Jo, Caldwell, Ida., 313 

Fox, Harold C, Lehi 

Fox, Laura Carolyn, Vernal, 117, 197 

Fox, Ruth Elaine, Elk Grove, Calif 

Fox. William, Tooele 

Foy, Margaret, Salt Lake City, 336 

Frampton, Morris J., Fillmore 

Francis, David Gary. Alden, N. Y., 336 

Francis, Jane Ann, Spanish Fork, 67 

Francis, Jon Hoyer, Laguna Beach, Calif., 336 

Francis, Robert E., Provo, 87 

Francis, Vaughn Elgin, Spanish Fork, 52 

Francom, Baunie Jean, Salt Lake City 

Francom, Judith Kay, Green River, Wyo , 313 

Francom, Sharon Louise, Salt Lake City 

Frandsen, Edward R., Salt Lake City, 164, 336 

Frandsen, Louise, American Fork 

Frandsen, Melvin Keith, Idaho Falls, Ida., 313 

Frandsen, Milton Lee, Springville 

Franson, Karen, Oakley, 336 

Fraser, Frances Ann, Grantsville, 173. 313 

Fraser, Sandra Smith, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Fraser, Warren Howard, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Frazier, Dion Rex, Carlin, Nev., 232 

Frazier, Ronald Vern, Carlin, Nev., 119, 294 

Frazier, Stephen E., Pocatello, Ida., 159, 313 

Frederick, LaDonna Lee, Forest Grove, Ore. 

Frederickson, Horace, Bakersfield, Calif. 

Frederickson, William E., Provo, 80 

Frederickson, Gordon, Malad, Ida., 184, 295 

Fredrickson, R. Hartle, Malad, Ida., 184 

Fredrickson, Ralph V., Provo 

Freeman, Lawrence G., Rockland, Ida., 53 

Freeman, Peter Howe, Santa Monica, Calif., 101, 

Freeman, Robert Dean, Provo 
Freeman, Samuel Howard, Provo 
Freer, Ferrel Lewis, Mountain Home, Ida., 313 
Frehner, Gracma Henry, Mesquite, Nev., 119 
Frehner. Roberta, Salt Lake City 
Freiberg, Mary Ann, Westchester, 111., 336 
French, Russell Carl, Alberta, Can., 295 
Frey, Mary Ellen, Portland. Ore., 336 
Frick, Donald Craven, Bellingham, Wash. 
Frisbey, Gerald James, Salt Lake City, 184, 295 
Fritzen, Heimtraut, Germany 
Fritsche, Mary Ellen, Chicago, 111., 161, 295 
Frizzell, Thomas P., Farmersville, Tex. 
Frodsham, Mark Joseph, Woodruff 
Froelich, Dale J., Provo 
Froerer, Carol Joyce, Vale, Ore., 295 
Fronk, Frances Kay, Ogden 
Frost, Kay Don, Glendale, Calif., 295 
Frost. Louise, Spanish Fork 
Frost, Lucille, Springville 
Frost, Merrill F., Provo, 80 
Frost, Robert James, Calgary, Alta., Can., 295 
Froyd, Margaret Alice, Cedar City, 29, 295 
Fryer, Brent Charles, Pleasant Grove 
Fryer, David Howard. Provo 
Fuchigami, Amy E., Lanai, Hawaii, 199, 295 
Fuchigami. Ronald S., Lanai, Hawaii, 105 
Fugal, Dristine, Pleasant Grove 
Fugal, Janeil, Pleasant Grove, 295 
Fugal, John Paul. Pleasant Grove, 1 1 1 
Fugal, Lois, Pleasant Grove, 313 
Fugal, Maxine Robinson, Pleasant Grove 
Fuhriman, Charlene, Melba, Ida., 57 
Fuhriman, George W., Nampa, Ida., 336 
Fuhriman, Parker John, Oakland, Calif., 188, 313 
Fujita, Wilfred Susum, Honolulu, Hawaii, 57 
Fulkerson, Robert E., San Bernardino, Calif. 
Fuller, Dorothy Joan, Long Beach, Calif., 336 
Fuller, Dorothy Ann, Winslow, Ariz. 
Fuller, Mary Loueen, Salt Lake City 
Fuller. Robert Allen, La Crescenta, Calif., 162, 

Fuller, Sharon Lee, San Francisco, Calif., 116 
Fullmer, Nedra S., Delta, 336 
Fullmer, Robert Leon, Spanish Fork 
Funk. Carolyn, Blythe, Calif.. 336 
Funk, Leonnie, Blythe, Calif. 
Funk, Sheryl P., Blythe, Calif., 295 
Furr, James Bruce. Provo, 336 
Furr, Mary Lucile, Springville, 336 
Fye, Rodney Wayne, Salt Lake City, 66 


Gabbitas, Cheryl F., Fresno, Calif. 

Gabbitas, George W., Jr., Bakersfield, Calif. 

Gabbitas. Rex Frank, Provo 

Gabbitas, Robert, Bakersfield, Calif., 295 

Gadd, Carol Louise, Nephi 

Gadd, Galen Noel, Nephi, 336 

Gadd. Wendell, Seattle, Wash., 336 

Gage, Richard Barlow. Salt Lake City, 336 

Gagon, Gale, Provo 

Gagon, Glen S., Provo 

Gailey, Arthur Varney, La Jolla, Calif.. 80. 221 

Gale, James Elden, Provo, 98 

Gale, Leon Demar, Moses Lake, Wash., 336 

Gale, Leon Russel, Durango, Colo., 212 

Gale, Ramona P., Provo, 98 

Gallagher, Terance, Salt Lake City, 117, 313 
Gallagher, William K., Los Angeles, Calif., 184 


Galler, Dorothy Ann, Moore, Ida., 295 
Galloway, John Alden, Provo 
Gallup, Norman Ray, Los Angeles, Calif , 87 
Galvin. Harold Wayne, Syracuse, N. Y., 336 
Gamble, Melvin Jay, Salt Lake City 
Gammon, J. Rulon, Provo 
Gammon, Ray Eugene, Provo 
Gandy, Joanne Nellie, Keosauqua, Iowa, 336 
Ganschow, Richard D., Palmer, Alaska, 295 
Banz, Michael Domenic, Provo, 336 
Gappmayer, Louis B., Orem 
Gappmayer, Richard B., Orem 
Garcia, Blanca Eugene, Mesa, Ariz. 
Garcia, Jose E., Las Cruces, N, Mex., 61 
Garcia, Paul Alvillar, Los Angeles, Calif., 232, 

Gardiner, Rodney, Lethbridge, Alta., Can., 295 
Gardiner, Verlin D., Vernal 
Gardner, Alan W., Spanish Fork 
Gardner, Betty Jo, Colusa, Calif., 336 
Gardner, Blaine Avery, Ogden, 147 
Gardner, Charles N., Provo 
Gardner, David Ross, Los Alamos, N. Mex., 159, 

Gardner, Dianne, Mesa, Calif., 154, 336 
Gardner, Franklin D., Afton, Wyo 
Gardner, Georganne, La Mesa, Calif., 
Gardner, Henry Herry, Midvale, 184, 313 
Gardner, Janet Afton, Spanish Fork 
Gardner, Jo Anne, Pleasant Grove 
Gardner, Kay E., Delta, 180, 205 
Gardner, Lawrence B., Salem, 52 
Gardner, Lois Jean, Oil City, Pa., 313 
Gardner, Miller R., Provo 
Gardner, Myrna Dee, Provo 
Gardner, Peggy Jane, Chicopee Fall, Mass., 200, 

Gardner, Richard M., Downey, Calif., 184 
Gardner, Richard M., Springville 
Gardner. Sherril Lund, Neb., 67 
Gardner, Sterling E., Spanish Fork 
Gardner, Tracy Calvin, Provo 
Gardner, Vilate, Berkeley, Calif., 295 
Garff, Joanne, Salt Lake City 
Garifeld, Don LaMar, Tremonton, 67 
Garlick, Gayleen, Ogden, 116, 295 
Garlick, Merton Carl, Long Beach, Calif., 336 
Garner, Carol Lynne, Provo, 215 
Garner, David Henry, Driggs, Ida. 
Garner, Donald Ross, Rexburg, Ida., 87, 193 
Garner, Jennie Lee, Tucson, Ariz., 336 
Garner, Kent Ralph, Ogden, 295 
Garrard, Jacquelyn Ann, Tooele, 336 
Garrett, Barbara, Nephi, 313 

Garrett, Donna Rae, Battle Creek, Mich., 132, 336 
Barrett, Mark Wallace, Provo 
Barrett, Myrna Rae, Salt Lake City, 295 
Garrett, Russel W., Provo 
Garrison, Ray Howard, Burlington, Iowa, 313 
Garrison, Roy Dale, Burlington, Iowa, 336 
Garrison, Shirlee Jean, Nampa, Ida. 
Garside, Arlyn Lamoyn, Ogden 
Garwood, Marjorie Ann, Cortez, Colo., 158, 182, 

Gassaway, Terrance Lee, Country Port, Ore., 209 
Gates, Franklin T., Seattle, Wash., 313 
Gay, Marvin Lewis, Springville, 126, 313 
Gaynor, David, North Surrey, Can., 336 
Geary, Edward Acord, Huntington 
Gedge, Devel Kidgell, Riverton 
Gee, Edwin L., Provo 
Gee, Janet Anne, Oakland, Calif., 67, 170 
Geigle, Ray Albert, Salt Lake City, 29, 171 
Geiogamah, Lola S., Tulsa, Okla., 336 
Geisler, Patricia M., Salt Lake City, 295 
Geist, Maureen Grace, Orem 
Genet, Donald Kregear, Inglewood. Calif., 172, 

Gengler, Gerald Peter, San Pablo, Calif., 336 
Gentile, Margaret Mary, Brooklyn, N. Y., 209, 

Gentry, Edith Louise, My ton, 313 
Gentry, Evelyn, Colorado Springs, Colo., 77 
Gentry, Raymond C, St. George, 193, 295 
George, Billy, Holden. 164, 313 
George, Dee Ann, Phoenix, Ariz.. 200, 313 
George, Joan Claudine, Las Vegas, Nev. 
George, Revell, Tooele, 61 
George. Willard Lenni. Colma, Calif., 193, 313 
George. William Seth, Las Vegas, Nev., 295 
Gerhart, Phil C. Great Falls, Mont.. 202, 313 
Gerrard, Dortha Lynne, Murray, 313 
Gerrard, Judith Norene, Evanston, 160 
Gessel, Eric Brandt. Walla Walla, Wash.. 336 
Geyerman, Jerry Brook, Provo, 336 
Ghahremani, Albar, Tehran. Iran, 101 
Ghazanfari, Mehdi. Andimt-shk. Iran, 337 
Gholson. Robert Lee. Mountain Home. Ida 
Ghoush, Beigui M. N., Iran, 313 
Giannola, Robert Lee, The Dalles, Ore., 245. 

Giauque, David Hughes, Monrovia, Calif., 162 
Gibb, Geraldene Kay, Edmonton, Alberta, Can., 

Gibb, Robert Nelson, Alberta, B. C. 
Gibbons, Eileen, Logan 
Gibbons, Leroy, Holbzrook, Ariz . 80, 126 
Gibbs, Calvin James, Ogden, 58 
Gibbs, Carolyn McCammon, Ida., 199, 295 
Gibbs, Grant LeRoy, Ogden 
Gibbs, Manton C , Salt Lake City, 313 

Gibbs, Sonya, Wendell, Ida., 295 

Gibson, Carol Joy, Chino, Calif., 76 

Gibson, Patricia E., Oregon City, Ore,, 337 

Gibson, Richard S-, Menlo Park, Calif., 25, 85 

Gieck, Fred Gary, Boulder City, Nev., 87 

Gifford, Clarence A., Olympia, Wash., 99 

Gifford, Jack Hunter, Orange, Tex., 230 

Gifford, James Lee, Jerome, Ida., 337 

Gilbert, LyleC, 313 

Gilbert, James Edward, Dallas, Tex., 337 

Gilbert, Myrna Lee, Dayton, Ohio, 117, 313 

Gilbert, Reta Alice, Pentioton. B.C., 80, 212 

Gilchist, Alan Curtis, Quincy, Wash. 

Gilchrist, Norman D., Quincy, Wash.. 313 

Giles, Alyce, Heber, 123 

Giles, Frank Thomas, Jerome, Ida. 

Giles, Glade E , Heber City, 91 

Giles,, Ivin Tervor. Heber 

Giles, Kathleen Hooper, 67 

Giles, Kay Earl, Pleasant Grove, 337 

Giles, Leda Jeannette, Downey, Calif., 313 

Giles, Linda Claire. Downey, Calif., 158, 337 

Giles, Lynn William, Jerome, Ida. 

Gilger. L. Dwight, Las Vegas, Nev., 99 

Gillespie, Leonard Kay, Idaho Falls, Ida., 164, 

Gillette, Susan, Kansas City, Kan., 116, 337 
Gillie, Kenneth Dean, Diamond City, Can., 295 
GilUland, Steve F., Rosemead, Calif., 184, 313 
Gillings, James Lane, Ojar, Calif., 85 
Gillingwater, Alfred G., Woods Cross, 215, 313 
Gillison, Mary Louise, Portland, Ore., 295 
Gilmore, Leola Verna, Sherman Oaks, Calif., 295 
Giltner, Barbara E., Englewood, Colo., 156, 313 
Gingerich, Lamont, Spanish Fork, 97, 212 
Giraud, Marjean Cook, Provo 
Glassford, Lizbeth L , Laguna Beach, Calif., 337 
Glasson, Ruth Ann, New Plymouth. Ida., 57 
Glazier, Rowena S., Provo 
Glazier, Stewart E., Mesa, Ariz. 
Gleason, Alene, Provo 
Gleason, Carol, Provo 
Gledhill, Isabelle R., Provo 
Gledhill, Susan Anne, Salt Lake City, 174, 337 
Glenn, Darlene, Anaheim, Calif., 76 
Glenn, Miriam Karol, Brigham, 337 
Glenn, Virginia, Craig, Colo., 337 
Glew, Everlie Lucille, San Francisco, Calif., 337 
Glines, Deloa Dawn, Grover City, Calif. 
Glines, Frederick W., Grover City, Calif. 
Glines, Gary Lloyd, Vernal, 337 
Glines, Roger Claire, Grover City, Calif. 
Glissmeyer, Connie B., Ogden, 295 
Glissmeyer, Floyd Deon, Ogden, 87 
Glover, Charles Leo 
Glover, Elaine, Nyssa, 337 
Glover, Jeanette, Farmington 
Goates, Clara, Parma, 123, 313 
Goates, Irene. Parma 
Goates, Kenneth Joseph, Lehi, 295 
Goates, Morris A., Lehi, 295 
Goble, Dee Roy, Calgary, Alta., Can., 201, 295 
Goble, Kenneth Grant, Magna 
Godfrey, Arvin F., Idaho Falls, Ida., 99, 212 
Godfrey, Carl Larue, Downey, Ida., 337 
Godfrey, Wesley Lynn, Portland, Ore. 
Godwin, Douglas Craig, Ely, Neb ,313 
Goff, Harold Scholes, Midvale 
Goff, Karen Elizabeth, Ogden 
Goforth, Menal H., Bluff 
Gold, Carol Sue, Salt Lake City 
Gold, Linda Lou. Phoenix, Ariz., 158, 337 
Golden, James William, Nephi, 337 
Goldie, Wallace Elroy, Portland, Ore., 209 
Goldman, Jay, Murray 
Goldsberry, Robert W., Elko, Nev. 
Golightly, Eldon C, Preston, Ida., 337 
Goldsberry, Fred Este, Elko, Nev. 
Golob, Gordon Albert, Tacoma, Wash., 337 
Gooch, Darla Lou, Maywood. Calif. 
Gooch, Gary 
Gooch, Thomas Lloyd 

Good. Beverly B, Fullerton, Calif., 217, 313 
Good, Patsy, Thistle, 337 
Goodfellow, Nola Gay, Bountiful, 313 
Goodman, Linda Ruth, Kingman, Ariz. 
Goodman, Norma Joyce, Las Vegas, Nev., Ill 
Goodman, Shirley Dale 
Goodman, William Hardy 
Goodrich, Drew, Bluebell, 207 
Goodrich, Gary, 207 
Goodrich, Leonard, Bluebell, 313 
Goodson. Charlene E.. Denver, Colo., 56, 147, 

Goodson, Klea, 76 

Goodson, Wallace Gary, Idaho Falls, Ida., 295 
Goodwin. Reese J.. Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Goodwin, Newell Alton F.. Blackfoot, Ida , 164, 

Goodwin, Robert Allen. Panaca, Nev., 313 
Goodwin, Robert Danald. Bellflower. Calif., 313 
Goodwin, Ronald G.. Columbia, S. C 
Goold, Judy, Glendale. Calif.. 313 
Gordacan. Janice F.. Fresno, Calif , 67 
Gordacan. Vincent. Provo 
Gordon, David Raymond, Orem 
Gordon, David Reed, Richland, Wash 
Gordon. Dixie, Provo, 337 
Gordon, Junious D., Provo, 337 
Gordon. Pamela Grace, Clear Creek, 337 
Gorringe. Richard Hal, Oakley, Ida. 
Gortler. Gordon Dickie. Columbia City, Ore., 221, 

223, 313 
Gosar, Greg, Provo 


Harper, Vernon M , Albertson, N.C . 191. 201, 


Harrington, Lena Gayl, PlOvo, 314 

Harris, Alva Alton. Shelley, Ida., 57 

Harris, Arlen Arthur. Provo 

Harris, Barbara Ann, Ogden 

Harris, Beverly Ann, Weratchee, Wash., 132, 314 

Harris. Bill, Albuquerque, N. Mex . 132 

Harris, David Frank, PrOVO 

Harris, David Jensen, Provo 

Harris, Edward Fowler, Provo 

Hams, Ella Arknc. Crescent, Ore. 338 

Hams. Floyd, Magrath, Alta , Can., 232 

Harris, Frances Kay. Delta. 296 

Harris, Gerald Neil, Provo 

Harris. Howard Mclv in, Provo 

Harris. Jcrald Wayne, Tocoma, Wash., 338 

Harris, Jerry Jay. Grass Valley, Calif 138 

Harris, Kathryn Kay. Provo, 81, 175 

Harris. Kaye, Blanding 

Harris. Lafe Nelson, Farmington; N. Mex., 205, 

Harris. Lana, M« (amnion, Ida. 
Harris. Larry Dean, Columbia Falls. Mont . sH 
Harris Lynn. Portland. Ore . 338 
Harris. Marie C . Jacksonville, Fla. 
Harris, Marsha Lyn. Studio City, Calif 
Harris. Martin, Long Beach, Calif- 
Harns, Meredith. Blanding. 338 
Hams. Nota Kay, McCammon, Ida.. 175, 296 
Harris, Paul Lavern. Ririe, Ida., l l >s. 213, 296 
Harris, R. Carl. Tremonton, 1 19 
Harris, Reynold Paul. Pleasant Grove 
Harris, Rita Jean, Torrance. Calif 
Harris. Robert William, Escondido, Calif., 3 1*1 
Harris, Ronald Lte, Frontier, Wyo , 97, 212 
Harris. Soma Dayle, Ogden 
Harris. Soma Sorensen, Provo 
Harris. William George, Morton. Wyo , 159. 314, 

Harrison. Betty Dodge, Provo, 67 
Harrison. Carolyn L, Lund, Nev., 206. 216 
Harrison. Charles. Ft. Wingate, N Men . 338 
Harrison. Da\id. 223 
Harrison, Edwin C. Bngham City, 52 
Harrison. Evan Dale, La Point, 98, 207, 296 
Harrison, James Melvin, Vallejo, Calif., 296 
Harrison. Jane Springville 
Harrison. Russell, Jr. Provo 
Harrison, Wayne A. Jr., Tooele 
Harrison, Larry Dean. Sparks, Nev., 338 
Harrison, Larry Hill, Tooele. 31-4 
Harrison, Parry Delos, Malad. Ida 
Harrison. Phillip ! , Provo 
Harrison. R David, Jr , Whittier, Calif.. 67 
Harrison, Robert C. San Lorenzo, Calif. 
Harrison. Robert H.. Baker, Ore. 
Harrison, Share Lee. 296 
Harrison. Shirley, Bngham City, 132. 296 
Harrison, Suzanne, Springville, 187, 338 
Harrison, Wayne. Tooele. 296 
Harrison. Willis Lee, Sparks, Nev., 101. 216 
Hart. Darrell Henry, OgJen. 126 
Hart. Eleanor. 132 

Hart. Eugene Blake, Bloomington, Ida., 159 
Hart, Gary Leonard. Fairfield, Calif.. 124. 2<J6 
Hart, Harold Bird, Salt Lake City 
Hart, lames Douglas, Boise, Ida 
Hart. Lorna Claire, Ogden 
Hart, Paul Douglas. Provo. 295 
Hart, Richard Raymond, Oakland. Calif.. 171. 338 
Hart, Robert John. Oyden, 338 
Hart Sherlyn, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 123, 182, 296 
Hart, Victor Gary. Seattle. Wash., 208, 338 
Hartlaucr, Donald Ray, Phoenix, Ariz., 314 
Hartley, Diane, Malad. Ida., 123, 338 
Hartman. Alvin Joel. Gallup, N. Mex., 338 
Hartman, Larry D.. Altamont. 207. 296 
Hartsfield. Helen A , Tucson, Ariz. 
Hartshorn. Leon Round. American Fork 
Hartvigscn, Richard N.. Provo, 314 
Harvey. Bessie W , Billings, Mont. 
Harvey, Bonnie Deane. Blanding. 314 
Harvey, Bruce Douglas. Blanding. 314 
Harvey, Clark Oscar, Blanding 
Harvey. Dennis J., Blanding 
Harvey. Denzil, Blythe. Calif. 
Harvey. Donald Glenn. Blythe. Calif.. 149. 296 
Harvey, Duston George, Sun Vallev, Calif., 30, 

Harvey, Evelyn. Blythe, Calif.. 338 
Harvey, Gaynard R., Ogden 
Harvey. James Stanley; Kaysville 
Harvey, Judith. Salt Lake City 
Harvey. Kenneth L . Pleasant Grove, 101 
Harvey, Kennion Ray. Blanding, 338 
Harvey, Paul Albin, American Fork 
Harvey, Thomas Edward, Albuquerque. N. Mex , 

191, 205, 338 
Harward, Alvin Leroy 
Harvvard. Conrad Afton, Orem 
Harward. Karen. Richfield 
Harward, Leland Kay, American Fork, 338 
Harward, Thomas Orin, Payson. 338 
Haskell, Leo Dwane, Spanish Fork 
Haslam, Joann Garfield, Denver. Colo 
Haslam, Edward J., Jr , Burlingame. Calil 
Haslem. Bruce. 98 

Hassell. Beverly Sue. Tulsa, Okla., 338 
Hasson, Allen. Provo 
Hastings, Ann, Mesa. Ariz.. 158, 166, 338 
Hastings. James G.. Memphis, Tenn., 165. 338 
Hastings, Robert W., Mesa, Ariz.. 314 
Hasty. Thomas Mikel, Alhambra. Calif.. 180. 314 

Hatam, Khosrow, Teheran. Iran 

Hatch. Ammon Paul, Jr., Bancroft, Ida., 314 

Hatch. Anthony Herman, Chih , Mex.. 338 

Hatch, Antoinette. Chih , Mex . 314 

Hatch. Claire. Boise. Ida., 116, 197. 338 

Hatch, Edwin Burton, Syracuse, NY., 296 

Hatch, Forrest Ezra. Nampa. Ida., 216 

Hatch. Frank White. Kennewick. Wash ,215, 338 

Hatch. Glena Mae. St George. 202. 338 

Hatch. Hal, 171 

Hatch. Harmon Argyle, Springville. 129 

Hatch. Howell Cloyd, Snovvflake. Ariz 

Hatch. Jennie, Browning, Mont. 

Hatch. Jeremiah. S. Bountiful 

Hatch, LaPreal. Bancroft. Ida , 175, 315 

Hatch. Ornn Grant. Pittsburgh, Pa.. 

Hatch. Quince Dale. Snowtlake. Ariz. 

Hatch. Rey Lynn, El Paso, Tex . 190 

Hatch. Robert Duane, Orem, 212, 338 

Hatch, Sandra Truedy. Salt Lake City, 296 

Hatch, Sylvia. Idaho Falls, Ida 138 

Hatcher. Shirley. Vaughn, Mont.. 202, 314 

Hatfield, Mary Lynne. Rocky River, Ohio. 187, 

Hatfield, Gary Keith. Springville. 99. 210 
Hatfield, fames M Roseburg, Ore., 338 

Hatfield. Kenneth M . Cleveland, Ohio. 52, 1S8 

Hatfield. Lamont. 201 

Haton. Donald K , 296 

Hatton. Jerry Clell. La Porte. Ind 

Hatton. Leora Fern. Idaho Falls. Ida., Ill 

Haul. John, 232 

Hauser. Linda Lee, Provo, } w 

H.msknecht. Jeanne. Bingham Canyon. 67, 215 

Havves, Verl Jack, Aberdeen, Ida. 

Hawes, Dorothy Jean. Pima, Ariz., 296 

Hawk. Gordon Ellison, N. Surrey. B.C. 

Hawkcs. Gloria Mae. Brigham City 

Hawkes, John Douglas. Salt Lake City. 314 

Hawkins. Barhara Agnes, Tooele, 169. 339 

Hawkins. Deanna D L , Los Angeles. Calif., 23. 

202, 296 
Hawkins, Dorothy Bee. Salt Lake City. 226. 296 
Hawkins, Earlcne. Provo. 67 
Hawkins. Harold J., Salt Lake City, 230. 314 
Hawkins, Janice Mae. Shawkins. Okla.. 339 
Hawkins, lulia. Richmond, 76 
Haw kins, Larry Lee. Murray, 339 
Hawkins, Larry Oran, Provo, 339 
Hawkins, Norine, Denver, Colo. 
Hawkins. Ronald D . Spanish Fork, 180, 339 
Hawley, Lois Adele. Conrad, Mont , 175 
Hawley, Merrill S.. Conrad, Mont . 296 
Haws. Ben Frank, Junction 
Haws. Deanne, Vernal 
Haws. Erwin Marion, Springville, 245 
Haws. Gary Louis. Vernal 

Haws, Patricia Fay, Montebello. Calif , 23. 296 
Haws, Polly Anne. Vernal, 339 
Haws, Ralph Jay, American Fork 
Haws, Virginia Louise, Provo, 157, 356 
Haycock. Carol Lucill, Monroe, 339 
Haycock, Janet. Fremont, Calif.. 67 
Haycock. Marilyn. Salt Lake City 
Haycock, Richard C . Kanab. 193 
Haycock, Roger, Cedar City 
Haycock. Steven Mack, Circleville, 1 s*s 
Havden. Wayne Elza, Provo 
Hayes, Gerald C . Georgetowns. Ida , 165, 396 
Hayes, Jack. 164 

Hayes, John Leander, Las Vegas, Nev, 339 
Hayes, John Robert, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Hayes, Rex Bruce, Provo, 296" 
Hayes, Robert Alan, Manhattan Beach, Calif. 
Hayes, Willard Harley. Gaffney. S.C . 339 
Hayes. William Oscar, American Fork 
Haymond. J. Brent, Springville, 180. 245 
Haymore. Franklin R.. Provo, 314 
Haymore, Ralph Burton, Provo, 339 
Haynes, Rebecca Ann. John Day, Ore 
Haynes, W. Frank. Farmington, N. Mex.. 31. 296 
Haynie, Celia Ann. Los Angeles. Calif. 
Haynie. Anthony V., Jr., Logan 
Haynie. Klea Carolyn, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Haynie. Paul A . Provo 
Haynie, Roger Lane. Manassa, Colo.. 296 
Hayward. Sharon Adele, Salt Lake City. 296 
Haward, Lonnie Bird, Provo 
Hazard, James Ray, Culver City, Calif. 
Ha/cn, Robert Dean. Ogden. 296 
Healey, Steve Grant, Alpine 
Healy. Jay B.. Orem 

Healy. Sharon Lynn. S. Pasadena. Calif.. 132. 339 
Heaps, Anne Marie. Westminster, Calif., 154, 155 

Heaps. Dale Dean, Salt Lake City 
Heaps, Eva Ann, Orem 
Heaps. Helen. Smithfield, 314 
Heaps. Ken. Springville. 119, 314 
Heaps, Leslie L, Pocatello, Ida., 339 
Heaps, Richard V., Orem 
Heath. Bruce Lorin, Grace, Ida., 223 
Heath. Charles William. San Bernardino. Calif.. 

87, 223 
Heath. Diane, Richland. Wash., 314 
Heath. Leo Merlin. San Bernardino. Calif., 296 
Heath. Pearl Edna, San Bernardino. Calif., 339 
Heaton, Carol Jean, Alton 
Heaton, Leona, American Fork 
Heaton, Leroy C, Kanab 
Heber. Grant Richard 
Heber. Kent Bryan, Magna. 339 
Hecht, Harry George. Powell, Wyo. 
Hedberg, Kathleen. Burley, Ida 

Hedden. Patricia May, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Heddinger, Bonnie L , Eugene, Ore., 314 
Heder, Diane Claudia, Los Angeles, Calif., 182. 

Hedgecock. Charlie. Jr.. Randleman. N.C. 
Hedman. John Gilbert. Portland. Ore.. 339 
Hedquist. Norma, Provo, 187 
Hednck, Carolyn Sue, Indianapolis, Ind , 314 
Hegemier. Gilbert A., La Canada, Calif., 97, 216 
Heggie, Gordon Dawns, Alberta, Canada 
Hegsted, Evelyne A., Orem, 132, 153. 314 
Hegstcd. Merlin Edward, Aberdene. Ida., 339 
Heidlebaugh. Robert G.. Carmichael, Calif. 
Heigert. Lawrence S., Provo. 341 
Heilson, Sara Lee. Tetonia, Ida., 81 
Heimark, Elmonda L. Phillipsburg. Mont , 126 
Heiner, Calvin Lynn, Heyburn. Ida., 296 
Heiner, Gary Lee, Mesa, Ariz, 119, 188. 314 
Heiner. Jean Paul, Provo 
Heiner. Ted. Jr.. Bedford, Wyo. 
Heiner, Roselvn Lael, Alberta. Can., 123. 201, 339 
Heiner, Shannon Jo, Wichita, Kan. 
Hellewell, Sandra Joy, Sacramento, Calif., 153. 

Htllstrom, Jim, Concord, Calif, 314 
Hellyer, Ava Janice. Billings, Mont.. 314 
Helm. Donald Francis, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Helm. Donna Joyce. Inglewood. Calif., 175, 339 
Helms. Jimmy Oliver. Crawfordville. Fla.. 180. 

Helquist. Boyd Jay. Blanding 
Helton. Ernest Jack. Savannah, Ga., 339 
Helbig, Nancy Lee. New Orleans, La., 314 
Helhing. Ernest L . Jr.. San Bernardino, Calif., 34 
Hemingway. John M.. Salt Lake City 
Hemingway. Leroy E., Bakersfield. Calif. 114 
Hemnck, David Levi, Miami. Fla., 339 
Hemsley. Nada. Rexburg, Ida., 67, 197 
Hcninger. Connie Mari, Provo, 339 
Heninger, John Cannon. Provo 
Henley, Floyd Eugene. Roseville, Calif. 
Henningsen, Cherie A . Rock Springs, Wyo. 
Hcnrc-tty, Thomas Alan, Gaylord, Mich., 68, 165 
Hcnricksen. Lenola L. Alhambra. Calif. 
Hcnricksen. Mary Jo. Provo 
Henrie. Donald Kirk, Las Vegas, Nev., 339 
Henrie, Samuel N., Jr., Springville, 296 
Henrie, Marion Lyman, Delta, 193 
Henry, Michael Raymon, Yuba City, Calif., 245 
Hensen, Ned Humphery, Payson 
Henson, Charles A., Council Bluffs, Iowa 
Hendershott, Marjorie, Los Angeles, Calif., 339 
Henderson, Cecil H., Oakland. Calif., 160, 296 
Henderson, Ethel O , Hampstead, N.C. 
Henderson. Joyce E., Colfax, Wash., 154. 399 
Henderson, June B , Salem Va., 339 
Henderson, Kay. Richmond. Va., 296 
Henderson, Leslie F., Rock Springs, Wyo. 
Henderson. Peter John, Auckland. N Zealand, 

132, 204 
Henderson. Virginia H., Boise, Ida., 314 
Hendricks, Edgar E., Jr., Chico, Calif., 87 
Hendricks. Gayle, Boise, Ida , 194, 314 
Hendricks. Robert R., Salt Lake City. 58 
Hendricksen, Mary Jo, 296 
Hcndrickson, Clifford, Calgary, Canada 
Hc-ndrickson, Lynn Jo. Gunnison, 296 
Hendnckson. Sheryl M . Rupert. Ida., 339 
Hcndrix, Karolyn, Ely, Nev. 
Hendrix. Shirleen, Santa Paula, Calif., 339 
Heninger. Brent E., Sunset, 68 
Heninger. Connie. Calgary, Can., 201 
Hepler, Paul David. Pearisburg, Va. 
Hepworth, Clarence, Jr., Provo 
Hepworth, Nello, Grover, Wyo., 296 
Hepburn. Adele, Hollywood, Calif. 
Hermansen. Royce, Orem 
Herold. Robert Cameron, Arlington, Va. 
Herrera. Elias, Guatemala, C. A , 315 
Hc-rn^k. Betty Jo, Ely. Nev. 
Herrin. Charles Selby. Bentonia, Miss., 315 
Herrin, Curtis Lamar, Bentonia, Miss., 339 
Herrin. Gene Carley. Provo, 52 
Herrin. Luhauana Allen, Provo, 76 
Herrin. Naomi, Bentonia, Miss , 296 
Herring, Lorraine, Pleasant Grove, 339 
Herron. Barbara Gayle, Magna, 173. 296 
Herron, Frank Lewis, Cut Bank, Mont.. 212 
Herron. Jack Richard. Cut Bank, Mont. 
Herron, Peggy Jean. Magna, 197 
Herzinger, Raymond G.. Bugl. Ida., 315 
Herzog, Roscoe Deverl, Preston. Ida.. 296 
Hess. Daniel Stewart, Rexburg, Ida. 
, Hess, Edward Moser. Nampa, Ida., 185, 296 
Hess, Garth. Montpelier, Ida., 97. 212 
Hess, John Patrick. Provo 
Hess. Lamont Leo, Rigby. Ida 
Hess. Leanora Ellen, Salt Lake City. 194, 339 
Heurkens, Barbara Ann, St. Paul, Minn., 296 
Heurkens. Eileen J., St. Paul, Minn. 
Hewitson. Dorothy L , Park City 
Heywood, Annette, Panguitch, 297 
Heywood. Bonnie Verna, Long Beach. Calif., 339 
Heywood. EIi]ah Reed. Cedar City, 315 
Heywood, Kathleen, Panguitch. 339 
Hiatt. Margaret Mae. Mt. Airy. N.C. 339 
Hiatt. Miriam Joyce, Glendale, Calif . 186 
Hiatt, Ruth Ann. St. George, 297 
Hibbard. Elden Richard. Ely, Nev. 
Hibbert. Annette, Mesa, Ariz., 166 
Hibhert. Richard W.. LaGrande, Ore.. 339 
Hibbert, Sherman H , Boise. Ida,. 87 
Hibbert. Walter W.. Otto. Wyo. 
Hicken, Clyde Rigtrup. Spanish Fork 

Hicken, Jay Cyril. Heber 

Hicken, Philip Pratt. Heber 

Hickish. Sharon Ruth. Oakland, Calif., 339 

Hickman. Chen Kaye. Salt Lake City, 169, 296 

Hickman. John William, Reedsport, Ore. 

Hickman, Kenneth Rex, Provo 

Hickman, Warren W„ Snowviile, 297 

Hickox, Carol Lea. Ontario. Ore., 158, 315 

Hicks, Dorthy B , Provo, 132 

Hicks, Earlene Ariel. Hermiston, Ore. 

Hicks, Richard Charles, Las Vegas, Nev., 339 

Hicks, Robert. Provo, 91 

Hicks, Sandra Lorrain, Provo, 339 

Hicton, Lynn M , 63 

Hideshima. Osamu. Orem 

Hienton, De Etta. 201 

Higashi, Allan Akio, Makawehi. Haua, Hawaii, 

58. 203 
Higby, Heber Dean. Helper 
Higginbotham, Sharley. Escalon, Calif., 187 
Higgins, Heather Ann, Las Vegas, Nav., 315 
Higgins, John Clayborn, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Higgins, Marieelen, Provo 
Higginson, Dottie Kay, Spanish Fork, 339 
Higginson, Zada Maxen, Pingree, Ida., 339 
Higginson, Zola M., Pingree, Ida,, 339 
High, Daniel Joseph, Topeka, Kan., 297 
Higham, Francis C, Oakland, Calif. 
Higley, Harvey Bruce, Nampa, Ida., 165, 204, 339 
Hilden. Alice K.. Ukiah, Calif., 132, 315 
Hill. Belva Gae. Moses Lake, Wash., 208, 339 
Hill. Beverly Mane, Walla Walla, Wash. 
Hill. Boyd Irven. Rexburg, Ida., 25, 39, 297 
Hill, Bruce A., Fayette, 239 
Hill, Byrde, Montreal, Can., 339 
Hill, Carolyn Ann, Burbank, Calif , 297 
Hill, Cecil D. Orem 
Hill, Dalice Roger. Twin Falls, Ida., 339 
Hill. Donald Gene, Provo 
Hill. Fern Joy, Orem, 297 
Hill, Garth Argyle, Payson, 108, 213 
Hill, Glayde, 208 
Hill, Gordon Orville. Bremerton, Wash., 87 

Hill. Harry N., Rexburg, Ida., 58 

Hill, Ida Allene, Dell City, Tex. 

Hill, Howard R., Jr., San Francisco, Calif., 297 

Hill, Lee, Corpus Christy, Tex. 

Hill, Louis Douglas, Provo 

Hill. Margie Holland. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 87 

Hill. Max Glayde, Moses Lake, Wash., 193, 315 

Hill. Paul M . Idaho Falls, Ida., 180 

Hill. Sally, 160, 315 

Hill, Sandra Wright, Corpus Christy, Tex. 

Hill, Sarah Jeanette, Monroe 

Hill. Sheril Vaughn, Spanish Fork 

Hillam, Arnold Bruce, St. Anthony, Ida. 

Hilliard, Jack Briggs, Provo 

Hillman, Gorden Paven. Hamilton, Can., 33.9 

Hills. Roy C , Orem, 339 

Hillstead. Gwena Mae, Afton, Wyo . 297 

Hiltbrand, Margaret A., Idaho Falls, Ida., 160 

Hilton, Dale Clair, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Hilton, Jerold Almon, Stillwater, Okla. 

Hilton, Linda Rae. Clearfield, 209, 339 

Hilton, Opal Morris, Provo 

Hilton. Ross Cropper. Orem 

Hilton. Sherry Ann. Burley, Ida. 

Hilton. Wiltord Bruce. Delta 

Hilden, Alice Kay, Ukiah, Calif. 

Hilden. Henry Gordon, L'kiah, Calif., 165, 297 

Hildt, Allen Dale. Clifton, Ida. 

Himmer, Audrey Ruth, San Diego, Calif. 

Hinich. Dianne. Salt Lake City, 339 

Hinkins, Bruce E., Provo 

Hinton, De Etta C, Cortez, Colo. 

Hinze, Roberta, Salem 

Hinckley, Ira Lee, Provo 

Hinckley, Joann, Salt Lake City 

Hinckley. Linda. Preston, Ida., 339 

Hinckley. Nanette, Provo, 119, 132. 297 

Hinckley, Viola Jane, Salt Lake City 

Hindmarsh, Ted Collin, Provo 

Hinds, Robert Warren. Trulock, Calif. 

Hins, Janet, 29 

Hippie. Nancy Larine, Dayton, Ohio, 339 

Hirsch, Patricia R.. Brigham City. 315 

Hirschi, Joyce. Odgen, 68 

Hirschi. Lanae Keetch. St. Charles, Ida., 339 

Hirschi, Max G , Brigham, 87 

Hirst. Jams Ellen. Bloomfield, Mich.. 116, 204, 

Hirtzel. Richard Dale, Burbank. Calif 

Hislop. Lane Tracy. Baker. Ore. 

Hitchcock. Jerry Lyle. Oakland. Calif .315 

Hitesman, Ferrell J., Provo, 108 

Hixson, Patricia, Columbia, 160, 315 

Hiorth, Calvin Hugh, Springville 

Ho, Richard, Honolulu. Hawaii 

Ho, Verna Mae Kivlan. Waimanalo, Hawaii 

Hoagland. Louis Gary, Portland, Ore, 

Hobbs. Laura, Palisade. Ida., 339 

Hobbs. Mary Elizabeth, Provo 

Hodge, Raymond Merrill, Kingston Bend, Ore. 

Hodgkinson, Janet, Vernal, 315 

Holloway. Don E.. Denver. Colo.. 193, 339 

Holloway. Marita L.. Sonora. Calif . 297 

Holm. Charles A.. Provo 

Holman. Albert Norman. Abineda, Ida., 105, 159 

Holman. D. James. Grand Island, Neb. 

Holman, Donald Pari, East Ely. Nev., 221. 315 

Holman. Henerieve, Mesa, Ariz. 

Holman. Jenevicve, Mesa, Ariz. 

Holman, Kathleen, Mesa, Ariz 

Holman. Laurel Leroy, Panguitch 


Holman, Margaret Jean, Pocatello, Ida., 87 

Holman, Sharon Alice, McGill, Nev., 81 

Holmes, Carol June, Montpelier, Ida., 160, 297 

Holmes, Caro'e Jean, Springville, 58, 224 

Holmes, Free* Carlson, Payson, 339 

Holmes, James Stewart, Spokane, Wash., 165 • 

Holmes, John Richard, Raymond, Alberta, Can. 

Holmes, Walter W., Jr., Phoenix, Ariz.. 315 

Holmes, Kenley D., Ogden 

Holmes, Marian, Woods Cross, 153, 315 

Holmes, Marian^ Kathryn, Salt Lake City, 173, 297 

Holmes, Thomas, Raymond, Alberta, Can., 105 

Holmstead, R. Kay, Lehi, 87 

Holsten, Sharon Kaye, Central, Ida., 29, 297 

Holt, Clifford Leon, Orem, 315 

Holt, Gaye, Kamas, 199, 339 

Holt, George Wilson, Spanish Fork 

Holt, Glen Lamar, Springville 

Holt, Rex B., Riverton 

Holt, Ronald W., Layton, 297 

Holtry, Deanna Rae, Salt Lake City, 339 

Hodgkinson, Kenneth A., Orem, 99 

Hodson, Keith Dennis, Osnego, Ore. 

Hodson, Max Vernon, Orem 

Hodson, Morris Allan, Springville, 297 

Hodson, Richard Browwn, Downey, Calif., 315 

Hoegh, Shirley Ann, San Gabriel, Calif. 

Hoen, Deanna Kay, Salt Lake City, 39, 339 

Hoffman, Barbara Ann, Salt Lake City, 339 

Hoffman, Ninaellen, Orem 

Hoffman, Sharlene, Draper 166, 315 

Hoffman, Albert W., Provo 

Hoffman, Charles F., Provo, 232 

Hormeister, Elmer, Jr., Cuyama, Calif., 339 

Hogan, Gary Kay, Burley, Ida., 315 

Hogensen, Gary Jay, Ogden, 87 

Hoggan, Bonnie Jilene, Salt Lake City, 151, 297 

Hoggan, Boyd Ivin, Burley, Ida., 297 

Hoggan, James Robert, Manti, 165. 315 

Hogge, Rollin Buron, Elko, Nev., 87 

Hokanson, Don Charles, Anaheim, Calif., 315 

Hokanson, Jon R., Afton, Wyo. 

Holladay, Beatrice K., Winnemucca, Nev., 194 

Holland, Barron G., Provo 

Hollenbaugh, Mary, Whither, Calif., 339 

Hollet, Judith, 123 

Holley, Donald William, Richland, Wash., 208, 

Holley, James Cannon, Spanish Fork, 339 
Holley, Laurie C, Cannonville, 68 
Holley. Leah Allice, Sherman Oaks, Calif., 158, 

Hollinger, Lorna Rae, Ursine, Nev., 315 
Hollingshead, Carol A., Centerville, 123, 339 
Hollingshead, Joey A., La Mesa, Calif. 
Hollingshead, Leon G., Panaca, Nev., 315 
Holbrook, Harold Leroy, North Las Vegas, Nev. 
Holbrook, Linda Mary, Lima, Mont., 315 
Holbrook, Susan Ann, Sacramento, Calif. 
Holdaway, Dennis Leo, Deweyville 
Holdaway, Dianne. Yuba City, Calif., 160, 315 
Holdaway, Grant Harold, Orem 
Holdaway, Jeanne, Pleasant Grove 
Holdaway, Patricia B., Provo 
Holden, Richard C, Bountiful 
Holdsberg, Carroll, Los Angeles, 297 
Homan, Howard Brent, Sandy, 230 
Homan, Nancy H., Provo, 297 
Homer, Wilma Lyle, American Fork, 132 
Honda, Vernon Hiroshi, Wahiouwa, Oahu, Ha. 
Hone, Alton LeRoy, Pleasant Grove 
Hone, Gbyde Delbert, Orem 
Hone, Keith Stewart, Payson 
Hone, Merrill Dean, Pleasant Grove, 297 
Hone, Stephen William, Fillmore 
Honey, Bruce Alden, Ephrata, Wash., 297 
Honeycutt, Betty Lou, Hendersonville, N.C. 
Honeycutt, Jimmy Leo, Hendersonville, N.C. 
Hooker, Lewis Burton, Montpelier, Ida., 297 
Hooker, Ralph Frank, Provo 
Hoopai, Angeline K., Maui, Hawaii, 297 
Hoojpes, Ann Nielsen, Pleasant Grove 
Hoopes, Keith Hale, Provo 
Hoopes, Wendell Reese, Portland, Ore., 297 
Hoover, Dennis Wells, Provo 
Hoover, Glen Baker, Springville 
Hoover, Kelvin L. Provo 
Hoover, Mark William, Springville 
Hoover, Wesley Bliss, Springville, 340 
Hood, Herbert Bruce, Salt Lake City 
Hoogendoorn, Paula, Sacramento, Calif., 340 
Hopkins, Eula Leone, St. George, 68 
Hopkins, Gaylan, Soda Springs, Ida., 340 
Hopkinson, Richard H , Los Angeles, Calif. 
Hoppe, Carole Jeanne, San Francisco, Calif., 175, 

Hopper, Susan, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 116, 340 
Hopper, William J., Englewood, Colo., 340 
Hoppins, Mary Carol, Joliet, III., 340 
Horlacher, Fred R., Fallon, Nev. 
Hornberger, Leon B., Calgary, Alta., Can., 297 
Hornbuckle, Lillian B., Cherokee, N.C, 206 
Home, David Christian, Kaysville 
Home, George Kent, Glendale, Ariz., 230 
Horrocks, Harold King, Tooele 
Horrocks, R. Dwain, Durango, Colo,, 315 
Horsley, Grant LeRoy, Provo, 52 
Horsley, Taumie Eleen, Salt Lake City, 240 
Hortin, Larry LaMar. Panguitch 
Horton, Caryl Lillian, Welland, Ont. 
Horton, Golden LaMar, Phoenix, Ariz., 215 
Horton, James Alan, Pasco, Wis. 
Horton, Sondra, Circleville 
Hortt, Gloria Dawn, Provo 

Hosck, Heinz Leonhard, Michelstadt, Germany 

Hoskins, Curtis Lynn, Malad, Ida. 

Hoskins, Lois Vaughan, Malad, Ida. 

Hoskisson, Don Young, Provo, 315 

Hostetter, William R., Farmington, N. Mex„ 205, 

Hotchkiss, John L., Provo, 58 
Houghton, James R., Provo 
Houlihan, Richard A., Hilmette, Ida., 209, 315 
House, Donna Mae, Provo, 128 
Householder, Dawna J., Yuba City, Calif., 173, 

Houston, Rod L., Los Angeles, Calif., 53, 297 
Houston, T»sco, Colton, Calif., 162, 315 
Hovik, Douglas Leon, Menlo Park, Calif., 191, 

Hovis, Elaine Jones. Kirtland, N Mex. 
Hovland. Anja Suneva, Kirhenes. Norway 
Hovland, Heikki Johan, Kirhenes, Norway, 315 
Howard, Charles Roland. Medirian, Ida., 297 
Howard, Gary Reed, Pocatello, Ida. 
Howard. Kathleen Eva, Salt Lake City, 123, 204, 

Howard, Louis Byron, Boise, Ida., 340 
Howard, Mickie Rawnie, Wilmington, N. C, 315 
Howard, ReNee, Orem, 315 
Howarth, Dorothy Ann, Portland, Ore. 
Howarth, John Wendel, Portland, Ore. 
Howe. Alice Elaine, Salt Lake City 
Howe, Leonard Riley, Billings, Mont. 
Howe, Winston A., Jr., Provo 
Howe, Lvnne A., Redding, Calif. 
Howe, Win, 250 
Howell, Leland H„ Ogden, 58 
Howell, Mary Louise, Oakdale. Calif., 315 
Howell, Mary R., Provo 
Howells. Dorothy, Salt Lake City, 340 
Howes, Raymonde, Springville 
Howlett, Mary, Draper, 117, 199, 297 
Howlett. Robert. Kanosh. 191, 340 
Hoyal, Sylvia J.. El Monte, Calif., 340 
Hoyal, James Christian, El Monte, Calif. 
Hoyt, Bruce S., Merced, Calif. 
Hoyt, Marsha Ruth, Nephi, 119, 151 
Hse, Chak Fu, Hong Kong, China 
Hse, Tsin Sheng, Taipei, Taiwan, China, 111 
Huband, Edwin Heber, Ogden, 315 
Hubbard. Dale S., Dillon, Mont., 315 
Hubbard, Robert Brent, Soda Springs, Ida., 340 
Hubbell, Richard Spee, Hinsdale, III., 340 
Hubbs, Keith Eugene. Colton, Calif., 180, 230, 

Huber, Lulu Margaret, La Point 
Hucks, Howard H.. Jr., Los Angeles, Calif., 181 
Huddlestone, Ralph E., Alta., Can. 
Hude, Dolan Thomas, Provo 
Hude, George Osmon, Jr., Kensington, Md. 
Hudman, Melvin R.. Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Hudson, Mary, Elsinore, Calif., 161, 297 
Hudson, Jeneane. Midvale, 340 
Huff, Dale Delos, Spanish Fork 
Huff, Gary Wayland, Spanish Fork, 340 
Huff, Kay Lowe, Draper, 159, 340 
Huff, Lynette, Springville 
Huff, Marlin Emery, Spanish Fork 
Huffman, Constance, Hawthorne, Nev., 340 
Huffman, John Henry, Hawthorne, Nev., 101, 202 
Huggins, Colleen, Stobe, Ariz. 
Hughes, Delona Bailey, Los Angeles, Calif., 119 
Hughes, Donald Louis, Alameda, Calif., 297 
Hughes, Donald Leroy, Kansas City, Mo., 149, 

Hughes, Doris Ivy, London, Eng. 
Hughes. Eugene L., Ephraim, 124, 297 
Hughes, Gerald Jay, Jackson, Wyo., 87 
Hughes, Ronald Dee, Orofino, Ida., 340 
Hughes, Ruth, Kamas 

Huish, James William, Berkeley, Calif., 108, 171 
Huish, John Martin. Berkeley, Calif., 171, 61 
Huish, Sterling S., Jr., Orem, 223 
Hull. Diane, Quincy, Wash., 81 
Hull, John Edward, Caldwell, Ida. 
Hull, William Leroy, Jr., Provo 
Hull, Judith, Quincy, Wash., 208, 340 
Hullinger, Mary Share, Roosevelt, 340 
Hulme, Thelma Jean, Hagerman, Ida., 58 
Hulshoff Gary, Los Angeles, Calif., 132 
Humpherys, Alfred Glen, Ovid, Ida., 315 
Humpherys, Annette, Idaho Falls, Ida, 158, 182, 

Humpherys, Bruce Wood, Ovid, Ida., 340 
Humpherys, Deverl S., Thayne, Wyo., 212 
Humpherys, Harold L., Thayne, Wyo., 315 
Humpherys. Melvin Dee, Thayne, Wyo., 212 
Humphery. Laural K., Provo 
Humphrey, Wayne Brown, Fertile, Iowa. 
Humphries. Arthur J., Provo, 87 
Humphries, Marilyn, Murray 
Hunn, William John, Chicago, III.. 25, 99, 112, 

149, 218 
Hunsaker, Edith, Wendell, Ida., 315 
Hunsaker, Glen Lewis, American Fork, 162 
Hunsaker. Vern Adams, Alhambra, Calif , 297 
Hunsaker. William L., Delta, 216 
Hunt, Allan Reed, Alameda, Calif., 315, 340 
Hunt, Barbara Rose, Oklahoma City, Okla, 315 
Hunt, Bernarr Parley, Sacramento, Calif., 37 
Hunt. Delmar Eugene. Alberta. Can., 210, 315 
Hunt. Duane W„ Alameda, Calif., 315 
Hunt, James Olaus, Baker, Ore., 297 
Hunt, Jarman Roderick, Concord, Calif. 
Hunt. Jeanette Ruth, Baker, Ore., 58, 160, 224 
Hunt, Joan, Xenia, Ohio. 297, 315 
Hunt. Kern Bernell, Holbrook, Ariz. 

Hunt, Marilyn, Wendell, Ida., 340 

Hunt, Melvin John, Spanish Fork 

Hunt. Merrill Roe, Wendell, Ida. 

Hunt. Patricia Ardell, Niles, Calif. 

Hunt, Phyllis Joan, Kelso, Wash., 315 

Hunt, Riley Alan, McAlester, Okla. 

Hunter. Betty Lou, Livingston, Mont. 

Hunter, Gary Stewart, Pleasant Grove 

Hunter, Irene, Springville, 173 

Hunter, John Jacob, Arcadia, Calif., 147. 188, 29 

Hunter, Kenneth Duke, Ogden 

Hunter, Lois Anne, Salt Lake City, 173, 297 

Hunter, Patricia Jean, El Paso, Tex., 132 

Hunter, Raymond Keith, Emmett, Ida., 297 

Hunter, Richard Brent, Eugene, Ore., 87 

Hunter, William Don, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Huntington, Gordon T.. Orangeville 

Huntsman. June S., Provo 

Huntsman. Lola Kaye, Provo, 315 

Huntsman, Verlee, Enterprise, 315 

Huntting, Lloyd C, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Hundley, Judith Kaye, Provo 

Hupp, Arnold Jay, Centralia, Wash., 165 

Huppi, Rose Mane, Logan 

Hurley, Richard E., Roosevelt, 207 

Hurst, Byron Lloyd, Payson 

Hurst, Dorothy Lee, San Jose, Calif., 68 

Hurst, Mary Anne, Blanding, 315 

Hurd, Royal Clifford, Fillmore 

Huse, Mary Elaine, Gallup, N. Mex., 116 

Huskey, Ritchie Devon, Nampa, Ida., 315 

Hutchings, Bernell L., Springville 

Hutchings, Brenda Lee, McGill, Nev., 340 

Hutchings, Gayle, Riverton, 209, 340 

Hutchings, Joseph Deon, Riverton 

Hutchings, Larry T., Riverton, 340 

Hutchings, Paul Norma, Provo 

Hutchings, Robert L , Pearl River. N.Y., 315 

Hutchingson, Howard L., Canoga Park, Calif. 

Hutchinson, Rose Marie, Salt Lake City, 315 

Hutchison, Colleen Mae, Hansen, Ida. 

Hutchison, Jackie L., Malta, Ida. 

Hutchison, Wallace W., Provo, 105 

Hyde, David Henry, Baker, Ore. 

Hyde, Donald Reed, Provo, 58 

Hyde, G. Osmund, Washington, D.C., 149, 315 

Hyde, Howard Houghton, Salt Lake City, 340 

Hyde, Nanette, Springville, 175, 198, 297 

Hyde, William Palmer, Swan Lake, Ida., 340 

Hyer, Ruel C. 315 

Hyder, Jere Elwayne, Flat Rock, N.C, 201 

Hyllested, Flemming D., Reseda, Calif., 340 

Hymas, Steven Boyce, Montpelier, Ida., 340 

Hyun, Chojong, Cheang Ku Seo, Korea, 85 

Hyun, Kilsoon, Okin Dong Ser, Korea, 315 

Ice, Carole Lou, Charleston, W. Va., 154 340 

Ihrig, Marshall L., Provo, 99 

Ikemoto, Mituo, S. P., Brazil 

Imal, Tomiro, Tokyo, Japan 

lmlay, Dale Fenton, Boulder City, Nevada, 340 

Ingersoll, Carl Grant, American Fork 

Ingersoil, Carol Lee, Pacific Grove, Calif., 194, 

Ingham, Judith Louise, Vallejo, Calif., 340 
Ingham, Vernon Brown, Vallejo, Calif., 225, 297 
Ingles, Joseph Legran, Bountiful 
Inglis, Robert Kerr, Alberta, Can., 240 
Innes, Dixie Lavinia, Provo, 340 
Inouye, Ronald N., American Fork, 340 
Inskeep, Bonnie Jean, Culver City, Calif., 23, 77, 

Iokepa, Shirley P., Kamuela, Hawaii, 77 
Ipaktchian, Siroos, Tehran, Iran 
Ipsen, Foster Hughes, Malad, Ida., 297 
Ipson, George Vesten, Salt Lake City, 116, 297 
Ireland, Phyllis Dian, Martin, South Dakota 
Ireland, Sam Howard, Martin, South Dakota 
Irvin, Nancy Adele, Long Beach, Calif., 68, 132 
Irvin, Susan Louise, Long Beach, Calif., 340 
Irvine, James Marion, Springville, 315 
Irvine, James Richard, Fair Oaks, Calif., 315 
Isaac, David Bert, Spanish Fork, 340 
Isenburg, Theodore F„ Los Angeles, Calif., 297 
Iverson, Joseph Devon, Provo 
Ivey, Anita Jane, Torrance, Calif., 297 
[vie, Alma Raeldon, Ogden, 149, 297 
[vie, Diane Jean 

Ivie, Morrel Williams, Fillmore, 53 
[vie, Verna Joy, Bellevue, Ida. 
Ivie, Waine Otto, Springville 
Ivie, William Elbert, Salt Lake City 
Iwaasa, Henry N., Raymond, Alberta, Can., 201 
Izatt, Helen Felix, Provo 














Ernest G., Heber, 297 

Harold, Pleasant Grove 
Arthur Rolan, Rosemead, Calif., 340 
Joseph Harve, Nampa, Ida., 297 

Earl Kenneth, Provo 

Flora Jean, Jerome. Ida., 297 

Jack L., Provo, 315 

Joyce, Kanab 

Weldon F„ Jr., Mesa, Ariz. 

Kenneth Noel, Provo, 171 

Lauralee. Los Angeles, Calif., 297 


Jackson, Lindell W., Fredonia, Axiz. 

Jackson, Malan Robert, Fremont, 149, 211. 297 

Jackson, Mary Ann, EI Paco, Tex. 

Jackson, Mary Beth, LaJara, Colo., 297 

Jackson, Myrtle, Randolph, 340 

Jackson, Nellie Laree, Denver, Colo., 213, 297 

Jackson, Ralph Myron, American Fork 

Jackson, Rene, Lakeside. Ariz., 340 

Jackson, Rilla J., Provo 

Jackson, Robert Carson, Goldsboro, N. C 

Jackson, Shelton, Goldsboro, N. C 

Jackson, Weldon, Provo, 231 

Jackson, William R.. Beverly Hills, Calif., 25, 

119, 171, 297 
Jacob. Mary Louise, San Diego. Calif., 129, 315 
Jacobs, Carrie, Emmett, Ida., 132, 316 
Jacobs, David H., 297 
Jacobs, Gaye, Provo, 316 
Jacobs, Heber Grant, 316 
Jacobs, John Carroll, Van Nuys, Calif., 316 
Jacobs, Kay, Paso Robles, Calif., 316 
lacobs, Margaret A., Ogden, 37, 88 
Jacobs, Paul Aranthon, Clearfield 
Jacobs, Reed Maurice, Manti 
Jacobsen, Elmo Gordon, Heber 
Jacobsen, Errol Le Roy, Pocatello, Ida., 101 
Jacobsen, Geraldine, Provo 
Jacobsen, Jeane Franc, Seattle, Wash., 116, 208, 

Jacobsen, Paul Rexfor, Orem, 185, 316 
Jacobsen, Sharon C, Burbank, Calif., 297 
Jacobsmeyer, George L., Sunland, Calif. 
Jacobson, Divid Allred, ..Provo 
Jacobson, Donald E., Phoenix , Ariz. 
Jaecker, Gloria Diaz, Central America 
Jalil, Hamidian, Iran 
James, Carol, Rock Springs, Wyo. 
James, Cheril, Provo, 77 

James. Dean Frederick, Millbrae. Calif., 181, 250 
James, Donald Edward, Provo, 149 
James, Elaine, Rock Springs, Wyo., 340 
James, Judith Darl, Tooele, 316 
James, Larry Dean, Soda Springs, Ida., 316 
James, Mar Lynn Rees, Spanish Fork, 96, 165 
James, Rex Lamar. Phoenix. Ariz. 
James, Sharon, LindbrookTXa. 
James. Sherald Wendel, Spanish Fork 
Jameson, Karen Louise, Kanab, 316 
Jameson, Kirk Marchan, Powell, Wyo., 105 
Jameson, Lynn Arnold, Syracuse, N.Y., 124 
Jameson, Marion P., Monticello 
Janes, Marsha, Lancing, Mich., 316 
Janes, Norbert Ray, Lancing, Mich., 316 
Janetski, Jill, Great Falls, Mont., 340 
Jardine, Gary Nolan, Provo 
Jardine, Dee Thomas, Provo 
Jansen, Georgine C, Tully, N.Y., 340 
Jardme, Richard Nolan, Provo 
Jardine, Violet Turne, Moses Lake. Wash 
Jarman, Charles Du3yne, Sandy, 171, 316 
Jarman, David Lee, Provo, 191, 297 
Jarman, Dean. Portland, Ore. 
Jarman, Gill, Salt Lake City, 340 
Jarman, Karen, Berkeley, Calif., 68 
Jarman, Myrna. Orem, 158, 166 
Jarnagin, Marley D , Glendale, Ariz., 340 
Jarrett, Robert W., Los Angeles, Calif., 340 
Jarrett, Ronald W. 
Jams, Maela Beth. Melbourne, Fla. 
Jarvis, David L.. Nampa, Ida., 132, 297 
Jarvis. Donald Karl. Des Moines, Iowa, 124, 316 
Jarvis, George, Salt Lake City, 91, 119, 171 
Jarvis, Melvin Richard, Salem, Ore. 
Jasperson, Jack Don, Goshen 
Jasperson. Janet, Goshen, 93, 218 
Javadi, Marjorie Guest, Provo, 68 
Jeffery, Aulene, Delta, 340 
Jeffery, Jay Melvin, Chicago. III. 
Jeffery, Rondo Nelden, Springville. 128. 340 
Jeglum. Nan Yvonne. Salt Lake City, 316 
Jeiner, Hallie Kennet. Heyburn, Ida. 
Jenkins, Emron Talbot, Ogden, 340 
Jenkins, Judith Gale, Springfield, III., 340 
Jenkins, Judy Beckstead, 218 
Jenkins, Karalynn Kay. Nampa, Ida., 340 
Jenkins, Keith Bunker, Jerome, Ida. 
Jenkins, Marvin L , Nampa. Ida., 81, 126, 128, 

132. 193 
Jenkins. Richard Lynn, Rigby, Ida. 
Jenkins. Robert Ball. Kearney. N.J , 124, 316 
Jenness, Mary Jeanne, Billings. Mont., 316 
Jenness, Tom Ellis, Billings. Mont., 212, 316 
Jennings, Elaine, Phoenix, Ariz., 316 
Jennings. Glenna Dean, Boise. Ida.. 88 
Jennings. Melissa L., Medford, Ore. 
Jense, Gary Webb, Pleasant Grove 
Jensen, Alton Eunice. Midvale. L T tah, 173. 297 
Jensen, Barbara Fae, Provo 
Jensen, Charles Kent, Arcatia 
Jensen, Clarence G.. Huntsville 
Jensen. David Byron, Orem, 68 
Jensen. Dennis, Salt Lake City, 297 
Jensen, Dennis Arlee, Albany, Ore., 340 
Jensen. Dennis Ray. Magna, 340 
Jensen, Dennis Veronu, Salt Lake City 
Jensen. Don Clifford, Salt Lake City. 297 
Jensen, Donald F., Pocatello, Ida., 88 
Jensen, Doris Jolene, Kearns 
Jensen, Duane, Richfield 
Jensen. Elwood Stanley. Provo 
Jensen, Eugene Paul, Orem. 128. 316, 317 
Jensen, Evelyn, Midvale. 205, 340 
Jensen. F. Duane. Springville 
Jensen. Gar)- Lorenzo. Sacramento, Calif., 297 

Jensen. Edgar N., 63 

Jensen, Gerald Arlyn, Brigham City, 212 

Jensen. Gwen, Ashton. Ida., 119, 182 

Jensen, Janet, Berkeley. Calif. 

Jensen. Jay Lynn. Salt Lake City, 340 

Jensen. Jay Odell. San Diego, Calif., 316 

Jensen. Jerne Larena, Salt Lake City. 340 

Jensen, Jerry L., Denver. Colo., 340 

Jensen. Jolene, Kearns, 340 

Jensen. Julie, San Jose, Calif., 340 

Jensen, John, Honolulu. Hawaii, 101 

Jensen, John Kenneth, Klamath Falls. Ore. 

Jensen, Karen, Morgan 

Jensen, Karl Reed, Provo 

Jensen, Karma, Manassa, Colo. 

Jensen, Larry Cyril, Pleasant Grove 

Jensen. Larry O., Minneapolis. Minn. 

Jensen. Lee Niels, Provo, 58 

Jensen. Lester Detlef. Provo, 101 

Jensen. Lonn Paul, Ogden 

Jensen. Lorraine Y , Riverside, Calif. 

Jensen. Mae R'Lene, Provo, 182. 316 

Jensen, Mary Carolyn, Provo 

Jensen, Mary Diane, Midvale 

Jensen, Neil E„ 52, 116 

Jensen, Orson Eugene. Tremonton 

Jensen. Peter David. Richland, Wash. 

Jensen. Richard C. Arcadia, Calif., 297 

Jensen. Reber W.. Jr., Brigham 

Jensen. Robert Sophus, Provo, 99 

Jensen, Samuel R., 316 

Jensen, Susan Louise, Arcadia. Calif., 166, 340 

Jensen. Vance, 211 

Jensen. Vern H., 63 

Jensen, William Delton. Moses Lake. Wash., 208, 

Jenson. Charlene S.. Provo 
Jenson. Donald Elroy. Provo 
Jenson. Marilyn Faye, Potatello, Ida., 93 
Jeo, Eleanor, Dayton, Ida. 
Jeppesen, K. Merle, Thornton, Ida., 164, 316 
Jeppsen. Linda, 340 
Jeppsen, Shara Lee. Provo 
Jeppson, Annalee. Riverside, Calif., 160 
Jeppson, Calvin Wight, 58 
Jeppson, Marilyn. Riverside, Calif., 154. 183, 218. 

Jeppson, Peter Blair, Rexburg, Ida. 
Jeppson, Saylor C. 
Jepson, Edward, 208 
Jepson, Max Elwood. Hurricane, Utah, 208, 344 

Johnson, G rover Volne. Bloomfield, N Mex 

Johnson, Harold Glenn, Orem 

Johnson. Harold Verwe, SpnngMlle 

Johnson. Helen Ruth. Tempe. Ariz.. 316 

Johnson. Howard Ray, Provo 

Johnson, Hyrum Bennett. Holden. 297 

Johnson. Ivan Elliott. Provo 

Johnson, James Gordon. Delta 

Johnson, James Merrill. Richland, Wash 

Johnson. Janice Ann, Rawlins, Wyo.. 341 

lohnson. Jared Leroy. Moses Lake. Wash.. 316 

Johnson, John K , Spanish Fork 

Johnson, John Lewis. Vernal, 316 

Johnson. Jonellc E.. Maiysville, Calif.. 166. 316, 

lohnson, Judith Ann. Minneapolis, Minn., 194, 

Johnson. Judith, Honeyville, 341 
Johnson. Judy Lynn, Los Angeles, Calif , 
Johnson. Julaine. Lovell, Wyo, 123, 316 
Johnson. Karen. Grantsville, 158 
lohnson. Karen, 341 
Johnson, Karen S.. Denver. Colo.. 34 1 
Johnson, Kay Irene, Provo, 68 
Johnson, Kaye 
Johnson. Keith Lonn. 341 
lohnson. Kendahl James. Kingman. Ariz. 
Johnson. Kenneth Dee. Ncphi. 96 
Johnson. Kenneth W., Boise. Ida., 58 
Johnson, Kimber G., Rawlins, Wyo., 297 
Johnson, Larry Dale. San Gabriel. Calif., 
Johnson, Larry G. 
Johnson. Larry Ross. Ogden 
Johnson, Leland Sidney. Las Vegas, Nei 
Johnson, Lidge O J , Rockingham. \"c\ 
Johnson. Linda Lee. 167 
Johnson, Loretta. Richmond, Calif., 13: 
Johnson. Louis, Lovell, Wyo. 
Johnson, Louis Orlin, Salt Lake City 
Johnson. Louise, Preston. Ida.. 316 
Johnson. Lynn W . Burley. Ida., 341 
Johnson. Lynne France, Roseville. Calif. 
Johnson. Macdonald B.. Portland. Ore. 
Johnson, Margaret. Salt Lake City 
Johnson, Martell Keith, 223 
Johnson. Mamn Rolli, Kingman. Ariz . 185 
Johnson. Mary Jean. Grantsville, 341 
Johnson. Maurice Webb 

Johnson. Merlyn W . American Fork. Utah, 297 
Johnson, Merrill A., 341 

Johnson, Milton Keith. Compton, Calif.. 232, 34 1 
lohnson. Nadene Marie. Spanish Fork. 316 




, 68 

Jerman. Dawn Camille. Idaho Falls. Ida., 215, 340 Johnson. Nolan Leeral. Salt Lake City. 181. 297 

Jespersen, Earl Thomas. Wilmette, III. 

Jessee, Dean, Springville 

Jessee. Donald, Springville 

Jessen. Eldon. Ely, Nev., 297 

Jessop. Howard Lynn, Olympia. Wash. 

Jewkes. Deloy Thomas, Price 

Jewkes, Noel Keith, 126 

Jex, Helen Isabel, Spanish Fork, Utah, 316 

Jimenez, Herrera Noel, Ch.. Ch., El. Salv., 341 

Johannesen. George. Jr., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Johansen. Carl Ray. Lethbridge. Alta., Can., 193 

Johansen. Gerald A.. Lethbridge. Alta . Can 99 
165, 210 

Johansen, Hans C, Springville, Utah, 85 

Johansen, Robert Lee, Murray 

Johansen. Russell W . St. Milford. Conn. 

John, Edward Charles, Lewis, Colo.. 297 

Johns. Charlene. Lynwood, Calif., 123, 217, 297 

Johns, Glenda Diane, Triangle. Va. 

Johns. Judith, Whittier, Calif., 297 

Johns, Kent, Provo, 88 

Johns, Loretta Ann. Encino, Calif.. 157, 175, 341 

Johns. Rex William. Emmett, Ida., 132 

Johnson. Alice Beth.. Chih.. Mex., 116. 34l 

Johnson, Ann Louise, Atherton, Calif., 34 1 

Johnson, Arlen Kent, Nampa, Ida. 

Johnson, Barry Leroy, 316 

Johnson, Betty Jean, Fairview, 34l 
Johnson, Betty Jean. Monte Vista, Colo., 297 
Johnson. Beverly V., Melba, Ida., 341 
Johnson, Brent Taylor, Provo 
Johnson, Burt Harold, Riverton, Utah 
Johnson, Carl Mauritz, Berkeley, Calif., 341 
Johnson. Carl Robert, Fredericksburg, Va.. 341 

Johnson. Carol, Dugway, 116, 341 

Johnson. Carolyn, Tracy, Calif., 341 

Johnson, Claudia Rae, Provo, 297 

Johnson, Colleen, Laketown, 212, 316 

Johnson, Connie, Preston, Ida., 157 

Johnson, Corinne, Provo 

Johnson, Dagny Judith. Oakland. Calif.. 187, 34l 

Johnson, David York, Orem 

Johnson, Dean Kendall. Showlow, Ariz. 

Johnson, Deon, Rupert, Ida. 

Johnson, Desmond Lee, Orem 

Johnson, Devon R., Provo, 341 

Johnson, Dian Leah, Salt Lake City. 316, 34l 

Johnson, Don F.. Ogden, 297 

Johnson, Don Lee, Grantsville, 297 

Johnson, Donald C, Cambridge. Ida. 

Johnson, Donna Jewel, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Johnson, Doris Elaine, Hooper, Utah, 38 

Johnson, Dorothy Ann, Richfield 

Johnson, Dorothy Myrna, Salina, 341 

Johnson, Edna Joyce, Provo 

Johnson, Edwin Leroy, Provo 

Johnson, Elaine Ann. Rawlins. Wyo., 169, 316 

Johnson. Gary Lee, Bannine, Calif., 202 

Johnson, Gary Thorley, Overton, Nev., 105 

Johnson, Gloria J., Hooper, Utah 

Johnson, Gregg, Orem 

Johnson. Norma Maye. Nampa, Ida.. 161. 316 
Johnson. Norman Ray 
Johnson, Pamela Gay, Overton. Nev. 
Johnson, Patrma Mae. Republic. Wash.. 
Johnson. Paul Kent. Spanish Fork. 88 
Johnson, Peggy Ann. Salt Lake City. 341 
Johnson, Phyllis. Tooele, 213, 341 
Johnson. Raleigh West, Showlow. Ariz . 101. 200 
Johnson. Ralph Edwin. Alhambra. Calif 
Johnson, Raymond Paul 
Johnson. Raymond Ross. Las Vegas. W. 
Johnson. Raymond Bvrd. Lakeside. Ariz 
Johnson. Richard H.. 105 
Johnson, Robert Lee. Mesa. Ariz 
Johnson, Robert Hugh, Richfield 
Johnson. Roger L., Springville 
Johnson. Royce Creel, Provo 
Johnson. Royle Eldon. Pleasant Grove, 297 
Johnson. Royle Nephi. Provo 
Johnson. Rulon H.. Compton. Calif.. 316 
Johnson. Ruth Mane. Cambridge. Ida. 117. 316 
Johnson, Sandra. Salt Lake City, 341 
Johnson. Sharon Faye, Colton. Calif., 215. 316 
Johnson. Sharon Diane. Phoenix. Ariz.. 341 
Johnson. Sharon Lee. Yakima. Wash.. 316 
Johnson, Sharon V .. Bethesda. Md 
Johnson, Sherma Kaye. Bountiful, Wash. 
Johnson, Shirley Anne, Salt Lake City 
Johnson, Tanya Kay, Heber, 341 
Johnson. Theodore P.. Roseville. Calif.. 116, 
Johnson. Tong Delwin, Phoenix. Ariz.. 341 
Johnson. Virgie Ann, Yuba City. Calif. 
Johnson, Virginia C, Portland. Ore. 
Johnson, Wallace D.. Shelley, Ida.. 316 
Johnson. Wynn William. Burley, Ida. 
Johnston, Kolleen R., Provo, 341 
Johnston. Larry Curtis. Provo. 341 
Johnston. Olive P.. Provo 
Johnston. Patricia. Provo. 88 
Johnston. Robert D , Lakeport. Calif. 
Johnston. Wes Howard 

Johstoneaux. R B.. Jr.. Charleston. S. Carolina 
Jolley. Carl H . Emery. 298 
Jolley. Clark Thomas, Orem 
Jolley, Donal Clark. Carson City. Nev., 81 
Jolley. Janeen Lou. The Dalles. Ore.. 1 17. 298 
Jolley, Joy Ann. Orem. 341 
Jolley. Marilyn Lee. Banning, Calif.. 298 
Jolley, Sandra Kaye. Salina, 298 
Jonas. James Michael. Glendale. Calif., 298 
Jones. Ada Ruth. Chandler. Ariz., 68. 1 12 
Jones, Albert Ladell, Rigby. Ida.. 341 
Jones. Alyce C, San Bernardino, Calif. 
Jones. Bruce Edward. Salt Lake City- 
Jones. Carl Daniels. Orem 
Jones. Carl Hugh. Rock Springs. Wyo., 99 
Jones. Carolyn. Oakley, 341 

Jones. Don Muhie. Provo 
Jones. Douglas Emron. Provo 
Jones. Eileen Naylor, Provo 
Jones. Elwood Thomas. Spanish Fork. 58 
Jones, Eugene Lee. Montpelier. Ida.. 25. 185 
Jones, Frederick Parley. Pro\o 
Jones, Gtraldine. Provo 
Jones, Geri, 341 
Jones. Heber Kent, Provo 
Jones. Howard Palmer. Malad, Ida , 97, 212 
Jones, Janet Gail, Bcilevue. Wash., 208, 341 
Jones. Jerald Wilford. San Diego, Calif., 181 
Jones. Lerry LeGrand, Kanab. Utah. 31o 
Jones, John Arlen. Malad, Ida., 101, 124 
Jones. James J . Jr.. PI Kangoite, Hawaii. 298 
Jones. Thomas L.. Jr., Arlington. Va., 298 
Jones, Judith Lee. Malad, [da., 3 16 
Jones, Judy Rene. Dallas, Tex., 341 
123. 154 Jones. Karen Lee, Las Vegas, Nev., 341 
Jones. Katherine Ann. 341 
Jones. Kenneth Harold, 341 
Jones. Kenneth Wendell, Salt Lake Cm 
Jones, Laura Judith. Spanish Fork. 341 
Jones. Lavaughn H . Kirtland, \ Mex . 205, 298 
Jones, Leona Holder. Orem 
Jones, Linda Margo, Ogden 
200 Jones, L015. Rigby, Ida., 298 

Jones. Lowell Maurice 
Jones, Lura Lee, Gardnerville. Nev. 
Jones, Marilyn 

Jones, Mary Ann. Montpelier, Ida.. 298 
Jones, Mary Gail, Portland. Ore.. 117, 298 
Jones, Melba Moffitt. Mona 
Jones, Nancy Lou, Bellflower, Calif.. 161, 34l 
Jones. Norman P., Lehi 
Jones, Norryn Mary, Inglewood. Calif 
Jones. Paul Clark. Pro\o, 159 
Jones. Randall Lee, Salt Lake City. 188, 316 
Jones. Richard Allen, Pro\o 

Jones, Ronald Calvin. San Diego, 149, 221. 316 
Jones. Russell Howard, Provo 
Jones, Samuel John, Provo 
Jones. Sharon A . Salt Lake City, 341 
Jones, Shirley Anne. Salt Lake City 
Jones, Shirley Velva, Hailey, Ida.. 298 
Jones, Sonja Anne. Idaho Falls, Ida., 34l 
Jones, Stephen Albert. Provo 
Jones, Tcrrv Earl. Anchorage. Alas.. 185, 34 1 
Jones. William Draper. Boise. Ida., 149 
Jones. Wilton Ralph. South Gate. Calif , 52 
Jons. Mabel Mane Savery, Wyo., 341 
Jonson. J.J. 212 

Jordan. Elliott Nelson. Springville. 240 
Jordan. John H., Slocum, R. I. 
Jordan. Kenneth Paul. Santa Monica. Calif 
lordan. Ray Armstrong, Murray 
161. 213 Jordan, Roger Fay. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 18<. 

Jorgensen. Ins. Law Hot Springs, Ida . 341 
Jorgensen, Margaret R.. Boise, Ida.. 341 
Jorgensen. Neil James. Mt. Pleasant 
Jorgensen. Shirley L.. Castle Dale 
Jorgensen. Van L . Moses Lake. Wash 
Jorgensen. Vern A., Randlett 
Jorgensen. William F . Castle Dale 
191. 29"* Jorgensen.Clara Gwen, Douglas. Ariz. 
Jorgunson. Johnny, Provo 
Jost. Marguerite. Kankakee. 111., 341 
Joyce. Robert Arthur. Kerners\ille. N. C. 341 
Juarez, Carolyn, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Judd. Frank Fuller. Los Angeles, Calif., 212. 298 
Judd. Gale. St. George, 292, 298 
Judd. Jaclyn, Fredonu. Ariz.. 298 
Judd. James Thurston. Hurricane. 185 
Judd. Janet Gay. Salt Lake City, 157, 341 
Judd. Jeddie J . Hinckley 
Judd, Jerold W , Fredonia. Ariz. 
Judd, Judith Ann. Northridge. Can. 
Judd. Leo Ben)armn. St. George. 298 
Judd. Louise. Sparks. Nev., 132. 183 
Judd. Marcia. 183 
Judd. Mariba. Provo, 298 
Judd, Mary Lee, Pleasant Grove. 341 
Judd Mvles Albert. Northridge. Calif. 
Judd. Pauline. Fredonia. Ariz.. 153, 200. 316 
Judd. Ronald M., 298 
Judd. Rulon V . Coalville, 298 
/ueschke, Judith A.. Milwell, Wn„ 316 
Julandcr. Donald B., Marysvale 
Julander. Lillie D.. Monroe. 173, 298 
Justesen, Alan Morris, Ogden 
Justesen. Joel Lee. Lancaster, Calif., 316. 335 
Justis. Joan Rosalyn. Provo, 132, 153 

. 208. 341 



Kaarlela. Robert M.. Highland, Ida., 298 

Kahoilua, Edith L.. Kalanianola, Hawaii. 88 

Kahuena. Margaret K.. Honolulu, Oahu. Hawaii 

Kama, Earl Bendict. Lanikai. Hawaii 

Kama, June Tayama. Honolulu, Hawaii 

Kaing. Petty R.. 68 

Kaiser. L'rsula, Hartford. Conn. 

Kalama. Theresa M.. Honolulu. Hawaii 

Kaleta. Gary Jorden. Los Angeles, Calif., 97, 212 

Kaloi, Eleanor Keala. Hilo, Hawaii 

Kalwies, Horst. Provo. 34l 

Kaiser. Jacqueline A., 34 1 

Kamalu, Rodney K.. Oahu, Hawaii, 212 

Jones, Charles Edward. Lethbridge. Alta . Can . 88 Kamauoha. Florence L . Kailua. Hawaii. 68, 

Jones, Canstant La\er, Montpelier. Ida , 341 Kammska. Rodney Earl. Parowan. 99 

Jones, Daniel Arthur. Boise. Ida.. 341 Kanahele. George S.. Fuie, Oahu. Hawaii 

Jones. Darnell Heaton. Kanab Kane. Janet, Provo 


Kaneoke, Kenichi David. American Fork 
Kanoho, Aldrene Napua. Lihue Kauai 

Kantor. Myrna E„ Price 

Kantor. Stanley Shero. Provo 

Kapele. John Kimana, Kaneohe, Oahu. 231, 298 

Kapp, Karen Lee. Riverdale, 116, 34l 

Kardoum. Zadeh Saleh. Ahblaz, Iran 

Karlinsey, Kurtlee. Jr.. Tacoma, Wash. 

Karner. Leo Herman. Torrance. Calif.. 211 

Kartchner, Lawrence N., Carlsbad, N. Mex., 101 

Kaufman. Francis E„ Portola. Calif. 

Kaufman. Vivian H„ Groveton, Pa. 

Kawai, Veda Claire. Pasadena. Calif.. 68, 161 

Kawly. Jim. 1 19 

Kay. Karma Jean. Seattle. Wash 

Kay. Lyle Larraine. Santaquin 

Kay. Richard Sharon. Salt Lake City 

Kazuo, Jmai, Japan 

Keala. Annette Kalama, Puoneni. Maui. Hawaii 

Keala. David Kay, Jr., Kahului Mali, Hawaii 

Kearl, Russell Reid. Cardston Alta., Can. 

Kearl, Ruth Marie. Calgary. Alta.. Can.. 123 151 
201. 210. 298 

Kearns. Susan Pearl. Bluerdale. NY ,132 153 
220, 316 

Keddington, Lawrence. Provo 

Keel. Delmas Stephen. Provo 

Keele. Doris. Salt Lake City 

Keele. Thomas Nielson, Blanding, 316 

Keeler, John Budd, Draper. 34 1 

Keeler. Larry Richard, Lakewood. Calif, 341 

Keeler. Mary Anne Provo, 123. 175 

Keeler, Phillip F.. Provo. 132. HI 

KeeJer. Valda Mae, Kanab, 341 

Kelling. Jerry Lee. Provo 

Keetch, Gary Vern, Orem 

Kehanoba. Sam, 199 

Keiser. Lois Ann. Salt Lake City. 209. 215. 34 1 

Keiser. Robert Herman. Salt Lake City, 191 295 

Keith. Karen. Provo 

Keith. Wayne Penrod. Provo 

Kekauoha. Samuel N., Laie. Oahu, Hawaii, 58 

Keller. Akin Lamar, Menan. Ida., 52 

Keller. Barbara Yvonne. Verona, N J., 157 175 

Keller. George Benson. Caldwell, Ida.. 34l 

Keller. Elmo A., Jr., Preston. Ida. 

Keller Judith. Santa Cruz, Calif.. 132. 298 

Keller. Karen Dee. Citrus Heights, Calif.. 119. 341 

Keller. Marcia. Mink Creek. Ida. 

Keller. Marion V.. Salt Lake City 

Keller. Richard Tvron. Citrus Heights. Calif 209 

Keller Sira Beth. Caldwell. Ida.. 298 

Keller. Virginia. 341 

Kcllett. Kay. Moroni, 298 

Kelley. Van Blaine. Sahna. 225 

Kellogg. Henry K.. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Kelly, Nancy. Urbana. III., 298 

Kelly, Patricia Ann. Reno. Nev.. 117, 153, 220 

Kelsey, Dwight Lamar, Salt Lake City. 124 193 

Kelsey. Patricia Ann, Salt Lake City. 132, 173. 341 

Kelsey. S. Annette, Salt Lake City 

Kemp. Julianne. Salt Lake City. 157, 316 

Kemper. Ross E.. Jr., Pueblo. Colo. 

Kemper. Verda Orah, Oanford. Alta.. Can. 

Kempton, Kenneth Fred. Santa Raso, Calif., 341 

Kemsley. Clinton Quin. Hollywood, Calif. 

Kemsley. Jacqueline S.. Hollywood. Calif. 

Kendall. Dorothy Mae. Weiser. Ida.. 68 

Kendall, Kearn G.. Provo 

Kendall, Katherine F., Orange. Calif 

Kendall, Leona. Northridge, Calif., 341 

Kendrick. Kay. Buhl, Ida. 

Kennedy. Leon Joseph, Provo 

Kennedy. Maxine Val, Tooele, 34l 

Kennedy. Thomas G., Provo 

Kenner, Brenda J., Jerome, Ida., 298 

Kenner. Bruce Bell, Jerome. Ida., 341 
Kenner. Linda Del, Provo 

Kenney, Allan Adams. Salt Lake City, 184, 341 

Kenney. Donald James. Phoenix, Ariz., 58 

Kenney, Kaye Frances, Vernal, 341 

Kenney, Lynn Dee. Provo 

Kens, Susie, 316 

Kensen, Neil Evart. Ephraim 

Kent, Kathleen Elaine, No Tona, N.Y., 341 

Kent. Norman Harrison, Manteca, Calif., 342 

Kent. Richard Dee, Lewiston 

Kenyon, Robert Paul. Lorain. Ohio, 342 

Keown. Herald Duane. Cortez, Colo. 

Keppner. Mary Dawn. Rexburg. Ida.. 8« 

Kerby, Joe Kent. Provo 

Kernell. Charles W.. Jr., Delta 

Kerns. Susie Belle. St. Joseph. Mont., 316 

Kessler. Frederick M.. Los Angeles. Calif., 342 

Key. Barbara Helen, Salt Lake City, 35. 132, 342 

Key. Bryan Eugene, Berkeley. Calif. 

Kiaie, Ala T . Ave Hehren. Iran 

Kiddle. Marilyn Joyce, Alberta, Can.. 342 

Kieffer. Patricia Ann. Globe, Ariz.. 342 

Kiger, Margie F.. Provo 

Knlau. Walter Masao. Lihue. Kauai. Hawaii 68 

Kilbreth. Barbara Nel, Downey, Calif. 
Killiam. Myrna. Salem 
Killpack. Ardis Gadd. Springville, 316 
Killpack. Cheryl Jean, 316 
Killpack. Weston F.. Provo, 298 
Kilts, Clair Theo, Hooper, 85 


Kim, Chong San, Seoul, Korea 

Kim, Kichuen, Taegu, Korea, 91 

Kimball, C. Rodney, Provo 

Kimball, Dale Albert, Draper 

Kimball, Don Carlos, Rock Springs, Wyo.. 2f>4 

Kimball, Edwin Norman, Provo, 102 
Kimball, Farrell W , Sacramento, Calif. 
Kimball, Griffith Lyn, Draper, 298 
Kimball, Joan, Rock Springs, Wyo., 298 
Kimball, Judith Anne, La Mesa, Calif., 342 
Kimball, Larry Robert, Provo 
Kimball, Marilyn, Salt Lake City, 173, 316 
Kimball, Myrna, 342 

Kimball, Sara Ann. Montebello, Calif., 161 
Kimball. Shirl B., Provo, 342 
Kimber, Richard Dee, Provo, 105 
Kimbrell, Lawrence N., Gary, Ind. 
Kimmel, Nancy Lee, Sacramento, Calif. 
Kinateder, J. Douglas, Kingman, Ariz. 
Kinchloe, Ralph Ted, Long Beach, Calif.. 342 
Kinder, George Leo, San Diego, Calif., 23 J 
Kindred, Edna Jensen, Provo 
Kindred. Fred Boyd, Springville, 98 
Kindred, Jerald Crede, Provo 
Kindred, John R., Provo 
King, Alma Paul, Provo, 193 
King, Charles Richard, Los Angeles, Calif., 171, 

223, 298 
King, Clay Allen, Paonia. Colo. 
King, Cloverne, Richland, Wash., 208, 342 
King, Constance Irene. Fresno, Calif. 
King, Dawna, Midvale, 37, 342 
King, George Arvel, Provo 
King, Gerald Carl. Springville 
King, Gerald Newton. Provo 
King, James Ernest, Jr., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
King, Larry Reed, Provo, 126 
King, Lougene, Moore, Ida., 68 
King, Peggy Ramona, Tulelake, Calif., 175 
King. Randle Roland, Phoenix, Ariz., 58 
King, Roger Dean, Provo 
King, Ted Stewart, Raymond, Alta., Can. 
King, Verleen, Moore, Ida,. 52 
Kinghorn, Delbert Nyle, Rigby. Ida., 119, 316 
Kingsbury, Kathryn E„ Salt Lake City, 88 
Kingsford. Alton, Boise, Ida., 225 
Kinne. Anita, Independence, Mo., 342 
Kinross, David Andrew, Roseville, Calif., 316 
Kinyon, Patrick R., Las Vegas, Nev., 342 
Kipinsky, Michael, Jr., Lehi 
Kirby, Karen Mane, Bakersfield. .Calif., 342 
Kirchoff, Herbert. Orem 
Kirk. Tamsin, Glendale. Calif.. 217 
Kirkendall. Hugh R., Jr.. Provo, 88 
Kirkham, Michael Reed, Blackfoot, Ida., 20, 126, 

Kirkham, Thomas Lee, Portland, Ore., 188 
Kirkland. Ronnie O'Neil, Glen St. Mary, Fla., 

223, 342 
Kirkpatrick. Elizabeth, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Kitchen, Merlin R., Provo 
Kitchen, Weldon J., American Fork 
Kitchens. Carolyn. Alhambra, Calif., 53, 169 
Kiergard, James Lee. Menlo Park, Calif., 181, 209, 

Kland, George Edward, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Kland, Rosemary, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Klein, Alice Carole, Redwood City. Calif,, 342 
Kleinman, Dianne, Phoenix, Ariz., 154, 342 
Kleinman, Larry H., EI Paso, Tex., 342 
Kleinman, Luene, Hurricane, 398 
Kleinworth. Frank J., Winslow, Ariz., 97, 165, 

Klenk, Buddy Donald. Provo, 58 
Kleven, Donald Axel, Los Angeles, Calif., 342 
Kline, Aleda Marie, Dodge City, Kan., 316 
Klingled, Linda Anne, Kalispell, Mont., 154, 342 
Klomp, Nancy K., LaGrande, Ore., 316 
Knapp, Clive Jay, Minneapolis, Minn., 398 
Knapp, Eleanor. Minneapolis, Minn., 342 
Knapp, Ellen Dora, Chicago, 316 
Knapp, Clyde. Jr., Murray. 316 
Knapp, Jeff, Murray, 316 
Knauer, Rolf Henry, Bielefeld, Germany. 88 
Knecht. Wayne Louis, Norwalk. Calif. 
Knecht. James A., Jr.. Short Falls, N.J. 
Kneeshaw, Michael D., Hayward, Calif.. 37, 342 
Knickerbocker, W. I.. New Plymouth, Ida. 
Knight, Darrell Oswell, Columbia City, Ore., 68 
Knight, Edwin George, 180, 298 
Knight. Helene. Huntsville. 194, 342 
Knight, Joseph Adams, Provo 
Knight, Larry Vinson, Provo 
Knight, Launa Jane, Provo 
Knight, Mary Joan, Provo, 342 
Kinght, Richard Earl, Brigham City, 298 
Knight. Ronald Allen, San Manuel, Ariz., 298 
Knighton, Nelva, Bountiful, 316 
Knotts, Hugh Duane, Spanish Fork 
Knudsen, Lue, Farmington, N. Mex., 316 
Knudsen, Wendell W., Provo, 88, 223 
Knudson. Alice Amelia, Arlington, Va., 35, 160, 

Knudson. Jalair L., Tecutnseh, Mich., 175, 316 
Knudson, James E., Arlington, Va. 
Kocherhans, Gilbert J., Lovell, Wyo., 342 
Kocherhans, Philip J., Provo 
Koenig, Gerald Charles, Williston Park. N.Y., 61 
Kohler, Aleen B„ Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Kohler, Carol LaRae, Midway, 77 
Kohler, Dawnette. Midway 
Kohler, Elma Rae, Midway 
Kohler, Lloyd Ned. Milford, 342 

Kohler. Margaret L, Midway, 119, 298 

Kohler, Norman, Midway 

Kohler, Ramon R., Midway 

Kojirna, George K , Oahu, Hawaii 

Kolby, Margaret Joann, Salt Lake City, 154 

Kolehmainen, Terttu A., Finland, 81 

Kohlman, Grank Gary, San Fernando, Calif., 342 

Kolste, Larry, Fairfield, Mont., 202 

Koncurat, Pierre J., Draper, 342 

Kondo, Miriam Emiko, Kapaa Kauai, 298 

KonolJ, Rudolph G., Fillmore 

Kook, Yung Gill, Kui Seoul, Korea, 88 

Kopinsky. Michael J,. Jr., Lehi, 342 

Koplin, Tamara Jane, Salt Lake City, 342 

Kormos, Albert Andy, Alberta, Can. 

Korengay, Roy Darrell. Albertson, N.C. 

Kortb. Mary Rose, Nampa, Ida,, 123, 316 

Knith, Vaughn Baird, Tremonton, 342 

Koski, Dale Iver. Clear Creek 

Koski, Kenneth George, Clear Creek 

Kotter. Dorothy, Moore, Ida. 

Kotter. Verle Glen, Shelley, Ida., 88 

Kourtides. Demetrius, Orem 

Kowallis. Diane, Logan, 352 

Kramer, John Delbert, Spanish Fork 

Kramer, Walter Allen, Provo 

Krantz, Michael B., Idaho Falls. Ida., 316 

Krause. Charles Lynn, Cordona, Calif., 342 

Kranse, Nancy Irene, Denver, Colo. 

Kremkau, Barbara Joan, Arlington. Va. 

Kresge, Phillip Eugene, Elmira, N.Y. 

Kiesge, Phyllis Arlene, Elmira, N.Y., 68. 175 

Kristjanson, Mary Leon, San Diego, Calif., 213 

Kroenert, Mary Roberta, Jacksonville, Fla., 342 

Kroff, Robert Clegg, Provo 

Krommenhoek. Hans H., Phoenix, Ariz., 342 

Krommenhoek, Pieter J., Provo 206, 342 

Kaulaau, Odetta P., Makawao Maui, Hawaii, 298 

Kuchar, Marvin Curtis, Provo 

Kuehne, Renate Rose M., Salt Lake City, 340 

Kugath, Donald Arthur, West Allis, Wis., 97, 216 

Kuhn, Diane Morley, Provo 

Kuhn. Fred Ellis. Flagstaff, Ariz., 98 

Kuhni, Arlin Verdell. Provo 

Kukahiko, Glen M , Honolulu, Hawaii, 203 

Kunz, Lyle K., Dnggs, Ida., 88 

Kunz, Phillip Ray, Bern, Ida., 116, 342 

Kunz. Vicci Mae. EI Segundo, Calif.. 158, 167. 

Kurtz, Karen, 342 


Latronico, Lynda Jean, Provo 

La Bree, Raymond Edwin, Guilford, Ma. 

La Moure, Clifton A.. Whittier, Calif. 

La Point, Robert E., Pittsburg. Calif. 

Kaakso, Marja Liisa, Finland 

Laberdie, Robert E., Los Anegels, Calif, 

Labrum, Connie. Milford, 316 

Labrum. Nikki Denise, Midvale, 342 

Lacomb. Gary Frank. Midvale 

Ladnek, Carole Jean, Los Angeles, Calif.. 213, 342 

Laftus, Lynne K., Moure, Ida., 343 

Lake, Carolyn, Eugene, Ore., 316 

Lake. Dennis Morgan, Rigby, Ida. 

Lake, Janet, Glendora, Calif., 342 

Lake, Katherine Taylor, Oakley, 342 

Lalliss, Coyla. Buhl. Ida., 68 

Lamb, Edna Rachel, Sacramento, Calif, 116, 342 

Lamb, Mona Rae. Santaquin, 316 

Lambert, Anne C, Yuma. Ariz. 

Lambert, Aurelia, Kamas, 316 

Lambert, Glen Richard, Kamas, 298 

Lambert. Joan Lee. Ely, Nev., 58, 161 

Lambert. Judith L. Tacoma, Wash., 116, 342 

Lambert, Kay Gleason, Kamas, 29 

Lambert, Linda Dale, San Diego, Calif., 342 

Lambert, Richard C. San Diego. Calif., 342 

Lamberty, Ruth Helen. Kewanee, III., 116, 316 

Lambright. Lenton L , Farmington, N. Mex., 342 

Lambson. Elton Kay, Provo 

Lambson, Glen H., Provo 

Lambson, Kathleen Gail. Ramah, N. Mex., 342 

Lambson, Lonnie Eldon, Ramah, N. Mex. 

Limbson, Monty Samuel, Ramah, N Mex 205 

Lamkin. Barbara Jean, Orangevale, Calif. 
Lamoreaux, Jack Wayne, Lehi 
Lamoreaux, Robert D., Provo 
Lamoreaux, Vivian. Orem, 342 
Lampen, Timo Heikki E., Lahti, Finland, 240 
Lancaster. Donald H.. Alberta. Canada. 342 
Lance, Carma. Moab, 77 
Lance, Elwon, Richland. Wash. 
Lance. Martin B,, Moab. 342 
Landers, Dan Craig, Redondo. Calif. 
Landers. Martin Pancho. 98, 316 
Landon, Carol Ann, South Pasadena. Calif. 
Landvatter. Karma, Salt Lake City. 342 
Lane, Guyien Robert, Diablo Canal. 298 
Lane. Margaret A., 342 
Lane. Rex, 298 

Laney. Alden Hastings. American Fork. 88 
Laney, Margaret Ann. Silver Spring. Md.. 194 
Lang. Rudolph E.. Jr., Springville 
Lange, Terry William. Byron, Wyo., 316 
Langford, Gordon Lynn, Samuels. Ida.. 116, 316 
Langford. Charley C. Orem 
Langton. Roger William. San Jose 
Lank. Clifford Owen, Vancouver. B.C. 
Lankford. Gerald A.. Nyssa, Calif. 

Lanoward, Loren E., Ceres, Calif. 

Lant, Letty Lou, Provo 

Lapray, Barbara Ann, Hayward, Calif., 116, 342 

Lapray, Hal Adrian, Hayward, Calif., 185, 316 

Larison. Wayne A.. Orangevale, Calif., 342 

Larkin, Eldon Jones, Spokane, Wash., 185, 316 

Larkin, Nona Jones, Mead, Wash,, 342 

Larragan, Carmen N., Castleford, Ida., 342 

Larsen, Arlene Joan, Lakeview, Ore., 68, 183, 266 

Larsen, Ashby Brooks, Mt. Pleasant, 342 

Larsen. Barbara, Provo, 157, 196 

Larsen, Boyd Allen. Salt Lake City, 316 

Larsen, Bruce Garner, Spanish Fork 

Larsen, Carl Darwin, Hayward, Calif., 342 

Larsen, Dennis H., Provo, 342 

Larsen, Edvin Leroy. Preston. Ida,, 342 

Larsen, James S., Salina, 58 

Larsen, Jay Richard, Pampa, Tex., 316 

Larsen, Joann, Preston, Ida. 

Larsen, John Reid, Lyman, Wyo., 342 

Larsea, Earle S., Jr., Los Angeles, Calif., 342 

Larsen, Leonard A., Jr., Pampa, Tex., 124, 298 

Larsen, Kurt E,. Orem 

Larsen, Larry Conway, Orem. 185, 316 

Larsen, Larry Palmer, Spanish Fork, 342 

Larsen, Lorna Jean M,. Orem 

Larsen, Margaret Ann, Aurora, Colo., 187, 316 

Larsen, Milton Hansen, Provo 

Larsen. Newell Joseph, Pleasant Grove, 316 

Larsen, Norbert W., Des Moines, Iowa 

Larsen, Norman Gary, Minneapolis, Minn., 342 

Larsen, Orvil James, Quincy, Wash. 

Larsen, Ralph Thomas. Bountiful, 342 

Larsen. Ray Lorenzo, Provo 

Larsen, Robert A., 298 

Larsen, Shirling D.. Salt Lake City, 316 

Larsen, V. Blain. Spring City 

Larsen, Valerie Clair, Salt Lake City, 343 

Larsen, Vera Avalene, Manti 

Larsen, Wayne Ammon, Waynesboro, Va., 316 

Larson. Alan William, Sewickley, Pa. 

Larson, Barbara Mae, Miineapolis. Minn., 316 

Larson. Bonnie, Blackfoot, Ida., 316 

Larson, Carol Ann, Blackfoot, Ida., 343 

Larson. Carol M., Portland, Ore., 343 

Larson, Connie Beth, Denver, Colo., 343 

Larson, Delbert L„ San Gabriel, Calif., 343 

Larson, Donald Gene, South Gate, Calif., 298 

Larson, Donna Rae, Murtaugh, Ida.. 93 

Larson, Doris May, Blackfoot, Ida., 298 

Larson, Earle, 1 19 

Larson, Karen. Sandy, 194, 316 

Larson, Kathryn, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Larson, Lars Keith, Salmon, Ida., 162, 198, 298 

Larson, Laura Lee, Charlotte, N.C. 

Larson, Lawrence Lamar, El Segundo, Calif., 343 

Larson, Lynetta 

Larson, Mary Margaret. Manton, Mich., 343 

Larson. Maurine Nonta, Woodland, Calif., 343, 

Larson, Pauline. Bellingham, Wash. 
Larson, Raymond Keith, Morgan, 193 
Larson. Roger Carter, Phoenix, Ariz., 30, 317 
Larson. Suzanne, Moroni, 317 
Larue, Jerry Dean, Burbank, Calif., 188, 343 
Lasley, Gordon Ray, Rockland, III., 99 
Lasson, B. Eugene, Birdseye 
Lasson, Calvin Grant, Birdseye 
Lasson, Carolyn, Page, Ariz. 
Lasson, Edgar Reed, Fairview 
Latronico, Lynda Jean, Provo 
Lau, Daniel Richard, Soda Springs, Ida., 16, 17, 

212, 317 
Lau, Karen, Soda Springs, Ida., 343 
Lau, Woon Ki, Hong Kong, 343 
Laub, Kurt Allison P., Burley. Ida., 209, 343 
Laub, Marvin James, Salt Lake City. 105 
Laudie, Arthur Robert, Prairie Villa, Kan., 317 
Lauritz, Janice Faye, N. Hollywood, Calif., .212, 

Lauritz, John Paul, N. Hollywood, Calif., 298 
Lauritzen, Garry K., 343 
Lauritzen. Kenneth B.. Springville, 116 
Lauritzen, Leanne, Eugene, Ore. 
Laursen, Carl Eugene, American Fork 
Laursen, Kay William, Provo 
Lavulo, Siosaia. Pangai, Haapai, 299 
Law, John Richard, Provo 
Law. Wesley R,. Orangeville 
Lawhead. Arden D., Jr., Kingman, Ariz. 
Lawrence, Gary Porter. Pocatello, Ida., 343 
Lawrence, Robert J., Tooele 
Lawrence, Rue Lewis. Salt Like City, 188, 251, 

Lawrence, LItah. Walton, Provo 
Laws, Duane Marvin, Provo 
Lawson, Cheryl Phyllis, Lacanada, Calif. 
Lawson. David McKay, San Diego, Calif. 
Lawther, Judith Elaine. Mesa, Ariz., 167, 343 
Lawton. Robert Arthur, Denver, Colo. 
Lawyer, Michael Bruce, Provo, 209, 343 
Laxton, Dean. Thatcher. Ariz.. 317 
Lay. Billy Howard, Cumberland. Ky., 317 
Layton. Dean Smith. Layton 
Lazenby. Ferrell C. Aurora 
LeVitre, Margo Elayne. Salt Lake City 
Leach, Sid Delmar. Provo, 317 
Leach, William Glenn. Modesto, Calif., 64, 159 
Lead, Laura Margaret. Vancouver, Wash., 208, 

Leaf, Lawrence D., 299 
Lear, Audry Lucille, Pipestone. Minn. 
Leasure. John R., Jr., Santa Monica, Calif., 209 
Leasure. Ruth V.. Santa Monica. Calif. 

Leavell, Rena Jean, San Francisco, Calif. 

Leavitt, Alice Claire, Mesquite, Nev. 

Leavitt, Carolyn, Mesquite, Nev., 317 

Leavitt, Clair H., Nampa, Ida., 132, 343 

Leavitt, Connie. Kamas, 343 

Leavitt, Crayton D., Santa Clara, 101 

Leavitt, Dean Samuel, Nampa, Ida. 

Leavitt, Fred Rushton. Las Vegas, Nev., 171, 231 

Leavitt, Karma Rae, Portland, Ore., 317 

Leavitt, Neva, Alberta, Canada, 201 

Leavitt, Veryne, Alta., Canada, 52 

Lebaron, Charles Don 

Lebaron, Elwin, Dale, Alta., Can., 299, 342 

Lebaron, Gam Que, Salt Lake City 

Lebaron, Norman G., Alberta, Canada 

Lebaron, Richard C, Alberta, Canada, 343 

Lebaron, Sharon Elaine, Flint. Mich. 

Lebaron, Theron Cheney, Alberta, Canada, 88 

Lechtenberg, Althea, Bancroft, Ida., 299 

Leckie, Ronald Jay, Billings, Mont., 25, 163, 314 

Lee, Arthur Sherman, Fayette 

Lee, Barbara Kay, Jerome, Ida., 317 

Lee. Boyden Edward, Alberta. Canada, 317 

Lee. Byung Ha, Korea, 317 

Lee, Carill Ina, Provo, 167 

Lee, Carole Dawn, Concord, Calif., 58, 119 

Lee. David Bowen, Provo 

Lee, Diane, Pico, Calif., 317 

Lee, Dixie, Heber, 173 

Lee, Donald Grant, Provo, 343 

Lee, Garry Donald, Springville 

Lee, Geraldine, Concord, Calif., 343 

Lee, James Morgan, Farmington, N. Mex. 

Lee, Janice, Blackfoot, Ida., 343 

Lee, Jan W., Heber City 

Lee, Jean, Cardston, Alta,, Canada, 210, 317 

Lee, Larry Lamont, Provo 

Lee, Leilani, Springerville, Ariz., 343 

Lee, Leona, Farmington, N. Mex. 

Lee, Leona Terry, Orem 

Lee, Linda, American Fork 

Lee, Linda Anne, Monroe, 317 

Lee, Lynda, Idaho Falls, Ida., 119, 343 

Lee, Mary Jean, Montebello, Califfl 

Lee, Patricia Beth, Port Angeles, Wash., 317 

Lee, Patricia Fae, Vernal 

Lee, Rex Edwin, St. Johns, Ariz., 16, 17, 98, 188, 

Lee, Robert Thomas, Lagg, Calif., 163 
Lee, Ronald Eugene, New London, Iowa, 81, 119 
Lee, Sally Ann Arnold, Farmington, N. Mex 
Lee, Scott Gardner, Portland, Ore., 188 
Lee. Stephen M., BickneM, 317 
Lee, Virginia, Eureka, 167 
Lee, William Phillips, Provo 343 
Lee, Wilmer Grant, Indio, Calif. 
Lee, Zelda Claudette, St. Ignatius, Mont., 123 
Lee, Zetta Maurie, Vernal, 151 
Lehr, Wallace Boyd, Long Beach, Calif., 147, 299 
Leifson, Jack Waldo, Provo, 88 
Leifson. Mark Lewis, Spanish Fork. 317 
Leigh, Mary Louise, Cedar City, 194, 317 
Leishman, Karen, Provo, 68, 147, 166 
Leishman, Nancy, Provo, 157, 167 
Lemmon. Diane, Darnngton, Wash., 343 
Lemond, Kenneth John. Orem, 317 
Lendt, Welda Beate, Buffalo, N. Y., 151, 204, 299 
Lenhart, Barbara Jean, Monterey Park. Calif., 299 
Leonard, Colleen, Farmington, N. Mex., 343 
Leonard, Louise Marie, Bountiful, 154, 213, 343 
Leonard, Lynn Victor, Palmdale, Calif., 343 
Leonard, Sonja Ann. Boise, Ida., 224, 299 
Lepard, Stuart James. Lethbridge, Canada 
Lerwill, Gayla. Redding. Calif.. 343 
Lesher, Dennis K., Spokane. Wash., 343 
Leslie, Anabel Lee, Pocatello, Ida,, 317 
Lester. Andrea V., Colton, Calif., 317 
Lesue, Geoff Martin, Nampa, Ida. 
Lesueur, Duane Waldo, Mesa, Ariz. 
Lesueur, Patricia J. Huntington Park, Calif. 
Levanger. Michael Ree, Spanish Fork 
LeVar, Callis Jeddy, Tauares, Fla., 30, 299 
LeVar, Lila Lee, Tauares, Fla., 132 
LeVar, Lurlene Joy, Tauares, Fla., 132, 343 
Leverenz. Nancy Ann, Santa Monica, Calif. 
Levin, Barbara Lane. Caly City. Calif., 343 
LeVitre. Margo, Salt Lake City, 221, 3 17 
Lewis, Afton Ruth, Ramah, N. Mex., 93, 218 
Lewis, Allen Edward. Logandale, Nev., 105 
Lewis, Anthon Hugh. Farmington, N. Mex 81 

165, 205 
Lewis. Dale A.. Provo, 105 
Lewis, Darrell Wilford. Menan, Ida,, 343 
Lewis, Dorothy C, Laurel, Wash., 299 
Lewis. Douglas S., Nyssa, Ore.. 317 
Lewis, Emery Bowen. Marion, 73 
Lewis. Floyd Leon. Marion, 343 
Lewis, Gam Edward, Provo 
Lewis, Gary Henry. Lehi 
Lewis, Glen Hal. Provo, 231 
Lewis, Glenna Gay, Kamas, 299 
Lewis, Homer Scott. Kamas. 343 
Lewis, Jean Loya. Chicago. III. 
Lewis, John, Provo 
Lewis, John Earl. Provo 
Lewis, John Ludlow, Spanish Fork 
Lewis. Joseph Marvin, Marion, 343 
Lewis, Ronald, Encino, Calif., 317 
Lewis. William Cris, Jr., Chicago, III. 
Lewis, Laury Marion, Blackfoot, Ida., 149, 317 
Lewis, Margaret. Declo. Ida. 213, 317 
Lewis. Mark L.. Petaluma, Calif., 58 
Lewis. Marsha G.. Boise, Ida., 343 
Lewis. Maxine. Duchesne, 151 


Lewis. Penelope L, Ranuh. N. Mex . 116. 205. 

Lewis. Richard Lynn, Provo 
Lewis. Robert Norman. Grass Valley. Calif" . J43 
Lewis. Ronald T., Provo. 149. 317 
Leydsman. Henry. Union, N. J. 
Lichtenstein. Deanna. Brigham City. 81 
Liddiard. Gaiy Dennis, Provo 
Liddiard. Robert M.. Provo. 190 
Liddle, Elizabeth Ann. Palo Alto, Calif.. 343 
Liddle. Joseph D. Jr., Payson, 317 
Liddle. Letha Banister. Arlington. Va 
Liddle. Wallace S., Provo 
Liechty, Victor Jay, Springville, 35. 36. 147 
Light. Marjone. Colusa, Calif.. 343 
Likes. Ivan Leroy, Fruita, Colo., 317 
Lile. John Clayton, North Platte. Neb.. 81. 119 
Liljenquist, John E., Arlington. Va., 188 
Liljenquist. Robert C. Salt Lake City, 171 
Lilly, Jancie Lee. LaGrande, Ore 
Lilly. Norman Gene. Beckley, W Va. 
Lillywhite. Susan C . Anaheim. Calif.. 153. 220, 

Lillywhite. Karen. Palisades. Calif.. 217 
Lim. Sang Woo. Aeiway. Korea 
Lima. Marco Antonio M., Guatemala 
Limb. Sheri Laree. Ely. Nev.. 175, 343 
Lin. Paul Vang Kad, Hong Kong, 299 
Lincoln. Diane V.. Inglewood, Calif. 
Lindberg, Gary William. Marinette. Wis. 
Linde. Dennis Alfred. Blaine, Wash . L32, 208. 

Lindheimer, Cristina, Mexico. Mex.. 343 
Lindholm. Beverly A.. Tooele, 158. 343 
Lindroos. Gary Alvin. Mulian. Ida. 
Lindsay. Douglas H . Moreland, Ida.. 343 
Lindsay. Stanley W . Heber. 317 
Lindsey. Danice E.. Flint, Mich.. 317 
Lindsey. Gerald H.. Marshall. Mo 
Ltndsey, Gwynda Anne. Gilmer. Tex. 
Lindsey. Jackie Wyatt. Dallas. Tex., 343 
Lindsey. Joel Douglas, Columbia 
Lindsey. Joseph William. Ridley Park. Pa . $43 
Lindsey. Loyd Ray. Provo 
Lindsey. Margaret Lois. Flint. Mich., 68 
Lindsey. Ronald J . Centerville. 343 
Lindstrom, Linnaea H . Provo 
Lines, Martin Vardell, Springfield, Ore. 
Linford, John Robert. Kaysville 
Linford. Mara 

Linford, Margaret Ann. Long Beach. Calif., 317 
Linford. Richard W . Concord. Calif . 119. 163. 

Linford. Ron. Long Beach. Calif.. 180 
Linnell. Patricia H.. Twin Falls. Ida. 
Linton, Gayle. Gardena, Calif., 224, 299 
Linton. Gordon Bowers. Provo 
Lish, Roderick Neil. McCammon. Ida. 
Lisonbee. James L., Mesa. Ariz., 317 
Liston, Sandra, Orem. 299 
Litchfield. Etta M . Alberta. Canada. 343 
Litster. Judith Clair. Huntington. 26, 219. 299 
Little. Larry George. Ontario, Ore., 343 
Little. Lorna Beth, Lawton. Okla.. 343 
Littledike. Jacquelin. Ely.' Nev . 175. 317 
Littlefield. Kenneth. Provo. 68 
Littlefield. Neil A.. Orem. 299 
Littlefield, Raymond, Orem 
Liu. Alvin K. M . Honolulu. Hawaii. 165. 203 
Livingston, Albert N.. Provo 
Livingston. Beth Kurtz. Calgary, Alta , Can , 201 
Livingston. Frank V.. Orem 
Livingston. Jack R . Montrose, Calif. 
Livingston, Lee P., Dallas. Tex. 
Livingston. Nancy M . Montrose. Calif. 
Lloyd, Dean Carter, Provo 
Lloyd, Earle, Kingsley. Alta.. Can . 343 
Lloyd, Gary Murdock, 124, 299 
Lloyd, Karen. Central, Ida . 197. 343 
Lloyd. William Wayne. Walnut Creek. Calif.. 317 
Loarca. Carlos G , Quezalto, Guatemala 
Lockhart. Donald E.. Winchester. Va 
Lockhart. loan E.. Winchester. Va., 343 
Loertscher, David V.. Park City 
Loftus. Naomi Belva. Moore. Ida., 194. 343 
Lollar, Dixie Lee, Bridger. Mont. 
Lollar, Genevieve E.. Bridger. Mont 
Lomax. Thomas Robert. Nephi, 343 
Long. Dale Aden, Bellflower. Calif., 231 
Long. Jiann. Brigham Gty, 129, 299 
Long, Lester Bert, Idaho Falls. Ida. 
Long, Louis Rene, Overton. Nev 
Long, Robert Nathan. Roosevelt. 343 
Long, Thomas Eugene. Baker. Ore. 
Long. Vaughn Dee. Provo 
Long. William Robert. Provo 
Longhurst. Ruby Madge, Chin., Mexico. 317 
Longree, George H. F., Belguim 
Loo. Clara Leialoha, Kukuihaele, Hawaii. 299 
Lookinland, Paul R , San Pedro. Calif 
Loomis. Jerry Emerson. Griswold. Iowa. 99 
Loosfi, Stuart Lamar, New Zealand, 343 
Lopear, Bertha Smith, Mar Vista. Calif. 
Lopez. Leonor A.. Mesa. Ariz. 
Lopez. Leonora M.. Santa Ana.. Calif. 
Lorah. Clifton. Meridian. Ida.. 88 
Lore. Clarence Edward. Pocatello. Ida 
Lose, Lons Miriam, Belmont, Calif. 
Losee. Patricia Joy, Provo 
Lott, Alexander Deloy. Orem, 343 
Lott. Dorothy lola. Mobridge. S.D. 
Lott. Paul Blake. Toppenish. Wash. 
Louder, Arden R., Orem 
Love, Carma, Provo 

Love, Diane. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 299 

LovelanJ. Emersor Ray, Provo 
Loveland, Sterling G.. American Fork 
Loveless. Judith Ann. El Pasu. Tex., 299 
Lovell, Merton Nielson. Oak City 
Lovendge. Bernell Jay. Springville. 159. 299 
Lovett, Sara, El Paso. Tex.. 317 
Lovins. Jules Maynard. Hollywood, Calif., 53 
Low. Kathleen Lola, Edmonton. Alta . Can . 125. 

201. 317 
Lowder, Colline. La Mesa, Calif. 
Lowder. Dixie Dim. Homedale. Ida.. 88 
Lowder. Kim. 299 

Lowe. Connie Deon. Cincinnati, Ohio, 317 
Lowe. Gerald Jay, Banida. Ida. 
Lowe. Acel, Jr., Provo 

Lowe, Margaret Ann. Citrus Heights.'Calif.. 343 
Lowe. Marilyn Joan. Santa Ana. Calif.. 317 
Lowell. Merton N.. 85 
Lowry. George Allen. Castle Dale 
Lowry. Hcnrv Clay. Miami. Fla 
Lowry, James Robert. Coral Gables. Fla. 
Lowry. Pauline. Ojai, Calif.. 81 
Lowry, Thomas Edwin. Alberta, Canada. 108, 213 
Loyal. Iverson Dee. American Fork 
Loyd. William Efray. Gilmer. Tex., 343 
Loynd. Paula Grace, Salt Lake. City 
Lucas, Hugh Laurence. Alexandria. Minn 
Lucegord, Kenneth C. Orem 
Luch. Warren Floyd. Provo 
Luckau. Linda Ruth. Salt Lake City. 128. 345 
Ludlow. Jeanette. Washington. DC, 123 
Ludlow, Neils Foster. Yardley. Pa. 
Ludwig, Evan Herbert. Midvale. 159. 343 
Ludwig, William Heber. Milwaukee Wis 
Luke. Carolyn P 
Luke. Gary Leon. Orem 
Luke. Gene Eldon. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 343 
Luke. Marsha Lynne. Salt Lake City. 343 
Luke. Philip Odeen. Junction. 99. 185 
Lum. Lorene L.. Honolulu. Hawaii. 68. 203 
Lunceford. Blaine R., Orem. 52 
Lunceford. Gerald B , Orem. 317 
Lunceford. Hazel. Springville, 343 
Lunceford. John H . Brawley. Calif.. 343 
Lund, Dona Marie, Glendale. Calif.. 317 
Lund. Marion C, Provo 

Lund. Marion Richards. Provo. 159. 185. 317 
Lund, Olean, Sandy 

Lund. Paul Andrew. Temple City. Calif. 
Lundberg. Don Charles. Provo. 58. 211 
Lundberg. Endfred Jon. Provo 
Lundberg. Jane L.. Provo, 77 
Lundberg. Myrna Lynne. Sandy, 205. 343 
Lundell, Connie. Vernal. 68. 146. 19"\ 20" 7 . 210 
Lundell. Dean Leon. Vernal, 317 
Lundell. Gary- Aston. Napa. Calif.. 129. 343 
Lundell. J. Lindroth, Provo. 317 
Lundell. Vennis Kay. Provo 

Lundquist. Rex Charles. Pico Rivera. Calif-. 299 
Lunt, Alan Kenneth. Duncan. Ariz.. 299 
Lunt. Coralie June. Duncan. Ariz.. 343 
Lunt. Kathleen Mae. Ranway. N.J.. 343 
Lunt. LaRaine Addie. Ranwav. XI. IS" 7 
Lunt. Myrna Hope. Lordsburg, N. Mex., 299 
Lunt. Spencer McCune. Honolulu, Hawaii 
Lusk. Stanley Truman. Orem 
Luth. Joyce. Canon Citv. Colo.. 117. 343 
Lutz. Nolan J., Ogden. 343 
Lutz. Virginia Mane. Petaluma. Calif.. 119. 317 
Lybbert. Evart Kay. Moses Lake, Wash. 
Lybbert. Glade. Moses Lake. Wash.. 343 
Lyda. William Oscar. Twin Falls. Ida.. 317 
Lyman. Alfred Grant. Payson 
Lyman. David Richard. Provo. 343 
Lyman, Diane. Vernal. 343 
Lyman. Edith Lucille. Spanish Fork. 1 16, 377 
Lyman, Gordon Dee. Blanding 
Lyman. Joyce. Monticello, 173 
Lyman. Richard G.. Monticello 
Lyon. Calvert Baxter. Overton. Nev.. 343 
Lyon. John Boyd. Firth, Ida. 
Lyon. Kenneth Seldon. Firth, Ida.. 317 
Lyon. Patricia Anne, Overton. Xe\ 
Lyons, James Dennis, Downey. Calif. 
Lysenko, Peter, Provo. 99 
Lystrup, Ramona Harris. Pleasant Grove 
Lysy. Helene Iris. Port Arthur, Canada. 116, 225 

Luthgoe. Thomas M.. Salt Lake City 


Maag, Ted Eugene. Orem 
MacArthur. Arthur E.. Provo 
MacArthur. Douglas A.. Spanish Fork, 68 
Macauley. Thomas F. Jr.. Oakland. Calif.. 221 
MacDonald. Kathenne. Mesa. Ariz.. 183. 344 
MacDonald. Marcia S.. Fresno. Calif.. 200. 334 
Machado. Josefina M.. Sao Paulo. Brazil 
Macias. Edna Elvira. Guatemala. C A.. 344 
Mackay. Diane Tower. Boulder. City. Nev. 
MacKay. Ian Wendell. Tujunga. Calif., 88 
MacKay. Ruth Mary. Melbourne. Australia 
MacKay. Thomas William. Tujunga Calif "*9 

MacKav. Walter Dale. Salt Lake City, 58 
MacKey. Ellen Jean. Sweet Home. Ore. 
MacKey. John Wayne. Sweet Home. Ore.. 344 
Mackintosh. Dean Alma. Minidoka. Ida 181. 209 

Macklin. Mracia J . San Jose. Calif . M" 

Maclean. Douglas O.. Mill Valley. Calif.. 1 17, 344 

Macleod. Carlene E., Riverside. Calif. 

MacMillan. Esther E., Orem 

MacMillan. James A., Orem 

MacMillan, John D , Woodland Hills, Calif. 

MacMillan. Joyce Lee. Orem 

Mac Peterson. Linda. 344 

Madden, Charles B.. Jr.. Berd. Ariz.. 317 

Madden, Merna Anne. Gila Bend. Ariz . 154, 344 

Maddex. Donietta L.. Charlottesville. Va., 343 

Madsen, Boyd D.. Provo. 212 

Madsen, Clifford K„ Provo, 126, 129 

Madsen. Dale. Provo, 171 

Madsen. Doris Gail. Salt Lake City, 123, 183. 317 

Madsen. Elaine. Monroe 

Madsen. Even S.. Los Angeles. Calif, 

Madsen. Gary. Provo 

Madsen. Jeff R.. 344 

Madsen. Joy Diane. Provo. 1 16 

Madsen. Judith Ann. Boise. Ida.. 216. 31" 

Madsen. Kathleen. Provo 

Madsen. Mac Lynn Olaf. Boise. Ida.. 239, 245 

Madsen. Marqaret Anne. Bellevue Wash, 155. 

183. 208. 344 
Madsen. Marie Marakis. Provo 
Madsen. Maureen. Provo 
Madsen, Monty Lee. Bountiful, 344 
Madsen. O. Frank. Provo. l~l 
Madsen. Ronald D.. Provo. 97. 210 
Madsen. Roxie Ann. Provo. 123, 344 
Madsen. Rulon J.. Orem 
Maeder. Frederic Paul. Fresno. Calif 
Maeser. Georgia. 63 
Maestas. Levay J., Jr.. Magna 
Magleby. Marilyn. Provo 
Magleby, Mawa Anne. Elsinore, 153. 317 
Magleby. Richard S., Thornton. Ida.. 53, 98 
Magleby. Zella F,. Provo 
Magnusson. Sherri Lana. Glendale. Ariz 
Magoffin. Richard L.. Dulzura. Calif.. 251 
Maher. Patrick Joseph. Kirtland. N. Mex . 165. 

Mahmoudi. Homayoum M . Tehran. Iran, 88 
Mahony. Dorris Jane. Tarzana. Calif. 
Maiben. Stephen D . Burbank. Calif 
Mam. Betty Ann. Aberdene. Wash., 52 
Mainor. Iva Gail. Henderson. Nev.. 318 
Makaio. Elaine Poipe. Hilo. Hawaii. 68, 203 
Malan. Phyllis Marlene, Fresno, Calif. 
Malan, Richard Michael. San Francisco. Calif., 171 
Malan. Ronald Floyd, Northndge. Calif.. 209. 318 
Malm. Connie Diane. Ogden. 344 
Malin. Shan Lynn. Ogden. 299 
Malmstrom. Deanne. La Mesa. Calif.. 155. 344 
Maloy. Elwood Angus. Safford. Ariz. 
Malphure. Rogers E.. 299 
Manary, Marilyn Anita, Santa Monica. Calif. 
Manasmith. Jon Lee. North Fork. Ida. 
Manerman, Lawrence, 152 
Manfild. Jesse D.. 344 
Mangelson. Evan Glen. Provo, 99 
Mangelson, L Dee. Calif.. 
Mangum. Alan Elmer, Provo 
Mangum. Catherine L.. Eagar. Ariz 
Mangum. Dorothy Kaye. Provo, 344 
Mangum, John Harvey. Provo 
Mangum. Sandra S.. Provo 
Mangum. Wendy K . Salt Lake City. 175, 205. 

209. 344 
Mannewitz. William B.. McKinney. Tex. 
Manning. Marilyn Rae. Orem. 19"". 344 
Manning. Marilyn K . Orem. 318 
Manning. Neil Harry. Lehi. 68 
Mano. Irene Kakue. Woods Cross 
Mansfield. Dean R., Idaho Falls. Ida., 299 
Mansuy. Edward Marcel, Salt Lake City. 58 
Mantle. Mardean. Inglewood. Calif.. 175, 344 
Manwahng. Victor. Vernal 
Manwill. Marion C . Provo. 344 
Marble. Bert Robbms. Malad. Ida. 
Marchant. Duane H.. Kamas, 318 
Marchant. Fred Thomas. Peoa 
Marchant. Gary Reed. Kamas. 97, 212 
Marchant. Gerald Lyle. Peoa. 52 
Marchant, Lily Jean, Peoa, 344 
Marchant. Linda Jewel. Salt Lake City 
Marchant. Lvnda Mary. Peoa 
Marcroft. Donna Lee. Norwalk. Calif.. 318 
Marcusen. Judith Kaye. Portland. Ore., 22, 344 
Marcusen. Richard B., Portland. Ore., 299 
Marcyes. Carole S.. Olympia, Wash., 344 
Marc-yes. Donald David, Tracy. Calif., 299 
Margetts, Jean. Sunnyvale, Calif.. 344 
Marion. Jack Thamor H., Phoenix. Ariz.. 194, 

Markee. Judith Anne. Sacramento. Calif. 
Marker, Betty Louise. Provo. 81 
Markham. Diana Louise. Provo. 187, 344 
Markham. Elza Merlene. Boise. Ida.. 318 
Markham. Jay Parsons. Concord. Calif., 149. 344 
Markham. Lucretia P., Concord, Calif. 
Markland, Elaine. Casper, Wyo., 344 
Markland. Thomas R , Rupert, Ida. 
Markham. David Dean 

Marks. Cecil Dew itt. Pine Bluff. Ark.. 299 
Marks. Pete, 201, 245 

Marks. Sharon Lee. Pine Bluff. Ark., 201, 344 
Markstaller. Jan H.. Portland. Ore . 77, 217 
Marley, Raymond Gene. Pocatello. Ida., 209. 344 
Marlor. Janet. Midvale. 344 
Marlow, Elosia Hoan. Blackfoot, Ida.. 318 
Marlow, Holt Carleton 
Marlowe. Darold M.. Salt Lake City. Ill 
Marlow. Roger Ward. Salt Lake City. 344 

Marple. Jon Howard. Columbus. Ohio. 189. 318 

Marquardson, Kaye. Richfield. 344 

Marsh. Gail Rendell. Lakewood, N.Y., 299 

Marsh. Mary Joann. Springville, 88, 

Marsh, Phillip Wade. Springville 

Marsh, Stephen James, Ventura. Calif., 344 

Marshall. Donald lav. Paneuitch. 116, 181, 299 

Marshall. James T.. Salt Lake Gty, 147, 171 
Marshall. Charles. Jr., Riverside. Calif.. 294 
Marshall. Kenneth N.. Orem 
Marshall. Maxine Mari. Provo, 344 
Marshall, Melvin Karl. Logandale. Nev.. 299 
Marshall. Roger Lee, Las Vegas, Nev.. 344 
Marshall. Ross. Fillmore 
MarteH. Carol Terry. Burley. Ida 
Martell. Darwin S.. Burley.' Ida 
Martenson. Roger E.. Los Angeles. Calif. 
Martin. Anne. Mesa. Ariz.. 68 
Martin. Arthur Keith. Glendale, Calif.. 25. 27 147 
Martin. David C. St. Joseph. Mo.. 318 
Martin. Diana M.. Tacoma. Wash., 299 
Martin. Gloria Dawn. Cowpens. S. O, 299 
Martin. James William. Stockton. Calif.. 181 
Martin. Jerry Dale KcnncAuk. Wash.. 245 
Martin. Joeen. Evanston. Wyo.. 344 
Martin. Karen. Riverside. Calif . 344 
Martin. Kenneth D.. Sixes. Ore., 159 
Martin. Manorie Ellen. Cowpens. S C 
Martin. Melvin Hugh. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 344 
Martindale. David L. 

Martindale. Larry E„ Santa Monica. Calif.. 61 
Martindale. Robert R.. Nampa. Ida., 58 
Martineau. Claudette. Bell. Calif., 299 
Martineau. Jeanette. Mesa. Ariz.. 318 
Martinex. Benjamin L.. Los Angeles. Calif. 
Martinez. Jesus X . Coah. Mexico. 318 
Martinez. Nelson F.. Santa Rosa. Calif.. 344 
Marwede. Linda Amy, Mariposa. Calif. 
Marwede. Patricia. Santa Barbara. Calif. 
Marx. Anna Laraine. Mt. Pleasant 
Marx, Dennis Robert. Spokane, Wash.. 344 
Masada, Jerry Hideo. Lanai. Hawaii. 68, 203 
Mashburn, Richard E.. Santa Monica. Calif 189 

Mason. Dennis Lavere. Boise. Ida.. 193. 299 
Mason. Keith Howard. Provo 
Mason. Richard R.. Las Vegas. Xe\ . 344 
Mason. Roger Naef. Tremonton. 191 
Mason. Susanne Allred. Wheatridge. Colo. 
Massey. Billy Charles. Raleigh. N.C.. 344 
Massev Virginia Ann. Raleign. X C . 344 
Masters. James. Manila 
Masterson. Daniel E.. The Dalles. Ore.. 299 
Masuoka. Gary Hidemas. Kapaa Hawaii. 203. 299 
Matheny. Patricia S. 
Matheny. Ray- Thomas 
Matheson. Audria. Fresno. Calif. 
Matheson. Joan Ellen. Lincolnwood. III. 
Matheson. Robert T.. Chicago. III.. 124 
Mathews. Arminta 
Mathews. James David, Nephi 
Mathews. Karen Adalin. 151. 183. 299 
Mathews. Nelson C. Panaca. Nevada, 165, 318 
Mathews. Nola D. 116, 344 
Mathews. Robert James, 53 
Mathews. Vergie Kay. Pasco. Wash.. 318 
Mathews. William. 99 
Mathie. Lynn Richard. Ogden 181. 231 
Mathis. Ann Bunnell 
Mathis. John Stoker 

Matlock. Clinton T.. Grand Junction. Colo.. 344 
Matsen. Jeffrey R . Los Angels. Calif., 189 
Matson. David Ephraim. Huntington Park, Calif. 
Matson, Kathryn Ann. Truckee. Calif.. 68, 146 
Matthews. Bill. 216 

Matthews. Dixie Carol, Evanston, Wyo.. 299 
Matthews. Dorothy Ann. Monpelier. Ida. 
Matthews. Frank William. Boise. Ida. 
Matthews. George E.. Superior, Ariz.. 299 
Matthews. Georgia. Montpelier. Ida. 
Matthews. Verl Baxter. American Fork 
Matthis. Richard Wells. Fayetteville. N.C, 344 
Mattingly. Carolyn Lee. Bham.. Ala., 344 
Martinson. Willis J. 
Mattson. Vernon W.. Murray. I'tah 
Maude. Pauline Agnes. Santa Ana. Calif.. 209. 344 
Mauerman. Lawrence A.. Salt Lake City, 159, 344 
Maugham. Berklee Allen, South Gate, Calif.. 163 

Maughan Betty L.. Burley. Ida., 183, 318 
Maughan. David Alton. Drummond, Mont.. 344 
Maughan. Mark Wright. Ronan. Mont.. 544 
Maughan. Maureen. Spokane. Wash.. 209. 344 
Maul. Willis Dean. Billings, Mont.. 318 
Maurer. Susan. South Bend, Ind.. 126. 209. 344 
Mauss. Janice Lee. Twin Falls, Ida., 318 
Mauzy, Robert L., Phoenix, Ariz.. 89 
Maxfield. Emma Marie. Stockton. L'tah, 318 
Maxfield. Thomas G„ Richland. Wash.. 344 
Maxwell. Gloria Kaye. Peoa, 158, 344 
Maxwell. Harold B.. Salt Lake City- 
Maxwell. James Lee 

Maxwell, Mary Ellen. Rexburg. Ida.. 299 
Maxwell. Mary Jean. Salt Lake Gty. 318 
Maxwell, Nancy Ann, Moab. 344 
May. Barbara. 319 
May. Dorothy. Blackfoot. Ida., 
May, Frank Reid, Caldwell, Ida., 89 
May. Helen. Blackfoot, Ida.. 93 
May. Helen. Blackfoot. Ida.. 218 
May. James Allen. Phoenix. Ariz.. 81. 299 
May, James Andrew. Baker Ore.. 126 
May. John David. Baker. Ore., 299 


May Merrill Joseph, Rockland. Ida. McDowell, John Russell. Mesa, Ariz., 345 

May, Sharon Carlene, Duarte, Calif., 344 McDowell, Margaret B„ Salt Lake City, 155, 345 

Mayberry Wayne Howard, Ogden, Utah, 124, 126 McEwan, Beth, Salt Lake City, 213, 345 

Mayberry' Orlene Lois, Ogden, 68 McFadden, Terry Ted, Provo, 216 

Maycock William Edwin, Sunset McFarland, Andrea, La Mesa, Calif., 345 

Mayer Janet Elaine, Glen Ellen, Calif., 318 McFarlane, Glenda M„ Salt Lake City, 155, 345 

Mayer, Nancy Lou. Glen Ellen, Calif., 220 McGarry, Larry K , Provo 

Mayer, Willard. Lewis, 299 McGee, J. Lavoy, Farmington, N. Mex., 318 

Mayfield, Craig K.. 64, 91 McGee. Joanne, Provo, 205, 345 

Maynard, Kathleen Ella, Laie, Oahu, Hawaii, 1 17 McGee, Roscoe, Jr., Farmington, N. Mex., 345 

Maynard Lyle James McGee, Nadean Louise, Scottsdale, Ariz., 345 

Maynard'. Robert Louis, Laie, Hawaii. 204, 318 McGee.Patricia L.. Farmington. N. Mex.. 205 

Mayne, Douglas A. McGinn, Joseph Paul. Providence. R I., 231 

Mayne Robert Verl. Gypsum, Colo. McGinnis, Jo Ann. Salt Lake City, 187, 318 

Mayo. Janet, Atlanta, Ga. McGlone, Vayland Leon. Alhambra. Calif. 

Mayo, Raymond Louis, Longview, Tex. McGrady, Dale Edward, Newton, N.J. 

Mazurie. Martin Dewal, Utah McGregor, Al Jean, Provo 

McArthur, Mr, and Mrs. Ross, 202 McGuire. Erin Patrick. St. David. Ariz. 

Mc Cartney, Alta Ruth, Provo Mcllhagga, Joseph Al, Alberta. Can.. 345 

Mc Carry, Marian F„ Idaho Falls. Ida., 318 Mclntire. Carla, Paul, Ida., 345 

Mc Cauley, D. Thurlyle, Washington. DC, 318 Mcintosh, Nancy Lee, Milford, 345 

Mc Clellan, Delna M„ Hayward, Calif.. 318 Mclnryre, Arlene J . Caldwell, Ida., 194, 345 

Mc Closkey, Caldona M.. Washington, Pa., 318 Mclvor, Garry Michael, St. Frances, Ontario, Can., 
McComas, Sally Meta, Villa Pasa, Calif., 167, 318 318 

Mc Cosh, Leonard W„ 97 McKay. William R.. Provo, 69 
McDaniel, Lucy S., Pines. N.C., 318 McKean, Jo Ann, Dragerton, 345 
Mc Donald. Eugene J.. Westminster, Calif. McKee. Bobbie Gene. Provo 
Mc Ewen. Myrna, San Bernardino. Calif., 345 McKee, John Harkness. Cleveland, Ohio 
Mc Ewan, Nam Ann, Salt Lake City McKee, Marian L., 299 
Mc Farland, Lyle McKee, Trevor Ronald, Provo 
McFarlane, Hardy Nyl, Provo McKell, Glen Charles, Provo, 318 
Mc Ghie, Marsha, Studio City, Calif., 209 McKell, Maryem, Provo, 187 
McKell, Mickey, Provo. .77 McKellar, John Alvin, Wendover 
Mc Kinnon. Max E„ 213 McKellar, John Glen, Tooele, 299 
Mc Lane, Dale B., Ogden, 80 McKelvey, Mona Lee, Salt Lake City 
Mc Millian. Jim, 185 McKenzie. Roderick G., Lund, Nev., 212 
Mc Pheeters, Carol Ann, Rivera, Calif., 318 McKinlay, David Lynn, Provo. 299 
McAffee, John Boyd, Pleasant Grove McKinley, John M., Corona Del Mar, Calif. 
McAllister. Carolyn R.. Provo, 69 McKinney, C. Fjrrell. Spring City. 119. 299 
McAllister, Cheryl H.. Monterey Park, Calif., 299 McKinney, Karen Ruth. Spring City 
McAllister. David C, 189 McKinnon, Ruth Ann, Pleasant Hill. Calif., 345 
McAllister! Jack S.. Mt. Pleasant, 126, 318 McKnight, Eva Laurett, Minersville 
McAllister, Karl David, Portland, Ore., 344 McKrola. Donald K., Mt. Vernon. Ore.. 299 
McAllister, Kenneth, New York City, N.Y., 344 McLachlan. Patricia L.. Salt Lake City 
McAllister. Lawrence. Provo, 89 McLachlan, Veronica J., Torrance. Calif- 
McAllister, Lolene. Kanab, 116, 344 McLaughlin, Leslie N., La Canada, Calif.. 318 
McAllister. Marsali. Ogden, 213, 344 McLennan, Lawrence, Payson, 248, 345 
McAllister. Marvin D , Estacada, Ore., 223, 344 McLeod, Suzanne M„ Los Altos, Calif. 
McAllister. Myron R., Provo, 108 McMaster. Bruce M , Orem, 159, 345 
McArthur, George C, Calgary, Alta.. Can.. 201 McMaster. Sandra Sue. La Mesa, Calif.. 132, 155, 
McBeth, Dennis B., Payson, 344 345 

McBride. Carol Ann, Downey, Calif., 151 McMeen. Elaine Kay, Denver, Colo., 183, 220, 
McBride, Carolee, Salt Lake City, 299 318 

McBride, Davis Owen, Boise, Ida., 89 McMeen. Marilyn F.. Denver, Colo., 26, 128, 183. 

McBride, Deanna, Moses Lake, Wash., 77, 186 299 

McBride, Glen Warren, Burns, Ore., 344 McMillan, Hugh Lloyd, San Diego, Calif., 318 

McBride, John Wynn, Hines, Ore. McMullin. Larry Keith, Moses Lake, Wash., 318 

McBride, Lujean, Moses Lake, Wash., 186 McMullin, Ralph D.. Roosevelt 

McBride. Patty Elaine, South Gate, Calif., 344 McMullin, Rosa Lynn, Moses Lake, Wash.. 208, 

McBride, Richard H., Grand Junction, Colo., 58 345 

McBride, Sandra Jean, Fillmore McMurdie, Dennis S., Salinas, Calif., 345 

McBride, William Don, Lancaster, Calif., 318 McMurdie, Larry Lee, Buhl, Ida. 

McCallum, Barry G„ Calgary, Can.. 201, 318 McMurdie, Maughan W., Provo 

McCandless, William E.. Huntington McNab, Jean, Sonoma, Calif.. 345 

McCann. Garth Albert, Salt Lake City, 344 McNamara. Thomas F., Calgary, Alta., Can. 

McCardell, James Neil, Lynndyl McNaughtan. Emma Jean. Vernal 

McCarrey, L. Rasmussen, Richmond McNeely. Harry Dennis. Provo 

McCauley, Evalyn Lare. Hollywood. Calif., 115, McNeil. Shari Karleen. Portland. Ore., 175, 224, 

318 299 

McClay, Rhoda Mae, Claramont, Calif. McPhail, David LeeRoy, Salt Lake City 

McClellan, Blaine S., Provo, 194, 344 McPhee, Lucille T . Bath, Ma. 

McClellan, Charles A., Payson McPhee, Martin W„ Bath, Ma. 

McClellan. Gerald V.. Sun Valley. Ida. McPheeters. Roger A., Kalispe.ll, Mont. 

McClellan, Jeanette, Idaho Falls, Ida., 318 McPherron, Marilyn K., Fairborn. Ohio, 318 

McClellan, Warren, Jr., Kennewick, Wash., 215, McPhie, Robert, Heber 

318 McQuarne. Rhonda, Beaver, 204, 299 

McClellan. Toby Ann, Chih.. Mex., 344 McQueen, Phil Keith, Eagle, Ida., 318 

McCloy, Wallace Lamar, Rupert, Ida., 119, 299 McRae, Darla Gay. St. David, Ariz. 
McClure, Linda, Lakewood, Calif., 161, 344 Means, Joann, Provo, 169, 318 

McClurg, Oadas Gary, Eldorado, Ark. Meatoga, Yvonne P K., Lai, Oahu, Hawaii, 157, 

McCommas, Pauline, St. David, Ariz., 299 230 

McConkie, Colleen, Provo, 318 Meacham, Douglas G.. Arco, Ida., 223 

'McCormack, Agnes E., Toronto, Can. Mecham, Emil Bernell, Provo 

McCormack, Nancy, 299 Mecham, Evelyn, Riverton 

McCormick, Marilynn, American Fork, 69, 173 Mecham, Gwen Lenore, Provo 
McCosh, Leonard W., Manti Mecham, J. Glen, Vernal, 299 

McCracken, Don Rexford, Great Falls, Mont., 232, Mecham, Lawrence C, Pocatello, Ida., 345 

344 Mecham, Lynn, American Fork, 132 

McCracken, Iran Hugh, St. Anthony, Ida., 299 Mecham, Raphael Give, Aspen, Colo. 

McCracken, Lawrence O., Seattle, Wash. Mecham, Richard W , American Fork 

McCue, L'Dean, 189 Medill, April Judy, Rock Springs, Wyo., 345 

McCulley, Jessie Lewis, Milford Medina, Mary Louise, El Paso, Tex., 345 

McCune. Jeanne, Fillmore, 77, 213, 219 Medley, Kathryn Marie, Bountiful, 173 

McCune, Karen, Fillmore, 318 Mefford, Margie Ann, Sacramento, Calif.. 224 

McCune, Landon W., Alhambra. Calif., 209. 344 Mehr, Lois Marilyn, Hollydale. Calif.. 37 
McCure, Katie Paxman, Lethbridge, Can. Mehr, Walter Steven, Santa Monica, Calif. 

McCure. Robert J.. Lethbridge, Can., 106 Meidlinger, Richard J., Council Bliff, Iowa 

McDaniel. Earl Wayne. Alamosa, Colo., 124, 318 Meier. Glenn L„ Milwaukee, Wis. 
McDaniel, Geneva Lou, Bloomfield. N. Mex., 344 Meier. Grant Bower, Milwaukee. Wis. 
McDaniel. Janice E.. Alamosa, Colo., 69 Meikle. Joanne, Woodland, Calif., 169, 299 

McDaniel. Maren Kay, Casper. Wyo., 175, 318 Meiners, Donis Grant. Burley, Ida., 318 
McDaniel. Mary Alice. South Gate, Calif. Meldrum. Colleen L., Spanish Fork, 345 

McDaniel, William A., Alamosa, Colo., 299 Meldrum, Grant Cluff, Provo 

McDermott, Naomi, Salt Lake City Meldrum, James R., Jr., Provo, 345 

McDonald, Jack W., Kamas, 345 Meldrum, Leon H„ Provo 

McDonald, Janice M., Seattle, Wash. Meliza. Raymond Walter, Sparks. Nev., 318 

McDonald, Jay Glen. Nampa. Ida., 299 Mellor. Arnold Harold. Fayette, 58 

McDonald, Jerry George, Twin Falls, Ida.. 149, Mellor, Hale Joy, Fayette 

299 Melville, Marie, Salt Lake City, 345 

McDonald, Joel Richard, Provo Melville, Ruth, Provo, 132 

McDonald, Larry D-, Las Vegas, Nev. Memmott. John Cordell. Chihulua. Mex. 

McDougal, Wilbern Lee, W. Jordan, 345 Mendenhall. John Paul, Las Vegas, Nev., 299 

McDougall, Carolyn P., Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii Mendenhall, Linda, Escalon, Calif. 
McDowell. Donald Ray, Jacksonville, Fla. Mendenhall, Robert L., Provo 

Menhennet. Melba June, Tipton, Mo. Miller, Neil Kay, Lehi, 345 

Menlove, Alan Cleon, Provo, 318 Miller, Patricia Lee, Millbrae, Calif., 202, 210, 

Menlove, Roger Thomas, Provo, 345 318 

Menssen, Juergen W., Sandy, 159. 318 Miller, Richard K., Elmhurst, III. 

Mentry, Monte Edward, Bakersfield. Calif.. 194, Miller, Robert W„ Taber, Alta., Can., 345 

318 Miller, Robert Wayne, Williams, Ore., 91, 116 

Menzies, James Wesley, Price Miller, Ronald J., Springville 

Meredith, Gary Edward, Payson, 58 Miller, Ronald Leroy, Indio, Calif., 318 

Meredith. Joan Renee, Orinda, Calif., 345 Miller, Stanley Frank, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Meredith, Ralph J . Pleasant Grove. 318 Miller, Sylvia Janett, Manti, 69 

Merkle, Dieter, Las Vegas, Nev., 345 Miller, Taft Crandell, Ovid, Ida. 

Merkley, Elouise C, Vernal Miller, Thomas Lynn, Stockton, Calif., 181, 318 

Merrell, C. Janice, Duchesne, 299 Miller. Wade Elliott, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Merrell, Cleston G., Duchesne, 53 Miller, Wayne Elwood, San Fernando, Calif., 345 

Merrell, Dallas V„ Moses Lake, 27. 147. 299 Miller. Wendell V.. Provo, 218 

Merrell, Lawrence E„ Provo, 345 Millerberg. Diane, Midvale, 318 

Merrell, Mary Laurel, Moses Lake. 116, 208 Millet, Floyd Jackson, Salt Lake City, 318 

Merrell. Reid L.. Duchesne Millett. Donna Elaine. Arrowhead. Calif., 69 

Merrill. Carolyn. Salt Lake City, 123. 345 Millet, Gordon Rex, Lake Arrowhead, Calif., 345 

Merrill. Don William. Riverton Millett. Richard L.. Mesa, Ariz., 248 

Merrill, Freddie C. Missoula, Mont. Milliner, John Thomas, Heber, 300 

Merrill, Larry, 128 Mills, Berger Nancy, Santa Monica, 132, 318 
Merrill, Heber Kent, Lethbridge, Alta., Can., 299 Mills, Bessie Mae, Florence, S. C, 201, 345 

Merrill, Lavaun S„ Jr., Idaho Falls. Ida., 210 Mills, Janice Mane, Bountiful, 318 
Merrill, Keith West, Lethbridge. Alta., Can.. 171. Mills, Vernalie, Oakley, Ida.. 204, 300 

345 Millward, Joseph D., Warden, Wash., 206, 318 

Merrill, Keith Walker, Farmington Millward, Franklin, Jr.. Berkeley. Calif.. 89 

Merrill, Lura Mae, Salt Lake City, 77 Millwrad, Linda Redd, El Paso, Tex. 

Merrill, Marilyn Kay, Salt Lake City, 345 Millward, Virginia, Grantsvilte, 116, 345 

Merrill, Maureen, Ogden, 157, 345 Milne, Betty Gay, Midvale, 345 

Merrill. Max Deverl, Eltopia, Wash. Milne, Brent Lindsay, American Fork 

Merrill, Myrna Joan, Phoenix, Ariz., 200. 318 Milne, Nancy Ann, Midvale, 157, 173, 345 

Merrill, Paul Allen, Whittier, Calif., 299 Milner, Ernest B., Provo 

Merrill, Paul Kent. Pocatello. Ida , 212, 299 Milner, Linda Joyce, North Hollywood, Calif., 345 

Merrill, Preston M., Rexburg, Ida., 299 Miner, Alan Edward, Grantsville, 20, 181 

Merrill, Ralph Taft, Posatello, Ida., 212 Miner, David Lee. Springville, 58 

Merrill, Robert Eugene, Ramah, N. Mex., 205 Miner, Don Rodney, Springville, 345 

Merrill, Robert Lee. Ogden Miner, Edward Glen, Sandy, 300 

Merrill. Reid L., 132, 299 Miner, Sally Lynn, Mtn. View, Calif., 345 

Merrill, Ronald B., Valparaiso Fla. Minson. Joy, Garden Grove, Calif., 69 

Merrill, Wade Harris, Lorenzo, Ida. Miratti, Charles R.. Burlingame, Calif., 300 

Merrill. Wilda Louise, Mesa, Ariz.. 299 Misbach, Grahm H , Cottage Grove, Ore., 81 

Meservy, Carol, Provo, 225, 245, 356 Mitchell, Arlo George, Spanish Fork 

Meservy, Jerry DeMar, Bountiful, 318 Mitchell, Carol L., Provo 

Meservy. Virginia Rae, Provo. 69. 225 Mitchell, Clairel. Provo 

Messegee, Ramon George. Provo Mitchell, David Frost, Spanish Fork 

Messegee, Robert F.. Olympia, Wash. Mitchell, Don William, Phoenix, Ariz., 300 

Messervy, Don Carlos, Orem, 58 Mitchell, James D., Provo 

Metcalf, Mavis, San Bernardino, Calif. Mitchell, John Kenneth, Bountiful, 345 

Methvin. Ruth Grey, Natchitoches, La. Mitchell, Karl Clark, Parowan 

Meyer, Klaus Hubert, Fairview. 345 Mitchell, Steven Karl, Provo 

Meyers, Valerie T., Hilo. Hawaii Miya, Yosh, Japan 

Meyers, Bert, 245 Mobley, Betty Lou, Menan, Ida., 300 

Meyers, Brent, 239 Moe, Herman Rudolph, Detroit Lakes, Minn., 104 

Michaelis, Arthur L.. Garland, 345 Moeller, Helen, Salt Lake City 

Michaelis, Elaine, Garland, 300 Moesser, Dorene Lovie, Etna, Wyo., 132, 318 

Michaelson, Earlene, Van Nuys, Calif., 345 Moesser, Kent Lanny, Etna, Wyo., 58 

Michaux, Philippe M H., Paris, France, 251 Moffett, Lonzo J., Farmington, N. Mex., 345 

Michelsen, Dean Philip, Stirling, Alta., 345 Moffitt. Howard, Jr., Provo 
Michelsen, Stanley C, Palo Alto, Calif.. 32, 149, Mohler, Eldon Arnold, Las Vegas, Nev., 300 

299 Mohlman, Cheryl, Elko, Nev., 345 

Michie, Carol, Heber, 77, 219 Mohlman, Marilee, Elko, Nev. 

Michie. Lois Ann, Heber, 318 Mohlman, Rex Delbert, Spanish Fork, 318 
Michie, Rex Monroe, Montpelier, Ida., 300 Moikeha. Mona Amy H.. Wail Maui, Hawaii, 89 

Michie, Robert Alma, Tabiona, 300 Molen, Kenneth Alvin, Hollywood, Calif., 300 

Mickelsen, Carol A., Antonito. Colo.. 318 Monasmith, Jon L., 116, 345 
Michelsen, Margene, Rigby, Ida., 300 Moncur, Carolee, Heyburn, Ida. 

Michelsen, Richard A.. Rigby, Ida.. 105 Moncur. Deloy William, Aberdeen, Ida. 

Michelson, Stan, 216 Monn, Corina Faye, Waynesboro, Pa., 345 

Miekle, Joanne, 200 Monroe, Ida lone, Scipio, 345 

Middleton, Ernest W.. San Francisco, Calif.. 318 Monsen, Ray Gillman, Orem 
Middleton. Marilyn, Lahabra, Calif. Monsen, Stephen Brent, Mt. Pleasant 

Middleton, Patricia A.. Tallahassee, Fla., 89, 169 Monson. Alan Campbell, Denver,' Colo., 345 
Midgley. Duane Van, Salt Lake City Monson, Carrell J., 212 

Miera, Manuel Ruben, Layton, 159, 318 Monson, David Edward, Pleasant Grove 

Milam, Gary Dean, Glendale, Calif., 58 Monson, Eva Carol, Boise, Ida. 

Miles. Carolyn Ann, Mt. Home, 116, 345 Monson, Darrell Ray, Provo. 61, 185 

Miles, H. Gary, Montpelier, Ida.. 239 Monson, Joan, Bozeman, Mont., 116 

Miles. Helen Joan, St. George, 202, 300 Monson, Richard Smith, American Fork 

Miles, Joe Milton, Pleasant Grove Montague, Dallas Budd, Payson 

Miles, Rey Maxwell, Orem Montague, Denise B„ Redwood City, Calif. 

Miles, Robert S., 300 Montague, Merlene, Payson 

Miles, Sherwood N . Midvale, 345 Montague, Michael D., Payson, 165, 245, 318 

Millar, Carol Ann. Boise, Ida., 153, 318 Montero, Max Cordova, Mexico City. Mex., 165 

Millar, M. Yvonne, Pleasant Grove, 69 Montgomery, David C, Melrose Park. 111. 

Millar, Z. Reed, Boise, Ida., 1 19, 149, 300 Montgomery, James L., Ontario, Ore., 345 

Millar, N. Jeanne, Shelley, Ida., 77, 128, 146, 219 Montgomery, Linda J.. Kingsport, Tenn., 157, 345 
Millar. Lorna, Salt Lake City Montgomery, N. Brent, Heber. 212, 300 

Miller. Alene, Provo, 77 Montgomery, William K., Kahei Maui, Hawaii 

Miller, Barbara Jean, Garrison, Mont., 345 Montierth, Gary Cloyd, Norwalk, Calif. 

Miller. Beth, Victor, Ida. Montierth, Max R , Long Beach. Calif.. 300 

Miller, Bobbe Ann, Napa, Calif., 318 Montierth. Myrna Lue. Mesa. Ariz., 167, 300 

Miller, Corena. Portland. Ore.. 69, 146, 183 Moody, Arly Vern, Provo 

Miller. Dale Arden, San Fernando, Calif., 159, 300 Moody, Cathnne P., Washington. DC, 300 
Miller, Dale Brady, Provo, 116, 193. 345 Moody, John Duane, Provo 

Miller, Dalea. Idaho Falls. Ida., 300 Moody. Lester Young. Delta. 189, 250, 318 

Miller, David Simpson, Salt Lake City, 345 Moody, Linda Manon, Oakland. Calif., 155, 213. 

Miller, Eddy Lenard, Provo. 101 345 

Miller, Ellis Wilson, Twin Falls. Ida. Moody. Richard Young Delta, 232, 345 

Miller, Franklin Kay, Provo Moody, Robert Cecil, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Miller, Gayle, Mesa, Ariz., 345 Moody, Ronald Rex. Lovell, Wyo. 

Miller. Gerald Louis, Hyrum, 345 Moon, Carole Irene, Springville, 318 

Miller, James Franklin. Dillard, Ore., 318 Moon, Chad Dewitt. Orem 

Miller, Jeffery Lynn. Chula Vista. Calif. Moon. Jerry Ray. Duchesne, 207, 345 

Miller, Jerry R„ Springville Moon, Harold Kay. Jr.. Provo. 85 

Miller, Judith L., Albuquerque, N. Mex., 205, 345 Moon, Leon Phillip, Duchesne, 345 
Miller. Lewis Paul. Manti, 69 Moon, Raymond Heber, Craig, Colo., 318 

Miller, Linda. Thayne, Wyo., 345 Moore, Barbara Jean, Payson. 345 

Miller, Linda Lou, Modesto, Calif., 318 Moore, Bruce J., Bountiful 

Miller, Marilyn Ruth, Las Vegas, Nev., 58 Moore, Centa Marie, Nampa, Ida., 123 

Miller, Mark. Sandy, 240 Moore. Colleen. Ely, Nev., 175, 345 

Miller. Marshall Lee. Provo Moore, Danny William. Hagerman, Ida., 245, 318 

Miller, Mary Margaret, Provo, 116, 318 Moore. Dennis Floyd. Payson. 345 

Miller, Nancy Kathryn, Springville. 345 Moore. Evelyn Penelope. Provo, 318 


Moore, Georgia Helene. Bountiful, 34, 69, 218 

Moore, Glen A., Orem, 345 

Moore. John Richard. Bountiful, 223. 345 

Moore, Laura Lucille, China Grove. N.C., 345 

Moore, Michael Robins. San Bernardino, Calif, 
25. 163 

Moore. Paul Frank. Payson. 300 

Moore. Robert Earl, Granby. Colo. 

Moore, Ruth Ann, Logan, 345 

Moore, Sharon, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Moore. Sharon, Nampa, Ida. 

Moore. Walter James, Greenville, S.C. 

Moosman. Jewel, Boulder, 151. 300 

Mooya. Betty Ann, Oraibi, Ariz , 206. 345 

Morawski, Hans J. M, Berlin, Germany 

Moray, Agnes Mane. Long Beach, Calif. 

Morgan, Afton Adolph, Circleville, 318 

Morgan, Carolyn. Ovid. Ida., 69 

Morgan, Daniel Everet, Crowley, La. 

Morgan, Jack Clark, Provo, 58 

Morgan, jackeen Ann, San Marino, Calif. 

Morgan. Janice Ann, Sanford, Colo., 116, 346 

Morgan, Jerrold Ramon, Sandy, 58 

Morgan, Joyce, Walnut Creek, Calif-, 300 

Morgan, Alvin W, Jr., Twin Falls. Ida., 300 

Morgan, Marcia Ann, Provo, 69 

Morgan. Michael F.. Provo 

Morgan, Neil William. Ovid. Ida. 

Morgan. Orland Fred, Prosser, Wash., 69 

Morgan. Scott Kendnck, Whilmette, III.. 185. 300 

Morgan, Venna Dee, Sanford, Colo. 

Morgan, Vernon Rey, Salt Lake City 

Morkeha, Ipo, 199, 203 

Morley. Gerald K, Provo 

Morlock. Roberta Ann, American Fork 

Morphis, Karl Dean, Costa Mesa, Calif. 

Morr. Bruce Robert, Riverside, Calif. 

Morrell. David Nichol, Bngham City, 300 

Morrell. Marnner Lee. Rexburg, 99 

Morrell, Nancy Ann. Bngham City, 153, 220. 319 

Morrey, Robert Dee, Joseph 

Morrey, Russell Andrew. Joseph. 346 

Morrill, Callis Gary, Tndell 

Morrill, David Grant, Provo 

Morrill. Keren Kaye, Tridell 

Morrill, Weston Hoyt, Provo, 300 

Morris. Ephraim Bonne, American Fork 

Morris. James Dell, Provo, 206 

Morris, Janet Sue. Anaheim, Calif., 154, 155, 346 

Morns, Judith Kay, Aanheim, Calif.. 194. 300 

Morris, Karen, Orem 

Morris, Lavelle Luke, Murray. 209, 300 

Morris. Monte J.. Lis Vegas, Nev. 

Morns, Ronald Keith, Arco, Ida., 319 

Morris. Suzy Ann, So. Laguna Beach, Calif., 319 

Morris. William Henry, Provo 

Morrison. Beverly, Lovell, Wyo., 119, 300 

Morrison. Brenda Ann, Provo. 116, 128 

Morrison, Douglas W. Lovell, Wyo., 116, 346 

Morrison, Kenneth J., Kaysville. 216 

Morrison, Wayne Lee, Los Angeles, Calif., 319 

Morriss, Carolyn, San Jose. Calif., 128, 346 

Morrissette, Dona Jean, Ontario, Calif. 

Morse, Bart Jenneings, Sandy, 319 

Morse, William Martin, Rel Man Beach, Calif.. 

Mortensen, Barbara H, Provo 

Mortensen, Carolyn J , Blythe. Calif.. 69 

Mortensen, David E , Vernal 

Mortensen, Donna Jean, Monrovia. Calif., 123. 

Mortensen. Ernest W , Sanford, Colo., 300 

Mortensen, Kathryn, Salt Lake City, 346 
Mortensen, Kendall A., Emery, 346 

Mortensen, Loyd, Ephraim, 81. 165 

Mortensen, Maland D., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Mortensen. Paul Holde, Springville, 81, 126, 129 

Mortensen. Ruth Dale, Provo, 105 

Mortensen. Stuart L., Provo. 69 

Mortensen Taylor M , Blythe, Calif. 

Mortimer. William J.. Upper Montclair.N.J., 159 

Mose, Ann Elizabeth, Portland, Ore., 319 
Moser, Calvin Loy. Rigby, Ida., 73 
Mosier, Lamarr Wesley. Irvinton, Calif., 346 
Moss, Alice Ilene, Nyssa, Ore., 346 
Moss. Berneil. Burley, Ida., 346 
Moss, Connie. Durango, Colo., 319 
Moss, Dennis Dean. Bountiful, 300 
Moss, Jack Elmo. Salt Lake City 
Moss. Joseph Lowell. Richfield. 346 
Moss, Judith, Salt Lake City, 152, 220 
Moss. Karen OveiJa, Bingham, 117 
Moss, Larry Abbott, Rigby, Ida., 346 
Moss, Lorenzo Clyde. Blanding, 69 
Moss, Marlene. Lewiston, Calif., 346 
Moss, Nancy Lee, El Paso, Tex., 213, 346 
Moss, Ruth Mae. Ririe. Ida., 123, 300 
Mosteller, Robert E , Richland, Wash., 245 
Mote, George Earle, Grants Pass. Ore., 319 
Mott, Jacqueline, Lajara, Colo.. 69 
Motter, Sammie Dian. McCook, Neb.. 319 
Moulton, Albert Page, Provo 
Moulton. David Stanley, Delta, 346 
Moulton, Jack Lester, Clearfield, 346 
Moulton. Lyman H., Jr., Provo 
Mousley, Boyd Hyrum, Riverton 
Mower. Donald Arthur, Bell Gardens, Calif 
Mower, Glade Weston, Fairview, 59 
Mower, Virginia A , Fairview, 89 
Moxley. Allen Vincent. Glendora, Calif.. 163 
Moyes, Leon Roger. Provo, 245 
Moyle, Betty Louise, Meridian, Ida , 56 
Mddgett, Donald Wilmer, Hawthorne. Calif, 


Muhlestein, Mary K, Boise. Ida., 300 

Muhlestein, Ralph Ken. Heber. 346 

Muhlestein, Richard D, Provo 

Muhlestein, Richard D, Provo 

Muhlestein, Wayne, Salem, 165, 319 

Muir, Elmo Ricks, Provo 

Muir, Joseph Russell, Walnut Creek, Califfl 

Muir, Mtrlvin Kenneth, JHB, So. Africa 

Muirhead. Alice M , Williams, Ariz. 

MuirheaJ, John, Provo, 165 

Mulhern, Arlene, Long Beach, Calif., 119, 161, 

Muller, Alan Edward, Salt Lake City, 198, 300 
Muller. Don Richard, Salt Lake City. 346 
Mulliner. Kent, 346 
Mumford, Carole, Mt. Pleasant, 53 
Mundy. Benita, Ogden. 173. 346 
Munhall. Grace, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Munk, Jacquelin Raye. Alhambra. Calif., 346 
Munson. Kathryn. Loa, 346 
Murchte, Patricia Jean, Long Beach, Calif., 167, 

Murdock, C, Dale. Beaver 
Murdock, Carolyn Pear. Mesa. Ariz., 346 
Murdock, Jon Larry, Provo, 319 
Murdock, Peter Brent, American Fork 
Murdock. Sara Joyce, Cokeville, Wyo. 
Murdock. Sumner Reed, Cedar City 
Murphy. Beverly R.. Grantsville. 206. 346 
Murphy, Ethel L , 116 
Murphy, James Patrick. Provo 
Murphy. JoAnn. Idaho Falls. Ida., 22, 187, 346 
Murphy, Myrna Jean, Spanish Fork, 77 
Murphy, Sheldon Rowle, Chinook, Mont.. 300 
Murphy, Sheridon Leo, Provo, 319 
Murphy, Theron Hugh, Great Falls, Mont . 202, 

Murphy, Vira Ann, Sapnish Fork, 300 
Murray, Blaine, Idaho Falls, Ida.. 300 
Murray. Fancher M , Nephi, 97 
Murray. Harry J., Jr., Honolulu. Hawaii. 248 
Murray. Sterling Dale, Grace, Ida.. 300 
Musig, Morris Demille. Salt Lake City 
Myers, Albert Campbel, Oroville, Calif., 300 
Myler, Charles F„ Jr., Los Angeles, Calif.. 194, 



Nahulu, Eli Kaue, Nanakuli, Oahu, 203 
Nael. Margery Ann, Winchester, Va. 
Nakamura, Stanley A., Petaluma, Calif.. 300 
Nakashima, Edwin N„ Salt Lake City, 250 
Nate, Dennis Orson. Cokeville, Wyo., 240. 346 
Nate. Gordon Owens, Portland, Ore. 
Nation, Frances Arlene, Gunnison 
Naumu, Judith Puanani, Hanapepe Kaua, Hawaii. 

69, 203 
Nay, Barbara Jean, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Nay, Devon R , Sigurd, 346 
Nay, Mateland D , Sigurd, 97 
Naylor, Carolin Joyce, Panguitch, 215, 346 
Naylor, Clyde Richard, Provo, 211 
Naylor. Frances K , Alexandria, Va., 346 
Naylor, Gerald D, Riverton 
Naylor, Jay Harvey, Provo 
Neal, Alice. Malad City, Ida , 117. 300 
Neal, Bernon F.. Malad. Ida. 
Neath. Stephen Elages, Bountiful, 185, 318 
Ncbeker. Rosalind Ruth. Rolling Hills. Calif.. 346 
Nebeker. Lelia Beth, Glendora, Calif., 346 
Neel. Norman Ray, Orem 
Neeley, David Mitche, Orem, 211 
Neeley, Marilyn Maude, Salt Lake City. 173, 215, 

Neely. Marilyn, Riverside. Calif., 300, 346 
Neff, David. Wells, Nev. 
Neff, Evelyn Joyce, Salt Lake City, 205, 347 
Neff, Wilma Bankhead, Provo 
Neff, Joann S, 346 

Neibaur, Karryn Alta. Newdale, Ida., 319 
Neil. Roberta Mary. Long Beach, Calif., 161, 204, 

Neilsen. Wayne Leland, Lark 
Neilson, Hope, Provo, 157 

Neilson, Mane Adele, Redwood City, Calif., 300 
Neilson, March, 248 

Neilson, Rasmus Shurl, Great Falls, Mont., 346 
Nelson, Affra McNeill, American Fork 
Nelson, Afton, Draper, 346 
Nelson, Ann, 206 

Nelson, Barbara Lenor, Stillwater, Okla. 
Nelson, Barbarajean, Phoenix, Ariz., 77 
Nelson, Cary Ellen, Salt Lake City, 173, 319 
Nelson, Charlotte M., Salt Lake City, 81 
Nelson, Coral, Rexburg, Ida. 
Nelson, Dale Lee, Orem 
Nelson, Deane McClain, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Nelson, Dewey. 206 
Nelson. Doloris. Provo 
Nelson, Donald Tracy, Provo 
Nelson, Elaine, Thatcher, Ariz., 77 
Nelson, George F., Montpelier, Ida. 
Nelson, Glee Wava, St. Ignatius. Mont , 202, 300 
Nelson. Glen Byron, Provo, 193, 319 
Nelson. Gordon B, Provo, 59 
Nelson. Jack Adelbert. Springerville. Ariz. 
Nelson. James Henry, Spanish Fork, 346 
Nelson, Jan Howard, Pleasant Grove, 300 
Nelson, Janeen, Lehi 
Nelson, Janice, La Plata, N. Mex.. 205 
Nelson, Heniel, St. Ignatius. Mont 

Nelson, John Dewey, Salt Lake City 

Nelson. Alvin John, Jr., Moses Lake, Wash.. 99 

Nelson, Fred W., Jr., Salt Lake City 

Nelson, Judith Naoma. Gooding, Ida. 

Nelson, Judy Ann, Pleasant Grove. 1 16 

Nelson, Kent Earl. Preston, Ida.. 346 

Nelson, Larry C, Provo 

Nelson. Linda Lee, Long Beach, Calif., 153, 319 

Nelson, Lola Christine, Provo 

Nelson, Loran Crouch, Welling, Alta , Can. 

Nelson, Merrill John, Goshen 

Nelson, Narene, Martin, S.D., 300 

Nelson, Nell Jean. Rexburg, Ida. 

Nelson. Paul Edward, Sherman Oaks, Calif., 171 

Nelson Ra Voe. Jackson, Wyo.. 319 

Nelson, Ray W.. Orem, 346 

Nelson, Raymond Hugo, Stratford, Conn., 346 

Nelson, Robert Loran, Provo 

Nelson. Robert William, Spanish Fork, 221 

Nelson. Ruth Janell, Great Falls, Mont., 346 

Nelson. Scott Howard, North Fork, Ida., 212 

Nelson. Shauna Kaye, Provo 

Nelson, Thomas Lane, Provo 

Nelson, Varr Young. Salt Lake City, 53, 165, 206 

Nelson. Verne Terry, Bisbee, Ariz. 

Nelson, Wayne Kent. Salt Lake City, 346 

Nemelka, David Robert, Salt Lake City 

Neol, Robert Edward, Chandler, Ariz. 

Nesbit, Catherine Ann, Portland, Ore., 346 

Nesbit. E. Jean, Portland, Ore., 128, 175 

Neser. Gerald Otto, Los Angeles, Calif., 69 

Neser. Paul Irving, Los Angeles, Calif., 59, 211 

Nesmith, Willie R.. Jr.. Kaawa, Oahu, Hawaii 

Neubert, Joe Ann, 119 

Neuenswanter, Kerma. Weston, Ida., 346 

Neuroh, Clark Richard, Sunnyslope, Ariz.., 149, 

Newbury. Twilla M., Springville 
Newell. Allen C. Moab, 300 
Newell. Bobby Ray. Lorentz. W Va, 126, 132, 

Newman, Boyd Edward, Vallejo, Calif 
Newman, Darlene E., Huntington Park, Calif., 319 
Newman, Dianne Eileen, Salt Lake City 
Newman, Frank Harmon, Grand Junction, Colo, 

191. 346 
Newman, Linda Rae, Dugway, 346 
Newman. Peggy June, Ogden, 23, 300 
Newman, Walter Dennis, American Fork, 59 
Newman, William Albert, Springville, 97, 212 
Newmyer, Patricia L., Los Angeles, Calif, 215 
Newmyer, Lee Anne, 346 
Newsom, Arlene. Dudley, Mo, 346 
Newton, Gwen Ellen L , Hayward. Calif. 
Nichol, Jack Wayne. Salt Lake City, 300 
Nicholls, Roger Verl, Orem 
Nichols, Byron Veron, Provo, 181 
Nichols, Carma Sue, Burley, Ida., 319 
Nichols, Clyde R, Jr.. Provo 
Nichols, Gerald C, Gardena, Calif . 300 
Nichols, Karen E„ Ogden, 34l 
Nichols, Kaye Page, Redondo Beach, Calif, 300 
Nichols, Kermit Botlo, Provo 
Nichols, Murray Leo, Provo 
Nicholson. Donna Bell, Provo, 225 
Nicholson, Meredith. Freedom, N.H, 346 
Nicklson, Rouge. Riverton 
Nicol, Karen Anne, Pittsburg, Calif, 301 
Nicol, Lola Ann. Arabi, La. 
Nicol I, John Cleveland, Mesa, Ariz, 239 
Nicoll, Lynn A., Mesa, Ariz. 
Niederhauser, Ethel, Salt Lake City. 175, 346 
Nielsen, Carol Jean, Glenwood Springs, Colo, 

126, 346 
Nielsen, Charlotte M, Ferron 
Nielsen, Dick Hyatt, Centerfield, 59 
Nielsen, Dorothy Mane, Pasadena, Calif, 187. 

Nielsen, Florence N, Jordan 
Nielsen, Franklin Ole, St. Johns, Ariz. 
Nielsen, Harry S, Ferron 
Nielsen, William J., Jr., Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Nielsen, Judith Hope, Provo, 346 
Nielsen, Julia Ann, Beaverton, Ore, 346 
Nielsen, Lanny D, Salt Lake City 
Nielsen, Linda Mae, Provo, 123, 187 
Nielsen, Lynn Moser, Lehi, 69 
Nielsen, Marchene, 173. 301 
Nielsen, Marcus C, Mesa, Ariz, 301 
Nielsen, Nanette. Salt Lake City, 346 
Nielsen, Nadine, 346 
Nielsen. Niel Joseph, Caldwell, Ida. 
Nielsen, Norma, Provo 
Nielsen, Phyllis V, Orem, 319 
Nielsen. Ronald L, Provo 
Nielsen. Shanna Lee, Salt Lake City. 187. 319 
Nielsen. Shirley Diane, Bountiful, 301 
Nielsen, Velma M, Holladay 
Nielsen, Weston W., Provo 193 
Nielson, Adele, 123 
Nielson, Alan Scott, Lynndyl 
Nielson, Alan Theodore, Republic, Wash. 
Nielson. Allen Russell, Mesa. Ariz., 212 
Nielson. Allen W, Moroni, 132 
Nielson, Barbara, Ephraim, 346 
Nielson, Charles F, Monroe, 89, 185 
Nielson, Dennis F., Glendora, Calif., 346 
Nielson, Deon Reed, Cardston, Alta, Can., 346 
Nielson, Ferrel Dan, Salina 
Nielson, Gary F, Republic, Wash 
Nielson, James King Monroe, 319 
Nielson, Joseph R, Kaysville 
Nielson, Kenneth Arvil,, Salt Lake City, 346 

Nielson, Laraine, Springville, 346 

Nielson, Laura Lee, Cardston. Alta, Can, 116, 

Nielson, Lavern Jay, Orem 
Nielson, Lee Sherman. Salt Lake City 
Nielson, Lois, Bluewater. N. Mex., 205, 319, 347 
Nielson, Lois, Fountain Green 
Nielson, Myrna, Spanish Fork, 301 
Nielson, Otto Eldon, Leamington, 73 
Nielson, Julia, 1 32 

Nielson, Pauline, Salt Lake City, 173, 346 
Nielson, Roger, Springville, 319 
Nielson, Ronald, Provo, 181 
Nielson, Russell, Mesa. Ariz, 185, 319 
Nielson, Weston W, 347 
Nielson, William J, Jr., Idaho Falls. Ida, 319 
Nikamo. Margarita, Helsinki, Finland 
Niles, Barbara Lena, Los Angeles. Calif., 119 
Nims. Janet Roberta, Marysville, Calif., 161, 301 
Nisbett, Robert Sonni, Boise, Ida., 53 
Nish, Gary Lee, Owen, Alta, Can, 346 
Nisonger, Dan Paul, Provo 
Nissen, Shirley E, Idaho Falls, Ida., 155, 212, 

Niswender, Linda Joy, So. Gate, Calif, 203, 346 
Nitz, Lois Marie, Troy, N.Y. 
Nixon, Elray S., Provo 
Nixon, Glade C, Holden, 248 
Noakes, Geraldine, Orem, 301 
Noakes, Jaytene Elvor, Salt Lake City, 346 
Noble, Joseph Wayne, Farmington, 108, 213 
Noble, Larry Earl, Eugene, Ore, 53, 185 
Noble, Phyllis Joan, Roosevelt 
Noble, Zina, Walla Walla, Wash, 59, 224 
Noel, Robert, Chandler, Ariz, 245, 319 
Noel, Wright Ralph, Lakewood, Calif. 
Nolen, Diane Oates, Pasadena, Calif, 105, 215 
Nolen, Phillip Wayne, Pasadena. Calif, 59. 181 
Noori, Hossien Sheikh, Tehran, Iran 
Nopkins, Nephi Gaylon, Soda Springs, Ida. 
Norberg, James Angus, Oakland, Calif, 301 
Norberg, Janice Kay, Lehi. 346 

Nordes. Vaughn Edward, Fairbanks, Alas, 346 

Nordgren, Shirley Joy, Salt Lake City, 123 

Nordgren. Weston Nephi, Provo 

Nordstrom. Gary Lee, Provo 

Norman, Gary Reeve, Mt. Pleasant, 319 

Norman, Mary Jean, Whittier, Calif, 69, 146 

Norr, Gloria, Tremonton, 119 

Norryn, Mary Jones, 169 

Northrop, Sherena, Payette, Ida.. 301 

Norton, Betty Velate, Central, Ariz. 

Norton. David Carl, Springville 

Norton. De Ray. Provo 

Norton, Harold Lee, Silverton, Ore. 

Norton, Joel Wesley, Monticello 

Norton, Don Evan, Jr., Burley, Ida. 

Norton, Keith Merkley, Provo 

Norton, Merritt Ronald, Provo 

Norton, Renee, Milford 

Nosier, John F, Jr, Sacramento, Calif., 189, 301 

Nourse, Richard Henry, Grand Junction, Colo, 

Noyes, David William, Salina, 124. 335 

Nuffer, Patricia May, Wendover, 347 

Nunes, Pearl Ann, Newark. Calif, 301 

Nunn, Sandra E, Salt Lake City, 347 

Nuttall. Carol E, Provo 

Nuttall, Carol Vera. Provo, 69 

Nuttall, David Dean. Provo 

Nuttall, James Roger, Idaho Falls, Ida., 301 

Nuttall. Karen, Provo, 319 

Nuttall, Larry P., Provo, 347 

Nuttall. Mary Rosalyn, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Nuttall, Paul Everett, Provo 

Nutter. Diana Geneva, Corona, Calif, 69, 183 

Nybo. June Loretta, Salem, 173 

Nybo, Ronald Carl, Provo, 98, 212, 301 

Nye. Miriam May, Oakland, Calif. 

Nyman, Carol, Nephi 


O'Brien, Earl, Ovlay. Colo., 301 

O'Brien, Maxine, Provo, 319 

O'Brien, Robert Milo, Provo 

O'Bryant, Sharon, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Oakden, Wanda F, Riverside, Calif, 347 

Oakes. Judith Ellen, Riverside, Calif. 

Oaks, Elaine Waddoups, Provo 

Oaks, Evelyn, Provo, 132, 187, 215, 319 

Oaks, Josephine C, Provo 

Oaks, Merrill Clayton, Provo 

Ober, Georgia May, Feeding Hills, Mass, 301 

Oberhansley, Reid B, Spanish Fork 

Oborn. Neldon Mardell, Tooele, 59 

Oborn, Wilma Jean, Bountiful, 347 

Obregon, Socorro, Carlin, Nev., 91 

Obrien, James Patrick. San Diego, Calif, 245 

Obrien, Robert M, Jr., Provo, 301 

Obrien, Robert, Sr„ 347 

Obrien, Roger Stanley, Provo 

OBryant. Sharon, 347 

Ockey, Sharon Kay, Salt Lake City, 347 

Odermott, Louis William, Provo 

Odonnal, Beverly Kay, Danville, III., 123, 347 

Oertle, Linda Dee, San Gabriel, Calif, 301 

Ogden, Carolie, Delta, 347 

Ogden, Devon Morris, Richfield, 89 

Ogden. Karen Louise, Everett, Wash, 117, 128, 

Ogden. Linda Elizabeth, Encino, Calif, 158, 347 

Ogden, Lola. Richfield, 116, 347 

Ogden, Marshall D.. Richfield 

Oglesby, Linda Rae. Portland, Ore. 

Ogota, Mamoru, Japan, 319 

Oishi, Toshio, Tokyo, Japan, 83 

Okawa, Ruth Hisayo, Laie Oahu. Hawaii 

Okelberry. Carl Ridge. Salt Lake City, 319 

Okimoto. Howard T., Honolulu, Hawaii, 69, 203 

Olauson, Clarence R., Provo, 221 

Oldroyd, Hannah R„ Provo, 187 

Oldroyd. Hannah Louise, Provo, 119, 217 

Oldroyd, William V., Jr.. 59. 181, 217 

Oldroyd. Paul Robert, Provo 

Oldroyd. Roland Kenda, Springville 

Olds, Mavonia Lew, Provo 

Oliphant. Gineal. Orem. 319 

Oliphant, Norman H., Orem, 81, 132 

Olive. Stanley Boyd, Pittsburg, Calif. 

Oliver, Dick L.. 132, 347 

Oliver. Howard Gordon. Lethbridge, Alta., Can., 

Oliver, Sarah Jane. Salt Lake City 
Ollar. Anna Louise. Irving. Tex., 347 
Olofson, Loyce Shirin. Pasadena, Calif. 
Olpin, Edwin Dee. Pleasant Grove 
Olpin. Jay Lloyd, Provo. 96. 100. 119. 147. 185 
Olpin, Sherry Lynne, Provo. 93. 218 
Olpin. Violet. Heber, 93. 218 
Olsen, Anita Mane, So. Gate, Calif., 347 
Olsen. Audrey Jeanne. Denver, Colo., 151, 301 
Olsen, Burton K.. Emery 
Olsen, Bill L.. 347 
Olsen. Carmen Carson. Orem 
Olsen, Dale Albert. Puente. Calif.. 212, 301 
Olsen, Darold Robert, Provo 
Olsen. Darwin, 301 
Olsen, David Lynn. Provo 
Olsen, Don Richard. Orem 
Olsen, Donna Inez, San Diego. Calif. 
Olsen, Helen Kaye, Hayward. Calif.. 117 
Olsen, James Gary, Nampa, Ida., 223, 301 
Olsen. Kent Johnson, Fairbanks, Alas.. 159. 319. 

Olsen, Larry Andrew. Weston, Ida., 59 
Olsen, Larry W.. Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Olsen, Laura Marie, Springville 
Olsen, Lawrence Reed, Spanish Fork 
Olsen. Lawrence Joseph, Woods Cross, 223, 347 
Olsen. Lynn Ernest, Rigby, Ida. 
Olsen. Merilee Joy. Moses Lake. Wash., 347 
Olsen, Merlin V., Alberta. Can., 117 
Olsen. Patricia. Ogden. 347 
Olsen, Rea, Provo 
Olsen. Richard Alan. Santaquin, 165 
Olsen, Richard Kenneth, Provo. 132 
Olsen, Richard Lee. Brigham City. 132 
Olsen, Robert Young, Provo. 231, 319 
Olsen. Saundra Sue, Saugus, Calif.. 347 
Olsen, Sharon, Preston, Ida., 59, 319 
Olsen, Tamara. Weston. Ida.. 347 
Olsen. Terry Johnson. Fairbanks. Alas., 319 
Olsen, William Lewis, Provo 
Olsen. Nancy, Pocatello, Ida. 
Olson. Beverly. Orimo, Ida., 319 
Olson. Bob. Provo, 216 
Olson. Burton K., Emery. 319 
Olson, Carolyn Norma. Murray, 93 
Olson, Deanna Dee. Phoenix. Ariz. 
Olson, Del Ray, Spanish Fork 
Olson, Gerald Edward, Spanish Fork 
Olson. Harold Carr. Spanish Fork 
Olson, James Kent, Manila, 301 
Olson, Janet Joyce. Nyssa, Ore., 347 
Olson. Janet Marie. Provo 
Olson, Karen Lynn, El Cerrito, Calif., 204 
Olson. Kenyon Robert, N. Sacto, Calif., 181 
Olson. Lawrence K.. Provo 

Olson. Linda. Klamath Falls. Ore., 151. 220. 319 
Olson, Lloyd Godfrey. Ontario. Canada, 59 
Olson, Nancy. Pocatello. Ida.. 347 
Olson, Robert D.. Sheridan. Wyo.. 181 
Olson. Robert Vern. Richland. Wash., 301 
• Olson. Sonja May. Reno, Nev., 319 
Oman. Phyllis Fern, Mesilla Park. N. Mex., 93, 

Oman, Sandra Louise. Moses Lake, Wash.. 319 
Oniel, Eldon Shane. Glendale, Ore., 347 
Ontiveros, Limhi. Chin., Mexico. 59 
Openshaw, Fred H. C, Santaquin 
Openshaw, Orchid Man, Salt Lake City, 347 
Openshaw, Ronald Merl. Modesto. Calif . 347 
Opheikens, Karen Jean. Price 
Oquist, Selfrid, Sundbyberg. S.W.. 319 
Orchard. Beth Anne. Carey, Ida. 
Orchard. Cecil C. Carey. Ida. 
Orcutt. Bryce Albisto. Santa Rosa. Calif.. 347 
Orcutt. Dorothy Jean, Alberta. Can.. 301 
Ord, John Elden, Covina, Calif., 63. 189. 347 
Ord. Linda Ruth, Van Nuys. Calif.. 347 
Ord. Manlyn Jane, Walla Walla. Wash 
Ord. Russell Jon. Bountiful, 347 
Ord. Sharon Faye. Van Nuys, Calif.. 183 
Orgill, Derwin Jay, Provo 
Orgill, Joel Ivan. Grantsvillc 
Orme, Phyllis Mane, Idaho Falls. Ida., 347 
Orme, Robert Henry. Provo 
Orozco, Luis Armando, Chih., Mexico 
Orr. Richard Allan, South Gate, Calif., 105 
Orrock, Scott, 63 
Ortiz. Connie. Lovell. Wyo.. 347 
Orton. Aronld Merle. Provo 
Orton, Frederick L., Provo, 89 
Orton. Steven Lollin, Parowan, 185, 347 
Osborn. Thomas Abner, Phoenix City, Ala. 

Osborn. William Dale, Payson, 69 

Osborne, Leo Osman, Spring City 

Osbourn, Sue Ann, St. Louis. Miss., 319 

Oscarson. Cheryl Rae. Pleasant Grove, 319 

Osmond, Ralph Waldo, Berkeley. Calif.. 116 

Ostergaard. Deward J., Duarte, Calif. 

Ostergaard, Robert N„ Pleasant Grove 

Ostler, E. Melvin. Provo 

Ostler, Eugene, Salt Lake City, 100 

Ostler, John Taylor. Nephi 301 

Ostler, Ronald Lester, Hawthorne, Calif.. 347 

Ostlund. Karen Ann. Phoenix. Ariz.. 183, 319 

Otte, Alvin Martin. Odessa, Tex.. 319 

Otterson. J. Winston. Lehi, 85 

Otterson, Jean Daniels, Lehi, 77 

Ottosen, Shirley Rene, Mesa, Ariz., 224 

Oudemans. Bob, Provo. 319 

Ousbye, Donald H.. Los Angeles, Calif.. 301 

Ouzounyan, Hagop J., Beirut. Lebanon 

Ovard, Judith Ann, Salt Lake City 

Overly, Gerald Glen, Provo 

Oversby. Judilynn. Altadena, Calif.. 347 

Oveson, Cady Joy, Provo 

Oveson, Mary Louise. Pendelton. Ore.. 126, 187, 

Oveson, Ronald Chester. Orem. 223 
Oviatt, Robert N-, Henderson. Nev., 319 
Oviatt, Sheldon Lee. Hart, Alta., Can. 
Owen, John Thomas, Kamas, 319 
Owen, Judith Marie. Oakland. Calif.. 169, 347 
Owen. Lloyd V.. Orem 

Owen. Lyle Chester, Kennewick, Wash.. 89, 209 
Owen, Richard D., Idaho Falls. Ida.. 301 
Owen, Richard Michael. Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Owens. Gary Winter, Fort Orchard. Wash.. 206. 

Owens. Hazel Dean, San Diego, Calif., 301 
Owens, Lynn Jay. Pocatello, Ida. 
Owens, Richard R.. Joseph 
Owens. Varla Jane, Delta. 354 
Oxborrow, Jeanette. Las Vegas, Nev., 215 
Oxborrow. Joan. McGill. Nev.. 319 
Oyler. Colleen, Brigham City 
Oyler, George Elvis, Wichita. Kan. 
Oyler, Neldon Duane. Rexburg. Ida. 
Ozawa. Fern Kazuko. Weiser. Ida,. 173, 301 


Pace. Carlos Nick, Delta 

Pace, Carol, Provo. 169 

Pace, Glenn Leroy. Provo, 347 

Pace. Harvey Dean, Coalville. 126. 301 

Pace, Joan, Spanish Fork, 319 

Pace, Kaye Cowley. Lay ton, 69 

Pace. Linda Jean, Chandler. Ariz., 219, 301 

Pace, Margo, Craig, Colo., 98 

Pace. Ralph Walter, St. George, 81, 202 

Pace. William Cardon. Morinci, Ariz. 

Pack, Elbert Chandler. Meridian, Ida., 101 

Pack, Paul Eugene, Meridian, Ida., 301 

Pack, Russell Allyn, Pleasant Grove, 319 

Pack, Vona Helen. Sherman Oaks. Calif.. 319 

Packard, Bernard B., Bountiful, 124, 319 

Packard. John Brent. Springville, 126 

Packard. Ralph E., Jr., Provo 

Packard, Margo Jean, Bountiful 

Packard. Milan Alton. Springville 

Packer. Edward Lee, Portland, Ore. 

Packer. June. Dillon, Mont.. 347 

Picker. Richard Romer. Whittier, Calif. 

Packer, Ruth, 197 

Packer. Susan M.. Blackfoot. Ida., 123, 347 

Packer. Dick, 301 

Packham. Willis A., Fairfield. Ida.. 53 

Padgett, Emil Glenn, Dixon, III., 347 

Padgett. Patrick F., Provo, 320 

Page, George Dee, Bountiful. 98. 210 

Page, Ira Keith, 320 

Page. Koy. Kamas, 347 

Page. Patricia Ann, Colorado Springs. Colo., 347 

Page, Sharon, Grace, Ida., 77 

Page. William. Provo 

Page, Zora G.. Kamas. 347 

Pagett, Richard Boyd. Manassa, Colo., 221. 356 

Paine, Eliza Johanna. Uniondale. N.Y., 213, 320 

Pain, Joseph Peter N , L'niondale, N.Y.. 209 

Painter. Beverly Ann. Bloomington. Ida. 

Paiva. Oswaldo Ygnaci. Arequipa. Peru. 347 

Palfreyman. Clark, Springville, 185 

Palmer. Dee Hamblin, Albuquerque, N. Mex.. 347 

Palmer, Ezra Revier. Las Vegas. Nev, 

Palmer. Francis Andre, Vernal. 70. 149 

Palmer, Gary Melvin, Orem. 347 

Palmer. Glen Omer, Farmington, N. Mex. 

Palmer, Hazel Jeanett, Aurora, 347 

Palmer, Ileene. Blanding, 347 

Palmer. James Everett, Savannah, Ga.. 347 

Palmer, James Rudger, Provo 

Palmer, jean. Salt Lake City. 123. 151. 301 

Palmer, John E.. Chicago. III. 

Palmer, John Wendell. Provo 

Palmer. Junelle. Park Valley, 301 

Palmer. Kenley C. Kaysville. 89. 164 

Palmer, L. Merrill, rovo, 101, 301 

Palmer, Linda. Pasadena, Calif., 123, 157, 347 

Palmer. Martin Lyle, Springville, 223. 347 

Palmer. Mary Lynne, Farmington. N Mex ">15 

Palmer, Philip. Blanding, 149. 320 
Palmer. Richard Knight. Fillmore. 248. 347 
Palmer. Shirley. Blanding 

Palmer. Susanne K., Bemidji, Minn., 301 

Papenfuss, Elaine, St. Ignatius, Mont. 

Parchman. Robert Lee. Detroit, Mich., 347 

Parduhn, Sharlene. American Fork, 167, 320 

Pans, Charles W., Worland. Wyo., 101, 210 

Pans, Kay. Worland. Wyo., 123 

Park, Barbara. Orem 

Park, Clifford William, Nephi, 105 

Park, Curtis Jay, Tooele, 320 

Park, Dennis James, Tooele, 101, 210 

Park, Ivan John, Murray, 70 

Park, Judith Foster. Banning, Calif.. 155. 347 

Park. Jum Su, Pusan. Korea 

Park, Larry Richard, Orem 

Park, Samuel Kay, American Fork 

Park, Susanne. Tooele. 347 

Parker. Byron Maurice. Sandy 

Parker. Carol Jean, Honolulu. Hawaii 

Parker. Coe Jackson, Joseph 

Parker, David Walter, Redlands, Calif., 248 

Parker, Donald Bert, St. Anthony, Ida. 

Parker. Giles Eslie, Junction City, Ore., 347 

Parker, Ilene Kendell, Provo 

Parker, Jeannette, Pocatello, Ida, 

Parker, Jeraldine, Pocatello, Ida. 

Parker, John R., Bozeman, Mont., 248, 347 

Parker, John Wendell, Redwood City. Calif., 149. 

221, 320 
Parker, Ken R., 320 

Parker, Margo Lynne. Los Angeles, Calif. 
Parker, Peggy Delila, Sandy. 167, 320 
Parker. Samuel L., Empire, Ga., 320 
Parker, Sharon May, Kaysville, 347 
Parker. Vivien, Salt Lake City, 347 
Parkhurst. Hurley H., Carmichael, Calif. 
Parkin, Colleen Ruth, Bountiful, 301 
Parkin, Edwin Henry, Pine Island, Minn., 320 
Parkin, George Richard, Nephi, 320 
Parkinson, Christine, Arco, Ida. 
Parkinson, David P., Franklin, Ida., 320 
Parkinson, Ed Spence, Rexburg, Ida., 347 
Parkinson, Howard E., Rexburg. Ida., 164, 320 
Parkinson, Jerrolyn, Idaho Falls, Ida., 70 
Parkinson, Kay, Rexburg, Ida., 70, 203 
Parks. Jane Ro Nell, Whittier. Calif., 320 
Parry. Barbara Ann, Arlington, Wash., 175 
Parry, Caren, Seattle, Wash., 347 
Parry, Evelyn, Monticello, 119, 320 
Parry, Richard Tenney, Prescott. Ariz. 
Parry, Sharon Louise, Provo, 320 
Parry, Stephen Cahoon, Bountiful 
Parry, Venita Gay, Provo, 157, 320 
Parsen. Dennis Howard, Provo 
Parson, Lois, Manhattan Beach, Calif., 347 
Parsons, Sharon Laree, Paso Robles, Calif., 301 
Partington, Patricia, San Leandro, Calif. 
Partridge. Jerry Alvin, Pingree, Ida., 320 
Paschal, Julie Rae, Annabella, 70 
Paskett. Dwayn Craner, Everett, Wash., 320 
Paskett. John Keithh, Grouse Creek 
Passey. Anita Jane. Long Branch, N.J., 347 
Passey. Betty Jo, Boise, Ida., 301 
Passey, Kaye Louise, Salt Lake City, 220, 320 
Passow, John R., San Angelo, Tex., 209, 223 
Pastor, Barbara Ann, Thermopolis, Wyo. 
Patchell. Ellen Sue, Chinook, Mont., 116, 157, 

Patricio, Mercedes, S. Paulo. Brazil 
Patrick. William W., Jr., Inglewood, Calif., 347 
Patrick, Kathleen. Springville 
Patten. Benton Penrod, Elberta 
Patten. Emery Phillip, Orem, 301 
Patten, Gaylord Penrod. Elberta 
Patten. Thomas J., Orem 
Patterson. Dawn Marie, North Hollywood, Calif., 

Patton, James Robert, Charleston, W. Va., 101 
Patton, Joseph Behlin, Provo, 101, 210 
Paugh, Clifford Edward. Baker, Ore., 100 
Paul, Brent Williams. Short Hills, N.J., 171, 209, 

Paul, Carol O , Menlo Park, Wash. 
Paul, Charles Leo, Elko. Nev., 320 
Paul, Dewitt Jay, Short Hills, N.J., 89, 147, 170 
Paul, James Scott, Menlo Park, Wash. 
Paulsen. George Larel. Ephraim 
Paulson. Donald Eugene, Pelican Rapid, Minn. 
Paulson, Max Lynn, Orem 
Paxton, Robert C, Santa Rosa. Calif., 165, 320 
Payne. Bette Lyn, Phoenix, Ariz., 320 
Payne, David John, Seattle. Wash., 347 
Payne. Gary Barton. Provo, 59 
Payne, George Gilbert. Bancvroft. Ida.. 320 
Payne, Lloyd Vearle, Provo, 320 
Payne, Reta Mane. Idaho Falls. Ida., 117, 301 
Payne, Robert. Blanding, 320 
Peacock. Evelyn M.. Orangeville. 219 
Peacock, Judith Sharon, Medford, Ore., 347 
Pearce, Clyde Charles, Fresno, Calif. 
Pearce. Douglas Nelson. St. George, 25, 89. 185. 

202, 216 
Pearce. La Reta Eileen. Riverside, Calif., 161 
Pearson. Adele, Salt Lake City, 301 
Pearson. Alaiff Joseph, Richfield 
Pearson, Frain G.. Richfield, 294 
Pearson, Harold Bert, 347 
Pearson, Harold Roy, Jr., Midvale 
Pearson, Judy Roxanna. Florin, Calif., 347 
Pearson. Maughn Marde, Provo 
Pearson, Rikard Dwain, Richfield. 59 
Pearson, Samuel Edwin, Heraldsburg. Calif. 
Peay. David George. Alaska 
Peay. Neil Watts, Springville. 347 

Peay, Stanley Eugene. Provo 

Peck, Myron H.. Ventura. Calif., 301 

Peck, Darrell Leo. Provo 

Peck. Erlene Renee. Salt Lake City, 347 

Peck, Hayden, Ventura, Calif., 163 

Peck, Kathenne Marie, Stockton, Calif., 116, 320 

Peck, Patricia E., Provo, 213. 219, 301 

Peck. Ray, 151 

Peck. Ronald Justin, Boise, Ida., 100 

Pedersen, Gaylen, Salt Lake City, 100 

Pedersen. Gerald Evan. Stockton, Calif., 171, 347 

Pedersen, James Loel, Tooele, 53 

Pedersen, Karen. Salt Lake City 

Pedersen, Kent Lee, Caldwell, Ida., 320 

Pedersen. Sandra. Orem, 70, 187 

Pederson, Floyd E., Downey, Calif., 301 

Pedroza, Paul Sergio. Chihnahira, Mex., 347 

Peel, Leroy Franklin, Burbank, Calif. 

Peel, Robert Kendall, Pomona, Calif., 89 

Peers, Janet Beryl. Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Peery, Kathleen. Spanish Fork, 347 

Peery. Richard Taylor, Palo Alto, Calif., 320 

Pefley. Donna Jean, Provo, 320 

Pehrson, Betty Mannda, Provo 

Pehrson, Helen, Vernon 

Pehrson, Jacqueline D., Vernon, 347 

Pehrson, Lois C, Vernon, 347 

Peirce. Niles, American Fork 

Pelkey, Phyllis June. Grants Pass, Ore. 

Pendray, Robert D , Orem 

Penfold, Garn Farley. Hagerman, Ida., 98. 212 

Pennington, David W., Springville 

Pennock, Julia Ellen, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Pennock, Mionne, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Pennock, Robert Elden, Provo 

Penrod, Beth, Mesa, Ariz. 

Penrod, Richard Gary. Provo, 70 

Penrose, Charles W.. Salt Lake City, 320 

Penrose, Charles Wayne, Downey, Ida. 

Percival, Charles M., Provo, 216 

Perm. Dan Edward, Phoenix. Ariz., 348 

Perkes. Elaine. Tulsa, Okla.. 158, 187, 347 

Perkins, Caisa Barbara, Salt Lake City, 301 

Perkins, Donald Magie, Provo 

Perkins, Edward Lewis, Blanding, 206, 348 

Perkins, J. Wayne, San Ysidro. Calif., 320 

Perkins, Jacquelyn, Overton, Nev., 348 

Perkins, James Adams. Blanding, 59, 211 

Perkins, Lowell Dean. Provo 

Perkins, Margie Ann, Boulder, Colo., 161, 320 

Perkins. Ned Leon. Springville 

Perkins, Raymond C, Las Vegas, Nev 

Perkins. Sharon, Moapa, Nev. 

Perkins, Sondra Jean, La Mesa, Calif. 

Perry, Charlotte. Ann, Sherman, Tex., 348 

Perry, Constance Jean, Berkeley, Calif., 167 

Perry. Dale Stephen, Vernal, 59, 211 

Perry, David Earl, Hinsdale, 111., 119, 348 

Perry, Doug, 149 

Perry, Duane Elton, Pendleton, Ore., 132, 348 

Perry, Edmund Archie, Aztec, N. Mex., 348 

Perry, Elna, Brigham City, 356 

Perry, Manlyn Letty, Willard, 320 

Perry. Marvin Stuart, Idaho Falls, Ida., 32, 320 

Perry, Sharon Diane, Phoenix, Ariz., 200, 348 

Persson, Phil Finch, Woodland, Calif. 

Pessner, Beverly Jean, Paradise, Calif., 348 

Peters, Deloris Irett, Palo Alto, Calif., 183, 348 

Peters, Donna Joy, Yuba City, Calif. 

Peters, Gordon Clayson, Blackfoot, Ida., 149, 320 

Peters, John Allan. Payson 

Peters, Sonya Arlene, Gregory, S.D., 320 

Petersen, Alma P., Delta 

Petersen, Bruce James, Evanston, Wyo., 59 

Petersen. Darlene, Salt Lake City 

Petersen. Donald H.. Burley. Ida.. 181, 232, 348 

Petersen. Eleanor, Los Angeles, Calif., 157, 204 

Petersen, Gerald W., Salt Lake City 

Petersen, Howard Ray, San Manuel, Ariz., 320 

Petersen, James Anthony, Cottonwood, Ariz. 

Petersen, Joanne Rae, Lynwood, Calif. 

Petersen. Joyce L., Glendale, Calif. 

Petersen, Judith Ann. American Fork, 173, 225 

Petersen, Karen Adell, Soda Springs, Ida.. 197, 

Petersen, Karen Ann. Bountiful, 348 
Petersen. Karen, Boise, Ida., 301 
Petersen. Margene. American Fork 
Petersen. Mary E.. Los Angeles, Calif., 301 
Petersen, Myrna Ellen, American Fork, 301 
Petersen. Patricia. 348 
Petersen. Paul Robert. Provo 
Petersen, Ray Alvin, Orem, 193. 301 
Petersen. Terry L,, Boise. Ida., 348 
Peterson. Alma Kent. American Fork 
Peterson. Annette. Henderson, Nev., 169, 348 
Peterson. Barbara S., Elgin. Ore. 
Peterson, Betty. Salt Lake City. 123 
Peterson. Brent R , Ogden. 189, 240, 348 
Peterson, Byron P., Provo. 301 
Peterson, Charles J , Meadville, Pa. 
Peterson, Charles L.. Lehi, 108 
Peterson. Clyde Owen. Littlefield. Ariz.. 212. 301 
Peterson. Dale Ervin. Fallbrook. Calif. 
Peterson, Dan Arthur. Pleasant Grove 
Peterson. Elvvoud Rev. Provo. 85 
Peterson, Elwood R.. Snowflake, Ariz , 206 
Peterson. Ferry Wade. Monroe 
Peterson. Frances, Blanding. 348 
Peterson. Frank W . Tooele. 301 
Peterson. George F.. Blanding 
Peterson, Henry Frank. Blanding, 348 
Peterson. Ida Ruth. Kingman, Ariz.. 348 


Peterson, J. Glade, Lehi 

Peterson, James M . Price 

Peterson, James Leroy. Portland, Ore., 100. 211 

Peterson, James Gary. Provo 

Peterson, Joan. Provo, 167, 320 

Peterson, John David, Downey, Calif., 348 

Peterson, Judith Ann. Cheyenne. Wyo., 173, 198, 

224, 301, 320 
Peterson. Kaye, Provo, 167, 348 
Peterson, Kenneth D . Chester. Mont., 198 
Peterson. L. Edward. Ogden. 301, 320 
Peterson, Levi Savage. Snow flake. Ariz 
Peterson, Linda Mae, Burlingame. Calif . 
Peterson, Luella Mac, Brigham City. 348 
Peterson. Lynette. Phoenix, Ariz., 200 
Peterson, Lynn Vaughn, Idaho Falls. Ida., 348 
Peterson, M. Bonita, Ogden, 70 
Peterson, Marian. Huntsville. 52 
Peterson. Marilyn Joy. Holladay. 224. 301 
Peterson. Mary Jo. La Barge. Wyo., 213, 219 
Peterson. Maureen. Bountiful. 348 
Peterson, Nancy Jean, Salt Lake City. 93. 218 
Peterson, Phil. Sanford, Colo 
Peterson, Richard L., Payson 
Peterson, Robert W . Silver Springs, Mont., 301 
Peterson. Rodney L., Provo 
Peterson, Rosemane B.. Provo 
Peterson, Russell E , Provo. 239 
Peterson. Ruth Anne. Anchorage. Alas.. 1 26, 348 
Peterson, Soma, Boise, Ida., 128 
Peterson, Stanley A., Provo 
Peterson, Stephen L . Orem 
Peterson, Terry Wade. Monroe. 320 
Peterson. Thelma Ann. Logan. 348 
Peterson. Vuki Lou. Provo. 320 
Peterson. Winfield H., Provo 
Petrovich, Barbara, Los Angeles. Calif . ^4S 
Pett. Stanley Taft. Parma. Ida., 348 
Pettegrew. Patricia J Salt Lake City 
Pettingill. Lewis Jay. Ontario, Calif., 348 
Pettit, Edwin Eugene. Salt Lake City. 211 
Pettit, Kathleen, Sail Lake City, 215. 348 
Petty, Preston L.. Woodland Hill, Calif. 
Pew. Ronald Dwayne, Vanadium. N. Mex.. 223, 

Pezoldt, Eleanor E.. Stockton. Calif., 70. 204 
Phair, Ronald Earl. Jr., Klamath Falls. Ore., 348 
Phegley, Kathryn L , Portland, Ore.. 116. 348 
Phelps. Shirley. Montebello. Calif., 348 
Philips. Joan, Houston. Tex. 
Phillips. Carolyn Sue. Richmond. Ind., 194. 348 
Phillips, David Leroy. Cashmere. Wash., 348 
Phillips, Delbert R., Portland, Ore. 
Phillips. George S_, Nephi, 89 
Phillips. Kent Gordon. Provo 
Phillips. Wayne Ray. Provo 
Phillips. Willard R , Panaca, Nev. 
Pickard. Jerry Bennet. Hialeah. Fla., 348. 356 
Pickering, Ferron Hal. Payson 
Pickering, Gary Arlen. San Diego, Calif. 
Pickering, Lorna K., La Canada, Calif., 77 
Pickering, Richard C. San Diego, Calif. 
Pickett, Dianne. Portland, Ore., 348 
Pierce. Clyde, 232 

Pierce, Dorothy Mae. Dearborn, Mich., 301 
Pierce, Mary Zita, Syracuse, N.Y., 348 
Pierce. Ronald M , Spanish Fork 
Pierce, Walter Hugh, Moultrie. Ga. 
Pierson, Addie, Provo, 301 
Pierson. Connie. Sandy, 117, 348 
Pierson. James Arthur. Ogden, 245 
Pierson, Laurence M.. Provo, 301 
Pierson. Patricia, Burbank, Calif., 116. 348 
Pihl. Karen Elizabeth. Salt Lake City. 348 
Pike, Carol Joan. Brawley, Calif., 70, 210 
Pillar. Thomas James. Provo 
Pilling, Wayne Keith. Alberta. Can., 201. 348 
Pincock, Beverly. L T con, Ida . 70. 1 19 
Pincock, David, Chevy Chase, Md. 
Pinegar. Dale Edward. Provo. 301 
Pinegar. Max L., Spanish Fork, 25, 185, 301 
Pingree, Julie Anne, Ogden, 31, 153. 320 
Pinkston. Carol Lynn, Hollywood, Calif.. 116 
Pinkston. Ronald Lee. Pomona, Calif.. 191 
Pinney. Betty Joan. Whitefish. Mont. 
Pinney. Susan, Gradena. Calif., 320 
Pinster, William C, Cascadia, Ore., 70 

Pipkin, James Whitney, Farmington, N 
Pippert, John H., Sacramento, Calif. 
Pitcher. Jed Hyrum. Smithfield, 348 
Pitcher, Max Grow, Edmonton, Can., 27, 
Pitcher, Sandra. South Gate, Calif. 
Pitt. Maureen, 320 
Pittman, Judy Carol, Los Palos, Calif. 
Pittman. Reba Sue. Los Palos. Calif.. 151 
Pittner. Anthony, 348 
Pixton. Charles Edward, Provo 
Place, Sharon Lou, Sunnyvale, Calif., 348 
Piatt, Delray B„ New Plymouth, Id. 
Pledger, Leo Frank, Provo 
Plowman, Marilyn, Smithfield. 380 
Plumb. Marlow Waite, Orem. 380 
Pocock, Norma R , Sugar City, Ida., 301 
Pointer, Ethel, St. George, 70, 202. 210 
Poisel, Joan Lois. Troutdale, Ore.. 348 
Polgar, Peter. Provo. 101 
Politis, George S., Kontarena, Gre. 
Pollet, Julia Claire. Salt Lake City, 301 
Pollock. John Walter. Provo. 320 

Pond. Carolyn. Salt Lake City. 155, 348 
Pond. Lamar Liholm. Murray. 124. 348 
Ponder. Kent, Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
Ponder. Vasaloloa, Albuquerque, N Mex 
Pope, Oayne LeGrand. Emmett. Ida , 348 

Pope-, Evan Harrison, Sage, Wyo., 348 

Pope. Kay Lee, Vernal, 348 

Pope, Larry Wells, Vernal, 301 

Pope. Linda Rose, San Diego, Calif.. 348 

Pope. Robert Delvar. Provo 

Poppleton. Warner B., Wellsvillc 

Porter. Blaine Dell. Provo, 320 
348 Porter. Charles James, Sacramento. Calif.. 301 

Porter, Don Lanut. Lyman, Wyo., 320 

Porter, Frank ).. Lyman. Wyo (48 

Porter. George L. R.. La Mesa, Calif . 301 

Porter, Janet H . Orem 

Porter. Laura, Hatch. 320 

Porter. Patricia E.. Fairfield, Calif.. 151. 301 

Porter. Reed Johnson, Springville 

Porter. Sherron Harold. Sun River. Mont., 70 

Porter, Vonda C . Provo 

Porter. Wiliam Dale. Pleasant Grove. l~l 

Porter. William Frank. Oakland, Calif., 320 

Portic, Virginia Anne. Vidor, Tex., 201, 348 

Posey, Charlotte Anne. Longview, Tex.. 70 

Potorf. Judith Ann. Whittle^ Calif., 320 

Potter. Carole Ann, Battle Mountain. Nev. 

Potter. Linda N . Washington, D.C.. 123. 161, 

Potter. Lola Valeeta, Rolling Hills. Calif. 

Potter, Margy. Battle Mtn.. Nev. 

Potter. Phett Forsyth. Provo, 202. 301 

Potter, Riki Jo, Susanville. Calif.. 301 

Potter. Teddy Warren. Butte. Mont.. 248 

Putts. Ion Selby. West Linn. Ore. 

Potts, Nathalie Smith. West Linn, Ore. 

Poulos. Dwight C. Provo 

Poulsen, Glen Martin, Spanish Fork. 70 

Poulsen. Lorraine. Richfield, 301 

Poulson, Barbara Ann. Aberdeen. Ida., 320 

Poulson, Jennie Lin, Provo 

Poulson. Karma Lee. Orem 

Poulton, Lee Beverly, Provo, 301 

Poulton, William R„ Oakley, Ida. 

Poupos. Constantinos, Troodos, Cyprus 

Poutala, Karen Ann. Portland. Ore., 348 

Powell. Alda Mae. Lehi. 224. 301 

Powell. Ann. Salt Lake City. 194 

Powell, Bernell B., Pocatello. Ida. 

Powell. Brad B, Pocatello, Ida . 1M 

Powell. Dwight Sampson. Schurz, Nev., 56 

Powell. Elizabeth Ann, Salt Lake City. 320 

Powell. Leon Angus. St Helens. Ore., 348 

Powell, Richard L . 320 

Powell, Theo Jay. Salt Lake City, 348 

Powell, William C. Lehi. 98 

Powelson, Douglas H ., Byron. Wyo.. 181, 320 

Pratt. Adaline. 208 

Pratt. Dorotha Rae. Chihuahua. Chih.. Mex., 348 

Pratt, Edna Gail. Kailua, Hawaii, 89. 146 

Pratt, Emerson Wayne. Phoenix. Ariz. 301 

Pratt, Ernest Elmer. Johnson City, N.Y., 348 

Pratt, Gary Lee, Aberdeen, Ida . 320 

Pratt. Glenn Alma. American Fork 

Pratt. Gregory Evans. Dearborn, Mich.. 348 

Pratt. Ins Kay. Swan Lake, Ida., 348, 356 

Pratt. Lew David. Jerome, Ida . 348 

Pratt, Linda Lee. Orem, 194 

Pratt, Marilyn, Hollywood. Calif.. 348 

Pratt. Martha Ruth, Woodland. Wash.. 208, 213. 

Pratt, Mary Eleanor. Woodland, Wash.. 348 
Pratt. Richard Mardcn, Provo 
Pratt. Richard Stephen, Provo 
Pratt, Richard Stephen, Denver. Colo.. 208 
Pratt. Richard Wayne. Kailue. Oahu. Hawaii, 208 

Pratt. Wallace Leon, Boone, Iowa 
Pratte. Paul Alfred, Alberta, Canada, 201, 320 
Preece, Don Milton, Salt Lake City 
Preece, Stanly Dennis, Craig. Colo., 348 
348 Prengel, Roger Delano, Milwaukee, Wise, 320 
Preston. Richard W.. Las Vegas, Nev. 
Prestwith, Louise, Provo 
Prestwich, Max Kay, Provo 
Prestwick, Robert L.. Orem, 320 

Proksch. Joseph Albert, Salmon, Ida., 349 

Prothero, David Dean. Spnngville 

Provstgard, Donna, Salt Lake City 

Prows. Arvm Ronald. Spanish Fork 

Prueitt. Melvin Lewis. Prescott, Ariz. 

Prusse. Judith Melba, Bountiful. 320 

Pryde. Sandra Sue, Mt. Home, Ida., 349 

Ptomey, Nancy Lynne, Akron. Ohio. 81 

Pugh, David June, Orem 

Pugh, Dilworth L., Provo, 349 

Pugmire. Linda Lee, Seattle. Wash.. 23. 183. 320 

Pugmire. Patricia, Pocatello, Ida., 81 

Pulham. Judith Ann, Salt Lake City, 349 

Pullen, Carole Lynn. Sunnyside, Wash. 

Pulley. Carol Rose, Pleasant Grove. 123, 320. 349 

Pulley, Johna Vee. American Fork, 349 

Pulley, Lynn Keith, American Fork 

Pulley. Merrill L.. American Fork 

Pullman. Charles Dee, Spanish Fork 

Pulsipher, Dawd C. Pasadena, Calif., 320 

Pulsipher, Francis L., Logandale, Nev., 320 

Pulsipher, Lola M , Los Angeles, Calif. 

Pulsipher. Linda Ruth, Los Angeles, Calif., 302, 

Pulsipher, Von, Ashland. Ariz , 320 
Purdy. Victor W., Jr.. Provo 
Purdy, Norma Marie. Twin Falls. Ida., 320 
Purser. Gerald L , West Jordan, 81 
Pusey, Give Alma, San Anselma, Calif. 
Pusey. John Richards, Dickerson, Md., 320 
Putnam. Norman. Jr., Durango. Colo., 231 
Pykalinen, Ritva M,, Fyvaskyla, Finland, 349 
Pyne, Charles Raymond, Orem, 320 
Pyne, hern Lavell, Orem 
Pyne, Ranae, Orem 

Pyper, George Edward, Ontario. Calif., 302 
Pyper, Idonna, Midway, 105 
Pyper, James William, Wells, Nev. 
Pyper. Ora Rose, Springville 
Pyper. Robert Johnson, Salt Lake City 


Query, Renee. Monrovia, Calif. 

Quinn, Gerald Bradford. Colton, Calif. 

Quinn, Thomas Alvord. Greenwich. Conn., 25. 89, 

Quinnett, John Richard, Rialto, Calif. 
Quinney, Gary George, Whither, Calif., 302 
Quiroz, Arturo La\onn. Dublan, Chih , Mex.. 349 
Quist. Beth Gale. Bountiful 
Quist. Paul Steven. Salt Lake City, 53 



1 16. 348 

Mex,, 320 Price, Akin Harold, Salt Lake City, 198, 320 
Price, Carol Arlene, Augusta, Ga., 348 
Price, Dixina. Phoenix, Ariz., 291, 301 
100, 147 Price - Gloria Ruth. Redding, Calif., 175, 348 
Price, Jacquelyn M., Lakivd. Calif., 161, 349 
Price, James William. Lehi 
Price. Kathryn. Lehi, 349 
Price. Lloyd Davidson. Wales. 193. 349 
Price, Lyle LeGrand, Portland. Ore., 349 
Price. Murvin Curtis. Cuker City, Calif.. 349 
Price, Robert Clark. Tucson, Ariz. 
Price. Ruth Susan, Salt Lake City. 183. 301 
Price. Sandra E.. Bessemer, Ala . 349 
Price, Willard Rn>d, Idaho Falls. Ida.. 320 
Priestley, Bonne. Salt Lake City 
Pnna, Larry Vern, Ely. Nev., 349 
Pnnu', Carma Rene. Orem, 70 
Prince. Dale Leavitt, Glenwood, Alta., Can., 302 
Prince, Donald. San Diego,. Calif.. 101 
Pnngle. John Kenneth, Orem 
Prior, Michael D , Spanish Fork 
Pritchard, James A.. Greenville, S.C. 
Pntchard. Robert H., Baker, Ore 
Pritchett. Clyde. Manti, 302 
Pntchett, David Leigh, Provo, 105. 215 

Pollock, Mary Ann, Provo, 348 

Polly, Karen Elizabeth, Long Beach, Calif., 129, 

Pommerville. Winelle, Los Angeles, Calif.. 70. 173 Pntchett, John Edward. Provo. 349 
Pond, Bernice F , Provo Proctor, Donald James, Spanish Fork 

Raddon, Stanley James, Portland, Ore., 189 

Radichel, Richard Era, New York City, N.Y. 

Radmall, Grant Millen, Provo 

Radmall. Paul Kelvin. Pleasant Grove 

Rafat. Mohamad Taghi, Tehran, Iran 

Ragon. Donna lean. Fort Wayne, Ind., 155, 349 

Ragonton, Carol Nalan, Keroha Laoi. Hawaii, 59, 

Ragsdale. Donald Frank, Boise, Ida 
Ragsdale. Patricia Lee, China Lake, Calif., 320 
Raile, Frederick N„ Whittier. Calif.. 70, 218 
Raile, Rick, Whittier, Calif., 163 
Ralph. Judith, Ogden, 116, 239 
Ralphs, Ethel Joey. Aumsville, Ore., 349 
Ramsay, Edna Love, Snowflake. Ariz., 320 
Ramsay. James Kenneth. Phoenix, Ariz., 59, 200. 

Ramsey. Marilyn, American Fork, 70. 119 
Ramsey, Bobby Gene. Jackson, Miss. 
Ramsey. Jimmy D. 

Ramsey. Winton Michael. Washington, DC, 320 
Ranck, loan Dennis. Salt Lake City. 116, 349 
Randall, Dixie Carol, Temple, Ariz., 23. 167, 320 
Randall, Joan, Burbank, Calif. 
Randmall, Grant M,, 212 
Rands, Ellen Rencher, Arcadia, Calif., 70 
Rands, George Cole, Arcadia, Calif.. 64 
Rands, Rulon Reed, Ogden 
Raniala, Ritva Manta, Tampber, Finland 
Rao, Janice Ethel. Saratoga, Calif., 349 
Rasband, Berkley, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Rasband. John Lynn. Heber 
Rasmussen. Craig W.. Draper, 159 
Rasmussen. Deanna. Salina, 117, 349 
Rasmussen. Duane, Huntsville 
Rasmussen, Elaine, Dubois, Ida. 
Rasmussen, Ellis Theo, Orem 
Rasmussen. Emma Jean. Vernal, 349 
Rasmussen, Lane D,, Draper. 349 
Rasmussen. Lee Charles. Ferron 
Rasmussen, Lenore I., Preston. Ida., 349 
Rasmussen, Ralph D . Salt Lake City 
Rasmussen. Robert. Magna, 349 
Rasmussen, Robyn Kemp. Ogden, 1 63 
Rasmusson, Vaughn D , Sandy 
Rat)', Matti L'.. Foensuu, Finland 
Raven, Errol Jay. Provo, 250 
Ravsten. Lynn A.. Provo. 191 
Rawlings. Marilyn L . Salt Lake City, 349 
Rawlins, Janeen, Payette, Ida., 349 
Rawlinson. Don Har\ey. Pleasant Grove, 349 
R.iwhnson, Ralph S., Delta. 349 
Ravvls. James Franklin. Provo 
Ray. Guy Burnell, Provo, 98. 212 
Ray, Evan Callister, Jr.. San Francisco, Calif., 321 
Raw Karen Alice. San Francisco. Calif., 302 

Ray, Kathyleen Diana, Cupertino, Calif., 161, 302 

Ray, Margo, Mesa, Ariz., 302 

Ray, Mary Joan, Snowflake, Ariz* 200, 321 

Ray, Naty Alice. Pnneville, Ore., 321 

Ray. Sharon. Salt Lake City, 349 

Raya, Evangelina, Col. Juarez, Chih.. Mex. 

Raymond. Barbara, Kaysville. 302 

Rayner. Harry. Weehawken, N.J. 

Rea, Alfred Neville J., Taber Alberta, Can., 201, 

212, 320 
Read, Frank T., Spokane, Wash., 212 
Read. Jenna Vee S., Murray 
Read, Juan Coleman, Smithfield, 101 
Read, Lent, 212 

Read. Robert Leon. Sherman Oaks. Calif., 70 
Reading, Lynn James. Murray, 231 
Ream, Eldon Dunford, Berkeley, Calif., 321 
Ream, Joan Dianne, Dingle, Ida., 349 
Ream, Susan Elizabeth, Hayward, Calif. 
Ream, Winston Dale, Dingle, Ida. 
Reavis, Roberta Fay. Coos Bay, Ore., 321 
Reber, Dennis, Provo 
Recht. Charles Howard. Provo, 321 
Record. Gaye. Salt Lake City. 349 
Redd. Amasa Mason, Monticello 
Redd, Helen Cherry, Monticello, 215, 302 
Redd, Judith, Orem, 321 
Redd, Preston Kirk, Standing 
Redd, Robert Byron, Lasal 
Redd, Sterling H , Salt Lake City 
Redd, Tonya, Monticello, 349 
Redd, Verna, Sonora, Mexico, 321 
Redford, Christie, Salt Lake City, 153 
Redford, Colleen, Glenns Ferry, Ida., 187 
Redick, Frankie Thomas, Norphlet, Ark., 201. 349 
Reece. Anna Joleen, Middleton, Ida,, 321 
Reed. Catherine Jane, Pocatello, Ida. 
Reed. Diane, Midvale 
Reed. Howard George, Provo. 321 
Reed, Jack Boyd. Kaysville, 210 
Reed, James Warren, Springville 

Reed, Leah Kay. Mt. View, Calif,. 321 
Reed. Patricia, Sandy, 205, 349 

Reed, Pearl Irene, Caldwell, Ida., 321 

Reed, Phyllis Jean, Thermopolis, Wyo. 

Reeder, Dennis James, Dallas, Tex., 321 

Reeder, James Rondell, San Jose, Calif., 53 

Reeder, Lynn Barrett, Brigham City 

Rees. Clair Francis, Provo. 302 

Rees, Robert, 189 

Reese, Dalene, Provo 

Reese, Edith Fuller, Provo 

Reese, Edna Scott, Provo 

Reese, Eldon L., Springville 

Reese. Gary Fuller, Tacoma, Wash. 

Reese, Gloria, Heber, 321 

Reese, Jane, Springville, 132, 321 

Reese, Kay, Salt Lake City, 209, 349 

Reese, Ralph Grant, Murray, 302 

Reese. Sandra Lee, Redding, Calif.. 174, 175, 302 

Reese, Thomas F, Bountiful 

Reeve. Elaine. Brigham City, 349 

Reeve, Janet, Hinckley, 349 

Reeve, Rex Cropper, Jr., Salt Lake City, 321 

Reeve, Naomi, Salt Lake City 

Reeve. Rebecca Ann, Salt Lake City, 349 

Reeve. Sharon Dee. North Hollywood. Calif., 321 

Reeves, Donald L,, Provo 

Reeves, Kay Kathleen, Central City, Neb., 76 

Reeves. Rex, 232 

Regenscheit. Marjorie, Santa Cruz, Calif., 321 

Regis. Larry, Jr., Kenilworth, 232 

Rehm. Hans Robert. Lynwood, Calif., 163. 302 

Reichert. Donna M , Salt Lake City, 151. 219, 302 

Reid. Amy Yvonne, Idaho Falls, Ida., 81 

Reid, Carolyn, Manti, 302 

Reid, Jack Leon. Lund. Nev , 105 

Reid, Lois Adele. Las Vegas, Nev., 155 

Reid, Thelma Ann, Inglewood, Calif. 

Reid, William Vern, Tooele 

Reid. Wilson Grant, Norwood, Pa. 

Reinhold, Allen K„ Provo, 193 

Reisner, Lillian Annie, Virginia, Ida., 321 

Reisner. Melvin Carl, Virginia, Ida., 349 

Reitan, Eldred Oliver, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Rekoutis, George, Bingham 

Remde, Adelheid, Shawnee, Kan., 119. 308 

Remington, J. Garth, Bluebell 

Remington, Judith Ann, Portland. Ore. 

Rencher. Akin C, St. Johns, Ariz., 100 

Rencher, Laveta, St. Johns, Ariz., 155, 349 

Rencher. Lureen, Boulder. Colo., 161, 302 

Rencher. Paul, Eagar. Ariz.. 59 

Reneer. Douglas Leamo, Tucson, Ariz., 302 

Reneer, Sharon, Tucson, Ariz., Ill 

Reno, Lynn Dale, Chilly. Ida.. 321 

Renshaw. Gerald. Provo 

Renstrom, Keith A.. 190 

Retz. Jae Carl. Helena. Mont., 321 

Rex. Don Elroyd, Georgetown, Ida., 349 

Rex. Jeanette. Randolph, 349 

Rex. Katherine, Richland, Wash.. 153. 220. 321 

Rex, Nina Mane. Randolph, 321 

Rex, Verda Irene. Georgetown. Ida., 302 

Reynolds, Allen Clair, Beaver 

Reynolds, Joan Mane. Hemet, Calif., 197, 349 

Reynolds, Thomas V.. fr., Provo, 302 

Reynolds, Max J., CircleviUe, 185, 321 

Reynolds, Ronald W., Stockton 

Rhees, Sharon E., Ogden, 321 

Rhoads, Joanne L,, Thornton, Ida. 

Rhodes, Deanne. Idaho Falls, Ida,. 123. 349 

Rhoton. Dennis Lang. Cottonwood, Ariz., 223, 349 

Rice. Donna Jean, Huntington, W. Va., 349 


Rice, Ruth Diana, Provo 

Rice, William Clem, Red Bluff, Calif., 124, 163 


Rich, Kathleen, 321 

Rich, Merilynne, Orem, 132. 151, 194, 302 
Rich, Sherron, Sacramento, Calif., 70, 132 
Rich, Suzanne, Orem, 349 
Richards, Barrie W., Provo 
Richards, Clarita H., Truckee, Calif., 302 
Richards, David Ronald, Pleasant Grove 
Richards, Foster G., Henefer, 85, 91 
Richards, Fred Bruce, American Fork 
Richards, Gerald Low, Provo 
Richards, James F., American Fork 
Richards, Larry Gene, Ogden 
Richards, Mayo Lovell, Santa Monica, Calif., 320 
Richards, Nephi Jensen, Alberta, Can., 98, 210 
Richards, Paul Chipman, Portsmouth, N.H., 321 
Richards, Philip D.. Aetna, Alberta, Can. 
Richards, Ronald H.. Fresno, Calif. 
Richards, Susan Joan, Belle Fourche, S.D , 126. 

Richards, William J., Aetna, Alberta, Can., 302 
Richardson, Francis A., Provo, 215, 349 
Richardson, Jacquilin, Covina, Calif., 123, 155 
Richardson, Janice, Portland, Ore., 321 
Richardson, Jay M , Duncan, Ariz. 
Richardson, Jeanne, Sacramento, Calif., 349 
Richardson, Jed, 212 
Richardson, Kaye, Centralia, Wash., 89 
Richardson, Marilyn A., Los Alamos, N. Mex., 349 
Richardson, Oscar L., Provo 
Richardson, Ralph L., Duncan, Ariz. 
Richardson, Theral B.. Orem, 108 
Richardson, William D.. Portland, Ore., 349 
Richart, Richard L., Provo 
Richatds, Susan, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Richens, Alan Grant, Provo 
Richens. Donna Ann, Price, 213, 219, 302 
Richens, Lorn S., Vernal, 53 
Richens, Nancy Carolyn. Warden. Wash., 349 
Richins, Beverly, Duncan, Ariz., 77 
Richins. Carol M.. Henefer 
Richins. Fay E., Coalville 
Richins. Janice, Eugene. Ore., 321 
Richins. Karma June, Morgan 
Richins, Nita Nay, Gndley, Calif. 
Richmond, Kaye, Salt Lake City, 321 
Richmond, Lloyd Harold, Provo 
Richmond, Orson Kay, Provo 
Ricks. Gary Roland, Stockton, Calif., 89, 147 
Ricks, Irene Hailes, Provo 
Ricks, William A., Jr., Provo 
Ricks, Kathleen, Berkeley, Calif. 
Ricks, Leon Blair Stevensville, Mont., 132 
Ricks, Nedra Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 105 
Ricks, Vera Nancy, Provo, 302 
Riddle, Gary Blaine, Salt Lake City 
Riddle, Marcia Jean, Anthony, N. Mex. 
Riddle, Thello, Richfield, 70 
Ridenhour. Ted Eugene, Concord, N.C. 
Riding, Jerry Russell, Orem 
Riding, Ronald Edwin, Provo, 70 
Riehl, Richard D„ Jr.. Gilbertsville, Pa 
Riesher, Dorothy A., 349 
Rieske, Kent Richard, Provo 
Rieske, Lee Mervin, Spanish Fork, 321 
Rifie, Lamont Boyd. Long Beach. Calif. 
Rigby. Coralie, Newton, 175, 349 
Rigby. Hal B„ Kaysville, 165, 302 
Rigby. Janet Joyce. Birmingham, Mich., 153, 220 

Rigby. Sterling C, Orem, 149, 302 
Riggs, Abbie Lee, Eugene, Ore., 89 
Riggs, Charles Vaughn, Dugway 
Riggs, Connie Lou, Sandyville, W. Va., 194, 349 
Riggs, Earl Leroy, Teton, Ida., 302 
Riggs, Myrna, Hatch 
Riggs, Ursel Lynn, Rigby, Ida. 
Rigtrup, Mark Lewis, Springville, 213, 349 
Rile, Joseph Eldon, Twin Falls, Ida., 89 
Riley Gerald Ray, Oceanside, Calif., 163 
.Riley, Lee Frank, Huntington Park, Calif 
Rimington, Nancy Jane, Tooele 
Rindlisbacher, Ila C, Payson 
Ringquist, Rita Mabel, Vancouver, Wash 

Ringwood, Howard Lee, Provo, 231 
Rinquest, Donna Dee, Fresno, Calif., 116, 169, 

Rios, Omar Gustavo, Edinburg, Tex., 89 
Ripple, Jessie Dee, Provo 
Ririe, James A., Stevensville, Mont., 349 
Ririe, La Mont, Long Beach, Calif., 112 
Ritchie, Diane. Heber, 321 
Ritchie, Stephen L., Kuna, Ida., 216 
Ritz, Myrna Pedersen, Bountiful, 70 
Ritz, Robert Theodore, Woodland, Calif., 53 
Rivers, Ernest George, Silver Spring, Md. 
Roach, Robin Marie, North Bend, Ore. 
Roach, William Ned, Brisbane, Calif., 321 
Robb, Bryant R., Mancos, Colo., 349 
Robb, Willmia Helen, Mancos, Colo., 302 
Robbins, Edward Carl, Simms, Mont.. 202, 349 
Robbins, Marsha Fern, Calgary, Alta., Can., 349 
Robbins, Richard Lyman, Springville, 119, 302 
Robbins, Sylvia Joyce, Van Nuys, Calif., 349 
Robert, Dean Stone, Spanish Fork 
Roberts, Beverly C, Fontana, Calif., 302 
Roberts, Brent James, American Fork 
Roberts, Cecil Lynn, Tabiona, 61 
Roberts, Dean Scott, Provo 
Roberts, Donald Bruce, Oakland, Calif., 31, 321 
Roberts, Doris Argyle, Woods Cross 

, 349 

. 85 

, 209 



Roberts, Jack Alan, Provo 

Roberts, Jacqueline, Centerville, 132, 349 

Roberts, James W.. 302 

Roberts, Jerry Lee, Afton, Wyo., 349 

Roberts, John A., 98, 212 

Roberts, Joyce, 123, 197 

Roberts, Stanley H., Jr., Provo 

Roberts, Kent Stanley, American Fork, 349 

Roberts, Linda Lee, Santa Barabara, Calif., 321 

Roberts, Lucille Jane, Chicago, III., 349 

Roberts, Margaret J.. Vernal 

Roberts, Marjorie J., La Puente, Calif., 349 

Roberts, Marshall Lee. San Diego, Calif. 

Roberts, Neil Leon, Provo 

Roberts, Parley Cleve, Annabella 

Roberts, Richard A., Los Angeles. Calif., 100 

Roberts. Robert Eugene, Fort Worth, Tex., 25, 

185, 302 
Roberts. Sherilynn, San Francisco, Calif., 320 
Roberts. Stanley B.. Provo 
Roberts, Virginia F., Provo, 81 
Roberts. Wendell Lee, Tremonton 
Robertson. David E., Honolulu, Hawaii, 321 
Robertson, Eugene. Jr., St. Louis, Mo., 117, 349 
Robertson, Frances C, Arlington, Va., 321 
Robertson, Gary Evan, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Robertson, Jerold C, Springville 
Robertson, Joyce Lily, Provo, 89 
Robertson, Joyce Marie, Portland. Ore. 
Robertson, Marilyn, Los Angeles, Calif., 77, 225 
Robertson, Mildred R., Richmond, Va., 70 
Ribertson, Richard G., Kennewick. Wash. 
Robins, Ellen K., Richfield 
Robins, Ellen K., Ontario, Ore.. 161, 302 
Robins, Larry Max. Richfield, 302 
Robins, Patricia Lynn, Salina, 175 
Robins, Raymond C . Fillmore, 59, 185 
Robinson, Carma La Ree. Meridian, Ida., 175 
Robinson, Curtis E., Tacoma. Wash., 59 
Robinson. Don L., Afton, Wyo., 302 
Robinson, Dons, Orem, 321 
Robinson, Elaine, Roy, 302 
Robinson, Gay Marie, Elko, Nev., 329 
Robinson, Gene Roland, Grace. Ida., 321 
Robinson, Grant Evans, American Fork 
Robinson, Herma K., Eugene, Ore., 349 
Robinson. Howard Roger, Denver, Colo. 
Robinson, Gerald B., Jr.. Gunnison, 100 
Robinson, Kathryn, Downey. Calif.. 183 
Robinson. Lynda M., Glendale, Calif., 164 
Robinson, Marjorie, Preston, Ida., 157, 213, 321 
Robinson, Millie Marie, Dublan, Chih., Mex., 197, 

Robinson, Nancy Ann, Jerome, Ida.. 103 
Robinson, Patricia A., Van Nuys, Calif. 
Robinson, Renell, Freedom, Wyo., 70, 212 
Robinson, Robert E., Chambersburg, Pa., 165, 321 
Robinson, Ruth, American Fork, 349 
Robison, Charlotte L, Salt Lake City, 349 
Robison. Charole L., Thornton, Ida., 71, 116 
Robison. Clyda Joan, Salt Lake City, 349 
Robison, Eva Janee. Delta 
Robison, Joseph Clark, Logandale, Nev., 321 
Robison, Lavar, 302 

Robison. Weston K.. Idaho Falls. Ida . 181, 321 
Robison, Wilbur G., Jr., Provo 
Robison, Larae, Fillmore, 211 
Robison, Max Lavoy, Delta 
Robison, Ronald Elwin, Bakersfield, Calif , 189, 

221, 321 
Robison, Russell M.. Provo, 349 
Robson, Sandra, Monticello 
Roche, Marlene Frances. Antioch, Calif., 59, 224 
Rock, Nancy Lou, Chambersburg, Pa., 349 
Rockwood. Clarence L., Provo 
Rockwood, Daisy B.. Salt Lake City 
Rockwood, Eleanor B.. Richland, Wash., 161 
Rockwood, Shirley W,, Provo 
Rodabouch, Lela R., Provo 
Rodeback. Glenn T„ Chicago, III. 
Rodeback, Tune, Moses Lake, Wash., 208, 349 
Rodeback, Wilbur Ray. Vernal 
Roden, Robert Kenneth, Draper 
Roderick. Judith Ann, Provo 
Rodgers, Paul Lee, Purcellville, Va,, 165 
Rodriquez, Adan Raul. Lodi, Calif., 89 
Rodriguez, Joyce E.. Lodi, Calif., 302 
Roe, Helen Elaine. Whittier, Calif., 349 
Roe. Marie Bastian. Spanish Fork 
Rogala, Joseph Stanley, Lebanon, N.H. 
Rogers, Aloa, American Fork, 349 
Rogers, Bonnie Lee, San Jacinto, Calif., 350 
Rogers, Clark Douglas 
Rogers, Elizibeth Anne, Fairhaven. Mass.. 71, 157 

Rogers, Hawley. Monroe, 173. 224, 302 
Rogers, James Keith, Provo, 71 
Rogers, Juanita Taft, Provo 
Rogers, Luella Lee. Phoenix, Ariz., 350 
Rogers, Marta Minnie, Orem 
Rogers, Sadie, Provo 
Rogers, Sherolyn, Morgan 
Rogers, Thomas, Minneapolis, Minn., 216 
Rogers, Walter Elmo, Aztec, N. Mex., 321 
Rogers, Warren Thomas, Minneapolis. Minn., 100 
Rogers, William Grant, Junction City, Ore. 
Rohbock, Theodora Ann, Orem, 302 
Rojas, Olivia, Chihuahua, Mexico, 321 
Roios. Rodolfo D„ Chih., Mexico, 321 
Rokes, Nina Kathleen, Lynwood, Calif., 321 
Roland, Peggy Lee, Macon, Ga., 302 
Rolapp, Ralph Richards, Los Angeles, Calif., 189 
Rolapp, William Howard, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Rolfson, Wilson Kent, Raymond, Alberta, Can. 

Rollins, McKay, 248 

Roller, Jon Eugene, Provo 

Rollins, Gaylin Wade, Lyman, Wyo., 116, 350 

Rollo, Mary Elizabeth, Glendale, Calif., 321 

Rollston, Carol Lee, Hollywood, Calif. 

Romero, Ervm Gordon, Orem, 212 

Romney, Beverly Ann. Albuquerque, N. Mex.. 
205, 350 

Romney, Joan Marie, Murray. 321 

Romney, Keith, Jr., Las Cruces. N. Mex., 350 

Ronlins, Carma, 321 

Ronnow, Carol Mane, Las Vegas. Nev., 321 

Rooch. Gale W., Layton, 117, 349 

Rooks, Donald E„ Grass Valley, Calif., 350 

Rooks, Oran Dewey, Blackfoot, Ida., 59 

Roper, Clyde Vernon. Springville. 221, 321 

Roper, Donald Lee. Huntington, 53 

Roper, Gary Lovell, Oak City, 1 17 

Roper, Janece, Provo 

Roper, Laver L., McCloud. Calif., 98, 211 

Roper, Owen Deloy, McCloud, Calif.. 159, 350 

Roper, Paul Francis, Ongelwood, Califfl 

Rose, Charles Buckley, Berkeley, Calif., 320 

Rose, Darrell Eugene, Portage 

Rose, Marvin LeRoy, El Monte, Calif., 189, 302 

Rose, Priscilla B., Salt Lake City 

Rosen, Harold Earl, Spokane, Wash, 111 

Rosendi, Flora M., Mont, Uruguay 

Rosenlof, Patsy D , Salt Lake City 

Ross, Charlotte Ann, Redwood City, Calif., 175 

Ross, Daniel Lee, Santaquin 

Ross, Ira Maudean, Santa Anna, Calif., 302 

Ross, Luzon, Redwood City, Calif., 155, 175, 350 

Rossiter, Terry, Salt Lake City, 209, 302 

Rostron, Ira Ralph, Springville 

Rothsprack, Anne H., Santa Cruz, Calif., 350 

Rotz, Selma Ann, Libby, Mont., 350 

Rounds, Clifford C, Boise, Ida., 91 

Rounds. Dianna Mae, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Rounds, Jay Carmer, Oakland, Calif. 

Rounds, Shirley Ann, Oakland, Calif. 

Roundy, Esther Jane, Cache Junction, 155, 350 

Roundy, Jerry Coy, Provo 

Roundy, Leland Call, Provo 

Roundy, Paul Frost, Pleasant Grove 

Roundy, Wendell Don, Mapleton, 350 

Roush, Robert Ronald, Dillon, Colo., 89 

Rousseau, Flossie, Dallas, Tex., 350 

Row, Larry O., Thornton, Ida., 302 

Rowberry, Cecil J., Provo 

Rowbury. Lyle Dee, Moses Lake, Wash., 208, 321 

Rowe, Klara, Las Vegas, Nev., 302 

Rowe, L. Earlene, Spanish Fork 

Rowe, Sharron Jolyne, Othello, Wash., 116, 350 

Rowland, Guy Lund, Waynesboro, Va. 

Rowley, Clarence Allen, Roosevelt 

Rowley, Claude Alvin, Santiquin 

Rowley, Clayton Alcorn, Bountiful, 350 

Rowley, Dudley John, Blanding, 202, 302 

Rowley, Edward M., Provo 

Rowley, James Howard, Provo 

Rowley, Kent, Orem, 302 

Rowley, Naomi Louise, Whittier, Calif., 350 

Rowley, Phyllis M., Roosevelt 

Rowley, Rodney Ray, Parowan 

Roylance. Donna, Moses Lake, Wash., 350 

Roylance, Douglas M., Pocatello, Ida., 350 

Roylance, Kenneth O., Provo, 321 

Roylance, Patricia N., Provo, 350 

Roylance, Thomas S., Provo 

Royle, Jeanette, Provo, 321 

Royle, Jeanette, American Fork 

Royse, Donald William, Fruitland, Ida. 

Royster, Nancy Carroll, Hopewell, Va., 321 

Rozelle, Betsy Ross, Springdale, 350 

Rudd. Lam- D.. St. Anthony, Ida., 322 

Rudd, Merrill W., Parker, Ida., 302 

Rudy, Mary, Provo, 350 

Ruesch, Dorothy, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Rumel, Barbara Ann, Salt Lake City, li6, 350 

Rummler, Roy Lee, Milford, 126, 302 

Rumpel, Susan Michael, Castro Valley, Calif., 350 

Runser, Albert W„ Ellsworth AFB, S.D., 322 

Rusick, Robert Frank, American Fork 

Russell, Chyrl Ann, Los Angeles, Calif., 23, 71, 

Russell. David Paul, Provo 
Russell, Georgia, New Orleans, La., 59, 175 
Russell, Jeannette, Salt Lake City, 161 
Russell. Jo Anne. Kuna, Ida., 350 
Russell, John Joseph, Los Angeles, Calif., 100, 

Russell, Suzanne, Salt Lake City, 155, 350 
Russon, Ann Ranae. Lehi, 116, 303 
Russon, David Stanley, Los Angeles, Calif., 223, 

Russon, Wendell G., Orem 
Rust, David Walker, Vernal, 149, 322 
Rutherford. Peggy M., Alameda, Calif., 157 
Rutledge, Cheryl Anne. Murtaugh, Ida., 183, 302 
Rutz, Mary Ann. Portland, Ore., 157 
Ryan, Duane Weldon, Inglewood, Calif. 
Ryan, Ronald Orville Oakland. Calif. 
Ryng, Hennette Adele, Sarches Luge 
Rytting, Charles Brent. Tremonton, 32, 216, 350 


Saber, Paul J., 350 

Sabey, Evelyn Rae, Alberta, Canada, 350 
Sabey, John Wayne, Midvale, 149, 323 
Sabey, Linda. Midvale, 71, 197 
Sabin. Betty Lois, EI Paso, Tex. 

Sabin, Elaine, Salem 

Sabin, Joan, Salem 

Sabin, Paul B., Salem 

Sabine, Margery, Berkeley, Calif., 350 

Sackett, Kenneth Don, Spanish Fork 

Safsten, Robert Gary, Blaine, Wash. 

Safsten, Ronald Duane, Blaine, Wash., 34, 37 

Sagapolu, Paovale M., Am Samoa 

Sager, Paul Jones, Midvale 

Sagers, Mario William, Delta. 124, 322 

Sahw, Weilding T„ Clearfield 

Saiki, Gladys Kiyo, Kapaa Kawai, Hawaii, 302 

Salisbury, Marlow W., 350 

Sainsbury. Karen Dee, Toppenish. Wash., 208, 

Salanoa, Faatautau. Jr., Aiea Honolulu, Hawaii, 

232, 350 
Salazar, Lillie V., Dayton, Ohio, 173. 224, 303 
Salazar, Sarah Louise, Salt Lake City, 322 
Salbacka. Carol Ellen, Palo Alto, Calif., 350 
Saldana, Julia Bosley. Corinne, 302 
Saline, Clinton, Daniel. Aztec, N. Mex. 
Saling, Dora Levene, Mokane, Mo. 
Salisbury, Charles D., Salt Lake City 
Salisbury, Ranae Emma, Murray, 71 
Salmon, Kay Holt, Raymond, Alta., Can., 134, 193 
Sam. Fong Bernadine. Honolulu, Hawaii, 203, 322 
Sami, Esfaham F., Hasanabad, Teh., Iran 
Sami, Iraj Espahani, Teheran, Iran 
Sampson, Allen Arden, Las Vegas, Nev., 350 
Sampson, Norman D.. Glenwood, 350 
Samuelson, Roy, Provo, 132 
Samuelson, C. Wayne, Provo 
Sanborn, Richard G., Grantsville 
Sanchez. Beniamin V., No. Sacto., Calif., 350 
Sanchez, Carlos Jorge, Lima, Peru. 322 
Sand, Althea Grace, Provo 
Sandall, Deanna, Bellevue, Wash., 350 
Sandberg, Carma Leora, Provo 
Sandberg. Charlotte A., Gettysburg, S.D , 155, 

266, 350 
Sandberg, Howard E.. Spokane. Wash., 147, 302 
Sandberg, Selene, Provo, 128, 153, 220, 322 
Sandberg, Ted, 25 

Sanders, Sharon Ann, Long Beach, Calif. 
Sanders, Thomas C, Caldwell, Ida., 321 
Sanderson, Charles D.. Idaho Falls, Ida., 185, 350 
Sanderson, Helen Rae, Boise. Ida., 117, 302 
Sanderson, James W.. Nampa, Ida., 71 
Sanderson, Viola, Cleveland, Ohio 302 
Sands, Caralinda H., Menlo Park, Calif., 155, 350 
Sandstrom, Joan E., Santa Ana, Calif., 322 
Sanford. Donna Belle, Bakersfield, Calif. 
Sanford, Howard Ray, Springville 
Sansom. Gary Lynn, Richland, Wash. 
Sant, Dennis Scott, Compton, Calif., 350 
Sant, Sharyn Sue, La Canada, Calif., 167, 303 
Santiago, Francis, Miami, Fla., 163, 322 
Sardoni, Lawrence W., Provo 
Sargeant, Morris Neal, Tacoma, Wash., 322 
Sargent, Sheldon, Cedar City, 322 
Sarkka. Armi Karrina, Helsinki, Finland 
Sauer, Lee Edward Rigby, Ida,, 350 
Saunders, Arlan Rex, Springfield, Ore., 98, 194 
Saunders, Gwen Ella, Vale, Ore. 
Saunders, Ida Valine, Blackfoot, Ida., 350 
Saunders, Larry E., Vale, Ore. 
Saunders, Mervin L,, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Saunders, Vernon D.. Mansfield, Ohio 
Saunders, Wayne E., Provo 
Saurey, Gwili, Rexburg, Ida., 302 
Savage, Barbara Ann, Covina, Calif., 132 
Savage, Sharon Leal, 350 
Sawyer, Jack, 232 

Sawyer, John Raymond, Sun Valley, Calif. 
Sawyer, Lynda Loyce, Fort Worth, Tex. 
Sawyer, Melvin Wayne 
Sawyers, Sherrell Van, Tooele, 105 
Saxter, Alton Hugh, Los Alamitos, Calif., 60, 185 
Scalmanini, James R., L'kiah, Calif., 322 
Scarfe, Joyce Thelma, Melbourne, Australia 
Schade, David O., Portland, Ore.. 322 
Schade, John Wilhart, Portland, Ore., 189, 350 
Schade, Roberta Ann, Los Angeles, Calif., 158, 

167, 350 
Schaefermeyer, Jeanene. Seward, Alaska 
Scharp, Ed, 189 

Schaumann, Jon Peter, Devon, Conn. 
Schaumann, Margot K., Devon, Conn., 132, 322 
Scheid, Sandra Jean, Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Schernpp, Lois, La Jara, Colo., 169 
Schenk, Calvin Leroy, Fort Shaw, Mont., 303 
Schenk, John Larry, Nyssa, Ore., 245 
Schetselaar, Melvin, Provo, 251 
Schiess, Wayne Gordon, Santa Monica, Calif. 
Schiffman, Clair R.. Ashland. Ore. 
Schiffman. Doyle Leroy. Klamath Falls, Ore. 
Schill, Gerhard D.. Chih., Mex., 303 
Schill, Ruder, Chih., Mexico., 350 
Schilling. James L., Ingelwood, Calif.. 163, 303 
Schindler, Alice. Blackfoot, Ida., 212 
Schipper, Connie Lee. San Leandro, Calif., 
Schipper, Donna Mae, San Leandro, Calif., 
Schlappi, Edith Rosa, Hinckley, 71 
Schlappi, Lloyd Kent, Fillmore, 71 
Schmidt, Archie H., Preston, Ida., 350 
Schmidt, Donald Thomas, Provo 
Schmidt, Nathalie C, Gresham, Wis., 105 
Schmidt. Rosemane, Riverton. 77 
Schneider, John R., Denver, Colo., 60 
Schneyder, Leslie M,, Magrath. Alta,, Can., 
Schoenhoffen. Hans R., Trier, Germany 
Schofield. Allen C. Spanish Fork 
Schofield, J. Gary, Rupert, Ida., 322 
Schofield. Patrick B., Riddle, Ore., 185, 322 

, 350 

, 303 


Schofield. Rex John, Orem 

Schofield, Sandra Let, Burley, Ida., 167 

Scholes, Carol, American Fork, 167 

Scholes. Ellen, American Fork 

Scholes. Harold Kay, American Fork, 303 

Scholes, Jon Francis. American Fork. 193, 303 

Schoonover, Elda Mae. Redmond. Ore.. 126, 219. 

Schott. Charles Henry. Royal Oak, Mich., 303 
Schouten. Warren Brad, Springville 
Schreder, Elaine L.. Heisler. Alta.. Can.. 350 
Schrier. Henry F.. Middletown. N.Y. 
Schrimshire. Elma R.. Macon. Ga. 
Schrimshire. Thaniel. Macon Ga. 
Schrocmges. Jean P.. Payson, 350 
Schroeter. Clara. Blookfield. III.. 119 
Schrumpf. Beth. San Anselmo. Calif.. 117 
Schuk. Karen. Glendale. Ariz.. 350 
Schuenman. Forest R.. Las Vegas, Nev 
Schuldt. Narda Mignon. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 350 
Schulthess, Richard C, Provo 
Schultz. Ronald Win., Buffalo. N. Y., 85 
Schultz, Russell Wayne, Orem. 322 
Schultz, Sandra Anne, Buffalo. N.Y. 
Schulzke, Astnd M.. Toronto, Ont„ Can.. 89 
Schulzke, Erenst F.. Toronto. Ont . Can., 89. 147. 

Schumacher. Joseph. Jr., Provo 
Schumann. Celiz. Wells. Nev., 155. 350 
Schwab. Marvin. Afton. Wyo.. 303 
Schwendiman, Carl J., Pullman, Wash. 
Schweppe. Harold Dean. Long Beach. Calif., 53 
Scoresby. James E.. Iona, Ida.. 303 
Scoresby. Jessie Gaye, Iona. Ida. 
Scott. Adene. Murray. 350 
Scott, Amelia Ruth. Idaho Falls. Ida.. 350 
Scott. Andrew Jerry, Provo 
Scott. Anita Rose. Orem. 60 
Scott, David Lamar. Hawthorne. Calif.. 350 
Scott. David Randall. Portland. Ore., 303 
Scott, Dean Elbert. Provo 
Scott. Diane. Delona. Calif. 
Scott. George Jesse. American Fork. 159, 303 
Scott, lasper Denis. Pleasant Grove 
Scott. Jill Irene. Mt. View. Calif. 
Scott, June. Provo. 322 
Scott. Leon Rouzelle. Provo 
Scott. Myrnalee. Mt. View, Calif. 
Scott. Peggy Ann. Provo 
Scott, Richard LeRoy. Salt Lake City, 149 
Scott. Robert. 205. 322 

Scott. Susan Carol. John Bay. Ore.. 309. 350 
Scovil, Nan Elaine. Heyburn. Ida., 350 
Scown. Paul Drew. Lehi 
Scriver. tames William. Niagra Falls. N. Y. 
Seaman. Terry Noako, Tampa. Colo. 
Seamon. Blaine. 322 
Searle. Ernalee. Salt Lake City 
Searle. Inez Smith. Corpus Christi. Tex. 
Sears. Brent Walker. Vallejo, Calif. 
Sears. Vera Ann. Santa Maria. Calif., 303 
Sebree. Patricia Ann. Cincinnati. Ohio. 350 
Sechrest. Verona Gail. Mt. Airy. N.C, 350 
Secretan. Robert Lee. Alberta. Canada 
Sedgwick. Beverly, Bountiful. 350 
Sedgwick. Donald H.. Riverside. Calif 
Seegrist. Roger Earl. Van Tassell. Wyo.. 322 
Seeley, Janet. Bluebell. 207. 350 
Seeley. Joseph T .. Preston. Ida.. 303 
Seeley. Schuyler D . Huntington, 322 
Seely. David Rav. Craig. Colo. 
Seely. James Dale. Pleasant Grove 
Seely, Sonya N.. Craig. Colo . 209. 303 
Seethaler. Joseph. Provo. 209 
Seethaler. Karl. Provo. 159. 350 
Segerstedt. Sharon M.. Salt Lake City, 183 
Sego, Norman Kerry. Manassa. Colo. 
Sego. Richard Arlan. Kirtland. N Mex . 205. 350 
Sego. William Arnell. Clovis, N. Mex. 
Sehlmeier. Adrian. Salt Lake City. 191. 322 
Seiger. Richard H . Santa Monica. Calif.. 181 
Seiger. Thomas Wright. Santa Monica. Calif.. 209 
Seipert. Llovd Roman. Lewiston. Ida. 
Sellers. Aden Glenn. Farmington. N Mex.. 205, 

Sellers. Charles L.. Mesa, Ariz., 303 
Sellers. Keith L„ Rexburg. Ida. 
Sellers. Raymond Roy. Rock Springs. Wyo., 350 
Sellers. Robert. 322 
Seneca. Loretta. Versailles. N.Y.. 157 
Senf. Jean Arden. Los Angeles. Calif.. 350 
Senne. Joellen Kay, Topeka. Kan.. 173. 219. 303 
Sennhauser. Lore Luise. Salt Lake City. 303 
Senzee. Clifford J . Jefferson City. Mo. 
Senzee. Norma Kav. Tefferson City. Mo . 117. 153 

Seppi. Ernest Frank, Provo 
Seppi. Ned Fred. Provo 
Sessee. Katheryn Duke. Springville 
Sessions. Hazel Alene. Farmington, 350 
Sessions, Wynona L.. Marysvale 
Sevy, Carla. Salt Lake City, 209. 303 
Sexsmith. M. Jean. Las Vegas. Nev., 266 
Seyednikkhan. F., Teheran. Iran. 350 
Seymour. Anthony C. Stockton. Calif.. 189. 232 
Seymour, Karen Margot. Stockton. Calif . 182 
Seymour, Patricia Ann. Del Paso Heights. Calif. 

Shaffer. Glenda Lee. Boise. Ida.. 350 
Shafia. Fredoun M., Palisades Park, N.J. 
Shah. Shashi Kant. Calcutta. India, 111 
Sharp. Barbara J.. Anchorage. Alaska. 71 

Sharp. Carol Ann. Barboursvillc, W. Va., 350 
Sharp, Edward Charles. Glendale. Calif., 147, 303 
Sharp. Gay, Long Beach, Calif. 
Sharp. Jerold Lon, Richfield. 60, 211 
Sharp. Milton Leroy. Las Vegas, Nev., 351 
Sharp, Patricia Rose. Barbourswlle. W Va , 100 
Sharp. Paul Gregory, Preston, Ida. 
Sharp, Robert Morrison, Barbourswlle, W. Va., 

Sharp. Ronald Ethan. Burbank, Calif., 181 
Sharpe, John Richard. Tornngton, Wyo . 126, 322 
Sharpe, Jack, 322 
Shaw, Barbara, Salt Lake City. 351 
Shaw, Brent Stevenson. Orem. 132, 351 
Shaw. Donald Tracy, Provo 
Shaw, Douglas Gilbert, Weiser. Ida.. 163. 209, 

Shaw, Frances Karen, Oakland, Calif 
Shaw. Heidi Ann. Murray, 351 
Shaw, Julia Mae. Inglewood, Calif., 351 
Shaw, Karen Jessie. Owyhee, Nev.. 351 
Shaw, Perry Clayton. Salt Lake City, 71 
Shju , William Jackson, Halfway, Ore. 
Shawcroft, Bessie Ann, Alamosa, Colo. 
Shawcroft, Emma Rae, Lajara, Colo., 169, 303 
Shawcroft, Terry A., Lajara. Colo., 117, 303 
Shawcroft, Wade Smith. Provo 
Sheen. Stanley Kay. Cardston. Alta.. Can., 303 
Sheets, Leland Ogden, Payson, 53 
Sheets, Spencer G. t Salmon, Ida., 303 
Sheffield, Joyce, Kaysvilie, 155, 350 
Sheffield. \X illiam F. Bngham City. 322 
Shell. Jack Earl. Payson 
Shell, Judy Ray. Long Beach. Calif.. 29, 350 
Shell, Verl Dee. Provo. 231 
Shelton. Andrew Pulley. American Fork 
Shelton, Benson Keith, Provo 
Shelton, Joseph E , Medford, Ore., 165, 351 
Shelton, Lois LaRae. San Jose. Calif., 351 
Shelton. Stephen Ralph. Huntington Park, Calif., 

61, 163 
Shepherd. Alycesun D.. Mesa. Ariz,. 351 
Shepherd, David R. Mesa. Ariz.. 119. 322 
Shepherd. Maria Louise, Mapleton, 116 
Shepherd. Wayland, 232 
Sheppard. Stanley Ross. Powell, Wyo., 303 
Sheppard. William W . Sacramento, Calif. 
Sheriff, Scott Lovell. Oak City 
Sherman. Leona Faye. Lakeside, Calif. 
Sherry, Claude Joel, Provo 
Shields. Allan Leroy, Swift Current. Canada. 201, 

Shields. Clair Hardy. Cardston, Alta., Can., 116, 

201, 322 
Shields. Earl Delos. Los Angeles. Calif.. 101, 201 
Shields, Elise Marie. Rosemary, Alta.. Can.. 169 
Shields, Janice Lyn, Pleasant Grove, 303 
Shields. Jay Glen, Pleasant Grove, 53 
Shields. Marie, Alberta. Can., 201 
Shields, Robert Glenn. 181 
Shields, William G., Stanton, Calif., 61 
Shimoda, Donna Akiko. Salt Lake City 
Shingleton. Linda Rae, Salt Lake City, 351 
Shingleton. Nadeane. Salt Lake City, 197, 351 
Shipley. Paul Price, Mesa. Ariz., 98, 212 
Shipp. Jack F.. Joseph. 245. 303 

Shipp. Phillip Royal. Jr.. Joseph 

Shippen. Ben R.. El Cojon, Calif. 

Shippen, Vera, San Diego. Calif 

Shirlev. Linda, Salt Lake City, 322 

Shirley. Rowan Dee. Gilmer. Tex , 89 

Shirts. Addie L'warda. Portland. Ore.. 71. 197 

Shirts. Fred Donald. Hailey. Ida. 

Shock, Helen Patricia. Durango, Colo., 351 

Shoe, Norma Kay, Mebane. N.C. 

Shoemaker, Steve R., Tarzana, Calif. 

Schook. Elizabeth Ann, Page. Ariz., 200, 203. 351 

Shook. Ronald Ray, Page, Ariz., 356 

Short. Marjory G.. Provo. 71 

Short, Valrie Jean. Provo 

Shorter, Carolyn N.. Sacramento, Calif. 

Showalter, Rodney, Lovell. Wyo., 116. 303 

Showalter, Roger, 98 

Showell. Tanet. Salt Lake City. 351 

Shrader. Daniel H . Denver, Colo.. 351 

Shreeve. L. Sidney. Jr.. Salt Lake City, 331 

Shrieve, Robert James. San Diego, Calif. 

Shrum, Susan Lee. San Diego. Calif.. 203, 303 

Shuey, Valerie Jeanne. Wilmington. Calif., 303 

Shuman. Thomas S.. Black River, N.Y , 185. 209. 

Schumate, Chan. 322 

Shumway, Bruce Lyman. Blanding, 303 

Shumway. Carmen, St. Johns. Ariz., 71, 132 

Shumway. Carmen Pratt. Thatcher. Ariz. 

Shumway, Charles Lloyd, Taylor. Ariz., 117. 200 

Shumway. Drew. Taylor. Ariz. 

Shumway. Eric Brandon, St. Johns, Ariz. 

Shumway, Glenna Ruth. Lordsburg, N Mex., 351 

Shumway. James Hyrum. Provo. 231 

Shumway. Jerry, Provo, 90 

Shumway. Jesse F.. Provo. 25, 100 

Shumwa y. Katie. Provo 

Shumway. Larry Vee. St. Johns. Ariz., 81. 119 

Shumway, Lewis Kay. Provo 

Shumway. Marlene. St. Johns, Ariz., 81 

Shumway. Miles S . Provo 

Shumway, Patricia Redd. Provo, 213. 303 

Shumway. Rick. 2 39 

Shumway. Ronald Lee. Phoenix. Ariz.. 200. 351 

Shumway. Sylvia. Taylor 

Shumway, Wilford D.. St. Johns. Ariz.. 189. 351 

Shupe. Jennie Marie. Chih . Mex 

Shurtleff. Howard Paul. Castro Vallev. Calif 

Shurtleff, Kathleen. Ogden, 157. 322 

Shurtleff. Lloyd Park 

Shurtleff. Lynn R„ Vallejo. Calif.. 128. 132 

Shurtlitf, Burnadell, Portland, Ore., 351 

Shurtliff. Carolyn. Bountiful, 22, 183 

Shurtliff, Josephine, Overton, Nev., 351 

Shurtliff. Myrna. Overton. Nev. 

Shurts, Henry Wayne. Lebanon, Ore., 351 

Smith. Connie Elaine, Sedro Woolley, Wash . 208, 

Smith, Craig Richards, Springville 
Smith. Darleen. Denver, Colo.. 322 
Smith. De Anna. Milwaukee. Wis., 197 
Smith. Dean T . Cowley. Wyo.. 213 
Smith. Don Jay. Provo 
Smith, Dons Delora, American Fork, 155 

Shute, Reginald Wayne, San Bernardino. Calif., 64 Smith, Doris Diane, Globe, Ariz.. 200, 303 

Sibbett, Kent H , Napa. Calif.. 181 

Siders. Georgia Bee. Sidney. Neb., 351 

Siemssen. loannc, 322 

Silcock. Gloria, Worland. Wyo., 155, 350 

Silk. Fredric Roger, Carmichael, Calif. 

Siha. Betta May. Murray, 303 

Silver. Jean Russell. Salt Lake City 

Simiskey. Patrick L.. Spokane. Wash.. 351 

Simkins. Dan Gene. Fairfield. Mont.. 351 

Simmons. Beverly, Allison. Park, Pa.. 198 

Simmons. Edward James, Bloomington. III., 90 

Simmons, Jerry Jackson, Provo, 351 

Simmons, Leroy Allan, Detroit, Mich., 351 

Simmons, Vivian Olsen. Provo 

Simms. Anita Shirley. St. Catherines. Can.. 351 

Simms. Linda, 351 

Simonds, Judith Davis. Lacoma. N. Mex., 117, 

155, 351 
Simonis, Arlene Ruth, LaGrande. Ore., 71 
Simons. Ronald Budd, San Bernardino. Calif., 98. 

Simonsen. John Marion. Provo. 216 
Simper, Iris May, San Francisco. Calif.. 303 
Simper. Patricia Anne. Arcadia. Calif.. 351 
Simpkins. Gerald D , Sacto., Calif.. 181. 202, 209, 

Simpson. Carole L., Laguna Beach. Calif., 209 

Smith, Duane N , Orem 

Smith, Edele, Shoshone, Ida., 303 

Smith. Edna Maria. Alberta, Can.. 201, 213. 219, 

Smith. Edward William. American Fork, 71 
Smith. Elvin Keith, Richland, Wash. 
Smith. Ernan Young, Provo, 322 
Smith. Evelyn. Walnut Creek, Calif., 71 
Smith, E\elyn Ludean. Salt Lake City, 175, 303 
Smith. Francine, Clearfield 
Smith, Farrel, 322 

Smith. David Harlin, Jr., Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Smith, Durlann, Lehi, 303 
Smith, Gary Lee. Coos Bay, Ore. 
Smith, Gayner Rich, Vancouver, B.C. 
Smith, Gene Stanford, Idaho Falls, Ida., 303 
Smith. George David. Globe, Ariz., 351 
Smith. George Lochlin, 231 
Smith, Gerald Hess, Georgetown, Ida., 322, 351 
Smith, Gerald James, Tooele 
Smith. Gerald Lee, Yakima, Wash. 
Smith. Gordon Delbert, Orem 
Smith, Gordon E., Provo 

Smith, Gordon Sloan, Carman Bay, Alta.. On. 
Smith, Haney Ralph. Pacific Beach. Wash.. 223 
Smith. James Andrew, Santaquin 
Smith. James Lavae. Fillmore 

Simpson. Delores Marie. Portland. Ore.. 116, 245 Smith. James Russell. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Simpson. Evaree. Orem 

Sims. Norman Marvin. Lehi 

Sims, Patricia Jane, Marianna, Fla. 

Singer, Harold E . Salt Lake City 

Singleton, Gary Orval, Provo, 213 

Singleton. Monroe P., Columbia City. Ore. 

Sipherd, David Roy. Redmond, Wash. 

Sipherd, Janice T., Redmond. Wash., 215 

Sipherd. John Walter, Redmond. Wash. 

Sirrine, Edwin Boyd, Phoenix, Ariz., 98, 212 

Sirrine, Ronald Kay, Mesa, Ariz., 124, 351 

Sisemore, Claudia. Salt Lake City, 173 

Sisicker, Marcelline, 199 

Six, Gerald Leonard, Burton. W. Va.. 351 

Skeen. James Frank, Nyssa, Ore., 71 

Skeen, Nancy Jill. Nyssa, Ore., 119 

Skiba, Julius John, Alberta, Can. 

Skidmore. Carol, Seattle, Wash . 23. 183. 322 

Skidmore, Emeline. Posatello. Ida.. 81. 123 

Skidmore. Linda Hane. Walnut Creek. Calif., 155, 

213. 351 
Skillman, Yvonne, Long Beach, Calif.. 81. 221 
Skinner. Velda, Safford, Ariz.. 71, 112, 146 
Skousen. Bob. 189, 239 
Skousen, David. Salt Lake City. 351 
Skousen. Denna. Mesa. Ariz.. 200, 322 
Skousen. Johanna Karen. Chandler. Ariz . 322 
Skousen, Justin, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Skousen, Kliena Jean, Chandler. Ariz., 218 
Skousen, Richard Earl, Mesa. Ariz.. 60, 147. 189 
Skousen. Willard R„ Mesa. Ariz. 
Skouson, Carl Whipple, Mesa, Ariz.. 193 
Skyles. George H., Provo, 303 
Slade. Francis Sheldon, Hesperus. Colo. 
Slade, J. Dion, Dansmuir, Calif. 
Slade. J. Keith, Provo 
Slade, Linnea Elaine, Hesperus, Colo. 
Slade, Marlow Lyle, Durango. Colo. 
Slade. Rodie. 119 

Slade. Rosalie. Hesperus, Colo., 303 
Slade, Sheldon, 322 
Slade, Thomas Edmund, Provo, 105 

Smith, Janice A.. Corvallis, Ore., 77 

Smith. Janice Nona, Sandy 

Smith. John Thomas. Malad. Ida., 101 

Smith. Joseph Gale, Fillmore 

Smith, Joseph L.. 351 

Smith. Joseph W.. Alamitos, Calif. 

Smith, Jay Myrven. Jr., Provo, 55 

Smith. June Maurene, Elko. Nev. 

Smith. Karen Breckson. Phoenix. Ariz 

Smith, Karen Lee. Covina. Calif.. 351 

Smith. Karl Leland, Grand Junction. Colo., 303 

Smith, Kay Gerald, Shelley, Ida., 303 

Smith. Kay Robert. Joseph City, Ariz. 

Smith. Keith Craig. Pasadena, Calif. 

Smith. Keith Roger, Pocatello, Ida., 209. 351 

Smith. Kenneth C. Chicago. III.. 351 

Smith. Lamont Wood. Hillspring. Alta . Can 

Smith. Lawrence Eugene. Provo 

Smith. Legrande G., American Fork. 351 

Smith. Lenora E . White Rock. B.C. Can. 201. 322 

Smith, Leonard Charles, Provo 

Smith. Leslie Ray. Provo 

Smith. Linda Ann. Magna. 351 

Smith. Linda L.. Corona Del Mar. Calif . 117 

Smith, Lurna Rae, Salt Lake City. 351 

Smith. Lowell Ernest, Pleasant Grove 

Smith. Lucy Kate, Durango, Colo.. 351 

Smith. Marcia Louise, Arlington, Va., 187 

Smith, Marian Dee. Los Angeles. Calif., 303, 322 

Smith, Manela M . Richland. Wash.. 351 

Smith. Marilyn Lee. Los Angeles. Calif., 322 

Smith. Marion Kay, Roosevelt 

Smith. Marione Helen, Salt Lake City. 351 

Smith. Maurice W., Hartford, Conn., 351 

Smith. Merlin Aluris. Salt Lake City. 231 

Smith, Miriam. Vernal 

Smith. Myron Glade. American Fork 

Smith. Nancy Ann. Woods Cross 

Smith. Nancy Lee. McCammon. Ida.. 320 

Smith. Nila Low Farmington. N.M , 60. 112. 123. 

Smith. Norman Clair. Grand Junction, Colo., 322 

Slangerup, Signe Marie, Alameda, Calif., 128, 351 Smith. Patricia Anne. Abbeville, S.C. 116 

Slater, Geo Yvonne. Los Angeles, Calif., 90 

Slater, Gait Lenore. Ann Arbor. Mich., 183. 322 

Slater, Henry Wayne. McGill. Nev . 98. 216. 223 

Slay. Amelia Elizabeth, Many, La. 

Sleight. Karen. Geneva, Ida., 351 

Smack, George Richard, Twin Falls. Ida., 124, 351 Smith. Phif McFate. Provo. 60, 189. 211 

Small. John Reginald, Lakeside. Calif.. 322 Smith. Ralph Leon, hoenix, Ariz., 322 

Small. Natalie Gale. Charleston. S.C. 22. 187. 351 Smith. Randall. 322 

Smith. Patricia Rae. Fruita, Colo., 356 
Smith, Paul Charles. Layton. 90 
Smith. Paul S.. St. George 
Smith. Paul Thomas. Orem, 36. 351 
Smith, peggy Donne. Heber, 32 

Smart. James Lee. Springville, 351 

Smart. Merrill Jay. Springville. 98. 212 

Smedley, Alan Thurgood. Layton 

Smeling. Carolyn, 351 

Smellie, Don Carl, Provo 

Smellie, Juanita T., Needles, Calif. 

Smith, Afton Bryson, Orem 

Smith. Albert G.. Provo 

Smith. Albert Neff. Salt Lake City 

Smith. Allen H.. Provo, 322 

Smith. Allen LeRoy. Provo 

Smith. Anna Joy. Lami Suva. Fiji, 157 

Smith. Annette. Provo, 351 

Smith. Ardoth. Keosawa, Iowa, 35 1 

Smith. Barbara Gail. Glenwood Springs, Colo., 

Smith. Beth Louise. Evenston, Wyo 
Smith. Betty. Lehi. 71 

Smith, Carma Lorraine. Chambersburg. Pa.. 351 
Smith. Carol A.. Roy, 218. 303 
Smith. Carol Lea. Pleasant Grove. 351 
Smith. Carol Lynn. Oakland. Calif.. 151. 187 
Smith. Catherine, Provo 
Smith. Carlos, 322 
Smith. Charlene Irene, Murray, 303 
Smith. Christina Marie. South Gate. Calif., 351 

Smith. Ray Thomas, Gresham, Ore., 322 

Smith. Robert Clair. Salt Lake City 

Smith, Robert Elliott. Cocoa. Fla. 

Smith. Robert Wayne. Ft Wayne. Ind.. 322 

Smith, Ronald Cole. Nyssa. Ore., 303 

Smith. Ronald Melvm. Portland. Ore.. 322 

Smith. Ronald Vern. Twin Falls. Ida.. 351 

Smith. Roxanna Lynn, Colton. Calif., 167. 322 

Smith. Sharon Orvilla, Milwaukie, Ore. 

Smith, Sherrol Mardon. Los Angeles. Calif , 

Smith. Sheryll Lynn. Provo 

Smith. Sloan. 163 

Smith, Sondra. Provo 

Smith. Stephhen L.. St. Joseph. Miss.. 351 

Smith. Steven H.. Nyssa. Ore. 

Smith. Ted Lamar. Los Angeles. Calif.. 101, 

Smith. Thomas Burton. Corvallis. Ore.. 322 

Smith. Warren William. Los Angeles. Calif. 

Smith. Wavne Fredrick. Aurora. Colo., 53 

Smithson. Carole. 351 

Smithson. Ellis Brady. Holbrook. Ariz 

Smithson. Jennett. Salt Lake City, 117, 351 

Smithson. La Vanira C. Los Angeles. Calif 

Smithson. Rhoda Pearl. Scottsdale. Ariz.. 77, 213, 

Smock. Sandra Edna. Yuma. Ariz., 351 




Smoke, Betty Gene Tallahassee, Fla., 322 
Smoot, Linda Alpha M., Provo, 117, 167, 351 
Smoot. Robert Stevens, Provo, 303 
Smouse, George Robbin, Prawitt, N. Mex., 36 
Smutn, Leon Kenneth, Vernal, 207, 351 

Smyth, Joseph, 163 

Smyth, Laurel Anne, Boise, Ida., 161, 351 

Smythe, Helen Gail, Fort Worth, Tex., 161, 322 

Smythe, James William, Salt Lake City, 61, 190 

Snarr, Carol Erna, Salt Lake City, 93 

Snead, Donna Rae, Ontario, Ore. 

Snell, Jacqueline, Magna, 71, 146, 210 

Snelimg, Carolyn H., Downey, Calif., 356 
Snideman, John Francis, Temecula, Calif., 351 

Snow, Alice, Eagle, Ida., 351 

Snow, Annette, St. George, 71, 202, 210 

Snow, Beora Marlene, Walnut Creek, Calif., 93 

Snow, Carol, 218 

Snow, Claude Ray, Provo, 303 

Snow, Glennda, Delta, 204, 322 

Snow, Kathryn, Huntington, Mich., 132, 187, 322 

Snow, Monte Preston, Provo 

Snow, Orlo Lealand, Provo, 351 

Snow, Richard Craig, Provo 

Snow, Richard T., 199 

Snow, Ruth Ann, Bellevue, Wash., 209, 352 

Snow, Sheldon Clark. St. George, 185, 303 

Snow, Sylvia Janet, Jensen, 117, 207, 352 

Snyder, Darryl Lynn, Burbank, Calif., 303 

Sobers, Richard, Vallejo, Calif., 90 

Soderberg, Ulrika B„ Black Eagle, Mont., 352 

Soderquist, Leroy A., Salt Lake City 

Solomon, Scott Keith, Las Vegas, Nev., 215, 225, 

Solum, Darrell R., Georgetown, Ida., 165, 303 

Somers, Ronald Gerald, Provo 

Somerville, Marvin Jay, Moab 

Somers, Larry E., Ogden 

Soper, Charles Leslie, Bell, Calif., 119 

Soper, Edward Lewis, Golden, Colo., 322 

Soper, Thomas Michael, Visalia, Calif., 352 

Soper, William Ronald, Bell, Calif., 193, 303 

Sorensen, Arlo George, Vallejo, Calif., 322 

Sorensen, Arthur B., Driggs, Ida., 60 

Sorensen, Billie Lou, Salina, 322 

Sorensen, Bonnie Rae, Salt Lake City, 205, 322 

Sorensen, Carl John, Kaneah, Oahu, Hawaii, 303 

Sorensen, Claudia Ann, Seattle, Wash., 208, 352 

Sorensen, Clifford G., Sacramento, Calif., 124, 126 

Sorensen, Corinne, Elko, Nev., 77 

Sorensen, Francis L., Provo 

Sorensen, Hazel, Driggs, Ida., 71 

Sorensen, Helen Gaye, Vallejo, Calif. 

Sorensen, James R., Hopkins, Minn., 215, 352 

Sorensen, Janice L., Provo, 157, 204, 303 

Sorensen, Jeremy C, Burbank, Calif. 

Sorensen, Joane, Salt Lake City, 90 

Sorensen, John Wallace, Spanish Fork 

Sorensen, Severm Jr., Sierra Madre, Calif., 98 

Sorensen, Judith Ann, Alhambra, Calif, 

Sorensen, Lily C, Provo 

Sorensen, Lincoln B„ Provo, 148 

Sorensen, Merlin Ray 

Sorensen, Norman AIlc, Vallejo, Calif. 

Sorensen, Roberta Ann, Alhambra, Calif., 77 

Sorensen, Shauna, Salt Lake City, 303 

Sorensen, Terry C, Downey. Ida., 322 
Sorensen, Tim W., Downey, Ida., 352 
Sorensen, William L., Driggs, Ida. 
Sorenson, Emma Jean, Roseville, Calif. 
Sorensen, Alden, Jr., Ogden, 352 
Sorenson, Edward B., Jr., Lehi, 303 
Sorenson, K. Clark, La Habra, Calif., 163, 303 
Sorenson, Laurel Cyre, Ovid, Ida., 119, 223 
Sorenson, Nadene, Oakland, Calif., 322 
Southam, Delyle Clair, Vernal, 352 
Southam, Dorothy Rae, Vernal, 207, 322 
Southam, Grant Lyle, Vernal, 352 
Southwick, Stephen L., Northndge, Calif., 352 
Sowby, Carol Ann, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Spackman, D. Verlene, Provo, 204, 322 
Spackman, Darcll V., Millbrae, Calif., 165, 322 
Spalding, Thomas Lloyd, Provo, 209, 352 
'Sparks, Constance E.. Berkeley, Calif., 352 
Sparks, Helen, Ncphi, 322 
Sparks, Janet Marian, Auckland, New Zeland 
Sparks, Janice, Cokeville, Wyo„ 322 
Sparks, Lavorn Greer, Los Angeles, Calif,, 181 
Speakman, William B., Provo 
Speckart, Paul F , Provo, 185, 352 
Speckart. Philip S„ Provo, 303 
Speed, Donald Rainey, San Angelo, Tex. 
Speed, Eldon Dale, San Leandro, Calif,, 163, 322 
Speed, Ulysses Grant, San Angelo, Tex,, 53 
Spell, Carolyn Joyce, Temple City, Calif. 
Spencer, Blaine Earl, Satina 
Spencer, Carmen Rae, Ida., 352 
Spencer, Campbell, Alta., Can., 303 
Spencer, Dennis B., Payson, 322 
Spencer, Elmer Arnold, Rigby, Ida., 352 
Spencer, Gary O.. Ogden, 303 
Spencer, James A., Escalante, 239, 303 
Spencer, Janet Griffin, Escalante, 303 
Spencer, Joe Lynn, Payson 
Spencer Joyceen, Hinckley 
Spencer, Lael A., Escalante, 105 
Spencer, Marilynn L., Fort Collins, Colo. 
Spencer, Maylene, Logan, 157, 352 
Spencer, Richard H., Provo 
Spencer, Wayne Ernest, Ogden 
Spendlove, Jerry B., Logan 
Sperry, Dclbert Joy, Provo, 303 
Sperry, Karen Lianne, Provo 
Sperry, Rebecca M,, Salt Lake City 

Sperry, Richard Dean, Provo, 171 
Spice, Perry Le Roy, Ontario, Canada 
Spilker, Raymond A., Salt Lake City, 303 
Spillett, James Juan, Burley, Ida. 
Spilsbury, Gail, Clarendon Hills, III., 123, 175, 352 
Spitler, Donald Dale, Tujunga, Calif. 
Spjut, Norma E., Salt Lake City, 71, 206 
Spoerl, Karl William. Great Falls, Mont., 26, 303 
Sporich, Carol Elaine, Denver, Colo. 
Sprague, Leland, Overton, Nev. 
Sprague, Lois, Las Vegas, Nev., 105, 98 
Springer, Barbara, Salt Lake City, 352 
Springer, Dale Lyman, Provo, 303 
Springer, Dianne Elis, Salt Lake City, 209, 352 
Sproul, Gertrude Ann, Pingree, Ida., 352 
Sproul, Rella, Provo, 123 
St. Clair, Stephen L., Dragerton 
St. Claire, Richard A., Provo 
Stagg, Marland Ned, Vernal 
Stahle, Glenna, Lovell, Wyo., 129 
Srallings, John H., Oklahoma City, Okla., 352 
Stamworth, Lee E., 352 

Standard, Carole Lee, Great Falls, Mont., 197, 352 
Stander, Carvel Roe, Blackfoot, Ida., 303 
Stander, Klint Howard, Blackfoot, Ida,. 132, 149 
Stanfield, Karen Gay, Salinas, Calif., 352 
Stanfield, Kay Rulene. Ogden, 72, 210, 266 
Stanfield, Ruth, Bellflower, Calif., 81, 119, 146, 167 
Stanford, Ralph C, Los Angeles, Calif., 60 
Stanko, Leroy, Nestor, Alta., Can., 185 
Staples, Lane K„ Twin Falls, Ida. 
Staples, Sharon Lee, Anaheim, Calif. 
322 Stapleton. William L., Alta., Can., 98, 210 
Stapley, John Elwin, Orem 
Stapley, Merrill L., Jr., Eugene, Ore., 303 
Stark, David Candland, Wilmington, Del. 
Stark, Sarah Lydia, Wilmington, Del. 
Slarkey, Ronald Gene, Opportunity, Wash. 
Starley, Helen, Menlo Park. Calif., 288, 303 
Starley, Jack, Provo, 356 
Starley, Max Reed, Burley, Ida., 304 
Starlin, Joan E., Bountiful, 322 
Starling, Lorenzo Don, Las Vegas, Nev., 35,2 
Marr, Charles Ray, Emmett, Ida. 
Startin, Ronald S., Murray, 231 
Startin, Wayne Leroy, Provo, 105, 231 
Startup, Karen Ruth, Pasadena, Calif., 187 
Staten, James Louis, Grants Pass, Ore., 322 
Stead, Barbara Diane, Los Angeles, Calif , 161, 322 
Stedd, Barbara Ann, Alta., Can., 173, 201, 322 
Steed, John Henry, Blackfoot, Ida. 
Steed, Michael Eugene, Salem, Ore., 304 
Steed, Sherry A., Las Trures, N. M., 322 
Steel, Harvey Lavar, Provo 
Steel, J, C , Rexburg, Ida., 206 
Steel, LaRae, Burley, Ida., 322 
Steele, Alton, Darryl, Provo, 352 
Steele, Barbara H., Salt Lake City, 93 
Steele, Donald H., Panguitch, 248 
Steele, Lois, 352 

Steele, Maxine Binch, American Fork 
Steele, Zoreatha, Boise, Ida., 352 
Steenblik, Sheila D., Salt Lake City, 322 
Steffensen, Lynn A., Salt Lake City, 159, 352 
Steffensen, Sonia, Canoga Park, Calif. 
Stegman, Ronald C, Chandler, Ariz., 322 
Steimle, Corinne, Provo, 72 
Steimle, Lawrence J., Pasadena, Calif., 322 
Steilme, Sally Lorene, San Gabriel, Calif., 322 
Stein, Linda Lee, Arcadia, Calif., 352 
Stein, Nancy Gail, Burbank, Calif. 
Steinagel, Verne Orin, Provo 
Steinmetz, Judy Arlen, Pitsburgh, Pa., 123 
Stephan, Susan Jane, Salt Lake City, 175, 352 
Stephen, Roy McBain, Canada, 98, 211 
Stephens, Augustus D., Ogden, 117, 352 
Stephens, Jon Dean, Solana Beach, Calif., 163 
Stephens, Kent G., Solana Beach, Calif., 163, 304 
Stephens, Robert C, Montpelier, Ida. 
Stephens, Sylvia I., Monterey Park, Calif., 352 
Stephensen, Beverly, Provo, 320 
Stephenson, Don Ray, Nampa, Ida., 91 
Stephenson Jr., Roy E., Los Angeles. Calif. 
Stephenson, Kathryn, Lehi, 304 
Stephenson, Maralyn, Rexburg, Ida. 
Sterling, Mike, 320 

Stevens, Alden Jay, W. Jordan, 163, 212, 352 
Stevens, Carole, Salt Lake City, 72, l6l 
Stevens, Floyd J., Las Vegas, Nev., 61 
Stevens, James Talmage, Greensboro, N. C, 35 
Stevens, John, Orem, 163 
Stevens, Karene, West Point 
Stevens, Lloyd L., Oakley, 322 
Stevens, Mary Rosalee, Springville, 117, 352 
Stevens, Orvilla A., Provo 
Stevenson, Diane Lee, San Gabriel, Calif., 167 
Stevnson, George M., Layton 
Stevenson, Joseph G., Provo 
Stevenson, Mike, 322 

Stevenson, Ronald Dee, Los Angeles, Calif., 304 
Stevenson, Warren W., San Gabriel, Calif., 189, 322 
Stevenson. Wilfred R , Great Falls, Mont., 304 
Stevenson, William V,, Layton 
Stewart, Barbara Sue, Evansville, Ind, 
Stewart, Barry D , Klamath Falls, Ore. 
Stewart, Carolyn, Salt Lake City, 60 
Stewart, Charles H., Alamo, Nev., 322 
Stewart, Charlotte L., Las Vegas, Nev. 
Stewart, Dave D., Provo 
Stewart, E. Dale, Nampa, Ida., 171, 304 
Stweart, Francis Jan, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Stewart, Gary Karless, ardston, Alta., Can., 208, 322 
Stewart, Glenn Willard, Las Vegas. Nev., 189, 240 

Stewart, J. Ernest, Provo 

Stewart, James D., Provo 

Stewart, James E., Fairview 

Stewart, Janet Ruth, Garden Grove, Calif , 189, 352 

Stewart, Jean, Fort Collins, Colo. 

Stewart, Joan, Orem, 352 

Stewart, John Lloyd D„ Alta., Can., 191 

Stewart, James W., Jr., San Diego, Calif. 

Stewart, Karl Dale, Spanish Fork 

Stewart, Kathleen, Fort Collins, Colo, 126, 155, 352 

Stewart, Lois Mane, Nampa, Ida., 304 

Stewart, Marilyn, Salt Lake City, 72 

Stewart, Lynn J., Payson, 232, 352 

Stewart, Mary Lynne, Ogden, 81 

Stewart, Norma Lee. Nampa, Ida., 90 

Stewart, Patricia J., Oakland, Calif., 352 

Stewart, Ralph Paris, Las Vegas, Nev., 189, 304 

Stewart, Regena, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Stewart, Thad, Meadow, 124 

Stiles, Patricia Mae, Mesa, Ariz. 

Stimpson, David Vern, Provo, 90, 170, 266 

Stine, Alan Langlois, Ogden, 90 

Stipac, Gloria Ann, Portland, Ore., 22 

Stires, David Warfield, Malvern, Ohio 

Stirland, Diane, Chinook, Mont., 151, 352 

Stirland, Thomas J., Chinook, Mont. 

Stirling, Michael , Huntington Park, Calif. 

Stocker, Henry Robert, Paris, Ida., 352 

Stocking, Royal J., Murray, 322 

Stockman, Janice A., Salt Lake City, 322 

Stockton, Stephanie D., Spokane, Wash. 

Stockton, Suzanne, Spokane, Wash., 352 

toddard, Donald J., Ashland, Ore. 

Stoddard, Elias Thomas, Washington, D. C, 60. 209 

Stoddard, Kathryn, Weiser. Ida., 155, 352 

Stoddard, Louise, Mt, View, Wyo., 132 

Stoffer, Lucile Ann, Portland, Ore., 322 

Stogsdill, Eldon Earl, Mesa. Ariz., 304 

Stohlton, John B., Millbrae, Calif., 181 

Stoker, Judith Fayc, San Mateo, Calif., 322 

Stoker, Wayde C, Panguitch 

Stokes, Earl Dean, Salmon, Ida. 

Stokes, Gordon Ellis, Provo, 322 

Stokes, Mirl, Salmon, Ida., 105 

Stokes, PaulG., Roy, 165 

Stolworthy, Willard O., Spanish Fork 

Stone, Beverly Larsen, Twin Falls, Ida. 

Stone, David John, Provo 

Stone, David Leonard. Stockton, Calif., 193, 352 

Stone, Douglas Nelson, Raymond, Alta., Can. 

Stone, Gary Ronald, Twin Falls, Ida., 352 

Stone, Jacqueline Lee, Berryville, Ark., 153, 175 

Stone, John Royal, Orem, 304 

Stone, Lewis Kay, Lehi 

Stone, Mildred Ann, Cheyenne, Wyo., 352 

Stone, Nancy, Victor, Ida., 72 

Stone, Otto Pierce, Evansville, Ind., 132 

Stone, Thomas Robert, Piedmont, Calif., 20, 27, 81, 1 

Stonely, Larry Lee, Rochester, N.Y., 352 

Stones, Barbara T., Downey, Ida., 77 

Stones, Carl, Downey, Ida., 132, 185, 352 

Stones, Frances A., Pocatello, Ida. 

Stones, Robert Carr, Portland, Ore., 53, 209 

Stookey, Gail, Oklahoma City, Okla., 352 

Storrs, Elaine, Tooele, 123, 183, 304 

Stoors, Margaret, Salt Lake City, 132 

Storrs, Lorna, Tooele, 352 

Stott, Gary R., Fairfield, Mont., 202, 352 

Stott, Rovert Vear, Fairfield, Mont. 

Stott, Gordon, 322 

Stott, Steve Larry, Kanosh 

Stott, Vernon Bruce, Fairfield, Mont. 

Stouffer, Donald James, Vancouver, B.C., On., 352 

Stout, Edward Dean, Moab, 304 

Stout, Robert John, Bladensburg, Md., 202 

Stowell, Rula, Provo 

Stowell, Wallace C, Phoenix, Ariz., 251 

Strang, James Leroy, Provo 

Strang, Robert James, National City, Calif. 

Strasburg, Ronald W., American Fork 

Strate, Naomi Marie, Idaho Falls, Ida., 352 

Stratford, Karen Kae, Idaho Falls, Ida., 352 

Stratford, Karlene B., Ogden, 72 

Stratford, Larry C, Chicago, III., 189 

Stratton, Richard B., Orem, 159, 212, 304 

Street, Judy, Pittsburg, Calif., 352 

Streibel, Theodore W., Sardis, B.C., 322 

Strieker, Barbara M., Las Vegas, Nev. 

Stringham, Clark, Riverside, Calif., 171, 231 

Stringham, Judith L., Burbank, Calif., 157 

Stringham, Murray H., Alta., Can. 

Stringham, Nathaniel, Riverside, Calif. 

Stroble, Canta L., Boone, Iowa, 81, 128 

Strong, Brent Marvin, Idaho Falls, Ida., 181, 322 

Strong, Brian Eveson, Alta., Can., 304 

Strong, Don Robert, Springville, 352 

Strong, Eddie Hawke. Springville 

Strong. Gary, American Fork 

Strong, Genevieve, Driggs, Ida., 93, 218 

Strong, John Ray. Driggs, Ida., 72 

Strong, James, 322 

Strong, Larry Mendon, Provo, 100 

Strong, Patricia M., Raymond, Alta., Can. 

Strong, Philip Leon, Rapid City, S. D., 322 

Strong. Roy David, Sask., Can., 352 

Strong, William James, Driggs, Ida. 

Struthers, Robert E., Orem 

Stuart, Annie Amelia. Randolph 

Stuart, Rodney L., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Stuart, Rodney William, Elba, N.Y. 

Stubbert, Colin Harold, Alta,, Can., 304 

Stubbs, Arlene Louise, Napa, Calif., 304 

Stubbs, William James, Salt Lake City 
Stuermer, Patricia R., Safford, Ariz. 
Stump, Carol Mildred, Richmond, Calif., 352 
Stump, Sandra Lewane, Sacramento, Calif., 204 
Suarez, Olga Manna, Guatemala, C.A., 322 
Sudweeks, John Richard, Provo 
Suico, Richard Allen, Irvington, Calif., 322 
Suitter, Francis H., Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Sukiasian, George, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Sullivan, Carolyn, Vernal, 352 

Sullivan, Colleen R,, Richland, Wash., 117, 169, 322 
Sullivan, Jack Robert, Provo 
Sullivan, James Keith, Phoenix, Ariz., 352 
Sullivan, James David, Crossett, Ark., 304 
Sullivan, Stephen F., Henderson, Nev., 232 
Summers, David Leon, Santa Fe, N. Mex. 
Summers, Rita May, West De Pere, Wis., 90 
Sumner, James Franklin, Provo 
Sumner, Keith James, Short Hills, N. J. 
Sumpter, Kenneth Rush, Provo 
Sumsion, Carolyn C, Springville, 304 
Sumsion, Madeline, Provo, 352 
Sundbc-rg, Myrleen, Sandy, 352 
Sunderland, Audrey V„ Ellenburg Dep, N. Y., 304 
Sunderland, Reed L., Lehi 
Sundwall, Carl Michael, Moab 
Sundwall, Katherine, Murray, 26, 35 
Sung, Stanley Sik Lun, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
Suomela, Cheryl Ann, Globe, Ariz., 352 
Supertzi, Emmanuel P., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Sutherland, James, Baldwin Park, Calif. 
Sutherland, Lewis Ray, Eugene, Ore., 126. 132, 322 
Sutter, Lyman B., Jr., Long Beach, Calif., 356 
Suttles, George E., Redondo Beach, Calif,, 352 
Sutton, Barbara Lu, GrantsvUIe, 352 
Sutton, Craig R., Salt Lake City 
Sutton, Leota Smith, Provo 
Suzuki, Mike Masaki, Japan, 322 
Swain, Foy Clark, Provo 
Swain, Helen Sherryl, American Fork, 356 
Swain. Noel Lilburn, Provo 
Swallow, Ronald Eugene, Kelso, Wash. 
Swan, June Karleen, Rupert, Ida, 
Swann, Neal Robert, Preston, Ida., 352 
Swanson, Harold Arthur, Deerfield, III., 165 
Swapp, Ada Jeanne, Carlin, Nev., 322 
Swapp, Sandra Kathleen, Provo, 194 
Swasey, Donna Duchesne, 352 
Sweeney, William Roge, Moses Lake, Wash., 352 
Sweet, Ada Cicele, Spokane, Wash. 
Sweeten, Fay, Malad. Ida., 198, 322 
Sweeten, Garth, Malad, Ida., 198, 322 
Sweeten, Owen Raymond, Malad, Ida. 
Swendsen, Kathleen, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Swendsen, Leslee Ann, Idaho Falls, Ida., 175, 322 
Swensen, Arthur Jaren, Murray 
Swensen, Adolph Leroy, Salt Lake City, 80 
47, Swensen, Albert John, Provo, 322 
Swensen, Donald G., Provo, 149 
Swensen, Jerry H., Twin Falls, Ida., 352 
Swensen, John A., Provo, 149 
Swensen, Loran Elmo, Murray, 352 
Swensen, Marilyn, Provo, 304 
Swensen, Shauna Jean, Provo, 158, 353 
Swenson, Camille, Concord, Calif. 
Swenson, Dale Gene, Ogden 
Swenson, David Hughes, Spanish Fork, 353 
Swenson, Ronald Kay, Provo 
Swenson, Sterling R., Salem 
Swenson, Terry Allen, Spanish Fork, 353 
Swift, Jane Elizabeth, Detroit, Mich., 132, 266, 322 
Swinburne, Robert D., Cleveland 
Swinyard, William R , Skokie, 111., 352 
Sybrowsky, Ann Marie, Bingham, 353 
Sylvester, Bart, Panorama, Calif. 
Sylvester, Margaret J., Hayward, Calif. 
Symons, Margene, Provo, 157, 322 
Syrett, Ruben Douglas, Rubys Inn 
Szeremi, Elizabeth U., Budapest, Hungary, 322 


Taba, Stanley Sumio, Pasadena, Calif., 53, 203 

Taber, Henry Eugene, Kingston, R.I., 231, 322 

Tachibana, Nobuyoshi, Tokyo, Japan, 304 

Tafoya, Navor, Baldama, LaPlata, N. Mex., 205, 322 

Tan:, Milton Lee, Bicknell 

Tagg, Melvin Salway, Pleasant Grove 

Tahbaz, Hossein Joe, Tehran, Iran 

Takahashi, Suiko Sail, Halaula, Hawaii, 199, 304 

Tall, Bruce Asael, Rigby, Ida., 171 

Tall, Douglas George, Copperton 

Talley, James Franklin, Camarillo, Cal,, 353 

Tame. Myrna Lois, Salt Lake City, 173, 322 

Tarns, Garth Leishman, Chinook, Mont. 

Tanaka, David Teruo, Yokohama, Japan, 322 

Tangren, Marvin Boyd, Dolores, Colo., 209, 322 

Tangreo, Marvin Broug, Montebello, Calif. 

Tanner, Annie A., Provo 

Tanner, Darlene Odell, Cortez, Colo., 157, 322 

Tanner, Dewane Lee, Lynwood, Calif., 353 

Tanner, Dlorah Jean, Cahone, Colo., 183, 353 

Tanner, Halworth Tren, Bayfield, Colo,, 353 

Tanner, John Daniel, Magrath, Alta., Can. 

Tanner, Larry Kent, Provo 

Tanner, Ramona, Farmington, N. Mex 

Tanner, Richard C, Provo, 322 

Tanner, Ronald George. Salt Lake City 

Tannler, Phyllis Ann, Portland, Ore., 72, 161 

Tao, Herbert Toshio, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Tarr, Harry L., Jr., Provo, 132 


Tarwater, Edra Anne, Chandler, Ariz., 72 
Tashiro, Jacqueline K., Laic, Oahu, Hawaii. 304 
Tasker, Dorothy. Salt Lake City. 72 
Taskini, Atoallah. Resht, Iran 322 
Tate, George Franklin, Provo 
Tate. Kathryn, Provo 
Tate, Lucile O , Provo 
Tate, Roland Ray. Idaho halls. Ida 
Tate, Thomas Errol, Tooele, 322 
Tautkus, Barbara May. Rockvillc, Conn., 322 
Tawara, Yoshiyuki, Provo 
Tawzer, Blanche Joy. Idaho Falls, Ida.. 353 
Taylor, Anita Kay, Safford, Ariz. 
Taylor, Ann, Peidmont, Calif., 146 
Taylor, Ardith Janine, Cody, Wyo., 204, 304 
Taylor. Ashton Harvey, Dubl-in Dhih., Mex 
Taylor, Barbara J., Provo 
Taylor. Blake Gilbert, Spanish Fork, 322 
Taylor, Bonnie R . Provo. 72. 210 
Taylor, Brenda Susan. Covina, Calif- 
Taylor, Carl Todd. Mt Airy. Calif 
Taylor. Carol Dawn, Blaekfoot. Ida., 72 
Taylor, Carole Lynn. Provo, 53. 167 
Taylor, Catherine T . Orem 
Taylor, Celestia J.. Provo 
Taylor. Clarence L., Loa 
Taylor. Clarence R .Chico, Calif., 90 
Taylor, Cornell D . Provo, 180, 245 
Taylor. Daniel Thomas, 322, Orem 
Taylor. Dawna Lee. South Gate, Calif.. 353 
Taylor. Dennis John. Malibu. Calif 
Taylor, Diane. Springville, 322 
Taylor, Donna Kristine, Bakersfield. Calif. 
Taylor, Gerald Lynn. Rexburg, Ida. 
Taylor. Gilbert, Santa Ana, Calif., 132 
Taylor. Grant Heber. Levan 

Taylor. Gwendolyn Kay, Lewisburg, W. Va.. 304, 353 
Taylor. Harold Hacking, Payson 
Taylor. Hyde Leroy, Provo 

Taylor. James Douglas, Rock Springs, Wyo., 26, 231 
Taylor, James Edwin. Yozoo City. Miss., 353 
Taylor. James Scott. Price, 85 
Taylor. Janet L., Cincinnati. Ohio, 167. 353 
Taylor, Jean Ann, Lewiston, Calif-, 322 
Taylor. Jerrie Mane, South Gate, Calif., 322 
Taylor, Jesse Leon, Payson, 353 
Taylor, Jean Whitcley. Portland, Ore.. 353 
Taylor, John Keith. Provo 
Taylor, John Robin. Provo 
Taylor, Josephine C, Provo 
Taylor. Gilbert E , Jr., Santa Ana. Calif., 223 
Taylor, Jesse M., Jr.. Provo 
Taylor. Seymour S.. r.. Sherman Oaks, Calif. 
Taylor, Judith Ann, McKces Rocks, Pa. 
Taylor, Karen. Burley. Ida.. 304 
Taylor. Kay, Lewisburg, W. Va., 23 
Taylor. LaDell. 304 
Taylor. Larry Hugh. Provo 
Taylor, Leroy John, Roy 
Taylor. Linda Lee. Burbank, Calif., 157, 353 

Taylor, Lucille G . Spanish Fork 

Taylor, Lyman D , Pocatello, Ida., Ill, 232, 353 

Taylor, M. Harvey, Chih., Mex., 304 

Taylor, Mary Elizabeth, Santa Monica, Calif.. 353 

Taylor, Mary Frances. Provo, 304 

Taylor, Mary Louise. Encimtas. Calif., 187 

Taylor. Merlyn. Paris, Ida. 

Taylor, Michael Robert. Provo. 322 

Taylor, Michael John, Wrabhess Esse. England 

Taylor, Nancy Tanner, Boise, Ida., 77 

Taylor, Nicholls V , Provo 

Taylor. Patricia. Rexburg, Ida , 197. 304 

Taylor. Paul Scott. Price, 90 

Taylor, Revelle Bond, Farmington, N. Mex. 

Taylor, Richard GUI, Billings. Mont., 163, 322 

Taylor. Robert Andrew, Ogden 

Taylor. Robert Dean. Toronto Ontario. Canada, 322 

Taylor. Robert Earl, Provo 

Taylor, Robert Lloyd, Provo 

Taylor, Ronnie Stanley. Orem 

Taylor. Sailey. 322 

Taylor, Seymour Sam. Sherman Oaks, Calif , 171 

Taylor, Shirley Zina, Meeker, Colo., 304 

Taylor. Stanley Kay, El Paso, Tex., 29 

Taylor, Stanley Armon, Provo, 29 

Taylor, Terrell Fenton. Thatcher, Ariz. 

Taylor. Thelma Juanita, Hcyburn, Ida,. 353 

Taylor. Vaughn Milton, Welling, Alta., Can. 

Taylor. Von J., Salt Lake City 

Taylor. William Paul, St. George 

Taysom, Lloyd P.. Afton, Wye. 

Taysom, Ruth Annette, Napa. Calif.. 173, 304 

Teasdale. Thera Ann. Salt Lake City, 167 

Tebbs, Douglas Clark, Panguitch 

Tednck, Margaret Ann, Louisville. Ky., 72 

Teel. Daryl Gene, Vernal 

Teela, Gerald Oliver, Ripon, Wis., 304 

Teeples, Daryl Hart, Lava Hot Springs, Ida., 304 

Telford. Ira Ralph, Washington. D. C, 304 

Tenney, Lynn Harry, Sacramento. Calif. 

Tenney, Patricia, Saci, Calif., 183 

Tenney, Roy Allen, Boise. Ida.. 90 

Tenney, Sally Richter, Dallas, Tex. 

Terhune, Carole Fay. Denver. Colo., 353 

Terry, Carol Ann. Chehalis. Wash., 353 

Terry, David Ray, Provo 

Terry, Donald Webster. Alta.. Can. 

Terry. Jay DeWitt, Concord. Calif . L29 

Terry, Keith Calvin. Delta, 353 

Terry, Lynda, Salt Lake City, 353 

Terry. Wanda, Idaho Falls, Ida., 304 

Tessay. Donnda, Provo, 206. 322 


Tetreault. Edward L . Los Angeles, Calif , 304 

Tew. Carolyn. Huntington 

Tew. Geniellc, Lovell. Wyo 

Tew, John Garn. Talmage 

TeW, Merrill Lloyd, Lovell, Wyo. 

Tew, Ronald Kay. Springville 

Tcwanema, Harvey, Joseph < ity. Ariz 

Thacker. Allan Dale, Orem. \22 

Thacker, Eloy Glenn, Provo. 206. 322 

Thacker. Lapreal, Castle Gate. 353 

Thacker, Lynn D, Heber, 34, 148, 304 

Thaeker, Roy Murray. Heber, 105. 239 

Thacker, Zona Arlene. Overton, Nev. 

Thackery, Renee, Morgan 

Thames, Courtney Ann. Luverne, Ala. 

Thatcher. David Weston, Provo 

Thati her, Mary Lee, Provo 

Thatcher. Richard W.. San Marion. C alii 

Thaxton. Melva Nadinc, Salt Lake City. 353 

Thayn. Flora Janet, Willington 

Thayn, Ronald E., Lehi 

Thayn, Susan. Emmett. Ida , 353 

Thayne, David Blaine, Farmington 

Thayne, David Clifton. Provo, 126 

Thayne. Flora Mae, Provo 

Thayne. Lloyd. Layton. 101. 212 

Theobald. Merlin G , Hinckley, 90. 98 

Thophanides. John M . Salonica, Greece 

Thielman. Helen Kay. Great Falls. Mont , 353 

Thinot, Jeannetta. Las Vegas, Nev , ] 53 

Thorn, Melvin D., Schurz, Nev.. 206 

Thomander. Dawn Ivonne, La Canada, Calif.. 167, 217. 

Thomander, Lydia Joan, Maplewood, N J.. 22. 353 
Thomas, Alan Reed. Downey, Ida., 353 
Thomas. Ann. Billings. Mont., 117 
Thomas, Austin Barnet, Payson 
Thomas, Bruce Evan, Idaho Falls, Ida., 323 
Thomas. D. Cornell, Pingrec, Ida., 216, 304 
Thomas, Darla, Woods Cross, 158. 353 
Thomas. Darrell B., Spanish Fork 
Thomas, Darwin Lamar, Santaqum 
Thomas. David Brent, Manitou Springs, Colo., 101 
Thomas. David Harold, Pocatello, Ida.. 32, 353 
Thomas. Ellen E.. Murray, 304 
Thomas, Francis M . Tilton, Ga 
Thomas, Galen B . Colorado Springs, Colo., 1 17 
Thomas, Georgina C. Grand Junction, Colo. 
Thomas, Gerald Eugene, Spanish Fork 
Thomas. Gordon Kent, Short Hills, N. J., 90 
Thomas, Gordon Max, Spanish Fork 
Thomas. Grace Jane. Malad. Ida., 353 
Thomas, Ivan Lee. Sanford, Colo. 
Thomas. James Philip. Anaconda, Mont. 
Thomas, Jeffrey Lloyd, Downey, Calif. 
Thomas, Joseph Tyson, Boise, Ida. 
Thomas. Karen Jodelle, Baker. Ore.. 304 
Thomas, Lynn, Spanish Fork 
Thomas. Mary, Pleasant Grove, 353 
Thomas. Mary'. Billings. Mont.. 126, 353 
Thomas, Maxine, Spanish Fork 
Thomas, Michael Dan, Orem 
Thomas, Paul Roger, Short Hills, N. J., 124, 353 
Thomas, Ray W., Deer Lodge, Mont. 
Thomas. Reed, Orem 
Thomas, Robert Fred. Orem 
Thomas, Ruth B , Malad, Ida. 
Thomas, Sharon, San Rafael, Calif. 

Thomas, Sharon Lee. Woodside. Calif 

Thomas, Sheila Rae, Woodside, Calif. 

Thomassen, Arthur K , Kaysville, 324 

Thompson, Carla Jo, Caliente, Nev., 155, 353 

Thompson, Carolyn R , Venice. Calif- 
Thompson, Edgar J., Kearns, 100 

Thompson, Evan M , Spanish Fork 

Thompson. Frank Andre, Provo 

Thompson, Gwendolyn E.. Odessa, Tex. 

Thompson, Harvey A., Pierre, S. D. 

Thompson. Heber M.. Richland Wash., 189, 304 

Thompson, J Franklin, Orem 

Thompson, James T , Orem 

Thompson, James Lane, Weiser, Ida. 

Thompson, Janc-th Ann. Carmichael, Calif., 324 

Thompson, John Harmon, Malta, Ida,, 1 19 

Thompson, Jon Errol, Palo Alto. Calif., 189 

Thompson. Juanita D.. Carmichael, Calif., 353 

Thompson, Karen. Provo, 324 

Thompson, Kay. Ogden, 324 

Thompson, Kenneth D , Jerome, Ida,. 304 

Thompson, KentR., Provo 

Thompson, Lonas Lee, Sunset 

Thompson. Lorna Joean. Alta.. Can., 72 

Thompson, Marvin H.. Spnhgville 

Thompson. Ralph Wayne, San Mateo, Calif., 90 

Thompson. Robert H . Malta. Ida., 304 

Thompson, Robert Leroy. Wendover 

Thompson. Samuel. Bone, Ida,, 132 

Thomsen. Leo Arnold, Springfield, Ore 

Thomson, Irene G., Provo 

Thomson, Lois Rae. Tacoma, Wash., 353 

Thomson, William D., Eugene, Ore.. 353 

Thorn, Jerry Grant, Springville 

Thorn. Neil Dalton, Spnngville- 

Thornc, Donald Robert, Orem, 159 

Thornc. Keyne J . Pleasant Grove 

Thorne, Martin David, Nampa, Ida.. 126, 353 

Thorne. Sally Helen. Provo, 221, J04 

Thornlcy. Sharon, Harlem, Mont., 72 

Thronton. Harold R,. Salt Lake City 

Thorpe, Robert Ronald, Provo 

Thorpe. Tamara, Provo, 158, 167, 353 

Thorson. Arthur. Salt Lake City. 185, 205 

Thorsum, Bob. Provo. 225 

Thorum, Arden R., Sandy, 304 

Thorup, Lc-e Burgess, Fontana, Calif , 191, 324 

Thrasher, Kent Lehi 

Throckmorton, Mary A.. Salt Lake City, 324 

Thrush. Rose Larae. Alameda. Calif . 324 

Thueson. Calir Ogden. Rigby, Ida. 

Thueson, Karla Ann. Twin Falls. Ida., 72 

Thurgood. Glen Stoker, Clearfield. 30 l 

Thurgood. Jay D , Bountiful, 98 

Thurman. C Gordon, 149, 324 

Thurman. Kathleen, Provo, 194, 324 

Thurman. Ronald Vano, Ephrata, Wash., 353 

Thurn, Jacqueline C, Pomona, Calif., 175, 304 

Thurston, Emma Louise, Hurricane, 153 

Thurston, Sharon Kay, Las Vegas, Nev., 324 

Thyberg, Virginia L.. West Conna. Calif., 353 

rhygerson, Alton Luie,, Pampa, Tex., 181, 353 

Tibbitts. Sidney Ann. Hemet, Calif. 

Tidd, Marjean. Orem 

Tidd. Maude Partridge. Orem 

Tidey. Joanne Claire. Brandon Manit. Can 

Tidwell. Claudia, 324 

Tidwell. Leah Jean. Richmond, Calif, 132 

Tidwell. Ray Webb, McGill. Nev., 223, 304 

Tidwell. Roy Lee. Caldwell. Ida,, 231 

Tilby, Francis Louis, Ely. Nev 

Till, Roberta, Ramona, Calif.. 353 

Tillman, Chester Earl, Provo 

T.Iton, Judith Evelyn. Palatka. Fla., 353 

Timmons, Robert Lee, Forest City, N. C, 353, 201 

Timms, Derek, Norwalk. Calif., 324 

Timms, Dixie Renee, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Timothy, Gayl. Shirlen, Vernal, 324 

Tmgey. Afton. 198 

Tingey, Blaine Cornia, Salt Lake City, 324 

Tmgey, Garth Leroy, Spnngville 

Tingey. Kay, 324 

Tingey, Loretta Kay, Sacramento, Calif. 

Tinncy, Edwin L,, Rexford, N, Y. 

Tinney, Gilbert Row. Rexford, N. Y. 

Tippets, Gerald Vaughn. Pans. Ida,, 356 

Tippets. Heber, Orem, 185 

Tippets, Marylee, Provo, 37, 90 

Tippets, Tamara, Thermopolis, Wyo., 72 

Tippetts. Frank M_, Provo 

Tucker, Mary Kathryn, Reno, Nev. 

Tucker, Tim Mickclsen, Oswego, Ore. 

Tuckett, Diane, Orem 

Tuckett, Marilyn, Provo 

Tuckett, William F , Spanish Fork 

Tudesque, Elma May, Sealbuq, N. Mex., 205 

Tueller, Mary Sharilyn, Mesa, Ariz, 353 

Tuft. Nadeane Louise, Salt Lake City, 305 

Tufts, Mary Gwen, Alta., Can., 305 

Tulhs, Jack D . 324 

Tumomcnoksa, Eila O., Helsinki, Finland, 91 

Tung, Grace Y. Uyan Hui, 104 

Tunks, Roger Bird, Portland, Ore., 353 

Tupou, Pauline Hahake. Tongat 

Tupou, Ve-sinia, Tonga Island 

Turley, Anthony H , Jr., Tamaz, Peru, 324 

Turley, Harold E.. Jr., El Paso, Tex., 189, 217, 251, 324 

Turley, Luther Dean. Chih., Mex., 53 

Turley, Martha Louise, San Antonio, Tex. 

Turley. Mary Kathenne, Tacna, Peru 

Turley, Robert Walter. Chih., Mex., 124 

Turnblom, Grant W., Ogden, 305 

Turner. Amber Strong, Heber City 

Turner, Charles W„ Phoenix. Ariz.. 90 

Turner, Deanna Rae, Provo 132, 353 

Turner, Douglas John, Alta,, Can., 324 

Turner, Evelyn, Holden, 324 

Turner, George Mason. Provo, 124 

Turner, Jay Donald, Woodland Hill, Calif.. 353 

Turner, June Edna, Albany, Calif,. 353 

Turner. Karen. Fillmore, 197. 209. 305, 353 

Turner. Karen, Riverton 

Turner, Norma, Farmington 

Turner, Robert R.. 324 

Turner, Sharon Mane, Provo 

Turpin, Karen, Boise, Ida., 307 

Turpin, Raymond Fay., Portland. Ore. 

Turrentine. Catherine, Provo, 353 

Tuttle. Jane Larae, Orangeville, 307 

Tuttle, Larry Eugene. Ogden 

Tuttle, Ruth. Castle Dale, 161 

Twede, Fred, Payson, 209, 305 

Tweten. Georgine Elle, Detroit, Mich. 

Twirchell. Ancil L . Delta, 100 

Tipton. Patricia Lynn. Soda Springs, Ida.. 117. 155, 353 Twitchell. Jerry F., Lyman, Wyo 

Tirrell, Galen D . Idaho Falls, Ida., 304 

Tirrell. Karla Jane, Rigby, Ida.. 353 

Tischner. Kay L„ Santaquin 

Titus, Diann. Heber. 324 

Tobias. Dale Arthur, Mohrsville, Pa. 

Tobler, Almajean, Las Vegas, Nev., 215, 353 

Tobler, Harmon Elbert, Nampa, Ida. 

Tobler. Wayne Gates, Salt Lake City 

Tobler, Zona Thacker, Overton. 93, 218 

Toborg, Charles R., Downey, Cjlit , 35 3 

Todd. Ann. Gndley, Calif , 353 

Todd. Henry Swan, Gndley, Calif.. 105 

Todd. Mama, Gndley, Calif.. 113 

Todd, Rhue. Valerie,. New York, N.Y. 

Todd, Sally McClay, Oakland, Calif., 90 

Tokoi, Helen Anna, Scofield, 353 

Tolbert, Ronald Lavoy, Abraham 

Tolbert, Sherril W., Abraham, 304 

Tolboe, Donald Gary. Provo. 191, 353 

Tolley. Deanna. Gridley, Calif , 175. 304 

Tolley. Harold C. Orem 

Tolman, Dee Ann, Bountiful. 73 

Tolman, James Russell, Orem 

Tolman. Lawrence Kirk. Burley, Ida., 304 

Tolman, Lyman Ksy, Burbank, Calif. 

Tolman, Lynn J . Yucaipa, Calif., 149 

Tolman. Marilyn E , Maywood, Calif., 169, 304 

Tolman, Shirlene, Provo 

Tolman, Wilford Judson, Burbank, Calif. 

Tolson. Melbba Virginia. Charlotte, N C, 72 

Tolton, Asenath A B.. American Fork 

Tomhnson, Johnny A., Jacksonville, Fla., 163, 353 

Tomlinson, Ronald. Vallejo, Calif., 324 

Tomsik, Robert Edward. Milford 

Toher. Paul George, Niagara Falls, N Y 

Tonks. Jesse Warren, Provo 

Toombs, Bevelyn, Smithfield, 204. 304 

Toone, Winona, Salt Lake City, 77, 213, 219 

Torcn, Roger. 73 

Tormey, David Michael, Ogden 

Torney, Richard W., Seattle. Wash,, 189. 209, 353 

Toronto, Joseph C, Spanish Fork, 223, 324 

Towler, Sandra Suzanne. Rolling Hills, Cal., 324 

Towne, Sandy C, Gallup, N. Mex., 206, 353 

Traasdahl. Madeline A.. Boulder City. Nev., 324 

Tracy. Charles Henry, Flint, Mich. 

Tracy. Dee Marshall, Malta, Ida.. 119, 324 

Tracy. Lyman Franklin. Provo, 163, 250, $5* 

Trammell, Melgar Lyle, The Dalles. Ore 

Trease, Jacquelyn L„ Turlock. Calif. 

Twitchell. Lamar, Delta, 190 
Twitchell. Melvin A , Springville, 353 
Twogood, Thcron T , Jr„ High Grove. Calif., 324 
Tyler, Dell Roy, Provo 


Udy,Anne Kathryn, Niagara Falls, N. Y., 206, 209, 353 

Udy, Kay K„ Malta. Ida. 

Udy. Richard Grant. Rockland, Ida, 

1'ihel. Howard Falcone. Mt. View, Alta,, Can.. 209, 305 

Uibel, Joseph Lynn, Mt. View, Alta,, Can., 353 

Ulicny, Sandy Lee, Las Vegas, Nev., 353 

Ungermann, Susan Lee, Santa Paula, Calif,. 324 

Uoung, James Robert, Crescenta, Calif. 

Upstill, Suzann Dee, Burbank, Calif.. 183 

Lire. Colleen E., Edmonton, Alta., Can., 167, 305 

Urie, Kenneth Ray, Kimberly, Ida. 

Ursenbach. Jeanne, Auburn, Calif., 353 

Urton, Gary Kent, Bellflower. Calif., 353 

Utley, Dwight Willard, Benjamin 

Utley. Roger E.. Provo 

Utley, Quentine, 218 

Utschig. Mary Louise, San Mateo. Calif. 

Uyehara. Robert Kenji, Honolulu. Hawaii. 203 


Tree, David Rees. Pleasant Grove- 
Trent, Dennis Wayne, Provo, 105 
Tnmnal, Gloria June, Rockhill, S. C. 305 
Trimnal, Roger Snow, Rockhill, S. C, 201, 
Tripp. Patricia Ann, Salt Lake City, 353 
Tripp. Paul L.. Detroit, Mich. 
Tripp, Riehard Graham, Detroit. Mich 
Tritt, Francis Logan, Hays, Kan, 
Trocn, Roger Smith, Portland. Ore. 
Trone. Marilyn Joyce. Elko, Nev , 324 
Tryon, Merlin Leon, Arlington. Va 
Tsuji. Ernest YoYshio, Honolulu. Hawaii, 203 
Tsuneda, Yoneko, Waidla St. Han, Hawaii 
Tucker. David Greer, Oakland, Calif , 126, 353 
Tucker. Donald L., Provo, 181 
Tucker, Hal Whirtier, Morgan, 60, 211 
Tucker. Karen J., Filer, Ida., 324 

Valentine, Amy Lee, Provo 
Valentine, Gay F., Salt Lake City. 151, 305 
06, 209, 353 Valentine, Jane Carol, Ogden, 353 

Valle. Silvia Veatriz, Montevideo, Uruguay 

Vallozzi, Rosina E., Los Angeles, Calif., 73 

Valora. Milton Scott, Rangely, Colo., 353 

Valora, Peter John, Rangely, Colo. 

Vance, Loya, 128 

Van Dam. Gloria, New York, N. Y„ 220, 324 

Van Dam, Mary Louise, New York. N.Y, 1 1 7, 155, 353 

Van Dc Vanter, Ronald, Delta, 353 

Van Der Lcnde. Martha. Haarlem, Netherlands 

Van Dijk, Erna. Aldam, Holland 

Van Dyke Que, Morrcll, Provo, 60 

Van Kykc. Robert R . Anaheim, Calif. 

Van Kampen. Jedd R., Ogden 

Van Leuven, Janet, Springville, 73 

Vm Ordcn, Dell Ray. Idaho Falls, Ida . 216 

Van Patten, Ardean G.. Orem 

Van Patten. Blaine, Springville 

Van Quill. Michael E, Orem, 353 

Van Thiel. Berghuys, Amsterdam. Netherlands 

Win Thiel, Rineke, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 324 

Van Wagencn. Alan Kent. Provo 

Van Wagenen. Jim C, Sacramento, Calif.. 305 

Van Wagenen, Richard. Provo. 171 

Van Wagoner, John C, American Fork, 305 

Van Wagoner, Kathenne, Palo Alto, Calif . 324 

Van Wagoner. Mark Dee, Jerome. Ida. 

Van Wagoner, Willard. Wellington, 60 

Vance. Allen Lamont. Fairview, 100 

Vance, Barbara Jane, Salt Lake City 

Vance, Calvan Douglas, American Fork 

Vance, Geraldine Rae, Sparks, Nev., 183, 324 

Vance. Jennie Lou, Albuquerque. N Mex. 

06, 353 


Vance, Jerry Kay, Salt Lake City, 324 

Vance, John Richard, Provo 

Vance, Loal Arthur, Parma, Ida 

Vandenhazel, Ailko, Kearns 

Vanderford, Lee Ann, Stockton. Calif, 26. 81. 112. I 

146, 187 
Vanderhoff, Grace Ann, Reno, New 
Vanderkooi, Stephen W.. Rawlins. Wyo., 223, 353 
Vanhorn, Robert Lowell. Portland, Ore. 
Vanvliet, Deanna A., Arcadia, Calif., 353 
Varney, Joel Richard, Las Vegas, Nev., 100, 212 
Vaughn, Pauline Rae. Ingtewood, Calif. 
Vaughn, Raymond Vance, Gilean, Mo., 60 
Vascjuez, Ins Delia, Jamaica, N, 
Veile, Leman Dale, Salt Lake City 
Verbanatz. Thomas R., Orem, 232 
Verdoorn, Joan Soule, Delmar. N.Y., 73 
Verdoorn, Peter Dirk, Tampa, Fla., 354 
Verhaaren, joy Arlene. Palo Alto, Calif., 187 
Ventsky. William A., Canada, 60 
Vernon, Lawrence Deon, Orem 
Vernon, Robert Dean, Provo, 305 
Vest, Larry E., American Fork 
Viewcg, Steven Herman, Clifton, Ida. 
Vikari, Christian. Salt Lake City 
ViUalobos, Efrain, Mexico. 354 
Villavicencio, Armend. Sulio Arclima 
Vincent, Alan Grange, Modesto, Calif, 193, 305 
Vincent, Barry Averett, Spnngville 
Vincent, Emily Arlene, Mesa, Ariz. 
Vincent, Neldine, Bellevue, Wash., 157, 208, 354 
Vincent, Paul, Provo 
Vincent, Sylvia R.. Provo, 197, 305 
Vinson, Gerald Lloyd, Sepulveda, Calif. 
Visscher, Anah, San Leandro, Calif., 167, 324 
Vogler, Mary Ruth, Mt. Airy, N.C., 158 
Vogt, William D. Cougille Ore. 
Von Almen, Karl illis, Los Angeles, Calif., 324 
Von Cannon, Lora J., Colfax, NX., 354 
Vorwaller, Wesley G., Tooele, 231, 324 
Voyles, Pearl Ann, Columbia, SC, 132. 305 

Wallwork, Patricia Ann, Redwood City, Calif. 
Walsh, Richard Allan, Albany, N.Y., 221 
Walter, Betty Ann, Wayne, Ind., 194, 354 
Walter, Robert Kenneth, Cheyenne, Wyo., 324 
•H, Walter, William Paul, Am. Fork, 32, 324 

Walton. Alexander, Sauk St. Marie, Canada, 354 

Webb, Tamara Gay, Riverton, 353 
Webb. Wilfred Taft, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Webber, Joyce Marie, Las Vegas, Nev., 155, 354 
Webber, Maurice R., Livingston, Mont., 53 
Webber, Renata Pace, Merrill, Mich., 73 
Webber, Allen Howard, Lroenzo, Ida. 

Walton, Andrew Jackson, Calgary, Aha., Can., 201, 324, Weber, Gerald F„ Encino, Calif., 305 


Waddoups, Sara Anne, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Wade, Alton L„ Fillmore 

Wade, Evanell, Bountiful, 73 

Wade, John Edward, Gilmer, Tex., 305 

Wadley, Paul Douglas, Provo 

Wagner, Dennis Keith, Chih., Mex., 240 

Wagner, Howard A , Provo 

Wagner, Judy, Glendale, Calif., 117 

Wagstaff, Howard Ray, Provo 

Wahlin, Danny Lynn, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Wahlroos. Ulla Anna V., Helsinki, Finland, 85, 91 

Wahlquist, Bryan K., Idaho Falls, Ida., 117, 206, 305 

Wairath, Kay Ellen, Keystone Heights, Fla. 

Waite, Kenneth Glen, St. Helens, Ore., 354 

Waite. Wendell Glen, Las Vegas, Nev., 64 

Wakefield, Emma Susan, Provo, 354 

Walden, John Foster. Denver, Colo. 

Waldo, Kim Christen, Reno, Nev., 354 

Waldron, Fredrick Glen, Hollywood, Calif. 

Waldron, Helen, Malad, Ida. 

Waldron, Mary, 119 

Waldron, Leahmae, Malad, Ida., 395 

Waldron, Wilma B., Samaria, Ida., 354 

Waldvogel, Caryl Ann Bensenville, 111., 73, 146 

Waldvogel. Mildred D., Bensenville, III., 34, 354 

Waldvogel, Nadine Sue, Arcadia, Calif., 155 

Walker, Bernard S., Jr., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Walker, Bud, 189, 354 

Walker, Charlene J., Salt Lake City 

Walker, Clark A., 324 

Walker, Clemens F., 324 

Walker, Darrell W., Woodland, 354 

Walker, Donald Duff, Montrose, Colo., 305 

Walker, Eldon Holmes, Rigby, Ida., 305 

Walker, Glenda Marlene, Peoa, 354 

Walker, Glenn Perrin, Idaho Falls, Ida., 221, 212, 324 

Walker, Glenn Ronald, Peoa, 117, 325 

Walker, James Joe, Powell, Wyo. 

Walker, Jo Ann Maree, Traverse City, Mich. 

Walker, John Marlen, Henderson, Nev. 

Walker, Key LeGrand. Reno, Nev., 91 

Walker, Keith Alan, Lapoint, 207 

Walker, Kenneth B., Heber, 324 

Walker, Kenneth R., Poison, Mont., 223 

Walker, Larry C, Marsing Ida., 324, 123 

Walker, Lynn Paul, Springville 

Walker, Mary Sharon, Pocatello, Ida., 209- 

Walker, Nadine, 324 

Walker, Newell R., Rigby, Ida. 

Walker, Norlan G., Provo, 73 

Walker, Richard Allen, Bakersfield, Calif., 305, 354 

Walker, Robert Jan, PI. Grove 

Walker, Robert Lorenza, Afton, Wyo. 

Walker, Ronald Warren, Bakersfield, Calif., 212 

WMker, Ronald ara-n, Bakersfield, Calif., 212 

Walker, Rose Nadien, Gallup, N. Mex. 

Walker, Verdon Reed, Provo, 100 

Walker, Verlen N. Mesquite, Nev. 

Walker, Winifred Man, Artisea, N. Mex. 

Walkingshaw, Carolee. Pacific Palisade, Calif., 324 

Wallace, Barbara E., Belvedere, Calif., 354 

Wallace, Baron Max, Orem 

Wallace, Joan, Price, 73 

Wallace, Karen Agnes. Wilder, Ida. 

Wallace, Lulu, Driggs, Ida, 

Wallace, Wanda, Driggs, Ida., 93, 218 

Wallis, Travis Lee, Vernal 


Walton. Gerald Curtis, Heber 
Walton, Glenda Faye, Arcadia, Calif., 354 
Walton, John, Ste Marie, Ont., Can., 354 
Walton, Pauline L., Gooding. Ida., 354 
Walton. Wilbur Thomas. Gooding. Ida., 96 
Wanlass. Geraldine, Santa Maria, -Calif., 195 
Wanlass, Mary Joan, Novato, Calif., 209, 354 
Warburton, Joyce A., Provo 
Ward, Anna Marie, Bloomington, Ida., 129 
Ward, Carol Jean, Portland, Ore. 
Ward, Carolyn Fae, Boise, Idaho, 354 
Ward, Darrell Nicholas. Malad, Ida. 
Ward. David Rulon, Snowville, 147, 185, 212 
Ward, Delbert Wilson Burbank, Calif., 
Ward, Dorcos Natrone, Malad, Ida. 
Ward, Florence Carrol, Nogales, Ariz., 324 
Ward, Georgeanna Jane. Twin Falls. Ida., 23, 27, 105 
Ward, James Lamar, North Hollywood, Calif., 354 
Ward, Marvin Wilson, Burbank, Calif., 354 
Ward. Mondell K. 
Ward, Natrone, Malad, Ida., 123, 354 
Ward. Patricia Joan, White Rock, B. C. Can. 
Ward, Patricia Joe. Twin Falls, Ida., 26 
Ward, Ronald Willis, Paradise, Calif., 53 
Ward, Sharron Lynne, Beaverton, Ore., 129. 132, 324 
Ware, Gerald Max, Draper 
Ware, Ruth Elizabeth, Salt Lake City, 294, 354 
Warner, Carolyn, Redwood. Calif. 
Warner, Dennis Allan, Soda Springs, Ida, 354 
Warner, Derral C, Heyburn, Ida., 305 
Warner, Helen Mae, Cedar City, 206, 354 
Warner, Majel Marie, Spanish Fork 
Warner, Richard Jarvis, Spanish Fork, 354 
Warner, Shepman El Von, Provo 
Warnick, Erlend Blame, PI. Grove, 305 
Warnick, Jejsse Lamar, Holbrook, Ariz. 
Warnick, Reed Taylor, Wheatridge. Colo., 212 
Warr, Frank William, Payson 
Warren, Allan H. Bell, Calif. 
Warren, Barbara, Missoula, Mont., 305 
Warren, Cheri, 354 
Warren, Floyd Eugene, Bell, Calif. 
Warren, Sharron, Lakewood, Calif. 
Warthen, Jac Lajuana, Spanish Fork. 354 
Warwook, Lnnda, Orem 
Wasden, Mary Margaret, Medford, Ore. 
Washburn, Laurel Kay, Monroe, 324 
Washburn, Richard M., Nampa, Ida. 
Washburn, Roland M„ Pasco, Wash., 126 
Washburn, Suzanne, Bountiful, 216, 354 
Washburn, Virginia, Provo. 324 

Weber. Ralph Samuel, Parma, Ida. 

Weber, Robert Michael, San Rafael, Calif., 251. 354 

Webster, Clair Carl, American Fork 

Webster, Leroy Arthur, Walla Walla, Wash. 

Webster. Mark Eldon. Cedar City, 73 

Weech, Bill Kent. El Monte, Calif., 305 

Weeks, Emily G., Provo 

Weeks, Margaret, Redding, Calif., 324 

Weese, Sandra Lynne, Fullerton, Calif., 324 

Weidner, Leo Albert, Portland, Ore.. 60, 185 

Weidner. Sharron E., Salt Lake City 

Weidner, Stephen M., Portland, 354 

Weigel, Mary Katherine, Salt Lake City. 175, 324 

Weight, Maria. Springville 

Weight, Mary Lou, Provo, 195, 305 

Weight, Melvyn Reese, Springville 

Weight, Nedra Louise, Nampa, Ida. 

Weinheimer, Gordon E , Welling, Alberta, Can., 324 

Welch, Ervil Wrensia, Sara, Miss., 61. 201 

Welcher, Robert Eugene, Topeka, Kan. 

Welker, Donna, Phoenix, Ariz., 200, 354 

Welker, William Harris, Portland, Ore., 305 

Weller, Lynn D., Pocatello, Ida., 101, 149 

Wells, Ivyl William, Boise, Ida., 354 

Wells, Edwin G., Jr., Logandale, Nev., 25, 305 

Wells, Robert W., Jr., Joseph 

Wells, Leonard Rollan, Sumpter, S. C, 324 

Wells, Novell Mitchell, Boise, Ida. 

Wells, Ramona Gail Whittier, Calif., 354 

Wells, Robert Homer, Nephi 

Wells, Robert W., Jr., 324 

Wells, William Lathair, Nephi 

Welton, Robert Banta, Sacramento, Calif., 225, 324 

Welty, Roy Elvin, Compton, Calif. 159, 305 

Wendel, Carol, Salt Lake City, 354 

Wendelbre, Shirley L., Las Vegas, Nev. 

Wengreen, Earl Wayne, Orem 

Wentz, Robert Wells, Springville, 354 

Wernz, Therald Albert, Provo 

West, Donald Jesse, Denver, Colo., 124, 163 

West, Emerson, Roy, Salt Lake City 

West, Farrin W., PI. Grove 

West, Judy, PI. Grove 

West, Leonard R., American Fork, 98 

Wedt, Lyle Ray, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

West, Robert Dale, Mt. View, Alberta, Can. 

West, Vance Joel, Pleasant Grove 

Westbrook, Martha Ann, Alamosa, Colo. 

Westenskow, Carolyn, Imbler, Ore., 117, 209, 305 

Westenskow, Joyce, LaGrand, Ore., 305, 354 

Westerberg, Eleanor L., St. Anthony, Ida., 305 

Western, Harold Floyd, Provo 

Weston, James Alexis. Cairo, Ga., 324 
Westover, David C, Lewiston 
Westover, Victor R., Holbrook, Ariz. 
Westra, Gerald John, Seattle, Wash., 250, 324 
Westring, Colleen, Nephi, 354 

Washburn, William T., Redwood Valley, Calif. 128, 354 Western, Marion Wayne, Deseret, 305 

Waters, Dorthy, 198 

Waters, Jacqueline M., Salt Lake City 

Waters, Max Leroy, Provo 

Waters, Melvin C, Provo, 324 

Waters, Teddy Mac, Menan, Ida. 

Watkins, Harry B., Price 

Watkins, Joan L., Van Nuys, Calif. 

Watkins, Marilyn R., Pasadena, Calif., 194, 324 

Watkins, Mayr Molly, Provo 

Watkins, Myrna Ann, Vernal 

Watkins, Prince Luther, Provo 

Watson, Charles, Hartsville, S. C, 305 

Watson, Chuck W. Marlsville, S. C, 149 

Watson, Clea Janet, Idaho Falls, Ida., 354 

Watson, Dawn Rochelie, Salt Lake City, 147, 129 

Watson, Dolores Anne, Twin Falls, Ida., 169, 216 

Watson, Gloria Jane, Temple City, Calif. 

Watson, Mary Etta, Inglewood, Calif., 77, 217 

Watson, Mary Lorraine, Payette, Ida., 324 

Watt, Max Dance, Pingree, Ida., 305 

Watterson, Judith, Sandy, 354 

Wattles, Bruce Edward, Provo 

Watts, Brenda Lee, North Hollywood, Calif., 354 

Watts, Carwin Leroy, Kirtland, N. Mex., 205, 354 

Watts. Daniel L., 324 

Watts, Enid Jean, Los Angeles, Calif., 354 

Watts, Joseph Laverne, Kirtland, N. Mex., 100 

Wats, Paul Jene, Jr., Portland, Ore., 212 

Watts, Mary Jean, Midvale, 153, 169 

Watts, Phyllis, 305, Rexburg, Ida. 

Wayment, Stanley Glen, Nampa, Ida., 305 

Waymire, Frances, Overton, Nev., 354 

Waywell, Iva M., Boise, Ida. 

Waywell, Kelvin Thomas, Toronto, Calif., 305 

Weatherford, Elatas ., Carlington, S. C, 324 

White, Joseph Franklin, Casper, Wyo. 

White, Judith May, Provo, 195, 354 

White, Karen Ray, Santa Ana, Calif., 32, 324 

White, Larry Duane, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

White. Lelland Darrell, Clearfield 

White, Melvin Forrest, Highland Home, Ala., 354 

White. Minnie. Ramah, N. Mex., 354, 205 

White, Orson Hyde, Los Angeles, Calif., 73 

White, Quentin Harvey, American Fork 

White, Rhea Charmaine, Casper, Wyo. 

White. Ronald William, Los Angeles, Calif., 189 

White, Samuel James, Goshen 

White. Sarah Ann, Sacramento, Calif., 164 

White, Sheila Joanne, Sacramento, Calif., 354 

White, Susan, Sandy 

White, Wendell Charles, Jerome, Ida., 61, 163 

White, Weston Jay, Provo, 324 

Whitear, Sharon Kay, Ogden, 354 

Whitefield, Dee Ann, Pomona, Calif., 354 

Whitehead, Craig, Ogden, 211, 159, 305 

Whitehead. Janice, Indianapolis, Ind., 354, 213 

Whitehead, John Clark, Provo, 60 

Whitehead, Leroy, Jr., Spanish Fork 

Whitford, Beverly Ann, Lakewood, Calif., 221, 132 

Whiting, Charles W., Sun Valley, Calif., 305, 181 

Whiting, Deanne, Basalt, Ida., 305 

Whiting, Eugene J., Heber 

Whiting, James Bruce, Minneapolis, Minn., 324 

Whiting. Jeanette, Seattle, Wash., 22, 354 

Whiting, Kristine, Springville, 354, 117 

Whiting, LaRue, Springville, 324 

Whiting, Linda, Springville 

Whiting, Lynn Dee, Aberdeen, Ida., 355 

Whitlock, Loyd Clark, Provo, 250 

Whittock, Woodrow C, Provo 

Whitmon, Geraldine, Sandy 

Whitmore, Daniel R., Waynesboro, Pa. 

Whitmore, Don Ross, Salt Lake City 

Whitmore, Gayla, Portland, Ore.. 158 

Whitmore, Helen J., Salt Lake Gty 

Whitmore, Jay Gordon, Portland, Ore., 189, 217, 355 

Whitney, Kay, 324 

Whitney, Marcia, Spokane, Wash. 

Whitney, Maurice F., Tacoma, Wash., 208, 324 

Whitney, Vivian Kay, Springville 

Whittaker, Clyde D„ Circleville 

Whittaker, Harry H., Provo 

Whittaker, Mack Page, Milford, 344, 355 

Whittiden, John, 205 

Whittier, Joann, Morgan 

Whittingham, Frederick, Warwich R. I., 31 

Whitter, Lila Lee, 324 

Whittle, Drew L., Portland, Ore. 

Whittle, Glenn Ralph, Spokane, Wash., 355 

Whittle Ladawn, Preston, Ida., 175, 305 

Whittle, Margaret Ann, Kimberly, Ida. 

Whittle, Melba Lynne, Kimberly, Ida. 

Whittle, Merlin D„ Preston, Ida. 

Whitton, Geralda, 324 

Whitton, Gerald A., Fort Wayne, Ind.. 195 

Whitworth, Darrell C, Inkom, Ida., 216 

Wickes, Harry Edgar, Provo 

Wickes, Natalie. Ogden, 117. 305 

Wickstrom, Corinne C, Provo 

Widdison, Gayle, Salt Lake City, 355 

Wesrwood, Elizabeth Susan. San Diego, Calif., 36, 167, Widdison, Harold A., Helena, Mont. 

Westwood, Judith A., San Diego, Calif. 
Wesrwood, Kent David, Provo 
Weyerman, Joseph J., Vernal 
Whang, Kyu Bok, Daijo Dong Seoul, Korea 
Wheng, Leo Ning Yuen, Hong Kong, China 
Whatcott, Weston Elroy, Provo, 305 
Whatley, Carol Anne, Prichard, Ala., 117, 357 
Wheatley, Byron Wayne, Arimo, Ida. 
Wheeler, Rita Lorraine, Puyallup, Wash., 31, 216 
Whellock, Carol Ann, Durham, Calif., 324 
Whetten, Amanda Jean, Chih., Mex. 
Whetten, John Carlos, Bluewater, N. Mex.; 324 
Whetten, Glen A., Jr., Chih., Mex. 
Whetten, Lila Lee, Orem, 324 
Whiffen, Diana, Alameda, Calif., 183, 305 
Whiffen, Henry L., Jr., Provo 
Whipp, Jack F., Joseph 

Whipple, Boyd Vernal, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Whipple, Gale, Bellflower, Calif., 90 
Whipple Carolynn. Ogden, Utah, 90, 31 


Widdison. Jeannie L.. Helena, Mont., 202, 355 

Widdison, Joan Edna, Helena, Mont., 305 

Wier, Joseph Ewell. Victorville. Calif., 324 

Wiese, Glen, James, Ogden, 85 

Wiggms, Lathan A., Jr., Mount Olive, N. C 

Wiggins, Peggy Ann. Jacksonville, N. C. 201 

Wight, Peggy Ann, Ogden, Utah, 324, 187 

Wightman, Dell Roy, Payson 

Wightman, Linda D. Swainsboru, Ga., 117 

Wiiks, Martin, 132 

Wilbur, Michael, 212 

Wilberg, Wyona Ann, Castle Dale, 73 

Wilcock, Arvella, Mesa, Ariz., 355 

Wilcock, Frank Wayne, Lovell, Wyo. 

Wilcock, Keith Dickson, Provo 

Wilcock, Robert Orvell, Lovell, Wyo. 

Wilcox, Dee Clyde, Provo, 171 

Wilcox, Duane Thorn, Salt Lake City, 190, 305 

Wilcox, Gerald Allen, Bridgeport, Nebr., 105 

Wilcox, John Boyd, Calgary, Canada 

Wilcox, John Stephen. Bountiful, 355 

Whipple, Connie Inez, Long Beach, Calif., 305, 123, l6Wi!cox, Judean. Pleasant Grove, 93. 218 

Whipple, Walter Leroy, Long Beach. Calif 
Whisenant, Dennis, Galena Park, Tex. 
Whisenant, Keith, Galena Park, Tex., 354 
Whisenant, Vernis, Jr., Galena Park, Tex 
Whitaker. Ivie, Portland, Ore., 305 
Whitaker, Sharon Jo, Ogden, 117, 324 
Whitaker, Sheldon Fred, Kanish 

Weatherbbee. Patsy D., Rienzi, Miss., 117, 197, 201, 354 Whitby, Roger Merlin, American Fork 

Weatherford, Jean, 201, 324 

Weaver, Melvin Glenn, Grace, Ida.^ 211 

Weaver, Richard B., St. George, 149, 354 

Webb. Alan Wendell. Molalla, Ore., 324 

Webb, Brian Call, Lehi 

Webb, Cleo Royle, Provo 

Webb, Emily Jeanne, Salt Lake City, 205, 305 

Webb, Emma Lou, Provo 

Webb, Irene, Mesa, Ariz., 129 

Webb, Karen, Provo, 73 

Webb, Kay, Phoenix, Ariz 

Webb, Keith Stanley, Lehi 

Webb, LaNay. Mesa, Ariz., 354 

Webb, Laurence Eugene, Snowflake, Ariz., 117. 126, 

200, 354 . 
Webb, Lola Marjorie, Lehi 
Webb, Marilynne, Oklahoma City, Okla., 324 

White. Beverly, Brigham City 

Wilcox, Marion Fern. Huntington Park, Calif. 
Wilcox, Sharlene, Great Falls, Mont., 60, 195 
Wilcox, Sharron Loree, Reno. Nev., 355 
Wilcox, Susan Carol. Santa Monica Calif 324 
Wilde, Bonita, Coalville. 355 
Wilde, David John, Salt Lake City 
Wilde, Howard Robinson. Trail. Ore 3">5 
Wilde. Millard Edwin. Trail, Ore 
Wilde, Orvin Geral, Provo 

White, Beverly Jane. Long Beach, Calif., 352. 158 Wilde, Sue Carol, Orem 

White. Bonnie Yvonne. Long Beach, Calif., 26, 123, 158Wilding. Wayne Ross. Sugar City Ida 305 

Wilhelmsen. Gail B.. Salt Lake Cry 151 324 

White, Carol Joyce, Phoenix, Ariz., 354 

White, Charlotte Lee, Fairoaks, Calif., 354 

White, Clarelyn, Mesa, Ariz. 210 

White, David Arnold, Copperton, 305 

White, David Paul, Provo 

White, Dennis Driggs, Midvale, 305 

White, Floyd Dean, Fruita, Colo., 100 

White. Glenda Mae. Porterville, Calif. 

White Glen Marlow, Salt Lake City, 354 

White. J. Morgan, Spanish Fork 

White, John, 324 

White, Janice Kay, Spanish Fork, 117, 354 

White, Jeanne Cheryl, Pleasant Hill, Salif., 354 

White, Jerald Dell, Green River, Wyo. 

Wilhelmy, Susan Renee, Oahabra, Calif., 324 
Wilkerson, Lillie D.. Columbia, S.C., 355 
Wilkes. Floyd Attic. Eugene, Ore. 
Wilkes, Rae Ann, Montpelier, Ida., 355 
Wilkes, Vincent Conway, Aurora 
Wilkey, Lawrence E., Nephi 
Wilkey. Sharon Lee. Piedmont. Calif., 355 
Wilkins. Joan Azalee, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Wilkins, Kent Myrup, Murray, 60, 198 
Wilkins, Phelps W„ Eagar, Ariz. 
Wilkinson, Barbara D., Salt Lake Gty, 355 
Wilkinson, Clifton B, Coalville, 90 
Wilkinson, Georganne G., LaMesa, Calif, 77 


Wilkinson. Herbert L, Provo, 325 

Wilkinson. Ronald, Orcm 

Willardson. Linda Lee, Sin Diego. Calif.. 167, 

Willdcn, Jerome R., Beaver 

Willc, Milton George. Orem 

Willcs. Eldon Ray. Springville 

Willcs. Frank Jesse. Provo. 73 

Willes, Sidney Blame. Springville 

Willey, Gary. 355 

Willey. Thclma June. San Antonio. Tex 

Williams, Ann Rae, Grantsville, 157. 325 

Williams. Bert Kenneth, Salt Lake City 

Williams, Beverly Sue, Provo. 355 

Williams, Byron Cole, Axson. Ga,, 90 

Williams, Carol C , Boston. Mass.. 305 

Williams, Carol Ann. Scarsdale, NY. 

Williams. Claree A.. Boulder, Nev,, 325 

Williams. Colleen, Provo 

Williams. Dan Ray. Spanish Fork 

Williams, David W., Rock Springs. Wyo., 355 

Williams, David Glen, Tooele, 355 

Williams, Dean. 205 

Williams, Dclyn Elmer, Provo, 53 

Williams. Don Emar. Moab 

Williams. Ethna L., Kanarravillc 

Williams, Frederick B., El Monte. Calif., 119. 355 

Williams. Frederick G., Lima, Peru 

Williams. Gad Lee. Provo 

Williams, Georganne, San Jose, Calif., 355 

Williams. Glen, Tooele, 132 

Williams, Grant. Levan 

Williams. Jacqueline. Fallon. Nev.. 305 

Williams, Janet. Tooele, 213. 355 

Williams, Jeanne Fox, Ketchum, Ida 

Williams, Joan L. P , Downey, Calif. 

Williams. Jolene, 355 

Williams. Joseph V. Provo. 98, 216 

Williams, Joyce Arlene, Clearfield, 73 

Williams, Lauralie, 355 

Williams, Marilyn L., Sacramento, Calif. 

Williams. Mauriel B., Provo 
Williams. Myrla, Pleasant Grove, 355 
Williams. Patricia L . Wallace. Ida.. 355 

Williams, Paul Lavaun, Idaho Falls, Ida, 91. 159 

Williams, Richard G„ Arcadia, Calif. 

Williams. Ronald E., Denver, Colo., 355 

Williams, Ruth, Provo 

Williams, Terry Rae, Provo 

Williams, Theo Lee. Lakeview, Ore.. 53 

Williams. Thomas Dean, Salt Lake City, 355 

Williams, Thomas G, Salt Lake City, 355 

Williams. Vila Jean. New Iberia, La., 157, 354 

Williamson, James A , Fort Myers, Fla.. 355 

Williamson, Jeanette. Las Vegas. Nev.. 355 

Williamson, Jean Carol, Santa Paula, Calif., 325 

Williamson, John Dale, San Marine, Calif., 171 

Williamson, Leon Edgar, Fort Myers, Fla. 

Williamson. Peter, Spanaway, Wash. 

Williamson, Walter L , Provo 

Willis. Arthur R , Manhattan Beach. Calif. 

Willis, Golda, Chandler, Ariz. 

Willis, J. Robert, Mesa, Ariz., 61 

Willis, Judith Carol, Linton. Ind., 60 

Willis. Laurel Dean, Iona, Ida.. 355 

Willis, Patricia L.. North Stratford, N. H 

Willis, Sidney Kent, Linton, Ind.. 355 

Willis. Vivian Love, Snowflake, Ariz. 

Willits, Milton David, Provo 

Willmore, Floyd Ear, Rexburg, Ida. 

Wilmarth, Judy C, Salt Lake City, 355 

Wilmoth, Carolyn Faye, Chester, Va„ 355 

Wilson, Arnold. Mapleton. Utah. 211 

Wilson, Betty Joan, Scofield 

Wilson. Bobby Rudolph. Keonersville, N. C, 211 

Wilson, Bryce J., Hatch 

Wilson, Carolyn Lois, San Francisco, Calif., 305 

Wilson, Caryll Anita, Salt Lake City, 325 

Wilson, Clifford Lewis, Provo 

Wilson, Dale Curtis, Clearfield 

Wilson, Darla Rene. LaGrande. Ore. 

Wilson, Dennis Reed, Hot Spring, Ida., 355 

Wilson, Glenna E., Provo 

Wilson, James J., Chih., Mex 

Wilson, Jeril Brent, Salt Lake City 

Wilson, John Arthur, Caracas, Venezuela 

Wilson, John Mclntyr, Albuquerque, N. Mex 

Wilson, Larry R,, Orem 

Wilson. Lewis, Provo, 355 

Wilson. Lorin Dean. Meridian, Ida., 355 
325Wilson. Marilyn May, Salt Lake City. 355 

Wilson. Maurice Devon. Rawlins. Wyo. 

Wilson, Melvm Grant, Salt Lake City 

Wilson, Monte .. Homer, Alaska, 305 

Wilson, Von Lawrence. Payson 

Wilson, Wayne Paxton, Provo, 73 

Wilson, William Albert, Downey, Ida. 

Wiltbank, Joyce, Albuquerque. N. Mex., 151. 199 

Wimbcr. Nancy Kay, Salt Lake City 

Wimmei, Beverly E., Kaiserslauter, Germany, 325 

Wimmei, Larry Tuiley, Safford, Ariz., 189, 305 

Wimmei, Phyllis Arlene, Duchesne. Utah, 355 

Winborg, James Peter, Pocatcllo. Ida.. 91 

Wind, James Eugene, Provo 

Wmdlcy, Robert Vern, Payson 

Windsoi. William D.. San Manuel, Ariz., 355 

Winegat. Ann Jarvis, Bountiful, 31 

Winegat, Eleta C, Salt Lake City, 73 

Winegat. Jack. Buhl. Ida. 

Wing, Lucille. Springville 

Wingficld. Judith L-. Phoenix, Ariz., 155, 183, 355 

Winkelman. Walter W, Provo, 60, 191, 211 

Winkler, Bernard Udell, Bluebell, 207 

Winkler, Harold Junkor, Mt. Pleasant 

Winkler, Shana Lee, Bluebell, 207 

Winn, Cleona Jones, Kitkland, N Mex., 60 

Winn, Donald Alexander, Rexburg, Ida. 

Winn, James Dale, Rexburg, Ida. 

Winn. Ted Avon, Provo 

Winn. William Duane, Kirtland. N Mex., 61, 205 

Winslow, Susan Sylvia, China Lake, Calif. 

Winters, John Burton. Afton, yo., 126, 355 

Winterton, Arlan E„ Heber, 60, 149 

Winterton, Doyle W., Orem, 167, 355 

Winterton, Joyce, Orem, 167, 355 

Winterton, Wayne Allen, Orem 

Winward, Elmer Koyle, Burley, Ida., 193, 305 

Wirrick, George Walker, Hood River, Ore. 

Wirrick, Irene, Hood River, Ore., 91 

Wirrick, Thomas Kay, Hood River, Ore., 98. 216 

Wirthlin, Rex Lee, Afton, Wyo., 163, 335 

Wiscombe, Anne, Springville, 73 

Wiscombe, J. William., Mapleton, 132, 355 

Wise, Joseph G., Pocatelto, Ida. 
Wiser, Gwen, Quincy, Wash. 
Wishart, James Thomas, Mattoon. III. 

Witherow, Barbara Jean, Del Mar, Calif., 175, 325 

Witt, Daniel Grimshaw, Heber 

Wittmayer, Theodore, Lodi, Calif., 60, 211 

Wittorf, John Herbert, New York, N. Y., 100 

Wittorf, Robert Henry, Nek Yofk, N. Y. 

Wittwer. Faye, Las Vegas, Nev., 132, 355 

Wittwer, Harold Edwin, Las Vegas, Nev. 

Wittwer, Jon Paul. Chula Vista, Calif. 

Wixom. Dean R., Salt Lake City, 165, 205. 355 

Wixom, Hartt Partridge, Salt Lake City, 30, 91 

Woerner, Gary Carl, Laguna Beach, Calif. 

Woffinden, Anna Joy, Lehi, 199. 305 

Woffinden. Arthur J.. Kennewic, Wash. 

Wold, Beverly M„ San Diego, Calif, 355 

Wold, Larry Richard, Idaho Falls, Ida., 305 

Wolfley, Deloy, Salmon, Ida., 355 

Wolverton, Diane E., Las Vegas. Nev 

Wong. Cornelia Ahlin. Lanai. Hawaii 

Wood, Beverly, Spanish Fork, 355 

Wood. Carol Lisa, Cardston, Alta., Can., 201 

Wood, Douglas Bryant, N. Vancouver, Can. 

Wood. Gary Eugene, American Fork 

Wood, Gary Lawrence, Oakland, Calif., 216, 355 

Wood, Gary Zang, Farmington, N. Mex., 91 

Wood, Gladys Irene, Redwar, Calif.. 355 

Wood, Janet, Spanish Fork, 169. 305 

Wood, Judy Lee, Ontario, Ore., 155, 355 

Wood, Karl George, Provo 

Wood, Kathleen, Portland, Ore 

Wood, Loretta, Boulder City. Nev., 34, 35, 155 

Wood. Lowell Dale. Glenwood. Alta., Can., 60 

Wood, Marilyn, Salt Lake City, 205. 

Wood, Marilyn Ann, Portland. Ore., 81 

Wood, Milton Blaine, Provo 

Wood, Nancy Annette. Yakima. Wash., 167, 325 

Wood, Philip Wayne, Oakland, Calif., 228, 325 

Wood, Richard Lael, Ogden, 305 

Wood, Sylvia, Big Creek, Calif., 325 

Wood, William, Provo, 210 

Wood, Willis Ellis, Spanish Fork 

Woodard. Joan Louise, Denver, Colo., 355 
Woodjrd. Lawrence E . Rangcly. Colo. 
Wondhurv. Lynn Kay, Gooding, Ida., 355 
Woodland, Frank M . Santa Anna, Calif., 191, 325 
Woodrmg. Thomas M . Santa Barbara. Calif.. 91 
Woodruff, Gaile, Provo, 187, 220 
Woodruff, Nedrough W., Picture Butte, Can. 
Woods, Charla Anne, Salt Lake City. 355 
Woods, Daniel Bryant, Alamosa, Colo 
Woods, Elva Janice, Charleston. S.C. 
Woods, Herbert Dee, Provo 
Woods, Hyrum Darrell. Charleston, S.C. 
Woods. Janice Mae, Casa Grande, Ariz., 91, 215, 
Woods. Patsy Jane. Las Vegas, Nev., 355 
Woodward, Ross E„ Jr., Seattle, Wash . 189, 325 
Woodwatd, Karren, Salt Lake City, 325 
Woodward, Lee Anna, Sacramento, Calif., 23 
Woodward, Marilyn I., Seattle, Wash., 91 
Woodward, Michael Lynn, Provo 
Woodward, Oreva Doree, Shelley, Ida 
Wnodworth, Roger. Provo 
Woolley. Diana, Tarzana, Calif. 
Woolley, Sharon, Santa Monica. Calif.. 355 
Woolsey. Suzanne. Safford, Ariz., 355 
Woolton, Devere Gateth, American Fork, 25, 53 
Wootton, Noall Thurbe, American Fork 
Workman, Bobbie Ancil. Provo 
Workman, Dan Rell, Provo 
Workman, Gloria, Delta, 355 
Workman, Robert A , Provo, 305 
Workman, Vena May. St. George, 100 
Workman, William S.. Stockton, 305 
Worlton, Frederick R., American Fork 
Worsley, Klea Evans. Provo 

Wortham. Elmer Dean, Grand Junction, Colo., 355 
Worthen, Connie L., Price, 151, 305 
Worthington, Grant E , Nephi 
Worthington, Kent L., Orem 
Wrathall, Grant R . Aptos, Calif., 325 
Wrathall, Jay W„ Depew. N. Y„ 39, 96 
Wray, Gerald N., Irwin, Ida , 60 
Wride. Anna Marie, Payson; 305 
Wridc, Dale Hayward, American Fork 
Wright, Anna, Malta, Mont, 202, 325 
Wright, Don Collin. Glendalc. Calif., 60 
Wright, Boyd Johnson, Provo 
Wright, Brian L., Honolulu, Hawaii, 203 
Wright, Carol Lynn, Provo, 220, 221, 325 
Wright. Chad Carlyle. Tooele, 355 
Wright, Craig Nellis, Eugene. Ore., 355 
Wright, David George, Provo, 325 
Wright. David Norman, Provo, 355 
Wright, Donald Lellan, Provo, 325 
Wright, Edith, Malta, Mont , 202, 355 
Wright. Frances Thelma, Malta, Mont., 202, 305 
Wright, Gary Hatch. Chula Vista. Calif.. 193, 325 
Wright. Gerald Lewis. Salt Lake City, 325 
Wright, Gerald Dean. American Fork, 325 
Wright, James Owen, Provo 
Wright. Jane Bee, Provo 
Wright, Janet Lavon, Dallas, Tex., 183, 325 
Wright, joe F„ Provo 

Wright, John Morns, New York, NY., 355 
Wright, Judith Ann, Mapleton 
Wright, Karen. Hayden. Ariz., 175. 305 
Wright. Lawrence Glen. Provo, 126 
Wright. Lynn A.. Blanding. 355 
Wright, Lynn Bernard, Camp Verde, Ariz , 305 
Wright, Meredith, Denver, Colo., 305 
Wright, Norma, Los Angeles, Calif, 
Wright. Norman W„ Calgary, Alta., Can., 355 
Wright, Patsy Lo Ann. Provo, 325 
Wright, Pauline. New York. N. Y., 77 
Wright, Richard Allen, Gooding, Ida. 
Wright, Richard D„ Orem, 325 
Wright, Richard E, Hershey, Pa. 
Wright. Robert Lee. Thistle 
355Wright, Rodney Alvin. Hinckley 
Wright. Susan, 325 
Wright, Tracy Dean. Salt Lake City 
Wright. Treva Hale. San Mancos, Tex., 355 
Wright, William Garn, Kearns, 325 
Wright. Willis Lydell. Provo, 305 
Wrigley, Karl A., Provo 
Wrigley. Marvin B,, Bountiful, 305 
Warren, Barbara Joann, Missoula, Mont, 
Wuerth, Dieter. Salt Lake City, 91 
Wursten. Joan A., Jr., Provo 

Wursten. Robert, Idaho Falls, Ida., 61, 195 
Wynder. Marlene. S. W. Calgary, Alta., Can. 
Wynn, Russell D., Springfield, Ida., 



Yager, Edwin George Yl., Berkley, Mich., 125 
Yamasaki, Jimmy Tatsu, Payson, 325 
Yamashita, Takeji, Kobe, Japan, 56 
Yancey, Marvin Vern, Magna 
Yancey, William Elvie, Boise, Ida., 325 
SO^Yang, Linda Ching Tze, Tawan, Free China 
Yardley, Gill Lavar, Gunnison 
Yardlcy, Mary Alice, Salt Lake City, 204, 305 
Yates, Eleanor, Salt Lake City, 325 
Yates, June Carol, Arcadia, Calif., 305 
Yates, Lanny Marzine, Reseda, Calif., 325 
Yates, Stanford Stoke, Salt Lake City 
Yearout, John Harold, Moses Lake, Wash., 208, 355 
Yingling, Donna Mane, Powers, Ore., 355 
Yingling, Kay Alan, Waynesboro, Pa., 209, 305 
Yonemori, Shirley K., Kahuku, Oahu, Hawaii, 80 
Yorgason, Lorelle, Otto, Wyo. 
Yorgason, Sandra Joan, Otto, Wyo, 325 
Yorgason, Van)a Louis, Ogden, 25, 305 
Yorgesen, David Frans, Othello, Wash., 208 
Youd, John D., Orem 
Youkstetter, David F., Beverly Hills, Calif. 
Young, Alan Glen, Richfield, 355 
Young, Alice Kathleen, Chambers, Ariz. 
Young, Carol Gay, Provo, 151, 305 
Young, Carol Joy, Los Angeles, Calif., 355 
Young, David Arthus, Shaker Heights, Ohio 
Young, Duane Mar, Altonah, 225 
Young, Eddie Don, Colton, Calif., 181, 231, 325 
Young, Elizabeth Jean, Taber, Alberta, Canada, 93, 218 
Young, Gaylord Farrell, Boise, Ida., 325 
Young, George, Price, 355 
Young, Gerald Eugene, Escondido, Calif., 355 
Young, Henry Alvin, Apex, N. C. 
Young, James Love, Price, 305 
Young, Jerry Norma, Monticello 
Young, Jerry Sherman, Idaho Falls, Ida., 61 
Young, John Mortimer, Provo, 132 
Young, Harvey W., Jr., Ely, Nev. 
Young, Judith Ann, Cleveland, O., 355 
Young, Karen Sandra, Bakersfield, Calif. 
Young, Kathleen, Chambers, Ariz., 77 
Young, Legrande L., Provo, 171, 231, 305 
Young, Leonard Dewayne, Blackfoot, Ida,, 305 
Young, Leslie Alfred, Marrickvillc, R.I., 355 
Young, Linda Sharleen, Garfield, Calif., 355 
Young, Loyd Grey, Portland, Ore., 149, 212, 325 
Young, Margaret Fidil, Ranier, Ore. 355 
Young, Marilyn Starr, Bluewater, N. Mex., 305 
Young, Mary Frances, Bryson City, N. C, 325 
Young, Phyllis Jean, Cleveland, O., 221 
Young, Richard Kent, Montevicw, Ida., 325 
Young, Russell Jay, Provo, 355 
Young, Sherrill F., Bluewater, N. Mex,, 205 
Young, Sondra Elaine, La Crescenta, Calif. 
Young, Val J., Provo 
Young, Veven Guy, Hutington 
Youngkeit, Dean C. 


Zabriskie, Grant R., Provo 

Zabnskie, JoAnn A., Provo 

Zabriskie, Tom R., Spanish Fork 

Zander, Karen Patricia, Provo, 73, 119 

Zaret, Ronald Martin, Culver City, Calif., 91 

Zaugg, Waldo S., Union, Ore. 

Zaugg, Wilma Mane, Clearfield, 356 

Zeller, Donald Earl, Lovell, Wyo. 

Zeller, Eldon Ray, Lovell, Wyo. 

Ziemer, Paul Douglas, Los Angeles, Calif., 305 

Zink, Anne Ruth, Durango, Colo. 

Zinn, Raymond David, El Centro, Calif. 

Zirbel, Jo Ann Elaine, Las Vegas, Nev,, 325 

Ziscr, Franklin Gary, Provo 

Zobell, Diane Rae, Nyssa, Ore., 36 

Zohner, Glenn Dorin, Provo, 91 

Zufelt, Dewey Laverl, Globe, Ariz. 

Zundel, Ivan Brown, Provo 

Zwahlen, Larue, Murray 


I \ — 1 1 3 o C_yC_y K. : after the pictures are taken and 
printed, and the copy is all written, then comes the job of 
putting together this book. The pictures must be pasted to 
their layout sheets, as shown by Sybelle Archer, above left. 
The copy is set in type and a rough proof is made on news- 
print. This is checked for errors and corrections are made. 
A slick proof is made and again, as shown by Sybelle, 
above, this is corrected. The Y Press then photographs both 
the layouts with pictures and the corrected slick proof. 
These negatives are stripped into a four page layout, which 
is being done, above right, by Delvar Pope. This com- 
posite negative is then used to make a fullsize completed 
page blueprint which is given a final check, shown here, 
right, by Suzan Westwood. When all final corrections are 
made the composite negative is again used to make the 
printing plate being done here, right, by Pete Crnkovic. 
Then the big lithograph press begins to roll, and the pages 
are printed as in lower left picture, the press being operated 
by Eugene Orton. A most fabulous arrangement is the fold- 
ing machine shown lower center, the large sheets go in 
one end and are folded twice before Alvin Arnold picks 
them up at the other end. Doris Jackson and her crew com- 
plete the final assembly of the pages, after which they are 
sent to Salt Lake City for sewing and binding. 



Belle of the Y, 270 
Bibler Bounce, 275 
Elections, 276 
Frosh Week, 261 
Homecoming, 262 
Junior Prom, 278 
Leadership Week, 258 
Orientation, 2 59 
Preference Ball, 266 
Registration, 260 
Songfest, 272 
Winter Carnival, 268 
Women's Week, 274 
Y Day, 280 


Administrative Council, 14 

Church Leaders, 1 2 

Faculty (Listed with colleges) 


Seniors (listed with colleges) 112 
Juniors, 288 
Sophomores, 306 
Freshmen, 326 


Bio. and Ag. Sciences, 50 

Business, 54 

Education, 62 

Extension Div., 112 

Family Living, 74 

Fine Arts, 78 

General College, 106 

Graduate School, 108 

Hum. and Soc. Sciences, 82 

Nursing, 92 

Phys. and Eng. Sciences, 94 

Rec, Health and Phys. Ed., 102 

Religion, 110 


George Washington Slept Here, 136 

Sand in Their Shoes, 135 

The Importance of Being Earnest, 137 

The King and I, 138 

The Match Maker, 140 

12 Angry Women, 134 


A Cappella, 118 

Concert Band, 126 
Madrigals, 120 
Male Chorus, 124 
Opera Workshop, 132 
Student Art Exhibit, 130 
Symphony Orchestra, 128 
University Chorale, 116 
Women's Chorus, 122 


Banyan, 34 
Press, 33 
Universe, 30 
Wye Magazine, 37 


Baseball, 246 

Basketball, 23 8 

Cheerleaders, 245 

Football, 228 

Frosh Basketball, 242 

Frosh Football, 234 

Golf, 252 

Men's Intramurals, 236 

Tennis, 253 

Track, 248 

Wrestling, 244 

Women's Intramurals, 254 


Afio Mai, 199 

Alcyone, 160 

Alpha Lambda Delta, 220 

Alpha Phi Omega, 1 59 

Alpine, 209 

Arizona, 200 

Arnold Air Society, 222 

Athenian, 162 

Blue Key, 147 

Bricker, 170 

Brigadier, 164 

Cami Los, 166 

Canadian Club, 201 

Chemical Engineers, 210 

Chi Sigma XXV, 190 

Civil Engineers, 211 

Commerce, 211 

Confederate, 201 

Cougarettes, 158 

Cumorah Club, 198 

Delta Phi, 192 

Dixie, 202 

Electrical Engineers, 212 

Ex-Mexican Missionaries, 198 

Fidelas, 168 

Forensics Assn., 212 

Gamma Phi Omicron, 219 

Hawaiian, 203 

Home Economics, 213 

Intercollegiate Knights, 148 

IOC, 144 

Industrial Arts, 213 

International Folk Dancers, 225 

Kappa Debs, 172 

Kia Ora, 204 

Knights Templar, 191 

Lambda Delta Sigma, 194 

Mechanical Engineers, 216 

Montana, 202 

Nautilus, 174 

New Mexico, 205 

Orchesis, 214 

Order of Artus, 225 

O. S. Trovata, 176 

Phi Chi Theta, 224 

Phi Eta Sigma, 221 

Press Club, 216 

Salt Lakers, 205 

Saxon, 178 

Shomrah Kiyel, 196 

Sponsors, 156 

Sportsmen, 217 

Sportswomen, 217 

Student Ed., 218 

Student Nurses, 218 

Swedish, 206 

Tausig, 180 

Thea Alexis, 154 

Theta Alpha Phi, 221 

ToKalon, 182 

Tribe of Many Feathers, 206 

Uintah Basin, 207 

Val Hyric, 184 

Val Norn, 186 

Viking, 188 

Washington, 208 

White Key, 146 

Yankee, 209 

Y Calcares, 150 


AMS, 24 

AWS, 22 

Cabinet, 27 

Executive Council, 20 

Honor Council, 25 

KBYU, 29 

NSA, 28 

Program Bureau, 38 

Senate, 26 

Supreme Court, 29 

nail the college that we love. 

/-\t the throne, the throne of wisdom ? 


\_) let us- lift our songs above the 
thronging multitude todau,. 

|\|o pride nor riches h 

ere mau sue 





united must be true, 

Xje true to th 

ee our w 

hite and blue, 

^hen th 

eii ioin our 

happu be 

| hen cheer anew for the IJ- I • LJ • 

Vv e ve come to work, to live to do 

ell raise 


our standard 

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/ur hearts a 

"e true to the y. Y ■ LJ ■ 








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