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Business Manager 



Published by the Associated Students 



Provo. Utah 
Printed by Brififham Young University Press. June. 1Q49 





1 he Banyan Ircc found i Ijicfly in India sends ari<'l rods 
down from ils Ijranrhcs. Wlien anchored in llie soil (liese roots 
serve lo support (he ever expanding growth of branches and 
folage. In this manner the tree spreads from one small area to 
cover many acres. 

Similarly our Banyan yearboofc, recording on ils leaves 
in word and picture the life of and spirit of the "V . takes root 
in the hearts of students, faculty and friends. It spreads the 
spirit from our small local campus throughout the world— a 
perpetual bond of understanding, good will and friendship. 








Campus " 

Admi nisi rat ion 20 


Colleges 40 


Classes 9" 

Graduates ^^ 

Seniors '0' 

Juniors ' ^^ 

Sophomores '"1 

Freshmen '95 

Activities 236 

Athletics 288 

Organizations 520 

Index 417 

The Wheel has always been the s>inbol of dyn- 
amic movement— the wheels of industry, the wheels of 
fortune, the wheels of progress. Beheving that our 
wheel of college is the embodiment of these and all the 
other important wheels on which life and the world 
moves forward^we dedicate this Banyan. Our \vhee 
of college is a unified whole. The hub around which 
all centers is the campus and administration. The 
spokes going out in all directions are the colleges. The 
rim which binds all else together and on which the 
wheel of college really runs are our campus organi- 
zations and activities. 



.- "'"•'.'I.v- 


I ^ i ■ 



• <jlSl* 




The gateway to the Lower Campus leads one 
to the Education building, gleaming in the after- 
noon sun. 


The Training Building, left, is home of 
BYU s elementary school and ihe Men's Gym. 
College Building, where many a play had an 
appreciative audience; and bottom, the Y's Wo- 
men's Gym. 


lona House, Allen Hall, 
Knight Hall, Warnick House, 
ana Campus Dorm— all of which 
are home to many of the coeds 
on campus. These residence halls 
are almost as well known to the 
males as to the females. 

•*'■ y,-".^. 


■i^'^Qvb ' V^JK. 


Sl> ■^' JP" 




p^^^^i^ '.^^l^fc 



BB. ^ 


1 I 

***- •'^S'l^H 



1^ B d 

IH^^^^^^D '1 ■B' 

' " n*^ 




' ^A^*;- 


/ ' : 


The several steps and trails 
leading to and from our Upper 
Campus. The second East. Third 
East, and Fourth East steps all 
caused many a student to become 
leg weary. Right, the lovely hill 
approach; formerly for automo- 
bile traffic, now reserved for pe- 
destrian use. 


The sundial at the foot of the Maeser Hill 
tells time no more, while the "sociahtes" who en- 
ter the portals of the Grant Library need the time 
told them quite often. Below, the Maeser Me- 
morial, home of the "wheels" of Brigham Young 
University, shown in the afternoon sun and again 
at night. 


The campus home of our president in a fall 
setting. Right, the upper hall of the Maeser being 
used for what the Library is generally noted. 
Stadium House has probably seen more \ ictorious 
or beaten teams than the most avid football fan. 
Below, the president s garden in a winter setting. 


Home of agronomist s. hat teriolo- 
gists and most of the College of Applied 
Science is the Firimiiall sliown rigfit. 
Mount Timpanogos. in llie bacKground 
Ijflow. silently stands watcli over beau- 

1 he Joseph Smith Memorial, is pic- 
tured above from a seldom pliotograpried 
\ iew, that of tfie east end. Leaves, cool 
shadows, and again the Smith, religious 
center of the campus, shown from the 




Our new Science Building, nearing 
a reality, is pictured from the ground- 
breaking by President Smith, to the foun- 
dation laying, and the forms being placed 
for the second floor. The four-story struc- 
ture is expected to be in use by winter 
quarter IQ50. 




/ BTSsrww 


iiri7TiiriiiiiiMiii II 

II I'liiiHiiiimrniii 


Wymounl Village, shown top. is still un- 
landscapccl and is still adorned with the weekly 
wash of the veteran s families. The Social Hall, 
above, as it appeared first of fall quarter, merely 
a shell. When we left this spring, windows had 
been [)laced. landscaping nearly completed and 
ihe Hall had served as host to many of the 
s( liool lunctions. 



Un*n Eieliuiia, 44 
Lltll* CftniMlt Hall. S8 

NvllMD R«SM, 11 

NORTH bum;.. 41 

ParblU. 10 

Photo Sla<lfc>. a 

Poll OffiM. rarapi 

PoK Offlr«. Torn. S 

PrcaldcnCa Hont, t4 

Pr*Md«nt'i OBir*. It 


Pdblic UbrmiT. 4 

RfcvlTlnf Oirir*. I> 
3»rt>l HftJI. I( 
8tad*nl Bodr OITIcM. U 
St.d.nt Emplornml OVIm, 94 
Sittdfnl HtaJlti. 11 
Slod«rM Sspplr, M 
T*nnli CoarK. 14. IS 
Trailer Arra. II 
V*||| AdiMln., II 
V»t. ConUrl ■ _ __ 
(i: K. C«*Ur flt.1 
W antic Hmmw (• 
Wmm* Ha«M. 11 
WrM*m BrAMcti OtIfM, 41 

wmovtrr villagr. 41 

Y N««i OfflM 
Y*«av A»U.. It 





The First Presidency of ihe Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints is also the presidency 
of the Board of Trustees of Brigham Young Uni- 
versity. Shown right they are: First Vice-Presi- 
dent J. Reuben Clark. Jr.; President George Al- 
bert Smith: and Second Vice-President David O. 

Members of the Board: John A. Widtsoe, Joseph Field- 
ing Smith. Albert E. Bowen. Adam S. Bennion, Joseph S. 
Merrill, Stephen L. Richards, Keifer B. Sauls (Secretary of 
the Board), Franklin L. West. 



A gray haired and smiling dignity 
characterizes the appearance of the man 
loaded with the real responsibility of the 
university. The wheel of wheels .... 
President McDonald. 

When Uncle Sam caught up with President's 
secretary John Tootle, right, early fall quarter, 
capable Jensine Johannessen. above, look the 
duties over. 




M. ^^ kl 

^^K l^iM^H 

' {^^m 

^^^^^r ^B^IKv^i^^^l 


^^^^^^^^L_ ^ ^ i^^^^B^4 -^^^^^^^1 





Wesley P. Lloyd 
Dean of Students 

John F. Jones 

Student Coordinator 

Lillian C. Booth 

Counselor of ^Vomc^l 

Dean of students, Wesley P. Lloyd, 
had much to do with all student activities. 

Coordinator of student affairs, John 
Jones, doubled as housing director and 
had his hands full. 

Counselor of women. Mrs. Lillian 
Booth, extended a hand of welcome to 
campus women. 

Many students took advantage of the 
helps available in the top of the Maeser 




Registrar's Office 

Many people engage in the benind scenes services which 
made for more pleasant campus life. Registrar John Hayes and 
staff give information, took care of registration and compiled 
grades. The health center had green pills and cough syrup ready 
for any ailment. 

Medical Center 



J^^m^Itmm^^^^jT ^^^H 

■'\^- '■ 

^a^^ft I^H 




Gerri Hafen and others behind the 
bookstore fountain added to leisure time 
enjoyment. Responsible for the extensive 
program of orientation, testing and coun- 
seling were Dr. Antone K. Romney and 



g Se 


The treasurer's office took the fees at registration 
and paid the bills all year. Even the Banyan covers 
came from the campus bindery this year. 

Audio-Visual Aids 

Clarence Tyndall and his visual aids depart- 
ment had films for service to both campus and 
community needs. Everything from teachers tests 
to dance programs was put out at the press de- 

Y Bindery 

Wiliiiuii F. Hanson. Assisliint Profrssor of Music 

M. S.. Briglinni Young Univcrsily. IQIT 
I , F,ar! F-*ardor. Cliainnnii of Spoccii Doparttiirnl 

Pli. D.. L'nivorsity of Louisiana, 1936 
W'iiynr 1-. Soronson. Instructor in Sctonnary Ed. 

b. S., Brigliaiii Young University. IQ-40 
Mary Dnanc Oilfiort. Instructor in Secondary Ed. 

B. S., Bripliani ^oung University, 1941 

M.irold W. Lee. Assoc. Prof, of Modern Languages 

Pli. D.. Stanford University. 1946 
\lonz<i I. Morley, Professor of Speccfi 

Pli, D.. UniMTsity of Iowa, 1955 
I lortrK (• I. Madsen. Professor ol Music 

Do<lor ol Music. Boguslawski College of Music, 

10"j2; M. M.. Honorary Doctor of Music. Chicago 

Coll.Mjc nl Musir. l9>-5 
W'illi.m. H. Snell. Professor ol Industrial Arts 

M- S.. iJriqliani ^ oung L'ni\ers|tv. 1 059 


Xnri.i li<i>^ H.irl. Assl. Prul i»l Sf( onuar\ l.dtK iition 

^1 \. ( nivrrsily ol ShuiIktm Californin. 1^1) 
\|,„. (L Cliirk. A.St. I'rol ol ol Pliiiosoplly ol 

I'.diK iitioii ami C'ui(lan<c; ( liairman ol Attrnaanrc 

aitrl St liol.irslii|} ( oiiinirlirr 

M. .\.. Briuliani I (Hni« I 'ni\prsil\'. 1927 
^\ lirlli liriison. Instrut lor in Plivsi<al l.<luialion 

I. S,. I rii^cfsilv ol I'lal., ly-ff) 
lo^<|)li I, Kcclcr. I nivfTsilv Orcanist. Inst, in Miisi( 

B S, Brioliaiii Vonni! l niv (TMly, HMO 

()\\i'n ( ". I )i\on, Instnii tor in S<'iondary Kdmalion 
B. S., Brioliani YoiinG I 'ni\ r-rsity. I Q-tf) 

II. nil. s.' I'lli-r.on. I'roli-ssor ol Klcnicnl.iry l!du.atioil: 
l'rinM|)al ol I .li-nionlar\ I raininQ S. Iiool 
B S Briu'l Yoiino I 'niMTvity. I<)28 

L.A'.II C. (. 11. in NI.< Arts 

B S.. l/ri<jii.iiii ^ onno I ni\.Tsit\, IQil .■- Biri.nv. Assl. I'rolissor .>l I Ionic I !. onoini. > 
\| S.. I ol {'lii.oL'... l')-)4 

liilia \. ( oil).-. ln~lrii(tor in Secondary I'.duialion 

B S. BriL'l Vouiiu I 'niMTsity. 102) 

^la\ ( , I laiiiiiiond. .\ssi^. IVol. ol [Jonifntary Ld. 

B, S.. Brioliani ^ ounn I 'niMT.sily. lO)-^ 
k'.,l|.li \ Br,K, li. .Kssi.l.inl iVilcssor ol 

.\, B . Bri.jli.ini Yoniiu I. niv.Tsily. lOJi 
W. i<.,s Wiolit. A-l I'rol ol lournalisn,: Hire, lor 

ol l>< Kolations 

.\ B . I iiiM-r^itv ol L'lali, l<)-)l 


\\'ill<iril I). I. IT. Inslnidnr in l!n(ffjsli 
M. A,, iiritliunii Yniinr! L 'nivcrsily. lOiT 

A. lolin ( Lirkc, Asst. Prof, ol Sciontljiry Ivmtiilion: 
rriiur|)<il ul S<'<()nrlnry 1 riiiniiif* School 
M. S.. I5ri<>li<)iii \ iHinfl I. 'nivcrsily. 104 1 

As.M'l C . i^tiriinrrl, Opiin ol Suinincr Stiiool; Oircdor 
1)1 Lilirnry, 
I'll. D., Stanlord I nivcrsily. Mn") 

Lawrcnic Siirtioni, /Xssoii.itc l'rolcsM)r of .^lusic 
M. A.. HnuliiMu Yfurnt! University, 1046 

( »lcii II, I urncr, Assistant I'rolcssor ol Art 
M. S. Jiritjiwiru Yt.iina L'nivcrsity. 1Q48 

UcctI \ilscn. Asst. C'oiuli, Instritftor in f'liysicnl \.<\. 
B. S.. Britiliani Young L'nivrrsily, I04'5 

Nnrniiin Dunn. Iiistruitor in r.nffltsli 

KintJs Sdioliir. I00>-1. S.Jtlcy OJIcgc. Birniinp- 
liiiM). Knpland. M. H. S. 1.. 1022 

("liircncc t yndall. Dirrt tor of tlic Bureau ol Audio- 
Visual lr>struclion : Instrut tor in f^du< ation 
fV S., Brignain Younp L'nivcrsrty. 1041 

Millnn Marshall. Prolcssor ol I'l.ysi.s 

PL. D.. L'nivcrsity of Clii.aao. 1024 
iJiMcr Miller, Professor of f\(i>nonii<s 

A. B.. Stanl<>r<l L'niverJsly. 1014 
I'.lizafx'tli Hill. Assistant in ( ounseiint* ol W'omci 

M. A., (^.lurnfiia L'nivcrsity. 1044 
I-CP B. Valentine. Assistant Pr()lessor of Si»nnisli 

A. \y. iiriuliani Younu L'niv (Tsity. 104') 

rrcilrifk \. Weoli. Instruttor in Sctondiiry Kduealion 
Mary JorticMsrn. Inst, in Home Kton., C aleleria Mfir. 

B. S.. L'IhIi State Acrirultural (\)llcitc. 1030 
I. Honirr Wakclicid, linstrudor in Musir 

B. S.. iiricliani Younfi L'ni\crsity, 1045 
i.iiriie Spent rr. Assistant R< ijistrar 

B. S.. f5rtii|iarn YnunC l'ni\ersit\. 1040 

l.ufilie Midlarii,, Inslrut lor in Se<retarial Practice 

A. B.. Bricliarn YounC University. 1030 
I. ( Kilflen I aylor. Instru< lor in f.nplisli 

M. A.. Briqhani Younfi L'niversity. 1040 
H. Wayne S>ffe. Assistant Athletic Cnadi 

M. S.. Bricliatn Young I 'ni\ersity. 1041 
Anna Ollorton, l.iMrr.rian I'.iiieritus 

A. B.. Brigliaiii ^'r.uni.' rniversity. 1013 

.losrpi) Sudwecks, Assoc. Prol. ol I .d. .'\diiiini>.tralion 
Pli. D.. University of Wisconsin. 1023 

Kussel B. Swensen. Professor o( llislory 
Pl». D.. l'nivcrsity of Chicago. 1<»3I 

Knthryn B. Parcloe. Assistant Prnlcssor o! S)H'c<h 
A. B.. Brighani Young L'nivcrsity, 1034 

A. Smith Pond. Professor of Ixononiirs: ( li.iiriiian 
of Agricultural l.tononiirs 
Ph. D.. Northwestern University. 1042 


Dean A. Anderson, Associolc Professor of Agronomy 

and Bacteriology 

M. A.. Stanford University. 1934 
Joan Char, Instructor in Elementary Education 
Ruth Wilson. Instructor in Secondary Education 

B. S., Brighani Young University. 1945 
Glen .1. Evans, Instructor in Accounting 

Harrison Val Hoyt. Prof, of Acct., Business Adin. 

Ph. D.. Stanford University. 1931 
Maynard D. Stewart. Instructor in Art 

M. F. A., University of Utah. 
John C. Swensen. Professor Emeritus of Sociology 

M. A.. Columbia University. 1921 
Richard Smoot, Instructor in Religion 

Herald R. Clark, Professor of Finance and Banking; 

Dean. College of Commerce 
M. B. A.. University of Washington. 1924 
Myrra Ann Williams. Instructor in Sec. Practice 

B. S.. Brigham Young University. 1941 
Morris M Clinger, Assistant Professor of Speech 

M. A., Brrgham Young University, 1946 
Cornelius R. Peterson. Assistant Purchasing Agent 

B. S.. Brigham Young University, 1936 

H. Darrel Taylor, Instructor in Spanish 

Oliver R. Snirth. Assistant Professor of Journalism 

A. B., Brigham Young University, 1958 
KennctK C. Bullock, Assistant Professor of Geology 

M. A.. Brigham Young University. 1942 
Hugh Niblcy, Associate Professor of Religion 

Ph, D., University of California, 1938 

f\Trley A. Christcnscn, Professor of Englisn 

Ph. D., Stanford University, 1927 
Irene O. Spears, Associate Prof, of Modern Languages 

Ph. D., Stanford University. 1942 
Lorinc Lcc, Instructor in Scrondary Education 
JosepK K. Nicholcs, Professor of Chemistry 

M. A.. Stanford University. 1924 


Sicwarl L. Crow. Inslr. in llislory 6 Polilicnl Science 
M. A., Brighani Young University, 1946 

J. Rex Co.ites, Assistant Prolessor of Chemistry 
Pli. D., University of Wisconsin, 1947 

Wayne B. Hales, Prof, of Pfivsics and Matliematics 
Ph. D., Cahfornia Institute of Technology, 1926 

Crant S. fiichards, Assoc. Prof, of Animal Husbandry 
M. S., Utah State Agricultural College, 1942 

June Berry, Instructor in Secondary Education 

A. B., Brighani Young University, 1047 
Lars G. Crandall, Instructor in Comnicrre 

M. S., Brighani Young University, 1915 
H. Smith Broadbcnt, Assistant l^rofessor of Chemistry '■> 

Ph. D., Iowa State College, 1946 
Charles E. Maw. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry 

Ph. D., Stanford University, 1924 

John W. Payne, .\ssistant Professor of Sociology 

M. A., Brighani Young University, 1948 
Margaret Hales, Director. Home Study Bureau 

A. B., Brighani Young University, 

Norma Lees Arrington. Instr. in Physical Education 

B. S., University of Utah. 1945 

Carl F. Eyring. Professor of Physics and Mathema- 
tics; Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 
Ph. D., California Institute of Technology, 1924 

Wesley P. Lloyd, Professor of Philosophy of Educa- 
tion; Dean of Students 
Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1937 

Flora D. Fisher, Inslnictor in Elementary Education 
B. S., Brighani Young University, 1936 

Henry J. Nicholes, Assistant Professor of Zoology 
Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, 1941 

Harold Glen Clark, Prof, of Education, Executive Sec. 
of Alumni Association; Director of Extension Div. 
Ed. D., George Washington University, 1942 

William E. Berrelt, Assoc. Professor of Religious Ed. 

Edgar M. Jenson, Professor of Education: Director, 
Teacher Placement Bureau 
M. A., Brigham Young University, 1919 

Max I3erryessa, Instructor in Elementary Education 

John E. Hayes, Registrar 

B. S., Brigham Young University, 1924 

L. F'illiotl Tuttle, Assistant Professor of Geography 

M. S., Brigham Young University, 1948 
t.lda Jackson, Instnictor in PJemcntary Education 

B. S., Brighani Y'oung L'niversity, 1948 
Herbert K. Christen.srn. Asst. Prof, of Secondary Ed. 

M. S.. Brigham Y'oung University. 1948 
Mary J. Anderson, Instructor in Eicnienlacy Education 


Alfjcrt D. Swrnsen, Assist.Tnl Professor of Cliomislry 
l*li. D.. Louisiiina Slate University. 19-11 

W^illortl l„ Siiiitli, Instructor in Sotiology 
M. A.. Bricliiiin Young Unnorsily. 19-18 

I.rnrst Rciriisf niisscl. Assistant in H<)rliculturc; Instruc- 
tor iti I.iinasciifjp An liitrc turc 
A. IV, BricluuM Younfi University. 19-40 

M. Roy Sp.irks. Instru( tor in Serontlnry KJutalion 
A. B.. Ulnli Stale Agricultural CollcBc. 1928 

I lioinns II. Clirney, Assislnnt Prolessor of I'.nnlisli 

M. A.. University of Malio. 19)f) 
Miirfjaret Sundiicrnays. Assisliinl Professor ol Music 

A. B., Bri^fJiani Youn<< University, I9 3f> 
Hnttie M. Knifilit, Circulation Lrl)rarian 

B, S., in L. S. University ol Denver, 1943 
Lawson Haniblin. Assistant Librarian 


Carol Oaks. Instructor in I'.nglisji 

M A.. University of ClMcago, 1916 
O. Norman Geertsen. Instriu (or in Matli. & I^liysits 

B. S.. Bripliani Young University, 1950 
M. W''rlls .lakenian. Cliairnian Oepl. ol Arcliacoiogy 

Pli. D.. University of Calilornia. I9')8 
Orea B. Tanner. Assistant Professor of E.nglisn 

A. B.. Brighani Young University, 1932 

Lorcn C. Co\ington, Instructor In CliciuJslry 
Rcola ClarK. Instructor in Knglisn 

A. B.. University of Utali. 1947 
Brighani D. Madsen, Assistant Prof, of History and 

Political Science 

Pli. D., University of California. 1948 
Dean A. Peterson. Assistant Professor of Accounting 

and Business Administration 

M. S., University of Soutficrn California, 1942 

Robert Brailsford, Instructor in Secondary Edufation 

-M. S.. Brigbam Young University. 1947 
Marcia A. Goates, Instructor in English 

M. A.. State University ol Iowa. 1947 
Hannah C. Packard. Special Instr, in Vocal Music 

A. B,. Brigham Young University 
M. W'ilford f^oulson. f^rolessor of Psychology 

M. A.. University of Utah, 19 19 


May Billings. AssisUml Professor o( Honir (iconomirs 

B. S., Brrpharn Young Univrrsity, IQ")) 
Joscpli M. Bocl. Inslructor in Pliysics 
Don L. Karl, Assistant Professor of Music 

M. A.. Brtgltani Young L'nivcrsity, 1947 
LcRoy Bisliop. Professor of f Jeinonlary i'.clm alion and 

Education Administration; C liairman of tlie Drp.irt- 

nienl of Elcmenlary Education 

Ed. D.. Colorado State College of Education. 19-17 

Edward M. Rowe, Professor of Englisti 

A. B.. Brigliam Young L'niversily, 1^25; Graduate 

Study, University of Cliicago. Cornell University 
Loren C. Bryncr. Associate Professor of Clieiiiislry 

Pti. D.. Iowa State College. 1954 
Jofin R. Halliday. Professor of Music 

Pit. D., Music I lieory, Eastman Scliool ol Music. 

University ol Rochester. N. Y., 1941 
Betty McTaguc. Instructor in Physical Education 

Ncwbern I. Butl. Librarian and Researcli Associate 
M. S., Brigliam Young University, 1939 

Winifred Wilkinson, Inslructor in Home Economics 

Charles J. Hart. Professor of Health. Physical Ed- 
ucation, and Recreation 
Ed. D.. New York University, 1945 

Arthur Watkins. Assistant Prof, of Modern Languages 
Ph. D.. Stanford University, 1948 

Reed Morrill, Associate Professor of Educational Ad- 
I'd. D.. University of Oregon. 1948 

Beth Rtt liardson. Reserve Lirtrarian 

B. S.. in L. S.. L'nivcrsity of Denver. 1944 

D. Elden Beck, Assoc. Prof, of Zoology & Entomology 
Ph. D.. Iowa State College, 1955 

Clinton I . Larson. Inslructor in English 
M. A.. University of Utah, 1947 

Reed Bradford. Professor of Sociology 
Ph. D.. Harvard University. 1946 

Max Rogers. .Assistant Professor of German 
NL A., Brigliam Young University, 1942 

Cyntha Cowan. Instructor in Physical Education 
B. A.. University of Utah. 1947 

Leona Holhrook. Professor of Physical Education: Di- 
rector. Phy.^ical Education for Women 
>L A.. Columbia University. 1955 

Dale H. West. Instrtutor in F!ngiish 

A. B., Brighani Young L'nivcrsity, 1940 
Elmer Nelson. Special Instructor in Music 
Josic E. Stewart. Instiuctor in Home Economics 
Gerril de Jong. Jr.. Dean. College of Fine Arts; Pro- 
fessor of Modern Languages 
Ph. D.. Stanford University. 1934 


Amos N. Merrill, Prof. EnicrUus of Secondary Ed. 

VU. D . Stanford University, 1926 
Catlicrine Roinncy, Instructor in Home Economics 

B. S.. UlaK State Agricultural College, IQ41 
Charles E. Haggorty, Assistant in Library 

M. A., Brigliam Young University, IQ46 
William C. Carr. Assistant Professor of History and 

l^olitical Science 

A. B., Brigliam Young University, 19j4 

Anfonc K. Ronmey, Professor of Philosophy of Edu- 
cation and Guidance, Chairman of Counselling 
Ed. D., Stanford University, 1947 

Gretta M. Croft. Instructor in Religion 

Weldon J. Taylor, Associate Professor of Marketing 
M. B. A., Harvard Graduate School of Business 
Administration, 1937 

Stanley H. Watts, Instructor in Physical Education 
and Assistant Athletic Coach 
B. S., Brigham Young University, 1958 


Keifer B. Sauls, Secretary -Treasurer, Board of Trus- 
tees: Purchasing Agent 
B. S., Utah State Agricultural College. 1920 

Elsie C. Carrol, Associate Professor of English 
M. A.. Brigham Young University, 1928 

Olive K. Burminghani. Instructor in English 
M. A., Brigham Young University, 1934 

C. Lavoir Jensen. Instructor in Secondary Education 

Roy W. Do,\cy, Assistant Professor of Church Orga- 
nization and Administration 

J. Ira Young, Instructor in Secondary Education 
B. S., Brigham Young University, 1947 

Dorothy N. Candland, Instructor in Elementary Edu- 
cation; Principal of Training School 
B. S., Brigham Young University, 1940 

Golden L. Woolf, Professor of Secondary Education 
Ed. D., University of California, 1940 

Harold J. Bisscll, Associate Professor of Geology 

M. S., University of Iowa, 1936 
Maxine Baird Murdock, Instructor in Elementary Ed. 
Stella D. Lewis, Instructor in Home Economics 
Naoma Rich, Associate Librarian 

B. S., Brigham Young University, 1931; Certificate 

in Library Science, Riverside Library Service, 

School. 1932 


Ellvcrl H. Hinics, Assistant Professor and Special 
counselor of Philosopny of Education and Guidance 
M. A.. University of Kansas, 1957 

Clarence S. Boyle, Professor of Accounting and Busi- 
ness Administration 
Ed. D., New York University. 1941 

George H. Hansen, Professor of Geology 

Pfi. D., George Washington University, 1927 

Vasco M. Tanner, Professor of Zoology & Entomology 
Ph. D.. Stanford University, 1925 

John F. Jones, Coordinator of Student Organizations 

and Director of Student Housing 

B. A., University of Utah. 1935 
Jean Anne W'aterstradt, Instructor in English 

A. B., Brighani Young University, 19-15 
Gustavc Buggcrt, Instructor in Music 
Ricnard L. Gunn, Instructor in Secondary Education 

Paul D. Proctor, Assistant Professor of Geology 

M A.. Cornell University. 19-13 
G. Leon Dallin, Assistant Professor of Music 

B. M., M. M.. Eastman School of Music of the 

University of Rochester, N. Y. 
Effie W'arnicK, Professor of Home Economics 

M. S., Iowa State College, 1937 
Joics Stone. Instructor in Philosophy of Education and 


Norman Hunt, Special Instructor in Music 

Alma Burton, Instructor in Religion 

Bertrand F. Harrison, Professor of Botany: Chairman 

of Botany Department 

Ph. D., University of Chicago, 1937 
Ray R. Canning. Instructor in Sociology 

M. S., Brighani Young University. 1948 

Lillian C. Booth, Counselor for Women 
B. S.. Brighani Young Univtrsily, 1940 

John W. McAllister, Instructor in Public School Music 
and Private Voice 
A. B., Brighani Young University, 1937 

J. Robert Kest. Instructor in Speech 

Reuben D. Law, Professor of Education; Dean of Col- 
lege of Education; Chairman of Departments of 
Education and Educational Administration 
Ed. D., University of Southern California, 1941 

Richard D. Poll, Assistant Professor of History and 

Political Science 

Ph. D.. University of California. Berkeley. 1948 
Bent F. Larson. Professor of Art 

M. A., University of Utah, 1922 
Brinnt S. Jacobs, Assistant Professor of English 

Ph, D.. Slate University of Iowa, 1944 
Farrell D. Madsen, Assistant Professor of Secondary 


M. A.. Brigham Yountf University, 1942 



Knn( McKniglil. Inslruclor in Botany 

Lvr.n M. Croll. Assistant Prof, of Sccr'^'trtrinl I^raclicc 
M. S., L'nivcrMty ol Soullicrn California, 1910 

Preston R. CIcfllirll, Assistant Professor of Speech 
M. A.. Louisiana State University. 1940 

Sifinev B. Sperry, Professor of Olcl Testament: Lang- 
uages una Literature: Director. Division of Religion 
I^li. D.. L'ni\ersity of Cliicago, 1951 

NL'irlin L. Miller, Instructor in Matlicmalics 

A. B.. Bri^liaiu ^ oung L'niversity, 1942 
Ricliartl L. Sniiili, Associate Professor of Accounting 

and Businc?s Adnilnistration 

C P. A., Utali, 1948 
I. Runtan Andrus, Assistant Professor of Art 

M. S.. Brigliarn ^ oung L'ni\crsity. 1945 
I iugli W. I'elcrson, Associate Professor of Ciicinislry 

i^ii. D., L'ni\crsity of Iowa. 1950 


William II. Boyle, Professor Eiucrilus o[ Ecluciilion 
M. A., Briglinrii Young L'niversily. 1923 

Clirislon lonscn. Dc«in. Graduate Scliool: Head oi 
D< |i,irlnirnl of History and Political Science 
PI.. D.. LniNCrsilyof Chicago, 1921 

rioyd Millet, .Assistant Professor of Pliysical Educa- 
tion: C-oacli of BasKelrjall and Track 
M. S., L'niversity ol Southern California, 1959 

.\riel S. Ballif, Professor of Sociology; Cliairman, Dc- 
fiartiiirnt of So» iology 
I''li. D., Uni\crsity of Southern California, 1945 

H. Neil >fiKniglil, Assist. Mgr. of Students' Supply 

Assotiation: Instructor in Accounting and Business 


B. S., Brigliam ^'oung L'niversily, 1937 
fiussell IV StansfielJ. Instructor in Secretarial Practice 

B. S., Brigliam ^ oung L'niversity, 19.10 
Leonard W. Rice, .Assistant Professor of English 

M. .A., Lniversily of Washington, 1913 
John \\ . \\ ing, Assistant Professor of Cfieniistiy 

M. S., Brigliam ^ oung L'ni\crsity, 1934 

K.irl I.. ^ oung. Professor of English 

.^I. A., Oxford L'nivcr.sity. 1934 
Ray S. .\lleiiian. Assistant Professor of E^hysics 

Ph. p., John Hopkins L'niversity, 1959 
I honias I_. Martin, Dean, College of Applied Science 

I'll. D., Cornell University, 1919 
M.irk K. Allen, Associate Professor of Psychology 

M. A., Stanford University, 1934 
IJcnjamin F. Curniiiings, Professor of Modern and 

Classical Languages 

.-\. B., University of Utah, 1915 


The student body constitution 
adopted last year established the 
new student legislature. Repre- 
sentation was from all types of 
campus activities and organiza- 
tions. Lively Sessions were spent 
discussing the Y's athletic situ- 
ation, changing the name of the 
campus newspaper, the election 
procedures and other pertinent 



Left: Legislators lounge awhile 
before meeting convenes, while 
below, they are absorbed in cam- 
pus policy making. 






KEITH FILLMORE ... the big wheel friendly. 

earnest student body president worked long and hard for 
faculty-student unity .... looks forward to business career 
Blue Key and Brigadier. 

MOANA BALLIF . . . secretary ideals, ideas, and 

action .... helped to make as well as compile student 
body history . . . ran gamut of student honors . . . gracious 
hostess to visiting dignitaries .... White Key and Val 


RAY BECKHAM .... first vice president 
excellent business head .... responsible for 
student body assemblies .... read trirough 
miles of announcements each Thursday . . . 
proud papa .... independent Arizonan . . . 
Blue Key. 

MAX GOLIGHTLY . . . second vice presi 
dent and sociable social chairman .... kept 
the campus in pep rallies and dances .... 
talented tenor .... co-authored last year's 
varsity show .... Blue Key and Brigadier. 

TOM ANDREW .... business manager 
.... human dynamo .... smiling, curly 
haired idol of campus women .... the man 
behind the honor system .... debater .... 
Sunday school teacher .... affiliated with 
Blue Key. 








The bigsesl l.illlc man on campus . . big heart . . big 
number of admiring sludenls and friends . . . l^ig opinion 
of liie College of Applied Science over which he presides. 

Dr. Dean Anderson discusses a culture grown by 
a couple of graduate bacteriologists. Prof. Grant Rich- 
ards shows the finer points of one of the Y s dairy herd to 
Dr. Elden Beck. Below, a group of horticulture students 
prune I he schools orchard. 




First row. left lo riglil: Dr. Robert H. Dainos, Dr. 
Ray Farnsworth, Dr. Tlionias L. Martin. Mary Mals- 
trom. secretary-treasurer: Prof. Grant S. Richards, and 
Dr. Ernest Reimschiissel. Back row: Siegfried Felil- 
Lerg. social chairm£in: Morris Swapp, program director; 
Harold Richards, refreshments; George Hawkes. pre^i- 
dcnt; and Edward Cook, vice-president. 


Front row, left to right: Vance Calder, Charles Anderson, Siegfried Fchlbcrg. Ernest Christie, Dclmer W. McDougal, Morris Swapp. George 
Hawkes, Edward Cook, Harold Richards, Norm Jensen, and Carlyle Gay. Second row: Kent Andersen, Chester Lykins, Max Nicholes, Karl 
Kendall. Jenny Hoopes, Dr. Thomas L. Martin, Mary Malstrom, Dr. Ray Farnsworth, Prof. Grant S. Richards, and Dr. Ernest Reimscfiiissel. 
Third row: Wallace C. Hannah, James Lee, Joseph Blake. Don Wixom, John E. Noble, Don Schmutz, Carl Mecham, Dean Famsworth. 
Boyd Wright, Edison Breckenridge, and Fred Stephens. Back row: Marian Harvey, Reed Hall, Doyle Hansen, Robert L. Bennett, Junius 
L. Duke, Dale Olson. Robert Richins, Ellys Peipgrass, Galon Winsor. and Merrill Brown. 


r ft • * ^' ^ 



t • f f f V 





Lorraine Hanson 

lone Lewis 

Marian Wilkinson 

Corn'spoiuting ^pcrckiry 

Arli-nc Knudsrn 

Phyllis Wacllc 

lean Davis 

Bctli Markluun 

Lois Anne Nelson 

Betty Arg> le 

Mar Rue Sininions 
Virp PivsUlvnt 

Pres'ulctit — Winter Quarter 

Vi\ ian Hat< li 

Hazel Dawn Ream 

Anne Kniglit 

Carol Clark 

Rpcoraing Secretary 

Nndine Milcliell BtKluMiller 

Vice Prosident — ^W'inlpr Quarter 

Barnara Grant 

An organization of I lie advanced 
students majoring in some phase of 
Home Economics. Its purpose is to de- 
velop culture and scholarship among 
its members, and to lend its aid in es- 
tablishing better homes and community 

The Home Economics Club, fac- 
ing page, is intended to create a pro- 
fessional spirit among students of 
Home Economics. Regular meetings 
are held at which interesting lectures 
are given. Special activities are foster- 
ed. All girls registered in Home Eco- 
nomic courses are eligible for member- 

liiiMMii PHI mau 


Mary Lou Dcvcy 
Margaret Irvine 
Jean Slock 
Helen K. Jones 
Katlileen Devey 

SHeronnc Robertson 
Adele MarchanI 
Gayle Loosli 
Betty Jean Porter 

Verda Mae Western 

Sharon Adams 

Carol Cordner 


Nadenc Mitchell 

Lois Anne Nelson 

Veola Vaun Levie 

Clara Broderick 
Bessie Bartholomew 
Ruby McDonald 
Carolyn Noyes 
Hazel Dawn Ream 

Boimie Russell 
Annie V. Knight 
Betty Argyle 
Karma Holmes 
Deonne Watts 

Lonaine Hansen 

Jean Davis 

Vice President 

Rosemary Phillips 

Patricia Witney 

Gloria Joyce Madsen 

Marie Peterson 

HOME immm an 



Dignified, sincere, and conservative Dean of 
Arts and Sciences . . . brilliant in field of pfiysics 
. . . . strong Sunday school man . . . looks forward 
lo completion of Science Building. 

Two geology majors in tfie process of moving 
I lie e.\tensi\e and very valuable library of geology 
books donated lo BYU by Dr. Albert Clarence 
Bo\le. Jr. Flower e.xperimentation by a botany 



Professor Willord Poulson. above, instructs a 
group of sluucrils in llic use of sonic cquipnicnl for 
n psytliology experiment. Dr. Harold Bisscll wcigns 
a sample of rock for geological information. 


Scaled, lelt lo riglll: Dn\id A. Law, Ad- 
\isor; Paul Hart. President; LaRue Weav- 
er, Secretary; D. L. Weaver, I Io\var<I 
Graves. Standing: Morris Llewellyn, lack 
Presselt. Arvin Springtiiorpe. Terry M< - 
Garry, Robert Blair. 


Mat Mi,((Hrlflnc 
Crtrol Kay 
Da\ia E. Lofgron 
Noln Malkin 
Tlirlma Joltn-i«n 

Dor..ld Allrcd 

GIrn Moure 

Lorraine W'ootlliury 
-^pf r.>(ary-7 reasurer 

W alter Rrinisrniissel 

Kent Cliristenson 

W'nlard Lo\cricIge 
Don B. Skouson 
Lcgranac Fiack 
Ted Dase 
CIvcic Knudscn 

Raymond Rogers 
William F. Romney 
Vernon J. Tipton 
Far! C. Brunner. Jr. 
Joseph R. Murphy 

George D. Peterson 
Historian- Reporter 

Velva Nyborg 

I ont B. Moore 

Bettv O. Dase 

An international honorary bi- 
ological fraternity. \\4iicK empha- 
sizes a three-fola program: 

Sound scholarship; dissemina- 
tion of scientific knowledge: and 
promjjtness of biological research. 



An honorary journalism fra- 
ternity, organized to stimulate in- 
terest in journalism and to pro- 
mote Higher standards in the 

)\u\\\. Scntl 
I )iinnii YHfalry 
Lois Asliby 
Carina Riismussrn 

Joseph Hilbcrs 

Jolin Leo 
Pre side nl 

Lucille Gatenby 

Secrc lary'l \easurer 

Dorolliy Pcllijonn 

Robcrl Burton 

Harold Williams 
Phyllis Nixon 
Loye Allrea 
Margaret Beal 
Vesta Ball 

Herbert Morris 

Fredora Fuller 
Vice Prcsideni 

David Schulthcss 

Mona Balhf 

Grace Millard 

Barbara Josie 
Marilon f^ogers 
Marilyn Roundy 



Officers pichirecJ above, silting leh to right, are: Marion Alien, Presi- 
aenl ; Rose Marie Brokaw, Secretary. Standing : Andree Heisoppe, 
Vice President; Eddie Etezad, Vice President: and Lois AsKby, Cor- 

Beverly and Max Golightly, sKown right, were winners of the cos- 
tumed Mardi Gras, student dance sponsored by the French Club. 

nnm an 

First row; Lois Ashby, Ruth Weinheimer, Charlene Madsen. Elaine Howletl, Donnette Stringham, Rae Nelson, Catherine N. Kanekoa, 
Norma Jean Whitlaker, Rose Marie Brokaw. Gefaldine Tovey. Second row: Andree Hasoppe, Margaret Alexander, Yvonne Lyons. Lenoir 
Hatfield, Martha Pettijohn, Sara Mae Dunn, Betty Merwin, Meuilyn Geddes. LouJean Foremaster, Marion Allen, Doris Weinheimer, Ernia 
Ruth Eldredge. Third row: Harold W. Lee. Sponsor; Blossom K. Enos, Virginia Lambert, Marguerite Porter, Leona Heywood, Leda Jensen, 
Randall Buchanan, Manouchehr Rafatjah, Kent Wadsworth, Amir Nakhai, Robert Penfield. LeRoy Gunnell, Eddie Etezad, Ralph Burton 
Virgil Bowen, J. Reuben Clark, III. Sponsor. 



<9' <S' %, 

fk •' 


First row, left lo right: Kay Morris. C. Eldon Biller. VN'oslon Cotdncr. Curtis Knight. 
Wilhnin 1 Iionins. W^iHiiim Bruro. Ihirry C. Docs, Wayne Davis, Ken Taylor, Ivan 
Olccrlund, Don Guhlor. Willord L. Brudcrer. 

Second row: IVddy W, I'aulin, LaMnr I wilriicll, Leonard E. Harding. Racliel Nelson. 
Andrec llnsoppe. Bart C/Jrr. John Siilhorla'nd, Virgil \V. Cline, Lionel II. Lay Ion. 
Tronk Stevenson, Pnul Clark, Brme Liddiard, Steve Van Wagener, 

1 liird row: Arthur R. Walkins. Charles II. Shaw, Fenlon H. Pulsipher, Cert Stadel- 
hnucr. Leda Jensen, Mae Blanch, llnnnnloe Ntjvvnerry, Cordon Waring, Bob Froclich, 
Andy Faslon. Carol Baker. Betty Ogden, Elaine Evans, Elaine D. Bradley, Donald 
Bradley, Dennis \i. Dniley. John W. Hanibrick. Alene Stringharn. 

Back row: R. Max Rogers, Norma Smith, Don Markhami, Avery Glenn. Beverly 
Kno>\ lion. Charles I^Trsen. Pat Green. Wilford Hansen, Lowell E. Horlarher, Ward 
Wilson, loin Rave, Marlow Davidson. William Smiley, 1 hirl Tew, Leon M. Hebertson. 


The purpose of this club is to stimulate interest 
in a clearer understanding of international prob- 
lems and develop a spirit of world helpfulness and 
peace. The club is sponsored by the Carnegie 
Endowment for International Peace. 


Left to right: Ellenjean Ririe, pui>licity agent; Virginia Thayer, 
vice-president; David A. Law, president; and Carol WilLeck, 
secretary- treasurer. 


First row. left to right: LaRae 
Gardner, Virginia Thayer, John 
Martinez. Second row: David 
A. Law, Betty Jean Gerber, 
JoanNelson, Morris Llewellyn. 
Back row: Ralph Burton, Boyd 
Drennan, Floyd Sampson, Terry 
McGar)-. Carol Witbeck. 



Sitting: Norman Hyatt, vice-president. Standing: Kent Broad- 
bent. President, and Raymond Reese, Secretary. 

A National honorary Physics Society with the 
following objectives: (l) to stimulate high schol- 
arship. (2) to create an interest in research and 
the advanced study of physics, and (3) to encour- 
age friendship among majors in the department. 


First row: Aldo Nelson, Kent 
Broadbent, Raymond Reese, Nor- 
man Hyatl. Second row: Ar- 
thur Crosby, Robert Mercer. Dr. 
Wayne Hales, Dean Carl F. 
Eyring. Dr. Millon Marshall. 
Orlin Ford. Third row: Rich- 
ard Smith. James Pinegar, Ray 
Chapman. James Orion, Arthur 


K. Liivcrnr Marruin 
Lawrence Slack 
Irene Briggs 

Blaine J. Wasdcn 
Odell Scolt 
George Addy 

Wayne Aamodl 

Willard Howard 

Rondo S. Harmon 
\ice President 

Ross B. DenKam 

Vern Jensen 

Bert Morley 

A national honorary Kistory 
fraternity devoted to the following 
program: the promotion of sound 
scholarship, the recognition of high 
scholastic attainment, and the en- 
couragement of association and fel- 
lowship among senior and graduate 
students in the field of history. 




Bob Lynn 

Don Sprouse 

Keith M. Hcbcrlson 

Don C. Anderson 

Ward Abbott 

Tom Mayhcw 

LSecrelary -Treasurer 

Roy A. Shane 
J. Keith Rigby 

Carl Shelley 

Corresponding Secretary 

Qucy Hebrew 
Pre si Jen I 

James Broshard 

Kenneth H. John 
vice President 

Willie Brinilmll 

Oral Franson 

Jack Pace 

A nalional honorary frati-riiily 
whose membership consists of majors 
in the fields of geology, metallurgy, or 
mining. The purpose Is to recognize 
scholastic attainment, and to encour- 
age the association and fellowship of 
students enrolled in tlie earth sciences. 



Bob Jepperson. vice-president; Rosanne Sessions 
secretary; Lois Dalby, president; and Marvin Carter 


First row: Alfred Heywood, Joanne Faragher. Phyllis Palfreyman, Lois Christianson, Norma Bearnson, Mary Ella Jordan, Rutenia Lotano, 
Lynn Gardner, MacRae Bartholomew. Second row: Nola Clarlc, Naidg CrawFord, Vera Purrington, Anita Todd, Margaret Brazier, Ruth 
Goulding, Nina Quinlan, Afton Bowen, James Hill, W. Dean Rigby. Evelyn Matson, Coy Mullen. Third row: Daniel Clavez, Esteban Pe- 
rez. Fred M. Steivens, Virgil E. Bowen. Paul Steele, Don Fisher, Harold Wilcox. Samuel A. MeJIyn, Clifford L. McCall, Elaine Greer, Leon 
Ballard. Sylvia Farr. David Syphus. Robert Clark. 


First row: Rosila Pecollo. Bill Witt, Vernon Murdock. RicKard Pope. Don M. Grime*, Marilyn Jeiueii. Neil Dodson, Amelia Taffun. Betty 
Jean Rowe. Arluro DeHoyos. Second row: Helen Dunkam. Nina Straiten. Vem Wilcock. Shirley Robison. Vanona Fisher. Jeannine Bnm- 
hell. Phyllis Parkinson. Mar>in Carter. Lois Dalby. Rosanne Sessions. Robert Jepperson. Dolores Tylor. Elaine taslman Jane* l^mncy. Oene 
Thoennes Third row: Helen Jones. Stanley Schindler. Robert Allred. Van MacCabe. Floyd Di^n. Earl J Garfield Jack V. Brown. Franz 
B. Nelson. Sue Whiting. Harold W. Pratt. Jr.. Scott Hymas. Iris Jenson. Helen Richins. LaDcane Prior. Paul Murdock. Max Ncwren. bun- 
dice Turano. Daniel P. Taylor. JoLean Jones. 

Membership in the Spanish club was both large and 
active. Programs were full of atmosphere, with cos- 
tumes, music, and all strictly authentic. 



Super-salesman . . Dean ol llie College ol Commerce 
and head of tlie Lyceum series .... more superlatives in 

his vocabulary llian W'ebsler has in his dictionary 

father of haskelball man I^andy. 

The trio below gels the hang of those office ma- 
chines. Two more students put into practice things learn- 
ed in classes in the College of Commerce— typing a re- 
search ijaper. and selling in the bookstore. 



A women's national profession- 
al fraternity. The purposes and ob- 
jectives for which this fraternity is 
organized are to promote the cause 
of higher business education and 
training for women, to foster higher 
ideals for women in business car- 
eers, and to encourage fraternal co- 
operation among women preparing 
for such careers. 

Marie Haslcni 

RulK Warner 

Belly Jo Sprouse 

Donna Carrel I 

Shirley Jotmson 

Mary Moore 
Louise England 
jean Flinl 

Joyce Murpliy 
Wanda Scott 

Beverly Urc 

Bcrnicc Kunkel 

Arva Lue Mortenscn 

Barbara Bean 

Marie Dean 
Vice President 

Norma Crossiiian 

Ramona Adams 

LeaK Hacking 

Vivian Jensen 

Jeweldinc Moore 

Lorcnc Burlon 



Rotert AnJerson 

JoKn H. Willis 

Ballard Hoyt 

John G. Tolton 
Master of Ritual 

Lynn W. Petl 

JoKn R. Anderson 

Gotdon K. Lewis 

Harvey D. Goff 

Karl P. Herde 

Ckarles S. Adair 

Sterling Mason 
Richard Andelin 
R. Dale Rock 

Lester G. Wheatley 

Dean Hibbert 

LeRoy Lester Ross 

William F. Garden 
Jerry Jorgensen 
Robert Ellis 

UPHil KilPPA n\ 



Krill) Sloplicns 
Doitn W. Hai^lciii 
Krncu'lli Wriglil 
John Zagorer 
Orvill.- Lundcll 

Dal.- Hunt 

Fred Baird 

I. M. While 

J. W. Argood 

Vcrrue Mihon 1 heohald 

Sidney Noble 
Donald Moore 
Gerald E. Poulsen 

Donald A. Bugg 
Vice President 

Don Tregaskis 

Donald Noel 

Boyd Winlerlon 
Douglas R. Mclnlire 
Myron Walker 

A professional commerce fraternity, the pur- 
pose of which is to foster studies in commerce, en- 
courage scriol.TTship and association between, 
members rnd the commercial world. 



Dean of tlie College of Education . . . prouti 
of UtaK s rank in his field .... Bishop of Provo s 
University Ward .... smiling and soft speaking. 

Four memhers of Junior Orchesis strike a 
cliaratteristic pose. A couple of the h'llows ex- 
hibiting their hoxing technique learned in phvs. 

A group from the training school pose witfi 
their teachers. 




Left lo rigKl: Anne Fitzgerald, publicaliuns represenla- 
live; Elaine Eyring, secretary-treasurer; Richard Brown, 
vice-president: Max Berryessa, president. 


First row: Elaine Eyring, KatKryn Rogers, Enid McArtliur. Jean F. Char. Sarah Mae Cleave, Darlene M. Brimhall, Richalyn Kilborne, Joyce 
Cockrtt, Ann Fitzgerald. William Geerlsen, Richard Brown, Rae Marie Jerling. Second row: May C. Hammond, Norma Dorothy Langston. 
Floisc Kohler. Marian Crittenden. Carol Larson. Evelyn Hastings. Julia Taylor. Mary B. Jacobs, LaVona Murphy. Beth Martin. Lucile Rose, 
Colleen Harmon. Third row: Max Berryessa, Georgia Mitchell, Lila Alice Peterson, Hermine Eckersley, Cloras Robinson, Mary Lawrence, 
Gene Harris, Carol Hansen, Georgene Krissman, Donna Hall. Ruth Call. Richine Lewis. Ann Bigelow. Anna May P. Jenson, Claire Dyreng. 
Myrtle Einmelt. Back row: Harvey T. HIakcslee, Joseph V. Barker, Rnndo S. Harmon. William J. Nelson. Ervin Clark, Reid C. Miller, 
Grant H. Elliott, Lloyd J. Easlley, Grace Guymon, Erma Adams, Gladys R. Larsen, Beverly Brady, Rhoda Lewis. 


jiiiioR mnm 

A modern Dance Club for students 
interested in improving their technique. 
Provided entertainment at many school 


Below, left to right: 
Geraldine Anderson 
Elaine Dixon 
Barbara Romney 
Renee l.abrum 
Janet Hales 




1^ ■•vii^ 

Left to Right: Joyce Wood, Shirley Henrie, Col- 
leene Wood, Gerri Goodfellow, Amy Gibbons. 

Joe France and Norma Rae Arringlon — Director 

Left to Right: Mary Clark; Yolando Perry, Sec- 
retary; Gloria Stimpson, President; Mary Col- 
son; Gwen Marler; Maralyn Ballif, Carma de 
Jong, Yice President; Maxine Rice. 


Beginning Fencing Class 

Lefl lo Right: 

Howard B. Bennion 

Ray Little 

Peggy Miller 

Jean Slock 

Ha Eclon 

Bill Preston 

Pat Patterson 

L' HOMME n BilTTilLLe 

Fencing Club Officers 

Vesta Ann Ball — President 
Mr. Darwin Lees — Sponsor 
Peggy Miller — Secretary 

"Advanced Fencing Club 
Left to Right: 
Davis Bitton 
DuVello Hansen 
Gordon Harris 

Back Row: 
Gvven Marler 
Janet Hales 
Majel Stanfield 
Vesta Ann Ball 
Joan Nickle 
Jean Nickle 
Jane Nickle 



Tall unci lalciiUcI Denn ol llic Colii-gc of 
Fine Arts . . . returned from special <<overnrnenl 
mission in Soulfi America .... musii ian .... 
linguist lover of fine arts. 

Professor Roman Andrus shows a sludenl 
part of the "Y's" extensive art colleelion. Some 
art students have real live models. Robert Doug- 
las. Campus Branch organist, at the console of 
the new organ. 



One of the scenic won- 
ders encounlered on tour 

Dr. Halliday and the 
boys chew the fat (be- 

A rest and stretch stop for 
louring band members (left). 

Feminine members had trouble 
with the manly art of tying ties 


The B.Y.U Concert band did itself proud per- 
forming difficult and varied numbers in its formal 
concerts at the Smith Building. On tour, they took 
southern Utah by storm, besides thoroughly enjoy- 
ing the trip. 


For almost two quarters we watched the Smith Building 
stage for signs of progress in the installation and tuning 
of our new organ. 

NEW um 

Thousands of pipes, thousands of dollars, the console 
from the Salt Lake Tabernacle, and the best organ tuners 
in the United States combined to give us the best organ 
on any American Campus. 


I awrciu (- Sardoni lod llic syinphony orches- 
Ira llirougli anollicr year in wliicK it contriDuled 
licavily lo music and iU appreciation on campus. 




■ll§S!S!JliiL"iilg§i!^ i 


■ m f mm ' »., • < *. „■ i.i iM'^ ■ 





Tlie Varsily B.ind under I lie baton of Nomi 
Hunt enlivened pep rallies, foolbail and basket- 
ball games with its good and varied music. 


Dr. Franklin Madsen 

The Drs. Madsen 

and th 

e mu- 

sical pride o 

f the Y, 

the concert 1 

chorus, prov 

ided music for the | 


sessions of 



in the 









SiUing I si Row — Grant Clyde, Bryce Spencer. 

Silting 2ncl Row ^ Ursel Allred. Mildred Miller. 

Silling 5rd Row — Maxine Lamborn. 

Standing — I trry Beckslrom. Jeanne Brimliall, Bonnie Turner, 
Colleen Keeler. Virginia Allen. La Rae Collet, Emmagene Foulz. 

Back row. standing — Bernett Fergusen. Jack Clirislensen. Ken 
Sansom. Marjorie Miller. 


Ursel AIIrxI 
LaRno Collet 
Denn Liullow 
Ja< K Christiansen 
Linniogcnc Foulz 
Ferry Beckstroni 
Virginia Allen 
Ken Sansoni 
Maxine Lamborn 
Bonnie 1 urner 
Marjorie Millar 
Colleen Keeler 
Max Goliglitly 
Burnett Fergusen 
Grant Clyde 
Betty Jo Hawkins 


"Magnilitent Yankee ' 

Out\Niircl Bound 
"Niglit Must Fall" 

Journey s lind 

"Pride and Prejudice 
"Berkley Square ' 

Angel Street 
"George Washington Slept Here 

linporlanre of Being Earnest 

"Philadf Iphia Story' 

' T he Skin Game 
"The Hasty Heart" 
"Awake and Sing ' 
"The SiKcr Cord ' 

The purpose of this league is to foster 
tne art of reading and dramatics, to appreci- 
ate paintings and music, and lo give oppor- 
tunity lo its members lo hear leclures and 
readings fron» the nest talent of the state 
as well as from performers who are on the 
lecture platform and the stage. The society 
meets weekly. 







Seated a! the organ: Professor J. J. Keeler, Spon- 
sor. First row. left to rigKl: Rosella Compton, 
President: Beverly Knowlton, Mrs. Vercna Hatcfi. 
LaRue Robison. Jack Ware. Second row: Ro- 
bert Douglas. Eliza Beus. KatKerine Alder. Nomia 
GiaKam. Back row: EpKraim Hatch, Don Gr- 
imes. Kenneth Hansen, Dale Sorensen. 

■^^Hj^^^H ^_^^^^K^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 


mA 1^ 

£l ^^^^m 

^^ -^-^^^Z^^Sr^^i^BB 





The national honorary debating fra- 
ternity for those who engage in inter- 
collegiate debating and oratory or who 
attain marked distinction in forensic 

Left to right: Moana Ballif, Secretary: Kay Ran- 
dall, Vice President; Ralph Benson, President: 
and Morrii dinger, Sponsor. 



1 st row. left to right : Naomi Nelson, Secretary ; Val 
Camenisli. Vice Prcsidenl; Robert H. Rollins. Presi- 
dent; Avon M. Dodge, Treasurer. 

2nc[ row: Dean W. Bond. Publicity Manager, Pro- 
fessor Roman J. Andrus, Advisor; Mr. Glen H. Tur- 
ner, Advisor; LcRoy K. Jones, Social Manager; Prof. 
B. F. Larsen, Advisor. 


Led to right, first row: Robert H. Rollins. CaUin Ari-ie. Sam Floyd. Dean W. Bond. Second row: Carmen L'rsenbach. Helen Reimschiissel. 
Maxinc Leigh. Lydean Yancey. Ludean Price. Laree Holbrook. Third row; Prof. Roman J. Andrus. Virginia Lambert. Gilleen Lewis, Naomi 
Nelson. Avon M. Dodge. Val Camenish. Prof. B. F. larsen. Mr. Glen H. Turner. Bade row: Franklin J. Wolverton. Arthur W. Whyle. 
LeRoy K. Jones. Verne R. Berrett. George B. Clay. Willard A Gerber. 

Burnett Ferguson 

Jcannine Briiiiliall Max Golightly 

LaRae Collelt Andra Call Moss 


A national professional dra- 
maticmaHc fralernily. I In- pur- 
pose is lo losler arlislic acliieve- 
ment in all of the arts and ciafls 
of the theatre. 

Marie Dean Bybcc Dean Peay 

Vice President 

Colleen Kcoler Joyce Sanders Bryce Spencer 

Belly Jo Hawkins Douglas Lazcnijy Elaine Gwilliani Marjorie Millar 

Rodney 'turner Afton L. Nelson Norma Boyle Kcnnclli Samson 

Stanford Owilliaiii 
John Nuller 
Mildred Miller 

(Irani (Kile 

Luana Kusntun 

Ursel Allred 





The Opera Workshop presentation of Carmen, featur- 
ing Jean Howard and Inga Plaas as that hvely vixen, 
was outstanding. 

A dance ensemble from Dance Club added to the per- 
formance. Don Jose played by Eldon Wood. left, mourns 
over the body of the sweetheart he has just killed. 


DR. SIDNEY B. SPERRY . . . schol- 

arly director of religious instruction .... 
Book of Mormon authority and author 
of text on it ... . conducted successful 
classes in Salt Lake in Book of Mormon 
and Doctrine and Covenants . 


erally acclaimed as the most spiritual 
man on campus .... director of religious 
activities . . . inspiring speaker . . . left 
successful law career .... former British 
mission president. 

Divisioi OF umm 


Taking advantage of 
the spring holiday, many 
Y students mingled with 
famihes and friends at 
April Conference. 

Branch President No- 
ble dehvers an address 
over KOVO for one in a 
series of Delta P h 

This group is a de- 
partmental, organized in 
February. 1948, to pro- 
mote study, preparation, 
and mutual association 
of Y students anticipat- 
ing a missionary call. 

i"ront row, !efl lo right: Beverly 
Bingnani: LaMon Nerbert. presi- 
dent; Rey Wiser, first vice-presi- 
dent: Lois Brown, secretary: and 
Dale Nelson, second vice-presi- 
dent. Second row: Joseph Han- 
cocK, Carolyn Blair, Herhert 
Newell NIorris, president fall 
quarter: Irene Howells, Dale 
Turner, Calvin Wilcox, Joseph 
Clegg. Back row: Charles 
Muhlestein. Robert Richins. Le 
Grande Wooley, second vice- 
president, spring quarter: Ver- 
non Parent, Reed Jensen, Lewis 
Wiser, and Lome O. Smith. 


l.-ll,,-, l'.l.r-,„ 
\rvill., S„„ll, 
il.'lr,, ll„„M'n 
M.irjtiric 1 oorK* 
IiiioUt-nc Sniitli 

Belli i'isl.rr 
Merle Cliri-stenscn 
C atliorinr Bous 

Joanne Oiikey 
Peprty HinvKrs 

C onnir (3l>orn 
Janice Burt 
Shirley Ann Cfleavr 
Marian Konler 
JcancUc Scibold 

Grace Stone Scars 
Marjoric Tliompson 
Mary Allen 
Rlioda Lewis 
Calnerine Koiimey 

Barnara Burrows 
Sliirl<'y Jensen 
Claire Oowcrs 
Melba Sutherland 
Dcla Petersen 

Catherine G. Brandly 

Marian Allen 

i,eona Farnsworlh 

Edith Young 

Rulh iW\ 

Myrtle Brooksby 



W'iinda Ricks 
Jean Nickin 
Virginia Riippor 
Helen Roljjnson 
VVinilrecJ Wilkinson 

Luiillc Bodily 
C'atlierine Kanelion 
tloiso Koliler 
Oorotliy liilinson 
Mnrll.a Leall.ain 

Myrle I farJee 

Hermine Brigps 

Hloise Coons 

Ba rha ra Coo ri i hs 

Jean ( uriis 

Doris Ariiell 

Full Quarter /reiiMirer 
Betly Lou Marshall 

LaVaun Walkin 

Irene Bripc^ 

Mnllie R.w Baker 

r,\'elyn Nortn0ra\e 
Wilcla lames 
Ruth Patterson 
Faye Ensign 
Frankic EngeJnrelsen 

lArnelia Olsen 

Clara Broaerick 

F.sther Houiz 

Norma Burton 

Ora Jensen 

Vicp PresUlent 




Ciertrutir I frrrnuin 
Ruby Sfliwartz 
Clovrr C'uynion 
Lowrnr \\ Olid 
X'irC'ni.i Wriplil 

Hcl.n Olson 

Ben Mrnfl,nl,.,ll 

Bell, M.,rkl,,„„ 

Pearl Cox 

KIk'n Krnl 

K-illiry.i Asli.r.ih 
i:li/a Bcu. 
h.lizanrin /imtlcl 
I'^niogftic loutz 
Ciladvs Mr( fiaiit 

Billii- LdU ( r(i*.lia\\ 

lanr Ni< kIo 

Hrlon Durrani 

Trpa siirpr 
Arlrnc Knutlscn 

Collcon Haniicn 

BrxrrK L'rr 
Hannal. (^.ll 
Lois Pctcrsrn 
lover Brnnion 
Belly Cliristollrrs^on 

Norma Vanrc 
VaLois Harris 

Belly Milrl.cll 
Kalfilccn Bowman 


An honorary fraternity for relurnt'd women 
missionary's on the "Y rampus. Its purpose is to 
provide an opportunity for association of women 

missionaries in cultural, spiritual, and social ac- 
tivities, thereby maintaining the missionary spirit. 



Front row: Eldrcd A. lolmson. lirst counsrilor: Sidney NoMo, 
President; Owen C. Bonnion, second counsellor. BncK row: Don 
M. Grimes, assistant clerk; C. Reed Anderson, rierk; and Ivan 
L. Hobson, assistant clerk. 



Front row: Krnnclli H. Jolins, lirsl rounsollori Ira Young. Presi- 
dpnt: Curtis Hadlock. second counsellor. Back row: Donald D. 
Noel, clerk; Cliarles Arnell and Gordon F orsylli. assistant clerks. 


Y. W. M. I. A. 

PnrI o( llic Young Ladies arc shown iil ridlil: Front low: 
Nrllic Swerlon. Bnrlinra N. Uidinrds. first i nunscllor: I .inclin 
Olson. Dorotliy lolinson. Martlia Pnrry. Biu k row: Coy MuHrn. 
Lucy Caldcr. t£nnn Adnnis. Donna Annio<!l. sr<rrlHry: Virginia 
Allen, llniogrnr loulz. Not in pidurr arc prrsident, Jrnsinr 
Jolinnnriiscn and srrond rounsrilor, Bodeil Sinitli. 

mm ium M.i.i 

Tlic conikinrcl sinff of llic sluclcnls' MIA nrc front rt>« : 
lack W(-s>. Lynn Rirlmrds. Dale Criildlc. Uonna Aaiiiodl. Lyii- 
ccr C. Siiiilli. Koilli Midglpy, Ernia R. lildridcc Sorond row: 
Lucy Caldcr. Coy Mullen. Rogrr R. Sears. Owen C. Bennion. 
Barbara Richards. I" red C. .\daiiis. I iiiclio Olsen. and N.iniy 
Wells. Back row; Lniogene loutz. Nellie Sweden. Moyd 
Woodfield. Marllin Parry. Harold Powill. Maynard Gunler. 
Bcrl Bonnet, Erina Adams. Virginia .Mien. Dorolliy lolinson. 
and Carol Bean. 

V. M. M. I. 1 

T\to offiters of tlic Young Mm Im ludr. {tonl row: Maroul 
PowtII. cliorislfr: Fred C. Adams, suiwrintcndrnl; Roger K. 
Scars, second counsellor. Back row: Dale Criddle, Lynn Ritli- 
nrds, Lyncof C. Smilli. and lack West. Francis Workman. 
first counsellor, and Ted Marshall, sccrclnry arc not pictured. 


Bctly Midgley 
Dream Girl 

nlnio O. Howarcl 

Ralph Wood 

Delbcrl E. Lewis 

James Glenn 
vice President 

William R. Poole 

Jess Busnnian 

George Bcnnion 

Carl Merrill 

Donald \\. Petleprew 

Odell B. Cutler 
M. Ray Longliurst 
John Waitc 
Virgil B. Smith 
Bruce B. Hall 

Dale Crioldic 
Vinson D. Stepnenson 
Lynecr Smilli 
Lortn B^ Taylor 
Carl Wliatcott 

Grant D. Bendixscn 

Kay Barney 

Hector Spencer 

Fred Adams 

Robert L. Andclin 

Josrpfi B. Keolor 
Fidrcd A. Jonnson 
Harold C. Clawson 



A national honor fraternity 
whose membership on the Y 
campus is elected from those who 
have served as missionaries for 
more than six months. Its pur- 
pose is to foster spiritual arlivily. 
high ideals, fellowship, and so- 

Kcttli Mklglcy 
Burlis Ronrrlson 
Dclhorl W. H;.<lli.l.l 
Dale Hnws 
Knr) Bucliniilirr 

Albert Bennell 
Frank I. Dnvi.^ 
Max Conlcy 
Mark Angus 
Roy Sinilii 

Don Scliniulz 
Melvin G. Randall 
McKay Burton 
Reed Faync 
Grant Packer 

W^cst C. Haniiiiond 
Calvin Craig 
RucI S. Randall 
Bruce Peterson 
Royal S. Jcnson 

Jack Price 
Gale Hammond 
David Christenscn 
Erold Wisconibc 
Sidney NoMc 

Floyd J. W'oodficid 
Duanc Harrison 
Edward Baumgartcn 


Jolin E. Anderson 

Ralph Burton 

W'illiani Gccrisrn 

William Preston 

diaries R. Anderson 

Harold J. Powell 
Ivan P. Olson 
William Earl Read, Jr. 
Howard Bird 
Sleplirn SnerN\ood 

Orville C. Lundoll 
Vcrl A. Dcspain 
Francis W'orknian 
Don M. Walker 
Norman P. Woodiicid 

Claude \\ cstcnskow 
Norman L. Dunn 
Duane Price 
Lynn Richards 
C lair Kendall 

Kont S. Andir<on 
Slanlry R. Andrus 
Rirliard G. iJIsworlli 
Merrill Andrus 
Lester Ross 

Clyde S. Roniney 

NIelvin Ogden 

Ernest H. Qark 



Wells McAllister 
CIco BasconiD 
DeMar Rust 
Max A. Newrcn 
HariDon C. Slccd 

Frank C. Davis 
Wallace E. Duflin 
Lorenzo H. Snow 
Slerhng Clousc 
Owen Brnnion 

Norninn Wrigfit 
Phillip Schmidt 
James Wiltbank 
Calvin Whatcoll 
Rarl L. Smith 

Glen S. Smith 
Richard KitKs 
Alexander L. hife 
Nolan L. Montgomery 
Ira Young 

Jatk C-). Hanson 
Mclvin R. Bodily 
Keith Sohn 
James J. Tschudy 
Orvil M. Busliman 

Harold Price 
Grant Burgon 
lames Brady 



Left: Jim Glenn measures new pledges for 
Delta Phi sweaters. 

The Ladies Beta Pi Chorus, telow, ac- 
companied the Delta Phi's on their tours 
through northern Utah and parts of Idaho. 
The Delta Phi Chorus, shown bottom, prac- 
tices a song in preparation for the trip. 




The grand old man of llie graduale school .... reliring after 
20 years of devoted service lo the Y .... chief executive in the 
absence of the president .... kind and keen. 

George Addy typifies tiie graduate students who spend their 
time doing research for a thesis, serving as student instructors, 
and taking desired classes. 

nmm school 




Tlie ixicnsion division is roally a col- 
lege williin a (ollege catering lo those 
wlio cannot keep regular campus scned- 
ules .... Harold Glen Clark is llie 
friendly, efficient head of the division . . . 
executive secretary of alumni association 

Margaret Hales points lo one of the 
far-away towns where extension courses 
are sent by mail. 





When I he home lown girl niiikcs yoocl 
ut college, llic pul)lir relations office lels 
the home lown know aboul il. Ray 
Wight, a fireball journalisi from I he Triii- 
une. clirecls the service. 

pdblk; relations 



Conscienluous. ihorougli. dean of summer ses- 
sion .... look leave of absence to do special 
State research .... became director of libraries 
last fall. 

A few students engaged in art during summer 
school at tne Alpine Campus while more students 
enjoy an excursion to Rock Island in Utah Lake. 





Some of flic students at Alpine lust sum- 
mer liaci lime just to stand around. Karl 
Young and C. J. Hart prepare for I lie an- 
nual hike up Mt. Timpanogos. Below, 
you would never believe il but some fat 
ulty members have lime to engage in 
friendly dialler afler ajournment of lae- 
ulty meetings. 




- i' ;-r; 


Gilhcrt L Gcis Mehdi Fakharzadcli 
New York. New York 
Thesis: A study of ra- 
cial prejudice and dis- 

Earl Ballard Hoyl 
Nephi. Utah 
Major: Artounling. 

Robert Gillis Amir Nakhai 
Great Falls. Montana 
Major- Educational 

M. Carl Gibson 

Las Vegas. Nevada 
Thesis: A Preliminary 
study of Spanish-Port- 

crimination in Provo. 

uguese Deceptive Cog- 


George D. Peterson 

Ervin Clark — Ririe, Idaho 

n hcsis: An analysis and Evaluation of the Re- 
port card system in use at the Brigliani 
Young University Eirmenlary School 
Harold George — EscaianU', Utah 

Thesis: A study of the marking and reporting in 
the f-'leasant Grove Hign Sf hoo! in nn 
altrmpi to ascrrlnin ihe present Ircntl. 

Don Anderson 

R. Dcnno Nelson 

Ken V. Carter 

Norman Hyall — folift. Hliituis 

Thesis: A sur\ey ol students in sele* ted second- 
ary sdiool ol L'lah, Wasatch County, in 
Arithmetical Ahilitirs. 

Vernon I. T iplon — Sprinyville. LJtan 

T hesis: A Preliminary study ol Sipiionaptcrous 
Ectoparasites found on llu- Mammals of 
the families criceidae and Muridae in 
Utah County 

Quentin Nordgren — Monroe, Utan 

Major: Music. 
Andrew J. Wall — Lynum. Wyoming 

Major: French. 
C. Eldon Bitter — Salt Lake City. Utah 

Thesis: Anti-Christian Elements in the Prose 
Works of Rudolph G. Binding. 
Leon Hansen 
Joel J. Moss — Ririe. Idaho 

Thesis: A comparison of the attitudes and pract- 
ices of two university Gl housing groups: 
Mormon and non-Mormon, concerning 
family size and family limitations. 

Floyd J. Woodlirld — North Ogden. Ui«/i 
Major: English. 

Marlin Miller — Proco. Utah 
Major: Matnrniatics. 

Kalhrryn Wliilnoy — Salt ImIh' City. Utali 
Major: Mu-iir and h.lnnrntary f.ducalion 

Marguerite' Porter — San O'tpqa, California 
Major: hrenrli. 

Orate Nolan — Niagara /"alls. Nvw VorH 
Major: Geology. 

Kohert M. Peterson — Ogilvn. Utah 
Major: Psyenology. 

Maxine lleaton — Mocrnsin. Arizona 
Major: C'lieiiiistry. 

( . (*,dwin Dean — Proiw. Utah 
Major: Mallienialirs. 

Marion Allen — Raymond. Alhcrta. Canada 
Major: ['rent li. 

Orant Burton — Afnrroy. t'loh 

Veloy Lewis — (\iM'/ey, W'yonting 
Major: Honn* Im onomii s. 

Dawn K, W( III) — Ui'xiuuti. idahft 
Major: IJenK'nlary I'.du* alion. 

l.i)\Vf-ll ( air — Dnorriifl. /(lo/ii» 

Major: r.diit alional Adiiiinistralifin. 

Carl Shelley — American Fork. Ul. 
Thesis: Physiography, siructurr. 
and siratiography of soutli cent- 
ral Wasatch mountains. 


•1 %% 


lilniiK- M. r.irtcT — Prof.o, UUtI, 

I Ix'sis: A ( uiii|>tirativ<' Kludy ol n)iirri(i<f(- ami 

family (ounsoliiiq afi*'"*"'*''^ wliirli arc fonnalU 

orfjani/.cd in llir L'nitca Stales. 
Paul H. Slack - Pravo. Vtal, 

I lirsrs: Intonation. 
r^ulli Cris — Newark. Netr /i-rspy 

Major; Sociolocy. 
Law rcncc 1 home — SalilnHn Part', (Jnlifornia 

I ncsis: ni-AlKylpnenols Derived from t. 5-Cyr- 

lolicxanedionc: Mechanisms and Synthesis. 

Willord Bmderer — Scdl Lahe City. Utah. 

n hesis: A Study of llie Use of the past suh- 
junctlve and conditional in Modern German Lit- 

Russell N. Stansfield — Provo. Utah 

Thesis: An inquiry into (onunertial contests in 
the secondary schools in the state of Utah. 

f^onerl B. Mechani — Provo, Ulafi 

\ hesis: A study of the factors responsible for 
the Dcseret News Circulation Increase, Novotn- 
her L 1947 to May L 1949. 

Donworth V. Gubler — LaVerkin, Utah 

Thesis: A study of Relative pronoun plus pre- 
position constructions and their adverbial sub- 
stitutes in modern gcrman. 

Millward D. Robinson — Neri'dcue. Idaho 

Thesis: A survey of the Athletic benefits in 
Utah as compared with programs in several other 

Helmut Roscnnain — New Yorfc City, New York 
Major: Political Science. 

Melvin Dean Jex — Spanish Fork. Utah 

1 hesis: A study of the faculty meetings of sec- 
ondary schools in Utah. 

Mary G. Allen — Ogden. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education. 

Lawrence R. Slack — Provo, Utah 

Thesis: History of Grand County, Utah. 
Morrie L. Roper 
Keith Rigby 

Boyd McAffee — Provo. Utah 

Major: Educational Administration. 


S. Su 

Sherman K. Fitzgerald — Ephraim. Utah 

I hesis : A comparative study of the occupation 
preferences of rural and urban senior students in 
high school^ 

Alvin Rasmussen -^ Chicago. Illinois 

Thesis: The determination of a minimum list of 

equipment for the leaching of general high school 

physics in the schools of Utah. 
Lloyd Guslaveson — Coalvilte, Utah 

Major: Art. 

Stanford Gwilliam — Baker, Oregon 

Thesis: A study of the principal prolagonisits of 
Christopher Marlowe: anticipators of Friedich 
Nietzsche's Dionysian herol. 

Harold L. Dowdle — Rif.fcy. Idaho 

Thesis: Religious concepts of Perez Galdos. 

Elda Jackson — Provo. Utah 

Thesis : A study of overlapping in the subject 
mailer of courses taught for elementary teachers. 

Melvin G. Randall ^ North Ogden. Utah 

Thesis: The prevalence of auditing of student 
activity funds in the senior high schools in the 
Slate of Utah and its effect on their use. 

Carl J. Pendleton — Evanston. Wyoming 
Major: Music. 




KAY RANDALL .... senior class president .... talked the 

senior class through a successful year .... suave looking 

debator .... Blue Key and Tausig. 

>L\RY ANN MURDOCK .... vice president .... always a 
smile and a song .... led Cougarettes through their paces .... 
sang in Carmen .... White Key and Nautilus. 

MARY CLYDE . . . secretary . . . the girl who made Milwaukee 
famous .... a hustler .... Cesta Tie president .... While Key. 

FRED ADAMS .... co-legislator .... the spark of Campus 
branch M. I. A Blue Key. Delta Phi, and Brigadier. 

GRACE LINDSAY .... affable legislative council member . . . 
dancer .... Nautilus president .... winning way. 




MOANA BALLIF— A student body officer and of- 
ficial friendly girl, she ran tfie gamut of student 
honors and was valued for her wonderful service and 
her wonderful self. 

MERRILYN HARMON-With her brains, 
vitality and personal charm she won many 
honors, not the least of which were awards 
chairman and the diamond of cx-preferred 
man. Al Everett. 



ALMA SNOW -The "doorl- 

ing girl wlio was loved as an 
outstanding leader in spirit and 
deed and for self-lcss service as 
president of White Key. 


fame as a sure fire guard on 
llie Cougar five and a quiet 
good naturcd fellow off the 


GUS SHIELDS-A returned 
missionar)' and former student 
body president who put himself 
on the map this year as a sax 
playing band leader. 


SIDNEY NOBLE-Directed the 
Campus religious life as brancK 
president, ana aevoled ninisclf 
and his time unceasingly to nis 


MARY CLYDE-Another girl 
recognized for her general ability 
and constant efforts. 


RAY BECKHAM-A noi.-glor>' 

seeking student body officer wKo 
worked diligently and efficiently 
for improvement in student life. 


FRED ADAMS-Thc lovabl,- 

Ippruclian who had a big hand 
in pulling over many varied and 
successful campus projects. 


everyone by his capacity for and 
performance of hard work as 
Blue Key president and his 
wide circulation as a play fx)y. 

KEN SANSOM-Grent Cam- 
pus wil with spontaneous show- 
manship which never failed to 
entertain campus audiences. 



KAY RANDALL - Renowned 

as class president for tne ex- 
tent of his vocabulary and the 
effective use Ke made of it. 


dark eyed vivaciousncss whose 
sweet voice and four years of 
significant participation in worth- 
while activities made her ad- 
mired by all. 




beaded student body president 
who among other achievements, 
engineered the student govern- 
ment class and helped to secure 
a school ring. 


Maurice Balenian — American Fork, Utah 
Maior: PKysical Education — Minor: Health 

Miriam Saifery — \Vailuku, Maui. Hawaii 
Major: Elenientar>' -Eaucation — Sociology 

Heroert Morris — Rigby, laano 

Major: Journalism — Minor: Ejiglisn 

Allen D. Van Dyke - Ogden. Utah 

Major: Accounting <— Minor: Political Science 

James G. Pinegar ^- Provo, Utah 

Major: Physics — Minor: Mathematics 

Elayne Paxman — Nephi, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Donna C. Garrett — Provo, Utah 

Major; Accounting ^- Minor: Secretarial Practice 

John Fretwell ^- Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Major: Secondary Education— Minor: Social Science 

Alvin HoIIey — Thornton, Idaho 

Major: Chemistry — Minor: Zoology 

Ross Denham — Provo. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — - Minor: History 

Neal Gibby — Los Angeles. California 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Spencer D. Madsen — Pro\o, Utah 

Major: Secondaiy Education — Minor: Bus. Adn 

Glen Brown — Provo, Utah 

Major: Elemcntar>' Education — Minor: Pol. Science 

Marjorie Huffakcr — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Major: Music — Minor: German 

Robert William Holder — Provo, Utah 

Major: Political Science — Minor: History 

Ervin J. Bingham — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Major: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

Ruth Wall — Logan. Utah 

Major: Music — Minor: French 

Beverly Brady — Mid\ale. L'tah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Robert H. Malan — Provo, Utah 
Major: Hislor>' — Minor: Sociology 

Joyce H. Sanders — Pueblo. Colorado 
Major: Speech — Minor: English 

Don B. Skouscn — Los Angeles. Calilornia 
Major: Zoology — Minor — Chemistry 

John R- Anderson — Rexburg, Idaho 
Major: Economics — Minor: English 

Laurine Brunner — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Major: Art — Nlinor: Spanish 

Sally Sharp — Salt Lake City. Utah 

Major: Political Science — Minor: History 


William Baird — Provo. Utak 

Major: Political Science — Minor: Economics 

Eldred A. Jolinson — Vernal, Utah 

Major: Accounting — Minor Economics 

Curtis O. Hadlock - Vernal. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Brien D. Packard — American Fork. Utali 

Major: Accounting— Minor: Chem. 6 Mathematics 

Bert W. Marlcy — McCanmion. Idaho 

Major: History — Minor: Political Science 

Arva Lue Mortensen — Cleveland, Utah 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: English 

Joseph Hilbers ^- San Francisco, California 
Major: Journalism — Minor: English 

Earl C. Brunner, Jr. -- Barstow. California 
Major: Botany — Minor: Zoology 

Jane Tyler Ballou — Mira Lonia, California 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Norma Simmons — Baker. Oregon 
Major; Jouriialism — Minor: English 

Sorn G. Sabey ^ American Fork. Utah 
Animal Husbandry — Minor: Agronomy 

Russell L. Kern ^ Dixon. Missouri 

Major: Psychology — Minor: Sociology 

Robert L. Mercer — Barnwall, Alberta. Canada 
Major: Physics -^ Minor: Mathematics 

Veria Lou Smith — Casper, Wyoming 
Major: Sociology ^- Minor: Psychology 

Alph Bingham — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Major: Zoology ^ Minor: Chemistry 

Gene E. Vickers ^- Houston. Texas 

Major: Chemistry '— Minor: Mathematics 

Nora Jean Orton — North Ogden. Utah 
Major: Music ^- Minor: Language 

Sam Floyd — Meridian, Mississippi 

Major: Art ^ Minor: Physical Education 

Marian Wilkensen — Washington D. C. 
Major: Foods ^- Minor: English 

Norma Manning Goodwin — Ogden, Utah 
Major: Physical Education ^ Minor: Health 


RolM*rt W. Mrrrill — Lake Cily. Minnesota 
Major: Economics — Minor: Marketing 

Elaine Gwillinnis — Ricnlanci, Washington 
Major: Speech — Nhnor: Sociology 

t!lainc Eyring — Provo. L'lah 

Major; Elcincn. Ed. — Minor: Ph. Etl. & Roc. 

Shirley E. Call - Vernal, l'lah 

Major: Physical Edutatiuti — Minor: Speecli 

John Nutter — Salt Lake City. L'tnli 
Major: English — Minor: German 

John E. Cloary — Avon. New i ork 

Major: Chemistry — Minor: Mathematics 

Ivan L. Hohson — Washington D. C. 

Major: Economics — Minor; Political Science 

George Voigtiander — Wecnauken, New Jersey 
Major: Secondary Education — Minor: Sociolog\ 

Gerald E. Poulsen - Ri.l.lield. Utah 
Major: Accounting ^ Minor: Economics 

AccI Nielson — Oak Cily. L'lah 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Accounting 

Reed M. Johnson — Springville. L'lah 
Major: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

Clyde Hill - Oakland, California 

Major: Agronomy — Minor: Chemistry 

Lee Riclieson — Portland, Oregon 
Major: Sociology — Minor: Hislor>- 

Virginia Booth — Provo. L'tali 

Major: Secondary Education — Minor: Hislory 

Barbara Grant — McGill. Nevada 
Major: foods — Minor: Chcmislry 

Siegfried H. I ehlberg — SItelhy. Montana 
Nlajor: Agronomy — Minor: BoUiny 

Ray Beckham — Safford. Arizona 

Major: NIarkcling — Minor; Englisli & Journal ism 

John F. Wright — Malad. Idaho 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Markeling 

Quey C. Hebrew — Leiii. Utah 

Major: Geology — Minor: Cneniislry 

(jordon James I'orsyth — I lydc Park. N. \. 
Major: Journalism — Minor: Portueguesc 

Iran Mavaghar — Tchrran, Iran 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Paul W. Barton — Kaysville. Utah 

Major: Political Science — Minor; Ltonomics 

Glen Kay Goodwin — Grovcr. L'tali 

Major; Physical Education — Minor; I h altli 

Norma Dorothy Langston — Hurricane, Llah 
Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Hislory 


Farren Nielsen — Provo, Utah 

Major: Secondary Education — Minor: Gcograpiiy 

Louis R. Bro\\ n — Provo, Utah 

Major: Secondary Education — Minor: Pliys. Sti. 

LaVar Goulding — Provo, Ulan 

Major: Economics — Minor: Accounting 

William Nelson Spafford — Beaver, Utah 

Major: Pnysical Education — Minor: Sociology 


Wcsl C. Hammond — Salt Lake City, UlaK 
Major; Journalism — 

Marie Andrus AverctI — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Major: Vocational Home Economics 

Anna Marie Creer — Spanisli Fork. Utali 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Glenda Williams — Ashton, Idaho 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Homer Whitney — Parowan, Utah 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

Heber Jay Shelley — Pro\o, Utah 

Major: Political Science — Minor: Sociology 

Heber Kimball Merrill — Phoenix, Arizona 
Major: Physical Education — Minor: Hcahh 

Carol Bunnell ^- Wells, Nevada 

Major: Secondary Education — Minor: English 

Eldon Pucketl — Oakley, Idaho 

Major: Sec. Education — Minor: Phys. Science 

Grant C. Howard — Chester, Idaho 
Major: Mathematics — Minor: Physics 

Cameron Scott Deeds — Long Beach, California 
Major: Physical Education '— Minor: Health 

Rondo S. Harmon — Alton, Wyoming 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: History 

Nyal W. Anderson — Heber City, Utah 
Major: Art — Minor: Spanish 

Josephine Udall — Phoenix, Arizona 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Dilts Workman — Provo, Utah 
Major: Speech — Minor: English 

Grant H. Elliott — Provo, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Pol. Sti. 



Lester C. Wliealley — Provo, Utah 

Major: Arrounting — Minor: Markcling 

Byron L. Pope — Independence, Nlissouri 
Major: Markoling — Minor: Accounting 

Sterling Mason — Ririe. Idaho 

Major: Accounting — Nlinor: Econoniics & English 

Glen Moore — Layton, Utah 

Major: Botany — Minor: Zoology 

Phyllis Wardle - Rigby. Idaho 
Major: Foods — Minor: Clothing 

Jerry Zengcr <— Provo, Utah 

Major: Physics — Minor: Mathematics 

A, Michael Mahalias — Milwaukee. Wisconsin 
Major: Political Science — Minor: Econoniics 

Joseph Kenneth Davies ■ — EhnonI, California 
Major; Econoniics — Minor: Mathematics 

Gaylc Holt — Rivcrlon. Utah 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Accounting 

Darrell Berrcll — Sprinville, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Math. 

Beverly Jolinson — Glcndale, California 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

R. Laverne Marcuni — Driggs, Idaho 

Major: Secondar Education — Minor: Soc. Science 

Lois Marie Nelson — Rcxburg. Idaho 

Major: Geology — Minor; Chemistry 

La Rae Denning — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Major: Physical Education — Minor; English 

Jay G. Butler — Shelley, Idaho 

Major: Sociology — Minor: Psychology 

Glen Fowler Ovard — Hcncfcr. Utah 

Major: Secondary Ed. — Minor: Social Science 

Dan Haliaday — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Major; Sociology — Minor: Mathematics 

Herman Healh — Green River, Utah 
Major; Geology — Minor: Chemistry 

Dwighl J. Stapley — Mesa. Arizona 

Major: Piiysical Education — Minor: Health 

Ruth Wasden — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Grant W. Morlensen — Parowan, Utah 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Secretarial Practice 

Cleona Decker Morgan — Kirtland. New Mexico 
Major: English — Minor; Speech 

Velma Hotlyficid — Grand Junction. Colorado 
Major: Sociology — Minor: Psychology 

Shirl Ferre — Provo, Utah 

Major: Secondary Ed. — Minor: Physical Science 


Janet Rulh CIcgg — Provo, Utah 
Major: Elementary Education — 

Robert Douglas — Long Beach, California 
Major: Music — Minor: German 

Cindy Stewart — Alamo, Nevada 
Major: Vocational Home Econonjics 

W. Glen Buslmell - Meadow, Utah 

Major: Accounting — Secretarial Practice 

Gerald Caldwell - Vernal, Utah 
Major: Speech — Minor: History 

George R. Hawkes — Preston, Idaho 
Major: Agronomy — Minor: Chemistry 

Nancy Fetscher — Ogden, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Mu 

Edward Murdock — Springvillc, Utah 
Major: Art — Minor: Spanish 

Hazel Dawn Ream — Dingle, Idaho 
Major: Clothing — Minor: Speech 

Delia Mac Porter — Provo, Utah 

Major: Bacteriology — Minor: Chemistry 

Ashcl J. Evans — Vernal, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: History 

Earl Gray ~~ Provo, Utah 

Major: Chemistry — Minor: Mathematics 

Kathleen Phillips — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Major: Secondary Education — Minor: Speech 

Ernest Messcrly — Glenns Ferry, Idaho 

Major: Political Science — Minor: Economics 

Barbara Bean — La Grande, Oregon 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: Accounting 

Emogcnc Foutz — Kirtland, New Mexico 
Major: Speech ~~ Minor: English 

Dcncce Decker — Island City. Oregon 

Major: Secondary Ed. — Minor: Sec. Practice 

Lois Dalby — Montccello, California 
Major: Spanish — Minor: English 

Hideo Mayeda — Brigham City, Utah 

Major: Sec. Ed. — Minor: (Comp. Phys. Sci.) 

Carma Rasmusscn — Preston, Idahct 

Major: Journalism — Minor: Political Science 



John Reiskc ^- Orcni, Ulan. 

Major: Cheniislry — Minor: MalKematics 

Mack F. Hughes — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Major: Chemistry <— Minor: Malhciiialics 

Francis Goodness — Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 

Major: tlenicntary Fducalion — Minor: History 

J. Douglas Lazcnby — Payson. Utah 
Major: Speech "— Minor: Fnghsh 

Lynn Powell ^- Spanish Fork, Utah 

Major: Physical Fducalion ^ Minor: Health 

1 heodore N. Killpack — Fcrron, Utah 
Major: Marketing ^ Minor: Accounting 

Harold Argylc — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Major: Sociology — Minor: History 

Kenneth H. Jones — Slough House, Caliiornia 
Major: Geology — Minor: ^lathcniatics 

>F Ray North — Provo. Utah 

Major; Sociology — Minor: Psychology 

Clifton Spendlovc <— Provo. Utah 

Major: Bacteriology '- Minor: Chemistry 

Melvin J. Ogden - Richfield, Utah 
Major: Fnglish — Minor: History 

Lavina Borgcson ^- Santaquin, Utah 
Major: Music — Minor: Spanish 

Maurinc Maxfield — Provo, Utah 
Major: Sociology — Minor: Enghsh 

Willard V. Loveridgc — La Grande, Oregon 
Major: Zoology — Minor: Chemistry 

Bruce OsDornc — Beaver. Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Health 

Adam G. W'clker — Ogden, Utah 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Mathematics 

Leslie \\ heeler — Denser, Colorado 

Major: Secondary Education — ."^hnor: Spanish 

Dan Lambert — Provo, Utah 

Major: Economics — Minor: Mathematics 

Merrill Weber — freedom, Wyoming 
Major: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

Merrill Pack — Kamas. Utah 

^lajor: Agronomy — Minor: Cheniislry 

Jim Egbert — f etonia. Idaho 

Major: Pliysical Education — Minor: l~lealth 

Claude L. Wcslenskow — La Grande, Oregon 
*^Iajor: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

MrUin Ludlow — American t ork, L'tah 

Major: Chemistry — Minor; Math, and Pliysics 

Marian Crittenden — Los Angeles. California 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Psychology 


Stanley - American Falls, Idaiio 
Major: Art — Minor: Music 

Alcnc Stringham - Ogdcn. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Ocrmari 

Grace Stone Sears - Ogden. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education - Minor: English 

Glade Stowell — Duncan. Arizona 

Major: Accounting - Minor: Econ. 6 Marketing 


Edgar Aucoin — Pride, Lousiana 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: 

Kenneth Young - Mt. Pleasant. Utah 
Major: Music — Minor: Education 

Roterl K. Jeppcrson — Orciii, Utah 
Major: Spanish — Minor: Music 

Morris F. Swapp — Prove, Utah 

Major: Animal Husbandry — Minor: Agronom 

Gene Harris - Oak City, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education ^ Minor: Music 

Lucile Rose — Montclair. New Jersey 

Major: Elementary Education - Minor: Music 

Kathryn Rogers — Morgan, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education - Minor: tnglisK 

George Varlin - Rochester. New York 
Major: Chemistry — Minor: Mathematics 

Faye Richards — Brighani City, Utah 

Major: Physical Education - Minor: Health 

Val Camenish — Prove, Utah 
Major: Art — 

Jcwcldine Moore — Evanston, Wyoming 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: Accounting 

Richard Lewis — Provo, Utah 

Major: Eiem. Ed. - Minor: Foods & Nutrition 

Bessey Bartholomew — Fayette, Utah 
Major: Vocational Home Economics 

Rulon A. Thomas - Spanish Fork, Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Jeanne Grossen — Provo, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Samuel Arthur Medlyn - Grass Valley. California 
Major: Accounting — Minor: Spanish 



Douclas Mrlnlire — Ontario, California 
Major: Economics — Minor: Marketing 

Wayne S. Riclinian — RexLurg, Idano 
Major: Economics — Minor: Marketing 

Bernard Twisdale ~~ Rochester, New York 

Major: Chemistry — Minor: Physics and Math 

Marian Tree — Park City. L'lah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Leinnd C. Da^is — Provo, L'lah 

Major: Chemistry ^ Minor: Geology 

Orlin Ford — San Diego, California 

Major: Mathematics — Minor: Physics 

Wayne C. Pomeroy — Mesa, Arizona 
Nlajor: Economics — Minor: Marketing 

Owen E. Cameron — Provo, Utah 

Major: Acct. 6 Bus. Admin. — .^linor: Phy. Sci. 

Don O. Stewart — Murray, Utah 
Major: Sociology — Minor: French 

Iris Tennant — Sail Lake City. Ulnli 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: English 

J Kay Fletcher — Boise, Idaho 
Major: Music — Minor: German 

Lorin R. Anderson — Provo, L'tah 

Major: Secondary Education— ."^linoi: Mathematics 

Jack Price — Pocatcllo. Idaiio 

Major: Geology — Minor: Clicniistry 6 Physics 

Marie Haslam — Roosevelt. Utah 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: English 

LcRoy Wright — Oakland, California 
Major: Mathematics — Minor: Physics 

Marjorie Miller — Boise. Idaho 
Major: Speech — Minor: English 

H. Stuart Steed — Centerville, Utah 

Major: .\ccounting — Minor: Economics 

Gordon K. Lewis — Pro\o. Utah 

."^lajor: Marketing — Minor: Accounting 

Lester Ross — Lehi. Utah 

Major: Accounting — Mimir: M.irkcting; Econ. 

C. Reed Anderson — Pro\o, Utah 

.'^lajor: Accounting — Minor: linanie i- Bunking 

Laura .\nn Sealon — Twin ! tills, IJ.ilio 

Major: Elementiiry Edutation — Minor: History 

.Nancy Skousen — O.'ikl.ind, California ' 

Leah 1 aylor — Provo, I tali 

Major: Elementary Edutation — Minor: Music 

Marie Dean Byhee — Springville, L'lah 
Major: Speech — .^linor: I'.nglish 


Don Sprousc — Roosr\clt. Utitli 

Major: Geology — Minor: Clicniistry 

McKay H, Kunz — Born. Id.ilio 

Major: Sec. Educ. — Minor: (Conip. Pliys. S;i. 

Paul Wainwriglit — l-viinslon, Wyoming 
Major: Music — Minor: French 

Donna Yardlcy ^ Panguitrli. L'tan 

Major: Sec. Education — Minor: Sec. F'rnclice 

Virginia Allen — Ogden, Utah 
Major: Speccli — Minor: Irencli 

Marian Crawford — Salt Lake Cily, Ulali 
Major: Journalism — Minor: Englisn 

Earl Erickscn — Manii, Ulali 

Minor: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Kenneth Sanson) — Murray. Utah 
Major: Speech — Minor: Art 

A. LcGrande Flack — Provo, Utah 
Major: Botany — Minor: Zoology 

Wesley M. Butler — Driggs. Idaho 
Major: Physics — Minor: Mathematics 

Vera J. Thompson — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Beatrice Nelson — Barnwell. Alberta. Canada 
Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Marian Bond — Mesa, Arizona 

Major: Sociology — Minor Secretarial Practice 

E. Ross Porter ^ Helper. Utah 

Major: Chemistry ^- Minor: Mathematics 

David A. Law — Salt Lake City. Utah 

Major: Russian — Minor: Political Science 

Franklin H. Quiltcr — Gunnison. Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Kenneth Brailhwaite -— Provo, Utah 
Major: Zoology ^ Minor: Chemistry 

Julia Taylor — Price, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

John K. Beck — Provo. Utah 

Major: Botany — Minor: Agronomy 

Josephine Young — Mayport. Pennsylvania 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 



Willard Kowallis — Pocatello, IdaKo 
Major: Art — Minor: Mathematics 

Deaa W. Haslem — Provo, Ulak 

Major: Accounting <— Minor: Marl(cling 

Earl B. Jones '— Magna, Utah 

Major: Zoology — Minor: Chemistry 

Rosanne Sessions — Los Angeles, California 
Major: Spanish — Major: English 

John P. Parry — MalaJ. Idaho 

Major: Accounting — Minor; Economics 

Mary Williams — Hamer, Idaho 
Major: Foods ^- Minor; Clothing 

Leonard Leach — Rochester. New York 

Major: Chemistry — Minor: Physics, Math. 

Kenneth C. Molt — Provo, Utah 

Major: Physical Ed. — Minor: Hisory, Health 

Cliff A. Anderson — Fountain Green, Utah 

Major: Sociology — Minor: Acct. & Sec Practice. 

Floyd L. Johnson — Springvillc. Utah 
Major: Marketing — Minor: Accounting 

Betty Olsen — Mt. Pleasant. Utah 
Major: Zoology — Minor: Botany 

Naomi Buckniiller — Provo. Utah 

Major Pol. Science — Minor Sociology & Econ. 

Mary Joyce Cockelt — Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 
Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Matthew K. Bezzanl — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Major: Physical Education ^- Minor: Health 

Frank Stevenson — Murray, Utah 

Major: Sec. Ed. — Minor ( Conip. Phys. 

James G. Cooper — Mesa, Arizona 

Major: Accounting ^- Minor; Marketing 


L. Dean Lee — Springville. Utah 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: English 

Dean W. Bond — Henefer, Utah 

Major: Secondary Education -^ Minor: English 

Kenneth Nielson — Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 
Major: Agronomy — Minor: Chemistry 

Frank W. Buffo — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Major: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

Lynn Warner — Kelso. California 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Virginia Schmidt — Portland. Oregon 
Major: English — Minor: Mathematics 

Edna G. Morgan — Payson. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Sterling Sessions — Provo, Utah 

Major: Zoology -^ Minor: Chemistry 


Christopher Lee Colston — Tulsa. Olclahoma 
Major: Zoology ^- Minor: Chemistry 

Raymona Wiltscy — Provo, Utah 

Major: Sec. Ed. — Minor: (Comp. Soc. Si 

Pauline Taylor ^- Kanias, Utah 
Major: Home Economics 

Wilford W. Crockett — Pima. Arizona 
Major: Speech -— Minor; Spanish 

Robert Bimmler — Rochester, New York 

Major: Chemistry — Minor: Math, fe Physics 

Darlene Brimhall — Evanston, Wyoming 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Odell Scott ^ Provo. Utah 

Major: History — Minor: Political Science 

Gladys Rawlings Larsen ^ Preston. Idaho 

r>^ajot: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Rulon Widdison ^ Provo, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education -- Minor: English 

Marie Hardy — Meridian, Idaho 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Sociology 

Emelia Olsen — Beazer, Alberta. Canada 
Major: Foods — Minor: Clothing 

Colleen Calister — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Major: English — Minor: French 

D. Ted P. Neido - Manila, Phillipines 
Major: Chemistry — Minor: Math, Phiysics 

Elden G. Andrus — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Major; Sec. Ed. — Minor: (Comp. Phys. Science) 

Willis Brimhall — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Major: Geology — Minor: Chemistry 

Beverly Anne Thyrel '- Springville, Utah 
Major: Nursing Education 

Harvey Blakeslee — Portland. Oregon 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Sociology 

Phyllis Miller — Boise. Idaho 

Elementary Education — Minor: Sociology 

Betty Foster ^ Orem. Utah 

Major; Secondary Ed. (Eng. — Minor: Journalism 

James Nelson — American Fork, Utah 



Rtrlialyn Krllborn — Grand Junction, Colorado 
Major: Llcnicntary Education — Minor: Englisli 

Wells McAllister - Oak Park. Illinois 

Major: Composition Music — Minor: Music 

Fawn Powell Bench — Prove, UlaK 
Major: Elementary Education 

Kenneth Dean Wright — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Major: Accounting -~ Minor: Mathematics 

Lloyd McArthur — Prove. Utah 

Major; Marketing — Minor: Accounting 

Naomi Nelson — Prove, Utah 
Major: Art — Minor: English 

Lloyd TurnLow — Tabiona, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Sociology 

Miriam Christcnsen — Prove. L'tah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Leora Tryon — Tcntpe. Arizona 
Major: Home Economics 

Arthur Sevy — Panguitch, Utah 

Major: Physics — Minor: Mathematics 

Carol Clark ~~ Spcinish Fork. Utah 

Major: Elem. Ed. — Minor: Foods & Nutrition 

Robert Evans — South Gate. California 
Major: Music — Minor: German 

David O. Lloyd — Mesa, Arizona 
Major: Sociology — Minor: French 

Esther Stringrellow — Murray, Utali 

Major, Elementary Education — Minor: History 

Milton V. Theobald - Delta. Utah 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Marketing & Econ 

Mary Clyde — Milwaukee. Wisconsin 
^lajor: English ^— Miner: Sociology 

Vi\ian H. Grindslaff — Prove, L'tah 
Major: Sociology — Minor: English 

Den Bugg — Btanding. Utah 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Accounting 

Carol Hansen — Delta. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Economics 

Keith Fillniore — Burley, Idaho 

Major; Marketing — Miner: Accounting 

Karl P. Hcrdo. Jr. — Portland, Oregon 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Secretarial Practice 

Hcrmine Eckcrsky — Payson. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Sociology 

Orviile Lundell — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Major: Accounting — Miner: Economics 

Rulh Dahlcn — St. Horcb. Wisconsin 
Major: English — Minor: Music 


Linilinc Kirk — Pleasant Grove, UlaK 

Major: Hlcnicnlary Education — Minor: Geology 

Wanda Ricks — Provo, Utali 

Vclnia Horner — Sandpoint, Idano 
Major: Art — Minor: Clothing 

lilaine Hart — Provo, Utah 

Major: Clothing — Minor: Marketing 

Doris Clark — Pro\o, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Joseph W. Crammer — Springville, Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: History 

Frank G. King — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Merrilyn Harmon <— Berkeley, Caliiornia 
Major: Englisii — Minor: History 

June Sander — Hebcr City, UlaK 
Major: Sociology — Minor: History 

Calvin W. Young — Huntington Park, California 
Major: Chemistry — Minor: Zoology 

Dean Johnson — Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 
Major: Agronomy — Minor: Chemistry 

Rosella Compton — Morgan, Utah 
Major: Music — Minor: German 

Shirley Allen — American Fork, Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Elnglish 

Moyle Stewart — American Fork. Utah 

Major: Geology — Minor: Chemistry & Malh. 

Lamar I. Lund — Modena, Utah 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Finance & Banking 

Marilyn Petty — Provo. Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Louise B. Rcncher — Snowllakc. Arizona 
Major: Foods — Minor: Music 

Afton Bowcn '— Brighani City, Utan 
Major: Spanish — Minor; English 

Mary Moore — Provo, Utah 

Major: Accounting -^ Minor: English 

Grace Lindsay — Salt Lake City, L'tah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Sociology 



Bill Mosley -- Arcadia. California 

Major: ll(onomirs — Minor: Markrling 

Nola Mauglian — Prrston. Idalio 
Major: Music — Minor: Ircncli 

Julian C. Lowe — Orcrn, Ulan 

Major: Sociology ■ — Minor: ' olitical Science 

Jean Cliar — Honolulu, Hawaii 

Major: Ulcnicntary Hducation — Minor: Sotiolog> 

Kay Randall ■— Provo, Utali 

Major: hinancc & Banking — Minor: Spec 

Etiiel Griffin — Cnatnpion, Amcrla. Canada 
Major; Nursing 

Dennis Dalley — Teasdale. Utah 

Major: Cncniislry '— Minor: Matlicnialics 

Leon A. Halgren — Salt Lake City. Utafi 
Major: English — Minor; Spanish 

Carol Clark — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Major: Lleni. Ed. — Minor: Foods & Nutrition 

E. T. Garrett — Lelii, Utah 

Major; Marketing — Minor: English 

Rhode Lewis — Farnungton, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Journalism 

Janet Chrislopherson — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Major: English — Minor; French 

LaRuc Hinckley — Long Beach, California 
Major: Bacteriology — Minor: Chemistry 

Roy A. Shane — Provo. Utah 

Major: Geology —■ Minor: Chemistry 

Shirley Johnson — Preston. Idalio 

Major: Accounting — Minor; Sociology 

Vernon Carlson — Manli, Utah 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Finance & Banking 

Harold Ajirogi — Hrlo. Hawaii 

Major: Sociology — Minor: Psychology 

Ruth Lnrsen — Richfield, Utah 

Major: Foods — Minor: Chemistry 

Gerald Rowan — Provo, Utah 

Major: Finance & Banking — Minor: Englisii 

Gladys Mechani — 1 hatcher. Arizona 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: Spanish 

Gregory Hosford — Provo, Utah 

Nlajor: Geology — Minor: Cheniislry & [-*hysics 

Myrtle Emniell — Richfield. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

James G. Hoggan — Burley. Idaho 

Major: Accounting — Minor; Political Science 

Henry C. Tracy ■— Ucon. Idaho 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor; History 


Carl B. Clcgg - Provo. L'tal. 

Major: Economics — Polilical Science 

Duainc J. Hunlcr — Pro\o. Ulan 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Marketing & Banking 

Dan Roberts — Prove, UtaK 

Richard Dale Miller — Evansxillc. Indiana 
Major: Sociology — Minor: Psycliology 

Norma Dean — tpliraini, UtaK 
Major: Music — Minor: English 

Viva Taylor — Lelii, Ulali 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Art 

Mary Jacobs — Zillali. Wasliinglon 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor Pol. Science 

Lila Alice Peterson — Axtell, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: History 

Arlcnc Jones — St. Aniliony, Idalio 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Englisli 

Dorolliy Jane Paul — Salt Lake City. Utali 
Major: Sociology — Minor: Psychology 

Shirley Monroe — Scipio. Utah 

Major: Sec. Ed. — Minor: (Conip. Bus. Admin.) 

MarRuc K. Simmons — Preston, Idaho 

Major: Foods & Nutr.— Minor: Household, Clolhlng 

Gwendolyn Lervs'ill — Billings, Montana 
Major: Zoology — Minor: Chemistry 

Betty Argylc — Clearfield, Utah 

Major: Clothing — Minor Household Admin. 

Mary Ann Murdock — Napa, California 
Major; Music — Minor: French 

Oreal Kautfnian — Provo, Utah 

Major: Sociology — Minor: English 

Gordon K. Johnson — Payson, Utah 
Major: Chemistry — Minor: Zoology 

Fred C. Adams — Ogden, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

John C. Brooksby — Fredonia, Arizona 
Major: Accounting — Minor: English 

Lloyd J. Easliey — Provo, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Math. 




Kcilli Stevens — Ogden, Ulan 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Actounling 

Snirley Faye Nelson — Payson, Ulan 
Major: Sociology — Minor: Psycliology 

Duano C. Jensen — Fairview. Utali 
Major; Geology — Minor: Chemistry 

Bruce R. Bryner — Price. Utah 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: Music 

Ferron R. Jones — Prove, Utah 

Major: Sec. Fducalion (Psych.) — Nhnor; Histor> 

Doris L. Jones — Provo, Utah 
Major: Art — Minor: Spanish 

Dorothy Dickson — Kalispell, Montana 
Major: English — Minor: Music 

Earl Smith — Snowflake. Arizona 

Major: Sociology — Minor: Hist. & Pohtical Sci. 

James Glenn — Salt Lake Cily. Utah 

Major: Secondary Ed. — Minor: Comp. Soc. Sci. 

Enid McArthur ^ St. George, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Harlcy Sandbcrg — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Major: Music ^- Minor: History 

John Willis — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Major: Marketing ~~ Minor: Accounting 

Richard A. Jones — Provo. Utah 

Major; Mathematics — Minor: Physics 

LaRae Collett — Calgary. Alberta. Canada 
Major: Speech — Minor: English 

Kristinc Paulson — Salt Lake City. Utah 

Fred W. Harding ^ Provo. Utah 

Major: Chemistry — Minor: Zoology 

Edward Cramer — Mcnton, Ohio 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

Phyllis Parker — St. Anthony, Idaho 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Clair Thomas — Malad, Idaho 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Mathematics 

Monte Bullock — Provo. Utah 

Major: Conmicrcial Art — Minor: Marketing 

Glenn Johnson — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Major: Zoology — Minor: Chemistry & Physics 

Claire Dyreng — Manti, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: F.nglish 

Dale LaVcrn Olsen — Rigby. Idaho 

Major: Animal Husbandry — Minor: Chemistry 

Bill Hafen - Mt. Pleasant. Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor; History 


Phillip G. Robinson — Provo, Ulah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: HcaltK 

Dale McAllister — Provo. Utah 

Major: Composition Music ^- Minor: Education 

Thcron Nay — Marysvale, Utah 
Major: Music — Minor: German 

UrscI Allrcd — Roosevelt. Utah 
Major: Speech — Minor: History 

Grant M. Jensen — Barnswell. Alberta, Canada 

Major: Sec. Ed. — Minor (Conip. Phy. Science.) 

Thomas L. Andrew — Santa Ana. California 
Major: Accounting ^- Minor: English 

Raymond Rogers '— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Major: Botany ^ Minor: Zoology 

Pay EL Solter — Long Beach, California 
Major: Agronomy — Minor: Botany 

Oral M. Franson -~ Springviile, Utah 

Major: Geology ^- Minor; Chcm. 6 Mathematics 

Thane Stone ^- Springviile, Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Walter Cole — Dewey, Oklahoma 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Sociology 

Eldon Dixon ^- Provo, Utah 

Major: Art — Minor: Marketing 

Hollis Scott — Payette, Idaho 

Major: Journalism ^- Minor: English 

Enoch A. Ludlow — Spanish Fodc, Utah 
Major; Zoology ^- Minor: Chemistry 

Max Conley — Portage. Utah 

Major: Chemistry — Minor: Zoology 

Willard Howard •— Snowflake, Arizona 

Major: Sec. Ed. — Minor: (Comp. Soc. Science) 

Terry Ted Beckstrom — Spanish Fork. UlaK 
Major: Speech — Minor: Spanish 

Lovell Killpack -' Orem. Utah 

Major: Speech — Minor: Physics 

F. William Geertscn — Ogden, Utah 
Major: Education 

Dan Bowman -— Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico 
Major: Chemistry <— Minor: Zoology 



Carol Larson — LoCrancIc, Oregon 

Major: Llcmcnlary Education — Minor: lln^'lisli 

Harold E£. Baker — Rotlicstcr. New York 

Major: Clicniistry — Minor: Mntli. & Pliysi<s 

Raclicl Nelson — Salt Lake City. Utali 
Major: Gi'nnan — Minor: hrench 

Glen Johnson — Spanisli Fork. Utali 

Major: Zoology -~ Minor: Cneniislry It Pliysirs 

Robert L Rl.ill.ri.k - Provo. L'tal. 
Major: Sociology — Minor; History 

Ivan R. Richardson — Mt. Pleasant. L'lali 

Major: Sec. Ed. — Minor: (Coiiip. Phy. Science) 

Glenn A. Montague — Nanipa, Idaho 

Major: Music — Minor: Political Science 

Lyman S. Shrceve — ■ St. Johns. Arizona 

Major: Secondary Education — Minor: English 

Eloise Kohler — Heher City, L'tah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Music 

Arlene Knudsen — Provo, Utah 

Major: hoods — Minor: Chemistry 

Blaine I. Wasden — Scipio, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: History 

Marie Kirkham — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Major: Clothing — Minor: Foods 

Sidney Noble — Ogden. Utah 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Accounting & Econ. 

Lorraine Rees — Sacramento, California 
Major: English — Minor: German 

Nornin Boyle ■ — Provo. Utah 

Major: Speech — Minor: Spanish 

Joseph 1 . Blake — Provo, L lah 

Major: Animal Husbandry — Minor: Zoology 

F-rnesI H. C lark — Pro\o, Utah 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Accounting 

Glenn Crump — Pocatello, Idaho 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

Gordon L. Walker — Pleasant Gro\e, L'tah 

Major: Sec. Ed. — Minor; (Comp. Physical Sci.) 

I lielma L. Johnson ■ — Baltimore, Maryland 

Major: Ba< teriology — Minor; Chemistry 

Jean Stevens — Provo, Utah 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: English 

Claire Stoddard — Laguna Beach. Calilornia 
Major: iJementary Education — Minor: Music 

A. Vrrdon W'aterlyn — Pro\o, L'lah 

Major: Sec. [.d. — Minor (Comp. Soc. Science) 

Font B. Moore — Spanish Fork. L'tah 
Major: Zoology — Minor: Botany 




Reed Wdilclcy — Oakley, Idaho 

Major: Agronomy — Minor: Clicnijstry 

Wallace D. Monlagur — Naiupa, Idaho 
Major: Accounting — Minor: Sociology 

Scssel W. Goold — Glcndale, California 
Major: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

Kennclii Pliillips — Norlli Ogdcn, Utah 
Major: Spanish — Minor: French 

Jean F. Char — Honolulu, Hawaii 

Major: Elementary Education — Ahnor: Sociology 

Ruth MacDonald — Flushing, New York 
Major: Sociology — Minor: English 

Marilyn W. Dallon — Kaysville, Utah 

Major; Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Helen Torncy — Seattle, Washington 
Major: English — Minor: History 

Carol Brockbank — Pro\o, Utah 
Major: English — Minor: French 

J. Carl Young — Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico 
Major: Spanish — Minor: Portuguese 

Max MacFarlane — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Major: Botany — Minor: Zoology 

lone Lewis — Spring\illc. Utah 

Major: Clothing — Minor: English 

L. Grant Shields ,— Tooele, Utah 
Major: Music -- Minor: Ciernian 

Delia Kclzenback — Provo, Utah 

Major: Economics — Minor: Acct. & Marketing 

Blair Sargent — Springville. Utah 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Accounting 

Earl Ned King - Provo, Utah 

Major: Geology — Minor: Chemistry 

Lionel Layton — Layton, Utah 

Major: Chemistry — Minor: Mathematics 

Grace Hulchins — Pocalello. Idaho 
Major: Music — Minor: Art 

Nancy Wilson — Provo. Utah 
Major: Clothing — Minor: Art 

Issac D. Pierce — Aberdeen, Idaho 

Major: Economics — Minor: Marketing 



Lunnn Ruslilon — Lns Vcgns. Nevada 
Major: Spcccli — Minor: linglisli 

Roberta Clirislenscn — Salt Lake City. Ulali 
Major: Bacteriology — Minor: Zoology 

Jean Flint — Layton. UtaK 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: EnglisK 

Alma June Black — - Provo, Utan 
Major; Coiiip. Home Economics 

La Rae Burgon — Midvale, Utali 

Major: Secretarial Practice ~~ Minor; Spcecll 

James E. Blumell — Magratn, Alberta, Canada 

Major: Sec. Education (History) ^ Minor: Englisli 

Don Buchanan — Pro\'o, Utah 
Major: Agronomy 

Glen Tolnian — Rupert, Idano 

Major: Sociology '— Minor: Horticulture 

Leigh Pralt — Delta, Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Clyde Jensen — Monticello, Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

William Theodore — Chelsea, Massachusetts 
Major: Music — Minor: French 

Grant D. Bendixsen — Salt Lake City. Utah 

Major: Sec. Ed. — Minor; (Comp. Soc. Science) 

Edward R. Gwynn — Belhesda, Maryland 

Major: Acounting — Minor Economics 6 Speech 

Ann Fitzgerald — Ephraim. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor; Sociology 

Wanda Vcc Stewart — Provo, Utah 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Nhnor: English 

Edith Young — Hcber City, Utah 

Major: Clothing — Minor: Marketing 

Waller Reimschiissel — .'American Fork. Utah 
Major: Botany — Minor: Zoology 

June Greer — Provo, L^tah 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: English 

Bert WagstaK — Provo, Utah 

Major: .^larkeling — Minor: Economics 

Denton Porter — Beverly Hills, California 
Major: English ~^ Minor: Mathematics 

Moana Ballif — Provo, Utah 

Major: Journalism — Minor: Sociology 

Sarah Mae C-leavc — Annabella, Utah 

Major: Elenienlarv- Education — Minor: English 

LcRuc 1 hurston — Manii, L'tah 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Economics 6 English 

Walter R. West, Jr. - Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Major; English — Minor: Psychology 


Margaret B. Larson — Raymond, Albcrla, Canada 
Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: Speech 

James R. Bosliard — Provo, UlaK 

Major; Geology — Minor: Chemistry 

Carlyle Gourley ^ Provo, Utah 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Accounting 

Cloras Rohinson ^ Clendale, L'tah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: History 

Lyman Staker ^ Huntington, Utah 

Major: Chemistry --^ Minor: Matliematics 

Beverly Urc - Salt Lake City, Utah 
Major: Accounting — Minor: English 

William Earl Read, Jr. — Provo, Utah 

Major: Music — Minor: History & Political Science 

Helen Jensen — Manii, Utah 

Major; Elementary Education ~~ Minor; English 

Betty Jean Hirschi — Montpelier, Idaho 
Major: English — Minor: Psychology 

Tom Mayhew — Provo, Utah 

Major: Geology — Minor: Mathematics 

Sharmene Brough — E\anston, Wyoming 
Major: Music — Minor: English 

Barbara Page ^ Kamas, Utah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Evelyn Hastings ~- Price, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor; English 

Helen Dunham — Quillota, Chili 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor- Art 

Kathryn Ashcraft — Tclon, Idaho 

Major; Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Georgene Krissman — Helper, Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Music 

Roger E. Greenwood ^- American Fork, Utah 

Major: Sec. Ed. — Minor: (Comp. Soc. Science) 

Louise Howard ^- Dolores, Colorado 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: English 

Leona Guthrie ^- Alamosa, Colorado 

Major: Music — Minor; Secretarial Practice 

Barta Dickson Tolton — Tacoma, Washington 
Major, English — Minor, History 



Riiliy S( liwiirlz — Diiylon. Oliio 

Mnjor: Srcrrhiriiil Pr;u li< <- — Minor: Ocrninn 

Dii\id Candland — i^ru\o. Uliili 

Major; Agronoiny — Minor: Ciioniislry 

Donald I). N'orl — Draper. L'lali 

Major: Marketing — Minor: Accounlieig 

i^icliard Brislow < — San Bernardino, Californiii 
Major: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

Ncal D. I'aux — Spanish Pork, Utal. 

Major: Clicniistry — Minor: Malncrnalics 

Zoc M. Farr — Ogdcn. Ulali 

Major: Actounting — Minor: Secretarial i-*raclicc 

Ilrncst A. Cliristic — Nclawaka, Kansas 

Major: Agronoiny — Minor; Animal Husbandry 

Delniar McDougal — Campbellsport. Wisconsin 
Mnjor: Animal Husbandry — Minor: Agronomy 

Hannall Call — Colonia Dublaii, Cliiliu.ililla, Mexico 
Major: I oods — Minor; Clicmistry 

Wallace Larscn — Midvalc, L'tali 

Major: Sociology — Minor; Matlieniatics 

Ray L. Cliapman — Provo, L'tali 

Major: Physics -— Minor: Mathematics 

Reid C. Miller - Woods Cross, Utah 

Major: Elcnienlnry Education — Minor; Speech 

Dean Walker 

Alma Snow — Pro\o, Utah 

Major; English — Nhnor: Music 

Robert Sunimcrs — Provo, Utah 

Major: Art — Minor; Secretarial Practice 

Earl Webb — Mesa, Anzona 

Major; Spanish — Minor: English 

Elliot Cameron — Springville, Utah 

Major: Secondary Education — Minor: Accounting 

Clare Howe Oliphant. Jr. — Silverdale. Washington 
Major: Sociology — Minor: German 

John Cordon 1 olton — Bea\cr, Utah 

Major; Marketing — Minor; Accounting 

Martin Willis — Los Angeles. California 
Major: Journalism — Minor: Spanish 

Richard Smith — Ogden, Utah 

Major; Mathematics — Minor: Physics 

Mildred Miller - Provo, Utah 

Major: Speech — Minor: English 

Raymond Rees — Provo. Utah 

.^lajor; Physics — Minor: Mathematics 

Kay LeSueur — Mesa. Arizona 

Major: Economics — Minor; Marketing 


Jaynann M. Payne — Provo, Utah 

Ted lliici — Scbaslapol, California 
Major: Marketing 

David E. Logfrcn — Sail Lake Cily. Utah 
Major: Botany — Minor: Horticulture 

Arthur Morin — Baker. Oregon 

Arthur F. Crosby — Provo, Utah 

Major: Physics — Minor: Mathematics 

Blaine Hall — Provo. L'lali 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Malheinalics 

Betty Jean Houston — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Major: Vocational Home Economics 

Fred Gardner — Helper, Utah 
Major: Music ^- Minor: German 

Ira 1 odd — Mesa, Arizona 

Major: Accounting — Minor: Economics 

Joseph W'cight ^ Brigharn City, Utah 

Nlajor: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

George H. Slack — Toquervillc, Utah 

Bcnnie B. Killpack — Ferron, Llah 

Major: Physical Education — Minor: Health 

Gloria Ashcr — Prove, Utah 

Major: Secretarial Practice — Minor: Psychology 

Jess Bushman — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Major: Geology — Minor: Spanish 

Homer Adams — Blackfoot. Idaho 

Major: Sociology — Minor: Economics 

Beth Martin — Provo. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education -^ Minor: Music 

Wilma Davies — Burhank. Calitornia 
Major: Music — Minor: English 

Luana Willis — luscon. Arizona 

Major: Sec. Education (French) — Minor: Spanish 

Jean Bclliston — Ncphi. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Art 

Frank Turner — Grand Junction, Colorado 

Major: Geology — Minor: Chemistry & Nlalh. 

Jeanne Taylor — Provo. Utah 

Major: Elementary Ed. — Minor: Speech, English 

Bill J. Nelson - Hcber Cily. Utah 

Major: Elementary Education — Minor: Economics 

Velva Ruth Nyborg — Drummond, Idaho 
Major: Bacteriology — Minor: Chemistry 

Wayne M. Hcbertson — Provo, Utah 
Major: Chemistry — Minor: Zoology 

M. Ephraim Hatch — Provo, Utah 




Even the dead would rise when the 
Brigs and friends give out with "Paddy 

"Little Red Riding Hood and the Big 
Bad Wolf", judged the most novel socks 
at the Sox Spree. 




am OF '30 



CONNEE JUDD .... Jr. Class President collegiate ... led 

promenade at Lig Prom .... Blue Key and Val Hyric. 

MARILYN MOONEY . . . vice president ... the Mrs. . . divided 
time between class activities and Norman .... a lively sweetness 
.... Val Norn. 

MADELYN MATHEWS .... secretary .... the pipio from 
Scipio .... queenly appearance .... hard worker . . . Val Norn. 

BEVERLY GIBBONS .... Junior legislator .... capable but 
feminine .... artistic in all things .... Val Norn. 

JIM HILL .... another legislator .... the gentleman from the 
south .... politician .... pep rally head .... Templar president. 


ated, slow moving, slow talking 
Provoan who chairmancd the 
Junior Prom. 



JACK JONES - Voted most 
friendly boy and known for his 
fair artistic decorations and get- 
ting along with people. 


JOE NELSON -The Cougar 

Casaba star acclaimed as All- 

American material and modesty 
shy in manner. 


ROY KING - Made Kiniscif 
known as an I.K. stalwart, vio- 
linist, loyal Val Hyric and man 
about campus. 

KEN FLAKE-Fun loving yell 
king and a master of ceremonies 
de luxe who held the crowds in 
ihc palm of his hand whenever 
Kc appeared. 



WICK— The exotic personifica- 
tion of sophistication and chosen 
by John Powers to reign as Ban- 
yan Queen. 




going Duke of the Inter Col- 
legiate Knights who chairnianed 
Honiccoming ana was ever a 
constructive power on Campus. 


CONNEE JUDD - Attracted 
attention as class president and 
dreamed of a name band for 
the prom. 



Barbara transfer with an ex- 
plosive personality who look to 
the limelight as organizer and 
president of Tokalon and a fre- 
quent assembly performer. 


ElDean Bennett — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Frank Barton — Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Bronwyn Redford — Glenns Ferry, Idaho 
Don Weaver — Kaysville, Utah 
Alfred S. Morris — St. George, Utah 

Rula Jane Wells — Joseph, Utah 
Ethel Marr Adair — Dolores, Colorado 
Donn R. Ammott ^ Salt Lake City, Utah 
Gloria Stewart — Copperton, Utah 
Melvin O. Dearden — Henefer, Utah 

Richard Peterson 

Marshall Lewis 

Eliza Beus 

Salt Lake City. Utah 

Ogden, Utah 

Ogden, Utah 

Patricia Koyen 

Glennice Belnap 

Bevan Haycock 

Duchesne, Utah 

Riverside, California 

Peublo, Colorado 

Elaine Poulson 

Lavieve Farnsworlh 

Bernice H. Kunkel 

Duchesne, Utah 

Colo. Duhlan, 


Salt Lake City, Utah 

Professor Larson s prospective Rem- 
brandts exercised their art on the many 
lovely scenes around campus during autumn 
and spring quarters. 



Tkomas G. DeH'Aria - Willislon Park. N. Y. 

Louise Ellis — Ogden, Utah 

Cnrg Johnson ^- Memphis, Tennessee 

Don E. Wright -^ Lewisville, Idaho 

Allen Pumell - Salt Lake City, Utah 

Deha Jean Olpin — Thatcher, Arizona 
Clyde A. Swenson — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Kenneth Pocock ^- Ontario, California 
Melvin Hodgkinson — Vernal, Utah 
Leah Mangnm — Lehi, Utah 

Barbara Bennett — Sunimil. New Jersey 
Lawrence Leavitt — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Ahrahem Cockett — Wailuku, Maui. Hawaii 
Don Markham -— Ontario. Oregon 
Rodney Gordon ^^ Idaho Fails, Idaho 

Wendell Peterson — Grace, Idaho 
Jeanette Seitold — Newdaie. Idaho 
Ervan J. Zeller — Lovell, Wyoming 
Belty Loa Marshall — Garfield, Utah 
Barbara La Boyer " Monrovia, California 

Nola Jane Matkin — Magrath. Alberta, Can. 
Wilham Garrett — Van Nuys, California 
Gloria Jenson ^- Provo, Utah 
Phyllis Hughes — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Virgirua Day »- Aurora, Utah 

Paul Miller — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Rath Richmond — Provo, Utah 
Russell V. Aiken — Spring City, Utah 
Joy Simmons -^ Pittsburg, Permsylvania 
ABberl H. Done — Piovo, Utah 

Goidon Waring — Smoot, Wyoming 
William Pal Keeney — Provo, Utah 
Carol Allen — Richmond, Utah 
Howard K. Billings >— Delta, Utah 
John W. Waite — Kaysville. Utah 

5| 1 I 


Jean Slack ■-' Provo, UtaK 
Edward Dean CKrislensen — Antonito, Colo. 
David Weiser ^ New Rochelle, New York 
John E. Munson — Calgary, Alberla, Canada 
Maeser Okerlund — Loa, Utah 

Nona Dutson •-• Ririe, Idaho 

Jay Bown — Prove, Utah 

Clara Broderick — Rooseveh, Utah 

Lester Knight ^ Castle Dale, Utah 

Barbara Higginbolham — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Reed K. Carlisle 
Alpine, Utah 

Raola Hill 
Provo. Utah 

Celdon R. Lewis 
Springville, Utah 

What was outstanding this winter at 

Lynn Delwiler 

Ahoona, Pennsylvania 

Joyce Wood 
Couer d'Alcne 


Val L. Killpack 
Orem, Utah 

B. Y. U ? snow. snow, and more snow. 

A most unusual winter for all Utah. 

Thomas Nelson 
Park City, Utah 

Lois Mortensen 
Denver, Colorado 

Donna Petersen 

Brigham City, Utah 



Clarence Moon ^- Orem, Utah 
Wayne Wyler — ■ Payson, Utah 
Donnefte StringKam — Ogden, UtaK 
Dean Hibbert — Naples, Idaho 
Bliss Koyle — Burley. Idaho 

Clem Hancock — Panguilch, Ulah 
Norman Cardaii — Provo. Utah 
Helen Woffinden — Orem, Utah 
James W. Debry — Rigby, Idaho 
E. J. Moulton — Salt Lake City, Utah 

\Vesley Holt — Enterprise, Utah 

Marilyn Woodward — Pomona, California 

Kenneth J. Keale — Overton, Nevada 

Mary Florence Martineau — Pocatello, Idaho 

Harold Powell - Salt Lake City, Utah 

Jack Christensen — Centerfield, Utah 
Calvin Sandberg — Granlsville, Utah 
Elaine Short — Provo, Utah 
Carolyn Johnson — Berkeley, Cahfornia 
Marie Blocker — Jacksonville, Florida 

Max D. Nelson — Provo, Utah 

Keith Sohm — Burley, Idaho 

Eugene Harvey — Pleasant Grove. Utah 

Louise Neilson — Kent, Washington 

Robert Kendall — Weiser, Idaho 

Sarah Colton — Roosevelt, Utah 
Don Voorhees — Manii, Utah 
Dale Kirkham — Lehi, Utah 
Phyllis Clyde - Heber City. Utah 
Howard Rhodes — Provo, Utah 

Lucille Gold - Salt Lake City. Utah 

Melba Sutherland — Provo, Utah 

Leonard Harding — Taber, Alberta. Canada 

William Knudsen — Provo, Utah 

Jean Daniels — Denton, Lanes., England 


Calvin Wilcox — Huntington Park, California 
Verl Weight — Springville. Utah 
Marilin Evans — Salt Lake City. Utah 
LaVona Murphy — Great Falls. Montana 
ArJen Aplanalp ^ Price, Utah 

Jean Davis ^^ Provo. Utah 

Stan Greenwell — Provo. Utah 

Clifford Peterson — Lethbridge. Alberta, Can. 

Jean Clegg — Provo. Utah 

Dee Davis — Provo, Utah 



Don Homer Beth Brown 

Sacramento, California Garland, Utah 

Paul Hansen 

Springville, Utah 

Jean Noble 
Kuna, Idaho 

Bettie Jean Reid 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Donna Loveless 
Provo, Utah 

W^esley Barry 
Grantsville, Utah 

Fern Stoddard 
Bancroft, Idaho 

Elwood Thueson 
Nampa, Idaho 

It s not second childhood^ — just Ina Mae 
Collier and Gloria Stimpson intent on tneir 
"music for the Elementary teacher. 



Carol Anderson — St. Johns, Arizona 
Ramona Adams — Oakley, Idaho 
Jennie Albright — Dallis. Texas 
J. Paul Thomson '— Riverlon, Ulan 
Richard Brower ^ Sail Lake City, Utah 

Marcus Myer ^- Boise, Idaho 
Clara Boregson — Santaqnin, Utah 
Ver. ice Jackson ^- Avon, Utah 
Victor Sakiestewa ^- Tuba City, Arizona 
Norma Schultz — Provo, Utah 

Mablelee Hobday <— Denver, Colorado 
Carl R. McFarland — Duncan, Arizona 
Vern Clark ^ Alpine, Utah 
Ross Swenson — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Irene Howells •— Paradise, Utah 

Gordon Christensen — Alameda, California 
Derald Boyce '— Twin Falls, Idaho 
Bryce Spencer '— Cardston, Alberta, Canada 
Roy Menlove *— Payson» Utah 
Enid Spafford ^- Provo, Utah 

Robert Anderson '— Provo, Utah * 

Vie While — Beaver, Utah 
Keilh Calderwood '- HeneFer, Utah 
Eugene Tidwell — McGill, Nevada 
Joseph Shawcroft — Clifton, Colorado 

Rendo Stowell ^ Duncan, Arizona 

Jade Davis — Mesa, Arizona 

Dora Goff — Midvale, Utah 

John Amir Sharmahd ^ Teheran, Iran 

Boyd Harding — Provo, Utah 

Mary Beth Gibbs ^ Pocatello, Iraho 
Thelma Walker ^ Provo, Utah 
Marvin Carter — Morgan, Utah 
Fawn Christensen ^- Fairview, Utah 
Albert B. Christman '— Provo, Utah 


John Lee — Provo, Utah 
LeRoy Kerr Jones — Ponliac. Illinois 
Erma Adams — Ogden. Utah 
Carole D. Baker - Richfield, Utah 
Mer U. Grange — Huntington. Utah 

Ruth Pruitt — Provo. Utah 
Vern Tueller — Mountain Home. Idaho 
Barbara B. Sessions ^- Paradise. Utah 
Myron J. Walker — American Fork. Utah 
Analee W. Newman — Ogden, Utah 

David Ray Andelin 

Grant Wilson Anderson 

Donna L. Thomander 

Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Pleasant Grove. Utah 

Maplewood. N. J. 

Bob Walter Abbott 

Nadene Mitchell 

Lorraine Russell 

Perry Aired wasn't the only driver who 

Windsor. Colorado 

Provo. Utah 

Nampa. Idaho 

nt hours digging his machine from under 


Donald A. Tregaskis 

Richard H. Magleby 

Don W. Driggs 

American Fork, Utah 

Preston. Idaho 

Stockton. Caufornia 


ure's covering. 



Jenne Olsen — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Owen Benniofi — Vernon, Utah 

Bruce Christensen — Los Angeles, California 

Mary Lou Dunford — Huntington Park, Calif. 

Max Golightly — Preston, Idaho 

Douglas Jenkins ^- Provo, Utah 

Kenneth M. Flake — Mesa, Arizona 

Mae Blanch — Ogden. Utah 

Kathleen Taylor — Raymond, Alherta, Canada 

Belmont Anderson — Huntington, Utah 

Erma Clark — Morgan. Utah 
Donna Deem — Brigham City, Utah 
Gaylen Dahlquist — Provo, Utah 
Marilyn Mooney — Provo, Utah 
Grace Guyman — Parowan, Utah 

Zola Tanner — Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
Robert Gates — Antimony, Utah 
David A. Schulthess — Los Angeles, California 
Carolyn Blair — Santa Barbara, California 
Pauline Dyreng — Manti, Utah 

Kenneth J. Pace — Provo, Utah 
Barbara Hardy ^ Portland. Oregon 
Joan Austin — Los Angeles, California 
Marcene Camp — Pocatello. Idaho 
Lois Aime Nelson •— Spanish Fod{, Utah 

Conrad Judd — San Diego. California 
LaMyrl Boyack — Seattle, Washington 
Kenneth Bateman — American Fork, Utah 
Clifford Olmstead — Los Angeles, California 
June Adams — Provo, Utah 

Charmaine Guthrie — Mesa, Arizona 
Madelyn Mathews — Scipio, Utah 
Robert Beckslead — Kimberly, Idaho 
Beverly Gibbons — Holbrook, Arizona 
Nancy Taylor ^ Provo, Utah 


Vic C. Obcrhansley — Cedar City, Utah 
Bill Nelson — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Williel Enos — Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 
Blaine Smith — Provo. Utah 
Josephine MrClellan — Thatcher, Arizona 

Bernice Litchfield -— Raymond, Alberta, Canada 
Thomas Keith Midgley — Ogden, Utah 
NVayne Ferguson — Carlin, Nevada 
Edylhe Greaves — Portland, Oregon 
Keith F. Scoville ^ Salt Lake City. Utah 

George Sorensen 

Lois McCarrel 

Doris Weinheimer 

Benceley, CaliFornta 

Vernal, Utah 

Wellington. Alb.. Can 

Arvin Springthorpc 

Joyce Bowen 

Darwin Reber 

Ontario, Oregon 

Salt Lake City. 


St. George. Utah 

Elaine Kiester 

Frank Davis 

Colleen Kodel 

Barnwell. Alb.. Can. 

Emmett, Idaho 

Provo, Utah 

Pat Aiken and Paul Carver take time 
out for refreshment and intermission at the 
Snow Carnival Swiss Miss Ball. 



Lucille Bodily — Vernal. Utah 

James W. Wegner — Rock Springs, Wyoming 

Arthur W, Whyle ~~ Long Beach, Cahfomia 

Paul Scherer — Provo, Utah 

Norma Smith — Cardston, Alberta, Canada 

Robert Ellis — Ogden. Utah 

Donna Wittwer ^- Reno, Nevada 

Richard Raymond ^- Swarlhmore, Pennsylvania 

William V. Ingalls — Tacoma, Washington 

Catherine Beus — Ogden. Utah 

Marvin Bentz — - \Vilmington. California 
Claude Sutton ^- Grantsville, Utah 
Donna Southwick ^- Cedar City, Utah 
Enid Prilchett — Manti. Utah 
Joel Johnson — Price. Utah 

Walter Paulson — Mammoth, Utah 
Clyde Davis — Provo, Utah 
Norman Shurtliff — Overton. Nevada 
Jack Jenkins -^ LaPoint, Utah 
Wilburla Moor — Nampa, Idaho 

Irene Georges — Westcliffe, Colorado 
Jane Rees — LaGrande. Oregon 
Lillian Strong — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
JoLean Jones ^ Columbus, Nebraska 
Clifford D. Mousley — Riverton. Utah 

Cora Belle Nowalny — Seattle, Washington 
JoAnn Cannon — Butte, Montana 
Josephine Wagstaff — Kamas, Utah 
Shirley Nelson — Alton, Wyoming 
Barbara Jean Taylor — Provo, Utah 

Boyd Simmons — Hamer, Idaho 
Garth Briggs ^- Burlington, Wyoming 
Robert Bowen — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Hazel Christensen — LaGrande, Oregon 
Qirtis Colvin — Provo, Utah 


Ruth Boswell ~~ Provo, UlaK 
Ray Cliipnian — American Fork. Ulah 
Lorraine N. Linde — Provo, LItah 
Gary Jones "- Cedar City, UtaK 
Lyman Jenkins ^^ IdaKo Falls, idaKo 

Parley Belnap — Hooper, Utah 
Grace Merrill — Pocatello, IdaKo 
Lester Ludlow — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Lois Hammond — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Marilyn Wilcox ^ Provo, Utah 

Sheldon Schofield 
Spring City. Utah 

Gwenyth Jensen 
Redmond, Utah 

Doyle Rowley 
Parowan, Utah 

Melvin Burton 
Ahon, Wyoming 

Mary Alice Bullen 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Helen Moss 
Ririe. Idaho 

Fred Baird 
Provo. Utah. 

Paul Robert Hanson 
Lehi. Utah 

Richard Nies 

Norfolk. Nebraska 

Anything but glamorous were June Ad- 
ams, Joan Austin, LaMyrI Boyack, and Nan 
Stapp at this point on the Preferance Ball 



Edward Janes — Prove, UtaK 

Max Cope — Draper, UlaK 

Edward A. Cox — Pomona, Caliiornia 

Oral S. Miles - Provo, UlaK 

Robert Hale Pearce ^- Si. George, Utah 

John Lewis -- Brigdani Cily, Ulah 
Nada Oiiphanl — Orem, Ulah 
Kenneth McBride — Burley, Idaho 
Thomas Boyden — Provo, Utah 
Max Newren — Standard vi He, Ulah 

Joyce Dunn ^- Monlpelier. Idaho 
Clifford Finley — Hiawatha, Ulah 
Harry E. Wickes — Ogden, Utah 
Ethel Stewart — Sail Lake Cily. Utah 
Ramona Harrison — LaPoint, Ulah 

Doyle Swallow — May field, Utah 

Ann Stewart — Fallon, Nevada 

Louiene Heninger ^- Raymond. Alberta Canada 

Stanley Nelson ^ LaGrande. Oregon 

Barbara Jean Driggs — Stockton, California 

Floyd Dixon — Provo, Utah 
VaLois Harris — Bountiful, Ulah 
Archie Gale Kinder ^- Provo, Utah 
George Pucketl — Oakley. Idaho 
D. L. Weaver — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Verne Hunter — Bennington, Idaho 
Curtis W. Slade — Kaysville, Utah 
Avon Dodge — Provo, Utah 
Helen E. Jones — Provo, Ulah 
Wayne Hamblin — St. Johns, Arizona 

Mary Lou Neeley — Shelby, Montana 
Constance Reid — Ogden, Ulah 
Neil Farr — Burley, Idaho 
Duller Dauwalder — Provo, Utah 
Coy Mullen — El Paso, Texas 


Ricnard Blancftard — Ventura. California 
Sharon Adams — Layton, Utah 
Reece Robertson — Lovell, Wyoming 
Donna Rae Labrum — Roosevelt, Utah 
Harvey Golf ^- Bingbam Canyon, Utab 

Boyd Larsen — Epbraim. Utab 
Cleve Swenson — Spanisb Fork, Utab 
Lorry Smitb — Salt Lake City, Utab 
James Bryant — Higb Point, Nortb Carobna 
Ina Mae Collier — Vernal. Utab 

ii^ '-'S 

Gordon Lee 
Tooele, Ulab 

Sylvia Farr 

St. Jobns, Arizona 

James Elison 
Oakley. Idabo 

Eva Feik 

LaGrande, Oregon 

Ted Davis 
Provo, Utab 

Robert Larkin 

Los Angeles, Calif. 

Stanley Neilson 

Evanslon. Wyoming 

Rose Marie Brokaw 
My ton. Ulab 

Francis Workman 
Longdale, California 

Adrian Ferguson, Bruce Kirkham. and 
Norm Larsen have snow fun at the expense 
of Val Preece. 



Colleen Harmon ^- Provo, UlaK 
Lorin Taylor ^- Idaho Fails, IdaKo 
Preston Taylor '— American Fork, UlaK 
Joseph R. Murphy *— Long Beach, California 
Paul Black - Delta, Utah 

Gabriel Delia Piana *— Provo, Utah 

Garth Allred «-- Fairview, Utah 

Edna Grace Fulghum — High Point, N. C. 

William Nash — Ogden, Utah 

Veola Vaun Levie — Sevier, Utah 

Lois Ashby — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Rosalie Robison — Provo, Utah 
William Anderson ^- Provo, Utah 
Lorene Burton ^^ Maiad, Idaho 
Donna Lundell — Vernal, Utah 

LaNola Harper ^- Brigham City, Utah 
Alma D. Rose — Provo, Utah 
Archie F. Chadburn — Provo, Utah 
Patricia Aiken — Provo, Utah 
Richard Andelin — Provo, Utah 

Terry McGarry — RichfieM, Utah 

Robert Warner — Antimony, Utah 

Ruth Hay -— Ventura, California 

Virgus Osborne '— Spring City, Utah 

Charles M. Kamauoha — Wailuku. Maui, Hawaii 

Keith Sorensen — Spring City, Utah 
Alice Carter -• Provo, Utah 
Gay Kleinman — Los Angeles, California 
Marvin Peterson — Boise, Idaho 
Merlin Sorensen — Ogden, Utah 

Nancy Wells — San Francisco, California 
Joan Maloney ^- Provo, Utah 
Vanona Fisher — Missoula, Montana 
Margaret Shupe — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Betly Midgley — Ogden, Utah 


Calvin Brandley — Sliding, Alberta, Canada 
Reed F. Johnson — Glenns Ferry, IdaKo 
Stanford Kittermun ^- Salt Lake City, Ulali 
Joyce Murphy — Portland, Oregon 
Moylen Young — Brigham City. Utah 

Lynn Hansen — Monroe, Utafi 
Vinson Stephenson — Lewiston, Utah 
Frankie Engebretsen — Midvale, Utah 
Vernon Nielsen — Provo, Utan 
Albert Merrill — Blackfoot. Id»hn 

Dorothy Hulct 

Lyic Palton 

Kenneth Tohler 

Wendell. Idaho 

Charleston. W. V. 

Santa Clara, Utah 

Tim T. Chan 

LaRue F. Robison 

Fred Clarke 

Hongkong. China 

Banning. California 

San Diego, California 

Myrna Bagnell 

Martlia Pettijohn 

Beth Markhani 

Bountiful. Utah 

Melba. Idaho 

Spanish Fork. Utah 

Behind scenes at K.B.Y.U. ——660 on 

your dial Ray Andelin at the controls 

wKile Elmo Howard, Maridel Lewis, and 
Eileen Miller perform. 



Thirl W. Tew — Maplclon, Ulali 
Verl I. Muniford — Montpelier. Idaho 
Elmer J. Collins — Rankin, Illinois 
Dale Butler ^ Driggs, Idaho 
Vere D. Leavitt — Provo, Utah 

Oonald Hendricks — LaGrande, Oregon 
Clifford Lawrence — Spanish Foik, Utah 
Galen Winsor — Panaca, Nevada 
Lewis Griffin — Escalante, Utah 
Arvil Huff — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Charles Arnett — Duncan. Arizona 
Curtis Knight —- Redwood City, California 
Ethel Jean Wilson — Scofield, Utah 
Glen Hillman ^- Boise. Idaho 
Robert Gallon — Lehi, Utah 

Keith Beardall -^ Springville, Utah 

Arlo Coles — Righy, Idaho 

Duane Thueson ^- Nampa, Idaho 

John E. M. Anderson — Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ward Abbott — Duchesne. Utah 

Frank R. Johnson — Sanford. Colorado. 
Marvin H. Stewart — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Reed Smith — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Wallace McPhie — Ogden. Utah 
Elma George '-^ Escalante. Utah 

Jean M. McKell - Salt Lake City. Utah 
N. Vaughan Larsen — Mink Creek, Idaho 
Eugene White — Susanvilie, California 
Naone Mason — Howell, Utah 
Hynim J. Sander — Ogden, U<ah 

Virginia Havens — Salmon, Idaho 

Annie V. Knight — St. George, S. C. 

Ruth Weinheimer — Welling, Alberta. Can. 

Louise Wiloox — Leyton, Utah 

George Leigh — Cedar City, Utah 


Jerry Child — Ogden. Ulah 

Burton Hansen — Glenn Ferry. Idaho 

Junius Duke — Burley, Idaho 

Keith Clcmenl — N. Hollywood, California 

Donald Liston — Escalanle, Utah 

Philip Grindstaff — Glendale, California 
Alvin Dalley — Driggs, Idaho 
L. Charles Larsen -~ Preston, Idaho 
Moyle Brown — Weiser, Idaho 
William F. Romney — Duncan, Arizona 

Richard C. Bigelow 

Elhert Lawrence, Jr. 

Clark W. Nelson 

Orem, Utah 

Grantsville, Utah 

Springville, Utah 

Ferol Poulson 

Calvin Pace 

Tsugio Watanabe 

Richfield. Utah 

Burley. Idaho 

Kahuki, Oahu. Hawaii 

James D. Tschudy 

Donald Dickerson 

Clyde Romney 

Aitadena, California 

Grantsville. Utah 

Prove. Utah 

Engaged couple, Arturo de Hoyos and 
Betty Rowe didn't really need the mistletoe. 



Burlin Bates — Lchi, Utah 
Gene Robinson — Provo, Utali 
Edison Breckenridge '— Provo, Utah 
Karl Newrcn ^- Provo, Utah 
Donald E. Hicken — TaLiona, Utah 

Floyd Sampson ^- Arcadia, California 

Helen Johnson — Fresno, California 

Jacquelin Briggs — Righy. Idaho 

Ferrel Massoy — Vernal, Utah 

Lawrence G. Bowser — Santa Ana, California 

Clair Kendall — Nephi, Utah 
V. Lamarr Jensen — Sandy. Utah 
Jay W. Francis — Morgan. Utah 
Phyllis Alien - Heber City, Utah 
Charles Adair — Mesa, Arizona 

Efden Kimball — Sacramento, California 

Inez Theobald — Provo, Utah 

Marie Allred — Lehi, Utah 

Lorraine i~Iansen — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Nola Christensen — Vallejo. California 

Myron L. Dickey — Jacksonville, Florida 
Jolene Collett — Calgary. Alberta. Canada 
William Sullivan — Park City, Utah 
Charlene Sorensen — Salina. Utah 
Paul Roundy — Pleasant Grove. Utah 

Willard Gcrber — Victoria. British Columbia 
Betty Barratt — Tacoma. Washington 
Mildred Teslich — Rock Springs. Wyoming 
Lou Narramore — Evanslon. Wyoming 
Rose Elise Lund — Modena. Utah 

William J. 1 homas — Baker. Oregon 
Gloria Hutchinson — Santa Ana. California 
Mary Margaret Blumell - Magrath. Alb., Can. 
Shirley Erickson — Freedom. Wyoming 
Robert L. Black - Delta. Utah 


Donnamae Bloclier — Olympia, Wasnington 
Jay Hamblin — Munay, Utan 
Ariel L. Williams — Cliicago, Illinois 
Alice Faye Farley — Mesa, Arizona 
Randa Rae CKristensen — Venice. Ulan 

Cloyd Alfred Tobler — Mesquile, Nevada 
11a Mae AsKliman — Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Madge C. Greaves — Ephraim, Utah 
Lester Dale Hunt — Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Mary Beesley — Mapleton, Utah 

Merrill Parker Gunnell Thelma Sutherland Robert Louis Haman 

Grace. Idaho Provo. Utah Butte. Montana 

Mavis Loader Adrian Earl Ferguson Joseph L. Sanders 

Pleasant Grove. Utah Salt Lake City. Utah Springville. Utah 

Evelyn Alice Alger Paul B. Larsen Floyd C. Moulton 

Sherdan. Wyoming American Fort. Utah Salt Lake City, Utah 

Even the people appear frozen stiff as 
ihey make their way to 7:45's on one of 
those below zero mornings. 



Darrcll H. Card — Spanish Fork, Utah 
John Zagorcc — FarrcII, Pennsylvania 
Floyd Moon — Hanna, Ulan 
Lyic James KoIIer — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Oscar K. Hulet ^- Summit, Utah 

DeWayne W. Christcnscn ^- Conda, Idaho 
John Richard Domingnc? — Phoenix, Arizona 
Carmen Ursenhack — Lethbridge, Alberta, Can. 
Warren Lcc Pace — Burley, Idaho 
Jack L. Nelson — Wendcil. Idaho 

John Wallace Casper — Rigby, Idaho 
Bonnie Jean Jensen — Sandy, Utah 
June Lee Merrill — Santa Ana, California 
Lawrence McKee — Price, Utah 
Elaine Dixon ^- Spanish Fork, Utah 

Vivian Hatch — Koosliarcm, Utah 

Albert E. Adams — Parowan, Utah 

Ruth Call — Colonia Dublin, Chih., Mexico 

Lorna Joyce Durrant — Farmington. New Mex. 

Blair N. Binks ^ Springville, Utah 

Jane Kaye Morrill — Junction. Utah 

Lowell E. Horlacher — Lethbridge. Alberta, Can. 

Glenna Sorensen -^ Mayfield, Utah 

Leona Farnsworth — Colonia Dublin, Chih., Mex. 

Irma Rachel Mellor — Fayette, Utah 

Lucile Ursenbach — Calgary, Alberta, Canada 



Janice Jensen — Midvale. Utah 

^B^*^ ""^'^l 



Rulh Amy Anderson — Redwood City, Calif. 



Floyd M. Anderson — Springville, Utah 



Glen Rae Milner — 




Gloria Snell — Provo, Utah 

Rae Marie Jerling <— American Fork, Utah 

Maxine Lamborn — Ogden, Utah 

Nina Slratton — Oram, Utah 

Beryl Clark — Georgetown. Idaho 


Raymond Brinkman — Idaho Falls, Idano 
Calvin H. Sorenscn — Moroni, Ulan 
Margaret Adams — Provo. Utah 
Newell Miles — Bancroft, IdaKo 
Gwcn Jacob — Orcm, Utah 

Wayne Davis — Clearfield, Utah 
Fredora Fuller — Salt Lake City, UlaK 
Owen Merrill — Salt Lake City. Ulafi 
Dona May Hansen — Susanville, California 
Fern Wheeler — Ririe, IdaKo 

Barbara N. Richards 
Provo, Utah 

Irene Matson 
Melba. Idaho 

Joseph Brammer 

Salt Lake City. Utali 

Betty Mae West Paul Lino NG 

Salt Lake City, Utah Honolulu. Hawaii 

Ken Hamblin Garth Seaslrand 

Salt Lake City. Utah American Fork. Utah 

Dorace Peay Jean Domy 

Pleasant Grove, Utah Salt Lake City. Utah 

Joe Nelson tips one of his many toward 
the basket despite the Utah State opposition. 



John E. AnJerson — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Dale Rock — Morgan. Utah 
Margaret Hunter — Cedar City, Utah 
Jack Bendall — Price, Utah 
Marilyn Miles — Provo, Utah 

Kent Lyons — Burley, Idaho 
Grant Rowley — Helper, Utah 
Carol Kay — Heber City, Utah 
Laura Palmer — Preston. Idaho 
Phyllis Ellicolt — ' Chicago, Illinois 

Gloria Madsen — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Verne Sitlle — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Earl D. Jardine '— Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Boyd G. Drennan — San Mateo, California 
Leon Allred — McGill, Nevada 

Eugene Jensen ^^ Burbank. California 
Dee DeMille " Monroe. Utah 
Kenneth Anderson — Helper. Utah 
Snaree Booth — Nephi. Utah 
Stanley Weeks — Pleasant Grove. Utah 

Joy Ivie <— Arlington. Virginia 
Keith Dickson — Ogden, Utah 
Val Larie Preece «— Vernal, Utah 
Helen Erickson — Ogden, Utah 
Geraldine Kemsley — Pacoima, California 

James B. Hill — Provo, Utah 
Loyal M. Whiltaker — Coalville, Utah 
Gerald Cannon ^- Circleville, Utah 
Donna Anderson — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Norma Bearnson — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Arm Hansen — Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 
Ella Ruth Turner — Provo, Utah 
Carlyle Gay — Joseph, Utah 
Lois Peterson — Ogden, Utah 
Beverly Matheson — Parowan, Utah 



Chow time for the Chain gang 
it Junior and Frosh Crazy Con- 
victs Convention. 

"If I had the wings of an Angel" might well 
have been the theme song of the Ballou-Shields 



mU OF '51 


ERNIE WEBB .... president .... the mighty mite .... Good 
natured, able executive . . . headed for a mission . . . Gamma Tau 

DOROTHY GROESBECK .... vice president .... another 
good thing in a small package .... tends to business . . . shy man- 
ner .... Nautilus. 

PAT UNGER . . . secretary . . . winsome charmer from Chicago. 
.... sizeable male following .... thorough .... Val Norn. 

LOUISE BECK .... one of the Beck girls from American Fork 
somewhat sophisticated . . . . Y Calcares and Cesta Tie. 

ELDON GUNTER .... Sophomore representative .... funniest 
boy on the campus assembly committee Viking. 


KEN LETH - Good looking, 
smooth dancing lad, voted Pre- 
ferred Man and managed queen 
selectiohs for the Banyan Ball. 

ANITA CALL -Teamed witK 
her sisters to give B.Y.U. the 
classiest baton twiriers in the 
conference and in the West. 


all around activity boy who 
chairmaned the Sophomore Loan 
Fund Bali, composed music and 
helped build I.K. 


DICK MOODY-A regular per- 
former on assemblies and stu- 
dent programs as an imitator or 
tap dancer and a member of 
the tennis team. 

BERTHA LYMAN-The petite 
demure red-head who attended 
the Homecoming queen, and was 
much sought after by individual 
men and organized women. 


ERNIE WEBB-The class pres- 
ident, recognized for doing big ^ 
things-and the friendly way he 
treated everyone. 




of the fast talking ad libbing 
Gunter brothers was labelled a 
personality boy. 


dian beauty elected homecoming 
queen and abounding in other 
male and female admirers. 



bashful baskelballer who pei- 
lormea effectively on the Congar 


Utah Lake was well covered with 
ice— and the ice often well covered with 


Erma Rulh Elidredge 
Roosevelt. UtaK 

Charlotte Jones 
Magna. UtaFi 

Keith W. Moore 
Nampa, Idaho 

Colleen Benson 

Provo. Utah 
Dorothy Pettijohn 

Meiba. Idaho 
Arda Jean Warnock 

Sigurd, Utah 

Cleighton Beamer 
Honolulu. Hawaii 

Scott Maughan 

San Gabriel, Calif 

John Keith Haws 
Vernal. Utah 

Marjorie R. McFarland 

Hansen. Idaho 
A. Ernest Weeks 

Vernal. Utah 
Kendall F. Cowley 

Heber City, Utah 

Joel J. Richards 

Garland, Utah 
Beth Harmon 

Grand Junction. Colo. 
David B. Chadwick 

Payette, Idaho 

Carol M. Hansen 
Prove. Utah 

Vcrna Wardle 
Rigby. Idaho 

Lynn Richards 
Kamas, Utah 

Ireta Black 

Provo, Utah 
Maxine Larson 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
Leiia Christiansen 

Des Moines, Iowa 


Farr Ha!cli — Provo, Ulah 

Rutli Roovo — Provo. Ulali 

R. Dean Harrison — Malad. Idalio 

Howard Jolinson — Provo. Ulali 

Nina Quinlan — American Fork. Ulali 

Emma Louise Briggs — Magratli, Alb., Can. 
Harold King -^ Mesa. Arizona 
Mclvin R. Whipple — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Rubenia Diaz Lozano — Guatemala. Utah 
Jack Brown — St. Johns. Arizona 

Alice P. Quinn — Ogden. Utah 
Carl J. Mallor — Fayette. Utah 
.\rlene Neeley — Preston. Idaho 
Andrea Johnson — Panguilch. Utah 
Nina Rulh Kimball — Phoenix. Arizona 

Frances Slurgill — Provo. Utah 

Dorothy Goltfredson — Calienle, Nevada 

Kenneth Long — Springville, Utah 

AbolezI Billy Mohassel —Tehran. Iran (deceased) 

Gloria Jacobs — Oakland, California 

Melva Austin -^ Salmon, Idaho 
Burr Elldredge — Roosevelt, Utah 
Wilford Hale - Blackfool, Idaho 
Evelyn Barker — Provo. Utah 
Artie B. Hunter — Provo, Utah 

Parke Mad son — Provo. Ulah 

Marjorie Jean Haddock -~ Richmond, Calif. 

Joe I hompson — Malta. Idaho 

Charles J. Muhlestein — Provo, Utah 

Franklin Daly — Panguitch, Ulah 

Ethel Jean Shupc ~~ Taos. New Mexico 
Dean Hill - Salt Lake City, Ulah 
Donl H. Peterson — American Fork, Utah 
Alton Speedy — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Barbara Berrey ~~ Provo, Utah 


Giving out with everything from 
swing to Schubert was the varsity band 
clarinet section. 


RkharJ Wilkins 
Spring\iIIe, L'tal 

Gwen W'hileneaa 
Salt Lake City, 

Nano' Holt 
Ookley. Idano 


Helen Gcrwin 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
\\ alter Eawaras 

Milford. Mass. 
William G. Pinnock 

Rigby, Idaho 

Dolores CKristensen 

Salem. Utah 
Mary E. 1 emplelon 

Taos. N. Mexico 
Lois Chatwin 

Oxnard. California 

Francis O. Boyer 
Springville, Utah 

Ann Zweifel 

Monterv'iew, Idaho 

Ivan Burleigh 

Evanston, Wyoming 

Lloyd J. Webb 
I ucson. Arizona 

Raona I. Robey 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

John Kovach 

Rock Springs, Wyo. 

William Smith 
Portland. Oregon 

Phyllis Holyoak 
Buriey, Idaho 

Loa Verda Bowen 
Buriey. Idaho 

Raymond E. Howes 
Marysvale, Utah 

Joseph H. Clegg 
Dietrich. Idaho 

Harold P. Clawson 
Phoenix, Arizona 


Waller L. Forsylk - Hyde Park. UlaK 
Karl Slalicli ■— Enterprise, UtaK 
Clifford Kckauoclia — Laie, Oahu, Hawaii 
Nomia Grossman — Boise, Idaho 
J. Ralph Wood -' Fillmore. Utah 

Don Caldwell ^- Sandy, Utah 

Hector J. Spencer — Col. Dublan, Chih., Mex. 

Lydean Yancey ^^ Blackfoot, Idaho 

Eldon Pulsipher ^— St. Johns, Arizona 

Norman W^ing ^- American Fork, Utah 

Nora Lee Branstetter ^- Ft. Collins, Colorado 
Keith Green ^- Granlsville, Utah 
Beverly BecK ^- Centerfield, Utah 
Waller Bolts —' Las Vegas. Nevada 
Tom Bomherger '— Alhambra, California 

Marian Andrew ^- Portland, Oregon 
Jean Williams ■— Chicago, Illinois 
Enid Critchfield '— Oakley, Idaho 
Jayne Stone ■— Portland, Oregon 
Ralph L. Thacker — Heber City, Utah 

George Mitchell — Provo, Utah 
La Verne Kocw — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Carol Dawn Larsen ^- Orem, Utah 
Herbert Petersen — Joseph City, Arizona 
Belva Baker ^- Oasis, Utah 

Reve Simpson — Heber City, Utah 
Viola Nicholson ^ Midvale, Utah 
Norma Jean Webb — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Susie Hunsaker — Ontario. Oregon 
Frank Wolverlon — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Jaoc W^righl — Inglewood. California 

Mona Rolfe ^ Oakley, Idaho 

Viola Johansen '— Lelhbridge, Alberta, Can. 

Berna Brown —■ Tooele, Utah 

Loma Whitaker ^- Vale, Oregon 


Fred Adams and Bob Abbott thor- 
oughly enjoyed their job of selecting snow 
queen Jean Halverson, second from left, 
from among competitors Bette Reid. An- 
ita Call, Sharee Westover, Joyce Potter, 
Alice Brady, and Marilyn Martin. 


Betty Ogden 



Lewis P. 


Walter Steffensen 

Richfield. Utah 


, Utah 



Boulder. Ulah 

Ann Pearce 



Paul Sm 


Lyneer C. Smith 

Salt Lake City. Utah 


. Utah 



Duncan. Arizona 

Leon Hartshorn 

Iris Jensen 

Donna Mahoney 

Lu Lulie Rogers 

American Fork, Utah 


urg, Idaho 


City. Utah 

Twin Falls. Idaho 






Carolyn W? 



ington, Wyo. 







S. Williams 

Jay C. Mickelsen 

Donna Webb 


en, Utah 

Duchesne, Ulah 





John NobI 


Rarnona McClure 

Phoenix, Arizona 

Kuna. Idaho 

Marys ville 

. Calif. 


Mark Bullcr — Suns.nnvillc. Californin 
Maude Svcdin —' Dccln. Nevada 
Barbara Wriglit — San Mateo. Cnliforni.H 
Otis Weeks — Vernal, Ulali 
William Tliayer — Hempstead, New York 

Max Johns — • SlougliKousc, California 
Reese Merrill ^ Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Keith Francis — Taber, Alberta, Canada 
Helen Clyde -^ Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Carol Jennens — Detroit. Michigan 

Heber Hunt — Lehi, Utah 

Alma Skouscn — Dateland, Arizona 

Patricia Anne Ellis — Williston, N. D. 

Vefa Lunt — Duncan, Arizona 

Vernell 1 orgcrsen ^- Oakland, California 

Luc Jcanc Hales -^ Richlield, Utah 

Tina Lou Daniels -~ Spanish Fork, Utah 

Alexander Louis Fife — Sail Lake City, Utah 

Marilyn Christensen — Oreni, Utah 

Rex Lybbert ^- Moses Lake, Washington 

Ruth Purdy — Milwaukee. Wisconsin 
Inga Plaas — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ncdra Ray ^- Coolidge. Arizona 
Norman Wright — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Reginald Dorff — Detroit, Michigan 

Byron Wilson — Roosevelt, Utah 
Jadinc Janish — Port Angeles, Washington 
Robert West — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Wilbur Hiatt — Mt. Airy. North Carolina 
Donald Stockman — Coalville, Utah 

Janice Abbott — W^indsor, Colorado 
Thais Stewart — American Fork, Utah 
Donald E. Toomey — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Dorothy Pearson — Renton, Washington 
Rence Rawie — Springville, UtaK 


r. *'f 




T*, T* 




a ,. 

■^ w* 



\WH \HBi ^n _^B«M>^i^'^"H 




lI^^I hKl^IN/^ ^^^^^^^^h 


M ^ 


Hf ■'-■ .^ 



Many and varied are the uses of the 
Smith Lounge. Here was sleeping beauty 
Flake awaiting the lovely princess to 
break the spell. 


KalKerine Crofts 

Betty Carter 

JoAnn Aflleck 

Bonnie Williams 

Ricl.field. UtaK 

Spokane, Washin 


Salt Lake Ci 



Concord. Calif, 

Dan Payne 

DcMar Rust 

Nancy Wightman 

Carl W'hatcott 

Springvillc, UfaK 

Salem, UtaK 

Provo, Utah 

Lynndyl, UtaK 

Mary Bohn 

W'.ildo Jacobson 

Pearl Marsh 

Stanley Taylor 

Provo, L'tan 

Spring\ille. UlaK 

Long Beach, 


El Paso, Texas 

Gale Hammond 

Dwain R 


Charmayne Matson 

Sail Lake 








Kay Pitcher 

Ardis Meservy 




. Alb 

?rla. Can. 




Icvilie. Ulah 

Bonnie 1 urner 

Mr.xine Rice 

Paul Comer 




, Colorado 

Provo. Utah 


Margaret Brim ^- Downey, Idaho 
Gladys Kevolio ^- Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 
lone Hillon — Hinckley, Utali 
Don Milletl — Mesa, Arizona 
Edward Bacon ^ Associated, C^.ifornia 

Norma Boam ^- Daylon, Oliio 

Robert L. Brandlcy — [Raymond, Alberta, Can. 

Glenda Cooper ■ — Hinckley, UlaK 

Norman Turner -— Riverton, Utah 

William Brace ~^ Farmington, New Mexico 

Carol Brown ~- Prove, Utah 
Suzzanne Fiske — ' Sacramento, California 
Douglas Nicholes — American Fork, Utah 
Buryl McClurg — El Dorado, Arkansas 
Dorothy Dee Richardson — Moses Lake, Wash. 

Barbara Burgan ^- Berkeley, California 
William H. Taylor — Payson, Utah 
Andrew Easton ^— Martinez, California 
Bonnie Ercanbrack — Provo, Utah 
Sally Mcranda — American Fork, Utah 

Roy Molcn — Los Angeles, California 
Richard E. Greer — St. Johns, Arizona 
Leah Hacking — Cedar Valley, Utah 
Eldrcd irving — Nyssa, Oregon 
Dclma Krcbs — Ogden, Utah 

Robert Nugent — Roslyn Heights, Nortti Da. 
Leiand Smith — Snow flake, Arizona 
Stanley Schindler — Blackfool, Idaho 
Ina Marie McQuarrie — Beaver, Utah 
Carol Morby — Salem, Utah 

James Hunter — Roseville, California 
Owen Keith Tucker — Mesa, Arizona 
LaRee Duke — Provo, Utah 
Theo Mumford — Monlpelier, Idaho 
Leta Ekker — Springville, Utah 


'T>vas a hot time in the old town the 
night of pre-Utah torch light parade. A 
street dance followed. 

S P U N R e s 

Clayton McConkie 

Provo. Utah 
Arlo Shelley 

American Fork, Utah 
Oeralacan Guymon 

La Jara, Colorado 

Allan D Pallerson 

Springville. Utah 
William Evcrretle Aldridge 

Burlington. N. C. 
Edwin W^arren 

Salt Lake City, Utali 

Ray Bellows 

Dividend. Utah 
Martha Maag 

American Falls. Idaho 
La%ell Guff 

Tooele. L'tah 

Norma Lee Bird 

Provo. Utah 
Ricfiard E. Cloward 

Provo. Utah 
J. Kent Johnson 

Prove. Utah 

Alice Humphcrys 

Nanipa. Idaho 
Keith Jensen 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
Peggy Crandall 

Spring\ille, Utah 

Ethel Young 

Waiakoe. Maui, Hawa 
Leona Mae Hyde 

Kensington. Maryland 
Shirley Baker 

South Gale, Calif. 

Catherine Kanekoa 
Hana. Maui, Hawaii 

Fred Radichel 

New York Cily. N. Y. 

Nancy Sakamoto 

Honokowa, Maui. Hawaii 


Lois Coombs — Salt Lake Cily, UlaK 
Helen Hanks — Burley. Idaho 
Robert L. Morion — Lchi, Utah 
Bee Mendenhall — Springville, Utah 
Daniel Decker — Snowflake, Arizona 

Clarence Rutter — Stillwater, Oklahoma 
Deoiine NVatts ^- American Falls, Idaho 
Paul Carver — Monte Vista, Colorado 
Loren Nicholes — Burley. Idaho 
Dorothy Cranmer ^- Springville, Utah 

LaVern Weirs — Albion. New York 
C. Blake Thrasher ^- Gary, Indiana 
Loralei Holland — Ogdcn, Utah 
Robert Penfield ^- Roosevelt, Utah 
Louisa Wisner — New Plymouth, Idaho 

Mabel Paulsen — Lcwisville, Idaho 
Kuni Kwan Lam — Hong Kong, China 
Cheryl Brown — Belleville. New Jersey 
Lucy Calder -- Vernal, Utaii 
Carolyn Noycs — Salina. Utah 

Robert M. Robbins — Muskogee, Oklahoma 
Willie Blocker — Jacksonville, Florida 
Norma Joyce Bateman — Midvale, Utah 
Diane Nieison — North Hollywood, Calif. 
Norman Woodfield <— Ogdcn, Utah 

Allan Doty — Augusta, Michigan 
Peggy Hawkes — Drunmiond, Idaho 
Flaine Dow — Magrath. Alberta, Canada 
Helen Jeanne Jones — Provo. Utah 
Donna Rex ^- Randolph, Utah 

Gerald R. Hyde — Baker. Oregon 
Hazel Rasmussen ^- Preston, Idaho 
Helen Young ^- Mayport, Pennsylvania 
Ruby English — Wallace, North Carolina 
John Runyan ^- Denver, Colorado 



1 "''!fr? 



I r ^J[^| 


^^^^^r ^1 



M ^f^ j^B 


mm {i S 








Banyan queen, Donna Jean South- 
wick, seemed to be playing mother-hen 
for this minute of her evening's reign. 


RicKard Bcndixscn 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

TKcll Nacgic Vegas, Ncviida 

Arlcll Robinson 
Banning, Calit. 

Raclicl Calder 

Vernal. UlaK 
Louis Brossard 

Seattle, Washington 
Patricia Mason 

Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Lillian Schippcr 
Sparks. Nevada 

Shirley Maughan 
I rrnionlon. Utak 

Jerclyn Sorcnsen 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Vivian Schipper 

Sparks, Nevada 
Joiin Green 

New Plymouth, Idaho 
Dolores, Adanison 

Bountiful, Utah 

Oaylen Hatlon 
InyoKcrti, Calir. 

Agnes Wcibcll 
Midvalc, Utak 

Jack West 

CIcndora, Calir. 

Tony T. Christopulos 

ProNo. Utah 
Ralph Hansen 

New York, N. Y. 
Douglas Bunker 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Eldcn Gunlher 
Portland. Oregon 

Sylvia Patterson 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Don Janson 

Phoenix. Arizona 



Duane Gardner ^- Idaho Falls, IdaKo 
Barbara Winkler — Provo, Ulak 
Barbara Lyn West — Pleasant Grove, Utali 
Roland Minson -~ Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Barbara Harries — Columbus, Ohio 

Shirley Sanders — Murray, Utah 
Bruce Hillon — Delia, Utah 
Bertha Lyman '— Holren, Utah 
Ruth Schipper — Sparks, Nevada 
Maynard Gunter — Portland, Oregon 

Robert Holman ^- lona, Idaho 
Carol Pitcher — Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 
Sam Doxey ^- Los Angeles, California 
Ruby McDonald — Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Shirley Fox — Big Piney, W^yoming 

Audrey Jones — Vernal, UtaK 
Sheronne Robertson — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Vance Holland -— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Barbara Sanderson ^- Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Donna Tanner — Los Angeles, California 

Anita Call -— Las Vegas, Nevada 
Evada Omie — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Sally Kirkham — Brigham City. Utah 
Marilyn Oidroyd ^- Payson, Utah 
Richard Moody — Mesa, Arizona 

Jean Howard — Pocatello, Idaho 
Charlotte Cannon — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Richard Pusey — Washington, D. C. 
Jo Ann Groesbeck — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Kathlyn Sundberg — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Gary Bybee — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Rosemary Phillips — Ft. Sill, Oklahoma 
Pat Unger — Chicago, Illinois 
Phyllis C. Jensen — Grace, Idaho 
Ernest Webb — Provo, Utah 


V -^i i 

Wayward frosli like Barbara Toone 
paid the penalties handed down at Senior 
Court by judges Ken Sansoni and Max 


Francis Patterson 

Carey, laano 
Emma Lou Chantrill 

Rexburg. Idaho 
Emma Jean Maxwell 

Tabiona, UtaK 

Elizabeth MooJy 
Deha, Utah 

Janet Ruppe 
Vernal. UlaK 

Joseph Lawrence 
Heber City. Ula 

Emerson Green 
Driggs, Idaho 

Joann Blackett 
Springville, Utah 

Ree Walton 

Portland, Oregon 

Lulu Enos 

Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 
Gladys Havashi 

Berkclcv.' Calif. 
Darreii Call 

Maiad, Idaho 

Duvello Hanson 

Mountebello. Calif. 

Ethel Mae Chesley 
Mesa. Arizona 

Geniel. T hornteon 

American Fork. Utah 

Morris Fell 

Heber City. Utah 
David H. Hiatl 

Mt. Airy. N. C 
Jilene Peterson 

American Fork. Utah 

Mignon Ahlslrom 

Provo. Utah 
Mary Beth Wright 

Provo, Utah 
Elmo Roundy 

Palmyra, New York 



James Hill — Brcnierlon, Wasninglon 
Ellen Jean Ririe — Sail Lake City. Ulah 
Dclores Prcdrickson — Roosevelt, UlaK 
Keitk Wliatcolt — Prove. Utah 
Wayne liniolny — Roosevelt, Utan 

LcRoy Porter ^- Provo. Utah 
Alene Redd — Monticello. Utah 
Leanore Ream ^- Berkeley, California 
Archie Curtis — Hawthorne, California 
Colleen Clark — Provo. Utah 

Boyd M. Hunter — Springville, Utah 
Lorenzo Merchant — Houston, Texas 
Gail Longden — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Lila Duncan — Roosevelt. Utah 
Marilyn Cude — Houston, Texas 

Lajuana Isakson — Magna, Utah 
Betty Sprouse — Roosevelt, Utah 
Avery Glenn ^- Union, Oregon 
Karl Allred - Ogden. Utah 
Albert M. Larsen •*- Burlcy. Idaho 

Wanda Randall '— Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Don Turner — Grand Junction, Colorado 
LaRae Kinder .— Huntington. Utah 
Billie Lou Croshaw ^— Red Bluff. California 
Jay W. Merrill - Paul. Idaho 

Jerry Jorgensen — San Carlos, California 
Delna Evans »— Pleasant Grove, Utah 
R. Neal Richards ^ Joseph City. Arizona 
Russell Mickelson •—• American Fodv, Utah 
Pat Russell ^- Berkeley, Cahfornia 

Alzina Mae Thornton ^ Kuna, Idaho 
Bonnie Hanson ^- Roosevelt, Utah 
Deimer Howell — Baker, Oregon 
Dale Buschke — Martinez, California 
Geraldine Ririe ^- Soda Springs, Idaho 


And another group of Indians had 
bitten the dust— the night of the cougar 
spree in the Springville crackerbox. 


Wendell Collier 
Vernal. UtaK 

Morris HainswortK 
Portland, Oregon 

Lenore Hatfield 
Cnicago, Illinois 

Laura May Goodness 
Waiiuku, Maui, Hawaii 

Herbert Berg 

Porlola, California 

Douglas Allen 

San Francisco. Calif. 

Janet Hutchinson 

Buhi. Idaho 
C. J. Lamar Fairbanks 

Provo. Utah 
Roger Sears 

Bethesda, Maryland 

Wayne While 

Fort Stockton, Texas 
Nephi Bushman 

Snowflalte, Arizona 
Lou Jean Hunter 

Sacramento, California 

Don Russell 

Oakland, California 
Emmaline Padeken 

Honolulu, Hawaii 
Dean Rigby 

Provo, Utah 

J. R. Nelson 

Heber City. Utah 
Robert Horner 

Sandpornt, Idaho 
Lester Taylor 

Salfm. Utah 

Charles Francis McGuire 
Heber City, Utah 

Robert Graham 
Lehi. Utah 

Deloy W. Hanson 
Tooele, Utah 


Dolores Egbert — Kar>al>, UtaK 
Donald B. Pearson ^- Salt Lake City. Utak 
Ivan E. Tidwell — Wellington, UtaK 
Jeannine BrimKall — Scofield, Utah 
Carolyn Thompson — Malta, IdaKo 

Dorothy Grosbeck — Springville, Utak 
Robert Parsell ^- SKelby, Montana 
Georgia Miner — Provo, UtaK 
Dean Van Noy -~ 1 Kayne, Wyoming 
Lynn Riding — Oasis, UtaK 

RicKard A. PulKani — Provo. UtaK 
Lueen KamauoKa — Carey, IdaKo 
Glenn King — Cranbrook, B. C. 
Ruth Jeppson — Payson. UtaK 
Gwen Spratling — Midvale, UtaK 

Luelma Broderwick *— Roosevelt, UtaK 

Pat Yager — Provo, UtaK 

Kathleen Bowman — Col. Dublan, ChiK., Mex. 

Norene Woodland — Willard. UtaK 

Patricia Rogers ^ KanosK, Utah 

Seth Swann — Preston, IdaKo 
Wanda Scott — Provo, UtaK 
RalpK Bateman — American Fork, UtaK 
MartKa Parry -^ SoutK Gate, California 
Fay McKee — Midvale, UtaK 

Mollie Rae Baker ^- Kimberly, IdaKo 
Bart Czirr ■— Springville, UtaK 
Boyd Park ^- Springville. UtaK 
Nola Clark ^ Magna. UtaK 
Glen Wilford - Dr. Inlet. Florida 

Clarence StaKeli — Payson, UtaK 
Joy ArrowsmitK ^- Provo. UtaK 
Rae Nelson —• Provo, UtaK 
Harold Williams ^- Mesa. Arizona 
Cal Crump ^ Lark, UtaK 


A modern Moses leads his people. 
Mose Fiake led and clowned through vic- 
tories'—and defeats. 


Dale Turner 

Blackfool, Idaho 
Mary Ellen Wood 

Salt Lake City. Utah 
Glen Vance 

Mesa, Arizona 

Parley M. Neeley 

Salem, Utah 
Thelma Zweifel 

Monterview. Idaho 
Carol Westherg 

Mopine. California 

Junior Gariick 

American Fork, Utah 
Bcirbara Mall 

Burley, Idaho 
Kenneth Hershberger 

Glendale, California 

Raymond Meyers 
Blackfoot. Idaho 

Steve Van W^agenen 
Fresno, California 

Delsa R. Scoresby 
lona. Idaho 

Barbara McAlisler 
Alhambra, Calilornia 

Lorenzo H. Snow 
Brigham City, Utah 

Henry Cameron 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Jean Romney 

Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Virgil B. Smith 

Salt Lake City. Utah 
Bermuda Trace 

Calgary, Alberla. Canada 

Donna Olsen 

Lovell, Wyoming 
Mariba Yoachan 

Caliente. Nevada 
Max Sewell 

Driggs, Idaho 


Clayton Jolinson ^- Cleveland, Utah 
Gerald Whipple — El Paso, Texas 
Euridicc Turano ^- Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Arturo De Hoyos ^- Monterey, Mexico 
Jean Livingston ^- La Canada, California 

Gloria Slimpson — Provo, Utali 
Paul Singleton — Provo, Utah 
Jonn Muaina — Laie. Oahu, Hawaii 
PKyllis Parkinson — Arco, Idalio 
Myrl Lindsay — Payson, Utah 

Lynn Stayncr — Malod, Idaho 

Dee Davis — Provo, Utah 

Vilda Naegic — Cornish, Utah 

Harold Wilcox — Baldwin Park, California 

Mildred Downs — Renton, Washington 

Jacqueline Redd -^ Blanding, Utah 
Norma Brockbank — Springville, Utah 
Geraldine Wheadon — Richland, Wash. 
Richard P. Bigelow — Provo, Utah 
L. D. Eugene Wren — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Le Roy Rasniusscn •— Sandy, Utah 
Donna Beth Stedman — Midvale, Utah 
Pat Steele — Washington, D. C. 
Elaine Duffin ^- Murray, Utah 
Virginia Wright — Riverside, California 

Eve Bjorndal — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Maynard Russon ^- Lehi, Utah 
John Paul Redd — Raymond, Alterta Can. 
Bob Froelich — American Fork, Utah 
Bonnie Hansen ^- Provo, Utah 

Lee T. Cox — Provo, Utah 
Juanila Stueler — Provo, Utah 
Lois Torgerson — Elko, Nevada 
Rey L. Wiser ,— Lewislon, Utah 
Barbara Plant — Eugene, Oregon 


The "Gabriel" section of the concert 
band take an occasional breather Iroin 


Janice Earl 

Overton, Nevaaa 
Barbara Andelin 

Provo. Ulak 
Farnad Ganjei 

Teneran. Iran 

Eddie Edwards 
Flint. Michigan 

Vern Spencer 
Escalante. Utah 

Nellie Sweeten 
Malad. Idaho 

Margaret Smith 

St. Anthony. Idaho 
Allen Laney 

Provo. Utah 
Elaine Peterson 

San Bernardino, Calif. 

Joan Dickson 

Kalispell, Montana 
Clisla Edwards 

Heber City. Utah 
Joseph Hancock 

Mesa. Arizona 

Carol Taylor 

Salt Lake City. Utah 
James R. Moss 

Murray. Utah 
Rae Mona Kirkham 

Los Angeles. California 

John R. Morrcy 

Joseph. Utah 
Adele Marchant 

Peoa. Utah 
Richard M. Sumsion 

Springville, Utah 

Burke Tangrcn 

Dolores. Colorado 

Carol Young 
Midvale. Utah 

Esteban Perez 

Mexico City, Mexico 


Dianne Syphus — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Rutk Moss — Orcm. Utah 
Bonnie Lou Irwin — San Bernardino, Calif. 
Mignon Waddoups — Logan, Utali 
Keitn G. Warren ~~ Lyman, Wyoming 

Verl Rasband ^- Heber City, Ulali 
Geraldine Marriott — Norfolk, Virginia 
Rogers Lambert ^ Kamas, UtaK 
Snerley Hale ^- Rochester, MassacKusettes 
Fenton Pulsiplier — St. Johns, Arizona 

LaMon Neubert — Graeagle, California 
Lila Stucki ^- Rexburg, Idaho 

Donabelle Blades — Red Deer. Alberta, Can. 

Marvin Nelson — Provo, Utah 

Elaine Hewlett — Draper, Utah 

Daniel Leegant ^ Bronx, New York 
Norma Meservy — Provo, UtaK 
Wayne Schwalbe — Indio, California 
Shirley Mortensen — ' Riverside, Illinois 
Shelton Dawson — Washington. D. C. 

Barbara Bullock — Lethbridge. Alberta, Can. 
Dorothy Peck —^ Aberdeen, Idaho 
Dean Jesse —- Springville, Utah 
Lowene Wood — Buhl. Idaho 
Rex Smith — Ogden. Utah 

Evangeline Tappan ^ Bicknell. Utah 
Owen Henigar ^-^ Provo. Utah 
Elaine Gummow — Burley, Idaho 
Nan Kelsey — Burley. Idaho 
Carma Crowther '— Malad. Idaho 

Alfred Udall — Mesa, Arizona 
Keith Sharp — Preston, Idaho 
Dolores Tyler — Ontario, Oregon 
Mac Workman ^ Vernal, Utah 
Herman Allenback ^- Vista, California 


The Templars started to win their way 
in campus hfe at the Snow Carnival with 
the frozen dignity of their birth an- 


Marion Jepson 
Hinckley, UtaK 

Jane Hunlinglon 
Springville, Ulan 

Norman Ellerlson 
Provo, UlaK 

Colleen Sorenson 

Provo. UlaK 
Milton U. Christensen 

Ontario, Oregon 
Alma Adams 

Bonners Ferry, IdaKo 

Harold Rosen 

Grandview, Washington 
Kayleen Huffman 

Salt Lake City, Ulak 
Lorna Poulsen 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jean Emerson 

Hayward, California 
Jewel Adamson 

Twin Falls, Idaho 
Keith M. Hendrickson 

Salt Lake City. Utah 

Patricia Green 

Leihhridge. Alberta, Can. 
Clive Barney 

Alhambra, California 
Beverly Knowlton 

Lelhbridge. Alberta, Can. 

Louise Garrett 

Ely. Nevada 
Duane H. Ewell 

Provo, Utah 
Marilyn Hales 

Elsinore, California 

Maurine Spratling 

Midvale, Utah 
Robert Gidley 

McGill. Nevada 
LaRene Hardy 

Susanville. California 


Bclte Jean Rowe — Albuquerque. New Mex. 

Naida Crawford — Moses Lake. Washington 

Colleen Riggs — CKandler. Arizona 

Joan Greer — ' Provo. Utah 

Norma Rae Ostlund — Springville. Utah 

Nasser Movaghar — Teheran, Iran 
Denza Aiken — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Marion Allentack — Vista. California 
Harold Richards — Detroit. Michigan 
KatKerine Christenson '— Orem. Utah 

Luther Giddings '— American Fork. Utah 
David Lindstrom — Spring Canyon. Utah 
Jacquelyn Oglesby McCalla. Alabama 
Wilma Mendenhall — Cedar Crty. Utah 
Barbara Lu Nielson -~ Sandy, Utah 

Laurel Johnson — Barnwell. Alberta. Canada 
Neil Monahan ■ — West Covina. California 
Fay Lunceford ^- Orem. Utah 
Lynn C. Lofgran — Santaquin, Utah 
Rex V. Johnson — Smoot, W^yoming 

Miyoki Kochi ^ Honolulu, Hawaii 
Barbara Clark — Provo, Utah 
Venia Jean Erickson ^- Vernal, Utah 
Jack Madsen — Provo, Utah 
Sylvan Tanner — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Wayne Slack — Provo, Utah 
Dallas Hepworth — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Marjorie Barnes — Rupert, Idaho 
LaWana Blanchard — Chester. Idaho 
Gordon Whitney — Parowan. Utah 

Jerrold Thorne — Nampa, Idaho 
Bormie Jean Moesser — Etna, Wyoming 
William Hansen — San Diego, California 
Laurel Snyrer — Myton. Utah 
Carol Been — Twin Falls, Idaho 


Minson, Fullmer, and the Utah Sta- 
ters looked hke ballerinas as they went 
up after this one. 


Garry Forscy 

Florinc Cbrislman 

Betty N 


Beth Fisher 

Eureka. Utak 

Baston, Texas 



Thornton, Idaho 

Carol CrowtKer 

Leroy Gunnell 



Verna Lloyd 

Malad. Idalio 

Soda Springs, laano 


Falls. Idaho 

Central, Idaho 

Leon Ballard 

James Lee 



Thomas H. Clark 

Snowflake, Arizona 

Panaca, Nevada 


e. Utak 

Oakley, Idaho 




Hal Barrus 

Connie Nebeker 


^akc. Idahc 

Grantsviile, Utah 

Annabella. Utah 



Phyllis Nixon 

Violate Gales 


New Mexico 

Prove. Utah 

Salina, Utah 



Dale Dawson 

Jeane Halversen 

San Jose. California 

Laylon, Utak 

Helper. Utah 


Leia Lee Udall -— ThatcKer, Arizona 
Rawlins Hugnes ^- Spanish Fork, Utah 
Coey Richards ^- Nampa, Idaho 
Leo Peterson — Snowflake, Arizona 
Barhee White i— Roosevelt, Utah 

Conrad O. Hansen — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Randle Theobald ^- Long Beach. Cahfornia 
Dorothy McMuHin <— San Dimas, California 
lona Green ^- Vinton, Virginia 
Farrell Brown ^ Monticello, Utah 

Vera Purrington ^- Houston. Texas 
Elaine Greer <— St. Johns, Arizona 
DeVere Payne «— Henderson, Nevada 
Audrey M. Hicken — Heber City, Utah 
Nola Alleman ^- Bern, Idaho 

Elaine Liechty — Provo, Utah 
Monte DeGxaw — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Helen Finlayson ^- Pocalello, Idaho 
Reva Jnnson ^- Phoenix, Arizona 
Afton Chapman ^- Weston, Idaho 

Peggy Haglund ^- Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Rowena Keaka — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Darlenc Lund ^- Modena, Utah 
William Harold Payne -- Duncan, Arizona 
Samuel Lee — Park City, Utah 

Kenneth I. Perry — Provo. Utah 
Joyce Murray ^ Portland, Oregon 
Marvin Gunther — Tooele, Utah 
Helen Pierson — LeGrande, Oregon 
Lois Hill - Salt Lake City, Utah 

Jed Pritchell — American Fork, Utah 
Inez Jolley -^ Provo, Utah 
Dorlene Blades — Red Deer, Alberta. Can. 
Robert Richins --- HcneFer, Utah 
Kenneth Godfrey — Cardston, Alberta, Can. 


These "can-can cuties" Loie Allred, 
Wilma Davis. Marilyn Ballif. Maxine 
Pinegar, Diane Blackham, and Glennis 
Belknap enlivened the fall student body 

Aurlen Loveless 

GcraWinc Hafen 

Thomas F. Howells 

George J. Kawasaki 

Payson, Utah 


Clara. Utah 

Midvale, Utah 

Kapaa. Kauai. Hawaii 

Clifford McCail 

Lloyd Long 

Bernice BuIIocK 

Jerrie Hansen 

Payson. Utan 

Las V 

cgas, Nevad 


LelKhridee. Albcrla, Can. 

Monroe. Utah 

Myrlcr Siiiitli 

Kent Cfi 


Robert L. Holley 

Arlin L. Glines 

RandolpK. UtaK 



Maplclon. Utah 

Woolford. Alberta. Can 

Barbara Ann Rcinsch 

LuDcne EgLerl 

Margene Nelson 

Wliitlicr, California 

Preston, Idaho 

Hunte. Utah 

Maridcll Lewis 


1 Machado 

Robert M. Clark 

Mesa. Arizona 

Honolulu. Hawaii Redwood City, 


George Burton 

Louise Beck 

Elaine Kingsford 

Malad, Idalio 


crican Fork. 

Utah Salt Lake Cily. 



Monita Turley — Aripine. Arizona 
Mary Enniss — Draper, UtaK 
Neil DoJson — Orange, California 
Joanne FaragKer — Sacramento, California 
William SmilK — Portland. Oregon 

Norma Rae Lyon — Midvale, Utah 

Carl MecKan — Moab. UtaK 

Delia Mertz — Stirling, Alberta, Canada 

Dix Turnbow — Moab, UtaK 

Valda D. Massey — Vernal, Utak 

Lyie Menlove — Payson, Utah 
Dawn Bennion — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Merlyn Louise Evans — Ontario, Oregon 
Lou Winegar — Ontario, Oregon 
Felicia Erbe — Baldwin Park, California 

Mart Meling — Marshallfown, Iowa 

lliene Myers — Boise, Idaho 

Thomas Kekaula Sanokita — Honolulu, Haw. 

Charlene Madsen — Price, Madsen 

Van H. Leavitt — Bunkerville, Nevada 

Floyd Gowans — Erie, Permsylvania 
Ruth Allen — Knoxville, Tennessee 
Nyle Cox - Lehi, Utah 
Lyal E. Holder — Paonia, California 
Carol Cordner — ' Stillwater, Oklahoma 

Sheila Dunkerly " Castleton, Lanes, England 
John Morgan — Burley. Idaho 
Beverly Smith — Kemmerer, Wyoming 

Don Grimes — Wendell, Idaho 
Dennis Greenwood — Union, Oregon 
Mikki Barrett — Denver, Colorado 



Bright plaids and western jeans 
were the popular attire at the 

A jug wasn't enough, he wan- 
ted the whole keg. but why didn't 
he open his mouth? 


The contents of the bowl arc 
low but not the spirits. 

Below, the faculty try their 
hand at entertaining. 


As Seniors and Sophomores meet al a 
Sox Spree, Ira Todd gets assistance from 
Rosemary Pihllips. 

Masked Shoe Checkers are Barbara 
Reinsch and Keith Tucker. 

Some like em big, and some like em 





KEITH ORME .... lanky frosh president from 
Idalio Falls . . . moved up from temporary chair- 
manship .... made friends for himself and the 


SALLY MAGELBY sparkling secretary . . 

. . performed with Cougarettes helped draw 

fame to Tokalon. 

KENDALL YOUNG . . drawling vice president 
. . . helped plan and put over parties ...IK... 
looked like Beckham's stand-in. 

JARRETT JARVIS .... freshman class repre- 
sentative .... retiring but personable Arizonian. 

LOUISE HAFEN freshman legislator 

Y Belle finalist .... ready smile jand ready worker 
.... Tokalon. 



beauty, wilh twinkling eyes anJ 
a becoming shyness, was a con- 
lender for the Banyan Ball 

'^ d % 

REX JOHNSON -The tenor 
sensation who gave equal inten- 
sity to a Crooner's Ballad or 
Operatic aria. 


ALICE BRADY-An attractive 
Nevadan with tjuiet sweetness, 
unlimited class, and a good 
sjnging voice. 


ty wUK brains who was popular 
with campus men ana an active 

KEITH ORME - Appreciated 
by frosK as their head man and 
by the entire student body as 
a likeable organizer. 


nowledged as adaptable, liKe- 
able, and a girl with a future— 
and all this without the help of H 




tnusiastic. interested California 
spark plug and officer of class 
and Cougarettes. 


ficer, noted for kard work, keen 
humor and as general good com- 


LOUISE HAFEN-A freshman 
standout in making many friends 
in a snort time and doing many 
things well. 


Clesse Hilton — Delta. Utah 
Frankie Fae Killpack — Provo, Utak 
Lester Hepworth ^ Hinckley. Utah 
Jack Wooley — Phoenix. Arizona 
Car! Merrell — Kirtland, New Mexico 

Francis Garclner ^- Salem. Utah 
Joe Marshall — Panguilch. Utah 
Mary Jane Wighlraan — Provo. Utah 
Ben Paul Evans - Paik City. Utah 
Jack Watts — Provo, Utah 

George Hyde ^- Washington. D. C. 
Wayne Carle — Provo, Utah 
Gary Widdison — Provo, Utah 
Donald Arlos Crofts — Richfield, Utah 
Esther Phelps — Kaysville, Utah 

Marilyn Meranda — American Fork. Utah 
Marion Harrison — Neola. Utah 
Donna Aamodt — Salt L^e City. Utah 
Marilyn Macdonald — Fresno, California 
Glade Nelson — Upalco. Utah 

Lynn Tyler — Paramount. California 
Ken Young — Blanding, Utah 
Dorothy White — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Richard Pope — Fish Haven. Idaho 
James Turner ^^ Independence. Missouri 

Mary Otiesen — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Allan Ebesu — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Lyrui S. Stone ^- Salem, Utah 

The efforts of Frosh campaigners seem- 
ed to go unheeded by the crowds ambhng 
from class to class. 



Orson Clay — Hulcliinson, Kansas 
Grace Jones — Billings. Montana 
Loma Leavitt <-- Banili. Canada 
Paul Miners — Burley. Idaho 
VaLois Neeley — Shelby, Montana 

Kay CuIIimore — Provo, Utan 
Elcise Bergquist — Preston, Idaho 
Reid Davis — Bicknell, Utah 
Lily Higa — Kohala, Hawaii 
Lucille Gatenby — Provo, Utah 

Jay Jeffrey — Delta, Utah 
Donna Nelson — Phoenix, Arizona 
Helen Mae Johnson — Provo, Utah 
Verl Behrmann — Springviiie, Utah 
Laura Dene Neeley '^ Preston, Idaho 

Helen Johnson ^- Fresno, California 
Carroll Lee Nielson ^ Heber City, Utah 
Robert Campbell — Rupert, Idaho 
Earl Clark — Yuba City, California 
DeRay Eyre ^ Las Vegas, Nevada 

Reed Morrill — Provo, Utah 

Robert McMahan — Jacumba, California 

Jerry Crandall -— Alameda, California 

Rayma Johnson ^— Provo. Utah 

Wilma Hansen — Cardslon, Alberta, Canada 

Orris Coombs •-- LaJara, Colorado 
Eileen Schipper — Sparks, Nevada 
James Crook ^ Smoot, Wyoming 
Robert Collier — Murray, Utah 
Dayle Jeffs — Provo, Utah 

Betty Jean Carmack ^^ San Louis Obispo, California 

James Makin — Provo, Utah 

JoAnne Whitehead — Spanish Fork, Utah 

G. A. Larsen — Moab, Utah 

Janet Romney ^^ El Paso, Texas 


Dennis Day — Fairview, Utah 
Pauleen Homer — HigKIand, Indiana 
Geneise Canoon . — Pocatello, Idano 
Carole Kimball ^^ Kanosh, Utan 
Patricia Roberts ^ Hemet. California 

Donnadean Draney — Burley, Idano 
Max Parkin — Bountiful. Utah 
Harold Clayson — Alameda, California 
Margie Driggs — Phoenix, Arizona 
Merlin Shelley — Provo, Utah 

Colleen Christensen --- Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Howard Paul — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Elaine Creer — Ogden, Utah 
Helen Ruth Claridge — Safford. Arizona 
Jeanne Crockett — Provo, Utah 

Leah Nora Abbott — Lehi. Utah 

Catherine Grunewald — Coaldale. Alberta. Canada 

Earl Crowlher — Provo. Utah 

Reita Erickson — Raymond, Alberta, Canada 

Gladys Johnson -> Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 

Kenneth Caldwell ^- Vernal, Utah 

Leda Jensen — Raymond, Alberta, Canada 

Shirley Call — Menan, Idaho 

Clea Searle — American Fork, Utah 

Chester Lykins ^- Columbus. Indiana 

Warren Russel — Nampa, Idaho 
Rosemary Nelson — Phoenix, Arizona 
Joan Hurst — Springville, Utah 
Lewis Judd — Los Angeles, California 
Joann Knight — American Fork, Utah 

When winter came, spring seemed so 
far behind. The trek up University Hill was 
a beautiful but chilling one. 



Richard Carter — Provo. Utah 
Davis Bitlon -- Blackfoot, Idaho 
Anna Marie Heyrend — Rigby. Idaho 
Jerry Cahill ^- Payson, Utah 
Gladys Kondo — Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 

Pat Wright - Sah Lake City. Utah 
Bertie Broderick — Stodtlon, California 
Nadine Jones — Lehi. Utah 
Rene Call — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Calvin W. Craig — Castle Gale. Utah 

Kent King — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Marjorie Duzett — Emery, Utah 
Kathleen Devey — American Fork. Utah 
Julienne Jennings ^^ Phoenix, Arizona 
Richard Fovvles — Oakley, Idaho 

Marilyn Ihle — Salmon. Idaho 
Keith Critchfield — Oakley. Idaho 
Rosemary Crowther — Malad. Idaho 
Richard Cook " American Fork, Utah 
Maizie Foster — El Cajon, California 

Doreen Fye — Sutherland. Nebraska 
Rita Campbell — Rigby, Idaho 
Vella Clegg — Dietrich. Idaho 
Norma McConkie — Moab. Utah 
Clinton Odell <— Rosevilie, California 

Buddy Kimball -^ Roosevelt, Utah 
Mary Cook — Pocatello, Idaho 
Mary Peck — American Fork. Utah 
Roland Alo - Wailuku, Maui, T. H. 
Joyce Whittaker — Cireleville, Utah 

Darnell Andrus — Draper. Utah 
Ruth Nelson — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Ray Thomas — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Joyce Bedenbough — Lake City, Florida 
Calvin Ewoldsen — Sheridan. Wyoming 


Rex Losee — LeKi, UtaK 

Lola Isaacson — Salt Lake City, Utak 

Arta Okelberry >— Oakley, Idaho 

Renee Cheney »— Provo, Utah 

DonaM Christensen — Antonito, Colorado 

Donnene Merrill — Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 
Jaird MacDonald -- Long Beach, California 
Margaret Irving — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Melbourne Stephensen — Merced, California 
Karma Holmes — Brigham City, Utah 

Reona Dixon — Roxboro, North Carolina 
Geraldine Mortensen — Emery, Idaho 
Wesley C. Wicker — Bountiful, Utah 
Mabel Kilian — Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 
Masayo Ono ^- Puungne, Maui, Hawaii 

Gareth Lee — Provo, Utah 

Suzanne Eyring " Huntington Station, New York 

Gertrude Herrmann — Alameda, California 

Carol Jean Clark — Provo, Utah 

Mary Lou Schenk — Nyssa, Oregon 

Norma Despain — Sandy, Utah 

Rulli Goulding — Provo, Utah 

Mac Call — Colonia Dublan, Chih., Mexico 

Nora Matson — Boise, Idaho 

Frieda Davis — Mesa. Arizona 

Ross Lloyd — Malad, Idaho 
Dorothy Johnson — Prescott, Arizona 
Janet Decker >~ Snowflake, Arizona 
Hilda Jones — Roy, Utah 
Dewey Hesser — Stillwater, Oklahoma 

The usual election bull took on a 
novel twist when Wendell Jensen and Rich- 
ard Dewsnup came out with this four-legged 




Gwen Lallatin -— Soda Springs, IdaKo 

George Badger — Holden, Utah 

Carolyn Madsen — Fairview, Ulan 

Gayle Loosli ~~ AsK(on, IdaKo 

Grace Millard ^^ Upper Darby. Pennsylvania 

Virginia Lambert -- Roosevelt, Ulan 
Delberta Cunningham ^ Camas, Washington 
Veon McLean — Vernal, Utah 
Donna Anderson — Salt Lake City, Ulan 
Howard Ault — Cedar Valley, Utah 

Scott Hymas ^- Grace, Idaho 
Leah Mae Call — Ely, Nevada 
Mollie Marie Cox — Provo, Utah 
Joyce Larson '— Phoenix, Arizona 
Venna D. Morgan — Sanford, Colorado 

Grant Lloyd ^- Kaysville, Utah 
Violet Lancaster — Afton, Wyoming 
Lester R. McNeeley — Blackfool, Idaho 
Carmen Meason ^ Spanish Fork, Utah 
Harold McEwan — Salt Late Cily. Utah 

Ray Mecham — Dachesne, Utah 
LuAnn Merrill ^- Wilmington, Delaware 
Gordon Harris — Chin, Alberta, Canada 
Dora Manghan — Preston, Idaho 
LaNon McKell — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Renee Labrum ^- Roosevelt, Utah 
Robert D. Hemingway — Alpme, Utah 
Joan McCance — Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Lorraine Chase — Ogden, Utah 
Geary McCandless '^ Huntington, Utah 

Larae Baird ^ Heber City, Utah 
Keith Hone — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Lavar Rueckerl — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Margaret Alexander — Phoenix, Arizona 
Robert Lindsay — Sparks, Nevada 



John W. Ridge — Provo. Utak 
Joan Seal — Riverton, Utah 
Robert Kirkpatrick — Provo, Utak 
KeilK Orme — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Pat Richan — Provo, Utah 

Darlene Tingey — Brigham City, Utah 
Norma Sumsion — Springville, Utah 
Vernon Miller — Winthrop, Arkansas 
Ronald Pace — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Myrl Parker - Salt Lake City, Utah 

Norma Dean Bullock — Barnwell. Alberta, Canada 

Loa McArlhur — Wasco, California 

Joan Naylor — Springfield, Massachusetts 

Frank Day — Provo, Utah 

Rebecca Maureen Lawrence — Compton, California 

Jerry Snyder — I-as Vegas, Nevada 
Anthony Ivins — Lund, Nevada 
Dorothy Peterson, Castle Gale, Utah 
Raymond Harris — Provo, Utah 
Lois I-arch — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Rita LeBaron — Leihbridge. Alberta. Canada 
Eleanor Folland — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Raymond Escudero — San Francisco, California 
Orval Skousen — Overton, Nevada 
Janice Oliphanl — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Martin Blackburn — Springfield, Idaho 
Jean Thompson — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Mac Rae Bartholomew — Fayeltee, Utah 
Deon Mcintosh — Chico, California 
Lavon Satterfield — Sterliiig, Idaho 

At the Friday pep rally we celebrated 
the death and mammoth bonfire cremation 
of Utah. Despite the labors of pallbearers 
Paul Bond, Derald Boyce. and Ralph Bur- 
ton the Ute was thoroughly resurrected by 
game time Saturday. 




Hank Moylc — Sail Lake City. Utah 

Clicrie Flake ^- Snowflake, Arizona 

LaMar Skeen — Ogden. Utah 

Knollon Marlineau — Colonia Juarez, Chih.. Mexico 

Jackie Neath ^- San Bernardino, California 

Stanley Meaker ^ Ventura, CaliFornia 
Elaine Miller — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Deck Hunter — Holden, Utah 
Imogene Smith ^^ Holbrook. Idaho 
Mark Oldham — Paradise. Utah 

Geraldine Ogden — Richfield, Utah 

Joanne Mitchell — Provo. Utah 

Ralph Simmons «— Cowley. Wyoming 

Anne Slaugh *— Vernal. Utah 

Lovina Keeler -• Magralh. Alberta. Canada 

Mary Elizabeth May — Paul. Idaho 
Joan Morris — Brigham City. Utah 
Marilyn Martin — Western Springs. Illinois 
Beth Larsen ^^ Culver City. California 
Gordon Loveridge — Provo. Utah 

Marian Miller — Hood River, Oregon 
Lila Mae McDonald — Orem. Utah 
Jack Larsen " Culver City. California 
Beverley Stone ^- Evanston. Wyoming 
John Hambtick — Bluefield, Utah 

Sewell W. Miles — Bancroft, Idaho 
Thelma Morgan *— Riverlon, Utah 
Geniel Sorensen — Draper. Utah 
Elwood Lovell — Oak City, Utah 
Alene Watkins -— Richland, Washington 

Rulon R. Adams -> Oakley, Idaho 
Sally Magleby — Los Angeles. California 
Audene Dawson — Layton. Utah 
Stanley K. Andrus — Murray, Utah 
Marian Btimhall — Carlin. Nevada 


Sherald Lewis — Kamas, UtaK 
Margery Bisliop — Nyssa. Oregon 
Mary Murray — Ogden. Utah 
George Miller — Beaver, Utah 
Sharon Montgomery — Evanston, Illinois 

Mary Ann Maughan — Sa!t Lake City. Utah 
Dallas Burnett — Bell, California 
Norman Bodily ^- Gusher, Utah 
Margaret Barlow — Burley, Idaho 
El Marie Briggs — Blackfoot, Idaho 

Berton Morley —' McCamroon, IdEkho 
Beryle Bodily — Burley, Idaho 
Richard L. Millet — Provo, Utah 
Wanza Murray — Nephi, Utah 
Ross V. Bulkley — Idaho Fails, Idaho 

Bonnie Madsen — Los Angeles, California 

Norman N. Bryson — Bountiful, Utah 

Elva McBride — Burley, Idaho 

Paul C!ark Bennion -^ Farmington, Utah 

Anna Bushman -~ Alhuequerque, New Mexico 

Afton Maxwell — Peoa, Utah 
Everette Lafollotte — Burlington, Utah 
Carma Moon ' — Hanna, Utah 
William Miller — Beaver, Utah 
Lui^nn Marming — Burley. Idaho 

Morris Mower — Fairview, Utah 
Donna Rose Manning — Burley, Idaho 
Ross Linn — Riverton, Utah 
Leah McBride — Shelley, Idaho 
Shirley Mortenscn — Riverside, Illinois 

^^^^^m^^^^^m JK-^I 


^^^^^^^Hsl- "'•-■^^3'^^ ^ iat 





Et'^' ^ i^Mno^^l 

Cougar Cub week found the cubs sport- 
ing appropriate dress, carrying books and 
performing dutifully in the cafeteria. Some 
cubs like Phyllis Hemstalk, Margaret Brad- 
shavv, and Geniel Sorensen seemed to enjoy 
serving Waher Botts. 



Robcrl Bloonidalc -^ Long Beach, California 

Bill Webb - Provo. Utal. 

Iris Biglcr — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Kalhlccn Warner ^— Ncphi, Ulah 

Reed Moss — Riric, Idaho 

Jan Williams — Sail Lake Cily. Ulah 
Helen Walser ^- El Paso. Texas 
Dean Young — Cutbank. Monlana 
Donna Williams — Blackfoot. Ulah 
Thomas Burr <— Moa, Utah 

Bruce Warren — Lyman, Wyoming 

Beverly Ward — Malla. Idaho 

Maurine Boren — Twin Falls, Idoho 

Betfy Barker — While Salmon. Washington 

Alan Wilbock — Raymond, Albcrla, Canada 

Colleen Wood ^- Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 
Roberl Bennell — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
LaDonna Lunt — Duncan, Arizona 
Ralph V. White <— Thayne, Wyoming 
WoodrufE W^ood — Raymond, Alberla, Canada 

Alvin Wardle — Pocatello, Idaho 

Jean Watson — ' Salt Lake City, Utah 

Elma Butlers — - Weston, Idaho 

Eldon B. Williams ^ Spanish Fork, Utah 

Eva Tsalaky — Provo, Ulah 

Quenlon H. While — American Fork, Ulah 
Beverly While — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
LeOrande Wooley — Aberdeen, Idaho 
Leona Wright — Peoa, Ulah 
Dan J. Workman ^- Vernal, Utah 

Roylance Spratling — Midvale, Utah 
Wendell Jensen — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Loren H. Johnson —^ Moab, Utah 
Shirley Wheeler ^ Laylon, Utah 
Janice Clayson —Salt Lake City, Ulah 


Shirley Taylor ^- Kaysville, Utak 
Dayle Thomas — Phoenix, Arizona 
LaVard Wilkins ^- St. Johns. Arizona 
Merri Sorensen — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
James Rutter -^ Malad, Idaho 

Glenn Blatter ^- Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Margaret Bradshaw — Wellsville, Utah 
Stephen Sherwood ^- Phoenix. Arizona 
Leona Blocker ^- Olympia, Washington 
Myra Bradley — Manti, Utah 

Lugene Brewer — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Robert Sandstrom ^- Eureka, Utah 
Marilou Rogers — Ogden, UtaK 
Curtis Smith '— American Foric, UtaK 
Donald Baker — Raymond. Alberta. Canada 

Paul H. Tanner — Payson, UtaK 
Lila Brimley '— Pleasant Grove, UtaK 
Don Bird - Salt Lake City. UtaK 
Gordon S. Taylor — Cheyenne, Wyoming 
Pauline Boyer ^- Springville. UtaK 

Robert Brinton — El Cerrito. California 
Janet Sanford — Delta, Utah 
Jeanine Bradford — Franklin. Idaho 
Doris Bagley — Olympia, Washington 
Mearle B. Smily ^ Monroe, UtaK 

Colleen Schofield — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Alice Brady — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Lowell Romney ^- Payson. Utah 
James Sill — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Connie W^hitaker — Wilmette, lllinoise 

Typical Smith Lobby scene: at least 
one election, three items on sale, and a size- 
able crowd. 



Don Stone — LeKi, Utah 

Tom Timolny — Roosevelt, Utah 

Marilyn Turley — Aripine, Arizona 

Aron S. Brown — Colonia Dublin, ChiK., Mexico 

Mary Lois Bolingbroke — Billings, Montana 

Joan Reid — Washington D. C. 
Colleen Rawson — Safiora, Arizona 
Tom Brown — Bingham Canyon. Utah 
Guy Ray — Mesa, Arizona 
Shirley Smith — Smilhfield, Utah 

Phyllis Redd — Raymond, Alberta. Canada 
Richard Lee Tooke ^ Salt Lake City, Utah 
La Von Barney ~~ Delta, Utah 
June Barden — Fillmore. California 
McKay Burton — Afton, Wyoming 

Nancy Robbins — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Leon Rastnussen — Sandy, Utah 
Wallace Schaer — Farminglon. Utah 
Bormie Rasmussen ^ Midvale, Utah 
Melda Rasmussen — LaPoint. Utah 

Era Rawlins — Denver, Colorado 

Leon Bawden "— Provo, Utah 

Beverly Swift — Patuxent Navy Base, Maryland 

Audra Sauer — Rigby. Idaho 

Ivan Swensen — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Shirley Rodeback — Vernal. Utah 

Phoebe Vance — Colonia Chihuahua, Mexico 

Pat Romney — Columbus. Ohio 

Rell Francis — Springville, Utah 

Helen Robinson — Morgan, Utah 

Karl Steinacker — Campbell sport, Wisconsin 
J. Gilbert Kimball — Springville, Utah 
Belty Farr — Provo. Utah 
Marjorie Gardner .— Neola, Utah 
Roy Tea — Riverlon. Utah 


Grant Groesbeck — Provo, Utah 

Rela Whctman — Draper, Utah 

Ralph L. Hancock — Markers Island, North Carolina 

Don M. Walker - Vernal, Utah 

Dec Roach — Midvale, Utah 

Richard Rowley — Richfield. Utah 

Barbara Josie — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Ilcne Hall - Provo, Utah 

David S. Brandley — Raymond, Alberta, Canada 

Flora Larson -— Waynesboro, Virginia 

ODiile Huillcl - Ogden. Utah 
Beverly Wagner — Provo, Utah 
May Nelson — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Edward G. Marshall — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Howard Phillipson — Los Angeles, California 

Leonard MacKay — Provo, Utah 

Richard Keeler — Draper. Utah 

Elaine Hyde ^ Huntington Park, California 

Jack Hanson — Klammath Falls. Oregon 

Martha Harker — Magrath. Alberta. Canada 

LaDeane Prior ^- Lehi, Utah 
Jarrelt Jarvis — Mesa. Arizona 
Helen Krage — Oakland. California 
Dott Taylor — Wallsturg. Utah 
Richard A. Dyer — Piltsford. New York 

Arlo Slott — Payson. Utah 

LaDeanne Squires — Fairfield. Montana 

Jocll Johnson — Vernal. Utah 

Robert Keate — Overton. Nevada 

Raquel Peterson — Salt Lake City. Utah 

The snowbound serenity surrounding 
the Library gave no indication of the bustle 
of studying and visiting perpetually proceed- 
ing within, however, the snow temporarily 
won the AMS Council's campaign to save 
the campus lawns. The dummy went to 
the moth balls until spring. 



Francis LcBaron — Barnwell, Alberta. Canada 
Betty Akee — Honolulu. Hawaii 
Malnalyn Att\vooa — Fresno, California 
Ellen LiLby — Emmett, Idaho 
Howard Hurst '— Blanding, Utah 

Jewel Hoppie — Waco, Texas 
Louise Lewis — Nyssa. Oregon 
Darrell Allred — Deserel. Utah 
Jared Heywood ^- Snowflake, Arizona 
Gera^dine Hall - Park City. Utah 

Virginia Johnson — Orem, Utah 
John Howard — Salt Lake City. Utah 
JoAnne Nelson ^- Mesa, Arizona 
Richard Bevan ^- San Mateo, California 
Victoria Ashworth ^- Bakersfield. California 

Barbara McEvers — Burley, Idaho 
Maxine Larsen — Salt Lake City, UlaK 
Richard J. Halterman — Cedar City, Utah 
Marie Peterson — Lund, Idaho 
Pat Flake ^- Phoenix, Arizona 

Richard George Ellsworth — Payson, Utah 

Robert Swenson ^- Provo, Utah 

Mary Jane Burt — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Victor Hegslead — Rigby, Idaho 

Con Taylor — Farniington, New Mexico 

LaMar Rawlings — Provo. Utah 

Dorene Hartley — Stirling, Alberta, Canada 

Genee Allen — Pocatello. Idaho 

Amber Adams ^ Vernal, Utah 

Cyrus Stuckey ^- Macon, Georgia 

Milton Gambles — Swan Lake, Idaho 
Mary Ellen Gardner ^ Roosevelt, Utah 
Verl Green — Paul, Idaho 
Carmen Margarite Fenn — Benson, Arizona 
Ludeen Goodfellow '— Bountiful, Utah 


Farrell Jensen ^- Redmond, Utah 

Judith Anne Peterson — Ml. Pleasant, Utah 

Harold Larsen -— Montpelier, Idaho 

Arnold Ozment — Taylor, Arizona 

Betty Gerber — American Fork. Utah 

Dean Larsen ^- Orem, Utah 
Shirley Bratl — Inglewood, California 
Maxine Pinegar — Provo, Utah 
Darwin Butcher — Anchorage, Alaska 
Luana Smith — La Verna, California 

Betty Mcrwin — Cornvillc, Arizona 
Phyllis Foutz — Kirlland. New Mexico 
Margaret Packer — Idaho Fails, Idaho 
Marilyn Roundy ^ Provo, Utah 
Harold Pratt — Chihuahua, Mexico 

Betty Jean Porter — Smoot, Wyoming 
Robert Miller — Long Beach, California 
Mary Pratt — Lehi, Utah 
Barbara Pugmire — Yakima, Washington 
Jeanne Davis -- Provo, Utah 

Weils Wakefield — Huntington, Utah 
Rencc Lewis — Provo, Utah 
Lily Glauscr ^ Montpelier, Idaho 
Joyce Reber ^ Higlcy, Arizona 
Albert Earl — 1 rcnionton, Utah 

Don Schaefer — San Carlos, California 
LaVerne Sessions — Loveli, Wyoming 
Arlcne Fernloy — Portland. Oregon 
LaRae Isaac — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Bruce Chambers — Buffalo, New York 



MM^HRait MSrnan _^J 



** * ^^ 




n . 

Not to be outdone by their elders, "Y" 
High represented by comely Marilyn Norton 
turned out to welcome the alums at Home- 



Iva Lou Minor — St. Jbikics Minnesota 
Ricliara Westenskow — Union. Oregon 
Opal Jean Thomas — Malaa, Idaho 
Venelta Mackley — Springville, Utah 
Lynn Haslem — Roosevelt, Utah 

Sharon Tidweil — Homedale, Idaho 
Bruce R. Hymas — Smithfield. Utah 
Lois Hulihan — Los Angeles, California 
Margaret Brazier — Carlton, Oregon 
Iris Atkinson — Charleston, West Virginia 

Eran Call ^ Colonia DuLlan, Cliihuhua, Mexico 
Joanne Eliason — Manti, Utah 
LuDene Fresh — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Dorothy Monson — Burbank, California 
Mary Craze — Charleston, West Virginia 

Carol Holmgreen — Bear River City, Utah 
Charles Emhleton — Port Benton, Montana 
Colleen Boyle ^ Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Ila Ecton ^- Wendover. Utah 
Irene Hansen ^ Spanish Fork, UtaK 

Donald ShurtliFF — Overton, Nevada 
JoAnn Petersen "— Venice, California 
June Nagle — Provo. Utah 
Calvin Ewoldsen — Sheridan, Wyoming 
Pearl Cox — Glendale, Utah 

Ann Poulsen ^ Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Peggy Heywood — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Bonnie Parker ^ Joseph, Utah 
Amalia Taffuri ^^ Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Lloyd Dyer — Pittsford, New Yodt 

Myrle Gehring — Hood River, Oregon 
Jack French — Shiprock, New Mexico 
Gloria Gunn — Pocatello, Idaho 
Norma Graham — Fairview, UtaK 
Gene Gligorea — Sheridan. Wyoming 



/;£ dif l: 

E. Kent BoolK — Orem. Utak 
Evelyn Hansen — Spanish Forii, Utah 
Donald Rogers — Safford, Arizona 
Grant Tingey '— Kaysville. Utan 
Evona Wright — Riverside, California 

Beverly Williams — Provo, Utah 
Wayne Beck — Eureka, Utah 
Evelyn Flake — Snowflake, Arizona 
John McMananna — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Marcia Doughty — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Reva Paulsen — Lewisville, Idaho 
MarJean Gunderson — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Amy Gibbons — Holbrook, Arizona 
Edward Krider — Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Janice Huffaker — Salt Lake Cily, Utah 

Robert L. Andelin — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Von Atkinson -~ Pocatelio. Idaho 
Leo Pendleton — Thayne. Wyoming 
Clara Fisher — San Diego, California 
Kent Davis — Salem, Utah 

Erma Hale — Pocalcllo, Idaho 
Marjorie Payne — Seattle, Washington 
Dahnelle Adcox — El Dorado, Arkansas 
Rinda Romney — Salt Lake Cily, Utah 
Lula Jean Holfeltz — Springville, Utah 

Tom Rayan — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Shirlene Stevenson — Stcvensville. Montana 
LaRee Holbrook — Wells, Nevada 
NaDcen Clufi — Phoenix, Arizona 
Grant Packer — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Meix Tolbert and Bonnie Irwin take 
advantage of one of the rare Tuesday Mat 
dances when the Social Hall held only 
about 800 people instead of the regular 1500. 



Jeanne Whilakcr — Ellcnsburgli, Wasliinglon 
Lugenc Olscn — Midvalc, Utah 
Dolores Scnniidt -— Porllana. Oregon 
Marilyn Jensen — Midvale, UlaK 
Virginia Sanders — Salinas. Calllornia 

Bliss Larson — Spanish Fork, UtaK 
J. Ross Starley — Fillmore, Ulah 
Vera Lynne Freebairn — Provo, Utah 
Marilyn Stoors '— Salt Lake Cily, Ulah 
Geraldine Goodfellow ^- Montrose. California 

Elaine Hansen — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Constance Suddell — Rochester, New York 

Joyce Parson — Smithfield, UtaK 

Juanita Stone ^- Provo. UlaK 

LcVaun Matkin — Magrath, Alberta, Canada 

Betly Shoemaker — ' Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 
Arvilla Smith ^- Champion, Alberta, Canada 
Eugene Holman — Delta, Utah 
Wendell Christensen —' Provo, Utah 
Gwcn Reid ^- Springville, Utah 

Joyce Barratt -^ Tacoma, Washington 
Tom James —' Provo, Utah 
Robert H. Richins •— Hencfer, Utah 
Grant Sabey — Magrath, Alberta, Canada 
Sally Beck — Santa Monica, California 

Yolanda Perry -— Provo, Utah 
Marvin J. Miller -— Tremonton, Utah 
Lewis Wiser — Lewiston, Utah 
Stella Tree — Coalville, Utah 
J. Marcel Rogers — Clarkdale, Utah 

William C. Gentry — Provo, UlaK 

Romona Grunewald — Coaldale, Alberta, Canada 

Iris Gowen ^- LelKbridge, Alberta, Canada 

Dale Farrer ^- Provo, Ulah 

Gerald Gilner '— Provo, Ulah 


Richard LaVorgna ^- Long Beacn, California 
Davie B. Barrett — EI Cerrito, California 
Irene Thomas^- — Tabiona, Utah 
Marie Bird — Venice, California 
Herman Allcnback — Vista, California 

Clarence Peterson— Portland, Oregon 

Monroe Gallier — Beaumonl. Texas 

Margaret Wheeler — Righy, Idaho 

Fletcher Memmott — Colonia Dublan. Chih., Mexico 

John B. Anderson — Riverside, California 

Kathleen Baker — Kimherly, Idaho 
LaMar Twitchell — Delta. Utah 
Anita Todd — Gridley, California 
Calvin Raisor — Salina. Utah 
JoAnne Boley — American Fork, Utah 

Carmela Tanner — Provo, Utah 
Mahic Waldron — Tremonton, Utah 
Reed Page — Clearfield. Utah 
Evelyn Hilgendorff — Provo. Utah 
Jeanne Krause -— Glendale, California 

Marvin Brown ^- Queen Creek, Arizona 
Richard Buys — Eureka, Utah 
Kale Wagstaff — Kanias, Utah 
Kitty Sue Barber — Baylown. Texas 
Darrell Tanner — Kirtland, New Mexico 

Lola Mae Hoover ^- Provo, Utah 

Nadinc Burl — Springville, Utah 

Dwaine Wanger — Colonia Dublan, Chih., Mexico 

Mary Margaret Zinck ^- Olympia, Washington 

Bessie Tcerlink ^- Magna, Utah 

Even ' Bubinga" sat up and took notice 
when the Call sisters, Anita, Geneva, and 
Gaynelle performed. 



Mona Wright — Pcoa, Ulali 

Vcrn Tliacker — Charleston, Utah 

Lois Brown — Melba, Idaho 

Richard Boyle — Provo. Utah 

Miriam Cockett — Wailuka, Maui, Hawaii 

Mildred Malslorni — Midvalc. Utah 
Rulon Kartchner — Eagar, Arizona 
James Anderson — Brigham City, Utah 
Dorothy Nickolson — Nhdvaie, Utah 
Julia Webb - Melba. Idaho 

Karyl Lea Bench — Duchesne, Utah 
Jean Stock — Fish Haven, Idaho 
Velda Roper — Weslwood, California 
Stanley Thurber — Montpelier, Idaho 
Mary Nell Waddoups — Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Manioru Matsumuro ^- Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 
LoEne Brown — Fairview, Wyoming 
Jerome Hainsworth — Portland, Oregon 
Shirley Warner — Kirtland. New Mexico 
LaRae Gardner — American Fork. Utah 

Myrle Pedersen ^- Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Marilyn Thompson — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Lynette Woodland — Pocatelio, Idaho 
Pat Whitney — Dickenson, North Dakota 
Jennings Byrd — Legrange, North Carolina 

Shyrrl Warner ^- Traverse City, Michigan 
LeRoy Pulos — Roosevelt, Utah 
Doris Rigby ^- Burley, Idaho * 

Wamoth Toland ^ St. John, Kansas 
Wilmer Lee — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Marilyn Geddes — ' Franklin, Idaho 
Bernell Garrick .— Questa, New Mexico 
June Gallbraith — Phoenix, Arizona 
Raymond Homer — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Lucille Farthing .-- Lander, W^yoming 


Paul S. Ence — Springville, Utah 
Alcen Arinslrong — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Ken 1 aylur ^- American Fork, Utah 
Cheryl Larsen <— Salina, Utah 
Mclvin Ball — Provo. Utah 

Marjoric Lynn — Lovell, Wyoming 
Robert Allrcd — Lchi. Utah 
Verna Vce Lynn — Lovell, Wyoming 
Dean Welch — Riverlon, Utah 
Richard L. Russell ^ Santce, California 

D. B. Nelson — Meridian. Idaho 
Dauh Edwards '— Wasco, California 
Robert Cooper — Los Angeles. California 
Jenny Moops — 1 win Falls. Idaho 
Tanya Ashworlli ^- BaKcrsfield, California 

Phylis Hansen — Taber, Alberta, Canada 
Thcrald Bcckstrand -^ Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Lcinaala Akiu — Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 
Carroll f^orler — Buffalo, Wyoming 
Kendall Price .— San Francisco, California 

Wilnia Hill — St. Anthony. Idaho 
Doris Unandcr — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Barbara Claphan — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Carwin Williams — Payson, Utah 
Lorraine Maland — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Melvin Frandsen — American Fork. Utah 
Barbara Smith — Grace, Idaho 
Daniel Adams '— Bonners Ferry. Idaho 
Carol Maughan — Pocatcllo, Idaho 
Jcaninc Hansen '— Moore, Idaho 

Vikes were justly proud of their elabo- 
rate Homecoming float which won third 



Hal Magleby — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Ted Plum — St. Jolins, Arizona 
Monna Hansen ^- Great Falls. Montana 
Jackie Russell — Brentwood, Missouri 
Barbara Ririe '— Magrath, Alberta, Canada 

Rosita Pecollo ^- Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Joanne Painter <— Chamber sbury, Pennsylvania 
Arthur Patterson -— Elsinore, California 
Winton Brooks — Lethbridge, Alberta. Canada 
Majel Stanfield ^ Bellflower, California 

Farrell Peterson — Nyssa, Oregon 
Ruth Stanley — Heber City. Utah 
Keith Black — Blanding. Utah 
Susan Nelson >— Seattle, Washington 
Ray Huffaker ^ Ontario, Oregon 

Shirley Parker — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Philip Washburn >— Monroe, Utah 
Barbara Baker — Kimberly, Idaho 
Wayne Turley — Conda, Idaho 
David Boyce ^- Charlo, Montana 

Harold Price —^ Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Geneva Call ^- Las Vegas, Nevada 
Gay Peters — Redwood City. California 
Diane Blackham ^- Provo, Utah 
Randall J. Buchanan -— Venice, Utah 

Betty Jo Petersen ^- Cottonwood. Arizona 
Esther Petersen ^- Los Angeles, California 
Rodney Perry — Roosevelt, Utah 
Gene Russell ^- Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Bob Pullan ^^ Bingham Canyon, Utah 

Glenn Frandsen ^- Springville. Utah 
Pauline Gines '— Jerome, Idaho 
Leinaaia Goodness ^^ Wailuka, Maui, Hawaii 
Joyce Gallbraith ^- Phoenix, Arizona 
Merrill G. Andrus ^- Ucon. Idaho 





. i^HR^H 

^▼^'jpErif ■ 

^f^- •.:^ 



Harry MiyaKira — Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 
Pkylis Hemstalk — Orville, Calitomia 
James Taylor — Provo, Utah 
Verda Western — White Salmon, Washington 
Nancy Takemoto ^- Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 

Lenore Wood — Berkley, Cah(ornia 
Mary Ella Jordon — Cushing, Oklahoma 
Daniel Chavez — Provo, Utah 
Warren Clifford — Denver, Colorado 
Dorothy Doyle — Phoenix, Arizona 

Edward Palmer — Elmhurst, Illinois 
Phyllis Maughan — Weston, Idaho 
Delores Richins — Marysville, California 
Erold Wiscombe — Roosevelt. Utah 
JoAnn Peterson — Scipio, Utah 

Robert Hales — Provo, Utah 
Elaine Evans — Vernal, Utah 
Edward Smith — American Fork, Utah 
Elaine Woolston — Hood River, Oregon 
Shirley Huber ^ Lapoint, Utah 

Barbara Wilcox — Huntington Park, California 
Barbara Kennedy — Evanslon, Illinois 
Morgan Ririe — Magrath. Alberta, Canada 
Naomi Knaphus — liichfield, Utah 
Bonnie Smellie — Buhl, Idaho 

Peter Nielson — Sharon, Pennsylvania 
Bryan Fullmer — Circleville, Utah 
Dave Forsyth — Spring Canyon, Utah 
Jean Anderson — Provo, Utah 
James Haycock — Circleville, Utah 

Football season everyone said this was 
our ye£ir to beat Utah. The length of the 
ticket line curling around the bookstore 
showed that everyone wanted to be there 
to see it done. 



Fay Gibb — Hill Spring, Alberta, Canada 
Lois Fairbanks — Raymond, Alberta, Canada 
Lynn Jacobson — Provo, Utah 
Marianne Gessel ^- Opportunity, Washington 
LaMarr H. Cunn — Coalville, Utah 

Gayle Kirk ^- Tooele, Utah 

Richard Grant Ellsworth — Washington D. C, 

Beverly Agnon «— Glendale, California 

Shirle Henrie — Tremonton, Utah 

Callis Walker — Tallahasse, Florida 

Garth Hall ^^ Lorenzo, Idaho 
Phyllis Winkler - Provo, Utah 
Blossom Enos — Wailuku, Hawaii 
Rodney Hale «— Oakley, Idaho 
Phyllis Aagard — Burlington, Wyoming 

Donna Vane — Port Angeles, Washington 
Genine Stander >-^ Blackfoot, Idaho 
Ronald Erickson — Los Angeles, California 
Betty Patton — Provo, Utah 
Joan Ellison — American Fork, Utah 

Patricia Hennessy ^- Brooklyn, New York 

Donis Erickson — Boise, Idaho 

Jackie Pomel *— Salem. Utah 

Louise Hafen — Provo. Utah 

Hermine Briggs >—' Magrath, Alberta, Canada 

Alvin G. Schow — Lehi. Utah 

Masie Ferris — Eden, Utah 

Janet Hales ^- Great Neck, New York 

Elaine Eastman — San Mateo, California 

J. Morris Hickman ^-^ Coulee Dam, Washington 

Aflon Ash — Springville, Utah 
Marion Ballantyne <— Nyssa, Oregon 
Keluin Hoover — Provo. Utah 
Lila Ashby — Vernal, Utah 
Glen \Villardson i-^ Gunnison, Utah 


Dale W. Nelson - Salt Lake City. Utah 
Don Winter — Inaepenaence, Missouri 
Annie Mae Turley — San Antonio, Texas 
Gordon M. Taylor .— Cheyenne, Wyoming 
Belva Wheeler ^— Linton, Idaho 

Donna Gibbons ^ St. Johns, Arizona 
Marie Harris — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Helen Rust — Provo, Utah 
Clyde Christensea ^- Springville, Utah 
I. W. Lodwick — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Clarence Waterfall — Kaysville, Utah 
Shirley Sorenson — Aurora, Utah 
Jerrie Smith -~ Provo, Utah 
Dean L. Bryson ~~ Bountiful, Utah 
Evelyn Matson — Lorenzo, Idaho 

Leah Scoresby .— lona, Idaho 
Arleen Taft - Bicknell, Utah 
Douglas Thayer — Provo, Utah 
Joyce Miller — Bingham Canyon. Utah 
Mary W. Newman — Ogden, Utah 

Janice Peterson — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ralph Richards — Kamas. Utah 
Eileen Paullman -— Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Elaine Orme — Ashlon. Idaho 
Richard Wheelock — Eureka, Utah 

Constance Decker — Snowfiake, Arizona 
Gordon Owen — Palo Alio. California 
Shirley Robison — Overton, Nevada 
David Hawkes — Menan, Idaho 
Joyce Dustin — Farmington, New Mexico 

In the Homecoming parade Nadine 
Mitchell, lone Lewis, and Sherronne Rob- 
ertson proved that cooking and sewing 
aren't the only talents of Home Ec. majors. 


Max Burrup ^- Downey, Idaho 

Gloria Wallis — Vernal, UtaK 

Van MacCobe •—• San Carlos, California 

Lou Jean Foremasler ^- Las Vegas, Nevada 

Shirley Scoll ^ Ogclen, UlaK 

Richard Dewsnup — Deserel, Utah 
Dorothy Fitls ^ Salt Lake City, Utah 
Phihp G. Heaton -^ San Diego, Cahfornia 
Barbara Hennessey ^- Holbrook, Arizona 
Charles Montgomery ^- Pasadena, California 

Christine Anderson — St. Johns, Arizona 
George Kanakele '— Kaneuhe. Oahu, Hawaii 
Jerry \ViIlianis ^- Nyssa, Oregon 
Marilyn Groesbeck — Springville, Utah 
Frankie Roper ^- Westwood, California 

LeRoy Taylor -~ Ely, Nevada 
Alfredo Lima Vaz ^- Campinas, Esp.» Brazil 
Barbara Black — La Tuna, Texas 
Juanita McCoy ^- Sparks, Nevada 
Elizabeth Sears -— Washington D. C. 

Shirley Roberts ^- Ft. Worth, Texas 
Joan Quinn '-- Ogden, Utah 
Patricia Lyn Gessford ■— Provo, Utah 
Norma Rae Tanner — Phoenix, Arizona 
David Syphus ^- Las Vegas, Nevada 

Maralyn Ballif — Provo, Utah 
Orvella Sackett — Brigham City, Utah 
Fred Hansen -^ Springville, Utah 
Buster Nay ^ Monroe, Utah 
Norma Roylance ^^ Eden, Idaho 

Laurene Shaw ^- Cardslon, Alberta, Canada 

Pat Peterson •—' Preston, Idaho 

Carol Clark ^- Colonia Juarez, Chih., Mexico 

Edward Seppi ^- Provo, Utah 

Marjorie Thompson •— Aberdeen. Idaho 


Bennie Olsen ^- Cardston. Alberta, Canada 
Flora Christiansen ^- Downey, Idaho 
Donald Beck ^^ Gunnison, Utah 
Cherie Smith '— Draper. Utah 
Richard Phelps <-' Oakland, Caliiornla 

Maralyn Walsh — Farmington, Utah 

Roy Smith ^- SnowHake, Arizona 

Elva Brown — Lovell, Wyoming 

Lois Elaine Brockhank ^^ Spanish Foiv. Utah 

James Omps ^- Duchesne, Utah 

Ruth Leone Rose ^ Nlontclair, New Jersey 

Donna Timothy ^- Vernal, Utah 

Ruby Trottier — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Al Norton — Provo, Utah 

LaRae Grant ^ American Fork. Utah 

Vera Hatch —' Oxford, Idaho 

Erven Nelson ^- Prove, Utah 

Neva Thorpe ^- Malad, Idaho 

Betty Everett '- Longbeach. Washington 

Art Proctor ^^ Long Beach, California 

Renee Taylor — Provo, Utah 
Barbara Toone — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Gordon Nielson ^- Spanish Fork, Utah 
Donna Thayne — 1 acoma, Washington 
Jenae Watkins ^ Provo, Utah 

Ivan P. Olsen — Mesa, Arizona 
William Nelson — Shelby, Montana 
Shirley Larsen — Wayneborg, Virginia 
Euzell Tietjen ^- Kanab, Utah 
Eleanor Huffaker — Wendell, Idaho 

"And on your right is the Wymount 
Cafeteria . Student Body officers told group 
after group of curious Frosh on their orient- 
ation introduction to the campus. 



Pal Pierpont — Sail Lake Cily. Utah 

Joan Nickle — Springfield, Missouri 

Lavera Jean Olson -^ W^enalecnee, Washington 

Glen SmitK — Globe. Arizona 

Zatia Seabury ^- Pnoenix, Arizonia 

David Hooper —' Anabella, Ulan 

Seemi Iwasa — Raymond, Alberta, Canada 

Yvonne Lyons — Burley, Idaho 

Estelle Nishimura — Honolulu. Hawaii 

Gwen Orton — Weiser, Idaho 

Aloha Rindlisbach -^ Emmett. Idaho 

Beverly Bingham >— Garland, Utah 

Reo Cutler — Portage, Utah 

Marilyn Ellis — Blackfoot. Idaho 

Colleen F. EJngh ^- San Pedro, California 

Wanda Baxter — South Gale, California 
Maxine Cordner — Stillwater. Oklahoma 
Annette Wood — Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Elizabeth Martini -^ Glendale, California 
Eunetta Gighotti ^ Helper, UlaK 

Carolyn Magill — Milford, Utah 
Venna Sparks ^- Weiser, Idaho 
Velene Bird ^- Salina, Ulan 
Davina Bennett ^- Sail Lake City, Ulan 
Robert Tomila ^- Honolulu, Hawaii 

Renee Nielson — Quincy. Washington 
Beverly Nalder ^- San Francisco, California 
Kenneth H. Beesley — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Neola Peterson ^- Fallbrook, California 
Karen Hansetn ^- Salt Lake Cily, Utah 

Reed Ray — Nyssa, Oregon 
ReVoe Hullinger ^- Vernal, Utah 
Wayne Markham ^ Ontario, Oregon 
Lola Baxter — Los Angeles, California 
Rose Christensen ^- Safford, Arizona 


Helen Olsen ^- Pleasant Grove, UtaK 
Jane Nickle ^- SpringField, Missouri 
Barbara Osborne — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Alice Ucniaaa ^- Honolulu. Hawaii 
Harold Cbristensen — Salt Lake City, UtaK 

Oonna Olsen — Lovel, Wyoming 
Alice Anderson -— Vista, California 
Bruce E. Peterson — Spanish Fork, UtaK 
Marilyn Faux <— Provo, Utah 
Carole Wright — Ely, Nevada 

Rita Vance ^ Colonia ChiKuahua, Mexico 
Vera Fillmore — Burley, Idaho 
Einora Nuttall ^- Miama, Arizona 
Norma Nelson ^- Spanish Fork, Utah 
Shirley Hansen '— Springville, Utah 

Eleanore Adair ^- Dolores, Colorado 
Ina Paul — Ogden, Utah 
Garna Taylor ^- Salina, Utah 
LouAnn Price — Baker, Oregon 
Barbara Pearson — Glendale. California 

LaRae Oltesen ^ Sugar City, Idaho 

Ella Mae Turley ^ Mesa, Arizona 

John Machenheimer ^- Port Angeles, Washington 

Gaynell Call — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Marilyn Hoopes ^ Safford, Arizona 

Diane Parkinson ^- Franklin, Idaho 
Nancy Brockbank — Provo, Utah 
Joyce Ross ^- Joseph. Utah 
Raquel Adamson '— Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Lou Jean Compton — Morgan, Utah 

Right behind old glory' with a glory 
of their own came the Cougarettes. freshmen 
girls marching unit. 



Ella Mac Hulet - Wendell. Idaho 

Dorothy Anderson — Portland, Oregon 

Joyce Eloice Potter — Wenalchee, Washington 

Arliss Jensen — Ephraim. Utah 

Rulon Cluff — ' Provo. Utah 

James B. Collyer — Fannington, Utah 
Phyllis Larson — American Fork, Utah 
Ted Brady — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Derwood Coleman — Vallejo, California 
Barbara Rohison — Tulsa. Oklahoma 

Max Hill - Payson. Utah 
Raymond Daley — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Joan Stoddard ' — Auhurn. California 
Janet Remund ^ Salt Lake City, Utah 
Charles H. Earle — Provo, Utah 

Joyce Jeppson — Payson, Utah 
Hoover Clark — Provo, Utah 
Helen Fae Squire — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Nolan Frederick — Provo, Utah 
Betty Anderson — Sandy, Utah 

DeLoyal Bills - Provo, Utah 

Sara Mae Dunn — Annabella, Utah 

Marie Sabin — Salem, Utah 

Luana Smedley — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Laurell Argyle — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Beverly Miller — Midvale, Utah 
Stanley Welsh — Peoa, Utah 
Helen Richins — Vernal, Utah 
Loye Allred — Provo, Utah 
Darlenc Price — Phoenix, Arizona 

Donald Bybee — Springville, Utah 

Irene Lloyd — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Gerald Wells — Joseph, Utah 

Fay Parker — Joseph, Utah 

Harold Montgomery — Las Vegas, Nevada 


Jean Nickle — Springfield, Missouri 
Douglas Phillips -^ Fl. Sill. Oklahoma 
Richard Pelerlein ^- Grand Rapids, Michigan 
Rafael Juarez ^ Blanca. Ver., Mexico 
R. F. Gallagher ^- Los Angeles, California 

Marilyn Price ^- Provo, Utah 
James Griddle Downey, Idaho 
Lowell Watson ^- Grantsville, Utah 
LaRue Holbrook — Wells, Nevada 
Park Larson •—• San Marino, California 

Richard Clay ^- Bountiful, Ulan 
Paul Bond — Belhesda, Maryland 
Alton Rogers — Snowflake, Arizona 
Richard Nixon — Los Angeles. California 
Joyce Stoker '— Nyssa, Oregon 

Arvon Harrison ^- Salt Lake City, Utah 
Pal Havens ^- Salmon, Idaho 
Bruce ^Va8den '— Scipio. Utah 
Lila Bowen ^- Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ina Frandsen ~- Centerfield, Utah 

Hansel Rayner — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Lois Rohinson — Evanslon, Wyoming 
Joy Avarell ^ San Pedro, Cahfornia 
Adelle Chryst - Sail Lake City. Utah 
Karl Sandherg ^ Monroe. Utah 

Bonnie Greenhall — San Luis Obispo, California 
Ilene Mahey ^ Salt Lake City, Utah 
JoAnne Brown '— Highland. California 
Katharine Allen ^ Raymond, Alberta, Canada 
Glenna Anderson ^— Manassa, Colorado 

s.f f w 

, ^i|,m.m.»''« :i'i).n'i^wi!MiA*««. . - , 



The "wheels" were the hub of half-time 
activities of the game at Logan. President 
McDonald, Keith, Jess, and Aggie leaders 
established the wheel as spoils for the victor 
in the annual grid clash between the two 



Lois Flinders — Granlsville, Ulan 

Muriel Sleedman — Provo, Utak 

JoKn Hambrick -^ Bluefield. West Virginia 

Vees Cotlrell — Pomona. California 

Betty Lou Willden — Cortez, Colorado 

Arlene Deem -^ BrigKam City. UtaK 
Gwen Veile ^- Vernal, UtaK 
Roma Barker ^ Brigbam City. Utab 
Harold Tanner — Magratb, Alberta. Canada 
Kay Wood — Dallas, Texas 

Marilyn Tingey — Salt Lake City, Utab 

Darlene Sbipp ^ Josepb, Utab 

Bettyrae Plattner — Craig, Colorado 

Verla Ropp — Blackfoot, Idabo 

Diane W^itbeck f— Raymond, Alberta. Canada 

LaVonne Tbomander ^ Maplewood, New Jersey 
Dean Bezzant — Pleasant Grove. Utab 
Rutb Anderson '— Redwood City. California 
Jobn Neal ^- Spokane, Washington 
George Sparks ^^ Nampa, idabo 

Elaine Engstrom '— Pboenix. Arizona 
Joan Sbriver <— Provo. Utab 
Lee Jobnson ^^ Pboenix. Arizona 
Lory Faulk ^^ San Bernardino, California 
L. Kay Barney — Spanisb Foaf» Utab 

Lenore Bowen — Spanisb Fork, Utab 
Donald Long ^- Las Vegas, Nevada 
Gwen Ence '— Provo. Utab 
Nelda Jean Gammell ^- Provo, Utab 
Gene Swenson — Provo, Utab 

Rita Twitcbel! — Lonwood. Utab 
Orlo Larson — Provo, Utab 
L. Elsdon Howard — Blackfoot, Idabo 
Ina La Von Brown ^- Provo, Utab 
Geraldine Anderson -^ Provo, Utab 




Ralph Jacobson -^ Springfield, Utah 
David Chrislensen — Clarkston, Utah 
Dorothy Mangum ^ Carrigo Springs, Texas 
Tressie Marx — Los Angeles. California 
Richard Myer — Caldwell, New Jersey 

Barbara Peterson ^ Murtaugh, Idaho 
Nadine Choate ^ Whittier, California 
Robert Davis ^ Portola, California 
Miriam Siebach ^- Gloversville, New York 
Deon Crane ^- Hcrriman, Utah 

Myrna Jesperson ^ Phoenix, Arizona 
Bessie Ann Dobrusky <-- Parowan, Utah 
Norma Day -- Draper, Utah 
Ned J. Christensen — Clarkston. Utah 
Vada Johnson ^- Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 

Willard Clark ~ Lehi, Utah 

Glynna Despain — Prescotl. Arizona 

Norman Clyde ~~ Springville, Utah 

Lila Collier ^- Vernal, Utah 

Mary Lou Devey — American Fork, Utah 

Barbara Jones ^^ Los Angeles, California 

Keith Davies — Orem, Utah 

Keith Meservy — Provo, Utah 

Sterling Nixon — Holden, Utah 

Robert Miller — Long Beach, California 

Sherman Jones '— Delta, Utah 
Lloyd K. Bishop -^ Kaysville, Utah 
Heber Kimball — Lakeport. California 
Karl Kendall — Weiser. Idaho 
Beverly Crowley — Twin Falls, Idaho 

"Three balls for a dime", barlced Alta 
Mitras to carnival customers in October. 
If one had another dime left, the Y C's next 
door were sure to get it. 



The class officers kept their various classes well partied. 

Seniors and sophs were kept hopping at the Hayseed 
Hop where levies were the dress of the day. Stripes were 
in order for crazy convicts, above. 



No one went hungry at the Hayseed Hop. Right, Mose 
croons one. 


Frosh and junior cavorted at the Crazy Convicts Con- 
vention. No one went hungry at the "Convention" either. 




Quite a hand in cake malting. 

LigKt and flaky biscuits. 


What wives these men will make! After en- 
during the rigors of a year of batching, men feel 
up to any task. 

Domestication personified. 

Saturday night at 8:43. 


j^^I«"»3r--^ ^ •» - r- >^ 

College version of the grade school game 
'three deep" 

Not cans— but real home cooking. 

Limited dorm space could not accommodate 
all the girls either. Were they sorry? Hardly. 
No hours to Keep, no cafeteria lines. 


Happy harmony— musical and group. 

An hour conducive to study. 



We're off for Cfiurrh . . 
return from our classes . . . . 
sing tfie closing liymn . . . . 
and visil witfi our friends 
before scurrying fiome lo an 
appelizing mea 




Joe Weiglit stretclies out to view all the money 
in tlie Treasurer s office. 

Lets see— if I take this at 6:40 and change that 
to . . . puzzles Don Jensen. 



Annie Pike Greenwood 

Old Melody 
arranged by Wm. F. Hanson 




-tji ^— % 








i J :* ' 7' 


P r ^ r ' P M ^ 'r M 




the Cot -legB thrtwe lo\/e 

At the thhOhe -the thKihe of wiS-doWS 





f f 

r -9 



^ ^ 

J * 



J. .p j'71'f ^^ 




; j'j-7'fir r Mr f g'^'-^g 

The throne ihg f«u)-ti-tj<iete 


5 way. 

O iftt 

7i-Pt Dui- so(ig* a- kc 








I ' \ '~^ 


^ rLjl 

j f r r 





r ^ ./' i 





Wo f»-i<^e not- Vieh- e? I»e>^ na-w sue 

The \>eadikt 









f f 

» » 

A r f 






■kb "7^ 


I I ilV 

^•'1' t' p ^ r^f, r r r i r; | 



heart "the hand u - ni -tjed must be tNje. 

■a I 



^ i i 



fle -tr-ue ^o -fehee Ooh whVte and 

jh^ ^ -■ .1 1. .1 ■ I 








Traditional Freshmen Week 
saw all frosn off to a conspicious 
start. Upper classmen look full 
advantage of their nigh status 
while cubs responded with good 
humor to various regulations. 



Intensive build up publicity, the parking lot 
covered with booths and rigged with lighting, re- 
peated rehearsals for performers on the big show 
—all this and much more time and effort went 
into producing the first Student Body outdoor 
carnival fall quarter. Despite uncooperative wea- 
ther, the carnival prospered. 



Judge Ken Sansom and aide 
Bob Wells pronounced sentence 
on guilty frosh. 
The Idano assembly proved 
tnat Idaho grows something be- 
sides potatoes. 

"This little freshie went to market' 

Student Carnival finale. 
Mournful Utes at the Utah Pep rally. 


Students rally to the annual torch light parade. 

Call sisters spotlight halftime at foot 
ball game. 



LaMyrI Boyack .... efficient cKairman of tne 
Tuesday Mat Dance .... started something new 
by having social units sponsor each \veeKly affair 
.... affihated with Nautilus and Lambda Delta 

The walls of the Social Hall witness many boy 
meet girl scenes during the mobbed weekly dances. 


Jim, Kent and Gene gave out— and got the 
student body to give out with them throughout 
football and basketball seasons. 



Left to rigid: R. Ncal Rkliiircls, lini Pnra- 
riiorc, Mosc rl.iKC, Carolyn I lionii)son, Ray 
Beckham, and Carolyn Blair. 

This coniniitlcc is directly in t iiargo of 
all ascniblics nt tlic Y. 


Left to riglit; Marie Hood, Muse Flake, 
Jim Hill, Jack West. Standing: George 
Sorcnsen, and Dick Moody. 

1 liis group handles all arrangements lor 
pep rallies. 


Left to rjrthl: Don Tregaskis, Paul Mur- 
do(k, Claire Dyreng, Owen Honinger, 
Carole Baker. Merrily n Harmon, Moana 
Bnllif. and Ruth Reeve. 

These students arc responsible for com- 
piling activity points toward a block Y 
lor each individual in school. 




Slnnding, left lo riglit: Anion Aplnnalp, 
Monnn BiJIrf, Bliiinc Sniilli. Kncclinq: 
Ralpli Hansen. 

W'Kcn an cicclion comes up, tlirs cotii 
oiillcc Itanclfcs nil nccqrssary details. 


Left to right, front row: Barhnrn Josic, 
Louise Hafcn. Frnia Adams. Harriot Rol>- 
inson, Mar( one Catnp, and Lorraine Ru-*- 
soll. Second row: Edward J. MarsliaJl, 
Moyd Anderson, Gene Sliumway, Claire 
Dyrenrt, and Kallilccn I aylor. Bark row : 
Totn Andrew, Kcitli Fillmore, .I<"ss Busli- 
nian, Jerry Jorgenson, Alma Snow, and 
Mary Martincau. 

This B'oup is largely rcsponsiolc for tno 
Honor Code wiiicli bceanic a constitutional 
atnendnient spring quarter. 


1 lie publicity committee consists ol LaRac Colloll, D(( k Brower, R.ic Mnna Kirk- 
liani, Dick Welkins, and Carnia Rnsmussen. 

Only formed winter quarter, tliis committee lias been responsible lor publiti/ing all 
student body activities. Tbrougli tbc fault of tbc Banyan staff, the nefiati\e ol this 
group was lost and being too late in the year it was impossible to get a retake. 




By Elmer Rice 

Staged by T. Earl Pardee 

Assisted by Members of tbe Stage Craft Class 


.... an unique comedy concerned with real life and 
daydreams, in which a girl sees herself on an amor- 
ous weekend in Mexico, as a tragic trollop, an over- 
night success as a Shakespeare actress and in other 
imaginative circumstances, until her day-dream be- 
comes reality— she finds herself a bride in Green- 


Georgina Allerton Elaine Erickson 

Lucy Allerton Marjorie Millar 

A Radio Announcer Gene Earl 

Dr. J. Gillmore Percival Ken Sansom 

George Allerton Ken Sansom 

Miriam Allerton Lucas Mildred Miller 

The Obstetrician Ken Sansom 

The Nurse Marjorie Millar 

Jim Lucus Bryce Spencer 

Claire Blakeley Jolene Collett 

A Stout Woman Hazel D. Ream 

A Doctor Jack Davis 

Clark Redfield Stan Gwilliam 

A Policeman Gene Earl 

The Judge Ken Sansom 

The District Attorney Don Janson 

George Hand Max Golightly 

Bert Jack Davis 

A Mexican Stan Gwilliam 

Two other Mexicans .. Arturo — Don .lanson 

A Waiter Jerry Caldwell 

Arabella Mildred Miller 

Luigi Ursel Allred 

An Usher Jerry Caldwell 

Miss Delebanty Marie Bybee 

Antonio Jack Davis 

Salarino Ken Sansom 

A Headwater Ursel Allred 

A Waiter Don Janson 

Justice of the Peace Billings .... Ken Sansom 
A Chauffeur Jerry Caldwell 


.... an extraordinary play, originated in Eng- 
land. Based on one of the most famous trials of 
modern times— a seemingly unimportant incident 
that developed into a spectacular and significant 
struggle involving certain fundamental principles 
of democracy. A pleasant young English boy, dis- 
charged from an English government school, was 
the center of a legal fight. The principals of 
which aroused the entire country, whereas the 
boy's family became impoverished and socially 


Directed and Staged by T. Earl Pardoe 

Associate— 'Kathryn B. Pardoe 

Associate Production— Theta Alpha Phi 

Student Director— Mariorie Millar 


Ronnie Winslow Ursel Allred 

Violet Maridel Lewis 

Arthur Winslow Sherman Christensen 

Dickie Winslow Bryce Spencer 

Grace Winslow f^athryn B. Pardoe 

Catherine Winslow Junella S. Wilkins 

John Watherstone Jack Christensen 

Desmond Carry Jerritt Jarvis 

Miss Barnes Maxine Leigh 

Fred Jack Davis 

Sir Robert Norton Jim H. Ludlow 



By Hart and Kaufman 

Directed and Staged by T. Earl Pardee 

Student Director— Douglas Lazenby 

.... a family life comedy, tbe story of 
a family made hectic by snakes, fireworks, 
ballet dancers, and a printing press. 
GrandfatKer Martin Vanderhof— the fole 
that Broadway and Hollywood presenta- 
tions emphasized most the "you really 
can't take it with you. " 


Penelope Sycamore VerJean Holyoak 

Essie Coleen Collins 

Rheba Maxine Lamborn 

Paul Sycamore Bob Whittaker 

Mr. DePinna Grant Clyde 

Ed Ken Perry 

Donald Ken Cowley 

Martin Vanderhof Kenneth Sanson 

Alice Marilyn Oldroyd 

Henderson Jack Christensen 

Tony Kirby Bernett Ferguson 

Boris Kolenkhov Clyde Ricks 

Gay Wellington Norman Boyle 

Mr. Kirby James Aston 

Mrs. Kirby LaRae Collett 

Two Men Edward Bunnell and Newell Miles 

Olga Ella deLong 




Adapted frofm Kathyrn Forbes 


Produced by Kathryn B. Pardee 

Student Director, Marjorie Millar 

Staged by Preston Gledhill 


Katrin Colleen Keeler 

Mama Betty Jo Hawkins 

Papa Burnett Ferguson 

Dogmar Marilyn Young 

Christine Luana Rusbton 

Nels Wendell Bunnell 

Aunt Trina Emogcne Foutz 

Aunt Sigrid Virginia Allen 

Aunt Jenny Christine Paulsen 

Uncle Chris Robert Kest 

Jessie Shirley Wheeler 

Mr. Torkelson Ursel Allred 

Dr. Johnson Vance Holland 

Arne Phil Keeler 

1st Nurse Carolyn Longren 

2nd Nurse Maridell Lewis 

Soda Clerk Viola Johansen 

Florence Dana Moorhead 

Donna Jean Webb 

A sparkling three-act comedy drama, 
staged in the atmosphere of the early 
19(X)s with scenery and costumes depict- 
ing a Norwegian family who settled in 
San Francisco. An adaptation of the 
book. "Mama's Bank Account." a play 
about a woman whom "everyone could 
like and upon whom children could rely 
to "fix everything." 



Boul Lynn Benson 

Sgl. oF Police Terry Beckstrom 

Rat Daniel Legant 

y\^rletle DaKnelle Adrox 

Gobin Robert Allred 

Nana Marie Dean Bybee 

Recan Bevan Haycock- 
Diane Majel Stanfield 

Brissac Jack Davis 

Blonde Clyde Ricks 

Uncle Georges Vuimir .... Norman Clyde 

Aunt Valentine Bonnie Lou Turner 

Pere Chevillon Grant Clyde 

Chico Burnett Ferguson 

Lamplighter Oscar Hulet 

Street girls RaeMona Kirkham 

Mary Lou Neeley 
Lois Mortensen 

... an immortal love story of 
the first world war. A Parisian 
attic is "Seventh Heaven", where 
Diane, a street urchin with a 
shady past and a shadier future 
meets and falls in love with Chi- 
co, a member of the underworld. 

ho is known as a sewer rat be- 
cause of his place of abode. 




A Year of Comedy and Drama 


By WiNCHELL Smith 

(Permission Dramatist Play Service) 


Nat Duncan Chris Sanders 

Henry Kellogg Henry Cameron 

George Burnham Walt Lowe 

James Long Harvey Jensen 

Lawrence Miller (Larry) Dean Peay 

Willie Bartlett Ted Morgan 

Robins Ted Beckstrom 

Tom Dilts Workman 


Sam Graham Ursel Allred 

Mr. Lockwood Roy Molen 

Roland Barnett Ted Bunnell 

Tracy Tanner Jerrit Jarvis 

Pete Willing Kenneth Sansom 

Mr. Sherry Eddie Etazad 

Watty Merrill Andrus 

Hi Clyde Ricks 

Herman Dilts Workman 

Betty Graham Joyce Haycock 

Josephine Lockwood .. Donna Southwick 
Angie Roylance Spratling 

Directed and Staged by T. Earl Pardoe 
Associate Director — Kenneth Sansom 

N.B, // you wish to be on our mailing list, write your rumie on 
this program emd hand in at door. 


. . . the classic comedy in American drama literature. 
Nat Duncan, the "man about town", takes the advice of a 
financier of Wall Street to seek his fortune in a small town., 
where he would have no competition for the hand of the 
daughter of sOme wealthy citizen. Ironically, he falls in love 
with a daughter of one of the poorest men in the town. 



SAXES: left to right: Bob Morris. Kent Riddle, Jack 
Hanson. Earl Erickson. Gus Shields 

TROMBONES: Tom Raye. Bill Smiley. Bob Evans 

TRUMPETS: Ron Griggs. Dick Ballou. Rene Call 

RHYTHM: Jack Anderson, drums; Larry Asher, bass; 
Jullienne Jennings, piano 

ARRANGEMENTS: Tom Raye. Bill Smiley, and Rene 


Piano: Rulon Dee Bennett. 

Rhythm: Carling Allen, Bass: Gordon Lee. Drums. 

Saxes, left to right: George Puckett, Paul Wainwright, 

Wes Barry, Eldon Puckett. 

Trombones: Bruce Riddle, Dalian Clark. 

Trumpets: Lavina Borgeson, Bill Sullivan, Vern Tueller. 

Arrangements: Bruce Riddle. 

Vocals: Lavina Borgeson. 



Shown right are Kay Randall, Dr. Alonzo A. 
Morley, and Ralph Benson. Kay and Ralph won 
first place at the Northwestern Intercollegiate 
Conference speech meet held in Missoula, Mon- 
tana last spring. This is the only time in the hist- 
ory of Brigham Young University that a first has 
been earned at such a meet. Dr. Morley acted as 


Front row, lefl to right: Ralph 
Burton, Steve Van Wagenen, 
and Eaaie Durham. Second 
row: Paul Smith, Kay Randall, 
co-manager; Yolanda Perry, 
Morris M. dinger, advisor; and 
Ralph Benson, co-manager of 
debate. Back row: Jed Pritch- 
ctt. Davis Bitton, Vcrn Alhriglit. 
Russell Mickelson. and Paul Ng. 



Left: Chief Engineer Ray AnHelin gives 

nstruction in tuning up to Bob Andelin. 

LeR Burton, and Bob Holman. Below: 

Program Director Bob Holnian adjusts 

the controls. 

Below: Record Librarian Jean W^illiams looks for a suitable 
record for one of the KBYU programs. 

At bottom right is skown tke staff of KBYU, tfiey are. left 
to right, front row : Jean Williams, Record librarian : Barbara 
Kenedy, Pla> house Director: Sharon Montgomery. Roy Molen, 
Station Relations Director: W^altcr Lowe, and Ted Morgan. 
Second row: Donnene Merrill, Secretary: Iris Gowin, Eunice 
Harmon, Traffic Manager; LaRac Collett. Maridell Lewis, Live 
Talent Director : Ruth Hames, Playhouse Director ; Lowene 
Wood, Leona Heywood. Back row: Bob Holman, Program 
Director: LeR Burton, President: Wilford Crockett, Bruce Hy- 
nias, Ralph Burton, Don Janson. Chief Announcer; Elmo How- 
ard. Business Manager: Bob Andelin, and Ray Andelin, Chief 




A rafter-filled Provo Taber- 
nacle on January 14 caused Mar- 
cel Dupre to praise the very res- 
ponsive audience of young peo- 
ple. Mr. Dupre lived up to his 
reputation as the greatest living 

The flawless performance of the 96 members of the French 
Orchestra Nationale in the perfectly acousticed Joseph Smith 
Building brought Utahns to their feet in unsuppressed applause. 
The Orchestra, which appeared at BYU on November 9. is the 
world's finest symphonic organization. Conductor Charles Muen- 
ch, left, announced that Provo was one of the very few cities in 
the United States where the group played two concerts. 


The Minneapolis Symphony, under llie direction of Dimitri 
Mitropoulos. played superb performances in Provo with the last 
one on April 13 being a Student Union Building Benefit Concert. 
For 46 years this group has been one of the nations most excellent 
organizations for symphonic music. 

John Qualin, right, famous ac- 
tor and raconteur, appeared on 
the BYU Community Concert 
series on Monday evening. Mar- 
ch 28. His performance of char- 
acter sketches and monologues 
was enjoyed by all. 

Claudia Pinza, Metropolitan 
Opera soprano and daughter of 
the world famous tenor Ezio Pin- 
za, sang at the tabernacle on No- 
vember 3, 1948. Her performance 
was generally hailed by her lis- 

The Pasquier Trio has appeared in 
Provo for every one of its American 
Tours during the past 10 years. The 
performance this year on February 24 
was acclaimed as enjoyable as the 
previous ones. 



"Familiar Pathways", the theme of the Brigham Young 
University homecoming observance, October 28-30, was 
chosen from the original song, "Homecoming", by Homer 
Christenson, a former Y student, recaUing to alumni and 
students the walks and paths along the campus which be 
come famihar to all University students. 

The theme was carried throughout the parade, assembly 
program, and dance by chairman Dalian Clark, above 
center, and committee heads. 

Homecoming Queen Carol Pit- 
cher walks a familiar pathway by 
College Hall, hand in hand with 
John Lee and Jerry Zenger. 

Alma Snow and Fred Adams 
talk things over with the dance 



The thousands of people uning Provo 
streets Saturday morning included many 
old grads who gathered to talk over old 
college days and watch forly-eight floats 
entered by campus organizations. 

Queen Carol Pitcher, with attendants 
Barbara Burrows and Bertha Lyman, 
leads the procession on an impressive sil- 
ver float during half-time activities. 

Attracting oh's and ah's the Hawaiian 
club entry, left, was the winning float in 
the parade preceding the B.Y.U.-Mon- 
tana gridiron battle. 

George Sorenson and Don Grimes 
paint Shmoos. 

Jerry Zenger, right, makes a final check 
with committee members. 


Competition \vas keen for 
sophomore loan fund queen. 
Merrill Bradsnaw. chairman, and 
committee of sharp sophomores 
kept expenses down and ticket 
sales up for a successful event. 

Most of the student body 
turned out to see prexy Ernie 
crown queen Ruth and enjoy the 
atmosphere of Moon Mist. 


itffiKii'iiYii.iitr'i'— iT'nri 


Biggest girls' choice event of the year 
was the AWS Preference Ball in December. 
Chairman LaMyrI Boyack and committee, 
June Adams, Marilyn Christensen, Kathv 
Taylor, Erma Adains, LaRae Collett, and 
Nan Stapp worked over the details of the 
matching of girls with preferences. 

The theme was introduced 
at the assembly through an origi- 
nal song by Mary Ann Murdock. 

Preferred men and their pre- 
ferers filled both the Smith ball- 
room and the Social hall. 


Roth Pnrdy 




Carol Pitcher 


Jeanne Halverson 




Ken Leth 

Harilp Oldroyd 




Donna Sonthwick 


•^^t,AUummtimm iiMTM !■ ■ 


Collegiate Press ^ 
gives Y paper ^ 

top honor rating 

I vnn > #^ 

T..un6 UNIVERSK bii 

•l«ij Collfjslfctc Pr-M ft* aupTior 

tlv In publioadan dtirlni ihv fini 

l>ie i>Bp*r pwevntly wdilad by 
Kti l'»r*. Provo, hAH p».-^iw»il 
•nlf tlvr awh aWArfta ifi tlu' uni- 
Twrslty'a hiatory. Ttiir iWi 
lu nliw othai unlvrraitiva «virr Ihr 
mmUon » tha nni* rlaaa wlUi M 
tinivrraity p«p«rs )>*in( ant'rnl 


ova t «<1 

la cl««n «ah' u atud^nt 
li«*a(Mipi>ra r«nktn( aupanor la 
•*«rBll whlavtmeMt All patera 

•M or mor* pMitU M rvtad All- 
AmencMl M-l tlic imiVKRBf: 
mnkad M9 pMau If t|w 

•Korv, Um •eorvhooii A>Ha«d. 

Paper* »ra )>*%•* 
Imm:* nt kctil«*««n4«t M four ^ 
in*J«r <t«p*rtm«iu D N«^a V»l- 
«aa and Sourc«a. 1> N^w* Writlni 
uw] EdltlTiK. Si He«dlitM>. Typo- j 
(rraph)' utd l(ali«u|>. and 4) Da- , 
l^rtni^nt pB««a aaid Spwcui 

Th* Unlvan^ rank*d MpcvMlly 
btKb In vllftlily 'If n«i«^ v»luca •n<t 
•ourvra In Ihr firat c*lv(Onr. M>d 
In (lyU and lewla In I 
diviaion of JudKlnC- 

Tfir [MpT aUo rankad wnuatMlly 
kO in hv«(11ln>« front f^gr 
Miaknjp uMt lnaid« new* pkK« 
■lakrup In lh» IhinI itrp«r1< 
MmI wnn iip«f-iBl r«n)i«v»nd*(U>n tor 
Ml p||i>nc« M r>>alur*«, makrup. 
■porta wntlnit and <|lapl>y ut Ihr 
f»iirtk accUon. 

Tlta Awoctatad CoH"!! 
Um iMiIy MTVlc* of n« kind tn thr 
United Stalaa, to dmlirn*d U> 
liw> wid «v*lua'« Um work •< 
•cttool publlcUKNta <rf AiB*lV* «nd 
Hmm rAflk atii4ant rt*w«9*p«rs M 
«o«*i|t«rl*(m Mch y«*r. 

Til* honor ratine w^ mada af- 
tor IndWIdwl mtnc Mkd IMil 
fToup conalArrallMi af Um pftpar 
k)r • compaiant atAff mt ji 

•am pliahmrnu of 

«ach group wad 

•Urytarda apptM by t*M tudgi 

fea aaah |Mp*r )« Mar jtroup Tlia 

AiT hu h«adquar«*r« a( tli« UM- 

•mailjr «< MinnaaotA 

Paprra ar* divide Mto (rwpa 
•ranrdUlt ta anrotUHanl of tha 


nual cleaning 
mountain Y 
t Wednesday 

ditionai T Day activities to 
ure campis deao-ap, dance 

< .'i»bl<nic »( alt iprAi Mw, hfw Uxl oa'rf mil 

■i' Kiiurtli Kftal >-ji»r»c4 up Mpami^lv r«iK*< i* 

-..'V ••U pn) mlan) a( Uxr b'Hl'Mt> M H«a ftr 

- ■[-m ihr «4 dm** w/.>f* S1ult•^ntJ al !te 

.. >ff Mar .rf T wtit tH- 4i*>'<l.-d >n>a iwt ct'H. 

< ■>■ rUaf>i^c "f a** '*' wAu'h ortll apnriklr «■• 

■ r,if will brrin <* fl" l*H" ■fhtl* "h^ .Mh't i 

Day fetes 
fi Friday 
song fest 

rmml bav will fer V|A M 
"•xn '»< i|»^ V ''i pfiK-vl 4ai 
H Ik* iMtrr rr'^M (V-aM^ 
ifi-r tto<- ^ ta foi^iviiiC 

< will ^ K>v* ^* '■*' *9*ft- 

\',%rt WKit'oi: r>>«.'inMt tf 
|r r«l>niat«4 )liai 'f«r «■«•% 

«r r<Hnt4o<*«l ItT KtHW II 1* 

in4 atalfd rhai ikki a ^-<|^ 

KEN PACE . . . strong, 
convictioned, outspoken 
. . . Universe Editor . . . 
handsome, pacific, loous 
belie fiery abilities .... 
Blue Key and Bricker. 


Universe business mana- 
ger who earned ad re- 
ward for paper . . . organ 
player .... husband. 




C.inn.i Rasiiiusscn 
Society Editor 

R. \r;.! RkIu'.kU 
Xoti'S Editor 

Hnnk Willmnis 
Copy Editor 

Joe Hilbcr^ 
Sports Editor 

front row, Iclt to riqlil: Hcrhcrl Morris, Virqiiiiu ll.ivnis, Vrrnicc 
Jackson, Cnrol Icnnon»;, Miircarct Brnl. ()or(ftliy IVltijolin. BiuK row: 
Bob Burton. lulicnc IiMiiiinns. WVsI MiiniiMoiul. A, (. Cirixnicr. 
fiigljy, Jim W'cgncr, iiinl Rulli I^osc. 


O a 

V *■• i' " - '•■ ' 
\ ... Mi iii! iH.' , v^ V>'' ,. ' 



BRUCE HILTON . . . patient, 
forebearlng editor .... kept smi- 
ling through unmet deadlines, 
campus complaints, and tedious 
tasks .... Blue Key and Briga- 
dier .... gone to preach the gos- 

GRACE GUYMON ... mild 

mannered associate editor 

arranged and rearranged picture 
appointments .... takes over as 
editor next year .... Nautilus. 

Staff members not pictured are: Bruce Dyer, mens 
sports editor; and Dan Walker, photographer. 

BlIHN OF 1949 

Dick Moody— L.13.S. Editor 
V'al Cnmcnish — Layout Edilor 
LaMyrl Boyack — Copy Edilor 
Ray I^onghursl — fhotographer 
Sylvia Patlerson^ — Sophomore Editor 

Ken Young — Freshman Edilor 
Jackie Briggs — Women s Sports Ed. 
Coy Mullen — Proof Reader 
Doris Unander — Secretary 
Lorraine Russell— Activities 

Joan Austin — ^Junior Editor 

Dick Bigelow — Social Unit Editor 

Jean Clegg— Senior Editor 

Dean Roberts — ^Geographical Editor 

Hermine Eckersley — Index Editor 

Monte Bullock— Lettering Artist 


AL PURNELL ... the 

Frank Sinatra of the 
Banyan office . . . sales 
manager ana general 
handy man . . . Val Hy- 

GLENN CRUMP .... business manager and accounting major 
.... added to his vocabulary while sweating out Banyan sales, 
making contacts .... figure juggler .... Val Hyric. 

Stall riicjiihcrs uliu nclpctl in (umpilino llic -19 un- 
nun! arc riglit: Icrol Poulscn, Luannn Willis, proof- 
rcnnors: Donna Aanioclt. Arlcnc Dccni, Jcrclyn Sorcn- 
srn, mounters; jintl Dnrlcnc Tingc-y, index. Below, 
sralcd: Barbara Josic, copy: Grace Millard, copy 
and niounlcr. Standing: Donna Drcni. Mac Blanrli, 
adivitics; Sliirlcy Maugliam, typist; and LaNoln Har- 
per, activitios. Boltoiii Icfl. sitting: June AdarTis, 
Alrna Snow, mounters. Standing: Virginia Lambert, 
activities; Marilyn Cudc, mounter; and Marilyn Hilt- 
"M. pin artist. 1 linse wlio lielped and art not pictured 
are: George Kawasaki, Pauline Dyreng. Alice Brady, 
mounters; Ritkl Peterson, Donnelle Siritigliam. ty[)isls; 
Carole Baker, song transcription: Frank W'oK erton. 
(arloons; and Bertlia Lyman, cndslieet artist. 


Reigning over tKe Associated Men Stu- 
dents annual winter carnival, February 
4 and 5, Snow Queen Jean Halverson 
awards trophies to skiing and skating 
event winners. Joyce Potter and Anita 
Call as attendants assist in the present- 

Plans for a busy winter weekend are 
being made by the carni\al commiltoe. 
headed bv Bob Anderson. 

Ski competition provides thrills 
for spectators at Timp Haven. 

Bigger-than-life sized snow 
models on upper campus reveal 
sculpturing ability of Y students. 

Featured at the skating events 
at Utah Lake Boat Harbor, Kar- 
al Orbon and Mel Fletcher, of 
Prove, rehearse a tricky routine. 




Sparkling Donna Southwick, and attendants 
Merri Sorenson and Joan Reid, chosen by John 
Robert Powers, reign over Banyantine Ball. 

A hovering silver rupid casts 
his spell upon Dick Smith and 
Donnette Stringhatn in a seclu- 
ded corner of the ballroom. 

Eeny, Neeny, Miny. Moe, jud- 
ges eye a line of Banyan Queen 


xin uuim 

leslh: wheeler , . . "a 

show nic Missourinn w li o 
siiowctl liis slulf as Wye Maga- 
zine cclilor . . . English major. 

Front row. left to right: Nancy Skouscn, non-fiction 
editor; Lc5 Wheeler, editor; Lois Ashfjy. non-fiction 
editor : Herbert N. ^ lorris, associate editor. Second 
row; Vesta Ann Ball, puhlicity and circulation; Mari- 
lin Evans, fiction cdilor; Janice Jensen, make-up edi- 
tor: Marian Crawford, associate editor. Back row: 
Dean Lee, business manager: Jolin R. Anderson, busi- 
ness manager; Thomas E. Cheney, advisor: John 
Nutter, fiction editor; Lainc Raty. art editor. 

The Wye magazine, jjleran,' "fgiin ol llic canipu-;. 
brought forth a spring issue for the first time this year. 
The winter issue is shown above and the spring on»^ 
right. It Is hoped that with this start the publication win 
become a quarterly next year. 



Just for the gentlemen of Brigham Young Uni- 
versity, tfie A.M.S. "Smokeless Smoker", March 
3, drew intent interest of students who filled the 
Men's Gym for an evening of wrestling matches, 
boxing bouts, a father and son balancing act and 
a free-for-all. The fellows look on as Bruno Gil- 
lespie lands a hard one. 

Directing the A.W.S show, 
Mae Blanch and her committee, 
right, promise a real old-fashion- 
ed vaudeville. Committee mem- 
bers are: left to right, front row: 
Mae Blanch, Pauline Dyreng, 
and Lamyrl Boyack. Back row: 
Donna Deem, Mary Florence 
Martineau, and Agnes Weibell. 


Held simultaneously with the A.M.S. "Smoke- 
less Smoker", the A.W.S. Vaudeville show took 
the place of the traditional Co-ed Ball. Eight 
girls' organizations competing for trophy honors 
entered acts ranging from barber shop quartettes 
to melodrama skits as portrayed by the Beta Pi 
group at the left. 



Carolyn Blair, refreshment chairman, and 
Roy King, favors chairman, convince Vern 
Tueller that prom favors are a secret until 
March 12. 

Dick Peterson buys ihe last ticket from 
Barbara Winkler and Dick Bigelow in 
charge of the tickets booth. 

The traditional promenade af the juniors, one of the 
most important dates on Brigham Young University's 
social calendar, planned for by general chairman AI Han- 
sen and his committee, above, provided the atmosphere 
of a tropical night — a Cuban Nocturne. Committee shown 
is. left to right: Al Hansen, Jack Jones. Chris Paulson. 
Bob Zabriskie, Marge Millar, Vern Tueller. Carolyn Blair, 
and Roy King. 


Transforming iKe social nail into « 
fantasy of marine life, Williet Enos, 
Jack Jones and Marilyn Mconey ar- 
range fisK decorations. 

Effectively lighted, the cast wing 
window becomes an under-the-sea scene. 

Connee Jucid, Junior class president, 
and Madelyn Matthews, class secretary, 
circle the date in red. 

Promenaders, Al Hansen and Ruth 
Purdy, lead the junior procession 
through the promenade arch. 

Refreshments are served to dates. 


Booths offered everytfiing from penny pitching 
to marriage ana the honeymoon. 

AMs uumi 

The smiling carnival 
committee N\'as behind all 
carnival plans. Ab Hed- 
quist entered and ^von 
the pie eating contest 
while Vivian Schipper 
judged the beard grow- 

& ^ 


Judges compare notes before handing do\vn 
their decision on the beauty contest. 

The president congratulates Belle Marilyn, sur- 
rounded by the other finalists. 


I K's examine the weld on the 
old Y Bell and think of its restor- 
ation in the new setting designed by 
Fred Markham, Provo architect. 


lilRL'8 UU 


Girl's Day Chairman. Dawn Ream, second 
from lell. and commiHee, Gwen Marler. Carolyn 
Blair, Evada Orme. and Lenora Ream pul on 
two days of Lulu aclivilies. Tlie Songfest was 
acclaimed llie mosl successful ever vvitli eighteen 
groups participating. 

So did the Delta Phis with their snap- 
py number "You're As Pretty as A Pic- 
ture' . 

Upsilon Chapter of Lambda Delt put 
real feeling into their "Come. Come Ye 



"Scrud" Whiting led campus males through the annual 
spring whitewashing of the big block letter. Contrary to evidence 
here presented, campus women participated too. They cleaned up 
the campus in a junk pile contest, prepared and served lunch to 
2300 hungry workers, under the direction of Geniel Thornton. 







^ .«^^^^^^B^m 



Guiding the destinies oF the 
tennis and golf team. Buck 
Dixon, right, brought the 
Western Division and Con- 
ference tennis titles home. 

ts.f y;^'^ ?'-f .'S?^^* ■ ^ ■■ ■ 

Eddie Ivimball, above, vacates as head foot 
ball coach to assume full-time duties as D 
rector of Athletics next year. 

Given his first crack at 
a head coaching job. 
Wayne Soffe, right, 
turned in a sweet perfor- 
mance and copped the 
Conference baseball 

In his first (oaching year with 
llie Brigs, Reed Nilsen, left, look 
over frosh football and varsity 
wrestling. He steps up lo line 
coach on varsity football. 

Stan Watts. left, former- 
ly assistant coach, has 
graduated to the top 
coaching job of the var- 
sity casaba squad. 

Floyd Millet, below, left the 
coaching profession after the bas- 
ketball season, and will be re- 
membered as one of the most suc- 
cessful of coaches in the school s 


Starting out llie season will) virtually the same team back from 
tlie year hefore and some ijromising frosh and transfers, tfie Cougars 
met and upset llie Azier from San Diego State, 14-6. In the shot 
above, Bruno Gillespie and l^on Bushore team up to "brick-wall" 
an Aztec runner. 

Don Woods 

Vcrl Dcardcn 

Cecil Lloyd 


No'I Algcr 

Jay Hamblin 

1 ^4ilV 

Elmo Roundy 

Continuing where lliey left off. tlie Cats met and again pulled 
an upset by blanking the Pepperdine Waves, 14-0. Below. Dave 
"Chugger" Chadwick skirls the end as he flits the trail for a good 


Fiili l^nsii Iv liioiitjiil liis P<i(iii( I'IccI Destroyers lo Provo and 
SDcipiK'cl llic \)r'ni win shciiK .il Iwo (.''Hiics. By \ irliic of a field goal 
and an inlerc cplcd pass, llie JJeslrONcrs uon 9-7. 

In llieir lirsl online afainsl a < onlerencc foe. llie Y was skunked 
ny llie Reds Iron) lip Xorlli. In llie sliol anove, a Ute snakes A! 
IJallex oil Ills liips and ( lialks up a sizcihlc <;ain. 

Oon Biisliorc 

1V(1 TliicI 
r III} bach 

Jim Ecclcs 


A. G. Kinder 

Tim Kimball 

Larry Anderson 

Don Latimer 

Ken Hamblin 

Gayle Holt 

Mcrril Hardy 

Bruno Gillespie 

Bob DimmicK 


Al Dalley 

Karol Bills 

Tony Cliristopulos 

Keilh Deeds 

Hal Egbert 

Marion Tree 

Arnie Weidauer 

Ray Aillcen 

Frank Magleby 


Don Millcl 

Hcriii OlJroyd 

Rod Long 

I lie C oiijjius I iimc l)n( k from El Paso willi some memories of 
Old M<'xi(o and some nol -so-nice memories of a 54-20 defeat at the 
liands of I exas MiiK's. T liis was a game in which Fred Wendt of 
llie Star State boys ran wild for four TD s to lead his males 
to their win. 

In a shot of the Homecoming game. Lyie Roller slops a Montana 
Bear in the Cougar backfield. 

'.fJv-'i^iiV.'^3-y.'.: ::.?;*- .A«! 


Homecoming must have been an inspiration to the local lads be- 
cause they really went to town in beating the Montana U Grizzlies. 
In the 26-20 victory. Chadwick found the end zone on three occasions 
to count for 18 of his teams total points. And in a bit of defensive 
work Chad is shown putting the squeeze on the Montana ball 

Bruce Osborne 

Glenn Claris 

Kinitall Merrill 

iacKte— Team Captain 


Scolly Deeds 

Lylc Kollcr 

Rex Berry 


In the nexl two games tlie Cats came back to Provo with two 
losses— lo San Jose, 21-6. and to tlie Colorado A and M Rams, 20-0. 
And then wlien the boys ran up against the Wyoming Coyvboys it 
looked as would be three in a row, but Ken Hamblin kicked a 
jO yard field goal for the one point victory margin, I5-14_. 

^ 4t*: 


ft ^ 





'*« ■r," 



«« n 







-««" •-**i. 



■- H 




After dropping the Pioneers, 
tlie Milletmen engaged the Utes 
on the Redskin floor and came 
out on the long end of the score 
when Randy Clark hit for two 
foul tosses with just three seconds 
left. Above, Ray Fullmer and 
Vern Whatcott. 



:i ■■' 








._ 4 v\ 



In the next five games the 
Cougars met and defeatea U.S. 
A.C. twice, Wyoming once, and 
Colorado A and M twice. It 
was along about this time that 
Joe Nelson hit his stride, and 
coupled with the scoring efforts 
of Roland Minson, the Brigs 
were being touted for the Sky- 
line Six crown. To the right, Joe 
Nelson; above, Russ Hillman 
and Dick Jones. 



I / 

* / 
















• ao^' 

IV 'Sr 

' TV 



The Cougars were unable to 
get back to their winning ways 
after the Colorado trip and end- 
ed up in fourth place in the lea- 
gue standings when the season 
came to an end. However, they 
were invited to the NAIB tour- 
ney in Kansas City, and after 
winning their first game, lost the 
second when a Louisiana hot- 
shot dropped in a basket as the 
final whistle sounded. 

Above, Rand Clark and Ivan 





13 j56 43 55 ,51 52 15 

1. 1 i^ 

I Mc Froshinaa Foolnall squad looked \ory pronrisinff fluring llic season, hirst row: Coarli Nilscn, D. Paulson, Lindsy, Daily, ralbcrt. Moncur, 
r.rickson. Bclnap, Coarli Crowton. Sriond row: A. Paulson, J. Andrrson, L. Anderson, Vanosdill, Karpowilz, Olvcrson, Harrison. Bohne^. 
I liird row: Pliipps, I urley, Satlcrlield, Reukerl, Ault, Hyinas, herguson, l.yre. Fourlli row; Pezzer. Raymond, Poodry, Bucr, Kinibal), 
Snuniann, I ookc. 

1 lie fuliirc slars of llie \arsily >quiK! appear helow ns llie '-^0 I rosli Baskelliail team. Ironl row. lefl !o rrglil: Richard Perkins. Ray Huffakrr, 
Byron I oone. Dirk Keelcr. LaMar Rawltngs, LaVon Salterlield. Lee Miles. Bark row: Coaeli Wayne Soffe, Dean Robinson, Arliss 
lenscn, Howard Berg. Reid Nel.«nn, Spenre Pappwortli, Assistant Coaili lav Hamblin. 



Of our 1949 Baseball team we are truly proud, 
and of their terrific stretch drive to the Conference 
Championship we will cheer long and loud. Needing 
every one of the five remaining games of their season, 
they "produced' in the clinches and went on to Den- 
ver to blast the Pioneers right out of their own Ball 
park. An excellent pitching staff and phenominally 
hard hitting turned the trick. 


Opposite page, clockwise — Kohler scores stand- 
ing up .... Georgie \vinas up ana aelivers .... 
Crump stretches for a close one . . . double play 
combination of Busbore to Kump clicks again. 


Above ^- Sorensen picks a Ute off at first .... 
"John" Paul Jones bas tbat long ball look in bis 


Below — Tbe full squad sits for a formal portrait. 



Track and field men of BYU. altKough 
somewhat weaker llian in past years, boast- 
ed several luminaries to wnicn fame can be 
attached. Clarence "Robbie" Robinson won 
the conference mile and half mile runs, as 
well as establishing a new conference record 
for the mile run during the state meet. Dave 
Chadwick won the 100 yard dash in the 
state meet and placed in both that race and 
the 220 yd. dash in the conference finals. 



Smiling, and deservedly happy after winning the Skyline Six 
Tennis Crown the BYU tennis team appears above as follows: 
Front row: Bob Calton, Dick Brower, Ira Todd. Back row: Dick 
Moody. Johnny Hyde, Earl Erickson, Wilmer Lee. 

Upper right: Dick Moody, conference singles champion, and Dick 
Brower. runner-up, teamed together to bring the conference doubles 
championship home to BYU. 

^ *- I 


Intramural athletics gave fun and relaxation to hund- 
reds of BYU males this year in addition to the many exciting 
moments derived from it by the largely feminine audiences. 

Lower left ^ Clarence Robinson, long striding Intramural 
Director, looks out of place with a javelin in his hand. 

Upper left — A basketball "Slugfest" entertains halftime 
audiences at one of BYU's conference basketball games. 

Upper right — Outgoing basketball coach Floyd Millet re- 
ceives a going-away present from the BYU student body. 

Lower right — Referee Dave Chadwick supervises a light- 
weight boxing match at the "Smokeless Smoker." 

un mumuu 




Head of the V^'omens ^^liysical Education Dept. 


Acting Head oj tlie Women s Physical Ed. Dept. 

These lour ^■ivacious. ihai'ming and enthusiastic women have been leaders of 
tlie girls whether it was to play hall, to howl, or to swim, their assistance was 
always cheerfully given. 


Director of Intramurals. 


President of the Women s Intramural Council. 


Women's Intramural Council . . . These are the girls that planned and 
carried out an active women s athletic program throughout the year. 
They are as follows: (back row) Geniel Thornton. LamyrI Boyack 
(front row) Ethel Young, Luana Rushton, Lorraine Linde and Shirley 
Allen. Not in picture— Helen Relmschiissel and LaRae Denning. 

Managers . . . girls that asslst<'d wllh various intramural tournaments, 
under their leadership and effort were planned many fine games which 
proved to be successful. 1 hev are as follows: Leah Hacking, Doro- 
thy McMuIleri, Nancy Taylor. Janet Romney, Marilyn Petty, Ethel 
Young, Faye Richards and Joyce Wood. Not pictured — LaRae Den- 
ning, MyrI Lindsay, Nancy Sakamoto and Dorothy Gottfredson. 


Thru slilf compclition. ihfsc girls 
came out on lop in llie Independent 
Volleyball Tournament. Tlney are Ra- 
mona Adams, NIariam Salfery, Dor- 
olliy McMullen. Leah Hacking, and 
Ceniel Thornton. 

The Valkyries look lop honors in the 
Social Unit Volleyball Tournament wiln 
little trouble. The members are as follows: 
Williel Enos. Ethel Young. Phyllis Hughes. 
Clare Gowers. Frances C roodness. Gladys 

An exciting game is in progress between Valkyries 
and Fidelas. 


Down the alleys go ihc- 
well aimed balls. With the 
determination of Mickie 
Teslich and Ethel Young 
to make a strike, they aided 
the Valkyries toward a vic- 
tory in the bowling tourney. 

She s sure to make a 
strike, Faye Richards shows 
how she helped the Psi 
Chapter of Lamba Delta 
Sigma take top honors in 
the bowling tourney. 

The above group, Leah Hacking. Mary Jacobs. 
Geniel Thornton and LaRae Denning took top honors 
in the Independent Bowling Tourney. 

Foul Pitch ... At the foul line is "hot shot" Dot McMullen led her 
teams in the independent tourney and also Fidelas in the Social Unit 
Tourney to victory. Looking on are Geniel Thornton. Leah Hacking and 
Ramona Adams. 

The Social Unit taking top honors in the basket- 
Dcill tourney are the Valkyries, they consisted of 
Ruby English, Gladys Kenolio, Donna Ricks, Fran- 
ces Goodness, Phyllis Hughes and Ethel Young. 

The independent group to take top honors in 
basketball are Ramona Adams, Dorothy Gottfred- 
son, Mariaim Saffery. Dorrothy McMullen, Genie! 
Thornton, Leah Hacking and Marilyn Woodward. 

An exciting battele between two independer teams, or could 
this be a creative dance class. 


A swing at the bird and over the net it 

. -, ordination. 

students showing the techniques of the game. 

11 r I •^' ■• ...vo. A game 

that takes a keen eye and quick coordination. Two phys. ed. 

Marjorie Barns, with little diffi- 
culty, took the top honors in the Pogo 
Stick Jumping Tournarent. 

Ping Pong ... A game that takes much quick thinking and coordi- 
nation. Above is an exciting match between two phys. ed. students 
showing the fundamentals of he game. 



In the respective Intramural Ski Meet. Mari- 
lyn Petty. Mickie Teslich and Joyce Wood took 
top nonors. 

The ski team that took manv lop honors are 
Mimi Christenson. Lorraine Linde and Lois Peter- 

"1 shot an arroNs into the air" I aimed at the bulls-eye but it lit 
over there. Jenny Hoops. Barney Shrive. ZaIia Seabury and Elaine 
Engstrom giving a demonstration on the skill of this sport. 


She's out— the umpire hollers as the ball is thrown to home plate 
and an ensuing battle follows of whether she was safe or really too late. 
Softball is a sport that provides much invigoration. 

Nancy Brockbank, a very talented swimmer, 
coming out of a jacknife. 

Mrs. Benson teaching the fundamentals 
of swimming to a beginning class of prospec- 
tive swimmers. 



it M S 

DEAN HANSEN .... president of Associated Men 
Students .... sought more activity for all campus men 
.... private travel bureau .... a good fellow .... 
Blue Key and Brigadier. CHRISTOPHER LEE COL- 
STON .... secretary .... Chris .... quiet and reser- 
ved .... carried his part of AMS load . . . Val Hyric. 
RALPH BENSON .... enterprising vice-president . . 
. . top notch debater and debate co-manager .... effi- 
cient .... Blue Key and Brigadier. 



Front row, lefl lo right: Eddie 
Etezad. Howard Hurst, Dean 
Hansen, Ralph Benson, Jerry 
Jorgensen, Al DeVito. Back 
row; Tom Kekaula, John Mun- 
son, LeRoy K. Jones, A! Han- 
sen, Bob Nugent, and Kay 


LORRAINE RUSSELL, back row left likeable 

secretary Johnny on the spot when things needed 

to be done .... Casta Tie. 

JOAN AUSTIN . . . vice president ... the inimitable 
Jordy .... high aims and wholehearted effort .... 
reorganized block system .... Val Norm. 


social chairman .... chief cook and bottle washer for 
husband Glen .... elementary teaching future .... 
Alta Mitra. 

LYNN WARNER . . . president .... initiated vaude- 
ville to replace co-ed ball .... teacher in phys. ed . . . 
easy going Fidelas. 

A W S 

Front row , left to right: Pat 
Yager. Marcene Camp, Luanna 
Rusnton, Jean Davis, Sylvia 
Patterson, Back row: Phyllis 
Hughes, Shirley Allen, June 
Adams, Janice Jensen, Jean Ho- 
ward, LaMarl Boyack. 


National honorary 
eadership fraternity 
for upperclassmen has 
always been the mov- 
ing force behind pro- 
jects of special merit. 
This year the keys fur- 
thered friendly rela- 
tions with Utah State 
by estabhshing the 
wheel as a victory 
symbol. Key commit- 
tees aided the union 
building fund by 
sponsoring symphony 
programs, put out the 
student handbook fall 
quarter, and shared in 
the campaign to intro- 
duce an honor system. 


Jess R. BusKman 

Floyd Woodfield 

Ken Pace 

Bruce Hilton 



founded \m 

Senior women s 
honorary with mem- 
bership consisting of 
women outstanding in 
scholarship, ability, 
and service. Contrib- 
uted heavily to im- 
proving campus life in 
all of its aspects. 
White Keys tradition- 
ally lead the home- 
coming parade. Pub- 
lishing and distribut- 
ing the student direc- 
tories entailed hours 
of proofreading copy. 



While Keys sponsored 
I lie Cougerettes. Form- 
ations planned on a 
blackboard were well ex- 
ecuted on tlie field. 

Strictly class ^vas the 
While Key fashion show 
inaugurated this spring. 


Y UiUlU 

3onnie nansen 

Jean Howard 

AWS Representalive 

W^anda Loe 

Carole Cordnrr 

Joan Dickson 

Charlotle Cannon 
Secretary 'Treasurer 

Tina Lou Daniels 

Miyoki Kotlii 
Norenc Woodland 
Leiia Cliristianscn 
Colleen Clark 
Dorolliy Groesheck 

Je\\<ll i riitnplon 

Cr-.i K..,nd 

Sliarcc \\Vsto\er 

Bcrdine lolinson 

Viola loliiinsen 

Iccin Rdtimey 

\iiu: Mona Kirkliatii 

liiirliiira Winkler 
Pre S(('e/il 

Beth Siuitli 

Aanes Weinoll 


A service organization for Sophomore girls. 
Membership may include Freshman girls of eacli 
spring quarter who have outstanding qualifica- 

tions in scholarship, participation in school activi- 
ties, and interest in the school a (fairs. Works 
with other service organizations on the campus. 

Onnn Bollc Blades 
Al/ina Mhc 1 Iiornlon 
Helen Civdc 

liinicc Ablx)lt 
Snlly Kirklinri. 
Cilorici Stinip-^on 

Miirilyn Cliristrnsen 
Janice Ilarl 
Barbara Hall 
Louis BriK 
Rnniona McClurc 

l'alri( r.i Strclc 
Palri.ia M..M>n 
L)a\\ n Bcnnion 
L.illian Si lii[}prr 
.'^ I.iri.m Icnscn 

R„v rv I'lullips 

\'UC /Vc-s/./lTll 

IDtirotlu' C rantiirr 
killl, Turcly 
C'iirol I'iklirr 
C''onirl 1 liornton 


IITM(]OLLEGIATe MMU .... founded 1941 

National under- 
classman's service fra- 
ternity whose member- 
ship is based on ac- 
tivity and scholarship. 
Responsible for the 
hghting of the "Y" on 
the mountain and a 
brand of go getters in 
all functions. 



"King Winter' won 
1. K.'s first place in 
the snow modeling 
contest. Their home- 
coming float spoke for 

Russell Mickelson 

Lynn Slayner 

Harold Nimer 

Allan Patterson 

Roy King 
Regionol Expansion Viceroy 

Cal Brandley 
Ralph Hansen 
Ken Godfrey 
Alvero A. Wardell 
Andy Easton 

Don Tregaskis 
Wort/iy Scribe 

Frank Wolverlon 

Stan Grcenweil 
Worifiy Recorder 

Paul Hansen 




C. Richard Pusey 
Douglas Nicholes 

Dean Harrison 
John Thompson 

James M. Paramore 

KennetK Perry 

Merrill Bradshaw 

Gordon Waring 

Chapter Expansion Chair. 

Tom Kekaula 

Maynard Gunlher 
Jennings Byrd 
John Muaina 
Frank Daly 
Clifford Kekauoha 


I.K.'s rang the bell 
for basketball victories 
and with Y.C. s co- 
sponsored Hello week 
and the extensive Y 
Belle activities. 





. . . . founded \m 

Betty Jean Houston 

Sliirley Allen 

AWS Representative 

Nan Kcisey 

LeaK Hacking 

Loralei Hollana 

JoAnn Denike 
Elizabctli Moody 

Gloria AsKer 
Marjoric Barnes 
Kathleen Pliillips 

Louise Wilcox 
Carnia Rasniusscn 

\ice President 
Carol Moody 
Marilyn Petty 

Beverly Brady 

Laurel Johnson 
lone Hilton 
Glenda Cropper 
Bronwyn Redford 
Helen Gerwin 

Alta Mitra seeks to 
promote closer friend- 
ship, cultural oppor- 
tunity, and wholesome 
activity for all mem- 
bers. They are especi- 
ally known for the 
competition they pre- 
sent in athletic con- 

The A. M. home- 
coming float and the 
committee who arran- 
ged it. 


Prexy Marilyn Petty and 
LeaK Hacking were 

among top skiers. 

Pat Koyen 
Mary Lou Ncclcy 
Sarah Colton 
Jackie Briggs 

Sergeant at arms 



Organized social life on campus was somewhat upset when 
the freshmen moratorium, prohibiting the rushing of freshmen, 
was declared fall quarter. Enacted in hopes of securing a more 
adequate social program for the growing student body, it was 
hfted spring quarter. The intcr-social Unit Council, consisting of 
a representative from each unit and Lambda Delt helped govern 
social activity. 


Originally called the 
"Gold Brickers' , Brick- 
ers are the oldest men's 
unit on campus. Good 
times with good fellows 
was the unit s primary 
objective From the Bric- 
ker ranks came an editor, 
prom chairman and che- 
er leaders. 

"Assume the Angle " 
is the official welcome to 
new men. The Bricker 
football team held its 
own in intramurals. 

Dick Peterson 

Richard Wilkins 

Douglas Jenkins 

Roger Parkinson 
Vice President 

Robert Bowen 

Jay Hamtlin 

Bill Smilk 

Kenneth Bateman 
Dick Brower 
Kent Taylor 
Boh Zabriskie 
Robert Gates 


Dean Packard 
Bruce Christensen 
Ken Pace 
Kennion Anderson 
Russell M. Billings 

Cleve H. Swenson 
Carl J. Thalman 
Darrell Call 
Robert Warner 
Norman Ellertson 

Girls and food added 
to both formal and in- 
formal parties. 



Goats performed 
various antics at tke 
annual Bricker-O. S. 
goat banquet. 

A certain well 
known building was 
conspicuous by it s ab- 
sence from Bricker » 
homecoming float. 



1 he annual fall quar- 
ter Bo\very Brawl fea- 
tures a wide variety of 
costume creations. 

Thirl Tew 
Myron Walker 
KeitK Fillmore 
Maurice Baleman 
Ralph Benson 

Keith Caldcrwood 

Fred Adams 
Vice President 

Howard Billings 

Vern Albright 

Max Golightly 

Roy Tew 

Les Ludlow 

Frank Turner 

Kenneth Sansom 

Gordon K. Lewis 

Steve Van Wagenen 
Joe Brammer 
Lewis Stephens 



I. founded 19^1 

The boys in the loud 
orange and black 
sweaters were noted 
this year for holding 
down a major part ol 
the school's executive 
positions. Two s t u- 
dent body officers, two 
A.M.S officers, Blue 
Key President, and 
Banyan editor were all 

The Brig symbol and 
the men who led in 
keeping it in the fore- 
ground this year. 


Fun and fellowship 
unaerlie Brig doings. 
One of the couples 
who enjoyed the Win- 
ter quarter Formal 



■ "A 






"All I want my friend 
to be that I would be 
to her and more is 
tlie Cesta motto and 
friendliness generally 
characterizes the mem- 
bers. Cesta boosted 
many active in cam- 
pus capacities from A. 
W.S. and class offi- 
cers to opera leads. 
Cestas are known as 
a musically talented 
group and may be 
spotted by their bright 
yellow jackets. 
Left: Cestas and dates 
partied often. 

Jean Livingslon 
Helen Clyde 
Lorraine Russell 
Sally Meranda 
Delia Mae Porter 

Barbara Reinsch 
Barbara Lou Nelson 
Libby Zundell 
Shirley Mauglian 
Maridell Lewis 

Jean Howard 
Song Leader 

Ruth Purdy 

Mary Martineau 

Marian AilenbacK 

Carol Jcnnens 

Connie Nebeker 

Bev Johnson 

Marion Crittenden 

Jolene Collett 
Yice President 

Krislinc Paulson 


Striking was the 
Golden Casta home- 
coming float. 


Everyone took a turn 
on a committee for a 
unit function. 



This barber shop 
quartet represents Fi- 
delas in the A. W. S. 
vaudeville show. 



Sisterhood, socia- 
bility, and service" are 
the goals of Fidelas 
girls who wear the 
gray sweaters with the 
maple leaf emblem. A. 
W.S. president Lynn 
Warner was a promi- 
nent member. 

A slumberless slum- 
ber party introduced 
rushees to the unit 
while, below, a couple 
of the girls plan one of 
their many activities. 



From rushee to act- 
ive member by way of 
final pledging and ad- 
ding your name to tne 



Til] ....founded 1946 

Don H. Petersen 
Gary By Lee 
Frank W'olverton 

Earl Garfield 
Dave W'eiser 
Bruce BrocKJoank 
Keith F. Scoville 
Lee Cox 

LeRoy K. Jones 
\'tce President 

Albert Hedquist 

Don ^larkenson 

Ej-nie Webb 

Al Halley 

W'ilmer Lee 

Thell Naegle 

WiUord X. Hansen 

James Br>'anl 

Boyd Drennan 

Increased and well 
rounded social life for 
members is the declared 
purpose of Gamma Tau. 
Gamms, ■who welcome 
out of state men especi- 
ally, held the soph class 
presidency and chair- 
manship of many functi- 
ons including the Snow 
Carnival. Their many 
parties ranged from for- 
mal dinner dances to in- 
formal skating and beach 

Pledges go through 
much rough stuff on 
pledge night. 




A very special diet 
is arranged for the 

Ijouis Brossard 

Dean Johnson 

L. Charles Larson 

Farrell Brown 

Robert G. Cameron 

Bob Anderson 

Stanley A. Hall 

Dick Magleby 

Max D. Nelson 

Bob Parsell 

Ariel Williams 
Bob Mercer 
Earl Garfield 
Fred Schow 
Dean Rigby 

Doral Kemper 
Eddie Edwards 
Don Peterson 


RIIGHT TEMPLIRSw.foandeil 1949 

Templars was the 
men's addition to cam- 
pus social life this 
year. With Jim Hill 
and a host of ambiti- 
ous freshmen they 
soon made themselves 
known as a pohtically 
and socially active 
group. Fellowship, 
cooperation and broth- 
erhood are Templars' 
basic principles. 

Winter quarter ple- 
dges carried their 
sword like paddles 
with pride. 


The Nautilus float, 
"Buiia Thee More State- 
ly Mansions," which 
placed second in the 
annual homecoming pa- 

Above, the big night af- 
ter many hours of prac- 
tice for the Song Fest. 




MUTILUS ....founded 1920 

Real friendship, lots 
of fun. and support of 
all school activities are 
the goals of Nautilus. 
NL's produced the 
White Key president, 
several class officers 
and the snow queen. 
Most worth-while pro- 
ject is the presentation 
of a year's scholarship 
to the outstanding 
freshman girl scholas- 
tically at the spring 
awards assembly. 

Left, a need for more 


Barbara Bennett 
Marilyn Hillon 
Vcria Lou Sniilti 
Sally Kirknam 
Janice Hilton Abbott 

"Sports ' at the can- 
yon home \vhere NL s 
spent a weeKend. 





O. S. Trovata. meaning 
eight Kappy sisters Kas long 
oeen famous for its L>eauties. 
O.S.s point this year to 
Banyan Queen, Donna Jean 
Southwick, as a typical mem- 
ber. Besides tKe usual invi- 
tational and formal dinner 
dance, O.S. Kave an annual 
scKolarsKip banquet honoring 
members with high scholastic 

O.S. s share their annual 
goat dinner with Brickers. 
Below, box lunches on the 
Smith lawn made good 
spring quarter rush parties. 




At left more O S. 
cuties in cottons. Loc- 
al color decorated tliis 
October barn dance 
at bottom, while top, 
the more formal O. S. 
invitational held win- 
ter quarter. 

Tausigs and Brick- 
ers battle it out during 
annual "Bury the 
Hatchet" proceedings. 



TAUSIG .. ..flMuled 1920 

Another of the old- 
er men's units, Tau- 
sigs this year came out 
with everything from 
football players, and a 
orchestra leader, 
Sophomore Loan 
Fund Ball chairman 
and the senior class 

The big three in 
T a u s i g invitational 

Another antic of 
"Bury the Hatchet" 




• • • t 

fonnded 1949 

WitK the motto "we seek for beauty in 
all things", and led by dynamic Carolyn 
Blair, Tokalon came lo campus winter 
quarter. Within a quarter they had a 
win in the A.W.S. vaudeville show and 
a Y Belle finalist to their credit. Com- 
posed largely of freshmen. T. K. s was 
quickly recognized for talent and leader- 

Marilyn Martin 

Carolyn Blair 

Lila McDonald 

Merri Sorensen 

Beverly Nalder 

Shirley W'anlass 

Barbara Robison 

Carina dcJong 
Vice President 

Betty Porter 

Joanne Eliason 

Lois LarcK 

Jackie Neath 

Alice Brady 
Louise Heninger 
Maralyn Ballif 
Yolanda Parry 
Gay Peters 

Barbara Burrows 
Sally Maglcby 
Dorothy Anderson 
Mary Lois Bolingbroke 
Louise Haien 

Marilyn lurley 

Iris Bigler 

Grace Jones 

Lucile Gatenby 

Freida Davis 



Still in the process 
of getting themselves 
established — Tritons 
carried on an active 
schedule this yea 

Brooklyn Bob" Nu- 
gent headed the group 
Pledges take their 


fonnded 194S 


founded 192$ 

The four S's— socia- 
bility, scholarship, ser- 
vice, and sportsman- 
ship guide the activi- 
ties of Val Hyrics. V. 
H.'s were found active 
in intramurals, the ju- 
nior class presidency, 
and the Banyan staff. 

The annual invita- 
tional "Valhalla" fea- 
tures a tasty smorgas- 
board. V.H.'s have 
the reputation of be- 
ing the best fed unit 
on campus. 




Winter quarter pleg- 
ges begged alms for 
their injured basket- 
ball player. 

Tops in athletics 
from bowling to bas- 
ketball—that's Valky- 



HIKYRIE ....founded 1947 

From its start as an 
honorary for returned 
service women, a cou- 
ple of years ago, Val- 
kyrie has grown to a 
regular, full fledged 
social unit. 

Pledging is fortnal. 

Goats get the reg- 
ular workout. 

A formal dance is 
an annual affair. 



ni lORi 

founded 1927 



"She flies with her 
own wings is the Val 
Norn motto and V.N. 
members flew high 
many activities, 
student body secre- 
tary, A.W.S. officer, 
Y.C. president, three 
class officers, t h e 
homecoming queen, 
and first Y Belle were 
claimed by Val Norn. 

Bev Gibbons and 
the invitational Com- 
mittee carried out the 
Legend of Timpanog- 
os in decorations and 

The V. N. float in 
a past ho'mecoming 



Carol PitcKer 

Moana Ballif 

Madelyn Mathews 
Vice President 

Norma BrockLank 

June Sanders 

Margee Harding 
Beverly Gibbons 
Pauline Dyreng 
Carolyn Broberg 
Donna Thomander 


She's lovely, she s 
engaged, she's a V.N. 

A Vike's desk— with 
his Viking paddle and 
picture of his Viking 
Sweetheart. Above, 
the Viking shield 
lights the way to all 
official functions. 



nded 19^8 

A well rounded 
combination of ath- 
letes, preferred men, 
musicians, and other 
campus men comprise 
the Viking member- 
ship. I K Duke, Dal- 
ian Clark, was a Vike. 
Parties and school 
participation kept 
Vikes busy. 

The Viking snow 
model looked good 
enough to eat. 


Ken Leth 
James R. Eccles 
Kay Lesueur 
Maynard Guntlier 
Phillip Heaton 

Vern Tueller 
Francis Magleby 
Norman Wing 
Robert Hales 
Shad Pearson 

Gene Jensen 
Elmo Roundy 

Above, the back 
ground for the annual 
Jiggs party, a novelty 
costume affair. A t 
right, a new Viking 
awaits the "velvet 

LiiiBD^ DUTi mm 

Sterling Mason 

Mr. and Mrs. Alma Burton 

Wayne Ferguson 

Bill Ingalls 

Vice President 

lone Lewis 

Secretary, Fall Quarter 


mmm officers 

Marie Kirkham 
Preside n( 

..foanded im 

Nellie Sweeten 

Bernice Kunkel 

Vice President 

r. & Mrs. William E. Berrett 


L. D. S. Sweetheart Harriet Robinson reigns supreme 
surrounded by aspirants to the throne Pat Romney, Charlotte 
Cannon, Lillian Schipper, Audra Moss. Lorry Smith, and 
Betty West. 


All work and no play will never make Lambda Delts 
dull people. They play plenty with skating parties, in- 
formal and formal dances, a spring roundup and can- 
yon party. 

This saga of chivalry amused one general session. 

The Lambda Delt all day Snow Carnival at Utah 
Lake was fun for all. 





Clifford KekauoKa 
Tom Kekaula 

Dale BuscKke 

Curtis KnigKt 

Lamar Lund 
Vice President 

Robert Clark 

Bill Ingalls 

Grant Burgon 
Carl Mellor 
Eugene Tidwell 
Paul Barton 
Hertert Morris 

Rey L. Wiser 

Max Johns 

Nei! Farr 

Rex Losee 

Sam Medlyn 

A. J. Carpenter 

William F. Romney 

Harlo Mortensen 
Athletic Manager 

Calvin Wilcox 

Sterling Mason 




ilmer Lee 

Jack Jenkins 
Vice President 

John Noble 

Edward Marshall 
Athlelic Manager 

Lewis Judd 

William H. Taylor 

Fred Clarke 

Dick Blint 

L. Con Taylor 

Mark E. Oldham 

Francis LeBaron 

Don Schaefcr 

Bruce D. Barrett 

Andrew Easlon 

Don Wadsworth 
Ray Huffaker 

Keith Jensen^AIpha 
James B. Collyer 
Burtis Roherlson— Gamma 
Richard K. Bevan 
Grant Rowleys-Gamma 
Mollis Scott— Gamma 

Maynard Russon— -Gamma 
Leroy Gunnel!— Gamma 
Ralph Bateman— Gamma 
Floyd Dixon— Gamma 
Leo C. Pendleton— Gamma 
Melvin Whipple— Gamma 

Gale Hammond— Gamma 
Max J. Cope— Delta 
Raymond Brinkman— Delta 
Clinton Odell-Delta 
Floyd Moon— Delta 
Arlin Glines— Gamma 



Donnetle Stringham 

Dorothy Broulin 

Beverly lire 

Fredora Fuller 

Jean Slack 

Alene Stringham 

Mary Moore 

Helen Moss 

Elaine Dangerficld 

Barbara Grant 

Iris Jensen 

Vice President 

Arva Lue Morlcnsen 

Ann Smith 

Rae Nelson 

Fern Wheeler 

Carol Morby 
Louise Ncilson 
Nona Dutson 
Phyllis Allen 
Joyce Murphy 



Norman Wright 

Lloyd Anderson 
Vice President 

Jay Merrill 

Eldon Pulsipher 
Orvin J. Springtnorpe 
Ken Kcat 

Howard Greaves 

Bruce Wasden 

John Frelwell 

Milton D. Christcnscn 

Carl Wilcox 

Merhn Sorensen 
Gerald Cannon 
Don Jenseji 
Parley Bclnap 
Dale Hunt 

Fenlon Pulsipher 

Charles Muhlestcin 

Grant Howard 
Atldetic Manager 

Wayne Ferguson 

William Brace 



UMk mnn 

Carlyle Gay 
George Kawasaki 

Nyle Cox 

^Vest C. HaninionJ 

Joel Richards 

Rae LinJsey 
Charles K. Anderson 
Junior Hicks 

Keith Midglcy 

John Green 

Merrill Gunnell 

Lynn Wayne Hansen 

Boyd Goodrich 

Dwain Chapman 
Paul Comer 
Donald Hicken 
Harold LaMunyon 
Kent S. Anderson 



Barbara and Kenneth Jones 

Lueen and Charles Kamauoha 

Laurene and EarJ Brunner 

Uncva and Dills Workman 

Audra and Joel Moss 

Lila and Glen 1 oinian 

Ireta and Leslie Wheeler 

LaDenc and Galen Winsor 

Eva and Waller Reiniscliiissel 
Vice President 

Polly and Scoll Kicster 

Ruth and Blaine Wasden 



Leona GutKrie 
Adlele MarcKant 
Jean Emerson 

Rula Jane Wells 
Vice President 

Joy Ivie 

Raola Hill 

Euri<Iice Turano 

Katlir>n Askcraft 

Bonnie Christenscn 

Bernice Bullock 

Verna Wardle 

Elaine Pugmirc 

Hairiet Rotinson 

Peggy Haglund 

Margene Nelson 

Elmo Jones 

Phyllis Ellicott 

Luclma Brodcrick 

Evada Ornie 

Pl.yllis W'ardlc 

Donna Jean \Wdd 
Hazel Dawn Ream 
Erma Clark 

Lou Narraniorc 

Pauline Taylor 

Mary Lou Necley 

Bonnii^ 1 urnor 

Norma Siiiilli 

AtltloUc >fan«gor 



Janice Jenson 
Rulli Scliippcr 
Jean McKcIi 

Mnrtlia Pcllij 

Juno Lcc Merrill 

Agnes Weib?ll 

Vivian Scliippor 

Lillian Scliipp i' 
Rt' porter 

Caniien Urscnback 

Shirley Mortcnscn 

Helen ^ oung 

Irene it son 

Atht c Manager 

Wilnia .. 'ndenliiill 

Bcrnit c Ku el 

Ann \ lanscn 

J. Kay ( lelclier 

io\(c Bowen 
Mnrll... I'orry 
Hll.rl Grillin 
Jeanne Olscn 
Marie Hnslcin 



Gloria Jensen 
Patricia Ellis 
Marie Dean 

Vesta Ann Ball 
Grace Hutcliings 
Rose tilise Lund 

Darlenc Lund 
Susie Whitney 
Mahle Paulson 
Anne Pcarce 
I'nid Critdifield 

Irene Howells 
Lilti Britiiley 
Elaine Howlctl 
Belli Brown 
Inga Piass 

Norriia Rac Lyons 

Vic W'l.ile 

Helen Lritksori 

Vcola Vaun Le\ie 

Jo-^epliinc ^ oung 



Eslnor Stringfollow 

Ila Ashlininn 

Alzina Mac Tiiorntoii 

Naonc Mitson 
Pliyllis Parker 
EniriKi Lou Cliantrcll 
lone Lewis 
Arlcnc Jones 

Lilia Cliristianscn 

Nancy Wells 

Vcnia Jean hrickson 

Glcnda Williams 

Ellen Jean Ririe 

Betty Jean Hirscni 
Vice President 

Mona Rulfe 

Barbara Higginoolliani 

Donna Mac Blocker 

Martha Maag 

Fay Ricltards 
Florcnr;: Swecton 
Nellie Sweelon 
Ernia Eldredgc 
Carol Bean 

Belly West 

Bessie Bar(lioloiiic\\' 

Dora Cull 

losepliine Wagstaff 

LaKac Burgon 

Marie Hardy 





LaRae Otlesen 

Elaine Eastman 
Iris Atkinson 

Ruth Goulding 

Shirley Huber 

Patricia Havens 

Ethel Griffin 
Vice President 

LaRce Holtrook 

Mary Moore 

LaRue Holbrook 

Peggy Bcal 

Patricia Romiicy 

Helen R. Cloridgc 

Anne Heyrcnd 

Ncola Peterson 

Colleen Rawson 

Elaine Ornic 

Marie Haslain 

Constance Decker 
Glynna Dcspciin 
Norma Dcspain 
Jean Stock 
Ornia Gaylc Looslie 

Betty Jean Porter 
Bctly Carniack 
Marie Sabin 
Barbara Harries 
Margaret Sliupe 
Raniona Harrison 



Donna Jean Vane 

SyKin Paltcrson 

t lor. I C iiri-ilianf^cn 

CDllifn ^ liri-;trn>cn 

111 \nn Merrill 

C.r.w.r Millard 

M.,ry Hlla Jordiin 

BcNcrly Wliilc I'.ukcr 
Joan Au?lin 
Lcnii Scorcsby 
C.rol L. Pilclicr 
Joyce Ann Gnilbrailli 

Bonnie Rns^clI 

Janice Jensen 
Vice President Ballanlync 

Cliarlotlc Cannon 

Gladys Jolinson 

M.iraaret W lieeior 
Doris Lnandcr 
Marian Briniliall 
L.iMyrlo Boyack 
Claire Dyreng 

Violet Lanra>ler 
A^..n M. Dodge - Ciii>.ira Jean Taylor — Chi 
Colleen M. Sorcn>en — Clii 
Na.line M.ul.cll - Cl.i 



Iiilccn Schippcr 
Luclccn r rcsli 

VnJ.i Johnson 

M;t ISC Larson 
Luiiim Maning 
Carol J. Clark 
Mar-jarct Packer 

Naclcen Cluff 
Athletic J^'lanager 

Donna Anmodt 

Joyce Parson 

Marjfarct Irvine 

Pauline Dyreng 

Margaret Barlow 

M..rilyn Tliompson 

A.lrlle Ciiryst 

Ji .nine Olsen 


Shirley M. Call 

Viola Joliansen 
Wanda Randall 
Marilyn Jensen 
Lila Stucki ^ Plii 
Shirley Fox <— Omega 

Katharine Allen 
Carolyn Blair 
Marian Andrew ^ Plii 
Lcnora Bulikofcr 
Marie Kirkliani '— Plii 


Sitting. left to right: Carl R. McFarland, Lloyd E. Webster. Richard Moody. Wayne Weech, Joseph P. Hancock. Gene Shumway, Ken- 
neth M. Flake. Lee Udall. Joseph M. Day. Second row: Guy Ray. Jo Udall, Beverly Gibbons. Elarl L. Smith. Sue Whiting. Elaine Eng- 
strom. Joye Larson. Zaiia Seabury. Donna Gibbons. Rulon Kartchner. Reed Hall. Back row: R. Neal Richards. Leon Ballard. Bessie Brown, 
Nelson Webster. Nina Ruth Kimball. Joyce Reber. Kalo Anderson, Leo C. Peterson. Dayle Thomas. Richard Dominguez, Glynn Despain, 
D. Keith Tucker, Patricia Flake. June Galbraith. Christine .Anderson, James Wiltbank, Roy Smith, Steve Sherwood 


Sitting, left to right: Ruel Randall, Doyle S. Hansen, LaDonna Lunl, Joyce Welker, LaVieve Thomas, Connie Decker. Monila Turley. Don 
Janson. James Walser. Second row: Betty Jo Petersen, Norma Rae Tanner. MariK-n Hoopes. Leona He>'^\-ood. Reva Janson. Elaine Greer. 
Sylvia Farr. Evelyn Flake. Marilyn Turley. Back row: Jack Wooiey. Herbert Petersen. Billie Openshaw, Margie Gay Driggs, Benton Mosley, 
Margaret Alexander. Julienne Jennings, Lyman Shreeve. Ted Plumb. L eland Smith, Farrel Brown. Joyce Galbraith. Darlene Price. NaDeen 


First row, left to right: Kenny Pocock. Marcus Sigmon, San Doxey, Vice President; Don Driggs, President; Barbara Rcinsch, Secretary- 
Treasurer; Keith Tucker. Jean Livingston, Gene Jensen, Lewis Judd. Second row: Beverly Agnew, EhzahetK Martini, Barbara Pearson, 
Sally Magleby, JoAnn Petersen. Mary Pratt, Barbara Jean Driggs, DuVello Hanson, Robert Clark. Third row: Neola Peterson, Bonnie 
Greenall. Gloria Jacobs, Helen J. Krage, Denton Porter, Bob Gallagher, Don Fisher, Boyd G. Drennan, George W^. Sorensen. .Shirley Bratt, 
Barbara Jones, Rosanne Sessions. 


First row, left to rigKt: Van MacCabe, Dick K. Bevan. Marilyn MacDonald, Boyd Drennan, Barbara Jean Driggs. George Sorensen, Helen 
Krage. Jerry L. Jorgensen. Second row: Marjean Haddock, Mathalyn Xyvel Atwood, Helen Johnson, Joan Stoddard, Suzzanne Fiske. 
Joanne Faragher. Ruth Anderson. Gloria Jacobs, Vernell Torgersen, Carolyn Johnson. Third row: Derwood B. Coleman, Gordon Owen, Bud 
Bohnev Kendall Price. Robert Clark. Dale H. Buschke, Curtis Knight. Don Driggs, Earl Clark, Samuel Medlyn, Richard Phelps, Steve Van 
W^agenen, \\''ilmer Lee, Les Williams. 


First row, left lo righl: Ar- 
lin Glines, Cliff Peterson, 
Rita LcBaron. Lowell Horla- 
cher, Winton Brooks. Sec- 
ond row: Pat Green. Bever- 
ly Knowlton, Margaret Brad- 
snaw, Julie Joknson. Carol 
Pitcher. JoKn Redd. Third 
row : Carmen Ursenbacn, 
Wilma Hansen, Ann Han- 
sen, Gordon Thihault, Har- 
old I anner, Joseph B. Kee- 
ler, Kathcrine Allen. Lovina 
Keeler, Barbara Ririe. 


First row, left lo righl: Ar- 
villa Smith, Norma Bullock. 
Donna Blades. Second row: 
Grant Sabey. Laurine Shaw. 
Iris Gowin, Louiene Henln- 
ger, Viola Johansen. Calvin 
Bradley. Third row : Prof- 
essor John W. Payne, Bob 
Mercer, Keith Francis, Gor- 
don Harris, Hermine Briggs. 
Lois Fairbanks. P h y 1 1 i p 



Left to right, front row: Vesta 
Ann Ball, reporter; Vern H. Jen- 
sen, sponsor; Carolyn Watson, 
president, social chairman. Back 
row: Bevan Haycock, vice-presi- 
dent; Bob Abbott, president: 
Ken Mott, social chairman. 


First row, left to right: Carolyn 
Watson. Jeraldean Guynion, Lc- 
ona Guthrie. Second row: Belly 
Jo Anderson, Shirley Ruth Mor- 
tensen. Janice Hilton Abbott, 
Vesta Ann Ball. Irene M. Geor- 
ges, Betty Jane Johnson. Back 
row: Cheryl Brown. Joseph L. 
Shawcroft, Vern H. Jensen, Mel- 
vin A. Ball. Bob W. Abbott. 
Richard V. Anderson, Ken Mott, 
Bevan Haycock, and Glenna 



Sitting, left to right : Cloras Robinson, Secretary : 
Dean A. Peterson, Sponsor; KennelK Keale. President. 
Standing; Wesley Holl. Social Chairman; Donna 
Yardley, Social Chairman: Don Homer. Athletic Mgr. 


First row, left to right: Bob 
Keate, Elaine Short, Pearl 
Cox, Emma Little. Walter 
Botts. Second row: Cloras 
Robinson. Catherine W^ood- 
bury, Laurett Brooksby, Enid 
McArthur. Dorothy Lang- 
slon, Grace Guynion. Snar- 
lene Snow, Donna Yardley. 
Third row : Wesley Holt, 
Loraine Woodbury, Vernon 
Short. Kenneth Keale, Dean 
A. Peterson, Sponsor; Vern 
Barney, Carl Brooksby, Don 
Homer. Don F. Schmutz, 
Darwin Reber. 



Front row. left to right: Allen J. Doly, Peggy L. Haglund. Bonnie Lee Turndc, Pauieen Homer. W. Ricli- 
nrd Peteriein. Second row: Jean Williams. Ariel Williams, Ruth Hames, Barbara Ann Kennedy. LeRoy 
K. (Jack) Jones, Leiia, Chrisliar(sen. Michael A. Maholias. Back row: Phyllis Ellicott. Norma Boam, 
Chester G. Lyidns. John S. Way, ShayrrI Warner. Lenoir Hatfield, and Karl A. StcinacJccr. 



First row: Gladys Kcnolio. Vice-President: Abrafiani T. Cocictt, Presi- 
dent: Mary Joyce K. Cockctt. Secretary. Second row: Frances Good- 
ness. Athletic Director; Tlionias Kekaula, AtKltlic Director; Miyoko 
Kocni, Reporter. 


Firsl row: Roborl I. Toniila. En.iiialinc Padckon, Laurn Ma«' 
Goodness, Manioru Malsuniura. loniniy Kckayla. Cliiiord Kc- 
Kauoha. S<s:ond row: Lcinaala J. Coodnes\s. Frances Goodness. 
Alice Uchida. Blossom K. Enos, Kalherinc Kanekoa. John Mu- 
aina. Roland Alo. Third row: Miriam Saffcry. Lily Higa. 
Gladys Kondo, Masayo Ono, Nanty Sakamoto. Rowcna Kcaka, 
Lula Enos. 



'lay Day is Lei Day 

in Hawaii" 

A "Lei Day"' music and dance festival was staged in 
the Smith Auditorium by the Hawaiian Club. Kay Coc- 
kett, right, was crowned as queen of the program while 
the pictures below give a sample of the songs, and dances 
which were presented. 

Plumeria flowers, crown flower, ti leaves (from which 
authentic hula skirts are made), were flown from Hawaii 
to make the event as real as possible. 



Silting, left to right: Marilyn Ge^ddes. Secretary: Le- 
Roy Gunncll, Athletic Manager: Margaret Packer, 
Reporter. Standing: John A. Green, President; Ruby 
McDonald, Treasurer: Charles Larsen, Vice President. 


First row. left to right: Carolyn Tkompson. Geraldine Tovey, CatKryn G)ttrell, Geraldine Btiggs, Dora Maughan, Margaret Packer, Lillian 
Strong. John A. Green. Charles Larsen. Second row: LuAnn Manning, Phyllis Parkingson. Laura Ann Seaton. Faughn Montague. Ruty 
McDonald. Marilyn Geddes. LuDene Fresh. Joyce Wood, Colleen Wood. Lydean Yancey. Raymond Brinkmon, Audrey Sauer. Third row: 
Nona Dulson. Helen Moes, Neil Farr, Fern Wheeler, Jean Stock, Richard Pope, Lee Glenn, Kenneth McBride, Donna Draney, Yvonne Lyons. 
Loa Bowen. LaRae Otiesen. Pauline Gines. Fourth row: JoAnn Groesbeck. Pat Romney. Anna Marie Heyrcnd. Phyllis Holyoak. Leah Scores- 
by. Eileen Pullman. Lila Stucki. Margaret Wheeler. Marianne Gessel. Elaine Turner. Jeanine Hansen. Beverly Packer, FiFlh row: Dwain 
Chapman. Robert Homer. Selh W. Swann. Warren Russell. Robert Richins. Keith Critchfield, Thomas H. Clark, Elden Wood, Dale Turner, 
Leroy Gunnell, John Noble. Grant Packer. 



Left lo right: Maureen Robins, social cKairman; Dee 
Wright, president: Jo Ann Peterson, secretary-treas- 
urer; DaroIJ Whatcott, vice-president. 


First row, leFl to right: Richard L. Dewsnup, JoAnn Peterson, Carole Kimball, Bruce Hilton, Clesse Hilton. Darold Whatcott, LaMar Twitch- 
ell. Second row: NIadelyn Mathews, Shirley Monroe, Maureen Robins. Carol Moody, lone Hilton, Glenda Cropper, LaVon Barney, Janet 
imnford. Dee Wright. Back row: Boyd Wright, Glen Bushnell. Leigh Pratt. Darrel T. Allred, Elwood Lovell, Eugene Holman. Milton Theo- 
bald, Bruce Wasden. 



Olliccrs. silling Icll lo riglil: Vivian Stlilpptr, Vice President; 
DcRay Eyre. Social Cliairnian; CinJy Sicwnrl. Secretary: May- 
narJ Gunter. President. 


First row: Vivian Schipper, DeRay Eyre. Geneva Call. Anita Call. Dorothy Anderson. Lola Smith. Janet Pracejus. Lou Winegar. Geri 
Solomon. Robert Keate. Ruth Schipper. Second row: Lois Petersen. Quincy Schuenman. Morris Hainsworth. Francis Magleby, Eldon Gunfer, 
Kenneth Keate. Melvin R. Whipple. Marian Andrew. Jay Hainsworth. Lois Lynn Torgersen. Cindy Stewart. Third row: Lillian Schipper, 
L. Donald Long, Eileen Schipper. Hal Magleby, Vern Albright. Ted Marshall. Don Wadsworth. Lloyd George. Loma Whitaker. Janice Earl, 
Maynard Gunter. Jamds Sill. 



Left to right, Nasser Moaghar. Vice President: Jerry 
Snow, TreasureY; Eddie Etezad. President; Peggy 
Hag land, Secretary. 




— n 

^^r '^^^^1 


1 f 5 




Silling, left to riglit: Ckarmaine Guthrie, LeJa Jensen, CJiarlene MaJsen. Manne Claaeline, Peggy Haglond, Beverly Bennett, Jerry Sno 
Standing: Rex Johnson. Daniel Brown. Richard Rafatjah. Kay LeSueur. Eddie Etezad. Ferhad Ganjei, Fred Saleh, Nasser Movaghar. 


-^•p •■ 



r- ^ 



y^- ' 




• ^-:i 




First row; Dniincll Aclcox, SoriiJ Cltainiiiin; Ruliy Flnglisli. 

Prositlcnl: Sliirlcy Liirscn. Rrporlcr. Cack row: Max Crirlrr, 

Vice PrcsiJcnl; lacquclyn Oglcshy. Socrclary-1 rcnsurcr; Hclgar 
Aucoin. Atlilelic Manager. 


First row, left to right: Jane Nickle, Joan Nidtle, Jeein Nickle, Shirley Larsen, lona Green, Iris Atkinson, Elva Price. Maxine Cordacf. 
Second row: Dahnelle Adcox, Diane Witbeck, Barbara Robinson, Clarece Rutler, Joyce Bedenbaugh, Ruby Ejiglisb. Back row: Jenrun^s 
Byrd, Ralph Hancock, Norman Johnson, Everette Aldridge, Edgar Aucoin, Douglas Phillips, Edward Krider. Harley Mims. 



Sitting: Don M. Walker, President. Standing: Don- 
na Lundell. Secretary; Ina Mae Collier, Social Chair- 
man; Eva Elldredge. Reporter; Erma Elldredge, Vice 


Sitting: Ina Mae Collier, Helen Richens, Naida Ruth Crawford, Junior Hicks. Lila Ashby, Laurel Snyder, Patricia Koyen. Gloria Wallis, 
Janet Ruppe, Anne Elizabeth Slaugh, Joelle Johnson, Mrs. Reed Morril. Don M. Walker. Second row: Ward Abbott, Floyd Moon. Boyd 
Goodrich, Vernon Parent, Kenneth R. Goodrich, Gilbert Kimball, Erold Clark Wiscombe. Renee Labrum. Donna Rae Labrum. Mark Angus. 
Helen Allen. Gwendolyn Veile. Carroll Porter. Shirley Huber, Veon McLean, Melda Rasmussen, Amber Adams, Val Larie Preece, Betty Jo 
Sprouse, Enid Caldwell, Donna Lundell. Back row: Maurice B. Smith, Jessie Benson, Glade Nelson, Gerald Mitchell. Milton Poulson, Jay 
Mickelsen, Lucy Calder, Rachel Calder, Glen Allred. Burr S. Elldredge, Ernest Weeks, John Keith Haws, James McCoy Workman, Reed 
Morrill. Buddy Kimball. Bob Benson, Duane Price. 



Members of tlie Wyoming club basketball team 
whicn won first place in intrainurals are. front row, 
left to right : Lee Fillerup, Grant Tingcy. Don Bald- 
win. Jerr>' Horslcy. Back row: LeRoy Cecil Taylor. 
Dean VnnNoy, Dick Docrr, and GariK Briggs. 


Front row. left to right: Sylvia Despaln. Garth Briggs, Bonnie Jean Moesser. Lee Fillerup, LoEnc Brown. Gordon Wearing, Jean Olsen. Leo 
Pendleton. Second row: Keith Bischoff, Sharmene Brough. Dean Robinson, Darlcnc Brimhall. Frnie Olsen, Shirley ririckson. Spencer Pap- 
worth, Betty Jean Porter. Back row: Dwighl Despain. Shirley Fox, Don Baldwin. Phyllis Jameson, Jerry Horsley, Joyce Potter. Dick Docrr. 
Lou Narramore, Phil Kennington, Irene W'illis, and Lila Jameson. 


Going home for Christmas by charlered bus 


Front row, left to rigKt: Ralpk Hansen, President: Fred Radicliel, Historian; Darlene Openshaw, Secretary; Luciie Rose. Vice President; 
Anna Lee Harrison, Donna Fiiomander, Grace Millard, LaVonne Thomander, Daniel Clay. Second row: Josephine Young, Helen Young, Lu 
Ann Merrill, Marilyn CKristensen, Joy Simmons, Grace S. VanderhyJe, Rutli Leone Rose, Suzanne Eyring, Barbara Bennett. Back row: 
Richard A. Myer, Bruce Chambers, John Zagorec, William Thayer, William Fenar. Walter Edwards, David A. Wciscr, Robert Burton, Ro- 
bert Nugent, Bradley Poodey, Richard A. Dyer, Lloyd T. Dyer. 


m mn collegg uiit 

Front TOW, Ie[t to rigbt: Mrs. Irva Andrus, college unit chair- 
man: Mrs. Lillian C. Booth, faculty advisor. Back row: Bonnie 
D. Hansen, vice-chaiiman : Wm. Earl Read, program chairman: 
and Colleen Benson, student chairman. 

The Red Cross College Unit perorms Red Cross 
duties on campus. It is a service organization 
whose main duty is to give service to the Veteran's 
Hospitals in the form of programs, entertainment, 


Roylane Spratling 

Eileen Schipper 

Susan Nelson 

Mary Newman 

Elizabeth Martin 

Afton Ash 
Kathleen Cullimore 
Monna Hansen 
Yvonne Lyons 
Katherine Allen 

Barbara Kennedy 
Barbara Smith 
Nadine Jones. 
Shirley Robison 
Nancy Takemoto 

LaDeanne Squires 
Maxine Cordner 
Nancy Brockbanic 
Gayle Loosli 
Shirley Hansen 

Janice Petersen 
LaVon Thomander 
Carol Jean Clark 
Elaine Orme 
La Von B'own 

Joan Knight 
Audra Sauet 

Petitioning for membership in 
Alpha Lambda Delta national Fresh- 
men women's scholastic honorary, 
this group was temporarily without 
a name. Lack of a name did not 
inhibit the group's activity however. 
Lead by chairman Eileen Schipper 
and a committee of. Carol Jean 
Clark. Kay Cullimore. Elizabeth 

Martini. Mary Newman, and Bar- 
bara Romney. the group held reg- 
ular meetings, parties, and did 
themselves proud in the songfest. 
Only requirement for membership 
was a 2.5 average. Camera shy 
members were: Sharon Kirowan. 
Joy Hawes. Betty Jane Johnson, and 
Barbara Romney. 



Di„„r BhukL.UM 
Ciirrull Lrc NiiUiin 
Jc<inno Kroner 
M^iriUn M.irliii 

K.inri I l.mson 

.liinrl I I, lies Ni.klo 
Iiuinitti Slonr 
MariUti I Htx 

L,,R.,c B,- .1 

lo.innr Nc U"n 

K,illilc.-n ( ull re 

Cjrncc loni-'^ 
Kallilrcn W'.irmr 

Vrr.', I ill. ..rr 
Mciri Sdrcnsoii 
Vrr„ ll„i ;, 
N.ituy 1'- i(kl».inK 

Mar\' L(ii< U(»lint!l>r<ikf 


Ldi NIrArlllur 

Colleen Boylr 


Sally Maglchy 

Gloria Gunn 



Louina Keeler 
Jane Nickle 
Diane Witbcck 
Joan Reid 
Gayle Loosli 

Jean Anderson 
Phyllis Winkler 
Mary Ann Wilson 
Jerry Smith 
Gerri Salisbury 

Barbara Smith 
Iris Bigler 
Janice Clayson 
Norma Bullock 
Alene Watkins 

Dahncllc Adcox 
Betty Patton 
LoEne Brown 
Maralyn Ballif 
Maiy Nell Waddoups 

Donna Aamodt 
Lois Larch 
Dora Maughn 

Beverly Crowley 

Frieda Davis 

Mary Ann Murdock 

Cougarettes, the school pep unit, have pro- 
vided colorful drills and formations at the half of 
many of the football and basketball games. The 

group, chosen frtfm freshmen girls fall quarter, 
have been sponsored and directed by White Key 
members this vear. 


Douglas Bunker 
Lloyd K. Bishop 
Vernon L. Tyler 
Robert Lindsay 
Dale Turner 
George S. Kiinalielc 

Max W. Hill 

Glen F. Ovard 

Senior Aaviser 
Ronald Law 

Melvin Whipple 

Edward G. Marshall 
John R. West 

Allan Ebesu 
Calvin E. Nielsen 
Richard Coolc 
Owen Bennion 
Robert Hales 
Douglas Phillips 

William G. Pinnock 

Carl D. Anderson 

Recorder Historian. Fall Qiiarter 
Edward Seppi 
Jerry C. Cahill 
Carwin C. Williams 
Dennis Day 

Dayle Jeffs 

Harold Rosen 

Vice Presiaenl 
Don Wadsworth 
J. Morris Hickman 

John Green 

Wayne Schwalbe 

Recorder- Hisforian, 

W^inler & Spring Quarters 

Clinton Odell 

Albert Hedquist 

Robert Penfield 

Evan Romney 

Henry D. Moyle, Jr. 
Ted Brady 
Paul Searic 
Jarrctt Jarvis 
Ivan Swcnson 


A national scolastic fratern- 
ity, organized to promote a higher 
standard of learning and to en- 
courage high scholastic attain- 
ment among freshman men. 


Archie Curtis 
Da«n K. Webb 
Richard Moody 

Merrill Bradshaw 
L'rsci Ailred 
Marjoric Miliar 

Daxid S<hulthess 

George Sorcnsen 

Robert E. Wells 

Betty Jo Hawkins 
Maridcll Lewis 
Jack Cliristensen 

( olleen Keeler 

Douglas Lazenny 

Cnairmtin — hall Term 

Kenneth Siinison 

Ready lo produce an enlerlaininc 
proyiani at a minules notice the student 
|)rot<ram bureau lius arranged everything 
from a wedding reception to an Easter 
service. Serves to advertise the university 
off-< .wnpus and to develop and promote 
slue! nt talent and participation. Toole 
lini' off between winter and spring quar- 
ters lo tour parts of Idaho. Utah and Ne- 
vacl I. giving programs on the way. 


Seniors enjoy their last dance 
as members of I lie regular BYU 
student body and start off Com- 
mencement Week proceedings. 

Below, tbe class—as a group- 
treks over familiar campus trails. 




Dignitaries stand previous to opening of Commencement 
program. Those graduating are tired and hot before they receive 
their diplomas, and below, Richard Kent Watts, valedictorian, 
leaves the stand following his address. A few of those who re- 
ceived "sheepskins" after four years of hard work. 



these shall nol pass this way again. 


When earlli s Inst piiliirc is painlecl and ihe lubes are twisted and dried. 
When the oldest colours have faded, and the youngest critic has died. 
We shall rest, and, faith, we shall need it— lie down for an eon or two, 
Till the Master of All Good Workmen shall put us to work anew. 
And those that were good shall he happy; they shall sit in a golden chair; 
T hey shall splash at a ten-league ranvas with brushes of comets' hair. 
They shall find real saints to draw from — Magdalene. Peter, and Paul; 
They shall work for an age at a sitting and never be tired at all! 
And only The Master shall praise us, and only The Master shall blame; 
And no one shall work for money, and no one shall work for fame, 
But each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star, 
Shall draw the Thing as he sees It for the God of Things as They are! 



Born October 10. 1924 . . son of James D. Taylor 
. . . fulfilled mission for LDS church 1943-194S 
in Texas-Louisiana .... attended Preston High 
.... active in athletics . . . attended BYU 1942- 



Born April 1. 1928 in Provo. Utah .... son of 
Melvin J. and Arma Hancock Taylor . . . received 
education in llie Provo schools . . . attended BYU 
1946-1948 .... active in Boy Scouts and priest- 
hood in Pioneer Ward .... scheduled to fulfill 
mission in Norway when Killed .... member of 
Tausig social unit. 


Exchange student from Iran . . born December 
23, 1923 in Teheran . . . attended Springfield 
College in Springfield, Massachusetts . . . entered 
Brigham Young University 1947. 


The blork Y . which is the official award for student activity, is given on a point basis in order thai stu- 
dents might work in several different activities and receive credit for minor positions. 

The Y itself is awarded for the first 15 accumulative points with a ruby award for 30 points, a pearl for 43, 
and a diamond for 60 points. The jewels are mounted on the block "Y". Senior service certificates are awar- 
ded to senior students who have 10 to 14 points when they graduate. 

This year a new award was added. For anyone earning 80 points or more the block "Y" replete with jewels 
is attached to a laurel wreath. The first such award is shown below. 


Urscll Allrcd 
Ray Andelin 
Bod Anderson 
Ray Becknani 
Davis Bitten 
Merrill Bradsnaw 
Jackie Briggs 
Anita Call 
Marcene Camp 
lack Cnristonscn 
Dalian Clark 
Glenn Crump 
Arcllic Curlis 
Eddie Durham 
Bruce Dyer 
Claire Dyrcng 
Sheldon EHiotl 
W^ayne Ferguson 
Keith FiUniore 
Ken Flake 
Harvey Goll 
Dorothy GrocsDeck 
Grace Guymon 
I3can Hansen 
Eunice Harmon 
Betty Jo Hawkins 
Jim Hill 
Jean Howard 
Jack Jones 
Roy King 
Lorraine Linde 
Madclyn Mathews 
Robert Meservy 
Roy Molen 
Coy Mullen 
Keith Orme 
Jim Paramore 
Sylvia Patterson 
Dean Roberts 
Lorraine Russell 
Earl Smith 
George Sorcnsen 
Carolyn Thompson 
Helen Torney 
Don 1 regaskis 
Steve Van Wagenon 
Bob Wells 
Marian Wilkenson 
Jean Williams 
Ernie Webb 
Ken Young 

f f 


J ? 


Ralpn Benson 


Special Award 
Moana Ballif 


Fred Adams 
Tom Andrew 
Jody Austin 
Jess Bushman 
Mary Clyde 
LaRae Colletl 
Max Golighlly 
Merrilyn Harmon 
Bruce Hilton 
Coruad Judd 
Douglas Lazenby 
John Lee 
Maridell Lewis 
Russ Mickelson 
Marge Millar 
Herbert Morris 
Mary Ann Murdock 
Ken Pace 
A! Purnell 
Neal Richards 
Ken Sailsom 
Dave Schulthess 
Carma Rasmusscn 
Nan Slapp 
Claire Stoddard 
Lynn Warner 
Bob Whittaker 


LaMyrI Boyack 
Colleen Callister 
Grace Lindsay 
Dick Moody 
Kay Randall 
Alma Snow 


Harold Argyle 
Carol Brockbank 
Marian Crawford 
Hermine Eckersley 
Gordon Forsyth 
James Glenn 
Joe Hilbers 
Marie Kirkham 
Orville Lundell 
Dean Pcay 
Luana Rushton 
Melvin Randall 



Allman, Ray E. 36 
Allen, Mark K. 36 
Anderson, Dean A. 30 
Anderson, Mary J. 31 
Arrington, Norma R. 31 

BalUf, Ariel S. 36 
Barlow, Irene S. 28 
Beck, D. Elden 33 
Benson, Mary Beth 28 
Berry, June E. 31 
Barrett, WilUam E. 31 
Berryessa, Max 31 
Billings, May 33 
Bishop, LeRoy 33 
Bissell, Harold J. 34 
Boel, Joseph M. 33 
Booth, Lillian C. 35 
Boyle, Clarence S. 35 
Boyle, William H. 36 
Bradford, Reed H. 33 
Brailsford. Robert E. 32 
Britsch, Ralph A. 28 
Broadbent, H. Smith 31 
Bryner, Loren C. 33 
Buggert, Gustav F. 35 
Bullock, Kenneth C. 30 
Burmingham, Olive K. 34 
Burton, Alma P. 35 
Butt, Newbern I. 33 

Caine, Julia A. 28 
Candland, Dorothy N. 34 
Canning, Ray R. 35 
Carr. William C. 34 
Carroll, Elsie C. 34 
Char, Jean 30 
Cheney, Thomas E. 32 
Christensen, Herbert K. 31 
Christensen, Parley A. 30 
Clark, Herald R. 30 
Clark, Harold Glen 31 
Clark, Monroe H. 28 
Clark, Reola 32 
Clarke, A. John 29 

Clinger, Morris l/i. 30 
Covington, Loren C. 32 
Cowan, Cynthia A. 33 
Crandall, Lars G. 31 
Croft, Evan M. 36 
Croft, Gretta 34 
Cummings, Benjamin F. 36 

Dallin, G. Leon 35 
deJong, Garrit 33 
Dixon, Owen 6. 28 
Doxey, Roy W. 34 
Dunn, Norman 29 

Earl, Don L. 33 
Evans. Glen J. 30 
Eyring, Carl F. 31 

Fisher, Flora D. 31 

Gamett, LaVell C. 28 
Geertsen, O. Norman 32 
Gilbert, Mary Dean 28 
Gledhill, Preston R. 36 
Goates, J. Rex 31 
Goates, Marcia A. 32 
Grow, Stewart L. 31 
Gunn, Richard L. 35 

Haggerty, Charles E. 34 
Hales, Margaret 31 
Hales, Wayne B. 31 
Hallman, Lucille 29 
Halliday, John R. 33 
Hamblin, Lawson O. 32 
Hammond, May C. 28 
Hansen, George H. 35 
Hanson, WilUam F. 28 
Harrison, Bertrand F. 35 
Hart, Anna B. 28 
Hart, Charles J. 33 
Hayes, John E. 31 

Hill, EUzabeth 29 
Himes, Ell vert H. 29 
Holbrook, Leona 33 
Hoyt, Harrison V. 30 
Hunt, Norman 35 

Jackson, Elda B. 31 
Jaconb, Briant S. 35 
Jakeman, M. WeUs 32 
Jensen, C. LaVoir 34 
Jensen, Christen 36 
Jensen, Edgar M. 31 
Jones, John F. 35 
Jorgensen, Mary H. 29 

Keeler, Joseph J. 28 
Kest, J. Robert 35 
Knight, Hattie M. 32 

Lambert, Asael C. 29 
Larsen, B, F. 35 
Larson, Clinton F. 33 
Law, Reuben D. 35 
Lee, Lorine 30 
Lee, Wilford D. 29 
Lewis, Stella Dixon 34 
Lloyd, Wesley P. 31 

McAllister, John W. 35 
McKnight, H. Neil 36 
McKnight, Kent H. 36 
McTague. Betty Houston 33 
Madsen, Brigham D. 32 
Madsen, Farrell D. 35 
Madsen, Florence J. 28 
Marshall, Milton 29 
Martin, Thomas L. 36 
Maw, Charles E. 31 
Merrill, Amos N. 34 
Miller, Elmer 29 
Miller, Martin L. 36 
Millet, W. Floyd 36 
Morley, Alonzo J. 28 

Morrill, A. Reed 33 
Murdock, Maxine B. 34 

Nelson, Elmer E. 33 
Nibley, Hugh 30 
Nicholes, Henry Joseph 31 
Nicholes, Joseph K. 30 
Nilsen, Reed E. 29 

Oaks, Carol 32 
OUorto.i, Anna 29 

Packard, Hannah C. 32 
Pardoe, Kathryn B. 29 
Pardoe, T. Earl 28 
Payne, John W. 31 
Peterson, C. R. 30 
Peterson, Dean A. 32 
Peterson, Hermese 28 
Peterson, Hugh W. 36 
Poll, Richard D 35 
Pond, A. Smith 29 
Poulson, M. Wilford 32 
Proctor, Paul D. 35 

Rice, Leonard W. 36 
Reimschiissel, Ernest F. 32 
Rich, Naoma 34 
Richards, Grant S. 31 
Richardson, Beth 33 
Rogers, R. Max 33 
Romney, Antone K. 34 
Romney, Catherine 34 
Rowe, Edward M. 33 

Sardoni, Lawrence W. 29 
Sauls, K. B. 34 
Smith, Oliver R. 30 
Smith, Richard Leo 36 
Smith, Wilford E. 32 
Smoot, Richard P. 30 
Bnell, William H. 28 

Soffe, H, Wayne 29 
Sorenson, Wayne L. 28 
Sparks, M. Roy 32 
Spears, Irene O. P, 30 
Spencer, Lucile 29 
Sperry, Sidney B. 36 
Stansfield, Russell N. 36 
Stewart, Josie E. 33 
Stewart. Maynard Dixon 30 
Stone, Joics B. 35 
Sudweeks, Joseph 29 
Summerhays, Margaret 32 
Swensen, Alebrt D. 32 
Swensen, John C. 30 
Swensen, Russel B. 29 

Tanner, Orea B. 32 
Tanner Vascoe M. 35 
Taylor, H. Darrel 30 
Taylor, J. Golden 29 
Taylor, Weldon J. 34 
Turner, Glen H. 29 
Tattle, L. ElUott 31 
Tyndall, Clarence 29 

Valentine, Lee B. 29 

Wakefield, J. Homer 29 ■ 
Warnick, Effie 35 
Waterstradt, Jean Anne 35 
Watkins, Arthur R. 33 
Watte, Stan H. 34 
Webb, Fredrick N. 34 
West, Dale H. 33 
Wight, Jay 28 
Wilkinson, Winifred 33 
WilUams, Myrra A. 30 
Wilson, Ruth 30 
Wing, John H. 36 
Woolf, Golden L. 34 

Young, James Ira 34 
Young, Karl 36 


Aagard, Phyllis 223 
Aamodt, Donna 389 
Abbott, Bob 144, 341 
Abbott, Janice 171, 329, 353 
Abbott, Leah Nora 202 
Abbott, Ward 153 
Adair, Eleanore 228 
Adair, Charles 155 
Adairr Ethel Marr 138 
Adams, Albert E. 157 
Adams, Alma D. 186 
Adams, Amber 213 
Adams, Daniel 220 
Adams, Erma 144 
Adams, Fred C. 339, 324, 123 
Adams, June 145, 368 
Adams, Homer L. 131 
Adams. Margaret L. 158 
Adams, Ramona 143, 345 
Adams, Rulon 207 
Adams, Sharon 150 
Adamson, Dolores 176 
Adamson, E. Jewell 186 
Adamson, Kenneth P. 338 
Adamson, Raquel 228 
Adcox, Dahnelle 216 
Affleck, JoAnn 172 
Agnon, Beverly 223 
Aguirre, Joseph M. 341 
Ahlstrom, Mignon 178 
Aiken, Denza 187 
Aiken, Patricia R. 151 
Aiken, Russell V. 139 
Ajirogi, Harold H. 122 
Akee, Betty 213 
Akiu, Leinaala 220 
Albright, LaVerne 339 
Albright, Jennie 143 
Aldridge, William Everett 174 
Alexander, Margaret 205 
Alger, Evelyn Alice 156 
AUeman, Nola 189 

Allen, Carol 139 
Allen. Dean L. 362 
Allen, Genee 213 
Allen, Douglas 180 
Allen, Ida Ruth 191 
Allen, Katharine 230, 407, 

Allen, Marion S9 
Allen. Mary G. 100 
Allen, PhylUs 155, 379 
Allen, Shirley R. 334, 121 
Allen, Virginia 351, 117 
Allenbach, Herman 218. 185 
Allenbach, Marion 187, 342 
Allred, Darrel 213 
AUred, Garth W. 151, 330 
Allred, Karl 179 
Allred, Loye 229 
Allred, Marie 155 
Allred, Ursel H. 125 
Allred, Robert 220 
Alo, Roland 203 
Amott, Donn R. 138 
Andelin, Barbara 184 
AndeUn, David Ray 144, 362 
Andelin, Richard B. 151 
Andelin, Robert L. 216 
Andersen, Alice 228 
Anderson, Anna Christine 225 
Anderson, Belmont 145, 340 
Anderson, Betty 229 
Anderson, Carol 143 
Anderson, Charles J. 381 
Anderson, Cliff A. 118 
Anderson, C. Reed 116 
Anderson, Don 98 
Anderson, Donna 159 
Anderson. Donna Rae 205 
Anderson, Dorothy 229, 360 
Anderson, Floyd M. 157 
Anderson, Geraldine 231 
Anderson, Glenna 230 

Anderson, Grant Wilson 144 
Anderson, James H. 219 
Anderson, Jean 222 
Anderson, John E. M. 153 
Anderson, John 159 
Anderson, John R. 108 
Anderson, John B. 218 
Anderson, Kenneth 159 
Anderson, Kennion C. 337 
Anderson, Kent 381 
Anderson, Lloyd N. 337. 380 
Anderson, Lorin R. 116 
Anderson, Nyal W. Ill 
Anderson, Robert 143 
Anderson, Robert C. 349 
Anderson, Ruth 231 
Anderson, Ruth Amy 157 
Anderson, William C, 151 
Andrew, Marian 169, 289 
Andrew. Tom 324, 126 
Andrus. Elden G. 119 
Andrus, Merrill 221 
Andrus, Merlin Darnell 203 
Andrus, Stanley K. 207 
Aplanalp. Arden J. 142, 324, 

Argyle. Betty 123 
Argyle, Harold John 358, 114 
Argyle, Laurell A. 229 
Armstrong, Aleen 220 
Ar.iett, Charles 153 
Arrowsmith, Joy 181, 355 
Ash, Afton 223, 407 
Ashby, Lila 223 
Ashby, Lois 151. 333 
Ashcraft. Kathryn 383. 129 
Asher. Gloria R. 334, 131 
Ashliman, Ila Mae 156, 386 
Ashworth, Tanya 220 
Ashworth, Victoria 213 
Ashworth, Dean 338 
Atkinson, Iris 215, 387 

Atkinson, J. Von 216 
Atwood, Mathalyn 213 
Aucoin, Edgar B. 115 
Ault, Howard 205 
Austin, Iris 345 
Austin. Joan 145, 368, 388 
Austin, Melva 167 
Avarell, Joy 230 
Averett, Marie Andrus 345, 

Bacon, Edward H. 173 
Badger, George 205 
Bagley, Doris 210 
Bagnell, Myrna 152 
Baird, Fred 148 
Baird, Larae 205 
Baird, William N. 109 
Baker, Barbara 221 
Barker, Belva 169 
Baker, Carole D. 142, 352 
Baker, Donald 210 
Baker, Harold 127 
Baker, Kathleen 218 
Baker, MolUe Rae 181 
Baker, Shirley 174 
Bales, Bill 373 
Ball, Melvin 220 
Ball, Vesta Ann 385 
Ballantyne, Marion 223, 388 
Balard, Leon 188 
BalUf, Marilyn 225, 360 
BalUf, Moana 326, 369, 128 
Ballou, Jane Tyler 109 
Barber, Kitty Sue 218 
Barden, June 211 
Barker. Betty 209 
Barker, Evelyn J. 167, 351 
Barker, Roma 231 
Barlow, Margaret 208, 389 

Barnes, Marjorie 187, 334 
Barney. Clive 186 
Barney, Kay 231 
Barney, LaVon 211 
Barratt, Betty 155 
Barratt, Joyce 217 
Barrett, David Bruce 218, 378 
Barrett, Mikki 191 
Barrows. Barbara 360 
Barrus. O. Hal 188 
Barry. H. Wesley 142, 371 
Bartholomew, Bessy 386. 115 
Bartholomew, Mac Rae 206 
Barton, Frank 138 
Barton, Paul 77, 110 
Bateman, Kenneth 145, 336 
Bateman, Maurice B. 339, 108 
Bateman, Joyce 175, 347 
Bateman, Ralph 181, 378 
Bates. Burlin D. 155 
Bawden, Leon 211 
Baxter, Lola 227 
Baxter, Wanda 227 
Beal, Peggy 387 
Beamer. Cleighton 166 
Bean, Barbara S. 346, 113 
Bean, Carol 187, 386 
Beardall, Keith E. 153 
Bearnson, Norma 159, 347 
Beck, Beverly L. 169 
Beck, Donald 226 
Beck. John K. 117 
Beck, Louise 190, 329, 343 
Beck. Wayne 216 
Beck, Sally 217 
Beckham, Ray 324, 110 
Beckstead, Robert 145, 337 
Beckstrand, Therald C. 220 
Beckstrom, Ted Hanson 125 
Bedenbaugh, Joyce 203 
Beem, Ivan R. 358 
Beesley, Kenneth H. 227 


Beesley, Mary 156, 345 
Behrmann, Verl 201 
Belliston, Mima Jean 131 
Bellows, Ray D. 174 
Belnap, Parley 148, 380 
Belnap, Glennice 138 
Bench, Faun Powell 120 
Bench, Karyl Lea 219 
Bendall, Jack R. 159 
Bendlxsen, Grant D. 128, 86 
Bendixsen, Richard D. 176 
Bennett. Barbara 139, 353 
Bennett, Davina 227 
Bennett, ElDean 138 
Bennett, Robert L. 209 
Bennion, Dawn 191, 329 
Bennlon, George C. 324 
Bennion, Owen C. 145, 324 
Bennion, Paul Clark 208 
Benson, Colleen 166 
Benson, Ralph 325, 339 
Bentz, Marvin 147 
Berg, Herbert 180 
Bergeson, Garth 363 
Bergquist, Eleice 201 
Berrett, Darrell Alden 112 
Berrey, Barbara 167 
Beus, Catherine 147 
Beus, Eliza 138 
Bevan, Richard 213, 378 
Bezzant, Mathew K. 118 
Bezzant, Stanley Dean 231 
Bickmore, Patricia 368 
Bigelow, Richard C. 154, 338 
Bigelow,Richard P. 183. 276, 

Bigler, Iris Dawn 209. 360 
BilUngs, Howard K. 139, 339 
Billings. Russell M. 337 
Bills. DeLoyal 229 
Bimmler, Robert Loren 119 
Bingham, Beverly 227 
Bingham, Alpheus 109 
Bingham, Ervin J. 108 
Bingham, Gerald 340 
Binks, Blair N. 157 
Bird, Donald 210 
Bird, Marie 218 
Bird, Norma Lee 174 
Bird, Velene 227 
Bishop, Lloyd Kay 232 
Bishop, Margery 208 
Bitter, C. Eldon 98 
Bitton, Ronald Davis 203 
Bjorndal, Eve 183 
Blades, Dorene 189 
Black, Alma June 333, 128 
Black, Barbara 99 
Black, Barbara 225 
Black, Ireta 166 
Black, Keith W. 221 
Black, Paul 151 
Black, Robert L. 155 
Blackburn, Martin 206 
Blackett, Joann 178 
Blackham, Diane 221 
Blades, Donabelle 185, 329 
Blades, Dorlene 189 
Blair, Carolyn R. 145, 360, 

Blake, Joseph T. 126 
Blakeslee, Harvey Talbert 119 
Blanch, Mable 145, 352 
Blanchard,LaWana 187 
Blanchard, Richard 150 
Blatter, Glenn 210 
BUnt, Dick 378 
Blocher, Donnamae 156, 386 
Blocher, Leona 210 
Blocker, Marie 141 
Blocker, Willie 175 
Bloomdale, Robert 209 
Blumell, James 128 
Blumell, Mary 155 
Boam, Norma 173 
Bodily, Beryl 208 
Bodily, Lucile 147 
Bodily, Norman 208 
Bohman, Robert A. 357 
Bohn, Mary 172 
Bohne, Maurice E. 350 
Boley, Joanne 218 
Bolingbroke, Mary Lois 211, 

Bomberger, Tom 169 
Bond, Dean W. 118 
Bond, Marian 117 
Bond, Paul 230 
Booth, Edgar Kent 216 
Booth, Sharee 159 
Booth, Virginia 365, 110 
Boren. Maurine 209 
Borgeson, Clara R. 143, 367 
Borgeson. N. Lavina 367. 114 
Boshard, James 129 
Botts, Walter 169 

Bowen, Afton 121 
Bowen, Joyce 146, 384 
Bowen. Lenore 231 
Bowen. Lila 230 
Bowen. Loa Verda 168 
Bowen, Robert 147, 336 
Bowman, Donn Seymour 125 
Bowman, Kathleen 181 
Bowser, Lawrence G. 155 
Bown, Jay 140 
Boyce, David 221 
Boyack, Robert 372 
Boyack. LaMyrl 145, 388 
Boyce, Oerald 143 
Boyden, Thomas A. 149 
Boyer, Barbara Lu 139 
Boyer, Francis O. 168 
Boyler, Pauline 210 
Boyle, Colleen 215 
Boyle, Norma 352, 126 
Boyle, Richard R. 219 
Brace, William R. 173, 380 
Bradford, Jeanine 210 
Bradley, Myra 210 
Bradshaw. Margaret 210 
Bradshaw, Merrill 358, 332 
Brady, AUce 210, 360 
Brady, Beverly 334. 108 
Brady, Walter Edward 229 
Braithwaite, Kenneth 371, 117 
Brammer, Joseph S. 158, 339 
Brand, Carol E. 354, 328 
Brandley, Calvin S. 152, 363, 

Brandley, David 212 
Brandley, Robert 173 
Brandstetter, Nora Lee 169, 

Bratt, Shirley 214 
Brazier. Margaret 215 
Breckenridge, Edison C. 155 
Brewer, Lugene 210 
Briggs, ElMarie 208 
Briggs, Emma Louise 167 
Briggs, Garth 147 
Briggs, Hermine 223 
Briggs, Jacqueline 155, 335 
Brim, Margaret 173 
Brimhall, Darlene Mae 119 
Brimhall, Jeannine E. 181, 

Brimhall. Marion 207, 388 
Brimhall, WilUs H. 362, 119 
Brimley, Lila 210, 385 
Brinkman, Raymond 158, 378 
Brinton, John Robert 210 
Bristow, Richard 130 
Britchett, Jed 341 
Broberg, Carolyn 369 
Brockbank, Bruce 348 
Brockbank, Carol 326, 370, 

Brockbank, Lois Elaine 226 
Brockbank, Nancy D. 228, 407 
Brockbank, Norma 183, 369 
Broderick, Bertie 203 
Broderick, Clara 140 
Broderick, Luelma 181, 383 
Brokaw, Rose Marie 150 
Brooks, Winton 221 
Brooksby, John Carl 123 
Brossard, Louis 176, 349 
Brough, Sharemene 129 
BrouUm, Dorothy Mae 379 
Brower, Richard A. 143, 336 
Brown, Aron 211 
Brown, Berna 169 
Brown, Beth 142, 385 
Brown, Carol 173. 368 
Brown, Cheryl 175 
Brown, Joanne 230 
Brown, Elva 226 
Brown, Farrell 189, 349 
Brown, Glen R. 108 
Brown, Ina Lavon 231, 407 
Brown, Jack 167, 363 
Brown, Loene 219 
Brown, Lois A. 219 
Brown. Lois Ray 111 
Brown. Marvin 218 
Brown, Moyle 154 
Brown, Thomas 211 
Bruderer, WiKord L. 100 
Brunner, Earl Chester, Jr. 

382, 109 
Brunner, Laurine Adams 108 
Bryant, James 150, 348 
Bryner, Bruce 362, 124 
Bryson, Dean 224 
Bryson, Norman 208 
Buchanan, Donald 128 
Buchanan. Randall 221 
Buckmiller, Naomi 118 
Buffo. Frank William 118 
Bugg, Donald Alvin 120 
Bulkley, Ross 208 

Bullen, Mary Alice 148, 341 
Bullock, Barbara 185 
Bullock, Bernice 190, 383 
Bullock. Montell B. 124 
Bullock. Norma Dean 206 
Bunnell, Carol Lee 111 
Bunker, Douglas 176 
Burnett, Dallas 208 
Burgon, Barbara 173 
Burgon, Grant 377, 99 
Burgon, LaRae 386, 128 
Budleigh, Ivan 168 
Burnlngham, Stanley C. 115 
Burr, George Thomas 209 
Burrup, Max S. 225 
Burt, Mary Jane 213 
Burt, Nadine 218 
Burton, Alma P. 374 
Burton, George 190 
Burton, Lorene 151 
Burton, McKay 211 
Burton, Melvin 148 
Burton, Richard 359 
Buschki, Dale 179. 377 
Bushman, Glen 340 
Bushman, Jess 325. 340, 131 
Bushman, Nelph 180 
Bushnell, William Glen 113 
Bushman, Anna 208 
Butcher, Darwin 214 
Butikofer. Lenora V. 188, 389 
Butler, Dale H. 153 
Butler, Jay Grant 112 
Butler. Mark 171 
Butler. Wesley M. 117 
Buttars. Elma 209 
Buys, Jay Richard 218 
Bybee, Donald 229 
Bybee. Gary 177. 348 
Bybee. Marie Dean 116 
Byrd, Jennings 219, 332, 350 

Cahill, Jerry 203 
Cahoon, Geneese, 202 
Calder, Lucy 175 
Calder, Rachel 176 
Calderwood, Keith W. 143, 

Caldwell. Don A. 169 
Caldwell. Kenneth 202 
Caldwell, Silas Gerald 113 
Call, Anita 177, 346 
Call, Darrell, 178, 337 
Call, Eran 215 
Call. Gaynell 228 
Call. Geneva 221 
Call. Hannah 130 
Call. Leah Mae 205 
Call, Lowell 99 
Call, Mac 204 
Call, Rene 203 
Call, Ruth 157 
Call, Shirley E. 389, 110 
Call, Shirley May 202 
Callister, Colleen 353, 326, 

Calton. Robert G. 153 
Camenish. Val 115 
Cameron. Henry 182 
Cameron. J. Elliot 130 
Cameron. Owen 116 
Cameron, Robert G. 348 
Camp, B. Marcene 145, 343 
Campbell. Rita 203 
Campbell. Robert 201 
Candland. David N. 130 
Cannon, Charlotte 177, 328, 

375, 388 
Connon, Gerald W. 159, 380 
Cannon, JoAnne 147 
Card, Darrell H. 157, 340 
Cardall, John Norman 141 
Carlisle, Reed 140 
Carlson. Elaine J. 355 
Carlson. Vernon J. 122 
Carmack, Betty Jean 201, 387 
Carpenter, Afton 377 
Carter. Alice 151 
Carter. Betty 172. 345 
Carter. Ken V. 98 
Carter, Marvin 143 
Carter, Richard 203 
Carver, Paul S. 175 
Casper, John Wallace 157 
Centry, WilUam C. 217 
Chadburn, Archie F. 151 
Chadwick. David B. 166, 371 
Chambers, C. Bruce 214 
Chan, Tim T. 152. 361 
Chantrill, Emma Lou 178, 386 
Chapman, Afton 189, 346 
Chapman, Dwain R. 172, 381 
Chapman, Ray L. 130 
Char, Jean Fung 122, 127 

Chase, Lorraine 205 
Chatwin, Lois V. 168, 344 
Chavez, Daniel 222 
Cheney, Renee 204 
Chesley, Ethel Mae 178 
Child, Jerry W. 154 
Chipman. Ray 148. 363 
Choate. Nadine 232 
Christensen, Kent A. 190 
Christensen. Bonne 383 
Christensen, Bruce L. 145, 337 
Christensen, Clyde 224 
Christensen, Colleen 202, 388 
Christensen, David 232 
Christensen, DeWayne W. 157 
Christensen, Dolores 168 
Christensen, Donald 204 
Christensen, Edward Dean 

Christensen, Fawn 143 
Christensen, Gordon L. 143 
Christensen, Harold 228 
Christensen. Hazel 147 
Christensen, Jack 141 
Christensen, Jay, 362 
Christensen, Kathryn 187, 

Christensen, Kent 338 
Christensen, Marilyn 171, 

356. 329 
Christensen. Milton 186. 380 
Christensen. Miriam 354. 120 
Christensen. Ned 232 
Christense. Nola 155 
Christensen. Randa Rae 156, 

Christensen, Roberta Mae 352, 

Christensen, Rose 227 
Christensen, Wendell 217 
Cnristiansen, Flora 226, 388 
Christiansen, Leila 166, 328, 

Christiansen. Shirley 354 
Christit, Earnest 130 
Christman, Albert B. 143 
Christman, Florine 188 
Christopherson, Janet 352, 

Christopulos, Tony T. 176 
Chryst. Adelle 230, 289 
Clapham. Barbara 220 
Claridge. Helen Ruth 202 
Clark, Barbara 187, 355 
Clark, Beryl 157 
Clark, Carol 120 
Clark, Carol 389 
Clark, Carol Elizabeth 225 
Clark, Carol Jean 204, 407 
Clark, Charles S. 336 
Clark, CoUeen 179, 328 
Clark, Dalian R. 330, 372 
Clark, Doris 368, 121 
Clark, Earl 201 
Clark, Erma 145, 383 
Clark, Ernest H. 126 
Clark, Ervin 98 
Clarke, Fred Albert 152 
Clark, Frederick H. 378 
Clark, Hoover 229 
Clark, Nola I. 181 
Clark, Robert M. 190, 337 
Clark, Thomas H. 188 
Clark. Vern W. 143 
Clark. Willard 232 
Clay, Orson C. 201 
Clay, Richard 230 
Clayson, Harold 202 
Clayson, Janice 209 
Clawson, Harold P. 168 
Cleary, John 110 
Clegg. Carl B. 123 
Clegg, Janet Ruth 113 
Clegg. Jean M. 142 
Clegg, Joseph H. 168 
Clegg, Vella 203 
Clemont, Keith 154 
Clifford, Warren 222 
Cloridge, Helen R. 387 
Cloward, Richard 174 
Cluff, NaDeen 216, 389 
Cluff. Owen Lavell 174 
Cluff. Rulon 229 
Clyde. Helen 171, 329, 342 
Clyde, Mary 326, 343, 120 
Clyde, Norman 232 
Clyde, Phyllis 141 
Cockett. Abraham T. 139 
Cockett. Joyce 118 
Cockett. Miriam 219 
Cole, Walter 364. 125 
Coleman. Derwood B. 229 
Coles, Arlo L. 153 
Collett, Jolean 155. 342 
Collett, LaRae 343. 124 
Collier, Ina May 150, 365 

Collier, Lila 232 
Collier, Robert 201 
Collier, Wendell 180 
Collins, Elmer 153 
CoUyer, James 229, 378 
Colston, Christopher Lee 363, 

Colton, Sarah 141, 335 
Colvin, Curtis A. 147 
Comer, Paul B. 172, 381 
Compton, Annie Rosella 365, 

Compton, Lou Jean 288, 367 
Conley, Max 341, 125 
Cook, Mary 203 
Cook, Richard 203 
Coombs, Lois J. 175, 351 
Coombs, Orris Dow 201 
Cooper, Barbara M. 368 
Cooper, Glenda 173 
Cooper, James O. 118 
Cooper, Robert 220 
Cope, Max R. 149, 378 
Cordner, Carole 191, 328 
Cordner, Maxlne 227, 407 
Cordner, Weston S. 99 
Cornaby, Paul G. 364 
Cottrell, Vees 231 
Cowley, Kendall F. 166 
Cox, Edward 149 
Cox, Lee 183, 348 
Cox, Mollie Marie 205 
Cox, Nyle M. 191, 381 
Cox, Pearl 215 
Craig, Calvin 203 
Cramer, Edward 124 
Crandall, Jerry B. 201 
Crandall, Lentz M. 364 
Crandall. Peggy 174. 333 
Crane. Deon 232 
Cranmer. Dorothy 175. 352, 

Cranmer, Joseph W. 357, 121 
Crawford, Marian 117 
Crawford, Nalda 187 
Craze, Mary 215 
Creer. Afton Elaine 202 
Creer, Anna Marie 111 
Criddle, James 230 
Critchfield, Enid 169. 385 
Critchfield, Keith 203 
Crittenden, Marion 342, 114 
Crockett. Lois Jeanne 202 
Crockett, Wilford 119 
Crofts, Katherine 172 
Crock. James Peterson 201 
Cropper. Glenda 334 
Crosby. Arthur F. 131 
Croshaw, BUUe Lou 179 
Crossman. Norma E. 169 
Crowley, Beverly 232 
Crowther, Carma 185 
Crowther. Carol 188 
Crowther, Earl 202 
Crowther, Rosemary 203 
Crump, Cal 181. 362 
Crump. Donald 362 
Crump. Glen H. 363, 126 
Cude, Marilyn 179 
CuUimore, Kathleen 201, 407 
Cunningham, Delberta N. 205 
Curtis, Archie 179 
Cutler, Rea B. 227 
Gutierrez, F. A. 350 
Czirr, John Bart 181, 362 

Dahlen, Ruth 120 
Dahlquist, Gaylen 145, 371 
Dalby, Lois 113 
Daley, Raymond 229 
Dalley, Alvin Glen 154 
Dalley, Dennis 122 
Dallin. Denlce 345 
Dalton, Marilyn Whitesides, 

Dalton. Mona 172 
Daly. FrankUn 167. 332 
Dangerfield. Elaine 379 
Daniels, Jean 141, 347 
Daniels, Tina Lou 171, 328 
Dauwalder, Dutler C. 149 
Davies, Joseph Kenneth 112 
Davies, Keith 232 
Davies, Wilma B. 131 
Davis, D. Clyde 142. 147 
Davis, Dee M. 183. 358 
Davis. Freida M. 204, 360 
Davis, Frank 146 
Davis. Jack 143 
Davis, Jean M. 142, 346 
Davis. Jeanne 214 
Davis, Kent 216 
Davis. Leland J. 116 
Davis, Reid 201 


Davis, Robert 232 
Davis, Ted E. 150 
Davis. Wayne 158, 371 
Dawson, Audene 207 
Dawson, Dale E. 188 
Dawson. Shelton 185 
Day, Dennis 202 
Day, FTSLtik 206 
Day, Norma 232 
Day, Virginia 139 
Dean, Charles Edwin 99 
Dean, Marie 385 
Dean. Norma 346, 123 
Dearden, Melvin O. 138 
DeBry, James 141 
Decker, Constance 224, 387 
Decker. Daniel 175, 364 
Decker, Denice 113 
Decker, Janet 204 
Deeds, Cameron Scott 111 
Deeds, Keith 372 
Deem, Arlene 231 
Deem, Donna 145, 352 
DeGraw. Monte B. 189, 363 
DeHoyos, Arturo 183 
deJong, Carma Rose 360 
Dell'Aria, Thomas G. 139 
OellaPiana, Gabriel Marie 151 
Demke, JoAnn 334 
DeMiUe. Dee 159 
Denham, Ross B. 108 
Denning. LaRae 112 
Despain, Glynna 232, 387 
Despain, Norma 204, 387 
Detwiler, Lynn 140 
Devey. Kathleen 203 
Devey. Mary Lou 232 
DeVito. Alfred 363 
Dewsnup. Richard 225 
Dickerson, Donald 154 
Dickey, Myron 155 
Dickson, Dorothy 124 
Dickson, Joan 184, 328 
Dickson, Keith 159, 357 
Dixon, Allie Reona 204 
Dixon, Eldon 125 
Dixon, Elaine 157 
Dixon. Floyd P. 149. 378 
Dodge, M. Avon 149, 388 
Dodson, Nell 191 
Dobnisky. Bessie Ann 232 
Dominguez, Dick 330 
Dominques, John R. 157 
Done, Albert 139 
Dorff, Reginald 171 
Domy, Jean E. 158 
Doty, Allan 175. 350 
Doughty, Marcia 216 
Douglas, Robert 324, 113 
Dow, Elaine 175 
Dowdle, Harold 100 
Downs. Mildred 183 
Boyle, Dorothy 222 
Doxey, Sam 177, 362 
Draney, Donnadean 202 
Drennan, Boyd 159, 348 
Driggs, Barbara Jean 149 354 
Driggs, Don 144. 330 
Driggs, Margie Gay 202 
Duff in, Elaine 183 
Duke, Junius L. 154 
Duke. LaRaee 173, 352 
Duncan, Lila 179. 333 
Dunford, Mary Lou 145 370 
Dunham, Helen R. 129 
Dunkerley, Sheila 191, 346 
Dunn, Joseph Vem 359 
Dunn, Joyce 149, 343 
Dunn, Sara Mae 229 
Durham, Edward 340 
Durrant. Lorna Joyce 157 
Dustin, Joyce 224 
Dustin, Nona 140. 379 
Duzett. Marjorie 203 
Dyer. Bruce 372 
Dyer, Lloyd 215 
Dyer. Richard 212 
Dyreng, Claire 368, 388, 124 
Dyreng, Pauline 145, 369 

Edwards, Edward 181 349 
Edwards, Walter 168 
Egbert, Dolores 181 
Egbert, James M. 114 
Egbert, LuDene 190 
Ekker, Leta 173 
Eklend, Glenn L. 372 
Eldridge, Burr 361 
Eldredge, Erma 166, 386 
Elison, James H. 150. 341 
Elison, Joanne 215, 360 
Elkan, Gerald H. 361 
Elldredge. Burr 167 
Ellertson, Norman W. 186 

Ellicott. PhylUs D. 159, 383 

Ellicott. Grant H 

Ellis. Louise 139 

Ellis. Marilyn 227 

Ellis, Patricia Ann 171, 385 

ElUs, Robert 147 

Ellison, Joan 223 

Flake, Cherie 207 
Flake, Evelyn 216 
Flake, Kenneth M. 145 
Flake, Pat 213 
Fletcher, I. Kay 384, 116 
Flinders, Lois 231 
Flint, Jean 128 
Floyd, Sam 109 
Flygare, Kenneth 361 
Folland, Eleanor 206 
Ford, Orlin B. 116 
Foremaster, Lou Jean 225 

Forsey, James Garry 188 

Forsyth, David 222. 341 

Forsyth, Gordon James 110 

Forsyth, Walter 169 

Foster, Betty 119 

Foster, Maizie 203 

Foutz, Emogene, 113 

Foutz, Phyllis, 214 

Fox, Shirley A. 177. 389 

Fowles. Richard 203 

Goates. Mary Jewell 356 
Godfrey, Kenneth 189 331 
Goff, Dora 143 
Goff. Harvey 150, 324 
Gold, Lucille F. 141 
Golightly. Max C. 145, 325 

Goodfellow, Geraldlne 217 
Goodfellow, Ludeen 213 
Goodness, Frances J. 114 
Goodness, Laura Mae K. 180 
Goodness, Leinaala 221 
Goodrich, Boyd 381 
Goodwin, Glen Kay 110 

Hales, Lue Jean 171 
Hales, Marilyn 168, 344 
Hales, Robert 222. 373 
Halgran, Leon A. 122 
Hall, Barbara 182, 329 
Hall, Garth 223 
Hall, Heber 357 
Hall, Herman Blaine 131 
Hall, Geraldine 213 
Hall, Stanley 349 
Hall, Ilene 212 
Halladay, Dan 112 
Halley, Al 348 
Halterman, Richard 

Goodwin, Norma Manning 109 "«'«™«n. Richard 213 
Goold. s4ssl West 127^^ S?"^^""^*"' "• ^^^"^ 188, 351 

Ellsworth, Richard George 213 ISZL^^i Richard 203 
Ellsworth, Richard Grant 223 S^^™?*"". Jewel 368, 328 
Embleton Charles 21? Francis, Jay W. 155, 340 

Embleton, Charles 215 
Emerson, Jean 186, 383 
Emmett, Myrtle 333, 122 
Ence, Gwendolyn 231 
Ence, Paul S. 220 
Engebretsen, Grankie. 152 
Engh. Colleen 227 
English, Ruby E. 175, 366 
Engstrom, Margaret Elaine 

Enniss, Mary 191 
Enos, Blossom K. 223 
Enos, Lulu 178 
Enos, Williet K. 146. 365 
Erbe. Felicia 191 
Ercanbrack, Bonnie 174, 368 
Erickson, Donis 223 
Erickson, Ervin Ronald 223 
Erickson. Helen 159, 385 
Erickson, K. Earl 117 

Ericlison. Reita 202 

Erickson. Shirley 155 

Ericksen, Venla Jean 187. 

Eseudero, Raymond 206 

Evans, Ashel J. 113 

Evans, Delna 179 

Evans, Hazel Elaine 222 

Evans, Marilin 142 

Evans, Merlyn Louise 191 

Evans, Robert W 120 

Everett, Betty 226 

Ewell, Ouane H. 186 

Ewoldsen, Calvin B. 215. 203 

Eyre, DeRay 201 

Eyring, Elaine 353, 110 

Eyring, Suzane 204 

Fairbanks, F. J. Lamar 180 
Fairbanks, Lois 223 
Fakharzadeh, Mehdi 98 
Faragher, Joanne 191, 370 
Ferley, Alice Faye 156 

Francis, Keith 171 
Francis, Bell 211 
Frandsen, Glenn 221 
Frandsen, Ina 230 
Frandsen, Melvin V. 220 
Franson, Oral M. 125 

??fS'f -^r-^ -«• 333 I^IL^i^. 146 

Goold. Sessl West 127 
Gordon, Rodney 139, 363 
Gottfredson, Dorothy 167 
Goulding, Lavar O. Ill 
Goulding, Ruth 204 387 
Gourley. Carlyle O. 371, 129 
Gowans, Floyd 191 
Gowers, Clara 365 
Gowin, Iris 217 
Graham, Bob 180 
Graham, Norma N 215 
Grange, Mar U. 144 
Grant, Barbara B. 379, 110 
Grant, L, LaRae 226 
Gray. Earl 113 

Fredrick, Nolan 229 
Freebairn, Vera Lynne 217 
French, Jack 215 
Fresh, Ludene 215, 389 
Fretwell, John D. 380, 108 
FroeUch, Bob 183, 364 330 
Fulghum, Edna Grace 151 
Fuller, Fredora 158 379 
Fullmer, Brian 222 
Fye, Doreen 203 

Galbraith, Joyce 221, 388 
Galbraith, June 219 
Gallagher, Robert Grances 

Gallier, Monroe 218 
Gambles, Harry D. 188 
Gambles, Milton B. 213 
Gammell, Nelda Jean 231 
Ganjei, Farhad 184 
Gardner, Ouane 177 
Gardner, Fred 131 
Gardner, LaRae 219 
Gardner, Marjorie 211 
Gardner, Mary Ellen 213 
Gardner, Maxine 170 
Gardner, Paul G. 330 
Garfield, Earl J. 349. 348 
Garlick, Junior G. 182, 362 

Garrett, Donna G. 333. 108 
Garrett, Earnest T. 122 
Garrett. William 139 
Garrett. Z. Llouise 186 
Garrick, Bernell J. 219 


Greaves, Howard 380 

Greaves, Madge C. 156 

Green. Emerson 178 

Green. lona 189 

Green. John 176, 381 

Green, Keith 169 

Green, Patricia 186 
Green, Patricia Ann 366 
Green, Verl 213 
Greenall, Bonnie 230 
Greenhalgh, Clark 364 
Greenwell, Stan G. 142 


Greenwood, Dennis 191, 350 
Greenwood, Roger 129 
Greer, Elaine 189 
Greer. Joan S. 187. 351 
Greer, June 352, 128 
Greer, Richard E. 173 
Griffin, Ethel 387, 384, 122 
Griffin, Lewis L. 153 
Griffiths, Don 330 
Griggs, Ronald 359 
Grimes, Don 191, 363 
Grindstaff. Philip 154 
Grindstaff, Vivian N. 120 

Groesbeck. Dorothy isi? 328. Sa^SIIS,' ^To7d '^ 

Farnsworth, Lavieve 138 347 r J^^^' J-uc'l'e 201 
Farnsworth iJt^- n ^•?"' ^" ?ates, Robert W. 145 

Farnsworth, Leona 157 
Farr, Betty 211 
Farr. Neil C. 149, 377 
Farr. Sylvia 150 
Farr. Zoe 130 
Farrer, Dale 217 
Farthing, Lucille 219 
Faulk, Lory 231 
Faux. Marilyn 228 
Faux, Neal D. 130 
Fehlberg, Siegfried H. 110 
Feik, Eva 150 
Felt, Morris 178 


Gates. Vilate 188 
Gay, Carlyle 159, 381 
Geddes, Marilyn 219 
Geertsen, WilUam F. 125 
Gehring, Myrle 215 
Geis. Gilbert 98 
Geis. Ruth 100 
George, Elma 153 
George, Harold R. 98 
Georges, Irene 147 
Gerber, Betty 214 
Gerber. Willard A. 155 
Gerwin. Helen 168. 354 

Fenn. Carmen Margarite 213 r^„^^\y~'- — '"'".i.^''' 
Ferguson. Adrian Elrl, Jr 156 rffff,i' w" o"f'V'f ^23 
Ferguson, Wayne 146. 325 9f^l'°^S- '^**rl<=*« ^yn 225 

Earl, Albert 214 
Earl, Charles 229 
Earl, Janice 184, 329, 345 
Eastley, Lloyd J. 123 
Eastman. Elaine 223. 387 
Easton. Andrew 173, 331, 378 
Eccles, James 373 
Eckersley. E. Hermlne 353 

Ecton. Ila 215 
Edwards. Belva Dawn 220 
Edwards, Clista 184 

Ferguson, Wayne 146, 325 

380, 374 
Fernley. Arlene 214 
Ferre, Sherl D. 112 
Ferrin, Marie 223 
Fetscher. Nancy 113 
Fife. Alexander Louis 171 
Fillerup, Leland M. 338 

Fillmore. Keith 325 339 120 J^-Si ^^l' t""'®'' ^■ 
Fillmore Vera 228 ' Sf^Py. .Robert 186 

Fillmore. Vera 228 
Finlayson. Helen J 
Pinley. CUfford G. 
Fisher. Beth 180 
Fisher. Clara 216 
Fisher. Vanona W. ^ 
Fiske, Suzzanne 173 
Fitts. Dorothy 225 
Fitzgerald, Ann 128 
Fitzgerald, Sherman 100 
Flack, Alrey LeGrand 117 

Gibbs, Fay 223 
Gibbons, Amy 216 
Gibbons, Beverly 145, 369 
Gibbons, Donna 224 
Gibbs, Mary Beth 143, 333 
Gibby, Neal 108 
Gibson. M. Carl 98 
Giddings. Luther F. 187 


Groesbeck. Grant 212 
Groesbeck, JoAnn 177 
Groesbeck, Marilyn 225 
Grossen, Jeanne D. 115 
Grunewald, Catherine 202 
Grunewald, Ramona 217 
Gubler, Donworth V. 100 
Guff, Dora 386 
Gummow, Elaine 185 
Gunderson, Marjean 216 
Gunn, Gloria 215 
Gunn, LaMarr 223 
Gunnell, E. LeRoy 188, 361 

Gunnell, Merrill Parker 156 

Gunter, Eldon. 176. 372 
Gunter, Marvin 189 
Gunter. Maynard 177 378 

Gustaveson, Floyd 100 
Guthrie, Charmalne 145, 352 
Guthrie, Leona 383, 129 
Guymon, Grace 145, 352 
Guymon, Jeradean 174 

Maman, Robert Louis 156 364 
Hamblin, Jay 156, 336 
Hamblin, Wayne 149 
Hamblin, Ken 158 
Hambrick, John 207, 231 
Hammond, Gale 172. 378 
Hammond, Lois 148, 352 
Hammond, West C. 381 111 
Hancock, Clem S. 141 
Hancock. Joseph P. 184 
Hancock. Ralph 212 
Hanks, Helen 175 
Hansen, Alan R. 338 
Hansen, Alice Ann 159, 384 
Hansen, Bonnie 183, 329 370 
Honson, Bonnie 179 
Hansen, Burton E. 154 357 
Hansen. Carol 368. 120 
Hansen. Carol 166 
Hansen, Conrad 166 
Hansen, Deloy W. 180 
Hansen, Dona May 158, 367 
Hansen, Duvello 178 
Hansen. Elayne 217 
Hansen, Evelyn 216 
Hanson, Fred 225 
Hansen, Genevieve 170 
Hansen, H. Dean 324, 340 
Hansen, Irene 215 
Hansen, Jeanine 220 
Hansen, Jerrie 190 
Hansen, Karen 227 
Hanse. Leon 98 
Hanson, Lorraine 155, 347 
Hansen, Lynn 152, 381 
Hansen, Monna 221, 407 
Hansen, PauJ L. 142, 363 

Hanson, Paul 148 
Hansen, Phyllis 220 
Hansen, Ralph 176. 357, 331 
Hansen, Shirley 228, 407 


St^' l'!^"l¥^- "0 =°n": ^- ^|;6 



GigUotti, Eunetta 227 
Gillespie, Horace D. 359 
Gillis, Robert 98 
Gilner, Gerald 217 
Gines, Pauline 221 
Glauser, Lilly 214 
Gleave, Sara Mae 128 
Glenn, Avery 179, 364 
Glenn, James 324, 124 
Gligorea. Gene 215 
Glines, Arlin L. 190, 378 

— -. — U...U, ukCUllC Ell 

Gwilliam, Stanford 100 
Gwynn, Edward 358, 128 

Hacking, Leah 173, 334 
Haddock, Marjorie Jean 167 
Hadlock. Curtis 109 
Hafen. Geraldine 190 
Hafen. Louise 223. 360 
Hafen, William J. 124 
Haglund, Peggy 189, 383 
Hainsworth, Jerome 219 
Hainsworth, Morris C. 180 

Hale, Erma 216, 365 
Hale. Rodney F. 223 
Hale, Sherley L. 185 
Hate, WiUord M. 167 
Hale. Janet 223 

Hansen. William 187, 330 
Hansen, Wilma C. 201 
Hanson. Jack 212 
Harding, Boyd 143, 336 
Harding, Fred W. 124 
Harding, Leonard F. 141 
Harding, Margee 369 
Hardy, Barbara 145, 370 
Hardy, LoRene 186, 344 
Hardy, Marie 386, 119 
Harker, Martha 212 
Harman, Beth 166 
Harmon, Colleen 151, 354 
Harmon, Eunice 353 
Harmon, Merrilyn 353 326 

Harmon, Rondo 111 
Harper, LaNola 151 
Harries, Barbara 177. 387 
Harris. Gene 333. 115 
Harris. Gorden 205 
Harris. Marie 224 
Harris. Raymond H. 206 
Harris. VaLois 149 
Harrison. Ramona 149 387 
Harrison, Dean 167, 332 

Hart, Elaine 351, 121 

Hartley, Dorene 213 

Hartshorn, Leon 170, 362 

Hartvigson, Joie 

Harvey, Eugene 141, 341 

Haslem. Dean W. 118 

Haslem, Lynn 215 
Haslem, Marie 387, 384, 116 
Hastings, Evelyn 129 
Hatch, Farr 167 
Hatch, M. Ephralm 131 
Hatch, Vera 226 
Hatch, Vivian 157 
Hatfield, Lenore 180 
Hatton, Gaylen A. 176 
Havens, I. Virginia 153 
Havens. Pat 230. 387 
Hawker. David 224 
Hawkes. George R. 113 
Hawkes. Peggy 175 



Haws. John Keith 166 

Kay, Ruth 151 

Hayashi, Gladys 178 

Haycock Bevan O. 138, 340 

Haycock, James 222 

Heath, Herman 112 

Heaton, Maxine 99 

Heaton, Philip 225, 373 

Hebertson, Wayne M. 131 

Hebrew, Quey 110 

Hedquist, Albert 348 

Hegsted, Victor 213 

Hemingway, Robert D. 153 

Hendrickson, Keith M. 186 

Heninger, Lorrlene 149, 360 

Heninger, Owen 185, 357 

Hennessey, Barbara 225 

Henessey, Patricia 223 

Henrie, Shirle 223 

Hepworth, Dallas 187, 344 

Herde, Kark 120 

Herrmann, Gertrude 204 

Hershbergor, Kenneth 182 

Hesser, Dewey 204 

Heyrend, Anna Marie 203, 

Heywood, David 213, 361 

Heywood, Leona 170, 345 

Heywood, Peggy 215 

Hiatt. David 178 

Hiatt, Wilbur 171 

Hibbert, Ralph Dean 141 

Hicken, Audrey M. 189 

Hicken, Donald 155, 381 

Hickeman, J. Morris 223 

Hicks, Junior 381 

Higa, Lily 201 

Higginbotham, Barbara 140, 

Hilbers, Joseph 109 

Hilgendorff, Evelyn 218 

Hill, Clyde 110 

Hill, Dean 167 

Hill, RaOla 140. 383 

Hill. James B. 158 

Hill, James E. 350 

Hill, Jim 179, 359 

Hill, Lois 189, 344 

Hill, Max 229 

Hill, Wilma 220 

Hillman, Glen 153 

Hilton, lone 173, 334 

Hilton. Marilyn 353 

Hilton. W. Bruce 177. 325. 

Hinckley. LaRue 122 

Hirschi. Betty Jean 386. 129 

Hobday. Mable Lee 143. 333 

Hobson. Ivan 119 

Hodgkinson, Melvin J. 139 

Hoggan. James Gordon 122 

Holbrook. Laree 216, 387 

Holbrook, LaRue 230, 387 
Holder, Lyal 191 
Holder. Robert WilUam 108 
Holfeltz. Lula Jean 216 
Holland. Lora Lee 175. 334 
Holland. Vance M. 177. 371 
HoUey. Alvin 108 
Holley. Robert L. 190 
HoUyfield. Velma Joyce 112 
Holman. Robert 177, 359 
Holman, Eugene 217 
Holmes, Karma 204 
Holmgren, Carol 215 
Holt, Gayle 112 
Holt, Birch 361 
Holt, Nancy 168 
Holt, Wesley 141 
Holyoak, Phyllis 168 
Homer, Don 142 
Homer, Pauleen 202 
Homer, Raymond 219 
Hone, Keith 205 
Hooper, David 225 
Hoopes, Marilyn 228 
Hoops, Jenny 220 
Hoover, Kelvin 223 
Hoover, Lola Mae 218 
Hoppie, Jewel D. 213 
Horlacher. Lowell E. 157 
Horner. Robert M. 180 
Horner. Velma G. 121 
Horton. Carolyn 351 
Hosford, Gregory F. 122 
Houston, Betty Jean 334, 131 
Howard, Grant C. 380, 111 
Howard, Jean 177, 328. 342 
Howard, John 213 
Howard, L. Elsdon, Jr. 231 
Howard, Louise 129 
Howard, Willard W. 125 
Howell, Delmar 179 
Howells, Irene 143, 385 
Howells, Thomas 190 
Howes, Raymond E. 168 

Howlett, Elaine 185, 385 
Hoyt, Earl Ballard 98 
Huber, Shirley 222, 387 
Huff, Arvil W. 153 
Huffaker, Eleanor 226 
Huffaker, Janice 216 
Huffaker, Marjorie E. 333, 108 
Huffaker, Ray 221, 378 
Huffman, Kayleen L. 186 
Hughes, Mack F, 114 
Hughes, Phyllis 139. 366 
Hughes. Rawlins 189 
Huillet, ODille 212 
Huish. Fawn Christenson 343 
Huish. John C. 371 
Hulet, Dorothy 152, 333 
Hulet, Ella Mae 229 
Hulet, Oscar K. 157 
Hull, Russell M. 357 
Hulihan, Lois 215 
Hullinger, ReVoe 227 
Humphreys, Alice 174 
Hunsaker, Susie 169, 345 
Hunt, Heber 171 
Hunt, Lester Dale 156, 380 
Hunter, Artie B. 167 
Hunter, Boyd M. 179 
Hunter, Deck J. 207 
Hunter, Duaine J. 123 
Hunter, James 173 
Hunter, Lou Jean 180 
Hunter, Margaret 159 
Hunter, Mildred 352 
Hunter, Verne F. 149 
Huntington, Jane 186 
Hurst, Howard 213 
Hurst, Joan 202 
Hutchinson, Gloria 155 
Hutchings, Grace 385, 127 
Hutchinson, Janet 180 
Hyatt, Norman F. 341, 98 
Hyde, Elaine 212 
Hyde, Gerald R. 175, 362 
Hyde, Lona Mae 174, 352 
Hymas, Bruce 215 
Hymas, Scott S. 205 

Ihle, Marilyn 203 

Ingalls, WiUiam V. 147, 377 

Irving, Margaret 204, 389 
Irving, Eldred 173 
Irwin, Bonnie Lou 185 
Isaac, LaRae 214 
Isaacson, Lola 204 
Isakson. LaJuana 179, 344 
Ivie, Joy 159, 383 
Ivins, Anthony 206 
Iwasa, Sumi 227 

Jackson, Elda B. 100 
Jackson, Vernice 143 
Jacobs, Gloria 167, 353 
Jacobs, Mary B. 123 
Jacobson, Gwen 158 
Jacobson, Lynn 223 
Jacobson. Waldo 172 
James, Richard 124 
James, Tom 217 
Jameson, Phyllis 254 
Janish, Jardine 171 
Janson, Reva 189, 366 
Jenson, Donald 176 
Jenson, Frank A. 372 
Hardine, Earl D. 159 
Jarvis, Jarrett 212 
Jeffers, Vera 366 
Jeffery, Jay 201 
Jenkins, Douglas 145, 336 
Jenkins, Jack 147, 378 
Jenkins, Lyman H. 148 
Jennens, Carol M. 171, 342 
Jennings, Julienne 203 
Jensen, Arliss 224 
Jensen, Bonnie Jean 157 
Jensen, Don A. 380 
Jensen, Duane 124 
Jensen, Eugene 159. 373 
Jensen. Farrell 214 
Jensen. Gloria 139. 385 
Jensen. Grant 125 
Jensen. Gwenyth 148 
Jensen, Helen 129 
Jenson. Iris L. 170, 379 
Jensen, Janice 157, 388, 384 
Jensen, Lada 202 
Jensen, Marilyn 217, 389 
Jensen, Marion 354, 329 
Jensen, Keith 174, 378 
Jensen, PhylUs C. 177 
Jensen, Lamarr 155 
Jensen, W, Clyde 128 

Jensen, Wendell 209, 350 
Jepperson, Robert Kay 115 
Jeppson, Joyce 229 
Jeppson, Ruth 181 
Jepson, Marion 186 
Jerling, Rae Marie 157 
Jesperson, Myrna 232 
Jessee, Dean C. 185 
Jcx, Melvin Dean 100 
Johansen, Viola V. 169, 328, 

389, 371 
Johns, Kenneth 382, 114 
Johns, Max 171, 377 
Johnson, Andrea 167, 345 
Johnson, Berdine 188, 328 
Johnson, Beverly 342, 112 
Johnson, Carolyn H. 181 
Johnson, Clayton 183 
Johnson, Dorothy 204 
Johnson, Eldred A. 324, 109 
Johnson, Floyd L. 118 
Johnson, Frank 153 
Johnson, Gladys 202, 388 
Johnson, Glen 126, 124 
Johnson, Gordon Keith 123 
Johnson, Helen 201. 344 
Johnson. Helen Frances 155 
Johnson. Helen May 201 
Johnson. J. Kent 174, 338, 

Johnson, Joel H. 147, 357 
Johnson, Joelle 212 
Johnson, Julia 352 
Johnson, Laurel 187, 334 
Johnson, Les 231 
Johnson, Loren 209 
Johnson, M. Dean 349, 121 
Johnson, Rayma 201 
Johnson, Reed F. 152 
Johnson. Reed M. 357. 110 
Johnson. Rex V. 187 
Johnson, Shirley 346, 122 
Johnson, Thelma L. 126 
Johnson, Vada 232, 389 
Johnson, Virginia 213 
Johnson, Howard 167, 341 
Johnson, Curg W. 139 
Jolley, Inez 189, 352 
Jones, Arlene 386, 123 
Jones, Audrey 177 
Jones, Barbara 232 
Jones, Charlotte 166 
Jones, Doris L. 124 
Jones, Earl 324, 118 
Jones, Edward 149 
Jones, Elma J. 383 
Jones, Ferron 124 
Jones, Gary 148 
Jones, Helen E. 149, 345 
Jones, Helen Jeanne 175, 353 
Jones, Hilda 204 
Jones, JoLean E. 147 
Jones, LeRoy 144, 348 
Jones, Nadine 205, 407 
Jones, Sherman 232 
Jones, Grace 201, 360 
Jordan, Mary Ella 222, 388 
Jorgensen, Jerry 171 
Josie, Barbara 212 
Juarez, Rafael 230 
Judd, Lewis 202, 378 
Judd, Conrad 145, 325, 362 

Kamauoha, Charles M. 151 
Kamuoha, Lueen K. 181 
Kanakele, George 225 
Kanekoa, Catherine N. 174 
Karpowitz, Robert 350 
Kartchner, Joyce 188 
Kartchner, Rulon 219 
Kaufman, Oreal 123 
Kawasaki. George J. 190, 381 
Kay, Carol 159 
Keaka, Rowena K. 189 
Keate, Kenneth J. 141, 380 
Keate, Robert K. 212 
Keeler, Colleen 356 
Keeler, Lovina 207 
Keeler, Richard 212 
Keeney, William Pat 129 
Kekaula, Thomas 332, 361, 

Kekauoha, Clifford N. 169, 

332 377 
Kelsey, Nan 185, 334 
Kemper, Doral 349 
Kemsley, Geraldine 159 
Kendall, Bent W. 322 
Kendall, James Clair 155 
Kendall, Karl 232 
Kendall. Robert 141 
Kennedy. Barbara 222. 407 
Kenolio. Gladys H. 173 

Kern, DeMar R. 358 
Kern, Russell L. 109 
Ketzenbach, Delia 127 
Kiester, Elaine 146 
Kiester, Winfield Scott 382 
Kilborn, A. Richalyn 120 
Kilian, Mable 204 
Killpack, Bennie B. 131 
Killpack, Lovell A., Jr. 125 
Killpack, Theodore N. 114 
Killpack, Val L. 140 
Kimball, Buddy 203, 350 
Kimball, Carole 202 
Kimball, Dan 357 
Kimball, Elden 155 
Kimball, Heber 232 
Kimball, Gilbert 211 
Kimball, Nina Ruth 167, 345 
Kinder, Archie Gale 149 
Kinder, LaRae 179 
King, Earl N. 127 
King, Frank G. 121 
King, Glenn 181 
King, Harold 167, 340 
King, Kent 203 
King, Roy H. 331, 362 
Kingsford, Elaine 190 
Kirk, Dorothy Gayle 223 
Kirk, Emmeline 121 
Kirkham, Dale 141 
Kirkham, Marie 389, 375, 126 
Kirkham, Rae Mona 184, 352, 

Kirkham, Sally 177, 353, 329 
Kirkpatrick, Robert 206 
Kitterman, Stanford J. 152 
Kleinman, Gay 151 
Knaphus, Naomi 222 
Knell, James J. 372 
Knight, Annie V. 153 
Knight, Curtis 153, 377 
Knight, Joann 202, 407 
Knight, Lester 140, 363 
Knowlton, Beverley 186, 365 
Knudsen, E. Arlene 346, 126 
Knudsen, William 141 
Kochi, Miyoko C. 187, 328 
Kodel, Colleen 146 
Koew, LaVerne 169 
Kohler, Eloise 126 
Roller, Lyle 157, 372 
Kondo, Gladys T. 203 . 
Kovach, John 168 
Kowallis, Willard 118 
Koyen, Patricia 138, 335 
Koyle, Bliss 141. 333 
Krage. Helen 212 
Krause. Jeanne 218 
Krebs. Delma 173 
Krider, Edward 216 
Krissman. Georgene 346. 129 
Kump. Garth 359 
Kunkel. Bernice H. 138, 384, 

Kunz, McKay H. 117 

Labrum, Donna Rae 150, 333 
Labrum, Renee 205, 333 
LaFollette, Everett 208 
Lallatin, Gwen 205 
Lam, Kum Kwan 175, 361 
Lambert, Dan 114 
Lambert, Rogers F. 185, 361 
Lambert, Virginia 205 
Lamborn, Maxine 157 
Lamoreaux, Shirley 356 
LaMunyon, Harold 381 
Lancaster, Violet 205, 388 
Laney, Allen F. 184 
Langston, Norma Dorothy 110 
Larch, Lois 206, 360 
Larkin, Robert 150 
Larsen, Albert 179 
Larsen, Dean 214 
Larsen, Bliss 217 
Larsen, Boyd 150 
Larsen, Carol Dawn 169, 333 
Larson, Carol 126 
Larsen, Cheryl 220 
Larson, Elva Marisc 389 
Larsen, Flora 212 
Larson, Joyce 205 
Larsen, G. A. 201 
Larsen, Gladys Rawlings 119 
Larsen, Harold 214 
Larsen, Jack 207 
Larsen, L. Charles 154, 349 
Larsen, Margaret 129 
Larsen, Maxine L. 213, 166, 

Larson, Orlo 231 
Larsen, Paul B. 156, 362 
Larson, Phyllis F. 229 

Larsen, Ruth 366, 122 
Larsen, Shirley 226 
Larsen, Beth 207 
Larsen, V. Vaughan 153 
Larsen, Wallace 130 
Larson, Walter Park 230 
LaVorgna, Richard 218 
Law, David 117 
Lawrence, Clifford V. 153 
Lawrence, Elbert 154 
Lawrence, Joseph 178 
Lawrence, Rebecca Maurine 

Layton, Lionel H. 127 
Lazenby, J. Douglas 114 
Leach, Leonard 118 
Leavitt. Lawrence 139 
Leavitt. Lorna 201 
Leavitt. Van H. 191 
Leavitt. Verr D. 153 
LeBaron, Francis 213, 378 
LeBaron, Rita 206 
Lee, Garth 204 
Lee. Gordon 150 
Lee. James 188 
Lee. John F. 144. 358. 324 
Lee. Dean 118 
Lee. Samuel A. 188 
Lee. Wilmer 219. 348, 378 
Leegant, Daniel 185 
Leigh, George 153 
Lerwill, Gwendolyn 123 
LaSueur, J. Kay 373, 130 
Leth. Ken O. 373 
Levie. Veola Vaun 151, 385 
Lewis, Celdon R. 140 
Lewis, Gordon K. 339, 116 
Lewis, lone 386, 374, 127 
Lewis, John W. 149 
Lewis, Louise 213 
Lewis, Maridell 190, 342 
Lewis, Marshall 138 
Lewis, Renee 214 
Lewis, Rhoda D. 365, 122 
Lewis, Richine 115 
Lewis, Sherald 208 
Lewis, Veloy 99 
Libby, Ellen 213 
Liddiard, Bruce 358 
Liechty, Elaine 189 
Linde, M. Lorraine 148, 346 
Lindsay, Grace 353, 121 
Lindsay, L. Ronald 371 
Lindsay, Myrl 183, 365 
Lindsay, Rae H. 381 
Lindsay, Robert O. 205 
Lindstrom, David D. 187 
Linn, Ross 208 
Liston, Donald 154 
Litchfield, Bernice 146 
Livingston, Jean M. 183, 342 
Lloyd, David O. 120 
Lloyd, Grant 205 
Lloyd, Irene 229 
Lloyd, Ross 204 
Lloyd, Verna 188 
Loader, Mavis 156 
Lodwick, J. W. 224 
Loe, Wanda 328, 343 
Lofgran, Lynn C. 187 
Lofgren, David E. 131 
Long, Kenneth 167 
Long, Donald 231 
Long, Lloyd K. 190 
Longden, Gail 179, 369 
Loosli, Gayle 205, 407, 387 
Losee, Rex 204, 377 
Loveless, Donna 142 
Loveless, Aurlen F. 190 
Lovell, Elwood 207 
Loveridge, Gordon 207 
Loveridge, Willard V. •114 
Lowe, Julian C. 122 
Lozaro, Rubenia Diaz 167 
Ludlow, Enoch 341, 125 
Ludlow, Lester 148, 339 
Ludlow, Melvin J. 340, 114 
Ludlow, Ray 340 
Lunceford, Fay 187 
Lund, E. Darlene 189, 385 
Lund, Lemar I. 377, 121 
Lund, Rose Elise 155, 385 
Lundell, Donna 151, 343 
Lundell, Orville C. 324, 120 
Lunt, LaDonna 209 
Lunt, Vefa 171 
Lybbert, Rex 171 
Lykins, Chester 202 
Lyman, Bertha 177 
Lynn, E. Bob 341 
Lynn, Marjorie 220 
Lynn, Verna Vee 220 
Lynn, Norma Rae 191, 385 
Lyons, Kent 159 
Lyons, Yvonne 227, 407 



Maag. Martha 172, 386 
Mabey. Ilene 230 
MacCobe. Van 225 
Macdonald, Jaird 204 
Macdonald. Ruth 356, 127 
Macfarlane, Max 127 
Machado, Daniel K. 190 
Machenheimer, John 228 
Mackay, Leonard 212 
Makley, Venetta 215 
Madison, Parke 167 
Madson, Amelia 170 
Madsen, Bonnie 208 
Madsen, Carolyn 205 
Madsen, Charlene 191 
Madsen, Gloria 159 
Madsen, Jack 187 
Madsen, Spencer Duane 108 
Magill, N. Carolyn 227 
Magleby, Frances R. 373 
Magleby, Hal 221 
Magleby, Richard H. 144, 349 
Magleby, Sally 207, 360 
Maholia, Michael A. 357, 112 
Mahoney, Donna 170 
Makin, James 201 
Malan, Robert 108 
Maland, Lorraine 220 
Mallor. Carl J. 167 
Maloney, Joan 151 
Malstrom, Mildred 219 
Mangum, Dorothy 232 
Mangum, Leah 138 
Mann, Rod 364 
Manning, Dona Rose 208 
Manning, Luann 208, 389 
Marchant, Adele 184, 383 
Marcum, R. Laverne 112 
Markham, Beth 152 
Markham, Don H. 139 
Markham, Wayne 227 
Markenseon, Don 348 
Marley, Bert 109 
Marriott, Geraldine 185 
Marsh, Pearl 172 
Marshall, Betty Lou 137 
Marshall, Edward 212, 378 
Martin, Beth 407, 353, 131 
Martin, Marilyn 207, 360 
Martineau, Knolton, 207 
Martineau, Mary 141, 342 
Martini, Elizabeth L. 227 
Marx, Tressie 232 
Mason, Naone 153, 386 
Mason, Patricia 172, 329, 344 
Mason, Sterling 374, 377, 112 
Massey, Ferrel 155 
Massey. Valda 191 
Matheson, Beverly 159 
Mathews, Madelyn 145, 369 
Matkin, LeVaun 217 
Matkin, Nola 139, 333 
Matson, Charmayne 172 
Matson, Evelyn 224 
Matson, L. Irene 158, 384 
Matson, Nora 204 
Matsumura, Mamoru 219 
Maughan, Dora J. 205 
Maughan, Carol 220 
Maughan, Nola Afton 122 
Maughan, Phyllis 222 
Maughan, Scott J. 166 
Maughan, Mary Ann 208 
Maughan, Shirley 176, 342 
Maxfield, Maurine E. 114 
Maxwell, Afton 208 
Maxwell, Emma Jean 178 
May, Mary Elizabeth 207 
Maycock, L. Booth 371 
Mayeda, Hideo 113 
Mayhew, Thomas 129 
McAffee, Boyd 100 
McAlister, Barbara 182, 343 
McAllister, Dale 372, 125 
McAllister, Wells 120 
McArthur, Loa 206 
McArthur, Enid 124 
McArthur, Lloyd 120 
McBride, Elva 208 
McBride, Kenneth 149 
McBride. Leah 208 
McCall, Clifford 190 
McCandless, Geary 205 
McCance. Joan 205 
McCarrel, Lois 146 
McClellan, Josephine 146 
McClure, Ramona 170, 369, 

McClurg, Buyrl 173 
McConkie, Clayton 174 
McConkie, Norma 203 
McCoy, Juanita P. 225 
McDonald, Lila Mae 207, 360 
McDonald, Ruby 177 
McDougal, Delmer 130 

McEwan, Harold 205, 350 
McEvers, Barbara 213 
McFarland, Carl 143 
McFarland, Marjorie R. 166 
McGarry, Darrell Terry 151 
McGuire, Charles Francis 180 
Mclntire Douglas R. 359, 116 
Mcintosh, Deon 206 
McKee, Fay 181, 347 
McKee, Lawrence 157, 357 
McKell, Jean M. 153, 384 
McKell, LaNon 205 
McLean Veon 205 
McMahan. Robert 201 
McManama, John 216 
McMullin, Dorothy 189. 345 
McNelley, Lester 205 
McPhie, Wallace 153. 371 
McQuarrie. Ina Marie 173, 345 
Meaker. Stanley 207 
Measom, Carmen 205 
Mecham, Carl D. 191 
Mecham, Gladys 122 
Mecham, Ray 205 
Mecham. Robert B. 100 
Medlyn. Samuel 377. 115 
Meling. Mary 191 
Mellor. Carl J. 377 
Mellor. Irma Rachel 157 
Memmott, Fletcher 218 
Mendenhall. Bee 175 
Mendenhall, Wilma 187. 384 
Menlove. Lyle 191 
Menlove. Roy T. 143 
Meranda. Sally 173. 342 
Mercer. Robert 349. 109 
Merchant. Lorenzo A. 179, 

Merrell, Albert 152 
Merrell, Donnene 204 
Merrill, Grace 148, 343 
Merrill, Heber Kimball 111 
Merrill, Jay 179, 380 
Merrill. June 157. 351. 384 
Merrill. LuAnn 205. 388 
Merrill, Owen 158 
Merrill, Reese 171 
Merrell, Robert W. 110 
Mertz, Delia M. 191 
Merwin, Betty 214 
Meservy, Keith 232 
Meservy, Norma J. 185 
Messervy. Robert 363 
Messerly, Ernest 113 
Meyers, J. Raymond 182 
Mickelson, Jay C. 170 
Mickelson, Russell 179, 341, 

Midgley, Betty 151 
Midgley, Thomas Keith 146, 

Miles, Marilyn 159. 343 
Miles, Newell 158 
Miles, Oral S. 149 
Miles, Sewell 207 
Millar. Marjorie 116 
Millar. Phyllis 119 
Millard, Grace 205, 388 
Miller, Beverly 229 
Miller, Elaine 207 
Miller, Katherine 355 
Miller, George 208 
Miller. Joyce 224 
Miller. Marion 207 
Miller. Martin L. 99 
Miller, Marvin 217 
Miller, Mildred 368, 130 
Miller. Paul Bowen 139 
Miller, Reid C. 130 
Miller, Richard Dale 123 
Miller, Robert M. 232, 214 
Miller, Troy 362 
Miller, Vernon 206 
Miller, Wilham 208 
Millett, Don 173 
Millett, Richard L. 208 
Mills, Joyce 347 
Milner, Glen Rae 157 
Miner, Georgia 181 
Minor, Ida Lou 215 
Miner, Richard Kent 357 
Miners. Paul 201 
Minson. Roland T. 177 
Mitchell, George 169 
Mitchell, Joanne 207 
Mitchell. LaReal Nadine 144, 

Miyahira, Harry T. 222 
Moesser, Bonnie Jean 187, 

Mohassel, Aboiezl Billy 167 
Molen, Roy F. 173 
Mohanan. Neil D. 187 
Monroe, Shirley 346, 123 
Monson, Dorothy 215 

Montague. Glenn 126 
Montague, Wallace 127 
Montgomery, Charles 225 
Montgomery, Harold 229 
Montgomery. Sharon J. 208 
Moody. Carol D. 334 
Moody. M. Elizabeth 178. 334 
Moody, Richard 177, 364 
Moon. Carma 208 
Moon. Clarence 141 
Moon, Floyd 157, 378 
Mooney. Marilyn 145, 368 
Moore, Glen 112 
Moore, Geraldine 115 
Moore. Keith W. 166 
Moore. Mary 379. 387, 121 
Moore. Tom 126 
Moore. Wilburta 147 
Morby. Carol 173, 379 
Morgan, Cleona Decker 112 
Morgan. Edna G. 118 
Morgan. John O. 191 
Morgan. Thelma 207 
Morgan. Venna Dee 205 
Morin. Arthur 131 
Morley. Berton 208 
Morrey. John 184, 357 
Morrill, Jane 157, 365 
Morrill, Reed 201 
Morris, Alfred S. 138 
Morris. Herbert 377. 108 
Morris. Joan 207 
Mortensea, Arva Lue 379. 109 
Mortensen. Geraldine 204 
Mortensen. Grant W. 112 
Mortensen, Lois 140 
Mortensen. Shirley 208. 384 
Mortensen. Shirley Ruth 185 
Morton. Robert 175 
Mosley. William L. 122 
Moss. Audra 382 
Moss. Helen 148, 379 
Moss, James 184 
Moss, J. Joel 324, 382, 98 
Moss, Reed L. 209 
Moss. Ruth 185 
Mott. Kenneth C. 341. 118 
Moulton. E. J. 141, 340 
Moulton, Floyd C. 156, 341 
Moulton, William Clyde 341 
Mousley, Clifford D. 147 
Movaghar, Iran 110 
Movaghar, Nasser 187 
Mower, Morris 208 
Mower, Robert 357 
Moyle, Hank 207, 350 
Muaina, John 185, 332 
Muhlestein, Charles J. 167, 

Mullen, Coy M. 149, 351 
Mullett. Marian F. 355 
Mumford. Theo 173 
Mumford. Verl L. 153. 340 
Munson, John E. 140 
Murdock. Edward 113 
Murdock. Mary Ann 326. 351. 

Murphy. Joseph 151 
Murphy. LaVona 142 
Murphy. Joyce 152, 379 
Murray, Joyce 189, 345 
Murray. Mary 208 
Murray. Wanza 208 
Myer, Richard A. 232 
Myers. Iliene 191 
Myers, Marcus 143 

Naegle, Thell 176, 384 
Naegle, Vilda Mae 183 
Naegle, June 215 
Nakhir, Amir Hossien 98 
Nalder, Beverly 227. 360 
Narramore. Lou 155. 883 
Nash, WilUam 151 
Nay, Buster 225 
Nay. Theron D. 125 
Naylor, Joan 206 
Neal. John C. 231 
Neath. Jackie 207. 360 
Nebeker. Connie 188. 342 
Neeley. Arlene 167. 344 
Neeley, Laura Gene 201 
Neilson, D. Louise 141, 379 
Neilson, Stanley D. 150 
Nelson, Barbara Lou 342 
Nelson, Bill 146 
Nelson, Bill J. 131 
Nelson. Clar^ W. 154 
Nelson. Dale 224 
Nelson. Dee B. 220 
Nelson, Donna 201 
Nelson, E. May 212 
Nelson, Erven 226 

Nelson, Jack L. 157 
Nelson, James 119 
Nelson, Jo Anne 215, 365 
Nelson. J. R. 180 
Nelson. Lois Anne 145. 352 
Nelson. Lois Marie 112 
Nelson. Margerie 190 
Nelson. Marv Nels 185 
Nelson. Max D. 141. 349 
Nelson. Naomi 120 
Nelson. Norma 228 
Nelson, Rae 181. 379 
Nelson. Rachel 126 
Nelson. Robert Deane 98 
Nelson. Rosemary 202 
Nelson. Ruth 203 
Nelson. Shirley Faye 124 
Nelson, Shirley 147 
Nelson, Stanley 149 
Nelson, Susan 221, 407 
Nelson, Thomas G. 140 
Nelson. William 226 
Neubert, H. LaMon 185, 364 
Newman. Analee 144 
Newman. Mary 224. 407 
Newren. Karl Y. 155 
Newren. Max 149 
NG, Paul L. 158 
Nicholes. Douglas 173. 332, 

Nicholes, Margaret 366 
Nichols, Loren 175 
Nicholson. Dorothy 219 
Nicholson. Viola 169 
Nickle. Jean 230 
Nickle. Jane 228 
Nickle. Joan 227 
Niedo. D. Ted P. 119 
Nielson, Acel D. 110 
Wielson. Barbara Lu 187 
Nielsen. Beatrice Folsom 117 
Nielson. Diane 175 
Nielson. Renee 227 
Nielsen. Farren 111 
Nielson. Gordon 226 
Nielsen. Kenneth Fred 118 
Nielson. Margne 383 
Nielsen. Peter 222 
Nielsen. Vernon C. 152 
Nies, Richard 148 
Nimer, Harold E. 331 
Nishimura, Estelle 227 
Nixon. Phyllis E. 188 
Nixon. Richard 230 
Nixon, Sterling 232 
Noble. Sidney 325. 126 
Noble. Jean 142 
Noble. John E., Jr. 170. 378 
Noel. Donald D, 130 
Nolan, Grace 99 
Norberg. Betty L. 188 
Norgren. Quentin 98 
North. Maurice Ray 114 
Norton. Al 226 
Nowatny, Cora Belle (Corky) 

147, 351 
Noyes, Carolyn 175 
Nugent, Robert 173, 361 
Nuttall, Elnora 228 
Nutter, John W. 77, 110, 280 
Nyborg, Velva R. 367. 131 

Oberhansley. Vic C. 146 
Obrien, Vincent 363 
Odell, Clinton 203, 378 
Ogden, Betty 170 
Ogden, Geraldine 207 
Ogden. Melvin J. 114 
Oglesby. Jacquelyn 187 
Okelberry. Arta M. 204 
Okerlund. Maeser D. 140 
Oldham. Mark 207. 378 
Oldroyd. Marilyn 177 
Oliphant. Clara Howe 130 
Oliphant. Janice 206 
Oliphant. Nada 149 
OUverson. Ray H. 350 
Olmstead. Clifford 145 
Olpin. Elaine 344 
Olpin. Delia Jean 139. 345 
Olsen. A. Emelia 119 
Olson. Audrey 354 
Olsen. Bennie 226 
Olsen. Betty 118 
Olsen. Dale LaVern 124 
Olson. Donna 228 
Olsen. Donna L. 182 
Olsen. Helen 228 
Olsen, Ivan P. 226 
Olsen, Jeanne 145. 384. 399 
Olson, Lavera 227 
Olsen, Lugene 217 
Olsen, Lynn 359 

Omps, James 226 
Ono. Masayo 204 
Openshaw. Billie 344 
Openshaw. Darlene 355 
Orme. Elaine 224. 407. 387 
Orme. F. Evada 177. 383 
Orme. Keith M. 206 
Orton. Gwen 227 
Orton. Nona Jean 109 
Osborne. Barbara 228 
Osborne. Bruce 114 
Osborne, Virgus C. 151 
Oslund. Norma Rae 187 
Ottesen. LaRae 228. 387 
Ovad. Glen Fowler 112 
Owen. Gordon 224, 350 
Ozment. Arnold 214 

Pace. Calvin J. 154 

Pace. Kenneth J. 145. 337. 

Pace. Ronald 206 
Pace, Warren 157 
Pack, Merrill 114 
Packard, Brien P. 109 
Packard. Dean W. 337 
Packer. Grant 216 
Packer. Margaret 389 
Padeken. Emmaline K. 180 
Page. Barbara 129 
Page. Reed H. 218. 371 
Painter. Joanne 221 
Palmer. Edward 222 
Palmer. Laura 159 
Paramore. James 337. 332 
Park. Boyd L. 181 
Parker. Bonnie 215 
Parker. Fay 229 
Parker. Myrl 206 
Parker. Phyllis 386. 124 
Parker. Shirley 221 
Parkin. Max 202 
Parkinson. Diane 228 
Parkinson. Phyllis 183 
Parkinson. Roger 336 
Parry. John P. 118 
Parry. Martha M. 181. 384 
Parsell, Robert W. 181, 349 
Parson, Joyce 217. 389 
Patterson. Arthur 221 
Patterson, Francis 178 
Patterson, Sylvia C. 176, 388 
Patton, Betty 223 
Patton, Lyle D. 152 
Paul, Dorothy Jane 123 
Paul, Howard 202 
Paul, Ina 228 
Paulson. Eileen 224 
Paulson. Art L. 350 
Paulson. John 350 
Paulson, Kristine 342, 124 
Paulsen, Mable 175, 385 
Paulsen, Reva 216 
Paulson, Walter 147 
Paxman. Carol 355 
Paxman. M. Elaine 353, 108 
Payne. Dan C. 172 
Payne. Jaynann M. 131 
Payne. Marjorie 216 
Payne, Devere 189 
Payne. William Harold 189 
Pearce. Anne 170. 385 
Pearce. Robert Hale 149 
Pearson. Barbara 228 
Pearson. Donald B. 181 
Pearson. Dorothy 171 
Pearson, M. Claudine 346 
Pearson, Shad 373 
Peeay. Dean S 
Peay. Dorace 158 
Peck. Dorothy 185 
Peck, Mary 203 
PectoUo. Rosetta 221 
Petersen. Myrle 219 
Pendleton. Carl J. 100 
Pendleton. Leo 216. 378 
Penfield. Robert 175. 361 
Perez. Esteban 184 
Perry. Kenneth L 189. 332 
Perry. Rodney 221 
Perry. Yolanda 217. 360 
Peterlein. Richard 230 
Peters. Gay 360 
Peterson. Barbara 232 
Petersen. Betty Jo 221 
Peterson. Bruce 228 
Peterson, Clarence H. 218 
Peterson, Clifford J. 142, 363 
Peterson. Dale A. 338 
Peterson. Don 349 
Peterson. Donna Jean 140 
Peterson. Dorothy 206 
Peterson. Elaine 174 


Peterson, Esther M. 221 
Peterson, Farrell 221 
Peterson, George 98 
Peterson, H. Donl 167, 348 
Peterson, Herbert 169 
Peterson, Janice 224, 407 
Peterson, Jilene 178, 347 
Peterson, JoAnn (Calif.) 215 
Peterson, JoAnn (Scipio) 222 
Peterson, Leo 189 
Peterson, Judith Anne 214 
Peterson, L. Marvin 151, 364 
Peterson, Lila Alice 123 
Peterson, Lois 159 
Peterson, Marie 213 
Peterson, Neola 227 
Peterson, Pat 225 
Peterson, Raquel 212 
Peterson, Richard Lee 138, 

Peterson, Robert 99 
Peterson, Wendell 139 
Pettijohn, Dorothy 166 
Pettijohn, Martha Jane 152, 

Petty, Marilyn 334, 121 
Phelps, Richards 226 
Philbrick, Robert 364, 126 
Phillips, Douglas 230, 350 
Phillips, Kathleen 334, 113 
Phillips, Kenneth D. 127 
Phillips, Rosemary 177, 369, 

Phillipson, Howard 212 
Pierce, Isaac D. 127 
Pierpont, Patricia 227 
Pierson, Helen 189 
Pinegar, James J. 108 
Pinegar, Maxine 214, 356 
Pinncock, WilUam G. 168 
Pitcher, Carol 177, 369, 329, 

Pitcher, Kay 172 
Plass, Inga 171, 385 
Plant, D. Barbra 183, 343 
Plattner, Bettyrae 231 
Plumb, Ted 221 
Pocock, Lloyd S. 139 
Pomel, Jacqueline 223 
Pomeroy, Wayne C. 116 
Pope, Byron L. 112 
Porter, Betty Jean 214, 360, 

Porter, Blaine M. 100 
Porter, Carroll 220 
Porter, Delia Mae 342, 113 
Porter, Denton 128 
Porter, E. Ross 117 
Porter, Marguerite 99 
Porter, LeRoy 179, 357 
Potter, Joyce Eloise 229 
Poulson, Ann 215 
Poulson, Elaine 138 
Poulsen, Gerald E. 110 
Poulsen, Lorna 186 
Powell, Harold J. 141 
Powell, Lynn 114 
Pratt, Harold, 214 
Pratt, Leigh B. 128 
Piratt, Mary 214 
Preator, Donna 170 
Preece, Val Larie 159, 365 
Price, Darlene 229 
Price, Harold 221 
Price, Jack R. 340, 116 
Price, Kendall, 220, 350 
Price, Lou Ann 228 
Price, Marilyn 230 
Prior, LaDeane 212 
Pritchett, Enid 147 
Pritchett, M. Jed 187 
Proctor, Art 226 
Priuitt, Ruth 144, 353 
Puckett, Eldon 111 
Puckett, George C. 149 
Pugh, Kelly 99 
Pugmire, Barbara 214 
Pugmire, Elaine C. 383 
Pulham, Richard A. 181 
PuUan, Robert 221 
Pulos, G. LeRoy 219 
Pulsipher, Eldon 169, 380 
Pulsipher, Fenton H. 185, 380 
Purdy. Ruth 171, 329, 342 
Purnell, Allen 139, 362 
Purrington, Vera 189 
Puscy, C. Richard 177, 358 

Quinn, Pat 355 

Quilter, Franklin N. 
Quinlan, Nina 167 
Quinn, Alice P. 167 
Quinn, Joan R. 225 


Radichel, Fred 174 

Raisor, Calvin 218 

Randall, K. A. 324, 359, 122 

Randall, Melvin G. 324, 100 

Randall, Wanda 179. 389 

Rasband, J. Verl 185, 358, 

Rasmussen, Alvin L. 100 

Rasmussen, Bonnie 211 

Rasmussen, Carma 334, 113 

Rasmussen, Hazel, 175 

Rasmussen, Leon 211 

Rasmussen, LeRoy W. 183 

Rasmussen, Melda 211 

Rawle, Renee 171 

Rawlings, James 357 

Rawlings, LaMar 213 

Rawlins, Eva 211 

Ray, Nedra 171 

Ray, Reed 227 

Raymond, Richard L. 147 

Rayner, Hansel 230 

Read, WilUam Earl, Jr. 129 

Ream, Hazel Dawn 383, 113 

Ream, Leanore L. 179 

Reber, Darwin 146 

Reber, Joyce 214 

Redd, Alene 179, 355 

Redd, Jacqueline B. 183, 354 

Redd, John Paul 183 

Redd, Phyllis 211 

Redford, Bronwyn 138, 334 

Rees, Jane 147 

Rees, Lorraine L. 126 

Rees, Raymond F. 130 

Reeve, Ruth 167, 351 

Reid, Bettie Jean 142, 343 

Reid, Constance 149 

Reid, Gwen 217 

Reid, Joan 211 

Reid, Joyce 370 

Reimschiissel, Walter M. 128 

Reinch, Barbara Ann 190, 342 

Reiske, John 114 

Remund, Janet 229 

Rancher, Louise 121 

Rex, Donna 175, 365 

Rhodes, Howard 141 

Rice, Maxine 172 

Richan, Pat 206 

Richards, Barbara N. 158 

Richards, Faue 386, 115 

Richards, Harold L. 187 

Richards, Joel J. 166, 381 
Richards, Ralph 224 
Richards, Robert Neal 179 
Richards, Lynn 166 

Richardson, Dorothy Dee 173, 

Richardson, Ivan R. 126 
Richeson, Lee, Jr. 110 
Richins, Dolores I. 222 
Richins, Helen 229 
Richins, Robert 217 
Richins, Robert John 189 
Richman, Wayne S. 116 
Richmond, Ruth 139 
Ricks, Wanda 121 
Ridge, John 206 
Riding, Lynn 181, 363 
Rigby, Doris, 219 
Rigby, Keith 100 
Rigby, W. Dean 180, 349 
Riggs, Colleen 187, 347 
Rindlisbach, Oloha 227 
Ririe, Barbara 221 
Ririe, Ellenjeen 179, 386 
Ririe, Geraldine 179 
Ririe, Morgan 222 
Roach, Dee 212 
Robbins, Nancy 211 
Robey, Raoma J. 168 
Roberts, Dan 123 
Roberts, Pat 202 
Roberts, Shirley 225 
Robertson, Burtis B. 378 
Robertson, Reece B. 150 
Robertson, Sheronne 177, 352 
Robins, Maurine 333 
Robinson, Cloras Ann 129 
Robinson, Gene 155 
Robinson, Harriet 375, 383 
Robinson, Helen 211 
Robinson, Lois 230 
Robinson, Milward D. 100 
Robjson, Artell L. 176 
Robison, Barbara 229, 360 
Robison, LaRue F. 152 
Robison, Phillip G. 125 
Robison, Rosalie 151 
Robison, Shirley 224, 407 

Rock, Dale 159 
Rodeback, Clyde E. 361 
Rodeback, Shirley 211 
Rogers, Alton 230 
Rogers, Donald 216 
Rogers, Marcel 217 
Rogers, Kathryn 115 
Rogers, Lu Luke 170, 355 
Rogers, Marilou 210 
Rogers, Patricia 181 
Rogers, Raymond 125 
Rolfe, Mona E. 169 
Romney, Clyde 154 
Romney, Janet 201 
Romney, Jean 182, 355, 328 
Romney, Patricia 211, 375, 

Romney, Lowell 210 
Romney, Rinda 216 
Romney, WilUam F. 154, 377 
Roper, Frankie 225 
Roper, Morris Lee 100 
Roper, Velda 219 
Ropp, Verla 231 
Rose, Lucile 351, 115 
Rose, Ruth 226 
Rosen, Harold E. 186 
Rosenheim, Helmet 100 

Ross, Alma D. 151 
Ross, Joyce 228 

Ross, Lester 116 

Roundy, Elmo S. 178, 373 

Roundy, Marilyn 214 

Roundy, Paul 155 

Rowan, Gerald G. 122 

Rowe, Betty Jean 187 

Rowley, Grant 159, 378 

Rowley, Doyle 148 

Rowley, Richard 212 

Roylance, Norma 225 

Rueckert, Lavar 205 

Rulfe, Mona 386 

Runyan, John 175 

Rushton, Luana 356 

Russell, Bonnie 388 

Russell, Don 190 

Russell, Gene 221 

Russell, Lorraine 144, 342 

Russell, Richard 220 

Russell, JacqueUne 221 

Russell, Patricia 179 

Russell, Warren 202 

Russon, Moynard 183, 378 

Rust, DeMar 172 

Rust, Helen 224 

Rutter, Clarece LuCeUa 175, 

Rutter, James 210 

Ryan, Adrian, 358 

Ryan, Thomas B. 216 

Sabey, Grant 217 
Sabey, Soren G. 109 
Sabin, Marie 229, 387 
Sackett, OrvaUa 225 
Satfery, Miriam 108 
Sakamoto, Nancy 174 
Sakiestews, Victor 143, 361 
Sampson, Floyd 155 
Sandberg, -Hartley T. 124 
Sandberg, Calvin 141 
Sandberg, Karl 230 
Sander, Hyrum 153 
Sander, June E. 369, 121 
Sanders, Joseph L. 156 
Sanders, Joyce 326, 108 
Sanders, Shirley 177 
Sanders, Virginia 217 
Sanderson, Barbara 177 
Sandstrom, Robert 210 
Sanford, Janet 210 
Sansom, Kenneth 339, 325, 

Samokita, Thomas K. 191 
Sargent, Blair 127 
Satterfield, Lavon 216 
Bauer, Audra 211, 407 
Schaeler, Don 214, 378 
Schaerr, Wallace 211 
Schenk, Mary Lou 204 
Scherer, Paul 147. 359 
Schindler, Stanley 173 
Schipper, Eileen 210, 407, 

Schipper, LiUian 176, 329, 

370. 375. 384 
Schipper, Ruth W. 177, 370, 

Schipper, Vivian 176, 370 

Schmidt, Dolores 217 
Schmidt, Virginia 118 
Schofield, Colleen 210 

Schofield, Sheldon 148 
Schow. Alvin 223 
Schow, Fred 349 
Schulthess, David A. 145 
Schultz, Norma 143 
Schwalbe, Wayne 185, 361 
Schwartz, Ruby 130 
Scoresby, Delsa 182 
Scoreaby, Leah 224, 388 
Scott, HoUis 378, 125 
Scott, Odell 340, 119 
Scott, Shirley 225 
Scott, Wanda 181 
Scoville, Keith P. 146, 348 
Seabury, ZaUa 227 
Searl, Joane 206 
Searle, Clea 202 
Searle, Roberts 363 
Sears, EUzabeth 225 
Sears, Grace Stone 115 
Sears, Roger W. K. 180 
Seastrand. Gareth W. 158 
Beaton, Laura Ann 116 
Seibold, Jeannette 139 
Seppi, Edward 225 
Sessions, Barbara B. 144, 370 
Sessions. LaVerne 214 
Sessions, Rosanne 353, 118 
Sessions, Sterling 118 
Bevy, Arthur C. 120 
Sewell, Max F. 182 
Shane, Roy A. 122 
Sharmahd, Amir Nassen 143 
Sharp, Keith P. 185 
Sharp, Bailey 108 
Shaw, Laurene M. 225 
Shawcroft, Joseph 143 
Shelley, Arlo 174 
Shelley, Carl T. 99 
Shelley, Heber Jay 115 
Shelley, MerUn 202 
Sherwood, Stephen 210 
Shields, Grant 371, 127 
Shipp, Darlene 231 
Shoemaker, Betty 217 
Short, Elaine 141, 345 
Shreeve, Lyman Sidney 126 
Bhriver, Joan 231, 369 
Shupe, Ethel Jean 167 
Shupe, Margaret 151, 387 
Shurtliff, Donald 215 
ShurtUff, Norman T. 147 
Biebach, Miriam 232 
Sill, James 210 
Simmons, Boyd K. 147, 362 
Simmons, L. Joy 139 
Simmons, Mar Rue 123 
Simmons, Norma L. 109 
Simmons, Ralph 207 
Simpson, Reva 169 
Singleton, Paul C. 183 
Sittle, Verne 159 
Skeen, Lamar 207 
Skousen, Don 108 
Skousen, Alma 171 
Skousen, Nancy BhurtUff 116 
Skousen, Orval 206 
Slack, George H. 131 
Black, Jean 140, 379 
Slack, Lawrence Roy 100 
Slack, Paul Holt 100 
Slack, Wayne 187 
Blade, Curtis W. 149 
Slaugh, Anne 207 
Bmedlcy, Luana 229 
Smellie, Bonnie 222 
Smith, Blaine 146, 358 
Smith, Ann 379 
Smith, Arvilla 217 
Smith, Barbara, 220, 407 
Smith, Beverly 191, 367 
Smith, Beth 328, 368 
Smith, Cherie 226 
Smith, Curtis 210 
Smith, Earl L. 124 
Smith, Edward 222 
Smith, Glenn 227 
Smith, Inogene 207 
Smith, Richard 130 
Smith, Jerry 224 
Smith. Leland A. 173. 371 
Smith, Larry 150, 375 
Smith, Luana 214 
Smith, Lyneer C. 170 
Smith, Margaret 184 
Smith, Mearle B. 210 
Smith, Marlee Mae 190, 365 
Smith, Norma 147, 383 
Smith, Paul M. 170 
Smith, Reed Emery 153 
Smith, Red 185 
Smith, Roy, 226 
Smith, Shirley 211 
Smith, Verla Lou 353, 109 
Smith, Virgil 182 

Smith, WilUam D. 191 
Smith, WilUam 168, 336 
Bnell, Gloria 157, 367 
Snow, Alma 353, 326, 130 
Snow, Jim 373 
Snyder, Laurel 187 
Sohm, Keith E. 141 
Snyder, Jerry 206 
Bolter, Ray E. 125 
Sorensen, Calvin H. 158 
Sorensen, Charleen 155 
Sorensen, Geniel 207 
Sorensen, George 146, 364 
Sorensen, Glenna 157 
Sorensen, Jerelyn 176, 343 
Sorensen, Keith H. 151 
Borenson, Colleen 186, 388 
Sorensen, MerUn Ray 151, 

Sorensen, Merri 210, 360 
Borenson, Shirley 224 
Bouthwick, Donna Jean 147, 

Spafford, Enid W. 143 
Spatford, Wm. Nelson 111 
Sparks, George 231 
Sparks, Venna 227 
Speedy, Alton 167 
Spencer, Bryce 143 
Spencer, Hector 169 
Spencer, Vernon R. 184 
Bpendlove, John CUfton 114 
SpratUng, Gwen 181 
Spratling, Maurine 186 
Bpratling, Roylance 209, 407 
Springthorpe, Arvln 146, 380 
Sprouse, Betty 179, 333 
Bprouse, Donald 341, 117 
Squire, Helen Fay 229 
Squires, La Deanne 212, 407 
StaheU, Clarence 181 
StaheU, Karl 169 
Staker, W. Lyman 129 
Stander, Genine 223 
Stanfield, Majel 221 
Stanley. Ruth 221 
Stansfield, Russell N. 100 
Btapley, Dwight J. 112 
Stapp, Nanette E. 353 
Stapp, Roy E. 357 
Btarley, J. Ross 217 
Stayner, Lynn 183, 331 
Steadman, Donna 183, 347 
Steed, Stuart 116 
Steedman, Muriel 231 
Steele. Pat 183, 329, 370 
Steffensen, Walter 170 
Steinacker, Karl 211 
Stephens, Keith 341, 124 
Stephens, Lewis P. 170, 339 
Stephensen, Melbourne 204 
Stephenson, Vinson D. 152 
Stevens, Jean 126 
Stevenson, Frank Jay 118 
Stevenson, Shilrene 216 
Stewart, Anna Lu 149 
Stewart, Cindy 345, 113 
Stewart, Don 116 
Stewart, Ethel 149 
Stewart, Gloria 138 
Stewart, Marvin H. 153, 358 
Stewart, Moyle D. 364, 121 
Stewart, Thais 171 
Stewart, Wanda Vee 343, 128 
Btlrapson, Gloria 183, 329 
Stock, Jean 219, 387 
Stockman, Donald 171 
Stoddard, Claire 355, 326, 

Stoddard, Fern 142 
Stoddard, Joan 229 
Stoker, Joyce 230 
Stone, Beverly 207 
Stone, Donald 211 
Stone, Jayne E. 169, 345 
Stone, Juanita 217 
Stone, Thane E. 125 
Storrs, Marilyn 217 
Stott, Arlo 212 
Stowell, Glade E. 115 
Btowell, Rendo J. 143 
Stringfellow, Esther B. 386, 

Stratton, Nina 157 
Stringham, Alene 379, 115 
Stringham, Donnette 141, 

Strong, LilUan 147 
Btuckey, Cyrus 213 
Btucki, Lila 185, 389 
Stueler, Juanita 183 
SturgiU, Frances E. 167 
Suddell, Constance 217 
Sullivan, WilUam D. 157 
Summers, Robert S. 130 


Summers, Thomas S. 100 
Simision, Norma 206 
Sumsion, Richard M. 184, 

Sundberg, Kathryn C. 177 
Sutherland, Melba 141 
Sutherland, Thelma 156 
Sutton, Claude 147 
Svedin, Maude 171 
Swallow, Doyle K. 149 
Swann, Seth 181 
Swapp, Morris F. 115 
Sweeton, Florence 386 
Sweeten, NelUe 184, 375, 

Swenson, Cleve H. 150, 337 
Swenson. Clyde A. 139, 338 
Swenson, Gene 231 
Swenson, Ivan 211 
Swenson, Robert 211 
Swilt, Beverly 211 
Syphus, David 225 
Syphus. N. Dianne 185 
Syrelex. H. David 350 

Taffuri, Amalia J. 215 
Taft, Arleen 224 
Takemoto, Nancy 222. 407 
Tangren, L. Burke 184 
Tanner, Carmelia 218 
Tanner, Darrell 218 
Tanner. Donna 177, 343 
Tanner, Harold 231 
Tanner. Norma Ray 225 
Tanner. Paul 210 
Tanner, Sylvan K. 187 
Tanner, Zola 145, 370 
Tappan, Evangeline 135 
Taylor, Barbara Jean 147, 

Taylor, Carol 184, 333 
Taylor, Dot 212 
Taylor, Carma 228 
Taylor, Preston 150, 330 
Taylor, Gordon 224 
Taylor. Gordon S. 210 
Taylor, James 222 
Taylor, Jeanne 131 
Taylor, Julia 117 
Taylor, Kathleen 145, 351 
Taylor. Ken 220 
Taylor. Kent 336 
Taylor, L. Con 378, 213 
Taylor. Leah 356, 116 
Taylor, LeRoy 225 
Taylor. Lester 130 
Taylor. Lorin B. 150 
Taylor, Nancy 145. 370 
Taylor. Miles D. 359 
Taylor, Pauline B. 383, 119 
Taylor, Renee 226 
Taylor. Shirley 210 
Taylor, Stanley 172, 359 
Taylor, Viva 123 
Taylor, William 173, 378 
Taylor. Winston 358 
Tea. Roy 211 
Teerlink, Bessie 218 
Templeton, Mary E. 168 
Tennant, Iris 116 
Terry, Orlyn L. 338 
TesUch. Mildred 155, 365 
Tew, Roy E. 339 
Tew. Thirl W. 153, 339 
Thacker, Ralph L. 169 
Thacker, Vern C. 219 
Thalraan, Karl J. 337 
Thayer. William R. 171 
Thayne. Donna 226 
Theobald. Inez 155 
Theobald. Milton 120 
Theobald. Handle 189 
Theodore, William G. 128 
Thiel, Ted C. 131 
Thomander, Donna L. 144. 

Thomander. LaVonne 231. 

Thomas. Clair L. 124 
Thomas, Dayle 210 
Thomas, Irene 218 
Thomas, Kathleen M. 188 
Thomas, Roy 203 

Thomas, Opal Jean 215 
Thomas, Rulon A. 115 
Thomas, William J. 155 
Thomson, Jean 206 
Thomson, Carolyn 181 
Thomson, John 332 
Thomson, Marjorie 225 
Thomson, Paul 143 
Thompson, Joe 167 
Thompson, Marilyn 389 
Thompson, Vera 117 
Thome, Jerrold 187 
Thorne. C. Lawrence 100 
Thornton, Alzina Mae 179, 

329, 386 
Thornton, Geniel 178, 439, 

Thorpe, NevaRae 236 
Thrasker, Blake 175 
Thueson, Duane J. 153 
Thueson, Elwood 142 
Thurber, Stanley 219 
Thurston, LeRue E. 128 
Thyret, Beverly Anne 119 
Tidwell, Eugene D. 143, 377 
Tidwell, Ivan E. 181 
Tidwell, Sharon 215 
Tietjen, Euzell 226 
Timothy, Wayne 179 
Timothy. Donna 226 
Timothy. Tom P. 211 
Tingey, Grant 216 
Tingey, Darlene 206 
Tingey. Marilyn 231 
Tipton, Vernon J. 98 

ibler, Cloyd Alfred 156 
Tobler, Kenneth 152 
Todd, Anita 218 
Todd, Ira 371, 131 
Toland, Wamoth 219 
Tobler, Max 350 
Tolboe, Harold R. 371 
Tolboe, Kent 372 
Tolman, Glen H. 382, 128 
Tolton, Barta Dickson, 129 
Tolton, John G. 130 
rimita, Robert L 227 
Toms, Francis 365 
Tooke, Richard Lee 211, 

Toomey, Donald E. 171 
Toone, Barbara 226 
Torgerson, Lois 183 
Torgerson, Vernell 171, 347 
Torney, Helen M. 127 
Trace, Bermuda 182 
Tracy, Henry 122 
Tree, Marion 116 
Tree, Stella 217 
Tregaskis, A. Donald 144, 

331, 340 
Trottier, Ruby 226 
Tryon. Leora 120 
Tsalaky, Eva 209 
Tsalaky, George 350 
Sotschudy, James D. 154 
Tucker, Norma 370 
Tucker, Owen Keith 173 
Tueller, Vern M. 144, 373 
Turano, Euridice 183, 383 
Turley, Annie Mae 224 
Turley. Ella Mae 228 
Turley, Marilyn 211, 360 
Turley, Monita 191, 343 
Turley. Wayne 221 
Turnbow, Dix 191 
Turnbow. Lloyd 120 
Turner. Bonnie Lee 383 
Turner, Bonnie 172 
Turner, Dale 182 
Turner, Don 179, 340 
Turner, Ella Ruth 159. 366 
Turner, Frank 324. 339, 131 
Turner, Norman 173 
Turner, Robert 357 
Tuttle, Joan 354 
Twisdale, Bernard 116 
Twitchell, LaMar 218 
Twitchell. Rita Mae 231 
Twler, Dolores 185 

Udall, Lela Lee 189. 345 
Udall, L. Josephine 343. Ill 
Unander, Doris 220. 388 
Uuger, Pat 177. 368 
Ure. Beverly 379, 129 
Ursenbach, Carmen 157, 384 
Ursenbach, Lucille 157 

Vance. Glen W. 182 
Vance. Phoeve 211 
Vance. Rita 228 
Van Dyke, Allan 108 
Vane. Donna 223, 388 
Van Noy. Dean 181 
Van Wagenen, Steve 182, 

330, 339 
Vanlan, George 115 
Vaz, Alfredo Lima 225 
Vaile, Gwen 231 
Vickers, Gene 361, 109 
Victor, Barbara 370 
Voigtlander. George 110 
Voorhees. Don 141 

Uchiada. Alice 228 
Udall, Alfred 185 

Waddoups, Mignon 135, 347 
Waddoups, Mary Nell 219 
Wadsworth, Don 378 
Wadsworth, Kent 361 
Wagner, Beverly 212 
Wagstaff, Bert W. 363, 128 
Wagstaff, Josephine 147, 386 
Wagstaff, Kate 218 
Wainwright, Paul 117 
Waite, John W. 139 
Wakefield, Wells 214 
Waldron, Mable 218 
Walder, CalUs 223 
Walker, Dean 130 
Walker, Don 212 
Walker, J. Myron 144, 330, 

Walker, Lee Gordon 126 
Walker, Thelma 143 
Wall, Andrew J. 98 
Wall, Ruth 108 
WalUs, Gloria 225 
Walser, Helen 209 
WaUh. Maralyn 226 
Walton. Ree 178 
Wanger. Dwaine 218 
Wanlass. Shirley 360 
Ward. Beverly 209 
Warden, Alvero A. 331 
Wardle. Alvin 209, 363 
Wardle, PhylUs 383, 112 
Wardle. Verna 166. 383 
Waring. Gordon 139. 332 
Warner, Kathleen 209 
Warner, Lynn 247, 118 
Warner, Robert G. 151, 337 
Warner, Shyrrll 219 
Warner, Shirley 219 
Warnock, Arda Jean 166 
Warren, Bruce 209 
Warren, Edwin D. 174 
Warren, Keith G. 185 
Wasden, Blaine J. 382, 126 
Wasden, Bruce 320. 380 
Wasden, Ruth C. 382, 112 
Watanabe, Taugio 154 
Waterfall, Clarence 224 
Waterlyn. Verdon 126 
Watkins. Alene 207 
Watkins. Jenae 226 
Watson, Carolyn 170 
Watson, Ellen Jean 209 
Watson, Lowell 230 
Watts, Deonna 175 
Weaver. D. L. 149 
Weaver, Donallen, Jr. 139 
Webb. Bill 209 
Webb, Dawn Klingler 99 
Webb, Donna 170, 383 
Webb, Ernest 177, 348 
Webb, Earl 130 
Webb, JuUa 219 
Webb, Lloyd J. 168 
Webb, Norma Jean 169 
Weber, Merrill 114 

Weeks, Ernest 166 
Weeks, Otis 171 
Weeks, Stanley 159 
Wegner, James 147 
Weibell, Agnes 176, 328, 384 
Weight, Joe E. 357. 131 
Weight, Verl 142 
Weioheimer. Doris 146 
Weinheimer. Ruth Ellen 153 
Weirs, Laverne 175, 361 
Weiser, David A. 140, 348 
Welch, Dean 220 
Welker, Adam J. 114 
Wells, Gerald 229 
Wells, Nancy Jean 151, 386 
Wells, Norma R. 354 
Wells, Rula Jane 138, 383 
WeUh. Stanley 229 
West, Barbara Lyn 177, 34^ 
West, Betty Mae 158, 375, 

West, Jack 176 
West, John Robert 171 
West. Walter R. 128 
Westberg, Carol 182, 355 
Westenskow. Claude 114 
Westonskow. Richard. 215, 

Western, Verda 222 
Westover, Sharee 328. 370 
Whatcott, Carl 170 
Whatcott, Keith 179 
Wheadon, L. Geraldine 183 
Wheatley, Lester C. 112 
Wheeler, Belva 224 
Wheeler, Fern 158, 114 
Wheeler, LesUe A. 382, 114 
Wheeler, Margaret 218, 388 
Wheelock, Richard 224 
Wheeler, Shirley 209 
Whetman. Reta 212 
Whipple. Gerald 183 
Whipple, Melvin R. 167. 378 
Whitaker, Constance 210 
Whitaker, Lorna 169 
Whitaker. Loyal M. 159 
Whitaker. Lorna 169 
Whitaker, Jeanne 217 
White, Barbee 189 
White, Beverly 209, 388 
White, Eugene 153 
White. Quentin H. 209 
White. Ralph 209 
White. Vie 143. 385 
White. Wayne D. 180 
Whitehead, Gwen 168 
Whitehead, JoAnne 201 
Whiteley, J. Reed 127 
Whitney, Gordon J. 187 
Whitney, Homer R. Ill 
Whitney, Katheryn M. 99 
Whitney, Patricia 219 
Whitney, Susie 385 
Whittaker, Bob 324, 341 
Whitaker, Joyce 203 
White, Arthur 147 
Wicker, Wesley 204 
Wickes, Harry 149 
Widdison, Rulon 119 
Wight, Jack 363 
Wightman, Nancy 172 
Wilcox. Barbara 222 
Wilcox. Calvin 142. 377 
Wilcox. Carl 380 
Wilcox. Harold 183 
Wilcox. Louise 153. 334 
Wilcox, Marilyn 148 
Wilford, Olan 181 
Wildins, Lavard 210 
Wilkins, Richard R. 168, 336 
Wilkinson, Marian 326, 354, 

Willardson, Glen 224 
Willden, Betty Lou 231 
Williams, Ariel L. 156, 349 
Williams, Bonnie 172 
Williams. Beverly 216 
Williams. Carwin 220 
Williams. Donna 209 
Williams, Glenda 386. Ill 
Williams, Jan 209 
Williams. Jerry 225 
Williams. Grant S. 170 
Williams. Hank 364 
Williams. Jean 169 

Williams, Mary 118 
Willis. John H. 124 
Willis, Luana 131 
Willis. Martin 130 
Wilson, Byron 171 
Wilson. Dean 359 
Wilson, Ethel Jean 153 
Wilson, Nancy, 356, 127 
Wiltsey, O. Raymond 119 
Winegar, Lou 191 
Wing, Norman 169. 373 
Winkler. Barbara 177. 328. 

Winkler. Phyllis 223 
Wilson. Galen 153. 382 
Winter. Donald 224 
Winterton, Boyd 324, 337 
Wiscombe. Erold 222 
Wiser, Lewis 217 
Wiser, Roy L. 183, 377 
Wisner. Louisa 175 
Witbeck, Alan 209 
Witbeck, Diane 231 
Wittwer, Donna 147 
Woffindan, Helen V. 141 
Wolverton, Frank 169, 331, 

Wood, Colleen 209 
Wood, Don 372 
Wood, Annette 227 
Wood, J. Ralph 169, 341 
Wood, Joyce 140 
Wood, Kay 231 
Wood, Lenore 222 
Wood, Lowene 145 
Wood, Mary Ellen 182 
Wood, Woodruff 209 
Woodfield. Floyd 325, 99 
Woodfield, Norma 175 
Woodland, Lynette 219 
Woodland, Noreene 181, 328 
Woodward, Marilyn 141 
WooUey, LeGrande 209 
Woolston, Elaine 222 
Workman, Don Jay 209 
Workman, Francis 150 
Workman, Isaac Dilts 382, 

Workman, Mac 185 
Wren, L. D. Eugene 183 
Wright, Pat 203 
Wright, Barbara 171 
Wright, Carole 228 
Wright, Eldon D. 139 
Wright, Evona 216 
Wright, Jack 169 
Wright, John F. 110 
Wright, Kenneth 340. 120 
Wright, Leona 209 
Wright, Leroy 116 
Wright, Mary Beth 178 
Wright, Mona 219 
Wright, Norma 171, 380 
Wright, Virginia 183 
Wyler, Wayne 141 

Yager, Pat 181, 354 
Yancy, Lydean 169 
Yardley, Donna M. 117 
Yoachan, Mariba 182 
Young, Calvin 364, 121 
Young, Carol 184 
Young, Dean 209 
Young, Edith 128 
Young, Ethel 174, 365 
Young, Helen 175, 384 
Young, J. Carl 127 
Young, Josephine 385, 117 
Young, Kenneth H. 115 
Young, Moylen 152 
Young, Robert W. 362 

Zabriskie, Bob 336 
Zagorec, John I. 157 
Zeller, Ervan J. 139 
Zenger, Jerry H. 358, 112 
Zinck, Mary Margaret 218 
5undell. Elizabeth 342 
Zweifel. Ann 168 
Zweifel, Thelma 182 


OUR Nvork as a staff is finisfied. One more year has wliisked 
by so rapidly we have found it difficult to record each happening 
of the 49 school year at the Y. We're glad we had the chance to 
serve you. the student body. We give our thanks to the Y press 
for the printing, the Y studio for portraits, and the Deseret News 
for pictures on pages 272 and 273. This being done we are happy 
to present to you your BANYAN for 1949. 


Bruce Hilton. Editor 

Glenn H. Crump, Business Manager