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Where there is wind and weather, and a clear reach of sky, 
The trees will flock together, with leafy skirts held high. 

Tall silvered nnonarchs of the hills, trees wrapped In splendor stand, 
Till the icy robes of the storm's will, yield to the wind's conrimand. 

Friendly guardians of the way, trees shed their grace on passers-by. 
And from an autumn fountain spray, leaves that watched a summer die. 

Lonely sentries of the sea, trees hold the ramparts of the shore. 
Against the tidal enemy, and yield the rocks, but grant no more. 

Green cathedrals of the years, trees hide centuries in each bough. 
And cloister, in the rain's soft tears, the echo of a whispered vow. 

Trees of the lyric Southland know eternal summer's rhapsodies, 
And in the tranquil bayou's flow, they counterpoint their melodies. 

Trees that seek the Northern sky wear the seasons in their hair, 

And, in fair autumn, glorify the verdant promise spring pinned there. 

Trees that marshal in the west, like living beacons of the plain. 
Guide the sun unto its rest, and summon regiments of rain. 

Through the forest windows flow, shafts of light on quiet wing. 

To cast long shadows on the snow, and lead the winter into spring. 

Trees hail the morning sun, and hold all somber clouds at bay. 
While they unfurl, one by one, the brilliant banners of the day. 

And still beneath an evening sky, they keep a vigil with the light. 
And as the colors fade and die, draw down the curtain of the night. 

Sentinels of time and sea, trees kneel upon the rooted sod. 
And in a hushed soliloquy, they hold communion with their God. 

J. P. Folinsbee 

Reprinted from January, 1950, Coronet 
Copyright, 1949, by Esquire, Inc. 


1350 North 900 East ^• 
Provo, Utah 84604 


Provo, Utah 



I'l- ^_ '^^ 












*. ^ 







Graduates . 


Seniors 48 

Juniors ... . > 7^ 



Freshmen ... 136 






1 '^ 

1 ^- 

> 1^^^^, 



Trees — pale green lace in morning's silvery light; 
trees — russet filigrees against an azure sky; trees — 
dark arched branches hung with snow; trees — waxen 
petals and soft blossoms amid fragrant rain. In sum- 
mer, autumn, winter, and spring, trees stand around 
us, silent sermons of eternal beauty. 





Photo by Robert StufVi 



.-< T 





■* ..^^.^». ^ 


■ ^ 







f ■**> 







White-veiled trees; long, 
powdered roadways; straight 
and towering buildings; fros- 
ted bushes and shrubs .... 
this is our campus in winter's 


ilR llilliil Bill 

In the afternoon sunlight the majestic pillars of the Maeser Building are viewed against a 
dark background. This edif i ce contains the office of the President and other dignitaries of the 

The capacious Education Building has towered among the trees for almost sixty years. It 
has seen the turn of a century and the growth of a small academy into an extensive university. 

lil I Gill 


On an expanse of lawn, friends are often seen to relax in front of the Heber J. Grant Li- 
brary. This building contains a wide selection of books offering opportunity for study in almost 
any field of the sciences^ or arts. 



The Women's Gym has long been the scene of many recreational 
events. From the time of its construction up until a few years ago it ser- 
ved as the Cougar court, but now witnesses mostly intramurals. tourna- 
ments and dance reviews. 


Appearing as a pattern of lights and shadows is the lower campus 
Training Building. This structure has seen the beginning of many teaching 

t^' ; 






■ ■ — -^^ 

^ ■•P"" 





• .-.^ ■■-•Si^'<'■^ 

*Vjm! ' .*.V!viaMo ^^^^H 

11* -'• v/.- 7-^*i' T^B 

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f »- _. 

[ I. Blllil Bill 

Through a tracery of leaves immerges the Brimhall Building. This three-floored structure is 
frequented by future journalists, botanists, and psychologists. 

ISfPH smii M 

Outlined against the heights of the mountains is the design of 
the Joseph Snnith Mennorlal, the cardinal building of campus activity. 
An auditorium and ballroom are both within its walls. 



This construction is reputed to be one of the most nriodern scientific 
institutions in the West. Divided into three nnajor sections the new build- 
ing will house the chennistry, physics-mathematics, and geology-geography 











The messages of J. Reuben Clark have inspired many people. 
An authority on the written and spoken word, he is valiant in his 
pursuit of higher goals. 



As a leader, David O. McKay's life exemplifies service, diligence, 
and foresight. He believes that higher education should be coupled 
with humility. 


George Albert Smith, President 
of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints, is also Chairman 
of the Board of Trustees of Brigham 
Young University. As a cosmopoli- 
tan, his travels in this country and 
abroad have made him an honored 
and beloved friend in the homes of 
both humble and high ranking people. 
Through his varied pursuits and ex- 
periences he has become filled with 
a bounteous love for his fellow men. 
Now he stands as leader of multi- 
tudes, one valient in his convictions, 
one who exemplifies kindness and 
service, one who is forever a student 
of truth. 






The group that sets the standards and determines 
the educational policies of the University is the 
board of trustees. Exercising supervision over the 
administration and school functions, each member 
of the board has a genuine personal interest in the 
growth, development, and expansion of the Brig- 
ham Young University. 



HOWARD S. McDonald — During 
his four years at the University, Presi- 
dent McDonald contributed much to 
its development. Besides a wide back- 
ground of experience in school admin- 
istration, President McDonald brought 
with him an enviable record in church 
activities and a strong religious con- 
viction. A believer in the integration 
of religious and academic learning, Presi- 
dent McDonald during his career at 
Brigham Young University was a dy- 
namic leader — firm in his responsibilities, 
sincere and kind in his associations with 
people, active in his promotion of a 
building program, and eager in his de- 
sire to promote friendship between 
faculty and students. His was an in- 
fluence that strengthened the purposes 
and furthered the goals of the Univer- 

CHRISTEN JENSEN, retiring last year from his position 
as Dean of the Graduate School, President Jensen re- 
turned this fall to the appointnnent of President of the 
University, hlis amiable manor makes him beloved by 
the sudents and his versatile career makes him admired 
by professors. An authority on political science and law. 
President Jensen doesn't rely on books alone for his in- 
formation. At Switzerland he has studied the League of 
Nations, and more recently — the World Court at the 
Hague. One of President Jensen's chief loves is music, 
especially grand opera. Himself a musician, he played 
the accordion as a child and now plays the piano. 


iffll If SIIIi[ 


Dean of Students 

Students and their problems is the primary interest of the Dean of Students. 
Wesley P. Lloyd desires to assist students who have obstacles, financial, housing, or 
otherwise. His principal responsibility, however, is correlating the various student 
service organizations on campus. To develop himself culturally he reads books on 
philosophy and travels to different sections of the country. Recently the Dean visited 
twenty-five leading universities in Mid-west and Eastern United States. 



Veterans Affairs 

As coordinator of the Veterans Affairs, K. B. Sauls 
endeavors to keep peace and harmony between the 
Veterans Administration and the individual student 
at school. As a connecting link, his office sifts com- 
plaints and promotes the best policies. 


Student Coordinator 

Recognizing that proper social development is one ot 
the most important products of a college career and 
encouraging a democratic spirit in all activities is the 
job that falls into the capable hands of E. H. Himes. 
It is here that the calenclar of social events is coordi- 

LILLIAN BOOTH Counselor of Women 

Gracious and affable, Mrs. Lillian Booth is an advisor and friend of all campus women. She spends her time in the 

interest of students and their problems. 

JOHN E. HAYES Registration and Credits 

In this office, under the direction of John E. Hayes, credits are filed, grades compiled, registration handled, and 
advice given. In addition, the Registrar's office is the campus lost and found center, issumg many articles to 
students each day. 

GEORGE HANSEN Public Services 

Dr George Hansen, head of the Public Service Committee, directs all BYU contacts with high schools in the 
Inter-mountain Region. One of its special services is the Student Program Bureau which provides college talent 
for many outside functions. 


Student Loans 

It is in the office of H. V. Hoyt that ways are provided whereby worthy students who are in need of assistance may 
continue their college education. 


Athletic Council 

The Athletic Council, the policy forming body of the Inter-collegiate Athletic Program, has as its Chairman Dr. 
Ariel F. Bailif. Recognition and final approval of all such competition is handled in this office. 

JOHN F. JONES Student Housing 

To see that healthful and congenial living quarters are available for both men and women is the duty of John F. 
Jones. When students desire assistance, the housing office gladly opens its doors. 

Counseling Service 

Under the capable supervision of Antone K. Romney 
the counselling committee gives valuable assistance to 
each student. Personnel tests are given all new stu- 
dents as a basis of counsel and help in educational, 
occupational, or personal problems. 


Attendance and Scholarship 

Meeting with students who have failed to meet the 
University standards for grades, Monroe H. Clark 
must be firm as well as understanding in complying 
with his duties. A man of many duties, he is associated 
with various school committees. 


Extension Division 

Catering to those who cannot keep regular campus 
schedules, the extension division is really a college 
within a college. Harold Glen Clark is the efficient 
and friendly head of the association. 

Public Relations 

A group of energetic journalists led by W Ray Wight 
keep posted on all campus events. Each day the state 
and local newspapers receive reports of B. Y. U. trom 
this service. 

EDWIN H. BUTTERWORTH Student Publications 

Giving guidance on both editorial and financial policies of the .f -j^-^'y^---^' ^^^^^^^^^ 

closely with the newspaper staff. He attends weekly meetings wth them and is noted for his quips and tall tales. 

JAMES R. CLARK Student Employment 

The responsibility of the Chairman of Student Employment, James R. Clark, is to assist worthy students '" f'^drng 
employmenrThis includes assistance not only In placing students in positions on campus but also ,n finding part-time 
work off campus. 

VASCO M. TANNER Health Service 

Vasco M. Tanner is the man who holds the bag which buys our little green pills. Health fees are used by this de- 
partment for pre-entrance student physical examinations and health services throughout the year. 


For 22 years Dr. Gerrit de Jong has been Dean of Fine 
Arfs. In addition to his role as an educator, he has excelled 
as a musician, author, linguist, artist, and actor. According to 
Dean de Jong, working with the hands is relaxation from mental 
activity. In his few leisure hours at home he enjoys the mech- 
anical arts, and only recently completed his own shop. 


Although only five feet one inch tall, this ingenious and 
jovial personality is a man of great achievement. Besides being 
a member of the faculty for 30 years, Dean Thomas L. Martin 
has reared a family of six school teachers. Closely interwoven 
with his vocation in the field of Applied Science is his avocation 
— experimenting in his own gardens and orchards and raising 
various breeds of chickens during the summer months. 



With the completion of the new science building, the tall 
and dignified Dean Carl F. Eyring has seen his life-long dream 
realized this year. Besides assisting and advising students In 
the College of Arts and Sciences, the Dean was chief booster 
and policy maker for the science building program. Also inter- 
ested In reading, his wide scope Includes anything from acoustic 
manuals to comic strips. 


"Just let me be forever a student," is an often quoted 
statement of Dean Reuben D. Law. Undergraduates of the 
College of Education find In Dean Law a hard-working cooper- 
ative advisor. He Is featured In Who's Who In the World for 
his many achievements In his particular field. A scholar, he is 
also a civic and church leader, at present serving In the ca- 
pacity of Bishop of University Ward. 




Seeing former commerce students successful in business, 
pointing out the beauty of Mt. Timpanogos to a passerby on 
the street, or obtaining a renowned musician or lecturer for the 
lyceum series gives enrichment to the life of Dean Herald R. 
Clark. This diverse personality harbors an interest in ghost 
towns, old banks, and abandoned railroads. To ride in the ca- 
boose with the train crew on the final run of a railroad is an 
exciting experience for the Dean of Commerce. 


To Sidney B. Sperry falls the responsibility of determining 
curriculum and guiding graduate instruction in the Division of 
Religion. With an Incessant quest for knowlege and skill, he 
has written five books, and Is currently completing a volume 
on the prophets. Not only is he an expert in his particular 
field, he also plays the pipe organ and used to perform as a 



Dean Asahel D. Woodruff has served his first year as 
Dean of the Graduate School. As administrative officer of the 
Council, his duties are to prescribe the conditions for admis- 
sion to the School, to determine the requirements for graduate 
degrees, to grant graduate fellowships, scholarships, and other 
stipends, and to perform all other functions and duties which 
pertains to graduate work in the University. 


Dean Lambert has overcome obstacles to make the sum- 
mer session of the academic program a success. A large corps 
of teachers, supplemented by well known educators from other 
institutions, offers a wide-range of subjects from each of the 
departments of the school. In addition to his role as a Dean, 
he is brilliant in educational research and is forceful as a 
speaker. Much of his time is spent reading books and traveling. 


in liifiniif finii! 

Thomas E. Cheney 
Assistant Professor of English 

LeRoy Bishop 

Chair, of Dept. of Elem. Educ. 

Eldon Bitter 
Instructor in German 

Hugh W. Peterson 

Assoc. Professor of Chemistry 

Reola Clark 
Instructor in English 

Carl F. Eyring 

Professor of Physics and Math. 

Parley P. Christensen 
Professor of English 

William F. Hanson 
Assistant Professor of Music 

Benjamin F. Cummings 
Professor of Languages 

William H. Snell 
Professor of Industrial Arts 

Harold Glen Clark 
Professor of Education 

Roy W. Doxey 

Assist. Prof., Church Organization 


William C. Carr Grant S. Richards 

Asst. Prof, of History and Pol. Sci. Assoc. Prof, of Animal Husbandry 

Herbert K. Christensen 

Asst. Prof, of Secondary Educ. 

June Berry 

Instructor in Secondary Educ. 

Stella P. Rich 

Assistant Professor of English 

Norma Lees Arrington 
Instructor in Pl.ysical Education 

James R. Clark 

Chairman of Student Employment 

George H. Hansen 
Professor of Geology 



Kenneth C. Bullock 

Assistant Professor of Geology 

Donworth V. Gubler 
Instructor of Languages 

Leonard W. Rice 

Assistant Professor of English 

H. Smith Broadbent 

Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Richard L. Smith 

Associate Professor of Accounting 

Mary Deane Gilbert 

instructor in Secondary Education 

Irene O. Spears 

Assoc. Prof, of Modern Languages 

Lars G. Crandall 
Instructor in Commerce 

Glen H. Turner 
Assistant Professor of Art 

J. Golden Taylor 
Instructor in English 

H. Wayne Soffe 
Assistant Athletic Coach 

LaVell C. Gamett 

Instructor in Mechanical Arts 

Dorothy N. Candland 
Instructor in Elementary Educ. 

Preston R. Gledhill 
Assistant Professor of Speech 

Wayne B. Hales 

Prof, of Physics and Mathematics 

Lawson Hamblin 
Assistant Librarian 

C. J. Hart 

Professor of Physical Education 

G. Leon Dallin 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Joseph Sudweeks 

Assoc. Prof, of Ed. Administration 

C. Edwin Dean 
Instructor in Mathematics 

Lynn Taylor 
Instructor in Art 

Bertrand F. Harrison 
Professor of Botany 

Lawrence Sardon! 
Associate Professor of Music 

Oliver R. Smith 

Assistant Prof, of Journalism 

R. Phil Shumway 
Instructor in Agronomy 

Henry Nicholes 

Assistant Professor of Zoology 

Reuben D. Law 

Dean of College of Education 

Ethelyn Peterson Taylor 
Asst. Professor of Sec. Practic 

n[ u 



Reed Morrll Marden Clark Naoma Riclcs 

Assoc. Prof., Educ. Administration Instructor in English Associate Librarian 

Leiand Perry Sidney B. Sperry Elden Riclcs 

Director of Buildings & Grounds Director, Division of Religion Instructor in Religion 

L. Elliott Tuttle John W. Payne Hugh Nibley 

Assistant Professor of Geography Assistant Professor of Sociology Assoc. Prof, of History & Religion 

Richard L. Gunn Clarence S. Boyle M. Carl Gibson 

Instructor in Secondary Education Prof, of Accounting & Bus. Adm. Instructor in Languages 

Jean Char Evan M. Croft 

Instructor in Elementary Education Assist. Prof, of Secretarial Practice 

Leona Holbrook Irene Ricks 

Professor of Physical Education Instructor in Elementary Educ. 

Antone K. Romney Dean A. Anderson 

Chairman of Counselling Service Assoc. Prof, of Agron. and Bact. 

. Neal Gibby D. Elden Beck 

Instructor in Physical Education Assoc. Prof, of Zoology & Ento. 


John W. McAllister 

Instructor in Public School Music 

Gustav F. Buggert 
Insrucor in Music 

Jean A. Waterstradt 
Instructor in English 

Lucille Hallam 

Instructor in Secretarial Practice 

Carol Oaks 
Instructor in English 

Elmer Nelson 

Special Instructor in Music 

O. Norman Geertsen 
Instructor in Math. & Physics 

Cyntha Cowan 

Instructor in Physical Education 

Josie B. Stewart 

Instructor in Home Economics 

A. Smith Pond 
Professor of Economics 

Irene S. Barlow 

Asst. Prof, of Home Economics 

Rolfe Peterson 
Instructor in English 

H. Neil McKnight 

Asst. Mgr. of Students' Supply 

W. Ray Wight 

Asst. Prof, of Journalism 

Norma Dunn 
Instructor in English 

Keifer B. Sauls 

Amos N. Merrill 

Prof. Emeritus, Secondary Educ. 

Ariel S. Ballif 
Professor of Sociology 

Dale H. West 
Instructor in English 

A. John Clarke 

Prof, of Secondary Education 

Olive Burmingham 
Instructor in English 

May C. Hammond 

Asst. Prof, of Elementary Educ. 

Ellvert H. Himes — Asst. Prof and 
Special Counselor f Phil, of Ed. 

Frederick N. Webb 

Instructor in Secondary Education 

Wayne L. Sorenson 
Instructor in Secondary Educ. 

Catherine White 

Instructor in Home Economics 

Orea Tanner 

Assistant Professor of English 

Betty McTague 

Instructor in Physical Education 

Ii[ i 


Clinton F. Larson 
Instructor in English 

Russel B. Swensen 
Professor of History 

John R. Halliday 
Professor of Music 

George L. Lewis 

Assoc. Prof, of Secondary Educ. 

Phyllis Erilcsen 

LaVar Bateman 
Instructor in Speech 

Henry J. Nicholes 

Assistant Professor of Zoology 

Clawson Cannon 
Instructor in Music 

Russell N. Stansfield 

Instructor in Secretarial Practice 

Effie Warnick 

Professor of Home Economics 

Max Berryessa 

Instructor In Elementary Education 

Wilford E. Smith 
Instructor in Sociology 

John J. Evans 

Assoc. Prof, of Elementary Educ. 

Dr. E. Robinson 
University Phiysician 

Reed Bradford 
Professor of Sociology 

Vern H. Jensen 

Rex Olson 

Instructor in Secondary Educ. 

Herald R. Clark 

Professor of Finance & Banking 

Mary Jorgensen 

Inst, in Home Econ., Cafe. Mgr. 

Harrison Val Hoyt 

Professor of Acct., Business Adm. 

Emma J. Morris 

Howard D. Lowe 

Asst. Prof, of Acct. & Bus. Adn 

Richard D. Poll 

Assistant Professor of History 

Maynard D. Stewart 
Instructor in Art 

Loren C. Bryner 

Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Lillian C. Booth 
Counselor for Women 

Briant Jacobs 

Assistant Professor of English 

Margaret S. Potter 
Instructor in Home Economics 

Doris R. Oliphant Newell Weight 

Instructor of Elementary Education instructor in Music 

Carlos Madsen Lee B. Valentine 

University Physician Assisatnt Professor of Spanish 

Orrin H. Jackson 
Assistant Registrar 

Milton Marshall 
Professor of Physics 

Flora D. Fisher 

Instructor in Elementary Education 

John W. Wing 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Winifred Wilkinson 
Instructor in Home Economics 

Slen J. Evans 
Instructor in Accounting 

Monroe H. Clark 

Asst. Prof., Philos. of Ed. & Guid. 

Elsie C. Carrol 

Associate Professor of English 

Clarence Tyndall 

Dir., Bureau of Audio-Visual Inst. 

M. Wllford Poulson 
Professor of Psychology 

Kent McKnight 
Instructor in Botany 

Hattie McKnight 
Circulation Librarian 

Eve Nielson 
Assistant Librarian 

Don L. Earl 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Anna Ollorton 
Librarian Emeritus 

Myrra Ann Williams 

Instructor in Secretarial Practice 


I! [ICiil! 

Harold J. Bissell 

Associate Professor of Geology 

Julia A. Cane 

Instructor In Secondary Education 

William H. Boyle 

Professor Emeritus of Educatoion 

Golden L Woolf 

Professor of Secondary Education 

J. Roman Andrus 
Assistant Professor of Art 

Garrit de Jong. Jr. — Dean, Coll., 
Fine Arts; Prof, of Modern Lang. 

M. Roy Sparks ^sael C. Lambert — Dean of Sum- 
Instructor in Secondary Education mer School; Director of Library 

Charles E. Maw 

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry 

Weldon J. Taylor 

Associate Professor of Marketing 

Cornelium R. Peterson 
Assistant Purchasing Agent 

Richard Smoot 
Instructor in Religion 

Edgar M. Jensen Dean A. Peterson 

Prof, of Ed.; Dir., Teacher Placmt. Asst. Prof, of Acctg. & Bus. Adm. 

Joseph J. Keeler Thomas L. Martin 

University Organist, Inst, of Music Dean, College of Applied Science 

Brigham D. Madsen Joice B. Stone 

Asst. Prof, of History & Pol. Sci. Inst, in Philosophy of Ed & Guid. 

Ralph A. Britsch Asahel D. Woodruff 

Assistant Professor of English Dean of the Graduate School 


Wesley P. Lloyd— Prof, of Philos. 
of Education; Dean of Students 

Anna Boss Hart 

Asst. Prof, of Secondary Educ. 

M. Wells Jakeman 

Chairman Dept. of Archaeology 

R. H. Farnsworth 

Asst. Prof, of Agron.S An. Hus. 

Loren C. Covington 
Instructor in Chemistry 

Robert J. Smith 

Beth Richardson 
Reserve Librarian 

Marcia A. Goates 
Instructor in English 

John C. Swensen 

Professor Emeritus of Sociology 

Mary Beth Benson 

Instructor in Physical Education 

Farrell D. Madsen 

Assistant Prof, of Secondary Educ. 

Ray R. Canning 
Instructor in Sociology 

Wilford D. Lee 
Instructor in English 

Elmer Miller 
Professor of Economics 

William E. Berrett 

Accoc. Prof, of Religious Educ. 

Clarence Robison 

Instructor in Health & Phy. Ed. 

Martin L. Miller 
Instructor in Mathematics 

John E. Hayes 

Ruth Wilson 

Instructor in Secondary Education 

Mark K. Allen 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

Max Rogers 

Assistant Professor of German 

John F. Jones — Coord, of Student 
organ. & Dir. of Student Housing 

J. Lorin Jex 
Instructor of Speech 

Stanley Watts 

Instructor in Physical Education 

Ernest Reimschiissel 
Assistant in Horticulture 

J. Ira Young 

Instructor in Secondary Education 

C. Lavoir Jensen 

Instructor in Secondary Education 

Alonzo J. Morley 
Professor of Speech 

in u 

Reed Nilsen 

Instructor in Physical Education 

H. Darrel Taylor 
Instructor in Spanish 

Albert D. Swensen 


Gretta M. Croft 
Instructor in Religion 

Lorine Lee 

Instructor in Secondary Education 

Stella D. Lewis 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Instructor in Home Economics 

Stewart L. Grow Alma Burton 

Inst, in History & Political Science Instructor in Religion 

Morris M. dinger 
Assistant Professor of Speech 

Hannah C. Packard 

Special Instructor in Vocal Music 

Bent F. Larson 
Professor of Art 

Maxine Baird Murdock 

Instructor in Elementary Education 

Margaret Hales Bown 
Director, Home Study Bureau 

Newborn I. Butt 

Librarian and Research Associate 

Edward M. Rowe 
Professor of English 

Norman Hunt 

Special Instructor in Music 

J. Homer Wakefield 
Instructor in Music 

Fred Harding 
Instructor in Physics 

Charles Haggerty 
Assistant in Library 

Lucile Spencer 

Assistant in Registrar's Office 


Joseph Boel 
Instructor in Physics 

Paul Proctor 

Assistant Professor of Geology 

May Billings 

Associate Prof, of Home Econ. 

Kathryn B. Pardee 

Assistant Professor of Speech 

Margaret Summerhays 
Assistant Professor of Music 

Arthur R. Watkins 

Assistant Professor of German 

Robert Brailsford 

Instructor in Secondary Education 

Owen G. Dixon 

Instructor in Secondary Education 

Hermese Peterson 

Professor of Elementary Education 

Karl E. Young 
Professor of English 

Vasco M. Tanner 

Professor of Zoology & Ento. 

Mary Johnson Anderson 
Instructor of Elementary Education 

m hr /(/ 




[tillU JB 

To Icnow every student on campus was the 
ambition of Studentbody President Ralph Benson. 
Although not quite accomplishing his goal, he 
made innumerable friends by his genial greetings 
and modest manner. Always a leader, Ralph pre- 
sided over both the Executive and Legislative Coun- 
cils and attended various committee meetings. 
He capably led the students through a successful 
school year. - J-n-''^ .^ 

RALPH BENSON, Studentbody President 


)ON DRIGGS. Business Manager; BEVERLY GIBBONS. Secretary; JACK JONES, Second Vice-President, 

Conning to the University from four different states, these stu- 
dents combined to represent the students of Brigham Young Univer- 
sity. A full educational program supplemented by social activity was 
carried on under the direction of the studentbody officers. Besides 
their many hours of work, the council enjoyed recreation together 
and were guests of other colleges in and out of Utah. 



f 1 1 

J I L 

Representative members from 
every large organization on cam- 
pus, this group is the mainspring of 
Brigham Young University's stu- 
dent government. Studentbody 
President Ralph Benson presided 
over their monthly meetings at 
which time general issues concern- 
ing welfare were discussed by the 
thirty-eight members. 

Ken MoH 
Jan Fenn 

Howard Graves 
Jsis Bushman 

Jack Davis 
DonI Peterson 

Russell Mlcltleson 
Doug Phillips 

Dean Ashworth 
Ralph Burton 

Hank Williams 
Lorraine Russell 
Ethel Young 
Jean Howard 
Edward Durham 

Afton Ash 
La MyrI Boyack 
Lee Flllerup 
Kathleen Taylor 
Merrill Andrus 

Wayne Ferguson 
Glen Peterson 
Marlene McKinley 
Bill Sullivan 
Dick Moody 


Honor Council 
"Without honesty ordinance availeth 
nothing. Education divorced fronn honesty 
is a menace to nnankind," . . .so spoke Presi- 
dent George H. Brimhall in the early hist- 
ory of the University. This year what 
promises to be one of the University's most 
cherished traditions became part of the 
Brigham Young University Constitution 
The hlonor System symbolizes a spirit and 
a way of living, and functions upon individ- 
ual and group responsibility. Through the 
Honor System the ideals of honesty and 
morality become a more significant in- 
fluence in the lives of students and faculty. 

<athryn Christenson Bob Keats 
Jicic Miller Erma Adams 

Dave Schulthess 
Grace Guymon 

Harvey Met+e 
Keith Orme 

R El 

Dean Ashworth 

Eldred Johnson 

Bart Christensen 

Lillian Schipper 

Lorin Pace 

Barbara Winkler 

Richard Fox 

Phyllis Larson 

Donna Deam 

F.dward Marshal 

John Lee 



Russell MIckelson, Vice-Presi- 
dent; Dick Brower, Secretary 

The welfare of every male student at B.Y.U. is the direct concern of Associ- 
ated Men Students President, Lee Fillerup, and the A. M.S. Council. Such thank- 
less campaigns as "Keeping of the Grass" are carried on by this body. Heading 
their campus social program are the Autumn Leaf Hike, Snow Carnival, Smokeless 
Smoker, A. M.S. Carnival, Esquire Review, field day for freshmen during orientation 
week, and "Y" Day. 


Row I: Douglas Nicholes, Howard Hurst, Edward Durham, John Lee, Rex Johnson, Cloyde Miner. 
Row II: John Munson, George Sorenson, Richard Fox, Cliff Kekauoha, Edward G. Marshall. 


y. H. s. 

Geniel Thornton, So- 
cial Chairman; Barbara 
R e i n s c h, Secretary; 
Charlotte Cannon, 

Under the leadership of LaMyrI Boyacic and the A.W.S Council, upperclass 
women acted as Big Sisters to freshmen and transfer women students. Through 
the Associated Women Students program each girl at B.Y.U. is offered a chance 
for development culturally and socially. A Preference Ball, Vaudeville Show, 
Girl's Day, and Song Fest all combined to make this year memorable for both 
boys and girls. 



Row I: Sheila Dunkerley, Nadine Jones, Donna Witwer, Ruth Schipper, Jody Dickson. Row II: LaRue 
Robinson, Willet Enos, Harriet Robinson, Agnes Wieball, Mary Lou Devey, Gloria Stimpson. 


( » V 

SJ *.i 


LEGISLATIVE... Jess Bushman 



Leiand R. Allen — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Botany 

Ted C. Bed — Santa Monica, California 
Ma: Psychology — Mi: Zoology 

Marion Allen — Raymond, Alberta, Canada 
Ma: French- 

Russell Boyce — ^Tooele. Utah 

Ma: Education Administration — Mi: 

Irene M. Briggs — Calgary, Alberta, Canada 
Ma: Archaelogy— 

Bessie Pauline Brown — Benson, Arizona 
Ma: Spanish Literature- 

Jess R. Bushman — Salt Lalce City, Utah 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Spanish 

Virgil W. Cline— Salt Lalte City, Utah 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: History 

S. Dale Burgess — ^Alpine, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Ed. Adm. 

Dennis R. Dalley — Teasdale, Utah 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Geology 

A. Rosella Compton — Morgan, Utah 
Ma: Music — Mi: German 

Christopher Lee Colston — Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 



Mehdl Falhartadeh — Teheran, Iran 
Ma: Economics 

Neal D. Faux — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 

Earl L. Gray— Lehi, Utah 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 

LaMar Elwin Garrard — Burley, Idaho 
Ma: Mathematics 

John D. Fretwell — Ucon, Idaho 

Ma: Education Adm. — Mi: Elem. Educ. 

J. Robert Gillis — Great Falls, Montana 
Ma: Education Adm. 

Eldred A. Johnson — Vernal, Utah 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Economics 

R. L. Gunn — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Art Education — Mi: Art 

Chester E. Hamilton — E. St. Louis, II 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 

Quey Hebrew — Lehi, Utah 

Ma: Geology — Mi: Sedimentation 

Merrill G. Durfee — Springville, Utah 
Ma: Music — Mi: Accounting 

Ivan L. Hobson, Jr. — Washington, D. C. 
Ma: Ag. Econ. 

William Knudsen — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 

Doris Jones — Kamas, Utah 

Ma: Art — Mi: Landscape Painting 

Earl Ned King— Provo, Utah 

Ma: Economic Geology — Mi: Gen. Geology 

David A. Law — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Political Science — Ml: History 

Amir M. Nakhai — Teheran, Iran 
Ma: Economics — Mi: Labor Fields 

Martin Miller — Magrath, Alberta, Canada 
Ma: Physics— MI: Math 



Farren Nielson — Provo, Utah 

Ma; Elementary Education — Mi: Art 

Grace M. Nolan — Niagara Falls, New York 
Ma; Geology — Mi: 

Clare H. Oliphant, Jr.— Silverdale, Wash. 
Ma; Sociology — Mi: Psychology 

Norman E. Ricb — Teton, Idaho 
Ma; History — Mi: Political Science 

Marguerite Porter — La Mesa, California 
Ma; French 

Odell E. Scott— Provo, Utah 

Ma; History — Mi: Political Science 

Heber Jay Shelley— Provo. Utah 
Ma; Political Science — Mi: Sociology 

Don B. Skousen — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Bacteriology 

Lyman Shreeve — St. Johns, Arizona 
Ma: Spanish — Mi: Portuguese 

Kenneth D. Stephens — Logan, Utah 
Ma: Anthropology 

Moyle Stewart — American Fork, Utah 
Ma; Geology — Mi: Chem. and Math. 

Ray L. Chapman — Lehi, Utah 
Ma: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 

Blaine J. Wasden— Scipio, Utah 
Ma; Educ. Admin. — Mi: Elem. Educ. 

J. H. Waterhouse — Nucia, Colorado 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Economics 

Henry Clair Tracy — Ucon, Idaho 
Ma: Educ. Adm.— Mi: Elem. Educ. 

J. Carl Young — Colonia Juarez, Mexico 
Ma: Spanish — Mi: Portuguese 

Boyd W. Winterton— Mesa, Arizona 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Marketing 

Sharmene Brough— Evanston, Wyoming 
Ma: Music — Mi; Spanish 



Ted Dase — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Bacteriology 

Paul W. Barton— Kaysville, Utah 
Ma: Political Science — Mi: Economics 

Mary Chapnnan — Tooele, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: English 

Orlin E. Ford — San Diego, California 
Educ. Adm. — Mi: Guidance 

Dorothy Gilchrist — Ontario, Oregon 
Ma: Music- 
Robert Dewey — Emmett, Idaho 
Ma: English — Mi: Speech 

Max P. Mitchell— Provo, Utah 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 

Marjorie Millar — Boise, Idaho 
Ma: Speech — Mi: English 

Mary Ann Murdock — Napa, California 
Ma: Applied Music — Mi: Musicology 

Ellis T. Rasmussen — Redmond, Utah 
Ma: Scripture — Mi: Theology 

Nola M. Parry — Preston, Idaho 

Ma: Musicology — Mi: Theory of Music 

Ray Rees — Sacramento, California 
Ma: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 

Lucile Rose — Montclair, New Jersey 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Supervision 

Rosanne Sessions — Los Angeles, California 
Ma. Elem. Educ- 

Arthur C. Sevy — Panguitch, Utah 
Ma: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 

Paul Steele — Goshen, Utah 
Ma: Physics- 
Frank P. Turner — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Chem. and Math. 

Joseph G. Tully, Jr. — Portland, Oregon 
Ma: Bacteriology — Mi: Chemistry 

Alice L. Watts— Orem, Utah 

Ma: Spanish Lit. — Mi: Spanish Grammar 


> %. 



I ■ 


Bob W. Abbott— Wmslow, Colorado 

Ma: Animal Husbandry — Mi: Agronomy 

Ward Abbott— Duchesne, Utah 

Ma: Geology — Ml: Chem. & Physics 

Ethel Marr Adair — Cortez. Colorado 

Ma: Elem Education — Mi: Speech Correction 

Chftrles S. Adair — Phoenii, Arizona 

Ma: Accounting — Ml: Sec. Practice 

Roland Dorlus Adams — Ephralm. Utah 

Ma: Marketing — Mi: Ecof>omics 

Enid P. Adams— Manti, Utah 

Ma: Elem. Education — Mi: Speech-EngI 

Erma Adams — Ogden, Utah 

Ma: Elem. Education — Mi: Speech 

Ramona Adams — Oakley, Idaho 

Ma; Sec. Practice — Ml: Accounting 

Mack S. Adams — Midvale, Utali 

Ma: Sec. Education — Mi: Physical Scence 

Mary June Adams — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Education — Mi: English 

Kenneth P. Adamson — Pleasant Grove, 
Mai: Marketing) — Mi: Accounting 
Russell V. Aiken — Spring City, Utah 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Math. & Physics 
Patricia Aiken — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Clothing — Mi: Sociology 
Dean L Allen — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Botany 
9au\ Allan — Springville. Utah 
Ma: Bacteriology — Mi: 

Jennie LaVerne Albright — Dallas, Texas 

Ma: Sec. Practice — Mi: Sociology 

Dorald M. Allred— Lehi, Utah 

Ma: Zoology — Ml: Botany 

Garth W. Allred — Falrvlew, Wyoming 

Ma: French — Mi: Speech 

Reid T. Allred— Lehl, Utah 

Ma: Anlma-I Husbandry — Mi: Agronomy 

Robert C. Allan — Springville, Utah 

Ma: Zoology — Mi: Botany 

David Ray Andelin — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Bruce H. Anderson — Dragerton, Utaih 
Ma: Music — MI: French 
Don*) R. Amott— Salt Lake City. Utah 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 
Barbara Andelin — Los Angeles, California 
Ma: Sec. Practice — Ml: Accounting 
Richard B. Andelin — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Economics 


hn Emmert Anderson — S. L. City 
; Elem. Education — Mi: Music 
)ert D. Anderson — Ephroim, Utah 
i: History — MI: ChenDistry 
"CKarles W. Arnett — Duncan, Arizona 
Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Chemistry 
Belmont F. Anderson — Huntington, U 
Ma: Physical Education — Mi: Health 
Kenneth Ray Anderson — Helper, Ut. 
Ma: Acct. & Bus. Adm — Mi: English 
Kent S. Anderson — Glendale, Utah 
Ma: An. Husbandry — Mi: Sociology 

Dean Ashworth — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 

Melvin J. Arrington — Twin Falls, Ida. 

Ma^: Business Adm. — Mi: Mathematics 

Doyle Barrett — Ashton, Idaho 

Ma: Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 

William D. Anderson — San Mateo, F. 

Ma: English — Mi: German 

James Allen Aston — Ephraim, Utah 

Ma: Art — Mi: Speech 

Norma B. Baird — Dayton, Ohio 

Ma: Sec. Practice — Mi: Accounting 

Margaret Balls — Soda Springs, Idaho 
Ma: Elem. Educaition — Mi: Music 
Blauer L Bangerter — Salt Lake City, 
Ma: Physical Ed. — Mi: Mathematics 
VaLois Hairris Bangerter — Bountiful, U 
Ma: Sociology^Mi: Business 
Frederick E. Baird — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Fin. & Banking 
Betty Barratt — Tacoma, Washington 
Ma: Art — Mi: EngJish 
Carole Bakei^— Richfield. Utah 
Ma: Engiishi — Ml: Music 

Wesley Barry — Grantsville, Utah 

Ma: Music — Mi: 

Mary Beesley — Mapleton, Utah 

Ma: Englishh—Mi: History 

Frank Sweet Barton — Willingford, Pa. 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: Pol. Science. 

Donna Loveless Bascom — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Archaeology — Mi: Geol.-Geog. 

Ted C. Beck — Santa Monica, Calif. 

M»: Psychology — Mi: Zoology 


LATURE— Kathleen Taylor and Wayne 



Glennlce Belnap — Laguna Beach, California 

Ma: Elemeci'tary Education — MI: Speech 

Parley L. Belnap — Hooper, Utah 

Ma: Music Theory — Mi: Gernnan 

Faun P. Bench — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Music 

Norma Bearnson — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ma: English — Mi: Secretarial Practice 

Bob Beckstead — Twin Falls, Idaho 

Ma: Marketing^Mi: Accounting 

Lynn Bennson — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Speech — Mi: History 
Ruth Benson — Roosevelt, Utah 
Ma: Nursing — Mi: 
EIDean Bennett— Salt Lake Cityj 
Ma: Speech' — Mi: Broadcastim 
Mae Blanchi — Ogden, Utah 
Ma: Englishi — Mi: German 
Ralph Benson — Parowan, Utah 
Ma: Speech — Mi: Pol. Science 

Marvin Bentz — Wilmington, California 

Ma: Political Science — MI: Sociology > 

Eliza Beus— Ogden, Utah \A 

Ma: Elementary Education— Mi: Musil| 

Alvin L. Berg — Heber, Utah 

Ma: Chemistry— Mi: Mathematics 

Lynn BIgelow — Brooks, Alta, Canada 

Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Chemistry 

J. Reed Bird — Springville, Utah 

Ma: Business Administration — Mi: Marketing 

Harvey B. Black— Provo, Utah 

Elementary Education — Mathematics 

Carolyn R. Blair — Santa Barbara, California 

Ma: Music — Mi: 

Dick Blint — Syracuse, New York 

Ma: Education — Mi: History 

Catherine Beus — Ogden, Utah 

Ma: Education — Mi: Speech Correction 

Donnamae Blocher — Olympia, Washington 

Ma: Education — Mi: English 

Lucile Bodily — Vernal, Utah 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 

Sharee Booth — NephI, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: English 

Robert Bohman — Monroe, Utah 

Ma: Geology — Mi: Mathematics 

Clara Borgeson — Santaquin, Utah 

Ma: Business Administration — Mi: Music 

G. H. Bostwick — San Bernardino, California 

Ma: Psychology — Mi: Accounting 


Robert Bowen — SpamsK Fori. Utah 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: Pd. Science 
Larry G. Bowser — Santa Ana. Calif. 
Ma: Accounting — Mi; Marketing 
Ruth Virginia Boswell — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Phys. Educ. — Mi: Sociology 
Reed S. Boswell — Prove, Utah 
Ma: Psychology — Mi: Zoology 
Glenn H. Bowen — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 
Jack Bownnan — Shelley, Idaho 
Ma: Music — Mi: German 

Marion B. Brady — Springville, Utah 
Ma: Engligh — Mi: History 
Laura Palmer Burgon — Preston. Ida. 
Ma: Sec. Practice — Mi: Accounting 
Thomas A. Boyden — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Chemistry 
Ivan Burleigh — Evanston. Wyoming 
Ma: Sec. Pra^ctice — Mi: Acounting 
Lorene Burton — Malad. Idaho 
Ma: Sec. Practice — Mi: Accounting 
Mary Alice Bullen — Spanish Fork. Ut. 
Elem. Education — English 

Eldon Burgese — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Ma: Music — Mi: French 
LaMyrI Boyack — Seattle. Washington 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: Psychology 
Melvin P. Burton — Afton. Wyoming 
Ma: Music — Mi: 

Ralph Burton — Doncaster, England 
Ma: Pol. Science — Mi: History 
Donald E. Bushore, Jr. — Paterson, N.J 
Ma: Phy. Education— Mi: Health 
Jack W. Bra'ilsford— Provo, Utah 
Ma: History — Mi: Pol. Science 

Don Braithwalte — Payson, Utah 
Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Botany 
Rose Marie Brokaw — Myton, Utah 
•Ma: English — Mi: French 
H. W. Brereton— Provo. Utah 
Ma: Music — Mi: Italian 
Edison C. Breckenridge — Lewiston. M 
Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Botany 
Calvin Brandley — Stirling, Alt., Can. 
Ma: Economics — Mi: Pol. Science 

WES BARRY— Made music fcWf+udent 
dances . . . found time to be vice-presi- 
dent of Vikings . . . hails from Oakley, 
Idaho . . . music major. 


Mary Laureft Brooltsby — Fredonia, Anion* 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: English 

Merril Brown — Burley, Idaho 

Ma: Aninnal Husbandry — MI: Agrononny 

Richard A. Bower— Salt Lake City, Utah 

Ma: Economics — Mi: Business Management 

Dorothy Boulim — Prove, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Zoology 

Beth Brown — Garland, Utah 

Ma: English — Mi: Music 

William W. Brown— Salt Lake Ci 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematic 

Darrell Butler — Payson, Utah 

Ma: Geology — Mi: Mathematics 

James B. Bryant — High Point, North Carolina 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Zoology 

Keith Calderwood — Henefer, Utah 

Ma: Geology — Mi: Mathematics 

Moyle Brown — Weiser, Idaho 

Ma: Music — Mi: Secondary Education 

Ruperd Geo. Cameron — Rochester, Mich, I 

Ma: Ph7sics — Mi: Mathematics 

Leslie W. Camp — Los Angeles, Cajifof 

Ma: Geology — Mi: Mathematics ^1 

B. Marcene Camp — Pocatello, Idaho 

Ma: Music — Mi: German 

Ruth Call — Colonia Dublan, Chih., Mexico 

Ma: Education — Mi: English 

Robert G. Calton — Lohi, Utah 

Ma: Accounting & Bus. Adm. — Mi: Rn. & Bank. 

Darrell H. Card— Salem, Utah 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 

Alice Lee Carter — ProvaAi^ah 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: Psychology 

James C. Carrier, Jr. — Los Angeles, California 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Science 

Reed K. Carlisle— Alpine, Utah 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 

Afton J. Carpenter — ^Thatcher, Arizona 

Ma: JournaJisnn — Mi: English 

Marvin S. Carters-Morgan, Utah 

Ma: Spanish — Mi: English 

R. M. Castleberry — Chicago, lllinios 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: Philosophv of Education 

Gordon Childs — Springville, Utah 

Ma: Instrumen+aJ Music — Mi: Speech 

John W. Casper— Rigby, Idaho 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Zoology 

Jerry Child — Ogden, Utah 

Ma: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 

Archie F. Chadburn — Prove, Utali 

^a: Soc. Science — Mi. 

Doyle L. Christenserv — Prove, Utah 

'At: Engineering — Mi: 

'atricia B. CKristensen — Provo, Utah 

via: Clothing & Tex. — Mi: Marketing 

Jruce L. Christensen — L. A. Calif. 

'Ab: Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 

lack A. CKristensen — Centerfield, Ut. 

•Aa: Speech — Mi: English 

.aPree Christensen — Marysville, Ida. 

'Aa: Speech — Mi: English 

'hyllis Lynn Christensen — Sp. Fork, U 

■dward D. Christensen — Antonito, C. 
Aa: Chemistry — MI: Geology 
viola Christensen — Los Angeles, Cal. 
^a: Art— Ml: Clothing & Textile 
'ex L. Christensen — Craig, Colorado 
^a: Botany — Mi: Agronomy 
ieryl Clark — Georgietown, Idaho 
Aa: Sec. Practice — Mi: Accounting 
Jallan R. Clark— Oakley, Idaho 
Aa: Marketing — Mi: Commercial Art 

^be Cockett— Wailuku, Maui, T. H. 
4a: Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 
.rio L. Coles — Rigby, Idaho 
^a: Art — MI: Agronomy 
red A. Clarke — San Diego, Calif, 
la: Journalism — Mi: Portuguese 
obert B. Cluff— Provo, Utah 
la: Education — Mi: French 
la May Collier — Vernal, Utah 
la: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Sociology 
Imer L. Collins — Rankin, lllineis 
la: Geology — Mi: Physics 

Sarah Colton — Roosevelt, Utah 
Ma: Home Economics — Mi: Comp. 
Ron Cosgrove — Lethbridge, Alta, C. 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Zoology 
LuRae Cranney — Oakley, Idaho 
Ma: Speech — Mi: Englisih 
Max Ray Cope — Draper, Utah 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Economics 
Gene R. Crum — Provo, Utah 
! Ma: Accountingi^Mi: Economics 

VIVIAN SCHIPPER— Blonde/ioiibshell 
who staged student assemblies . ; . kept 
White Keys and Val Norns laughing . . . 
efficient vice-president known for her 
friendliness . . . nursing administration 
major from Sparks, Nevada. 



Alvin G. Dalley — Drlggs, Idaho 

Ma: Physical Educatlon^-MI: Health 

Jean Daniels — England 

Ma: History — Mi: Sociology 

Jack Davis — Mesa, Arizona 

Ma: Speech' — Mi: English 

Dutler C. Dauwalder — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: Psychology 

Dee M. Davis — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Accounting — Mi: Economics 

Wayne DeBry — Rigby, Idaho 

Mai: Journalism — Mi: Business 

Donald M. Decker — Los Angeles, Californi 

Ma: English — Mi: Sociology 

Don M. Dean — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — M 

Ted. E. Davis — Springville, Utah 

Ma: Accounting' — Mi: Secretarial Practic 

Lawrence Day — American Fork, Utah 

Ma: Education — MI: Speech 

Keith Deeds — Long Beach, Calltornia , 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Fin. & Bankin 
Donna Deem — Brigham City, Utah 
Ma: Secretarial Practice — Mi: EngllS' 
Clair L. DeLong — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 
Dee DeMIIIe — Monroe, Utah 
Ma: Secretarial Practice — MI: Accounting 
Dwight Despain — Lovell. Wyoming 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Chemistry 

Frank DIgennaro — Rochester, New York 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 
Max W. DIx— Provo, Utah 
Ma': Geology — Mi: Mathematics 
Keith M. Dickson— Ogden, Utah 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 
Marilyn Dick — Sllverton, Oregon 
Ma: Psychology — Mi: Sociology 
Alfred DeVIto — Englewood, New Jersey 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Chemistry & Physics 

John Richard Dominguez — Phoenix, Arizona 

Ma: Spanish — Mi: Political Science 

Albert H. Done — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Mathematics — Mi: Physics 

Marion H. Dodge — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Art — Mi: English 

Robert Despain — Prescott, Arizona 

Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 

Lynn Detwiler — Altoona, Pennsylvania 

Ma: Vocal Music — Mi: Speech 

Boyd G. Drervnan — San Mateo, Calif. 
Ma: Economics — MI: History 
Richard P. Dunkley — Preston, Idaho 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Zoology 
John A. Ellison— Spanish Foric, Utah 
Ma: Bus. & Acctg. — Mi: Marketing 
Junius L. Duke — Burley, Idaho 
Ma: Animal Husb. — Mi: Agronomy 
Don W. Driggs — Stockton, California 
Ma: Acct. Bus. Adm.— Mi: Pol. Sci. 
William G. Dyer — Portland, Oregon 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: Political Science 

Pauline Dyreng — Manti, Utah 
Ma: Music — Mi: French 
J. T. Eastman — Thatcher, Arizona 
Ma: Accounting — MI: Engineering 
Eva Rae Eldredge — Roosevelt, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Education — Mi: Sociology 
Jaimes H. Ellson — Oakley, Idaho 
Ma: Geology — MI: Chem-Physlcs 
Virginia A. Ellerman — Santa Monica, 
Ma; Elem. Ed.— MI: Hist. & Eng. Cal 
Sheldon Elliott— Provo, Utah 
Ma: Sociology — Mi; 

Louise Ellis — Ogden, Utah 
Ma; Elem. Educ. — Mi: Sociology 
Charles W. Dudley— Spanish Fork, Ut 
Ma; Maithematics — Mi; Physics 
Betty Midgley Ellsworth' — Ogden, Ut 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: English 
Robert J. Emil — Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Ma; Elem. Educ — Mi: History 
Robert W. English — Arco, Idaho 
Ma; Physics — Mi; Mathematics 
Lulu Kalua Enos — Maui, Hawaii 
Ma: Elem. Educ— Mi: Health 

Wllliet K. Enos— Hawaii 

Ma; Elem. Educ. — Mi; Sociology 

James A. Everett — PI. Grove, Utah 

Ma; Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 

Clair E. Erickson — Ephraim, Utah 

Ma: Education — Mi: Sociology 

Marllin M. Evans— Salt Lake City, Ut. 

Ma: English — MI: Spanish 

Max Thomas Evans — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Geology — Mi: Chem. & Physics 

LEROY K. JONES— Art major from 
Pontiac, Illinois . . . Social Chairman for 
students . . . affiliated with Vikings, and 
Blue Key . . . renowned for clothes and 
jokes . . . answers to Jack. 



E. L. Fairbanks — Prove, Utah 
Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Ctremistry 
Alice faye Farley — Mesa, Arizona 
Ma: Elementary Educa+Iort — MI: Music 
Clayton Farnsworth — Enterprise, Utah 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 
Hal E. Fielding— Provo, Utah 
Ma: Bacteriology — Mi: Chemistry 
Wayne S. Ferguson — Carlin. Nevada 
Ma: Secondary Education — Mi: Mathei 

Dean S. Farnsworth — Beaver, Utah 

Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Botany 
Beverly Ford — Parowart, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Education — Mi: Speed 
Clifford Finley — Hiawatha, Utahi 
Ma: Business — Mi: Economics i ' 
Don E. Fisher — Los Angeles, Caftfornii 
Ma: Instrumental Music — Mi: Hiitory 
Hal B. Foutz — Las Veg*s, Nevad 
Ma: Political Science — Mi: Zoo 

Reed F. Francis — Springville, Utah 
Ma: Elementary Education — Mt: M 
Paul G. Gardner — Americain Fork, 
Ma: Mathematics — Mi: Chemistry 
Jacqueline B. Gardner — American Fork 
Ma: Secretarial Practice — Mi: Account! 
Edna Grace Fulghum — High Point, N. C. 
Ma: Art— Mi: English 
Gwenivere Frampton — Fillmore, Utah 
Ma: Elemen-tary Education — Mi: Music 

Bill Geertsen — Ogder, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: History 

Willard A. Gerber — Malibu, California 

Ma: Art — Mi: Education 

Irene M. Georges — Westcliffe, Colorado 

Ma: PiarK) — Mi: Harp 

Beverly Gibbons — Holbrook, Arizona 

Ma: Spanish — Mi: English 

Robert Gates — Antimony, Utah 

Ma; Geology — Mi: Chemistry 

R. F. Gordory^Provo, Utah 

Laura MaY K. Goodness — Walluku, Maui, Haw. 

Ma: Elementary Education — MI: Sociology 

Boyd Goodrich — Bluebell, Ute*i 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Sociology 

Delbert F. Gibby — Glendale, California 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: English 

Horace Gillespie — Tooele, Utah 

Ma: Physical Educatloiv— Mi: Composita 


Mar U. Grange — Huntington, Utah 
Ma; Elem. Educ. — Mi: Pol. Science 
Hugh H. G. Graves — Peoria, Illinois 
Ma: French — Mi: German 
Edythe Greaves — Portland, Oregon 
Mai: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Social Sci. 
Kenneth Greer — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ma: Animal Hus. — Mi: Agronomy 
Barbara Green — Berkeley, California 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Engineering 
Russell B. Graham — Medford, Oreg. 
Ma: Marketing. — Mi: Acounting 

S. Thomas Gwyn — Salt Lake City, Ut. 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: Marketing 
Grace Guymon — Parowan, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Art 
Elizabeth B. Hall— Tridell, Uta^h 
Ma: Sec. Educ. — Mi: Sec. Practice 
Charmalne Guthrie — Mesa, Arizona 
Ma: English — Mi: Clothing 
Lewis Griffin — Escalante, Utah 
Ma: Physical Educ. — Mi: History 
Merrill P. Gunnel! — Grace, Idaho 
Ma: History — Mi: Sociology 

Robert L. Hamen — Butte, Montana 
Ma: English — Mi: Journalism 
Ronald J. Hanks — Salem, Utah 
Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Mathematics 
Lois Hammond — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Music 
Carol Hanks — Salem, Utah 
Ma: Nursing — Mi: Nursing 
Jay Hamblin — Murray, Utah 
Ma: Physical Educ— Mi: Health 
Wayne S. Hamblin — St. Johns, Ariz. 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Zoology 

Harold Hansen — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Animal Hus. 
Dona May Hansen — Susanville, Calif. 
Ma: Physical Educ. — Mi: English 
Clem S. Hancock — Panguitch, Utah 
Ma; Music — Mi; Education 
Ann Hansen — Lethbridge, Alb., Can. 
Ma; Physical Educ— Mi: Health 
Alan R. Hansen — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Mathematics 

MARCENE CAMP— Staf ot college 
operas who thrilled tuden+s and towns 
people with her beautiful voice . . . con- 
tributed her aLii lies to Casta Tie and 
White Key . . . sparked Cougarettes in 
half-time activities . . . native of Poca- 
tello, Idaho, majoring in music. 


Paul L. Hansen — Springville, Utah 

Ma: Agrononny — Mi: Botany 

Boyd W. Harding — Prove. Utah 

Ma: CKemistry — MI: Mathematics 

Lillian Strong Hansen — Idaho, Falls, Idaho 

Me: Elementary Education — Mi: English 

Lorraine Hansen — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ma: Education — Ml: Clothing & Textiles 

Ann Hartman — Holland 

Ma: Education — MI: Music 

Colleen Harmon — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Education — MI: Political Science 

Grant Harris — Oak City, Utah 

Ma: Education — MI: Geology 

Blaine B. Harper — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Bacteriology — MI: Zool 

Barbara Hardy — Portlartd, Oregon 

Ma: Home Admin. — MI: Foods & Clothing 

Acel Haslem — Roosevelt, Utah 

Ma: Marketing — Mi: Economics 

Bevan Haycock — Grand Junction, polorad 
Ma: Marketing — MI: Accounting 
Don Hendricks — LaGrande, Orego 
Ma: Industrial Arts — MI: Geograph' 
Max Hatch— Provo, Utah 
Ma: Elementary Education — MI: English 
Lloyd E. Henrichsen — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Marketing — MI: Commercial Art 
Kenneth R. Hershberger — Altoona, Penna. 
Ma: Psychology — MI: Recreation 

Alfred C. Herschel — Philadelphia, Penna. 
Ma: Political Science — MI: History 
James E. Hill — Jacksonville, Florida 
Ma: Political Science — MI: Economy 
Donald E. HIcken — Tablona, Utah 
Ma: Education — Mi: Social Science 
Dean Hibbert — Los Angeles, California 
Ma: AccountIn9 — MI: Mathematics 
James B. Hill — Laurens, So. Carolina 
Ma: Economics — Mi: History 

Wesley A. Holt — Enterprise, Utaii 
Ma: Physical Education — MI: Zoology 
Melvin Hodskinson — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Acounrting 
Floyd Hoffman — Ashton. Idaho 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Physics 
Ivan J. Hilton — Rexburg, Idaho 
Ma: Economics — Mi: Marketing 
Harlan J. Hilton— Hinckley, Uiuh 
Ma: Physical Science — Mi: Composite 


Don A. Homer — Sacrameivto, Calif. 
Ma: Physical Educ— Mi: 
Lowell E. Horlachier — Le+tt., Al+a., Ca. 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 
Elmo O. Howard — Mesa, Arizona 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Radio 
Anonna Hubbard — Mesa, Arizona 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi; Science 
William Horton— Oakley, Utah 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Chemistry 
Keith D. Horton — Los Angeles, Calif 
Ma: Education — Mi: Etvglish 

Arvil W. Huff— Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ma: Music — Mi: French 
Irene Howells — Paradise, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Psychology 
Emery Mac Hubbard — McFarland, C. 
Ma: Spanish — Mi: French 
George Huff — Jacksonville, Florida 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 
Phyllis Hughes — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ma: Physical Educ— Mi: Health 
Dorothy Hulet— Wendell, Ida^o 
Ma: English — Mi: History 

Owen A. Hullinger — Salt Lake, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: An. Husb. 
Phyllis Hunter — Springville, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Speech 
Oscar K. Hulet— Summit, Utah 
Ma: Education — Mi: Mathematics 
Ada S. Hullinger— Salt Lake Cy., Ut. 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Phys. Educ. 
Farrell J. Humphreys — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Education — Mi: Math-Science 
Lester Dale Hunt — Idaho, Falls, Ida. 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Fin. & Banking 

Gloria Hutchinson — Santa Ana, Cal. 
Ma: Home Economics — Mi: 
Verne F. Hunter — Bennington, Idaho 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Marketing 
John Taylor Hyde— Salt Lake Cy., Ut. 
Ma: Economics — Mi: Speech 
Bill Ingalls — Tacoma, Washington 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 
Earl D. Jardine — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Ma: Music — Mi: French 

RALPH BENSON— Quiet Ut^^ynamic 
personality who engineered student af- 
fairs ... a debater with a speech-mak- 
ing voice . . . "Builder" . . . affiliated 
with Blue Key, Brigadiers, and Kathleen 
Taylor . . . Speech major from Parowan 

Lyman H. JenHns — Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 
Vernice Jackson — Pairadise, Utah 
Ma: Music — Ml: Spanish 
Jack E. Jenkins— LaPoint. Utah 
Ma: Elennentary Education — Mi: English 
Clifton E. Jensen — Payson. Utah 
Ma: Pliysical Education — Mi: Health 
Dcnaild E. Jensen — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Economics 

Janice Jensen — Midvale, Utah 

Ma: English! — Mi: Psychology /.->< 

Metta Johnson — St. George, UfaK 





Ma: Elementary Education — Ml: Sec. Prac 

Carolyn Johnson — Berkeley, California 
Ma: Foods & Nut. — Ml: Chemistry i 

Thayne H. Johnson — Boise, Idaho 
Mai: Archaeology — Ml: Bib. Langu 
Curg Johnson — Dallas, Texas , 

Ma: Accounting — Ml: Finance & Baniiing 
Gwenyth Joe Jensen — Redmond, Utah 
Ma: Elementary Education — Ml: Speech 
Donald Theone Jones — Pingree, Idaho 
Ma: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 
Reed F. Johnson — Glenns Ferry, Idaho 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Chem-Physics 

Shirley Johnson — Orem, Utah 

Ma: Animal Husbandry — Mi: Agronomy 

David C. Jones — Jirden, New Mexico 

Ma: English' — Mi: Mathematics 

Earl B. Jones — Magna, Utah 

Ma: Political Science — Mi: French 

Thelma Jean Johnson — Price, Utah 

Ma: Art — Ml: Spanish 

Joel H. Johnson — Price, Utah 

Ma: Accounting — Ml: Finance & Banking 

Edward E. Jones — Provo. Utah 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Zoology 

Merlin J. Jones — Holden, Utah 

Ma: Accour>ting — Mi: Economics 

LeRoy K. Jones — Pontiac, Illinois 

Ma: Art — Ml: Sociology 

Madolon Jones — Cedar City, Utah 

Ma: Music — Ml: German 

Helen E. Jones — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: English 


Robert V. Jones — Boise Idaho 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 
Carol Kay— Heber, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Biology 
Charles Kamauoha, Jr. — Wailuki, T.H 
Ma: Physical Educ— Mi: Health 
Ruth Juchau — Virginia, Idaho 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: English 
Catherine N. Kanekoa — Hana, T.H. 
Ma: Elenn. Educ. — Mi: English 
T. Conra^i Judd — San Oiego, Calif. 
Ma: Radio — Mi: English 

George J. Kawasaki — Kapaa, Hawaii 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Botany 
Rowena K. Keaka^ — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Art 
William Pat Keney— Provo, Utah 
Ma: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 
William Doral Kemper — Canada 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Soils 
Kenneth J. Keate — Overton, Nevada 
Ma: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 
Donald B. Kelly— Salt Lake City, Ut. 
Ma: Mathematics — Mi: History 

J. Clair Kendall— NepM, Utah 
Ma: Education — Mi: Science 
W. S. Kiester — Slippery Rock, Pean. 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Zoology 
Da»i Kimball — Fillmore, Utah 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 
Mary Snell Killpack — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Economics — Mi: Sec. Practice 
Gladys Kenolio — Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Sociology 
Geraldine Kemsley — Pacoima, Calif. 
Ma: Elem, Educ. — Mi: PcJ. Science 

Archie G. Kinder — Huntington, Ut. 

Ma: Physical Educ— Mi: Health 

Roy King — Boise, Idaho 

Ma: Marketing! — Mi: Accounting 

Ray Klein— Provo, Utah 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 

Annie V. Knight — St. George, So. C. 

Ma: Clothing — Mi: Marketing 

Stanford J. Kitterman — Salt Lake Cy. 

Ma: Agrorfomy — Mi: Chemistry 

GRACE GUYMON — fi^a^worklng 
Banyan Editor . . . popular with students 
and faculty . . . enthusiastic Nautilus 
member . . . another student leader 
from Parowan . . . majoring in Elemen- 
tary Education. 


s f 1^1 1' n 


Lester L. KnigKt— Castle Dale. Utah 

Ma: Mathematics — MI: Geology 

Donna Rae Labrum — Roosevelt, Utah . 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Music 

Patricia Koyen^ — Hiko, Nevada 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: English 

Maxine -Lamborn — Og<ien, Utah 

Ma: Speech — Mi: English 

Lyie James Koller— Salt Late City, Utah^ 

Ma: Physical Education — N 

tion— Mi: Health ^.''''V 

erican Fork, Utah^ I 

sting— Mi: Engli^ 'j 

Paul B. Larsen— Amer 

Ma: Radio Broadcast 

Shirley Lamoreaux — North Ogden, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Music 

Robert Larkin — Los Angeles 

Ma: Marketing" — Mi: Accounting 

Colleen Leig'h — Pocatello, Idaho 

Ma: Nursing Ed. — Mi: Biological Scii 

Layton R. Barney — Hatch, Utah 

Ma: Acounting' — Mi: Economicsl' 

Curtis Lee — Oakley, Idaho 

Ma: Physical Education — Mi: Mathematics 

Celdon R. Lewis — Springville, Utah ■Vi\ 

Ma: Geology — Mi: Mathematics i 

Rae Marie LeBaron — American Fork, Utal 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Music 

Veola Vaun Levi — Sevier, Utah 

Ma: Foods — Mi; Chemistry 

John F. Lee — Provo. Utah 

Ma: Political Science — MI: Psychology 

Emma Little — Glendale, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education- — Mi: 

Bob Lynn — Lovell, Wyoming 

Ma: Geology — Mi: Math. & Physics 

Marshall W. Lewis — Brigham, Utah 

Ma: Accounting — Mi: Finance & Banking 

John W. Lewis — Brigham, Utah 

Ma: Accounting! — Mi: Finance & Baniking 

Roderick Longi — Elko, Nevada 

Ma: Physical Education — Mi: Health 

Kenneth R. Ludlow — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ma: Animal Husbandry — Mi: Agronomy 

Geniel A. Loveless — Fountain Green, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: English 

Rose Elsie Lund — Modena, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — MI: English 

Donna Lundell — Vernal, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — MI: Speech 

Bernlce Litchfield — Raymond, Alberta, Can. 

Ma: Secretarial Practice— MI: Phys. Science 


Parley W. Madsen, Jr.— Provo, Utah 

Ma: Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 

Gloria Joyce Madser — Salt Lake City 

Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: English 

Lois McCarrel — Vernal, Utah 

Ma; Elem. Educ. — Mi: Music 

Irene Matson- — Melba, Idaho 

Ma: English' — Mi: Speech 

Mary Martlmeau — Pocatello, Idaho 

Ma: Elem. Educ. — MI: Music 

Jotin Martinez — Brodericic, California 

Ma: History — Mi: Political Science 

Rodney L. Mann — Arcadia, Calif. 
Ma; Music — Mi: Language 
Beth Markbam — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ma: Cloth. & Text. — Mi: Business 
Betty Lou Marshall— Garfield, Utah 
Ma: Home Adm. — Mi: Foods-Cloth. 
Madelyn Mathews — Scipio. Utah 
Ma: Englisb — Mi: Speech 
Earl Myron Maynard — Lenore. Idaho 
Ma: An. Husbandry — Mi: Agronomy 
Cal. R. McAffee— Harbor City, Cal. 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Acct. & Bus. 

Darrell Terry McGarry — Richfield, U 
tvia: Political Science — Mi: History 
Dixie McKInnom — Moroni, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: History 
Jean M. McKell— Heber, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — MI: Music 
Laurence McKee — Price, Utah 
Ma: Chemistry — MI: Mathematics 
Carl R. McFarland — Duncan, Arizona 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Chem. Physics 
A. Pardee McGregor — Los Angeles 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 

Ralph Menlove — Payson, Utah 
Ma: Math. — MI: Physics 
Grace Merrill — Pocatello. Idaho 
Ma: English — Mi: French 
Jean McPherson — Ogden, Utah 
Ma: Psychology — Ml: Sociology 
June Lee Merrill — Beverly Hills, Cal, 
Ma: English — Mi: Sociology 
Carl D. Mecham — Moab, Utah- 
Ma: Agronomy — MI: Ind. Arts 

ROY KING — Headed Intercollegiate 
Knights as Duke . . . girls preferred him 
as one of the "top ten" . . . loyal Vai 
Hyric . . . Marketing major from Boise, 


H. Harvey MeHe, Jr. — Jacltsonville, Florida 

Ma: Instrumental Music — Mi: Sociology 

Thomas Keith' Midgley — Ogden, Utah' 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Economics 

Marilyn Miles — Ephraim, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Speech' 

Newell W. Miles — Bancroft. Idaho 

Ma: Commerce — Mi: Speech 

Lou Narramore — Evanston, Wyoming 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Speech^..i^ Jk 

Theodore E. Morgan — Provo, Utah I ^^ 

Ma: Acct. & Bus. Adm.— Mi: Marketing 1,^^ 

Marilyn D. Mooney — Provo, Utah """^ ^' 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: English 
"Joyce Mills — Provo, Utah / 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: Secretarial Ifractic 
Nadine Mitchell— Provo, Utah 
Ma: Clothing — Mi: Foods 
Oral S. Miles— Provo, Utah 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Economics 

Stewart A. Morley — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Psychology — Mi: Marketing 

Alfred S. Morrison — St. George, Uta 

Ma: Music — Mi: German 

Joseph R. Murphy — Long Beach, Calift>rni 

Ma: ZoologY — Mi: Botany 

Theresa Mitton — Ogden, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Music 

Glen Rae Milner — Wellington, Utah 

Ma: Business Administration — Mi: Economics 

Floyd C. Moulton— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ma: Geology— Mi: Chemistry & Mathematics 
Clifford D. Mousley— Riverton.Utah 
Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: History 
Johr> E. Munson — Calgary, Alberta, Canada 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Finance & Bankingi 
Gwenna Marie Mortensen — St. Anthofiy, Ida. 
Ma: House Adm. — Mi: Foods & Clothing 
Creed L. Mortensen — Rexburg, Idaho 
Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Animal Husbandry 

Marilyn Morley — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: Spanish 

Lois Mortensen — Denver, Colorado 

Ma: Speech Co/rection — Mi: French 

Verl I. Mumford — Montpelier, Idaho 

Ma: Accounting & Bus. Adm. — Mi: Economics 

Herbert Meyers — Aiusa, California 

Ma: Psychology — Mi: Sociology 

Marcus N. Myers — Boise, Idaho 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Mathematics 

Gloria D. Neeley — Saft Lake City 

Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: English' 

Daniel Ivey Naylor — Bountiful, Utah 

Ma: Music — Mi: German 

Beverly E. Nelson — Snowville, Utah 

Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Music 

Mary Lou Neeley — Shelby. Montana 

Ma: Speech — Mi: English 

D. Louise Nielson — Kent, Washington 

Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: English 

William V. Nashr— Ogden, Utah 

Ma: English — Mi: History 

Bill A. Nelson — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ma: Math. — Mi: Physics-Chem. 
Clyde Wendell Nelson— Am. Fork. Ut 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Sec. Practice 
Frank B. Nelson— Salt Lake City. Ut. 
Ma: Speech — Mi: Psychology 
Jack L. Nelson — Wendell. Idaho 
Ma: Chemistry— Mi: Mathematics 
Lois Anne Nelson — Sp. Fork. Utah 
Ma: Home Ec. — Mi: Foods & Cloth. 
Max D. Nelson — Provo. Utah 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: German 

Stanley David' Neilson. — Evanston. W. 
Ma: Physical Educ. — Mi: History 
Karl Y. Newren— Provo. Utah 
Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Chemistry 
Coy Mullen Newren — El Paso. Texas 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: English 
Max A. Newren — Standardville. Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Music 
Shirley A. Nelson — Atton. Wyoming 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: English. 
Thomas G. Nelson — Park City, Utah 
Ma: Music — Mi: German 

Paul L. Ng— Honolulu. T. H. 
Ma: History — Mi: EngJish 
John M. Nicol — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Sociology 
Nellie M. Nield — Long Beach, Cal. 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: EnqJisb 
Margaret Nicholes — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: English 
Margene Nielson — Hunter, Utah- 
Ma: Music — Mi: French 

lA MYRL BOYACKV-^ersoj/lality girl 
whose efficient organization brought A. 
W. S. achievennents to a new high . . . 
lived up to her title of friendliest girl 
. . . enthusiastic worker in White Key, 
Nautilus, and Lambda Delta Sigma . . . 
Sociology major from Seattle, Wash- 
ington . . . "Choo Choo." 


Richard A. NIes — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Sociology— Mi: Psychology 

O. L. NIelson — Cardston, Alberta, Canada 

Ma: Education — Mi: Business 

Vernon C. Nielsen- — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: History 

Lois Noelte — Chicago, Illinois 

Ma: Elementary Education — Ml: English 

Cora B. Nowatny — Seattle, Washington 

Ma: Elennentary Education— Mi: Biological.ScI. 

Eugene S. Nye — Ogden, Utah 

Ma: Music — Mi: English 

Clifford F. OInnstead — Los Angeles, Californ 

Ma: Political Science — Mi: History 

Vincent P. O'Brien — EngJewood, New Jersey 

Ma: Political Science — Mi: English 

Delia Jean Olpin — Thatcher, Arizona 

Ma: Education — Mi: Music 

Maeser D. Okerland — Loa, Utahl 

Ma: Geology — Mi: Mathematic^ 

Virgus C. Osborne — Springs City, 

Ma: Eng'lish' — Mi: Speech 

Jeanne Olsen — Blaclcfoot, Idaho 

Ma: Music — Mi: English 

Ernest W. Olson — Lovell, vA'yoming 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Economi' 

Rosa Mae Ostler — Boise, Idaho 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: Psychology 

James D. Orton — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 

Bert Ostlund — Tacoma, Washington 
Ma: Economics — Mi: Spanish 
Maxine Overlaid — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: Spanish 
Calvin Pace — Burley, Idaho 
Ma: Physical Education — Mi: Art 
Emmaline Padekeh — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: Political Science 
William C. Patten— Payson, Utah 
Ma: Political Science — Mi: Economics 

Robert Hale Pearce — St. George, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: History 

Elaine Poulson — Duchesne, Utah 

Ma: Home Economics — Mi: Composite 

Walter Paulson — Mammoth, Utah 

Ma: Accounting — Mi: 

Dorace Peay — Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: EngJish 

Lyie D. Patton — Charleston, West Virginia 

Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 


E. Ross Porter — Helper, Utah 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Math. 
R. Sherman Peck — Shelley, Idaho 
Ma: An. Hus. — Mi: Agronomy 
Clifford J. Peterson— Leth., Alt, C. 
Ma: Chem. — Mi: Zoology 
Marvin Peterson — Boise, Idaho 
Ma: Acctg. Bus. Adm — Mi: Fin. 
Martha Pettijohn — Melba, Idaho 
Ma: English — Mi: French 
Isaac D. Pierce — Aberdeen, Idaho 
Ma:Ag. Econ. — Mi: Marketing 

Val Larie Preece — Vernal, Utah 
Ma: History — Mi; Sociology 
Marian LuDean Price — Wales, Ut. 
Ma: Elem. Ed.— Mi: Art 
Ruthie Pruitt — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Ed. — Mi: Music 
George C. Puckett— Oakley, Ida. 
Ma: Music — Mi: 
Ruth Purdy — Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ma: Dietetics — Mi: Chemistry 
Allen Purnell— Salt Lake City, Ut. 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 

Cloyd O. Rasmussen — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Acctg. & Bus. — Mi: Econ. 
DeVaun Rasmussen — Fillmore, Ut. 
Ma: Elem. Ed. — Mi: Sociology 
Wm. Earl Read, Jr.— Ogden, Ut. 
Ma: Music — Mi: Speech 
Dale Richmond — Provo. Uath 
Ma: Elem. Ed. — Mi: Soc. Sci. 
Leslie S. Raty— Ogden, Utah 
Ma: History — Mi: English 
Spencer J. Reber — Santa Clara, U 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Chem. & Biol. 

Jay Rencher — Snowflake, Ariz. 
Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Chemistry 
Howard S. Rhodes — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Chemistry 
Bettie Reid — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: History 

Bronwyn Redford — Glenns Ferry, I 
Ma: Education — Mi. Eng. & Soc. 
Wilbur R. Richardson — Long Beach 
I Ma: Music — Mi: Education 

BILL DYER — Pint-sized dyfiamo from 
Portland Oregon . . . coeds "preferred" 
his red hair . . . Viking prexy . . . spent 
his class time in the Soc. department. 


John M. Robblns — Muskogee, Oklahoma 

Ma: Accounting — Mi: Finance & Banking 

Dan Elmer Roberts — Prove, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: Geology 

LaRue Robison — Fillmore, Utah 

Ma: Physical Education — Mi: Music 

Connell B. Roberts — Ogden, Utah 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Physics 

Neal Roberts — Annabella, Utah 

Ma: Education — Mi: Sociology 

Russell Dale Rock— Mc 

Ma; Accounting — Mi: 

Rosalie Robison — Provo, 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: English 

Clyde E. Rodeback— Vernal, Utah 

Ma: Acct. & Bus. Ed.— Mi: Fin. & Bank. & Mktg. 

John D. Rogers — Kanosh, Utah 

Ma: Secretarial Practice — Mi: Accounting 

Robert Hatch Rollins— Lovell, ' 

Ma: Art — Mi: Zoology 

Sociology j 

organ, Utah 1 A' 

Finance & Bankjng I ^^ 

'o. Utah Jy '/^"^ 

& Banki 

Evan M. Romney — Duncan, Arizona 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Agronomy 
Darrell Roundy — Spanish Fork, Utah' 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: English 
Swen Jacob Roundy — Orem, Utah 
Ma: Dietics — Mi: Chemistry 
William F. Romney — Duncan, Arizona 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 
Willis Rosenlof— Mount Pleasant, Utah 
Ma: Botany — Mi: Zoology 

Grant Rowley — Helper, Utah 

Acct. & Business Adm. — Mi: Finance & Banking 

Lorraine Russell — Nampa, Idaho 

Ma: English — Mi: Sociology 

Nancy Sakamoto — Maui, Hawaii 

Ma: Physical Ed.— Mi: Health 

Paul P. Rowe — Twin Bridges, Montana 

Ma: Agronomy — Mi: Chemistry 

Paul S. Roundy — Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Ma: Animal Husbandry — Mi: Agronomy 

Victor Sakiestewa — Tuba City, Arizona 
Ma: Accounting & Bus. — Mi: P. E. & Mktg. 
Joseph L Sanders — Garney, California 
Ma: Psychology — Mi: Business Admin. 
Vivian Schipper — Sparks, Nevada 
Ma: Nursing Education — Mi: 
David Schulthess — Los Angeles, California 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: Journalism 
Gareth Seastrand — American Fork, Utah 
Ma: Zoology — Mi: Botany & Chemistry 


Amir Nasser Sharmand — Teheran 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Math. 
George L. Sevy — Richfield, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Ed. — Mi: Sociology 
Vernon J. Short — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Comp. Physics — Chem. Math. 
Jeanette Seibold — Newdale, Ida. 
Ma: Phys. Ed.— Mi: Health 
Joseph Shawcroft — Clifton, Colo. 
Ma: An. Hus. — Mi: Agronomy 
Boyd K. Simmons — Hamer, Idaho 
Ma: Chemistry — Mi: Zoology 

Hal R. Schurtz— 
Ma: Elem. Ed.— Mi: English 
Joy Simmons — Pittsburg, Penn. 
Ma: Elem Ed. — Mi: Music 
Melba J. Scousen — Flowell, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Ed. — Mi: History 
Virgil B. Smith— Salt Lake City, Ut. 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: Pol. Science 
Hal Schuler — Payson, Utah 
Ma: Agronomy — Mi: An. Hus. 
Grant M. Smith — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Geology — Mi: 

Howard J. Smith — Bridgeland, Ut. 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Fin. & BIcg. 
B. Maurice Smith — Vernal, Utah 
Ma: Economics — Mi: Languages 
Jean Slack — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Music — Mi: Spanish 
Walter Smith — Raymond, Alb., C. 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Mathematics 
Gloria Snell — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Ed. — Mi: Sociology 
G. Gardner Snow — Pine Valley, Ut. 
Ma: Education — Mi: Chemistry 

Lorenzo H. Snow — Brigham, Utah 
Ma: Sociology — Mi: Psychology 
Merlin R. Sorensen — Ogden, Utah 
Ma: Vocal Music — Mi: German 
Keith H. Sorensen — Spring City, U. 
Ma: Math. — Physics (Comp.) 
Lois Sorensen — Centerfield, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Ed.— Mi: Art 
Sharlene Snow — St. George, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Ed. — Mi: Music 

DON DRIGGS — Darkhaired socialite 
who tallied student books . . . Stockton, 
California nnan . . . majoring in Business 
Administration . . . member of Blue Key 
and Bricker. 

Geo. Wm. Sorensen — Berkeley, California 

Ma: Landscaping, Arch. — Mi: Art, Botany 

Stephen Stanford — Logan, Utah 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: Religion 

Vinson D. Stephenson — Lewiston, Utah 

Ma. Elementary Education — Mi: Music 

Arvin Springthorpe — Ontario, Oregon 

Ma: Music — Mi: Education 

Bryce Spencer — Cardston, Alberta, Canada 

Ma: Speech — Mi: English 

Durian H. Stewart — Los Angeles, California 

Ma: Speech — Mi: Science 

Marvin H. Stewart — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 

James E. Stubbs — Bethesda, Maryland / 

Ma: Geology — Mi: Chemistry ' 

Ethel Louise Stewart — Alamo, Nevada 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: English 

Karl J. StoH— Salina, Utah 

Ma: Accounting — Mi: EconomicI 

Bill Sullivan— Park City, Utah 
Ma: Music — Mi: Composite 
Doyle Swallow — Mayfield, Utah 
Ma: Secondary Education — Mi: Business 
Clyde A. Swenson — Spanish Forek 
Ma: Acounting — Mi: Econ., Fin. & 
Edwin Sundquist — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ma: Economics — Mi: Acounting 
Cleve H. Swenson — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 

Utah V 

Banking \.^^ 
Utah -^^"^ 

Ross C. Swenson — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ma: Elementary Education — Mi: 

Glen Preston Taylor — ^American Fork, Utah 

Me: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 

Kathleen Taylor — Raymond, Alberta, Canada 

Ma; English — Mi: French 

Kent G. Taylor — Provo, Utah 

Ma: Sociology — Mi: History 

Lorin B. Taylor — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Ma: History — Mi: Sociology 

Nancy Taylor — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Physical Education — Mi: Health 
Jolene C. Terry — Calgary, Alberta, Canada 
Ma: Dramatic Art — Mi: English 

Inez Theobald — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Marketing 

Mildred Teslich — Rock Springs, Wyoming 
Ma: Physical Education — Mi: Health 
Ted S. Thiel — Sebastopal, California 
Ma: Marketing — Mi: Business 


erald W. Thomas — Spanish Fori, Ut. 
la: Agronomy — Mi: An. Husb. 
onna Thomander — Maplewood, N.J. 
la: Elem. Ed. — Mi: Music 
wood Gail Thueson — Nampa, Idaho 
a: Ag. Econ. — Mi: An. Husb. 
'illiam J. Thomas — Baker, Oregon 
la: Music — Mi: German 
jy Paul Thompson — Riverton, Utah 
la: An. Husb. — Mi: Agronomy 
uane H. Thueson — Nampa, Idaho 
la: Accounting — Mi: An. Husb. 

'illis Thurman — Cedar City, Utah 
la: Economics — Ma: Marketing 
jgene Tidwell — McGill, Nevada 
a: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 
>m M. Tueller — Mt. Home, Idaho 
ia: Comm. Art. — Mi: French 
oland E. Tyndall — Deep Run, N. C. 
la: Sec. Practice — Mi: Accounting 
snneth R. Tobler — Santa Clara, Utah 
'a: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Soc. Science 
9ed Tolman — Berkeley, California 
a: Physology — Mi: Biology 

ichard F. Van Wagenen — Reno, Nev. 
a: Economics — Mi: Marketing 
)hn Waite— Kaysville. Utah 
I a: Elem. Ed. — Mi: History 
j.rnice K. Welch— Salt Lake City, Ut. 
a: Secretarial Science — Mi: Eng. 
i>Lean B. Waite — Columbus, Neb. 
a: Sec. Educ. — Mi: History-Math, 
srmen Ursenbach — Leth., Alb., Can. 
a: Art — Mi: Music 
melia B. Van Wagoner — PI. Grove 
<*»: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 

Oscar W. Walsch— Rupert, Idaho 
Ma: Elem. Ed. — Mi: Psychology 
Edwin H. Walton— Provo. Utah 
Ma: Geology — Chem. Physics 
Keith R. Walker— Salt Lake City, Ut. 
Ma: Art — Mi: Music 
Garine Ward — Grand Jet., Colo. 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Fin. & Bank. 
Jack L. Wardlu — Pocatello, Idaho 
Ma: Speech — Mi: English 

ERMA ADAMS — Charming transfer 
from Weber College . . . served capably 
as executive women's president for 
Lambda Delta Sigma . . .affiliated with 
Val Norn . . . Elementary Education 
major from Ogden . . . addicted to 


Sill IBS 

gio \A(^anabe — l^ahuku, UeillL, Hawaii 
a; Bacteriology — Mi; Chemistry 
Clara B. Washburn — Roosevelt, Utah 
Ma: Foods — Mi: Clothing 
Gordon Waring — Smoot, Wyoming 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Physics 
Robert O. Warner — Antimony, Utah 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Chem., Physics 
Wasel Washburn — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Ed. — Mi: English 

Verl F. Weight — Springville, Utah 

Ma: Education — Mi: 

Calvin C. Wilcox — Huntington Parle, Calif, 

Ma: Accounting — Mi: Finance & Banking 

Doris Weinheimer — Welling, Alberta, Can. 

Ma: Physical Educ. — Mi: French 

Laverne Weirs — Albion, New Yoric 

Ma: Chemistry — MI: Mathematics 

David A. Weiser — New Rochelle, New York 

Ma: Journalism — Mi: English 

Harry E. Wickes— Ogden, Utah 
Ma: Mathematics — Mi; Physics 
Nancy Jean Wells — San 
Ma; Education — Mi; Art 
Rula Jean Wells — Joseph 
MI: Elem. Education — Mi; nistory 
Josephine W. Wentz — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Education — Mi: Engll 
Betty Mae West— Salt Lake City, 
Ma: Education — Mi: English 

Harold J. Whatcott — Fillmore, Lftal 

Ma; Zoology — Mi: Chemistry 

T. Eugene White — Susanvllle, Califo\ 

Ma: Marketing — Mi; Economics 

Carl H. Whatcott— Lynndyl, Utah 

Ma: Educatlon-^MI: History 

Earl Wheelwright — Rexburg, Idaho 

Ma: Chemistry — Mi; Mathematics 

Melvin Reed Whipple — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Ma: Political Science — MI: Economics 

Arthur Wallace White— Long Beach, Calif. 

Ma: Art — Mi: History 

James L. Whyte — Provo, Utah 

Ma; Chemistry — Mi: Math 

Norma Wells— Orem, Utah 

Ma: Marketing — Mi: Accounting 

D. L. Wright Weaver— Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Ma; English — Mi; Russian 

L. M. (Bob) Whittaker— Coalville, Utah 

Ma: Radio — MI; Journalism 

Tina Lou Daniels — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ma; English — Mi: Spanish 

Wayne Ed. Wyler — Payson, Utah 

Ma: Accounting — Mi: Spanish 

Russell Young — Ogden, Utah 

Ma: Accounting — Mi: Economics 

Daren C. Young — Provo, Utah 

Ma; Elementary Education — MI: Social Science 

Ethel Young — Waiakoa, Maui, Hawaii 

Ma: Physical Education — Mi: 

Vern Wilcox — Cowley, Wyoming 
Ma: Accounting — Ml: Sec. Practice 
Don Williams— Price, Utah 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Fin. & Bank. 
Francis Workman — Lawndale, Calif. 
Ma: Spanish — Ml; English 

Elhol Jean Wilson— Scofleld, Utah 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Ml: History 

Carol Witbeck— Roosevelt, Utah 
Ma: Speech — Mi: French 

Conrad Paul Willis— Snowflake, Ariz. 
Ma: Chemistry — Ml: Mathematics 
Irene Willis — Cowley, Wyoming 
Ma: Elem Educ. — Ml: Home Admin. 

Marilyn C. Woodward — Pomona, Cal. Wanda Ricks Wyler — Provo, Utah 
Ma : Sec. Educ.^Mi; Comp. Phy. Scl. Ma: Elem. Ed. — Home Economics 

Richard D. S. Kwak— Honolulu, T. H. 
Ma: Sec. Educ. — Mi: History 
Jerry H. Zenger — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Physics — Mi: Mathematics 
Don E. Wright — Lewlsville, Idaho 
Ma: Animal Husb. — Mi: Chemistry 

Marilyn Wilcox — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Elem, Educ. — Mi: Music & French 
Lorell Winn — Baskersfield, California 
Ma: Elem. Educ. — Mi: Sociology 
Jean Woodhead — Provo, Utah 
Ma: Art — Mi: Spanish 

Floyd E. Williams — Ashton, Idaho 
Ma: Geology — MI:Ma thematics 
Donna Whittwer — Reno, Nevada 
Ma: Speech — Mi: English 

Joyce Cecele Wood — Coeur d'Alene 
Ma: Comp. P^, Ed.— Mi: Health-Rec. 

Ma: Comp. PL Ed.— Mi: h 

Dee Wright— Hinckley, Utah 
Ma: History — Mi: Hebrew 
Elden L Wood— Buhl, Idaho 
Ma: Music — Ml: French 
Moylen Young — Brigham City, Utah 
Ma: Music — Mi: English 


JUDD — Handsome man 

Arnold W. Zabriskie— Provo, Utah 
Ma: Geology — Mi: Physics 
Frank I. Davis — Emmett, Idaho 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Sec. Practice 

Doyle B. Rowley — Parowan, Utah 
Ma: Sec. Educ. — Mi: Geology 
Vesta Ann Ball — Denver, Colorado 
Ma: Journalisnn — MI: English 

about campus who hails from San Diego 
. . . capable man before the mike for 
KBYU . . . member of Blue Key and Val 
Hyric ... a baseball stalwart . . . majors 
in Radio Broadcasting. 

Lynn W. Rett— Copperton, Utah 
Ma: Accounting — Mi: Economics 
Ervan Zeller — Lovell, Wyoming 
Ma: Fin. & Bank.— Mi: Acct. & Bus. 





Vice PratichnI 

\ V 

4r ^A 

:y / 

■;>;< ;U-' 

-..?'^^ "%'•■' 

^ i^ 



<:.'/.*>■ "^m^ 

Joy Arrowsmlth — Provo. Utah 
Roy E. Barker — Escalante, Utah 
Dawn Bennion — Murray, Utah 


JoAnn Affleck — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Claudia Joyce Adams — Parowan, Utah 
Datiiel Stanley AdanDS, Jr. — Bonners Ferry, Ida. 
O. Karl Adams — Bonners Ferry, Idaho 
Delores Adamson — Bountiful, Utah 



Joyce Atkinson 
Provo, Utah 

Gaylan Bagley 
Fairview, Wyoming 

Evelyn Barney ^**0 Norma Joyce Bateman 

Springville. Utah , > > ' ^ Mftivale, Utah ^ 

Louise B8dj^-5*r/''-^ ' '^ffon Bennion ' ' 'i/ , 

AmericafiBa; UtaJT/'V r^ f cSalt ,l.alie City, Utah I, 

F» Bennion i^, 

jS^vJ^\isil^^f$j^JJ f Colleen Bagley 

Gladys Banks 
Lynndyl, Utah 

Ralph H. Bateman 
American Fork, Utah 

Kale Bigelow 

Salt Lake City. Uath 

Utah - 

Junction, Ci 

Ki. y ^^ Koosharem, Ut«h 

V<^' -^loyd Barney 
'>i-<"Richfield. Utah J' 

• "^ Margaret Bensowjf, ^> . 

Evelyn Barker 
Provo, Utah 

Darvin Beauchamp 
Redlands, California 

Eve Bjorndal 

Wayns R. Brown — Magna, Utah 
McKay C. Burton — Afton, Wyoming 
Paul S. Carver — Monte Vista, Colorado 

Clarence Bruce Bliss — Orem, Utah 
Barbara Bowden — El Paso, Texas 
Marie Blocker — Provo, Utah 
Blair E. Bona — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Walter Botts — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Hyrum E. Bradley — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Keith Brady — Springville, Utah 
Jeanene Braegger — Ogden, Utah 
Loa Bowen — Burley, Idaho 
Elwood Brady — Provo, Utah 

Ruth E. Brasher — Huntington, Utah 
Margftf«t4jjt*— fe<*«ney, Idaho' 
Wally Brolserg ^Ptftrtnil^Ai 
Richard Briggs — Sherman Oalts, 

Flora Brooks — St. George' Uti 
Berna V. Brown — Tooele, Utah 
Carol Brown — Provo, Utah 
Cheryl Brown — Fort Worth, Texas 

Bernice Bullock 

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 

Orvil M. Bushman 

Joseph City, Arizona 

J. Corless Ch^pcntn 
Manti. Ut^h,^ 



Milo Allen Burke 
Riverside, California 

Ronald Butler 
Richfield, Utah 

Bonnie Christensen* '' 
Pteasant 6rove, Utali/'.t 

Glade L Burgon 
Provo, Utah 

Alice Bushman 
Snowflake, Arizona 

Charlotte Cannon 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

flotbara' Burgin' (\-^ ■, , c * > ' FarreU Bcmrn 
iprkeley. Califb^iif^iiv^ .' Monticello. Utah 

Lenore Butikofer 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

K^ y\» Delbert Ray Chipmi 
* T*' 'f American Fork, Utah/^i** 

Lucy Calder i 
Vernal, Utah , 


Ferren Christensei ' 
Redlands, Caljier 

Kathleen Burton 
Ogden, Utah 

Anita Call 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

David B. Chadwick 
Payette, Idaho 


Delon J. Covert — Spring City, Utah 
Rachel Cranney — Oalcley, Idaho 
Frank Davis — Emett. Idaho 

^^ 82 

Kathryn Christenson — Orem, Utah 
Tony Christopolus — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Lois Christiansofl — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Shirley Christiansen — Provo, Utah 
Colleen Clark — Ogden, Utah 

Dan F. Clark — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Erma Clark — Morgan, Utah 

Jeremiah H. Clark — Fort Duchesne, Utah 

Nola Clark — Magna, Utah 

Harold P. Clawson — Phoenix, Arizona 

Helen C 


Cjiftis A. Colyin rr Pfovo, 

Milwaukee, Wi^oi 

Fames C:'Cope ^-1 

John L. Coray — Ogden, UtJ 

Scott Corbett — Provo, Utah 

Carol Cordnar — Stillwater, Oklahoma 

Clarence, H. Cordon, Saattia, Washington 



Zeniff Cox 
Castle Dale, Utah 

Joseph Cal Crump 
Lark, Utah 

Grace A. H 

Lee Cox 
Provo. Utah 

J- Patti Crawley 

^ ,y ^ Lay55fli)^d8, California 

^ ' f Kl*^arie~ bean ^X 

;/CrandaluV € i^ J' ^ CirA^ 
" lis. Ids 

Calvin W. Craig 
Castle Gate, California 

Bart Czirr 
Springville, Utah 

Edward Joseph Davies 
Longview, Washington 

Pasadena, 'California 

Robert E. Craig 
Boise, Idaho 

Don Davidson 

San Bernardino, California 

Monte DeGraw 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

itrm^n from 
Krovo . . . music major who writes music for 
brother Brickers . . . taciturn only as concern- 
ing Prom plans . . . much sought after to ac- 
;^ ?comDany entertainers ancL campus chicks. 

' ©ntertamers anct canr 

.■^ ^^j fe f i.^^.i^r'^'^O-?^ 


Erma R. Eldredge — Roosevelt, Utah 
Felicia R. Erbe — Baldwin Parle, California 
Jan Fenn — Gallup, New Mexico 


Edward H. Devoe — Springville, Utah 
Joyce DeWitt — Mesa, Arizona 
Hugh S. deNagy — Provo, Utah 
Jody Dickson — Kalispell, Montana 
Neil G. Dodson — Orange, California 

Audrey Dotson — Cedar City, Utah 

Samuel G. Doxey — Los Angeles, California 

Elaine Duffin — Murray, Utah 

Allan J. Doty — Galesburg, Michigan 

Sheila Dunkerley — Castleton, Lancashire Eng. 

Helen Durrani — Provo, Utah 
Wayne Durrant — AmericawJ-( 
Andrew Easton — jMartinev 
Seai "T^onoJijJu.jr 


/, » ^ , . .^ . » • 
^CTrVt^ Edwards''— 

i V 
Burr Eldredge — Roosevelt, UTaK' 

Sally Edwards — Provo, Utah 

Walt Edwards — Milford, Massachusetts 

LuDean.EQbprt — Preston, Idaho 





■jf .i, 

Ruby English 

Wallace, North Carolina 

Kenneth Erickson 
Milwaukee, Oregon 

Launa Fie' 


David L Ellis 
Ogden. Utah 

Claire Esplin 
Cedar City, Utajk/ 


y\, r>v f i James Fletcher";^ ^!, /, 

"arV Enniis 
/Draper, Utah ^i 


Leta Ekker 
Springville, Utah 

Sylvia Farf 

St. Johns, Arizona 

Lolita Field 
Ogden, Utah 

^V\ /j^Plt^ant S?ove. Utah^v ^ ^ 

Richard S. Ellsworth 
Provo, Utah 

Joanne Faragher 
Sacramento, California 

Elaine Fetsche^ ^^^r^^^ 

Jean Emerson 
Hayward, California 

Morris Felt 
Heber, Utah 

Suzzanne FIske 
Salt Lake City, Utah 


. ^ 



Dorothy Groesbeck — Sprlngville, Utah 
Marjorle Haddock — Richmond, California 
Stanley Hall — Compton, California 

Keith Evan Francis — Taber, Alberta, Canada 
Helen R. Sarrtbal — Childress, Texas 
Earl J. Garfield — Draper, Utah 
Stanley S. Forsyth — Caliente, Nevada 
John H. Gardner — Provo, Utah 

Louise Garrett — Ely, Nevada 
Joyce Gibbs — Portland, Oregon 
Bob Gidley — McGlll, Nevada 
Luther Giddings — American Fork, Utah 
Eunetta Gigliotti — Helper, Utah 

Claire Gilchrist — Ontario, Oregon 
Avery Glenn — Union. Oregofl' ^^PSlth-^j^ 
Carl H. Glissmeyer — Salt Lake City, Utah' 
Arlin Gllnes — Woolford, Alberta. Cans 
James N. Grant - 




rona tereWP^Vf 
Joan Greer — Provo, Utah v 
Elanie Greer — St. Johiu, AriioBi 
Richard E. Greer — St. Johns, Arizona 
Gordon H. Grenin-ger — Provo, Utah 

Leah Hacking 
Cedar Valley, Utah 

Calvin N. Hall 
St. George, Utafi 

Bonnie D. Hans^R/ A 
Prove. Utol^.^7"^ 

Don Griffiths 
Provo, Utah 

Kelly Hall 
^ff, Washington, Utah 

[idel Gutirrez/7 
/■, Jms Angeles, Caii 

Lt^arilyn Hales 
llsinor, Californi 

Ted Hanberg 

nberg ^B^ 
. Mont^'>.^ 



Beth F. Gunnell 
Thornton, Idaho 

Shirley Hale 

Rochester, Massachusettes 

Peggy Hamilton 
Whittier, California 


Clover Guymon 
^ Hiawatha, Utah'i 

WJ Barbara Hall £ 
•''j-r- Burley, Idaho ■ ?»>' 

Jay Gunderson 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Morris Hainsworth 
Portland, Oregon 

Thomas A. Halversen 
San Jose, California 

on tirsf atquaint- 

one of the better known and most 

^likeable of all Y spark plugs . . . cheer king 

last year and Bricker now . . . speech nnajor 

hailing from Mesa, Arizona. 


Leona Heywood — Pheonix, Arizona 
lone Hilton — Hinckley, Utah 
Elaine Hewlett — Draper, Utah 

Bonnie Ray Hanson — Roosevelt, Utah 
Bryant Hanson — Prove, Utah 
Deloy W. Hanson — Tooele, Utah 
Jerrie Hansen — Monroe, Utah 
Lois Hanson — Elko, Nevada 

Bette Hardy — Hinckley, Utah 
Eunice Harmon — Berkeley, California 
Ralph Hansen — New York, New York 
Leonard Harding — Taber, Alberta, Canada 
Joie Hartvigsen — Pocatello, Idaho 

Bernarr Harris — Taber, Alberta, Canada ^^ 

Barbara Harries — Columbus, ^"^^i/tf^ 
Thayne R. Harris — Ogden, Utabl/ 
Lenoir Hatfield — Chicago, Illinois 

Lester D. Haymore — Salt Lake City, 


Owen Heninger — Provo, Utah 
Gertrude E. Herrmann — Alameda, 
Carma Hayden — Los Angeles, California 
Albert K. Hedquist — Provo. Utah 


David H. Hiatt Jim K. Hill 

Mt. Arlington, North Carolina Bremerton. Washington 

Ross C. Hilton * n» ' > Dick Holden 

Hinckley. Utah ^ ,^v, < Slendale. Californrd^ 

Alice HumpheryT' _-^-,-\ Thomas HoweKiJ?'' P''*! 

Nampa. .Idaho V-< >>^- Union, Utah J<^^%.J 

't\. Roosevelt. Utah 

Dorothy Heward 
Holbrook. Arizona 

Nancy Holt 
Oakley, Idaho 

Bonnie Hullinger 
Roosevelt, Utah 

'' Lois l-iilT^ 
/ Ogden, Utah 

Dean Hill 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Fred Houston 
American Fork, Utah 



Joyce Kartchner — San Jose, California 
Mona Rae Kirkham — Los Angeles, California 
Carol Dawn Larsen — Orom, Utah 


Leila Hurst — Aurora, Utah 
Melva Arlene Hurst — Payson, Utah 
Ora Fay Iverson — Tremonton, Utah 
Jarrett Jarvis — Mesa, Arizona 
Harvard Jensen- — Brighann City, Utah 

Iris Jenson — Rexburg, Idaho 
Marion Jensen — Provo, Uta^h 
Phyllis Jensen — Grace, Idaho 
Hena Jelinek — Liege, Belgium 
V. Lamarr Jensen — Sandy, Utah 

Vonlel Jensen — Ephraim, Utah 
Twila Jenson — Rexburg, Idaho 
Clayton Johnson — Cleveland 
J. Kent Johnson — Ztovfi; Ut^ 
""> " -Julie Johnson — Barnwell, Alberta, CUmd' 



Andrea Johnson — Panguitch, Utah ,^(f 
Laurel Rae Johnson — Barnwell, Alberta, Can 
Audrey Jones — Vernal, Utah 
Charlotte Jones — Hunter, Utah 

Hebar C. Kimball 
Salt Laka City, Utah 

Sally Kirkham 

Brigham City, Utah > 

Karma La)>fy(i-i:>. . ''^ 
Prove, Ufaf 


Tom Kekaula 
Honolulu, T. H. 

Delma Krebs 
f Ogdeft. Utah - 

Nolan L. Larson^' ^, 


'y'\^/\ ■; Los V«g»$, Nevada,^ 4 


Thatchar Jortej"]) 
f^'' Billings, Montana, 

Bavarly Knowlti 

Lathbridge, Alberta, 
Janet Larson 

Nina Ruth Kimball 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Ronald Lambson 
Sandy, Utdh 

Albert M. Larsen 
Burley, Idaho 

John E. Kelly 
^ ^WoJIywood, California 

t-^ '^rnell Lamb 

la^' noche, Nevada ,, 

r 'y Donald R. LeBaroif,.?^* *^ 
^>^r<£>Smefican farii^Hid 

Elaine Klngsford 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Leiand R. Lamoreaux 
Provo, Utah 

Marion Laycock 

San Francisco, California 

- ~^z-\^ 


ft .^ 

Jay P. Mackenzie — Provo, Utah 

Parke Madison — Provo, Utah 

Charmayne Matson — Los Angeles, California 


Darrel Lee — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Betty Lemon — Scottsbluff, Nebraska 
Thelma Lee — Malta, Utah 
Daniel S. Leegant — New York City, N. Y. 
Maridell Lewis — Mesa, Arizona 

Elaine Leichty — Provo, Utah 
Murl Lindsay — Payson, Utah 
Beverly Longson — Saint Louis, Missouri 
Lester Ludlow — Spanish Pork, Utah 
Jannes Little — Phoenix, Arizona 

Darlene Lund — Modena, Utah 
Harvey Lund — Fountain Green, jrf^i 
Ramon Luekenga — NanvpOi-: 
Vefa Lund — Duncan, Arizorta' 
*ra McAlister t-r. 

Clayton McConkie — Provo, Uta!r^>5''-4 
Elaine McArthur — Ogden, Utal 
Clifford McCall — Payson, Utah 
Jess McCulley — Milford, Utah 
Marie McDaniel — Idaho Falls, Idaho 



Amelia Madson 
Prove, Utah 

Mary Malstrom 
West Jordan, Utah 

Dorothy McMillin 
Son Dimas, California 

, /*% 


Geraldine Marriott 
Sain Oiago, California 

Scott Maughan vt^- Gary Martin 

San Gabriel. CalifcrniA j-v ^v Grand Junction, Colorado 

li^ettfe Jane McGuit;* 'U^ f^ 'MltH^ McG 
>forrtana, Califoft^hu- '^ ^. » "'-^'' 

Keith S. McRae 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Paul T. Marshall 
Provo, Utah 

Shirley Maughan 
Tremontor, Utah 

Beaver, Ut«h'^ 

Adele March«t 
K»mas, U»^^J. 

Pa+ricia Masdh -^ ^, , 
Idaiho Falls, Idaho 'N/V^^ 


Connie Madsen 
Springville, Utah 

Darrel T. Martin 
Imlay, Nevada 

Elizabeth G. Maylend 
Sunbury, Pennsylvania 

J^ ■/(^'CHARLOTTE CANNON— charming, digni- 
v/ j/z^fied, yet madcap scatterbrain . . . efficient 
A.W.S. secretary >>.V'.'-j|jrimary interest in 
English with music as a favored sideline . . . 




f •'^i^/4^ 

'^l^'-^^i^^fS/^^^ffrr- 93 

i l. l j^^ ^ll /:lr^^ ^ 




Robert L. Morton — Lehi, Utffh 
Charles Muhlestein — Provo, Utah 
Barbara Lu Nielson — Draper, Utah 

M»ri Meling — Marshaltown, Iowa 

Charles Mercer — Lehi, Utah 

Jay Merrill — Paul, Idaho 

Owen S. Merrill — Provo, Utah 

Delia Marie Mertz — Sterling, Alberta, Can. 

Ardis Meservy — Provo, Utah 

Russell Mickelson — Americart Fork, Utah 

Keith Meservy — Provo, Utah 

Norma Meservy — Provo, Utah 

Rudolph K. Meyer — Laie, Oahu, T. H. 



Robert B. Miller — St. David, Arizona 
David O. Montague — Nampa, l<lah ^\y^ f t^". 
Georgia Miner — Provo, Utah '*jy^' 

Bonnie Jean Moesser — Etna, Wyoming ? • 
Neil D. Monahan — West Covina, California 

Elizabeth Moody — Delta, Utafi' ^ 
Ralph B. Montgomery — Heber, Ufai^ 
Dick Moody — Mesa, Arizona »- 
Keith W. Moore — Nampa, Idaho 
Lenord D. Moore — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Betty Norberg 
Lehi. Utah 

Marian Mullett 
Provo. Uta.h 

Rae Nelson 

1 ^*''A 



James L. Mortensen 
Tfratcher, Arizona 

Joyce Murray 
Portland, Oregon 

Julia Neville 



't^ "^^Vw, Oregon: 


> Theo Mumfor<r3^a^A ^^ 
Montpelier, '^iM^Lr^ /^ 

~ Richard Nelson ^ t '/^^ 
/^ Buena Pwk. Califofiifdw '^'^ 

Shirley Ruth Mortensen 
Manassa, Colorado 

Maurine Myers 
Provo, Utah 

Joyce Nichols 
Ogden. Utah 

Mairiorie Mortensen 
^Thatcher, Arizona 

llene Myert 
Boise, Idaho 

Douglas Ntchots 
American Forli, Utah 


Genevieve Mousley 
Boulder, Utah 

Parrel Naegle 
Las Vega«, Nevada 

Viola Nicholson 
Midvale, Utah 

Elaine Peterson — San Bernardino, California 

Pat Quinn- — Ogden, Utah 

Wanda Mae Rainda'll — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

VeLois Nieison — Manti, Utah 
Kay K. Nishiguchi — Garland, Utah 
Phyllis E. Nixon — Provo, Utah 
Betty Ogden — Richfield, Utah 
Marilyn Oldroyd — Poyson, Utah 

Montie M. Orgill — Caliente. Nevada 
Evada Orme — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Lorin Pace — Salt Lake City, Utah 
James Omps — Haincocic, Mairyland 
Lester Owens — Safford, Arizona 

R. Elwood Pace — Provo, Utah 
Melba Parker — Joseph. Utajj.-"'-'^ 
Phyllis Parker — Ogden, Utah 
Reed H. Page — Clearfield, Utah ' 
■J'4^ — §e'j"9iy''J& Utah 

"T^- C^ine Partridge — Pleasamt Grove, 
Ray Paulsen — Ephraim, Utaih 
Mabel Paulsen — Lewisville, Utafr' 
Delia Paxman — Alberta, Canada 
Robert Penfield — Roosevelt, Utah 



Don) H. Peterson 
Lehi, Utah 

Carol Lee Pitcher 
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 

J. Verl Rasband i ■'■•^ ^ k;^ 

Heber, Ufali 

Glen Jolley PInegar 
Prove, Utah 

Harold Price 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Alene Redd ;'; >> 
Monticello, Uta«i f ''/ 

Parley Royal Peterson 
Ephralm, Utah 

Fred Radichel 
New York. N. Y. 

Nedra Jean Ray 
Coolidge, Arizona 

Esther Peterson 

Los Angelas, California 

Robert Pursell 
Shelby, Monfarna 

William G. Pinnocic 
Rigby, Idaho 

Reta Raphiel 
Campti, Louisiana 

Jacqueline Redd 
Blending, Utah 

•W/J /('jrKObEMAfeY^'ffifLDPS — ^puts her 'iime into 
K/ J^y^ried campus chores including stint as Junior 
,^/^^/rsecretary .... pretty and personable . . • 
'f I'l^^^^ome econonnics major . . . sadly admits her 



Edward L. Schoenfeld — Parma, Ohio 
Arlo F. Shelly — American Fork, Utah 
Twila Shippen — Menan, Idaho 

\-^,'I^. jp mm j9(V v^" 

Mary T. Redd — Price, Utah 

Ruth Reeve — Prove, Utah 

Helen Reimschiissel — American Fork, Utah 

Clifton Reese — Milford, Utah 

Barbara Rein'sch — Whittier, California 

Colleen Riggs — Chandler, Arizona 
Geraldine Ririe — Lander, Wyoming 
Artel! Robison — Fillmore, Utah 
Jerry Romney — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Sheronne Robertson — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Faye Rosenbaum — Spanish Fork, Utah 
T. Leonard Rowley — Parowan, Utah 
Jaret Ruppe — Vernal, Utah 
Pat Russell — Berkeley, Californi. 
Juanita Rose Rowjey — S|»»D9 %i«-Kic»7- 

Helen ScKaiffer — Ogden, Utah' ' 
Lillian Schipper — Sparks, Nevad 
Virginia Russell — Provo, Utah t- 
Clarice Rutter — Stillwater, Oklahoma 
Robert A. Sandstrom — Eureka, Utah 






Carol Scoffield 
Ogdsn, Utah 

Reveau SKerraH 
Cedar City. Uta*i \ » 


Reve Simpson 
Heber Ut«*i^ ^' 

/otnJd Scort 
%i*rovo, Utah 

Jesse K. Scoville 
Prove, Utah 

Richard Dick Scow 
Orangeville, Utah 

Chas. A. Smith 

en+er, New York 

T\v^(^ C°"if« Center, I 

:ity, Utah>> ' /^ 
th i*^^ 

.^rKoith F. Scoville' 

Salt Lake C 
teth J. Si 


Ruth Schipper 
Sparks, Nevada 

Roger R. 
Bethesda, Maryland 

Romulus Doyle Shiel<is 
Delta, Utah 

Stan Schindler 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Jon Beck Shank 
Shillington, Pennsylvania 

Beverly Smith 
Kemmerer, Wyoming 

A. Wayne Schwalbe 
Indio, California 

Bert Sheffer 
Loverkin, Utah 

Glenn S. Smith 
Globe, Arizona 





M»lba SuthflrlamJ — Prove, Utah 
I. Barry Thompson — Weston, Idaho 
Donald E. Turner — Grand Junction, Colorado 

Jerelyn Sorensen — Idabo Falls, Idaho 
Alens Sorensen — Grace, Idaho 
Colleen Sorensorv — Provo, Utah 
Afton Leone Speedy — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Rex S. Spendlove — Boulder City, Nevada 

Dick Sperry — Provo, Utah 
Gwenavere Spraitling — Springville, Utah 
Maurine Spratling — West Jordan, Utah 
Betty Jo Sprouse — Roosevelt, Utah 
H. Kent Staheli — Provo, Utah 

Eloise Steed — Syracuse, Utah 
Bruce Stevens — Provo, Utah 
Donald G. Stockman — Coalville 
William Staheli — Provo, Utah 
oria Stimpson {i^-Ptov^ilath 

'^^•J: Fern Stoddard — Bancroft, Idaiho 
Jayne E. Stone — Portland, Oreg 
Arlene Storey — Ogd«n, Utah 
Dee Leon Storrs — American* Fork, Utah 
Mary Dean Stringh*m — Manti, Utah 

1 (r- rtovo^Uath ^ 


— iw .^ 'W 



Jack D. Strong 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Alzina Mae Thornton 
Kunai, Idaho 

William E 


Seth W. Swann 
Preston, Idaho 

Carolyn Thompson 
Malta, Idaho 


C. Tanner 

Euridice Turano 
Buenos Aires, Argentina 

-^ Lo$ Angeles, California 

t_<^ -Jerrold Thorrre 
" -^ -"Nampa, ldahbi»J 

Geniel Thorniton 
American Fork, Utah 

Allen H. Tuttle 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Kathleen Thomas 
Shiprock, New Mexico 

Ivan E. Tidwell 
Wellington, Utah 

Charlotte Tweed 
Casper, Wyoming 


J I i fn 8, 

Card Wes+berg — Mojavo, California 
Gwen Whitehead — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Dee Williams — Rlckfield, Utah 


Pat Utiger — CKica^o, Illinois 
Lois Mignon Waddoups — Logaif, Utah 
Kathryn Wager — Santar Monica, California 
Willlaffl L. Walker — Prove, Utah 
W*yne R. Ward — Idaho FaJIs, Idaho 

Verna Wardle — Rigby, Idaho 
Arda Jeair> Warnock — Sigurd, Utah 
Edwin Warren — Salt Lake City, Utah 
AIDean Washburn — Provo, Utah 
Marcis Rose Warner — Dillon, Montana 

Reid Wyman — Provo, Utah 
Garv H. Weavef^ijr<2fi^«afi,"1lfiifei»^ 
LaiRue H. Weaver — Idmo FathrftaB, 
Jeanona Watkins — Washington, D. C. '- ■« 
CarionB Weaver — Ogdgn, Utah y^ 

Ruth Weinheimer — Welling. Al(a^( 
Joyce Wolker — Phoenix, Arijbiwrj- 
Barbara Lyn West — Pleasant Grove, 
Jack H. West. Jr. — Glendora. California 
Stanley Welsh — Peoa, Utah 


Belva Wheeler 
Linton, Indiana 

Gordon Whitney 
Porowan, Utaih i i , 

Joan Williams _^-^^ 
Chicago, Illinois 

Norman Woodfield 
North Ogden. Utah 

flUf C»rl Wilcox 
^ !'' ^ Chicago, Illinois 


7-V) <^' Marilyn '^N^Kxa W' )/,^ 

-y^-C'r'^j °'i'^^''- Utah i^^;jj 

liCMvene Wood | 

Georgia Ann Whipple 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Bonnie Williams 
Concord, California 

Ba'rbara Winlcler 
Provo, Utah 

Vera Woolston 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

^^ Clyde Wilcox 

■ /'- West ChicagOv^iAjbi^ 

Lorna Whitaker 
Vale, Oregon 

Olen Wilford 
Jacksonville, Florida 

Cbesley Wintcb 
M»nti. Utah 




t f 






Dahnelle Adcox 

El Dorado, Arkansas 

Betty Abe 
Honolulu, Hawaii 


e Anderson 

Stanley K. Anderson 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Rulon R, Adams 
Oakley, Idaho 

C. K. Allen 
Heber. Utah 

Enille Anderson 
Annerican Fork, Utah 

Lila Ashby 
Vernal, Utah 

Elenore Adair 
Cortez, Colorado 

Loye Allred ^^ 
Provo, Utah ), 

Wallace Anderson 
LaCaf^ada, Cdliforni^ 

Mark Angus ^ 


Thomas M. Adams 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Roland K. Alo 
Waikuku, Maui 

Evelyn Anderson 
Albany, New York 

Afton Asti 

Beverly Agnew 
Glendale, California 

Leinaala Aken 
Walluku, Maui 

Ernest Anderson 
Payson, Utah 

Jesse Asay 
Provo, Utah 

Raquel Adamson 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Darrel T. Allred 
Deseret, Utah 

Junior C. Anderson 
Grover, Wyoming 

G. Merril Andrus 
Ucon, Idaho 

ngus \^ ^ ntTon f\sn 

It, Utay^X ^ _^ Se»agVille,i Utah^ , 

bdnna Aamodt ' ^^^^K. Don 

na Aitken 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Robert G. Allred 
Lehi, Utah 

Geraldlne Anderson 
Provo, Utah 

Laurell Argyle 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Louise Allen 

North Ogden, Utah 

Geraldine Anderson 
Provo, Utah 

Grace Ashliman 
Jls, Idaho 



TO LEGISLATURE— Afton Ash and Merri" ' ' 



Ann Ashnnan 

Richfield, Utah 

iris Atkinson 

Charleston, West Virginia 

H. Joyce Ashman 

Midvale, Utah 

J. Von Atkinson 

Pocatello, Idaho 

Joy L. Avarell 

San Pedro, California 

Larae Baird 

Heber, Utah 

Kay L. Baker 
Orem, Utah 
Melvin Ball 
Provo, Utah 
Orrin E. Baird 
Provo, Utah 
Duane Baldwin 
Beaver, Utah 
Kitty Sue Barber 
Baytown, Texas 
William D. Barber 
Denton, Montana 

Leiand V. Bangerter 

Provo, Utah 

Ray H. Banks 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jo Anne Barfus 

Pocatello, Idaho 

Mac Rae Bartholomew 

Fayette, Utah 

Lee Bartlett 

Mountain Home, Idaho 

Edward J. Baumgarten 

San Bernardino, California 

Leon Bawden 

Provo, Utah 

Sally Beck 

Santa Monica, California 

Beverly Beck 

Centerfield, Utah 


Karyl Lea Bench 
Duchesne, Utah 

Joan Berkhimer 
Provo, Utah 

Clifford Bezzant 
Pleasant Grove, 

Davis Bitton 
Blaclcfoot, Idaho 


R. Dermont Bell 
Orenn, Utah 

Eleise Bergquist 
Preston, Idaho 

Beverly Bingham 
Garland, Utah 

Diane Blackham 
Provo, Utah 

Joyce Bedenbaugh 
Lake City, Florida 

Jesse Benson 
Provo, Utah ^ 

Betty Bevan ^ 
Lake City, Rorida 

Maurice D. Black 
Provo, Utah 

William D. Belt 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Ralph Bergquist 
Preston, Idaho 

Dean Bezzant 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 


Albert Bennett 
Hansen, Idaho 

Garrick Bernell 
Provo, Utah 

DeLoyal W. Bills 
Provo, Utah 

Blaine L. Black 
Provo, Utah 

Victor V. Bell 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

LaMar Berrett 
Riverton, Utah 

BIrdene Terry 
Orem, Utah 

George S. Black 
Provo, Utah 

Wilbur D. Belt 
Las Vegas, Neva' 

Anita Berg 
Portola, California 

Dick Bevan 

San Mateo, California 

Lloyd K. Bishop 
Kaysville, Utah 


Robert Bennett 
Waho Falls, Idaho 

Norma Berrett 
.Draper, Utah 

Jaijk Berry 
"farkersburg. West Virginia 

:eith Black 




RICHARD ANDERSON— brilliant and well- 
liked . . . from Ogden . . . one of those honor 
roll members . . . compiled a well-known 
outline for effective missionary work . . . out- 
standing Sunday School teacher of Campus 

Ver Non T. Blacltham 
Moroni, Utah 
Boyd W. Bobo 
VIdor, Texas 
Maurice Bofine 
San Jose, California 
Norman W. Bodily 
Gusher, Utah 
Beryl Bodily 
Burley, Idaho 
Charlene Bodmer 
San Diego, California 

Bob Borghol+haus 
Payette, Idaho 

Maurine Boren 
Twin Falls, Idaho 
Jack Bowen 
Mesa, Arizona 
Lenore Bowen 
Spanish Fork, Utah 
Lila Bowen 
Spanish Fork, Utah 
David Boyce 
Charlon, Montana 

Blaine Boyer 
Springville, Utah 
Richard Boyle 
Provo, Utah 

Howard Bradford 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Willard Bradshaw 
Orem, Utah 

David S. Brandley 
Raymond, Alberta, Canada 
Walter E. Brady 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Winton Earl Brooks 
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 
Emma Bradbent 
Snowflake, Arizona 
Robert L. Brandley 
Raymond, Alberta, Canada 


Ina LaVon Brown 
Provo, Utah 

Barbara Budge 
Denver. Colorado 

Anna Bushman 
Albuqurque, New Mexico 

Jerry Canfield 

La Junta, Colorado 

Dean L. Bryson 
Bountiful, Utah 

Max Burrup 
Downey, Idaho 

Donald Bybee 
Springville, Utah 

Keith B. Campbell 
Richfield, Utah 

Lo Ene Brown 
Fairview, Wyoming 

Norman Neil Bryson 
Bountiful, Utah 

Gaynell Call 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Barbara CarrUth 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

El Marie Briggs 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Patricia Bunker 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Geneva Call 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Cecil Dan Carroll 
'ngelv^^oa\ California 

Jack V. Brown 
Parker, Idaho 

Dallas Burnett 
Bell, California 

Shirley Call 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Wayne M. Carle 
Provo, Utah 

Elva Brown 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Elsmore W. Bush 
American Fork, Utah 

Kenneth Caldwell 
Vernal, Utah 

Paul Canfield 

Rock Springs, Wyoming 

1 Drown ^onn 

anyon, Utah 


Bingham Canyon, Utah 

Randall Buchanan 
Venice, Utah 

Renaldo Call 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Betty Carmack 

Santa Barbara, California 

ohn A. Brinkerhoff 
Provo, Utah 

Kenneth Burningham 
Midvale, Utah 

Elma Buttars 
Weston, Idaho 

Bruce Chambers 
u(^o. Hew York 


■ffiOB HALES — the ever-smiling Provoan with a 
twinkle in his eye . . . one of those ten pre- 
ferred men ... on the Sophomore Loan Fund 
Committee . . . member of Intercollegiate 
Knights and the Viking Social Unit. "1 

Barbara Chapman 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Glen Chapman 
Bountifjl, Utah 

Clyde A. Christensen 
Sprlngville, Utah 
Colleen Christensen 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Bette Christensen 
Salina, Utah 
Shirley Chase 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dean E. Christensen 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Doral Christensen 
Burley, Idaho 
James Christensen 
Prove, Utah 
David Christensen 
Clarkston, Utah 
Ned Jay Christensen 
Clarkston, Utah 
Reed W. Christensen 
Central, Utah 

Rex LeRoy Christensen 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Albert Choules 
Driggs, Idaho 
Donald J. Clark 
Oakley, Idaho 
Carol Jean Clark 
Provo, Utah 
Rose L. Christensen 
Safford, Arizona 
Helen Ruth Claridge 
Safford, Arizona 

Earl Clark 

Yuba City, California 

Vella Clegg 

Dietrich, Idaho 

Harold William Clayson 

Alameda, California 

Sterling W. Clouse 
Duncan, Arizona 

Lou Jean Compton 
Morgan, Utah 

Soren F. Cox 
Huntington, Utah 

Rosemary Crowther 
Malad, Idaho 

Miriam Cockett 
Wailuku, Maui 

Eldon R. Cox 
Ogden, Utah 

Dale Criddle 
Downey, Idaho 

Reo Cutler 
Portage, Utah 

Rulon Cluff 
Provo, Utah 

Edwin Cook 
Nampa, Idaho 

Dennis Creek 
Evanston, Wyoming 

Odell B. Cutler 
Malad, Idaho 

Gay Cole 
Preston, Idaho 

•Robert Collier 

Marvin Coffey 

Walla Walla, Washington 

Cathryn Cottrell 
Nampa, Idaho 

Jerry B. Crandall 
Alameda, California 

J. Warran Davis 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Norman K. Coleman 
Springville, Arizona 

Clyde Cooley 
Washington, D. C. 

Jeanne Crockett 
Provo, Utah 

Reid Davis 
Bicknell, Utah 


NaDeen Cluff. 
Phoenix, Arizon^'^t 

Maxine Cordner * ** 
Stillwater, Oklahoma 

Evan R. Cramer 
LaMesa, California 

Donald S. Cummings 
Preston, Idaho 

^afl T. Cox 
S /rovo, Utah 

(Zetf'a Ann Critelfield 
.~^ \OaHey, Idaho 

June Davis 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Lynn Davis 

iait Lake City, Utah 

GENEVA CALL— One of the fabulous Call 
sisters from Las Vegas, Nevada . . .twirls, dan- 
ces, sings, and is full of vim and vigor . . . full 
of sharp cracks . . . member of Cesta-Tie and 
Y Calcares. 



Connie Decker 
Snowflake, Arizona 
Carma Rose de Jong 
Prove, Utah 
Robert Davis 
Portola, California 
Audene Dawson 
Layton, Utah 

Dennis Day 
Fairview, Utah 
Norma Despain 
Sandy, Utah 

Arleen Deem 
Brigham City, Utah 
Elwood Dennett 
Prove, Utah 
Richard L. Dewsnup 
Deseret, Utah 
Janet Decker 
Snowflake, Arizona 
Glynna Despain 
Prescott, Arizona 
Mary Lou Devey 
American Fork, Utah 

Donnajean Draney 

Burley, Idaho 

Barbara Dial 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Noel Dixon 

Payson, Utah 

Reona Dixon 

Roxboro, North Carolina 

Richard Doerr 

Lovell, Wyoming 

Robert Done 

Prove, Uta:h 

Lyman Durfee 
Sprlngville, Utah 
Kay Driggs 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Margie Driggs 
Phoenix, Arizona 

' ». 



Joyce Dustin 
Farmington, New Mexico 

Jerry Elison 
Oakley. California 

Newell H. Ericltson 
Arlington, Califorina 

Dean Farnsworth 
Colonia Juarez, Mexico 

Blaine Ediefson 
Driggs, Idaho 

Mont R. Ellett 
Bicknell, Utah 

Elaine Evans 
Vernal, Utah 

Juane Fernando 
Chihuahua, Mexico 

Sara Mae Dunn 
Annabella, Utah 

Ron Erickson 

Los Angeles, California 

SuZanne Eyring 

Huntington Station, New York 

Betty Farr 
Provo, Utah 

Albert Darrel Earl 
Tremonton, Utah 

Joanne Eliason 
Manti, Utah 

Bert P. Evans 
Provo, Utah 

Carmen Margarite Fenn 
Benson, Arizona 

Helen Ouffin 
Bountiful, Utah 

Charles W. Embleton 
Fort Benton, Montana 

Vernon V. Evertsen 
Huntington, Utah 

Vv'illianri Farnsworth 
Beaver, Utah 


V ^ Lander 

-'RAtPcaufharrt ^y 
Culver, California 

Frances Eickmeyer 
Deer Park, Washington 

Ben P. Evans 
Park City, Utah 

Dale Farrer 
Provo. Utah 

Charles H. Earl 
Provo, Utah 

Joan Ellison 
American Fork, Utah 

H. Grant Evans 
Parma, Idaho 

Lucille Farthing 
Landff, \/yoming 

Elaine Eastman 

San Mateo, California 

Blossom K. Enos 
Maui, Hawaii 

Betty Evert 
Woodland, Wyoming 

Marilyn Faux 
Provo, Utah 

EDWARD G. MARSHALL— energetic mem- 
ber of the Honor Council ... a great orator 
and debator from Las Vegas, Nevada . . . 
in the Sunday School superintendency . . . 
serves I. K's and the A. M. S. Council. 

John Fetherston 
Burlington, Wyoming 
Boni+a FInlayson 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Pat Flake 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Arlene Fernley 
Portland, Oregon 
Doris Fietkan 
Springville, Utah 
Dorothy Fitts 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Ina Frandsen 
Gunnison. Utah 
Maizie Foster 
El Cajon, California 
Robert Francis 
Wendell, Idaho 
Bill Frederickson 
Los Angeles, California 
Lou Jean Foremaster 
Las Vegas, Nevada 
Dave Forsyth 
Spring Canyon, Utah 

Jay R. Fowles 
Oakley, Idaho 
Barbara Fullmer 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Edwin B. Gagon 
Lancaster, California 
Joyce Galbraith 
Phoenix, Arizona 
June Galbraith 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Keith Frogley 
Payette, Idaho 

Alda Vee Gardner 
Afton, Wyoming 
Aleen Gardner 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Bob Gallagher 
Los Angeles, California 








m f 

/ ( 

m '■ 

William Gentry 
Provo, Utah 

J. Calvin Gidd' 
American Fork, 




LaRae Gardner 
American Fork, Utah 

Robert Grahm 
Fairview. Utah 

Pauline Gines 
Jerome, Idaho 

Lee L. Glenn 
Burley, Idaho' ^ 

Gerry Goodfellow 
Montrose, California 

Melva Hale 
Afton, Wyominij 

Verl M. Green 
Paul, Idaho 

Kenneth R. Goo 
Bluebell, Utah 





Marie Halvorsen 
Magna, Utah 

Jerry R. Hall 
Mountain Home, Idaho 



, Orego 







*, New York 

Donna Gibbons 
St. Johns, Arizona 

Gerald Gilner 
Provo, Utah 

Duane Gardner \ 
Idaho Falls, Idaho _^» 


Donna Gillete 
^ Victor, Idaho 

Arva Green 
Grantsville, Utah 

Lilly Glauser 
Montpelier, Idaho 

Gene Gligorea 
Sheridan, Wyoming 


Leinaala Goodness 
_^~ Wailuku, Maui 

Robert H. Green 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Lorraine Greenwood 
Sandy, Utah 

Ches Gottfredson 
Ely, Nevada 

Bonnie Greenall 

San Louis Obisbo, California 

Jean Hall 
Provo, Utah 

Louise Haten 
Provo, Utah 


Rodney Hale 
Oakley, Idaho 

Robert Holes 
'{r«lMi, U>h 


JACK HANSEN — leads a great orcljestra . , . 
has a lot on the ball . . ; pi letxirned ijiissionary 
. . . won the Heber J. Grant oratorical con- 
test . . . belongs to the young married set. 


Jeanine Hansen 
Moore, Idaho 
John R. Hamblln 
Eager, Arizona 
Francis Hanks 
Clarkdale, Arizona 
Richard Halterman 
Cedar, City, Utah 
Geraldine Hall 
Park City, Utah 
llene Hall 
Provo, Utah 

Keith Hansen 

Merced, California 

Alice Hansen 

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 

Doyle L. Hansen 

Joseph City, Arizona 

Eugene Hansen 

Whittier, California 

Evelyn Hansen 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ida Seniel Hansen 

Mesa, Arizona 

Duane Harrison 
Salenn, Utah 
Monna Hansen 
Great Falls, Montana 
Fay Harris 

Taber, Alberta, Canada 
Jack Hanson 
Klamnnath Falls, Oregon 
Keith Harnnon 
Fairvlew, Wyoming 
Gordon K. Harris 
Chin, Alberta, Canada 

Robert Harvey 
Ventura, California 
Marion Harrison 
Provo, Utah 
Max D. Harper 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 



Jay Hess 
Farmington. Utah 

Luana Holman 
Ely, Nevada 

Shirley Huber 
Lapolnt, Utah 

John Hullcic 
Provo, Utah 

Myron W. Hatch 
Cheyenne, Wyoming 

LaRue Holbrook 
Wells, Nevada 

Jenny Hoops 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Howard Hurst 
Blanding, Utah 

Dorene Hartly 

Stirling, Alberta, Canada 

Tad Hideshima 
Orenn, Utah _ 

Maxine Holt 1 

Enterprise, Utah 

John F. Howard 

Salt Lake City, Utah ^ 

Lynn Haslem 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Bonnie Higham 

Los Angeles, California 

Ronald Horlacher 
Piccle, Nevada 

Gene Humphreys 
Oakland, California 

Donna M. Hatch 
Boise, Idaho 

J. Morris Hickman 
Coulee Dam, Washington 

Lula Jean Holfeltz 
Springville, Utah 

Jewel O. Hoopie 
Waco, Texas 

Victor O. Hegsted 
Rigby, Idaho 

Clarke Hinrichsen 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Kelvin Hooper 
Provo, Utah 

Clarene Hulet 
Wendell, Idaho 

Patt Havens 
Salmon, Idaho 

Lily Higa 
Kohala, Hawaii 

Marilyn Hoopes 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Ann Huggins 
Globe, Arizona 

Thomas A. Henrie 
Marysvale, California 

LaRee Holbrook 
Wells, Nevada 

Alfred Norman Hopkins 
Merrian, Kansas 

Grant Hulet 
Wendell, Idaho 


— that personality pi 

us girl from 

Chevy Chase, 

Maryland . . . smart, 

too; on the 

Honor Roll . . 

. ran for Sophomore 

Loan Fund 

1 CPueen ... in 

Y Calcares and O. 

S. Trovata. 



Lona Mae Hyde 
Kensington, Maryland 
Paul V. Hyer 
Ogden, Utah 
Lynn Jacobsen 
Provo, Utah 
Joan Hurst 
Springville, Utah 
George R. Hyde 
Washington, D. C. 
Scott Hymas 
Ovid, Idaho 

James Harris 
Chicago, Illinois 
Dayle Jeffs 
Provo, Utah 
Juliene Jennings 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Royce Jensen 
Flint, Michigan 
Valerie Jacobsen 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Thomas A. James 
Provo, Utah 

Bob Jensen 
Manti, Utah 
George A. Jensen 
Boise, Idaho 
Helen Mar Johnson 
Provo, Utah 
Joyce Jeppson 
Payson, Utah 
Calvin Johnson 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Verona Jensen 
Redmond, Utah 

Helen Johnson 
Fresno, California 
Joelle Johnson 
Vernal, Utah 
Elizabeth Jane Johnson 
Sanford, Colorado 


. /.#,-" 

Barbara Josie 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Norman Stanley Johnson Vada Johnson 

Santa Cruz, California Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 



William Dean Kimber 
Prove, Utah 

Claire S. Judy Bob Karpositz 
Blackfoot, Idaho Salt Lake City, 



R. Keate 
, Nevada 

B. Jean Knecht 
Sherwsbury, Massachusetts 

Bob Kirkpatrick Ruth Ann Knabb 
Provo, Utah Middleburg, Florid^ 



Arnold Larson 
American Fork, Utah 

Wiliam Knecht Ronee Labrum 
Crafton, Massachusetts Roosevelt, Uta 

^S :• . 


on, Wyoming 

Tom Jones 
Beverly Hills, Ci 

Sherman L. Jones 
lifornia Delta, Utah 

Verna Jofinlon 
Taber, Alberta, 


Nadine Jones 
Lehi, Utah 

Newell Judlcins 
Ephraim, Utah 

George Kanahele 
Kaneahe, Oahu 

Rulon G. Kartchner 
Eager, Arizona 

1 Lovina Keeier 
\ Magrath, Alberta, Canada 

Kent King 

Las Vegas, Neva 

Barbara Kennedy 
da Evanston, Illinois 

Frankie Fae Kill 
Provo, Utah 


Phil Kennington 
Fairview, Wyoming 

Virginia Lambert Gladys Kondo 
Roosevelt, Utah Kapaa Kauai 


Velda Labrum 
Murray, Utah 

Gwen Lallatin 
Soda Springs, Idaho 

DOUG PHILLIPS— the problem-solving prexy 
of the Sophomore class . . . friendly to every- 
one at anytime . . . smarf and an all-around 
good sport . . .member of Phi Eta Sigma, In- 
tercollegiate Knights, and Templars » , ^apan- 
bound to join folks. 

Shirley Larsen 
Waynesboro, Virginia 
Dean Larsen 
Orem, Utah 
Ernest Larsen 
Emery, Utah 

Sybil Lamoreaux 
Mesa, Arizona 
Bliss Larsen 
Spanish Fork, Utah 
Flora Larsen 
Waynesboro, Virginia 

Phyllis Larson 
Annerican Fork, Utah 
Harold Larsen 
Montpeller, Idaho 
Orlo B. Larsen 
Provo, Utah 
John Max Larson 
Burley, Idaho 
Joyce Larson 
Elsinore. Utah 
Marise Larson 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Sherald D. Lewis 

Kamas, Utah 

Enid M. Lawlor 

Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 

Frances LeBaron 

Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 

Audrey Lee 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Park Larson 

San Marina, California 

Ralph E. Lee 

Winslow, Arizona 

Ernest Lichifield 
Provo, Utah 
Thor Lelfson 
Spanish Fork, Utah 
Maxlne Leigh 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

. L- 


Lorin C. Lybbert 

Moses Lake, Washington 

Yvonne Lyons 
Burley, Idaho 

Dora Maughan 
Preston, Idaho 

E. Louis McClellan 
Blending, Arizona 

Walter Lowe 
Provo, Utah 

Carolyn Madsen 
Fairview, Wyoming 

Wayne Marltham 
Ontario, Oregon 

Loa McArthur 
Waseo, California 

Leslie E. Liechty 
Provo, Utah 

Chester Lykins 
Colunnbus, Indiana 

Rafatjal ManouchenK 
Teheran, Iran / 

Edward G. Marshall 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Don Long 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Mary Bernlce Maclcerell 
Beaver, Utah 

Audrey Manning 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Mary Ann Maughan 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Gordon Luveridge 
Provo, Utah 

Sally Magleby 

Los Angeles, California 

Roy Madsen 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Jane Ellen McCance 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 



Gayle Loosli 
Ashton, Idaho 

Charlotte MacDonald 
El Paso, Texas 

Lorraine Maland 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Elizabeth Martin 
Glendale, California 

Jerry Long' 
Ely, Nevada 

Van MacCabe 

San Carlos, California 

Joyce Madsen 
Provo, Utah 

Nelson Marshall 
Vernal, Utah 

Elwood Lovell 
Oak City, Utah 

Venetta Mackley 
Springville, Utah 

Mildred Malstram 
Midvale, Utah 

Tressie Marx 

sles, California 

f^TS'O ^ 

AFTON ASH — cu+e, petite lassie from 
Springville . . . a Sophomore class represent- 
ative to the legislature . . . friendly and smart 
. . . excels in dramatics^!.'..' r member of Y 
Calcares and Nautilus. 

R. David McDougal 
Campbellsport, Wisconsin 
Bill McDonald 
Milford, Utah 
Ralph McDonald 
American Fork, Utah 
Buryl McCljrg 
El Dorado, Arkansas 
Erma Mae McDonald 
Silver City, New Mexico 
Lila Mae McDonald 
Orem, Utah 

Robert B. McMahan 
Jacumba, California 
Laura Jean McKell 
Chiloquin, Oregon 
Bernell Mclntire 
Paul, Idaho 
Dean Mcintosh 
Chico, California 
LaNon McKell 
Spanish Fork, Utah 
Harry J. McKinley 
Hollywood, Illinois 

LuAnn Merrill 
Wilmington, Deleware 
Kathryn Melville 
Monroe, Utah 
Douglas McMullin 
Beaver. Utah 
Carmen Measen 
Spanish Fork, Utah 
Dixie Ann Mecham 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Paul A. Meiners 
Burley, Idaho 

Betty Merwin 
Corville, Arizona 
Merrill Brooksby 
Fredonia, Arizona 
Donnene Merrill 
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 


• ' »,. 



Max W. Moffett Vernon Miller 

J. Re 




Miller 1 

Burley, Idaho Winthrop, Arka 



, Ida 



Utah ■ 

Ralph Mortensen Gerald W. Mitchell 

Charles Iv 



Morley I 

Alamosa, Colorado Upaico, Utah 



Arlington, Virginia | 

Jarald Murdock Morris L. Mower 


Vlortensei)''^ | 
, Arizona ,' 


C. Mortensen I 

Heber, Utah Fairview, Utah 




e, Illinois ■ 

Richard Myer John C. Neal 


rd W. Movie 


Myers ■ 

Caldwell, New Jersey Lehi. Utah 
Allen D. Miller 

Harley J. Mims 


Fork. Utah . 

Bob Miller - 

gfav(^ Utah ^ . 1 
^■^^ — lloger Miller 1 

Denver, Colorado 

Indianola, Missouri 


Beach, California 

Provo, Utah 

Sharon Montgomery 

Joanne Mitchell 

Morgan Ririe 

Reed Morrill 

Evanston, Wyoming 

Provo, Utah 



^- — Provo, Utah 

Mardene Moulton 

Joan Morris 

E. Harlowe Mo 


Benton Mosley 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Brigham, Utah 



Blanding, Utah 

'■ Beverly Nalder 

Georgia Nate 



Robert Nash 

San Francisco, California 

Dingle, Idaho 




Provo, Utah 

REX JOHNSON— dashing most-preferred 
man from Arlington, Virginia . .^ . smoith 
singing makes girls vyealc jn the, tnees . . . 
starred in the operas for the^a^t^Viro years 
a Bricker. . ■«> •<I^ 'y 

John C. Neal 
Lehl, Utah 


, Arizona 

Franz B 

. Nelson 



Joanne Neeley 
Salt Lake City, Utah 





Paul Nelson 
Ontario, Oregon 


ry Nelson 
, Arizona 



Jon A. 
Portia n 

d, Oregon 

Ruth N 
Salt La 


ke City, Utah 



Sue Nelson 
Seattle, Washington 




u, Hawaii 


D. Nelson 


V. Nelson 



E. Niesen 

Gail N 


, Utah 

Gordon Neilson 
Spanish Fork, Utah 


Lee Nielsen 


Jane Olsen 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Orson Clay 

North Bountiful, Utah 

MyrI Jean Parker 
Salt Uke City, Utah 

Mariorie Payne 
Seattle, Washington 

Elaine E. North 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bob Ord 
Baker, Oregon 

Roger B. Packard 
Glendale, California 

Shirley Parker 
Salt Lake City, 

Ida Norcutt 

Wolf Point, Montana 

Masayo One 
Puunene, Maui 

Gordon Owen 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Fay S. Parker 
Joseph, Utah 


Mark E. Oldham 
Paradise, Utah 

Keith Ottensen 
Springville, Utah 

Ronald Packard 
Meredian, Idaho 

Arthur Patterson 

Los Angeles, California 

Jolene Nutall 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Ivan P. Olsen 
Mesa, Arizona 

Margaret Packer 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Diane Parkinson 
Franklin, Idaho 


Nora Nuttall 
Phoenix. Arizona 

Leugene Olsen 
Midvale, Utah 

Keith Orme 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Oelma Parker 
Murray, Utah 

Peter L. Nielsen 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

James P. Olsen 
Emery, Utah 

Arnold D. Ozment 
Taylor, Arizona 

Ray Parkinson 

Salt Lakepity, Utah 

L. Oliphant 
rem, Utah 

Gwen Orton 
Welser, Idaho 

Norma Palmer 

Rosemary, Alberta, Canada 

Max H. Parkin 
Bountiful, Utah 

La Deane Prior 
LoM, Utah 

Ralph Calvin Raisor 
Richfield, Utah 

Le Roy Puios 
Roosevelt, Utah 


I / * . 

Evan T. Peterson 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Rosita Pecollo 
Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Gay Peters 

Redwood City, California 
Barbara Peterson 
Murtaugh, Idaho 
Betty Jo Peterson 
Cottonwood, Arizona 
Bruce E. Peterson 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Richard Pope 
Fish Haven, Idaho 
Neola Peterson 
Fallbrook, California 
Pat Peterson 
Preston, Idaho 
Janice Peterson 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Jo Ann Peterson 
Venice, California 
Richard Phelps 
Oakland, California 

Carroll Porter 

Buffalo, Wyoming 

Mary Pratt 

Garfield, California 

Douglas Phillips 

Provo, Utah 

Colleen Prince 

Glenwood, Alberta, Canada 

Lona \^&^ Pincock 

Sugar City, Idaho 

Joyce Potter 

Wenatchee, Washington 

Lou Ann Price 

Baker, Oregon 

Duane C. Price 

Vernal, Utah 

Kendall Price 

San Francisco, California 


Preston Richards 
Beverly Hills, Ca 

Fava Rigby 
Milford, Utah 

David L. Robins 
Ogden, Utah 

Connie Roston 
Ogden, Utah 



Janet Remund 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Robert H. RIchins 
Henefer, Utah 

E. Bertrand Rigby 
Orenn, Utah 

Marilou Rogers 
Ogden, Utah 

Guy Ray 
Mesa, Arizona 

Dale Richey 

St. Johns, Arizona 

Dee Roach 
Midvale, Utah 

Rulon D. RobisoTi 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Thomas F. Raye 
Brooklyn, New York 

Isobel Rennie 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Aloho Rindlisbach 
Emnnett, Idaho 

Shirley Roberts 
R. Worth, Texa 

Coleen Rawson 
Duncan, Arizona 



Robert G. Rigby 
Provo, Utah 

Patricia Ann Roberts 
Hemet, California 


H.loyd Redd ; _ 

Blanding, Utatv^y 

Frederick Richan 
Provo, Utah 

Barbara Ririe 
Provo, Utah 

Barbara Roblson 
Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Ronald E. Reed 
St. David, Arizona 

John M. Richards 
Preston, Idaho 

Jim Rhodes 
Provo, Utah 

Shirley Roberts 
Q^rtpn, Mevada . 

■V GWbn Reid 

Springville, Utah 

Clyde Ricks 
Provo, Utah 

lone Roberts 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Barbara Romney 
Provo, Utah 

- I , 

^ _^udra Jane Sauer 
^ Rigby, Idaho 

8 on Schaefer 
gden, Utah 

Louis Schardlne 
Lowrenceburg, Indiana 

Kilmer Roundy 
Prove, Utah 
Maxel S. Romney 
Colonia, Juarez, Mexico 
Janet Romney 
Ei Paso, Texas 
Pat Romney 
Twin Falls, Ideho 
Velda Roper 
Westwood, California 
Ruth Leone Rose 
Montclair, New Jersey 

Gene Russell 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Richard Rowley 
Richfield, Utah 
Keith Roylance 
Provo, Utah 
Joyce Ross 
Joseph, Utah 
Marilyn Roundy 
Provo, Utah 
Rice Roydon 
Maywood, California 

Leah Scoresby 
lona, Idaho 
Jane Russell 
Beverly Hills, California 
Lorry E. Ryttlng 
Tremonton, Utah 
Orvella Sackett 
Brigham City, Utah 
Warren M. Russel 
Kennewlck, Washington 
Carl Sanford 
Springville, Utah 

Marie Sabin 
Salem, Utah 
Arthur B. Sadler 
Provo, Utah 
Karl Sandberg 
Monroe, Utah 


Darlene Shipp 
Joseph, Utah 

Sara Lou Shuldberg' 
Preston, Idaho 

Lamar W. Sl<een 
Ogden, Utah 

Varsel Smith Jenks 
Hayburn, Idaho 

Jone Seal 
Riverton, Utah 

Marcus Sigman 

El Centro, Californli 

G. Keith Sirrine 
Mesa, Arizona 

Joye L, Smith 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Elizabeth Sears 

Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Ernest Widtsoe Shumway 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Molly Joyce Slight \ 
Kansas City, Missourr 

Imogene Smith 
Holbrook, Idahq 

H. Merlin Shelley 
Provo, Utah 

Willie Siadahl 
Fontana, California 

Barbara Smith 
Grace, Idaho 

Mearle B. S 


Eileen Shipper 
Sparks, Nevada 

Leonard Shurtleff 
Provo, Utah 

Bonnie Lee Smellie 
Buhl, Idaho 



Philipp Schmidt 
Woods Cross, Utah 

Ralph Simmons 
Cowley, Wyoming 

Lynn H. Slaugh 
Vernal, Utah 

Margaret Smith 
Draper, Utah 



Glade Shelley 
American Fork, Utah 

Gene Shumway 
Mesa, Arizona 

Reed Stolworthy 
Orem, Utah 

Marvin Smith 
Portland, Oregon 

I \Jam6i 

^ NH-as V 

, Idaho 

\^ — -^ Stephen E. Sherwood 
Mesa, Arizona 

James Grin Sill 

egas, Nevada 

Cherie Smith 
Draper, Utah 

Phyllis Smith 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Betty Sue Spencer 
Provo, Utah 
James D. Solomon 
Las Vegas, Nevada 
Geraldlne Solomon 
Las Vegas, Nevada 
Wilbert Kay Smith 
Glendale, California 
Dale A. Sorensen 
Draper, Utah 
Venna Sparks 
Weiser, Idaho 

Maitland Spencer 
Provo, Utah 
Phyllis Sperry 
Provo, Utah 
Roylance Spratling 
Midvale, Utah 
Helen Fay Squire 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Genine Stander 
Blackfoot, Idaho 
Majel Stanfield 
Bellyflower, California 

Paul Steele 
American Fork, Utah 
Karl Steinacker 
Campbellsport, Wisconsin 
Loran D. Stephhenson 
Wendall, Idaho 
Henry Stevens 
Holden, Utah 
Shirlene Stevenson 
Stevensville, Montana 
Harmon C. Steed 
Draper, Idaho 

Donald Stone 
Lehi, Utah 
Don G. Stewart 
Provo, Utah 
Jean Stock 
Fish Haven, Idaho 

Vern A. Stratton 
Orem, Utah 

Ivan C. Swenson Paula Tanner 
Spanish Fork, Utah Spanish Fork, Utah 

John S 


Norma Sumison 
Sprlngvihe, Utah 

Garna Taylor 
Sallna, Utah 

Gordon B 
Long Beac 

h, California 

Betty Taylor 
Blllngs, Montj 


Con L Taylor 
Farmington, New Mexico 

James Taylor 
Provo, Utah 

Roy Tea 


Utah -'''^ ) 

Vern C. Thacker 
Charleston, Utah 

Dayle Thomas 
Chandler, Arizona 

Charles E. Thomas Opan Jean Thomas \ John H 
Malad, Idaho Malad, Idaho /-rVN "■ Malta, 

son David Syphus Carmela Tannor^^>T'^ \ 
th Dakota Las Vegas, Nevada Povo, Utah "■'->_,— 



* — 

James W. Swan 
Rapid City, Sou 

Amalla Tuffuri 

Buenos Aires, Argentine 

Freeman Taylor 

Mt. Airy, North Carolina 

Gordon Taylor 
Provo, Utah 


S. Tayler 


Dale Taylor 
Provo, Utah 

Renee Taylor 
Provo, Utah 

LeRoy C. Taylor 
Ely, Nevada 

Andrew Terry 
Provo, Utah 

LaVonne Thomander 
Maplewood, New Jersey 

Irene Thomas 
Tabiona, Utah 

LaVieve Thomas 
Chandler, Arizona 




Hunt Thompson 

M. Thompson 
Pi»vo, Utah 

Jo ^ne Wadley 
'^.JJ'^"', Pleajant Grove, Utah 

*'?,♦"'-«• J)on Wadsworth 
J ' ••Las Vegas, Nevada 

"Donna Jean Vane 
Po(;t Angeles, Washington 

Marilyn Thompson 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Dahrl Thonnpson 
Tremonton, Utah 
Dorajean Thornley 
hlarlem, Montana 
Leah Call Tldweli 
Ely, Nevada 
Ivan J. Thome 
Provo, Utah 
Dariene Tingey 
Brigham City, Utah 

Richard Lee Tooke 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Edgardo E. Torres 
Anita Todd 

Gridley, California 

Clinton Tracey 

Filnt, Michigan 

Eva Tsalaky 

Provo, Utah 
Karl L. Tucker 
Provo, Utah 

James Turner 
Independence, Missouri 
LaMar Twitchell 
Delta, Utah 

George Tsalaky 
Provo, Utah 
Lois Tucker 
Cedar City, Utah 
Ann Turley 
San Antonio, Texas 
Ella Mae Turley 
Mesa, Arizona 

Alice Uchida 
Honolulu, Hawaii 
Douglas Voorhees 
Manti, Utah 

Grace Vanderhyde 
Salt Lake City, Utah 


Maralyn Walsh 
Farmington, Utah 

Alene J. Watklns 
Richland, Washington 

Paul Webb 
Lehi, Utah 

Beverly Willianns 
Provo, Utah 

Gerald L Walker 
Winslow, Arizona 

Ardean W. Watts 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Shirley Wilene Warner 
Kirtland, New Mexico 

Dean Wengreen 
Provo, Utah 

Merwin L. Waite 
Huntington Park, California 

Lowell S. Watson 
Grantsvllle, Utah 

Philip Washburn 
Monroe, Utah 

Kenneth E. Weight 
Brigham City, Utah 

Helen Walser 
El Paso, Texas 

John D. Warner 
Richfield, Utah, 

Jenae Wa+kins 
Provo, Utah 

Nita Webster' 
Parker, Ari 

Gloria Wallis 
Vernal, Utah 

Paul Wilson Warner 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Gordie Watts 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Richard Wheelocks 
Eureka, Utah 

Annelia Van Wagoner 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Burke V. Waldron 
Provo, Utah 

Donna Watson 
Pingree, Idaho 

Richard Westenskow 
Woodburn, Idaho 


_m Waife" 
Huntington Park, California 

Shayrrl Warner 
Traverse City, Michigan 

Kenneth S. Watkins 
Provo, Utah 

Beverly Dawn Wentz 
Provo, Utah 

^V^ary Nell Waddops 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Glade D. Walker 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Julia Webb 
Melba, Utah 

Arda Wetiell 

Sa^v^ Lake, City, Utah 

Carl Louis Young 
-^ /^-^ Huntington, Utah 

'' '"- Ken Young 

BIsnding, Utah 

Pat Wright 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Carwin C. Williams 
Payson, Utah 
Jan Williams 
Murray, Utah 
Reta Whetman 
Draper, Utah 
Gerald A. Whipple 
El Paso, Texas 
Jo Ann Whitehead 
Spanish Fork, Utah 
Ronald WIghtman 
Fresno, California 

Mary Ann Wilson 
Provo, Utah 
Elden B. Williams 
Spanish Fork, Utah 
Phyllis Winkler 
Provo, Utah 

George Woffinden 
Orem, Utah 

Diane Witbeck 
Kansas City, Missouri 

Annett Wood 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Alan Witbeck 

Raymond, Alberta, Canada 

Gail Wright 

American Fork, Utah 

Kay Wood 

Dallas, Texas 

Lynette Woodland 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Le Grande Woolley 
Aberdeen, Idaho 
Ivan Lloyd Wott 
Orem, Utah 

Leona Wright 
Peoa, Utah 
Mona Wright 
Peoa, Utah 
Beverly Wright 
Chula Vista, California 


f- f- -'j 


J/ ^f 


■ .->. "'^. 


>0^ ' Mjf* 


Vice Prasident 




Inez Dawn Abbott 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Merlyn Adar Bonnie 
Mesa, Arizona Portlan 

Atchison Pat Adams 
d, Oregon Lovell, Wyoming 

Claud Adams 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Arlene Albach 
WatsonviHe. California 

Zona Allen Carol Jene Allen Donald Allen 
Portege, Utah Gunnison, Utah Provo. Utah 

Gail Allen 
Stevensville, Montana 

Mona Allred 

Cardston, Alberta, Canada 

Jim Bill Ames LaMar 
San Clemente, California Orem, 

Anderberg Raymond G. Anderson 
Utah Springville, Utah 

Vera Anderson 
Provo, Utah 

Lou Jean Anderson 
Price, Utah 

Clair Anderson Lynette Anderson Virgil Anderson 

Spanish Fork, Utah Brigham, Utah Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Vance Arden 
Tooele, Utah 

Myroln Abegg 
Provo, Utah 

Dorothy Abbott 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

George T. Adams, Jr. Fred C. Adams 
Provo, Utah Delta, Utah 

Margaret Affleck 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Shirley Alblston 
Richmond, Utah 

Janice Allen 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Donald F. Allan Louise Allen 
Springville, Utah Ogden, Utah 

Jack Allred 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Shanna Lee And 
North Hollywooc 

elln Sannette Andelin 
, California Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Elaine Anderberg Robert Anderson 
Orem, Utah Dragerton, Utah 

Janice Anderson 
Provo, Utah 

Fae Anderson 
Richfield, Utah 

Dellls Anderson 
Taber, Alberta, Canada 

La Ree Anderson E. Calvin Anderson Mary Beverly Anderson 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Blackfoot. Idaho Ogden, Utah 


Marilyn Anderson — Glendrive, Montana 
Loren R. Anderson — Portland, Oregon 
LeGrande K. Anderson — Wales, Utah 
Henry A. Anderson, Jr. — Richland, Wash. 

Mack Anderson — Orem, Utah 
Joseph Austin — Salmon, Idaho 
Jean Austin — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ara Jean Avery — Provo, Utah 

Aileen Arthur — St. John, Arizona 
Lloyd Ray Aston — Provo, Utah 
Tom Augustus — Richfield, Utah 
William A. Austin — Palmyra, New York 

Courtenay Anderson — Custon, B. C, Can. 
LaRea Ahderson — Price, Utah 
Lola Jean Atkinson — Marysville, Calif. 
Kenneth Ashton — Provo, Utah 

Donnia Rae Baigley — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Dixie Ann Baker — Porterville, California 
Ruth Armand — San Francisco, California 
Vern Bailey — Kennewick, Washington 

Richard Ball — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Dales Bailey — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Bryce Baker — Burley, Idaho 
Beth Baldwin — Monroe, Utah 

Kinley and Glen Peterson. 


Nola Batty 
Vernal, Utah 

Annie Ruth Banks 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Salt La 

B. Arg 
ke City, Utah 

Grace Barnes 
Downey, Idaho 

Arlene Barnett 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Robert Barrhs 
Grantsvllle, Utah 

Cleo Bascom 
Vernal, Utah 


d City, Alberta, Can. 





am Canyon, Utah 

Joanne Bean 
Westfield, New Jersey 

Pat Bea 




Fork, Utah 

Pearl Beck 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 


as, Arizona 

Marilyn Bennion 
Brlghann City, Utah 

Yvonne Ber 
St. George 


Frank Berrett 
Seattle, Washington 


Falls, Idaho 

Erma Jean Besendorser 
Heber City, Utah 

Naomi Bangerter 
Salt Lab City, Utah 

Evelyn B. Artus 
Preston, Idaho 

Connie Barlette 
Mtn. Home, Ida 


Norma Barnes 
Lewisville, Idaho 

Grace Barnes 
Dawney, Idaho 

Mary Barstow 
Idaho Falls, Idah 




Gloria Dean Bauer 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Betty Bean 
Williston, North 


Katherine Beard 
Coalville, Utah 

Samuel Bearnson 
Payson, Utah 

Rae Jean Beck 

San Diego, California 

Blaine Becstrom 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jeannine Beckstead 
Preston, Idaho 

Ardena Beck 
Pleasant Grove, 

Joe D. Benson 
Prove, Utah 

Mark R. 


Delta, Utah 

Lenore Bennion 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Velma Bothers 
Heber, Utah 



Richard A. Bigler — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Victor Billings — Washington, D. C. 
Barbara Billings — Brigham City, Utah 
Melvin Billings — Provo, Utah 

Maxine Binch — American Fork, Utah 
Fred R. Bingham — Weston, Idaho 
Beverly Bjorkman — Beverly, Idaho 
Duane Binks — Mapleton, Utah 

William L Blackwell — Marysvale, Utah 
John Blackburn — Orderville, Utah 
Helen Blackburn — Whittier, California 
Elaine Blair — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Arthur Bliss — Denver, Colorado 
Lott Blake — Gunnison, Utah 
Melvin Bodily — Vernal, Utah 
MaKee Blaisdell — Honolulu, Hawaii 

Nellie Borgeson — Santaquin, Utah 
Louise Boley — American Fork, Utah 
Lenn J. Boren — Provo, Utah 
Ralph Boswell — Provo, Utah 

Ronald Boulter — Provo, Utah 
LaJuanna Bowman — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Larry Bowen — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Monte Bowman — Blackfoot, Idaho 

IRENE ROWAN — Provo cutie ... ran for Homecoming Queen 
. . . keen sense of humor . . . main interest music ? . . . one of 
the Famous Cougar Cubs . . . Cougarette . . . gift of gab 
which she plans to use when she becomes a lawyer . . . Val Norn 


Barbara Bowder 
Midway, Utah 

Joyce Nadeen Bredee 
Los Angeles, California 

Thora Belle Brown 
Lovell, Wyoming 

LuDean Brown 
Provo, Utah 

Gary Boyack 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Richard Brereton 
Provo, Utah 

Marjie Brown 
Chandler, Arizona 

Marilyn Brown 
Annerican Fork, Utah 

Jack Bradbury 
Hollywood, California 

Marilyn Broberg 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Beverley N. Brown 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Nila Jean Brown 
Provo, Utah 

Jean Bradshaw 

Los Angeles, California 

Grant C. Brockbank 
Provo, Utah 

Robert Brown 
Chandler, Arizona 

Boyd Lynn Brunson 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

E. Craig Brannwell 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

McLoin Brewer 
Salmon, Idaho 

Ronald Brown 
Norton, Kansas 

Jayne Buckley 
Ely, Nevada 

Robert E. Bowser 
Navarre, Ohio 

Catherine Bradley 
Raymond, Alberta, Canada 

DeVere Brough 
Provo, Utah 

Elaine Brown 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ronald Boyce 
Lewisville, Utah 

Doris Bringhjrst 
Palo Alto, California 

Dewaine Brown 
Mesa, Arizona 

Willard Brown 
Seattle, Washington 

Jerrol Boyer 
Sprlngvllle, Utah 

Richard Brimhall 
Provo, Utah 

Roma Jean Brown 
Nampa, Idaho 

Kenneth Brown 
Garland, Utah 

Joyce Bradshaw 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Helen Brady 
Fairview, Utah 

Ben Broderick 
San Francisco, 



Joyce Brooks 
Burbank, California 

Colleen Brown 
Tooele, Utah 

Julia Brown 
Boise, Idaho 

Renae Bunnell 
Provo, Utah 

Llane Bunnell 
Tremonton, Utah 


Diane Burgi — Preston, Idaho 
Pat Bullocit — Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 
Lyie Burlte — Longview, Washington 
Lila Burt— Salt Lake City, Utah 

George Calder — Elgin, Oregon 
Millicent Burton — Washington, D. C. 
LaVar Butler — Eager, Arizona 
Ralph Bytendorp — Sandy, Utah 

Vada Caldwell — Pingree, Idaho 
Harold Call — SeaHle, Washington 
Barbara Call — Rigby, Idaho 
Carrol Call — Ely, Nevada 

Joyce Canapbell — Phoenix, Arizona 
Alma Lee Campbell — Porterville, Calif. 
Jacquie Campbell — Colton, Oregon 
Kay Camenish — Provo. Utah 

Carol Eileen Campbell — San Diego, Calif. 
Pat Carey — Alhambra, California 
Alice Cannon — New Haven, Conn. 
Faye Capps — Hartsville, South Carolina 

Jean Corlsen — Los Angeles, California 
Ralph Carlile — Heber, Utah 
Fred Carlile — Heber, Utah 
Reva Carlile — Orem, Utah 

HAROLD CHRISTENSEN— Kind of guy the gals swoon over 
. devestating smile . . . All-American in high school moved 
up to spark plug Frosh basketball team . . . member of Bricker 
social unit . . . another Provoan ... for another item of interest 
refer to Pat Unger. page 81. 





Glen Carpenter 
Glendale, California 

Vonda Christensen 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Kay Christensen 
Orem, Utah 

Virginia Clawson 

San Francisco, California 

Jerry Carter 
Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Gilbert Christensen 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Phlllis Christensen 
Richmond, Utah 

Roberta Clegg 
Heber City, Utah 

Nelda Casper 
Heber, Utah 

Wendell Christensen 
San Mateo, California 

Helen Clark 
Afton, Wyoming 

Larry J. Clement 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Neil H. Carruthers 
Clarmojnt, California 

Winston Christensen 
Delta, Utah 

Carole Ann Christensen 
Denver, Colorado 

Arvllla Clayson 
Provo, Utah 

Peggy Ann Case 
Mount Emmons, Utah 

Henry Ching 
Hilo, Hawaii 

Anna Christensen 
Payson, Utah 

Raoel Clark 
RIgby, Idaho 

Rena Lou Casper 
Heber, Utah 

Harold Christensen 
Provo, Utah 

Dave Clark 
Houston, Texas 

Eula Clark 
Etna, Wyoming 

Janice Chadwich 
American Fork, Utah 

Dixie Christensen 
Gunnison, Utah 

Margaret Clarke 
Provo, Utah 

Nathan Coe 
Boulder City, Nevada 

Anthony Changelo 
AuSable Forks, New York 

Kenneth Childs 
China Lake, California 

Carol Clark 
Oakley, Idaho 

Dean Cloward 
Benjamin, Utah 

Jerry Casey 
Tooele, Utah 

Val Dee Child 
Nyssa, Oregon 

Elva Clark 
Elmira, New York 

Richard Clark 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Amy Char 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Rolen Campbell 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Mary Jean Clark 
Orem, Utah 

Luanna Clegg 
Orem, Utah 


William Coffman — Phoenix, Arizona 
La Dean Cole — Arimo, Idaho 
Patricia Collette — Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Marianne Coffin — Downey, Idaho 

Raymond Colovicic — Eureka, Utah 
Lorraine Cook — Provo, Utah 
Norma Cook — Pocatello, Idaho 
Ilia Mae Cook — Firth, Idaho 

Nan Cook — Walnut Creek, California 
Rulon Cook — Sandy. Utah 
Daniel Coons — Fairview, Utah 
Gary Cook — Syracuse, Uath 

Richard Corey — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Joan Cotlam — Provo, Utah 
W. Horace Cowley — Provo, Utah 
Joanne Corbett — Denver, Colorado 

Arthur Cox — Richfield, Utah 
Charles Cozzens — Cokeville, Utah 
Maureen Crandall — Twin Falls. Idaho 
Maxine Cox — Kuma, Idaho 

Patsy Crogan — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Boyd Crane — Preston, Idaho 
Richard C. Crandall — Slendale, Calif. 
Faye Craig — Eldorado, Arkansas 

BOB DRIGGS — Social dynamo . . . lady killer . . . works like 
a beaver . . . Election Committee . . . Awards Committee . . . 
willing to try most anything once . . . from Stockton, California 
. . . friend of all . . . dyed-in-the-wool Bricker. 



La Verne "Wendy" Crowley 
Darlington, South Carolina 

Marianne Crawford 
San Francisco, California 

Bob Crockett 
Boulder, Colorado 

Wilford Crowther 
Malad, Idaho 

Shirley Crouch 
Jerome, Idaho 

TonI Cresse 
Whittier, California 

Shirley C 


Oreane Curry 
Duchesne, Utah 

Williann Dale Crump 
Lark, Utah 

Inga Critchfield 
Oakley, Idaho 

Tina Davis 
Norfolk, Virginia 

Coridon Culllmore 
Provo, Utah 

Willa Davis 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Ma-ry Lee Daniels 
Annaibella, Utah 

Virginia Crandall 

Los Angeles, California J 

Earl Davis 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

La Juana De Angeles 
Castle Gate. Utah 


lia, Idaho 

Gerald Davis 
Panama City, Florida 

Neale Davis i 
Heber City, Utah 1 

Rulon Cra\^en 
Boise, Idaho 

Robert Cro 


San Ma 

teo, Ca 

Jesse Criddle 
lifornia Downey, Idaho 

Jerry Crockett " 
Preston, Idaho 

Julia Crowley 
Boise, Idaho 

Harold Cut 


Salt Lak 

e City, 

Lois Curtis 
Utah Idaho Falls, Idah 

Jeanine Cummings 
San Francisco, California 

Leia Fay Cook 
Tridell, Utah 

Marilyn Dee Cra 
Midvale, Utah 


Long Beach 

Croom Bonnie Davis Jean Crook 
California Albuquerque, New Mexico Fallon, Nevada 

Lois Dean 
Provo, Utah 

Ethel Davis 
Idaho Falls, 


Patrick D'Adda 

bbo Betty Deakin 
Connecticut Tremonton, Utah 

Betty Jean Davis 
Pocatello, Idaho 


Nancy Dahlin — Concord. California 
Lee Davis — Provo, Utah 
Arthur Day — Provo, Utah 
Nephi Dowdeil — Provo. Utah' 

Veda Dearden — Ogden, Utah 
JoAnne Debry — Rigby, Idaho 
Bryce De Friez — Provo, Utah 
Roy Dow — Magrath, Alberta, Canada 

Helen Denison — Snowflake, Arizona 
Ray Decker — Snowflaie, Arizona' 
Darreli Doney — Preston, Idaho 
Bill Demos — Provo, Utah 

James Robert Driggs — Stockton, Calif. 
Virginia Duke — Heber City, Utah 
Val Dearden — Henefer, Utah 
Veronica Dunning — Greenriver, Wyoming 

Jacqueline Draper — San Francisco, Calif. 
Fenton Durtschi — Midway, Utah 
Doreen Dixon — N. Vancouver, Canada 
Dorothy Drury — Denver, Colorado 

Donna Dumas — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Glenyce Dillman — Farmington, New Mex. 
Jesse Dredge — Malad, Idaho 
Lois Drake — Riverton, California 

DAWN TERRY — Another Provo Miss who is musically Inclined 
. . . nnember of Concert band and orchestra . . . Cougarette 
march leader . . . personality plus and a very popular lass 
around campus . . . member of Cesta Tie. 


La Von Eller 
Lakgtown, Utah 

Jackie Fames 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Dee Francom 
Payson, Utah 

Richard Fox 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Lois Evans 
Midvale, Utah 

Ray Fillerup 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Myra Francis 
Alberta, Canada 

Robert Fester 
Provo, Utah 

Marilyn Ferrin 
Chico, California 

Paul Fish 
Overton, Nevada 

Connie Frehner 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Louise Foulk 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Elva Fiet 
Nampa, Idaho 

Jane Fujimoto 
V/ailukh, Maui, T. H. 

Camila Freestone 
Kimberly,- Idaho 

Marilyn Frontier 
San Jose, California 

Farrell Fames 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Mina Lee Flett 
Jameston. New York 

Hartley Frederickson 
Malad, Idaho 

Edward Forsythe 
Waialua, Oahu 

Novella Espinosa 
Sanford, Colorado 

Vaughn Fairbanks 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Glen Frazier 
Ogden, Utah 

Charles Ford 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Lois Fairbanks 
Alberta, Canada 

Beulah Field 
Evanston, Wyoming 

Marilyn Frame 
Murray, Utah 

Paul Fonnosbeck 
Weston, Idaho 

LaVaughn Fawns 
Raymond, Alberta, 

Darrell Flake 
K-Bosaugua, Iowa 

Alma Rae Francis 
Wendell, Idaho 

Alene Freestone 
Kimberly, Idaho 

Marilyn Fairbourne 
Salina, Utah 

Beverly Finch 
Seattle, Washington 

Mary Lou Foutz 
Kirtland, New Mexico 

Rae Frost 
Monticello, Utah 

Sharon Farnsworth 
Ely Nevada 

Dean Frances 

Taber, Alberta, Canada 

Jerrold Fronk 
Redlands, California 

Phyllis Fox 
Lehi, Utah 




Max Dixon — Provo, Utah 
Loren Dunn — Tooele, Utah 
Lloyd Davis — Boise, Idaho 
Ray Duffin — Tooele, Utah 

Robert Dixon — Provo, Utah 
Hazel Doering — Palo Alto, California 
Carolyn Edwards — Flushing, New York 
Bob Dudley — Pocatello, Idaho 

Dianna Dorinus — Lalceside, Oregon 
Nancy Done — Provo, Utah 
Virginia Ebmeyer — Glendale, California 
Wilma Ellison — American Fork, Utah 

Carol Dooley — Los Angeles, California 
Max Day — Moab, Utah 
Betty J. Edwards — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Sallle Duncan — Springvilie, Utah 

Clara Jeanne Easton — Anchorage, Alaska 
Clair Egbert — Preston, Idaho 
Howard Edwards — Enterprise, Oregon 
Shirley Partington — Prineville, Oregon 

Jolene Ellis — Lorenzo, Idaho 
Helen Erickson — Nampa, Idaho 
Paul Etnpley — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Reid Fillmore — Spanish Fork, Utah 

BART CHRISTENSON— Popular Vice President of Freshman 
class . . . from San Mateo, California . . . finger in many pies 
. . . . member of Honor Council ... A. M. 5. Council .,.\ . 
assembly performer . . . Val Hyric and friend to everyone. 



Joyce Sooch 
Burley, Idaho 

Robert GouHey 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Marjorle Guinn 
Ajo, Arizona 

Beth Hainsworth 
Portland, Oregon 

Myrna Green 
Cowley, Wyoming 

Roen Griffiths 
Bend, Oregon 

W. Grayson Gurr 
Parowan, Utah 

Fielding Hale 
Oakley, Idaho 

Geraldine Goetting 
Hayward, California 

Robert Grimmett 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Gladys Guymon 
Burley, Idaho 

Norma Jean Hall 
Provo, Utah 

Colin Gardner 
Gridly, California 

Ruth Grusbeck 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Gwenda Hafen 
Springville, Utah 

La Rae Hales 
Provo. Utah 

Jane Gordon 

Santa Barbara, California 

Edna Greene 
Vinton, Virginia 

Norman Hale 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Rosalene Hall 

Webster Springs, W. Virginia 

Glade Greenhaigh 
Nephi, Utah 

Ardeth Greene 
Glenwood, Alta. Canada 

Robert Gulver 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Howard Halloway 
Provo, Utah 

Wayne Goates 
Lehi, Utah 

Janet Grimmitt 
Paris, Idaho 

La Vonna Guymon 
Parowan, Utah 

Gerald Hale 
Eager, Arizona 

Jack Goodwin 
Mllford, Utah 

Mary Jane Groberg 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Glen Gwillian 
Baker, Oregon 

Gayle Hall 
Riverside, California 

Kenneth Glober 
Riverton, Wyoming 

Betty Ann Green 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Lynn Hale 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Arlene Hadley 
Barstow, California 

Carol Greaves 
Santaquin, Utah 

Leor Griffiths 
Provo, Utah 

Harold Halford 
Burley, Idaho 

Charles Hall 
Camas, Utah 


Richard Furlong — Ogden, Utah 
Bill Fryer — Detroit, Oregon 
Bobby Fulson — Dallas, Texas 
Betty Gallister — Tooele, Utah 

Bud Gammon — Lehi, Utah 
Bonnie Gardner — Venice, Utah 
Gloria Gardiner — Malta, Idaho 
Janice Gardner — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Anne Garfield — Droper, Utah 
Marlowe Gardner — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Eugene Garrett — La Canada, California 
Wilford Geddes — Richmond, Utah 

Clifford Gardner — Delta, Utah 
James Garrick — Whittler, California 
Faun Gilbert — Preston, Idaho 
John Gilchrist — Kemmerer, Wyoming 

Evelyn Giles — New York City, New York 
Dean Gilchrist — Raymond, Alberta, Can. 
Barbara Gillett — Victor, Idaho 
Diane Gironeman — Provo, Utah 

Claudia Giles — McGill, Nevada 
Reece Glines — Woolford, Alberta, Can. 
Patricia Clancy — San Diego, California 
Ruth Ginn — Greenville, South Carolina 

JAN BEAN— Sleek beauty from Westfield. New Jersey . . . 
contender for crown of Homecoming Queen . . . pepsodent 
smile beams from reserve window of library . . . marched with 
the Cougarettes . . . member of O. S. Trovata . . .combination 
beauty and brains. 


Howard Harris 
Spokane, Washington 

Nelda Harris 
Beaver, Utah 

Essie Jean Hatch 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Jimmy Hazard 
Provo, Utah 

Nancy Harrison 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Ray Harvey 
Blythe, California 

Margaret Hennis 
Nampa, Idaho 

Clark Hermansen 
Provo, Utah 

Elmer Hawkins 
Ramah, New Mexico 

Marjorie Haslam 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Armond Hawley 
Provo, Utah 

Leon Heaps 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Helen Hansen 
Payson, Utah 

Vivian Haynes 
Taber, Alta, Canada 

Emma Jean Hatch 
Panguitch, Utah 

Joyce Heber 
Magna, Utah 

Virginia Hatch 
Sioux City, Iowa 

Reed Hawks 
Preston, Idaho 

Robert Hawkins 
Provo, Utah 

Dorothy Hender 
Cleartield, Utah 

Connie Harmsen 
La Jara, Colorado 

Adella Hatch 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Eugene Hawkins 
American Fork. Utah 

JoAnn Hebertson 
Elsinore, Utah 

Norman Hammel 

Santa Monica, California 

Elaine Hendrix 
Lund, Nevada 

Blaine Hess 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Gerrold Hedquist 
Provo, Utah 

Ruth Eleanor Harmer 
Springville, Utah 

Gwen Harmon 
Nephi, Utah 

Nelda Harwood 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Mary Louise Heaton 
Orland, California 

Beth Harding 
Provo, Utah 

Deiores Hawkeswood 
Porterville, California 

Glen Hawkins. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Robert Hedquist 
Provo, Utah 

Ha Haycock 
Burley, Idaho 

Betty Hayes 
Wilmington, Delaware 

Richard Henlnger 
Raymond, Alta, Canada 

Craig Hill 
Pasadena, California 


Larry Hancock — Pocatello, Idaho 
Brad Hansen — Brigham, Utah 
Barbara Hall — Burley, Idaho 
Vanile Hancey — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Carol Hansen — Cardston, Alberta, Can. 
Norman Hancock — Prima, Arizona 
June Hallqday — Provo, Utah 
Beverley Hammond — Pocatello, Idaho 

Gwendolyn Hansen — Monroe, Utah 
Norman Hansen — Taber, Alberta, Can. 
Marjene Hansen — Rock Springs, Wyoming 
Hazel Hansen — San Francisco, California 

Richard Hardy — Los Vegas, Nevada 
Leila Hardy — Meridan, Idaho 
Gene Hansen — Provo, Utah 
Geraldine Hansen — Orem, Utah 

Betty Harper — Vancouver, B. C. 
Ronnie Harlan — Indianapolis, Indiana 
Teddy Hanks — Salem, Utah 
Dona Jean Hansen — Los Angeles, Calif. 

Jean Herman — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Walter Harley — Charleston, South Carolina 
June Hansen — Provo, Utah 
Arnold Harlan — Prove, Utah 

DICK HUISH — Known around cannpus for his contagious en- 
thusiasm and ingenious ideas . . . welcome addition to any 
party . . . friendliness unlimited . . . another of the liquid 
sunshine boys from Berkeley, California .... veep of California 
club . . . rally committee . . . Frosh scholastic organization. 




B. F. Hopkin 
Powell, Wyoming 





Charles Hawkins 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Doris Holyo 
Burley, Idah 



Richard Huish 
Berkeley, California 


d, California 

Jean Jensen 
Sandy, Utah 

Kim Jensen 
Grace, Idah 

Elizabeth H 


Marilyn Jenson 
Burley, Idaho 

Virginia Jepsen 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Lyn J 
San D 


ego, California 

Ruth Jensen 
Burley, Idah 

Richard Jensen 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Frank Johansen 

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 

Elaine Johnson 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 


He Johnson 
y, Utah 


, Utah 

Fred Jex 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Marion Hopkin 
Woodruff, Utah 

Anna Julia Hoyt 
Nephi, Utah 

James Hont 
Phoenix, Arizona 

John Homer 
Idaho Falls, Idah 


Arva Howell 
Draper, Utah 

Ronald Hulne 
Hagerman, Idaho 

Elwood Hunt 
Lehi, Utah 

Donna Jensen 
Provo, Utah 

Loraine Hullinge 
Roosevelt, Utah 


Glenn James 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Jay Jepsen 
Mantua, Utah 

Ellen Jeserick 
La Cyane* Kansas 

Bonnie Jessop 
Lewiston, Utah 

Louis Jenson 
Rupert, Idaho 

Jack Jepson 
Provo, Utah 

Charles Johnson 
Lehi. Utah 

DeRae Johnson 
Caldwell, Idaho 

Fred Johnson 
Mesa, Arizona 

LuJeanne Johnson 
Ogden, Utah 

Joyce Johnson 

Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 


Earl Higbee — Springville, Utah 
Evelyn HIgboe — Orem, Utah 
Nora Heyborne — Delta, Utah 
Janice Hinckley — Lon Beach, California 

Robert Hodgen — Salt Lalce City, Utah 
Charles R. Hobbes — Preston, Idaho 
William Hiatte — Mt. Airy, N. Carolina 
Calvin Hiatte — Mt. Airy, N. Carolina 

Lucille Hodenson — Stirling, Alberta, Can. 
Monte Hicltenlooper — San Francisco, Calif. 
Ralph Hitchcok — Buhl, Idaho 
Irene Hinckley — Twin Falls, Idaho 

Norma Mae Hoffman — Randolph, Utah 
Ruth Hill — Bellflower, California 
Lile Hintie — Murray, Utah 
Chariene Hobbs — Preston, Idaho 

Fred Holladay — Santaquin, Utah 
Marion Holman — Springville, Utah 
Al Holley — Rexburg, Idaho 
Yvonne Hofer — Lyman, Wyoming 

Betty Holder — Mt. Emmons, Utah 
Alice Holms — Raymond, Alta, Canada 
Gail Hone — Benjamin, Utah 
Thomas Holmes — Raymond, Alta, Canada 

DICK MILLER— Better known as "Stretch" or "Red" . . . lanky 
Frosh prexy . . . from Arlington, Virginia . . . served on Fresh- 
man committee . . . typical Southern friendliness . . . member 
of Assembly Committee . . . active Tau Sig . . . personality 
to match his ever present smile. 


Ronald Jamison 
Venice, California 

Verna Jacobson 
Midvale, Utah 

Roy Kelly 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Ramon Kohler 
Midway, Utah 

Boyd Jarman 
Lyman, Wyoming 

Gordon Jacicobsen 
Heber, Utah 

Ruth Keeler 

Magrath, Alberta, Canada 

Ted Knowhton 

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 

Robert Jenkins 
Brigham, Utah 

Micei Kapuniai 
Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii 

Kenneth Killpack 
Prove, Utah 

Colleen King 
Provo, Utah 

Mary Jeppson 
Boise, Idaho 

Richard Kay 
Provo, Utah 

Joanne Kellett 
Hyrum, Utah 

Wayne Killpack 
Provo, Utah 

Esiner Jeffords 
Baker, Oregon 

Joyce Jennings 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Don Kennington 
Fairview, Wyoming 

Jeanne Kay 
Prove, Utah 

Nellie Janke 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Joan James 

Rock Springs, Wyoming 

Marcene Kelsey 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Herbert Kerchoff 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Dona Jeffords 
Baker, Oregon 

Alma Kane 
Boise, Idaho 

Fred Kenley 
Wendover, Utah 

Barbara Kone 

Le Grand, California 

John Hundley 
Provo, Utah 

Wynnette Kartchner 
San Jose, California 

Jay Kindred 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Kay Kendall 
Weiser, Idaho 

Reed Jenkins 
Pendleton, Oregon 

Betty Lou Jensen 
Mountain Home, Idaho 

Heber Kapp 
Ogden, Utah 

Norma King 
Provo, Utah 

Richard Jenkins 
Bingham, Utah 

Charles Jex 
Provo, Utah 

Barbara Kamlah 
Metuchen, New Jersey 

Claris Kinghorn 
Rigby, Idaho 


Ray Huntleavitt — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Mary Jo Hyer — Garden Grove, Calif. 
Nedra Hyer — Lewiston, Utah 
Lorraine Hunt — Oakland, California 

Yeisuke Iga — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Ira Hurst — Payson, Utah 
Lloyd Hunter — Alhambra, California 
Allan Hunter — Van Nuys. California 

Carol Ikegami — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Florence Ipsen — Malad, Idaho 
Margaret Hutchinson — Buhl, Idaho 
Gary Hunford — Portland, Oregon 

Mary Lina Irons — Nephi, Utah 
Evan Ivie — Arlington, Virginia 
Leonard Ivie — Heber, Utah 
Mary Ingram — Cayennovia, New York 

Richard Ivie — Springville, Utah 
JoAnne Jakle — Redlands, California 
Romain James — Bountiful, Utah 
Pat Ingram — Cayennovia, New York 

Anthony Ibins — Lund. Nevada 
Monta Jacklin — Heber, Utah 
Ralph Jack — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Jim James — Provo, Utah 

JOE RICHEY— hails from St. Johns, Arizona . . . greased 
lightning on a basketball court . . . Ail-American last year . . . 
sunkist as the Arizona oranges . . . smile to rival Glenn Ford's 
. . . quiet and modest . . . friendly as they come. 

"^^-^^ ~^~>^-^^ 

Edward Kullicic 
Ozone Park, New York 

Leiand Ley 
Provo, Utah 

Duane Laws 
Provo, Utah 

Ray Leavitt 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

James Kirkmon 
Springville, Utah 

Fred Lange 
LaCanada, California 

Reed Larson 
Richfield, Utah 

Shirley Larson 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Josephine Knighton 
Salt Lake City. Utah 

Ray Layton 
Carlin, Nevada 

Cheryl Larsen 

Los Angeles, California 

Pat Larch 

Lon Beach, California 

June Koyabashi 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Norma June Kirby 
Sanford, Colorado 

Donna Lang 
Duchesne, Utah 

Cornelia Larrabee 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Margaret Knudsen 
Orem, Utah 

Delbert Kramer 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Tom Larson 
Provo. Utah 

Rey Larson 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Lieselotte Knoblauch 
Chicago, Illinois 

James Lang 

Los Angeles, California 

Barbara Larson 
Brigham City, Utah 

Beverly Larson 
Salt Lake City. Utah 

Bonnie Kitkberger 
Oakland, California 

Andrew Lalrde 
Crockett, California 

David Lake 
Downey, Idaho 

Lynn Langford 
Samuels. Idaho 

Pat Kohler 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Elwin Lance 

Grass Valley, California 

Frank Lang 

Los Angeles, California 

Mary Pat Langlois 
Decatur, Illinois 

Kathleen Kohler 
Heber, Utah 

Marshall Kuhni 
Provo, Utah 

Doyle Lamb 
Santa Monica, Ca 

Lois Laney 
Ontario. Oregon 


Lewis Kochevar 

Los Angeles, California 

Brig Knudsen 
Bingham, Utah 

Omer P. Larson 

Los Angeles, California 

Keneth G. Larson 
Spanish Fork. Utah 



Glenn Jones — Cedar City, Ufah 
Duane Jolly — Prove, Utah 
Betty Louise Jones — Menan, Idaho 
Grace Johnson — Charleston, Utah 

Laura Johnson — Deweyville, Utah 
Carol Jones — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Utahna Johnson — Preston, Idaho 
Trudeane Johnson — Bridger, Montana 

Richard Jones — Ogden, Utah 
David Jones — Duncan, Arizona 
Kay Johnson — Springville, Utah 
Thomas Johnson — Alaxander, Idaho 

Ruth Ann Jones — Wenatchee, Washington 
Ruby Marie Jones — Lovell, Wyoming 
Donna Jones — Malad, Idaho 
Rulon Jones — Delta, Utah 

Joyce Juchau — Virginia, Idaho 
Jan Jones — Shreveport, Louisiana 
Dan F. Joseph — Beaver, Utah 
Norma Jones — Mola City, Idaho 

Kenneth Judd — Coalville, Utah 

Bonnie Jordan — Draper, Utah 

Ula Julian — Provo, Utah 

Hal Jorgensen — Richland, Washington 



Max E. Lee 
Eureka, Utah 

Geraldine Malo 
Hilo, Hawaii 

Don Mahlestein 
Provo, Utah 

Galen Masters 
Seattle, Washington 

Earl Leiegren 
Burbanic, California 

Elinor F. Mann 
Portland, Oregon 

Stanley Dee Madsen 
Provo, Utah 

Janyce Maxfield 
Provo, Utah 

Georgia Lauper 

San Francisco, California 

Elaine Leavitt 
Homedale, Idaho 

Bertha Malstrom 
Midvale, Utah 

Calvin Marshall 
Orem, Utah 

Rex Lee 
Eureka, Utah 

Bill Mahana 
Provo, Utah 

Marilyn Magleby 
Monroe, Utah 

Sherril Mathews 

Santa Barbara, California 

Arlene Lewis 
Overton, Nevada 

Maxine Leigh 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Paul Levi 
Sevier, Utah 

Ruth Ellen May 
Baker, Oregon 

Rhea Rose Lowry 
Provo, Utah 

Henry S. Lee 
Monroe, Utah 

Eillen LeMond 
Orem, Utah 

Leon H. Marx 

Los Angeles, California 

Eula Lunt 
Duncan, Arizona 

Melvin J. LeBaron 
Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 

Lawrence Lewis 
Provo, Utah 

Joyce Maxfield 
Provo, Utah 

Phyllis Luck 
Vernal, Utah 

Theron Le Baron 
Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 

Sybil Lee 

Camas, Washington 

Cheril Marcil 

San Bernardino, California 

Colleen Ludlowe 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Larry Lee 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Marcella Lemons 

Los Angeles, California 

Jennie Marchant 
Kamas. Utah 

Kathryn Latimer 
Nephi, Utah 

Zane F. Lee 
Chico, Idaho 

Betty Lou Matson 
Salinas, California 

Martha Leigh Mayhew 
Berkeley, California 


Donna Lewis — Rigby, Idaho 
Edgel Llectity — Springvllle, Utah 
Henry Doyle Lewis — Provo, Utah 
Wayne Lundell — Vernal, Utah 

Ellen Lindsay — Dingle, Idaho 

Var Lindsay — Blackfoot, Idaho 

John E. Lewis — Provo, Utah 

John David Lewis — Logandale, Nevada 

Leah Lloyd — American Fork, Utah 
Richard Long — Provo, Utah 
Vern Lockhart — Whittier, California 
Carolyn Lloyd — Soda Springs, Idaho 

Vee Long — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Norma Loomis — Hayward, California 

Robert Lord — Provo, Utah 

John Loutersoch — North Hollywood, Calif, 

Kent Lott — Gunnison, Utah 
Rugg Lowell — Pendleton, Oregon 
Vauna Lubeck — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Linda Lyman — Blanding, Utah 

Richard Luke — Provo, Utah 
Tom Lyman — Monticello, Utah 
Marlene Lowry — Arimo. Idaho 
Harold Lyman — Blandings, Idaho 



Andrew Mclnnis 
Eugar, Arizona 

Marjorie McLaws 
Tooele, Utah 



tire Mary Lou McGettlgan 

Redwood City, California 

Joanne Mc 
Provo, Utah 


Marlene Mecham 
Escalante, Utah 


Id, Utah 



cMillan Janice Mendenhall 
Jtah Springville, Utah 


W. Merrill 

Lloyd Merrill 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Kathryn Merrill 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 


Merrill Beverly Merrill 
Utah Swanlake, Idaho 

Hal Messervy 
Kelso, Washington 

Ramon Meyer 
Columbus, Nebraska 

Eva La 

rue Michaelson 



Miller Margaret 
vid, Arizona Riverton, 


Michael Mil 


Park, California 

Don M 


Sterling McKell 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

G. Robert McGettigan 
Glendale, California 

Marlene McKInley 
San Gabriel, California 

Edwin McLea 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Hilda Lee Mollor 
Fayette, Utah 

Luan Meldrum 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ann Memmott 
Nephi, Utah 

Paul Mendenhall 
Monterey, Califc 


Jedda Mercer 
Lehi, Utah 

Gay M 


Amber Michie 
Tabiona, Utah 

Nelda Merrill 
Kingman, Arizona 

Lee Merrill 
Beaver, Utah 

Marilyn Miller 
Monterey Park, California 

Kenneth B. Meye 
Dallas, Oregon 


LaRae Miller 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Vernon J. Miller 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Beverlee Miller 
Hyrum, Utah 

Juneia Moffett 
Burley, Idaho 


Neldon Marshall — Rigby, Idaho 
Marlene Maughn — Weston, Idaho 
LaVeryle Maughan — Weston, Idaho 
Audrey Manning — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Helen Merchant — Peoa, Utah 
Katherlne Manning — Boulder City, Nevada 
Doreen Meachanr) — Brigham City. Utah 
Keith Mathews — Midvale, Utah 

John Mac Cabe — San Carlos, California 
Mary McAdam — Vancouver, B. C. 
Delora Marble — Trennonton, Utah 
Charles Maurer — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Louise McDonald — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Parley A. McGinnis — Manassa, Colorado 
Emily A. McDonald — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Renae Mac Arthur — Fillmore, Utah 

R. M. McCarthy — Sheridan, Wyoming 
William McConnell — New York, N. Y. 
Mary McBride — Fillmore, Utah 
Maurine McGurt — El Paso, Texas 

Gene L. McGuire — St. David, Arizona 
Larry McGarry — Richfield, Utah 
Martha McCallough — Ouray, Colorado 
Keith J. McGregor — Los Angeles, Calif. 


Le Ann Marble 
Tremonton, Utah 

Mary Main 
Aberdeen Washington 

Leonard O. 

Spanish Fori 

, Utah 

Edward A. Money 
Spanish Fork, Utah 



Ralph Morgan 
Provo, Utah 

Ruth Morris 
Holliday, Utah 

Ray Mc 



, Utah 



Trudy Mostert 
Port Byron, lllinals 

David Morte 
Provo, Utah 






.. Moore 

Don Marler 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Violate Myers 
Boise, Idaho 

Lois Naylor 
Delle, Utah 



El Roy Nelson 
Milford, Utah 


d Nibley 
e, Utah 



Doris Montgonnery 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Fred A. Money 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

George Magnusson 
South Gate, California 

Inez Montgonnery 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Portia n 

d, Oregon 

Dean Mortensen 
La Jara, Colorac 

Monita M 


Margaret Mordue 
Tarzana, California 

Ellen Morrison 
Wenatchee, Washington 

Betty Mower 
Murray, Utah 

Philip Morgan 
Provo, Utah 


Ir, New Jersey 

M u rta u 

gh, Idaho 

Don R. Murphy 

Long Beach, California 

Nadine Nalder 

San Francisco, California 

Ervin Nelson 
Provo, Utah 

La Jean 




, Utah 

Donna Nelson 
Phoenix, Arizona 



Ray Nelson — Roosevelt, Utah 
Virginia Nelson — Huntsville, Utah 
Tenna Nelson — Meridian, Idaho 
Ellen Newren — Provo, Utah 

Mary Faye Nicholas — Provo, Utah 
Lewis Nielson — Spring Canyon, Utah 
John Boyd Nielsen — Alhambra, California 
Betty Nelson — Grantsville, Utah 

Ellen Nielsen — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Mary Ann Nieminen — Denver, Colorado 
Emamae Newell — New Orleans, Louisiana 
Warner Nielsen — Sigurd, Utah 

Marcel L. Nielson — Garland, Utah 
Ezra Nixon — Roosevelt, Utah 
Joyce Nilson — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Irvin Nielson — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Joyce Nichols — Ogden, Utah 
Melva Nielsen — Hyrum, Utah 
Georgia Jean Nock — Cascade, Idaho 
Bruce Nilsson — American Fork, Utah 

Charles Norberg — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Nolan Nash — Preston, Idaho 
Donald O'Brien — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Guy Olpin — Heber, Utah 

f R[ 


Dorothea O'Brien 

Jackson Heights, New York 

Wilford Olive 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Janice Olsen 
Provo, Utah 



Virginia Olpin 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Scott Orrock 
Richfield, Utah 

Shirle Pace 
Parma, Idahc 

Le Roy Page 
Spanish Fork, 




Robert Oxborrow 
Lund, Nevada 

Clarence Park 
Provo, Utah 

Donna Marie 
Spanish Fork 



sh Fork 





Marlene Parker 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Mary Dean Paulson 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Laurel Pingree 
Sandy, Utah 

Joan Pearsor 
Kansas City, 


Sue Peele 

South Carolina 

Gary Paxman 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Norman Oliphant 
Orem, Utah 

Marjorie Olsen 
Woods Cross, Utah 

Jacqueline Oroper 

San Francisco, Californis 

Beverly E. Orroc 
Joseph, Utah 


Ralph Olsen 
Provo, Utah 

Martha Owen 
Salt Lake City, 


Carroll Pack 
Blackfoot, Idaho 


e, Utah 

Renae Ottley 
Carlin, Nevada 

Jonathan Palmer 
Palmer, Utah 

Janice Parker 
Joseph, Utah 

Jack H. Parry 
Provo, Utah 

Von Packard 
Meridan, Idaho 

Edmund Parker 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Atton Passey 
Randolph, Utah 

Delia Paxman 
Raymond, Albe 

rta, Canada 

Dean Pearson 
Preston, Idaho 


t Grove, 


Lloyd Patterson 
Paul, Idaho 

Lewis Porter 
Stratton. Maine 


Eriine Perkins — Blanding, Utah 
Almon Peterson — Monroe, Utah 
Evelyn Perkins — Pocatello, Idaho 
Alma Peterson — Burley, Idaho 

Charles Peterson — Snowflake. Arizona 
Calvin M. Peterson — Santaquin, Utah 
Dorothy Pettit — Pasadena, California 
David Peterson — Mesa, Arizona 

Glenn C. Peterson — Mesa, Arizona 
Harold C. Peterson — Provo, Utah 
Howard Peterson — Provo, Utah 
Lillian Belle Peterson — Mesa, Arizona 


Jack Peterson — Lymon, Wyoming 
James Peterson — Cottonwood, Arizona 
Joycelynn Peterson — Ogden, Utah 
Lois Peterson — Kimberly, Idaho 

Kay R. Peterson — Lethbridge, Alb., Can. 
Jim Pollock — Nampa, Idaho 
Dearldine Phillips — Toronto, Canada 
Vera Jean Petty — Swan Lake, Idaho 

Robert Platts — Paul, Idaho 
Kay D. Piatt — Richfield, Utah 
Lynn Pinegar — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Narlene Phippen — Ontario, Oregon 

Velma Pocock 
Tooele, Utah 

Aldin Porter 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 


r, Utah 

Jack Poe Jo Anne 
Provo, Utah Phoenix, 


Howard H. Putnam 
Woodruff, Utah 

Enuice Raynard 
Fowler, California 

Maxine Ray 
Hayward, California 

Luena Ransom June 
Lewiston, Utah Los A 



eles, California 

Betty Lou Rees 
Richfield, Utah 

Frank L. Rencher 
Hayward, California 



Enid Redd Cecil 
Blanding, Utah V/hitt 




J. Alden Richims 
Henefer. Utah 

Sheila Richards 
Farmington, Utah 


dine Robb 

Ruth Rich Lorraine Roberts 
Los Angeles, California Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Maurice K. Porter Barbara 
Glasgow, Montana Vernal, 



Pulsipher Milton A. Pounds 
Colorado Provo, Utah 

Claudia Prish 
Chicago, Illinois 



Quentin Fern Rasmussen 
o Roosevelt, Utah 

Susan R 


d, Califo 

Anne Rasband 
rnia Heber City, Utah 

Constance Pritchett 
American Fork, Utah 





Allen Clair Reynolds 
Beaver, Utah 


Dim, Albe 

Frances Reed 
rta, Canada Denver, Colorado 

John Remington 
Venice, California 


nt Grove, 

Earl Riding 
Utah Orem, Utah 

Margie Re 


Owen Richardson 
Orem, Utah 

Loretta Ririe 
Lander, Wyoming 


Doyle Robinson — Fillmore, Utah 
Betsy Robinson — American Fork, Utah 
Don Roberts — Lehi, Utah 
Rulon Robinson — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Joyce Robinson — Great Falls, Montana 
Susan Rogers — Eugene, Oregon 
Helen Rae Robinson — Coalville, Utah 
Darlene Robins — Fillmore, Utah 

Melvin Romney — Duncan, Arizona 
Don Lee Rogers — Garland, Utah 
Glenys Rollins — Lyman, Wyoming 
Phil Rollins — Lyman, Wyoming 

Irene Rowan — Prove, Utah 

Vernal K. Rollins — Lovell, Wyoming 

Vard A. Roper — Provo, Utah 

Barbara Roskelley — Concord, California 

Robert D. Rowley — Richfield, Utah 
Lucille Rowe — Manti, Utah 
Norman Russell — LaCanada, California 
Robert Rosenlund — Eureka, Utah 

Glen Rupp — Tooele, Utah 
Dorthy Ryan — Provo, Utah 
Marleah Rust — Salem, Utah 
Darlene Rush — Lima, Montana 

Paul Salisbury 
Provo, Utah 

Gary Schwendiman 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hiroshi Shirota 
Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 

Leiand Simmons 

Allison Park, Pennsylvania 

Deon Sanders 
Fairview, Utah 

Viola Sthenic 
Wenatchee, Washington 

Lois Sharp 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Douglas Smurtwaite 
Baker, Oregon 

Jolene Salyer 

New York City, New York 

Rosa Marie Schmidt 
Gresham, Wisconsin 

Bob Shepherd 
Seattle, Washington 

Clarice Simpson 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Beatrice Scoviile 
Rosemead, California 

Edward Shurtliff 
OGden. Utah 

Robert Shaw 
Modesto, California 

Anna Vee Smithson 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Lois Scovil 
Burley, Idaho 

Paul W. Sells 
Nephi, Utah 

Ralph Sharp 
Midvale, Utah 

Helen Smyth 
Chicago, Illinois 

Evelyn Russell 

Beverly Hills, California 

Ronald W. Schultz 
Buffalo, New York 

Dale Shumway 
Provo, Utah 

Enid Lee Smith 
Provo, Utah 

Belva Scott 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dorthy Shurtliff 
Overton, Nevada 

Jeanine Shurtleff 
Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Karma Smith 

Cardston, Alberta, Canada 

Roger Sant 

Los Angeles, California 

Ronald Schless 
Millbrae, California 

Russ Shields 

Shaughnessy, Alberta, Canada 

Melvin Smith 
Venice. California 

Lovena Rowley 
Orem, Utah 

Richard Schroder 

Los Angeles, California 

Vera Shippen 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Twila Rae Simmons 
La Point, Utah 

Marjorie Scott 

Grand Prairie, Alberts, Car 

Lois Sellers 

Rock Springs, Wyoming 

Eldeane Sheffer 
Springfield, Utah 

Walter Smit 
Madera, California 


■ ffl'^ni 

Karl Snow — Provo. Utah 

lona Snyder — Myton, Utah 

Boyd Sneddon — Kennnnerer, Wyoming 

Ralph Snelson — Sprlngville, Utah 

William Sorensen — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Roger Sorenson — Gunnison. Utah 
Deona Sorenson — Loa, Utah 
Alma Gene Soderquist — Idaho Falls, Ida. 

Susannah Speierman — Glendale, California 
Robert Spencer — Fillmore, Utah 
Phillip Spencer — Payson, Utah 
Donald Spencer — Riverton, Utah 

Jane Spears — Provo, Utah 
Donna Rae Stapley — Provo, Utah 
Paul Stanford — Stavely, Alberta, Canada 
Tommy Speedy — Twin Falls, Idaho 

Earl Stark — Preston, Idaho 

Myrtle Starling — Jacksonville, Florida 

Jenny Stayner — Malad, Idaho 

David M. Stauffer — Salt Lake City. Utah 

Carol Stephenson — Nephi, Utah 
Mac Stephens — Soda Springs, Idaho 
Marian Steadman — Midvale, Utah 
Patsy Sherline Steele — Delta, Utah 



Bob Stockwell 
Phoenix, Arizona 

LaRue Stevens 
Lewiston, Utah 

Alice Stevens 
Des Moines, Iowa 



Stevens Shirley 
Utah Portlan 

d, Oregon 

Nathan Stout 
Boulder City, Colorado 



ue. New Mexico 

Wendell Strong 
American Fork, Utah 


Stubbs Ella Lo 
City, Nevada Bloomir 

u Stowell 
gton, California 

Lou Jean Summers 
Montlcello, Utah 

Doris Sun 

New York 



Richard Sweet Richard Sumsion 
Delta, Utah Sprlngville, Utah 

Rosalie Swenson 
Provo. Utah 

Fred Taka 



lie, Utah 

Los Anc 

Tanner Dee R. 
eles, California Provo, 



Fred Stone 
Stockton, California 

Ira Stone 
Malad, Idaho 


, Idaho 

Sidney Stevenson 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Florence Stocks 

Long Beach, California 

Shareal Stott 
Milford, Utah 

Lee Stratford 
Lomita, California 

Irma Jane Stuart 
Sreenbelt, Mary 


Joanne Stringham 
Walla Walla, Washington 

Dwight Stuckey 
Macon, Georgia 

Doremis Sumter 
Provo. Utah 

Helen Swan 
Orem, Utah 

John W. Swanson 

Rapid City, South Dakota 

Sally Summerhays 
Salt Lake City. Utah 

Lola Dawn Swapp 
Kanab, Utah 

Nadine Syme 
Lyman, Wyoming 

Andrew Takasak 
Honolulu, Hawa 


John W 


Owen Sweeten 
Malad, Idaho 

Richard Tannyhill 

Los Angeles, California 


Del Roy Taylor — El Paso, Texas 
Janice Taylor — Provo, Utah 
Henry Taylor — Provo, Utah 
Irene Taua — Honolulu, Hawaii 

Lowell Taylor — Farmington, Utah 

Marilyn Taylor — Garland, Utah 

Loma Taylor — Fremont, Utah 

Leila Taylor — Magrath, Alberta, Canada 

Phil Taylor— Provo, Utah 
Verl Taylor — Parowan, Utah 
Ruth Taylor — Provo, Utah 
Ralphena Taylor — Payson, Utah 

Norinne Teushcer — Montpelier, Idaho 
Maxine Telford — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Eileen Teeples — Colton, Oregon 
Sherma Taylor — Frennont, Utah 

Helen Thacker — Castlegate, Utah 
Harry Thacker — Castlegate, Utah 
Inez Tew — Shelly, Idaho 
Dawn Terry — Provo, Utah 

Robert E. Thayer — Provo, Utah 
Grant Thomas — Arlington, Virginia 
Richard G. Thane — Provo, Utah 
Ranee Thackeray — Croydon, Utah 


1^ iki 

Helen Thomas 
Golden, Colorado 

Verna Thompson 
Basalt, Idaho 

Pamela Toland 
Tremonton, Utah 

Norval Turner 
Murray, Utah 

Patricia Thomas 

San Bernardino, California 

James Thorne 
Springville, Utah 

Charles Tucker 
Fresno, California 

Jerry Twitchell 
Lyman, Wyoming 

Glen Thompson 
Grace, Idaho 

Ha Thueson 
Provo, Utah 

Charlene Tueller 
Geneva, Idaho 

Howard Van Fleet 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Josephine Thomas 
Scofield, Utah 

Bette Tittle 
Columbia, Utah 

Roma Jean Tucker 
Wilmington, California 

Emmanell Vieira 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Agnes Thomas 
Pollocksville, North Carolina 

Delene Thomson 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Wilbur Tolbert 
Fayetteville, Pennsylvania 

Kathryn Tuttle 
Castledale, Utah 

Barbara Thompson 
Downey, Idaho 

Marilyn Thorpe 
Ephraim, Utah 

Joan Tuft 
Draper, Utah 

Margaret Van Hitert 
Bountiful, Utah 

Robert Thompson 
Malta, Idaho 

Marilyn Tidwell 
McGill, Nevada 

Marilyn Turley 
Colonia, Juarez, Mexico 

Lenore Vanderburg 
Denver, Colorado 

Elaine Thompson 
Richmond, Utah 

Barbara Tidwell 
Wellington, Utah 

Shirley True 

Los Angeles, California 

Elmer Tyau 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Ronald Thomas 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Sharlene Tobler 
Nampa, Idaho 

Bonnie Jean Turner 
Calckamas, Oregon 

Floyd Vest 
American Fork, Utah 

Patricia Theriault 
Eureka, Utah 

Alvin Thorson 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

La Dawn Tolman 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Paul Turner 
Provo. Utah 


r~^i£i*s<c^^;' .M 

Roy Vincent — Los Angeles. California 
Jean Wachsmuth — Berwyn, Illinois 
Marcia Wadley — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Oarrei J. Vorwaller — Tooele, Utah 

Glenn A. Wagstaff — American Foric, Utah 
Dorothy J. Wagner — Fargo, North Dakota 
Merlin Wagner — San Diego, California 
Milton L. Walston — Salem, Utah 

Ruth Walker — Lovell, Wyoming 
Mary Walker — Brigham City, Utah 
Doris Walker — Orem, Utah 
Pete Warnick — Arvada, Colorado 

Jeanie Wakefield — Superior, Arizona 
Dermis Ward — Lethbridge, Alberta. Can. 
Irva Leora Warnock — Sigurd, Utah 
Lloyd J. Webb — Twin Falls, Idaho 

Archie Wasden — Los Vegas, Nevada 
Val Gene Washburn — Provo, Utah 
Nina Watkins — Arlington, Virginia 
Bates Westerberg — St. Anthony. Idaho 

Carol Warr — Oakley, Idaho 
Eleanor Weed — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Paul Weight — Springvllle, Utah 
Owen West — Denver, Colorado 



Leslie West 
Roseburg, Oregon 

Paul Westover 

El Segundo, California 

Leon Wimb 


La C 


anada, California 

Ann Whiting 
Provo, Utah 

Pat Whitehead 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Ellen W 


Joan Whittle 
Preston, Idaho 

Joyce White 
Denver, Colorado 

Norma White 
Susanville, California 

Dale Wilcox 

Huntington Park, California 







ngton Park, California 



It Lake 

City, Utah 

Alice Ann Wilkinson 
Washington, D. C. 

Larry Williams 
Murray, Utah 

Donna Wilson 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Wayne M. 
Los Angele 

, California 

Joan Wil 


Elaine Werner 
Burbank, California 

Keith West 

Rock Springs, Wyoming 

Albert Whaanga 
Nuhaka, New Zealand 

Gene Whetten 
Chihuahua, Mexico 

Marjorie White 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dorothy White 
Fort Stockton, Te 


Verland Whipple 
Bellflower, California 

Joyce Whiteley 
Oakley, Idaho 

Jack Whittle 
Provo, Utah 

Charles Whittle 
Provo, Utah 

Bernice Wilde 
Welling, Alberta, 


Veldon L. Wilde 
Carey, Idaho 

Joann Willardsor 
Glendale, Califo 


LaVar Whitle 
Oakley, Idaho 

Bos Wiesje 

James Ross Williams 
Grantsville, Utah 

Alan Wilson 
Midway, Utah 

Elva Wiltbank 
Eager, Arizona 

Grant Wilson 
Rainier, Oregon 

Richard Willits 
Denver, Colorado 


Robert O. Whitney — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Hazel Wilson — Rupert, Idaho 
Lois Wiser — Lewiston, Utah 
Maxine Winkler — Bluebell, Utah 

Wanda Wood — Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 
Willis Wood — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Carol Wood — Farmington, Utah 
Betty Wood — Taber, Alberta, Canada 

Harold Winkler — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Maxine Winegar — Ontario, Oregon 
Edith Winters — Park City, Utah 
Ervin Wilson — Rainier, Oregon 

Sid Winter — Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Leia Wing — Raymond, Alberta, Canada 
Dan Witt — Heber City. Utah 

Glenn Woods — Charleston, South Carolina 

Boyd Wise — Marlon. Ohio 
Jayne Winters — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Corrine Woodward — Palo Alto, California 
Karma Wright — San Francisco, California 

Eldon Wright — Charleston, Utah 
William L. Wright — American Fork, Utah 
Wayne Wright — San Francisco, California 
Beverly Wright — Chula Vista, California 

Archie J, Yoasham — Caliente, Nevada 
Harold Yancey — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Lowell Young — Brigham City, Utah 
Jack Zenger — Provo, Utah 

Waldo Zaugg — Union, Oregon 
Eva Young — American Fork, Utah 
Lou Anne Young — Oakland, California 
Nolan Young — Rigby. Idaho 
Mary Young — Provo, Utah 


The Campus Branch was organized In 
1947 as an independent Branch of the 
East Provo Stake to serve Brigham Young 
University students living in school-owned 
housing facilities. The Branch has all of 
the auxiliary organizations with the ex- 
ceptions of a Primary and Relief Society, 
and activities are completely directed and 
financed by the students. The aims and 
objectives of the Branch are to offer a 
complete home-ward schedule of church 
activities to B.Y.U. students, and to foster 
and strengthen testimonies of the Gospel 
of Jesus Ch rist. 

Front row: Robert Blair, Secretary, Betty Lou 
Marshall, 1st Counseler; Dale Cridale, President; 
Ivan Tidwell, 1st Counseler; Donna Aamodt, Sec- 
retary; Barbara hiardy, 2nd Counseler; Kathleen 
Bowman, President; Ben Mortensen, 2nd Counseler. 

to right: Boyd Winterton, 1st Counseler; Erma Ad- 
ams, Secretary; Edward G. Marshall, 2nd Counseler; 
Don Davidson, Superintendent. 


CAMPUS BRANCH OFFICERS— Left to right: Fred Clark, Branch Teaching Clerk; Clifford Olmstead, 1st Coun- 
seler, James Glenn, Branch President; Tom Kekaula, 2nd Counseler; Evan Romney, Branch Clerk, Gale Ham- 
mond, Financial Clerk. 


U 11 


I BRHICi 0[[IC[iS 

WYMOUNT BRANCH SUPERINTENDENCY— Left to right: De Rees Clark, Financial Clerk; George 
L Sevy, 1st Counseler; Kenneth H. Johns, President; Lynn Richards, 2nd Counseler; Charles Arnett, 
Branch Clerk. 

The Wymount Branch was organ- 
ized on June 29, 1947, to fill the 
needs of the young married Latter- 
day Saint students living in the Wy- 
mount Village. It was through the 
initiative of President Howard S. Mc 
Donald, and under the direction of 
the East Provo Stake Presidency that 
the Branch was brought into being. 
The Branch at present consists of all 
the various organizations that are 
found in a regular ward. There are 
572 members and 145 families. Most 
of the membership is composed of 
young couples of about the same 
age and one or two children per 
family. It is this characteristic tnat 
lends uniqueness to the Branch in as 
much as having a family is the pri- 
mary interest to all concerned. There 
is a fine spirit of cooperation and 
understanding since all are living un- 
der similar conditions and have many 
of the same problems to meet. 

SUPERINTENDENCY— Left to right: 
Joe Hill, Superintendent; Hall Shurtz; 
Clerk; Dee Leavitt, Counseler; Wes 
Berry, Counseler; Dennis Dalley, 

Left to right: Moylen Young; 2nd 
Counseler; Beth Brady, 2nd Counsel- 
er; Alene Sevey, 1st Counseler; June 
Russell, President of W.W.M.I.A.; 
Joseph Murphy, President of Y.M.M. 
I.A.; Laine Raty, 1st Counseler. not 
in picture. 

MENS EXECUTIVE OFFICERS; Left to right: Howard Graves, President; William Romney, Vice President; Sale Hammond, Treasurer; Dale 
Taylor, Assistant Treasurer. 

iflHyfl i[[ii 

The founding of Lambda Delta Sigma was in- 
spired by Latter-day Saint ideals and heritage. In 
1936 Dr. Lowell L. Bennion sensed the need for 
spiritual forces to be made practical and operative 
in the lives of college students, and thus fifteen 
men pledged themselves to promote intellectuality, 
fellowship, leadership, cultural life, and L. D .S. 
ideals. Today Lambda Delta is organized on nine- 
teen campuses, and has an approximate member- 
ship of 3000 students and is still growing. 

ADVISORS: Mr. and Mrs. Alma P. Burton. 

WOMEN EXECUTIVE OFFICERS; Left to right: Vesta Ann Ball, Reporter; Lilian Schipper, Historian; Erma Adams, President; Margent Niel- 
sen, Vice President; Janice Jensen, Secretary. 

[uniiff oifinn 

Through its progrann young men and wonnen 
plan and carry out mutually a rich variety of social, 
intellectual, and religious activity. 

"Revelation, truth, and light. 
Knowledge, priesthood, makes us one. 
Through the Gospel's glory bright 
We new fellowships have won." 

— Serrit de Jong. Jr. 

SPONSORS: Mr. and Mrs. William E. Barrett. 


Elma BuHars 
Joiene Nuttall 
Carolyn Cox 
Beverly Longson 
Janice Jensen 

Jeanine Han-ien 
Wanda Randall 
Beverly Bjcrlinnan 
Louise Foutic 
Carroll Porfer 

Bonnie Lee Smellie 
Elizabeth Martini 
Patt Havens 
Irene M. Georges 
Barbara Romney 

Ralphena Taylor 
Doris L. Brown 
Leah Scoresby 
Marrilyn Thompson 
Elizabeth Jane Johnson 

Lois Tucker 
Barbara Clapham 
LuAnn Merrill 
Grace Vanderhydo 
Joyce Brooks 

"... For all the friends you've given us, 
For ideals fine and good. 
For all the pleasant memories, 
For bonds of sisterhood ..." 



Jody Diclcson 
Kitty Sue Barber 
Ruth Jensen 
VeLoIs Nlelson 
Nadean Cluff 

Charlotte Cannon 
Shirley Call 
Beverly Bingham 
Elaine Werner 
Ha Jean Haycock 

Beverly Agnew 
Joyce Wood 
Betty Hayes 
Margaret Packer 
Suzanne Ellis 

Donna Jean Draney 
Wenorn Ford 
Mary Dean 
Denza Aiken 
Juanita Rowley 

Donna WJttwer 
Morise Larson 
Phyllis Sperry 
Annette Wood 
Loa Bowen 

Pauline Dyring 


Joyce Galbralth 

Vice President 

Jeanne OUen 



William Nash 


Glen B. Marble 

Vice President 

Merlin R. Sorensen 


Robert Anderson Keith Hansen 

Robert Hodgen Jay R. Fowles 

Wayne Ferguson Ronald Jamison 

Howard Graves Parley L. Belnap 

Gerald L. Gilner Donald O'Brien 

Dennis Day Earl G. Clarlc 

Richard E. Clark Mike Bentz 

Colin Gardner Rulon D. Robison 

Mark Oldham Karl A. Steinacker 

J. Robert Gillis 

Thomas William Johnston 

Clinton E. Odell 


"Sail Lambda Delta Sigma 
Through ripples on the distant blue, 
Show us your ports where you are due, 
Your sails are set, your course is true." 

Melvin I. Smith Gilbert Liddiard 

John A. Sutherland Wayne A. Meiander 

Bates Westerberg John E. Kelly 

LaMar Twitchell Lynn Jacobson Maitland Spencer 

Ronald Schultz Charles W. Embleton Clyde R. Nielsen 

A. Pardee McGregor Gordon H. Greninger Max H. Parker 

William D. Fryer Thomas A. Halverson 

Wilber C. Haralson Verl M. Green 

H. Ray Layton Darrel C. Lee 

Charles J. Muhlestein 

Francis LeBaron 

Rjchard Phelps 



Oeona Sorenson 
Carol Bateman 
Margaret Miller 

Claudia Joyce Adams 
Emma Broadbent 
Dorothea O'Brien 

Laurel R. Johnson 
Ruth Morris 
Emmaline K. Padeken 

Annette Sandstrom Adele Marchant 

Caroline B. Johns Florence Ipson 

Margene Nielson Marjorie Toone 

Lovina Keeler Joyce Dustin 

Bonnie Christensen Alice Bushman 

Irene Thomas Rose Marie Schmidt 

Harriett Robinton 


Nina Mae Argyle 

Vice President 


Erma Clark 


"Lambda Delta Sigma, 
To thee we will be true, 
Cherished in our memory 
Will be our thoughts of you." 

Betty Harper 
Ooreen Dixon 
Sharon Adams 

Marilyn Frontier 
Luelma Broderick 
Elaine Leavitt 

Bernice Bullocic 
Vada Johnson 
Delna Evans 

Marilyn Dicic 
Evada Orme 
Estelle NishinDura 


Donna Mae Blacker 
Rula Jane Wells 
Josephine Knighton 
Lou Jean Anderson 

Ann Zweifel 
Euridice Turano 
Joan Morris 
Barbara Burgan 


Lynn Hansen 


Carlyle Gay 
Vice President 

Junior J. Hicks 


Grant Rowley 
Dale H. Taylor 
Robert C. Calton 
Ted Weight 
Walter L. Smith 

Gale F. Hammond 
James Christensen 
L. David Wilson 
Keith Anderson 
Fred A. Clarl 

Donn R. Amott 
Melvin R. Whipple 
James R. Fletcher 
Almon Lee Peterson 
Kent S. Anderson 

"If nobler God than yours be found, 
We are not to your colors bound, 
But because you raise the highest mast 
our best is yours until we last." 

Boyd Goodrich Marvin Nelson 

"... for quiet understanding, For strength to overcome; 
Making college life more rich. These are the things you've done.' 

Eugene and Leah TIdwell 


Romania and Parley Madson, Jr. 

Bill and Ruth Romney 

Nola and Jack Parry 



Millard B. Rice 

Leonard El Harding 

Robert V. Jones 

Duane Baldwin 

"A world, a comrade and a dream, 

Eugene C. Hansen 

A youthful day in which to scheme. 

George Miller 

Oh lovely hour of friend; 


Give Lambda Delta Sigma room." 

Seth W. Swann 

Gerald E. Pieldhouse 

Rolen Campbell 

Dan Adams 

Bruce R. Nilsson 

Leonard Moore 


Doyle L. Hansen 


Earl W. Stark 


Glen Mllner 


Donald R. Hendricks 
Remo Roselli 

Victor V. Boll 


A. J. Carpenter 


Robert Graham 


Rex Christensen 
Alfredo Lima Vei 

Keith S. McRae 

Vice President 

Deon J. Sanders 




"Yesterdays go and tomorrows come, 
Each with joys and tears. 
Love blesses each with a sacred glow 
Blossoming with the years." 

Rosa Mae Ostley 
Beth Brown 
Agnes Weiball 
Mabel Paulsen 

Janet Ruppe 
Veola Vaun Levie 
Gloria Neeley 
Thelma Jean Johnson 

Geraldlne Kemsley 
Helen Young 
Nornna Palmer 
Gloria Daun Jensen 

Elaine Howlett 
Dorothy Hailes 
Alice Ann Hansen 
Jan Tanner 

Vesta Ann Ball I la Mae Cook Lilly Glouse 

» ' 

192 Rose B!se Lund 


Darlene Lund 

Vice President 

Shirley Ruth Mortensen 



Helen Erickson Kate Wagstaff Rosemary Crowther Norma June Kirby 

Eva Rae Eldredge 

Alzina Mae Thornton 
Vice President 

Jean Knecht 
Norrlnne Teuscher 
Jean Char 

Carol Warr 
Elva Brown 
Virginia Lambert 

Jean Perschon 
Shirley Mendenhall 
Marguerite Porter 

Beryl Clark 

Leila Hardy 
Nancy Jean Wells 
Shirley Chase 
Vera Jean Petty 

Ellen Lindsay 
Helen Waffenden 
Patricia Glancy 
Virginia Alice Ellerman 

Sharee Booth Roma Baker 

Erma R. Eldredge 


"Mine is a love that Is all for you, 
Deep as the boundless sea. 
Lambda Delta Sigma I have given it to, 
Yours for eternity." 

Marie Sabin 
Thelma Lee 
Marion Steadman 

Mary Lind Irons 
Lorraine Greenwood 
LaRee Holbrook 

Paula Tanner 
Donna Aamodt 
Kathryn Latimer 

Connie Decker 
Dorothy Fitts 
Helen Hinkins 

Coleen Rawson Rosemary Nelson Dahrl Thompson Shirley Huber 

Marilou Rogers LaRue Holbrook Dorothy Curtis Eve Bjorndal 

Elaine Orme Audrey Lee Lorna Whltaker Mavis Stromberg 

Betty Mae Mower Eula Lunt LaJean Van Orden Clist Edwards 

"Our college days are happy, 
With campus pals our friends so true, 
And so we love our Lambda Delta, 
We will ever sing of you. " 

Norma Oespain GayU Loosll Glynna Despain 

President Vice President Secretary 



Ethel Jean Wilson Jean Stock Marcia Rose Vki'arner 

Louise McDonald Shirley Hale Leila M. Taylor 

Marjorie White Betty Jo Peterson Neola Peterson 

Nadina Mitchell 


Iris Jenson 

Vice President 

Barnlce Litchfield 

ShayrrI Warner 
Voniel Jensen 
Twila Jenson 

Lola Christensen 
Colleen Clark 
Colleen Sorenson 

Rose Christenson 
Jean Slack 
Avon Dodge 

Betty Jean Lemon 
Ora Fay Iverson 
Eloise Steed 

"Not what you are but what you do 
Will teach us to be true to you. 
May all who ever wear your sign 
In honor bear its fair design." 


LaDawn Tolman 

Connie htarmsen 

Beverly Finch 


Cecil Carrol Lee Stratford J. Clark Hermansen Ralph Burton Ralph Mortensen Weston K. Jones Wallace Anderso 

Newell Ericltson G. Merrill Andrus Douglas Stevensen Jess R. Bushman Lavon Feller Rulon Jones Lowell Watson 

Einar C. Ericbon David Christensen Phillip K, Humphreys Phil Schmidt, Jr. Robert M. Francis Max D. Harper Norman F. Hannn 

The forge which keeps missionary friendship alive is Delta Phi, an honorary organization for returned 
L.D.S. Missionaries. Missionary companions now become college companions. They seek to foster high 
standards on the campus and they learn to become socially integrated. Such diverse activities as monthly 
excursions to the various temples and a fifty-voice chorus which tours the neighboring counties and states 
were participated in by members. Frequently socials and programs were enjoyed by all. 

Elmo Turner 

Vice President 

Lorin Taylor 


Charles Thomas 

National Delegate 

Norman E. Wright 




D[[Ii Pi 

victor Billings 
Thomas Howells 
Paul D. Levie 
Ralph Jack 

Clair Kend 
Clare G. Judy 
Harold Glen Clark 
Kenneth Julian 

Donald Clark 
McKay C. Burton 
James Solomon 
Elden R. Cox 
Clair Egbert 

Kay Johnson 
Albert Choules, Jr. 
Preston D. Richards 
Bob Ord 
Jesse N. Bensen 



Gale F. Hammond 
Keith R. Walker 
Alexander Louis Fife, Jr 

John Warner 
Glade Greenhaigh 
Donald S. Cooper 

Lester Haymore 
Gene Suderqulst 
John M. Richards 

Darrell T. Martin Fred R. Bingham Stephen Stanford Merrill G. Durfee Calvin Craig E. Virgil Howell Wayne Wright 

Robert W. English Dale Criddle Rex Christensen Jay Jeppson Reed Larson Neil Carruthers Evan Peterson 


Robert K. Snow 
Lorry Rytting 
Jay Smith 
Vern Thaclter 

Douglas W. Stott 
Edward Shurtliff 
George Keith Sirrine 
Jack Bowen 

Robert Rowley 
Donald Spencer 
Wayne L HIrschi 
Ralph Lee 

Victor V. Bell 
Waldo Richardson 
Vernon Blackham 
Edward Baumgarten 

Lorenzo Snow 
John Tanner 
W. Demar Rust 
Howard Harris 

Orvil M. Bushman 
Harold Price 
D. Doyle Lamb 
William Earl Read, Jr. 

D y 


Keneth E. Weight, Jr. 
Spencer J. Palmer 
E. Doyle Robinson 

John M. Whiteley 
O'Dell Cutler 
Bernell Mclntire 

Clifton D. Stubbs 
Earl Oaines 
Paul Westover 

Lester Owen Parley A. McGinis Marcel L Nelson Robert W. Spencer W. Lynn Pinegar Broolcs Poulson Lenord D. Moore 

Ray Morgan William Farnsworth Harold J. Powell Henry A. Anderson, Jr. Alma Lynn Petersen Kenneth Burmlngham George Elbert Magnussc 





Robert Rigby 
Dan Adams 
Lloyd Redd 
Melvin J. Romney 

Norman Woodfield 
Keith McRae 
Max Newren 
Ronald G. Vincent 

Glen R. Mllner 
Ray Gardner 
Connell B. Roberts 
Fred C. Carlile 

Tom Adams 
Varsell S. Jenks 
John Waite 
Max Moffett 

Carl H. Whatcott 
Maurice Kay Heaten 
Vernon J. Miller 
Robert O. V^hitney 

Jack D. Strong 
Charles Anderson 
Richard Grant Ellsworth 
Dale S. Bailey 





Lynn Olive 
Keith OHesen 
Barnarr Harris 

Byron Thomas 
Ralph T. Cariyle 
Keith K/lidgiey 

John E. Anderson 

R. David McDougal 

James L. Mortensen 

Charles S. Peterson John O. Allen Lloyd R. Ashton J. Taylor Gooch H. Grant Evans Marie Berrett Virgil B. Smith 

Grant E. Brown J. Lowell Young Kent Anderson Russell G. Hales Glen I. Hicken Edwin B. Gagon Frank C. Davis 


Theodore Plumb 
Dale Taylor 
Richard Clark 
James Harris 

Roy Madson 
James E. Holt 
Glen B. Marble 
Var Rosenbaum 

Leo Honeycutt 
Lynn Davis 
James N. Whitbank 
Calvin Whatcott 

Ivan Tidwell 
Blauer L. Bangerter 
Rulon Coolt 
Harold C. Yancy 

Ray Anderson 
Wayne B. Ward 
Arthur B. Sadler 
Dean Francis 

Harman C. Steed 
Ardean W. Watts 
Howard Bradford 
Orin B. Baird 

[111 P 


nifl p 

Melba Sutherland 


Marjorle Thompson 

Vice President 

Marion Allen 


The missionary spirit is emulated on 
the Y campus by Beta Pi, a group of 
returned lady missionaries of the Latter- 
day Saint Church. Aims of the organ- 
ization are to foster intellectual, cult- 
ural, and social development. To ac- 
complish these standards they sponsor 
various activities Including testimony 
meetings, and outstanding religious 
speakers. In addition, they present spir- 
itual and recreational programs on cam- 
pus and in surrounding wards and stakes. 

Hannah Call 


Lowene Wood 


Clover Guymon 


Metta Johnson Dorothy Dansie Marilyn Olsen Ruth Morris Marion Kohler Gladys Mecham Myrtle Starling 

Laura Johnson Elaine North Alice Watts Camillia Freestone Jeanette Seibold Hermine Briggs Catherine Kanelcoa 

Margaret Balls Lois Evans Beth Markham Norma Vance Emogene Foutz Mabel L. Klllian Betty Lou Marshall 


Esther Petersen 
Pearl Co» 
Frances Hunn 
Edna Green 
Marie Halverson 

Jeanne Oakey 
Generva Winterros 
Marjorie Toone 
Catherine Beus 
Verna Thompson 

Helen M. Cutler 
Beverly Hammond 
Zetta Critchfleld 
Bernice Wilde 
Emelia Olsen 

Carma Hall Clamanfine Croom Gloria J. Dickie Clarice Simpson Phyllis Wiscombe Mary Hussey Winifred Wilkinson 

Lona Mae Pincock Shirley Mendenhall Ruth Call Ruth Baugh Kathleen Bowman Ann Hartman Belva Scott 




Fun loving, culture seeking, Alta Mitra members highlighted the year with many 
activities, including a "Sweet Sixteen" birthday party, the Annual Invitational, a Din- 
ner Dance, and a week-end in the canyon home. 

Led by unit president, Leah Hacking, the girls won third place in the basketball 

Shirley Sorenson 
Ruth Goulding 
Fern Rasmussen 

Twiria Jenson 
Betty Jo Sprouse 
Iris Jenson 

Patricia Koyen 
Irene Matson 
Marlene Parker 


Carroll Lee Nielson 
Vanile Hancey 
Iris McMillan 

Claudia Ann Prish 
BeHy Davis 
Barbara Rirle 


Leah Hading 


Bonnie Hanson 

Vice President 

Dorothy Hulet 


Jolene Ellis 
Beverly Wright 
Norma Barnes 

Elizabeth Moody 
K/lary Lou Neeley 
Donna Lewis 

JoAnne DeSry 
MyrI Jean Parker 
Renee Labrum 


Lou Narramore 
Ella Mae Hulet 
Garna Taylor 

Shirley Parker 
LaDeane Prior 
Carol Dawn Larsen 

Studen+body Prexy, Universe Edifor, I.K. Duke, are 
but a few of the political Brigadier men. Always anxious 
to see the school run in the best manner possible, these 
men strive for nothing but the highest. Active in aca- 
demic, and forensic alike, these orange and black sweat- 
ered males are also socialites. Rich in comedy was their 
prize winning float in the Homecoming parade, as was 
their Bowery Ball. Also included on their social page were 
formal events such as the dinner dance and their Spring 


Walt Edwards 
Melvin Ball 
Davis BItton 
Glade Walker 

Bob Keate 
James Ellson 
Ernest Olsen 
Mar Grange 

Russell Mickelson 
Verl Mumford 
Howard Billings 
Jerry Bingham 

Alph Bingham 
Thirl Tew 
Norman Rossell 

Jay Mickelson 

Robert Bennett 
J. Kent Johnson 
Earl Beck 
Lewis Nellson 




Kay Carlisle 
Don Turner 

Bill MacKay 
Frank Turner 

Tim Kimball 
Dave Forsyth 

Ned Christensen 
Stan Schlndler 



Keith Calderwood 


Eddie Durham 

Vice President 

Don Turner 


Belmont Anderson Floyd Moulton Orlln Ford 

Bob Lynn Les Ludlow Gary Martin 

Charles Dudley John Homer Lyman Jenkins Bob Anderson 

Fred Lange Wally Hunt Lee Stanford Bob Crockett 



Jan Fenn Donna Lundell Grace Merrill Mary Nell Waddoups Annette Wood 

Colleen Bagley Maridell Lewis Marilyn Miles Isobel Rennie Donna Tanner 

Margaret Brim La Juana Isakson Bonnie Moesser lliene Myers Connie Nebeker 

Joy Houston Annelia Madson Shirlene Stevenson Barbara West 

Lo Rene Hardy Patricia Mason Joyce Potter Jerelyn Sorenson 

Marilyn Hales Jean Ellen McCance Violate Myers Barbara Lu Neilson 

"All I would have my friend to be, that I would be to her and more." With this in mind the Cesta Ties 
concentrated on making this one of their best years. Ably filling any positions, the CT misses were represented 
by the Banyan Queen, AWS officers, class officers, and operatic and dramatic leads. The social calendar was 
filled with such extravaganzas as the "King of Hearts" Invitational, and the spring formal at the Alta ski lodge. 





Russell Billings Erven Nelson Kent Davis Lee Fillerup Raymond Fillerup Dick Huish Ralph Prusse 

Ken Adamson Lowell Bonnett Harold Christensen Don Driggs Robert Gates John Mangum Dale Peterson 

Paul Brockbanit Grant Brockbank Abe Crockett J. Robert Driggs Paul Mendenhall Bob Kirkpatrick Bruce Christensen 

Clave Sw*nton 


Alan Hansen 

Vice President 

Gene Shumway 



Jim Rhodes Owen Tuclcer 

Orlyn Terry 

Quincy Schuenman Henry Stevens 

Ralph Willett 

Lee Simmons J. Ross Starley 

Phil Taylor 

Dick Johnson 

Roger Sant 

Bud Frampton 

Ken Pace 

Spencer Papworth 

Clyde Swenson 

. H. Marie Magleby 

Donald Baldwin 


Leon Heaps 

Del Cram 

Henry Taylor 

Robert Warner 

Boyd Winterton 

Gene Tuttle 

Mose Flake 

Bob Zabriskie 

Dean Ashworth 

J. Warren Davis 

Completely successful this year, the Brickers found 
themselves among the busiest men on campus. Among 
their ranks are such dignitaries as AMS President, Preferred 
Man, and Junior Prom Chairman. From the sublimity of 
the spring formal to the ridiculousness of the Bricker Misfit, 
they enjoyed a full social year. The Brickers chowned their 
activities with a Festival at Bricker Haven in the spring. 



"Faithful friends forever," is the byword of these young enthusiasts. Their mem- 
bership includes such girls as AWS officers, Committeemen and girls outstanding in 
music circles. These coeds put their best foot forward for the Christmas party at the 
boathouse, and the spring dinner dance. Boasting grey sweaters with maple leaf 
emblems and newly designed pins, these lassies- paraded through another active year. 

Lily Higa 
Geniel Thornton 
Lois Waddoups 
Leona Heywood 
Norma Bateman 
Pat Russell 

Glennice Belnap 
Gaynell Call 
Janice Earl 
Marilyn Morley 
Helen Jones 
Delia Olpin 

Mattie Allgood 
Joyce Mills 
Lorraine Hansen 
Mellanette Young 
Lee Udall 
Marilyn Geddis 

Carole Cordner 
Shirley Sanders 
Le Ree Hales 
Renae Bunnell 
Affon Speedy 
Pat Roberts 


Janice Earl 


Delia Olpin 

Vice President 

Andrea Johnson 


Marilyn Hoopes 
Betty Farr 
Jean Daniels 
Norma Bearmson 
Joyce Wood 

Donna Steadman 
Shelia Dunkerley 
Nancy Holt 
Nina Ruth Kimball 
Gay Cole 

Ramona Adams 
Kathleen Thomas 
Maxine Cordner 
Margaret Hansen 
Anita Call 

Arlene Lewis 

Elaine Duffin 
Wanda Wood 
Connie Rushton 
Mary Alice Bullen 



"Excelsior, ever higher," is the creed which Nautilus girls 
seek. Prominent in student affairs, these girls rated many hon- 
ors during the year including student officers, friendliest girl 
on campus. Snow queen. Banyan editor, AWS president, and 
Cougarette president. Heralding their social activities were 
the "Under tne Sea" dinner, senior banquet, and under a blan- 
ket of silver magic, their invitational, "Frosted Fantasia." 
Earnest and sociable, these girls contributed much to the school 

Joy Simmons 
El Marie Briggs 
Virginia Russell 

Lynet+e Woodland 
Carlene Weaver 
Lois Anne Nelson 

Donna Aitken 
Sally Beck 
Janet Romney 

Ruthie Prui+t 
Nanette Stapp 
Charmayne Matson 

Beverly Miller 
Ann Memmott 
Audrey Dotson 
Naomi Bangerter 

Jackie Johnson 
Cherie Marcel 
Dora Jean Cameron 
Dalla Jex 

Glenna Wagstaff 
Sally Summerhays 
Jeanne Bertoch 
Maureen Crandall 

Martha Leigh Mayhew 
Beth Baldwin 
Betty Deakin 
Anna Hoyt 

Ruth Rich 
Marilyn Frame 
Kathryn Melville 
Jo Anne Price 

Joan Tuft 
Louise Boley 
Joyce Atkinson 
Anne Turley 

Corky Nowatry 
Georgia Lauper 
Janice Chadwick 
Marilyn Bennion 




Rae Mona Kirkham 


1 St 


Lois Fairb 




Dahnelle Adcox 

Charmaine Guthrie 






Carolyn Carter 










Lila Bowen 




Sue Nelson 




La MyrI Boya 







Mary Otteson 

Mae B 








Suzanne Eyrlng 








Ruth Leone Rose 








Georgia Miner 

Marcia Doughty 
Carnnon Meason 
Barbara Romney 

Dorothy Crammer 
Afton Ash 
Ruth Reeve 

Jerry Anderson 
Eunice Harmon 
Vernice Jackson 

Renee Cheney 
Carolyn Coi 
Gerry Goodfellow 

Lois Hammond 


Joan Greer 

Vice President 

Rosanne Sessions 



Brue* Stevens 

Rondo Whiting 

Vice President 

Ruperd Cameron 

Boyd Drennan 


Led by able prexy Bruce Stevens, the Gamma Tauxs have moved into their fourth year of social life. Fun and 
more fun is the hub of Gamma activity. The invitational, dinner dance, intramural competitions, and the hilarity 
of goat week were enjoyed by them. Managed by the guys in red are such executive positions as Junior Class Presi- 
dent, Honor Council member, and committeemen. 

Dale JeWs 
John MacCabe 

Reece Glines 
Reid Fillmore 

Joe Benson 
Albert Hedquist 

Bernell Garrick 
Keith Scoville 

Lee Cox 
Lloyd Webb 

Van MacCabe 
Ray Harvey 




Virgil Anderson 

Ted Knowlton 

Paul Roylance 

Henry Lewis 

Bob R. Hamblin 

J. Keith Scovillo 

Al Hulley 

Charles Cox 

McKell Wheelwright 

Richard Heniger 

Gaylan Bagley DeLoyal Bills 

Ronald Schiess 

Jerrold Hedquist Richard Fox 

Donl Peterson 

Allen Tuttle 

DeVere Brough 


s. n 


Jerrle Smith Patti Crowley Lula Jean Holf« 

Joy Arrowsmith Joyce Campbell Lavon Brown 

Kathlyn Robertson Alice Wilkinson Joyce Crandall 

Katherine Miller Marian Mullett Loye Allred 

Mary Wilson Joan Tuttle Marilyn Pulsipher Shirley Christensen 

Ann Ashman Shirley Lamoreaux Elizabeth Sears Raquel Adamson 

OS members boast the oldest unit on campus but age 
only adds to their activities. These girls had a galaxy of events: 
Club Trovata, their invitational, and Grecian Reflections, the 
annual OS assembly. They also held the annual honor banquet. 
Not limiting their activities to the school year, they continue 
in the summer, having parties and sending an OS newspaper 
to all active members. 


Kaihryn Christenson 


Colleen Harmon 
Vice President 

Marian Jensen 

Lenore Bowen 


Gloria Wallis Jan Bean Leia Wing Irene Willis Colleen Mower Diane Blackham 

Pat Quinn Carolyn Stevens Lila Jameson Joyce Madsen Pat Yager Virginia Webb 

Mary Young Janice Anderson Joanne Stringham Birdene Terry La Jean Nelson Lenore Vandenburg 

Marilyn Kuhni Jean Crandall Jacqueline Redd Elaine Carlson Carol Westberg Claudia Knell 

k^T^fc. ™«JfcuJ3 



Owen Heninger 


Adrian Ryan 

Vice President 

John Howard 


Lloyd Bishop DeKHar Kern James Turner Dean Wilson Royce Jensen Dave Clark Bob Bohman 

Robert Swenson Lynn Olsen Kuhn Marshall Gary Loveridge Richard Rowley Donald Bybeo Kent Staheli 

George Hyde James Taylor Robert Mower Ralph Morgan Dallas Burnett Clifford Dunkley Keith Dickson 



Bob Harrison 
Dick Boyle 
Reed Johnson 
Marvin Stewart 
Jerry Zenger 

Bob Jensen 
Reid Wayman 
Bruce Liddiard 
Jimmy Hill 
Blaine Black 

Dan Kimball 
Ken Caldwell 
Johnny Lee 
Richard Carter 
John Swenson 

Paul Scherer 
Paul Salisbury 
E. K. Woolley 
Lawrence McKee 
J. Vern Dunn 

Dee Davis 
Paul Bond 
Dicic Miller 
Frank Patterson 
Edwin Walton 

"Omnus Uno" ..... All for one and one for all . . . and every Tausig 
raises his voice in admiration of his creed. With circus music in their ears, 
Tausigs and guests were ushered into the Bigtop Gaities of their Invitational. 
Members concluded an active year by frolicking at the annual Tausig Topper. 
Not only are they participants in socials, they are also leaders as is evidenced 
by members who are class officers and basketball stars. 


Joanne Neeley 
Lou Jean Foremaster 
Carolyn Wood 
^delia Hatch 

Joyce Bedenbaugh 
June Davis 
Helen Duffin 
Nadine Nalder 

Sybil Lamoreaux 
Ellen Nielsen 
Joanne Eliason 
Vonda Christensen 

Janet Gordon 
Carma de Jong 
Norma Berrett 
Lois Drake 

Gene Anderson 
Bonnie Davis 
Gay Peters 
Sally Magleby 

10 ni 

Marilyn Thompson Iris Atlinson 
Yolanda Perry Sybil Lee 
Edytha Greaves Loa McArthur 


Carolyn Blair 

Barbara Burrows 

Vice President 

Louise Hafen 

With their original tomato plant float the Toks won recognition in the Home- 
conning parade. "The Knave of Hearts," invitational was the highlight of their social 
season, which was full of events. Among their members are class officer, committee- 
men, and cougarette officers. This young unit, only in its second year, delights in 
carrying out their theme which is "To Seek Beauty in All Things." 

Shirley Mortenson Lucille Farthing Maxine Telford Mariorie Haslam Kathryn Curtis Elaine Blair 

Viola Nicholson Phyllis Jensen Beverley Nalder Romaine James Tina Davis Hazel Doering 

Ariene Fernley Beverly Longson Faye Craig Mary Jo Hyer Mona Allred Lucille Rowe 

Connie Woodward 
Patricia Thomas 
Barbara Robison 


T. John Tulaky 


F. A. Guiterrez 


John Paulson 

Vice President 

Howard Wanfleet 
Bud Bohne 
Tom Brown 

James Soloman 
Paul Nelson 
Wendell Jensen 

Johnny McCly 
Reed Stolworthy 
Gordon Harris 

Ron Gagon 
Gordon Owen 
William Tooke 

Richard L . Tooke 
Byron Toone 
Max Tolbert 



Yellow sweaters marked with black swords distinguished the active Knight Templars. Organized winter quar- 
ter of last year by Jim "Little Timp" Hill, this group has been much in demand on campus. Besides their many ex- 
change parties with girls social units the boys participate in many sport events. Prominent In basketball, foot- 
ball, and wrestling are these youna Knights. 

LaVon Satterfield 
Ray Oliverson 
Max Sewell 

Richard Westenskow Kendall Price Wilbur Tolbert 

Ron Daly George Tsalaky Robert Davis 

Jerry Hall Bill Fredrickson Dean Welch 

David Boyce 
Ray Williams 
Gilbert Christensen 

Don Bird 
Ron Erickson 
F. A. Gutierrez 


Gloria Snell 

Beverly Smith 

Lou Jean Compton 

Felicia Erbe 

Cherie Smith 

Clarice Rutter 

Myrl KIndsay 

Renee Rawie 

Vella Clegg 

Ina May Collier 

Masayo One 

Colleen Brown 

Barbara Preece 

Vauna Lubeck 

Clara Borgeson 

Alice Uchida 

Ethel Young 

Ruby English 

Organized by a group of ex-service girls in 1946, this young unit is 
bound by high standards. They revel in competitive sports, and won the 
bowling championship, and also other places in intramurals. The Valkyries 
are especially recognized for the programs they take to the veterans Hos- 
pitals each year. Always eager and enthusiastic, they participate in carnivals, 
assemblies, and other school functions. 



Jean Astin lone Roberts Norma Sumsion Beverley Knowlton Mickey Teslich 

Gene Russell Phyllis Hughes Helen Richins Lois Christenson Joyce Hansen 

Betty Edwards Donna Rex Dona Hansen Elaine Liechty Lois Veile 

Val Praee* 


Ruby English 

Vice President 

Faye Rosenbaum 



[ HR 

Starting their year off right, the Val Hyrics featured Miss 
Utah on their Homeconning float and captured channpionship 
in football intramurals. The Country Club was the scene of the 
traditional Valhalla Snnorgasbord Invitational held in early 
March. Gaining recognition for the Unit were two cheer lea- 
ders, assistant editors on the Universe and Banyan staffs, the 
Duke of the I.K's, tennis channpion of the Skyline Six, and five 
presidents of other campus organizations. All members were 
acknowledged for their sociability and sportsmanship. 

Dick Moody Lester Knight Roy King Avery Glenn 

mm V M 


D. Ray Chipman Donald Decker 
Arnold Larsen Alvero Wardell 

Gene Garrett Dee Roach 

Durlan Stpwart 
Hank Williams 
Boyd Sneddon 

Lynn Detwiler 
Nornian Johnson 
Monte Hickenlooper 
Moyle Stewart 

Michael Miller 
Cal Brandley 
Sam Doxey 
Frank Johansen 

Lowell Horlacher 
Allen Purnell 
Clifford Peterson 
Monte De Graw 


Marvin Peterson 

Jack Bradbury 

Ray Andelin 

Waldo Zaugg 

Bart Christensen 

Troy Miller 

Howard Edwards 

Der Mont Bell 

Buzz Hadley 

Robert Hamam 

Dicic Holder 

Rodney Gordon 

Quentin Bates 

Hartley Fredricksen 

Connie Judd 

Lenz Crandall 

Oick Bevan 

Stanley Hall 

George Sorenson 

Oonis Erickson 

Rod Mann 

Roger Sears 


Stan Greenwell 
Vice President 

Jamas Stubbt 



Madelyn Mathsws 


Bonnie Hansen 
Vice President 

June Adams 


Elizabeth Martini Barbara Hardy Donna Thomander Beverly Agnew 

Carol Brown Marilyn Oldroyd Mjriel Steedman Joyce Dewitt 

Rosemary Phillips Lillian Schlpper Ruth Schipper Margie Driggs 

Looking up to the motto "She flies on her 
own wings," the Val Norns experienced another 
year outstanding in social, political, and scholas- 
tic events. Among their ranks are such notables 
as student body officers, class officers, Y. C. 
president, and Homecoming and Sophomore 
Loan Fund queens. Continually active, the girls 
social calendar included "Cinderella," their 
unique invitational, a dinner dance, and other 

Jeanne Crockett Jean Anderson Veda Dearden Carol Jean Clar 

Bonnie Oclerman Barbara Carruth Barbara West Doremis Sumte 

Charlene Bodmer Audene Dawson Janice Taylor Reona Dixon 

Jeanne Faragher Suzzane Fiske Diane Witbecic Eleise Bergquist Mary Lou Devey Naomie Terry Sharee Westaver Emilie Ander 


I iOlH 

eanine Cummings 
eth Smith 
hvllis Larson 

Pat Bunker 

Viola Johansen Phyllis Winkler Pat Peterson Sally Edwards Barbara Winkler 

Mary Keith Louise Sharp Marilyn Mooney Carol Pitcher Phyllis Parker 

Irene Rowan Joyce Jennings Marion Jackson Carol Hansen Jayne Winters 

Patricia Christensen Nan Taylor Carol Scoffield LaRue Robison Marjorie Harding 

Vivian Schipper Elayne Hansen Norma Brockbank Juliene Jennings LaVonne Thomander 


Donna Gibbons 
Janet Anderson 
Eileen Schipper 
Carolyn Edwards 
Carmela Tanner 

Beverly Gibbons 
Pat Unger 
Ann Whiting 
Marilyn Broberg 
Shirley Roberts 



Bill Dyer 


Wes Barry 

/ice rresi 


Ferren ChrUtensen 


Known for their Irresistable smiles and their melodious serenad- 
ing are the Vikings. A Viking serenade indicates either that some 
members are headed for a swim in the pond or that four dozen 
members are gathered together. Such functions as their annual 
Jiggs Costume Party mark the Vikes noted as entertainers. As one 
of the oldest units on campus, these men of the sword and shield are 
rich in tradition and honor. 

Jeronne Hainsworth George Puckett Robert Green Keith Froley 

Ernest Larsen Buryl McClurg Reed Page Gene Jensen 

Barry Thompson Robert L. Hamblin Richard Nelsoi 

Con Taylor Karl Snow David Chadwi 


Bob Sipherd 
Francis Magleby 
Jack Jones 
Lee Bartlett 

Joseph Day 
Thomas Boyden 
Gordon Loveridge 
Russell Taylor 

Harry Trimble 
Don Tucker 
Widstoe Shumway 
Cloyde Miner 

Jarrett Jarvis 
Vern Tueller 
Dale McAllister 
Benton Mosley 

Ken Leth 
Keith Deeds 

James Little 
Morris Hainsworth 

Robert Hales 
Gordon Price 
Briant Stringham 
Craig McNeil 

McKee Blaisdell 
Rulon Kartchner 
Kay Driggs 
Bruce Chambers 



Victor Sakiestewa 
Reed Durham 
Charles Mercer 

Oayle Thomas 

Vice President 

Howard Nibley 
Daniel Leegant 

Clyde Rodeback 


LaVerne Weirs 


Kelvin Hoover 

Triton sticks to the adage that good things come in small 
packages. They make a yearly contribution to the Church Mission- 
ary System. Though quiet and unassuming, they pride themselves 
in scholarship and brotherhood. 


The standard devised by Ami 
Phi Unit is "A nnan that hath 
friends must show himself friend 
ly." Beginning the year's activities 
was an original semi-formal Birth- 
day Ball. Although small, their 
membership has spanned the 
school in one short year. A willing 
group, they can he recognized 
by their ready smiles and white 
sweaters with red handclasp em- 

JoAnn Peterson 


lone Green 

Vice President 

Doris Fritliaw 


D y 

Beth Perry 

Geraldine Hall 
Maxine Ray 
Ida Norcutt 

Shirley Warner 
llene Hall 
Leah McBride 
Elizabeth Johnson 

Venetta Mackley 
Shirley Roblson 
Norma Loomis 
Donna Nelson 

Joylene Rawie 
Gwen Reld 
Eula Wiltbank 
LaVieve Thomas 



Vivian Shipper 

Donna Thomander 

Madelyn Mathews 

Kathleen Taylor 

Lois Ann Nelson 
Carole Baker 

Beverly Gibbons 

Mary Florence Martineau 

La MyrI Boyack 
Marcene Camp 

Donna Deenn 

I[ U! 

Girls are chosen for White Key at the 
end of their Junior year on the basis of out- 
standing scholarship and service to the school. 
These able girls In blue uniforms budgeted 
their tinne among many activities: leading the 
Homecoming Parade, directing Cougarettes, 
publishing annual Student Directory, spon- 
soring iiieir annual Spring Fashion Tea. Chief 
project of the group this year was helping 
to provide more adequate playground for 
children of Wymount Village. 



Lorraine Russell 


Mae Blanch 

Vice President 

June Adams 



li[ i[\ 

The B.Y.U chapter of Blue 
Key National was chartered 
in 1932 by a group of out- 
standing college men on this 
campus. This year's sched- 
ule has been very full for 
Blue Key. Several projects 
of major importance have 
been undertaken and com- 
pleted. "B. Y. and You," 
the freshman orientation 
handbook was the summer 
project of the group, and 
Homecoming this year was 
a Blue Key project. Other 
projects have included the 
establishment of the Honor 
System, a Spring student 
body dance and the obtain- 
ment of a highway billboard 
for the advertisement of 

John Lee 


Dalian Clark 

Vice President 

Wayn* Ferguson 


Earl B. Jones 
Richard Andelin 
Conrad Judd 

James Glenn 
James E. Stubbs 
Roger R. Sears 
Jess R, Bushman 

Evan M. Romney 
Ralph Benson 
Howard Graves 
Clifford Olmstead 

Jerry H. Zenger 
Arden Aplanlap 
Fred Radichel 
LeRoy K. Jones 

L. M. Whittaker 
Eldred Johnson 
Don Driggs 
Max Golightly 

James B. Hill 
Jack Christensen 
Neil Dodson 
Dean Ashworth 


Viola Johnson 


Sally KIrliham 

Vice President 

Margaret Packer 


Active girls in neat white sweat- 
ers and navy blue skirts promoted 
school spirit. Y Carcares is, a sis- 
terhood of Junior and Sophonnore 
girls outstanding in scholarship and 
interested in school affairs. Up- 
holding all traditions of the Uni- 
versity, these girls ushered at as- 
semblies and lyceums, sold Smile- 
age Cards, and gave all around 
service. Besides being sponsors of 
Hello Week, they were co-chair- 
men of the traditional Belle of the 
Y Contest. 



Audra Jane Sauer Barbara WlnUer Afton Ash Dorothy Cranmer Nadine Jones Bonnie Hansen Barbara Romney Maxine Cordner 

Helen Clyde Agnes Weibell Sue Nelson Jody Dickson Jo Anne Boley Jan Fenn Dawn Bennion Donnene Merrill 

Louise Becic Rae Mona Kirkham Geneva Call Barbara Smith Geniel Thornton Phyllis Smith Roylance Spratling Julienne Jennings 


Carms de Jong 
lona Green 
Gayle Loosli 

Lavon Brown 
Elizabeth Sears 
Carol Jean Clarlc 
Carol Pitcher 

Eileen Schipper 
Charlotte Cannon 
Renee Cheney 
LaVon Thomander 

Pat Mason 
Barbara Burrows 
Lily Higa 
Donna Aitken 

Tina Lou Daniels 
Dorothy Sroesbeck 
Beth Smith 
Lillian Schipper 

Ruth Purdy 
Rosemary Phillips 
Elizabeth Martini 
Joyce Ashman 

Nancy Holt 
Shirley Roberts 
Janice Petersen 
Colleen Christensen 

Phyllis Larson 
Gloria Stimpson 
Yvonne Lyons 
Alzina Mae Thornton 


Ralph Hansan 


Don Wright 

Vice President 

Roy King 


Howard Hurst 
Paul Webb 
Preston Taylor 

Douglas Nicholes 
Keith Orme 
Don Schaefer 

Dave Clark 
Robert Bennett 
Arlin Glines 

Merrill Broolsby 
Russell Mickeison 
J. Warren Davis 

Dale Richey 
Norman Bodily 
Jim Penrod 

Lyman James Durfee 
Charles W. Embleton 
Kay Johnson 


In the limelight of student ac- 
tivity, members of the Gold Y 
chapter of the Intercollegiate 
Knights looked forward this year 
to their national convention. Ser- 
vice, sacrifice, and loyalty being 
their motto, they promoted school 
pep throughout the year. By ush- 
ering at games and assemblies as 
well as helping with student body 
election booths these boys became 
noted as "handy men." 

)hn L. Coray 
ill Kennington 
lerle Smith 

Warren M. Russell 
Duane Price 
Clifford Kekauoha 

G. Merrill Andrus 
Avery Glenn 
Dennis N. Day 

Jim Crook 
Edward Marshall 
Bruce Chambers 
Morris L. Mower 

Leonard Shurtleff 
Ken Leth 
Robert H. Hales 
Hank Williams 



Naomie Terry Dawr> 

Terry Jack 

e Joh 


Helen Marchant 

LaVonna Guymon Virgin 

a Webb Tina 


Lois Drake 

Doremis Sumpter Elaine 

Hendrix Ruth 


Marilyn Brown 

Ann Memmotf 

Lenore Vandenberg 

Alice Wilkenson 

Elaine Anderberg 

Helen Denison 

Joanne Stringham 

Jennie Marchant 

Mary Jo Hyer 

Patricia Thomas 

Sybil Lee Colleen Parker 

Shirley Ann Urio 

Marjorie Olsen Janice Chadwick 

Mary Lou Foutz 

Bi - -iil 

For service, the Cougarettes In blue and 
white uniforms added spirit to football 
and basketball games, sold Smileage cards, 
and helped with the March of Dimes Cam- 
paign. And for fun, the girls held a Home- 
coming Open House and a Spring Invi- 

Joan Pearson 
Lois Scovil 
Bonnie Davi: 


Joyce White 
Jan Bean 

Charie Marcel 


■J, :''r.t: . 

Bertha Morfansan 

Vice President 

Martha Leigh Mayhew 


Jeanne Corbett 

Colleen King 

Pat Mason 

Hazel Doering 

Yvonne Hofer 

Sally Summerhays 

Jeanine Shurtleff 

Louise Boley 

Nancy Done 

Irene Rowan 

Shirley Treu 

Barbara West Marcene Camp 

La Jean Nelson 

Luana Clegg 

Wynnette Kartchner Joycelynn Peterson 

Ruth Rich 

Betty Deakin 

Helen Blackburn Carol Clark 

n n 


n r T '" 


J I 



Eileen Schlpper Sharon Kirwan Velda Roper 

Elaine Orme Carroll Lee Nielson Gayle Loosli 

Janice Peterson Yvonne Lyons Barbara Kennedy 

HiPin [ 

Elizabeth Martini 


Roylance Spratling 

Vice President 

Sue Nelson 


"To promote intelligent living and to encourage superior schol- 
astic attainnnent annong Freshnnen women." With this as their motto 
the Alpha Lambda Delta girls furthered several service projects this 
year. Both cultural and social meetings were attended regularly. 
New members are accepted for the national organizations on the 
basis of their Freshman grade-point average which must be 2.5. 


Afton Ash Nancy Takemoto Monna Hansen Nadine Jones Lois Tucker Lavon Brown Annette Wood 

Barbara Smith LaVonne Thomander Betty Jane Johnson Audra Jane Sauer Maxine Cordner Phyllis Smith Barbara Carruth 





Bath Markham 

Lorraine Hansen 

Vice President 

Through adherence to the principles and 
Ideals of Gamnna Phi, members are stimulated 
to establish better living In the home and in 
the community. This organization urges high 
scholarship, promotes ideal womanhood, ex- 
tends cultural appreciation, and presents an 
understanding of scientific advancement. 
These future home makers acted as hostesses 
at a Fall Workshop In which sixteen colleges 
were represented. 

May Billings Margaret Potter Irene S. Barlow 

Winifred Wilkinson Katheryn White Jose E. Stewart 

Annie V. Knight 

Nadine Mitchell 
Rosemary Phillips 

Carole Cordner 
Mona Rae Anderson 
Alzina Mae Thornton 

Lois Anne Nelson 
La Rue Johnson 
Marion Jensen 

Bonnie D. Hansen 
Ruth E. Brasher 
Betty Lou Marshall 

Phyllis Tuttle 
Ruth Purdy 
Barbara Harries 

Effie Warnicic 
Eleanore Jorgenson 
Sheronne Robertson 



Leonard O. Moors Carl Cox 

Don Lee Rogers George Allen Mortimer 

Calvin Sidding Harry Fred Thacker 

Paul Robert Searle Monte Paul Hickenlooper 



Awarding of a gold 
medal to the outstanding 
male freshman scholar of 
the year is an annual pro- 
ject of Phi Eta Sigma. 
Other methods of the 
club to stimulate scholar- 
ship are educational trips, 
distribution of "How to 
Study Phamphlets," and 
discussions upon pertinent 
subjects. These active 
boys also hold noon lunch- 
eons and an annual ban- 



J. Morris HIclcman 

Vice President 

Robert Hales 

Calvin Hielson 
Leiand Loy 
Richard Huish 
Douglas Phillips 
Evan Romney, Jr. 
Arnnand Wayne Schwalbe 

Allan Ebesu 
Ivan C. Swenson 
Warren Russell 
Vern Dixon Bailey 
Lloyd K. Bishop 
Ray Lamar Duffin 

Jack Howard Parry 
George Kanshole 
Dayle Jeffs 

Ralph Ricardo Hitchcock 
Edward E. Marshall 
George Elbert Magmussoi 

Edward Andrus Money 
Robert Lynn Brown 
Albert Hedqulst 
Walter E. Brady 
Dennis Day 
Owen D. West 


. «J,!-!.i'«HSi)f-*-'l- 

Hank Williams 


Vesta Ball 


Barbara Josie 


Organized to stimulate interest in Journal- 
ism and promote higher standards in the writ- 
ing field, Omega Nu, Honorary Journalism 
Fraternity had one of its most successful 
years. Besides acting as hosts at the inter- 
Mountain Journalism Conference, the group 
sponsored a newswriting contest. The annual 
Gridiron Banquet for students active on cam- 
pus publications was the usual hilarity, with 
each department "roasting" its members. 

Lee O. Glenn 
Hugh deNagy 
Tom Lyman 

Marilou Rogers 
Fred A. Clark 
Reid Fillmore 

Ivan Hilton 
Betty Ann Green 
Virginia Havens 

Dahnelle Adcox 
Dave Forsyth 
Dee Roach 

A. J. Carpenter 
Eileen Teeples 
Vernlce Johnson 

Diclt Riclts 
Julia Neville 
Frank Davis 

Wayne DeBry 
Grace Guymon 
Stan Hall 
Ruth Rose 

LaVerne Crowley 
Donnene Merrill 
Vern Baily 
Roland Rasmusson 



Allan R. Hansen 


Walter L. Smith 

Vice President 

Celton R. Lewis 

Frank P. Turner 
James H. Elison 
Dwight Despain 

Robert M. Gates 
Keith W. Calderwood 
Max Thomas Evans 

Maeser D. Okerlund 
Spencer J. Reber 
Gregory F. Hosford 

Max W. Dix 

A! Devito 

Robert O. Warner 

Ward Abbott 
Moyle D. Stewart 
Bill Hortin 

Oufstanding students in the Earth 
Sciences, which include Geology, Min- 
ing, Metallurgy, Ceramics, Petroleum, 
Engineering, join together as Sigma 
Gamma Epsilon, a National Honorary 
Geologic Fraternity. For its objectives, 
the Fraternity has: scholastic, scientific, 
and social advancement at this unit. 
Also the extensive program of Sigma 
Gamma Epsilon promotes friendly re- 
lations between other universities and 
scientific schools in the United States 
and Canada. 

Jess Bushman Earl Ned King 

Carl R. McFarland James Broshard 


Armand Wayne Schwalbe Carl Wilcox 

'«mes Owps Bert L. Ostlund 

/lor J. Morgan White 

Ivan Hilton 

Melvin J. Arrington 

Merlin J. Jones 

Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional commerce 
fraternity which fosters scientific research in 
the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; 
and endeavors to educate the public to ap- 
preciate and demand higher ideals therein. 
Founded on the campus in 1928, the Frater- 
nity annually sponsors the Ad Ball each spring, 
and brings many important men in the busi- 
ness field to their meetings to speak of their 
practical knowlege. 

iiPHH urn PSI 

Dale Hunt 


Richard Andelin 

Vice President 

Raed Bird 


Jimmy Walton Don A. Weaver, Jr. 

Lyie D. Patton Neil D. Monahan 

Gordon Neilson John H. Adams 

Charles Adair Dean Hibbert 

John Zagorec Neal W. Stenquist 

Kenneth N. Wilson Arthur G. Bliss 



William Romney 


James Little 

Vice President 

Harvey A. Lund 


Emphasizing sound scholarship and pronnptness of research, Beta Beta Beta, International 
honorary biological fraternity, limited its membership to students of biology, botany, and 
zoology. A clear picture of biology in every day life was presented, bringing the student 
many unique experiences. Some of their unusual feats were boat trips across Utah Lake. 
An annual affair for this group of scientists is the initiation banquet. 

Marvin Dale Coffey 
Donald Allred 

William L. Walker 
Max MacFarlane 

Stanley Welsh 
Glen Moore 

Floyd G. Sampson 
Stanford Kit+erman 

Edward E. Jones 
Joseph G. Tully, Jr. 



Marjorie Millar 


Burnett Ferguson 

Vice President 

Bryce Spencer 

Composed of students who par- 
ticipate in speech and dramatic 
activity is Theta Alpha Phi, nation- 
al professional dramatic fraternity. 
Not only did the members foster 
dramatic art, they also participat- 
ed in the various crafts of the 
theater. One of the year's most 
entertaining assembly programs 
was produced by them. Their 
main production, however, was a 

Lu Rae Cranney 
Ted Becbtrom 
Maridell Lewis 

Grant Clyde 
Helen D. Campbell 
Maxine Lamborn 

Lynn Benson 
Jack Davis 
Jack Christensen 




Ramona Adams 


Marie Dean 

Vice President 

Wanda Scott 

To raise the standards of women in 
the field of connmerce, to encourage 
fraternal co-operation among women 
preparing for business careers, and to 
promote fellowship among students of 
the Brigham Young University are the 
goals of Phi Chi Theta, Women's 
National Professional fraternity. Their 
activities include meetings every two 
weeks, a dinner dance, a business trip, 
a banquet, and co-sponsorship of the 
Ad Ball with Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Carol Dawn Larsen 
Joyce Galbraith 
Beryl Clarke 
Myrra Ann Williams 

Amelia Madson 
Norma Crossmoss 
Betty Lou Rees 
Claire Gilchrist 

Joyce Gibbs 
Donna Aamadt 
Lorene Burton 
Delores Tyler 

Lorraine Linde 
Elva Brown 
Betty Carmack 
Flora Larsen 


PHI nipy iH[[H 

Carolina Stuck! 


Lawrence R. Slack 

Vice President 

William Brace 

An openhouse for all interested students and faculty brought an increased membership to 
Phi Alpha Theta, national honorary fraternity. Their program is three-fold: (I) to promote 
scholarship, (2) to recognize high attainment, and (3) to encourage association and fellowship 
among senior and graduates in the field of history. 

James B. Hill 
Jean McKell 
Richard D. S. Kwak 
Davis Bitton 

Robert Anderson 
Paul L Ng 
Dorothy Hulet 
Irene M. Briggs 

Norman E. Ricks 
Patricia Yager 
Odell Scott 
George M. Addy 





Row I: James D. Or+on, Aldo C. Nelson, Raymond F. Rees, William C. Knudsen. P. Robert Pet- 
erson, Owen Rich, Frank B. Woofinden, Owen S. Merrill. Row II: Dr. Wayne B. Hales, Dr. Milton Mar- 
shall, Arthur Sevy, Fred D. Childs, Ray L Chipman, Ruperd G. Cameron, Kenneth J. Keate, Donald 
T. Jones, Eugene Tidwell, Royal B. Henderson. Row III: James Pinegar, Jerry Zenger, Don A. Han- 
sen, Edwin Dean, Martin Miller, Dean Carl F. Eyring, Dr. J. H. Gardner. 

Officers: Raymond k. Rees, secretary; Aldo C. Nelson, President; Dr. 
Wayne 8. Hates, Advisor; James Orton, Vice President; Dr. J. H. Gardner. 


A National Honorary Physics Society, 
Sigma Pi Sigma, lists the following as 
their objectives: (I) to stimulate high 
scholarship. (2) to create an interest in 
research and advanced study of physics, 
and (3) to encourage a closer association 
between members for the purpose of 
sharing ideas. 


Attracting students to the growing field of microbiology and encourag- 
ing lower classmen to aspire to greater heights are the aims of Beta Sigma 
National Fraternity. Bacteriology majors, nurses, and lab technicians partici- 
pated in educational and social functions at BYU. They also enjoyed associ- 
ations with Chapters from neighboring schools. 

SiHing: left to right: Joseph G. Tully, Treasurer; Gwen Spratling; Lorna Whitaker; Dean A. Anderson, Advisor; Carol 
Hanks; Phillis L Christensen; Kay Nishiguchi, Secretary; Blaine B. Harper; Thomas A. Halversen Standing; Left to right: Tusugio 
Watanabe; Paul Allan; E. Virgil Howell; J. Clifton Spendlove, President; T. John Tsalaky; Hal Fielding; Rex S. Spendlove; Leroy b. 

Lott; Carroll E. Despain. 


Russell Mickelson, Vice President; Alonzo J. Morley, Governor 
of the Western District of T.K.A.; LaVar Bateman, Sponsor; Ralph 
Benson, President; Eddie Durham, Secretary. 

Newly organized, Tau Kappa Alpha 
has increased its mennbership this year. 
Those who have gained distinction in 
forensic activity, mainly intercollegiate 
debate and oratory, became honored 

iiPin [Piii[ii Rii 

The Omicron chapter of Alpha 
Epsilon Rho, the National Honar- 
ary Radio fraternity, has become 
an active part of the B.Y.U. this 
past year, its purpose it to foster 
and further radio experience and 
training in universities, and to give 
recognition to those who have 
done outstanding work in this field. 

Standing: Jim Ludlow, regional representative; Thayne Harris, Durian Stewart, Neil 
Dodson, EIDean Bennett, Eunice Harmon, Conrad Judd, Courtney Brewer, Elmo Howard. 
Seated: Owen Rich, Vice President; Maridell Lewis, Secretary; Bob Whittaker, President; 
Ray Andelin, Treasurer. 


Left +0 right; Row I: 
Bernarr Harris, Vice-Pres., 
Kathleen Taylor, Sec, Cal 
Brandley. Pres., Bernice 
Bullock, Treas., Lowell 
Horlacker, Reporter. Row 
II: David S. Brandley. 
Barbara Nalder, Virgil An- 
derson, Verna Johnson, 
Reece L. Glines, Ruth 
Ann Keeler, Frank Johan- 
sen, Doren Hartley, Lu- 
cille Hogenson. Row III: 
Winton E. Brooks, Viola 
Johansen, Alice Holmes, 
Melvin Sparkman, Russ 
Shields, Cliff Peterson, 
Lois Fairbanks, Cori 
Weinheimer, Hermiene 
Briggs, Ron Cosgrove. 
Lavina Keeler, Bessie Orr, 
Ted Knowlton, Ann Han- 
sen, Dennis Ward. 

Left to right; Row I: Millard B. 
Rice, Karma Smith, Arline L. 
Glines, LaVaughn Fawns, Tom 
Holmes, Marjorie M. Scott, Paul 
E. Stanford. Row II: Kay Peter- 
son, Catherine G. Brandley, Gor- 
don K. Harris, Delia Marie Mertz, 
Leonard Harding, Norma Palmer, 
Joyce Johnson, Vada Johnson. 
Row III: Melvin R. Baron, Robert 
Brandley, Theron LeBaron, Enid 
Lawler, Bernie Litchfield, Betty 
Harper, Kae Frances, Doreen Dix- 
on, Nadine NIelson, Dean Stronies, 
Lee Taylor, Laurel Johnson, Car- 
men Ursenbach. 

Again this year the Canadian Club had a larger percentage of active members than any other geographical club on 
campus. Many hours of Canadian sociability were enjoyed by the group. The event of the year was "Northern Fantasy," 
the traditional Christmas dinner dance in an atmosphere of northern lights and boughs. 




•€^^:^^:>mm^i$^^:fm'4^M^ '^.>'^^. 

Left to right; Row h Joyce Galbraith, Zaiia Seabury, Bertha Mortensen, June Davis, Eula Lunt, Jean hHatch, Joyce 
Jennings, Joyce DeWitt, Julienne Jennings, Jarrett Jarvis. Row II: Elaine Greer, Connie Decker, NaDeen Cluff Rosie 
Nelson Viola Lillywhlte, June Galbraith, Lee Udall, Coleen Rawson, Elaine Werner, Donna Gibbons, Margie Dnggs, 
Row ill: Jim Holt, President: Hank Williams, Vice President; Joyce Campbell, Sylvia Farr, Dorothy Heward Glynna 
Despaln, Secretary; Johnny Tucker, Dave Petersen Harry Newell, Benton Mosley, Gene McGuire. Row IV: Guy Ray 
Norman K. Coleman, Merlyn Adair, Rulon Kartchner, Frank Rencher, Keith Serrine, Bob Green, Charles Peterson, 
Merrill Brooksby, Keith McRae, Bert Ostlund. 

Left to right: Kay Driggs, Reporter; Jim Holt, Pres.; Glynna Despain, Sec-treas. 
Hank Williams, Vice Pres. 

The main feature of the 
Arizona Club this year was 
the annual "Arizona Day" 
held spring quarter. Other 
activities were a party at 
the lodge near Utah Lake, 
a Christmas dance in the 
Smith Commons, and an ice 
skating party. 


This husky band of students has 
succeeded the dinosaur in his 
claim to Eastern Utah. The social 
life sponsored by the Uintah Basin 
Club enables its members to en- 
joy a well-rounded college life and 
helps them to feel at home away 
from home. 


Left to right: Duane Price, Vice Pres.; Lorna Soder- 
qulst, reporter; Janet Ruppe, Sec; Elizabeth B. Hall, 
Soc. Chairman; Boyd Goodrich, Pres. 

Left to right; Row I: Boyd Goodrich, President; Janet Ruppe, Secretary; Lorna Soderquist, Reporter; Duane 
Price, Vice President. Row II: Josephine Knighton, Irene Thomas, Donna Lang, Eva Rae Eldredge, Lynn Haslem, Twila 
Simmons, Norman Bodily, Steve Sherwood, Donna Lundell, Sandra Larson. Row III: Jack Nixon, Erma Eldridge, Junior 
Hicks, Kenneth Goodrich, Dick Blint, Bonnie Hullinger, Renee Labrum, Virginia Lambert, Lila Ashby, Elizabeth B. Hall, 
Maxine V^inkler, lona Snyder. 





Left to right; Row I: Clarence Rutter, Iris Atkinson, Harley Mims, Lyie Patton, Tina Davis. Row II: Melvin 
Cordon, Flora Larsen, Del Roy Taylor, Reona Dixon, Ruby English. Row Hi: Howard Pearce, Sue Peele, Reta 
Raphiel, Jack R. Berry, Shirley Larsen. 

Left to right: Lyie Patton, Dahneiie Adcox, Ciarence 
Rutter, iris Atkinson, Hariey Mims. 

To promote friendship among 
the students from the Land of Cot- 
ton and Blue Ridge Ivlountains, the 
Southern States Club was organ- 
ized, tvlembers enjoyed the Dixie 
Land spirit at a Thanksgiving iHay- 
ride. The major accomplishment 
of the club was second place prize 
for their float in the artistic divis- 
ion of the hlomecoming parade. 


Though new this year, and still 
in it's swaddling clothes, the Wash- 
ington-Montana Club is off to a 
good start. Steered by active 
officers and propelled by enthusi- 
astic members, the club shows 
promise of becoming a great or- 
ganization. It has sponsored a 
dance for its members and friends 
and helped in presenting the 
"Fatal Fling." A basket ball team 
and ski team have also been or- 

Left to right: Jody Dixon, Vice Pres.; Kumen Smith, Pres. 
Corky Nowatny, Soc. Chairman. 

Left to right: Row I: Harold R. Carl, Frank Berrett, Kumen Smith, Jody Dixon, 
Marjorie Payne, Gaylen Masters. Row II: Craleen Thornley, Alene Watkins, Joyce 
Potter, Donnamae Blocher, Leona Blocher, Beverly Finch, LaMyrle Boyack, Ruth Ann 
Jones, Viola Schenk, Mary Lou Neeley, Darlene Rush. Row III: Sven Kaarla, Boyd 
Warnick, Lorin Lybbert, Loyd Warnick, Hal Jorgensen, Lyie Burke, Hal Messervy, 
Bob Parse!!, Henry A. Anderson. 




in nnnnn • 
jULllliiluU uLUt 

Left to right: Row I: Janice Abbott, Irene M. Georges, Shirley Mortensen, Nor- 
ma June Kirby, Carole Ann Christensen, Martha McCullough, Connie Harmsen. 
Row II: Bob W. Abbott, Pres.; Parley A. McGinnis, Frances Reed, Vesta Ann Ball. 
Naomi Clifford, Warren Clifford, J. Lester Soff. 

The major purpose of the Colo- 
rado club was to have fun. To 
accomplish this general goal mem- 
bers held parties once a month 
after business meetings. Their 
activities came to a climax at a 
canyon party spring quarter. 

Left to right: Bob Abbott, Pres.; Shirley Mortensen, So- 
cial Chairman; Carole Christensen, Sec-treas.; Jim Waterhouse, 
^ Vice-Pres. 


Former students of Dixie Junior 
College joined together as a Dix- 
ie Club. They renewed many 
friendships and relived memories 
of their former school. In addition 
to social interests, the members 
supported a team which partici- 
pated in intramural competition. 


Left to right: Don Homer, Laurett Brooksby, Sharlene 
Snow, Andrew Barnum. 

Row I: Wesley Holt, Sharlene Snow, Andrew Barnum, Don A. Homer, Bennion 
Halver, Bennion Scott, Dean A. Peterson. Row II: Kenneth R. Tobler, Robert Hale 
Pearce, Metta Johnson, Laurett Brooksby, Yvonne Bentley, Mary Bennion, Burnell Lamb. 
Row III: Kelly Hall, Leo Folsom, Calvin Hall, Junior Gates, Josephine Michael, Spen- 
cer J. Reber. 


Leff to right: Lee Filler- 
up, Thora Belle Brown. Lou 
Narramore, LoEne Brown, 
Gordon Waring. 

B^Bi . ^ ^ ^BB^g*. 1 11 1 1\\ MikMiK^B 

The Wyonning club, whose main purpose is to establish -friendly relations among 
students from Wyoming, sported at a Round-up autumn quarter. They also had a 
semi-formal dance in the winter and a hayride in the spring. 

Left to right: Row I: LoEne 
Brown, Melva Hale, Thora Belle 
Brown, Lou Narramore, Beulah 
Field. Row II: Jim Cook, Eula 
Clark, Pat Adams, Trudence John- 
son, Loretta Ririe. Row III: Don 
Kennington, Joan James, Lois Sel- 
lers, Ronnie Dunning, Lee Fillerup. 
Row IV: Ruth Walker, Gordon 
Waring, Jeanine Shurtleff, Ruby 
Marie Jones, Gordon Olsen, Mef- 
vin P. Burton. Row VI: Harold 
F. Bateman, Elva Brown, Keith B. 
Harmon, John M. Tippets, Ray 
Fillerup. Row VII: Ralph M. Sim- 
mons, Roy Snell, Phil Rollins, Dix 
Turnbow. Row VIII: Robert Dal- 




Left to right; Row I: Dorothy Babbette, Sec-Treas.; Dan Clay, Pres.; Jan Bean; Ruth Leone Rose, Sec. 
Row II: Ralph Hansen; Fred Radichel; Betty Hayes; Carolyn Edwards; Dorothea O'Brien; Lona Mae Hyde. 
Row III: Richard A. Meyer; Donna Thomander; LaVonne Thomander; William McConnell; Walt Edwards; 
Dan Legant; Dave Weiser; Dick Miller; Bruce Chambers. 

Chartering a bus during the 
holidays was the main activity of 
the Yankee Club which claims 
members from New York, New 
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, 
D. C, and vicinity. At meetings 
the members exchanged Eastern 
dialects as well as letters from 




^^^^^^ "^ '^^^^^^^^1 

fli^^^^^EVi^^^ ^^H 

^^^^ ^^^^^^H 

^^^F^ ^ ^^^^^c^^^^^^^^l 

W " ^ 





Left to right: Ruth Leone Rose, Sec-treas.; Dan Clay, Pres.; Jean Knecht, Vice- 


Under the capable leadership 
of President Dave Clark, the Tex- 
as-New Mexico Club sponsored 
various social and educational ac- 
tivities during the year. An open 
house, semi-formal dinner, and a 
spring hayride are only a few of 
the events that made this an out- 
standing year for the club. 

Left to right: Joyce Dustin, See. Chairman; Helen Wal- 
ser, Soc. Chairman; Con Taylor, Vice Pres.; Dave Clark, Pres.; 
Janet Romney. Sec-treas.; Charlotte Macdonald. 


Left to right; Row I: Hel- 
en Walser, Soc. Chairman; 
Con L. Taylor, Vice Pres.; 
Janet Romney, Sec-Treas.; 
Dave Clark, Pres.; Joyce 
Dustin, Soc. Chairman. Row 
II: .. Donna Wilson, Dot 
V^hite, Maureen McGurt, 
James B. Collyer, Bonnie 
Davis, Anna Bushman, and 
Charlotte Macdonald. 





Left to right; Row I: Glen M. Bendlxson, Pres; Donna Draney, Vice Pres.; Loa Bowen, Treas; Barbara Smith, 
iec; Gary Schwendiman, reporter. Row II: LaDean Cole, Magline Lewry, Lapree Christensen, Inez Montgomery, 
)onna Watson, Vada Caldwell, Bonnie Smellle, Doris Montgomery, Vera Jean Betty, Marlene Maughan, Elma 
luttars, Genene Stander, Florinne Ipsen, Wilma V/addoups. Row III: LaRue Weaver, Jeanine Hansen, Gayle 
.oosli, Jean Stock, Beverly Brown, Beverly Bjorkman, LaDawn Tolman, Georgia Jean Nock, Donna Gillette, Bar- 
)ara Gillett, Ruth Groesbeck, Utahna Johnson, Blaine H. Hess, Don Marler, Tommy Speedy, Hartley Fredreickson. 
low IV: Boyd Crane, Blaine E. Edietsen, Seth W. Swann, Clair Egbert, Jack Bowman, Aldin Porter, DL W. 
^'eaver, John T. Homer, Richard Corey, Jack D. Strong, Bill Purrington, Dick Bendixsen. 

Besides winning third place honors 
for their float in the Homecoming par- 
ade, the Idahoans frolicked at a Harvest 
Hop fall quarter. Continuing throughout 
the year with enthusiasm the club had 
socials winter and spring quarters. 

Left to right: Glen Bendixsen, Pres.; 
Loa Bowen, Treas.; Barbara Smith, Sec; 
Donna Draney, Vice Pres.; Gary Schwen- 
diman, reporter. 


Left to right; Row I: George Kanahele, Pres.; Estelle Nishimura, Historian; Nancy Sakamoto, Athletic Director; 
John Muaina, Vice Pres. Row II: Fred Y. Takasaki, Carol S. Ikegami, Masayo Ono, Gladys Kondo, Catherine N. Kane- 
koa, Betty Akee. Kay Cockett, Clifford N. Kekauoha. Row III: Hiroshi Shirota, John Ige, Geraldine Malo, Emmaline 
K. Padeken, Alice S. Uchida, Lily Y. Higa, Betty J. Edwards, Ennmanell Vieira, Blossom Enos. Row IV: Stanley Iwasak, 
Edmund Parker. Edward Forsythe, Roland Alo, Elmer Tyan, David Watson, McKee Blaisdell. 

1 I [ 

Left to right: Row I: Don Schaufer, 
Float Chairman; Carolyn Johnson, Sec- 
treas.; Dick Holden, Pres.; Dick Huish, 
Vice Pres.; Rager Sant, Athletic Mana- 
ger; Doug Stone, Publicity Chairman. 
Row II: Harold Clayton, Jody Willard- 
son, Ann Whelan, Elaine Werner, Anita 
Todd, Beverly Wright, Joyce Bredee, 
Connie Woodward. Row III: Jerry 
Crandall, Toni Crease, Colin Gardner, 
Boyd Drennan, Betty Martini, Barbara 
Cresta, Ruth Rich, Virginia Crandall, 
Dianna Darires, Joanne Faragher. Row 
IV: Preston Richards, Frank Burkard, 
PattI Crawley, Pat Thomas, Bonnie Kitz- 
berger, Lou Anne Wright, Marilyn 
Frontier. Row V: Marvin Nelson, Dick 
K. Bevan, Virginia Clawson, Jeanine 
Cummings, Helen Blackburn, Cherie 
Marcil, Georgia Lauper. Row VI: Clif- 
ford Olmstead, John E. Kelly, Karma 
Wright, Rita Shreve, Shirley Treu, Sam 
Doxey, Gloria Hutchinson. Row VII: 
Norman Stanley Johnson, Arlen Hadley, 
Gene Gerrett, Frank "like" Rencher, 
Earl G. Clark, Conrad Judd, President 
McDonald, Bart Chrlstenson, Richard 
Tannehill, Dick Wilcos, Stanley Hall, 
Bob Driggs. * 

The Hawalians had a calendar 
full of activities. On December 
24th a party at Knight hiall com- 
batted homesickness of many a 
member. Throughout the year 
Hawaiians in grass skirts and leis 
sang and danced the spirit of the 
islands on various campus pro- 

Left to right: John Muaina, Vice Pres.; Estelle Nichimura, 
Historian; Nel Young; Betty Akee; Edmund Parker. 



From the land ot oranges and palms 
came a large group of energetic Cali- 
fornians. Not only did the members 
join together for several parties with 
other geographical clubs, but also en- 
tered a float in the Homecoming par- 
ade, chartered a bus home at Christ- 
mas, and wrote an assembly script. 

Left to right; Row I: Gay Peters, 
Gertrude Ippleswitchl Lee Ream, Carol- 
yn Blair, Martha Leigh Mayhew, Cor- 
rinne Woodward. Row II: Joyce Bre- 
dee, Bayle Hall, Sally Magleby, Pat Rus- 
sell, Margaret Mordue, Dixie Ann Ba- 
ker, Barbara Kone. Row III: Mary Jo 
Hyer, Barbara Burgan, Ruth Hill, Gerry 
Marriott, Elaine Peterson, Dorothy Pet- 
tit, Joan Wiliams. Row IV: Marion 
Laycock, Marjean Haddock, Barbara 
Green, Nan Cook, Eunice Harmon, Jan- 
ice Hinckley, Mattie Dell Allgood, Doris 
Bringhurst. Row V: Marilyn Ferrin, 
Gene Gerrett. Row VI: Wallace An- 
derson, Marcus Sigmon, Bob Driggs, 
Pres. McDonald, Sann Doxey. 

Geraldine Marriott 
Sally Kirltham 
Nadine Mitchell 
Carolyn Noyes 
Audrey Lee 

Mary Lou Devey 
Marjorie Haslam 
Ruth Brasher 
Beth Marshall 
Neola Petersen 

Norma Bullock 
Gloria Joyce Matson 
Carolyn Wood 
Sharon Adams 
Alene Watkins 

Lenore Bennlon 
Iris Atkinson 
Remund Janet 
Rosemary Phillips 
Pat Romney 

Carma Hayden 
Marilyn Hoopes 
Marilyn Hutchinson 
Helen Durrant 
Lois Anne Nelson 

Faye Rosenbaum Sherrone Robertson 

Vice President President 

Barbara Harries 


Led by Presidenf Sherrone Robertson, 
the Home Economics Club had a calendar 
full of activities. A Get Acquainted affair, 
a Province Workshop, a bazaar, cultural 
programs and a party with the Ag Club 
made the year eventful. The girls increased 
their knowledge of the home, and also 
gained interest in professional fields of 
Home Economics. 

m [ 



p f 

"Readin', ritin', and arithmetic," mighl 
easily be the theme song of A. C.E.I. 
This Association for Childhood Educa- 
tion was organized to bring into active 
cooperation all those parents, teachers, 
students of education, and community 
workers who are particularly interested 
in the well-being of children. During 
the current school year the club has 
sponsored an enrichment program of 
lectures, reviews, and demonstrations. 

Left to right: Gloria Snell, Secretary; 
Ruth Call, Vice President; Robert Cluff, 

Row I: Mary Alice Buller, Ethel Marr Adair, Shirley A. Nelson, Georgia Maeser, Gloria Snell, 
Ruth Call, Robert Cluff, Marilyn Wilcox. Row II: Robert J. Emal, Ross C. Swenson, John Waite, Ve- 
rena Decker, Lois McCarrel. Row III: Reed F. Francis, Carl H. Whatcott, Kenneth R. Tobler, Marilyn 
Mooney, Joy Simmons. Row IV: Irene Ricks, Dorothy Candland, Leona Alder, Louise Ellis, Erma Ad- 
ams, Grace Guymon. 


Row I: Rene Call, Von Packard, LaMar Twitchell, Leslie Rafy, B. Maurice Smith, Delma P. Smith, Pauline Sines, Ilia Mae 
Cook, Gay Cole, Beverley Knowlton, Carolyn Thompson, Joy Eckley, Carole Baker, Ruth Weinheimer, Maurine Boren, Hena 
Jelinke, Samuel G. Novak, Var Lindsay, Kay Bishop. Row II: Don Gubler, (Sponsor), Richard Nimer, Kay Johnson, A. Wayne 
Schwalbe, Lowell Horlacher, Lois Veile, Katherine Beard, Janel- Grimmett, Nedra Ray, Kathryn Latimer, Ellen Jeserrick, Mary 
Lind Irons, Kay Wood, Carol Holmgren, Janet Stuart, George Mitchell, Ethel Bringhurst, John C. Paulson, Willard E. Scott, R. 
Max Rogers. (Sponsor), Row III: Jerry Elison, Bill Gentry, Glenn Williams, Blaine E. Ediefsen, Jerry Long, Ray Andelin, Morris 
Butler, Ralph B. Montgomery, Dick Huish, Dick Wilcox, Russell M. Billings, Don Schaefer, Richard Dunkley, Avery Glen, Duane 
Davis, E. Beitrand Rigby, George Woffinden, Rod Mann, Tom Kskaula, Andrew Baumum. Row IV: Dan Taylor, Max Herschi, 
Archie Wasden, Richard Ball, Paul Meiners, Ronald Boyce, DenZel Curtis, Ronald Wightman, Joe Hill, Hyrum Bradley, Morris 
Mower, Phil Schmidt, Thomas Adams, Tom Raye, Kent Staheli, Fritz Snokel. 

The various elements that make up the 
German culture and civilization are brought 
to light by the German Club. Although not 
primarily a social club, by the very nature 
of its program it has offered social enter- 
tainment. The members heard lectures, 
sang German ballads, and spoke the lang- 

Monte Hickenlooper, President; Ruth Weinheimer, 
Publicity; Shirley Treu, Secretary; Gary Schwendiman, 
Vice President. 274 




To become acquainted with the civilization 
and culture of France, the program of the French 
Club includes lectures, plays, readings, games and 
songs of the country. At the traditional Mardi 
Gras carnival ball, costumed members frolicked in 
noise, confetti, and serpentine. 

Corine Partridge, Secretary; Eunetta Gifliotti, 
Vice President; Bob Rigby, Reporter; Rose Marie 
Brokaw, President. 

P Row I: Hena Jelinek, Amalia Taffuri, Marvin Coffey, Elaine hlowlett, Eunetta Fifliotti. Row II: Amir Nakhal, Ruth Weinheimer, 
Marion Allen, Yolanda Perry, Marjorle Thompson, Erma R. Eldredge, Rose Marie Brokaw, Evelyn Rinsell, Corine Partridge. Row III: 
Dr. Harold W. Lee (Sponsor, Verland T. Whipple, Joyce Dustin, Doris Weinheimer, Marilyn Roundy, Virginia Lambert, Marguerite 
Porter, Andrew J. Wall, Wayne M. Carle, Partrich J. D'Addablo, Bryant Hansen, Robert G. Rigby. Paul Westover, Robert Collier. 



Through +he varied program of the Russian 
Club, members gained insight into this country s 
life and culture. Periodically movies were shown 
and lectures given. In addition, members presented 
songs and skits at the Poliglot Evening, a yearly 
function of the Language Department. 

Officers: David Law, Sponsor; LaRue Weaver, 
Vice President; Bob Blair, President. 

Row I: La Rue Weaver, Molly Slight, Mildre d Maimstrom, Tim Chan, Herbert Prosser. Row 
Terry McGarry, D. L. Weaver, Bob Blair, David Law, John Richards. 


Row I: Ferando Juarez, Marilyn Turley, Ruth Weinheime r, Arlene Redd, Amalla Taffuri, Gwen Gallatin, Donna Aikon, 
Geraldine Hafen, Leta Ekker, Eddie Argualt, Arturo De Hoyas, Row II: Doyle Lamb, Carl Merrill, Joyce Heber, John Martinez, 
Sybil Lamoreaux, Edna G. Fulghum, Geniel Hansen, Geraldine Casey, Mearilyn Crawford, Norma Vance, Neil Carruthers. Row 
III: Ross Williams, Zetia Critchfield, Orvella Sacket, Clementina Croom, Marilyn Hoops, Arnold Larson, Melvin Smith, Jesse 
Asay, Richard Rowley, Jim Penrod, Rey Decker, Lyman Jenkins. Row V: Fred Kiuley, William Mahan, Gene Heuson, Albert 
Whaanga, Rafuel Juarez, Robert Brown, Forrest Hellewell, Richard Lewis, Dick Whetten. 

South American culture was presented 
to members of the Spanish Club, through 
varied activities. During the year three 
full-costumed fiestas in all the native gaiety 
were held. The students joined in the 
events of folk dancing, community singing 
and panel discussions. 

Officers: Arturo DeHoyas, President; 
Sybil Lamoreaux, Secretary; Howard Har- 
ris, Vice President. 





■ ■ 


S+refching canvases, mixing and spilling 
paints and turpentine, climbing over fen- 
ces, and hiking through fields — this is the 
life of an art student. To provide mutual 
friendship for those who have so much in 
common is the purpose of the Art Guild. 
Their program includes sketching trips, ex- 
hibitions, and the annual Beaux Arts Ball. 

Willard Gerber, Social Chairman; Mari- 
lyn Hilton, Secretary; Avon Dodge, Treas- 
urer; Helen Reimscniissel, Vice President; 
Paul Forester, President. 

Bent F. Larsen, Sponsor 


Row I: Jean Asten, Marilyn Frontier, Doris Jones, Glenda Swann, Janyce Maxfield, Helen Reimschiissel, 
Grace Vlam. Row II: Lola Dawn Swapp, Tenr.a Nelson, Julie Johnson, Marilyn Hilton, Carolyn Cox, Jean 
Pulver, Thelma Jean Johnson, Jack Whittle, Sue Fiske. Row III: Lloyd Gusttaveson, Barbara Josie, Sybil 
Lamoreaux, Avon Dodge, Nola Chris+ensen, Harley MIms, Barbara Romney, Lee Kent, Helen Thomas, Arlo 
Coles, Ardene Bona, „Clyde Davis, Grant Hulet, Dick Jackman, Paul Forester, Glen Turner (Sponsor). 


Row I: Arthur R. Watkins, Sponsor; Anthony Changelo, Eunetta Glgliottl, Naomie Terry, Lilly 
Slauser. Joan Carlson, Suzanne Eyring, Vesta Ann Ball, Marilyn Turley, Pat Russell. Row II: B. F. 
Cummings, Sponsor; Alvin Wardle, William Anderson, Clinton Tracy, Bob Zabriskie, Melvin Burton, 
Moyle Brown, Harold W. Lee, Sponsor. 

To supplement the textbook and grammar course 
of study a full program of activities was presented by 
the Italian Club. Spiced food, games, and songs familiar- 
ized the students with the life and customs of Italy. 

Officers: Eunetta Sigliotti, President; Bob Zabris- 
kie, Vice President; Sue Eyring, Secretary. 





Left to right: Bill Konvicka, Donn Ammott, Sherman Jones. Reve Simpson, Paul Neiner, Carol Kay, Reed Morrill, 
Norinne Teuscher, Seth Swann, Lianne Bunnell, Reed Jenkins, Elaine Eastman, Charles Cuzzens, Lee Smith, Rulon Jones, 
Lamarr Jensen, Norma Despain, Kim Jensen, Glen Thompson. Not pictured, James Solomon. 

Officers: Donn Ammott, President; Elaine 
Eastman, Secretary; Bill Konvicka, Vice President. 

For those who delight in snow-covered 
slopes, ski lifts, and sprained ankles, a Penguin 
Ski Club was organized. The fellow enthusiasts 
enjoyed a varied recreational program. Two 

Earties were held at Timp Haven, one being fol- 
)wed by an evening of folk dancing. At meet- 
ings, movies on skiing and related winter sports 
were shown. 








A horse show in the spring was 
16 outstanding event of the Ag- 
iculture Club. This club, organ- 
;ed to promote fellowship among 
tudents and faculty interested in 
he various aspects of agriculture, 
arried out a program of meetings 
ind socials. 

Officers; Row I: Paul Roundy, Vice President; Jenny Hoopes, Secretary-Treas- 
urer; Dr. Thomas L. Martin, (Sponsor); Mary Malstrom, Publicity; John Featherstone, 
President; Grant S. Richards, (Sponsor); Kent Johnson, Program; Dave Chadwick. Pro- 
gram; Merrill Brown, Social Chairman; R. Phil Shumway, (Sponsor); R. B. Farnsworth. 

Row I: Grant S. Richards, Max Williams, Dick Bereton, Lyie Tanner, Jewel Sperl, Kenneth Julian, Karl Newren, Paul 
Roundy, Mary Malstrom, Jenny Hoops, Joe Showcroft, Grant Tingey, Dave Chadwick, Scott Wolfley, R. B. Farnsworth Row II: 
John Featherstone, Kent Anderson, Sherman Beck, Norman Hansen, Keith Francis, M. Brown, A. Hawkins, Dick Phelps Jim 
Harris, Dee Hansen, Wayne Markham, Junuis Duke, Kenneth Ludlow, J. Kent Johnson, Oral Parry, Jerry Graff, R. Phil Shum- 
way. Row III: Charles Hall, Robert Oxborrow, Doyle L. Hansen, James Wiltbank, Earl M. Maynard. Max B. Radmall, Shirley 
Johnson, LaMar Anderburg, Milton Waloton, Fay Parker, Duane Thueson. 


Officers: Reed Boswell, Winter Quarter President; Gabriel Delia Plana, 
Fall Quarter President: Shirley Hale. Vice President; Glenn Ekiund, Secretary. 




J L 

The "Y" Psychological So- 
ciety was organized to foster 
better understanding of scien- 
tific psychology. To supplement 
the regular courses in the de- 
partment, a newsletter was pub- 
lished for the past and present 
members, advanced speakers 
gave discussions on current 
problems, and pictures of emi- 
nent psychologists were secured 
for the department. 

Wilford Poulson, 

Row I: Shirley Hale, Glen Ecklund, Calherine Speed, Professor Mark Allen, (Sponsor); Ted 
Beck, Blaine Smith. Row II: Gabriel Delia Plana, Reed Boswell, Gordon Bostwick, Kenneth 
Hershberze, Joseph Sanders. 


Row I: Robert Bowen, Emmaline Padekin, Rosa Mae Ostler, Bruce Bylund, June Merrill, Dutier 
Dauwalder, Sally Kirkham. Row II: Clover Guymon, Lilly Higa, Marilyn Morley, Ruth Bosweil, Alice 
Carter, Helen Gannble. Row III: Bob Hamblin, Lorenzo Snow, Virgil B. Smith. 

Beconning better acquainted with one 
another, professors, majors and minors of 
Sociology met regularly. At monthly meet- 
ings ideas in relation to human behavior 
were interchanged by the group. In ad- 
dition, speakers prominent in the field gave 
practical information lectures. 

Officers: Bruce Bylund, President; Em- 
maline Padekin, Vice President; Bob Bowen, 
Ex-President. Rosa Mae Ostler, Secretary 
(Not pictured). 

iJ L 


Above: Pat Gessford, Diane Morley, Maralyn 
Ballif, Mary Lou McGattigas, Janet Anderson. 

Right: Norma Rae Arrington, Director of Dance. 


"Orcfiesis" the Greek word meaning dance, 
alms to reach the greatest perfection possible in 
modernistic dance. Costumed members add color- 
ful entertainment for groups both on and off cam- 
pus. Through this creative art the members develop 
grace and poise. 

Clockwise: Archie Curtis, Ei 
line Padekin, Janet Hales, Joyi 

Left: Gloria Stimpson, Donna Gillett, Shirley 
Henri, Joe France. 

Above clockwise: Lucy Calder, Lois Chris- 
henson, George Kawasaki,^ Joy Eckley, Donna 
Hansen, Maxine Overlade. 


Upper right: Renee Lambrum, Wanda 
Wood, Phyllis Parker. 

Above seated: Gerry Anderson, Marilyn 
Oldroyd, Maxine Leigh, Joyce Wood. Kneel- 
ing: Homer Black, Lyman Durfee, Jack West. 

Left: Mary Bee Jensen, Dotty McMullin, 
LaRue Robinson, Patti Crawley. 



Lynn Benson "Disraeli" 

Lu Rae Cranney _ "Susan and God" 

Bryce Spencer "The Admirable Crichton" 

Jolene Terry "Guest in the House" 

Rae Mona Kirkham "Rain" 

Maridei! Lewis "Rain" 

Rae Nelson "Victoria Regina" 

Jack Davis "All My Sons" 

Jon Beck Shank "Richard M" 

Mary Lou Neeley "Dear Ruth" 

Mask Club, chiefly concerned with develop- 
ing the student, brings together all students 
interested in the theater. Through this organ- 
ization many aspiring young actors are given 
the opportunity to perform before an audi- 
ence. The activities include one act plays, 
play readings, talks on the theater, and so- 

Row I: Maridell Lewis, Mary Lou Neeley, Rae Nelson. 
Row II: Lynn Benson, Lu Rae Cranney, Bryce Spencer. 
Row III: Jon Beck Shank, Jack Davis, Rae Mona Kirkham. 






Dedicated to the betterment of sacred music, the Organist Guild 
was under the able leadership of Dale Sorenson. At meetings, members 
alternately gave recitals before the group. To entertain guest organists 
of the Lyceum Series, the Guild members gave short campus tours 
before performances. 

Row I: Rosella Compton, Lou Jean Compton, Loa Bowen, Leah Tidweil, Beverly 
Knowlton, Donna Nelson, LeLa Wing, Jeanean Hansen. Row II: Eliza Beus, Secretary; 
Marilyn Geddes, Kathryn Sandberg, J. Jeppeson, Parley Belnap, Donna Nelson, Felicia 
Erb, Dale Sorenson, President. 


Row: I Caroline Johns, Chloe Hammond, Helen Cutler, Doro- 
thy Hender. Row II: Richard Kwak, John Martinez, George Kana- 
hele, Ralph Burton, Ray Swaasa. Row III: Jerry Loveland, Boyd Dren- 
nan. Dean Farnsworth, Shay Miya. Row IV: Les Raty, William Carr, 
(Sponsor), Tim Chan. 


R f 

Both American and foreign students are repre- 
sented in the International Relations Club, in itself 
a minature United Nations. Sponsored by the Carne- 
gie Endowment for International Peace, it aims to 
bring together college students in all countries to share 
their culture and experience. On a national basis 
scholarships are granted each year for study in Europe. 

Officers: Boyd Drennan, Secretary; Tim Chan, 
Secretary; John Martinez, Publicity; Ralph Burton, 

After church on Sunday nights, 
this group of prospective mission- 
aries gathers for fire-side chats. 
At these meetings , films on the 
various foreign missions are shown 
and problems of the missionary 
are discussed. 

Copy B — Prospective Missionary 
Organization — Page 288 

Row I: Rulon D. Robinson, George 
Kanahele, Ronald William Schultz, 
Paul Nelson. Row II: Don Schafer, 
Francis LeBaron, Gordon K. Har- 
ris, David Boyce, Margene Nilson, 
Eleanore Adair, Robert Harvey, 
Zane F. Lee, Will Brown. 

nn ciuB 

"Should the United States Nationalize the basis non- 
agricultural resource?" — this was the subject of affirnnatlve 
and negative argument among the debate teams for 1949-50. 
Besides copping top honors at many out of state tournaments 
the club sponsored local meets. Outstanding campus event was 
the Varsity Debate Tournament for lower division and non- 
experienced debaters. 

Row I: Lorin Pace, Monta Jacklin, John Martinez, Marie 
Hood, La Var Bateman, Debate Coach. Row II: Davis Bitton, 
Eddie Durham, Debate Manager; Myrtle Starling. Paul Ng, 
Edward G. Marshall. 

Eddie Durham, Debate Manager, and La Var 
Bateman, Debate Coach. 


M- ^ 




'.*i •*♦-*. 

.■•■./ '^. -^ 



Among the mosf efficient departments is 
that one supervised by director of athletics, Ed- 
die Kimball. The former BYU football coach un- 
derwent his first year as the sports top officer 
in a successful manner. 


Shown at right is a portion of the crowd 
who were lucky enough to witness the Cougars 
do the nearly impossible in defeating Denver, 
75-50, to cop the Skyline Six Conference crown. 
Seats were at a premium during the year in the 
Springville High gymnasium, as the Blue and 
White remained undefeated on their home court. 


CHICK ATKINSON suffered hard 
luck in his initial season mentoring the 
Cougar football machine. Even in 
defeat the local grid men showed 
potential strength and with additions 
from the frosh, the BYU crew should 
be a conference contender next year. 

STAN WATTS, in his first year as 
head basketball coach, guided the 
Cougar cagers into a surprise con- 
ference championship and then led 
the Cats to Kansas City where they 
copped third place in the western 
NCAA playoffs. 

CLARENCE ROBISON. better known 
as "Robbie" and star trackster for the 
Blue and White last year, took over 
the coaching reigns for the 1950 
track squad as well as handling intra- 


/\l'-.- 'l**/^^ 



WAYNE SOFFE turned in a top 
performance at the helm of the Cou- 
gar baseball team. The youthful men- 
tor also guided the BYU yearlings in 
basketball and football. 

FRED DIXON, affectionately known 
to students as "Buck", sought another 
Skyline Six tennis championship for 
the Cougars in addition to handling 
the golf squad. 

REED NILSEN developed a promis- 
ing wrestling squad which sent one 
man to the NCAA grunt and groan 
meet. Coach Nilsen also filled in the 
fall quarter acting as line coach for 
the Brigham Young gridders. 


Karol Bills 

Alvin Dalley 

Don Benson 

Bob Dimick 

Don Bushore 

Ron Daly 

Rex Berry 

Verle Duerden 

Ray Aifken 

Glen Clark 

Dave Chadwick 

Keith Deeds 

A San Jose Spartan eludes the Cougars in a night game on the local gridiron. 


Although the season's record was far 
from impressive, in every game played there 
were times when the Cougars out-fought and 
outplayed their highly touted foes. The rec- 
ord of eleven losses and no wins was unequal- 
led by any other major college team in the 
nation, but it fails to show a true picture of 
the spirit of the locals which kept them going 
in face of heavy odds. Probably the most 
spectacular game of the season was the one 
with Colorado A. and M. where a last minute 
score by the Rams kept the Cougars out of 
the win column. 



Dave Chadwick, BYU halfback, sweeps the left 
end for limited yardage in one of the early home 
contests of the year for the locals against the Pacific 
Fleet Destroyers. 

Everyone wants in the act during the San Jose 
State melee, but the Spartans come out with the 

Texas Western showed no pity for the Cougars and their new head coach, "Chick" Atkin- 
son, in downing them 46-6 in the season opener. Texas outplayed BYU during the entire game, 
the Cougars' lone score coming with one minute left to play on a pass from Eccles to Bushore. 

The Pacific Fleet Destroyers seemed at home as they rolled over the Cougars to a score of 
21-7. The DesPac team had control of the game from the beginning, and were never in danger. 
The only score came in the dying minutes of the game on a pass from Eccles to Roundy. 

The Cougars were again unable to break into the winning column against San Jose in losing 
to the Spartans by a 40-2! score. 






Don Benson, Cougar fullback, plunges fhrough the host of Utah Redskins 
awaiting his arrival after an end run in the BYU-Utah tilt played in Salt Lake. 

A Utah Redskin is snagged for a loss during the riches to rags struggle 
at the Utah stadium. 

Holding favored Utah scoreless 
throughout a terrific first-half, the 
Cougars displayed beautiful playing 
both offensively and defensively. In 
the second half the Utes caught fire 
and proved to be too much for the 
scrappy boys in the blue and white. 

The Cougars provided a Denver 
homecoming crowd with reason to 
celebrate, as the Denver Pioneers de- 
feated the Atkinson eleven, 35-7. 
The team got off to a slow start and 
at the end of the first quarter was 
trainling 21-0. Although at times the 
boys showed great fight and strength, 
the Pioneers monopolized the play 
and emerged victorious. 


Rex Berry, Brigham Young University stalwart back, drives through the Denver line for several yards, but 
the Pioneers were successful in defeating the Cats. 

Once again on the 
loose, sprinter Dave 
Chadwick gains yard- 
age on an end run 
against the Utah Red- 

A host of Utah State gridders watch a teammate down Cougar Rex 
Berry after an end sweep by the blue and white back. 

Utah State came to Provo with all intent of spoiling a perfect B.Y.U. 
Homecoming and went away with their mission accomplished. As in other 
games, the Cougars were slow getting started and were behind by a score of 
16-3 as the first ended. Van Noy and Caputo played excellent football for 
the Aggies in taking home their lone victory in conference play. 

The Cougars were again unable to hold their opponents to a score 
lower than their own, this time losing to the Arizona State Sun Devils at 
Tempe, Arizona. Trailing at one time by a score of 35-0, they were able to 
narrow the margin to 35-21 on runs by Chadwick, Roundy, Benson, and Lloyd. 
They were unable to hold the Sun Devils, though, and the game ended with 
the score of 49-2 1 . 



Jay Hamblln 

Lyie Koller 

Horace Gillespie 

Dick Hill 

Dick Doerr 

David Lindstrom 

Jim Eccles 

Tim Kimball 

Merrill Hardy 

Bob Karpowltz 

Verle Duerden shakes loose for a long gain in 
the Cougar Homecoming game. 

Looking plenty worried Is Bradley Poodry as he balances ball pre- 
cariously on fingertips. 



Lyie Koller, Merrill Hardy, and Bob Demick collaborate to bring down Eddie Talboom after the Wyoming star reeled 
off a lengthy gain in the Cougar-Cowboy fray. 

Expressions of nnixed emotions mark the faces of the boys on the bench 
during the Colorado A. and M. tilt. 

Heartbroken Cougars were a dime a 
dozen at the finish of the Colorado A & M 
game. Leading the Rams from Fort Collins 
by a score of 14-13 with only thirty seconds 
of play left, it looked as if Brigham Young 
had finally won its first game of the season. 
At this crucial moment the ball sailed 19 
yards through the air to score a field goal 
for the Rams and win the game for them, 

The trip to Los Angeles to meet George 
Pepperdine completed an unblemished sea- 
son for the pigskinners, eleven straight 
losses. A scrappy band of Cougars went 
down in defeat 28-14 before a strong 
Pepperdine squad. 

Dave Chadwick eludes one Colorado tackier and picks up interference 
Don Benson in a touchdown jaunt. 


■^ „i< .-.^ 


Cecil Lloyd 

Reed Stolworthy 

George McWhortar 

Max Tolbert 

Francle R. Magleby 

Richard Lee Tooke 

Rod Long 

Elmo Roundy 

Bradley Poodry 

Ted Thiel 





Brigham Young got a taste of football victory when the Cougar frosh downed 
Utah University's yearlings in an active battle in the Provo stadium. 

The large, hard-charging, freshman team became frosh champ- 
ions in Utah by virtue of wins over Utah and Utah State. The team 
displayed talent in both defensive and offensive play and should be 
of considerable help to the varsity squad next year. 

Coach Wayne Soffe's team out-classed the Aggie freshmen 
at Logan and came through with a convincing 21-0 victory. The real 
test came with the Ute game. With both teams having defeated 
the Farmers, this game served as the championship battle. The BYU 
team was given a chance to show the home crowd their strength, 
and this they did by coming from behind to beat the Utes, 19-12. 
Paxman and Hamblin carried the ball over for the scores. 



FROSH FOOTBALL SQUAD. Rpw I, left to right: T. Carlan, T. Ferraro. G. Paxman. R. Jenkins. B. Hamblin, M. Matthews, 
C. Lance, S. Snow. W. Kimball. D. Andrus. Row 11: L Kochevaar. S. Murphy. J. Lang. C. Foresgren, D. Homer, J. Ballif, D. 
Mendenhal. J. Whitaker. W. Smith. H. Stone. G. Smith. Row III: Assistant coach Dave Crowton. J. Criddle. R. Stockwell. G. 
Rupp, R. Stout. M. Neilsen. C. Dunkley. G. Hamilton, B. Miller. C. Lex. L Madsen, D. Doney, C. Lee. L Hancock, E. Stanley. 
Coach Wayne Soffe. 

Bob Hamblin. frosh sensation, is stopped for no gain by several Utah freshmen. Dar- 
rel Doney and Jess Criddle move in to offer assistance. 




After taking the back door entrance to the confer- 
ence championship, the rampaging Cougars pointed to 
the Western NCAA finals at Kansas City. The Cats were 
paired with Baylor University in the initial contest of the 
tournament. The Bears from Texas were tabbed a hot 
and cold ball club, but when the Skyline Six representative 
took the hardwood against the Southern team both were 
at their low ebb. Although the lead exchanged hands 
several times, the Cougars proved for once and for all 
that no matter how poor the opposition may be they can 
win if matched with the Provo Cats on their cold nights. 

Several hundred loyal BYU rooters, disappointed 
over the Friday performance of the squad, felt that their 
long trip was worth while the following evening, when 
the Provo boys did themselves proud by embarrassing 
the pride of the Pacific Coast, UCLA, to the tune of 
83-62. National sports figures commented on the power 
of the Utah team, and Joe Nelson, Cougar forward, was 
placed on the all-tourney team. 


Joe Nelson wound up his collegiate basketball 
career in a blaze of glory that is unprecedented for 
an athlete from Brigham Young University. The 
Spanish Fork sensation started his Cougar basket- 
ball years by astounding the Skyline Six conference 
by scoring 37 points, for a league record, in his 
first conference contest. Joe proceeded to cop 
the conference scoring record in his sophomore and 
senior years and holds the school three year total 
scoring mark. 

All-star teams were Nelson's specialty during 
his college reign. Three times the Cat forward was 
named all-conference. Then in his last season in a 
BYU suit he copped a position on the all-tourney 
western NCAA team. Climaxing his sensational 
year. Nelson was selected to play in the East-West 
all-star game and then joined the barnstorming 
College All-Stars in their nationwide series against 
the Globe Trotters. 

Jubilant Cougar first-stringers 
cheer as teammate Byron Toone 
makes a basket in the last few 
minutes of the Skyline Six champ- 
ionship game. In defeating Den- 
ver Pioneers 75-50, the Cats as- 

sured themselves 
NCAA playoffs. 

berth in the 


Newspapers headlines on March 10 brought 
the glad news that students and alumni have long 
awaited. "$900,000 BYU Fieldhouse Approved." 
The building plans for the new structure call for a 

?iymnasium which will seat about 5100 spectators 
or basketball games, plus space for erection of an 
estimated 2000 seat temporary bleacher section. 

Site of the proposed fieldhouse is southwest of 
the present football field. In addition to the bas- 
ketball court and indoor football space, the field- 
house will house boxing and wrestling rooms, courts 
for handball and other sports, plus an inside run- 
ning track. 



The Cougars attempted to hit the come- 
back trail in the East, but three straight de- 
feats followed before a victory was under 
their belts. Beloit, Toledo, and Bowling Green 
stopped the disappointing Provo boys. Loy- 
ola of Chicago, however, was upset by the 
win-starved Cats at the cost of losing D. Ray 
Fullmer for the rest of the season from a dis- 
located shoulder. 

• Ul' 

All five Utah University players converge 
on Brigham Young's Joe Nelson in an attempt 
to stop the scoring sensation from Spanish 

Mel Hutchins and Bob Craig bring 
the ball down to score two points 
against Utah University. 


Following a mediocre football season, 
BYU students were encouraged to note 
the strength of the Cougar basketball 
squad of Stan Watts. The terrific Cats 
showed their potentialities by defeating 
Idaho State College twice by iop-sided 

The Skyline Six pre-season tournament 
was the next laurel for the high-riding 
Blue and White from Provo. BYU pos- 
ted victories over Regis, Wyoming, and 
Denver to annex the crown and take 
over the conference favorite role. 

The best the Cougars could do in 
the Los Angeles Tournament was fourth. 
Culver-Stockton was a snap for the Cats, 
but Pepperdine College and Gonzaga 
University proved too much for the 
BYU lads. 

ir"^ t 




Wyoming's "hell's half acre" proved a 
graveyard for the Brighams, who dropped 
their first two contests of the conference sea- 
son. Ev Shelton and crew humiliated the locals 
by besting them 53-26 and 46-38. 

A home and home series found the potent 
Cougars top Denver twice. The BYU "big 
three," Roland Minson, Joe Nelson, and Mel 
Hutchins. played great ball for the Cougars. 

Roland Minson leaps into the air to take 
his famous jump shot which counted for many 
Cougar buckets during the season. Bert Cook 
and LaDel Anderson of Utah State look help- 
lessly on. 

Joe Nelson sinks another "impossible" 
shot in the Utah State— BYU fracas 
which ended heavily in favor of the 

BYU moved into second place in the 
confusing Big Six league by dropping the 
favored Utah State Farmers twice. In 
Logan the Cats were contented with a 
one-point victory, but on "the Spring- 
ville court teamwork by the Cougars 
widened the margin of victory some- 

Twice the lowly Utes were dropped 
by the Cougars who breathed hot on 
the Cats! Mel Hutchins and Bob Craig 
traded scoring honors for the series, 
both hitting over 22 points on their hot 

Colorado A and M proved to be only 
rnild competition for the determined 
local crew. Hutchins, Nelson, and Min- 
son poured point after point into the 
nets to cop a pair of brilliant triumphs 
over the eastern slope team. 



Riding high on the wake of a long winning streak, the Brigham Young bas- 
ketball squad journeyed over the Rockies for a three game series with Denver 
and Colorado A and M. The tilts proved disastrous for the Cats as the Colorado 
allies teamed up to rudely derail the BYU channpionship machine. 

Still unable to find the victory range, the neighboring Utes ruffled the 
Cougar fur even more by defeating them In the first of a two game week-end. 
Nelson and Hutchins paced the local quintet to a win the second night to end 
a sad four-game losing streak. 

'Big Mel" Hutchins outjumped Dale Toft of Denver to score a fieldgoal. 


Joe Nelson pulls a face as he passes off to waiting Mel Again it's Joe Nelson as he dunks one for two points 

Hutchins in a bit of strategy team work in the Denver against Utah State at Springville. 

Pioneer-Brigham Young tilt. 

Roland Minson 

Ivan Beem 

Wayne Cottle 

Mel Hutchins 

Bob Craig 

Jerry Romney 

Dick Jones 

LaVon Satterfield 

Jack Whipple 

Byron Toone 


Having emerged from their definite 
slump, the Brighams picked up ground 
on the conference leaders by pounding 
out resounding victories against Utah 
State. At Logan the Cougars were hot 
as they downed the Farmers 60-46. 
They played as good ball as they did 
all season sewing the ball game up first 
half. On Saturday night at Sprlngvllle 
the Aggies put on a very poor man's 
ball controll game during the first quar- 
ter and spent the rest of the game try- 
ing to make up for that mistake. This 
pair of victories led optimistic Cat fans 
to believe the Cougars still had a slide- 
rule chance at the loop title. 

Mel Hutchins Is caught by the camera as he dunks one 
of his famous drive-In shots. Denver's Jack HIckey, Sid Ryan, 
and Dale Toft naturally can do nothing to stop him. 


John Pilch, Ali-American from Wyoming fails to stop Roland Minson of BYU as 
the junior from Idaho drives in for a set-up against the Cowboys. 

"Minny" pushes one up in \he Denver game 
as Joe Nelson goes in for the rebound should the 
shot miss its mark. The tired Pioneers make half- 
hearted efforts to thwart their shots. 

"Black Jack" Whipple, speedy Cougar guard, 
taps one in against Wyoming. The Cowboys 
failed to impress the Provo lads who went on to 
defeat the invaders twice to eliminate them from 
the conference race. 


Wyoming invaded the Cougar lair at Sprlngville leading the 
conference; a bewildered Cowboy crew departed two nights later 
holding the bag, in the form of a second place position. Dick Jones 
played sensational ball for the local quint, holding "Big Jawn" Pilch 
harmless. The rest of the "beautiful bunch ' played All-American 
ball and pointed for the championship tilt with Denver the following 

A conference crown, NCAA bid, and national prestige rested 
on the outcome of the tension-filled Pioneer-Cougar tilt, and BYU 
emerged with all of the spoils. Nelson, Hutchlns, MInson, Whipple, 
and Jones all playing top-ball cut the cords for point after point 
and wound up the play at Art City with a 75-50 victory. 



y sniHii 

Paced by two high school All-Americans, the Brigham Young freshmen 
cruised through one of the most successful seasons ever enjoyed by a quintet 
of Cougar yearlings. Coached by Wayne Soffe, the Kittens ended their 1950 
hoop career with an Impressive record of twelve wins and three losses. All de- 
feats were subsequently revenged, being handed down by the Utah and Utah 
State freshman teams. 

Th Kittens hit their high point toward the last of the season when they 
cruised a highly rated Hill Field quintet, 92-33. The junior Cats also hold im- 
pressive victories over such junior college fives as Carbon, Snow, Dixie, and 
Weber. Coach Stan Watts banks heavily on wide reinforcements from the class 
of 1953. 

FROSH BASKETBALL SQUAD; Row I, left to right: Don Malmrose, Joe RIchey, Don Mcintosh, Ralph Olsen, Harold Chrlstensen, 
Jim Thorne, and Bud Frampton. Row II: Lowell Taylor, Boyd Nielsen, Glen Rupp, Loren Dunn, Leon Heaps, Boyd Jarman, and Coach Wayne 



Everyone is on the floor including the referee as Bacon of Utah State pins Oliverson with 
a crotch and half-nelson hold 

Ray Oliverson tries to get a cradle 
hold on Bacon of USAC. 

Wrestling, which usually takes a 
backseat to basketball at BYU during 
the winter months, shared some of 
the spotlight this fear with the west- 
ern division meet being held at Pro- 
ve. Coach Reed Nilsen's squad gave 
a creditable performance with Alvin 
Dalley and George Miller both tak- 
ing first places. Dalley won the con- 
ference heavyweight championship 
at Denver and was sent to the NCAA 


left to right: George Miller. Alvin 
Dalley, William Jarvis, and Stanley 
Crandall. Row II: Ray Oliverson, 
John Swensen, Coach Reed Nilsen, 
Dick Phelps, and John Featherston. 

COUGAR SLUGGERS; Row I, left to right: Coach Soffe. Skeen, Bergeson, Sorenson, Koller, Tingey, Sat+erfield, Cottle, 
Miyasota. Row ll» Crufnp, Clark. Owen, Tuttle, Shutnway, Weiser, McKay, Hillman, Aplanalp, Tucker, Bushore. 

Somewhat late at first is Don Bushore. 


Ready to bunt for the Cougars is 
Karl Tucker at bat. 

e luiiii 

Coach Wayne Soffe and his Cougar horse- 
hiders entered the 1950 conference as the team 
to beat. With the exception of third base, 
Coach Soffe had his 1950 line-up back intact, 
which means that the Cats are loaded with talent 
and possibilities. 

Cougar chances for another league crown de- 
pend on how fast they round into top form and 
just how consistent their performances are. Par- 
ticularly strong is the Y's mound staff with such 
veteran twirlers as George Sorenson, Glen Clark, 
and Garth Bergeson back again this year. The Y 
hitting, which played such an important part in last 
season's championship, is another definitely strong 
point for the Cougars. 


' ^'Bl 

I^^^^M •' "M 




BBHI^F-- ' m' _j2^^^H 

■' ^,,___^3HI 




:--.^iL^.... .,, 

Lefty Glen Clark winds ap. 

Shortstop Don Bushore heads for <Mrd. 




Harold Norton 

Rulon Frances 

Dave Chadwick and Clyde Christensen 


Jim Hill 

Walt Steffensen 

ACK AND FIELD SQUAD; ROW I. left to right: Byron Toone. Rulon Frances, Dave Chadwick, Bud Bangerter, Jim Skousen 
w II: Vic Sakiestewa. Bud Bohne, Clyde Christensen, Lee Bartlett, Ken Hynd Vern Lockhart Chuck Loyd, Dave Gecldes Bill 
ith Row III: Boyd Jarman, Harold Norton, Craig Branweall, Gaylan Masters, Tom Holmes, Therold Beckstrand, Pete Stone, Jack 



Smith. Row III: Boyd 

Peterson, Jim Hill, Cpnnee Judd, and Coach Clarence Robison 


Brigham Young's Skyline 
Six championship tennis team 
made a spirited defense of 
their tennis title this year 
under the direction of Coach 
"Buck" Ulxon. Included 
among the returnees were 
Dick Moody and Dick Brew- 
er. The pair teamed up last 
year to take the doubles 
crown and finished one-two 
in singles. 

TENNIS SQUAD; Row I, left to right: Harold Nlmer, Dick Boyle, Kent Staheli, 
Bob Kirkpatrick, Dean Wilson, and Dick Brower. Row II: Henry Chlng, LaMar 
Rawlings, Charles Kamauoha, Vern Tueller, Dick Moody, Jack Whipple, and 
Dick Ricks. 

Dick Brower 

Dick Moody 

Conference Singles Champ 

Bob Swenson putts as the rest of the team kibitz during one of the practice sessions at the 
municipal links. 

GOLF TEAM; left to right: Bud Nelson, Paul Davis, Lynn Bell. Ross Bell, Bob Swenson, and 
ewart Nelson. 



George Sorenson carries the ball for Val Hyrlc in the football championship tilt against the Riothouse gang. 

Riothouse Gang poses after winning football intra-mural 
championship. Row I, left to right: Marvin Peterson, Lentz 
Crandall, Dave Weiser, and Rod Gordon. Row II: Quentin 
Bates, Garth Bergeson, Avery Glenn, Arden Aplanalp, Roy 
King, and Connee Judd. 

Larry McGarry, pictured at right, became singles tennis 
champion by winning over Humphries. Gordon Crandall and 
Grant Nelson defeated Don Martin and John hlomer to come 
through on top in the doubles. 




Jimmy Chrisfensen gets ready to shoot for 
the Lambda Deltas. 

Taking heed to the old adage that "practice makes per- 
fect," these Cougars start preparing for the beginning of soft- 
ball intramurals. 

In the air for the Lambda Delta 
Sigma is Jimmy Christensen as he 
paces his team to victory over the 
bookstore squad. 

Wide-spread interest and partici- 
pation together with a varied sports 
agenda was characteristic of the in- 
tramural sports program. Clarence 
"Robbie" Robison directed the pro- 
gram smoothly and efficiently. Riot- 
house Gang was undisputed intra- 
murals champion as the independent 
league 5 representative won a de- 
cisive 24-6 victory over Val Hyric in 
touch football and took the measure 
of Gamma Taux, 27-24, in the bas- 
ketball championship tilt. 


Leona Holbrook, Professor of Physical Educa- 
tion . . . generous, loved by all the girls for her 
vitality and interest . . . tops for faculty leadership 
in student intramural activities. 

Cyntha Ann Cowan, Faculty Ad- 
visor for Women's Intramurals . . . 
warm personality, young, enthusiastic, 
works with the girls in promoting 
games and skills . . . eager to de- 
velop student leadership in their own 

The Women's Intramural Council 
is in charge of handling the affairs 
of competitive sports for the women 
of BYU. Such activities as volley- 
ball basketball, softball, and field 
hockey provide opportunities for 
teamwork in competition. Just as 
important are individual games and 
skills, namely, bowling, skiing, archery, 
pogo stick, tennis, and swimming, 
which give unused muscles a good 
stretching after a long sesion with 
the books. Miss Cowan and the 
Council are responsible for the pro- 
motion of tournaments plus the plan- 
ning of good times on canyon trips 
and cook-outs. 


EthelYoung . . . keeper of the keys, 
equipment . . . friendly, responsible, 

Directing activities this year, the Women's Intramural Council is shown seated, left to right: Joyce Mills, Repor- 
ter; Dorothy McMullin, Secretary; MyrI Lindsey, Independent Co-ordinator; Nan Taylor, Lambda Delta Sigma Co- 
ordinator; Dorothy Cranmer, Social Unit Co-ordinator; Ethel Young, Manager. 


Twila Schipper and June Merrill enjoy a relax- 
ing ganne of Ping Pong. 

Bruised bones and swollen shins were in vogue, but it was all in fun 
for these field hockey enthusiasts. 





Plenty of action is the highlight, 
with every eye on the ball. 

FIdelas win championship. Stand- 
ing, left to right: Nornna Bearnson, 
Dorothy McMuliln, Delia Olpin. 
Kneeling, Carol Cordner, Nancy 
Holt, Genie! Thornton. 

The girls take time out to relax before going back into the fight. 

Volleyball brought the first big turnout of the 
year, bringing the old Women's Gym back to life 
with confused echoes, shrieks of excited laughter, 
as the tournaments once more got under way. This 
year presented the biggest turnout of both unit and 
independent teams, and it was only through stiff 
competition that FIdelas and The Sparks came out 
on top, with the Val Norns and Hawaiian Clubbers 
close on their heels. 


[IBfl 11 

With the last leaves of Autumn long fallen and vacations over, girls signed 
up for queen of sports, basketball. Court squads passed the ball back and forth 
with amazing accuracy, while those patient referees kept things running smooth- 
ly, proving the health center isn't the only place to get a free shot. 

In the Independent League, the Embers topped the Jokers, while inthe 
Social Unit department, the Valkyries edged out Fidelas, climaxing a season of 
outstanding participation. 

Nan Taylor sinks one into the basket to tie up the game. 

It's a jump ball, and the 
referee had better duck, be- 
cause these girls mean busi- 


Twila Jenson demonstrates her ability In 
bowling technique. 

In this winter sport, the girls foresook the gym 
for the alley, proved that bowling can be a 
terrific game for the femmes as well as for the 

Winter snows were looked forward to eagerly 
by those who couldn't be kept indoors, but fever- 
isnly awaited the first signal to don boots and 
skis. They herringboned up some hillside, only 
to experience a thirty-second thrill that oftimes 
ended abruptly in a confused heap of broken 
bones and skis, but never spirits. In competition, 
Betty Martini topped the tournament with the 
most individual points. 

Alta Mitra winners, left to right: Leah 
Hacking, Twlla Jenson, Betty Jo Sprouse. 
Not pictured, Bonnie Rae Hanson. 



Even before the first buds of springtime, the girls 
took advantage of the early melting snows. The new 
tennis courts were crowdea with enthusiasts, colorful 
targets stood out against the green of the practice 
fields as feminine William Tells proved their prowess 
with the bow and arrow, swimming classes were over- 
flowing with would-be mermaids, and the Softball 
tournaments were once again under way; spring ac- 
tivities now held the spotlight. 

Donna, Joyce, Betty, and Carolyn have a definite aim in life. 


Tennis stands as a constant 
challenge to the alertness and 
skill of the player, as proved here 
by Joyce Wood and Joyce Atkin- 
son, shown enjoying a lively game 
of doubles. 



Dorothy McMullin keeps her eye 
on the birdie. 

Badminton an indoor or outdoor 
sport, proved one of the outstand- 
ing games of the year, providing 
all the thrills and enjoyment found 
in competitive sports. Ethel Young 
and Geniel Thornton shared hon- 
ors in the doubles tournament, 
with Ethel taking first place in the 

The umpire calls "Safe on second!" on a successful base steal. 

Marjorie Barnes takes Pogo Stick 

honors again. 


\J^ ^.:. 






Dorm Mother 

Dorm Mother 

"Our Home" is the phrase which describes these edifices for approxi- 
mately 600 girls. The newest of the dorms and the most modern in design 
is Campus which seems to roll gracefully down the hillside. Campus Dorm 
claims the newest Dorm Mothers to Brigham Young University too. The 
dormitories are the scene of at least two parties each quarter besides the 
continual one which is the result of the companionship and laughs shared 
by the residents. 

|i1 P 11 






I Ml 

Dorm Mother 

Allen and Knight halls are con- 
veniently located between the upper 
and lower cannpuses. Despite their 
distance from the "D boys' Dorms' 
on the hill their living rooms are 
filled with couples, music, the sound 
of the ringing phone, and the click 
of the lock at 10:30 on week nights 
and 1:00 on week ends. 


Dorm Mother 






We receive our first registration instructions in 
the Maeser assennbly hall. 




Mary Martineau conducts an excursion around campus during 
one of the days of orientation. 

Above: Dean Eyring checks 
registration files at the Col- 
lege of Arts and Sciences 
advisor table. Right: Evelyn 
Giles completes one of the 
many orientation tests re- 
quired of all new Freshmen 
and Sophomores. 

Orientation means more 
than finding the location of 
buildings. It gives the Fresh- 
man a few extra days to ob- 
tain a comparative feeling 
of assurance before the In- 
vasion of the upperclassmen. 

There are usually 3 days 
dedicated to this process. 
The daylight hours are filled 
with tests, introductions, and 
tours. Nights find us in the 
J. S. Auditorium observing 
entertainment provided by 
talented members of the new 

Registration is a trial and tradition to upperclassmen as well 
as to Freshmen. The processs takes us to three buildings and in- 
nummerable desks and advisors. After beginning at 8:00 we 
spend the daypaying fees and becoming re-acquainted. We fin- 
ally are ready to begin classes by 5:00, the afternoon of the sec- 
ond day of registration. 


Seldom is the treasurer's office seen 
with only one person at the window. 

A general assembly of all Freshman starts out 

The library is the scene of serious faces, but none 
equal those of Frosh taking placement tests. 

A Frosh committee is elected the last assembly be- 
fore school begins. This body governs the class unt.l 
the election of regular officers the last of November. 







Right: Joanne Hinand carries an extra load. 

Above: Geneva and Anita Call give a Frosh a bad time. 



The Cougar "cubs" donned the traditional regalia of blue and 
white caps, whiskers, ears, rope, and tail and were led agound by 
the upperclassmen for a week. The boys began to look like the 
pioneers or gold miners after the first 3 days of no shaving. 

Cougar cub offenders filed into senior court with long faces. 
After judgment they were swooshed out via the fire escape. College 
hall was overflowing with offenders and witnesses. 

Frosh boys cleaned off the Y on Wednesday. All those not par- 
ticipating were cleaned off in the pond. 

Air- - 


' Greatest accomplishment of the week was 
the sparkling shoes worn by upperclassmen. 
Frances Workman owes his shine to two obli- 
ging Freshmen, 



V/^.-:. -^ .^^ jF^i«3i*^ 


4; !'." 

A couple of blowhards at Senior court. 

Not lazy, just exhausted after a long, hard, week. 

It's either eggs, soap, or 
syrup and nnolasses. 

It's simple to say that we met so and so for 
awhile, but after the first 50 introductions names are 
a has been and memory of faces a necessity. At the 
friendly school we like to remember the handles by 
which people are called, but we believe that a Hi 
and a genuine interest in the other prson are more 
important, at least for the first month of a new 
quarter. Each of us wonder how we could ever 
meet and remember the 5000, and we marveled at 
the number of the swarm we soon knew. Getting 
acquainted is the hardest obstacle and the most 
interesting test of a new student. As long as all 
the oldies preserve the "We want to know you" 
attitude, Brigham Young University will forever be 
protected by the priceless armor of friendship. 

Right: Introductions don't always lead to Gene 
Jensen's horseplay. 

u m Hyniiiii 



V. Right: The lawn Is a favorite spot for forming 
friendships. Below: A new Cougarette gets meas- 
ured for her new skirt by two White Keys. Cougar- 
ette tryouts give Freshman an opportunity to meet 
each other and to meet the officers of the school 
who help with the judging. 

Above: Dates add much to college life, at 
least Jayne Winters thinks so. Left: Goodnights 
are hard to say, but there are more good times in 




Everything from shoe polish to milk shakes is available in 
the bookstore. 

\m mm 

Our associations develop within us a greater 
power of comprehension. Yes, college is the fulfill- 
ment of a dream and only those who have lived that 
dream can understand it. 

Left: Books, more books, and a few of us add up 
to conversation or study in the Heber J. Grant Library. 

Below: Browsing through the going 
gone stack. 




Above: Special assignment books are placed in the re- 
served shelves in the Library. 

There's no nfionotony after orientation stops and regular hours and ciasswork be- 
gin. Just to say that we settled down to college life seems pretty stale until you 
interpret what that life means. The bookstore isn't the place to find mouldy books 
but is an adventure in itself. The campus offers many striking views varying with the 
season. The chance to grasp from the world about us a collection of assorted facts is 
no where available under such conditions as is presented during our years at college. 

The Wymount cafeteria is the favorite hangout of the 
Dorm boys who eat there. 

The big question in most of our minds as 10:00 rolls 
around is "I wonder if that letter came today." 


The grass on the Smith lawn was made especially for between classes chats. 

During basketball season, radios even attend dances to keep us well 
informed on our team. 


We know that it is life to 
be able to take a little time 
out for a chat with friends 
or to combine our dances 
with keeping posted on the 
latest results of our athletic 
squads. It's life to hear a 
cheery hello everywhere you 
go, and we really like to an- 
swer back to help prove that 
the Y isn't called the friend- 
ly school for no reason. A 
dozen exciting incidents 
occur everyday and it's up 
to us to see that we enjoy 
them. Our dances, friends, 
classes, and innumerable oth- 
er things make our life what 
it is and the year '49-50 has 
been great. 



Campus Branch of East Provo Stake Is the most unusual extension of the 
church. It always has 200% attendance of membership if not over. The 
executive positions are filled by students. During 6 days of the week their 
officers are subject to the administration of the school, but on Sunday the 
President of Brigham Young University Is under the jurisdiction of the 
Campus Branch officers. Sunday School, Sacrament meeting, M.I.A., and 
organized priesthood, and genealogical committees are in operation in the 
branch. Teachers of all classes are students. After church hours are often 
devoted to firesides. Our Sundays are set aside for devotion and rest. 

"More and better than ever 
before" describes the student as- 
semblies which kept a packed audi- 
torium entertained each Thursday. 

Vivian Schipper and her com- 
mittee engineered smooth pro- 
grams despite lighting and re- 
hearsal difficulties. 

The Sophomore class with the 

theme "Old Cathay" received 

the trophy for the best assembly 

of Fall quarter. It was a difficult 

choice to select one from the 

Freshman Talent Parade, the 

White Key-Blue Key Locksmith 

Shop, the A.W.S. journey to the 

Kingdom of Oz, and the assembly 

committee's own "Merry Christ- 


Right: Marilyn Oldroyd repeats 
those familiar words, ' I'm sorry, 
but the deadline for buying your 
Banyan was February 1 0th." Re- 
cently a touching situation. 

Below: Fantasy reigned as the 
Thin Man, and Scarecrow of the 
Wizard of Oz appeared on the 
scene at the A.W.S. assembly. 


Petite Donna Wilson, alias Rose Murphy, 
rated many encores on the Freshman assem- 



Joyce Jennings and Bob Evans warn stu- 
dents of the coming Snow Carnival, and the 
need of much warm clothing with "Baby, it's 
Cold Outside." 


Gary Paxman was the receiver of one of the 
really smashing events of the To Kolon's Truth 
or Consequences program. The prize to all was 
a bottle of the ever refreshing Toe Cologne. 


-' ^^ 

\ _ 



Many journeys were taken through the thoughts conveyed by assem- 
blies. Thursday at 11:00 might be called "Make Believe Time.' Make 
a wish upon a star and it could happen at least one week in a year with 
the help of music, stories, and tricks of fellow students. 



Janet Anderson hel- 
ped Orchesis club por- 
tray the miracle of the 
juggler of Notre Dame. 

Santa's helper, Dick Huish, inspects the toys, that 
wished Y students a very Merry Christmas as Raggedy 
Andy, Bryce Spencer, prepares to execute a loose join- 
ted dance. 

Native music, dances, and legends helped to convince stu- 
dents that the Kia Ora Club assembly was "the best" of the Win- 
ter quarter. 

^ 346 


"EN'S GVn 

A mild Winter guaranteed regular attendance at Tuesday's de- 
votionals and Thursday's student body affairs. The Kia Ora cIud gave 
students an insight to the Mauri Race, the Cestas thrilled the audience 
with their "Song Fest" voices and calendar girls, the To Kolons kept the 
audience in stitches with 'Truth or Consequences,' and the vikings 
will long be remembered for their banquet table. 

Tuesdays brought such outstanding speakers as Henry D. Moyle, 
Dr. Woodruff, Ethan Colton, Cory Hanks, and President George Alfciert 
Smith. The devotional truly supplied the inspiration so much needed 
by college students of today. 

Upper left: The Wo- 
men s Gym and the Y 
bell form an approp- 
riate background for 
the reminiscing of old 
Y grads. 

Right: Patti Craw- 
ley helps the O.S. Tro- 
vata depict the court 
of Venus. 

Below: The Varga 
Girls came to life to 
the music of the Cesta 
Tie's. Gerri Soloman, 
Geneva Call, and Ruth 
Purdy sang "April 


Cougarettes, Shirley Treu, Hazel Doering, and 
Margie Olsen entertain two cougar cubs. 

Pep rallies are the times for release of energy, 
a time for loss of voice, and a time to let the world 
know how we feel about our school. Overflowing 
enthusiasm and plenty of spirit are the ingredients 
necessary for the occasion. Spirit is a hard word to 
define. It tells of itself through attitude as well as 
through making the air ring with cheers. Pep rallies 
are the place to let the cheers go, but attitude 
tells every day. We tell our teams and our school- 
mates that we're behind them all the way through 
our actions, true cheers, and thrills are a reflection 
of these. 

Rain didn't stop the Cougars from a little lung exercise 
in Salt Lake at the Brigham Young monument before the 
Y-Utah game. 

A pajama top street dance marked the beginning of Homecoming 

Jerry Romney gets bussed as Cougarettes 
tell basketball players that we're proud of the 
Skyline Six championship. 


Pictures were taken of only one 
of the many class parties. Al- 
though there is no pictorial mem- 
ory of other class chats, we will re- 
member them always by the good 
times they provided. Some were 
on the more subdued side, but all 
were more than fun to us because 
no room was left for shyness. 
When we get into the swing of 
things the result is just naturally 

DonI Peterson, President of the Junior class, 
congratulates three of our Oddballs at the Frosh- 
Junior party. 

"The more we get together, the happier 
we'll be" is put into practice at the Y. Each 
quarter the classes have exchanges, prefera- 
bly stag. Everyone has an opportunity to 
see and meet tne Frosh, Sophomore, Junior, 
and Senior through this arrangement. 

Unique attire is required to be worn by all 
in attendance. Among common parties are 
to be found two classes loading in a bus affair, 
or a necktie party. For anyone looking for 
loads of fun, attendance at class parties is 
the formula. 

The orchestra dressed for the occasion. 

Dick Miller, President of the Freshman class, points out contestants 
for Oddball Cup as applause determines it. 

mn PHiiHS 




The torchlight parade, which is blocks in length, starts on the hill and comes to on 
end in downtown Provo. 

B Y Utopia proved to be an effec-l 
tive and inspiring theme for Home-l 
coming. Festivities began with a pa- 
jama top torchlight parade and pepj 
rally. Friday was a long and sleepless i 
night -for many who were putting the 
finishing touches on the beautiful 
floats which paraded through the 
streets on Saturday morning. 

The events of the day carried us to 
an alumni assembly, the football 
game, the open houses of many or- • 
ganizations, and eventually a dance, i 

Pat Unger was crowned queen i 
with Donna Witwer and Phyllis Par- ; 
ker as attendants. The Blue Key float i 
was selected as the most outstanding 
of them all. Utopia reigned over the 
land and we received a glimpse of a 
bright future through the dreams 
made possible by the theme of the 
Homecoming of '49. 

Left: One of the marching units for the annual parade is the 
Y C's, Sophomore and Junior service unit. 

Planning committee for our Homecoming was Arden Apla- 
nalp. Lorraine Russell, Jim Stubbs, Jan Fenn, Pat Mason, Charm- 
aine Guthrie, Dean Wilson, Marideil Lewis, Jerry Zenger, general 
chairman, and Russ Mickleson. 

By night a mystic air spread over our campus. One 
of the big creators of this feeling was the brilliance of the 
lighted Y which seemed to be hanging unsupported in the 
sky. The Y is encrusted with flame only 5 times during 
the year; during orientation, Homecoming, Belle of the 
Y dance, Y Day, and Commencement. This symbol of 
our school completed our Utopia. 

Our Queens and their float. 

El Dean Bennett presents Queen Pat with a watch 
at the Homecoming Bali as Dick Moody smiles on. 


















The first traditional event of the year is 
always the Autumn Leaf Hike and Dance. 
Chairman Cloyd Miner even took the pre- 
liminary trips up Y mountain to Maple Hats 
to set the course for the hike. Two days be- 
fore the scheduled event, an early snow cov- 
ered the ground, making the original plans 
invalid. Undaunted by cancellation of the 
hike, the Social Hall and J. S. Ballroom were 
filled with couples cutting fancy capers as 
orange, brown, yellow, and red leaves hung 
on the walls. 

"Old Cathay" helped produce an effect 
which will not soon be forgotten on campus. 
The Sophomore class proved its capabilities 
as a very active part of the student body with 
the presentation of novel ideas on an assem- 
bly, in decorations, and in the coronation 
ceremony of queen, Charlene Bodmer, Beverly 
Miller, and Mardene Moulton. 

Elizabeth Martini, Hank Moyle, chairman, 
Eilene Schipper, Widtsoe Shumway, Kay 
Driggs, and Carma de Jong were the brains 
behind the Loan Fund Bali. 



It was "our man rule" one night in December 
when each of the women students was escorted by 
her special dream man to the A.W.S. Preference 
Ball. Under chairman, Joyce Madsen, and commit- 
tee members Marilyn Hilton, Betty Jo Sprouse, 
Isabel Renie, Donna Tanner, and Ruth Schipper 
"Some Enchanted Evening" materialized. Fairies, 
castles, and clouds surrounded the dreams and 
plans of those who danced to the music of Jack 
Hansen and Wes Barry. The top 12 preferred men 
were honored at a banquet preceding the dance. 
Rex Johnson was crowned by A.W.S. President La- 
myrl Boyaclc. Bob Green and Bill Dyer were 2nd 
and 3rd preferred men. 


P^^Bmk ^^ ^^^'^■■^^E/t MtSscM 



Even good ole Saint 
Nick put in an appear- 

Delta Phi's sponsored the "Mistletoe Frolic" 
in the J. S. Ballroom, which followed an early 
assembly. The entire affair emphasized that 
Christmas was the time of Christ's birth and 
as such should be a reverent occasion. 

I[[I|[ filllC 

.WiuuMW'.::'' J 







Stars, Comets, Planets, and rockets created a solar atmosphere for 
admiring couples. 


Jan Fenn served as chairman of the annual Universe dance, sponsored by 
the student bi-weelcly publication. Time at the dance was divided with fre- 
quent trips to the hall to hear latest score of the Y-Colorado A & M basketball 
game. Even this didn't destroy the atmosphere created by shooting stars and 
a surprizingly warm night for February. Refreshments were served at the Ban- 
quet hall. Novel editions of the paper placed on one wall caught the eye of 
couples throughout the evening. 

Right: Rulon Kartchner and Lynette Woodland do a little stargazing. 


K > 


f « 



Some of the skafers warm up before another swing on the 
ice. Friday night Festivities were conducted at Utah Lake. 

The nine lovelies pose for the judges and photographers. 

Co-chairman Jarrett Jarvis and 
Dick Brower were doing every- 
thing except dropping dry ice 
from airplanes to entreat old man 
weather to let fly with a few snow- 
flakes. Sure enough two days pre- 
vious to the Snow Carnival the 
world became a winter wonder- 
land, however, the snow modeling 
contest was called off because of 
the lack of enough snow. The send 
off for the snow carnival was the 
Thursday assembly when Queen 
Carky Nowatny, Shirley Treu, and 
Jone Seal were announced as the 
reigning court. Skating at Utah 
Lake followed on Friday night. 
Saturday, the Engen brothers ad- 
ded much to our ski meet at Timp 
Haven. Hot chocolate and do- 
nuts were served to skiers between 
trips down the slope. The perfect 
ending was achieved at the "Polar 
Playtime" dance on Saturday night 
witn crowning of the queen and 
the awarding of trophies to carni- 
val winners. Tops in all events 
were presented to the Canadians. 

Upper right: Snow queen, Cor- 
ky Nowatny, is crowned on her 
ice throne oy Russell Taylor. Her 
attendants are Shirley Treu and 
Jone Seal. Right: Icicle, Archie 
Curtis, and snowflake, Carma de 
Jong set the scene for the snow 
carnival by spreading a little cold 
weather and snow during their as- 

Lower right: Keith Calderwood 
receives a helping hand in the ice 
which covered the harbor at Utah 
Lake. Skating fun provided the 
Frday night beginning of the fes- 
tivities of the week-end. Below: 
This little Miss showed up all of 
us with her ice exhibitions. 


Time out between dances. 

Banyan Ball Queen, Elaine Evans, is crowned by John 
Tucker. She and her two attendants, Ruth Schipper and Cherie 
Marcel, were selected by John Robert Powers. 

We celebrate Valentine at the Banyan Ball. Giant 
hearts and realistic flowers turned the J. S. Ballroom 
into a sweethearts wonderland. It may have been the 
tender feeling which permeates the air around Feb- 
ruary 14th or it may have been the planning of Co- 
chairman Al Purnell and Stan Hall which caused so 
many hearts to flutter. Whatever the reason, Jackie 
Johnson, Sam Doxey, Jarret Jarvis, and Marilyn Has- 
lam prove that something special was in the air. 





"The Great Waltz" goes on to the music of Murray Jones. Old fashioned 
fans helped set the atmosphere. 


Chairman, Bob Zabriskie, successfully piloted 
his committee to a magnificent Prom. Above: 
Specially constructed stairway and chandalier were 
featured at intermission. Left: DonI Peterson, Lillian 
Schipper, Pat Mason, Jan Fenn, Joanne Farragher, 
Colleen Collins, Jarrett Jarvis, Pat Quinn, Barbara 
Reinsch, Dean Wilson, Dorothy Crammer, Sally 
Kirkham, Barbara Winkler, Rosemary Phillips, Rae 
Mona Kirkham, and Bob Zabriskie. 

Carolyn Blair chairmaned Mat Dances. A 
Senior at the Y, she is outstanding in the field 
of music and as President of To Kolon social 

The main dance floor overflows into the hall at the Tuesday sessions. 


The Social Hall flung open its doors each Tuesday and soon was over crowded with cam- 
pus personalities seeking an hours dancing away from the worries of studies. Mat Dances have 
become an institution on the Y campus. In fact, dancing is one of the forms of entertainment 
and relaxation that claims interest of most students above all others. To us, fun means a floor, 
music, and a partner. As these are the components of the Mat dance each one is a success in 
its own right. 

Below: A rest between numbers is enjoyed by some of the couples. 

"Our dorm" becomes a more compact 
group through our hen sessions or date aftairs. 
Each quarter the brthday girls are honored at 
a special candlelight dinner. There is always a 
date dance held in the ball rooms transformed 
from the dining hall by removing tables and 
adding unique decorations. The early morn- 
ing Cnristmas party is a forewarning of the 
coming holidays and as such is a gala affair 
topped off by special breakfast from the 
COOKS. Spring brings parties into the open 
outdoors such as dinners served on the lawn. 
All of these add up to a more effective en- 
vironment for us, the college women of today. 

I., .J! ; ,tr^i 

Regular Initiation for new dorm girls Is "You have something on that you 
don't need." 

J Winter quarter date affair complied with Val- 

" entine's Day. 

We don't have to be beautiful to have fun singing our favorite Christmas 


Vim, vigor, and vitality made this year's 
cheerleaders a little bit of all right. The atnletic 
teams, couldn't move without the support of 
Dick Moody, Hank Williams, and Gene Jensen. 
The boys in white sweaters took their mega- 
phones and spurred the wearers of the blue and 
white to victory or grinned at defeat. 


m sisiiRS 

The Y's majorettes are the envy of 
every school in the conference. On the 
field these pert misses from Nevada 
provide first rate performances. Each 
sister is an outstanding personality in 
her own right and together they make 
a sure fire combination, as the Rose Bowl 
crowd would testify. Much recognition 
has come to the Y through "our" Call 
Sisters and we're looking forward to 
seeing them again next year. 




m SIC 



Activity is our middle name. We try not to 
let extra-curricular work interfere with our lessons, 
but at times it seems almost inevitable. Our aver- 
age student attends at least one meeting a week, 
takes part in at least one committee during the 
year, and is a member of some social organization 
if such is our will. All Freshmen must be at the Y 
one quarter before they are eligible for member- 
ship in a social organization. 

The year 1950 marked the inauguration of a 
new social program on our campus. Each quarter 
all organizations on campus must hold an open 
house. All those who attend this and the ensuing 
parties are eligible for membership after goating 
and formal pledging. Any violation to established 
regulations for pledging are brought before the 
penal court and if proved guilty the organization 
is denied some of its privileges and fined. 


Delta Phi is an organization for re- 
turned missionaries. Tney are noted for 
their churus which is pictured on the op- 
posite page. During pledging the pres- 
ence of dark suits, holding of street 
meetings, and hand shakes at the doors 
into classes mean that another group 
has returned from service in the mission 
field of the world. 

Men social units are noted for their 
original dress during pledging week. 
An example of the Brigadier Flubs at 
work is seen below. The membership 
would definitely increase if all subjects 
were Freshman, like Bonnie Davis. 

Lambda Delta Sigma Sweet- 
heart title went to Erma Adams at 
their annual Sweetheart b a I h 
Lambda Delt is a social-religious 
organization. There are such or- 
ganizatons on many campuses, 
thus making it a national organ- 
ization. The Y's membership in 
Lambda Delt is divided into chap- 
ters so great is the number of 
their representatives. 


Traditionally the Whi' 
Keys lead the Homecomin 
parade supporting a hug 
block Y which is the symb( 
of our school. Smart, activ 
Misses comprise this grou, 
who are easily recognizabl 
In their blue dresses. 

Lambda Delt pledges get the once over by Wayne 
Ferguson at the Sweetheart Ball. 

Alta MItra make their goats appreciate being a men 
ber at Initiation. 


[ [ 


Another kind of dough is much more pleasant. 

A beautiful cake was one of the features of Lambda Delt birthday party. 

One of the big affairs 
)f units each year is the 
annual invitational. The 
^Jautilus entertained their 
Jates and some of their 
fiends at "Frosted Fan- 
asia" in December. The 
irst big snow before 
Christmas, came that 
light. All units present 
ively affairs which will al- 
ways live in our memories 
jf college days. 

Cougarette performan- 
ces at basketball half time 
kept a restless crowd at 
ease. Becoming more 
proficient each year de- 
spite their completely 
changed membership, the 
Cougarettes perform 
drills, skits, act as a pep 
servic.*, and a social or- 
ganization of our Universi- 



pR[[[Rii[D m m i 



Jiontecomma 2.M£en 


Somt loan 2iiee4^ 

siiRi[v nn 



JIN[ S[fll 

^^(Mz ^ueen 




2mpcm . 

' 374 



[ I 

lieU oi 
Vke ''If" 


MiM ^taU 

2)necim Qlu 



lamdfil fio4fack 

^ci44i£4^ Qlen 

Art and dancing develop to its best our sense of 
beauty. Above: After a lot of hard work, the art class 
begins to shape things up. Right: Carma de Jong sits 
prettily for a portrait. Below: Jon Beck Shank leads 
Mary Lou McGettigen and Lucy Calder through the 
intricacies of Modern Dance. 

The main portion of the daylight 
hours are occupied with classworlc. 
Variety is the spice of life on the Y 
campus. Perhaps that's one reason 
why boys take clothing and girls, 
agriculture. Lectures are interesting 
under the right professors, but labs 
are fun any way you look at it. 


Opera Workshop combines two of the arts, 
music and drama, to give us a superb performance. 
John Coray rehearses a scen6 from "Pagliacci." 


Reproductions of life are made pos- 
sible through make-up and photog- 
raphy. Above: We're sure tnat the 
originals were better, but it looks as if 
this group is really learning the art of 
Make-up. Right: It's a good thing that 
the camera isn't shy or it would shrink 
from this lens look-in photography class. 


Don't hit your finger, J. H. Smith. The way 
to get an A in carpentry is to hit the nail on the 
head. Modern Man creats structural miracles with 
unbelievably speed through the use of machines, 
mind, and hands. 

Sparks really begin to fly when welding begins. 

"The Builders" might well be the classification 
these students. "Figure it out, then fix it" is their motto. 



Attention is focused on their work at all 
times. Alertness is a necessity in the Machine 

These upholsterers are covering the situation. A han- 
dy knowledge for attractiveness in the home is exempli- 
fied through this occupation. Below: Attractiveness of 
self is exemplified as Gloria Wallis receives cooperation 
from classmates in a fitting for clothing. 

To keep us on the road to progress it is neces- 
sary to keep our minds and bodies busy with plan- 
ned industry. The more we accomplish, the greater 
is our interest. 

To learn how to use our hands in co-operation 
with our minds in one of the aims of classes. There 
are many skills to acquire in relation to this organ 
of our bodies. We learn more each day the truth- 
fulness of the phrase, "During all the long hours 
'til daylight is through, there is plenty indeed for 
my two hands to do." 



. . . ___..__ .... _«._ _ 


1 1 Cm*- T» -T vfai -i»l, 7^ -^V. '1 

t .'«,>'• 





Classes form the nucleus of the University. It's been 
truly said that all play and no work makes Jack a dull stu- 
dent. The college of Arts and Sciences forms a very im- 
portant part of our University. Several of the departments 
are looking forward to a transfer of headquarters for next 
year. The occupation of the Science Building will be a dream 
come true. 

Lower right: Some Ag students give the cows of the 
B.Y.U. Dairy the once over. Lower left: The Psychology de- 
partment conducts many tests to help students. Upper left: 
The microscopes produce all sorts of interesting sights in 
Zoology lab. particularly when Don Skouson helps out with 
a few explanations. 

Above: Drafting takes skill, precision, and a flair for draw- 
ing instruments. 

Right: Just one more quarter then Roger Packard and Mer- 
rill Andrus can feel free to blow up the chemistry lab. on 
lower campus. 

Below: Future Botanists attempt to solve many problems. 
Perhaps they're puzzled about how great oaks from little 
acorns grow. 


GRACE GUYMON, Editor ... Our 
editor led a large staff successfully. A 
natural knack for leadership under an 
unassuming, calm, and helpful manner 
led and will continue to lead her to 

KEITH ORME, Business Manager .. . 
Keith has been a sparkplug to the Y — 
first as frosh prexy, next as Banyan busi- 
ness manager, and next year as National 
Royal Duke of the IK's. This capable 
sophomore put in many hours balancing 

STAN HALL, Associate Editor . . . 
A transfer from Compton Junior Col- 
lege, Stan proved why the yearbook of 
which he had previously served as editor 
of, won an All-American award. His 
motto is an ever better book for the 
school which he attends. 

Top row: Mae Blanch, Senior 
Class Editor; Jerelyn Sorensen, 
Junior Class Editor; Janet Romney, 
Sophomore Class Editor; Wenely 
Cowley, Freshman Class Editor. 
Bottom row: Elizabeth Sears, 
Honorary Editor; Wayne Lundell, 
Sports Editor; Char Gutherie, Wo- 
men's Sports Editor. 





Our Banyan Staff of 1950 included 64 students which filled the various positions. 
We took chances with our lives when we guaranteed delivery of the yearbook before 
the end of school, a feat accomplished only once In previous years. Several nervous 
breakdowns were narrowly escaped by those concerned as a result of this proclamation. 
Relief came the weekend after the delivery date as the Banyan and Universe staffs 
headed south on a recuperation tour to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. 

Below, Top row: Clover Guymon, Lambda Delta Sigma Editor; Tom Halversen, 
Social Unit Editor; Barbara Josle, Copy Editor; Bob Richins, Photographer; Bob Dud- 
ley, Photographer. Bottom row: Dahnelle Adcox, Activities Editor; Alien Purnell, De- 
partmental and Index Editor; Les Raty, Art Assistant; Carolyn Cox, Art Assistant; 
Grace Vanderhyde, Faculty Editor. 

LAINE RATY, Art Editor . . . 

Words can not express the time, 
work, or thought that Laine has 
put in during the year. Being one 
of the Y's outstanding art students 
was much to his advantage in sol- 
ving ail the layouts and art work 
in tne book.. 


Pictured at right are Margie Guest, Donna 
Deem, Faye Capps, and Shirley Maughn. 

La Vina Keeler, Sally Summerhays, and Tom Ly- 
man are caught as they enter the office for a couple 
of hours of work. 

■ ■ 




[ soil fO 

Salesmen pictured below are left to right: Hal Meservy, Jackie Johnson, Janic 
Hinckley, Berta Curtis, Lois Hill, Jack Zenger, Joyce Ashman, and Dawn Bennion. 

KARL SANDBURG, Sales Manager, di- 
rected his salesmen to a greater number of 
Banyans sold than ever before. 





■ ik 

i rrw- 


1 1 


pK •• •• « 


I _ 1 Nl il 

Some more of the Banyan personnel are Dot 
White, Betty Deakin, Sue Nelson, and Marilou Rogers. 
Sitting are Carole Baker and Dawn Terry. 

Below: All smiles now that the work is done, are 
Wynette Kartchner, Sue Eyring, Marcene Camp, Sally 
KIrkham, and Bill Bone. 



Salesmen pictured below are left to right: Dorthea O' Brian, Norma Despain, 
Arlene Deem, Jan Williams, Carmela Tanner, LaRue Robinson, Catherine Beus, and 
Carolyn Madsen. 

Roylance Spratling and Vesta Ball, 
top Banyan Salesman, inspect one of the 
samples of their product. 

^ ^csil^ 

ii • 


Under Editor Dave Schulthess the Universe became a 
bi-weekly. On the dismissal of assembly on Tuesday and 
Thursday the mad rush for the paper stack began. The week 
that the basketball team proved tops in the Skyline Six con- 
ference a special 8 page sports edition rolled off the press 
with the regular edition. Dave proved an excellent editor 
who's main objective was to see the Universe on top. 

Dave Forsythe was the other 
half of the two Dave combination 
that comprised the Editor and As- 
sociate Editor of the Universe. A 

Hank Williams attached some 
of his energy and knack for doing 
things to the position of Copy 
Editor. If Hank hadn't time for a 
smite and a "Hi" the situation was 
bad ndeed. 

truly hard and conscientious work- 
er, Dave spent many nights at the 
Press. We feel that we will suffer 
a loss and the mission field a gain 
when Dave departs as an Elder for 
the LDS church. 

. r; 

[ Sliff 

Harvey Mette served as Business 
Manager dt the Universe. Harvey 
had many duties and handled them 
all efficiently. Besides appeasing 
commercial establishments, he found 
time to direct the Delta Phi chorus. 

Maxine Cordner served as Har- 
vey's secretary and as office mana- 
ger. Always ready with a smile 
"Maxie" made a place for herself 
in the hearts of the staff as well 
as leaving her mark on the ac- 


Fred Radichel . . . Sports Ed+or . . . 
his column as well as nis off-hand re- 
marks were always spots of interest. 

Vesta Ball . . . feature editor . . . one 
of the stars of the journalism depart- 
ment . . . also associate editor ot the 
Wye magazine. 

Cliff Olmstead . . . exchange editor 
. . . busied hmself by keeping track of 
the papers from other schools. 

Jan Fenn . . . Society Editor . . . best 
known for her Social Y'ser column . . . 
One of the most active and friendly 
girls on campus. 

Gloria Wallis . . . Fashion Editor . . . 
exemplified her title through her own 
good taste. 

Vernice Jackson . . . Music Editor . . . 
covered the Music Department with all 
it's vocal and instrumental divisions . . . 
managed it well. 

Editors are of little value without a staff. Therefore it is only right that we recognize the snoopers who gave editors 
headaches if they failed to make the headline, and smiles when a smooth edition rolled off the press. 

Left to rght: Tom Lyman, Dahnelle Adcox, llene Teeples, Maxine Cordner, Mary Jane Groberg, Elizabeth Martini, Bet 
ty Ann Green, and Lee Strattford. Standing: Edwin Butterworth, advisor; Bill Bones, Lewis Nielsen, Dee Roach, Wendy 
Crowley, Bob Crockett, Dan Clay, Reid Fillmore, and Dallas Burnett. 



John Nutter, Editor; Professor Cheney, Advisor; Vesta Ann Ball, Associate Editor. 

Contributors of Wye magazine 
are any of us who compose a 
poem, write a short story or an 
essay that is judged to be of lite- 
rary value. The literature is of the 
higher type, and is not after the 
model of the average campus life 
and humor type. Prizes are awar- 
ded to the authors of the best 
contributions. The Elsie C. Carroll 
short story award is one of these. 
An outstanding feature of the 
magazine is the illustrations which 
accompany the stories and poems. 

For the second year, the student literary magazine has published two issues each year. The Wye is published 
and written by students under advisorship of Professor Cheney of the English department and Ray Wight of the 
Journalism department. The editor and associate editor choose their staff from applications submitted by students 
desiring positions on the magazine staff. 

Staff members are Orville Skousen, Jon Beck Shank, Don Decker, Connie Bartlett, Davis Britten, Marilyn 
Evans, Vern Thatcher, and Don Bugg. Not pictured is Art Editor, Laine Raty. 


Sound effect must be timed perfectly with the rest of the program. 

KBYU, the student voice of Brigham Young University, was the first 
college broadcasting station West of the Mississippi to become a mem- 
ber of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting system. Progress has been made 
each year to improve the caliber of programs and production. This year 
commercial sponsors were introduced. There is a program director each 
night, a staff of announcers, and control operators whose responsibility 
it is to integrate programs and check scripts. We gain much valuable 
experience in radio through these positions. 


EIDean Bennett announces one of the regular 


Many programs are recorded to be presented at a later date. Pictured are Jerry htall, Carolyn 
Blair. Marilyn Thompson. Barbara Robison. and Barbara Burrows. 


A Southern Senator drops in on General Dennis' headquarters. 

Patterned after the life of General Hap Arnold of the U. S. Air Corps. "Command Decision" portrays the immense responsibil 
that rests on officers in sending men to battle. General Dennis knows that a new and powerful plane is being produced at three Germ 
plants. In three days with good weather the three plants can be destroyed. He commissions this action to take place because 
realizes that although many lives will be destroyed the ultimate dan ger will cost more lives. A senate investigating committee a 
General Cain intervene, General Dennis' best friend is killed, and h'e is relieved of his command. Ultimately he is assigned a n 
command In the South Pacific which had been his and his friend's dream. 



Preston Gledhill, Max Golightly, Pat+i Crawley, Jolene Terry, 
Donna Drainey, Lynn Benson, and Rex Johnson held the major 
attention of the audience in John Galsworthy's play. "The Skin 

The tension between the ideals of the two men create a 
situation which develops to a suspense peak. On one hand is 
Mr. Hillcrest. who is seeking justice for the laborers and the 
preservation of natural beauty. On the other hand is Mr. Hdrn- 
biower. who is for industrialization. Neither side is successful. 
Mrs. Hillcrest breaks down her husband's principles by using 
underhand methods to overcome Hornblower's power. Hill- 
crest and Hornblower are unable to form a lasting friendship 
because of their conflicting families. 

Rex Johnson and Jolene Terry portray the young gener- 
ation of the Hornblower and Hillcrest families. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jackman tell the Hillcrests of their fear of 
expulsion from their home. Left to right: Marjorie Thompson, 
Jolene Terry, Preston Gledhill, Donna Drainey, Richard Jack- 
man, and Atton Ash. 



Marge Millar, Grant Clyde, Marilyn Oldroyd, Don 
nene Merrill, and Ted Bunell were cast as leads in this riot 
ous comedy on family adjustments. Sam, Grant Clyde 
takes care of the house while Frances, Donnene Merrill 
works. Irma, the old maid of the family, lives with them 
Things run quite smoothly until Kitty, their daughter 
comes home with the baby when her husband, Gene, joins 
the army. Gene and Kitty are subject to various domestic; 
troubles which send Kitty into fits. Archie and Hazel, thd 
son and daughter-in-law, are always running in from the 
apartment downstairs. In the course of the play Haze 
becomes a mother, Sam starts to work on the productior 
line, and home becomes a madhouse. The climax ij 
achieved by a drunk maid, a visit by Joe and Mariarj 
Franklin, and the reconciliation of Gene and Kitty. Typi 
cal of the play was Irma's remark to Sam concerning the 
events of tne day, "What a way to celebrate Thanksgiv- 
ing." Sam replied, "this isn't Thanksgiving Day, Irma 
this is Labor Day." 

Donnene Merrill, Marilyn Oldroyd, and Ted Bunel 
take a look at "Little Miss Trouble." 

"Through a Dark and Sleepless night" . . . with Grant 
Clyde, Donnene Merrill, Marge Millar, and Marilyn Old- 


Elizabeth was happiest when company came to see her, particularly if that company 
were Robert Browning. Above: Betty Jo Hawkins, Jarrett Jarvis, Lu Rae Craney, Norma 
Wright. Maridell Lewis, and Jack Christenson. Right: Burnett Ferguson and Norma Wright. 

There are few plays that tell as great a love story as this play on the courtship of 
Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning. It was enthralling to watch the remarkable 
power and personality of Robert Browning bring a will to live and a glow to the cheeks 
of the invalid, Elizabeth. 

The Barrett children were reared by a strict father. Mr. Barrett loved his children 
so selfishly that they were unable to do anything without his permission. Marriage was 
frowned upon in this family. 

Elizabeth's acquaintance with Robert Browning grew into a deep love. After 
several disagreements with her father, she made plans to elope with Robert. Her de- 
cision is a difficult one and when she leaves she knows that she will never be able to 
set foot in her father's house again. The play reaches a climax when her father learns 
that Elizabeth has gone. 

Burnett Ferguson and Norma Wright were magnificent as Robert Browning and 
Elizabeth. Mr. Barrett was very effectively portrayed by Jim Ludlow. 



Sopranot: Joye Allred, Lou Jean Anderson, Beverly Bjorkman, Maurine Boren, Berna Brown, Alice Bushman, Ethyl Mae Chesley, Pauline Dyreng 
Bulah Rae Fields, Dorothy Fitts, Lou Jean Foremaster, Beverly D. Gibbons. Lilly Glauser, Florence A. Ipsen, Darlene Lund, Joyce Maxfield Carolyn 
Madsen, Bettie J. McGuire, Dixie Meachann, Betty Merwin, Bonnie Jean Moesser, Ruth Olson, Geniel Parry, Ruth Peterson, Shirley Robinson Lucille 
B. Rowe, Belva Scott, Helen Squire, Carolyn Thompson, Dahrl Thompson. Altos: Mona D. Allred, Gene Anderson, Donna Lee Anderson Sannette 
Andelin Ara Jean Avery, Margaret Balls, Carolyn Blair, Elaine Blair, Emma Broadbent, Vonda Christensen, Ada Loraine Coolc, Fae Craig Sharlene 
Dalton, Veronica Dunning Aline Freestone, Camilla Freestone, Donna Gibbons, Edna Green, Geraldine Hansen, Evelyn Higbee, Jan Jones Shirley 
Larnoreaux Lee Ann Marble, Jean Olsen, Dorothy A. Pettit, Beatrice Scoville, Willie L. Sindahl, Inga Smith, Sharlene Snow, Naia J. Tanner, Helen 
Walsei% LaRue Weaver, Marilyn Willis. Tenorj: Parley Belnap, Carlyle Decker, Robert Despain, Jay R. Fowles, Normand Gibbons, Darrell Hadley 
Arvil Huff, Don Marler, Ben Mortensen, Eugene Nye, Dan Roberts, Orvil Skousen, Karl Staheli,, LaMar Twitchell, Elden Wood. Basses: Dale Bailey i 

Mark Berreft. Harod Brereton, Robert Cluff, Reed Davis, Eugene Garrett, I. Eugene Hansen, Keith Hendrickson, Joseph Hutchinson, Earl Jardine' 
Douglas Jenkins, Rulon Kartchner Joseph Keddington, Dale McAllister, Wallace McPhie, E. Louis McLellan, Glen Montague, Peter Nielson Wilbur 
Richardson, Don Leo Rogers, Paul Searle, Arvin Springthorpe, Loran Stephenson, Golden Terry, James Turner, Ardean Watts, O. L Weaver' Dan G 
Wift, Moylen Young. ' 


As head of the Music department at the Y, Dr John R. 
Halliday has a tremenduous job, however. Dr. Halliday also 
finds time to direct both the concert band and the concert 
chorus and teach private lessons. A musician of renown he 
was recently named as the musician of the month by a well 
known magazine. Dr. Halliday received his B.A. and M.A. at the 
Y and his Doctor's degree at the Eastman School of Music, Ro- 
chester, New York. He also studied in Germany where he filled 
a mission for the church. Dr. Halliday is truly a well qualified 
and well liked head for our music department. 


OiC[II Ell 

A Chorus which numbers amoung its members so many talen- 
ted persons must certainly be a very worthy organization, and there- 
fcre our concert chorus is. Under the direction of Dr. John R. 
Halliday, the chorus had a very successful year. Their public ap- 
pearances included concerts, the presentation of the Brahms Req- 
uiem, and the musical numbers for the April Conference of the 
L.D.S. church. The large membership of the chorus affords the op- 
portunity to many to participate in an excellent musical organization. 

The concert band under the direction of Dr. John R. Halliday 
is one of the most active musical groups on the campus. The mem- 
bers are tied together as a social organization besides having strong 
musical ties. One of the anticipated pleasures of the year is the 
spring formal dinner dance at which time awards and honors are 
presented. The musical activities for this year included giving home 
concerts and going on a tour covering Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. 
The concert band offers an excellent opportunity for the woodwind 
and brass players on the campus to play the good music written 
for bands. 


The A Capella Choir was a very active musical group this year. Their director, Newell B. Weight, led them in public concerts, 
Devotional assemblies, and on their tour through Southern Utah. The chorus is comprised of 75 singers who are selected by audition. 
The members of the chorus also organized themselves under the new social system. The thrill of singing A Capella and the distinction 
of being chosen to sing with the group was certainly excellent compensation for the talented members. The A Capella Choir and 
Concert Choruses participated In several joint programs. 

I CiPEi 

Sopranot: Louise Allen, Mary Barstow, Dawn BennI 
Charmalne Guthrie, Charlotte Jones, Mary Keith, Irma M 
Russell, Jane Russell, Helen Faye Squire, Naomie Terry, C 
Carol Clarlc, Audrey Dotson, Felicia Erbe, Lois Evans, ElaJ 
Hughes, Virginia Jepson, Ula Julian, Maurlne McGurt, E 
Murdock, Ellen Newrerf, Marilyn Roundy, Inez Tew, Marll 
Corlass Chapman, Grant Evans, Glen Horspool. Robert M 
Verl Taylor. Richard Wilcox, Eldon Wright. Bastes: MyrI 
Lynn Gardner, Max Gollghtly, Gale Hammond, Jay Han 
ard Putnam, Wm. Earl Read, Jr., Garry Schwendiman, Lyn 

on, Marcene Camp, Pauline Dyreng, Dorothy Gilchrist, 
iller, VeLoIs NIelson, Helen Robinson, Irene Rowan, Evelyn 
armen Ursenbach, Ann Whiting. Altos: Julia Brown, 
ne Fetscher, Elizabeth Hayes, Elaine Hewlett, Elizabeth 
laine McPhie, Mardene Moulton, Arleen Moyes, Mary Ann 
yn Thompson, La Dawn Tolman. Tenors: Jack Bowman, 
iller, Robert Rowley, DeMar Rust, Hy Sander, Karl Snow, 
on Abegg, Kent Beagley, Ralph Boswell, Lynn Detwiler, 
cock, Kay Johnson, Glen Montague, Marcel Nielson, How- 
eer Smith, Gordon Taylor, Darrel Vorwaller. 



The members of the Varsity Band were some of our most envied students during Winter quarter because of their tickets to one- 
half of the bsslietball games. Many other rewards for long hours of practice included the thrill of meticuously performed formations 
spurring on the taams with their pep and drive and presenting programs for the student body. Norman Hunt, energetic conductor, 
provides the impetus for the group. 


' Ftutet: JoAnn Hebertson, Gail Nielson, La Voyle Maughan. Oboes: Ilia Mae Cook, Elsmore Bush. Clarinets: 

Oick Eddington, Blaine Ellis Ediefsen, Duane E. Davies, Janet Srimmett, Elwood Wilson. Martha McCullough, Roy 
B. Dow, Anita Todd, Lowell Romney, Jay Kindred, Patt Havens, Darlene Lund, Lee Bartlett, Harold Larson. Bassoons:, 
Jerry Long, Dan Witt. Alto Sex: Douglas Smurthwaite, Roberta Clegg, Doris Montgomery. Tenor Sax: Kenneth 
Childs, Peggy Knudsen. Baritone Sax: Clarion Williams. Cornets: Charles R. Hobbs, J. Von Atkinson, Leiand R. 
Simmons, John D. Allen, Gary Martin, Bob Spencer, Kenneth G. Larson, Richard Westenskow, Ted Brady, Blaine 
Hess, Mark Angus, Donald Stockman. Trumpets: Ronald Boyce, Vern Lockhart, Wayne Wright, Russ Mickelson. 
Hugelhom: Clem Hancock. French Horns: Hal Hancock, Cornelia Larrabee, Norman D. Sullivan, Doraleen Thorn- 
ley. Trombones: Tom Raye, Rulon Guymon, Nadine Morris, Don Schaeffer, Raymond M. Colovich, Carlyle H. 
Decker, Phillip Spencer, Morris Butler, Bob Cropley. Baritones: Mona Wright, dies Gottfredsen, La Mar Twitchell, 
Neda Ray. Tube: Marlin Baker, Bill Thomas. Timpani: Willard E. Scott. Percussion: Rulon Cluff, Janice Chad- 
wick, Lets Eker. 




Despite the heavy schedule which our Symphony orchestra played, they found time to organize and to become recognized as a 
social group. Through parties and dances the members of the group became better acquainted and had fun at the same time. The ac- 
tivities for the year included playing for the Brahm's Requiem and accompanying the famed Cellist, Zara Ne'sova. This was besides 
presenting well prepared concerts and accompanying the operas, "Down in the Valley" and "Pagliacci." 

The orchestra participated in a concert given as a benefit for the cancer fund. 

Rrrt Yleltns: Jean Slack, Concertmaster; Susan Nelson, David Latimer, Madilon Jones, Carole Baker, Evada 
Orme, Rose Marie Brokaw, Agnes Weibell, Clifford Voigt, John Zeigel, Josephine Reber. Second Violins: Co- 
lleen Knight, Principal; Marilyn Walsh, Joan Morris, Anna Julia Hoyt, Moneta Montierth, Earl Stark, Carolyn 
Stephens, Joanna Stringham, Gary Weaver, Mariane Spilker, Dorene Meacham, Nadine Monson. Violas: Harold 
Laycock, Principal; Gordon Childs, Rayma Johnson, Elaine Howlett, Elaine Fetscher, Roger Sorensen, Dorothy Wag- 
ner. Cellos: Gustavo Buggert, Principal; Verda Stubbs, Evelyn Hilgendorff, Welsford Clark, Richard Fox, Ellen 
Newren. Basses: Arvil Huff, James Loveless, Merrill Durfee, David Ray Andelin, Karl Sandberg. Hutes: Nola M. 
Parry, Doremis Sumpter. Oboes: Blaine Ediefson, Dawn Terry. Clarinets: Lucille S. Evans, A. S. Morris. Bassoons: 
Glen Williams, Jerry Long. French Horns: Melvin Billings, Richard Ballou, Cornelia Lorrabee, Paul Christensen. 
Trumpets: William Sullivan, Nellie Borgeson. Trombones: Norman J. Hunt, Robert W. Evans, Bruce K. Riddle. 
Tuba: Earl Jardine. Timpani: Frederick Clark. 




After many weeks of hard work and strenuous rehearsals the Opera 
workshop, under the direction of Newell Weight, came forth with two mag- 
nificent productions. 1950 is the first year that two presentations have been 
attempted by this group. The variety offered in the evening of operatic 
entertainment assured everyone that the result would be pleasing. All who 
participated in the two operas, "Down in The Valley" and "Pagliacci," as well 
as those who viewed them, agreed that the extra work was well worthwhile. 
Behind the scenes workers who nelped make possible the successful productions 
were accompanists, stage directors, prompters, and the Symphony Orchestra. 

Jennie, Charlotte Jones, assures Brack Weaver, Lynn Detwiler, of her 
love for him. 

This American folk opera warmed the hearts 
of the audience with the simple presentation of its 
wistful love story. Using a flashback technique the 
opera shows Brack Weaver as he reminisces with 
Jennie of their first meeting. Brack, sentenced to 
hang for killing Jennie's molester, returns to jail 
after being assured of Jennie's love. Featured in 
the opera were Charlotte Jones, Colleen Riggs, 
Lynn Detwiler, Earl Read, Joseph Hill, and Jay Fow- 


Father, Grant Evans, watches approvingly as Thomas 
Bouche, Earl Read, talks with Jennie, Colleen Riggs. 




Assisted by the Orchesis Club, the Opera 
Workshop portrayed the park scenes of Pagliacci 
very realistically. This effect was achieved by 
the playful antics of the children in the cast. 

The villagers greet the beautiful Nedda, Dixie Mecham, 
on her arrival in Calabria. 

Another version of the Shake- 
sperian proverb "all the world's 
a stage' is presented in "Pagli- 
acci." Nedda and her husband, 
Canio, are enacting the play 
"Pagliacci" for the pleasure of 
the townspeople of Calabria. 
Canio discovers that Neda isn't 
faithful to him, and in a similar 
situation in the play Canio be- 
comes enraged and kills Nedda. 
Alternating casts were used for 
the four performances. Ap- 
pearing in solo roles were Mar- 
cene Camp, Dixie Mecham, 
John Coray, Eldon Wood, 
Howard Putnan, Moyle Brown, 
Rex Johnson, Vern Wilcox, and 
John Hyde. 

Above: Canio, Eldon 
Wood, sings one of his 
arias to Nedda. 

Left: During the play 
Nedda is warned by 
Tonio, Moyle Brown, 
that Pagliacci is com- 
ing as her secret lover, 
Rex Johnson, prepares 
to leave. 


CLtlTORD CURZON, Pianist. 

Maurice Crut, Leon Pascal, Robert Salles. 


Too few students realize the rich opportunity afforded 
them through lyceums. During the year two metropolitan opera 
stars, 3 organists, 4 string quartets, 2 choruses, 8 lecturers, 3 
pianists, the Utah symphony orchestra, and Zara Nelsova have 
graced the Tabernacle and J. S. auditorium for the benefit of 
Y students. 

Approximately 8 lyceums were presented each quarter. 
The only admission required is the possession of a student 
activity card. Lyceums add much to the cultural background 
of life at B. Y. U. 

HERTA GLAS, Contralto. 



FINE ARTS QUARTET, string ensemble. 

Upper right: MAURICE ABRA- 
VANEL, Conductor of Utah Sym- 
phony Orchestra. 








Ul u 

Wes Barry and company have provided music for many successful dances. 
His smooth, mellow style has made Wes one of the favorites of students. Blue 
jackets make the Barry Band strictly sharp. 

Rulon D. Bennett, Piano; "Curley" Jensen, Bass; "Chic" Wilde, Drums; 
George Puckett; Jim Hazard; Wes Barry; Kent Riddle; Lee Bartlett, Saxophones; 
Bruce Riddle; Dalian Clark, Trombones; Sam Salazar; Bill Sullivan; Vern Tueller, 
Trumpets; Bruce Riddle. Arrangements; Bill Sullivan, Vocalist. 







Noted for red ties and bandstands, Jack Hansen's band is often ^^f^^-j^d to as the 
"Stan Kenton" of the Y campus. Vocalist Mose Flake amused many a listener with 
"Ain't She Sweet" and "Siesta." 

Alice Hansen. Piano; Larry Asher, Bass; Jerry Hall, Drums; Lorry Rytting; Sterling 
Stott- Dick Stott; Clairon Williams; Jack Hansen, Saxophones; Tom Raye; BiH Snmley 
Bla°ne Boyer, Trombones; Dick Ballou; Rene Call; Ron Gnggs, Trumpets; Bob Summers, 
Bill Smiley; Tom Raye. Arrangements; Mose Flake, Vocalist. 

iUl Uill 

Compiling block Y points ofj 
hard working students is the duty 
of the Award comnnlttee. Those 
working to keep activity credit 
tabulated are Bob Zabriskie; Bar- 
bara Burrows, chairman; Biilie Jen- 
sen; Gwen Wahlen; Edith Greaves; 
and Bob Driggs. 


The Pep Rally Committee kept 
cheers forthcoming and saw to it 
that athletes had student support. 
Pictured are George Tsalaky, Jim 
Hill, George Sorenson, Marie 
Hood, F. A. Gutierrez, Doug 
Stone, Chairman; and Dick Huish. 

Establishing regulations for cam- 

Eaigns, establishing polls, and counting 
allots fell the lot of the Election Com- 
mittee. Prominent on this committee 
were Kendall Young, Bill Crawford, 
Beverly Gibbons, Roy King, Doug Nich- 
oles, and Bob Driggs. 


The Assembly Committee ef- 
ficiently plannea the Thursday stu- 
dent body programs. Sitting, left 
to right are Dick Miller; Janet 
Romney; Vivian Schipper, chair- 
man; and Rae Mona Kirkham. 
Standing are -Merrill Bradshaw, 
Dick Moody, Erma Adams, and 
Thayne Harris. 

Publicity committee kept students posted 
on all affairs. Chairman, Harriet Robinson 
exhibits some of the committee's handiwork 
as committee members Mary Main, Marilyn 
Frontier, and Viola Schenk look on. 


RIGHT: The student program 
bureau provides entertainment for 
many events during the year. In 
the Spring they organize tours of 
student talent which present pro- 
grams in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, 
Arizona, and New Mexico. This 
group gives students opportunity 
to participate on many programs 
and creates much good will to- 
ward B. Y. U. 


Pictured at left are: Bob Keat, Chairman; George Sorenson, and Dick Moody. Kneeling are Mark Beckstrom and Roy 
King. In the picture at right are Helen Clyde, Audrey Dotson, Carolyn Thompson, Patti Crawley, and Jack West. Stand- 
ing are Avery Glenn and Ray Duffin. 


m 6i»[HU 






The interorganizational council, instigated this year. Is composed of a representative from each of the organizations on cam 
pus. in meetings, problems confronting these groups are thrashed out. 

Rrst row: Monte HIckenlooper, Bruce Stephens, Colleen Harmon, Janice Earl, Cherle Marcll, Maralyn Balllf, Janet Rupp, bm- 
maline Padeken, Howard Greaves, Roylance Sprating, Joan Peterson, and Norman Wright. Second row: Queman Smith, Rov 
King. Dick Holden, Hank Williams, Cal Brandly, Viola Johansen, Lorraine Russell, Madelyn Matthews, Keith Calderwood, Doug Phil- 
lips, and Robert Cluff. Third row: Ralph Benson, Owen Henlnger, John Mangum, Clifton Spendlove, John Tsalky, Don Aamodt, 
Gordon Childs, Dorothy Groesbeck, Sheronne Robertson, and Lester Haymore. 


i[»B[Ki I cyisi[is[y.s. 

Herbert K. Christensen, 43 years of 
age, was assistant professor of sec- 
ondary education at Brighann Young 

All who nriet him were impressed 
that he was an extraordinary individ- 

There is little room for regrets 
when we realize how much life he 
packed into his few short years on 

As a man of principle, outstanding 
leadership, and as a great teacher 
he gained the admiration and re- 
spect of all who knew him. 

Words are merely expressions of 
the mind which seek to fathom the 
depth of the human soul. The life of 
Herbert K. Christensen is his red 









:^-r- -^,-^ 


■^ ' 


C-' •» 



•••u j^-- ■ 

^<f •::? \-^/- vV 


■> -^;?^ 

-..^J^^; :-.^v ^ :^ 



A Capella Choir 399 
Assemblies 344-347 
Cheer Leaders 364 
Class Parties 349 
Concert Band 397 

Concert Chorus 396 
Committees 406-409 
Dances 354-362 
Dorms 332-333 
Drama 392-395 

Freshman Initiation 338-339 
Homecoming 350-353 
Jock Hansen's Orchestra 404 
Lyceums 402-403 
Opera 400-401 

Orientation 334 
Pep Rallies 348 
Publications 384-390 
Queens 370-376 
Registration 335 

Symphony Orchestra 398 

Trustees 15 

Varsity Band 398 

Wes Barry's Orchestra 405 

American Organist Guild 286 
Agricultural Club 280 
Association for Childhood 

Educational Internetional 273 
Arizona Club 260 
Alpha Epislon Rho 257 
Alpha Kappa Psi 251 
Alpha Lambda Delta 246 
Ama Phi 236 
Alte Mitre 204-205 
A. M. S. Council 40 
A, W. S. Council 41 
Beta Sigma 257 
Beta Beta Beta 252 
Blue Key 239 
Bricliers 210-211 
Brigadiers 206-207 
Bate Pi 202-203 

Allen. Marl K. 33. 282 
Andrus. J. Roman 32 
Anderson. Mery J. 35 
Anderson, Dean A. 28. 257 
Arrington. Norma Lees 26. 284 
Atkinson, Charles L. 292 

Ballif. Ariel S. 20. 29 
Betemen. LaVar 30. 258. 289 
Bailey. Myrtle 333 
Barlow, Irene S. 29 
Beck. D. Elden 28 
Berry, June 26 
Berryesse, Max 30 
Benson, Mary Beth 33 
Berrett. William E. 33, 183 
Bradford, Robert 35 
Broadbent, H. Smith 27 
Bishop, LeRoy 26 
flitter, Eldon 26 
Billings, May 35 
Bissell, Harold J. 32 
Boel, Joseph 35 
Booth, Lillian C. 19, 31 
Boyle, Clarence S. 28 
Boyle, Williom H. 32 
Britsch, Ralph A. 32 
Bryner, Loren C. 3 I 
Buqgert, Gustav F. 29, 398 
Bullock, Kenneth C. 27 
Burton. Alma 34. 182 
Burmingham. Olive 29 
Butt. Newborn I. 34 
Butterworth, Edwin H. 21 

Caine, Julia A. 32 
Candland, Dorothy 27, 273 
Canning. Ray R. 33 
Carr, William C. 26, 288 
Cannon, Clawson 30 
Cerrol, Elsie C. 31 
Char, Jean 28 
Cheney, Thomos E. 26, 390 
Chrislensen, Herbert K. 26, 410 
Christensen, Parley A. 26 
Clark, Harold Glen 21, 26 
Clark, Horeld R. 24, 30 
Clark, James R. 21, 26 
Clark, J. Reuben 14 
Clerk, Merden 26 
Clerk, Monroe H. 20, 31 

California Club 270 
Colorado Club 264 
Canadian Club 259 
Cougarettes 244-245 
Casta Tie 208-209 
Cempus Branch 180 
Debate 289 
Dixie 265 
Delta Phi 196-201 
French Club 275 
Fidelas 212-213 
German Club 275 
Gamma Phi Omicron 247 
Gammo Tau> 218-219 
Homo Economics 272 
Honor Council 37 
Hawaiian Club 271 
International Relations 287 

Clark, Reola 26 
Clarke, Alva John 29 
dinger, Morris M. 34 
Covington, Loren C. 33 
Cowan. Cyntha 29. 322 
Crandail. Lars G. 27 
Croft, Evan M. 28 
Croft, Gretta M. 34 
Cummings, Benjamin F, 26, 279 

Dallin, G. Leon 27 
Dean. O. Edwin 27 
de Jong. Gerrit, Jr. 22, 32 
Dixon, Owen G. 35, 293 
Doxoy, Roy W. 26 
Dunn, Norman 29 

Earl, Don L. 31 
Erikson, Phyllis 30 
Evans, Glen J. 31 
Evans, John 30 
Eyring, Carl F. 23, 26 

Farnsworth, R. B. 33, 281 
Fisher, Flora D. 31 

Gammert, La'/ell C. 27 
Gardner, John H. 256 
Geertsen, O. Norman 29 
Gibson, M. Carl 28 
Gibby, Neal 28 
Gilbert, Mary Dean 27 
Gunn, Richard L. 28 
Gledhill, Preston R. 27, 393 
Goates, Marcia A. 33 
Grow, Stewart L. 34 
Gubler, Donworlhy V. 27 

Heggerty, Charles 34 
Hales, Wayne B. 27, 256 
Hillmen, Lucille 29 
Hellidey, John R. 30, 396 
Hamblin, Lawson 27 
Hambiin, Verona 332 
Hammond, May C. 29 
Hansen, George H. 19, 26 
Hanson, William F. 26 
Harding, Fred 34 
Harrison, Bertrand F. 27 
Hart, Anna Boss 33 
Hart, C. J. 27 
Hayes, John E. 19, 33 

Italian Club 278 
Idaho Club 269 
Intercollegiate Knights 242-243 
K. B. Y. U. 391 
Legislative Council 38-39 
Lambda Delta Sigma 

Officers 182-183 

Alpha 191 

Chi 195 

Delta 186-187 

Gamma 190 

Nu 190 

Omega 188-189 

Phi 192 

Psi 193 

Tau 194 

Upsilon 184185 
Mask Club 279 

Himes, Ellvert H. 19, 29 
Holbrook, Leone 28, 322 
Hoyt, Harrison V. 20, 30 
Hunt, Norman 34, 398, 399 

Jackson, Orrin H. 31 
Jacobs, Briant 31 
Jakeman, M. Wells 33 
Jensen, Christen 16 
Jensen, C. LeVoir 33 
Jensen, Vern H. 30 
Jenson, Edgar M. 32 
Jex, J. Lorin 33 
Jones, John F. 20, 33 
Jorgensen, Mary 30 

Keeler, Joseph J. 32, 398 
Knight, Hattie 31 

Lambert, Asaol C. 25, 32 
Larson, Bent F. 34, 278 
Larson, Clinton F. 30 
Law, Reuben D. 23, 27 
Lee, Harold W. 275, 279 
Lee, Lorine 34 
Lee, Wilford 33 
Lewis, George L. 30 
Lewis, Stella 0. 34 
Lloyd, Wesley P. 18, 33 
Lowe, Howerd D. 3 I 
Ludlow, Jim H. 258 

Madsen, Brigham D. 32 
Madsen, Carlos 3 I 
Madsen, Farrell D. 33 
Marshall, Milton 31 
Maw, Charles E. 32 
Martin, Thomas L 22, 32, 281 
McAllister, John W. 29 
McDoneld, Howerd S. 16 
McKay, David O. 14" 
McKnIght, H. Neil 29 
McKnight, Kent 31 
McTague, Betty 29 
Merrill, Amos N. 29 
Miller, Elmer 33 
Miller, Martin L. 33 
Minson, Blanche 332 
Morley, Alonzo J. 33, 258 
Morrill, A. Reed 28 
Morris, Emma J. 31 
Murdock, Maxine Baird 34 

Nautilus 216-217 
Omega Nu 249 
O. S. Trovata 220-221 
Prospective Missionaries 287 
Psychology Club 282 
Phi Alpha Theta 255 
Phi Chi Theta 254 
Phi Eta Sigma 248 
Russian Club 276 
Studio Art Guild 288 
Senior Orchesis 284-285 
Ski Club 280 
Sociology Club 283 
Spenish Club 277 
Southern States Club 263 
Sigma Pi Sigma 256 
Sigma Gamma Epsilon 250 
Texas-New Mexico Club 268 


Nelson, Elmer 29 
NIbley, Hugh 28 
Nicholes, Henry 27 
NIelson, Eve 31 
Nilsen, Reed 34, 293 

Oaks, Carol 29 
Ollerton, Anna 31 
Oliphant, Doris R. 31 
Olson, Rex 30 

Packard, Hannah C. 34 
Pardee, Kathryn B. 35 
Payne, John W. 28 
Perry, Leiand 28 
Peterson, Cornelium R. 32 
Peterson, Dean A. 32 
Peterson, Hermese 35 
Peterson, Hugh W. 26 
Peterson, Rolfe 29 
Poll, Richard D. 31 
Pond, A. Smith 29 
Potter, Margaret S. 3 I 
Poulson, M. Wilford 31, 282 
Proctor, Paul 35 

Relmschllssel, Ernest 33 
Rice, Leonard W. 27 
Rich, Naoma 28 
Rich, Stella P. 26 
Richards, Grant S. 26, 281 
Richardson, Both 33 
Ricks, Elden, 28 
Ricks, Irene 26 
Robinson, Arnold E. 30 
Robinson, Clarence F, 33, 292 
Rogers, R. Max 33 
Romney, Antone K. 20, 28 
Rowe, Edward M. 34 

Sardoni, Lawrence 27, 398 
Sauls, Kaifer B. 19, 29 
Summerhays, Margaret 35 
Shumway, R. Phil 27, 281 
Smith, George Albert 14 
Smith, Oliver R. 27 
Smith. Richard L 27 
Smith, Robert J. 33 
Smith, Wilford E. 30 
Smoot, Richard 32 
Snell, William H. 26 
Soffe, H. Wayne 27, 293 

Tau Kappa Alpha 258 

Theta Alpha Phi 253 

Triton 237 

Templars 226-227 

Tokolon 224-225 

Tausig 214-215 

Uintah Basin 261 

Valkyries 228-229 

Val Hyric 230-231 

Val Norn 232-233 

Viking 234-235 

Wyoming Club 266 

Washington-Montana Club 262 

White Key 238 

Wymount Branch 181 

Yankee Club 267 

Y Calcares 240-241 

Sorenson, Weyne L. 29 
Sparks, M. Roy 32 
Spears, Irene O. 27 
Spencer, Lucile 34 
Sperry, Sidney B. 24, 28 
Stansfield, Russell H. 30 
Stewart, Josie E. 29 
Stewert, Meynard D. 31 
Stone, Joice 32 
Sudweeks, Joseph 27 
Swenson, Albert D. 34 
Swenson. John C. 33 
Swenson, Russel B. 30 

Tanner, Oree 29 
Tanner, Vesco M. 21, 35 
Taylor, Ethelyn P. 27 
Taylor, H. Darrell 34 
Taylor, J, Golden 27 
Taylor, Lynn 27 
Taylor, Weldon J. 32 
Turner, Glen H. 27, 278 
Tuftle. L Elliott 28 
Tyndall, Clarence 31 

Unger, Annabelle 333 

Valentine, Lee .... 

Wakefield, J. Homer 34 
Warnick, Effie 30, 251 
Waterstrandt, Jean A. 29 
Watkins. Arthur R. 35, 279 
Watts, Stanley 33. 292 
Webb. Frederick N. 29 
Weight. Newell 31, 398, 399 
West. Dale H. 29 
White. Catherine 29 
Wight. W. Rey 21,29 
Wilkinson, Winifred 31,25,205 
Williams, Myrra Ann 31, 25, 205 
Wilson, Ruth 33 
Wing, John W, 31 
Woodruff, Asahel D. 25, 32 
Woolf, Golden L. 32 

Young, J, Ira 33 


Abbott, Dorothy 138. 210 
Abbott, Bob W. 50. 2i8 
Abbott, Inez Dawn 138 
Abbott. Janice 268 
Aboott, Word 50, 250 
Abeg9, Myroln 138. 396 
Adair, Charles S. 50. 247 
Adair, Elenore 288, 106 
Adair, Ethel Marr SO, 273 
Adair. Merlyn 138. 264 
Adams, Claude 138 
Adams. Claudln Joyce 78. 188 
Adams. Daniel Stanley Jr. 78 

191. 201 
Adams. Enid P. 50 
Adams. Erma 39, 50, 73. 180, 

183, 273. 376, 406 
Adams. Fred C. 138 
Adams. George T. 138 
Adams, John H. 247 
Adams. Mack S. 50 
Adams, Mary June 233, 238 
Adams, O Karl 78 
Adams, Pa> 138. 270 
Adams, Ramona 215, 254 
Adams, Roland Dorius 50 
Adams, Rulon R 106 
Adams, Sharon '189, 272 
Adams, Thomas M. 106, 201 

Adams, Delores 78 
Adamson. Kenneth P. 50 212 
Adamson, Raquel 106, 220 
Adcox, Dahnelle, 106, 217, 249, 

267, 385, 389 
Addy, George 255 
Affleck, JoAnn 78 
Affleck, Margaret 139 
Agnew, Beverly 106, 185, 232 
Ahlstrom, Mignon 78 
Aiken, Denza 78. 185 
Aiken, Patricia 50 
Aiken, Russell V. SO 
Aitken, Donna 106, 217, 241 
Akee, Betty 106 
Aken, Leinaala 106 
Albach. Arlene 138 
Albiston. Shirley 138 
Albright, Jennie LaVerne 50 
Alder, Leona 273 
Allan, Paul 50, 2S7 
Allan, Robert C. SO 
Allen, Carol Jane 138 
Allen, C. K. 106 
Allen Dean L. 50 
Allen, Donald F. 138 
Allen Donald 138 
Allen, Douglas D. 
Allen, Gail 138 
Allen, Janice 138 
Allen, John D. 78, 399 
Allen, John O. 202 
Allen, Leland R. 44 
Allen, Louise 138, 396 
Allen, Marion 44, 204, 275 
Allen, Zona 158 
Allgood, Mattie Dell 78, 214 
Allmen, Nola 78 
Allred, Darrell T. 106 
Allred, Dorald M. SO, 252 
Allred, Evan L 78 
Allred, Garth W. SO 
Allred, Jack 139 
Allred, Joye 396 
Allred, Lays 106, 220 
Allred, Robert C. 106 
Allred, Mona 138, 225, 396 
Allred, Ned 78 
Allred, Reid T. SO 
Ala, Roland K. 106 
Ames, Jim Bill 138 
Amott, Donn R. iO, 190, 280. 

Andelin, Barbara 50 
Andelin, David Ray SO, 231, 258, 

274, 398 
Andelin, Richard 6. SO, 239, 247 
Andelin, Sannette 138, 396 
Andelin, Shanna Lee 138 
Anderberg, Elaine 138, 244 
Anderberg, Lamar 138 
Andrew, Marion 78 
Anderson, Belmont F. 51, 209 
Anderson, Bruce, 50. 397 
Anderson. Charles K. 76, 201 
Anderson, Clair 138 
Anderson, Courtenay 138 
Anderson, Dellis 138 
Andersen, Donalee 106, 396 

Anderson, E. Calvin 138 
Anderson, Emilie 106, 232 
Anderson, Ernest 106 
Anderson, Evelyn 106 
Anderson, Fae 158 
Anderson, Geraldine 106, 216, 

Anderson, Gene 78, 224, 396 
Anderson, Henry A. 139, 200, 

Anderson, Janet 78, 233, 284, 

Anderson, Janice 139, 221 
Anderson, Jean 232 
Anderson, John Emmert 51, 202 
Anderson, Junior C. 106 
Anderson, Keith 190 
Anderson, Kenneth Ray 51 
Anderson, Kent S. 51, 190, 282 
Anderson, LaRee 138 
Anderson, LaRae 139 
Anderson, LeGrande K. 139 
Anderson, Loren R. 139 
Anderson, Lou Jean 138, 169, 

Anderson, Lynette 138 
Anderson, Mack 139 
Anderson, Marilyn 139 
Anderson. Mary Beverly 139 
Anderson, Mona Rae 78, 251 
Anderson, Norma 78 
Anderson, Ray 203 
Anderson, Raymond G. 136 
Anderson, Richard L. 121 
Anderson, Robert 138, 186, 133, 

209, 255 
Anderson, Robert D 51 
Anderson. Stanley K. 106 
Anderson, Vera 136 
Anderson, Virgil 136, 219, 276 
Anderson, Wallace 106, 196 
Anderson, William D. 51, 279 
Andrus, G. Merrill 36, 106, 107, 

196, 243, 383 
Angus, Mark 106, 399 
Aplanlap, Arden 239, 320, 350 
Arden, Vance 138 
Argyle, Nina Mae 166 
Armand, Ruth 139 
Arnett, Charles W. 51, 181 
Argyle, Laurell 106, 217 
Arnold, Gomer 78 
Arrington, Melvin J. 51, 247 
Arrowsmith, Joy 78, 220 
Arthur, Aileen, 139 
Asay, Jesse 106 
Ash, Afton 38, 106, 107, 123, 

216, 240, 246, 393 
Ashby, Lila 106, 265 
Asher, Larry 405 
Ashton, Kenneth 138 
Ashliman. Grace 106 
Ashman, Ann 107, 226 
Ashman, Joyce H. 107, 241, 386 
Ashworth, Dean 34, 38, 51, 213, 

Astin, Jean 228 
Aston, James Allen 51 
Aston, Lloyd Ray 139, 202 
Atchison, Bonnie 138 
Atkinson, Iris 107, 224, 267, 

Atkinson, J. Von 107, 397, 399. 
Atkinson, Joyce 79, 216, 328 
Atkinson, Lola Jean 138 
Augustus, Tom 139 
Ausseresses, William M. 79 
Austin, Jean 139 
Austin, Joseph 138 
Austin, Wililam A. 139 
Avarell, Joy L. 107 
Avery. Ara Jean 139, 396 


Babbetle. Dorothy 271 
Bagley, Colleen 79, 210 
Bagley, Donna Rae 139 
Bagley, Gaylan 79, 219 
Bagley, Kent 396 
Bailey, Dale S. 139, 396 
Bailey, Vern 139, 248. 249 
Baird, Frederick E. 51 
Baird, Larae 107 
Baird, Norma B. 51 
Baird, Orrin E. 107, 203 
Baker, flryce 139 
Baker. Carole 51, 49. 217 

238. 274, 399, 387 
Baker, Dixie Ann 139 
Baker, Kay L. 107 
Baker, Marlin 397, 399 

Baldwin, Beth 139, 216 
Baldwin, Donald 213 
Baldwin, Ouane 107, 191 
Ball, Melvin 107. 206 
Ball, Richard 139, 274 
Ball, Vesta Ann 75. 183, 192, 

249, 268. 279, 390. 387, 389 
Balls, Margaret 51, 203, 396 
Ballif, Maralyn 248, 408 
Bdllu, Dick 405, 397, 398 
Baity, Nola 140 
Banerter, Bud 317 
Bangerter, Blauer L. 51. 203 
Bangerter. Leland V. 107 
Bangerter, Naomie 140. 216 
Bangerter, VaLois Harris 51 
Banks, Annie 140 
Banks, Gladys 79 
Banks, Ray H. 107 
Barber, Kitty Sue 107, 185 
Barber, William 0. 107 
Barfus. Evelyn 140 
Barfus. JoAnne 107 
Barg, Ardella 140 
Barker. Evelyn 79 
Barker. Roma 193 
Barker. Roy E. 78 
Barlette. Connie 140, 390 
Barnes, Grace 140 
Barnes, Marjorie 329 
Barnes, Norma 140 207 
BarneH, Arlene 140 
Barney, Floyd 79 
Barney, Layton R. 64 
Barnum,A ndrew H. 79, 269 
Baron. Melvin R. 276 
Barratt. Betty 51 
Barrett. Doyle 51 
Barrett. Mark R. 140. 292. 396 
Barrhs, Robert 140 
Barry. Wesley 51. 53. 181. 

234. 397. 404 
B.arstow, Mary 140, 396 
Bartholomew, Mac Rae 107 
Bartlett. Lee 107, 235, 317, 

399, 404 
Barton, Frank Sweet 51 
Barton. Paul W. 47 
Bascom. Cleo 140 
Bascom. Donna Loveless 51 
Bateman. Carol 188 
Bateman. Harold 140. 270 
Bateman. Norma Joyce 79. 214 
Bateman, Ralph 79 
Bates, Joseph 140 
Bates, Quentin Vane 168, 231, 

Bauer, Gloria Dean 140 
Baum, Haws 140 
Baumgarten, Edward J. 107, 199 
Baumum, Andred 274 
Bawden, Leon 107 
Bean, Betty 140 
Bean, Joanne 140, 151, 221, 

245, 271 
Beard, Katherine 141, 274 
Bearnson, Norma 52, 215, 235 
Bearnson, Samuel 140 
Beatty, Pat 140 
Beauchamp, Darwin 79 
Beck, Ardena 141 
Beck, Beverly 107 
Beck, Earl 208 
Beck, Lou^e 79, 240 
Beck, Pearl 140 
Beck, Rae Jean 140 
Beck, Sally 217, 107 
Beck, Ted C. 44, 51, 282 
Beckslead, Bob 52 
Beckstead, Darrell 140 
Bedstead, Jeannine 140 
Beckstrand, Therold 317 
Beckstrom, Blaine 140 
Beckstrom, Mark 409 
Beckstrom Ted 253 
Bedenbaugh, Joyce 106, 224, 284 
Beecroft, David 140 
Beesley, Mary 51 
Beem, Ivan 309 
Bell, R, Oermont 108, 230 
Bell, Lynn 
Bell, Ross 319 

Bell, Victor V. 191, 199, 108 
Bellings, George 140 
Benap, Glennice 52, 214 
Belnap, Parley L. 52, 186 

287, 396 
Belt, Wilbur 0. 106. 397 
Belt. William D. 108 
Bench, Faun P. 52 
Bench, Karyl Lea 108 
Bendixen, Louise 79 

Bendixon, Blen 140, 273 
Bendlxsen, Richard 273 
Bennett, Albert 108, 242 
Bennett, EIDean 52, 258 
Bennett, Robert 108, 208 
Bennett, Rulon D. 404 
Bennett, Zola 141 
Bennion, Afton 79 
Bennion, Dawn 78, 240, 396 
Bennion. Lenore 140, 272 
Bennion, Marilyn 140, 216 
Bennion, Mary 269 
Benson. Don 294 
Benson, Jesse 108. 197 
Benson, Joe D. 140, 218 
Benson, Lynn 52, 253, 286 
Benson, Margaret 79 
Benson. Ralps 52, 61, 36, 239, 

258. 405 
Benson. Ruth 52 
Bentley. Yvonne 140, 269 
Bent!. Marvin 52, 166 
Berg, Alvin L. 52 
Barrett, Frank 140, 266 
Berg, Anita 108 
Barrett. Norma 224, 108 
Bergqulst. Eleise 108, 232 
Bergquist, Ralph 108 
Bergeson, Garth 320. 296 
Berkhimer, Joan 108 
Bernell, Garrick 108 
Berrett, Lamar 106 
Berry, Jack 108, 267 
Bertoch, Jeanne 216 
Besendorser, Erma Jean 140 
Betty, Vera Jean 273 
Bethers, Velma 141 
Beus, Catherine 52, 205, 387 
Beus, Eliza 52, 287 
Bevan, Betty 108 
Bevan, Dick 108, 231 
Bezzant, Clifford 108 
Bezzant, Dean 108 
BIgelow, Kile 79 
Bigelow, Lynn 52 
Bigler, Richard A. 141 
Bills, Karol 294 
Bills, DeLoyal W. 108. 219 
Billings. Barbara 141 
Billings. Howard 208 
Billings. May 251 
Billings, Melvin 141, 397, 398 
Billings, Russell 212, 274 
Billings. Victor 141. 197 
Binch. Maxine 141 
Bingham Alph 208 
Bingham Beverly 108. 185 
Bingham Fred R. 141. 198 
Bingham Jerry 206 
Binks. Duane 141 
Bird. Don 227 
Bird. J. Reed 52. 247 
Bishop. Kay 274 
Bishop. Lloyd K. 108, 222. 

Bitton. Davis 108. 208. 255. 

289, 390 
Bjorkman, Beverly B. 141, 164, 

273, 396 
Biourndal, Eve 79, 194 
Black, Blaine L. 106, 223 
Black, George S. 108 
Black. Harvey B. 52 
Black. Homer 285 
Black. Keith 108 
Black, Maurice D. 106 
Blackburn, Helen 141, 245 
Blackburn, John 141 
Blacker, Donna Mae 188 
Blackham, Diane 108, 221 
Blackham, Vernon T. 109, 199 
BTackwell, William L. 141 
Blair, Bob 160, 276 
Blair, Carolyn R. 52, 225, 396 

362. 391 
Blair. Elaine 141. 225. 396 
Blaisdell. MaKee 141. 235. 356 
Blake. Lott 141 
Blanch. MaeS2, 217. 236, 364 
Blint. Dick 52. 265 
Bliss. Arthur 141. 247 
Bliss. Clarence Bruce 80 
Blocher. Donnamae 52, 266 
Blocher. Leona 108. 266 
Blocker. Marie 80 
Bobo. Boyd W. 109 
Bodily. Beryl 109 
Bodily. Lucile 52 
Bodily. Melvin 141 
Bodily, Norma W. 109. 242. 265 
Bodmer, Charlene 109. 232, 355, 


Bohman, Robert 52. 223 

Bohne, Bud 226, 316, 317 

Bohne. Maurice 109 

Boley. Jo Anne 240 

Boley, Louise 141, 216. 245 

Bona. Blair E. 80 

Bond. Paul 223 

Bone, Bill 386. 389 

Bonnett. Lowell 212 

Booth. Sharee 52. 193 

Boren. Lenn J. 141 

Boren. Maurlne 109. 274, 396 

Borgeson. Clara 52. 229 

Borgeson. Nellie 141. 397, 398 

Borgholthaus, Bob 109 

Bostwlck, G. H. 52, 282 

Boswell. Ralph 141, 396 

Boswell. Reed S. 53, 282 

Boswell. Ruth Virginia 53. 283 

Botfs. Walter 60 

Boulter. Ronald 141 

Bowden. Barbara 60 

Bowder, Barbara 142 

Boy^en, Glenn H. 53 

Bowen, Jach 109, 199 

Bowen, Larry 141 

Bowen, Lenore 109, 221 

Bowman, Kathleen 180 

Bowen, Lila 109, 217 

Bowen, Loa 80, 185, 273, 287 

Bowen. Robert S3. 283 

Bowman. Jack ST; 273. 396 

Bowman. LaJuanna 141 

Bowman, Monte 141 

Bowser. Larry G. 53 

Bowser. Robert E. 142 

Boyack. Gary 142 

Boyack. LaMyrI 40, 53. 38. 

217. 238. 266, 356. 377 
Boyce. David 109. 227. 288 
Boyce. Ronald 142. 274. 399 
Boyce. Russell 44 
Boyden. Thomas A. 53. 235 
Boyer, Blaine 109. 405 
Boyer. Jerrol 142 
Boyle. Richard 109. 223. 318 
Brace. William 255 
Bradbent. Emma 109 
Bradbury, Jack 142, 231 
Bradford, Howard 109, 203 
Bradley, Hyrum E. 80, 274 
Bradshaw, Jean 142 
Bradshaw, Joyce 142 
Bradshaw, Merrill 356, 406 
Bradshaw, Willard 109 
Brady, Beth 181 
Brady, Elwood 80 
Brady, Helen 143 
Brady, Keith 80 
Brady, Marlon 6. 53 
Brady, Ted 399 
Brady, Walter E. 109. 248 
Brailsford. Jack W. 53 
Bralthwaite. Don 53 
Brandley. Calvin 53. 230. 276. 

Brandley. David S. 109, 276 
Brandley, Robert L. 109, 276 
Braegger, Jeanene 80 
flramwelr, E. Craig 142.- 317 
Brandley. Cathrlne 142, 276 
Brasher, Ruth 80, 251, 272 
Breckenridge, Edison C. 53 
Bredee, Joyce Nadeen 142 
Brerelon, Harold W. 53, 396 
Brereton, Richard 142 
Brewer, Courney 258 
Briggs, El Marie MO, 216 
Briggs, Hermlene 276, 304 
Briggs, Irene M. 44. 255 
Briggs, Richard 80 
Brim, Margaret 80, 210 
Brimhall, Jeannine 80, 210 
Brinhall, Richard 142 
Bringhurst, Ethel 273 
Bringhurst, Doris 142 
Brinkerhoff, John A. 110 
Broadbent, Emma 188, 396 
Broaderick, Luelma 60, 189 
Brobery, Marilyn 142, 233 
Brobery, Wally 80 
Brockbank, Grant 212 
Brockbank, Norma 233 
Brockbank, Paul 212 
Brockbent, Grant C. 142 
Brodericfc, Ben 142 
Brokaw, Rose Marie 53 275 398 
Brooks, Flora 60 
Brooks, Joyce 143, 184 
Brooks. Winton Earl 109. 276 
Brooksby. Mary Laurett 54. 269 
Brooksby. Merrill 123, 242, 264 


Brough, Devere M2, 21? 

Brough, Sharmene 46, 397 

Borulim, Dorothy 54 

Brower, McLoin 142 

Brower, Richard A. 4, 54, 318 

Brown, Berna V. 60, 396 

Brown, Beth 54, 192, 397 

Brown, Bessie Pauline 44 

Brown, Beverley N. 142, 273 

Brown, Carol 80, 232 

Brown, Cheryl 80 

Brown, Colleen 142, 229 

Brown, Dewaine 142 

Brown, Ooris L. 184 

Brown, Elaine 142 

Brown, Elva 110, 193, 254, 270 

Brown, Farrell 81 

Brown, Grant 202 

Brown, Ina LaVon 110, 241 

Brown, Jack V. 110 

Brown, Julia 143, 396 

Brown, Kenneth 142 

Brown, LaVon 220, 241, 246 

Brown. LoEne 110, 210, 270 

Brown, LuDean 142 

Brown, Ivlarilyn 142, 244 

Brown, Mariie 142 

Brown, Merril 54 

Brown, Moyle 54, 279, 401 

Brown, Ned 140 

Brown, Nila Jean 142 

Brown, Robert 142, 248 

Brown, Roma Jean 142 

Brown, Ronald 142 

Brown, Thora Belle 142, 270 

Brown, Tom 226, 110 

Brown, Wayne R. 80, 197 

Brown, Willard 142, 397 

Brown, William W. 54, 2B8 

Brunson, Boyd Lynn 142 

Bryant, James B. 54 

Byrson, Dean L. 110 

Bryson, Norman Neil 110 

Buchanan, Randall 110 

Buckley, Jayne 142 

Budge, Barvara 110 

Bugg, Donald 390 

Bullen, Mary Alice 53, 215, 273 

Bullock, Bernice 81, 189, 276 

Bullock, Pat 143 

Bullock, Norma Jean 272 

Bunker, Patricia 110, 232 

Bunnell, RaNae 142, 214 

Bunnell, Laine 143, 210, 280 

Bunnell. Ted 394 

Burgan, Barbara 81, 189 

Burgese, Eldon 53 

Burgess, G, Dale 44 

Burgi, Diane 143 

Burgon, Glade L 61 

Burgon, Laura Palmer 53 

Burke, Lyie 143, 266 

Burke. Milo Allen 81 

Burfeigh, Ivan 53 

Burnett, Dallas 110, 222 

Burningham, Kenneth 110, 200 

Burrows, Barbara 225, 241, 407 
Burrup, Max 110 
Burt, Lila 143 
Burton, Kathleen 81 
Burton, McKay C. 80, 197 
Burton, Melvin P. 53, 270, 279 
Burton, Millicent 143 
Burton, Ralph 53, 49, 38, 

196, 288 
Burton, Lorene 53, 254 
Bush, Elsmore W. 110, 399 
Bushore, Donald E. Jr. 53, 

294, 315 
Bushman, Alice 61, 188, 396 
Bushman, Anna 110, 272 
Bushman, Jess R. 38, 44, 196, 239 
Bushman, Orvil M. 81, 199 
Butikofer, Lenora 8) 
Butler, Darrell 54 
Butler, LaVar 143 
Butler, Morris 274. 399 
Butler. Ronald 81 
Butters. Elma 110, 184, 273 
Bybee. Donald 110, 222 
Bylund, Bruce 283 
Bytendorp, Ralph 143 

Calder, George 143 
Calder, Lucy 81, 297, 378 
Calderwood, Keith 54, 209, 250, 

Caldwell, Kenneth 110, 223 
Caldwell, Vada 143, 273 
Call, Anita 81, 215, 365, 338 
Call, Barbara 143 
Call, Carrol 143 
Call, Gaynell 110. 214, 365 
Call, Geneva 110, 113, 210, 

240, 347, 365, 338 
Call, Hannah 264 
C«ll. Harold M3 

Call. Renaldo 110. 274. 405 
Call, Ruth 54, 273 
Call, Shirley 110, 185 
Gallon. Robert G. 54. 190 
Camenish. Kay 143 
Cameron, Dora Jean 216 
Cameron, Ruperd Geo. 54, 218, 

Camp, 6. Marcene 54, 59, 238, 

249, 396, 386, 401 
Camp, Leslie W. 54 
Campbell, Alma Lee 143 
Campbell, Carol Eileen 143 
Campbell, Helen D. 253 
Campbell, Jacquie 143 
Campbell, Joyce 143. 220. 264 
Campbell, Keith B. 110 
Camupbell. Rolen 145, 191 
Canfield. Jerry 110 
Canfield, Paul 110 
Cannon, Alice 143 
Cannon Charlotte 81. 93, 217, 

40, 185, 241 
Capps, Taye 143, 386 
Card, Darrell H. 54 
Cardall, Stanley 313 
Cardon, Melvin 267 
Carey. Pat 143 
Carl. Harold R. 264 
Carle. Wayne M. 101, 275 
Carlile. Fred 143. 201 
Carlile. Ralph 143, 202 
Carlile, Reva 143 
Carlisle, Reed K. 54, 208 
Carlsen, Jean 143 
Carlson, Elaine 221 
Carlson, Joan 279 
Carmack, Betty 110, 254 
Carroll. Cecil Dan 110, 194 
Carpenter, Atton J. 54, 249, 191 
Carpenter, Glen 144 
Carruth, Barbara 110, 246 
Carrier, James C. Jr. 54 
Carruth, Barbara 232 
Carruthers. Neil H. 144. 198 
Carter. Alice Lee 54. 283 
Carter. Carolyn 217 
Carter, Jerry 144 
Carter, Marvin S. 54 
Carter, Richard 223 
Carver, Paul S. 80 
Case, Peggy Ann 144 
Casey, Jerry 144 
Casper, John W. 54 
Casper, Nelda 144 
Casper, Rena Lou 144 
Castleberry. R. M. 54 
Chadburn. Archie F. 55 
Chadwick, Janice 144, 216, 244, 

397, 399 
Chadwlclt. David B. 81. 235, 294, 

315, 317 
Chambers. Bruce 110, 235, 243, 

Chan, Tim 276, 288 
Changelo, Anthony 144, 279 
Chapman, Barbara 111 
Chapman, J. Corless 81, 396 
Chapman, Glen III 
Chapman, Ray L. 44, 254 
Chapman, Verl L. 197 
Char, Amy 145 
Char, Jean 193 
Chase, Shirley III, 193 
Chesley, Ethyl Mae 394 
Cheney, Renee 214, 241 
Child, Jerry 54 
Child, Vai Dee 144 
Childs, Fred D. 256 
Childs, Gordon 54. 208. 398 
Childs, Kenneth 144, 395, 399 
Ching, Henry 144, 318 
Chipman, Delbert Ray 81, 230 
Choules, Albert III, 197 
Christ*nsen, Anna 144 
Christensen, Bette 111 
Christensen, Bonnie 81, 188 
Christensen, Bruce L. 55, 212 
Christensen, Carole Ann 144, 268 
Christensen, Clyde A. III. 316. 

Christensen, Colleen III, 210, 241 
Christensen, David III, 196 
Christensen, Dean E. til 
Christensen, Dixie 144 
Christensen, Dotal 1 1 1 
Christensen, Doyle L. 55 
Christensen, Edward D. 55 
Christensen, Ferren 81, 234 
Christensen, Gilbert 144, 227 
Christensen. Harold 144, 143, 212 

Christensen, Hyrum A. 197 
Christensen, Jack A. 55, 239, 253, 

Christensen, James III, 190, 321 
Christensen, Kay 144 
Christensen, La Pree 55, 273 
Christensen, Lola 195 

Christensen, Ned Jay III, 208 
Christensen, Nola 55 
Christensen, Paul 397, 398 
Christensen, Patricia 55, 233 
Christensen, Phyllis 144 
Christensen, Phyllis Lynne 55, 257 
Christensen, Reed W. Ill, 197 
Christensen. Rex L. 55. III. 

191. 198 
Christensen. Rose L. III. 195 
Christensen. Vonda 144. 224. 396 
Christensen. Wendell B. 39. 139, 

144, M9, 231 
Christensen. Winston 144 
Christensen. Kathryn 39, 82, 221 
Christiansen, Shirley 82, 220 
Christiansen, Lois 82, 228, 285 
Christopolus, Tony 82 
Clapham, Barbara 184 
Claridge, Helen Ruth III 
Clark, Beryl 55, 193, 254 
Clark, Carol 105, 144. 245. 396 
Clark, Carol Jean 111. 232. 241 
Clark. Colleen 82. 195 
Clark. Dalian R. 55. 239, 404 
Clark, Dan R. 82 
Clark, DeRees IBI 
Clark, Donald J. Ill, 197 
Clark, Dave 222, 242, 272 
Clark, Earl HI, 166 
Clark, Elva 144 
Clark, Erma 82, 188 
Clark, Eula J44. 270 
Clark. Harold Glen 197, 294, 

Clark. Helen 144 
Clark, Jeremiah H. 82 
Clarl, Mary Jean 145 
Clark, Nola 82 
Clark, Raoel 144 
Clark, Richard 1+4, 184, 203 
Clarke, Fred A. 55, 180, 190, 

249, 397, 398 
Clarke, Welsford 398 
Clarke Margaret 144 
Clawson, Harold P. 62 
Clawson, Virginia 144 
Clay, Dan 271, 389 
Clay, Orson 124 
Clayson, Harold William III 
Clayton, Arvilla 144 
Clegg, Luana 145, 245 
Clegg, Roberta 144, 399 
Clegg, Vella HI, 229 
Clement, Larry J. 144 
Clifford, N aomi 248 
Clifford, Warren 248 
Cline, Virgil W. 44 
Clouse, Sterling W. 112 
Cluff, Robert B. 55, 273, 394 
Cockett Abe 55 
Cloward, Dean 144 
Cluff, NaDeen 112, 185, 244 
Cluff, Rulon 112, 399 
Clyde, Grant 253, 294 
Clyde, Helen 82, 210, 240, 209 
Cockett, Miriam 112 
Cockett, Abe 55, 212 
Coe, Nathan 144 
Coffey, Marvin 112, 252, 275 
Coffin, Marianne 145 
Coffman, William 145 
Cole, Gay 112, 215, 274 
Cofe, La Dean 145, 273 
Coleman, Norman 112. 264 
Coles. Arlo L. 55 
Collette, Patricia 145 
Collier, Robert 112, 275 
Collier, Ina May 55, 229 
Collin, Colleen 210, 361 
Collins Elmer L. 55 
Collyer, James B. 273 
Colovick, Raymond 145, 399 
Colston, Christopher , Lee 44 
Colton, Sarah 55 
Colvin, Sahad 55 
Colvin Curtis A. 82 
Compton, A. Rosella 44, 284 
Compfon, Lou Jean 112, 287, 229 
Cook, Ada Lorraine 145, 396 
Cook, Edwin 112 
Cook, Gary 145 
Cook, Ilia Mae 145, 192, 274, 

Cook, Leia Fay 146 
Cook, Nan 145 
Cook, Norma 145 
Cook, Rulon 145, 263 
Cook, W. Preston 82 
Cool, Shirley 82 
Cooley, Clyde 112 
Coons, Daniel 145 
Copper Donald S. 82, 198 
Cope, James C. 82 
Coray, John L. 82 243, 379 
Cope, Max Ray 55 
Corbett, Joan 145, 245 
Corbett, Scott 82 
Cordner, Carole 82. 214, 251 



Cordner, Maxine 112, 215, 241, 

246, 388 
Corey, Richard 145, 273 
Cosgrove, Ron 55, 276 
Cotlam, Joan 145 
Cottle, Wayne 309 
Cottrell, Cathryn 112 
Covert, Delon J. 62 
Cowley, W. Horace 145 
Cox, Arthur 145 
Cox, Carl T. 112, 248 
Cox, Carolyn 83, 184, 214, 385 
Cox, Charles 219 
Cox, Eldon R. 112, 197 
Cox, Lee 83, 216 
Cox, Maxine 145 
Cox, Pearl 204 
Cox, Soren F. 112 
Cox, Zeniff 83 
Cozzens, Charles 145 
Cragon, Patsy 145 
Crjig, Calvin W. 83, 198 
Craig, Faye 145, 225, 394 
Craig, Robert E. 83, 309 
Cramer, Evan R. 112 
Cram, Del Bart 213 
Crammer, Dorothy 83, 214, 240, 

323, 361 
Crandall, Jean 221 
Crandall, Jerry B. 112 
>andall, Joyce 220 
:randall, Lentz 83, 231, 320 
Zrandall, Maureen 214 
-randall, Richard 145 
Irandall, Virginia 144 
;rane, Boyd 145, 273 
:ranney, LuRae 55, 253, 284, 395 
Cranney, Rachel 82 
Craven, Rulon 144 
Crawford, Marianne 144 
Crawford, William 404 
Crawley, Patti 63, 220, 285, 347, 

Creek, Dennis 112 
Cresse, Ton! 144 
Cresta, Barbara 144 
Criddle, Dale 112, 160, 198 
Griddle, Jesse 144 
Critchfield, Inga 146 
Critelfield. Zetta Ann 112 
Crockett. Bob 146. 209. 389 
Crockett. Jeanne 112. 232 
Crockett. Jerry 147 
Crook. Jean 147 
Crook. Jim 112, 243, 270 
Cropley, Robert 144, 399 
Grossmoss, Norma 254 
Crouch, Shirley 144 
Crowley, Julia 144, 397 
Crowley, "Wendy" LaVerne 144 

249, 384, 389 
Crowther, Rosemary 112, 193 
Crowther, Shirley 144 
Grovrther Wilford 144 
Crum, Gene R. 55 
Crump, Joseph Gal 83 
Crump, William Dale 146 
Cullimore, Coridon 146 
Cummings, Donald G. 112 
Cummings, Jeanne 147, 232 
Curry, Cjreane 146 
Curl's, Archie 284, 358 
Curtis, Berta 386 
Curtis, Denzel 274 
Curtis, Dorothy 83, 194 
Curtis, Kathryn 146, 225 
Curtis, Lois 144 
Cutler, Harold 144 
Cutler, Helen 288 
Cutler, Odell B. 200, 112 
Culler, Reo 112 
Cuzzens, Charles 280 
Czirr, Bart 83 

D'Addablo. Pat J. 275 

Dahlln. Nancy 147 

Oaines. Earl 200 

Dalley. Alvin G. 54. 294. 313 

Oalley, Dannis R. 44, IBI 

Dalton, Robert 270 

Dalton, Sharlene 394 

Daly, Ron 227, 294 

Daniels, Jean 54, 215 

Daniels, Tina Lou 241 

Dansle, Dorothy 204 

Dase, Ted 47 

Dauwider, Duller C. 54, 283 

Davidson, Don 83. 160 

Davles, Edward Joseph 83 

Davis, Barbara 83 

Davis, Betty Jean 147, 204 

Davis, Bonnie 144, 137, 224, 244. 

Davis, Dee M. 54, 223 
Davis, Duane E. 112, 274, 399 
Davis, Earl 144 
Davis, Ethel 144 
Davis, Frank 82, 249 
Davis, Frank C. 83, 202 

Davis, Frank I. 75 

Davis, Gerald 144 

Davis, Jack 54, 36, 253, 284 

Davis, J. Warren 112, 213, 242 

Davis, June I R, 224, 264 

Davis, Kent 212 

Davis, Lee 147 

Davis, Lloyd 149 

Davis, Lynn 112, 203 

Davis, Max 144 

Davis, Neale 144 

Davis, Paul D. 83, 319 

Davis, Reid 112, 394 

Davis, Robert 227, 113 

Davis, Ted E. 54 

Davis, Tina 225, 244, 267, 146 

Dawson, Ardene 232, 113 

Day, Arthur 147 

Day, Dennis 113, 186, 243, 248 

Day, Joseph 235 

Day, C^wrence 54 

Day. Max 149 

Deakin, Belly 144, 214, 245, 384 

Dean, Don M. 56 

Dean, Edwin 256 

Dean, Lois 144 

Dean, Marie 83, 254 

Dean, Mary 185 

DeAngeles, LaJuana 144 

Dearden, Val 147 

Dearden, Veda 147, 232 

Oebry, JoAnn 147, 207 

DeBry, Wayne 54, 249 

Decker, Carlyle 394, 399 

Decker, Donald M. 54, 230, 390 

Decker, Connie 113, 194, 244 

Deckerm Janet 1 13 

Decker, Rey 147 

Decker, Verena 273 

Deeds, Keith 54, 235, 294 

Deem, Arleen 113, 287, 217, 387 

Deem, Donna 54, 39, 217, 238 

OeFriez, Bryce 147 
DeGraw, Monte 83, 230 
De Jong, Carma Rose 113, 224, 

241, 254, 356, 378 
DeLong, Clair L. 56 
DeMiUe, Dee 54 
Demos, Bill, 147 
DeNagy, Hugh G. 84, 249 
Dennett, Elwood 113 
Denlson, Helen 147. 244 
Despain, Carroll E. 257 
Despain, Dwight 54, 250 
Despain, Glynna 113, 194, 264 
Despain, Norma 113, 194, 280 

Despain, Robert 56, 396, 
Detwller. Lynn 56. 230, 396, 400 
Devey, Mary Lou 113, 40, 232, 272 
DeVilo, Alferd 56, 250 
DeVoe, Edward H. 84 
Dewey, Robert 47 
DeWItt, Joyce 84, 232, 244 
Dewsnup, Richard L. 113 
DiAddobbo, Parriik 144 
Dial, Barbara 113 
Dick, Marilyn 54, 189 
Dickson, Jody 84, 40, 240 
Dickson, Keith M. 54, 223 
DIgennaro, Frank 54 
Dillman, Glenyce 147 
Dimick, Bob 294 
DIx, Iviax W. 54, 250 
Dixon, Ooreen 147, 189, 276 
Dixon, Jody 244 
Dixon, Max 149 
Dixon, Reona 113, 232, 247 
Dixon, Robert 149 
Dodge, Marlon Avon 54, 195 
Dodson, Niel G. 84, 239, 258 
Doering, Hazel 148, 225, 245 

Doerr, Richard, 113, 299 
Dolley, CaVol 149 
Dominquez, John Richard 54 
Done, Albert H. 54 
Done, Nancy 149, 245 
Done, Robert Preston 113 
Doney, Darrell 147 
Dorlus, Dianna 149 
Dotson, Audrey 84, 214, 394, 409 
Doty, Allan 84 
Doughty, Marcia 214 
Dow. Roy 147, 399 
Doxey, Samuel 84, 230, 259, 340 
Drake, Lois 147, 224, 244 
Draper, Jacqueline 147 
Oraney. Donnajean 113, 165, 273, 

Dredge, Jesse 147 
Drennan, Boyd G. 57, 218, 288 
Driggs, Don W. 37, 57, 71, 212 

Driggs, James Robert 147, 145, 

212, 406, 407 
Driggs, Kay 113, 235, 244, 354 
Driggs, Margie 113, 232, 244 
Drury, Dorothy 147 
Dudley, Bob 149, 385 

Dudley, Charles W. 57, 209 
Duerden, Verle 294 
OuHin, Elaine 84, 215 
Duffin, Helen, 1 M, 224 
Duffin, Ray 149, 248 
Duke, Junius L. 57 
Duke, Virginia 147 
Dumas, Donna 147 
Duncan, Sallie 149 
DunBerley, Shelia 84, 40, 215 
Dunkley, Richard P. 57, 222, 274 
Dunn, J. Vern 223 
Dunn, Loren 149, 312 
Dunn, 5ara Mae 114 
Dunning, Veronica 147, 270, 396 
Durfee, Lyman 113, 242, 285 
Durfee, Merrill G. 198, 45 397, 

Durham, Edward D. 38, 7?, 41, 

209, 258, 289 
Durham, Reed C. 114. 237 
Durrant, Helen 84, 272 
Durrant, Wayne 84 
Dur+sche, Fenton 147 
Oustin. Joyce 114. 188, 272 275 
Oyer, William G. 57, 69, 234, 

3Si, 371 
Dyreng, Pauline 57, 185, 396 

Earl, Alberf Oarrel 114 
Earl, Charles H. 114 
Earl, Janice 84, 214 
Eastman, Elaine 1 14, 280 
Easton, Andrew 84 
Easton, Clara Jeanne 149 
Eastman, J. T. 57 
Ebesu, Allan 84, 248 
Ebmeyer. Virginia 149 
Eccles, Jim 299 
Eckley. Joy 210, 274, 285 
Ecklund, Glenn 282 
Eddington, Dick 399 
Ediefson, Blaine 114, 273. 274, 

397, 399 
Edwards, Betty Jean 149, 228 
Edwards, Carolyn 149. 233, 271 
Edwards, Clista 84, 194 
Edwards. Howard 149, 231 
Edwards, Sally 84 
Edwards, Walt 84, 206, 271 
Egbert. Clair 149, 197, 273 
Egbert, LuDean 84 
Etckmeyer, Frances 114 
Ekker. Lata 85, 399 
Eldredge, Burr 84 
Eldredge, Eva Rae 57, 193, 265 
Eldredge, Erma R. 84, 193, 265, 

Elison, Jerry 274 
Qler, LaVon 148 
Ellerman, Virginia Alice 57, 193 
ElleH, Mont R. 114 
Bliot, Sheldon 57 
Ellis, David L. 85 
Ellis, Jolene 149, 207 
Ellis. UVon 148 
Ellis, Louise 57, 273 
Ellis, Suzanne 165 
Elison, James H. 57, 208, 250 
Elison, Jerry 114 
Eliason, Joanne 114 
Blison, Joan 114, 224 
Elison, John A. 57 
Blison, Wilma 149 
Ellsworth, Betty Midgley 57 
BIsworth. Richard G. 85, 201 
Emal, Robert J. 57, 273 
Embleton. Charles W. 114, 242, 

Emerson, Jean 85 
Empey, Paul 149 
Empey, Preston 395 
English, Robert W. 57, 198 
English, Ruby 85, 229, "267 
Ence, Gwen 397 
Enos, Blossom K. 114 
Enos, Lulu Lalua 57 
Enos, Williet K. 40, 57 
Enniss, Mary 85 
Erbe, Felicia R. 84, 229, 287, 

Erikson, Clair E. 57 
Erikson, Donis 231 
Erickson, Einar C. 196 
Erickson, Helen 149, 193 
Erickson, Kenneth 85 
Erickson, Newell H. 114. 196 
Erickson. Ron 114. 227 
Espinosa. Novella 148 
Esplin, Claire 85 
Evans, Ben P. 114 
Evans, Delna 85, 189 
Evans, Elaine 210, 114, 374, 360 
Evans, H. Grant 114, 202, 400, 396 
Evans, Lois 148, 204, 396 
Evans, Lucille 397, 398 
Evans, Marilyn M. 57, 390 
Evans, Max Thomas 57, 250 
Everett, James A. 57 
Evans, Robert 345, 398 

Evert, Betty 114 

Evertsen, Vernon V. 1 14 

Eyring, SuZanne 112,217,279,387 

Fairbanks, E. L. 58 

Farbanks, Lois 148, 217, 276 

Fairbourn, Marliyn 148 

Fairbanks, Vaughn 148 

Faragher, Joanne 85, 232, 361 

Farley, Alive Faye 58 

Fames, Farrell 148 

Farnes, Jackie 148 

Farnsworth, Clayton 58 

Farnsworth, Dean 114. 288 

FarnSy^orth. Dean S. 58 

Farnsworth, Sharon, 149 

Farnsworth, William 114, 148, 200 

Farr, Betty 114. 215 

Farr. Sylvia 85, 264 

Farrer. Dale 114 

Farthing, Lucille 114 

Farrington, Shirley 149 

Faux, Marilyn 114 

Faux, Neal B. 45 

Fawns, LaVaughn 148. 276 

Feller, Lavon 196 

Felt, Morris 85 

Fenn, Carmen Margarita 114 

Finn, Jan 38, 79. 83, 84, 210, 

240, 350, 361. 389 
Ferguson. Burnett 253, 395 
Ferguson, Wayne S. 38. 51, 58, 

186. 239 
Fernando, Juane 114 
Fernley, Arlene 115, 224 
Ferre. Danny 397 
Ferrin. Marilyn 148 
Fetherstone, John 115, 313 
Fetscher, Elaine 85, 217, 396, 398 
Field, Beulah 148, 270, 396 
Field, Lolita 85 
Reld, Luana 85 
Fieldhouse, Gerald E. 191 
Fielding, Hal E. 58, 257 
Fife, Alexander LouTs 198 
Fillmore, Reid 149, 218, 249 
Finch, Beverly 148, 266 
Fiet, Elva 148 
Fietkan, Doris 1 15 
Fillerup, Leiand M. 38, 41, 212, 

Filerup, Ray 148, 212, 270 
Finlayson, Bonita 115 
Finch, Beverly 195 
Finley, Clifford 58 
Fisher, Don E. 58 
Fisk, Paul 148 
FJske, Suzzanne 85, 232 
Fitts, Dorothy 115, 194, 396 
Flake, Darrell 148 
Flake, Kenneth M. 85, B7, 213, 

Flake, Pat 115 
Fletcher, James 85, 190 
Flett, Mina Lee 148 
Flyimoto, Jane H. 148 
Folsom, Leo 269 
Fonnesbeck, Paul 148 
Ford, Beverly 58 
Ford, Charles 148 
Ford, Orlin E. 47, 209 
Ford, Wenorn 185 
Foremaster, Lou Jean 115, 224, 

Forsyth, Dave 115, 208, 249 
Forsyth, Stanley S 86 
Forsythe, Edward 148 
Forthing, Lucille 225 
Foster, Maizie 115 
Foster, Robert D. 148 
Foulk, Louise 148, 184 
Foutz, Emoqene 204 
Foutz, Hal B. 58 
Fouti, Mary Lou 148, 244 
Fowles, Jay R. 115, 186, 396 
Fox, Phyliss 149 
Fox, Richard 39, 41, 148, 219, 

Frame, Marilyn 149, 216 
Frampton, Bud 213, 312 
Frampton, Gwenivere 58 
France, Joe 284 
Francis, Alma Rae 148 
Francis, Dean 149 
Frances, Kae 276 
Francis, Keith Evan, 86 203 
Francis, Myra 148 
Francis, Reed F. 58, 273 
Francis, Rulon 316, 317 
Francis. Robert 115. 196 
Francom, Dee 148 
Frandsen Lna 115 
Frazier, Glen 148 
Frederickson, Bill 115, 227 
Fredrickson, Hartley 148, 231 273 
Freestone, Aleen 148, 396 
Freestone Camila 148, 204, 396 
Frehner, Connie 148 
Fretwell, John 0. 45 
Fritkaw. Doris 236 
Frogley, Keith 115, 234 

Fronk, Jerrold 149 
Frontier, Marilyn 148, 189, 408 
Frost, Dorothy Rae 148 
Fryer, Bill 151, 187 
Fulghum, Edna Grace 58 
Fullmer, Barbara 115 
Fulsom, Bobby 151 
Furlong, Richard 151 

Gagen, Edwin B. 115, 202 

Gagon, Ron 226 

Galbraith, Joyce 115, 185, 254, 

Galbraith, June 115, 264 
Gallagher, Bob 115 
Gallister, Betty 151 
Gamble, Helen R. 86, 283 
Gammon, Bud 151 
Gardiner, Gloria 151 
Gardner, Alda Vee 115 
Gardner, Aleen 1 15 
Gardner, Bonnie 151 
Gardner, Clifford R. 151 
Gardner, Colin 150, 186 
Gardner, Ouane 116 
Gardner, Jacqueline B. 58 
Gardner, Janice 151 
Gardner, John H. 86 
Gardner, LaRae 116 
Gardner, Lynn J. 396 
Gardner, Marlowe 151 
Gardner, Paul G. 58 
Gardner, Ray 201 
Garfield, Anne 151 
Garfield, Earl J. 86 
Garrard, LaMar Elwin 45 
Garrett, Eugene 151, 230, 396 
Garrett, Louise 86 
Garick, Bernell 218 
Garrick, James 151 
Gates, Junior 269 
Gates, Robert 58, 212, 250 
Gay, Carlyle 190 
Geddes, Dave 317 
Geddes, Marilyn 116, 214, 287 
Geddes, Wilford 151 
Geertsen, Bill 58 
Gentry, William 116, 274 
Georges, Irene M. 58, 184, 268 
Gerber, Willard A. 58 
Gessford, Pat 284 
Gigliotti, Eunetta 86, 275, 279 
Gibbs, Joyce 86, 254 
Gibbons, Beverly 37, 233, 238, 

396, 406 
Gibbons. Donna 116, 233, 264, 396 
Gibbons, Normand 396 
Gibby, Delbert F. 58 
Giddlngs. J. Calvin 116. 248 
Giddings, Luther 86 
Gidley, Bob 86, 397 
Gilbert, Faun 151 
Gilchrist, Claire 86, 254 
Gilchrist, Dean 151 
Gilchrist, Dorothy 47, 396 
Gilchrist, John 151 
Giles. Claudia 151 
Giles, Evelyn 151. 334 
Gillete. Donna 116, 273, 284 
Gillett, Barbara 151, 273 
Gillespie, Horace 58, 299 
Gillis. J. Robert 45, 186 
Gilner, Gerald L. 116, 186 
Gines. Pauline 116, 274 
Ginn, Ruth Maxine 151 
Gironemon, Diane 151 
Glancy, Patricia 151, 193 
Glauser, Lilly 116, 192, 279, 396 
Glenn, Avery 86, 230, 243. 274, 

320, 406 
Glenn. James 180. 239, 377 
Glenn, Lee L 116, 249 
Gligorea, Gene 116 
Glines, Arlin 86, 242, 276 
Glines, Reece 151 218, 276 
Glissmeyer, Carl H. 86 
Glober, Kenneth 150 
Goates. Wayne 150 
Goettling, Geraldine 150 
Goff. J. Lester 268 
Golightly. Max 239, 396 
Gooch, Joyce ISO 
Gooch, J. Taylor 202 
Goodfellow, Gerry 116, 216 
Goodness, Laura May K. 58 
Goodness, Leinaala M6 
Goodrich, Boyd 58. 190. 265 
Goodrich, Kenneth R. 116 
Goodwin, Jack 150 
Gordon, Clarence H. 82 
Gordon. Janet ISO, 224 
Gordon, Rod F. 58. 231, 320 
Gottfredson, Ches R. 116. 397. 399 
Goulding, Ruth 116, 206 
Gourley, Robert 150 
Graham, Russell B. 59 
Grahm, Robert 116, 191 
Grange, Mar U. 59, 208 
Grant, James N. 86 
Graves, Hugh H. G. 38, 59 
Graves, Howard 182, 186, 239, 408 
Gray, Earl L 45 
Greaber. Carol 150 


Greaves, Carol 151 

Greaves, Edythe 59, 224. 407 

Greene, Ardeth 150 

Green, Barbara 59 

Greene, Edna 150. 396 

Green, Arva 1 16 

Green, Betty Ann 150, 249 

Green, lona 86, 236, 241 

Green, Myrna 150 

Green, Robert H. 116, 234, 264. 

356, 371 
Green, Verl M. 116, 187, 197 
Greenall, Bonnie il6 
Greenhaigh, Glade 150, 198 
Greenwell, Stanley 231 
Greenwood, Lorraine 116, 194, 217 
Greer, Elaine 86, 264 
Greer, Joan 84. 217 
Greer, Kenneth 59 
Greer, Richard E. 84 
Greninger, Gordon H. 86, 187 
Griffin, Lewis 69 
Griffith, Don 87 
Griffiths, Leor 150 
Griffiths. Roen 150 
Griggs. Ron 405 
Grimmett, Janet 150. 274, 399 
Grimmett, Robert 150 
Groberg, Mary Jane 150, 397 
Groesbeck, Dorothy 84, 217, 241 

Groesbeck, Rufh 150, 273 
Gubler, Don 274 
Guest, Margie 386 
Guinn, Marjorle 150 
Guiver, Robert 150 
Gummon, Gladys 150 
Gunderson, Jay 87 
Gunn, R. L. 45 
Gunnell, Beth F. 87 
Gunnell, Merill P. 59 
Gurr, W. Grayson 150 
Guthrie, Charmaine 59, 217, 396. 

350, 384 
Gutirrez, Fidel 87, 226. 407 
Guymon, Clover 87, 204, 283, 385 
Guymon, Grace 39. 59, 63, 217, 

249, 384 
Guymon, LaVonna 150. 217, 244 
Guymon, Rulon 399 
Gwillim, Glen 150 


Hacking. Leah 87, 207. 327 

Haddock, Mariorie 86 

Hadley, Arlen 150, 231 

Hadley, Darrell 396 

Hafen, Gwenda 150 

Hafen, Louise 116. 225 

Hailes, Dorothy 192 

Hainsworth Beth 150 

Hainsworth, Jerome 116, 235 

Hainsworth, Morris 87, 235 

Hale, Fielding 150 

Hale, Gerald 150 

Hale, La Rae 150 

Hale, Lynn 150 

Hale, Melva 116, 270 

Hate, Norman 150 

Hale, Rodney 116 

Hale, Shirley 87, 194, 282 

Hales, Janet 116, 217, 284 

Hales, U Ree 214 

Hales. Marilyn 87, 210 

Hales, Robert 111, 116, 235, 243, 

248, 356 
Hales, Russell G. 202 
Halford, Harold 151 
Hall, Barbara 87 
Hall. Barbara L. 153 
Hall, Calvin H. 87. 269 
Hall, Charles 151 
Hall, Elizabeth B. 59, 265 
Hall, Gayle 150 
Hall, Geraldine 117, 236 
Hall, Kelly 87, 269 
Hall, llene 117, 236 
Hall, Norma Jean 150 
Hall, Jean 116 

Hall, Jerry R. 116, 227, 405, 391 
Hall, Rosalene ISO 
Hall, Stanley 86, 231, 249, 259, 384 
Halladay, June 153 
Halloway, Howard 150 
Halterman, Richard 117 
Halver, Bennion 269 
Halvorsen, Marie 116 
Halversen, Thomas 87, 187, 257, 385 
Hamblin, Jay 59, 299 
Hamblin, John R. 117 
Hamblin, Wayne S. 59 
Hamblin, Robert L. 234, 283 
Hamblin, Bob R. 219 
Hamen, Robert L. 59 231 
Hamilton, Chester E. 45 
Hamilton, Peggy 87 
Hammel, Norman 152 
Hammer, Norman F. 196 
Hammond, Beverley 153 
Hammond. Chloe 288 
Hammond. Gale 87, 180, 182, 190 

198, 396 
Hammond. Lois 59. 217 
Hanberg. Ted 87 

Hancey. Vanile 153. 206 
Hancock. Connella L. 397 
Hancock, Clem S. 59. 397, 399 
Hancock. Jay 394 
Hancock, Hal 397 399 
Hancock, Larry 153 
Hancock. Norman 153 
Hanks. Carol 59. 257 
Hanks. Francis 117 
Hanks. Teddy 153 
Haifks, Ronald J. 59 
Hansen, Alice 117, 192, 395, 405 
Hansen, Ann 59, 276 
Hansen, Alan R. 59, 213. 250 
Hansen, Bonnie 0. 87, 233, 240. 

Hansen. Brad 153 
Hansen, Bryant 275 
Hansen, Donna Jean 153, 228, 285 
Hansen, Dona May 59 
Hansen, Doyle L. 117, 191 
Hansen. Elayne 233 
Hansen, Eugene 117, 191.394 
Hansen, Evelyn 117 
Hansen, Gene 153 
Hansen, Geraldine 153, 394 
Hansen, Gwendolyn 153 
Hansen, Carol 153 
Hansen, Carole M. 233 
Hansen. Harold 59 
Hansen, Joyce 228 
Hansen, Hazel 153 
Hansen, Helen 152 
Hansen, Ida Geniel 117 
Hansen, Jerrie 88 
Hansen, June 153 
Hansen, Lillian Strong 40 
Hansen, Lorraine 40, 214. 251 
Hansen, Lynn 190 
Hansen, Margaret 215 
Hansen, Mariene 153 
Hansen, Keith 117, 184 
Hansen, Monna 117. 246 
Hansen, Jeanine 117, 184, 273. 

Hansen, Norman 153 
Hansen. Paul L. 60 
Hansen, Ralph 88, 242, 271 
Hansen, Bonnie Ray 88, 207 
Hanson, Bryant 88 
Hanson, Deloy W. 88 
Hanson, Jack 117. 405 
Hanson, Lois 88 
Haralson, Wilber C. 187 
Harding, Beth 152 
Harding, Boyd W. 60 
Harding, Leonard 88, 276 
Harding, Leonard E. 191 
Harding, Marjorie 233 
Hardy, Barbara 60, 180, 232 
Hardy, Bette 88 
Hardy, Leila 153, 193 
Hardy, LoRene 211 
Hardy, Merrill 299 
Hardy, Richard 153 
Harlan. Arnold 153 
Harlan, Ronnie 153 
Harley, Walter 153 
Barman, Jean 153 
Harmer, Ruth Eleanor 152 
Harmon, Colleen 60, 221, 408 
Harmon, Eunice 88, 216, 258 
Harmon, Gwen 152 
Harmon, Keith. 117. 270 
Harmsen, Connie 152, 195, 268 
Harper. Betty 153, 189, 276 
Harper, Blaine B. 60. 257 
Harper, Max D. 117, 196 
Harries, Barbara 88, 251. 272 
Harris, Bernarr 88. 202, 276 
Harris, Dick 281 
Harris, Fay 117 

Harris, Gordon K. 117, 226, 288 
Harris, Grant 60 
Harris Howard 152, 199 
Harris, James 119, 203 
Harris, Nelda 152 
Harris, Thayne R. 88, 258, 406 
Harrison. Duane 117 
Harrison, Marion 117 
Harrison, Nancy 152 
Harrison. Robert 223 
Hartly. Dorene 118. 274 
Hartman. Ann 60 
Hartvigsen. Joie 88 
Harvey, Ray 152. 218 
Harvey, Robert 117. 288 
Harwood. Nelda 152 
Haslem, Acel 60 
Haslem, Lynn 118, 245 
Haslam. Marjorie 152. 225, 272 
Hatch, Adelia 152, 224 
Hatch, Donna M. 118 
Hatch. Emma Jean 152 
Hatch, Essie Jean 152 
Hatch, Max 60 
Hatch, Myron W. 118 
Hatfield, Lenior 88 
Havens, Patt 118, 184, 399 
Havens, Virginia 88. 249 
Hawks, Reed 152 
Hawkes^ood. Delores 152 
Hawkins, Betty Jo 395 
Hawkins, Charles 154 

Hawkins, Elmer 152 
Hawkins. Eugene 152 
Hawkins. Glen 152 
Hawkins. Robert 152 
Hawley. Armond 152 
Haycock. Sevan 60 
Haycock. Ilia 153. IB5 
Hayden. Carma 88. 272 
Hayes, Betty 153, 185, 210, 271 
Haymore, Lester D. 88, 198, 408 
Haynes, Vivian 152 
Hazard, Jim 397. 404 
Heaps, Leon 152, 213, 312 
Heaton, Mary Louise 152 
Heaten, Maurice Kay 201 
Heber, Joyce 152 
Hebertson JoAnn 152, 399 
Hebrew, Quey 45 
Hedquist, Albert K. 88, 218, 248 
Hedquist, Gerrold 152, 219 
Hedquist, Robert 152 
Heqsted, Victor O. 118 
Hender, Dorothy 152, 288 
Henderson, Royal B. 256 
Henrichsen, Lloyd E. 60 
Hendricks, Don 60, 191 
Hendrickson, Keith 396 
Hendrix, Elaine 152, 244 
Henninqer, Owen 88, 223, 408 
Henninger, Richard 153, 217 
Hennis, Margaret 152 
Hermansen, Clark, 152, 196 
Herschel, Alfred C. 60 
Herschi, Max 274 
Hershberger, Kenneth R. 60, 282 
Hermann, Gertrude E. 88 
Henrie, Shirley 284 
Henrie, Thomas A. 1 18 
Hess, Blaine 152, 273, 399 
Hess, Jay 118 
Heward, Dorothy 89 
Heyborne, Nora 155 
Heywood, Leona 88, 214 
Hiatt, David H. 89 
Hiatt, Calvin 155 
Hiatt, William 155 
Hibbert, Dean 60, 247 
Hicken, Donald E. 60 
Hichen, Glen I. 202 
Hickenlooper, Monte 155, 230, 

248, 274, 408 
Hickman, J. Morris 118, 248 
Hicks, Junior S. 89, 190, 265 
Hideshima, Ted 118 
Higa, Lily 118, 214, 241, 283 
Higbee, Earl 155 
Higbee, Evelyn 155, 396 
Higham, Bonnie 1 18 
Hirgendorff, Evelyn 398 
Hilf, Craig 153 
Hill, Dean 89 
Hill, Dick 299 

Hill, James B. 60, 239, 255, 407 
Hill, James E. 60 
Hill, Jim K. 89, 223, 317 
Hill, Joe 181, 274 
Hill, Lois 89, 210, 386 
Hill, Ruth 155, 244 
Hilton, Harlan J. 60 
Hilton, lone 88 
Hilton, Ivan J. 60, 247, 249 
Hilton, Marilyn 217, 356 
Hilton, Ross C. 89 
Hinkins, Helen 194 
Hinckley, Janice 154, 386 
Hinnand, Joan 375, 338 
Hinrichsen, Clarke 118 
HIntz, Lile 155 
Hitchcok, Ralph 155, 248 
Hitchinson, Gloria 272 
Hobbes, Charles R. 155, 399 
Hobbs, Charlene 155 
Hobson, Ivan L. Jr. 45 
Hodenson, Lucille 155 
Hodqen, Robert 155, 186 
Hodskinson, Melvin 60 
Hofer, Yvonne 155, 245, 270 
Hoffman, Floyd 60 
Hoffman, Norma Mae 155 
Hogenson, Lucille 276 
Hofacher, Lowell 274 
Holbrook, LaRee 118, 194 
Holbrook, LaRue 118, 194 
Holden, Dick, 89, 231. 40B 
Holder, Betty 155 
Holder, Lyal E. 89 
Holfelts, Lula Jean 118, 220 
Holladay, Fred 155 
HoUey, Al 155 
Holman, Luana 116 
Holman, Marian 155 
Holgren, Carol 274 
Holms, Alice 155, 276 
Holmes, Thomas 155, 276, 317 
Holt, Jim 264, 283 
Holt, Maxine 118 
Holt. Nancy 89. 215. 241. 325 
Holt. Wesley A. 60. 269 
Holyoak. Betty 154 
Holyoak. Doris 154 
Homer, Don A. 61, 269 
Homer, John T. 154, 209, 273 
Hone, Gail 155 
Honeycutt, Lee 203 

Hont, James 154 

Hood, Marie 289, 407 

Hooper, Kelvin I IB 

Hoopes, Marilyn 118, 215, 272 

Hoopie, Jewel O. 118 

Hoops, Jenny 1 18 

Hoops, Jenny 118, 281 

Hopkins, Alferd Norman 118 

Hopkin B. E. 154 

Hopkin. Marion 154 

Hopkin, Ruby Lynn 89 

Horlacher, Lowell E. 61, 276, 274 

Horlacker, Ronald 118 

Horspool, Glen 396 

Horton, Keith D, 61 

Horton, William 61, 250 

Horton, Robert 154 

Hosford, Gregory F, 250 

Houston, Fred 89 

Houston, Joy 21 1 

Howard, Elmo O. 61, 258 

Howard, John F. 118, 223 

Howard, S. Jean 38, 29, 210 

Howell, Arva 155 

Howell, E. Virgil 198, 257 

Howells, Irene 61 

Howells, Thomas 89, 197 

Howlett, Elaine 88, 192, 275, 396, 

Hoyt, Anna Julia 154, 216, 398 
Hubbard, Anonna 61 
Hubbard, A. Hugh 89 
Hubbard, Emery Mac 61 
Huber, Shirley 118, 194 
Huff, Arvll W. 61, 396, 398 
Huff, George 61 
Hughes, Elizabeth 154, 396 
Hughes, Phyllis, 61, 228 
Huggins, Ann 1 18 
Hulsh, Richard 153, 154, 212, 248, 

274, 346, 407 
Hulet, Clarene 118 
Hulet, Dorothy 61, 207, 255 
Hulet, Ella May 207 
Hulet, Grant 118 
Hulet, Oscar K. 61 
Hullck, John 118 
Hulley, Al 219 
Hullinger, Ada S. 61 
Hullinger, Bonnie 89, 265 
Hullinger, Owen A. 61 
Hullinger, Loraine 154 
Hulne, Ronald 154 
Humphreys, Alice 89 
Humphreys, Gene 118 
Humphreys, Farrell J. 61 
Humphreys, Phillip 154, 196 
Hundley, John 156 
Hunford, Gary 157 
Hunn, Frances 205 
Hunt, Elwood 152 
Hunt, Lester Dale 61, 247 
Hunt, Lorraine 157 
Hunt, Wally 209 
Hunter, Allan 157 
Hunter, Lloyd 157 
Hunter, Phyllis 61 
Hunter, Verne F. 61 
Huntington, Jane 89 
Huntleavin, Ray 157 
Hurst, Howard 41, 118, 242 
Hurst, Ira 157 
Hurst, Joan 119 
Hurst, Melva Arlene 90 
Hurst, Leila 90 
Hutchins, Melvin R. 91, 309 
Hutchinson, Gloria 61 
Hutchinson, Joseph 396 
Hutchinson, Ma'-jaret 157 
Hyde, George R. 119, 222 
Hyde, John Taylor 61 
Hyde, Lone Mae 119, 271 
Hyer, Mary Jo 157, 225, 244 
Hyer, Nedra 157 
Hyer, Paul V. 119 
Hymas, Scott 119 
Hynd, Ken 317 


Ibins, Anthony 157 

Iga, Ye'suke 157 

Iqram, Mary 157 

Ikegaml, Carol 157 

Ingalls, Bill 61 

Ingram. Pat 157 

Ipsen, Florence 157, 188, 273, 396 

Irons, Mary Lina 157, 194, 274 

Isaacson, Keith 395 

Isakson, La Juana 21 1 

Iverson, Ora Fay 90, 175 

Ivie, Evan 157 

Ivle, Leonard 157 

Ivie, Richard 157 

Jack, Ralph 157, 197 
Jacklin, Monta 157, 2^9 
Jackson, Marion 233 
Jackman. Richard 393, 278 
Jacobsen, Lynn 119, 187 
Jacobsen, Valeria 1 19 
Jacobson, Gordon 156 
Jacobsen, Verna 156 

Jackson, Vernice 62, 216, 397, 387 

Jakle, Joanne 157, 210 

James, Glenn 155. 197 

James, Jim 157 

James, Joan 270 

James, John 156 

James, Romain 157, 225 

James, Thomas A. 119 

Jameson, Leila 221 

Jamison, Ronald 156, 186 

Janke, Nellie 156 

Jardlne, Earl D. 61, 396, 397, 398 

Jarman, Boyd 156, 312, 317 

Jarvls, Jarrett, 90, 235, 264, 357, 

Jarvls, William 313 
Jauchau, Ruth 63 
Jeffs, Dayle 119, 218, 248 
Jeffords, Dona 156 
Jeffords, Esther 156 
Jellnek, Hena 90, 274, 275 
Jenkins, Douglas 396 
Jenkins, Lyman H. 62, 207 
Jenkins, Jack E. 62 
Jenkins, Reed 280 
Jenkins, Richard 157 
Jenkins, Robert 156 
Jenks, Varsel Smith 130, 201 
Jennings, Joyce 156, 233, 264, 345 
Jennings, Jullene 117, 233, 241, 264. 
Jensen, Betty Lou 156 
Jensen, Bob 117, 223 
Jensen, Clifton E. 62 
Jensen, Donald E. 62 
Jensen, Donna 154 
Jensen, Gene 62, 234, 364, 336 
Jensen, George A. 119 
Jenson, Gloria Dawn 62, 192 
Jensen, Gwenyth Joe 62 
Jensen, Harvard 90 
Jensen, Janice 62, 183, 1B4 
Jensen, Jean 154 
Jensen, Kim 154, 280 
Jensen, Royce 1 17, 222 
Jensen, Mary Bee 285 
Jensen. Verona 1 17 
Jensen, V. Lamarr 70, 280 
Jensen, Wendell 226 
Jenson, Iris 70, 175, 206 
Jenson, Louis 154 
Jenson, Marian 221, 251 
Jenson, Marilyn 154 
Jenson, Twila 90, 195, 206. 327 
Jensen, Marion 70 
Jensen, Phyliss 70, 225, 407 
Jensen, Richard 154 
Jensen, Ruth 154, 185 
Jensen, Vonlel 90, 195 
Jeppson, Joyce 119, 287 
Jeppson, Mary 156 
Jepsen, Jay 154, 198 
Jepsen, Virginia 154, 396 
Jepson, Jack 155 
Jeserlck, Ellen 154, 274 
Jesperson, Lyn 154 
Jessop, Bonnie 154 
Jex, Charles 157 
Jex, Dalla 216 
Jex, Fred 154 

Johansen, Frank 154, 276, 230 
Johansen, Viola V. 90, 276, 408 

233, 240 
John, Virginia 154 
Johns, Caroline 188, 288 
Johns, Kenneth H. 131 
Johnson, Andrea 90, 214 
Johnson, Arlln Rex 41, 125, 356, 

373, 401, 371 
Johnson, BettyJane 246 
Johnson, Calvin 1 19 
Johnson, Carolyn 62 
Johnson, Charles 154 
Johnson, Clayton 70 
Johnson, Curg 62 
Johnson, DeRae 154 
Johnson, Dick 213 
Johnson, Elaine 154 
Johnson, Eldred A. 37, 45, 239 
Johnson, Elizabeth Jane 119, 184, 

Johnson, Francelle 154 
Johnson, Fred 154 
Johnson, Grace 157 
Johnson, Helen 1 19 
Johnson, Helen Mar 119 
Johnson, Jackie 716, 244, 360, 386 
Johnson, Joel H, 62 
Johnson, Joelle 1 19 
Johnson, Joyce 155, 276 
Johnson, Julie 70, 217, 278 
Johnson, Kay 159, 197, 242, 274, 

Johnson, LaRue 251 
Johnson, Laura 157, 204 
Johnson, LuJeanne 154 
Johnson, J. Kent 70, 208, 281 
Johnson, Laurel Rae 70, IBB, 276 
Johnson, Metta 62, 204, 269 
Johnson, Norman Stanley 120, 230 
Johnson, Rayma 398 
Johnson, Reed F. 62, 223 
Johnson, Shirley 62, 281 
Johnson, Thayne H. 62 
Johnson, Thelma Jean 62, 192, 278 


Johnson, Trudeane 159, 270 

Johnson, Utahna 159, 273 

Johnson, Vada 120, 189, 276 

Johnson, Verna 120, 276 

Johnson, Vernice 249 

Johnson, Virginia 120 

Johnston, Thomas 159, 186 

Jomcleu, Irene 155 

Jolly, Duane 159 

Jones, Audrey 90 

Jones, Betty Louise 159 

Jones, Carroll 159 

Jones, Charlotte 90, 210, 396, 400 

Jones, David 159 

Jones, David C. 62 

Jones, Donald Theone 62, 256 

Jones, Donna 159 

Jones, Doris 45, 278 

Jones, Earl B. 62, 239 

Jones, Edward E. 62, 252 

Jones, Glenn 159 

Jones, Helen E. 62, 214 

Jones, Jan 157, 306, 376 

Jones, LeRoy K. (Jack) 37, 57, 

62, 235, 237 
Jones, Madolon 62, 378 
Jones, Merlin J. 62, 247 
Jones, Nadlne 40, 120, 240, 246 
Jones, Norma 159 
Jones, Richard 159, 309 
Jones, Robert V. 63, 191 
Jones, Ruby Marie 159, 270 
Jones, Rulon 159, 196, 280 
Jones, Ruth Ann 159, 266 
Jones, Sherman L. 120, 280 
Jones, Thatcher 91 
Jones, Tom 120 
Jones, Weston K. 106 
Jordan, Bonnie 159 
Jorgenson, Eleanor 251 
Jorqenson, Eleanor 251 
Jorqensen, Hal 157, 266 
Josfe, Barbara 120, 247, 385, 278 
Joseph, Dan F, 15? 
Jouchau, Joyce 157 
Judd T. Conrad 63. 75. 230, 237, 

317, 320, 356 
Judd, Kenneth 159, 197 
Judklns, Newell 120 
Judy, Claire G. 120, 197 
Julian, Kenneth 197, 281 
Julian, Ula 157, 376 

King, Earl Ned 45 

King, Kent 120 

King, Norma 156 

King, Roy 63, 65, 230, 242, 320, 

356, 406, 408, 409 
Kinghorn, Claris 157 
Kingsford, Elaine 71 
KIrby, Norma June 158, 193 
Kirkham, Sally 71, 240, 272, 283 

361, 387 
Kirkham, Raemona 70, 217. 240, 

286, 406, 361 
Kirkmon, James 158 
Kirkpatrlck, Bob 120, 212, 318 
Klrwan, Sharon 246 
Kitterman, Stanford J. 63, 252 
Kitzberger, Bonnie 158 
Klein, Ray 63 
Knabb, Ruth Ann 120 
Knecht, B. Jean 120, 193 
Knecht, William 120 
Knell, Claudia 221 
Knight, Annie V, 63, 251 
Knight, Colleen 398 
Knight, Lester L. 64, 230 
Knighton, Josephine 158, 189, 265 
Knoplauch, Lleselotte 158 
Kondo, Gladyst 120 
Knowlton, Ted 156, 219, 276 
Knowlton, Beverly, 71, 228, 274, 

Knudsen, Brig 157 
Knudsen, Peggy 377 
Knudsen, WMnam 45, 256 
Kochevar, Lewis 159 
Kohler, Kathleen 158 
Kohler, Marlon 204 
Kohler, Pat 158 
Kohler, Ramon 156 
Koller, James Lyie 64, 299 
Kone, Barbara 156 
Kovabashim, June 158 
Konvlcka, Bill 280 
Koyen, Patricia 64, 206 
Kramer, Delbert 158 
Krebs, Delma 91 
Knudsen, Margaret 158 
Kuhn, Marshall 158 
Kuhnl, Marilyn 221 
Kulllck, Edward 158 
Kupuniai, Mlcel 156 
Kwak, Richard D. 255, 288 

Karria, Sven 266 

Kamauoha, Charles Jr. 63, 318 

Kamlah, Barbara 157 

Kanahele, George 120, 248, 288 

Kane, Alma 156 

Kanekoa, Catherine 204, 63 

Kapp, Heber 156 

Karpowitz, Bob 120, 299 

Kartchner, Joyce 90 

Kartchner, Rulon G. 120, 235, 264, 

396, 357 
Kartchner, Wynnette 156, 245, 387 
Kawasaki, George J. 63, 285 
Kay, Carol 63, 280 
Kay, Jeanne 156 
Kay, Richard 156 
Kearn, DeMar 223 
Keaka, Rowena K. 63 
Keate, Kenneth J. 63, 256 
Keate, Robert R. 39, 120. 208. 409 
Keddlngton, Joseph 396 
Keeler. Levina 120. 188, 276, 386 
Keeler, Richard 120 
Keeler, Ruth 156, 276 
Keeney, William P. 63 
Keith, Mary 233, 396 
Kekauoha, Clifford 41, 243 
Kehaula, Tom 91, 180, 274 
Kelly, Donald B. 63 
Kelly, John E. 91, 187 
Kelly, Roy 156 
Kelsey, Marcene 156 
Kemper, William Dotal 63 
Kendall, J. Clair 63, 177 
Kendall, Kay 156 
Kenley, Fred 156 
Kennedy, Barbara 120, 246 
Kennington, Dory 156, 270 
Kennington, Phil 120, 243 
Kenolio, Gladys 63 
Kemsley, Geraldlne 63, 192 
Kent, Lee 278 
Kerchoff, Herbert 156 
Kiester, W, S. 63 
Klllett, Joanne 156 
Killlan, Mabel L. 204 
Klllpack, Frankie 120 
Killpack, Kenneth 156 
Klllpack, Mary Snell 63 
Klllpack, Wayne 156 
Kimball, Dan 63, 223 
Kimball, Heber G. 71 
Kimball, Nina Ruth 71, 215 
Kimball, Tim 208, 299, 9! 
KImber, William Dean 120 
Kinder, Archie G. 63 
Kindred, Jay 156, 395, 399 
Kindsay, NyrI 229 
King, Colleen 156, 245 

Lambrum, Donna Rae 64, 207 
Lambrum, Renee 120, 265, 285 
Labru. Velda 120 
LaFollette, Everett 120 
Lalrde, Andrew 158 
Lake, David 158 
Lallatin, Gwen 120 
Lamb, Burnell 91, 269 
Lamb, Burnell 71, 269 
Lamb, Doyle 158, 179 
Lambert, Virginia 120, 193, 265, 

Lamborn, Maxine 64 
Lambson, Ronald 91 
Lamoreaux, Leiand R. 91 
Lamoreaux, Shirley 64, 220, 396 
Lamoreaux, Sybil 121, 224, 278 
Lang, Donna 158, 265 
Lang, Frank 158 
Lang, James 158 
Lange, Fred 158, 209 
Langford, Lynn 158 
Langlois, Mary Pat 158 
Lanee, Elwin 158 
Laney, Lois 158 
Larsch, Barbara 158 
Larch, Pat 158 
Larrabee, Cornelia 158, 379 
Larsen, Albert M. 91 
Larson, Arnold 120, 230, 397 
Larsen, Bliss 121, 217 
Larsen, Cheryl 158 
Larsen, Carol Dawn 90, 207, 25l 
Larsen, Dean 121 
Larsen, Ernest 121, 234 
Larsen, J^lora 121, 254, 267 
Larsen, Harold 121, 399 
Larsen, Karma 91 
Larsen, Orlo B. 121 
Larsen, Paul B. 64 
Larsen, Shirley 121, 267, 158 
Larson, Beverly 158 
Larson, Janet 91 
Larson, John Max 121 
Larson, Joyce 121 
Larson, Kenneth G. 159, 399 
Larson, Morise 121, 184 
Larson, Nolan L. 91 
Larson, Omer P. 159 
Larson, Park 121 
Larson, Phyllis 39, 121, 232, 24t 
Larson, Reed 158, 198 
Larson Rey 158 
Larson, Tom 158 
Larkin, Robert 64 
Latimer, David 398 
Latimer, Kathryn 161. 194, 274 
Lauper, Georgia 160, 216 
Law, David A. 45, 276 

lawlor, Enid M. 121, 276 

Laws, Duane 158 

Laycock, Harold. 3?8 

Laycock, Marion 91 

l-ayton, Ray 158, 187 

Leavitt, Elaine liO, 189 

Leavitt, Ray 158 

LaBaron, Donald R. 91 

LeBaron, Francis 121, 187, 288 

LeBaron, Melvin J. liO 

LeBaron, Rae Marie M 

LeBaron, Theorn, 160, 276 

Lee, Audrey 121, 194, 272 

Lee, Curtis 64 

Lee, Darrel 92, 187 

Lee, Henry S. 160 

Lee, John F. 39, 41, 64, 223, 

239, 356 
Lee, Larry 160 
Lee, Max E. 160 
Lee, Ralph E. 121, 19? 
Lee, Rex 160 
Lee, Sybil 160, 224, 244 
Lea, Thelma 92, 194 
Lee, Zane P. 161, 288 
Leeaant, Daniel S. 92, 237, 271 
Leichty, Elaine 92 
Leifson, Thor 121 
Leigh, Colleen 64 
Leigh, Maxine 121, 160, 285 
Leiegren, Earl 160 
Lemon, Betty 92, 195 
LeMond, Eillen 160 
Lemons, Marcella 160 
Leth, Ken 235, 243, 356 
Levi, Veola Vaun 64, 192 
Levie, Paul D. 160, 197 
Lewis, Arlene 160, 197 
Lewis, Caldon R. 64, 250 
Lewis, Donna 161, 207 
Lewis, Henry Doyle 161, 219 
Lewis, John E. 161 
Lewis, Lawrence 160 
Lewis, Maridell 92, 211, 253, 258, 

286, 395, 350 
Lewis, Marshall W. 64 
Lewis, John David 161 
Lewis, John W. 64 
Lewis, Sherald D. 121 
Lewry, Magline 273 
Lichfield, Ernest 121 
Liddiard, Bruce 223 
Liddiard, Gilbert 187 
Liechty, Edgel 161 
Liechty, Elaine 228 
Liechty, Leslie E. 122 
Lillywhite , Viola 264 
Linde, Lorraine 254 
Lindsay, Ellen 161, 193 
Lindsay, MyrI 92, 323 
Lindsay, Var 161, 274 
Lindstrom, David 299 
Litchfield, Bernice 64, 195, 276 
Little, Emma 64 
Little, James 92, 235, 252 
Lloyd, Carolyn 161 
Lloyd, Cecil 301, 317 
Lloyd, Leah 161 
Lockhart, Vern 161, 317, 399 
Long, Don 122 
Long, Jerry 122, 274, 397, 399. 

Long, Richard 161, 397 
Long, Roderick 64, 301 
Long, Vee 161 

Longson, Beverly 92, 184, 225 
Loomis, Norma 161, 236 
Loosli, Sayle 122, 194, 241, 246, 

Lord. Robert 161 
Lorrabee, Cornelia 398 
Lott. Kent 161 
Lott, LeRoy N. 257 
Loutersoch, John 161 
Loveland, Jerry 288 
Loveland, Loy 158 
Loveless, Geniel A. 64 
Loveless, James 398 
Lovell, Elwood 122 
Loveridge, Gordon 235 
Lowe, Walter 122 
Lowry, Marlene 161 
Lowry, Rhea Rose 160 
Loy, Leiand 248 
Lubeck, Vauna 161, 229 
Luck, Phyllis 160 
Ludlow, Kenneth R. 64 
Ludlow, Lester 92, 209 
Ludlow, Colleene 160 
Luekenga, Ramon 92 
Luke, Richard 161 
Lund, Darlene 92. 192, 396, 399 
Lund, Harvey 92, 252 
Lund, Rose Elise 64, 192 
Lundell. Donna 64, 49, 211, 265 
Lundell. Wayne 161. 384 
Lunt. Eula 160, 194, 264 
Lunt, Vefa 92 
Luveridge. Gordon 122 
Lybbert. Lorin C. 122. 266 
Lykins, Chester 122 
Lyman. Harold 161 
Lyman. Linda 161 
Lyman, Tom 161, 249. 386, 389 

Lynn. Bob 64. 209 

Lyons. Yvonne 122. 241, 246 

MacCabe, John 163, 218 
MacCabe, Van 122, 218 
MacDonald, Charlotte 122, 272 
MacFarlane, Mac 252 
McKay, Bill 208 
MacKerell, Mary Bernica 122 
MacKenzie, Jay P. 92 
Mackley, Venetta 122 
Madsen, Carolyn 122, 396, 387 
Madsen. Connie 93 
Madsen. Joyce 122. 221. 356 
Madsen. Joyce Gloria 65 
Madsen, Lowell 164 
Madsen, Parley W. 65, 190 
Madsen, Romania 190 
Madsen, Roy 122, 203 
Madsen, Stanley Dee 160 
Madson, Amelia 93. 211. 254 
Madson, Parke 92 
Maeser, Georgia 273 
Magleby, Sally 122, 224 
Magnusson, George 164, 200, 248 
Magleby, Francis 235, 301 
Magleby, Mark H. 213 
Magleby, Marilyn 1(0 
Mahana, Bill 160 
Mahlestein, Don 160 
Main, Mary 164, 408 
Maitland, Spencer 187 
Makharzaden. Mehdi 45 
Maland, Lorraine 122 
Malo, Geraldine 160 
Malmrose, Don 312 
Malstrom. Bertha 160 
Malstrom. Mary 93 
Malstrom, Mildred 122, 276 
Mangum, John 212, 408 
Mann, Elinor 160 
Mann, Rodney L. 65, 231, 274 
Mannmg, Audrey 163, i72 
Manning, Katharine 163 
Manouchehr, Leslie E. 122 
Marble. Delora 163 
Marble. Glen B. 93, 186. 203 
Marble. LeAnn 164. 396 
Merchant, Adele 93, 188 
Merchant, Jennie 160, 244 
Merchant, Helen 163, 244 
Marcil, Cherie T. 160, 216, 245, 

408, 374, 360 
Markham, Beth 65, 204, 251 
Markham, Wayne 122 
Marler, Don 164, 273, 396 
Marriott, Geraldine 93. 272 
Mershall, Beth 272, 282 
Marshall. Betty Lou 65. 180, 204, 

Marshall, Calvin 160, 395 
Marshall, Edward G. 39, 41, 115, 

122, 180. 243, 248, 289 
Marshall, Kuhn 222 
Marshall, Neldon 163 
Marshall, Nelson 122 
Marshall, Paul T. 93 
Martin, Darrel T. 93, 198 
Martin, Gary 93, 209. 399 
Martini. Elizabeth 122, 184, 241, 

264, 354, 389 
Martineau, Mary 65. 238, 334 
Martinez, John 65. 288. 289 
Marx. Leon H. 160 
Marx. Tressie 122 
Masters. Galen 160, 266, 317 
Mason, Patricia 93, 211, 241, 245 

350, 361 
Mathews, Keith 163 
Mathews, Madelyn 233, 238, 408 
Mathews. Sherrill 160 
Matson. Betty Lou 161 
Matson, Charmayne 92. 217 
Matson. Gloria Joyce 272 
Matson, Irene 65, 206 
Maughn, Dora 122 
Maughn, LaVeryle 163, 399 
Maughn, Marlene 273, 163 
Maughan, Mary Ann 122 
Maughan, Scott 93 
Maughan, Shirley 93, 210. 386 
Maurer, Charles 163 
Maxfietd, Janyce 160 
Maxfield, Joyce 160, 396 
May, Ruth Ellen 160, 397 
Mayhew, Martha Leigh 161, 216, 

Mayland, Elizabeth G. 93 
Maynard, Earl Myron 65 
McAdam, Mary 163 
McAffee, Cal k. 65 
McAlister, Barbara 92 
McAllister, Dale 235, 396 
McArthur. Elaine 92 
McArthur, Daryl L. 197 
McArthur, Loa 122, 224 
McArthur, Renae 163 
McBride, Leah 236 
McBride, Mary 163 
McCall, Clifford 92 
McCance, Joan Ellen 122, 211 
McClellan. E. Louis 122 

McClurg, Buryl 123, 234 
McCly, Johnny 226 
McCpnkie, Clayton 92 
McConnell, William 163. 271 
McCarthy. R. M. 163, 270 
McCarrel, Lois 65, 273 
McCulley, Jess 92 
McCullough, Martha 163, 268 
McDeniel, Marie 92 
McDonald, William 123 
McDonald, Emily A. 163 
McDonald, Erma Mae 123 
McDonald, Louisa 163. 194 
McDonald. Lila Mae 123 
McDonald. Ralph 123 
McDougal, R. David 123. 202 
McFarland, Carl R. 65 
McGarry. D. Terry 65, 276 
McGarry, Larry 163, 320 
McGettigan. Mary Lou 284. 378 
McGettigan. G. Robert 162 
McGregor. A. Pardoe 65. 187 
McGregor. Keith J. 163 
McGinnis, Parley A. 163, 200, 268 
McGuire, Bettie, Jane 93, 396 
McGuire, Gene L. 163, 264 
McGurt, Maureen 163, 272. 396 
McGinnis, Andrew 162 
Mclntire, Bernell 123, 200 
Mclntire, Lavell 162 
Mcintosh, Dean 123, 312 
Mcintosh, Don 162 
McKee, Laurence 65, 223 
McKell, Jean M. 65, 223 
McKell, La Non 123 
McKell, Sterling 162 
McKinley, Harry J. 123 
McKinley, Marlene 38, 139, 162 
McKinnon, Dixie 65 
McLae, Edwin 163 
McLaren, Joanne 162 
McLaws, Marjorie 162 
McLellan, E. Louis 396 
McMahan, Robert B. 123 
McMillan. Iris 162, 206 
McMullin. Dorothy 93, 285, 323, 

325, 329 
McMuMin, Douglas 123, 397 
McNiel, Craig 235 
McPherson, Jean 65 
McPhie, Elaine 396 
McPhie, Wally 396 
McOuarrie. Ina Mane 93 
McRae. Keith S. 93, 191, 201, 264 
McWhorter, George 301 
Meason, Carmen 123, 216 
Meacham. Doreen 163, 398 
Mecham, Carl D. 65 
Mecham, Dixie Ann 123, 396, 401 
Mecham, Gladys 204 
Mecham. Marlene 162 
Meiners. Paul A. 123, 274 
Melander, Wayne A. 93. 187 
Meldrum, Luan 162 
Meling, Mari 94 
Mellor, Hilda Lee 162 
Melville, Kathryn 123, 216 
Memmott, Ann 162, 216, 244 
Mendenhall, Janice 162 
Mendenhall, Paul 162. 212 
Mendenhall, Mary 162 
Mendenhall, Shirley 193 
Menlove. Ralph 65 
Mercer, Charles 94, 237 
Mercer, Jedda 163 
Merrill, Donnene 123. 241. 249, 

Merrill. Evan W. 162 
Merrill, Gay 162 
Merrill. Grace 65, 210 
Merrill. Jay 94 

Merrill, June Lee 65, 217, 283. 324 
Merrill, Lae 162 
Merrill, LuAnn 123, 184 
Merrill, Lloyd 162 
Merrill, Nelda 162 
Merrill, Nelda Lynn 162 
Merrill, Owen S. 94, 256 
Mertz, Delia Marie 94, 276 
Merwin. Betty 123, 396 
Meservy, Ardis 94 
Messervy. Hal 162, 266, 386 
Meservy, Keith 94 
Meservy. Norma 94 
Mette. H. Harvey 39, 66, 197, 

397, 388 
Mewren, Ellen 165 
Meyers, Herbert 66 
Meyers. Kenneth B. 162 
Meyer. Richard A. 271 
Meyer, Romon 162 
Meyer, Rudolph K. 94 
Michael, Josephine 269 
Michaelson, Eva Larue 162 
Mickelson, Jay 206 
Mickelson, Russell 38, 41, 94, 206, 

242, 258, 399, 350 
Midgley, Thomas Keith 66, 202 
Miles. Marilyn 66. 210 
Miles, Newell W. 66 
Miles, Oral S. 66 
Millar J. Robert 124 
Millar, Marjorie 47. 253, 394 
Miller, Allen D. 124 

Miller, Beverlee 162, 216, 354. 372 

Miller, David 162 

Miller, George 124, 191, 313 

Miller, Irma 396 

Miller, Katherine 220 

Miller, Marilyn ''U 

Miller, Margaret 162, 187 

Miller, Martin 4!>, 256 

Miller, Michael l62. 230 

Miller. Richard Lynn 39, 155. 223 

349, 271, 406 
Miller, Robert 8. 94, 124, 396 
Miller, Roger 124 
Miller, Troy 231 
Miller, Vernon 124, 201 
Mills, Joyce 66, 214, 323 
Milner, Glen R. 201 
Mims, Harley J. 124, 267 
Miner, Cloyde 41. 235 
Miner, Georgia 94, 217 
Minson, Roland 356, 309 
Milner. Glen Rae 66, 191 
Mitchell, Gerald W. 124 
Mitchell, George 274 
Mitchell, Joanne 124 
Mitchell, Max P. 47 
Mitchell, Nadene 66, 195, 251, 

Mitton, Theresa 66 
Miya Shay 288 
Moesser, Bonnie Jean 94, B9, 211, 

Moffett, Juneia 163 
Moffett, Max W. 124, 201 
Mohlostein Marva 164 
Monahan, Neil D. 94, 247 
Money, Edward A. 164, 248 
Money, Fred A. 164 
Monson, Nadine 398 
Montague, David O. 94 
Montague, Glen 396 
Montgomery. Charles 124 
Montgomery, Doris 164. 273, 399 
Montgomery, Inez 165, 273 
Montgomery, Ralph B. 94, 274 
Montgomery, Sharon 124 
Montierth, Monita 164, 398 
Moody, Dick 38, 94, 95, 230, 318, 

364, 406, 409 
Moody, Elizabeth 94, 207 
Mooney, Marilyn 233, 273 
Moonry, Marilyn 0. 66 
Moore, Glen 252 
Moore, Mary L. 164 
Moore, Leonard 191, 248 
Mordue, Margaret 164 
Morgan, Eleanor 164 
Morgan, Philip 164 
Morgan, Ralph 164, 222 
Morgan, Ray 164, 200 
Morgan, Theodore E. 66 
Morin, Arthur R. 95 
Morley, Diane 164, 284 
Morley, Marilyn 66, 214, 283 
Morley, Rachael 124 
Morley, Stewart A. 66 
Moore, Blaine 164 
Moore, Lenord D. 94, 200 
Moore, Leonard O. 164, 248 
Moore, Keith W. 94 
Morris, Alfred S. 66, 397, 398 
Morris, Joan 124, 189, 398 
Morris, Nadeen 399 
Morris, Ruth 164, 188, 204 
Morrison, Ellen 165 
Morrill, Reed 124, 280 
Mortensen, Ben 124, 180, 396 
Mortensen, Bertha 164, 245, 264 
Mortensen, Creed L. 66 
Mortensen, David 164 
Mortensen. Gwenna Marie 66 
Mortensen, James L. 202 
Mortensen, Lois 66 
Mortensen, Marjorie 95 
Mortensen, E. Harlowe 124 
Mortensen, Shirley C. 124, 224, 

Mortensen, Shirley Ruth 95, 192 
Mortensen, Ralph 124, 196 
Morton, Robert L. 94 
Mortimer, George 164, 248 
Mosley. Benton 124, 235. 264 
Mostcrt. Trudy 164 
Mott. Kenneth 38 
Moulton. Mardene 124. 210. 354. 

372. 396 
Moulton, Floyd C. 66, 209 
Mousley, Clifford D. 66 
Mousley, Genevieve 95 
Mower, Betty, 164, 194 
Mower, Colleen 221 
Mower, Morris L. 124, 274, 243 
Mower, Robert 222 
Moves, Arlene 164, 396 
Moyle, Henry D. 354 
Moyle, Richard W. 124 
Muhlestein, Charles 94. 187 
Muir. Joyce 124 
Mutlett. Marian 95. 220 
Mumford. Theo 95 
Mumford, Verl I. 66. 206 
Munson, John E. 41, 66 
Murdock, Jarald 124 
Murdock, Mary Ann 47, 396 

Murdock, Nancy 164 
Murphey, Don H. 165 
Murphy, Joseph R. 66, IBI 
Murray, Joyce 95 
Myer. Richard 124 
Myers, llene 95, 211 
Myers, Maurine 95, 124 
Myers, Marcus N. 66 
Myers, Violate 164, 211 


Naegle, Farrel 95 

Nakhai, Amir M. 45, 275 

Nalder, Barbara 276 

Nalder, Beverly 124, 225 

Nalder, Nadine 164, 224 

Narramore, Lou 66, 207, 270 

Nash, Nolan 165 

Nash, Robert 124 

Nash, William V. 67, 186 

Nate, Georgia 124 

Naylor, Daniel Ivan 67 

Naylor, Lois 164 

Neal, John C. 125 

Nebeker, Connie 211 

Neeley, Gloria D. 67, 192 

Necley, Joanne 125, 224 

Neeley, Mary Lou 207, 266, 286 

Neilson, Calvin 248 

Neilson, D. Louise 67 

Neilson, Gordon 125, 247 

Neilson, Stanley David 67 

Neimer, Paul 280 

Nelson, Aldo C. 256 

Nelson, Betty 165 

Nelson, Beverly 125 

Nelson, Beverly E. 67 

Nelson, William A. 67 

Nelson, Clyde Wendell 67 

Nelson, Bud 319 

Nelson, Donna 125, 165. 236, 287 

Nelson, Ernest 125 

Nelson, El Roy 164 

Nelson, Ervin 164, 212 

Nelson, Frank B. 67 

Nelson, Franz B. 125 

Nelson, Glade 125 

Nelson, Jack L. 67 

Nelson, Joe 304 

Nelson, Jon A. 125 

Nelson, La Jean 164, 221, 245 

Nelson. Lois Anne 67, 217, 238, 

251, 272 
Nelson, Marvin 125, 190 
Nelson, Max D. 67 
Nelson, Paul 125, 226, 288 
Nelson, Rae 95, 286 
Nelson, Richard 95, 235, 164 
Nelson, Rosemary 125, 194, 264 
Nelson, Ruth 125 
Nelson, Shirley A. 67, 273 
Nelson, Stuart 125, 319 
Nelson, Sue 125. 217. 240. 246. 

399. 387 
Nelson. Tenna 165 
Nelson. Thomas G. 67. 397 
Nelson, Virginia 165 
Nelson, Wayne V. 125 
Nelson, William D. 125 
Neville. Julia 95, 249 
Newell. Emamae 165 
Newell. Harry 264 
Newren. Coy M. 67. 387 
Newren. Darl Y. 67, 387 
Newren, Ellen 396, 398 
Newren, Max A. 67, 201 
Ng. Paul L. 67, 255, 289 
Nibley, Howard 164, 237 
Nicholas, Mary Faye 165 
Nicholas, Margaret 67 
Nichols, Douglas 41, 95, 242, 406 
Nichols, Joyce 95, 165 
Nicholson, Viola 95, 224 
Nicol, John M. 67 
Nield, Nellie M. 67 
Nielsen, Carroll Lee 125, 206, 246 
Nielsen, Clyde R. 187 
Nielsen, Blen 165, 224 
Nielsen, Gail 125, 399 
Nielsen, John Boyd 165. 312 
Nielsen, Lewis 165, 208 
Nielsen, Melva 165 
Nielsen, Warner 165 
Nielsen, Peter L. 126, 396 
Nielson, Barbara Lu 94, 211 
Nielson, Farren 46 
Nielson, Irvin 165 
Nielson, Marcel L. 165, 200, 396 
Nielson, Maroene 67, 183, 188, 288 
Nielson, Nadine 276 
Nielson, O. L. 68 
Nielson, Ray 165 
Nielson, VeLois 96, 185, 396 
Nielson. Vernon C. 68 
Nieminen, Mary Ann 165 
Nieson. Calvin E. 125 
Niles, Richard A. 68 
Nilson, Joyce 165 
Nilsson, Bruce 165. 191 
Nimer, Richard 274, 3(8 
NishiguchI, Kay K. 96, 257 
Nishimura, Estelle 125, 189 
Nixon, Ezra 165 


Nixon. Jack 245 

Nixon. Phyllis E. 96 

Nock. Georgia Jean 165. 273 

Noelte. Lois 68 

Nolan. Grace M. 46 

Norberg. Betty 95 

Norberg, Charles 165 

Norcutt. Ida 126. 236 

North. Elaine E. 126. 2M 

Norton, Harold 316 

Novak, Samuel G. 274 

Nowatny, Corky 216, 266. 358, 373 

Noyes. Carolyn 272 

Nuttall, Jorlene 126. 184 

Nuttall, Nora 126 

Nutter. John 390 

Nye. Eugene S. 68. 396, 397 

O'Brien. Ooroetha 166. 188. 271, 

O'Brien. Donald 165, 186 
O'Brien, Vincent P. 68 
Ockerman. Bonnia 232 
Odell. Clinton E. 186 
Ogden. Betty 96 
Okerland, Maeser D. 68. 250 
Oldham. Mark E. 126. 186 
Oldroyd. Marilyn 96. 232. 285. 

344. 394 
Oliphant, Norman 166 
Oliphant, Clare H. 46 
Oliphant. T. L. 126 
Olive. Lynn 202 
Olive, Willord 166 
Oliverson. Ray 226. 313 
Ollesen. Keith 126 
Olmstead. Clifford F. 68. 180, 

239. 389 
Olpin. Delia Jean 214. 325 
Olpin. Guy 165 
Olpin. Virginia 166 
Olsen. Gordon 270 
Olsen. Jeanne 68, IBS. 396 
Olsen. Ivan P. 126 
Olsen, James P. 126 
Olsen, Lynn 222 
Olsen. Marjorie 166. 244. 348 
Olsen. Ralph 167. 312 
Olsen. Ruth 396 
Olsen, Jane 126 
Olsen. Leugene 126 
Olsen. Mariorie 166. 244 
Olsen, Louise 166 
Olsen, Janice 166 
Olsen. Ernest W. 68. 208 
Omps. James 96 
Ono. Masayo 126. 229 
Ord, Bob. 126, 197 
Orblll. Montle M. 96 
Orme. Evada 96, 189, 398 
Orme. Keith 39. 126. 242. 384 
Orme. Elaine 194, 246 
Oroper, Jacqueline 166 
Orr. Bessie 276 
Orrock. Scott 166 
Orrock. Beverly E. 166 
Orton, Wayne 166 
Orton. Gwen. 126 
Orton. James D. 68. 256 
Osborne. Virgus C. 68 
Ostler. Rosa Mae 68, 283 
Ostler. Mytice 166 
Ostlund, Bert 68. 247. 264 
Ottesen. Keith 202 
Ottesen. Mary 217 
Ottley. Renae 166 
Overlade. Maxlne 68, 285 
Owen. Gordon 126. 226 
Owen, Lester 96 
Owen. Martha 166 
Owps. James 247 
Oxborrow. Robert 166 
Ozment. Arnold D. 126 

Pace. Calvin 68 

Pace. Lorln 39, 96. 289 

Pace. Raymond Elwood 96 

Pace. Shirle 146 

Pace. Ken 213 

Pack, Carroll 144 

Packard, Von 166, 274 

Packard. Roger B. 126. 383 

Packard. Ronald 124 

Padekln. Emmaline 48. 188. 283. 

284, 408 
Packer, Margaret 126, 240, 185 
Page, Don 397 
Page, LeRoy 146 
Page, Reed H. 94, 234 
Palmer, Norma 124, 192, 276 
Palmer, Jonathan H. 167 
Palmer, Spencer 200 
Papworth, Spencer 213 
Parsell. Bob 266 
Park. Boyd L. 96 
Parker, Marlene 164, 204 
Parker. Edmund 144 
Parker. Colleen 164. 244 
Parker. Janice 166 
Parker, Phyllis E. 96, 233, 285 
Parker, Melba 96 

Parker, Shirley 126, 207 

Parker, MyrI Jean 126, 207 

Parker, Max H. 126, 187 

Parker, Fay S. 126 

Parker, Delma 126 

Park, Clarence 166 

Parkinson, Donna Marie 166 

Parkinson, Ray 124 

Parkinson, Diane 124 

Parry, Geniel 394 

Parry, Jack H. 146, 190, 248 

Parry, Nola M. 47, 190, 397, 398 

Partridge, Corine 96, 275 

Passey, Afton 167 

Paterson, Joycelynn 245 

Patten, William C. 68 

Patten, Glen 166 

Patton, Lyie D. 68, 247, 267 

Patterson, Arthur 126 

Patterson, Lloyd 166 

Paulsen, Mabel 96, 192 

Paulsen, Ray 96 

Paulson, John 224, 274 

Paulson, Walter 48 

Paulson, Mary Deane 166 

Paxman, Delia 164, 94 

Paxman, Gary 164, 345 

Payne, Mariorie 124, 266 

Pearce, Howard 247 

Pearce, Robert Hale 48, 249 

Pearson, Dean 166 

Pearson, Joan 164, 244 

Peay, Dorace 68 

Peay, Wayne 166 

Peck, Robert S. 69 

Pecollo, Rosita 127 

Peele, Sue 166, 267 

Penlleld, Robert 96 

Penrod, William James 242 

Perkins, Erilne 167 

Perkins, Evelyn M. 147 

Perry, Beth 234 

Perry, Yolanda 224, 275 

Perschon, June 193 

Peters, Gay 127, 224 

Peterson, Alma 147, 200 

Peterson, Almon 147, 190 

Peterson, Barbara 127 

Peterson, Betty Jo 127, 194 

Peterson, Bruce E. 127, 196 

Peterson, Charles S. 20, 167, 244 

Peterson, Clifford J. 69, 230, 276 

Peterson, Dale 212 

Peterson, David 167, 264 

Peterson, Dean A. 269 

Peterson, DonI H. 38, 74, 97, 219 

349, 341 
Peterson, Elaine 96 
Peterson, Esther 97, 204 
Peterson, Frank 223 
Peterson, Evan T. 127. 198 
Peterson, Glenn C. 38, 139, 147 
Peterson, Harold C. 167 
Peterson, Howard 167 
Peterson, Jack 167, 317 
Peterson, James 167 
Peterson, Janice 127, 241, 244 
Peterson, Jo Ann 127, 236, 408 
Peterson, Joycelynn 167 
Peterson, Kay R. 167, 276 
Peterson, Llllle Belle 167 
Peterson, Lois 167 
Peterson, Lloyd L. 197 
Peterson, Marvin 49, 230, 320 
Peterson, Neola 127. 194. 272 
Peterson. Parley R. 97. 254 
Peterson. Pat 127. 233 
Peterson. Ruth 396 
Pett, Lynn W. 75 
Pettijohn. Marha 69 
Pettlt, Dorothy 167. 394 
Petty. Vera Jean 147. 193 
Phelps, Richard 127. 187. 313 
Phillips. Douglas 105. 109. 127. 

248. 408. 38 
Phillips, Rosemary 74, 97, 232. 

241. 251. 272, 361 
Phillips. Geraldine 167 
Phlppen. Narlene 167 
Plana. Gabriel Delia 282 
Pierce, Isaac D. 69 
Pincock. Lona Mae 127 
Plnegar. Lynn 167. 200 
Pinegar, Glen Jolley 97 
Pinegar. James 256 
Pinnock, William G. 97 
Plngree. Laurel 146 
Pitcher. Carol Lee 24, 97, 233. 241 
Piatt. D. Kay 147, 197 
Platts. Robert 147 
Plumb, Theodore 203 
Pocock. Velma 168 
Poe, Jack 168 
Pollock, Jim 167 
Poodry, Bradley 299, 301 
Pope. Richard 127 
Porter, Aldln 168, 273 
Porter Carroll 127, 184 
Porter, Maurice K. 168 
Porter. Delia Mae 210 
Porter. Lewis 167 
Porter. Marguerite 193 
Porter. E. Ross 69 
Potter, Joyce 127. 211. 266 

Poulsen. Lorna 97 

Poulson. Brooks 200 

Poulson, Elaine 68 

Pounds. Milton A. 168 

Powell, Harold J. 200 

Pratt. Mary 127 

Preece. Barbara 168 

Preece. Bob 229 

Preece. Val Larie 69. 229 

Price. Duane C. 127. 243. 265 

Price, Gordon 235 

Price. Harold 97. 199 

Price. Jo Ann 168. 216 

Price, Lu Ann 127 

Price. Kendall 127. 227 

Price. Marian LuDean 69 

Prince. Colleen 127 

Prior, La Deane 127. 207 

Prish. Claudia 149. 206 

Pritchett. Constance 169 

Prosser. Herbert 276 

Pruln, Ruthle 69. 217 

Prusse. Ralph E. 127. 212 

Puckett. George C. 69. 234. 397 

Puffer. Byron 168 
Pulos. LeRoy 127 
Pulsipher, Marilyn 168. 220 
Pulsipher. June 148 
Purdy, Ruth 69. 241, 251. 347 
Purnell. Allen 69. 230. 385 
Pursell. Robert 97 
Purrlngton, Dick 273 
Putnam, Howard H. 168, 394 

Quinn, Pat 94, 221, 361 

Radichel, Fred 97, 239, 271, 388 
Ralsor, Ralph Calvin 127 
Randall, Wanda Mae 96, 184 
Ransom, Luena 168 
Raphiel, Rata 97, 267 
Rasband, J. Verl 97 
Rasband, Mark E. 97 
Rasmussen, DeVaun 69 
Rasmussen, Ctoyd O. 49 
Rasmussen, Ellis T. 47 
Rasmussen, Fern 168, 204 
Rasmusson, Roland 249 
Raty, Leslie S. 69, 274, 288, 385 
Raty, Laine 385, 390 
Rawie, Joylene 236 
Ray, Guy 128, 264 
RawIe, Renee 229 
Rawlings, LaMar 318 
Rawson, Coleen 128, 194, 264 
Ray, Nedra Jean 97, 274, 399 
Ray, Maxlne 168, 234 
Raye, Thomas F. 128, 274, 397, 

399, 405 
Raynard, Eunice 168 
Read, Wm. Earl, Jr. 69, 199, 

396, 400 
Ream, Leanore L. 97 
Ream, Susan 168 
Reber, Josephine 398 
Reber, Spencer J. 49, 250, 249 
Redd, Alene 97 
Redd, Enid 148 
Redd, Jacqueline 97, 221 
Redd, Lloyd 128, 201 
Redd, Mary T. 98 
Redford, Bronwyn 69. 210 
Reed. Frances 148. 268 
Reed, Ronald E. 128 
Rees, Betty Lou 168 
Rees, Ray 47, 254 
Rees, Roma Dee 168 
Reese, Clifton 98 
Reeve, Ruth 98, 216 
Reid, Bettie 69 
Reid, Gwen 128, 236 
Reimschiissel, Helen 98 
Reinsch, Barbara 40, 98, 210, 361 
Reinsch, Cecil 168 ' 
Remington, Joan 169 
Remund, Janet 128, 272 
Rancher, Ben Jay 69 
Rancher. Frank L. 148, 244 
Rennle, Isobel 21, 128, 354 
Rex, Donna 228 
Reynolds, Allen Clair 148 
Reynolds, Rata 148 
Rhodes, Howard S. 49 
Rhodes. Jim 128. 213 
Rice. Millard 168, 191. 276 
Rich. Ruth. 168, 216. 245 
Rich, Owen 256, 258 
RIchan, Frederick 128 
Richards, James 168 
Richards, John M. 128, 198, 276 
Richards, Lynn 181 
Richards, Preston, 128, 197 
Richards, Sheila 148 
Richardson, Owen 148 
Richardson, Waldo 199 
Richardson, Wilbur R. 69, 394 
Rlchey, Dale 128, 242 
Richey, Joe L. 157, 312 
Richins, Helen 128, 228 

RIchlns, James Alden 148 

Richins, Robert H. 128, 385 

Richmond, Dale 69 

Ricks, Clyde 128 

Ricks, Dick 249, 318 

Ricks, Norman E. 46. 255 

Riddle, Bruce 397, 404, 398 

Riddle, Kent 397, 404 

Riding, Earl 168 

Rigby, E. Bertrand 128, 274 

Rigby, Fava 128 

Rigby, Robert G. 128, 201, 275 

RIggs, Colleen 98, 400 

Rindlishbach, Aloha 128 

Rlrie, Barbara 128, 204 

Rlrle, Geraldine 98 

Rlrie. Loretta 169. 270 

Rlrie. Morgan 124 

Roach. Dee 128. 230. 249. 389 

Robb, Geraldine 168 

Robbins. John M. 70 

Roberts. Connell B. 70. 201 

Roberts. Dan Elmer 70. 396 

Roberts. Don 169 

Roberts, lone 128, 228 

Roberts, Lorraine 168 

Roberts, Margie 168 

Roberts, Neal 70 

Roberts, Patricia Ann 128, 214 

Roberts, Shirley 128, 233, 241 

Robertson, Kathlyn 220 

Robertson, Sheronne 98, 217, 251 

272, 408 
Robins, Darlene 169 
Robins, David L. 128 
Robinson, Artell 98 
Robinson, Betsy 169 
Robinson E. Doyle 169, 200 
Robinson, Helen Rae 169, 396 
Robinson, Harriet 40, 188, 408 
Robinson, Joyce 169 
Robison, Barbara 128, 225 
Robison, La Rue 40, 233, 285, 387 
Robison, Rosalie 70 
Robison. Rulon D. 128, 186. 288. 169 
Robison. Shirley 128. 396 
Rock, Russell Dale 70 
Rodeback, Clyde E. 70, 237 
Rogers, Don Lee 169, 248, 396 
Rogers, John D. 70 
Rogers, Marllou 128, 194, 249, 387 
Rogers, Susan 149 
Rollins, Glenys 149, 270, 397 
Rollins, Phil 149, 270 
Rollins, Robert Hatch 70 
Rollins, Vernal K. 169 
Romney, Barbara 128, 184, 216, 

Romney, Evan M. 70, 180, 239. 248 
Romney. Janet 129. 217. 272. 404, 

Romney, Jerry 98, 309, 348 
Romney, Lowell 399 
Romney, Maxel S. 129 
Romney, Melvln 149, 201 
Romney, Pat 129, 272 
Romney, Ruth 190 
Romney, William F. 70, 182, 190, 

Roper, Vard A. 169 
Roper, Velda 129, 246 
Rose, Luclle 47 
Rose, Ruth Leone 129, 217, 249, 

Roselli, Remo 191 
Rosenbaum, Faye 98, 229, 272 
Rosenbaun, Var 203 
Rosenlof, Willis 70 
Rosenlund Robert 169 
Roskelly, Barbara 149 
Ross. Joyce 129 
Roston. Connie 128 
Roundy. Darrell 70 
Roundy. Gwen Jacob 70 
Roundy. Elmo 301 
Roundy. Kilmer 12? 
Roundy. Marilyn 129, 275, 396 
Roundy. Paul S. 70 
Rowan. Irene 141, 169, 233, 245, 

Rowe. Lucille. 169, 225, 396 
Rowe. Paul P. 70 
Rowley. Doyle B. 75 
Rowley, Grant 70. 190 
Rowley. Juanita Rose 98. 185 
Rowley, Lovena 170 
Rowley. Richard 129. 222 
Rowley. Robert D. 169. 199. 394 
Rowley, Thomas Leonard 98 
Roydon, Rice 129 
Roylance, Keith 129 
Roylance, Paul 219 
Rugg, Lowell 161 
Rupp, Glen 169, 312 
Ruppe, Janet 98, 192, 265 
Rush, Darlene 149, 266 
Rushton, Connie 215 
Russell, Evelyn 170, 275, 396 
Russell, Gene 129, 228 
Russell, Jane 129, 396 
Russell, June 181 
Russell, Lorraine 38, 70, 238, 408, 

Russell, Norman 169, 208 
Russell, Pat 98, 214, 279 
Russell, Virginia 98, 216 
Russell, Warren M. 129, 243, 248 
Rust, Marleah 169 
Rust, Warren DeMarr 199, 396 
Rutter, Clarice 98, 229, 267 
Ryan, Adrian 223 
Ryan, Dorothy 169 
Rytting, Lorry E. 129, 199, 397, 

Sabin, Marie 129, 194 
Sacketti Orvella 129 
Sadler, Arthur B. 129, 203 
Sakamoto, Nancy 70 
Saklestewa, Victor 70, 237, 317 
Salazar, Sam 404 
Salisbury, Paul 170, 223 
Salyer. Joline 170 
Sampson, Floyd G. 252 
Sandberg, Karl 129, 399. 386 
Sandberg, Kathryn 287 
Sander, Hy 396 
Sanders, Deon 170, 191 
Sanders, Joseph L. 70, 282 
Sanders, Shirley 214 
Sandstrom, Robert A. 98 
Sandstrom, Annette 188 
Santord, Carl 129 
Sant, Roger 170, 213 
Sattertield, LaVon 226, 309 
Sauer, Audra Jane 129, 240, 246 
Schaefer, Don 129. 242, 274, 288, 

Schaffer, Helen 98 
Schardine, Louis 129 
Schenk, Viola 170, 266, 406 
Scherer, Paul 223 
Schiess, Ronald 170 
Schlndler, Stan 99, 208 
Schlppen, Twila 98, 324 
Schipper, Eileen 130, 233, 241, 

244, 354 
Schipper, Lillian 39, 98, 183, 

232, 241, 361 
Schipper, Ruth 40, 99, 232, 360 
Schipper. Vivian 37, 55, 70, 233. 

238, 406, 344 
Schmidt, Phillipp 130, 196, 274 
Schmidt, Rose Marie 170, 188 
Schoenfeld, Edward L. 98 
Schoffield, Carol 99, 233 
Schroder, Richard 170 
Schueman, Quincy 213, 356 
Schulthess, David 39, 70, 388 
Schultz, Ronald W. 170, 187, 288 
Schurti, Hal R. 71 
Schwalbe, A. Wayne 99, 247, 248, 

Schwendiman, Gary 170, 273, 

274, 394 
Scoresby, Leah 129, 184 
Scott, Belva 170, 396 
Scott, Bennlon 269 
Scott, Marjorie 171, 276 
Scott, Odell E. 44, 255 
Scott, Wanda 99, 254 
Scott, Wlllard E. 274, 399 
Scousen, Melba J. 71 
Scovil, Lois 170, 244 
Scoville, Beatrice 170, 396 
Scoville Jesse K. 99 
Scoville, Keith F. 99. 218 
Scow, Richard Dick 99 
Seabury, Zaiia 264 
Seal, Jone 130, 258, 373 
Searle, Robert Paul 248, 396 
Sears. Elizabeth 119. 130, 220, 241. 

Sears, Roger R. 99, 231, 239 
Seastrand, Gareth 70 
Seibold. Jeannette 71, 204 
Seller, Lois 171, 270 
Sells, Paul W. 170 
Serrine. Keith 264 
Sessions, Rosanne 47, 217 
Sevey. Alene 181 
Sevy. Arthur C. 47, 254 
Sevy. George L. 71, 181 
Sewell, Max 227 
Shank. Jon Beck 99. 284. 378, 

Sharmand, Amir Nasser 71 
Sharp. Louise 170, 233 
Sharp, Ralph 170 
Shaw. Robert 170 
Shawcroft. Joseph 71 
Sheffer. Bart 99 
Sheffer. Eldeane 171 
Shelley, Arlo F. 98 
Shelley, Blade 130 
Shelley, Heber Jay 44 
Shelley, H. Merlin 130 
Shepherd, Bob 170 
Sherratt, Reveau 99 
Sherwood, Stephen E. 130, 265 
Shields, Romulus Doyle 99 
Shields, Russ 170 
Shipp, Darlene 130 


Shippen, Vera 170 
Shirota, Hirosh! 170 
Short, Vernon J, 71 
Show, Robert K. 199 
Shreeve, Lyman Sidney 46 
Shuldberg, Sara Lou 130 
Shuler, Hal 71 ' 
Shumway, Dale 170 
Shumway. Ernest Widstoe. 130, 

235, 354 
Shunnway, Gene 130, 213 
Shurtleff, Leonard 130, 243 
Shurtleff, Jeanino 170, 245, 270 
Shurtliff, Dorothy 170 
Shurtliff, Edward 170, 199 
Shurtz, Mai 181 
Sihdahl, Willie 130, 396 
Sigman, Marcus 130 
Sill, Jannes Orin 130 
Simmons, Boyd K. 71 
Simmons, Joy 71, 214, 273 
Simmons, Leland 170, 213, 399 
Simmons, Ralph M, 130, "270 
Simmons, Twila Rae 170, 265 
Simpson, Clarice 170 
Simpson, Reve 99, 280 
Sipherd, Robert 235 
Sirrine, G. Keith 130, 199 
Skeen, Lamar W. 130 
Skousen, Don B. 46, 383 
Skousen, James N. 317 
Skousen, Orval 129, 390, 396 
Slack, Jean 71, 195, 399 
Slack, Lawrence R. 255 
Slight. Molly Joyce 130, 276 
Smellie, Bonnie Lee 130, 184, 273 
Smiley, Bill 397, 405 
Smith, B. Maurice 71, 274 
Smith, Barbara 130, 240, 246, 

Smith, Beth J. 99, 232, 241 
Smith, Beverly 99, 229 
Smith, Blaine 282 
Smith, Chas A. 99 
Smith, Cherie 130, 229 
Smith, Delma 274 
Smith, Enid Lee 170 
Smith, Blenn S. 99 
Smith, Grant M. 71 
Smith, Howard J. 7 
Smith, Imogene 130 
Smith, Inga 396 
Smith, Jay Hamilton 99, 199, 380 
Smith, Jerrie 130, 220 
Smith, John W. 99 
SmITh, Karma 170, 276 
Smith, Kumen 408, 266 
Smith, Lee 280 
Smith, Lyneer C. 99, 396 
Smith, LeRoy S. 99 
Smith, Margaret 99 
Smith, Margaret 130 
Smith, Mearle B. 130, 243 
Smith, Melvin 170, 187 
Smith, Phyllis 130, 240, 246 
Smith, Virgil B. 71, 202, 283 
Smith, Wilbert Kay 131 
Smith, William 317 
Smithson, Anna Vee 170 
Smurthwaite, Douglas 170, 399 
Sneddon, Boyd 171, 230 
Sneldson, Ralph 17! 
Snell, Gloria 71, 229, 273 
Snell, Roy 270 
Snokel, Friti 274 
Snow, G. Gardner 71 
Snow, Karl 171, 234, 396 
Snow, Lorenzi H. 71, 199, 283 
Snow, Sharlene 71, 269, 396 
Snyder, lona 171, 265 
Snyth, Helen 170 
Soderquist, Alma Gene 171 
Soderquist, Lorna 265 
Solomon, Geraldine 131, 210, 347 
Solomon, James D. 131, 226, 197 
Sorensen, Dale A. 131, 287 
Sorensen, George Wm. 41, 72, 

231. 320, 407, 409 
Sorensen, Jerelyn 100 211, 384 
Sorensen, Keith H. 71 
Sorensen, Lois 71 
Sorensen, Merlin R. 71, 186 
Sorensen, William 171 
Sorenson, Alene 100 
Sorenson, Colleen 100, 195 
Sorenson, Deona 171, 188 
Sorenson, Roger 171, 398 
Sorenson, Shirley 131, 206 
Sparkman. Melvin 276 
Sparks, Venna 131 
Spears, Jane 171 
Speed, Catherine 282 
Speedy. Afton Leone 190, 214 
Speedy, Tommy 171, 273 
Speirman, Susannah 171 
Spencer, Betty Sue 131 
Spencer, Bryce 72, 253, 286, 346 
Spencer, Donald 171, 199 
Spencer, Maitland 131 
Spencer, Phillip 171. 397. 399 
Spencer, Robert 171, 200. 399 

Spendlove, J. Clifton J57 
Spendlove, Rex S. 100, 257 
Sperry, Dick 100 
Sperry, Phyllis 131, 185 
Spratfing, Gwenavere tX, 257 
Spratling, Maurine 100 
Spratling, Roylance 131, 217, 246, 

240 408, 387 
Spilker, Mariana 398 
Springthorpe, Arvin 72, 396 
Sprouse, Betty Jo 100, 206, 327, 

Squire, Helen Fay 131, 396 
Stahali, H. Kent 100, 223, 274, 

Staheli, William 100 
Stander, Genine 131, 273 
Stanfield, Majel 131, 217 
Stanford, Paul 171, 276 
Stanford, Stephen 72, 198 
Stapley, Donna Rae 171 
Stapp, Nanette 217 
Stark, Earl 171, 191, 398 
Starley, J. Ross 213 
Starling, Myrtle 171, 204, 289 
Stauffer, David M. 171 
Stayner, Jenny 171 
Steadman, Donna 215 
Steadman, Marian 171, 194 
Steed, Eloise 100, 195 
Steed, Herman C. 131, 203 
Steedman, Muriel 232 
Steele, Patsy Sherline 171 
Steele, Paul 47 
Steele, Paul 131 
Steffensen, Walt 317 
Steinacker, Karl 131, 186 
Stenquist, Neal W. 247 
Stephens, Kenneth D. 46 
Stephens, Mac 171 
Stephenson, Carol 171 
Stephenson, Loran D. 131, 296 
Stephenson, Vinson D. 72 
Stevens, Alice 172 
Stevens, Bruce 100, 218, 408 
Stevens, Carolyn 172, 221, 398 
Stevens, Henry 131, 213 
Stevens, LaRue 172 
Stevensen, Douglas 196 
STevenson, Robert 222 
Stevenson, Shirlene 131, 211 
Stevenson, Sidney 172 
Stewart, Don G. 131 
Stewart, Durian H. 72, 230, 258 
Stewart, Ethel Louise 72 
Stewart, Jose E. 251 
Stewart, Marvin H. 72, 223 
Stewart, Movie 46, 230, 250 
Stiburek, Barbara 172 
Stimpson, Gloria 40, 100, 241, 284 
Stock, Jean 131, 194, 273 
Stockman, Donald C. 100, 399 
Stocks, Florence 173 
Stockwell, Bob 172 
Stoddard, Fern 100, 376 
Stolworthy, Reed 130, 226, 301 
Stone, Donald 131 
Stone, Douglas 407 
Stone, Fred 172 
Stone, Ira 172 
Stone, Jane E. 100 
Stone, Pete 317 
Storey, Arlene 100 
Storrs, Dee Leon 100 
Stott, Dick 405 
Stott, Douglas W. 199 
Scott, Karl J. 72 
Scott, Shareal 172 
ScoH, Sterling 131, 405 
Stout, Nathan 172 
Stowell, Ella Lou 172 
Stowell, LeRov 131 
Stradling, Katharine 172 
Stratford, Lee 172, 196, 209, 389 
Stratton, Verna A. 132 
Stringham, Briant 235 
Stringham, Joanne 172, 221, 244 
Stringham, Mary Dean lOO 
Stromberg, Mavis 131, 194 
Strong, Jack D. 101, 201, 275 
Strong, Wendell 172 
Stronies, Dean 176 
Stuart, Irma Jane 172 
Stuart, Janet 274 
Stubbs, Clifton D. 172, 200 
Stubbs, James E. 72, 231, 239, 350 
Stubbs, Verda 398 
Stuckey, Dwight 173 
Stucki Caroline 255 
Suderquist Gene 198 
Sullivan, Bill 38,72, 397, 398, 404 
Sullivan, Norman 399 
Sumison, Norma 132, 228 
Sumison, Richard 172 
Summer, Lou Jean 172 
Summerheys, Sally 172, 216, 245, 

Sumter, Doremis 172, 232, 244, 

397, 399 
Sundberg. Kathlyn 101 

Sutiderland, Doris 172 

Sundquist, Edwin 72 

Sutherland, John 132, 187 

Sutherland, Melba 100, 204 

Swaasa, Ray 288 

Swallow, Doyle 72 

Swan, Helen 172 

Swann, Glenda 172 

Swann, Seth W. 101, 191, 273, 

Swanson, James W. 132 
Swanson, John W. 172 
Swapp, Lola Dawn 173 
Sweet, Richard 172 
Sweeten, Owen 172 
Swenson, Bob 319 
Swenson, Cleve H. 72, 213 
Swenson, Clyde A. 72, 213 
Swenson, Ivan C. 132, 248 
Swenson, John 223, 313 
Swenson, Rosalie 172 
Swenson, Ross C. 72, 273 
Syme, Nadine 172 
Syphus, David 132 

Taffur, Amaha 275 
Takasaki, Andrew 172 
Takasaki, Fred 172 
Takemoto, Nancy 246 
Talmage, Burton 172 
Tanner, Carmela 132, 233, 387 
Tanner, Donna 101, 211, 356 
Tanner, Jan 192, 396 
Tanner, John W. 172, 199 
Tanner, Paula 132, 194 
Tanner, Wayne 172 
Tannyhill Richard 173 
Taua, Irene 173 
Taylor, Betty 132 
Taylor, Con L. 132, 234, 272 
Taylor, Dale 132, 182, 190, 203, 

Taylor, Dee R. 172 
Taylor, Del Roy 173. 267 
Taylor, Freeman 132 
Taylor, Garna 132, 207 
Taylor, Glen Preston 72, 242 
Taylor, Gordon 132 
Taylor, Gordon B. 132 
Taylor, Gordon S. 132 
Taylor, Henry 173, 213 
Taylor, James 132, 222 
Taylor, Janice 173, 232 
Taylor, Joseph L. 197 
Taylor, Kathleen 38, 51, 72, 217, 

238, 276 
Taylor, Kent G. 72 
Taylor, Leila 173, 194 
Taylor, LeRoy C. 132, 276 
Taylor, Lome 173 
Taylor, Lorin B. 72, 196 
Taylor, Lowell 173, 312 
Taylor, Marilyn l73 
Taylor, Nancy 72, 232, 323, 326 
Taylor, Phil 173, 213 
Taylor, Ralphena 173, 184 
Taylor, Renee 132 
Taylor, Russell C. 101, 235, 358 
Taylor, Ruth 173 
Taylor, Sherma 173 
Taylor, Verl 173, 396 
Tea, Roy 132 
Teeples, Eileen 173, 249 
Telford, Maxine 173, 225 
Terry, Andrew 132 
Terry, Birdene 108, 221 
Terry, Dawn 147, 173, 210, 244, 

397, 398, 387 
Terry. Golden 396 
Terry, Jolene C. 72, 210, 393 
Terry, Naomie 232, 244, 279, 396 
Terry, Orlyn 213 
Teslich, Mildred 72, 228 
Teuscher, Norine 173, 193, 280 
Tew, Inez 173, 396 
Tew, Thirl 208 
Theobald, Inez 72 
Theriault, Patricia 175 
Thiel Ted 72, 301 
Thacker, Harry Fred 173, 248 
Thacker, Helen 173 
Thacker, Vern C. 132, 199, 390 
Thackeray, Ranee 173 
Thane, Richard G. 173 
Thayer, Robert E. 173 
Thomander Donna 73, 232, 238, 

Thomander, LaVonne 132. 233, 

241, 246, 271 
Thomas, Agnes 174 
Thomas, Byron 202 
Thomas, Charles E. 132, 196 
Thomas, Dayle 132, 237 
Thomas, Gerald W. 73 
Thomas, Grant 173 
Thomas, Gwyn S. 59 
Thomas, Helen 174 
Thomas, Irene 132, 188, 2tS 

Thomas. Josephine 174 
Thomas. Kathleen 101. 215 
Thomas. UVieve 132. 236 
Thomas. Opal Jean 132 
Thomas. Patricia 174. 225. 244 
Thomas. Ronald 174 
Thomas. William J. 73. 397. 399 
Thompson, Barbara 174 
Thompson, Barry 234 
Thompson, Carolyn 101, 210, 274, 

396, 409 
Thompson, Dahrl 133, 194, 396 
Thompso'rt, Delene 174 
Thompson, Elaine 174 
Thompson, George Hunt 132 
Thompson, Glen 174, 230 
Thompson, 1. Barry IM 
Thompson, John Harmon 132 
Thompson, Marjorie 132, 203, 

275, 393 
Thompson, Marilyn 133, 184, 

224, 396 
Thompson, Robert 174 
Thompson, Verna 174 
Thomson, Jay Paul 73 
Thorne, Ivan J. 133 
Thome, James 174, 312 
Thorne, Jerrotd lOl 
Thornley, Doraleen 266, 399 
Thornley, Doraiean 133 
Thornton, Geniel 40, 101, 214, 

240, 325, 329 
Thorpe, Marilyn 174, 210 
Thorson, Alvin 175 

Thorton, Alzina Mae 101, 193, 

241, 251 
Thrasher, C. Blake 101 
Thueson, Duane H. 73 
Thueson, Elwood Gail 73 
Thueson, I la 174 
Thurman, Willis 73 
Tidwell, Barbara 174 
Tidwell, Eugene 73, 190. 254 
Tidwell. Ivan E. 101. 180 
Tidwell. Leah Call 133. 190. 287 
Tidwell, Marilyn 174, 203 
TIngey, Darlene 133 
Tippets, John M. 270 

Tittle, Betty 174 

Tobler, Kenneth R. 73, 269, 273 

Tobler, Sharlene 174 

Todd, Anita 133, 399 

Toland, Pamele 174 

Tolbert, Max 226, 301 

Tolbert. Wilbur 174, 227 

Tolman, LaDawn 175, 195, 273, 

Tolman, Reed 73 
Tooke, Richard Lee 133, 226, 301 
Tooke, Williem 226 
Toone, Byron 226, 309, 317 
Toone, Marjorie 188 
Topha, William E. 101 
Torres, Edgardo E. 133 
Toverldge, Gary 222 
Tracey, Clinton 133, 279 
Tracy, Henry Clair 46 
Tregaskis, Don 243 
Trimble, Harry 235 
Treu, Shirley 174, 245, 274, 358, 

373, 348 
Tsalaky, Eva 133 
Tsalagy, George 133, 227, 407 
Tsalagy, T. John 226, 257 
Tucker, Charles 174 
Tucker, Don C. 235 
Tucker, John W. 101, 244, 356, 360 
Tucker, Karl L. 133 
Tucker, Lois 133, 184, 246 
Tucker, Owen 213 
Tucker, Roma Jean 174 
Tueller, Vern M. 73, 235, 318, 404 
Tuffuri, Amelia 132 
Tuft, Joan 174, 216 
Tully, Joseph G. Jr. 47, 252, 257 
Turano, Euridice 101, 189 
Turley, Ann 133, 216 
Turley, Ella Mae 133 
Turley, Marilyn 174, 279 
Turnbow, Dix 270 
Turner, Bonnie Jean 174 
Turner, C. Elmo 101, 196 
Turner, Doneld E. 100, 209 
Turner, Frank P. 47, 208, 250 
Turner, James 133, 222, 396 
Turner, Nerval 174, 197 
Turner, Paul 175 
Tuttle, Allen H. 101, 219 
Tuttle, Gene 213 
Tuttle, Joan 220 
Tuttle, Kathryn 174 
Tuttle, Phyllis 251 
Tweed, Charlotte 101 
Twitchell, Jerry 174 
Twitchell, LaMer 133, 187, 274, 

394, 399 
Tyler, Delores 101, 254 
Tyau, Elmer 174 
Tyndall, Roland E. 73 


Uchida, Alice 133, 299 
Udall, Lee 101, 214, 244 
Unger, Pat 102, 81, 233, 370 
Urie, Shirley Ann 244 
Ursenbali, Carmen 274 
Ursenbach, Carmen 73, 396 

Vance, Korma 204 
Vanderburg, Lenore 174, 221, 244 
Vanderhyde, Grace 133, 184, 385 
Vane, Donna Jean 133 
Van Fleet, Howard 174 
Van Order, LaJean 101, 194 
Van Uitert, Margaret 174 
Van Wegenen, Richard F. 73 
Van Wagoner, Amelia 134 
Aaz, Alfredo Lima 191 
Veile, Lois 228, 274 
Vest, Floyd 174 
VIeira, Ernmanell 174 
Vincent, Ronald G. 101, 201 
Vincent, Roy 175 
Voigt, Clifford C. 101, 398 
Voorhees, Don C. 101 
Voorhees, Douglas 133 
Vor^aller, Darrel 175, 396 


Wachsmuth, Jean 175 
Waddoups, Lois Mignon 102, 214 
Waddoups, Mary Nell 134, 211 
Waddoups, Wilma 273 
Wadley, Jo Anne 133 
Wadley, Marcia 175 
Wadsworth, Don 133 
Wager, Kathryn 102 
Wager, Merlin 175 
Wagner, Dorothy J. 175, 398 
Wagoner, Van 73 
Wagstaff, Glenna 214 
Wagstaft, Glen P. 175 
Wagstaff, Kate 193 
Wahlen, Gwen 407 
Waite, JoLean B. 73 
Waite, John 73, 273, 201 
Waite, Merwin L. 134 
Waite, William 134 
Waite, Ellen 174 
Wakefield, Jeanie 175 
Welch, Bernice K. 73 
Welch, Oscar W. 73 
Waldron, Burke V. 134 
Walker, Doris 175 
Walker, Gerald 134 
Walker, Glade D. 134, 208 
Walker, Keith R. 73, 198 
Walker, Ruth 175, 270 
Walker, William L. 102, 252 
Wall, Andrew J. 275 
Wallis, Glorie 134, 221, 381, 389 
Walser, Helen 134, 272, 394 
Walsh, Maralyn 134, 398 
Walston, Milton L. 175 
Walton, Edwin H. 73, 223 
Walton, Jimmy 247 
Ward, Dennis 274 
Ward. Dermis 175 
Ward, Garine 73 
Ward, Wayne R. 102, 203 
Wardle, Alvero 230 
Wardle. Alvin 279 
Wardle. Jack L. 73 
Wardle. Verne 102 
Wering. Gordon 74. 270 
Warner. Marcia Rose 102. 194 
Warner. Robert O. 74. 213. 250 
Warner, Shayrrl 134, 195 
Warner, Shirley Wilene 134, 236 
Warner, Paul Wilson 134 
Warner, John D. 134, 198 
Warnick, Boyd 244 
Warnick, Loyd 266 
Warnick, Pete 175 
Warnock, Arda Jean 102 
Warnock, Irva Leora 175 
Warr, Carol 175, 193 
Warren, Edwin 102 
Wasden, Archie 175, 274 
Wasden, Blaine J. 44 
Washburn, Al Dean 102 
Washburn, Clara B. 74 
Washburn, Phillip 134 
Washburn, Val Gene 175 
Washburn, Wasel 74 
Wetanabe, Tsugio 74, 257 
Waterhouse, James Howard 44, 

Watkins, Alene J. 134, 244, 272 
Wetkins, Jeenene 102 
Watkins, Janae 134 
Watkins, Kenneth S. 134 
Wetkins, Nine 175 
Wetson, Donne 134, 273 
Watson, Lowell S. 134, 196 
Watts, Alice L. 47, 204 
Watts, Ardean W. 134, 203, 396, 



Watts, Gordie 134 
Wayman. Reid 102, 223 
Weaver, Carlene 102, 217 
Weaver, Don A. Jr. 247 
Weaver, D. L. Wright 74, 273, 

276, 396 
Weaver. LaRue H. 102, 273, 276, 

Weaver, Gary H. 102, 398 
Webb, Julia 134 
Webb, Llovd J. 175, 218 
Webb, Paul 134, 242 
Webb, Virginia 221, 2+4 
Webster, Nita 134 
Weed, Eleanor 175, 210 
Weibell, Agnes 192, 240, 398, 40 
Weight, Paul 175 
Weight, Ted 190 
Weight, Verl F. 74 
Weinheimer, Corin 276 
Weinheimer, Doris 74, 275 
WeinBeTmer, Ruth 102, 274, 275 
Weirs, Laverne 74, 237 
Weiser, David A. 74, 271, 320 
Welch, Dean 227 
Welker, Joyce 102 
Wells, Nancy Jean 74, 193 
Wells, Norma 74 
Wells, Rula Jean 74, 189 
Welsh, Stanley 102, 252 
Wengreen, Arthur Dean 134 
Wentz, Beverly Dawn 134 
Wentz, Josephine W. 74 
Werner, Elaine 176, 185, 264 
West, Barbara Lyn 102, 211, 232, 

West, Betty Mae 74 
West, Jack H. Jr. 102, 285, 409 
West, Keith 176, 278 
West. Leslie 176 
West, Owen 175, 248 
Westberg, Carol 102, 221 
Westenskow, Richard 105, 134, 

227, 3^ 
Westerberg, Thomas 8, 175, 187 
Westover, Paul 176, 200, 275 
Westover, Sharee 232 
Wetrell, Arda 134. 210 
Whaanga, Albert 176, 197 
Whotcott, Calvin 203 

Whatcott, Carl H. 74, 201 
Whatcott, Harold J. 74 
Wheeler, Belva 103 
Wheelock, Richard 134 
Wheelwright, Earl 74 
Wheelwright, McKell 219 
Whelan, Ann 176 
Whetman, Reta 135 
Whetten, Othello G. 176 



pple, Georgia Ann 103 
pple, Jack 318, 309 
pple, Gerald A. 135 
pple, Melvin R. 74, 190 
pple, Verland 176, 275 
tbank, James 203 
itaker, Lorna 194, 103, 257 
te, Dorothy 176, 272, 387 
te, Joyce 176, 245 
te, Katheryn 25t 
te, Morgan J. 247 
te. Norma 176 
te, Marjorie 177, 194 
te T. Eugene 74 
tenead, Gwen 102 
tehead, Jo Ann 135 
tehead, Pat 176 
teley, John M. 200 
ting, Ann 176, 233, 
ting. Rondo Jr. 103 
tney, Gordon 103 
tney, Robert O. 177, 
ittaker, Robert 74, 239, 



ttle, Charles 177 

ttle. Jack 176 

ttle, Joan 176 

ttle, LaVar 176 
Whyte, Arthur Wallace 74 
Whyte, James L. 74 
Wickes, Harry E. 74 
Wiegal, Catherine 176 
Wiesje, Bos 177 
Wightman, Ronald 135, 274 
Wilcock, Vern 75 
Wilcox, Clyde 103 
Wilcox, Calvin C. 74 
Wilcox, Carl 103, 249 
Wilcox, Dick 176, 274, 396 
Wilcox, Dale 176 
Wilcox, Marilyn 75, 273 
Wilde, Bernice 176 

Wilde, Clotele 176 
Wilde, Veldon L. 176, 404 
Wilford, Olen 103 
Wilklns, Arthell 176 
Wilkinson, Alice Ann 176, 220, 

Wlllardson, Joann 176 
Willett, Ralph 213 
Williams, Bonnie 103 
Williams, Beverly 134 
Williams, Carwin C. 135, 248 
Williams, Clarion 395, 399, 405 
Williams, Dee 102 
Williams, Don 75 
Williams, Eldon B. 135 
Williams, Floyd E. 75 
Williams, Glenn 274, 395, 398 
Williams, Hank 38, 103, 230, 

243, 249, 264, 408, 388 
Williams, James Ross 176 
Williams, Jan 135, 387 
Williams, Jean 103 
Williams, Joan 176 
Williams, Larry 176 
Williams, Myrra Ann 254 
Williams, Ray 227 
Willie, Marilyn 103, 396 
Willis, Conrad Paul 75 
Willis, Irene 75, 221 
Willits, Richard 177 
Wilson, Alan 176 
Wilson, David L. 190 
Wilson, Dean 222, 318, 361, 350 
Wilson, Donna 176, 272, 344 
"Wilson, Ervin 177 
Wilson, Elmond 399 
Wilson, Ethel Jean 75, 194 
Wilson, Grant 176 
Wilson, Hazel 177 
Wilson, Kenneth N. 247 
Wilson, Mary Ann 135, 220 
Wilson, Wayne M. 176 
WItlbank, Eula 236 
Wlltbank, Elva 176 
Wimber, Leon 176 
WInegar, Maxine 177 
Wing, Leia 177, 221 
Wing, Norman 103 
Winkler, Barbara 39, 76, 103, 

233, 240, 361 

Winkler, Harold 177 
Winkler, Maxine 177, 265 
Winkler, Phyllis 135, 233 
Winn, Loreli 75 
Wintch, Chesley 103 
Winter, Isitoro Sid 177 
Winters, Edith 177 
Winters, Jayne 177, 233, 337 
Winterton, Boyd W. 46, ISO, 213 
Wiscombe, Erold 196 
Wise, Boyd 177 
Wiser, Lois 177 
Witbeck, Alan 135 
Witbeck, Carol 75 
Witbeck, Diane 135, 232 
Witbeck, Pete 316 
Witt, Dan 177, 396, 399 
Witt„er, Donna 40, 75, 185, 370 
Wofffnden, George 135, 274 
Woffinden, Frank B. 256 
Wood. Annett 135, 211, IBS, 246 
Wood, Betty 177 
Wood, Carol 177 
Wood, Carolyn 224, 272 
Wood, Eldon L. 75, 401, 396 
Wood, Joyce Cecele 75, 185, 

215, 285, 328 
Wood, Kay 135. 274 
Wood, Lowene 103, 204 
Wood, Wanda 177, 215, 285 
Wood, Wlllia 177 
Woodfield, Norman 103, 201 
Woodhead, Jean 75 
Woodland, Lynette 135, 216, 357 
Woods, Glenn 177 
Woodward, Corrine 177, 225 
Woodward, Marilyn C. 75 
Woolley, Evan K. 223 
Woolley, LeGrande 135 
Woolston, Vera 103 
Wooten, William C. 397 
Workman, Francis 75, 338 
Wott, Ivan Lloyd 135 
Wright, Beverly 135, 177, 207 
Wright, Dee 75 
Wright, Don E. 75, 242 
Wright, Eldon 177, 396 
Wright, Gail 135 
Wright, Karma 177 
Wright, Leona 135 

Wright, LoVerne 103 
Wright, Mona 135, 399 
Wright, Norma 395 
Wright, Norman 196, 408 
Wright, Pat 135 
Wright, Wayne 177, I9B, 399 
Wright, William 177 
Wyatt, Mary Ann 103 
Wyler, Wanda Ricks 75 
Wyler, Wayne Edward 75 

Yager, Patricia 103, 221, 255 
Yancey, Harold 177, 203 
Yancey, Lydean 87 
Yoacham, Archie J. 177 
Young, Carl Louis 135 
Young, Daren C. 75 
Young. Ethel 38, 75, 229, 323, 

Young, Helen 103, 192 
Young, J. Karl 46 
Young, Kendell 135, 243, 406 
Young, Lou Ann 177 
Young, Lowell 177, 202 
Young, Mary 177, 221 
Young, Moylen 75. 181, 396 
Young, Nellanette 103, 214 
Young, Nolan 177 
Young, Russell 75 

Zabriskie, Arnold W. 75 
Zabriskle, Robert C. 83, 103, 213, 

279, 407, 361 
Zagorec, John 247 
Zaugg, Waldo 177, 231 
Zeller, Ervan 75 
Zenger, Jock 177 
Zenger, Jerry H. 75, 223, 239, 

256, 350. 386 
Zelgel, John 399 
Zimmerman. Angelene 103 
Zwifel, Ann 103, 18? 












N H 

4 'X 



• — 




't •• 

w*'. . 






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%• I-'