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Brigham Young University 

rA/r dccuviH/fn 







Ron Otteson ) /-. r i-± 

n . I . , Co-hdiTors 

Barbara Josie \ 

Ted Money .. Business Manager 
Grant Hulef _ Art Editor 

Published by the 

Brigham Young University 
Provo, Utah 


' ■-■■>/■ 


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» -J 


When the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was 
dedicated on Founders' Day, October 16, 1941, the 
University Sunday School and Mutual Improvement 
Association resumed functioning. The new home, whish 
took two years to construct as a church welfare project, 
is used for social gatherings, Religion and English classes. 



The Academy Building now known as the Education Build- 
ing was the first structure erected by the growing Brigham 
Young Academy. Constrution began May 21, 1 884 only 
six months after fire destroyed the Lewis Building, the first 
home of the Brigham Young Academy, and was completed 
in 1 89 1. It now houses art, education, speech and music 




^- — 1 


Because many valuable books were .irpj^I 
tion, the Heber J. Grant Memor!a.l""|ji 
in 1935. Heber J. Grant was preseii^ 
cation of the structure on Founders' .15*' 



Ojie. of ,the;.>nosf up4p-'date- athletic plants in the 
nationV .tHe'! Brighani. Young University's $ 1 ,000,000 
Fieldhotise provides .a', hyg^ sports arena and the 
larges'^'public'.meet'mg. place lof*: concerts and con- Utah. Equipped- wifli.^^ seating capacity of 
I 2,000;. brick . and /ste^l. lacisd'E^^fUctron includes 
three -basketlpdir courts,,,, two gynnnasiums, wrestling 
and, boxi-ng^'fooms, a practice football :~-field, and an 
indoof trs 


The Diamond Jubilee in 1950 marked the dedication 
of the $2,000,000 Physical Science Building which is con- 
sidered "the finest educational building West of the Mis- 
sissippi." Providing for as many as 2500 students at once, 
the building has more floor space than all the other perma- 
nent buildings on campus combined. 


With the addition of two stories in 1935, the 
Mechanical Arts Building, which was connpleted in 
1919, became the Brimhall Building in honor of George 
H. Brimhall, third president of the University. The 
airforce unit on campus is now housed in this building. 


In 1913 under the direction of President 
George H. Brimhall, the Women's Gym- 
nasium was built for an amusement hall and 
a women's gymnasium. The $30,000 cost 
was obtained through the mortgaging of 
University owned Provo Reservoir stock. 



2 '» II 



£^ «^^ V 






*"--5fl| ,,«>:. 



The Maeser BuiWing was the first building to 
be constructed .on the ■ :a0\yly. sobt^tiMdisXilSpte 
Hill, now known as upper campus. Erected by 
the Alunnni, the mennorial honors the school's 
first president, Karl S. Maeser, and houses nu- 
merous administration offices. 


Early morning scenes such as this are typical 
of campus life. Snow powdered paths, white- 
veiled trees, frosted bushes and shrubs add 
beauty to buildings and campus. 



The Board of Trustees Is the Govern- 
ing body of the Bdgham Young Uni- 
versity. This Board consists of the 
First Presidency of the Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 
the Twelve Apostles, Franklin L. 
West, Adam S. Bennion, and 
Kfefer 8. Sauls. As evidenced 
by the growth sod expansion 
of the BYU within the past 
several years, it Is apparent 
that this Board of Trus- 
tees is wholeheartedly 
supp>orting and leading 
our University and is 
interested irt the 
great destiny of 
our school. 

President David O. McKay 

First Vice-President Stephen L Richards 

Second Vice-President J. Reuben Clark 


Joseph Fielding Smith 
Harold B. Lee 
Delbert Leon Stapley 

Ezra Taft Benson 
Henry D. Moyle 
Spencer W. Kimball 

Mark E. Peterson, 
Matthew Cowley 
Albert E. Bowen 

John A, Widtsoe 
Joseph F. Merrill 
Marion G. Romney 

vjayI jf trustees 


Dr. Ernest L. Wilkinson, sixth president of the Brigham 
Young University, has announced in bold and unequivocal 
terms that the destiny of ths Brighann Young University is to 
become the greatest and finest University in the world. 

In order to achieve this destiny, President Wilkinson has 
stressed the necessity of high scholastic standards, strong 
spiritual convictions, and unceasing necessity for hard work. 

President Wilkinson was responsible for the Air Force 
R. O. T. C. units on the BYU campus and is spear-heading a 
drive for an increased BYU enrollment. Under his administra- 
tion a new School of Engineering has been announced, a new 
system of registration has been inaugurated, and several emi- 
nent scholars and leaders in their respective fields have been 
added to the BYU faculty. He is a man "who gets things done." 



eAH (} 


An+one K. Romney 

An+one K. Romney, Acting Dean of Students during 
the absence of Dean Uoyd, is well known and admired 
for his warm friendly personality and sincere desire to 
successfully help students with their problems. 

Dean Wesley P. Lloyd is on leave of absence while 
serving as director of a special peace mission in Japan. 

Dr. Christen Jensen 

Wesley P. Lloyd 

Dr. Christen Jensen, former acting 
President of Brigham Young University, 
is characterized by his emphasis on 
scholarship and maticulous observance 
of proper University standards. It was 
during his administration that all mem- 
bers of the Quorum of Twelve became 
members of the Board of Trustees. 



Monroe H. Clark 

Attendance and scholarship 

Lillian C. Booth 

Counselor of Women 

John E. Hayes 

Registration and Credits 

Orrin H. Jackson 
Assistant Registrar 

Lucille Spencer 

Assistant Registrar 


Antone K. Romney 
Counseling Service 

Joha F. Jones 
Student Housing 

Harold Glen Clark 
Public Service 

Royden Braithwaite 
Student Coordinator 


Vasco M. Tanner 
Health Service 

Ariel S. Ballif 
Athletic Council 



sKccia,^ services 


Oliver Smith 

Student Publications 

H. V. Hoyt 
Student Loans 

herald R. Clark 

Vila Olson 

Public Services 

The Special Services Com- 
mittee is in charge of non- 
academic activities on the 
campus. That they f u If ill 
many vital and necessary 
functions for the University 
Is evidenced by the activities 
which they direct. 

James R. Clark 

Student Employment 





Ar , ^\ '■( 

Verl P. Allman — Secondary Education 
Charles L. Atkinson — Football Coach 
Norma R. Arrington — Physical Education 
J. Roman Andrus — Art- 

Mark K. Allen — Psychology 

Clarence Ashton — Horticulture 

Jacob Bos — Music Library 

Raymond E. Beckham — Extension Division 

Ralph E. Berrett — President's Office 
Ralph A. Britsch — English 
Edwin Butterworth — Journalism 
Alma P. Burton — Religion 

Dr. John Bourne — Student Health 

Myrtle W. Bailey — Housemother, Knight Hall 

William E, Berrett— Religion 

Edward L, Bunnell — Speech 


\-^'r\ U*»*> ^-^i ^*^' >^3p 

''y f^^^'v 


June E. Berry 

Secondary Education 

D Elden Bee 

k Kenneth C. Bullock 

Gustav F. Buggert 

Robert E. Bunker 


Clarence S. 

Boyle Ariel S. Ballif 

Harold J. Bissell 

Olive K. Burmingham 

Bryan W. Belnap Faye Jensen 
Religion Secondary 


C. Eldon Bitter 
Modern Languages 

Newbern 1. Butt 

J. LaVar Bateman 

Loren C. Bryner 

May Billings 

Home Economics 

Lillian C. Booth 
Counselor for 


C. Manley Brown 

Elementary Education 

Edith B. Bauer 
Secondary Ed 

Irene S. Barlow 
ucation Homo Economics 

William H. Boy! 


Joseph M. Boel 

H. Smith Broadbent Robert E. Brailsford 
Chemistry Secondary Education 



Richard E. Ballou 

A. John Clarke 

Secondary Education 

Herald R. Clarlc 

Finance and Banking 

Owen L. Bamett 

Educstton Adminisffa+ion 

James R. Clark 

Student Employment 

Julia A. Caine 

Secondary Education 

Monroe H. Ctark 
ffiiSosophy of education 

Reola Clark 

Dorothy N. Candland 
Elementary Education 

Evan M. Croff 

Secret.ari*' Training 

David M. Crowton 

Elayne Christensen 

Jay V. Beet 

Bruce B. Clark 

William C. Carr Harold Glen Clark 

History and Political Science Extension Division 

Cyntha Ann Cowan 
Physical Education 

Parley A. Christensen 

Earl M. Christensen 

Ray R. Canning 

Lillian A. Christensen 
Elementary Education 

Lars G. Crandall 

Benjamin F. Cummings 
Modern Languages 

J. Reuben Clark III 
Modern Languages 



Thomas E. Cheney — English 

Norma Dunn — English 

Bertha B. Davidson — Elementary Education 

Royden Braithwaite — Psychology 

Roy W. Doxey — Religion 

Leon Dallin — Music 
C. Edwin Dean — Mathematics 
Helen Durrant — J. S. Cafeteria 
Gerrit de Jong, Jr. — Dean of Fine Arts 
Lucille S. Evans — Music 

William F. Edwards — Dean of Commerce 
E. John Eastmond — Physics 
Flora D. Fisher — Elementary Education 
Burnett B. Ferguson — Speech 
Raymond B. Farnsworth — Agronomy 

M. Neal Gibby — Physical Education 

Carl Fuerstner — Music 

Crawford Gates — Music 

O. Norman Geertsen — Physics 

Norman R. Gulbrandsen — Music 

Preston R. Gfedhill — Speech 

LaVell C. Gamett — Industrial Arts 

John Hale Gardner — Physics 

J. Rex Goates — Chemistry 

M. Carl Gibson — Modern Languages 

Richard L. Gunn — Secondary Education 
Stewart L. Grow — Political Science 
John E. Hayes — Registrar's Office 
Rondo S. Harmon — Elementary Education 
Franklin R. Haymore — Press President 

Edmond P. Hyatt — Geology 
Verona B. Hamblin — H'semother, Allen Hall 
Anna Boss Hart — Secondary Education 
May C. Hammond — Elementary Educatoion 
Bertrand F. Harrison — Botany 


Norman J. Hunt — Music 

Elliot C. Howe — Elementary Education 

William F. Hanson — Music 

Harrison V. Hoyt — Business Administration 

Charles J. Hart — Physical Education ' 

C. Lynn Hayward — Zoology 
Leona Holbrook — Physical Education 
Wayne B. Hales — Physics 
Lawson O. Hamblin — Library 
George H. Hansen — Geology 

Vern H. Jensen — Counseling Service 

John F. Jones — Student Housing 

James L. Jex — Speech 

Briant S. Jacobs — English 

C. Lavoir Jensen — Secondary Education 

Edgar M. Jenson — Placement Bureau 
Orrin H. Jaclcson — Registrar's Office 
Eleanor Jorgensen — Home Economics 
M. Wells Jakeman — Archaeology 
C. Rodney Kimball — Athletics 

Edwin R. Kimball— Athletics 
Hattie M. Knight— Library 
Joseph J, Keeler — Music 
W. Reinwald Llechty — Botany 
Harold R. Laycock — Music 

Clinton F. Larsen — English 

George L. Lewis — Secondary Education 

Harold W. Lee — Modern Languages 

Wilford D. Lee— English 

Reuben D. Law — Dean of Education 

B. F. Larsen — Art 
J. LaMar Larson — Chemistry 
Brigham D. Madsen — Political Science 
Karl A. Miller — Buildings and Grounds 
Florence J. Madsen — Music 

D D 


.p C* .p. Pi 




S\^. f^-f /«J 

Miller, Elmer — Economics 

Morrill, Damaris S. — Secondary Education 

McKnight, Kent H.— Botany 

McAllister, John W.— Music 

McTague, Betty H. — Physical Education 

Madsen, Franklin — Elementary Education 

Morley. Alonzo J. — Speech 

Marshall, Milton — Physics 

Madsen, Parrel D. — Secondary Education 

Miller, Martin L — Physics 

Minson, Blanche — Housemother, Campus D. 
Morrill, A. Reed — Education 
Martin, Thomas L.- — Agronomy 
Mercer, Winston — Secondary Education 
Martin, Ruth — Home Economics 

Nicholes, Joseph K. — Chemistry 
Nilsen, Reed E. — Physical Education 
NIbley, Hugh — Religion 
Nelson, Elmer E. — Music 
Nicholes, Henry J. — Zoology 

Oaks, Carol — English 
Oak, Cecil R.— Physics 
Peterson, Hugh W. — Chemistry 
Peterson, Robert M. — Psychology 
Packard, Hannah C. — Music 

Payne, John W. — Sociology 
Perry, Leiand M. — Supt. BIdgs. and Grounds 
Peterson, Cornelius R. — Purchasing Agent 
Potter, Margaret S. — Home Economics 
Poulson, M. Wllford — Psychology 

Poll, Richard D.— History 
Peterson, Rolfe B. — English 
Pardoe. T. Earl — Speech 
Pond, A. Smith — Economics 
Pardoe, Kathryn B. — Speech 


Sanderson, Ivan L. — Extension Division 
Smith, Richard L. — Business Administration 
Spencer, Lucille — Registrar's Office 
Swensen, Russell B. — History and Pol. Scien. 
Smith, Carol T. — Library 

Smith, Wilford E. — Sociology 

Stansfield, Russell N. — Secretarial Training 

Smith, Oliver R. — Journalism 

Stewart, Maynard D. — Art 

Siidweeks, Joseph — Religion 

Swensen, John C. — Sociology 

Swensen, Albert D. — Chemistry 

Swensen, Mrs. Russel — Secretarial Training 

Tanner, Orea B. — English 

Thomson, Woodruff C. — English 

Tyndall, Clarence — Bureau of AVA 
Taylor, Ethelyn P. — Secretarial Training 
Tanner, Vasco M. — Zoology and Entomology 
Tuttle, L. Elliott — Geology 
Taylor, J. Golden — English 

Tanner, Wilmer W. — Zoology 

Taylor, H. Darrell — Modern Languages 

Taylor, Lynn D. — Art 

Turner, Glen H. — Art 

Wakefield, J. Homer — Music 

Webb, Fredrick N. — Secondary Education 
Webb, Florence — Physical Education 
Wakefield, Mrs. Anna — Secretarial Training 
Woodruff, Asahel D. — Graduate School 
Warnick, Effle — Home Economics 
Weight, Newell B. — Music 

West, Dale H.— English 

Woodruff, Irene B. — Archaeology 

Wing, John H. — Chemistry 

Wight, W. Ray — Journalism 

Young, James Ira — Secondary Education 

Young, Karl E. — English 

f^ f^ V-1) 

, ;» "^ V 





w *^B^K. 






Rich, Stella P. 

Richardson, Bsth 

?owe, Edward M. 


Rice, Leonard W. 

Robison, Clarence F. ! 

>8uls, Keifor B. ^Sw^R 


Physical Education 


Reimschiissel, Ernest F. 

Landscape and Horticulture 

Rogers, R. Max 
Modern Languages 

Soffe, H. Wayne 
Physical Education 

Sorenson, Wayne L. 
Secondary Education 

Shumway, R. Phil 
Animal Husbandry 

Sorenson, Kimball J. 
Business Administration 

Rich, Naomi 

Rich, Owen S. 

Richards, Grant S. 
Animal Husbandry 

Rasmussen, Ellis T. 

Riclcs, Eldin 

SIcousen, W. Cleon 
Alumni Association 

Snell, William H. 
Industrial Arts 

Srplth, Robert J. 

Business Administration 

Smoof, Richard P. 

SardonI, Lawrence 

Sparks, M. LeRoy 
Secondary Education 

Sperry, Sidney B. 

^ ^ §? p H 

o ^ jfe 




Something to interest 
every student . . . essen- 
tial part of the University 
. . . directed by capable lea- 
ders with personalities as varied 
as statures . . . long hours of lab 
work . . . forntial and infornfial lectures. 



•Dr. William F. Edwards tersely states that the purpose of the College 
of Commerce is that of teaching students how to excell in the business 

Dr. Edwards, a successful wall-street economist, has been an active 
member of the Church all his life. He counts as tragic those Church mem- 
bers who succeed financially In business and then fall away — frequently 
ceasing to live lives of service to others. , 

Dr. Edwards believes that simple family activities bring some of the 
greatest joys of life, and enjoys frequent summer camping trips with his 
own family, hie states that simple recreations not only make for family 
unity but constantly mellow the individual and add wisdom to knowledge. 

Economics perform an important func- 
tion in the development of world affairs, 
so states Professor Miller. 

Shorthand notes must be transcribed 
quickly and accurately. 


,1| "|^;^«JSiB»- 

Secretarial Training students learn to 
operate typewriters with speed and 

Accounting nnajors are well acquain- 
ted with the familiar "T" accounts used 
in debit and credit problems. 


A laugh a day keeps lab blues away . . . Good housekeepers 
of the Home Economics Department exchange gifts . . . soil physics 
students during a microscopic examination of soil fertility. . 




Dean Thomas L Martin uses his untiring energy in directing the College 
of Arts and Sciences. He teaches not only bacteriology and soils subjects 
but also a course in the Old Testament. In his out of school hours he finds 
time to contribute a weekly article to the Farm and Garden section of the 
Deseret News. 

In 1949 he was recognized by the "Social Science Society of America." 
This recognition was because of the vast number of students who have been 
influenced by him in going into the various fields of the soil sciences. 


Dr. Law's consuming interest to which he has dedicated his talents is 
that of bringing into effect anything that will make for better-trained, 
better-prepared teachers in the public schools. 

Dr. Law has been at the BYU about 16 years, hie has been Dean of 
the College of Education for six years and has also been a Bishop of the 
University Ward in Provo for the same length of time. 


Vigorous physical 
training develops more 
than college credit in 
the Physical Education 

This year's Selection Committee to Secondary 
Education consists of Ana Boss Hart, Owen Barnett, 
Edith Bauer, and Wayne Sorenson. 

College admission is simplified by pleasant, 
informal interviews. 


Ar+ students add final touches to their 
original compositions for future exhibit. 

Speech talent is developed through daily 
radio broadcasts over KBYU. 

Occasional jam sessions keep 
members of Concert Band in high 


me a^rts 

Twenty-five years ago Dr. Gerrit 
de Jong, Jr. came to the Brighann 
Young University to organize the 
College of Fine Arts. Enthusiastic 
and versatile, Dr. de Jong has found 
time aside from his administrative 
duties as Dean of this College to 
excell in numerous activities. He is 
a distinguished composer — recently 
the Pagannini Quartet presented for 
the first time his "Quartet in C Mi- 
nor." He also is a writer — his book 
Greater Dividends from Religion was 
recently published. 

The pride of the B. Y. U. Music De- 
partment, the Acappella Choir made a 
successful tour of Southern California this 



■ m 

cjIUac c 

As Acting Dean of the College of Arts 
and Sciences, Dr. George Hansen is en- 
thusiastic about the future of the College 
and is particularly interested in the Geology 
Department of which he is the Chairman. 

Dr. Hansen's casual but dynamic person- 
ality belies the fact that he is a man who 
enjoys the out-of-doors. His humor Is force- 
ful and mixed with refreshing observations 
of life and people. 

A distinctive feature of the 
ultra-modern Science Building 
Lobby is the huge swinging 


Arts a,nd 

Na + H2 So4 + RoSo3H + H20 = ? 

Psychology classes attract 
hundreds each quarter. Apti- 
tude examinations reveal indi- 
vidual development. 

The "wheels" of the Language 
Department meet regularly to 
discuss improvements being 
made in various language 


Geologic Map Drafting classes 
gain prominent interest from stu- 
dents eotcljed in the Graduate 

Reaction velocity, colloids, and in- 
termediary metabolism sre common 
terms to graduate chemistry stu- 


Professor Roman Andrus super- 
vises a group of graduate art stu- 
dents in the mechanics of color-slide 


As Dean of the Graduate School, 
sincere Dr. Asahel D. Woodruff coun- 
sels with students, grants fellowships, 
scholarships and other stipends. 

Nationally recognized as an authori- 
ty on Educational Psychology, he is the 
author of the textbook, The Psychology 
of Teaching, which is used in universi- 
ties throughout the country. Dr. Wood- 
ruff Is chairman of the BYU Curriculum 
Committee, and is working on some 
changes in present curriculum require- 
ments to enable students to get more 
from their academic classes, hie is also 
a musician by Inclination and finds re- 
laxation and enjoyment in this field of 
the fine arts. 



Geographic factors and their influence Classes in astronomy, meteorology, and 

on man are illustrated through colorful maps atomic and nuculear physics provide numer- 
and globe studies. 

ous data for experimental research. 



Alert and jovial Dr. Sidney B. Sperry 
hopes that someday the religion department 
at the B.Y.U. will be the finest in the world. 
He sincerely believes that study and scholar- 
ship in this field should strengthen one's tes- 
timony rather than weaken it. 

Dr. Sperry's interests are very broad. 
His speciality is the Old Testament, but he 
has also become an authority on the Book 
of Mormon. 

WmiiJ^ ^f YclUidh 

Professor Burton relates in- Informal discussions add in- 

teresting historical experiences terest to Dr. Berrett's classes in 
of our pioneer forefathers. Theology. 

Specialized problems in Bible 
and Modern Scripture are ex- 
plained by Professor Ricks. 


As dirs^tar^ #fyj-j|e ^^h^^M^ Di 
vision, Dr^lArtricvSedljSrjrlhdsl 
charge of the hHome Study Depart- 
ment, all audio-visual aids, and all eve- 
ning classes given by the University. 
He was Acting Student Coordinator In 
charge of the social units on the campus 
during fall quarter. 

Dr. Clark is a member of the YM- 
MIA General Board and is presently en- 
gaged In writing an outline for the 
special interest class to be used In the 
MIA's of the Church. 

He frequently participates In pro- 
grams by singing selections from his 
repertolr of humorous songs. 


Popular evening courses ranging 
from Accounting to Zoology are of- 
fered each year. 

The Correspondence Department 
offers formal home study courses to 
those who cannot take standard col- 
lege work in residence. 


Dr. Ariel S. Baliif, Director of Summer School, 
is responsible for organizing the quarterly sum- 
mer session of classwork. At the beginning of 
each session, Dr. Ballif's duties include arrange- 
ment of music and drama workshops and other 
special areas of student activity. 

Friendly Dr. Baliif, who joined the Brigham 
Young University faculty 14 years ago, is present 
chairman of the activity council, and feels that 
athletics is a vital publicity medium for the Uni- 
versity, hie also performs special duties as 
Chairman of the Department of Sociology. 

M /^ 


mmmer sc 


The Opera Workshop presented its tra- 
ditional opera during the summer months. 

/ V 

R.O.T.C. officers exam- 
ine new instruments to be 
used during summer band 


student leaders 


Administrators of student 
activities . . . personality 
giants given position by pop- 
ular vote or committee selec- 
tion . . . they help others to 
fc,. enjoy life . . . ready to represent 
the student body in correspon- 
dence or' personal contact . . . 
good school publicity spreaders. 



1st Vice-President 

2nd Vice-President 


executive csuncil 

An executive team of six members, including a former and present 
business manager, guided all studentbody functions and upheld Brig- 
ham Young University's unwritten law of distinction. In fulfilling the 
responslblitles of the school and the studentbody, the council pro- 
posed several recommendations initiated Inherent Improvements 
and alteration of university undertakings. By playing host to visiting 
college council members and attending Inter-collegiate activities, 
they endeavored to represent every member of the BYU accurately. 


Business Manager 

Business Manager 


UsisUtive cuuhcil 


Mjuential decisions pertaining to the welfare of the univerbity are 
enacted through this student government law-making body which 
includes representatives from every type of organization, depart- 
ment and governing group on campus. Under the leadership of 
studantbody president Keith Orme, significant issues that affect the 
students, faculty, and university in general were presented to this 
legislature for ratification. Action on the assembly time change, the 
difference in school ring handling, and the enforcement of bulletin 
board control marked accomplishments of the group. In connection 
with the Inter-Organizational Council, a moratorium was levied to 
create more social units and increase the enthusiasm and opportunity 
for members of previously organized brotherhoods. 

Pat Pomeroy 
Margaret Doxey 
Ted Money 
Elaine Leavltt 
Paul Ashton 

Robert Holman 
Myron Walker 
Marilyn Pond 
Richard Wells 
Virgil Smith 

Sanford Walker 
Dallln Gardner 
Betty Martini 
Douglas Bunker 
Reed Fillmore 

Lee Stratford 
Eileen Schlpper 
Spencer Palmer 
Ardena Beck 
Robert Chambers 


John McCabe 

Marian Tebbs Tom J 


Glen Williams 

Sherman Sheffield Glade 


Mark Money 

Marvin Coffey Darcy 


Afton Ash Keith Larsen 

Jon Katzenbach 

Barbara Josie Keith Orme 

Carolyn Tongeson 

Roylance Spratling Harold Christensen 

Richard Moody 


Noreen Nelson 
Hal Connell 
Larry Whetten 
Joanna Hobbs 

Anna Julia Hoyt 
John Woodward 
Jack Bowen 
Doug Barker 

Carol Clark 
Kay Randall 
Widstoe Shumway 


Howard Putnam, William F. Farnsworth, Rolen Camp- 
bell, Shirley Turner, Joyce Jex, Lynn H. Slaugh, Sandy 
Walker, Jack Bowen, Afton Ash, Glenn R. Williams, 
Marvin Coffee, lone Lewis, Sherman B. Sheffield, 
Malin Perry, Fred A. Money, Dennis Ward, Elaine Eng- 
strom, Kitty Sue Barber, Daniel Brown, John R. Connell, 
Marilyn Anderson, F. Curtis Wynder, Gloria Wallis, R. 
C. Unice, Tom Kekaula, Arlene Barnett, Kay Randall, 
Ted Johnson, Clarke Hinrichsen, Ralph Bergquist, Ru- 
lon Craven, Paul Dahl, Elaine Leavitt, Beverly Miller, 

Betsy Sears, Secretary; Lois Laney, Keith Smith, Ellen 
Lindsay, John R. Fish, Stanley Schindler, H. Clay Gor- 
ton, Lavon Boyenger, Blaine E. Ediefsen, Barbara Chad- 
wick, Quentin Wooley, Wilbur Tolbert, David Gledhlll, 
Maralyn Ballif, Emory Sekaquaptewa, Valda Massey, 
Bruce Warren, Robert T. DIvett, Tom Jones, LaVonne 
Thomander, John W, Jeppson, Olene Smith, Elizabeth 
Martini, Ardean Beck, Carol Warr, Dan Clay, Robert 
Doerr, Mark Money, Burtis Robertson, Bob Chambers, 

Chairman Bob Chambers conducts one 
of the regular bi-weekly sessions of I.O.C, 
while secretary Betsy Sears records the 


» -^ _ 





9 ^i 

IflStt -"^siK-V 




- *iJ^ 








/f "^ 

^ M 

T^^^^t^^ -/ /jT 









The AMS program at the Brigham Young 
University is the largest and most effective 
organization of its type on United States 
college campuses. Aiming to provide ac- 
tivities for, and develop the leadership of 
the vast number of men students on campus, 
the association sponsors the Homecoming 
Queen float, Frosh Orientation Field Day, 
Autumn Leaf hHike and Hop, and a Christ- 
mas drive. During winter and spring quarters 
the Smokeless Smoker, Snow Carnival, AWS 
Carnival, and AMS Caravan are included 
In the curriculum. 

A.M.S. President 

Leff to right: Tink Wooley, Jay imtth, ken Newman, 
Bob Bateman, Don Oscarson, Bob Whitney, Boyd 
Davis, Gordon Bischoff, Barf DeGraw, Bob Mauzy, 
Ken Howard. 

A. m. s. 



Left to Right: Sue Nelson, Leia Wing, Carolyn Taylor. 


Council mennbers fronn left to right: Audrey Lee, Pat 
Havena, Arlene Barnett, Joyce Whitney. Louise Sharp, 
Viola Shenck, Mrs. Booth, Dean of Wonnen; Shirley Allen, 
Shirley Call, Elna Watts, Jean Crook, Lucy Kinnison, 
Marilyn Bailey. 

A, W. S, 


Commencing in the late summer before 
fall quarter begins, AWS Council actively 
engages in the Big Sister Program which is 
just one of the events that encourages and 
coordinate the women students at BYU. 
Throughout the entire year a program In- 
cluding a Fall Fashion Show, the Preference 
Ball, Banquet, and Assembly, Girl's Day Ac- 
tivities, and the Song Fest gives all women 
ample opportunity for work, talent partici- 
pation, and social life. To honor the Initatlve 
and ambition of the women, a Recognition 
Ball and a $100 scholarship are presented 




The student program bureau Is responsi- 
ble for organizing tours of student talent 
which present programs in the western 
states. This group gives students oppor- 
tunity to participate on many programs 
and creates much good will toward B.Y.U. 

Front row, left to right: Dick Wells, Grant 
Thomas, Colleen Clarke, Chairman Jon 
Katzenbach, Gail Farrar, Lewis Winters. 
Back row: Dick Moody, Ken Perry, Dawn 
Riggs, JoAnne LeSueur, . Paul Fish, Tom 
Jones, Bob Gilllland. 

UcticKS C(}mmittee 

The five students, affiliated as the stand- 
ing Elections Committee, confer with the 
school officers to direct all official student- 
body elections. The Council's code of rules 
educates the office seekers in matters of 
election advertisement, voting, and cam- 
paigning and schedules all special candi- 
date meetings. 

Right to left: Lee Edwards, Chairman; 
Joyce Ashman, Jack Roberts, Janet 


Under the expert leadership of the 
Homecoming Committee, the "Flaming 
Fifties" displayed B.Y.U.'s originality and 
ability to "do big things. ' The progress 
that has occured since 1950 was continued 
with the first Homecoming Queen Banquet, 
pre-game activities, and Homecoming 
Quartet competition. Colleen Hutchins 
appeared through this committee's efforts 
and was regally welcomed in the "Field- 
house Follies" and the brilliant parade of 
over 50 local and out of state entries. 

Front row, left to right: Lewis Winters, 
Ruth Ellen May, Chairman; Mark Benson, 
Marilyn Ballif, Russ Lundberg, Carolyn Ed- 
wards. Back row: Jack Bowen, Peggy 
Wood, Grant Evans, Gloria Rytting, Jack 

Assemvlli committee 

Each Thursday tKe sfudentbody witnes- 
ses an assembly that has taken the Asesm- 
bly Committee one month to plan and 
direct. The members of this body are 
each assigned two; assemblies during the 
year, and they must contact the -partici- 
pants one month in advance and have the 
script ready two weeks before the per- 
formance. With the use of a protective 
canvas covering for the basketball floor, 
the new fieldhouse has become the as- 
sembly center. 

Front row, feft to right: Chairman Jack Claw- 
son, Eileen Schipper, Keith Hayes, Ruth Ellen 
May. Back row: Carlisle Hannig, Lloyd McAf- 
erty, Francis Boyer, Bob Mauzy. 


Top to Bottom: Mildred Hyde, Ann Kamnnermeyer, 
Marjene Frank, Secretary; Carol Gardner, Louise Nixon, 
Lorraine Monterith, Sylvia Tyler, Anna MacCully, His- 
torian; Julia Groberg, Chairman; Iwalani Serrio. 

\l\f. i. 


Freshmen girls receive instruction, encourage- 
ment, and a sense of security through the Frosh 
A. W. S. Council which originated in 1951. The 
ten council members, who are chosen by the 
Senior A. W. S. for service participation in high 
school, don grey skirts and navy blue emblem 
sweaters. As specific duties the committee plans 
and directs the Girl's Day Vaudeville and the 
Fiomecoming balloon project. 

foXlu t,Qm.m\i\tt 

Through the Pep Rally Committee 
school spirit is encouraged for vital 
Skyline competitions, and B.Y.U. ath- 
letes become well-known on and off 
campus. This year three pep rallies 
and the Torch Light Parade and 
street dance built student interest 
in the sports endeavours of the 

Left to right: Chairman John Jeppson, 
Don Murphy, Harold Dunford, Gayle Wal- 
ton, Farrell McKinney, Dick Moody, Boyd 


Violations of the Inter-Organ- 
izational Council's Code of Pro- 
cedures are judged by the 5 
members and 3 assistants of the 
Penal Court. Chosen by the Ex- 
ecutive Council, the judges repre- 
sent old units, new units, graduate 
students, religious affiliations, and 
independent members of the stu- 
dent body. Through this branch 
of student government all social 
unit problems are met with justice. 
From left to right: Leonard Dug- 
gar, Helen Jeanne Jones, Andrew 
Douglas, Wayne Goates, and 
Fred White. 



I cjurt 


Kuvlicitli committee 

Adding class as well as pep and vitality 
to home games, our pert song leaders are, 
clockwise: Jody Willardson, Bobbie Cope- 
land, Jane Dibble, Marthaline Anderson, 
Barbara Deigaard, and Mari-Lynn Marcil. 

ssfiS. Uac 




The newly orga^fTzed Publicity Control Commit- 
tee, consisting of four students considered by the 
Executive and Legislative Councils, was established 
to increase the efficiency of campus publicity. The 
YC's are carrying out the program by acting as 
monitors who keep the bulletin boards attractive, 
clean, and up to date. Other advertising problems 
will be met by this council if the need arises. From 
left to right: Carol Warr, Bob West, Jack Roberts, 
and Joe Rowberry. 




"A r- 

I' My 




Selman, Orrin M. — Orem, Utah 
Smith, Elon V. — Van Nuys, California 
Snnith, Lyrteer C — Duncan, Arizona 
Miller, J. Dale— Prove, Utah 
Woodbury Loraine — St. George, Utah 

Sorenson, John L. — Smithfield. Utah 
Spendlove, Rex S — Boulder City, Nevada 
Swanson, Jannes W. — Rapid City, S.D. 
Young, Everett Wm. — Philadelphia, Penn. 
Davis, Ted F. — Sprinville, Utah 

Waring, Gordon — Smoot, Wyonning 
Thompson, Reed Paul — St. George, Utah 
Lerwill, Roger J. — Billings, Montana 
Ord, Robert M. — Provo, Utah 
Burr, Lynn — Marysvale, Utah 

Budge, Merrill S. — Ogden, Utah 
Smith, Virgil B.— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Allred, Worth P.— Provo, Utah 
Phillips, Kathleen — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Murray, Melvin Ray — Boise, Idaho 
Schoenfeld, Ed. — Parma, Ohio 


y^ kM .f iS/f . 


Ei Hjfi 

Schindler, Stan 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Randall, K. A. 
Provo, Utah 

Nye, Eugene S. 
Ogden, Utah 

Andelin, Robert L. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Childs, Gordon B. 
Sprlngville, Utah 

Broclcbank, Dean L. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Statfanson, F. L. 
Lompoc, California 

Elison, James H. 
Oakley, Idaho 

Law, Hugh T. 
Provo, Utah 

Brown, Karl W. 
Provo, Utah 

'Brown, W. Willlann 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Huillett, F. Dale 
San Diego, California 

Coray, John L. 
Ogden, Utah 

Davidson, G. Don 

San Bernardino, California 

Bhindgren, Donovan 
Billings, Montana 

Peterson, Herbert Neil 
Joseph City. Arizona 

Davis, H. Clyde 
Provo, Utah 

Madsen, Jack 
Provo. Utah 

Graves, Howard 
Peoria, Illinois 

Greenfield, Harvey 
Pass-A-Grille, Florida 

Peterson, Parley R. 
Ephralm, Utah 


Hendrickson, Keith M. Pomona, California 
Grsninger, Gordon H. — Cathsge, Misi. 
Laurence, Joseph W. — Heber, Utah 
Roberts, Connell B. — Ogden, Utah 

Mabey, Melvin P.— Bountiful, Utah 
Malmrose, Eldon H. — Brigham City, Utah 
Melander, Wayne A. — Boise, Idaho 
Meservy, Keith A. — Provo, Utah 

Bailey, Jack F. — Thornton, Idaho 
Olson, Heber — Fairvlew, Utah 
Wengreen, Dean — McCammon, Idaho 
Peterson, Inez — Hollydale, California 

Bradford, Howard— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Buchanan, Hayle — Roosevelt, Utah 
Fetscher, J. Elaine — Ogden, Utah 
Stephenson, Loran D. — Wendell, Idaho 

Esplln, Van C— Cedar City, Utah 
Hansen, Lynn W. — Monroe, Utah 
Clawson, Harold P. — ^Phoenix, Arizona 
Weinheimer, Ruth — Welling, Alberta. Can. 

Hansen, Ralph — New York, New York 
Eldredge, Burr S. — Roosevelt, Utah 
Willianns, Dorothy — Holbrook, Arizona 
Wright, Kenneth D. Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Christensen, Neil A. — Berkeley, California 
Clark, Ernna — Morgan, Utah 
Madsen, Russell A. — Provo, Utah 
Luthringer, Margaret — Mulhouse, France 



Lofty, versatile, and dig- 
nified . . . project leavers 
. . . complain about expenses 
. . . seem to have definite ideas 
about matrimony . . . decisive 
about a major and minor . . . trying 
to plan for the future. 


Sherman Sdaffield and 
Myron Watlcer 
Class Representatives 

cla53 of 


These optimistic, energetic class officers 
directed their efforts toward providing 
a year of interesting activity and an en- 
during class pro[ect. They also assisted 
greatly in preparation of the 1952 com- 
mencement program. 


Don Spencer 

Lila Bowen 


£z 2' 23PSE' 

All red, Loye 
Provo, Utah 



Andrus, Clair W. 
Ucon, Idaho 

Bates, Joseph 

Diamond City, Alberta, Canada 

Ashby, Merrill Holt 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Andersen, John 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Adams, George T., Jr. 
Provo, Utah 

Barber, K 

itty Sue 
n, Texas 

Alexander, Beth 
Phoenix, Arizona 


Robert B. 
City, Utah 

Bagley, Gaylan 
Fairview, Wyoming 

Atkinson, Leta E. 
Springville, Utah 

Alexander, Charles 
Phoenix, Arizona 


Raymond G. 
Fork, Utah 

Andrus, Stanley K. 
Holladay. Utah 

^hman, Joyce w A ^p 
|M|val|U| )nCi 

Barlocker, Vella Rose 
Enterprise, Utah 

Allen, John D. 
Oakland, California 

Anderson, V. Ray ^^ k^ 

Richfield, £):^ £^ y 

Bangerter, Naomi 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Adams, D 

an S. 

Ferry, Idaho 

^fM, AffW 1 
Springville, Utah 

" " ^^tklnsln, J."V« 

Springville, Utah 

Ballif, Maralyn 
Provo, Utah 

Anderson, Christine 
St. Johns, Arizona 

Andrus, G. Merrill 
Ucon, Idaho 

Banks, Arvil G. 
Provo, Utah 

Baumgarten, Edward J. 
San Bernardino, California 

Anderson, Genevieve 
Oak City. Utah 

Angus, Mark L 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Badger, Billla B. 
Holden, Utah 

Barnhlll, Bertha 
Provo, Utah 

Allison, Wayne 
Ashton, Idaho 

Ashby, Richard L. Arnett, Alice 
American Fork, Utah Price, Utah 

Barrett, Melvin J. 
Ogden, Utah 



Ashby, Vic Baird, Larae 
Salt Lake City, Utah Heber, Utah 

Bates, Leon 
Taylor, Arizona 


Bawden, Leon — Cleveland, Utah 
Bean, Hardy — Provo, Utah 
Bedenbaugh, Joyce — Late Cl+y, Florida 
Behrmann, Orie E. — Mapleton. Utah 
Belt, Wm. David — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Benson, Ammon — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Belt, W. Dwayne — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Benson, Donald I. — Ephraim, Utah 
Benson, Jesse N. — loka, Utah 
Benson, Marl, A.— Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bergquist, Eleise — Preston, Idaho 
Benson, Reed A. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Berrey, John B. — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Boren, Maurine — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Bezzant, Dean — Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Blankenagel, Norma — Rosennary, Al., Can. 
Blankenagel. Harvey — Provo, Utah 
Bitter, Carmen — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Black, Karl L— Eden, Idaho 
Beutler, Charles S. — Emmett, Idaho 

Billings, Dahrl T. — Tremonton, Utah 
Blackham, Vernon T. — Moroni, Utah 
Brady, Verl — Fairview, Utah 
Bolingbroke, Mary Lois — Billings, Montana 
Bowen, Jack — Mesa, Arizona 

Boyer, David Glenn— Arco, Idaho 
Boswell, Evan C. — Tucson, Arizona 
Botts, Walter L. — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Bohne, Bud — San Jose, California 
Bov/en, Lila R. — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Bergquist, Ralph — iPreston, Idaho 
Bradshaw, Willard H— Orem, Utah 
Boyenger, Lavon — Nampa, Idaho 
Blackwell, Wm. L— Marysvale. Utah 
Braithwaite, Reed — Spanish Fork, Utah 



Brimhall, Norman Merrill 
Taylor, Arizona 

Briggs, L Charles 
Nephi, Utah 

Budge, Barbara 
Denver, Colorado 

Brinton, J, Ennerson 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Call, Geneva 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Burton. McKay C. 
Afton, Wyonning 

Broadhead, Stirling 
Provo, Utah 

Claphann, Barbara 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bush'man, Anna E. 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Clark, Carol Jean 
Provo, Utah 

Brown, Daniel W. 

Magrath, Alberta, Canada 

Call, Shirley Mae 
Idaho Palls, Idaho 

Calder, Don L. 
Vernal, Utah 

Brown, Ina Lavon 
Provo, Utah 

Christopulos, Tony 
Salt Lake Cit/, Utah 

Carruthers, Neil Harold 
Pomona, California 

Bryner, Jolene 
Price, Utah 

Card, Lincoln J. 

Cardston, Alberta, Canada 

Campbell, Ludene B. 
Emmett, Idaho 

Christensen, Colleen 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Clarke, Dick 
Rexburg, Idaho 

Christensen, Rose L 
Safford. Arizona 

Burningham, Kenneth A, 
Midvale, Utah 

Call, MacRey 

Colonia Dublan, Mexico 

Brook, Winton 

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 

Clark, Donald J. 
Oakley, Idaho 

Bringhurst, Lorna 
Toquerville, Utah 

Christiansen, Christian Paul 
Pasadena, California 

Changelo, Anthony 

Ausable Forks, New York 

Brown, Clyde E. 
Seattle, Washington 

Carver, Julia 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Veteran yearbook editor . . . mostly familiarized 
at North Building and Banyan Office . . . devoted 
additional time to Blue Key and married life. 




ySf 1 ^ 





Displayed capability and enthusiasm . . . student- 
body ■first vice-president . . . familiar figure in many 
campus activities. 


, Jessie Coons, Dan 

iel D. Christensen 

Rex L. 


en. New Mexico Fairview, 

Utah Blackfoot 



Joseph H. Cook, Cec 

1 M. Clay 


1 S. 


rich, Idaho Rexburg, 

Idaho Swarthmore. Pennsylvania 


Wayne W. Cole. Dallas N. Cox, 



Georgetown, Idaho Preston, 

Idaho Hi 


jn. Utah 

Criddle, J. Dale 

Connell, John R., Jr. 

Clark. Richard R. 

Crandall, Fred Lewis. Jr. 

Downey. Idaho 

Costa Mesa, California 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

LaCanada. California 

Clark, Alan C. 

Coffey, Marvin 

Crowther. Rosemary 

Clark. Robert S. 

Georgetown, Ic 


Walla Walla, Washington 

Malad, Idaho 

Provo. Utah 

Clark, Melvin C. 

Cook. Richard E. 

Clegg. Vella 

Cox, Carl T. 

Rirle, Idaho 

American Fork, Utah 

Dietrich, Idaho 

Provo, Utah 









ullimoro. Kathleen 
Prove, Utah 

urfee, Lyman 
Prove, Utah 

oyle, Dorothy 
Phoenix, Arizona 

utier, Helen M. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

ixon, Willard C. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Farnsworth, Dean H. 
Colonia Juarez, Mexico 

Eddington, Richard 
Lehi, Utah 

Ediefson, Blaine E. 
Origgs, Idaho 

Dixon, Reona 

Roxboro, North Carolina 

Davies, Bill 
Fillnnore, Utah 

Elison, Jerry H. 
Oakley, Idaho 

Davis, Lynn H. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dial, Barbara 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Davies, Karyllea B. 
Duchesne, Utah 

Egbert, William 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Evert, Betty 

Worland, Wyoming 

Evans, Bert P. 
Provo, Utah 

Fitzgerald, Myrtle 
Ephraim, Utah 

Enos, Blossom Kaniho 
Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 

Fish, Beatrice 
Pintura, Utah 

Felsch, George 

Palo Alto, California 

Falls, Hilda H. 

Perth, North Dakota 

Farrer, Dale 
Provo, Utah 

Evans, Gertrude Hennman frandsen, ina 
Alameda, California Guunison, Utah 

Duncan, Norman V. 
Green River, Utah 

Dustin, Joyce 
Provo, Utah 

Doty, Allan J. 

Kalamazoo, Michigan 

Driggs, June S. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Driggs, Margie Gay 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Dallas, Cole 
Preston, Idaho 

Dixon, Darreil Q. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Davis. Eugene H. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Deem, Arlene 

Brigham City, Utah 

DeHoyos, Arturo 

Esplin, Grace 
Cedar City, Utah 

Farnsworth, Betty 
Chandler, Arizona 

Erickson, Ron 

Los Angeles, California 

Engstrom, Elaine 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Emmetf, Wm. Q. | f ^ife, A. Loui»4^ 
Taber, Alberta, Canada ' Salt Lake Ci^, Utah 

I rv 

Eldredge, Jean 
Shrewsbury. Mass. 

Erickson, Newell H. 
Arlington, California 


Evans, Grant H. 
Parma, Idaho 

Farnsworth, Wm. F. 
Beaver, Utah 

Fisher, Dean 
Rexburg, Idaho 

DeBoer, Robert H. 
Ogden, Utah 

iFarr, Sylvia 

St. Johns. Arizona 

Fernley, Ariene 

Chula Vista, California 

Francom, Val G. 
Wilmar, California 

Francis, Jay W. — Morgan, Utah 
Francis, Rulon S. — Springville, Utah 
Franks, Richard — Oakley, Idaho 
Fronberg, Charles C. — Ogden, Utah 
Frodsham, Lovina Keeler — Magrath, Al., Can. 

Frodsham, Lowell — Cardston, Alberta, Can. 
Fowles, Jay R. — Oakley, Idaho 
Feurtsen, Vernon — Venice, California 
Fujinnoto, Jane — Wailuku, Maul, Hawaii 
Freeman, Dean L. — Twin Falls, Idaho 

Fuller, Donna — Ogden, Utah 
Funk, Albert S. — Sterling, Utah 
Gunn, LaMarr — Hoytsvllle, Utah 
Greenwood, Lorraine — Sandy, Utah 
Greenhaigh, Glade — Nephl, Utah 

Green, Verl M. — Paul, Idaho 
Greenhaigh, F. Blaine — Orem, Utah 
Green, lone — Vinton, Virginia 
Goodness, Lei — Wailuku, Maul, Hawaii 
Green, Betty Ann — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Graham, Jerry — Manti, Utah 
Graehl, Max G. — Prove, Utah 
Gilbert, Herbert — Brooklyn, New York 
Green, Emerson — Driggs, Idaho 
Goates, Wayne A. — Lehi, Utah 

Gines, Pauline — Jerome, Idaho 
Gilner, Gerald — Provo, Utah 
Gilbert, Sidney S. — Bancroft, Idaho 
Gorton, H. Clay — Soda Springs, Idaho 
Geddes, Marise — Provo, Utah 

Gagon, Edwin B. — Lancaster, California 
Garrick, Bernell — Provo, Utah 
Galbraith, Joyce — Phoenix, Arizona 
Hale, Melva — Afton, Wyoming 
Hall, llene— Provo, Utah 


ifen, Joseph. Jr. 
Provo. Utah 

ill, Calvin N. 

5t. George, Utah 

lies, William C. 
ipanish Fork, Utah 

imblin, Harriet 
'hoenix, Arizona 

Hannah. Wallis C. 
Los Angeles. California 

Harris, James R. 
Chicago, Illinois 

Harrison, Dan B. 
Provo, Utah 

Hansen, Carole 

Provo, Utah "'' 

Hideshima, Tadashi 
Orem, Utah 

Hansen, Afton M. 
Maytield, Utah 

Henrie, Thomas A. 
Ivlarysvale. Utah 

Hansen, Ross D. 

Joseph City, Arizona 

Hickman, J. Morris 
Coulee Dam, Washi 

Hicks, Lilly 

Montpelier, Idaho 

Harris, Howard B. 
Spokane. Washington 

Hawkes, Alora 
Provo. Utah 

Hansen, Portia Hiatt 
Mt. Airy. North Carolina 

Henrie. Weston 
Tremonton, Utah 

HIga, Lily Y. 
Kohala, Hawaii 

Higginbotham, Barbara 
Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Hardy. LoRene 

Susanville, California i 

Hansen, Monna 
Great Falls. Montana 

Harms. Callis R. 
Thatcher. Arizona 

Harrison, Marion 
Afton, Wyoming 

Hansen, Kent A. 
' St. George, Utah 

Henrie, Bill S. 
Provo, Utah 

Hawkins, Loyd I. 
Elfrida, Arizona 

Hanson, Keith 

Merced, California 

Halterman. Richard J, 
Cedar City, Utah 

Hardy, Scott M. 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Harker, Glen L. 
Orem, Utah 

Heiser, Janice E. 
Ogden, Utah 

Constructive power on campus . . . sociable and 
snniling . . . musically gifted senior who knew and 
liked his fellow students. 


Wells, Nevada 

Holbrook, LaRue 
Wells, Nevada 

Hilton, John 
Oakland, California 

Best remembered for his In- 
spirational Sunday School class- 
es and achievements In debate 
. . . engineered Wye Magazine 
^^^ friendly and unassuming. 


i Capable A.W.S. president . . . 

' contributed to membership of 
White Keys, Nautilus . . . per- 
sonality is her greatest asset. 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Hyde, George R. 
Washington, D.C. 

Hoopes, Marilyn 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Huber. Shirley 
Lapoint, Utah 

Hoici, Mits 
Murray, Utah 

Houston, Fred 
Annerican Fork, Utah 

Hulet, Clarence V. 
Wendell, Idaho 

Hill, Paul E. 

Laurens, South Carolina 

Holmes, Robert Houston, Allen B. 

Raynnond, Alberta, Canada Tama, Iowa 

Hyatt, Ora Mae 
Manti, Utah 

Holley, Elmer Leroy 
Thornton, Idaho 

Holliday, Josephine 
Senatobia, Mississippi 

Hoggan, Sarah 
Lorenzo, Idaho 

Howes, H. Reid 
Richfield, Utah 

Hulet, Grant M. 
Wendell, Idaho 

Hill, RaOla 
Provo. Utah 

Jensen, Carolyn 
Ogden, Utah 



Jacobsen, Ralph B. 
Springvllle, Utah 

James, Glan A. 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Jeffs, Dayle 
.Rrovo. Utah 

Jensen, Arch 

Santa Ana, California 

Jeppson, Joyce 
Payson, Utah 

Jensen, DeLamar 
Buhl, Idaho 

Johnson, Edward 
Lovall, Wyoming 

Johnson, Elizabeth Jane 
Sanford, Colorado 

Johnson, Welburn K. 
Mapleton, Utah 

Jones, Renee R. 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Judd, Gwendolyn Kearl, Phyllis 

Col. Juarez, Chio., Mexico Mt. Clemens, Michigan 

Lee, Ralph E. 
Winslow, Arizona 

Johnson, Camille 
Salinas, California 

Kirwan, Sharon 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Knudsen, J. Gordon 
Provo. Utah 

Larson, Kathleen 
Rexburg, Idaho 

Lott, Ivan Lloyd | 
Provo, Utah \ 

Liechty, Leslie E. 
Provo, Utah 

Lee, Arthur LaMonte 
Whisky Gap, Alberta, Can. 

Kodel, Colleen 
Provo, Utah 

Lang, Dee S. 
St. George, Utah 

Lyman, James H. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Larsen, Ernest 
Emery, Utah 

Lawson, Douglas 8. 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Joffs, Robert 
Park City, Utah 

Jensen, Homer M. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Jensen, V. Lamarr 
bandy, Utah 

Jensen, Oliver B. 
Provo, Utah 

Jensen, Bob 
Manti, Utah 


Kirchoff, Herbert 
St. Paul, Minnesota 

Laney, Allen F. 
Provo, Utah 

Jones, Evan Thomas 

Beverly Hills, California 

Jones, Weston K. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Judd, Geraldine 
Kanab, Utah 

Kopp, Alfred H. 
San Jose, California 

Labrum, Renee 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Johnson, Helen 
Fresno, California 

Lamoreaux, Sybil 
Mesa, Arizona 

Lee, Audrey 
Ammon, Idaho 

Kondo, Gladys 
Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii 

Lee, Gordon H. 
Tooele, Utah 

Lundell, Clyde J. 
Benjamin, Utah 

Larsen, Norman Dale 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Leo, Thomas W. 
Provo, Utah 

Linn, Ross P. 
Charles City, Iowa 

Larsen, Shirley 
Waynesborc, Virginia 

Lamb, W. Doyle 

Santa Monica, California 

Law, Gloria M. 
Provo, Utah 

Long, Jerry 
Ely, Nevada 

Larsen, Bliss — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Lund, Jay N. — Santa Rosa. California 
Lockhart, Dolores — Grants Pass, Oregon 
Loosli, Gayle — Ashton, Idaho 
Loutensock, John — North Hollywood, Calif. 

Larsen, Keith — Rexburg, Idaho 
l\/(cCance, Joan Ellen — Milwaukee. Wis. 
McGuire, Betty Jane — Fontana, California 
McEwen, Gordon M. — Burley, Idaho 
Mcintosh, Deon — Chico, California 

McRae, Keith S. — Thatcher. Arizona 
Madson, James E. — Payson, Utah 
Madsen, Ronald E. — Provo, Utah 
Magnusson, George E. — South Gate, Calif. 
Madsen, Janice M. — Murray, Utah 

Mann, Douglas S. — Brigham City, Utah 
Marcil. Cherie — San Bernardino, California 
Mangam, John K. — Provo, Utah 
Marchant, Jennie — Kannas, Utah 
Marsden, Louise — Parowan, Utah 

Martini, Elizabeth — Glendale, California 
Marx, Tressie — Los Angeles, California 
Mason, Maughan S. — Trennonton, Utah 
Maughan, Dora — Preston, Idaho 
Meibos, Richard L. — Long Beach, California 

Miller. Beverly — Midvale. Utah 
Meier, John H. — Glendale, California 
Melville, Kathryn — Monroe, Utah 
Merkley, Phillip W.— Duchesne, Utah 
Merrill, LuAnn — Wilmington, Delaware 

Miller, Ramona S. — Provo, Utah 
Money, Mark L. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Miller, June — Manti, Utah 
Mitchell, Joanne — Provo, Utah 
Moffett, Max W.— Burley, Idaho 


Montgomery, Charles B. 
Pasadena, California 

Morley, Rachael 
Arlington, Virginia 

Moody, Howard J. 
Provo, Utah 

Mortensen, Patsy 
Ephraim, Utah 

Moody, Dicic 
Mesa, Arizona 

Nelson, A, Reed 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Nelson, Rosemary 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Nelson, Karl K. 
Park City, Utah 

Nalder, Beverley 
San Francisco, California 


Myer, Richard A. 
Caldwell, New Jersey 

Morgan, Carl E. 

Nicholls, Byron W. 
Downey, Califofnia 

Nicholes, Joyce 
Provo, Utah 

Nelson, Sue 

New Martinsville, West Virginia Seattle, Washington 

Moyle, Richard W. 
American Fork, Utah 

Nishimura, Estelle 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Nielson, LaRue 
Ephraim, Utah 

Nichols, Bill 

Pocatello, Idaho 

Nielsen, John Merle 
Ogden, Utah 

Nobumori, Hiromitsu Arthur 
Tokyo, Japan 

Morris. Joan 
Brigham City, Utah 

Nielson, LaRane 
Ephraim, Utah 

Newman, Kenneth D. 
Muncle, Indiana 

Nielsen, M. Sail 
Sigurd, Utah 

Orme. Keith M. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Olsen, James P. 
Emery, Utah 

Okenlund, Ivan 
Loa, Utah 

Olsen, Ray R. 
Rigby, Idaho 

Oliverson, Ray 
Preston, Idaho 

Olsen, O. Lamar 
Price, Utah 

Oliphant, Nada 
Orem, Utah 

Otteson, Ronald 

Fountain &reen, Utah 

Drew attention tor her work in White Keys, 
Trovata . . . co-chairman ot new units on campus 
. . . generous with her intelligence and integrity. 


Did a commendable job as homecoming chairman 
. . . sparked Blue Key efforts as vice-president . . . 
a progressive influence around campus. 

Partridge, Richan 
Prove. Utah 

Peterson, Cumorah L 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Peterson, Barbara 
Murtaugh, Idaho 

Phelps, Paul A. 

tviontebello, California 

Palmer, Spencer 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Palmer, Jonathan hi. 
Alton, Utah 

Peterson, Bruce E. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Paulsen, Ford R. 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Peterson, Dallas 
Oakley, Idaho 

Orr, Berkley Peck, Alan 
Grantsville, Utah Salt Lake 


Peterson, N 
Utah Fallbrook, 

;ola Petersen, Pat 
California Pocatello, Idaho 

Orrock, Scott .Perry, Arbeth R. 
Richfield, Utah Roosevelt, Utah 



Parsons, Kenneth G. 
Ogden, Utah 

Page, A. Curtis, Jr. 
Payson, Utah 

Peterson, Donna Jean 
Silver Spring, Maryland 

Peacock, Jesse J. 
Orangeville, Utah 

Petersen, Janice 

Salt Lake City, Utah 


Potter, Joyce Eloise 
Wonatchee, Washington 

Robison, Max C. 
Magna, Utah 

Robertson, Carolyn 
Spanish Fork, Utah 


Gloria W. 
, Utah 


utz, Stanton E. 
George, Utah 

Prusse, Ralph E. 
Provo, Utah 

Richey, Dale M. 
St. Johns, Arizona 

Redd, Lloyd H. 
Blending, Utah 

Rytting, Lorry E. 
Tremonton, Utah 


ield, Keith B. 
36rt, Idaho 

Pierce, Scott T. 
Aberdeen, Idaho 


Robert G. 
, Utah 

Ririe, Barbara L. 
Calgery, Alberta, Canada 

Roy, Tea * 
Riverton, Utah \ 


Robert K. 
desto, California 

Pratt, Calvin 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Rogers, J. Marcel 
Clarkdale, Arizona 

Reynolds, Rex L. 
Luna, New Mexico 

Rust, Delmar -i^ 
Salem, Utah % 

Schow, Fred F. 
C«rdston, Alberta, Canada 

Powell, John William 
Spanish Forle, Utah 


, Allen L 


'atricia Ann 

Rushton, Connie 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Shelley, Glade Searle 
American Fork, Utah 

Powell, Gene C. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Richardson, Waldo 
Provo, Utah 

1 1 

Russell, Evelyn 
4 Beverly Hills. C 


Schardine, Louis 


Sewell, Mai 
Ofiggs, Idaho 

Radmall, Stewart 
Ogden, Utah 

Read, Calvin F. 
Glendale, California 

Ross, LaDonna 
Victor, Idaho 

Rosebaum, Var 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Seppi, Eddie J. 
Provo, Utah 

Rasband, Joseph R. 
Heber, Utah 

Roberts, Shirley J. 
Ft. Worth, Texas 

Remund, Janet 
Salt Lake City, 


Schow, Alvin G. 
Lehi, Utah 

Sanford, Carl 
Springville. Utah 

Randall, Gerald N. 
Ogden, Utah 

Russon, Maynard 
Lehi, Utah 

Rupp, Kenneth 
Tooele, Utah 

Sabin, Marie 
Salem, Utah 

Sheffield, Sherman B 
Kaysville, Utah 

Ravsten, Lynn A. 
Heyburn, Idaho 

Richards, John M. 
Preston, Idaho 

Roper, Velda 
Westwood, California 

Shields, R. Doyle 
Delta, Utah 

Shimada, Robert 
Pauuene, Hawaii 


Sears, Elizabeth Anne — Washington, D.C. 
Schipper, Eileen — Sparks, Nevada 
Shelley, H. Merlin— Provo, Utah 
Shinnanek, R. Glade — Scio, Oregon 
Shurtliff, Edward R.— Ogden, Utah 

Shirota, Hiroshi — Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 
Smith, L. Bernell— Provo, Utah 
Slrrine, G. Keith — Mesa, Arizona 
Slaugh, Lynn H. — Vernal, Utah 
Smith, Barbara — Grace, Idaho 

Smith, Charles A. — Collins Center, New York 
Sorensen, Donald — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Shumway, Lenn M. — Taylor, Arizona 
Smith, Phyllis— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Solomon, James — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Spratling, Roylance — ^West Jordan, Utah 
Smith, Jerrie — Provo, Utah 
Sorensen, Joyce — Mayfield, Utah 
Soelberg, Verl L. — Ogden Utah 
Sorensen, Neil R. — Draper, Utah 

Sparks, Venna — Weiser. Idaho 
Solomon, Geraldine — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Southworth, Mark, Sacramento, California 
Spencer, Maitland G. — Provo, Utah 
Sperry, Alan Francis — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Spilsbury, Jewel — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Spencer, Don — River+on, Utah 
Sumsion, Robert J. — Springville, Utah 
Starling, Myrtle — Jacksonville, Florida 
Sumsion, Owen W. — Springville, Utah 

Stauffer, David M.— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Stepp, Homer W., Jr. — Raymond, Wash. 
Steele, Paul — American Fork, Utah 
Stephensen, Jack Q. — Riverton, Utah 
Stevens, Henry H. — Holden, Utah 

Thompson, John H. 
Malta, Idaho 

Thompson, Dorothy 
Malta, Idaho 

Stewart, Don G. 
Provo, Utah 

Stratford, Lee 

Lomlta, California 

Stott, G. Gail 
Manti, Utah 

Stott, Douglas W. 
Provo, Utah 

Sylvester, Althea 
Elsinore, Utah 

Stock, Jean 

Fish Haven, Idaho 

Stromberg, Mavis 
Grantsville, Utah 

Stubbs, Clifton I. 

Boulder City, Nevada 

Tanner, Sylvan K. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Takasaki, Fred 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Talmage, Burton A. 
Springville, Utah 

Terry, Birdene 

Taylor, Betty 

Billings, Montana 

Thacker, Lila 
Vernal, Utah 

Taylor, Kenneth R. 
American Fork, Utah 

Taylor, Mildred 

San Jose, California 

Taylor, Gordon L 
Payson, Utah 

Thomas, Irene 
Tabiona, Utah 

Thacker, P. Ted 
Vernal, Utah 

Stowell, LeRoy 
Duncan, Arizona 

Thomas, Lavieve 
Chandler, Arizona 

Thacker, Vern 
Charleston, Utah 

Thompson, Everett 
Glendale, California 

Thomas, Dayle 

Chandler, Arizona 

Thompson, I. Barry 
Weston, Idaho 

Taylor, Gordon B. 

Woodland Hill, California 

Tanner, Carmela 
Provo, Utah 

Thomas, E. LaVoy 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Thomander, LaVon 
Maplewood, Ne 

One of the friendliesf men on campus . . . Delta 
Phi from Salt Lake ... a job undertaken means a 
iob well-done. 


Z F *JW 

Todd, Anita 

Srtdtey, Cstifofftia 

Tsalaky, Eva. 
Provo, Utah 


Tonks. Oeah 
Victor, Idaho 

Tucker, Joanne 
Prove, Utah 

Dependable White Key presi- 
dent . . . from Glendale, Cali- 
fornia . . . friendly, considerate 

One of best-knov/n figures on 
campus . . . accomplishments 
included studentbody president, 
I.K. National president . . . 
combination of dignity and vi- 

Todd, Albert C. 

Saft Late City, Utah 

Thurber, Albert K. 
Gooding, Idaho 

Tsalaky, George 
Provo, Utah 

Tucker, Karl 
Provo, Utah 

Turner, James 

Independence, Missouri 

Tingey, Grant C. 
Kaysville, Utah 

Tooke, Richard Lee 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Tucker, Lois 

Cedar City, Utah 

Turner, Ella Ruth 
Provo, Utah 

Turnbow, Dix R. 
Moab, Utah 

Topham, Forrest K. 
Rexburg, Idaho 

Tracy. Clinton R. 
Flint, Michigan 

Thompson, Marjorie 
Aberdeen, Idaho 

Turley. Ella Mae 
Mesa, Arizona 

Tolbert, Wilbur N. 

Fayettevilie, Pennsylvania 

Trimble, Bruce R. 
Ontario, California 

Udall, Audrey Jones 
Vernal, Utah 


Unice, Robert C. 
Houston, Texas 

Winkler, Phyllis 
Provo, Utah 

Walker, Dean H. 
Provo, Utah 

Wadsworth, Don 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Walker, J. Myron 
American Fork, Utah 

Varela, Dolores 
Burely, Idaho 

Voigt, Clifford 
Chicago, Illinois 

Wood, .Peggy 
Ogden, Utah 

Whitbeck, Alan Wimnner, LeLand P. 

Raymond, Alberta, Canada American Fork, Utah 

Wallis, Jack R. 
Vernal, Utah 

Whitehead, LeRoy, Jr. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

West, Arnold 
Coalville, Utah 

Whitehead, Joanne 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Wood, Annette 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Walker. Elma B. 

Weston, Idaho ,*,, 

Wagner, A. Kenyon Walker, G. Lynn 

Col. Dublan, Chih., Mexico Winslow, Arizona 

Whipple, Audrey Elaine 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Wagner, Leona Watson, Lowell S. Wickman, J, Ross 

Colonia Dublan, Chih., Mexi. Grantsville, Utah Huntington, Utah 

Wlllard, Clyde 
Provo, Utah 

Woffinden, George 
Orem, Utah 

Walsh, Maralyn 
Farmington, Utah 

Warner, Paul W. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

WoodFord, Hugh J. 
Sydney, Australia 

Waite, Wm. Richard Jolley, Weldon 

Huntington Park, California Provo, Utah 

Westover, Ross W. 
Joseph City, Arizona 

Watkins, Alene J. 
Richland, Washington 

Williams, Kenneth J. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Williams, Jay B. 
Sunnyslde, Utah 

Wiscombe, Erold 
Provo, Utah 

Whitney, R. Orson 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Winsor, Wm. Kenneth 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Williams, Boyd G. 
Tabiona, Utah 

Wolfley, Scott 

Freedom, Wyoming 

Wiscombe, Arthur C. 
Roosevelt, Utah • 

WhiHaker, Donald C. 
Circleville, Utah 



Woolston, Paul— Provo. Utah 
Wright. June— Provo, Utah 
Wright, Mona— Peoa, Utah 
Young, Carl L. — Huntington, Utah 

Wright, Carole — Arco, Idaho 
Bates. Hlldogard — Muhlenstr, Kyritz. Gor. 
Young, Lawrence Richard — Ogden, Utah 
Clawson, Darcy — Seattle, Washington 

Snow, Quentin — Cleveland, Ohio 
Compton, Lou Jean — Morgan, Utah 
Bench, John R. — Provo, Utah 
Bird, Ladene — Brigham City, Utah 

Hulihan, Lois — Los Angeles, California 
Sparks, Truman — Cary, Idaho 
Threet, Conway — Lovell, Wyoming 
Wisccmbe, .Phyllis — Provo, Utah 

StudentbcxJy second vice-president . . . 
numbered in ranks of Blue Keys, Vikings 
. . . dt!tgef»ce and stamina personified. 

An outstanding example of ambition and 
friendliness . . . White Key. Nautilus . . . 
studentbody secretary duties claimed much 
of her valuable time. 



Sponsors of the fabulous 
Junior Prom . . . style lea- 
ders . . . proud to be upper 
classmen . . . welcome junior 
college transfers . . . hold many of 
llt^sfiijijor offices in school . . . long 
for the day they'll be seniors. 


Noted for their enthusiasm and ability 
to "get things done," this talented crew 
did much to spark class interest. Activities 
included the Prom, Junior parties, and the 
annual chicken fry. 



Mdry Louise Udall 

Jackie Hansen 

John McCabe 

class of 

Carolyn Torgeson and 
Ken Howard 
Class Representatives 


Adams, Dale 
Kaysville, Utah 

Allred, Betty Lou 
Price, Utah 

Archibald, Helen Ruth 
St. Anthony, Idaho 

Anderson, Lloyd 
Brigham City, Utah 

Allen, Merle Karia 

Los Angeles, California 

Bailey, Dale 

Blackfoot, Idaho 

Bassett, Dick M. 
Lovell, Wyonning 

Bates, Junior L. 
Ogden, Utah 

Baird, Orrin E. 
Provo, Utah 

Alwood, Udell O. 
Elmo, Utah 

Allen, Daniel 

Palo Alto, California 

Ashby, Calvin W. 
Richfield, Utah 

Anderson, Marjorie 
Boise, Idaho 

Arave. Rosalie 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Anderson, Marilyn 
Glendlve, Montana 

Barton, D. Louise 
Manti, Utah 

Bennett, S. John 
. Provo, Utah 

Bates, Lynn 
5iS*( Diego, California 

Bean, Rosemary 
LaGrande, Oregon 

i Barlow, Carol 
I iOgden, Utah 

Barnes, Dean 

Long Beach, California 

Adams, Fred 

Montpelier, Idaho 

Allred, Joye 
Provo, Utah 

Avery, Barry H. 

Provo, Utah ML ■ K 

Armstrong, Gale 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Belnap, N. Blain 
Ogden, Utah 

Anderson, Janice V. 
Provo, Utah 

Barnett, Arlene 
.Rrovo, Utah 

Barstow, Mary 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

I Beck, Ardena -^4^^ 
Pleasant Grov«f Utah 

Belliston, Paul 
Nephi, Utah 

Affleck, Margaret 
Sali|Uj!|«'Cit/. Utah 

Albach, Arlene 

Watsonville, California 

Aston, Lloyd R. 
Provo, Utah 

Ballif, Joe 
Provo, Utah 

Bennett, Alice 
Ogden, Utah 

Anderson, Donna 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bascom, Cleo E. 
Vernal, Utah 

Austin, Bill 

Palmyra, New York 

Bearnson, S. Lynn 
Spanish Fork, Utah 


Bennion, Junius Leo 
Granger, Utah 


, Victor D. 
igton. Virginia 

Boyer, Blaine M. 
Springville, Utah 


Aron S. 

Dublan, Chlh., Mexico 

Chlng. Henry P. 


HIlo, Hawaii 

Bennion, Lenore 

Salt Lake City. Utah 

Bench, Maxine 

American Fork, Utah 

Brace, Walter 

Salt Lake CIt/, Utah 



ham Canyon. Utah 

Clark, Welsford 
Provo, Utah 

Bennion. Marilyn 
Brigham City. Utah 

Bready. Robert 

Long Beach, California 


ff, Keith M. 
k, Colorado 

Brown, Elbert Earl 
Glendale, California 

Chrlstensen, Don L. 
Provo, Utah 

Billings. Barbara 
Brigham City, Utah 

Black, Richard fl. ^^ 
Provo, Utah' 1 1 


aw. Reed Sevan 
ar City. Utah 

Brown. Elva 

Lovell, Wyoming 

Chrlstensen, Bob 
Denver, Colorado 

Berry, William N. 
Prove, Utah 

Blocker, Marie f. ^^M 
Provo, Utah ^^ 

Bunker, Douglas Rich 
Lbs Vegas, Nevada 

Botkin, Keith H. 
Meridian. Idaho 

Chrlstensen, Vonda 
Huntington, Utah 

Brown, Roma Jean 
Nampa, Idaho 

Boehm, Walter J. 
Pomona, California 

Brady, Allen J. 
Virginia, Idaho 

Bershon, Richard Y. 
Sandpoint, Idaho 

Chrlstensen, Carole 
Denver, Colorado 

Besendorfer, Erma Jean 
Heber, Utah 

Booth, Earl 
Oram, Utah 

Bralthwalte, Dick 
MantI, Utah 

Brown, Thora Belle 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Chrlstensen, Joe J. 
Banlda, Idaho 

Buccamboso, John 
Ely, Nevada 

Bradburg, Jack 

Los Angeles, Callfo 


Boren, J. D. 

Bingham Canyon, 


Bessey, Gerald E. 
Sunnyslde, Washing! 

Chrlstensen, Harold P 
on Provo, Utah 

Buckner, Eugene 
Provo, Utah 

Borgeson, Nellie 
Santaquin, Utah 

Brooks, Joyce 
Burbank, Callforn 


Berge, Anita 

Coallnga, California 

Chrlstensen, John B. 
Provo, Utah 

Billings, George E. 
Delta, Utah 

Brown. Robert L. 

Queen Creek, Arizona 

Brough, Randal DeVere 
Provo, Utah 

Brady, Alice 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Chrlstensen, Phyllis 
Richmond, Utah 





Carlsen, Jean 

Los Angeles, California 

Campbell, Jacqueline 
Colton, Oregon 

Burgi, Diane 
Preston, Idaho 

Cameron, Henry 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bushman, Nephi 
Snowflake, Arizona 

Cameron, Connie 
St. Anthony, Idaho 

Burge, Donna 
Ogden, Utah 

Call, Darrell 
Malad, Idaho 

Capps, Faye Case, Peggy Ann 

Hartsville, South Carolina Mt. Emmons, Utah 

Chadwick, Barbara 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Carlile, Thomas F. 
Heber, Utah 

Burr, Rita C. 
Ephraim, Utah 

Burrup, Max 
Downey, Idaho 

Burton, Millicent 

Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Cannon, Gerald W. 
Cirdeville, Utah 

Carlile, Fred G. 
Heber, Utah 

Cannon, Charmaine 
Provo, Utah 

Burdick, Patsy Rene 
Dragerton, Utah 

Carlile, Ralph T. 
Heber, Utah 

Cardall, Norman 
Provo, Utah 


jL^,>\ .X\J. 

Clawson, Jack 

Seattle. Washington 

Cox. Audrey 
Ephralm. Utah 

Colovich, Raynnond 
Eureka. Utah 

Compton, Merlin 
Ogden. Utah 

Cole, Patricia 

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

Cooper, Grant S. 
Washington, D.C. 

Cole, Gay 

Preston. Idaho 

Clark, Nelda 

Cedar City. Utah 

Corbett, .Pearson S. 
St. George, Utah 

Cook, Fay 
Tridell, Utah 

Corbett, Jeanne 
Denver. Colorado 

Cofin. Marlann 
Downey. Idaho 

Corbett. Connie 
Provo. Utah 

Clayton. Bob 

Indianapolis, Indiana 

Connell, Harold G. 
Washington, D.C. 

Clark, Janet 

Greatneck, New York 

Conk, Leo H. 
Deseret, Utah 

Cox, Maxine 
Kuna, Idaho 

Personified wit and personality . . . displayed am- 
bition and originality as Prom chairman . . . drew 
further attention as Blue Key and Bricker constituent. 

Clark, Dave 
Houston, Texas 

Cook, Ilia Mae 
Firth, Idaho 

Clark. Helen Mae 
Atton, Wyoming 

Cowley, Wm. Horace 
Provo, Utah 

Clark, Barbara 
St. George, Utah 

Clark, Wayne 
Morgan, Utah 


Cox, Mollie Marie 
Provo, Utah 

Crandall, Maureen 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Crandall, Richard 

La Canada, California 

Crandall, Virginia 

Los Angeles, California 

Crawford, Darrel 
Columbia, Utah 

Crandall, Jean Louise 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Dalton, Lee 

Pontiac, Michigan 

Deurden, Earl S. 

Los Angeles, California 

Curtis, DeMar 
Salina, Utah 

Douglass, Andrew M. 
Glendale, California 

Daly, Frank L 
Panquitch, Utah 

Crawford, Marilyn D. 
Murray, Utah 

Critchfleld, Inga 
Oakley, Idaho 

Divett, Robert T. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Davis, Julian I. 
Ogden, Utah 

Dye, Ronald 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Dolinar, Mitzie 
Provo, Utah 

Davis. Delmar Boyd 
prem, Utah 

Davis, Bonnie 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Crook, Jean 
Fallon, Nevada 



Crawford, Marilyn 
Orenn, Utah 

DeLaMare, Donald K. 
Tooele, Utah 

Curtis, Bruce W. 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Croft, Merlin R. 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Dyer, Bruce 

Portland, Oregon 

Davis, Joy Lorraine 
Salt Lake City, Utah 


Duncan, Sallie ~ 

Springville, Utah 

Decker, Daniel L. 
Snowflake, Arizona 

Draper. Jacqueline 

San Francisco, California 

Dillnnan, Slenyce 

Farmington, New Mexico 

Cruse r.'W/irl j I 

St. Anthony, ldah« i 

Curtis, Brandt B. | | 
Solomon, Arizona i 

Dixon, David G. | 

Santa Ana, CallforniA 

DeBry, JoAnn 
Rigby, Idaho 

Daniels, Philip B. 
Provo, Utah 

Done, Robert 
Provo, Utah ^i 

Davis, Heber Lee 
•Prove, Utah 

Dalby, Elaine 
Rupert, l4aho ■, 

Dahl, Paul E. 

East Midvale, Utah 

D'Addabbo, Patrick 
Thompsonville, Conn. 


Dial, Laura 

Rod Oak. Iowa 

Ediefsen, Jesse R. 
Driggs, Idaho 

Edwards, Carolyn 
Provo, Utah 

Farnsworth, Sharon 
Ely, Nevada 

Ellertson, Norman 
Provo, Utah 

Grlmmett, Janet 
Paris, Idaho 

Green. Edna 
Vinton, Virginia 

Forsyth, Lee 

Salt Lake City, U' 

Faulkner, Margene 
Provo, Utah 


ulih "*• 

Farr. Janet 
Ogden, Utah 

Grix, Geraldine 
\ Ogden, Utah 

Green, Gene 
Kaysville. Utah 


Ericksen, LaVona 
Beaver Dam, Utah 

Farrington, Shirley 
Prineville, Oregon 

Farrar, Gail 
Rigby, Idaho 

Fish, John Roger 
Richfield. Utah 

Green. Myrna 
Miles. California 

Gowans. Floyd N. 
Erie, Pennsylvania 

Gledhill. David 
Richfield. Utah 

Goodman. Joe 
Mesa. Arizona 

Groberg. Mary Jane 
Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Gardner. Rober Leigh 
Cedar City. Utah 

Garlick, Junior G. 
American Fork, Utah 

Fairbourn. Marilyn 
Salina. Utah 

Ferrin. Marilyn 
Chico. California 

Fillmore. Reid 

Spanish Fork. Utah 

Fonnesbeck. Paul 
V/estcn, Idaho 

Ensign. Bob 

Glendale, California 

Edwards, Clyde 
Provo. Utah 

Fish, ,P.aul 

Overton. Nevada 

Folkman, David 
Ogden, Utah 

Erickson. Yvonne 
Ogden. Utah 

Giles. Jae 

McGill, Nevada 

Gordon. Janet 

Santa Barbara, California 

Gililand, Bob 

Rosemead, California 

Fredrickson, Hartley 
Malad, Idaho 

Firth, Richard E. 
Portland, Oregon 

Fish. Gerald S. 
Overton. Nevada 

Gillette. Barbara 
Victory. Idaho 

Frame. Marilyn 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Garrett. Glen 
Kaysville, Utah 

Frei, Lorna Rue 
St. George, Utah 

Fox, Phyllis 
Lehi, Utah 

Green, John 

New Plymouth, Idaho 

Farnsworth, William Y. 
Redwood City, California 

Graham, Berkeley 
Fairview, Utah 

Gassman, Byron 
Ephraim, Utah 

Goodwin, Jack 
Milford, Utah 

Groesbeck, Ruth 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Gunnell, Leroy 

Soda Springs, Idaho 




' 1 

Hall, Norma Jean 

Hansen, John R. 


, Jideen 

Harding, Beth 

Provo, Utah 

Rosemead, California 



Provo, Utah 

Hales. LaRee 

Hardy, Leila 



Hancock, Wayne M. 

Provo, Utah 

Meridian, Idaho 

, Provo, 


Glendale, California 

Hall, Gayle 

Hardy, Nyra 




Hansen, Jackie 

Riverside, California 

Queen Creel, Arizona 

Shelley, Ids 


Seattle, Washington 

Hamblin, Ken 

Hancock, Larry 

Hansen, Gene 

Provo, Utah 

Pocatello, Idah 


Whittier, California 

Hamblin, Robert 

Hansen, June E. 



Portland, Orec 

]on Provo, Utah 


le, California 

Hammer, Norman E. Hansen, Evan W 


, C. Allan 

Santa Monica, 

California Monroe, Utah 



Always there when a job needed doing . . . A.W.S. 
big sister chairman . . . gave further efforts to 
Banyan Staff and Y.C.'s. 



yi .. ijji^ k_^ 

Harris, Roy 

Eagle, Idaho 

Hawkes, Reed R. 
Preston, Idaho 

Hebertson, JoAnn 
Provo, Utah 

Heninger, LaVan 
Sunset, Utah 

Hermansen, Clark 
Elsinore, Utah 

Hawkins, George E. 
Ramah, New Mexico 

Harmsen, Connie 
LaJara, Colorado 

Haynes, H. Vivian 
Taber, Alberta, Canada 

Havens, Patricia J. 
Salmon, Idaho 

Hellinger, Lorraine 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Hatch, Adelia 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Haycock, lla Dean 
Burley, Idaho 

Hayes, Betty 

Heaton, Vauna 

Hatch, Delray 

Harmon, Elizabeth Ann 

Wilmington, D 

elawaro Hiawatha 


Koosharem, Utah 

Los Angeles, California 

Helsop, Norene 
Ogden, Utah 

Hatch, Emma Sean 
Panguitch, Utah 

Hart, W. Dean 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Head, S. Conrad 
Baker, Oregon 

Hegsted, Victor 
Rine, Idaho 

Haynie, Ric 

lard A. 

Heap, Dan E. 
St. Johns, Arizona 

Harper, Betty 

Vancouver, B.C., Canada 

Elongated and dependable Cougar center . . . 
Lynnan, Wyonning lad . . . friendly grin and support- 
ing personality. 


Hill, Richard Wayne 
Jacksonville, Florida 

James, Romaine 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hodson, Phillip 
Springville, Utah 

Hyde, Gerald R. 
Baker, Oregon 

Jameson, Lila 

Powell, Wyoming 

Horiuchi, Russell N. 
Hahaina, Maui, Hawaii 

Huffman, Howard A. 
Eugene, Oregon 

Ige, John 

Honolula, Hawaii 

Hoopes, Ned 

Paso Robles, California 

Howes, Raymond E. 
Marysvale, Utah 

Hunter, Artie 
Provo, Utah 

lp;en, Florence 
y^lpd, Idaho 

Hickenlooper, Monte 
San Francisco. California 

Hobbs, M. Odell 
Preston, Idaho 

Hollingsworth, Raul M. 
Preston, Idaho 

Jarman, LeIsle 

Compton, California 

Huish, Richard 

Berkeley, California 

Holbrook, June 

Sacramento, California 

Hipwell, Emma 
Ogden, Utah 

Hurst, Ira LeRoy 
Payson, Utah 

Hopkin, Marian 
Woodruff, Utah 

Hone, Sayle 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Holt, Jim 

Phoenix, Arizona 

Howell, Delmer 
Baker, Oregon 

Hoyt, Anna Julia 
Neph;, Utah 

Hofmon. Robert 
, :fe»a, Idaho 



HIatt, William S. 

Mt. Airy, North Carolina 

Hinckley, Janice ■ j 

Long Beach, California 

Holley, Robert L | 

Mapleton, Utah I 

Hess, Blaine 


^ <;v 



jjdaho Falls. Ida 

Hiatt, Wilbur D. 

Mount Airy. North Carolina 

Jarman, 6oyd 
Lyman, Vifyomlnl 

Hitchcock, Ralph 
Buhl, Idaho 

Herman, Jean 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

verson, Harley 
St. George, Utah 

Hoopes, Veldon A. 

Farmington, New Mexico 

James, Joan 

Rock Springs. Wyoming 

Hicks, Fletcher 

Columbus, Georgia 

Hudson, Henrietta 
Everett, Washington 

Hutchinson, Margaret 
Buhl, Idaho 



King. Norma ' 
Provo, Utah 

Judd. Kenneth 
Hoytsville, Utah 

Jeffery, Dorothy 
Delta, Utah 

Jeppsen, Jay N. 
Mantua, Utah 

Madsen, Lowell 
Provo, Utah 

Jeffs, Dean 
Provo, Utah 

Jeppson, John W. 

Ashton. Idaho M ^ j 

Kemper, Leona 
Cranford, Alberta. Canada 

1 Sar 

, Myron D. 
Francisco, California 

Jueschke, Eleanor 
Glendora, California 

MacCabe, John 

San Carlos, California 

Jenkins, Stanley 
Pendleton, Oregon 


, Myron G. 
dar City, Utah 

Klemm, H. Ralph 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Lowe, Gareth W. 
Arcadia, California 

King, Colleen 
Provo. Utah 

Jensen, Alice H. 
Ephraim. Utah 

Jensen. Naomi 

Maywood, California 

Kapuniai. Mice! 

Waimea. Kauai, Hawaii 

Magleby, Richard 
Preston, Idaho 

Jensen, Donna 
Provo, Utah 

Jorgenson, Lucille 

Price, Utah 

Johnson. Gladys 
St. George. Utah 

Kochevar, Lewis 

Los Angeles, California 

Mangum, Alice W. 
Provo, Utah 

Keele, Weldon V. 
Emery, Utah 

Johnson, Shirley M. 
Murray, Utah 

Jensen, Gordon K. 
Brigham City, Utah 

Konvicka, Wm. N. 
Syracuse, New York 

Lyons, Eugene 

Boise, Idaho 

Jensen, Jean 
•Portland, Oregon 

Kelsey, Marcene 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Kitzberger, Bonnee 
Oakland. California 

Kunzler, Barbara Ann 
Willard, Utah 

Lowry, Marlena 
Arime, Idaho 

Jensen, Marilyn 
Burley, Idaho 

Jeserick, Ellen 
LaCygne, Kansas 

Julander, Gayle 
Ogden, Utah 

Lake, Boyd A. Lundell, Wayne 
Inglewood. California Vernal, Utah 

Knight, Colleen 
Provo, Utah 

King, Elton A. 
Moore, Idaho 

Jeppson, C. Ralph 
Brigham City, Utah 

Lake, David A. 
Downey, Idaho 

Lundgreen. Joyce 
Ogden, Utah 

Johnson, Milton L. 
Provo, Utah 

Kartchner, Rulon 
Eagar, Arizona 

Jones, Ruby Marie 
Lovell, Wyoming 

Lambert, Rogers 
Kamas, Utah 

Mann, Lawry 

Ellensburg. Washington 


Langlois, Mary Pat 
Decatur, Illinois 

Lambson, Ronald 
Sandy, Utah 

Liechty, Kenneth 
,Rrovo, Utah 

Law, Ronald D. 
Prove, Utah 

Lawlor, Enid M. Larsen, Shirley 

Grande Prairie, Alta, Can. Salt Lake City, Utah 

Leany, EIrod C. 
St. George, Utah 

Lewis, Arlene 
Overton, Nevada 

Laney, Lois 
Boise, Idaho 

Lambson, Glen H. 
Provo, Utah 

Lillywhite, Viola 
Taylor, Arizona 

Long, Lee 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Latimer, Kathy 
Nephi, Utah 

Lloyd, Leah 

American Fork, Utah 

Lee, James I. 
Panaca, Nevada 

Lindsay, Ellen 
Dingle, Idaho 

Leavitt, Elaine 
Homedale, Idaho 

Lewis, John E. 
Provo, Utah 

Walked away wl+h coveted Homecoming Queen 
crown . . . sparkling smile and a matching personal- 

Lefler, Thoroh William 
Heber City, Utah 

Larsen, Reed 
Richfield, Utah 

Lindgren, Claire 
Billings, Montana 




Mattice, Loj Rita 
Portland, Oregon 

Manzione, Joe 
Beaver, Utah 

Marler, Don L. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Marsden. Mary Jane 
Parowan, Utah 

Marble, DeLora 
Tremonton, Utah 

Massey, Valda Deze 
Vernal, Utah 

Maxfield, Joyce 
Provo, Utah 

Maxfield, E. Blair 
Delta, Utah 

Maxfield, Janyce 
Provo, Utah 

McFarlane, James 
Oakland, California 

Marler, Ben C. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

McBride, Mary 
Fillmore, Utah 

Mathis, Gerald W. 
St. George, Utah 

McAllister, Arnold 
St. George, Utah 

May, Ruth Ellen 
Baker, Oregon 

Matthews, Keith 
Midvale, Utah 

Marshall, Lora Lee 
Ogden, Utah 

Matthews, Lucille 
Liberty, Idaho 

Maycock, Lorna Jean 
Orem, Utah 

Maxwell, Afton 
Peoa, Utah 

Markham, Keith G. 
Ontario, Oregon 

McKell, Sterling 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Manwaring, Barbara 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

McLaren, Joanne 
Provo, Utah 

Deminutive but dynamic co-ed . . . nofed for her 
performance of hard work , . . one of the busiest 
gals on campus but always found time to be help- 
ful and friendly. 


McMillan, Daniel H. 
Heber, Utah 

Mendenhall, Janice 
Mapleton, Utah 

Miles, Duane O. 
Great Falls, Montana 

Merrill, R. Reese 
.RIeasant Grove, Utah 

Mellor, Hilda LaPriel 
Fayette, Utah 

Mulkay, Lewis 

Pacific Grove, California 

Money, Ed 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Merrell, Glade 
Duchesne, Utah 

Nelson, J. R. 
Heber, Utah 

Moyes. A. Arisen 
Murbough, Idaho 

Money. Fred 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Melander, Vernon L. 
Boise, Idaho 

Monson, Nadine 

American Fork, Utah 

Miles, John K. 
Price, Utah 

Meyer, Vola Claire 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Mendenhall, Bruce 
Springville, Utah 

Miles, David 
Price, Utah 

Murphy, Don 

Beach, California 

Moffimer, George A. 
Montcloir. N. J, 

Myers, Violate 
Boise, Idaho 

Michie, Amber 
Tabiona, Utah 

Miller, Marilyn 

Monterey Park, California 

Meldrum, Luan 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Milner, Frank J. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Miller. Dick 

Arlington, Virginia 

■ Miller, Margaret 
Herrman, Utah 

Morrisey. Robert* 
Joliet, llinois 

Miller, Michael 
Huntington Park, 

Mellor, Carl 
Fayette, Utah 

Moore, Heber G. 
Belfry, Montana 



Moore, Lenoard 
Provo, Utah 

Munger, Bertha 1 

Seattle, Washingtdn 

Morrow, Bob 

Krebs, Oklahoma 

Montgomery, Vern 
North Ogden, Utah 

Mitchell, Rex H. 
Nyssa, Oregon 

Naef. Ralph G 
Downey, Idaho 

Naldef, Nadine 
San Francisco, California 

Nelson, Jack A. 

Bellftower, California 

Myers. Lo!s Rae 
Ephraim, Utah 

Nielsen, Marlene B. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 



Nelson. Merla 

Oveson, M. Gene 

Oveson, Levi W. 

Peterson, Marilyn 



Rexburg, Idaho 

Tooele, Utah 

St. Johns, Arizona 




and, Oregon 

Nielsen, Melvin 



Peterson, Jim 



Pedersen, Keith 

Vallejo, California 

Randolph. Ut 


Salt Lake City, Utah 

Parma, Idaho 

Tooele, Utah 

Orfon, Wayne L 


d, Floyd 



Jim W.* 


Marvin E. 


Owen R. 

Clearfield, Utah 


dian, Idaho 

Provo, Utah 

Copperton, Utah 


lante, Utah 

Nord, William J. 






, Glen A. 


Victor William 

Ogden, Utah 


in, Nevada 

Phoenix, Arizona 


nish Fork, Utah 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

OaMey, Marylln 

Petersen, Jack 


, Robert W. 

Patterson, Ronald M. 


James L. 

Boise, Idaho 

Lyman, Wyoming 

Bakersfield, California 


Johns. Arizona 

Price, Utah 

Peterson, Lois Verena 

Parker, Colleen 

Peterson, Jilene 

Olpin, Guy 

Peterson, Keith L 

Kimberly, Idaho 

Clinton, Utah 

American Fork, Utah 

Heber, Utah 

Lehi, Utah 

Orrock, Beverly 

Peay, Jack 

Olsen, Orson LaMar 

Peterson, Winfield 

Porter, LeRoy E. 

Joseph, Utah 

San Diego, Californ 


Price, Utah 

Winona, Minn. 

Provo, Utah 

Olsen, Pat 

Peterson, John R. 

Patrick, Morris 

Pincock. George D. 

Paris, Annette 

Ogden, Utah 

Phoenix, Arizona 

Springville. Utah 

Sugar City, Idaho 

Austin, Texas 

Olsen, Ralph A. 

Piatt, Robert 

Packard, Von 

Perry, Wm. P. 

Poukon, Henry Brooks 

Provo, Utah 

Paul, Idaho 

Provo, Utah 

Helper, Utah 

Richfield, Utah 

Olson, Ruth 

Price, Gloria 

Olsen, Raymond Glen 

Pollock, James L. 

Putnam, Howard H. 

Manila, Utah 

Ogden, Utah 

Provo. Utah 

Nampa. Idaho 

Woodruff, Utah 

Reed, Frances 
Denver, Colorado 

Rampton, George O. 
Syracuse, Utah 

Rodeback, Shirley N. 
Vernal, Utah 

Robertson, Don S. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Richardson, Clarelle 
Safford, Arizona 

Rhodes, Jim 
.Rrovo, Utah 

Rees, Roma Dee 
Richfield, Utah 

Raynard, Eunice 
Fresno, California 

Rasmussen, Anne 
Ogden, Utah 

Ripplinger. Don 
Ogden, Utah 

Robinson. Betsy 
American Fork, Utah 

Ravsten, Vernon F. 
Heyburn, Idaho 

Reid, Rita 

St .George, Utah 

Reinsch, Cecil A. 
Whittier, California 

Richardson, Newell Kay 
Safford, Arizona 

Quigley, Blaine 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Reed, Karma 
Ririe, Idaho 

Ray, Joye 
Ogden, Utah 

Popular Delaware lass . . . applied lier time well to 
Y.C.'s and Cesta Tie . . .one of fhe spark pbgs ol 
the Prom committee. 

Richards, Joan L. 

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 

Robbins, Darvel 
Tremonton, Utah 

Roberts, Elliot D. 
Fort Worth, Texas 


Rowberry, Richard L. 






Edwin M. 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 




kin, Utah 


Pleasant, Utah 

Schow, Robert 

Rowe, Lucille 


Mary Lou 


Burns R. 

Layton, Utah 






rath. Alberta, Canada 

Schenk, Viola Maria 

Shaw, Seima 


er, Laureen 



Wenatchee, Washington 



St. G 

3orge, Utah 


( Springs, Wyoming 

Secrist, Charlena 

Rollins, Phil 

Schaltz, R 

onald W. 

Sewell, Mary 

Ogden, Utah 

Lyman, Wyoming 


Uevf York 

Driggs, Idaho 

Sederholm, Carl 

Russon, Lisle 

Seely, Ka 

y Gee 

Sharp, Louise 

Brigham City, 


Lehi, Utah 



Salt Lake City, Utah 

Rushton, Darrel 

Schwa ntes ,Beth 



Sanders, Catherine 

Ruth, Nevada 

Douglas, Arizona 



San Bernardino, California 

Sailed through his junior year with energy and am- 
bition . . . gave unlimited service to Gamnna Tau, 
class presidency, and track participation. 


Shell, George 
Payson, Utah 

Smith, Burlce, M. 
Richfield, Utah 

Smith, David E. 

Mosltogan, Michigan 

Taylor, Lester 
Salem, Utah 

Taylor, Marilyn 
Garland, Utah 

Smit, Walter R. 

Madera, California 

Taylor, Janice 
•Rrovo, Utah 

Stapley, Donna Rae 
Orem, Utah 

Snelgrove, Philip 
Provo, Utah 

Snyder, lona 
Myton, Utah 

Smiih, John D. 
Sandy, Utah 

Smith, Karma 

Mt. View, Alberta, Canada 

Smith, Keith T, 

Porterville, California 

Stringham, Joanne 

Walla Walla, Washington 

Tanner, Janese 
Montpelier, Idaho 

Soderquist, Irene 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Stocks, Florence 

Long Beach, California 

Sweet, Richard 
ij^mn Falls, Idaho 

Shumway, Van L. 
Taylor, Arizona 

Smith, Luana 

LaVeme, California 


Sunderland, Doris 

Ellenburg Depot, New York 

Taylor, Leila Smith, Melva Fawn 

Smith, Oleno 
Ogden, Utah 

Smithson, AnnaVee 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Tanner, John W. 
Lomita, California 

Simpson, Clarice W. 
Thayne, Wyoming 

Magrath, Alberta, Canada 

i Shaell, Frederick R. ^^ 

^^ Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Shumway, Dale 
Shumway, Arizona 

Steck, J. Lowell 
Roy, Utah 

Stuckey, R. Dwight 

Greensboro, Noroth Carolina 

Central, Arizona 

Southwell, Donna Dea 
Rockland, Idaho 

Stratton, Emma 
Orem, Utah 

Smith, Leiand 

Snowflake, Arizona 

Stewart, Charles G. 
Ontario, California 

Stewart, Nelda/ 
Teton, Idaho 

Swan, Helen 
Orem, Utah 

Tayior^iiiohn A. 
P^o. ^tah ^ 

Smith. Georgia 
Ogden, Utah 

Smith, Jay M. 
Boise, Idaho 


Itk^^ ..'1 kte' 


Taylor, Ruth 
Provo, Utah 

Terry, Joyce 

Cedar City, Utah 

Thomas, Thomas V. 
Boise, Idaho 

Todd, Lorin R. 

Susanville, California 

Thackeray, Renee 
Croydon, Ufah 

Thomas, Claudi* Ray 
Rock Springs, Wyom 

Trotter, Paul A^ 
Provo, Utah 


,, William H. 

It Lake City, Utah 

Telford, Maxine Van Dyke, Jean 

Idaho Falls, Idaho Ogden, Utah 

Terry, Golden 

Spring City, Utah 

Turner, Bonnie Jean 
Hillsboro, Oregon 

Tribe, Carolyn 
Ogden, Utah 

Timm, Dorothy 
Callao, Utah 

Thomas, Patricia D. 

San Bernardino, California 

Wachsmuth, Jean 
Berwyn, Illinois 

f^wy, Rex N. 

Delta, Utah 

Terry, Velma 

St. George, Utah 

Teuscher, Norinne 
Montpelier, Idaho 

Thompson, Barbara 
Virginia, Idaho 

Terry, Velma 

St. George, Utah 

TIdwell, Marilyn 
McGill, Nevada 

Tuttle, Kathryn 
Castledale, Utah 

Tyau, Elmer D. S. 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Torgeson, Gilbert 
Glendale, California 

Thomson, Carolyn 
Ephraim, Utah 

Tovery, Norma 
Malad, Idaho 

Udall, Ivlary Louise 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Telchert, John A. 
Cokeville, Wyoming 

Torgeson, Carolyn 
Ogden, Utah 

Tyler, Doris 

Santa Clara, California 

Vieira, Emmanell 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Walker, Sanford 
Denver .Colorado 

Warner, Paul F. 
Morgan, Utah 

Wilkins, Arthell 
Rupert, Idaho 

Willlamsen, Joan 
Ogden, Utah 

West, Keith 

Rock Springs, Wyoming 

Walston, Milton L 
Spanish Fork, Utah 


Turner, Shirley Lou 

Santa Ana, California 

Toone, Marjorle 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Tipton, Monte Dee 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Tueller, Charlene 
Geneva, Idaho 

Taylor, William Hacklne 
Payson, Utah 

Van Slooten, Don 

Los Angeles, California 

Trottler, Wallace G. 
Richmond, California 

Tobler, Sharlene 
Nampa, Idaho 

Ward, Dennis 

Lethbridge, Canada 

Webb, Francis A. 

Hollywood, California 

Wells, Milton 
Tropic, Utah 

Vest, Arthur Dee 
Ogden, Utah 


Wilkins, George K. 
Provo, Utah 



White, Dot 
Ft. Stocktc 

n, Texas 

Wing, Joyce 

Phoenix, Arizona 

Whaanga, Albert 

Nuhaka, New Zealand 



Christ!, Texas 


Wm. Vernile 

Williams, M. LaMar 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Woodbury, John Bryce 
Hurricane, Utah 

Williams, George 

Winnemucca, Nevada 


, Dwayne A. 

X, Arizona 

Wood, Wanda 

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 



Wilcox, Leo C 


Wilson, Avard L 
Payson, Utah 

Wilson, Max 



Whiting, Ann 
Provo, Utah 

Wing, Leia 

Raymond, Alb 

erta, Canada 

Worthington, Ke' 
Nephi, Utah 


Warr, Carol 
Oakley, Idah 

Winegar, Maxine 
Ontario, Oreg 


Undoubtedly one of the friendliest fellows on cam- 
pus . . . numbered in the ranks of Delta Phi . . . 
valued for energetic and wilting application to any 



Woite, Kenneth 

Huntington Park, California 

Howard, Kenneth 
Orem, Utah 

Rees, Betty Lou 
Richfield, Utah 

Wright, Beverly 

Chula Vista, California 

Roberts, Jack 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Wright, Joseph M. 

Los Angeles, California 

Young, Nolan G. 
Ririe, Idaho 

Woolley, Quentin 
Vernal, Utah 

Wiberg, Marilyn 
Roy, Utah 

Zwahlen, Kenneth 
Murray, Utah 

Blair, Frank 
Ogden, Utah 

Williams, Glenn R. 
Kemmerer, Wyoming 

Rowe, Betty Jean 

Grand Junction, Colorado 

Welch, Arthur 

Cowley, Wyoming 

Worsley, Linda 

Pasadena, California 

Young, J. Lowe 
Perry, Utah 

Wright, Wm. Lloyd 
American Fork, Utah 

Displayed unexcelled dramatic talent . . . combined 
sophistication and charm to acquire many admirers. 



Sponsors of the Loan 
Fund Ball . . . fad cons- 
cious and energetic . . . 
connplain about too many 
lessons . . . talk about the 
fun they had as freshmen . . . 
idealists and Financial Fanticists. 


Pat Pomsroy 

cla05 of 

Jim Paramore and 
Glade Tregaskls (Camera shy) 
Class Representatives 

Shirley Killpacl 

The 1952 Sophomore Loan Fund Ball was 
capably directed by these class officers. 
Additional duties consisted of selecting and 
organizing special committees and caring 
for finances of the Loan Fund. 


5 ■ ^•^ ■■ »S SS^ 


Joana Hobbs 



Adams, Don Carles 
Bonners Ferry, Idafio 

Allen, Bruce 

Circleville, Utah 

Anderson, Pat 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Allen, Merle M. 
Prescott, Arizona 

Anderson, Jeanne 
San Diego, California 

Anderson, Duwayne 
Portland, Oregon 

Anderson, Rolaine 
Koosharem, Utah 

Ahlstrom, Sherrie 
Provo, Utah 

Allred, LaVoy C. 
Provo, Utah 

Akita, Alice Moha 

Kekaha, Kauai, Hav/aii 

Aaron, Betty 

Evanston, Wyoming 

Adamson, Kathleen 
Heber, Utah 

Athay, Lois 
Paris, Idaho 

Austin, Dorothy 
Provo, Utah 

Ash, Donald B. 
Lehi, Utah 

Anderson, Margaret 
Grover, Wyoming 

Allen, Keith Jay 
Tooele, Utah 

Abbett, Paul Lynn 
Longview, Texas 

Appah, Thomas Grant 
Duchesne, Utah 

Adams, Claude 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Asplund, Geraldine 

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 

Antrim, Morgan G. 
Los Angeles, California 


Valued standout of the sophomore class . . . ac- 
quired admiration for his genuineness, basketball 
artistry, and sportsmanship. 

Aldrldge, Everet* Anderson, Carole 

Allen, Shirley 



erta, Canada Neph 

i, Utah 

Burlington. North Carolina Kemnnerer. Wyonning 

Arafiles. Mildred Atwood, Opal 

Honolulu, Oahu Spanish Fork, Utah 

Allred, Jack 


ah Sprin 

g City. 


Bagnall, Marilyn Rao Brady, Gordon L. 
Perris, California Fairview, Utah 



Bullock, Jane 
Utah Provo, Utah 

Ashworth, Robert T. Allen, Lael 
Las Vegas, Nevada Cove, Utah 

Alder, Edgar Anderson 
Trout Creek, Utah 

Allred, Richard D. 
Burley, Idaho 

Allen, Marlene Bee Anderson, 
Vale, Oregon St. John 


Anderson, Bonnie 
St. Johns, Arizona 

Allen, Virginia 
Prescott, Arizona 

Brush, Barbara Dean Boyle, Patricia 
Palo Alto, California Long Beach, 


Belliston, Ara 
Nephi, Utah 

Black, Colleen 

Snowflake, Arizona 

i I mi f 1 - jOHP \ 1^ 


Brown, Raymon — Cedar Clt-y, Utah 

Brown, Jean — Mantl, Utah 

Brown,, Pat — Balcer, Nevada 

Brown. Kent L. — Spokane, Washington 

Brown, Kathleen — Phoenix, Arizona 

Bradshaw, Marilyn — Ogden, Utah 
Bytendorp, Ralph S. — Sandy, Utah 
Brodrick, R. Lee — Roosevelt, Utah 
Bramall, Marie — Springville, Utah 
Bowen, Lou Jeanne — American Fork, Utah 

Bunker, Reed— Delta, Utah 
Brambilla, Eunice M. — Wellsboro, Penn. 
Bunker, Darleen — American Fork, Utah 
Borup, Keith T. — Emmett, Idaho 
Bennett, Raquel — Orem, Utah 

Barney, Austin — Ferron, Utah 
Bates, Kenneth — Spokane, Washington 
Bagwell, Radeen — Manassa, Colorado 
Burnham, Lewis — Blanding, Utah 
Beatty, Kenneth S. — Hurricane, Utah 

Beazer, Bill— Provo, Utah 

Brockbank, Joyce — Provo, Utah 

Baum, Lowell — Provo, Utah 

Bartels, Dorthy — Columbus, Nebraska 

Beckstead, John — Los Angeles, California 

Burton, Helen Miriam — Malad, Idaho 
Bleak, William — Murrietta, California 
Bacon, Kenneth — Hollywood, California 
Burton, Leah — Afton, Wyoming 

Bartlett. Clyde R.— Tridell, Utah 
Berge, Bill — Coalinga, California 
Bushman, Helen — Snowflake, Arizona 
Bushman, Frances — Joseph City, Arizona 9 

Bloomquist, Milton R. — Duchesne, Utah 
Bigler, Margaret — Provo, Utah 
Buhler, Donna — Midway, Utah 
Bjarnson, J. Gerald — Springville, Utah 




L" J. 

Sratt, Ross Lee 
Spray, Oregon 

Brim. LaVern 
Downey, Idaho 

Buckley, Jayne 
Ely, Nevada 

Case, Deane 

Mt. Emmons, Utah 

Chase, Gw«n 

Berkeley, palifornia 

DeFriez, Bryce 
Provo, Utah 

Beardall, Bonnie 
Mapleton, Utah 

Bagley, Carolyn , 
Koosharem, Utah 

man, George E. 
McCammon, Idaho 

f Clark, Thomas H. 
Oakley, Idaho 

Buchanan, Richard 
Richfield, Utah 

Baker, Dawn 
Monroe, Utah 

Bagley, Irving 

Huntington Park, California 

Carroll, Robert 
Moab, Utah 

Baer, Ted 

Berkeley, California 

Bean, Gaylon W. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Beck, Paul A. 
Centerfield, Utah 

Brimhall, James W. 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Craig, Wes 

Portland, Oregon 

Crowther, Wllford 
Malad, Idaho 

fiarfsH, John 

Tarrplciton. Mass. 

Bairer, Barbara 
Kimberly, idaho 

Bayles, finleV'lH. 
Btiiihding, Utah 

Birch, Nell J. 

Rosevllle, California 

Boyack, Beverly 

Seattle, Washington 

Baker, Marlene 
■~^ Phoenix, Arizona 

Borgholthaus, Ab 
Payette, Idaho 

Besendorfer, Walburg 
Heber, Utah 

Battad, Marvel 

Capaa, Kauai, Hawaii 

Baker, Beverly 
Rexburg, Idaho 

Brandley, Patricia 

Stirling, Alberta, Canada 

Bailey. Elaine 
Escalante, Utah 

Beck, Dorthene 
Provo, Utah 

Buchanan, Phil 
Richfield, Utah 

Bagley, Leola 
Koosharem, Utah 

Christensen, Darlino 
Centerfield, Utah 

Clay, Lou Rae 

Hutchinson, Kansas 

Crow. Nannette 

Monrovia, California 


Cloward, Jewell 
Rayson, Utah 

Cluff, Oretta Jeanne 
Central, Arizona 

Carlile, Don F. 
Heber. Utah 

Crandall, Ronald 

Sacramento, California 

Coates, Zada 
Gunnison, Utah 

Kepi busy as renowned and popular secretary-Treas- 
urer of the sophomore class . . . always had a smile 
for everyone. 

Christoffersen, Leo 
Lehi, Utah 

Camp. Virgil 
Provo, Utah 

Christensen, Ralph 
Detroit, Michigan 


Call, Marion 
Rigby, Idaho. 

Caldsr, Mary Alice ^^ 
Vernal, Utah „ m\ 

Call, Eria Mae 
Bancroft, Idaho 

Carr, Donna H. 
Logan, Utah 

Carr, Ken 
Ceres, California 

jphristian, JoAnne 
Pioche, Nevada 

Campbell, Gene 
Colton, Oregon 


Call, Reed 
Malad, Idaho 

Carr, Norman 

Modesto, California 

Call, Joyce 

Citrus Heights, California 

Cowley, Ruth 
Heber, Utah 

Cahoon, Carol 
Fillmore, Utah 

Caldwell, Don A. 
Midvale, Utah 

Carpenter, Gordon 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Church, George 
Erie, Pennsylvania 

Christensen, Richard M. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Chappelle, Marie 

Santa Monica, California 

Collett Carma Laynee 
Baltimore, Maryland 

itl t\iA m 


Noted for unique sense of humor and unlimited 
capacity for work . . . gave much time to Legis- 
lative Council and Brickers and occasionally Y Press. 

Clegg, Dennis A. 
Hober, Utah 

Carter. Ross 
Provo, Utah 

Clark. Loretta 
Yuba City. California 

Clarke. Colleen 
Pocatello. Idaho 

Cundick, Geraiee 

Santa Barbara. California 

Colver. Jay 

Alhambra. California 

Crystal, Ralph 

American Fork. Utah 

Carver. Dale R. 
Boise. Idaho 

Clegg. Ruth Jolene 
Provo, Utah 

Cooley. Kathryn 
Washington, D.C. 

Coatsworth. Richard R. 

Edmonton. Alberta, Canada 

Clayson. Douglass 
Santaquin, Utah 

Clark, Dorothy 
Springville, Utah 

Waters, Clifford Ray 
Richmond, California 

Colman, Ronald 

Monrovia, California 

Clark, Margaret 
Novate, California 

Conger, Lois 

Seattle, Washington 

Carter, Robert 
Miami. Arizona 

Clark. John C. 
Ely. Nevada 

Camenlsh. Kay 
Provo. Utah 

Cram, Deryl 

Las Vegas. Nevada 

Curtis. Sale B. 
Burley. Idaho 

Crider. Zelma 

Palmyra. New York 

Crump. Sherman 
Sandy, Utah 


Dalton, John M. — Pontiac, Michigan 
Dayton, Barbara — Cokevillo, Wyoming 
Cahoon, Annelia Jane — Delta, Utah 
Clyde, Kay^Heber City, Utah 
Cornish, Karma Jean — Cove, Utah 

Dixon, Fred — Provo, Utah 
Dike, Roy W.— Babbitt, Nevada 
Dickson, Janet — Enumclaw, Washington 
Dixon, Douglas W. — Provo, Utah 
Dibble, Jane — Glendale, California 

Diehl. Paul L— Wichita, Kansas 
'Denny, Ray — Downey. Idaho 
Donaldson, Shelly — Silver City, Nevada 
Dixon, Ann — No. Vancouver, Canada 
Doerr, Robert R. — Lovell, Wyoming 

Doxey, Margaret — Los Angeles, California 
Dredge, Audrey — Caldwell, Idaho 
Dredge, David Dale — Caldwell, Idaho 
Droubay, Bertha — ^Tooele, Utah 
Dustin, Marjory Dawn — ^Annie, Idaho 

Dudding, Monagene — Chandler, Arizona 

Dunford, Diane — iP.rovo, Utah 

Dunford, Harold — Provo, Utah 

Duerden, Vanda Lee — Spokane, Washington 

Dyal, Mabel — Live Oak, Florida 

Davis, Lorrin R. — Orem, Utah 

Davis, Marilyn — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Davis, Reed — ^Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Davis, Shirley — Provo, Utah 

Davis. Dan Lee — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Davis, William C. — China Lake, California 
Davis, Marylyn — Bicknell, Utah 
Davis, Cora Lou — Molokai. Hawaii 

DeGraw, Barton — Union, Oregon 
Deuel, Wallace — Panquitch, Utah 
Devey, Richard C. — ^American Fork, Utah 
Dalby, Pat — Montebello. California 


Duesenberry, Richard 
Burbank, California 

Elder, Quintin 
Provo, Utah 

Earl, Mauree L. 
Provo, Utah 

Egbert. W 


Ford, Dixon 

Wallsburg, Utah 

Field. Beulah 

Evanston, Wyoming 

Espinosa, Lyie 

Sanford, Colorado 



Flnlinson. Bryce R. 
Oak City, Utah 

Te^nnay, Eugene 


East ,tv1arla 

Phoenix, Arizona 

Ellett, LaRae 
Columbia. Utah 

Eagar, Karl 
Eagar, Arizona 

Francis, Rell G. 
Springville, Utah 

Feulner, Donna Mae 
Magna, Utah 

Francis, Jean 
Taber, Alberta, Canada 

Grant, Grace ; 
McGill, NeN^da 

Gorringe, Hal 
Oakley, Idaho 

Fife, Devon 
Idaho Falls, Id 




1 Edston, 
1 Ancti 





Las Vec 


as, Nevada 

Erekson. Paul 
Provo, Utah 



Utah .-"'"' 

-Ensign, , 


ale, California 

Evans, Pa 



Erickson, Lorna 

Richland, Washington 


dale, California 

Fife, James D 


Eccles, Ju 

stin T. 

Edgerton, Nancy 

Manhattan Beach, California 

Flower, Judson 

El Cajor, California 

Ford, Leland 


Fullmer, Owen L. 
Springville, Utah 

Frandsen, Glenn Ray 
Springville, Utah 






rta, Canada 


Foreman, Jenne 
Lehi, Utah 


Fisher, Janice 
Jensen, Utah 

Assumed duties of Honor council, Y.C.'s, Nautilus, 

sophomore vice-president . . . general ability is 
supplemented by personal charm and intelligence. 

Gowans, Alice Jane 
Erie, Pennsylvania 

Gruver, Richard 

Richland, Washington 

Goodwin, Dale 
Panacs, Nevada 

GIbby, Marlow 
Roseburg, Oregon 

Gunnell, Robert 

Soda Springs, Idaho 

Green, Paul D. 

Bingham Canyon, Utah 

Greenwood, Ned 
Eagar, Arizona 

Gigliotti, Shirley 
Helper. Utah 


Green, Lucille 
Phoefiix, Arizona 

Garriclc, T. Howard 

Inglewood, California 

Gonzales. Howard 

Long Beach, California 

Gines, Geraldine 
'Jerome. Idaho 


Goaslind, Carol 
Preston, Idaho 

Gregson, ,Ratricia 
Provo, Utah 

Greathouse, Don E. 
Lynndyl, Utah 

Gates, Hugh I. 
Hurricane, Utah 

Goins. Joan 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Graham, Shaw 
Orem. Utah 

Gallagler. Wiliam 

Los Angeles, California 

Gifford, Grant 

Columbia Falls, Montana 

Greer, Deon 
Provo, Utah 

Goodell, Robert 
Gering, Nebraska 

Goodridge, William 
Provo, Utah 

Gardner, Samuel H. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 



Musically inclined sophomore . . . directed R.O.T.C 
and mixed choruses . . . earned many friends with 
his dignified unassuming manner. 

Harper, Vaughao 

Hamabatd, Gloria 


J. Mark 




Bellflower, California 


ulu, Hawaii 




, Arizona 

Haskell, Thales 





Hall, Barbara 

Lovell, Wyoming 



St. Jc 

hns, Arizona Springville, Utah 

Hale, Glen B. 


Max D 




Hanks, M 


Blackfoot, Idaho 


urn, Ide 



g, Alber 

ta, Canada Salem, 


Hays, K 

Bith C. 




Hammond, Helen 

Grant, Jack 

Las V 






St. Anthony, Idaho 

Nampa, Idaho 




, Leiith 

Haynie, Larry 

Hales, Glen 





Manassa, Colorado 

Elsinore, California 






Hall, Mary Carol 

Harman, J. Leor<ard 





h, Flori 


Richfield, Utah 

Salt Lake City, Utah 


Hyde, Nadine — Baler, Oregon 
Huggins, Alta — Globe, Arizona 
Huffaker, Phil — Ontario, Oregon 
Howell, Sheila — North Hollywood, Calif. 
Hiatt, Calvin — Mt. Airy, North Carolina 

Hunter, Dorothy — Alhambra, California 
Hunt, Dessie— Spanish Fork. Utah 
Hughes, Barbara — Orofina, Idaho 
Hogensen, Reed Lynn — Stirling, Al., Can. 
Howells, James M. — Midvale, Utah 

Hughes, Uoydine — Compton, California 
Hoover, Venice — Provo, Utah 
Holley, Nadine — McNary, Oregon 
Hobbs, Joana — Provo, Utah 
Hull, Chad — ^Twin Falls, Idaho 

Huff, Edward — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Howell, Arva — Draper, Utah 
Hulse, Clarence — Boise, Idaho 
Huish, Rogene B. — Seattle, Washington 
Hill, LaVar— Idaho Falls. Idaho 

Hill, Bruce P.— Walla Walla, Washington 

Hill, Paul M.— Ucon, Idaho 

Holt, Ralph M. — Long Beach, California 

Higa, Betty — Kohala, Hawaii 

Howell, J. Franklin — Fairview, Utah 

Hansen, Christene — Tetonia, Idaho 
Hansen, Kenneth — Burley, Idaho 
Hunger, Raelene — Lehi, Utah 
Hansen, Elmo — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Hall, Phyllis— Springville, Utah 
Harris, Aileen — Preston, Idaho 
Harris, Delores — Ashton, Idaho 
Harris, Muriel — Columbia Falls, Montana 

I vi ritf 

Harris, Darlene — Portland, Oregon 
Harris, Chet — Independence, Missouri 
Hyde, Charles R. — Springville, Utah 
Harris, Colleen — Provo, Utah 


Israelsen, Vione 
Hyrum, Utah 

Iverson, Loyal 

American Fork, Utah 

Hett, Paul M. 
McGill, Nevada 

Henria, Elolse 
Gunnison, Utah 

Hoggan, Robert 
Burley, Idaho 

Irwin, Grace J. 
Provo. Utah 

Hillyard, Marion 
Seattle, Washington 

Johnson, Ernest L 
Mesa, Arizona 

Johnson, Donald H. 
McGill, Nevada 

Johnson, Ted 
Biihl, Idaho 

Johnson, LaVon 
Payson, Utah 

Johnson, Clyde W. 
Seattle, Washington 

Johnson, Patricia 

Tennple City, California 

Jorgensen, Marva 
Deer Park, Florida 

Johnson, M. Dale 
Delta, Utah 

Jordan, Bonnie 
Draper, Utah 

Janties, Carolyn 
Pitovo. Utah 

Jessee, Elaine 
Springville, Utah 

Jenkins, Wayne 
Nampa, Idaho 

Jeppson, Lynne 
Ashton, Idaho 

Hsiqiiist, Ronella 
Kooiharsm, Utah 

Jewlei. Gtejidon,, ■ * 
Kehitwiorth, Utah 

Johnson, Douglas G. 
Santaquin. Utah 

Irons, Mary Lind 
Nephi, Utah 

Herburg, Nancy 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Johnson, Shirley May 

Walnut Creek. California 

Heaton, Flora May 
Hunter, Utah 

Ingersoll, Carl 
American Fork, Utah 

Johnson, Donalea Joost, Virginia 
Colonia Juarez, Chih.. Mexico Heber, Utah 

Johnson, Helen Marie Johnson, Gary 
Colonia Juarez, Chih., Mexico Nampa, Idaho 

Johnson, Patricia 
Preston, Idaho 

Jones, Lillian 
Duncan, Arizona 

Jorgenson, Marcia 
Deer Park, Florida 

Jones, Dean 

Sacramento, California 

Jensen, Ruth Ann 
Mapleton, Utah 

Jex, Joyce 
Provo, Utah 

Jenkins, Donnell 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Jones, Dixie 

Los Angeles, California 



Weil-ltlced and much-admired sophomore president 
from Mesa . . . proved his quality of getting along 
with others as fop Preferred Man. 

Jenkins, Gary 

Pendleton, Oregon 

Kenny, Jean 

Portola, California 

Kendo, Eleanor 
Kopaa, Kauai, Hawaii 

Jardine, Dee Thomas 
Ronton, Washington 

Kamavohe, Velma 

Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 

Kirby, Norma June 
Sanford, Colorado 

James, Joyce 
Provo, Utah 


Kofoed, Arvin 
Preston, Idaho 

KirUand, Granvel S. 
Glen St. Mary, Idaho 


Jackson, Betty 
Denver, Colorado 

Kohler, Zelda A 

Midway, Utah ^^ 

Knudsen, Wendell 

Farmington, New Mexico 


Karren, Tom 

Magrath, Alberta, Canada 

Jackson, Karma Rae 
Provo, Utah 

Jackson, Mary Kae 
Randolph, Utah 

Kochever, Norma Jean 
Grass Valley, California 

Kelley, John S. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Kofoed, Varleno 
Preston, Idaho 

Kemper. Marlene 

Cranford. Alberta, Canada 

Katzenbach, Jon 
Oram, Utah 

Kaleikau, EIroy 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

Kinnison, Lucy 
Pendleton, Oregon 

Killpack, Shirlee 
Wattis. Utah 

Kleinman, Wayne 
El Paso, Texas 


Kelly, Walter E 
Pocatelio, Idaho 

CKeerful A.M.S. Prexy from Denver . . . R.O.T.C., 
Delta Phi, and Vikings claimed additional time from 
this friendly and active sophomore. 

Larsen, BeHy 

Detroit, Michigan 

Larsen. Kent T. 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Latimer. Geraldine 
Nephi, Utah 

Larsen, Reid 
Firth. Idaho 

LeChemlnant, Blaine 
Los Angeles, California 

Lish, Raymond A. 
Pocatelio, Idaho 

Lewis, Ruth 

Douglas, Arizona 

Livingston, Lorna 
Craig. Colorado 

Lelegren, Earl 

Burbank, California 

Lee, Boyd 
Winslow, Arizona 

Lindsay, Var 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Kropf. Carol Dawn 
Woodland. California 

Larson, Tharia 
Delta, Utah 

Larsen, Bruce C. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Leavitt. LaNore 
Sulvang, California 

Larsen, Oscar 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Lewis. Robert 

St. Anthony, Idaho 

Lee. Zane F. 
Chilco, Idaho 

Linford. Carol 
Kaysville. Utah 

LeSueur. Joan 
Mesa, Arizona 

Leavitt, Glenna 
Hardin, Montana 

Little. Edith 

Gridley, California 

Lewis. Lorna 
Provo, Utah 


Manwaring, Joyce — San Mateo, California 

Maycocic, Loy — Fillmore, Utah 

Lunt, Marvin — Duncan, Arizona 

Lott, Rose LaRae— Walla Walla, Wash. 

Love, Arlene — Toledo, Ohio 

Madsen, Kathryn — Philadelphia, Penn. 
Madsen, Preston A. — Provo, Utah 
Madsen, Sally — Provo, Utah 
Martlndale. Donel — Burley, Idaho 
McKell, Melburn— Heber, Utah 

Mathews, Joyce — Panaca, Nevada 
Mathews, Wendell — ^Antimony, Utah 
McNelley, Lester R. — Bonnbay, India 
Martin, Donna Joy — Sunnyside, Washington 
Marlcham, Lucretia — Concord, California 

Mausy. Robert — iRhoenix, Arizona 
McKell, Lael— Spanish Fork, Utah 
McKinney, Farrell — Spring City, Utah 
McKell. Clair J.— Spanish Fork, Utah 
Matthews, Malcoinn — Evanston, Wyoming 

Mclnnes, Murray — Hinkley, California 
McFarland, Marilyn — San Gabriel, Calif. 
McCauley, Joy A. — Fresno. California 
Methvin, Pat — Natchitoches, Louisiana 
Mecham, Ray — Springville, Utah 

Lillywhite, Fern — Taylor, Arizona 
Loveridge, L. Neil — Ontario. California 
Lo. Naomi P. — Lanikai, Oahu, Hawaii 
Lomax, Charles — Portland, Oregon 

Lake, Jay — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Lang, Lois — St. George, Utah « 
Livingston, Robert E. — LaCanada. Califoro 
Litchfeld, Lorraine — Raymond, Alberta Caj 

Lawson, Roy — Boulder City, Nevada 
Laney, Weston — Boise, Idaho 
Lundberg, Don Charles — Washington. D.C. 
Liddiard, Robert M. — Provo, Utah 


Malstrom, Berth 
West Jordan. 


Merrill, Ronald 
Spokane, Was 


Minson, Jerry 
Idaho Falls, 



Merrill. Louis A. 
Swan Lake, Idaho 

Moon, Donna 
Craig, Colora 


Meranda. Thomas 
American Fork, Utah 


, Glenn 
ho Falls, 



Miller, William A. 
Beaver, Utah 

Mecham, Jean 
Mt. Emmersor 

. Utah 

Meibos, Barbara 

Long Beach, California 


on. New 



Miller, A 

nna Lou 

Murray, Mary 
Ashton, Idaho 

Moon, Kay 
Orem, Utah 

Miles, Dale B. 

Sunnyside, Washington 

Miller, Barbara 
Salt Lake City 


Mitchell, Aria 
Provo, Utah 

Murray, Dorothy 
Boise, Idaho 


ad, Idah 







Merrell, Reid L 
Duchesne, Utah 

Miller, Neil 
Tremonton, Utah 

Merrell. Rulon L. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 


Mason, Katie ^^^^^ 
Oalttand, Californi«^»»5s^ 

Miller, Muriel 
Paul, Idaho 

Miller, L. Ned 

Bingham Canyon, Utah 

Morrill, Marilyn 
Provo, Utah 

Moyle, Meridee 
jfsntotican Fork 


Miles, Donna 

Mt. Home, Utah 



, Washington 

Montgomery, Don 
Monrovia, California 

Morgan, Lee 
Kimberly, idal- 


Moore, Maynard C. 
Payson, Utah 

Midgley, Joanne 
Lake Villa, Illinois 

Mortensen, Joyce 
Riverside, Illinois 

Nelson, Mark H. 
Morgan, Utah 

Neville, Wendell 
Layton, Utah 

Nelson, Ronald 
Provo, Utah 

Nelson, Arvin W. 
Upaico, Utah 


Fun-loving, behind-the-scene lad from St. Louis . . 
put himself on the map with his talent for personal- 
ity projection . . . worked on A.M.S. Council, 

Nesson, Lota 

Centerville, Utah 

Oborn, Neldon 
Tooele, Utah 

Olsen, Betty 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Nielsen, Eloise 
Vernal, Utah 

Nielson, Delia 
Romeo, Colorado 

Odum, Ala Jean, Georgia 


Nowers, Vorno Josnn 
Beaver, Utah 

Nowlin, Jacquio J ^\ 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Ockey, LaRue 
Provo, Utah 

Nielsen, Lorna 

Bardwell, Alberta, Canada 

Nielson, Andrew J. 
Gresham, Oregon 

Olsen, Doreen 
Provo, Utah 


Neilson, Lorna 
Ogden, Utah 

Olsen, Ben LaMar 

Cardston, Alberta, Canada 

Otis, James R. 

McCammon, Idaho 

Nicholes. Frank 
American Fork, Utah 

Oscarson, Robert Don 
St. Louis. Missouri 

Oakes, Dallin H. 
Provo, Utah 

Newton, Charles 
Provo, Utah 

Nielsen, Ana 
Murray, Utah 

Owens, James Mervin 
Showlon, Arizona 

Niederhauser, Nadlne 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Norton, Marion 
Provo, Utah 

Ogden, Leila 
Richfield, Utah 


>jf«', .■-- 4...,?; J f'v 

Gained fame for dramatic and musical ability . . . 
charming wit . . . speech major who gave time to 
Y.C.'s and making friends. 

Nichols, Gloria 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Overfelt, Marilyn 
McGill. Nevada 

Ottosen, Marvin L. 
Tabiona, Utah 

Parent, Vernon F. 
Vernal. Utah 

Page, Merlyn 
Emmett, Idaho 

Pack, Marilynn 
Salem, Oregon 

Barberry, Dema 
Gering, Nebraska 

Passey, J. Bruce 
Ovid, Idaho 

Patjas, Saara 

Tampere, Finland 

Page, Betty 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Pehy, JoAnne 
Ogden, Utah 

Perreira, Malle 

Walluku, Maui, hHawaii 

Oveson, Jo 

Pendleton, Oregon 

Parker, Sarah 

Portland. Oregon 

Pace, Milton G. 
.Phoenix, Arizona 

Packham, H. Richard 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Payne, William H, 
Duncan, Arizona 

Perry. Kenn 
Provo. Utah 

Peck. N. Thomas 
Hinkley. California 

Peacock. Arnold 
Eimonte, California 

Palfreyman. W. Russell 
Sprlngville, Utah 

Palmer. Helen LaMar 
Pasadena, California 

Packard, Trilby 

Longview, Washington 

Palmer, Claire 
Vernal, Utah 


Pritchett. Bob — Spokane. Washington 
Probst, Wayne W. — Midway, Utah 
Preiss. Bette — Phoenix, Arizona 
Robinson, Carel — Phoenix, Arizona 
Prestwich, Kent — Provo, Utah 

Painter, Reed — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Peterson, Elaine — Nyssa, Oregon 
Peteron, Adrienne — Nyssa, Oregon 
Roylance, Merlene — McSIII, Nevada 
Poulson, Joyce — Richfield, Utah 

Redd, Marilyn — Monticello, Utah 
Rankers, Margaret — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Rawlins, Stephan L— Walla Walla, Wash. 
Roberts. Howard — Mesa, Arizona 
Ray, Shirley Nadine — San Antonio, Texas 

Randall, Shirley B. — Centerville, Utah 
Rainwater, Sylvia — Bennet+sville, S.C. 
Redd, Mason — Monticello, Utah 
Radichel, Melvin — New York, New York 
Richards, Carol — American Fork, Utah 

Rasband. Boyd — Heber, Utah 
Reinties, Carolyn — Linton, Indiana 
Richardson, Jorth — Virden, New Mexico 
Reinhardt, Maxine — jountiful, Utah 
Rasmussen, Hylda Eulena — Fillmore, Utah 

Pratt, Patricia— Delta, Utah 
Purdy, Ralph M. — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Peck, Sandra — Santa Barbara, California 
Peck, Earl— Lehi, Utah 

,P,ond, Marilyn — Detroit, Michigan 
Price, Alvin O. — Tucson, Arizona 
Pratt, Jean— Delta, Utah 
Prows. Bernard L. — Kanosh, Uta 


Potter, Hal F. — Fresno, California 
Preece, Bruce — Vernal, Utah 
Phillips, Ronald — Provo, Utah 
Potter, Albert R.— Loa. Utah 


Remund, RaVae 
Hober, Utah 

Robison. Charole 
Rexburg. Idaho 

Robertson, Dona 
Los Angeles. 

Id R. 

Rosenlof. Janet 
Portland. Ore 


Richan, lla 

American Forlc. Utah 

Rudd. Donna L 
Walla Walla. 


Ross. La 


Rooks. Patricia 
Grass Valley. 


Rich. Rolayne 
Columbia Falls, Montana 

Rounds. Cliff 
Boise. Idaho 

Rigby. R 


Riggs. Marilyn 
Hatch. Utah 

Samuleson, Virginia 
Prescott, Arizona 

Salerno. Helen 
Provo. Utah 


H. Ear 

Sato. Esther 
Paia. Maui, H 


Shepherd. Lynn 
Montpelier. Idaho 

Saunders. Sally F. 
American Fork. Utah 

Schow. E 

te. Utah 

Schlegel, Walter 
Lake Villa, Illinois 

Robins. Lamon 
Delta, Utah 

Roberts. Dean 
Vernal. Utah 


Robinson. Connie 
American Fork. Utah 

Rohner. Sori 

Inglewood. California 

Robertson. Lenore ^^]^X^ 
Los Angeles. CalJfothis 

Robinson. Klar 
Richfield. Utah 

Ruppe. Shirley 
Vernal. Utah 

Rowley, Eddie 
Roosevelt. Utah 

Richmond. Ruth 
Provo, Utah 

Rich. Nancy 
Los Angeles. 


Rooker, Frances 
Modesto. California 

Sanders, Jean 
Farmington. Utah 

Sandberg. Joseph 
Grantsville. Utah 

Salisbury. Ron 
Los Angeles. 



. Robert 
City. Utah 

Smith, Dale H. 

Riverside. California 

Shaw. Richard 
Liberty. Utah 

Reynolds. Shirlene 
Fairfield. Montana 




Sargent, Jay B. 
Orem. Utah 

Smith, Phyllis J. 
Portland. Oregon 

Sparks, George C. 
Nampa, Idaho 

Stowell, Betty Ray 
NephI, Utah 

Thomas, Jean Opal 
Malad, Idaho 

Smith, Melvin J. 
Venice, California 

Stowell, Sienna 
Duncan, Arizona 

Stolworthy, Donna 
Orem, Utah 

Thurber, Stanley P. 
Dingle, Idaho 

Schmitt, Howard 
Gresham, Wisconsin 

Spencer, Stanley 
Escalante, Utah 

Smith, Patsey 

Hagerman, Idaho 

Thomas, Rex 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Shield, Bryce Montgomery 
Provo, Utah 

Sorensen, Stanford 
Driggs, Idaho 

Skousen, Bill 
K^esa, Arizona 

Thompson, Clair 
Weston, Idaho 

Smith, Carol 
Shelton, Nebraska 

Stephenson, Kay V. 
McCammon, Idaho 

Sorensen, Mary Anne 
Richfield, Utah 

Simmons, Joyce 

Los Angeles, California 

Sprague, Kathleen 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Smith, J. Norman 
LaJara, Colorado 

Seastrand, Steve 
American Fork, Utah 

Sorensen, Margaret A. 
Alhambra, California 

Smith, Leia 

Burlingame, California 

Shumway, Miles 
Shumway. Arizona 

Steele, Berenice 

Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Sinclair, Eugene 
Payette, Idaho 

Tingey, Marsel 
Springville, Utah 

Thayne, Gordon 
Prove, Utah 

Thompson, Bob 
Malta, Idaho 

Vreeland, Janica 

Los Angeles, California 


Stebbing, William E. — Baltimore, Maryland 
Stocks, Bruce D. — Burley, Idaho 
Stubbs. Byron — Provo, Utah 
Stout. DoMar— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Stockdale, Barbara — Stockton, California 

Stocking, Norma Jo — Murray, Utah 
Smith, Mary — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Stewart, Earl Dean — Provo, Utah 
Stoddard, Gloris — Montpelier, Idaho 
Stewart, Zona — Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Stoops, Ronald — ^Waynesboro, Penn. 
Syme, Georgia — Provo, Utah 
Stewart, Merwin — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Thomas, Robert D.— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Summerhayes, Charles — Berkeley, Calif. 

Strlngham, Marcia — Elgin, Oregon 
Swasay, Ardell — Duchesne, Utah 
Starley, Jean — Burley, Idaho 
Tanner. Askel H. — Provo, Utah 
Tebbs, Marian — Cowley, Wyoming 

Thorne. Janice — Provo, Utah 
Swann, Grace — Preston, Idaho 
Tanner. Rolf R. — Lomita, California 
Thurman. Newel L. — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Thelin, Josie V. — Cardston, Alberta Can. 


Standage, Delbert — Mesa, Arizona 
Stevenson, Dwayne — Mt. Home. Utah 
Smith, Melva Ann — Sandy, Utah 
Staley, Gail J. — Kimberly, Idaho 

Stenquist, Leiand Gus — Tremonton, Utah 

Stringfellow, Val— Provo, Utah ^^~ ^H 

Struble, Jackie— Cedar City, Utah fg yTM Mm 

Standford, Doris — Los Angeles, California ^^^W ^^^T' 

Sapley, Marilyn — Beaver, Utah 
Stuart, Nathan— Woodruff, Utah 
Strong, Alice — American Fork, Utah 
Stringer, Atherton — Tolero, Washington 


Thomas, Dale 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Thomas, Betty Ann 

Rapid City. South Dakota 

Tucker, Clyde L. 
Mesa, Arizona 

Warner, Martha Mae 
Richfield, Utah 

Thomas, Dorothea 
LaJara, Colorado 

Thompson, Barbara Ann 
Warsaw, Indiana 

■ fij?ter, Jacqueline 
Murray, Utah 

Vaiig}(n, Cheryldene 
Malad, Idaho 

T!dwe)t^ Don 

Homedale, Idaho 

Taylor, David A. 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Taylor, John W. 
Provo, Utah 

Vorwaller, L Blaine 
Tooele, Utah 

Tuttis, Carol Jeane 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Wheeler, Doretta 
Buhl, Idaho 

Taylor, Dixie 
Provo, Utah 

Wade, Bonnie 

Los Angeles. California 

Wasden, Barry 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

WaHs, Don 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Wllkie, Mae 
Safford, Arizona 

Wilson, Lawrence 
Roosevelt. Utah 

Tftomas. £dwafd Blain 
\ S^ftish Fork. Utah 

Timottiy, Emily 
.SaJt Lake City. Utah 

Taylor, Donrjetta 
Paro#;SnT Utah 

Tyler. Reed L. 
Pocatello. Idaho 

Watt. Barbara 

Lansing, Michigan 

Thomas. Burdle 
Arlington. Virginia 

Tanner. Lillias Ann 
Preston, Idaho 

Turner. Rodney F. 
Bluffdale, Utah 

Ungerson, Grant 
Orem, Utah 

Westenskow, Lowell 
Imbler, Oregon 


Tregaskis, Glade 

American Fork, Utah 

Tingey, Garth L. 
Springvllle, Utah 

Turner. Charles 

Los Angeles, California 

Viles, Eileen 

Nogales, Arizona 

Wells, Jerald L. 
Joseph, Utah 

Tueller, Nedra 
Mesa, Arizona 

Taylor, Carolyn 

Raymond, Alberta, Canada 

Taylor, Marolyn 

Raymond, Alberta, Canada 

Walton, Gayle 
Provo, Utah 

Whitear, Glenn 
Ogden, Utah 

Winget, — J. Oscar 
Monroe, Utah 

Woo+en, Madelyn 
Heber, Utah 

Wright, Curtis 
Sandy, Utah 

Weight, Glen Aldous 
Springville, Utah 

Werrett, Bill 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Wilkins, Delora 

Ramah, New Mexico 

Willardson, Carma 

National City, California 

Y<t\inq, Val J. 

Huntington, Utah 

Whiting, Marilyn 
Mapleton, Utah 

Wride, C. Hayward 
American Fork, Utah 

Woffinden, Arthur 
Orem, Utah 

Wagstaff, Gay 
Tablona, Utah 

ZoBell, Gordon 
Lake View, Utah 

Whetten, Larry 

Grand Junction, Colorado 

Willianns, Maurine 
Lynnan, Wyoming 

Wynder, F. Curtis 

Hillspring, Alberta. Canada 

Young, Mttzi 

San Mateo, California 


Gallup, New Mexico 

Winter, Rue Ann 

American Fork, Utah 

Williams, Paul G. 
Tooele, Utah 

\ Wrttiams. Slen Lee 

I ,Malad. Idaho 

EWood, Ctalr S. ? '">' 

Holdefl, Utah ,»--•'■"■'■'" 

ZiWiig, H. Roy 

Wenatchee, Washington 

White. Dick 

Casper. Wyoming 

Wilson, John L. 
Geneseo, Illinois 

Winkler, Beth 
Blue Bell, Utah 

Young, Marilyn L. 
Provo, Utah 

Zobell, Keith W. 
Rohan, Montana 

Westover, Robert N. 
Provo, Utah 

Willes, Vera 

Poison, Montana 


Wootton, Richard 
Washington, D. C. 

Wrathall, Carolyn 
American Fork. Utah 

Yamakawa, Takamasa 
Zlvshi. Japan 

Winter, John Lewis 
American Fork, Utah 

Winone. Tlllack 

Vancouver. Canada 

Womack, Glen 
Myton, Utah 

Grover, C. Leavitt 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Chrlstensen, Winslow 
Antonito, Colorado 

Whitehead, Lee M. 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Wong, Anne 

Honolulu. Hawaii 


First received a royal wel- 
come, then a royal hazing 
. . . annoyed by research 
papers . . . annazed at upper 
classmen versatility . . . fasci- 
nated by the "carefree college 
daze" . . . always ready to con- 
quer the world . . . decide on a 
new major every quarter. 




Along with the other members of the Freshman 
class who struggled through the process of orien- 
tation and initiation week, these capable officers 
did much to promoMp^e activities of the largest 
Freshman class recomed in the history of 8.Y.U. 
Such activities included the dance after the Wy- 
oming game, the ii^'niva! dance, and several 
class parties. 



cla^s of 



Class Representatives 


>' \ l\\ 

Athay, Ruth 



Ashman, Marilyn 

Armstrong, Howard L., Jr. 

Paris, Idaho 

La Canada, California 

Midvale, Utah 

Pocatello, Idaho 

Stanley, Burton M, 

Ash, Helen 

Ashton, LaMoyne 

Arashiro, Lillian 

Hebar, Utah 


lie, Utah 

Midvale, Utah 

Kaneohe, Oahu. Hawaii 

Atwood, Marguretta 

Atkin, Lorraine 

Ashton, R. Paul 

Andrews. Judith LaVern 

Salem, Oregon 



Midvale, Utah 

Foxboro, Massachusetts 

Atkinson, Irene 

Athay, Don 

Aviiso, Sonia 

Apporas, Esther 

M»lad, Idaho 

Salt Lake City, 


Montevideo, Uruguay 

Vernal, Utah 

Ayers, JoA 


Atkinsort, Verna 

Ashman, Jim 

Arnold, Dennis 



Provo, Utah 

Fillmore, Utah 

Venice. California 

Atkins, Beverly Joan 

Aston, Duane 

Arrlngton, Jean 

Anderson, Richard A. 





PiHsburgh, Per 

nsylvania Mesa, Arizona 

Los Angeles, California 




A good humored and proficient hoopster from 
California . . . recognized on the basketball courts 
by both Skyline fans and critics . . . service to 
Knight Templars. 

Allrad, Rey 
Provo, Utah 

Alleman, Karen 
Springvllle, Utah 

Allen, EInor Lynn 
Preston Idaho 

Anderson, Verde 
Richfield, Utah 

Allen, Jack 

Hagerman. Idaho 

Anderson, LuDeen 
Myton, Utah 

Alder, Leora 
Weiser, Idaho 

Allen, Lamont 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Anderson, Bertha 
Talmage, Utah 

Allen, JoAnn 
Provo, Utah 

Allred, Muriel 
Ennery, Utah 

Andreason. Don McKay 
Flintridge, California 

Abbott, Ufona Juna 
Boise, Idaho 

Adams. Galene 

Burbanic, California 

Abel, Robert 

American Fork, Utah 

Adams, Ruth 
Provo, Utah 

Adams. Sevens 
Delta, ijtati 

Akuan. Aileen 

Paia, Maui, Hawaii 

Adams, Vesa LaRee 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Alger, Dean 

Maywood, California 

Anderson, Donna 
Provo, Utah 

Alexander, JoAnn 

Lornita Park, California 

Adamson, H. Kirk 
Terreton, Idaho 

Anderson, William E. 

North hiollywood, California 

Allen. BeHy 

Maywood, California 

Adamson, Bonnie 
Vernal, Utah 

Allen, Terry 

Winslow, Arizona 

Allen, Jean 

Salt Lake City, Utal 

Allred, Val Dee j 

Falrview, Wyoming 

Anderson. Melvin F. 
Sandpoint, Idaho 

Alldredge, Cona 
Delta, Utah 

Aasness, Edgar 

Bottineau, North Dakota 

Abbott, Duane 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

i^ ^yi' 


L ilirV . 1/ 


Anderson, Dorsn'e — Tremonton, Utah 
Atkin, Floy Daun — Boulder City Nevada 
Anderson, Lewis A. — Reno, Nevada 
Anderson. Margaret — San Diego, California 
Anderson. Jeanine — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Anderson. Boyd — Boise, Idaho 
Anderson. Janet — Glendive, Montana 
Anderson. Lorna — Provo. Utah 
Anderson. Joe E. — Los Angeles, California 
Butler. Ruth — Jerome, Idaho 

Anderson, Jean Marie — Raynnond, Alb., Can. 
Anderson. Beth Marie — Richfield, Utah 
Bray, Lawrence — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Bunker, Edward M. — American Fork, Utah 
Bullock, Georgia — Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Baker, Lorraine — Teasdale, Utah 
Barton, Fonetta — Tropic, Utah 
Brower, Dlle — Carlsbad, California 
Brockbank, Vaughn — Emmett. Idaho 
Bramwell, Joyce — Ogden, Utah 

Bradfleld, Sherry — Scat!a, California 
Bradley, Carma Jane — Provo. Utah 
Bryson. Robert A. — Vernal, Utah 
Brown, Boyd L. — Monroe, Utah 
Bringhurst, Fred — ^Alhambra, California 

Brimley, Janeen — Santa Monica, California 
Brimley, Blaine — Mesa. Arizona 
Briggs, Leiand S. — ^American Fork. Utah 
Bradhead, Maeser — Delta. Colorado 
Black, Bonnie— Delta, Utah 

Bush, Alfred — Denver, Colorado 
Burns, Barbara — Provo, Utah 
Bills, Bruce — Riverton, Utah 
Brown, Darlene — Tooele, Utah 
Burgess, Beverly — Redding, California 


Badouin, LaPrele — Berkeley. California 
Baker, Fern — Ednnonton, Alberta, Canada 
Baadsgaard, Ray — Payson, Utah 
Baird, Letata — Lewlston, Idaho 

Bailey, Udean — South Jordan. Utah 
Baker, Emma — Kimberly, Idaho 
Baldwin, Rey — Provo, Utah 
Bailey, Renoe — Draper, Utah 

Ball, Larene — Lewisville, Utah 
Barker, Conway — Murray, Utah 
Baird, Wilford— Provo, Utah 
Ballard, Harold — Idaho Falls, Idaho 



Barnes, Katharine — Rupert, Idaho 

Barney, Myrle — Delta, Utah 

Barrett, Bonnie — Provo, Utah 

Bass, Peggy Joyce — Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Bartholomew, Jerry — Long Beach, California 

Bassetti, Dariene — Phoneix, Arizona 
Barton. Roy — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Barton, Norma — Monticello, Utafi 
Bateman, Robert E. — Burley, Idaho 
Bassett, W. Lynn— Delta, Utah 

Barton, Marilyn — San Marino, California 

Bast, Barbara — San Gabriel, California 

Bastian, Terry — Reno, Nevada 

Barr, Irene — Burley, Idalio 

Bean, Clark S. — Seattle, Washington 

Beckstrand, Ray L. — Meadow, Utah 
Bayles, Mary Joan — Parowan, Utah 
Beckstrand, Carol — American Fork, Utah 
Bauer, Richard — Eureka, Utah 
Beckstrand, Dale F. — Long Beach, California 

Beard, Dariene E. — Coalville, Utah 
Bates, Patrice— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Bean, Larry — Seattle, Washington 
Beauregard, Cherry — Fillmore, Utah 
Beebe, Carolyn — Santa Barbara, California 


Betts, Shirlee Ann 
Longvlew, Washington 

Bannatf, Valdon J. 
Msadow, Utah 

Bellows, Merrill Don 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Bennion, Marcus 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bills, Osmer 
Provo, Utah 

Tabiona, Utah 

Bendixsen, Mickey 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Bingham, William 

Hawthorne, California 

Berg, JoAnn 

Lawndale, California 


Benson, Orval C. 
Preston, Idaho 

Bingham, Jan 

Westwood, California 

_ Benson, Maurice L. 
de Los Angeles, California 

Biesinger, Joe 
Salt Lake iCty. Utah 

Bentley, Kathleen 
Mexico City, Mexico 

Billings, Joetta 
Pravo, Utah 


Berratt, Sharon 
Provo, Utah 

Berry, Raymond 
LaGrande, Oregon 

Bevan, Lucy 
Driggs, Idaho 

Bennion, Delores 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Berg, Dona Jean 
Leavenworth, Kansas 

Biesinger, Dean 
Union, Utah 


Berrey. Wayne C. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Beecroft, Sandra 
Provo, Utah 

Billings, Richard H. 
Brigkam City, Utah 

An outdoor enthusiast . . . one of Idaho's best . . . 
active member of Athenians . . . drive and ability 
make him a likeable fellow. 





BIschoff, Gordon 
Swinic, Colorado 

Black, Oren Ranon 
Blanding, Utah 

Bowers, Lamar C. 
Payson, Utah 

Boss, Karl C. 
Garland, Utah 

Black, Bonnie 

Geronlmo, Arizona 

Bird, Beverly 
Chicago, Illinois 

Boucher, Anne 
Toronto, Canada 

Bohrer, Nancy 

Arlington, Virginia 

Bond, Don 

Valleio, California 

Blackham, Boya 

Huntington Park, California 

Booke, lleta 

Silver Springs, Maryland 

Bleazard, Joan 
Talmage, Utah 

Bradford, Bill 
Springville, Utah 

Bown, Betty Lou 
Portland, Oregon 

Brady, Emnna Lee 
Bridgeland, Utah 

Black, Velna 

Laramie, Wyoming 

Bonham, Ralph 

Pomona, California 

Blanchard, Beth 
Arimo, Idaho 

Bracken, Lynn 
Roosevelt, Utah 

Boyack, Gayle 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bradshaw, Joycelyn 
Tremonton, Utah 

Birch, Frank 

Vallejo, California 

Black, Joanne 
P.-escott, Arizona 

Blodgett, Alan 
Vale, Oregon 

Bjarnson, Sharlene 
Springville, Utah 

Black, Jean 

McAllen, Texas 

Bowers, Nancy 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bischoff Patricia 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Bodily, Vadrus 
Vernal, Utah 

Bradshaw, Valene 
Emmett, Idaho 

Boynton, Leo S. 
Sandy, Utah 

Bradley, Carma Jane 
Provo, Utah 

Bradshaw, Kent 
Salem, Oregon 

Burch, Richard — Oakley, Idaho 

Full. Donnle — Le Grande, Oregon 

Burt, J. Robert — Boise, Idaho 

Bulioclc, Gerald — Lethbrldge, Alberta, Can. 

Bussing, Naomi — Bayavia, New York 

Burtenshaw, RobertJ. — Ucon, Idaho 
Burton, Howard — Los Angeles, California 
Bullock, Glenda — Coaldale, Alberta, Canada 
Butler, Merls Jean — Luna, New Mexico 
Brace, Jimmy — Formlngton, New Mexico 

Butters, Keren — Kamas, Utah 
Burke, Mont — Lakeside, Arizona 
Burgess, Van — Alpine, Utah 
Burnham, R. Rex — Lovell, Wyoming 
Blaine, Jean — Denver, Colorado 

Brown, Agness — Pengree, Idaho 
Brown, Barbara — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Bright, Barry — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Brown, Margie M. — Tooele, Utah 
Brown, Beverly — Leman Caves, Nevada 

Broderick, Don— Delta, Utah 
Brown, Adrianne — Monrovia, California 
Brown, Bill — Queen Creek, Arizona 
Brown, Nora Mae — Alhambra, California 
Buckwalter, Barbara — American Fork, Utah 

Brooksby, Wayne J. — Fredonia, Arizona 
Brown, Donna Mae — Columbus Falls, Mont. 
Brown, Gerald M. — Provo, Utah 
Buchanan, Sharon Raye — Richfield, Utah 
Brown, Marilyn — Provo, Utah 

Brough, Martha Bernece — Bountiful, Utah 
Brown, Ronald — Sprlngvllle, Utah 
Bybee, Kolth — Nyssa, Oregon 
Raysdale, Donald — Boise, Idaho 
Cheshire, Barton — Salt Lake City, Utah 





Colton, Grace E. — Roosovelt, Utah 
Collard, Bill— Bingham. Utah 
Cooper, James W.— Cardston, Alberta. Can. 
Colwell, JoAnne— Placerville, California 

Collyen, Bunleson T. — Farmington, N. M. 
Cook, Mary Ellen — Las Vegas, Nevada 
Cook, Boyd — Ogden, Utah 
Conrad, Paul W.— Provo, Utah 

Coop, Margaret — Ogden, Utah 
Cooper, Philip — Ruth, Nevada 
Collins, Stan — Provo, Utah 
Cook, Carolyn — Fountain Green, Utah 

i^.i^fti M 


Cook, Mary Alice — Eenterprise, Utah 
Corray, Dorothy — Delta, Utah 
Cowley, Fred — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Cottle. Lorna — Lewisville, Idaho 
Coulam, Billle Jane — Los Angeles, California 

Crandall, Mary — Los Angeles, California 

Cox, Anita — Mesa, Arizona 

Dahl, Richards— East Midvale, Utah 

Cox, Carolyn — Mesa, Arizona 

Cox, Joan — India, California 

Cowles, Emma Lou — Escalante, Utah 
Cox, Alta— Provo, Utah 
Crabtree, Jan — Preston, Idaho 
Comer, Caroline — Lehi, Utah 
Curtis, Robert — Orem, Utah 

Coster, Marilyn — Burley, Idaho 
Crandall, Geraldine — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Crawford, Yvonne — Murry, Utah 
Covington, Burlene — Loa, Utah 
Crawford, John — Provo, Utah 

Smith, Richard— Holbrook, Idaho 
Crandall, Larry — Los Angeles, California 
Cradduck, Wayne J.— Yreka, California 
Durrant, Dean — Tooele, Utah 
Durfee. Jack — Spanish Fork, Utah 


Cahoon, Edyth 
Dalta, Ufsli 

Carpenter, Fae 
Safford, Arizona 

Carlson, Marvel 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Carr, Ke!th 
Albany, Oregon 

Campbell, William A. 
Boise, Idaho 

Carlile Alvin 
Springville, Utah 

Cannon, Stuart 

Los Angeles, California 

Colvin, Nyra Call, Peggy 

Provo, Utah kA ^^\ M Rigby, Idaho fkf^ 

Call, A. Vdell 
San Diego, California 

Capps, Pat 

Hartsville, South Carolina 

CapeJand, Barbara 
£ Monrovia, California 

Call, Marlene 

Salt Lalce Cit/, Utah 

Garden, Marilyn 
Mesa, Arizona 

Carlston, Sonya Mae 
Perris, California 

^annon, VerNita 

Los Angeles, California 

Carlson, Keith 
Springville, Utah 

Canfield, Franl 
Provo, Utah 

/\ JMor 

Carr, Bruce 

Albany, Oregon 

Calder Shirley 

Oregon City, Oregon 

Cammow, Ruth 
Provo. Utah 

Cape!, Barbara 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Carroll, Kay 

Hemet, California 

Carter, Carter 

Van Nuys, California 

FROSH COUNCIL directed the activities 
of the Freshmen class until officers were 
elected. Left to Right: Maurice Benson; 
Bob Keysor; Quenten Homer; Kit Tucker; 
Richard Wells. 



sJias earned him top positions in various 
phases ol campiis life . . . member of Frosh Council 
and Legisiafsve Council . . . service on Student 
Program Bureau. 

Curit^. CherriJI 

Plac«rville, Calitornla 

Cropper. Daryl 
HtncHey. Utah 

CroWtber, Lucille 
fdaho Falls, Idaho 

Cromar, Kenneth 
Denver, Colorado 

Carter, Mary Ann 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Chamberlain, Eileen 
Delta, Utah 

Carter, Paul Smith 
Salt Lake Cit/, Utah 

Cazler, Ronald 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Curtis, Earl Lloyd 
Waco, Texas 

Las Vena;, Nevada 

Chadwick, JoAnn 
American Fork, Utah 

Chappell, Robert O. 
Provo. Utah 

Chipman, Janice 

American Fork, Utah 

Carter, Nadine 
Burley, Idaho 

Crimson. Leo Eugene 
Casa Grande, Arizona 

Cartwright, Blaine 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Chandler, Patricia 
Chico, California 

Carter, John 
Nephi, Utah 

Croft, Venna E. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Carter, Dee 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Chatlerley. Louis 
Kanab, Utah 

Case, George K. 
Mt. Emmons, Utah 

Crittenden, Sue 

Los Angeles, California 

Crowther, Shirley 
Arlington, Virginia 

Curtis, Arvon B. 

Kennewiclc, Washington 

Carter, Wesley E. 
Provo, Utah 

Castagno, Loraine 
Tooele, Utah 

Creer, Kay 

Carter, Lynne 

Long Beach, California 

Chandler, Donald 

New Plymouth, Idaho 

Crook, Mary 
Fallon, Nevada 


Carter, Don C. 
Provo, Utah 

Claris, Clifford — Spanish Fork, Ufah 
Clark, DeWayne, W.— Ogden, Utah 
Chipman, Richard — American Fork, Utah 
Clark, Bernadlne^Ukiah, Utah 
Clark, Gail — Georgetown, Idaho 

Chrlstensen, Von — Manila, Utah 
Christiansen, Bry — Inglewood, California 
Christiansen, Kathryn — East Ely, Nevada 
Church, JuVene— Delta, Utah 
Christiansen, Marene — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Clark, Harold — The Dalles, Oregon 
Cole, David L — Rupert, Idaho 
Cluff, Lloyd— Provo, Utah 
Choules, Lou Jean — Atlanta, Georgia 
Clegg, Marilyn — Springville, Utah 

Coles, Marbra — Provo, Utah 
Chrlstensen, Colle*n — Detroit, Michigan 
Chrlstensen, Gayle 8. — Bancroft, Idaho 
Cluff, Joy — El Monte, California 
Coats, Betty— Salt Lake City, Utah 

Chrlstensen, Helen — Fairview, Utah 

Chrlstensen, Paul J. — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Chrlstensen, Ray E. — Provo, Utah 

Chrlstensen, Richard — Payson, Utah 

Chrlstensen, Roy A. — Provo, Utah 

Clark, Marlene — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Christiansen, Ruth — Provo, Utah 
Clegg, Vern — Heber, Utah 
Clarke, William R. — Burbank, California 
Clemens, Dwaine — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Clark, Reva — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Clegg, LeAnn — Provo, Utah 
Chrlstensen, Carol — Safford, Arizona 
Clay, Dorothy Lois — Hutchinson, Kansas 
Cloward, Gordon — Garfield, Uath 



DeWitt, Rodney C. — Snowflalce. Arizona 
Dinsdalo, Janis — Ogden, Utah 
Dixon, Joan W. — Payson, Utah 
Delgaard, Barbara — Monrovia, California 

Dixon, June — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Dixon, Jean — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Oespain, Edwina — Granite, Utah 
Dobell, Roger — Berkeley, California 

Dodd, Russell E.— Hendricks, Utah 
Deleeuw, Max J. — Becknell, Utah 
Doney, Delene — Preston, Idaho 
Drake, H. Marvin — Jerome, Idaho 

Dahl, Judy — Ammon, Idaho 
Dunkley, Melvin E. — American Fork, Utah 
Dunn, Richard — Brigham, Utah 
Dittmore, Barbara Jean — Leonia, N. J. 
Durfee, Lois — Grantsvllle, Utah 

Denys, Nedra — Provo, Utah 
Draper, Carmlta — Fallon, Nevada 
Dewsnup, Anna Lou — Deseret, Utah 
DeHaan, Donnetta — Pasadena, California 
Done, Jeanlne — Los Angeles, California 

Dingemanse, Joann — ^Tooele, Utah 
Dodd, James L. — Alhambra, California 
Doke. Alan — Glasgow, Montana 
Doyal, Gibson — Manassa, Colorado 
Dred, Dannlel — Minot, North Dakota 

Doman, Rulene — Orem, Utah 
Draper, H. (Bud) — Huntington, Utah 
Dellenbach, Kenne — South Gate, California 
DeGraw, Clifford — Spanish Fork. Utah 
Duncan, Leah Gayle — Roosevelt, Utah 

Detton, Richard — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Dixon, Glen R. — Payson, Utah 
Doane, LeNell — Rupert, Idaho 
Denney, Thayla — Downey, Idaho 
Duggar, Leonard — Salt Lake City, Utah 


Davidson, Gwyn D. 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Daniels, Gery 
San Mateo, California 

Danlelson, B. DeMar 
Sprlngvllle, Utah 

Dawson, David 
Layton, Utah 

Dart, Joanna 
Spanish Foric, Utah 

Dattge, Veria Jean 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Daniels, John W. 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Davidson, Marion 
Evanston, Wyoming 

r, o ^ 

Davis, Ross ' 

Long Beach, California 


Davis, Dale 
St. Anthony, Idaho 

Davidson, Melvin 
Provo, Utah 

Decker. Marie 

Bayfield, Colorado^ 

Davis, Afton 
San Bernardino, California 

Davis, Diane 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Davis, Vesta 
Butte, Montana 

Deakln, Gaye 
Tremonton, Utah 

Davis, Barbara Jean 
Boise, Idaho 

Day, Merrill 
Fairview, Utah 

Davles, Chesh 
Flllnnore, Utah 

£ Fail 

11 f 

Dayes, Doris 

Merrick, L. I.. New York 

Darling, Clair 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Dayton, Sharon R. 
Cokevllle, Wyoming 

Dawson, Mary 
Layton, Utah 

Davidson. Hazel 

Sandy. Utah 

Combined efficiency and time as Frosh secretary- 
treasurer ... an attractive Cougarette . . . dancing 
eyes and dennure smile. 





Eldredge, Max 
Buhl, Idaho 

Evans, Hal S. 
Parowan, Utah 

Ekins. Marlene 
Hinkley, Utah 

Eatough, Norman 
Provo, Utah 

Ericlcson, Louise 

Earnshaw, Audrey 

Richmond, Utah 

Inglewood, California 

Eager, Lucille 

Ellsworth, John W. 

Eager, Arizona 

Pasadena, California 

Eldredge, Marjory Jane 

Elmer, Nina Jane 

Buhl, Idaho 

Magna, Utah 

Evans, Lamar 

Provo, Utah 

Eccles, Parley, Jr. 


Phoenix, Arizona 


Elam, Shirley 


Pendleton, Oregon 


Erickson, Verena 
Ruth, Nevada 

Erickson, Alice 
Springville, Utah 

England, Maree Joy 
Tooele, Utah 

Dunford, Carol 
Provo, Utah 

Effler, LeRoy 
Los Angeles, California 

Esplin, Laurel 
Cedar City, Utah 

Enos, Viola Mae 
Maui, Hawaii 

Eldredge, Marilyn 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Evans, Donald Ray 
Mt. Emmons, Utah 

Enos, Arthur K. 

Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 

Enos, Muriel 
Mul, Hawaii 

Ellertson, Dorothy 
Tooele, Utah 

Engle, Dempsey 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Ericksen, Claudette Guste 
Danbury, Conn. 

Espinosa, Howard 
Sanford, Colorado 

Ekins, Phyl 
Provo, Utah 

Earl, Moore H. 
Rockford, Illinois 

Engh, Marlene 

San Pedro, California 

Evans, George G. 
South Jordan, Utah 

Ellsworth, Sterling G. 
Washington, D. C. 


Farnsworth, Allen S. — Seaver, Utah 
Faucett, Robert Leatha — Los Angeles, Calif. 
Fawcett. Kent — St. George, Utah 
Ekersley, Carolyn — Payson, Utah 
Field, Neuagene — Provo, Utah 

Falkney, Beverly — Portland, Oregon 
Farnsworth, Lamar — Mt. Home, Idaho 
Felt, Richard— Lehi, Utah 
Farnsworth, Mary — Chandler, Arizona 
Eiiason, Norrell B. — Bancroft, Idaho 

Flake, Mira — Nyssa, Oregon 
Ford, Jacquelyne — Houston, Texas 
Freer, Darhl — Mountain Home, Idaho 
Frandsen, Sharleen — Portland, Oregon 
Fleming, Ruth — Phoenix, Arizona 

Flinders, Cleo — Nyssa, Oregon 
Fortune, Richard — Los Angelas, California 
Fitt, Geraldine — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Foote, Duane H. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Fletcher, Wendell N.— Spanish Fork, Utah 

Flygare, Gordon — Provo, Utah 
Francis, Joann — Spanish Fork, Utah 
FoerstI, Eleanor — Munick, Germany 
Frodsham, Sharon — Cardston, Alberta, Can. 
Ford, Carmen L. — Huntington Park, Calif. 

Fillmore, Laura — Corinne, Utah 
Foy, Rosanna O. — Duchesne, Utah 
Fisher, Robert B. — Kuna, Idaho 
Fisher, Claire J. — Oxford, Idaho 
Frandsen, Lee — Springville, Utah 

Frank, Margene — Richfield, Utah 
Firth, Julene — Portland, Oregon 
Frei, Don — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Filimon, Vincent — Provo, Utah 
Freestowe, David W. — Queen Creek, Ariz. 


Groberg, Julie — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Fullmer, Joanne — Springville, Utah 
Fye, Rodney — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Fronit, Lorraine — Redlands, California 

Fullmer, Robert L. — Payson, Utah 
Gudmundson, Georgia — Ely, Nevada 
Frazier, Ronald — Evanston, Wyoming 
Gustafson, Joyce — Vale, Oregon 

Groesbeck, David — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Fullmer, Joy Ranae — Springville, Utah 
Funk, Herman — Tremonton, Utah 
Gunnell, Nancy Lee — Salt Lake City, Utah 


Fackrell, Lynn — Hagerman, Idaho 
Felton, Beverly— Park City, Utah 
Fields, Clarence H. — Vancouver, B.C., Can. 
Fillmore, Janice — Spanish' Fork. Utah 
Garrett, Darlene — Nephi, Utah 

Gardner, Shelia — Whittier, California 
Gardner, Blanche — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Gardiner, Melba — Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Garrett, Larry — Ely, Nevada 
Gardner, Vesta — Lund, Nevada 

Gardner, David — Berkeley, California 

Gurney, Joana — Lehi, Utah 

Gunn, Ben — Pocatello, Idaho 

Grotegut. David Arthur — Spanish Fork, Utah 

Fuller, Helen — Mesa, Arizona 

Gardner, Laura Marie — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Gunn, Marlon — Coalville, Utah 
Grow, Rosemary — Lewiston, Idaho 
Griffeth, Mary Clarine — Grover, Wyoming 
Gribble, Marva — Gunnison, Utah 

Gardner, Carol — Burley, Idaho 
Gustaveson, Carolyn — Alemada, California 
Gurr, Kendall O.— Parowan, Utah 
Grow, Phyllis— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Griffin, Gerald — Escalante, Utah 



hi i' ' • 'i 

}f '^ \ ^ /j 

k^fi^ li^ 

Gilson, James S. 
Sahtaquin, Utah 

Goates, Barbara 
South Gate, California 

Godfrey, Lorin C. 
Cardston, Alberta, Canada 

Gillette, Jerry W. 
Victor, Idaho 

Gines, Ralph Junior 
Woodland, Utah 

Green, Gloria 
Grantsvllle, Utah 

Gobler, Brian T. 
Balcer, Oregon 


James N. 

Giberson, Richard 
San Diego. California 

Gottfredson, Doug 
Ely, Nevada 

Garrard, June 
Burley, Idaho 

Gifford, W. Lavon 

Columbia Falls, Montana 

Gorringe, Howard T. 
Midvale, Utah 

Gibbs, Donna 

Reliance, Wyoming 

Greenland, Ricks 
American Fork, Utah 

Giles, Bonnie R. 
McGill, Nevada 

Gilbert, Naomi 
Arcadia, Utah 

Glines, Laraine 

Woolford, Alberta, 

Giles, Marlene 
Canada Heber, Utah 

Gray,Georgia H. 

Hawthorne, California 

Green, Colette Good, Danny 
Lethbrldge, Alberta, Canada Sedona, Arizona 

Gillospie, Patricia 
Tooele, Utah 

Gifford, Fay D. 
Fruita, Utah 




Hails from Idaho . . . skated her way into the 
position of Snow Queen Attendant . . . sparkling 
personality obtained for her the admiration of 

&itbor+, Mauri ne 
Roosavelt, Uf-ah 

Osdd, Connie 
N»phi, Utah 

Hall, Dan Jay 
Santaquin, Utah 

Halt, Moreen 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Georges, Marilyn 

Westcliffe, Colorado 

Harvey, Wilma E. 
Austin, Arkansas 

Haacle, Ganae 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hales, Katheryn 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Green, Donna Marie 
Tromonton, Utah 

Hales, Lola 
Riverside, Utah 

Haag, Eldon 
American Fork, Utah 

Hall, Gordon Lee 
Salem, Oregon 

Gray, Joyce C. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Greenwood, Janet 

Berkeley Hgts., New Jersey 

Greenwood, Edmund 
Ririe, Idaho 

Hadley, Shirlay Ann 
Blackfoot. Idaho 

Hall, Beverly 
Richfield, Utah 

Haddock, Jan G. 
Meridian, Idaho 

Hales, George 
Springville, Utah 

Gardner, Dallin 
Richfield, Utah 

Galbraith, Sharon 
McGill, Nevada 

Glines, Deloa Dawn 
Richland, Washington 

Hale, Sarah Ann 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hart, David Kirkwood 
Boise, Idaho 

Hall, Margaret 
American Fork. Utah 

Grant, Richard 

Los Angeles, California 

Hadlock, Theresa 
Vernal, Utah 

Hadley, Donald Blaine 
Ogden, Utah 

Hales, Bette Lee 
Toppenish, Washington 

Gifford, Leo R. 
Nampa, Idaho 

Hunt, Jarman 
Oakland, California 

Hamblln, Grace 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Hall, Ella Mae 
American Fork, Utah 


I ly;-V«9(lJ*'_. 


Hancock, Patricia — Mesa, Arizona 
Hansen, Gale — Snowflake. Arizona 
Hanks. Russell H.— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Harkar, Joan T. — Orem, Utah 
Hanson, Heloyce — Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hamilton, Nadean — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Halterman, Susanna — Cedr City, Utah 
Hanks, Charles W.— Orem, Utah 
Hall, Richard E. — Berkeley, California 
Hamilton, Beverly — San Leandro, California 

Hammer, Elinor — Santa Monica, California 
Hamling, Donald — Lethbridge, Alberta, Can. 
Hancock, Bonnie Lou — Fort Duchesne, Utah 
Hansen, Sherrie — Burley, Idaho 
Hansen, Jean — Wlnslow, Arizona 

Hancock, Evelyn — Glendale, California 
Hamilton, Jeannie — San Leandro, Clifornia 
Hansen, Jay — Lewiston, Utah 
Hamblin, Laura Lou — Provo, Utah 
Hamilton, Louise — Riverton. Utah 

Halterman, Mary Jean — Parowan, Utah 
Halverson, Stan — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Harris, Marilyn — Stone, Idaho 
Harris, Jean J. — Emmott, Idaho 
Hansen, Klaus J. — LaVerkin, Utah 

Harris, Barbara — ^Tcoma, Washington 
Harris, Gayla — Portage, Utah 
Harper, John J. — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Harris, David — Provo, Utah 
Harris, Robert — Spokane, Washington 

Hansen, Don J. — Ferron, Utah 
Hamilton, Beverly — San Leandro, California 
Hardy, Nyra E. — Queen Creek, Arizona 
Hall, Rosalie— Provo, Ut«h 
Harrison, Kent — Provo, Utah 


Harrison, Edwin C. — Brigham City, Utah 
Harvey, Clark C. — Blanding, Utah 
Hastings, Loyal Dee — Albuquerque, N. M. 
Hatch, Darcus — Hyrum, Utah 

Hatch, Geneve — Pocatello, Idaho 
Hatch, Frances — Grangeville, Idaho 
Hawkins, Kenneth — Atlanta, Georgia 
Hatch, Jackie — Monterey Park, California 

Hathaway, Mrguis G. — El Monte, California 
Hayes, Darrell — American Fork, Uth 
Haycock, Kathryn— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Haws, Ben Frank — Junction, Utah 


Helton, John — Long Beach, California 
Hayes, Ralph — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Hayes, Irma Ruth — Jackson, Michign 
Hill, Lucinda — St. Anthony, Idaho 
Herron, Sarah D. — Tooele, Utah 

Heaps, Kent — Orem, Utah 
Hedqulst, Francis — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Herron, Jack — Kalispell, Montana 
Heflin, Juanita — El Cajon, California 
Hoarn, Gene — Prescott, Arizona 

Hilton, H. Gill— Delta, Utah 
Hemmert, Jack— :Thayne, Wyoming 
Helde, Mildred — Valley Stream, New York 
Heslop, Lamar F. — Tremonton, Utah 
Hewatt, Elsie— Kanab, Utah 

Heyrend, Darwin — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Hiatt, Ethel— Mt. Airy, North Carolina 
Hilton, Gail — Mesa, Arizona 
Hearne, Colleen — Wilmington, Deleware 
Hibbard, Lucille — Regina, Sask., Canada 

Hill. Garth A.— Payson, Utah 
Hill, Barbara L. — Byron. Wyoming 
Heslop. Sharon — Kaysville. Utah 
Hibbard. Kay — Regina. Sask.. Canada 
Hill, Max Jay— Orem. Utah 


Holbrool, Diane 
Salt Ulce City, Utah 

Holman, Darlene 
McGill, Nevada 

Hulne, Lucille 
Bloomington, Idaho 

Homer, Quinten L. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Hooft, Agnes 
Wlnnemucca, Nevada 

Wendover, Ufa 

Hoon, Kent 
Blend, Oregon 

Hunsalcer, Vera 

Los Angeles, California 

Howard, Annette 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

, S^sle 

jr. U 



Hulme, Larry 

Hagerman, Idaho 

HullingSr, Diane 
Roosevelt, Utah 

yrley, Richard 

llw rV V/ f JLgefLful \J 

Hogan, Carolyn 
West Jordan, Utah 

Hoppie, Ortell 
Waco, Texas 

Safdnjjr, Ranae 
idvteie, Utah 

jwell^W. RJ 
Provo, Utah 

Hunter, Ted 

Lewisville, Idaho 

Horlacher, Pete 
Pioche, Nevada 

Mt. Airy, North Carolina 

Hunter, Louis 
lEI Paso, Texas 

Hyde, William H. 
Washington, D. G. ' 

|Hutchings, Mary 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Hibbert, Margene 
Rialto, California 

Holley, Maralyn 
Springville, Utah 

Athenians' own . . . from Olympia, Washington . . . 
As generous with a joke as his time . . . aggressive 
organizational chairman of the Snow Carnival. 


Gardner, Beverly 

Yuba City, California 

Irvin, Darlene 

Farnnington, New Mexico 

Muggins, Jackie 
Globe, Arizona 

Janrteson, JoAnn 
Provo, Utah 

Ipsen, Grant R. 
Malad, Idaho 

Jensen, Afton 
Provo, Utah 


Horsley, Preston C. 

San Francisco, California 

Jensen, David C Jr. 
Burley, Idaho 

Jensen, Henry 
Provo, Utah 

Jensen, Neil 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Jenkins, Frank W. 
Robertson. Wyoming 

Jensen, Carolyn 
Tremonton. Utah 

Jacobson, Deanne 
Provo, Utah 

Jameson, Keith 
Monticello, Utah 

Jackson, Valtone 
Kanab, Utah 

Jensen, Royal Duane 
Malad, Idaho 

Jenkins, Colleen 
Provo, Utah 

Jacklln, Wilnna 
Heber, Utah 

Jackson, Norma Jean 
Belfry, Montana 

Jensen, Myron 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Johnson, Archie 
Nannpa, Idaho 

Jensen, Marjorie 
West, Jordan, Utah 

James, Richard 

Evanston, Wyoming 

Jensen, Richard W. 
Byron, Wyoming 

Jackson, Louise 

Hood River, Oregon 

Hyde. Bill 

Springville, Utah 

Jensen, Eldon 

Cowley, Wyoming 

Jensen, Melvon C. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Jackson, Valton F. 
Kanab, Utah 

Jarman, Loyd Lee 
Lyman, Wyoming 

Jenkins, Gordon N. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Johnson, Carmen 
Vale, Oregon 

Jackson, Arlene 

Inglewood, California 

^ 'lJ^ ]^ Hi^ \'- '<^ ^ 

/-- »*»f' ^^ 


Johnson, Cleta — Ogden, Utah 
Johnson, Charles H. — Nampa, Idaho 
Johnson, Delia— Delta, Utah 
Johnson, Don Lee — Grantsville, Utah 
Johnson, McRay — McGill, Nevada 

Johnson, Jay Lorus — Orem, Utah 
Johnson, Marian — Provo, Utah 
Johnson, Geraldlne — Valleio, California 
Johnson, Jerrilyn — Elsinore, Utah 
Johnson, Jerroid — Lovell, Wyoming 

Johnson, Norman — American Fork, Utah 
Johnson, VernaLee — Chico Valley, Arizona 
Johnson, Ray P. — Roosevelt, Utah 
Johnson, Verba — Mesa, Arizona 
Jolley, Donal C. — Boulder City, Nevada 

Jones, Duane — Parson, Utah 
Jones, D. Reece — Payson, Utah 
Jones, Bryant — Delta, Utah 
Jolley, Helen — Tropic, Utah 
Jolley, Harold— Provo, Utah 

Jones, Halvan — Colonia Doublin, Chih., Mex. 

Jones, Gary — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Jones, Ruthie — Colonia Dublin, Chih., Mex. 

Jones, Glenna — Phoenix, Arizona 

Jones, Nadine — Fairview, Utah 

Jordan, Thelma — Mt. View, Alaska 
Jones, Stanley H. — Provo, Utah 
Jorgensen, Keith — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Jorgensen, Renae — Moses Lake, Washington 
Jorgensen, Victor — Boise, Idaho 

Johnson, Janice — Heber, Utah 
Judd, Darrel W.— Kanab, Utah 
Julian, Gerald — American Fork, Utah 
Judd, Arlo H. — Fredonia, Arizona 
Justet, Bob Lee — Provo, Utah 




Kammermeyer, Ann — Provo, Utah 
Kennington, H. LaVell — Falrvlew, Wyoming 
Kesparek, Jean — Burbank, California 
Kelly, George — Springville, Utah 

Kartchner, Joan — Palo Alto, California 
Kolsey, C. Janat — Roosevelt, Utah 
Kerby, Arlean — Provo. Utah 
Kapp, Darlene — Provo, Utah 

Kendrick, Carole — Los Angeles, California 
Kenner, Lois Ann — Tracy, California 
Keetch, Joan — Montpelier, Idaho 
Jones, Elwood — Spanish Fork, Utah 


,l:i /l...b hkU 

Kuehne, I. Nora — Chicago, Illinois 
Kuhni, Arlin — Provo, Utah 
King, Marcia — Provo, Utah 
Kimball, Elaine — Provo, Utah 
Kindred, Hal — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

King, Billie — Albuquerque, New Mexico 
Labrum, Arvin — Roosevelt, Utah 
King, Joan — Cranbrook, B. C, Canada 
Knaphus, Lois — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Knapp, Lorene — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Kleinman, Frank R. — Phoenix, Arizona 
Kleinworth, Wesley E. — Winslow, Arizona 
Kirkbridge, Bette — Denver, Colorado 
Kirk, Francis — Sacramento, California 
Kerby, Kent— Provo, Utah 

Kerr, Duane — Tremonton, Utah 
Kochevar, Paul — Los Angeles, California 
Klingler, Arlene — St. Helens, Oregon 
Knight, Roland — Vallejo, California 
Kinsey, Joan — Heber, Utah 

Kondo, Nancy M. — Kapma, Kauai, Hawaii 
Kuamoo, Flora — Hilo, Hawaii 
Keysor, Robert — Burbank, California 
Kofford, Jerald — Pendleton, Oregon 
Kitchen, Ray — American Fork, Utah 


Larsen, Dale C. 



ry Evelyn 

Le Baron 

Don M. 

Larson, Keith 

Roosevelt, Utah 




Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 

Salmon, Idaho 

Lawrence, Barbara 








Donald F. 

Salem, Utah 




on. New Mexico 


=alls, Idaho 

Camas, Wyoming 

Langley, Patricia J. 







Pasader\a, California 


It Lake City, Utah 


n, Montana 

Los Angeles, California 

Larson, C 


Lasater, Diane 

Lambert, Slen 

Leake, Robert L. 



Ogden, Utah 

Kamas, Utah 

Salt Lake iCty, Utah 

Layton, J 


Lee, Marcia 

Leishman. Nina 

Lendt, Shirley E. 



Portland, Oregon 

Provo, Utah 

Buffalo, New York 

Larsen, M 

yrna Carol 

Lajritzen, JoAnn 

Lee, Alfred 

Leifson, June 

Richfield, Utah 

Hurricane, Utah 

Provo, Utah 

Spanish Fork, Utah 




A I 

Able Prexy of Freshman class ... an active mem- 
ber of Saxons . . . unlimited vitality and ability to 

accept responsibility . . 
among campus leaders. 

LytnQn, Francis 
Blartding. Utah 

Leonard, Shirley 

Sait Lake City, Utah 

LtvJnqston, Keith 
€lendale, California 

Lowe, Gloria Diane 
Franklin, Idaho 

a recognized figure 

Little, Jacque 

San Fernando, California 

Lett, Sharon 
Monroe, Utah 

Lund, Marilyn 

Los Angeles, California 

Livingston, Colleen 
Alpine, Wyoming 

Lybbert, Jay N. 

Moses Lake, Washington 

Lunt, Donna Lee 
Duncan, Arizona 

Lords, Jack 

'daho Falls, Idaho 

Lileoqyist, Vat 
Salt lake City, Utah 

Lum, Wayne 

Los Angeles, California 

Lufkln, Cordell 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Lewis, Jerrolynn 
Kamas, Utah 

Lindgren, Joyce 

Los Angeles, California 

Lloyd, Eldon 
Provo, Utah 

Lewis, Jerry Bernell 
Kanab, Utah 

Lindbland, Robert 
Berkley, California 

Lewis, Wanda Joy 
Bancroft, Idaho 

Long, Kenneth 
Roosevelt, Utah 

LeSueur, Marlin 
Eager, Arizona 

Lovett, Jack Robert 
El Paso, Texas 

Low, Carol 

Ottawa, Canada 

Logan, James 

Chula Vista, Califorina 

Lufkln, Alba Jean 
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Lyman, Thomas 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Lundberg, Russell 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Luke, Calvin J. 
Midway, Utah 

Luke, Rosalind M. 
Twin Falls, Idaho 

Ludlow, Donna Mae 
Venice, California 

Lottridge, Richard G 
Burtey, Idaho 

Lowe, John 
Monroe, Utah 



'^ V 


Myers, Allan— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Myers, Jeanine — Missoula. Montana 
Lyons, Annette — Burley, Idaho 
Mills, Beverly Jeanne — Browley, California 
Mills, Charles T. — Brigham City, Utah 

Murdocit, Orrice — Washington, D. C. 
Murdock, Kathleen — Heber, Utah 
Mullen, Charlotte — Pocatello, Idaho 
Mower, Don L. — Annerican Fork, Utah 
Morris, Don — Hinckley, Utah 

Moser, Sarah — Bancroft, Idaho 
Mott, Jacqueline — LaJara, Colorado 
Morris, Paul — Logan, Utah 
Munroe, Barbara — Provo, Utah 
Mortensen, Gary B. — Elwood, Utah 

Morin, Vivian — Baker, Oregon 
Morgan, LaVell— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Morgan, Kay L. — Salmon, Idaho 
Morgan, Jack — Nephi, Utah 
Moon. Beatrice — Ashton, Idaho 

Moon, Raynnond — Craig, Colorado 
Monson, Jack M. — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Moore, Dorothy Ann — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Moore, Dick — Portland, Oregon 
Moody, Marilyn R. — Baldwin Park, Calif. 

Montierth, Lorraine — Mesa, Arizona 
Moore, Rose — Kekaha, Kausii, Hawaii 
Monson. Calvin — American Fork. Utah 
Moe, Estelle June — Soda Springs, Idaho 
Moat, Clarence — Johnson City, New York 

Mitchell, Mary— Provo, Utah 
Minier, Bob — Fort Wayne, Indiana 
Murphy, Mark — Salem, Oregon 
Mitchell, Mavis — Kamas, Utah 
Lynn, Arlene — Lovell, Wyoming 



Mills. Betty— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Miller, Don— Victor. Idaho 
Millard. Ruth— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Mitchell. JoAnn — Provo, Utah 

Millet, Richard L.— Provo, Utah 

Miller, Marshall L.— Castle Sate, Utah 

Miller, Marilyn — Annerlcan Fork, Utah 

Miller. Marjery — Monterey Park. California 

Miller, Lois— Trementon, Utah 

Millet. Cleo— Murray. Utah 

Miller. Ellen— Parowan, Utah 

Miller, Lanyle — American Fork. Utah 

Mecham. Wynona — HanVsviHe, Ufak 

McGerian, Audrey — Berkeley, California 
McNalr, Margaret R. — Spokane. Washington 
McMillan, Betsy— Heber. Utah 
Melton, Shlrlene — Redlands. California 

Meyers, Joyce — Murray, Utah 

Meek, Wllford B.— Preston. Idaho 

Meeks, Ramona — Kanab, Utah 

Methvin, Jeanette — Natchitoches, Louisiana 

McQulvey, Karl — Garfield, Utah 

Michle. Coy — Hanna. Utah 
Meldrum, Floyd A, — Provo, Utah 
Meldrum, Ross T. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Meldrum. Ray C. — Ontario, Oregon 
McQuarrle. Joyce — Beaver, Utah 

Merrill. Iris — Mesa. Arizona 
Menlove, Joseph G. — Payson. Utah 
McMulIln, DeNai — Edmonton, Alberts, Can. 
Miller, Colin — Tarer, Albert^, Canada 
Mellor. Melvln — Eureka, Utah 

McKee. Coy — South Jordan. Utah 
Mellor. Barbara — Fayette, Utah 
Mendenhall, Bob — Stockton, California 
Mezenen. Bert — Duchesne. Utah 
Meline, Roberta — Burley, Idaho 


McKell, B 





k, William 

Maxfield, Flora Lee 


Fork, Utah 



Los Ar 

qeles, California 

Provo, Utah 


Anna L. 




, Patricia 

McCandless. William 



Salt Lake City, Utah 


, Idaho 

Huntington, Utah 








McDaniel, Lloyd 










Alamosa, Colorado 

McClellan, Lois Dixie 
Sprinqville, Utah 

Provo. U 

McAferty, Lloyd 

Olympia, Washington 

Maughan, Reta 
Ronan, Montana 



Maxwell, C 
Salt Lake 

City, Utah 

McCuistion, Edith 
Burley, Idaho 

May, Leola 
American Fork, Utah 

May, Georg Anna 
Baker, Oregon 

McDougal, Richard 
Cannpbellsport, Wisconsin 

McKell, Clair 
Provo, Utah 

Maurer, Dave 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Sparkplug president of Cougarettes . . . served on 
Frosh A.W.S. Council ... a personable girl known 
for her singing voice. 



Manning. Marilyn 
Garland, Utah 

Martin, Ellen 

Gaffney, South Carolina 

Madsen. LaRue 
Provo, Utah 

Narkaus, Suzanne 

Placerville, California 

Manning, Leiand 
Emmett, Idaho 

Mateljan, Nicic 

Redlands, California 

Mason, Kenneth 
Aurora, Utah 

Madsen, Lynette 
Springville, Utah 

NaKanna, Thomas 

Wailcapu, Maui, Hawaii 

Mahi, Rose K. 

Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 

Marshall, Carolyn 
Salem, Oregon 

Manwaring, Estel 
Vernal, Utah 

Matsen, John 

Los Angeles, California 

Markham, Beth Ann 
Ontario, Oregon 

Matthews, Elmo G. 
Evanston, Wyoming 

Martin, Kenneth 
Mesa, Arizona 

Mahoney, Stephen B. 
Heber, Utah 

Mangelson, Ned L. 
Levan, Utah 

Manning, Carllyn 
Garland, Utah 

McLaughlin, Maxine 
Winslow, Arizona 

Massey, Joan 

Pasadena, California 

MacDonald, Ella Rae 
Kanab, Utah 

Matkin, LaZelle 
Swan Lake, Idaho 

Malmstom, Edith 
West Jordon, Utah 

Mangum, Floyd L. 
Orem, Utah 

Nate, Donna 
Dingle"; Idaho 

Marcil, Mari-Lynn 

San Bernardino, California 

Marchant, Joseph 
Campbellsport, Wisconsin 

Mansfield, Marie 
Malad, Idaho 

Nash, Mazle 

American Fork, Utah 

Neal, Penfold 

Hagerman, Idaho 

MacArthur, Patricia 
Ogden, Utah 

Nebeker, Gaye 
Cerry, Utah 


Nelson. Doreen — Phoenix. Arizona 
Nelson. LaNeeve — Wendell. Idaho 
Nelsen, Arlou — Olympls, Washington 
Nelson. Manfred R. — Jackson, Wyoming 
Nelson. Dorothy— Queen Creek. Arizona 

Nelson. Karen — Seattle. Washington 
Nelson. Noreen — Phoenix, Arizona 
Neilson, Jay Wallace— Bluffdale. Utah 
Nelson. Varr Y.— Idaho Falls. Idaho 
Nelson, Krista — Provo, Utah 

Neubert, Donna — Graeagle, California 
Nelson, Betty — American Fork, Utah 
Newberger, Warner — Provo, Utah 
Newsom, Rotvaid A. — Mesa, Arizona 
Nicholson. Barbara — Provo, Utah 

Nickles, Andy — Redlands, California 
NIcol. Bill — New Orleans, Louisiana 
Nielsen, Deon — San Francisco, California 
Nielsen, Ann — Pleasant Grove. Utah 
Nielson, Ronald — Hinckley, Utah 

Nowell, Pa+ricia Ann — Mendham, New Jersey 
Nishi. June — Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii 
Nielson, Ronald — Provo. Utah 
Nielson. Seymour J. — Hyrum. Utah 
Nielsen. Margene — Riverton, Utah 

Nielson, Virginia — Blanding, Utah 
Nuttall, Donald — Hurricane, Utah 
Nuttall, Garth— Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Obert, Carol J. — Inglewood, California 
Nixon, Louise — Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Oakley, Marlene — SpringvlUe, Utah 
Norton, Melba — Silverton, Oregon 
Nielson, Roberta — Lynndyl, Utah 
Nordfors, Anna Vee — Annabella, Utah 
Nichols, H. Dale — Mesa. Arizona 


Olpin. Clara — Heber, Utah 
Olmstead, Joan — Salt Lake City. Utah 
Olsen, Halvor — Bountiful, Utah 
Oldroyd, Victor — Provo. Utah 

Oliver, Carl Lloyd— Delia, Utah 
Obregon, Margarita — El Paso, Texas 
Oborn, Gene — Payson, Utah 
Olson, Fred — Manila. Utah 

Okimoto. Esther — Honolulu, Hawaii 
Odd, Leonard A. — Menio, Washington 
Oliverson, Elaine — Preston, Idaho 
Olsen, Margaret — Provo, Utah 


Peterleln, Sara — Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Petersen, Ray — Orenn, Utah 

Perry, Russ — Provo, Utah 

Orr, Charles — American Fork, Utah 

Perry, Ray — Nampa. Idaho 

Orton, Kenny — Phoenix, Arizona 
Owens, Bonna C. — Showlow, Arizona 
Perrett, Margaret — Sterling, Alberta, Can. 
Orrock, Elaine — Joseph, Utah 
Perry, David — Palo Alto, California 

Otterson, Arnold — Lehi, Utah 
Peterson, Nolan R. — Mesa, Arizona 
Peterson, Marilyn — Ellis, Kansas 
Ostler, Grace — Nephi, Utah 
Peterson, Marian — Culver City, California 

Ottley, Ruth— Carlin, Nevada 
Peters, Marilyn E. — Santa Monica, Calif. 
Peterson, June — Lewiston, Pennsylvania 
Peters, Leroy R. — Mitchell, South Dakota 
Orme, Gordon — Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Osterloh, Nancy — Redwood City, California 
Olsen, Wilma — Lovell, Wyonning 
Peterson, Frank — Tooele, Utah 
Olsen, Gloria Dawn — Salt Lake City, Utah 
Pendleton, Jackie — Richfield, Utah 


Paul, Merlin G. 
Elko, Nevada 

Payne, Karol June 
Bancroft, Idaho 

Payne, Viria Jane 
Duncan, Ariiona 


Parr. Phyllis 
LaJara, Colorado 

Parker, Peggy Ann 
Joseph, Utah 

Parker, Don 
Ogden, Utah 

Pulley, Arva" 
St. Anthony, Idaho 

Packard, Gilda 
Springvllle, Utah 

Palmer, Philip 
Monticello, Utah 

Peck, Donna Mae 
Pendleton, Oregon 

Paschel, Patricia 
Annabella, Utah 

Paxnnan, George 
Nephi, Utah 

Palmer, E. Lavar 
Preston, Idaho 

Patrick, Melvin 
Summerville. Oregon 

Pace, Patsy 
Globe, Arizona 

Pulsipher, David 
Mesquite, Nevada 

Putnam. Clarine 
Ontario, Oregon 

Pedersen. Maurine 
Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Parkinson, Sharon 
Rexburg, Idaho 

Parks, Wanda 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Partridge. Mary 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Patjas, Saija 
Tampere, Finland 

Payne, Robert M. 
Provo. Utah 

Pate. George W. 
Springville. Utah 






Preston, Lurlyn 

Piatt, Kathleen 

Ogden, Utah 

Lebanon, Oregon 

Salt Leke City. Utah 


Bernell B. 

Pugh, Margaret 

Phillips, Carolyn Lee 

Pocatello, Idaho 

Kanab, Utah 

Brigham, Utah 



3ean H. 

Pouisen, Guy, Jr. 

Powell, Shirley 

St. A 

nthony, Idaho 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Lehl, Utah 

Peterson, LaRae 

Pouisen, Gerald 

Powelson, Pauline 


. Utah 

Granite, Utah 

Lovell. Wyomina 

Price, Keith 

Pew, JoAnn 

Pohlman, Charlene 

Pouisen, Elizabeth L. 

Peterson, Robert 

San Francisco, California 

Queen Creel, Arizona 

Los Angeles, California Brigham City, Utah 

Phoenix, Arizona 

Peterson, Mary Lee 

Peterson, Myrna 

Poulson, Elizabeth Ann Pratt, Gene A. 

Pilling, Donna Marye 

Grace, Idaho 

Enterprise, Utah 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Washington, D. C. 

Mountain View, Alber 

Petersen, Marian 

Peterson, LouAnn 

Pulsipher, Lois Ann 

Pope, Rhea 

Pollard, Barbara 

Culver City, California 

Lajara, Colorado 

Denver, Colorado 

Moab, Utah 

Chandler, Arizona 

Piette, Rene M.Y.M. 

Peterson, Brent 

Phillips, JoAnn 

Peterson, Morris 

Liege, Belgium 

Granger, Utah 

Tokyo, Japan 

Sandy, Utah 

Porter, Stanley 





Tampico, Monta 
Price, LaMar 






Paris. Idaho 



▼ t ^ 

m A T 


Rencher, Viola — Snowflake, Arizona 
Rice. Velma Darlene — Claresholm, Alta., C. 
Reed, Carol Sue — Rlrie, Idaho 
Rasmassen, Etnilie — Odense, Denmark 
Raphiel, Edna — Karnack, Texas 

Rasnussen, Renee — Salina. Utah 
Quinn, Marlene — Colton, California 
Rasband, Doris — Washington, D. C. 
Petersen, Doris Rae — Cottonwood, Arizona 
Quails, Gary — Kalispell, Montana 

Pace, Rayna Gay — Phoenix, Arizona 
Peterson, Marlene — Ogden, Utah 
Rees, Shirley Ann — Ely, Nevada 
Rich, Kathryn A.— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Peterson, Dennis — Sacramento, California 

Rich, Margaret — Paris, Idaho 
Remington, Janice — Parker, Idaho 
Read, Jack — Hamilton, Canada 
Reed, Dorothy — Sanger, California 
Rice, Donald L. — Denver, Colorado 

Peterson, LaRayne — Fillmore, Utah 
Rasmussen, Albert L — Engin, Oregon 
Rennie, Lois — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Price, John H. — Malad, Idaho 
Radmall, Paul — Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Reading, Sidney — Montpelier, Idaho 
Ragsdale, Ronald O. — Boise, Idaho 
Rawlings, Ruth — Provo, Utah 
Reynolds, Mary— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Rhoades, Darlene — Hanna, Utah 

Reynolds, Patricia — Vernal, Utah 
Peterson, Colleen — Richfield, Utah 
Ray, Alonzo — Jerome, Arizona 
Poulson, Joan — Duchesne, Utah 
Railton, Mark — Sintaluta, Saak., Canad 


RIggs, Westlyn C. — Phoenix, Arizona 
Richey. Maleen — St. Johns, Arizona 
Richards, Gene — Blackfoot, Idaho 
Ricks, David — Boise, Idaho 

RIchins, Devaun — Vinden, New Mexico 
Richey, Ramona — St. Johns, Arizona 
Riggs. Priela Dawn — Washington, D. C. 
RIchins, Nita — Gridley, California 

Richey, Alice — St. Johns, Arizona 
Richards, James — Price, Utah 
Richardson, Pauline — Benjamin, Utah 
Ridge, Don — Provo, Utah 

lAf /J_ i.- 

J^ c.^A^ Urn 

Robertson, Robert — Portland, Oregon 
Riley, Shirley — Skamokawa, Washington 
Rios, Omar G. — Edinburg, Texas 
Robertson, Thyvele — Penngrove, California 
Robison, Richard — Fillmore, Utah 

Robinson, Norma — Lake City, Florida 
Robinson, Acea — Filmore, Utah 
Rooks, Joyce — Grass Valley, California 
Robinson, John M. — Freedom, Wyoming 
Rossiter, Pat — Helena, Montana 

Robinson, LaNea — Freedom, Wyoming 
Roper, Laver — Westwood, California 
Rogers, Anella — Clarkdale, Arizona 
Robison, Dixie — Boise, Idaho 
Rigtrup, Afton — Burley. Idaho 

Ross, Beverly — Brigham City, Utah 
Routsong, John R. — Los Angeles, California 
Rowe, Robert — Grand Junction, Colorado 
Rowe, William Stephens — Butte, Montana 
Rodriguez, Alfonso — Monterey N.L., Mexico 

Rowley, John — Mt. Home, Utah 
Ruesch, Marilyn — Los Angeles, California 
Rust, Martin — Provo, Utah 
Russell, Gloria Belle — Kamas, Utah 
Rowley, Ann — Boulder, Nevada 


Rutz, Ron 

Portland, Oregon 

Russell, Robert D. 
Oxford, Ohio 

Saunders, Wayne 
Vale, Oregon 

Sargent, Larry 0. 
Mesa. Ariiona 

Sabin, Leora 
Salem, Utah 

Schuab, Alma M. 
Inglewood, California 

Scott, Richard L 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Schofield, Allen 
Spanish Fork, Utah 

Sabin, Evelyn 
Salem, Utah 

Scott, Fisher 

San Marino, California 

Stoddard, Louis 

Richland, Washington 

Sergeant, Jean 
Newport, Oregon 

Sawyer, Melvin W. 

Rock Springs, Wyoming 

Schelf, Mary Lou 

Olympia, Washington 

Sanders, Fred S. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Sadler, Wanda 
San Francisco, California 

Sandall, Jane Sieverts, Mary 

Kaysville. Utah ^ Salt Lake City. Utah 


Shumway, Drew 
Taylor, Arizona 

Schenk, Laura 
Nyssa, Oregon 

Scott, Mary 

Los Angeles, California 

Enthusiastic and capable Frosh vice-president . . . 
smiling product of Salt Lake City . . . fighter on 
Frosh football squad and for better student govern- 

Schuenman, Jean 
Las Vegas. Nevada 

Scott, Sharon 
Portland, Oregon 

Sabre, Whittle 
Brawlay, California 



Slater, Diane 
McGill, Nevada 

Stevens, Dale 
Provo, Utah 

Silfast, Joyce 

Salt Lalte City, Utah 

Smith, Larry N. 
Cowley, Wyoming 

Slater, Paul 
Ogden, Utah 

Smith, Carole 
Lehi, Utah 

Smedley, Milton 
Clearfield, Utah 

Simkins, Anne V. 
Springviiie, Utah 

Shepherd, Kenneth 
Payson, Utah 

Shawcroft, Dale P. 
LaJara, Colroado 

Siddoway, Carol 
Teton City, Idaho 

Seqo, Nancy 

Mansssa, Colorado 

Serrao, I. Iwalani 
Hilo, Hawaii 

Seastrand, James 
American Fork, Utah 

Seely, Donna 

St. Anthony, Idaho 

Shertzer, Minnie 
Pomona, California 

Seymour, Jean 

Stockton, California 

Shipp, Karol 
Joseph, Utah 

Skyles, Doris 

Gladstone, Oregon 

Sessions, Challene 
Prove. Utah 

Sharp, Mary Kathryn 
Redlands, California 

Simkins, Donna Jean 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Searle, Geraldine 
Provo, Utah 

Slade, Marian L. 
Wutrloso, Arizona 

Smith, Glen 

Chicago, Illinois 

Skeen, Talmage 
Oaden, Utah 

Simonsen, Janis 
Price, Utah 

Sharp, Marilyn 
Midvale, Utah 

Shepherd, Maxine 
Paris, Idaho 

Smeath, Donna Jean 
Provo, Utah 

Smith, Phil 
Ogden, Utah 

Smith, Myrle 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Skinner, Dale 
American Fork, Utah 

. T £j-.V\ M J . //-(I .'1. 

1 * lM^\. 



Smith, Joyce — Lehi, U+ah 
Smith, Joanne — Portland. Oregon 
Smith, Sale Marie — Preston, Idaho 
Smith, Lawrence — San Lorenzo, California 
Smith, Devon — Hyrum, Utah 

Stock. Robert— Roy, Utah 

Sorriaux. Jeannine— Nice. France 

Smith. Terry — Payson. Utah 

Smith. William Guy — El Monte, California 

Sorenson. Louise — Provo, Utah 

Soelberg, Bruce — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Solomon. Craig — Las Vegas. Nevada 
Sorensen. Ken — Vallejo, California 
Sorensen. Pat — Berkeley, California 
Snell. Carolyn — Spanish Fork. Utah 

Sorenson. Lois — Provo, Utah 
Sorenson. David — Aurora. Utah 
Sorensen. Lila June — Sciplo. Utah 
Smith. Pa+ricia — Orem, Utah 
Steed. Camille — Logan. Utah 

Steffey. Donna — Mesa, Arizona 
Spencer, Areola — Escalante, Utah 
Squire, Erma — Mt. Pleasant, Utah 
Stanton, Brian— Park City, Utah 
Staffanson, Bill — Lompac, California 

Stawffer, B. J. — Jerome, Idaho 
Starley, Bill— Delta, Utah 
Smith, Beverly J. — Malad, Idaho 
Stephens, Neil — Nampa, Idaho 
Stephens, Jimmie — Mammoth, Utah 

Stephens, Robert — Powell, Wyoming 
Stephensen, Karma — Riverton, Utah 
Steimple, Pat — Pasadena, California 
Stephenson, Mary Lohrae — Provo, Utah 
Sorenson, Kent — Driggs, Idaho 



I i^i 



Sutton. Helen — Grantsville. Utah 
Swenson, Barbara J. — Spanish Fork, Utah 
Stratford, Roland — Lomita, California 
Swain, Bertella — American Fork, Utah 

Summers, Ray — Pasadena, California 
Summers, Helen — Montlcello, Utah 
Sumslon, David O. — Springville, Utah 
Swan, Seralee — Orem, Utah 

Stott, Lloyd — Bynum, Montana 
Straub, David — Grass Valley, California 
Strong, Keith — San Carlos, Clifornla 
Stuart, Deon — Kaysville, Utah 

Stevens, Elaine — Ogden, Utah 
Stevens, Floyd — Glendale, California 
Stevens, Bill — Barnwall, Alberta, Canada 
Stevenson, Donna Louise — Los Angeles, Cal. 
Stewart, Joyce — Moab, Utah 

Stevens, Betty Lou — Oakley, Utah 
Stevenson, Stanley, Mt. Home, Utah 
Stevenson, Max — Mt. Home, Utah 
Stimpson, David — Provo, Utah 
Stewart, Scott — Provo, Utah 

Stiburek, Beverly — Cascade, Idaho 
Stokes, Phyllis — Salmon, Idaho 
Stokes, Verna — Salmon, Idaho 
Stott, Reah — Meadow, Utah 
Stone, Marlene — Stockton, California 

Talley, Darlene — Alhambra, California 
Swenson, Gordon — Provo, Utah 
Stott, Cloyd — Bynum, Montana 
Stocking, Marlene — Carey, Idaho 
Tahquette, Mary Ann — Cherokee, N. C. 

Tall, Marilyn — Rigby, Idaho 

Tanner, Clyde Eddie — Los Angeles, Calif. 

Tanner, Pat — Provo, Utah 

Taylor, Annabell — Provo, Utah 

Tanner, Janet — Boise, Idaho 


Taylor, Joan 
Phoenix, Arizona 


, Utah 

Tanner, David 
Blackfoot, Idaho 

Taylor, Jaris 

Farmington, New Mexico 

Taylor, Gene 
Tooele, Utah 

Tidwell, Betty 
McGill, Nevada 

Taylor, Mavis 
Aurora, Utah 

Tenney, Wayne 
Thatcher, Arizona 

Taylor, Anna Dean 
Fremont, Utah 

Thayne, Ervin 
Layton, Utah 

Thompson, Diane 
Scipio, Utah 


, Lynn 
ir, Utah 


Blaine M. 


, Utah 

Tanner, Betty Jane 
Lomita, California 

Taylor, JoAnn 
Provo, Utah 

Taylor, Elaine 

San Diego, California 

Tillman, Norma 
Holbroolc, Arizona 

Titensor, Barry 

Ballflower, California 

Thacker, Lyie V, 
Heber, Utah 

Tillotson, Joyce 
Denver, Colorado 

Thomas, Barbara 
Manassa, Colorado 



Thomson, Marilyn 
Riverton, Utah 




Taylor, Bruce J. 
Provo, Utah 

Tuomenoksa, Eila 
Helsinki, Finland 

Wainwright. Joan 
Kemmerer, Wyoming 

Tracy, Raymond 
Provo, Utah 

Tyler, Virg 

Beach. California 

Walker, Jessie Mario 
Beaver, Utah 

Tree, Ira 

Coalville, Utah 

Tyler, Sylvia 

Los Angeles, California 


Falls, Idaho 


Patricia Ann 


ta CI 

ara, California 


, Utah 

Thompson, Glenna Kay 
Ely, Nevada 

Todd, Henry S. 
Sridley, California 


am City, 


Thornton, Kay 
Draper, Utah 

Ward, Arlo 
Clifton, Idaho 

Thomson, Sharlene 
Malad, Idaho 

Tolley, Don 

Kalispell, Montana 


Gerald L 
pia, Wash 


Umphenou, Sterling 
Bellingham, Washington 

Ward, Carma 
Rigby, Idaho 

Tovell, Bill 
Provo, Ufah 

Toone, Kenneth 
Green River, 



e, Utah 

Van Wagoner, Earl 
Palo Alto, California 

Ward, Marilyn K. 
Malad, Idaho 


i, Utah 

Vance, Dan 
Provo, Utah 

Warnick, Robert 

Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Thornton, LaVee 
St. George, Utah 

Thurber, Carl 
Dingle, Idaho 

Tobier, Lee 
Nampa, Idaho 


Vogt, William — Coquille, Oregon 
Uibel, Garth — MountainView, Alberta, Can. 
Woffinden, Jerry — Kennewick, Washington 
Van Wagoner, John C. — American Fork, Ut. 
Van Wagenen, Charlene — Ogden, Utah 

Waltman, Vernon — Meridian, Idaho 
Walker, Lowell— Woodland, Utah 
Walker, Dan L— Payette, Idaho 
Walker, Norlan— Vernal, Utah 
Ward, Patricia— Elba, Idaho 

Ward, James — Cleveland, Utah 
Ward, Eira— Idaho Falls, Idho 
Warr, Gary — Oakley, Idaho 
Waters, Max — Burley, Idaho 
Washburn, Velyn — Provo, Utah 

Watkins, Arlys— Vernal, Utah 
Webb, Blaine — Provo, Utah 
Webster, Jim — Provo, Utah 
Ward, Marilyn — Parowan, Utah 
Watts, Jerry W.— Portland, Oregon 

Wethormon, Don — Twin Falls, Idaho 
Welbourne, Alice— LaJara, Colorado 
Weitzeil, Norma L. — Provo, Utah 
Wells, Beverly — Los Angeles, California 
Wells, Dick — Las Vegas, Nevada 

Weseman. Ruth— Salt Lake City, Utah 
West, Barbara — Roseburg, Oregon 
West, J. Donid— Provo, Utah 
West, Anne — Denver, Colorado 
West, Henry — Pocatello, Idaho 

West, Marilyn — Azusa, California 
Westwood, Ardis — Orem, Utah 
Warton, Shirley — Glendale, California 
Whatcott, Carol— Provo, Utah 
White, Bryce— Roosevelt, Utah 


Wilde, Ruth — Cheyenne, Wyoming 
Wible, John Robert — Burbank, California 
Whitley, Patricia — Copperton, Utah 
Whitehead, Wilda— Salt Lake City, Utah 

White, Floyd — San Rafel, California 
White, Roger — Santa Monica, California 
Whipple, Marlene— Ajo, Arizona 
Whetcott, John— Lynndyl, Utah 

Wilcken, Dolores— Salt Lake, City Utah 
Wightman, Jeanne — Springville, Utah 
Willardson, Dona — San DIago, California 
Williamson, Gary — ^Alhambra, California 

'1^\^ I \ ... I 



Williams, Boyd L— Provo, Utah 
Willmott, Ann — Cardston, Canada 
Willis, Girdley— Carlsbad, New Mexico 
Willis, Janet— Henrieville, Utah 
Williams, Ruby — Ohaton, Alberta, Canada 

Wilson, Arlo— Lund, Idaho 
Willis, Mary — Springville, Utah 
Wilson, Arnold — Springville, Utah 
Wilson, Carlyn— Lehi, Utah 
Wilson, Dean E. — Nampa, Idaho 

Wilson, Janice — Centervllle, Utah 
Wilson, JoAnn — Meridiart, Idaho 
Wilson, Mae— Salt Lake City, Utah 
Wilson, William A — Downey, Idaho 
Wiltbank, Mary Bess — Eager, Arliona 

Winn, Blaine — Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Winn, Zan J. — Ogden, Utah 
Winsor, Carlene — Phoenix, Arizona 
Winsor, Robert C. — Phoenix, Arizona 
Winterton, Eldon — Roosevelt, Utah 

Winsor, JoAnn — Phoenix, Arizona 
Winter, Jeannine — American Fork, Utah 
Winters, Burton — Afton, Wyoming 
Winger, Gay E. — Driggs, Idaho 
Winward, Joy — Clifton, Idaho 


Wiscombe. Virginia 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Worthen, Patricia 
Panquitch, Utah 

Yearsley, Kenneth 
Ogden, Utah 

Young, Janice 
Richfield, Utah 

Wortham, Wilbur R. 
Grand Junction, Colorado 

Worthington, Everett Eugene 
Chandler, Arizona 

Zabriskie, Jay 

Spanish Fork, Utah 

Yearsley, Karen 
Malad, Idaho 

Wise, Neva Rae 
Downey, Idaho 

Wong, Mary 

Honolulu, Hawaii 

Wright, M. Elaine 
Duchesne, Utah 

Zakel, Helen 

Raymond, Washington 

Hart, David KIrkwood 
Boise, Idaho 

Young, Dave 
Provo, Utah 

Udall, Alice Jean 
Mesa, Arizona 

Young, Yvonne 
Richfield, Utah 

Lamb, Ruth Evelyn 
Regina, Sask., Canada 

Whittke, Dayton D. 
Tooele, Utah 

Woodward, John 
Seattle, Washington 

Young, Janis 
Orem, Utah 

Zohner, Dorin 
Driggs, Idaho 

Wissmar, Dave 
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

Wolverton, JoAnn 
Pocatello, Idaho 

Worsley, Joan Kay 
Temple City, Utah 

Young, Arlo 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Wolfley, Patsy 
Etna, Wyoming 

Wold, Royco B. 
Preston, Idaho 

Zaccardi. Dorothy 

Provo, Utah 

Young, Bevis 

Ely, Nevada 

Laird, Judith A. 
Dubois, Idaho 

Wright, Rae 
Provo, Utah 

Yeates, Margene 
Salt Lake City, Utah 

Erbolato, Oscar 
Campinas, S.P. Brazil 

Lambert, Milo 
187 Kamas, Utah 

Lake, JoAnna 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Students will long remem- 
ber the winter of 1951-52. 
This is a fitting replica of an 
overnight "snow flurry." 



- m 



r ^ 


vluc k 


The Blue Keys, a national honorary 
leadership -fraternity naade up of upper- 
classmen who have been chosen for scholar- 
ship, leadership, activity, service, and per- 
sonality, select each year a nunnber of pro- 
jects that will further the growth of the 
University. This year the organization com- 
pleted the "B. Y. and You" booklet and 
started work on the problems of campus 
lighting, bulletin board control, parking 
lot drainage, and the "Y Bell" shrine. 

Sherman Sheffield, President 
Wilburn K. Johnson 
Kay Randall 
Daniel Allen 
Douglas R. Bunker 

C. Joseph Rowberry 
Ed Money 
Ronald J. Otteson 
Reid Fillmore 
Bob Ensign 

Reed Benson 
Don Van Slooten 
Richard Ashby 
Charles C. Fromberg 
Mark Money 



Dick Huish 
Lorry Rytting 

Mark Benson 
Richard E. Cook 

J. Myron Walker 
Jack Clawson 

Darcy Clawson 
Jack Roberts 

Fred Money 
Lee StraHord 


A rotating scholastic cup is now 
being awarded by the White Keys 
as a new idea to furnish recog- 
nition for high scholarship. It is 
because of hard work of this or- 
ganization that the enjoyment and 
convenience derived from the stu- 
dent directory, the Cougarefte 
marching, and the spring fashion 
tea is obtained. This prominent 
group presents a dinner dance 
and an assembly in conjunction 
with the Blue Keys and holds par- 
ties with both the YC's and the 
University of Utah Mortar Board. 


Ijitc k 


Eileen Schipper 
LaVonne Thomander 
Barbara Smith, Secretary 
Roylance Spratling 

Colleen Christensen 
Mary Lois Bolingbroke 
Elizabeth Martini, President 
Carol Clark 
Peggy Wood 

Joyce Ashman 

Afton Ash 

Betsy Sears 

Gayla Loosli, Vice-President 

Sue Nelson 


Alpha Lambda Delta, a national scholas- 
tic honorary for freshman girls with a high 
grade average, has as one of its main ac- 
tivities a tutoring service. This service is 
carried out jointly vi^ith Phi Eta Sigma. Each 
year a book is presented to the service 
member of the group who achieves the 
highest scholastic record. 

La Rue Ockey 

Dorothy Bartel 


Jean Crook 

Bonnie Jean Turner 

Lsia Wing 



Melva Ann Sm 


Gayle Walton 

Ellen Jessericlt 

Margaret Affleck 

Betty Hayes 

Dixie Taylor 

Nancy Ann Rich 


n Redd, 


Anne Milligan 
Lois Conger 

Bonnie Beardall 
Anna Julia Hoyt 



Carol Warr 

Dorothy Anstio 



Marilyn Taylor, 






Reola Clark 

Marie Bramall 

Trilby Packard 

Joyce Whiteley 



Jennie Merchant 

Lorna Erickson 

aIma UmbdA mta, 


The Gold "Y" Chapter' of the Intercol- 
legiate Knights directs its activities toward 
service to the school and the studentbody. 
Strong and active, this year's group pro- 
duced a finalist trio in the Homecoming 
Quartet Contest and traditionally illumi- 
nated the "Y". During the past year 
ushering at assemblies in the fieldhouse was 
added to the Knights' already designated 
duties of ushering at lyceums and games. 


Deon Sreer 
Charles D, Lomax 

Jon R. Katzenback 
Richard D. Allred 

Richard Devey John Tanner 

Calvin F. Read Frank Nicholes 

Frank Daly, Expansion Officer J. Norman Smith 
Glade L. Tregaskis Ralph Hitchcock 


i Aj I i ^A v.,i M W.f \r A^, i0 . ^ 



Don Marler 
Gerald D. Hyde 
Bob Froms 

Jack Peay 

Keith Orme, Royal King 
Dave Clark, Chancellor 
Gene Hansen 

Lynn Stayner 

Don Murphy 

Lavon Boyenger 

Gordon B. Taylor, Worthy Scribe 

Dale R. Carver 

Heber Lee Davis 

Glenn Miller 

Blaine W. Hess, Worthy Recorder 

Rex H. Mitchell 

Dick Hawley 

Jay Lake 

Clarke Hinrichsen 
Honorable Duke 


By helping the o+fier service honorarles push the drive for the 
Y Bell shrine, Y Calcares add another achievement to its list of 
activities. Tickefs sales, ushering duties, and co-chairmanship of 
hiello Week ere assumed by these sophomore and junior girls. Chos- 
en for their prominence in school functions and high scholarship, 
members must maintain a "2.0 average." Meeting w^ith the IK's In 
exchange parties affords enjoyment for the group. 

Lenore Bennion 
Jennie March 
Sally Madsen 

Margaret Clark, Secretary 
Dawn Baiter 
Mary Anne Sorenson 
Margaret Doxey 

Mariorie Allen 
Marilyn Georges 
Rogene Ball 
Joana Hobbs 

Marcia Stringham 
Betty hiayes 
Gayle Walton 
Lucille Rowe 

Trilby Packard 

Lorna Erickson 
Carolyn Edwards 
Janice Thorn 

Ann Whiting 
LaRue Ockey 
Marilyn Young 
Ellen Jeserick 

Joyce Manwaring 
Marolyn Taylor 
Dixie Taylor 
Barbara Wyatt 



Jo-Anne Milliqan 
Lois Conger 
Dorthene Beck 
Betty Ann Green 
Carol Warr, President 

Janice Taylor 
Mary Jane Sroberg 
Jean Anderson 
Marilyn Redd 
Pearline Crowley 

Jean Crook 
Beverly Boyack 
Beverly Wright 
Jacqueline Draper 
Kathryn Latinner 

Julia Hoyt 
Lois Athay 
Ilia Mae Cook 
Carolyn Bagley 
JoAnne Stringham 

Eunice Raynard 
Betty Page 
Cherie Marcil 
Margaret Affleck 
Ralphena Taylor 

Leia Wing 
Marian Tebbs 
Ruth Ellen May 
Joyce Whitely 
Ferol Holman 

Pat Thomas 
Frances Reed 
Lucretia Markham 
Viola Schenk 
Shirley Allen 

Marie Bramall 
Rose LaRae Lott 
Kathleen Brown 
Carolyn Taylor 
Sue Johnson 


Donna Jean Smeath 
Carol Dunford 
Donna Marie Green 
Karen Nelson 

Norma Barton 
Beverly Ross 
Sharon Lott 
Leota Baird 

Glenna Jones 
Charlene Carter 
Donna Neugert 
LaRue Madsen 

Charlene Pohlman 
Sylvia Taylor, President 
Carol Gardner 
Mary Dawson 

Jo-Anne Chadwick 

Jo-Anne Jameson 

Patricia Maughan 

Gene Oborn 

Joyce Hansen 

Barbara Monroe 

Colette Green 


Marcia King 

Louise Stoddard 

Vice-President Betty 


Marcia Lee 

^^ Jo An 

/e SmM 


Mary Lois Bolin 

^HB^ ShirJ 

ie Melton 


Lois Pulsipher 

(z>a^ Gi^ 

^ Jones 



As a pep organization, Cougaret+es in- 
sure school spirif, furnish half-time exercises 
at football and basketball games, and com- 
ply with school service calls. The depend- 
ability of each girl is essential to member- 
ship in this body because they practice 
every day during the sport season. Assist- 
ing in the Inauguration of President Wilkin- 
son and various drives, the group further 
served the school. 

Joyce Tillotson 
Pat Tanner, Secretary 
Suzanne Narlcaus 
Joan Keetch 

Jeanine Done 
Patrice Bates 
Sidney Reading 
Charlene Bjarnson 

Marlene Stone 
Mary Ann Parker 
Barbara Burns 
Beverly Hall 

Georgia Gudmundson 
Ruth Christiansen 
Carol Christensen 
Patricia Smith 

Carolyn Jensen 
Laura Schenk 
Rosemary Grow 
Doris Rasband 

Sue Crittenden 
Ruth Wilde 
Pat Capps 
Charlotte Mullen 

Karma Rae Jackson 
Marlene Quinn 
Janice Young 
Joan Seymour 

Barbara Nicholson 
Mary Jean Hatterman 
Mary Crandall 
Lorraine Atkin 


rrame rronk 

Glenna Kay Thompson. 
Vice President 

Darlene Bassetti 



p}i dhh^ ih^^^ 

Caroline Addy 
Sherman Sheffield 

Ralph Hansen, President 

E. Widstoe Shumway, Vice-Pres. 

Elon V. Snnith 

DeLannar Jensen 

Helen M. Cutler, Secretary 

Throughout the nation over one hundred 
chapters of Phi Alpha Theta, National 
Historical Honor Society, have been es- 
tablished. In 1948 the Beta lota chapter 
on this campus joined the national affili- 
ation which now boasts a membership of 
10,000. Striving to create excellence in the 
study of history, these young historians re- 
ceive guidance and encouragement from 
speakers invited to furnish historical in- 
formation. In relation to this, during the 
Spring a trip to the Trappist Monastery 
near Ogden proves enlightening. 


Scientific research in accounting, fin- 
ance, and business is fostered by Alpha 
Kappa PsI. This professional fraternity for 
commerce students provides opportunity 
for friendship and brotherhood to grow 
and develop among those of the same 
professional interests. Progress and oc- 
casions for leadership in fields of business 
activities are offered. Co-sponsorship of 
the Ad Ball is also included in this business 
group's program. 


Blaine Butler, Treasurer 
A. Reed Nelson 

Heber Lee Davis 
Nolan Young 
Kimball Sorensen 

Fred Money 
Thomas A. Henriech 
Marvin L Ottosen 

Mark Money 
Karl K. Nelson 

Albert Smith 
Ron Christensen 
Keith L. Peterson 

C. Joseph Rowberry, President 
Jack Peay 
Ed Money 

aIkJ^o, kMo, hsi 


JljeUaM}^ m'i 

By sponsoring and producing dramatic productions such as 
"Blithe Spirit," Theta Alpha Phi promotes an increased campus at- 
tention to dramatics. To qualify for this national honorary dramatic 
fraternity, members are required to act in plays. Working in con- 
junction with the Dramatics Department, Theta Alpha Phi presented 
"The Little Minister." Each year a Banquet honors the dramatists, 
and several awards and a trophy are presented for brilliant perform- 

Afton Ash 
Lorna Erickson 
Dick Franks 

Marjorie Thompson 
Jerry Elison 
Jane Anderson 

Chet Harris 
Lucille P.owe 
Spencer Palmer 

Morris Hickman 

David Gledhill, President 

Alene Redd 

Ned Hoopes, Vice-President 
Florence Stock 
Fred C. Adams 

Ann Whiting 
Geneva Call 
Shirley Roberts, Secretary 


Ned Mangelson 
Jay W. Wrathall 
Talcamasa Yamahawa 
John Ellsworth 

Jerry Garrett 
Ronald Ragsdale 
Keith Jameson 


i tia. sUma 

Phi E+a Sigma is a national scholastic 
honorary fraternity formed to promote 
and reward scholastic excellence among 
freshmen men. This year the honorary 
successfully instituted a program for aiding 
freshmen who needed help in their classes. 
Activities such as movies, educational tours, 
lectures, and parties have brought praise 
from students and faculty since the organ- 
ization was originated in 1947. 

Dan Leo Davis 
Earl McBride 

Gale B. Curtis 
Newell Thurnnan 

H. Gill Hilton 

M. Lamon Robins, Secretary 

Keith C. Hayes, President 
Richard Packham 


Lenore Bennlon 
Audrey Lee 
Mona Wright 
Janet Remund 
Ina Frandsen 




A high scholastic average and a pro- 
fessional interest in Home Economics are 
essential for membership in the oldest 
honorary for upperclass women on campus, 
Gamma Phi Omicron. Using "Open 
Doors" as their theme, these Home Ec- 
onomics majors offer an outstanding cul- 
tural and social program. As part of the 
educational outline, Belie S. Spafford, LDS 
Relief Society President, delivered a lec- 
ture to the group. 

Gloria Wallis Rytting 

Carolyn Edwards 

Fawn Smith 

Leia Wing 

Arlene Barnett 

Lojise Barton 
Rosemary Crowther 
Betty Harper 
Vivian Hayes 
Marlene Nielson 

Jean Eldridge 
Flora Patterson 
Audrey Elaine Whipple 
Renee Jones. Vice President 
Phyllis Kearl 


• <• 

BYU's Alpha Sigma Chapter of Sigma 
Gamma Epsilon, National Geologic Frat- 
ernity, strives for the scholastic, scientific, 
and social advancements of its members. 
Active in nearly fifty schools, the organ- 
ization sponsors banquets, picnics, and dan- 
ces throughout the year in order to bring 
to the members the social aspects of the 
fraternity. Guest speakers assist members 
in understanding the educational values 
within the d&partments of Geology, Min- 
ing, Metallurgy, Ceramic, Petroleum, and 



Russell A. Madsen 
Richard W. Moyle 
Stan Schindler, President 
Don G. Stewart 

Roy Tea 
Don Mruphy 
Ken Hamblin 
R. Bruce Trimble 

Parley R. Peterson 
Robert S. Clark 
Keith Sirrine, Vice President 
James H. Elison 

Gordon Waring 
Jim Rhodes 
Herschel Peacock 
Jack Madsen 

Edmund P. Hyatt 
Dallis O. Petusm 
Damarr Gunn 
Jim Swanson, Secretary 


Don L. Marie 
George E. Manussen 

Marvin Coffey, President 

Barbara Peterson 

Paul Steele. Vice President 

Blaine Quigley 
Mailland Spencer 
Richard J. Hatterman 

Wayne J. Milanders 
Mason Redd 

Ed L. Crandall 

Boyd Williams 

Grace Grant, Secretary 

Jonathan Palmer 

Kayle Buchanan 
Conrad Head 
John Ige 

Tri Befa, an invnfafional honorary biological fraternity, 
furthers the associations of its nnennbers. stimulates scien- 
tific research, and provides activities of an interesting 
and instructive nature. Members must maintain a high 
scholastic recprd and show an ardent interest in the field 
of Biology. Ajh annual Initiation Banquet, lectures by men 
who are authorities in their feild, movies, and field trips 
ate included, in Beta feta Beta s activities. 

veto, vetA iod(X 


Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honor Society, 
awards distinction to students with high 
scholarship, achievement, and interest in 
Physics. The organization endeavors to en- 
courage professional spirit and friendship 
among those who show a marked ability 
in the field. Sigma Pi Sigma sponsored a 
dance with the American Chemical Society, 
and this year Dr. Wayne B. Hales and Dr. 
Milton Marshall were honored by the so- 
ciety at the Installation Exercises. 

mi. m>e -^ 

Kenneth Parsons 
George Wofflnden 

Dave Clark 

H. Clay Gordon, President 

Forrest L. Statfenson 
Martin Miller 

Eddie J. Seppie 
Thomas W. Lee 


Robert English 

Melvin J. Barrett, Secretary 

Elton A. King 

Norman Geertsen 

John Eastmond 

Paul Diehl 
Wayne B. Hales 
Gene C. Powell 
Worth P. Allred 
Alvin L. Rasmussen 

Maughan Mason 
Harvey Greenfield 
Lowry Mann 
John L Hilton 
Monte Hickenlooper 


Left +0 right: Delores Marble, LaVonna 
Erickson, Sybil Lamoreaux, Verbe Johnston. 

Louise Stowell, June Dixon, Wanda Saddler. 

Norma King, Gladys Kondo, Joylene Rawie, 
Jewell Cloward, Marilyn Morrill, Renee 


Organized in 1949, Senior Orchesis, a national 
dance fraternity, aims to reach the excellence and 
enjoyment that are offered through modern dance. 
Each week the twenty-four memiaers meet for the 
purpose of perfecting techniques and artistry. The 
success of this Women's Physical Education Depart- 
ment group is illustrated by one major dance pro- 
duction each year and the emphasis the fraternity 
places on high standards. 

Left to right: Joan Dixon, Robert Blanken- 
shlp, Jean Dixon, Garth Uibel. 




Joycelyn Bradshaw, Pat Boyle, Myrle Smith 

Pat Boyle, Marilyn Morrill. 


Encouraged by the improved facilities found in the new Physical 
Science building, the "Y" chapter of the Student Affiliates of the 
American Chemical Society holds meetings featuring lectures of 
broad scientific interest and vocational guidance. Field trips ac- 
quaint the members with local chemical industry. Quarterly socials, 
athletic participation, and service projects balance the activities of 
an excellent pre-professional program. 

Marcus Sigmon 

H. Smllh Broadbent 

L. Ronald Stoops 

AmeYicAn cljemicd sjcietii 

Ron Cazier 

Ralph R. Hitchcock 

R. C. Unice 

Wilford Crowther Bonnie Beardall 

Merrill Andrus. Council Member V. J. Hansen 
Albert G. Funk F. Dale Huillet 

J. Merle Nielson 
Oren C. Bryner 
Richard P. Dunkley 

Monte Hickenlooper 
Charles WhiHie 
Hugh W. Peterson 

Graham Shaw 
William Brown 
Walter Schlegel 


I<» ^] 

Alan Peck 

J. H. Wing 

Burton E 


Robert M. Payne 

Henry Todd 


D. Larsen 

Richard L. Ashby 

Verl Soelberg 


1 Member 

Tictor Hegsted 

Fred G. White 

Bill Beazer 
Orrin S. Baird 

Hp Robert Jeffs 

Ned L 

. Mangel 


Leonard 0. Moore 

■ Pardoe 



Bert H 


Joseph Hafen 

B Lynn H 

. Slaugh, 



H. Miles 

Joanne Midzley 

i\ J. Rex 




Dan Lee Davis 





Olene Smith 
Ford Paulson 
Keith Schofield 
Spencer Palmer, Pres. 

ceoAte club 

First row: left to right: H. Earl McBrlde, Olene Smith, Weston Henrie, Bonnie 
Jean Turner. Geraldlne Asplund. Second row: Kirk Hart, Spencer Palmer, Jack Rob- 
erts, Ardis Westwood, Sharon Barret. Rulene Doman. Third row: Richard Devoy, KerHi 
B. Schofield. Ford R. Paulson, Granvel S. Kirkland, Andrew M. Douglass, Dr. J. Lavar 


The Women's National Honorary Business Fraternity, Phi Chi Theta, en- 
courages fraternal co-operation and friendship among its members. These women 
commerce students raise the standards of their organization and further their 
practical knowledge of business by sponsoring trips to Salt Lake City and plan- 
ning professional meetings. The group Is also the co-sponsor of the Ad B 

(. y. c. 

First row, left to right: Ralph Bergquist, Kay Johnson. Second row: Jocelyn Beckstead, Karma Jean 
Comlsh, Ella Tuomenoksa, Marion Hillyard. Third row: Prof. Wm. Carr (sponsor), LaVoy Thomas, Joe 
Manzione, Kay Gee Seely, William Y. Farnsworth. Fourth row; Dean Wengreen, Roger A. Sorenson, 
Conway B. Threet, Arnold J. McAllister. Fifth row: Jim Bosson, Booth Crabtree, Major Anderson. 

The International Relations Club aims to develop within students a better understanding of 
peoples and to lessen the prejudices that exist in the world of today. This aim is also sought by 
engaging outstanding guest speakers for weekly meetings. 

hh'i clji tljetor 

Front row, left to right: Marilyn Georges, Myrtle Fitzgerald, Wanda Scott, Elva Brown, Joanne McLaren, Ruth 

Calvley, Rosemary Bean, Gwen Judd. Second row: Arlene Bellows, Carol Barlow, Lillian Jones, Rosalyn Hall, 

Alice Arnett, Deah Tonks, Frances Reed, Kathleen Larsen, Ethelyn Taylor, Lucille Spencer, Glorls Stoddard, 
Dorothy Jeffery.' 


The Sponsor's Corps of the BYU Air Force began organizing this winter. This group, whose purpose is to fos- 
ter interest in the ROTC, consists of seventy-five women who are chosen by their honor, scholarship, potential 
leadership, and all-around, hard-working qualities besides popularity. Acting as an honorary unit, as well as a 
marching group, the women hold an Annua! Sponsoree and canyon party and aid in the planning of the Military 

^ j^Ek.^^ 


Carol Beckstrand 
Nina Leishman 
Marilyn Morrill 
Joanne Stringham 
Colette Green 

Pat Williams 
Kaye Holmtead 
Vonda Christensen 
Glenna Jones 
Gerrie Anderson, Capt. 

Lynette Madsen 
Joan James 
Kaye Parker 
Gayle Walton 
JoAnn Jameson 

Mary Anne Sorensen 
Grace Esplin, Capt. 
Marian Tebbs 
Dixie Robison 
Marilyn Cardon 

Mary Croft 
June Abbott 
Deon Nielsen 
Ann Rasmussen 
Phyllis Fox 

Carolyn Bagley 

Naida Black 

Mary Lois Bolingbroke, Maj. Comm. 

LaVonne Thomander, Capt. 

Shirley Allen 

Leia Wing 
Joanne Smith 
Betty Hayes 
Marilyn Barton 
Ruth Ellen May 



Eleanor FoerstI 
Patricia Maughm 
Lynne Jeppso-n 
Marilyn Stapley 
Sally Madsen 

Sylvia Tyler 
Karen Alleman 
Diane Davis 
Mary Crandall 
Colleen Parker 

Betty Hatch 
Marilyn Tall 
Dawn Baker 
Joyce Sommerlade 
Mauree Earl 

Lynn Bates 
Olene Smith 
Joanne Stuart 
Lois Humphries 
Marian Petersen 

Joanne Corbett 
Lois Conger 
Afton Maxwell 
Maralyn Ballif, Capt. 
Laura Schenk 

Peggy Wood, Capt. 
Barbara Miller 
Jacque Little 
Arlone Fernley, Capt. 
Beverly Miller, Capt. 

Connie Frehner 
Mary Lou Schenk 
Tressie Marx, Capt. 
Barbara Nicholson 
Elizabeth Larsen 

Connie Cameron 
Mary Dawson 
Patricia Green 
Ferol Holman 
Barbara Smith, Capt. 





W. 3 




AYndl Air sccietu 
ahJ OA^et mi 


Cadet Dean Holmes, A.A.S 

\if. Lt. Claude R. Thomas. A.A.S 
Squadron Commander 

2nd. Lt. Delray O. Hatch. A.A.S. 
Flight Commander 

2nd. Lt. Levi W. Oveson. -A-A.S 
Flight Commander 

2nd. Lt. Deray Eyre. A.A.S. 
Flight Commander 

2nd. Lt. David A. Wing, A.A.S. 
Squadron Adjutant 

Ist. Lt. Sanford S. Walker. A.A.S. 
CO., Squadron Commander 

Ist Lt. A. Eugene Lyons, A.A.S. 
Squadron Commander 

Cadet Joe H. Fergason. A.A.S. 

Ist. Lt. Kenneth 0. Zwahlen 
Squadron Commander 

Captain Robert W. Ensign, A.A.S. 
Group Commander 

Ist. Lt. Joe J. Christensen, A.A.S. 
Exec. Officer. Squadron Cmdr. 

Ist. Lt. Theron M. Thorley, A>.S. 
Squardon Commander 

2nd. Lt. Robert C. Smith 
Squadron Adjutant 

Major R. Dwight Stuckey, AA.S. 

Wing Commander 

Capt. 0. Jerry Carter. A.A.S. 
Adj. Recorder, Group Cmdr. 

2nd. Lt. George H. Thompson, 
A.A.S.. Squadron Adjutant 

2nd. Lt. David R. Dixon 
Squadron Adjutant 

Ist. Lt. Wayne M. Hancock, A.A.S. Capt. George L. Willfams, A.A.S. 

Sec.-Treas., Group Adjutant Oper. Officer, Group Cmdr. 

2nd. Lt. John B. Woodbury. A.A.S. Ist. Lt. William N. Creer, A.A.S. 

Flight Commander Pub. Rel. Off, Squadron Cmdr 

Ist. Lt, Elmo G. Hoagland, A.A.S. Ist. Lt. Emory Sekaquaptewa, Jr.. 

Group Adjutant A.A.S., Squadron Commander 

2nd. Lt. Robert E. WhJtaker 
Squadron Adjutant 

2nd Lt. Neil C. Rav^linson 
Squadron Adjutant 

2nd. Lt. Richard Y. Bershon. A.A.S, 
Flight Commander 

2nd. Lt. Richard, L. Hullinger. 
A.A.S., Squadron Adjutant 


Organized for community service and to 
boost morale of the R.O.T.C. unit on campus, 
the R.O.T.C. Chorus, composed of 30 voices 
led by Cadet Sergeant Virgil Camp, appears 
before civic and church groups in the city 
and performs in out-of-state functions. Chorus 
members include: Forrest Allred, Ted Baer, 
Ross Brott, Joe Ballif, Ned Brown, Robert 
Burtenshaw, Ronald Carter, Ray Christensen, 
Harold Dunford, Ross Floyd, Ronald Frazier, 
Dean Holman, Grant Ipsen, Victor Jorgenson, 
Duke Major, Farrell McKinney, Don Morten- 
sen, Merlin PauL Malin Perry, Robert Peterson, 
Stanlev Porter Jkent Prestwich, Galth Rogers. 
Richa«r RogeJs, Eugye ^®"^' W ^l"'//, 
Thompsoff, Dc^ WattJf BCirton^TA^yf^R, »anJ^ 
Paul Fish, Accompanist. 

Above, right: Sparkling batons and flashy satin uniforms announce the snappy routines of our pert and 
pretty band majorettes, Zelma Crider and Shirley Ray. 

Above: Under superior direction of Professor Richard Ballou, the B.Y.U. Airforce R.O.T.C. Band, 

Erobably the largest R.O.T.C. instrumental group in the state, promotes student spirit at all football and 
asketball games and performs at various military reviews. 

Opposite page: Selected on the basis of interest, military aptitude, and academic achievement, the 
members of the Arnold Air Society strive to become familiar with the defense establishment of the United 
States, to further their knowledge In airpower concepts, and to aid In the advancement of the Air Force 
R.O.T.C. program on campus. 


A. f. Y. (J. t. 


Lieutenant Colonel Jessie E. Stay spent 2I/2 
years in the Central Pacific, where he served 
as a B-24 heavy bomber Squad Commander, 
and acted as the Airforce Public Relations 
Officer in the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., 
before accepting the office as head of BYU's 
first Airforce R.O.T.C. Unit. Colonel Stay, 
who was born in Draper but spent most of 
his life in Los Angeles, is especially pleased to 
have his -military assignment at the Church 
school, and expects to remain in office here 
for four years. 

Lt. Col. Jessie E. Stay 

Lt. Col. LeRoy C. Wilco« 
Major Homer P. Anderson 
Major Kenneth J. Morgan 
Major Paul A. Simmons 
Major Amos L. Bossa 

Captain Duane S. Carr 
Captain Charles Moran 
Master Sgt. Thomas M. Acree 
Master Sgt. William Burton 
Sergeant W, H. Culpepper 

Master Sgt. Clair L. DeLong 
Master Sgt. Morck O. Hancock 
Master Sgt. Frank L. Tyre 
Top Sgt. Isom L. Stephens 
Staff Sgt. Charles Sharp 


First row, left to right: Camille Johnson, Jack Nelson. Gene Hansen, Jim Brim- 
hall. Second row: Annette Wood, Betty Ann Green, Mary Ann Carter, Margaret 
Rankers, Marvel Carlson, Laura Dial, Ralph Jeppson, Loren Rahl. Third row: Ross Linn, 
John White, Dan Clay, John Kelly, Dorothy Bartels, Kent Larsen. 

The Press Club, the former 
Omega Nu, gives students who 
share journalism, radio, and writ- 
ing interests the opportunity to 
mingle with fellow contemporaries 
and better their insight of journal- 
istic systems. To insure a free 
press and radio, this group plans 
a journalistic Conference and nu- 
merous lectures featuring such 
dignitaries as Cleon Skousen, Ex- 
ecutive Secretary of the Afumni 
Division, and Neil McNeil, sub- 
editor of the New York Times. 



ume eci^Mmics c 


Economics of the Home has been mas- 
tered when "the girl knows how to make 
the man do all the work." But more than 
this vital Item is learned in the club. Topics 
include cake decorating, hair styling, per- 
sonality improvement, ceramics, millinery, 
homemaking and family life, and careers 
in Home Economics. 

Left to right: 1st row— Lavlna K. Frodsham, Fawn Smith, Carol Dawn Kroft, 
Beth Anderson, Shirley Allen, Shirley Larseii, Louise Erickson, Sharon Parkinson, 
Arlene Barnett; row 2— Rene Thackery, Donna Gibbs, Lorraine Poterson, Neola 
Peterson, Lillian Jones, Margene Frank, Miss Jorgenson; 3rd row— Myrtle Fitz- 
gerald, Donna Turley, Rayna Pace, Sharon Frodshann, Doris Dayes; 4th row— 
Alta Cox, Launa Smith, Shirley Reese, Ann Boucher, LaPriel Mellor, Marleen 



To foster fellowship and activi- 
ties for agriculture majors, the Ag 
Club meets every week to discuss 
parties and projects. Each year a 
horse show, which wins top honors 
in the state, is presented. This 
year a tour, which may become 
an annual event, was conducted to 
several large Arizona ranches. 

Rrst row, left to right: Prof. Shumway, Dr. Martin, Prof. Farnswortfi, Prof. Richards. Second row: 
Charles, Peterson, Wm. Farnsworth, Glen Buckner, Ray Burry, Dan Heap, Max Nilson. Third row: Joyce 
Call, Marva Gribble, Wayne Clark, Verl Green, Ray Harris, Kendell Gurr, Jim Harris. Fourth row: 
Paul Fonnesbeck, Richard McDougal, Von Chrtstensen, Wnn. Roundy, Dean Roberts, Lyie Tanner. 
V«nce Calder. Fifth row: Ray Smith, Bernard Eugle, Garth Walker, Mac Welker, Louis McLellan, 
Marvin Lunt, Bob Fisher. Sixth row: Elmos Hansen, Deon Stuart, Kay Stephensen, Paul WarnerJ, 
Wallace Duel, Grant Thomas, Joseph Marchant. Seventh row: Howard Schmidt, Kenneth Beatty, 
Ken Barner, Claire Fisher, Don Calder, Frank Patterson, Ray Meldrum, Murray Mclnnls. 


Confetti and gaiety fills the air during the 
colorful Mardi Gras sponsored by the French 
Club. Members strive to attain a better un- 
derstanding of the French people, customs, 
and language by participating In one-act plays 
re-enacted in French. French missionaries, 
Canadians, and genuine Frenchmen constitute 
the officers who planned a successful Christ- 
mas party as the highlight of the year's pro- 


?«nelff, 'fiJ(^nl't7<P(f, 

Ight: Val G. Francom, Ja«nie Sorriauz, Darrel Ruston, Marilyn Read, Mary Lou 
Karl G. Huchinson, O^Lsmar Jensen, Ruth Winltler, Vara Nowers, Maxine 
Sheperd, Marguretta Atwood, Camille Steed, Dofo+hy Christensen, Winslow Christensen. Second row: 
Pat Backman, Clarelle Richardson, Beverly Atkins. Jonyce Maxfield, Audrey Dredge, Vee Long, Marcia 
Stringham, Betty Nelson, Darlene Bassetti, Ruth Wilde, Pat Tanner, Marlene Quinn, Liz Harmon, 
Betty Allen, Joan Massey, Pere Dennis. Ttilict row; Dorothy Wallace, Rosalind M. Luke, Eleanor 
Foerstl, Clair J. McKell, Lloydine Higles, Bill Werratt, Leiand Nauning, Aron Curtis, Robert Harris, 
Diane Dunford, Jane Bulloch, Carma Bradley, J. Jadk Hafen, Gayle Walton, Madelyn Wootton, Pat 
Anderson, Laura Schenk. Fourth row: Maureen CrsndatI, Sharon Farnsworth, Marilyn Ruesch, Colleen 
Hearne, Eila Tuomenoksa, Ruth Ann Jensen, Jood Writfi. Altce Cox, Jeanne Argault, Lorna Neilson, 
Valene Kofoed, Joyce Mathews, Cleo Millet, Bf|«*<ei Webb, Gail Wyman, Lewis Burnham, Zane F. Lee. 
Fifth row: Vera H. Woolston, Paul S. WoolstoD^ Kust« Nelson, Jo Oveson, Ken Osborne, Mark Marsh- 
all, Rex Thomas, lla Richan, Thomas Peck. Sharon Kirwan, Lucjeta Markham, Cleta Johnson, Joinette 
Deampbell, Keith Campbell, Halvan Jones. Laurel Johtison, Dean Jiff. Sixth row: Bernell Garrick, 
Annelia Madson, Vernon Waltman, JoAnn Wilson. Berffia Df<jubay. Bob Morrow, Vaughn Harper, 
Kenny Winsor, Rex N. Terry, James Rasband, Franz 8. Nelson, Ann Jul5a Hoyt, Barbara Gillet-te, 
Vera Willis, Geri Crandall, Margaret PugK, Colette Green. Seventh rcw. Denzil Curtis, Robert 
Patton, Elizabeth Luthrlnger. Margurife Luthritiger, Bruce D. Stocks, Howard Harris, Clair W. Andrus, 
Curtis Wynder. Eighth row: Leavltt Grover, Geraldine Pitt, Lades© Bird, Arlene Albach, Merrlt Doy, 
Stanley Spencer, Ned Miller, Melrose Putman, Booth A. Crabtree, Marian Shellyard, Joe Manzione, 
Colleen Kodel, William Y. Farnsworth, Kenneth Perry, Lucille Rowe, Hugh Law, Pat Capps, Sonya 
Carlston, Dr. Harold W. Lee, Chairman Language Dep't. 


First row, left to right: Arnold Otter^on, Klaus J. Hansen, Robert Kirby, Glenn Miller, Don Watts, 
Virgil Camp, Rulon Merrell, M. Odeil Hobbs. Ralph Kiemm, Mone Growbecl;. Second row: Alfred 
J. Biehl, Anne Marie Biehl, Marjorle Toone, Florence Ipsen, Dorothea Thomas, Eila Tuomenotsa, Gay 
Cole, Noreen Nelson. Janese Tanner,:iouise Marsden, Helen M. ZaU', Eleanor FoerstI, Nadine Nieder- 
hauser, Doris Tyler. Third row; R. Max Rogers, Margene Yeates, Gene C. Powell. Katharine Edwards, 
Doris Sunderland, Nancy Aerburg, Joyce Stewart, Ruth Moen, Oarlene Beard, Jackie Struble, Nancy 
Osterloh, Bonnie Davis, Viola Schenk, Richard Packham. Fourth row, C, Eldon Bitter, Thyrele Robert, 
son, Carol Jacobson, Berenice Steele, Dorothy Hunter, Elaine Read, Ray Jones. Maroiyn Taylor, 
Virginia Joost, Beverley Knowlton, Mitzee Dolinan, Lucille Olsen. Fifth row: Lawrence Wilson. Gordon 
Hall, Craig Solomon, Joyce Allred, Horace Cowley, Wayne Kieinman, Calvin F. Read, Robert Schow, 
Richard Reisner, Scott Fisher, Jack Davis, Pat Anderson, Madelyn Wooton. Sixth row: Ernest Schieve, 
Ferrel Glade Roundy, Carl Lloyd Oliver, Max Jay Hilt. John D. Smith, Edgar A. Alder, Alfred Bush, 
Dixon Anderson, Betty Page. Seventh row; Welburn K. Johnson, Lynn Davis, J. Lowell Young, Donna 
Carr, Gale Curtis, Byron Gassman, Oel Carter, Albert WhaAga, Joyn Hansen, Iris Janson, Nadine 
Monsoti. President: Kay J^nson; Vice President: Ralph KIcnm; Slcretary; Nancy Osterloh; Pub- 

llclty Manager: Klaus HaAe/^/'A|l4(fclgyJroyt^ax Rp^d 

The German Club endeavors to ftcqoamt its 
nnennbers with German culture and civilization, as 
well as the German language. The social program 
offers entertainment for the group arid gives the 
students a well-rounded education. 






It is the aim of the Russian Club to bring 
together and further stimulate students in- 
terested in the language and culture of the 
Russian people. The members enjoy a Russian 
supper and a Russian play each year. 

First row, left to right: Seija Patjas, Saara Patjas, 
Pauline Gines. Second row: Fred C. Adanns, Avard 
T. Wilson, Veri Hasiem, John R. Fish. Third row: Ar- 
thur Wofflnden, Douglas Johnson, James E. Bosson, 
William Wilson, Roger A. Sorenson. Fourth row: Keith 
B. Schofield, Lewis A. Anderson, Kay Gee Seely, Mel 
Mabey, James G. Anderson. 

President: John R. Fish; Vice-President: James E. 
Bosson; Secretary: Saara Patjas. 

The Japanese Cfubeoucates slujents in 
the Japanese language and helps to create 
an understanding of the culture and customs 
of the Japanese people. 

First row, left to right: James Blazzard, Esther 
Sato, Martha Mace, Marvel Battad, Fred 
Takasake, Mrs. Russell Horiuchi, Mr. Russe 
Horiuchi. Second row: Leiand Smith, Gaylen 
Cox, Paul Warner, Ray Iwasa, Dan Decker, 
Harold Yashimoto, Marilyn Broad, Tommy 




Spanish language students are provided with the entertainment and clearer under- 
standing of Spanish and Latin-Annerlcan customs and culture through El Club Espanol. 
Spanish films, programs, drama, dances, and music aid this program. In gay festivity 
the group unites for an exciting Mardi Gras celebration each year in March. 



Islj cluv 

Left to right: Row I — Aron Brown, Calvin Read, Dick Crandall, William Jarvis, 
Odell Hobbs, Vernon Miller, Merlin Compton, C. Dixon Anderson, Joe Christensen, 
Robert Brown, David Freestone, Joseph Major; row 2 — Janet Dickson, George Hard- 
ing, Wayne Allison, Gloria Swan, Helen Johnson, Margarita Obregon, Beverly Bird, 
Roy Nash, Sonia Auliso, Donnalea Johnson; row 3 — Jolene Clegg, LeeAnn Clegg, 
Frances Kirk, Burnice Brough, Joyce Paulson, Johnny Johnson, Richard Lattridge, Laur- 
ene Glines, RaNae Gardner, Yvonne Crawford, Alfonso Rodriguez; row 4 — Joyce 
Simmons, Ralph Jones, Barbara Goates, Doretha Wheeler, Eunice Brambilla, Dick 
Moody, Richard Packham, Evalani Serrao; row 5 — Lou Hibbard, Marcia Zamora, 
Marilyn Riggs, Gordon Moody, Deane Case, Dorothy Jeffery, Peggy Case, Richard 
Packham; row 6 — H. D. Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Arturo DeHoyos, Genevieve DeHoyos, 
Gwen Judd, Shirley Judd, Shirley Farrlngton, Dr. Harold W. Lee, Marilyn Clegg, Jo- 
Ann Taylor, Gene Oborn, Bob Harris, Mose Flake, Avon Compton, Rex N. Terry, Beth 
Terry, Marjorle Jones, L. Ross Jones, Howard Gonzales, Omar Rios, Ken Winsor, E. C. 
Barnes, Jewel Spilsbury, Raelene Hunger, Howard Harris, Joyce Terry, Ellen Rieske, 
Iris Jenson, Verlyn Moody, Bonnie Black, Devon Richins. 



To revive an interest in the ancient cus- 
toms, dances, and arts of the American 
Indian, the Tribe of Many Feathers invites 
anyone who is interested in Indian lore to 
take part in the firesides, sacrament meet- 
ings, and parties held by the club. The 
heritage of the Lamanites is studied by 
the group from the Book of Mormon for 
the members who represent the Apache, 
Navajo, Hopi, Blood, Ute, Cherokee, Uin- 
tah, and Iriquois tribes. 


First row, left to right: Lenn Shumway, Myr Vee Call, Vee Long, Mary Ann Tah- 
quette, Ernel Anderson, Mel Murray. Second row: Howard Lichfield, Thomas Appah, 
Bob Bennion, Emory Sehaquaptewa, Curtis Wright. Third row: Ted Johnson, Don 
Oscarson, Jack Read. 


Left to right, Row I : Wes Craig, Beverly 
Baker, Janice Remington. Row 2: Lucinda 
Hill, Carol Siddoway, Donna Seeley, Helen 
Hammond, Connie Cameron, Phil Snelgrove. 
Row 3: Margaret Allen, Jean Pond, Eleanor 
Hammer, Judy Laird, Arlene Barton, Gene 
Hansen, Kathlene Larsen, Nancy Rich, Cher- 
rill Curtis. Row 4: Noreen Teuscher, Carma 
Reed, Bryant Jones, Frances Reed, LaMar 
Jensen, Paul Trotter. 

Swishing down the hill Friday, dancing by 
a warm fireside in the evening, and skiing on 
Saturday marks the "snow bunnies ' over- 
night date at Brighton: The Club, recogniz- 
ing the challenge of skiing, urges students to 
join the adventure. The Penguineers are en- 
deavoring to create inter-scholastic ski-team 
competition so that skiers might compete with 
neighboring universities. 

h cluk 

An Idaho Skier. 


The American Guild of 
Organists derives its mem- 
bership -from students who 
are keenly interested in or- 
gan music. When the club 
meets socially, the members 
and other special visiting 
organists perform. 

armYicM oriAn mid 

First row, left to right; Marilyn 
Taylor, Jeannine Crook. Rose 
Luke, Lou Jean Comp+on, Marilyn 
Bennion, Shirley Huber, Betty 
Jane Johnson, Leia Wing, Jean 
Crook. Alice Erickson, Alice Ar- 
nett, Lillian Jones. Mr. Fitzroy. 
Mr. Keeler. Second row: Jay 
Jeppsen, Dale Bailey, Gordon 
Greninger, Beth Smith. Arnold 
Otterson. Opal Atwood. Bill Shultz. 
Fred Garrett. Felicia Herb, Anna 
Bushnnan, Donna Nelson. Mr. Van- 
wagoner, Dean Gerrit de Jong. 

tucic Arts iuilo 

in order to add variety to the 
background of art students and 
provide them with a fuller concept 
of life, particularly in matters of 
art, the Studio Art Guild sponsors 
exhibits, sketching sessions, movies, 
and parties. This group received 
honorable mention in the Snow 
Carnival for its sculpture of 
"Children at Play." 


Organized to bring into active cooperation all those parents, teachers, and students of education 
who are particularly interested in the well being ot children, the A. C.E.I, during the current school 
year has sponsored Sn enrichment program of review and lectures. 

First row, left to right: Janice Peterson, Carnnela Tanner, Patt Havens, Barbara 
Ann Kunzler, Yvonne Lyons, Elizabeth Jane Johnson. 

Second row: Carolyn Jensen, Irene Soderquist, Rosemary Nelson, Helen M. Cutler, 
Lou Jean Compton, Mrs. Dorothy Candland. 

Third row: Don Adams, Anna E. Bushman, Dawn Graff Setzer, Naomi Bangerter, 
Shirley Larsen, N. Dallas Cole. 

Ot. c. e. ( 

vencl) Ani o 


Composed of pre-legal students, 
the Bench and Bar Club is an or 
ganlzation through which those of 
common professional interests may 
acquaint themselves with the in- 
stitutions and men of the legal 

First row, left to right: Richard 
M. Taylor, Jack Roberts, Joe Man- 
zione, Lloyd Gerber, Bob Ensign, 
Olene Smith, Ralph Klemm, An- 
drew M. Douglass. 


Left to right: row I — Sonny Brao, Fred Takasalcl, John 
Ige, Marsha Mau, Fred Miya, Wesley Kekauoha; row 
2 — Ruel Westover, Marvel Battad, Naomi Lo, Marilyn 
Brod, Esther Sato; row 3 — Arthur Enos, Esther Oki- 
moto, Bob Sklmoda, Alice Akida, Flora Kuannoo; row 
4 — Ethel Whitford, EIroy Kaleikau, Rose Mahi, Eleanor 
Kondo, Ululanl Kamaouha; row 5 — Albert Tiau, Lei 
Knapp, Micei Kapunial, Tom Kekaula. 


a • 




Left to right: 1st row — Leroy Gunnell, Neal Penfol, 
Robert Gunnell, Lynn L. Fochrell, Jack L. Allen, Rulon 
L. Merrell, Glen Miller, Jack Grant; 2nd row — Bar- 
bara Higginbotham, Frances Hatch, Joy Winward, 
Bob Channbers, Emma Hipwell, Ronald G. Carter. 
Mary Murray, Agnes Browne, Vesa Adams, Beverly 
Stiburek, Patsy Wolfley; 3rd row — Carol Gardner, 
Geraldine Asplund, Nancy Latham, Dixie Robisofl, 
Marie Mansfield, Larene Ball, Georgia Smith, Maxine 
Shepherd, Alice Bennett, Rhea Benson, Mary Lee 
Peterson, Karen Yearsley, Beverly Smith, Irene Barr, 
Karma Reed, Ella Lechtenberg, Eria Call, Karol June 
Payne, Sarah Moser; row 3'/2 — Barry "Jake" Wasden, 
Dick Rowberry, Paul Hollinsworth; 4th row — ^Ammon 
Benson, Marilyn Tall, Jack Lorch, Hal Kindred, Rod- 
ney W. Fye, Kirk Hart, Jack Harper, David Tanner, 
Bob Holman, Lee Whitehead, H. Earl McBflde, Veri 
Macham, Bob Fisher, Keith Larvon, Don Weatherman, 
Gary Warr, Ted Johnson. 

IaI}^} cliil) 


Lee Whitehead .... Vice President 

Carol Gardner 2nd Vice Pres. 

Leroy Gunnell Treasurer 

Dixie Robison Secretary 

Ted Johnson President 


cUk dub 

CAiia,ciAh c 

Dennis Ward President 

Jeanann Harris Vice President 

Pat Gregson Treasurer 

Geraldine Asplund Secretary 

Left to fight: row I — Don Brown, Clarence L. 
Raids, Dennis Ward. Don Hamling, Jim Coo- 
per, Lorin C. Godfrey, Garth Uibel, Bill Stev- 
ens, Gerald Bullock, Winton Brooks; row2 — 
Mary Partridge, Winone Ttllack, Beverly Atkins, 
Ann Dixon, Betty Harper, Geraldine Asplund, 
Leia Wing, Jeanartn Harris, Collette Green, Rita 
Brooks; row 3 — Ann Boucher, Joan King, Jean 
Anderson, Kay Hibbard, Lou Hibbard, Marilyn 
Taylor, Carolyn Taylor, Jacquie Nowlin, Ruby 
'Williams, Enid Lawler; row A — Pat Brandley, 
Hazel Hartley, Fern Baker, De Nae McMullin. 


Left- to right; 1st row — Ronnie Frazler, Burton 
Winters; 2nd row — Keith Bischoff, Elva Brown, 
Dick Jensen, Phil Rollins, Dan Waller, Joan Wain- 
wright; 3rd row — Bob Stephens, Wilbur Wortham, 
John Teichert, LaNea Robinson, Colleen Livingston, 
Larry Smith, Lila Jameson; 4th row — Eldon Jensen, 
LaVell Kennington, Elmo Matthews, Sharon Dayton, 
Dallln Jensen, James W. Swanson, Marion Tebbs, 
Gordon Waring; 5th row — Jed Johnson, Patsy 
Wolfley, Donna Gibbs, Clarine Griffeth, Wilma 
Olsen, Pauline Powelson, Arlene Lynn, Robert 

w // 

tj (jmin^ 



Robert Doerr President 

LaVell Kennington Secretary 

Ron Frazier Sargent at Arms 

Elva Brown Treasurer 


CAUruYnia, c 


Left to right: row I — Joan Massey, Betty Allen, Scott Fisher, Barbara Delgaard, Adie Brown, Don 
Van Slooten, Bonnie Wade, Jan Vreeland, Blllie Coulam: row 2 — Clo Skojsen, Cathy Sanders, Vadlne 
Hodson, Leisle Jarman, Betty Jane Tanner, Nancy Reld. Dale Beckstrand, Richard Detton, Carolyn 
Gustaveson. Sherry Bradfleld: row 3 — Galene Adanns, Kay Creer, Lucretia Markham, Leia Smith, 
Joyce Manwarlng, MItzle Young, Marion Peterson, Donna Stevenson, Vaughn hlarper, Cherrlll Curtis. 
Suzanne Narkaus, Vernlta Cannon; row A — John Matsen, Don Bond, Liz Harmon, Lawrence Smith, 
Shirley True, Jeanlne Done, Doris Stanford, Charlene Carter, Doris Tyler, Frances Kirk. JoAnn 
Amundsen, Susan Ream, Gary Williamson; row 5 — Kenneth Dellenbach, Lenneth Walte, Norma Jean 
Kochever, Shirley May Johnson, Keith Livingston. 

Left to right: row I — Johnny Stevens. Neil H. Christensen, Anita Berge, Warren Archer, Anita Todd. 
Nita Richins. Lee Stay. David Stroud. Preston Richards; row 2 — Henry S. Todd. Margaret Sorensen. 
Helen Palmer. Evelyn Hancock. Keith Smith. Marthalene Anderson. Earl Leiegren. Jane Dibble, Jacque- 
line Draper. Margaret Clark, Joyce Brooks; row 3 — Ron Salisbury. Gwen Chase. Lynn Bates. Walter 
J. Boellm. Preston C. Horsley. Monte HIclenlooper. Joan Kartchinee. Barbara Brush. Dick Shaw. 
Richard Mclntire. Dean Barner. Loretta Clark. 


Don Van Slooten President 

Bonnie Wade. Alternate Secretary 
Blllie Coulam .... Publicity Officer 

John Hansen Vice President 

Liz Harmon, Entertainment Chair. 

Jeanlne Done Secretary 

Gary Williamson Treasurer 


bonk, Kenneth Rae Martin, Monagene Dudding; row 6 — Joan Taylor 
Bill Skousen, Larry Sargent, Bruce N, Curtis, Lenn M. Shunnway, 
Howard Roberts, Alvin Price; row 7 — Jack Roberts, Mont Burke 

y bess Win 
Eugene O. Tenney, 

AYl2CnA c 



Jack Bowen President 

Fawn Snnith Secretary 

Mary Bess Wlltbank 

Social Chairman 

Leland Smith Vice-President 



Olene Smith President 

Charles Fromberg .. Vice President 

Marilyn Peterson Secretary 

Pat Olsen 

Left to right: 1st row — Gerald Randall, Frank Blair, Charles 
Fronnberg, Paul Smith, Vern Montgomery; 2nd row — Olene 
Smith, Peggy Wood, Pat Olsen, Janice hieiser, Marilyn Peter- 
son, Marilyn Wiberg, Yvonne Erickson, Anne Rasmussen. 


Uy clul) 

kee dub 

ijAKKee c 

Left tcVright: Mel Radichel, Dan Clay, Ralph Hansen, George H. 
Mortimer, Ruth Moen, Shirley Lendt, Doris Dayes, Doris Sunder- 
lande, Mildred Heide. 


Mel Radichel Vice President 

Dan Clay President 

Barbara Jean Dittmore, Treasurer 
Jill Greenwood Secretary 


'■^'^M !?^WflP 



Organized to further fel- 

lowstilp and raise standards 

. . . common interest groups 

. . . one of the largest campus 

organizations . . . integral part of 

the University . . . rich in traditions. 


Campus Branch Clerks 

Duane O. Miles 
Ronald Taylor 
Jesse Ediefsen 
Lincoln Card 
Robert R. Russell 
Jilene Peterson 
Joseph Sandberg 
Kenneth D. Zwahlen 
George Williams 

MIA Superintendency 

Betty Jane Johnson 
Myrtle Starling 
Edna Green 
Peggy Wood 

Bob Clark 
Boyd Lake 
Rulon Craven 
Win Peterson 

Sunday School Superintendency 

Lee Dalton 
Albert Whaanga 
Hugh Gates 
Marilyn Hoopes 





Campus Branch Presidency 

Thomas A. Kekaula, 1st Counselor 
Connell B. Roberts, Branch President 
Donald Davidson, 2nd Counselor 

wummnt brAKcl) 

Wymount Branch Presidency 

Jess Benson, 1st Counselor 
Harry Thacker, Clerk 
Alber Heath, Clerk 
LaMar Empy, 2nd Counselor 
Seated: Arther Morin, Branch President 


Maternity, com- 
.cfipries who wish 
of the misslon- 
■for twenty-five 
(^irl is chosen to 
tational Dream 
! Frolic — "Bells 
mbly, and the 
chorus directed by Howard Ruff bring 
much deserved recognition to Delta Phi. 

lelta, m 

Delta Phi Chorus 
Advisor Crawford Gates 


Delta Phi Dream Girl 
Jackie Hanson 

Advisor Ray R. Canning 


deltA hl)i 

William F. Farnsworth 
David Stauffer 
Archie Stephens 
Joseph Hafen 

Rex Smith 
Shirley B. Randall 
William Y. Farnsworth 
Joe J. Christensen 

Ray R. Olsen 
Gerald W. Cannon 
Wayne L. Clarlt 
Leon G. Clark 

Verl F. McMillan 
Dean Hart 
Vern R. Montgomery 
Alan Pick 

J. Gerald Bjarnson 
Dean H. Seely 
George W. Pincock 
Wm. Averrett Aldridge 

Clyde Harvey 
John A. Green 
Howard Harris 
DeLamar Jensen 

Harold F. Tanner 
Wayne Tenney 
Garth B. Whitney 
Gerald R. Hyde 


Robert C. Kelly 
George Rampton 
Jay Ferrell 
Neil D. Bingham 
Farr Hatch 

Karl C. Boss 
Robert L. Leake 
Melvin R. Murray 
George E. Billings 
Byron Gassman 

Robert C. Winsor 
Elliott D. Roberts 
John R. Peterson 
De Mar Rust 
Bob Bennion 

Keith G. Markham 
J. Dean Jones 
Keith B. Schofield 
John Richards 
G. Merrill Andrus 

Glenn R. Frandsen 

Richard R. Clark 

Kent Heaps 

Elliott D. Roberts 

William Anderson 

Dan Adams 
Fred Chase 
Dick Smith 
Justin R. Eccles 
Lee W. Forsyth 


Gerald N. Randall 

Verl M. Green 

Keith Worthington T. V. Thomas 

Jack M. Monson 

Ralph Klemm 

Vernon F. Parent Leroy Gunnell 

John K. Miles 

John Bennett 

Bill S. Henrie Clifford Clark 

Wayne Stoker 

Wayne A. Goe 


James Solomon Bob Brough 

Lynn Davis 


Hogenson Alan C. Clark 

Jay Francis 


Neville Wayne W. Clark 

Junius Leon 


Valton E 

Jackson Kendall Gurr 

Max E. Perkins 


D. Smith David E. Smith 



Dean O. Ourrant 
LaMar Williams 
Don Calder 
Charles C. Fromberg 

J. Lambert Bates 
Norman Hammer 
Robert Holman 
Ben C. Ma Hen 

F. Curtis Wynder 
Walter J. Boehn 
Edward S. Tohman 
Niel R. Sorensen 

J. Merle Nielsen 
John L MacRay 
A. Louis Fife 
Lavoy Thomas 

Jay Norman Jeppsen 
Linn M. Shumway 
Shirley N. Rodebach 
Ray Whitworth 

V. Grant Stevenson 
Donald B. Nelson 
Leo C. Wilcox 
Melburn E. McKeli 

Robert Whitney 

Burke Tangren 
Sherman Sheffield 
Jesse R. Ediefsen 

Marcel L. Nielsen 
Joseph P. Hancock 
John R. Connell, Jr. 

Gerald S. Fish 

celtA Ml 


Allan D. Patterson 
Hugh I. Gates 
Marsel Tingey 
Harold G. Connetl 

Bruce N. Curtis 
Jack Roberts 
Clarence L. Fields 
Roy ZItting 

Rodney W. Fye 
Arnold J. McAllister 
Frank Daly 
Newell Kay Richardson 

Dean W. Thomas 
Sandy Walker 
Rell G. Francis 
John Telchert 

Ross W. Westover 
Lloyd G. Redd 
Don J. Hansen 
George Felsch 

Eugene Lyons 
Vernon Miller 
Max E. Wilson 
Glade Greenhaigh 

Donald H. Johnson 
Clair W. Andrus 
Ralph Crystal 
C. Allan Halverson 

Ulta m 


Established as an organization to supply 
LDS religious values to youth, Lambda Del- 
ta Sigma emphasizes brotherhood, leader- 
ship, intellectuality, spirituality, and cultural 
life. The ten chapters at the BYU enjoy 
a Sweetheart Ball, monthly testimony meet- 
ings, and a trousseau tea. To become bet- 
ter acquainted with their fellow associates 
in the Gospel, the fraternity plans ex- 
change parties with the chapters that exist 
in the five other schools throughout the 
intermountain region. 

L. D. S. advisors 

Mr. and Mrs. Burnett Ferguson 

UmvcA celta, siimA 


Elaine Leavitt 

Shirley M. Call 


Helen Bushman 
Athletic Manager 

Rosemary Nelson 

James Solomon 

Social Vice-President 
Paul E. Dahl 


Kenneth Zwahlen 

Elizabeth Jane Johnson 



Marilyn Anderson 
Juanita Heflin 
Sherry Bradfield 
Viola Lillywhite 

Geraldlne Judd, Treasurer 

Myrna Peterson 

Velma Rice 

Ilia Mae Cook, President 

Katherine Opunui 

Volla Rose Barlocker, Vice Pres. 

Dorothy Reed 

Fern Lillywhite 

Lorna Livingston 
Mary Partridge 
Dorothy Bartels 
Shirley Ruppe 

lona May Snyder 
Dessie Hunt 
Karnna Reed 
Marjory Jane Eldredge 

Gladys Johnson 

Raola Hill 

Larine Ball 

Barbara Anne Kunzler 

Mi cljAKt 



Joyce Dustln, Vice Pres. 
Charlofte Mullen 
Irene Thonnas 
Gloria Nichols 
Jean Allen 

Ann Dixon 
Anita Berge 
Pat Gillespie 
Lorraine Atkin 
Carolyn Anell 

Grace Hamblin 

Karol J. Payne 
Ella Lechtenbarg 
Barbara Dial 
Gayle Smith 

Lucille Jorgenson 
Vauna Heaten 
Helen Bushman 
Pauline Gines 
Janice Fillmore 

Darlene Brown 
Sarah Moser 
Lois Laney. President 
Mona Wright 
Winine Tillack 

Gayle Christenson 
Doreen Olsen, Secretary 
Genevieve Anderson 
Dora May Hemmert 
Margaret Hutchinson 




Peggy Wood 
Doris Echols 
Louis Jean Knaphus 
Janet Grimmett 

Gayle Bayach 
Lois Athay 
Joyce Lundgreen 
Fay Cook 

Vesta Davis 
Audrey Lee 
Helayce Hansen 
Lora Lee Marshall 

Joyce Bramwell 
Janice Heiser 
Elizabeth Larsen 
Barbara Watt 

Yvonne Erickson 
LaRue Holbrook 
Charlene Secrist 
Leila Taylor 

Mary Lind Irons 

Joyce Call 

Bonnie Jordan 

Rayna Gay Pace 

tau crjAht 



Arva Howell 
LdRane Nielson 
Opal Jean Thomas 
Lucretia Markham 
Kathleen Piatt 

Lois Hulchau 

Maile Perreira 

Dolores Loclchart 

Jean Stocic 

Marie Sabin 

Mildred Taylor 
Leila Ogden 
Mae Marie Halladay 
Mary Anne Carter 
Janis Y. Diasdale 

Bonnie Lou Hancock 
Connie Decker 
Marilyn Peterson 

1 , 

Molly Sieverts 

Rosemary Bean 

Olene Smith 

Barbara Chadwick 

Mavis Stromberg 

Edith Little 
Doris Sunderland 
Tressie L. Marx 
Kathy Brown 
Anna E. Bushman 

Lucille Hulme 
Sylvia Rainwater 
Leona Sallm 
Barbara Ann Thompson 


C^^ M 

LuDene B. Campbell Dave Miles John L. Wilson, Secretary 

Blaine Quiqiey Paul Smith, Vlce-Pres. Milton G. Pace 

Robert C. Kelly Victor V. Bell Craig Solomon 

Lyie Tanner Jarhes Powell Homer W. Sfepp, Jr. Leonard O. Moore, President 

dmix cl)a,Kt 




hi cl)AKt 


Betty Jackson 

Mary Lou Schelff 

Patricia Brown 

Kitty Sue Barber 

Elaine Dalby 

Marilyn Tidwell 

Marlene Baker 

Margaret Alicia Lewis, Pres. 

Norma Kochever, Vice-Pres. Ruth Lewis 

Connie Harmsen Joyce Rooks 

Frances Bushman Phyllis Stoker 

Norinne Teuscher Verna Stokes 




Ray Harris Levi W. Oveson. President 

Keith B. Schofield Charles S. Beutler 

Evan W. Hansen, Vice Pres. Lee R. Broderick 

Kenneth Karl Deilenbach 
Blaine Brimley 
Wallace Bruce 

Reed L. Tyler 
Burton Winters 
Lorin R. Todd 





Marqene Yea+es 

Maxine McLaughlin 
Norma June Kirby 
Norma Tovey 
Maurine Pederson 

Dora Mauqhan 
Ellen Lindsay, President 
Opal Atwood 
Marian Hopkin 
Donna Nate 

Jo-Ann Lauritzen 
Kathryn Rich 
Marlene Bee Allen 
Pat Bischoff 
Marilyn Thomson 

Donna Mae Feulner 
Afton Passey, Secretary 
Vesta Gardner 
Rosemary Crowther 
Charlene Tueller 

Norma Tovey 
Clarine Putnam 
Ara Belllston, Vice Pres. 
Flora May Heaton 
Mary Kay Jackson 

Ksi cl)a,Kt 



Luzon Bringhurst Sarah Parker 

Mary Jane Marsden Sonia Anieso 

Patricia Pratt 

Kathleen Phillips 

Amelia Jane Cahoon 

Carol Chrlstensen 






^^K^ 1 





9} ^^^^H 


Carolyn Jensen 

Joy Davis 

Joyce Gray 

Connie Joyce Theobald 

Donna Jean Simlcins 

Colleen Christensen 
Carrol Jeane Tuttle 
Dixie Almond 
Ha Jeane Haycock 
Luana Smith 

Marilyn Georges 
Vadine Niederhauser 
Kathleen Murdock 
Janyce Maxfield 
Adrienne Peterson 


Jean Malnwright 
Doreen Nelson 

JoAnn Alexander 
Betty Hayes, President 

Lurlyn Preston 
Kathryn Cooley 

LaRee Sanders 
Lorraine Smith 

June Holbroolc 
Barbara Billings 

Dorothy Bishop 
Janice C. Wilson 

Joyce Sorensen 

Noreen Nelson 

Lola Nessen 

Joyce A. Galbraith, Vice Pres, 

LaRee Goates 

Beverly Brown 
Maralyn Walsh 
D. Louise Barton 
June Miller 
LuAnn Merrill 
Donna Jean Peterson 

Shirley J. Dahl 
Marilyn Roundy 
Carnna Willardson 
Joyce Doerfler 
Lou Jean Compton 
Barbara Clapham 


1^ ^ Fr^ '^WM 

Rex Smifh 

Derrel W. Judd, Vice President Don Carlos Adams 

Gene Sinclair 

Klaus J. Hanse<i Clyde R. Neilsen 

Daniel Brown, 

President Dale Turner 

Sharon Dayton 

Merlin G. Paul Lewis K'lulkay. Secretary 

Demsey Bernard Engle 

Howard A. Huffman John Robinson 

Warren Archer 

Niel H. Christensen Zane Lee 

delta cijAht 



L.D.S. Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Howard Graves 

L.D.S. Sextette 



L.D.S Sweetheart Marilyn Waish 

^.VV '/^l; 


By serving fellowmen and mingling 
among members, Beta Pi, an honorary frat- 
ernity for returned lady missionaries, con- 
tinues to keep alive the spirit that perme- 
ates the LDS missionfields. Women repre- 
senting various fields furnish pictures, mu- 
sic, and explanations of people's customs in 
different sections of the world. Testimony 
meetings, temple excursions, and a "Box 
Supper" party are among the outstanding 
activities of this organization. Some func- 
tions are combined with Lambda Delta 
Sigma, Delta Phi, and the Tri Chapters of 
Beta Phi. 

UIa Ml 


Norene Heslop 
Edna Green 

Afton RIgtrup 
Marjorie Toone 

Gladys Tippits 
Harriet Hamblln 

lone Lewis, President 
Thelma Davidson 


Laura Johnson 
Meiva Rene Woodard 
Dorothy Crookston 
Marjorie Thompson 

Sarah Hoggan 
Rosalie Arave 
Irene Barr 
Melva Hale 

Carmen Bitter 

Dorothy Thompson, Vice President 

Lois I. Neilsen 

Barbara Campbell 


6ocioil unit^ 

Provide development of social gra- 
ces . . . comradeship and fun in abun- 
dance . . . keen rivals In all things, 
yet outwardly the best of friends . . . 
sponsors of new "help week" . . . no- 
ted for hectic pledging, open houses, 
exchange parties, and invitationals. 


Chris tries his hand with a water-filled balloon. 

No, they aren t real, but 
they provided entertainment 
at large. Popular marriage 
bureau in the background at- 
tracted many young lovers. 

Portraits drawn while you wait. 

Two hapless targets dodge flying wet sponges. 


iniature horse-racing brought added 

Bev Boyack and Gerry Asplund prom- 
ise comers a great show inside. 

Advice to the lovelorn, marriage ceremonies, honeymoon trips, freak shows, 
movies — all this awaited students who attended the freshman carnival. Thirty-three 
booths were entered by various campus units for the "Masquerade in Madness." These 
are only a few of the many attractions which caught the photographer's fancy. Pro- 
ceeds collected from the script that was sold for participation in booths went to the 
Y Bell Shrine fund. 

"Cupid's Fancy" seemed to especially attract the 
young couples. 

Penny-pitching was a popular favorite. 


Shirley Allen 
Clara Jeanne Easton 
Tanya Ashworth 
Helen Archibald 
Mary Anne Sorensen 

Karnna Rae Jackson 
Connie Bartlett 
Jerrle Smith 
Kathleen Larsen 
Birdene Terry 

Claire Overfelt 
Ann Greta Ballif 
Connie Cameron 
Carolyn Bagley 
Jan Vreeland 

Nelda Stewart 
Jo Oveson 
Lila Jameson 
Leia Wing 
Joanne Stringham 

Jean Louise Crandall 
Althea Sylvester 
Betsy Sears. President 
Marilyn Bradshaw 
Gail Farrar 

Lucille Kinnison 
Marilyn Stapley 
Marilyn Norton 
Loye Allred 
Rose LaRae Lott 

The successful Invitational, dinner dan- 
ces, canyon parties, exchanges, and cultural 
meetings held by Octo Sorosis Trovata 
commenced In 1920. O. S., whose members 
hold many studentbody offices and are 
active in school affairs, stages an annual 
Honor Banquet which honors the scholastic 
achievements of its members. This year 
the girls furnished entertainment and re- 
freshments for the men in the Veterans 
Hospital in Salt Lake as part of the unit's 
program of service to all their fellow men. 


c. s. ircvAiiX 

Dorofhy Doyle 
Idella Udall 

Dawn Baker 
Janice Anderson 

Wanita Plnegar 
Shirley Crowther 

Ina Lavon Brown 
Anna Lou Miller 

Beulah Field 
Donna Rudd 

Selma Shaw 


Arlene Watkins 
Connie Jensen 
Lois Conger 

Elaine Engstrom, President 
Lu Ann Merrill 
Dawn Terry 

Lois Peterson 
Violate Myers 
Barbara Clark 

Camille Johnson 
Betty Anr> Green 
Annette Wood 

Dixie Ann Mechana 
Louise Marsden 
Phyllis Nixon 

ccsIa f/e 


Donna Stapley 

Sladie Nixon, Vice President 

Joyce Pofter 

Frances H. Rogers 
Margret Doxey 
Colleen King 

Lo Rene Hardy 
Joan Ellen McCance 
Diane Burgi 

;etty Hayes 
talphena Taylor 
7eneva Call 

The "Flaming Fifties" was an afdent year 
for Cesta Tie. The group contributed 
generously to the season with its "Arc de 
Trlumphe," prize-winning Homecoming 
float, and its "Mystical Interlude" Invi- 
tational of the winter quarter. To add to 
the activities the annual dinner dance and 
the canyon party are held during the spring 
quarter. Prominent Cestas were Geneva 
Call, Belle of the Y. and Betty Hatch, 1st 
Attendant to the Banyan Queen. 


Lois Ray 
Eileen Schipper 
Marcia Strlngham 
Emmanell Vieira 
Marilyn Richmond 
Jane Bullock 

Margie Gay Driggs 
Diane Dunford 
Madelyn Wootton 
Pat Peterson 
Janice Taylor 
Marilyn Miller 

Nancy Edgerton 

Nadine Davies 

Dixie Taylor 

Peggy Wood 

Carmela Tanner, Secretary 

Jewell Cloward 

Carolyn James 
Joyce Brockbank 
Gerl Tucker 
Janice Tliorne 
Carol Clark 
Pearlyne Crowley 




Barbara Chadwicic 

Lynn Bates 

Colleen Knight 

Darlene Harris 

As illustrated by the successful Vaude- 
ville Assembly, the "Fete Dansante" In- 
vitational, and the Installation Banquet of 
Yellow Roses, Val Norn is an active unit 
on campus. The studentbody vice presi- 
dent, the White Key president, the Sopho- 
more Loan Fund Ball Queen, the Home- 
coming attendant, and an Honor Council 
member are among the many girls who hold 
"She flies with her own wings," as their 
motto. During fall and winter quarters the 
Val Norns participated in the Homecoming 
activities and the Christmas Drive, while 
the Songfest monopolized the girls time 
in the Spring. 

LaVonne Thomander, President Geraldine Thorne 
Barbara Smith Carolyn Edwards 

Elizabeth Martini 
Marian Tebbs 

Gayle Walton 
Trilby Packard 

Ann Whiting, Vice President Olene Snnith 

Phyllis Winkler Lucille Green 


Marian Englestead 
Merldee Moyle 
Lily Y. Higa 
Renae Ottley 

Betty Page 
Alice Akita 
Geraldine Grix 
Emma Gene Hatch 

Ardena Beclc. Vice President 
Mary Sewell 
Barbara Gillette 
Eleanor Kondo 

Irene Soderquist 

Anna Bushman 

Virginia Crandall 

Marilyn Anderson, President 

Renee THacleray 
Madeline Hyde 
Jilene Peterson 
Sally Jean Harman 

Amice Fidelas Ami — the purpose of this 
mot+o is to create a closer friendship be- 
tween Fidelas members. This year the ac- 
tive group staged an outstanding Christmas 
Ball before a huge open fire at the Provo 
Country Club and a Saint Valentine's In- 
vitational that featured cupids and hearts. 
Leading the notable program of activities 
are the exquisite dinner dance, canyon 
party, and a farewell breakfast for grad- 
uating seniors and old officers. 


Ruby Jones 

Phyllis Kearl 
Nancy Pond 

Marcene Kelsey 
Merlene Roylance 

Phyllis Christensen 
Margaret Rankers 

Margaret Hennis 
Kathy Latimer 

Jacqule Campbell 
Wanda Wood 


Carolyn Cox Joanne Corbett 

Marilyn Jensen 

Maralyn Ballif. President 

Frances Reed Jean Wac 

hsmuth Bonnie Davis 

Shirlee Klllpact 

Mary Lou Schenk Lillias Ann 

Tanner Carole Christensen 

Joyce Snarr 

Marilyn Morrill Iris Biqier 

Marva Jorgensen 

Maxine Telford 

Lou Rita Mattlce 

Sybil Lannoreaux Pat Thonnas 

Phyllis Fox, Vice President 

Phyllis Smith Mauree L. Earl 

Mary Pat Langlois 

Margaret Affleck Gwen Chase 

Nelda Clarlc 

Marcia Jorgensen Joan LeSueur 

tj ka,l 

Unique originality in social events and 
the friendliest of relations possible charac- 
terize To Kaion. Although organized only 
four years ago, Tok members who "seek 
beauty in all things" boast one of the larg- 
est groups on campus. Members participate 
Q yi in school committees, publications, and 

honorary organizations and this year pro- 
duced a finalist trio at Homecoming. A 
spring dinner dance and an outstanding In- 
vitational, "Up In Central Park," complete 
with park benches, swings, and a handsome 
cab culminated a successful vear. 


Mary Lois Bolingbrolce 
Alba Lufkin 
Annette Brunt 
Lucille Rowe 

Dorene Boyle 
Margorie Anderson 
Joan Whittle 
Derilys Rowe 

Ellen Walker 
Ronaine James 

Barbara Stockdale 
Betsy Robinson 

Dorothy Austin 
Margaret Bigler 

Helen Swan 
June Peterson 

Sally Madsen 
Ariene Fernley 

Dot White 
Viola Schenk 



aHo, mitrA 

Alta Mitra is newly organized to create 
true and ever lasting friendship between 
its members and to further the activity 
of the university. Events of the year include 
a Thanksgiving dinner, an invitational, a 
canyon party, and a barn dance. 







Eunice Brambilla 

Kate McGu 


Patsy Pace 

Shirley Farr 


Larae Balrd 




Shirley Lou 



Virginia Joost 


Jeanne Anderson, Secretary 

Nancy Sego Jeanine Thurber 

Verna Stokes 

PhylKs Stokes Betty Lou Rees, Vice President 

Donna Nelson 

Lou Ann Peterson Barbara Clapman 

Laura Fillmore 

Elizabeth Jane Johnson Jean Black 

Leola Bagley 

Shirlene Reynolds Margaret Anderson 

Bonnie Black 

Alice Velbourne Yvonne Young 

LaVieve Thomas 
Joyce Jex, Presl( 
Elaine Dalley 



Beginning four years ago, Ami Phi 
strives to be considered the "friendly unit" 
on campus. To achieve this goal each mem- 
ber of the group uses the friendly "hello" 
to good advantage and uses the motto of: 
A man that hath friends must show him- 
self friendly." This group, recognized by 
their white sweaters with red handshake 
emblems, reached 200% participation dur- 
ing the Christmas Drive. Spirituality, loyal- 
ty, and the love of one's fellow men are 
included in the unit's ideals. 


Nautilus of NLU, who have as their theme 
the chambered nautilus, this year had mem- 
bers who occupied the positions of student- 
body secretary, AWS prexy, Homecoming 
Queen, Delta Phi Dream Girl, and sopho- 
more, junior, and senior class officers. 
Carrying their ideals of friendliness, scholas- 
tic ability, school service, and fun into 
1951-52, the NL's sponsored a prize win- 
ning Homecoming float, a wistful Invita- 
tional in the City and County Building, and 
the awarding of a scholarship to an out- 
standing freshman girl. To climax the 
year's activities, an enchanting formal 
dinner dance was held in the spring. 

■Ik .J 


Joanna Hobbs 

Royiance Spratling i 

Janice Garrett 

Ann Nielson 

Jennie Merchant 

Jackie Hansen, Vice President 

Carol Linford 

Joyce Brooks M 

Jenny Stayner 

Lila Bowers 1 



Bliss Larsen 



Naomi Bangerter 

Lynne J 


Dorthene Beck 

Myrne Green 

Carolyn Taylor 


Greenwood Arlene Dunn 




Colleen Harris 
Sue Nelson 
Kathryn Tut+le 
LaVonna Guynnon 
Beverly Miller, President 

Anna Julia Hoyt 
Kathryn Melville 
Byrdie Thomas 
Helen Salerno 
Connie Robinson 

Audrey Dotson 
Arthel! Wllltins 
Carol Dawn Kropf 
Cherie Marcil, Secretary 
Afton Ash 

Jacqueline Taylor 
Ferol Holman 
Lois Sellers 
Marilyn Bennlon 
Mary Carol Hall 

Ruth Ellen May 
Nadlne Monson 
Marilyn Frame 
LaRue Ocltey 
Lou Jeanne Bowen 

Gerrie Anderson 
Elaine Fetscher 
Rosemary Badger 
Norma Bullock 
Rogene B. Huish 


l(^ <5 ^ 

Carol Dunford, Vice Pres 


Glenna Jones 


Colette Green 


Barbara Monroe 

Barbara Goates 


Marbra Coles ' 


Carol Beclcstrand 

Ruth Wilde 

Joyce Bramwell 


Audrey l-arnshai ' 


Carlene Carter 

Nina Leishman 

Rhea Pope 


Carol Obert 


Shari Simmons 

Barbara Nicholson 

Myrle Smith 

Joann Jameson 

Shirlene Melton 

Suzanne Harkans 


Darlene Bassetti, Secretal 

Joan Taylor 


Ruth Christensen 

Virginia Nielson 

Cami Los, a new women's unit on cam- 
pus, works "not for personal glory, but 
for the good of all." Each letter in the 
name represents the beginning letter of a 
flower and suggests an attribute of the 
ideal girl. A post Prom party, a slumber 
party, exchange parties, and a dinner dance 
fill the social calendar. Displaying the 
colors of pink and white, the girls follow 
the ideals of humility, lasting friendship, 
love, and truthfulness. 


Alcyone girls' "ideals are high as stars, 
yet they ever aspire to reach them." As 
one of the new social units on campus, 
formed as a result of the Inter-Organiza- 
tional Council's decision to create more 
and smaller units, the group endeavors to 
cultivate virtue, friendship, spirituality, 
beauty, and knowledge. Winning honor- 
able mention in the AWS Vaudeville Show, 
winning the Roaring Pep Rally Cup, and 
sponsoring this year's Au Revoir Dance 
shows proof of the new unit's activity. 

Donnetta DeHaan 
Naomi Bussing 
Roberta NIelson 
Jan Bingham 

Myrle Barney 
Elizabeth Martini 
Jacquie Little 
Beverly Hamilton 

Roylance Spratling 
Barbara Deigaard 
Gloria Belle Russell 
Karen Diane Butters 

Carrol Larson 
Lucille Rowe 
Beverly Ross 
Margie Atwood 

Birdene Terry 
Bernadine Clark 
Jean Kasparel 
Marilyn Barton, President 



Adrienne Brown 

Claudette Erilcsen 

Marthalene Anderson, Secretary 

LaPrele Badouin 


n ve 


Ri Veda, one of the three new women's 
social units, began their activities with a 
slumber party. An elaborate dinner dance, 
held in Salt Lake City's Hotel Utah Star- 
lite Gardens, added another activity to 
the calendar of events. Ri Veda means: 
"The gaining of knowledge in all fields." 
The girls aim to achieve this motto through 
unity. Members include a freshman AWS 
Council member, Attendent to Snow 
Queen, Song Leaders, and several Cougar- 

Velna Black 
Joan Massey 
Joyce Davis 
Verna Atkinson 
Mary Joan Bayles 

Betty Allen. Vice President 
Alice Erickson 
Valene Bradshaw 
Sharlene Bjarnson 
Flora Lee Maxfield 

Donna Seely 

Marl-Lynn Marcll, President 

Ganae Haacke 

Rosennary Grow 

Marilyn Ward 

GeorgAnna May 
Margeno HIbbert 
Marlon Gunn 
Anna Dean Taylor 
Marlene Qulnn, Secretary 

Sharon Parkinson 
Evelyn Hancock 
Sally Saunders 
Vivian Morin 
Beverly Baker 


Deon Bleslnger 
Helen Ash 
Reva Clark 

LaMoyne Ashton 
Rosemary Grow 
Lou Jean Choules 

Marilyn Davies 
Janice Remington 
Jerrolynn Lewis 

Carolyn Cook 
Julia Braberq 
Pat Steimie 

Lucinda Hill 
Carol Siddoway 
Grace Ostler 

Leota Baird 
LaRayne Peterson 
JoAnrv Phillips 

Geraldlne Johnson 
Burlens Covington 
Norma Seely 


Tauslg members s+rive for originality and 
objectiveness in all their functions and 
activities. Proof of this is evident in the 
climaxing party of the year, the "Tausig 
Topper" v^ith its French atmosphere and 
gay costumes. Standards of intelligence, 
integrity, and industriousness influence the 
members toward brotherhood, while ath- 
letic improvement is attempted through 
intramural sports. Social Exchanges, a for- 
mal dinner dance, a Christmas Dance, and 
an Invitational fill Tausig's exciting social 



Lynn Slaugh 



Earl Booth, Vice 



Dick P 





Larry Haynie 






Dayle Thomas Bob Holtzer 

Quentin Woolley, President George Hyde 

Daniel Allen, Secretary 
Marcus SIgmon 

Jim Pollock 
Don Lundberg 

Deon Greer 
Glen Hales 


William H. Tooke, Vice President Nick Matilian 
Grant Tingey Thomas H. Johnson 

Harold Tanner Ron Ericlcson 

Robert Robertson 
Dewey Brundaqe 
William Chesley 

James Solomon Will Toibert, President 

George Tsalaky. Secretary Don Montgomery 

Ron Gagon Wilford Smith 


Kenneth Toone 
Dick Tucker 
Wayne Orton 
Chuck Summerhaye 
Max Sewell 

Charles Montgomery 
Bud Bohne 
Owen Skousen 
Ronald Stoops 
Gene Shoemaker 

Tad Hideshima 
Lee Davis 
Lewis Kochevar 
Richard Lee Tooke 
Wayne Jenkins 


Fellowship, scholarship, brotherhood, and 
cooperation depict Knight Templar's goals. 
Through Intramural sports, the unit offers 
opportunity for athletic participation of 
which the Templars are proud. Templars 
stage numerous social Exchanges and pre- 
sent a unique Water Front Costume Dance 
with Val Norn. The main event of the 
fraternity is the annual dinner dance which 
is held at Hotel Utah in Salt Lake City. 
Ending the year enthusiastically, the Tem- 
plars deplete their treasury funds with a 
stag party. 


Banding together in good fellowship and 
service to their fellow men, the time- 
honored Vikings hold a bond of friendship 
and loyalty to each other, the church, and 
the school. Vikes are active in student 
government and service organizations while 
adding their part to the spirit and goals of 
the university. In a hallowed traditional 
ceremony, the group chooses and greets 
a Viking Sweetheart. By this choice the 
valuable reputation of the Vikings Is con- 
tinued from year to year. 



Sherman Sheffield 
Jack Roberts 
Bob Ensign 
Bruce Taylor 
Bill Beazer 

Pat Pomeroy 
Jerry Sargent 
John Hansen 
Kay Moon 
Keith Larsen 

Dale RIchey, VicePresident 

Darcy Clawson 

Jack Clawson 

Don Van Slooten 

John Jeppson, President 

Merlin Baler 
Barry Thompson 
Max Graehl 
Howard Gonzales 
Stan Jenkins 

Archie Jensen 
Bruce Dyer 
Stuart Carron 
Keith Peterson 
Don Adams 


Dave Clark 

Andy Douglass 

Gordon Taylor, Secretary 

Clyde Tucker 

Bill SIcousen 

Homer Jensen 
Robert Westover 
Ford Paulson 
Kay Tocham 
Jerry Ensign 

Merle Allen 
Reed Davis 

Duane Miles 
Burnell Cordner 

Ron Salisbury 
Dick Firth 
Jalce Hannblln 
Leiand Smith 
Gary Jenkins 

Delmar Davis 
Verl Mecham 
Merwin Stewart 
Ross Carter 
Keith Hayes 

Richard Mclntire ^ \ ~~ ' ^J 






Val Hyric secured several new trophies 
this year by capturing the Snow Carnival 
sweepstakes, the Homecoming float top 
honors, the AMS Smokeless Smoker, and 
the intramural tennis prize. Besides waking 
the girl's dorm with joyous singing at mid- 
night hours, the VH's sailed through a big 
"ship wreck" party held in the showboat 
on the lake and sponsored numerous ex- 
change parties. A turkey dinner in Keeley's 
dining room marked the unit's Open House 
and "gobbles" of fun. 

Larry Whetten, Vice President 
Chuck Tijrner 
Hal Kindred 
Dale Farrer 

Keith Matthews 
Lee Whitehead 
Hartley Fredrickson 
Bob Gilliland 

Bart DeGraw, Secretary 
Berry Wasden 
Dick Rowberry 
Reed Call 

Jerry Forsling 
Ned Brown 

Darre! Crawford 
Robert Clayton 

Bob Livingston 
Bob McKelvey 
Richard Alder 
Paul Warren 



Monte HIclcenlooper 
J. D. Boren 
Jay Lund 

Glen Garrett 
Preston Horsley 
Leonard Harman 
Gene Campbell 

Robert Platts 
Ken Howard 
Claude Thomas 
Keith West 






Fred Money, President 
Myron Walker 
Ted Money 
Bill Perry 
Ross Davis 

Wally Hunt 
Bill Gallagher 
Boyd Whipple 
Robert Holley 
Bob Fronne 

Boyd Bitten, Secretary 

Don Shirts 

Earl Lelegren 

Boyd Lake, Vice President 

Wayne Clart 

Myron Jensen 
James Mathis 

Byron Strawn 
Slen Hale 
Frank Blair 

Leo Stratford 
Richard Ashby 
Roy Lea 

Roland Stratford 
Gene Richards 


C '^ o 



William Werrett 
Ned Miller 
Jay Farris 

Stan Schlndler 
Jerry McAffee 
Norman Hopkins 

John Robertson 
Paul Phelps 
Bob Chrlstensen 

Dick Potts 
Clair McKee 
Ooyle Shields 


The Brigadiers began their traditional 
campus activities in 1926. For the past 
four years they have captured a prize in 
the Homecoming parade, and last year 
they earned the intramural sports av/ard. 
Members of this fraternity include both 
studentbody business managers, the Banyan 
Ball chairman, the senior class president, 
and the Banyan business manager. Activi- 
ties include a "Bowery Brawl" costume 
dance, a dinner dance, and a canyon event. 


Since 1917 when twelve World War I 
veterans organized the Goldbrickers, con- 
tinuous activity has designated them the 
oldest social organization on campus. Many 
of today's members are sons of former 
Brickers who now look back with pleasure 
to happy, purposeful years spent at BYU. 
The annual dinner dance, Alumni hiome- 
coming Banquet, Brlcker-Tausig Week, and 
fabled Bricker hiaven have preserved rich 
tradition of clean fellowship cherished by 
thousands who have worn Bricker's shields. 

Joe Allen 

Val Strlngfellow 

Ted Baer 

Hank Stevens 
Ken Perry 
Chucic Lomax 

Darrell Call 
Ray Chrlstensen 
Richard Devey 

Roy Chrlstensen 
John Chrlstensen 
Kent Chrlstensen 




Ralph Prusse 
Sfeve Seastrand 

Malm Perry, President 
M. Gene Oveson 

Dave Folkman 
Norm Ellertson 

Don Wadsworth 

Fred Dixon 

Morris Jackman, Vice President 

Hal Dunford 
John Taylor 
Wes Craig 


Dick Huish 
Dave Taylor 
Farrell McKinney 


Larry Crandall 

Dicic Hawley 

Phil Snelgrove, Secreta 




Don Rambling 
John McCabe 
DeVere Brough 

Blaine Cartwright, Secretary Brad Powell 
Garth Uibel Roy Barton 


It is evident that the Gamma Taus are 
active when a big G T is stomped in the 
snow on "Y" mountain, and their annual 
"musical workshop" stages a successful hit. 
The unit held an Invitational in the City 
and County Building, a dinner dance dur- 
ing spring quarter, and numerous Exchang- 
es with Fidelas, Cesta Tie, and Lambda 
Delta Sigma. The "Dig For Duds" costume 
dance, an annual affair of the organization 
proves equally exciting each year. 




Lee Morgan 

Dale Ream 

R. C. Urice, President 

Wayne Kleinman 
Roy Staples 
June Harison 

Jim Logan 
Don Spurrier 
Courtney Anderson 

Boyd Wheelwright 
Reid Fillmore 
Ronald Dye 

Dale Shumway 
DeVon Fife 
Fred Adams 

Gene Hanson 
Marvin Morris 
Dennis Ward 

Ted Johnson 
Ronald Frazier 
Rick Sweet 


The Athenian Social Unit, established in 
January as a result of the necessity for 
more and smaller units, is now active in 
Invitationals and Exchanges for its mem- 
bers. Boasting principles of honor, integ- 
rity, brotherhood, and spirituality, the Ath- 
enians are rapidly taking an equal position 
with the other units on campus. 




Marion Probert 

Jack Davis 

Scott Fisher, President 

Roger White 

John Weber 

Mel Smith 

Sterling Ellsworth 

Bob Clarice 

Bob Harper 

Kit Tucker, Vice President 

Jack Hemmart 
Homer Quinten 
Serry Turner 
Bob Bills 
Paul Kochevar 

DeRay Eyre 
Keith Price 
Bob Keysor 
Gary Williamson 
Kirk Hart 

Merle Hawkley 

Lloyd McAferty 

Louis Hunter 

John Ellsworth, Secretary 

Bill Schulti 


By helping and believing in others, the 
Saxons learn to believe in themselves. This 
group, newly organized in January, displays 
as their emblem the Falcon Head imposed 
on the Saxon Triad and follows this motto 
by Tennyson: "My strength is as the 
strength of ten because my heart is pure." 
The group follows the three-fold virtues 
of manliness, honesty, and outspokenness 
and presents exchanges, canyon parties, 
skating parties, and dinner dances. 

Gaylen Cox 

Dallin Gardner 

Marvin Drake, Vice President 

Blaine Webb 
Bob Batennan 
David Jensen 

Glen Wlllianns, Vice President 
Kent Hogan 
Marion Davidson 

Lee Tobler 

Leonard Duggar, President 

Steve Crofts 

Hal Jensen 

James Rutter 

Neil Jensen, Secretary 

Thayle Denny 
Dick Wells 
Elmo Matthews 

Gordon Bischoff 
Ross Lloyd 
Glenn Pace 

■i f if : 

/ Pi 











^■' .':'m 







'■P: -^ 



w.ifcaj- »vr-. 
















/d Hi 


* »v * ,a 








Gridiron hopes were kindled anew by the unexpected suc- 
cess of tfte Cougars this season. With consistency not govern- 
ing the team's show of power and scoring, the Cats rolled to 
a 6-3-1 record, the best in years. 

Traveling as usual, proved the biggest opponent to the team 
as all three losses were to conference rivals in out-of-town 

The role of underdog seemed salt to the wounds of the 
Cougar ego; as fans cheered on to new upsets on the gridiron. 

Increased attendance and spirited student support indicated 
the approval and enthusiasm of Cougar supporters to a re- 
juvenated football machine. 

In three pre-season tilts at home the Cougars gave 
notice of their renewed confidence and grid finesse. 
An improved line showed up well and the backs rolled 
off long gains against weaker opponents. Idaho State 
fell 27-7; Western State crumbled in turn 67-7; and 
in the third Hawaii University bowed 20-7. 

Robert Hamblin tries for an end run as team- 
mates Walt Smit and Mel Nielsen successfully clear 
the way. 





Idaho State 



Western State 















Colorado A. & M. 19 


Utah State 



New Mexico 




Utah State scores as Gary Pax- 
man and Udell Westover try for 
an interception. 

Left to right: Dave Crowton, Freshmen Coach; Bob Bunker, End Coach; 
Chick Attinson, Head Coach; Reed Nilsen, Line Coach. 


The Utah Redskins 6ked out « one point victory 
to clinnax a, stirring bitterly fought contest. Cougar 
fans left voWIng an often-cried "wait till next year." 
In the Cat's best game of the year, they held a 
powerful Cowboy crew to a 20-20 deadlock at 
Laramie, only to bow humbly §6-6 fd^vDenver a 
week later. ,,;,„;«» 

Ray Oliverson gets in the clear and heads for a 

Robert Hamblin completes another end run. Team- 
mate Keith Matthews helps with a block. 


John Paulson 
Wayne Bird 
Bob Whi+alcer 
Dick Toolce 

George Bowman 
Dewey Brundage 
Udell Westover 
Bob Flaherty 

Lavon Satterfield 
Larry Hancock 
Darrell Doney 
Bob Earp 

Roy Boulter 
Hal Cunningham 
Gary Paxman 
Sonny Bray 

Tom Burn intercepts a pass — Satterfield watches 
■from distance. 

Ray Oiiverso'n carries the ball for another first 


The largest homecoming crowd in years thrilled to a polished confident Cat 
crew that knocked Colorado A. & M. out of the conference leadership. We ran and 
blocked well to outlast the determined Rams 20-19 and to climax a wonderful home- 
coming day for thousands of alumni. 

Bob Hamblin 

Wendell Egbert 
Owen Skousen 
Bob Karpowitr 
Lewis Kochevar 

Bob Bills 
Keith Matthews 
Joe Martinez 
Lowell Madsen 

Mel Nielson 
Marion Probert 
Max Tolbert 
DeRay Eyre 

Jay Ballif 
Warren Kimball 
Ray Oliverson 
Walt Smith 


Bob Karpowitz completes a place icicle 
as Gary Paxman holds the pigskin. 

•Hv-^- ■' 

The "Old Wagon Wheel" stayed in Coug- 
arville as a result of the never-to-be-forgotten 
'51 game. Trailing by six points with less than 
a minute left in the contest, Satterfield scored 
on a quarterback sneak on fourth down to tie 
it up and Karpowitz converted to cinch the 

Bob Bills goes down under a 
barrage of Aggies while attempt- 
ing an end run. 

Another touchdown is scored as unidentified player 
leaps across goal line. 


With the Cats riding high after two close victories 
over the Aggie team, the Lobos upset and blanked us 
34-0. To the surprise of all, we dropped Pepperdine 20-0 
as Ray Oliverson ran wild and scored all three touch- 

Ray Oliverson attempts an off- 
tackle play. 


Gary Paxman, wifh the ball, goes 
down under an end run tackle. 


First row, left to right: Drew Shumway, Lynn Fraser, 
Terry Smith, Howard Snow, Harry Weenig, DeVerl Peter- 
son, Ross McDonald, Lee Stratford, Floyd Meldrum, Bill 

Second row: Bob Fillmore, Norm Slaymalcer, Clinton 
Taylor, Henry West, Ray Perry, Max EIridge, Paul Slater, 
Bob Stech, Sammy Johnson, John Robinson. 

Third row: Bill Nical, Jerry Lindburg, Richard An- 
derson, Richard Felt, Richard Heaps, Lament Cosgrove, 
Don Whatcott, Don Mower, Gene Richards, Coach Dave 



Harold Christensen drops one in from the 
corner as Loren Dunn prepares to follow 

Several outstanding pre-season bas- 
ketball games were on the schedule for 
the BYU Cougars and included a barn- 
storming tour of the east and a Sugar 
Bowl tourney as well as other non-con- 
ference games which were played in 

On the roster of opponents were such 
outstanding teams as St. John's of 
Brooklyn, Kentucky, Niagara, Hamline, 
and Santa Clara. 

The Santa Clara affair came off 
while most students had left school for 
the holidays. The two-night spree fin- 
ished as a double victory for the Y 
quintet and completed their list of pre- 
season meets. After being dumped 
twice by the Cougars, the Santa Clara 
Broncos went on to win most of their 
regular season games and entered the 
western-division finals of the NCAA 
tourney where they turned back their 
two opponents, including Wyoming and 
then entered the final NCAA playoffs 
where they were beaten. 

Unidentified B. Y. player lays 
one up. Joe Richey and Jerry 
Romney breathlessly await the 


Jerry Romney, Guard 
Stan Gleave. Guard 
Noil Stevens, Forward 

Harold Christensen, Guard Joe Richey, Forward 
Van Burgees. Guard Tom Karren, Forward 

Lorln Dunn, Center Don Davis, Guard 

Boyd Jarman, Center 
Leon Heaps, Guard 
Sherm Crump, Guard 

Nick Matelian, Center 
John Taylor, Forward 
Dean Larsen, Forward 

Coach Stan Watts 











Colorado A.&.M 47 





Denver 53 


St. Johns 



New Mexico 49 





Utah State 57 





Utah 51 





Montana 47 


Santa Clara 



Utah State 67 


Santa Clara 



Wyoming 48 





New Mexico 61 


Villa nova 



Colorado A.&M. 65 





Wyoming 55 





Utah 61 


Joe Richey drives in for a layup. Boyd 
Jarman and Harold Christensen stand by 
ready +o assist. 

Nick Mateljan tips in one of his fannous 
follow-ups. Joe Richey and Chris assist. 

The Ranis from Fort Collins could not keep pace with the 
surging Cats when the two basketball teams met in battle. 
Both the Provo contest and the Fort Collins affair finished 
with the Rams going down in defeat at the hands of the Y 
squad and both clashes were won by sizeable margins. All 
games played in the Y fieldhouse were well attended and 
the A & M go was no exception. The Rams finished the 
season next to the cellar riding New Mexico Lobos. 


Denver's Pioneers had the honor of being the first 
Skyline team to face the BYU Cougars in their 
new fieldhouse and also went on record as the first 
conference loser in the new structure. 

Hannpered by the loss of two of their top team 
members, the Pioneers failed to come up to pre-season 
expectations as they lost more than half of their 
games. When they hit the Y court, they put on a good 
fast ball game and kept the fans on the edge of their 
seats throughout most of the contest. In the last 
three minutes, when the Cats went into a stalling act, 
the frantic Denverites did everything in their power 
to gain control of the ball, but in vain. The Cats won 
both Pioneer games. The Pioneers finished their sea- 
son in sixth place in the league ahead of Colorado 

A. & M. and New Mexico. 

Boyd Jarman demonstrates his 
bankboard control on this one. 

Harold Christensen breaks through to 
dunk a jump shot. 

Chris looks a bit worried as the Pioneers 
close in from all sides. 


Harold Christensen fakes a pass and drives around. 

During the week preceding the first 
meeting of the Cats and the Aggies 
contest, the Cougars found themselves 
in a tough position. Most of Coach 
Watts lads were suffering from the flu 
and several had missed practice for the 
whole week. When they took the floor 
against the Utah Staters, they were 
very obviously not the same team that 
had been playing such fast sparkling 
ball. Needless to say, the Aggies rolled 
over the hapless Cats, but not before 
the Y Boys gave fhe game all they had. 

When the Farmer contingent visited 
the Y fieldhouse, it was a different story 
as both teams were out to add another 
win to their record. The scoring lead 
changed hands frequently, but in the 
final frame, the revengeful Cougars 
topped the hard-driving Starters and 
won the game by a small margin. Utah 
State was the only team to win a con- 
ference game from the Wyoming Cow- 
boys this season and they finished their 
season in a tie with BYU for second 

Joe Richey racks up two more points with a side jump shot. 


Joe Richey drives through for a quick field goal. 

Joe Richey tries for another hook shot. 

Joe Richey seems to be bottled up but the show must 
go on. 

The age-old feud between Utah and BYU found 
both schools priming for their two meetings as 
though they were getting ready for a national tourn- 
ey. Both games came late in the season with the 
first contest being played in the Y fieldhouse. From 
the opening whistle, the fans saw a fast and exciting 
ball game which never lagged or cooled off. Going 
into the last quarter, the Cougars were trailing by 
quite a margin, but Joe Richey went on a sensa- 
tional shooting spree in the waning moments to 
bring the Pumas to within three points of the Utes. 
That is where the score ended. 

The second tilt was the final game of the season 
for the Cougar quint. Having lost the race for the 
conference crown, the Watts coached boys did not 
have their usual spark when they faced the spite- 
ful Redmen. Although the Utes copped both ca- 
saba duels from the Cats, both games were enter- 
taining and pitted two top teams in heated battle. 


With several lettermen returning and 
plenty of top talent, Coach Ev Shelton's 
Wyoming Cowboy basketball teann was 
picked as a top contender for the con- 
ference crown and these predictions 
proved to be well founded. 

The Cougar-Cowboy gannes nnatched 
a well-seasoned squad of top ball play- 
ers against a crew of young and mostly 
untried players of comparable ability. 
The Pokes height and experience gave 
them an edge in these two contests, but 
the Cougars battled with determination 
and gave a good account of themselves 
on both occasions. Wyoming won the 
Skyline title with a record of thirteen 
wins and one loss, thereby winning a 
berth in the NCAA western-division 
playoffs in Corvallis, Oregon. 

erry Romney sees tough going 
ahead. Harold Christensen and Boyd 
Jarman stand by to assist. 

Jerry Romney is in the air for another hook shot. 


Jerry Romney has his eye set for the basket on 
another jump shot. 

Beginning their first sea- 
son as a mennber school in 
the Skyline Eight conference, 
the Montana Grizzlies were 
somewhat of a question mark 
as to basketball strength when 
the season first started. 

Coming to Provo for their 
first meeting with the Cats, they 
put plenty of fight into the con- 
test but failed to threaten the 
lead held by the Ysters through- 
out the entire scramble. After the 
season was well underway, the 
Grizzlies played several consecu- 
tive games on their own court and 
walked away with nearly all of them. 
The Y game was the exception as the 
second game was a duplicate of the 

As a result of their last-of-the-sea- 
son surge, Montana finished the sea- 
son in fifth place behind Utah, Utah 
State, BYU and Wyoming. 

Nick Mateljan seems to be fenced in for the 


Left to right: Coach Bob Bunker, Johnny Fought, Rob- 
ert Miner, Warren Buoy, Neil Stevens, Morris Peterson, 

Bruce Scholer, Stan Collins, Ralph Bonham, Van Burgess, 
Dave Evans, Jannes Dodd, Ronnie Kump. 

Eddie Kimball 

Director of Athletics 


Rod Kimball 


Inexperienced as a Freshman club, Coach Reed Nllsen s 
wrestling feam gained experience through rugged Inter-col- 
legiate competition with U. of U., U. of Wyoming, and Colo- 
rado State. 

Benny Jordan, returned Senior letterman, and Phil Rawlins, 
a Junior, ranked high in upper class competition, while the re- 
maining Freshman and Sophomore members acquired greater 
training and biceps In preparation for next year's matches. 

Front row, left to right: Harold Cunningham, Delbert 
Otiyer, Mark Hafen, Coach Reed Nllsen. Back row: Arnold 
Wilson, Robert Steck. Benny Jordan, Daryl Green, Phil Rollins. 



Of major Interest to B.Y.U. ^^^^nen, especially during spring 
and summer quarters, golf ranks h?^:fn Inter-colleglate competition 
and promotes professional training tender the direction of Coach 
Fred A. Dixon, potential golfers:*^^^ned the basic techniques for 
correct timing and precision in t^fs fi|ipular sport favorite. 

Coach Fred Dixon. 

Golf lovers Bruce Scholer, Robert Minier, Don Davis, Karl Tuck- 
er, and Reed Boshard take advantage of the cool and spacious golf 
greens. Right: Dick Tooke tries his hand at this popular sport. 



Udell Westover prepares for a 
quick run to first. 


With Wayne Bird at bat, Mario 
Bowen doesn't exactly play catch 
with the pitcher. 

1st Row: left to right: Tom Dell'Aria, Owen Skousen, Glendon 
Jewkes, Stan Gleave, Gary Johnson, Wayne Bird, Mickie Eggertson, 
Bruce Bills, Darrel Crawford, Carl Tucker. 

2nd Row: Ray Lish, Charles Mills, Larry Bean, John Whatcott, Steve 
Seastrand, Morris Jackman, Paul Belliston, Lavon Satterfield, Don 

3rd Row: Udell Westover, Gary Jenkins, Irving Baxter, John Fought, 
Milt Snneadley, Lynn Foster, Mario Bowen, Dewey Brundage, and 
Coach David M. Crowton. 

Sports-nninded baseball fans topped all 
previous records with a turnout of over 
95 eager B.Y.U. classmen in the stiff final 
team try-outs this spring. 

A full game schedule was reported by 
Coach Crowton as pre-season practice 
proved well under way for conference 
playoff competition. 



When the first signs of spring finally arrived, 
tennis enthusiasts cleaned the dust and cobwebs 
from their racquets, donned shorts and T-shirts, 
and set out for vigorous tennis practices. Those 
who showed promise of competing in various 
inter-collegiate matches devoted extra time to 
keeping trim and alert in preparation for ap- 
proaching conference meets. B.Y.U.'s conference 
team boasted the return of several lettermen, 
who, in a friendly spirit of sportsmanship, de- 
cided to "bring home the bacon." 


Varsity team, left to right: Paul Salisbury, Lamar 
Rawlings, Charles Fromberg, Dick Moody, Judd Flowers, 
Dick Boyle, Dean Larsen, Harold Christensen. 

Junior varsity team, left to right: Bob Rowe, Richard 
Calder, Fred Dixon, Allan Gomez, Stephen Mahoney, 
Harold Fox, Grant Stevenson. 


Steady tennis workouts develop aptitude 
and basic techniques. 

Tennis courts fascinate not 
only competing teams, but 
also furnish students with a 
place to enjoy this sport 

' ( 

^ 3 

Accurate strokes require split-second timing 
and a close observation of the ball, as Paul Salis- 
bury races across the court to make a swift over- 
head volley. 




Pole vaulters: Ridiard White, 
Terry Smith, and Bunky Arnold. 

Spirits high, sprinters Richard Chipman, Jerry 
Cowley, Eran Call, Morgan Thomas, and Richard 
Fuenning get set for a timed dash. 

Top: Star hurdlers and discus throwers Gary Pax- Bottom: Members of the quarter-mile "440" 
man, Tom Burr, Richard Waite, Dean Alger, Darreil club are, front row, left to right: Maeser Broad- 
Donney, Gene Taylor, and Bob Keysor, during one head. Reed Langlois, John Wible. 
of their "calmer" rest-periods. o, n-.,, ,^,^ 

Back row: Keid Howes and Gordon Teeples. 


Clarence F. Robison 
Head Track Coach 


Half-mile runners in the "880" 
group include Bob Batennan, Gor- 
don Flygare, and Paul Ashton. 

A late spring prevented an early start on 
the quarter's track activities, but run-offs 
were conveniently held in the fieldhouse until 
warmer days approached. 

B.y.U. teanrss participated in exciting in- 
vitational and conlerence meets, and were 
hosts at a campus high school junior college 
meet In April. 

Special credit for record-breaking honors 
goes to: Ralph Bonham from Pomona for 
High Jump; Raymond Brown from Cedar 
City for the "440"; Richard Fuenning from 
Phoenix, who captured National Junior Col- 
lege sprints title; and Louis Chatterly from 
Kanab for Pole Vault. 

Out for a "photo finish" are tracksters Tom 
Burr, Jerry Cowley. Eran Call, etc. 

Distance competition form left to right, bottom 
row: Pete Witbeck, Wayne Lundell, Phil Cooper, 
Thyrele Robertson. Top: Don Adams, Acca Robi- 
son, Larry Smith, and Ramon Black. 


ihtYAmuYAl fcdoAll 

Fall Intramurals were heartily welcomed as students participated in a well-planned 
program including handball, squash, badminton, volleyball, and baseball. The "Vikes" 
started the year off right with a double victory in touch-football and tennis Social 
Unit Competition. The Brigadiers were mighty proud of their coveted and well-earned 
title; "Social Unit Champs." 

In the spring, intramurals included Softball, swimming, track, and tennis, and 
once again the social unit champs were out competing for high honors. 

Left to right, front row: Howard Gonzales, Gordon Taylor, Bruce Dyer, Ron Salis- 
bury, Gary Jenkins. 

Back row: Merwin Stewart, John Jeppson, Pat Pomeroy, John Hansen, Don 
Murphy, Ross Carter. 



During the winter the sportlight fo- 
cused on intramural basketball, and so- 
cial unit competition produced results 
as the "Y"oming Club edged out a 
close victory over the Brigadiers to win 
the "basketball intramural champs" title. 

Left to right, 1st row: Dan L. Walker, John Tei- 
chert. Bob Doerr, Melvin Sawyer, Larry Smith. 2nd 
row: Dick Jensen, "Sonny" Davidson, Jack Peter- 
son, LaVell Kennington, Jerry Horsley (absent). 

ihtYamuYAl VAsketvAU 


Arizona Cougar Queens, an independenf team won 
the volleyball championship. 

Kay Wood sends one down the alley for the champion team, Fidelas. 


i/i/jmens s 

Upper left, Chi chapter of Lambda Delta Sigma versus Nautilus are pictured ,n 
one of the many battles that took place in Women's Gym. 

Fidelas of the social units and 'The Little Branches," an independent team, took 
the championship. 

n„„.r rioht Jo«sl Carver and Carmen Bitt.r. played (or Beta Pi.capturad lop 
hono"T.h:tLMenn?do.bie,. while Lynn Ba... Val N„n. did th, ,am= ,. «,. 

Bottom, Swimming— Springtime's favorite sport. 


wjmeK s 

Leona Holbrook 

Professor of Physical Education 

Cyn+ha Cowan 
Faculty Advisor 

To try to get every girl attending the University to 
participate during the year in some activity through 
Social Units or Independents is the purpose of the Wo- 
men's Intramurals. To fulfill this aim a tournament is 
started each quarter with teams in Social Units and In- 
dependents. The participants compete for first place 

in Volleyball, Ping Pong, Bowling, Basketball, Badminton, 
Softball, Skiing, Swimming, Duck Pins, and Tennis. 

Women's Intramural Council below, left to right: 
Helen Bushman, Deon Mcintosh, Julie Carver, Ardena 
Beck, Emma Gean Hatch, Delora Marble. 




Spring was long in coming, but when 
it did come, cries of "Play ball!" and 
"Batter up!" were iieard. 

Meridee Moyle and Carol Richards, 
Fidelas, bat the 'birdie' back and forth 
in a quick game of badminton. 

Left to right: Helen Bushman, Lois 
Rae Myers, Emma Gean hiatch, Marilyn 
Morrill, Carmen Bitter. 

Joy Ray takes to the courts to try 
her hand at tennis. 

■^Wl« kW^ 




* • 













.-. 1 

y V 


has come again. From the isles 
of the seas, the prairies, the 
mountains, we five thousand young 
men and women eagerly come full 
of hopes, desires, resolutions. Crisp 
mornings and rustling leaves echoed 
our excitement as we were caught in the 
whirl of events: classes, football. Home- 
coming, Preference Ball, assemblies, church. 
One of the most wonderful periods of our 
lives, autumn of '51. 


Waiting and more wait 
ing . . . "Class is closed . . 
Weren't we befuddled. 

With gusto we began to register. What fun to 
greet old friends — nneet new. The bright future 

It was a privilege to meet our 
President Wilkinson personally. He 
now means more to us than the 
typical far-away executive. 




Oh lucky froshl Who else can 
wear that charming paraphernalia, 
serve his fellow men, learn better 
the qualities of endurance, pa- 
tience, and courage than they. 

• V^. 

Above, Grant Evans' slaves really shine him up. 


Verdict no. 16: "flour, molasses, and egg sham- 
poo . . ." Judge Merril Andrus administered with 
such dignity. 


Assemblies in the field- 
house were very successful. 
Freshman displayed falent 
galore on their "Command 



The Blue and White Keys gave us a laugh treat. Their winsome 
lasses Lorna Erickson and Grant Evans stole even prime Bob and 
Dick's hearts away. 






President Wilkinson delivered his inaugural address. 

the Kresioefitijil itiAUdUYAtkn 

A milestone in Y history was reached with the inaug- 
uration of the new president. As the gospel extends 
throughout the world, the school's destiny will reach 
limitless horizons. "The glory of God is intelligence." 


Halloween goblins and cats winked 
down on the happy crowd at the Witch- 
haven dance. 

"The pause that refreshes" — The Aut- 
umn Leaf Hike to Maple Flats. 

We donned our brightest socks to 
hop through a gay evening et the Sock 






„;,.,:elv and whAe^. 
tp.- wagon a »- 

°V Uing s^:dd01^»> -. 
iV.'y down t•n^ st.;- 

,on flat on tn^ ^- 

aloes f • ' ^^: , -..,,, 







w'nc " 

• 1-1° 







The heartwarming production of Our Town was en- 
joyed by record breaking audiences. Stage manager 
Spence Palmer, lovers Afton Ash and Ned Hoops, and 
the rest of the cast were delightful in their roles as the 
homespun villagers. 

341 \ 

;-^i' \Queen-:Ctierle Marcll and her attendants Olene 

' Srfltth an^ Marilyn. Norton. 

... ,. .«. . .-J ... 

The coronation by President Wilkinson at the 
Flaming Fifties assenfibly. 


• <• 


The Y's own Colleen Hutchins, Miss America of 1952, returned for the celebra- 
tion. After her winning remarks she was presented with a Y blanket and led the parade 
to the street dance. 



Inestimable time and talent created the 
array of striking floats in the parade. Pictured 
are top left to right: Val Hyric, R.O.T.C., 
Gamma Tau, Nautilus, Y.C.-I.K., Blue Key, 
Brigadier, Studio Art Guild, and the White 
Keys. Clown antics provided laughs. 


Echoing Embers, the dance 
thenne for Saturday night was well 
selected. It expressed the warmth 
of the occasion (due to the huge 
crowd) and the dreams of increas- 
ing greatness of the Y. 

Adding new sparkle and beauty to the Homecoming 
was the trio and quartet contest. The Val Norn and 
Brickers carried off the trophies after stiff competition 
with runners-up, the Worsley sisters, Gamma Taus, and 
many others. 

a. c. 4ame 

What a thrilling affair the Ag- 
gie game turned out to be. By 
scoring in the last few minutes we 
won the right to keep the cher- 
ished wagon wheel another year. 




\j^ «t M ^ 





"Fight team, fght!!!" Our enthusiastic cheer leaders, Harold Dunford, 
Farrel McKinney, and Dick Moody put their all into stirring up real school spirit. 




Queen Trilby Packard and her attendants, Dawn Baker and 
Rogene Ball. 


Don Oscarson's clever assembly starring 
Dorothy, the tin woodnnan, pages, and the 
other Oz folk displayed much sophomore 

Smiles radiated, gowns flut- 
tered, and feet glided in Emerald 
Oz at this lovely ball 


Preferred Man, Pat Pomeroy, and runners-up, Gail Saltus 
and Reed Benson. 


King Pat reigned supreme on this night of nights 
for girls. Other preferred men Don Oscarson, 
Darvel Robbins, Mark Money, Monte Hickniooper, 
Reed Benson, Howard Gonzales. Kstth Orme, Grant 
Evans, Mark Benson, and Gail Saitus are being ad- 
mired by the femmes. 



Armoured knights guarded the great 
court halls at the Medieval Mist ball. 


blithe shirit 

Amusing complications and delighHul comedy graced 
our College Hall stage as the Blithe Spirit returned to 
this sphere to tease her mortal husband who had too 
quickly taken another wife. 


The second annual Christmas Benefit Drive 
succeeded under the capable leadership of 
Bob Ensiqn, Afton Ash, and Don van Slooten, 


The annual Delta Phi sponsored Mistletoe Frolic heralded in the 
yuletide season and the close of fall quarter. Silver bells and naistle- 
toe hung from graceful pine boughs. Merriment prevailed! 

mistUtae frdu 



snows transfofmed the campus into a beautiful white 

world. Life became more confined. We tried to buc- 

le down to studies, visiting the library often. We 

took advantage of the weather: skiing, skating, 

toboganning, snowballing. Though spring grew 

further and further away. Evenings brought 

the Snow Carnival Dance, the Banyan Ball, 

the Junior Prom. 


" C ■t^^ltl'' ' 

The "year of the big snow" brought us a painful reminder that it 
was really winter quarter. 


Frequent spills and tumbles were among the special activities 
of the season. 

I. . 


H^^li^^^^ifeonctucive to shidy?,. 






YAYll l^d^DCYS 

The Heber J. Grant Library houses all types of higher 
learning. Typical academic pursuits are shown above. 


Rules of campus etiquette were ably 
demonstrated by Darcy Clawson, Mark 
Benson, and Jack Clawson. 

Bookworm browsing through the book 
store's collection. 


Happy smiles of Tommy Thomas prove that 
the way to a man's heart is through his stom- 





Srow Queen Doris Rasbami and her altendants Pat Steimle and 
Dixie RobJmon, 


sfim OAYKiva, 


The campus was transformed into a Snow White fairyland by the artistic members 
of many organizations. Pictured are above left to right: Gamma Phi, Tausig, Studio 
Art Guild, Briclcers (center), Idaho Club, L.D.S. Upsilon, winner. Then "the rains came." 


Winter enthusiasts revelled in the beauties of the out-of-doors at the A. M.S. 
sponsored Snow Carnival as music and merriment shared time with jumping, salom, 
and downhill at Timp Haven. 


entertAmni Assemblies 

Music, dance, sharp dialogue or "corn" have been presented on +he Thursday 
.orning studentbody assemblies. The Brickers, (above), Val Norns (left), and Nautdus 
(right) social units were among the organizations presenting programs. 


Madness ran rampant in fhe clever skits presented 
at the gayest pep rally of the season, "Roaring 
at the Rally," which preceded the A.C. game. 

hcK YOrllli shArkU 

"Arms, legs, people!" The Universe scramble after the assemblies. 



Hearing inspired men of God and national leaders each week is 
one of the greatest opportunities students have at the Y. Elder 
Kinnball delivered a beautiful talk on eternal marriage. 

Students formed a constant stream threading 
toward the fieldhouse preceding the assembly. 



the levil s discihl 


Burnett Ferguson charmed College Hall audiences as 
haw's "Devil's Disciple, a play satirizing English aristoc- 

Right — Comedy again visited the B.Y.U. stage in Nor- 
man Krasna's "John Loves Mary," a complicated farce 
taking place during World War II. 


tl)e little minister 

James Barrie's "Little Minister" held audi 
ences spellbound as Geneva Call and Gai 
Sal+us portray the village witch and her suitor 




kl)fi I 

eves mAY 











Banyan Queen June Peterson and her lovely attendants, Betty Hatch 
and Carol Beckstrand. 


|a) Chosen by John Robert Powers, Jun/ Peterson \h] CanJIeJ 

Is crowned Queen of the Banyan Ball|^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ g^ 1^ u^aithpi 


and pale orchids carried out the un- 
me "Illuminations. " 

(c) "After the ball is over 


U VCJf) 



Scenes from Puccini's La Boheme bring back memories such as the lingering 
melody of the love duet sung by Mimi and Rudolph, the delightful strains of the 
Musetta Waltz, or the gay comedy of Marcel. It is the story of four Bohemian com- 
rades, their striving for recognition, their gaiety, their loves and sorrows. The all- 
student production directed by Newell B. Weight combined a wide range of talent 
to create an excellent, harmonious whole. 



Strains of Vennese waltzes echoed from the Provo Stake 
House as Stewart Grow and his orchestra played the dreamy 
melodies of "Old Vienna." Dick Huish capable chairmanned 
the group of junior class committee members. 


uniCY KYjm 




Happy couples gazed at the sparkling fountain 
waters in the soft lights. 

in jlo vi 





_5 V^Auncm'-'-Jr^ 

mis CAU VAU 



Typical of the leap year season, the A.W.S. pre- 
sented Its Girls' Day dance and vaudeville show 
using the theme "Dogpatch Days." O.S. Trovata 
won the coveted award. 



Spring brought a new vivid appreciation for 
campus life as the last snowflake made its de- 
parture. Spring activities enlivened our 
association, and the campus took on a 
new glow of life as more plans for fun 
were made. Nature glorified flowers 
and trees in blossoming splendor, 
and thoughts of love were re- 
captured as sunnier days told 
us "Spring is here at last!" 


An annual spring event, the Viking 
Circus Assembly literally "brought 
down the house" as side-splitting laugh- 
ter and cheers reigned , supreme. 

Never a dull moment as each riotous 
J- succeeded the first, and students 
lied in the aisles with laughter. (Well, 

Theta Alpha Phi captured assembly 
honors with its magnificent, dramatic, 
and highly emotional presentation en- 
titled "Pure as the Driven Snow" or 
"She Didn't Get the Drift." 

"Snow baths are quite common here 
at the 'Y'," explains Maughan Mason 
to Betty Ann Green in this romantic 












^^nuL i l^H^JlL 



4^^ ..^Sjfl^ft 





"■ * 




■^ ■ ^ 


u * 


Belle of the Y Geneva Call and her attendants left to right: 
Ruth Christiansen, Lucille Rowe, Myrle Snriith, and Shirley Gigliotti 
(not shown). 


e s 



T'^i t 


A gentle sun-blown caress, a breath of 
nature's own hypnotic perfume, a calm feel- 
ing of blissful contentment, and we suddenly 
found ourselves cloaked in that delightfu 
disease called "Spring Fever." 


Despite the few students who tripped on their beards along the wayside, a 
majority of the male studentbody reached the 'Y' in time to improve its general 

'Y'-Day yard-birds, co-eds sported their denims in a campus-cleaning fashion 
show while their campus brothers whitened the 'Y.' 

379 . , 




Norman Gulbrandsen. Director ^ 

SOPRANOS — Lou Jean Anderson. Geraldine Asplund, Donna Brown, Marilyn Brown. Dorothy Doyle. Eleanor 
forestl. Colette Green, Theresa Hadloclc. Leona Hawltes, Shirley Johnson, Mary Larsen, Evelyn Larson. Lou 
Rita Mattice. Kate McGuire, Robert Meline, Estelle June Moe. Deon Nielsen. Wanda Parks, Marilyn Petersen, 
Derilys Rowe, Lucille Rowe. Charlene Van Wagener. Ruth Lewis. 

ALTOS — Marthalene Anderson. Rosalie Arave, Leota Baird, Maurine Boren, Verena Lou Erickson. Carmen Ford. 
Edna Green, La Van Henlnger, Louise Nixon. Annette Howard. Le Isle Jarman. Nancy Latham, Ellen Lindsay. 
Donna Nelson. Wilma Olsen, Doris Rasband, Beverly Robinson. Mary Lou Schelff. Joyce Sllfast. Irene Soder- 
quist, Phyllis Stokes, Doris Tayler. 

TENORS — Forrest R. Allred, Hardy Bean, Bob Carter, Paul S. Carter, Wlnslow Christiansen, Burk Clegg, David 
Dredge, Jess Ediefsen, Don Gottfredson. Alvln Lisenbee, Don Marier, Carl Oliver, Don Ripp linger, Clark 
Roberts, Edwin Seely. 

BASSES — Mark Angus, Richard Billings. Lynn H. Davis, Dean L. Freeman, Darwin Heyrend, Ted Hunter, Van 
Liljenquist, Alvin Morgan, Ray Pierotti, Jorth A. Richardson. Bruce R. Riddle. Howard Ruff, Fred Sanders, 
. Burton Stanley, John Thompson, Robert Thompson, Dick Wells, Marvin Pullan. 



a, CAhe 


lU cl) 


SOPRANOS — Joyce Allred, Mary Joan Bayles. Alice Brady, Thora Belle Brown, Jolene Bryner, 
Joyce Oustin, Barbara Chadwick. Julene J. Firth. Oelores Harris, Florence Ipsen, Sue John- 
son, Rosalind M. Luke. Louise Marsden. Marilyn Oakey. Bettie Jane McGuire. Ruth Olson. 
Evelyn Russell, Carol Smith. Naomi Terry. EIna B. Watts. 

ALTOS — Marilyn T. Bailey. Colleen Christensen. Ruth Christiansen. Carol Clark. Carol Jean 
Clark. Audrey Dotson. Lorna Erickson. Marilyn Ferrin. Janet Gordon. Betty Hayes. Anna 
Julia Hoyt. Beryl Jensen. Reta Maughn. Arleen Moyes. Marilyn Roundy. Marlene Oakey. 
Janese Tanner. Marian Tebbs. LaVonne Thomander. Dorothy Thompson. Sylvia Tyler. Linda 

TENORS — Gene Campbell. Ronald G. Carter. Harold G. Cornell. Brandt B. Curtis. Carlyle 
H. Decker, Jay R. Fowles. Harold G. Dunford, Robert M. Francis. Phil C. Huffaker, Melvin 
P. Mabey. Farrell McKinney. Kent E. Prestwich. B. LaMar Williams. 

BASSES — Robert L. Brown. Virgil H. Camp. Gene Hansen. Karl G. Hutchinson. Robert B. 
Chambers. DeVon Fife. Ronald Frazier, Fred L. Garrett. Larry McAllister. Vernon J. Miller. 
Robert W. Peterson. Lyneer C. Smith, Ardean W. Watts. Don Watts. Burton Winters. 
Howard Putnam. Graduate Assistant. Lyneer C. Smith. 

Newell B. Weight, Director 


uhivcYsitti mixeo cht^YUS 

Marilyn Ward, Virginia Wlscombe, Mae Wilson, Joyce Meyers. Bonnie Black. Marlene Giles. Zelda Kohler. Wayne 
KIcinman. Lee R. Broderlck. Sterling Umphenour, Halvan Jones. Harold Clark. Reed Dahle, Bill Brown. Valton E. 
Jackson, Richard M. Crandalt, Eugene D. Tenney. Sonny Bray, Robert A. Scalf, Lisle Russon. Fred Chase. Daniel 
Decker. Joy Davis. Emily Timothy, Gloria Belle Russell. Mary Lee Peterson. Karen Diane Butters, Janice Wilson, 
Carolyn Jensen, Naomi Gilbert. Beverly Hardner. Leola May. Oarleen Greenland, Beverly Nobbs, Marilyn Wlberg. 
Lucille Jorgenson, Eunice Raymond. Margaret Lewis, Eileen Viles, Weston Edwards, Stanford Sorensen. Dale Farrer. 
Gordon Thayne. Partridge Richan, Allen Pixley, Jack Wig noil, Calvin Monson. David Freestone, Ronald NIelson, 
Carlton T. Sumsion, Norman D. Smith, OeMar Rust. Ross McDonald. Irene Atkinson, Donna Stevenson. Fern Tovey, 
Florence Stocks, Elaine Dalby, Jeanle Parmenter. Phyllis Stokes, Wilda Whitehead, Ella Lechtenberg, Lou Ann 
Peterson, Alice Welbourne, Melva Rene Woodard, Jan Bingham. Shirlee A. Betts, Nedra Knight, Doris Peterson. 
Lei Knapp. Karl C. Boss, James Bucroft, L. Nell Loveridge, Pete Horlacker. Eugene Terry, James Turner. Keith J. 
Allen. Joe Bates. Hal Visick, Kenneth Hawkins, Keith Worthington. Bill Austin, Eldon W. Bates, William Chesley. 
Donna Nate. Margene Nielsen. Karma Stephensen, Beth Harding, Jean Maycock, Geralee Swan. Lucille Hulme, 
Mary Mitchell, Krista Nelson, Darlene Garrett, Lorraine Montierth, Charlotte Mullen. Lois Knaphus. Virginia Tyler, 
Louis© Erickson, Joan Massey, Jane Cahoon. Patricia Chandler, Joan Grover, Shirley M. Johnson, Helen Jeanne 
Jones, Cal Pratt, Don Oscarson, J. Nell Bird, Bill Brebner. Klint Miller, Don L. Johnson. Ned Greenwood, Elton 
King. Bruce Soelberg, Nell Miller. Phil Smith. W. Dean RIgby, Sherman Johansen, Neil Bingham, Bryant W. Robin- 
son. Yvonne Young, Janice Young, Betty Mills, Thora May. Loma Nellson, Genillo Orr. Marvel Battad, Martha 
K. Mau, Sharon Parkinson, Barbara Bost, Reita Walker, Colleen Stock. Ann Rowly, Margaret Rich. Jillynn Wintch. 
Jerrolynn Lewis. Venna Croft. Joan Keetch, Marilyn Sharp, Charlene Tueller. Pat Capps. Gladys Tippetts. Nancy 
McCarty Sumsion, Dorothy Bartels, Muriel Allred, Kathryn Cooley, Lurlyn Preston. Kathleen Phillips. Maxine 
McLaughlin, Sherrle Hansen, Vernalee Johnson, Lorna Livingston, Helen Sutton, Peggy Call, Maridee Moyle, 
Gayle Christensen, Karol June Payne. SalUe Duncan. Patsy Pace, Darlene R. Carroll. Joan Davis, Karen Yearsley. 
Opal Jean Thomas, Helen R. George, Erma Clark, Carolyn Cox, Anita Cox, Joy Cluff, Barbara Preston, Pat Prior. 
Jackie Spangler, Marilyn Moody, Bertha Young, Maxine Niederhauser, Marilyn Davis. Sarah Moser, Coralle Neal. 
LaRee Sanders, Louise Crandall, Lael McKell, Norma Barton, Diane Thompson, Juanna Monroe, Donna Kizerian, 
Diane Slater, Helen Ruth Archibald, Marlene King, Mlmmie Shertzer, Dona Berg. Maleen Rlchey, Donna Lee Lunt, 
Doretta Wheeler, Mary Pat Langlols, Afton Passey, Katherlne Barnes, Ruth Klelnman. LaNell. Ooane. Margie 
Abraham, Nancy Bowers. Sharlene Thomson, Beverly Smith, Arlene Fernley, Dorothy Nelson. JoAnn Pew, Qmma 
Lee Brady, Helen Carter, Evelyn Matson, Josephine Brighton, Marilyn Davis, Ruth Butler. Kathleen Redd, Marva 
Luo Fluckigcr, Doreen Olsen. Carol Anderson, Joyce Manwarlng. Mary Kae Jackson, Beth Winkler, Colleen Hearne, 
Elinor McAdam, Velma Tlelenburg. Mary Cook, Carol Obert, Audrey Earnshaw, Sharon Brittaln, Glenna Mitchell. 
Mary Ludlow, Nadine Carter, Lola Greene. Arlene Love, Vivian Norln. Janice Mendenhall, Mariorle Allen, Janet 
Roscniof, Ruth Rosenberg, Irene Rich, Bertha Droubay. Nalda Black. Enid Critchfield, Shirley Calder, Carolyn 
Edwards, Joe Calder, Janet Tanner, Royal Duane Jensen. JoAnn Black, Eileen Schipper. Helen Summers. Janet 
Kelsey, John D. Allen, Myrlee Smith, 

Crawford Gates, Director 


Mary Jane Groberg 
Ted Wight 


Laura Dial 

Blaine Ediefson 

Ilia Mae Cook 

Henry Todd 

Niel Pace 
Karl Furr 
Cornelia Haftcock 
Richard Battou 
Hal Hancock 

Leon Honey 
Jerry Long 


Donald Spurrier 


Glenn Willi«rns 
Lucille Crow^^her 


L. D. Mangftlson 
Garth Oixon 
Annie Joy Pinegar 


Bructt Rfddie 
Norman EUertson 
Normsn Hunt 


Martin Baker 

Jean Slack 
Sue Nelson 
Colleen Knight 
Helen Jeanne Jones 
Dorothy Clark 
Donne Mae Feulner 
Marilyn Walsh 
Helen Salerno 
Mercia Stringham 
Joanne Stringham 
Donna Green 
Gale Hansen 
Joanne Morris 
Connie Robinson 
Gerald Fish 
Joan Davis 

Nodifte Monson 
Dorene Peterson 

Dixie Robinson 
Julia Groberg 
Mira Flake 
Patsy Pace 
Ronald Schuttz 
Elaine Jessee 
Wanda Hulet 
Jean Harris 
Pat Green 
Laura Schenk 
Janet Tanner 
Dixie Almond 
Elaine Ranker 
Karen Wright 
Joan Olmstead 

Gordon Chllds 
Harold Laycock 
Karl Allred 
Blaine Fetscher 
Clifford Voigt 
Anna Julia Hoyt 
Roger Sorenson 
Loran Stephenson 

Verda Stubbs 
Evelyn Hilgendorff 
Cherie Marcil 
Clark Welsford 
Bonnie Barrett 
Anne Kemmermeycr 
Stephen Clark 
Lois Tucker 

Ardean Watts 
Bob Pritchett 
Alice Erickson 
Archie Johnson 
Rowan Taylor 
Anita Berge 


Louise Pratt 

Barbara Hughes 


Don Page 
Gordon Lee 

umMM cYcljestYa, 

J \ 383 J 

cjncert oakI 

Ted Wight 
Laura Dial 

Mary Lohee Stephenson 
Lora Lee Marshall 
Virginia Allen 

Norman J. Hunt, Conductor 

Tod i 

Lecn H -^ 

GJen Sntt^ 
^H)fiev Tufno.'' 

Donatd £> Toomtty 

Jim LaytOA*"^ 
Jim Hazard 

Cla ron Win.5" 
Jerry Tume 
Ronftld T)f irvj 



foiig Oo-ttffftdion 

Pat BacrnaflV:;: 

^C#iella L Hancock 
Neit Pace 

Anniit' J6y. Pinegar 
Hfillie Borgeson 
Garth Dixon 
Ronald Griggs 
L. Dee Mangleson 
J. Von Atkinson 
Kave Burton 
Velda Brown 

C. Leavitt Grover 
John Allen 

Stanley Roy Thurber 
Ray R. Olsen 

Bruce K. Riddle 
Lenn M. Shumway 

Rulon Guymon 
Raymond M. Colovich 
Norman Ellertson 
Roy L. Olsen 
Dee Carter 

Alice Erickson 
Glenn Horsepool 


Marilin Baker 

Eugene Nye 

Cherry Niel Beauregard 

Don Page 

Richard L. Melbos 
Leta E. Atkinson 
Barbara Hughes 
Kenneth Martin 
Marvin Drake 






Spencer Palmer, Editor Jolene Bryner, Assistant Editor 

Thomas E. Cheney, Advisor 

A new pinnacle was reached in quality and general student interest value 
in the 1952 spring edition of the Y's literary-art magazine, Wye. Its increased 
beauty and appeal will encourage awareness of campus culture and the desire 
to create. 



First row, left to right: Byron Gassman, Mary Jane 
Groberg, Thomas E. Cheney, Jolene Bryner, Spencer 
Palmer, Alden Curtis. Second row: Mary Ann Carter, 
Andrew Douglass, Janice Thorne, Val Francom, Vera 
Willis, Susan Ream, Geraldine Asplund, Marian Wilkinson. 


Barbara Josie, Co-Editor 

Ron Otteson, Co-Editor 




Jacquie Campbell, Women's Sports 
Sally Madsen, Sophomores 

Lynn Thacker, Freshmen 
Robert Carter. Administration 

Mary Ann Carter, Copy 

Loretta Clark, Women's Social Units 


Gill Hilton, Associate Editor 

Ted Money, Business Manager 

Grant Hulet. Art Editor 

The 1952 Banyan staff welcomed the opportunity of recording the faculty, 
studentbody and campus activities of this year. The goal was achieved through 
calm, efficient leadership and the diligent efforts of sub-editors and workers. 
May this book's readers enjoy it through the years. 

Coleen Christensen, Honoraries Jean Harris, Geographicals Lucille Rowe, Men's Social Units 
Keith Smith, Photographer Carolyn Edwards. Activities Annette Wood, Seniors Kathy Latimer, Juniors 


Banyan salesmen, left to right: Ariene Reem, Emma 
Gean Hatch, Barbara Preston, Madelyn Wooten, Pat 
Anderson, Jackie Hansen. Margene Nielsen, Helen Swan. 

Renee Jones 
Religion Editor 

Larry Whetten 
Sales Manager 

Mary Beth Salmond 
Typing Director 

Gail Farrar 

Personalities Editor 

Marilyn Miller 
Ass't Business Manager 

Helen Summers 
Index Editor 

Helen Jolly 

Freshman Editor 

Barry Thompson 
Sports Editor 


Banyan salesmen, left to right: 
Mary Ann Carter, Vera Willes, Joe 
Rowberry, Deah Tonks, Joy Cluff, 
Carolyn Cox. 





Banyan workers: 

MyrI Smith and Mauree Earl 

banyan workers, left to 
right: Vera Willes, Neil Jen- 
sen, Marian Wilkinson. 

Left to right: Janet 
■i Willis, Betty Hayes. Mary 
Lind Irons, Mary Beth Sal- 
mond, Claudette Ericksen. 


Reid Fillmore, Editor-in-Chief 

Lu Markham 
Thursday Editor 

Ted Johnson 
Associate Sports Editor 

Betty Ann Green 
Tuesday Editor 

Mary Ann Carter 
Exchange Editor 

Camllle Johnson 
Associate Editor 

Earl McBride 
Feature Editor 

Ralph Jack 
Managing Editor 

Dan Clay 
Sports Editor 



As the Y's enrollment grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to 
keep the studentbody Informed of caiiipus going-on's. Under cap- 
able Reid Fillmore's guidance, the Universe served as an informer, 
a source of entertainment, and an outlet for opinion airing. The 
Tuesday and Thursday editors have become a very important part 
of each student's life. 

Keith Larsen 

Business Manager 

Joyce Whitely Don Van Slooten 

Office Manager Assistant Business Mgr. 


Universe Reporters: First row, left to right: Geral- 
dine Asplund, Ann Stanford, Karen Alleman, Colette 
Green, Jack Nelson, Alice Jean Udall, Mary Jane Gro- 
berg, Lois Browning, Vera Willes. Second row: Anne 
Boucher, Marlene King, Margaret Rankers, Claudette 
Erickson, Mary Ann Carter, Rayna Gae Pace. Third 
row: Maughan Mason, Ralph Jeppson, Dorothy Bar- 
teis, Minnie Shertzer, Jack Turner, Jack Davis, Reed 

Jacquie Campbell 
Society Editor 

Annette Wood 
Rewrite Editor 

Jack Monson, Jim Bfimhall 


"On the air," left to right: Jackie Knowlen, 
Mitz Hoki, lona Green, Karma Collett, Jerry 

Morris Hickman at the controls — "KBYU 
on the air" is a must for campus radio 
listeners. The latest in drama, news and 
music is compiled and presented in in- 
teresting daily programs by local stu- 
dent talent. 




First row, left to right: Don Weatherman, 
Russel Perry, Krista Nelson, Karma Collett, Jerry 
Graham. Second row: Midge Jackson, Carolyn 
Langford, Dawn Riggs, Jacqueline Knowlen, 
Mary Jane Groberg. Third row; Mitz Hoki, Dave 
Groesbeck, Morris Hickman, lona Green, Connie 
Bartlett, Brad Powell, Allan Jackson. Fourth row: 
Stan Porter, Ralph Jarvis, Craig Solomon, Sherrol 
Felt, Carl Davis, Owen Rich, Faculty Adviser. 



— A— 

Acree. Thomas M. — 23A 
Allen, Mark Knight— 31 
Allman. Verl Phillips— 31 
Andrus. J. Roman — 31 
Anderson. Homer P. — 236 
Arrington. Norma Rae — 31 
Atkinson. Charles L.— 31. 319 
Ashton. Clarence — 31 

Bailey. Myrtle W.— 31 
Ballif. Ariel S.— 54, 32 
Ballou. Richard— 33. 235 
Barnett. 0«en L. — 45 
Barlow. Irene S.— 32 
Bateman. J. LaVar — 32 
Bauer, Edith B.— 45. 32 
Beck. D. Elden— 32 
Beck Jay V.— 33 
Beckham. Raymond E. — 31 
Benson. Ezra Taft — 25 
Beinap. Btyan — 32 
Berrett. Wm. E.— 52. 31 
Berry. June E.— 32 
Billings. May— 32 
BisselT. Harold J.— 32 
BItler, C. Eldon— 32 
Boel. Joseph M.— 32 
Booth. Lillian C— 32 
Bosse Amos L. — 236 
Bos. Jacob — 31 
Bourne. John Dr. — 31 
Bowen. Albert E.— 25 
Boyle. Clarence S.— 32 
Boyle William H.— 32 
Brallsford. Robert E.— 32 
Braithwaite. Royden — 34 
Britsch. Ralph A.— 31 
Broadbent, H. Smith— 32 
Bryner. Loren C— 32 
Buffert. Sustav F.— 32 
Bullock. Kenneth C— 32 
Bunker. Robert E.— 32, 319. 318 
Bunnell. Edward L. — 31 
Burmingham. Olive K. — 32 
Burton, Alma P. — 52. 31 
Butterworth. Edwin — 31 
Burton. William H.— 234 
Buttle, Faye— 32 
Butt. Newbern I.— 32 

Caine. Julia A, — 33 
Candland, Dorothy N. — 33 
Canning, Ray R. — 33 
Carr, Duane S. — 236 
Carr. William C— 33 
Cheney, Thomas E.— 34. 385 
Christensen. Lillian A. — 33 
Christensen. Earl M. — 33 
Christensen. Elayne — 33 
Christensen. Parley A. — 33 

Ito mi 


Clark, Bruce B.— 33 
Clark. Harold Glen— 53. 33 
Clark. Herald R.— 33 
Clark. James R.— 33 
Clark. J. Reuben— 33 
Clark. Monroe H.— 33 
Clark. Reola— 33 
Cowan. Cyntha Ann — 33 
Cowley, Matthew— 25 
Crandall, Lars S.— 33 
Crolt, Evan M.— 33 
Crowton. Oavid M. — 33. 309 
Cummings. Benjamin — 33 
Culpepper. Warren H. — 236 

Dallin. Leon— 34 
Davidson, Bertha B. — 34 
Dean. C. Edwin — 34 
DeJong, Gerrit Jr.— 246. 47. 34 
DeLong. Clair L.— 236 
Dixon. Fred W._322 
Doxey, Roy W. — 34 
Dunn, Norman — 34 
Durrant. Helen— 34 

Eastmond. E. John — 34 
Edwards. William F.— 40. 34 
Evans. Lucille Sandberg— 34 

— F— 

Farnsworth Raymond B. — 34 
Ferguson. Burnett B. — 34 
Fisher, Flora D. — 34 
Fitiroy. George W.— 246 
Fuersfner. Carl — 34 

Gamett, LaVell C— 34 
Gardner^ John Hale — 34 
Gates. Crawford — 34 
Geertsen. O, Norman — 34 
Gibby, Neal— 34 
Gibson, M. Carl— 34 
Gledhill. Preston— 34 
Goates. J. Rex— 34 
Grow. Stewart L. — 34 
Gunn, Richard L. — 34 
Gulbrandsen. Norman — 34 

— H— 

Hales. Wayne B.— 35. 209 
Hamblln. Lawson O. — 35 
Hamblln. Verona B. — 34 
Hammond May C. — 34 
Hancock. Morek D. — 236 
Hansen. George H.— 4B. 35 
Hansen. Wm. F.— 35 
Harmon, Rondo S. — 34 

Harrison. Bertrand F. — 34 
Hart. Anna Boss — 45. 34 
Hart, Charles J.— 35 
Hayes. John E. — 34 
Haymore. Franklin R. — 34 
Hayward. C. Lynn — 35 
Holbrook. Leona — 35 
Hoyt, Harrison V.— 35 
Howe. Eliot C— 35 
Hunt, Norman J. — 35 
Hyatt, Edmond Preston — 34 

Jackson. Orrin H. — 35 
Jacobs, Brlant S. — 35 
Jakeman M. Wells— 35 
Jensen, Cannon Lavoir — 35 
Jensen. Christen — 27 
Jensen. Vern Harmon — 35 
Jenson. Edgar M. — 35 
Jex. James Lorin — 35 
Jones. John F. — 35 
Jorgensen, Eleanor — 35 

— K— 

Keeler. Joseph Jensen — 246. 35 
Kimball. Edwin R.— 35, 318 
Kimball. Rodney— 35. 318 
Kimball. Spencer W.— 25 
Knight. Hattie M.— 35 

— L— 

LaRoe, Dr.— 354, 33B 
Larsen. B. F.— 35 
Larsen. Clinton F. — 35 
Law. Rueben D. — 44. 35 
Laycock, Harold R.— 35 
Lee. Harold W.— 35 
Lee, Harold B.— 25 
Lee. WiHord D.— 35 
Liechty Reinwald W.— 35 
Lewis. George L. — 35 
Lloyd, Wesley P.— 27 

— M— 

McKay. David O.— 354. 338. 24 
McAllister. John Wells— 36 
McKnight. Kent H.— 36 
McTague. Betty Houston — 36 
Madsen. Brighem D. — 35 
Madsen. Farrell D.— 36 
Madsen. Florence J. — 35 
Madsen. Franklin — 36 
Marshall, Milton — 36 
Martin. Ruth— 36 
Martin. Winston — 43 
Martin. Thomas L. — 36 
Mercer. Winstln — 36 
-Merrill. Joseph F. — 2S 
Miller. Elmer- 36 

Miller. Karl A.— 35 
Miller, Martin L.— 36 
Morley, Alonzo J. — 36 
Moren. Charles K. — 236 
Morgan. Kenneth J. — 236 
Merrill. A. Reld— 36 
Morrill. Damaris S.— 36 
Moyle. Henry D. — 25 
MInson. Blanche — 36 

— N— 

Nelson, Elmer E.— 36 
Nibley. Hugh— 36 
Nicholes. Henry Joseph — 36 
Nicholes. Joseph K. — 36 
Nllsen, Reed E.— 36. 319 

Oak, Cecil- 36 
Oaks, Carol— 36 

— P— 

Packard. Hannah C. — 36 
Pardoe. Kathryn B. — 36 
Pardoe, T. Earl— 36 
Payne. John W.— 36 
Perry. Leonard M. — 36 
Peterson, Cornelius — 36 
Ceterson, Hugh W.— 36 
Peterson. Mark E.— 25 
Peterson, Robert M.— 36 
Peterson. Rolfe Brown — 36 
Pond, Smith— 36 
Poll. Richard D.— 36 
Potter. Margaret Schow — 36 
Poulson. M. WiHord— 36 

— R— 

Rasmussen. Ellis T.— 38 
Reimschlissell. Ernest F. — 38 
Rice Leonard W.— 38 
Rich, Owen — 38 
Rich. Naoma — 38 
Rich. Stella P.— 38 
Richards. Grant S. — 38 
Richardson. Beth — 38 
Ricks, Eldon— 52. 38 
Robison. Clarence F. — 38 
Rogers. R. Max — 38 
Romney. Antone K. — 27 
Romney. Marion G. — 25 
Rowe, Edward M.— 38 

Sanderson. Ivan — 37 
Sardoni, Lawrence — 38 
Sauls. K. 8.-38 
Sharp. Charles H.— 236 
Shumway. R. Phil — 38 
Simmons. Paul A. — 236 

Skousen Cleon— 38. 252 
Smith. Carol T.— 37 
Smith. Joseph Fielding — 25 
Smith. Oliver T.— 37 
Smith, Richard Leo — 37 
Smith. Robert Junius — 38 
Smith. WiHord E.— 37 
Smoot, Richard P. — 38 
Snell. William Henry— 38 
Softe. H. Wayne— 38 
Sorenson. Wayne — 45. 38 
Sorenson. Kimball J.— 38. 203 
Sparks. M. Leroy — 38 
Spencer. Lucille — 37 
Spe'rv, Sidney — 52. 38 
Stansfield. Russell M.— 37 
Slay. Jesse L.— 236 
Stapley. Delbert Leon— 25 
Stevens. Isom L. — 236 
Stewart. Maynard Dixon — 37 
Sudweeks. Joseph — 37 
Summerhays. Margaret 
Swensen. Abert D. — 38 
Swensen. John C. — 37 
Swensen, John C. — 37 
Swensen, Russel 8.— 37 
Swensen. Mrs. Russel B. — 37 

— T— 

Tanner. Orea 8. — 37 
Tanner. Vasco M. — 37 
Tanner. Wllmer W.— 37 
Taylor. Ethelyn P.— 37 
Taylor. H. Darrel— 37 
Taylor. J. Golden — 37 
Taylor. Lynn 0. — 37 
Thompson. Woodruff C. — 37 
Turner. Glen H.— 37 
Turtle. L. Elliott— 37 
Tyndall. Clarence — 37 
Tyre. Frank L.— 236 

— W— 

Wakefield. Anna— 37 

Wakefield, J. Homer— 37 

Warnick, Effie— 37 

Watts. Stanley H.— 311 

Webb. Florence— 37 

Webb. Fredrick Nathan— 37 

Weight. Newell B.— 37 

West. Dale H.— 37 

Wldstoe, John A.— 25 

Wilcox, LeRoy— 236 

Wilkinson. Ernest L.— 26. 335. 338. 339. 

Wing, John H.— 37 
Woodruff, Asahel D.— 51. 37 
Woodford. Irene B.— 37 

Young. James Ira — 37 
Young. Karl E. — 37 

tucent index 

Aaron, Betty Jean — 117 
Aasnes, Edgar O. — 144 
Abbott, Duane Ronald— 144 
Abbott. Paul Lynn— 117 
Abbott, Ufona Juna— 144. 216 
Abel. Robert L.— 144 
Adams. Claude J. — 117 
Adams. Dale B. — 95 
Adams. Dan Stanley — 75. 245 
Adams. Don Carlos— 117. 260. 231. 
Adams. Fred C— 95. 204 226. 297 
Adams. Galene 144 236 
Adams. George — 75 
Adams. Ruth— 144 
Adams. Vesa LaRee— 144. 238 
Adamson. Bonnie Lee — 144 
Adamson, Harley K. — 144 
Adamson, Kathleen Rae — 117 
Addy. Caroline Stuckl— 202 
Aerburg. Nancy — 225 
Affleck, Margaret I.— 95. 199. 274 
Ahlstrom, Sherrie — 117 
Akita, Alice Moha— 1 17, 272, 232 
Akuna Alleen— 144 
Albach. Arlene lone — 95 
Alder. Edgar Anderson — 115. 225 
Alder, Leora Ruthelma — 144 
Alder, Richard S.— 290 
Aldrldge, William E.— 118 
Alexander, Beth— 75 
Alexander, Charles M. — 75 
Alexander, JoAnn— 144. 259 

Alger. Dean Maywood — 144 

Alldredge. Cona — 144 

Alleman. Karen Laura — 144. 217. 391 

Allen. Betty Lorrene— 144, 224, 236, 282 

Allen, Daniel R.— 95 192, 2B5 

Allen, EInor Lynn — 144 

Allen, Irvin Bruce — 117 

Allen, Jack LaMar— 144, 236 

Allen. Jean— 144. 251 

Allen, JoAnn— 144 

Allen, John Duke — 75 

Allen, Joseph H.— 117. 294 

Allen. Keith J.— 117 

Allen. Lael S.— 119 

Allen. LaMonte Dennis — 144 

Allen, Marjorie — 198 

Allen. Marlene Bee— 118. 257 

Allen. Merle Karia— 95. 289 

Allen. Merle Maeser— 1 17, 237 

Allen, Shirley Rae— 1 IB. 199. 222. 216. 

63. 266 
Allen. Terry-^144 
Allen. Virginia Louise — 118 
Allison. Waynt Lewis — 75 
Allred, Betty Lou— 95 
Allred. Blake B.— 118 
Allred. Helen— 118 
Allred. Jack Norrin— 118 
Allred, Joyce— 95. 225 
Allred. Loye— 75 
Allred. LaVoy Cowley— 117. 266 
Allred, Muriel— 144 
Alfred, Rey Lyman — 144 
Allred, Richard David— 118. 196 

Allred. Val Dee White— 144 
Allred, Worth P.— 70. 209 
Almond, Dixie LaRue — 258 
Amundsen, JoAnn — 236 
Andelin. Robert L.— 71 
Anderson. Bertha E. — 144 
Anderson. Beth Marie— 145. 222 
Anderson, Bonnie Genevieve — 118 
Anderson, Boyd W.— 145 
Anderson. Carl Dixon — MB. 225 
Anderson. Carole Dawn — !I8 
Anderson. Christine — 75 
Anderson. Courtney — 297 
Anderson. Don McKay — 44 
Anderson. Donna — 95 
Anderson, Donna Rae — 144 
Anderson, Oorene — 145 
Anderson, Ouwayne M. — 117 
Anderson. Ernal— 228 
Anderson. Genevieve — 75. 251 
Anderson, George L. — 117 
Anderson, Geraldlne — ^75. 279 
Anderson. Gerrle — 216 
Anderson. James G. — 226 
Anderson. Jane — 75, 206 
Anderson. Janet Ethel — 145 
Anderson, Janice — 95, 267 
Anderson. Jean Marie — 145 199. 234 
Anderson. Jeanne Baird — 117 
Anderson. Jeannine — 145. 277 
Anderson. Joe E. — 145 
Anderson, John W. — 75 
Anderson. Lewis A. — 145. 226 
Anderson. Lloyd N. — 95 

Anderson, Lorna — 145 
Anderson, LuDeen — 144 
Anderson. Margaret C. — 145 
Anderson. Margaret R. — 117.277 
Anderson. Marilyn A.— 95. 250 
Anderson, Marilyn J. — 95. 272 
Anderson. Mariorie— 95. 215. 275 
Anderson. Marthalene — 143. 67. 281. 
Anderson. Melvin f^. — 144 
Anderson. Pat— 117 225. 224, 388 
Anderson, Ray V. — 75 
Anderson, Raymond G. — 75 
Anderson. Richard A.— 143. 309 
Anderson, Robert C. — 75 
Anderson, Rolalne — 117. 282 
Anderson. Verda — 144 
Anderson. William E.— 144. 245 
Andrews. Judith Lavern — 143 
Andrus. Clair W.— 75. 248 
Andrus. Grant Merrill— 75. 245, 212. 

352. 336 
Andrus. Stanley Keith — 75 
Andrus. Roman — 231 
Annell. Carolyn — 251 
Aniego. Sonia — 258 
Anstio, Dorothy— 195 
Angus. Mark L.— 75 
Antrim. Morgan G. — 117 
Appah. Tomas Grant— 117. 228 
Apporas. Esther— 143. 228 
Arafiles. Mildred— 118 
Arashiro, Lillian Yrie — 143 
Arave. Rosalie — 95. 241 
Archer. Warren M.— 260. 236 

Archibald Helen Ruth— 95, 266 
Argualt. Jeanne — 224 
Armstrong. Gale 8. — 95 
Armstrong. Howard L. — 143 
Arnett, Alice Marie— 75, 230. 275 
Arnold. Dennis V.— 143 
Arrington. M, Jean — 143 
236Ash. Afton Joy— 15, 194. 204. 82. 63. 
59. 279. 341, 343 
Ash. Donald B.— 117 
Ash, Helen— 143. 283 
Ashby. Calvin W.— 95 
Ashby. G. Victor— 75 
Ashby. Richard L.— 75. 213. 192. 292 
Ashby. Merrill Holt— 75 
Ashman. Joyce — 75. 194. 64 
Ashman, James Duane^l43 
Ashman, Marilyn — 143 
Ashton, LaMoyne Grace — 143. 283 
Ashton. Ralph Paul— 143. SB 
Ashworth. Robert V.— 118 
Ashworth. Tanya — 282 
Asplund, Geraldine— 117. 214, 238, 234. 

391. 385 
Ashton Duane R. — 143 
Aston. Lloyd Ray— 95 
Alhay. Don Richard— 143 
Athay. Doris— 195 
Athay. Lois— 1 17, 252. 199 
Athay. Ruth— 143 
Alkin, Floyd— 143 
Alkin. Floy Oaun— 145 
Atkin, Lorraine— 143, 251. 201 
Atkins. Beverly Joan— 143. 224. 234 


Atklnion, J. Von— 75 
Alkinson, Leta Ekkef— 75 
Atkiflvon. Mary Irene — 143 
Alkinion. Verna Rae— 143. 282 
Alwood Marguretto— 143. 224, 281 
Ai»ood. Opal Mae— 1 16. 257. 230 
A>wood, Udell O.— 95 
Auliio. Sonjla — 143 
Austin. Bill A.— ?5 
Auslin. Dorthy Jean— 1 17. 275 
Austin. John Maifield— 117 
Avery. Barry H.— 95 
Ayers. JoAnne A. — 143 

Bsadsgaard. Ray D. — 146 

Backman. Patricia Ruth — 224 

Bacon. S. Kenneth Jr.— 119 

Badger, Billie Burton — 75 

Badger. Rosemary — 277 

Badouin, LaPrele Deane— 144, 281 

Baer. Ted Joseph 111—120. 294 

Bagley. Carolyn— 120. 199. 216, 264 

Bagley, Gaylan — 75 

Bagley, Iriving A.— 120. 321 

Bagley. Leola— 120. 277 

Bagnall. Marilyn Rae — 118 

Bagwell Alona Radeen— 1 19 

Bailey, Elaine— 120 

Bailey, Dale S.— 95, 230 

Bailey. Jack P.- 72 

Bailey, Marilyn — 43 

Bailey. Renee— 146 

Bailey, Udeen— 146 

Baird Larae Aleen — 75. 276 

Baird Leota— 146, 200. 293 

Baird, Orrin E.— 95, 213 

Baird, Willord E.— 146 

Baker. Barbara— 120 

Baker, Emma — 144 

Baker, Beverly— 120, 282 

Baker. Oav-n Jayne— 120. 198, 217, 247, 

Baker. Fern M.— 146. 234 
Baker, Marlene— 120, 255 
Baker, Mary Lorraine — 145 
Baker, Marlin Oakey— 288 
Baldwin, Rey Duane — 146 
Ball. Larene Ruey— 144, 250, 238 
Ball Rogene Ann— 198, 346 
Ballard. Harold V.— 144 
Ballll Ane Srethe— 264 
Ballif Jae— 95. 304 
Ballll. Maralyn— 75. 217. 45. 274 
Bangerter, Naomi — 75, 278 
Banks. Arvil G.— 75 
Barber, Kitty Sue— 75. 255 
Barker. Conway — 146 
Barker Doug- 60 
Barlocker. Vella Rose— 75, 250 
Barlow, Carol Evelyn— 95. 215 
Barner. Ken — 223 
Barner, Dean — 236 
Barnes, Dean A. — 95 
Barnes, Katharine — 146 
Barnett. Arlene— 95, 222 63 
Barney. Austin— 119, 266 
Barney Helen Myrle— 146, 281 
Barnhlll, Bertha O.— 75 ' 
Barr Irene Juanita— 144, 241, 238 
Barratt, John T.— 120 
Barelt. Bonnie Louise — 146 
Barett. Sharon — 214 
Barrett, Melvin Junior— 75, 209 
Barstow, Mary E, — 95 
Bartels Dorthy Mae— 119, 250, 195. 221 

Bartholomew. Gerald L. — 144 
Bartlett, Clyde R— 119 
Bartlett. Connie Jane — 266, 392 
Barton. Doris Louise. 95. 259, 206 
Barton, Fonetta — 145 
Barton, Marilyn Irene— 146. 214 
Barton, Norma— 146, 200 
Barton. Roy— 296 
Bascom. Cleo 95 
Bass. Peggy Joyce— 146 
Bassetti. Oarlene Constance— 146. 201 

224. 280. 247 
Bassett. Dick Marvin— 95 
Bassett. William Lynn — 146 
Bast Barbara Ruth — 146 

Bast an, Terry R.— 146 

Bateman, Robert Earl-146. 63. 299 
Bates. Hlldegard — 92 
Bates, Joseph— 75 
Bates Junior Lambert— 95. 247 
Bates, Kenneth Nell— 119 
Bates. Leon Gordon — 75 
Bates, Lynn-95, 217, 271 236 
Bates. Patricia Ruth— 146. 201 
Battad Marvel White— 120, 226, 232 
Bauer Richard— 146 
Baum. H. Lowell— 119 
Baumgarton. Edward J.— 75 
Bawden, Leon — 74 
Bayles. Flnley H.— 120 
Bayles, Mary Joan — 146. 282 
Bayach Gayle — 252 
Bearl, feonnle— 195 
Bean, Clark Stanford— 144 
Bean, Gaylan Wayne— 120 
Bean Horace Hardy — 76 
Bean, Laurence E— 146, 321 
Bean. Rosemary-95, 253, 215 
Beard Darlene Elliabelh— 146. 225 
Beardall, Bonnie— 120, 212 
Bearnson. Samuel L.— 95 
Beatty, Kenneth 5— 119, 223 
Bearer, William F.-l 19, 213. 28B 
Beauregard. Cherry Nlel—146 
Beck. Ardena— 95, 58, 272. 336 
Beck Dorthene— 120 199. 27B 
Beck. Paul Avery— 120 
Beckstead. Jocelyn— 215 
Beckstead. John W.— 119 
Beckstrand, Carol— 146. 214. 368 

Beckstrand. Dale F.— 146, 236 

Beckstrand. Ray L. — 146 

Bedenbaugh, Joyce — 76 

Beeoe. Carolyn — 146 

Beecrott. Sandra — 147 

Behrman. Orie Edgar — 76 

Bell, Victor V.— 270 

Belllston. Ara— 118, 257 

Belliston, Paul A.— 95. 321 

Bellows. Arelen- 215 

Bellows. Merrill Don— 147 

Belnap. N. Blaln— 95 

Belt. Wilbur Dwayne— 76 

Belt, William 0.— 74 

Bench, Manlne— 94 

Bench, John R.— 92 

BendlKsen. Mickey— 147 

Bennett. Susie — 147 

Bennett, Alice Louise— 95. 238 

Bennett. Raquel— 119 

Bennett. S. John— 95, 244 

Bennett, Veldon J.— 147 

Sennlon. Delores — 147 

Bennion. George M. — 147 

Bennion. Junius Leo — 94. 246 

Bennion. Lenoro— 96. 198. 206 

Bennion. Marilyn— 96. 230. 279 

Bennion, Robert Cannon — 245. 228 

Benson. A. Ammon — 76. 238 

Benson. Donald Ivan — 74 

Benson. Jessie N. — 74, 241 

Benson, Mark A.— 74. 191. 86, 65. 351. 

Benson. Maurice — 147 
Benson. Orval C. — 147 
Benson. Reed A.— 76, 208, 89. 350. 351 
Benson. Rhea — 238 
Bentley, Kathleen — 147 
Berg, Dona Jean — 149 
Berg. JoAnn — 147 
Berge. Anita- 96. 251. 236 
Berge, Bill— 119 
Bergqulst. Elelse — 76 
Bargquist, Ralph— 76, 215 
Barrett, Sharon Joyce — 147 
Berrett. Sharon Louise — 214 
Berrey. John R. — 74 
Berrey. Wayne Charles- 147 
Berry. Raymond H. — 147 
Berry. William N.— 94 
Bershon. Richard— 94, 218 
Besendorfer, Erma Jean — 96 
Besendorler. Walburga— 120 
Bessey. Gerald E.— 96 
Belts, Shirlee Ann — 147 
Beutler, Charles Emmett— 76. 254 
Sevan, Lucy M.— 147 
Beiiant, S. Dean — 74 
Bhlndgren. Donovon — 71 
Biesinger. Delpha Dean — 147, 283 
Bieslnger, Joe Robert — 147 
Bigler, Iris Dawn— 274 
Bigler Margaret May— 119, 275 
Biehl Alfred— 225 
Biehl, Anna Marie— 225 
Billings. Barbara Alice — 96. 259 
Billings, Dahrl T.— 76 
Billings, George E.— 94. 245 
Billings, Joetta Dee— 147 
Billings. Richard Harper— 147 
Billings. Victor Dunn— 96 
Bills Lorln Bruce— 145, 321 
Bills, Osmer K.— 147 
Bills Robert Oarrell— 298. 306. 307 
Bingham. D. Nlel— 145 
Bingham. Jan — 147. 281 
Bingham William Henry — 147 
Birch. Neil— 120 
Birch, Frank Charles— 148 
Bird. Beverly Jean — I4B 
Bird, Ladene— 92 
Bird Wayne— 321, 305 
Bischoll, Gordon k.-l48. 63. 209 
Blscholl. Keith M— 96 
BischofI Patricia Fredine— 149. 257 
Bishop. Dorothy Ruth— 259 
Bitter Carmen— 76. 241. 225, 331 
Bitten. John Boyd— 292 
Biarnson. John Gerald — 119 
B arnson Sharlene Novella-148, 201, 

Black. Blaine L— 284 
Black. Bonnie— 148 
Black, Bonnie— 145, 277 
Black, Colleen— lie 
Black, Jean Ellen— 148, 277 
Black, Jo Anne— I4B 
Black, Karl L.— 76 
Black. Narda— 217 
Black. Oren Ramon — 148 
Black. Richard R.— 94 
Black, Velna— 148. 282 
Blackham. Boyd R.— 64. 144 
Blackham. Vernon T.— 74 
Blackwell. William L.— 74 

Blaine, Jean B.— 149 

Blair Franks.— 114. 292, 238 
Slanchard, Beth— 148 
Blankenagel, Harvey C. — 74 
Blankenagel. Norma Palmer— 74 
Blankenship. Robert Bill— 211 
Blaiiard, James T. — 226 
Bleak, William M.— 119 
Bleaiard, Joan— 148 
Blocker. Maire Phillips— 96 
Blodgett. J. Alan — 148 
Bodily, Vadrus Joyce— 148 
Bloomquist. Milton R— 119 
Boehm, Walter J.— 96. 234, 247 
Bohne, Bud— 76, 287 
Bohrer, Nancy Ann— 148 
Bollngbroke. Mary Lois— 76. 194. 200 
Bond Donald R.— 148. 236 
Bonham, Ralph D.— 148. 318 
Booke. Ileta A —148 
Booth. Earl Hulsh— 96, 281 
Boren J. Donald— 96. 291 

Boren. Maurlne — 76 

Borgeson, Nellie Darlene — 94 

Borkholthaus. Albion E— 120 

Borup. Keith T— 119 

Boss. Karl C— 148. 245 

Bosson. James Evert — 215. 224 

Boswell, Evan C — 74 

Botkln. Keith H.— 94 

Bolts, Waller L.— 76 

Boucher Eleanor Anne— 148, 222. 234 

Boulter. Acel Roy— 305 

Bowen. Jack A.— 60, 65. 76. 237 

Bowen, John Mario — 321 

Bowen, Lila Rae— 76. 74 

Bowen, Lou Jeanne— 1 19, 279 

Bowers, Lamar Clyde — 14B 

Bowers, Nancy Marilyn, I4B 

Bowman. George .V — 120. 305 

Bown. Betty Lou— 148 

Boyack, Beverly Lou— 120, 199 

Boyack. Gayle— 148 

Boyenger, Lavon— 76. 197. 230 

Boyer. Blaine M. — 96 

Boyer, David Glenn — 76 

Boyer. Francis Richard — 65 

Boyle Dorene Patricia — 118.211 

Boyle, Richard R.— 322 

Boynton, Leo George — 148 

Brace James F, — 149 

Braberg, Julia— 283 

Brackent. Lynn Eldon— 148 

Bradburg, Jack D.— 96 

Bradfield. Sherry— 145, 236. 250 

Bradford. Howard — 72 

Bradford William R.— 148 

Bradhead, Maeser — 145 

Bradley Carama Jean— 145, I4B, 224 

Bradshaw, Gerald, Kent— 146 

Bradshaw, Joycelyn— 146. 211 

Bradshaw. Marilyn— 1 19, 264 

Bradshaw, Reed Bevan — 94 

Bradshaw. Valene— 146, 262 

8radshaw, Williard H.— 76 

Brady, Alice Fay— 96, 114 

Brady, Allen J.— 96 

Brady, Carma — 324 

Brady Emma Lee — 148 

Brady, Verl P.— 74 

Braithwaite, Dick M.— 94 

Braithwaite, Reed— 74 

Bramall, Marie— 119, 199 

Brambilla, Eunice iMildred-l 19 230 

Bramwell, Joyce Ann— 145, 252. 281 

Brandley. Patricia- 120. 234 

6 rait. Ros! Lee— 120 

Bray, Sonny— 232, 305 

Bray, Lawrence Hall — 145 

Bray Gordon L. — 1 18 

Bready, Robert— 94 

Bridges, Leland Stanford — 145 

Brlggs Lester Charles — 77 

Bright, Barry H.— 149 

Brimley, Alma Blaine— 145, 256, 237 

Brim, Willis LaVern— 120 

Brimhall,JamesW— 120, 321,391 

Brimhall, Norman M. — 77 

Bringhurst, Fred Ralston— 145 

Bringhurst. Lorna — 77 

Brinqhurst, Luzon — 258 

Br'nton, J. Emerson — 77 

Broad, Marilyn K.— 226. 232 

Broadbent, Smith— 212 

Broadhead. Slirlinq S.— 77 

Brockbank. Dean W.— 71 

Brockbank Joyce— 1 19. 270 

Brockbank, Vaughn N.— 145 

Broderick, Clayton Don— 149 

Broderlck, Lee R — 25' 

Brooks, Joyce E.— 96. 278 

Brooks. Rita— 234 

Brooks. Winton Earl— 77. 234 

Brooksby, Wayne J.— 149 

Brough, Bob— 244 

Brough, Martha Bernece— 149 

Brough. Randal DeVere— 94. 286 

Brower. Dale LeRoy — 145 

Brown. Adle — 236 

Brown AdrienneRuth-H9, 281 

Browne, Agnes Genevieve— 149, 238 

Brown. Aaron Saul — 96 

Brown, Barbara — 149 

Brown. Beverly— 149. 259 

Brown. 8111—149 

Brown. Boyd Lewis— 145 

Brown. Clyde E— 77 

Brown, Daniel W— 77. 2«) 

Brown. Darlene 6.- 145. 251 

Brown, Don — 250 

Brown. Donna Mae — 149 

Brown, Elbert Earl— 96 

Brown. Elva— 96. 215 

Brown. Gerald Mirth— 149 

Brown, Ina LaVon — 77.267 

Brown. Jean — 1 19 

§;r:K^M«^l'l9,253.199 237 
Brown. Margie Mane — 149. 237 
Brown, Kent Louis— 119 
Brown, Marilyn — 149 
Brown. Ned— 290 
Brown. Nora Mae — 149 
Brown, Patricia Louise— 119, 265 
Brown. Raymon Halton— 119 
Brown, Robert Lynn — 94 
Brown, Roma Jean — 96 
Brown, Ronald — 149 
Brown. Thora Belle — 94 
Brown. Velda— 237 
Brown. Wllllam—71, 212 
Browning, Lois — 391 
, 2l6Bruce. Wallace— 254 

Brundage, Jean Dewey- 321, 286. 305 
Brunt. Therese Annette— 275 
Brush. Barbara Dean — 1 18, 236 
Bryner. Oren — 212 
Bryner. Jolene— 77. 385 

Bryson, Robert Allen— 140 
Buccamboso, John — 95 
Buchanan, Phil— 120 
Buchanan. Richard M. — 120 
Buchanan. Sharon Raye — 149 
Buchanan, Hayle— 72. 208 
Buckley, Jayne— 120 
Buckner, Eugene T— 96 
Buckner, Glen T.— 223 
39BuckwaIter, Barbara — 149 
Budge Barbara Joan — 76 
Budge. Merrill S.— 70 
Buhler. Donna — 1 19 
Bullach, Jane — 224 
Bullock, B. Jone— 118. 270 
Bullock, Gerald A.— 149-234 
Bullock, Glenda— 149 
Bullock. Georgia Lea — 145 
Bullock. Norma Dean— 279 
Bunker Darleen Ann — 119 
Bunker. Douglas R— 96. 192. 58 
Bunker. Edward M.— 145 
Bunker, Reed C— 119 
Buoy Warron — 318 
Burch, Richard— 149 
Burdick, Patsy Renee— 97 
Burge, Donna — 97 
Burgess", Beverly — 145 
Burgess Van Edward— 149, 311, 318 
Burgi, Diane — 97. 269 
Burke. Mont Leroy— 149. 237 

Burnham. Lewis E.— 119. 224 

Burnham, Rulon Rex— 149 

Burningham, Kenneth A — 77 

Burns, Barbara E.— 145. 201 

Burr. Lynn E— 70 

Burr, Rita C— 97 

Burr. Tom— 305 

Burrup. Man S.— 97 

Bully, Ray— 223 

Burt, James Robert— 149 

Burlenshaw, Robert John — 149 

Burton, Howard E — 149 

Burton, Leah— 119 

Burton. McKay Call— 76 

Burton, Mlllicent— 96 

Burton, Miriam — 1 19 

Bush Alfred LeVern— 145, 225 

Bushman, Anna Eliia- 76. 230. 253, 272 

Bushman. Frances— 119, 237. 256 

Carr. Norman Victor — 121 

Carron. Stuart— 288 

Carroll. Kay F.— 151 

Carroll Robert Douglass— 120 

Carrulhers. Nell Harold— 77 

Carter, Dee— 152. 234 

Carter. Dell— 225 

Carter Carlene Lee— 200. 280 

Carter. Don Clyde— 122 

Carter, George Ross — 122 

Carter. John D.— 152 

Carter. Paul— 152 

Carter. Lynne — 152 

Carter. Mary Anne— 152, 253, 221, 389, 39 
390, 385, 386 

Carter, Nadlne Beth- 152 

Carter. Robert Clyde— 122, 364 

Carter, Ronald Gary — 238 

Carter. Ross— 289. 324 

Carter. Wesley Ernest — 152 

Garywright, Blaine Donald — 152, 312 

Carver, Dale R.— 122. 197 

Carver. Julia— 77. 330 
Case. Deane- 120 
Case. George Kyn — 152 
Case, Peggy Ann — 97 
Castagno, Loraine — 152 
Caller Ronald Norman— 152, 212 
Chadwick, Barbara— 97. 253. 21 
Chadwick. JoAnn Culmer— 152. 200 
Chamerlain, Eileen Francis — 152 
Chambers, Robert B.— 58, 41. 238 
Chandler, Donald P.— 122 
Chandler. Patricia Louise — 152 
Changelo. Anthony Joseph — 77 
Chappell, Robert Owen — 152 
Chappelle, Marie Irene— 121 
Chase, Fred Dunn— 245 
Chase. Gwen— 120. 236, 274 
Chatlerley, Louis Joseph— 152 
Chesley, William L.— 152, 286 
Childs, Gordon Bliss- 71 
Chlng, Henry Punt— 96 
Chipman, Janice Merle — 152 
Chipman, Richard Elijah — 153 
Choules, Lou Jean W— 153 
Christensen. Carol — 201 
Christensen. Bob— 96. 293 
Christensen, Carol— 153, 258. 274 
Christensen. Carol Ann— 96 

Bushman. Frances— 119, 23/. 256 i;"' "="""'• ^°i ci mi ?AB «7 

Bushman:Helcn—ll9. 249, 251,331.330 Christensen. Coleen-153, 194, 268, 387 

276Bushman, Nephl— 97 
Bussing, Naomi— 149, 281 
Buller, Blaine S — 203 
Butler, Harry- 77 
Butler Merle Jean— 149 
Butler. Ruth— 145 
Butters. Karen Diane— 149. 281 
Bybee. Keith Dart— 149 
Bytendorp, Ralph 5.— 119 

Cahoon. Carol — 121 

Cahoon, Amelia Jane — 123, 258 

Cahoon. Edylh Mae— 151 

Calder, Don Leo — 77. 247 

Calder, E. Vance— 77. 223 

Calder. Mary Alice- 121 

Calder. Richard— 322 

Calder, Shirley Arlene— 151 

Caldwell. Don A.— 121.223 

Cale. Dallas— 231 

Call Aavor Udell— 151 

Call. Bertis Darrell— 294 

Call, Darrell— 9 

Call, Eria Mae— 121,238 

Call, Geneva— 77, 264, 249, 377 

Call, Mac Rey— 77 

Call, Marlon— 121 

Call, Marlene— 151 

Call Myra Vee— 140, 228 

Call, Joyce— 121, 252,223 

Call Reed .—121,290 

Call. Peggy Eileen— 151 

Call Shirey Mae— 43. 77. 249 

Callett, Carma Lynee— 121 

Calvey, Ruth— 215 

Camenish. Kay— 122 

Cameron, Connie Ann— 97. 217. 266 

Cameron, W. Henry— 97 

Camp, Virgil H.— 121, 126,225 

Campbell. Barbara— 241 

Christensen. Darline— 120 
Christensen. Don L. — 96 
Christensen. Dorothy— 224 
Christensen. Gayle Bodily- 153, 251 
Christensen. Harold Parley— 96, 59, 310, 

313. 314, 322 
Christensen, Helen — 153 
Christensen, Joe J.— 94, 218 
Christensen, John 8.- 96, 294 
Christensen, Kenneth S. — 294 
Christensen, Neil A.— 72. 236, 240 
Christensen. Paul J —153 
Christensen. Phyllis— 94. 273 
Christensen. Ralph G.— 121 
Christensen, Rex LeRoy— 78 
Christensen. Ray E.— 153. 294 
Christensen, Richard Bruce — 121 
Christensen, Richard M.— 153 
Christensen. Rose L. — 7 
Christensen, Ron — 205 
Christensen, Roy A.— 153. 294 
Christensen, Vonda— 94. 153, 216, 223 
Christensen,, Winslow— 140, 224 
Christian, JoAnne — 121 
Christiansen, Bry Kenney — 153 
Christiansen, Christian Paul — 77 
Christiansen, Kathryn — 153 
Christiansen, Marlene— 153 
Christiansen, RulhAnne— 153, 201, 280, 37 
Chrlstofferson, Leo — 121 
Chrlstopulos, Tony T. — 77 
Choules, Lou Jean— 283 
Church. George Donald— 121 
Church. JuVene-153 
Clapham, Barbara Arlene— 259. 27/ 
Clark, Alan C— 76, 244 
Clark, Barbara L— 98, 248 
Clark, Bernadine Kay— 153, 281 
Clark, Carol— 60, 194 
Clark. Carol Jean— 77, 270 
Clark. Colleen C- " 

g'-Sill: !i^;;?^r^ 273, 386, . ; EB^s... ^. .. 

Campbell, LuDene 8-77, 254 

Campbell, Richard Gene— 121, 291 

Campbell, William A.— 151 

Camman. Ruth — 151 

Canfled. Frank B.— 151 

Cannon, Charmaine — 97 

Cannon, Gerald W.— 97 

Cannon, Stuart 0—151 ,„ 

Cannon. Vernita M.— 151,234 

Capeland. Barbara— 151 

Capel, O. Barbara — 151 

Capps, Fave — 97 

Capps. Palsy— 151.201 

Card Lincoln J.— 77. 240 

Cardall. John Norman— 97 

Cardon, Marilyn Pearl— 151 , 274 

Carlile. Alvln— 151 

Carllle, Don F.— 121 

Carlile. Fred G.— 97 

Carlile. Ralph T.— 97 

Carlile, Thomas F.— 97 

Carlsen. Jean — 97 

Carlson, Kellh T.— 151 

Carlson, Marvel Lee— 151 221 

Carlston. Sonva Mae — 151 

Carpenter. Fae — 151 

Carpenter. Gordon Everet— 121, "/ 

Carr, Alvln Bruce— 151 

Carr, Donna H. — 121 

Carr. Doura— 225 

Carr, Kellh R— 151 

Carr, Kenneth Lloyd— 121 

V^iaiKi L"3t"~l i-i-'-J" '"' ■ 

Clark, Dorothy T— 122, 165 
Clark, Donald J.— 77 
Clark, Erma — 72 
Clark, Gall— 153 
Clark, Harold LeRoy— 153 

Clark. Helen Mae— 96 

Clark! Henry Clifford— 153, 246 
Clark. Janet Hales— 98 
Clark. John Calvert— 122 
Clark, Loretta— 122, 246, 384 
Clark, Marlene S— 153 
Clark Margaret 8.— 122. 198. 234 
Clark. Melvin C— 78 
Clark, Nelda LaVoe— 98, 274 
Clark, Reva Jones— 153. 263 
Clark Richard R.— 76. 245 
Clark, Robert S— 76 240 
Clark, Thomas H.— 120 
Clark, Wayne L.— 98, 233. 292 
Clark, DeWayneW,— 77 153. 246 
Clark Welsford Hone— 96 
Clarke. Collcen—122 
Cla'ke, John Richard— 77 
Clarke, William Robert— 153. 296 


Clay, Daniel 5.-76,221.238. 390 
Clay Dorothy Lois — 153 
Clay, Lou Rae C— 120 
Clayson, Douglas William— IZZ 


Clayton, Robert Earl— 78, TK) 
Clegg. Dennis A. — 122 
Clegg. Joseph Hugh — 78 
Clegg. Marilyn Cayle — 153 
Clegg. Ora LeAnn — 153 
Clegg. Ruth Jolene— 122 
Clegg. Vella Venice— 78 
Clegg. Vern D.— 153 
Clemens. D. Dwoine — 153 
Clouse. Jessie Mae— 78. 237 
Cloward. Gordon Max — 153 
Cloward. V. Jewell— 120. 210 270 
Cluff. Alyce Joy— 153. 389 
Clufl, Lloyd Sterling— 153 
CluH, OreHa Jeanne— 120 
Clyde, Russell Kay— 123 
Coates, Zada — 121 
Coats, 8efty Jean— 153 
Coalsworth, Richard R— 122 

Cotfey, Marvin Dole— 59, 78. 208 

Coffin. Marianne W. — 98 

Cole. David Loyal— 153 

Cole. Gay— 98. 225 

Cole. Norman Dallas — 78 

Cole. Patricia A. — 98 

Coleman. Ronald D.I22 

Coles. Marbra Jeanne — 153 

Collard, Billy Reed— 150 

ColleH. Carma Lynee— 392 

Collins. Stanley E.— ISO, 318 

Collyer, Burleson T.— 150 

Colovich, Raymond Mark — 98 

Colton, Grace Eleanor — 150 

Colver, Jay Clair— 122. 230 

Colvin. Nyra— 151 

Colwetl. JoAnne — ISO 

Comer, Caroline Joan — ISO 

Comish. Karma Jean — 123. 215 

Compton. Lou Jean— 92. 259. 232. 230 

Compton. Merlin D. — 98 

Conger. Lois K— 122, 199, 195, 217, 268 

Conic, Leo Henry — 98 

Connell, Harold G.— 40, 98, 258 

Connell, John R., Jr.— 78, 2^^ 

Conrad, Paul Willard— ISO 

Cook, Boyd G.— ISO 

Cook, Carolyn— ISO, 2B3 

Cook, Cecil M.— 78 

Cook. lllaiMae— 98. 199. 250 

Cook. Leia Fay— 98. 252 

Cook. Mary Alice — ISO 

Cook. Mary Ellen— ISO 

Cook. Richard E.— 78. 193 

Cooley. Kotheryn Jensen — 122. 259 

Coons. Daniel 6. — 78 

Coop. Margaret Louise — ISO 

Cooper. Grant S. — 98 

Cooper. Philip— ISO 

Cooper. James W.— ISO, 23< 

Copeland, Barbara Joan — 67 

Coray, Jorin Louis — 71 

Corbett, Connie Joy — 98 

CorbeH, Jeanne— 98. 217. 274 

Corbett. Pearson Starr — 98 

Cordner. Floyd Burnell — 289 

Corry. Dorothy M.— 150 

Coster, Marilyn— ISO 

Cosgrove, Lamont — 309 

Cottle, Lorna Claudine — 150 

Coulam, Billie Jane— ISO, 236 

Covington, Dorothy Burene — ISO. 283 

Cowlcss, Emma Lou — ISO 

Cowley. Fred L.— ISO 

Cowley, Ruth Annette — 212 

Cowley, William Horace— 98, 225 

Cox, Alice Taylor — 224 

Cox. Alta— ISO. 222 

Cox. Anita— ISO 

Cox. Audrey 8.- 98 

Cox, Carl T.— 76 

Cox, Carolyn Sarah— ISO, 237, 274, 389 

Cox. Gayline— 226, 299 

Cox, Joan — ISO 

Cox, Mollie Marie— 99 

Cox, Maxine — 98 

Cox Soren Franklin — 78 

Crabtree, Booth Alder — IS 

Crabtree, Jan — ISO 

Cradduck, Wayne Alton, Jr.— ISO 

Craig, Wesley W.— 120, 295 

Cram, Deryl LeRoy — 122 

Crandall, Fred L., Jr.— 78 

Crandall, Ed L.— 208 

Crandall, Geraldine — ISO 

Crandall, Jean Louise — 99, 266 

Crandall, Lawrence M.— ISO, 2^5 

Crandall, Mary Elene— ISO, 201, 217 

Crandall, Maureen — 99. 224 

Crandall, Richard M, — 99 

Crandall, Ronald A.— 121 

Crandall Virginia— 99, 272 

Craven, Rulon Gerald — 240 

Crawford, Darrel L»Mar— 99, 2K. 321 

Crawford, John Harold — ISO 

Crawford, Marilyn — 99 

Crawford, Marilyn Dee — 99 

Crawford, Yvonne Rae — ISO 

Creor. Kay— 152. 236 

Creer. William N.— 218 

Criddlo. James Dale — 78 

Crider. Zelma June — 122 

Crimson. Leo Eugene — 152 

Crilchfield. Inge- 99 

Crittenden, Sue A.— 152, 201 

Croft, Mary P.— 122. 216 

Croft. Merlin Richard— 99 

Croft, Venna Elijabeth- IS2 

Crofts, Steve— 249 

Cromar, Kenneth Y. — 152 

Crok, Amelia Jean— 99. 195. 199, 230 

Crook. Mary — 122 

Cropper, Daryl M. — 122 

Crookston Dorothy — 241 

Crowton, Dave — 303 

Crow. Nannette — 120 

Crowley. Pearllne— 199. 270 

Crowther. Lucille— 152 

Crowther. Rosemary — 78. 206 257 
Crowther. Shirley Anne— 122 267 
Crowther. Wilford Penn— 120. 212 
Crump. Sherman M. — 122 311 
Cruser. J. DeVirl— 99 
Crystal, Ralph— 122, 248 
Cullimore, Kathleen — 79 
Cundick, Geralee A.— 122 
Cunningham, Harold — 305 319 
Curtis. Alden E — 385 
Curtis. Arvoa B.— 152. 224 
Curtis. Brandt B.— 99 
Curtis. Bruce W.— 99, 237. 248 
Curtis. Cherrill A.— 152, 236 
Curtis, OeMar H.— 99 
Curtis, Earl Lloyd— 152 
Curtis, Gale Blaine — 122 205 225 
Curtis, Robert Thomas— ISO 
Culler, Helen M.— 79, 202, 231 


D'Adabba, Patrick Joseph— 99 

Dahl, Paul Eugene— 99, 249 

Dahl, Judy— 154 

Dahl. Loren— 221 

Dahl. Shirley— 259 

Dahl, Richard A.— ISO 

Dalby, Elaine— 255 

Oalby, Patricia Sue— 123 

Dallas, Cole — 79 

Dalley. Eaine— 277 

Dalton. John Matthew— 123 

Dalton, Lee T.— 99 240 

Daly, Franklin Lee— 99, 248 196 

Daniels, Gary K.— 155 

Daniels, John Walter— I5S 

Daniels, Philip Bliss — 99 

Danielson, B. DeMar — 155 

Darling, Clair Hawkins — 155 

Dart, Joanne — 155 

DaHge, Veria Jean— 153 

Davidson, Grover 0. — 71 

Davidson, Gwyn Dean — 155 

Davidson, Haiel— 155 

Davidson, Marlon N.— 155 299 

Davidson. Melvin J. — 155 ' 

Davie, Bill C. W.— 79 

Oavles, Chesley Rueben — 155 

Oavles, Karyllea Bench— 79 

Davles, Nadlne — 270 

Davis, Barbara Jean — 155 

Davis, Bonnie Ann — 99 225 274 

Davidson, Donald — 241 

Davidson, Thelma — 241 

Davis Afton— 155 

Davis, Carl- 392 

Davis, Dale— 155 

Davis, Boyd — 63 

Davis. Dan L.— 123. 213 

Davis, Delmar Boyd— 99 289 

Davis, Diane L. — 155 217 

Davis, Donald Joe— 311 

Davis, Cora Lou— 123 

Davis, Carl— 392 

Davis, Eugene H.— 79 

Davis H. Clyde— 71 

Davis, Heb— 99, 197 203 

Davis, Jack L,— 225, 298 391 

Davis, Joy L,— 99 

Davis, Joyce Marilyn— 258, 282 283 

Davis, Julian I.— 99 

Davis Lee— 287 

Davis, Lorln R— 123 

Davis, Lynn H.— 79, 246, 225 

Davis, Marilyn Jean — 123 

Davis, Marilyn— 123 

Davis, Reed Kay— 289 

Davis, Ross R.— 155, 292 

Davis, Shirley Ann— 123 

Davis, Ted E.— 70 

Davis, Vesta L.— 155 252 

Davis, William C— 123 

Dawson, David Harold— 155 

Dawson. Mary — 155 200 217 

Day. Arthur Merrill— ISS 

Dayes. Doris Mildred— 155. 222 238 

Dayton. Barbara T.— 123 

Dayton, Sharon R.— 155, 260 238 

Deakln, Beverly Gaye — 155 

DeBoer, Robert H.— 79 

DeBry, JoAnn— 99 

Decker, Beryl Marie — 155 

Decker, Constance — 253 

Decker, Daniel Lorenzo — 90 226 

Decker, Donald M. — 226 

Deem, Arlenc— 79, 388 

DeFrlez, Arthur Bryce — 120 

DInsdale, Janis Yvonne — iS4, 253 

Dittmore, Barbara Jean — 154 

Dlvett, Robert T.— 99 

Dixon, Allie Reona — 79 

Dixon, Ann Marlon — 123 251 234 

Dixon, Darren (?uale — 79 

Dixon, David George — 99 

Diion, David Robert — 218 

Dixon, Douglas W.— 123 

Dixon, Fred C— 123, 295 

Dixon, Glenn Ray— 154 

Dixon, Jean — 154 211 210 

Dixon, Joan W.— IS4 211 

Dixon. V. June— IS4 

Dixon, Willard Charles— 79 

Doane, Dawn LaNell — 154 

Dobell, 0. Roger — 154 

Dodd, James Leroy — 154 318 

Dodd. Russell Ellon— 154 

Doerfler, Joyce Margaret — 259 

Doerr, Robert R.— 123. 327, 238 

Doke, Pleas Alan— 154 

Dolinar, Mltjle Ann — 99 225 

Doman, Rulene— 154, 214 

Donaldson, Shell A.— 123 

Done, Jeanine N— 154. 201 236 

Done, Robert P. — 99 

Doney, Dallne — 154 

Donney, Oarrell — 305 

Dotson, Audrey — 279 

Doty, Allan J.— 179 

Douglass, Andrew M.— 99, 231. 47, 289 

Doyal, Gibson— IS4 

Doiey, Margaret- 124, 198, 58 269 

Doyle, Dorthy June — 79, 267 

Drake, H. Marvin- 154. 299 

Draper. Carmite Julia — 154 
Draper. Henry E.— 154 
Draper. Jacqueline — 99. 199. 236 
Dred, Danneel — 154 

Dredge, Audrey Charlene— 123, 224 

Dredge, David Dale — 123 

Drlggs, June S. — 79 

Drlggs, Maroe Gay — 79, 270 

Droubay, Bertha— 123 

Dudding, Monagene — 123 237 

Duerden, Earl S.— 99 

Deurden, Vanda Lee — 123 

Duel, Wallace— 223 

Duggar, Wlllla Leonard— 43, 299 

Duncan, Lea Gayle — 154 

Duncan, Norman Van — 79 

Duncan, Sallie R. — 99 

Dunford, Carol— 200 260 

Dunford, Harold Gene— 123 , 64 295, 

Duggar, Leonard — 154 
Dunkley, Melvin Edison— 154 
Dunkley, Richard Pratt — 212 
Dunn Arlene — 278 
Dunn, Loren C. — 311 
Dunn, Richard Marvel — 154 
Durfee, Lois— 154 
Durfee, Lyman James — 79 
Durrant, George D. — 247 
Dusnup, Anna Lou — 154 
Dusenberry, Richard O. — 124 
Dustln. Joyce E.— 79. 251 
Dustln, Marjory Dawn — 123 
Dyal, Mabel— 123 
Dye, Ronald Gilbert— 297 
Dyer. Bruce— 99, 288. 324 
Dyer, Robert D, 

— E- 

Eagar, Karl B.— 124 

Eager, Lucille— 154 

Earl, Karen E. — 156 

Earl. Moore— 154 

Earl. Mauree LaVleve— 124. 217. 274 

Earp. Robert E.— 305 
East, Maria Lelle— 124, 237 
Eastmond, John — 209 
Easton, Clara Jeanne — 124, 266 
Eatough Norman LeRoy — 151 
Eccles, Justin Rich— 124, 245 
Eccles, Parley N.— 156 
Eddlngfon, Richard Hale— 79 
Edgerton, Nancy Ellen — 124 270 
Ediefsen, Blaine Ellis— 79 
Ediefsen, Jesse R.— lOO, 247 
Edwards, Carolyn E.— 100, 198. 206, 

65, 271 387 
Edwards, Catherine — 225 
Edwards, Lee Rand— 124, 64 

England, Maree Joy — 154 

Engle, Dempsey Bernard — 156, 260 

Englestead, Marian — 124 272 

English, Robert W.— 209 

Engstrom, Margaret Elaine — 79, 268 

Enos. Blossom — 79 

Enos, Arthur Keawe— 156, 232 

Enos, Muriel Kaohulanl — 156 

Enos. Viola Mae Kuualoha— 154 

Ensign. Jerald C— 124, 289 

Ensign, Robert W,— lOO 231 192 62 

288, 353, 218 
Erbelato. C. Sear— 187 
Erekson, Paul W. 124 
Erlckson, Alice— 154. 230. 282 
Erickson Ervln R, — 79 
Erlckson, LaVona— 100, 210 
Erlckson, Lorna A.— 124. 198 204 195 

Erlckson. Louise- 

Barton Kendall— 123. 63, 290 Edwards, Weston Eyring— 124 


-154, 281 



DeGraw, Clifford Fostet- 

OeHaan, Donnetta Darler 

DeHoyos Arturo — 79 

Delgaard, Barbara Juhl— 154 67 

DeLaMare, Donald Kay— 98 
DeLeeuw, Max J —154 

Dell'Aria, Thomas George — 321 ciom 

Oellenbach, Kenneth Karl— IS4, 256. 23(Elder, Quintln Joseph. 
Denney, Enos Thayle— 154, 299 Eldredge, Burr S.— 72 

Denney, Ivan Ray— 123 Eldredge, Mariory Jane 

Dennis, Per-e— 224 Eldredge, Marilyn— 156 

Oenys, Nedra Joan— 154 Eldredge, Max Jean— 154, 79 206 309 

Despain. Edwin— 154 Ediefsen. Jesse— 240 

Oetton Richard Lee— 154. 236 Ellason, Norrel Bowman— 157 

Deuel. Wallace— 123 Ellson. James H.— 71 

Devev. Charles Richard— 123, 196, 214, Ellson Jerry H.— 79 204 

Efller, LeRoy— 154 
Egbert, Wendell W.— 124 304 
Egbert, William R.— 79 
Eggerton, Mich — 320 
Ekersley, Carolyn — 157 
Ekins, Margaret Marlene — 154 
Eklns, Phyl Grant— 156 
Elam, Shirley A.— 156 


-156, 250 

154, 222 
, Newell Henry— 79 
Erickson, Ron — 284 
Erickson, Verna Lue — 154 
Erickson, Yvonne— 100 252 238 
Eriksen, Claudette G.— 154 283 389 

Espinosa, Howard B. — 156 
Esplnosa Lyie R.— 124 
Esplin, Grace — 79 
Esplind, Laurel— 154 
Esplin, Van C— 72 
Eugle, Bernard — 223 
Evans, Bert P.— 79 
Evans, David Lloyd— 318 
Evans, Donald Ray — 154 
Evans, George G — 156 
Evans, Gertrude H. — 79 
Evans, Hal Steward — 154 
Evans, Heber Grant— 79 81 45 236 

Evans. Orad Lamar — 156 
Evans. Paul— 124 
Evert, Betty L.— 79 
Eyre, DeRay— 298, 218, 306 


De Witt, Rodney Clawson— 154 
Dial. Barbara Elaine— 79 251 
Dickson. Janet— 123 
Dial Laura— 100 221 
Dibble, Jane— 123 67 236 
Dlehl, Paul LaVarre— 123 209 
Dike, Roy Wesley— 123 
Dlllman, Glenyce Marie— J99 
Dlngemansa, Joann C. — 154 

Ellerts'on, Norman Willard— 295 
Ellertson Norman — 100 
Elletl, LaRae Eva— 124 
Ellsworth, John W,— 156 205 298 
Ellsworth, Stan Grant— 284 
Ellsworth, Sterlino G,— 156 298 
Elmer, Nina J.— 114 
Emmett, William G— 79 
Empy, Lamar T. — 240 
Engh. Marlene Joyce — 154 

Fackrell. Lynn Leroy — 158 

Falrbourn. Marilyn — 100 

Falkney. Beverly Cleone — 157 

Falls. Hilda H.— 79 

Farley. Ernest Kent— 253 

Farnshaw. Audrey — 280 

Farnsworth, Allen S.— 157 

Farnsworth, Betty — 79 

Farnsworth, Dean H. — 79 

Farnsworth, Mary Frances — 157 

Farnsworth, Sharon — 100 195 224 

Farnsworth, William F. — 79 223 

Farnsworth, William Y.— 100 215 

Farr. Hatch— 245 

Farr. Janet — 100 

Farr, Sylvia — ^79 

Farrar, Gall— lOO. 64, 244, 388 

Farrer, Rex Dale — 79, 290 

Farrington, Shirley Ann — 100, 276 

Farrls, Jay — 293 

Faucet, Robert L— 157 

Faulkner. Margaret — 100 

Fawcett, Kent— 157 

Felsch, George W.— 79, 248 

Felt. Richard George — 157. 309 

Felton. Beverly Jean — 158 

Fergason, Joe — 218 

Fernley. Arlene Joy— 79, 217, 275 

Ferrell, Jay— 245 

Ferrln, Marilyn A. — 100 

Fetscher, J, Elaine— 72, 279 

Feulner, Donna Mae — 124, 257 

Field, Beulah Rae— 124, 267 

Field, Nevagene — 157 

Fields, Clarence Leslie— 248 158 237 

Fife, Alexander Louis Jr.— 79, 247 

Fife, James David- 124 

Fife, Ronald DeVon— 124, 297 

Fillmore, Bob — 309 

Fillmore, Janice — 251, 158 

Fillmore, Laura — 157, 277 

Fillmore, Leland Reld— lOO, 192 58 
297, 390 

Flnlinson, Bryce R. — 124 

Firth, Richard £.— 100, 289 

Fish, Beatrice — 79 

Fish, Gerald Seymour— 100, 247 

Fish, John Rogers — 100 226 

Fish. Paul A.— 100, 64 
Fisher, Claire J. — 223 
Fisher, Dean F. — 79 
Fisher, Janice Jensen — 124 

Fisher. M. Scott— 225. 179, 289 236 

Fisher, Robert Bruce— 223, 238 
FItt, Geraldine May— IS7 
Fitzgerald^ Myrtle— 79, 222, 215 
Flaherty, Robert Reed— 305 
Flake, Mira— 157 
Fleming, Ruth Aleen — 157 
Fletcher, Wendell Warnerw|57 
Flinders, Cleo— 157 
Flowers, J. Harold— 124 322 
Flucklger, Arnold B.— 230 
Flygare, Gordon Rlrle — 157 
Focnrell, Lynn — 238 
FoerstI, Eleanor Lola— 225. 224, 217 

Folkman. David I., Jr.— 100 295 
Fonnesbeck, Paul v.— lOO. 295 
Foote, Duane Horace — 157 
Ford, Carmen Leona — 157 
Ford, Dixon A.— 124 
Ford, Jacquelyne Rhea — 157 
Ford, Leland OeVon— 124 
Foreman, Jennell — 124 
Forsling, Jerry Boyd — 290 a 

Forster, Paul P.— 230 " 

Forsyth. Walter Leo— 100. 245 
Fortune. Richard T. — 157 

Foster. Lynn Grant— 321 
Fought. John Allen— 318. 321 
Fowles. Jay R. — 80 
Fox, Harold Chipman— 322 
Fox, Phyllis— IX, 214 274 
Frame, Marilyn— 100. 279 
Frampton, Morris J. — 124 
Francis, Arma Jean — 124 
Francis, Jay W. — 80, 244 
Francis, Joann — 157 
Francis, Myra Kae — 124 
Francis, Rel) Garner— 124. 248 

Francis, Rulon S. — 80 

Francom, Val Gene — 79, 224, 385 

Frandsen. Glenn Ray — 124. 245 

Frandsen. Ina — 79. 204 

Frandsen. Milton Lee — 157 

Frandsen. Sharlene — 157 

Frank. Lorraine — 201 

Frank. Margene — 44, 222 

Franks, John Richard — 80, 204 

Eraser, Lynn Barrett — 309 

Frailer. Ronald Vern— 158. 238. 297 

Fredrlckson. R. Hartley— 100. 290 

Freeman, Dean Lavon — 80 

Frehner, Constance Lou — 217 

Frei, Lorna Rue — 100 

Freer, Darhl— 157 

Frodsham. Lovlna Keeler — 80. 222 

Frodsham. Lowell H. — 80 

Frodsham. Sharon — 157. 222 

Frome. Robert Emerson — 124 197 292 

Fromberg. Charles C— 80 192 238 

247, 322 
Fuertsen, Vernon — 80 
Fujimoto, H. Jane — 80 
Fuller. Donna Rae — 80 
Fuller. Patricia Helen — 158 
Fullmer. Joanna — 158 
Fullmer. Joy Ranee — 158 
Fullmer. Melvin Bliss — 124 
Fullmer. Owen L.— 124 
Fulmer. Robert Leon — 158 

Funk. Albert G 80 212 

Funk. Herman E.— 158 

Fye. Rodney Wayne— 238 248 

Sadd. Connie — 160 

Gagon, Edwin B, — 80 

Gagon, Ronald Eugene — 286 

Galbralth, Joyce Ann — 80, 259 

Galbralth, Sharon Mildren — 140 

Gallagher, A. William — 125, 292 

Gangerter Noaml — 247 

Gardner, Beverly Jeanne — 164 

Gardner. Blanche — 158 

Gardner. Carol— 44, 158. 200 238 

Gardner. David P. — 158 

Gardner, Jldeen — 1(01 

Gardner, Laura Marie — 158 

Gardner, Melba — 158 

Gardner, Melba RaNae— 143 

Gardner, Robert Leigh — lOO 

Gardner, Samuel Howard — 125 

Gardner, Sheila M.— 158 

Gardner, Vesta Helen — 158 257 

Gardner, W. Dallln— 58 140 299 

Garlick, G. Junior— 100 

Garlno, Jerry — 296 

Garrard, Shirley June — 159 

Garrett, Ann Darlene — 159 

Garrett. Fred L. — 230 

Garrett, Glen W.— 100 307 

Garrett, Larry— 158, 205 

Garrett, Mary Janice — 278 

Garrlck, Bernell J.— 80 

Garrick, Howard T. — 125 

Gassman, Byron Walter — 100, 225, 245, 

Gates, Hugh Isom— 125. 240 248 

Geddes, Marlse A BO 

Georges. Marilyn M.— 195 198 215 
258 , . , 

Gerber, Lloyd M.— 231 
Gibbs, Donna R.— 159, 222 238 
Giberson, Richard C. — 159 
Geerten, Norman — 209 
Giberson, Richard C. — 159 
Gibby. Marlow David — 125 
Glfford, Fay D. — 159 
Gilford, Grant Reld— 125 
Glfford, Leo Rural — 140 
Glfford, Warner Lavon— 159 
Gigliotti, Shirley K.— 125 377 
Gilbert, Herbert W.— 80 
Gilbert, Maurlne — 160 
GIbert, Naomi- 159 
Gilbert, Sidney S. — 80 
Giles, Bonnie Renee — IS9 
Giles, Jae— 100 
Giles, Marlene — 159 
Gillespie. Patricia Louise— 159 2SI 
Gillette. Jerry W.— 159 
Gillette. Barbara W,— 101 272 
Gilliland, Robert Gene — 44 100 290 
Gilner, Gerald L. — 80 
Sllson. James N.— 159 
Gllson, James Stanley — 159 
Gines, Geraldine — 125 
Glnes, Pauline — 80, 224 251 
Gines, Ralph Junior— 159 
Gleave, Stanley— 311 321 
Gledhill. David E.— IW, 204 
Glines, Laralne — 159 
Goaslind, Carol— 125 
Goarn, JayBee — 244 
Goals. Barbara Ann— 159 280 
Goales. LaRee— 124. 259 
Goales. Rex — 213 
Goales. Wayne A.— 47. 80 244 
Godfrey. Lorln C— 159 B4 
Goins. E. Joan — 125 


Sonjales, Howard R.— 125, 288, 324 

350, 351 
Gomel, Allan— 322 
Good, Danny Ray — 159 
Goodell, Robert A.— 125 
Goodman, Joseph £. — lOO 
Goodness, Leinaala Janet — 80 
Goodrldge, William W.— 125 
Goodwin, Harland Dale — 125 
Goodwin, Jack B. — 100 
Gordon, Janet Louise — b4, 100 
Gorringe, Howard T. — 12-4 159 
Gorton, H. Clay — 80, 209' 
Gottfredson. Douglas King— 159 
Gowans, Alice Jane — 125 
Gowans, Floyd Hill— lOO 
Gfaehl. Ma< G. — 80, 288 
Graham, Shaw — 125 
Graham, Jerry Eugene — 80 392 
G'aham Loyal Berkley— 100 
Gtanl. Grace — 124, 208 
Grant, Jack R. — 126, 238 
Grant, Richard Giles — 160 
Graves, H. Howard G. — 71 
Gray, George H. — 159 
Gray. Joyce Carrol— 160, 258 
Grcahouse, Don Earl — 125 
Green, Betty Ann— 80, 199 221 268 

390, 376 ■ • . . 
G-een. Colette— 159, 200 216 280 

234. 391 ... 

Green, Dean — 285 
Green, Donna Marie — 160 200 
Green, Edna— lOO, 240, 241 
Green, Daryl — 319 
Green, Gene Rulon — 100 
Green, Harold E. — 80 
Green, lona— 80. 392 
Green, John A, — 100 
Green, L, Lucille — 125, 271 
Green, Myrna Joye — 100 279 
Green, Patricia- 233 
Green, Verl Merrill— 80 223 246 
Greene, Shirley Rae — 71 
Greenfield, Harvey S. — 209 
Greenhaigh, Francis 8, — 60 
Greenhaigh, Glade — 80 248 
Greenland. Richard C, — 159 
Greenwood, Janet — 160 
Greenwood, Lorraine — 80 278 
Greenwood, Ned H — 125 
Greer. Deon Carr— 125 196 
Gregson. Patricia Gene — 125 
Greninger, Gordon Hasting— 72 230 
Gr.bble, Marva — 158, 223 
Gridley, John C. — 321 
Griffeth, Mary Clarine— 158 238 
Griffin, Gerald B.— 158 
Grtmmett, Janet — 100, 252 
Grix, Geraldine — 100, 272 
Groberg. Julia Gar-^6 159 
Groberg, Mary Jane— 100, 199 385 

391, 392 

Groesbeck, David Lowell— 159 392 
Groessbeck, Mone— 225 
Groesbeck, Ruth— 100 
Grotegut, David Arthur— 158 
Grover. Clarence Leavitt — 140 
Grow. Lois Phyllis — 158 
Grow, Rosemary— 158, 201. 282 283 
Gruver, Richard Leiand — 123 
Gudmundson, Georgia — 158 201 
Gunn, Benjamin Junior — 158 
Gunn, Marion — 158, 282 
Gunnell, Earl Leroy— IM, 246 248 
Gunnell, Nancy Lee — 159 
Gunnell, Robert Dean— 125 238 
Gurney, Joana Colleen— 158 
Gurr, Kendall O.— 158, 223 248 
Gustafson, Sandra Joyce — 159 
Gushman, Anna E, — 231 
Gustaveson,, Carolyn M, — 158, 236 

— H— 

Haacke, Ganae— 160 282 

Haag, Eldon L. — 160 

Hadley, Donald Blaine— 160 

Hadley, Shirley Ann — 160 

Haddock, Jan G. — 160 

Hadlock, Theresa — 160 

Hafen, John Mark— 224 319 126 

Hafen, Joseph Jr.— 213 

Hale, Glen B. — 126 

Hale, Melva— SO, 241 

Hale, Sarah Ann— 160 

Hales, Beette Lee — 160, 198 

Hales, George Grooms — 160 

Hales, Glen— 126, 285 292 

Hales, Katheryn B. — 160 

Hales. LaRee— 101 

Hales. Lola— 160 

Hales. William Cair— SI 

Hall, Barbara L.— 12 

Hall. Beverly Ann— 160 201 

Hall, Calvin N.— 81 

Hall. Don Jay — 160 

Hall. Ella Mae— 160 

Hall. Gayle Joan — 101 

Hall. Gordon Lee — 160 225 

Hall. Ilene— 80 

Hall, Margaret Belle — 160 

Hall. Mary Carol— 126 279 

Hall, Moreen May — 160 

Hall, Norma Jean — 101 

Hall. Phyllis— 127 

Hall. Richard Earl— 161 

Hall. Rosalene— 215 

Hall. Rosalie Ruth— 161 

Halladay, Mae Marie— 126, 237. 253 

Halliday. Richard Leslie— 101 

Halterman, Mary Jean — 161 

Halterman. Susanna — 161 

Halverson, Charles Allan— 101 264 

Halversen, Stan R. — 161 

Hamabata. Gloria Yasuko — 126 
Hamblin. Grace — 160. 251 
Hamblin. Harriet B.— 241 
Hamblin, Laura Lou — 161 
Hamblin. Robert Rudolph— 101. 302 

303. 306 
Hamblin. William Kenneth — 101 
Hambling, Don— 234, 296 
Hamilton, Beverly Darlene — 161. 261 
Hamilton. Glenna Nadean — 161 
Hamilton. Merilla Jeannie — 161 
Hamilton, Vesta Louise— 161 
Hamling, Donald D. — 161 
Hammer, Elinor A. — 161 
Hammer, Norman F. — 101. 247 
Hammond, Helen — 126 
Hancock, Bonnie Lou — 161. 253 
Hancock. Evelyn Anne — 161. 236. 282 
Hancock, Joseph P. — 247 
Hancock, Larry Earl— 101, 305 
Hancock, Patricia Dear) — 161 
Hancock, Wayne M.— 101. 218 
Handy, Max Duane — 126 
Hanks, Charles Warrer)— lil 
Hanks, Lclith— 126 
Hanks, Marilvn— 126 
Hanks, Russell H.— 141 
Hannah, Wallis C— 81 
Hanning. Joseph Carlisle — 65 
Hansen, Ada Christene — 127 
Hansen, Afton M. — 81 
Hansen, Carole M, — 81 
Hansen. Don J. — 141 264 
Hansen, Elmo— 129, 239 
Hansen, Evan W,— 101, 254 
Hansen, Gale — 161 
Hanson, Gene Russell— 101, 197, 221 

Hanson, Heloyce France!— 252, 161 
Hansen, I. Eugene — 101 
Hansen. Jacqueline R.— 94. 101. 278 

Hansen. Jay M. — 141 
Hansen, V. J.— 212 
Hansen. Jean — 161 
Hansen. John R.. Jr. — 101 225 288 

326 ... 

Hansen, Joyce — 200 
Hansen, June Howard — 101 
Hansen. Keith McQuarrie — 81 
Hansen. Kenneth G, — 127 
Hansen. Kent A, — 81 
Hansen, Klaus J,— 161, 225, 260 
Hanson, Lynn Raymond — 101 
Hansen, Lynn. Wayne — 72 
Hnasen. Monna — 81 
Hansen, Portia P,^-S1 
Hansen, Ralph — 72, 202, 238 
Hansen, Ross Delbert — 81 
Hansen, Sherrie — 161 
Harding, Beth— 101 
Harding, Donald Henry — 126 230 
Hardy, Leila— 101 
Hardy. LoRene — 81, 269 
Hardy, Scott M.— SI 
Harkans, Suianne — 280 
Harker, Glen LeVern— SI 
Harker, Joan Terry — 161 
Harmon, Charles — 126 
Harmon, Leonard — 291 
Harmon, Eliiabeth A.— 102. 224, 234 
Herman, Sally Jean— 103, 272 
Herman, James L. — 124 
Harms, Callis R,— 81 
Harmsen, Constance Jane — 102 255 
Harper, Betty Margaret — 102 206 
Harper, Bob — 298 
Harper, John J,— 160 238 
Harper Vaughn Di«— 126 236 
Harris, Aileen— 127 
Harris, Alfred Ray— 256 
Harris, Barbara L, — 161 
Harris, Chet Wayne — 127 204 
Harris, Colleen— 127 279' 
Harris, Darline Betty— 127, 271 
Harris, David Jensen — 161 
Harris, Delores— 127 
Harris, Gayla — 161 
Harris, Howard Blake — 81 
Harris, James R. — 81, 223 
Harris, Jean Josephine — 161 387 
Harris, Jeanann — 234 
Harris, Marilyn Marie — 141 
Harris, Muriel Joyce — 127 
Harris, Ray— 102, 223 
Harris, Robert Edgar — 161 
Harris, Robert L.— 224 
Harrison, Bertrand Kent— 161 
Harrison, Dan B. — 81 
Harrison, Edwin Chandler— 162 
Harrison, Hortense I, — 126 
Harrison, June— 297 
Harrison, Marion Leo — 81 
Hart, David Kirkwood— 160 166 230 

233, 198 
Hart, Wallace Dean— 102 
Hartley, Harel— 126 234 
Harvey, Clark— 162 
Harvey, Wilma Else- 140 
Haskell, Thales Albert— 126 
Haslem, Verl- 126. 226 
Hastings, Loyal Dee— 162 
Hatch, Adelie Martin— 102 
Hatch. Albertha Frances— 142 238 
Hatch, Betty— 124, 217 248 
Hatch. Oarcus— 142 ' 
Hatch, Delray Olsen— 102 218 
Hatch, Emma Gean— 192 272 330 

331, 388 
Hatch, Geneve — 142 
Hatch, Jacqueline Lou — 142 
Hatterman, Richard— 81 208 
Havens, Patricia J,— 43 ' 102 231 
Hatterman, Mary Joan— 20l' 
Hawker. Alora Jane— 81 

Hawkes, Reed R.— 102 

Hawkins, George Elmer — 102 

Hawkins, Kenneth Eugene — 142 

Hawkins, Lloyd I.— 81 

Hawkley. Merle E.— 314 

Hawley. Bob— 197 

Haws. Sen Frank — 146 

Haycok lla J.— 102. 258 

Haycocr. Kathryn Mary — 162 

Hayes. Betty— 102, 109, 195, 216, 259, 

269, 389 
Hayes, Darrell E.— 162 
Hayes, Irma Ruth — 142 
Hayes, Keith C— 45, 205, 289, 126 
Haynes, H. Vivian— 102, 206 
Haynie, Delbert Larry — 126, 284 
Haynie, Richard Arlen— 102, 284 
Head, S. Conrade— 102 208 
Heap, Dan E— 102. 2223, 232 
Heaps. Joseph Kent— 162, 245 
Heaps, Leon Henry — 311 
Hearn. Milton Eugene — 162 
Hearne. Colleen E,— 162. 224 
Heath. Albert R— 241 
Heaton. Flora May— 128 257 
Heaton. Vauna— 102, 261 
Hebertson, Evelyn JoAnn — 102 
Hedquist. Francis Jene — 162 
Heflin, Juanita Marlene— 162, 250 
Hegstead, Victor— 102. 213 
Heide, Mildred C— 162. 238 
Heisor, Janice E.— 81, 238, 252 
Hellewell, Robert 8, — 81 
Helinqer, Lorraine — 102 
Helquisl. D. Ronella— 128 
Helton, John J.— 162 
Hemmert, Dora May — 251 
Hemmert, Jack Nelson — 162, 198 
Hendrickson, Keith M.— 72 
Heninger, LaVan Rosanne — 102 
Hennis, Margaret Ann — 273 
Henriech, Thomas A. — 203 
Henrie, Bill S.— 81. 244 
Henrie, Thomas A. — 81 
Henrie. Weston GIbb— 81. 214 
Herb. Felicia— 246 
Herburg, Nancy Elinor — 128 
Harmansen, J. Clark — 102 
Herron, Jack Richard — 162 
Herron, Sarah Darlene — 162 
Heslop, Lamar Franklin — 162 
Helsop, Norene — 102, 241 
Heslop, Sharon — 162 
Hess, Blaine Warner— 103 187 
Hewett, Elsie Burnice — 162 
Heyrend, Darwin Dean — 142 
Hiatt, Calvin Columbus — 127 
Hiatt, Ehtel P.— 142 
HIatI, Wilbur Delma— 103 
Hiatt, William Seth— 103, 309 
Hibbard, Daisy Clayton — 162 
Hibbard, Kay— 234 
Hibbard, Doris Lucile — 162 234 
Hibbert, Margene— 163 ,282 
Hickenlooper. Monte Paul — 103 209 

Hickman, J. Morris — 61 204 392 
Hicks, Fletcher— 103 
Hicks. Lilly Gluaser— 81 
Hideshima, Tadashi — 81, 287 
Higa, Betty Y,— 127 
Higa, Lily Y,— 81,272 
Higglnbotham, Barbara— SI, 23S 
Hiqles, Lloydine — 224 
Hill. Barbara Lynn- 162 
Hill, Bruce Paul— 127 
Hill, Garth Arqvle — 162 
Hill. Gloria RaOla — 82 250 
Hill. LaVar— 127 
Hill. Lucinda — 162, 283 
Hill, Max Jay— 162. 225 
Hill, Paul E,— 82 
Hill, Paul M.— 127 
Hill, Richard Wayne — 103 
Hillyard, Marion Jean— 128 215 
Hilton, Gail— 162 
Hilton, Gill— 162, 205, 387 

Hilton, John I 82, 209 

Hinckley, Janice — 103 
HInrlchsen, Alvin Clarke — 82 197 
Hipwell, Emma — 103 238 
Hitchcock, Ralph R,— 103, 196. 212 
Hoaqland, Elmo Gayle — 218 
Hobbs, Joana — 60, 116, 125. 198 278 
Hobbs, M, Odell— 102, 22S 
Hodges, Lauan D, — 163 
Hodson, Carol Vadlne— 236 
Hodson, Phillip Harvey — 103 
Hogan, Carolyn — 163 
Hogan, Newell Kent— 299 
Hogenson, Reed Lyman — 127 
Hogenson. Kenneth — 244 
Hoggan, George Robert— 128 
Hoggan, Sarah — 82 241 
Hokl, Mits— S2, 392 
Holbrook, Diane— 143 
Holbrook, June Ellen — 103 2S9 
Holbrook, LaRue— 82 252 
Holley, Elmer LeRoy — 82 
Holley, NadlneMcNary— 127 
Holley, Robert L.— 103 292 
Holley, Wllda Maralyn— 163 
Holliday, Josephine E. — 82 
Holllngsworth, Paul M,— 103. 238 
Holman, Charles Robert — 58, 103, 238, 

Holman. Darlene — 163 
Holman, Ferol— 199 217 279 
Holmes, Dean— 218 
Holmes. Robert M— 82 
Holmstead, Ralph Kay— 216 
Holt, James Edward — 103 
Holt, Ralph Moyle— 127 
Holtier, Robert Leonard — 28S 
Holtier, Bert- 213 

Homer Quinten L.— 163 

Hone, Gayle— 103 

Hooan, Kent— 143 

Hooft, Agnes Gertrude — 143 

Hoopes, Marilyn F-B2, 243 

Hoopes, Ned Edward— 103. 204. 341 

Hoopes, Veldon A. — 103 

Hoover, Venice — 127 

Hopkln, Marian— 103, 257 

Hopkins, Norman — 293 

Hopple, F. Ortell- 163 

Horiuchi, N. Lahaina— 103 

Horlacher, Neil Peter— 143 

Horsley, Preston Cole— 144, 234, 291 

Houston, Allen Benedict— 82 

Howard. Kenneth M. — 63. 94, 114 291 

Howard, V, Annette— 163 

Howell, Arva— 127, 253 

Howell, Xlelmer Fred— 103 

Howell, J. Franklin— 127 

Howell, William Ray— 163 

Howells, James Morrison — 127 

Howes, H, Reld— S2 

Howes, Raymond E. — 103 

Hoyt, Anna Julio— 60, 103, 195. 199. 

HJber, Shirley Mae— 82, 230 
Hudson. Henrietta— 103 
Huff. Edward Curtis— 127 
Huffaker, Phildon C— 177 
Huffman, Howard A,— 103 260 
Hugqins, Alta— 127, 247 
Hugqins, Jacklowvn — 164 
Hughes, Barbara Jean — 127 
Huqhes, Lloydine Isabella — 127 
Huillet Fred Dale— 71 212 
Huish. Richard E,— 98, 103, 193 295 

Huish, Roqene — 127, 295 
Hulet, Clarence Veloid— S2 
Hulet, Grant M, — 82 387 
Hulchan, Ethel Lois— 92 253 
Hull, Chad Thomas— 127 
Hullinger, Helen Diane — 163 
Hullinger, Richard Lewis— 218 
Hulme, Larrv P. — 143 
Hulme. Lucille— 163. 253 
Hulse, Clarence Rav — 127 
Hunger, Raelene — 127 
Hunsaker, Verne Adams — 143 
Hunt, Dessle— 127. 250 
Hunt, German — 160 
Hunt, Wallance E.— 292 
Hunter, Artie 8,-103 
Hunter, Dorothy Ann— 127. 225 
Hunter, Louis George, Jr,— 163, 298 
Hunter, Ted— 163 
Hurley. Richard E. — 163 
Hurst. Ira leRoy— 103 
Hutchlngs, Mary Rae — 163 
Hutchinson, Helen— 163 
Hutchinson, Karl — 224 
Hutchinson, Margaret — 103 251 
Hyatt. Ora Mae S,— 8 
Hyde, Charles Robblns — 127 
Hyde, George Richard — 82 285 
Hyde, Gerald D.— 197 
Hyde, Gerald Rodney — 103 
Hyde, Mildred— 66 
Hyde, Nadlne Lenore — 127 
Hyde, William T.— 163, 164 
Hyde. Sarah Madeine — 272 

Ige. John Yelsyke — 103, 208 232 
Ingersoll, Carl Grant — 128 ' 
Ipsen, Florence Ada — 103. 225 
Ipsen, Grant Ruel — 164 
Irons, Mary LInd -128, 252, 289 
Irvrn, Darlene T. — 164 
Irwin, Grace Joan— 128 
Isreelsen, Vione — 128 
Iverson, Harley P. — 103 
Iverson, Loyal Dee — 128 
Iwasa, Ray— 226 


Jack, Ralph L,— 390 

Jacklin, Wilma — 164 

Jackman, Morris Albert— 295 321 

Jackson, Allen— 392 

Jackson, Betty Joan— 129, 254 

Jackson, Karma Rae— 129. 201 260 

Jackson, Mary Kaye — 129 257 

Jackson, Midge — 392 

Jackson, Norma Jean — 144 

Jackson, Valton Elmer— 144, 244 

Jackson, Wanda Arlene — 144 

Jackson, Violet Louise — 144 

Jacobson. Carol — 225 

Jacobson, Deanne — 164 

Jacobson, Ralph Bateman — 83 

James. Carolyn L.— 128 270 

James, Glen A. — 83 

James, Joan — 103, 216 

James, Joyce — 103, 216 129 

James, Richard Elmer— 164 

James, Romalne — 275, 103 

Jameson, A, Keith — !44, 205 

Jameson, Joann— 164, 200 216 280 

Jameson, Llla— 103,238, 266 ' 

Jardine, Dee Thomas — 129 

Jarman, Boyd— 102, 103 310 311 313 

Jarman, Lelsle Annett— 103 '234 ' 

Jarman, Lloyd Lee — 164 

Jarvis, Ralph — 392 

Jeffery, Dorothy — 104 215 

Jeffs, Alvin Dean— J 104 

Jeffs, M. Oayle — 83 

Jenkins, Colleen— 144 

Jenkins, Donnel Boyd — 128 

Jenkins, Frank W, — 164 

Jenkins, Gary Cluff— 129, 289, 321 326 

Jenkins, Gordon Ned — 164 

Jenkins, Stanley Dale, Jr, — 104, 288 

Jenkins, Wayne A,— 128, 287 

Jensen, Afton L, — 164 

Jensen, Alice H>— 104 

Jensen, Archle-f83, 288 

Jensen, Bob G, — 83 

Jensen. Carolyn— S2, 201, 231, 258 

Jensen, Carolyri Marie — 164 

Jensen, Dallln-l238 

Jensen, David C„ Jr.— 164, 299 

Jensen, DeLamar — 83, 202, 224 

Jensen, Donna E, — 104 

Jensen, Eldon Lloyd— 164. 238 

Jensen, Hal Milford— 299 

Jensen, Henry Charles — 164 

Jensen, Homer Mark— 62, 83, 289 

Jensen, Iris L.— 225 

Jensen, J. Marilyn— 104. 274 

Jensen, Jean 8. — 104 

Jensen, Marjorle — 164 

Jensen, Melron Curtis — 164 

Jensen, Myron Oral — 164, 292 

Jensen, Naomi Collen — 104 

Jensen, Neil John— 164, 299. 389 

Jensen, Oliver 8. — 83 

Jensen, Richard W,— 164, 238, 327 

Jensen, Royal Duane — 144 

Jensen, Ruth Ann— 128, 224 

Jensen, V. LaMarr— 83 

Jeppson, Jay Norman — 104, 230, 247 

Jeppson, Chalres Ralph— 104, 221, 391 

Jeppson, John W. — 44, 228, 324 

Jeppson, Joyce — 83 

Jeppson, Lynn — 128,2 17 278 

Jeserick, Ellen M.— 104. 195, 198 

Jewkes, Glendon S.— 128, 321 

Jex, Rhonda Joyce — 128, 274 

Jeffs, Robert Edward— S3 

Johnson, Angela Camilla — 28, 83, 220. 

Johnson. Archie C. — 164 
Johnson, Betty Jane — 230, 240 
Johnson, Cleta Marion — 165 
Johnson, Dale A, — 128 
Johnson, Delia — 165 
Johnson, Don Lee — 165 
Johnson, Donald H,— 128, 248 
Johnson, Douglas Grant — 128, 226 
Johnson, Edward A, — 83 
Johnson, Elizabeth Jane — 83, 231. 249, 

Johnson. Ernest Lee — 128 
Johnson, Gary L.— 128, 321 
Johnson, Geraldine — 165, 283 
Johnson, Gladys — 104, 250 
Johnson, Helen — 83 
Johnson, Helen Marie — 128 
Johnson, Jerrold — 165 
Johnson, Janice Ellen — 145 
Johnson, Jay Lorus — 145 
Johnson, Jerrllyn — 165 
Johnson, Kay — 215, 225 
Johnson, Laura — 241 
Johnson, Marian — 165 
Johnson, McRay — 165 
Johnson, Milton L, Dean — 104 
Johnson, Norman Ray — 165 
Johnson, Patricia — 128 
Johnson, S, Carmen — 164 
Johnson, Sam — 309 
Johnson, Shirley Mae — 104, 236 
Johnson, ShirleyMay — 128 
Johnson, Susie Nell — 199 
Johnson, Ted— 128, 233, 238, 297, 390 
Johnson, Varnalee — 165 
Johnson, Welburn K.— 225, 209 
Johnson, Ray Patrick — 165 
Johnston, Verbe Beth— 165, 210 
Jolley, Donald Clark — 165 
Jolley, Harod Lee— 165 
Jolley, Helen- 165, 388 
Jolley, Weldon 8,-91 
Jones, Bryant Stanley — 165 
Jones, David Reece — 165 
Jones, Dixie Ann — 128 
Jones, Duane Arthur — 165 
Jones, Evan Thomas — 59. 83 
Jones. Deon— 128,245 
Jones, Gary Carlson — 165 
Jones, Glenna— 165. 200, 216, 280 
Jones, Halvar L, — 165 
Jones, Helen Jeanne— 47 
Jones, Lillian— 128, 215, 222. 237 
Jones. Myron Dale — 104 
Jones. Myron G. — 104 
Jones. Nadine — 165 
Jones, Ray— 225 
Jones, Renee Ruth — 83, 222 388 
Jones, Robert — 213 
Jones, Ruby Marie— 104 273 
Jones, Ruth Mae — 165 
Jones, Tom — 64 
Jones, Weston K, — 83 
Joost, Virginia Mi.ry— 128, 225 276 
Jordan, Bonnie Jean— 128, 252 
Jordan, John Benny — 319 
Jordan, Thelma Jean — 165 
Jorgensen, Keith Ray — 165 
Jorgensen, Marcia — 128, 274 
Jorgensen, Marva — 128. 274 
Jorgenson, Mary Lucille — 104, 251 
Jorgenson, Renae Mae — 165 
Jorgensen, Victor W. — 165 
Josie, Barbara O,— 59. 386 
Judd, Arlo H,— 165 
Judd, Derrel W.— 165. 260 
Judd, Geraldine— 83, 260 
Judd, Gwendolyn— 83. 215 
Judd, Kenneth Fred — 104 
Jueschke. Eleanore — 104 
Julander, Gayle — 104 
Julian Gerald— 165 
Juslet, Bob Lee— I4S 


Kaleilcau. EIroy A. N.— 129. 232 
Kammermeyer, Alice Ann 66, 166 
Kannauha. Velma U.— 129 
Kamaouha Ulylani— 232 
Kapp, Dariene — 166 
Kapunlai. Mice! M — IM 
Karpowiti. Bob — 307 
Karren. Tom A.— 129, 311 
Kartchner, Grace Joan — 166, 236 
Kartchner, Rulon G.— 104 
Kasaprek, Jean Louise — 166, 281 
Kahenbach, Jon Ray— 59, 64, 122, 129, 

Kearl, Phyllis— «3, 206, 273 
Keele Weldon V.— 104 
Keetcn, Joan Helen — 166 
Kekaula, Tom A, — 232 
KeKaula Thomas — 241 
Kekauoha. Wesley K.— 232 
Kelley, John S.— 129, 221 
Kelly, George Spafford — 166 
Kelly, C. Robert— 245, 254 
Kelly, Walter Elmer— 130 
Keisey, Chlora Janet — 166 
Kelsey, Marcene— 104, 273 
Kemper, Leona Maude — 104 
Kemper Marlene Emma — 129 
Kendricit, Carole A, — 166 
Kenner, Lois Ann — 166 
Kennington, Harvey LaVell— 166, 327, 

Kenny, Jean A. — 129 
Kerby, Arlene — 166 
Kerby, Joe Kent — 166 
Kerr, Clifton Ouane — 166 
Ketch, Joan — 201 
Keysor, Robert Ellis- 166, 298 
Klllpack, ShirleeM.— 116, Ijl, 129, 

Kimball, Elaine Allhea — 166 
Kimball, Warren— 306 
Kindred. Hal Rulon — 166, 290 238 
King, Billie Lou— 166 
King, Colleen— 104, 269 
King, Ellon Alfred— 104. 209 
King. Marcia Lee — 166, 200 
King, Marlene— 391 
King, Norma Jane — 104, 210 
King, Shirley Joan— 166, 234 
Kinnison, Lucy — 129 
KInnlson, Luclle Ann — 266 
Kinsey, Joan — 166 
Kirby, Norma June— 129. 257 
Kirby, Robert H.— 22S 
Kirchoff, Herbert Robert— 83 
Kirk. Frances M.— 166, 234 
Kiakbride, Betty— 166 
Kirkland, Granvel Sidney — 129, 214 
Kirwan. Sharon K. — 83 
Kitchen, RayTolman — 166 
Kitiberger, Bonnee — 104 
Kleinman, Frank R. — 166 
Kleinman Wayne 0.— 129, 166, 225, 297 
Kleinworth, Wesley E.— 237 
Klemm. H. Ralph— 104. 225. 231, 246 
Kllnger, Arlene Madge — 166 
Knaphus, Lois Jean — 166, 252 
Knapp, Lorene Elen — 166 
Knapp, Lei — 232 
Knight. Colleen— 104. 271 
Knight, Roland G.— 166 
Knowlton. Beverly — 225 
Knowlen, Jakle — 392 
Knudsen, James Gordon — 83 
Knudsen, Wendell Warren — 129 
Kochever, Joseph Paul — 166 298 
Kochever. Lewis C— 104, 287, 306 
Kochever. Norma Jean — 129 236 255 
Kodel, Colleen Maria— 83 
Kofford, Valeno— 129, 224 
Kofoed, Willard Arvln— 129 
Kofford. Jerald Dick — 166 
Kohler, Zelda Dean — 129 
Kondo, Eleanor S. — 129 232 272 
Kondo, Gladys— «3, 210 
Kondo, Nancy — 166 
Konvicka, William N.— 104 
Kopp, Alfred Herman — B3 
Kropf, Carol Dawn— 130, 22 
Kuamoo. Flora A. — 166 
Kuehne, 1, Nora — 166 
Kuhni, Arlln Verdall — 166 
Kump, Ronald — 318 
Kunzler, Barbara Ann — 104, 231, 250 

Labrum, Arvin G.— 166 
Labrum, Renee — 83, 210 
Laird, Judith Anne— 187 
Lake, Boyd A.— 104, 240 292 
Lake, Carol Joanne — 18/ 
Lake, David A.— 104 
Lake. Jay Vaughn — 131 
Lamb, Ruth Evelyn — 187 
Lamb, Waldon Doyle — 83 
Lambert, Glenn Richard — 167 
Lambert, Rogers F, — 104 
Lambson, Glen H. — 105 
Lambson, Ronald L. — 105 
LamoreeuK, Sybil Norma — 83. 274 
Lane, Jay — 197 
Laney, Allen F. — 83 
Laney, Lois— 105, 230, 251 
Laney. Weston Howard— 131 
Lang, Dee S, — 83 
Lang, Lois — 131 
Langford Carolyn — 392 
Langley, Patricia Jay — 167 
Langlois, Mary Patricia— 105, 274 
Langlois, Reed Vernon — 391 
Larsen, Betty Jean — 130 
Larsen, Beverly Ann — 167 

Larsen, Bliss— «4. 278 

Larsen, Bruce G. — 130 

Larson, Carol Jean — 167, 281 

Larsen, Dale Clair — 167 

Larsen, Dean L.— 118, 311, 322 

Larsen, Elizabeth Louise— 217, 26B 

Larsen, Ernest O. — 83 

Larsen, Kathleen— 215, 266 

Larsen, Keith— 59, 84, 167. 233, 288, 391 

Larsen, Kent F,— 221 

Larsen, Kent T.— 130 

Larsen. Mary Evelyn — 167 

Larsen. Myrna Carol — 167 

Larsen. Norman Dale — 83 213 

Larsen. Oscar George — 130 

Larsen, Reed — 105 

Larsen, Reid Kay— 129 

Larsen, Shirley— 105, 222, 231 

Larsen, Shirley Jeanne— 83 

Larson. Tharia — 130 

Lasater. Eva Diane — 167 

Latham, Nancy J.— 167. 238 

Latimer. Geradine — 130 

Latimer, Kathryn Betty— 101. 105, 191. 

273, 391 
Lauritien, Jo Ann — 167, 257 
Law, Gloria Murphy— 83 
Law, Hugh T.— 71 
Law. Ronald Dee— 105 
Lawlor, Enid M.— 105. 234 
Lawrence, Barbara — 167 
Lawrence, Joseph William — 72 
Lawson, Douglas B, — 83 
Lawson. Roy E. — 131 
Layton. James Joel — 167 
Leake. Robert L.— 245 
Leany. EIrod C, — 105 
LeaviH, Glenna M.— 130 
Leavit, LaNore — 130 
Leavitt, Melva Elaine— 5B, 105. 249 
LeBaron. Don Marvin — 167 
LeCheminant, Blaine Hill — 130 
Lechtenberg. Ella Norine— 238, 251 
Le, Alfred Anderson — 167 
Lee, Audrey Anna— 63, 83, 206, 252 
Lee, Boyd — 130 
Lee, Arthur LaMonte — 83 
Lee, Donald Fred — 167 
Lee, Gordon H.— 83 
Lee, Jack E.— 167 
Lee, James I. — 105 
Lee, Marcia— 167, 200 
Lee, Morgan James — 167 
Lee, Ralph E.— 83 
Lee, Thomas W.— «3. 209 
Lee, Zane F,— 130, 224, 260 
Lefler. Tharol William— 105 
Leigh, Maxine— 230 
Leishman, Nina— 167, 216, 280 
Leistiko, Betty A,— 167 
Leitson, June — 167 
Leiegren, Earl— 130. 292. 236 
Lendt, Shirley— 167, 238 
Leonard Shirley — 168 
Lerwill. Roger J.— 70 
LeSueur. Marlin V,— 168, 274 
LeSuer, Joan Shirley — M, 130 
Lewis, Arlene — 105 
Lewis, lone— 241 
Lewis, Jerry Vernell — 168 
Lewis, Jerrolynn — 168, 283 
Lewis, John — 105 
Lewis, Lorna A. — 130 
Lewis, Robert F. — 130 
Lewis, Ruth E.— 130, 255 
Lewis, Margaret Alice — 155 
Lewis. Wanda Joy— 168 
Lichfield, Howard S.— 228 
Liddiard, Robert Mills— 131 
Liechty, Kenneth A.— 105 
Liechty, Leslie E.— 83 
Lilenquist, Val Ray— 168 
Lillywhite, Fern— 131, 250 
Lillywhite. Viola— 105, 250 
Lindberg, Jerry — 309 
Lindblad, Robert L. — 168 
Lindgren, Clair Ann — 105 
Lindgren, Donavan B. — 230 
Lindgren, Joyce Maude — 168 252 
Lindsay, Ellen— 105, 257 
Lindsay, Var— 130 
Lindford, Carol— 130, 278 
Linn. Ross Donald— 83, 221 
Lish, Raymond Arthur — 130, 321 
Litchfield, Lois Lorraine — 131 
Little, Edith M.— 130, 253 
Little, Jacqueline— 168, 217. 281 
Livingston, Coleen — 168, 238 
Livingston, Keith A,— 168, 236 
Livingston. Lorna — 130, 250 
Livingston, Robert E.— 131, 290 
Lloyd, Eldon K.— 168 
Lloyd. Leah— 105 
Lloyd Ross— 299 
Lo, Naomi Pumauu — 131, 232 
Lockhart, Dolores M. — 84 
Logan, James Russell Jr.— 168. 297 
Lomax, Charles David— 131, 196, 294 
Long. Kenneth — 168 
Long, Ralph Jerry — 83 
Long, Veo— 105, 224, 228 
Loosli, Geylo— 84, 194 
Lords, Jack E.— 168 
Lott, Ivan Lloyd— 83 
Lott. Rose LaRae— 131, 199, 266 
Lott, Sharon— 168, 200 
Lottridga, Richard Glen— 168 
Loutensock, John Lamar — 84 
Love, Arlene — 131 
Loveridge. L. Neil— 131 
Loveft Jack Robert— 168 
Low, Carol Alice— 168 
Lowe, Gareth W.— 104 
Lowe, Gloria Dian — 166 
Lowe, John R. — 168 

Lowry, Marlene — 104 

Ludlow. Donna Mae — 168 

Lue, Rosalind — 224 

Lufkin, Alba Jean— 168, 275 

Lufkin. John Cordel — 168 

Luke, Calvin Junior — 168 

Luke, Rosalind Martina— 168, 230 

Lum, Wayne— 168 

Lund, Jay N.— 84, 291 

Lund, Marilyn — 168 

Lundkerg. Russel A.— 65, 168 

Lundell, Clyde J.— 83 

Lundell, H. Wayne— 104 

Lundberg, Don Charles— 131, 285 

Lundberg, Joyce — 104 

Lunt, Donna Lee— 168, 237 

Lunt, Marvin Virl— 131, 223 

Luthringer, Margaret Mary — 72 

Lybberl, Jay Nichols— 168 

Lynn, Arlene — 238 

Lyman, Francis Marvin — 168 

Lyman, James Harold — 83 

Lyman, Thomas R. — 168 

Lynn, Arlene — 169 

Lyons, Albert Eugene— 218, 224, 24! 

Lyons, Annette — 169 
Lyons. Yvonne — 231 

— M— 




Mabey, Melvin P.— 72 
MacArthur, Patricia — 172 
MacCabe, John Sheppard — 59, 94. 

110, 296 
Mac Cully, Ann — 66 
Macdonald, Ella Rae— 172 
Mace, Martha — 226 
MacRay John Eldon — 247 
Mac, Welker— 223 
Madsen. Jack Williom— 71 
Madson, Jamas E. — 84 
Madsen, Janice Madelon — B4 
Madsen. Kathryn Heacock — 131 
Madsen, LaRue— 172, 200 
Madsen, Lowell L,— 104, 306 
Madsen, Lynette— 172, 216 
Madsen, Preston Alfred — 131 
Madsen, Ronald E. — 84 
Madsen, Russell A. — 84 
Madsen, Sally C— 131, 198, 207. 275, 

Magleby, Richard H,— 104 
Magnusson, George Elbert — 84 206 
Mahi. Rose Kahina— 172. 232 
Mahoney, Stephen B.— 172, 322 
Mainwright. Jean — 259 
Malmrose, Eldon H. — 72 
Malmstrom, Edith Selma — 172 
Malmstrom, Bertha Jean — 132 
Mangam, John Knight — 84 
Mangelson, Ned LeSrande— 172. 205. 

Mangum, Alice W.— 104 
Mangum. Floyd Lorin — 172 
Mann, Douglas 5, — 84 
Mann. Lawry Webb— 104, 209 
Maning, Carilyn — 172 
Manning. Leland — 172 
Manning, Marilyn — 172 
Mansfield, Marie— 172. 238 
Manwaring. Barbara B. — 106 
Manwaring, Estel — 172 
Manwaring, Joyce Lynn — 131 
Maniiione, Joseph Anthony 

215, 231 
Marble. LeLora— 106, 210 330 
Merchant, Jennie R.— 84, 195 198 

Merchant, Joseph Anthony — 172 223 
Marcil, Cherie— 84, 105, 199 279 342 
Marcil, Marl-Lynn— 67, 172, 282 
Markham, Beth Ann— 172 
Markham. Keith George— 106. 245 
Markham, Lucretia Parson — 131 199 

236, 253, 390 
Marler, Ben C— 106, 247 
Marler, Don LeRoy— 106, 197. 206 
Marsden, Mary Jane — 106 258 
Marsden. M. Louise — 84, 225, 268 
Marshall, Carolyn— 172 
Marshall Lore Lee— 106, 252 
Martin, Donna Joy — 131 
Martin, Kenneth R.— 172, 237 
Martin, Marjorie Ellen — 172 
Martindale Joseph Donel — 131 
Martinez, Joe — 306 
Martini, Elizabeth L.— 58, 84, 90 194 

271, 281 
Marx, Tressie Louise — 84, 217, 253 

Mauiy. Bob Lawson. 63. 65, 131 

Masfield, Everett Blair— 106 

Maxfield, Flora Lee— 171, 282 

Mexfield, Janyce— 106. 224. 258 

Maifield, Joyce— 106 

Maiwell, Afton- 106. 217 

Maxwell, Carol— 171 

May, Georg Anna — 171. 282 

May, Leola Hadden — 171 

May, Ruth Ellen— 65, 106. 199, 216, 279 Millei 

Maybe. Mel— 226 Mille 

Maycock, Lorna Jean — 106 Miller 

Maycock, Loy C— 131 Millei 

McAferty, Lloyd Verner— 45^ 171,298 Mille 

McAffee, Jerry Harmon — 293 

McAllister, Arnold Joseph— 104, 197. 

McAllister Lawrence Boyd — 171 
McBride, Howard Earl— 136. 205, 214, 

233, 390 
McBride, Mary Katherine — 106 
McCall. Velma Joan— 171 
McCance, Joan Ellen — 84, 269 
McCandless, William Edward- 171 
McCauley, Joy A.— 131 
McClellen, Lois Dixie— 171 
McCulley, Anna Louise — 171 
McDaniel, Lloyd Stewart— 171 
McDonald, Elaine Lois — 171 
McDonold, Ross Andrus— 171, 309 
McOougal Richard N.— 171. 223 
McEwan, Gordon M. — 84 
McFarland. Marilyn— 131 
l04McFarlane, James J. — 106 
McGarian, Audrey — 170 
McGregor, A. Pardos — 213 
McGuire, Bettie Jane — 64 
McGuire, Kate— 171. 276 
Mclnnis, Murrey S.— 131 223 
Mcintosh, Oeon C. — 64, 330 
Mcintosh, Roland— 171 
McKee, Coy— 170 
McKell, Blanche— 171 
McKell, Clair Johnson— 131, 171 224 

McKell, Lael— 131 
McKell, Melburn Ellisworth— 131 
McKell, Sterling Ronald— 104 
McKelvey, Robert Earl — 290 
McKendrick. William James— 171 
McKinney, C. Farrell— 46, 131 
" cLaren, Joanne — 106, 215 

McLaughlin, Dolores Maxine- 
McLellan, Louis— 223 
McMillan, eetsy— 170 
McMillian, Daniel H.— 107 
McMullin, DeNal M^I70, 213, 234 
McNair, Margaret Rose — 170 
McNelley, Lester R.— 131 
McQuarrie. Joyce — 170 
McOuiney, Karl D.— 170 
McOuiston, Edith— 171 
McRae. Keith S.— 84 
McRae. Keith S. — 84 
Mecham. Dixie Anne— 268 
Mecham, Ina Jean — 132 
Mecham. Ray — 131 
Mecham, Verl Parley— 233, 289 
Mecham, Wynona Nye — 170 
Meek, Wilford Bishop — 170 
Meeks, Romona — 170 
Meibos, 6arbara Ann — 132 

Meibos, Richerd L 64 

214, 236 Meier, John H.— 64 
Jr. — 106 Melander, Vernon Lloyd — 107 
Melander, Wayne Avery — 72 
Meldrum. Luan E, — 107 
Meldrum, Floyd— 170, 309 
Meldrum, Ray Calvin— 170 223 
Meldrum. Ross— 170 
Meline. Roberta Elvira — 170 
Mellor. Carl J.— 107 
Mellor, 6arbara— 170 
Mellor, Hilda La Priel— 107 222 
Mellor, Melvin K.— 170 
Melton, Shirlene Sue— 170 200 280 
Melville. Kathryn— 84. 278 
Mendenhall. Aaron 6ruce — 107 
Mendenhall. Sob Lovell — 170 
Mendenhall. Janice — 107 
Menlove. Joseph Golden— 170 
Meranda. Thomas C, — 132 
Merkley, Philip— 64 
Merrell, C. Glade— 107 
Merrell, Reid L.— 132 
Merrell. Rulon LeRoy— 132 235 
Merrill, Iris Ellen— 170 
Merrill, LuAnn— 84, 230 259 265 
Merrill, Ray Rees— 107 
Merrill, Ronald L. W.— 132 
Merrill, Louise— 132 

Glenn H— 132. 197. 225. 238 

James Dale — 70 

June— 64. 259 

LaNyle— 170 

Leonard Ned 

Lois Esther— 170 
Miller. Margaret— 107 
Miller, Margery J.— 170 
Miller, Marilyn— 107, 170, 270. 388 

Marshall Lee— 170 

Martin — 209 

Michael Joel— 107 

Muriel— 132 

Neil Odeen— 132 

Ted— 132, 293 

Romona S. — 64 

Vernon J.— 248 
Miller, William Albert— 132 
Millet, Cleo Dawn— 170, 224 
Millet, Richard L.— 170 
Milligan, JoAnne Myra— 132, 195. 199, 

Mills, Betty F.— 170 
Mills, Beverly J.— 169 
Mills, Charles T.— 169, 321 
Milner, Frank J,— 107 
Minier, Robert Eugene — 169. 316 
Minson, Jerry C— 132 
Mitchell, Aria Renee— 132 
Mitchel., Joonne — 84. 170 
Mitchell, Mary— 169 
Mitchell. Mevis Lorna— 169 
Mitchell. Rex H.— 107. 197 
Miya. Fred— 248 

Moat, Clarence Donald, Jr. — 169 
Moe. Estelle June — 169 
Moin. Ruth— 132, 225, 238 
Moesser, Dex William— 64 
Money, Edward— 56, 107. 192, 203. 308 
Money, Fred Andrus— 107. 193, 203. 292 
Money. Mark L.— 57, 59. 84. 192, 203, 

Monroe, Barbara — 200, 260 
Monson, Calvin Eugene — 169 
Monson, Jack M.— 169. 246. 391 
Monson, Nadine— 107, 225, 279 
Montgomery, Charles Brooks — 65, 267 
Montgomery, Don Ames — 132, 286 
Montgomery, Vern Randall— 107, 238 
Montierth, L. Lorraine — 66. 169 
295 34/ Moody, Howard Jay— 65 
Moody, Marilyn Ruth— 169 


Meservy, Keith Hansen — 72 

Mason, Katie Ray — 132 

Mason, Kenneth J. — 172 ., 

Mason, Maugham 5.-84. 209., 391, 374 Metiivin' J'e'anette~RoV— 170 
Massey, Joan Byard— 172, 224, 236, Methvin, Patsy R.— 131 

282 — • 

Massey, Valda Deze — 106 
Matilian, Nick S,— 172, 286, 310 31 



Mathews, Elmo— 299 
Mathews, Joyce E,— 131, 224 
Mathews Wendell E.— 131 
Mathis, James Reid — 292 
Matkin, LaZelle— 172 
Matsen, John Martin — 172, 236 
Mathews, Elmo Glenn— 172, 236 
Matthews, Keith 6 ■ "' ' 
Matthews, Luicille— 206 
Matthews, Malcolm LeRoy — 131 
Mattice, Lou Rita— 106, 274 
Mau, Martha Kaleinan — 226, 232 
Maughan, Dora June — 84, 257 
Maughan, JoAnn — I7t 
Moughan, Patricia— 171, 200 216 
Maughan, Rela W.— 171 
Maurer, Dav»— 171 

Meyer, Viola Clain 
Meyers, Joyce — 170 
Mezenen, Bert Fedricfc — 170 
Michaelis, Max C— 132 
Michis, Amber — 107 
Michis, Coy— 170 
Midgley, Joanna Trenker — 132. 213 
Milanders, Wayne J.— 208 
Miles. Dale Bright— 132 
Miles. David H.— 107, 213. 254 
Miles, Dona L.— 132 
106, 290, 304, 304 Miles, Duane Oliver— 107. 240 269 
Miles, John K,— 107. 246 
Millard, Ruth Louise— 170 
Miller, Anna Lou— 132, 267 
Miller. Barbara— 132, 217 
Miller, Beverly Joy — 84, 217, 279 
Miller, Colin Harris — 170 
Miller, Don L.— 170 
Miller, Dick— 107 
Miller. Ellen— 170 

172 257 Moody, Richard Dean — 59, 64, 66, 65. 

322, 347 
Moon, 6eatrice May — 169 
Moon. Donna — 132 
Moon. Harold Kay— 132. 268 
Moon. Raymond H. — 169 
Moore. Dorothy Anne — 169 
Moore, Harry Earl — 107 
Moore, Leonard D. — 107 
Moore, Maynard C. — 132 
Moore. Rose L. — 169 
More, William Richard— 169 
Morgan, Carl E.^5 
Morgan, Jack Clark — 169 
Morgan, Kay Lee — 169 
Morgan, LaVell— 169 
Morgan, Lee F.— 132, 279 
Morin, Vivian Gay— 169, 282 
Morley, Rachael — 85 
Morley. Thomas Nelson — 300 
Morrill, Marilyn- 132, 210. 211. 216. 

274, 331 
Morris, Dolores Joan — 85 
Morris, Don — 169 
Morris, Maroin — 297 
Morris. Paul— 169 
Mortensen, Gary — 169 
Mortensen, Joyce E, — 132 
Mortensen, Patsy — 85 
Mortimer, George Allan— 107, 238 
Morrisey. Roberta — 107 
Morrow. 6ob Carles— 107 
Moser. Sarah LaVern— 169, 251 
Mott, Jacqueline — 169 
Mower, Donald Lee— 169. 309 
Moyes. Genevt Arleen — 107 
Moyle, Maridee— 132, 272. 330 
Moyle, Richard W— 85 
Mulkay, Lewis M.— 107, 260 
Mullon. Charlotte- 169, 201, 245 
Munger, Bertha L.— 107 
Munroe. Barbara Katharine — 169 
Murdock, Katheen Martha— 170, 258 
Murdock, Orrlce Stratford— 169 
Murphy, Don R.— 44, 107 197. 326 
Murray, Dorothy Ann — 132 
Murray, Mary— 132, 238 
Murray, Melvin Ray— 70, 228. 245 
Myers. Ada Jeanine — 169 
Myers, Allan Jacob — 169 
Myers, Lois Rae — 107, 331 
Myers, Violete G.— 107. 266 
Myer, Richard Alfred— 65, 230 


— N— 

Naef, Ralph Gail— 107 

Nakama. Thomas Tadao — 224, 172 

Nader, 6everly^5 

Nelder. Nadine— 107 

Narkaus, Suzanr^e — 172 201, 234 

Nate^ Donna Mae — 25/ 

Nauning, Leland — 224 

Neal, Coralie— 132 

Neale. tenfold— 172 

Nebeker, Dariene Gaye — 172 

Neilson, Ronald Ralph — 173 

Neilson, Jay Wallace— 173 

Neilson. Lorna K.— 133 

Nelson, A. Reed— 65. 203 

Nelson. Alva llene— 173 

Nelson. Arvil W.— 132 

Nelson. Belty Jaanno— 173. 200, 224 


Nelson, Dee B.— 173 
Nelson. Donald Brim — 247 
Nelson. Donno — 230. 274 
Nelson, Dopeen— 173. 237. 259 
Nelson. Dorothy Ann — 173 
Nelson. Homer Merk— 132 
Nelson. Jock A.— 107. 221, J9I 
Nelson. J. R.— 107 
Nelson. Karen Pierce — 173, 200 
Nelson. ICarl K.— 85. 203 
Nelson. (Crista Lyie— 173. 392 
Nelson, Manfred R.— 173 
Nelson, Meria— lOe 
Nelson, Noreen— 40, 173, 225, 259 
Nelson, Ronald O.— 132, 173 
Nelson, Rosemary— 85, 231, 249 
Nelson, Susan— 43, 85, 194. 279 
Nelson, Varr Young — 173 
Nessen, Lola 5-133. 259 
Neugert, Donna Lee — 173. 200 
Neville. Wendell— 132. 244 
Ne»fberger, Warner Dewey — 173 
Newman. tHowell Perstiing — 132 
Newman. Kenneth Dale — 85. 63 
Newsom, Ronald Ames — 173 
Newton, Charles Snow — 133 
Nlcholei. Frank Udell— 133, 194 
Nicholes, Joyce— 85, 230 
NIcholls, Byron William— 85 
Nicholos, Gloria Isleta— 134, 251 
Nichols. Hyrum Dale— 173 
Nichols, William C— 85, 237 240 
Nicholson, Barbara Jean — 173, 201, 

233, 280 
Nickles, Ward Anderson — 173 
Nicol, William Henry— 173, 309 
Niederhouser, Nadine — 133 225, 258 
Nielson, Andrew James — 133 
Nielson, Ann — 278 
Nielsen, Clyde R.— 240 
Nielson, Delia A.— 133 
Nielsen, Deon — 214 
Nielsen, John Merle— 85. 212, 247 
Nielson, LaRane — 85, 253 
Nielson, LaRue — 85 
Nielson, Lois Iva — 157 
Nielson, Lorna A. — 224 
Nielsen, Marlene 8. — 107, 206 
Nielsen, Melvin Rawlings— 108, 302 
Nielsen, M. Gail— 85 
Nielson, Marcel L.— 247 
Nielson, R. Margaene — 173, 388 
Nielson, Marlene — 222 
Nielson. Roberta — 173, 281 
Nielsen, Seymour J. — 173 
Nielson, Virginia— 173 280 
Nllson, Ma>— 223 
Nishl, June Yoshlko— I7J 
Nishimura. Estelle K.— 85 
Niion, Glade— 269 
Nixon, Jim — 106 
Nixon, Louise Jane — 64 173 
Nixon, Phyllis— 268 
Nord, William J.— 108 
Norton, Marilyn— 267, 342 
Norton, Marion — 133 
Norton, Melba Eliiabeth— 173 
Nobumori, Hajomitsu — 85 
Nowell, Patricia Ann — 172 
Nowers, Vera J.— 133 225 
Nowlin, Jacgul— 133, 234 
Nuttal, Donald M.— 173 
Nuttal. William Garth— 173 
Nye, Eugene S. — 71 


Oakey. Warylin Jane— 108 

Oaks, Dallin H.— 133 

Oakley, Marlene — 173 

Obert. Carol Jean— 173. 280 

Oborn. Gene — 170 216 

Oborn. Neldon— 133 

Obregon. Maria Margarita — 174 

Ockey. LaRue— 138, 195, 198 279 

Odd. Leonard A.— 174 

Odum. Ala Jean— 133 

Ogden, Leila— 133 269 

Okerlund, Ivan G. — 85 

Okimoto, Esther Natsumi— 174 232 

Oldroyd. Victor— 174 

Oliohant, Nada— 85 

Oliver, Carl Lloyd— 174 225 

Oliver, Delbert— 319 

Ollverson. Elaine — 174 

Ollverson. Ray H,— 85, 304, 305, 306 

Olmstead. Joan — 174 
Olpin. Clara— 174 
Olpin. Guy— lOe 
Olsen, Ben LaMar— 133 
Olsen. Beftv — 133 
Olsen, Doreen— 133 251 
Olsen, Gloria Dawn — 174 
Olsen, Halvor Miller— 174 
Olsen. Heber R.— 72 
Olsen. Jamees P. — 85 
Olsen, Lucille— 225 
Olsen. Morqaret Ann — 174 
Olsen, Orson LaMar— 85 109 
Olsen, Patrice— 238. 108 
Olsen, Raloh Andrew— 106 
Olsen, Raymond Glenn — 108 
Olsen. Ray R. — 85 
Olsen. Roy LaVerl— 85 
Olsen. Wilma Lee— 238. 174 
Olson. Fred— 174 
Olson, Ruth Lois— 108 
Opunui. Katharine — 264 
Orme. Gordon Reed — 174 
Ord. Robert M.— 70 
Orisman. Gene — 237 
Orme. Keith M.— 85, 90, 351 54 59 

Orr. Berkley Cooley — 84 

Orr. Charles L.— 174 
Orrock, Beverly Ethel— 108 
Orrock, Elaine— 174 
Orrock, Scoft G— 86 
Orton, Kenny T.— 237,174 
Orton, Wayne Liddle— 108, 287 
Oscarson, Robert Don — 43, 133 228 

349, 351 
Osterloh, Nancy Ruth— 174 225 
Ostler. Grace— 174, 283 
Otterson. Arnold Willes— 225. 230 
Ottosen. Marvin Lee — 134 203 
Otieson, Ronald J.— 174, 364, 77, 85, 

Otis, James R.— 133 
Otiley, Ivie Ruth — 174 
Ottley, Renae— 108^ 272 
Overfelt, Marilyn C.— 1}4, 7U 
Oveson, Jo— 244 

Oveson, Levi Winford— 108. 254, 295 
Oveson, Martha Joan — P34 
Overon, Merrill Gene— 106 295 
Owens, Bonna C— 174. 237' 
Owens, James Mervin — 237 

Pace, Milton Glenn— r34, 237 2S4. 299 
Pace, Patn'cia Rae— I7S 237 274 
Pace, Rayna Gay^l77, 222, 237, 2M, 

Pace. Shirle— 106 
Pack. Donna Mae — 175 
Pack. Marilynn— 134 
Packard, Floyd Lamonde — 106 
Packard, Gilda Ann— 175 
Packard, Trilby E.— 134, 195, 196. 271 

Packard, Von — 108 
Packham, H. Richard— 134, 225 
Page, A. Curtis — 84 
Page, Betty Jo— 134, 199, 205 225 272 
Page, Merlyn— 134 
Painter, Reed Romney — 135 
Palfreyman, W. Russell— 134 
Palmer, Elmer LaVar^l7S 
Palmer, Claire — 134 
Palmer, Jonathan H — 84 
Palmer, Philip— 175 
Palmer, Spencer John — 58, 82 64 214 

341, 385 
Paramore, James Martin — 116 
Parberry, Demo I. — 134 
Parent, Vernon F.— 134 244 
Paris, Annette— 108 
Parker, Colleen— 106 217 
Parker. Don— 175 
Parker, Mary Ann — 201 
Parker, Peggy Ann — 175 
Parker, Sarah Helen — 134 258 
Parkinson, Sharon — 175 222 282 
Parks, Wanda Gay— 175 
Parr, Phvlllj— 175 

Parson, Kenneth Glen — 64, 205, 209 
Partridge, Mary Eliiabeth— 175 234 

Partridge, Richard — 84 
Passey, J. Bruce — 134 
Passey, Afton — 106 257 
Pete, George W.— 175 
Patias, Saara Judith H.— 134 195 226 
Patjas, Sella Eva E.— 175, 226 
Patrick, Melvin Clifford— 175 
Patrick, Robert Morris— 106 
Patten, Glen A. — 108 
Patterson, Allan 0, — 248 
Patterson, Flore M.— 204, 223 
Patterson, Ronald M. — 106 
Patton, Robert W.— 108 
Paul, Merlin Gene — 175, 240 
Paulson, Ford Richard — 84 214 289 
Paulson, John Charles— 305 
Pawie, Joylene — 210 
Paxman, Gary L.— 304, 305, 309 
Paxman, George William — ITS 
Payne, Karol June — 175, 231, 238 
Payne, Janie — 237 
Payne, Robert Marr— 175, 213 
Payne, William H — 134 
Peacock, Ernest Arnold— 134 
Peacock. Jesse J. — 84 
Peay. Jack D.— 108. 197. 203 
Peck. Alan S. — 64 213 
Peck, Earl Lee— 135 
Peck, Sandra Kathryn— 135 
Peck, Watson Thomas, Jr. — 134 
Pederson, Keith G.— 108 
Pedersen Maurine E. — 175 257 
Peny, JoAnne — 134 
Pendleton, Jackquelyn Ann — 174 
Penfold, Neal 8.— 238 
Perkins, Max— 245 
Perkins, May— 237 
Perrett, Margaret- 174 
Perreira, Maile Joyce — 134, 253 
Perry, Arbeth Roland — 86 
Perry. David- 174 
Perry. John Russell— 174. 392 
Perry. Kenneth I. — 44. 134 310 
Perry. Malin— 295 
Perry. Ray Arden — 309 
Perry. William Pettit— 108. 292 
Peterlein, Sara Ann — 174 
Peters, LeRoy Raymond — 174 

Petersen, Cumorah L. — 64 

Petersen, Doris Rae — 177 

Petersen, Herbert Neil— 71 

Petersen, Jack O.— 108 

Petersen, Janice — 86. 231 

Petersen. Marian — 176 

Petersen. Parley Royal — ^71 

Petersen, Pat L.— 64. 270 

Petersen. Ray Alvin — 174 

Peterson. Adrienne Marie — 135. 258 

Peterson. Barbara Lorraine — 64. 206. 

Peterson. Brent Lynn — 174 
Peterson. Bruce Eldon — 84 
Peterson. Charles S. — 223 
Peterson. Collen — 177 
Peterson. Dallas Odel — 184 
Peterson. R. Darley — 207 
Peterson. DeVerl— 309 
Peterson. Donna Jean — 84. 259 
Peterson. Elaine M. — 135 
Peterson. Frank Willard— 174 
Peterson. Hugh— 214. 212 
Peterson. Inez Worthen — 72 
Peterson. James William — 106 
Peterson. Jllene— 108. 240. 272 
Peterson. John Richard — 108. 245. 327 
Peterson. Jonathan — 206 
Peterson. June Ann — 174. 275 368 349 
Peterson. Keith L.— 108. 203. 288 
Peterson. LaRae — 174 
Peterson. LaRayne — 177 
Peterson. Lois Verna — 108. 248 
Peterson, Lou Ann — 174. 274 
Peterson. Marian — 174. 217. 234 
Peterson. Marilyn— 108^ 174. 238 
Peterson. Marlene — 177 
Peterson, Mary Lee— 176, 238 
Peterson, Marylyn B. — 174 
Peterson, Morris Smith — 176, 318 
Peterson, Myrna— 176 250 
Peterson, Neola — 86 222 
Peterson, Nolan — 174 
Peterson, Robert W. — 176, 237 
Peterson. Vernan Leroy — 84 
Peterson, WInfield Harold— 108 240 
Pew, Jo Ann— 174 
Phelps, Paul A.— 84, 293 
Phillips, Carolyn Lee — 174 
Phillips, JoAnn Child— 174 201 283 
Phillips, Kathleen— 70, 258 
Phillips, Ronald Joseph— 135 
Pierce, Scott — 87 
Piette, Rene— 174 
Pilling Donna Maryle — 174 
Plncoclt, George D. — 108 
PInnegar, Wanita— 247 
Piatt, Kathleen- 174 253 
Platts, Robert 6.-106 291 
Pohlman, Charlene — 176 200 
Pollard. Barbara Jeanne — 176 
Pollock. James L.— 108. 285 
Pomeroy. Patrick G.— 58. 114. 129. 288 

326. 350. 251 
Pond. Marilyn Joan — 58, 135 
Pond, Nancy Joanne — 108 273 
Pope, Rhea Dawn— 174 iSO 
Porter, LeRoy Earl— 108 
Porter, Owen Ray — 108 
Porter, Stanley C— 174 392 
Potter, Albert Ray— 135 
Potter, Halford F.— 135 
Potter, Joyce Eloise — 87. 269 
Potts, Dick— 293 
Poulsen, Elizabeth Ann— 174 
Poulsen, Henry Brooks — 108 
Poulsen, Elizabeth F.— 174 
Poulsen, Gerald Parker— 176 
Poulsen, Guy Alexander — 176 
Poulson, Joan — 177 
Poulson, Joyce — 135 
Powell, Bernell B.— 176 
Powell, Brad— 296 392 
Powell, Gene Condors— 87, 209 225 
Powell, James LeRoy— 108 254 
Powell. John Wiliam— 87 
Powell. Lorna— 176 
Powell. Shirley DeLight— 176 
Powelson, Pauline — 174 238 
Pratt. Calvin D.— 87 
Pratt. Gene A,— 174 
Pratt, Jean — 135 
Pratt, Paricita— 135 258 
Preece, Eldred Bruce— 135 
Preiss, Betty Ruth — 135 
Preston, Barbara Lee — 368 
Preston. Lurlyn Marciel— 1776, 259 
Prestwich, Kent Elfin— 135 
Price, Albert Keith— 174, 298 
Price, Alfin O.— 135, 237 
Price. Gloria A.— 108 
Price. John A.— 177 
Price, John L.— 174 
Pritchett, Bob Moberly— 135 
Probert, Marion Earl— 298 
Probst, Wayne Watklns— 135 
Prows, Bernard L. — 135 
Prusse, Ralph E.— 87, 295 
Pugh, Margaret— 174 
Pulley, Arva— 175 
Pulspher, David 5,-175 
Pulsrpher, Loise Ann— 174, 200 
Purdy, Ralph M.— 135 
Purdy, Victor William Jr.— 108 
Pusey, Dick— 284 
Putnam, Clarine — 175 257 
Putnam, Howard H.— 106 

Oualls, Gary Lemar — 177 

Ouigley, Blaine Howard— 109 208 254 

Ouinn, P. Marlene— 177. 201, 224. 282 

— R— 

Radlchel, Melvin— 238 
Radmall. L. Stewart — 87 
Radmall, Paul Kelvin— 177 
Raqsdale, Donald Frank — 177 
Ragsdale, Ronald Orlando — 206 
Railton. Mark A.— 177 
Rainwater, Sylvia L. — 253 
Rampton, George Oliver — 10? 245 
Randall. Gerald Ned— 87. 238. 244 

Randall. K. R.— 40. 71, 172 

Rankers, Margaret— 135, 273, 391 

Raphiel, Edna Belle — 177 

Rasband, Doris M.— 177, 201, 340 

Rasband, Joseph R. — 87 

Rasband, James — 264 

Rasmussen, Albert L. — 177 

Rasmussen, Alvin L — 209 

Rasmussen, Anne — 109, 216, 238 

Rasmussen, Emille Scharling — 177 

Rasmussen, Renee — 177 

Ravsten, Lynn A. — 87 

Raviten, Vernon Frank — 109 

Rawlings, LaMar A.— 322 

Rawlings, Ruth Tonia — 177 

Rawlins, Phil— 319 

Rawllnson, Nell C. — 219 

Ray. Alonio Almon — 177, 237 

Ray. Jove — 109, 331 

Ray, Lois— 270 

Raynard. Eunice D. — 109 199 

Read, Calvin Floring — 87, 196 225 

Read, Jack P.— 177, 228 

Reading, SIndney — 177 201 

Ream. Susan E.— 236 385 

Ream. W. Dale— 313 

Recfd. Alene— 220 

Redd. Amasa Mason — 224 

Redd, Lloyd H.— 87 248 

Redd, Marilyn— 41, 135, 199, 211, 224 

Reed, Carol Sue — 177 

Reed, Dorothy Elaine— 177, 250 

Reed. Frances Lorraine — 109 199, 215. 

Reed. Karma— 109. 250 238 
Rees, Betty Lou — 114. 274 
Rees, Rome Dee^(09 
Rees, Shiriey Ann— 177, 222 
Reid, Rita — 109 
Reid, Nancy— 234 
Reinsch, Cecil Albert— 109 
Reisner, Richard J. — 225 
Remington, Janice — 177, 283 
Remund, Janet Helcan— 87 206 
Remund, RaVae— 136 
Rancher, Vile— 177 
Rennle, Lois Anne — JI77 
Reynolds, Mary Renee — 177 
Reynolds. Patricia Rey — 177 
Reynolds. Rex L. — 87 
Reynolds. Shirlene M.— 136. 276 
Rhodes, Jim A. — 109 
Rhoades, Darlene — 177 
Rice. Velma Darlene— 250 
Rich. Kathryn Affleck— 177. 257 
Rich. Margaret — 177 
Rich. Nancy— 136, 195 
Rich. Owen S.— 392 
Rich Rolayne — 134 
Richin. Mary Ma— 134 
Richards. Carol— 331 
Richards. Gene Mardell— 178. 292, 309 
Richards, James Belmont — 178 
Richards, Joan Lafont — 109 
Richards, John Morris — 87 245 
Richards, Preston D., Jr.— 236 
Richardson, Clarelle — 109 224 
Richardson, Newell Kar— 109, 248 
Richardson, Pauline — 178 
Richardson, Waldo R.— 87 
RIchey, Alice— 178 
RIchey, Joe L.— 310, 311, 414, 315 
RIchey, Dale M.— 67, 268 
Richey. Romona Bethene — 162 
Richins, Darvel DeVaugh — 178 
Richins, NIta May — 178 236 
Richmond, Ruth — 136 
Ricks, David Kay^lTS 
Ridge, Donald L.— 178 
Rigby, Ralph E.— 136 
RIgby, Robert G.— 87 
Riggs, Marilyn — 136 

Riggs, Priela D 64, 178, 392 

Riggs, Westin Ca™el— 178 
RIgtrup, Afton — 178, 241 
Riley, Shirley Joan — 178 
RIos, Omar Gustova — 178 
RIpplinger, Donald Hilton— 109 
Ririe, Barbara Louise — 67 
Robbins, Darvel M.— 109, 351 
Robens, Lamon — 205 
Roberts, Connell 6.-72, 241 
Roberts, Dean Dermont — 134 223 
Roberts, Elliot Dwain— 109 245 
Roberts, Howard LaVarr — 237 
Roberts, Jack E.— 44, 67, 188, 193 231 

237, 248, 304 
Roberts. Patricia Ann — 87 
Roberts. Shirley Jean— 87. 204 
Robertson. Robert — 286 
Robertson. L. Carolyn — 87 
Robertson, Don S. — 109 
Robertson, Donald R, — 136, 178 
Robertson, John Boyack — 293 
Robertson, Leonore J. — 134 
Robertson, Thyrele— 178, 225 
Robins, Merien Lamon — 134 
Robinson, Betsy A.— 109, 275 
Robinson, Card — 135 
Robinson, Connie Moselle — 136, 279 
Robinson, John Melvin — 178 260 309 
Robinson, LaNea— 178, 238 
Robinson, Norma Jeralean — 178 
Robinson, O. Klar — 136 
Robinson, Acea H, — I7B 
Robison, Charole L.— 136 
Robison, Dixie J.— 178, 2216, 238, 344 
Robinson, Max C. — 87 
Robison, Richard Ashby — 178 
Rodeback, Shirley Noel — 109, 247 
Rodriguez, Alfonzo — 178 
Rogers, Annella — 178 
Rogers, Frances — 249 
Rogers, Garth O. — 110 
Roger?, J. Mercel — 167 

Rogers, Max — 241 

Rohner, Geraldine — 136 

Rollins. Phil Lyman— 110. 238. 319 

Romney. Jerry E— 311. 316. 317 

Rooker. Frances Fae — 136 

Rooks. Alice Joyce— 178. 255 

Rooks. Patricia Fern — 136 

Roper. Laver Llewellyn — 176 

Roper. Velda L.— 87 

Rosenbaum. B. Var — 87 

Rosenlof. Janet— 136 

Ross. Beverly Slaine— 178. 200.281 

Ross. LaDonna Gene — 87. 134 

Rossiter. Patricia Ann — 178 

Rounds. Cliff Carney — 134 

Roundy. Ferrell Glade— 225 

Roundy. Marilyn — 259 

Roundy. William FT.- 223 

Routsong. John Richard — 178 

Rowberry. Cecil Joseph— 47. 110. 192 

203 389 
Rowberry. Richard Lee — 110. 190. 238 
Rowe, Bob — 322 
Rowe, Betty Jean — 114 
Rowe, Deriiys B. — 275 
Rowe, Lucille B.— 110, 198, 204, 275, 

281. 377. 387 
Rowe, Mathew Robert— 178 
Rowe, William Stephens— 176 
Rowley. Ann — 178 
Rowley, Edward M.— 134 
Rowley, John M.— 178 
Roylance, E. Merlene — 135 289 
Rudd, Donna Lee— 134, 267 
Ruesch, Marilyn Merle— 178, 225 
Rupp, Kenneth Stewart — 87 
Ruppe, Shirley Ann— 136, 250 
Ruston, Allen LeRoy — 87 
Rushton, Connie— 87 
Ruston, Darren Young— no, 224 
Russell, Gloria — 178 281 
Russell, Robert D.— 179. 240 
Russon. Lisle Tanner — 110 
Russon, Maynard Brown — ^7 
Rust, Delmar — 87, 245 
Rust, Martin W.— 178 
Rut!, William Ronald— 179 
Rutter, James— 299 
Rytting, Gloria — 65 87 
Ryttlng. Lorry E.— 87, 193 

— 5- 

Sabey, Burns Roy — 110 

Sabin, Evelyn — 179 

Sabin, Leora — 179 

Sabin, Marie— 87, 253 

Sadler, Wanda R.— 179, 210 

Salerno, Helen S. — 136, 279 

Salisbury, George Ronald — 136, 234 

289, 324 
Salisbury, Paul M.— 322, 323 
Salmond, Mary Beth — 388, 369 
Sallm, Leona — 253 
Saltus. Gail L.— 351. 347 
Samuelson. Virginia Lee — *I34 
Sandatl, Jane — 179 
Sanders. Catherine Rosello — 236 
Sandberg. Joseph C— 134. 240 
Sanders. Fred S. — 179 
Sandford. Carl— 187 
Sanders. Lujean — 134 
Sanders. LaRee — 110. 259 
Sergeant. Clara Jean — 179 
Sargent. Jay B. — 134 
Sargent. Jerry Jay— 136. 179, 288 
Sargent. Larry Don — 237 
Sato. Esther N.— 136. 224. 226 
Satterfield. Robert LaVon— 305. 321 
Saunders. Sally Frances — 136. 282 
Saunders Wayne E.— 179 
Sawyer. Melvin Wayne— 177. 327 
Schaltz. Ronald W.— 110 
Schalegel, Walter— 212 
Schardine, Louis LeRoy — 87 
Schenk, Laura Lea— 179, 217 224 
Schelff, Mary Lou— 71, 179, 217, 224* 
Schenk, Mary Lou— 1 10, 274 
Schenk, Viola M.— 110, 199 225 275 
Schleve, Ernest C— 225 
Schindler, Stanley F.— 71, 229, 293 
Schipper, Eileen— 56, 58, 78, 88, 194, 

Schlegel, Walter L.— 134 
Schmitt, Howard A.— 137 223 
Schultz, Bill— 298 
Schmutz, Stanton K. — 87 
Schofield, Robert C— 136 
Schoenfeld, Edward L.— 70, 230 
Schofield, Allen Christmas — 17? 
Schaler, Bruce Chsdwick — 316 
Schow, Alvin Glen^-87 
Scheow, Enid— 134 
Schow, Fred F. — 87 
Schow. Robert Rivers — 119, 225 
Schuemman, Jean H. — 179 
Schuab. Alma Martin— 179 
Schwantes, Olga Ellzabetli- 1 10 
Scott, Mary Elaine — 129 
Scott, Sharon — 179 
Scott. Richard LeRoy— 179 
Searle. Geradilne — 180 
Sears. Elizabeth A. R.— 42. 85. 88, 194, 

Seastrand. James K. — 160 
Seastrand. Steve A— 137, 295, 321 
Secrist, Charlene Hazel— I lO, 252 
Sederholm, Carl R.— 110 
Seegmiller, Laureen — 110 
Seely, Donna Oneta — 180, 282 
Seely, Dean — 174 
Seely. Edwin M. G.— 110 
Seely, Kay Gee— 110, 215, 224 
Seely, Norma — 283 
Sego, Nancy Ellen— 180, 274 


Sekaquaptawd, Emory Jr. — 228 
Seller. Lois M.— 110. 27? 
Selmon, Orrifi M. — 70 
Sepequeptewa, Emerv — 218 
Seppi. Edward Joseph — 87, 2W 
Serrao. Isabel Iwalani — 180. 66 
Session, Ctiarlene Ruth — 180 
Setier, Down Garff— 247 
Seymour. JoanBeatrice — 180, 201 
Sewell. iMary Merle— 110. 272 
Sewell, Max F.— 87. 287 
Sharp, Louis Clark— 43, 110 
Sharp, Marilyn Lee — 180 
Shorp, Mary Kathryn — 180 
Shaw, Oick— 236 
Shaw, Graham Campbell — 216 
Shaw. Richard James — 136 
Shaw. Robert Keith— 87 
Shaw, Selma— 110. 267 
Shawcroft. Dale Reed — 180 
Sheffield. Sherman Beck— 59, 74, 67, 

IW. 247. 288 
Shell. Seorqe William. Jr. Ill 
Shelley, Glade Searle — 87 
Shelley, H. Merlin— 88 
Shench, Viola— 63, 201 
Shepherd, Maxine— 180, 224, 239 
Shepherd, Lynn — 136 
Shertzer, Minnie Clara — 180. 391 
Shileds. Romulus Doyle — {7 
Shirts, Don— 292 
Shimada, Robert T. — 87 
Shimanek, Richard Glade — 88 
Shipp, Korol — 180 
Shirota. Hiroshi — 68 
Shell. Frederick R.— II 
Shoemaker. Gene — 287 
BYU— 23 
Shulti. Bill— 246 
Shumway, Drew — 179, 309 
Shumway. Ernest Widtsoe — 202. 60 

Shumway. Lenn M.— 88. 246. 228. 237 
Shumway. Miles S.— 137 
■ Shumway. Van L.— III. 237 

Shurtlif. Edward Rich— 88 

Siddoway. Carol— 180, 283 
Sieverts. Maurine — 179. 253 
Sigmon. Marcus Luther— 212. 285 

Silfast. Joyce E.— 180 

Simkins. Annie V. — 180 

Simkins. Donna Jean— 180. 237, 258 

Simmons. Joyce — 137 

Simmons. Sharl — 280 

Simonson. Janis — 160 

Simpson, Clarence W. — III 

Sinclair, Eugene William — 137, 260 

Sirrine, George Keith — 88 

Skeen, Talmage — 180 

Skinner, Dale Eugene — 180 

Skousen, Owen Derrell— 287, 306, 321 

Skousen, William Jess— 137, 237, 289 

Skyles, Doris Eliza— 180 

Slater, P. Diane— 180 

Slater, Paul W.— 180, 309 

Slaugh, Lynn H.— 88, 213, 264 

Slaymaker, Norm Royce— 309 

Smeath, Donna Jean — 180, 200 

Smedley, Milton 6.— 180, 321 

Smit, Walter R.— Ill, 302, 321 

Smith, Albert— 203 

Smith, Barbara— 88, 194. 217. 271 

Smith. Beverly J.— 181. 238 

Smith, Burke Martin— III 

Smith. Carol Dell— 137 

Smith. Carole— 180 

Smith. Charles A.— 88 

Smith, Dale hi.— 136 

Smith, David Evans— III, 246 

Smith, Devon — 181 

Smith, Elon V.— 70 

Smith, Gale Marie— 181, 251 

Smith, George Ann — III 

Smith, Glen Arthur— 180 

Smith, Georgia — 238 

Smith, Jay Myrven, Jr. — 63. 1 1 1 

Smith. Jeratdine Daynes — 88 266 

Smith. Joanne — 181. 200, 216 

Smith, John Donald — III, 225 

Smith, Joyce — 181 

Smith, Karma — III 

Smith, Keith T.— Ill, 236. 387 

Smith, Larry Nielson — 238 

Smith, Lawrence Eugene — 236, 327 

Smith. Leia May— 137, 236 

Smith, Leiand Alfred— III, 226, 237 

Smith, Leslie Bernell — 66 

Smith, Lorraine— 181, 259 

Smith, Luana Maxine— III, 222, 258 

Smith, Lyncer Charles — 70 

Smith, Mary P.— 138, 180 

Smith, Melva Ann— 136, 195 

Smith, Melva Fawn— III, 206. 222 

Smith. Melvin 1—137. 296 

Smith. Myrle— 180, 211, 280. 377. 389 

Smith. Norman— 137. 196 246 

Smith. Olene— III, 214, 217, 231, 238 
253, 342 

Smith, Patricia Ann— 181, 201 

Smith, Paul Grant— 238, 254 

Smith,, Phil McFale— 180 

Smith, Phyllis Joy— 137 

Smith, Phyllis Max— 88, 274 

Smith, Re«— 260 

Smith, Richard Terry— 181, 245 309 

Smith, Robert C— 218 

Smith, Roy L.— 223 

Smith, Virgil Bushman — 58, 70 

Smith, William Guy— 181 

Smith, Wilford- 286 
Smithson, Anna Vee — III, 237 

Snarr, Joyce — 274 
Snarr, LeIand Glen— 289 

Snyder, lona M. — ^250 
Snelqrove, Phiip R.— Ml, 295 

Snell, Carolyn— 181 

Snow, tfoward — 309 

Snow. Qentin E. — 92 

boelberg, Bruce Ray — 161 

Soelberg, Verl L.— 68, 213 

Solomon, Craig Norval- 225, 254, 392 

Solomon, Geraldine — 86 

Solomon, James D., Jr. — 88, 246, 249 

Sommerlade, Joyce Lael — 217 
Sorensen, David E — 161 
Sorensen, Donald — 88 
Sorenson, John L. — 70 
Sorensen, Joyce — 68, 259 
Sorensen, Kenneth Uscar — 181 
Sorensen, Kent V. — 161 
Sorensen, Leila June — 181 
Sorensen, Lois — 161 
Sorensen, Louise — 181 
Sorensen. 'Margaret Adele — 137,236 
Sorensen, Mary Ann — 137. 198. 216. 266 Sfual^' j'oanni 

Stowell. Glenna— 137. 237 

Stowell, LeRoy Gay--«9 

Stowell, Louise — 210 

Strotford, Leiand M., Jr.— 58. 74, 89 

292, 309 
Stowell, Ray— 237 
Stratford, Roland Jack— 182, 292 
Stratton, Emma — III 
Straub, David Wesley— 163, 236 
Strawn. Byron LaNar— 230, 292 
Stringfellow. Val— 294 

Stringham. Val — 138 ,. ■ o ,^ . ■,:,o 
Stringham, Joanne— 111, 199, 216, 266 Thomas, Betty Ann— 139 
Stringham, Marcio A.— 136, 198, 270. "■ ° 

Stromberg, Marvis Edith— 89. 253 
Strong. Alice — 138 
StrubTe, Jackie M.— 138. 225 
Stuart. Deon Webster^-223 

Thacker. Lynn D.— 183, 366 

Thacker, P. Ted — 69 

Thacker, Vern C— 69 

Thackeray, Renee — 112, 222, 272 

Thayne, trvin D.— 163 

Thayne, Gordon Earl — 137 

Thelin, Josie Valentine — 136 

Theobald, Connie Joyce — 256 

Thomander, LaVonne — 69, 194, 216, 271 Tyai 

Ihimothy. Emily— 135 

Thomas. Barbara Louise — 163 

Thomas. Burdie— 139. 279 


Sorensen. Neil R.— 88. 247 
Sorensen. Pat Joanne — 161 
Sorenson. Roger A. — 215, 226 
Sorensen, Stanford P.^137 
Sorriaux, Jeannine — 181, 224 
Southwell, Donna Dean — III 
Southworth, Mark L.— 88 
Sparks, George C. — 137 
Sparks, Truman — 92 
Sparks. Venna — 68 
Spencer, Areola — 181 
Spencer, Donald N.— 74, 68 
Spencer, Lucille — 215 
Spencer, Maitland G. — 86, 206 
Spencer, Usher Stanley — 137 
Spendlove, Rex S. — 70 
Sperry, Alan Francis — 88 
Spilsbury, Jewel Ann^-68 
Sprague, Kathleen — 137 
Spratling, Roylance — 57, 59, 88,, 92, 

194, 278, 281 
Spurrier, Donald Eugene — 297 
Squire, Erma Luicille — 181 
Stafansen, 6111 Vern— 71, 161 
Statey, Gail Jay — 136 
Standage, Delbert R.— 138 
Sanford, Ann — 391 
Stanford, Doris Ethel— 138, 236 
Stanton, Brain Eugene — 161 
Stapley, Donna Rae — III, 269 
Stapley, Marilyn— 138, 217, 266 
Staples, Roy — 297 
Starley, William Stevens— 161 
Starley, Jean — 138 

Starling, Myrtle Estelle— 88, 240 
Staufler. David Millard— 88 

Slawffer. 6. J.— 181 
Stay, Hobert Lee— 236 
Stayner, Lynn — 197 
Stayner, Jerry — 278 

Stebbing, William E.— 138 

Stack, Robert Eldon— III, 181 

Steed, Camille— 181, 224 

Steele, Berenice— 137, 225 

Steele, Paul LeFay — 88, 208 

Steffenson, Forrest — 209 

Steffey, Donna Joan — 181 

Steimle, Patricia Anne— 161, 283, 360 

Stenquist, Leiand Gus — 136 

Stephens, Boyd Ernest — 181 

Stephens, Neil C— 161, 318 

Stephens, Robert Edwerd' 

Stephensen, Jeck O. — 86 

Stephenson, Karma June — 181 

Stephenson, Kay Verl — 137 

Stephenson, Loran D. — 72 

Stephenson. Mary Lohree — 181 

Stepp, Homer W.— 88, 254 

Stevens. Betty Lou — 182 

Stevens. Dale Bayles — 180 

Stevens. Elaine— 182 

Stevens. Floyd J— 182 

Stevens. Hank— 294 

Stevens. Henry H. — 68 

Stevens. John — 236 

Stevens. William Ray— 182. 234 

Stevenson. Donna Louise — 182. 236 

Stevenson. Dwayne H. — 138 

Stevenson. V. Grant— 247. 322 

Stevenson. Lorin Stanley — 162 

Stevenson. Kay — 223 

Stevenson Max B. — 182, 

Stewart. Charles G.— Ill 

Stewart. Don G. — 89 

Stewart. Earl Dean — 138 

Stewart. Joyce Lyn — 162 

Stewart. Nelda C.— II 

Stewart. Scott Paul— 162 

Stewart. Zona Elverle — 136 

Stewart, Merwin Udell— 136. 289 326 

Stiburek. Beverly Joan— 182. 236 

Stimpson. David — 162 

Stinger. Atherton — 136 

Stocl. Jean— 69, 253 

Stockdale, Barbara Jean — 138 

Stocking. Melba Marlene — 16, 

Stocking, Norma Jo — 138 

Stocks, Bruce De Faro — 138 

Stocks, Florence — III, 204 

Stoddard, Gloris— 138, 215 

Stoddard. Louise— 179. 200 

Stoker. Wade— 246 

Stoker, Phyllis— 182. 255. 276 

BYU— 23 

Stokei. Verne— 182. 255. 276 

Stolworthy. Donna — 137 

Stone. Marlene Pearl — 182. 201 

Stoops. Linford Ronald- 

Stott. Cleo Gail— 89 

Stott. Cloyd— 182 

Stott. Douglas W.— 69 

Soft, Lloyd— 163 

Stott. Reah Knell— 182 

Stout. DeMar Earl— 138 

Stowell. Betty Rae— 137 

-162, 217 

Stuart. Nathan J.— 138 
Stubbs. Byron— 136 
Stubbs. Clifton Dean — 89 
Stuckey, Russell Dwight— III 216 
Sumerhays. Charles — 138. 287 
Summers. Helen Marie— 162. 382. 366, 

Summers. Raymond A., Jr. — 182 
Sumsion, David — 162 
Sumsion. Owen W. — 66 
Sumsion. Robert J. — 88 
Sunderland. Doris Marie — HI. 225. 

238. 253 
Sutton. Helen — 182 
Swain. Bertella— 182 
Swan. Geralee — 182 
Swan. Helen Joyce— III. 275. 368 
Swann. Grace — 138 
Swanson, James — 238 
Swasey. Ardell— 138 
Sweet. Richard Donald— III. 297 
Swenson. Alfred Gordon — 182 
Swenson. Barbara Jen — 162 
Swenson. James Walter — 70 
Sylvestor. Althea— 89. 266 
Syme. Georgia Jean — 138 

— T— 

Tahquette. Mary Ann — ^228 
Takasaki. Fred Yasuo— 89, 226. 232 
Tall, Marilyn Eve— 217 238 
Tanner, Cermela D. — 69, 231 
Talmage, 8urton A. — 89 
Tangren, Bert — 247 
Tanner, Alkel H.— 138 
Tanner, Betty Jane — 163, 236 
Tanner, Carmela — ^270 
Tanner, David Earl — 183, 23S 
Tanner, Harold — 286 
Tanner, John W.— Ill, 196 
309 319 Tanner, Lillias Ann — 139, 274 
Tanner. Lyie H.— 223. 2S4 
Tanner. N. Janese — 111. 225 
Tanner, Patricia Ann — ^201. 224 
Tanner, Ralf R. — 138 
Tanner, Sylvan K. — 89 
Taylor, Ann Dean — 163, 282 
Taylor, Betty Mae — 89 
Taylor, Bruce J.— 164, 288 

Thomas, Byron — 89 

Thomas, Claude Ray— 112. 218, 297 

Thomas, Dean W.— 246 

Thomas, Dorthea C. — 139 

Thomas, Edward Blain — 139 

Thomas, Elvryn Lavoy — 89, 247 

Thomas, Evan Scott — 183 

Thomas, Grant W.— 64, 223 

Thomas, H. Dayle — 89 265 

Thomas, Irene— 69, 251 

Thomas, Dale — 139 

Thomas. LaVieve — 89. 276 

Thomas. LaVoy — 215 

Thomas. Marilyn — 183 

Thoman. Opal Jean— 137, 253 

Thomas, Patricia diano— 112, 199, 274 

Thomas, Rex LaMar — 137 

Thomas, Robert D.— 138 

Thomas, Thomas Vernerd, Jr.— 112. 246 Van Dyke. Jean Lucill 

Turner. Jack— 391 

Turner, Patricia Ann — 184 

Turner, Rodney F. — 139 

Turner. Shirley Lou— 112, 276 

Turner. Thomas G. — 184 

Tuttle. Edythe— 184 

Tutlle, Erma Carrol Jeane — 139, 256 

Tuttle, Kathryn— 112, 279 

Elmer D. S.— 112 
Tiler, Doris— 112, 225, 236 
Tyler, Joan Beryl— 184 
Tyler, Sylvia R.— 66. 184, 200, 217 
Tyler, Reed— 139. 256 
Tyler. Virginia Haiel — 168 
Tylor. Janice— 199 
Treu. Shirley— 236 

— U- 

Udall. Alice Jean— 187. 391 
Udell. Audrey Jones— 90 
Udell. Edith Idella— 267 
Udell. Mary Louise— 94, 112. 266 
Uibel. Garth— 211, 234, 296 
Umphenour, Sterling Gordon — 184 
Unqerson. Reid Grant — 139 
Unice. Robert-C— 91. 212. 297 

— V— 

Vance. Deniel Herbert- 


Thompson. Barbara Ann — 139, 253 
Thompson, Barbara Fee — 112 
Thompson, Barry— 288, 368, 89 
Thompson, Clair B. — 137 
Thompson, Diene — 163 
Thompson, Dorothy — 89, 241 
Thompson, Everett W.— 69 
Thompson, Glenna Kay — 184 
Thompson, John Harmon — 89 
Thomson, Marilyn — 257 
Thomson, Sharlene — 184 
Thompson, Mariorie — 90. 204. 241 
Thompwn, Reed Paul — 70 
Thompson, Robert A. — 137 
Thomson, Carolyn J. — 112 
Thorley, Theon Macfarlane — 218 
Thorne, Janice 138, 198, 270, 385 
Thome, Geraldine — 271 
Thornton. La Vee — 164 
Thornton, Newell Kay— 184 
Threet. Conway Black— 92. 197 
Thurber. Karl Garner — 164 
Thurber. R. Jeenine — 276 
Thurber. Stanley Roy — 137 
Thurman, Newel LaDell— 138. 205 
Tiau. Albert— 232 
Tidwell. Bette LaVerne— 163 
Tidwell. Don— 139 
Tidwell, Marilyn Vee— 112. 255 
Tilack, Winone— 251 234 
Tillman, Norma — 103 
Tillotson, Joyce— 183, 201 
Timm, Dorothy J. — 112 
Tingey, Garth L.— 139 
Tingey, Grant C— 90, 286 
Tingey, Martel — 137, 246 
Tippetts, Blain M. — 180 
Tippetts, Frank M.— 230 

Van SIboten, Don— 112, 192, 236, 268, 

353, 391 
Van Wagoner, Earl, Jr.— 164 
Varela. Delores — 91 
Vaughan, Cheryldene — 139 
Vernon. Belva Merle — 184 
Vest. Arthur Dee— 112 
Velbourne, Alice— 276 
Vincenti Carl A.— 226 
Vieira. Emmenell Nani— 112. 270 
Viles, Claudio Eileen— 139. 195 
Voight. Clifford William— 91 
Vorwaler. Louis 6laine — 139 
Vreeand. Janice Thais- 137. 236, 266 

— W— 

Wade. Bonnie Lee— 139. 236 
Wachsmuth. Jean W.— 112, 274 
Wadsworth, Don Karl— 91, 295 
Wagner. Albert Kenyon — 91 
Wagner, Leona Farnsworth — 91 
Wagstetf. Gay A.— 140 
Wainright. Joan Bernice— 168. 238 
Waite. Kenneth H.— 1 14. 236 
Weile, William Richard— 91 
Walker, Dan Leonard— 238, 327 
Welker. Dean H.— 91 
Walker, Elmo Butters- 91 
Walker, Garth- 223 
Walker, Gerold Lynn— 91 
Walker. J. Myron— 57, 58. 74. 91, 193, 

Welker, Jessie Marie— 164 
Walker, Sonford S.— 56, 62, 112, 130, 

218, 246 
Wallace, Dorothy— 184, 224 

Taylor', Carolyn— 63, 139, 199, 234, 278 Tippits, Gladys— 241 



Taylor, Clinton Ray — 309 

Taylor, David A.— 139, 295 

Taylor, Dixie— 139, 195, 198 

Taylor. Delbert— 163 

Taylor. Donetta — 139 

Taylor. Edwin Isaac 

Taylor. Elaine — 163 

Taylor. Bhelyn— 215 

Taylor. Gene Kent — 183 

Taylor. Gordon 8.-69, 197, 326 

Taylor, Gordon Sterling — 69, 289 

Taylor, Janice — III, 170 

Taylor. Jaris— 183 

Taylor, Joan — 183 

Taylor. JoAnn— 163, 237, 280 

Taylor, John A.— III. 311 

Taylor, John Maurice — 295 

Taylor. John W.— 139 

Taylor, Jacqueline — 139, 279 

Taylor. Kenneth Reese — -W 

Taylor. Leila M.— 111. 25] 

Taylor. Lester — 111 

Taylor. Loyd— 163 

Taylor. Lester — 1 1 1 

Taylor. Marilyn— 195, 215, 230. 234 

Taylor. Marolyn— 139. 198. 278 

Taylor. Mildred— 69. 253 

Taylor. iMavis — 163 

Taylor. Mildred— 89. 253 

Taylor. Ralphena— 199. 269 

Taylor. Richard — 231 

Ronald David— 240 

Sherwin G.— 89 

Ruth— 112 
Taylor. William Hacing— 112 
Tee. Roy D.— 67. 207, 292 
Tebbs. Morion— 59. l38. 199. 216. 238 

Teichert. John A.— 1 12. 236. 246, 327 
Telford. Mexine— 112, 274 
Tollmen, Normo — 237 
Tenney, Eugene Delbert — 124, 237 
Tenney. Woyne P. — 183 
Terry, Birdene— 89, 266, 261 
Terry, Down— 268 
Terry, Golden Deon — 112 
38, 212, 287 Terry, Joyce— 112 
Terry, Rex N.— 112 
Terry, Velma — 112 
Teuscher, Norinne — 1 12, 2S5 
Tew, Burton Edwin, Jr. — 213 
Thockor. Horry Fred— 241 
Thocker, Li 10—89 
Thacker, LyIe Vern— 183 



Tipton, Norman Deon — 112 

Titensor. Barry Roy — 183 

Tobler, Don Lee — 164, 29? 

Tobler, Shorlene — 112 

Todd, Albert C, Jr.— 90 

Todd, Anito— 90, 236 

Todd, Henry Swen— 184. 213. 236 

Todd. Lorin R.— 112. 256 

Tohman. Edward — 247 

Tolbert. Wilbur Normon— 90. 266 

Tolley. Donold George — 164 

Tonks. Deeh— 90. 215. 389 

Tooke. Richard Lee— 90, 287. 305 

Tooke. Williom Howord— 112. 286 

Toone. Kenneth George — 184. 287 

Toone. Marjorie Evelyn — 112. 225. 241 

Topham. Forrest Key — ^90, 289 

Tovery, Noramn K. — 112 

Togeson, Carolyn — 59, 94, 112 

Torgason Gilbert Loroine, Jr.— 112 

Tovell. Williom Reuben- 164 

Tovey, Normo — 257 

Trocy, Clinton R.— 90 

Trflcy, Raymond C. — 184 

Tree, Ire Joy — 184 

Tregoikis, Glede Lloyd— i9, 116, 139, 

Tribe, Corolyn— 112 
Trimble, Robert Bruce— 90 
TroHer. Poul Arnold— 112 
Trottier. Wollace G.— 112 
Tsalaky. Eva— 90 
Tsalaky. George— 90, 302 
Tucker, Clyde L.— 139, 289 
Tucker, Dick— 287 
Tucker, Gefoldlne — 270 
Tucker, Joonne Elioson — 90 
Tucker, Korl L.— 90. 321 
Tucker, Lois Jeon — 90 
Tucker, Luther Christopher- 298 
Tueiler, Chorlene Geneve — 112, 257 
Tueller. Nedro— 139 
Tvomenokso, Eilo Onarva — 184, 215, 

224, 22S 
Turley, Ann Jeon — 184 
Turley, Donne L«*— 222 
Turley. Bio Mae— 90 
Turnbow, DIx R. — 90 
Turner, Bonnie Jeon — 112, I9S, 214, 

Turner, Chorlet W. — 139, 290 
Turner, Dole — 260 
Turner, Ello Ruth — 90 
Turner, Gerold L — 168, 298 

Wollis, jock. R.— 91, 206 
Morolyn— 91, 2S9 


Walston, Milton Lee— 112 

Walton, Goyle E.— 66, 139, I9S, 198, 

216, 224, 271 
Wolton, Modelyn— 140 
Word, Arlo V.— 184 
Ward, Corma Luano — 164 
Word, Dennis Eric— 112. 197,234 
Word, Ezro Morion— 185 
Word, Jomes W.— 165 
Ward. Morilyn— 164. 282 
Woring. Robert Gordon— 70. 238 
Werner. Martha Mae — 139 
Warner. Poul Freestone — 223, 226 
Werner. Poul W.— 91. 112 
Wornick. Robert Eldredge— 184 
Worr. Corol— 67, 113, 195, 199 
Worr. Gary E.— 185. 233 
Warren. Paul— 290 
Wasden. Leonard Berrett— 139. 236, 

Woshburn, Velyn— 195 
Waters. CliHord Ray— 122 
Waters. Max LeRoy — 186 
Watkins. Alone Janette— 91. 268 
Watkins, Arlys— 165 
Watson. Lowell S.— 91 
Wan, Barbara L.— 139, 252 
Watts, Don Elden— 139, 225 
Watts, EIno Eloine Brown — 63 
Wotts. Jerry Williom— 165 
Woymon, Goil — 224 
Wethermon, Donold Irvin — 165, 233 

Webb, Bloine D— 165, 224, 299 
Webb, Froncis Adelbert— 112 
Weber, John — 298 
Weenig. Horry Merwin — 309 
Weight Glen Aldous— 140 
Weitzeil, Normon Lee— 185 
Weinheimer, Ruth Ellen — 72 
Welbourne, Alice Jean — 165 
Welch, Arthur H.— 114 
Wells, Beverly Jeon— IBS 
Walls. Joreld LeIond— 139 
Wells, Milton— 112 
Wells, Richord W.— 48, 64 185, 299 
Wengreen. Arthur Deon — 72, 215 
Warrett, Williom Ronold— 140, 224, 

Wesemonn, Ruth Mory — 185 
West, Ann Ruth— 165 
West, Arnold E.— 91 
West. Barbara Ann — I6S 
West, Bob— 67 


West, C. Keilh— 112. 307 
West, Henry George— 185, 309 
West. Joseph Donald — 185 
West. Marilyn Jeanne — 165 
Westenskow. Lowell — 139 
Westeoskow. William Vernile— 113, Robert Nello— UO. 289 
Weslover Ross Wendell— 91, l^i 
Westover. Udell— 303, 305. 337 
Westover. Ruel— 232 
Westwood. Ardis Jean — 185. 214 
Whaanga. Albert— I 13, 225. HO 
Wharton. Shirley Mae — 185 
Whatcott. Carol— 185 
Whatcotl. Don— 309 
Whatcott. William John— 186. 321 
Wheeler. Dorelta C— 139 
Wheelright, Boyd— 297 
Whetten. Lawrence Lester— 60. 140 

290. 388 
Whetlle, Charles— 216 
Whipple. Audrey Elaine — 91. 206 
Whilbeck. Alan— 91 
Whipple. Boyd— 292 
White, Bryce D.— 185 
While. Dorothy Fr.— 113, 275 
While. Earl Roger— 298 
White. Floyd H.— 185 
White Kar. Robert— 218 
White, Fred G.— 67. 213 
White, John— 227 
White. Lilly— 237 
While, Fern— 237 
While. Richard N — HO 
White. Roger— 186 
Whitear. Glenn Loris— 139 
Whitehead. JoAnne — 91 
Whitehead. Lee Melvin— MO. 238, 
Whitehead, Leroy. Jr.— 91 
Whitehead, Wilda— 186 
Whiteley. Joyce— 63. 113, 195. 199, 
WhiHord. Ethel Helani— 232 
Whiteley. Patricia Ann — 186 

Whiting. Ann— 113, 195, 2W. 271 

Whiting. Mirilyn— 140 

Whitney. Robert Orson— 63. 91. 247 

Whittaker. Bob— 305 

Whittaker, Donald C. — 91 

Whittle. JoAnn — 275 

Whittle. Sabra — 179 

Wlberg, Marilyn — 114 

Wible, John Robert — 186 

Wickman, Jay Ros — 91 

Wrightman, Jeanne Afton — 186 

Wilcken. Dolores — 186 

Wilco., Leo C— 113, 247 

Wilde. Ruth— 186, 291. 224. 280 

Wilkie. Mae— 139 

Wilkins. Arthell— 112. 278 

Wilklns, Delora— 140 

Wilkins, George Richard— 113 

Wilkinson. Marian — 385. 389 

Willard, Clyde L.— 91 

Willardson. Corma— 140. 259 

Willordson. Jody C. — 67, 113 

Willardson, Dona M.— 186 

Willes Vera Erma— 140. 385, 389, 391 
Williams, Boyd G.— 91, 208 
Williams. Boyd Lanona — 186 
Williams, Buehl LaMar — 113. 247 
Williams. Dorothy Jean— 72 
Williams. Dwayne A.— 113 
Williams, Glen Robert— 59. 114, 140, 

Williams. George L.— 113, 218. 240 
Williams, Jay 8.— 91 
Williams. Kenneth J.— 91 
Williams. Lamar— 237 
Williams. Lois Maurine Larsen — 140 
Williams. Patrice Jeanne — 113, 216 
290 Williams, Paul George— 140 
Williams, Ruby F.— 166. 234 
Williamson. Gary Clark— 186. 236, 298 
392 Williamson, Joan — 112 
Willis. Janet Relva— 184 
Willis, John Gridley— 186 

Willmoll, Ann Barns — 186 

Wilson, Arlo Luther — 186 

Wilson, Arnold— 186, 319 

Wilson, Arnold R. — 319 

Wilson. Avard Lynn — 113, 226 

Wilson. Carlyn — 186 

Wilson. Dean Ervin— 166 

Wilson. Janice Carol — 186. 259 

Wilson. JoAnn— 186 

Wilson, John Lawrence — 140, 254 

Wilson, Lawrence D. — 139. 225 

Wilson. Mae— 166 

Wilson, Ma« E.— 113, 246 

Wilson William Albert— 166, 226 

Wiltbank Mary Eliiabelh— 186, 237 

Wimmer. Leiand Pulley— 91 

Winegar, Maxine — 113 

Wing David Allen — 218 

Wing'. Jack Hildevrand— 213 

Wlna Joyce C. — 113 

Winq Lela-63, 106, 113, 195. 199,216 

"0. 264 
Winger. Gay Elliott— 186 
Winget. J. Oscar— 140 . 
Winkenwerder. Shirlee Ann 
Winkler, Beth Bluebell— 224. 140 
Winkler. Phyllis— 91. 271 
Winn. Blaine LaVar — 186 
Winn, Zan J. — 186 
Winsor, Carlene Mildred— 186, 237 
Winone. Tillack— 130 
Winsor, Joann — 186, 237 
Winsor, Robert Carl— 186. 245 
Winlch. JoAnn — 174 
Winter, Jeannine — 186 

Winter, Lewis John— 64. 65. 140 

Winter, Rue Ann — 140 

Winters, Francis Burton — 186, 238, 256 

Winterton. Eldon W. — 186 

Winward. Joy— 186. 238 

Wiscombe. Arthur Clark— 91 

Wiscombe. Erold Clark — 91 

Wiscombe, Phyllis K.— 92 

Wiscombe, Virginia — 187 

Wise, Neva Rae— 187 

Wissmar. David Frank — 187 

Wiltke, Dayton Doyle— 167 

Wolfinden. Charles Arthur— 140. 226 

Wolfinden, George J.— 91, 209 

Wold. Royce 8.- 187 

Wollley. Earl Scott— 91 

WoHley. Patsy Darline — 187. 238 

Wolverton. Jo Ann — 187 

Womack, Glen P.— 140 

Wong, Anne S. H.— 140 

Wong. Mary S. .— 187 

Wood, E. Annette— 91. 221, 266, 391, 

Wood, Clair Steohen- 140 

Wood. Kay Marie — 328 

Wood Peggy Marie— 65. 91. 195. 217, 

236. 240, 252, 270 

Wood, Wanda Jean — 113. 273 

Woodard. Melva Rene — 241 

Woodbury, John Byrce — 113. 218 

Woodbury. Loralne — 70 

Woodford. Hugh James — 91 

Woodward, John David — 60, 187 

Woolley, Quentin — 63, 114, 201 

Woolston, Paul— 92 

Wooton, Madline-224. 225. 270, 388 

Wootton. Richard Roland — 140 

Worsley. Joan K. — 187 

Worsley, Linda J.— 114 

Wortham, Wilbur Raleigh— 238 

Worlhen. Patricia- 187 

Worthington. Everett Eugene— 187 

Worthington. Keith Neldon— 113, 218 

Wrathall, Carolyn- 140 
Wrathall, Jay W.— 205 
Wride. C. Hayward— 140 
Wright. Beverly— 114. 199 
Wright, Carol A — 92 
Wright. Herbert Curtis— 140 
Wright, Joseph Merlin — 114 

Wright, June C— 92. 224 
Wright, Kenneth Dean— 72 
Wright. Mariorie Elain— 187 
Wright Mona— 92. 206. 251 
Wright. Rae— 181 
Wright. William Lloyd— 114 
Wyatt, Barbara— 198 
Wyndir. Frank Curtis— 140, 247 

Yamakawa, Takamasa— 140. M5 
Yearsley. Karen Adele-187, 238 
Yearsley, Kenneth C— 187 
Yeates, Margene — 187, 257 
Young. Arlo D.— 167 
Young, Bevis— 187 
Young. Carl Louis— 92 
Young. David B.— 167 
Young. Everett William— 70 
Young'. Janice — 201 
Young, J. Lowell-114, 225 
Young. Janis — 187 
Young. Lawrence Richard— 92 
Young, Marilyn E.-I40, 198 
Young. Mitii Marianne— 140. 236 
Young Nolan G.— 114, 203 
Young, Val J.— 140 
Young. Yvonne— 187, 276 
Yoshimoto, Harold E. — 226 

— Z— 

Zabriskie. Jay R.-ie7 
Zaccardi. Dorthy Julie T.— 187 
Zakel, Helen Maxine — 187 
Zilting Harold LeRoy— 140, 248 
ZobelT, Gordon N.— 140 
Zobell, Keith Walter— 140 
Zohner, Dorin— 187 
Zwahlen, Kenneth D.— 114, 216, 
240. 249