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Jacob Barney 

Jairus Sidney Barney 
Harriet Hosmer 

Everett Hosmer Barney 

George Murray Barney 

^.f[>UlJr M^^A^^^^ jSay\n^t^/ 


B a r n e y — H o s m e r 
1634 1635 


Privately Printed 

Springfield, Massachusetts 

Nineteen Hundred and Twelve 

Copyrighted by 

William Fkederick Adams 



^s A few records of the Barney Family, 

"^ arranged in this form from material 

\,, gathered while in search for a certain 

' line, and which may be of value possibly 

to those who are in search of the name 



The Hosmers are also included in this 
volume, and other material relating to 
this family will be found in a separate 
work under title of " James Hosmer — 
Cambridge, 1635 — settled in Concord 
soon after." — Privately Printed, 1911. 


(Barney, Berney, Barne, Barnie) 

Barney Genealogical Material 

Williams Family Record 

Billings Family Record 

Barney Genealogy — Mrs. C. H. Barney 

Barney Family in New England — F. W. Brown 

Barney Vital Records 

Barney Genealogical Material — Roderick D. Barney 

King Philip's War 

Hosmer Genealogical Material 

Early House Lot of the First James Hosmer 

The Old North Bridge at Concord 



Everett Hosmer Barney, Portrait 

Map of New England, 1634 

Old Cemetery — Salem, Massachusetts 

Map of Acton — Historical 

Map of Part of Salem, 1700 

Home Lot of Jairus Sidney Barney 

Cemetery — Saxonville-Framingham, Massachusetts 

Congregational Church — Saxonville-Framingham, 

Woodlawn Cemetery — Acton, Massachusetts 

Nathaniel Billings Memorial Stone 

Redemption Rock 

Map of Concord — Colonial Period 

Site of the First James Hosmer House 

House on the Original Lot of James Hosmer the first 

King Philip's Oak — Wrentham, Massachusetts 
Site of the House of Stephen^ Hosmer, Acton, Massa- 

Homestead of Stephen' Hosmer, Acton, Massachu- 

Home of Deacon Jonathan Hosmer, born 1712 

Monument — On this Field the Minute Men and Militia 

Monument — Mr. Abner Hosmer 
Monument — Captain Isaac Davis 
Battle Monument — Concord, Massachusetts 
House on Home Lot of Ephraim Hosmer 
Monument — Ephraim Hosmer 
Hayward House — Acton, Massachusetts 
Monuments — Joel Hosmer, Esther Hosmer, Wood- 
lawn Cemetery, Acton, Massachusetts 
George Murray Barney — Portrait 
Battle Monument — Concord, Massachusetts 
In Memory of James Haywood, killed April 19, 1775 
Graves of the British Soldiers killed April 19, 1775 


KiMBER & Johnson, Baronetage, England, Volume I, 

(Barney, Berney, Barne, Barnie) 

Berney, of Parkhall, in Reedham, Norfolk 
Created Baronet May 5, 1620 

This ancient family were denominated from the town 
of Berney, near Wallingham, in this County, where 
they were seated about the time of the Conquest, and 
have ever since been of considerable note. 

In some very ancient writings, which belonged to 
the Priory of Byham, 

1. Roger de Berney, is found mentioned as Lord of 
Berney, as also 

2. Sir Henry de Berney, Knt., his son; whose son, 

3. Richard de Berney by Catherine, daughter of 
Roger Gygney, Esq., had issue, 

4. Henry de Berney who lived at Berney, 1268, and 
was father of 

5. John de Berney, who resided chiefly in the city 
of Norwich, at his capital messuage there, called Ber- 
ney's Inn, which, or another of the same name, that 
came into the family with the estates at Reedham, by 
marriage, very soon after this time, has continued in it 
ever since. This John de Berney, married Joan, 
daughter and heiress of Bartholomew de Witching- 
ham, Esq. ; he left issue by her, 

6. John de Berney who resided at Witchingham. 
He was one of the Citizens for Norwich, in the Parlia- 

ment held at York, 9 Edw. Ill; also, he, with Robert 
Clare, Esq., were the King's Commissioners, before 
an inquest was taken upon a writ of Ad quod damnum 
concerning the fee of the castle of Norwich, 19 Edw. 
III. In the following year he was elected one of the 
Knights of the Shire for the county of Norfolk, as he 
was again two years afterwards, 22 Ed. Ill, together 
with the said Robert Clare, Esq.; and were allowed £14 
10s. for thirty-four days' attendance. He also served 
in Parliament, 31 Edward III, and for attending 
thirty-two days had £6 8s. allowed for his expenses. 
His first wife was Sarah, daughter of Bartholomew 
Batman, and his second Catharine, daughter of Peter 
Bedingfield, Esq. He left two sons, Robert and 
Thomas. The eldest, Sir Robert Berney, who was a 
Knight Batchelor of the Duke of Guyen and Lancaster, 
continued at Witchingham, and from whom were 
descended the two branches of the family, viz, the 
Witchingham and Gunton, which having continued 
several descents are now extinct. This Sir Robert 
married Margaret, second daughter, and one of the 
co-heiresses of Walter de Walcot, who was a lineal 
descendant of two very ancient families united in him; 
one derived from Sir Clement Clopton, Knt., and the 
other from Sir Matthew de Gunton, Knt., who lived 
22 Hen. I, 1122. Margery, another sister to the said 
Margaret, was a nun in Carrow Abbey. By this mar- 
riage he had the manor of Gunton, where, four genera- 
tions afterwards, a Sir Robert Berney, his descendant, 
who was Steward of Lord Morley, Marshal of Ireland, 
and Sherifi' of Norfolk and Suffolk, 7 and 11 of Henry IV, 
built a very capital house. 

7. Thomas de Berney, second son of the above men- 
tioned John Berney de Witchingham, who was after- 


wards knighted, married Margaret, daughter and 
heiress of Sir Robert Caston, Knt., of a very ancient 
family seated at Reedham, in Norfolk, at the time of 
the Conqueror's survey. By this marriage, besides 
several other estates and lordships, he had the manor 
of Reedham, whither he removed in the reign of Ed- 
ward III, from Witchingham, which continued the 
seat of his elder brother. Sir Robert, and his descend- 
ants, as above mentioned, and Reedham became the 
seat of this branch of the family. 

8. John Berney of Reedham, his son and heir, mar- 
ried Isabel, daughter and heiress of Sir John Herring- 
ham, Knt., and died anno 1440, leaving issue three sons: 
1. Thomas; 2. Robert, of Barrow, Knt., and 3. 
John, who died issueless, 1461. 

9. Thomas Berney de Reedham, the eldest son, by 
Eva, daughter of John Clipsby, Esq., left issue, 

10. John Berney of Reedham, who married Cathar- 
ine, daughter of Osbert Munford, of Hockwold, whose 
son and heir, 

11. John Berney de Reedham, married, first, a 
daughter of Richard Southwell, Esq.; and afterwards a 
daughter of John Wentworth, of Suffolk, leaving issue, 

12. John de Berney of Reedham, whose first wife 
was Margaret, daughter of William Reade, of Beccles, 
in Suffolk, and his second, Alice, daughter of Richard 
Joyner, and relict of Paul Sydnor, of Kent, Esq.; he 
died 1557, leaving issue, Thomasine, married to Thomas 
Osborne, of Kirby, Bedon, Esq.; another daughter 

married to Sydnor, of Blundelson, Esq. ; Mary 

married to Robert Jenny, of Heringfleet; and the 


youngest to Cuddon of Shadingfield, all in 

Suflfolk; also one son and heir, 

13. Henry Berney de Reedham, who, in the reign of 
Philip and Mary, removed the old seat of the family, 
which stood near the church at Reedham, into the park 
there, in which he built a magnificent house (part of 
which is now standing) and made very large gardens, 
anno 1577, calling it Park-hall, in Reedham. He died 
1584, having a numerous issue, by Alice his first wife, 
daughter of Roger Appleton, of Comb, in Essex, and 
Agnes, his second, who was daughter of Walter Clarke, 
of Hadley, in Suflfolk, Esq.; and heiress of her brother 
Edward. Of whom 

14. Sir Thomas Berney de Reedham, Knt., his 
eldest son and heir, was High Sheriff of Norfolk, 7 
James I, 1609, and died 1616, leaving issue by Juliana, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Gaudy, of Redenhall, in Nor- 
folk, Knt., one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, 
several children. Of whom William, the eldest son, 
married the daughter of the Lord Chief Justice Coke, 
but had no issue; and John, the second son, dying 
unmarried; Richard, the third son, became his heir. 
Thomas, the seventh, and youngest son was High 
Sheriff of Norfolk, 22 Charles I, 1647, and married 
Dorothy, daughter of John Smith, of Arminghall, 
from whom is descended that branch of the family 
which resided for a long time in Swardston, but is now 
removed to Bracon, the seat of the present John Ber- 
ney, Esq.; his descendant, who was High Sheriff of 
Norfolk, 1760. 

15. Sir Richard Berney de Reedham, the third son 
of Sir Thomas, by his two elder brothers dying without 
issue, became his heir, and was created a Baronet 


May 5, 1620, the 18th of James I. He was High Sheriff 
of Norfolk, the 20th of the same King, 1622, and died 
1668. By Anne, daughter of Michael Smallpage, of 
Chichester, in Sussez, Esq.; besides four daughters 
he had 1. Sir Thomas, his eldest son; 2. Richard; 
3. John; 4. William; 5. Henry. He left all his 
estates at Reedham, and elsewhere, belonging to the 
family, to his second son, Richard Berney de Reedham, 
Esq.; who was twice High Sheriff of Norfolk, 14 
Charles II, 1662, and also the 22d of the same King, 
1670. He married a daughter of Sir Jacob Gerrard, of 
Langford, in Norfolk, Bart., and by her had only one 
son and heir, Richard Berney de Reedham, Esq.; who 
was High Sheriff of Norfolk, 4 William III, 1692, and 
died the same year unmarried. He lies buried on the 
south side of the chancel, in the church at Reedham, 
with many of this family, of which he was the last who 
resided or enjoyed the estates there, after they had been 
in the possession of his ancestors for many generations, 
from the marriage of the above mentioned Thomas 
Berney, second son of John Berney de Witchingham, 
with Margaret, daughter and heiress of the said William 
de Reedham, in the reign of Ed. III. John Berney of 
Westwick, third son of Sir Richard, married Susan, 
daughter of John Stains, and left two sons, John and 
Richard. The eldest, John Berney, married first, 
Bridget, daughter of William Branthwayte, of Hethel, 
Esq.; and had two daughters, Julian, married to 
Thomas Brograve, of Hertfordshire, Esq.; and Eliza- 
beth, to John Petre, now of Westwick, Esq.; to his 
second wife, he married Elizabeth, daughter of Maurice 
Kendall, of North walsham, Esq.; but by her had no 
issue. Richard Berney, late of Langley, in Norfolk, 
second son of John Berney, of Westwick, was formerly 

Recorder of Norwich, for which city he was returned 
Member in the two last Parhaments of Queen Anne. 
By Mary, daughter of Augustin Briggs, of the same 
city, Esq., he left issue only one daughter, Elizabeth, 
married to Thomas Branston, of Skreens, in Essez, 
Esq. ; formerly one of the Knights of the Shire for that 
county. William, the fourth son of Richard, married 
a daughter of Thomas Browne, of Elsinghall, in Nor- 
folk, Esq., and had issue. Henry, the fifth son, died a 

16. Sir Thomas Berney, of Norwich, Bart, (eldest 
son of Sir Richard), by Sarah, his second wife, daughter 
of Thomas Tyrrel, of Essez, Esq., Governor of Land- 
guard Fort, on the restoration of Charles II, had 
several children ; of whom John Berney, of Wesenham, 
Esq., the third son, married Philippa, daughter of 
Thomas Browne, of Elsing, Esq.; and besides other 
issue left Thomas Berney, Esq., the late Recorder of 
Lynn Regis in Norfolk, who married Julian, one of the 
daughters of Sir Richard Berney, of Kirby, Bart., 
hereafter mentioned, by whom he had issue two sons, 
Thomas and Richard, both now living at Lynn. Wil- 
liam Berney, Clerk, fourth son of Sir Thomas, late of 
Worstead, and Rector of Stokesby and Westwick, by 
Mary, daughter of Henry Hancock, Gent., had one 
son, William Berney, Rector of Newton Flotman, in 
Norfolk, who married Dorothy, another daughter of 
the said Richard Berney, of Kirby, Bart., by whom 
he had several children of which Richard Berney, his 
eldest son and heir, is Rector of Westwick, and con- 
tinues now to reside at Worstead. Sir Thomas Berney 
died 1693, and was succeeded by 

17. Sir Richard Berney of Kirby Bedon, Bart., his 
chief son and heir, who married Dorothy, daughter of 

William Branthwayte, of Hethel, Esq.; and had a 
numerous issue, of which, besides the two daughters 
married as above mentioned, and Sir Richard, and Sir 
Thomas, who succeeded to the title, Robert, his third 
son, resided several years, and died in Barbadoes; 
John Barney, his eighth son. Doctor of Divinity, is one 
of His Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary, Arch-Deacon 
of Norwich, and Rector of Saxlingham, and Hether- 
fert, where he now resides. He married the eldest 
daughter, and one of the co-heiresses of John Baron, 
D.D., late Dean of Norwich, by whom he has no issue. 
Sir Richard died 1706 and was succeeded in title and 
estate by his eldest son and heir, 

18. Sir Richard Berney of Kirby Bedon, who died 
unmarried, 1710, at the age of twenty-two years, by 
which means the title and estate descended to 

19. Sir Thomas Berney of Kirby Bedon, his next 
brother, who married Elizabeth, only daughter and 
heiress of Simon Folkes of Suffolk, Esq., by Elizabeth, 
his wife, who was daughter and one of the co-heiresses 
of Samuel Hanson, of the island of Barbadoes, Esq., 
by whom a plantation called Hanson's, in that island, 
came into the family. He died 1742 and left issue 
only two sons, Hanson, his successor, and Richard, 
four other children having died in their infancy. Rich- 
ard Berney lies now in Norwich and is Rector of 
Stokesby and Bramerton in that county, and, 

20. -Sir Hanson Berney of Kirby Bedon, the present 
Baronet, the twentieth male heir, in a hneal descent, 
from Roger de Berney, succeeded his father, Sir Thomas, 
in title and estate. 

The South part of New-England, as it is 
Planted this yeare, 1 6 ^4. 

Jacob Bahnet Came to Salem, Massachusetts, 1634 



I Jacob, Salem, 1634 

II Jacob 

III John 

IV William 
V William 

VI Jairus Sidney (married Harriet Hosmer) 

VII Everett Hosmer 

VIII George Murray 


BARNEY, EDWARD, of Bradenham or Bradden- 
liam, county of Bucks, Eng- 
land, yeoman, in his will dated October 9, 1643, makes 
a bequest to his son Jacob "if he be living at time of 
my death and come over to England." 

Jacobs the emigrant ancestor of the family, was a 
son of Edward Barney. He was born in England, 1601, 
tailor, landed in Salem, 1634, was made a freeman 
May 14, 1634, and died in Salem April 28, 1673, aged 
seventy-two years. Administration was granted on 
his estate and an inventory taken June 2, 1673. John 
Cromwell is called his son-in-law and an heir to his 
estate. His wife, whose name was Elizabeth, survived 
him. He opposed the sentence of the General Court 
against those who petitioned for freer franchise. This 
indicates that he was more liberal in his religious views 
than were most of his contemporaries. At a town meet- 
ing held February 2, 1639, Jacob Barney was granted 
fifty acres of meadow and January 28, 1650, he was 
again granted fifty acres. Jacob Barney sold land to 
John Hardy previous to 1652, which was near Cold 
Spring at the head of South River, Essex County, 
Massachusetts, Registry of Deeds, Volume 1. Jacob 
Barney's name appears often in the early records of 
Salem as an appraiser of estates. A well known writer 
says of Jacob: "An intelligent merchant, often select- 
man, deputy to the General Court,— 1635-38-47-53- 
55, and served on the first grand jury that ever sat in 
this country." 


Children of Jacob' and Elizabeth Barney: 

1. Jacob, born in England, died February 12, 

1692-3, Rehoboth, Massachusetts. 

2. Sarah, married John Grover May 13, 1656, died 

November 26, 1662. 

3. Hannah, married John Cromwell of Salem. He 

died September, 1700. 

4. John, baptized in Salem December 15, 1639, 

died before April 28, 1673. John Barney 
must have died before his father, as in the 
settlement of his estate in 1673, Jacob junior 
is called "only son." The agreement is dated 
September 30, 1673, and is signed by the heirs — 
Jacob Barney, Elizabeth Barney (widow), 
John Cromwell, John Grover. 



"These grounds, the first place set apart in Salem 
for the burial of the dead and since 1637 known as the 
Burying Point, contains the graves of Governor Brad- 
street, Chief Justice Lynde and others, whose virtues, 
honors, courage and sagacity have nobly illustrated 
the history of Salem." 

II Jacob-, eldest son of Jacob* and Elizabeth Barney 

and the only son surviving childhood, was a Baptist 
minister and founded churches in Charlestown and 
Swansea, and is probably the one who in 1668, was one 
of the founders of the First Baptist Society of Boston. 
At a meeting of the seven men, April 5, 1652, he was 
granted thirty acres of land to be laid out with fifty 
acres formerly granted to his father. From Salem he 
removed not earlier than 1673, (for one of his children 
was born in Salem that year,) to Bristol, Rhode Island 
and Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Married first, by 
Major Hathorne in Salem, August 18, 1657, Hannah 
Johnson, who died June 5, 1659. Had son Josiah born 
1658. Settled in Rehoboth and Swansea in the 
year 1690. (There is no record found as yet who Josiah 
married nor is there a record of the children if any were 
born to him. It would seem possible, however, that 
William Barney, Baltimore, about 1695, ancestor of 
Commodore Joshua Barney, might have been a de- 
scendant of Josiah as the dates conform.) Married 
second by Captain Marshall, April 26, 1660, Ann Witt, 
daughter of Jonathan and Sarah Witt of Lynn (or 
Salem), who died in Rehoboth March 17, 1701. His 
will was made July 13, 1692, and probated February 20, 
1693, wife Ann executrix. He died February 12, 1693. 

Children of Jacob^: 

1. Josiah, born 1658. 

2. Hannah, born March 2, 1661, Salem, probably 

married Joshua Boynton, Newbury, Massa- 
chusetts, April 9, 1678, and died before 1681. 

3. Sarah, born September 12, 1661, Salem; mar- 

ried Henry Hampton. 




< 1^ li 



4. Abigail, born October 31, 1663, Salem; married 

Peter Marshall, Newbury, Massachusetts. 

5. John, born June 1, 1665, Salem; died May, 

1728, Taunton. 

6. Jacob, born May 21, 1667, Salem, probably 

died between 1687 and 1692. 

7. Ruth, born September 27, 1669, Salem; was 

unmarried in 1688. (Witnessed a paper signed 
February 18, 1688). 

8. Dorcas, by Ann, wife, born April 22, 1671, 

Salem; married Daniel Throope, August 23, 
1689, Bristol, Rhode Island; died between 
1692 and 1697. 

9. Joseph, born March 9, 1673, Salem; mar- 

ried Constance Davis of Haverhill Septem- 
ber, 1692; lived in Swansea; died February 5, 
1730, at Rehoboth. 

10. Israel, born June 17, 1675, lived in Rehoboth; 
married Elizabeth Barrett, November 18, 

11. Jonathan, born March 29, 1677; married Sarah 

GrifSn and lived in Rehoboth. 

12. Samuel, born February 10, 1678, living in 1692. 

13. Hannah, (again) born February 6, 1680. 


Ill John', son of Jacob'^ and Ann (Witt) Barney; born 

June 1, 1665, Salem, Massachusetts; married Mary, 
daughter of Deacon William Throope, Bristol, Rhode 
Island, November 4, 1686. He lived in Bristol, 
Rhode Island, Swansea and Rehoboth, Massachusetts, 
coming to Taunton in 1710, and bought the house and 
land of John Rogers, formerly the residence of Robert 
Thornton, one of the first purchasers of Taunton. The 
location is to be found on a map published in 1728. 
He was at one time a Deputy Sheriff. The first record 
we find of Thornton is in 1656. 
Died May, 1728. 

Children of John' and Mary (Throope) Barney: 

1. Mary, born November 14, 1688, Bristol, Rhode 

Island; married William Carpenter. 

2. John, born May 13, 1690, Bristol, Rhode Island ; 

died in infancy. 

3. Elizabeth, born October 4, 1691, Bristol, Rhode 

Island; married Peter Caswell. 

4. Anna, born November 23, 1693, Bristol, Rhode 

Island; married William Leonard. 

5. Jacob, born January 16, 1695, Bristol, Rhode 

Island; married Mary, daughter of Samuel 
Danforth; died 1731. Had only Hannah. 

6. John, born September 27, 1698, Bristol, Rhode 

Island; married Mary, daughter of Thomas 

7. William, "The Elder," born March 26, 1701, 

Bristol, Rhode Island; died prior to Novem- 
ber 26, 1763, Taunton, Massachusetts. 






8. Jonathan, born 1703; married Anna Dean. 

9. Sarah, born October 28, 1705, Bristol, Rhode 

Island; married James Williams, was living 
in 1738. 

10. Joseph, born May 16, 1708, Swansea, Massa- 
chusetts; married Susanna Shaw December 25, 
1729, Taunton, Massachusetts. Went to 
Ashford, Connecticut. Had son Joseph, and 
possibly others. 


^ William^ (called "The Elder" of the Church), son 

of John^ and Mary (Throope) Barney, born March 26, 
1701, Bristol, Rhode Island; married Anna Williams, 
born 1708, Taunton, daughter of Emmanuel Williams; 
died prior to November 26, 1763, Taunton, Massa- 

Children of William* and Anna (Williams) Barney: 

1. Jonathan. (Can learn nothing of him except in 

deeds concerning his father's estate.) 

2. William. 

3. Sibyl, married Ephraim Pray, Berkley, 1763. 

4. Anna. 


William^ son of William* and Anna (Williams) 
Barney, Taunton, Massachusetts (father of Jairus Sid- 
ney Barney and grandfather to Everett Hosmer Barney, 
Springfield, Massachusetts.) The records of Taunton 
were burned in 1838 and it is impossible to determine the 
date of his birth or death. From Page 13a and 136. 
Signed Deed May 5, 1823. Recorded Bristol County 
Registry of Deeds Book 121, Page 239. Married (first) 
Margaret Sandford, January 10, 1760, Taunton, Massa- 
chusetts. Married (second) Wealtha Staples, born 
March 22, 1759. (As widow of William Barney she 
married Captain Seth Keith of Middleborough, Massa- 
chusetts, December 27, 1826. (R. I. Vital, Page 330, 
Vol. 19, gives this date as February 9, 1827.) She died 
Berkley, Massachusetts, July 23, 1854. 

Children of William* and Margaret (Sandford) 
Barney : 

1. Benjamin, born about 1760; married Deborah 

Crapo December 11, 1783, Taunton, Massa- 

2. William, born about 1762; married Mercy 

Crapo February 10, 1784, Taunton, Massa- 
chusetts; died Jefferson County, New York. 

3. George, born May 24, 1766; married Waitstill 

Crapo January 1, 1792, Taunton, Massa- 
chusetts; died January 14, 1853, Collins, 
Erie County, New York. 

4. Anna, married Consider Crapo April 23, 1795, 

Taunton, Massachusetts; died Victory, 
Cayuga County, New York. 


Congregational Ciiuhch 

Saxonville-Framingham, Massachusetts 

Established in 1832 

Jairus Sidney Barney 
was one of the Original Trustees 

photographed by 

everett h08mer barney 

5. Joshua, born March 2, 1778, Taunton, Massa- 
chusetts; married Chloe Caswell September 6, 
1804, Taunton, Massachusetts; died April 29, 
1861, Springfield, Massachusetts. (He is 
buried in Peabody Cemetery, Springfield, 
Massachusetts, lot near Pine street entrance.) 

Children of William^ and Wealtha (Staples) Barney: 

1. Polly (Mary), born February 17, 1798; married 

Philip Caswell, son of Ephraim and Phebe 
Caswell, November 29, 1818; died December 5 
1859. He was born December 15, 1790, Berk- 
ley, Massachusetts; died January 10, 1860. 

2. Jairus Sidney (father of Everett Hosmer Barney), 

born February 4, 1799, Taunton, Massachu- 
setts; married Harriet Hosmer, daughter of 
Joel Hosmer, Acton, Massachusetts, Octo- 
ber 14, 1827; died December 27, 1859, 
Saxonville-Framingham, Massachusetts. 

3. Wealtha, married William Paull of Lakeville, 

Massachusetts; died April 26, 1892, Taunton. 
He died May 22, 1878, Lakeville, Massa- 


VI Jairus SIDNEY^ son of William* and Wealtha 

(Staples) Barne3% born February 4, 1799, Taunton, 
Massachusetts; married Harriet, daughter of Joel 
Hosmer, Acton, Massachusetts, October 14, 1827; 
died December 27, 1859, Saxonville-Framingham, 

Children of Jairus Sidney^ and Harriet (Hosmer) 
Barney : 

1. Edmund H., born September 13, 1828, Saxon- 

ville-Framingham, Massachusetts; died June 
16, 1829. 

2. Susan A., born May 14, 1830, Saxonville- 

Framingham, Massachusetts; married D. H. 
Byrnes; died December 3, 1860. 

3. WilHam H., born December 28, 1831, Saxonville- 

Framingham, Massachusetts; died April 4, 

4. Edward A., born November 24, 1833, Saxon- 

ville-Framingham, Massachusetts; died May 
3, 1836. 

5. Everett Hosmer, born December 7, 1835, Sax- 

onville-Framingham, Massachusetts. 

6. George W., born January 26, 1838, Saxonville- 

Framingham, Massachusetts. 

7. Eugene H., born August 11, 1840, Saxonville- 

Framingham, Massachusetts; died January 
27, 1861. 

8. Helen C, born October 30, 1842, Saxonville- 

Framingham, Massachusetts; died June 2, 

9. Adel v., born May 7, 1845, Saxonville-Framing- 

ham, Massachusetts. 


Everett HosMER^ son of Jairus Sidney* and Harriet 
(Hosmer) Barney. 

Born December 7, 1835, Saxonville-Framing- 
ham, Massachusetts. 

Married Eliza Jane Knowles, born Belfast, 
Maine, June 30, 1830, daughter of La- 
fayette Knowles, who was born Northport, 
Maine, 1799: occupation, farmer; he died 
May 18, 1865. His wife was Eliza Crockett, 
born Cantei-bury, New Hampshire, 1804. 
She died December 28, 1876. Eliza Jane 
(Knowles) Barney died April 29, 1905. 


VIII George Murray^ son of Everett Hosmer^ Barney. 

Born March 27, 1863. 
Died May 29, 1889. 



Emmanuel Williams of Taunton, Mass., and some 
of his descendants 

Emmanuel' Williams was one of the early settlers 
of Taunton, Mass. All that is known of him is that he 
married Abigail Makepeace of Freetown, Mass., about 
1703. She was daughter of William and Abigail (Tis- 
dale) Makepeace of Freetown and Taunton, Mass. 
She was born November 25, 1686, and died about 1724. 
Emmanuel Williams died about 1719. An inventory 
of his estate was presented July 4, 1720, by Abigail 
Williams, administratrix. 

As a fire in 1838 consumed most of the Taunton town 
records and the early church records have disappeared, 
it is quite difficult to trace the early families. 

He was probably born at least as early as 1680 and 
perhaps earlier. 

Children, born in Taunton: 

1. John^, b. 1704; m. Elizabeth Caswell. 

2. Gershom, b. 1706; m. Aug. 2, 1729, Abigail 


3. Anna, b. 1708; m. William, son of John Barney. 

4. Lydia, b. 1710; m. Feb. 10, 1731, John Terry 

of Freetown. 

5. Phebe, b. 1712. Not traced. 

6. Simeon, b. 1716. Not traced. 


Anna^ Williams (EmmanuelO, born in Taunton in 
1708, married William Barney, son of John Barney. 

Children, born in Taunton : 

1. WiUiam Barney 

2. Jonathan Barney 

3. Anna Barney 

4. Sibyl Barney, m. Ephraim Pray of Berkley, 

Nov. 14, 1763 


On the 28th of May, 1665, the Baptist Church in 
Charlestown, Massachusetts, was gathered and on the 
same day Thomas Gould, Thomas Osborne, Edward 
Drinker and John George were baptized. They joined 
with Richard Goodall, William Turner, Robert Lam- 
bert, Mary Goodall and Mary Newall, who has been 
of the same order in Old England. Before the year 
1669, Isaac Hull, John Farnum, Jacob Barney, John 
Russell, Junior, John Johnson, George Farlow, Ben- 
jamin Sweetser, Mrs. Sweetser and Ellis Callender were 
all connected with the same church. The General 
Court had previously passed a law forbidding any 
persons to form a church or to meet for religious service 
without the consent of the magistrates. The above 
first named persons had violated the law. They were 
accordingly brought before the Court of Assistants, 
and in September of the same year (1665) Gould, 
Turner, Osborne, Drinker and George were sentenced 
to be disfranchised (such of them as were free men), 
and upon conviction of their further proceeding therein, 
to be committed to prison. On the 17th of April, fol- 
lowing, they were again indicted before the County 
Court at Cambridge, for absenting themselves from 
public worship. Gould, Osborne and George were fined 
four pounds each, and for refusing to bind themselves 
for their appearance at the next Court of Assistants, 
were committed to prison. Finally, Gould, Turner 
and Farnum were banished from the jurisdiction, but 
it does not appear that either of them complied with 
the sentence. 




I Nathaniel 
II Nathaniel 

III Prudence (married Stephen Hosmer, the 

second Stephen) 

IV Ephraim Hosmer 

V Joel Hosmer 

VI Harriet Hosmer (Married Jairus Sidney 

VII Everett Hosmer Barney 

VIII George Murray Barney 



A stone has recently been placed in the old 
graveyard on Main Street (Concord), in memory of 
one of the founders of this town, after sleeping for 
over two hundred years in an unmarked grave. 

The following is the inscription: 

"In memory of Nathaniel Billings, one of the earliest 
settlers in and supposed to be one of the founders 
of the town of Concord, died August 24, 1673, a 
patriot and a freeman. He was one of the signers 
to the Memorial of 1664 to the General Court, who 
pledged their lives and estates to maintain their 
charter rights. Erected August 24, 1890, by some 
of his descendants." 


Barney Genealogy 

Mrs. General C. H. Barney, 

Hackensack, N. J. 

This record was compiled from one belonging to 
Benniah Barney, brother of the first Daniel, by Mrs. 
Angeline Mason, eldest daughter of Mason Barney, 
in 1893 — when she was ninety years of age. She was a 
veritable encyclopedia of the family genealogy. Also 
supplemented from a Genealogical Dictionary pub- 
lished in Boston in 1883. 

I Jacob Barney, born in Wales, came from England 

and settled in Salem, Massachusetts, 1634. He 
seems to have been a prominent man in the 
Colonies, as it is a matter of record that he was 
Representative in 1635-38-47-53. He died in 
1673 at the age of seventy -two years. 

II Jacob, son of Jacob first, by a marriage with 

Hannah Thompson, had a son Josiah, and by a 
second marriage with Ann Witt had a son Joseph 
and many others. From these two half brothers, 
Josiah and Joseph, who settled in the towns of 
Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusetts, in the 
year 1690, descended the families of Mason 
Barney, the noted ship-builder, Caleb (my 
grandfather) and Hiram Barney. The following 
is a list of the direct descendants from Joseph 
to Mason: 


III Joseph, born, 1673, married Constance Davis. 

IV Daniel, born 1697, married Alice or Freelove 


V Daniel, born 1736, married Rachel Bowen. 

VI Jonathan, born , married Elizabeth Mason. 

VTI Mason, born 1782, married Martha Smith; second 
wife, Polly Grant. 

Mason Barney was the noted ship-builder of 
Barneysville, Swansea, Massachusetts, who died in 1868. 

There are four generations now living following 

From Jacob to Caleb Barney and the Latter's 

I Jacob. 

II Jacob. 

III Josiah, born 1658 or 1659. I have put two records 

together to get this one, and here there seems to 
be a hiatus. One, or possibly two generations 
following Josiahi do not appear on the old 
record, and still are too far in the past to come 
on the later one. As Caleb descended from the 
elder of the half brothers, it is possible that one 
generation is lost, and highly probable that this 
Josiah might have had a son named for himself 
who was the father of Christopher. This is 
merely supposition, and in the Genealogical 
Dictionary, published in Boston in 1883, Caleb 
appears as the fifth generation from Jacob the 

first, and it is only reasonable to suppose that 
there must have been a generation or two not 
recorded. Caleb was in the same generation 
with Mason, being but eight years the elder. 

Josiah had three sons and one daughter, viz: 
Josiah, Israel, Christopher and Abigail Merry. 

IV Christopher was born in 1739 and married Experi- 

ence Smith. Experience died September, 1793, 
and Christopher, September 25, 1823. They had 
four sons, viz: William who had one child but 
left none, and died in 1849, aged seventy-seven 
years. Caleb married Elizabeth Wood and had 
seventeen children. Elizabeth died May 25, 
1839, and on October 23, 1840, Caleb married 
Roby Wood, a cousin of the first wife. Caleb 
died June 11, 1857, aged eighty-two years and 
six months, leaving thirteen children and his 
second wife, Roby, died February 24, 1885, aged 
ninety -five years and five months. 

Ambrose left four children. He died 1838, 
aged sixty years. Wheaton died when a child. 

V Caleb, son of Christopher and Experience Barney, 

born December 10, 1774, Elizabeth Barney {nee 
Wood) his wife, born May 3, 1776. Their 
children were: 

Name Birth Death 

Isaiah Oct. 1, 1795 May 14, 1850 

Barbara Feb. 19, 1797 May 7, 1888 

Ruth Feb. 27, 1798 Oct. 24, 1871 

Almira Sept. 10, 1799 May 11, 1802 

Abby Dec. 10, 1800 Oct. 21, 1801 

Amanda Mar. 16, 1802 Sept. 15, 1878 


Name Birth Death 

Dexter Nov. 25, 1803 June 11, 1859 

Fidelia Jan. 31, 1805 May 2, 1890 

Christopher C. Oct. 27, 1808 Sept. 4, 1884 

Randall June 30, 1808 June 22, 1811 

Elbridge G. Mar. 8, 1810 May 26, 1893 

LucindaW. Oct. 11, 1811 

David W. May 3, 1813 May 8, 1881 

Philander June 25, 1815 Mar. 10, 1882 

Caleb R. Nov. 11, 1816 

Richard A. Nov. 26, 1818 May, 1863 

Welcome June 4, 1821 

There are four generations now living following 

From Jacob to Hiram Barney 

I Jacob. 

II Jacob. 
m Joseph. 
rV Daniel. 

V Daniel. 

VI Daniel, brother of Jonathan. 

VII Hiram, was the youngest son of the third Daniel. 

His brothers were: 
Lorin, who was a physician of some note, and 
Godfrey, who was a Methodist minister. 
He also had sisters, but their names my in- 
formant does not remember. Was collector of the 
Port of New York and married a Miss Tappan. 

Genealogy of the Barney Family in 
New England 

Obtained by Professor F. W. Brown of Franklin 
College, Indiana, from a family in Jefferson County, 
New York. (His mother was a Barney.) 

I Jacob Barney of Salem, freeman, 1634, had born 
John, baptized 1639. He was Representative in 1635- 
38-47-53, and died in 1673, aged seventy-two years. 

II Jacob of Salem, son of the above, probably born 
in England, married in August, Hannah Johnson, and 
had born Josiah who came to Rehoboth with Joseph 
about 1690. Hannah died in 1659 and Jacob afterward 
married Ann Witt, and had children, Hannah, born in 
1661; Sarah, 1662; Abijah, 1663; Jacob, 1667; Ruth, 
1669; Dorcas, 1671; Joseph, 1673; Israel, 1675; 
Jonathan, 1677; Samuel, 1679; and Hannah, 1681, 
who married John Cromwell. Jacob, second, of Boston, 
was one of the founders of the First Baptist Church 
of that town. (Died February 12, 1692.) 

III Joseph, son of the second Jacob, born March 6, 
1673, married Constance Davis, daughter of James and 
Elizabeth Davis of Haverhill, Massachusetts, and had 
children born: Elizabeth, 1694; Daniel, 1697; Joseph, 
John, Esther, Ann, Sarah, Anna. Of these Elizabeth 
married Joseph Mason, son of Elder Joseph Mason 
of Swansea. 

IV Daniel married Alice (or Freelove) Wheaton, 
daughter of Ephraim, and granddaughter of Elder 
Robert Wheaton, and had children born: Mary, 1729; 


Constant, 1731; Betsey, 1733; Ann, 1734; Daniel, 
1736; Sarah, 1738; David and Jonathan, 1741; and 
Beniah, 1744. 

V Daniel married Rachel Bowen and had children : 
Daniel, Nathan, Jonathan, Peleg, Nancy, Reuben, 
Ebenezer and Rhoda. 

VI Jonathan married Elizabeth (Betsey) Mason, 
daughter of Marmaduke Mason and had children: 
Mason, born in 1782, Rachel, Hannah, Nathan, Jona- 
than, Betsey, Henry, Nancy, Anthony, Alanson and 

VII Mason married Martha Smith, daughter of Con- 
stant and Martha Galusha Smith, of Swansea, and had 
children: Angeline, born in 1802 — December 9; Edwin 
October 24, 1804; Mason, December 18, 1806, on 
which date Martha died. In November, 1812, he 
married Polly Grant, daughter of Benjamin Grant and 
Esther Brown Grant, and had children: Martha, born 
December 19, 1813; Jonathan, December 6, 1815; 
Mary, November, 1817; Betsey, May 30, 1820; Rod- 
man, February, 1823; Esther, December, 1825; and 
Mason, August 25, 1828. 

Angeline married John D. Mason, son of Joseph and 
Elizabeth Davis Mason, and had children: Elizabeth, 
Angeline and Esther. 

Edwin married Abby Luther, daughter of Peleg and 
Mary Luther, and had children: Edwin, Elizabeth and 

Martha married her cousin, William A. Franklin, 
son of William and Rachel Barney Franklin, and had 
children: Amanda, Augustus, Mason and George. 
Jonathan died unmarried. 

Mary married Enos S. Coukling of New York and 
had children : Mary Kate and Fred Barney. 

Betsey married in 1844, Charles Smith, son of Joseph 
and Hannah Wheaton Smith of Warren, Rhode Island, 
and had children : Charles Williams and Bessie. 

Rodman married Elizabeth Seymour of Barrington 
and had children: Esther, Algernon and Jonathan. 
Esther G. Barney died at the age of eighteen, unmarried. 

Mason is still unmarried. 

Daniel went to the Black River region,, married 
and settled. He was a doctor and had three sons and 
two daughters. Lorin was a doctor of some eminence. 
He lived to the great age of ninety-three years. In 
1884, Hiram was collector of the Port of New York. 
Between the years 1858 and 1860, Godfrey was a Metho- 
dist preacher, which was the last we knew of him. 

In 1776, Constant, brother of Daniel, fifth, went to 
New York State, not far from Lebanon Springs. He 
had sons. Dr. Asa Barney was the eldest. There was 
another who was a doctor, and there was still another, 
David, some time later. 

Angeline Baeney Mason, 1893. 


Ann Barney married Jacob Sanders March 4, 1733-4. 
Haverhill Town Records. 

Rachel Bamee married John Mansfield Aug. 18, 1724. 
Andover Town Records. 



Sudbury, Massachusetts, Vital Records 


I John, son of Thomas and Mary 
Born February 8, 1717-18 

II Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary 
Born May 2, 1720 

III May, daughter of Thomas and Mary 

Born August 29, 1722 

IV Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Mary 

Born May 15, 1726 


Sudbury, Massachusetts, Vital Records 


Benjamin and Abigail Cutting 

Married March 15, 1730-31 
Ester and Jonathan Snow 

Married May 11, 1727 
Hannah and Philip Kitely 

Married February 28, 1721-22 
John and Comfort Sparhawk 

Married December 14, 1779, in Natick 
Mary and Daniel Snow 

Married July 20, 1721 
Thomas and Martha Bruce 

Married January 13, 1742-43, in Woburn 



Sudbury, Massachusetts, Vital Records 


Thomas Barney 

Died December 24, 1729 

Copy of original material furnished by Roderick D. 
Barney, son of Hiram H. Barney, Cincinnati, Ohio, 
born in Belleville, Jefferson County, New York, 
November 6, 1835. 

Hiram H. Barney 
Born Lyden, Vermont, October 7, 1804 

Died Wyoming, Ohio, August 25, 1886 

Son of 

John Barney 

Born Guilford, Vermont, April 2, 1778 

Died Belleville, New York, September 1, 1869 

Son of 

Edward Barney 
Born Rehoboth, Mass., August 18, 1749 

Died Belleville, New York, August 9, 1839 

Son of 

John Barney 
Born Rehoboth, Mass., May 17, 1730 


Son of 

John Barney 
Born Rehoboth, Mass., April 2, 1703 


Son of 

Joseph Barney 

Born Salem, Mass., March 9, 



(Evidently a generation or two omitted) 

Son of 

Jacob Barney 

Born in England (Wales?) 



I Jacob 

II Jacob 

III Joseph 

IV Daniel 

V Constant 

VI Reuben 

VII Nathan Finney 

VIII Reuben 

IX Percy Canfield 


King Philip's War 

The capture of Mrs. Rowlandson was one of the 
saddest events of King Philip's War and called out 
unusual sympathy. The Indians held their prisoner 
for a ransom and she remained in captivity from Feb- 
ruary 10 to May 2. During this time she was compelled 
to travel from place to place with her Indian captors. 
Mrs. Rowlandson and her wounded babe were taken 
by their captors up the hill about a mile the first night. 
She was a close observer, and after her release wrote 
and published a detailed account of her captivity. 
The title of the book was "Mrs. Rowlandson's Re- 
moves." Soon after her capture, great efforts were 
made to ascertain the amount necessary for her re- 
lease. At last, Mr. John Hoar of Concord, with two 
friendly Indians, met the sachems near Wachusett 
Hill and on May 2 received and conducted Mrs. 
Rowlandson to Lancaster, and the next day to Boston. 
The account of the information that "the daughter 
was come in at Providence" and the reuniting of the 
family later, is extremely pathetic. James Hosmer, 
the second, married Sarah White, sister of Mrs. Row- 
landson, captured by the Indians at Lancaster in 
King Philip's War. 

The place where Mr. Hoar met the sachems is well 
identified, being marked by a large rock called "Re- 
demption Rock," a landmark near the ancient Indian 
trail between Lancaster and Wachusett, and in the 
present town of Princeton on the easterly side. The 
locality is known as "Everettville." In 1880 Honor- 
able George F. Hoar of Worcester, a lineal descendant 


of the chief actor in this transaction for the English, 
purchased the land containing this site and set it 
apart for memorial purposes, and caused the following 
inscription to be placed upon the face of the rock : 

Upon this rock May 2d, 1676, 

was made the agreement for the ransom 

of Mrs. Rowlandson of Lancaster, 

between the Indians and John Hoar of Concord. 

King Philip was with the Indians but 

refused his consent. 







1635 1634 


I James Cambridge 1635 (settled in 
Concord soon after) 

II Stephen 

III Stephen 

IV Ephraim 

V Joel 

VI Harriet (married Jairus Sidney 

VII Everett Hosmer Barney 

VIII George Murray Barney 



I — JAMES HOSMERi, son of Stephen and 
Dorothy Hosmer, the immigrant of the 
family in Massachusetts, was bom in 1607 
in England. He came from Hawkhurst, 
Kent County, to America in the ship 
"Elizabeth," saiKng April 9, 1635, aged 
twenty-eight years, with his wife Ann aged 
twenty-seven, and children, Marie aged two 
years and Ann aged three months ; also maid 
servants, Marie Donnard aged twenty-four, 
and Marie Martin aged nineteen. Jo Ston 
aged forty, Edward Gold aged twenty-eight, 
George Russell aged nineteen, Jo Massell 
aged fifteen. He was a clothier by trade. 
He settled at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 
and was admitted a freeman May 17, 1637. 
He sold land there before 1638. He removed 
to Concord, Massachusetts, where his de- 
scendants have been numerous. He had a 
brother, Thomas Hosmer, who also settled 
in Cambridge where he was a proprietor as 
early as 1633 ; was admitted a freeman May 6, 
1635; was town officer there, but removed 


to Hartford, Connecticut and is progenitor of 
the Hosmers in that state. These were 
the only two pioneers of this surname, 

James Hosmer died February 7, 1685, 
Concord, Massachusetts. His first wife Ann 
was bom 1608. He had a second wife Mary, 
who was buried May 11, 1641. His third 
wife Elinne (Ellen, also given Alice in some 
records) died March 3, 1664-65. 

Children of James and Mary Hosmer: 

1. Mary 

Bom 1633, England 
Died young 

2. Ann 

Bora 1635, England 
Died yoimg 

3. James 
Bom 1637 

Married Sarah White, daughter 
of John White, October 14, 

Slain in the engagement with the 
Indians at Sudbtuy, April 21, 
1676, in King Philip's war. 

4. Mary 

Bom January 10, 1639, Concord 
Died August 18, 1642 

5. Stephen (by wife Alice) 

Bom November 27, 1642, Con- 
Died December 15, 1714, Concord 

6. Hannah 

Bom 1644, Concord 
Married Joseph Hayward, Octo- 
ber 26, 1665 
Died December 15, 1675 

7. Mary 

Bom April 14, 1646, Concord 
Married Thomas Smith, son of 

Thomas and Mary (Knapp) 



II— STEPHEN^, son of James and Ellen (or Alice 
as in some records) Hosmer 

Bom November 27, 1642, Concord, 

Married March 24, 1667, Abigail Wood, 
bom April 10, 1642. Died January 5, 
1717, Concord, daughter of Michael 
Wood and grand-daughter of William 
Wood, the immigrant of Concord 

Died December 12, 1714, Concord 

Children of Stephen^ and Abigail (Wood) 

1. Mary- 
Bom May 2, 1668 

Married (first) Samuel Wheeler, 
son of John and Sarah (Larkin) 
Wheeler, bom July 6, 1664, 
Concord, Massachusetts, died 
December 20, 1717; (second) 
John Bellows, December 5, 

2. Abigail 

Bom November 6, 1669 
Married August 14, 1695, George 
Wheeler, son of William and 
Hannah (Buss) Wheeler 
Died December 27, 1717 

Site of the House of Stephen' Hosmer 
Acton, Massachusetts 

3. John 

Bom August 31, 1671 

Married Mary Billings, May 12, 
1699, daughter of Nathaniel 
and Jane (Bannister) Billings, 
bom 1680 

Died 1751 

4. Ruth 

Bom August 25, 1675 

5. Dorothy 

Bom December 10, 1677 
Married March 8, 1711, John 

6. Stephen 

Born June 27, 1680 

7. Hannah 

Bom December 9, 1682 

8. James 

Bom June 27, 1685 
Died September 28, 1685 


Ill— STEPHEN', son of Stephen^ and Abigail 
(Wood) Hosmer 

Bom June 27, 1680, Concord. He 
moved to Acton, or rather he 
resided in that part of Concord 
that became the town of Acton. 
Was selectman 1729 

Married February 26, 1707, Prudence 
Billings, bom 1685, daughter of 
Nathaniel and Jane (Bannister) 
Billings, died 1770 

Died December 21, 1754 

Children of Stephen' and Prudence 
(Billings) Hosmer: 

1. Prudence 

Bom about 1709 

2. Stephen 
Bom 1709 

3. Jonathan 

Bom March 29, 1712 

4. Josiah 

Bom October 8, 1714 

Married Hannah Wesson April 11, 

Had son John bom June 17, 1752 


Homestead of Stephen' Hosmer 
Acton, Massachusetts 






Home of Deacon Jonathan Hosmer the First 
Born March 29, 1712, Acton, Massachusetts 

Abner Hosmer, son of Jonathan, was born here August 26, 1754 
Killed in the Concord Fight, April 19, 1775 



WooDLAWN Cemetery 
Acton, Massachusetts 

WooDLAWN Cemetery 
Acton, Massachusetts 

The Battle Monument 
Concord, Massachusetts 

5. Jane 

Bom 1717 

6. Abigail 

Born 1719 

7. Ephraim 
Bom 1722 

8. Sarah 
Born 1725 

9. Huldah 
Bom 1729 

IV— EPHRAIM^ son of Stephen' and Prudence 
(Billings) Hosmer 

Bom November 22, 1722, Acton, Mass- 

Married Sarah Jones daughter of Samuel 
Jones of Acton about April 28, 1753. 
(This is the date of record of their 
intentions; their marriage is not 
recorded). Bom January 5, 1733, 
Acton, Massachusetts. Died Octo- 
ber 2, 1823 

Died March 16, 1811, Acton, Massa- 

Children of Ephraim* and Sarah (Jones) 
Hosmer : 

1. Sarah 

Bom November 1, 1754 
Died October 22, 1774 

2. Ephraim 

Bom June 22, 1756 

3. Prudence 

Bom September 6, 1758 
Died October 15, 1774 

4. Samuel 

Bora September 11, 1761 


HonsE ON Home Lot of 
Ephraim' Hosmer 

A portion of original house of James' 

Hosmer still remaining 
House in which the brothers and sisters 

of Joel Hosmer died 
Ephraim, brother of Joel, lived here later 
and Joel's wife died here November 8, 1884 

Part of the original house built by 
James Hoimer son of James the first, 
who married Sarah White, sister of 
Mrs. Rowlandson, taken captive by 
the Indians at the burning of 
Lancaster, Mass., in 1676. 



WooDLAWN Cemetery, Acton, Massachusetts 

5. Silas 

Bom September 30, 1763 
Died November 4, 1774 

6. James 

Born January 14, 1766 
Died October 12, 1774 

7. Amos 

Bom December 27, 1767 
Died November 7, 1774 

8. Joel 

Born May 27, 1770 
Died April 14, 1830 

9. Charles 

Bom April 23, 1772 
Died November 8, 1774 

10. Artemas 

Bora December 27, 1773 


V — JOEL^ son of Ephraim^ and Sarah (Jones) 

Bom May 27, 1770, Acton, Massa- 

Married 1795, Esther daughter of Jon- 
athan Wheeler of Littleton, bom 
June 27, 1767. (Intention of mar- 
riage April 11, 1795, recorded in 
Ashburnham, Massachusetts Vital 
Records), died November 8, 1844 

Died April 14, 1830, Acton, Massa- 

Children of JoeP and Esther (Wheeler) 
Hosmer : 

1. Rebecca 

Bom March 27, 1797, Acton, 
Massachusetts. (Record of 
baptism July 16, 1797, Ash- 
btu-nham Vital Records.) 

Married January 1, 1818, Aaron 
Hayward, Acton, Massachu- 

Died August 14, 1844 

Buried Acton, Massachusetts 

2. Nancy 

Bom September 7, 1799, Acton, 


Hatward House, Acton, Massachi 

Occupied by Haywards for generations. Aaron Hayward. nephew of James Hay- 
ward, who was killed in the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775, lived here. 
Aaron married Rebecca Hosmer, sister to Harriet Hosmer — 
mother of Everett Hosmer Barney 

Married Josiah Russell, lived in 
Princeton, Roxbury and Way- 
land, Massachusetts. Bom 
August 19, 1792, died March 3 

Died June 1, 1884 

Buried Wayland, Massachusetts 


Born March 30, 1802, Acton, 

Died October 30, 1861 

Children : Henry Edward 
born 1842 

Buried Millis, Massachusetts 

4. Harriet 

Bom February 5, 1805, Acton, 
Massachusetts (mother of Ev- 
erett Hosmer Barney, Spring- 
field, Massachusetts). Married 
Jairus Sidney Barney, Saxon- 
ville-Framingham, Massa- 
chusetts, October 14, 1827, 
Acton, Massachusetts. Died 
August 16, 1847, Saxonville- 
Framingham, Massachusetts 

Buried Saxonville, Massachusetts 


5. Edmund 

Bom September 9, 1807, Acton, 

Massachusetts. Unmarried 

Died May 5, 1843 

Buried Acton, Massachusetts 

6. Ephraim 

Bom November 26, 1812, Actcm, 

Married EKzabeth Priest 
Died March 5, 1871 
Buried Fitchburg, Massachusetts 


VI— HARRIETS daughter of JoeP and Esther 

(Wheeler) Hosmer 

Bom February 5, 1805, Acton, Massa- 

Married October 14, 1827, Jairus Sidney- 
Barney, Saxonville - Framingham, 

Died August 16, 1847 

Children of Jairus Sidney and Harriet 
(Hosmer) Barney: 

1. Edmund H. 

Bom September 13, 1828, Saxon- 
ville-Framingham, Massachu- 

Died June 16, 1829 

2. Susan A. 

Bom May 14, 1830, Saxonville- 
Framingham, Massachusetts 

Married D. H. Bymes 
Died December 3, 1860 

3. WiUiam H. 

Bora December 28, 1831, Saxon- 
ville-Framingham, Massachu- 

Died April 4, 1857 


4. Edward A. 

Bom November 24, 1833, Saxon- 
ville-Framingham, Massachu- 

Died May 3, 1836 

5. Everett Hosmer 

Bom December 7, 1835, Saxon- 
ville-Framingham, Massachu- 

6. George W. 

Bom January 26, 1838, Saxon- 
ville-Framingham, Massachu- 

7. Eugene H. 

Born August 11, 1840, Saxonville- 

Framingham, Massachusetts 
Died January 27, 1861 

8. Helen C. 

Bom October 30, 1842, Saxonville- 

Framingham, Massachusetts 
Died June 2, 1861 

9. Adel V. 

Bom May 7, 1845, Saxonville- 
Framingham, Massachusetts 


Jarius Sidney^ and Harriet (Hosmer) 

Bom December 7, 1835, Saxonville- 
Framingham, Massachusetts 

Married Eliza Jane Knowles 

Bom Belfast, Maine, June 30, 1830 
Died April 29, 1905 


George Murray Bamey 
Bom March 27, 1863 
Died May 29, 1889 

Everett Hosmer' Barney 
Bom March 27, 1863 
Died May 29, 1889 


JfyiMYc^ix /tt 



HOSMER, EPHRAIM, Concord, son of Ephraim 
and Sarah (Jones) Hosmer was member of 
Concord company that marched to Roxbury 
March 4, 1776, to reinforce the Continental 
army. He was paid an allowance for travel 
from Ticonderoga, one hundred and eighty 
miles. Sworn to February 16, 1777. 

(Great-uncle of Everett Hosmer Barney.) 


Battle Montjment, Concord, Massachusetts 

Jf fa> v\vjT c3 fon of Oc»p: m 
/S ^imV A'Mf Mary Hay ward \^ 
v^hoyras Killed inConcoTcij^x^ 
^fig^ht. April I9"^ i775Agev' ' 
25 years and 4 days, u^-^ 

'Z7vi- monument mccy unborn ages tell. \/|j 
&<-);»' braye. young Haytvard lihe a Haro fclh^l 
iA^H^ben fig-hting /br his Countrys Liberty. 
> ^i]ffasJ7ciin, & here his Body naff <Joth lye ; 

':^ his foe ff-ere by eachother fluin, 

I'/Z/s ffc'lom-, biiod if'ith his y Earth did fiair 

ll'f on y field he wets ff^ith fi<5tory Crourid,. 

yjAndyet rnuft yealdhls breath upon thctt < 

j//e expre/l his hope in God befom his deatf. 

terhisfot bczd yielded up his hrecjtl ) 

iO nir/y bis death otoftin^ rritnfifs Jye, 

•yig/rji/ifl oppveffors bloody ct ailty. \ 

Early House Lot of the First 
James Hosmer 

An early house lot of the first James Hosmer, tradi- 
tion informs us, was at the Central village on the 
present Main street, near the Public Library. His 
next house lot was situated between the Assabet and 
the south branch of the Musketaquid rivers. 

It is stated that faint traces of the cellar are still 

Southwest of the paternal estate was the home of 
James Hosmer, Junior, who was killed by the In- 
dians at Sudbury in 1675. 

His house was near the present bridge of the Fitch- 
burg Railroad a little to the eastward of the depot at 
Concord Junction. Formerly a little stream near by 
afforded sufficient water power for a small flax mill 
which the Hosmers owned and operated. 

James Hosmer, Senior, added to his original land 
grant till his domain extended nearly to the "Nine 
Acres," and included various detached and outlying 
parcels of land. His grave is among many of his 
contemporaries in the Hill Burying Ground. 


The site of the ancient homestead is now grass 
grown; only an earth dent remaining to identify it. 
But the associations to those who are conversant 
with the surroimdings are eloquently suggestive, and 
remind one of distant years when the elder James 
Hosmer drove his cattle to pasture and perhaps 
plodded on from his early morning task to raise the 
gate of his little flax mill, thereby to furnish the pre- 
pared material for the fine linen of the townsfolk. 


The Old North Bridge at Concord 

The old North Bridge spans the little stream where 
the minute-men of Concord faced the British grena- 
diers on the 19th of April, 1775. The plain granite 
monument which stands near it was erected in 1836, 
as an inscription upon it declares, "In gratitude to 
God and in the love of freedom." A poem by Ralph 
Waldo Emerson recited on the day the monument 
was dedicated, has become immortal: 

By the rude bridge that arched the flood, 
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled. 
Here once the embattled farmers stood, 
And fired the shot heard round the world. 

The foe long since in silence slept; 

Alike the conqueror silent sleeps; 
And Time the ruined bridge has swept 

Down the dark stream which seaward creeps. 

On this green bank, by this soft stream. 

We set to-day a votive stone; 
That memory may their deed redeem, 

When, like oiu- sires, our sons are gone. 


Spirit, that made those heroes dare 
To die, and leave their children free, 

Bid Time and Nature gently spare 
The shaft we raise to them and thee. 

The granite monimient stands on the site of the 
bridge from which the English soldiers fired on the 

The slain Americans were Captain Isaac Davis 
and Abner Hosmer of the Acton minute-men. 
(Abner Hosmer was great great-uncle of Everett 
Hosmer Barney.) 

On the American side there has been erected a 
statue representing "The Minute-Man." 

Some of the red-coats who fell in the historic skir- 
mish are buried near the bridge. In 1875, these un- 
known and nameless warriors received recognition 
when, on a stone forming a part of the wall near by, 
were cut the words: "Grave of British Soldiers." 



Appleton, Alice 26 

Appleton, Roger 26 

Bamee, Rachel 66 

Barney, Abby 61 

Barney, Abigail 37 

Barney, Abigail Merry 61 

Barney, Abijah 63 

Barney, Adel V 44, 108 

Barney, Alanson 64 

Barney, Algernon 65 

Barney, Almira 61 

Barney, Amanda 61 

Barney, Ambrose 61 

Barney, Angelina 64, 64 

Barney, Ann 37, 63, 64, 66, 95 

Barney, Ann (Witt) 38, 59 

Barney, Anna 38, 41, 42, 50, 63 

Barney, Anna (Williams) 41, 42 

Barney, Anthony 64 

Barney, Dr. Asa 65 

Barney, Barbara 61 


Barney, Beniah 64 

Barney, Benjamin 42, 67 

Barney, Benniah 59 

Barney, Betsey 64, 64, 64, 65 

Barney, Caleb . . 59, 60, 60, 60, 61, 61, 61, 61, 61, 62 

Barney, Caleb R 62 

Barney, Percy Canfield 71 

Barney, C. H 59 

Barney, Charles 64 

Barney, Christopher 60, 61, 61, 61, 61 

Barney, Christopher C 62 

Barney, Constant 64, 65, 71 

Barney, Daniel 

60, 60, 62, 62, 62, 62, 63, 63, 64, 64, 64, 65, 65, 65, 71 

Barney, David 64, 65 

Barney, David W 62 

Barney, Dexter 62 

Barney, Dorcas 37, 63 

Barney, Ebenezer 64 

Barney, Edmund H 44, 107 

Barney, Edward 33, 33, 69 

Barney, Edward A 44, 108 

Barney, Edwin 64, 64, 64 

Barney, Elbridge G 62 

Barney, Elinne 96, 98 

(Ellen also given Alice in some records) 


Barney, Elizabeth 34, 34, 36, 38, 61, 63, 63, 64, 67 

Barney, Eliza Jane (Knowles) 45, 110 

Barney, Esther 63, 64, 65 

Barney, Ester 67 

Barney, Esther G 65 

Barney, Eugene H 44, 108 

Barney, Everett Hosmer 

32, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 55, 91, 105, 108, 109, 110, 111, 


Barney, Experience 61 

Barney, Fidelia 62 

Barney, George 42 

Barney, George Murray . . 32, 46, 55, 91, 109, 110 

Barney, George W 44, 108 

Barney, Godfrey 62, 65 

Barney, Hannah . 34, 36, 37, 38, 63, 63, 63, 64, 67 
Barney, Harriet (Hosmer) . . 44, 45, 107, 107, 109 

Barney, Helen C 44, 108 

Barney, Henry 64 

Barney, Hiram 59, 92, 62, 65 

Barney, Hiram H 69, 69 

Barney, Isaiah 61 

Barney, Israel 37, 61, 63 

Barney, Jacob 

32, 32, 33, 33, 33, 33, 33, 33, 34, 34, 34, 36, 36, 36, 

37, 38, 38, 51, 59, 59, 59, 60, 60, 60, 62, 62, 63, 63, 



Barney, Jacob Junior 34 

Barney, Jairus Sidney 

32, 42, 43, 44, 44, 45, 55, 91, 105, 107, 107, 109 
Barney, John 

32, 34, 34, 37, 38, 38, 38, 38, 41, 49, 50, 63, 63, 67, 

67, 69, 69, 69 
Barney, Jonathan 

37, 40, 41, 50, 60, 62, 62, 63, 64, 64, 64, 64, 64, 65 
Barney, Joseph 

37, 40, 40, 59, 59, 59, 60, 62, 63, 63, 63, 63, 69, 71 

Barney, Joshua 36, 43 

Barney, Josiah 

36, 36, 36, 36, 59, 59, 60, 60, 60, 61, 61, 63 

Barney, Lorin 62, 65 

Barney, Lucinda W 62 

Barney, Margaret (Sandford) 42 

Barney, Marie 95 

Barney, Martha 64, 64, 64 

Barney, Mary . 38, 63, 64, 64, 67, 67, 67, 67, 67 

Barney, Mary (Throope) 38, 41 

Barney, Mason 

59, 59, 59, 60, 60, 61, 64, 64, 64, 64, 65 

Barney, Matilda 64 

Barney, May 67 

Barney, Nancy 64, 64 

Barney, Nathan 64, 64 

Barney, Nathan Finney 71 


Barney, Peleg 64 

Barney, Philander 62 

Barney, Polly (Mary) 43 

Barney, Rachel 64 

Barney, Randall 62 

Barney, Reuben 64, 71, 71 

Barney, Rhoda 64 

Barney, Richard A 62 

Barney, Roderick D 69 

Barney, Rodman 64, 65 

Barney, Ruth 37, 61, 63, 99 

Barney, Samuel 37, 63 

Barney, Sarah 34, 36, 40, 63, 63, 64 

Barney, Sibyl 41, 50 

Barney, Susan A 44, 107 

Barney, Thomas . . . .67, 67, 67, 67, 67, 67, 68 

Barney, Wealtha 43 

Barney, Wealtha (Staples) 43, 44 

Barney, Welcome 62 

Barney, Wheaton 61 

Barney, William 

32, 32, 36, 41, 41, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 43, 44, 49, 50, 


Barney, William (The Elder) 38, 41 

Barney, William H 44, 107 

Baron, John 29 

Barrett, Elizabeth 37 


Batman, Bartholomew 24 

Batman, Sarah 24 

Bedingfield, Catharine 24 

Bedingfield, Peter 24 

Bedingfield, Robert 24 

Bedingfield, Thomas 24 

BeUows, John 98 

Bemey, Dorothy 28 

Bemey, EHzabeth 27, 28 

Bemey, Hanson 29 

Bemey, Sir Hanson 29 

Bemey, Henry 26, 27, 28 

Bemey, Sir Henry de 23, 23 

Bemey, John 

25, 25, 26, 26, 27, 27, 27, 27, 27, 27, 28, 29 

Bemey, John de 23, 23, 23, 24, 25 

Bemey, Julian 27, 28 

Bemey, Mary de 25 

Bemey, Richard 

26, 27, 27, 27, 27, 27, 28, 28, 28, 28, 29, 29 
Bemey, Sir Richard 26, 27, 28, 28, 28, 28, 29, 29, 29 

Bemey, Richard de 23 

Bemey, Robert 25, 29 

Bemey, Sir Robert 24, 24, 24 

Bemey, Roger de 23, 29 

Bemey, Sarah 28 

Bemey, Thomas 25, 25, 26, 27, 28, 28 


Bemey, Sir Thomas 26, 26, 27, 28, 28, 28, 2, 29, 299 

Bemey, Thomas de 24 

Bemey, Thomas de Reedham 25, 25 

Berney, Thomasine de 25 

Bemey, William 26, 27, 27, 28, 28, 28 

Billings, Jane (Bannister) 99, 100 

Billings, Mary 99 

Billings, Nathaniel .... 55, 55, 57, 99, 100 

Billings, Prudence 55, 100, 100 

Bowen, Rachel 60, 64 

Boynton, Joshua 36 

Bradstreet, Governor 35 

Branston, Thomas 28 

Branthwayte, Bridget 27 

Branthwayte, Dorothy 28 

Branthwayte, William 27, 29 

Briggs, Augustin 28 

Briggs, Mary 28 

Brograve, Thomas 27 

Brown, F. W 63 

Browne, Thomas 28, 28 

Bruce, Martha 67 

Bymes, D. H 44, 107 

Carpenter, William 38 

Caston, Margaret 25 

Caston, Sir Robert 25, 25 


Caswell, Chloe 43 

Caswell, Elizabeth 49 

Caswell, Ephraim 43 

Caswell, Peter 38 

Caswell, Phebe 43 

Caswell, Philip 43 

Charles II 27, 28 

Callender, Ellis 51 

Clare, Robert 24, 24 

Clarke, Agnes 26 

Clarke, Walter 26 

CUpsby, Eva 25 

Clipsby, John 25 

Clopton, Sir Clement 24 

Coke, Lord Chief Justice 26 

Conkling, Enos S 64 

Conkling, Fred Barney 64 

Conkling, Mary Kate 64 

Crapo, Consider 42 

Crapo, Deborah 42 

Crapo, Mercy 42 

Crapo, Waitstill 42 

Crockett, Eliza 45 

Cromwell, Elizabeth 33 

CromweU, John 33, 34, 34, 63 

Cuddon, 26 


Cutting, Abigail 67 

Danforth, Mary 38 

Danforth, Samuel 38 

Davis, Constance 37, 60, 63 

Davis, Elizabeth 63 

Davis, Captain Isaac 116 

Davis, James 63 

Dean, Anna 40 

Donnard, Marie 95 

Drinker, Edward 51 

Edward III 24,24,24,25,27 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo 115 

Farlow, George 51 

Famum, John 51, 51 

Folkes, Elizabeth 29 

Folkes, Simon 29 

Franklin, Amanda 64 

Franklin, Augustus 64 

Franklin, George 64 

Franklin, Jonathan 64 

Franklin, Mason 64 

Franklin, Rachel Barney 64 

Franklin, William 64 

Franklin, WilHam A 64 

Gaudy, Juliana 26 

Gaudy, Sir Thomas 26 


George, John 51, 51 

Gerrard, Sir Jacob 27 

Gold, Edward 95 

Goodall, Mary 51 

Goodall, Richard 51 

Gould, Thomas 51, 51, 51, 51 

Grant, Benjamin 64 

Grant, Esther Brown 64 

Grant, Polly 60,64 

Griffin, Sarah 37 

Grover, John 34, 34 

Gunton, Sir Matthew de 24 

Gygney, Roger 23 

Hampton, Henry 36 

Hancock, Henry 28 

Hancock, Mary 28 

Hanson, Samuel 29 

Hardy, John 33 

Hathome, Major 36 

Hayward, Aaron 104 

Hayward, Joseph 97 

Henry IV 24 

Herringham, Isabel 25 

Herringham, Sir John 25 

Hoar, George F 75 

Hoar, John 75, 75, 76 


Hosmer, Abigail 98, 101 

Hosmer, Abigail (Wood) 98, 100 

Hosmer, Abner 116, 116 

Hosmer, Alice 97 

Hosmer, Amos 103 

Hosmer, Ann 95, 96, 96 

Hosmer, Artemas 103 

Hosmer, Charles 103 

Hosmer, Dorothy 95, 99 

Hosmer, Edmund 106 

Hosmer, Ephraim 

55, 101, 102, 102, 102, 104, 106, 111, 111 

Hosmer, Esther (Wheeler) 104, 107 

Hosmer, Hannah 97, 99 

Hosmer, Harriet ... 32, 43, 44, 55, 91, 105, 107 

Hosmer, Henry Edward 105 

Hosmer, Huldah 101 

Hosmer, James 

75, 91, 95, 96, 96, 96, 98, 99, 103, 105, 113, 113, 114 

Hosmer, James, Jr 113 

Hosmer, Jane 101 

Hosmer. Joel . . 43, 44, 55, 91, 103, 104, 104, 107 

Hosmer, John 99, 100 

Hosmer, Jonathan 100 

Hosmer, Josiah 100 

Hosmer, Mary 96, 96, 96, 97, 97, 98 


Hosmer, Nancy 104 

Hosmer, Prudence 100, 102 

Hosmer, Prudence (Billings) .... 100, 102 

Hosmer, Rebecca 104 

Hosmer, Sarah 101 

Hosmer, Sarah (Jones) 102, 104, 111 

Hosmer, Silas 103 

Hosmer, Stephen 

55, 91, 91, 95, 97, 98, 98, 99, 100, 100, 100, 102 

Hosmer, Thomas 95 

Hull, Isaac 51 

James I 26, 27 

Jenny, Robert 25 

Johnson, Hannah 36, 63 

Johnson, John 51 

Jones, Samuel 102, 102 

Jones, Sarah 102, 102 

Joyner, Alice 25 

Joyner, Richard 25 

Keith, Captain Seth 42 

Kendall, EHzabeth 27 

Kendall, Maurice 27 

King Philip 26, 76 

Kitely, Philip 67 

Knowles, EHza Jane 45, 109 

Knowles, Lafayette 45 


Lambert, Robert 51 

Leonard, Mary 38 

Leonard, Thomas 38 

Leonard, William 38 

Luther, Abby 64 

Luther, Mary 64 

Luther, Peleg 64 

Lynda, Chief Justice 35 

Makepeace, Abigail 49 

Makepeace, Abigail (Tisdale) 49 

Makepeace, William 49 

Mansfield, John 66 

Marshall, Captain 36 

Marshall, Peter 37 

Martin, Marie 95 

Mason, Angeline 59, 64 

Mason, Angeline Barney 65 

Mason, EHzabeth 60, 64 

Mason, Elizabeth (Betsey) 64 

Mason, Elizabeth Davis 64 

Mason, Esther 64 

Mason, John D 64 

Mason, Joseph 63, 64 

Mason, Joseph (Elder) 63 

Mason, Marmaduke 64 

Massell, Jo 95 


Morley, Lord 24 

Munford, Catharine 25 

Munford, Osbert 25 

Newall, Mary 51 

Osborne, Thomas 25, 51, 51 

Paull, WiUiam 43 

Petre, John 27 

Pray, Ephraim 41, 50 

Priest, Elizabeth 106 

Queen Anne 28 

Queen Mary 26 

Reade, Margaret 25 

Reade, William 25 

Rogers, John 38 

Rowlandson, Mrs 75, 75, 75, 75, 75, 76 

Russell, George 95 

Russell, John, Jr 51 

Russell, Josiah 105 

Sanders, Jacob 66 

Sandford, Margaret 42 

Seymour, Elizabeth 65 

Shaw, Susanna 40 

Smallpage, Anne 27 

Smallpage, Michael 27 

Smith, Bessie 65 

Smith, Charies 65 


Smith, Charles WilHam 65 

Smith, Constant 64 

Smith, Dorothy 26 

Smith, Experience 61 

Smith, Hannah Wheaton 65 

Smith, John 26 

Smith, Joseph 65 

Smith, Martha 60, 64 

Smith, Martha Galusha 64 

Smith, Mary (Knapp) 97 

Smith, Thomas 97, 97 

Snow, Daniel 67 

Snow, Jonathan 67 

Southwell, Richard 25 

Sparhawk, Comfort 67 

Stains, John 27 

Stains, Susan 27 

Staples, Wealtha 42 

Ston, Jo 95 

Sweetser, Benjamin 51 

Sweetser, (Mrs.) Benjamin 51 

Sydnor, 25 

Sydnor, Paul 25 

Tappan, Miss 62 

Terry, John 49 

Thompson, Hannah 59 


Thornton, Robert 38 

Throope, Daniel 37 

Throope, Mary 38 

Throope, WilHam 38 

Turner, WilHam 51, 51 

Tyrrel, Thomas 28 

Walcot, Margaret de 24, 24 

Walcot, Margery de 24, 24 

Walcot, Walter de 24 

Waldron, Abigail 49 

Wentworth, John 25 

Wesson, Hannah 100 

Wheaton, Alice (or Freelove) 60, 63 

Wheaton, Elder Robert 63 

Wheaton, Ephraim .63 

Wheeler, Esther 104 

Wheeler, George 98 

Wheeler, Hannah (Buss) 98 

Wheeler, John 98, 99 

Wheeler, Jonathan 104, 104 

Wheeler, Samuel 98 

Wheeler, Sarah (Larkin) 98 

Wheeler, William 98 

White, John 96 

White, Sarah 75, 96 

Wichingham, Bartholomew de 23 

Wichingham, Joan de 23 

William III 27 

Williams, Abigail 49 

Williams, Anna 41, 49, 50 

Williams, Emmanuel . . .41, 47, 49, 49, 49, 50 

Williams, Gershom 49 

Williams, James 40 

Williams, John 49 

Williams, Lydia 49 

Williams, Pebe 49 

Williams, Simeon 49 

Witt, Ann 36, 63 

Witt, Jonathan 36 

Witt, Sarah 36 

Wood, Abigail 98 

Wood, Elizabeth 61 

Wood, Michael 98 

Wood, Roby 61 

Wood, William 98