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. ,' '.I \ 

't . 



The 2000 Battlefield, volume 87 

Mary Washington College 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 
enrollment: 3,653 men and women 

p e r s p € 

student life seniors people academics 


t) ^1,-2 t) € 

c t i V e s 


sports millennium tlie end 





C f 1 A Q -2 

4 K opening 

The sturdiness of the trees brings the idea of 
nature to MWC. Their ageless strength and 
stability survives hurricanes, droughts, and 
Junior Ring Week pranks. On campus, trees 
represent the beauty and the permanence 
that is Mary Washington. Join the 2000 
Battlefield as we enter the new millennium 
and take a new perspective on the strength 
of Mary Washington College, and its stability 
across the years. 


perspectives X 5 

Wb^^ Rg 

The bricks and columns of the buildings 
uphold the academic traditions and the 
standards of excellence of Mary Washington 
College. In a sense, the buildings make up 
the classic definition of the Mary Washington 
College Campus. Every building resembles 
one another. Every department maintains 
the academic presence of the college. Every 
aspect of MWC is maintained within the 
structure of these bricks and columns. These 
buildings unify our campus community. 

6 K opening 

perspectives X 7 

8 H opening 

Campus walk represents the journey you take 
through MWC. Along the way, you face many 
obstacles. The different academic buildings 
represent the major challenges that must be 
overcome. The administrative buildings are 
the paper work and hassles of life. The dining 
halls and residence buildings are the comforts 
you seek, and the mail and ATM are the perks. 
The journey through Mary Washington College 
may seem short or long, it just depends on 
where you want to go, and which walk you 

perspectives H 9 


Can this man actually move Melchers? 
College is the act of pulling and being pulled. 
There seems to be a million things pulling at 
us from every direction. We pull towards the 
things that we want to do, like our social lives 
and the maze of things to we do during the 
day. Yet, we are also being pulled towards 
our future with each step we take being closer 
and closer to graduation. The struggle 
between pulling and being pulled doesn't 
have to be a struggle - maybe they can pull 
in the same directions . . . wouldn't that be 

10 K opening 

perspectives K 1 1 

12 H opening 

"Don't sweat the small stuff is easy for them 
to say. Should we move off campus? What 
meal plan do we sign up for? Should we start 
the paper tonight or can it wait? Should we 
go out, or should we stay in? College is an 
accumulation of small stuff and how it affects 
our everyday lives. Learn to appreciate the 
small stuff - take a step back and focus in on 
the things that are important to you. For one 
thing, you will sometimes be amazed at what 
you will discover. And for another thing, the 
small stuff here is a hell of a lot better then 
the big stuff out there. 

perspectives K 13 

Windows are typically seen as viewpoints into 
the world, yet windows can also be reflections 
of the life around you. Sometimes the 
reflections in the glass are more profound 
and real than the objects you view through 
the window. These different perspectives on 
the same objects is what makes the world 
an interesting place to live. The Battlefleld 
of 2000 completes the last reflections of the 
millennium, century and decade. It gives a 
different perspective on the common things 
of life and of campus. Enjoy. 


14 K opening 

perspectives K 15 

16 K student life 

What do you do on the 
weekends? Freshmen can't 
drive home anymore, so there 
has to be more people on 
campus. Dorm parties, 
dances, sporting events, on- 
campus activities and off- 
campus activities can fill up the 
whole weekend. What do you 
do after classes are done? Mo 
one can study for 24 hours 
straight. You can relax, watch 
TV, exercise, work or just hang 
out. It's Student Life, and 
maybe it's not that bad after all. 
It's all in your perspective. K 

' student life 

perspectives K 17 

Have you ever taken the time to 
think about why w/e have a campus 
walk at MWC? Is it simply a red brick 
walkway leading you to class, is it the 
center of campus life, the place to 
gossip, or is it home to those brave 
squirrels who come within inches of 
you? Campus Walk has many 
characteristics, but it depends on who 
you ask as to the answer you will get. 

Every student can agree we are 
capable of walking to class on grass 
or dirt paths, but instead we walk on 
the never-ending bricks. Campus 
walk connects you to every parking 
lot, every residence hall, every 
academic building, and to little 
corners to study on the lawn. Its 
purpose is to serve us, the students. 
In addition, who can miss the 
mailman driving his golf cart, or the 
landscaping crew driving trucks down 
the center of the walk when classes 
let out? 

You can also take another approach 
to defining the characteristics of 
Campus Walk. Campus Walk is where 
everyone congregates before, 
between, and after class. The 
fountain in front of Monroe Hall has 
never been empty of the gossip of 
"who did what? When? Where? And 
why?" and the constant murmur of 
why the fountain is never spouting 
water high enough - instead it trickles 
like it is hardly on. It is also the home 
to Rocktoberfest, ultimate frisbee, 
and the knickknack booths in front 
of Eagle's riest. 

Finally, campus walk is the home 
to many more animals and interesting 
species besides the students and 
faculty of MWC, and maybe this is why 
it was built. Take for example, the 
squirrels. They will scamper within 
inches of your nose as they climb up 
the trees surrounding the walk, and 
it will not phase them. There are the 
beautiful dogwoods and cherry 
blossom trees that bloom every 
spring, and the pansies that last 
through a foot of snow. Campus Walk 
is highlighted by the uniqueness it 
lends to MWC. Although no one has 
the right answer to why we have a 
Campus Walk, we all know we are 
better off with it. 

n sunny days. Ball Circle 
becomes the home to many 
sunbathers. Students gather to 
enjoy a quiet conversation in Ball 

18 K student life 

I he rrederickburg [n 
Ind Rescue Squad sii 
Irunk driving accidf:ii' 
Circle. Someone is killtd I. 
drunk driver every HH' 

tudents form Westmorland Hall 
bEU-becue outside the main steps. 
During the fall and spring it is 
common to walk down campus 
walk and smell the barbecues 
taking place 

erek Coryell shares his notes on 
the steps of Trinkle Hall in be- 
tween classes. The steps of 
Trinkle are a great place to meet 
friends after class. 


rom the steps of Monroe Hall, 
students can look over the 
fountain at the people 
jcongregating. The fountain is a 
popular gathering place for 
students in between classes. 

perspectives K 19 

Racktobarf est brings out MliiC's talent and faff feoer 

Rocktoberfest kicked off 
the new school year with a 
bang, Uterally. Various 
bands from MWC 
performed In front of The 
Underground on 

September 30, 1999 from 
4 to 7pm. Class Council 
and Qiant sponsored the 
event, which was the first 
major event of the year for 
Mary Washington students. 

"As a freshman, I was not 
aware of what was 
occurring outside The 
Underground, but I 
decided to leave my dorm 
when I heard the music," 
states Melissa Kirchner. 
Being the first real event of 
the year, many students, 
especially freshman, were 
able to mingle and catch 

up on their past summer 
activities. Although 
students did not watch the 
all of the performances, 
many enjoyed the 
environment as they 
passed by the stage. 

Roctoberfest included 
much more than simply 
music. Along with the live 
entertainment, food and 
beverages were offered to 
attract students to stop 
and listen. Chicken, 
biscuits, corn on the cob, 
and soda were given away 
to students. 

Students also enjoyed 
festivities besides the live 
entertainment. Students 
could climb an inflatable 
wall, joust with a gladiator 
baton, or sumo wrestle in 

oversized outfits. The 
major attraction was the 
dunking booth. Students 
could take out their 
frustrations on anyone 
who consented to being 
inside the dunking booth. 
All it took was aiming the 
ball at the bulls eye and 
the person was wet. 

Giant Productions and 
Class Council successfully 
put on an event with great 
fanfare. Students did not 
have to pay a dime for the 
event. Everything was 
provided for students for 
them to enjoy. The 
beautiful and sunny day 
also helped bring out 
students to take part in the 

ne of Mary Washington's well 
(known bands performs outside 
Lee Hall during Rocktoberfest. 
The day was filled with many 
performances in all genres. 

20 K student life 

he inflatable climbing wall 
added a new dimension to 
Rocktoberfest this year. The wall 
made a student fell like he would 
plummet to the ground at any 
moment because of its instability. 

an uses his gladiator baton to 
try to push his opponent of the 
beam. Activities including oversized 
instmments are standard activities 
at Rocktoberfest. 

hris Hitzelberger recovers on 
the platform after being dunked. 
The dunking machine is always 
one of the most popular activities 
at the festival. 

perspectives K 21 

MWC explodes with live entertainment 
and sporting events 

The 1999 Homecoming was a week of spirit 
activities climaxing in an impressive showing 
by Mary Washington sport teams. Class Council 
organized the entire week to Increase school 
spirit through getting the students involved with 
campus activities. Fall Festival, Mardi Qras, a 
Lip Sync contest, a bonfire, and the Dance of 
the Decades created an atmosphere on campus 
no one wanted to miss. 

Fall Festival was held outside the 
Underground and included live entertainment 
and food for students. Mardi Qras took the 
live entertainment aspect of Fall Festival and 
added a Cajun twist, not forgetting the 
appropriate food and dance. The best 
homecoming event of the week occurred in 
Dodd Auditorium with the Lip Sic Contest. 
Students from across campus joined forces to 
make hilarious routines as they vied for the 
$400 top prize. The judges decided a Dirty 
Dancing remake made the cut as the best 
performance of the night. The second annual 
bonfire, reaching two stories, took place 

between Mason and Randolph hall on Thursday 
night. Hot apple cider and donuts were a side 
note to the introduction of all the fall sports 
teams and their upcoming games. Friday 
ended with the Dance of the Decades. Students 
cut loose and wore costumes signifying their 
favorite time in history. 

The highlight of the weekend took place on 
Saturday, when our women's and men's 
athletic teams competed against their rivals. 
The boys' soccer team crushed York College 
in a convincing 3-0 victory while enthusiastic 
alumi and students came out in support. The 
Battlefield did not calm until the women's 
soccer and rugby teams clinched wins. 

The weekend could not end, though, without 
a complaint. Many students of legal drinking 
age became upset with the alcohol policy. The 
police made many students, no matter their 
age and the substance they drank, dispose of 
the beverage in their cups. Even with the minor 
problems, the day was full of partying and 
school spirit. 


laine Ashworth performs in an Austin Powers costume, but to the song "Secret Agent Man" from Mission 
Impossible. The unique performances were often unpredictable even to those students who knew the performers. 

22 H student life 



he bonfire outside 
Mason Hall helps 
generate enthusiasm for 
the weekend athletic 
events. Matalie Johnson 
performs to Dirty 
Dancing while riding the 
back of her Jason 
Winfield. The tarot card 
reading at the bonfire 
attracts many students. 

perspectives K 23 















olo Artist Mark 
, Kazmier plays his 
Ijguitar in front of his 
peers on Open Mic 
night. Musicians 
from all genres come 
to The Underground 
to be heard. 

24 K student life 


• ■■■ 
■ ■■■ 


c^ chanas. j-ox liudznii. to di^jitau tfisix aljititu 


A guitarist performs 
with his band during 
one of the many 
chances students re- 
ceive throughout the 
year to perform in 
front of and inside 
The Underground. 
The Underground 
and Giant Produc- 
tions together pro- 
vide opportunities 
that allow bands to 
perform throughout 
the year. These 
events draw out 
MWC students in 
support of their 

Walking down campus walk, it is 
hard to miss The Underground's 
enticing little sign outside its steps. 
Written in brightly colored chalk. The 
Underground's publicity tries 
profusely to advertise their nightly 
events so students walking by will 
take notice. The Underground is 
usually not bustling unless such 
popular events as Open Mic Night and 
Literary Readings occur. The school 
encourages the MWC Community to 
perform a solo or ensemble in front 
of their peers. There are no pre-sold 
tickets, which encourages students 
to enjoy a night of free entertainment. 
Performers do need to sign up in 
advance, they can not just walk on 
stage and perform their number. This 
allows the organizers to vary the 
performance schedules. The 
performers are lucky enough to have 
the sound and lights run by 
experienced students while they 
perform their act. They are, however, 
required to furnish their own 
performing equipment. 

Performances are pulled from all 
genres. One act may be a rock band 
while the very next may be an 
ensemble of violinists and cellists. 
Along with the diversity in music, 
bands performing may be 
experienced or this may be their first 
time performing as a group. The wide 
range of performances shows the 
diversity of MWC's community. 
Professors have been known to drop- 
in and read their works. This is a 
great opportunity for students to see 
their professor's work first hand. 
Many students are able to appreciate 
their professor's ability more after 
they seem him perform then before. 

Not only are professors more 
appreciated for their work, but also 
students become the focus of 
attention. They are more noticed and 
appreciated for their talents because 
they came to perform. The availability 
of The Underground for students and 
professors to perform is an addition to 
campus life that is well appreciated by 

aist numbers come 
out to support their 
peers as they perform. 
Students don't nor- 
mally pack The Under- 
ground unless there 
are performances. 

perspectives K 25 

This year was the first year that 
freshman were told to leave one 
specific thing home: their cars. This is 
due to overcrowding of the parking lots 
and the theory that if freshman do not 
have cars, they will not leave campus 
on the weekends. Freshmen, of course, 
are not happy with the decision. It 
means that on Friday and Saturday 
nights, if there is no party to be found, 
they have to chill in the dorms. There 
are those lucky freshman that are 
fortunate enough to make friends with 
the upperclassmen and receive rides to 
Central Park or the mall. For the rest of 
us, we are forced to stay home or take 
a taxi. The new ruling frustrates many 
freshman, including Alyssa Tice who 
said, Tn theory it makes sense, but 
because we don't have cars, we feel 
like we have less to do here at MWC; 
therefore, we want to leave even more, 
not having a car never prevented me 
from leaving." 

Some freshman did not abide by the 
rule. More than a few brought their cars 
to school and parked them on Sunken 
Road, College Avenue or over in the 
Giant parking lot. "1 decided to bring 
my car to campus so 1 didn't have to 
worry about finding a ride home or 
making my parents come pick me up 
at inconvenient times," stated Sarah 
Miller, who parks her car on Sunken 

To alleviate the problem, MWC 
donated $40,000 dollars to the FRED 
Transportation System. With the 
donation, the FRED Express began 
service to MWC students on November 
18, 1999. Students are able to ride 
the bus free of charge when they 
present their MWC student ID card. 
The bus route Is designed to cater to 
students' needs with stops at Central 
Park, Spotsylvania Mall, Hyperion 
Coffee, Carl's Ice Cream, and Qiant. 
Freshman Erin Wittoefft said, "The FRED 
express is a good solution to a bad 
problem, but it is still not as good as 
having my own car here on campus." 



THURS, frti.a Ki/EEKEND 


31Z 2 22 

late night ride upon the FRED 
^xpress is open to any MWC 
! student wishing to adventure out 
into the streets of Fredericksburg 
during the late hours. Students 
are able to ride free with their 
MWC ID card. 

26 H student life 


V "^ 



P^ VT^ylian Pak and others 

" ^ heh Jit the ribbon for the 

^p%nmg of the Weekend 




. > --" 



1 1 




1 1 



FRED Express. The ribbon 


1 1 



cutting ceremony is the 


J I 

official start to the late 



night schedule. 









* 1 


.^ ._kv« 







^^ ^' 



^BJB^V 1 

















istinguished city officials 
conduct the ceremony for the 
official start of the MWC Late 
night and Weekend Express 
Bus Service. Their support 
shows their dedication to the 
MWC community. 

oors are open to students to 
board the first ever FFIED Express 
that caters to the needs of MWC 
students. Although the FRED is 
small in size in comparison to 
other public transportation 
buses, it will serve the purpose 
of providing adequate service to 



^rom the inside, it is hard to tell 
that this vehicle is a public 
transportation bus. The bus is 
outfitted with full length seats 
to give students maximum 

perspectives K 27 



Res(cfents face a year of cramped doing space 

This year, one of the 
biggest stories affecting 
student life is the 
overcrowding of the dorms. 
The problem can be 
attributed to the dramatic 
increase In the size of the 
freshman class this year, 
with over 800 students. 
Many more freshmen 
decided to attend Mary 
Washington than expected, 
as a result, space in the 
residence hall diminished. 
The final outcome was 
creative placement on the 
part of Residence Life and 
Housing. Students were 
crammed in rooms meant 
for fewer residents. 

Students arrived on 
campus in the fall to find 
that the increased student 
population resulted in many 
uncomfortable room 
placements. Students were 
placed in basements, triples 

In double rooms, and in 
many instances, seven 
people sharing a suite 
bathroom. Placement 
problems spilled over to 
Resident Advisors (RA's). 
Even though It is specifically 
stated in their contract that 
they are entitled to a single 
room, many RA's found 
themselves with roommates. 
Overcrowding even affected 
plans to renovate the 
Woodward Campus Center. 
The Student Government 
offices were planned to be 
removed from the Center 
and placed in Mercer. Since 
the dorm still housed 
students, the move did not 

When students were 
asked what they thou^t about 
the overcrowding, many 
expressed some concem that 
the admissions office 
accepted too many 

students. One student said, 
"It wouldn't have been an 
Issue if so many people 
hadn't been accepted to the 
college. They obviously 
overextended themselves. 1 
just hope they learned their 
lesson for next year." A 
freshmen comments on her 
situation in a triple in a 
double room, "1 wouldn't 
mind being in a triple if there 
was more room, but to put 
three people in a room that 
wasn't designed for three 
people is hard. We all have 
lofts, but we have absolutely 
no space in our room, not 
to mention the fact that we 
share the bathroom with a 
quad. Needless to say the 
mornings are very hectic." 

Second semester, many of 
the overcrowding Issues 
were reduced when students 
transferred or left the 

ilutating desks together to make 
one huge surface is a common 
occurrence in dorm rooms. The 
si4€ of desks often times makes 
it hard to place them so their size 
can be best maximized. 

he three windows in this room 
are very deceiving to people pass- 
ing by. Light makes each dorm 
room seem larger because it cre- 
ates a false perception of depth. 








28 K student life 

iving in a forced triple becomes 
a space issue. Often times lofts 
and single beds end up touching 
because there is not enough avail- 
able space. 

Jinking a different view, this 
rOom in Virginia Hall is covered 
from wall to wall with the neces- 
sities of college life. 

utting away the messiness 
in most college dorm rooms is 
hard when more students live in 
a space that is made for fewer 
people. Residents are forced to 
give up personal space. 

perspectives H 29 


Students scramble to cover global requirements 

LaEninQ uoux noxizEn± 

J J 

The across-the-curriculum requirements for 
graduation can at times be very iiard to coordinate 
into a scFiedule that includes very specific classes. 
When the school implemented these 
requirements in 1997, they wanted to create 
students with a more diverse understanding of 
the world. The requirements include four writing 
intensive courses, two global awareness courses, 
two speaking Intensive, and one each of race and 
gender intensive and environmental awareness. 

There are two sides to the argument when it 
comes to debating whether or not these 
requirements are good for students. Some 
students believe the requirements are more of a 
hassle than they are worth. It is very hard to get 
into classes that are designated across-the- 
curriculum because every student is looking to 
fulfill the exact same requirement. For example, 
to meet the race and gender intensive 
requirement, a student can choose from a 
selection of only five classes in the Fall of 2000 
(some of these courses do have more than one 
section designated, though). With this small 

opportunity to take required courses, no wonder 
there is a debate on whether it is fair for students. 
It is good when the class you need just happens 
to be designated as across-the-curriculum, but 
when it Is not, the student has to go Fishing for 
certain classes. 

Then there is the other side to the argument: 
the beliefs that the requirements enrich the 
academic atmosphere at MWC. Melissa Pelletier 
states, "The across-the-curriculum program really 
makes students take courses outside of their 
major to broaden their realm of knowledge." Mary 
Washington is a liberal arts college and the 
requirements play an important part in receiving 
a well-rounded education. 

The students at MWC are forced to comply 
with the requirements if they plan on graduating, 
whether they like them or not. When it comes 
down to it, the across-the-curriculum 
requirements do cause some unwelcome hassles, 
but these hassles will not prevent a student from 
enjoying the education he is receiving. 

30 K student life 

ara Neviackas gives a 
presentation in her 
Global Issues in Literature 
class which fulfills a gender 
intensive requiremenL The 
Physics and Geology labs 
are popular classes 
because they complete 
both a science and 
awareness requirement. 

perspectives X 31 

oy Houck poses in the 
Halloween costume she 
made herself. Students 
often-times do not find 
the time during the fall 
semester that Joy did 
to create costumes to 
wear for Halloween. 

esidents Rachel 
Frakes, Knslv Qasser 
Teresa Hart f(ebecca 
Hart and Joy Houck of 
the Marye House 
enjoy tlicir traverse 
across the creek 
below. They ventured 
to the park during the 
fall semester when 
the colors on the trees 
were changing. 

32 ){ student life 










<: _ 





k '^mm 


Cammmv l^alue6y Scared 

ci/\£iLi2£n£i. or -^l/{aiu£ i::JToui.£ cZniou <:^ulj±tanc£-j-x££ curftmo i-f2n£X£ 

esidents of the 
Marye House take 
excursions together 
to create a family-like 
atmosphere. Teresa 
Hart, Rebecca 
Casto,Andrea Baker, 
and Kristy Qasser 
pose with a scarecrow 
during their excursion 
to the pumpkin patch. 
Residents of the 
sutstance-free dorm 
become more like a 
family because of the 
limited number 
spaces available in 
the dorm. 

Coed or all female? At one point, 
this was the only housing choice 
afforded to students here at MWC. 
Over the years. Residence Life and 
Housing started to offer students the 
option of living in specialty floors in 
dorms across campus. From Women 
With a Voice, to Service Learning and 
the Foreign Language floor, individual 
communities have sprung up across 
campus, building close relationships 
between individuals. The 1999-2000 
Academic year was the First year that 
the college offered substance-free 
housing to its students. 

It is called Marye House, a white 
residential house tucked away behind 
Mason and next to the amphitheater. 
The close-knit family-like environment 
is made of 13 women, and 3 men. 
Blaine Ashworth, RA for the entire 
house, says, "The substance-free 
house gives me a sense of community 
I never thought possible in a collegiate 
experience." The House does 
everything as a group, from picking out 
pumpkins at Halloween, to 
participation in the college Lip Synch 
competition, to going on picnics at 

local parks, or to a Pot-Luck Dinner 
once a month. A family has been 
forged in Marye House, based on 
values common to all residents. 

Indeed, sitting in the house, where 
everyone has a shared belief, feels like 
one is visiting an old family. Kristy 
Qasser, Marye Hall Council President 
says there is only one real drawback 
to living there, it is very noisy. Everyone 
knows everybody, so it is hard to get 
work done. 

Marye House has not always stood 
where it does now. Some years ago, it 
served as the President's house off 
campus. It was later moved onto 
campus, where it served as a study 
house for women who maintained 
certain QPAs. This is its First year as 
substance-free housing, and its last. 
Next year, Marye house will become 
Administrative offices for student 
activities and residence life. At the 
Marye House, friendships are forged 
through shared interests and living 
together When these situations are 
combined, a special place is created 
where lifetime friendships are 

'-iaine Ashworth 
and Andrea Baker 
prepare dinner for 
the first Pot-Luck 
dinner of the 
semester. The 
residents have a 
pot luck dinner 
every month. 


Pictures curtesy of Marye House 

perspectives K 33 


The goal of the Mary Washington 
Theater Department is to educate the 
students on a more cultural level. 
They have always been dedicated to 
bringing plays to the campus that are 
not necessarily well-known. 

They started off the fall semester 
of 1999 on a light note by choosing 
a musical that actually handled a 
difficult subject. The name of the 
show was Baby. It dealt with issues 
of pregnancy in the cases of three 
separate couples. One middle-aged 
couple desperately wanted a child but 
could not seem to get pregnant. 
Another couple was extremely young 
and found themselves accidentally 
pregnant. The last couple was quite 
a bit older with grown children who 
had moved out of the house, yet they 
found themselves pregnant again. 

Later on during the fall semester, 
the department brought a more 
culturally informative and historical 
play to MWC audiences. The name 
of this play was Caucasian Chalk 
Circle. This play examines life in a 
foreign country in the sixteenth 
century. It is the story of a young girl 
who works in the governor's palace. 
She is in love with a man who must 
go off to fight in the terrible war that 
is going on. When the palace and 
village are invaded because of the 
war, the governor's child gets left 
behind and a servant girl takes her 
into her care. Later in the play, a 
custody battle ensues. 

Early in the spring semester of 
2000, the play Approactiing Zanzibar 
was produced. This play was one that 
dealt with the issues of love and 
family. A family desperately tried to 
cross the great continent of America 
to reach their dying aunt. They 
learned lessons of love and caring 
and discovered quite a bit about each 
other along the way. 

The Mary Washington College 
Theater Department has done a 
superb job of educating its students 
about the different cultural aspects 
of theater. 

uring their travels from Buffalo 
to Mew Mexico, Charlotte (Allyson 
Harkey) visited her brother (Jason 
Vickers) and his family. Together, 
they reminisced about their 

34 H student life 


and Mick are in bed trying 

ceive a child. They repre- 

le middle aged couple in 

, " To their dismay they are 

able to conceive a child. 


hip Dell performs a leading role 
in Caucasian Chalk Cirlce. 
Talented men are always in 
demand in the theatre 

ne of the three couples in the 
production Baby, Lizzy (flatalie 
Johnson) and Danny (Mathan 
Pipke) decide to have their child 
together once they found out 
they were pregnant. 


retta, played by Rebecca 
Romaneski, stares into space as she 
sings. Rebecca plays a leading role 
in the musical Caucasian Chalk 

perspectives K 35 

tkz aLaa of 2000 


Graduation marks the end of an era, the finalization 
of years of hard work, of friendships, and of growth. 
These college years have been the most impressionable 
years of our lives - we learned to be independent, we 
learned that we can do it by ourselves, and we learned 
to succeed. We should be proud of ourselves. 

May 13th turned out to be a scorching hot morning, 
and it didn't make things any easier that 80 1 graduates 
had to sit out in the hot sun with long black robes on. 
(All the professors and special guests got to sit 
underneath a tent in the shade....) Looking around the 
group of graduates, one could see people drinking from 
water bottles, people wearing umbrella hats Instead of 
mortar boards, and graduates tossing a beach ball around 
all the group. Mostly, one could see graduates hugging 

each other after they received their diplomas, and taking 
some last minute pictures as friends say good bye to 
one another. 

People came from all over the United States to take 
part in the celebrations, and the day's events were 
enjoyed by all. At the beginning of the ceremony, a 
plane flew above ball circle pulling a banner 
congratulating one graduate. Additionally, parents in the 
crowds held signs, and blew horns and whistled when 
their child walked across the stage. 

Some of us will move on to jobs, some of us will get 
married, and some of us will continue in our education. 
Where ever life may lead us, may we always remember 
and cherish Mary Washington college, the place where it 
all began.... 

All photos courtesy of Photography By Michael 

36 K student life 

all Circle is transformed for 
graduation. Thousands of people 
attended the graduation 
ceremonies on May 13, 2000. 

perspectives H 37 

ethany Sullivan holds up her 
godson, Joseph, before the 
processional. Two year old 
Joseph snucl^ into the graduates 
to congratulate Beth. 

All photos curtesyoTphotograph^D^Mi^ae 

ate Amey celebrates her graduation 
with year 2000 glasses. The class of 
2000 is either the first (or last) 
graduating class of the century. 

38 K student life 

ion 2000 

ennifer Booth reaches for her 
diploma as she walks across the 
stage. Graduates waited all 
morning to obtain their diplomas. 

his view of Ball Circle 
represents one of the final views 
of Mary Washington College of the 
class of 2000's college career. 
Graduation marks the last time 
where graduates would meet 
together as a class. 

perspectives K 39 

child from the 
community receives 
a puppet balloon 
from one of the 
many venders. The 
event offered crafts 
for cill ages to enjoy. 

40 K student life 

Celehrating. TWTVCct Dmer&it^ 

join c::n'nniu£.%±a'iu or ins. <c::A/luLiLauLiuxaL Jali 

he American 

Indian Song and 
Dance organization 
performs a native 
dance in front of Lee 
Hall. Lee Hall, 
Trinkle Hall and 
George Washington 
Hall were booked 
with performers 
during the entire 
duration of the 
Multicultural fair. A 
very wide range of 
genres took part in 
the festivities, from 
Indian to Chilean to 
Peruvian to Middle 
Eastern to Greek to 
Country Western. 

This year's Multicultural Fair 
attracted approximately 4,000 
students, faculty, and members of the 
community. The annual event held 
along Campus Walk and Ball Circle is 
the highlight of the spring semester 
for many people. 

Although the day did not have the 
best weather conditions, it went well 
with no major problems. Campus and 
Fredericksburg police successfully 
blocked off College Avenue for the 
parade. The kickoff parade, 
"Differences Enrich Us All," was 
designed to celebrate the turn of the 
millennium and the tenth anniversary 
of the Multicultural Fair at MWC. 

Venders lined Campus walk as early 
as Sam, although the official hours 
of the fair were 10am to 5pm. The 
fair attracts multicultural crafts, food 
vendors, live entertainment, and 
children's activities. There were 
many tables representing African, 
Middle Eastern, Asian and South 
American cultures. 

George Washington Hall, Trinkle 
Hall, Ball Circle and Lee Hall all had 

stages set up to display various types 
of dance and musical talent. Country 
Western dancing, spiritual gospel 
singing, Russian and Eastern 
European music, and Salsa Dancing 
were represented at the QW stage 
throughout the day. Lee Hall, the 
main stage, was the home to Chilean, 
Peruvian, and African dancing while 
the Trinkle stage had similar cultural 

The community was very involved 
in the planning and excitement of the 
event. Community organizations and 
business helped sponsor various 
activities aimed at cultural awareness. 
Daybreak, a volunteer program run 
by MWC students, brought mentally 
and physically disabled children to 
the fair. Face painting, an inflatable 
climbing wall, the food and various 
crafts caught the attention of 
everyone. Kerri Pakurar states, "the 
children at the fair really appreciated 
the opportunity to indulge in things 
they never before had the chance to 
see or do." 

wo performers from 
Group E.L.L.E.n. 
perform an authentic 
Latin American dance 
in front of Trinkle Hall. 
Many performers 
danced to music from 
their native country. 

perspectives K 41 




Junior Ring Week is one of MWC's 
most long-standing traditions. Tiiis is 
the week of celebration as juniors be- 
come "official" members of the college 
and receive their class rings. 

There are some creative pranks that 
students play on juniors. Filling shovi/er 
heads with Koolaid, removing all the 
belongings from someone's room and 
setting them up in the same style in the 
middle of Trinkle rotunda, or a random 
car parked in the middle of ball circle 
are just a few examples. But, then 
again, there are the more embarrass- 
ing pranks, like the pictures you wished 
never existed that are posted around 
campus, or the dirty underwear hang- 
ing from academic buildings. 

Despite the fact that Junior Ring Week 
is one of the few traditions MWC has 
left, it appears that the administration 
is trying to prevent the pranks that oc- 
cur during this week. We can all admit 
that there are some pranks that get out 
of hand, and that MWC has a responsi- 
bility to protect the students. There is 
the member of a varsity team who was 
locked in a dog cage by other team- 
mates and then thrown in the fountain. 
This prank is to the extreme, and people 
can get seriously hurt or even die. We 
can all agree that administrative inter- 
vention is needed in situations like this. 

Although in some cases warranted, 
administrative intervention has gotten 
out of hand. An e-mail was sent out 
form President Anderson to all the HRs 
and Ads, stating, that if they see any 
pranks, they have no choice but to take 
names and write people up. Students 
who are not harming juniors are being 
written up. Juniors who consent to what 
is happening to them are having their 
names taken while their perpetrators 
are being written up. Students return- 
ing from the grocery store are getting 
their names taken in addition to the 
items in their grocery bag being re- 
corded. If they are later found using 
any of those groceries in a prank, they 
are written up. 

The extreme to which this interven- 
tion is taken is ridiculous. Can't the 
president and the administration just 
allow students to have their traditions, 
and can't students come up with more 
creative pranks that no one gets hurt 
and no one's life is in danger? 

Photography by Joe Parker 

eceiving your college ring is 
momentous occasion. It signifies 
you are almost done with one 
stage of your life and are about 
to begin the next. President 
Anderson played an important 
part in the handing out of class 


42 K student life 

of MWC guys tackle Jon 
«3Wski' to the ground in front 
v^i Qoolrick Hall. Juniors can be 
^tormented anytime day or night 
Jor the full week. 


yan riapolitano sits tied up by 
his fellow peers during Junior 
Ring Week. Juniors live the week 
in fear they are going to be made 
into fools by their closest friends. 

Photography by Joe Parker 

elli Beers claps her box which 
contains her class ring. Juniors 
are not allowed to wear their 
rings until the class president 
puts his or her ring on. 


he remnants of flour, eggs, and 
duct tape are left as the Junior 
who occupied this chair escaped. 
It is not uncommon for juniors 
to be tied to a chair in the middle 
of campus. 

perspectives K 43 


Dorm sponsarscf euents (iuan up compas 


Every year the hall 
council of each dorm tries 
to make life more 
interesting for its residents 
and those students in other 
dorms. Since there are no 
sororities or fraternities at 
Mary Washington, the social 
scene has to be created in 
other ways. This is where 
the dorms make their niche 
in the life of students 
outside of school work. 
Residence halls make a 
concerted effort to attract 
people of all walks of life 
and interests. 

Ball Hall put on a very 
different form of 
entertainment for students 
and faculty. Most times the 
activities are intended to be 
very social, but Ball Hall 
sponsored a Talent Show. 
The show allowed both 

students and faculty to 
display their latest musical 
piece, or read their latest 
poem. Although bad 
weather moved the event 
from Ball Circle to Lee Hall 
the students were not 

The most common event 
is a dance. Many dorms put 
on dances this year, but it 
was the first year for a 
dance to be sponsored by 
a freshman dorm. Russell 
Hall adopted the "Fallen 
Angels" to go with the way 
their dorm lobby is 
designed. The split floor 
lobby signifies heaven and 

Furthermore, Marshall 
Hall an event similar to that 
of Russell, but had a 
barbecue before the dance. 
In most dorms, the ideas 

are left up to the residents. 
Suggestions are taken and 
then the dorm, as a whole, 
votes on the final decision. 

Hall Councils also have 
activities only for their 
residents. In Mason Hall, 
the council sponsored Safe 
Split. The purpose of the 
event was to encourage 
safe sex. Sex jeopardy was 
played followed by a 
demonstration on how to 
correctly use a condom. 
The evening ending with 
banana splits for everyone 
who participated. 

Events like the ones 
above are only a few of 
what MWC students do to 
stay busy on Friday nights. 
The dorms play an 
important role in the life 
of every student. 

courtesy of Marye House 

44 K student life 

esidents of the Marye House 
clean the wooden floors in 
preparation for an event. The 
residents are responsible for 
cleaning their own house. 

aul Harding is a desk aid for his 
resident hall. Each resident hall 
is responsible for providing desk 
aides to control the people 
entering and exiting the dorms. 

esidents take a break from 
dancing to pose for a picture 
outside Marshall. Marshall Hall 
sponsered a dinner and dancing 
event called Qrill on the Hill. 

eri Henley and her overnight 
guest, Beth, get ready to attend 
Westmorland's Blarney Ball. 
Overnight guests need to be 
approved by the HR before they 
are allowed to stay the evening. 

ob Franklin performs in Lee 
Hall as part of a talent event 
sponsored by Ball Hall. Bob often 
performs in the Eagle's Mest with 
his band. 

perspectives X 45 

Your passport 

"We are living in an increasingly interdependent world. 
To survive and prosper in this world, as individuals and 
as a nation, we must establish close, meaningful con- 
tacts with our counterparts in other countries." - the 
Council on International Education Exchange. 

There is no better opportunity to experience another 
culture than through study abroad. Mary Washington 
students can choose from programs sponsored by the 
school, direct enrollment in foreign institu- 
tions, or other American programs abroad. 
If a student chooses to study outside of MWC, 
he must obtain approval from the Office of 
International Academic Services. Addition- 
ally, the student needs to meet the eligibility 
requirements of the institution and pay tu- 
ition to that institution, not MWC. Transfer 
credits can be applied to major requirements, 
and are factored into the MWC QPA. The ben- 
efits of attending a MWC-sponsored program 
are vast. The student pays normal tuition 
costs to MWC and receives direct credit for 
the courses taken. What is more important, 
the credits factor directly into the MWC QPA. 

The programs sponsored by MWC offer both educational 
and cultural experiences, not all study abroad programs 
require language proficiencies; therefore, MWC offers pro- 
grams with and without language requirements. 

Mary Washington students have studied around the 
world: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, 
Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech 
Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, Qer- 


Jifiiurists are standing in front of the 
tBmb of the Unknown Soldier un- 
der the Arc de Triomphe. The Un- 
laiown Soldier is a memorial to all 
soldiers who have given their lives 
in combat. 

LoHBLlude Wnt of fiiwnwirh 

46 K student life 

to the Hlorld 

many, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, 
Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, riambia, riepal. Mew 
Zealand, the Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, Senegal, 
South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Wales, and Zim- 
babwe. It is not just the countries that span the globe, 
but also the majors of the students who study abroad. 
The IAS office offers twice weekly information sessions, 
monthly workshops, and an annual fair to allow students 

to familiarize themselves with the program they would 
like to attend, and to get first hand experiences from 
fellow students. There are three very important steps to 
planning a leave of absence from MWC to study abroad: 
researching and choosing the program/institution, apply- 
ing for the program, and predeparture administrative de- 
tails required by MWC. Research for a program should 
begin at least a year before the student intends to leave. 
The destination should be chosen by the fifth 
week of the semester preceding the study 
abroad experience. All applications need to 
be mailed by the ninth week, and comple- 
tions of predeparture requirements have to 
be done no later than the fifteenth week of 
the semester. 

In closing, "Going Abroad is a voyage of dis- 
covery. You discover the world beyond your 
one country. But you also discover your one 
country because, for the first time, you can 
see it from another perspective and compare 
it to another way of life," a MWC student upon 
his return from Spain. 


elly Engel and Rachel Worley visit 
the Arc de Triomphe on their tour 
through Europe. The Arc de 
Thriomphe is one of the most rec- 
ognizable monuments in Paris, 

perspectives K 47 


<=4iounJtL QVortd and Bac^ to J^^WC 

Many travelers go through an initial period of 
euphoria and excitement, overwhelmed by the 
thrill of being in a totally new and unusual 
environment. " This opening line from the 
"Study Abroad Handbook, " is given to all MWC 
students preparing to leave the MWC campus 
in exchange for a semester of excitement, 
adventure, and a little education too. The Fall 
'99 semester was an experience 23 men and 
women will not soon forget, neither will the 47 
individuals who study abroad over Spring '00. 
Their majors covered areas of academic study, 
from Biology to the Classics, Art to Business, 
and Foreign languages to American Studies. 

In a far off country, our fellow students take 
regular classes, taught in different languages, 
with people from completely different cultures. 

Immersed in a foreign culture, taking difficult 
classes, and far from home, what is a 20/ 2 1 
year old to do? Enjoy it! Kevin Cain, who went 
on Wayne State University's Junior Year in 
Munich program, remembers his first day in 
Germany as a highlight of his trip, "We'd been 
awake for 24+ hours, but didn't want to go to 
sleep yet because it was only 2 pm due to the 
time change. So a group of six of us decided to 
go and check out Oktoberfest. I've never seen 
anything like it." Most memories were not just 
of the single experiences, but of the general 
feeling of being in another world. It is not just 
the food, or the language, or even the 
idiosyncrasies of the culture that make the 
international experience memorable; it is the 
sensation that you are exploring a civilization 
that mirrors your own in many ways, but exudes 
an air of other-worldliness. Individuals who love 
to travel, learn, and experience life find so this 
very appealing. Ashley Qroesbeck, who 
attended Kingston on the Thames, in London, 
does not cite any one instance in remembering 
her study abroad program; instead, she 
remembers seeing the Thames River every 
morning on the walk to the University. 

Coming to college is an experience where a 
teenager becomes an adult. To many students, 
studying abroad completes the whole college 
experience, opening one's eyes to so many new 
and exciting things. No one who attended a 
study abroad program in the 1 999-2000 school 
year here at MWC will soon forget the 
experience, or who he became because of it. 

48 K student life 

he Christmas 
Market in Switzerland 
is surrounded by 
many buildings built 
centuries ago. 

of Florence, Italy be- 
hind her, Kelly Engel 
stands on top of the 
Duomo. Italy was 
one of the six coun- 
tries Kelly toured 
while on her Spring 
Break from t^ngston 
University in England. 



elly Engel and Rachel 
Worley are standing in the 
Tower of London with the 
Tower Bridge in the back- 

enry Odom stands in front 
of the town hall in Switzer- 
land. Henry studied abroad 
for two sesmters in Freiburg, 

perspectives K 49 


50 X student life 

The Mary Washington College 
Performing Arts Club performed 
Eugenius in memory of Eugene Roscoe. 
Roscoe was an associate professor of 
dance at MWC for five years before he 
lost his battle with AIDS. As a result of 
his death, and in honor of what he did 
for MWC, every fall concert is named 
Eugenius. Roscoe danced here, 
abroad, and with world-renowned 
dancer Alvin Alley. In addition, he 
designed his own clothing line, ran a 
physical fitness facility, and worked as 
a physical trainer. Roscoe was a major 
supporter of students within the dance 
department and advocated for all levels 
of dance. Regretfully, dance was cut 
from the theatre department's 
curriculum in 1997, shortly before his 
death in 1998. 

The themes of this year's 
performance did not center on Roscoe, 
but rather gave students free reign to 
establish their own choreography and 
movements. This was unlike last years' 
performance, which displayed the 
impact Roscoe had on his students and 
actual dances he choreographed before 
his death. 

The ability level of the dancers are 
not a major problem when performing 
in a concert. Take for example, a 
freshman, who never danced before 
coming to MWC, did a wonderful job 
and the audience never could tell from 
her movements she was a beginner. 
One great aspect of the club is that past 
students come back to MWC each year 
and help choreograph dances. This 
adds an extra asset to the performance 
because it shows students really care 
about their performance and how it is 

The performance of Eugenius was 
the work of many students who 
choreographed and ran the 
performance. With no school funded 
financial aid, the students provide for 
every piece of the performance. Sarah 
Pack, a senior, describes her "most 
memorable moments from the 
performance are not the actual dancing 
I do, but watching my pieces being 
performed." To show the family-like 
atmosphere of the club, Sarah goes on 
to say, "Another nice moment comes 
right before we are to take the stage. 
The club finally comes together as one 
group and stands in a big circle and 
gives each other back massages to say 
good luck before the performance." 

ghe Company performs their 
Assing number of Act 1 to 
«ason's of Love which is a story 
m growing up. Sarah Pack and 
I^rtia Copper lead the dance to 
its closure 

em, beloncjing lo Lhe King, 
p across the stage to take the 
in^s love to him. The women 
are performing to an Indian song 
Tandava l^atya. 


irah Facl^ leads three 
)uettes in a dance to 
son's of Love. Many 
performers are given the chance 
to perform in solos or duets. 

Xjfie Performing Arts Company 
vies to choose music from 
ieveral different genres. Here 
%1^€ Sullins prepares to dip his 
partner, Suzanne Lewis, while 
performing a Latin dance to 


ason fanning, the King, awaits 
e arrival of his love. The love 

tory is to the Indian song 

andava Flatya. 

perspectives K 51 

UneKpecfed Nor'ester firings 12 ' ofSnooy 

Throughout the winter 
months, the weather at 
Mary Washington is 
relatively mild. Many MWC 
students began to believe 
winter weather never 
ventures south of the 
Washington to 

Fredericksburg region; it 
had been more than three 
years since more than an 
inch of snow accumulated 
on campus. However, a 
surprise came on the 
morning of January 20th 
and 25th, when students 
and staff awoke to a "winter 
wonderland" of snow. 

Students who normally 
struggle to make it to early 
morning classes gave a sigh 
of relief when they heard 
classes were canceled. 
Residents congregated 
along Campus Walk and in 

Ball Circle at daybreak to 
enjoy the winter weather. 
"I've taught a lot of morning 
classes and students have 
a toed time getting UJ^or 
the^^ 1 have nev^ween 
so m^a^ college sTOdents 
up at 8:00 am In the 
morning before," one 
professor commented. All 
adross campus makeshift 
sleds replaced books and 
classes, snowball fights 
were waged and snowmen 
popy^up. N^^ 

J^^ snow all^^d 
students to demonstrate 
just how inventive they 
could be. Pieces of 
cardboard, bright orange 
recycling bags, and dinner 
trays from Seacobeck 
became spur-of-the- 
moment sleds. Snowball 
fights broke out in front of 

most dorms. In some 
places, the snowball fights 
took the form of a dorm 

In general, the snow day 
turned out to be a welcome 
relief from school for many 
students. Though many 
students went out to frolic 
in the white stuff, some 
students looked at the day 
off as a time to catch up 
on some schoolwork. "I 
would love to go play in the 
snow, but I just have too 
much work to do. Besides, 
it's way too cold to be 
outside," one first year 
student lamented. Either 
way, most students 
concurred that the snow, 
and the resulting three 
days off, were needed free 
days and a distraction from 
the rigors of classes. 


52 >{ student life 

the center of campus. Ball 
rcle, became a snow football 
:ld as students gathered in 
^dly competition. It was also 
host to many snow related 
activities during the winter 

Jy Drive is used by students 
nake-shift hill for sledding. 
3 every snowfall, Alvey Drive 
sed due to its steep slope 
and dangerous conditions. 



iwball fight ensues between 
n and Randoph Halls. 

_ents found the snow a 

welcome relief to the rigors of a 
long Spring semester. 

perspectives K 53 

54 K seniors 

When exactly does senioritis 
kick in? Wlien does the fear of 
life outside of Mary Washington 
settle in? Seniors have to leave 
a comfortable world filled with 
the things they know to venture 
into the unknown. Change the 
perspective and it's the best year 
on campus. It took you four 
years, but you now rule the 
school: You get the simple things 
like good class registration times 
and events like 100th night and 
senior countdown dedicated 
just for you. It may be your last 
year, but oh what a year it is. K 


perspectives K 55 



Alexander, Julie 

rails Church, VA 

Alexander, Keith 

Philadephia, PA 

Alexander, Melanle 

rairport, /YV 

Allison, Cara Lynn 

Burke, VA 
Political Science 



' J 




^ ifk 




Altadonna, Jennifer 

Philadelphia, PA 
American Studies 

Arnold, Katie 

tierndon, VA 
Studio Art 

Alvis, Kim 

Lynchburg, VA 
Business Administration 


Ashworth, Blaine 

Richmond, VA 


Amey, Kate 

Towson, MD 

Psychology ^^"^^^ 

Arias, Monica 

McLean, VA 

Avery-Jones, Elizabeth 

Gainesville, PL 
International Affairs 

Bannister, EUyn 

Mendon, VT 
Political Science 


Barbosa, Charlae 

Fayetteville, MC 

56 K seniors 

Barnard, Lindsay 

Manassas. VA 
Studio Art 

Barnes, Joy 

Gulf Breeze, PL 
Women's Studies 

Baskin, Emery 

Alexandria, VA 

Bautista, Selina 

Brooklyn, HY 

Bertini, Kristen 

Annandale. VA 
Psychology i. 


Bowman, Danna 

Annapolis, MD 

Bean, Sally 

Morefield, WV 





^H^^^nk <~ '^"J^^^B 






* / i^TM 


Bodnar, Mansa 

Stratford, CT 


Business Administration 

Bradley, Geoffrey 

Stafford, VA 
Computer Science 

Bendersky, Nicole 

Richmond, VA 
Business Administration 

Berkowitz, Mara 

Midlothian, VA 


Elementary Education 

Bondurant, Nicholas 

Alexandria, VA 
Business Administration 

Booth, Jennifer 

Farmville, VA 

Breschard, Jayme 

Mastic Beach, I^Y 
Historic Preservation 

Buck, Kristin 

Fredericlisburg, VA 



Budd, Jennifer 

Richmond, VA 
International Affairs 

Burge, Enca 

Fredericksburg, VA 
Computer Science 

Burger, Jennifer 

Charlotte, nc 

Burrell, Kimberl^ 

W/ng George, VA 
Business Administration 

perspectives X 57 

^m^^^'i^jif^, - ■' 11 

Burton, Elizabeth 

rerndale, CA 

Json, Wendela 

ISpringfield, VA 

Carter, Pattie 

Madison, VA 
American Studies 



Christopher, Stacey 

Woodbridge, VA 
Business Administration 

58 K seniors 

Butler, Nariah 

Zanesville, Oh 

Carroll, Hattie 

Charleston, SC 

\ ••> 


Casey, Erin 

Fairfax, VA 

Cini, Cristin 

Garden City, I^Y 


Cain, Kevin 

Belie Mead, nj 
International Affairs 

^^sS^^^f* i ^'^^M^ 



Cartcx Heather Elizabeth 

Tiewport, Rl 

Casto, Rebecca 

Warrenton, VA 

Claflin, Brendan 

West Hartford, CT 

Carey, BreAnna 

Stafford, VA 
Anthropology •« 

Carter, Heather 

Eldersburg, MD 


Secondary Education 

Cebula, Jessica 

Toms River, /YJ 


Clark, Came 

herndon, VA 


"VI 1 

•*• "• 

L 1 

t / 



Coles, Narlo 

Fauquier County, VA 

Qirable and Kristin Witters attend the Junior Ring dance. As a 
ion, tlie Junior Ring dance is iield Saturday for the completion of 
L>r Ring weel^. 

«^ «r\ 

Commerce, Jasmine 

Herndon, VA ^ 

Ttieatre • -^ 


Conroy, Justin 

Cooperstown, /YV 



Davis, Amy 

new Kent, VA 
Studio Art 

Coryell, Derek 

Oaliton, VA ,^ 
History ,_ ^^ 




Davis, Jennifer 

Warrenton, VA 
Computer Science 


Crown, Sarah 

Richmond, VA 

Davis, Kara 

Franklin County, VA 

Currie, Jamie 

Mechanicsville, VA 

Davis, Kelly 

Port Republic, VA 

perspectives K 59 

Dempsey, Erin 

Midland, TX 
Historic Preservation 

DiJulio, nick 

Mercer Island, WA 
Business Administration 

Do. Thanh 

herndon, VA 

Domangue, Erin 

Metuchen, PiJ 
International Affairs 

Dowdy, Jaime 

Richmond, VA 

60 H seniors 


Dudash, Holly 

Camp Hill, PA 
Political Science , 


Dionne, Monica 

Woodbridge, VA 
English — 


Dixon, Sarah 

Mechanicsburg, PA 
Environmental Science 

1 - ^ 


l^^^'mlnllP'''''"''' i^l^^^^ 


■V^P^ MM ''^1 


Hppfw'' , 1 

' '' •' ^ 

PWF^iL ^ 

k ' t m. 


Donahoe, Stephen 

Alexandria, VA 

English » 

American Studies 

Dunance, Mary Shannon 

Stafford, VA 

Dorsey, Rachael 

Shepherdstown, WV 
Art History 

Ebert, Ashlee 

Manassas, VA 

Edwards, Kathleen 

Woodbridge, VA 


lie Johnson shows off her 
c" during her Junior Ring 
er|mony. President Anderson had 
received a letter asking his help to 
find a date for the Ring Dance. This 
was the best that he could do at Mary 





1 ^ 



1 ^- 

i - 


^ i 

^_ ^M 

Ellis, Shannon 

Richmond, VA 


Faltum, James 

Stafford, VA 

Emery, Janet 

Annandale, VA 
Historic Preservation 






'I^'v^ : 


Felder, Janaye ^ 

Triangle, VA " 


Engel, Kelly 

Virginia Beach, VA 


Secondary Education 

Fink, Jenmfer 

Scarsdale. IIY 



Fallen, Melissa 

Midlothian, VA 



Fischel, Marga 

Burke, VA 

perspectives K 61 


Fish, Patricia 

Dale City, VA 

Business Administration 

Folkerts, Jessica 

Springfieid, VA 

Franklin, Teresa 

Woodbridge, VA 

Fitzpatrick, Matthew 

Great Barrington, MA 



Forthofer, Katie 

Arnoid, MD 

Business Administration 

Friedman, Dustin 

Huntington, riY 
International Affairs 



Flaherty, Lindsey 

Roanoke, VA 



mi: ^^H 

Franco, Michael 

Clinton, CT 
Computer Science 




Fry, Katie 

Wasliington, D.C. 



Flynn, Rebecca 

hern don, VA 
Studio Art 


Franklin, Greta 

Culpeper, VA 
Art History 







1 v^', 


Gagnon, Aaron 

Vienna, VA 

Business Administration 


Garvey, Annika 

Oakton, VA 
Computer Science 

62 }i seniors 



Garwood, Margaret Tucker 

Afton, VA 

Geiger, Elizabeth 

Richmond, VA 

George, Kelly 

Richmond, VA 


Child Development 


J ennifer Booth and Sarah Cloutier enjoy Devil Goat Day their Junior year. 
lie two have been friends since freshmen year when they were suitemates 
ifi Randolph Hall. 


Gordon, Leah 

Burke, VA 







Grable, Suzanne 

Wading River, riY 

Grace, Enka 

Mollidaysburg, FA 

Graham, Andrea 

Mectianicsville, VA 

Graham, Kathryn 

Virginia Beach, VA 
Art Education 

Greenleaf, Mark 

liarragansett, Rl 

Gubitosi, Nichole 

Centreville, VA 
Business Administration 


\ \ 

Guedri, Christine 

Richmond, VA 


Secondary Education 

Han, Brandy 

McLean, VA 

Business Administration 

■^ '^^/ 

Han, Soo 

Falls Church, VA 



perspectives H 63 

Hansen, Dianna 

Burke, VA 

Hayes, Suzanne 

Manassas, VA 
Studio Art 


Hibbert, Annette 

Catonsville, MD 
historic Preservation 
Elementary Education 

Hollowell, Michelle 

Fredericlisburg, VA 

64 K seniors 

% d 

Harkey, AUyson 

Atlanta, OA 

* 1 


. ] 


-^ ''-^-^ 



Hemstreet, Heather 

SZ/ver City, MD 

: , ■< ■■ 

r ■ i 


jpt,,* ' J 





Quilford, CT 



Harwell, Heather 

herndon, VA 

Business Administration 

Hayes, Melanie 

Fairfax, VA 
Economics ?K 


Hensley, Jessica 

Richmond, VA 


Interpersonal Communication 

Herr, Jacqueline 

herndon, VA 

Business Administration 

Hinson, Michelle 

Warsaw, VA 

HoUeneth, Matthew 

East Brunswick, I^J 
Computer Science 

Holtslag, Tera 

Warrenton, VA 

ouck, Joy 

'J.eesburg, VA 

Houts, Julie Ann 

Burke, VA 



Hube, Amelia 


Durham, nC 






Hunt, Jennifer 

Colorado Springs, CO 

nda Qoebel, Chris Hitzelberger, Bethany Sullivan, Stephanie Hand, 
ney Kowaichicl\, Karen Whalen, Andrea Chermela pose for a group 
at homecomming in 1998 



1 i^^^^^^^^^M 

^H^^^^ IH 


Hutchinson, Shannon 

Pittsburgh, PA 
International Affairs 

Iqbal, Aamina 

Fredericksburg, VA 

Jackson, Jessica 

Gainsville. VA 

ackson. Ken 

Stafford. VA 

Business Administration 

Jackson, Susannah 

Westport, CT 
historic Presen'ation 

Jageman, Julie 

Erie, FA 

Jarrett, Beth 

fiichmond, VA 
Political Science 

Jeffrey, Christine 

Stonington, CT 

perspectives H 65 





Johnson, Jennifer Page 

Chesapeake, VA 
Studio Art 

Johnson, Natalie 

Baltimore, MD 


Kelley, Daniela 

Ashburn, VA 
International Affairs 


' ''^^^^^^^'' ' 




&^ ~-~i~.' ' „ CT'*^ 

Kerr, Katharine 

Chesapeake, VA 
historic Preservation 


L^ 1 

Kopp, Jonathan 

Burlee, VA 
Computer Science 

66 K seniors 

Kelley, Patricia 

Richmond, VA 
^■'Art History 

Key, Michelle 

Onancock, VA 


Jones, Shannon 

Culpeper, VA 

Kelly, Michelle 

McLean, VA 
Political Science 

Kinnear, Megan 

norfolk, VA 

Jordain, Anna 

Farm vi lie, VA 
Environmental Science 




Kenney, Cara 

Olney, MD 



Kopchinski, Leslie 

Severn, MD 
Environmental Science 

Kraus, INancy 

St. James, nY 

Krempa, Vanessa 

Annandale, VA 
Business Administration 

Kwasney, Jill 

Elmira, riY 

Ladd, Stacey 

Lexington, VA 


Elenientaiy Education 


Lambiasi, Michelle 

tiaymarliet, VA 

fany Patrick, Kimberly May, and Cara Hoar get down and dirty at tlie 
rshall Dance their sopliomore year. Many of the residence halls on 
mpus have their own dances throughout the year. 



1 'TC^W^:' 


'^^:" h';. Ov.f'^'i 


■y i\ /^ 

Langille, Carissa 

rranlilin, I^A 
Internationa! Affairs 




Lantz, Nerissa'; 

Rictimond, VA 

Layne, Kerry 

Cliilhowie, VA 

Levy, Rachel 

Woodbridge, VA 



Lillard, Joy 

Madison, VA 





Lilly, Colleen 

Fredericksburg, VA 
Historic Preservation 
Elementaiy Education 

Lloyd, Lin 

Manassas, VA''-^ "^ 
Computer Science 

Long, Jennifer A. 

Woodbridge, VA 

perspectives H 67 

Naddox, Jessie 

Woodbridge, VA 

IManno, Matthew 

Fan wood, nj 

addox, J 

Stafford, VA 
Political Science 


Martin, Alison 

Beckley, WV 
Historic Preservation 


Malik, Khurram 

Centre viile. VA 
Business Administration 


Martin, Karen 

Mechanicsville, VA 
Business Administration 



Marinas, Jr., Amante 

Elmtiurst, HY 


Martonik, Brian 




Masaniello, Christen 

Great Palls, VA 

McCallister, Joseph 

Alexandria, VA 
Persuasive Speech in the 

68 K seniors 

Matthews, Nicole 

Palls Church, VA 

McCrone, Robert 

Saddle Brook, MJ 
Business Administration 

attingly, Regina 

"taPlata, MD 
Historic Preservation 



McCrystal, Michelle 

Lawrenceville, nj 

y, Diana 

"Doylestown, PA 

\ li^^^v. 





McDavid, Benjamin 

Dale City, VA 
Computer Science 

McFarlane. Matt 

Bel Air, ND 

Business Administration 

International Affairs 

McGlamary, Rari 

Roanol<e, VA — 


nen junior class officers, Racliel Silbaugh, Daniela Kelley and Kara Davis 
slier at the graduation ceremony of 1999. 





McGrady, Sarah 

Chester, VA 

\ ■ I 

i : 

Mentis, Senie 

rairrax, VA 


l'" . - 

^ V d 

McKeeby, Elizabeth 

Lebannan, FA 
Historic Preservation 

Merrill, Patricia 

Gloucester, VA 


McKeKey, Tasha Cheyenne 

Mathews. VA 
Studio Art 


A ■ ■ 

• > 



Nlmnaugh, INeva 

Oaithersburg, MD 

McKeoun, Megan 

Burlie. VA 

Business Administration 



Mirabello, James 

Springfield, VA 



perspectives H 69 





m - 




Nontgomery, Elizabeth 

Burke, VA 


Norgan, Kelly 

Stafford, VA 

«»^-T '/I 

Murray, Elaine 

Annapolis, MD 



^ ▼^Hp^ 



Mongold, Britney 

new Market, VA 

Nohanty, Suchi 

East Greenwich, Rl 

Monaghan, Sara 

r/o;-a/ Pa;7<, nv 

Murray, Jennifer 

Roanoke, VA 
Music ' 


m^ ^ 

Myers, Jennifer 

Midlothian. VA 


Myers, Kimberly 

Baltimore, MD 
Computer Science 

Naggles, Angela 

Richmond, VA 
Ethnic Studies 

rSease, Jr., James 

Fredericksburg, VA 
Environmental Science 

Neiburg, Andrew 

Langhorn, PA 

70 K seniors 

INg, Karen 

Arlington, VA 

Business Administration 

Nichols, Caroline 

Hamilton, VA 
International Affairs 

INoel, Megan 

Canton, OH 
International Affairs 


Norman, Carissa 

rairfax, VA 




le end of their sophomore year, Jill Slechcr, Jenna 
Irene SchinKel, riiclioie Qubitosi and Andrea Shaw 
3ut off campus. 






rSowell, Christopher 

Alexandria, VA 
Business Administration 



7"? ' m ^. 

Odom, Henry 

King George, VA 



Otto, Sean 

Wasliington, HJ 

11- A 

Onda, John 

Pittsburgli, PA 
Political Science 

Pack, Sarah 

Roanoke, VA 

Orlando, Anthony 

Midlothian, VA 
Business Administration 

Pak, Maylian 

Elberta, AL 
hiternational Affairs 

Osterman, John 

Columbia, MD 

Pakurar, Kem 

Richmond, VA 

perspectives K 7 1 

^ J 

Palmer-Hoffhian, Julie 

Danbury, CT 

Patrick, Tiffany -j 

Yorktown, VA ' 

Environmental Science 

Pappalardi, Laura 

Doylestown, FA 

Pemn, Ashley 

Richmond, VA 


Elementary Education 

Pitts, Lillian 

Grafton, VA 

Podorski, Jerry 

rt. Washington, MD 

Parker. Kate 

Mechanicsville, VA 
Studio Art 








rry, Ellen 

Virginia Beach, VA 

Preston. Benjamin 

Herndon, VA 

Paterni, Joshua 

Ellicott City, MD 

Phillips. Leah Marie AUera 

Pittsburgh, VA 

ProfHtt. Heather 

Roanoke, VA 
historic Preservation 



Puma. Kristm 

Dover, DE 

72 K seniors 

Quinn. Laura 

Burke, VA 



Quinn. Ryan 

Virginia Beach, VA 
Business Administration 

Racer. Scott 

Benyville, VA 

'TMB j^K t* ^A L 


>'JffiUH^^^^^^^ ^^^^1 

K^ ^ 

Ramey, Nicole 

sterling, VA 


Ratliff, Daniel 

Peinceton, nj 

<Mis Parker, Joe Pittman, Kerri Pakurar, Ellen Perry, Beth Jarrett, 
iffaly Patrick, and Kevin Cain dress up for Halloweens their Sopho- 

i# P^ f jii 


^■14 If Mr ^ 

' ^^^Btai 

Reagan, James 

Scotch Plains, nj 
Secondary Education 

Reed, Barbara Jean 

Spotsylvania, VA 
Cultural Studies 

Reid, Kristine 

Dunkirk, MD 

Richards, Beverley 

Brooklyn, fiY 

Richardson, Danielle 

Staunton, VA 

Riehl, William 

Tinton Palls, nj 
Political Science 

Rizzi, Lauren 

Rutland, VT 

Roberts, Brien 

Herndon, VA 
Elcmrnlan Pdii( alion 

perspectives K 73 

Rodman, Sandra 

Warrenton, VA 


Richmona, vn 
IntemaUonal Affairs 

Rohwer, Emil" 

Burbanli, CA ., 
Business AdminiM 
Religiqa^^,,^,,, .^ 

Rossi, Andrea 

Huntington, nv 

Rojas, Maria 

Leesburg, VA 

Roswell, Meghan 

Suffem, r/y 

Rome, Heather 

Boyertown, PA 
International Affairs 


1 1J^^\ Z 

Mjmmm^f ■ ^^^ 



^ ^^fl 



Ryon, Cynthia 

Onancock, VA 

l!SSJ^':§? -:*.-«'^M 

Sabatelli, Bri^ 

Ringwood, /VJ 
Business Administration 

Sack, Ann Marie 

Fairfax, VA 

Saitta, Anthony 

Sands, David 

Richmond, VA 

Sawdy, Shannon 

Colonial Beach, VA 
Environmental Science 

74 H seniors 

Schaeffer, Keili 

Alexandria, VA 

Schepker, Nathan 

Richmond, VA 
Business Administration 

Schinkei, Irene 

tierndon, VA 
Studio Art 
Elementary Education 

Schmidt, Melissa 

McLean, VA 
International Business 
Italian Studies 




c Mm 

Schmucker, Samantha 

Alexandria, VA 
Business Administration 


erry Podorski is Mr. Clean at 
illoweens his sophomore year. 
: had to shave his head to play 
e part and enhance the "clean" 

Schneider, Alex 

Chestnut Ridge, HY 


Scruggs, Tanya 

Stafford, VA 

Senechal, Jill 

Bloomington, MPi 







Senner, Laura 

Moultonborough, riH 

Shamin, Amna 

Ashburn, VA 

Business Administration 


Shank, Eri 

King William, VA 

Sharp, Robert 

Qordonsville, VA 







Sheeran, Nelyssa 

Pa ram us. Pi J 
Political Science 

perspectives K 75 


Shelton, Kory Brooke 

RuckersviUe, VA 

Shilling, Negan 

Chambersburg, PA 
Historic Preservation 

Siekierka, Stephanie 

Siiver Spring, MD 

Siibaugh, Rachel 

Shrewsbury, PA 


Sirois, Mel 

Annapolis, MD 

Slaughter. Lindsey 

Camp Hill, PA 

Smith, Christy 

Ridge wood, nj 
Elementary Education 


Smith, David 

Colonial Heights, VA 

Smith, Jennifer 

Colonial Heights, VA 

Smith, Mary 

Spotsylvania, VA 


Smith, Terry 

King George, VA 

Spore, Dixie 

Lexington, VA 

St. Clair, Kirsten 

Kichmond. VA 

76 K seniors 

Stacy, Sarah 

Doylestown, PA 
Political Science 





#-^ -Ki 


% ;li- 


► ■, 



Stoll. Amy 

CharloLtesville, VA 
Studio Art 

Stone, Lisa 

Cliflon, VA 


Strasbaugh, Gregory 

Oakton, VA 

Business Administration 

■f ;./W* 



jKf' i* ■. 


(vm juoG 


s; i 


1 ^ ^ 


w w 



SuUins, Jessica 

Leesburg, VA 
Business Affairs 













:■■■- ;j»5^ 

mm:. ^H 





rian Turner was forced to wear a 
evening dress to his Junior 

ngMeremony because his clothes 
stolen as a Junior Ring Week 


Sullivan, Bethany 

Shelton, CT 
Women's Studies 

Synnott, Olivia 

Berryville, VA 
International Affairs 

►.4fR. if 



Sutherland, Erin 

Fairfax, VA . '-'' 

Art History ] 

Thomas, AHsom 

Glastonbury, CT 


I :■■»' 


•^ -TK 

1 . >;':(( 

^'••V!^ "^ 


» ^i^ 









tf 1 






Sweet, Brian 

BurAe, 1//4 

Traas, Daniel 

Fredericksburg, VA 

Swogger, Susan 

Lake Jackson, TX 




Turpyn, Abigail 

Stafford, VA 

perspectives K 77 

^^m Bit I 

Tussing, Amber 

Fredencksburg, VA 

alchester, Antonia 

'Staffordshire, England 

Ward, Kristi 

Cockeysville, MD • 
Historic Preservation 

Upton, Lain 

Richmond, VA 
Business Administration 

Wallace, Kristin 

Burke, VA 


Webster, Tara 

Burlie, VA 

Business Administration 

m imc 

Valitutto, Andrea 

Amherst, Hfl 

Wallace, Whitney 

East Hampton, HY 
Studio Art 

Wheeler, Beth 

Stephens City, VA 
Historic Preservation 

Wagner, Kelly 

Cleveland, OH 
Psychology [3lK;X> 

Walter, Cnsty Lynn 

Culpeper, VA 

B us in ess A dmin istration 

White, Geoffrey 

Hollidaysburg, PA 
Political Science 

White, Lisbeth 

5a/e/7J, VA 

78 K seniors 

White, Lori 

Fredericksburg, VA 
Business Administration 

Whitmire, Jeannette 

Manassas, VA 

Biology fSf^-,« .-. . 

Wilkinson, Emily 

Columbia, MD 


Williams, Adrian 

Culpeper, VA 


t^_.. i^ 


i'. •■ A 

■HB. ' 


Williams, Kaleia 

Atlanta, OA 

Williams, Sarah 

Columbia Station, OH 

Wilson, Emily 

Salisbury, ND 
Historic Preservation 

Wilson, Meredith 

Lynchburg, VA 
Political Science 

Wngley, Andrea 

Fairfax, VA 

Witters, Kristin 

Oaliton, VA 

Wunder, Valerie 

Lexington Park, MD 
Political Science 

Wolf, Susan 

Keene, HH 


Yeap, Pei-Sze*^ 

Palls Church, VA 
Business Administration 

Wright, Katheri 

Burke, VA 




Zachanasen, Peter 

Qreat Falls, VA 
Computer Science 


Zagorin, Deborah 

Arlington, VA 

Zhao, Danny Xu 

Herndon, VA 

Business Administration 

Zimbelman, Jennifer 

Belleville, IL 

Zosel, Angela 

Charlottesville, VA 



perspectives K 79 

CoLrididate^far Qradi^^ 

Robert J. Absher 
Marie Franco Adams 
Raymond Agee 
Mary Alessandri 
Julie D. Alexander 
Melanle A. Alexander 
William K. Alexander 
Cara Allison 
Jennifer Altadonna 
Kimberly Alvis 
Kathryn Amey 
Kathryn M. Arambula 
Kari D. Anderson 
Margaret M. Applebaum 
Micheal E. Arbogast 
Monica Arias 
Katherine Arnold 
Raymundo E. Arras 
Leslie Ashton 
Joel Blain Ashworth 
Erin Askew 

Elizabeth M. Avery-Jones 
Karen Baer 
Melissa V. Ball 
[Nicholas Bandurant 
Ellyn S. Bannister 
Chariae M. Barbosa 
Kariesa R. Barbour 
Robin L. Bargerstock 
Rebecca Barker 
Lindsay C. Barnard 
Joy M. Barnes 
Stephanie Barnhouse 
Sara Barokas 
Emery Baskin 
Tracy A. Bass 
Eiman S. Bassman 
Selina M, Bautista 
Sally Bean 
Amanda S. Beasley 
Robert J. Belcher 
Kathleen Bell 
Christopher Bellios 
l^icole Bendersky 
Adam L. Berenbak 
Mara R. Berkowitz 
Pamela Berry 
Orlando n. Berryman 
Kristen M. Bertini 
Fenny A. Beverage 
Holly Blanton 
Colleen Blue 
Marisa A. Bodnar 
Morgot Bogert 
Jessica Bonanno 
Christopher Boon 
David M. Booth 
Jennifer Booth 
Rebecca Booth 
Rexford Booth 
Andrea Bowler 
Danna Bowman 
Geoffrey Bradley 
Robert K. Braidwood 
Chewone rt. Bray 
Eric A. Brendle 
Jayme E. Breschard 
Roger L. Bright 
Cynthia Brock 
Aelita Broils 
Matthew A. Brookins 
Erin E. Broome 

80 K seniors 

Stephanie Brown 
Courtney R. Brushwood 
Kristin Buck 
Patricia Buck 
Jennifer M. Budd 
Jennifer C. Buffalo 
Jeffery L. Bunn 
Erica Burge 
Jennifer Burger 
Sean W. Burke 
Kimberley C. Burrell 
Michelle D. Burruss 
Elizabeth A. Burton 
Mariah Butler 
Kevin Cain 
Justin M. Camarda 
Kathryn Lily Campbell 
Kimberiy D. Q. Cannon 
James W. Canty 
Breanna Carey 
Kristin M. Carbone 
Wendela Carison 
Shannon Carnemolla 
Brian M. Carpenter 
Adrian E. Carroll 
Hattie Carroll 
Heather Carter 
Heather E. Carter 
Erin Casey 
Rebecca E. Casto 
Jessica Cebula 
Sarah Chardo 
Sarah Chase 
David R. Chaves 
Christopher Chayka 
Stephanie Checkovich 
Andrea Chermeia 
Kimberly K. Childers 
Lisa Chiminiello 
Man Chiprut 
Stacey S. Christopher 
Cristin Cini 
Alma E. Cisneros 
Brendan W. Claflin 
Carrie A. Clark 
Ellen T. Clarke 
Clarence H. Clay 
Angela Clayberg 
Anne demons 
Jennifer E. Clift 
Vickie L. Clinehens 
Lisa C. Clore 
Sarah Cloutier 
Kelly Coffey 
Mario L. Coles 
Jasmine Commerce 
Michelle Conlon 
Jay C. Conner 
Justin M. Conroy 
Faye Cooper-Baldwin 
Abigail C. Cordell 
Derek M. Coryell 
Stephen Costanzo 
Mary Coughlin 
Fenny Lee Crabtree 
Lauren E. Crenshaw 
June Tyler Crockett 
Sarah Crown 
Jamie Currie 
Peter Currington 
Michael Q. Curme 
Shelia D. Dade 

Robin Dameron 
Laura D'Amico-Acheson 
Edward W. Dangerfield 
Katherine Dargis 
Teresa Anne Dark 
Chandra Dasgupta 
Catherine Davey 
Thomas S. Davies 
Amy E. David 
Cariton A. Davis 
Kara David 
Kelly David 
Jennifer David 
Amanda M. Dean 
James M. Deaton 
Verena F Deckert 
Geoffrey M. Defilippi 
Kristin De Graff 
Jeffrey Dehart 
Harry L. Dell 
Sharon ri. Denmark 
Erin Dempsey 
Reena T. Desai 
Michelle A. Dickens 
Mick DiJulio 
Monica Dionne 
Kimberly A. Dishong 
James M. DIugasch 
Thanh Do 
Kimberly R. Dodd 
Karen Dodson 
Erin E. Domangue 
Stephen Donahoe 
Rachael Dorsey 
Kenneth Dority 
Erin E. Doty 
Janine M. Douglass 
Jaime M.. Dowdy 
Harry Dreany 
Deborah Dubay 
Liza Dube 
Holly Dubosh 
Jeffrey Duff 
Warren L Duffie 
Kevin F Dunhill 
Mary S. Durrance 
Damon P. Dwyer 
Robert M. Eastman-Mullins 
Alicen Eatroff 
Kathleen A. Edwards 
Pamela Eisensmith 
Anne B. Elliot 
Jeremy M. Ellis 
Jill Ellis 
Shannon Ellis 
Kawther A. Elmi 
Janet Emery 
Craog A. Emmerton 
Shawn T. Endler 
Kelly Engel 
Erik W. Enright 
Lorena Escalante 
Sunshine Evans 
Jacqueline L. Falkowski 
Melissa Fallen 
James A. Faltum 
Janaye Felder 
Timothy Ferares 
Larry L. Fillian 
Jennifer Fink 
Marga Fischel 
David A. Fischer 

Patricia Ann Fish 
Logan Fitzgerald 
Matthew J. Fitzpatrick 
Lindsey Flaherty 
Cheryl Fletcher 
Charies A. Floyd 
Rebecca Flynn 
Wayne D. Fogie 
Jessica Folkerts 
Amy Ford 
Katie S. Forthofer 
Chakea Francis 
Amy J. Franklin 
Greta Franklin 
Teresa L. Franklin 
Michael R. Franco 
Reba R. Fraysse 
Amanda Freeman 
John Friday 
Dustin Friedman 
Katherine M. Fry 
Robert E. Fuller 
Jacob K. Galba-Bright 
Casey M. Gallant 
Barbarsa M. Garrison 
Annika L. Garvey 
Margaret Garwood 
Elizabeth Geiger 
Courtney Qelardi 
Kelly George 
Eric R. Gins 
Peter J. Gonyo 
Leah Gordon 
Suzanne Girable 
Erika E. Grace 
Andrea Graham 
Aaron Graves 
Kimberly Green 
Brenda Lee Greene 
Jessica L. Greene 
James B. Greening 
Mark Qreenleaf 
Heather M. Gregory 
Sarah E. Griffiths 
Margaret P Griffin 
Diane Grimm 
Leigh Gross 
Scott Grossman 
Linda L. Grove 
Daniel M. Guarriello 
Melanie Guedenet 
Christine M. Guedri 
nicole Lyn Qubitosi 
Brett E. Haas 
Daniel C. Hallam 
Brandy Han 
Soo Im Han 
Stephanie Hand 
Dianna Hansen 
Laura Hamilton 
Jessica Hardyman 
Allyson L. Harkey 
Keith E. Harmison 
Emilee Harren 
Michael Harris 
Sandra Hart 
James Harward 
Heather L. Hawell 
Robert A. Harvey 
Jennifer B. Hash 
Dana J. Hata 
Kathrin Havilla 

Michael Hawkes 
Sharon W. Hayden 
Melanie Hayes 
Suzanne Hayes 
Todd E. Heaky 
Bradley Hedrick 
Amanda Heller 
Heather Hemstreet 
Cheryl D. Heny 
Philip K. Hensel 
Jessica Hensley 
Lisa V. Herbert 
Jacqueline Hen- 
Claudia E. Herzog 
Charies H. Hillard 
Delisa M.n. Hinds 
Lawerence Hinkle 
Sarah Hinman 
Michelle L. Hinson 
Kevin HJelm 
Cara Hoar 
Kurt L. Hockaday 
Kevin Hockmuth 
Tanya R. Hoerer 
Meghan E. Hoffmann 
Laura M. Holian 
Matthew n. Hollerieth 
Michelle Hollowell 
Tera A. Holtslag 
Zachary Holtzman 
Courtney D. Hope 
Peter R. Horwath 
Joy Houck 
Julie Houts 
Pamela Ann Howard 
Amelia F. Hube 
Michael B. Hughes 
Elise Hughes-Segrives 
Jennifer Hunt 
Shannon Hutchinson 
Aamina Iqbal 
Jessica D. Jackson 
Keri Jackson 
Susannah Jackson 
Julie R. Jageman 
Cara P James 
Michael J. JaniK 
Sara Jarrett 
Christine Jeffrey 
Edna Loeffie Jenkins 
Rebecca A. Jenni 
Tammy Renee Jennings 
Alireza Jian 
Jennifer Johnson 
riatalie Johnson 
Rebecca A. Johnson 
Sara Johnson 
Brenda Johnson 
Danny Jones 
Shannon H. Jones 
Amanda Jordan 
Anna E. Jordan 
Tiffany D. Jordan 
Lyda Kane 
Peggy J. Kasun 
Sadia A. Kates 
Elizabeth Keaney 
Faith Keeney 
Kevin J. Kelhart 
Daniela Kelley 
Patricia Kelley 
Bradford Kelly 

Michelle P Key 

Mohan J. Kick 

William J. Kinnamon 

Megan Kinnear 

Johanna f^ein 

Amy Keppinger 

Mary C. Knarr 

Eric M. Knott 

David S. Kohne 

Kathryn Kology 

Michael J. Kossi 

Leslie Kopchinski 

Suzanne Kopich 

Jonathan Kopp 

Courtney Kowalchick 

John E. Kraft 

Vallerie F. Krain 

George Kramer 

Nancy Kraus 

Vanessa F. Krempa 

Alexandra A. f^empasl^ 

Kevin R. fWsowathy 

Shelia M. Kuhstoss 

Jill Kwasney 

Stacey M. Ladd 

Amy S. LaFrance 

Cathleen Lambe 

Michelle J. Lambiasi 

John A. Langan 

Carissa Langille 

Patrick Langley 

Merissa Lantz 

Mary F Larkin 

John K. Lawmaster 

William A. Lawrence 

Kerry Layne 

Kira J. Lozenby 

Kari A. Lee 
Michael B. Lee 
Timothy Lee 
Laura M. Left\vich 
Wendy Leming 
Russell Lenderhouse 
Katie Lengyel 
Stephanie Lester 
Benjamin L. Letkiewicz 
Erik C. Levy 
Rachel J. Levy 
Frances Lienau 
Joy Lillard 
Colleen P Lilly 
Gregory C. Lincoln 
Kimberiy K. Lindsay 
Kevin K. Linton 
Claire K. Lister 
Catherine M. Littlehale 
Lindsay Lloyd 
Branden A Locke 
Brent J. Logan 
Jennifer A. Long 
Gary J. Lovett 
Kathleen Lualow 
Ryan M. Lynch 
Sarah Lyon 
Mary C. MacLauren 
Victoria Mack 
Joshua Maddox 
Brendan Madigan 
Khurram Malik 
Jennifer L. Mangus 
William J. Mann 
Emilie M. Marchese 

tuiMy iriy tfiey year 2000 

Charles F. Markley 
Amante Marinas 
Matthew F. Marino 
Alison J. Martin 
Gregory Martin 
Karen Martin 
Mary E. Martin 
Robert B. Martin 
Timothy Martin 
Heather Martlnsen 
Brian J. Martonik 
Christen M. Masaniello 
Anne-Marie Mastin 
nicole Matthews 
Regina A. Mattingly 
Karen Mauser 
James Maxfield 
Diana M. May 
Kimberiy May 
Margaret McCabe 
Sarah McCall 
Joseph John McCalllster 
Patricia McCllntock 
Robert McCrone 
Michelle McCrystal 
Benjamin L. McDavid 
Joshua E. McDonald 
Mary Megan McDonald 
Catherine McDonough 
Robert McDowall 
Sheila McDuff 
Heather McEachen 
Sarah McElroy 
Matthew McFarlane 
Kari M. McQIamary 
Sarah K. McQrady 
Elizabeth A. McKeeby 
Tasha C. McKelvey 
Michael C. McKenna 
Megan Mct<ieoun 
Dana L. McKinney 
Samuel A. McLearen 
Duncan B. McLellan 
Carin McMoran 
Samuel A. McMabb 
Lora M. Medlyn 
Laura Meenan 
Heather Meese 
Euphrosyne A. Mentis 
Stephanie Meriwether 
Katherine Merth 
Patricia M. Merrill 
Dominic J. Miele 
Neva Mimnaugh 
James Mirabello 
Katherine Mitchell 
Yurissa Mitchell 
Suchi Mohanti 
Sara Monaghan 
Britney Mongold 
Brian R Monroe 
Michele Montana 
James Montepare 
Elizabeth Montgomery 
Margaret M. Moore 
Sandra Moore 
Susan Moore 
Krista I. Moran 
Kelly Morgan 
Matthew Morgan 
Samuel Morrison 
Marc S. Mountjay 

Matthew T. Mozeleski 
Amy Lynne Mullins 
O. Alexander Murphy 
Elaine Murray 
Jennifer K. Murray 
Jennifer S. Myers 
Kimberiy Myers 
Angela Maggies 
Raechelle Man/aez 
James Mease 
Benjamin C. Mehrling 
Andrew R. Meiburg 
Jay nelson 
Lance M. Melson 
Sarah E. newman 
Patrick Q. newsham 
Rachel M. Newton 
Karen rig 
Linda H. Mguyen 
Nhu-TranfT. Nguyen 
Mary Nicholas 
Caroline A. Nichols 
Lauren Nichols 
Kelli L. Nicholson 
Jonathon T. Nino 
Megan Noel 
Devon Noon 
Sarah Norfleet 
Carissa Norman 
Christopher Nowell 
Nancy Nye 
Henry B. Odom 
Samuel Oglesby 
Daniel M. O'Qrady 
Samantha Olive 
Patricia A. Olson 
John O'Neil 
John J. Onda 
Anthony P. Oriando 
John A. Osterman 
Kathleen E. Ottersten 
Elizabeth P Ottinger 
Sean M. Otto 
Sarah Pack 
Maylian Pak 
Kerri Pakurar 
Michael E. Falmedo 
Valerie A. Palmer 
Julie Palmer-Hoffmann 
Tammy L. Falowitch 
Stephanie Papaeflhemiou 
Laura N. Pappalardi 
Kate Parker 
Kimberiy Parker 
Elizabeth C. Parsons 
Joshua Paterni 
Tiffany Patrick 
Cynthia C. Paz 
Karen B. Peariman 
Christopher Pendergraft 
Joey B. Pendergrast 
Michael S. Perkins 
Ashley Ferrin 
Shandel M. Perron 
Ellen S. Perry 
Kevin M. Perry 
Melody A. Pete 
Ladorna Pfaff 
Virginia N. Phemister 
Kathryn M. Phillips 
Leah Phillips 
Nancy L. Phillips 

Nguyan Phung 
James C. Piatt 
Marika Pickett 
Lukas Z.P. Pinkowski 
Lillian Pitts 
Jerome L. Podorski 
Bradley Poole 
David Andrew Poore 
Jeanine A Fopescu 
Sherri Pothier 
Jeffrey Pott 
Nathaniel Powers 
Timothy Powers 
Benjamin T. Preston 
Michael Privett 
Heather Proffitt 
Peter A. Fuglist 
Kristin Puma 
Laura Quinn 
Ryan Quinn 
Susan Quinn 
Scott Racer 
Juliana Rakowski 
Ian R. Ramcheran 
Nicole Ramey 
Ryan Rapp 
Daniel Ratliff 
Charies A. Rau 
James Reagan 
Mason P. Reaser 
Magaly Reder 
Barbara Jean Reed 
Pattie Elizabeth Rees 
Philip Reichers 
Kristine Reid 
Mary J. Reierson 
Lindsay B. Reisinger 
Jennifer A. Repass 
Paul Resnick 
Jason S. Reyes 
Marc Rhatigan 
Lisa M. Rich 
Beveriey Richards 
Anne M. Richardson 
Danielle Richardson 
Jeanne C. Richardson 
Kohn W. Ridgeway 
William Riehl 
Katrina L. Riggleman 
John N. Riley 
Lauren Rizzi 
Brien K. Roberts 
Katherine Robie 
John R. Rock 
Sandra Rodman 
Emily A. Rohwer 
Maria Rojas 
Heather K. Rome 
Kathryn Romera 
Matthew D. Rosone 
Meghan Roswell 
Anthony R. Ross 
Eva Ross 
Andrea Rossi 
Nancy D. Rowland 
Elizabeth T. Rubin 
Hector R. Ruiz 
Laura Russell 
Laura Sue Rutledge 
Cynthia A. Ryon 
Kane Sabandith 
Ann Marie E. Sack 

Kirsten St. Clair 
Lesley St. Denis 
Anthony Saitta 
Erandi Salgade 
Michelle Sampsell 
Misha Sanborn 
Charies D. Sands 
Eva F. Santing 
Karyn I. Satterfield 
Todd M. Savage 
Shannon Sawdy 
Victoria A. Scarborough 
Kelli Schaeffer 
Brian Schaffter 
Dwayne Scheig 
Alexander B. Schein 
Nathan D. Schepker 
Irene Schinkel 
Jyoti Schlesinger 
Andrea K. Schmidt 
Bret Cary Schmidt 
Melissa V. Schmidt 
Samantha L. Schmucker 
Alexander Schneider 
Adam C. Schultz 
Debra S. Scruggs 
Tanya Scruggs 
William T. Seale 
Jill M. Senechal 
Laura Senner 
Amna Shamin 
Erin Shank 
Robert Sharp 
W. Stephen Shaw 
Kathleen M. Shea 
Melyssa Sheeran 
Trusha M. Sheffield 
Kory B. Shelton 
Troy James Sheton 
Shawna F. Shepherd 
Gary Shiffiett 
Megan C. Shilling 
Aaron Schriber 
Michael T Shultz 
Stephanie Siekierka 
Rachel Silbaugh 
Leslie A. Silbermann 
Melanie Sirois 
Lindsey Slaughter 
Eve Sledjeski 
Christy Smith 
David R. Smith 
David W. Smith 
Ellen A. Smith 
Jennifer N. Smith 
Julie Smith 
Mary K. Smith 
Mary R. Smith 
Richard Smith 
Terry D. Smith 
Young Mia Smith 
John C. Snellgrove 
Jonathan Snelson 
Robert Sobecke 
Judith Soderholm 
Nicholaus Sorrentino 
Christine M. Sotzing 
Lori Renee Soumah 
Deborah Anne Southard 
Connie Speer 
Susan C. Speriing 
Dixie F. Spore 

Marvin E. Sport 
Sarah Stacey 
Teresa A. Stazzone 
Jill Stecher 
Wanda Stempin 
Nancy I. Stevens 
Elizabeth Stewart 
Noelle A. Stinchcomb 
Jeremiah P. Stoddard 
Amy Sloll 
Lisa Stone 
Kimberiy Strafalace 
Gregory Strasbaugh 
Jessica Sullins 
Bethany Sullivan 
Deborah C. Sullivan 
Margaret Summers 
Gregory D. Surber 
Erin C. Sutheriand 
Craig Swanson 
Brian A. Sweet 
Susan E. Swogger 
Melissa Sylvester 
Olivia Synnott 
Gail Woodard Sztanko 
Shanna Eve Takacs 
All Tarquino 
Christopher Taylor 
Delbert Terrill 
Alison Thomas 
Mary Thomas 
Laurie Thompson 
David Tilman 
Cheryl L. Timm 
Stacey Lee Timmons 
Justin M. Timpane 
Kelly A. Timpane 
Penny Lynn Tingler 
Justin D. Tirelli 
Deanna Toema 
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Neva S. Trenis 
Elizabeth C. Tucker 
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Brian Turner 
Jessica Turner 
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Kristen Vorisek 
Sherree D. Waddy 
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Antonia Walchester 
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Cristy L. Walker 
Katherine Walker 
Robert Wall 
Katherine A. Wallace 
Kristin Wallace 
Louise Wallace 
Whitney Wallace 
Lori M. Walsh 
Jocelyn A. Walton 
Kristin J. Ward 

Dennis M. Warne 
Kristin Weaver 
Justin B. Webb 
Keith Webber 
Matthew Webster 
Tara C. Webster 
Thomas R. Weik 
Yofi D. Weinburg 
Ryan M. Wellner 
Lance Westeriund 
Kathleen Wetzel 
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Landon D. Whaley 
Beth Wheeler 
Geoffrey White 
Jasper W. White 
Lisbeth White 
Lori A. White 
Jeannette M. Whitmire 
Jane E. Whitmore 
Robin Wild 
Jassica L. Wilhelm 
Emily C. Wilkinson 
Adrian Williams 
Danielle Williams 
Kalela A. Williams 
Latonya R. Williams 
Lisa Ann Williams 
Sarah Williams 
Emily Wilson 
Joni Deraine Wilson 
Kerry K. Wilson 
Melinda Wilson 
Meredith Wilson 
Jason Winfield 
Sandy Lee Winkler 
William D. Winkler 
Sherri L. Withrow 
Claudia Witt 
Kristin Witters 
Susan Wolf 
Gary Woodward 
Wilma Basil Woodward 
Sarah Workman 
Katherine E. Wright 
Andrea D. Wrigley 
Valerie Wunder 
Fei-Sze Yeap 
Jonathan Young 
Melissa S. Yowell 
Peter Zachariasen 
Deborah K. Zagorin 
Danny Zhao 
Jennifer R. Zimbelman 
Angela Zosel 

perspectives K 81 

82 K people 

How many faces can you 
remember? Mo matter how 
well you reserch a college, you 
can't discover what kind of 
people you will be spending 
four of "the best years of your 
life" with. We all study, eat, 
sleep, play, party, and work 
together on the same 130 
acres. MWC can get crowded, 
too familiar, and the people 
may drive you crazy. If this 
happens to you, change your 
perspecitve - it wouldn't be the 
same if even one person was 
missing. ){ 

) people 

perspectives X 83 

lass, class and 
some more classes. 
This physics class 
looks like they are 
having a great time! 
At least in labs, you 
get to do something 
besides taking notes 
to pass the time! 

A Day irpthe 

ryan Holt gives his 
trusting friend, John 
Ramira, a hair cut in the 
lobby of Westmoorland. 
If you have someone 
you can trust, then this 
way might be safer 
then taking your 
chances in 

Fredericksburg, but 
sometimes it's worth 
the 15 bucks to go 
get a haircut! 

84 K people 


a Mary 

Mary Washington College recruits 
students from all over the United 
States and some foreign countries as 
well. The college attempts to make 
the student population as diverse as 
possible. Everyone who attends this 
school is comes from different 
backgrounds and has so many 
qualities to offer the other Mary 
Washington students. Sharing 
backgrounds, ideas, dreams and 
aspirations enables students to 
experience a part of the lives of other 
students, and gives them a chance 
to learn about someone who may not 
be exactly like themselves. 

But, when you stand back and ask 
yourself, what qualities really make 
up a Mary Washington Student? Some 
characteristics of MWC students are 
that they are dedicated, hard-working, 
intelligent, and able to have a good 

ometimes the best 
thing about college is 
the people that you 
meet and live with. 
Hang out time is 
essential to get 
through the 14 week 
semester, and these 
girls look like they are 
taking full advantage 
of the time they are 
not in class! 

time. In addition, Mary Washington 
students are committed to their 
community, be it their dorm 
community, their school community or 
the community of Fredericksburg. 
Mary Washington Is composed of 
so many different people. Here in 
the people section of this book, we 
explore some of the different people 
who make up the Mary Washington 
campus. There are students who 
transfer in from other schools, there 
are students who are members of an 
athletic team, there are students who 
work at on-campus jobs, and there 
are your basic freshmen, sophomores 
and juniors. In this section, we 
investigate what a typical day would 
be like for these different people. 
Join us on our exploration on the "day 
in the life of a Mary Washington 

perspectives K 85 

Abernathy, Carla H Aultman, Pamela 

Abernathy, Carla 

Abraham, Jennifer 

Ackerman, Julie 

Acotto, Kevin 

Adams, Danielle 

Adams, Jillian 

Adams, Megan 

Adams, Mathan 

Adams, fiicole 

Addison, Alexander 

Addy, Marissa 

Adelsperger, Jennifer 

Adis, Cory 

Adkins, Katrina 

Adrlance, Vincent 

Agee, Jennifer 

Agee, Kirsten 

Aghdasi-AsI, Faranak 

Agudelo, Monica 

Ahearn, Jamie 

Ahlmann, James 

Ahmed, Carole 

Albrecht, Douglas 

Alexander, Karen 

Alexander, riatalie 

Alexander, William 

Ali, Saad 

Alizio, Ann Frances 

Allardyce, Julie 

Allen, Dana 

Allison, Timothy 

Alluisi, Sara 

Almeida, Evelyn 

Altscher, Aaron 

Aluise, Catherine 

Ambuel, Patiphan 

Amick, Sarah 

Ammann, Jennifer 

Amore, Jennifer 

Amos, Benjamin 

Amponsah, Linda 

An, Sun 

Ancowitz, Kerry 

Andersen, Melissa 

Andersen, Sara 

Anderson, Andrea 

Anderson, Davin 

Anderson, Ellen 

Andres, Stephanie 

Angarella, riicole 

Angell, Dana Michelle 

Anthony, Katina 

Antinori, Janette 

Arbacas, Kathryn 

Arellano, Gabriela 

Arfaoui, Diana 

Argie, Kelley 

Armstrong, Katherine 

Arrington, Michael 

Arrington, William 

Aruch, Matthew 

Asamoah, Moses 

Asbeil, Sherl 

Ashton, Candice 

Askins, Melinda 

Asman, Brian 

Atkinson, Virginia 

Atticks, Jane 

Augustyn, Jamie 

Aultman, Pamela 

86 K people 

Austin, Elizabeth K Bendixen, Diana 

Austin, tlizabeth 
Ayer, Racie 
Ayers, Marianne 
Aylor, Brian 
AzuKas, Emily 
Babos, Jamie 
Bach, Virginia 

Bachman, Hope 
Bailey, Brandon 
Bailey, James 
Baillie, Mathan 
Bairley, Daniel 
Baker, Andrea 
Baker, Elsie 

Baker, Erin 
Baker, Jason 
Baker, Meghan 
Baker, Steven 
Baker, Thaddeus 
Balance, Christine 
Baldwin, Brigid 

Balfrey-Boyd, Brevin 
Balis, Ryan 
Ballentine, riathan 
Balsly, Ryan 
Bane, Kathryn 
Banfield, Stockton 
Banis, Emily 

Barber, Christina 
Barden, Lori 
Barg, Jessica 
Barhight, Conor 
Barkley, Christopher 
Barley, Luke 
Barnard, Christina 

Barnes, Christina 
Barnum, Kirsten 
Bartle, l^risty 
Bartman, Patricia 
Bartoli, John 
Barton, Mary 
Bartron, Jennifer 

Bashir, Hassan 
Basil, Mada 
Bass, Christine 
Bates, Joann 
Battey, Julia 
Bautista, Milna 
Baxley, Kelin 

Bayer, Brendan 
Beary, Br>'an 
Bease, LaToya 
Beasley, Alice 
Beasley, Amanda 
Beatty, Nicole 
Beck, Ashley 

Becker, Elizabeth 
Becker, Robert 
Beddoes, Kacey 
Bedell, Ethan 
Beeman, Jason 
Beers, Kelli 
Beesley, Natalie 

Befumo, David 
Beliveau, Mary 
Bell, Annette 
Bell, Kathryn 
Bell, Mathew 
Belmonte, Ivan 
Bendi.xen, Diana 

perspectives X 87 

A Day 
in the- 
Life of. . 

Bendl, Maribeth H Blatchley, Desiree 

Bendl. Maribeth 

Benito, Mario 

Benner, Leslie 

Bennett, Andrew 

Bennett, Harlan 

Benson, Amy 

Bensten, William 

Bensusan, Ariana 

— Benton, Allison 

Benton, Jesse 

Beras, Tasha 

Bergin, Jeffrey 

Bergin, Robert 

Bergner, Jessica 

Bernhardt, Jonathan 

Bernstein, Joshua 

Berry, Jennifer 

Berry, Katherine 

Berry, Patricia 

Besancon, Rebecca 

Bessom, David 

Best, Alyssa 

Betancourt, Stephanie 

Betti, Daniel 

Bhimdl, Tashfeen 

Bigelow, Sarah 

Bintz, Monica 

Bishara, Jad 

Bishop, Am\ 

Bishop, Benjamin 

Bishop, Heather 

Bishop, Jennifer 

Bittner, Stacey 

Bjorklund, Travis 

Blackford, William 

Blackman, Holly 

Blackman, llissa 

Blackmond, Victoria 

Blackmore, David John 

Blackwell, Anna 

Blackwell, Elizabeth 

Blaeuer, Joseph 

Bland, Lindsay 

Blank, Leslie 

Blankenship, Annette 

Blase, Sherri 

Blasko, Christopher 

Blatchford, Katharine 

Blatchley, Desiree 

88 H people 

a student Athlete 

7:30 a.m. - My alarm goes off and 
it's time for a nutritious breakfast of 
organic cereal. I have to watch what 
1 eat, which sometimes really sucks. 
8:00 a.m. - With my Spanish and 
Biology Lab manual in hand, it's off 
to classes. 1 have to take early 
classes so 1 can practice in the 
afternoons. 1 wish I had priority 

12:00 p.m. - LUnCH TIME! Quickly, 
1 battle the lines at Seacobeck and 
then dash down to the post office to 

see if there is any mail... I'll take 
anything! 1 just want mail!!!! 
1 :00 p.m. - Rushing back to my room, 
1 grab my books and head off to 
Jepson for back to back classes. 
3:00 p.m. - Piow it's off to Qoolrick to 
lift weights before practice. 1 have to 
keep ahead of the game, and besides, 
the gym is beginning to feel like home 
for me. 

4:00 p.m. - Off on a 6 mile run around 
Fredericksburg with the rest of the 
team. 1 defiantly know my way around 

this town better then most students! 
6:00 p.m.- Just enough time to 
shower and eat before hitting the 
books. 1 wish 1 had time to relax, 
but no such luck. 

7:30 p.m. - Gone to the library to 
study for tomorrows classes. If I'm 
at the library, I'm less likely to get 

1:00 a.m. - Time to get some sleep 
before starting tomorrow. Maybe 1 
would have more sleep if 1 got to bed 
earlier, but that will never happen!! 

Blauch, Christina M Brajer, Paulina 

Blauch. Christina 
Blauvelt, Kristel 
Blevins, Lauryn 
Blizzard, Kimberly 
Blodgett, Meghan 
Bloom, Erin 
Blosser, Lynnette 

Blount, Terrance 
Blumer, Patrick 
Blumling, Daniel 
Boehm, Jennifer 
Boehmcke, Dana 
Boese, Robert 
Boggs, Dana 

Bognar, Mick 
Boland, James 
Bolger Jamie 
Bombard, Kristin 
Bonanno, Jessica 
Bondurant, Micholas 
Bonita, Tracey 

Bonner, Jacqueline 
Boone, Sarah 
Borgerding, Melissa 
Boucher, Omar 
Bouffard, Kevin 
Boukourakis, Angela 
Boulier, Joseph 

Bounds, Diane 
Bovven, Robert 
Bower, Dustin 
Bowers, Brandy 
Bowers, Emily 
Bowie, Ashley 
Bowles, Justin 

Bowling, Jasmine 
Bowling, Kelly Kay 
Boycourt, Kevin 
Boyd, Terry 
Brackett, Bethany 
Bradford, Chadwick 
Bradley, Amy 

Bradley, Geoffrey 
Bradley, Kevin 
Bradshaw, Davis 
Brady, Amy 
Brady, David 
Brady, Jessica 
Brajer, Paulina 

perspectives >{ 89 

Branch, Joshua M Btydges, Katharine 

Branch, Joshua 

Branco, Michelle 

Brandes, Jessica 

Brandt, Tracy 

Brannon, Sherri 

Bratrud, Theodor 

Bratten, Paul 

Brauer, John 

Bray, Adam 

Brayman, Robert 

Breeden, Jill Gore 

Breeding, Sarah 

Breidenstein, Michelle 

Brennan, Shannon Rae 

Breslin, Shirley 
Briganti, Qianluca 
Brinson, Brandi 
Briscoe, Michael 
Brissey, Jamie 
Bristor, Allyson 
Bristow, David 

Bristow, Jayme 

Brittain, Kelli 

Broad, Adam 

Broaddus, Sandra 

Brock, Felicia 

Brock, Rosetta 

Brockman, Keith 

Broderick, Jessica 

Bronson, Danien 

Brooks, Craig 

Brooks, Denise 

Brooks, Jeremy 

Brooks, Jessica 

Brooks, Sally 

Brooks-Barr, Alexander 

Brown, Alexis 

Brown, Amanda 

Brown, Amy 

Brown, Amy 

Brown, Daniel 

Brown, David 

Brown, Dawn 

Brown, firin 

Brown, Erin 

Brown, Jessica 

Brown, Laurie 

Brown, Lisa 

Brown, Loretta 

Brown, Megan 
Brown, Melvey 
Brown, nicole 
Brown, Robert 
Brown, Robin 
Brown, Stephanie 
Brown, William 

Browne, Abigail 

Browne, Tawny 

Browne, Zachary 

Brownlee, Joan 

Bruce, Jessica 

Bruechert, Daniel 

Brundage, James 

Bruno, Mina 

Bryan, Cassandra 

Bryan, Jami 

Bryant, Curtis 

Bryant, Shannon 

Bryce, Anne 

Brydges, Katharine 

90 H people 

Buchakjian, Christian K Carroll, Colleen 

Buchakjian, Christian 
Ruchanan, John 
Buchanan, Teresa 
Buchholz, Erich 
Buckels, Jennifer 
Bucl^land. Christina 
Budion, Danielle 

Buffa, Luisa 
Buhle, Karen 
Bulas, Rebecca 
Bullock, Kedron 
Bunce, Ryder 
Buonviri, Benjamin 
Burch, Linda 

Burchell, Sarah 
Burger, Dominique 
Burgess, Melanie 
Burke, Adrian 
Burke, Mary 
Burke, Shannon 
Burkett, Pamela 

Burleigh, Ryan 
Burlingham, Bonnie 
Burnett, Michael 
Busch, Matthew 
Busch, Steven 
Bush, Candace 
Bush, Lisa 

Bushman, Sarah 
Button, Elizabeth 
Buziak, Jeffrey 
Byer, Amber 
Byers, Jocelyn 
Byrne, Sarah 
Byrnes, Benjamin 

Byrnes, Corey 
Cain, Rachel 
Calamito, Marc 
Callahan, Hilary 
Callahan, Jay Dee 
Camacho-Feli.x, Sara 
Camblin, Cody 

Cameli, Stephen 
Cameron, Kristin 
Cammaerts, Sean 
Camp, Brian 
Camp, Meredith 
Campbell, Keri 
Campbell, Nathaniel 

Canery, John 
Canfieid, Joni 
Canigiani, Megan 
Canino, Amie 
Cantuell, Kristin 
Cardwell, Isabel 
Cariisle, Mellisa 

Carlson, Darren 
Carlson, Evan 
Carlson, Lisa-Marie 
Carmel, Michael 
Carnahan, Mark 
Carnill, Lani 
Carpenter, Lois Ariene 

Carpenter, Susan 
Carr, Erin 
Carr, Michelle 
Carradice, Ruth 
Carreras, Amy 
Carrier, Colin 
Carroll, Colleen 

perspectives K 91 

Carroll, Jennifer H demons. Sunny 

Carroll. Jennifer 

Carroll, Sharon 

Carter, Barak 

Carter, Kelly 

Carter, Lauren 

Carter, Ryan 

Carter, Wendi 

Cartwright, Jayme 

Casclano, Lucy 

Casey, Todd 

Cassarino, Michael 

Cassell, Charlotte 

Cassell, Merritt 

Cassino, Patrick 

Catarino, Kevin 

Catelotti, Giselle 

Catoe, Teresa 

Caulfleld, Erin 

Cavano, Jeffrey 

Cebrian, Tara 

Cecere, Erik Bryan 

Cessaro, James 

Chaleunrath, Christopher 

Chandler, Christine 

Chandler, Jennifer 

Chaney, James 

Chapman, Erica 

Chapman, Scott 

Charba, Christina 

Chase, Heather 

Chase, Patricia 

Chatman, Wilma 

Cheatum, Molly 

Chen, Ivy 

Childe, Courtney 

Childs, Kimberly Eve 
Chiles, John 
Chillemi, Lisa 
Chinault, Eric 
Chinn, Sarah 
Chisholm, Michelle 
Chlebus, Alison 

Chohan, Shahla 

Chorovich, Erinn 

Choudhury, Leila 

Christ Mary 

Christian, Pamela 

Christine, Cara 

Chua, Frances 

Chung, Ashley 

Church, Joseph 

Churchward, Michael 

Ciario, Julia 

Cicotello, Jennifer 

Cimino, Andrea 

Clair, Robin 

Clancy-Hiney, Regina 

Clark, Michelle 

Clark, nancy 

Clark, Sara 

Clark, Sharon 

Clark, William 

Clarke, Christopher 

Clarke, Ellen 

Clayton, Bernice 

Clement, Rachel 

Clements, Jessica 

Clementson, Rebekah 

Clemons, Lori 

Clemons, Sunny 

92 K people 

Clift, Bryan M Crites, Jennifer 

Clifl, Bryan 
Clift, Christopher 
Clifton, Laura 
Cline, Angela 
elites, Lawton 
Cloudt, Joshua 
Clough. Qina 

Cloughley, Robert 
Cobb, Jason 
Coelho, Andrew 
Coffey, Tamara 
Cohen, Catherine 
Cole, Ashton 
Cole, Rebecca 

CollettLydia, Ebue 
Collings, Jessica 
Collins, Carrie 
Collins, [Elisabeth 
Collins, Kimberly 
Colona, Sarah 
Colson, Hazel 

Columbus, Robert 
Colwell, Alevia 
Comninaki, Rebecca 
Compher Melinda 
Compton, Corinne 
Compton, Frances 
Coniglio, Heather 

Conkle, Jenny 
Conley. Herbert 
Conley, Matthew 
Connor, Erin 
Conrad, Rebekah 
Conty, Diana 
Conz, Darrick 

Cook, Carolyn 
Cook, Luna 
Cook, Wendi 
Cooke, Melinda 
Cooney, Amanda 
Cooper Laura 
Cooper Melissa 

Cooper Portia 
Cooper Ronnette 
Copeland, Zachary 
Corcoran, Michael 
Corey, Michelle 
Corley, Erin 
Corneille, Katherine 

Cornell, Brent 
Cornwell, Evangeline 
Coston, Scott 
Cote, Daniel 
Cote, Melissa 
Coughlin, Stephen 
Coulter Jamie 

Covington, Joseph 
Covino, James 
Covitz, Janna 
Coyle, Dana 
Crabtree, Carol 
Crabtree, Sarah 
Craft, Anna 

Crane, Margaret 
Craver Andrew 
Craver Scott 
Crawford, Jessica 
Crawley, Patrick 
Crist, Brian 
Crites, Jennifer 

perspectives X 93 

A Da 

Croce, Alfred K Davis, Richard 

Croce, Alfred 

Crockett, Marcy 

Crockett, nicholas 

Cromwell, George 

Cronin, flora 

Cross, Toler 

Crouch, Alyssa 

Crouse, Cassandra 

•«r Crow, Sarati 

^ Cubbage, Benjamin 

Culler, Amanda 

Culver, Richard 

Cundiff, Kelly 

Cunningham, Michelle 

Curran, Daniel 

Curran, Elizabeth 

Curran, Robert 

Curry, Tiffany 

Curtis, Shana Keone 

Cwiak, Kari 

Cyrus, John 

Dabney, Amanda 

Dacanay, Jeff 

Dalmut, Kevin 

Dalton, Katherine 

Dalton, Sally 

Daly, Diana 

Daly, Kimberly 

Dandridge, Artiss 

D'Andrilli, Juliana 

Dangerfield, John 

Daniel, Eric 

Daniels, John 

Daniels, Jonathan 

Daniels, Kristlne 

Darcy, Jamie 

Daubert, John 

Daugherty, Patricia 

Davati, Debra 

Davidson, Christine 

Davidson, Suzanne 

Davies, Marit 

Davis, Chandler 

Davis, Erica 

Davis, Jennifer 

Davis, Jill 

Davis, Jill 

Davis, Jonathan 

Davis, Richard 

94 K people 

a Resident Advisor 

7:00 a.m. - My alarm went off; I got 
up and got ready for class. Having 
your own room has it's perks, I can 
listen to the radio in the mornings! 
8:00 a.m. - 1 went to my first class. 
Sociology. At least 1 managed not to 
fall asleep today. 

9:00 a.m. - 1 had to haul all the way 
over to Qoolrick for gym class. That 
hill should be the gym class itself. 
10:00 a.m. - My French paper is due 
tomorrow, so 1 went to the Mac lab 
for an hour. 1 wish 1 had a computer. 

or that one of my residents would be 
nice enough to let me borrow theirs! 
1 1 :00 a.m. - Off to French class I go. 
You have to love the foreign language 
requirements here, don't you? 
12:00 p.m. - 1 had an Eagles Mest 
salad for lunch and ate with some of 
my residents. 

12:30 p.m. - 1 went to Monroe to 
study for a while, but 1 managed just 
to chat with some people form my hall. 
2:00 p.m. - 1 went back to the Mac 
lab to finish my paper. Maybe 1 could 

bribe one of my residents? 
5:00 p.m. - My French professor 
requires us to watch a movie for 
class. Mow much fun can you have 
in one day? 

7:00 p.m. - 1 ran straight from the 
movie to Virginia for a R.A. meeting. 
Just one of my more favorite duties. 
8:00 p.m. - 1 started my rounds, 
which 1 will have to do three more 
times before 12:00. You defiantly 
stay on top of everything that is going 
on in your building! 

Davis, Sarah M Dittmann, Diana 

Davis, Sarah 
Davis, Troy 
Davis, Vanessa 
Davoy, Qabrielle 
Dawson, Amy 
Dawson, Matthew 
Dearborn, Rosemary 

Deatherage, Jennifer 
Decarbo, Tina Marie 
Deck, Adam 
Decoria-Souza, Brian 
Deel, Amanda 
DeOroot, Maren 
DeJacliome, Abigail 

Dell^, Abbey 
Demarest, Trea 
DeMllt, Franklin 
Dempsey, Patricia 
Denk, Clare 
Dennard, Shannon 
Denson, Matthew 

Denton, Chad 
Deputy, Lisa 
D'Eramo, Qina 
Derby, Troy 
Derepentigny, Carole 
DeRiggi, Beth 
Deriggi, Sarah 

Derr, Carolyn 
Derrow, Brooke 
DeSerio, Jennifer 
Detlefsen, William 
Devescovi, Tiziano 
DeWoody, Rebecca 
DeYoung, Jonathan 

DIacont, Kathleen 
Diamond, Peter 
Dick, Dana 
Dickerson. Virginia 
Dickinson, Kathryn 
Diday, Sanford 
Dill, Laura 

DiMeglio, Marta 
Dineen, Scott 
DiPeppe, Shannon 
DiPlacidi, Paul 
DiSalvo, Michael 
Disque, John 
Dittmann, Diana 

perspectives K 95 

Dix, Rebecca K Eaton, Virginia Lee 

Dix, Rebecca 

Dix, Sara 

Dixon, Kelly 

Dixon, Sarah 

D'Luhy, Amanda 

Dobozy, Elizabeth 

Dodrill, David 

Doll, Michael 
Dolph, Katie 
Dolphin, Rebecca 
Domenech, Sarah 
Dominguez, Christina 
Donachy, Patricia 
Donaruma, Jaimie 

Donegan, Erin 
Donnelly, Justin 
Donovan, Jesse 
Donovan, Kelly 
Dooley, Patricia 
Dorman, Alice 
Dorman, James 

Dosado, Christine 

Doss, Sean 

Dougan, Emily 

Dougherty, Abigail 

Dougherty, Erin 

Dougherty, Megan 

Douglass, Daniel 

Dove. Sheila 

Downer, Agnes 

Downey, Sarah 

Downing. Sinead 

Doyal, Rebecca 

Doyle, Alexis 

Doyle, Nathan 

Drake, Paul 

Drew, Raya 

Driscoll, Sean 

Drummond. Michael 

Dubbs, Joy 

Dubin, Peter 

Dudley, Sarah 

Dudley-Qarr, Kourtney 

Duffett, Katie 

Duffy, John 

Duke, Amanda 

Dunaev, Konstantin 

Dunaway, Gavin 

Dunaway. Lynda 

Dunbar. Brooke 

Dunbar, Christopher 

Duncan, Aliessa 

Duncan. Janice 

Duncan, Stephanie 

Dunford, Paul 

Dunn, Albert 

Dunn, Allison 
Dunn, Amanda 
Dunn. Andrew 
Dunn. Oliver 
Dunn. Stephen 
Dupras. Daniel 
Dussault, Cristina 

Dyer, Maggie 

Dykstra, riatalie 

Dziesinski, Jowanda 

Eariy, Patricia 

East, John 

Eastham, Matthew Tyler 

Eaton, Virginia Lee 

96 K people 

Eaves, Kari K Farrell, Shannon 

Caves, Kari 
Ebert, Ashlee 
Ebrahim, Farid 
Eby, Laurel 
Eccard, Lisa 
Cckard, Marisa 
Edberg, Jessica 

Eddy .Elizabeth 
Eddy, Jenna 
Eddy, nancy 
Edmonds, Herman 
Edwards, Anthony 
Edwards, Cherlyn 
Edwards, Monika 

Edwards, Terry 
Eidson, Angela 
Eidson, Robert 
Eingurt, Sarah 
El-Habashy, Jaser 
Elkin, Matthew 
Ell, Erica 

Ellenson, IMegan 
Ellis, Jeffrey 
Ellison, Carole 
Elmore, Carter 
Elrod, Christine 
Elsenpeter, Maryann 
Elwell, Amanda 

Elwell, Annalea 
Ely, Kelly Jo 
Elzer, Elizabeth 
Embrey, Kathy Ann 
Emory, Sylvan 
Enayatulla, Uzma 
Engelhard, Ruth 

Engelhardt, Jason 
Engledow, Ashton 
Ennin, Mina 
Epperson, Robin 
Erbelding, Rebecca 
Erenhouse Chad 
Erickson, Faith 

Erkklnen, Leah 
Escobar, Francisco 
Esguerra, Jason 
Eskridge, Sara 
Etheridge, Alonda 
Evans, Caroline 
Evans, Joanna 

Evans, Stacie 
Evans, Virginia 
Evans, Yolanda 
Everton, Andrew 
Everts, Ana 
Ewing, Kerri 
Eygabroat, Brendan 

Eyler, Joyce 
Fabre, James 
Faccenda, Matthew 
Fadely, Barry 
Fagalde, Jarman 
Fallin, Jean Fairfax 
Fantaski, Cortney 

Fans, Shane 
Fadey, Audrey 
Farrar, Dawn 
Farrell, Qianna 
Farrell, Kristin 
Farrell, Mandi 
Farrell, Shannon 

perspectives K 97 

Farthing, Jeffrey H Frank, Jason 

Farthing, Jeffrey 

Fashola, Oluwatoyin 

Fasulkey, Roberta 

Fatek, Jamie 

Fauntleroy, Kena 

Favre, McLean 

Fearing, John 

Feder, Jeremy 

Federico, Ann-Marie 

Fei, Michael 

Feldman, Jennifer 

Fell, Matthew 

Fercz, Marzena 

Ferdinand, Sebastian 

Fernandez-Fizzi, Maria 

Ferreira, Matthew 

Ferro, Maryellen 

Fesler, Tiffany 

Ficon Erin 

Fife, Amy 

Figarella, Jean 

Filmyer, Tara 

Findley, Kammeron 

Finigan, William 

Finn, Barbara 

Finn, Lauren 

Finnegan, Olivia 

Fiorentino, Lindsay 

Fischer, Bryan 

Fisher Lauren 

Fishe, Lauren 

Fitzgerald, Patricia Ann 

Fitzhugh, Cary 

Fitzpatrick, Tara 

Flemmlng, Sandra 

Fletcher Lauren 

Fletcher Rufus 

Fleury, Margot 

Flora, Wendy 

Florence, Robert 

Flory, Heather 

Fly, Lauren 

Foege, Katharine 

Foelber Angela 

Fogarty, Julieann 

Folta, Dana 

Fontana, Christopher 

Forbes, Cameron 

Ford, Catherine 

Ford, Elizabeth 

Ford, f^ristin 

Ford, Richard 

Fore, Mariah 

Forrest, Erin 

Fortner Jennifer 

Foster Anthony 

Foster, David 

Foster Jamie 

Foster Kimberiy 

Foster Rebecca 

Foster Stephanie 

Fowler Kristen 

Fox, Katherine 

Fo.xworth, Suzanne 

Foy, Jennifer 

Frakes, Rachel 

Franca, Christine 

Francois, Taria 

Frank, Jacqueline 

Frank, Jason 

98 K people 

Franke, Trixy M Qionfriddo, Laura 

Iranke, Trixy 
Tranklin, Wayne 
Prankston, Jeffrey 
Tratzke, Charmaine 
Trazer, Leah 
Frazier, Daniel 
Trazier, David 

Trazier, Ronald 
Treed, Adrienne 
Freeman, Damon 
Frere, Eric 
Freret, Daniel 
Freshwater, Jonathan 
Frey, Valerie 

Frick, Joseph 
Frisbie, Daniel 
Frommelt, Anne 
Frye, Carolyn 
Frye, Jenna 
Fuentes, Jose 
Fulk, Randall 

Furlong, Theresa 
Fiirman, Lindsey 
Furst, Kathryn 
Futreli, Michael 
Qagnon, Aaron 
Gallagher, Daniel 
Gallagher, Jane 

Gallagher, Rachel 
Gallehugh, Rebecca 
Qalligan, Bridget 
Qallihugh, Jeremy 
Qallo, Tiffany 
Galloway, Victoria 
Gallup, Christopher 

Gallup, Elizabeth 
Qamboa, Elizabeth 
Qamon, Sarah 
Garner, Kathryn 
Garner, Ryan 
Qaron, Cynthia 
Qarrett, Laura 

Garth, William 
Qasser Kristy 
Qatling, Lakenna 
Qayle, Judith 
Geib, Ryan 
Oeiger, Erin 
Qeiman, Bridget 

Gels, Kensey 
Gelder, Rachel 
Qelzer, Stuart 
Gerber, Allison 
Gerber, Emily 
Germanos, Dora 
Gervat, Briana 

Giammarinaro, Adam 
Giannopoulos, Angela 
Gibbons, Rebecca 
Gibbs, Lindsay 
Gilbert, Jennifer 
Gilbert, Joelle 
Gildersleeve, Sarah 

Giles, Shari 
Gilmore, Mary 
Gilpin, Timothy 
Gilreath, John 
Gimpel, Evan 
Ginivan, Kathleen 
Qionfriddo, Laura 

perspectives K 99 

A Da 
in th 

Life of. . 

Given, Deanna K Green, Jason 

Given, Deanna 

Qivens, Erin 

Qjollma, Sardi 

Gladden, Melanie 

Glaettii, Lauren 

Glass, Catherine 

Giassgow, Kira 

Qleason, Lindsey 

Gloul\hofr, Julia 

Qobeille, Bethany 

Gochenour, Kathy Dawn 

Oodburn, Kathryn 

Goebels, Carsten 

Qoetz, Meghan 

Qolay, Scott 

Golden, Paige 

Goldsmith, Pauline 

Goldstein, Gabriel 

Gologorsky, Keith 

Gomez, Juliette 

Gonzalez, Katherine 

Gooch, Megan 

Goodwin, Daniel 

Qoralski, Patryk 

Gorder, Kathryn 

Gordon, Kristin 

Gore, Sherese 

Gorman, Marc 

Goss, Florence 

Goswami, Dheeraj 

Qottgetreu, Timothy 

Gottlieb, Stuart 

Gould, Allyson 

Gould, Judith 

Gourdine, Keisha 

Graap, Katherine 

Grable, Suzanne 

Graboyes, Jennifer 

Qraceffo, Robert 

Grady, Cyrus 

Qraeber, Erin 

Graham, Jeffrey 

Qraham, Lyndsay 
Graham, Mary 
Grala, Alyson 
Grampp, Erin 
Graver, Karen 
Graves, Brian 
Green, Jason 

100 M people 

a Transfer Student 

8:00 a.m. - I wake up to the alarm 
buzzing noisily in my ear... I roll over 
and try not to think of how early it 

9:00 a.m. - After a quick breakfast, I 
stroll in to my first class, ready to 
begin the day... 

1 1:00 a.m. - I dash to my meeting 
with Academic Services, almost late 
after battling the crowds in the Eagle's 
riest. . . my credits from my last college 
didn't transfer so now I have to try to 
convince them that YES, 1 did really 

take that Biology class... 

1 2:00 p.m. - 1 await a fax from my 

last college, with the proof of my A in 


1 :00 p.m. - Since the fax never came, 

I have to try again after my classes... 

I hear people in my class complaining 

about the rigorous foreign language 

program here; I sure am glad I was 

able to complete that before I came 

to MWC! 

4:45 p.m. - The fax finally comes! I 

run back to Academic Services before 

it closes and hand it to them so that 

I am able to opt out of more 


7:00 p.m. - Since I spent most of my 

day fighting with the fax machine, 1 

am finally able to get started on some 

work... hopefully I don't have to 

battle machines for the rest of my 


12:30 a.m. - At last, sleep... 

dreaming of how I can graduate on 

time if 1 could just take this class now, 

and that class next semester... 

Qreen, Mora M Hairfield, Valerie 

Qreen, Mora 
Qreen, Virginia 
Qreen, Wendy 
Qreenbaum, Erin 
Qreene, Daniel 
Qreene, Geoffrey 
Qreenly, Lisa 

Qreenway, Cheryl 
Qreven, Qregory 
Griffith, Frederick 
Griffith, f<iimberly 
Griffith, Rebecca 
Griffilh-Perham, Randy 
Griggs, Paul 

Grimm, Erin 
Groesbeck, Ashley 
Qrogg, Emily 
Grondin, Ashleigh 
Grove, Diane 
Qrubb, Merilee 
Grubb, Suzanne 

Grue, Ryan 
Grussendorf, Andrew 
Guarino, Giselle 
Gubitosi, riichole Lyn 
Queits, Letissa 
Quido, Matthew 
Quinn, Elizabeth 

Quirich, Erica 
Quitineh, Dereje 
Qunnett, Victoria 
Gunther, William 
Guptill, Daniel 
Quthridge, Amanda 
Guthrie, Elizabeth 

Qutzler, Michael 
Ha, Hong Suong 
Haas, Eric 
Haas, riathaniel 
Haase. Curt 
Hackenburg, Elizabeth 
Hadiji, I^essim 

Hadley, Mathan 
Haessler, Stacy 
Hagen, Almira 
Haggard, Meredith 
Hague, Lisa 
Hahn, Jesse 
Hairfield, Valerie 

perspectives ){ 101 

Mairston, Cris M Havas, Karyn 

Hairston, Cris 

Haislop, Retha-Lyn 

Hale, Robert 

Haley, Kate 

Haley, Lydia 

Hall, Annie 

Hall, Brian 

Hall, Bronson 

Hall, Rachel 

Hallam, Daniel 

Hailman, Diana 

Hallman, Julie 

Halterman, Allison 

Hamilton, Allison 

Hamilton, t^ristin 

Hamlin, Jill 

Hamm, Matthew 

Hamm, Tania 
Hampton, Micole 
Hanback, Tiffany 

Han, Qina Mi 

Hanley, Matthew 
Hannah, E^rin 
Hannon, Debra 
Hannon, Lauren 
Hansen, Sharyn 
Hanson, Breann 
Hanson, Jesse 

Hanson, Leanne 

Harcum, Justin 

Hardesty, Samantha 

Hardie, Jessica 

Hardin, Carrie 

Hardin, John 

Harding, Ryan 

Hardisty, Robert 

Hardisty, Teresa 

Hardy, Jessa 

Hardy, LaShaun 

Harkey, AUyson 

Harm, Gregory 

Harney, Sara 

Harper, Jamie 

Harper, Sabrina 

Harrell, Lindsey 

Harrigan, Amanda 

Harrington, Ashley 

Harrington, Denise 

Harris, Abigail 

Harris, Diana 

Harris, Ernest 

Harris, Jeanene 

Harris, Jennifer 

Harris, Michael 

Harris, Micole 

Harrison, Johanna 

Harrison, Sarah 

Harron, Catherine 

Hart, Teresa 

Hartland, William 

Harvey, Rebecca 

Hasley, Aliza 

Hassan, Vara 

Hastings, Stephen 

Hata, Greg 

Hatch, Sabrina 

Hatfield, Ariel 

Haughney, Angela 

Haus, Moreen 

Havas, Karyn 

102 K people 

^f ,|^ 

Mavasy, Erika M Hightower, Leigh 

llavasy, CriKa 
llavelka. Scott 
Havens, Jennifer 
llawKins. ILrica 
llawKins, Juli 
Hawthorne, Amy 
llayden. Heather 

Hayden, Kristina 
Hayes, Jenna 
Hayes, t^elli 
Hays, Allison 
Hazelton. Clifford 
Hazzard, Jayme 
Head, Travis 

Headen, Enid 
Healey, Hoa 
Healey, Jason 
Heath, Colleen 
tleath, Dena 
Hebert, Jennifer 
Heddell, Anthony 

Hedleston, Mary 
tIedricK, Kimberly 
tieflin, Daniel 
lleflin, Teresa 
Heimerle, Matthew 
Hein, Elizabeth 
Helfrich, Anya 

Helldoerfer, f^atie 
Henck, Adrienne 
Henderson, f^atrina 
Henderson, Paul 
Hendrick, Jennifer 
Hendricks, Charlotte 
Hendrickson, Christina 

Hendrickson, Elizabeth 
Henley, Keri 
Henley. Virginia 
Henneberg, Robert 
Henrot, Axel 
Henty, Casey 
Henry, Kia 

Hensel, Philip 
Hensley, Charyl 
Hepner, Angle 
Herbert, Meaghan 
Herl, Lindsay 
Herman, Amey 
Heroman, Kelly 

Herring, Chad 
Herrmann, Cynthia 
Hershey, Frantz 
Herwick, Barbara 
Heslep, Erin 
Hess, Charles 
Hester, Travis 

Hettema, Jennie 
Heuser, Martha 
Hewat, Amy 
Heyne, Bree 
Hibbert, Annette 
Hickerson, Kevin 
Hickland, Joshua 

Hickman, Jason 
Hicks, Kelli 
Hicks, Laura 
Hicks, Ruth 
Higgins, Katherine 
Highley, Megan 
Hightower, Leigh 

perspectives K 103 

Hildebrandt, Ashley K Hubbard, Garrett 

Hildebrandt, Ashley 

Hill, Emily 

Hillers, Christopher 

Hilliker, Taylor 

Hillmann, Laura 

Hinchliffe, Stephen 

Hinckley, Rebecci 

Hines, La'Lita 

Mines, Marianne 

Hinkle, Jennifer 

Hinkle, Ray 

Hinton, Timothy 

Hirschman, Rebecca 

Hite, Benjamin 

Hitz, Kendra 

Hitz, Whitney 

Mo, June 

Mo, Stefanie 

Hobbs, Susan 

Mobson, Lisa 

Hodges, Amanda 

Hodges, David 

Hodgman, Jonathan 

Hodgson, Jon-Bradley 

Hoell, Matthew 

Hoffman, Jeffrey 

Hoffman, Matthew 

Mogan, Anthony 

Mogan, Christopher 

Holl, Theresa 

Holland, Elizabeth 

Holland, Katherine 

Hollar, Gillian 

Hollen, Lisa 

Hollenbach, Mancy 

Mollenbeck, Jill 
Mollenbeck, Julie 
Hollinger, David 
Holloway, Kathryn 
Holloway, Thomas 
Holmes, Cameron 
Holmes, Leighann 

Holownia, Edward 

Holt, Bryan 

Holzworth, Rebecca 

Honaker, Laura 

Moogland, Karen 

Hooker, James 

Hormel, Aven 

Horn, Clare 

Home, Ashley 

Home, Margaret 

_ Home, Stacy 

Horvvath, Christel 

Morwitz, Julie 

Hossainkhail, Michele 

Mossli, Jennifer 

Mottle, Karen 

Houle, Rebecca 

Hovdestad, Amy 

Movdestad, Beth 

Hovis, David 

Hovorka, Katherine Ann 

Howard, Jeffrey 
Moway, hoytom 
Howell, Cary 
Howell, Jessica 
Howland, Arthur 
Howlin, Barbara 
Hubbard, Qarrett 

104 K people 

Hudgins, Angela K Johnson, Alicia 

Hudgins, Angela 
lluey, Julia 
Huff, Julie Kay 
Huff, Stacey 
Huffman, Chanell 
Huffman, Vera 
Hughart, Margaret 

Hughart, Matthew 
Hughes, Katherine 
Huley, Helen 
Hummel, Andrew 
Hummel, Elizabeth 
Hummel, Margaret 
Humphries, Linwood 

Hunsinger, Matthew 
Hunt, Christopher 
Hunt, Katherine 
Hunt, Sarah 
Hunter, Geoff 
Hurdle, Susan 
Hurtado, Meva 

Huskey, Melissa 
Hutchinson, Rhonda 
Hutton, Paul 
Hyatt, Michael 
Hyson-Stover, Mandi 
larrobino, nicole 
ilagan, Janet 

In, Sung 
Indzeris, Laura 
Inman, Janet 
Insley, April 
Ippoliti, Luke 
Ireland, Lauren 
Isaacs, Jessica 

Isberto, Irene 
Isdell, Lara 
Isdell, Wendy 
Ives, Rachel 
Ivey, Robert 
Ivie, Andrew 
Ivy, Joseph 

Jackson, Elizabeth 
Jackson, Sarah 
Jackson, Shirley 
Jacobini, Angela 
Jahagirdar Preeti 
Jahngen, Matt 
James, Christopher 

Jancaitis, Mary 
Jantzi, Katie 
Jarratt, Meredith 
Jarvis, Caroline 
Jarvis, Jennifer 
Jaskowiak, Rian 
Javins, Douglas 

Jeffers, Vicki 
Jenkins, Christy 
Jenkins, Scott Steven 
Jenkins, Stephanie 
Jennings, Bonnie 
Jennings, Alison 
Jennrich, Katherine 

Jensen, Dennis 
Jernigan, Anne 
Jerome, Elisabeth 
Jiulianti, Emily 
Joerger, Teresa 
Johansen, Erin 
Johnson, Alicia 

perspectives K 105 

A Da 

in thQ^ 
Life of. . 

Johnson, Benjamin K Kaliszewski, Keith 

Johnson, Benjamin 

Johnson, Bradley 

Johnson, Bryan 

Johnson, Christopher 

Johnson, Faye 

Johnson, James 

Johnson, Jennifer 

Johnson, Jessica 

Johnson, Jessica Carlton 

Johnson, Jyll 

Johnson, Micholas 

Johnson, Rebecca 

Johnson, Rebecca 

Johnson, Steven 

Johnson, Taniya 

Johnston, Annie 

Johnston, Brenda 

Johnston, Eril\ 

Johnston, James 

Johnston, Kelly 

Johnston, Meredith 

Jolley, Cathy 

Jones, Claudia 

Jones, Heather 

Jones, Jamal 

Jones, Larry 

Jones, Kenneth 

Jones, LaQuia 

Jones, Licia 

Jones, Marcellus 

Jones, Mechelle 

Jones, Megan 

Jones, Nicole 

Jones, Sarah 

Jones, Shannon 

Jones, Shaunte 

Jones, Timothy 

Jones, Travis 

Jordan, Thomas 

Joyce, Sara 

Joyner, Veronica 

Juarez, Fernando 

Jubett, William 
Judy, Qarty 

Juggins, Fenny 
Julian, Kyle 
Jury, Victor 

Kaiser, Andrew 
Kaliszewski, Keith 

106 >{ people 

^ Junior 

9:00 a.m. - The alarm goes off. I 
wake up and realize that it's the 
Monday after Ring Week. Life has 
returned to normal. I get up to 
shower and put something besides 
the nasty clothes I had worn for a 

10:00 a.m. - French Class is 
interesting today. I can't believe that 
this Is my last semester of French. 
In fact, most of my gen eds are done. 
11:00 a.m. - Lunch Time. Finding 
time to meet with friends is harder 
and harder. At the ring ceremony they 

told us that this would happen and 
explained to us that in 1 3 months we 
will be out of here. 1 can not believe 

12:00 noon - 1 have to go register 
for classes. I'm thinking that if 1 get 
there and hour early, 1 should be fine. 
2:00 p.m. - 1 was wrong. I still didn't 
get every class that I needed. The 
one thing 1 have learned is the value 
of pass/fail classes. Fiext year I'm 
actually going to get classes that 1 just 
want to take for fun! I'm off to work 

5:00 p.m. - Dinner at the Fiest with 
my roommate. Unlike many juniors, 
we decided that we should stay on 
campus for our senior year. We think 
our life will be easier! 
6:00 p.m. - It's time to study. 1 think 
senioritis has kicked in a year early. 
It's really hard to concentrate, but this 
is a really important year, and it's one 
of the last chances to improve my 
QPA before it goes on my resume. 
12:00 a.m.- I'm going to bed. The 
homework is not done, but some of 
it can be put off for another day! 

Kampf, Kelly K Kindrat-Pratt, Lesia 

Kampf, Kelly 
Kane, Sara 
Kapoor, Koonj 
Karluk, Rachel 
Karwowski, Christopher 
Kaye, Robyn 
Kazmier, Mark 

Keane, Catherine 
Kearns, Maria 
Keefe, E^rin 
Keeling, Jennifer 
Keenan, Erin 
Kegerise, Cory 
Keith, Cynthia 

Keith, Jordy 
Keith, Rachel 
Kelaher, Laura 
Keller, Elizabeth 
Keller, Katherine 
Kelley, Qale 
Kelley, Kimberly 

Kellock, Kristen 
Kelly. Adam 
Kelly, llona 
Kelly, Michelle 
Kelmelis, Michael 
Kelsey, Eric 
Kemp, [irooke 

Kendall, Caitlin 
Kenna, Ryan 
Kennard, Seth 
Kennedy, Dawn 
Kenney, Bernice 
Kenney, Cara 
Kerr, Katharine 

Kesner, Jennifer 
Keyser, l^ura 
Keyser, Victoria 
Khalsa, Harijot 
Kidwell, John 
Kilinski, Steven 
Kilkenny, Andrea 

Killarney, Ryan 
Killingsworth, Patrick 
Killmon, Davian 
Kim, Inhea 
Kim, Regina 
Kim, Theresa 
Kindrat-Fratt, Lesia 

perspectives K 107 

King, Brie M Kuty, Janine 

King, Brie 

King, Ctianning 

King, Elizabetli 

King, Kerryn 

King, iMari 

King, Ractnel 

King, Rebecca 

King, Teresa 

King, William 

Kingiiam, Megan 

Kipp, Zebulun 

Kirciiner, IMelissa 

Kiser, Beverly 

Kissell, Melanie 

Kittrell, Melissa 

Klaus, Jennifer 

Klaus, Philip 

Kleiman, Jordan 

Klein, Melissa 

Kleinhample, Sara 

Kleykamp, Bethea 

Klingaman, Elizabeth 

Klingler, Matthew 

Knapp, Ashley 

Knowles, Isaac 

Knowlton, Kristina 

Koblinsky, John 

Kochert, Erik 

Koehler, Jennifer 

Koether, Rachel 

Kohler, Benjamin 

Kohler, Catherine 

Kohne, Amanda 

Kohr, Andrew 

Kokosky, Marc 

Kolakowski, Julie 

Kolb, Chastity 

Kollins, Eileen 

Kollmann, Kimberly 

Kook, Aaron 

Kopecky, Justin 

Korniotes, Jennie 

Korniotes, Matthew 

Korslund, Eric 

Kota, Aaron 

Kovaleski, Mary 

Kovalik, Steven 

Koza, Josef 

Kozak, Karol 

Kramer, Christi 

Kramer, Kelli 

Kramer, Pamela 

Kraut, Jonathan 

Krebs, Allison 

Kreidler, Kassandra 

Krepinevich, Stephanie 

Krieger, Kelly 

Krohn, Kristin 

Krone, Rebecca 

Krukles, Randy 

Kruthers, Robin 

Kubicsko, Jenelle 

Kuehn, Rebecca 

Kugler, Katherine 

Kuhn, Ernest 

Kuhns, Kristina 

Kuklel, Lauren 

Kulis, Emilie 

Kutschman, Joseph 

Kuty, Janine 

108 }i people 

Kwerel, Jessica H Leon, Valerie 

Lacey, Leonard 
LacK, Sharon 
LaClair, Christopher 
Lada, Erin 
Lafate, Chennel 
LaOamma, Matthew 
Lainhart, Julia 

Laitala, Lauren 
Lake, Elizabeth 
L'Allier, Hilary 
Lam, Stuart 
LaMarque, Donna 
Lambert, Alexandra 
Lambiasi, Anthony 

Lambiasi, Michelle 
LaMont, Katherine 
Lampinen, Kevin 
Lamy, Cavelle 
Landers, Jessica 
Landes. Candice 
Lane, Ann 

Lane, Jason 
Lane, Taylor Darin 
Lang, Jared 
Lang, Matthew 
Lange, Matthew 
Lange, Michael 
Langhauser, Courtney 

Langley, Laura 
Langston, Micole 
Lanier, Denise 
Lankford, Amy 
Lapar, Andre 
LaPointe, Michelle 
Laprade, Cindy 

Larkins, Deborah 
Larocco, Catherine 
Larsen, Michael 
Laskiewicz, Cynthia 
Lau, Ryan 
Lauer, nicole 
Law, Emma 

Lawler, Adam 
Lawrence, Heidi 
Lawson, Carl 
Lawson, David 
Lax, Jennifer 
Layman, Matthew 
Le, Anh 

Leachtenauer, Amy 
Leadem, Shawn 
Leaty, Kim 
Leckburg, Daniel 
Lederhouse, Russell 
Lee, Jennifer 
Lee, Karen 

Lee, Mary Kate 
Lee, Steven Choi 
Lee, Sun 
Lee, Yoo Kyung 
Leeker Loretta 
Leggette, Jennifer 
Leightner, Robin 

Leipertz, Barret 
Lemieux, Matthew 
Lemire, Matthew 
Lenyi, Leslie 
Leon, Valerie 

perspectives K 109 

Leonard, Kristy K Lynch, Cristine 

Leonard, Kristy 

Leonard, Robert 

Leong, Tara 

Leonhard, Mathaniel 

Le-Si, Dzanh 

Leskowitz, Carolyn 

Letkiewicz. Benjamin 

LeVangie, IMattiiew 

Levis, Brian 

Levy, Melanie 

Lewis, James 

Lewis, Jennifer 

Lewis, Suzanne Marie 

Lib by, Brian 

Libby, Kevin 

Libby, Sarah 

Likowski, Jonatlian 

Lilley, Siiannon 

Lillo, Cynthia 

Lindsay, David 

Lindsay, l^eagan 

Linn, Melanie 

Linnerooth, Sarah 

Liola, David 

LiPuma, Kristine 

Lisenbee-Wander, Debra 

Little, Tia 

Littrell, Phillip 

Liu, Peter 

Lively, Brett 

Livesay, Christina 

Lloyd, Dana 

Locklear, Jennifer 

Lockwood, Emily 

Loden, Kevin 

Loesch, Jacqueline 

Lofgren, Stephanie 

Loh, Caroline 

Lonergan, Natalie 

Long, Elizabeth 

Long, Katie 

Long, Meeghan 

Longfellow, Ryan 
Lora, Christine 

Lotsey, Carolann 

Lotts, Nora 

Lotze, Cynthia 

Louden, Elissa 

Lough, Meredith 

Lourido, Tania 

Lovelady, Christine 

Lovins, David 

Lowe, Eric Price 

Lowe, Susan 

Low, Jessica 

Lowry, Anna 

Lu, Cai 

Lucas, Jennifer 

Lucas, Sarah 

Ludwig, Christina 

Lukac, Marykate 

Lukas, Jennifer 

Lupton, Courtney 

Luteran, Andrea 

Lutterbie, Bryan 

Lux, Kristina 

Lydon, John 

Lydon, Kathleen 

Lydon, Meredith 

Lynch, Cristine 

110 K people 

Lynch, Kathleen M Manion, Kevin 

Lynch, Kathleen 
Lynch, William 
l.yon, Theresa 
Lyons, Carolyn 
Lyons, Meghan 
Macatuno, Aura 
MacConnachie, Ann 

MacDonald. Meredith 
MacDonell, Kate 
MacKinney, Jessica D'Arcy 
MacLay, Katherine 
MacMichael, Shannon 
Macheil, Kelley 
MacFhail, Katherine 

MacTaggart, Johanna 
Madden, Rachel 
Maddern, Jennifer 
Maddox, Jessica 
Madsen, Kathleen 
Mahaley, Victoria 
Maher, Jenny 

Mahon, Julia 
Mahoney, James 
MahonStetson, Christopher 
Mahony, Shauna 
Major, James 
Malati, Christine 
Malin, Michael 

Malloy, Scott 
Maloche, Tracy 
Malove, Mickael 
Mancini, Nicholas 
Mancini, Phillip 
Mangels, Ryan 
Manges, Emily 

Manley, Eimily 
Mann, Crystal 
Mann, Emmett 
Mansaray, Mahesha 
Mansfield, Megan 
Mansheim, Denise 
Manspile, Christy 

Manzano, Rodrigo 
Marcella, Orrin 
Nareck, Lee 
!^largeton. Catherine 
^largolies, Melissa 
Marino, Madeiyn 
Markey, Ryan 

MarKham, Anna 
Marley, Christopher 
Marsh, Brian 
Marshall, David 
Marshall, LaToya 
Marshall, Meaghan 
Marshall, Melony 

Marshall, Hathan 
Marshall, Whitney 
Marsland, Stacey 
l^larsnick, Stephanie 
Marston, Carrie 
Marston, John 
Martin, Adam 

Martin, Adrienne 
Martin, Andrea 
Martin, Ciara 
Martin, Edwin 
Mangus, Kristen 
Mani, Katie 
Manion, Kevin 

perspectives Kill 

in the 
Life of. . 

Martin, Hugh K McDougal, Ellen 

Martin, Hugh 

Martin, Laura 

Martin, Laura 

Martin, Lynda 

Martin, Michael 

Martin, Patricia Anne 

Martinelli, Erin 

Maslanka, Michelle 

Mason, Michelle 

Mason, Ryan 

Masterson, Patrick 

Mata, Wayne 

Matamala, Claudia 

Mathias, Jordan 

Matson, Lindsay 

Matthiessen, Melissa 

Mattran, Jenna 

Mattson, Charlene 

Mauney, Patrick 

Maxey, Sheila 

Maxwell, April 

Maxwell, Jennifer 

May, Ryan 

Mayers, Cheryl 

Mayes, Sandra 

Mays, Alison 

Mazzarella, Megan 

McAfee, Andrew 

McAllister, Carisa 

Mcaskill, Sean 

McAuliffe, Lynda 

McAuliffe, Meghan 

McCalla, Erin 

McCallum, Gordon 

McCandlish, Robert 

McCann, Kelly 

McCartin, Mary 

McCarty, Erin 

McCaughey, Jessica 

McComas, Melanie 

McCone, Jonathan 

McCormick, Kimberly 

McCoy, Aaron 

McCoy, Ashley 

McCrocklin, Erin 

McDonald, Jennifer 

McDonald, Jill 

McDonald, Kelly 

McDougal, Ellen 

112 K people 

a Sophomore 

8:00 - My alarm goes off. I look at 
the clock and decide I definitely need to 
sleep for nine more minutes. 1 press 
the snooze button. 

8:45 a.m. - I stop by the Eagles Nest 
grab a cup of coffee and bagel. As a 
walk to QW sipping my coffee, I wonder 
if this time I Finally have enough credits 
to get the classes I want. 
9: 1 5 - Sitting in the confined Dodd 
Auditorium chairs, 1 review my schedule. 
1 only have one Gen Ed left to complete, 
the dreaded gym class. As a newly 
declared business major I realize that 

I'll be spending my days in the basement 

of Monroe. 

10:00 a.m. - Finally my turn to 

schedule. 1 stand at the counter as the 

lady types in the course numbers. For 

the first time I have gotten all my first 

choices of classes! 

1 :00 p.m. - After two hours of classes, 

I'm happy to slide into a booth at 

Seacobeck for lunch. We discuss our 


2:00 p.m. - It's time for a nap. 1 quickly 

doze off. 

4:00 p.m. - 1 check my messages on 

AOL Instant Messenger Some friends 
want to go to Carl's for ice cream. 
5:30 p.m.- Returning from Carl's, 1 
search for a parking space. I wish my 
parking sticker was blue rather than 
green. I am once again stuck parking 
in the William Street lot. 
7:00 p.m. - 1 head to the third fioor of 
the library to study for an upcoming test. 
The library is chilly as usual, but luckily 
this time I've brought a sweatshirt. 
9:00 p.m. - I'm back in my room in 
front of the TV. My roommate and I 
never miss an episode of Get Real. 

McEathron, Nark K Merriam, Stephanie 

McEathron, Mark 
McQaha, Brenna 
McQee, Elizabeth 
McGinn, Katharine 
McQovern, Qina 
McQuigan, Alison 
McHale, Rebecca 

McKee, Robert 
McKerahan, Tiffany 
McKinney, Mary 
McKinney, Virginia 
McLain, Alysia 
McLaughlin, Jennifer 
McMackin, Elaine 

McMahon, Joseph 
McMahon, Minda 
McMillan, Jennifer 
McMorrow, Maureen 
McMullen, Lynne 
McPlally. Philip 
Mcnatt, Kasey 

Mcl^inch, Kathleen 
McMulty, Katelyn 
McQuain, Amanda 
McQuary, Shannon 
McSherry, Lindsey 
McSherry, Megan 
McTigue, Erin 

Meade, Rita 
Meadors, Christine 
Mears, Adam 
Medhurst, Margaret 
Medina, Esmeralda 
Medlyn, Erin 
Medved, Brian 

Meeks, Katie 
Mehaiko, Joseph 
Meharg, Sarah 
Meisberger, Michael 
Meiser, Peter 
Mellington, Jessica 
Meluzio, Christina 

Mentz, Colleen 
Menz, Kristin 
Mercado, Andrew 
Mercer, Amanda 
Mercer, Brent Edward 
Merker, Michael 
Merriam, Stephanie 

perspectives K 1 1 3 

Merrill, Erin K Moore, Kimberiy 

Merrill, Erin 

Merrill, Michael 

Merten, Katherine 

Mertz, Andrew 

Merzlak, Adam Marcus 

Merzlak, Jonathan 

Meska, Jennifer 

Messer, Elizabeth 

Messinger, John 

Messore, Gianina 

Meyerhoff, Corinne 

Michaels, Matthew 

Michalis, Patricia 

Michalosky, Brianna 

MIckelsen, Alicia 

Midlin, Christopher 

Miele, Heather 

Miles, Erin 

Miller, Adam 

Miller, Alicia 

Miller, Alistair 

Miller, Audrie 

Miller, Jaime 

Miller, Jennifer 

Miller, Jennifer 

Miller, Jennifer 

Miller, Kelley 

Miller, Lee 

Miller, Lee 

Miller, Megan 

Miller, Michael 

Miller, riathaniel 

Miller, Rebecca 

Miller, Sara 

Miller, Sarah 

Mills, Angela 

Mills, Derek 

Mills, Elizabeth 

Mills, Qarth 

Milner Jessica 

Milnes, Annwyn 

Miner, Timothy 

Miodek, Katrina 

Mirabile, Michael 

Mitchell, Cara 

Mitchell, Jeffrey 

Mizelle, Melanie 

Modelski, Theresa 

Moeller, Janelle 

Moffett, Erin 

Moffitt, Christopher 

Mohla, Karan 

Mohler, Corinne 

Mohs, Selli 

Mojica, Johany 

Monaco, Joseph 

Monahan, William 

Moncrief, Susan 

Monk, Diane Smith 

Monroe, Jordan 

Montgomery, Andrew 

Montgomery, Gilbert 

Moody, Ingrid 

Moore, Catherine 
Moore, Erika 
Moore, Gregory 
Moore, Jennifer 
Moore, Jessica 
Moore, Kathryn 
Moore, Kimberly 

1 1 4 K people 

Moore, Leah K Melson, Brandy 

Moore. Leah 
Moore, Meghan 
Moore, Stefani 
Moorhead, Lindsay 
Moran, Kendra 
Moran, Meghan 
Moraras, Dolradee 

Morgan, Leslie 
Morgan, Patricia 
Morgan, Robin 
Morgan, Sandra 
Morgan, Travis 
Morin, Danielle 
Morin, Francisco 

Morris, Jessica 

Morris, Kevin 

Morris, Sarah 

Morris, Timothy ^ 

Morrison, Samuel ' 

Morrow/, Mark 

Morton, Sabrina 

Mory, Steven 
Moschella, Christopher 
Mospan, Matthew 
Moss, Jennifer 
Motley, Sarah 
Mousseau, Melanie 
Moyers, Adam 

Mozolic, Jennifer 
Mufti, Myra 
Muhleman, Rebecca 
Muhlenfeld, Vanessa 
Muller Sara Kate 
Mullins, Deidra 
Munning, Jesse 

Munson, Shannon 
Murafsky, Dusty 
Murphy, Erin 
Murphy, Jeanette 
Murphy, Kathleen 
Murphy, Kelly 
Murphy, Matthew 

Murray, Carolyn 
Murray, Denise 
Murray, Erin 
Murray, Maria 
Musson, Daniel 
Mutarelii, Colleen 
Mycko, Kimberly 

Myers, Kathleen 
Myers, Lisa 
Myers, Margaret 
Myers, Meredith 
Myers, Montgomery 
Myers, riathan 
Myrick, Peggy 

Myrick, Thomas 
riaden, Alexander 
nance, Stephanie 
riapolitano, Ryan 
nardi, Gina 
nash, Jennifer 
nash, Sara 

riaumann, Rebecca 
navarre ,Matalie 
Heale, Justin 
neidig, Elizabeth 
neilson. Tori 
l^elson. Brandy 

perspectives K 115 

Nelson, Jeremiah K Osegueda, Rosibel 

nelson, Jeremiah 

nelson, Joel 

nelson, Laura 

nelson, Margaret 

nelson, Rebecca 

nelson, Sarah 

nemeth, Pamilla 

nenninger, Lisa 

nero, Rebecca 

neviackas, Kara 

neviackas, Kristin 

Nevitt, Jason 

newcomer, Meghan 

newman, David 

newman, Jennifer 

newman, Lindsey 

nichols, Katherine 

nichols, Lauren 

nicolai, Sara 

nicoll, Ian 

nieves .Shannon 

nighthorse, Betsy 

niklawski, Ryan 

nisoff, Jennifer 

nissim-Sabat, Michael 

noblle. Shannon 

noel, Veronica 

noesner, Kelly 

nolen, Anna 

nolker, Nicole 

nomeyko, Allison 

norman, April 

norris, Kiley 

Norris, Samantha 

Novitski, Tina 

nowak, Kellie 

nuedling, Kristin 

Oaks, Susan 

O'Brien, Douglas 

O'Brien, Shaun 

Occhiuzzi, Jennifer 

Ochs, Stephanie 

O'Connor, Kara 

Odom, John 

O'Donnell, Carol 

Ogden, Alta 

Ogden, Vickie 

Oglesby, Deborah 

Ogu, Anne 

Oh, Young 

O'Hara, Janice 

O'Hea, Jonathan 

Ohisson, Michael 

Okeson, Qene 

O'Laughlin, Jaclyn 

Olchowski, Allison 

O'Leary, Christine 

O'Leary, Jennifer 

Olivares, Leslie 

Oliver, Dawn 

Oliver, Margaret 

Olsen, Reidar 

O'neil, Sean 

O'neill, Daniel 
Opp, Cristabel 
Orlando, Carol 
Orwoll, Karen 
Osborn, Sarah 
Osborne, Jennifer 
Osegueda, Rosibel 

1 16 ){ people 

Osmer, Laura M Penney, John 

Osiner, l.aura 
Oslrowski, Lara 
Oslrzyzek, Derrek 
Olten, Sean 
Otter, Tina 
Otto. Caroline 
Overend, Erin 

Oviatt, Lauren 
Owen, Andrea 
Owen, Katharine 
Owen, Morgan 
Owens, Patrick 
Ozanich, Brett 
Pack, Whitney 

Packard, Catherine 
Packard, IMichael 
Padgett, James 
Padgett, Wendy W 

Padgitt, Kail 
Pagani, Sabrena 
Page, Marshall 

Page, Monica 
Pagnani, Alison 
Paice, Brian 
F'ainter, Andrew 
Palivoda, Stanley 
Falmieri, Jessica 
Panek, Katherlne 

Panlilio, Michael 
Pantazis, Laura 
Fantazis, Rose 
Papaefthlmlou, Demetra 
Faradalanuza, Santos 
Parham, Shavaris 
Park, Trent _ 

Park, Yoo-Jin 
Parker, Allison 
Parker, Carolyn 
Parker, Casey 
Parker, Michael 
Parker, Zachary 
Parr, Gillian 

Farrish, James 
Fastre, Dominique 
Patchell, Brii nne 
Patel, Rupein 
Patrick, Troy 
Patrick, Wynne 
Patterson, Emily 

Patterson, Katy 
Fattie, William 
Patton, Jessica 
Paturynski, Stephen 
Favlik, Tricia 
Faxton, John 
Payne, Joseph 

Peacemaker, James 
Pearl, Hannah 
Pearson, [Elaine 
Pech, Sarah 
Peck, Benjamin 
Peine, Joshua 
Pelkey, KImberly 

Fellegrino, Jessica 
Pelletier, Melissa 
Femberton, Jessica 
Fenalosa, Lina 
Fencek, Carrie 
Pendleton, Erin 
Penney, John 

perspectives ){ 1 1 7 

A Day, 
in th 
Life of. . 

Perdikoylis, Christopher H Popo, Delia 

Ferdikoylis, Christopher 

Perez, Julia 

Ferez-Liceaga. Vivian 

Perkins, Emily 

Perry, Kirsten 

Ferry, Suzanne 

Peters, Suzanne 

Peters, Wesley 

Peterson, Dahlia 

Peterson, Greg 

Peterson, Jennifer 

Fetrak, Bryan 

Fetrick, Joseph 

Fetruzzi, Negan 


Petty, Holly 

Petty, Lauren 

Peyton, Evelyn 

Pflunim, Stephanie 

Phelps, Heidi 

Fhilbrick, Leah 

Phillips, Jennifer 

Phillips, Meredith 

Pickens, Erin 

Pietrzyk, Michael 

' Pietrzyk, Michelle 

Pifer, Richard 

Fifko, Tricia 

Pillai, Divya 

Pinsky, Sarah 

Pinto-Coelho, Sarah 

Piper, Kevin 

Fiszker, Melissa 

Pitner, Claire 

Fittman, Elizabeth 

Pitts, Brian 

Pitts, Joshua 

Pitts, Sarah 

Pizzaro, Joshua 

Plant, Jennifer 

Plummer, Constance 

Plunkett, Richard 

Poblete, Cheryl 

Pollock, Mathias 

Pomerleau, Robert 

Pond, Ashe ley 

Poole, Davis 

Poole, Rebecca 

Pope, Titus 

Popo, Delia 

1 18 H people 

a Freshman 

6: 1 5 a.m. - My alarm goes off and I 
quickly roll over and proceed to hit 
the snooze alarm five times in a row/. 
7:00 a.m. - 1 finally get out of bed 
and get ready for my day. How did I 
ever manage to get up this early 
everyday last year? 
8:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m. - Spanish, 
Chemistry, and Psychology classes. 
Qen. Eds., Qen. Eds., and more Qen. 

1 1 :00 a.m. - 1 am ready for another 
invigorating lunch in the Rose Room 

with my friends. 

12 p.m. - 1 go back to my dorm in 
hopes of getting some studying done 
and possibly a quick nap! The best 
difference between high school and 
college is the nap time. 
3 p.m. - 5 p.m. - Time for work in 
the library as a student aide. Which 
is perfect for getting homework done. 
5 p.m. - Mow that the mental workout 
is over it is time to visit the gym. The 
freshman 15 will not affect me! 
6:30 p.m. - Dinner at the Eagle's Nest 

is the only thing that will fit into my 
schedule on a day like today. If my 
mom really knew how 1 ate, she 
wouldn't be impressed. 

9 p.m. - I go to my dorm for my 
weekly ritual with my hall: Felicity. 

10 p.m. -12 a.m. - Back to work at 
the library to aid any late night 

12 a.m. - I finally get back to my 
room to catch a few short hours of 
sleep before I get up and do it all 
over again tomorrow! 5 years left!! 

Poppert, Laura M Ramsey, Lincoln 

Poppert, Laura 
Porter, Abigail 
Porter, Courtney 
Porter, Robyn 
Porter, Wendy 
Possanza, Lauren 
Potter, Stephanie 

Potts, Hilary 
Powell, Kerry 
Powell, Michelle 
Powers, Jeffrey 
Powers, Jeremy 
Pratap, Kiran 
Premo, Paula 

Pressman, Elana 
Fresson, Martha 
Preston, Katherine 
Preston, Sarah 
Prettyman, Erica 
Price, Christine 
Price, Jason 

Price, Kimberly 
Price, Patricia Qayle 
Price, Thaddeaus 
Priest, Daniel 
Priest, Patrick 
Printy, Erin 
Prior, Margaret 

Pritchett, David 
Pritts, Amy 
Frovencher, Matthew 
Psitos. Annastasia 
Pullan, Lauryn 
Purcell, Stephanie 
Quackenbush, Kasey 

Quartararo, Valerie 
Quinn, Ryan 
Racanelli, Alexandra 
Racine, Ashley 
Radford, Katharine 
Rafsky, Amanda 
Ragland, Kerri 

Rainbolt, Sara 
Rainear, Jennifer 
Rainey, Jennifer 
Ralph, Colleen 
Ramira. Arnulf John 
Ramirez, Wendy 
Ramsey, Lincoln 

perspectives K 1 1 9 

Randlett, Ashley H Roden, Meghan 

Randlett, Ashley 

Randolph, Andre 

Ransom, Karen 

Ransone, Amanda 

Ransone, Sarah 

Rantz, Kelly 

Rapaglia, John 

Ratcliffe, Jessica 
Ratliff, Amanda 
Ratliff, Thomas 
Raus, Alicia 
Raven, Whitney 
Reading, Robert 
Reddinger Natasha 

Reddinger, Terrence 

Reder, Magaly 

Reed, Julie 

Reed, Raeschel 

Reedy, Melissa 

Reedy, Robin 

Rees, E;iizabeth 

Reese, Kristina 

Regan, Conor 

Regeimbal, Denise 

Rehorn, Carrie 

Reid, Carly 

Relgle, Laura 

Reil, Elizabeth 

Reininger, Pamela 

Repole, Mary 

Rerucha, Mollie 

Reutzel, Robbie 

Revelle, Matthew 

Revelle, Meghan 

Reynolds, Hals 

Reynolds, Thomas 

Rhodes, James 

Ricalde, Elizabeth 

Rice, Aric 

Rice, Jennifer 

Rice, Jennifer 

Rich, Alicia 

Rich, Mary 

Richards, Kate 

Richardson, Cory 

Richardson, Sarah 

RIchko, Eric 

Richter, Christopher 

Rickel, Krista 

Rickenbrode, Deborah 

Ridpath, Anthony 

Rieber, Christina 

Riede, Ulrike 

Riesenfeld, Karin 

Rigsby, Loretta 

Riley, Caitlin 

Riley, Timothy 

Rinker, Shannon 

Riordan, Christopher 

Ritchie, Jessica 

Roach, Christine 

Roark, Tara 

Roberts, Matthew 

Robertson, Andrew 

Robinson, Rebecca 

Robinson, Timothy 

Robinson, Trina 

Rocha, Michael 

Rodeffer, Mark 

Roden, Meghan 

120 K people 

Rodgers, Toni M Sanner, Jennifer 

Rodgers, Toni 
Rodriyucz, Katherine 
Roeting, Ashley 
Rogers, Jacob 
Rogers, Nicholas 
Rogers, Stacy 
Rogers, Thomas 

Rokasky, Jennifer 
Roke, Jessica 
RoKsvaag, Tracy 
Rolling, Virginia 
Rollins, Amanda 
Rollins, Donna 
Romaneski, Rebecca 

Rooney, Allison 
Roper, Julie 
Rorie, Melissa _ 
Rose, Amelia 
Rose, Jessica 
Rose, Scarlet 
Rosegrant, Melissa 

Rose-Jensen, Sarah 
Rosenthal, Catherine 
Rosenthal, [Elizabeth 
Ftoss, Lindsey 
Ross, Rebecca 
Ross, Sarah 
Ross, William 

Roth, David 
Roth, Michael 
Rothaug, Catherine 
Rousseau, Ellena 
Rowe, Jessica 
Rowley, Penny 
Roy, Ethan 

Roy, Jason 
Royal, Rebecca 
Royster, Charlotte 
Ruby, Emily 
Ruby, Jyllian 
Ruckman, Graham 
Ruesch, Emily 

Runion, Tiffany 
Ryan, Bonnie 
Sabatelli, Brian 
Sabo, Kristen 
Sabo, Shelley 
Sachen, Sarah 
Sacksteder, Elizabeth 

Sadia, Reut 
Saeed, Farah 
Saffos, Mitzl Hall 
Saifer, Catherine 
Salisbury, Constance 
Sallah, Jennifer 
Salmon, Andrew 

Salmon, Kellyanne 
Salo, Meghan 
SalottI, Marc 
Salpeter, Michael 
Salzman, Lucas 
Sampayo, Patricia 
Samson, Marena 

San, Wendy 
Sanchez, ,^11500 
Sanders, Robert 
Sandridge, Michael 
Sands, Elizabeth 
Sandwick, nicolette 
Sanner, Jennifer 

perspectives K 121 

Santay, Michael K Sedaghatfar, Sarah 

Santay, Michael 

Santerre, Crystal 

Santilll, Beth 

Sapp, Melanie 

Sargent, Zachary 

Sato, Yuri 

Satterlee, Stacie 

Satterxvhite, Amy 

Saucedo, Todd 

Savage, Brian 

Sayers, Charles 

Scanlon, Timothy 

Scarr Miriam 

Schabert, Edward 

Schaeffer, Andrew 

Schaible, Kristin 

Scharf, Bryan 

Scheerle, Kristen 

Scheibe, Stephanie 

Scheibel, Bryce 

Schenning, t^ristin 

Scherloum, Brynna 

Scherman, Solson 

Schiavone, Catharine 

Schill, Kimberly 

Schiller, Erin 

Schilling, Buffy 

Schirmer, David 

Schlotter Ann Marie 

Schmidt, John 

Schmidt, Katherine 

Schminke, Elizabeth 

Schmotzer, Mary 

Schmoyer, Sarah 

Schoembs, Kristen 

Schoenwetter, Julie 

Schon, Lea 

Schools, Rebecca 

Schott, Patricia 

Schuler, Chauntee-Micole 

Schulte, Brenda 

Schultz, Kirsten 

Schultz, Olan 

Schultz, Veronica 

Schuman-Werb, Dorian 

Schutt, Courtney 

Schutzman, Paul 

Schwartz, Christina 

Schwartz, Meredith 

Schwemer Qretchen 

Scibal, Arthur 

Scoggins, Ryan 

Scopin, Edward 

Scott, Carolyn 

Scott, Keith 

Scott, Lee 

Scott, Matthew 

Scott, Samantha 

Scott, Wendy 

Scruggs, Debra 

Scruggs, Tanya 

Scully, James 

Sdeo, Gregory 

Seale, Sarah 

Seay, Allison 

Seay, Emily 

Seay, Matthew 

Sebera, April 

Sebree, Stewart 

Sedaghatfar, Sarah 

122 H people 

Seddiq, Ramin M Smith, Earl 

Sed(Jic|, Ramin 
Sedcrquest, Rachel 
Sedwick, Sunshine 
Seeley, Catherine 
Selden, Casey 
Self, Barbara 
Self, Donald 

Sellers, Michael 
Selwyn, Matthew 
Serreli, Erika 
Sevier, John 
Sexton, Shannon 
Shabman, Reed 
Shackelford, Sandi 

Shaffer, Jessica 
Shaffer, Michael 
Shafi, Amina 
Shanahan, Kellie 
Shannon, E^rica 
Sharman, Michael 
Shaver, Elizabeth 

Shaw, Andrea 
Shaw, Matthew 
Shaw, Syreeta 
Shea, Kelly 
Sheaffer, Sheri 
Shear, Deborah 
Sheffield, Allyson 

Sheffield, Christina 
Shelton, Nicole 
Shepley, Kathryn 
Shepos, Angela 
Sheridan, Matt 
Sherwood, Brian 
Shevlin, James 

Shim, Ka-Ram 
Shirazi, Suerah 
Shirley, Lillian 
Shoop, Brandon 
Short, Abigail 
Short, Julie 
Shugart, James 

Shugrue, Alex 
Siddall, Kira 
Silverman, Laura 
Siiverstein. Lauren 
Simmons, Michael 
Simms, Linda 
Sinha, Akash 

Sisco, nicole 
Skorackyj, Elizabeth 
Slack, Melissa 
Slaughter, Steffany 
Slawter, Kristen 
Slepsky, Dana 
Sliwa, Sharon 

Slotsky, Karen 
Slough, Stephanie 
Slusher, Kelli 
Slusser, Joshua 
Smaldore, Stephanie 
Small, Crystal 
Smart, Kimberly 

Smigliani, Sarah 
Smith, Amanda 
Smith, Amy 
Smith, Amy 
Smith, Colin 
Smith, Conor 
Smith, Earl 

perspectives K 123 

A Da 
in th 

Life of. . 

Smith, Ella K Spellman, Rekesha 

Smith, Ella 
Smith, Erin 
Smith, Jamie 
Smith, Jason 
Smith, Jason 
Smith, Karia 
Smith, Kelli 

Smith, Kendra 

Smith, Kylie 

Smith, Lauren 

Smith, Malcolm 

Smith, Narta 

Smith, Martin 

Smith, Melissa 

Smith, Michael 

Smith, Robert 

Smith, Ryan 

Smith, Sarah 

Smith, Stephanie 

Smolian, Darielle 

Snead, Michael 

Snedeker, Mary 

Snell, Paula 

Snellinger, John 

Snider, Jenifer 

Snowberger, Jessica 

Snyder, Amanda 

Snyder, Jonathan 

Soderiund, Scott 

Sok, Emy 

Soldatow, Valerie 

Solka, Elizabeth 

Solms-l3aruth, Oda 

Son, Anna 

Sorrel), Craig 

Soule, Jessica 

Southard, Deborah Anne 

Southard, Ted 

Southworth, Richard 

Spacek, John 

Spacek, Margaret 

Spadola, Quinn 

Spaid, Mary 

Sparks, Amanda 

Speakman, Richard 

Specter, Gregory 

Speed, Marc 

Speed, Preston 

Spellman, Rekesha 

124 K people 

a Commuting Student.... 

10:30 a.m. - My alarm goes off in 
just enough time for me to get to my 
1 1:00 class. 1 gave up on the early 
morning classes after my freshman 

10:45 a.m. - I pile into my car and 
drive the few blocks to campus. 
Hopefully I will be able to catch 
someone leaving class and steal their 
parking space. Parking is always a 

12:00 p.m. - 1 meet some friends for 

lunch at the Eagles Fiest. I haven't 

J eaten in Seacobek since I lived on 

campus, and I save money by not 

getting a meal plan. 1 just use my 

eagle one dollars. 

12:30 p.m. - 1 go to the computer 

lab to check email and play on the 

web. Since I have to dial in from 

home, which ties up the phone lines, 

I use my breaks between classes to 

get online. 

1 :00 p.m. - 1 go to class, and attempt 

to pay attention well enough to take 


2:00 p.m. - 1 try to remember where 

1 parked, and 1 find my car and drive 

back home. 1 have become the 
master at parallel parking since I have 
lived in Fredericksburg. 
3:00 p.m. - My roommate reminds 
me that next month's rent is due in a 
few days, and I owe her money for 
bills. I write her a check and then 
spend some time doing homework. 
8:30 p.m. - 1 realize that tomorrow 
is trash day, and it is my turn to empty 
the cans, uuughh. 
1 2:30 a.m. - 1 get ready for bed and 
try to get some sleep. Tomorrow 1 
get to do it all over again.... 

Spence, Shelli M Stoehr, Christine 

Spence, Shelli 
Spencer, James 
Spencer, Katharene 
Spencer, Lauren 
Spencer Lisa 
Spencer Michael 
Spencer Sarah 

Spicer, Lewis 
Spisak, Adam 
Spotswood, Elizabeth 
Springer ISara 
Springer, nicole 
Sprunkel, Marion 
Spurry, Steven 

Squire, Peter 
Stacey, Laura 
Stafford, Laura 
Stager, Joshua 
Stagg, Allison 
Stamier, Cheryl 
Stanford, Angela 

Stanley, Krissan 
Starace, Kevin 
Stark, Darlena 
Stark, Tiffany 
Starkey, Richard 
Stavitski, Julie 
StClair, Tad 

St. Dennis, Renee 
Stearns, Suzanne 
Stechler, Katrina 
Steele, Christopher 
Steele, John 
Steele, Michael 
Steinmetz, nicole 

Stemplen, Holly 
Stenger, rticoie 
Stensvaag, Anna 
Stepanick, Paul 
Stephens, Katherine 
Stephens, Kathleen 
Sterbling, Stephanie 

St. Germain, Martine 
Stiegler, Kristine 
Stiles, Sarah 
Sting, Ashley 
Stipicevic, Ann 
Stoddard, Paul 
Stoehr, Christine 

perspectives ){ 125 

stokes, Martha K Taylor, Lauren 

stokes, Martha 

Stoldt, Shannon 

Stone, Etta 

Stone, Lori 

Stone, Mary 

Stoneburner, Andrea 

Stoner Gregory 

Stoughton, Peter 

Stozek, Brian 

St. Pierre, Katrina 

St. Pierre, Marc 

Strafalace, Kimberly 

Strand, Suzanne 

Strange, Megan 

Strange, Ryan 

Strazie, Michael 

Street, Virginia 

Strelka, Thomas 

Strickrodt, Meghan 

Stringfellow, Jennifer 

Strohl, Mary 

Strosnider, I^ichael 

Stroup, Kelley 

Stuart, Byrony 

Studivant, Ryane 

Stum, Gwendolyn 

Sturm, Mark 

Style, Peter 

Suddarth, Andrew 

Sugrue, Abigail 

Sullins, Jacob Dean 

Sullivan, Erin 

[Sullivan, Leah 
Sullivan, Tamara 
Sulzynsky, Viktor 

Surerus, Bree 

Sussman, Laura 

Sutliff, Emily 

Sutphin, Katherine 

Sutton, Abigail 

Sutton, Jeremiah 

Suzuki, Kayo 

Swain, Christine 

Swain, Erin 

Swanson, Megan 

Swanson, Rachel 

Swearingen, Megan 

Sweeney, Brian 

Sweeney, John 

Swegan, Kathleen 

.. Sweigart, Angela 

Swisher Aimee 

Sydell, Jordan 

Sykes, Rachel 

Sylvester, Kimberly 

Symonds, Karen 

Szczesiak, Jane 

Taber Lindsey 

Taggart, Lindsey 

Takvoryan, Emma 

Talmadge, Cristina 

Tanis, Jaime 

Tapp, Jessica 

Tarbet, Corie 

Tartalio, Michelle 

Tarven Audrea 

Tate, Luke 

Taylor, Caroline 

Taylor, David 

Taylor, Lauren 

126 K people 

Taylor, Ruth H Turcic, Kelly 

Taylor, Ruth 
Taylor, Susanne 
Tcague, Celia 
Tebay, Joshua 
Teeter, Deana 
Tefera, Fasika 
Tellekamp, Jonathan 

Templeton, Sarah 
Templeton, Thomas 
Templin, Hannah 
Tenenholtz, Helena 
Terry, Elizabeth 
Terry, William 
Test, Robert 

Tews, Christina 
Thaden, Mark 
Thomas, Brandy 
Thomas, Jessie 
Thomas, Krista 
Thomas, Lisa 
Thomas, Moira 

Thomas, Shawn 
Thomas, Stephanie 
Thomasson, Timothy 
Thompson, Aisha 
Thompson, Ashley 
Thompson, Courtney 
Thompson, Jonathan 

Thompson, Kevin 
Thompson, Ryan 
Thorne, David 
Thorpe, Mandy 
Thull, Virginia 
Thurber, Kurt 
Tice, Alyssa 

Tillman, Amanda 
Timmel, Laura 
Timpano, Christina 
Tinder, Amanda 
Tingler, Michael 
Tisch, Lori 
Tisinger, Diana 

Tobias, Miriam 
Todd, Christopher 
Tomchek, Elizabeth 
Tomich, Paul 
Tomlin, Christopher 
Tomlinson, Judith 
Toombs, Bradley 

Toone, Kathleen 
Topping, Brian 
Torres, Marisabel 
Townsend, Caroline 
Townsley, Steve 
Trainor, Stephanie 
Tramonte, Peter 

Tran, Linh 
Tran, Tu 

Treisner Elizabeth 
Tremaglio, Andrew 
Treston, Jessica 
Triplett, James 
Tripodi, Kathleen 

Trivett, Karen 
Trudeau, Sherri 
Trueworthy, Laurel 
Tucker, Carrie 
Tucker, Kenrie 
Tupper, Kimberiy 
Turcic, Kelly 

perspectives >{ 127 

Turner, Jean M Warfield, Adam 

Turner, Jean 

Turner, Katy 

Twomey, Meghan 

Uhalde, Yvette 

Uhrich, Lauren 

Ulmer, Caitlin 

Uphaus, Adele 

Vaccaro, Rebecca 

Vago, Scott 

Valdes-Dapena, Victoria 

Valeyko, Julie 

Valle, Lauren 

Valluzzo, Katya 

Van, Mai 

Van, Sovany 

VanQelder Alaina 

VanTII, Claire 

VanTuyl, Danielle 

VanZile, Melissa 

Varga, Kenneth 

Vazquez, Mary 

Veen, Grace Anne 

Vera, Oscar 

Verdak, Christopher 

Vernoy, Phyllis 

Viadero, Thea 

Vibert, Christopher 

Vican, Christine 

Vickery, Patricia 

Vierow, Eric 

Villar, Carta 

Villers, nicolle 

Voelker, Leah 

Vogler, Lindsay 

VonBargen, Jessica 

VonderHeide, Mary 

Vose, Tyler 

Voss, Ronald 

Wack, Elizabeth 

Wadsworth, Meredith 

Wagoner, Darlene 

Wals, Devin 

Walden, Laura 

Waldrep, Rebecca 

Walker, Mary 

Walker, Steven 

Walker, Tamara 

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Walkins, Bart 

Wallace, Anna 

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Wallace, Julianne 

Wallace, Meloney 

Wallace, nene 

Waller, Chad 

Wallln, Allison 

Wallinger, Caroline 

Walsh, Brian 

Walsh, Jeanne 

Walsh, Sean 

Walter, Cristy 

Walters, Kimberiy 

Walthall, Kristen 

Wample, Christina 

Ward, Carol 

Ward, Jennifer 

Ward, Jonathan 

Ward, Kimberiy 

Warfield, Adam 

128 K people 

Warne, Dennis M Wilcox, Sharon 

Warnc, Dennis 
Warner-Eastman, Beth 
Warren, Abigail 
Warren, Tiffany 
Washburn, Kara 
Waters, Elizabeth 
Waterston. Andrea 

Watkins, nick 
Watson, Monnie 
Weaver, Rebecca 
Webb, John 
Webb, Robyn nicole 
Weber, Julie 
Weber, Katherine 

Weber, Lynne Ann 
Wedan, Jessica 
Weedon, Pati 
Weese, David 
Weese, Diana 
Wehrle, Eva Dell 
Weiland, Jeremy 

Weinberg, Kevin 
Weiss, Daniel 
Weller, Kathryn 
Weller, Stacy 
Wells, Amina 
Wells, Jessica 
Welz, Matthew 

Wentz, Sarah 

Wenzler, Ellyn 
Wesley, Sarah 
Wessel, Jeffrey 
West, Alana 
West, Alexander 
West, Amanda 

West, Jonathan 
Westfall, Christopher 
Wharen, Sarah 
Wheatley, Melissa 
Wheeler Alicia 
Wheeler, Kristcn 
Wheeler, Kristin 

Whelan, Grant 
White, Alexis 
White, Bridget 
White, Chase 
White, Curtis 
White, Debra 
White, Quy 

White, Heather 
White, Jocelyn 
White. Joseph 
White, Kathleen 
White, Kimberly 
White, Matthew 
White, Raymond 

White, Sarah 
White, Zachary 
Whiteley, Kyle 
Whiteman, Keith 
Whitlow, Jarrett 
Whitney, Beau 
Whittaker, Brigit 

Wickens, JosephLee 
Wiedenmayer, Geoffrey 
Wientjes, Meagan 
\Vigge, Erin 
Wightman, Lisa 
Wilburn, Susan 
Wilcox, Sharon 

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Wilde, Sarah H Worcester, Jennifer 

Wilde, Sarah 

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Witthoefft, Pamela 

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Wood, Katherine 

Wood, Melani 

Woodhull, Steven 

Woodie, Mary 

Woodie, Sara 

Woods, Andrea 

Wooten, Tiffany 

Worcester, Jennifer 

130 K people 

Workman, Victoria H Zusmer, Joshua 

WoiKman. Victoria 
Worlcy, Rachel 
Wormer, Deborah 
Worrell. Christina 
Worth, i:ilzabeth 
Wricjht, Andrew 
Wriflht, Elizabeth 

Wright, Heath 
Wright, heather 
Wright, Mark 
Wright, Matthew 
Wright, norma 
Wright, Paula Mae 
Wright, Tiffany 

Wright, Tiffany 
Wroblewski, Jennifer 
Wyatt, Lauren 
Wyche, Mary ^ 

Wysochi, Maryjane 
Yanuzo, April 
Yarnngton, Debra 

Yates, Antonio 
Yawberg, Bryan 
Yeick, ISimberly 
Yerg, Christine 
YiasemicJes, Christoforos 
Yolango, Regina 
Yon, Buford 

York, Laura 
Yost, David 
Young, Chantal 
Young, Justin 
Young, Makissa 
Young, Sean-Michael 
Younger, Evan 

Yousuf, Abdulaziz 
Yu, Linfei 
Yuditsky, Thomas 
Yuenger, Megan 
Zahabi, Robert 
Zajac, nathan 
Zajicek, Carrie 

Zak, Michael 
Zambrano-Aijona, Alejandra 
Zaritsky, Lisa 
Zavitz, Ryan 
Zaweski, David 
Zbell, Dawn 
Zechman, Emily 

Zelenak, Sarah 
Ziegler Daniel 
Zimbelman, Jennifer 
Zirkle, Elizabeth 
Zotter, Linda 
Zuidema, Jessica 
Zukas, Nicholas 

Zunka, Jennifer 
Zusmer, Joshua 

perspectives X 131 

132 K academics 

The average student takes 1 6 
credit hours, how much time 

do you spend outside of class 
doing homework? We all think 
it's too much time. It will pay 
off - at least that is what they 
keep telling us. Change your 
perspective though. If it 
weren't for class, what would 
we complain about all the 
time? A wise man once said 
that we are not truly happy 
unless we have something to 
complain about. Then there 
are those who enjoy the work- 
load... H 


perspectives K 133 

Taddesse Adera 

William Anderson 

Ernest Ackerman 
Computer Science 


czrfcBsjiiiEi, usxjona uie loIj 

The Psychology Department is not 
only famous for its lab rats and its 
experiments held on Psyc 100 
students, but it is also known for its 
ability to set aside the challenges of 
the academic course load to have a 
little fun. A few times a semester, 
the Psychology Department invites 
all majors and prospective majors 
to abandon their statistics or 
research methodology homework to 
have an afternoon with some 
excitement. This past fall semester 
was host to the psychology 
department's fall picnic. Snow Blitz 
(a party held for those over 2 1 ), and 
a surprise baby shower for two psyc 
professors who were expecting their 
first child. 

The fall picnic was held at the 
beginning of the semester at St. 
Claire Brooks park. Psychology 

students had an opportunity to 
escape campus for an afternoon of 
barbecuing and of strenuous athletic 
competition against their professors. 
Senior psyc major Jill Ellis 
remembers that "the weather was 
perfect that day. There were about 
50 students who came out to the 
picnic, and we all engaged in fun 
rivalry against the professors in 
volleyball and Softball." 

Snow Blitz was held at the end of 
the semester at a psyc major's 
house off campus. "Along with lots 
of food, there were coolers of beer 
alcoholic punch, and jello shoot- 
ers. We had a lot of fun hanging 
out with the professors" said Dan 
Traas, senior psyc major. 

Psychology majors definitely have 
a lot of fun events in store for their 
years at MWC. 

Topher Bill 

Porter Blakemore 
History & Am Studies 

Marshall Bowen 

Meta Braymer 

Dean of Qrad &; Prof Studies 

134 K academics 

Clavio Ascari 
Foreign Language 

James Baker 

Rosemary Barra 

l^ichael Bass 

Env. Sci & Geology 

Gardner Campbell 

Otho Campbell 
History & Am Studies 

Yuan-Jen Chiamg 

Ana Chichester 
roreign Language 

uprise! Dr. Kolar 
expected to be 
spending the evening 
working with his 
research team on 
finalizing methodology, 
but found a much more 
entertaining event in 
store for him. The psyc 
department threw Dr. 
Kolar and his wife, Dr 
McBride a surprise t)aby 
shower Their baby was 
bom in January. 

¥. Hampton, Jamie 
Currie, Melanie 
Alexander and Kate 
Parker chow down at 
the Fall Picnic. Along 
with snack foods to 
eat, students grilled 
hamburgers, and hot 
dogs. Some professors 
demonstrated their 
culinary skills by 
making casseroles 
and other dishes to 

Bernard Chirico 

VP for Student Affairs 

perspectives X 135 

Manning Collier 

Tracy Citeroni 
Soc & Anth 

Deborah Conway 
HEPE & Recreation 

Carole Corcoran 

William Crawley Jr. 
History & Am Studies 

Timothy Crippen 
Soc & Anth 

manda Qoebel 
listens to a group of 
her students. Amanda 
graduated from Mary 
Washington College in 
1999, but spent the 
following fall semester 
student teaching. 

hildren listen 
intently as their 
student teacher tells 
them a story during 
snack time. Many 
children enjoy student 
teachers because it 
gives them a break 
from their regular 
teacher for a while, 
and also enables 
them to gain a new 
perspective on what 
they are taught. 

Patricia Dean 

Joseph Dibella 
Art 6f Art History 

136 K academics 

[Judith Crissman 
I Chemistry 

Steven Czarsty 
Business Admin 

Claudine Ferrell 
History & Am Studies 

Rita D'Arcangelis 
Computer Science 

Jean Dabb 

Art &■ Art History 

Fredrick Davidson 
Business Admin 

Qalen DeQraff 
Business Admin 

Student Teachers 

Those in the education 
program must spend a semester 
student teaching as part of their 
curriculum. As student teachers, 
they spend part of the semester 
observing an experienced teacher, 
and the other part of the semester 
talking control of the classroom. 

Student teacher lysha Burt 
comments about her experiences 
as a teacher. "Student teaching is 
one of those experiences that you 
love and hate, but that you will 
always remember. There is just 
so much work and time involved 
and that can be strenuous, but you 
fall in love with the kids. 1 will 
forever reminisce about these 
students that will always be the 
first 'kids' I ever taught, and this 
will always be the first real teaching 

experience that I ever had. That 
in itself means so much to me. " 

Another student teacher, Jim 
Reagan, also comments about his 
classroom tactics. "What I try to 
do in my class is get the students 
to think that math is fun. A lot of 
students think that they cannot do 
math - but they never try the 
problems. My goal is to get 
students to think positively and 
acknowledge that they can do it. 
Also, I try to listen to my students 
as best I can. There are so many 
times when they just need 
someone to listen to them, and 
hopefully, I can be that person." 

Student teachers dedicate their 
time to inspiring children. Teachers 
are, after all, some of the most 
influential people for our children. 

Martha rickett 

Victor Fingerhut 
Poli Sci & Intl Affairs 

Elizabeth Freund 
Poli Sci & Intl Affairs 

perspectives K 137 

Constance Qallahan 
HEPE & Recreation 

Carole Qarmon 
Art &r Art History 

Stephen Fuller 


The James Monroe Center 

-JnE riEvj camha± at ^vy; I/vlL 

The James Monroe Center for 
Graduate and Professional Studies 
opened it's doors this year for the 
first time. 

The center offers 3 degrees and 
certificate programs, such as the 
Teacher Certificate Program and the 
Business Certificate Program. 

The first degree is the Bachelor of 
Professional Studies. This includes 
Computer Technology and 
Leadership Management. They also 
offer the Bachelor of Liberal Studies 
for adult students. Residents of MWC 
arc familiar with this program already 
since may BLS students are in class 
with BA and BS students. Adult 
students can receive credit from life 
or work experiences, and this 
program is already popular on this 
campus. The final program offered 
is the Masters of Arts in Liberal 

Studies. This is a part time program 
that reaches across a broad range of 
academic disciplines. 

One BLS student, who prefers not 
to be mentioned, referred to the new 
campus as another way that the 
college is separating the adult and 
commuting students from the Mary 
Washington campus. The new center 
can also be commended because the 
administration is looking at the 
obstacles the adult student faces and 
is trying to work around them, 
broadening their options. 

The new center will have an effect 
on MWC at some point. Most 
residents of MWC haven't paid much 
attention to the new campus, but in 
the future that will change. It will be 
very interesting to see how the 
relationship between MWC and the 
JMC Center progresses. 

Koy Qratz 

Steven Qreenlau 

Stephen Griffin 
Art & Art History 

Robin Qnrien 

Dana Hall 

HEPE S; Recreation 

138 M academics 

Philip Hall 

VP of Academic Affairs 

Dean of Faculty 

Carmen Qillespie 

James Qoehrinq 

Stephen Qough 


dents have 
access to the library 
in addition to all the 
facilities at the new 
building, and students 
at the JMC center 
will have access to 
everything on the 
MWC campus. 

tie new 10 million dollar 
building is located 3 miles west 
of 1-95 and is the first of four 
planned buildings that will make 
up the new campus. The 59,000 
square foot building is equipped 
with a library with complete 
internet access, traditional 
classrooms, and offices. The 
JMC Center also offers on-line 
courses and interactive satellite 
classes from other institutions. 

ary Washington 
College wanted this 
new facility to enable 
area residents to 
successfully finish 
their undergraduate 
degrees in a way that 
can accommodate 
their unique work and 
family requirements. 

Steve Hampton 

Bradley Hansen 

James Harding 

David Hart 
Business Admin 

Diane Hatch 

Jodie Hayob 

Env. Sci & Geology 

perspectives H 139 

Edward Hegmann 
HEPE &• Recreation 

rdan Barenbak 
dltiyenlly works the 
night away. The flip 
side to having to 
study harder is your 
grades will be more 
reflective of what you 
have actually earned. 

'be 2000 - 2003 
academic catalogue 
published the new 
grading system. While 
tJiis is ref)orted to t>e 
the academic standard 
throughout the college, 
separate departments, 
such as the Computer 
Science department, 
are handing out A- to 






student studies to hard and falls 

asleep on her desk. 

The new 

plus-minus grading syste 

m makes 

a good gpa harder to obtain. 

oiner acadenuc regul 


When numerical grades are 


below 60: 


0.00 quality points 



1 .00 quality points 



1.30 quality points 



1.70 quality jK)ints 



2.00 quality points 



2.30 quality points 



2.70 quality points 



3.00 quality points 



3.30 quality points 



3.70 quality points 



4.00 quality points 

^^^^^^*^ - ^"^ ■ -^ " K.£_ 




Joella Killian 

Christopher Kilmartin 

Richard Krickus 
Poll Sci & Intl Affairs 

140 K academics 

Debra Hydorn 


Rosemary Ingham 

Christina Kakava 

Teresa Kennedy 

Pluses and Minuses 

!J J-lJ-l-IJ l-U 

ffiE nzuj aiadina iui£ 

The number of students who made 
Dean s list in the fall dropped 
considerably in Spring 2000 to a 
decrease of 108 students. The 
President's list dropped to just 48 
students this Spring. The steep 
decline of academic honors 
recipients in the 1999 Fall semester 
was a result of the new Plus/Minus 
grading system. 

The new system, which divides 
each letter grade into +, average or - 
was proposed and Introduced by the 
Board of Visitors. The number grade 
that determines +, - or average is left 
to the professor's discretion, or some 
departments are making it 
departmental policy. Now there is no 
just slipping by with a B, a student 
will receive a B-, which can drastically 
change a grade point average. On 
the other hand, if the student earned 


a B+, he or she will now earn more 
than the 3.0 he or she would have 
received under the old system. 

Many students have found that 
this system is detrimental to their 
QPA, often bringing it down by several 
tenths. One student, who wished to 
remain anonymous, would have 
made Dean's list with three A's and 
one C. Instead she received three A-'s 
and one C-, giving her lower gpa of 
almost four tenths of a point. Others, 
however, feel that the plus/minus 
grading scale helps their average; a 
plus can add up to a tenth of a point. 

The justification for the new 
grading system is to increase 
competition not only between 
students, but with other institutions 
as well. The new system better 
determines the rank each student has 
in the class. 

Kathryn Loesser 

perspectives X 141 

John MacDonald 
MEPE & Recreation 

David Long 

Bruce MacEwen 

Bernard Mahoney 

Carol Manning 

Marie McAllister 

Buring the Midnight Oil 

^l^iz yyfWC^oEi to i£ucly 

The primary reason why college 
students attend college is to obtain 
an education. Whether they will 
admit that or not, it does involve 
studying. When and where they 
choose to study depends on the 

There are many places to study on 
this campus. The library and Trinkle 
Hall are the obvious choices. 
However, these places are only 
packed during exams, and the library 
is only open until midnight.... 

Dorm rooms are always a place to 
get some work done. That is if the 
other dorm residents don't decide to 
play tag in the hallways, and the 
building is quiet for once. The odds 
of someone getting any productive 
work done in the dorms are slim to 
none, so studying in your room is 
more of a procrastination technique 

than anything else. 

So where does MWC go to study? 
One Wood employee, Susan Wilburn, 
uses the faculty-staff dining room. 
She uses a table for each subject and 
circles around the room until she's 
hit every single table. Another 
student, Keri Henley says she likes 
to study at the Baptist Student Union 
because she "likes to be able to take 
breaks and have someone to talk to." 
Also, a lot of student officers take 
advantage of the new student offices, 
especially since they have moved to 
a new location. In addition, finding 
an empty classroom in one of the 
academic buildings can provide the 
quiet atmosphere for studying. 

Studying isn't anyone's absolute 
favorite thing to do, but with the right 
spot, it can be tolerable! 


Thomas Moeller 

John Morello 

Assist VP - Academic Affairs 

Lorene Mickel 
Art & Art History 

142 H academics 

Christine McBride 

Venitta McCall 

George Meadows 

Robert McConnell 
Env. Sci &: Geology 

Sammy Merrill 
Foreign Language 

Patricia Metzger 
Business Admin 

Vera Miebuhr 
Foreign Languages 

nikola riikolic 

Denis Missim-Sabat 

ayne Mata studies 
at one of the big 
tables in the library. 
Many students take 
advantage of the 
library's study desks 
and tree houses for a 
different atmosphere 
when hitting the 

unior Mandy Smith 
researches on the 
internet in her dorm 
room. Although 
dorms can be loud 
and disruptive for 
studying, they are 
definitely a conve- 
nient location to surf 
the web 

Patricia fiorwood 

Bruce O'Brien 
History & Am Studies 

Deborah O'Dell 


perspectives X 143 

Marjorie Och 
Art e< Art HistOH' 

Clint Often 

HERE &: Recreation 

rina Henderson 
idies in Monroe 
A BLS student 
ansfer up to 90 
credits from a 
previous college. 
Along with these 
credits, a student can 
earn nontraditional 
credit for things such as 
a Life/Work portfolio or 
even credit by 

Aammy Palowitch 
cfiscusses an assignment 
during class. To be 
sBinitted to the BLS 
program, you must be 
at least 24 years of 
age, have completed 
at least 15 credit 
hours of college 
course work at an 
accredited college, 
and also have a 
cumulative gpa of 2.0 
at the last college 


Cedric Rucker 
Dean of Student Life 

Curtis Ryan 

Poll Sci & Intl Affairs 

t^ey Ryang 

History & Am Studies 

144 K academics 

Raymond Scott 

Wendy Price 
Historic Preservation 

Margaret Ray 

John Reynolds 
Computer Science 

Allyson Poska 
History &■ Am Studies 

Adult Students 

Jhs: jDacnELOX or J^LiJE.xaL ^tudiEi 

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies is a 
popular program at Mary Washington 

The BLS program was created to 
provide an education for the 
nontraditional student. It allows 
working adults to complete their 
education while working and with family 
responsibilities. For the BLS degree, a 
student must have 120 credit hours. 
The general education requirements 
(30 credits) are a little broader than the 
BA/BS degrees. They include English 
Competence, Humanities, Social 
Science, Natural Sciences and 
Mathematics, and Communication Arts. 
In the major, the BLS degree requires 
30 to 39 hours and the BLS student 
can have up to 5 1 semester hours of 
elective credits. 

Most BLS students attend classes at 
night. According to one BLS student. 

Ruth Ann Harvey, it is still difficult to 
reach teachers. "Their office hours are 
during the day, and it's not always 
possible to get off work to go ask 
questions. " However, she also does 
give some professors credit, adding 
"Some professors respond to email 
questions and they are willing to 
accommodate BLS students vAth office 
hours close to the class time if we ask 
them. " Many of the BA/BS students take 
advantage of the night classes. Melissa 
Pelletier notes, "1 prefer to go to class 
at night, I pay attention better and I'm 
less likely to skip them." 

Overall, the BLS program brings an 
important aspect into continuing 
education to Mary Washington. With the 
completion of a separate campus 
strictly for this reason, the program will 
only continue to grow. 

Narie Stieckels 

Thomas Sheridan 
HEPE 6s: Recreation 

Constance Smith 

Stanley Soper 
HEPE & Recreation 

perspectives K 145 

Gary Stanton 
Historic Preservation 

Suzanne Sumner 

Stephen Stageberg 

Major Diversity 

__//i£ oiicjinaL maio%± on camhui 

Mary Washington College, being a 
liberal arts college, offers a wide range 
of majors. Sometimes, however, 
there are students who want just a 
little more diversity in their major 
selection. And, of course, there are 
those students who feel that just one 
major is not enough for their 
academic endeavors. These students 
are the students who choose to either 
take a second major, or who choose 
to create their own major. 

To create your own major, there is 
a process of steps that you must go 
through. You first have to write a 
proposal stating what major you 
would like to create, what classes you 
would like to take and why, how this 
major and these classes would benefit 
your college career, and how it would 
help your future. Throughout the 
course of your college career, you can 

make additions or revisions to your 
curriculum to ensure that you are 
taking what you want to take. 

Senior Bethany Sullivan decided to 
not only create a women's studies 
major, but she is double majoring 
with psychology. She says that "in 
taking the initiative to create my 
special major, I have been able to 
make my learning more specific to 
my interests and future plans." 
Junior Jason Roy agrees. "With a 
special major, I was able to create a 
more specific set of classes that are 
more focused on what I want to do 
after 1 graduate." Jason created a 
criminology major because he wants 
he wants to join the police academy 
when he graduates. 

Taking on a double major and 
being able to create your own major 
expand the diverse offerings of MWC. 

Marie Wellington 

Foreign Languages sgn^ra White 

146 K academics 

Fred Whitman 
Business Admin 

Werner Wieland 

Rodrick Wood 
HEPE S; Recreation 





I \ 

\i : 






«' ^ng 


V .\3i 


Grant Woodwell 

Env. Science & Biology 

Joshua Susskind 

John Temple 

Arthur Tracy 

History & Am Studies 

Craig Vasey 

Richard Warner 
History & Am Studies 

Stephen Watkins 

Mary Yudin 

Foreign Languages Marsha Zaidman 
Computer Science 

Paul Zisman 

essica Moore sits 
at her computer working 
on homework. She 
created her own major 
in organizational 
comm u n ication. 
When you create your 
own major you get an 
expanding variety of 
course work. 

al Quartararo hangs 
out in her dorm room. 
Having a double 
major in business 
and psychology may 
seem like a strange 
combination, but as a 
matter of fact, many 
students choose this 
major duo. 

perspectives K 147 

Faculty and Staff 

JliE oins-X i-ias to camhui 

Try to imagine this campus without 
the people who run it. What would 
Mary Washington be like? 

If there were no admissions officers, 
there would be no one at the school. 
The same goes for the financial aid 
office! The administrators deal with 
all the things that we don't think 
about. They balance the budget {and 
get frustrated with us for not balancing 
our student budgets!), advertise and 
promote the college, and organize the 
services that we take for granted. How 
do you think Maiy Washington has a 
post office, a document center, and 
even a company that feeds us? 
Auxiliary Services does all of that! 

riow think about the college without 
housekeepers and grounds keepers. 
This campus is beautiful, and it's not 
because we are the cleanliest bunch 
of students (think Ring Week and what 
the post office looks like after a mass 
mailing, and of course, there are the 
hall bathrooms...). These men and 
women clean up after us. That can 
not be an easy job. But it's definitely 
an essential one. 

The people who run the services on 
campus are not state employees. This 
includes the Post Office, Document 
Center and the Wood Company. The 

only concern we have about who runs 
these services is how much of our 
money it takes to run. But can you 
imagine having to distribute mail to 
over 4,000 people twice a day? How 
about cooking and serving for those 
same people for 3 meals a day? Or 
dealing with students who have 
waited for the last minute to make 
transparencies for his or her 
presentation? Again, not a job that 
is easy. 

Now we get to the professors. Why 
else would we all be here? They are 
patient and understanding. The 
professors are always willing to help, 
even when we are given an extension 
on that project or program and we 
still wait until the last minute to 
realize there was a reason why they 
thought we needed extra time. The 
professors council us, write 
recommendations for us, and even 
let even us vent in their offices. They 
really do make this college an 
excellent place to get an education. 

Take a look around the campus, 
and nofice the people who make Mary 
Washington College. There are a wide 
variety of people here. It takes a 
whole lot more than students to 
make up a campus. 


MWC's riewly 
Photographed Faculty 

Stephen Hanna 

148 K academics 

rofessor riikolic 
prepares equipment 
for a physics lab. 
Having liands-on 
projects to work with 
during class makes 
the concepts and 
ideas being learned 
more enjoyable and 
easier to comprehend. 

he staff at the Wood 
Company scans in 
students' IDs before 
the students get in 
line for their meal. 
The staff at Seacobek 
are always willing to 
improve their services 
to benefit the 
students' needs - and 
they even do it with a 

Todd Helbling 

Margaret Klayton-Mi 
Business Admin 

Maureen Krause 

Mara Scanlon 

Debra Schleef 

Soc. & Anthropology 

Cynthia Vander Berg 

perspectives K 149 

A Winter Rose Ball 


Once a year, the historic 
preservation society hosts a Victorian 
Rose Ball. For two days, students and 
members of the community can be 
transported to another time and 

A Winter Rose Ball is a Victorian- 
style celebration of the feast of St. 
Valentine. Tickets are sold to the 
community for $ 1 8 a couple and $ 1 
a single. MWC students can by tickets 
for $8 a couple. 

While Victorian dress is not 
required, that is half the fun of this 
dance. The dresses (most handmade 
remakes of original patterns) are 
beautiful, with the gentlemen looking 
very distinguished. 

Before you could attend the ball 
however, you must attend the dance 
lessons on Saturday. Fredericksburg 
local, Elieen Goodman, gave the 
dance lesson. Dances included the 
waltz, mazurka, basket quadrille. 

polka, courting dance, Virginia reel, 
grand march, patty-cake polka and 
the barn dance. Ho one expects you 
to know all of this after one day, but 
at least you have a better 
understanding of just how different 
dancing was during the Victorian time 

At the dance, students can 
participate in a number of Victorian- 
period activities. The students who 
organized the ball researched these 
activities thoroughly. There are 
toasts, parlor games, an edible ice 
cream sculpture, punch, and 
gingerbread valentines. 

And what would a ball be without 
games? The participants can play 
blindman's bluff, and "honey if you 
really love me, will you smile?" That 
sounds like it could get a lot of guys 
in trouble! 

The Ball is a success ever year, and 
it gives the students a chance to live 
the history, rather then just study it. 

150 H academics 

ee Mall is transformed 
and filled witli couples 
sharing their newly 
learned dance steps 
from the Victorian 

yan escorts Erica, 
two students from 
George Mason, across 
the dance floor of Lee 
Hall. They drove down 
from the DC area for 
the ball. The ball 
attracts many students 
from different schools 
as well as members of 
the community. 

e-enactor, John 
Morese talks to an 
MWC student. Many 
community members 
look forward to the 
ball every year 
because this event is 
a perfect opportunity 
to show off uniforms 
and costumes. 

perspectives H 151 

152 H clubs & activities 

Did you know that there are more 
then 80 active organizations on 
campus? That's impressive! 
MWC has everything from a 
weekly newspaper to a fencing 
club, and from a radio station to 
a scuba diving club. Challenge 
yourself to look at it from a 
different perspective: How many 
students does it take to run all 
these originations? How much 
credit do these individuals get for 
this amount of time and energy? 
Would MWC be the same without 
these clubs? H 

' clubs^cti vities 

perspectives K 153 

h-ow tio Torm a clij.b 

embers of the newly 
revived History Club read a sign 
about George Washington's life 
on a recent trip to Mount 

endy Rodriguez, an 
officer of the Hispanic Student 
Association gets her groove on 
at the Salsa and Merengue dance 
held this past October. The HSA 
is another rejuvenated club here 
on campus. 

Courtesy of the History Club 

Top Ten Clubs Wanted at MWC 

10. Irish Students' United 

9. The Football Team club 

8. Stop the Squirrels Foundation 

7. "Knees Together" : The abstinence club 

6. Animal Rights Club 

5. Random Road Trip club- meetings are whenever I come pick you up 

4. Meal Ccird in my Hat club 

3. Book Discussion Group 

2. Beer and Wine Tasting club 

1. The Fly Girls - Eagles riest Dancers 

154 K Clubs & activitites 

want to start 

SprapH the word 
new club 

First, pick the club that you 

- Then^^Kl a facuUWhiember 
who'd l^willlng W sponsor 
the club " 

W spc 

-- Go to theBQA room and do 
the pap^(k^orkI 

t your 

~ Have the first meeting and 
get to clubbin' 

att Hoell enjoys himself 
while conversing with other 
members at the College 
Republicans table. The club 
carnival is a great way to meet 
people who have the same 
interests as you and to debut 
your new club! 

Courtesy of the College Republicans 

perspectives K 155 

;T ~i tudents Dina Toeme and 
Aftilna Iqbal hang out at a 
restaurant with the Islamic 
Students Association to discuss 
the events of the upcoming 

Jf^ .^■^?^—~~ 

kmbers of the Catholic 
Students Association gather 
together on their last night of a 
leadership retreat to eat and chat 
about the weekend. 

156 K clubs & activitites 

JLc^^ IjL vJLaIcC 


Many students, especially in 
their freslnman year, turn to 
religious organizations in order 
to involve themselves in a 
somewhat familiar community 
that shares their common 
beliefs. They turn to these 
organizations in order to find 
sources of strength and 
encouragement in the many 
difficulties of college years. 
Students frequently gather 
together in worship services and 
to hear speakers so that they 
can carry their religious beliefs 
into their daily lives. Not only do 
these organizations help 
students share their faith with 
one another, they also give them 
the opportunity to actively 
participate in service projects 
for the community at large. 

Religious organizations have 
branched out into many aspects 
of the community. During the 
past year, students got involved 
in the community by working 
with the homeless, the elderly, 
and the dying. Thus, these 
organizations are committed to 
enriching their lives as well as 
the lives of members of the 

"The encouragement and 
support from the people in 
Intervarsity has greatly helped 
me in my life at college and 
has helped me to grow in my 
personal relationship with 
Jesus Christ. " 

-Bryan Holt 



farm retreat with the 
Baptist Student Union brings 
Alicia Miller and Keri Henley 
closer together as they struggle 
to maintain their balance. 

Courtesy of the CCC 
s active members of the 
Campus Christian Community, 
Mark Speed and Erin Qivens lead 
the rest of the group in a team 
building exercise. 

perspectives K 157 




Many college students try to 
actively involve themselves in 
their communities. Mary 
Washington College students 
are no exception. Many clubs 
on campus offer students 
opportunities to give their 
services to the community. 
Students in organizations 
such as MWC Ambassadors, 
Rotoract, Circle K, and 
C.O.A.R. actively involve 
themselves in service projects 
throughout the year, either by on 
campus projects, or hands- on 
projects in the Fredericksburg 
area. A few of the examples of 
volunteering events include 
C.O.A.R.'s Into-the-Streets 

program and Circle K's blood 
drives. These programs 
among many others took a 
great amount of time for these 
volunteers, but what they 
gained from these experiences 
would be much greater than 
their time spent. 

"I got involved in 
Circle K because it 
gave me a chance 
to help people less 
fortunate. " 

-Diana Dittmann 

Courtesy of Circk 

n ci U' In retu-,U iri 
Cosheii, VA, members work 
together to strengthen their 

1 58 K clubs & activitites 

rcshiiien involved with COAR 
worl\ on Dr. James Farmer's 
house. Dr. Farmer passed away 
_j(/er the summer. 






'he community service organiza- 
tion Rotaract, represented by Kelly 
Bowling, sets up their table at Club 
Carnival for interested members. 

ophomore T.J. Yuditsky 
voTunteers at a Habitat for 
Humanity site as a part of COAR's 
Into-the-Streets program. 

Courtesy of COAR 

perspectives K 159 

II I (lildi lor The BattleHeld's 
People section, Wynne Patrick 
works long liours to place the 
pictures and names of each 

ditors of The Battlefield Kerri 
Pakurar and Melissa Pelletier plan 
the pages for the upcoming 
book, and prepare for the next 

160 K clubs & activities 



student publications such as tiie 
Aubade, The Polemic, The Bullet, and 
The Battlefield Weep students in 
touch with their surrounding 
community. The Polemic and the 
Aubade both showcase the artistic 
side of Mary Washington students 
through poetry and art. With The 
Bullet newspaper, students read what 
is really happening on campus. The 
Battlefield yearbook helps students 

hold on to their memories of college 
throughout their lifetime. Students 
throughout the year worked hard on 
these publications. For the most 
part, they were in complete control, 
serving as editors, managers, and 
staff in order to meet deadlines. 
Through their efforts, MWC students 
learned a little more about the 
different aspects of each other's 

ullet news editors Shawna 
Shepard and Mark Rodeffer 
discuss an article written by a 
staff member. The section 
editors put in long hours in order 
to produce the weekly paper. 

ullet features editor Mark Agee 
conducts a telephone interview 
while sports editor Jamie Deaton 
works on a layout in the new 
newspaper office. 

spacek perspcctivcs K 161 

Ihe Student Education 
ssociation led a campaign to 
ajher school supplies for the 
schools in FranKlin, VA. Franklin 
was devastated when Hurricane 
Floyd came sweeping through the 
area, leaving much of the town 


1 62 K clubs & activities 

ac Sargent, Carolyn Scott, 
and Jen Meska participate in 
the Historic Preservation 
Club's Qhost Walk in 
downtown Fredericksburg. 



There are many academic clubs on 
campus that encourage students to 
actively involve themselves in the 
subjects they are studying. Students 
are able to find every club under the 
sun that fits their particular interest. 
From helping students better 
understand the material that they are 
studying to introducing them to other 
students with similar Interests, these 
organizations provide the perfect 
supplement to their classes. In 
addition, these clubs regularly 
encourage students to apply the 
knowledge they have gained from the 
classroom to the community in the 
way of service projects or by visiting 
the places they have talked about. 

enior Danna Bowman, Junior 
Katie Sutphin, and Senior Jim 
Reagan pose for a picture at 
Mathematical Association of 
America, or MAA, Christmas party. 

unior Jonathan Bernhardt 
guides History Club participants 
on a trip to the battlefields of 
Gettysburg, PA. The History Club 
spent a lot of time taking trips to 
various historical landmarks. 


perspectives K 163 

etty Shaver, Michelle Powell, Ruth 

StTQ^elhard, Wendy Ramirez, and 

\leJ8ndra Zambrano-Arjona go pumpkin 

iring at the Westmoreland Berry Farm. 

All pictures curtesy of Carissa Langille 

1 64 K clubs & activities 



Scipants show off their 
pumpkin picks from the 
Westmoreland Berry Farm. 




n^#. ' 


d HD^K"" -■"' ■'■-■■•'. ■^V ;■-.■ ;^"■:;i^.^-;ii^:i-.■.■.■;^f5MHtef* -■ .v-i^.'-.i-. SSH 

It is hard to differentiate between 
the foreign language floor at 
Westmoreland Hall and the French, 
Spanish, and German clubs. They 
are jointly related, and the activities 
they provide appeal not only to the 
students living on these floors, but 
also to the rest of the students on 
campus. The French, Spanish, and 
German clubs provide students with 
an opportunity to learn more about 
the cultures whose language they are 
taking. Also, it gives students the 
opportunity to practice these 
languages for those difficult foreign 
language classes. 

elly Engel hangs a picture at 
Westmoreland Hall's lounge 
decorating party. There was a 
great sense of community among 
these groups. 

panish language coordinator 
Alejzindra Zambrano-Arjona poses 
for a picture during Eurofest in the 

perspectives X 165 


With the 2000 Presidential 
election quickly approaching 
in Movember, many students 
found new incentives to join 
political organizations. The 
two main groups on campus, 
the College Republicans and 
Young Democrats, attracted 
the majority of involvement. 

The College Republicans 
were active supporters of Mel 
Sheridan's Senate campaign. 
They also supported and did 
fundraisers for former 
Governor George Allen's 
Senate campaign. The group 
held social events; such as 
their joint effort with Circle K 

in hosting the first ever Mr. 
MWC contest. This contest 
was a huge success with 
students, and brought the 
organization a lot of publicity 
and student involvement. 

The Young Democrats 
supported Ed Houck in his 
Senate campaign and helped 
celebrate his victory 
afterwards. They were also 
attendants at a Kennedy-King 
dinner where they listened to 
President Clinton give a 

These clubs helped bring 
political viewpoints and 
activities to campus. 

hoto Courtesy of Young Democrats 

ollege Democrats Sheri Asbeil, 
Brooke Dunbar, Erin Heslep, and 
Monica Price pose for a picture 
at a victory party for Virginia 
State Senator Ed Houcl^. 

resident Cfiristopher Winslow 
of the College Republicans poses 
with former Governor George 
Allen and the president of riOVA 
Young Republicans. 

Photo Courtesy of College Republicans 

166 H clubs & activities 

oung Democrat's Vice President 
loe Frick talks with Representative 
Jim Moran at the Kennedy-King 
Dinner. President Bill Clinton 
was the keynote speaker. 

Photo Courtesy of Young Democrats 


Photo Courtesy of College Republicans 
ollege Republican Kevin 
Lampinen poses with Arizona 
senator and presidential 
hopeful John McCain at a 
campaign rally. 

perspectives K 167 


Asian Student Association 

The Asian Student Association focuses on 
creating a unified group of students 
interested in Asian culture. They have 
sponsored many wonderful activities to this 
end, including a Vietnamese festival, a 
banquet featuring authentic Asian cuisine, 
the "Culture Shock" dance, and a 
performance of Indian Classical Dance. 


,-:. \ 




eena Telichicherla, a well- 
known Indian Classical dancer, 
was invited to perform at Mary 
Washington last November. In 
Indian Classical Dance, facial 
expressions and hand gestures 
are an important part of the 

n Asian Student Association 
member creates a poster for the 
Dinh Hat Festival occurring in 
October. Dinh Hat is a traditional 
festival celebrated in Vietnam. 

168 K clubs & activities 

focus on 


Many clubs concentrate on 
building unity among the students 
on campus. The Black, Asian, and 
Hispanic Student Associations, 
Women of Color (WOC), Brothers 
of a New Direction (BOND), and 
Pride Reflecting Individuals of 
Sexual Minorities (PRISM) all want 
to increase awareness of different 
races, cultures, and life-styles. At 
the same time, these groups not 
only want to deal with the 
differences between people, but 
also the similarities. Students of 
any race, culture, or sexual 
orientation are welcome in all 

oni Fashola, a sophomore, enjoys 
the Culture Shock dance put on by 
the Asian Student Association this 
past I^ovember. Toni is the Social 
Chair of the ASA. Behind her, Peter 
Squire, a junior, grooves to the 
tunes spinned by DJ Enferno. 

these organizations. On a 
campus that is openly criticized 
for its lack of diversity, these 
groups show that all people will 
be accepted and respected at 
Mary Washington. Erin Murphy of 
PRISM said it best, "By joining 
PRISM, students can learn more 
about themselves and realize that 
they are not alone in feeling the 
way they do." Those are the main 
reasons why these groups are so 
popular and influential at MWC; 
they speak to the valid needs of 
a college student: acceptance 
and community. 

he ASA sponsored an event 
GaUed "Taste of the Orient" last 
semester It featured authentic 
Asian food and even a traditional 
Chinese dragon performance. 

perspectives M 169 



nowhere are student's musical 
abilities more evident than in Mary 
Washington College's musical groups. 
Performances by Symfonics, 
Treblemakers, Encore, Jazz Band, 
and the Mary Washington College 
Community Symphony Orchestra give 
the Mary Washington Community a 
taste of great music. These groups 
offer an exciting variety of music to 
their audiences from both the 
Fredericksburg community and the 
college community alike. Symfonics, 
Encore, and Treblemakers all had an 
exciting year. Symfonics opened for 
Ball in the House, a Boston based 
group, along with hosting an 
invitational of other college a capella 

groups. Encore, meanwhile, 
performed two shows of their own, 
including a perfomance of Broadway 
hits. The Jazz Band and Orchestra 
both performed several concerts that 
drew large crowds from the 
Fredericksburg area along with 
students from the college. 

"Music is a great activity to be 
involved witti on this campus. 
Being in the orchestra really 
brings together the community 
and the students. " 

-Jen Lukas 



r^islbart of a fundraiser for the local homeless 
slT^ter, the Mary Washington Jazz Band 
feathers together to perform their talents at 
the Underground. 

rfcj^ snowy night, Monica Dionne, Reut Sadia, 
icBael Larsen, and Monty Myers gather 
round the piano played by Emily Wilkenson 

and join their voices in harmony to practice 

for their next performance. 


170 M clubs & activities 

Photo courtesy of Symphonies 
his January, Symfonics took a 
road trip and travelled to 
Annapolis, I^aryland to open for 
the a capella group. Ball in the 
House which has frequently 
visited the Mary Washington 

uring their fall performance, 
Eiicore swing away to the song 
"Zoot Suit Riot." 


eth Hein and Andrew Everton 
warm up their violins before 
performing their popular "Fops" 
concert in December with the 
Mary Washington College- 
Community Symphony Orchestra. 


perspectives K 171 

rin Shank takes off from the 
ground and begins to soar on a 
hang-gliding trip sponsored by 
the Trek Club. 

1 72 K clubs & activities 

GoiriE to 

rek Club members worked 

as a team on their raft. The 

group went white water rafting 

in Mew River Gorge, WV. 

After a hard week ot classes, tests, papers, and 
stress, students find various ways to release their 
built up tension. Clubs such as the Trek Club, the 
Martial Arts Club, the Fencing Club, the Dance 
Team, the Equestrian Club, and Ultimate Frisbee 
allow students to pursue activities to relax and 
enjoy some action. Many of these clubs compete 
among their peers as well as against other schools. 

The Fencing Club practices every week and 
holds at least one competition during the semester 
to show off their talents. On another part of 
campus, on Friday afternoons, students gather 
at Ball Circle to engage themselves in a game of 
Ultimate Frisbee. Meanwhile, the Trek Club 
provides students the opportunity to be 
adventurous by taking white water rafting trips, 
horseback riding through the mountains, and even 
sky diving. 

Many clubs at Mary Washington allow students 
to show off their unusual talents or even let them 
be daring for a day. 

n a beautiful Winter day, 
members of the Trek Club head 
off to Massanutten Mountain in 
the Shennadoah Valley. Before 
heading down the mountains, 
members pose for a group photo 
while still in one piece. 

howing off their skills, 
members of the Marshall Arts 
Club practice their moves in front 
of Westmoreland HaJl. 

Photo courtesy of Matt Hunsinger 

perspectives X 173 

reshman, Scott Coston is 
caught in the process of flipping 
his partner, Kellie Shanahan, over 
his shoulder. They had a great 
time dancing to the swing music 
played by a live band in the Lee 
Hall Ballroom. 

earing the official "zoot suit" of 
male Swing dancers. Buck, one of 
the dance instructors, enjoys having 
two dance partners: the other 
instuctor, Teresa, and sophomore, 
Christina Meluzio. The dance was 
held in the Lee Hall Ballroom and 
featured a live swing band, seen in 
the background. 


wo hep cats, including the dance 
instructor, Teresa, swinging at the 
Social Dance club's swing dance 
held this spring. The club has hosted 
a variety of dances this year teaching 
those in attendance some moves, 
then letting them go on their own for 
the rest of the night. 

1 74 K clubs & activities 

^ tudents in the Art Club toured 
mziny galleries, such as this one 
covered in mosaic. 



Art is an integral part of 
the campus community. 
The existence of fine art, 
visual art, and performing 
art clubs proves that many 
students value art as a 
necessary and enjoyable 
part of their lives. Students 
can join the Art club, the 
Social Dance club, Frames- 
per-Second, the Film club, 
join the staff of Polemic, 
the literary/art magazine, or 
participate in any of the 
productions put on by the 
theater department. This 
year, the Art club has been 

particularly active, sponsoring 
tie-dye and book binding 
workshops, and visiting art 
galleries in Philadelphia. 
The Social Dance club has 
hosted many events as 
well, such as a Swing Dance 
and a Latin Dancing night. 
Frames-per-Second has held 
viewings for a number of 
films, such as "Rushmore." 
As the recognition of art's 
importance in daily lives 
grows, hopefully more clubs 
like these will form on 
campus, bringing more 
appreciation of the arts. 

embers who went on the trip 
to Philadelphia gather together 
outside of the QK Gallery where 
they viewed the collection of 
blown glass. 


perspectives K 175 

— — On the air, but where? 

Many Mary Washington students would love to listen to the college radio station, but they can't 
seem to find it. Only a few dorms have the cable hookups that allow for good reception of 91.5. 
WMWC realizes this and is trying to remedy the situation. The station knows that in order to get their 
voice heard on campus, the station needs to be available to all students in every dorm. So, for the 
time being, where can you go to hear 91.5? Try the Eagle's nest! 

/ Tie Kelsey struggles as he tries 
to open a cd and stall for time. 
Dead air between songs is a no- 
no! Luckily, Eric is able to keep 
his cool as he thinks of something 
clever to say so the listeners 
remain unaware and pleased. 

Courtesy of WMWC 

yan Thompson and Whitney 
Marshall search through 
WMWC's record library for 
some good tunes. The library 
is packed with numerous cds 
and records, varying between 
oldies and hip-hop. 

Courtesy of WMWC 

1 76 K clubs & activities 

^•r>n«rc 91.5 

College Radio 

The Review Process 

-> CDs are sent to the station's Music Director 

-> A previously selected committee looks through and distributes 

the cds among themselves 

-> Each individual reviewer listens to the entire cd and judges it 

based upon their personal judgement of the quality of the music 

-> The critics are asked not to impose their personal biases in the 

review process 

-> Certain elements included in the critique are the type of music, 

"special picks," the "do not plays " and comparisons to better known 


-> The critiques and the cds are returned to the Music Director for 

a final review 

-> The Music Director then chooses those special songs that make 

the playlist. 

obert McCandish pulls the 
microphone closer as he relates 
an important public service 
announcement to his listeners. 
Each DJ must read at least three 
public service announcements 
during every hour of their show. 

rin Oivens takes a minute out 
of her shovi^ to smile for the 
camera. Erin is the host of the first 
country music show ever to be on 
WMWC. Her program is 
considered a specialty show 
because it is one of the few that 
do not play "college rock." 

Courtesy of WMWC 

perspectives X 177 




Class Council is a dynamic part of 
the Mary Washington Community. 
Class council officers and 
representatives from each class put 
on such events as Halloweens, Fall 
Formal, Spring Formal, Devil Qoat 
Day and many other popular events 
that mark the school year. Fall and 
Spring Formal are two of the most 
well known of the class council 
events where students can dress up 
in their best and cut loose to great 

Besides providing activities for the 
student body. Class Council 
sponsors events for individual 
classes in celebration of their 
achievements on campus. Events 
such as Senior Count Down, Junior 
Ring Week, and Qrad Ball are put on 
so that students may have special 

memories of their last years at Mary 
Washington College. Class Council 
members work beyond sponsoring 
student activities by having many 
bonding moments and events for 
themselves. Often members will 
gather at houses for a party on a snow 
day or to play laser tag at Funland. 
Class Council members come 
together as an integral part of Mary 
Washington's social life. 

"Class Council is an excellent 
organization that allows students to 
prove to everyone that they care 
about their school by providing 
activities that all benefit from. " 
-Paige Golden 
Freshmen Class President 

l^^art of a bonding 
night for Class Council, 
JiiniCH' Officers Madelyn 
Marino, Jennifer Amore 
Vanessa Muhlenfeld 
and Lauren Oviatt show 
off their gear during .i 
round of laser tag. 

Pictures courtesy of Val Quartararo 

178 H clubs & activities 


^ .*,. J> 



October, Class Co 
&nsors Rocktoberfest, filled 
y^ee food and great bands. 
Before the festivities begin. 
Class Council members gather 
in firont^ Lee Hall where they 
passed out free cups and food 
to the students. 

-> ^ 

Courtesy ot Paige Golden 

tauren Oviatt, Valerie Quartararo, and Paige Golden sit 
the check-in table for Fooseball night that Class 
)uncil sponsored for the student body. 

>ed in their best for Halloween, Class Council 
members gather for a group picture in celebration of 
ittiiig together their annual Halloweens Dance. 

perspectives K 179 


unior Gordon McCallum 
participates at an apple-bobbing 
contest during ttie Alvey and Mew 
Halls' Ghost Toast. 


The Association of Residence Halls, 
Known as ARM, has worked hard to 
provide a healthy, on-campus living 
experience. They are in charge of the 
providing the funds for which the 
residence halls on campus can perform 
their special events. Each president of 
the residence halls meets once a week 
to discuss activities and gain ideas for 
their residence halls. These presidents 
then take those ideas to their respective 
hall councils in order to implement those 

The individual hall councils work to 

bring out a sense of community in each 
of the halls. From setting certain 
standards to sponsoring dances and 
cookouts, hall councils do it all. They 
help to bring out a sense of tradition and 
loyalty to each of the residence halls. 

ARH has had a very busy year from 
1999 to 2000, sponsoring numerous 
dances and events across campus. Also, 
members of ARH have attended 
conferences in order to share ideas with 
other similar organizations to take back 
with them. {Members of ARH thus have 
no opportunity to slow down yet. 




group of ARM members 
pose for a photo at a SACURH 
conference in Florida. The 
conference enabled residence 
hall associations from across 
the South to share ideas. 

ori Wilmoth, Nora Lotts, Wendy 
Flora, and Rachel Gelder 
participate in an activity for a 
state ARH conference at the 
University of Richmond. 

Photo curtesy of ARH 

1 80 K clubs & activities 

perspectives K 181 

182 H sports 

What is it like to participate in 
nCAA Division III athletics? 
You get to travel, miss class, 
exercise, and form friendships 
that last a lifetime. From the 
work perspective, there are 
early morning practices, 
games, stress, sweat and pain, 
all the while juggling a full class 
load. MWC has more than 1 7 
varsity sports and many club 
and intramural sports. Wow, 
go Eagles! K 

] sports 

perspectives K 183 

Just For Kicks 

From the source. . . . "We were most impressed with the team's attitude this season. For such a young; 
team composed mainly of freshmen and sophomores, the maturity expressed both on and off the field was 
definitely a key factor to our success." - Aaron Bernstein and Martin Smith; "Championship vision is definitely what 
our team had this season. Hopefully that will carry over into next season and we can work twice as hard to go even 
further." - Ryan Geib; "The most disappointing part of the season was losing to Salisbury in the CAC championship 
game. Just hanging out with the guys and feeling the team chemistry even after such a disappointing loss made 
up for it, though." - Jon Liliowslii; "We had a great season this year led by great upperclassmen. I think our team 
will continue to improve and look to be a very threatening force next season. We have a great team environment 
that will help our success in the future." - Matt tieimerle; "Defense has definitely been the key to our successes in 
the past. As 1 leave the team this year, 1 look back at these guys like a family. We've all worked so hard together, 
encouraging each other both on and off the field. The guys themselves, whether we were winning or losing, have 
been my favorite part of playing soccer at Mary Washington." - Jordi Kleinman. 



aking all the right moves, 
Kelly Coffey passes the ball to 
a teammate further down the 
field. Being both captain and 
a senior on the team, Kelly was 
expected to lead the other 
players and keep morale high 
through even the toughest 
parts of the season. 

eeping control. Marc Salotti 
uses foot skills to assure the 
ball ends up in his teammates' 
possesion. As a freshman 
forward on the team. Marc 
contributed new talent to the 
team's already skilled roster 
and gained experience he will 
need in seasons to come. 

184 K sports 









S3AIJ-C3dS^aj M3N a^VG aHT OINI G3A\i03AG^3A /V\3N' 






ighting the opposition, Aaron 
Bernstein obtains control of the 
ball. As a sophomore on the 
team, Aaron led the team with 
the most goals scored, ending 
the season with a total of 1 1 . 

ne on one, junior Alex Addison 
outsmarts his opponent during 
an intense match against York 
College. The Eagles pulled 
together to win, with a final score 


Gettysburg College 

Loss 0- 1 

Messiah College 

Win 1-0 

Randolph-Macon College 

Win 2-1 

Shenandoah University 

Win 2-0 

Virginia Wesleyan College 

Tie 1-1 

Roanoke College 

Win 2-0 

St. Mary's College of Maryland 

Win 2-1 

Greensboro College 

Loss 1-2 

Christopher Mevi/port University 

Loss 1-2 

Qoucher College 

Win 3-0 

Catholic University 

Win 5-1 

Gallaudet University 

Win 13-0 

Salisbury State University 

Win 2-1 

Morth Carolina Wesleyan College 

Win 5-1 

York College of Pennsylvania 

Win 3-0 

Marymount University 

Win 1-0 

Methodist College 

Win 3-0 

CAC Tournament - Qallaudet University 

Win 10-0 

CAC Tournament Seminnals- York College of PA 

Win 3-1 

CAC Tournament Championship - Salisbury State 

Loss 0- 1 

Final Record 15-4-1 Overall (7-0 CAC) 1 














fVT'rnfr ■' 


Tront Row (L-R): Head Coach Roy Gordon, Jordi Kleinman, 
Kevin Linton, Kelly Coffey, John East, Chandler Davis, J.T. 
Nino, Brian Turner, Jason Green; Second Row (L-R): Paul 
Stepanick, Marc Salotti, Aaron Bernstein, Martin Smith, Jon 
Likowski, John Buchanan, Trevor Bickford, Alex Addison, 
Coach Mike Webb; Third Row (L-R): Brian Hall, Zachary 
Wineburg, Justin Harcum, Scott Golay, Mike Missim-Sabat, 
Ryan Geib, Matt Heimerle, Adrien Burke, Jamie Scully. 


perspectives K 185 

aking the ball down the 
field, junior Ellen Anderson 
has her eyes set on the goal. 
As a midfielder on the team, 
Ellen led the team with 1 1 
goals and 1 assists, earning 
second-team All-America 
honors for the 1999 season. 

Bi^Bi "Sb" SB^^^SS 

— t --f 


I oo close for comfort, the 
Bagle's prepare for quick 
^^nse as they anticipate 
where the ball will fall and 
make sure it remains out of 
their goal. Teamwork was 
one of the key factors that 
helped girls advance to the 
nCAA tournament for the 
eighth time in eleven years. 

^Fping up with her 
Dnent, Jill Stecher never 
^kes her eyes off the ball, 
TOokIng for any opportunity for 
a steal. As a senior, Jill's quick 
defensive skills helped 
contribute to the team's 
success and earned her an 
honorable mention all-state 

186 K sports 





















/l^^ 7^^ ^af/f 

From the source "The team showed great character throughout the 

second half of the CAC championship game against Salisbury. We played a man 
down and still successfully defeated them in a long, intense game." - Ellen Anderson; 
"My favorite memory of the season was when the entire team got together and 
went pumpkin picking. It was a lot of fun and a nice way for us to have fun as a 
team, apart from the daily routine of practice." - Katy Cohen; "\ definitely think 
what we accomplished against Salisbury only proves the potential we have to 
accomplish even more next year." - Sarah Downey; "The girls on the team are such 
a fun group of girls. I start to riEED practice during season just as a way to enjoy 
the day. I'm known as the jokester on the team and one of my favorite memories 
is of one day at practice. Coach said we were free to warm up however we wanted 
to that day and since everyone was just sitting there, I spoke up with the idea of 

everyone chasing me. Everyone 
started laughing and Coach just 
said, 'When I was young, that was 
called 'smear the queer.'" - Sarah 

3HV9 3HJ.0J.NI 

aking her move, Sarah 
Zelenak prepares to pass 
the ball to an awaiting 
teammate. Successful 
offensive moves on Sarah's 
part led to her season total 
of 6 goals and 8 assists, 
totals that prove to rise with 
her return next season. 


Qoucher College 

Win 9-0 

Shenandoah University 

Win 5-0 

Emory University 

Loss 0-2 

Virginia Wesleyan College 


William Paterson 

Loss 0-2 

College of rtevv Jersey 

Loss 0-4 

St. Mary's College 

Win 4-1 

Win 3-0 

Randolph-Macon College 

Win 4-0 

Marymount University 

Win 11-0 

Roanoke College 

Win 2-1 

Catholic University 

Win 4-0 

Methodist College 

Win 9-1 

north Carolina Wesleyan College 

Loss 0- 1 

York College of Pennsylvania 

Win 5-0 

CAC Tournament Semifinals 

York of PA 

Win 4-1 

CAC Tournament Championsh 

p - Salisbuiy State Win 2-1 

nCAA Regional Toumament - vs. 

Denison Universitj 

Loss 1-3 

Front Row (L-R): Andrea Owen, Liz Qermanos, Sarah Zelenak, 
Jill Stecher, Johanna Klein, Leah Phillips, Martine St. 
Qermain, Shannon Mieves, Danielle Morin; Second Row (L- 
R): Mary Snedeker, Stacy Rogers, Jacqui Loesch, Rebecca 
Vaccaro, Meghan Sale, Sarah Downey, Giselle Quarino, Katy 
Cohen; Third Row (L-R): Ellen Anderson, Ilona Kelly, Mandy 
Thorpe, Coach Steve Braun, Head Coach Kurt Qlaeser, Coach 
Mark Bjornson, Bridget White, Laura Stafford, Bree Heyne. 

perspectives ){ 187 




.o<:v ..^^t^^ ...^s. .^ ^ 
5 -f^^rS^ff^ l^^^^* ■''^^^'^ -^'i^^^ 






G3A\i03AG^3A M3N akNV9 3HI OTNI SaAUOa^S^a^ MaN anV£) 

rawing back to drive the ball, sophomore 
Christine Ballance prepares to send the ball 
down the field. Christine led the league 
with 1 2 defensive stops in 1 6 games. 

eady for a block. Amy Smith stops a free 
hit while freshman Shelley Sabo backs her 
up in the gap. Amy received second team 
all-conference mention for this season. 


Villa Julie College 

Win 3-1 

Washington (MD) College 

Win 3-2 

SUMY Cortland 

Loss 2-3 

Bridgewater College 

Win 6-0 

Lebanon Valley College 

Loss 2-3 

Qoucher College 

Win 3-1 

York College of FA 

Win 4-3 

Froslburg State University 

Win 2-0 

St. Marj's College 

Win 5-0 

John Hopkins University 

Loss 0- 1 

Franklin and Marshall College 

Win 2- 1 

Catholic University 

Win 5-2 

Eastern Mennonite University 

Loss 1-6 

Salisbury State University 

Loss 1-2 

Lynchburg College 

Win 3-1 

Gettysburg College 

Win 1-0 

Randolph-Macon College 

Loss 1-2 

Messiah College 

Loss 1-4 

CAC Tournament - York College 

Win 3-1 

CAC Tournament - Salisbury State 

Loss 0-4 





m % .,^ 





FYont Row (L-R): Christine Jeffrey, Robin Wild, Heatlier Carter, 
Katie Lengyel, Lillian Pitts, Megan Shilling; (L-R): Abby Por- 
ter, Shannon Fiobiie, Jessica Morris, Courtney Childe, Claire 
Van Til, Meredith MacDonald, Sarah Dudley, Jessica Von 
Bargen, Kara FieviackaS; Third Row (L-R): Head Coach Dana 
Hall, Rebecca Kuehn, Megan Canigiani, Christine Ballance, 
Brandy Nelson, Amy Smith, Melissa Kirchner, Keri Campbell, 
Sarah Davis, Shelley Sabo, Assistant Coach Sheri Whited. 

188 H sports 


rrOm the source... "Gettysburg was our biggest game of the year. It seemed to be the best 
example of our team coming together and working together to win. " -Jessica Morris; "Most of our toughest 
games against top competitors turned out to be really close. We always tried our best, and whether we 
won or lost, we were able to quickly put it behind us for the moment and concentrate on the next game." 
- Ctiristine Ballance; "Once again, we had a great group of girls on the team this year. Practices were 
long and games sometimes seemed even longer, but our number one motto was always sacrifice the 
body.'" - Claire Van Til; "The highlight of the season for me was beating Gettysburg on their own field. 
As a freshman on the team, it was great to see such an intense battle and then see our team finally come 
out on top." - Keri Campbell. 

eeping both eyes on the ball, senior 
Christine Jeffrey also remains aware of 
her teammates' positions down the field. 
Christine was one of two players to rep- 
resent the college at the national north/ 
South All-Star Game. 

ighting an opponent to make a back- 
hand flick, Abby Porter gets ready to 
loft the ball into the air. Abby finished 
the season successfully, with 8 goals 
and 8 assists to her credit. 

perspectives K 189 

Settin' It ^^ 

From the source . . The great thing about the team was how close we were able to grow this year. It 
was definitely the key to our successes this year and since everyone should be returning next year, we promise to 
return even stronger than before." - Mary Barton; "This year was a growing year for the team. We had so many new 
or young players, but we came through for each other throughout the season. One of the most trying times was 
when our bus broke down at the Gettysburg game. Luckily we all made the most of it and it turned into a bonding 
experience for all of us." - Kathy Gochenour; "We had great team chemistry and had no problem getting to know 
each other well from the start. Even when we were losing or not playing our best, the chemistry brought us back." 
- Monica Bintz; "The best game we played was a home game against York College. We went for 5 games and the 
fifth was a rally scoring game. We pulled through to beat them, and I think that was the turning point of our 
season. It proved to us how well we could play and drove us harder for success for the rest of the season." - 
Jessica Collings. 


feetting into the game, the Eagles fight hard for the point 
two players jump to blocl^ a hit, and freshman Sarah 
3by prepares to help her teammates out. Sarah finished 
.the season with 37 1 digs, 223 kills, and 45 service aces, 
an indication that another three years on the team will 
develop her into a strong force for the team's success. 

aking a serve in mid-air, sophomore Mary Barton 
lises her strength and skill to send the ball over the 
i|et with force. As the team's setter. Nary ended the 
season with an impressive total of 864 assists in one 
hundred games. 











.v<<>-^ ^ 

<^^ .ne^ 









G3A\iO-aA9^3A /V\3N 3nV£) aHT OTNI G3A\i03AGA3A M3N 3^W0 

190 K sports 


Christopher Newport University 

Win 15-2, 15-13, 17-5 

MC Wesleyan College 

Win 15-6, 154, 15-8 

St. IMary's College of IMaryland 

Loss 9-15, 12-15, 17-15,8-15 

Salisbury State University 

Loss9-15, 6-15, 8-15 

Qoucher College 

Win 15-8, 15-10,4-15, 16-14 

Dickinson College 

Win 15-13, 15-11, 15-7 

Susquehanna University 

1.0SS7-I5, 9-15, 9-15 

Messiah College 

Loss 12-15, 15-11,5-15,5-15 

Rutgers University-Newark 

Win 15-10, 17-15, 16-14 

Loss 15-7, 13-15, 14-16, 14-16 

Marymount University 

Win 8-15, 158, 14-16, 16-14, 15-12 

Catholic University 

Loss 5-15, 5-15, 13-15 

York College of Pennsylvania 

Win 15-1 1, 16-18, 13-15, 154, 15-13 

Lynchburg College 

Win 15-13, 13-15,&15, 158, 15-10 

Centre College 

Loss 12-15, 10-15,4-15 

Randolph-Macon College 

Loss 13-15,8-15, 7-15 

Qalluadet University 

Loss 8-15, 14-16,7-15 

Bridgewater College 

Loss 9-15, 15-12,7-15, 17-15, 15-12 

CAC Tournament 1 st Round - Catholic 

LOSS13-15, 15-7, 15-12,8-15, 15-12 

Overall Record: 1 2-20 1 

Front Row (L-R): Jennifer Ammann, Sarah Libby, Chrissi 
Stoehr, Liz Qamboa, Carolyn Derr; Second Row (L-R): Mary 
Barton, Kathy Qochenour, Monica Bintz, Jessica Snowberger, 
Jessica CoIIings, Jessica Crawford 


locking the ball, junior Chrissi Stoehr jumps 
in an attempt to send the ball back in the hitter's 
face as freshman Sarah Libby looks on, ready 
to do her part if needed. As an outside hitter, 
Chrissi earned QTE academic all-region honors 
for the 1999 season. 

eady to serve, sophomore Jessica CoIIings 
eyes the other side of the court as she 
determines vi/here to send the ball. With only 
one year of experience behind her, Jessica broke 
a school record this year for single-match kills, 
with 24 against Lynchburg College. She also 
finished the season with the second highest total 
number of digs in school history - 353. 


perspectives K 191 

Breakir^ The Tape 

From the source.... "We struggled all season long to put something together as a team, but nothing seemed 
to click.' It wasn't until the last race of the season and the most important, which was Regionals, that 
everything fell into place. We finish second as a team, had a few guys named to the All-Region team, and 
surprised a lot of people that day." - Travis Jones; "The girls team was really close. We were all there for each 
other at all times. One of the girls on the team bought matching ribbons for us to all wear in our hair and 
another made t-shirts with individualized stick figures that symbolized each person on the team. Little things 
like that really made us work well together as a team at meets and encourage each other on."- Erin Williams; 
"The upperclassmen were really helpful in guiding us through the season and leading us to a second place in 
the South Region. Even though we're losing some key seniors this year, we have plenty of talent to carry us 
through next season successfully." - Dan Curran; "Being conference champions was a strong finish to a great 
season. I had a lot of fun during the season with everyone on the team and 1 think the team dinners really 
helped bring us together as a team outside of meets." - Alana West; "New York was probably my favorite meet 
overall, but I liked the entire season. We really pulled together to support each other emotionally and encourage 
each other along." - Melissa Smith. 

Clint Often 

> iving their all, members of the women's team 
^keep their pace ahead of the competition. 
Runners knew that pacing themselves to maintain 
their energy throughout the race was an essential 
part of victory. 

alntaining endurance. Marc Jones and Adam 
Oiammarinaro remain ahead of the pack during 
.the CAC Championships. Both the men's and 
women's teams ended the Championships with 
first place finishes. 

Clint Often 

iriiiftiiii ii I »• Vitf ' ri 







<^^:r;v^^t^.v- ^^^:w^^^' 




,Vxe ^^"cVvXN^ ^^c^r;^io\\^' 



lo ^r;**^' 

^-^>^ ^ 




S3AUC3<dS^3d M3N 3nV£) 3HI OINI 93AII03dS^3^ M3N 3HV£) 

192 K sports 

ulling away, Jessica Edberg picks up the pace 
as she enters the last stretch of the race. As a 
freshman on the team, Jessica contributed much 
talent to the roster, and her return next year 
promises to once again enhance the talented 

eeling the effects, sophomore Travis Jones 
focuses his full attention on the remainder of the 
course before him. Travis led the men's team 
throughout the season, finishing in the top 1 5 each 

Cimt urten 


Lebanon Valley College Invitational 

Men: 6th out of 24 

Women: 2nd out of 24 

riew York University Invitational 

Nen: 6th out of 24 

Women: 2nd out of 24 

Radford University Invitational 

Men: 3rd out of 3 

Women: 1st out of 3 

CAC Championships 

Men: 1st out of 6 

Women: 1 st out of 6 

Virginia State 11 & III Championships 

Men: 3rd out of 1 1 

Women: 1st out of 1 1 

Men's Roster: Dan Curran, Jim Dlugasch, Paul 
Drake, Adam Qiammarinaro, Dan Greene, 
Marc Jones, Travis Jones, Marty Martonik, 
Brien Roberts, John Rock, Jason Van Horn, 
Brian Walsh, Justin Young. 

Women's Roster: natalie Alexander, Cassy 
Crouse, Jessica Edberg, Marga Fischel, Dana 
Folta, Rebecca Griffith, Elizabeth Hackenburg, 
Stephanie Jenkins, Teresa Joerger, Julie 
Rakowski, Beth Santilli, Melissa Smith, Alana 
West, Erin Williams. 

perspectives K 193 

_ nterlocked in a scrum, 
rugby players fight for 
possession of the ball. 
Rugby is known for its 
intensity and bone crushing 
hits, without padding. 

rying for a tackle, a William 
and Mary player attempts to 
take possession of the ball. 
Both rugby teams played 
many Division I teams 
throughout the year. 

caching for the ball, Jesse 
Hahn attempts to gain 
possession of the ball in a 
line-out. Even though rugby 
isn't yet a varsity sport, 
competition was always 
tough, with the teams 
playing against top Division 
1 teams throughout tin- 
state. The teams handled 
themselves very well against 
these top teams, showing 
promise to return next year 
with more force than ever. 

"After a while, you 

don't even notice the 

bumps and bruises. 

They're Just a part of 

the game. " 

-Jenna flayes 

194 H sports 








From the source. . . . -We played really well in the fall. We finished 3rd 
in the state and were really proud of our performances against Division 1 schools 
like Virginia Tech and JMU. This year the team had a lot of first year players 
with no experience, riow that they have one year of playing under their belts, 
the team should be a force that challenges for the State Championship in the 
fall." - James Lewis; "Women's rugby is very rewarding. It takes a lot of hard 
work and practice, but it's all worth it. These girls are the best to play and party 
with! 1 can't wait 'til next year!" - Erin Lada; "Rugby is probably the most highly 
attended sport at MWC and will continue to grow in popularity as we remain 
competitive with nationally ranked Division I schools." - Jeff Hoffman; "\ was 
new to the team this year and I found everyone to be so helpful. 1 had a great 

time, but the girls made it that 
much better by always being 
there to explain everything to 
me." - Jenna Mayes. 

osing for a picture, the 
women's rugby team 
stands beneath their goal 
post after a long game. 
Both the men's and 
women's teams played 
throughout the year, 
drawing big crowds to the 
Battlefield complex and 
impressing their audience 
with hard contact and many 

eady for play. Matt Shaw, 
Ben Johnson, James Lewis, 
Sy nease, and Dan 
Leckburg concentrate on 
their next strategy on the 
field. Players relied on 
strength and quick thinking 
to stay on top of their 

perspectives H 195 











6- o<.- 09J^V0> 

.<^;.^.;,*-- <\:>"^" ^:^^:>!?-^ - 





S3/\UC3^S^aj M3N 3ViV0 3HI OINI 93AUC3JS^3J M3N 3HV9 

eaping for the jump ball, center Philip 
KJaus reaches for control of the ball at 
the game begins. Teammates anxiously 
awaited to react to whichever way the ball 

ushingtlirough the defense, freshman Dan 
Dupras makes his way toward the basket. 
Witli this being only his first year on the team, 
Dan contributed much to the team and looks 
forward to next season. 


Salisbury Slate University 

Loss 90-70 

St. Mary's College 

1X)SS 70 - 59 

Marymount University 

Loss 58 ■ 5 1 

York College of PA 

Loss 84-74 

Villa Julie College 

Loss 79 • 65 

Qoucher College 

Loss 82 - 55 

Newport Mews Apprentice 

Win 90 - 80 

Salisbury State University 

Loss 75 - 65 

Qallaudet University 

Win 79-41 

St. Mary's College 

Loss 81 -77 

Catholic University 

Loss 80 - 66 

Villa Julie College 

Win 87 -71 

York College of PA 

Win 81 -71 

Marymount University 

Loss 1 04 - 96 

Qoucher College 

Win 76 - 63 

Drew University 

Win 85 - 73 

Randolph-Macon College 

Loss 66-52 

Albright College 

Loss 9 1 - 60 

Western Maryland College 

Win 68 - 67 

Elmira College 

Loss 69 - 67 

McMurry College 

Loss 102-73 

Men's Roster: Dan Dupras, Brett Lively, Darrick Conz, 
Toler Cross, John Kidwell, Anthony Edwards, Cris 
Hairston, Ryan Kenna, Paul Stoddard, Tony Yates, 
Stockton BanField, Eric Vierow, Philip Klaus. Head 
Coach Rod Wood, Assistant Coaches Dan Barely, Matt 
Croci, Guy White. 

196 K sports 


rrOm LllC source**** "The season was a little disappointing because we just couldn't seem to 
gel together as a team. Everyone's returning for next season, though, so that should give us a little time 
during the off season to learn how we work best together. So many players were brought in mid-season 
and there wasn't enough of an adjustment period. We definitely have the most talent in the league. We 
just need to concentrate more on bringing it out." - Dan Dupras; Because it was only my first year on the 
team, 1 didn't take the losses we had as hard as some of the other guys. I know that if we can just learn 
to work together, our talent will start to show and lead us to more victories next year. - Tony Yates; "I'm 
just going to learn from the experiences we had this year and make the most of it next season. That s all 
we can do. - Paul Stoddard 


oxing out for the rebound, two players 
keep their eyes on the ball as they prepare 
to take possession. Rebounds were 
essential for scoring points throughout the 

aneuvering down the court, freshman 
Brett Lively dribbles the ball around his 
opponent. Freshmen new to the team 
found that agility on the court was a key 
factor in their successes. 

perspectives K 197 

Hot Shots 

From the source... "Although we didn't reach all of our pre-season expectations, we can build 
from our experiences this year and prepare for next season." - Bernice Kenney; "Overall we had a pretty 
good season. I'm looking forward to my last year on the team with next season being the best, though." 
- Helen Huley; "We had fun both on and off the court. One Friday night we had a blast when we all got 
together and went to Chuck E. Cheese's as a team. We had a game the next day so well all took it easy 
and just had a great time." - Amber Byer; "We had a disappointing end but next year we'll have a better 
season led by a strong senior class." - Sarah Seale; "1 had a lot of fun this year on the team. I gained a lot of 
experience just being around the older girls and feel like I'm more prepared to get done what needs to be done 
next season." - Kristin Menz 


ooking for an opening, junior forward Erin 
Caulfield prepares to pass the ball. Accurate 
passes were one of the giris' strong points 
that helped carry them to victory. 

eady to make her move, junior guard 
Dee Harrington sets her teammates up 
to score. Teamwork was essential to 
effective play on the court. 









^eX>°- vxve 



N^^ asXv' 






93A\iD3AG'^3A M3N anV£) aHI Oi-NI G3A\i03JiGA3A MaN 3V^W0 

198 K sports 


Maiymoiint University 

lx>ss 63 

- 43 

St. Mail's College of Maryland 



Marymoiint University 

Loss 68 


York College of Pennsylvania 

Win 65 


Villa Julie College 

Win 68 


Qouchcr College 

Win 68 


Salisbury State University 

Win 72 


Qallauclet University 

Loss 89 


St. Mary's College of Maryland 

Loss 62 


Catholic University 

Win 62 


Virginia Wesleyan College 

Loss 83 


Marymount University 

Loss 56 


Salisbury State University 

Win 70 


Bridgewater College 

Loss 63 


Emmanuel College 

Win 81 


Catholic University 

Win 58 


Christopher Mewport University 

Win 70 


Frostburg State University 

Win 61 


Curry College 

Win 80 


Rowan University 

Loss 88 

- 78 

^ f 1 I M l i f 1 \ Li \ 

Front Row (L-R): Denise Harrington, Caroline Loh, Amber 
Byer, Bernice Kenney, Anne Bryce, Caitlin Wilkinson, Jes- 
sica Bergner, Jill Hollenbeck, Helen Huley, Sarah Seale, Erin 
Printy, Erin Caulfield, Melanie MComas, Kristin Menz. 



etting the inside scoop, sophomore 
forward Anne Bryce receives some last 
minute pointers before the game. Players 
relied on a combination of both their own 
skill and experience, and the advice of their 
coaches to guide their playing performance. 

n top of things, junior guard Bernice 
Kenney surveys her teammates' positions 
and knows what it will take to make the play 
work. Bernice helped lead the team with 
constant encouragement both on and off the 

perspectives K 199 

Strokes of Success 

From the source.... The women's swimming team has been a great experience for me. With a 
decade of winning behind us, and a great group of girls, 1 don't think there's anything we can't do." - 
Carolyn Lyons; "I've really enjoyed being a part of this team, not just because we were winning, but 
because of all the great people involved. From training in Florida to winning conferences again this year, 
it was a wonderful season." - Liz Keaney; "Four seasons of swimming has been good for me. The seasons 
were definitely long, but 1 know we all got a lot out of them." - Ben Preston; "Over the past three years 
I've been swimming here, this was definitely the best season we've had as a team. I'm looking forward 
to what we can achieve next season." - Nike Salpeter; "We had a great year and 1 had a lot of fun this 
season. Hopefully next year, we can gain more guys for the guys' team and maybe even earn back our 
conference championship." - Andre Lapar. 


aking it happen, Jon Likowski, Mike 
Salpeter, Bryan Beary, and Andre Lapar 
receive their second place medals. Tht: 
guys received a second place finish in 
the 400 \n relay during CAC 

aking deep breaths, swimmers come 
up for air between strokes. All 
swimmers went through taper the entire 
week before conferences, saving energ\ 
for the big meet. 

200 H sports 








5 ^-^::-^^^^''^^^^ 

<^-" .o-f5<^^!Soo ...vo.*»^>fo'^-,^*rt;^^^5 

V^^^^Sx)^""' ^.^e.^^^ 







S3/\IJ-C3dS^a^ M3N 3nV£) 3Hi. OTNI S3AIIC3dS^3J M3N 3\^W0 

ringing it home, the women's swim team 
celebrates their 10th straight CAC 
Championship Title. Seniors Mariah Butler 
and Kim Myers were also both named CAC 
Swimmers of the Year. 

afung a dive, swimmers push off after the 
starting gun during CAC Championships. 
Both teams performed well at the 
conference, the women's team bringing 
home a first place win and the men's team 
earning a second place win. 




Virginia Military Institute 

-Loss 94- 105 

Salisbury State University 

MEI^: Win 104-95 

WOMEM: Win 142-63 

Catholic University 

MEM: Loss 59- 146 

WOMEH: Win 132-73 

York College of Pennsylvania 


and Qoucher College 

Win over Qoucher and York 

James Madison University 

-Loss 81 - 162 

John Hopkins University 

MEri: Loss 75- 119 

WOMEM- Loss 94 - 106 

St. Mary's College of Maryland 

MEn: Win 108- 75 

WOMEN: Win 1 1 1 - 89 

Marymount University 

MEN: Win 1 15- 76 

WOMEN: Win 1 17 - 75 

Gettysburg College 

MEN: Loss 63- 137 

WOMEN: Win 124-76 

Washington and Lee University 

MEN: Loss 49 - 165 

WOMEN: Loss 100- 105 

CAC Championships 

MEN: 2nd place 

WOMEN: 1st place 

rront Row (L-R): Lindsay Lloyd, Mariah Butler, Liz Keaney, Ben Preston, 
Barak Carter, Jill f^wasney, Kim Myers, Kelli Schaeffer; Second Row 
(L-R): Bryan Beary, Pam Memeth, Jenny Maher, Emily Perf^ins, Casey 
Henry, Whitney Raven, Carolyn Lyons, Amanda Kohne, Jen Wilson, 
Kristin Cameron, Tim Riley; Third Row (L-R): Cody Camblin, Meghan 
newcomer, Karin Reisenfeld, Ashley Randlett, Jennifer Qraboyes, Lisa 
Carlson, Allie Krebs, Melissa Margolies, Ashley McCoy, Leslie Morgan, 
Emily Williams, Mike Salpeter; fourth Row (L-R): Joey Hess, Stephen 
Coughlin, Jonathan Tellekamp, Ethan Bedell, Matthew Lemieux, Jon 
Likowski, Andre Lapar, Eric Richko. 

perspectives K 201 

"S^Aac/ a rea//// ^ooc/ ///ne ooer spr/'n^ 6reaA /n yj/J/on 
y/ea(^, SC. S7/}aoe a/war/s /ouec/ ojor^/ny naro ano y 

jf/joev /Aa/'s wyja/y/ZoAes /o ev/'n. Our /earn 's c/o/ny 

rea//f/ /ve//r/yA/ noiv an(/S7/A//}Aa /o/ o//Aa/ can 6e 

cre(///e(//o Aow Aar(/a>e wor^ec/ouer spr/'ny SreoA. S/ 

c//c/n y m/ss yo/ny Aome a/ a//Aecause S/Aneev /Aa/ /A/'s 

IS wAa/ /'/ /neans /o oe success/uJ. " 

- Conor cJ//2/'/A 

The crew team took a bus to Clemson, South Carolina, 
for the week of spring break. The team practiced twice 
a day, running the three miles to Lake Hartwell and 
back each time. The team also had to run one and a 
half miles to and from breakfast and dinner every day. 
They stayed in a hotel nearby with other teams from 
around the country, including track and baseball teams. 
The week consisted of mostly intense training with one 
scrimmage during the week. The team did have an 
afternoon off, with which they explored the small town 
of Clemson. "It's amazing how small the town actually 
it. The university is huge, but the town is even smaller 
than downtown Fredericksburg." - Virginia Henley 

The men and women's tennis teams both 
travelled to Hilton Head, South Carolina, for 
a week of training and competition over 
spring break. The teams stayed at separate 
locations and held separate practices during 
the week. The men's team stayed at a 
plantation and the women's team had a 
house nearby. On the way down, the teams 
stopped halfway at Methodist College to play 
a match on Saturday and then continued 
another four hours to the beach. They 
played in two other matches that week and 
practiced a couple of hours each day. On 
their free time, they had fun on the beach, 
playing golf, or just relaxing in the warm 

The men and women's swimming teams travelled to Florida for 
a week of training during Winter Break. The group flew into the 
South Beach area of Miami and met up with another team from 
New York, Ozweego College. The week consisted of long morning 
and afternoon practices, with the swimmers swimming an 
average of 7 - 8 miles a day. In between practices, they were 
able to hit the beach and enjoy relaxing in the sun. Many 
swimmers claimed they couldn't handle the beach some days 
because the practices were so demanding. For a few, free time 
during the day meant a chance to head back to the room for 
long naps. Competition wasn't stressed during the week. It was 
a chance for swimmers to build their bodies up and tire them 
out for taper when they returned. Taper was the final step before 
both teams entered the CAC championships. 

202 K sports 

/\iew Fa 

ecv races' 

The women's lacrosse team spent a week in St. 
Petersburg, Florida, training with other lacrosse teams 
from around the nation. The team had two practice 
sessions a day, with one scrimmage day in which they 
played seven teams, and one game day in which they 
got to play the Scotland National Team. The team also 
received valuable advice from Division 1 coaches that 
were at the training sessions and offered their help. For 
fun, they had one day off at the beach and another that 
they spent between sessions lounging in the sun. 

''^Une trip was a lime for oonaina for Ine 

team, you see oi/ier sides to t/our leammales 

oiner inanjusi ine compeiitiue, fiela side. We 

Iiada areat iime lauinq oui on ilie oeacn on 

our dau oti and aoinq io /ne movies and out 

for ice cream on our free nianis. Jt made all 

Ine Iraininq worln Ine sweal and sore 

muscles. " - JKeqnan Jwomei/ 

The synchronized swimming team took a week off from 
school in March to fly to Colombus, Ohio, to compete in 
Collegiate Nationals. The competition was held at Ohio 
State University and included teams from all over the 
nation. For most of the week, the girls practiced at the 
pool and land drilled their routines over and over again. 
There were two actual days of semi-final performing and 
then on Saturday finals were held. The team was forced 
to travel without a coach, who left the team shortly before 
the competition to take another job elsewhere. Luckily 
the team was able to convince a senior from the year's 
previous team to come with them and serve as their 
coach. Overall, the girls had a successful finish among 
the teams who competed. 

perspectives M 203 







S3AIIC3JS^3d MaN 3nVG 3HI OTNI G3AIIC3dS^3d M3N 3^W0 

eturning with ease, a 
player moves around the 
court to position himself 
around the ball. Players 
knew they had to take 
control of tlie game to avoid 
being mn all over the court 


VA Military Institute 

Win 4-3 

i^lethodist College 

Win 7-0 

Quilford College 

Win 7-0 

Kenyon College 

Win 5-2 

Skidmore College 

Win 5-2 

Washington & Lee University 

Win 7-0 

Howard University 

Win 5-2 

Catholic University 

Win 7-0 

Mount St. Marys College 

Win 7-0 

Longwood College 

Win 7-0 

Christopher Newport University 

Win 7-0 

Salisbury' State University 

Win 5-2 

Averett College 

Loss 2-5 

St. Mary's College of MD 

Win 7-0 

Qouchcr College 

Win 7-0 

Mampden-Sydney College 

Win 6-1 

College of Mew Jersey 

Win 6-1 

CAC Championships 

1st place 

t f ' t 

;M ^TB^«»'' mS \ 

Front Row (L-R): Nessim Hadiji, Conor Smith, Peter Meiser, 
Alex Brooks-Barr, Head Coach Todd Helbling, Jay Nelson, 
David Bristow, Kevin Lxsden, Tim Martin. 

204 K sports 


rrom tnC source... "I think it was great how well our team worked together. We had a lot of pride, 
dedication, and committment that helped us throughout the season. One of my best wins was against Salisbury. 
I lost to the guy during the fall season in a very long match, but during regular season in the spring, 1 didn't have 
any trouble beating him through straight sets." - Conor Smith; "My last season on the team was a good one. We 
accomplished so much and came out on top at CACs again. I couldn't have asked for anything else." - Jay nelson; 
"I think our record really reflected how well we worked together as a team. We have a lot of upperclassmen on the 
team which also adds experience to the talent and dedication. I think that helped us out a lot through the season, 
as well." - Tim Martin. 


aught in mid-air, a 
player uses a two-handed 
return for power. Power 
was often key to wins, but 
had to be balanced with 
skill and smart thinking 
on the court. 

sing his best backhand, 
a player returns the ball 
during a long volley. With 
many seniors and juniors 
on the roster, the team 
had a strong base to 
build from throughout 
the year 

perspectives K 205 

S trong 


From the source... "with a new coach and seven freshmen, the season looked a little iffy at first. 
Everyone really pulled together and has made this a very successful and memorable one." - Steffany Slaughter 

sing her best shot, a player swings with ease to place 
the ball in her opponent's court. Strategy was a big part of 
the game for the team and led to many successes 
throughout the season. 

n mid-serve, a player concentrates on the precisi 
moment her racket should come in contact with tin- 
ball. Good serves helped a player's chances o\ 
winning a point against her opponent. 








•A X^^^ 


X)^\ ceV^*^'.^. 




S3AIIQ3JS^3^ MaN 3nV9 3HJ. OINI S3AIIC3^S^3J M3N 3nV£) 

206 H sports 


Qcorgc Mason University 

Loss 4-5 

Methodist College 

Win 7-2 

University of Rochester 

Win 5-4 

Vassar College 

Win 7-2 

Meredith College 

Win 7-2 

Howard University 

Loss 3-6 

Washington Sf Lee University 

Loss 0-9 

Mount St. Mary's College 

Win 8-1 

Longwood College 

Win 8-1 

Franklin & Marshall College 

Win 9-0 

Georgetown University 

Loss 1-8 

Salisbury State University 

Win 7-2 

CAC Tournament 

1st Place 

Sweet Briar College 

Win 9-0 

College of Mew Jersey 

Win 5-4 


Front Row (l^R): Steffany Slaughter, Ashley Knapp, Ashley 
Roeting, Emily Sutliff, Lea Schon, Emily Azukas; Second Row 
(l^R): Sarah Breeding, Brandy Nelson, Nancy Clark, Sarah 
Sachen, Dena Heath, Kirsten Agee. 


n her toes, a player stays alert and ready to 
return whatever shot her opponent may send 
back over the net. The team had a very 
successful season, bonding together with a new 
coach to come out on top. 

xecuting the moves, a player uses perfect form 
to serve the ball, form was a crucial part of 
controlling where the ball was served, and with 
what force it was sent over the net. 


perspectives X 207 

Saddlin^ Up 

From the source.... "This year we have really improved as a team. Thanks in large part to our 
coach, Kathy Danieison, we went into the season with the confidence necessary to put ourselves first in 
the region. The combo of an awesome coach, great riders, and an amazing sense of overall team 
confidence is what made this season so successful." -Shannon Brennan; "Ny favorite show was definitely 
our home show. We didn't have any difficulties and the girls really pulled together to encourage each 
other on." - Erin Grampp; "\ think one of the only difficulties we had was learning how to relax and have 
a good time. It's difficult to get rid of all the stress at the horse shows." - Jackie Falkowslii; "We had a 
very successful year. Kat showed us how to come together and enjoy riding and the horse shows." - Ellyn 
Bannister; "We had so much fun as a team at the home horse show. Winning really built our confidence 
and set the mood for the rest of the season." - Sarah Fech 

^ ■■-■- ■ '.V 






aking perfect form, horse and rider seem 
to be one as they cleanly clear the jump. 
The riding team's victory at their home show 
proved how well the team could come 
together and make it all work for victory. 

trutting her stuff, a rider shows the judges 
and spectators how well she and her horse 
work together to complete the course. Often 
appearance and the way a rider carried 
herself had a large impact on the signals the 
horse received and the way it performed 

208 K sports 



^:i^ „..-v->-e:^.^ .^ 


mw^^'-^im'^'- '^^' 



eeping il all together, a rider gathers her 
thoughts as she warms her horse up on the 
course. It was important to ensure the horse 
and the rider were physically and mentally 
prepared to take the challenge of the course. 

aking her turn around the course, a rider 
releixes as she focuses on the jumps ahead 
of her Riders had to also remain alert at all 
times to the horse's movements below 


^.H^'n. iJ .!. -t'.llJMIfllMi 


Sweet Briar College Show 

Mary Washington College Show 

College of William and Mary Show 

Qoucher College Show 

Regional Show 

Zone Show 
national Show 

Front Row (L-R): Michelle Powell, Sharon Wilcox, Aven Hormel; 
Second Row (L-R): Jordy Keith, Valerie Wunder, Nicole Nolker, 
Sarah Pech; Third Row (L-R): Katrina Stechler, Jean Turner, 
Shannon Sawdy, Shannon Jones; Fourth Row (L-R): Shannon 
Brennan, Jackie Falkowski, Erin Qrampp, Ellyn Bannister 

perspectives K 209 

bsorbed in their routine, this four 
member team maKes it work in the 
water. The girls worked hard to 
develop effective routines, but also 
spent long hours making their own 
costumes. All of the suits were custom 
made by the members themselves 
and added a personal touch to each 

miling for the crowd, Laura Hicks 
and Kedron Bullock perform a duet 
routine. Members of the Terrapin club 
team practiced at least four days a 
week to perfect their skills. 



2 1 H sports 

oised with perfection, two 
swimmers use arm movements to 
raise tiieir legs Inigh into thie air. 
Swimmers often perfected their 
routines on land before moving them 
into the water. 

From the source.... The Terrapins have come 

a long way since my freshman year when the team was 

just starting. We began as a team without a coach, who 

didn't put on performances, and in three short years, 

we're already performing at Collegiate nationals. I'm 

proud of the progress of this team and I'm looking forward 

to my continued involvement next year" - Ellen Ferry; 

"All the girls were really close on the team. Ohio was a 

tiring experience when we were at the pool from 7 a.m. 

to 7 p.m. every night, but we did have a good time and 

movie night gave us a break from constant practicing. 

One of our seniors from last year had to come back and 

serve as our coach for Nationals because our regular 

season coach left the team to start a new job. It all 

worked out in the end." - Virginia Atkinson; "My 

favorite memory of the Ohio was the trip to Burger 

King. 'Good luck in your game. Girls' basketball 

is so cool. 2 please.'" - Laura Micks. 

aldng it work, Caroline Otto and 
Kristine Daniels feel the rhythm of the 
music as they perform during their 
spring home show. The girls also 
travelled to Ohio State for a week 
during March to compete in Collegiate 

aining composure, Elana Pressman 
prepares for her routine. All the girls 
created their own routines and choose 
the music for their performances. 



perspectives K 2 1 1 


miling through the pain, a runner makes 
the most of the painful blisters on his feet. 
he had blisters throughout most of the 
season and still competed to the best of 
his ability. 

ehind the plate, an umpire makes the 
calls for the batter. Athletes knew officials 
were crucial to the operation of game, but 
often when players didn't agree with various 
calls, it led to disagreements on the field. 

212 H sports 


^1iIMQ(§(^(BS have the difficult task of concentrating on the game in the midst of distractions 
from many sources. They find themselves having to tune out the atmosphere around them and focus 
only on the job at hand - beating the opposition. Distractions can include anything from rowdy fans to 
pziinful injuries, the intensity of the distraction usually depending on the individual athlete. "There's 
nothing more distracting during a competition than someone near the field smoking. The smoke gets to 
me when I'm playing and 1 can smell the smoke from the sidelines," said John Buchanan, of his experiences 
on the soccer field. Other players feel more distracted by sources within the competition. "A coach 
yelling the same thing over and over again from the sidelines is the worst. Nost of the time we know 
what we have to do. He's told us already before we went out onto the field. Yelling the same thing over 
and over again is just a distraction." - Jay Montepare, of his experiences on the baseball field. Wherever 
the distractions may come from, athletes agree that though they may be just another element standing 
in the way of victory, there's no possible way to eliminate them. Athletes have to accept them as a part 
of competition. 

sS: heering for the team, fans gather near the field against a fence. Athletes admit that fans pump them up for the game and keep them going • 
'ji tough competition. Unfortunately though, when fans are this close, elements such as cigarette or cigar smoKe, or yelling directly at a ^ 
sjseeific player when he/she is nearby can be very distracting. • 

perspectives K 213 

Using Agression 

From the source... "We experienced a lot of adversity this season that. In the end, only brought us 
closer as a team. We know now what we have to Improve to be a more successful team next season." - J.B. 
Hodgson; "It was a disappointing season all around but since we're such a young squad, all we can do is get 
better." - Justin Heale; "The MWC men's lacrosse team tried their hardest and despite several season ending i 
injuries were able to make the CAC playoffs." -Jamie Test; "We definitely had some tough obstacles throughout 
the season, but we tried our best to overcome them." - Ryan Mason; "The most memorable game we played 
was against Qoucher College, when we beat them 1 1-8. We came together as a team and just played lacrosse 
and that's what it's all about. Lax is beast." - Joe Soulier; "You have to have tough seasons in with the good 
ones. 1 just see It as a building experience. The team learned how to work better together throughout the 
season to have a more unified team on the field." - Ryan Wellner. 

iving encouragement, two players share excitement 
after a goal Is scored. Though the team faced a tough 
season, the players remained close and kept spirits 
high, determined to play each game with full force. 

licking with his opponent, a player does his best 
to prevent the opposition from carrying the ball any 
farther down the field. Tough defensive moves on 
the field were just as crucial to successful games as 
offensive moves. 







^c> ...e^N^Ic^^^ 


ii"^ A<(y'^ 



G3A\i03JiG^3A M3N anV£) 3HI OINI 93A\i03AG^3A /V\3N 3nV9 

214 K sports 


Salisbury State University 

Loss 2-19 

filmira College 

lx)ss 7-12 

Virginia Wesleyan College 

Loss 6-8 

Marymount University 

Loss 2-7 

Catholic University 

Win 7-5 

York College of PA 

Win 14-6 

Wesley College 

Loss 8-10 

Qoucher College 

Win 1 1-8 

St. Mary's College of MD 

Loss 4- 1 7 

Villa Julie College 

Loss 5- 1 8 

CAC Tournament 1st round 

Loss 4-9 

Colorado College 

Loss 5- 1 

Randolph-Macon College 


Overall Record: 


Front Row (L-R): Ryan Lynch, Ryan Weilner; Second Row (L-R): Ed 
Scopin, Derrek Ostrzyzek, Matt Sheridan, Ryan Mason, Joe Boulier, 
Matt Klingler, Ted Bratrud; Third Row (L-R): Mike Malin, Justin 
Neale, Paul Schutzman, Chris Vibert, Randy Fulk, Tony Ridpath; 
Fourth Row (L-R): J.B. Hodgson, Eric Frere, Chris Richter, Brendan 
Bayer, Andy Suddarth, Jamie Test; Fifth Row (L-R): John Snellinger, 
Brian Marsh, Qrif Barhight, Ryan Killarney, Will Qunther; Sixth Row 
(L-R): David Taylor, Andrew Tremaglio, Brian Faice, Ed Hollownia. 

aldng a pass, sophomore Joe Boulier uses 
teamwork to move the ball down the field. The 
sophomore attack was valuable to the team in 
assisting and scoring throughout the season. 

ooking for an opening, freshman Paul 
Schutzman prepares to pass the ball to a 
teammate. Lacrosse players had to use quick 
thinking to Iviow where the best strategies would 
work, given their teammates' and opponent's 
positions on the field at the time. 

perspectives K 215 

Crossing The hine 

From the source... "My experiences as a member of this team have exceeded my expectations. 
They really made my first year a memorable one." - Kami Mcninch: "The cheer we cheered after every goal we 
scored really helped keep the team pumped up throughout the game: 'ICE = Intensity, Concentration, and 
Execution!'" - Meghan Twomey; "This season was definitely awesome. Everyone gave all they had and it 
definitely showed in our 14-2 finishing record. The only thing left to say is, 'Eat them for dinner!'" - Brie 
Qervat; "Florida is always a good experience for us because it keeps us in shape and prepares us for tough 
competition. Despite all the work, we always manage to have fun too!" - Beth Curran; "We pulled together for 
an unforgettable season. My personal favorite highlight was beating Salisbury in the regular season." - Heather 
Carter; "We had such a successful season and I'm so glad 1 came in as a freshman to play. I think we'll have 
an even better season next year because we all work so well together as a team." - Beth Schminke; "The team 
unity and bond we have on and off the field made my experiences on the lax team incredible." - Diana 

sing teamwork, freshman 
Kami Mcninch makes a pass to 
senior Diane Grimm. Diane led 
the team throughout their 
successful season, scoring 
over 40 points for the team. 

assing the ball, Jenni Foy 
moves around the goal. 
Ccireful passes and practiced 
strategy helped lead the team 
to one of their most successful 
seasons ever. 


2 1 6 K sports 


*-^,r,o^^e-^ 0<^. .v^\'C^^..^<e•^ .,AS^ .^Nl^ „AV^^ 





1 °^^.^^^^° 




S3AIJ.C3dS^3^ MaN 3HV0 3HI OINI G3A\i03A9'^3A M3N 3nVG 


arrying the ball down the field, 
junior defender Kate Weller 
surveys the field in front of her. 
The team had one of their best 
seasons ever, finishing first in 
regular conference season. 

aking a pass, junior Bridget 
Qeiman stays clear of the 
oppostion u^hile setting herself 
up near the goal. Teamwork was 
one of the many elements that 
made they season so dynamic. 



Gettysburg College 

Win 16-10 

Kenyon College 

Win 14-1 

Roanoke College 

Win 17-4 

Lynchburg College 

Win 13-6 

Catholic University 

Win 21-9 

Washington & Lee University 

Win 16-6 

Qoucher College 

Win 15-12 

Villa Julie College 

Win 17-5 

College of new Jersey 

Loss 12-20 

Marymount University 

Win 23-5 

Randolph-Macon College 

Win 14-7 

Rowan University 

Win 16-11 

Salisbury State University 

Win 17-14 

St. Mary's College 

Win 9-6 

CAC Tournament Semifinals 

Win 20-10 

CAC Tournament Championship 

Loss 10-12 

Overall Record: 14-2 

114*4 % % 

-^r. •: ', •^— .''• in ''Z .f ^^- 

Front Row (L-R): Diane Grimm, Heather Carter, Sara Ander- 
son; Second Row (L-R): Kelli Brittain, Bridget Qeiman, Jenni 
Foy, Kate Weller, Allyson Bristor, Karen Sloysky; Third Row 
(L-R): Meghan Twomey, Giselle Guarino, Beth Curran, Allison 
Olchowski, Laura Walden, Briana Qervat, Head Coach Dana 
Hall; Fourth Row (L-R): Gina Nardi, Meghan Baker, Kami 
McNinch, Diana Tisinger, Pam f^amer, Chrissy Swain, Beth 

perspectives K 217 

esting on the water, 
members of the team stop 
rowing to receive more 
instructions. As only a 
second-year varsity sport, 
the team was very 
successful throughout their 


utting the boat in the water, 
members of the team wade 
in before an afternoon 
practice. With two practices 
throughout the day, part of 
the team attended the early 
morning practice and the 
other part attended the 
evening practice. 

owing early in the morning, 
the girls glide their boat 
through the water under the 
command of the coxswain. 
The co,\swain was in charge 
of all the rowers' movements 
in the boat. 


218 K sports 




v^^ . ciS^ 

' A 0>^ ( 









— \ 












From the source.... "My favorite race was the Head of the Occoquan 
in riovember. A lot of our boats did really well and It was a great way to end the 
fall season. " - Virginia Henley; "This year I think a lot of the novice rowers 
learned that 5:30 a.m. Is a lot earlier when it's what time you're getting up 
instead of going to bed." - Caitlin Ulmer; "Crew is the most rewarding work I've 
been a part of here. At first 1 minded spending spring break on the river all 
week instead of relaxing on the beach somewhere, but once we got down there, 
1 realized it was all worth it." - John Daubert.; "I feel that the team has really 
come together and we improved as a second-year varsity sport. We're hoping 
to qualify for nationals next year." - Lauren Silversteln. 

■ *.: 







• '-."'- r 



uilding a pyramid, the 
team takes time out from a 
spring race to goof off. The 
team rowed throughout the 
year, practicing at 5:30 in 
the morning and 5:30 in 
the afternoon every day. 
The team also took a trip 
to Clemson, South 
Carolina, during Spring 
Break to train. 



Front Row (L-R): Mike Strosnider Mike Miller, Dennis Jensen, Ben Cabbage, 
Al Croce, Mike Briscoe, John Daubert, Dave Dodrill; Second Row (L-R): 
Megan Highley, Lucy Casciano, Gillian Hollar Jen Mozolic, Amanda Harrigan. 
Caitlin Ulmer, Corinne Mohler, Meredith Wadsworth, Kristin Qordan, Sarah 
Prestan, Brenna McQaha, Melissa Rorie; Third Row (L-R): Robyn Kaye, Sarah 
Hunt, Katina Anthony, Claire Pitner Kendra Smith, Melissa Smith, Kristen 
Scheerie, Katie Dolph, La'Lita Hines, Anna Holen, Megan Yuenger, Shauna 
Mahony, Paige Long, Erin Johansen, Melanie Burgess, Keri Campbell. Lauren 
Carter Flora Breen, Lauren Silverstein, Marena Samson, Coach Brad Holdren; 
Third Row (L-R): Ale.x West, Alyssa Crouch, Missy Foelber. Chrissy Wample, 
Colleen Ralph, Gary Woodward, Jessica Kwerel, Jill McDonald, Joe Pelrick, 
Kelli Kramer, Maggie Dyer, Meghan Blodgett, Virginia Henley. 

perspectives K 219 





— «»* 















S3AUC3dS^a^ M3N 3nV£) 3HJ. OINI S3AIJ.C3JS^3d M3N 3nV£) 

oncentratingon the hurdle in front of him, 
junior Mil^e Merker prepares to jump. Mike 
was part of the 400M relay team that broke 
the school record this year, with a time of 
42.89 seconds. 

eady to hit, freshman Bobby Bergin stays 
in form as he finishes a high jump. IJobby 
was a valuable asset to the team success 
in meets. 




Dickinson College 

January 29 

VMI Invitational 

February 5 

Swathmore College Invitational 

February 12 

George Mason University Invitational 

February 19 

Mason-Di,\on Indoor Championships 

February 20 

Virginia Tech Last Chance Meet 

February 25-26 

nCAA Indoor Championships 

March 10-11 

Eastern Mennonite University 

March 18 

Battleground Relays 

March 24-25 

Captains Classic 

April 1 

Duke University Invitational 

April 7-8 

CAC Championships 

April 15 

Virginia Tech Invitational 

April 22 

Qeorge Mason University Invitational 

May 6 

Liberty University Invitational 

May 1 1 

MCAA national Championships 

May 25-27 

Men's Track & Field Roster: Alex Addison, Bobby Bergin, 
Terrance Blount, Adrian Burke, Jamie Covino, Peter Diamond, 
Jim Dlugasch, Paul Drake, Adam Qiammarinaro, Dan Greene, 
Greg Qreven, Ernie Harris, Andy Ivie, Marc Jones, Travis Jones, 
Erik Kochert, Aaron Kota, Marty Martonik, Rob McCrone, Mike 
Merker, Mike Privett, Robert Reading, Brien Roberts, John Rock, 
Lucas Salzman, Jon Snelson, Jon Thompson, Jason Van Horn, 
Tyler Vose, Brian Walsh, John Winters, David Zaweski. 

220 K sports 


rrOm the source.... "competition, gratification, and team unification - that's what track is ail 
about. " - Alex Addison; "It was a great season overall for the team. We proved ourselves when we really 
came together during the CACs to win. It made my first year a great one." - Bobby Bergin; "Winning our 
conference championships was one of the best ways for me to go out, remembering victory." - Brien 
Roberts; "It was a fine year beginning in the fall with a sweep of the Cross Country Conference 
Championships and then culminating with another sweep of the Outdoor Track and Field Conference 
Championships. 1 believe this was the first time in CAC cross country history that one school possessed 
the ability to win four conference meets in four attempts. Our seniors were beasts this year." - Tyler 

eady for the start, runners prepare to 
take off with batons in hand. Success 
during a relay depended upon each 
runner to do their best, without leaving 
the next runner with too much time to 
make up. 

igh in the air, junior Adam 
Qiammarinaro leaps over a hurdle on 
the track. It took intense concentration 
to overcome the hurdles without losing 
pace with the other runners. 

perspectives K 221 

And They're ^^- 

From the source.... "I thought it was amazing to see how team-oriented an 
be. " - Liz Lake; "Even though I was injured for most of the season, I still felt like part 
every team meet and helped the team out. It made me feel better just to be there 
Rebecca Griffith; "Our meet at Duke was good competition for us mid-way through the 
lot of heats and it was very well run." - Jennifer McLaugiilin; "My favorite meet was CAC 
as a team. The girls' and guys' teams really came together to support each other, 
cheered the entire time. I'm looking forward to next year because even though we're 
we'll be gaining just as many freshmen and we'll have to work extra hard together to 
again next year." - Erin Williams. 

individual sport could 
of the team. 1 went to 
and cheer them on." - 
season. There were a 
's because we did a lot 
We made posters and 
losing a lot of seniors, 
make sure we're close 

ounding the corner, runners try to stay ahead of the 
pack during an indoor meet early in the season. Despite 
the winter weather that kept the team from practicing 
as much as they wished, they began and ended their 
season strongly, and began their outdoor season with 
just as much force. 

igh in the air, senior Kim Alvis takes long jumping 
to new levels. Kim went to nCAA Outdoor nationals, 
has been named an All-American and also holds the 
school record for 200M and 400M sprints. 






















93AI103JS^3J M3N 3nV£) 3HI OINI GSAliOSAG'^^A M3N 3HV£) 

222 K sports 


Dickinson College 

January 29 

VIMI Invitational 

February 5 

Swathmore College Invitational 

February 1 2 

George Mason University Invitational 

February 19 

Mason-Dixon Indoor Championships 

February 20 

Virginia Tech Last Chance Meet 

February 25-26 

Eastern Mennonite University 

March 18 

Battleground Relays 

March 24-25 

Captain's Classic 

April 1 

Duke University Invitational 

April 7-8 

CAC Championships 

April 15 

Virginia Tech Invitational 

April 22 

George Mason University Invitational 

May 6 

Liberty University Invitational 

May 1 1 

riCAA national Championships 

May 25-27 


1 y^iM'^ 

! Ww^it 

^ *l^ •> 

Women's Track & Field Roster: Natalie Alexander, Kim Alvis, 
Candace Bush, Giselle Catelotti, Julia Ciarlo, Cassy Grouse, 
Jessica Edberg, Kathleen Edwards, Stacie Evans, Dana Folta, 
Leah Frazer, Rebecca Griffith, Liz Hackenburg, Karen 
Hoogland, Stephanie Jenkins, Lauren Kukiel, Liz Lake, Jen- 
nifer McLaughlin,Yurissa Mitchell, Britney Mongold, Raeschel 
Reed, Kathleen Toone, Alana West, Suzanne Wilkinson, Erin 


eady to leap, junior Kathleen Edwards focuses 
her concentration on the marks in front of her. 
She placed fifth in the long jump at the nCAA 
national Indoor Championships this past winter 
and also went to FICAA Outdoor nationals. 

ith the exchange of the baton, Yurissa Mitchell 
and Britney Mongold make the transition from 
runner to runner as smooth as possible. Relay 
runners were disciplined to pick up their pace 
as quickly as possible and maintain their speed 
until the next runner had possession of the 
baton. Both runners attended rtCAA Outdoor 

perspectives K 223 






.V- ><i\^^ 


— \ 



S3AIIC3JS^3^ MaN 3kNV^ 3HI OTNI S3AIIC3^S^3^ M3N 3^^V£) 

atching the action, players 
cheer as they watch a teammate 
slide into tliird base. The team 
worked hard in the fall and in 
regular season in the spring, 
ending with a winning record. 

arming up, players take the 
field before a game to loosen up 
for the long innings ahead of 
them. Extra time on the field 
before a game also mentally 
prepared them for competition. 


Dickinson College 

Win 3-2 6f Win 7-1 

Eastern Mennonite University 

Loss 2-6 

University of Scranton 

Win 7-3, Win 13-4 

St. iMary's College 

Win 4-1, Loss 9- 10 

Marywood University 

Win 7-0 & Win 7-0 

Villa Julie College 

Win 9-2 & Loss 2-3 

Hampden-Sydney College 

Win 7-3 

East Stroudsbiirg University 

Loss 2-9 

Washington 6f Lee University 

Loss 3-8 

Salisbury' State University 

Loss 3-5 & Win 4-2 

Ferrum College 

Loss 8-9 

Catholic University 

Win 3-0, Win 1 2-9 

Greensboro College 

Win 15-6 

Qallaudet University 

Win 13-1 & Win 18-0 

Bridgcwatcr College 

Loss 4-3 

Shenandoah University 

Loss 4-3 

York College of FA 

Loss 6-14, Loss 2-1 1 

north Carolina Weslevan College 

Loss 3-7 

CAC Tournament Preliminary Round 

Win 16-7 

CAC Semifinal Round 

Win 3-1 

CAC Final 

Loss 1-3 

FYont Row (L-R): Head Coach Josh Mosser, Brian Sabatelli, 
riick DiJulio, Tad St. Clair, Tony Saitta, Jay Montepare, Brad 
Poole, Assistant Coach Tom Sheridan; Second Row (L-R): 
Mike Santay, Chris Riordan, Reed Shabman, Matt Hooker, 
Mark McEatheron, Drew Robertson, Mike Parker, Rob Boese, 
Jay Johnston, Brendan Eygabroat; Third Row (L-R): Erik 
Dorman, Andy Dunn, Christian Buchakjian, Scott Chapman, 
Bronson Hall, Gib Montgomery, Ryan Qrue, Mike Churchward, 
Ryan Napolitano, John Chiles, Brett Ozanich. 

224 K sports 

Bases Loaded 

From the source . . . "Having training over spring break was a lot of fun. It was nice to just concentrate 
on baseball without other pressures in the back of my mind." - Drew Robertson; "Where's the Panama Jack? 
- You've got that Sabbs!" - Brad Foole; "Things looked pretty good for us until the Hampden-Sydney game. 
That's when everything seemed to fall apart." - Tad St. Clair; "\ think beating York was the best win of the year. 
Beating them on their own turf during the CAC finals was great, but it was even better that they had to watch 
us play Salisbury for the Championship afterward." - Ryan Qrue; "We still have such a young team, next year 
we should have a lot of more developed juniors and seniors for the first time in a while. Hopefully that will 
take us farther than we were able to go this year. My favorite game had to have been the one against Ferrum 
College. They were ranked in the top ten at the time, and we ended up only losing by one point. They have 
some of the rowdiest fans in college baseball and it was fun playing under such intense conditions." - Rob 

winging witli full force, senior 
center-tlelder Brad Poole tries to 
make contact with the ball. Brad 
led the team in RBIs and was a 
strong hitter for the team during 
close games. 

eaning back for the throw, a 
pitcher prepares to send the ball 
sailing over the plate during fall 
ball. Many sports, like baseball, 
got together during the off 
season to stay in shape. 


perspectives K 225 

eady to make an out, Lisa 
Chillemi uses quick tiiiniung 
to know where to throw the 
ball. As a third base player, 
Lisa had to be on her toes at 
all times. 

inding up for the pitch, 
junior Melanie Gladden 
prepares to give a batter all 
she's got. With her 

determined attitude, she set 
the example for many of the 
newcomers to the team. 

226 K sports 














. r\^^ x<v<^^ A^^ 







rrom the source... "Ifelt our record wasn't really reflective of our ability 
on the field. The highlight of the season for me was sweeping Randolph-Macon in 
one of our final games." - Erin Heenan; "Our most memorable game was against 
Randolph-Macon. We finally pulled together and really worked well together as a 
team. The best moment was when our only senior, Stephanie Barnhouse #8, 
knocked in our eighth run to win the game. We won by the slaughter rule." - Emily 
Ruby; "Three on Wash." - Lori Stone; "We worked really hard all season, but 1 don't 
think we ever reached our full potential as a team. Finally, later in the season, our 
last two games really showed everyone what we were capable of. It also helped 
reinforce our own confidence. I know next year we'll return much stronger as a 
team." - Melanie Gladden; "As a team, 1 think this year was a good learning 

experience for us. It will help us 
to work better together next year 
for an improved record. If 
nothing else, at least we learned 
how to 'tap.'" - Julie Kolakowski. 

iming at her target, 
sophomore Julie Kolakowski 
reaches back to throw the 
ball. The team began the 
season with a majority of 
underclassmen, and 

experienced a season that 
proved to be a building year. 
Overall, the girls w/orked 
hard against top competitors 
in the conference. 


Longwood College 

Loss 4-6 & Loss 2-10 

Randolph-Macon College 

Loss 5-8 & Win 4-2 

nc Wesleyan College 

Loss 2- 10 

Moravian College 

Loss 2-9 

Chowan College 

Loss 12-20 

Lebanon Valley College 

Loss 8- 1 1 

York College of PA 

Loss 0-2 & Loss 2-9 

Catholic University 

Win 3-0 6C Loss 0-1 

Chowan College 

Loss 1 -7 &; Loss 1 -2 

Qallaudet University 

Loss 2-3 &■ Loss 4-5 

Shenandoah University 

Loss 1-5 & Win 3-2 

Salisbury State University 

Loss 0-9 & Loss 1-15 

Lynchburg College 

Loss 2-7 & Loss 3-7 

CAC Tournament 

5th place 

Randolph-Macon College 

Win 5-2 &• Win 8-0 

Front Row (l^R): Melanie Gladden, Virginia Street, Jessica 
Brady, Stephanie Barnhouse, Julie Hollenbeck, Jennifer Rice, 
Lisa Chiliemi; Back Row (L-R): Sharon L^ck, lx)ri Stone, Julia 
Qloukhoff, Julie Kolakowski, Rebecca Miller, Emily Ruby, 
Erin Keenan. 

perspectives X 227 

ighting to gain possession, 
two players jump for the ball. 
Without varsity pressure, 
teams often found 
themselves caught up in the 
intense spirit of winning. 


taying in motion, ultimate 
frisbee players maintain their 
positions on the field. 
Students "tossed the disc " in 
the late afternoons, filling 
school lawns all over campus, 

aking his way around the 
opposition, Ed Holownia 
avoids Mathias Pollock as 
Ryan Gamer and referee Brian 
Turner look on. Referees 
were paid students who 
officiated all intramural sports. 


228 H sports 



"Intramurals are a fun, competitive way to enjoy sports without 
having the varsity commitment." - Margaret Prior 

"It was fun getting organizing a team and play field hockey 
again because I really missed the sport. There were a lot of 
people who wanted to play but didn't want the stress of long, 
daily practices and intense, competitive games. We all had a 
really good time." 

"Playing Team Basketball was fun cause it was semi- 
competitive and not a big commitment. - Aaron McCoy 

"Intramural sports really help to strengthen friendships, which 
was the experience of our team this year, Randolph United. 
- Matthew Hughart 

oxing out her opponent, 
Suzanne Lewis makes sure 
Robb Eidson stays far away 
from gaining possession of 
the ball. Co-ed teams 
offered the opportunity for 
playful competition among 
students and friendly 

perspectives K 229 



The Rest 

All Americans are chosen by a pool of top coaches from around the 
country. Athletes must exemplify extraordinary athletic accomplishments to 
be considered for this honor. Factors that are considered include leadership, 
high statistical marks, and various standards set by the nCAA. 

Fall and Winter All Americans 

K^ '""^H 

^M'-' ^•'•^ '-«% M^^l 

^^Bj '''<^\...^'' JVJ^^^I 

^^A 'iC^!^''*' ^^^^^1 

N m m / 

Clint Often 

Clint Often 

• Ellen Anderson earned Ail America • • Erin Caulfield led the women's bas- • J 

• honors as a junior in 1999, lead- • • ketball team with All American hon- • • 

• ing the women's soccer team with • • orsasajuniorthis winter. She was • • 

• 11 goals and 10 assists. Ellen is a , , the high scorer in 16 out of 25 • \ 

• three-time All-Region player and • • games and earned honors as a First • • 
I earned the title of CAC player of * * Team All-CAC player. She earned * \ 

• the year for her performance this • • all of these honors while recover- • • 

• fall. • • ing from an ACL reconstruction. * \ 

Leslie Morgan earned All American • 
honors as a freshman in the 1999- J 
2000 swimming season. She com- • 
peted on the 400 free-style relay • 
team, which finished in the top 16 • 
in the nation at the NCAA Division ' 
111 national Championships. • 


230 K sports 

Clint Often 

Clint Often 

Karin Reisenfeld earned All • • • • Lisa Mane earned All America hon- 
America honors as a freshman in * * Amanda Kohne is a sophomore • • ors as a freshman for her perfor- 
the 200 and 400 medley relays, I I who earned All America honors for , , mance in the 200 and 400 free- 
and in the 200 free-style relay. * * her performance in the 200 and • • style relays and in the 200 and 400 
Karin also earned Rookie of the I I 400 free-style relays, and in the 200 * * medley relays. She earned Nost 
Year for her performance through- • • medley relay during the 1 999-2000 • • improved for the 1999-2000 swim- 
out the 1999-2000 swimming sea- * • swimming season. , , ming season from her team, 
son. • • • • 

Mariah Butler earned All America honors for the 
fourth consecutive year for her performance during 
the 1999-2000 swimming season. She is the first 
Mary Washington College athlete to achieve this goal. 
She has been to the NCAA national Championships 
four years in a row, and led the women's swimming 
team to their 10th straight CAC win this year. She 
was also named CAC Swimmer of the Year for this 
season. Her All America honors were for the 200 
and 400 individual medley and the 400 medley. 

Clint Often 

Not pictured: Kim Meyers - She earned All America honors as a senior for her performance in the 100 and 200 free- 
style, 200 and 400 free-style relays, and 200 and 400 medley relays. She is a three-year All American and was named 
CAC Swimmer of the Year for the 1999-2000 swimming season. She helped lead the women's team to their 10th 
consecutive CAC title. 

perspectives H 231 

232 K millennium 

TTie Battlefield decided that the year 
2000 needed to be acknowledged 
in some way. The change of 
centuries is too important to 
overlook, but we didn't want our 
whole book to be dedicated to the 
millennium. Why were people so 
worried about the Y2K bug? 
Seems a little ridiculous now that 
it's come and gone and life 
remained the same. But change 
your perspective and think what 
could have happened if everyone 
ignored the turning of the year We 
will never know... }i 


perspectives X 233 

We all know, this isn't the beginning of the 
new millennium. The year 2000 is the last year 
in the 20'" century. We may party like it's 1999, 
but most of us realize that partying like it's 2000 
is a little more significant then simply changing 
all four digits of the date. However, the media 
has played the whole thing up, so we have no 
choice but to ignore the ignorance of these 
people and act like this is the new millennium. 
With this new year we have to deal with what 
was named the millennium bug. What exactly 
is this bug? Computers were originally 
programed to store the date as a two digit 
number. This means that 1999 was stored as 
99. When the new year arrived, the date would 
roll back to 00. This can cause failures in 
arithmetic, comparisons sorting data when 
including dates, and can even corrupt 

Computers are everywhere. Basically 
everyone is connected in someway to one 
another if you own a computer. This means 
that if one system fails, it can affect thousands 

Of course, January 1, 2000 is not the only 
date that programers were worried about this 
year. September 9, 1999 is 9/9/99 which is 
used to indicate in some cases "never" or the 
end of a file. This can cause some cases of 
failure in some systems. Also, the leap year is 
a problem. If some computers simply rolled 
back to the 1900's and the system has 
appeared to work fine, February 29, 2000 will 
cause some problems. 1900 was not a leap 
year, and 2000 is. The date will not register 
will some systems, and that again will cause 
the computers to fail. 

Why isn't this an easy fix? It sounds like it 
should be, all that you have to do is to reset 
the date to read as a four digit number. That 
means fixing over 2 BILLION lines of computer 
code and replacing chips that can not handle 
the new numbers. There simply isn't enough 
programmers to examine and fix the problem 
before the new century. 

As for the end of the world as a result of this 
little bug? Highly unlikely (hindsight is a 
wonderful thing). People were more concerned 


What in tha world will th(5 futuri^ bring? 

^ ., „. . . u .. Predictions from 1 900 

iJ Automobiles will be cheaper than horses are today. 

W Liquid-air refrigerators will keep great quantities of food fresh for long intervals. 

H^ Huge forts on wheels will dash across open spaces at the speed of express treiins of 
' today. 

K Hot or cold air will be turned on from spigots to regulate the temperature of a house as 
^^^jve now turn on hot or cold water from spigots to the temperature of a bath. 
^>^ilan will see around the world. 

• H^ersons and things of all kinds will be brought within focus using cameras connected 
^"^electronically with screens at the opposite ends of circuits, thousands of miles at a 

_ span. 
#K^%lays of colored light will hasten the growth of many plants. 
I K Ivireless telephone and telegraph circuits will span the world. 
W)^M"here will be no street cars in our large cities. All hurry traffic will be below or high 

above the ground... These underground or overhead streets will teem with capacious 
^i^automobile passenger coaches and freight wagons with cushioned wheels.... Cities, 
#' 'therefore, will be free from all noises. 

I H Photographs will be telegraphed from any distance. ! 

yK^ ot only will it be possible for a physician to see a living, throbbing heart inside the 
chest, but he will be able to magnify and photograph any part of it. This work will be 
done with rays of invisible light. i 

Predictions taken from Ladies Home Journal 1 900 \ 

234 K millennium 

picture curtesy of Time Magazine 

What in the world will tha future bring? 

Predictions for 2 1 00 


K We will all be dead by then. -John Spacek 

H The majority of shopping will be done on-line. - Ryan Burleigh 

K Replacement organs and body parts: organs to order - Mike Franco 

K We will inhabit mars - Cindy Ryon 

K There will be a revolt against technology and everyone will return to nature . _(r m sharp- 
ening my spears right now...) - Jenna Myers ^^\ 

H There will be no streets or anything like that. It will be kind of like the Jetsons. -Erin 
Pickens ^^^ 

K We will never need a can-opener again. - Jon Williams 

H The internet will be our entire world. We will never be able to be truly alq^e. '^ig 
Brother will be watching and 2-i-2=5. - Cathy Aluise 

K All land that is barren today will be used for grazing llamas. - Alii Benton 

}{ The rich will be ^ whole lot richer, and the poor will be worse off then they are today. 
- Erin Askew 


were you ready? 

if their VCR would work then if there would be 
worldwide chaos. Buy a DVD player if you are 
that concerned. There are those who will stock 
up on batteries and canned food. Gas lines 
will be a little longer and people will be less 
likely to go out on Mew Years Eve (maybe 
because of the fact that the prices they would 
like to charge just for dinner can pay for 1 2 
credit hours for an out of state student?) And 
some people have gone so far as to build 
shelters and are planning to hide in them. That 
is scarier then the millennium bug itself. 

The world didn't end. We all watched the 
year change all over the world (thanks to the 
new technology that was supposed to end the 
world) and nothing happened. Kind of a let 
down. We had to go to work, come back to 
school, and no one added millions into my bank 
account. The worst that happened is some guy 
was charged for late fees for 1 00 years. The 
owner of the store simply took out paper and 

pencil and figured out the correct fee. 

With the millennium such a let down, we have 
all kind of forgotten that fact that it was the 
end of a century and a decade. The only reason 
there was a scare was because of the incredible 
technology that has been developed in the past 
100 years. It wasn't just the beginning of the 
last year of the millennium, it was also the end 
of the 1990's and the 20th century. How will 
we remember the 90's? What stands out from 
the last 100 years? There were dozens of 
books written and countless magazine articles 
written about those very things. The Battlefield 
decided to take the next few pages and give 
this significant year a little bit of credit. Enjoy 
the last issue of the Battlefield in the 20th 

perspectives K 235 

Taken from, 232,919 people voted 
af\d this is what they came up with. This list is in no part'\cu\ar order] 

Here they are: 

The 100 Worst Ideas This Century 
Came Up With 

Mood Rings 

The Apple Lisa 

Swine-Flu Vaccine 

The DeLorean 

Promoting Kim Philby 


Rod McKuen's Poetry 

Radium Cures 

Message T Shirts 

Theme Restaurants 


The Spruce Goose 


Ponzi Schemes 

Vinyl Siding 

Comeback Tours 


Hair Club for Men 

Earth Shoes 

IBM's PC Junior 

Tape . 

The Stiletto Heel 

Biosphere 2 



Shoe-Store X Rays 

Mac/Vrthur's Defying Truman 

riovelizations of Movies 


The Edsel 

Hooked on Classics 

Woody Allen, Paterfamilias 

Gone With the Wind Sequels 

Letting Oliver North Hear a Shredder 

Mohawk Hairstyles 



George Lazenby /^ James Bond 

Cold Fusion 

Tie-Breaker Shoot-outs in Soccer's World Cup 

Daryl Hall's Solo Career 


Rocky 5 

Staffing the 

White with 

Interns During 



75. "Sunshine of Your Love," Cream. 

76. "California Girls," the Beach Boys. 

77. "Summertime Blues," Eddie Cochran. 

78. "Blue Suede Shoes," Carl Perkins. 

79. "A Hard Day's Night" the Beatles. 

80. "Fire and Rain," James Taylor. 

81. "Gloria," Them. 

82. "Sexual Healing," Marvin Gaye. 

83. "Start Me Up," the Rolling Stones. 

84. "More Than a Feeling," Boston. 

85. "Roxanne," the Police. 

86. "We Are the Champions," Queen. 

87. "Tangled Up in Blue," Bob Dylan. 

88. "Somebody to Love," Jefferson Airplane. 

89. "Stand By Me," Ben E. King. 

90. "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On," Jerry Lee Lewis 

9 1 . "You Shook Me All Night Long," AC/DC. 

92. "When Doves Cry," Prince & the Revolution. 

93. "In the Midnight Hour," Wilson Pickett. 

94. "Gimme Some Lovin'," Spencer Davis Group. 

95. "Jump," Van Halcn. 

96. "Thunder Road," Bmce Springsteen. 

97. "No Woman No Cry," Bob Marley & the Wallers. 

98. "La Bamba" Ritchie Valens. 

99. "We've Only Just Begun," the Carpenters. 

100. "Papa Was a Rolling Stone," the Temptations. 

236 K millennium 



47. "Dream On," Aerosmith. 

48. "California Dreamin'," the Mamas and the Papas. 

49. "Brown Eyed Girl," Van Morrison. 

50. "Wild Thing," the Troggs. 

5 1 . "Suite; Judy Blue Eyes," Crosby, Stills and Nash. 

52. "Beat It," Michael Jackson. 

53. "Great Balls of Fire," Jerry Lee Lewis. 

54. "Stayin' Alive," the Bee Gees. 

55. "For What It's Worth," the Buffalo Springfield 

56. "Blowin' in the Wind," Bob Dylan. 

57. "Twist and Shout," the Beatles. 

58. "Piano Man," Billy Joel. 

59. "She Loves You," the Beatles. 

60. "Space Oddity," David Bowie. 

61. "Strawberry Fields Forever," the Beatles. 

62. "Kashmir," Led Zeppelin. 

63. "Crazy," Patsy Cline. 

64. "London Calling," the Clash. 

65. "Jumpin' Jack Flash." the Rolling Stones. 

66. "Rock & Roll," Led Zeppelin. 

67. "Let's Stay Together," Al Green. 

68. "All Shook Up," Elvis Presley. 

69. "Maggie May," Rod Stewart. 

70. "Your Song," Elton John. 

71. "Heartbreak Hotel," Elvis Presley. 

72. "God Only Knows," the Beach Boys. 

73. "The Twist," Chubby Checker. 

74. "Good Golly, Miss Molly," Little Richard 


The Titanic 

The Russians' Diverting tiie Tributaries of the Aral 

Heaven's Gate 

Aerosol Cheese 

Hydrogen-Filled Blimps 

The Paperless Office 

Leisure suits 

The Independent-Counsel Statute 

Strip Malls "% 


Nichael Jordan, Outfielder 

Installing a Recording System in the Oval Office 

Crystal Pepsi 

Choosing VHS over Beta 

Milli Vanilli's Grammy 

The Maginot Line 

Introducing Kudzu the U.S. 

Laugh Tracks 


Susan B. Anthony Dollar 

The U.S. Metric Campaign 

The Hitler Diaries 


Sailing the Exxon Valdez into Prince William Sound 

Fast Food 


Not Bombing the Fuel Tanks at Pearl Harbor 

riew Math 

Chain E-Mail 

The Blacklist 

Attacking Israel on Yom Kippur 

Thong Underwear for Men 

Bush's Choice 
of Quayle 

Spray-on Hair 

New Coke 


Psychic Hotlines 

Breast Implants 

The Treaty of Versailles 

Michael Jackson's to Lisa Marie Presley 

The Red Sox's Selling Babe Ruth to Yankees 

Dalkon Shield 

Personal Watercraft 

The Ugandan Space Program 


Watches That Beep 

Driftnet Fishing 

The Designated-Hitter Rule 

Spandex in Plus Sizes 

"MrSimpson, Step Forward and Try on Glove" 

The Jerry Springer Show 


Qeraldo's Opening of Capone'sVault 



That Teensy 


Decision That Led 

to the Y2K 



19. "American Pie," Don McLean. 

20. "A Day in the Life," the Beatles. 

21 . "I Got You (I Feel Good)," James Brown. 

22. "Superstition," Stevie Wonder. 

23. "I Want to Hold Your Hand," the Beatles. 

24. "Brown Sugar," the Rolling Stones. 

25. "Purple Haze," Jimi Hendrix. 

26. "Sympathy for the Devil," the Rolling Stones. 

27. "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen. 

28. "You Really Got Me," the Kinks. 

29. "Oh, Pretty Woman," Roy Orbison. 

30. "Bridge Over Troubled Water," Simon & Garfunkel. 

31. "Hound Dog," Elvis Presley. 

32. "Let It Be," the Beatles. 

33. "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay," Otis Redding. 

34. "All Along the Watchtower," the Jimi Hendrix Experience 

35. "Walk This Way." Aerosmith. 

36. "My Girl," the Temptations. 

37. "Rock Around the Clock," Bill Haley & His Comets. 

38. "I Heard it Through the Grapevine," Marvin Gaye. 

39. "Proud Mary," Creedence Clearwater Revival. 

40. "Bom to Be Wild," Steppenwolf. 

41. "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana. 

42. "Every Breath You Take," the Police. 

43. "What'd 1 Say," Ray Charies. 

44. "Free Bird," Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

45. "That'll Be the Day," Buddy Holly and the Crickets. 

46. "Whole Lotta Love," Led Zeppelin. 

VH1's Top 100 Rock 
Songs of the 1900s 

A5 voted by a panel of 100 
music industry professionals 


'(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," The Rolling Stones. 
"Respect," Aretha Franklin. 
'Stairway to Heaven," Led Zeppelin. 
"Like a Rolling Stone," Bob Dylan. 
"Bom to Run," Bmce Springsteen. 
"Hotel California," the Eagles. 
"Light My Fire," the Doors. 
"Good Vibrations," the Beach Boys. 
"Hey Jude," the Beatles. 
. "Imagine," John Lennon. 
"Louie Louie," the Kingsmen. 
. "Yesterday," the Beatles. 
. "My Generation," the Who. 
. "What's Going On," Margin Gaye. 
. "Johnny B. Goode," Chuck Berry. 
. "Layla," Derek and the Dominos. 
. "Won't Get Fooled Again." the Who. 
. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley. 

perspectives K 237 

Bringing Mary Washingtoi 


First Basketball gave was held 


First Issue of the Battlefield, editor Martha Belle Pearce 


VA hall was opened 

July 4, 1911 

First cornerstone of the first 
bulling was laid 


Anne Carter Lee building was 

1911 1923 

In the beginning there were First Degree was given to 

local sororites Pi Sigma, and Frances Cornick Eckenrode 
inl912- 1915, Phi 


Open air theatre was 

December 14, 1909 

Ground Breaking 

May 9, 1919 

Presdent Russell Resigns as 


Entrance Gates were 


The Hugh Mercer 
Infirmary was 
erected and named 
eifter George 


Veterans were allowed 

to enter the college 


the honors program 

was started 


Mary Washington 
College became part of 
the University of 


Bachelor of Arts 
Degree was authorized 


QW Hall was 


The new Alma 

Mater was 



September 26, 1911 

Start of classes 

September 20, 1928 

President Chandler died 

November 19, 1928 

Dr. Morgan Lafayete 
Combs became the new 

September 1918 

An Influenza Epidemic hit MWC 

June 7. 1919 

Algernon Ertrand Chandler, 
Jr was the new president 

Summer of 1 929 

MWC was Opened 
to men and 
woman, but only 
for the summer 

raarGh9, 1938 

A bill was signed by Governor 
James Price to make Mary 
Washington College 

October 1938 

Westmoreland was built 


Student Body began student teaching 
in Fredericksburg 


The tri-unlt opened: Mary Ball 
Hall, Mary Custis and Madison 
hall, named after Dolly Payne 

May 19, 1931 

Seacobeck was opened. It 
was built on the old school 
garden to replace the dining 
services on the first floor in 
Willard Hall 


Southern Association of 
Colleges and Secondary 
Schools in the Southern 
States accredited us 



238 K millennium 


The fine arts 
building was built. 
Jessie Ball DuPont 
Hall was named 
after the oldest 
living relative of 
Mary Ball 

Washington at the 
time, Mrs. Alfred 1. 
DuPont. The North 
Building was 
named after the 
Governor of 
Virginia, John 
Garland Pollard. 
The south building 
was named after 
Gari Melchers Hall 

into the New Millennium 


The last year that 
veterans could enter 


Martha Randolph 
and Ann Mason 
dormitories were 
built, called the 
Golden horseshoe 


The first African- 
American graduated, 
Verius Romance Jones 


MWC was 


Qoolrick opened in honor of 
C.O'Conor Qoolrick, the "father" 
of MWC 


The college had 
their first security 


Mason Hall was built and 
named after Ann 
Thomson Mason, the 
mother of George Mason 


Dr. Grellet C. 
became the new 


Phi Beta Kappa chapter was installed 

Aril 10, l-b?! 

Became separate 
from University of 


Mary Washington 
went from the 
Blue Tide to the 


The first overseas program 

to travel and study went to 

Spain 1972 

The first Grellet C. 
1964 Simpson award 

The Department of went to Dr. 

Religion was established Carmen Rivera 


MWC went Coed. 
The first year, only 
nine guys 
attended classes. 


Jepson Science 


Woodard Campus Center 

October 15, 1955 

Dr. Combs dies 


Cornell hall was 
destroyed and 
Bushnell Hall was 


Combs opened 


The Trade Book 
Store opened on 



The counseling 
center opened 

March 1965 

MWC students led 
by rian Qrogan 
circled the court 
house and marched 
for voters rights 


Thomas Jefferson Hall opened 

Geography and Geology 
majors were offered 



Campus walk was closed to 
all vehicles. 


Simpson Library opened 


The physics major 
was offered for the 
first time 


Russell Hall opened in 
honor of the first 
president of the college 


The IBM computer was 
first used for registration, 
preparing classes, class 
roles, grades and course 


William J. Anderson Jr 
became the president of 

perspectives K 239 

240 K the end 

We have come to the end of 
the 2000 Battlefield. Of course, 
change the perspective and it's 
the beginning of the next 
volume of the Mary Washington 
College Yearbook, it's funny 
how things work like that. If 
you change your perspective, 
you can even make an ending 
a new beginning. As the song 
goes, "every new beginning 
comes from some other 
beginning's end."K 

the end 

perspectives K 241 

senior ads 


Jennifer Altadonna 

You have always loved children and will 
be a great teacher. Congratulations! We 
love you and are very proud of you. 

Mom, Bumski, and Family 

"Light tommorrow with today" 
May all your dreams and accomplishments 
bring all you deserve. We are, as always, 
so proud of you. Love, 

Mom, Dad, and Lesley 

EUyn S. Bannister ^ 

^ Raechelle Leigh Narvaez 

Today marks a milestone of your 
chosen career, may all your dreams 
become fulfilled. We are behind you 
all the way. We are so proud of you! 

We Vi/ish you good luck and congratu- 

We love you. 

Dad, Mom, Rose, Chris, 
and Ashley 

)-( Philip Reichers 

We are so proud of you. Congratulations 
on your graduation. Well done! 


Mom and Dad 

Congratulations on your many accom- 
plishments! With your determination and 
self-confidence you are well prepared for 
future achievements. 


Mom and Dad 

Lillian Rebecca Pitts 7\ 

242 K ads 

Dustin J. Friedman 

From crib to commencement, you 
have always made a worthy place for 
yourself. Congratulations on your 
graduation... but more so on the 
person you have become. 
We wish you and the class of 2000 
health, independence and love. 
Mom and Dad 

){ John Nathan Riley m 

As a little boy you brought us all the 
joy and happiness of a first born. As 
a young man you manifested a 
strength and maturity that made us 
very proud. Plow that you are an adult 
we are in awe of your achievements. 
Mom and Dad 

\^ Britney M. Mongold 

With all the achievements you 
have made over the past four 
years, you should feel a real 
sense of accomplishment! 
We have always known what 
a wonderful, capable daugh- 
ter you have always been. As 
you continue to attain your 
goals, our hope is that you are 
aware of all the positive con- 
tributions and differences 
you make with each life you 

We love you very much and 
congratulate you on your 
college graduation! 


Mom, Dad, and 


perspectives K 243 


Jessica Ann Cebula 

As we recall these four precious mo- 
ments in your life we clearly see the 
pattern of your maturity and success. 
From early childhood you were always 
inquisitive and persistent in learning. 
Upon entering your school years you 
learned how to reach your goals. 
Whether gymnastics, dance, music, 
Girls Scouts, sychronized swimming, 
band or academics, you always gave 
1 00%. We are extremely proud of all 
you accomplishments and consider 
ourselves very blessed to be a part of 
your joy and success. 
Know you can always count on our 
continued support for your future 


Daddy and Mommy 

Sarah Connelly Pack 

We are so proud of your hard work and 

accomplishments. Congratulations and 

best of luck in all that you pursue. Keep 


Love, Your Family 

Since you were young, you have been a 
happy, thoughtfuL and caring person. 
Coupled with your perseverance and 
dedication, these characteristics will 
carry you far. 
Love, Your Family - , 

Andrea Rossi Tv 

\^ Andrea Lee Graham 

We are so proud of all that you have 
become! Nay the future hold many 
suprises and adventures. We will 
always be with you wherever your 
dreams may lead. 

Congratulations on a truly successfull 
college career! 

Much love. 
Mom and Dad 

244 H ads 

^ Emily C. Wilkinson 

Even at an early age, we could tell 
you wanted to sing! We are very 
proud of your accomplishments-your 
active involvement, your hard work 
and good grades, your leadership in 
the Treblemakers, and especially 
your music. 
You will make a great teacher! 


Mom, Dad, Colin, and Evan 


Sara C. Johnson 

Twenty-one years ago the Lord gave the 
Johnsons a beautiful daughter named 
Sara. That began a great adventure that 
still has many chapters. Congratula- 
tions, Sara! 

Congratulations Robert! You have 
brought us so much pride and joy. i^ay 
your future bring you everything you have 
ever dreamed of! 


Mom, Dad and Paul , , 

Robert Lewis Sharp TV 

\C Nicole R. Ramey 

You've lit up our lives from the day you 

were born 
Your family bound together with love 

The days have been filled with both tears 

and joys 
From the dresses and makeup to playing 

against and beating the boys 
Your years of determination have made 

us proud and full of admiration 
So on this day of your college graduation 
We, your family, give you this dedication 
We dedicate our love and support 

The most important thing taught by our 

family tree 

Congratulations and love always. 
Your Family 

perspectives K 245 


Jennifer Davis 

Jenni, it seems only yesterday you 
were chasing your brothers on your 
mini-wheels with pigtails flying. Then 
we blinked and you were a young lady 
heading off to college. We thank Qod 
for giving us such a wonderful daugh- 
ter and are very proud of you! 


Mom and Dad 

Teresa Franklin 

Kindergarten to college graduate- 
time has passed in the blink of an eye 
We love you and are proud of you! 
Mom and Dad 

Congratulations on everything you have 
accomplished over the last four years. 
Enjoy Y2K, C2 1 , M3 and yourself! 


Mom and Dad 

Mason Reaser 


Samantha Olive 

To our dearest daughter, Sam- 

You are our bright star. 

You light our lives. 

We wish you discoveries and marvels. 

We wish you success that has no sting. 

We wish you joy and peace and warm 

And always, always, love. 
Congrats and proud wishes! 


Paparelli and Momma Jo 

)^ Erik Nils Enright 

Erik was very diligent in his search for 
the perfect college. We feel the MWC 
community has served him well. 


Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Jess! 
May Qod bless you with success and hap- 
piness in all of your future endeavors. 


Mom, Mike, Rick, and Nanny 

Jessica Hensley XC 

246 K ads 


Emilee Omann Harren 

Despite changing majors, travel abroad, 
friends, rugby, and fun, you are still 
graduating in four years from a great col- 
lege. Congratulations! 

Come back to Minneapolis! 

Congratulations to a dear daughter! 
May your life be filled with God's Bless- 
ings as you continue your journey 
through life. 
Love always. 
Mom, Dad, Quisella, and Johanna . . 

Maria I. Rojas 7V 

\l Kathryn T. Amey 

Congatulations Kate- 
Love and faith keep lifting you higher 
and taking you further. 

Let your light so shine... 


Mom, Dad, and John 


Lori Anne White 

Congratulations! I am very proud of you 
and wish you love, luck, and happiness, 
always. May all you dreams come true! 



To our very own Princess Di- 

We knew you could do it! Be proud of all 

you have accomplished- we are! 

Love always. 

Mom and Dad 

Dianna Hansen )-( 

^ Joshua Gary Maddox 


From the very begining you had the 
look of a scholar. We are honored to 
be your parents and we know that this 
is but one of the many successes you 
will achieve. 


Mom and Dad 

perspectives K 247 


Nicole Matthews 

nikki- Congratulations on finally stepping 
out into the real world. We are so proud 
of you! Love, 

Mom, Dad, Sharion & 


Pupcake- YOU DID IT!! In 1996 we 
wondered if this would happen, but you 
stuck with it and did a job to be proud of. 

We love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Kristin M. Wallace 


XC Amy J. Franklin 

Congratulations to our Amy- 
She brought sunshine into 
this world when she arrived, 
offering nothing but tem- 
pered love through darling 
doe eyes. One cannot value 
the wealth of such moments- 
a sudden grimace raised from 
first pain; a stunned glance 
when we said no; quiet relief 
when we said ok; sparkling 
eyes when she got her first 
car keys. Mow there is depth 
of maturity struggling through 
those bright eyes, but never 
for a moment did she skip by 
us. For fresh in our minds 
and hearts are those pre- 
cious doe eyes smiling for- 
ever at the peace amongst us. 
Love always. 
Mom and Dad 

^ Stacey M. Ladd 

Sta- May your college graduation be filled 
with as much enthusiasm as your first day 
of kindergarten! 

With lots of love. 

Mom and Dad 

Your parents, sister, and brother wish you 
health, peace, and happiness. You have 
'done' yourself and us proud! 

'once an eagle, always an eagle. ' 

Brent Justin Logan 7\ 

248 K ads 

Lance Matthew (Nelson 

'Hey now, you're an al/star/' 

■ Congratulations to a 
terrific guy! 

\L Derek M. Coryell 

From Little Bunny to Big Guy! We are 
proud of you, Derett: you'll succeed! 
We love you Baby Boy! 

Mom, Dad, Heidi, Ted, Jeanne, 

Shannon, and Holly 

Wherever God leads you. 
Wherever your room. 
Be happy and healthy. 
Study hard and hurry home. 

We love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Patricia Marie Merrill 

Michelle McCrystal 

We are so proud of you. Lots of luck, 
happiness and love with your future. 
Love alv\/ays. 
Mom and Dad 

You've always made us proud with 
everything you've accomplished. 
Remember, we are always here for you. 
Good luck. Class of 2000! 


Mom, Dad and Lauren 

Brian J. Martonik TV 

\L Lindsey K. Slaughter 

There once was a lass named 

In school she took classes, few 

But then to her glee. 
Attended MWC, 
And wielding her wings, not whimsy. 

Congratulations! We are proud of you!! 

Mom, Dad, Patti, Ralph, 
Amanda, & Tim 

perspectives K 249 


Sarah Chardo 


The years have flown. We have 

shared a million memories- 

riow you are a wonderful, young 

woman with a bright future. 


Embrace your possibilities, know 

that you are loved! Always! 

Mom, Bruce, Alex & 

w Whitney Leigh Wallace 

...You have always seen the color and beauty 
in everything. May this gift continue to lead 
your way in life. With pride, love and happi- 
ness, we wish you the best. 
Thanks Whit! 


Lou, Paps and Kelly 

\(- Kathym M. Arambula 

To Kathy, our daughter: 

From our little girl to college you went. 

With every excitement to share each 

We worried, but trusted you'd make the 

right choices. 
And you never let us down by listening 

to negative voices. 
Junior year brought changes we all 

A mnaway marriage, we never objected. 
Senior year brought us joy, with the birth 

of your baby boy. 
And also the trial of classes with your 

new little toy. 
The years are now over and we couldn't 

be prouder. 
Of a mother, wife, sister, cousin, 

granddaughter and esp)ecially our 

"Nothing in the world can take the piace cfpereie- 
tence. Taient will not... genius will not... education 
will not; perelstence and determination alone are 
not omnipotent" Calvin Coolidqe 

All our love and support. 

Your family 

250 K ads 

w Eve Sledjeski 

Congratulations from Mom, Dad, Jeff, 
Darren, Chris and Cindy. The future is 
yours so do your best and success will 

We all love you! 

Lindsey and Robyn, we are so proud 
of you. Your futures are secure. Your 
presents are significant. Fsalm 121 


Mom and Dad 

Lindsey Barnard TV 

\1 Abigail Desiree Turpyn 

Thank you for your sense of humor, 
excellent work ethic, good sportsman- 
ship, and outstanding scholastics. 
We love you. 
Mom, Dad &■ Catherine 

Twenty-one years have passed 
too quickly. As you start 
another step in your life, we 
wish for you the blessings of a 
very full life. 

Jocelyn A. Walton 7\ 


Catherine M. Littlehale 

Toots, 1 could have never have imagined 
that you would accomplish so much to 
make me so proud and to be brimming 
with love. 

Dearest daughter, proud of you? Always! 
Excited about the opening of windows 
and doors that await your educated 
mind? Absolutely! 

With boundless love. 


\L Andrea Dawn Wrigley 

"/ used to be little but not anymore. Tomor- 
row I'll qet up and walk out the door..'' 

We are proud of your accom- 
plishments and of the caring 
and independent person you 
have become. We wish you the 
joy in your life that you have 
brought to us. 


Dad and Mom 

perspectives K 251 

V '^ \l Andrew INeiburg 

Andrew, in the blinking of an eye you have 
become the wonderful man you are 
loday. A glorious life is ahead of you! 


Your Family 

How privileged we have been to watch 
that beautiful first baby of ours grow into 
the wonderful woman you have become. 
We wish you happiness! 


Mom and Dad 

Katherine A. Robie 


Elizabeth Ann Burton 


It's tickled us to watch you grow 
from the stubborn little kid to the 
confident, poised young woman 
you are today. Your choice to pur- 
sue a career in elementary educa- 
tion suits you well. We know your 
students will be fortunate to have 
you as their teacher and mentor. 
Mom and Daddy 

Laura Pappalardi 

We love you "so BIG." May your future 
bring you health, happiness and success. 
Remember: CB EAST, Shakespeare, 
Disneyland, and your loving family. 
Mom and Charlie 

Congratulations, Shannon- We are so 
proud of you. Good luck and 
happiness in whatever roads you take. 


Mom, Dad and Dana 

Shannon Carnemolla 



Jeremiah Stoddard 

It was years ago, but only yester- 
day when you launched your 
academic career in kindergarten. 
Your Mom and I waved as only 
proud parents can, when you rode 
off down the dusty road on your 
journey to graduation from LCDS, 
LVHS, and, now, Mary Washington 
College. You finally made it. 


252 K ads 

\1 Leah Gordon 

Congratulations on reaching a great 
milestone. You certainly eeirned this 
special recognition. Thanks for 
making such a wonderful difference 
in our lives. We admire your 
achievements and respect your 
desire to inspire others to achieve 
their full potential. 


Mom, Dad, Coty & Aly 

IZ Marga Rita Fischel 

We've watched you grow from pigtails to 
an educated woman. Relish the future 
knowing how much your family loves 
you! Mom, Dad, John, 

Christine, Brian, Kimberly& Jack 

iFelicitationes! Todo tu trabajo dificil te 
ha pegado. Nos compartimos en tu alegria 
y te aplaudimos mientras estas buscando 
tus suenos. 

Con mucho carino, 

Tu Familia 

Colleen Marie Blue 7v 

1/ Laurie Thompson 

Laurie you are: 

Lovingly held in our hearts 

Are your ways. 

Unusually giving and 

Ready to praise. 

Insight and patience. May God 

Ever shine His love upon you. 

"The key to happiness is having 
dreams- the i<ey to success is nr\ak- 
ing them come true." 

Congratulations! May today's 
success be only the 
beginning of a lifetime of 
dreams come true. 


Mom and Dad 

perspectives K 253 

1/Brenda A. Johnstone 

Congratulations on your gradu- 
ation. We love you and are 
proud of you. We know you 
will do well in the future and 
aspire to make your dreams 
come true. God bless you 


Mom, Dad, Fiona, 
Karla, Helen & Nina 

IZJanaye Leigh- Anne Felder 

"Study to 5how thyself approved unto God, a 
workman that needth not be ashamed, rightly 
dividing the word of truth." 2Tim 2:15 

Congratulations on your victory! 
May God continue to bless and 
direct your path as you leave Mary 
Washington and begin your 


Your family 

Rusty Booth 

& Mary Coughlin 

Congratulations, graduates! We are so 
proud of you both and wish you a 
wonderful future. 

Mom and Dad, 
Mom and Stephanie 

Our baby girl is all grown up! 

We are very proud of you. 

We love you. 

We wish you success, happiness and peace. 

Mom and Dad 

Tanya Scruggs 


\Z Elaine Murray 

ow that your college is over and through 
hich path you w\\ choose, I wish we all 

aybe medicine, research or perhaps 

something new. 

ith a vision and drive 
d a heart that is true, 
is all that you need to carry you through. 


Dad, Mom and Liz 

254 K ads 

As you g o out into 

■ ^ — 

this ir/orld 

' 8W»«"W?' SR|«{:' 

Photos courtesy of the Office of Publications 

a different 

Congratulations graduatesi 

perspectives K 255 

the index 


Abernathy, Carla 86 

Abraham, Jennifer 86 

Ackerman, Julie 86 

Abraham, Jennifer 86 

Absher, Robert 80 

Ackerman, Ernest 134 

Ackerman, Julie 86 

Acotto, Kevin 86 

Adams, Danielle 86 

Adams, Jillian 86 

Adams, Megan 86 

Adams, i^athan 86 

Adams, Nicole 86 

Addison, Alex 86, 

185, 220, 221 

Addy, Marissa 86 

Adelsperger, Jennifer 86 

Adera, Taddesse 134 

Adis, Cory 86 

Adkins, Katrina 86 

Adriance, Vincent 86 

Agee, Jennifer 86 

Agee, Kirsten 86, 207 

Agee, Mark 161 

Agee, Raymond 80 

Aghdasi-Asl, Faranak 86 

Agudelo, Monica 86 

Ahearn, Jamie 86 

Ahlmann, James 86 

Ahmed, Carole 86 

Albrecht, Douglas 86 

Alessandri, Mary 80 

Alexander, Julie 56, 80 

Alexander, Karen 86 

Alexander, Keith 56 

Alexander, Melanie 56, 

80, 135 
Alexander, i^atalie 86, 

193, 223 

Alexander, Murphy 81 

Alexander, William ...80, 86 

Ali, Saad 86 

Alizio, Ann Frances 86 

Allardyce, Julie 86 

Allen, Dana 86 

Allison, Cara 56, 80 

Allison, Timothy 86 

Alluisi, Sara 86 

Almeida, Evelyn 86 

Altadonna, Jennifer 56, 

80, 242 

Altscher, Aaron 86 

Aluise, Cathy.. 86, 235, 278 
Alvis, Kim 56, 80, 222, 223 

Ambuel, David 134 

Ambuel, Patiphan 86 

Ameen, Linda 134 

256 H the index 

Amey, Kathryn . 56, 80, 247 

Amick, Sarah 86 

Aminrazavi, Mehdi 134 

Ammann, Jennifer . 86, 191 

Amore, Jennifer 86, 178 

Amos, Benjamin 86 

Amponsah, Linda 86 

An, Sun 86 

Ancowitz, Kerry 86 

Andersen, Melissa 86 

Andersen, Sara 86 

Anderson, Andrea 86 

Anderson, Davin 86 

Anderson, Ellen 86, 

186, 187, 230 

Anderson, Karl 80 

Anderson, Sara 217 

Anderson, William 134 

Andres, Stephanie 86 

Andrew, David Poore 81 

Angarella, riicole 86 

Angell, Dana Michelle 86 

Anthony, Katina 86, 219 

Antinori, Janette 86 

Applebaum, Margaret 80 

Arambula, Kathryn . 80, 250 

Arbacas, Kathryn 86 

Arbogast, Micheal 80 

Arellano, Qabriela 86 

Arfaoui, Diana 86 

Argie, Kelley 86 

Arias, Monica 56, 80 

Armstrong, Katherine 86 

Arnold, Katherine 56, 

80, 175 

Arras, Raymundo 80 

Arrington, Michael 86 

Arrington, William 86 

Aruch, Matthew 86 

Asamoah, Moses 86 

Asbeil, Sheri 86, 166 

Ascari, Clavio 135 

Ashton, Candice 86 

Ashton, Leslie 80 

Ashworth, Blaine 22, 33, 56 

Askew, Erin 80, 235 

Askins, Melinda 86 

Asman, Brian 86 

Atalay, Bulent 135 

Atkinson, Virginia... 86, 211 

Atticks, Jane 86 

Atwell-Vasey, Wendy 135 

Augustyn, Jamie 86 

Aultman, Pamela 86 

Austin, Elizabeth 87 

Avery-Jones, Elizabeth56, 80 

Ayer, Racie 87 

Ayers, Marianne 87 

Aylor, Brian 87 

Azukas, Emily 87, 207 



Babos, Jamie 87 

Bach, Virginia 87 

Bachman, Hope 87 

Baer, Karen 80 

Bailey, Brandon 87 

Bailey, James 87 

Baillie, Nathan 87 

Bairley, Daniel 87 

Baker, Andrea 33, 87 

Baker, Elsie 87 

Baker, Erin 87 

Baker, Erma 278 

Baker, James 135 

Baker, Jason 87 

Baker, Meghan 87, 217 

Baker, Steven 87 

Baker, Thaddeus 87 

Balance, Christine 87 

Baldwin, Brigid 87 

Balfrey-Boyd, Brevin 87 

Balis, Ryan 87 

Ball, Melissa 80 

Ballance, Christine 188, 189 

Ballentine, Nathan 87 

Balsly, Ryan 87 

Bandurant, Nicholas 80 

Bane, Kathryn 87 

Banfield, Stockton.. 87, 196 

Banis, Emily 87 

Bannister, Ellyn 56, 

80, 208, 209, 242 

Barber, Christina 87 

Barbosa, Charlae 56, 80 

Barbour, Karlesa 80 

Barden, Lori 87 

Barenbak, Adam 140 

Barg, Jessica 87 

Bargerstock, Robin 80 

Barhight, Conor 87 

Barhight, Qrif 215 

Barker, Rebecca 80 

Barkley, Christopher 87 

Barley, Luke 87 

Barnard, Christina 87 

Barnard, Lindsay56, 80, 251 

Barnes, Christina 87 

Barnes, Joy 56, 80 

Barnhouse, Stephanie 

80, 227 

Barnum, Kirsten 87 

Barokas, Sara 80 

Barra, Rosemary 135 

Bartle, Kristy . 87, 181, 278 

Bartman, Patricia 87 

Bartoli, John 87 

Barton, Mary . 87, 190, 191 
Bartron, Jennifer 87 

Bashir, Hassan 87 

Basil, Wilma Woodward ..81 

Basil, Nada 87 

Baskin, Emery 56, 80 

Bass, Christine 87 

Bass, Michael 135 

Bass, Tracy 80 

Bassman, Eiman 80 

Bates, Joann 87 

Battey, Julia 87 

Bautista, Milna 87 

Bautista, Selina 57, 80 

Baxley, Kelin 87 

Bayer, Brendan 87, 215 

Bean, Sally 57, 80 

Beary, Bryan . 87, 200, 201 

Bease, LaToya 87 

Beasley, Alice 87 

Beasley, Amanda 80, 87 

Beatty, Nicole 87 

Beck, Ashley 87 

Becker, Elizabeth 87 

Becker, Robert 87 

Beddoes, Kacey 87 

Bedell, Ethan 87, 201 

Beeman, Jason 87 

Beers, Kelli 43, 87 

Beesley, Natalie 87 

Befumo, David 87 

Belcher, Robert 80 

Beliveau, Mary 87 

Bell, Annette 87 

Bell, Kathleen 80 

Bell, Kathryn 87 

Bell, Mathew 87 

Bellios, Christopher 80 

Belmonte, Ivan 87 

Bendersky, Nicole ....57, 80 

Bendixen, Diana 87 

Bendl, Maribeth 88 

Benito, Mario 88 

Benner, Leslie 88 

Bennett, Andrew 88 

Bennett, Harlan 88 

Benson, Amy 88 

Bensten, William 88 

Bensusan, Ariana 88 

Benton, Allison 88, 235 

Benton, Jesse 88 

Beras, Tasha 88 

Berenbak, Adam 80 

Bergin, Bobby 220, 221 

Bergin, Jeffrey 88 

Bergin, Robert 88 

Bergner, Jessica 88, 199 

Berkowitz, Mara 57, 80 

Bernhardt, Jonathan88, 163 
Bernstein, Aaron .. 184, 185 

Bernstein, Joshua 88 

Berry, Jennifer 88 

Berry, Katherine 88 

Berry, Pamela 80 

Berry, Patricia 88 

Berryman, Orlando 80 

Bertini, Kristen 57, 80 

Besancon, Rebecca 88 

Bessom, David 88 

Best, Alyssa 88 

Betancourt, Stephanie.... 88 

Betti, Daniel 88 

Beverage, Penny 80 

Bhimdi, Tashfeen 88 

Bicl^ford, Trevor 185 

Bigelow, Sarah 88 

Bill, Topher 134 

Bintz, Monica 88, 190, 191 

Bishara, Jad 88 

Bishop, Amy 88 

Bishop, Benjamin 88 

Bishop, Heather 88 

Bishop, Jennifer 88 

Bittner, Stacey 88 

Bjorklund, Travis 88 

Bjornson, Mark 187 

Blackford, William 88 

Blackman, Holly 88 

Blackman, llissa 88 

Blackmond, Victoria 88 

Blackmore, David John .. 88 

Blackwell, Anna 88 

Blackwell, Elizabeth 88 

Blaeuer, Joseph 88 

Blain, Joel Ashworth 80 

Blakemore, Porter 134 

Bland, Lindsay 88 

Blank, Leslie 88 

Blankenship, Annette 88 

Blanton, Holly 80 

Blase, Sherri 88 

Blasko, Christopher 88 

Blatchford, Katharine 88 

Blatchley, Desiree 88 

Blauch, Christina 89 

Blauvelt, Kristel 89 

Blevins, Lauryn 89 

Blizzard, Kimberly 89 

Blodgett, Meghan ...89, 219 

Bloom, Erin 89 

Blosser, Lynnette 89 

Blount, Terrance ....89, 220 

Blue, Colleen 80, 253 

Blumer, Patrick 89 

Blumling, Daniel 89 

Bodnar, Marisa 57, 80 

Boehm, Jennifer 89 

Boehmcke, Dana ...89, 278 
Boese, Robert 89, 224, 225 

Bogert, Morgot 80 

Boggs, Dana 89 

Bognar, Nick 89 

Boland, James 89 

Bolger, Jamie 89 

Bombard, Kristin.... 89, 151 

Bonanno, Jessica 80, 89 

Bondurant, Nicholas. 57, 89 

Bonita, Tracey 89 

Bonner, Jacqueline 89 

Boon, Christopher 80 

Boone, Sarah 89 

Booth, David 80 

Booth, Jennifer . 57, 63, 80 

Booth, Rebecca 80 

Booth, Rexford 80 

Booth, Rusty 254 

Borgerding, Melissa 89 

Boucher, Omar 89 

Bouffard, Kevin 89 

Boukourakis, Angela 89 

Boulier, Joe ...89, 214, 215 

Bounds, Diane 89 

Bourdon, Roger 134 

Bowen, Daw/n 134 

Bowen, Marshall 134 

Bowen, Robert 89 

Bower, Dustin 89 

Bowers, Brandy 89 

Bowers, Emily 89 

Bowie, Ashley 89 

Bowler, Andrea 80 

Bowles, Justin 89 

Bowling, Jasmine 89 

Bowling, Kelly 89, 159 

Bowman, Danna57, 80, 163 

Boycourt, Kevin 89 

Boyd, Terry 89 

Brackett, Bethany 89 

Bradford, Chadwick 89 

Bradley, Amy 89 

Bradley, Qeoffrey57, 80, 89 

Bradley, Kevin 89 

Bradshaw, Davis 89 

Brady, Amy 89 

Brady, David 89 

Brady, Jessica 89, 227 

Braidwood, Robert 80 

Brajer, Paulina 89 

Branch, Joshua 90 

Branco, Michelle 90 

Brandes, Jessica 90 

Brandt, Tracy 90 

Brannon, Sherri 90 

Bratrud, Theodor ... 90, 215 

Bratten, Paul 90 

Brauer, John 90 

Braun, Steve 187 

Bray, Adam 90 

Bray, Chevvone 80 

Brayman, Robert 90 

Braymer, Meta 134 

Breeden, Jill Gore 90 

Breeding, Sarah 90, 207 

Breen, Nora 219 

Breidenstein, Michelle.... 90 

Brendle, Eric 80 

Brennan, Shannon 90, 

208, 209 
Breschard, Jayme ....57, 80 

Breslin, Shiriey 90 

Briganti, Qianluca 90 

Bright, Roger 80 

Brinson, Brandi 90 

Briscoe, Michael 90, 219 

Brissey, Jamie 90 

Bristor, Allyson 90, 217 

Bristow, David 90, 204 

Bristow, Jayme 90 

Brittain, Kelli 90, 217 

Broad, Adam 90 

Broaddus, Sandra 90 

Brock, Cynthia 80 

Brock, Felicia 90 

Brock, Rosetta 90 

Brockman, Keith 90 

Broderick, Jessica 90 

Brolis, Aelita 80 

Bronson, Danien 90 

Brookins, Matthew 80 

Association of 
Residence Halls 

First Row: Caroline Jarvis, Jessica Moore, Kristy 
Bartie, Rachel Qelder. Second Row: Larry Kiliian, 
Rebecca Cole, Chris Opp, Kris McPeak, Sarah 
Motley, Sean Cammaerts. Thrid Row: Paul 
Bratten, Susan Hurdle, Becky Gammon, 
Stephen Shav/, Kate Lots, Dana Boehmeke, 
Annika Qarvey, Abby Macauno, Linda Zotter. 


First Row: Ashley Perrin, Amy Benson, Mary 
Woodie. Second Row: Heather White, Allison 
Hamilton, Qina Clough. 

perspectives K 257 

Brooks, Craig 90 

Brooks, Denise 90 

Brooks, Jeremy 90 

Brooks, Jessica 90 

Brooks, Sally 90 

Brooks-Barr, Alex ... 90, 204 

Broome, Erin 80 

Brown, Ale-xis 90 

Brown, Amanda 90, 278 

Brown, Amy 90 

Brown, Daniel 90 

Brown, David 90 

Brown, Dawn 90 

Brown, Erin 90 

Brown, Jessica 90 

Brown, Laurie 90 

Brown, Lisa 90 

Brown, Loretta 90 

Brown, Megan 90 

Brown, Melvey 90 

Brown, Nicole 90 

Brown, Robert 90 

Brown, Robin 90 

Brown, Stephanie 80, 90 

Brown, William 90 

Browne, Abigail 90 

Browne, Tawny 90 

Browne, Zachary 90 

Brownlee, Joan 90 

Bruce, Jessica 90 

Bruechert, Daniel 90 

Brundage, James 90 

Bruno, Nina 90 

Brushwood, Courtney 80 

Bryan, Cassandra 90 

Bryan, Jami 90 

Bryant, Curtis 90 

Bryant, Shannon 90 

Bryce, Anne 90, 199 

Brydges, Katharine 90 

Buchakjian, Christian .... 91, 

Buchanan, John 91, 

185, 213 

Buchanan, Teresa 91 

Buchholz, Erich 91 

Buck, Kristin 57, 80 

Buck, Patricia 80 

Buckels, Jennifer 91 

Buckland, Christina 91 

Budd, Jennifer 57, 80 

Budion, Danielle 91 

Buffa, Luisa 91 

Buffalo, Jennifer 80 

Buhle, Karen 91 

Bulas, Rebecca 91 

Bullock, Kedron 91, 210 

Bunce, Ryder 91 

Bunn, Jeffery 80 

Buonviri, Benjamin 91 

Burch, Linda 91 

Burchell, Sarah 91 

Burge, Erica 57, 80 

Burger, Dominique 91 

Burger, Jennifer 57, 80 

Burgess, Melanie .... 91, 219 

Burke, Adrian 91, 220 

Burke, Adrien 185 

Burke, Mary 91 

Burke, Sean 80 

Burke, Shannon 91 

Burkett, Pamela 91 

258 M the index 

Burieigh, Ryan91, 235, 278 

Buriingham, Bonnie 91 

Burnett, Michael 91 

Burreil, Kimberiey .... 57, 80 

Burruss, Michelle 80 

Burt, lysha 137 

Burton, Elizabeth ....58, 80, 


Busch, Matthew 91 

Busch, Steven 91 

Bush, Candace 91, 223 

Bush, Lisa 91 

Bushman, Sarah 91 

Butler, Mariah 58, 

80, 201, 231 
Button, Elizabeth ... 91, 278 

Buziak, Jeffrey 91 

Byer, Amber.. 91, 198, 199 

Byers, Jocelyn 91 

Byrd, Brandon 196 

Byrne, Sarah 91 

Byrnes, Benjamin 91 

Byrnes, Corey 91 


Cabbage, Ben 219 

Cain, David 135 

Cain, Kevin .48, 58, 73, 80 

Cain, Rachel 91 

Calamito, Marc 91 

Callahan, Hilary 91 

Callahan, Jay Dee 91 

Camacho-Felix, Sara 91 

Camarda, Justin 80 

Camblin, Cody 91, 201 

Cameli, Stephen 91 

Cameron, Kristin.... 91, 201 

Cammaerts, Sean 91 

Camp, Brian 91 

Camp, Meredith 91 

Campbell, Qardner 135 

Campbell, Keri 91, 

188, 189, 219, 278 

Campbell, Nathaniel 91 

Campbell, Otho 135 

Campbell, Theresa 147 

Canery, John 91 

Canfield, Joni 91 

Canigiani, Megan.... 91, 188 

Canino, Amie 91 

Cannon, Kimberly 80 

Cantwell, Kristin 91 

Canty, James 80 

Carbone, Kristin 80 

Cardwell, Isabel 91 

Carey, Breanna 58, 80 

Cariisle, Mellisa 91 

Carlson, Darren 91 

Carlson, Evan 91 

Carlson, Lisa 91, 201 

Carison, Wendela 58, 80 

Carmel, Michael 91 

Carnahan, Mark 91 

Carnemolla, Shannon ... 80, 


Carnill, Lani 91 

Carpenter, Brian 80 

Carpenter, Lois Arlene .... 91 

Carpenter, Susan 91 

Carr, Erin 91 

Carr, Michelle 91 

Carradice, Ruth 91 

Carreras, Amy 91 

Carrier, Colin 91 

Carroll, Adrian 80 

Carroll, Colleen 91 

Carroll, Hattie 58, 80 

Carroll, Jennifer 92 

Carroll, Sharon 92 

Carter, Barak 92, 201 

Carter, Heather 58 

80, 188, 216, 217 

Carter, Heather 58, 80 

Carter, Kelly 92 

Carter, Lauren 92, 219 

Carter, Pattie 58 

Carter, Ryan 92 

Carter, Wendi 92 

Cartwright, Jayme 92 

Cary, Bret Schmidt 81 

Cary, Joshua Maddox ... 247 

Casciano, Lucy 92, 219 

Casey, Erin 58, 80 

Casey, Todd 92 

Cassarino, Michael 92 

Cassell, Charlotte 92 

Cassell, Merritt 92 

Cassino, Patrick 92 

Casto, Rebecca . 33, 58, 80 

Catarino, Kevin 92 

Catelotti, Giselle ....92, 223 

Catoe, Teresa 92 

Caulfield, Erin 92, 

198, 199, 230 

Cavano, Jeffrey 92 

Cebrian, Tara 92 

Cebula, Jessica 58, 80, 


Cecere, Erik Bryan 92 

Cessaro, James 92 

Chaleunrath, Christopher 92 

Chandler, Christine 92 

Chandler, Jennifer 92 

Chaney, James 92 

Chapman, Erica 92 

Chapman, Scott 92, 224 

Charba, Christina 92 

Chardo, Sarah 80, 250 

Chase, Heather 92 

Chase, Patricia 92 

Chase, Sarah 80 

Chatman, Wilma 92 

Chaves, David 80 

Chayka, Christopher 80 

Cheatum, Molly 92 

Checkovich, Stephanie... 80 

Chen, Ivy 92 

Chermela, Andrea .... 65, 80 

Chiamg, Yuan-Jen 135 

Chichester, Ana 135 

Childe, Courtney.... 92, 188 

Childers, Kimberly 80 

Childs, Kimberly Eve 92 

Chiles, John 92, 224 

Chillemi, Lisa 92, 226, 227 

Chiminiello, Lisa 80 

Chinault, Eric 92 

Chinn, Sarah 92 

Chiprut, Ilan 80 

Chirico, Bernard 135 

Chisholm, Michelle 92 

Chlebus, Alison 92 

Chohan, Shahla 92 

Choi, Steven 109 

Chorovich, Erinn 92 

Choudhury, Leila 92 

Christ Mary 92 

Christian, Pamela 92 

Christine, Cara 92 

Christopher, Stacey .. 58, 80 

Chua, Frances 92 

Chung, Ashley 92 

Church, Joseph 92 

Churchward, Michael92, 224 

Ciarlo, Julia 92, 223 

Cicotello, Jennifer 92 

Cimino, Andrea 92 

Cini, Cristin 58, 80 

Cisneros, Alma 80 

Citeroni, Tracy 136 

Claflin, Brendan 58, 80 

Clair, Robin 92 

Clancy-Hiney, Regina 92 

Clark, Carrie 58, 80 

Clark, Michelle 92 

Clark, Nancy 92, 207 

Clark, Sara 92 

Clark, Sharon 92 

Clark, William 92 

Clarke, Christopher 92 

Clarke, Ellen 80, 92 

Clay, Clarence 80 

Clayberg, Angela 80 

Clayton, Bernice 92 

Clement, Rachel 92 

Clements, Jessica 92 

Clementson, Rebekah .... 92 

demons, Anne 80 

demons, Lori 92 

demons. Sunny 92 

Clift, Bryan 93 

Clift, Christopher 93 

Clift, Jennifer 80 

Clifton, Laura 93 

Cline, Angela 93 

Clinehens, Vickie 80 

elites, Lawton 93 

Clore, Lisa 80 

Cloudt, Joshua 93 

Clough, Qina 93 

Cloughley, Robert 93 

Cloutier, Sarah 63, 80 

Cobb, Jason 93 

Coelho, Andrew 93 

Coffey, Kelly . 80, 184, 185 

Coffey, Tamara 93 

Cohen, Catherine 93 

Cohen, Katy 187 

Cole, Ashton 93 

Cole, Rebecca 93 

Coles, Mario 59, 80 

Collett, Lydia 93 

Collier, Manning 136 

Collings, Jessica 
93, 190, 191 

Collins, Carrie 93 

Collins, Elisabeth 93 

Collins, Kimberly 93 

Colona, Sarah 93 

Colson, Hazel 93 

Columbus, Robert 93 

Colwell, Alevia 93 

Commerce, Jasmine 59, 80 

Comninaki, Rebecca 93 

Compher, Melinda 93 

Compton, Corinne 93 

Compton, Frances 93 

Coniglio, Heather 93 

Conkle, Jenny 93 

Conley, Herbert 93 

Conley, Matthew 93 

Conlon, Michelle 80 

Conner, Jay 80 

Connor, Erin 93 

Conrad, Rebekah 93 

Conroy, Justin 59, 80 

Conty, Diana 93 

Conway, Deborah 136 

Conz, Darrick 93, 196 

Cook, Carolyn 93 

Cook, Luna 93 

Cook, Wendi 93 

Cooke, Melinda 93 

Cooney, Amanda 93 

Cooper, Laura 93 

Cooper, Melissa 93 

Cooper, Portia 93 

Cooper, Ronnette 93 

Cooper-Baldwin, Faye 80 

Copeland, Zachary 93 

Copper, Portia 50 

Corcoran, Carole 136 

Corcoran, Michael 93 

Cordell, Abigail 80 

Corey, Michelle 93 

Corley, Erin 93, 151 

Corneille, Katherine 93 

Cornell, Brent 93 

Cornwell, Evangeline 93 

Coryell, Derek 19 

59, 80, 249 

Costanzo, Stephen 80 

Coston, Scott 93 

Cote, Daniel 93 

Cote, Melissa 93 

Coughlin, Mary 80, 254 

Coughlin, Stephen .93, 201 

Coulter, Jamie 93 

Covington, Joseph 93 

Covino, James 93, 220 

Covitz, Janna 93 

Coyle, Dana 93 

Crabtree, Carol 93 

Crabtree, Penny 80 

Crabtree, Sarah 93 

Craft, Anna 93 

Crane, Margaret 93 

Craver, Andrew 93 

Craver, Scott 93 

Crawford, Jessica... 93, 191 

Crawley, Patrick 93 

Crawley, William Jr. 136 

Crenshaw, Lauren 80 

Crippen, Timothy 136 

Crissman, Judith 137 

Crist, Brian 93 

Crites, Jennifer 93 

Croce, Alfred 94, 219 

Crockett, Marcy 94 

Crockett, Nicholas 94 

Cromwell, George 94 

Cronin, Mora 94 

Cross, Toler 94, 196 

Crouch, Alyssa 94, 219 

Crouse, Cassandra 94 

Crouse, Cassy 193, 223 

Crow, Sarah 94 

Crowder, Sara 278 

Crown, Sarah 59, 80 

Cubbage, Benjamin 94 

Culler, Amanda 94 

Culver, Richard 94 

Cundiff, Kelly 94 

Cunningham, Michelle.... 94 

Curme, Michael 80 

Curran, Beth ..94, 216, 217 
Curran, Dan ...94, 192, 193 

Curran, Robert 94 

Currie, Jamie .. 59, 80, 135 

Currington, Peter 80 

Curry, Tiffany 94 

Curtis, Shana Keone 94 

Cwiak, Kari 94 

Cyrus, John 94 

Czarsty, Steven 137 



Dabb, Jean 137 

Dabney, Amanda 94 

Dacanay, Jeff 94 

Dade, Shelia 80 

Dalmut, Kevin 94 

Dalton, Katherine 94 

Dalton, Sally 94 

Daly, Diana 94 

Daly, Kimberly 94 

Dameron, Robin 80 

D'Amico-Acheson, Laura 80 

Dandridge, Artiss 94 

D'Andrilli, Juliana 94 

Dangerfield, Edward 80 

Dangerfield, John 94 

Daniel, Eric 94 

Daniels, John 94 

Daniels, Jonathan 94 

Daniels, Kristine 94, 211 

D'Arcangelis, Rita 137 

Darcy, Jamie 94 

Dargis, Katherine 80 

Dark, Teresa 80 

Dasgupta, Chandra 80 

Daubert, John 94, 219 

Daugherty, Patricia 94 

Davati, Debra 94 

Davey, Catherine 80 

David, Amy 80 

David, Jennifer 80 

David, Kara 80 

David, Kelly 80 

Davidson, Christine 94 

Davidson, Fredrick 137 

Davidson, Suzanne 94 

Davies, Marit 94 

Davies, Thomas 80 

Davis, Amy 59 

Davis, Carlton 80 

Black Student 

First Row: Andrew Painter, Monica Agudelo, 
Laura Kelaher, Toni Fashoia, Jen Rainey, Tiffany 
Curry. Second Row: Devon Williams, Jasmine 
Bowling, Steplianie Purcell, Rekesha Spellman. 

College Republicans 

First Row: Matt Hoell, Heatlier Bishop, Jaime 
Harper, Dana Angell, Mary Christ, Kevin 
Lampitern, Kristin Bamum. Second Row: Bonie 
Ryan, Chris Winslow, Tiffany Qallo, Elana 
Rousseau, Erin Caulfield, Mike Harris, Geoff 
White, James Boland, Meredith Johnston. 

perspectives K 259 

Davis, Chandler 94, 185 

Davis, Erica 94 

Davis, Jennifer 59, 94, 246 

Davis, Jill 94 

Davis, Jonathan 94 

Davis, Kara 59, 69 

Davis, Kelly 59 

Davis, Richard 94 

Davis, Sarah 94, 188 

Davis, Troy 95 

Davis, Vanessa 95 

Davoy, Qabrielle 95 

Dawn, Andrea Wrigley... 251 

Dawson, Amy 95 

Dawson, Matthew 95 

Dean, Amanda 60, 80 

Dean, Patricia 136 

Dearborn, Rosemary 95 

Deatherage, Jennifer 95 

Deaton, Jamie . 60, 80, 161 

Decarbo, Tina Marie 95 

Deck, Adam 95 

Deckert, Verena 80 

Decorla-Souza, Brian 95 

Deel, Amanda 95 

Defilippi, Geoffrey 80 

DeQraff, Qalen 137 

DeQraff, Kristin 60, 80 

DeGroot, Maren 95 

Detlart, Jeff 60, 80 

DeJackome, Abigail 95 

Delk, Abbey 95 

Dell, Chip 35, 80 

Demarest, Trea 95 

DeMilt, Franklin 95 

Dempsey, Erin 60, 80 

Dempsey, Patricia 95 

Denk, Clare 95 

Denmark, Sharon 80 

Dennard, Shannon 95 

Dennis, St., Renee 125 

Denson, Matthew 95 

Denton, Chad 95 

Deputy, Lisa 95 

Deraine, Joni Wilson 81 

D'Eramo, Gina 95 

Derby, Troy 95 

Derepentigny, Carole 95 

DeRiggi, Beth 95 

Deriggi, Sarah 95 

Derr, Carolyn 95, 191 

Derrow, Brooke 95 

Desai, Reena 80 

DeSerio, Jennifer 95 

Desiree, Abigail Turpyn 251 

Detlefsen, William 95 

Devescovi, Tiziano 95 

DeWoody, Rebecca 95 

DeYoung, Jonathan 95 

Diacont, Kathleen 95 

Diamond, Peter 95, 220 

Dibella, Joseph 136 

Dick, Dana 95 

Dickens, Michelle 80 

Dlckerson, Virginia 95 

Dickinson, Kathryn 95 

Diday, Sanford 95 

DiJulio, Nick ....60, 80, 224 

Dill, Laura 95 

DiMeglio, Marta 95 

Dineen, Scott 95 

Dionne, Monica 60, 80, 170 

260 X the index 

DiPeppe, Shannon 95 

DiPlacidi, Paul 95 

DiSalvo, Michael 95 

Dishong, Kimberly 80 

Disque, John 95 

Dittmann, Diana 95, 158 

Dix, Rebecca 96 

Dix, Sara 96 

Dixon, Kelly 96 

Dixon, Sarah 60, 96 

Dlugasch, Jim 80, 193, 220 

D'Luhy, Amanda 96 

Do, Thanh 60, 80 

Dobozy, Elizabeth 96 

Dodd, Kimberly 80 

Dodrill, Dave 219 

Dodrill, David 96 

Dodson, Karen 80 

Doll, Michael 96 

Dolph, Katie 96, 219 

Dolphin, Rebecca 96 

Domangue, Erin 60, 80 

Domenech, Sarah 96 

Dominguez, Christina 96 

Donachy, Patricia 96 

Donahoe, Stephen ...60, 80 

Donaruma, Jaimie 96 

Donegan, Erin 96 

Donnelly, Justin 96 

Donovan, Jesse 96 

Donovan, Kelly 96 

Dooley, Patricia 96 

Dority, Kenneth 80 

Dorman, Alice 96 

Dorman, James 96 

Dorsey, Rachael 60, 80 

Dosado, Christine 96 

Doss, Sean 96 

Doty, Erin 80 

Dougan, Emily 96 

Dougherty, Abigail 96 

Dougherty, Erin 96 

Dougherty, Megan 96 

Douglass, Daniel 96 

Douglass, Janine 80 

Dove, Sheila 96 

Dowdy, Jaime 60, 80 

Downer, Agnes 96 

Downey, Sarah 96, 187 

Downing, Sinead 96 

Doyal, Rebecca 96 

Doyle, Alexis 96 

Doyle, Nathan 96 

Drake, Paul ... 96, 193, 220 

Dreany, Harry 80 

Dreiss, Joseph 136 

Drew, Raya 96 

Driscoll, Sean 96 

Drummond, Michael 96 

Dubay, Deborah 80 

Dubbs, Joy 96 

Dube, Liza 80 

Dubin, Peter 96 

Dudash, Holly 60, 80 

Dudley, Sarah 96, 188 

Dudley-Garr, Kourtney .... 96 

Duff, Jeffrey 80 

Duffett, Katie 96, 278 

Duffle, Warren 80 

Duffy, John 96 

Duke, Amanda 96 

Dunaev, Konstantin 96 

Dunaway, Gavin 96 

Dunaway, Lynda 96 

Dunbar, Brooke 96, 166 

Dunbar, Christopher 96 

Duncan, Aliessa 96 

Duncan, Janice 96 

Duncan, Stephanie 96 

Dunford, Paul 96 

Dunhill, Kevin 80 

Dunn, Albert 96 

Dunn, Allison 96 

Dunn, Amanda 96 

Dunn, Andrew 96 

Dunn, Andy 224 

Dunn, Oliver 96 

Dunn, Stephen 96 

Dupras, Dan...96, 196, 197 

Durrance, Mary 60, 80 

Durrer, Betty 136 

Dussault, Cristina 96 

Dwyer, Damon 80 

Dyer, Maggie 96, 219 

Dykstra, Natalie 96 

Dziesinski, Jowanda 96 


Early, Patricia 96 

East, John 96, 185 

Eastham, Matthew Tyler . 96 
Eastman-Mullins, Robert . 80 

Eaton, Virginia Lee 96 

Eatroff, Alicen 80 

Eaves, Kari 97 

Ebert, Ashlee 60, 97 

Ebrahim, Farid 97 

Eby, Laurel 97 

Eccard, Lisa 97 

Eckard, Marisa 97 

Edberg, Jessica 97, 

193, 223 

Eddy , Elizabeth 97 

Eddy, Jenna 97 

Eddy, Nancy 97 

Edmonds, Herman 97 

Edwards, Anthony 97 

Edwards, Cherlyn 97 

Edwards, Kathleen 61, 

80, 223 

Edwards, Monika 97 

Edwards, Terry 97 

Eidson, Angela 97 

Eidson, Robert 97 

Eingurt, Sarah 97 

Eisensmith, Pamela 80 

El-Habashy, Jaser 97 

Elizabeth, Pattie Rees 81 

Elkin, Matthew 97 

Ell, Erica 97 

Ellenson, Megan 97 

Elliot, Anne 80 

Ellis, Jeffrey 97 

Ellis, Jeremy 80 

Ellis, Jill 61, 80, 134 

Ellis, Shannon 61, 80 

Ellison, Carole 97 

Elmi, Kawther 80 

Elmore, Carter 97 

Elrod, Christine 97 

Elsenpeter, Maryann 97 

Elwell, Amanda 97 

Elwell, Annalea 97 

Ely, Kelly Jo 97 

Elzer, Elizabeth 97 

Embrey, Kathy Ann 97 

Emery, Janet 61, 80 

Emmerton, Craog 80 

Emory, Sylvan 97 

Enayatulla, Uzma 97 

Endler, Shawn 80 

Engel, Kelly 47, 

48, 49, 61, 80, 165 

Engelhard, Ruth 97, 164 

Engelhardt, Jason 97 

Engledow, Ashton 97 

Ennin, Mina 97 

Enright, Erik 80, 246 

Epperson, Robin 97 

Erbelding, Rebecca 97 

Erenhouse Chad 97 

Erickson, Faith 97 

Erkkinen, Leah 97 

Escalante, Lorena 80 

Escobar, Francisco 97 

Esguerra, Jason 97 

Eskridge, Sara 97 

Etheridge, Alonda 97 

Evans, Caroline 97 

Evans, Joanna 97 

Evans, Stacie 97, 223 

Evans, Sunshine 80 

Evans, Virginia 97 

Evans, Yolanda 97 

Eve, Shanna Takacs 81 

Everton, Andrew .... 97, 171 

Everts, Ana 97 

Ewing, Kerri 97 

Eygabroat, Brendan 97, 224 
Eyler, Joyce 97 



Fabre, James 97 

Faccenda, Matthew 97 

Fadely, Barry 97 

Fagalde, Jarman 97 

Falkowski, Jackie 80, 

208, 209 

Fallen, Melissa 61, 80 

Fallin, Jean Fairfax 97 

Faltum, James 61, 80 

Fanning, Jason 51 

Fantaski, Cortney 97 

Fans, Shane 97 

Farley, Audrey 97 

Farnsorth, Stephen 136 

Farrar, Dawn 97 

Farrell, Qianna 97 

Farrell, Kristin 97 

Farrell, Mandi 97 

Farrell, Shannon 97 

Farthing, Jeffrey 98 

Fashola, Oluwatoyin 98, 169 

Fasulkey, Roberta 98 

Fatek, Jamie 98 

Faunce, BK 136 

Fauntleroy, Kena 98 

Favre, McLean 98 

Fearing, John 98 

Feder, Jeremy 98 

Federico, Ann-Marie 98 

Fei, Michael 98 

Felder, Janaye 61, 80 

Feldman, Jennifer 98 

Fell, Matthew 98 

Ferares, Timothy 80 

Fercz, Marzena 98 

Ferdinand, Sebastian 98 

Fernandez-Pizzi, Maria.... 98 

Ferreira, Matthew 98 

Ferrell, Claudine 137 

Ferro, Maryellen 98 

Fesler, Tiffany 98 

Fickett, Martha 137 

Ficor, Erin 98 

Fife, Amy 98 

Figarella, Jean 98 

Fillian, Larry 80 

Fiimyer, Tara 98 

Findley, Kammeron 98 

Fingerhut, Victor 137 

Finigan, William 98 

Fink, Jennifer 61, 80 

Finn, Barbara 98 

Finn, Lauren 98 

Finnegan, Olivia 98 

Fiorentino, Lindsay 98 

Fischel, Marga 61, 80, 193, 

Fischer, Bryan 98 

Fischer, David 80 

Fish, Patricia 62, 80 

Fisher, Lauren 98 

Fiske, Lauren 98 

Fitzgerald, Logan 80 

Fitzgerald, Patricia Ann ... 98 

Fitzhugh, Gary 98 

Fitzpatrick, Matthew . 62, 80 

Fitzpatrick, Tara 98 

Flaherty, Lindsey 62, 80 

Flemming, Sandra 98 

Fletcher, Cheryl 80 

Fletcher, Lauren 98 

Fletcher, Rufus 98 

Fleury, Margot 98 

Flora, Wendy 98, 180 

Florence, Robert 98 

Flory, Heather 98 

Floyd, Charies 80 

Fly, Lauren 98 

Flynn, Rebecca 62, 80 

Foege, Katherine 98 

Foelber, Angela 98 

Foelber, Missy 219 

Fogarty, Julieann 98 

Fogie, Wayne 80 

Folkerts, Jessica 62, 80 

Folta, Dana ... 98, 193, 223 

Fontana, Christopher 98 

Forbes, Cameron 98 

Ford, Amy 80 

Ford, Catherine 98 

Ford, Elizabeth 98 

Ford, Kristin 98 

Ford, Richard 98 

Fore, Mariah 98 

Forrest, Erin 98 

Forthofer, Katie 62, 80 

Fortner, Jennifer 98 

Foster, Anthony 98 

Foster, David 98 

Foster, Jamie 98 

Foster, Kimberly 98 

Foster, Rebecca 98 

Foster, Stephanie 98 

Fouberg, Erin 137 

Fowler, Kristen 98 

Fox, Katherine 98 

Foxworth, Suzanne 98 

Foy, Jenni 98, 216, 217 

Frackelton, Robert Jr.... 137 

Frakes, Rachel 32, 98 

Franca, Christine 98 

Francis, Chaka 80 

Franco, Marie Adams 80 

Franco, Michael 62, 80, 235 

Francois, Taria 98 

Frank, Jacqueline 98 

Frank, Jason 98 

Franke, Trixy 99 

Franklin, Amy 80, 248 

Franklin, Bob 45 

Franklin, Qreta 62, 80 

Franklin, Teresa62, 80, 246 

Franklin, Wayne 99 

Frankston, Jeffrey 99 

Fratzke, Charmaine 99 

Fraysse, Reba 80 

Frazer, Leah 99, 223 

Frazier, Daniel 99 

Frazier, David 99 

Frazier, Ronald 99 

Freed, Adrienne 99 

Freeman, Amanda 80 

Freeman, Damon 99 

Frere, Eric 99, 215 

Freret, Daniel 99 

Freshwater, Jonathan 99 

Freund, Elizabeth 137 

Frey, Valerie 99 

Frick, Joe 167 

Frick, Joseph 99 

Friday, John 80 

Friedman, Dustin 62, 

80, 243 

Frisbie, Daniel 99 

Frommelt, Anne 99, 175 

Fry, Katherine 62, 80 

Frye, Carolyn 99 

Frye, Jenna 99 

Fuentes, Jose 99 

Fulk, Randall 99, 215 

Fuller, Robert 80 

Fuller, Stephen 138 

Furlong, Theresa 99 

Furman, Lindsey 99 

Furst, Kathryn 99 

Futrell, Michael 99 

Class Council 

First Row: Joel Nelson, Danielle Adams, Katy 
Bell, Nathan Myers. Second Row: Lauren 
Oviatt, Jen Amore. Third Row: Derek Correll, 
Daniela Kelly, Madelyn Marino, Jordan Monroe, 
Rachel Silbaugh, Paige Qolden, Val Quartarraro, 
Jaime Dowdy, Jen Lucas, Elana Rousseau. 

Omicron Delta 

First row: Bridget Qeiman, Kelly Bowling, 
Kimberly Kelley, Melissa Fallen. Second Row: 
Steven Spurry, Henry Odom, Brian Sweet, 
Michael Franco. 

perspectives K 261 

Gable, Eric 138 

Qagnon, Aaron 62, 99 

Gaines, James 158 

Gaiba-Brigiit, Jacob 80 

Gailaglier, Daniel 99 

Gallagher, Jane 99 

Gallagher, Rachel 99 

Gallahan, Constance .... 138 

Gallant, Casey 80 

Gallehugh, Rebecca 99 

Galligan, Bridget 99 

Qallihugh, Jeremy 99 

Qallik, Stephen 138 

Gallo, Tiffany 99 

Galloway, Victoria 99 

Gallup, Christopher 99 

Gallup, Elizabeth 99 

Gamboa, Elizabeth. 99, 191 

Gamon, Sarah 99 

Garmon, Carole 138 

Garner, Kathryn 99 

Garner, Ryan 99, 228 

Garon, Cynthia 99 

Garrett, Laura 99 

Garrison, Barbarsa 80 

Garth, William 99 

Qarvey, Annika 62, 80 

Garwood, Margaret... 62, 80 
Gasser, Kristy.... 32, 33, 99 

Catling, Lakenna 99 

Gayle, Judith 99 

Qeib, Ryan.... 99, 184, 185 

Geiger, Elizabeth 62, 80 

Geiger, Erin 99 

Qeiman, Bridget 99, 217 

Qeis, Kensey 99 

Qelardi, Courtney 80 

Qelder, Rachel 99, 180 

Qelzer, Stuart 99 

George, John 139 

George, Kelly 62, 80 

Gerber, Allison 99 

Gerber, Emily 99 

Germain, St., Martine ... 125 

Germanos, Dora 99 

Germanos, Liz 187 

Gervat, Briana 99, 216, 217 
Giammarinaro, Adam .... 99, 

192, 193, 220, 221 
Giannopoulos, Angela .... 99 

Gibbons, Rebecca 99 

Gibbs, Lindsay 99 

Gilbert, Jennifer 99 

Gilbert, Joelle 99 

Gildersleeve, Sarah 99 

Giles, Shari 99 

Gillespie, Carmen 139 

Gilmore, Mary 99 

Gilpin, Timothy 99 

Gilreath, John 99 

Gimpel, Evan 99 

Ginivan, Kathleen 99 

Gins, Eric 80 

Gionfriddo, Laura... 99, 143 
Girable, Suzanne 59, 80 

262 K the index 

Given, Deanna 100 

Givens, Erin 100, 157, 177 

Gjollma, Sardi 100 

Gladden, Melanie 100, 

226, 227 

Glaeser, Kurt 139, 187 

Glaettli, Lauren 100 

Glass, Catherine 100 

Qlassgow, Kira 100 

Qleason, Lindsey 100 

Qloukhoff, Julia ... 100, 227 

Gobeille, Bethany 100 

Qochenour, Kathy 100, 

190, 191 

Godburn, Kathryn 100 

Qoebel, Amanda .... 65, 136 

Goebels, Carsten 100 

Goehring, James 139 

Goetz, Meghan 100 

Golay, Scott 100, 185 

Golden, Paige 100, 179 

Goldsmith, Pauline 100 

Goldstein, Gabriel 100 

Gologorsky, Keith 100 

Gomez, Juliette ... 100, 278 

Qonyo, Peter 80 

Gonzalez, Katherine 100 

Gooch, Megan 100 

Goodwin, Daniel 100 

Goralski, Pattyk 100 

Gordan, Kristin 219 

Gorder, Kathryn 100 

Gordon, Kristin 100 

Gordon, Leah.. 63, 80, 253 

Gordon, Roy 139, 185 

Gore, Sherese 100 

Gorman, Marc 100 

Qoss, Florence 100 

Goswami, Dheeraj 100 

Qottgetreu, Timothy 100 

Gottlieb, Stuart 100 

Gough, Stephen 139 

Gould, Allyson 100 

Gould, Judith 100 

Gourdine, Keisha 100 

Graap, Katherine 100 

Qrable, Suzanne .... 63, 100 
Graboyes, Jennifer 100, 201 

Grace, Erika 63, 80 

Graceffo, Robert 100 

Grady, Cyrus 100 

Qraeber, Erin 100 

Graham, Andrea 63, 80, 


Graham, Jeffrey 100 

Graham, Kathryn 63 

Graham, Lyndsay 100 

Graham, Mary 100 

Qrala, Alyson 100 

Grampp, Erin 100, 208, 209 

Gratz, Roy 138 

Graver, Karen 100 

Graves, Aaron 80 

Graves, Brian 100 

Green, Jason 100, 185 

Green, Kimberly 80 

Green, Nora 101 

Green, Virginia 101 

Green, Wendy 101 

Greenbaum, Erin 101 

Greene, Brenda 80 

Greene, Dan 101, 193, 220 

Greene, Geoffrey 101 

Greene, Jessica 80 

Greening, James 80 

Greenlaw, Steven 1 38 

Qreenleaf, Mark 63, 80 

Greenly, Lisa 101 

Qreenway, Cheryl 101 

Gregory, Heather 80 

Qreven, Greg 220 

Qreven, Gregory 101 

Griffin, Margaret 80 

Griffin, Stephen 138 

Griffith, Frederick 101 

Griffith, Kimberly 101 

Griffith, Rebecca 101, 

193, 222, 223 
Griffith-Perham, Randy .101 

Griffiths, Sarah 80 

Griggs, Paul 101 

Grimm, Diane 80, 216, 217 

Grimm, Erin 101 

Qroesbeck, Ashley .48, 101 

Grogg, Emily 101 

Grondin, Ashleigh 101 

Gross, Leigh 80 

Grossman, Scott 80 

Grove, Diane 101 

Grove, Linda 80 

Grubb, Merilee 101 

Grubb, Suzanne 101 

Grue, Ryan.. 101, 224, 225 
Grussendorf, Andrew ... 101 
Quarino, Giselle 101, 

187, 217 

Guarriello, Daniel 80 

Gubitosi, riichole 63, 

71, 80, 101 

Quedenet, Melanie 80 

Guedri, Christine 63, 80 

Gueits, Letissa 101 

Guido, Matthew 101 

Guinn, Elizabeth 101 

Gulrich, Erica 101 

Gultineh, Dereje 101 

Qunnett, Victoria 101 

Gunther, Will 101, 215 

Guptill, Daniel 101 

Gurien, Robin 138 

Guthridge, Amanda 101 

Guthrie, Elizabeth 101 

Gutzler, Michael 101 



Ha, Hong Suong 101 

Haas, Brett 80 

Haas, Eric 101 

Haas, Nathaniel 101 

Haase, Curt 101 

Hackenburg, Elizabeth 101, 
195, 223 

Madiji, Nessim 101, 204 

Madley, Nathan 101 

Haessler, Stacy 101 

Hagen, Almira 101 

Haggard, Meredith 101 

Hague, Lisa 101 

Hahn, Jesse 101, 194 

Hairfield, Valerie 101 

Hairston, Cris 102 

Haislop, Retha-Lyn 102 

Hale, Robert 102 

Haley, Kate 102 

Haley, Lydia 102 

Hall, Annie 102 

Hall, Brian 102, 185 

Hall, Bronson 102, 224 

Hall, Dana... 138, 188, 217 

Hall, Philip 138 

Hall, Rachel 102 

Hallam, Daniel 80, 102 

Hallman, Diana 102 

Hallman, Julie 102 

Halterman, Allison 102 

Hamilton, Allison 102 

Hamilton, Kristin 102 

Hamilton, Laura 80 

Hamlin, Jill 102 

Hamm, Matthew 102 

Hamm, Tania 102 

Hampton, Nicole 102 

Hampton, Steve ... 135, 139 

Han, Brandy 63, 80 

Han, Gina Mi 102 

Han, Soo 63 

Hanback, Tiffany 102 

Hand, Stephanie 65, 80 

Hanley, Matthew 102 

Hanna, Stephen 148 

Hannah, Erin 102 

Hannon, Debra 102 

Hannon, Lauren 102 

Hansen, Bradley 139 

Hansen, Dianna64, 80, 247 

Hansen, Sharyn 102 

Hanson, Breann 102 

Hanson, Jesse 102 

Hanson, Leanne 102 

Harcum, Justin .... 102, 185 

Hardesty, Samantha 102 

Hardie, Jessica 102 

Hardin, Carrie 102 

Hardin, John 102 

Harding, James 139 

Harding, Paul 44 

Harding, Ryan 102 

Hardisty, Robert 102 

Hardisty, Teresa 102 

Hardy, Jessa 102 

Hardy, LaShaun 102 

Hardyman, Jessica 80 

Harkey, Allyson 34 

64, 80, 102 

Harm, Gregory 102 

Harmison, Keith 80 

Harney, Sara 102 

Harper, Jamie 102 

Harper, Sabrina 102 

Harrell, Lindsey 102 

Harren, Emilee 80 

Harrigan, Amanda 102, 219 

Harrington, Ashley 102 

Harrington, Denise 102, 

198, 199 

Harris, Abigail 102 

Harris, Diana 102 

Harris, Ernest 102 

Harris, Ernie 220 

Harris, Jeanene 102 

Harris, Jennifer 102 

Harris, Michael 80, 102 

Harris, Micole 102 

Harrison, Johanna 102 

Harrison, Sarah 102 

Harron, Catherine 102 

Hart, David 139 

Hart, Rebecca 32 

Hart, Sandra 80 

Hart, Teresa.... 32, 33, 102 

Hartland, William 102 

Harvey, Rebecca 102 

Harvey, Robert 80 

Harvey, Ruth 145 

Harward, James 80 

Harwell, Heather 64 

Hash, Jennifer 80 

Hasley, Aliza 102 

Hassan, Vara 102 

Hastings, Stephen 102 

Hata, Dana 80 

Hata, Qreg 102 

Hatch, Diane 139 

Hatch, Sabrina 102 

Hatfield, Ariel 102 

Haughney, Angela 102 

Haus, noreen 102 

Havas, Karyn 102 

Havasy, Erika 103 

Havelka, Scott 103 

Havens, Jennifer 103 

Havilla, Kathrin 80 

Hawell, Heather 80 

Hawkes, Michael 80 

Hawkins, Erica 103 

Hawkins, Juli 103 

Hawthorne, Amy 103 

Hayden, Heather 103 

Hayden, Kristina 103 

Hayden, Sharon 80 

Hayes, Jenna 103, 195 

Hayes, Kelli 103 

Hayes, Melanie 64, 80 

Hayes, Suzanne 64, 80 

Hayob, Jodie 139 

Hays, Allison 103 

Hazelton, Clifford 103 

Hazzard, Jayme 103 

Head, Travis 103 

Headen, Enid 103 

Heaky, Todd 80 

Healey, Hoa 103 

Healey, Jason 103 

Heath, Colleen 103 

Heath, Dena 103, 207 

Hebert, Jennifer 103 

Heddell, Anthony 103 

Hedleston, Mary 103 

Hedrick, Bradley 80 

Hedrick, Kimberly 103 

Heflin, Daniel 103 

Heflin, Teresa 103 

Hegmann, Edward 140 

Heimerie, Matt 184, 185 

Heimerle, Matthew 103 

Hein, Elizabeth 103 

Hein, Seth 171 

Helbling, Todd 149, 204 

Helfrich, Anya 103 

Helldoerfer, Katie 103 

Heller, Amanda 80 

Hemstreet, Heather.. 64, 80 

Henck, Adrienne 103 

Henderson, Katrinal03, 144 

Henderson, Paul 103 

Hendrick, Jennifer 103 

Hendricks, Charlotte .... 103 
Hendrickson, Christina . 103 
Hendrickson, Elizabeth 103 

Henley, Keri 45, 

103, 142, 157, 278 

Henley, Virginia 103, 

202, 219 

Henneberg, Robert 103 

Henrot, Axel 103 

Henry, Casey 103, 201 

Henry, Kia 103 

Hensel, Philip 80, 105 

Hensley, Charyl 103 

Hensley, Jessica64, 80, 246 

Heny, Cheryl 80 

Hepner, Angle 103 

Herbert, Lisa 80 

Herbert, Meaghan 103 

Herl, Lindsay 103 

Herman, Amey 103,278 

Heroman, Kelly 103 

Herr, Jacqueline 64, 80 

Herring, Chad 103 

Herrmann, Cynthia 103 

Hershey, Frantz 103 

Herwick, Barbara 103 

Herzog, Claudia 80 

Heslep, Erin 103, 166 

Hess, Charles 103 

Hess, Joey 201 

Hester, Travis 103 

Hettema, Jennie 103 

Heuser, Martha 103 

Hewat, Amy 103 

Heyne, Bree 103, 187 

Hibbert, Annette ....64, 103 

Hickerson, Kevin 103 

Hickland, Joshua 103 

Hickman, Jason 103 

Hicks, Kelli 103 

Hicks, Laura 103, 210, 211 

Hicks, Ruth 105 

Higgins, Katherine 105 

Highley, Megan .... 103, 219 

Hightower, Leigh 103 

Hildebrandt, Ashley 104 

Hill, Emily 104 

Hillard, Charles 80 

Hillers, Christopher 104 

Hilliker, Taylor 104 

Hillmann, Laura 104 

Hinchliffe, Stephen 104 

Hinckley, Rebecca 104 

Hinds, Delisa 80 

Hines, La'Lita 104, 219 

nines, Marianne 104 

Hinkle, Jennifer 104 

Hinkle, Lawerence 80 

Hinkle, Ray 104 

Hinman, Sarah 64, 80 

Hinson, Michelle 64, 80 

Hinton, Timothy 104 

Hirschman, Rebecca .... 104 

Hite, Benjamin 104 

Hitz, Kendra 104 

Hitz, Whitney 104 

Hitzelberger, Chris ...21, 65 

Film Committee 

First Row: Jennifer Rokasky, Katya Valluzzo< 
Becca Besancon. Second Row: Katharine Kerr] 
Casey Selden. 


First Row: Karen Graver, Bryan Ayler, Amj 
Saterwhite, Sarah Jones. 

perspectives K 263 

Hjelm, Kevin 80 

Ho, June 104 

Ho, Stefanie 104 

Hoar, Cara 67, 80 

Hobbs, Susan 104, 278 

Hobson, Lisa 104 

Hockaday, Kurt 80 

Hockmuth, Kevin 80 

Hodge, Julie 140 

Hodges, Amanda 104 

Hodges, David 104 

Hodgman, Jonathan 104 

Hodgson, J.B.I 04, 214, 215 

Hoell, Matthew 104 

Hoerer, Tanya 80 

Hoffman, Jeff 104, 195 

Hoffman, Matthew 104 

Hoffmann, Meghan 80 

Hogan, Anthony 104 

Hogan, Christopher 104 

Holdren, Bradley.. 140, 219 

Holian, Laura 80 

Holl, Theresa 104 

Holland, Elizabeth 104 

Holland, Katherine 104 

Hollar, Qillian 104, 219 

Hollen, Lisa 104 

Hollenbach, nancy 104 

Hollenbeck, Jill.... 104, 199 
Hollenbeck, Julie . 104, 227 
Hollerieth, Matthew .. 64, 80 

Hollinger, David 104 

Holloway, Kathryn 104 

Holloway, Thomas 104 

Hollowell, Michelle ...64, 80 

Hollownia, Ed 215 

Holmes, Cameron 104 

Holmes, Leighann 104 

Holownia, Ed 228 

Holownia, Edward 104 

Holt, Bryan 84, 104, 157 

Hoitslag, Tera 64, 80 

Holtzman, Zachary 80 

Holzworth, Rebecca 104 

Honaker, Laura 104 

Hoogland, Karen .. 104, 223 

Hooker, James 104 

Hooker, Matt 224 

Hope, Courtney 80 

Hormel, Aven 104, 209 

Horn, Clare 104 

Home, Ashley 104 

Home, Margaret 104 

Home, Stacy 104 

Horwath, Christel 104 

Horwath, Peter 80 

Horwitz, Julie 104 

Hossainkhail, Michele... 104 

Hossli, Jennifer 104 

Hottle, Karen 104 

Houck, Joy 32, 64, 80 

Houghtalin, Liane 140 

Houle, Rebecca 104 

Houts, Julie 64, 80 

Hovdestad, Amy 104 

Hovdestad, Beth 104 

Hovis, David 104 

Hovorka, Katherine Ann 104 

Howard, Jeffrey 104 

Howard, Pamela 80 

Howay, Noytom 104 

264 H the index 

Howell, Cary 104 

Howell, Jessica 104 

Howland, Arthur 104 

Howlin, Barbara 104 

Hubbard, Garrett 104 

Hube, Amelia 65, 80 

Huber, Margaret 140 

Hudgins, Angela 105 

Huey, Julia 105 

Huff, Julie Kay 105 

Huff, Stacey 105 

Huffman, Chanell 105 

Huffman, Vera 105 

Hughart, Margaret 105 

Hughart, Matthew 105 

Hughes, Janet 140 

Hughes, Katherine 105 

Hughes, Michael 80 

Hughes-Segrives, Elise.... 80 
Huley, Helen 105, 198, 199 

Hummel, Andrew 105 

Hummel, Elizabeth 105 

Hummel, Margaret 105 

Humphries, Linwood .... 105 

Hunsinger, Matthew 105 

Hunt, Christopher 105 

Hunt, David 141 

Hunt, Jennifer 65, 80 

Hunt, Katherine 105 

Hunt, Sarah 105, 219 

Hunter, Qeoff 105 

Hurdle, Susan 105 

Hurtado, Neva 105 

Huskey, Melissa 105 

Hutchinson, Rhonda 105 

Hutchinson, Shannon65, 80 

Hutton, Paul 105 

Hyatt, Michael 105 

Hydom, Debra 141 

Hyson-Stover, Mandi 105 



larrobino, Nicole 105 

Ideson, Rob 229 

llagan, Janet 105 

Im, Soo Han 80 

In, Sung 105 

Indzeris, Laura 105 

Ingham, Rosemary 141 

Inman, Janet 105 

Insley, April 105 

Ippoliti, Luke 105 

Iqbal, Aamina 65, 80 

Iqbal, mina 156 

Ireland, Lauren 105 

Isaacs, Jessica 105 

Isberto, Irene 105 

Isdell, Lara 105 

Isdell, Wendy 105 

Ives, Rachel 105 

Ivey, Robert 105 

Ivie, Andrew 105, 220 

Ivy, Joseph 105 

J ' 

Jackson, Elizabeth 105 

Jackson, Jessica 65, 80 

Jackson, Keri 65, 80 

Jackson, Sarah 105 

Jackson, Shirley 105 

Jackson, Susannah ..65, 80 

Jacobini, Angela 105 

Jageman, Julie 65, 80 

Jahagirdar, Preeti 105 

Jahngen, Matt 105 

James, Cara 80 

James, Christopher 105 

James, Troy Sheton 81 

Jancaitis, Mary 105 

Janik, Michael 80 

Jantzi, Katie 105 

Jarratt, Meredith 105 

Jarrett, Beth 65, 73,80 

Jarvis, Caroline 105 

Jarvis, Jennifer 105 

Jaskowiak, Rian 105 

Javins, Douglas 105 

Jean, Barbara Reed 81 

Jeffers, Vicki 105 

Jeffrey, Christine 65 

80, 188, 189 

Jenkins, Christy 105 

Jenkins, Scott Steven... 105 
Jenkins, Stephanie 105, 

193, 223 

Jenni, Rebecca 80 

Jennings, Alison 105 

Jennings, Bonnie 105 

Jennrich, Katherine 105 

Jensen, Dennis .... 105, 219 

Jernigan, Anne 105 

Jerome, Elisabeth 105 

Jian, Alireza 80 

Jiulianti, Emily 105 

Joerger, Teresa .... 105, 193 

Johansen, Erin 105, 219 

John, Joseph McCallister 81 

Johnson, Alicia 105 

Johnson, Ben 106, 195 

Johnson, Bradley 106 

Johnson, Brenda 80 

Johnson, Bryan 106 

Johnson, Christopher... 106 

Johnson, Faye 106 

Johnson, James 106 

Johnson, Jennifer 66, 

80, 106 

Johnson, Jessica 106 

Johnson, Jessica Carlton 106 

Johnson, Jyll 106 

Johnson, Natalie 23 

35, 61, 66, 80 

Johnson, Nicholas 106 

Johnson, Rebecca.. 80, 106 

Johnson, Sara 80, 245 

Johnson, Steven 106 

Johnson, Taniya 106 

Johnston, Annie 106 

Johnston, Brenda 106 

Johnston, Erik 106 

Johnston, James 106 

Johnston, Jay 224 

Johnston, Kelly.... 106, 278 

Johnston, Meredith 106 

Johnstone, Brenda 254 

Jolley, Cathy 106 

Jones, Claudia 106 

Jones, Danny 80 

Jones, Heather 106 

Jones, Jamal 106 

Jones, Kenneth 106 

Jones, LaQuia 106 

Jones, Larry 106 

Jones, Licia 106 

Jones, Marc 192, 193, 220 

Jones, Marcellus 106 

Jones, Mechelle 106 

Jones, Megan 106 

Jones, Nicole 106 

Jones, Sarah 106 

Jones, Shannon 66 

80, 106, 209 

Jones, Shaunte 106 

Jones, Timothy 106 

Jones, Travis 106, 192, 

193, 220 

Jordan, Amanda 80 

Jordan, Anna 66, 80 

Jordan, Thomas 106 

Jordan, Tiffany 80 

Joyce, Sara 106 

Joyner, Veronica 106 

Juarez, Fernando 106 

Jubett, William 106 

Judy, Garry 106 

Juggins, Penny 106 

Julian, Kyle 106 

Jury, Victor 106 

Justin, Brent Logan 248 



Kaiser, Andrew 106 

Kakava, Christina 141 

Kaliszewski, Keith 106 

Kampf, Kelly 107 

Kane, Lyda 80 

Kane, Sara 107 

Kapoor, Koonj 107 

Kariuk, Rachel 107 

Karwowski, Christopher 107 

Kasun, Peggy 80 

Kates, Sadia 80 

Kaye, Robyn 107,219 

Kazmier, Mark 24, 107 

Keane, Catherine 107 

Keaney, Liz .... 80, 200, 201 

Kearns, Maria 107 

Keefe, Erin 107 

Keeling, Jennifer 107 

Keenan, Erin 107, 227 

Keeney, Faith 80 

Kegerise, Cory 107 

Keith, Cynthia 107 

Keith, Jordy 107, 209 

Keith, Rachel 107 

Kelaher, Laura 107 

Kelhart, Kevin 80 

Keller, Elizabeth 107 

Keller, Katherine 107 

Kelley, Daniela ... 66, 69, 80 

Kelley, Qale 107 

Kelley, Kimberly 107 

Kelley, Patricia 66, 80 

Kellock, Kristen 107 

Kelly, Adam 107 

Kelly, Bradford 80 

Kelly, llona 107, 187 

Kelly, Michelle 66, 107 

Kelmelis, Michael 107 

Kelsey, Eric 107, 176 

Kemp, Brooke 107 

Kemp, William 141 

Kendall, Caitlin 107 

Kenna, Ryan 107, 196 

Kennard, Seth 107 

Kennedy, Dawn 107 

Kennedy, Teresa 141 

Kenney, Bernice 107 

198, 199 

Kenney, Cara 66, 107 

Keppinger, Amy 80 

Kerr, Katharine 66, 107 

Kesner, Jennifer 107 

Key, Michelle 66, 80 

Keyser, Laura 107 

Keyser, Victoria 107 

Khalsa, Harijot 107 

Kick, Mohan 80 

Kidwell, John 107, 196 

Kilinski, Steven 107 

Kilkenny, Andrea 107 

Killarney, Ryan 107, 215 

Killian, Joella 140 

Killingsworth, Patrick.... 107 

Killmon, Davian 107 

Kilmartin, Christopher .. 140 

Kim, Inhea 107 

Kim, Regina 107, 278 

Kim, Theresa 107 

Kindrat-Pratt, Lesia 107 

King, Brie 108 

King, Channing 108 

King, Elizabeth 108 

King, George 140 

King, Kerryn 108 

King, Mari 108 

King, Rachel 108 

King, Rebecca 108 

King, Teresa 108 

King, William 108 

Kingham, Megan 108 

Kinnamon, William 80 

Kinnear, Megan 66, 80 

Kipp, Zebulun 108 

Kirchner, Melissa 20, 

108, 188 

Kiser, Beverly 108 

Kissell, Melanie 108 

Kittrell, Melissa 108 

Klaus, Jennifer 108 

Klaus, Philip 108, 196 

Klayton-Mi, Margaret 149 

Kleiman, Jordan 108 

Klein, Johanna 80, 187 

Klein, Melissa 108 

Kleinhample, Sara 108 

Kleinman, Jordi ... 184, 185 

Kleykamp, Bethea 108 

Klingaman, Elizabeth.... 108 
Klingler, Matthew.. 108,215 

Knapp, Ashley 108, 207 

Knarr, Mary 80 

Knott, Eric 80 

Knowles, Isaac 108 

Knowlton, Kristina 108 

Koblinsky, John 108 

Kochert, Erik 108, 220 

Koehler, Jennifer 108 

Koether, Rachel 108 

Kohler, Benjamin 108 

Kohler, Catherine 108 

Kohne, Amanda 108, 

201, 231 

Kohne, David 80 

Kohr, Andrew 108 

Kokosky, Marc 108 

Kolakowski, Julie . 108, 227 

Kolar, David 155, 140 

Kolb, Chastity 108 

Kollins, Eileen 108, 278 

Kollmann, Kimberly 108 

Kology, Kathryn 80 

Konieczny, Janusz 140 

Kook, Aaron 108 

Kopchinski, Leslie .... 66, 80 

Kopecky, Justin 108 

Kopich, Suzanne 80 

Kopp, Jonathan 66, 80 

Korniotes, Jennie 108 

Korniotes, Matthew 108 

Korslund, Eric 108 

Kossi, Michael 80 

Kota, Aaron 108, 220 

Kovaleski, Mary 108 

Kovalik, Steven 108 

Kowalchick, Courtney.... 65, 


Koza, Josef 108 

Kozak, Karol 108 

Kraft, John 80 

Krain, Vallerie 80 

Kramer, Christi 108 

Kramer, George 80 

Kramer, Kelli 108, 219 

Kramer, Pam 217 

Kramer, Pamela 108 

Kraus, Nancy 66, 80 

Krause, Maureen 149 

Kraut, Jonathan 108 

Krebs, Allison 108, 201 

Kreidler, Kassandra 108 

Krempa, Vanessa 66, 80 

Krempasky, Alexandra.... 80 
Krepinevich, Stephanie 108 

Krickus, Richard 140 

Krieger, Kelly 108 

Krisowathy, Kevin 80 

Krohn, Kristin 108 

Krone, Rebecca 108 

Krukles, Randy 108 

Kruthers, Robin 108 

Kubicsko, Jenelle 108 

Kuehn, Rebecca... 108, 188 

Kugler, Katherine 108 

Kuhn, Ernest 108 

Kuhns, Kristina 108 

Kuhstoss, Shelia 80 

Kukiel, Lauren 108, 223 

Kulis, Emilie 108 


First Row: Shirley Johnson, Monica Price, Joe 
Frick, Erin Hesiep. 

Islamic Student 

First Row: Tashfeen Bhimdi, i\mina Shafi, Uzma 
Enayatulla. Second Row: Angela Magyis. Third 
Row: Valerie Leon, Amna Shamim, Myra Mufti. 

perspectives K 265 

Kutschman, Joseph 108 

Kuty, Janine 108 

Kwasney, Jill....66, 80, 201 
Kwerel, Jessica .... 109, 219 
Kydes, Parthena 109 



Lacey, Leonard 109 

Lack, Sharon 109, 227 

LaClair, Christopher 109 

Lada, Erin 109, 195 

Ladd, Stacey ... 67, 80, 248 

Lafate, Chennei 109 

LaFrance, Amy 80 

LaQamma, Matthew 109 

Lainhart, Julia 109 

Laitala, Lauren 109 

Lake, Liz 109, 222, 223 

L'Allier, Hilary 109 

Lam, Stuart 109 

LaMarque, Donna 109 

Lambe, Cathleen 80 

Lambert, Alexandra 109 

Lambiasi, Anthony 109 

Lambiasi, Michelle 67, 

80, 109 

LaMont, Katherine 109 

Lampinen, i^evin .. 109, 167 

Lamy, Cavelle 109 

Landers, Jessica 109 

Landes, Candice 109 

Lane, Ann 109 

Lane, Jason 109 

Lane, Taylor Darin 109 

Lang, Jared 109 

Lang, Matthew 109 

Langan, John 80 

Lange, Matthew 109 

Lange, Michael 109 

Langhauser, Courtney .. 109 

Langille, Carissa 67, 80 

Langley, Laura 109 

Langley, Patrick 80 

Langston, Nicole 109 

Lanier, Denise 109 

Lankford, Amy 109 

Lantz, Merissa 67, 80 

Lapar, Andre 109, 200, 201 

LaPointe, Michelle 109 

Laprade, Cindy 109 

Larkin, Mary 80 

Larkins, Deborah 109 

Larocco, Catherine 109 

Larsen, Michael.... 109, 170 

Laskiewicz, Cynthia 109 

Lau, Ryan 109 

Lauer, Micole 109 

Law, Emma 109 

Lawler, Adam 53, 109 

Lawmaster, John 80 

Lawrence, Heidi 109 

Lawrence, William 80 

Lawson, Carl 109 

Lawson, David 109 

Lax, Jennifer 109 

266 K the index 

Layman, Matthew 109 

Layne, Kerry 67, 80 

Le, Anh 109 

Le-Si, Dzanh 1 10 

Leachtenauer, Amy 109 

Leadem, Shawn 109 

Leaty, Kim 109 

Leckburg, Dan 109, 195 

Lederhouse, Russell 109 

Lee, Jennifer 109 

Lee, Karen 109 

Lee, Kari 80 

Lee, Mary Kate 109 

Lee, Michael 80 

Lee, Sun 109 

Lee, Timothy 80 

Lee, Yoo Kyung 109 

Leeker, Loretta 109 

Leftwich, Laura 80 

Leggette, Jennifer 109 

Lehman, James 141 

Leigh, Raechelle 242 

Leigh, Whitney Wallace . 250 

Leigh-Anne, Janaye 254 

Leightner, Robin 109 

Leipertz, Barret 109 

Lemieux, Matthew 109, 201 

Leming, Wendy 80 

Lemire, Matthew 109 

Lemoine, Bernard 141 

Lenderhouse, Russell 80 

Lengyel, Katie 80, 188 

Lenyi, Leslie 109 

Leon, Valerie 109 

Leonard, Kristy 110 

Leonard, Robert 110 

Leong, Tara 110 

Leonhard, Nathaniel 110 

Leskowitz, Carolyn 110 

Lester, Stephanie 80 

Letkiewicz, Benjamin .... 80, 

LeVangie, Matthew 110, 196 

Levis, Brian 110 

Levy, Erik 80 

Levy, Melanie 110 

Levy, Rachel 67, 80 

Lewis, Elizabeth 141 

Lewis, James 110, 195 

Lewis, Jennifer 110 

Lewis, Lynn 141 

Lewis, Robert Sharp 245 

Lewis, Suzanne 51, 110, 


Libby, Brian 1 10 

Libby, Kevin 110 

Libby, Sarah 110, 190, 191 

Liebau, Robert 141 

Lienau, Frances 80 

Likowski, Jon 43, 

184, 185, 200, 201 

Likowski, Jonathan 110 

Lillard, Joy 67, 80 

Lilley, Shannon 110 

Lillo, Cynthia 1 10 

Lilly, Colleen 67, 80 

Lily, Kathryn Campbell ... 80 

Lincoln, Gregory 80 

Lindsay, David 110 

Lindsay, Kimberly 80 

Lindsay, Meagan 1 10 

Linn, Melanie 110 

Linnerooth, Sarah 110 

Linton, Kevin 80, 185 

Liola, David 1 10 

LiPuma, Kristine 110 

Lisenbee-Wander, Debra 1 10 

Lister, Claire 80 

Little, Tia 1 10 

Littlehale, Catherine80, 251 

Littrell, Phillip 110 

Liu, Peter 110 

Lively, Brett 1 10, 197 

Li vesay , Christina 110 

Lloyd, Dana 1 10 

Lloyd, Lindsay. 67, 80, 201 

Locke, Branden 80 

Locklear, Jennifer 110 

Lockwood, Emily 1 10 

Loden, Kevin 1 10, 204 

Loeffle, Edna Jenkins 80 

Loesch, Jacqueline 1 10, 187 

Loesser, Kathryn 141 

Lofgren, Stephanie 1 10 

Logan, Brent 80 

Loh, Caroline 1 10, 199 

Lonergan, Natalie 110 

Long, David 142 

Long, Elizabeth 1 10 

Long, Jennifer 67, 80 

Long, Katie 110 

Long, Meeghan 110 

Long, Paige 219 

Longfellow, Ryan 1 10 

Lora, Christine 110 

Lotsey, Carolann 110 

Lotts, Nora 110, 180 

Lotze, Cynthia 110 

Louden, Elissa 1 10 

Lough, Meredith 110 

Lourido, Tania 110 

Lovelady, Christine 110 

Lovett, Gary 80 

Lovins, David 110 

Low, Jessica 110 

Lowe, Eric Price 1 10 

Lowe, Susan 110 

Lowry, Anna 110 

Lozenby, Kira 80 

Lu, Cai 1 10 

Lualow, Kathleen 80 

Lucas, Jennifer 110 

Lucas, Sarah 110 

Ludwig, Christina 110 

Lukac, Marykate 110 

Lukas, Jennifer 110 

Lupton, Courtney 110 

Luteran, Andrea 110 

Lutterbie, Bryan 1 10 

Lux, Kristina 110 

Lydon, John 110 

Lydon, Kathleen 110 

Lydon, Meredith 110 

Lynch, Cristine 110 

Lynch, Kathleen Ill 

Lynch, Ryan 80, 215 

Lynch, William Ill 

Lynn, Penny Tingler 81 

Lynne, Amy Mullins 81 

Lyon, Sarah 80 

Lyon, Theresa Ill 

Lyons, Carolyn .... Ill, 200, 

Lyons, Meghan Ill 



Mac Luskie, Kevin 278 

Macatuno, Aura Ill 

MacConnachie, Ann 1 1 1 

MacDonald, John 142 

MacDonald, Meredith .. Ill, 


MacDonell, Kate Ill 

MacEwen, Bruce 142 

Mack, Victoria 80 

MacKinney, Jessica 1 1 1 

MacLauren, Mary 80 

MacLay, Katherine 1 1 1 

MacMichael, Shannon ..111 

MacNeil, Kelley Ill 

MacPhail, Katherine 1 1 1 

MacTaggart, Johanna ... Ill 

Madden, Rachel Ill 

Maddern, Jennifer Ill 

Maddox, Jessica .... 68, 1 1 1 

Maddox, Josh 68, 80 

Madigan, Brendan 80 

Madsen, Kathleen Ill 

Mahaley, Victoria Ill 

Maher, Jenny Ill, 201 

Mahon, Julia Ill 

Mahoney, Bernard 142 

Mahoney, James Ill 

MahonStetson, Christopher 

1 1 1 
Mahony, Shauna .. 111,219 

Major, James Ill 

Malati, Christine Ill 

Malik, Khurram 68, 80 

Malin, Michael Ill 

Malin, Mike 215 

Malloy, Scott Ill 

Maloche, Tracy Ill 

Malove, Mickael Ill 

Mancini, Nicholas Ill 

Mancini, Phillip Ill 

Mangels, Ryan Ill 

Manges, Emily Ill 

Mangus, Jennifer 80 

Mangus, Kristen 1 1 1 

Mani, Katie Ill 

Manion, Kevin Ill 

Manley, Emily Ill 

Mann, Crystal Ill 

Mann, Emmett Ill 

Mann, William 80 

Manning, Carol 142 

Mansaray, Mahesha Ill 

Mansfield, Megan Ill 

Mansheim, Denise Ill 

Manspile, Christy Ill 

Manzano, Rodrigo Ill 

Marcella, Orrin Ill 

Marchese, Emilie 80 

Mareck, Lee Ill 

Margeton, Catherine 1 1 1 

Margolies, Melissa 111, 201 

Marie, Lisa 231 

Marinas, Amante 68, 81 

Marino, Madelyn... Ill, 178 
Marino, Matthew 68, 81 

Markey, Ryan 1 1 1 

Markham, Anna 1 1 1 

Markley, Charles 81 

Marley, Christopher Ill 

Marsh, Brian 11 1, 215 

Marshall, David 1 1 1 

Marshall, LaToya 1 1 1 

Marshall, Meaghan Ill 

Marshall, Melony Ill 

Marshall, Mathan 1 1 I 

Marshall, Whitney. Ill, 176 

Marsland, Stacey Ill 

Marsnick, Stephanie 1 1 1 

Marston, Carrie 1 1 1 

Marston, John Ill 

Martin, Adam 1 1 1 

Martin, Adrienne 1 1 1 

Martin, Alison 68, 81 

Martin, Andrea 1 1 1 

Martin, Ciara 1 1 1 

Martin, Edwin Ill 

Martin, Gregory 81 

Martin, Hugh 1 12 

Martin, Karen 68, 81 

Martin, Laura 1 12 

Martin, Lynda 112 

Martin, Mary 81 

Martin, Michael 1 12 

Martin, Patricia Anne .... 1 12 

Martin, Robert 81 

Martin, Tim ....81, 204, 205 

Martinelli, Erin 1 12 

Martinsen, Heather 81 

Martonik, Brian 68, 81, 249 
Martonik, Marty.... 193, 220 
Masaniello, Christen . 68, 81 

Maslanka, Michelle 112 

Mason, Michelle 112 

Mason, Ryan 112, 214, 215 

Masterson, Patrick 112 

Mastin, Anne-Marie 81 

Mata, Wayne 112, 143 

Matamala, Claudia 112 

Mathias, Jordan 112 

Matson, Lindsay 112 

Matthew, Lance Nelson 249 

Matthews, Nicole 68, 

81, 248 
Matthiessen, Melissa .... 112 

Mattingly, Regina 68, 81 

Mattran, Jenna 112 

Mattson, Charlene 112 

Mauney, Patrick 112 

Mauser, Karen 81 

Maxey, Sheila 112 

Maxfield, James 81 

Maxwell, April 112 

Maxwell, Jennifer 112 

May, Diana 68, 81 

May, Kimberly 67, 81 

May, Ryan 1 12 

Mayers, Cheryl 1 12 

Mayes, Sandra 112 

Mays, Alison 112 

Mazzarella, Megan 112 

McAfee, Andrew 112 

McAllister, Carisa 112 

McAllister, Marie 142 

Mcaskill, Sean 112 

McAuliffe, Lynda 1 12 

McAuliffe, Meghan 112 

McBride, Christine 135, 143 

McCabe, Margaret 81 

McCall, Sarah 81 

McCall, Venitta 143 

McCalla, Erin 1 12 

McCallister, Joseph 68 

McCallum, Gordon 1 12, 180 

McCandish, Robert 177 

McCandlish, Robert 112 

McCann, Kelly 1 12 

McCartin, Mary 1 12 

McCarty, Erin 1 12 

McCaughey, Jessica 1 12 

McClintock, Patricia 81 

McComas, Melanie 112 

McCone, Jonathan 112 

McConnell, Robert 143 

McCormick, Kimberly... 1 12 

McCoy, Aaron 112 

McCoy, Ashley 112, 201 

McCrocklin, Erin 112 

McCrone, Rob 220 

McCrone, Robert 68, 81 

McCrystal, Michelle 68, 

81, 249 
McDavid, Benjamin .. 68, 81 

McDonald, Jennifer 112 

McDonald, Jill 1 12, 219 

McDonald, Joshua 81 

McDonald, Kelly ... 112, 278 
McDonough, Catherine... 81 

McDougal, Ellen 112 

McDowall, Robert 81 

McDuff, Sheila 81 

McEachen, Heather 81 

McEatheron, Mark 224 

McEathron, Mark 113 

McElroy, Sarah 81 

McFariane, Matt 69, 81 

McQaha, Brenna... 1 13, 219 

McGee, Elizabeth 113 

McGinn, Katharine 1 13 

McGlamary, Kari 69, 81 

McGovern, Gina 113 

McGrady, Sarah 69, 81 

McGuigan, Alison 113 

McHale, Rebecca 113 

McKee, Robert 113 

McKeeby, Elizabeth .. 69, 81 

McKelvey, Tasha 69, 81 

McKenna, Michael 81 

McKeoun, Megan 69, 81 

McKerahan, Tiffany 113 

McKinney, Dana 81 

McKinney, Mary 113 

McKinney, Virginia 1 13 

McLain, Alysia 113 

McLaughlin, Jennifer ... 113, 

222, 223 

McLearen, Samuel 81 

McLellan, Duncan 81 

McMackin, Elaine 113 

McMahon, Joseph 113 

McMahon, Minda 113 

McMillan, Jennifer 113 

McMoran, Carin 81 

McMorrow, Maureen 113 

McMullen, Lynne 113 

McNabb, Samuel 81 

McNally, Philip 113 

McNatt, Kasey 1 13 

McNinch, Kathleen 1 13, 216, 


French Club 

First Row: Amey Herman, Michelle Powell. 
Second Row: Shecci Pothies, Rachel Worley, 
Kelly Engel, Rebecca Dolphin, Kevin Cain. Third 
Row: Ancel Henrot, Carissa Langille, Lisa Myers. 

Hispanic Student 
Association j 

First Row: Maria Fernandex-Pizzi, Veronica 
Schultz, Wendy Ramirez, Cheryl Publete, Ivan 
Belmonte Vasquez. Secon Row: Miriam Pujals, 
Kara O'Connor, Lindsay Qibbs, Jean Figarell, 
Tasha Beras, Monica AgudeJo, Johany Mojica, 
Erica Davis. | 

perspectives K 267 

McNulty, Katelyn 1 13 

Mcomas, Melanie 199 

McQuain, Amanda 113 

McQuary, Shannon 113 

McSherry, Lindsey 1 13 

McSherry, Megan 113 

McTigue, Erin 113 

Meade, Rita 113 

Meadors, Christine 113 

Meadows, George 143 

Mears, Adam 113 

Mease, James 81 

Medhurst, Margaret 1 13 

Medina, Esmeralda 113 

Mediyn, Erin 1 13 

Medlyn, Lora 81 

Medved, Brian 113 

Meeks, Katie 1 13 

Meenan, Laura 81 

Meese, Heather 81 

Megan, Mary McDonald... 81 

Mehalko, Joseph 113 

Meharg, Sarah 113 

Meisberger, Michael 1 13 

Meiser, Peter 1 13, 204 

Mellington, Jessica 113 

Meluzio, Christina 113 

Mentis, Euphrosyne 81 

Mentis, Senie 69 

Mentz, Colleen 113 

Menz, Kristin 1 13, 198, 199 

Mercado, Andrew 113 

Mercer, Amanda 113 

Mercer, Brent Edward ... 113 
Meriwether, Stephanie.... 81 
Merker, Michael.... 1 13, 220 

Merriam, Stephanie 113 

Merrill, Erin 1 14 

Merrill, Michael 1 14 

Merrill, Patricia . 69, 81, 249 

Merrill, Sammy 143 

Merten, Katherine 114 

Merth, Katherine 81 

Mertz, Andrew 114 

Merzlak, Adam Marcus .114 

Merzlak, Jonathan 114 

Meska, Jennifer ... 114, 163 

Messer, Elizabeth 114 

Messinger, John ... 1 14, 278 

Messore, Qianina 1 14 

Metzger, Patricia 143 

Meyerhoff, Corinne 114 

Meyers, Kim 231 

Mia, Young Smith 81 

Michaels, Matthew 114 

Michalis, Patricia 114 

Michalosky, Brianna 114 

Mickelsen, Alicia 114 

Midlin, Christopher 114 

Miele, Dominic 81 

Miele, Heather 1 14 

Miles, Erin 114 

Miller, Adam 114 

Miller, Alicia 1 14, 157 

Miller, Alistair 1 14 

Miller, Audrie 114 

Miller, Jaime 114 

Miller, Jennifer 1 14, 278 

Miller, Kelley 114 

Miller, Lee 1 14 

Miller, Megan 114, 278 

Miller, Michael 1 14, 219 

268 K the index 

Miller, Nathaniel 114 

Miller, Rebecca 1 14, 227 

Miller, Sara 114 

Miller, Sarah 26, 1 14 

Mills, Angela 1 14 

Mills, Derek 1 14 

Mills, Elizabeth 1 14 

Mills, Qartih 1 14 

Milner, Jessica 1 14 

Milnes, Annwyn 114 

Mimnaugh, rieva 69, 81 

Miner, Timothy 114 

Miodek, Katrina 1 14 

Mirabello, James 69, 81 

Mirabile, Michael 114 

Mitchell, Cara 1 14 

Mitchell, Jeffrey 1 14 

Mitchell, Katherine 81 

Mitchell, Yurissa70, 81, 223 

Mizelle, Melanie 114 

Mock, Margaret 278 

Modelski, Theresa 114 

Moeller, Janelle 114 

Moeller, Thomas 142 

Moffett, Erin 1 14 

Moffitt, Christopher 114 

Mohanty, Suchi 70, 81 

Mohia, Karan 114 

Mohler, Corinne ... 1 14, 219 

Mohs, Seth 114 

Mojica, Johany 114 

Monaco, Joseph 114 

Monaghan, Sara 70, 81 

Monahan, William 114 

Moncrief, Susan 114 

Mongold, Britney 70 

81, 223, 243 

Monk, Diane Smith 114 

Monroe, Brian 81 

Monroe, Jordan 114 

Montana, Michele 81 

Montepare, Jay81, 213, 224 
Montgomery, Andrew ... 114 
Montgomery, Elizabeth.. 70, 

Montgomery, Gilbert ... 1 14, 


Moody, Ingrid 114 

Moore, Catherine 114 

Moore, Erika 114 

Moore, Gregory 114 

Moore, Jennifer 114 

Moore, Jessica 114, 147 

Moore, Kathryn 114 

Moore, Kimberly 1 14 

Moore, Leah 114 

Moore, Margaret 81 

Moore, Meghan 115 

Moore, Sandra 81 

Moore, Stefani 1 15 

Moore, Susan 81 

Moorhead, Lindsay 1 15 

Moran, Kendra 115 

Moran, Krista 81 

Moran, Meghan 115 

Moraras, Dolradee 115 

Morello, John 142 

Morgan, Kelly 70, 81 

Morgan, Leslie 

115, 201, 230 

Morgan, Matthew 81 

Morgan, Patricia 1 15 

Morgan, Robin 1 15 

Morgan, Sandra 115 

Morgan, Travis 115 

Morin, Danielle 1 15, 187 

Morin, Francisco 1 15 

Morris, Jessica .... 115, 188, 


Morris, Kevin 115 

Morris, Sarah 115 

Morris, Timothy 115 

Morrison, Samuel ... 81, 115 

Morrow, Mark 115 

Morton, Brown 142 

Morton, Sabrina 115 

Mory, Steven 115 

Moschella, Christopher. 115 

Mospan, Matthew 115 

Moss, Jennifer 115 

Mosser, Josh 224 

Motley, Sarah 115 

Mountjay, Marc 81 

Mousseau, Melanie 115 

Moyers, Adam 115 

Mozeleski, Matthew 81 

Mozolic, Jennifer.. 115,219 

Mufti, Myra 1 15 

Muhleman, Rebecca 115 

Muhlenfeld, Vanessa 

115, 178 

Muller, Sara Kate 115 

Mullins, Deidra 115 

Munning, Jesse 115 

Munson, Shannon 115 

Murafsky, Dusty 115 

Murphy, Erin 115, 169 

Murphy, Jeanette 115 

Murphy, Kathleen 115 

Murphy, Kelly 115 

Murphy, Matthew 115 

Murray, Carolyn 115 

Murray, Denise 115 

Murray, Elaine. 70, 81, 254 

Murray, Erin 115 

Murray, Jennifer 70, 81 

Murray, Maria 115 

Musson, Daniel .... 1 15, 278 

Mutarelli, Colleen 115 

Mycko, Kimberly 115 

Myers, Jenna ....70, 71, 81, 


Myers, Kathleen 115 

Myers, Kimberly 70, 81, 201 

Myers, Lisa 115 

Myers, Margaret 115 

Myers, Meredith 115 

Myers, Montgomery 115 

Myers, Monty 170 

Myers, Nathan 115 

Myrick, Peggy 115 

Myrick, Thomas 115 



naden, Alexander 115 

Maggies, Angela 70, 81 

Nails, Debra 142 

Nance, Stephanie 115 

Napolitano, Ryan 43, 

1 15, 224 

Nardi, Gina 115, 217 

Narvaez, Raechelle 81 

Nash, Jennifer 1 15 

Nash, Sara 115 

Nathan, John Riley 111 ... 243 

Naumann, Rebecca 115 

Navarre , Natalie 115 

Neale, Justin 1 15, 214, 215 

Nease, Jr., James 70 

Nease, Sy 195 

Nehrling, Benjamin 81 

Neiburg, Andrew 70, 81, 


Neidig, Elizabeth 115 

Neilson, Tori 115 

Nelson, Brandy 115, 

188, 207 
Nelson, Jay... 81, 204, 205 

Nelson, Jeremiah 116 

Nelson, Joel 116 

Nelson, Lance 81 

Nelson, Laura 116 

Nelson, Margaret 116 

Nelson, Rebecca 116 

Nelson, Sarah 116 

Nemeth, Pamilla... 116, 201 

Nenninger, Lisa 116 

Nero, Rebecca 116 

Neviackas, Kara 31, 116 


Neviackas, Kristin 116 

Nevitt, Jason 116 

Newcomer, Meghan 116 


Newman, David 116 

Newman, Jennifer 116 

Newman, Lindsey 116 

Newman, Sarah 81 

Newsham, Patrick 81 

Newton, Rachel 81 

Ng, Karen 70, 81 

Nguyen, Linda 81 

Nguyen, Nhu-Tranf 81 

Nicholas, Joseph 142 

Nicholas, Mary 81 

Nichols, Caroline 70, 81 

Nichols, Katherine 116 

Nichols, Lauren 81, 116 

Nicholson, Kelli 81 

Nickel, Lorene 142 

Nicolai, Sara 116 

Nicoll, Ian 116 

Niebuhr, Vera 143 

Nieves, Shannon.. 116, 187 

Nighthorse, Betsy 116 

Niklawski, Ryan 116 

Nikolic, Nikola 143 

Nino, Jonathon 81, 185 

Nisoff, Jennifer 116 

Nissim-Sabat, Denis 143 

Nissim-Sabat, Michael .116, 

Nobile, Shannon .. 1 16, 188 

Noel, Megan 70, 81 

Noel, Veronica 116 

Noesner, Kelly 116 

Nolen, Anna 116, 219 

Nolker, Nicole 116, 209 

Nomeyko, Allison 116 

rioon, Devon 81 

Morneet, Sarah 81 

riorman, April 116 

Norman, Carissa 71, 81 

Norris, Kiley 1 16 

Norris, Samantha 116 

Morwood, Patricia 143 

Novitski, Tina 1 16 

nowak, Kellie 1 16 

Mowell, Christopher .71, 81 

Muedling, Kristin 1 16 

Nye, nancy 81 


Oaks, Susan 116 

O'Brien, Bruce 143, 149 

O'Brien, Douglas 116 

O'Brien, Shaun 1 16 

Occhiuzzi, Jennifer 116 

Och, Marjorie 144 

Ochs, Stephanie 116 

O'Connor, Kara 1 16 

O'Dell, Deborah... 143, 149 
Odom, Henry .... 49, 71, 81 

Odom, John 1 16 

O'Donnell, Carol 116 

Often, Clint 144, 278 

Ogden, Alta 1 16 

Ogden, Vickie 116 

Oglesby, Deborah 116 

Oglesby, Samuel 81 

O'Qrady, Daniel 81 

Ogu, Anne 116 

Oh, Young 116 

O'Hara, Janice 116 

O'Hea, Jonathan 116 

Ohisson, Michael 116 

Okeson, Gene 116 

O'Laughlin, Jaclyn 116 

Olchowski, Allison 116, 217 

O'Leary, Christine 1 16 

O'Leary, Jennifer 116 

Olivares, Leslie 116 

Olive, Samantha ....81, 246 

Oliver, Dawn 116 

Oliver, Margaret 116 

Olsen, Reidar 116 

Olson, Joan 144 

Olson, Patricia 81 

Omann, Emilee Harren . 247 

Onda, John 71, 81 

O'Neil, John 81 

O'Neil, Sean 1 16 

O'Neill, Daniel 1 16 

Opp, Cristabel 1 16 

Orlando, Anthony 71, 81 

Orlando, Carol 116 

Orwoll, Karen 116 

Osborn, Sarah 116 

Osborne, Jennifer 116 

Osegueda, Rosibel 116 

Osmer, Laura 117 

Osterman, John 71, 81 

Ostrowski, Lara 117 

Ostrzyzek, Derrek. 117, 215 

Often, Sean 1 17 

Otter, Tina 1 17 

Ottersten, Kathleen 81 

Ottinger, Elizabeth 81 

Otto, Caroline 117, 211 

Otto, Sean 71, 81 

Overend, Erin 1 17 

Oviatt, Lauren 117, 178 

Owen, Andrea 117, 187 

Owen, Katharine 1 17 

Owen, Morgan 1 17 

Owens, Patrick 117 

Ozanich, Brett 117, 224 

Pack, Sarah 50, 51, 71, 81, 


Pack, Whitney 117 

Packard, Katherine 117 

Packard, Michael 117 

Padgett, James 1 17 

Padgett, Wendy 117 

Padgitt, Kail 117 

Pagani, Sabrena 117 

Page, Marshall 117 

Page, Monica 117 

Pagnani, Alison 117 

Paice, Brian 1 17, 215 

Painter, Andrew 117 

Pak, Maylian 27, 71, 81 

Pakurar, Kerri 71, 

73, 81, 160, 278, 279 

Palivoda, Stanley 117 

Palmedo, Michael 81 

Palmer, Valerie 81 

Palmer-tloffman, Julie72, 81 

Palmier!, Jessica 117 

Palowitch, Tammy ..81, 144 

Panek, Katherine 117 

Panlilio, Michael 117 

Pantazis, Laura 117 

Pantazis, Rose 117 

Papaefthemiou, Stephanies 1 
Papaefthimiou, Demetra 1 17 
Pappalardi, Laura 72, 

81, 252 
Paradalanuza, Santos ... 117 

Parham, Shavaris 117 

Park, Trent 1 17 

Park, Yoo-Jin 1 17 

Parker, Allison 117 

Parker, Carolyn 117 

Parker, Casey 117 

Parker, Dennis 73 

Parker, Joe 278 

Parker, Judith 144 

Parker, Kate .... 72, 81, 135 

Parker, Kimberly 81 

Parker, Mike 1 17, 224 

Parker, Zachary 117 

Parr, Gillian 1 17 

Parrish, James 117 

Parsons, Elizabeth 81 

Pastre, Dominique 117 

Patch, Mike 278 

Grace Campus 

First Row: Emily Richards, Mike Qerdes, Kar^ 
Springer, Andrea Graham, l^en Stourt, Maria 
Stourt, Shawn Stevens, Chris Randall. Second 
Row: riatalie Dyl^tra, Ronnette Cooper, Katy 
Schmidt, Christi Qourley, Michelle Clark, Tang 
Subkanha, Hope Washington. Not Pictured: 
Leah Philbrick, flachei Koether, Laura Sussman, 
Melanie Mizelle, Sara Felix, Anh Lee. 


first row: Travis Head, Sarah Crow, Katie Parker, Beckv 
flynn, Susan Oaks, Jessica Wells, Courtney Langhauser; 
Sara Kane. Second row: Suzy Hayes, Anne rrommelfc 
Katie Duffett, Jamie faytec, Katherine Arnold, WendJ 

perspectives K 269 

Patchell, Brianne 117 

Patel, Rupesh 117 

Paterni, Joshua 72, 81 

Patrick, Tiffany 67, 

72, 73, 81 

Patricia, Troy 1 17 

Patrick, Wynne 117, 160 


Patterson, Emily 1 17 

Patterson, Katy 117 

Pattie, William 1 17 

Patton, Jessica 117 

Paturynski, Stepiien 117 

Pavlik, Tricia 1 17, 278 

Paxton, John 117 

Payne, Joseph 117 

Paz, Cynthia 81 

Peacemaker, James 117 

Pearl, Hannah 117 

Pearlman, Karen 81 

Pearson, Elaine 117 

Pech, Sarah .117, 208, 209 

Peck, Benjamin 117 

Peine, Joshua 117 

Pelkey, Kimberly 117 

Pellegrino, Jessica 117 

Pelletier, Melissa 30, 

117, 145, 160, 278, 279 

Pemberton, Jessica 117 

Penalosa, Lina 117 

Pencek, Carrie 1 17 

Pendergraft, Christopher 81 

Pendergrast, Joey 81 

Pendleton, Erin 117 

Pendleton, Nary 144 

Penney, John 117 

Penwell, Larry 144 

Perdikoylis, Christopher 118 

Perez, Julia 1 18 

Perez-Liceaga, Vivian .... 118 

Perkins, Emily 118, 20 

Perkins, Michael 8 

Perrin, Ashley 72, 8 

Perron, Shandel 8 

Perry, Ellen 72, 73, 81, 21 

Perry, Kevin 8 

Perry, Kirsten .. 
Perry, Suzanne 

Pete, Melody 81 

Peters, Suzanne ... 

Peters, Wesley 

Peterson, Dahlia... 

Peterson, Greg 

Peterson, Jennifer 

Petrak, Bryan 

Petrick, Joseph .... 1 18, 2 
Petruzzi, Megan 

Petty, Holly 

Petty, Lauren.... 
Peyton, Evelyn . 

Pfaff, Ladorna 81 

Pflumm, Stephanie 

Phelps, Heidi 

Phemister, Virginia 

Philbrick, Leah 

Phillips, Jennifer 

Phillips, Kathryn 

Phillips, Leah ...72, 81 

Phillips, Meredith 

Phillips, Nancy 

Phung, Nguyan 


Piatt, James 81 

270 K the index 

Pickens, Erin 1 18, 235 

Pickett, Marika 81 

Pietrzyk, Michael 118 

Pietrzyk, Michelle 118 

Pifer, Richard 118 

Pifko, Tricia 1 18 

Pillai, Divya 1 18 

Pinkou'ski, Lukas 81 

Pinsky, Sarah 118 

Pinto-Coelho, Sarah 1 18 

Piper, Kevin 1 18 

Pipke, Nathan 35 

Piszker, Melissa 118 

Pitner, Claire 1 18, 219 

Pittman, Elizabeth 118 

Pittman, Joe 73 

Pitts, Brian 118 

Pitts, Joshua 1 18 

Pitts, Lillian.... 72, 81, 188, 


Pitts, Sarah 1 18 

Pizzaro, Joshua 118 

Plant, Jennifer 1 18 

Plummer, Constance .... 118 

Piunkett, Richard 1 18 

Poblete, Cheryl 118 

Podorski, Jerry... 72, 75,81 
Polack-Wahl, Jennifer... 144 
Pollock, Mathias... 1 18, 228 

Pomerleau, Robert 118 

Pond, Asheley 1 18 

Poole, Brad 224, 225 

Poole, Bradley 81 

Poole, Davis 118 

Poole, Rebecca 118 

Pope, Claire 278 

Pope, Titus 1 18 

Popescu, Jeanine 81 

Popo, Delia I 18 

Poppert, Laura 119 

Port;er, Abby. 119, 188, 189 

Porter, Courtney 119 

Porter, Robyn 1 19 

Porter, Wendy 119 

Poska, AUyson 145 

Possanza, Lauren 119 

Pothier, Sherri 81 

Pott, Jeffrey 81 

Potter, Stephanie 119 

Potts, Hilary 119 

Powell, Kerry 119 

Powell, Michelle 

I 19, 164, 209 

Powers, Jeffrey 1 19 

Powers, Jeremy 119 

Powers, Nathaniel 81 

Powers, Timothy 81 

Pratap, Kiran 1 19 

Premo, Paula 119 

Pressman, Elana ..119, 211 

Presson, Martha 119 

Prestan, Sarah 219 

Preston, Ben 72, 81, 

200, 201 

Preston, Katherine 1 19 

Preston, Sarah 1 19 

Prettyman, Erica 119 

Price, Christine 119 

Price, Jason 119 

Price, Kimberly 119 

Price, Monica 166 

Price, Patricia Qayle 1 19 

Price, Thaddeaus 1 19 

Price, Wendy 145 

Priest, Daniel 1 19 

Priest, Patrick 119 

Printy, Erin 1 19, 199 

Prior, Margaret 119 

Pritchett, David I 19 

Pritts, Amy I 19 

Privett, Mike 81, 220 

Proffitt, Heather 72, 81 

Provencher, Matthew .... 119 

Psitos, Annastasia 119 

Puglist, Peter 81 

Pullan, Lauryn 119 

Puma, Kristin 72, 81 

Purcell, Stephanie I 19 

q M 

Quackenbush, Kasey ... 119 

Quartararo, Valerie 1 19, 

147, 179 

Quinn, Laura 72, 81 

Quinn, Ryan.... 72, 81, 119 
Quinn, Susan 81 


Racanelli, Alexandra 1 19 

Racer, Scott 72, 81 

Racine, Ashley 119 

Radford, Katharine I 19 

Rafsky, Amanda 119 

Ragland, Kerri 119 

Rainbolt, Sara 119 

Rainear, Jennifer 119 

Rainey, Jennifer 119 

Rakowski, Julie 81, 193 

Rallis, Donald 145 

Ralph, Colleen 119, 219 

Ramcheran, Jan 81 

Ramey, Nicole. 73, 81, 245 

Ramira, Arnulf John 1 19 

Ramira, John 84 

Ramirez, Wendy ... 1 19, 164 

Ramsey, Lincoln 119 

Randlett, Ashley... 120, 201 

Randolph, Andre 120 

Ransom, Karen 120 

Ransone, Amanda 120 

Ransone, Sarah 120 

Rantz, Kelly 120 

Rapaglia, John 120 

Rapp, Ryan 81 

Ratcliffe, Jessica 120 

Ratliff, Amanda 120 

Ratliff, Daniel 73, 81 

Ratliff, Thomas 120 

Rau, Charles 81 

Raus, Alicia 120 

Raven, Whitney.... 120, 201 

Ray, Margaret 145 

Reading, Robert ... 120, 220 
Reagan, James 73, 81, 

137, 163 

Reaser, Mason 81, 246 

Reddinger, Natasha 120 

Reddinger, Terrence 120 

Reder, Magaly 81, 120 

Reed, Barbara 73 

Reed, Julie 120 

Reed, Raeschel .... 120, 223 

Reedy, Melissa 120 

Reedy, Robin 120 

Rees, Elizabeth 120 

Reese, Kristina 120 

Regan, Conor 120 

Regeimbal, Denise 120 

Rehorn, Carrie 120 

Reichers, Philip 81, 242 

Reid, Carly 120 

Reid, Kristine 73, 81 

Reierson, Mary 81 

Reigle, Laura 120 

Reil, Elizabeth 120 

Reininger, Pamela 120 

Reisenfeld, Karin..201, 231 

Reisinger, Lindsay 81 

Renee, Lori Soumah 81 

Renee, Tammy Jennings 80 

Repass, Jennifer 81 

Repole, Mary 120 

Rerucha, Mollie 120 

Resnick, Paul 81 

Reutzel, Robbie 120 

Revelle, Matthew 120 

Revelle, Meghan 120 

Reyes, Jason 81 

Reynolds, Hals 120 

Reynolds, Joanna 145 

Reynolds, John 145 

Reynolds, Thomas 120 

Rhatigan, Marc 81 

Rhodes, James 120 

Ricalde, Elizabeth 120 

Rice, Aric 120 

Rice, Jennifer 120, 227 

Rich, Alicia 120 

Rich, Lisa 81 

Rich, Mary 120 

Richards, Bevertey ... 73, 81 

Richards, Kate 120 

Richardson, Anne 81 

Richardson, Cory 120 

Richardson, Danielle 73, 81 

Richardson, Jeanne 81 

Richardson, Sarah 120 

Richko, Eric 120, 201 

Richter, Christopher .... 120, 


Rickel, Krista 120 

Rickenbrode, Deborah . 120 

Ridgeway, Kohn 81 

Ridpath, Anthony 120 

Ridpath, Tony 215 

Rieber, Christina 120 

Riede, Ulrike 120 

Riehl, William 73, 81 

Riesenfeld, Karin 120 

Riggleman, Katrina 81 

Rigsby, Loretta 120 

Rigsby, Mary 144 

Riley, Caitlin 120 

Riley, John 81 

Riley, Tim 201 

Riley, Timothy 120 

Rinker, Shannon 120 

Riordan, Chris 120, 224 

Ritchie, Jessica 120 

Rizzi, Lauren 73, 81 

Roach, Christine 120 

Roark, Tara 120 

Roberts, Brien 73, 

81, 193, 220, 221 

Roberts, IMatthew 120 

Robertson, Andrew 120 

Robertson, Drew .. 224, 225 
Robie, Katherine .... 81, 252 

Robinson, Rebecca 120 

Robinson, Timothy 120 

Robinson, Trina 120 

Rocha, Michael 120 

Rock, John ... 81, 193, 220 

Rodeffer, Mark 120, 161 

Roden, Meghan 120 

Rodgers, Toni 121 

Rodman, Sandra 74, 81 

Rodriguez, Katherine .... 121 

Rodriguez, Wendy 154 

Roeting, Ashley.... 121, 207 

Rogers, Jacob 121 

Rogers, Nicholas 121 

Rogers, Stacy 121, 187 

Rogers, Thomas 121 

Rohwer, Emily 74, 81 

Rojas, Maria 74, 81, 247 

Rokasky, Jennifer 121 

Roke, Jessica 121 

Roksvaag, Tracy 121 

Rolling, Virginia 121 

Rollins, Amanda 121 

Rollins, Donna 121 

Romaneski, Rebecca 35, 


Rome, Heather 74, 81 

Romera, Kathryn 81 

Rooney, Allison 121 

Roper, Julie 121 

Rone, Melissa 121, 219 

Rose, Amelia 121, 278 

Rose, Jessica 121 

Rose, Scarlet 121 

Rose-Jensen, Sarah 121 

Rosegrant, Melissa 121 

Rosenthal, Catherine.... 121 
Rosenthal, Elizabeth .... 121 

Rosone, Matthew 81 

Ross, Anthony 81 

Ross, Eva 74, 81 

Ross, Lindsey 121 

Ross, Rebecca 121 

Ross, Sarah 121 

Ross, William 121 

Rossi, Andrea.. 74, 81, 244 

Roswell, Meghan 74, 81 

Roth, David 121 

Roth, Michael 121 

Rothaug, Catherine 121 

Rousseau, Elena 121 

Row, Third 188 

Rowe, Jessica 121 

Rowland, nancy 81 

Rowley, Fenny 121 

Roy, Ethan 121 

Roy, Jason 121, 146 

Royal, Rebecca 121 

Royster, Chariotte 121 

Rubin, Elizabeth 81 

Ruby, Emily 121, 227 

Ruby, Jyllian 121 

Rucker, Cedric 144 

Ruckman, Graham 121 

Ruesch, Emily 121 

Ruiz, Hector 81 

Runion, Tiffany 121 

Russell, Laura 81 

Rutledge, Laura 81 

Ryan, Bonnie 121 

Ryan, Curtis 144 

Ryang, Key 144 

Rycroft, Robert 144 

Ryon, Cynthia ..74, 81, 235 

Sabandith, Kane 81 

Sabatelli, Brian74, 121, 224 

Sabo, Kristen 121 

Sabo, Shelley 121, 188 

Sachen, Sarah 121, 207 

Sack, Ann Marie 74, 81 

Sacksteder, Elizabeth ... 121 

Sadia, Reut 121, 170 

Saeed, Farah 121 

Saffos, Mitzi Hall 121 

Saifer, Catherine 121 

Saitta, Anthony 74, 81, 224 

Salgade, Erandi 81 

Salisbury, Constance.... 121 

Sallah, Jennifer 121 

Salmon, Andrew 121 

Salmon, Kellyanne 121 

Salo, Meghan 121, 187 

Salotti, Marc 121, 184, 185 

Salpeter, Michael 121 

Salpeter, Mike 200, 201 

Salzman, Lucas.... 121, 220 

Sampayo, Patricia 121 

Sampsell, Michelle 81 

Samson, Marena ..121, 219 

San, Wendy 121 

Sanborn, Misha 81 

Sanchez, Alison 121 

Sanders, Robert 121 

Sandridge, Michael 121 

Sands, Charles 81 

Sands, David 74 

Sands, Elizabeth 121 

Sandwick, Nicolette 121 

Sanner, Jennifer 121 

Santay, Mike 122, 224 

Santerre, Crystal 122 

Santilli, Beth 122, 193 

Santing, Eva 81 

Sapp, Melanie 122 

Sargent, Zac 163 

Sargent, Zachary 122 

Sato, Yuri 122 

Satterfield, Katyn 81 

Satterlee, Stacie 122 

Satterwhite, Amy 122 

Baptist Student 

First Row: Chastity Kolb, Heather Coniglio, Virginia Evans, 
Katherine Hunt, Marisa Eckard, Lisa Hague, Di Dittman, 
Jess Hensley, Susan Moncrie. Second Row: SarahAmick, 
Rachel Worley, Kim White, Nancy Krous, Kara Springer, 
Erin Askew, Mary Beth Walker, Brynna Scherloum, Lani 
Carnill, Shawn Leadem, Nikki Matthews, Jennifer 
Osbourne. Third Row: Susan Blanchard, Ronnette Coo- 
per, Melissa Fallen, Adrian Williams, Francenia Reed, 
Elisabeth Collins, Josh McDonald, Margot Bogart, Brian 
Aylor, Terry Smith, Stacey Bittner, Alicia Miller, Meg Home, 
Colleen Mentz, Jessica Jackson, April Plorman, Michelle 
Key, Jaime Bristow, Jennie Hettema, Qermanine Lane. 

Catholic Student 

perspectives K 271 

Saucedo, Todd 122 

Savage, Brian 122 

Savage, Todd 81 

Sawdy, Shannon 74, 81, 


Sayers, Charles 122 

Scanlon, Mara 149 

Scanlon, Timothy 122 

Scarborough, Victoria 81 

Scarr, Miriam 122 

Schabert, Edward 122 

Schaeffer, Andrew 122 

Schaeffer, Kelli 74, 81, 201 

Schaffter, Brian 81 

Schaible, Kristin 122 

Scharf, Bryan 122 

Scheerie, Kristen.. 122, 219 

Scheibe, Stephanie 122 

Scheibel, Bryce 122 

Scheig, Dwayne 81 

Schein, Alexander 81 

Schenning, Kristin 122 

Schepker, riathan 74, 81 

Scherloum, Brynna 122 

Scherman, Solson 122 

Schiavone, Catharine ... 122 

Schili, Kimberly 122 

Schiller, Erin 122 

Schilling, Buffy 122 

Schinkel, Irene.. 71, 74, 81 

Schirmer, David 122 

Schlesinger, Jyoti 81 

Schlotter, Ann Marie 122 

Schmidt, Andrea 81 

Schmidt, John 122 

Schmidt, Katherine 122 

Schmidt, Melissa 75, 81 

Schminke, Beth 122, 

216, 217 

Schmotzer, Mary 122 

Schmoyer, Sarah 122 

Schmucker, Samantha ... 75 

Schneider, Alexander 75, 81 

Schoembs, Kristen 122 

Schoenwetter, Julie 122 

Schon, Lea 122, 207 

Schools, Rebecca 122 

Schott, Patricia 122 

Schriber, Aaron 81 

Schuler, Chauntee-Micolel 22 

Schulte, Brenda 122 

Schultz, Adam 81 

Schultz, Kirsten 122 

Schultz, Olan 122 

Schultz, Veronica 122 

Schuman-Werb, Dorian . 122 

Schutt, Courtney 122 

Schutzman, Paul ..122, 215 

Schwartz, Christina 122 

Schwartz, Meredith 122 

Schwemer, Qretchen .... 122 

Scibal, Arthur 122 

Scoggins, Ryan 122 

Scopin, Edward.... 122, 215 

Scott, Carolyn 122, 165 

Scott, Keith 122 

Scott, Lee 122 

Scott, Matthew 122 

Scott, Raymond 144 

Scott, Samantha 122 

272 H the index 

Scott, Wendy 122 

Scruggs, Debra 81, 122 

Scruggs, Tanya 75 

81, 122, 254 

Scully, James 122, 185 

Scully, Jamie 185 

Sdeo, Gregory 122 

Scale, Sarah 122, 198, 199 

Seale, William 81 

Seay, Allison 122 

Seay, Emily 122 

Seay, Matthew 122 

Sebera, April 122 

Sebree, Stewart 122 

Sedaghatfar, Sarah 122 

Seddiq, Ramin 123 

Sederquest, Rachel 123 

Sedwick, Sunshine 123 

Seeley, Catherine 123 

Selden, Casey 123 

Self, Barbara 123 

Self, Donald 123 

Sellers, Michael 123 

Selwyn, Matthew 123 

Senechal, Jill 75, 81 

Senner, Laura 75, 81 

Serrell, Erika 123 

Sevier, John 123 

Sexton, Shannon 123 

Shabman, Reed ... 123, 224 

Shackelford, Sandi 123 

Shaffer, Jessica 123 

Shaffer, Michael 123 

Shafi, Amina 123 

Shamin, Amna 75, 81 

Shanahan, Kellie 123 

Shank, Erin 75, 81, 172 

Shannon, Erica 123 

Sharman, Michael 123 

Sharp, Robert; 75, 81 

Shaver, Betty 164 

Shaver, Elizabeth 123 

Shaw, Andrea 123 

Shaw, Matt 195 

Shaw, Matthew 123 

Shaw, Stephen 81 

Shaw, Syreeta 123 

Shea, Kathleen 81 

Shea, Kelly 123 

Sheaffer, Sheri 123 

Shear, Deborah 123 

Sheckels, Marie 145 

Sheeran, Melyssa 75, 81 

Sheffield, Allyson 123 

Sheffield, Christina 123 

Sheffield, Trusha 81 

Shelton, Kory 81 

Shelton, Kory Brooke 76 

Shelton, nicole 123 

Shepard, Shawna 161 

Shepherd, Shawna 81 

Shepley, Kathryn 123 

Shepos, Angela 123 

Sheridan, Matt 123, 215 

Sheridan, Thomas 145 

Sheridan, Tom 224 

Shenvood, Brian 123 

Shevlin, James 123 

Shifflett, Gary 81 

Shilling, Megan 76, 81, 188 
Shim, Ka-Ram 123 

Shirazi, Suerah 123 

Shiriey, Lillian 123 

Shoop, Brandon 123 

Short, Abigail 123 

Short;, Julie 123 

Show, Andrea 71 

Shugart, James 123 

Shugrue, Alex 123 

Shultz, Michael 81 

Siddall, Kira 123 

Siekierka, Stephanie 76, 81 

Silbaugh, Rachel 76, 81 

Silbaught, Rachel 69 

Silbermann, Leslie 81 

Silverman, Laura 123 

Silverstein, Lauren 123, 219 

Simmons, Michael 123 

Simms, Linda 123 

Sinha, Akash 123 

Sirois, Melanie 76, 81 

Sisco, Nicole 123 

Skorackyj, Elizabeth 123 

Slack, Melissa 123 

Slaughter, Lindsey 

76, 81, 249 
Slaughter, Steffany 1 23, 207 

Slawter, Kristen 123 

Sledjeski, Eve 81, 251 

Slepsky, Dana 123 

Sliwa, Sharon 123 

Slotsky, Karen 123 

Slough, Stephanie 123 

Sloysky, Karen 217 

Slunt, Keli 145 

Slusher, Kelli 123 

Slusser, Joshua 123 

Smaldore, Stephanie .... 123 

Small, Crystal 123 

Smart, Kimberly 123 

Smigliani, Sarah 123 

Smith, Amanda 123 

Smith, Amy. 123, 188, 278 

Smith, Christy 76, 81 

Smith, Colin 123 

Smith, Conor 

123, 202, 204, 205 

Smith, Constance 145 

Smith, David 76, 81 

Smith, Eari 123 

Smith, Ella 124 

Smith, Ellen 81 

Smith, Erin 124 

Smith, Jamie 124 

Smith, Jason 124 

Smith, Jennifer 76, 81 

Smith, Julie 81 

Smith, Karia 124 

Smith, Kelli 124 

Smith, Kendra 124, 219 

Smith, Kylie 124 

Smith, Lauren 124 

Smith, Malcolm 124 

Smith, Mandy 143 

Smith, Marta 124 

Smith, Martin 124, 184, 


Smith, Mary 76, 81 

Smith, Melissa 124 

192, 193, 219 

Smith, Michael 124 

Smith, Richard 81 

Smith, Robert 12-^ 

Smith, Roy 14f 

Smith, Ryan 124 

Smith, Sarah 12'^ 

Smith, Stephanie 12-? 

Smith, Terry 76, 81 

Smolian, Darielle 12-^ 

Snead, Michael 12-^ 

Snedeker, Mary .... 124, 187 

Snell, Paula 12-5 

Snellgrove, John 81 

Snellinger, John ... 124, 2 If 

Snelson, Jon 81, 22C 

Snider, Jenifer 12-^ 

Snowberger, Jessica 124 


Snyder, Amanda 12-^ 

Snyder, Jonathan 124 

Sobecke, Robert 81 

Soderholm, Judith 81 

Soderiund, Scott 124 

Sok, Emy 124 

Soldatow, Valerie 124 

Solka, Elizabeth 124 

Solms-Baruth, Oda 124 

Son, Anna 124 

Soper, Stanley 14f 

Sorrell, Craig 124 

Sorrentino, Nicholaus 81 

Sotzing, Christine 81 

Soule, Jessica 124 

Southard, Deborah.. 81,124 

Southard, Ted 124 

Southworth, Richard 124 

Spacek, John 124 

235, 278 
Spacek, Margaret . 124, 27£ 

Spadola, Quinn 124 

Spaid, Mary 124 

Sparks, Amanda 124 

Speakman, Richard 124 

Specter, Gregory 124 

Speed, Marc 124, 157 

Speed, Preston 124 

Speer, Connie 81 

Spellman, Rekesha 124 

Spence, Shelli 125 

Spencer, James 125 

Spencer, Katharene 125 

Spencer, Lauren 125 

Spencer, Lisa 125 

Spencer, Michael 125 

Spencer, Sarah 125 

Sperling, Susan 81 

Spicer, Lewis 125 

Spisak, Adam 125 

Spore, Dixie 76, 81 

Sport, Marvin 81 

Spotswood, Elizabeth ... 125 

Springer, Kara 125 

Springer, Nicole 125 

Sprunkel, Marion 125 

Spurry, Steven 125 

Squire, Peter 125, 169 

St. Clair, Kirsten 76, 81 

St. Clair, Tad 125, 224, 225 

St. Denis, Lesley 81 

St. Germain, Martine .... 187 

St. Pierre, Katrina 126 

St. Pierre, Marc 126 

Stacey, Laura 125 

Stacey, Sarah 81 

Stacy, Sarah 76 

Stafford, Laura 125, 187 

Stageberg, Stephen 146 

Stager, Joshua 125 

Stagg, Allison 125 

Stamler, Cheryl 125 

Stanford, Angela 125 

Stanley, Krissan 125 

Stanton, Gary 146 

Starace, Kevin 125 

Stark, Darlena 125 

Stark, Tiffany 125 

Starkey, Richard 125 

Stavitski, Julie 125 

Stazzone, Teresa 81 

Stearns, Suzanne 125 

Stecher, Jill 71,81, 

186, 187 
Stechler, Katrina... 125, 209 

Steckler, Debra 146 

Steele, Christopher 125 

Steele, John 125 

Steele, Michael 125 

Steinmetz, riicole 125 

Stempien, Holly 125 

Stempin, Wanda 81 

Stenger, Nicole 125 

Stensvaag, Anna 125 

Stepanick, Paul .... 125, 185 

Stephens, Katherine 125 

Stephens, Kathleen 125 

Sterbling, Stephanie 125 

Stevens, Nancy 81 

Stewart, Elizabeth 81 

Stiegler, Kristine 125 

Stiles, Sarah 125 

Stinchcomb, Noelle 81 

Sting, Ashley 125 

Stipicevic, Ann 125 

Stoddard, Jeremiah 81, 252 
Stoddard, Paul 125, 

196, 197 

Stoehr, Chrissi 125, 191 

Stokes, Martha 126 

Stoldt, Shannon 126 

Stoll, Amy 76, 81 

Stone, Etta 126 

Stone, Lisa 76, 81 

Stone, Lori 126, 227 

Stone, Mary 126 

Stoneburner, Andrea .... 126 

Stoner, Gregory 126 

Stoughton, Pete 278 

Stoughton, Peter .. 126, 278 

Stozek, Brian 126 

Strafalace, Kimberly81, 126 

Strand, Suzanne 126 

Strange, Megan 126 

Strange, Ryan 126 

Strasbaugh, Gregory. 77, 81 

Strazie, Michael 126 

Street, Virginia 126 

226, 227 

Strelka, Thomas 126 

Strickrodt, Meghan 126 

Stringfellovv, Jennifer ... 126 

Strohl, Mary 126 

tStrosnider, Michael 126, 219 

Stroup, Kelley 126 

Stuart, Byrony 126 

Studivanl, Ryane 126 

Stull, Greg 146 

Stum, Gwendolyn 126 

Sturm, Mark 126 

Style, Peter 126 

Suddarth, Andrew 1 26, 2 1 5 

Sugruc, Abigail 126 

Suilins, Jacob Dean 126 

Siillins, Jake 51 

Suilins, Jessica 77, 81 

Sullivan, Bethany 65, 

77, 81, 146 

Sullivan, Deborah 81 

Sullivan, Erin 126 

Sullivan, Leah 126 

Sullivan, Tamara 126 

Suizbach, Gabby.. 146, 278 

Sulzynsky, Viktor 126 

Summers, Margaret 81 

Sumner, Suzanne 146 

Surber, Gregory 81 

Surerus, Bree 126 

Susskind, Joshua 147 

Sussman, Laura 126 

Sutheriand, Erin 77, 81 

Sutliff, Emily 126, 207 

Sutphin, Katie 126, 163 

Sutton, Abigail 126 

Sutton, Jeremiah 126 

Suzuki, Kayo 126 

Swain, Christine... 126,217 

Swain, Erin 126 

Swanson, Craig 81 

Swanson, Megan 126 

Swanson, Rachel 126 

Swearingen, Megan 126 

Sweeney, Brian 126 

Sweeney, John 126 

Sweet, Brian 77, 81 

Swegan, Kathleen 126 

Sweigart, Angela 126 

Swisher, Aimee 126 

Swogger, Susan 77, 81 

Sydell, Jordan 126 

Sykes, Rachel 126 

Sylvester, Kimberly 126 

Sylvester, Melissa 81 

Symonds, Karen 126 

Synnott, Olivia 77, 81 

Szczesiak, Jane 126 


Taber, Lindsey 126 

Taggart, Lindsey 126 

Takvoryan, Emma 126 

Talmadge, Cristina 126 

Tanis, Jaime 126 

Tapp, Jessica 126 

Tarbet, Corie 126 

Tarquino, Ali 81 

Tartalio, Michelle 126 

Tarver, Audrea 126 

Tate, Luke 126 

Taylor, Caroline 126 


First Row: Bethany Sullivan, Diane Bounds, Jill 
Ellis, Liz Carroll, Donna LaNarque, Laura York. 
Second Row. Monica Agudelo, Kelli Kramer, 
Mathias Pollock, Jason Engelhardt, Jane 
Szczesiak, Jennifer Rice, Daniel Blumling, Scott 


First Row: Evan Qimpel. Second Row: Kelly 
Kreiger, Liz King. Third Row: Eric Haas, Alison 
Thomas, Kate McGinn, Melissa Rosegrant, Jane 
Atticks, Peter Qonyo. Fourth Row: Ken Jones, 

Josh Pitts. 


perspectives K 273 

Taylor, Christopher 81 

Taylor, David 126, 215 

Taylor, Lauren 126 

Taylor, Ruth 127 

Taylor, Susanne 127 

Teague, Celia 127 

Tebay, Joshua 127 

Teeter, Deana 127 

Tefera, Fasika 127 

Telichicheria, Meena .... 168 
Tellekamp, Jonathan .... 127 


Temple, John 147 

Templeton, Sarah 127 

Templeton, Thomas 127 

Templin, Hannah 127 

Tenenholtz, Helena 127 

Terrill, Delbert 81 

Terry, Elizabeth 127 

Terry, William 127 

Test, Jamie 214, 215 

Test, Robert 127 

Tews, Christina 127 

Thaden, Mark 127 

Thomas, Alison 77, 81 

Thomas, Brandy 127 

Thomas, Jessie 127 

Thomas, Krista 127 

Thomas, Lisa 127 

Thomas, Mary 81 

Thomas, Moira 127 

Thomas, Shawn 127 

Thomas, Stephanie 127 

Thomasson, Timothy.... 127 

Thompson, Aisha 127 

Thompson, Ashley 127 

Thompson, Courtney.... 127 

Thompson, Jon 220 

Thompson, Jonathan ... 127 

Thompson, Kevin 127 

Thompson, Laurie .. 81, 253 
Thompson, Ryan 127 

176, 278 

Thome, David 127 

Thorpe, Mandy 127, 187 

Thull, Virginia 127 

Thurber, Kurt 127 

Tice, Alyssa 26, 127 

Tillman, Amanda 127 

Tilman, David 81 

Timm, Cheryl 81 

Timmei, Laura 127 

Timmons, Stacey 81 

Timpane, Justin 81 

Timpane, Kelly 81 

Timpano, Christina 127 

Tinder, Amanda 127 

Tingler, Michael 127 

Tirelli, Justin 81 

Tisch, Lori 127 

Tisinger, Diana 

127, 216, 217 

Tobias, Miriam 127, 175 

Todd, Christopher 127 

Toema, Deanna 81 

Toeme, Dina 156 

Tomchek, Elizabeth 127 

Tomich, Paul 127 

Tomlin, Christopher 127 

Tomlinson, Judith 127 

274 K the index 

Toombs, Bradley 127 

Toone, Kathleen .. 127, 223 

Topping, Brian 127 

Torres, Marisabel 127 

Townsend, Caroline 127 

Townsley, Steve 127 

Traas, Daniel.... 77, 81, 134 

Tracy, Arthur 147 

Trainor, Stephanie 127 

Tramonte, Peter 127 

Tran, Linh 127 

Tran, Tu 127 

Treisner, Elizabeth 127 

Tremaglio, Andrew 127, 215 

Trenis, Meva 81 

Treston, Jessica 127 

Triplett, James 127 

Tripodi, Kathleen 127 

Trivett, Karen 127 

Trudeau, Sherri 127 

Trueworthy, Laurel 127 

Tucker, Carrie 127 

Tucker, Elizabeth 81 

Tucker, Kerrie 127 

Tupper, Kimberiy 127 

Turch, Michael 81 

Turcic, Kelly 127 

Turner, Brian 77, 

81, 185, 228 

Turner, Jean 128, 209 

Turner, Jessica 81 

Turner, Katy 128 

Turner, Lori 278 

Turpyn, Abigail 77, 81 

Tussing, Amber 78, 81 

Twomey, Meghan 128 

203, 216, 217, 278 
Tyler, June Crockett 80 



Uhalde, Yvette 128 

Uhrich, Lauren 128 

Ulmer, Caitlin 128, 219 

Uphaus, Adele 128 

Upton, Laina 78, 81 



Vaccaro, Rebecca. 128, 187 

Vago, Scott 128 

Valdes-Dapena, Victoria 128 

Valeyko, Julie 128 

Valitutto, Andrea 78, 81 

Valle, Lauren 128 

Valluzzo, Katya 128 

Van Til, Claire 188, 189 

Van Horn, Jason 81, 

193, 220 

Van, Mai 128 

Van, Sovany 128 

VanQelder, Alaina 128 

VanTil, Claire 128 

VanTuyl, Danielle 128 

VanZile, Melissa 128 

Varga, Kenneth 128 

Varlas, Laura 81 

Vasey, Craig 147 

Vazquez, Mary 128 

Veen, Grace Anne 128 

Venning, Amber 81 

Vera, Oscar 128 

Verdak, Christopher 128 

Vernoy, Phyllis 128 

Viadero, Thea 128 

Vibert:, Christopher 128, 215 

Vican, Christine 128 

Vickers, Jason 34, 81 

Vickery, Patricia 128 

Vierow, Eric 128, 196 

Viilu, Scott 81 

Villar, Caria 128 

Villers, Fiicolle 128 

Voelker, Leah 128 

Vogler, Lindsay 128 

Volonoski, Judy 81 

VonBargen, Jessica 128, 188 

VonderHeide, Mary 128 

Vooh, Clara 81 

Vorisek, Kristen 81 

Vose, Tyler 128 

220, 221, 278 
Voss, Ronald 128 



Wack, Elizabeth 128 

Waddy, Sherree 81 

Wadsworth, Meredith... 128, 

Wagner, Kelly 78, 81 

Wagoner, Darlene 128 

Wais, Devin 128, 278 

Walchester, Antonia.. 78, 81 

Walden, Laura 128, 217 

Waldrep, Rebecca 128 

Walker, Brian 81 

Walker, Cristy 81 

Walker, Katherine 81 

Walker, Mary 128 

Walker, Steven 128 

Walker, Tamara 128 

Walker, Theresa 128 

Walkins, Bart 128 

Wall, Robert 81 

Wallace, Anna 128 

Wallace, Jennifer 128 

Wallace, Jessica 128 

Wallace, Julianne 128 

Wallace, Katherine 81 

Wallace, Kristin 78,81,248 

Wallace, Louise 81 

Wallace, Meloney 128 

Wallace, Mene 128 

Wallace, Whitney 78, 81 

Waller, Chad 128 

Wallin, Allison 128 

Wallinger, Caroline 128 

Walsh, Brian 128, 193, 220 

Walsh, Jeanne 128 

Walsh, Lori 81 

Walsh, Sean 128 

Walter, Cristy 78, 128 

Walters, Kimberiy 128 

Walthall, Kristen 128 

Walton, Jocelyn 81, 251 

Wample, Chrissy .. 128, 219 

Ward, Carol 128 

Ward, Jennifer 128 

Ward, Jonathan 128 

Ward, Kimberiy 128 

Ward, Kristin 78, 81 

Warfield, Adam 128 

Warne, Dennis 81, 129 

Warner, Richard 147 

Warner-Eastman, Beth .. 129 

Warren, Abigail 129 

Warren, Tiffany 129 

Washburn, Kara 129 

Waters, Elizabeth 129 

Waterston, Andrea 129 

Watkins, nick 129 

Watkins, Stephen 147 

Watson, Monnie 129 

Weaver, Kristin 81 

Weaver, Rebecca 129 

Webb, John 129 

Webb, Justin 81 

Webb, Mike 185 

Webb, Robyn Nicole 129 

Webber, Keith 81 

Weber, Julie 129 

Weber, Katherine 129 

Weber, Lynne Ann 129 

Webster, Matthew 81 

Webster, Tara 78, 81 

Wedan, Jessica 129 

Weedon, Pati 129 

Weese, David 129 

Weese, Diana 129 

Wehrie, Eva Dell 129 

Weik, Thomas 81 

Weiland, Jeremy 129 

Weinberg, Kevin 129 

Weinburg, Yofi 81 

Weiss, Daniel 129 

Weller, Kate 129, 217 

Weller, Stacy 129 

Wellington, Marie 146 

Wellner, Ryan 81, 214, 215 

Wells, Amina 129 

Wells, Jessica 129 

Welz, Matthew 129 

Wentz, Sarah 129, 278 

Wenzler, Ellyn 129 

Wesley, Sarah 129 

Wessel, Jeffrey 129 

West, Alana 129, 

192, 193, 223 

West, Alex 129, 219 

West, Amanda 129 

West, Jonathan 129 

Westeriund, Lance 81 

Westfall, Christopher.... 129 
Wetzel, Kathleen 81 

Whalen, Karen 65, 81 

Whaley, Landon 81 

Wharen, Sarah 129 

Wheatley, Melissa 129 

Wheeler, Alicia 129 

Wheeler, Beth 78, 81 

Wheeler, Kristen 129 

Wheeler, Kristin 129 

Whelan, Grant 129 

White, Alexis 129 

White, Bridget 129, 187 

White, Chase 129 

White, Curtis 129 

White, Debra 129 

White, Geoffrey 78, 81 

White, Guy 129 

White, Heather 129 

White, Jasper 81 

White, Jocelyn 129 

White, Joseph 129 

White, Kathleen 129 

White, Kimberly 129 

White, Lisbeth 78, 81 

White, Lori 78, 81, 247 

White, Matthew 129 

White, Raymond 129 

White, Sandra 146 

White, Sarah 129 

White, Zachary 129 

Whited, Sheri 188 

Whiteley, Kyle 129 

Whiteman, Keith 129 

Whitlow, Jarrett 129 

Whitman, Fred 146 

Whitmire, Jeannette . 78, 8 1 

Whitmore, Jane 81 

Whitney, Beau 129 

Whittaker, Brigit 129 

Wickens, JosephLee 129 

Wiedenmayer, Geoffrey 1 29 

Wieland, Werner 146 

Wientjes, Meagan 129 

Wigge, Erin 129 

Wightman, Lisa 129 

Wilburn, Susan .... 129, 142 

Wilcox, Sharon 129, 209 

Wild, Robin 81, 188 

Wilde, Sarah 130 

Wilder, Rachel 130 

Wiley, Jennifer 130 

Wilhelm, Jassica 81 

Wilhour, Margaret 130 

Wilkenson, Emily 170 

Wilkins, Jennifer 130 

Wilkinson, Caitlin . 130, 199 
Wilkinson, Emily78, 81, 245 
Wilkinson, Suzanne 130, 223 

Williams, Adrian 79, 81 

Williams, Bradley 130 

Williams, Carta 130 

Williams, Carmen 130 

Williams, Danielle 81 

Williams, Daryl 130 

Williams, Devon 130 

Williams, Emily 130, 201 

Williams, Erin 130, 

192, 193, 222, 223 

Williams, Jennifer 130 

Williams, Jonathan 130, 235 

Williams, Kalela 79, 81 

Williams, Latonya 81 

Williams, Laura 130 

Williams, Lisa 81 

Williams, Melissa 130 

Williams, Platasha 130 

Williams, Sarah 79, 81, 130 

Williams, Tasha 130 

Williamson, Angle 130 

Williamson, Christopher 130 

Willis, Tammie 130 

Wills, Christina 130 

Wilmoth, Lori 130, 180 

Wilson, Amy 130 

Wilson, Emily 79, 81 

Wilson, Jen 130, 201 

Wilson, John 130 

Wilson, Joni Deraine .... 130 

Wilson, Joseph 130 

Wilson, Joseph Thomas 130 

Wilson, Katrina 130 

Wilson, Kimeka 130 

Wilson, Maura 130 

Wilson, Melinda 81 

Wilson, Melissa 130 

Wilson, Meredith 79, 

81, 130 

Wilson, Morgan 130 

Wilson, Stephanie 130 

Wilson, Terry 81 

Wineburg, Zachary 130, 185 

Winfield, Jason 23, 81 

Winfree, Ashley 130 

Winfree, Noelle 130 

Winfrey, Travis 130 

Wingerter, Deanna 130 

Winkler, Sandy 81 

Winkler, William 81, 130 

Winslow, Christopher .. 130, 


Winslow, Margaret 130 

Winstead, Louise 130 

Winter, Katherine 130 

Winter, Laura 130 

Winters, John 130, 220 

Wiseman, Benjamin 130 

Withers, Joshua 130 

Withrow, Sherri 81 

Witt, Claudia 81 

Witt, Michelle 130 

Witters, Kristin .. 59, 79, 81 

Witthoefft, Pamela 130 

Wittoefft, Erin 26 

Wnek, Kristin 130 

Wohlfehrt, Jennifer 130 

Wolf, Susan 79, 81 

Wolfe, Cara 130 

Wollan, Michele 130 

Wolstenholme, Linda.... 130 

Womac, Amy 130 

Womer, Deborah 130 

Wood, Katherine 130 

Wood, Melani 130 

Wood, Rodrick 146 

Woodard, Gail Sztanko ... 81 

Woodhull, Steven 130 

Woodie, Mary 130 

Woodie, Sara 130 

Woods, Andrea 130 

Woodward, Gary 81, 219 

Woodweli, Grant 146 

Wooten, Tiffany 130 

Worcester, Jennifer 130 

Workman, Sarah 81 

Workman, Victoria 131 

Woriey, Rachel 47, 49, 131 

Wormer, Deborah 131 

Worrell, Christina 131 

Worth, Elizabeth 131 

Wright, Andrew 131 

Wright, Elizabeth 131 

Wright, Heath 131 

Wright, Heather 131 

Wright, Katherine 79, 81 

Wright, Mark 131 

Wright, Matthew 131 

Wright, Norma 131 

Wright, Paula Mae 131 

Wright, Tiffany 131, 278 

Wrigley, Andrea 79, 81 

Wroblewski, Jennifer .... 131 
Wunder, Valerie 79, 81, 209 

Wyatt, Lauren 131 

Wyche, Mary 131 

Wysocki, Maryjane 131 

Yanuzo, April 131 

Yarrington, Debra 131 

Yates, Antonio 131 

Yates, Tony 197 

Yawberg, Bryan 131 

Yeap, Pei-Sze 79, 81 

Yeick, Kimberly 131 

Yerg, Christine 131 

Yiasemides, Christoforos 1 3 1 

Yolango, Regina 131 

Yon, Buford 131 

York, Laura 131 

Yost, David 131 

Young, Chantal 131 

Young, Jonathan 81 

Young, Justin 131, 193 

Young, Nakissa 131 

Young, Sean-Michael .... 131 

Younger, Evan 131 

Yousuf, Abdulaziz 131 

Yowell, Melissa 81 

Yu, Linfei 131 

Yudin, Mary 147 

Yuditsky, TJ 159 

Yuditsky, Thomas 131 

Yuenger, Megan.... 131, 219 


Zajicek, Carrie 131 

Zak, Michael 131 

Zambrano-Arjona, Alejandra 

131, 164, 165 

Zaritsky, Lisa 131 

Zavitz, Ryan 131 

Zaweski, David 131, 220 

Zbell, Dawn 131 

Zechman, Emily 131 

Zelenak, Sarah 131, 187 

Zhao, Danny 81 

Zhao, Danny Xu 79 

Ziegler, Daniel 131 

Zimbeiman, Jennifer 79, 

81, 131 

Zirkle, Elizabeth 131 

Zisman, Paul 147 

Zosei, Angela 79, 81 

Zotter, Linda 131 

Zuidema, Jessica 131 

Zukas, Nicholas 131 

Zunka, Jennifer 131 

Zusmer, Joshua 131 

Zachariasen, Peter.... 79, 81 

Zagorin, Deborah 79, 81 

Zahabi, Robert 131 

Zaidman, Marsha 147 

Zajac, Nathan 131 

perspectives K 275 

276 K the end 


Ive made a moon-catchin net. 

And I'm going huntin' tonight, 

I'll run along swingin' it over my head, 

I'll run along swingin it over my head. 

And grab for that big ball of light. 

So tomorrow just look at the sky 

And if there's no moon you can bet 

I've found what 1 sought and I finally caught 

The moon in my moon-catchin' net. 

But if the moon s still shinin there 

Look close underneath and you'll get 

A clear look at me in the sky swingin' free 

With a star in my moon-catchin' net. 

-Shel Silverstein 

perspectives K 277 


perspectives staff 

co-editors in chief 

Kerri Pakurar and Melissa Pelletier 






Cathy Aluise 

student life 

Keri Campbell 



academics £ 

Kerri Pakurar 
Melissa Pelletier 


Ryan Burleigh 

clubs and activities 

Katie Duffett 
John Spacek 


Krlsty partle 
Wynne Patrick 


Krlsty Bartle 

Dana Boehmcke 

Juliette Gomez 

f Amey H(^rman 

Reglna Kim 

Eileen Kollins 

John Messinger 

Dan Musson 

Kerri Pakurar 

Amy Smith 

Pete Stoughton 

Tyler >''ose 

Sarah Wentz 


Devin Wais • Kelly McDonald • Susie Hobbs • Jennifer Miller • Kelly J6hnston 

Amanda Brown • Liz Button • Tiffany Wright • Ryan Thompson • Margaret Spacek 

Amelia Rose • Trlcla Pavlik • Megan Miller • Keri Henley • Meghan T^omey 

Kevin Mac Luskle 

special thanks 

CliiliOften • MargaretMocJ^-'-Claire Pope • Sara^rc 
Gabby Sulzbach • Joe Parker • Mike Patch • Erma Baker 

• Office of Publications • 
278 K the end 

letters from the editors 

When I look back on this year and all 
we have accomplished, I am amazed. I 
have worked on the yearbook all of my 
four years here at Mary Washington, and 
until this year, we had yet to meet a 
deadline, had yet to finish the book 
before the end of the school year, and 
had yet to make it all come together in 
the end. The entire yearbook staff is to 
be commended. We have not only 
pulled together and come up with - 1 dare 
say - the best yearbook this college has put together in a long 
time, but we have also done it all ahead of schedule. WOW!!! 
The Battlefield staff this year was marvelous. To each and 
every one of our editors, I owe you a heartfelt Thank you. You 
have shown your hard work and dedication through the thick 
and the thin, through hectic (to put it mildly) deadline 
schedules, and through all sorts of complications. You all 
came together and produced the best ever Battlefield 
yearbook. I hope when you reflect on this past year, you are 
proud of all you have done. We could have never done this 
without you. 

I would also like to extend a Thank You to all of you who 
have contributed to the yearbook in any way - be it through 
writing copy, providing pictures, helping with contracts, or just 
listening when we needed to vent. You all are awesome, and 
your support and information has helped us through a difficult 

I am going to miss working on the Battlefield. Four years 
have had a lot of fun (among other things). Melissa, thank 
you for all you have taught me, for putting up with my ideas of 
"classy," and for working countless numbers of hours next to 
me. (Only a few people can put up with that!) I have enjoyed 
getting to know you over two years working together, and I 
wish you all the best next year. We made a good team. 
Kerri Pakurar 

Our goal for this book was to give the 
Battlefield a good name on this campus, 
and to make it the classiest volume yet. I 
think that we not only succeeded in doing 
that, but hopefully surpassed everyone's 
expectations. In four months, a small 
dedicated staff put together a 280 page 
book. And we put it together on time, 
and on budget. That amazes me, and that 
even amazed our publishing company. We 
succeeded in raising the bar of what is 
expected of the Battlefield. 

Producing this book may have seemed like Just hard work at 
times, but the staff hung in there. Because it was Kerri's and 
my first year, we made a lot of mistakes (1 made most of them!) 
and we (again, it was more me) probably were rough around 
the edges. I want to thank everyone of the staff, especially the 
editors. Without you, there would be no Battlefield. I feel like 
thanking you simply isn't enough. I hope you all look back 
through this book and feel proud of what you have accomplished, 
you should be, and I am proud of all of you. 

I also need to thank everyone who contributed in the 
production of the yearbook. This includes everyone who wrote 
stories or identified people or helped in any other way possible. 
This also includes everyone who just simply listened to us 
stress. I still have one more year, and I am going to need 
everyone again, so please hang in there. Thank you all! 

Kerri, I don't know what to say. You have put up with so 
much from me. Without you, this book would not look anything 
like it does now. You were always patient with me, and because 
of your careful attention to details (I'm not calling you anali 
this book not only looks good, it looks consistent, classy and 
everything that we wanted it to be. I don't know how I'm going 
to do this next year without you, it will never be the same. I 
really am going to miss you. We really did make a good team. 
Melissa Pelletier 


The 2000 Baffle/7e/d Volume 87 is printed by Taylor Publishing Company, 1550 Mockingbird L.ane, Dallas, TX 75235. 

The Battlefield has a press run of 2400, with 280 pages of 80# matte stock. The cover is white vellum 848 with a black 9 1 
silkscreen and pewter foil stamp color. The binding of the book is Smyth type with . 1 60 binder boards. The endsheets are black 
rainbow stock, stamped with pewter foil stamp color. The cover and endsheets are designed by Melissa Pelletier and Kerri Pakurar 
of the Battlefield staff. 

Pagination is completed on a Macintosh computer, using Adobe PageMaker 6.5 and Adobe Photoshop 5.0. The majority of the 
photographs used for this book are scanned using a Polaroid SprintScan 35 Plus negative scanner, and a Mustek 600 II CD flat bed 

All text is written by staff members in Benguiat 1 1 point, with captions and photo credits in 9 point. Drop caps for captions are 72 
point Benguiat, 30% gray scale with a 70% text width. Other fonts are used for headlines throughout the book. 

Senior Ads are for sale to parents. An eighth of a page is $40, a quarter page is $75 and a half page is $ 1 50. Parents are notified 
of this opportunity through mailings. 

Photographs for the book were taken by the Battlefield photographers. All photo processing is done by Richmond Camera. Senior 
and underclassman portraits. Ring Presentation and Commencement photographs were taken by Photography by Joe Parker: 
19491 Tidewater Trail, Fredericksburg, Va 22408, (540) 373-8400, and assisted by Photography by Michael: Michael Patch, 
6401 Southridge Court, Spotsylvania, Va 22553, (540) 548-2400. Underclassman ID photos are supplied by Computer and 
Network Services. 

The Battlefield is paid for in the students' comprehensive fees and is distributed free of charge. Our operating budget is $50,000. 

Inquiries about the publication can be forwarded to the Battlefield office, MWC Box 604, 1 700 College Ave, Fredericksburg, Va 
22401-4666. Phone: (540)654-1132. 

perspectives K 279 


^, *^^^iMi' 

*.v3..^ -:c 

'I HiP'^ffilSSBSfv 

Photo courtesy of the Office of Publications 

280 K the end 




1;V' ^' n 



► .jji^/^,','