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... ■s)i*' _ 

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Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Batde^i^M Vearhok 2009 

Vdlme 96 

CMf d^ ArP^ and SC(£ncei- 4, 000 
Gradmfe and Pmpmna( SUidlei- 1, 000 
Fac[dtif/Sra()(j: 400 

1301 Cdife^ Amue 

Frederiekdjiirf VA 22401 

Phme: (540) 654-1000 


oisUe? tha campus, at^ mct^* ' i ^ 
2008-2009 tfeai^ tv^^^lng sheH 

ceHmnLif ike canli^aL huh ^et ^.v 
news in the ^tebcHcksbu' 

faqa 120 




student Uf 


A New Era 

by, Michelle Esch 

On July 1, 2008. Judy G. Hample was inaugurated as the eighth 
president of UMW. Dr. Hample is the first woman president that 
UMW has ever seen and the third president in as many years. She 
comes to UMW from Pennsylvania's public university system where 
she was chancellor, prior to which she was chancellor at the State 
University of Florida where she oversaw 40,000 employees and an 
annual operating budget of $5.2 billion. 

Dr. Hample has over 20 years of campus experience as a faculty 
member and academic administrator. The University of Illinois at 
Champaign-Urbana was her first faculty appointment, while her first 
administrative appointments were at Western Illinois University. 
was also dean at Emporia State University, dean of Indiana S^ 
University and senior vice president at University of Toledo in 

Dr. Hample has published numerous scholarly articles and 
research findings in history and communication. She has 
invited to make many presentations before state, regional 
associations on topics including leadership 
accountability, and performance budgeting. 


also been 

nd national 


Dr. Hample earned her Bachelor of Arts from 
University in Tennessee, and both her master's 
communication are from The Ohio State Universit 

David Lipscomb 
doctoral degrees in 




^"^ Orirnfanm 

Welcome to UMW! 

by, Michelle Esch 

When new student orientation comes around every boiling hot August, it 
is met with both excitement and fear. The new freshmen are happy to be 
out on their own, but scared about their new demanding Ufestyle. 
Orientation gives the freshmen a chance to meet others, gain new insights 
into Mary Wash, and see the campus without any upperclassmen around. 
Orientation Leaders (OLs) help make everyone feel welcome through 
fun, games, and interactive opportunities. Also, during (and before) 
orientation, the Resident Assistants (RAs) welcome everyone back to 
campus by readying the domis for the incoming students. Some RAs are 
even OLs, what a tough job! 


ISSffSffeits at UMW 

e. UMW -OS" 

and Vice-President hopeful 

^the blue side of politics 

iential hopeful. John 

ich with average 

banking crisis. 

of McCain. 

ng class. 



by, Michelle Esch 

'y^r "Obama was there, Biden was there, I was ti 

iiA •' On September 27, Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obai..- 
f ""^ Joe Biden visited UMW, and over 26,000 people showed up to supper' . 
r Citing much from the previous night's debate with Republican PreS^ , 

McCain, Obama "portrayed rival Republican John McCain as out of i-ij 
Americans and supportive of economic policies that brought on the curren. . 
Obama focused his remarks primarily on the economy, and was sharply critical 
Obama and Biden both said McCain never mentioned the middle class or the worK"?j 
"You heard John McCain make the case for the policies that got us into this mess," Obam, 
"John McCain had a lot to say about me. But he had nothing to say about you." He 
McCain's statement last week that the "fundamentals of the economy are strong," which McCa" 
has said was intended to mean American workers, was no misstatement. "He didn't make a 
mistake," Obama said. "He revealed an out-of-touch philosophy." He proposes a tax plan he said 
will reduce taxes for 95 percent of Americans, and also touched briefly on plans to raise teacher 
pay, make college more affordable, and provide health care for everyone. "We need a president 
who will change this economy so it finally works for your family," Obama said. "We need a 
president who will fight for the middle class every single day." He spoke also of President 
George Bush's proposal to use $700 billion in government money to help bail out troubled 
financial institutions. Obama said he will not support a "blank check" for banks, nor vote for a 
bailout package that has no conditions or oversight. "If the American people are being asked to 
provide a solution you've got a right to make sure your tax dollars are protected," Obama said. 
He also said the plan must include provisions to help homeowners, and not contain excessive 
compensation for CEOs. "I will not allow this plan to become a welfare [plan] for Wall Street 
executives," he said." (Quotes taken from Chelyen Davis' Free Lance Star article.) 

-k it it ^ it -k 




• • • • • 
• ••••• 


^ n/MH/i 'Buin: 

^/K%/M 7>/IX4 


n F burg; 

by, Michelle Esch 

:- sbuig on her second stop when she swept through 

. Atx crowd of 6,000 McCain supporters filled Hurkamp' 

_d in order to show their support of keeping Virginia 

,..'s husband, Todd, joined his wife on the trip through Virginia. 

,„'or and current Senate candidate Jim Gilmore spoke for about 45 

^ br to Palin's arrival, welcoming her to our fair city and getting the 

sburg crowd ready for the Vice-President hopeful. 

Sarah Palin visited Frederi(^ 

Virginia on October 27^ 

Park, all wearins 

Republican. Pa^ 

FoiToer sovei 



'''elyen Davis, of, on online news source, wrote this during 
Talin's speech: "Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin warned a 
cold but cheering crowd here today that Democratic candidate Barack Obama's 
talk Of "spreading the wealth" is socialism and that the Democrat has "an 
ideological commitment to higher taxes. Senator Obama says he wants to spread 
the wealth," Palin said. "Today is not the time to experiment with socialism ... 
His plan to redistribute wealth punishes hard work, it will stifle creativity. With a 
week to go before the election, Palin focused much of her speech on the 
economy and taxes, saying that she and presidential candidate John McCain will 
stimulate the economy by cutting taxes on people and businesses. We will bring 
tax relief to every American and every business," Palin said. "We need someone 
with a bold and free and fair plan of action to get this country moving in the right 
direction ... Our economic plan is a pro-growth, pro-private sector agenda." 

*i» V' 





} •- 

















by. Michelle Esch 

Homecoming started on October 19 and lasted until October 25 this year. 
The week included the annual soccer, volleyball, and rugby games on 
Saturday, as well as the fireworks display and concert following. UMW 
students were especially happy about this year's performer as it was the 
new break-out band, Flo Bots. The games included women's rugby 
versus UMW alumni, men's rugby versus VCU, women's volleyball 
against Lynchburg College, women's soccer versus Stevenson 
University, and men's soccer versus Salisbury University. Also, this year 
featured the UMW police cracking down on "pre-gaming" before the 
sporting events, as many unruly students were thrown out of the game for 
having too much fun. The bonfire on Friday night had to be rescheduled^ 
due to rain. 







'■^ T^B 


' " Hemcceiniihi 


^ Slihiii A/jimd 


Friends Don't Let Friends 
Stay in the States 

by. Michelle Esch 
Throughout the year, there are many different times that UMW students are given the 
opportunity to explore the widely diverse world of Study Abroad, often from people 
talking to them outside the Nest. On February 19, a Study Abroad fair was given in 
the Great Hall to attract students and give them more information on studying 
wherever they may want to go. Liaisons for schools from all over the world had tables 
set up. giving brochures to students interested in their university. Such schools and 
businesses included Academic Programs International (API), Global Learning 
Semesters, University College Cork in Ireland, Cultural Experience Abroad (CEA), 
Lexia, Peace Corps, The American Business School in Paris, and many more! UMW 
languages also had a hand in the fair, as they had their own tables set up, generally run 
by students, that gave information from a student perspective. Students who entered 
Great Hall were immediately greeted, given brochures, and a bag to hold their goodies 
yn. OSACS gave away free popcorn, too. 



by, Michelle Esch 

Halloween, a spooky time of year, fell on a Friday, much to the delight of 
just about every UMW student on campus. For those that love to go 
trick-or-treating, many students found Sunken Dr. to be the perfect place 
to go knocking door to door. Others, found the Great Hall, with 
OS ACS' s Halloween set-up, to be a great place to socialize with their 
friends. From 8pm to midnight, students were able to enjoy bobbing for 
apples, the "guess what it is?" game, a fortune teller, a costume contest, 
and many more games. Overall, a successful time of year for everyone 
involved at OSACS. 


^, 1 r 




' HlllieVATIi 



Obama by a Landslide 

by. Michelle Esch 

On November 4, millions flocked to the polls to support their favorite 
presidential candidate. Throughout the day, everyone watched as 
McCain and Obama vied for the lead. By the end of the day, it was a 
clear win. Obama: 365, McCain: 173. 131.2 million voters were said to 
have voted in this highly controversial presidential race. African 
American voters increased from 11.1% in the 2004 elections, to 13% in 
2008. On the historical November 4th, Obama was named President- 
Elect. and on January 20, 2009, he was named the 44th President of the 
United States. 

— Prmifiif 



24 Cpinmimifij Outreach 


CDAR's activites 

by, Michelle Esch 

On Sunday October 26, CDAR sponsored their annual 
Maker A-Difference day. With the day falling so close 
to Halloween, the members of CDAR made a Haunted 
Helpers Fall Festival open to the public and children 
ages 2 to 12 in the Great HalL Everyone was 
invited to dress up in Hallow^een costumes, do trick-or- 
Jireating in the residence halls and participate in 
lall service projects. 

iS^^does not just put on "Make a Difference Day" 

.throughout the year, CDAR w^orks hard to 

le lives of many peopla These events 

drives. Alternative Spring Break the 

iunt. Haunted Helpers, and Act! Speak! 

Cemmuinrii Oufmeh 


For a Good Cause 

by, Michelle Esch 

On Friday October 3. UMW and Giant Productions joined with the Leukemia and 
Lymphoma Society for Rocktoberfest 2008. This year's concert was given in 
memory of 20-year old UMW student Chris Morawetz, who died last year of 
lymphoma. This year. The Cab opened for The Spill Canvas, while Allman's BBQ of 
Fredericksburg, catered the event. For every dollar donated to the cause, two were 
matched by an outside party to raise money to help find a cure for the disease. 

The Spill Canvas is a four-man band from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which has an 
alternative sound comparable to Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco. Their first 
album debuted in 2004, and since then, the band has toured with Mae and The Plain 
White T's, who made their own appearance on the UMW campus last year at 

Many made it out to Ball Circle to crowd around the stage and rock out to The 
and The Spill Canvas' music; it was deemed a success. 


' /Vft '/■/(" 



December 13, 1987-May 13, 2008 

From Chris' Facebook profile: 


** Anyone can give up, it*s the easiest thing in the 

world to do. But to hold it together when everyone 

else would understand if you fell apart, that^s true 

strength" CCFA Camp Oasis '05 

C/iriJ Memvfrz 

"Love Lives On" 

Now that your gone 

I will always long 

To feel you by my side 

The waves of sadness I will ride 

Our commitment I'll continue to abide 

My heart is broken and will never mend 

I will continue to love you to the end 

I pray we'll be together again some day 

I'll keep my wanting to join you now at bay 

There must be a purpose as to why I'm still here 

God has his reasons, to us not clear 

Watch over me as I get through each day 

Listen to me as I continually say 

'I love you' my friend with all of my heart 

It will continue to grow even though we're apart 

Where you are now is a beautiful place 

More so now with your lovely face 

When the sun is out and shining bright 

Made possible by your smile, which is the light 

I will feel the warmth that wraps all around me 

With this blanket of love you are showing me 

That you are gone but not far away 

Always here, forever you'll stay 

Note: The Battlefield Yearbook Staff is very apologetic tliat this memorial page did not appear in the 2nn7-20ns Yearbook. 

Instead, this is a one vear tribute page in Chris' memory . -_ 

Chrii Memwctz -^ 

In Virginia!? 


by. Michelle Esch 

Weather in Virginia is known for being unpredictable. At UMW, we had barely any 
snow last Fall semester, though the temperatures were definitely low enough. Early 
this semester brought enough snow for a half day of cancelled classes on a Tuesday in 
January, and then eight inches of snow covered Fredericksburg over Spring Break. 
While the high temperatures have reached eighty-one degrees in March. Groundhog 
Day forecasted six more weeks of Winter weather. 




^^^^v ^^a_ 







■ PiTMiicnf 


Beloved Community 

by. Michelle Esch 

This year, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was celebrated over a week of events 
devoted to the celebration of MLK's life sponsored by the Multicultural Center. 
Starting January 14th. there was a Civil Rights Speech at the James Farmer Memoriy 
bust, then a Unity March starting at Jepson, followed by a Celebration Ceremony 
featuring Dwight Jones, Virginia delegate, minister, activist, and community leader 
at Dodd Auditorium, and concluding with a Soul Food dinner at Seacobeck. January 
15th brought about the ACDCV Program in the Red Room, then the MLK-Campus 
Wide Service Program challenge on Saturday. On Sunday, there was an Interfaith 
Service sponsored by the Jewish Student Association, and Monday brought a day of 
no classes along with the "Civil Rights & Civil Wrongs" oratorical contest 
coordinated with the Speaking Center. Concluding the week was a film and 
discussion facilitated by Dean Cedric Rucker. 



Manifest Destiny 

by. Michelle Esch 

This year, the annual Victorian Ball was held on the 31st of January from seven to 
1pm in the Great Hall. The theme was "Manifest Destiny" and the event was held 
by the UMW Historic Preservation Club. Attendees were encouraged to wear period 
style dress, but any sort of formal wear was acceptable. For those not having any 
formal wear, the Fantasy Show in downtown Fredericksburg was the place to go so 
that attendees could rent clothing. Dance lessons were even more strongly 
encouraged than clothing and the club prepared for people not knowing dances by 
holding dance lessons the morning of the dance from ten to noon. 

On the Facebook event wall. Morgan Riley suggested ten new ideas for period 
clothing, for those "tired of dressing up as a civil war soldier or southern belle." The 
characters suggested included. Oscar Wilde. Annie Oakley. Civil War officers, Mark 
Twain ("nothing like a bit of sass and wit to show us what the Gilded Age really is"J 
and number one. Queen Victoria herself. 

I IcfeiWi Bra 

ft '^ali. 

Wenmi Bnd 


enici^ < 

^ Senidr Cdmirdewn 


Congrats Seniors! 

by. Michelle Esch 

Senior Countdown, a night sponsored by Class Council, was a magnificent success. 
With poker, blackjack, and other such Las Vegas Casino games, the soon-to-be- 
graduated seniors had a wonderful time. An oxygen bar sat at the very back, while 
two large projection screens featured the music videos of the very loud music that 
was playing. Everyone was dressed to the nines in suits, ties, dresses and very high 
heels. Fake money was awarded to winners at tables, which they in turn used for 
bidding at a fake auction. The auctioneer was Hassan Abdelhalim. Black curtains 
sun^ounded the Great Hall's usually stark white sides, and with the lights tumed low. 
the night was a lot of fun. Joe Mollo. director of OSACS. attended the event, as well 
as Dean Rucker. 

Si'iiicr Ctuiifdemi - 

' Saner Ceuiifdeivn 

Sciupr CeiMrdmn 

tmUv 7i 

^Jiinipr Riiiij Week 

na t^cck 

Pranks, Rings, & Fun 

by, Michelle Esch 

Every year, the Seniors prank the Juniors during Junior Ring Week. It is a fun filled 
week in March, full of pranks, a Relaxation Night. Junior only activities. Scavenger 
Hunt, Balloon Rides and more. It all culminates in the Junior Ring Ceremony on 
Friday and the Junior Ring Ball on Saturday. Class Council outdid themselves this 
year as they handed out teal JUNIOR RING WEEK t-shirts. massages and stress 
relievers during Relaxation Night in the Red Room, and Hot Air Balloon Rides. 
Many cars and doiTn rooms were the subject of pranks, while a few Class Council 
members were actually covered in food while blindfolded. The Hot Air Balloon 
Rides were rescheduled into April due to heavy rains, but this did not stop the Juniors 
from enjoying their week. President Hample handed out rings from Balfour during 
the ring ceremony on Friday after an hour of thoughtful speeches. 

Jmiier Riiui Week 

' Junidr Riiuj Week 

Riiifj liM 

', 43 



The beat goes on 

hv. Michelle Esch 

UMW is definitely not mute when it comes to music on campus. Many 
weekends of the school year feature great music at no price. 
Homecoming weekend, Rocktoberfest. and Devil-Goat day all feature 
UMW student musicians and those famous people too. Separate concerts 
for solo musicians are held in Dodd Auditorium, while orchestra concerts 
are held there also. Everyone can be pleased with the music at UMW as 
we have had chamber music, orchestra, rap, hip/hop. and country. 

^ Cenccrti 


/kv. i 

Mr. Jefferson won ! 

by, Michelle Esch 

Every year, UMW holds a very special "beauty" competition: 
Mr. UMW. A man from each hall (with stand ins for Ball Hall 
and Virginia Hall) is elected by Hall Council and their dorm 
peers to compete. The men must have a talent, must have a 
sense of humor, and must be able to dance to anything the 
choreographer asks them to do (note: they do not have to dance 
well). As usual, the turnout for the competition was great with 
many men and women supporting their hall or favorite man. 

After the first dance, which was a gyrating booty dance, tale 
"formal wear," and the top twelve were named. Mr. Jefferadc 
Mr. Commuter, Mr. Amngton, Mr. Bushnell, Mr. Frama 
Mr. Mason were six of the final twelve. 

'Mr. UMii 


^ /Ksla 


hv. Michelle Esch 

"A celebration of Asian culture. Taste of Asia is one of the more well-known 
events at the University of Mary Washington. Held during Asian Cultural 
Week in November, Taste of Asia educates the community about the different 
aspects of Asian society and the different cultures and lifestyles represented 
therein. Complete with a fashion show, dance performances, and a variety of 
ethnic food, the event provides an inviting and festive atmosphere. The Asian 
Student Association works closely with other student organizations and local 
businesses to plan the much anticipated program." (Multicultural Center 

This year's Taste of Asia, a part of the Cultural Awareness Series through the 
ulticultural Center, was a huge success. The Asian Student Association 
^rged $3 per entrant, $1 for students or one canned good for donation. The 
^ (and some gentlemen!) put on a fantastic fashion show that showed the 
^jt types of Asian formal wear, the UMW Breakers performed, and the 
fabulous! Many people came to the event and helped support ASA 
Iticultural Center. 

food wa 
and the I 

The Cultural 
James Farmer 
Farmer and keej^ 
and advocate foi , 
Series helps mem 
community appreci 

wareness Series should be attended by everyone because, "The 

Multicultural Center strives to honor the late Dr. James L. 

his legacy alive. Dr. Farmer was a dynamic civil rights leader 

social change, and we hope that the Cultural Awareness 

bers of the Mary Washington family and suiTOunding 

te all aspects of diversity." 

— ^phi!o"by ASWIEY DAVIS 



Dinner Cruise 

by. Michelle Esch 

This year's Spring Formal was definitely an eventful night full of 
dancing, laughter, good friends and good music. Anyone was allowed to 
attend the formal held on a dinner cruise boat on the Potomac River in 
May. The students took a chartered bus up to the Washington DC area, 
floated down the river during sunset, and took the same bus back home in 
the wee hours of the morning. There was a limited number of tickets 
available, so the line to procure these tickets was long and people waited 
for hours outside the Nest to get their hands on them. 


Washington, D. 
& National Hart 

-S/mihj Fern, 


S/Jivhj Fenufl.i -'-'' 


Miiirieiitniim Fm 

Many Cultures & Colors 

by, Michelle Esch 

This year's Multicultural Fair took place on Saturday April 5. 2009. The fair, in i 
18th annual year, took place on Ball Circle and along Campus Walk. It presented 15 
cultures from around the world, with performances by Canadian songwriter and 
musician Ebony Tay, a three-piece reggae band Alliens, the Celtic musicians Sean 
Grace Consort, the Ezibu Muntu African Dance Company and the Latin musical 
group Solazo. 

Several UMW clubs also performed including Jazz Ensemble, the Flute Ensemble, 
the Eagle Pipe Band and the Hand Percussion Club, with the addition of the UMW 
Breakers, the Swing Dance Club, and the Latin Dance Club. 

The James Farmer Multicultural Center posted this brief introduction to the fair on 
eir website. "The Multicultural Fair generally attracts 3.000 to 4.000 people each 
and exemplifies the University of Mary Washington's commitment to enhancing 
cultural awareness. Typically held in early April, the Fair provides an entire day 
to multicultural entertainment, children's activities, international and 
food, and ethnic craft vendors. Each year the Multicultural Student Affairs 
armer Multicultural Center work closely with UMW student 
^. faculty and staff in planning festivities. The University also partners 
r Fredericksburg community, which plays an integral role in 
ementins the fair." 

and James' 
with the greaf 
successfully ii 

Food, and craft ar^ 
were offered. Feat 
Hispanic, Thai and 

as with ethnic, multicultural or international foods and products 
red foods included traditional American festival fare, as well as 
aribbean foods. 



1 v 







>.v . 


\k. ' ' 



-P^ 1 


L > 



• — ^ 


photo by-j^gimJEj 




Let the competitions begin! 

by. Michelle Esch 

As one of UMW's most unique and lasting traditions, Devil-Goat Day is 
a wonderful afternoon filled with friendly class competitions on Ball 

A "rock" climbing wall, giant Twister pad, obstacle course, and "boxing" 
ring filled out this year's activities along with the ever popular shirts in 
red and green with a devil and goat on them, respectively. Class Council 
also provided the students with good music and refreshing food. 

' Diru Gent ryui 

ai ^a 

mil GmrDm'i ■ 



' SHH Vffieeubaii 


Tournament Style 

by. Michelle Esch 
This year. Students Helping Honduras decided to try something different. 
Instead of their usual Walk-A-Thon that attracts thousands each year, 
they held a Volleyball Tournament that many students attended. 
Donations were welcomed and many different teams signed up to partake 
in the event. While playing, the students listened to live music from a 
UMW band and got their refreshments from the club people. Hopefully 
next year this event will be just as big. or even bigger. People will just 
have to make sure they remember their sunscreen as the April day was 
very warm and sunny. 

'. ^ :v 


f "■'^ 











^':: ^'^M 



jrajpun* n 






I ■"■■^t^ 


•'.: ^ 






'^'IMcMc "H-i^ 

A Bit of Diversity 

by. Michelle Esch 

'Theme Housing Communities promote a direct link between students' residential, 
academic, and extracurricular life. They are designed to provide students who have 
common educational goals or common extracurricular interests the opportunity to live 
together in on-campus housing. These communities foster faculty/residential 
interaction that enhances students' intellectual and personal growth outside the 

Studies show that students who live in theme housing communities are more involved 
in programs on and off campus and perform better academically than students who do 
not live in theme housing communities. Participants also find increased opportunities 
to make lifelong friends. Theme housing communities benefit the University 
community by increasing student retention." (from brochure on THC) 
I ^ 

Tkinc HetiiiHij 


Dance All Night 

by. Michelle Esch 

This year, the Grad Ball 2009 was held on May 7 in the Great Hall and 
on Palmieri Plaza. Only the graduates were encouraged to attend, 
however many other classes attended as guests of the graduates. The 
Class Council put this event on, and they sure did not disappoint. With 
dancing outdoors, dinner indoors in a fabulously decorated Great Hall, 
and drinking glasses etched with UMW Graduation 2009 for the 
graduates, the nisht seemed magical. 

9M ^aL 


' Gmdimrwii 


Pomp and Circumstance 

by. Michelle Esch 

1,125 students graduated from the University of Mary 
Washington on May 9, 2009 during its 98th commencement 
ceremony. UMW awarded 53 Master of Business 

Administration degrees, 101 Master of Education degrees, 5 
Master of Science in Management Information Systems, 37 
Master of Science in Elementary Education degrees, 403 
Bachelor of Arts degrees, 51 Bachelor of Liberal Studies 
degrees, 60 Bachelor of Professional Studies degrees and 415 
^Bachelor of Science degrees. 

^inia First Lady Anne Holton was the commencement 

^s lined up at Jefferson Square at 8:15am in their full 
began their historic last walk down Campus Walk. 
/as lined with friends and family applauding and 
If their favorite graduate. 

The day was wi 

rm but pleasant, a nice change from last year's 

"■ "■■■• -'■' •" ■ ■ 

- ■ 






* *■■■• 




^ '^^^Sl 

tUv« "I 







Construction Days 

by. Michelle Esch 

It seems as if the construction and renovations for a better UMW will never cease. 
Last year, the campus was infiltrated by trailers so that Lee could be built up and 
redecorated on the inside. Even though it was a great hindrance, waiting for the new 
Lee Hall was worth the wait. The bookstore is fabulous with plenty of room for 
textbooks, clothing, dorm room supplies, and food. The carpet even has little eagles 
in it! Downstairs, the Registrar. Student Accounts, and more are lined up in one neat 
row. so no more climbing all over GW looking for the right office. Also. Admissions 
has a beautiful new office for greeting prospective students, and while everyone is sad 
that the ballroom is no more, the people in charge did do a wonderful job in trying to 
sustain the aura that we are used to with open ceilings and the same banners as before 
hanging from the gorgeous beams. 

New signs were also put up around the campus to aide new students and visitors 
finding the right Hall. The infamous fence that was put up on College Ave ^ 
Williams St is still an annoyance for those living in the apartments, but 
accidents happened this year, so it is doing its job. A new deck next to the N 
certainly be attractive to eaters in the Fall as they will be able to enjoy the 
outdoor weather. The new tuif field next to the parking garage is a treme 
to all of the teams at UMW. 

dous help 

Of course, the Eagle Village construction for phase 1 started with a 
as students watched Roses. Einstein's and other stores get torn dow 
the initial towers were erected and stand proof that UMW 
construction. Hopefully Eagle Village will be everything it is 

■ig in the spring 
' More recently, 
inoves fast with 
'd up to be. 

Monroe Hall started renovations soon after the conclusion of gn 

duation in May. 


University Oh. 

Mary Washington 

!Mr ! r,r:n'r}Tn' 






Re man em 




\ 1 ;s BUCK & w,^ 






\\k iii iu 




by, Kizlly Miral^s 

The Inter-Club Asscxiiiation is arguably one of the most 
important clubs at Mary Washington. The ICA is 
responsible for reviewing club constitutions and ensuring 
that all clubs and organizations follow University policy. 
This means that any club that is officially recognized by 
the OSACS office is a part of the ICA As well as regulating 
existing clubs, the ICA is also responsible for reviewing and 
determ-ining w^hether new clubs will be recognized as official 
by the University. 

The ICA also provides all clubs with resources that they 
shara Every club has equal opportunity to take 
advantage of the supplies that the ICA keeps stocked for 
promotion purposes. This includes paint and brushes for 
painting the rock, paint markers and poster board for 
making sings, and thermal paper and a printer for printing 

The ICA is a goveining body amongst the clubs that 
ensures all clubs uphold the ideals of the University and 
allows for equality and union betw^een the numerous clubs 
that are officially recognized by the University. 


by, K^lly Miri._ 

cH, or Association oi Kesidence 
OSACSw ARH receives funding from each so that they can host c3onn and campus 
wide activities. 

Every spring a president and Executive Board is elected to the ARH for the 
lowing year. The next fall students in each of the sixteen residence halls and 
±m.ent Com.plex elect their own presidents. These presidents represent their dorm 
'Executive Board, ARH as a whole is given funding to divide amongst the 
lins, as well as to use for campiis wide events. 

jme of the notable events that are put on campus wide are a Friday Night Dry 
each semester, the Powderpuff Football Game in the spring, and the Mr. UMW 
pageant in the fall S| 

Residence halls use the money given to them by the ARH to have hall socials and 
Eucational activities, and to pay for the activities they sponser at the Friday 
Night Dry events. 



tlonor Couneil 

by, K^lly Miral^^s 

The University of Mary Washington prides itself on its Honor System. Honor 
Council is elected to uphold the Honor System., and is one of the longest running and 
m.ost prestigious organizations on campus, as it is under direct jurisdiction of the 
Board of Visitors, 

Every Spring, a president and class representatives are elected to the Honor 
Council, Every dorm^ elects an Honor Contact to act as a liaison between students 
and members of the Honor CounciL Mem.bers of Honor Council have a year round 
responsibility to educate others about the Honor System, investigate Honor 
accusations, run Honor hearings, and issue Honor sanctions. 

The Honor Council can be thanked for the one himdred years of success for the 
Honor System.. By enforcing and punishing those who violate the Honor System^, 
the Honor Council has enabled students to grow and learn in an environment 
where they are responsible for themselves and others in the University 


Voang f)i^m§ 

fl political organization diidieatszd to gsztting lib^rai-n7ind(3d youth involved in 
helping eandidatszs and staying informed. Th(3 Voang ^^m§> h^lps3d bring 
many political l(zad^rs to campas ^sp(3Cially Barack O'Bama in \h^ fall b^for^z 
h^ was (zkct^d as Prjzsidiznt of tlisz Ul)fl. Ralli^zs ar(3 hdd througliout \h<^ 
yizar, and many Voung Wm§> can b(3 ss3iin on Campus Walk handing out 
lliizrs and kiZizping thsz students at QMW informszd about politics. 


Coll^g^ Rgpabliean§ 

Th(3 Colliig^ Riipublieans Qub purpose i§ to promotiz the Repabliean 
Party's message to the campus community through meetings, 
conservative speakers, campaign participation, and outreach efforts. 
Much like the Voung f)ems, the College Republicans reach the CIMW 
community on Campus Walk and through rallies. Many oJ the students 
involved in the elub went to see §arah Palin when she came to 
redericksbur^ in the fall. 

tfe'///// Jdcmi/Ceilfijc Repukhvij 



Th(3 l)tud(3nt 6oV(zrnm(znt 
flssoeiation is a forum wh<ir^ 
students talk about thizir 
eone^rns about campus 
issuiis ranging from 
aeadi3mies to safety. Th^ 
mizmb^rs of th(z o^fi also 
addr^zss beat stat^z, and 
national issu^zs which affizct 
studiznts (for (zxampfe, VR6 
parking), and ar^ also thjz 
students' link to th^ 
administration, fllong with 
thiZS(Z dutiizs, thizy organiz^z 
community izViznts to fost^zr 
school spirit, such as th^ 
tlom^coming fir^zworks. 


Th^ Judicial R^viizw Board is 
a studiznt-run organization 
that inVizstigat^s violations 
of community standards on 
campus, and if n^cszssary, 
providizs ^educational 

sanctions to thsz stud^znt 
found rizsponsibk of th^ 
violation. Th^ purpossz of 
th^ JRB is to off^r stud^znts 
th^ opportunity to pr^zsiznt 
thizir cas(z to an unbiased 
board of p^szrs whszn 
involVizd in violations of 
QniVizrsity policy. 



SG^-'lffF ''^ 


by, Mieh^^llf: 6seh 

The YoTJiitf Women's Leadership Program is 
a valuable com.miinity outreach program 
made possible hy the dedicated mem-bers. 
The mission of the club is to mentor local 
girls, serving as Big Sisters, mirroring the Big 
Brothers, Big Sisters of America program- 
Members are trained in the beginning of the 
semester, and then meet w^eekly v^ith their 
Mtle sisters. These relationships are 

important for providing young girls T^^ith 
responsible role models and someone to look 
up to for when they get older. 

80 v'H^^p 


by, Ki^lly Miraliis 

inance CommittGe consists of nine stiadents elected during the spiinrf semester 
■ the previous acajdemic year. These student leaders are the lifeline to officially 
recognized Mary Washington clubs. They are put in charge of all the funding that 
OSAGs receives and determine how it should be alloca.ted amongst the clubs. 
Clubs present an estimate of their next year's tfudget to the Finance Committee in 
the spring, and the Committee determines how much money each club "Will be 

As the year goes on, and clubs plan to host different events, they can set up an 
appointment with the Committee to present their ideas for their intended event, and 
ask if they can be given more funding. 

The Finance Committee has an important task in voting to deode how to spend the 
University's money. They have specific guidelines that they follow to ensure that 
they give out money as fairly as possible and monitor each club's >^""i'*'^+ fr. moVQ 
sure that the money is being weU spent, J 

by, Kizlly Miral^s 

The Student Senate is comprised of the Senate President, Senate 
Secretary, Senate Parliamentarian, and residential and commuting 
Senators, The Senate President is the elected Vice-President of the SGA, 
Senate President, Secretary, and Parliamentarian are all appointed 
during the previous academic year, while elections for Senators are held 
during the fall of the current academic year. Senators are elected 
through their respective residence halls, and the niunber of students 
residing in each hall determines the number of senators that m.ay be 

The Student Senate gives voice to many student issues and is a 
valuable resource for student organizations that wish to see changes at 
Mary Washington, 

■ Cmm. 'StiU'J{ 


by, Miehjilliz 6§eh 

The Polemic was originally created to handle the 
overflow of op-eds from the Bullet in 1986, It is 
not a literary and art m^agazine that accepts 
various kinds of works including prose poetry, 
opinion pieces and artwork. 

Appearing in black and white format, the Polemic 
comes out only at select times throughout the 


tUne at umwhulleicom 


«l,iiwi(lgB. HV^R <m4 



by, Ki^lly Mirali^s 

The Bullet Mary Washington s student-fun, awaid-winnintf 
nev\7spaper. The inission of The Bullet is to inform students, f ajculty, 
staff, and subscribers of the events on and around the campus, as 
well as concerns of Mary Washington's student population. The 
Bullet also serves as a medium for students to voice their opinions 
via editoriak and guest columns. The Bullet is also a way for local 
advertisers to reach students, faculty, staff, and subscribers. The 
Bullet is published on Thursdays in toth the Fall and Spring 
semesters. In addition to the printed copies, the buUet is also 
accessible onlina This Spring, The Bullet worked with UMWblogs to 
create their own website^ with plans to have stories published there 



by, Kizlly Miraii^s 

Aubajde is Mary WashiQgton's review of art and literatxira It has been part 
of campus life since 1971, as a magazine published annually in the Spring, 
The magazine has changed a lot over the years, but is still essentially the 
same- a place where Mary Washington can showcase the best creative work 
that students have to offer. 

The magazine is divided into three categories/ poetry, art, and prosa Each 
year, a $100 prize is given away for the best work in each category. 
Students submit their work to Aubade, and then a group of readers decide 
which works will be published and also which ones will win the priza Aubade 
is a great way to be an active member of the creative community on 
campus, and a great way for other students to discover and have access to 
these works. 

Giant Prodaetion§ 

by, K^lly Miralszs 

Giant Productions is a student run organization that is 
responsible for campus entertainment Giant is responsible 
for several of the biggest events on campus throughout the 
year. This year, they brought in The Spill Canvas and The 
Cab for the annual Rocktoberfest concert, which was co- 
sponsored by Class Council and raised money for the 
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. A few weeks later, they 
brought in The Flobots for Homecoming. 
Aside from those major concerts. Giant also hosts several 
other varieties of entertainment. At the beginning of Fall 
Semester, Giant brought in two acoustic acts that 
performed outside the Woodard Campus Center. They also 
had Brian Brushwood a bizarre magician, and Tom 
DeLuca, a h3rpnotist, come into Dodd Auditorium. For 
Halloween, Giant paired up with PRISM to bring in The 
Kinsey Sicks, a Dragapella group. 
For the Spring Semester, they hosted a comedy series, 
bringing five different comedians to the Great Hall 
throughout the whole semester. After hosting a school wide 
poU for the Spring Concert, Giant brought in Matt 



84 Gmr Preducneni 


"-'- by, Kjzlly Miraks 

pperattng out of the attic of Lee Hall the Woodard Campus Center is now 
^to WMVVAC, a studiHitTun campus radio station. The radio station first began 
j46 and. was known as The Mike Club.' Since then, there have been significant 
aiiges in the format of the station. These dacys. the radio station has several 
y^ of airtnrf their shows. Students can tune into 9 1.5 FM, access the webcast, or 
l^eir TVs to Channel 8 to watch music videos. In order to appeal to all tastes, 
^■dio station plays a wide variety of musia Some shows are genre based, and 
^^ are free fonii. Students can count on WMWC for guaranteed variety f rom^ 
^Bxjuntry radio stations. WMV\^C plays eclectic music that ranges from, college 
■S> local m.usic, electronica to hip hop, and mLUch more. In an effort to raise 
^^T, as well as clear out an inventory of old records, the radio station crafted 
^^from melted vinyl records and sold them in the nest. This was a creative idea 
^^any students found appealing, and also helped spread the word about the 
j^gChey also set up and played music at Club Carnival in order to promote the 


Chi^ap (§^dte 

by, Kjzlly Miralizs 

Every weekend students get the opportunity to see popular m.ovies for just a 
dollar. Cheap Seats is the club that makes this possibla Each weekend they show 
two m.oviGS that have yet to be released to DVD. These movies are shown Friday, 
Saturday, and Sunday nights, one at seven, and one at ten. Many students take 
advantage of seeing these blockbuster hits at such a low prica Before each m.ovie is 
shown, there are also door prizes, which usually mirror the theme of the movies. 
Some of the more notable m.ovies brought to campus this year were The Dark 
Knight, Pineapple Express, and Sex and The City. 

Not only does Cheap Seats provide weekly entertainment for low prices, they also 
host other events. For Halloween, they m.ade a haunted house inside the Great 
Hall. The next day, they showed a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 
where several people dressed up as their favorite characters from the cult classic. In 
the spring, they hosted an Oscar Party, 

Students are grateful to have clubs like Cheap Seats, which provide affordable and 
fun entertainment. 

'}i./ip C/impSmn 



hey do it all ! 

by, Kelly Mirales 
Council is one of the most active clubs on campus. They host 

eral annual events that have become long standing traditions here 

at Mary Washington. To kick off the year, Class Council hosts a 

Freshman Dance, which provides a great opportunity for new students 

to meet one another. They also co-sponsor Rocktoberfest with Giant 

Productions, and this year fed students Allman's Barbeque. 

In the faU, they host the annioal Lip Sync competition as part of Spirit 
Week. This is a very popular event where the creativity of the student 
body is evident. Complete with £uR costumes and choreography many 
take this competition very seriously -while the rest of the student body 
enjoys the free entertainment. Another big Fall event is Hallow^een, 
where the Great Hall is tricked and treated in honor of the holiday 

In the Spring Semester, Class Council hosts the Senior Countdown Casino 
Night, Junior Ring Week, Grad BaU, and Devil/Goat Day The Casino 
Night and Grad Ball are only for seniors, to recognize their 
achievements. Junior Ring Week honors the juniors, but allow^s all 
classes to participate by pranking juniors. Devil/Goat Day is a 
longstanding tradition that has even and odd year classes "competing" 
against one another in a day of carnival fun on Ball Circla 

'Cm Ceimcii 


CiMi Ceiiiicii'^'^ 

Th(z QMW Br;z:ak(2r§ ariz a group of rn(z:n and womszn that loviz to 
brizakdanesz around campus. Th(z.y praetiesz: W(z:sz:kly in thsz daneg 
studios in Goolrick and lovsz: to show off thosfz: hard praetie^zs with 
Pi^rformancizs at Multi-Cultural fair, Tastsz; of flsia and many 
moriz timizs throughout th(z yszar. Sporting many bruis^zs and 
sW(zating profusszly is part of thiz ehalkngsz of brszakdaneing but 
thiz: elub is op(zn to anyone, (ZVizn thossz that havsz. no idjza how to 
stand or) thszir hszads with thizir fizszt straight up in th^z air. 

* Brmken 


^?y §(irn(ist(z:r, Mary Washington's Pi^rforming firts Club holds 
uditions whi^rjj tal<int(z:d dane(irs showeas<3 th^r abilitiszs. Thos^i who 
'^diVg. Siili^etjid work hard (iVi^ry Wj^iikijnd rizh^jarsing for th^ big show, 
- 'Vhieh is at \h^ ^nd of iz:aeh Si^m^^stjir. for th$3 past tj^n y^ars, \h^ fall 
fcaw has always b(iiz:n djidieati^d to th^^ mizmory of Cagjin^i 
boii, a bjiloVjid dane^ proli^ssor. This show is traditionally 
i 6tig(z:nius in his honor. This y^^ars Spring l>how was ealkd 
& fantasy. Thj^Si^ shows featurii danejis ehor(iograph(z:d by 
iFfakntjid i7}(in}b(2:rs of PflC. In addition to thji two big shows (^aeh 
''%m^t(ir/ PflC has two small shows, which tak(i plae^ halfway 
throughout \h^ §><;vm^\^v and showeasiz a fi^w of th^z piizcizs that will 
wm& in th(i big shows at \h^ ^nd of \h^ S(im(3st<ir. 


Thiz: Mary Washington f)aneiz: T^am ari3 fourt(z:i2:n 
girls who practice routines all yiiar to piirform at 
various ^v^^nts. Most notably, stud^jnts can i>m \h^ 
dane^ tizam pszrform during \h^ half tim^i of \h<^ 
Qniv^zrsity-Mizn'S ©ask^tball gami3S. In addition to 
ths3Si3 pizrformane^s, \h<^ 't)anei3 T^am eompiitizs at 
eompiititions. This March, th^ Mary Washington 
©anc^ Tiz:am w^nt to Williamsburg for thii 
Williamsburg Colonial Spirit Championship, \^h^v?. 
th^y placizd first in thiiir division. Th^ f)anci2 Tizam 
also pi3rformiz:d at tlom^^coming, as w^^ll as at th^ 
P(z:rforming f?rts Qub small show. 

DiJJ/i}' Tmm, 'PAC 


Mikiz 6ionfriddo, Prjzsidiznt of th(z 
Boxing Club said this about thsz 
striznuous elub-. "Th(z Boxing Quh 
is in its third yszar. Th(zy m^szt 
izv^ry Monday, Wszdnszsday, and 
friday and train working on thizir 
cardio and szndurane^z by working 
on th(Z §>pmd bag, h^zavy bag, and 
jamp roping. Thsz m^mbizrs olt(zn 
partner up and work on mitts and 
throw punch combinations. Thsz 
guys and girls of th^ club go 
through a hard boxing workout 
and praeticiz thizir boxing si 
Thsz hard work of th(Z tizam 

d(zmonstrat(zd in fight Night whsz: 
th(z individuals (zxhibit thszir s 
Iszarnizd all yizar in th(Z ring as thszy 
squar^z off against on<^ anothtzr. It 
is not mandatory to fight in fight 
Night nor is it mandatory to spar. 
Th(z Boxing Qub is a grszat ehanciz 
to g(zt in shapsz and mjzizt a bunch 
of grszat guys and girls as Wszll as 
g(zt in thiz b^st shapsz o! your lifsz!" 


by, Michelle Esch 

Th(3 Isatin 'Dane^z Club tizaeh^s 
and pizrJorms various dancizs 
rom Latino eultursz including 
salsa, baehata, and m^r\in^m. 
Thiz elub m^zmbizrs pszrformizd 
at various timszs throughout 
th(2 yszar, including a Vizry 
succizsslul showcase at th^z 
Multicultural fair whizr^i th^y 
pszrformizd closiz to fiViz 
dances. Th^ club, whilsz a 
Vizry tight-knit group, 
w^lconiiz nszwcomszrs with 
opszn arms as th(zy ar^z all| 
v^ry happy and ^xcit^zd to' 
sharsz this part of th^z Latin 
cultursz with as many pizoplsz 
as possiblsz. Th^ WdC will 
izvszn eoiTJiz to th^ dorms to 
show r^zsid^nts how to dancsz 
during programs put on by 
th(z Rizsidiznt flssistants. 


by, Mieh?:!!?: 6§eh 

The Mary Washington CheerlGadering Team is a 
Division III member of the NCAA and a m.emt)er of 
the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC). The 
cheerleadintf squad is made up of 12'20 women 
and m.en who cheer for toth men's and women's 

Congratolations for placing 8rd at the 
CAC Championships!! 





. by, Mieh(^ll(^ 6seh 

This year, "the XJMV\A Terrapins have traveled across the country 
to contimae to compete against the test teams in the nation. They 
have also prefonned a significant amount of fundraising to 
compete in San Antonio Texas for both South Zone Regionals and 
the National Colligate Synchronized Swimming competition. At 
nationals Chelsea Mooie received 1 2th in solo competition. In duets 
Dana Gadeken and Kelsey Voss received 23rd in duet competition, 
and Kristina Schrtmshaw and Isabelle Marshall received 26th- 
Dana Gadeken, Chelsea Moore, Kelsey Voes received 16th in trio 
competition. Finally, Brittney Baker, Jessica Waldman, Maria 
Gannet, Dana Gadeken, Chelsea Moore, Kelsey Voss received 1 7th 
in team Competition, The UMW" Terrapins have become a close- 
knit community through their time commitment and willingness 
to challenge themselves in synchronized swlmmdng, 
gpittney Baker 


by, Miehdlii 6seh 

The Hoofprints club is a club that has been around IIMW for many 
years, since at least 1 943. The club is for men and women T^rho wish 
to ride horses for fun or for credit. The club teaches how to properly 
love and car for the large animals while riding at Hazelwild Farm, the 
bam of school's choosing. Although it does not partake in two week long 
trips to Skyline drive as it did in the 1940s, the club is still a 
wonderful arena for horse lovers. 

Tcird/.Ki;:., Hec-,. 

Qub Ti3nni§ 

by, Miehizllg: 6§eh 

Thiz 7mn\§> Club at th^ Q^iVi^rsity of Mary 
Washington will bi3 fully d^dieat^d to th(3 
teaching, practice, and §pri3ad of thi3 sport 
of tennis throughout \h<>^ campus. It is 
^}i^ant for anyone with a loviz for tennis, 
(zithizr watching it or playing it. Isite the 
other clubs on campus, you do not have 
to be a superstar or even know the 
intricacies o1 the sport in order to join. 
QMW's tennis club is able to meet all year 
round because o1 GMW's fantastic indoor 
and outdoor courts. 

94 Cu/jTcmi 

Qltin}ati3 f ^i§bi^i^ 

by, Miehizlljz. 6§eh 

Thi3 Ultimate fvisbm program is mmn\ to djiViilop th(i ultimat(3 
Iriibm program on campus and build intjireolliigiatjz: bonds. Thj^riz: 
ar$j two ti^ams, mi^n's and woman's ultimatiz: frisb(i(i, and thi^y can b^ 
S(z:iz;n practicing on M Circk in \h<^ fall and Spring months. Vn^ 
Qltimatii Playizrs fissoc. Wi^bsiti^ givizs a l(2:ngthy d<iScription of 
Qltimatii frisbi^ii, hi^riz: is an (JXCi2:rpt, "Combining th(z: non-stop 
movj^mj^nt and athktic ^^nduranci^ of socci3r with th(z: a^irial passing 
skills of football, a gamjz: of Qltimat<i is playi^d by two Si^Vi^n-playj^r 
squads with a high-t<ich plastic disc on a fidd similar to football. Th(i 
obj(ict of thiz: gam^z: is to scorjz: by catching a pass in th^z: opponiz:nts 
(ind zoD^y Thiz: gami3 is playi^d all ovj^r \h^ 0.1). and in morjz: than 
42 countri(Js across thjz: world. 

Trek Qub 

by, Michizllii 6seh 

Thiz: purposiz: o! th^ Tr^ik Club i§ to provid^z outdoor 
opportunitiiz:§ to thi^ §tud(z:nt§ o1 OMW. Throughout thi^ y^^ar, 
th(z: §tudi^nt§ of \h(^ Tri3k Club will traVi3l to outdoor v^nu(3§ 
across th^^ §tati3 so that th^y can bik^^, eano^j, hik(3, and 
(jDJoy th^ beauty o1 th^ outdoors, fl fiz:w y^ars ago, th^^ 
group traV(2:ted to Vfl Sizaeh to eanoiz in th(3 oe^an and 
^v^ry y(^ar th^y try to go skiing and snowboarding. Many 
opportunities are available with the Trek Club. 

Modgl aN. 

by, Miehjillii 6seh 

Th^ Modizl GN i§ a elab di3dieatizd to thi3 
discussion of intizrnational affairs. It is a 
long-tim^ elab on thi^ Mary Washington 
campus and is always looking for m'W 
m^^mbiirs. Pkas^ do not worry if you ar^ 
not a political sci(^nc^ or intiirnational 
affairs major, many of thiz m^zmb^zrs, and 
^Vizn officers, ar^z not ^ith^r. Thi^ club 
teps up to dat^ with th^ various goings- 
on in thiz: world and discussiz:s thi^m at thiiir 

Circle K 

96 AMYl/.M 







h'*^ -mm 

by, Wy Miral(2S 
COfIR is a diV(z:r§<^ group of studjznts sj^rving community m?.6§> through an 
active: (ixchangfz: of Sj^rviei^ and lizaming whilji continually striving to find 
solutions to probljzms that ehallf^ngsz th(z community, flny stud(2:nt, n{2:w or old, 
can volunte(2:r with COfIR- Wji ariz: madi^ up of 1 studj^nt dir^^ctor, 3 studj^nt 
staff mjzmbers, a student Council, an Cvents Cri^w, and hundr^zds of genizral 
volunti^ers. COfIR staff rizsidjis in thg; loWi^r li^v^l of lij^eobizck tiall to hj^lp 
facilitatii all sj^rviciz programs and activitiizs. Our Council is mod?, up of studiznt 
Ijzadjsrs who hi^ad izach of Xh.?. COfIR programs and si^rViz as a liaison to thg; 
I ^ , outsidi^ ag{inci(is. Our W(i(z:kly council programs includs^ {^vj^rything from 

II^^^V W||| J ; fifrican Ri^fugj^iz Tutoring to tiabitat for "Humanity to Th^rapi^utic Riding for 
M^P I ni 1^ I ehildrj^n with spjscial m9-6s>. eVi3ry yj^ar, COfIR volunti^izrs also participatiz in 
^ I an fIlt(imatiVi3 fall and Spring ©rszak. Vn.?, CVi^nts Crjzw is a group of studiznts 
gv ^^ ^ I -^ ^ -,1 who hdp run our biggizr (^V(^nts on campus for studi^nts and the community. 
jIi f^^lv JfcOflR finnual events include events such as Into f)a ^treetz. Haunted 
_ ,.,! tlelpers, the tloliday Gift ©ox f)rive for tlead l>tart. Charity Poker 
^-i..*. T-Qumament, f^cti <i)peak! ©uildi Week, and the Community Spring 6gg Hunt 


Cl^el(^ K 

by, Michelle 6seh 

Qrck K inti^rnational is a community SizrviCi^ 
organization that focuses on sszrviei^, lizad^rship 
and fdlowship. Th(i OMW elub partieipati^s with thi^ 
national elub by doing thi^ flm^riean Cane^^r 
doeiiztys Rday for Uh, Blood ^riv^s, trips to th^^ 
food bank and much moriz: all on thjz: Mary Wash 
campus. Oth(ir projj^cts and i^vj^nts of CKl-- Trick- 
or-Tr^ating with COfIR, Pillow Project, Kickball 
Toumamiznt for th^z: Soys and 6irls Qub, flwards 
Night, kost in f).C., <§ponsor(id Vouth Night c^VN), 
Thanksgiving f>\nn<iv. Pumpkin Party, Vakntin^^'S 
f)ay Cookiiis, bak^z: sal(2:s, car washizs. Cotillion Coat 
Chiick, Rsz:staurant fliers and londaiz Sunday. 


by, Mieh(^ll(^ 6seh 

The Swinrf Dance Club is dedicated to educating the 
community in the principles of Swing Dance by 
hosting weekly lessons, campus dances, and mora 
With their own Facebook group that is quite popular, 
the SwlQg Dance Club is a warm and open group to 
ioin. As their event description says'. 

"Baby, baby it looks like it's gonna hail so come inside 
and let me teach ya how to jive and wail! 

Hey ya cool cats and Zoot-smters! This is a club for 
those of you who like to cut a rug, or even if you just 
Kke the sweet sounds of artists like Glenn Miller, 
Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra or Brian Setzer. So 
DaddyO, let's boogia" 

The SDC sponsors m.any dances on campus including a 
popular 1 940's dance and they showcased two dances 
at the MuLticuLtural Fair this spring. 


Sitt'Hi/ Daiicc 

I^vi§ibli^ Childr2:n 

by, Ki^lly Mirates 

The people of northern Uganda are caught in the middle of a civil war between 
their gov-emment and a relael army. This rebel army terrorizes villages, kidnapping 
children and forcing them to be soldiers. 

In 2006, three American filmmakers went to Africa and documented the horrors in 
Uganda, Since then they have founded Invisible Qiildren Inc, a non-profit 
organization to raise awareness and try to encourage Americans to take action 
against these atrocities. Across America, there has boen immense response by groups 
wanting to support this causa 

At Mary Washington, we have our own chapter of Invisible Children. The group 
helps educate those on campus about the tragedies, as well as fund raise. In the fall, 
they held a date auction, where they were able to raise thousands of dollars for 
programs like Schools for Schools and the Visible Child Scholarship Program. In the 
Spring Invisible Children also hosted a dance to continue raising funds for this 
worthy cause. 


l)tudi^^t§ tidping tlondura§ 

by, Kizlly Mirali^ 

In 2005, Mary Washington student Shin Fujiyama found, himself in 
Honduras and was m.oved by the hundred of children who were without 
adequate health care, hoiosiag, or education. When he returned to Mary 
Washington, he started Students Helping Honduras. Today there are SHH 
chapters at campuses across the country. 

Students spend the year doiag a variety of activities to raise m.oney for 
different causes in Honduras. Bake sales, socials, and the Spring volleyball 
tournament held on Ball circle are just some of the wa37iS that SHH is able to 
. raise money. This mioney is Tised for various things, such as buying supplies 
for schools, building homes for families, and even building education centers. 
In addition to raising money to help the cause SHH takes trips over breaks 
to Honduras, where m.embers can actively help better Honduras. While down 
there, they help build homes, or work with children. 


SHH/lmuile ChiMm 

Mortar Board 

by, Ki^Ily Miral(3§ 

Mortar Board is a national honor society that 
recognizes college seniors for excellence in the areas of 
scholarship, leadership, and servica Mortar Board 
members represent the top scholars and leaders on the 
campus. Mortar Board provides opporbmities for 
continued leadership development, promotes service to 
colleges, and encoiirages lifelong contributions to the 
global community. Additionally Mortar Board offers 
numerous benefits and opportunities to its members. 
Being chosen to be a member of Mortar Board is an 
honor that its members do not take lightly. Mortar 
Board is responsible for the Fall and Spring Blood 
Drives that help the Red Cross to save thousands of 
lives. Mortar Board also teamed with Giant 
Productions in the Spring to host Live Band Karaoka 
Here students were able to win prizes for singing 
karaoke played by a live band Meanwhile, Mortar 
Board fund raised by selling raffle tickets. 

lOo Aipim- Bmn-f 


by, Kjzlly Mirali^s 

linpowioring for Dtversity. Students 
who axe in S.E.E.D. work to educate and empower diversity at XJMWA. Thixjughout 
the year, they host several events ranging from their annual cross cultiore BBQ on 
Ball circle to Lunchtime Discussions. 

The BBQ has been hosted anjiually for the past four years. SwE.E.D. invites several 
UMW" chibs to participate in providing an afternoon of multicultural food and 
entertainment for students. 

S.E.E.D. also hosts Lunchtime Discussions where students are invited to com.e with 
their lunches to discuss a variety of hot topics, from interracial dating to 
stereot5rpes in pop culture. 

This year was the first year that Mary Washington gave students off for Martin 
Luther King, Jr Day, and SwE.E.D. took the opportunity to host several events in 
celebration of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement They hosted a Unity 
Marcii from. Jepson to Trtnkle^ sponsered an oratorical contest and wrapped up with 
a showing of the film, "Bling" and discussion with Dean Rucker. 


by, Miehi^ll(^ 6seh 

Rotaract is a club that strives to put others before 
themsehres by doing great community service projects 
for people around the region, the nation and in other 
countries. Rotaract has m.ost notably helped the city 
of Fredericksburg and surrounding areas. 

"Sroth(3rs of a Nszw 't)iri3etion (BON©) op^ratj^s 
undjzr th^ slogan "May W(z k^^p his flani(3 
burning; for w can form a eommunity in which 
Wij can h(3ar his story." 

Wi3 providii a support syst^im and Sizrv^i as an 
outlet and forum for th^^ discussion of political as 
w^W as piirsonal problems afflicting m^n of color 
as a whol(z. Through instilling a s^insiz of 
brothiirhood in our mizmbi^rs, w striViz to 
incr(2as(3 pridii in our community whik 
strizngthjzning thiz prizsiznciz and participation of 
m<>iD of color within i^Vizry kVizl of our 

BON© co-sponsors a ditizp Show with Womizn 
of Color iiVizry spring." (Travis May) 




Baptist Coll(igiat(2: Missions is a dub that Si2:(z:l<s to mdkiL a dill&r^DQ?. for Christ 
through building community, dynamic worship, spiritual growth, and 
(z;vang(z:licistic outri^ach. Sriz:nda Cjissna (junion said this about thiz. club, 
"Whjin I think about th^z; ©CM th(z first imag?: that pops into my head is the 
friends who are there who have become family. The SCM is not just a building 
across from Chandler lot, it is a place where you can go to find a community 
of people who believe in Jesus Christ, fls soon as you walk in the building, 
you can sense that something is different about this place. My roommate 
once told me she loved the way the people there interacted-, like brothers and 
sisters, find that is just what we have become. We have become a family who 
is there for support of one another in all aspects of college life. Most 
importantly we have become a family who wants to grow as one, reach out to 
others, and help each and every person grow in their faith. The ©CM is a 
community of believers that have become my family away from my family and 
my home away from home." 

"The ©lack student flssoeiation (©§f?) is an active organization that serves to 
create a forum for students of all races to learn about the cultures and history 
of flfrican-flmericans. In our weekly meetings, we address contemporary 
issues affecting the flfrican-flmerican community, and educate our members 
about flfrican-flmerican facts through a number o1 means including engaging 
discussions, exciting games, and intriguing trivia. We create a welcoming 
atmosphere for students in an effort to yield positive learning experiences. 
Our events include Kwanza Celebration, Talent dihow, and celebrations 
honoring f)r. Martin Isuther King, Jr. and ?)r. James Iseonard farmer Jr. 
't)uring the spring. We also sponsor five consecutive days of events 
collectively known as ©§fl Week. This past year included a Gospel 
Extravaganza, Open Mic Night, and the much-anticipated ©§fl 6ame Night. We 
also co-sponsor keynote speakers during the ^r. Martin isuther King Jr. 
Celebration Week and ©lack tlistory Month in february." (Charles Reed) 

B£4 BCM 


by, Ki^lly Mirals^s 

Womszn Of Color is op^n to all wom^n on \h?, Mary 
Washington Campus who want to ^mbrae^ and 
^xplorsz thiiir cultural hszritagiz. 

6Viiry yizar, \h(^ Wom(zn oJ Color hosts th^z 
traditional Night of 61izgane^ 9ane(Z. This dane(3 is a 
fun way for thsz wholiz campus to ^xp(^ri(^nc(^ n^^w 
culturizs, as ths^ music played ranges from Isatin to 
Bhangra. fill diff^^r^^nt culturszs ar(3 r(3pr^S(3ntszd by 
th(z musical s^^l^ction of \h<^ ^Vizning. 

On(z of thi3 othizr traditional campus activitis^s that 
Womizn Of Color is actiV(z in hosting is th;^ annual 
st(zp show. This is a spectacular eViznt v^h^r?. 
studfints compiztiz for cash prizes by stripping. 

Thiz last major eViznt that Womjzn Of Color hosts is 
th(z annual Wom^zn Of Color Wiz^k, which cross 
cultural unity o^ th(z Women on Mary Washington's 



TO g... 


, ond to .seek I 

I in the house 

.'>f mv \'ti 


: itJt'a Sa— MMWIMn ., 

by, Ki^lly Mirafes 

. S stands for th(3 flsian §tudiz:nt fissoeiation. Vn^ goal of thjz: flsian §tad(2:nt 
fissoeiation is to promote th(z: apprj^eiation and and(z:rstanding of flsia 
through social, jzdaeational, and cultural activitiszs. Th(3 fl<§^ is not limited to 
^flsian studiznts, thi^y do not discriminatjz: on \h^ basis of raci^, riz:ligion, 
widjuuility, national origin, political affiliation, marital status, Si^xual ori(2:ntation, 
S(zx, or ag(z. Thiz fl^fl is madiz: up of about 30 m?mb^r§. 
Thjz: biggizst ^wd\ for th(^ fl§f? was flsian Culturii W^?k from fiowmb&r 1 0- 
gl^^hi^ W(2:(3k was kickizd off by a givj^away on Monday and a gamiz: night on 
fuiziday. W(2:dnj^sday thj^y brought in Si^au iHa, a slam pod. Thursday was a 
sushi tutorial, friday thjiy h(^ld th;^ Tast(^ of flsia, which showeasjid flsian 
fashio n and music in pj3rformanc(zs, as wdl as food, finally, \h^ w^k end^d 
}^ Bhangra Bizat dancjz:. 

.. Culturjz: Wmk was a Vjzry succizssful way for thjz: fl§fl to izducatiz thiz; 
^t of th(i campus about flsian Culturjz. 

Graei3 Campus Mini§trii^§ 

by, Miehizlliz 6seh 

Thi^ GCM is om of QMW's many rdigious groups on campus that 
has, just \\k<^ th^ othizrs, a Vsiry high participation ratii by th(3 
students. 6Vi3ry \^mK SCM mmts for church pick-up on 
dondays at 9:30am for s^rvic^ which is at 1 0am; thi^ Wom(2:n's 
Community Group m^^\i> Mondays at 8pm and Thursdays at 
6:30pm whil(z \h(^ M(z:n'S Group mi3ds Thursdays at 6:30pm. 
Vn^iv Ivm fizllowship m^^al is Thursdays at 5pm but th^iy do not 
stick to conVi3ntional foods, instizad thi^ travel around th(Z world 
and sampli3 from diffi^ri^nt culturj^s. . 



by, Ki^lly Mirals^s 

The Campus Christian Community is an ecumenical 
student ministry that is supported by the Methodist, 
Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Episcopal churches that was 
started at Mary Washington in the 1960s. The CCC 
welcomes students of all faiths who wish to connect with 
other students and share worship, fellowship and service to 
the community. Students in the CCC participate locally in 
a variety of m.ission and service projects throughout the 
year. They do any t3rpe of volunteer work, ranging from 
serving meals at the hom.eless shelter to helping with 
Habitat for Humanity. 

Every Thiirsday, the CCC host table talks where they 
explore faith as well as raise awareness of community and 
global issues. These talks are followed by a dinner. Other 
weekly events include Girls' Group on Sundays, Guys' 
Group on Wednesdays, and Tea Time on Fridays. In 
addition to these weekly events, the CCC goes on weekend 
trips and retreats. 

The CCC also published a monthly newsletter, The Good 
News, so members can stay updated on the plethora of 
events that the CCC is involved with. 

lOb CCC 

by, Miehdljz; Cseh 

Thiz Baptist <§>tad(int Onion is a Christian fellowship which 
strives to minister to \h^ n(i(z:ds of thji Mary Washington 
eolkgii eommanity as Wi^ll as churches in th(3 surrounding 
fri3d^rieksburg arjza. in addition, S§Q di^sir^is to takiz: th^ 
low and 6osp(il Mi^ssagiz: of Jiisus Christ out into th^z: world 
around us. Th^^y invito anyon(3 to eom<;L b(3 a part of th(i 
fizllowship as th^^y s^i^k to izingagjz: in community, 
diseipkship, and outr^^ach. Thi^ ©§C1 is loeat^^d on Colfegiz 
'flwnm across thi3 str<i(z:t from th(i Chandfer parking lot. it 
is opizn daily so that students can fdlowship with oniz: 
anothjir, grow in thj^ir rdationship with 6od, and study in a 
"homji-likii" (^nvironmj^nt. 

by, Miehdliz 6seh 

Th^ h^Wno (§)tud^nt fI§§oeiation (l£)§fl) has a mission 
to provide students with opportunities to (explore 
Spanish and Isatin-flmi^riean eulturi3, langaag^^ and 
history, in fulfilling our mission, w^z provid(3 support 
for th(z: Spanish and Latin-flm^riean community at the 
Gniversity o1 Mary Washington but also welcome 
anyone to participate in our organization regardless 
o1 race or ethnicity. We increase pride and cultural 
awareness among students by celebrating the 
diversity of the Spanish and Isatin-flmerican eullure. 
(Omar Medina) 




by, Mieh(^lk Cseh 

Th^ Islamic I)tudi3nt fl§§oeiation'§ purposi^ 
i§ to promote Islamic awar^Oizss 
throughout thi3 campus and opi^n th^ 
studi3nt body to \h(^ div^irsiz Muslim 
culturi^s around \h(^ world. Sponsoring an 
I§fl month in f izbruary, th^i students h^ld a 
t1(^nna party whizri3 anyon(3 that want^^d to 
was abliz to g(^t k<^<^ 11i3nna on th(z:ir hands, 
fe(3t, or ni^cks; a calligraphy i3XPiirt cam^z in 
to show th^ studi3nts how calligraphy 
looRs; and o\h(^r sp^^afers eam^z: in to 
shar(^ \h<>i Muslim ^xpi3rii3nc^ with thosiz that 
alri3ady kn^^w, and thos^ that w^r^ just 


by, Miehi2:lli3 Cseh 

Thi3 Ji^wi§h <§»tudiz:nt fissoeiation is an i3dueational elab 
e^tebrating cultural diVi2:r§ity, but eoneiz:ntrat(z:§ on th^z: J(z:wi§h 
eulturjz:. J(i)fl spreads thjz: awar^n^^ss of th^z: J(2:Wi§h eultur^^ to 
the QMW community through various (Educational jz:Viz:nt§, 
and by working with oth^^r organizations thjz: J§fl priES^nts 
information alongsidi^ various groups. ThiE group attends 
WiEekly m^i^tings that trav^^l to differ(Ent places, both historical 
and fun, to keep a variety. They often experience different 
cultures together and always manage to either tie it back to 
the Jewish faith, or compare it to Judaism. 


by, finniz 6ld(zr 

Meetintf every Thursday in Jepson, InterVaristy (cominonly referred to as 
IV) provides students with a comfortatile, non-denoininational setting to 
worship and ask questions -that may have previously teen unanswered This 
year, a co-ed Justice Team was brought to the TJMV\A chapter to help spread 
the Gospel by acting as Christian influences in daily life as w^ell as putting 
forth efforts toward people in need both in the United States and abroad The 
activities of IV go beyond weekly mieetings, by contributing to several local 
charities, building a rapport with the community of Fredericksburg, and even 
extending their voices to senators in Washington with Abolition Senator Cards, 
Students on campus are able to witness the presence of IV, as mem.bers 
participated in weekly prayer walks, held their first campus-wide Hunger 
Banquet, and continue to answer questions from, all inquiring minds. The club 
was able to show their many talents at the Rockbridge retreat in May, where 
they w^on the championship volleyball toumam^ent against their rival the 
University of Richmond And let's not forget the excitement of the IV- 
sponsored Capture the Flag games! 


'::.'i. /i 

0^i^ Noti3 ^tand 

Thiz Om Not(z §tand is onsz of Mary Wa§hington"§ co-(zd a eappdla groups, fit th(z bi^ginning 
of th(2 yizar, thizy hold auditions for both ms^n and wom^n who lik(i to sing. Throughout th(3 
S(zm(zstizr th^y m^jzt thriz^ tim^s a W(i^k, Mondays, W^zdngsdays, and (§)undays, to rszhs^arssz 
songs for thsz:ir cone^^rts. Th(zy haV(z on(^ major eones^rt pj^r sizms^stizr. In NoVi^mbizr thszy had 
thi^ir fall eoneizrt. <§)tud(2nts w^r^^ ehargizd $ \ pszr ticket, and thiz proci3(jds all w^nt to bs^nizfit 
Vli \ 'S §aV(3 \h^ Musie foundation. Tb^ Spring Concizrt was at tbg (znd of flpril. Throughout 
th(2 yszar, th(zy also havg S(zV(zral mini pizrformaneizs at admissions (zvs^nts, and oths^r j^V(^nts on 
campus. In mid March, On(3 Not? I)tand had a Spirit Might at Chiek-fil-fl, wh(3r^ th^y 
Pi^rform^d and rais^sd funds to support th(z:ms(jlV(iS. 


(kimfonies is om of QMW'S old^ist eo-izd a eapiilla singing groups. Thi^y 
Pi^rform many tim^zs throughout th(Z school y^^ar and oMn t(3am up with 
othi^r groups for i^v^nts. On flpril 1 7, (gymfonies joiniid with PR1I)M to 
dom out th^ ©ay of §ikneiz with a concert. $ \ admission was charged 
at th^z: door. 

0/!f Net( Srmid/Sjim^nia 


ibmitted by BA WEBSITE 


B^llf^Capi3lla is OMW's only all 
femak singing group. Th^r 
Wi3bsit(3 says, "fls QMW'S 
pri^mi(^ri^ femak a eapp^lla 
group, Wii combing our lov^i 
oJ musie, insatiably thirst for 
attiintion, and our mdodie 
voiciis to iznt^rtain anyonsi 
who will stand still long 
enough. Causiz l^it'S he<^ it . . . j^ 
girls just wanna hav^j fun. 0- ^^ 
0-0-Oh girls just-a-wanna 
haviz fun." cn 


t^s oniz of QMW's singing 
groups, and thsz only eo-izd 
chamber ehoir group on 
campus, Qna Voe^z was in 
high dfzmand throughout 
\h(^ aeadizmie y^ar. Ih?, 
m^n and womizn pizrform^d 
at Pariznts W^zizkiznd in 
l)iz:pt^rnb(3r most notably 
whik also hosting th^zir own 
eoncizrts in conjunction 
with \h<^ Music "Dizpartm^znt 
shows and Holiday 
Spectacular. Over 20 men 
and women are part of this 
illustrious group that has 
charmed the campus for 
more than a few years. 




by, fllyssa t1o§(z:y 

People Representing Individuals of Sexual 
Minorities (PRISM) is an organization that 
aims to bring awareness to the gay, lesbian, 
bisexual and transgender community. Their 
goal is to create a safe and accepting 
environment on campus for people of all sexual 
orientations and gender identities. PRISM meets 
w^eekly to discuss the clubs concerns and just to 
have fun! PRISM hosts multiple events 
throughout the year such as the annual drag 
show and the candle kght vigiL At the Candle 
light vigiL PRISM members honor those who 
have been victims of transphobia by lighting 
candles. The entire campus showed their 
support for the victims by signing the rock. 



5y, K^lly Miraliis 


GA,L.L. stands for Guerrilla Art Liberation Lives, a club whose goal is to rescue i 
art from the glass case in which modem society has imprisoned it They believe 
that the separation of art from its audience is detrunental to the pursuit of art 
itself. As a reaction to society, art should also elicit an itiunediate reaction from 
society. GA.L.L. aims to create art tha.t those who encounter it will not soon forget 
rather than create art that will go down in history. 

As a means of achieving this goal GAX.L. has done several projects around campus 
this year. One major project was teaming up with the Ecology club for the light 
bulb exchange. The members of G. ALL painted and then planted the old bulbs 
outside of Lee HalL Another expression of Guerrilla Art was on April Fools Day, 
when the memtiers of GA-L.L. constructed a rubber band web across Palmieri Plaza, 
Throughout the year, they hosted several poetry slams during latenight at the 
Nest GA.LuL is supports m^any other clubs, and aids in their activities. They helped 
COAR raise money for canned food, and also helped Class Council by hosting a 
pumpkin sta.bbing activity at Halloweens. 


Thi^ 6athi^rin< 

by, Ki3lly Miral(zs 

The Gathering began as an on-Tcampus Bible Study with focus on 
buildiQtf up leaders and reaching out to the community. This year 
their leadership felt called to begin som.ething new in faith. ONE *. deo 
pneumoa, ONE is the on-t;ainpus church which was started this year in 
order to provide an opportunity for students to worship corporately. 
The purpose of ONE is to promote unity between students, and allow 
them, to work together as ONE body, with ONE faith for the glory of 
ONE God. The Gathering has continued to grow and provide several 
opportunities for students to get involved in Mary Washington 
activities, as well as put their faith in action. 

The Gathering activities include partnering with the other Christian 
ministries on campus, Christmas caroling, and outreach game nights. 

G.4LL. 7/:t Guf/rr.K.i 

Biology Qab 

Biolorfy is not just a class that students take at UMW. For many people, it is a 
passion. Outside of the classroom, many studnts can only study their books or 
rfo out and find biology in everyday lif a For those people that have listened to 
the call of biology, they fouad their ways to the Biology Club. Professor Killian 
serves as the faculty advisor to the club which serves to provide a platform for 
discourse in all fields of biology. The club facilitates as a forum where students 
interested in biology can gather to share their interests. 

Geology Qub 

The Ecolotfy Club is one of the most well known clubs on campus. They constantly advertise on the 
rock in effort to inform the camp\as of their m^ission, which is sustainability. The Eco Club meets 
weekly to discuss ways that students can make the campus a greener placa This year they worked 
with Campus Climate Change and the Virginia Ckmate Action Network to lead students in the 
movement towards clean energy. The Ecology Club provides its members with several opportunities to 
further their education on the sustainability movement by attending PowerShift, a nation-wide 
energy conference. 

In order to benefit the campus, the Eco Club partnered with GALL for the light-bulb exchange, hosted 
RecycleMania, and had many green festivities for Earth Day. Most notably, they had tie dye and 
brought Pete Yarrow of Peter, PaioX and Mary for a benefit concert. 



pl-ioto by CAITLIN MURH; 

Mary Washington's Renaissance Club is 
made up of students w^ho are interested 
in the Renaissance period. At their 
meetings, they make crafts reminiscent 
of the renadssance era including 
calligraphy w^ork, embroidery, and 
chain mail This year, they 
participated in the Ma.ry Washicon, 
where they sold some of their 
handicrafts for benefit of the club. 
Other than crafting, the Renaissance 
Club hosts two major events throughout 
the year. The first is the Elizabethan 
Feast. This is a very popular event, 
which is catered to serve Elizabethan 
era food. 

The other major event that the 
Renaissance Club hosted was the 
Masquerade BalL Students w^ere invited 
to attend this dance, w^hich w^as hosted 
in the Red Room, and could get a deal to 
go from it to the 1 940s Swing Dance 
that was being simultaneously hosted 
in the Great HalL This was another 
popular event for the MWRC. 




The Historic Preservation Club hosts 
three major events in the fall 
semester. All three educate students 
and the community about historic 
events. During Parent's Weekend, 
the Historic Preservation Club 
provide students and their families 
with an opportunity to take a tour 
of Downtown Fredericksburg. 
The week before Hallo^^^een, the club 
holds their annual Ghost Walk. Tour 
guides from the group lead students 
and locals around downtown on a 
haunted tour. 

The last major event hosted by the 
Historic Preservation Club is their 
annual Victorian Ball Dance 
instructors and musicians are 
brought in to create the 
environment, and attendees can 
learn real Victorian dances to real 
Victorian music. 


! i:ii;Jjf!/ii'/: Hii 


•^ by, Miehszllsz e§eh 

XHireme Volleyball Club provides 
alternative volleyball playing experiences 
in a non-competitive and stress relieving 
environment. Men and Women play 
together on Wednesdays around 9pm in 
Gookick Gym after the UMW Women's 
team is finished practicing. Ranging from a 
£ew players to m-any everyone is always 
in high spirits and ready to play. Many 
people who come to Volleyball Club are 
there to learn more about volleyball outside 
of the class environment. Come out and 
play even if you have no idea what you 
arc doin^ 

lib ppfo/iic 


by, Mieh(2:ll;2: 6seh 

The purpose of the Commutiiig StiiHents Associatioii is to bring 
the commuters of UMW^ into the UMW atmosphere m.ora 
Many people feel that once they no longer live on campios 
and in a dorm, that they lose contact with the happenings of 
UMW. While this may te trufit the CSA strives to provide 
outreach to those students living off campus with invitations 
to events, activities and m.ore that they could miss out on. 
Also, certain areas on campus are supposedly m.eant for the 
Commuters of UMW. 


by, Mieh{2lk 6seh 

To promote local and national music through an internet 
l>ased radio. On the radio, WMWC is local station 91.5 FM 
This University radio station was not started on the internet 
or even with the aide of the internet, but instead in 1946, 
when IMW was still MWC and all femala The radio 
provided the ladles on campus with music of the year in their 
dormitories. Now; UMW students are able to listen in their 
cars or at their residences on campus and in the 
Fredericksburg area. Located next to the Washroom., the radio 
station is full of controls, old records and cds. 

Cdgliz: Shangra 

by, Miehi^lliz 6§eh 

Eagle Bhangra contributes inGaningfully to 
the diversity of experience at UMW by 
demonstrating through performances dance 
and dress of South and Central Asia, 

^^ EaijlcB/miya 

S; , The Enigma Color Guard is UMWs color guard teain 
that competes against other schools on a regular l>asis 
throughout the academic school year. Competing 

i V indoors, the team is put through a series o£ tests against 
i other universities and colleges. 


by, Miehdte 6§eh 

Even though UN/LW does not have a fencing team, 
many people love the sport and its fast paced fun. The 
purpose of the Fencing Club is to provide basic 
instruction and equipment for the sport of fencing. On- 
cam.pus practice and off-campus tournaments are 
scheduled regularly. 

Ceier Guuul nv,\,,v„ 



Cross Country 

by. Anne Elder 

Racinrf across the finish line, the UMW Cross Coiontry teams ended their season by running the 
course of the NCAA Division III South/Southeast Regional Championships in Segioin, Texas. The 
Mens Team came in 5th overall with the Women in 6th placa For sophomore Hayley Sullivan, 
the championships brought her to the NCAA National Championships, where she placed 64th. 

Prior to these championships, both teams placed second in the CAC Championships, w^hich took 
place in Thomburg, VA hosted by Mary Washington. Junior Frank DeVar was once again 
honored by the CAC, this time as the 2008 Runner of the Year, along with fellow runner Sullivan, 
DeVar and Sullivan were also recognized the week of October 2 1 as Runners of the Week. Also 
recognized by the CAC was freshman Justin Mullen, the CAC Rookie of the Year, and coach Stan 
Soper, who gained the title of Womens Coach of the Year. 

■ ^, ' 'V' 



■ '■ ^ m 

f 3^ 







* 'MW \UMw' 

11 f 




^^^^E~ ^^B CAC 

m Kfi 



i ' T 

^ -^^ Itl 




J photo by CLINTjIoFi'y^ 

1 ~~ C/rjJ Ceimfi 


LebiMnoii Valley 
Invitational W-fetW M~5th 

MU Invitational 

6MU Invitational 

Gettysburg Invitational 

IW~2nd; M~2nd 

Sullivan- (>4tli 


Eastern Memionite 

Guilford 3-OW 

Frostburg 3-OL 

Mary Baldwin 3~0W 

Lynchburg 3~-0W 

Randolph^Macon 3-2W 

NCWesleyan 3~2L 

Salisbury 3~0L 

Tournament 2~2 Record 

York 3~0W 

McDaniel 3-lW 

Muhenberg 3--0L 

Gallaudet 3~0W 

St Marys of MD 3-OL 

Washington 3~0W 

Albright 3~0W 

Stevenson 3~0L 





Washington and Lee 3- OL | 

Mary Baldwin 
















CAC 1st round 


CAC Semifinals 



by. Anne Elder 
The Volleyball team made impressive strides this year to land themiselves at the CAC 
Semifinals, against rival school Salisbury. Junior Anne Lutkenhaus and senior Kelley Heuber 
ended their season as mem^bers to the All-Capital Athletic Conference Volleyball Team, w^hile 
freshman Katie Shifflett was named Rookie of the Year, There is no question these All-Star players 
will continue to bring victory to the Eagles in the years to coma 

The season started off w^ell for the girls this past August, w^here they won three out of four 
gamies at the Eastern Mennonite Tournam^ent. The team w^ent on to bring pnde to UMW w^hen 
they defeated Lynchburg 8-0 at the Homecoming game in October, w^hich was also the team's "Dig 
Pink" fundraising match. The season was also a triumph for coach Dee Conway, w^ho celebrated 
her 400th and 40 1 st win with the team after the victories against Washington College and 
Albright College, respectively. The team ended their season w^ith a record of 19-11. 

f J 

*^V .-i 


~« — 

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Women s Rugby 

by, Anne Elder 

The XJMW Women 's Rurfby club started in 1 985 and has since become one of 
the most popular club sports at Mary Washinrfton. The w^omen's rutfby team has once 
arfain foutfht in another competitive season as durintf both fall and sprintf semesters, the 
women play in games and tournaments t37pically on Saturdays, Virforous practices are 
held three times a w^eek on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from four to six in 
the evening. While the club isn't officially considered a sport in America, these tfirls aren't 
just messing around! The team often traveled to compete with other schools in the Virginia 
Rugby Union's Division II and did quite w^elL Congrats girls and good luck next year!! 


ishoto- by DAVID MCMILLAN 

f Ji'^w:r. fPf ■^»:^'^^ 


vJMU 17-7L 

V. Uaiv. of Rich b 0~ OW 

vWMU 201 9W 
V Charlottesville 

vGWU 5-5T 

vVCU 27-lOW 

longwood 1 4~- 1 3L 

v.Aluami t7-0L 

Virginia Rugby Union 
^■Semifinals V WMU 

Virginia Rugby Union 
Finals V. Longwood 7-5L 

c? aCJ* 


Meii*s Rugby 

by, Anne Elder & Michelle Esch 
Congratulations Men's Rugb3H. This season was the first ever undefeated season with a S~ 
0- 1 final tallyd With every player having the chance to play since there are no cuts and no 
bench sitting, the team ended the year as the ^ I seed in the Ed Lee Cup in the Division II Men's 
Rugby Tournament, Before defeating VMI in the Championship Match with a 24-24 OT score, the 
men defeated VCU 2 1 -0 in the semiifinal match. An impressive season that required no experience 
from^ its members as most rugby players first play the game in collega A sociable but competitive 
sport, the men played several NCAA Division I schools, w^hile the Virginia Rugby Union, UMWs 
regional league, frequently sends one team to the National Final Four, Again, congratulations men 
on an impressive season! 

Field Hockey 

by, Anne Elder 

Making it all the way to the CAC Semifinals, the field hockey team had an impressive 
season. Sophomore forward Emma Jones, senior forward Alison Weckstein, and iunior defender Jaci 
Marshall w^ere named CAC Co-Players and Players of the Week, for the w^eeks of September 1 5, 
October 27, and October 20, respectively. The team also found victory 3-1 against York College at 
the first roiond of the Capital Athletic Conference Tournament. 

Also bringing pride to the Eagles w^ere Marshall and sophomore defender Heidi Sheehan, w^ho 
w^ere named to the All-South Region Team. Marshall and Sheehan w^ere also named to the AU- 
Capital Athletic Conference first team, while teainmates Weckstein and Jones w^ere named to the 
second. The team competed at St. Mary's College of MD for the CAC semifinals, w^here they fell 8-2. 
The team, closed the overall season with a 1 8-6 record. 


, Scoreboard 



V. Lebanon Valley 3-OL 

V. Lynchburg 5-1 L 

V Bridge water 2-OW 

V York 3-2W 

V. Dickinson l^OW 

v.Catkolic 1-OW 

V. Stevenson 3-OW 

▼. Christopher Newport 2~ IL 

V. Washington and Lee 2~ 1 W 

V Hood 3-2W 

V.Wesley l^OW 

vVAWesleyan 3-lW 

V Sweet Briar (>-0W 

V Roanoke 4-OW 

V. Salisbury 4-lL 

V Randolpb-Macon 2~0W 

CAC 1st round 3-lW 

CAC Semifinals 3-2L 




▼. Elizabethtown 

1-0 W 

V. Gettysburg 

1-0 w 

V. Emory 

2-0 L 

V. Randolph^Macou 2- 1 L { 

V. Roanoke 

1-1 T 

V. St. Mary*s 

3-1 W 


2-1 W 

V. Hood 

3-1 W 

V NC Wesleyan 

1-0 W 

y. Stevenson 

4-1 W 

V. Wesley 

1-1 T 

V. McDaniel 

1-0 W 

V Gallaudet 


V. York College 

4-0 L 

V. Salisbury 

0-0 T 

V. Marymount 

3-1 W 

CAC Semifinals 

4-1 L 



A f 


^ \ 





Meii*s Soccer 

by. Anne Elder 

The men's soccer team finished this years season with an impressive 9-4-8 overall record 
and a 5-1-2 CAC record taking them all the w^ay to the CAC Semifinals arfainst Salisbury. 
Unfortunately they were defeated 4-1 at the semifinal game, however, that didn't stop them from 
being recognized by the CAC. Senior defender David Rodriguez and sophomore forward T.L, Tutor 
w^ere both named to the All-CAC Men's Soccer second team, -with Rodriguez also named to the 
NSCAA All-Region Men's Soccer teami. Tutor w^as also named CAC Co-Rlayer of the Week for the 
w^eek of September 22, as w^ell as senior forward Darien Ruggles, w^as named CAC Co-Player of the 
Week for the w^eek of October 6. 

Coach Roy Gordon w^as also presented with the 67 th National Soccer Coaches Association of 
America's Honor Aw^ard after 82 seasons and a record of 864-1 96-45 at Mary Washington. 

i \ 

! ^ 




t .3 '^ 


jjsiT ovvm, 

Women*s Soccer 

by. Anne Elder 

The Women's Soccer team had another successful season, ending with an 8-6-5 overall 
record and a 4-1-3 CAC record The team placed fifth in the CAC Tournament and made it to 
the CAC first round toiirnament, but were defeated 2-1 by York. The girls tied 1-1 in the 
rainy Homecoming game against Stevenson, yet went on to overcome Hood 4- 1 at the regular 
season finala 

Senior midfielder Hannah Pearson was named to the National Soccer Coaches Association 
of America Adidas All-Mid Atlantic Region third team in early December. Pearson, along with 
teammate freshman defender Marianne Dubinsky, was also named to the All-CAC first team, 
with senior defender Lauren Harkness and freshman forward Ashley Olson being named to the 
second team. Congratulations girls! 



V. Lycoming 

2-2 T 

V. Susquehanna 

1-0 W 

V. Wesley 

4-1 W 


1-1 T 

Y. Messiah 

7-0 L 

V. Galladudet 

9-0 W 

V. York College 

2-0 L 




5-0 L 

V. Guilford 

2-1 W 

V St. Mary's 

3-3 T 

V. Salisbury 

1-1 T 

V NC Wesleyau 

3-1 W 

V. Koauoke 

1-0 W 

▼. College of NJ 

2-0 L 

V. Washington 9r Lee 5-2L 

V. Stevenson 

1-1 T 

V. Hood 

4-1 W 

CAC 1st round 

2-1 L 


., I UMW / , 




Potomac Yally Relays Ml 3rd 


Washington ft Lee MI 92- 170 




W: 102-20 

M: 97-25 
W: 97-25 

York College of PA M: 1 7 5- 8 7 

W: 217-45 

Marymonnt Mt 145-57 

W: 137-fc7 

St Mary's College of MD 

M: 157-48 
W: 129-7fc 

Gettysburg Ml 138- 129 

W: 142-120 

Hood M: 143-27 

W: 187-15 

Raudolpli-Macou (woweus) 

W: 14-(.l 

CAC m: 7-1, (.0 

w:9-o, (»-o 



by, Anne Elder 
The Mary Washington s^runmers dove straight into victory this season, with the w^omen's 

team ending their season undefeated 9-0, and the men finishing 8- 1 . The taste of victory was not 

foreign to the swimm.ers, w^ho gained honors from the CAC as w^ell as the NCAA Taking hom.e top 

honors was sophomore Sarah Crockett, w^ho gained All- America honors after her performance at the 

NCAA Division III Championships. Also honored throughout the season w^ere Stephen Clendenin 

(CAC Swimmer of the Year), Justin Anderson, Megan DeSmit (CAC Rookie of the Year), Tyler 

Henderson(CAC Rookie of the Year), and Emily CampbelL While Crockett and Clendenin represented 

the Eagles at the NCAA C!hampionships, the w^omen's team earned the CAC title for the 1 9th 

consecutive year and the men's team w^on the CAC title for their 9th consecutive year ( 1 5th time 

overall). Cloach Matt Sellman was also honored with the CAC Men's C!oach of the Year Aw^ard, 

Way to go Eagles! 


iB^^Bu^-K.^^ ^ k. 

^^^^^^^^1^^ jyi..^'*^ ^•'■■^WHb^ISII^H 




IL, . 

1 1 1 

1 1 1 iiiimP'' "wi 

■ pHoto hy CLLNT OiTEN 

Siviinmiiiii 1 JV 

Women^s Basketball 

by, Anne Elder 

This season the Eatfles women's basketball team shot their w^ay to the top, winning their 
third straight CAC championship and going on to compete in the NCAA Division III Tournament in 
New York. The CAC recognition did not end there for the team— seniors Katy Larson and Ashton 
Mitchell were both named the the All-Capital Athletic Conference team, while freshman Katie 
Wimmer was named CAC Rookie of the Year. Mitchell and Larson were also named to the 
Richmond-Times Dispatch's AU-State College Division Women's Basketball team. 

At the game against rival Wesley, the team supported cancer research and Locks of LxDve, 
with volunteers donating their hair during halftime at this doubleheader. The game was a success 
both points and fvmdraisin^. This season was the fifth straight year where the girls have surpassed 
over 20 victories, ending their season with an impressive 28-6 overall record. Way to go girls! 

13b lOemoi'i BtUkit/jaii 


V. Arcadia College 

Frankliii 9r Marshall Tourney 

82-77 W 

T Franklia fr Marshall College 

Franklin ft Marshall Tourney 

79-55 L 

▼. N.C. Wesleyan College 

90-74 L 

V. Shenandoah Univ. 

75-73 L 

V. Salishnry Univ. 


▼. Hood College 


V Methodist College 

Randolph'-Macon Tourney 


V. Piedvont College 

Randolph'-Macon Tourney 


V Albright College 

Adidas Desert D3 Tourney 


V. North Central College 

Adidas Desert D3 Tourney 

70-61 L 

V. York College of PA 


V. Gallaudet Univ 


V St Mary's College of MD 8 1- 7 7 L 

V. Marymount Univ. 


V. Wesley College 

92-83 L 

V. Stevenson Univ. 

73-54 W 

V. Salisbury Univ. 


T. Hood College 

97-81 L 

V York College of PA 


T. Gallaudet Univ 


V St Mary's College of MD 56-53 L 

T. Marymount Univ. 


V. Wesley College 


T. Stevenson Univ. 


V. York College of PA 

CAC 1st round 


T. Wesley College 

CAC Semifinals 

98-79 L 

EC=1 S 

Meii*s Basketball 

by, Anne Elder 

Ending their season in the CAC Semifinak, the men's basketball team finished with a 14-12 
overall record Senior Matt Hale and iunior Brandon Altmann were both named the All-Capital 
Athletic Conference team, while senior Andrew Cox along with Altmann were named CAC players 
of the w^eek for the w^eek of February 1 6. Altmann was also named to the second team All-Region 

The team collaborated with the w^omen's basketball team on February 1 8 for fundraising to 
support cancer research and Locks of Love against Wesley Collega The men were successful and 
defeated Wesley at a close 9 1-90. The regular season for the men ended with a 77-56 lead over 
Stevenson University, after which they moved on to the first round of the CAC tournament, where 
they defeated York 88-76. Great job guys! 


bv. Anne Elder 

Competing against schook all over the east coast, the Mary Washington softball team made 
it all the way to the CAC championships against rival Salisbury this season. While they may not 
have taken home the title, they were definitely able to prove their skill with their 25-1 6—1 record. 
The team even spread Eagle pride to Kissimmee, Florida over spring break, w^here they played 
against eight teams from all across America, 

Earning top honors this season w^as senior Kristen Row^ell, who was honored twice as the CAC 
Softball Player of the Week and also as the Atlantic Region Player of the Week. Powell was also 
named to the All-CAC Softball Team with fellow teammate senior Cathy Hull as well as the NFCA 
All-Pegion Team with junior shortstop Kaitkn Petrella, These ladies certainly prove that pla3ring 
Kke a girl is not a bad thin^. Way to go ladies! 




W { 


1 , 

4\^ VI 



5 pKotc 

Scoreboard 1 

vs. Rswdolpli-Msicoti 



vs. Lynchburg 


vs. Heidelberg 


vs. CUrk 


vs. Augustua 

15- 2L 

vs. Muskingnqi 


vs. Neuvsiiiii 


vs. Methodist 


vs. Maryville 


vs. Misericordia 


vs. Mary Baldwin 



vs. SUNT Geneseo 


vs. Swartkaiore 


vs. Cabrini 


vs Wilkes 


vs. Plattsburgk St. 



vs. Hood 



vs. Wesley 



vs. Messiah 



vs. Gallandet 



vs York (Pa ) 



vs. Skenandoak 



vs. Salisbury 



vs. VA Wesleyau 



vs. Stevenson 



vs. Lynchburg 


vs York (Pa ) 


vs. Salisbury 


vs York(Pa ) 


vs. Salisbury 



vs. Messiah 



vs SUNT CortUnd 


Ts St Mary's College of MD 1 8~-2L 

vs. St. Mary's College of MD b~ 5L 


VS. Salisbury 

15- IL 

vs. Salisbury 3~ IL ( 1 3 iuu.) 


vs. Frostburg State 


vs Wesley 


vs. Catholic 


vs. Bridgewater 

12- 8L 

vs. Gallaudet 



vs Gallaudet 


vs Randolph-^Macoii 5- 4W (11 iiw.) 

vs. Cliristoplier Newport 


VS Wesley 



vs. Steveusou 


vs. Steveusou 



vs. York College of Pa. 


vs. Hawpdeu-Syduey 


vs. York College of Pa. 



vs. Salisbury 


vs St Mary's College of Md. b- 5L 


VS. NC Wesleyau 



vs. Apprentice School 


by. Anne Elder 

The Mary Washington baseball team finished their season this year with a 15-17 overall record, with much 
individual recognition from the Capital Athletic Conference. Junior shortstop Seamus Bergen was named CAC Baseball 
Co-Player of the Week, after helping the Eagles win two of three games against Stevenson. Senior Andrew Cox w^as also 
named CAC Baseball Player of the Week after his amazing performance agauist North Carolina Wesley and was also 
honored as one of the 2009 UMW Scholar- Athletes of the Year. 

Cox, a right-handed pitcher, was also named to the CoSlDA Academ.ic AU-Distnct Team and the first team of the 
AU-Capital Athletic Conference Team, while junior teammates Bryan Quintana and Will Wright were named to the 
second team^. Cox was also chosen as an all-region selection by the America Baseball Coaches Association, with while 
sophomore right fielder teammate Jackson Clement w^as given a spot in the region's Gold Glove team. 

Another victory for the team this year was for coach Tom Shendan, \\rho joined the 50Q-win club, among some 
of the most elite coaches in the division. Congratulations boys! 

Womeii^s Tennis 

by. Anne Elder 

As the champions of their sixth consecrutive CAC Championship, the Women's Tennis team 
had a lot to celebrate this season. In addition to reaching this honor, seven mem.bers of this NCAA 
Division III team won individual CAC honors. Senior Becky Morse-Karzen brought home the 
Player of the Year award for the second-straight year while teammate Kathryn Schafer earned 
the Rookie of the Year award. Morse-Karzen was also honored by UMW as one of the UMW 
Scholar- Athletes of the Year. Also included in these honors was coach Patrick CatuILo, who was 
recognized as the CAC Coach of the Year after bringing the Eagles to their sixth conference 

Traveling to Ohio, Minnesota, and Atlanta this season, these Eagles served schools from all 
over the country, ranking as high as seventh in the nation. Awesome job ladies! 

14b iCpiiifiii Tn. 


vs. Radford fe-JL 

vs Oberlia i~ IW 

vs. George Mason (>~ 1 W 

vs. "* 1 5 Gustavus Adolphus College 
at ITA Indoor Chavpionships 8~ IW 
vs. *2 Evory University 
at ITA Indoor Championships 8~- 1 L 
vs. ^5 Denison University 
at ITA Indoor Championships 8- IL 
VS Chapman b-lYT 

vs. ** (> Pomona Pitzer Colleges b~ 3L 
vs. ^2 Washington and Lee 5~4L 
vs Catholic 9-OW 

vs. ^ 2 1 Johns Hopkins 7~ 2L 

vs.^ IS Washington University 5-4W 
vs. **4 University of Chicago 5~ 2 L 
vs. *!(> DePauw University 5~-4W 
vs Swarthmore 9-OW 

vs. Wesley 9-OW 

vs Hood 9-OW 

vs. York College of Pa 9-OW 

vs St Mary's College of MD 9-OW 
vs Salisbury 9~0W 

vs Stevenson 9-OW 

vs. St. Mary's College 

CAC Tournament Semifinals 9- OW 

vs. Salisbury 

CAC Tournament Championship 


NCAA Division III Tournament 
2nd Round - 5- IW 

NCAA Division III Tournament 
3rd Round 5~1L 

VUfiltfu Imm-i' 




vs. Richmond 


vs. George Mason 


vs. Liberty 


vs. Averett 


vs. Emory 


vs. Gustavus Adolphns 


vs Trinity (TX) 


vs. Pomona~Pitzer 


vs. CUrevont Mndd Scripps o~~ 1 tV 

vs. Redlands 


vs. WashiQgtoii and Lee 


VS. Wesley 


vs. Longwood 


vs. York of Pa. 


vs. Swarthmore 


vs. Haverf ord 


vs. Kenyon 


vs. Carnegie-Mellon (»~~3L 

vs. St. Mary's of Md. 


VS. Salisbury 


vs. Johns Hopkins 


vs CNU 


vs. Hood 


vs. HampdcQ-Sydiiey 


vs. Bridgewater (VA) 


vs. Hood 


VS. Salisbury 


vs NC Wesleyan 


Melius Tennis 

by. Anne Elder 

The men's tennis team ended the 2008-2009 season with a 18-11 record ranked 1 7th in 
the nation, brought home a CAC championship as w^ell as reaching the NCAA Toiomament. Twice 
senior Randy Loden gained the title of CAC Player of the Week, shortly follow^od by team^mate 
senior John James later in the season, James "went on to be named the CAC's Men's Tennis Player 
of the Year. Also recognized was coach Todd Helbling w^ho was named Coach of the Year for the 
sixth year since 2002. 

The men traveled to Minnesota to compete in the annual ITA Indoor National 
Championships, where they played against some of the top-ranked schools in the nation. From 
there they returned to the east coast, w^here they served up some heavy competition against 
schools from Division I and Division III. A\Aresome job boys! 


by, Anne Elder 

At Hazelwild Farm, the UMW riders are known for more than j-ust their graceful gait. As a 
part of Region I, Zone IV of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, the riders gaUoped and 
trotted to earn the regional championship for the third consecutive year. Through many first- 
and second-place wins during the season, the riders have proved themselves as one of the top 
equestrian teams in the nation, finishing in I 1th place out of 26 in the Holiday Tournament of 
Champions in Painesville, Ohio. 

This year, senior Jessica Van Brocklin earned the individual high point championship, 
finishing ninth in the Cacchione Cup. She placed seventh in the Individual Open Equitation Over 
Fences at the 2009 IHSA National Championship, with teammate Shannon Brown placing third in 
the Advanced Walk Trot Canter in the same competition (Clint Often). Way to go riders! 


Mt. St Mary's 

[lollege Show 

1st Place 

Gouclier College 


1st Place 

College of William 

and Mary Show 
^ 2iid Place 

University of 

Richmond Show 

1st Place 

EijuafrifJi! 151 


Navy Day Regatta? 

Men's Varsity 8, 8tli place 
Women's Varsity 8, 7th place 
Women's Varsity 8 "B" boat, 
8tli place 

Occoquan Sprints* 

Men's Novice 4. 4tli 

Men's Varsity 8, Stli in finals 

Women's Varsity 8, 2nd place 

Women's Novice 4, 3rd in finals 

Women's Varsity 4. 3rd in 


Knecht Cuv ResattaS 

Men's Varsity 8, 5th place 
Women's Varsity 8, 2nd place 

MAKC Conference 

Men's Varsity 8. 1st place 
Men's Novice 4, 1st place 
Women's Varsity 8, 1st place 
Women's Novice 4, 1st place 

Mid- Atlantic Crew 


Men's Varsity 8, 2nd in finals 
Men's Novice 4. 3rd in final 
Women's Varsity 8, 1st place 
Women's Varsity 8 "B" boat, 
1st place 
Women's Novice 8, 1st place 

IRA ChawionshiDsS 

Men's Varsity 4, 1st place in 
3rd level final 



by. Anne Elder 
Early in the season, the UMW rowing team became a charter member of the newly formed 

Mid- Atlantic Rowing Conference along with eight other NCAA Division III schools. From there, the 

teams proceeded to win the first MARC Championship, with 3 5 total points. 

Freshman Connor Murphy and senior Sebastian Watt of the men's team and junior Karol37n 

Milton and sophomore Stephanie Lefferts of the -women's w^ere all recognized as all-conference 

selections for the Eagles. Marielle Gibbons was also honored with academiic conference honors. 

Gibbons, along with senior Julie Milam, was named to the CRCA national scholar-athlete team^ 

(Clint Often). 

After an exciting season with many championship wins, the UMW rowing team continues to 

earn their place as one of the top rowing programs in the nation. Awesome job row^ers! 

Wo]neiL*s Lacrosse 

by. Anne Elder 

With an overall record of 1 4-8, the women's lacrosse team brought several victories to Mary 
Washington, reaching the NCAA Toiimament second round Early in the season, coach Dana Hall 
w^on her 200th career lacrosse victory with a 1 9-0 win against Hood Freshman attacker 
Catherine Kennedy earned several honors, including the National Division III Rookie of the Year by 
womenslacrossacom, as well as the CAC Rookie of the Year, Kennedy, along with freshman 
attacker Allie Kimmelman and senior defense Emily Gallugi, was named to the first team of the 
AU-Chesapeake Region, with freshman m^idfielder Jenny Atman and sophom.ore attacker Kaite 
Wallis named to the second Kennedy and Kimmelman were named All- Americans by the IWLCA 
while Kate Tarr won the CAC Unsung Hero Award and Ashley Scutari earned the CAC nomination 
for the NCAA Sportsmanship Award Congratulations on an impressive season ladies! 

^^'^ li^enifH'i Ijicmr 



vs. Guilford 18~8W 

vs. Mary mount 1 7-4W 

vs. *() Gettysburg 1 8~ 1 OL 

vs. SUNT Oueout* 1 8- 1 2W 

vs. RoMoke 14-lOL 

vs. Wesley 19~2W 
vs. ** 8 Washington and Lee 1 0~ 9 W 

VS. Raudolph Macou 1 (>~ 4W 

I 13-9L 

vs. Hood 19-OW 

vs. * 1 7 St Mary'i of Md 1 4~ 1 1 L 

vs.Steveusou 17~8W 

vs*ll Catholic 21~9L 

vs. York College of Pa 2 1- 1 OW 

VS Christopher Newport 18-1 OW 

VS. Virgiui* Wesleyau 1 2~ 1 1 W 

vs«l Salisbury 15~4L 
vs. York College of Pa. 

CAC Touraavent 1st Round 1 8~ 5W 

VS. St. Mary's of Md 

CAC Toutaavent Semif iaal 2 3~ 1 7 W 

Ts/^l Salisbury 

CAC Toamavent Chavpioaship 1 b~ 8L 

VS. Christopher Newport 

NCAA Totttnaweat lit Roaad 1 3^ 9W 

VS. «11 Catholic 

NCAA Toaraaaieat 2ad Roaad 1 9-4L 


vs. Virginu Wesleyan 



VS. Havpden-Sydney 



vs. Washington and Li 

.e b 


vs. Christoplicr Newport 



VS. Wesley 7 


vs McDaaiel 8~ 


vs. Stevenson 



vs. SUNT PUttsburgh 



vs. Randolplk-Macon 



vs. St Mary's of Md. 



vs. Hood 



vs. Salisbury 



vs. York of Pa. 



vs. Marymount 



vs. Salisbury 

CAC Toumaveut First 




156 Moi'i LaavJic 

Melius Lacrosse 

by. Anne Elder 

Openintf the season with votes in the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association 
preseason poll the men's lacrosse team was in good company, with"* 1 ranked Salisbury and *8 
Stevenson also receiving votes. Boasting an 8-7 overall record for the season, the team reached the 
CAC Tournament, falling to Salisbiiry in the first roiond 

The senior Eagles this year saw the most number of wins for their class, as well as the 
highest win total since UMW won nine contests in 2005 (Clint Often). Sophomore goalkeeper Ryan 
Kleman gained attention from the CAC earning the title of CAC Player of the Week recording 82 
saves against SUNY-'Plattsburgh and Randolph-Macon. Senior Charlie White helped the South 
team gamer victory at the USILA North South Senior All-Star game, scoring two goals for the 
South, Congratulations boys, we look forward to seeing w^hat you accomplish next season! 


P^' ni 



\ JP|^ photo by 

' fn/'j Mrpjr I3'7 


Battleground ReUysS 

Men*s T frF. won 8 events 
Women's T fr F, won 8 

CAC ChamvioQsliivsS 

Men's T ft-F, won (> events; 
2nd place team score 
Women's T ftF, won 9 
events* 1 hth consecutive 
league title 

Mafor Record 


Justin German, high jump 
Matt Geller, shot put ' 
Jason DriscoU, 1500m 
MoTosuf, 800m 
Frank DeVar, 5000m 
Brittany Horrigan, javelin 
Mae Winchester, hurdles 
Colleen Hopkins, 400m 
Hay ley Sullivan, 1500m 

Track and Field 

by. Anne Elder 
This year, both Men's and Women's Track and Field saw many records broken and many athletes awarded 
with top honors. The Men's team brought an All-American performance by senior Justin German in the 
high jump at the NCAA Division III Indoor National Championships. German went on to become the co- 
winner of the UMW Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year, became the second men's indoor All-American in the 
program in as many years and the first to gain national honors in the high jump since 2003. German 
missed out on nationals by less than an inch in his final jump. 

The Women's team has as much to brag about as the Men's, with their 16th consecutive CAC crown under 
CAC Coach of the Year, Stan Soper. Mae Winchester, senior, was invited to the NCAA Championships for 
the second straight year in the 400m hurdles where she placed third in the heat but did not advance to the 
finals. Brittany Horrigan, freshman, set a new school record in javelin replacing the 25 year mark; following 
this, Horrigan broke her own record the next weekend; the next weekend, she once again broke her record 
at the CAC Championships. Finally, Horrigan broke her record for the fourth time with a NCAA provisional 
qualifying throw of 1 27', 1 ". 

Many runners, eventers, hurdlers and jumpers made record breaking news this year as UMW Track and 
Field continues to be ranked high in Division III sports. Congrats and great work everyone! 

irncii ana nciit 







'' "'|Vn 


''^H ^ 









=Zr///a/. ^. ^nca££t 

Ina X. ^niilhtuccl iCafii<ian X. -JllfilRfiu'tlt' 







^ .01 


eii<ia&iU TV. (2«M 

(Bhlftan^ Ji. a,aki\ Jim<^ (2. (BaMuJin 




-'— ^-^ 





^yimu O. Cotnjamln 

Sa&a^ (jB^athaaaii 

}c.m,i X. (BHac^fif. Gl.&^tat, Jl. (BHacl^uj.H (B.Uan^ M. CB^,e^n^>,au^n <S//^«i.f« M. C2.// 


















iCihh/ ^. (Sulcaa£la Oe«4/e 2), (2ujc^ 

Jiean,', M. (Buff,', 

Kaltian X. (EafiiH 


19 1 




' ^ 

einaAtft, M. Qamti-^M MafUiw 2>. Cannon 

Mdnta K. ea>,llll 

(3laauila 6. Ga>,h»„ 


^-^''?^mm -^ 

^Jim^n^ ^. Cayn^H 

iCaUH^n 2>. Ga^t^^ KH/ltl^ M. Gcugui 

Jlnd\€«, 2>. Qla\t> 


oZr.. J). C£em.rt 

Ca,tJ?un S. C0CC6. 

Galtiln M. G^aqlnt. 

2)H€uj G. Gomatu 

(Bniftana G»o^ 

CBhlttan^ X. e»*«.^ 

'K.t>i\l X. Gahlans 

G^l&^ S. G>,4t 


Sa>,a^ CB. 2)a** JiHll^n ^. Jiau^^tt'^t^ eialna TV. ^autl 


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e»i'/« a. ^.-iffia^ 

"KatfitHlnt E. J->lal 

Ma<,a e. 2>dlant 

U;g^an^yl.3)su^£aH TV/c * /. of. 3 ^ « m «/ W j ^^ Ca-ts/y/, 7!^. 3^(j 

Srianntn tC. J^uhkln 

\J'xancelca jiakman 

^«nc K. ejlilman 

Coi,n,n ^. g/c^/,M 

^ulttn M. ehmllth 

'^An'^.eikdani Kat^l^nn M. eit4ani '^a<,»i M.^aHlnUItt CT^^mai (7". 3°«j 



•K.'^ntln 2). G^«/cil.*f- Sfi^^.z, M. 3°e>,^ut^n £//«« M. G^<^Va/,fi 

W^,tn^u €. G^/€ 

2)aw/S. G^f*-..* 

W/c»/. 6R.. O'^iteH 

■Kaltitn Jl. :r^ankh 

(5?..i.cca ^. ^a// 

Qu/nctu v/x. Q-a'tcIa 



(5?.«c^«i'=r. ^.tifi//. 



K/alL ^smt-a 




M»<,^a„ X. 7{.«,i^e. ^€«/,/|^«^ Jl. HinAlcdt 

Sau-r^tn Jiun<£a£ 

SoiHaf, M. Slaac 

tUt Q-. "Kalioci 

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e^«f«/« ^. 7«c.//j 

€t//i S. iCti 


■KoML^n ■K.dmatn 

Stttf^anU M. K-uHai^uJldl 



G>atHI,LlaJl Kun 



F ■HH 

Ju M. X^napHi 

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K .siisl^l 

Shtia Jl/i. XuiHo 

MadltHlnt V. Xai>,lla 

(Pttt>, C. XutUt 

Manga Ui. Mactijk 

Jlmania Ma„kau 

jLauHa ^/X. JVLandlti/ 

XaaHa M. McCa\U^ 



j«« (£. 7Wc3,«»^j^ g-tnnc^ M. McKt^ 

iChttttn £. J\Athtca 










Calta X. Mltc(,ti 


Xatnida X. Mlt<i(,M 6R..i.cca Jl. M^M^^Ka^yn 

Shlnn Malh^ai 

g-u£la TV. Many\t 

XauH^n Ji. Odithkt^i Gf,Hnt»pfitH (2. 0'2>»nn 

£hln (2. 0'J)»nne 

■£et„ Ollut<, 

Sa^a^cT. 0//«^ 

G><xala TV. Oh», 

^Hll CB. Onil 

iCatu K. OnU^ 

VU(,ltnt,j e. G>a„kift 2>aji>f,nt K. (Pattall^lauuH 

Gu^ e. G^aan^ 

(Bhandl^n <}. <PtH<iut 

Sttoe« G>^<,klnl 

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•K^iHiti^ (3l»ujtH 

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Mdnia Jl. Sf,tpf,ihdl 

M,.<j(,an e. S/«c£a,>, Kat-lna V. Sln^ht»,. 

Jltf,llta M. 6min 

Jitlina M. Spad^actrt 


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Ma'^^a'^^tO.W^ltt e^at^CP.Wfot^ldl ^^nnl§,H S. W(,ltttl,£, fJaUan 6. W,£,£t 

Sttp^arU Ji. WiMlami JitaUt', -A. Wlh»n 

x>.au 61. Wih»n 

a.Uanu -A. VUs 



Wdllcm e. W»2oin ^ac^^.///,. Jl. W>,l^f,t G^Hutlnt V. WutUtX iCt££^ C. Wu^lcti 

'K.^h 2>. y^lLi 



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^^^i '. c. jI^H^H 




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HL~ .- J^^^ -jm'' ^^m 



1 . Your professor still calls it Mary Washington College. 

2. Your residence hall is now in a trailer park. 

3. You have stood in line for 20 minutes to get a breakfast sandwich at Seaco lunch on Friday. 

4. A prospective family has asked you for directions somewhere, ON CAMPUS WALK. 

5. Your life has flashed before your eyes as someone passed you on a bike. 

6. You think you should be able to use Flex at Chipotle or Panera. 

7. You never want another gray t-shirt. 

8. You know who Barkley is. 

9. You are on the e-mail list of 6 or more student organizations from Club Carnival. 

10. A squirrel has run AT you, not away. 

11. "Discovery Days" are circled on your calendar as days to stay inside. 

12. You have painted the Rock at midnight. 

13. You put off the Technology Proficiency test until the very last minute freshman year. 

14. You've climbed Old Rag with the Trek Club. 

15. You're tempted to step on the seal every time you walk through Trinkle. 

16. You have been to Houston's. 

17. You have had a MWF class in the basement of Combs right before/after science in Jepson. 

18. You've hit up more than 2 campus ministries for free dinner in any given week. 

19. The only drinkware in your apartment is 20+ brightly colored plastic cups collected from campus events. 

20. Psi Upsilon friended you before you even got to campus. 

21 . You have seen bedroom furniture on Ball Circle during Ring Week. 

22. Your box mate never takes his/her mail. 

23.When FYE was in Mercer, you heard that was where they housed the remedial kids. 

24. You regularly do homework at the Hyperion downtown. 

25. The Police Beat is the first thing you read in the Bullet. 

26. You have been the only guy in a class of 20 or more girls. 

27. 1 out of 4 of your friends got rejected by UVA. 

28. You didn't know Marshall or South existed until you got to sophomore housing selection. 

29. You and your best friend have different ways of saying "Marye" 

30. "Benchsitting" is a legitimate verb in your vocabulary. 

31 . You've worked in Trinkle until the sun came up. 

32. 1 out of 3 friends is from northern Virginia. 

33. You've made out in the Stacks' treehouses at the library. 

34. You had to retake a foreign language at community college over the summer because it was too 
"intensive" at UMW. 

35. You have played in the fountain. 

36. You have been to your professor's house for dinner. 

37. You have heard that other schools have actual "reading days" before exams. 

38. You are from Virginia and at least one person at home thinks you go to Mary Baldwin. 

39. You are out-of-state and at least one person at home thinks you go to William & Mary. 

40. Your friends yawn as you drive past the Capitol. 

41 . As a freshman, you were abandoned in Central Park by the Fred bus. 

42. You have had an education practicum more than 20 minutes away. 

43. You have studied in a practice room in Pollard because all the rooms at the library were taken. 

44. You have friends from MD who pay out-of-state tuition and live closer than some of your friends 
benefitting from in-state. 

45. You were mad when they took the George Foreman out of the Nest. 

46. You have tried, unsuccessfully, to get a Devil-Goat Day t-shirt. 

47. Your car has been ticketed on College Ave. 

48. The Anarondak chairs have grown on you. 

49. You have "tabled" outside of the Nest for something. 

50. The beautiful campus was the deciding factor in your college choice. 




J 85 

O^j* Lloes mU be, ^I'^^avani anb ncn); 
(4}em 0eln0 eai Inie the ^eHb, 

^lii cnc thing mU ncocv, coci^ change, 

/4s we ge eu^ seffai^ate toaifs; 

^^he ^Henbs weoe mabe In schccl mU 6e 

Oiiji" ^vLenbs ^c^ all cut^ ?aifS. 

^he sf^ecial lies an? attachments weoe mabe, 

^^hese f>enbs mU neoet be bveken; 

fi)e'U ccntlnue tc ^eeL that sf>eciaL bcnb, 

^^hcugh wc^bs matf net be sf^eken. 

^c It's net ''gccbbife/' but ^athev ''^a^ewelL;'' 

^'U see ifcu again, ms^ ^Henb. 

l^cui^ ^Henbshiff Means a Let tc me, 

/4nb it will neoej^ enb. 








Hassan Abdelhalim 

Hadeel Abu Jamous 

Austin Adair 

Brittany Adams 

Hillary Adams 

Kathleen Adams 

Ashley Addis 

Francis Adu 

Shama Ahmed 

Minji Ahn 

Barbara Ailstock 

Emily Akers 

Hasina Akhter 

Elizabeth Albrecht 

Marissa Allison 

Jedidiah Althouse 

Scott Altman 

Briana Amoroso 


Carrie Babcock 

Elizabeth Babcock 

Renae Bachand 

William Backus 

Amber Bacskocky 

Samer Bahhur 


irah Ball 

anielle Ballinger 

iicas Biiranyk 
essica Barefoot 
ud\ Barker 

athan Barnes 

li/aheih Barton 
bert Bass 
iggie Bausch 
iMattliew Bean 
aitlln Beauge 
Hidsev Bechtold 

IChristina Becker 
Margaret Beckner 
Naiassya Bedos 
Kathenne Beegle 
lEmilie Begin 
Melissa Bell 

acey Belt 

isien Benitez 


ten Bennett 

Seanius Bergen 

lizaheth Bemat 

Katherine Bertron 
Sara Belancun 
[Noreal Bibbens 

ke Bilyew 
[Lauren Bimey 


izaveta Blasser 
nathan Blauvelt 
Michelle Blessing 
Rachel Blier 
JAndrevv Boczar 



Bethany Bodengraven 

Anya Bogdanow 

Nicholas Boland 

Sarah Bond 

Brandon Bottle 

Daniel Bowen 

Nathan Bo\arsl^N 

Danielle Bo\ce 

Brynn Bo\er 

Saniantha Bradshaw 

Madison Brennaman 

Andrea Briceno 

Rebecca Briggs 

Christopher Brletich 

Elizabeth Brock 

Max Brock 

Sean Brock 

Catarina Brokaw 

Chelsea Brown 
Virginia Brown 

Vanessa Brumfield 

Elaine Bryant 

Ryan Buchanan 

Jacqueline Bucher 

Joseph Buckingham 


Laura Btiell 

Jonathan Bullock 

Giuseppe Buonannata 

Ashley Burdette 

Jeremy Burke 

Amanda Burks 

William Burner 

Gabriel Butler 

Andrei Butterfield 

Aaron Byrd 

Kathryn Bywaters 
Elisa Caballero 
Jenna Calautti 
Kelly Caldwell 
Matthew Caler 
Tiffany Cann 



|Crvstalline Capone 
Anna Carevv 
Kerry Carfagno 
Kenee Carignan 
ISarah Carlson 
in Carome 

Marion Carr 
Matlliew Cash 
Calherine Castlebcrry 
\islyn Cathers 
Andrew Catherwood 
lulie Celia 

Uicnda Cessna 

( ,iImii Clian 
Mtl.iiiic Chandler 
Sarah Cliandler 

\ anessa Chapin 
ICouilney Chapman 
Katie Chametski 
MIyson Childness 

eph Chirico 

ih\e Cho 

■e ChudanoN 
aiiren Cisek 
r\ an Clark 
lirisiopher Clark 
ue\ Clark 
homas Clearv 

Britteny Clements 

rittany Clifl 
Kendall Cloeter 
ICaitlin Cohen 
Carter Cole 
Genevie\e Coleman 

Sarah Coleman 
Stephanie Combs 
Mark Compel 
Matthew Connelly 
Paul Connelly 
Kendra Conway 



Ian Cooper 

Jenna Cooper 

Justin Coppage 

Claire Copps 

Chelsea Corcoran 

Rebecca Cordova 

Roger Corker 

Kerri Corsano 

Samantha Cosh 

Ashley Coticchio 

Sandra Cotter 

Stacy Coupe 

Lyssa Cousineau 

Jennifer Cox 

Benjamin Cramer 

Elizabeth Crawford 

April Creekmore 

Allison Crerie 

Stephanie Crowe 

Mallory Cruise 

Rebecca Cuffley 

Angela Cuneo 

Clara Curran 

McKenzie Cusick 

Celeste Cuti 

Kristin Cutler 

Jennifer Cutrona 

Michelle D'Amico 

Jessica Dabul 

Michelle Dachnian 

Caitlin Dail 
Sharon Dale\ 
Siohhan Dannaher 
Donovan Darland 
Gahrielle Daubert 
Allison Dauahertv 

Janice Daul 

Brooke Davies 

Ashley Davis 

Bailey Davis 

Katherine Davis 

Lindsey Davis 



in Davis 

I V\ 111 Day 

I I Miee De Haven 
l>ii 111 Deal 

iidra deGraftenrek 

\l ii\ DeMino 

II ill Denby 
ihii Dennis 
ISIireya DeSai 
ridgel Dettmann 
raham Deurance 
nth Dhanaraj 

Derek Dijkennan 
Kaitlin Dinan 
Saniantha DiPaola 
Mlison DiPippa 
C'hantal DiSimone 
Neil Dixit 

IShaion Dixon 
,ena Doeppe 
essica Doering 
lilie Dofflemyer 

Paul Dolan 
ames Donald 

Laitlin Donnelly 
Ke\in Doubleday 

homas Dowling 
[Karen Downey 
Ishawn Downing 

my Doyel 

Matthew Doyle 
iKyle Dratwa 
Kathleen Dray 
Molly Driggers 
[Garrett Dulin 
Sarah Dunaway 

rika Dunnington 

avid Dutton 

Julie Dynion 

Brandon Eads 

jMelissa Eads 

rad Efford 



Elizabeth Egbert 

Jenny Eikenberg 

Mirey Elias 

Andrew Elliott 

Jacqueline Ellis 

Mollv Ellis 

Carol Ellison 

Kristen Eno 

Christine Enos 

Sarah Erath 

Christopher Erdwins 

Michelle Esch 

Jaclyn Evans 

Kari Evans 

Kelsey Evans 

William Evans 

Eydie Everette 

Matthew Eversole 

Jennifer Ezzell 
Eleonore Fadden 
Sharon Fair 
Nicole Faison 
Zachary Faley 
Amanda Faike 

Megan Falkenherry 

Christopher Faltum 

Ashley Fariss 

George Farmer 

Angelika Farren 

Matthew Faulconer 

Elizabeth Fedowitz 

Robert Ferrell 

Trinity Figueroa 

Nathan Finney 

Thomson Fisher 

Katherine Fitzserald 


Whitney Flippo 

Cameron Flood 

Jessica Focht 

Emily Forch 

Ashley Ford 



Lauren Forne\' 
riieresa Frammai 

iigela Francis 

aron Frank 

aul Frankel 

nnifer Frazier 

\udrey Freeman 
iSean Freeman 
lien Frilz 
nan Fulton 
iMichael Fumai 
bitha Futrell 

m Gambini 

na Gandjrillas Sugai 

laria Gannett 
manda Gardner 
ourtney Garlock 
iGina Galtuso 

Kristin Gauta 
(jenine Geissler 
R\ an Gelshenen 
Kirk George 
[Jennifer Gerardi 
Meredith Gersbach 

Roberta Giardi 
hristie Gill 
atiana Gillespie 
'hristopher Giovinazzo 

iHrin Glennon 

Nicole Glover 

Krystle Goldsworth 
Cmdy Gonzalez 
iMatthew Goodreau 
ashina Gorgone 
ebbie Gorman 
IChristopher Goulait 

Jimien 197 

Peggy Green 

Terrell Green 

Jacquelyn Greene 

Patricia Greene 

Meredith Greenvvell 

James Gree\ \ 

Paul Griffith 

Matthew Guckenberg 

Anne Guillote 

Edward Gumick 

Jovana Guzman 

Miriam Guzinan 

Melissa Hadle\ 

Sadie Hagberg 

Brendan Hagen\ 

Matthew Hale 

Ross Hale\ 

Brian Hail 

Jessica Hall 

Megan Hall 

Schli Hamidi 

Caitlin Hammelman 

Jordan Hammelman 

Denise Hammond 

Zavd Hamza 

Elisabeth Hancock 

Jenna Hannigan 

Samaniha Hai-dest\ 

Daniel Hardesly-Dyck 

Samantha Harper 

Sarah Harpine 

Mahaley Harris 

Tenee'A Hart 

Jessica Hathawas 

Jessica Hatter 

Stephanie Ha\cn 

Evan Haw kins 

Zane Hay ward 

Jacqueline Heavner 

Amanda Heckenberger 


L-a Hedrick 
jDaniel Heefner 
iDaiia Heffernan 
Lauren Heft\' 
IChad Hegna 

lia Hendarsin 

Katherine Hendricks 
iHannah Hendrix 
Christopher Herbert 
Kathleen Heron 
Amanda Herring 
Katherine Heskett 

Allison Hess 
i:ric Hetzer 
Shatiiia Hickhn 
Jennifer Hicks 
Lauren Hicks 

I avid Highlander 
Katelvn Hill 
Shelley Hillberry 
lizabeth Hillgrove 
onathan Hillvard 

}:d\\ard Hincew'icz 
_auren Hoard 

ndse\ Hobbs 

reni\ Hockensmilh 

ishua Hodges 
Erin Hoeslv 

Scott Hoffmann 
Nicholas Hofmann 
Lauren Hogge 
Denise Hogue 
Matthew Holden 
ISlefanie Holder 

ndolyn Holdgrciw 
Michael Hollister 
Sarah Homberger 
Deidra Hoskins 
|Calherine Housley 
Alexander Howell 



Erika Hovvells 

Keri Hudson 

Waqas Humayon 

Sarah Hummel 

Katherine Hummell 

Katie Hunsberaer 

Dana Hunt 
Virginia Hunt 
Pamela Hurd 
Garrett Huson 
Amber Hyatt 
Courtney lannello 

Oceanna Ingram 
Valerie Irwni 
Krystal Jackson 
Stephen Jackson 
Nicholas Jacobs 
Ashley Jacoby 

Amy Jeffreys 

Afton Jenkins 

Zachary Jensen 

Samantha Jessee 

Theresa Jett 

Cameron John 

Tamara Johnson-M i i 

Courtney Johnson 
David Johnsion 
Zachary Johnsion 
Dana Jones to 

Donna Jonc 

Matthew Jones 

Hyun Ji o 

Andrew Joi d ui 

Sam Joid ui 

Brandon Jo>nci 

Esanul ¥ ihn 

Anthony Kalask is 

Joshua Kamuiski 

Maryann k nn. 

Patrick K lik 

Daniel Kauflm ni 

Amanda K uii/ 

200 j/(f,ie,-j 

pli Kini 
I'hilip Kippennun 
Melissa Kirby 
'Kc\in Kitching 
Slephen Kkuis 

na Klein 

Kathenne Knopf 
Kurt Koller 
Kathleen Kolltnan 
Karleen Kovalcik 
Abigail Kowalski 
Ian Kraft 

John Kreig 

gan Krug 
Lauren Kurzik 
Benjamin Kut7 
Kate Kiizmeskiis 
iRebecca L'Heure 

JKelly Landau 
alya Langbaum 
eah Lantzy 
ndrew Larson 
nna Lauher 
ohn La\inus 

ISarah Lawless 
Biyse Lawrence 
!Da\id Lawson 
van Leach 
ihley Leake 
iKatelyn Lease 



Sarah Lea\ itt 

Chnstine Leckner 

Bryan Lees 

Marie Leftwich 

Amanda Leich 

Jeffrev Leiehton 

Christopher Lem/ 

Tara Lescaiill 
Lisa Leiiivj 
Jiyeon Lini 
Emilv Lmii 

Jennifer Lindamood 

Alexandra Lindeniaiin 

Anna Lindemann 

Alexis Linder 

Debra Lines 

Tracej' Lipseomb 

Daniel Lockbaiii 
Jessica I i 
Anne Longerlx-.ii 
Patrick L. I \ 
Erica Low 
Micah Liir 

Allison Luthern 

Andrew Luton 

Dana Maas 

Mary Magd\c/ 

Kendal Magnoh 

Matthew Maarudcr 

John Mahan 

Jennifer Maisch 

Douglas Makin 

Lauren Malick 

Katherine Malpeli 

Anthony Maruio 

James Marquisee 

Brett Marsh 

Jacqueline Marshall 

Tenisha Martinek 

Rachel Mason 

Kate Matta 



iisiin Maltern 
■liii Malthevvs 
Idward Mattinioe 
Katherine Matusik 
Alexandra Ma\'er 
iKell\ McCain' 

,1 lizabeth McCarthy 
I niih McCarty 
Pewitt McClain 
Molly McCluskey 
ason McCormack 
|( Irace McCormick 

b McCrumb 

ue McDaniel 

una McDevitt 

nan McGratli 

.atic McGrau 

Janna McGriidd\ 

nn McHale 
racis McKee 
anae McKie 
atalie McLarty 
lythe McLean 
ICharlotte McMichael 

George McMillan 
[ MtMullen 
Aaltei McMurty 
\ndie\\ McNealy 
Melissa McTeman 
\le\andra Meier 

imothy Mena 
ennifer Menge 

Melissa Men-lit 
Biell Meslar 
tlin Messini^er 

honias Metesh 
ovce Metzler 
"an Miller 
zabeth Mdler 
lily Miller 
:aan Miller 



Samanth Miller 
Karolyn Milton 
Edward Minniear 
Christian Mireles 
Kerry Mitchell 
Raehelle Moles 

Lindsay Mollohan 

Erik Monterosso 

Megan Montgomer\ 

Victoria Moods 

Amanda Moon 

Chelsea Moore 

Coiirtnes Moore 

DaMd Moore 

Hniil) Morns 

Michelle Morrison 

Christopher Moses 

Alexandra Mueller 

Marium Mu|alnd 

Clare Miilie\ 

Kelsey Miirphs 

MacKenzie Murphs 

Charies Murni\ 

Megan Murra\ 

Edward M\der 

Jessie Nash 

Rachel Nash 

Stacey Nathan 

Shasta Nell 

Hannah Ncidich 

Brett Nickley 

Elizabeth Noel 

Amanda Nutt 

Heather O'Connell 

Katherine O'Connor 

Michael O'Donnell 



Dahlia NelsonM 
Nicholas NelsonB 
Olivia NewmanB 


Chelsea NewnaniB 

jl -^-^ -^ 

Sarah Ne\B 

^ite* i 

Eileen Nguyen^' 


lEnn O'Donovan 
jShannon O'Grady 
|ciiristopher O'Kelley 

ph O'Malley 
ISean O'Malley 
Luren O'Neil 

auren Oakley 
hris Ochman 
>seph Osehnn 

ICaillin Oshida 

Khadija Otln 

Randall 0\erland 

Stephanie Parks 
|sally Parr 
athryn Par\in 

Raphael Pascale 

iKathn n Patchett 

cob Patlyson 

wen Paulson 

egan Paulson 

Amber Pavne 

aniel Payne 
.'illiani Payne 
nima Peck 
Iiehael Pena 
renda Pennington 
[Marissa Perdue 

\ an Perry 
regory Pesce 
ourtney Peteet 
ee Peters 
Sarah Peters 
Anitul Peterson 

Stephanie Petrelis 
Martha Petrlzza 
Tma Petlus 
linen Phan 
\ irainia Pharis 



Jeffrey Philips 

Ariel Piccione 

Jana Piclcart 

Laura Pi lati 

Rebecca Pomerant? 

Shaunique Poiilc 


3ryan Powers 

Stephanie Prezioso 

James Price 

Lindsey Prillanian 

Elizabeth Pringle 

Karen Probst 

Jonathan Protlitt 

Matthew Przybycien 

Amanda Pullen 

Ebony Puller 

Jonathan Putty 

Sofliia Qamar 

Kimberly Quatorth 
ey Quarles 

a Quinleros-Femjndez 

Honor Rafferty 
Jessica Raiford 
Jovana Rajacic 

Tatiana Ramallo 
Elizabeth Black 
Jennifer Ramsey 
Remington Rand 
Katherine Rappold 

Matthew Rawlms 

Andrew Reed 

Ashley Reed 

Rory Reese 

Kate Reilley 

1 Reinharl 


Rcgina Reyes 
t'aroline Rezendes 
- Cameron Rice 
Katelyn Rice 
Aaron Richardson 
Mar\ Ricliardson 

Jennifer Riley 
Ca.sidN Ringler 
Hniily Ritcliie 
Samantiia Rizzi 
Megan Roadley 
Millicent Roane 

lasa Roberts 
Antonia Robinson 
Julia Robinson 
Mattliew Robinson 
Margaret Rocl<\\ ell 
Catiierine Roets 

Meggan Rogers 
Molly Rogers 
Shay la Roland 
Kristen Romano 
All Roozitalab 
Sonia Roschelli 

Michelle Rose 
Molh Rose 
Bridget Ruotolo 
Michelle Ryder 
Enn Sanderson 
Zacharv Sasser 

enjamin Saunders 
iKathryn Saunders 
ina Sawyer 
a\ id Schell 
lary Schelihaas 
ason Schevder 

uffy Schilling 

ose Schirle 

lary Schoen 
|Katherine Schryver 

aroline Schumacher 
Alexandria Schweiger 



Diamond Sciequan 

Diana Scott 

Lindsey Scott 

Virginia Scott 

Mary Scully 

Lindsay Sekel 

Sliane Sendaj 

Daniel Setlock 

Daniel Seymour 

Lauren Shaffer 

Michele Shanks 

Rebecca Shapiro 

Sheryl Sharp 

Jordan Shealey 

Franklin Sheffield 

Deborah Shepherd 

Jacob Shepherd 

Rachel Shennan 

Timothy SIkii n e 

Elizabeth Shew nk 

Leila Shi kli 

Jonathan SI II 

Andrew Shi| 

AdamShI i i 

Emily Showalter 

Valerie Siira 

Shana Silver 

Caroline Simpson 

Yamini Singh 

Christopher Sions 

Charis Sirolly 

Catherine Skellchock 

Sean Slattery 

Kimherly Slaybecker 

Allison Sleeman 

Andrew Smith 

Arianna Smith 
Benjamin Smith 
Caitlin Smith 
Deborah Smith 
Deirdre Smith 
Heather Smith 



Mill Smith 
■.Mca Smith 
iidse\ Smith 
van Smith 
Sarah Smith 
lei-csa Smith 

Andrew Snyder-Beaiiit 
Kelsey Snyder 
Jin-Young Song 
l.\nn Southern 
Lauren Spangler 
Sarah Spangler 

Matthew Sparks 
Stephanie Sparrow 
Jonathan Spencer 
Monica Spencer 
Nina Spengler 
h\ Spicer' 

A\lan Spiller 
Anne Spillman 
Ashley Spillman 
Kimberly Spindler 
Meredith Springer 
Terri Slansell 

Sarah Staples 
Dallas Stapleton 
Erika Steele 
Shannon Steffens 
Craig Stewart 
Ashre\ Still 

Nicolas Stingos 
K itie Strong 
uhe Sullivan 
h Sumner 
loi Sutherland 

Anika Swartz 

lizabeth Swauger 
IChelsea Swisher 

yan Taibl 
Leigh Taliaferro 
lAmanda Tanner 



Kathryn Tarr 

Bonni Taylor 

Bryant Taylor 

Marvin Taylor 

Ferrah Tek 

Kenneth Thomas 

Alexa Thompson 
Allyson Thompson 
David Thompson 
Joseph Thompson 
Mandy Thompson 
Robert Thompson 

Neil Thorne 

Matthew Thorsen 

Meredith Tice 

Mallie Toth 

Sarah Trimble 

Jennifer Trotter 

Bonnie Trumbetic 

Christopher Tucker 

Elisabeth Tufano 

Zhanna Tuichinskaya-Winchell 

Mary Turner 
Caleb Ulfers 

Jeffrey Ulnch 

Brandi Upshaw 

Stephanie Van Buskirk 

Tammy Van Orden 

Stacy Vanderlyn 

Tyler VanderMeer 

Lidia Vargas-Claros 

Rocio Velasquez 

Angelique Vera 

Nicole Vera 

Amy Via 

Lauren Villiva 

Scott Virden 
Emily Vorek 
Mary Wagoner 
Allison Walker 
Flora Wallace 



Kelley Walsh 
Mcinica Walton 

elicia Wang-Chen 

hristine Wang 

ichard Ware 

ellv Wamns 

Kathleen Watson 
Da\'id Watts 
Natalie Weiner 
Andrew Welsh 
Edward Wenzinger 
Samantha West 

Audrey Westmoreland 
[lerek Wheaton 
Kelley Wheaton 
Jacquelene Whelehel 
Bnttney Whisenant 
Charles White 

Jonathan Wigginton 
Sarah Wilcox 
Anne Wilkins 
Sheena Wilkins 
CaiTieron Williams 
k irolin Williams 

K ilIicI \\ illiams 
\1 itthew Wilhard 

Su ah Wilson 
Hal Wingtield 
Taja Winston 

loiiver Wolfe 

iBrooke Woodall 
Courtney Woodbum 
ravis Woznick 
'essica Wrenn 

homas Wright 
lliam Wright 
iMaggie Wroe 
Amanda Yannopoulo 
ICaitlyn Yantis 
Cory Yeago 



Shauna Youtzy 

Lisa Zanzarella 

Rachel Zeiler 

Jessica Zeilz 

Allen Zhang 

Varin Zimmerman 

O... ,,,J 


Hannah Abbott 

Cathenne Abraiiisnn 

Cathalijne Adams 

Christine Adams 

David Ailanis 

Maliha Adams 

Peter AdLims 

Robert Adams 

Rachael Adkisson 

Aneeza Ahmad 

Madina Ahmadzai 

Qaiser Ahined 

Melody Ain 

Christina Akcrs 

Bonnie Akkerman 

Allison Aldnch 

Kimberly Alexander 

Michele Alexander 

Kristine Al-^i 
Dahlia \li 
Melinda Allen 
Tabitha Allen 
Thomas Allen 
Andrew Allinnham 

Henry Allingham 

Brandon Altmann 

Tessa Amey 

Matthew Amrod 

Casey Anderson 

Jake Anderson 



11 Anderson 
a Anderson 
lolas Anderson 
ela Andrechyn 
hanie Andreucci 
iku Anins 

|Cliristopher Anna 

mily Antos 

aith App 
ICcciIia Aquino 
Krislin Arehart 
Palnck Arens 

J.Roh Argann 
lizabeth Argenl 
rigette Arlaud 

e Annentrut 
lissak Artinian 
a\ id Arvelo 

jott Atkins 

dam Auckland 

a\ ida Austin 

( '.ileb Autrey 

Julia Axelrod 

Michael Axton 

Rohm Avers 

rcndan Bailey 
Liic\ Bain 

■\ Baise 
Arlice Baker 

> Baker 

Matthew Baker 
Megan Baker 
iRyan Baldwin 
uslm Ball 
Miehael Ballard 
Rehecea Baltrusaitis 

Sarah Barat 
Cah in Barnard 
Christopher Barnes 
Benjamin Bartel 
mily Bassarear 
IChristine Bax 



Enc Baxter 
Rile Beale 
Samuel Beard 

Kathehne Bednarek 
Eric BehnriLzer 

Gianni K 

Jordan BenHli; 

Brianne Be 

Saraii Be 

Micliael Ber^ 


aheth B 


imberlv Berl 





ca Best 


-1 Betts 

el Biee 


Renee Billingslea 

Carol Billinsley 

Alexander Black 

Amber Blagg 

Jordan B 

Marsaret Boatner 

Annie Bolick 

Michelle Bond 

Christen Booher 

Caroline Border 

Sarah Bostaph 

Kvie Bolkin 


Kerr\ B 
Laura Sou man 
Will Boyd 
Heather Brad\ 

Nicole Bragg 

Taylor B ran n 

Ciaran Brennan 

Emily Brett 

Matthew Bretzin 

Martha Brians 


essani) Briiiln 
A'end\ Bngman 
ettrev Brifl 
lenjaniin Brislicar 
Austin Brodeni.k 
in Brooks 

\ nginia Brothers 
Midiael Brouillctte 

an Broun 
Katlir\n Bri>wn 
Hannah Brozo 
Alice Brvan 

Alcthea Br\anl 
htimas Br\ ant 
hzaheth Biibb 
Tista Buchanan 

jMeghan Buckles 
leHssa Bncklex 

ndrew Buckner 
obert Bunigarner 
atherinc Bundrick 

iMIchael Burgess 
rin Burke 

Mar\ Burke 

Brooks Burnett 
Aubre\ Bums 
Julie Burns 
Amanda Bumiss 
Benjamin Buituss 
Elizabeth Burton 

Sarah Burton 

rlttan\ Butler 
Jarrett Butler 
Carly Byers 
Katelvn Cadoff 
Samantha Call 

Rachel Calloway 
Joseph Calpin 
Emily Camacho 
Michael Cainpbell 
Allison Campo 
Augusta Canfield 


Glenn Canning 

Luan Cao 

Sara Cappelletti 

Erika Caraniillo 

ll:^^a Cardenas N( A illo 

Sara Cardoza 

Caitlin Canker 

Katelyn Carkviui 

Kristin Carjino 

Emma Carone 

Emmanuel Carreno-Garcia 

Megan Carrigan 

Cameron Cani.ll 

Brittany Carsun 

Caitlin Carter 

Lisa Carter 

Kendall Cany 

Muhammed Casim 

Michael Caslell.ino 

Christopher Cast 1 11(1 

Clark Castillo 

Kaitlin Cataldi 

Claire Cecil 

Peter Ceo 

Lauren Chacko 

Teresa Ch.m 

Yu Clian;j 

Antonio Changanaqiii 

Courtney Chaplin 

Cindy Chau 

Ranithra Chelhah 

Chris Chen 

Amanda Chenault 

Michelle Chiles 

Jeong-yun Choi 

Colin Chorpenning 

Omio Chowdhury 

Kathryn Christian 

Lara Chudoba 

Kathleen Ciliberto 

Emory Clark 

Susannah Clark 



iNicole Claus 

kson Clement 
Matlheu Clements 
IStephen Clendenin 

inka Clevenger 

l.inrel Coats 

Ibiiny Cobbs 
J.inii Cogar 
Michelle" Cole 
Mison Coleman 
.1. linos Coleman 
Ji'hn Coleman 

li'lin Colligan 
Li in Columbia 
[Nicole Conti 
nan Cooney 
lRob\ n Copley 
■njamin Cordova 

I homas Comiier 

iohn Comgan 

I'.mily Corso 
athan Coulter 
achel Covington 

Mollv Coward 

ICatlianne Cox 
Hrin Cox 
I-jiiil\' Crawford 
James Cremins 
Hllen Crocker 
Sarah Crockett 

Celia Croft 
Miriam Cross 
Andrew Crow 
Madalyn Crowell 
Jessica Cuellar 
Alexander Culhrcth 

Cassandra Culler 
Luke Cumberland 
Emily Cummings 
Nicole Cummings 
Jennifer Curtis 
Casey Custer 


,-j 217 

Lindsay Cutler- 
Kara Cutiona 
Sliaheen Dabestani 
Alyssa Dandrea 
Justin Daniel 
Samantha Daniel 

Eliza Danyi 
Gina Mae Dargan 

Erdeneluya Dannchuluun 

Kristin Davidsun 

Taylor Davidsi 111 

Alyssa Da\ is 

Jessica Davis 

Stephanie Davis 

Tara Davis 

Ashley Day 

Lauren De Riddcr 

Ashley Dean 

Alexander Dearth 
Adrienne Decker 
Aida Dedajic 
Jessica DeGeoriie 
Thomas DellaFc'ia 
Margaret DeMaria 

Josepli 1 1 

Chelsea De\LHi 

Megan D 

Rachefrx\ i 

Moniquc 1)^/ 

Michael Di.kus 

Roben Dilanni 

Jeri Dilts 

Eleonora Dimas 

Mary Dingley 

Helen Dinndorf 

Greggory DiSalvo 





Matthew DeMaiT 
Michael Dennic 



Evelvn Deniiin- 


Shevonne Dennis 

■ - 


Katherine Despaani 


Zachary Detweiler 



dh Dister 

tin Dobson 
i\le\ Dodd 
lljiiorj Dodd-Henze 
hristiipher Donaher 
lexandra Dimnelly 

Brian Donohue 

ICanieron Doucette 

Meghan Downey 

licliael Downey 

rian Downing 

cott Dienkard 

KniiK Duggins 
I^LiLiren Diihaime 
Miles Dunnille 
Bradley Dnnn 
Erin Dwyer 
Robert East 

l irolme Ebinll 
Hi/ ibLtli Edwards 
l^lyse Edwards 
Meghan Edwards 
Kaitlin Eggleston 
John Ehlers 

iMegan Eichenberg 
Ichnstinu Elder 

rittney Ellis 

arah Ellis 

aren Ellrod 

eidre Engel 

[Callen Erdeky 
aul Ervin 
ieholas Espinosa 
\ an Eustance 
homas Eustler 
hzabeth Evans 

^indsay Evans 
Vlelissa Evich 
Michael-ray Ezzell 
hristopher Faciane 
_aura Falcon 
Michelle Fame 

So/jhenwrci -• 

Jacklyn Faiaci 

Taliana Faramai/i 

Shannon Fanai 

Bethany Fanoll 

John Fehrman 

Daniel Feldman 

Helen Ferrelj 

Jennilei Fenell 

Mariana Feno 

Kimberley Feny 

Katherine Figura 

Alyssa Finchuni 


Cheryl Fishhack 

James Filzella 

Rachael Flaks 

Jeremy Fla\ 

Katy Flemmj: 

Greg Frank. I 

Katherine Frasca 

Rachel Frederick 

Thaddeus Freeman 

Robert Friedman 

Leandra Fr\e 

Lindsay Gaal 

Dana Gadeken 

Hilary Galbreaith 

David Gallagher 

James Gallagher 

Ryan Gallasch 

-20 Sep/iemera 

Shanea Goldizen 
Kcnnan Goodman 
Caty Gordon 
Sieplianie Gordon 
Jennifer Gorham 
1 aura Graesser 

Jessica Graliam 
Dav\n Graninger 
Katherine Grasso 
Monica Graves 
Ashley Green 
Sean Green 

Heather Greider 
Stanley Greidinger 
Jacqueline Griffin 
Lisa Grimes 
Alina Grobicki 

Spp/wmern 221 

Erin Grogan 

Samuel Goseclose 

Natalie Grossman 

Daniel Guardiani 

Anne Gunter 

Erin Gunzelnian 

Jacob Gurahiik 

Erica Gusta\s(in 

Pete Guzman 

Francis Ha 

Jessica Hale 

Amanda Hall 

Thalia Halpert Rhodis 

Eric Halse\ 

Sandra Hamhridge 

Kevin Hamerski 

Devon Hamilton 

Mary-Calherine Hancock 

Connor Hanlon 

Ramsey Hanna 

Carolyn Hannoch 

Craig Harmon 

Margaret Harrington 

Brandy Harris 

Emily Harris 

Katelyn Harris 

Stephen Harrison 

Ashley Hart 

E\ a Harton 

Lauren Hartv\'ell 

Savannah Harvvood 

Nicole Hashemian 

Brenna Hatter 

Shannon Hauser 

Kathleen Haver 

Kristen Havden 

Kristen Haynor 
Tatiana Haywood 

Linda Heartlein 
Amanda Heathcock 

Alyssa Heavner 
William Hechmer 

-2 Se/j/miem 

Laura Heemer 
Ashley Henderson 
Melissa Henderson 
Zach Hendrix 
Maureen Hennessy 
Pans Hemian 

Ces,ir Hernandez 
T\ ler Herold 
Justine Hewitt 
Meghan Hickey 
Kathleen Higgins 
Meoan Hiagins 

Michael Higgins 
Abigail HiH " 
Mar\ Hillearv 
Ashiey Hincke 
Jessica Hinojosa 
Alexander Hirsch 

avid Hitchins 
aithn Hochul 
auren Hockenherry 
indsa\ Hodge 
lehssa Hodges 
van Hoffmann 

K\ le Hoffmann 
Mary Holbrook 
Daniel Holcombe 
Jordan Hollenbeck 
Sarah Holijes 
Kara Holloway 

oseph Holmes 
ebekah Honaker 
ohn Hood 

Keara Hoonan 
annah Hopkins 

Kathleen Hopkins 

hochia Hopson 

Marley Homer 

uren Horton 

onathan Houchens 
Kathry n Hovvland 

ilian Hu 



Sarah Hudson 

Jean Hufford 

Lynette Humphries 

Kendra Hunt 

Lindsey Hurlock 

Wanak Ibrahim 

Courtney Irvine 

Michael Isaacson 

Sarah Jachelski 

Elhot Jackson 

Alexandra Jaffee 

Aliyah Jameer 

Landon James 

Michael James 

Silvee Jamil 

James Jamison 

Kayleigh Jamison 

Priscilla Jamison 

Titania Jazynka 

Charles Jefferson 

Delmis Jimenez 

Rachel Johe 

Angela Johns 

Andrew Johnson 

Catherine Johnson 

Christopher Johnson 

Dillon Johnson 

Kristin Johnson 

Michael Johnson 

Sherlonda Johnson 

Adrienne Jones 

Danielle Jones 

Emma Jones 

Heather Jones 

Katherine Jones 
Kalhrvn Jones 

Stephanie Jones 
Ashley Jordan 
Mikaela Jordan 
Hunter Joseph 
Aristides Julius 
Kathryn Kaczmar 




Gregory Koliar 

Anne Komer 

Brittany Korngage 

Sarah Kountz 

Brandin Krempasky 

Peter Kreutzer 

Dana Kreyenliagen 

Jordan Kroll 

Katherine Kriieger 

Brett Kuhc 

Kayla Kuhn 

Sally Kwapisz 

Heather Lake 

Eva Laneaster 

Kira Lanew ala 

Ainy Lange 

liMia Lange 

lercihth Lanaer 

Daniel Lapin 

Phoebe Larner 

Thomas Larson 

Renee Lasmer 

Zaehary Lauenskiii 

CoiTinne Laii/e 

Megan Lawlor 

Matthew Law re\ 

Jessica Law ne 

Jeremy Lay 

Alexander Leary 

Derek LeConite 

Daniel Lee 
JooHee Lee 
Kyeong Lee 
Maggie Lee 

Rachel Lee 
Rebecca Lee 

Saniantha Lee 

McKenna Lehman 

Stephanie Lehmier 

Meganne Lemon 

Amanda Lenhart 

Laurence LeSueur 



Can 11 Levine 
Henlher Lewis 
Nicholas Lewis 
I'cler Libero 
Stephanie Liehiello 
Diistin Liesl<e 

Victoria Lighteap 
Klizabeth Livermore 
Katherine Livingston 
Cliristina Llo\d 
Katie Lokey 
Erin Lombard 

Megan Long 
Erin Longbottom 
Gina Longstreet 
R\an Lotl 
Stephanie Lotz 
Theophe Lo\ e 

Lauren Lovejoy 
Calli Lowery 
Sainantha Luffy 
NLirina Lupini 
Stephen Lupsha 
Anne Lutkenhaus 

Edtt aid Lynch 
Stephanie Mack 
Mary Ann MacKey 
Marie Madagan 
Jillian Maier 
Mciian Malecha 

Kc/,i \laleck 
loliii Maltcmpo 
Terence Manning 
\lc\ander Mark 
Holly Markiewicz 
lo-.eph Maro 

Katherine Marsh 
James Martin 
Mainn Martin 
Daniel Mascher 
Emily Massiello 
Nathan Masters 

Se/j/iemem --' 

Jessica Masulli 

Stephanie Mattern 

Kerry Matthews 

Scott Matthiessen 

Minette Mauldin 

Mar>' Maultsb> 

Zwe IVlaung 

Emma Mac 

Michelle May 

Christopher Mayer 

Alexandra Maynard-Strayer 

Amy McArthur 

Elizabeth McAuliffe 
John McAvoy 
Patrick McCleary 
Alyssa McComas 
Erin McCracken 
Luke McCullock 

Aiden McCurdy 

Kaylee McDowell 

Jeffrey McElhannon 

Tara McFarland 

Heather McGrath 

Ann Mclntyre 

Meghan McLaren 
Hannah McLean 
Meredith McLeod 
Paul McManus 
Megan McMillan 
Phoebe McMuilen 

Sarah McNeal 

Kyle Meagher 

Martin Meany 

Daniel Megibow 

Katherine Mehan 

James Meissner 

Christine Melchione 

Courtney Melchione 

Holly Melton 

Sam Mencarini 

Seth Mendelsohn 

Elyse Menendez 

-28 Sep/wmem 

Jillian Menoche 

Nan J Mcnsuh- Ahrjnipah 

CheWic Meredith 
Meredith Mallor%' 
Hailey Merkle 
Hmilv Mever 

Krvsta MIehael 
Bruce Middle 
Alhs.m Miller 
Charles Miller 

id Miller 
i;niil\ Miller 

Hannah Miller 
Jodi Miller 
Paige Miller 
Lauren Milner 
Pietro Mina di Sospir 
Kendra Minso 

Selh Mintzer 
GregdrN Minulilld 
John Miscio-.cia 
Wilham Mitchell 
Hannah Molofskv 

Mary Moncure 
Sirena Montgomery 
Victoria Moon 
Isabel Moore 
Thomas Moran 
Kathleen Morgan 

Lindsay Morgan 
Sarah Monn 
Andrew Moms 
Anne Moms 
Ke\in Morris 
Michael Moms 

Paul Moms 
Mark Morrison 
Emily Morton 
Lena Moses-Schmitt 
Matthew Motley 
R\ an Motyka 



Cecilia Mueller 


Kellie Mullarkey 

Andrew Mullen 
Melissa Mullinax 

Kazuya Murala 

Christine Murden 

Daniel Muiphy 

Erin Murphy 

Markecia Myers 

Courtney Myhrum 

Jennifer Namkoons 

Heerbod Nannari 

Dalia Natour 

Henna Nawab 

Kate Nazworth 

Jane Neldon 

Bethany Nelson 

Christine Newhold 

Courtney Newconib 

Johnny Nev\ti_)n 

Minh Thu Nguyen 

Bradley Nissen 

Amanda Nisson 

Vincent Noon 

Emily Nord 

Marisa Notamicola 

Samantha Notti 

Sheila Noiirimoghudd.mi 

Angela Nuss 

Gregory O'Brien 

Thomas O'Brien 

Kathryn O'Connor 

Catherine O'Doherty 


Sean 0'Sulli\an 

Tara O'Toole 

Charles Ocampo 

Grace Otslager 

Karoline Oldham 

ICimberly Olinger 

Melissa Oliver 



John Olson 
Ke\ in Olson 
Nicholas Oilman 
Bennett Opitz 
Megan Oniz 
\ nmnia Osella 

Rachel Owen 
\Vend\ Pacheco 
Earl Packet! 
W ilham Packett 
Meagan Padgett 

Allison Palmer 
Brendan Palmer 
C'luiinun Pan 
Molls Pannell 
Sarah Parker 
Ta\ lor Parker 

Shannon Pashcow 
Anne Pates 
Melissa Patterson 
Mary Pawlina 
April Pawlovvski 
Caithn Pa\ne 

Joseph Pa> ne 
I ukc I'a>ne 
I iiklsc) Pence 
Michael Perdue 
John Perkins 

Emily Perrin 
Erin Perugini 
Danielle Peters 
Laura Peters 
Ashley Peterson 
Da\ id Peterson 

\icolle Peterson 
K.iillin Petrella 
I iieodore Petrocci 
( hnstina Pham 
1 laniel Piccolo 



Christina Piedei 
William Pieper 
David Pierandri 
Melanie Pierce 
Jessica Pike 
Jaime Pimsler 

Jordan Put 

Catzby Pitz\ ada 

Eric Plain p 

James Plainer 

Ian Pcipe 

Melissa Presti 

ChristLne Probst 

Matthew Proctor 

Colby Protfitt 

Lydia Putney 

Dale Race 

Dreu Radtke 

Bridget Ramirez 
Landon Randolph 

Gabncia Rangcl-Lafucnlc 

Cassandra Ratti 

Emily Raup 

Mohammed Ravat 

Kathernie Rawls 

JJunler Ray 

Chnstme Reardon 

Lauren Redding 

Karita Redmon 

Elizabeth Reed 

Lucas Reed 

Elizabeth Rehbehn 

David Reichert 

Jeremy Reid 

Alexandra Reigle 

Deanna Rennon 

Nathaniel Rhnad 

Gina Rhodes 

Jennifer Rice 

Kristen Richardson 

Cynthia Richter 

Laura Rickard 




John Rig 
El\ se rIoux 
Dimglas Rissing 
Sara Rittelmeyer 
RiisscI Rivers 
CiiDsiina Rivituso 

Harrison Roberts 
K.i\ lei Roberts 
Sandra Roberts 
Catherine Robinson 
Erica Robinson 
Danil^a Robison 

\usiin Robles 
Mephanie Rocha 
Kaitlin Rodriguez 
Michelle Rodriguez 
John Roesser 
Nicole Rogers 

Alexander Rohde 
Eric Rolander 
Peter Romagnoli 
Emily Roming 
Tracey Rosenberg 
Renee Rosser 

John Rossi 
Melanie Rossignol 
Justine Rothbart 
Michelle Rother 
Jillian Rouse 
John Rowley 

Riplee Royster 
Andrew Rozsa 
Ficnjamin Runyon 
Sarah Rusch 
Ha\le\ Rushing 
Emmelt Rutkowski 

Deidre Ryan 
Brian Saba 
Hana Salih 
Amy Sams 
Avery Samsky 
Amelia Samuels 



Katherine Samuels 
Houston Sanders 
Michelle Sanders 
Natasha Sanders 
Nikolay Sandev 
Cameron Sands 

Priscila Saraiva 

Jason Sargent 

Taylor Saulman 


AshlcN Sell, Ml 

Andrea Schlnssinan 

Kalhryn Schmidt 
Michael Schmidt 
Eric Schmieg 
James Schneider 
Jennifer Schoeneweis 
Jonathan Scholl 

Mary Schrack 

Stephen Schroeder 

Marshall Schulte 

Kaitlyn Schury 

James Schiirz 

Adam Schuster 

Kendal Scott 

Olivia Scott 

Ashley Scutari 

Joshua Sedlak 

Kimberley Sedons 

Kyle Seymour 

Leslie Shater 

Anum Shaikh 
Katelyn Shank 

Kaitlin Sharp 
Heidi Sheehan 

Jason SheeK 

Corrie Shelliniii 
Zachary Shepherd 
Kalnn.i S!iillni;j 
W lulicid Shirk 
Mandar Shirke 



KL'becca Shogren 
Sarah Shortridge 
Samuel Shortt 
Lindsay Shute 
Haniel Shvbunko 

Ashley Siehenaler 
Martha Siegmund 
Lee Siegrist 
Samuel Sietsma 
Fanah Sittanen 
Brvce Simantel 

Charmaine Simon 
Saniantha Simonds 
Christopher Simonin 
Angelina Simpson 
Renee Simpson 
Riehard Simpson 

Jessica Sine 
Robert Singel 
Grace Small 
Sarah Smethurst 
Alice Smith 
Allison Smith 

Cohn Smith 
Colin Smith 
Daniel Smilli 
Isabel Smith 
John Smilh 
Meaijan Smith 

Philip Smith 
Sarah Smith 
Walter Smith 
Natasha Smoot 
David Snellings 
Annastasia Snvder 

Casey Snyder 
Rvan Snvder 
Je'ssica Sok 
Tristan Sonnell 
Jennifer SoiTell 
Lourdes South 



Nicholas Southwell 

Kacpert Sovinkski 

Sarah Speicher 

Joshua Sproul 

Sara Sproule 

Jeannine St. Lawrence 

Kaycee Stahl 

Steven Staiti 

Shabana Stanakzai 

Franklyn Stanfield 

Andrej Stare 

Sarah Sunk 

Sarah Staunton 

Jason Steehnan 

Eric Steiglader 

Ohver Stein 

Catherine Stephenson 

Emilia Stern 

Cassandra Stewart 
Katherine Stew art 
Katherine Stinson 
Melanie Stockier 
Benjamin Stokes 
Jennifer Store\ 

Amanda Suiwcll 

Maureen Stracke 

Gloria Straight 

Erin Strange 

Alyse Strauch 

Laura Strehle 

Michael Stroud 
Lauren Stry ker 
Kathryn Studer 

Yolanda Sturdi\ant 
Holly Sulh\ an 

Kathenne Sullnan 

Laura Summers 

Ashley Szpindt^r 

Zachary Taccardi 

William Talbot 

Jeremy Tan 

Gustavo Tapia 











^^B ^^H 


^- 'M 



^^Bfir-^ f^T^I 



V "^ 







^^'- "'^ 





Kenneth Tate 
Adrienne Ta\ior 
Terrell Ta\lor 
Sarah Teaclier\ 
Michael Terlecki 
Brittany Thompson 

Mary Thompson 
Philip Thompson 
Andrea Thurston 
Zachary Tillett 
Da\ id tmdell 
Kristin Tisdelle 

Megan Tisdelle 
Kathryn Titus 
Victoria Toadvine 
Amelia Toms 
Peter Toohey 
Anaela Tomello 

Debra Torrico 
Nga Tran 
Bridget Travers 
Piers Trickett 
Hannah Tripp 
Astnd Trued 

Chelse\ Truesdell 
Julianna Truslou' 
Sarah Tr\ on 
Noah Tucker 
Elinor Tuh\ 
Kaitlin Tuite 

Noelle Turbitt 
Erin Turner 
Chnsty Tyrrell 
Johana Uitto 
Annie Unger 
Lindse\ Unterbrink 

llison Urbano 
\lyssa Van Yahres 
ICaitlin Vance 
oy Vande\'ender 

ary Vann 

ackenzie Vano\'er 

Sep/imem -J ■' 

Lizbeth Vargas 

Julie Vaselopulos 

Brianna Vega 

KC Velez 

Sean Vetter 

Joshua Vickslrom 

Joshua Villeneu 

Juhe Vira: 

Hannah von Oc\i 

Ashley V',.s, 

Nicholas Wag no 

Mehnda VValdecke 

Diana Waldiii) 
Me'jan Walk. 

Jessica Walkicc 
Rachel Wallace 
Kirsten Walleck 

Sarah Wallinglohl 

Katie \\,,lh^ 

Molly W.ihu 

Eniilee Wall, i 

Emily Waiiii'U i 

Borwvn WaiTj 

JoAnn W in. 

Taylor W n n^ 

Stephanie W ilkin 

Grace W i. i\ l 

Elijah Wci\c 

Maria W i hi 

Emily Wchlx 
Chelsea Wc^ni. 
Diana W 
Justin W ciikI 
Kell\ WlIJ 
Jennifer Wdl 

Paul Whilakcr 

James While 

Megan Whileakei 

Shane Wilc\ 

Peter Wilkens 

Mary Wilkerson 




IcsMca Wilkers(in 
Scan Willess 
Caroline Williams 
Jency Williams 
Jonathan Williams 
Sarah Williams 

lias Williams 
ll\n Wilhs 
mma VNillis 
'alhcrme Wilson 
lary Wilson 
avlor Wilson 

alhanicl Winston 
lexis Witthoft 
annah Woll 
achael Wonderlin 
aroline Wood 
art Wood 

rem\' Wood 

'alrick Wood 

le Woodell 
helsea Woodhouse 
atelin Wrigley 

ennifer Xie 

a ^ao 
iun ^1 
rika Yoder 
iinnan ^don 
aillvii Yost 

hrrstopher Young 

.id Young 

jph Young 
lohammed Yousuf 
lemon ^'ueh 
adine Zaatar 

111 ind I Zapata 
1l\ mdra Zelin 
iIlKu Zimn 
lu\ Zolp 
legan Zuchowski 
ML Zupko 

Seplminerci 239 

Yasir Abdul-Rahman 

Chelsie Adams 

Philip Adams 

Sofia Ahmad 

Sajia Alaha Ahrar 

Emily Alberto 

Jacquelynn Aldrich 

Katherine Alexander 

Matthew Alfano 

Laura Allan 

Julia Allbeck 

Andrea Allen 

Brentton Allen 

Katherine Allen 

Nora Allen 

Samantha Allen 

Phillip Alhsi.n 

Sarah Alvarez 

Rabia Aman 

Rima Ainin 

Yeji An 

Kyle Anderson 

Meg Anderson 

Nicholas Antonini 

Colin Antono\ ics 

Brittney Anto//i 

Tyler Anzmann 

Kaitlin Aquino 

Michelle Arbulu 

Jessica Amies 

Elizabeth Armstrong 

Jennifer Amdt 

Erin Amwine 

Alessandra Askins 

Sean Atchison 

Alexandra Atkeson 

240 prci/iiHcn 

ennifer Alniar 
ICatherine Aull 
aroiina Backer 
anielle Badke 
homas Bahen 
iMaarij Baig 


Lauren Blandfoix 

Gregory Ble\ in^ 

Dayna Blewi- 

Christopher Blouiil 

Araba Boark\ 

Morgan Bobinsk 

Deonte'J Bolden 
Christian Bone 
Vanessa Boosahda 
Lucinda Booth 
Andrew Boralc 
ElHot Borman 

Ellen Borynn 

Eli/.alieth Bollia 

Caitlni Boulware 

Frani,.ois Boiirriguen 

Benjamin Bower 

George Bowles 

Jacob B 
Virginia Boyko 
Thomas Boylan 
Elizabeth Bradley 
Valerie Bradley 
Caitlin Bradv 

Nancy Brandt 

Julia Brannis 

Tina Brehni 

Jennifer Brewer 

Danielle Bricker 

Jonathon Bridgeman 

Henry Brisibe 

Robyn Brobeck 

Piper Brock 

Susan Brock 

Colleen Brooke 

Claire Brooks 

Rebecca Brook: 
Jordan Brother: 
Benjamin Browi 
Brian Browi 
Eden Browi 
Shannon B: 

242 fixi/iinoi 

Tyler Brown 
Anne Brulatour 
Tess Buccigrosso 
Brendon Buck 
Samantha Bullock 
Tiiiioth\ Bumbrev 


innon B 






in B 













Samanlha Cabo 
Madeline Cain 
Lauren Callison 
Maria Cambone 
Rebecca Campbell 
Thomas Campbell 

Victorio Cangelosi 
Hannah Carloni 
Ashley Carpenter 
Angela Carrasco 
DeJane Carroll 
De7tinie Carter 

Ina Carter 
Joy nee'T Carter 
Oli\ ia Carrier 
Fabiola Casillas 
Andrea Castro 
Elizabeth Caswell 

Mara Cate 
Nadia Cathan 
Victor Catlett 
Dana Cazan 
Daniel Chaconas 
\\ illiam Chaloner 

Ka Fung Chan 
WoM Chan 
Koomal Chaudliry 
Eric Chay etsky 
Ying Chung Chen 
Elizabeth Chenevert 

Frci/wmi 2-^3 

Nikkoah Chitty 
Joshua Christensen 

Kendall Chiisilicl 

Moon-k\iin2 Chun 

Christopher Cljik 

Coleman Clark 

Rebecca Clark 

Sasha Clark 

Jennifer Clear>' 

Aaron Clemmer 

Calvin Clessas 
Alexandra Cline 
Ashleigh Clore 
Nathaniel Close 
Kelley Cloiise 
Kelse)' Coatcs 

Chandler Cochran 

Andrew Cole 

John Cole 

David Coleman 

Miles Colop\ 

Brittany Combs 

Elise Conklin 

Patrick Connelly 

Elizabeth Conrad 

Leah Copplestone 

Lauren Corbett 

Ror\ CoiTao 

Anne Cosby 

Alix Coulter 

Robert Crowley 

Lohryn Cox 

Leah Crist 

Alexandra Crowder 

Murphy Cummins 
Danielle Cunetta 

John Cunningham 

Ryan Curtis 

Ashley Czekatka 

Kristen D'Alonzo 

244 Firi/vnen 

iMichael D'Ainicd 
Knsten Dagradi 
iLindsay Daly 
IMax Daly 
Anna Damewood 
lanielle Danner 

dney Darden 
ebecca Davidson 
latthew Davies 
lice Davis 
latthew Davis 

hert Davis 

Sarah Dawes 
Catherine Da\ 
Sarah Deaton 
Erika deBroekert 
Corhin Dednck 
Kelse\ DeJarnette 

Mialsabella Dejesus 
Jacob Dellinger 
Margaux DeLong 
Caroline DeLuca 
Katherine DeMazza 
Matthew Dembo 

Stephen DeMetro 
Alexis Demos 
Nicholas DeSamo 
Dionne DeTouche 
Charles Devine 
William Devlin 

K\le Dexheimer 
Kayla Dickhute 
iNicole Dierkes 
onathan Dietrich 
iMatlhew Dietz 
Anna Dillon 

Luisa Dispenzirie 
aniel Dobbins 
essica Doerfler 
aura Donahue 
rancis Donohue 

iKristen Dontje 

Fre^unai 2-^5 

Samuel Dorman 

William Doiithitt 

Maura Downey 

Michael Drayer 

Edward Drummond 

Marianne Duhinsks 

Matthew Dudek 

Erin Dufr> 

Rohen Dulin 

Maryeella Dunilao 

Ann Dunford 

Nathan Dunn 

Libia Duran Blanco 

Brooke Durbin 

Katherine Durbin 

Kristina Durso 

Kari Easterly 

Ashley Eaton 

Zachary Eaton 

Linda Eckle\ 

Hanna Eckroth 

Chelsea Edwards 

Anne Elder 

Timothv Eldridge 

Thomas Ella 

Aubrey Elliott 

Patricia Elliott 

Amy Eltringham 

Robert Emig 

Elizabeth Emmcl 

Patrick Emsle\ 

Ryan Engelknig 

Julian Ensign 

Core\ hrl I 

Paul Espino 

Lindley Esles 

Michelle Etcho 

Mackenzie Eurell 

Erin E\ ans 

Sarah Eye 

Nathan Fantozzi 

Joseph Featherston 

246 firi/vnai 






^m "^ 






iva Feeley 
iseph Fehrman 
lena Fernandez 
igia Ferreira 
ISarah Findley 
Katelvn Fines 

Kristina Fisher 
Soma Fisher 
R>an Flaherty 
Sarah Flake 
Andrew Foiles 
Jack Folsom 

Ryan Forbes 
Nicholas Ford 
Bnllans Fowler 
Marina Frano 
Andrew Freakley 
Richard Frederick 

Kelse\ French 
Lorelei French 
Caitlyn Frick 
rooke Frieling 
\ndrew Frisk 

jL^ara Froemke 
iMercy Furey 

ca Gabbay 
IWilliam Gallop 

olin Gannon 

iDulcinea Gavelli 
Kalherine Geary 
Matityahu Geller 
iKristen Georgia 
Matthew Gibson 
Latasha Giaaetts 

iKatherine Gilchrist 
iLuara Gillen 
lElizabeth Gillispie 
Chelsea Givler 
ICaitlin Gleason 
Matthew Gloiideman 

Firi/iinai 247 

Michael Glo\ ei 

Amher Goldvvci 
Catherine Gomes 
Jessica Goodwin 
Amanda Gorman 


Rowan Gouijli 


Erica Gousc 

Hi <« «. 1 


radley Graiiani 


Sarah Graliani 




Ashley Green 


Jeffery Green 

Virginia Green 

Samantha Grinisley 

Daniel Grisi 

Alicia Grolbert 

Danielle Guiiiji 

Mairin Gulliver 

Prarthana Gurung 

Christopher Guslalson 

Mark Guthrie 

Kristyn Guy 

Lee Guv 

Ehren Guzman 
Constance Hadadv 

David Haddad 

Megan Hai 

James Hairsion 


Laura Hall 

Lawrence Halliburton 

Morgan Halveison 

Joanna Han 

Jeffrey Hancock 

Mary Hane- 

Lindsay Hansoiiit 

Lorraine Harbison 

Noel Hardest) 

William Harms 

248 F/rj/imr/i 

\niber Harris 
Shannon Harris 

halina Hartman 
lOiad Hatcli 
I liomas Havens 
Peter Hawes 

I Hawkey 
lal Hawkins 
lam Hawkins 
\ n Hay 
[-a\ e Ha\ mond 
Sarati Hazelton 

Crystal Headrick 
Neil Heckman 
Diana Hidger 
Megan Hejd 
Eriea Heide 
Rvan Henderson 

Jenna Henning 
g Heo'^ 
Sean Herliliy 
Sean Hennan 
Joel Herold 
Rosa Herrera 

Freihina 249 

Colleen Hopkins 

Brittany Horrigaii 

Alyssa Hosey 

Gretchen Houser 

Katherine Houston 

Lindsay Howe 

Amanda Howland 

Stephanie Hsti 

Mary Hubbard 

Luke Hudnall 

Meghan Hudson 

William Hudson 

Victoria Hudspeth 

Catherine Hughes 

Kevin Hughes 

Theresa Humphries 

Kasi Htinnictitt 

Da\ id Hunt 

Bradley Huppenthal 

Casey Hurley 

Julie Hurst 

Kaley Huston 

Kimberly Hutcheson 

Rachel Hutcheson 

Jtilianne Hiiyett 

Valerie Igal 

Susan I 111 

Cecilia Inibus 

Jordan Irving 

Samiha Islam 

Matthew Izzo 

Casey Jackson 

Delancy Jackson 

Latoya Jackson 

Rebecca Jahangeri 

Ashley James 

Stephen James 

Debra Jaquith 

Gabriella Jativa Pulles 

Jessica Jefferson 

Amanda Jenkins 

Soyi Jeong 

250 Freihinm 











^»w- -m 











N .«» 












Nicholas Jesionka 
Suhang Jiang 
Lindsey Jiao 
Nattaya Jitrithan 
Jennica Johansen 
Amanda Johnson 

Courtney Johnson 
Daniel Johnson 
I, aura Johnson 
Mary Johnson 
Melanie Johnson 
Marv Johnston 

Chnsta Jones 
Elizabeth Jones 
Ken Jones 
Laurel Jones 
Colin Jordan 
Jamia Jordan 

Anna Joseph 
Sarah Joseph 
Kalyna Jowyk 
\ndrew Juh'a 
^c-seul Jung 
Shea Kahler 

ih Kalland 
ica Kamis 
siian Karrs 
IS Kartoudi 
[Roben Kash 
Saghar Kasraie 

ya Katyal 
lEdgar Kauffnian 
Nlorgan Kay 
Deepa Kc 
Liam Keating 
Matthew Keaton 

Karen Kelleher 

iLauren Kellough 
rin Kenderish 
atherine Kennedy 

|David Kennedy 

Julie Kennedy 

Frci/micn 25 1 

Matlhew KeiiiieJ> 

Grant Kenny 

Tina Kerchner 

Stacy Keser 

Margaret Kessie 

Kate Kc\ IS 

Alexandra Ke)> 

A-young Kim 

Hyojiing Kim 

Ji Hyun Kim 

MinGi Kim 

Paul Kim 

Shin-hae Kim 

Katelyn King 

William Kinsle\ 

Forest KirsLiibaLim 

Maki Kishmii 

Allison Ki 

Brian Kitta 

Kelly Knighi 

Eun-bi Ko 

Su young Koh 

Andrew Kohlei 

Erin Kohlcr 

Lauren Kornacki 
Hmilie Kraeen 

Rebecca Krai 
Sarah Kiibick 
Lauren K\sci 

David LaBlaiK 111 

Rebecca Lallandc 

Dana Lliui 

Kristen Lamb 

Megan Lamb 

Tomoya Lamberson 

Christina Lambert 

Benjamin Lane 
Ryan Lane 
Krystine Lantz 
Julia Lanzarone 
James Laroums 
Kalhryn Latimer 

252 Frfi/imai 

Corey Liiiib 
Mary Laverty 
Amy Leap 
Briltany Lehel 
Andrew Lee 
Lisa Lee 

Eun-young Lee 
Jeehye Lee 
Jieun Lee 
Stephanie Lee 
Yun-Sun Lee 
Stephanie Lefferts 

Kyle Letler 
Brianna Lehnert 
Ana Leon 
Judith Leonard 
Kathehne Lepko' 
Kavla Lester 

Cassandra Lewis 
Chelsea Lewis 
Elizabeth Lewis 
loLelvn Lewis 
knsten Lewis 
kniibtrlv Lindner 

\Vhitne\ Lipscomb 
Rebecea Lillle 
Lila Littnian 
Joann Liu 
Grace Llewellyn 
Casmond Lomax 

Andrew Loney 
Paul Longerheam 
Monserrat Lopez Lopez 
Sarah Lowdon 
Andriana Lozier 
Lea Luba2 

Owen Lucas 
Rikki Lucas 
lilSEIaine Luce 
'' Eniya Lufumpa 
X'lCtor Lugo 
iiliza Lunde 

Rri/imm 253 

Allison LundquisI 

Caroline Lupsha 

Corey Luqiier 

Shane Lynch 

Charlotte Maaloul 

Cara MacDonakI 

Brian MacKercher 

Chelsea Mageland 

David Maguire 

Rex Mahi 

Louis Maiuri 

Wan Han NLik 

Ahmed Malik 

Lnidse\' Mancan 

Valeria Mancini 

Kyra Mandas 

Alexandra Mankarms 

Jonathan Nkuin 

Marianne Mannix 

Amanda Manno 

Kori Manson 

De\Dn Maresco 

CailHn Manno 

Christopher Manno 

Ryan Man 


AshlcN Maiiiii 

Christopher Mariin 

Heather Marlin 

Joseph Martin 

Matthew Martin 

Megan Martin 

Rachel Martin 

Stephanie Manm 

Ivania Martmc/ 

Ahisail Manino 

Michelle Martz 

Karen Mar\ m 

Anna Mascmla 

Bethany Mastron 111 

Brvant Maiera 

Sally Mathis 


--"4 fra/mn 

Nina Mauiliin-JeronM 
Lindsay Maxwell 
C'aiola Mayer 
Shaun Mayer 
Kaitlin Ma\ hew 
Ashlev Mauiard 

Nicole Maynard 
Maria McAlpine 
Dejume McCall 

1 iKkj McCummon Kri^toff 

Ijin McClamroch 
Marv McClcllan 

Sarah McDernintt 
T\ler McDonnell 
\\e-.le\ McElveen 
Kelh Mclnlire 
Cliiic McKinlev 

UncJustine McKinnej 
E\an McLaughlin 
Lea McLaughlin 
Katelyn McManus 
Audrey McMath 
Mar\ McMillen 

Aaron McPherson 
Kathleen Mead 
Michelle Meadows 
Brianna Mears 
Omar Medina 
Meuan Meier 

John Melcher 
Jacob Melone 
Michelle Mergner 
Mohammad Me--bahi 
Daniel Messplay 
Kelsev Meyer 

Kohl Meyer 
Jared Meyers 
Timothy Meyers 
Elisa Michael 
Glenn Milich 
Taylor Miller-Ereutel 

Frci/wia! 255 

Christopher Milier 

Samantha Miller 

Victoria Miller 

Lindsay Mills 

Sarah Mills 

Christopher Minor 

Danielle Minter 
Carrie Mitchell 

Shanita Mitchell 

Louis Monciire 

Marc Mongillo 

Sara Monk 

Owen Monroe 

Ian Monlaiiio 

You-Jong MiMin 

Christopher Moore 

Samantha Moore 

Ana Moran 

Julia Moran 

Katherine Moran 

Sylvia Moran 

Michael Morgan 

Kierra Morris 

Robert Monis 

Alison Morrow 

Jordan Morsherger 

Zohra Morshed 

Thomas Moruza 

Maris Mosley 

Eman Moushtaha 

Justin Mullen 

Zachery Mullmax 

Daniel Murdoch 

Kevin Murpln 

Richard Musick 

Olivia Mvers 1 

James Myers 
Megan Nhers 
Kasey Njhal 
Aicha Nadifi 
Ako Nagahama 
Stephen Nagy 







BF- -^ 

^^Km-^i iZT^^H 



■ - vl 

^^^mTZ.. . ^!^^H 

Mr - ^^Fi 

In" ^r 

■PI M^J 


■^ T 

W " tH 

y^T'^ "-TU 




^^K. '"^-^ j^^M 

5 1 

256 freifmien 

Knsiofer Nance 
Man' Nannen 
Mary Napier 
Kathryn Nara 
Philippa Nash 
Alanna Neal 

Shelena Nedzweckas 
Kurstin Nelms 
Sarah Neumann 
Cecely Newett 
Inger Nilsson 
Hlizabeth Nistico 

Ashley Nixon 
John Noack 
Zahra Noor 
Ashley Nowlan 
Meaghan Nugent 
Bretl O'Connor 

Ro> ODell 
Kelly O Grady 
R> an O'Hallahan 
Kathryn O'Keefe 
Rnn O'Neal 
Kerr\ O'ReilK 

Laura Olcheski 
Melissa Olmos 
Roxanne Orpin 
Stephanie Ospina 
Hameet Othee 
Meghan Otto 

Brendan Oudekerk 
Ashley Overholser 
Megan Overman 
Racliel Owen 
Ross Ozbum 
K\ una Paek 

Laura Page 
Virginia Page 
Laura Paiewonsky 
Erika Palacios 
Sarah Palenik 
Alison Palmer 

Frci/iinai 25'/' 

Rachel Pcissai 
Kerne PlisicII 
Thomas Pasioi- 
Jessica Paiilus 
Brooke Peery 
Natahe Pence 

Jaclyn Petri >«■ 
Laura Petnv/a 
Samuel Philei 
Susannah Phillips 
Colleen Pickeit 
Emily Pierce 

Julia Pierce 

Mercedes Pierce 

Adam Pollins 

David Pomarnkc 

Jessica Postashiiik 

Julia Pouhnt 

Kimberly Powell 

Fernanda Prates 

Rebecca Presor 

Emily Price 

Jennifer Price 

Matthew Prin 

Aaron Probasco 

Elizabeth Prociur 

Melissa Pruksanania 

Joseph Pugacli 

Wyatt Pull/ 

Emily Puniphre\ 

Amy Purclh. 

George Pur\ear 

Nicole Radloid 


Moin Rahman 

Abdul RahmanN ar 


i^awn RainboU 

SkpiKinie Rjniiici^-Marlir 

Rachel Rana 
Andy Ransom 
Krlstophei Raliff 
Sanuinlha Reed 

Siephanie Rees 
1 ledenck Rehhein 
C'aiidaee Reilly 
Joseph Renaud 
Colt Resnick 

Lauren Re\nolds 
Jessiea Rheinlander 
Joshua Rhodes 
Leiyh Rice 
Nathalie Rieder 
Richard Riehl 

Shannon Riley 
Bdlette Ripy 
Kathryn Ri//o 
Hniily Roberts 
Susan Roberts 
Ta\ lor Roberts 

Rachel Rockim 
Anthony Rodrigi 
.Andrew Rollo " 
Adam Rollyson 
Colin Rom 
Jenna Rot)ne\ 

Sarah Roop 
Grace Resales 
Santino Rosanova 
Alice Rosati 
Marie-Elisabeth Rose 
Katherine Rosmski 

Caleigh Ross 
Katherine Rowe 
Sara Rozmtis 
Alexandra Ruddock 
Kristoffer Runevald 
Lindsay Runge 



Victoria Russell 

Benjamin Rnct 

Lauren R\'ersi>n 

Nilab Sadal 

Maria Salas-Baltiiano 

Kate Salmon 

Emilia Sanchez 
Linn Sandelin 
Lauren Sandlin 
Chelsea Santilli 
Mia Santina 
Fabiana Santos 

John Saunders 

Lindsay Schabert 

Kathryn Schafer 

Max Schaffer 

Kirsten Schaubach 

Daniel Scheim 

Elysha Schickel 
Kellyn Schlesinger 
Roger Schlimbach 
Brittany Schneider 
Joel Schneider 
Juliane Schroeder 

Stephanie Schuda 

Alicia Schiilic 

Douglas Schuli/ 

Taylor Schurmans 

Gregory Schwartz 

Bethany Scott 

Kelly Scott 

Kristina Scrimshaw 

Amanda Sebastian 

Stephanie Seller 

Robin Semelsherger 

James Sennett 

Adrian Sentiger 
Stephanie ShaelTer 
Amanda Shank 
Daniel Shapiro 
Brendon Shaw 
Rachel Sheets 

260 Frn/vnm 

\lir.iiiUa Sheldon 
Maltliew Shepherd 
Connor Sheridan 
Rebecca Sherwood 
Hrendan Shifflett 
I iin-|Li Shni 

William Spaulding 
Jonathan Spees 
Krika Spivey 
Alisha Spruce 
Nicole Steck 
Brittany Stele 


Logan Stephenson 

Brittany Stewart 

Megan Stockman 

Eric Stortz 

Virginia Stratton 

Samantha Strawder 

Shelby Stroiher 

m -^ '^ 

Hayley Sullivan 


Heather Sulln an 


Leahanna Sulli\an 


Michael Sullnan 

R * 

Peter Susko 


Breeanna S\ lhuii 

Julia SzalwMiski 

LeAnn Taggart 

John Tlillev 

Shuk Man Tarn 

Alexandra Tango 

Margaret Tan" 



James Ta\ lor 

Juliet Taylor 
Laura Taylor 

Samuel Tenebauni-Lanc 

Molly Terziotti 

Emily Thomas 

Kate Thoinas 

Phillip Thomas 

Christine Thompson 

Elizabeth Tierney 

Robert Tillett 

Jillian Trent 

Casey Tripoli 

Huy-Sinh Trung 

Ling-Hsing Tseng 

Claire Tuley 

Blake Turner 

Shannon Turner 

Thomas Tutor 

262 prei/imen 

knsten Ulles 

eslie Valenzuela 
W ilham van der Linde 
I \ an der Noordaa 

Sharon Van Niel 
hmma Van Rossum 

ara Van Zummeren 

n Evert VanDenverker 

anielle Velardi 
linstopher Vellucci 
V Vinik 

achary Vinson 
,'illiam VituUi 
ichard Volante 
essica Voorhees 
elsey Voss 
oseph Vosti 

larlis Waehlisch 
oseph Wahle 
shiey Warhurst 
ntwon Washingtc 
arah Watson 
mothv Watson 

Catherine Wattiker 

iRobert Wease 
ustin Wegner 
ebecca Welker 

ISamantha Wendler 
'cnise Wenglewski 

n Wennberg 
IStefani Werner 
Kirsten West 
Kara Westerfield 
|Samantha Whay 
Angela White 

Heather White 
Stacy Whitehouse 
Victoria Wilder 
[iVIeagan Williams 
Katharine Wilson 
iRebecca Wilson 

FiTj/wm 263 

Tre\'or Wind 

Kelsey WiiKl:is 

Kristin W'liok 

Francesca Wlach k,i 

Andrew Wollonl 

Elizabeth Woltic\ 

Katelyn Wolfrey 
Frances Womble 
Kimberly Wong 
Michelle Wood\ 
Bonnie Wright 
Erin Wuepper 

Grayson Wyatt 

Kendel Wynne 

Gloria Yi 

Subin Yoo 

Katharine Yudkin 

Sara Za2iirsk\ 

Zachary Zahl 

Jeffrey Zeisler 

Kimberly Zeil/ 

Kerri Zigman 

Kurt Zimmer 

Colin Zimmernian 

Sara Zoln 
Stephanie ZumkolU' 

264 Firi/iimt 

I.aurie Abeel 
Brnest Ackermann 
Nabil Al-Tikriti 
David Ambuel 
L. Ameen 
Lisa Ames 

Meluli Aminrazavi 

Karen Anew alt 

Dccna Applebiiry 
F'anicla Arnold 

Virginia Ashley 
Blame Asper 
Janet Asper 
Bulent Atalay 
Wendy Atwell-Vasey 
Brian Baker 

Dianne Baker 
Brnia Baker 
James Bales 
Robert Barr 
Rosemary Barra 
Antonio Barrenechea 

1 Bartram 
Michael Bass 
M Beceha 
David Berreth 
Anna Billingsley 
Porter Blakemore 

I'aul Boger 
Dawn Bowen 

s.illic Washmglon Braxto 

Meta Braymer 
(lail Brooks 
Adrienne Bro\ero 



Jami Br\an 

Karen Burrell 

Martlia Burtis 

Stephen Burton 

P. Btiske-Zainal 

David Cain 

Edward Callaway 

Clay Calvert 

Gardner Campbell 

Jane Carike 

Ms. Carvin 

Joanna Catron 

Patrick Catulli. 

Ms. Catulk) 

Mr. Cervantes-Carson 

Raeul Chavez-Negrete 

Yuan-Jen Chiang 

Ana Chichester 

Tracy Ciici"in 

Manning Collicii 

Deborah Conway 

Rosalyn Cooperman 

Marv Corbin 

Leah Cox 

William Crawles . J i 

Carole Cieq IK' 

Timothy Cnp|xii 

Janet Cropp 

John Cross 

Richard Curle\ 
Jean Ann Daab 
Kim Davenport 
F. Davidson 
Jason Davidson 
Stephen Davies 

Suzanne de Jan.i..' 

Patricia Dean 

Galen deGraff 

Marlena DeLong 

Catherine Derecki 

Mr. Deremer 



Elizabeth Desi 
Joseph Di Bella 
Andrew Dolby 
Brooke Donaldson 
Mike Donlan 
Joseph Dreiss 

Mr. Ducharme 
Paul Dunford 
Brady Eamhart 
Jeff Edmunds 
Christina Eggenberger 
Robert Ekey 

Natalie Ellis 
R. Elswick 
Claudia Emerson 
Beverly Epps 
Mindy Erchull 
Thomas Fallace 

Paul Fallon 
Susan Femsebner 
Claudine Ferrell 
Martha Fickett 
Victor Fingerhut 
J. Finnerty-Lewis 

Mia Fitzgerald 
Christpher Foss 
E. Fouberg 
Leigh Frackelton. Jr. 
Mr. Friedheim 
Bethany Friesner 

Stephen Fuller 
Eni. Gahle 
Mr Gagnon 
James Gaines 
Jacqueline Gallagher 
Connie Gallahan 

Stephen Gallik 
Carole Garmon 
Douglas Gately 
Jane Gatewood 
Frederick German 
Leanna Giancarlo 



Judy G 
Kurt Glae 

James Goehring 

Roy Gordon 

Angela Gosetti 

Ste\en H 

Rebecca H 

Joseph Ha' 

Jodie H: 

Alan Hell 

Edward Hegmaii 

J. Todd Helbling 

Randall Helmstutler 

All Hieber 

Julie Hodge 

Jessamy Hoffmann 

F. Douelas Holcombc 

Norah Hooper 
Suzanne Houff 
Liane Houghtalin 
Helen Housley 
Margaret Huber 
Donna Hudums 


Carter Hudgins 
lane Huffman 
Janet Hughes 
W Shawn Humphrey 
Di\id Hunt. Jr. 
Richard Hurlev 

Debra Hydom 
Jennifer Jakubecy 
Ja.son James 
Rosemary Jesionowski 
Gary Johnson 
Sahrina John.son 

Cliarlotte Jone.s 
John St. Clair 
Christina Kakava 
Teresa Kennedy 
Michael Killian 

Christopher Kilmartin 
George King III 
Coach Kinne\' 
Kiniheile\ Kinsley 
Ben Kisila 
kanie Kline 

Loll Kkipp 
Sus m Knick 
I)i\ilI Kolar 
Janus/ Konieczny 

Koslanlinos Kourtikakis 

Tera Kovanes 

Ms Kuipers 
Elizabeth Larus 
langwoon (Leo) Lee 
I Larry Lehman 
Hizabeth Lewis 
I \ nn Lewis 

Robert Liebau 
Mmam Liss 
Katherine Li.ster 
Jessica Locke 
Kjista Locklar 
Kathryn Loesser-Casey 



David I ' 

Eric Loreii 

Pamela Lo'.\ -. 

D. L\cei 

J. MacDunal 

Bruce MacEwe 

Kennetli Machande 

J. Maclsaac 

Virginia Mackintosli 

Jennifer Maill(Hi\ 

Theresa Manni\ 

Kristin M;iisli 

Leslie M.uMi 

irvBeth Mallhews 

Maya Malhur 

Susan Malts 

Jason Matzke 

Marie McAllister 

Christine McBi ide 
Jeffrey McCIurken 
Kevin McCluskey 
Megan McDonald 
" Jav McGIk-c 

K. McManii- 

George Meadov\s 

Christopher Medley 

Donna Meija 

Matthew Meija 

Keith Melhnsier 

Margarei \li 

NinaMikhalc- ! 

Marisa Martinez-Miia 

Jill Mitlcn 

Margaret Mock 

Allison Moemian 

Joseph Mollo 

Krystyn Moon 

John Morello 

S. Morgan 

D. Morozco 

Martv MoiTison 

^70 facuCuj 

Brown Morton 
Christopher Musick 
Nicole Myers 
Craig Naylor 
KLi\'atus Newell 
Tuiiothv Newman 

ph Nicholas 

nc Nickel 
\cr.i Nicbuhr 
Denis Nissim-Sabat 
Lynn Nortleet 
Bruce O'Bnen 

Stephen O'Connell 
Deborah O'Dell 
Timothy O'Donnell 
Marhorie Och 
Clint Often 
Joan Olson 

I. Ovennan 
Smita Jain Oxford 
Judith Parker 
C'aroh n Parsons 
Melina Patterson 
Re\ - Shaunna Pa\ne 

John Pcarce 
Richard Pearct 
Larry Penwell 
Beth Perkins 
\Ir. Petkovic 
I ester Phares 

Ms. Pierson 
Jennifer Polack-Wahl 
Christine Porter 
AllNsoii Poska 
Scoii Powers 
nanicl Preston 

( hnstie Pugh 
Donna Raab 
Cohn Raffeny 
Donald Rallis 



p. Anand Rai. 

Margaret Ray 

Lee Ann Reaser 

David Rettinger 

Patricia Reynolds 

Gary Richards 

Maria Rieggei 

Jess Rigelliaupt 

Mary Ri;:sb\ 

Raul RiIl\ 


Warren Rochelle 

Antoinette Rogers 

L, Roles 

Joseph Romero 

Marcel Rotter 

Farhang Rouhan 

Jeffrey Rountree 

Cedric Riicker 

Andrew Rush 

Larissa Ruuskanen 

Robert Rycroft 

Mark Safferstone 

Jose Angel Sainz 

Douglas Sanlord 

Mara Scanlon 

Holly Schiffrin 

Debra Schleef 

Philip Schmehl 

Frederico Schneidei 

JoAnn Schrass 

Brett Scofield 

Raymond Scott 

Crystal Sehike 

Lena Shapiro 

Charles Sharpless 

Marie Scheckles 

Thomas Sheriden 

Vanessa Shurina 

Ranjit Singh 

Gerald Slezak 

Kelli Slunt 


Andrea Li\i Smith 
Constance Smith 
Patricia Smith 
Roy Smith 
Stephanie Smith 
C\nthia Sn\der 

Tom Somma 
David Soper 
Meena Srinivasan 
John St. Clair 
Stephen Stageberg 
Phihp Stamper 

Greg Stanton 
Debra Steckler 

Carol Stevens 
S. Stevenson 

Maureen Stinger 
LeRoy Strohl III 
Gregg Stall 
Priscilla Sulli\an 
Stuart Sulli\an 
Suzanne Sumner 

John Symonds 
Laura Szadvariu 
Melanie Szulczewski 
Amy Taft 
Charles Tate 
Sharon Teabo 

Steven Thomas 
Nina Thompson 
Rita Thompson 
Linda Thornton 
Anne Timpano 
Abbie Tomba 

Raymond Tuttle 
Jo Tyler 
Craig Vasey 
Brenda Vogel 
Shara Voisard 
Brbara Wagar 



Tim Waltoneii 

Stephen Watkins 

Lawrence W ehb 

Justin Webb 

Inez Wehrli 

Ro\ W'einstoct; 

Marie Wellington 

Zacli Whalen 

Chuck Whipke> 

Walt Whitman 

Werner WielanJ 

D. Wilderman 

Marty Wilder 

Matthew Wilkervni 

Joni Wilson 

John Wiltennnilh 

Rod Wood 

Grant Woodwell 



^P i 




ecome tt 
hat inspires her elders? 
low can one person change 

low can one family be so blessed 
rom a life that brings so much . 
.Vords, whether written here or J 
poken forever will never be 

Ne thank the Lord for such a gi 

-^ffimw" ' 'w^ 

' GodB 

Caitlin Susanna Cocco 

'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. 

Live the life you have always imagined.' 

Henry David Thoreau 

As you continue on your journey, never forget 
how much you are loved (or your way home!) 

Congratulations to our Baby Girl!! 


Dad. Mom. Chris, Grams & Stas 



Dear Kate, 

As you embark upon the road ahead, may you 
reccall all the fond memories of friends and faculty 
alike and savor with pride all of your wonderful 
achievements. May the road ahead be paved with an 
abundance of personal and professional succedd and 
may you continue to experience the true gift of love, 
good friends and family wherever you go. You are 
our sweetest treasure and we love you and are so 
very proud of the young woman you have become. 
GRADUATION! With all our love. Mom and Dad, 
Michael and Carrie and Chris and Janci. 


It is a true honor and privilege to call 
you our son. You made it! ! We will 
love you forever and a day. 

Mom & Dad 

Congratulations. Tina. Words can't express tiie joy and wonder you continue to bring us. today and 


Mom and Dad 


We are so proud of all you ve 
done in the last four years 

Act 3 IS sure 
to be just as 

We love you! 
M. D D 
Aand W 



Morgan Hembree 

We are so proud of you ! ! 

With Love, Forever- 
Mom and Dad 


We have watched you grow from an adorable, strong 
willed child to a beautiful, young woman with strong 
convictions. We couldn't be more proud of your good 
choices, hard work and diligence in accomplishing your 
goals. It has been our blessing to love and support you 
through all your challenges and achievements. May God 
continue to bless you in all of your future endeavors! 

With Love and Pride, 
Mom, Dad and Brendan 

The "Gravy Train" has 

left the station, 


Hello 9 to 5! 



Michelle Wenz 

We are so very proud of you, who you 

have become and what you have done. 

We're thrilled with anticipation for all 

that you will continue to accomplish! 


Mom, Dad, Kimberly and Ashley 

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plas to prosper you and not 
harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. " Jeremiah 29:11 

Dear Beth, 
Four years sounds like a long 

time, until the years are 
suddenly past - treasure the 
memories! You have worked 
hard and we are so proud of 
you. Congratulations! God 
bless you as you move on to 
your next life adventure. 


Mom. Dad. Mel, Paul, & 

Chance (woof!) 


Whitney Fields 


We are \ci\ proud of the person you have become and 

all that you have achieved. 

We Love You, 

Mom. Dad and Uno 

Alyssa M. Johnson 

Congratulations. Alyssa! How 
exciting it's been to see you so 
engaged in your studies and in 
UMW life. We're so very proud 
of the beautiful, competent and 
exceptional young woman you 
are. So many special memories 
and many more to come! 


Daddy. Mommv. and Grea 


Roses are Red, 

Violets are Blue, 

Becky you're the Best, 

The M-K's love You. 

So many dreams 


so far that came 


true. So many 


hopes, some old and 

wi^^ •*■! 


some new. 

Hll ' ' mV^' 


So much of hfe 

fl». ^ ' J| 

behnid and in front 

IHfti \. ^/ 

of you. Pride and 


joy in all you have 

given me. 

Love. Mom 




Paula, wc are proud oT \ou and \our aCLXimplishments mcr llie pasi I 
ha\L' leanied. >ou hiKC grown, and you have contrihiUfd Sla\ Iriic- 1 
your \alues; you will never forget. We love you. May God Bless \i 
Mom and Dad; Danielle and Matthew Olson. 

Finally! What took you so long?! Just 

kidding, Poh-la. :) I love you a lot. and for all 

the years you heard me say you're a loser. 

well, guess what? I guess I was wrong. ..just 

kidding! It was only meant as food for fuel 

because I know you are a brilliant, capable. 

dn\ en young lady who will do well in 

w hatever you are most passionate. As Cicero 

said. "The Life given us by nature is short but 

the memory of a life well spend is eternal." I 

only have a few years on you. but this is my 

advice: Be well, do good, and work to find 

blessings in your life. It's too short to do 

otherwise. Love you and am proud of you. 


Love. Your sister. Lehia (Olson) 

rsell and 

Sean O'Brien 

You have brains in your head. 

You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. 

You're on your own. 

And you know what you know. 

You are the guy who'll decide where to go. 

-Dr. Seuss 

Sean, whatever direction you choose, know that 

God and your family are always with you. 

Congratulations on your graduation, we are all 

very proud of you. 

Dad. Mom. Casey & Glenn 


We are so proud of 
your accomplishments, 
Way to go! God Bless 

Love, Dadd and 
Mommy Friend 



Shannon K. Durkin 

You were special then and you will always 
be special! We're all very proud of your 
accomplishments. Stay the way you are 
and follow your dreams! 


Mom - Dad - Matthew 

Congratulations Catie 

on your 



Completing both a Masters 

and Bachelors Degree 

in just four years. 

We are so proud of you. 

You are one amazing 


Love Mom, Dad, Caryn and 


Dear Betsy. 

It's hard to believe that the httle red- 
haired girl in a pink dress on her very 
first day of school has grown into 
such a lovely young woman on the 
brink of her new adventure. We can't 
tell you enough how proud we are of 
you. of the things you've 
accomplished, the strength you've 
shown through adversity, and how 
you've proved that you are ready to 
take on the world. 

You've made some wondeiful friends, 
have had a wonderful time competing 
for UMW on the crew team, and ha\ c 
discovered talents you didn't know 
you had. Your four years at Mary 
Wash have flown by and I hope the 
memories will make you smile as you 
begin the next stage of your life. 

We love you. Love. Mom. Dad. 
Cameron, and Susie (and Barney too) 

"For I know the plans I 

have for you, " declares the 

Lord, "plans to prosper you 

and not harm you, plans to 

give you hope and a 

future. " 

Jeremiah 29:11 


Follow your heart 
Live your dreams 

I am so proud of you! 


Kelly Wuyscik 


Four years ago you left home to begin 
another chapter of your life. You have 
received a wonderful education both in 
and out of the classroom. The places 
you have been and the sights you have 
seen have been incredible. As you 
graduate may your journey continue to 
be great, and the next chapter be as 
exciting. Congratulations. We are so 
proud of you. 

Love you, 

Daddy, Mommy and Amy 

Congratulations Steve! 

We love you and are 
very proud of you ! 

Mom, Dad, Jessica & 

Miklos F. Bodnar 

You have made us very proud and we know you will continue to do so. 
Mom & Dad Bodnar 


UMW Study Abroad-The River Thames in London, UK 

United States State Department Intern, US Embassy, Manila, Philippines 

Miklos F. Bodnar 


PoUtical Section 


Embassy of the United Slates of AmGrica 

Tel.: 163)12) 301-2349 

1201 Roxas Boulevard 

Fax: (63)12) 301-2472 

Manila, Philippines 



" -t^. 

V ';'.. 


-f -*r' -* -<*' -^ ■ '*^ 

Dear Constance, 

Congratulations on your Focus, Faith, and Fortitude. We're 

all so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Blair, Apache, and Henry & Buddy 

Jeremiah Xavier Karrs 

We are honored and proud to call you son and brother. Congratulations!!! 

We love you. 

Mom. Dad. Christian and Maggie 

With the hkes of you Miklos, 

Life is a blessing. 


Love from. 

Auntie Novie and Uncle Henry 

Jessica Bellah 

You truly 
are our 
daughter! i^: 


of you. 

Lots of 
Mom & 

Leighton, we are so proud of you. You deserve this and so 

much more. We love you and can't wait to see where you 

end up in your chosen career. Love, your family. 


Dear Jillian,^ 


The years have gone by so quickly. First it was preschoo! 
then high school and now it is college graduation. And yoi 
still have your blankie! Remember that the future belongs to 
those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Dream big, 
baby girl... The world is waiting for you and know that the 
love of your family will always be with you, just like the . 
lyrics to the dance you choreographed this year. You have 
given us so much joy in our lives in everything you do and 
we are very proud of you today and always. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Jen, Thomas and always Shannon (and the 
puparoos!) j 

Cheriden Tellis 


Our beautiful angel and firstborn, 

congratulations and best wishes 

on your graduation from UMW 2009. 

We wish you fame and fortune in 

your future and we know you will make 

significant contributions throughout your career! 

Your loving family. 
Mom, Dad and Jonathan 

Megan McDonough 


Congratulations, Megan! We are so proud of 

you. honey! Lots of happiness and joy as you 

pursue your dreams! 

All our Love, 

Mom, Dad, Allison, and Brendan 

Laura @ 1 

We're £"0 proud of 
the person you've become. 
Love and Congratulations - 
the whole MANDEfami 


Jessica Lynn Leiman 

From the time you were little, it was pretty clear that 
you were going to succeed at everything that was 
important to you. And we are so proud of your 
accomplishments ! ! ! 



Mom, Chyler, Gram and Grumpy :0) 

Elizabeth Lea Miller 


We are so very proud of you! You are a beautiful young lady 
inside and out. We wish you much happiness in everything 
you do as you make your mark in the "real" world! 


Mom, Dad & Tader 

Roy Hamilton 


You have accomplished so much and we are 
very proud of you ! 


Mom, Dad, Will and Patrick 

:Micl\ael\Antliony JoeCfer 

Vou jre an acl\onturiT jt 
hi-art C(»mbinc that nmiIi 
)()ur lo\f i)f history ami 
there is no stopping >ou 
(. ongratulations on >oiii 
gradiiatiiin Ironi the 
I'liiMTMtv of Mary 

1 «)\e. Mom and Oad 

Congratulations to our daughter, Jenae Elizabeth 
Pinney, the CHEMIST! We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

^^^B ^ ^M^^^l 


Kltit ^ 





To our Lucy! 



Love. Mom. Dad. Stephanie and Nick 




We love you! 
MOM \ 



^ / GIkxI luc^ in|iie yiturc!|ig 

Congratulations! >*^- 
Today is your day, 
You're off to Great Places! 
You're off and away! 

You have brains in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself 

any direction you choose. 

You 're on your own. And you know what you know. 

And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go. 

You 'II look up and down streets. Look 'em over with care. 

About some you will say, "I don't choose to go there. " 

With your head full of brains, and your shoes full of feet, 

you're too smart to go down any not-so-good street. 

And you may not find any 
you'll want to go down. ^^T'Sis. 

In that case, of course, 
you'll head straight out of town. 

It's opener there 
in the wide open air. 

Out there things can happen 

and frequently do 

to people as brainy 

andfootsy as you. 

And when things start to happen, 
don't worry. Don't stew. 

Just go right along. 
You 'II start happening too. 


-Dr. Seuss- 





^Fieisf) yefiRBOOK 


gene at /Havvi 
M^ashlnglcn. /Hans^ 
stubanis i4}aLkab aMa%i 
saving it $vas ihcli^ best 
viaar^ tfci, clhcvs ocio ie 
Make the next tfeai^ better, 
/ill ikat matlen Is that 
ike stubents ftemise Ic 
leoe ike sckccl as Icng as 
ikeif aiieiib classes en ike 
f)Uitii^es^tie caM^iiS. (i}ke 
knews Hfkai exciiing ikings 
mil ceme in ike ^J-all anb 
^^T^ing. /Haifbe aneikei^ 
'J)vesibeniial olsii, 
^MJitjf^vi Mei^e cenceHs, 
\^^^l^^^ Mei^e ^I4n. 

H)kai aSeui 2009'20i0? 



i' ^. V- 



I'MM-.k^lTY Ol- 

Mary VVashtn^^thx: 








- 1^ 


Abbott, Hannah ... 2 1 2 
Abdelhalim, Hassan ... 1 90 
Abd-ol-Rahman, Yasir ... 240 
Abramson, Catherine ... 212 
Abu Jamous, Hadeel ... 1 90 
Adair, Austin ... 1 90 
Adams, Bnttany ... 1 90 
Adams, Cathalijne ... 2 1 2 
Adams, Chekie ... 240 
Adams, Christine ... 212 
Adams, David ... 2 1 2 
Adams, Hillary ... 1 90 
Adams Kathleen ... 1 90 
Adams, Maliha ... 2 1 2 
Adams, Peter... 212 
Adams Philip ... 240 
Adams, Robert... 212 
Addis, Ashley ... 1 90 
Adkisson, Rachael ... 2 1 2 
Adu, Francis ... 1 90 
Ahmad, Aneeza ... 2 1 2 
Ahmad Sofia ... 240 
Ahmadzai. Madina ... 2 1 2 
Ahmed Qaiser ... 2 1 2 
Ahmed Shama ... 1 90 
Ahn, Minji... 190 
Ailstock, Barbara ... 1 90 
Ain, Melody... 212 
Akers, Christina ... 212 
Akers, Emily ... 1 90 
Akhter, Hasina ... 1 90 
Akkerman, Bonnie ... 212 
Alaha Ahrar, Sajia ... 240 
Alberto, Emily ... 240 
Albrecht, Elizabeth ... 190 
Aldrich Allison ... 212 
Aldrich Jacquel3mn ... 240 
Alexander, Katherine ... 240 
Alexander, Kimberly ... 212 
Alexander, Michele ... 2 1 2 
Alfano, Matthew ... 240 
Alger, Knstine... 212 
AliDahka... 212 
Allan, Laura ... 240 
AUbeck. Julie ... 240 
Allen, Andrea ... 240 
AUen Brentton ... 240 
Allen, Kathenne ... 240 
Allen Melinda... 212 
AUen, Nora ... 240 
AUen Samantha ... 240 
AUen Tabitha ... 212 
AUen Thomas ...212 
AUingham, Andrew ... 2 1 2 


Alkntfliam, Hnery ... 212 
AUison, Manssa ... 1 90 
Allison, PhiUip ... 240 
Althouse, Jedidiah ... I 90 
AUman, Scott ... 1 90 
Altmann, Brandon ... 212 
Alvarez, Sarah ... 240 
Aman, Rabia ... 240 
Amaya Emely ... 1 62 
Amey Tessa ... 2 1 2 
Amin, Rima ... 240 
Amoroso, Briana ... 1 90 
Amrod Matthew ... 2 1 2 
An, Yeji ... 240 
Ancalle, Lilian ... 1 62 
Anderson, Casey ... 212 
Anderson, Evan ... 1 90 
Anderson, Jake ... 212 
Anderson, Justin ... 213 
Anderson, Kyle ... 240 
Anderson, Laura ... 213 
Anderson, Meg ... 240 
Anderson, Nicholas ... 213 
Anderson, Shealyn ... 1 90 
Andrech3m, Angela ... 213 
Andreucci, Gtna ... 162 
Andreucci, Stephanie ... 213 
Aning, Kwaku ... 213 
Anna Christopher ... 2 1 3 
Antonini. Nicholas ... 240 
Antonovics, Cokn ... 240 
Antos, EmUy... 213 
Antozzi. Bnttney ... 240 
Anzmann, Tyler ... 240 
App Faith ...213 
Appel Pnscilla ... 1 90 
Aquino, Cecilia ... 213 
Aquino, Kaitlin ... 240 
Arbulu MicheUe ... 240 
Arcidicono, David ... 1 90 
Arehart, Kristin ... 213 
Arens, Patrick ... 213 
Argarin, Jacob ... 213 
Argent Elizabeth ... 21 3 
Arlaud Brigette ... 213 
Armentrut, Gayle ... 213 
Armes, Jessica ... 240 
Armstrong, Elizabeth ... 240 
Amdt Jennifer ... 240 
Amwine Erin ... 240 
Artinian, Missak ... 2 1 3 
Arvelo David ... 2 1 3 
AsViby Danica ... 1 90 
Ashinhurst Kathryn ... 162 
Askms, Alessandra ... 240 
Atchmson, Sean ... 240 
Atkeson, Alexandra ... 240 

Atkinson, Con ... 1 90, Jennifer ... 24 1 
Ault, Catherine... 241 
Austin, Alicia ... 1 90 
Ayers, Robin ... 2 1 3 
Ayestas, Emerson ... 1 90 
Aylor Stacey ... 190 
Azzara EmiUy ... 1 90 

Baarsen, Erika ... 1 90 
BabadJla Jennie ... 1 90 
Babcock, Carrie ... 1 90 
Babcock. Elizabeth ... 1 90 
Bachand Renae ... 1 90 
Backer, Carolina ... 24 1 
Backus, Wmiam ... 190 
Bacscocky, Amber ... 1 90 
Badke, DanieUe ... 24 1 
Bahen, Thomas... 241 
Bahhur, Samer ... 190 
Bahraini. Sara ... 191 
Baig Maanj ... 24 1 
Bailey, Brendan ... 2 1 3 
Badey WUliam ... 191 
Bain, Lucy ... 213 
Balr, Elizabeth ... 1 62 
Baise, Ashley ... 213 
Baise, Audrey ... 191 
Bajaj, Pnyanka... 241 
Baker, ArUce... 213 
Baker, Brittany ... 162 
Baker, Emily... 213 
Baker MaUory ... 241 
Baker Matthew ... 213 
Baker, Megan ... 213 
Baker Murden ... 24 1 
Balaban, Knsten ... 24 1 
Baldwin, Amy ... 162 
Baldwin, Erin ... 191 
Baldwin, Matthew ... 24 1 
Baldwin, Ryan ... 213 
Bales, Brian ... 1 62 
Baliwag FUla ... 1 9 1 
BaU John ... 1 9 1 
BaU Justin ...213 
BaU Sarah ... 1 9 1 
Ballard Jane ... 241 
BaUaid, Michael ... 213 
BaUinger, DanieUe ... 191 
Baltrusaitis, Rebecca ... 213 
Banks, Alyson ... 241 
Baranyk Lucas ... 191 
Barat Sarah ...213 
Barba, SUvia ... 241 
Barefoot Jessica ... 191 

Barfield John ...241 
Barker, John ... 241 
Barker, Judy ... 191 
Barnard Calvin ... 213 
Barnes, Christopher ... 213 
Barnes, Nathan ... 191 
Barrea Nicole ... 162 
Barry, Moira ... 24 1 
Bartel Benjamin ... 213 
Bartkowiak Katherine ... 24 1 
Barton, Elizabeth ... 191 
Bass, Robert ... 191 
Bassam, Joel ... 24 1 
Bassarear, Emuly ... 213 
Bates, Encka... 241 
Battle. Rebecca ... 24 1 
Bausch Maggie ... 191 
Bavis, Courtney ... 24 1 
Bax, Christine ... 2 1 3 
Baxter, Eric... 214 
Beale, Jessica ... 24 1 
Beale, Rita ...214 
Bean, Matthew ... 191 
Beardslee, Samuel ... 214 
Beauge Matthew ... 191 
Bechtold Lindsey ... 191 
Bechtold Nancy ... 2 1 4 
Becken, Andrew ... 24 1 
Becker Christina ... 191 
Beckner, Margaret ... 191 
Bednarek Katherine ... 214 
Bedos, Natassya ... 191 
Beegle Katherine ... 191 
Begin, Emiilie ... 191 
Behnnger, Eric ... 214 
BeUMehssa... 191 
Bellah Jessica ... 162 
Belle, Nancy ...241 
BeUini, Gianni ...214 
Belt Tracey ... 1 9 1 
Bender, Jane ... 214 
BenEUyahu Jordan ... 214 
BeneUi Brianne ... 214 
Benitez, Kristen ... 191 
Benjamin, Amy ... 162 
Benjamin, Yael ... 24 1 
Bennett, Andrew ... 191 
Bennett, Brooke... 241 
Bennett Kristen ... 191 
Bennett, WiUiam ... 241 
Bentley, David... 241 
Beovich WiUiam ... 241 
Berenberg Noah ... 24 1 
Bergen Sarah ...214 
Bergen, Seamus ... 191 
Bergeron, Michael ... 214 
Bergman, Alexandra ... 24 1 

Bergman, Elizabeth ... 214 
Berlinghoff, Kamberly ... 214 
Bernat, Elizabeth ... 191 
Bernstein, Manam ... 24 1 
Berry, Enn... 241 
Bertron, Kathenne ... 191 
Bessey, Nora ... 214 
Best, Jessica ... 214 
BesteEUen... 241 
Betancurt, Sara ... 191 
Betts, Daniel... 214 
Betts, John ... 24 1 
Betts, Keturrah ... 24 1 
Bhatnagar, Sabah ... 162 
Bhatty, Jon ... 241 
Bibbens, Noreal ... 191 
Bice Daniel ...214 
BikowsKEUen... 241 
Billingslea, Renee ... 214 
BiUmgsley, Carol ... 2 1 4 
Bilyew, Jake ... 191 
Birney, Lauren ... 191 
Bimey, Scott... 241 
Bishop, Emma ... 24 1 
Bissonnette Je\^Ael ... 191 
Bither, Cameron ... 24 1 
Either, Jessica ... 191 
Black, Alexander ... 2 1 4 
Blacker, James ... 162 
BlackweU. Rebekah ... 162 
Blagg, Amber ... 2 1 4 
Blandford, Lauren ... 242 
Blasser, Elizaveta ... 191 
Blauvelt, Jonathan ... 191 
Blessing Michelle ... 191 
Blevms, Gregory ... 242 
Blewis, Da3ma ... 242 
Bher, Rachel ... 1 9 1 
Bloom, Jordan ... 214 
Blough, Clinstopher ... 242 
Boarky, Araba ... 242 
Boatner, Margaret ... 214 
Bobinski. Morgan ... 242 
Boczar, Andrew^ ... 191 
Bodengraven, Bethany ... 

Bodi. Elizabeth ... 1 62 
Bodnar Miklos ... 163 
Bogdanow, Anya ... 192 
Boland Nicholas ... 1 92 
Bolden, DeonteJ ... 242 
Bobck Annie ... 2 1 4 
Bond Michelle ... 214 
Bond Sarali ... 1 92 
Bone Christian ... 242 
Booher, Christen ... 2 1 4 
Boosahda, Vanessa ... 242 

Booth, Lucinda ... 242 
Borak Andrew ... 242 
Border, Caroline ... 214 
Borman, Elliot ... 242 
Bory^m, EUen ... 242 
Bostaph. Sarah ... 214 
Botha Elizabeth ... 242 
Botkin, Kyle ... 214 
Bottle, Brandon ... 192 
Boulware Caithn ... 242 
Boiirnguen, Frani„ois ... 242 
Bouton, Elizabeth ... 163 
Bowdren. Christine ... 214 
Bowen, Daniel ... 1 92 
Bowen, Kerry ... 214 
Bower, Benjamin ... 242 
Bowers, John ... 163 
Bowles, George ... 242 
Bowling WiUiam ... 2 1 4 
Bowman, Jacob ... 242 
Bowman, Laura ... 214 
Boyarsky, Nathan ... 1 92 
Boyce. Danielle ... 1 92 
BoydWm... 214 
Boyer, Brynn ... 1 92 
Boyko, Virginia ... 242 
Boylan, Thomas ... 242 
Boyles, Juliann ... 163 
Bradley, Elizabeth ... 242 
Bradley, Rachel ... 163 
Bradley, Valene ... 242 
Bradshaw, Samantha ... 1 92 
Brady Caithn ... 242 
Brady, Heather ... 214 
Bra^, Nicole ... 214 
Brandt Nancy ... 242 
Brann, Taylor ... 214 
Brannis, Julia ... 242 
Brelim, Tina ... 242 
Brennaman, Madison ... 1 92 
Brennan, Ciaran ... 214 
Brett Emily... 214 
Bretzin. Matthew ... 2 1 4 
Brewer, Jennifer ... 242 
Brians, Martha ... 2 1 4 
Briceno, Andrea ... 192 
Bncker, Danielle ... 242 
Bndgeman, Jonathon ... 242 
Bnggs, Rebecca ... 1 92 
Bright Jessamy ... 2 1 5 
Brigman, Wendy ... 2 1 5 
Bnll Jeffrey... 215 
Brishcar, Benjamin ... 215 
Bnsibe, Henry ... 242 
Brletich. Christopher ... 1 92 
Brobeck, Robyn ... 242 
Brock Elizabeth ... 192 

Brock Max ... 1 92 
Brock, Piper ... 242 
Brock, Sean ... 192 
Brock Susan ... 242 
Brodenck Austm ... 2 1 5 
Brokaw, Catarina ... 1 92 
Brooke, Colleen ... 242 
Brooks, Caitlin... 215 
Brooks, Claire ... 242 
Brooks, Rebecca ... 242 
Brooks, Ronald ... 163 
Brothers, Jordan ... 242 
Brothers, Virginia ... 2 1 5 
BrouiUette, Michael ... 2 1 5 
Brown, Benjamin ... 242 
Brown, Brian ... 215 
Brown, Charles ... 163 
Brown, Chelsea ... 192 
Brown, Eden ... 242 
Brown, Kathryn ... 2 1 5 
Brown, Shannon ... 242 
Brown, Tyler ... 243 
Brown, Virginia ... 1 92 
Brozo, Hannah ... 215 
Brulatoiir, Anne ... 243 
Brumfield Vanessa ... 1 92 
Bry^n, Alice ... 2 1 5 
Bryant Alettiea ... 215 
Bryant Elaine ... 1 92 
Bryant Tliomas ... 2 1 5 
Bubb, Elizabeth... 215 
Buccigrosso, Tess ... 243 
Buchanan, Knsta ... 215 
Buchanan, Ryan ... 1 92 
Bucher, Jacqueline ... 1 92 
Buck Brendon ... 243 
Buckingham, Joseph ... 1 92 
Buckles, Meghan ... 2 1 5 
Buckley, Melissa ... 2 1 5 
Buckner, Andrew ... 2 1 5 
Budd John ... 192 
BueU. Laura ... 1 92 
Bullock Jonathan ... 1 92 
Bullock Samantha ... 243 
Bumbrey Timothy ... 243 
Bumgarner, Robert ... 215 
Biinch. Shannon ... 243 
Bundnck Catherine ... 215 
Bunker, Samantiia ... 163 
Buonannata, Giuseppe ... 1 92 
Burdette, Ashley ... 1 92 
Burgess, Michael ... 2 1 5 
Burke Enn... 215 
Burke Ian ... 243 
Burke Jeremy ... 1 92 
Burke, Mary ... 2 1 5 
Bui'ks, Amanda ... 1 92 

Burner Wilkam ... 192 
Burnett Brooks ... 215 
Burnett, Meghan ... 243 
Bums, Aubrey ... 2 1 5 
Bums, Jiilie ... 215 
Biirrow, Shellye ... 243 
Biirruss, Amanda ... 2 1 5 
Burruss, Benjamin ... 2 1 5 
Burton, Elizabeth ... 215 
Burton, Sarah ... 215 
Biiscagka, Kerri ... 163 
BiiscK Jessie ... 163 
Buseck Jessica ... 243 
Bustamante, Vikna ... 243 
Butler Bnttany ... 215 
Butler Gabnel ... 1 92 
Butler, Heather ... 163 
Butler Jarrett ... 215 
Butler, Kaitl3m ... 163 
Butterfield Andrei ... 1 92 
Byers, Carly ... 215 
Byrd Aaron ... 1 92 
B3rwaters, Kathryn ... 1 92 

CabaUero Elisa ... 1 92 
Cabo, Samantha ... 243 
Cadoff, Katelyn... 215 
Cam, Madeline ... 243 
Calautti Jenna ... 192 
CaldweU, KeUy ... 1 92 
Caler, Matthew ... 1 92 
CaU. Samantha ... 215 
CaUison, Lauren ... 243 
Calloway, Rachel ... 215 
Calpm, Joseph ... 215 
Camacho, Emily ... 215 
Cambone Maria ... 243 
Campbell Elisabeth ... 163 
Campbell Michael ... 2 1 5 
Campbell Rebecca ... 243 
Campbell Thomas ... 243 
Campo, AUison ... 2 1 5 
Canfield Augusta ... 2 1 5 
Cangelosi, Victono ... 243 
Cann, Tiffany ... 1 92 
Canning Glenn ... 2 1 6 
Cannon, Matthew ... 163 
Cao, Luan ... 216 
Capone, CrystaUine ... 193 
Cappelletti, Sara ... 216 
Caramillo, Enka ... 216 
Cardenas NoviUo, Vanessa ... 

Cardoza, Sara ... 216 
Carew, Anna ... 193 


Carfagno, Kerry ... 193 
Carignan, Renoe ... 193 
Canker, Caitlin... 216 
Carlezon, Katelyn ... 216 
Car lino, Knstin ... 216 
CarU. MelKsa ... 163 
Carloni. Hannah ... 243 
Carlson, Raquela ... 163 
Carlson, Sarah ... 193 
Carom e, Brian ... 193 
Carone Emma ... 216 
Carpenter, Ashley ... 243 
Carr, Marion ... 193 
Carrasco, Angela ... 243 
Carreno-Garcia Emmanuel ... 

Carngan, Megan ... 216 
Carroll Cameron ... 216 
Carroll DeJane ... 243 
Carroll Timothy ... 1 64 
Carson, Bnttany ... 216 
Carter, Caitlin... 216 
Carter, Deztinie ... 243 
Carter, Ina ... 243 
Carter, JoyneeT ... 243 
Carter, Kathryn ... 1 64 
Carter, Lisa ... 216 
Cartier, Olivia ... 243 
Carty, KendaU ... 2 1 6 
Cash Matthew ... 193 
CasiUas, Fabiola ... 243 
Casim, Muhammed ... 216 
Castellano, Michael ... 2 1 6 
Castillo, Christopher ... 216 
Castillo Clark... 216 
Castleberry, Catherine ... 193 
Castro Andrea ... 243 
Caswell Elizabeth ... 243 
Cataldi. Kmtlin ... 216 
Cate Mara ... 243 
Cathan, Nadia ... 243 
Cathers, Aisljm ... 193 
Catherwood Andrew ... 1 93 
Catlett Victor ... 243 
Caufield Knstin ... 1 64 
Cazan, Dana ... 243 
Cecil Claire... 216 
Celia. Julie ... 193 
Ceo, Peter... 216 
Cessna Brenda ... 193 
Chacko, Lauren ... 216 
Chaconas, Daniel ... 243 
Chakanyuka, Moreblessmgs 

... 193 
Chaloner, WiUiam ... 243 
Chan, Calvin ... 193 
Chan, Ka Fung ... 243 

Chan Teresa ... 216 
Chan, WoM ... 243 
Chandler, Melanie ... 193 
Chandler, Sarah ... 1 93 
Chang Shion ... 193 
Chang Yu ... 2 1 6 
Changanaqui. Antonio ... 216 
Chapin, Vanessa ... 193 
Chaplin, Courtney ... 216 
Chapman, Courtney ... 193 
Chametski, Katie ... 193 
Chau Cindy ...216 
Chaudhry, Koomal ... 243 
Chayefsky, Enc ... 243 
Chelliah Ranithra ... 2 1 6 
Chen Chns... 216 
Chen Ying Chimg ... 243 
Chenault Amanda ... 216 
Chenevert, Elizabeth ... 243 
Chiles, Michelle ... 2 1 6 
Chirico, Joseph ... 193 
Chitty, Nikkoah ... 244 
Cho, Soohye ... 1 93 
Choi, Jeong-yun ... 216 
Chorpenning Cokn ... 216 
Cho\\rdhury, Omio ... 216 
Chnstensen Joshua ... 244 
Christian, Kathryn ... 216 
Christiansen, Sarah ... 244 
Chnstlieb Kendall ... 244 
Chudanov, Ashlee ... 1 93 
Chudoba Lara ... 216 
Chun, Ha3me ... 244 
Chung, Moon-kyung ... 244 
Cihberto Kathleen ... 21 6 
Cisek Lauren ... 193 
Clark Andrew ... 1 64 
Clark Bryan ... 1 93 
Clark Christopher ... 193 
Clark Coleman ... 244 
Clark Emory ... 216 
Clark Lucy... 193 
Clark Rebecca ... 244 
Clark Sasha ... 244 
Clark Susannali ... 216 
Claus, Nicole... 217 
Cleary, Jennifer ... 244 
Cleary, Thomas ... 193 
Clement Jackson ... 217 
Clement Lee ... 1 64 
Clements, Bntteny ... 1 93 
Clements, Matthew ... 2 1 7 
Clemmer, Aaron ... 244 
Clendenin, Stephen ... 217 
Clessas, Calvtn ... 244 
Clevenger, Eiika ... 217 
Clift Bnttany ... 193 

Cline Alexandra ... 244 
Cloeter, KendaU ... 193 
Clore Ashleigh ... 244 
Clousa Kelley ... 244 
Coates, Kekey ... 244 
Coats, Daniel ... 217 
Cobbs, Ebony ... 217 
Cocco, Caitlyn ... 1 64 
Cochran, Chandler ... 244 
Cogar, Jami ... 217 
Coggins, Caitlm ... 1 64 
Cohen, Caitlin ... I 93 
Cole Andrew ... 244 
Cole Carter ... 193 
Cole John ... 244 
CokMicheUe... 217 
Coleman, Alison ... 217 
Coleman, David ... 244 
Coleman, Genevieve ... 193 
Coleman, James ... 217 
Coleman, John ... 217 
Coleman, Sarah ... 193 
CoUiatie Drew ... 1 64 
CoUigan, John ... 2 1 7 
Colopy, Miles ... 244 
Columbia, Enn ... 217 
Combe, Bnttany ... 244 
Combs. Stephanie ... 1 93 
Compel Mark ... 193 
Conkkn, Ehse ... 244 
Connelly, Matthew ... 193 
Connelly, Patnck ... 244 
ConneUy Paul ... 1 93 
Conrad, Elizabetli ... 244 
Conti, Nicole... 217 
Conway, Kendra ... 193 
Cook Bnttany ... I 64 
Cooney Brian ... 217 
Cooney Bnttany ... 1 64 
Cooper, Ian ... 1 94 
Cooper, Jenna ... 1 94 
Copley, Robyn ... 217 
Coppage Justin ... 1 94 
Copplestone Leah ... 244 
Coppe, Claire ... 1 94 
Corbett Lam-en ... 244 
Corcoran, Chelsea ... 194 
Cordova Benjamin ... 217 
Cordova Rebecca ... 1 94 
Corker, Roger ... 1 94 
Cormier, Thomas ... 217 
Corraa Rory ... 244 
Corrtgan John ... 2 1 7 
Corsano, Kern ... 1 94 
Corso, Emily ... 217 
Cosby, Anne ... 244 
Cosh, Samantha ... 1 94 

Coticchio, Ashley ... 1 94 
Cotter, Sandra ... 194 
Coulter, Alix ... 244 
Coulter, Nathan ... 217 
Coupe Stacy ... 1 94 
Cousineau. Lyssa ... 1 94 
Covington, Rachel ... 217 
Coward, MoUy... 217 
Cox. Catharine ...217 
Cox Erin... 217 
Cox, Jennifer ... 1 94 
Cox, Lohryn ... 244 
Cramer, Beniamin ... 1 94 
Crawford Elizabeth ... 1 94 
Crawford Emily ... 217 
Creekmore Apnl ... 1 94 
Cremins, James ... 217 
Crene Allison ... 1 94 
Cnst Leah ... 244 
Crocker, EUen ... 2 1 7 
Crockett Sarah ... 217 
Croft Ceha... 217 
Croft Colby ... 1 64 
Cross, Minam ... 2 1 7 
Crow Andre-w ... 2 1 7 
Crowder, Alexandra ... 244 
Crov^e Stephanie ... 1 94 
CrowellMadal3m... 217 
Crowley, Robert ... 244 
Cruise MaUory ... 1 94 
Cuellar, Jessica ... 217 
Cuffley Rebecca ... 194 
Culbreth Alexander ... 2 1 7 
Culler, Cassandra ... 217 
Cumberland Luke ... 217 
Cummings, Emily ... 217 
Cummings, Nicole ... 217 
Cummins, Murphy ... 244 
Cuneo, Angela ... 1 94 
Cunetta, Danielle ... 244 
Cunningham, John ... 244 
Curran, Clara ... 1 94 
Curtis, Emily ... 165 
Curtis, Jennifer ... 217 
Curtis, Ryan ... 244 
Cusick McKenzie ... 1 94 
Custalow, Raven ... 165 
Custer, Casey ... 217 
Cuti. Celeste ... 1 94 
Cutler, Kristin ... 194 
Cutler, Lindsay... 218 
Cutrona Jennifer ... 1 94 
Cutrona Kara ...218 
Czekatka, Ashley ... 244 

D'Adamo, Lindsay ... 165 
D'Alonzo, Knsten ... 244 
D'Amico, Michael ... 245 
D'Amico, Michelle ... 1 94 
Dabestani. Shaheen ... 218 
DabuL Jessica ... 1 94 
Dachman, Michelle ... 1 94 
Dagi-adi. KiTsten ... 245 
DaJ. Caitlin ... 1 94 
Daley, Sharon ... 1 94 
Dabymple, Jessica ... 165 
Daly Lindsay ... 245 
Daly Max ... 245 
Damewcod Anna ... 245 
Dandrea, Alyssa ... 2 1 8 
Darnel Justin ... 218 
Daniel Samantha ... 218 
Dannaher, Siobhan ... 1 94 
Danner, Danielle ... 245 
Danyi, Eliza ... 2 1 8 
Daiden, Sydney ... 245 
Dargan, Gina Mae ... 218 
Dannchuluun, Erdenetuya . 

Darland Donovan ... 1 94 
Darr, Sarah ... 165 
Daubert, GabneUe ... 1 94 
Daugherty. AlLson ... 1 94 
Daughterty, AlLson ... 165 
Daul Janice ... 1 94 
Davidson, Knstin ... 218 
Davidson, Rebecca ... 245 
Davidson, Taylor ... 2 1 8 
Davies, Brooke ... 1 94 
Davies, Matthew ... 245 
Davis, Alice ... 245 
Davis, Alyssa ... 2 1 8 
Davis, Ashley ... 1 94 
Davis, Eailey ... 1 94 
Davis, Elaina ... 165 
Davis, Jessica ... 218 
Davis, Katherine ... 1 94 
Davis, Lindsey ... 1 94 
Davis, Matthew ... 245 
Davis, Robert ... 245 
Davis, Ryan ... 195 
Davis, Stephanie ... 2 1 8 
Davis, Tara ... 218 
Dawes, Sarah ... 245 
Day, Ashley... 218 
Day, Catherine ... 245 
Day, Devin ... 195 
De Haven, Desiree ... 195 
De Ridder, Lauren ... 218 
Deal Brian... 195 
Dean Ashley ... 218 
Dearth, Alexander ... 2 1 8 

Deaton, Sarah ... 245 
deBroekert, Enka ... 245 
Decker, Adnenne ... 218 
Dedajic, Aida ... 218 
Dednck. Corbin ... 245 
DeGeorge Jessica ... 218 
deGraffenreid Alexandra ... 

DeJarnette, Kelsey ... 245 
DeJesus, MialsabeUa ... 245 
DeUaFera Thomas ... 2 1 8 
DeUinger, Jacob ... 245 
DeLong Margaux ... 245 
DeLuca, Caroline ... 245 
DeMaria Margaret ... 2 1 8 
DeMarr, Matthew ... 2 1 8 
DeMazza Kathenne ... 245 
Dembo, Matthew ... 245 
DeMetro Stephen ... 245 
DeMino Mary ... 1 95 
Demos, Alexis ... 245 
Denby, Sarah ... 195 
Denrue, Michael ... 2 1 8 
Denning, Evelyn ... 2 1 8 
Dennis, John ... 195 
Dennis, Kimberly ... 165 
Dennis, Shevonne ... 218 
DeSai. Shreya ... 195 
DeSarno Nicholas ... 245 
Despagni. Kathenne ... 218 
DeTouche, Dionne ... 245 
Dettmann, Bridget ... 195 
Detweder Zachary ... 218 
Deurance, Graham ... 195 
Devar, Joseph ... 218 
Devening Chelsea ... 218 
Dever, Megan ... 2 1 8 
DeVema, Rachel ... 218 
Devine, Charles ... 245 
Devlin, William ... 245 
Dexheimer Kyle ... 245 
De3nnan, Cokn ... 165 
DeZam, Monique ... 218 
Dhanaraj, Ruth ... 195 
Dial Katherine ... 165 
Dickerson, Michael ... 2 1 8 
Dickhute, Kayla ... 245 
Dierkes, Nicole ... 245 
DietncK Jonathan ... 245 
Dietz, Matthew ... 245 
Dilanni. Robert ... 218 
Dijkemnan, Derek ... 195 
DiUane, Mary ... 165 
Ddlon, Anna ... 245 
Dilts, Jen... 218 
Dimas, Eleonora ... 218 
Dinan, Kaitlin ... 195 

Dingley Mary ... 2 1 8 
Diniega, Matthew ... 1 66 
Dinndorf, Helen... 218 
DiPaola Samantha ... 1 95 
DiPippa AUison... 195 
DiSalvo, Greggory ... 2 1 8 
DiSimone, Chantal ... 1 95 
Dispenzine, Luisa ... 245 
Dister Sarah ... 2 1 9 
Ditko Diane ... 166 
Dixit Neil... 195 
Dixon, AUison ... 166 
Dixon, Sharon ... 195 
Do Bettina ... 1 66 
Dobbins, Daniel ... 245 
Dobson, Justin ... 219 
DoddHayley... 219 
Dodd-Henze, EUanora ... 219 
Doeppe, Lena ... 195 
Doerfler, Jessica ... 245 
Doering, Jessica ... 195 
Dofflemyer, Ashlie ... 195 
Dolan, Paul ... 195 
Donaher, Christopher ... 219 
Donahue, Laura ... 245 
Donald James ... 195 
Donnelly, Alexandra ... 2 1 9 
Donnelly, Caitlin ... 195 
Donohue, Bnan ... 219 
Donohue Francis ... 245 
Dontje Knsten ... 245 
Dorman. Samuel ... 246 
Doubleday, Kevin ... 195 
Doucette, Cameron ... 219 
Douglass, Tiffany ... 166 
Douthitt William ... 246 
Dowling Thomas ... 195 
Downey, Karen ... 1 95 
Downey, Maura ... 246 
Downey, Meghan ... 2 1 9 
Downey, Michael ... 2 1 9 
Downing, Brian ... 219 
Downing, Sliawn ... 195 
Doyel Amy... 195 
Doyle Matthew ... 195 
Dratwa, Kyle ... 195 
Dray, Kathleen ... 195 
Drayer, Michael ... 246 
Drenkaid, Scott ... 219 
Driggers, MoUy ... 195 
Drummond Edward ... 246 
Drumwiight, Nicole ... 166 
Dubinsky, Marianne ... 246 
Dudek, Matthew ... 246 
Duffy, Carol3m ... 166 
Duffy, Erin ... 246 
IDuggins, Emily ... 219 

Duhaime, Lauren ... 219 
Dulin, Garrett ... 195 
Dulin, Robert ... 246 
Dumlao, MaryceUa ... 246 
Dumville Miles ...219 
Dunaway, Sarah ... 195 
Dunfoid, Ann ... 246 
Dunn Bradley... 219 
Dunn, Nathan ... 246 
rXinnington, Erika ... 195 
Duran Blanco, Libia ... 246 
Durbin, Brooke ... 246 
Durbin, Katherine ... 246 
Durkin, Shannon ... 166 
Durso, Kristina ... 246 
Dutton, David ... 195 
Dwyer, Erin ... 219 
Dykman, Francesca ... 166 
Dymon, Julie ... 195 

Eads, Brandon ... 195 
Eads, MeLssa... 195 
East Robert ...219 
Easterly, Kan ... 246 
Eaton, Ashley ... 246 
Eaton, Zachary ... 246 
Ebrill Caroline ...219 
Eckley Linda ... 246 
EckrotK Hanna ... 246 
Edeknan, Anna ... 166 
Edwards, Chelsea ... 246 
Edwards, ELzabeth ... 2 1 9 
Edwards, Elyse ... 219 
Edwards, Meghan ... 2 1 9 
Ef fold. Brad ... 195 
Egbert, Elizabeth ... 196 
Eggleston Kaitlin ... 2 1 9 
Ehlers, John... 219 
Eichenberg, Megan ... 219 
Eichner, Caitlin ... 1 66 
Eikenberg Jenny ... 196 
Elder, Anne ... 246 
Elder, Christina... 219 
Eldndge, Timothy ... 246 
Elias, Mirey ... 1 96 
EUa, Thomas ... 246 
Elliott, Andrew ... 196 
Elliott Aubrey ... 246 
Elliott Patricia ... 246 
Ellis, Brittney... 219 
Ellis, Jacqueline ... 196 
Ellis, MoUy ... 196 
Ellis, Sarah... 219 
Ellison Carol ... 196 
EUrod Karen ...219 


Eltringham, Amy ... 246 
Errug, Robert ... 246 
Emmel Elizabeth ... 246 
Emsley, Patrick ... 246 
EngelDeidre... 219 
EngeUdng, Ryan ... 246 
Eno, Knsten ... 196 
Enos, Christine ... 196 
Ensign, Julian ... 246 
Erath Sarah ... 196 
Eidfiky, CaUen... 219 
Erdwins, Christopher ... 196 
Erff, Corey ... 246 
Ermler, Justin ... 166 
Ervm, Paul... 219 
Esch Michelle ... 196 
Espino, Paiol ... 246 
Espinosa, Nicholas ... 219 
Estes, lindley ... 246 
Etcho, Michelle ... 246 
EiireU, Mackenzie ... 246 
Eustance, Ryan ... 219 
Evans, Elizabeth ... 219 
Evans, Erin ... 246 
Evans, Jaclyn ... 1 96 
Evans, Kari ... 1 96 
Evans, Kelsey ... 196 
Evans. Lmdsay ... 219 
Evans, WiUiam ... 196 
Everet±e, Eydie ... 1 96 
Eversole, Matthew ... 196 
Evich Melissa ... 219 
Eye, Sarah ... 246 
EzzeU, Jennifer ... 196 
EzzeU, Michael-ray ... 2 1 9 

Faciane, Christopher ... 219 
Fadden, Eleonore ... 196 
Fair, Sharon ... 196 
Faison, Nicole ... 196 
Falcon, Laura ... 219 
Faley Zachary ... 196 
Falke, Amanda ... 196 
Falkenberry, Megan ... 196 
Faltum, Christopher ... 196 
Fame, Michelle ... 219 
Fantozzi, Nathan ... 246 
Faraci Jackl3m ... 220 
Faramarzi Tatiana ... 220 
Fariss, Ashley ... 196 
Farmer, George ... 196 
Farrar, Shannon ... 220 
FarrelL Bethany ... 220 
Farren, Angelika ... 196 
Faulconer, Matthew ... 196 

Fay, Thomas ... 166 
Featherston, Joseph ... 246 
Fedowitz, Elizabeth ... 196 
Feeley, Lisa ... 247 
Fehrman, John ... 220 
Fehrraan, Joseph ... 247 
Feickert, Kristin ... 167 
Feldman. Daniel ... 220 
Ferguson, Stephen ... 167 
Fernandez, Elena ... 247 
Ferrante EUen ... 167 
Ferreira Ligia ... 247 
Ferrell Helen ... 220 
FerreU, Jennifer ... 220 
FerreU. Robert ... 196 
Ferro, Mariana ... 220 
Ferry, Kimberley ... 220 
Fields, Whitney ... 167 
Figueroa, Trinity ... 1 96 
Figura Kathenne ... 220 
Finchum, Alyssa ... 220 
Findley Sarah ... 247 
Fines, Katelyn ... 247 
Finney, Nathan ... 196 
Fiorio, Lukas ... 220 
Fishback, Cheryl ... 220 
Fisher, Knstina ... 247 
Fisher, Sonia ... 247 
Fisher, Thomson ... 196 
Fitzella James ... 220 
Fitzgerald Katherine ... 196 
Flaherty, Ryan ... 247 
Flake, Sarah ... 247 
Flaks, Rachael ... 220 
Flannery-Tellock Peter ... 

Flax. Jeremy ... 220 
Fleming Katy ... 220 
Fletcher, Stacy ... 220 
Fhppo, Whitney ... 196 
Flood Cameron ... 196 
Flores, David ... 167 
Flares, Joel ... 220 
Flores, KeUy ... 220 
Fljmn, Meredith ... 220 
Flynn, Patrick ... 220 
Focht, Jessica ... 196 
Fodes, Andrew ... 247 
Foley, Brian ... 220 
Folsom, Jack ... 247 
Forbes, Ryan ... 247 
Forch Emily ... 196 
Ford Ashley ... 196 
Ford Melissa ... 220 
Ford Nicholas ... 247 
Ford Thomas ... 220 
Forney, Lauren ... 197 

Fornof, Emily ... 167 
Foster, Nicole ... 167 
Foust, Alexandra ... 220 
Fowler, Bnttany ... 247 
Fox Alexandra ... 220 
Fox Kinzie ... 220 
Framinan, Theresa ... 197 
Francis, Angela ... 197 
Frank Aaron ... 197 
Frank Ian ... 220 
Frankel Paul ... 1 97 
Frankle Kaitlin ... 1 67 
Franko, Greg ... 220 
Frano, Marina ... 247 
Frasca, Katherine ... 220 
Frazier, Jennifer ... 197 
Freakley, Andrew ... 247 
Frederick Rachel ... 220 
Frederick Richard ... 247 
Freeman, Audrey ... 197 
Freeman, Sean ... 197 
Freemaa Thaddeus ... 220 
French Kelsey ... 247 
French Lorelei ... 247 
Frick, Caitl3m ... 247 
Friedman, Robert ... 220 
Fneling Brooke ... 247 
Fnsk Andrew ... 247 
FnswelL Jessica ... 247 
Fntz, EUen... 197 
Froemke Lara ... 247 
Frye Leandra ... 220 
Fulton, Brian ... 1 97 
Fumai, Michael ... 197 
Furey, Mercy ... 247 
FutreU. Tabitha ... 197 

Gaal Lindsay ... 220 
Gabbay, Jessica ... 247 
Gadeken, Dana ... 220 
GalbreaitK Hilary ... 220 
GaU, Rebecca ... 1 67 
GaUagher, David ... 220 
Gallagher, James ... 220 
Gallasch R3^an ... 220 
GaUlnari, Jennifer ... 167 
Gallop William ... 247 
GaUugi. Emily ... 167 
Gallup, Diana ... 167 
Gambini Bryan ... 197 
Gamon Vargas, Geraldine .. 

Gandanllas Sagarnaga 

Dahana ... 1 97 
Gannett, Mana ... 197 

Gannon, Cokn ... 247 
Garahan, Moire ... 167 
Garcia Daniel ... 22 1 
Garcia, Quincey ... 167 
Gardner, Amanda ... 197 
Garlock, Courtney ... 197 
Garman, James ... 221 
Gamer, Sarah ... 167 
Garrott, Jennifer ... 221 
Gaskill John... 221 
Gatlin, Hillary ... 167 
Gattioso, Gina ... 197 
Cause, Brekley... 221 
Gauta. Knstin ... 197 
GavelU Dulcinea ... 247 
Geary, Katherine ... 247 
Geissler, Cenine ... 197 
Celler, Matityahu ... 247 
Gelshenen, Ryan ... 197 
Gentde, Ryan ...221 
George, Kirk ... 197 
George Stephanie ... 22 1 
Georgia Kristen ... 247 
Gerardi, Jennifer ... 197 
Gerhart, Daniel... 221 
German, Donna ... 22 1 
German, Justm ... 167 
Gersbach Meredith ... 197 
Gerstein, Rachel ... 168 
Giaimo, Christina ... 221 
Gianulis, Marian thi ... 22 1 
Giardi, Roberta ... 197 
Gibbons Manelle ... 221 
Gibson, Matthew ... 247 
Giggetts, Latasha ... 247 
Gilchrist, Katherine ... 247 
Giles, Kathenne... 221 
Gia Christie ... 1 97 
GiUen, Laura ... 247 
GiUespie, Corrine ... 22 1 
Gillespie. Tatiana ... 197 
Gilliam, Lee... 221 
Gillispie, Elizabeth ... 247 
Gilroy, Fen wick ... 168 
Gionfnddo, Michael ... 22 1 
Giovinazzo, Christopher ... 

Givler, Chelsea ... 247 
Giza-Sission, David ... 221 
Gleason, Caitlin ... 247 
Glennon, Erin ... 197 
Glotzer, Lmdsay ... 22 1 
Gloudeman, Matthew ... 247 
Glover, Michael ... 248 
Glover Nicole ... 197 
Godart, Allison... 221 
Godburn, Andrew ... 22 1 


Godin, Elsie... 221 
Goff, Evan... 221 
(Soimarac, Courtney ... 22 1 
Gold. Amanda ... 22 1 
Gold Lauren ... 248 
Goldizen, Shanea ... 22 1 
Goldisworth, Krystle ... 197 
Goldwasser, Amber ... 248 
Gomes, Gaitljm ... 1 68 
Gomes, Catherine ... 248 
Gomez, Tais ... 1 68 
Gbnzalez, Cindy ... 197 
Goode. Meredith ... 168 
Goodman, Kennan ... 22 1 
Goodreau Matthew ... 197 
Goodwin, Jessica ... 248 
Goidon, Caitlin ... 1 68 
Gordon, Caty... 221 
Gordon, Stephanie ... 22 1 
Gorgone, Tashina ... 197 
Gorham, Jennifer ... 22 1 
Gorman, Amanda ... 248 
Gorman, Debbie ... 197 
Gough, Rowan ... 248 
Goulait, Christopher ... 197 
Gouse, Erica ... 248 
Graesser, Laura ... 221 
Graham, Bradley ... 248 
Graham, Jessica ... 221 
Graham, Nathan ... 197 
Graham, Sarah ... 248 
Granger, Amy ... 197 
Graninger, Dawn ... 221 
Grannis, Sara ... 248 
Grasso, Kathenne ... 22 1 
Grau. Gjrpsey ... 197 
Graves, Ashley ... 22 1 
Graves, Hillary ... 197 
Graves, Momca ... 22 1 
Greczek, Deborah ... 197 
Greeley, Anna ... 197, 198 
Green, Ashley... 221 
Green, Heather... 221 
Green, Jeffrey ... 248 
Green, Peggy ... 198 
Green, Sean... 221 
Green, Terrell ... 1 98 
Green, Virginia ... 248 
Greene, Jacquelyn ... 198 
Greene, Patricia ... 1 98 
GreenweU. Meredith ... 198 
Greevy, James ... 198 
Greider Heather ... 221 
Greider Lauren ... 22 1 
Greidinger Stanley ... 22 1 
Griffin, Jacqueline ... 221 
Griffith Emily ... 1 68 

Griffith Paul ... 1 98 
Grimes, Lisa ... 22 1 
Grimsley Samantha ... 248 
Grist, Daniel ... 248 
Grobicki, Alma ... 22 1 
Grogan, Erm ... 222 
Grolbert, Alicia ... 248 
Groseclose, Samuel ... 222 
Grossman, Natalie ... 222 
Guardiani, Daniel ... 222 
Guckenberg Matthew ... 198 
Guide, JiUian ... 168 
Guigli. DanieUe ... 248 
Guillote. Anne ... 1 98 
Gulliver, Malrin ... 248 
Gunter Anne ... 222 
Gunzelman, Erin ... 222 
Guralnik, Jacob ... 222 
Gumick. Edward ... 198 
Gurung Prarthana ... 248 
Gustafson, Qiristopher ... 248 
Giastavson, Erica ... 222 
Guthrie, Mark ... 248 
Guy, Kirst3m ... 248 
Guy, Lee ... 248 
Guzman, Ehren ... 248 
Guzman, Jovana ... 198 
Guzman, Miriam ... 1 98 
Guzman, Pete ... 222 
Guzman'Tacaraya, Linda ... 


Ha Francis ... 222 
Hadady, Constance ... 248 
Haddad David ... 248 
Hadley, Melissa ... 198 
Hagberg Sadie ... 1 98 
Hagerty, Brendan ... 198 
Haider, Abbas ... 248 
Haines, Megan ... 248 
Hairston, James ... 248 
Halapin, Enk ... 248 
Hale, Jessica ... 222 
Hale, Matthew ... 198 
Haley, Ross ... 1 98 
Hall Amanda ... 222 
Hall Brian ... 1 98 
HaU, Jessica ... 198 
Hall Laura ... 248 
Hall Megan ... 1 98 
Hall Taylor ... 1 68 
Halliburton, Lawrence ... 248 
Halpert Rhodis, Thalia ... 222 
Halsey, Eric ... 222 
Halverson, Morgan ... 248 

Hambridge, Sandra ... 222 
Hamersku Kevm ... 222 
Hamidi. Schli ... 1 98 
Hamilton, Devon ... 222 
Hamilton, Roy ... 168 
Hammelman, Caitkn ... 198 
Hammelman, Jordan ... 198 
Hammond Denise ... 1 98 
Hamza, Zayd ... 1 98 
Han, Joanna ... 248 
Hancock, Elisabeth ... 198 
Hancock, Jeffrey ... 248 
Hancock, Mary-Cathenne ... 

Hanes, Lindsay ... 248 
Hanes, Mary ... 248 
Hanlon, Connor ... 222 
Hanna Ramsey ... 222 
Hannigan, Jenna ... 1 98 
Hannoch Carolyn ... 222 
Harbison, Lorraine ... 248 
Hardesty, Noel ... 248 
Hardesty, Samantha ... 1 98 
Hardesty-Dyck, Daniel ... 

Hairmon Craig ... 222 
Harms, WiUiam ... 248 
Harper, Samantha ... 198 
Harptne. Sarah ... 198 
Harrington, Margaret ... 222 
Harris, Amber ... 249 
Harris, Brandy ... 222 
Harris, Emily ... 222 
Harris, Katelyn ... 222 
Harris, Mahaley ... 198 
Harris, Shannon ... 249 
Harrison, Stephen ... 222 
Hart, Ashley ... 222 
Hart, TeneeA ... 198 
Hartman, Thalina ... 249 
Harton, Eva ... 222 
HartweU Lauren ... 222 
Harw^ood Savannah ... 222 
Hashemian, Nicole ... 222 
Hastings, Erin ... 198 
Hatch Chad ... 249 
Hatfield Jesse ... 1 98 
Hathaway, Jessica ... 1 98 
Hatter Brenna ... 222 
Hatter, Jessica ... 1 98 
Hauser, Shannon ... 222 
Haven, Stephanie ... 198 
Havens, Thomas ... 249 
Haver Kathleen ... 222 
Hawes, Peter ... 249 
Hawkey, Kelsi ... 249 
Hawkins, Evan ... 1 98 

Hawkins, Krystal ... 249 
Hawkins, WiUiam ... 249 
Hawks, Madeleine ... 168 
Hay, Evel3m ... 249 
Hayden, Kristen ... 222 
Hay den, Stephanie ... 168 
Haydon, Melanie ... 169 
Hayes, Courtney ... 169 
Haymond Faye ... 249 
Hajmor, Kristen ... 222 
Hayward Zane ... 198 
Ha3rwood Tatiana ... 222 
Hazelton Sarah ... 249 
Headrick Crystal ... 249 
Heartlein Linda ... 222 
Heathcock, Amanda ... 222 
Heavner, Alyssa ... 222 
Heavner, Jacquekne ... 198 
Hechmer William ... 222 
Heckenberger Amanda ... 

Heckman Neil ... 249 
Hedger Diana ... 249 
Hedrick, Jessica ... 1 99 
Heefner, Daniel ... 199 
Heemer, Laura ... 223 
Heffeman, Dana ... 199 
Hefty, Lauren ... 199 
Hegna Chad ... 1 99 
Held Megan ... 249 
Heide, Erica ... 249 
Herabree, Morgan ... 169 
Hendarsin, Amalia ... 199 
Henderson, Ashley ... 223 
Henderson, Melissa ... 223 
Henderson, Ryan ... 249 
Hendricks, Jennifer ... 169 
Hendricks, Katherine ... 199 
Hendrix. Hannah ... 199 
Hendrix, Zach ... 223 
Hennessy Maureen ... 223 
Henning Jenna ... 249 
Heo, So yeong ... 249 
Hepp Sarah... 169 
Herbert, Christopher ... 199 
Herlihy, Sean ... 249 
Herman, Pans ... 223 
Herman, Sean ... 249 
Hernandez, Cesar ... 223 
Herold Joel ... 249 
Herold Tyler ... 223 
Heron Kathleen ... 199 
Herrera Rosa ... 249 
Herrick, Desiree ... 249 
Herring, Amanda ... 199 
Heskett, Elizabeth ... 249 
Heskett, Katherine ... 199 


Hess, Allison ... 1 99 
Hoss, Megan ... 249 
Hetzer, Eric ... 199 
Hevia, Andrea ... 199 
Hewitt, Justine ... 223 
Hickey, Meghan ... 223 
Hicklin, Shauna ... 199 
Hicks, Jennifer ... 199 
Hicks, Lauren ... 199 
Hietala Anastasia ... 249 
Higgins, Carol37Ti ... 249 
Higgins, Kathleen ... 223 
Higgins, Megan ... 223 
Higgins, Michael ... 223 
Higgs, Megan ... 249 
Highlander, David ... 1 99 
Higinbotham, Ellen ... 249 
Hilbum, Ainsley ... 169 
Hill Abigail ... 223 
Hill Bnttany ... 249 
Hill Katel3m ... 199 
Hill Shira ... 1 99 
Hillberry, SheUey ... 1 99 
Hilleary, Mary ... 223 
HiUgrove, Elizabeth ... 199 
Hillyard, Jonathan ... 1 99 
Hincewicz, Edward ... 1 99 
Hincke, Ashley ... 223 
Hinoiosa, Jessica ... 223 
HirscK Alexander ... 223 
Hirten, Preston ... 249 
Hitchins, David ... 223 
Hoard Lauren ... 199 
Hobbs, Lindsey ... 1 99 
Hochul Caatlin ... 223 
Hockenberry, Lauren ... 223 
Hockensrnith Jeremy ... 199 
Hodge, Lindsay ... 223 
Hodges, Joshua ... 199 
Hodges, Melissa ... 223 
Hodgkin, Leia ... 249 
Hoehn, Jeffrey ... 249 
Hoesly, Enn ... 1 99 
Hoffmann, Evan ... 223 
Hoffmann, Kyle ... 223 
Hoffmann, Scott ... 1 99 
Hofmann, Nicholas ... 199 
Hogge, Lauren ... 199 
Hogue Deruse ... 199 
Hoins, Diana ... 249 
Holbrook Mary ... 223 
Holcomh Kay la ... 249 
Holcombe Daniel ... 223 
Holden, Matthew ... 199 
Holder, Stefanie ... 199 
Holdgrei-we, G\^^endolyn ... 

Holding, Jessica ... 249 
Hohjes, Sarah ... 223 
HoUenbeck Jordan ... 223 
Hollister Michael ... 1 99 
HoUoman, AUison ... 249 
Holloway Kara ... 223 
Holmes, Joseph ... 223 
Holmes, Julia ... 249 
Holt, Ashleigh ... 249 
Holt, John ... 249 
Honaker, Rebekah ... 223 
Hood John ... 223 
Hoonan, Keara ... 223 
Hopkins, Colleen ... 250 
Hopkins, Hannali ... 223 
Hopkins, Kathleen ... 223 
Hopson, lyochia ... 223 
Hornberger, Saraii ... 199 
Homer, Marley ... 223 
Horrigan, Bnttany ... 250 
Horton, Lauren ... 223 
Hosey, Alyssa ... 250 
Hoskms, Deidra ... 1 99 
Houchens, Jonathan ... 223 
Houser, Gretchen ... 250 
Housley Catherine ... 199 
Housman, Marissa ... 169 
Houston, Kathenne ... 250 
Howe, Lindsay ... 250 
Howell Alexander ... 199 
Howells, Erika ... 200 
Howland Amanda ... 250 
Howland Kathryn ... 223 
Hruska, Amy ... 169 
Hsu, Stephanie ... 250 
Hu Ulian ... 223 
Hubbard. Mary ... 250 
HudnaU, Luke ... 250 
Hudson, Ken ... 200 
Hudson, Meghan ... 250 
Hudson, Sarah ... 224 
Hudson, WilLam ... 250 
Hudspeth, Victona ... 250 
Hueber, KeUey ... 169 
Huff, Timothy ... 169 
Hufford Jean ... 224 
Hughes, Catherine ... 250 
Hughes, Kevin ... 250 
Humayon, Waqas ... 200 
Hummel Sarali ... 200 
Hummelt, Kathenne ... 200 
Humphries, Lynette ... 224 
Humphries, Theresa ... 250 
Hundal Savreen ... 169 
Hunnicutt, Kasi ... 250 
Hunsberger, Katie ... 200 
Hunt, Dana ... 200 

Hunt David ... 250 
Hunt, Kendra ... 224 
Hunt, Virginia ... 200 
Huppenthal Bradley ... 250 
Hurd Pamela ... 200 
Hurley, Casey ... 250 
Hurlock Lindsey ... 224 
Hurst, Julie ... 250 
Huson, Garrett ... 200 
Huston, Kaley ... 250 
Hutcheson, Kimberly ... 250 
Hutcheson, Rachel ... 250 
Huyett, Julianne ... 250 
Hyatt, Amber ... 200 


lannello, Courtney ... 200 
Ibrahim, Wanak ... 224 
Igal Valerie ... 250 
Im, Susan ... 250 
Imbus, Cecilia ... 250 
Ingram, Oceanna ... 200 
Irvme, Courtney ... 224 
Irvmg, Jordan ... 250 
Irwin, Valerie ... 200 
Isaac, Sarah ... 169 
Isaacson, Michael ... 224 
Islam, Sajniha ... 250 
Ismael Zareen ... 1 70 
Izzo, Matthew ... 250 

Jablonsky, Lorraine ... 1 70 
Jachelski. Sarah ... 224 
Jackson, Casey ... 250 
Jackson, Delancy ... 250 
Jackson EUiot ... 224 
Jackson, Krystal ... 200 
Jackson, Latoya ... 250 
Jackson, Stephen ... 200 
Jacob Ashley ... 1 70 
Jacobs, Nicholas ... 200 
Jacoby, Ashley ... 200 
Jaffee, Alexandra ... 224 
Jahangeri Rebecca ... 250 
Jameer, Abyah ... 224 
James, Ashley ... 250 
James, Landon ... 224 
James, Michael ... 224 
James, Stephen ... 250 
Jamil Silvee ... 224 
iJamison, James ... 224 
Jamison, Kayleigh ... 224 
Jamison, PrisciUa ... 224 
Jaquith, Debra ... 250 

Jativa Pulles, Cabriella ... 

Jazynka Titania ... 224 
Jefferson, Charles ... 224 
Jefferson, Jessica ... 250 
Jeffreys, Amy ... 200 
Jenkins, Afton ... 200 
Jenkins, Amanda ... 250 
Jennings, Elizabeth ... 1 70 
Jensen, Zach ... 1 70 
Jensen, Zachary ... 200 
Jeong Soyi ... 250 
Jesionka, Nicholas ... 25 1 
Jessee. Samantha ... 200 
Jett, Theresa ... 200 
Jiang, Suhang ... 251 
Jiao, Lindsey ... 251 
Jimenez, Debnis ... 224 
Jitnthan, Nattaya ... 251 
Jobe, Rachel ... 224 
Johansen, Jennica ... 251 
John, Cameron ... 200 
Johns, Angela ... 224 
Johnson, Alyssa ... 1 70 
Johnson, Amanda ... 251 
Johnson, Andrew ... 224 
Johnson, Catherine ... 224 
Johnson, Christopher ... 224 
Johnson, Courtney ... 200 
Johnson, Daniel ... 251 
Johnson, DiUon ... 224 
Johnson, Kristin ... 224 
Johnson, Laura ... 251 
Johnson, Mary ... 251 
L Johnson, Melanie ... 251 
Johnson, Michael ... 224 
Johnson, Sherlonda ... 224 
Johnson-Maiden, Tamara ... 

Johnston, David ... 200 
Johnston, Mary ... 251 
Jolinston, Zachary ... 200 
Jones, Adrienne ... 224 
Jones, Ctirista ... 251 
Jones, Dana ... 200 
Jones, Danielle ... 224 
Jones, Donna ... 200 
Jones, Elizabeth ... 251 
Jones, Emma ... 224 
Jones, Heather ... 224 
Jones, Kathenne ... 224 
Jones, Kathr3m ... 224 
Jones, Keri ... 251 
Jones, Laurel ... 251 
Jones, Matthew ... 200 
Jones, Stephanie ... 224 
Jones, Taylor ... 170 

Joo, Hyun ... 200 
Jordan, Andrew ... 200 
Jordan, Aishley ... 224 
Jordan, Cokn ... 251 
Jordan, Jamia ... 251 
Jordan, Mikaela ... 224 
Jordan, Sam ... 200 
JosepK Anna ... 251 
Joseph Hunter ... 224 
JosepK Sarah ... 251 
Jowyk, Kal3ma ... 251 
Joyner, Brandon ... 200 
Juba Andrew ... 251 
Juliios, Anstides ... 224 
Jung, Ye-seul ... 251 


Kaczmar. Kathryn ... 224 
Kada Andrew ... 225 
Kadyszewski, Jane ... 225 
Kahler, Shea ... 25 1 
Kahn, Esanul ... 200 
Kalaiskas, Anthony ... 200 
Kaltekopf, Ruth ... 225 
Kalland Sarah ... 25 1 
Kallmyer, Kevin ... 225 
Kaminski, Joshua ... 200 
Kamphaus, Christopher ... 

Kane, Maryann ... 200 
Kane Patnck ... 200 
KantwiU, Conor ... 225 
Kappatos, Nicole ... 225 
Karas, Christopher ... 225 
Karkos, Steve ... 225 
Karl Laura ... 225 
Kamis, Jessica ... 251 
Karr, Austin ... 225 
Karrs, Christian ... 251 
Karrs, Jeremiah ... 225 
Kartoudi, Louis ... 251 
Kash Robert ... 251 
Kasraie, Saghar ... 251 
Kassock Zeke ... 170 
Katyal Tanya ...251 
Kauffman, Darnel ... 200 
Kauffman, Edgar ... 251 
Kaur, Simran ... 225 
Kautz, Amanda ... 200 
Kay, Morgan ... 251 
Kc, Deepa... 251 
Keatmg Liam ... 251 
Keaton, Matthew ... 25 1 
Keeler, Erin... 201 
Keen, Natalie ... 225 
KeUeher, Karen... 251 

Kellelier, Kriisten ... 225 
KeUer, Megan... 201 
KeUey, Nicholas ... 225 
KeUey, Sarah ...201 
Kellough Lauren ... 251 
KeUy, Cliristine... 201 
KeUy, Cynilaa. ... 1 70 
KeUy, Enn ... 1 70 
Kelly, Josepli ... 225 
KeUy, Megan... 201 
Kelly, Zachary ... 225 
Kendensh Enn ... 251 
Kennedy, Catherine ... 251 
Kennedy, David ... 251 
Kennedy, JuLe ... 251 
Kennedy, Matthew ... 252 
Kenny, Grant ... 252 
Kent, Megan ... 225 
Kent, Molly ... 225 
Keohan, Matthew ... 1 70 
Kerchner, Tma ... 252 
Kernan, Sarah ... 225 
Kerrigan, Lansa ... 225 
Kersey, Sarah ... 201 
Keser, Stacy ... 252 
Kessie. Margaret ... 252 
Kevis, Kate ... 252 
Key, Anne... 201 
Key, KeUy ... 225 
Keys, Alexandra ... 252 
Keys, Bryan... 201 
Keyser, Sean ... 225 
Kidder, Jessica ... 20 1 
Kiefer, Nicholas ... 225 
Kieff, Leah ... 225 
Kielsgard Erika ... 225 
Kilday, Jessica ... 20 1 
KUlian, Bnttany ... 201 
KUmain, Kathleen ... 1 70 
Kim, A-young ... 252 
Kim, Darnel ... 225 
Kim, Eunjoo ... 225 
Kim, Hee Jung ...201 
Kim, Hyojung ... 252 
Kim, Ji H3mn ... 252 
Kim, Joseph ...201 
Kim, MinGi ... 252 
Kim, Paul ... 252 
Kim, Shm-hae ... 252 
Kincaid Jenna ... 225 
King Amy ... 225 
King Katelyn ... 252 
Kinscherf, Meredith ... 225 
Kinsley, WiUiam ... 252 
Kipperman, Philip ... 20 1 
Kirby, Melissa... 201 
Kischbaum, Forest ... 252 

Kishmo, Maki ... 252 
KisseU Allison ... 252 
Kitching Kevin ... 20 1 
Kitta Bnan ... 252 
Klalo, Colin ... 225 
Klapac, Rosemary ... 225 
Klaus, Stephen... 201 
Klein, Dayna... 201 
Klein, Elizabeth ... 170 
Klein, Ryan ... 225 
Kleman, Ryan ... 225 
Knapp Ank ... 225 
Kniceley, Sara ... 225 
Knight, AUyson ... 225 
Kmght, KeUy ... 252 
Knopf, Kathenne ... 201 
Ko, Eun-bi ... 252 
Koch Patnck ... 1 70 
Kocher, Shanna ... 225 
Koeppen, Brynn ... 225 
Koh Su young ... 252 
Kohler, Andrew ... 252 
Kohler, Enn ... 252 
KoUar, Gregory ... 226 
KoUer, Kurt... 201 
KoUman, Kathleen ... 201 
Komer, Anne ... 226 
Komacki, Lauren ... 252 
Komgage Bnttany ... 226 
Kosmatka Callie ... 1 70 
Kountz, Sarah ... 226 
Kovalcik Karleen ... 20 1 
Kowalski, Abigail ... 20 1 
Kracen, Em.ilie ... 252 
Kraft, Ian... 201 
Krawitz, Rebecca ... 252 
Kreig John... 201 
Krempasky, Brandin ... 226 
Kreutzer, Peter ... 226 
Kreyenhagen, Dana ... 226 
KroU Jordan ... 226 
Krueger, Katlienne ... 226 
Krug, Morgan ... 20 1 
Kube Brett ... 226 
Kubick Sarah ... 252 
Kuhn, Kayla ... 226 
Kulakowski. Stephanie ... 1 70 
Kuny, Patncia ... 171 
Kurzik Lauren ... 201 
Kutz, Benjamin ... 20 1 
Kuzmeskus, Kate ... 20 1 
Kwapisz, SaUy ... 226 
Kyser, Lauren ... 252 

Ltleureux, Rebecca ... 20 1 

Labbe, Michelle ... 171 
LaBranche, David ... 252 
Laioie Am 16 ... 171 
Lake. Heather ... 226 
LaUande, Rebecca ... 252 
Lam, Dana ... 252 
Lamb, Kristen ... 252 
Lamh Megan ... 252 
Lamb, Roger ... 171 
Lamberson, Tomoya ... 252 
Lambert, Christina ... 252 
Lancaster, Eva ... 226 
Landau KeUy ...201 
Lane, Beniamin ... 252 
Lane, Ryan ... 252 
Lanewala, Kira ... 226 
Langbaum, Talya ... 20 1 
Lange, Amy ... 226 
Lange, Julia ... 226 
Langer, Meredith ... 226 
Lantz, Krystine ... 252 
Lantzy, Leah... 201 
Lanzarone, Julia ... 252 
Lapin, Daniel ... 226 
Lamer, Phoebe ... 226 
Larounis, James ... 252 
Larson, Andrew ... 20 1 
Larson, Thomas ... 226 
Lasnier, Renee ... 226 
La tuner Kathi-yn ... 252 
Lauher, Anna ... 20 1 
Laurenstein, Zachary ... 226 
Lauze, Corrine ... 226 
Lavtnus, John ... 20 1 
Lawless, Sarali ... 20 1 
Lawlor, Megan ... 226 
Lawrence, Elyse ... 20 1 
Lawrey, Matthew ... 226 
La-wrte, Jessica ... 226 
La-wson, David ... 20 1 
Lay, Jeremy ... 226 
Leach Ryan... 201 
Leake, Ashley... 201 
Leary, Alexander ... 226 
Lease, Katelyn ... 20 1 
Leavitt, Sarah ... 202 
Leckner Christine ... 202 
LeComte. Derek ... 226 
Lee, Darnel ... 226 
Lee, JooHee ... 226 
Lee, Kyeong ... 226 
Lee. Maggie ... 226 
Lee, Rachel ... 226 
Lee, Rebecca ... 226 
Lee, Samantha ... 226 
Lees, Bryan ... 202 
Lefh^^lch Mane ... 202 

Lahman, McKenna ... 226 
Lehmier, Stephanie ... 226 
Leich, Amanda ... 202 
Leighton, Jeffrey ... 202 
Leixnan, Jessica ... 171 
Lemon, Meganne ... 226 
Lenhart, Amanda ... 226 
Lentz, Christopher ... 202 
Leon Brian ... 202 
Lescault, Tara ... 202 
LeSueur, Laurence ... 226 
Leung, Lisa ... 202 
Levina Caryn ... 227 
Lewis, Heather ... 227 
Lewis, Nicholas ... 227 
Libera Peter ... 227 
Lichiello, Stephanie ... 227 
Lieske, Dustin ... 227 
Lightcap, Victoria ... 227 
Lim, Jiyeon ... 202 
Lind. Emily ... 202 
Lindamood Jennifer ... 202 
Lindemann, Alexandra ... 

lindemann, Anna ... 202 
Linder, Alexis ... 202 
Lines, Debra ... 202 
Lipscomb, Tracey ... 202 
Livingston, Katherine ... 227 
Lloyd. Christina ... 227 
Lockbaum, Daniel ... 202 
Loden, Randy ... 171 
Lok, Jessica ... 202 
Lokey, Katie ... 227 
Lombard. Erin ... 227 
Long, Megan ... 227 
Longbottom, Erin ... 227 
Longerbeam, Anne ... 202 
Longpre, Juhe ... 171 
Longstreet, Gina ... 227 
Lott, Ryan ... 227 
Lotz, Stephanie ... 227 
Love, Patrick ... 202 
Love. Theophe ... 227 
Lovejoy, Lauren ... 227 
Lowe, Enca ... 202 
Lowery, Calli ... 227 
Luera Erika ... 171 
Luffy, Samantha ... 227 
Lundquist, Allison ... 254 
Luplni, Marina ... 227 
Lupsha Caroline ... 254 
Lupsha Stephen ... 227 
Luquer, Corey ... 254 
Lune Micah ... 202 
Luthem, AUison ... 202 
Lutkenhaus, Anne ... 227 

Luton, Andrew ... 202 
Lyerly Madekne ... 171 
L3mcK Edward ... 227 
Lynch, Shane ... 254 
Lyile, Peter ... 171 


Maalouf, Charlotte ... 254 
Maas, Dana ... 202 
MacDonald, Cara ... 254 
Maceyko Maria ... 171 
Mack, Stephanie ... 227 
Mackay, Amanda ... 171 
MacKercher, Brian ... 254 
MacKey Mary Ann ... 227 
Madagan, Mane ... 227 
Magdycz, Mary ... 202 
Mageland. Chelsea ... 254 
Magnok Kendal ... 202 
Magruder, Matthew ... 202 
Maguire. David ... 254 
Mahan John ... 202 
Mahoney Rex ... 254 
Maier, JiUian ... 227 
Maisch, Jennifer ... 202 
Maiuri, Louis ... 254 
Mak Wan Han ... 254 
Makin, Douglas ... 202 
Malecha, Megan ... 227 
Maleck Reza ... 227 
MaUck Laviren ... 202 
MaKk Ahmed ... 254 
Malpeli. Kathenne ... 202 
Maltempo, John ... 227 
Mancari, Lindsey ... 254 
Manciru, Valeria ... 254 
Mandas, Kyra ... 254 
MandeviUe, Laura ... 171 
Maniscalco, Valerie ... 171 
Mankanos, Alexandra ... 254 
Mann, Jonathan ... 254 
Manning, Terence ... 227 
Mannix. Marianne ... 254 
Manno Amanda ... 254 
Manson, Kon ... 254 
Maresco, Devon ... 254 
Manno, Anthony ... 202 
Manno, Caitlin ... 254 
Marino, Christopher ... 254 
Mark Alexander ... 227 
Markiewicz, HoUy ... 227 
Maro, Joseph ... 227 
Marquises, James ... 202 
Marr, Ryan ... 254 
Marsh, Brett ... 202 
Marsti. Kathenne ... 227 

Marshall IsabeUe ... 254 
Marshall Jacqueline ... 202 
Martin, Astiley ... 254 
Martin, Christopher ... 254 
Martin, Heather ... 254 
Martin, James ... 227 
Martin, Joseph ... 254 
Martin, Mainn ... 227 
Martin, Matthew ... 254 
Martin, Megan ... 254 
Martin, Rachel ... 254 
Martin, Stephame ... 254 
Martinek Temsha ... 202 
Martinez, Ivania ... 254 
Martino, Abigail ... 254 
Martz, Michelle ... 254 
Marvin, Karen ... 254 
Mascher, Daniel ... 227 
Masciola Anna ... 254 
Mason, Rachel ... 202 
MassieUo, Emily ... 227 
Masters, Nathan ... 227 
Mastronlli Bethany ... 254 
MasuEi, Jessica ... 228 
Matera Bryant ... 254 
Mathis, SaUy ... 254 
Matta, Kate ... 202 
Mattem, Knstin ... 203 
Mattem, Stephanie ... 228 
Matthews, John ... 203 
Matthews, Kerry ... 228 
Matthiessen Scott ... 228 
Mattimoe, Edward ... 203 
Matusik Kathenne ... 203 
Maudlin-Jeronimo, Nina ... 

Mauldin, Minette ... 228 
Maultsby, Mary ... 228 
Maung Zwe ... 228 
Maurer, Kaitl3m ... 171 
MaxweU, Lindsay ... 255 
May, Michelle ... 228 
Mayer, Alexandra ... 203 
Mayer, Carola ... 255 
Mayer, Christopher ... 228 
Mayer, Shaun ... 255 
Mayhew, Kaitlin ... 255 
Ma3mard, Ashley ... 255 
Ma3niard, Nicole ... 255 

Alexandra ... 228 
McAlpine. Maria ... 255 
McArthur, Amy ... 228 
McAuliffe, Elizabeth ... 228 
McAvoy, John ... 228 
McCain, KeUy ... 203 
McCali Dejume ... 255 

McCammon Kristoff, Ericka ... 

McCarthy, Elizabeth ... 203 
McCarthy, Laura ... 171 
McCarty, Emily ... 203 
McClain, Dewitt ... 203 
McClamrocK Enn ... 255 
McCleary, Patnck ... 228 
McClellan, Mary ... 255 
McCleUand. Lindsay ... 1 72 
McCluskey Molly ... 203 
McComas, Alyssa ... 228 
McCormack Jason ... 203 
McCormick Grace ... 203 
McCracken Enn ... 228 
McCrumb, Jacob ... 203 
McCuUock Luke ... 228 
McCuidy, Aiden ... 228 
McDamel Knstie ... 203 
McDermott, Sarah ... 255 
McDevitt, Anna ... 203 
McDonnell Tyler ... 255 
McDonough, Megan ... 172 
McDowell Kaylee ... 228 
McElhannon, Jeffrey ... 228 
McElveen, Wesley ... 255 
McFarland, Tara ... 228 
McGratK Bnan ... 203 
McGratK Heather ... 228 
McGraw, Katie ... 203 
McGruddy, Janna ... 203 
McHale, Ann ... 203 
McHale, Emily ... 255 
Mclntire. KeUy ... 255 
Mclntyre, Ann ... 228 
McKee, Jenna ... 172 
McKee, Tracis ... 203 
McKie Janae ... 203 
McKmley Claire ... 255 
McKinney LeneJustine ... 

McLaren, Meghan ... 228 
McLarty, Natalie ... 203 
McLaughLn, Evan ... 255 
McLaughkn, Lea ... 255 
McLean, Blyihe ... 203 
McLean Hannah ... 228 
McLeod, Meredith ... 228 
McMahon, Garrett ... 1 72 
McManus, Katel3m ... 255 
McManus, Paul ... 228 
McMatK Audrey ... 255 
McMichael Charlotte ... 203 
McMillan George ... 203 
McMiUan, Megan ... 228 
McMillen, Mary ... 255 
McMuUen Conor ... 203 

McMuUen, Phoebe ... 228 
McMurty, Walter ... 203 
McNeal Sarah ... 228 
McNealy, Andrew ... 203 
McNeilJohn... 172 
McPherson, Aaron ... 255 
McTeman, Melissa ... 203 
Mead, Kathleen ... 255 
Meadows, MicheUe ... 255 
Meagher, Kyle ... 228 
Meany, Martin ... 228 
Mears, Bnanna ... 255 
Medina Omar ... 255 
Megibow, Darnel ... 228 
Mehan, Kathenne ... 228 
Meier, Alexandra ... 203 
Meier, Megan ... 255 
Meiser Ryan ... 172 
Meissner, Jaraes ... 228 
Melcher John ... 255 
Melchione Chriistine ... 228 
Melchione Courtney ... 228 
Melone Jacob ... 255 
Melton, Holly ... 228 
Mena Timothy ... 203 
Mencanni, Sam ... 228 
Mendelsohn, Seth ... 228 
Menendez, Elyse ... 228 
Menge, Jennifer ... 203 
Menoche. Jillian ... 229 
Mensah-Abrampah, Nana ... 

Meredith, Chelsie ... 229 
Mergner, MicheUe ... 255 
Menca Knstin ... 1 72 
Merkle Hailey ... 229 
Mema, Tessa ... 203 
Merntt, Melissa ... 203 
Mesbahi, Mohammad ... 255 
Meslar, Brett ... 203 
Messinger, Caitlin ... 203 
Messplay, Daniel ... 255 
Metesh. Thomas ... 203 
Metzler Joyce ... 203 
Meyer Emily ... 229 
Meyer Kelsey ... 255 
Meyer, Kohl ... 255 
Meyers, Jared ... 255 
Meyers, Timothy ... 255 
Michael Elisa... 255 
Michael Krysta ... 229 
Middle Bruce ... 229 
MilicK Glenn ... 255 
Miller, Allison ... 229 
Miller, Benjamin ... 172 
Miller, Bnan ... 203 
Miller, Charles ... 229 

Mnier, Christopher ... 256 
Miller David ... 229 
Miller, Elizabeth ... 203 
MiUer Emily ... 203 
Miller Hannah ... 229 
Miller Jodi ... 229 
Miller Megan ... 203 
MiUer, Paige ... 229 
MiUer, Samantha ... 204 
MiUer, Victoria ... 256 
Mdler-Freutel Taylor ... 255, 

Milloy Kathleen ... 172 
MlUs, Lindsay ... 256 
MlUs, Sarah ... 256 
Milner Lauren ... 229 
Milton, Karol3m ... 204 
Mina di Sospiro, Pietro ... 229 
Mingo, Kendra ... 229 
Minniear, Edward ... 204 
Minor, Christopher ... 256 
Mmter Danielle ... 256 
Mintzer Seth ... 229 
Minutillo Gregory ... 229 
Mireles, Christian ... 204 
Miscioscia, John ... 229 
Mitchell Carne ... 256 
Mitchell Casey ... 1 72 
Mitchell Kerry ... 204 
Mitchell Latrisha ... 173 
Mitchell Shanita ... 256 
Mitchell William ... 229 
Modly NoeUe ... 229 
Moles, Rachelle ... 204 
MoUohan, Lindsay ... 204 
Molofsky, Hannah ... 229 
Moncure, Louis ... 256 
Moncure, Mary ... 229 
MongiQo, Marc ... 256 
Monk Sara ... 256 
Monroe, Owen ... 256 
Montanio, Ian ... 256 
Monterosso, Enk ... 204 
Montgomery, Megan ... 204 
Montgomery, Sirena ... 229 
Moody, Victoria ... 204 
Moon, Amanda ... 204 
Moon, Victoria ... 229 
Moon, You- Jong ... 256 
Moore, Chelsea ... 204 
Moore, Christopher ... 256 
Moore. Courtney ... 204 
Moore David ... 204 
Moore, Isabel ... 229 
Moore, Samantha ... 256 
Moran, Ana ... 256 
Moran, Julia ... 256 

Moran, Kathenne ... 256 
Moran, Sylvia ... 256 
Moran, Thomas ... 229 
Morgan, Kathleen ... 229 
Morgan, Lindsay ... 229 
Morgan, Michael ... 256 
Monn, Sarah ... 229 
Morns, Andrew ... 229 
Morns, Anne ... 229 
Morns, Emily ... 204 
Morns, Kevin ... 229 
Morris, Kierra ... 256 
Morns, Michael ... 229 
Morns, Paul ... 229 
Morns, Robert ... 256 
Morrison, Mark ... 229 
Morrison, Michelle ... 204 
Morrow, Alison ... 256 
Morsberger, Jordan ... 256 
Morse-Karzen, Rebecca ... 173 
Morshed. Zohra ... 256 
Morton Emily ... 229 
Moruza, Thomas ... 256 
Moses, Christopher ... 204 
Moses^hmitt Lena ... 229 
Mosley, Mans ... 256 
Motley, Matthew ... 229 
Motyka, Ryan ... 229 
MoiKht.aha ... 256 
Mueller, Alexandra ... 204 
MueUer, Cecilia ... 230 
Mujahid. Manum ... 204 
Mullane, Mia ... 230 
MuUarkey, KeUie ... 230 
Mullen Andrew ... 230 
Mullen Justin ... 256 
Mulligan Ennn ... 173 
MuUmax, Melissa ... 230 
MuUinax, Zachery ... 256 
Mulrey, Clare ... 204 
Munzert, Juha ... 173 
Murata Kazuya ... 230 
Murden, Christine ... 230 
Murdoch Daniel ... 256 
Murphy Daniel ... 230 
Murphy, Enn ... 230 
Murphy, Kelsey ... 204 
Murphy, Kevm ... 256 
Murphy, MacKenzie ... 204 
Murray Charles ... 204 
Murray, Megan ... 204 
Musick Richard ... 256 
Muss, Ohvia ... 256 
Myder, Edward ... 204 
Myers, James ... 256 
Myers, Markecia ... 230 
Myers, Megan ... 256 

Myhrum, Courtney ... 230 


Nabal Kasey ... 256 
Nadifi, Aicha ... 256 
Nagahama, Ako ... 256 
Nagy, Stephen ... 256 
Namkoong, Jennifer ... 230 
Nam van, Heerbod ... 230 
Nance Knstofer ... 257 
Nannery, Mary ... 257 
Napier Mary ... 257 
Nara, Kathryn ... 257 
Nash Jessie ... 204 
Nash Philippa ... 257 
Nash Rachel ... 204 
Nathan, Stacey ... 204 
Natour, Dalia ... 230 
Nawab, Henna ... 230 
Nazworth Kate ... 230 
Neal Alanna ... 257 
Nedzweckas, Shelena ... 257 
Neff, Shasta ... 204 
Neidich. Hannah ... 204 
Neldon Jane ... 230 
Nebns, Kurstin ... 257 
Nelson, Bethany ... 230 
Nekon, Dahlia ... 204 
Nekon, Nicholas ... 204 
Nekon Robert ... 173 
Neumann, Sarah ... 257 
Newbold Christine ... 230 
Ne-wcomb. Courtney ... 230 
Ne-wcomb, John ... 173 
Ne-wcomb, Rachael ... 173 
Newett, Cecely ... 257 
Newman, Ohvia ... 204 
Newnam, Chekea ... 204 
Newton, Johnny ... 230 
Ney, Sarah ... 204 
Nguyen, Eileen ... 204 
Nguyen, Jennie ... 173 
Nguyen, Minh Thu ... 230 
Nickley, Brett ... 204 
Nikson, Inger ... 257 
Nissen Bradley ... 230 
Nisson, Amanda ... 230 
Nisson, Inger ... 257 
Nistico, Elizabeth ... 257 
Nixon, Ashley ... 257 
Noack John ... 257 
Noel Elizabeth ... 204 
Noor, Zahra ... 257 
Noon. Vmcent ... 230 
Nord Emily ... 230 
Notamicola, Mansa ... 230 


Notti. Samantha ... 230 
Nounmoghaddam, Sheila ... 

Nowlan, Ashley ... 257 
Nugent, Meaghan ... 257 
Nuss, Angela ... 230 
Nutt, Amanda ... 204 

O'Brien, Gregory ... 230 
OBnen, Thomas ... 230 
O'ConneU. Heather ... 204 
O'Connor, Brett ... 257 
O'Connor, Kathenne ... 204 
O'Connor, Kathr^n ... 230 
O'Dea Roy ... 257 
O'Doherty, Catherine ... 230 
O'DonneU, Christopher ... 173 
O'DonneU, Enn ... 173 
O'DonneU, Michael ... 204 
ODonovan, Enn ... 205 
O'Grady Kelly ... 257 
O'Grady, Shannon ... 205 
O'HaUahan, Ryan ... 257 
O'Keefe Kathryn ... 257 
OTCelley Christopher ... 205 
OTMalley, Joseph ... 205 
O^Malley, Nora ... 230 
OMalley Sean ... 205 
OT^eal Enn ... 257 
OmU. Lauren ... 205 
O'ReiUy, Kelly ... 257 
O'Rourke, Jillian ... 1 74 
O'SulLvan, Sean ... 230 
OToole Tara ... 230 
Oakley, Lauren ... 205 
Ocampo, Charles ... 230 
Ochman, Chns ... 205 
OdderstoL Lauren ... 173 
Ofslager Grace ... 230 
Olcheski, Laura ... 257 
Oldham, Karolme ... 230 
Ohnger Kunberly ... 230 
Oliver, Kathleen ... 173 
Oliver, Melissa ... 230 
Oliver Sarah ... 1 74 
Olmos, Melissa ... 257 
Olson, John ... 23 1 
Olson, Kevin ... 23 1 
Olson, Paula ... 1 74 
Oltman, Nicholas ... 23 1 
Onks, Ins ... 1 74 
Ontko, Katie ... 1 74 
Opitz, Bennett ... 231 
Orpin, Roxanne ... 257 
Ortiz, Merfan... 231 

Oschrin, Joseph ... 205 
Osella Virginia... 231 
Oshida Caitlin ... 205 
Ospina, Stephanie ... 257 
Ossvald, Stephanie ... 1 74 
Othee, Harneet ... 257 
Otto, Khadija ... 205 
Otto, Meghan ... 257 
Oudekerk, Brendan ... 257 
Overholser, Ashley ... 257 
Overland Randall ... 205 
Overman, Megan ... 257 
Owen, Rachel... 231 
Owens, Justin ... 205 
Ozburn, Ross ... 257 

Pacheco, Wendy ... 231 
Packett, Earl ... 23 1 
Packett, Whitney ... 174 
Packett, William ... 23 1 
Padgett, Meagan ... 23 1 
Paek,Kyung... 257 
Page Laura ... 257 
Page, Virginia ... 257 
Paiewonsky, Laura ... 257 
Palacios, Enka ... 257 
Palenik Sarah ... 257 
Palley Davia... 231 
Palmer Abson ... 257 
Palmer Allison ... 23 1 
Palmer, Brendan ... 23 1 
Palmer, Zoe ... 258 
Pan, Chunyun ... 23 1 
Panneli Molly ...231 
Rape, Kyle ... 258 
Pares, Matthew ... 205 
Park, Hye ... 205 
Park, Hyenn ... 258 
Park. Natalie ... 258 
Park Sooju ... 258 
Parker, Sarah... 231 
Parker Taylor ...231 
Parks, Stephanie ... 205 
Parr SaUy ... 205 
ParnsK Bryce ... 258 
Parvm, Kathryn ... 205 
Pascale Raphael ... 205 
Pashcow, Shannon ... 231 
Passar Rachel ... 258 
Pastell Kerne ... 258 
Pastor Thomas ... 258 
Patchett, Kathryn ... 205 
Pates, Anne ... 23 1 
Patsalosavvis, Daphne ... 

Patterson, Melissa ... 231 
Pattyson, Jacob ... 205 
Paulson, Gwen ... 205 
Paulson, Megan ... 205 
Paulus, Jessica ... 258 
Pawkna Mary ... 23 1 
Pawlowski, Apnl ... 231 
Pa3me, Amber ... 205 
Pa3meCaitlin... 231 
Pa3me Daniel ... 205 
Payne Joseph ... 23 1 
Pa3me. Luke ... 23 1 
Payne. Sue ... 174 
Payne WiUiam ... 205 
Peck. Emma ... 205 
Peery, Brooke ... 258 
Pelaez-King, Marganta ... 

Pena Michael ... 205 
Pence, Lindsey ... 231 
Pence, NataLe ... 258 
Pennington, Brenda ... 205 
Perdue Brandon ... 1 74 
Perdue Manssa ... 205 
Perdue Michael ... 23 1 
Perkins, John ... 231 
Perkins, Steven ... 174 
Pemice, Kimberly ... 1 74 
Perrin, Emily ... 231 
Perry, Evan ... 205 
Perugini, Enn ... 23 1 
Pesce, Gregory ... 205 
Peteet, Courtney ... 205 
Peters, Danielle... 231 
Peters, Laura... 231 
Peters, Lee ... 205 
Peters, Sarah ... 205 
Peterson, Amtul ... 205 
Peterson, Astiley ... 231 
Peterson, Bradford ... 1 74 
Peterson, David ... 23 1 
Peterson, NicoUe ... 23 1 
Petrelis, Stephanie ... 205 
PetreUa Kaitlin ... 23 1 
Petnzza Martha ... 205 
Petrocci, Theodore ... 23 1 
Petrow, Jaclyn ... 258 
Petrozza Laura ... 258 
Pettus, Tina ... 205 
Pfeiffer Nina ... 205 
Pham, Christina ... 23 1 
Phan, Thien ... 205 
Pharis, Virginia ... 205 
Phifer, Samuel ... 258 
Philips, Jeffrey ... 206 
Phillips, Susannah ... 258 
Phuong, Hoang ... 231 

Piccione Artel ... 206 
Rccolo, Daniel... 231 
Pickart, Jana ... 206 
Pickett, Colleen ... 258 
Piedel Christina ... 232 
Pieper William ... 232 
Pierandrt David ... 232 
Pierce, Emily ... 258 
Rerce, Julia ... 258 
Pierce, Melanie ... 232 
Pierce, Mercedes ... 258 
Pike, Jessica ... 232 
Pilati, Laura ... 206 
Pimsler, Jaime ... 232 
Pitt, Jordan ... 232 
Pitzvada Catzby ... 232 
Plamp Enc ... 232 
Platner James ... 232 
Poklar Amy ... 1 74 
Polites, Helena ... 1 74 
Polkns, Adams ... 258 
Pomerantz, Rebecca ... 206 
Poole Shaunique ... 206 
Pope, Ian ... 232 
Pomamke, David ... 258 
Portch, Stephanie ... 206 
Porter Robert ... 206 
Postashnik, Jessica ... 258 
Potosky, Emily ... 206 
Potter Abbey ... 206 
Potter Matthew ... 206 
Pouliot, Julia ... 258 
PoweU, Elizabeth ... 206 
Powell Kimberly ... 258 
Powers, Bryan ... 206 
Prailey Chet ... 174 
Prates, Fernanda ... 258 
Presor, Rebecca ... 258 
Presti, Melissa ... 232 
Prezioso, Stephanie ... 206 
Pnce, Emily ... 258 
Pnce, James ... 206 
Pnce, Jennifer ... 258 
PnUaman, Lindsey ... 206 
Pnn, Matthew ... 258 
Pnngle Elizabeth ... 206 
Probasco, Aaron ... 258 
Probst, Christine ... 232 
Probst, Karen ... 206 
Proctor Elizabeth ... 258 
Proctor Matthew ... 232 
Proffitt, Colby ... 232 
Proffitt, Jonathan ... 206 
Pruksananta Melissa ... 258 
Przybycien, Matthew ... 206 
PugacK Joseph ... 258 
Pullen, Amanda ... 206 

PuUer, Ebony ... 206 
Pultz, Wyatt ... 258 
Pumphrey, Emily ... 258 
PutqIIo, Amy ... 258 
Puryear, George ... 258 
Putney, Lydm ... 282 
Putty, Jonathan ... 206 
Pyiko, Knstin ... 175 

Qamar, Sofhia ... 206 
QuafortK Dorsey ... 206 
QuafortK Kimberly ... 206 
Quarles, Dorsey ... 206 
Qmneteros-Femandez, Sara ... 

QuLntana, Bryan ... 175 

Race, Dale ... 232 
Radford Nicole ... 258 
Radtke. Drew ... 232 
Rafferty, Honor ... 206 
Ragland Tierra ... 258 
Rahman, Moin ... 258 
Rahmanyar, Abdul ... 258 
Raiford, Jessica ... 206 
Rainbolt, Dawn ... 259 
Raiacic, Jovana ... 206 
Ramallo, Tatiana ... 206 
Ramirez, Bridget ... 232 
Ramirez-Martinez, Stephanie 

... 259 
Ramsey, Jennifer ... 206 
Rana Rachel ... 259 
Rand Remington ... 206 
Randolph Landon ... 232 
Randolph Marie ... 175 
Rangel-Lafuente, Gabriela ... 

Ransom, Andy ... 259 
Rappold Katherine ... 206 
Ratiff, Kristopher ... 259 
Ratti. Cassandra ... 232 
Ratzenberger, Emily ... 175 
Raubicheck, Alexander ... 

Raup Emily ... 232 
Ravat, Mohammed ... 232 
Rawlins, Matthew ... 206 
Rawls. Katherine ... 232 
Ray, Hunter ... 232 
Reardon, Christine ... 232 
Redding Lauren ... 232 
Redmon, Karita ... 232 

Reed Andrew ... 206 
Reed Ashley ... 206 
Reed. Elizabeth ... 232 
Reed Lucas ... 232 
Reed Samantha ... 259 
Rees, Stephanie ... 259 
Reese, Rory ... 206 
Rehbehn, Elizabeth ... 232 
Rehbem, Frederick ... 259 
Reichert, David ... 232 
Reid Jeremy ... 232 
Reigle. Alexandra ... 232 
Redley, Kate ... 206 
ReiUy, Candace ... 259 
Remhart, Jean ... 206 
Renaud Joseph ... 259 
Rennon, Deanna ... 232 
Resnick Colt ... 259 
Restaino, Sarati ... 175 
Restani, Tais ... 259 
Reyes, Regma ... 207 
Reynolds, Lauren ... 259 
Rezendes, Caroline ... 207 
Rhemlander, Jessica ... 259 
Rhoad Nathaniel ... 232 
Rhodes, Gina ... 232 
Rhodas, Joshua ... 259 
Rice, Cameron ... 207 
Rice. Jennifer ... 232 
Rice, Katelyn ... 207 
Rice, Leigh ... 259 
Richards, Joyce ... 175 
Richardson, Aaron ... 207 
Richardson, Knsten ... 232 
Richardson, Mary ... 207 
Richter, Cynthia ... 232 
Rickard Laura ... 232 
Rieder, Nathaniel ... 259 
Riehl Richard ... 259 
Rigby Lauren ... 175 
Riggleman, Jotin ... 233 
Riley, Jennifer ... 207 
Riley, Shannon ... 259 
Ringler, Cassidy ... 207 
Rioux, Elyse ... 233 
Ripy, Billette ... 259 
Rise, Cameron ... 207 
Rissing Douglas ... 233 
Ritchie, Emily ... 207 
Rittekneyer, Sara ... 233 
Rivers, Riissel ... 233 
Rivituso, Christina ... 233 
Rizzi. Samantha ... 207 
Rizzo, Kathryn ... 259 
Roadley Megan ... 207 
Roane, Millicent ... 207 
Roberts, Emily ... 259 

Roberts, Harrison ... 233 
Roberts, Kaylei ... 233 
Roberts, Lisa ... 207 
Roberts, Sandra ... 233 
Roberts, Susan ... 259 
Roberts, Taylor ... 259 
Roberts, Thomas ... 175 
Robinson, Antonia ... 207 
Robinson, Catherine ... 233 
Robinson, Erica ... 233 
Robinson, Julia ... 207 
Robinson, Katie ... 175 
Robinson, Matthew ... 207 
Robinson, Tyler ... 175 
Robison, Danika ... 233 
Robles, Austin ... 233 
Rocha, Stephanie ... 233 
Roche, Stefanie ... 175 
Rocklin, Rachel ... 259 
Rockwell Margaret ... 207 
Rodriguez, Anthony ... 259 
Rodriguez, Kaitlin ... 233 
Rodriguez, Michelle ... 233 
Roets, Catherine ... 207 
Rogers, Meggen ... 207 
Rogers, MoUy ... 207 
Rogers, Nicole ... 233 
Rohde. Alexander ... 233 
Roland Shayla ... 207 
Rolander, Eric ... 233 
RoHo, Andrew ... 259 
Rollyson, Adam ... 259 
Rom, Colin ... 259 
Romagnoli, Peter ... 233 
Romano, Knsten ... 207 
Roming Emily ... 233 
Rooney, Jenna ... 259 
Roop Sarah ... 259 
Roozitalab Ali ... 207 
Rosales, Grace ... 259 
Rosanova, Santino ... 259 
Rosati, Alice ... 259 
Roschelli, Soma ... 207 
Rose, Marie-Elisabeth ... 259 
Rose, Michelle ... 207 
Rose, MoUy ... 207 
Rosenberg, Tracey ... 233 
Rosmski Katherine ... 259 
Rosner, Aryn ... 175 
Ross, Caleigh ... 259 
Rosser, Renee ... 233 
Rossi. John ... 233 
RossignoL Melanie ... 233 
Rothbart, Justine ... 233 
Rother Michelle ... 233 
Rouse, Jdlian ... 233 
Rowe, Kathenne ... 259 

RowelL Charlotte ... 175 
RoweU. Kirsten ... 175 
Rowley, John ... 233 
Royster, Riplee ... 233 
Rozmus, Sara ... 259 
Rozsa, Andrew ... 233 
Ruddock Alexandra ... 259 
Ruggles, Darien ... 175 
Runaldue, Teresa ... 175 
Runevald Knstoffer ... 259 
Runge, Lindsay ... 259 
Runyon, Beniamin ... 233 
Ruotolo, Bridget ... 207 
Rusch Sarah ... 233 
Rushing, Hay ley ... 233 
Russell Victoria ... 260 
Ryan, Deidre ... 233 
Ryder, Michelle ... 207 
Ryer, Beniamm ... 260 
Ryerson, Lauren ... 260 

Saba Brian ... 233 
Sadat, Nilab ... 260 
Salanda Ana ... 1 76 
Salas-Baltuano, Mama ... 260 
SaliK Hana ... 233 
Salmon, Kate ... 260 
Salzberg, Rose ... 176 
Sams, Amy ... 233 
Samsky, Avery ... 233 
Samuels, Ameha ... 233 
Samuels, Katherine ... 234 
Sanchez, Emilia ... 260 
Sandekn, Linn ... 260 
Sanders, Houston ... 234 
Sanders, Michelle ... 234 
Sanders, Natasha ... 234 
Sanderson, Erm ... 207 
Sandev, Nikolay ... 234 
Sandlin, Lauren ... 260 
Sands, Cameron ... 234 
SanteUa Amy ... 176 
Santilli. Chelsea ... 260 
Santina Mia ... 260 
Santos, Fabiana ... 260 
Saraiva Priscila ... 234 
Sargeant, Rebekah ... 176 
Sargent, Jason ... 234 
Sasser, Zachary ... 207 
Saulman, Taylor ... 234 
Saunders, Beniamin ... 207 
Saunders, John ... 260 
Saunders, Kathryn ... 207 
Sawyer Nina ... 207 
Schabert, Lindsay ... 260 


hchaeffer, Kate ... 176 
Schafer, Katiuyn ... 260 
Schaffer, Dasha ... 234 
Schaffer, Max ... 260 
Scharf, Ashley ... 234 
Schaubach, Kriisten ... 260 
Scheitn, Daniel ... 260 
ScheU David ... 207 
ScheUhaas, Mary ... 207 
Scheyder, Jason ... 207 
Schickel Elysha ... 260 
Schilling, Buffy ... 207 
Schirle. Rose ... 207 
Schlesinger, KeUyn ... 260 
SchlimbacK Roger ... 260 
Schlussman, Andrea ... 234 
Schmidt, Kathr3m ... 234 
Schmidt, Michael ... 234 
Schmieg, Eric ... 234 
Schneider, Bnttany ... 260 
Schneider, James ... 234 
Schneider, Joel ... 260 
Schoen, Mary ... 207 
Schoene\\reis, Jennifer ... 234 
Scholl Jonathan ... 234 
Schrack, Mary ... 234 
Schroeder, Juliane ... 260 
Schroeder, Stephen ... 234 
Schryver, Katherine ... 207 
Schuda Stephanie ... 260 
Schulte, Alicia ... 260 
Schulte, Marshall ... 234 
Schultz. Douglas ... 260 
Schumascher, Caroline ... 207 
Schurmans, Taylor ... 260 
Schury, Kaitl3m ... 234 
Schurz, James ... 234 
Schuster, Adam ... 234 
Sch\^raner, Luke ... 176 
Schwartz, Gregory ... 260 
Sciecfuan, Diamond ... 208 
Scott, Bethany ... 260 
Scott, Diana ... 208 
Scott, KeUy ... 260 
Scott, Kendal ... 234 
Scott, Leigh ton ... 176 
Scott, Lindsey ... 208 
Scott, Olivia ... 234 
Scott, Virginia ... 208 
Scrimshaw, Kristina ... 260 
Scully Mary ... 208 
Scutari. Ashley ... 234 
Sebastian, Ajnanda ... 260 
Sedlak Joshua ... 234 
Sedons, Kimberley ... 234 
Sekel Lindsay ... 208 
Seller, Stephanie ... 260 

Semelsberger, Robin ... 260 
Sendaj, Shane ... 208 
Sennett, James ... 260 
Sen tiger, Adrian ... 260 
Setlock Daniel ... 208 
Seymour, Daniel ... 208 
Seymour, Kyle ... 234 
Shackelford Amanda ... 176 
Shaeffer, Stephanie ... 260 
Shafer, Leslie ... 234 
Shaffer, Lauren ... 208 
Shaikh, Anum ... 234 
Shank Amanda ... 260 
Shank Katelyn ... 234 
Shanks, Michele ... 208 
Shapiro, Daniel ... 260 
Shapiro, Rebecca ... 208 
Sharp, Kaitlin ... 234 
Sharp, Cheryl ... 208 
Shaw, Brendon ... 260 
Shealey, Jordan ... 208 
Sheehan, Heidi ... 234 
Sheely Jason ... 234 
Sheets, Rachel ... 260 
Sheffield Frankbn ... 208 
Sheldon, Miranda ... 26 1 
Shellnutt, Corrie ... 234 
Shepherd. Deborali ... 208 
Shepherd, Jacob ... 208 
Shepherd. Matthew ... 26 1 
Shepherd Melissa ... 176 
Shepherd, Zachary ... 234, 

Sheridan, Connor ... 26 1 
Sherman, Rachel ... 208 
Sherrange Timothy ... 208 
Sherwood Rebecca ... 26 1 
Shewark Elizabeth ... 208 
Shiekhy Leila ... 208 
Shields, CaitLn ... 234 
Shields, Jonathan ... 208 
Shifflett, Brendan ... 26 1 
Shilling Katnna ... 234 
Stiin, Eun-ju ... 261 
Shipman, Andrew ... 208 
Shirk Winfield ... 234 
Shirke Mandar ... 234 
Shlossman, Adam ... 208 
Shogren, Rebecca ... 235 
Shook Michael ... 26 1 
Short, Francis ... 26 1 
Short, Travis ... 26 1 
Shortridge. Sarah ... 235 
Shortt, Samuel ... 235 
Showalter, Emily ... 208 
Shrestha Aradhika ... 26 1 
Shumaker, Amanda ... 176 

Shute Lindsay ... 235 
Shybunko, Darnel ... 235 
Sial Aliza ... 235 
Siebenaler, Ashley ... 235 
Siegmund Martha ... 235 
Siegrist, Lee ... 235 
Sienicki, Kathryn ... 26 1 
Sietsma Samuel ... 235 
Siira Valene ... 208 
Silver, Shana ... 208 
Simantel Bryce ... 235 
Simmons, Manda ... 261 
Simon, Charmaine ... 235 
Simonds, Samantha ... 235 
Simonin, Christopher ... 235 
Simpson, Angelina ... 235 
Simpson, Blake ... 26 1 
Simpson, Caroline ... 208 
Simpson, Renee ... 235 
Simpson, Richard ... 235 
Sims, Bram ... 26 1 
Sinclair, Meghan ... 176 
Sine, Jessica ... 235 
Singel Robert ... 235 
Singh Navreen ... 26 1 
Singh Yammi ... 208 
Singleton, Katrina ... 176 
Sions, Christopher ... 208 
SiroUy Chans ... 208 
Sittanen, Farrah ... 235 
Skellchock Catherine ... 208 
Skidmore, Jordan ... 261 
Skinner, Lauren ... 261 
Slattery, Sean ... 208 
Slaybecker, Kunberly ... 208 
Sleeman, AUison ... 208 
SmaU, Grace ... 235 
Smetana Amy ... 26 1 
Smethurst, Sarah ... 235 
SmitK Alexandra ... 26 1 
Smith Alice ... 235 
SmitK Allison ... 235 
Smith, Andrew ... 208 
SmitK Angelica ... 26 1 
SmitK Ananna ... 208 
SmitK Ashley ... 176 
SmitK Benjamin ... 208 
SrmtK Bradley ... 261 
SmitK Caitlin ... 208 
SmitK Caitnn... 261 
SmitK Christina ... 26 1 
SmatK Colin ...235 
SmitK Darnel ... 235 
SmitK DeboraK ... 208 
SmitK Deirdre ... 208 
SmitK Heather ... 208 
SmitK Isabel ... 235 

SmitK Jason ... 209 
SmitK Jessica ... 209 
SmitK John ... 235 
SmitK Kennard ... 177 
SmitK Lindsey ... 209 
SmitK Meagan ... 235 
SmitK Megan ... 26 1 
SmitK Minta ... 26 1 
SmitK Philip ... 235 
SmitK Ryan ... 209 
SmitK Sadie ...261 
SmitK Sarah ... 209 
SmitK Scott ... 177 
SmitK Teresa ... 209 
SmitK Walter ... 235 
SmitKam, Lucy ... 26 1 
Smoot, Natasha ... 235 
Snapp, Mary ... 26 1 
Snellings, David ... 235 
Snif fin, Charles ... 177 
Snow Thomas ... 26 1 
Snyder, Annastasia ... 235 
Snyder, Casey ... 235 
Snyder Kelsey ... 209 
Snyder Ryan ... 235 
Snyder-Beattie, Andrew ... 

Soffer, Jeffrey ...261 
Sok Jessica ... 235 
Soler i Alemany, Marta ... 

Solomon, Mandi ... 26 1 
Somerset, Mallory ... 26 1 
Song Jin-Young ... 209 
Song, Jungmin ... 261 
Song, Young-shin ... 26 1 
Sonnett, Tristan ... 235 
Sorber, KeUye ... 177 
SorreU, Jennifer ... 235 
SoutK Louides ... 235 
Southern, L3mn ... 209 
SoutKweH Nicholas ... 236 
Sovinski, Kacpert ... 236 
Sowby, Taral3m ... 26 1 
Spadacene Helena ... 177 
Spangler, Lauren ... 209 
Spangler, Sarah ... 209 
Sparks, Matthew ... 209 
Sparrow, Stephanie ... 209 
Spaulding, WiQiam ... 261 
Spees, Jonathan ... 26 1 
Speicher, Sarah ... 236 
Spencer Jonathan ... 209 
Spencer, Monica ... 209 
Spengler, Nina ... 209 
Spicer, Ivy ... 209 
SpiUer, Avian ... 209 

Spillman, Anne ... 209 
Spdlman, Ashley ... 209 
Spindler, Kimberly ... 209 
Spivgy, Enka ... 26 1 
Springer, Meredith ... 209 
SprouL Joshua ... 236 
Sproule Sara ... 236 
Spruce Alisha ... 26 1 
St Clair, Rebecca ... 177 
St. Lawrence, Jeannine ... 236 
Stahl Kaycee ... 236 
Staiti, Steven ... 236 
Stanakzai, Shabana ... 236 
Stanfield Frankl3m ... 236 
Stansell Tern ... 209 
Staples, Sarah ... 209 
Stapleton, Dallas ... 209 
Stare, Andrej ... 236 
Stark, Sarah ... 236 
Staunton, Sarah ... 236 
Steck Nicole ... 26 1 
Steele Enka ... 209 
Steebnan, Jason ... 236 
Steffens, Shannon ... 209 
Steiglader, Enc ... 236 
Stem, Oliver ... 236 
Stele, Bnttany ... 26 1 
Stephenson, Catherine ... 236 
Stephenson, Logan ... 262 
Stem, Emiha ... 236 
Stewart, Brittany ... 262 
Stewart, Cassandra ... 236 
Stewart, Craig ... 209 
Stewart, Kathenne ... 236 
Still Ashley ... 209 
Stinson, Kathenne ... 236 
Stockier, Melanie ... 236 
Stockman, Megan ... 262 
Stokes, Benjamm ... 236 
Stone, Melame ... 177 
Storey, Jennifer ... 236 
Stortz, Enc ... 262 
Stowell Amanda ... 236 
Stracke Maureen ... 236 
Straight, Gloria ... 236 
Strange Enn ... 236 
Stratton, Virginia ... 262 
StrauncK Alyse ... 236 
Stra^rder, Samantha ... 262 
Strehle, Laura ... 236 
Stringos, Nicolas ... 209 
Strong Katie ... 209 
Strother Shelby ... 262 
Stroud. Michael ... 236 
Stryker, John ... 262 
Stryker, Lauren ... 236 
Studer Kathryn ... 236 

Sturdivant, Yolanda ... 236 
Sudduth, Julianne ... 177 
Sullivan, Anastasia ... 177 
Sullivan, Hayley ... 262 
SuUivan, Heather ... 262 
Sullivan, HoUy ... 236 
Sullivan, Julie ... 209 
Sullivan, Kathenne ... 236 
Sullivan, Knstynn ... 177 
Sullivan, Leahanna ... 262 
Sullivan, Michael ... 262 
Summers, Laura ... 236 
Sumner Leah ... 209 
Sundstrom, Eric ... 209 
Susko, Peter ... 262 
Sutherland. Taylor ... 209 
Sutterfield. Sara ... 262 
Sveum, Breeanna ... 262 
Swagler, Michelle ... 177 
Swartz, Anika ... 209 
Swauger, Elizabeth ... 209 
Swisher, Chelsea ... 209 
Switzer, Irene ... 177 
Szalwinski, Julia ... 262 
Szpindor Ashley ... 236 

Taccardi, Zachary ... 236 
Taggart, LeAnn ... 262 
TaibL Ryan ... 209 
Talbot, William ... 236 
Taliaferro Leigh ... 209 
Talley, John ... 262 
Tarn, Shuk Man ... 262 
Tan, Jeremy ... 236 
Tango, Alexandra ... 262 
Tanner Amanda ... 209 
Tapia Gustavo ... 236 
Tarosky, Melame ... 178 
Tarr Kathryn... 210 
Tarr, Margaret ... 262 
Tashner, Taryn ... 262 
Tate, Kenneth ... 237 
Taylor, Adnenne ... 237 
Taylor, Bonm... 210 
Taylor, Bryant... 210 
Taylor, Dara ... 262 
Taylor, James ... 262 
Taylor, Juliet ... 262 
Taylor, Laura ... 262 
Taylor Marvin... 210 
Taylor Terrell ... 237 
Teachery, Sarah ... 237 
TekFerrah... 210 
Tellis, Cheriden ... 178 

Tenebaum-Lane Samuel ... 

Terlecki. Michael ... 237 
Terziotti, Molly ... 262 
Thaler Brian ... 178 
Themak Jessica ... 178 
Thomas, Emily ... 262 
Thomas, Kate ... 262 
Thomas, Kenneth ... 210 
Thomas, Phillip ... 262 
Thompson, Alexa ... 2 1 
Thompson, Allyson ... 2 1 
Thompson, Brittany ... 237 
Thompson, Christine ... 262 
Thompson, David ... 2 1 
Thompson, Joseph ... 210 
Thompson, Mandy ... 2 1 
Thompson, Mary ... 237 
Thompson, PhiLp ... 237 
Thompson, Robert ... 2 1 
Thome Neil ...210 
Thomsen, Matthew ... 2 1 
Thurston, Andrea ... 237 
Tice Meredith ... 2 1 
Tierney Elizabeth ... 262 
Tighe Sarah ... 178 
Tillett, Robert ... 262 
TiUett, Zachary ... 237 
TindeU. David ... 237 
Tisdelle Kristm ... 237 
Tisdelle Megan ... 237 
Titus, Kathryn ... 237 
Toadvine Victoria ... 237 
Toeller, Michael ... 178 
Toms, Amelia ... 237 
Toney, Justm ... 178 
Toohey, Peter ... 237 
TomeUo, Angela ... 237 
Torrico, Debra ... 237 
Toth.MaUie... 210 
Tran, Nga ... 237 
Travers, Bridget ... 237 
Trenary, Jonathan ... 178 
Trent, Jillian ... 262 
Tnckett, Piers ... 237 
Trimble Sarah ... 210 
TnpoU Casey ... 262 
Tripp Hannah ... 237 
Trotter, Jennifer ... 210 
Trued. Astnd ... 237 
Truesell Chelsey ... 237 
Trumbetic, Bonnie ... 210 
Trung Huy-Sinh ... 262 
Truslow, Julianna ... 237 
Tryon, Sarah ... 237 
Tseng, Ling-Hsing ... 262 
Tucker, Christopher ... 210 

Tucker Noah ... 237 
Tufano Elisabeth ...210 
Tuhy ELnor ... 237 
Tuite Kaitlin ... 237 
Tuley Claire ... 262 
Tully, Melissa ... 178 
Turbitt, NoeUe ... 237 
Turner Blake ... 262 
Turner, Enn ... 237 
Turner, Jessica ... 178 
Turner, Mary ... 2 1 
Turner, Shannon ... 262 
Tutor, Thomas ... 262 

Zhanna... 210 
Tyree Sadie ... 178 
Tyrrell Christy ... 237 


UKle Michael ... 1 78 
Uitto, Johana ... 237 
Ulfers, Caleb... 210 
Ulles, Knsten ... 263 
Ulnch. Jeffrey ...210 
Unger, Anme ... 237 
Unter brink Lindsey ... 237 
Upshaw, Brandi ... 210 
Urbano, Allison ... 237 

Valenzuela, Leshe ... 263 
Van Buskirk Stephanie ... 

van der Linde, Wilkam ... 

van der Noordaa, Knsten ... 

Van Niel Sharon ... 263 
Van Olden, Tammy ... 2 1 
Van Rossum, Emma ... 263 
Van Yahres, Alyssa ... 237 
Van Zummeren, Tara ... 263 
van Zwol Jan Evert ... 263 
Vance Caitlin ... 237 
Vanderl3m. Stacy ... 2 1 
VanderMeer Tyler ... 2 1 
VanDerwerker, Evan ... 263 
Vandevender Joy ... 237 
Vankommer, Kari ... 178 
Vann, Mary ... 237 
Vanover, Mackenzie ... 237 
Vargas, Lizbeth ... 238 
Vargas-Claros, Lidia ... 210 
Varley Caitlin ... 1 78 
Vaselopulos, Julie ... 238 


Vega, Biianna ... 238 
Velaidi, Danielle ... 263 
Velasquez, Rocio ... 210 
Velez, KG ... 238 
Vellucci, Christopher ... 263 
Vera Angelique ... 2 1 0, 238 
Vera Nicole ...210 
Vetter, Sean ... 238 
Via. Amy... 210 
Vickstrom, Joshua ... 238 
Villeneuve, Joshua ... 238 
Villiva Lauren ... 210 
Vinik, Abbet ... 263 
Vinson, Zachary ... 263 
Vu-agh Julie ... 238 
Virden Scott ...210 
Vitulli. Willmm ... 263 
Volante, Richard ... 263 
von Oeyen, Hannah ... 238 
Voorhees, Jessica ... 263 
Vorek Emily... 210 
Vosburgh, Manjka ... 178 
Vose Ashley ... 238 
Voss, Kekey ... 263 
Vosti, Joseph ... 263 


Wadkins, Kyle... 210 
Waehlisch Marlis ... 263 
Waer, Erin ... 178 
Wagner, Nicholas ... 238 
Wagoner, Mary ... 2 1 
Wahk Joseph ... 263 
Waldecker, Melinda ... 238 
Waldmire, Diana ... 238 
Walker, Allison... 210 
Walker, Megan ... 238 
Walker, Sylvia ... 238 
Walkins, Amanda ... 179 
Wallace Flora ...210 
Wallace Jessica ... 238 
Wallace, Rachel ... 238 
WaUeck Kirsten ... 238 
Wallingfoid. Sarah ... 238 
Wallis, Katie ... 238 
Walsh KeUey... 211 
Walsh, Tim... 179 
Walter, MoUy ... 238 
Walters, Emilee ... 238 
Walton, Monica ... 211 
Wampler Emily ... 238 
Wang, Borwyn ... 238 
Wang, Christine ... 21 1 
Wang, JoAnn ... 238 
Wang-Chen, Fekcia ... 2 1 1 
Ward Jason ... 179 


Ware Richard ... 2 1 1 
Warhurst, Ashley ... 263 
Warner, Taylor ... 238 
Warnng Kelly ... 2 1 1 
Washington, Antvvron ... 263 
Watkins, Stephanie ... 238 
Watson, Kathleen ... 2 1 1 
Watson, Sarah ... 263 
Watson, Timothy ... 263 
Wattiker Catlienne ... 263 
Watts, David ... 2 1 1 
Wease Robert ... 263 
Weaver Elijah ... 238 
Weaver, Elizabetli ... 179 
Weaver, Grace ... 238 
Webb Maria ... 238 
Webber, Emily ... 238 
Weckstein, Alison ... 179 
Wegner, Austin ... 263 
Wegner, Chelsea ... 238 
WeigeL Diana ... 238 
Werner, Natalie ... 2 1 1 
Weinch Justin ... 238 
Welch KeUy ... 238 
Welker, Rebecca ... 263 
Welk, Jennifer ... 238 
Welsh Andrew ... 2 1 1 
Wendler, Samantha ... 263 
Wenglewski. Denis ... 263 
Wennberg, JiUian ... 263 
Wenz, Michelle ... 179 
Wenzinger, Edw^ard ... 2 1 1 
Werner, Stefam ... 263 
West, Kirsten ... 263 
West Samantha ... 2 1 1 
Westerfield Kara ... 263 
Westmoreland Audrey ... 

Whay Samantlia ... 263 
Wheaton, Derek ... 2 11 
Wheaton Kelley ... 2 1 1 
Whelan Patrick ... 179 
Whelchei Jacquelene ... 2 1 1 
Whisenant Brittney ... 2 1 1 
Whitaker Paul ... 238 
White Angela ... 263 
White Charles ...211 
White Elizabeth ... 179 
White Heather ... 263 
White James ... 238 
White Margaret ... 179 
Whiteaker Megan ... 238 
Whitehouse Stacy ... 263 
WhiteseU, Craig ... 179 
Whiteside Jennifer ... 179 
Wigginton, Jonathan ... 2 1 1 
Wilcox, Sarah ... 211 

Wilder Victoria ... 263 
Wildt, Nathan ... 179 
Wiley Shane ... 238 
Wilkens, Peter ... 238 
Wilkerson, Jessica ... 239 
Wilkerson, Mary ... 238 
Wilkins, Anne ... 2 1 1 
Wilkins, Sheena ... 2 1 1 
Willess, Sean ... 239 
WiUiams, Cameron ... 2 1 1 
Williams, Caroline ... 239 
WiUiams, Jency ... 239 
Williams, Jonathan ... 239 
WiUiams, Karolin ... 2 1 1 
WiUiams, Meagan ... 263 
Williams, Rachel ... 211 
Williams, Sarah ... 239 
Williams, Silas ... 239 
WiUiams, Stephanie ... 179 
WUliard Matthew ... 2 1 1 
Willis, EUjm ... 239 
Willis, Emma ... 239 
Wilson, Catherine ... 239 
Wilson, Heather ... 179 
Wilson Kari... 211 
Wilson, Katharine ... 263 
Wilson, Leslie ... 179 
Wilson, Mary ... 239 
Wilson, Rebecca ... 263 
WiLson Sarah ... 211 
Wikon, Taylor ... 239 
Wind Trevor ... 264 
Windas, Kelsey ... 264 
WingfieldHal... 21 1 
Winston, Nathaniel ... 239 
Winston Taja ... 211 
Witek Kristin ... 264 
Wladyka. Francesca ... 264 
Wolfe Bethany ... 1 79 
Wolfe Obver... 211 
Wolford, Andrew ... 264 
Wolfrey, Elizabeth ... 264 
Wolfrey Katelyn ... 264 
WoU, Hannah ... 239 
Wolterding Enc ... 2 1 1 
Wolven, WiUiam ... 1 80 
Womble Frances ... 264 
Wonderlin, Rachel ... 239 
Wong Kimberly ... 264 
Wood Caroline ... 239 
Wood Hart ... 239 
Wood Jeremy ... 239 
Wood Patrick ... 239 
WoodaU, Brooke ... 2 1 1 
Woodbum, Courtney ... 2 1 1 
WoodeU, Nicole ... 239 
Woodliouse Chelsea ... 239 

Woody MicheUe ... 264 
Woznick Travis ... 2 1 1 
Wrenn, Jessica ... 2 1 1 
Wright, Bonnie ... 264 
Wnght Jacquekne ... 1 8( 
Wright Thomas ... 2 1 1 
Wright William ... 2 1 1 
Wrigley Catekn ... 239 
Wroe, Maggie ... 2 1 1 
Wuebker, Christine ... 1 8' 
Wuepper, Erin ... 264 
Wuyscik KeUy ... 1 80 
Wyatt, Grayson ... 264 
Wynne Kendel ... 264 

Xie Jennifer ... 239 

Yannopoulos, Amanda ... 211 
Yantis, Caitl3n:i... 211 
Yao, Teresa ... 239 
Yeago, Cory... 211 
Yi, Eun ... 239 
Yi. Gloria ... 264 
Yoder Erika ... 239 
YoUes, Kyle ... 1 80 
Yoo, Subin ... 264 
Yoon, Sunnan ... 239 
Yost, Caitlyn ... 239 
Young Brian ... 239 
Young, Christopher ... 239 
Young David ... 239 
Young, Joseph ... 239 
Yousuf, Mohammed ... 239 
Youtzy Shauna ... 212 
Yudkin, Katharine ... 264 
Yueh Clemon ... 239 

Zaatar, Nadlne ... 239 
Zagursky, Sara ... 264 
ZahL Zachary ... 264 
Zanzarella Lisa ... 212 
Zapata, Amanda ... 239 
ZeUer, Rachel... 212 
Zeisler, Jeffrey ... 264 
Zeitz, Jessica ... 212 
Zeitz, Kimberly ... 264 
Zelin, Alexandra ... 239 
Zhang AUen... 212 
Zigman, Kerri ... 264 
Zimmer, Kurt ... 264 
Zimmerman, Cokn ... 264 
Zimmerman, Katel3m ... 239 

Zimmennan, Varin ... 212 
Zolnick Sara ... 264 
Zolp, Mary ... 239 
Zuchowski. Megan ... 239 
Zumkeller Stephanie ... 264 
Zumwalt, William ... 264 
Zupko, Eric ... 239 



Thgmg-. Thiz th2mi2 fluidity was ehosizn for thiz nmi^ly-sixth volumt; of ThiZ Satttefkld by eo-editors in Chiizf MichizlliZ Cseh and Kat 
•Dickinson to rizflizct how the University of Mary Washington is (zver changing through motion. In order to carry the theme 
throughout the booti, each spread contains cirlees because as the University grows in an outward motion from the center, it 
becomes bigger and better; we are "litaying small. Thinking large" (t>ean Cedric Rucker, flugust 2008). Publishing-. The Battlefield 
was published by Walsworth yearbooks, 306 N. Kansas fivenue, Marceline, Missouri 64658. Mindy §ayre served as our 
account representative while Brian Flamm served as our sales representative. The press run was 2,000 copies, each with 320 
full-color pages printed with CMVK process. 6nd§hegt§ and Cover : Cndsheets are printed with a laser cut printer into the shape of 
the OMW flying eagle, and were designed by co-Cditors ^\lcheile Gsch and Kat ©iekinson. The cover was designed by co-Cditors 
Cseh and Dickinson with the help of Walsworth designer, Jamie Syers. The text is printed using silver hot foil. Hardware and 
software- . The book was produced using the Walsworth yearbooks Online t>esign program by four staff members using their 
personal computers. Co-Cditor Kat 'Dickinson used a Compaq laptop provided by Walsworth yearbooks, while co-Cditor Michelle 
Cseh used a 'Dell desktop computer, also provided by Walsworth. fldobe Photoshop elements was used in order to crop and edit 
photos, fidvgrtisements : -Senior fids were sold to parents at the prices of $35 for an eighth of a page, $65 for a fourth, $ ! 25 for 
a half, and $250 for a full page. Parents received notification of ad sales through the mail, fids Were designed according to 
parents- specifications. Tqpographu: flWPCBelinda (Seniors), -flWI^CyellowJacket (Sports), flWPCBerkley (Student Isife and CGP§>x 
flWPCChelsea (Page names), flWJ-^ClronMaiden (all texb, and flWPCSnooze (Clubs and 'Dividers). Photography: Underclassmen 
photos Were provided by the University ID Center and were cropped and placed by co-Cditor in Chief Michelle Ssch. Faculty 
photos Were also cropped and placed by Csch and were provided by the Office of News and Public Information. Senior portraits 
were taken by appointment with Candid Color Photography, IIOIO Bacon Race l^oad, Woodbridge, Virginia 22 1 92. -Seniors 
Were notified of available photo dates through the mail, email announcements and flyers placed around campus. The photos were 
then cropped and placed by co-Cditor in Chief Kat 'Dickinson. Sports photographs were taken by Clint Often. Writing and dizsign- . 
fill body copy and headlines were written by staff members. 'Dividers and section layouts were designed by Csch and Dickinson. 
The title page, opening and closing were designed by co-Cditor in Chief Michelle Csch. 'Distribution-. The 2009 ;Battlefield was 
distributed in fall 2009. Books were also mailed to Seniors permanent addresses that were on file with the administration, funding 
for the yearbook was provided by the OSflCS finance Committee and revenue earned from Senior fids. Contact-. The ;!3attlefield 
office is located in Seaeobeck tlall. Room 107, 1301 College fivenue, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 or available at No portion of the yearbook may be reprinted or reproduced in any way without the express consent of the 
co-Cditors in Chief. 



3 ^ i ,f