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Full text of "Baylor's history of the Baylors; a collection of records and important family data"

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Books by Frances Courtenay Baylor 

Juan and Juanita 

A delightful story of the adventures of two Mexican children who were 
kidnapped by Indians, and after four years of captivity escaped from bond- 
age and gained their old home. Illustrated by Henry Sandham. $1.40 net. 

The Ladder of Fortune 

"Portrays with notable skill the career of a self-made man under the 
peculiar conditions of American life." — Charleston News and Courier. 
$1.35 net 

A Georgian Bungalow 

Xn interesting story of an English family on a plantation in Georgia, 
where the children go to country fairs, barbecues, picnics and cake-walks. 
Later they sail for England on a visit, and just miss being shipwrecked. 
Illustrated. $1.00 net. 

Claudia Hyde 

A storj' of Virginia. "A love story of the sweet, wholesome, oldfash- 
ioned type, refreshing as an ozone sea breeze; a piece of satisfactory 
workmanship, embodying a lofty ideal of character."— The Dial. $1.25 net. 

Boston Houi^hton Mifflin Company New York 



A ( >oll(M*t Ion of |{r<-or<ls ;iii(l 
1 iii|>ort:iiit l';iiiiil> l)ji(a 

rolloc'ted and Kdited l)y 


Orator, Author. Writer 



Civil and Consulting Engineer 

With .\'i(tnrrnus 1 11 k sf ra t ioii! 


I.rRoy Journal PrinlinB Company 


Aid to Washington at Trenton 

(From a miiiature in possession of the family) 


.Kni.v II. I ) Tin: i:i.hi:u 

■ In /-'n "'//.'-/i ( !rii I Iriiiii n 

In (if)f)rr('i(i1 iiiii nj' t lir fi rst iiKin/irr 
of flir ftdiiihf. tin j'ii-st nj' tin iniinr 
in tin .Vrii- \\;>rl<l. ,i ii<l t., t hr -Jni - 
t'fuitiiifis II rt iin/xiiii. t Ill's linnjy:, icitlt 
ijratitinlr. is I ) I'. I ) I C I r I'D. 

(>. \\\ lUuilov 
II. II. Iluiflnr 
LvUni,, 111. 
.H Inn I II, (In. 

AirilOltS' l<M{i:\\ <M{I) l<> HIADIItS 

Our Dtar i\iii(lr«Ml : 

Wo liavo wutdu'tl a unat many pcopli- rradliiK iiiuiiy voUinics 
of lH)oks and liuvu nut foiiiul a ono hut wlial RD-utly appriH'iutcd 
tlu" li«>lp of notos, in rh'arhig up cK-rUiln points of (ilHcusHion. 
TIh'si' r(<iuark.s. tlu>n'f( n-, we a(ldrt>,sH to you. In ordiT to road 
• Haylors Hlst( ry of Tlir Haylors." properly, one sli</uld Ui> famil- 
iar with tlH» followUiR not» s, all of which ar<» of groat valuo: 

Note 1. Page 7 — In mentioning tlieHe Htaten, the autiiors have 
merely used tliem as an illustration. They acknowledge, how- 
ever, those members of the family, who may be residents of some 
other stale tiian those named. 

Note -. Page ".(--John Maylor (11), was accompanied by his 
lirotl tr. R liert (1), the former-going up tlie York Itiver and the 
latt.r, up the Rappahannoeli River. 

Note ;{. Page 10 —Gregory liaylor was not the son of John 
Hayli.r (II). according to some tradition. Thoso who say he 
was not, claim him as the st n of Robert Baylor (I), who came to 
\irglnia with his brother, John (II), (see note li» and married 
Haiiiuih (;reg«)ry. 

Note 4. Page 10, line 2— There is still some mystery regard- 
ing the son? of Jol.n Raylor (II) and Lucy Todd O'Hrien. Some 
members cf the family decl.'irt" that Gregory Baylor (I) was the 
son <<f John Baylor (II). a« this bork state.s, but others deny 
this and classify him as a sen of Robert Baylor (I), who came to 
Virginia from Kngland and was a brotlier «f John Baylor (II). 
We have been led to believe tliat John Bayh r (II) had other 
S( ns of there is no record and thus we account for the 
great mass of Bayhrs In Amerlc-a. and can only say, that wheth- 
er they are descendants of Jolin (II) or Robert (I), neverthelew* 
they came from the same strck in h^ngland. 

Note 5. Page 11, line 11 — Robert Dinwiddle was governrr of 
Virginia at this time. (See Cooke's American Common Wealth 
of Virginia). 

Note fi. Page 10, line 17— The grant for "New Market." was 
frcm King George (I) of Kngland. in 1726. Thorp were also 
grants for land in Orange County. Virginia, "Six thousand acres." 
The Newmans, who are now large land owners there, were the 
the first agents of John Baylor In Orange. 

Note 7. Page 11. line 18— See will of John (III), a copy of 
which may be obtained from H. B. Baylor, of Sans Souci Castle. 
Atlanta. Gerrgia. at a low 

Note 7. Page 11. line IS James Madi,*on. father of President 

Author's Foreirord io Jieuders 

Madiscn, was one of the executors of the will of John Baylor 
(III). There is every evidence to believe that "Montepilier," 
President Madison's old home, was at one time Baylor land. 

Note 9. Page 11, line 18 — In his will, John Baylor (III) 
speaks of his friend, Gregory Baylor. Here is a strong argument 
in favor of those who claim Gregory as a son of Robert Baykr 
(I), for had Gregory been a son of John Baylor (II) and a brother 
of John (III), he, John Baylcr (III), would hardly have called 
him his friend. 

Note 10. Page 11, line 23 — James Bowen Baylcr, of "New 
Market," has a certified copy of the marriage register from Lon- 
don, of John Baylor and Francis Norton. 

Note 11. Page 12— Letter — This Mrs. Frances Baylor was the 
wife of John Baylor (III). The letter was written to her son, 
John Baylor (IV), while he was attending schcol in England. 

Note 12. Page 13, line 1 — You will note that the author says, 
"Gregory was the son o' John (II) and Lucy Todd O'Brien," He 
was probably not the son of John (II), but was a son of Rabert 
Baylor (1) and Hannah Gregory. (See note 3). The old home 
on the Mattaponj was called, "Traveller's Rest." 

Note 13. Page 16 — Phcto — This photo of "New Market" bears 
the date 1650, but there is every reason to believe that it was 
net built until about 1720. This picture was reproduced from an 
original drawing new in the possession of James Bowen Baylor. 
(See Lancaster's "Old Homes of Virginia"). 

Note 14. Page 17, line 4— Dr. John Roy Baylor (VI), of "New 
Market," who died in 1897, had seme time before his death, form- 
ed the acquaintance of a Hungarian, who told him that "Baylor" 
was a Hungaran name and that there w^ere many families 
living at the present day along the Danube, wiio are either Bay- 
lors or descendants of the name. We have no record to prove 

Note 15. Page 26, I'ne 1 — "Frances Courtenay Baylor, has a 
beautiful portrait of Walker Baylor (I), in the uniform cf the 
"Guard De Corp." She had it painted in Philadelphia some 
years ago, from a minature. It is a handsome boyish face, he be- 
ing only seventeen years of age when he carried the colors, and 
was wounded with them in his hand, at Germantcwn. 

Note 16. Page 19 — This Eliza Baylor w^as a daughter cf George 
Baylor (1), and not of John (VIII), as stated. 

Note 17. Page 52 — A more full account of this record can be 
secured from the authors on application. 

Note 18. Page 53 — The authors have included this page, mere- 
ly to show the importance of the family at that early time. 

Note 19. Page 50 — Tradition in relation of the battle at Fort 
Crcglan, in Ohio, says regarding the bravery of Cyrus Alex- 
ander Baylor, during the entire engagement, was cool and unex- 
cited. When the British seemed about to take the fort, he 
sprang foreward, picked up a shell, the fuse still burning, and 
threw it over the stockade among the British, who were storm- 

Jill i/inrs liistnrij nj the Jidl/lnl'.s 

e =■ 

iMn:i\v( I 

III tilt' pn'paratinij nt' tliis voliiinr. it luis Immmi iirci-KKiiry I trail' I'vcry iiirinlHT's lit'i- as tar as sikIi lilr is tran- 
aMr l)ll|•iIl^' the yrars tliat lia\i' \:<>Hf li\ . I lia\r In-.-ii 
iiui.tly uaitiii).' and lii»piii'_' lliat sumr mir would plan- 
Ix'tiiir tin- laiiiily. a <MMiipl. tr i-.<<ir,| ,,1' our past and prrs 
• •lit kiiisin.ii. lliat w.' miLrlil all In-. (.in.' iiiurr in toiuli with 
.■a.h uih. I-. I'.iit \\'>\ I'riiiL: I'wai-drd l.y s.-.-inu' tins <l<>ii,-. 
I lia\.- s.'t ahiiiit to |iiT|)art this \u|iiiii.' t«>r tin' jm-ss. .'ii 
litlr.j. ■■ |iayl..i-'s History ..t thr Kay!<>rs." It is nut in 
ti'iidcd as a histoi-y ..t world rxmts. hut is mainly a rtM'(»r«l 
ot' as proiniMtiit Aiiiriiran laiinly as fv.-r irra<-<'d tin- sImri'H 
ot' this irrand K'.piihli.'. 

Nrarly lour <rnturi(s lia\r iroiir iiy. siiir.' tln' lirst Haylor 
laiid.-d on Aiiprirnn soil, y.t hrcaiisr (if thr adaptahility 
and rare oi oiir ani-.stttrs, wr arr still aide to r<'ad with 
our own I'Vcs the same h-ttiTS, the saint' n-cords aiiii tin- 
sainr hooks, that tln-s.' rally anci-stors i-n-at.-d. It is tnn-. 

onr history has I n .dianL'-.l hy th.' lapsr of tini'-; tin- 

hra\i' d> 1 ds ot those larly ;in(rst<»rs an- now hut inrrr fie 
tion. r..oids. \\hi<h lor jnimr yrjn-s wi-rr considi-nMl wurth- 
hss and lay snliid.d. ha\.' now ln'com.- prirrjcss niaHttT- 

A xoJniiM- writtfii ahoiit otic iM-ain-h ot° our crcat family. 
would h,- ;iii iiiiomplrti- rc.-ord a partial pri'srntalion **{ 
kinsinanship. It is with a \iiw of jriviufr a mon- runipn*- 
hinsivr and rompiitc ar.-oiiut of oiir family that I ha\«' 
pr.pjind thr pau'i-s of 'Uaylors History n( \h,- HavlurK." 

To many of onr drar kindn-d. 1 ow.- uulimiti-d tliankn for 
thr kind assistaiii (• triv.-ji mr. First «d' all to Mr. (t^Mirjfp 
Haylor of Mont<dl. Tfxas. whose untold lahors lia\r iua<l«' 
it possihlr to add s.-vi-ral pa^cs of intirrstiinr family hi** 
tory. S.Tond. to Mr. .Fanu*s H. Baylor, tin- ownor of New 
Market, for his kind assLstam-i-. Third to Kufrcni- Baylor 

a Preface 

of Virginia, and fourth to Francis Courtenay Baylor, who, 
like a true hearted Virginian, has been an ever watching 
inspiration in the preparation and completion of this volume, 
and to many others, great debts of gratitude are hereby ac- 

"With friendship toward all and malice toward none," I 
have Avritten a histoi-y about a people who have won for 
themselves a place in the World's History as well as a 
record in the chronicles of passing time. 

Orval J. W. Baylor. 
LeRoy, Illinois. 

A> IN I iHH)rri ION 

h IS :i plrasMiit •'iii|i|ii,viiii'iit I'oi- :iii imiiv iiiiinl to look 
l>ii<|< thru tlx- |):ist history ;iii<l iiotr tlx- ;illMtiii<-nts ot' fati* 
towards tlimi Not r\.iy on.' .jiii <lo this. It \h not «'V«'ry 
liimily ilijit lias a .•oiiipli'l. Tli.- Iiistory of tlw 
Ujiyloi- family. \\liflli«-r in N'irtrinui. r<iinsy|\ ania. K<-ntu«-ky, 
hiiiianii. Illinois or 'I'l-xas. has ln-i-n, from tin- vrry Itc^'in- 
nini: a most iiitt'r<"st iinr and iu*Miioralil<- one. 

Till- MjivIoi- family in A ri<-a. Ix-tran with tin- lainlinK 

■: thr first mrmh.-r. ahoiit Ih.- yi-ar of KilHl. Thr .-HrlirKt 
r.'.or.l ,,f til.- family lo !).■ foiimi. [•.•.-..ids tli.- first Baylor 
as a r<-si(i.nt of tin- town of Ti\ rrion. in !)r\ onshin-. Kn^r- 
lan.l. alioiit thr yiar of UJOd. and it was h.-r.- that .l<»lin 
Uaylor. tin- s.-.-ond. tin- first of th.- nam.- to miirrat.- to tlio 
■|i.w world, was lioiii in lti''<i. 

Krom old Irftcrs. a nnmlur of whirh will !»<• toimd •dw- 

w her.- in this voln we Imrn that tin- family was ridnti'd 

In tli. I'l.rr.s. Conrtinays. 'rmkcrs. Ilrd.j<'i-s. Nortons jind .\iid for many yiars afti-r tin- «ominj; t«t this 
roiMitry. a fiii-ndly iorr«spoinhn<<- was .arrjrd on with 
tliosi- ndations in tin- old world. 

Many of tin- Baylors wir<- <iidoWfd with tin- martial Kpjrit 
nd look an a<li\.' ami distinqniNhid |>«rt in tin- <'Hrly 
' olonial Wars, (olonil (J<or««- Baylor was with WHMhinjr 
• II at th<- hattlc of Trmtoi, ami i-onnnainlrd a hody <d' Dra- 

■ons diirinu the larly pail of tin- K<'\olntion. Walki-r 
Baylor was also i-ommandrr of a lioily of ( 'ontiiiflital 
troops. Kohrrt Ba.vlor was in ••ommand of a IhmIv of Con- 
f«M|rratr i-avalry. and (trnrial .lolin \\. Baylor, had rliarjr** 
(d'alarp- l»ody of ( 'ont'«>d<'ratr troops dnrintr tin- Civil War. 

Bfsidrs hi'inir nu-n n\' war. our an«*«'stors wi-n* also Ji-adiTH 


in social and public life. John Baylor was Lieutenant of 
Orange County, in Virginia, and was a member of the 
house of Burgesses. Judge Kobert E. B. Baylor was a not- 
ed lawyer and judge, while George Baylor, of Charlestown, 
West Virgina, made himself famous as a brilliant South- 
ern soldier and lawyer. 

To commemorate the deeds and gifts of one of our prom- 
inent members, there stands in the State of Texas, one of 
the foremost of American educational institutions, "Baylor 
University," in the erection of which. Judge R. E. B. Bay- 
lor took an active part. 

Considering our records as a whole, we have had, and still 
have, a promising history, more of which will be told in the 
chapters that follow. 

SK£TCl-l S f^OV^ f rj a i.OC AT / OA/ OP 


i{A^ i.oi{'s iiisroi{^ <M riii: itv^uMts 

( iiapii:h I 

'I'Ih' HcuI II II I iiu: H)1M) ITT.") 

I'ltiiii (In- l>iM€-o\ «'i y of AiiUTicii (<i lln- Hi- > ciliil ion 

In days of t-arly wildni-ss 

Thesi' sturdy si'ltk-rs came; 
No hand had tilled the rich earth's enisl. 

No eye had seen the same. 

'I'llr cUI-t.lill of our story l-isrs ;|S tlir rlock of 111'' at,'rs 

strikr A. 1). 1G!H». 

Arross from l']iiirliiuil, followini,' the roiilc prohaMy tak- 
.11 l.y .loliii Cahol. and at that early liiiic. slill pra.t i.-ally 
iii\v to most mi'ii — the sturdy youiif; En(:;lisliiiian. .l(»lin 
Kaylor (11 , to.^.'tlu'r witli others, arc aiiswcrin^r ■"llie <all 
of thr wild." .I(»lin l-5aylor laiidrd on tii.- coast of Vir^'inia 
and after a short jounicy inland, cnmr to what is now- 
known ;is (ilon.dicstcr, <;ioncli--stcr County, in Southeastern 
N'irL'inia. llavinj; inherited n liking: for the mcrcliantilc 
I'usinrss. h.' .■mharked in an cxt.'iisiv trade* with the Old 
World. The year followiiiu' his settlement at Giouehester. 
his father, dohn P.aylor, the elder, who was then a very old 
man, came to live with his smi. :ind to^'ethcr they c.mduct- 
ed an enoi-mous trade at li(»me and at sea. They Imilt 
larirc conntinpr offices and wandionses in (llotn-hestcr. New 

Kent, and Kinir >.^- ^>i ti and the extensive husiness carried 

.11 in these citi.s, is i)lainly shown hy the li(»oks kept at 
that tim.'. These records ;ir.' still preserved. 

In Jti!)S. dohn Baylor (II i. married Lucy Todd Olirien 

♦The books kept nt his varioiix roantinK-hoaseii in Oloachwitcr. KIoe A ^ncen. and New 
Kent, are ..till i>re.-crve<l Bt Now Market. Mention !• m«dc of r\x or t«0Tcn rM[ti> boloneing 
Id liim, al (liflferent llmpf", enpsgod with the old world. — "Bnll Riin to Bull Rnn." 

10 Baylor's History of the Baylors 

of New Kent, and to this union, two children were bom: 
John (III), born May 12, 1705, and Gregory, born Febru- 
ary 10, 1710, both at Walkerton, King & Queen County, Vir- 

John (II) had been Burgess for Glouehester County in 
1692 and King & Queen in 1718. At his death, his entire 
fortune and estates were left to his son, John (HI). This 
property was of considerable value and his personal estate 
being valued at £6,500.t 

John (III) was married to Frances Walker of York 
Town,§ January 2, 1744, whose sister was the wife of Sir 
John Norton, of London, England. John Baylor (III), not 
only achieved fame as a citizen, but was also active in poli- 
tics and upon the field of battle. He had the honor of be- 
ing on "Washington's staff at Winchester. He received a 
grant of land from Robert Trousdale, who represented the 
king, in 1726, near Bowling Green, and it was here that he 
built the old historic family home, w^hich he called King & 
Queen, but which is now known as New Market. The orig- 
inal grant consisted of twenty thousand acres, of which 
only two thousand still remains in possession of the family 
from which it has never been alienated and is at present 
owned by James Bowen Baylor.* 

The year following his settlement of New Market, the 
County of Caroline was formed and John (III), (or Colonel 
Baylor, as he was called) had the honor of representing that 
county in the House of Burgesses from about 1740 to 1760. t 

That Colonel Baylor was active in religious affairs as 
well as in those of the business world, is clearly manifested 
in the active part he took in the erection of the Episcopal 
Church at Bowling Green about 1750. It was in this 
church that the family w^orshipped until the death of the 

JVirginian Magazine of History and liography, Vol. IX, pg 363. 

SGeorge Baylor, in hig family history, says "Lucy Walker." 

♦The old house no longer stands, but the photo in this book is an exect repioduction of it. 

tA list ' f the votes at one election is extant and reveals his extensive popularity. 

Rev. Ml-. Waii^'li, uttfr wlii.h liim- tin- cliui"')! Ii.kI im minis 
tt'i- and till- hiiildin^', like many <ithirs in \'irt.'iiiia, wuh 
(It'stroycd. Ill the altsrii.-.' df a vestry Imuk, w<- iiiiist look 

to the .i..iinials of III.' roiiv.'iitioM wliirjir nl t liat ••liun-li 

as lit'iiiir i-'i'i-'sciitcd in ITST by the lu-v. .Jaim-s Taylor and 
Mr. Joliii Hayh.r.** 

lirsidrs n-rciviii^' til iiiiiiissioii <d' ( 'oloiirl. In- w as lion- 

oi-rd liy liaviiij,' several other titles i-oiil'erre<l upon liiiii, 
oiif (if which made him Lieutenant of ()rant:e County in 
17.'>L*. when it eontaine.l all of the middle west. This paper 
was issued l»y KoluTt Dinwiddle at ^VilliaI^sl»llr^^ This 
commission authorized liini to order every able bodied man 
to arms, should his majesty's interests deiiiaiid it. 

.\o one could say that Colonel liaylor laek.-d frien<lshif) 
and hosi)itality. for. like his father, he was a man of jrreat 
eiier^'y and during his life, Xew .Market was the scene of 
many enjoyable occasions. 

.\t his death, April Ki, 1772, lie was survived by his 
widow and eight children. The oldest son, John (1\'), was 
luun at New Market, on the fourth day of September, 1750. 
He was educated in England at Cambridge where he was a 
(dassmate and close associate to Mr. Wilberforce. While 
in Kngland, John CTV) was married to his cousin. Fanny 
Norton, of Ciould S.|uare, London. Siiortly after their mar- 
riage, they came to .\merica. dohn's ilV\ father. Colonel 
Baylor, who died in 177l». lived in a manner, which, follow 
ed by the troubled times of the Revolution, hop(dessly in- 
volved his estate. John (IV),* therefore, on his return to 
Virginia, had to sell mm-h property. 

Like bis father, he too. distinguished himself in military 
affairs. He was Li.Mitenant. Third Continental Dragoons, 
1777; and was made Captain of the same body in 1780. 
in which capacity he s.'rv.'d until ttie (d(»se <»f the war. 

Continued good fortune made him a wealthy man. His 
wife brought him a dower of nearly $350,000 and together 

•♦From Bishop Meade's "Old Churches. Etc.. of Virjrini«." 

Baylor's History of the Baylors 

with his own estates, they were able to enjoy all the com- 
forts that money could furnish at that time. He paid the 
taxes of every poor man in his county, while his wife was 
immensely charitable also. 

John (IV) died at New Market, February 5, 1808, and 
left at his death the following children: Frances, born Octo- 
ber 10, 1779; Courtenay Orange, born May 31, 1781; John 
I Vi, Lucy, and George, born Januarj" 12, 1752. 


Mrs. Frances Baylor to her son, John Baylor. 

Virginia New-Market 
25 May 1770 
My dearest Johnny, 

By Mr. Morse I rec'd yr. very kind & dutiful letter and I 
make no doubt it would be very agreeable to you to hear oftener 
from me, but when I consider you hear often from yr dear daddy 
& well know what a scribe I am (not illegible) will excuse it. 

I often read yrs. to Mr. Baylor (illegible) greatly to find what 
an improvement you (illegible) made in yr. studies and could I 
but see you now & (illegible) and should be heartily satisfied but 

when I consider 5 years absence without a single glance it 

almost distracts me but my dear child hope to god all will be for 
the best. 

If you are to be away I highly approve of yr going to Cam- 
bridge The most renowned Seminary of learning in all England. 
My dear it does give me more Pleasure to hear of your health 
which god of his infinite mercy continue that I can express. 

I have by several appor's heard that yr affected side is much 
amended for which god of his infinite mercy be praised. 

I am extremely sorry you have been dissappointed in not getting 
the five choice hams cider old brandy and fine Maderia which 
were packed up and sent to Aylett's Warehouse for you— you may 
depend up a nother attempt this year. 

Pray finish your education, dear as soon as possible for we all 
cannot bear any longer without seeing you. 

I shall write aga'n by Capt. Robertson. We caught a great many 
redd and mock.g Birds but by one accident or other lost them all. 

The whole Family desire to be remembered to you though none 
more so than my dear Johnny yr most tender & affec'e 
Frances Bavlor 

( iiAPri:i{ II 

rVoiii <»r«*iiory Itnylor I (o llir I*r«'s<'iif 

\ (iivirory l'.;iylnr. rl.|,st sm, of U'dnrt r.,iyl.>r I ;m.l 
ll.iim.ili (iiv._'..ry, l.uni ;il W.ilkriiMn. m l\in- \- <,>ii.'.ii 
Comity, \'irLMiii;i. l-'.';i i-y 10. ITln, ;iii.l in,in-i.-.l in 17 JH. 
M.iry Wliitiiiir. "f Kiiiu' Willi.-im ('..iiiity. .•iii.l tu-rtli.T tli.-y 

livr.l .-It Ihr ol.l hum.'. • Trnvrllrrs Urs\.-- WAV \V:i 1 I<.t1 (.11, 

nil til." .M.itt;ip..iii K'ivrr. Ill 177."). Iir ;in<i William I.yii.' wen- 
iiiciiilirrs oi' llic ( 'i.iiiinilli'.' of S.ilriy. lie jiiiiasscd a lar^'c 
I'ni'Iiiiii' (liii-iti<^- liis lit'r ,111(1 at his dcatli. jrt't siir\i\iiiL' liiin. 
tiiivc sniis and ri-^dit .laii'_ditrrs. as t'<.||.,\\s; K'i.diai-d. KNd.rrl 
and Williani: Mary. Ki-an-.s, .\nn. Lu.-y. Kli/.al.rt li. Ilaniiali. 
Calliri-ini' and .Martiia. 

1 iJirJiard. liir .ddrst s r (liv^'ory I'.ayloi-. niarri-'d. 

lirst, to Miss Lowry. of .Icrfn-son. I>y wIkmii lir had n<i chil- 
di-rii ; second, to Mrs. K'irhards. ot' Msscx ( ■(Miiity. \vlu>s»* 
niaidi'ii nam.' was .\iin Tildin (lanntt. I.y wlnnii In- had 
I'oiir sons: K'irh.inl (iarn.'tt, U-.h-rt Williani. Thnnnis (',ri•^:- 
ory, and deorun. Whitinir thr latt.T dird wIh'Ii a siiuill 
hoy . and onr daiiLdil.'i-. .\nna .Mai-ia. who iiiarrird Dr. .Icdui 
Xrwton Walkr. of Norfolk. X'irudnia. K'irhard (iarnrtl. son 
td' (Ji-i'LTory I .scr\<ilasa prival.- dnrin;: the Iu-voluti»ni 
in the l'.ayl<«r Drairoon. mnhr th.- .•oniniand ot' his cousin. 
Colon. I (i(M)rg(^ liaylorli ami af1<-r tin' war. ni<»v<Ml in com- 
pany with his hrotlirr William and liis cousin, Hohcrt. to 
I'x'rkchy I now dcircrson County . and pundiascd then- a 
larirc tra<-t ol' land near I town, which lie calh-d '• Wood- 
bury. "" This laud joiucd the .-oinitry licuncs of (icucrals 
Charles Lee. Horatio (iatcs. and Adam Stcpln-ns. ]\f was 
•Tustiie of Jefferson and H-rkolcy when they were one coiin- 

See Chapter HI for life history 

Baylor's History of the Baylors 

tv. and was made .histice of Jefferson, after that county 
was fonneil S and held this position nntil his death in 1822. 

Kiehard Garnett, son of Richard Garnett Baylor (I), 
married Catherine Tunstall, of Norfolk, Va. He left only 
two children; Thomas Gregory and Robert William. The 
eldest, Thomas G., married Lou Gait, and had the following 
issue: John Gait, and Kate Gait. Kate married Dr. H. G. 
Perley, of the United States Army. Thomas Gregory Bay- 
lor was a graduate of West Point. 

Robert William Baylor, second son of Richard Garnett 
Baylor (I), married ^lary Catherine ]\Ioore, daughter of Cato 
Moore. Robert William was a Captain in the Confederate 
Army and was severely wounded at McGaheysville April 27, 
1862. He died ]\Iay 2, 1883, leaving the following issue: 
(a) Julia Moore, who married Robert Vinson Shirley, Octo- 
ber 28, 1857, and had the following issue: Robert Baylor, 
Matilda Vinson, Mary ^loore, Richard Baylor, Margaret 
Strother, Julia Baylor, and Henry Garnett; (b) Richard 
Channing, who married Kate Knox Likens, July 12, 1863. 
He was killed at Parker's store, November 29, 1863; (c) 
George, married Lalla Louise Beatty, April 30, 1872, and 
had one child, Louise. George, died in 1902; (d) Margaret 
Strother, married Charles Warfield Aisquith ; (e) Robert 
William, Jr., who was kiled at Charlestown, November 29, 
1864; (f) Tilden Garnett, married Sallie Madison Beckwith, 
January 6, 1881; (g) Henry Bedinger, married Annie Matil- 
da Shirley, October 27, 1880, and has issue: Carrie Shirley, 
1882, and Henry Bedinger, Jr., 1885; (h) Charles Edwin, 
married I\Iary Neil Simmons, December 17, 1890. 

Thomas Gregory Baylor, third son of Richard Baylor 
and Anne Tilden, married Margaret Cooke, of Norfolk, and 
has surviving, three sons, and one daughter: John Walke, 
Richard Garnett, Buckner Cooke, and Lucy, He was killed 
at Petersburg, July 2, 1864. 

^Commissioned by Governor Monore. 

h'rniii (In'Jnni Haijlnr I I ' Intlir Pfesetif J/i 

•_' l^.l.,■|■|, til.' src.ii,! s .11 ..I (ir. ._'..i.v l'..iylnr ,,m.1 .M;iry 
Wliitiiii:, iiiiirri.'il twi.-''. l-"irsl. It. Lii.y T'..l.i (l.iriPtt. 
Ky win. Ill hr 1i;h1 llir Ifll.. w lii-^r ..|,,l,|,.,.„ ; |':ii/,;,l.rt li. iii;irn.'.l 
Alcx.iii.lrr Tuiislall: Mnri.-i. iii;irn..i \Villi;iin T. Hr.M.k.. . 
Lii.y. ni,iiri..l Witi. llill. i;..l..Tt l'.;iyl..r livr.l .•,! •'MaH- 
l.;iiiU." INsrx ('..iiiity. \;i. Ills sr...iHl iii;in-i;i-.' \\ ;is with 

Aim,' I'.r. ,,kr. of ■■ I'.r.n.U.-'s i'" hlssrx (•..imty. \';i.. ;i 
,|;iilL:lil.T..r 'ni..| I'.ruukr, ill ITlMi. ;iii,| li:i.| issii.- l.'..I..Tt ill lS(i:;. .it .M.irll.;iiik : I '..lyiili.-iiii. w Im inarri.d l-:ii/a K. 
Sharp; William; Al 'Xaiul.T. wIk. iiiarrici |-:ii/.a Tud.i ; and 

U'irhar.l. tlh' rKLst snii. inan-ir.l in ls:;|. to lai.-y. IIh- 
.LiULrlit.T of K'ol.crl Tayn.' Waiini:. 'I'li.'y had tri, .-hildn'M : 
Aim.', lairy. who iiiarri.'d Saimicl .M..rrisoii ; I,'«.l..rt I'ayii--. 
\\l;o iiiarri.d N'irLrniia Tunstall. (.f Norfolk. aii<l ha<l ..ii.' 
d;iii<4lit.i-, who Iiiarri.'d \)v. Dini'i's; Mar.w who iiiari-i.'<l 
Will. I',ay|..r. her .'..iisiii ; I'lli/al).'! h ; llarri.'t IJ.. who inai' 
ri.'d .lohii Taylor, of N..rfolk; II.'l.'ii. iiiarri.'d L. K. I liKlirins ; 
i:i,-|i;,r.l. Iiiarri.'d Isali.'lla .M.diitosh; Kat li.'riii.'. inarri.'d Dr. 
W. A. Th..iii: and Ihirry. who marri.'.i \'irLMiia i'.a.-ra. an<l 
has Harry. Vir-iiiia and U'oh.'rt. 

P>a\iiliaiii. til.- si'coiid son. iiiarri.'d I-]li/a !•'. Sharp, and 
had .lohn ('.. an.! K'oK.rl Uaynliani. 

K'l.'hai-d. son of K'l.-har.l an.l Lii.'y l.alain I'.ayh.r. was 
l.oi'ii at ■ Kinlo.k." Mss.'X (".... X',,.. in ]sy.\^ ;i,,,| marri.'.! 
Isal..'lla in IsTH. Th.'y hav ha. I t.'ii .-liildn'ii : 
I'm'II,'. who di.'d yoiinu- l-my l.;itaiii. who nwirri-'d D. 
(ii-.'.'ii. of Norfolk. \'a.. in llH).'.; K'i.-hard. l.orn in 1 ^^:i. ii vrs 
at ••Marll.ank.-' Kss.'X ("....\'a.; Mary. Cliarl.'s .M.-l ntosli, 
i-'dizalicth. l\osalin.'. K'olt.'it I'ayn.'. .Maiinn.'. and Katlmrino. 

.'{—William, tli.' third s.m of (n-.'irory and Mary W'hitinff 
l>ayl.)r. mo\-.'d fi-om Kinj; »Jc (^m-fn (his hirth pla<-<' i shortly 
aftir the K'cvolntion. in company with his l)rothi'r. Hirhard. 
and his .-(.usin. K'oli.Tt. and'd in d.'ftVrson County. II.- 
married Lu.y Lowiy. and had issue; Mary. Patsy, and Fan- 

Baylor's History oftJie Baylors 

ny. all of whom di(Mi -without issue. 

(ID — Robert Baylor (II), second son of Robert Baylor 
(I), and Hannah Gregory, was born at Walkerton, in King 
& Queen County, Va., about 1712, and married Miss Mollie 
Brooke, by Avhom he left the following children: (a) Mollie, 
who married Colonel Temple, and had Robert (XII), Benja- 
min, Polly, Betsy, and Nancy, (b) Ann, who married Tem- 
ple Gwathney, and had Owen, Robert (XIII), Temple, 
George Humphrey, John (XXVII), ^lary, Ann, Lucy, Eliza, 
Fanny, Hannah, and Lucy Ann. (c) John (XXVI), no re- 
cord, (d) Frances, married Edward Ilill. 

■iNew Market"-Bnilt by John Baylor in 1720, near Milford. Va. 

( :iiAPri:i{ III 

I'^rniii .Inliii 1{ii>'I«m- \' («t |{olM>rf |{)i> lor I 

.loliii H;iyl..i- \\ ' iMT.-uur i.rM|.firi.,r uf -Nrw .M;irk.-t"" 

lipuli th.' (li'.Mtll nf llis f.llhrr. Jul,,, IN' . |,| lllr VrJir of 

ISl!), he \v;is iii;iri-ir(l to .M.irin K'oy. 'I'<. this union mily oiir 
child was l.orn. Dr. .I<.lin lu.y I' \' I . in 1H22 
and lived at ••.Nrw MarUrf unlil his d.'ath. .Inly LM;. 1H97. 
.I..lin I'.ayh.r ( V 1^ niarrird Anni.- I'... wen. uf AllM-rnia rl.- Co., 
\'a.. and to tills iininn. tli-' followin-: rhildnn wci-r horn : 
dainrs I'.uwcn. John K'oy . \'ll , and .Marir l{..y. 

Thf eldest son. James liowcn, was horn at ( Jn-enwond, 
Alhaiiiarle ('..unty. \a.. on .May 'M\ 1S4!>. and iiiarri.-d Miss 
l^licn Carter Bruce, a clianiiin<: yonn<r lady ot' Sianntun 
Hill. Aspen. Charlotte Co.. Va.. ..n January :.. Issl. Tli.-ir 
children are as follows: Mvelyn. Anne, and John i\'IIl). 
James Howell is the |ireseii| owner ot' "New .Market" ami 
is also president of the C. S. Coast Survey. .Mrs. I'.aylor 
died in 1S!>!>. 

John Koy VII . .s.'cond .son of Dr. John Koy an-l Annie 
iio\v«'n Baylor, married Miss Howard of Kichmond. His 
present location is 4(i4 Vine St.. Chattanotra. Tenn. Tlicy 
have one dan^'htcr. Klois.-. who is a ^'raiid opera sin<rer. 

Maria l\oy. the third (diild of Dr. John Roy and Annie 
I-Jowcn Bayloi-. ii.-ver married, and is at present trnv<diup 
ahroad. Her aildress is I'aris. France. 

(ii:()K(;i-: ,].. skcondso.x oi-' john aw . 

When John Baylor (TU' died, he left four sons and 

four danirhters. His second son. Ceorge (f K was born at 

2S Baylor's History of tJie Baylors 

New Market, January 12, 1752. He married Miss Lucy 
Page, of Mansfield, Va. 

The greater part of his life is taken up with the annuals 
and records of his life in the army. He was Aide-de-Camp 
to General Washington at the battle of Trenton, where he 
took a great part in the capture of the one thousand Hes- 
sian soldiers, who surrendered at that place. He also had 
the honor of presenting the colors taken at that battle, to 
the Continental Congress. He was a gallant soldier, and an 
able leader, and would doubtless have filled a large space 
in history, had he not been mortally wounded in a night 
skirmish. This wound disabled him and made him unfit 
for service. He died a few years later (1784) at Barba- 
does, and is buried there. His portrait appears in the Halls 
of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and the one used 
in this book, is an exact copy of it. 

George Baylor (Ij, had one son, John Walker Baylor 
(VIII), who married Ann Diggs Fitzhugh, having the fol- 
lowing children: John Walker (IX), Lucy Page, Mary 
Diggs, and Eliza. 

Of the foregoing children, John Walker Baylor (IX), 
died without issue. Lucy Page, the second child, married 
John Heath Brent. Their children were : Two daughters, 
Clarence, who married Edgar Snowden, and EvaljTi Bird, 
married D. M. M. Lewis; and two sons, Courtenay, died at 
Galveston, Texas, 1867; John Brent, J., who was killed in 
the battles around Richmond, while acting as a scout in the 
Confederate army. 

Mary Diggs, third child of John (VIII), married twice, 
first, to Robert Horner, and after his death, she married 
Lieutenant Temple Mason Washington, U. S. A. After her 
death, Mr. Washington married the cousin of his first wife, 
Georgia Ann Baylor, a daughter of Gynn Baylor, and by 
this union, four children were born, three boys and one girl : 
Malcolm, Mason, Courtenay, and Estelle, the latter dying 
in infancy. Courtenay now resides at Galveston. Mrs. 

I'n.m .Inlni Hai/lur f to J{o/,r>f i:,n,h,r I /.'/ 

W.isllill-tull .lir.l a trw yrirs ;mn ;,t I iur 1< I a |l. I . \'a., at til.- 

a.haiirrd ai:<' I'l' di.' lnidd n-d and two yai-s. 

Kli/a I'.aylor. luurtl. rliild uf .Inl,,, Uayl..,- X' 1 1 I . mar 
rird .lusrpli Ilnnirr. aiid h.idlh.- Inlluwiiitr .-liildn-ii ('r 
haylur llunin-. I.,.rn duly 1. Is:!:!; Kli/al-t I, W.dsli, iMirn 
Apr-il 1. 1^:;:. ; Am. Kruwii. l...rti N..\ .Md.-r 27. IH.'iJj; Mary 
do.sri.liiii,., I. urn AuLMist 1, 1n.;:I; Kaimy. I.nni ().MuI.,t 22. 
1S4;{: Natalli.-. l...rii Mandi S. lS4(i; Mli/.i. li-.m Sr|.|riiil..-r 
l:!. 1S|>. Of tin- foiTL'oin^r .-liildr.'ii. Crurtr,. ji.. was a m:\\ 
laiit CniilVdrralf s(.ldirr, ;ind was wound. d at tli.- s.-.-omJ 
l.nttl.' ..r 11,. di.^.l F.'l.ruarv 21. lS!t2. 

George Washington to Col. Geo. Baylor. 

.Monistown, .laiiuary 17, 1777. 
Dear Baylor: There is a Kentleman, a friend of mine, whom I 
should be glad to provide for in your regiment of hor.^. I 
therefore desire you will reserve a troop for him. I>et me hear 
from you by every post; send me a list of the officers you have 
fixed on. and again let me urge you how much everything depends 
ui>on dispatch. 

I am, sincerely your affectionate friend and servant, 
G. Washington. 


From Robert Baylor I to Walker Baylor I 

Robert Baylor (I),41iir4 son of John Baylor (III) and 
a brother of Col. George Baylor (I), married Frances 
Gwynn, of Gwynn's Island, Va. During the Revolution, 
he served in his brother, George's regiment of Dragoons, 
and at the close of the war, he, in company with his rela- 
tives, among whom were Richard and William Baylor, sons 
of Gregory Baylor,* who had served in the Continental 
Army, moved to Jefferson County, and purchased a large 
tract of land on "Bull Skin." 

This tract of land joined the lands of Lancelot Lee and 
formerly owned by Corbin Washington. Here he built a 
comfortable country home and with the help of a large 
number of servants, cultivated the land and amassed quite 
a large fortune. In 1804, he sold this land and moved to 
Logan County, Kentucky, where he lived for several years. 
As he grew older, he inherited a desire to move further to 
the west, and together with his youngest son, George Walk- 
er (II), and his daughter, Courtenay Norton, and numer- 
ous servants, he moved to Mississippi, and purchased a 
large plantation near Montecello, where he lived for many 
years. He died here in 1822 and was buried there. His 
children were as follows: Fanny, who married John Wash- 
ington; John Wythe (X), who married Lucy Barbour; 
Gwynn, married Miss Dade; Robert Tucker (II), married 
Barbara New; Courtenay Norton, who never married, and 
George Walker (II), who also remained unmarried. 

1 — Fanny. Fanny, the eldest daughter of Robert Baylor 
(I), married John Washington, and had the following chil- 

*Mentinne(i in chapter 11 of this voliiiiif. 

l-'ruin i:,,l„il liiu/lnr I tn W,, //,,,■ /:,ii//,>r I J I 

(liTii: Iv.'lM'rt. Gwynn Poyton. II.mi> I-".. Krnnr*^ Kmily. 
Willi.iin Sni-r^'crs. Martlia Mildn-.l. AIImt! Tu.-k.-r. Miiry 

I'lli/a, aii.l Autriistiii.'. 

Ivoltcrt. the (.1(1. st soil, was killed liy « rn-iirlit triiill 
near iJullclvill... Kentucky. 

<i\\ymi I'.yli.ii. sccoiid s..ii. a [tract iciiitr plivsn-ijin. diiMi 
in Mississippi. 

Henry !•'.. third child, a physician, married .Miss Alid.T- 
s. 11. ot' Kentucky. He died in Texas. 

Kraiiees Kiiiily. t(Uirtli child, married Walter Ia-ww, ..f 
liCLTan ('ounty. Kentucky, ami spent her entire life tlim*. 

William Siii-rt^eis. fifth child, aeeidently sln.l hiiiiHi'lf 
and was luiricd in Lo^raii i 'dunty. KciitU(d<y. 

.Martha Mildred, died ai the mic o\' leii years. Slu- whh 
taken sick while visitin<: her aunt. Coiirtenay Norton Bay- 
lor, at .Montecello. .Mississii»pi. and was Imried there. 

.\ll.ert Tiickei-. seventh child, died suddenly in MisMiM- 
sippi, while on liis wa.v to Texas. lie was a phyHieian «»f 

Mary Kli/.a, ei^dith cliil 1. married .Mr. Hullock. of Vir- 
U'lnia. She died at l^'ort Larrimie. Wyoniintr. and was 
luiried at that place. 

2^.I(.hn (;.■(. rtre Wythe I'.aylor. K'ohert liaylor's .'Ulest 
son, married Lucy Keed Harlnuir. (d" Kentucky, in ISd*). To 
this uni(.n five (diildr. ii were horn, to-wit : Frann-s Throff- 
morton. (iwynn. .Maria Louisa, ('ceil Courtcnay. K<»ltcrt(IIi. 
Lii y W.\tlie. Aiiulia, and (Jcor^'c. .lohn (icor^rc Wythe 
]>aylor died on Peary Kivcr in Mississippi, in 1S22. 

Frani(s, oldest (hild. married .lanics Sta|i|eton (Vntdi- 
fii Id. They had seven children. tliKc of whom ilicd in 
infancy. They are as follows: (ictn-pc \V.. eldest child, died 
at the Franktoit Military Institute at the early ape of niii- 
teen. Alhcrt. second child, married Harriet A. Mnyo, of 
New Port, in L^62. and had the following childn^n : (teorpe 
W., ( harles Dudley, dulis .\.. James S.. and Hohrrt B. 

22 Baylor's History of the Baylors 

Robert Baylor Crutchfield, third child, married, and died in 
Louisville, Ky., in 1901. N. T. Crutchfield, fourth child, now 
resides in Washington, D. ('. Lucy Louisa, fifth child, mar- 
ried Robert J. WoUfolk, near Louisville, Ky., in 1867, and 
had the following children: Ko])ert B., Florence, Mary 
Adeliade, Frances, and Hariet C. 

Maria Louisa, second child of John George Wythe Bay- 
lor, married Albert G. Crutchfield, a brother of her sister 
Frances' husband, James Stapleton Crutchfield, in 1827. 
She was the mother of two children, both of whom died in 
infancy. She died at Goshen, Ky., in 1834 and lies buried 
beside her sister, Frances Thorgmorton. 

Cecelia Courtenay, third child of John George Wythe 
Baylor, was married twice. First, to James P. Taylor, in 
1827, to which union, two sons were born : James Wythe, 
who died in early manhood and Alonzo G., who lives near 
Goshen, Ky. Second, she married, Dr. Eliza J. Young, by 
whom three children were born : Jesse ^L, who married Geo. 
D. Sherwin and has three children : Cecilia Courtenay, Don- 
ald, and Eugene. Her second daughter, Bettie, married 
Walter Mayo, and has three children: Jesse, Virginia and 
Walter. Her third child, Eugene, died young. Cecelia 
Courtenay Baylor was born in 1812 and died in 1882 and is 
buried at Cave Hill, Louis\ille, Kentucky. 

Robert, fourth child of John George Wythe Baylor, died 
in early manhood. 

Lucy Wythe Baylor, fifth child of John George Wythe 
Baylor, married her cousin, Gabrile Barbour. They had 
one child, a daughter, Winona G., who was married to 
^latthew Cullen, of Virginia, in 1866, and had two sons, 
George A., born in 1870, and Matthew B., born in 1877. 

Amelia and George, tlie youngest children of George 
Wythe Baylor, died in infancy. 

3 — Gwynn Baylor, the third child of Robert Baylor (I), 
was married to Miss Dade, a daughter of Judge Dade, of 
Virginia, and had the following children, to-wit : Robert A., 

From Uohcrt liitijlnr I /„ W.ilkrr lUti/lor I iH 

(iw.vnih tt.i ;iiui Aim. Ot tlir fon'jjoinif cliihln-n. I^^lM•rt A.. iii.iniid to Miss Sly. I.> wlmm li.- luid Iwo «|innflit«TM. 
-Mryi-.iii, who marrit'd Mr. Davis, ,111. 1 (iwynii. wli(» ilji-d 
siiiM^l... (Iwyiiii.-lta. s.r(.ii,| rliiM d' (Jwyiin Baylor, wjim 

iiiaiiird twi.r; first to her ron.sii,, .Mr. Dad.', and k. iid to 

-lolin WrI.I, Tyl,M-. liy Ihr lattrr sh.- Ii.oi llir Iiildr.-li; 

('< iist.inl .\oi-toii. .lohii Willi., ,111,1 (iwyiiii 

4 lioKirt Tuikir I '.ay lor. t liini son of Koln-rt liaylor(I), 
was a Liall.iiil yoiiii': Kiiit .-iiid a w.-allhy mmMIktii 
plant. 'r. ilr was suic.ssfully .'iiira^'rd in the cotton jndnH- 
try lor many years. I!,- niadr many trips into tlir variouH 
soutliciii states, one of wliicli carri.-d him into Virjrinia. 
winre he met the eharmint,' Miss liarliara New a danj;liter 
of Anthony .X'ew, t'ormei* eon'^'ressnian from \'irtrinia and 
Kentuiky. .Miss N.-w was a wom;in <»f ran' Iteanty and 
culture. 'i'lie two youri;: peoplr Were mjirrie<l and 

made Ki'iitinky their home. To this union eleven cliildn-n 
wcie hoiii. ;is follows: Julia ("., Lucy li., Frances Ann. Rich- 
ard Tucker, Walter (iwynn, Courtenay Elizabeth, rjcorpc 
Ann, William Anthony, Kilen Amelia. (Jeorfre Wythe and 
.Iosii)h New. Kol.eit Tucker liayloi', father of the fon-jro- 
intr children, died at Dunheath, Ky., and was hurled then'. 

Julia Catherin Haylor, eldest child of Kohert Tucker 
P>ayloi-. di(Ml in infaiuA'. 

Lucy Haynham. inari-ied Di-. A I'. Itn.lil mT I\. iitucky. 
Th.'y had no .-hildrcn. 

Frances Ann, third child, died in iniainy. 

h'ichard Tu(d<er, fourth chihi of Kohert Tuck.-r Bayh>r. 
was hoin in Hourhon County. Ky.. Mareli lo. ISl.'), and 
dii'd in daekson County, Texas, duly :{. lSf»5. and is buried 
near Fdna. Texas. lie was married twi<e: first, to Olivia 
^lartin of Missi.ssippi ; set'<>n<l. to S«)phronia Whito of Ja«'k- 
son County. Texas. lie left no ehildrpn. 

Robert Gwynn Haylor, fifth child, died at rhotopia. 
Kansas, and is buried then-. He married Harvinia I)odd, of 
Kentucky. Their children were as follows: Mary Hannah. 

24 Baylor's Histonj of the Baylors 

William, James Warren, Willie, Nellie, George Lamb, Lela, 
and Walter. 

Courtenay Elizabeth Baylor, sixth child, married Rich- 
ai'd H. Hill of Virginia. i\Irs. Hill died at Carrolton, 111., 
in 1!)()1, and is buried there. Her children were, Richard 
Tucker, Lucy Ellen, Walter Baylor, Courtenay Marie, Rob- 
ert William, Hariet Eaton, George G., and Edwin. 

George Ann, seventh child and William Anthony Bay- 
lor, eighth child, were twins. George Ann, married Dr. L. 
B. Hickman, of Kentucky. Her children are, Barbara Ellen, 
Courtenay B., Susan Fales, William Lawscn, Lucy Bell, 
Mary and Mattie B. 

William Anthony Baylor, eighth child of Robert Tucker 
Baylor, died in Missouri in 1847, while enroute to Californ- 
ia. After a futile search, we are unable to secure informa- 
tion further than has been mentioned. Should any of his 
kindred be so fortunate as to read this entrance and know 
the information lacking, we would be glad to hear from 

Ellen Amelia Baylor, ninth c-hild, never married. She 
died at Biliuxi, Mississippi, and is buried there. 

George Wythe Baylor, tenth child, left no children, he 
was a gallant Confederate soldier and was killed at the bat- 
tle of Shiloh. 

Dr. Joseph New Baylor, eleventh child of Robert Tucker 
Baylor, was a prominent physician, lived and died at Na- 
vasota, Texas. He married Margaret IMatthews, of Ala- 
bama. His children are: George .Vnn, Willie Amelia, Nan- 
nie Lou, Margaret Courtenay, Joseph New, Mable Pearl, 
Mary Madaline, and Barbara. Of the foregoing children, 
George Ann, died in infancy Willie Amelia, died at the 
age of ten years. Nannie Lou, died at the age of nineteen. 
Margaret Courtenay married H. H. Abanathy, of Hopkins- 
ville, Ky. She died in 1897, leaving one son, Baylor 
Abanathy. Joseph New, married ilae White and had no 
children. Barbara died in 1896. Dr. Joseph New Bay- 

l..r. r.illirr .,f ll„. roiv-uiii^r rliihlr..,,. ;ii..l .-l.-vrlltli cliilil of 
Ivolxit Tii.k.r It.iyli.r, s.-rv.,! :,s l.i.Mit.-iuml in tli.- ('ciiifrd 
• •|-;itc .iiiiiy .luriiiLr tlir lifsl y.-.-iis nf Ih.- war. Ilr wiix tli.-n 

iipp. iiiI.mI I'.nu'.Ki.- Surir i .iihl li:i.l .-h.-ir^T of a li«iKpilal 

diifiii;,' tlir last years ol" tin- war. 

I.iiry l'„iy|..r. -laiiLrlitrr nf .luh,, l'.;,\|,,r ill alhl Lii.-y 
Walk.T, inanh.l .I..I111 A rm istra.l aii.i was tji.- iimtlirr of 
(i.Mi.Tal Walk.T Arniistra.l an. I ('..l.-rirl (i.-.T^'.- AniiiHtni.l. 
Tilt' lalt.'f .•((lumaiid.'.l at l''.nt M .1 1.iiry. JialfijiKtrc. iliirini: 
the British hoinltardiii.iit an.! w In 11 Fran<-iN Srtttt K.-y 
wr.>t.- th.' "Star S|)anLrl.'.l Kaim.T." In li<iii..r of liiiii. Pn-K- 
i.lfiit .M.-Kiiili'y im'.I.'I.mI ..t lli.' inw I'.irts in IIh- Iwirlmr 
of that city named "I'.nt A nnist.-ad. " ' Lu.y JJaylor wax 
also th.' irrandni()1li.-i- of Orn.ral L.miis Arniist.a.l. killed at 
(lettysl.ur-^. The spot on wlii.'h \w fell is niark.-d witli a 
ni. .m which is ins.-nl..',!. ■■Ilitrh Wat.T Mark of the 
South. 'i-n ('.•Mf.-d.-ra.-v.'" 


Walker Baylor, Son of John Baylor III 

Walker Baylor* fourth son of John Baylor (HI), and 
Fanny Walker, was married to Jane Bledsoe, of Virginia, 
a sister of Hon. Jesse Bledsoe, United States Senator from 
Kentucky in 1813 and 1815, and her sister Margaret Bled- 
soe, was the great-grandmother of Hon, Horace Chilton, U. 
S. Senator from Texas. The children of Walker Baylor 
and Jane Bledsoe were as follows : John Walker, Cyrus Al- 
exander, Betsy Nelson, George Wythe, William Miller, Rob- 
ert Emmet Bledsoe, Walker Keith, Francis Norton, Joseph 
Addison, Patrick Henry Nelson, Betsey Nelson and Thomas 

1 — John Walker Baylor, oldest son of Walker Baylor, 
Married Sophie Marie Weidner, a daughter of Heinrich 
Weidner. He was for many years assistant surgeon 7tli U. 
S. Infantry. His wife, Sophie, was born in Baltimore in 
1784, and died in San Antonio, Texas, August, 1862, and is 
buried there. Their children are as follows: Walker, Mary 
Jane, Sophie Marie, Henry Weidner, John Robert, Charles 
Gano, Fanny Neosho, George Wythe. 

2 — Cyrus Alexander Baylor, second son of Walker Bay- 
lor and Jane Bledsoe, was born in Bourbon County, Ky., 
March 13, 1788, and died February 28, 1843, and was 
buried on his farm near Napoleon, Ind. He married I\Iar- 
tha Baere, February 14, 1819. Cyrus Alexander was a dis- 
tinguished soldier in the War of 1812, a record of which is 
found elsewhere in this volume. He was present and took 

*Walker Baylor was Lieut. 3d Light Dragoons, June, 28, 1777; Captain, February, 
1780, and resigned July 10, 1780. He v/as disabled by a spent ball, which crushed his 
instep, at Brandywine or Germantown. 

W'li/krr l'„iiflnr. Sun nf .l,.l,„ llni,l,.,- /// 

pait ill thr (l( r.iis.' of Fort Stcpln-iimtn. Ohio, at which plnco 

\\V r.rrivr.l il ^'..|(1 S\Vun|. ;,s ;,ll .•|„)>|,.||| of liraV.T.V. ThiM 

swor.l is now in lli.' p.-sscssion of tli<- lirirs of IiIh »;rHn<lHon, 
111.- l;itc (yrns A. I'.;iyl..r, (icn'as.Ml. of Os^ocmI. hid. ilin 
cliiMi-rii wdv ;is t'ullows: < 'oiirf .'n.-iy .I;im.-. (o-orj;.- WalU.T. 
Fniiirrs Ann. Kliiin X.-lsnii, W.ilk, ,• K.-itl,. Klizal,,-! h .Ioh.-. 
I)liinr. (Aiiis .\lr\;in.|.r. J..|i,i lli,ks. 

•; I'.rls.v Nrlsun. ,.1,1. .St .l.-m-hi.T .'in. I lliinl .■liil.l of 
Wnlk.T l'..iyl,>r ;in,l .l;,n,. I ;i,Mis<.... ,li,.,l „, ..|,i|<ll .1. 

1 ( ;,■-,,•-,• Wytli.' |;;iyl,.r. f.nirtli .-liiM ..f Walk.-r Bay- 
lor, marrii.l Miss 'Piiiili, rlak,'. of l\,iit in^ky. Tli.'V ha«l t\vt> 
(laiiLrlil, IS, .Mary, and (i,'.»r^:,' .\nn. 

:. William .Mill.T I'.aylor. Iiftli .-liiM ..f Walk.T liayL.r. 
was horn in li.mi-lu.n County. Ky., in 17!tl. II. • inarrird 
Iwic". First. t(. Sarah ("oh'iiian. hy \vli,.iii h,- had one son. 
Walk.T K.'ith I' S.-,'..n.l. h,' marn.'d Lutitia Colr- 
nian. hy \vh..iii h.' ha. I th.- I'..lh.\\ in-j ,-hihiivn: William L.. Walk.r. C'.u-i:,. Wyth,. .\nn i:.. Fanny N..rt..n. Th<.in- 
as .l.d'fcrs.m. 

«i-Roh."rt Fnini.'t Hl.'ds,... I'.ayh.r. filth ,s..n an.l sixth 
fhild of Walkfi- iia.\l.>r. was in liincdn County. Ky.. 
.May 10, 17!i:{. an.l .ii,,! at his li..iii.- n-ar (;ay Hill in Wash- 
ington County. T.'xas, daniiary ('». 1^7). lI.- served in the 
War of 1S1L>, and was in th.- fiL'ht n.-ar F..rt Meiffs. H« 
was a ni.'nih.T of th.- K.'ntii.-ky L.'^Nslal iin- in 1H19. The 
y.'ar f<.ll,.win^r h.. in<>\,(l to Alahaina where he l)e«-aino a 
pi-oiiiiii,iit lawyer and was a iii.Mnh.T of eoujrress from that 
state. lS2!>-;n. lie ni<)v.-d to 'I'.-xas in 1S.S!». where he served 
as one of the dudjres of th,- Supreme Coiirt. He took nn 
a.'tiv.' pai't as a m.Mnher of th.' convention whieh framed 
the state .'onstitutic n in 1X4."). Some time later lie waa 
chosen Distri.t diidire and li.dd that office for Iwenty-fivo 
y(\nrs. Baylor Fniversity. located at Wa... '\\\a^ was 
named tor him. 


Baylor's History of the Baylors 

Main Building Baylor I'niversily, Waco, Texas. 

W'n/krr I'.ai/hir. Suii ,,f .luhii li,ii,l,,r III .'.'/ 

7 Walkrr Kriil, U.Mvl..,-, s.v.nti, rhild of Wiilkcr Hiiylor 
niul .I.Miif Hlcdsuc. Was lu.rn i,, I !,,iiil„,,, (•..iiiilv, Ky Hi- 

III<«\.m1 \^^ TrXjiS With Ills 1 • |-, , I 1 1 , ■ ,• \{ , V. \\ H;,y|,,,- ,„ IhU«|, 

and was a.-.M.lriitly kill.-.l l,y Col,.,,. I .l..,„.s Kiv.TK at La- 
},'riiii«:c. Trxas, in Is IS. II.' was iMin-.l ..n th,. t'linii IM-I«.inf- 
ilitr to liis l.iollirr, William Mill..,- haylur. .,ii ih,- Colonulo 
Kivrr. srv.ii iiiilrs s.-utli of i ,a IT la II L'f . II.' M.'V.T imirri.MJ. 

S Kiaii.'.'s N..rlnii jiavlor. s...,!,,! .laimlil.T and .dtrlitli 
• •liil.l ..f Walk.T liavioi- an.l .Ian.' BL-ds.,,.. marri-l .John 
•M-'t.alr. and had th-' rhildivM; K'.dM-rt li.. .lann-K 
W.. .I..lin Walk.T.. Ona W. .Mary. .\lar-a.vt an.l Laura .1. 
.^h.' di.'.l in IS74 and is hnri.'.l near (iay I Mil. WaHJiinirton 
( 'oiinly. 'i'.'xas. 

!• d...s.'|.h A.Mis..n I'.ayh.r. ninth .'liild ..f Walk.-r liay- 
lor an.l dan.- KI.mIs.m', h.-vt ma rri.'.i. h.- .li.'.l an.l is huri.-d 
n.'ar (iay Hill. 

1" I'ati-irk ll.'niy .\.'ls..n r.ay|.,r. t-'iith .s..i, ..f Walk.T 
r>ayl..r and Jan.- Hh-ds...-. ii,'\,.r marrird. II.' di.-d and was 
luii-icd n.'ai- his hrntlwr d.)s.'i.h haylor. m-ar (iay 
Hill. T.-.xas. 

11 I'.cts.'y N.' I'.ayl.T. thii-d .laiiLrlit.T ami .d.-v.-nth 
.'hil.l ..f Walk.T hayl.T an.l Jan.' I'd. -.Is,.,., niarri.-d .M. M. 
d<.hns..n. Th.'y had n.. .diildrm. 

11* Thomas driT.Tson l'.ayl..r. y..iint:'-st .diil.l ..f Walk<T 
Baylor and dan.' lilrds...'. di.'d in ''arly manhood. |.'a\intr 
no (dnldi-.-n. H.- was hiiii.-d in K>ntn<d<v. 

( HILDK'KX nF d<dl\ W. |;,\^ l,()K'. IdK.^T SoN nV 

w.\LKi:i: j;.\vi,<iK 

Walk.T Baylor, .' s..i, and fust .diild of John \V. 
Bayloi- and S..phi.' Wt'idn.T. was liorii in MoiirlMtn Cuunty. 
Ky. lit- was a m^Wx at \V.\st Point, and a pallant Trxa-s 
soUlit'j- in th.' War ajzainst Mexico. H^' was a ni«'nil»er of 
deaf Smith's -ompany in 1.s:?.'i. .ndistinir nnd.T tlir namo of 

,30 Baylor's History of the Baylors 

J. W. Baylor, was present at the abandoning of Goliad and 
was one of the twenty-eight horsemen who went with Col. 
Norton to examine the crossing of the Coleta and thus es- 
caped the Farmin Massacre. He spent the later years of 
his life with his uncle, Judge R. E. B. Baylor in Alabama, 
and lies buried at Montecello, Ala. 

Mary Jane, oldest daughter and second child of John 
"Walker Baylor, was married three times. First, to Lieu- 
tenant Willie West, 7th U. S. Infantry. They had no chil- 
dren. Second, she married Clifton Wharton and had two 
children ; Daniel, who died in boyhood and Edward C, who 
died in 1891. Edward C, married Lula Goodman and had 
five children. Third, she married Theodore D. Maltby. of 
Hartford, Connecticut, a gallant soldier during the Texas 
struggle for independence. He died in New Orleans in 
1897, of yellow fever, and is buried there. His wife surviv- 
ed him many years. She also died in New Orleans and Avas 
buried beside her husband. 

Sophie ]\Iarie Baylor, second daughter and third 
child of John W. Baylor and Sophie Weidner, married Cap- 
tain James L. Dawson, 7th U. S. Infantry. The children 
were, James H., Eugene W., Lucien L., Sophie ^I., Frances 
Courtenay, John B. She separated from her husband and 
took her maiden name, as also did three of her children, 
Eugene W., Sophie M., and Frances Courtenay. She died 
some years ago at Winchester, Virginia, and is buried there. 

Henry Weidner Baylor, second son, and fourth child of 
John Walker Baylor, a surgeon of note, was married to his 
cousin Laura Johnson Metcalf, of Washington County, 
Texas, by whom he had one daughter, Fanny Norton, who 
died in infancy. He was surgeon of Jack Hay's regiment 
of Texas Rangers in the war with Mexico. He resigned the 
position and organized a company of Rangers and served 
until the close of the war, participating in all of the battles. 
After the war he engaged in the practice of medicine in 
Washington County, Texas, where he died in 1853, and was 

ll'a/Arr /:,,,//„,■. Sun nf .Inhn litn/l,,r 111 .{J 

iMirird ,.ii his fiinii, wlii.-h |„. i„i,,ir,| "Thi* Sliirky." Mm 
\\i!V (lird i-rcriitly .III. I Iniii.'.l at his suU'. Jiiiylor Coun- 
ty, Ti\;i.s, was iiaincd tui- liim. 

.It. III! U'ol.ri-t l5.iyloi-, tliii-.l sun ;mi(I tifili .-liil.l of .John 
Walkrr liaylur. was l.-.m at I'aris. Kml iirUy. ,|iily 20. Ih22. 
.111.1 .li.Ml K.'l.iiiiay ti. 1MI|, at .M..iit.'ll. T.-xas. ami wan 
iMiri.'.l th.r.'. II.' was iiia.l.' l.i.'Utt'naiit ( 'uN.iu'l <»f a ri'jri- 
nniit ..i-Lr.ini/.Ml t.> prot-.t tli.. fronficr for tlw South <luriM»f 

ill.' Civil WarilSill . !!.• was oi-.I.t.-.I to pr «1 to Kl- 

l*as.). 'I'.'xas. "takiiii: any posts in .•liartr.' <»t" tli.- C. S. (Jov- 
.rnni.'nt on tli.- way." 11. ■ was in .•omiiian.l ot' t'ivc mm- 
I>.Mii.'s ..f in.-n I :)(»(! . 11.' was niarri.-.l to Kniily .] . Ilaniia 
at .Marshall. 'I'.'.xas. in 1^1}. 'I'h.'ir .hildn'n w.-n- : .|ohn 
William. Walk.T K.-itli. ll.'iiry W.-i.ln.r. S..phir lOli/ah.Mh. 
Anni.' L..uisa. Tom I'.'rry. (i.'orjr,. Wytli.-. Kaniiy Carolina. 
Miiima, Sidnt'V dohnson. All.'rt S.-a.-ry. 

Chai-l.'s Gano Haylor, fourth .son and si.\th .diiid of dohn 
Walk.T P.aylor and Sophie Wrjdncr. was horn in 1^20. He 
ni.irrii'd L.misa Dcm.scn Wadsworth. dantrhtcr of Coinmo- 
.1..I-.' Al.'xand.r Wa.lswortli. She was horn in Washin>;ton. 
1>. C.. in ]s:v.>,. Tiny w.r.' marri.-d in IS.-);} and had the f(.I- 
lowini: childi-.n: Louisa W., Sopliic Frances, Ah'Xander W.. 
Annie O., Charhs W.. Wadsworth. Armistead Keith. Cojirt- 
enay, Mary Oreenh-af, and H.-nry Denison. Charh-H (ian«» 
T^>aylor died at Boston, in liMlfi. and is buried there. 

Fanny Xeoslio Bayhir. third dau^diter and si-venth tdiild 
..f d.ihn Walker Haylor and Sophi.- Marie Weidner. wa« 
I'oni at Fort CJibson. Indian Territory, in 1H:{4. and died at 
Atlanta, Georgia, in l>i!>4. and was buried there. She was 
married to Lieutenant James Hel^'er. «itli F. S. Inft. Their 
.hildi-cn w.r.' as f.)llows: Sophie Mario, who marriejj 
George iiarnum ; and .Mary, who married LieutcnaDt For- 
sythe of the F. S. Army. 

George Wythe Baylor, fifth sf»n and eijfhth ehiUl of 
•lolin Walker lia.vlor and Sophie Marie Weidner. wax horn 
at Fort (iibs.m. Indian Teiritorv. August 22, \><^V2. He wa« 

S2 Baylor's History of the Baylors 

a resident of Texas at an early age. In 1859-60, together 
with his brother, Gen. John Robert Baylor, was actively en- 
gaged in scouting against the Commaches. He was a mem- 
ber of the Texas state Legislature in 1880. He had been 
married to Sallie Garland Sydnor of Houston, Texas, in 
1863. Their children were: Hellen, born December 10,1865; 
Sophie Marie, died in infancy; Mary Courtenay, born June 
11, 1874. Of the foregoing children, Helen was married 
three times. First, to James Gillett; second, to Capt. Frank 
Jones of the Texas Rangers, who was killed in a skirmish 
with a band of outlaws; third, to Capt. Merwin Lee. By 
her first husband, she left one son, Harper Gillett, and also 
a son by her second husband, Frank Jones. She died at 
^Monterey, Mexico, May 25, 1903. Colonel George Wythe 
Baylor's wife, Sallie, died in Guadlajara, Mexico, in 1904, 
and was buried there. 


Courtenay Jane, eldest child of Cyrus Alexander Baylor 
and Martha Baere, was bom January 23, 1820, and died 
March 19, 1832. 

George Walker Baylor, second child of Cyrus Alexan- 
der Baylor, was born November 12, 1822, at New Market. 
Highland County, Ohio, and died Friday, November 16, 
1894, at Napoleon, Ripley County, Indiana. He was a rug- 
ged man in the latter days of his life, but the ruthless hand 
of age squeezed him tightly when once within its grasp and 
he failed rapidly. He was in public life for twenty-eight 
years, acting in the capacity of Justice of the Peace in Del- 
aware township, and his time would not have expired until 
August, 1895. He settled in Ripley County, Indiana, in the 
year of 1834, and spent his entire life there except for one 
year spent in Iowa. He was married twice. First to Indi- 
ana Muir, January 6, 1848, by whom he had the following 

Wd/Lrr linylur. Sun ,,f .l,,h„ ll„i,l,,r III .1.1 

■.'hilclri'n: Pheuria. CyruK Alrxan.l.r. .Inlm Willi.ini. |-"nink 
\V., M.irv .l.-s.-phiiir. Iii«li;iii;i, S,-,-..,,.!. In- iiiarri.-d Sukiiu 
Kidd. tiy wliDiii two sons w.Tf Imin. Iljirry K.. .M«»rtimer 


I''r;iiirr.s Ann H.iylur. .stTcn,! (l.niL'lit.i- .md tliini rliihl <»f 
Cyiiis Al.'N.m.Irr l'.;iyl..i-. \v;,s l.nrn April K. IHLM. at N««w 
Mnrk.t. lliLrhl.ind (■..iiiity. Ohio. Sh. ■ nuirrird .Mortiiii.T W. 
Ilirks. ;ind thry six rliddrm. all ol' wImmii di.-d at all 
rally airr. Sli,. di..,| ;,t Indianap. lis. hid., and is l.uri.'<| 


I'liiiiiia X. Is( n Baylor, fourth rluhl of Cynis AJ.-xand.-r 
i; ;yl( r, was l.oiii .ianiiai-y 27. iMMI. an<l iiiarrird .lolm W. 
Miiir. Nov. •nil, fr LT). 1S47. Shr di.-d O.-t.-l.-r I. l^'.'iJ. and is 


d at 

t 'r. 




1, . V 





•y had 





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y. two s 

till survive: 





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•h 17 

. 1> 



• was a 


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•1'. ni'v.' 

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1 was f 

•o/.^n to ( 


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•r 14 

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is 1 

Miricd n< 

ar W 







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as iiij 

rri.'d to 





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r 2!l. 

IS.s."). and is 






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!■ mo 

h.T (d- f. 

.nr .•! 





of who, 

11 sill 





•nay Iv. 






*"One of Cyrus A's sons. United States army, was killed In itorminir Kenr»sa« 
Mountain, and his diary foil into the hands of Gen John Robert Baylor, Conf S. A, 
his first cousin." 'Baylor's "Bull Run to Bull Run."' In writinii to the author. Geo 
Baylor, of Montell. Texas, says: "I thought 1 would mention the diao" several lime* 
I often heard father toll of it— father was a m.-mber of the Confederate Conirre»» the 
last year of the war. He was with Oen. J. E. Johnson at Kenessaw Mountain. After 
the battle someone handed father this dairy because of the name It was • leather 
bound book and had a bullet hole through the center. The book wa* evidently car- 
ried in his breast pocket. The last entry was just before the chanre. It wa» thu»: 

We are ordered to charire the rebel lines and take them like a d n!' In cro»»inv 

the Mississippi on his way home, my father's canoe turned over and his sadd^ebajrt. 
in which he had his papers and other valuables, this daio" amontr them, were lost." 

34 Baylor's History of the Baylors 

Cyrus Alexander Baylor, third son and seventh child of 
Cyrus Alexander Baylor, was born September 3, 1836, and 
married Christena Comer, October 31, 1868. His children 
were as follows: John Clinton, born May 27, 1870; Mary 
Elnora, born July 5, 1872; Emma Elizabeth, born February 
21, 1875; August Clellen, born May 22, 1878; Henry Em- 
met, born January 30, 1880; Frank Walker, born January 
2, 1882. ; Cyrus Alexander Baylor is buried at Connersville, 

John Hicks Baylor, fourth son and eighth child of Cyrus 
Alexander Baylor, was born November 30, 1838 ; married 
Caroline Englebright, September 22, 1864, and had the fol- 
lowing children : Mary Ann, born November 4, 1866 ; Vir- 
ginia, born April 25, 1868; Rosie, born April 14, 1870; 
Charley Walker, born August 24, 1872 ; and Emma, born 
April 6, 1874. John Hicks Baylor, died at his home near 
Napoleon, Indiana. 


Mary Baylor, oldest child of George Wythe Baylor and 
Miss Timberlake, married her cousin, Joseph Bledsoe, son 
of Senator Bledsoe. Joseph Bledsoe and his wife Mary 
Baylor, are buried at Barnardino, Calif., where they left 
surviving them, several sons and daughters as follows: 
Howard, Ralph, Wythe, Sarah, Jane, Josephine, Jesse, 
Harry, Nelson, and Robert. 

George Ann, second child of George Wythe Baylor, mar- 
ried John P. Allen, of Shelbyville, Kentucky. Their chil- 
dren are: Walker B., James B., George, Betty Chinn, and 
Drusilla. Of the foregoing children, James B., and DrusUla 
died at an early age. Betty Chinn, married Mr. Merre- 
wether. They h^dr-ne-^hildren. 

\l'ii/Ar,- l:,ti,tur. Sun nf .lulu, i:„„h,r III ./.-, 

* 'll''l"''-\ '"•' WII.IJAM MII.I.Ki: P.AVI.dl;. s< ..\ oK 

w .\LKi:i: r.A^i.oi: 

W.ilk.r K.itl, I'.avl-r. . |.|...sf n,nl unly s..,, ..f W.ll.a.n 
•^'''1''; '■'•■lylur, l.y I, is first wif... s.-.n.l, Si.-,rl. (•..l.-miin. wax 
I'oni in ll,n-i-is,,ii ('..iiiity. I\rnturk_v. .\n\ .-ml,..,- \. I.s2s. If,. 
>ii.ini,.,i M.M-y I'oliy. Aii-ust :{. 1>:.;:. II,. ,1„.,| „t 

Siitlirrl;,,,,! S,,n.i-s. Wils 'oiiiity. Trx;,s. Ml l.s:»l. wli,.n- 

hr Irft surviving' tl„. f..ll..wi„^r ,.|,ii,|,.,.„: Sarah Stark, horn 
.Inly LT). Is.")}, who iiiiinir.l .\. \\>y,ry^ ().-t(.h.-r 2\, ISSL'. aixl 
•'■"I ""<■ rhihi. Ch.irli:. ,\,|r|u .M.-nidr; .|;„n.-s WA^^v Havlnr. 
.M.iry Aii-iisl.i. INivy h.rin,.. L.iuni Atrn.'s. and HhiU<-Iu« 


Willi.-iiii I.. Ii;iyl..i-. srruii.l sun ,,f Willimn .Mil|.-r Hayl..r 
.111(1 lirst son hy his s.-cutid wif,.. Lntitia ('..h'liuin. waH 
l>oi-ii in I'.oui-Ihmi ("onnly. Kmt in-ky. in ]S2:». H.. was a huI- 
dici- in the .Mrxi,;in \V,ir ;in.l w;is ;i irallnnt (■oiir,.<I..rnf<' 
^"'''"■'■- "'• 'ii'"! at i^..■k|„„•t. 'I'rxas. in l.S(J!(. when- h<' is 
•"irird. \\v h.ft only (.n.' chihl. K;,nny Klh-n. who niarri.'.i 
iwirr; first, to Willi.. nnd; s..,.on.i. .loj,,, .loin.T Wnlk.T I^aylor. lliird son of William Milh-r Hayh.r 
\v;is horn in Honrhon ('(.iinty. Knit ii.-ky. in ]S'.V.\, an<i whk 
"larrird to .lonali Lihs. on Au-rnst I(». is:,!i. H,. di.-.I at 
•Montrll. T.xas. in ls7S. and is hiiri-'d tli.iv. II,. |,.ft ,,n.- 
.son. .lohn William. 

(icoi-ir,. Wythe I'.aylor. fourth son of William MIII.t 
P.;iy|or. was horn Frhriiary. 20. ].S:{.-,, and married Auirusta 
Indiana Thomr.s. n. May 10. ISfif!. He di,-,! n.-ar Sniithvillo. 
I'.astrap County. T.xas. in lIKi;. His diildn-n an- a.s follows : 
Thomas J.'ff.-rs. n. h.rn .Inn.- :i. \^{\\) ; Mary Mah.dlc. horn 
•Inn.- 2!». 1S74; Cyi-ns .\m/i. horn .S.-ptt-mlx-r f». lH7r,; Kato. 
I'orn Ortohcr 1(i. 1S7!I; Charl.-s, horn F.-hrnary 2M. IHSO; 
(h'orge S.. ))orn AnLrnst 12. Iss2: .los.'ph II.. horn April Hi. 

Ann I-:, li.iylor. old, si <iant:ht.T and fifth .diil.l of Will- 
iam Milhr P>ay]or. was horn in ls:{7. and marri,-d .1. W. 

do Baylor's History of the Baylors 

Dodge. She died at Beeville, Texas, September 7, 1889, leav- 
iug no children. 

Fanny Norton Baylor, second daughter and sixth child 
of William Miller Baylor, died at the early age of sixteen 

Thomas Jefferson Baylor, seventh child of William 
Miller Baylor, was born in Fayette Connty, Texas, January 
10. 1848. and was married to Mattie Liho. They had the 
following children: John Oliver. l)orn November 25, 1873; 
Lou L., born October 10, 1875: ^I. F. Baylor. l)oin Febru- 
ary 5, 1880, and George L., who died in infancy. .Mrs. 
Thomas Jefferson Baylor, died at Goliad. Texas. May 16, 
1881. and is buried at that place . 

(jiAPri:i5 \ I 

<iriiii<l(>liil(lr<>ii of >\iilU»'r l{n>loi I 

CIIII.DK'KN (»!•" SolMIlK MAK'li:, I ),\ I ( ; I l'l'i:i:. oK .KUIN 

w. i',.\^i-t>i>" AND son I II-; \vi:ii»M:i; 

.l.imrs ll.inir... rhil.l ,,f Supliir .M;,ri.- iSavlcr aiMl 
.l.iiiii's L. D.iwsoii. \\;is ;i ( 'oiif.d.T.-il.- m;i.j<ir iluriii^ thi- Civil 

IlKufJcnc W., scroiid child. \\;is .ilso ;i ( "((iir.Ml.TMf <• MMJur. 
and is now a i-csidi-nt n\' Wiiidnsiri-, N'ir^inia. 

Liiciin li.. tliii-(i cliild. was in ronimaiKl of a I'. S. (inn 
1m. at (luriiii: tlir Civil War. He dird n-c. -ully in Vir^'iIlia. 

Sophie .M.. rom-lh child, inai-i-icd .|..|in C-orj:.- Walk.'r. 
who was a dist ini;nislu'(l Contcdrralc (;«-n.T;d. and <-(.in- 
Hiandcr of Walker's Divisimi. Six- lives at pn-si'iit at Win- 
chcstiT. X'ii'urinia. 

Fiaiicrs CoNitciiay. fifth ••liild. an AniiTi<-an author, was 
)'oi-ii in Faycttevillc. Arkansas, .lannary 20. 1848. She re- 
cfiveil a pi-ivatc .•ducal ion. Ifcp works in<'ln<}<'. "On I^oth 
Sides. ■■ ".liian and dnanita.'* "•Heliiud the lilue Hidpe." 
■■Cl.iiidia.'" '.Miss .\ina Barron. '" ete. She wntte an artielo 
foi- the .\cw I'riiiccton K'cview. (no l«>nper pnhlislied i some 
fiftei'ii (>i- twenty years ajrtt entitled. "Iii an<l Arounrl a Dis- 
pateh I'ox.'in which she pul)lished many of the old llaylor 
papers and manuscripts. At the prespnt hHo \h hroken in 

Eujrene Wythe Baylor, private. 1st Co. Crescpnt Riflp*. Capt. A. H. OUddcn. Nrw 
Orleans, La.: 1st Lieutenant. Adjutant and Captain 1st Keffimrnt IxjuiMina Arlilirn 
'Repularsi C. S. A.; Major and Brigade and Division Quarter Master in Bnnnt'« Cim- 
paisrn into Kentucky, and John.son's Campaicn from Palton to Atlanta. AI»o »er*«J 
on Gen. Bracir's staff at the battle of Stone River. Murfrsboro. Tenn . oommande^l a 
battery of six forty-two-pounders at the siece of Kt. Jackson, below New Orieans. and 
in the early part of the Seisre of Vicksbure. Civil War Roster' 


Baylor's History of the Baylors 

Walker Baylor 

Aid-de-Camp to Washington 


Geueral John R. Baylor 

C. S. A. 

George Walker Baylor 

George Wythe Baylor 

drtintlrhihhtn nf \\,, I k, , lUnjIur / 

Iii'iiltli ail. I is a nsi.lriit ut W,.r. \"iit:iiiiM. 

• I..lm, y.Miii'r.'st .liil.l. m.i tii.-.l. had iin .• II.- <li.-<| 
of yrllow r.'vri- ill N.u Orlfaiis in ISUT. 

<'I1ILI)K'|:.\ oj'- .lolIN I;<»|;i:k- r i;.\ Vi.di'. S((\ (»K 

•K'liN w. r.wi.oi: AM) siiniii-; wi:ii>\i;i: 

• lolin William, ol.lrsl s,.,, m .luh,, K'nlMTt I'.ayjnr anil 
l-iiiily .1. Ilaiiiia. was horn in l-'ay.-lt.- Couiily. 'rt-xa-s. .Ian- 
iiaiy I'd. ISKI. Ilr niani.Ml Kho.h. M.jiurkrs. May 1(1. 1S77. 
Mr ciilist.'d for sri'xicr in ihr Coiif.-dcnit.' Army at tin* ajjr 
of sixtcrii. and was a prixatc in Captain darU ("iircton'K 
(•oiiii);iny in which caiiarity \u- srr\<(| onr yr;ir oii tli.- fron- 
tier of n..rthcrn 'I'^xas. After tlif (d" tlir war. h.- s.M 
th'd in l.aSalh' County. T.-xas. 11. ■ was .d.-.-t.-d .d.-rk of tlir 
County Court. scrviiiL'- nn-- tri-m. Aft.-r ids Icnii cxpinMl. 
hf nio\cd to his raiudi and at th.- tiiii.- of his death. Novcin- 
hcr o, ISHd. was a prosperous raiichnian. His .ddhlr.'ii nn*: 
AVilh.Miiina. li.-rii Srpt.-nd.rr I. 1 sTii. niarri.-d dam.-s Kolx-rt 
l'>ill. duly Is. l!Hi(i. and haw ,.n.' son. daiii.-s Holn-rt. lu.rn 
danuaiy 1. l!i()S;dohn Walkt-r. s.-coiid (diild. horn January 
7. lss-_) \v;is Connly Commissioner of LaSalle County Tex- 
as, in l!'Ms, ;,nd is a prosp.u-.uis i-anehman ; Amanda H., was 
liorn dune L'(i. l^sd. ,|i..d N'ovemhei' d. <d' sami* year: Mary 

I'.Urkrs. li..|Il Ortoh.M- '-'7. ISSS. 

Walkei- K.ith I'.ayh.r. se.-on.j s..n of dohn Hoh..rl UayUir 
and Minily d. llaiina. was iH.rn in Kayett.- County. '1%'XnK. 
o)i .Mandi 1*1'. 1>47. and riiarri.'.j ( 'arri«' K'. Ilard.-man. a ni«'«'«' 
of (i-neral W. !'. ilar«hin; ii. in 1^71. lie .'nlisted in tlw 
ConfcdtMalt" Aimy in Washington County. T.-xas. in the fall 
(d" 18()d. at the afn- of sixte. n. After tin- war. Ii<' Ktudiorl 
haw and was admitted to th.- har in ls7(». He was ««ounty 
attorney of Cahlwell County. Texas, in iSMd. Il«> waH tho 
fatlier of nine (diildrcn. as tV)||ows: (darener Walkrr. bom 
Ncncinhir 2. 1S72: Ow.Mi Hardeman, horn Mareli 2. 1.H75. 
n;arri(-d Kthel Park.', of Alhion. Idaho, dulv 4. U'(M. an.l 

^0 Baylor's History of the Baylors 

has two children, Dora E. and Blanche. They are at pres- 
ent living in Dawson, Canada. Ophelya Courtenay Polk, 
born October 26, 1877, married Walter Coffin Lytle, of 
Philadelphia, March 21, 1903. They are residents of New 
Orleans, and have no children. Lilyan Norfleet, born on 
August 21st, 1879, married Marshall Johnson, son of Dr. 
Marshall Johnson, of Prairie Lee, Texas, and have one child, 
Elizabeth B., born March 19, 1902. Their present home is 
at Kingsbury, Texas. Bessie Emma, born January 27, 1881 ; 
Carrie Lee, born June 14, 1885 ; John Roy, who died in in- 
fancy; Lalla Mae McKnight, born June 12, 1885; James H., 
born August 3, 1891. 

Henry Weidner Baylor, third son of John Robert Baylor 
and Emily J. Hanna, was born in Fayette County, Texas, 
November 27, 1848. He had been married twice ; First, to 
Addie de Leon Hamer, of New Orleans, by whom he had 
three children : John, born November 12, 1875, married Jesse 
Kelso — children are, Addie de Leon, born April 12, 1897 ; 
Mattie Irene and Fannie Louise (tw^ins), born March 12, 
1901 ; Henry Winchester, born July 17, 1903 ; Susie Hamer, 
born June 17, 1905 and John Roy. Henry Weidner, second 
child, died in infancy. Susan Hamer, born August 7, 1879, 
married William J. OUg, of San Antonio, and lives there — no 
children. He married second, Florence Black, of Uvalde. 
Texas, by whom he had two children ; Florence Black, born 
June 10, 1900, and Henry Weidner. Late in 1864, he Avas 
appointed cadet in the navy, C. S. A., and was appointed to 
Patrick Henry, then stationed on the James River, near 
Richmond. For some unknown reason he was unable to a- 
vail himself of this appointment. He served, instead, w^ith 
his brother in George Wythe Baylor's regiment until the 
close of the w^ar. 

Sophie Elizabeth Baylor, fourth child and oldest daugh- 
ter of John Robert Baylor, and Emily J. Hanna, was born 
in Fayette County, Texas, October 31, 1850. She married 
John H. Affleck, of Washington County, Texas, on Decem- 

drmiililiihl nn nf \\',t I k, r lln ijli,,- I .; 7 

h.T 24, 1S74, l)y wIk.mi shr tin- r..lln\viiitr .liililrm : Anna 
|)iiiil);ii-, Im.iii Drc.'ml.rr 'JT. Is7.'), iiiiirrit'd Mjirtyn Ta.vli»r, 
.•iii«l li.iM' II" 'hiMr-'ii ; l-";iriiiy M;iylnr, \nn\\ .Inly li:{. 1H7H; 
'I' Lorn On. .I...,- IS.]; L-,,th ( '.Mn-l.-nay. iM.rn I).- 
.•rlill.rr L'7, issi. 

Ami.-i l..iiiis;i r.:iyl..r, finii chiM ;m.| sr.-,,,,.! .l;nitrht.-r of 
.lul,„ Kulnrt I'.aylor .iii.l l-lmily .1. I|;,i,m;i. iiu.rn.-.l William 
l''.iiir.'nc ll.irdriii.-iM. 'I'hrir rliiMrri, :iiv; Kiiiily M.. Iw.rn 
(»rt.ilhr ;;('. Is7:,. niarricl ('li;irl.'s .M;irtyn; Sin- HurlrKon, 
linin A|.i-il i:., Is7:i. iii.irnr,! .|,,|,„ SturUjy. ;iii<l has two 

• •Ilil.llVIl ; J.irk ;ill<i IxUtll L..111SC. Sh,. ,iir,j ;,t .MoMt.'ll. in 

Ivaldr ('(iiiiity. T.xa.s, Sept. ml. rr ti, I'JUO, aiitl is hurird 

T..1II INii-y P.aylor. sixth diild of and Kmily 
d. Ilaniia. was in .M. L.iiiiaii Coiiiity. Trxas. Man-h Hi. 
l^")ii. lir inanicd Maud.' .M . I'.rny. and l.'ft thn-r rhildn-n. 
Ill' died ill S;in Aiitoinc. Texas, duly S, IMSS. and is l>wri.-d 
at MMiilrli, Texas. His .diildrvn arc dda Xurrh-rt. ( "Ian- 
Liiiiisr. ]''faiicrs ( 'uutenary. 

(iro,-v Wythe r.ayh.r*^-' riffli s-.n an. I s.'v.-nth .diil.l ..f 
diiiiu Jvoiteii Jjaylor and Kmily d. Ihnma. was horn in 
Voung County, Texas, S.-ptendtei- L'2. l^r.s. ||,. married 
Frances Loe Kthrid.i;e. Sept.-nih.i- 11. 1>S!». At thepres«"nt 
time he is a pr.)sper(iiis tai-iiicr .ind ran<'lMiian. livin^r near 
Mont. 11. T.xas. His ehildr.'ii an- as follows: Hohert Kniniit* 
IMi'ds.-c. li.Mii .Vovciah.i- 11. 1S!)(); dames Ktliridpe. horn 
Kchniaiy S. 18!)2 ; GeorK<', Wythe. I...rn duly 7. iSJMi : Jaujes 
(ioi-don. horn Novemher l!>. ls!'7, and Tom I'.'rry. horn May 
LMI. 1S!I!I. 

l^'auny Carolina liaylor. thii-.l liaiiirhter and ••iplitli (diild 
of John Kohert Baylor aii.l lanily d. Hanna. was liorn in 
Park County. Texas, in iSi;]. She married (twynn A. Fok- 
ter. a lawy(M- of El Paso, Texas, and has the followinjr chil- 
<lren: Emily, horn February 14, 1887; Alexandpr Owynn, 

**His quotations are to be found thruout this book. resardinK nuniprou» data. 
*At present occupies a position in Panama. 

Jf.'£ Baylor's History of the Baylors 

born January 9, 1889 ; Frances Baylor, born March 12, 1891 ; 
Henry Baylor, born June 9, 1894, and Katherine, born Oc- 
tober 23, 1897. 

Emma Baylor, fourth daughter and ninth child of John 
Baylor and Emily J. Hanna, was born in Washington Coun- 
ty, Texas, in 1864, and died in 1867. and was buried at San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Sidney Johnston Baylor, sixth son and tenth child of 
John Robert Baylor and Emily J. Hanna, was born at San 
Antonio, Texas., February, 1, 1866. He married on August 
22, 1888, Miss Lola J. Kennedy, of Uvalde County, Texas. 
Their children are : Hallie Milinda, born June 6, 1889 ; Es- 
telle Sidney, born August 5, 1891 ; John Frank, born Octo- 
ber 18, 1893 ; Margarete, born June 25, 1896. 

Albert Seaery Baylor, saventh son and eleventh child of 
John Robert Baylor and Emily J. Hanna, was born in Lava- 
ca County, October 29, 1869. He married Laurie Beaument 
on October 20, 1899. They have the following children : Al- 
bert Seaery, born September 15, 1903; William Beaument, 
born April 5, 1905 ; Felice, born January 26, 1908. 


Louisa Wadsworth Baylor, oldest child of Charles Gano 
Baylor and Louisa Wadsworth, was born in 1853. She mar- 
ried in 1875, John G. Moore, of Doxbury, Mass. She died 
at Quincy, Mass., in 1895, was survived by two sons ; Henry 
W., born in 1879, and John R., born in 1882. Of the forego- 
ing sons, John R., died in 1896. 

Sophie Frances Baylor, second cliild, was born in Virgin- 
ia in 1856. 

Alexander Wadsworth Baylor, third child, was born in 
England, in 1858, and died at Memphis, Tenn., in 1860. 
I\rary Greenleaf Baylor, fouth child, was born at New 

(irninlrhildren of Ha/krr Jiaylor I ^.i 

Orlc.-iiis, 111 ISi;:!. aii.l .lir.l m ( l.-or^'ia iii l^tiit. 

Aiiiiir (1. I'.aylur, iiltli rhil,!, Imtii at Mari.-tla. (»«'uriria. 
in iMi'J. 

Cliai-lrs Wadswurili, l.nni at (^inii-v. MasH.. |).m-<miiImt 
ISCI. ;,,nl .lir.l at Astnria m iMiti. K.-itd, liorii at K'avm \v.....| m \S{\\), 

('(.iii-triiay, niiitli ••liild. I.oi-n .■,! Mariwn. Mass.. iii 1H71. 
ami iiian-i.',! |-;.|itli M . llrdL'fs, ol' U.-stnn m is'.i;,, ,„i(l Iihn 
our son, Si.lii.v II., liui-ii at Iux-UsImipv. .Ma.s,s.. in 1H«>7. 

Il.nrv |).-nis..ii, l.urn at I '.riLrlitui,. Mass.. in 1 ^7:{. 

ciiii.DiMiN oi-' (;i:()i;(;i-: \ son oI' cvin's 
ALi;xAM)i:i: r.AVLou' wd mak'tiia r.AKin-: 

IMirn.'lia i'.aylor. ..M-'sl .laii-rlit.r and first .-liiM ..f 
<;cor,u'«' Walker liaylnr an I Indiana .M uir. di.-d in infan.-y. 

Cyrns A. Uayloi-. scri.nd child and .ddrst son ot" (iforjri' 
Walk.!- r.aylor and Indiana .Mnir. was horn in Indiana. <»n 
l-'rt.rnaiy IS. IS.'.n. and marrird Lynda Marsh. April !(►. 
l>7:i. To this union, four rlnldrm \\>-v<- I'orn as follows: 
Kraid; L., hoiii April 1, ISM); Claudr L.. Lorn D.-ccinhrr H. 
ISS'J; C,,!-;, May. l.orn May 16. lS,s(i. and Mary Lrona. l»om 
-Inly 1'7, ISSS. Cyrus A., was for many years a prosprmuK 
merrhant of Os^'ood. Indiana. lie died Nov.-mh.T. 1M1:{. 
Of 111.' forcgoinp: cliildrcii. Frank L.. married Lanni A. 
WuiiImm-l.'. and has the foliowint; cliildn-n: L.»ota H.. horn 
Deeeinl.ei- 4, l!")4: .Marirarete. .Inly 2. IMIO; Avolvn May. 
l)orn .Inly 14. r.i(i7. died .Inly 2. 1!H0. ('land.' I... married 
Leah Ilallawell and has the followintr .-liildren Arthur, 
Donald and Louise. Cora M.. married Mielieal .1. IlijrpinH. 
anil have the following eliildren: .lajnes H.. Doris L.. Leah M.. 
<ilena C.. Mieheal anrl Milton. They are at present. roRi- 
d(Mits of Sidlivan. Wis. Mary Leona. yonnpest ehihl. mar- 
ried ('has. K. Sp.^neer and they have the one ehild : Vior- 

Jfjf. Baylor's History of the Baylors 

raid \V.. boru July 19, 1908. 

John William Baylor, third child of George Walker Bay- 
lor and Indiana Muir, was born near Napolion, Indiana, on 
September 16, 1851. He married ^linnie A. Brandt, of Na- 
poleon, in 1881. John W., was for many years a prosper- 
ous merchant of Deleware, Indiana. He moved to Illinois, 
locating at Tremont in Tazewell County, in 1892, where he 
was engaged in the merehantile business. He has for the 
last few years been engaged in the meat business and is at 
present located in LeRoy, ]\IcLean County, Illinois. The 
children of John W. Baylor and Minnie Brandt, are as fol- 
lows: Harry Dietriek, born at Napoleon, Indiana, March 2, 
1882; George W., born at Delaware. Indiana, July 2, 1887 ; 
Orval W., born at Tremont, Illinois. July 22, 1894; Claude 
Lee, born at Tremont, Illinois, October 8. 1897. Of 
the foregoing children, Harry D., married Lula Frances 
Russel, a daughter of John Russel, of Pekin, 111., and has 
one daughter, .\lice Adelade, born April 14, 1913. They are 
at present located in vSellersburg, Indiana, where he is em- 
ployed as head chemist in the Louisville Cement INIills. The 
second son, George W., died in infancy. Orval W.. is the 
author of this volume. 

Frank M. Bayl(,r. fourth diild of George Walker Baylcr 
and Indiana ^luir, was born at Napoleon, Indiana, February 
18, 1854, and was married to Amanda Pate on October 20, 
1885. To this union, three children were born : Edna, born 
October 19, 1886 ; Walker, born July 29, 1891 ; Frank, 
born January 2, 1897. Of the foregoing children, Walker 
married October 5, 1913, Nellie Rigby, of Greensburg, In- 
diana. Edna died in infancy. Frank ^I. Baylor was a 
musician of note. He died at his home near Napoleon, 

:\Iary Josephine Baylor,fifth child and second daughter 
of George W. Baylor and Indiana Mnir, was born Febru- 
ary 6, 1856, and married John Wagner, of Greensburg, In- 
diana, on February 13, 1879. They have the following 

liaijlov'ti Historij of iUv Jiaiflin-. 

( yriiN Alrxxii.l.-r K.iv I. 

Iti.ylor OrrlifRJrn 
Left to richl-Fraiik H:iyl..r. .lohi, K. Ilarr> K, Mortimer I' 

J^ii Baylor's Uintory of the Baylors 

Cvrus A. Baylor (III) 

John W. Baylor 

Orvnl W. Baylor 

Author of This Volume 

didiiilrlii hhrn uf Witlkrr litiiflur I 
<liil«l"n: ('(.iiir. Im.111 .l.iini.ii V \,; Mnry .1.. Iiurii Or- 

tnhrr 11. 1SS2; Lilli... ImTII S.-pt .•|II ImT M. I HH(i ; Kr,..!. Iloril 

<>.t.,lnr s, ISSS. ;,,i,i \,.||i... .\MV.-iiil.,.r H. 1H!K», 

lii'l.i l'..iylur. sixth rhil.l uf (l.-ui-t:.. W. Uaylcr niid lii<ii 
.•'ti.i Mil!!-, hni-ii ;it X.-ipuliMin. hnliaiiji. Novt-mlHT HI. 
iStil, ;iii,l ,li,.(l Dercnili.T L»^, iMt.s, Sh.- was marri<Ml in 
voiiiil: \vuiii:iiiIi,mhI t.i I )i-iliTi.-l< S.-vrii i-|iil<lr<-ii 
Will' '•oiii tci III. •III. two .if wlii.-h (lii-<| ill infain-y. 

ll.irry l\. Uaylni-, s.'v.miIIi .•liil.i ..f <i...rjrr \V. Maylor 
;!ii(i fii-st s( II hy l:is siM-oml wife. Susan Kidd. was horn 
II'. ii- N.-ip'-l.. II. 111. liana, iii I sti;;. ;,,„| ,ii,.,i a1 ( >s-/.M.«i. Iruli- 
ana. .Inn.' L>7. l^H... ami is l.iiricil al Napoj.M.n. Indiana. II«- 
iiiani.-d .Mairyir Vnnkirk. I.y wli.un lir had tlir tollowinir 
.hildn n: Vivian. Av.-I and |)..ra. 

.M..|-tiin.T X.lsMi Uayl.T. .-11:11111 -•liil.l nf (;.-., r-.- W. 
I'ayl.M- and Susan Kidd. was Im.iii at Nap..|.-(.n. In«lian:i. 
Nov. •ml. .T ::i>. 1S7;;. ll.- man-i.-.l lada (lihsoii of T.-rn- 

llaut.^. Indiana. ().'t..lMi- •_':;. IS!).!. Tliry hav tlir hi! 

drcn; Chailfs. K'.dlaiid and Ora. .M rs. Uaylor di.-d at San 
Antonio. Texas. .Mar.h 1."). I'.xi'i. and is l.nri.-d at Tn-niont. 
Ta/i'W(dl Connlv. Illiin)is. 

( iiiij>i:i;\ oi'- \v.\LKi;i; ki-:itii I';, son ok 

WILLI \M .M. iLWLoi: .\ N ! ) S.\1L\I1 coLKMAN 

S;ir;ili Si;irk l!ay|..r. .dd.-st --liild .d' Walk.-r K.dth Hay- 
I'M- an. I Mary A. Lolly, was horn -Inly 2.".. \^:A. She mar- 
li.d N. W'/.vy. O.-toh.T 2:5. L^S'J. Tliey liad one .-hild. Cliar 
\\r \d,dia .Maud.'. 

dailies Keller L.aylor. s.-.<.nd .-liild of Walker Keith 
Laylor and Mary A. Lolly, was h«trn Septenihr-r 2fi. iS'i.'i. 
11.' niarri.'d Mairude L.ryan. Deeeniher 2.".. ISS2. hy whom he 
luid eijiht ehildivn. as follows: Walker Keith, horn April 
24. 18S4: Elniorc horn May 2L 1 ^^^■'^ : I'»ryan <'ovinjrtoii. 
Ix.rn Nov. 'inLer 2»!. ISSfi; James Helper, horn Aup«»t 2^. 

Grandclilldren of Walker Baylor I 

1888; Aline, born July 25, 1890; Lee, born September 12, 
1892; Margarete, born January 11, 1895; Hazel, born No- 
vember 12, 1899. 

Mary Augusta Baylor, third child of Walker Keith Bay- 
lor and Mary A. Polly, died in infancy. 

Mary Augusta Baylor, fourth cliild of Walker Keith 
Baylor and Mary A. Polly, was born November 11, 1858, 
and married Charles B. Stephenson, July 3, 1879. Their 
children were: Agnes Keith, born April 11, 1880, married 
Edgar Burrows, July 22, 1901 ; Remson Lee, born July 28, 
1882; Elma Rosalie, born July 10, 1884; Charles, born on 
August 16, 1897. I\Iary Augusta Stephenson died July 13, 

Lucy Katherine Baylor, fiftli child of Walker Keith Bay- 
lor and Mary A. Polly, was born January 5, 1861, and mar- 
ried Robert E. Hooks, January 12, 1887. They have one 
child, Roberta Mary. 

Laura Agnes Baylor, sixth child of Walker Keith Baylor 
and Mary A. Polly, was born August 27, 1863, and died at 
an early age. 

Blanche Josephine Baylor, seventh child of Walker 
Keith Baylor and ^Mary A. Polly, was born August 17, 1865. 
She married John F. Tiner, July 2, 1885. Their children 
are: Lottie Ola, born March 23, 1886; Martin Frances, born 
March 2, 1887, and John Evan, born November 4, 1896. 


Baylor's History of the Baylors 

Records From The Adjutant General's Ofiice 
At Washington 

George Baylor, Esq.='= 

The records of this office show that one, George Baylor, Esq., 
served in the Revolutionary War as an Aid-de-Camp to General 
Washington, from January to December, inclusive, 1776. He was 
commissioned Colonel of the 3rd. Regiment Light Dragoons, Con- 
tinental Troops, January 9, 1777; was taken prisoner September 
28, 1778, at Old Tappan, and was transfered to the 1st Regiment 
of Llg-ht Dragoons, Continental Troops, by orders of the war office, 
dated Xoven.ber 2, 1782, "Pursuant to a resolution of Congress of 
August 7, 17S2." His name appears on a Paymaster General's re- 
turn (not dated) under the heading, "Alphabetical list of officers 
of the Virginia Line who were arranged on. the first of January, 
1783, and continued in service until the close of the war." 

Lieutenant John Baylor.** 

The records also show that one, John Baylor, served in said 
war as a Lieutenant in the 3rd Regiment of Light Dragoons, Con- 
tinental Troops, commanded by George Baylor. His name appears 
on a return of officers, dated September 18, 1777, which shows h!m 
commissioned February 15, 1777. No later record of him has .been 

Heitman's Historical Register of Officers of the Continental 
Army, an unofficial publication entitled to credit, shows as fol- 
lows: "Baylor, John (Va.), Lieutenant, Third Continental Dra- 
goons, 15th February, 1777; Captain, 1780, and served to close of 

Cyrus Alexander Baylor. 

Nothing has been found of record in this department relative 
to the service of Cyrus Alexander Baylcr in the War of 1812. The 
following appears, however. In Heitman's Historical Register and 
Dictionary of the Regular Army, 1789-1903: "Baylor, Cyrus Alex- 
ander. Kentucky. Second Lieut-enant 17th Infantry, May 15, 1812; 
First Lieutenant, April 16,1813; honorably discharged June 1,1814; 

*Note pages 17-18. 

**Life mentioned on page 11, John IVi. 
1 Mentioned on page 26. 

Heoofds From I'runsijlvauia Stuff l.i/n-aii/ .', J 

ivc<Mv<(i by roKolutioi, of ("oiiKreKs of F<»bniary 1 3. \H2:,, tho tmll- 
iiioniiil of a swoid loi- bvlun vIIKjik*^! In Uu- dfUntiA- of Fort HU«ph- 
<'nsoii. Ohio." 

Richard Baylor. 

Tlu' liHords sliow that ou<\ Uichiinl Baylor, prlvnu-, CoiiUMinv 11. 
IL'tli Uok^iiiunt. ViPKiniu Ciivalry. ('. S. A., voliii' ■ • 

lliru the i-iifuiy at .\iiburn in OttolxT. IHCt'.i, and w 
for bravery by (Jennal .F. K. H. SLiULrl. ('. S. A . 

kill<(i in til' .Mill" Run Campaign. Nov<>mlM'r L'<'>, Iv.-. . ;i,i.. i ; i*.,; 

KtM-ords I'^roiii TIh' 1'<>ii ii^«> I > m ii i;i Sralr Liltrjir> 
A( I In rriNltii I'u 

The only refercntc to the Biiylor family in tho rataloxtM*. i« 
••Old King William's llonifs ami Knmilif<<," by I'oytxin NcaJo 
Clarke; 1897. page 28; 

(1) .John Baylor, settled in Virfiinia in the .seventeenth century. 
Issue: .John (II) Baylor and others. 

(2) .lohn Baylor (II). married Lury To<ld O'Brien. Iswmv John 
Baylor (III I and oth-^rs. 

C. ) Colonfl .lohn Baylcr. officer Revolutionary War. Married 
l>ii<y. dau.j?hter of Mann Pai;e. I.«;sue: Kll7,al)eth Baylor and othem. 

(4) Elizabeth Baylor. Married William Lyne. 

In the Lyne P^xcursue on page 8.3 of the .name book, there l« 
mention of Gregory Baylor, who was as-soelaUd with CaptaJn 
Creorge Lyne. Colonel .lohn Lyive on the Commit>tfe of Safety. 177.'.. 
The children of William Lyne and Kll/abeth Baylor (IV(, are. 
William, married .Mary B.aylor Richards; Thoma*. married Martha 
Gregory; Richard, married Temple Richards; Klizabeth. married 

Winter; Mary, married Benjamin Wilson (their son. Wm. 

Lyne Wilson, was father of the Wilson Tariff BUI); Lucy died 
nnmarr'ed: Robert Baylor. 

Page 107, of same book, in the Walker excursiie: 

.John Walker married. Xoveml>er n.*?.".. Miss Itaylor of Kaaex Co. 

This is the only referrence in the cataloRiie. 
For Orval W. Baylor. I>eRoy. 111. 

I Richard Canninjr. son of Robert William Baylor, pajre 14. 

Several historians have stated that the ahove named Richard Barlor. «"•» compli- 
mented at Auburn by General McClellen. This i<> a mistake for the record* of the 

war department rend as quoted above. 

52 Baylor's History of the Baylors 

In The Journals Of Congress, Wednesday, 
January 1, 1777. 

Extract From A Letter To The President Of Congress By George 

Headquarters, Newton 
27 Dec. 1776 

Colonel Baylor, my first Aid-de-Camp, will have the honor of 
delivering this to ycu; and from him you may be made acquainted 
with many other particulars. His spirited beliavior upon every oc- 
casion requires me to recommend him to your particular notice. 

Colonel Baylor, took with him also a Hessian standard, which 
with this despatch, he delivered to Congress. After receiving them. 
Congress voted; ^^hat a horse properly caparisoned for the service 
should be presented to Col. Baylor, and that he should be recom- 
mended to Gen. Washiington for promotion to the command of a 
regiment of "light horsie."* 

*See Congressional Journal, January 1, 1777. Note— This and the letter of introduction 
are in Vol. IV, 249-269 "Writings of Washington," by Jared Sparks. 

Some \ a/uftf Old Lvttrv 

The Ultra Montnni Expedition 


August 20, 1716 

•'Here on Uie Mattajmni.jilwuL (on iiiiieK from Wo«t Point 
they tarried the iii«ht (John Fontaine and (lov. Sjiotawootl) 
l)assing over this stream the next morning at ten o'ekn-k 
they went on their way. and late In the nigJit reached th« 
iiouse of Robt. Beverly, abont .30 miles alwve Mr. John Itay 
lor's. one of the greiitest dealers of tobaceo in the roiintry / 
(w iV:- m nut •!KS.9!»— No. 7.) 

Racing In Cobmal Virginia. 

Kx tract — 

"Between ]74(» and 177."), are re<-orded the name* of «L 
least 50 horses and 30 mare.s imported into Virginia. An in- 
teresting memorial of these importations Is the bUl of aaJ« 
of '"Fearnaughf to Col. .John Baylor, which is still preserved 
at "New Market." Thf price was 1.0<t(i quineas." 

Personal notes from the Virginia Gazettes 
The ye^ir 1772 

April 16— died. Col. .Tohii Havlor. at hi.s home in Caroline- 

54 Bayloj^'s History of the Baylon 

Some Valued Old Letters 

From John Parke Custis to Col. Baylor. 



Abingdon Aug 15th; TfSg-^ 
Dear Colo. 

You will confer a particular favor on me by furnishing me 
with a small quantity of clover seed 

If I am not mistaken you once informed me you grew a good 
deal of red clover and offered me seed. * * 

I will thank you for the quantity generally allowed to an acre 
of good Land. 

Mrs. Custis presents her compts to yourself and joins with me 
in presenting them to Mrs. Baylor. 

I am Dr Colo, your affect friend and 
very obdt servt 

J. P. Custis. 

From John Baylor to his Father, Col. Baylor. 

London Feb'y 16 1770 

Hon'd Sir, 

It is with infinite pleasure I acquaint you that I am in hopes 
to succeed in my present intentions, it being the advice of my 
Friends when I am settled & which I hope will be in a short Time 
will give you [illegible] information on that Head. 

Mr. Morse has been kind enough to promise that he would de- 
liver this letter safe to you as it wou'd be a kind of inrtroduction 
to him in our Fami'y which iie seems to be fond of, and doubt not 
bait he will comply with his promise. 

By Capt. Fox I have wrote you a long Letter which I hope "will 
be agreeable in every respect, it chiefly concerned the future Plan 
of my Education and douibt 'not but you will take it into proper 

The taxes will be repealed except that of the Tea. 

I have nothing more to say at present worth relating. 

My Duty to my Mother, Uncle & Aunt Burwell. Love to my 
Brothers & Sisters. 

I remain dear Father 

Your most Dutiful Son 
pr favor of Mr. Morse John Baylor 

Some I'alued Old Lfttrvn :,:, 

To Col. Geo. Baylor of New Market. Va. 

I'lilliiil4>ljilila. AuKUMl fi. 1777 

l).';ir iiayioi- 

1 received your I'avor of tlu> I'.MIi of July, and a«cordlnK to your 
ipqiiest in(loRt> a warrant on Hu> I'ayniuHtcr In Vlrnlnla for twcmty 
tiiousand dollars. I luUy t-xiMMUd tlu« sum you luul drawn boforo 
would have <.-oini)lett d your reniuK'nt. 

I urge you in the most proH-sini.^ tcrniH to u«m. y<Mir uUiicMrt 
vxtiticn and dili«ence in eonipleatlnK your r<«Klnn<nl and pro*'*"*-*! 
inK with it with out loss of tliue to <-anii). 

1 am Dr Sir your lium' .><<'rvt 

CeopKo WiiMliington. 

To Col. George Baylor 

J)ear liaylor, 

Vour letter of the Kst from naltimore came to my hand« thi» 
day. Your inclination to command a regiment of horse I cheor- 
fully yield to, becau.'^e it is the recommendation of (k)aKre»«, your 
own wivsh, and my desire. 

As nothing contributes so much to the constitution of a Rood 
regiment, as a good corps of officers, and no metho<l «o likely to 
obtain these, as leaving the choice in a great meas\ire to the gen- 
tleman, who is to reap the honors or share th«> disgrace arinlnK 
from their behavior. I shall vest you with the pow<T of nomn 
atiiig the officers of your regiment, except the field offic«-r« and 
those of the troop commanded by Ck-u'I I^wis. whom I shall an- 
nex to your regimejit. in.stejid of Sheldon's, and r<'ser\e a Lieu- 
tenancy in -some troop for Stark. When 1 talk of giviuR you Iho 
nomination of the officers, 1 would have it understood thai I claim 
to myself a negative upon a part or the whole, if I have reaiwti \a 
suspect an improper choice. 

I earnestly recommend to you to be circumspect In your choir** 
of officers. Take none but gentlemen; let no loral altaohm«n<j« 
influence you; do not suffer your goo<l nature when an applaealion 
is made, to say yes, when you ought to say no; rememUT. that U 
is a public, not a private cause, that is to l>e Injured or »H»nof;t««l 
by your choice; recollect, also, that no Instance has yet happene<J 
of good or bad behavior in a corps in our service, that hoj« jmj* 
originated with the officers. Do not take old men, nor yet fill iyour 
corps with boys, e.specially for Captains. 

Col. Landon Carter sometime ago recommended a <frandj*on of 
his to me. If he still inclines to serve and a lieutenancy would 
satisfy him. make him the offer of it. I have written Major Clough 
to accept the Majority in your regiment. He is an expironred 
officer in the horse s»ervice. and a gentleman as far aj« 1 have (»nen 
him. The Lt-Col. I have not get absolutely fixed on. tiiro«iith I 
have a person in my eye. For further instructions, I refer you lo 
Mr. Harrison, who will' furnish you with a copy of those (rtven to 

do Baylor's History of the Baylors 

Col Sheldon. One hundred and twenty dollars will be allowed 
you as the average price of the horses. The money for these and 
your accourtements, you must call upon Congress for; and I have 
to entreat, that you will not delay a moment that can be avoided, in 
preparing to take ' the field. You must be upon your mettle, for 
others are engaged in the same service, and will exert themselves 
to the utmost to out do you. 

I am very sincerely yours 

George Washington. 

Geo. Baylor's Letter of Introduction. 

Richmond in Virginia 
December 4th, 17S3 
To the Honble Don :\Iartin Nevarro, 
Intendant General of the 
Province of Louisiana. 


I beg to introduce to your acquaintance, Col. George Baylor, a 
character entitled to the attention and admiration of every lover 
of virtue and patriotism. He is a gentleman of the best connec- 
tions in Virginia. His great zeal in the service of his country, and 
many brilliant actions performed by him in the course of the late 
war have rendered him conspicious in America. He was the Gen- 
eral's first aid de-camp, and on various occasions he had net only 
lat apprcbaticn, but the eulogies of the Commander in Chief. The 
fatigue of war and the effects of wounds render a voyage to sea 
absolutely necessary for the recovery of his health. He intends to 
pay visit at New Orleans and to return via Mississippi and Ohio. 

May I request your friendship and politeness to this American 
hero during his stay in your town and on his departure that you 
will be pleased to honor him with your letters to the Command- 
ants on the route upward, commending him to their favor and good 

I have the honor to be with sentiments of the most perfect re- 
spect and esteem. Sir your most obliged and most humble servant 

Daniel Clarke. 

NOTE — Col. Baylor never reached New Orleans. He died in 
the Barbadces, his faithful servant, Jerry, brought back his will 
watch and papers, this letter among them. 

History of George Washington's Compass. 

During the days of "Reconstruction" when so many ex-confeder- 
ites deemed it more healthful in other climes, than their own 

Some I 'allied Old Lrt let's 

(Iciir Soiitlilaiul. iiiuiiy went to Mexico. ;iiii..i,^ ih. in ;, M.ij.,. | \ 
Washinnton, a deK<-tMulaiit of 0:10 of (;<•<■ 
Wliilt' ill I'oluiiibiis, Tt'XiUi. lu- was laK. 

by Dr. Joliii W. Howims. Upon lil^ rt'r<>\. 

nod (Ml his Journey, but before leavInK h(» told Dr 
wanttd to l<»av(> Ills coinpajws. which wns th«« on 
WasiiuiKten had used In all Ills survey it: 
from ICnijland by !.. A. Washington. (5.. 
rnft rtunately the maker jiut L. A. \V,i 
stead of (JeorKo's for whom it was made. 

Among other thing's that Maj. Washinnlon loft In Dr. Itowcr'N 
care, were twelve volumes of "Cuard Simrks" writlnKH of Wajthiiw 
ton. also "The Ix'wis and ("lark lOxpedltlon." 

•Maj. Washington told Dr. Uow<rs that In cai^ ho novor roUirn- 
• d. that the things would lie his (Dr. Mower's). In after yoam. 
Dr. Mowers gave the compas.s ami books to (;««n. .John R. linylor. 
my father, and my father g;ive them to me. 

(leo. W. l{;.ylor. Montell. Texas. 

John Brown's Scaffold. 

Mr. H. B. Baylor, of the firm of Maylor & Maylor. civil on- 
gineers. said to a news reporter some time ago: 

"I have just received a letter from my old home in Virjdnla. 
which states that a few days ago the scnffold on which old John 
Mrown was hung, was sold to a syndicate of relic hunter«." 
"The old fellow was hung nearly thirty years ago. so that the man 
who owned the gallows must have held it some time for the rnl«ie.'' 
observed the scribe. 

"He did not hold it in the shape of a gallows." Mr. Baylor re- 
plied. "\Vhen .folin Brown w;is hung at Charlestown. a carpenter. 
who was building a house there, bought the lumber and put 1' 
into the porch. It was a little brick hou.H<» lo<-al<H! on a corner 
and there was just about enough of a ."wnffold to frame the por^h 
The house was bought by iti; present owner for $rtOO, and a few 
days ago he was approached by a syndicate of relic hui)ier»«. 10 
whom he sold the porch for $f«00. I have the sword of John 
Mrown. taken from him when he was captured. It was given to 
my father, by Brown, when he was in captivity. I have l>een of 
fered $r>00 for it, but refused to sell it. It is one of the finoMt 
pieces of metal I ever saw. The weapon is a cavalry wibrp. with 
an iron scabbard and a Iwne handle. The blade is a rec • - '"^ 
mascus blade.' finely etched, and so pliant that you ran 
point around to the handle and when released It will :• 
original shape." 

"How came your father to get it?'* 

"When Brown lay wounded my father went up to him — ' '' ^ 
the sword from under him After keeping it a while, he 

58 Baylor's History of the Baylors 

to Brown and said, 'Capt. Brown, probably you would want to give 
this sword to some of your relatives, and I have brought it to you 
to make such disposition of it as you see fit.' Brown said, 'No. 
You have been very kind to me, for which I thank you, and in 
consideration of what you have done for me, I prefer that you 
should k€ep the sword.' So my father kept the sword and gave it 
to me. Up to a few years ago, it showed the stains of blood ob- 
tained in Kansas raids. He told my father that the stains were 
Kansas blood, and that the sword n^iver drew blood in Virginia." 

Relative To The Record of Cyrus A. Baylor in The State 
of Ohio in 1812 

Cyrus A. Baylor, a Lieutenant In the U. S. Army, was a son 
of Major Walker Baylor of the Virginia line in the Revolution. 
Major Walker Baylor occupied a high position in the social cir- 
cles of Kentucky, to wiiich state he had emigrated after the close 
of the war. Three of his sons were volunteers from Bourbon 
County, Kentucky, in the War of 1812. Cyrus, the youngest, was 
appointed a lieutenant in the 28th Kentucky regiment and had 
the honor of ser^-ing under Major George Chrogan, in the gallant 
and memorable defense of Fort Stephenson, when, with 120 men of 
Kentucky, and one piece of artillery, these youthful heroes re- 
pelled the assaults of General Proctor and his twelve hundred 
Indian allies, with great slaughter. 

His father having received large grants of land in the Virginia 
Military district, for his services during the Revolution, young 
Mr. Baylor came to Hillsbcro, after the close of the War of 1812, 
to superintend the sale of these lands for his father, and made 
this place his home for many years. While in Hillsboro, he was 
the recipient of the reward of gallantry at Fort Stephenson, of 
a splendid gold-mounted sword, presented to him by the vote of 
Congress, Major Chrogan and each of the other officers receiv- 
ing a similar distinction. It was a beautiful remembrance of the 
.heroism of that conflict. 

Young Baylor was at that time a fine specimen of physical 
manhood, and a gentleman of genial and popular manners. He 
married Ann Barrere, the daughter of Captain G. W. Barrere of 
New Market, Ohio, and was for many years settled on his lands 
in Brown County, Ohio, but afterwards removed to Indiana. A 
sister of Mr. Baylor's, married B. H. Johnson, one of Hills- 
boro's early merchants. (From the History of Ross and Highland 
Counties in Williams Bros., page 390.) 

Col. George Baylor in Hanover County, Va. 

Patrick Henry, Henry Clay, and Colonel George Baylcr, were 
all natives of Hanover County, Virginia. The latter was at one 
time aid to Washington. His regiment of Light Dragoons, which 
w-ere from Virginia, wiiile sleeping in a barn near the line of 
New Jersey and New- York, were surpri?ed, September 28, 1778, 
and nearly all of them cruelly massacred. Col. Baylcr was dan- 

Urcortls From J't n nsi// rnniu 

Kcrously \v(.uii.!.(l and mm\o u i.rlHoncr. He wan noted for III* 
biaviMv. (ViiKiiila. Its lli»l »ry und Antlqultlow. by H«-nry Ilow«M 

Mrs. Ann D. Baylor's Pention 
Col (J-oofKe Haylor, of tlw VlrKlnlu Drajjoons My n Hp.-cUil 

act of CoiiKn'Ss, May LT>. IS.!:'. Mrs. Ann I) Haylor. r*<|>rciwnLallvo 
received $l!t,!i.'.»i.44 as the coinnmtiitlon pay of u colon*! of Dm- 
Ko<>ns. Coh ut'l Haylor sorvtd to lli«« end of the war. wbh «n 
officer of Krtat merit, and diid in t!ie island of Ikirlmdcx-H In 
17S4, where 1m« went for tiM' hei « fit of his h«-nllh. Tin- r«<(td<-r 
will recollect that on tie L^itli of S« pternlu.r. 177S. (i« nonil (Jray. 
a lain(ius Hritish niarand<T. surprl!-<«d Hayh r's Dra^" <'nM wlillo 
si. t pii ^; in u barn at Old Tappan. .\« w York, and out <.f on«» liun- 
(lit tl and four persons, unaruK d an<l asli-op. sixty s^ven worv 
niurdcrrd in cold blood and the rest capturMl. S««v<nly Iiohk^ 
wfn> also-rmtoltt-rf^l. and Col. Haylc r was made a prisoner. (re- 
cord of Uevohiiioiiary War. by W T. K. Saffel.j 

Records From Pennsyjvanij Archive*, Third Serie* 

Christian Haylor vii. pa>;e 17;«— Private first class Captain 
John Stones company ((ith company I. l^nd battalion. Umcantcr 
county militia. 17S2. between the agcH of 18 and .'..1. 

Christopher Hiiylor— vii. page 8— Private In Capt. Janui* liar- 
ber's company (1st company i Lancaater county militia, Ilenipb- 
field townsliip, 177r>. Septenibor 1. 

Francis Haylor— vii, paRe lL'r>, lii'.i, 17.1— ('on»«)ml In Captain 
Micl.ael Holdebaiim's c( mpany, 2nd battalion. I.*ncaKt»>r county 
militia. He furnishe<l a sub.-t.tute, ci)miade Kynebill. who Kprv- 
.(1 on tour of duty at UincasUr. May 1. 1781. to Juno 30. 1781. 
I'aRe l.'>:?— Private 2nd. class. Capt. David Krausefs comi>any 
t4tli cr.mpany). 2nd battalion. I.^ncaster militia. Page 173 Pri- 
vate 2nd class same ci mpany, 1782. 

George Haylor— vol. ii, prige GTf) F»rlvate In Capt, SinipHon'n 
ri mpany. 1st Penn. line, und t C( mmand «f Capt. Parr and Col. 
HutUr. Page 710 — Private, Ist Pfnn. line. Living at .Marretu. 
Ohio, in 1837, age 87. Page l.^S Private. .".Ih class In Capt. John 
Stone's company (6th company* 2nd battalion, I.AncaHter county. 
militia. I'age 17ft -l^rivate .'.t.i class in Capt. John Sl«;no'n com- 
pany. 2nd battalion. I.,ancast r county. 1782 

John Baylor— vol. li. pag 402 -I'rl\ale 3rd clai«8 (Nr. 18) In 
Capt. Abraham Dehuffs company. Hattalion of musketry In mmp 
near King's Bridge. Pay due fiom Aug. 1. to Sfpt. 1. 1776 Vel. 
vii. page 158 -Private 3rd cIjps. in Capt. John Stone's mnipnny 
(t>th). 2nd battalion. I>ancast r cf.unly militia. Page 17:« Private 
.'^.rd class, same company as abcive. 1782. 

.lohn Baylor— Private in Abraham Del'uff* company of mu^ 
kct battery in Lancast< r crunty. 

Martin Baylor— vol. vll. page 272— Private. 4th rlans In Cap! 
Herry Kustfr's cr mpany (3rd c.-nipanyi. 3rd battalion. Iianca«ter 
county militia, 1781. 



Deseiidfuits of .Lbraham Baylor 

Decendants of Abraham Baylor, who was a brother of Isaac 
Baylor and Jacob Baylor, sons of Martin Baylor 

it i 

cc o 

% 5 


1= w 

-?-2 ^ r -• W 

cB o ►i:^ 

I If I 



ft p 3 1^. 
a ^ ?; g 


= ^ c S 

2w ^ 

S I 


2 ~ a pS 

O X 

P o 
PC ^ 

a g 5 

I—. <c 

c 2. 

- <^2 

Ilildllts nj . Il,r<lliillil llittjlnr r,l 

My Williiini A Havlc.r 

Tl »• of 111." iiaiiH- llial w.. an- al)l«> \o find r- l.lli^.• (.. 
this braiK-h of tli*' family, was l.orii in Iriaiicl. koiii. Ili 
cpt'iiiiK of tin- IStli ccnlury. CiorRc llayli.r c( iih- !■ 
st'ltliiif; in KtMitucky, wluii still a viry younR njnn H 
but tl*' nnnio of his wife is not known. Ho had llir«-. 
ly: Ahraluun. Isaac and .lacoh. Of thin- sons, trao 
that Isaac and Jacob settled in tho Htnto of Illlnulh. Inn \i.r.. 
ham Baylor, who was born in 1785 n«nr Crab Orrluird. Ky , 
when a younp man. walked throuKh th«' niountalnH via ("umlM-r 
lan(i (iap. frini his fathtr's home In Ki-ntucky. to ChrliUlanburK. 
Virginia, abcut the yrar isil. He was l>y ornipatlon n farnu-r ami 
a member < f the Presbyterian cluirch. 

1 Harrison di, eldest son. was born In 1S12. and marrk-d Ic- 
alu Ua .Mycris of Wythville. VirRinla. in 184(», wh«T.- th. > r. -.I.!. <t 
for a short time aiul then move<l to Taz«*well. Vn . an't 
chased a farm in Lre County, Va., wore thoy spent tl < 
(.f tl'.eir lives. Their chil<lr<Mi were Charhs K..\VHIIani ' . 
It., John H.. and Glenn. Harrison ll) Haylor, dlcfl .Marrh i>«;»J 

2— Polly, tile eldest daughter of Abral «m llaylor. wai* b«.m In 
Christianburg. Va.. in the year 18H, SI e niarrUd IWnJamIn 
Curtis, of Cflade Springs. Va.. and had no c!illdren Hoili nhr and 
her husband died and are buried at Cilad« SprlnRn 

."{—John Paylor. tie second son and third child of Abra'am 
Raylor. was born at Christianburg. Vn.. abrut IHlfi. H«« marrtf*!. 
purchased a farm In Russell County. Va . raided a family and dUd 
at tie same place. He was a string supporter of the I>«iiif>craUr 
party and a mfmber of the Methodist faith. 

4 — N'ancy Haylor. second daugliter and fourth ■ 
Baylor (It, was born at t"he faniily home in Chrl ' 
bout 1818. Si e married Mr. Watklnn. by who:., 

.".— Kdward Paylor. third son and fifth child of Abraham lUylor 
(I), was born in Virginia, in 1820. Me niarrlod and Hvod at Tai**- 
well. Va. He left several cl lldren, one ^on. John, niarrlid and 
had two children, one of whom Is the Rev Jonrph A Uaylor. an 
elder in tlie Methrdlst church and hax charRo of tbo Tait«-«'n 

6— Phfoby Baylor, third daughter and nlxth child of Abr»J am 
Raylor (I>. was born about 1821. and married Henry T>an(l al. <^ 
Christianburg. Va. 

7 — Cynthia Baylrr. fourth daughter and seventh rblld of Abra 
ham Baylor, was born in 1824 and married William I>ooIp Ti*^* 
had tliree sons and two daughtcrj*. namely v\,\t<i\ u wwv?,^. 

02 Baylor's History of the Baylors 

B., Baylor D. The names of the daughters are not known. 

8 — Eldred Baylor, fourth son and eighth child of Abraham 
Baylor, was born at Christianburg, Va., 1826. He married and 
lived at Glades, Springs, Va. 

9 — Thomas Baylor, the fifth son and ninth child of Abraham 
Baylor (I), was born in 1832. He married Martha Cradick and 
moved to Lee County, Va., about 1853, residing about two miles 
south of Jonesville. He had five sons and one daughter, as 
follows: Henry D., Edwin C, Charles F., Emmet F., Harry B., 
and Betty. In 1870, Thomas Baylor moved to Granigen County, 

10 — Robert Craig Baylor, sixth son and tenth child of Abra- 
ham Baylcr (1), was born in Christianburg, Va., February 1832. 
He married in 1852, Lucy O. Hoston, of Russel County, she being 
born in 1832. They resided in Tazewell, Va., until 1856, when 
they moved to Jonesville, Lee County, Va., where he was engaged 
in the mercantile business with his two brothers, Harrison and 
Thomas. They were forced to discontinue business at the out- 
break cf the Civil V^ar in 1861. He was the father of eleven 
children, six sons and five daughters, as follows: Mary Custis, 
Lettie Jane, Mattie Bell, Ann Eliza, Jennie S., William A., Ben- 
jamin H., Robert E., Ross G., Archie and George. The last two 
died in infancy. 

Of the foregoing children, Mary Custis married James K. 
Robinson, of Sneedville, Tenn., December 27, 1875. Lettie Jane, 
born 1857, married Henry H. Robinson, of Sneedville, in 1874. 
Jennie S., was born in Jonesville, Va., in 1866 and married L. S. 
Jennings in 1895. Benjamin H., was born in Jonesville, in Lee 
County, Va., October 1, 1858, and married Ella Bickley in 1893. 
Robert E., was born October 12, 1864, and married Carry Davis, 
of LafoUette, Tenn. Ross Glenn, youngest of the family, was 
born in 1877 and married Mary Copenhaven of Marrion, Va., in 
1902, and have two children. William A., was born September 
27, 1855, and married MoUie J. Robertson, of Lee County, Va., in 
1877. and have five children, and are at present living at Cum- 
berland Gap. Ann Eliza, was born in 1862, and married W. A. 
Smith in 1903, and have one son and are at present located at 
Seagoville, Texas. Mattie Bell, born 1860, never married and 
makes her home with her sister, Mrs. W. H. Smith. 

Children of William A. 

R. L., eldest son, born November 8, 1878, and married, 1906, 
Miss Clara Cou. Ben B., born April 29, 1880, and married, 1905, 
Miss Frances Phillips; have two children, Ben B. J., and Clyde 
F. William Paul, born January 30, 1884, died November 8, 1904. 
Eula Grace, born July 1, 1894, married W. U. Oaks, June 28, 
1911, and died September 22, 1912. Allen Olive, born June 16, 
1897, lives with his brother, R. L. Baylor, in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Drfirrhthiiit s ,.iM,i I t, N i:,,,,L., ,■ 

l»y «'. \\. It;i>|..r 

ColoiK'l Martin Huylor was Ix.rii Mart-li \'l. 1771 H«. mRrrt<«<l 
Miss Uail.aiy My.r. who was born May 'lX^. 1777, Coloml lUiyIrr 
dlt(i AiiKust i:!, 1SL".». Tlu'lr t-lilldrcn wen-: 

Jolin llaylor, liorn AiiKust i';t. I7;i(». njarrlrd MIhh Hrown 

Kli/.ab«tli Haylor, t.oni NovM-nilxT li.t. isno. nuirrlod A Slirug 

David IJaylor, born lM'l)ruary 21. 18i»:{, marr»«-<l l.yd« Sbrug 

.F;u(.b Haylor, i.orn Oclol* r 11. isii.".. niarrl.-d It. Ii. rr« Hull 

Catlurn Mayb r. born January 2'1, 1S(M>. 

Cror^c W. Haylor, born Dm nilx-r \h, 181(i.- 

Atiain M. llaylor. born .March 11, IHl.'l. DU-d in infancy. 

I'olly Haylor, born April I't, isn;. .\«.vor niarrl<-d 

CI ristian J. Haylor, born October IX. 1818. 

Tl i> dates of tlioir deaths as far h.h Is known, ar**: 

Ci lom-I Martin Haylor .di<'d AURUst i;{ .1KL>;*. 

Harbary, his wife, dit d January \\\, 1867. 

Holley Hayl( r. died July, -T., 1867. 

Adam .M. Haylor, ditnl l-Vbruary l!t, 1X1.'.. 

riiis record is taken from my KrandfatlnT't* old (W-rninn llllilo. 

David Baylor, Son Of Martm Baylor. 

Da\id Haylor. born February 21. 1X03, and ninrried l.yda Slium. 
wlio was born July L'4, 18o6. The date of ti.eir marriage boJni 
May in, IS-U. Tin ir cliildren were; 

Herry L. Haylor, born .May 28. 1X.12. dl««<l .May 11. 18.13. 

('. \V. Haylor. born October. .{, IS.t.T .Marri.d Ml»»»« Mary K. 
McCutchan. October ir>. lx:.7. .Mrs. Haylor die.) March 2. 1X;m 

Susan J. Haylor. married John R. HanK«r Dl*^! .\nv 6. 1k:.«. 

Mary (". Haylor. born May l.t. ix:i8, Married Cliarlen \V Mr 
Guffin. Octolior 1866. 

-Marpartt ('. Haylor. born January 16. 184n. Marrl«'<l J H Zim- 
merman, who was killed in tlie war. She then married \V. H. 
McCutchen. SI e died In 1X1)8. 

Elizabeth F. Haylor. born .Nov. 17. 1841. Married O. F*. MllJrr. 

George W. Haylor. born March 14. 184.1. Killed at tlw b«Hfc» 
of Cedar River. AuRUst ft. 1862. 

Lyda E. Baylor, born March 30. 1846. MarrUd J R. Mc- 

David M. Haylor. born April 5. 18^0, died Seplemln'r 18«r. 

The Family of C. W. Baylor and Mary C. Baylor 

Kmilie S. Haylor. horn March 26. lSfi«>. died Septombcf >. 18«2 
Annie Laura Haylor. born Febniary 8. ISfil Married R A 

Baylor's History of t lie Baylors 


Floiane Lee Baylor, born May 7, lS6o. 

Jessie Etta Baylor, born October 11, 1867. Died December, 1872. 

Julia Edna Baylor, born November 28, 1809. Married Adam 
H. Baylor. 

Da-vid G. Baylor, born April 12, 1872. Married Rebecca E. 

Samuel M. Baylor, bcrn September 30, 1875. Married Genieva 

George W. Baylor, born April 18, 1878. Died March 17, 1901. 

Children Of David Baylor And Rebecca Sauder 

Helen L. Baylor, born August 12, 1902. 
Margaret P. Baylor, bcrn April 6, 1905. 
William M. Baylor, born April 2, 1907. 
Bessie A. Baylor, born January 27, 1909. 
Jessie E. Baylor, torn February 26, 1912. 
David J. Baylor, born September 8, 1914. 

Children Of Jacob Baylor, Son Of Martin Baylor 

W. M. Baylor, born 1857. Married Miss Kinsey. 
Levi Baylor, born 1851. Married Miss Argenbrigbt. 
Adam H. Baylor, bcrn 1852. Married Julia E. Baylor. 
M. E. Baylor, born 1858. Married Cyrus Clemmen. 
Josephine Eaylor, bcrn 1860. Married William Whitmore. 


Walker Baylor (I) and his wife, Jane Bledsoe, had several 
sens and daughters, among whom was a son, George Wythe Bay- 
lor, who married a Miss Timberlake, whose second child, Georgia 
Ann, married John P. Allen, of Shelbyville, Kentucky. Tie chil- 
dren of Georgia Ann Baylor and John P. Allen were five in num- 
ber. One of the daughters, Betty Chinn, married Mr. Thornton, 
Merrf wether and had one child, Suzanne, who married James W- 
Hennirg, cf New York. By this latter marriage, one daughter, 
Suzanna Henning, married the Marquis Antoine de Charette, of 
"La Basse Motte," Chateauneuf lUe et Vilaine, France. The 
Marquis is at the present time (1915), serving as Aid on the 
Staff of General Sir John French. 

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This book is under no circumstances to be 
taken from the Building