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The 1951 Bear 

Published by 



Shaw University 

Raleigh, North Carolina 



Business Manager 


We live but once — the years of schooldays, when once past, are past 
forever. It matters not how ardently we may wish them over; it avails 
us nothing. So it is with other stages of life. The days at Shaw are no 
longer ours. They have gone beyond our reach. What we have made 
them, they shall remain. The present moment alone is ours. 'Today 
is a day which we never had before, which we shall never have again. It 
rose from the great ocean of eternity and again sinks into its unfathomable 
depths." (Talmadge) 

After long weary months of writing, rewriting, picture taking and 
sleepless nights, we, the members of the Bear Staff, have finally com- 
pleted our task in the publication of this edition of the Beak. 

With one last look and a fond farewell, we hope that this book will 

be not only a story of life at Shaw, but also a tangible momento of all 

our college years. 

— The Editor. 


Foster P. Payne 

We, the members of the Senior Class of 1951, do hereby dedicate this 
edition of The Bear to our loyal and faithful dean of the college. Through- 
out our four years he has been our adviser and friend. He always took 
an active part in all our class activities and never failed to help us when 
we needed him most. 

It is our sincere hope that this edition of The Bear will make him 
proud of the class of 1951. 


William Russell Strassner, dean of religion, was unanimously elected 
president of Shaw University at the annual meeting of the Board of Trus- 
tees held in the university Wednesday, April 18. 

Mr. Strassner is a native of Arkansas and is a graduate of Arkansas 
Baptist College, Little Rock, Arkansas. He holds a B.D. degree from Vir- 
ginia Union University and a master of sacred theology degree from 
Andover Newton Theological Institute, Boston, Mass. He studied at New- 
ton on a $4,500 scholarship given by the John F. Slater Foundation. 

Rev. Mr. Strassner pastored at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Charlottesville 
for seven years. From 1938 to 1944 he served as dean of religion at Bishop 
College, Marshall, Texas. At Bishop he assumed technical duties as chief 
administrator while President Joseph J. Rhoads was away on several 
month's leave. 


Editor-in-Chief James H. Smith 

Assistant Editor and Artist Hadesel Wilson 

Associate Editor Johnny Shipp 

Business Manager John Taylor* 

Photographic Editor Robert Burgess 

Advertising Manager and Artist Julia Perrin 

Typist Helen Johnson 

Typist Carolyn Coleman 

Typist Louis English 

Typist Sallie M. Hayes 

Assistant Business Manager Lemuel Clemmons* 

' Not photographed. 


Foster P. Payne Madelyn E. Watson 
A.B., A.M. A.B., A.M. 

Dean of the College English Department 

X |( 

Thomas E. Kee Rosalie H. Williams Purdie Anders 

A.B., A.M. A.B., A.M. B.S., M.S. 

Romance Languages Romance Languages Biology 

Nan D. Hines 


Physical Education 

Horace C. Perrin 
B.S., A.M. 

Norma S. Gaillard 
B.S., A.M. 


Carrie L. Harrison Gaybella Harris 

B.S., A.M. B.S. 

Dean of Women Dormitory Hostess 

Harriet S. Jones Sarah L. Shmoke Fannie J. McNair H. 

Dormitory Hostess B.S. B.S. 

Dietitian's Assistant Dietitian 

Eleanor Kee 


Hazel D. Phillips Ruby B. Stroud 

B-S. A.B. 

Stenographer Bookstore 



Glenwood Jones Howard K. Wilson 

B.S.C. B.S., A.M. 

Business Manager Physical Education 

Mary W. Pitts 

B.S., A.M. 

Home Economics 

Ernest C. Wagner Martha W. Wheeler Marie M. Strassner 

A.B., B.S.L. B.S., M.S. Receptionist 

Acting Librarian Mathematics 

Roberta F. Lightner Ada R. Jarnagin 
Stenographer Stenographer 


Doris E. Blount 



Mary Grandy 


Beatrice R. Martin William A. Bingham 

A.B. Mathematics 

Registrar's Assistant 

Macon Hinton 

B.S., M.S. 


Gladys V. Dunn 

Thomas R. Hubbard Walker H. Quarles, Jr. 
B.S., M.S. B.S.C. 

Biology University Secretary 



Eva Fraser Ray 
B.S., A.M. 

Lenoir Hall Cook 

A.B., A.M. 

Chairman of Division of Language 

Harry Gil-Smythe 

Mus.B., Mus.M. 

Acting Chairman of Division of 

Fine Arts 

Caswell Martin Carter 


Men's Proctor and Veteran's 


Nelson Herbert Harris 

A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 

Director of Summer School and 

Chairman of Division of 


Herschel Lester Irons 

B.S., M.S. 

Acting Chairman of Division of 

Natural Sciences and 


Dorcas Campbell Quarles 


Library Assistant 

Gillis Emanuel Cheek 

A.B., B.Th. 

Public Relations Director 

Thelma Mitchell Keck 

Katherine Mary Irons 

Leasie Miriam Horton 
Part-Time Stenographer 

Hazel Denning Phillips 



Lula Williams Powell 

William Bryant Pettiford 
A.B., M.D. 

Sadie Ellen Eaton 



Lucille Brown Elliot 

Dietitian's Assistant 

Alice Christian Mallette 
Dormitory Hostess 

Mamie Emma Paisley 


Dormitory Director 

Arthur George 
A.B., A.M. 

Elizabeth B. Cofield 
A.B., A.M. 

Beulah W. Gallwey 

B.A., M.A. 


Ann W. Ferebee 

B.S., A.M. 

Psychology and Religious 





Walter B. Armour, B.S. 

Matawana, New Jersey 

"Strange how much you've got to know 

before you know how little you 


Football Team, Sunday School, YMCA, 

Baseball Team, Boxing Team, Alpha Phi 

Alpha Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Mu 

Honor Society, Treasurer of Senior Class. 

Janie Atkins, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Joseph Jerry Baldwin, A.B. 
Martinsville, Virginia 
"Those who wish to appear wise among 
fools, among the wise seem foolish." 
YMCA, Social Science Club. 

Mary Elizabeth Bailey, A.B. 
Scottsburg, Virginia 
"Fame is what you have taken, char- 
acter's what you give; when to this 
truth you waken, then you begin to 

Sunday School, YWCA, Estey Personality 
and Charm Club, Whos Who Among 
American Colleges and Universities, 
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Journal 

Ruth Elizabeth Bailey, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 
"Be the best of whatever you are." 
Non-Resident Young Women, Aurora 

Worth Littlejohn Barbour, A.B. 
Chester, Pennsylvania 
"Existence is prior to essence." 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Men's Per- 
sonnel Council, Theological Fraternity 
University Chorale Society, Political 
Science Club, Student Council. 

John Barnes, A.B. 
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina 
"Aspiration, inspiration and perspira- 

University Chorale Society, Football 
Team, Basketball Team, Shaw Players 
Veterans' Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- 
ternity, YMCA, BSU, Men's Personnel 
Council, Pestalozzi Club, Sunday School. 

Susie Mae Barnes, A.B. 

Hamlet, North Carolina 

"All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe 

to my dear mother." 
YWCA, Sunday School, BSU, Zeta Phi 
Beta Sorority, Shaw Players, French 



Joseph William Becton, A.B. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

"Most great men are dead and I feel a 

little sick." 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, YMCA, 
Social Science Club, Tennis Club. 

Theodore Bennett, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

J. Clifton Best, A.B. 

Aynor, South Carolina 
"Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider 

its ways, and be wise." 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, BSU, 
YMCA, Veterans' Club, Sociological 
Club, Sunday School. 

Florence Geneva Boone, B.S. 
Woodland, North Carolina 
"Success may depend on what you know, 
but happiness depends on what you 
can appreciate." 
Shaw Players, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor 
Society, Sunday School. 


Raleigh, North Carolina 
"There is no difference between knowl- 
edge and temperance; for he knows 
what is good and embraces it, who 
knows what is bad and avoids it, is 
learned and temperate." 

Geraldine Elizabeth Brooks, A.B. 

Kernersville, North Carolina 

"All that I am and all that I hope to be, 

1 owe to my father." 
Resident Young Women, YWCA, Socio- 
logical Club, Political Science Club. 

Ada Ruth Brown, A.B. 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

"First things first in your life and all 

the other things will be added." 
BSU, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Sunday 

Darie Celesta Brown, B.S. 

Littleton, North Carolina 

"For better you forget and smile than 

that you remember and be sad." 
YWCA, BSU, Home Economics Club. 
Resident Young Women. 



James P. Brown "Blinkey," A.B. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
"It is true that I want to be a tool in life, 
but even so, let me not be a bore." 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Football 
Team, Track Team, Baseball Team, 
Physical Education Club. 

Jeanne D. Brown, A.B. 
Atlantic City, New Jersey 
"Opportunity knocks many times but 
we're not there to receive him." 
Social Science Club, Estey Personality 
and Charm Club, BSU, Who's Who 
Among American Colleges and Univer- 
sities, Secretary of Senior Class, Alpha 
Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Kappa Mu 
Honor Society, "Miss Shaw" of 1949-50, 
Shaw Players. 

Virginia Browner, A.B. 

Shelby, North Carolina 

"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe 

to my mother." 
YWCA, Resident Young Women, Spanish 
Club, Women's Choir, BSU, Sunday 

Robert L. Burgess, B.S. 
Belhaven, North Carolina 

"If thou findest in human life anything 
better than justice, truth, temperance, 
and fortitude, turn to it with all thy 
soul, and enjoy that which thou hast 
found to be the best." 

University Chorale Society, Veterans' 

Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 


Georgia Burt , A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Martha Louise Caldwell, A.B. 

Gastonia, North Carolina 

"We have but faith; we cannot know, 

let knowledge grow more to more." 
University Chorale Society, Women's 
Choir, BSU, Sunday School, YWCA, 
Camera Club. 

Mayola Gertrude Cameron, B.S. 

Lillington, North Carolina 

"False friends are like autumn leaves, 

found everywhere — true friends are 

like diamonds, precious and rare." 

Home Economics Club, Resident Young 

Women, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, YWCA. 

John B. Cato, A.B. 
Skippers, Virginia 
"Method is the master of masters." 



Louise Beatrice Chavis, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 
"Give every man thine ear, but few thy 
voice; take each man's censure, but 
reserve thy judgment." 
Non-Resident Young Women, Aurora 

Geraldine T. J. Cheek, A.B. 


Raleigh, North Carolina 

"All that 1 am and ever hope to be, I 

owe to my dear mother." 
University Chorale Society, Alpha Kappa 
Alpha Sorority, Non-Resident Young 
Women, YWCA. 

Gillis Edmond Cheek, Jr., A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 
"Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomor- 
row is a promising note, today is 
ready cash — spend it wisely." 

Jacqueline D. Church, A.B. 


Norfolk, Virginia 

"All that I am and ever hope to be, I 

owe to my mother." 
Resident Young Women, YWCA. 

Melvin Clark, A.B. 
Norfolk, Virginia 
"I can do all things through Him that 
strengthens me; not by might, nor 
power, but by my spirit, saith the 
Lord of Host." 
Theological Fraternity, Sunday School, 
BSU, YWCA, University Chorale Society. 

Vernon Clark, B.S. 

Tarboro, N. C 

"He who controls himself is greater than 

he who takes a city." 
Lampodas Club, Omega Psi Phi Fra- 
ternity, YMCA. 

Lemuel Clemons, Jr., A.B. 

Greenville, North Carolina 

"Do not pray for lighter burdens but 

pray for heavier shoulders to carry 


YMCA, Men's Personnel Council, BSU, 

Camera Club, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. 

Harold James Cobb, A.B. 
High Point, North Carolina 
"To search, to know, to lead, and to 
never yield and success will be 
Political Science Club, BSU. 



James Richard Cobb, A.B. 

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 
"The spirit of the Lord is upon me.'' 
Theological Fraternity, Student Council. 
Sunday School, Veterans' Club. 

Curtis McKinley Coefield, Jr., A.B. 
Smithfleld, North Carolina 
"I'd rather see a sermon than to hear one 
any day. I'd rather you would walk 
with one than merely show the way, 
for I may misunderstand you and the 
fine advice you give, but there's no 
misunderstanding, 'How you act and 
how you live'." 

YMCA, Shaw Players, Theological Fra- 

Carolyn Lorraine Coleman, A.B. 

New York, New York 

"My mother has inspired my endeavors 

and success." 
YWCA, Resident Young Women, Uni- 
versity Chorale Society, Spanish Club, 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Journal 
Staff, Staff Member of 1950-51 Bear. 

Talmadge Edward Cothran, A.B. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
"If sorrow comes, can joy be far behind?" 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Football 
Team, Shaw Players, BSU, Student 
Council, Political Science. 

Lizzie Beatrice Cunningham, A.B. 

Halifax, Virginia 

"Out of the lowest depths there is a path 

to the loftiest height." 
YWCA, BSU, Sunday School. 

Muriel Victor Dark, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 
"I have never for one instant seen clearly 
within myself. How then, would you 
have me judge the deeds of others?" 
Non-Resident Young Women. 

Clara Estella Douglas, A.B. 
Greenwood, South Carolina 
"If you have faith, nothing is impossible." 
YWCA, Resident Young Women, BSU, 
Hayes Flemming Missionary Society. 

Reese Durante, A.B. 

Florence, South Carolina 

"Man is made great or little by his own 

Veterans' Club, Sociological Club. 



Joseph H. Eason, A.B. 
Rich Square, North Carolina 
"Good luck is a lazy man's estimate of 
a worker's success." 

Louis English, B.S. 

Jacksonville, Florida 

"Understanding is a wellspring of life 

unto him that hath it." 
University Chorale Society, Staff Mem- 
ber of 1950-51 Bear. 

Gayle Magnolia Evans, B.S. 
Henderson, North Carolina 
"Give to the world the best that you 
have, and the best will surely come 
back to you." 

Blanche P. Farrow "Prissy," A.B. 
Pantego, North Carolina 
"I find the great thing in this world is, 
not so much where we stand, as in 
what direction we are moving." 
Resident Young Women, Spanish Club, 

William Flanagan "Hawk," A.B. 
Plainfield, New Jersey 
"You can avoid a lot of sorrow if you 
will work today and worry tomor- 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Baseball 
Team, Varsity Club. 

Janice Mae Floyd, A.B. 
Fairmont, North Carolina 
"No hay bien que dure ni mal que no 
se acabe." 

Madie Foreman, A.B. 
Chadbourn, North Carolina 
"It is not what she has, nor what she 
does which directly expresses the 
worth of a woman but what she is." 
YWCA, BSU, Archonian Club, Resident 
Young Women. 

Josephine Freemon, A.B. 
Whiteville, North Carolina 
"Life is never as hard as you think; it's 
how you make it that counts, so 
smile and think that you can and you 
YWCA, Shaw Players, BSU, Estey Per- 
sonality and Charm Club, Delta Sigma 
Theta Sorority. 



Rub's Gaylofd, B.S. 

Erwin, North Carolina 

"There is no chair on the road to success, 

so don't expect to sit." 
Shaw Players, Resident Young Women 
BSU, Sunday School, Arehonian Club.' 

Nathaniel Gaylord, A.B. 
Plymouth, North Carolina 
"There is no elevator on the road to 
success, so you must use the stairs." 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Who's Who 
Among American Colleges and Univer- 
sities, Men's Personnel Council, President 
of Senior Class, Shaw Players, Student 

Jacqueline M. Goode, A.B. 


Raleigh, North Carolina 

"Take not the life you cannot give for 

all things have an equal right to live." 

Non-Resident Young Women, Spanish 

Club, Pestilozzi Club. 

Connie Goodson, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

John Wesley Hall, A.B. 
Saint Louis, Missouri 
"There is no effect without a cause 
everything is necessarily linked and 
arranged for the best." 
Shaw Players, YMCA, Veterans' Club 
Athletic Association. 

George I. Handy, B.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
"This above all to thine ownself be true- 
then you canst not be false to any 
man." " 

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Student Coun- 

Kathryn R. Harding, B.S. 
New York, New York 
"The present reaps what the past has 
sown and the future is the product 
of the present." 

r?,lr T f}\ ^orale Soci ety, Spanish 
Sft AlPha Kappa Mu Honor Society, 
Whos Who Among American Colleges 

PyraSd°S eS ' YWCA ' Sunday Sch ° o1 ' 

Cleopatra Hardy, B.S. 
Kelford, North Carolina 
"Those who bring sunshine to the lives 
of others cannot keep it from them- 

S6 11PCS . 




Charles Harper, B.S. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Reva Harris, A.B. 

Washington, D. C. 
"Out vivra, verra car qui vent la fin 

vent les moyens." 
YWCA, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 
Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Shaw 
Players, Sunday School, French Club, 
Student Council, Who's Who Among 
American Colleges and Universities. 

Claudia Myra Hasselle, A.B. 
Suffolk, Virginia 
"J pass this way but once, if there is any 
good that I can do, let me do it now." 

Sallie Mae Hayes, B.S. 

Elizabethtown, North Carolina 

"All that we send into the lives of others 

comes back into our own." 
Sunday School, Shaw Players, Zeta Phi 
Beta Sorority, YWCA, GSU, Resident 
Young Women. 

Izola Henderson, A.B. 
Henderson, North Carolina 

Vernon M. Herron, A.B. 
Charlotte, North Carolina 
"The greatest curse is to be satisfied with 
low ideals." 

BSU, Who's Who Among American Col- 
leges and Universities, Sunday School, 
Men's Personnel Council. 

Claudia L. Herrond, A.B. 
Asheville, North Carolina 
"If ye have faith nothing shall be im- 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Women's 
Choir, Resident Young Women, YWCA. 

Bernice E. Hicks, A.B. 
Portsmouth, Virginia 
"Loofc up and not down, look forward 
and not back, look out and not on 
lend a hand." 



Whelma Maxine Hicks, A.B. 
Oxford, North Carolina 
"There is nothing more tragic in life 
than the utter impossibility 0/ chang- 
ing what you have done." 
YWCA, Resident Young Women. 

Mary Elizabeth Hill, A.B. 
Florence, South Carolina 
"Know then thyself presume not God 
to scan; the proper study of mankind 
is now." 

Thomas Anthony Hinton, A.B. 

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

"Be prepared; For opportunity may be 

knocking at your door." 
Shaw Players, Football Team, President 
Manager of Basketball Team, YMCA, 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. 

John Hodnett, Jr., B.S. 

Danville, Virginia 

"There is nothing so powerful as truth, 

often nothing so strange." 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Campus Inn 
Board of Directors, Men's Personnel 
Council, Vice-President of Senior Class, 
Student Council. 

Marion W. Hooker, B.S. 
Norfolk, Virginia 
"Liue and let live." 

Evelyn Virginia Hooper, A.B. 

Black Mountain, North Carolina 

"Speak little, but truthfully, for much 

speaking brings danger." 
Women's Choir, University Chorale 
Society, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. 

Grace Saunders Hudson, A.B. 
Oriental, North Carolina 
"Yet I doubt not through ages one 
increasing purpose runs, and the 
thoughts of men are widened with 
the suns." 

Resident Young Women, YWCA, French 
Club, Asst. Secretary of Senior Class. 

Harry L. Hucgins, Jr., B.S. 


Wilmington, North Carolina 

"1 have never seen a greater miracle or 

monster in the world than myself." 

Varsity Club, Shaw Players, YMCA, 

Football Team. 




Shirley Jenkins. A.B. 
Littleton, North Carolina 
"1 am a part of all that I have met: yet 
all experience is an arch where 
through gleams that untraveled 
world, whose margin jades forever 
when I move" 

Hattie Mae Johnson, A.B. 

Biscoe, North Carolina 

"All that I am and all that I ever hope 

to be. 1 owe to my dear mother." 
Haves Fleming Missionary Society, BSU, 
YWCA. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Political 
Science Club. 

Helen M. Johnson. A.B. 

Henderson, North Carolina 

"Trouvez le juste equilibre entre le 

travail et le plaisir et vous serez 

YWCA. Resident Young Women, Sunday 
School. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Shaw 
Plavers. French Club, Pestalozzi Club, 
Staff Member of 1950-51 Bear, 

Jasper Washington Jones, A.B. 
Norlina, North Carolina 
'Chien qui nboie ne mord pas." 
Social Science Club, French Club, Alpha 
Phi Alpha Fraternity. 

Jessie Mae Jones, B.S. 
Rocky Mount. North Carolina 
"Where there is faith, there is love, where 
there is (ore. there is peace, where 
there is pence. there is God. 
where there is God. there is no need." 
Resident Young Women. YWCA. Carver 
Scientific Club. Student Council, Camera 
Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. 

Milima El'RE Jones. A B 
Oak City. North Carolina 

Noel Jones. A.B. 

Wilson, North Carolina 

"Man is inescapably a salesman of liim- 

selj and all he represents ." 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Political 
Science Club. 

Robert B. Jones, A.B. 
Warrenton, North Carolina 
"Things to be enjoyed should be shared." 
Shaw Players. Track Team, Varsity 
Club. Physical Education Club, Omega 
Psi Phi Fraternity. 




Robert D. Jones, B.S. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 
'Knowledge is like the human body, it 
has to be continually fed in order to 
remain active." 

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, YMCA 
Camera Club, Science Club. 

Lillian Valeria Jordan, B.S. 

Burgaw, North Carolina 

"Get wisdom, but with all thy getting, 

get understanding." 
Resident Young Women. YWCA Ivy 
Leaf Club, Sunday School, BSU. 

Jasper William Kearney, B.S. 
Franklinton, N. C. 

Frances Elizabeth Keese, A.B 

Pendleton. South Carolina 

"No woman can answer for her courage 

who has never been in danger." 
BSU. YWCA, Spanish Club. Social 
Science Club. Estey Personality and 
Charm Club. 

Hazel Elizabeth Kelly, A.B. 
West End, North Carolina 
"If I can do any good deed, or show any 
kindness to anyone: let me do it now. 
for 1 shall not pass this way again." 
YWCA, Resident Young Women, Shaw 
Players, French Club. Zeta Phi Beta 

Carolyn Golethia Keyes, A.B. 
Williamston, N. C. 
"Gii>e to the world the best that you 
have and the best will come back to 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Shaw Players, 
Resident Young Women. 

Katie Bernice Leak, A.B. 

Louisburg. North Carolina 
"Tis wliat we do, not what we say that 

makes us worthy of his grace." 
Resident Young Women, YWCA, Delta 
Sigma Theta Sorority, Estey Personality 
and Charm Club. "Miss Shaw" 50-51. 

Charles Jackson Lee, A.B. 
Lexington, Kentucky 
"Success is the reward of sacrifice." 
Football Team. Varsity Club, Political 
Science Club, YMCA, Veterans' Club, 
Shaw Journal. 


mmm* wiummmKmm*m,mwuiMmt,mMimmiimiwHim 


William Robert Lee. Jr., A.B. 

Charlotte. North Carolina 

"A little learning is a dangerous thing: 

drink deep or taste not of the pierian 

spring. " 
Varsitv Club, Intramural Basketball and 
Softball, Football Team, Kappa Alpha 
Psi Fraternity. 

Lella Aileen Macon. B.S. 

Louisburg, North Carolina 

"Make the most of yourself for that is 

all there is of you." 
Shaw Players, YWCA, Resident Young 
Women, Sunday School, Zeta Phi Beta 
Sorority, Shaw Journal. BSU. 

Alma Jean Martin, A.B 

St. Petersburg. Florida 

"Let your speech be better than silence. 

or be silent." 
Shaw Players. Women's Choir, YWCA, 
Pestalozzi Club. 

Annye Mae Maynor. A.B. 

Oxford, North Carolina 

"The truest self-respect is not to think 

of self." 
Resident Young Women, BSU, Delta 
Sigma Theta Sorority. 

James Mincey, A.B. 

Egg Harbor City, N. J. 

"All that I am, and all that I hope to be 

1 owe to my dear parents." 
YMCA, BSU, Basketball Team. Kappa 
Alpha Psi Fraternity, Men's Personnel 

Clara Mae Moore. A.B. 


New York, N. Y. 

"All that I am or ever hope to be I owe 

to my brother." 
YWCA. Resident Young Women. Delta 
Sigma Theta Sorority, Shaw Players. 

Kadesta Moore. A.B 
New York. N. Y. 
"Let a man contend to the uttermost for 
his life's set prize, be it what it will." 
Resident Young Women. YWCA. BSU. 
French Club. 

Rose Morgan. A.B. 
Raleigh. N. C. 
"None can succeed in this world alone." 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. 

/ iii 



Willie DeVard Morgan, B.S 
Zebulon, North Carolina 
"No life is more complete than a satis- 
fied one." 
Men's Personnel Council, YMCA. 

Fuller E. Murfree, B.S. 

Warsaw, North Carolina 
"The greatest of great ideals is love." 
YMCA, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. 

Gus D. McNeil, Jr., A.B. 
Dunn, North Carolina 
"What shall I render unto the Lord for 
all his benefits toward me? I will pay 
my vows unto the Lord now in the 
presence of all his people." 
Theological Fraternity, Social Science 
Club, Campus Inn Board, Veterans' Club. 

Alfred Lord Tennyson Newkirk, A.B. 

Wilmington, North Carolina 
"To be trusted is a greater compliment 

than to be loved." 
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Journal Staff, 
University Chorale Society, Student 
Council, Who's Who Among American 
Colleges and Universities. 

Daylene Page, B.S. 
New Hill, North Carolina 
'Whoever is not too wise is wise." 
Shaw Players, University Chorale So- 
ciety, Lampodas Club. 

Roosevelt Peebles, B.S. 
Jackson, North Carolina 
"I strive to reach the highest tide of 
education, with thankfulness to my 

Julia Rowena Perrin, B.S. 
"I will study and get ready and perhaps 

my chance will come." 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, YWCA, 
Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Student 
Council, Girls' Basketball Team, Carver 
Scientific Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, 
Non-Resident Young Women, Beta Kappa 
Chi Scientific Honor Society. 

Alton W. Powell. BS 

Apex, North Carolina 

"All thai we send into the lives of others 

comes bock into our own." 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Shaw Players, 
YMCA, Men's Personnel Council, BSU, 
Sunday School, Shaw Journal, Science 
Club, Student Council. 


KIWH l i'PWL»*WWII l »WillPHHlllllHWiiiftH)«uwwmBwn 


Phillip E. Powell, B.S. 

Hamilton. North Carolina 

"All that I am and all that I hope to be, 

I owe to my mother and father." 
Shaw Players, Phi Beta Sigma Frater- 

Willa Marsh Price, B.S. 
Burlington, North Carolina 
"Labor conquers all things." 
Resident Young Women, YWCA, Delta 
Sigma Theta Sorority, Student Council, 
Home Economics Club. 

Moody Purdy, A.B. 

Gladys O. Quinichett, B.S. 
Whitakers, North Carolina 
"Be not simply good, be good for some- 
YWCA, Resident Young Women, BSU, 
Sunday School. 

Mildred Thomas Ramsey, A.B. 
Seaboard, North Carolina 
"Give to the world the best you have, 

and the best will come back to you." 
YWCA, Resident Young Women, Social 
Science Club. 

Earl Dubois Raynor, A.B. 
Mount Olive, North Carolina 
"Listen much, keep silent when in doubt, 
always to the heed of the tongue and 
thou wilt make few mistakes." 

Eugene Richardson, A.B. 

Essex, North Carolina 

"To be conscious that you are ignorant 

is a great step to knowledge." 
YMCA. Men's Personnel Council, Omega 
Psi Phi Fraternity. BSU, Student Coun- 
cil, Sunday School, Shaw Players. 

Mary Lee Royal, A.B. 

Burgaw, North Carolina 

"A man makes no noise over a good 

deed, but passes on to another as vine 

to bear grapes again in season." 

Resident Young Women, YWCA, Camera 

Club. Sunday School. 



Edith M. Sawyer, A.B. 
Lumberton, North Carolina 
"When I dipped into the future far as 
human eyes could see, I saw the 
vision of the world and all the wonder 
that would be." 
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, YWCA 
bunday School, University Chorale So- 
ciety, Spanish Club. 

Johnny E. Shipp, A.B. 
Providence, Rhode Island 
"So little we remember, and so much 
we forget." 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Political 
Science Club. 

Sidella B. Simmons, A.B. 
Greensboro, North Carolina 
"Attempt the end and never stand to 
doubt: nothing's so hard, but search 
will find it out." 

™°A BSU, Spanish Club, Delta Sigma 
Iheta Sorority, Resident Young Women. 

Alma Lee Smith, B.S. 
Dunn, North Carolina 
"Attempt the end and never stand to 
doubt; nothing's so hard but search 
will find it out." 
Resident Young Women, YWCA. 

Herman Smith, B.S. 
New London, North Carolina 
"Yesterday is gone, tomorrow never 
comes, live today." 

Omega Psi i Phi Fraternity, BSU, Shaw 
Players, YMCA. 

James H. Smith, A.B. 

Norfolk, Virginia 

"The moving finger writes, and having 

writ, moves on." 
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Editor-in- 
Chief of 1950-51 Bear, Pan-Hellenic 

Earl Lee Staton, B.S. 
Tarboro, North Carolina 
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever " 

°r^ e YMCA. Phl Fraternity - Shaw P] ay- 

Carl Harvey Stanley, A.B. 
Whiteville, North Carolina 
'Aide-toi, le Ciel t'aidera." 
Spanish Club, French Club, Baseball 
Team, Lampodas Club. 



Bessie M. Stroud, A.B. 

Raleigh, North Carolina 
"To find, to seek, to strive, and not to 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, University 
Chorale Society, YWCA, Non-Resident 
Young Women. 

John H. Taylor, III, B.S. 

Greenville, North Carolina 

"Build not a life of precepts, but one of 

YMCA, University Choir, BSU, Omega 
Psi Phi Fraternity, Shaw Players, Men's 
Personnel Council. 

Louise Shipman Thompson, A.B. 
Lumberton, North Carolina 
"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers, 
and I linger on the shore, the indi- 
vidual withers, and the world is more 
and more." 

Thedoshia Thorpe, A.B. 
Durham, North Carolina 
"Neither a borrower nor a lender be; 
for loan oft loses both itself and 
Resident Young Women, Non-Resident 
Young Women, Aurora Club. 

Harvey Troublefield, A.B. 

Mount Olive, North Carolina 

"One must learn by doing the thing; for 

though you think you know it, you 

have no certainty until you try." 

BSU, YMCA, Political Science Club, 

Shaw Players, Sunday School. 

James Maurice Turner, A.B. 
Plainfield, New Jersey 
"Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for 
loan oft loses both itself and friend." 
YMCA, Sunday School, Carver Scientific 
Club. Student Council, Alpha Phi Alpha 

Mercedes Johnsie Turner, A.B. 
Bronx, New York 
"Speak not but what may benefit others 
or yourself; avoid trifling conversa- 
Camera Club, Delta Sigma Theta Soror- 
ity, Non-Resident Young Women, Pesta- 
lozzi Club, YWCA. 

George Angus Tyler, B.S. 
Oxford, North Carolina 
"There is no road to success, but through 
a clear strong purpose." 

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Science Club, 
Pestalozzi Club. 



Thelma Marie Vanhooke, B.S. 
Hillsboro, North Carolina 
"To be what you are and what you are 
capable of being is the only end in 

?n^rf„ w COn0mi 5. s Club ' Non-Resident 
Young Women, Resident Young Women, 

Jethro Clemmons, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Harrod G. Walden, A.B. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
"Nothing gained in life is gained easily 
and without sacrifice." 

lWh=n P T Phi fraternity, Shaw layers, 
football Team Manager. 

Della Cornelia Wall, A.B. 

Rockingham, North Carolina 

"Ambition is our idol on whose winqs 

we are carried only to extreme to be 

sublimely great or to be nothing " 

BSU, YWCA, Resident Young Women 

Pearl Wall, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Hattie Pearl White, A.B. 

Dunn, North Carolina 

"Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to 

that iron string." 
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, BSU, Shaw 
flayers, Resident Young Women, YWCA. 

Lydia Whitted, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Annie Ruth Wilder, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 
'Wealth I ask not, hope nor love nor 
a friend I ask: the heaven above and 
the road below me." 
Arehonian Club, Non-Resident Young 
Women, YWCA, French Club. 




Bernice Marie Williams, B.S. 
Enfield, North Carolina 
"Thought makes the whole dignity of 
man; therefore endeavor to think 
well, that is the only morality.'' 
Home Economics Club, BSU, Resident 
Young Women, YWCA. 

John Jacob Williams, Jr., A.B. 
Newark, New Jersey 
". . . Welcome each rebuff that turns 
earth's smoothness rough, each string 
that bids nor sit nor stand but go." 
Student Council President, Who's Who 
Among American Colleges and Univer- 
sities, Journal Staff, Alpha Phi Alpha 
Fraternity, Shaw Players, N. C. State 
Student Legislative Assembly, Junior 
Class Award, Political Science Club, 
Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Pan- 
Hellenic Council. 

Marvin Williams, B.D. 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Sidney Wesley Williams, Jr., B.S. 

Annapolis, Maryland 

"The civilized man has built a coach, 

but has lost the use of his feet." 
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, University 
Chorale Society, Pan-Hellenic Council, 
YMCA, Science Club. 

Charles S. Wilson, B.S. 

East Orange, New Jersey 

"Patience is the mother of virture and 

virture is its own reward." 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Basketball 
Team, Science Club, YMCA. 

Hadesel Luvenia Wilson, A.B 


Washington, D. C. 

"Throughout the years my mother has 

been my guiding star." 
YWCA, Women's Choir, University 
Chorale Society, Student Council, Alpha 
Kappa Alpha Sorority, Staff Member of 
1950-51 Bear. 

Hazel Harrison Worley, B.S. 

Nashville, North Carolina 

"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to 

University Chorale Society, Christian 
Education Society, Home Economics 
Club, YWCA, Resident Young Women 
Non-Resident Young Women. 

Lillian Amanda Wright, A.B. 
Raleigh, North Carolina 
"Fame is what you have taken, character 
is what you give; when to this truth 
you awaken, then you will begin to 



Mary Betty Yarborough, B.S. 

Louisburg, North Carolina 

"Nature has given to man two ears that 

he may hear from others twice as 

much as we speak." 

BSU, Sunday School, Resident Young 

Women, YWCA, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 

Thelma Wallace Young, A.B. 


Wilmington, North Carolina 

The mind is in its own place, and can 

make heaven of hell or hell of 


EPC Club, University Choir, Women's 
(Pianist and Organist), YWCA, Pesta- 
lozzi Club, Resident Young Women, 
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. 




We, the members of the Senior Class, being of sound mind and body, do 
hereby, bequeath, and leave the following earthly possessions to the persons 
who shall afterwards be mentioned with the hope that they will use whatever 
has been left them. 

Article I 

To the members of the Faculty, we leave our sincere appreciations for their 
patience, loyalty, kindness, devotion, and steady consolations throughout our 
years in college. 

Article II 

1. Ada Brown leaves her ability to lead the Sunday School choir to Walter 

2. Katie Leake leaves her quiet and pleasing personality to Mary Brooks. She 
is sure it will be most beneficial to her during her Junior Year. 

3. Annye Maynor wills to Mattie Parker, Mary Chavis, and Alois Smith, her 
quietness along with her undying friendship and to Catherine Hall her 
beautiful dimples. 

4. Willa Price would leave her B.S. degree to Rastus Hailstock but she is afraid 
that he would be absent on graduation day. She leaves her quietness to her 
schoolmates from her home town. 

5. Pearl White wills her place in the dining hall to Margarite Young. 

6. To all Elementary Education majors, Mary Royal wills all of her scrapbooks, 
posters and her seat in Education 435 to who-so-ever dares to take it. 

7. Cleo Hardy wills her grace and dignity to Lila Spivey. 

8. Thelma W. Young wills her vivacious and colorful personality to Rosetta 
Artis. To all the big girls who always made fun of her "petite" yet "stashed" 
figure, her success in getting a very good husband. To Christine Williamson 
she leaves her musical and dancing abilities. 

9. Kathryn Harding leaves to Charity Wells her "seventeen walk," asking that 
she minds what path she takes when she uses that walk. To the remaining 
Shawites, she leaves her formula for success. To one-fourth guidance and 
confidence to one-fourth hope and prayer; add one-half honest effort. Mix 
well and apply to noble purposes. Results guaranteed. 

10. To Rosetta Johnson, Electric Lloyd, and Vilma Bracy Geneva Boone wills 
her German translation. To a lonely junior she leaves ler mail. 

11. Louise Thompson wills her athletic ability to Bettie Matthews. 

12. Whelma Hicks and Jacqueline Church will to Margie White, Catherine Hall 
and Gracie Hall their undying friendship. 

13. Hadasel Wilson wills her ability to smile in the midst of tears to Ramona 
Simms and her ability to sing to Vilma Bracy. The balance of her possessions 
she devotedly leaves to Gloria Kershaw 

14. Ruby Grantham wills her ability to sing to Delores Young and her ability 
to work problems to Betty Ingram. 



15. Carolyn Coleman wills her typewriter and chair in the library to anyone who 
will have it and her place in the alto section of the University Choir to Shirley 

16. Claudia Hasselle wills to Mae Watson her nosiness and her ability to get all 
the lastest news first hand. 

17. Kadesta Moore wills her noisness to anyone who is not that way. 

18. Edith Sawyer wills her history books to Clarence McNiel. 

19. Lizzie Cunningham leaves her un-yielding standards and way of life to all 

20. Jessie Jones leaves her chemistry ability to all female chemistry majors. 

21. Henel Johnson leaves to Dorothy Hodges and Fannie Burt her great determina- 
tion to succeed. 

22. Vernon Herron leaves the duty of leading the prayer services to the person 
who will show an equal interest. 

23. Walter Armour leaves his sensational brain power to all who may be con- 
cerned and his ability to capture the female hearts to Singfield. 

24. Vernon Clark leaves his musical ability to all of the male amateurs. 

25. Julia Perrin leaves her all around personality to her sister who has just 
entered Shaw. 

26. Sidella Simmons leaves her accumulative weight to Walter Sheffield. 

27. Jeanne Brown leaves her cooperative spirit to Dorothy Haith. 

28. Evelyn Hooper leaves to Queen E. Thompson her bright way of speaking. 

29. Herman Smith leaves his quietness to William Hyman and his friend Preston. 

30. Bill Powell leaves his working abilities to William Alexander. 

31. Claudia Herron leaves to all the quiet girls and quiet fellows her talking 

32. Clara Douglas and Berniece Hicks leave the keys to their rooms to the "not- 
responsible" occupants. 

33. Clara Moore leaves her success in graduating in three years to Helen Powell. 

34. John Williams leaves his ambitions and his patient ability of understanding 
some situations to the next student body president. 

35. Tennyson Newkirk leaves his self-reliance to David Williams and the keys 
to the University station-wagon and bus to the next driver. 

This hereby is the last will and testament of the class of nineteen-hundred and 

Thelma W. Young, 
Annye Manor, 
Walter Armour. 





(Tune: In a Garden) 

: "<v? 





Our valiant school will always stand bravely before us. 

Its shining beacon spreads its rays 

On all Shaw sons and daughters. 

O Shaw your name will forever be 

To the class of '51 

A symbol of your sacrifice, your love 

And the glorious task that you have done. 

O alma mater we leave these walls, 
And go to take our stand. 
We pledge our loyalty and faith 
To help our fellowman. 
And as we leave this campus green 
Fond memories come and go 
And leave their impressions on our hearts, 
Of how we love you so. 

We love you so. 


O Shaw you have sheltered us throughout the many years, 

And laid the foundation for us. 

We will always remember you. 

The happy hours spent within these walls 

Will be a pleasant memory. 

And now we say goodbye dear Shaw U. 

To go where duty calls 

Where duty calls. 

Carolyn Coleman, 
Ocie L. Taylor. 


£>;»;;■ • 

mx- • 





Time: September 23, 1971 

I, John Hodnett had been laboring furiously for twenty years in my labora- 
tory in New Delhi, India. In that time I was working on the Radio-Active 
Geomathical Propeller of the H.P. 888 Rocket Jet which I invented. Having 
successfully completed my endeavor, I decided a vacation with an around-the- 
world flight would set me right. So taking off in my newly invented airplane, 
my first stop was on the Hawiian Islands. When the governor came to present 
me the key to the fair city of Honolulu, to my surprise, whom should I see 
but John Barnes. After a brief stay, he said he was fed up with governmental 
duties and a nice vacation would do him good. He decided to accompany me. 
Our first stop was San Francisco. Here we learned that the Democrats were 
holding their National Convention. At the Convention we saw our old friends, 
Senators James H. Smith, John J. Williams, Jr., and Nathaniel Gaylord. Talk- 
ing with them we learned that Bernice Williams, Sidella Simmons, and Jessie 
Jones were making the picture "For the Ends of Being." We left San Francisco 
and landed at Phoenix, Arizona for I was to give a lecture there. We were 
astonished at seeing Jeanne Brown who was Professor of Sociology at Leaf 
University. In talking to her we learned that Gus D. McNeil was pastoring 
Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Chicago. 

We then left for Chicago and landed at Matan Airport. We saw Roosevelt 
Peebles who was an electrical engineer at the airport. Gus McNeil told us 
that Janice Floyd was a celebrated Spanish Opera dancer and that Hazel Kelly 
was a successful housewife with three small children. 

Our Jet, at 2,000 M.P.H., took us to Raleigh, and naturally we would visit 
our Alma Mater. One significant change was that Worth Barbour was our 
President. We talked to Dr. Barbour and he told us that Julia Perrin was on the 
faculty of North Carolina State College of Raleigh, and that Louise Chavis was 
principal of Washington Elementary School. 

We left Raleigh and sped to Philadelphia. Upon landing there we were in- 
vited to a football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington 
Redskins. Blinky Brown was playing end for the Eagles. After the game we 
learned from Blinky that Harrod Walden and Walter Armour were Professors 
of Sociology and Chemistry respectively at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Our Jet-propelled "Betty Mae" took us to New York City. There we found 
Genev Boone working in a hospital as a cancer specialist. She told us that 
Hadasel Wilson and Carolyn Coleman were so-editors of The Modern English 
Journal. We happened to be passing a national laboratory and saw familiar 
faces in white coats. We entered and saw Drs. Ocie Taylor, Robert Burgess, 
Valeria Jordan, and Herman Smith perfecting the cure for heart disease. 


■r t../ i > < r . , > .. tmtmmmimiamimmmianjtmtitmnw 

Off we were to London, England. While walking down Angle Street we saw 
a sign which said, "Flannagan and Lee Styles." Going in we found William 
Flannagan and Charles Lee in their style shop. After talking a bit, Flannagan 
tuned in to hear Jim Turner's program featuring Claudia Herrond in "Let's 
talk 'em to Death" with Vernon Clark in his "Verbal Cure" for infantile 

We took off and flying at an altitude of 8,000 feet, we lowered to land in gay 
Parie. We went to the Club "Bonne Chanson" and saw Robert Jones, Jobe 
Best, and Earl Raynor with "Les belles filles." 

We flew to Nigeria, Africa to visit the mighty Niger River. We then visited 
the Baptist Mission and were surprised to see Vernon Herron, Ada Ruth Brown, 
and James R. Cobb from the General Baptist Convention of North Carolina. 
They told of their wonderful experiences and also that Robert Hammond and 
George Handy were about to complete their expedition in the unknown jungles 
as animal traders. 

We then flew swiftly to Moscow and found Earl (Dabs) Staton and Annye 
May Maynor as entertainers in the Kremlin. Our next stop was Hiroshima, 
Japan where Sallie Hayes, Fuller Murfree, and Mary Yarborough were com- 
pleting Einstein's theory in their "bomb sight" atomic plant. We visited South 
America and stopped in Rio de Janerio and were at once taken to the head- 
quarters of our American State Department. There we found Mr. and Mrs. 
Talmadge Cothran, the latter the former Reva Harris, engaged in public re- 
lations work. They informed us that George Tyler, Bill Powell, Daylene Page, 
Sidney Williams, and Louis English were engineers leading in the construction 
of an overhead highway from Bolivia to Argentina. They also informed us 
that "Jimmy" Mincey and his world champion New York Yankees were in spring 
training at Cruz, Chile. 

Homeward bound, we stopped in Long Beach, California for a rest from our 
long and exciting trip. We were invited to spend two weeks in the luxurious 
home of Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Jones, the latter the former Gladys Quinichett. 
During this period we spent several days entertaining the rest of the class of 
51 not mentioned here. 

It was now time for me to leave for my laboratory in New Delhi and for Gov. 
Barnes to go to the luxury Liner, "Matsonia," for his sojourn back to his duties. 

So long, friends, may your futures be prosperous and your success greater 

than prophcsized. 

John Hodnett, 

John Barnes. 



1. Sidney Williams would run 

2. Carolyn Coleman^i**mto breakfasT 

3. Alfred Newk/ffk could not filibuster 

4. Dean Paj^ie, our belovj 

could not t^ch Shakespearean 

5. "Blink/y" Brown UBst his charm 

6. Jeanr* Brown lcJt her alluring smile 

7. "Hawl" Flann/gan had his wardrobe ^mited 

8. Evelyn ^Boper told a funny joke 

9. Annye Maynor could not laugh 

10. Ocie Taylor saw somethingXhat wasn't "bj^utiful" 

11. Mr. Devane couldn't lect/re 

12. Geraldine Jones Cheek/could not cWfhce 

13. Jessie Jones couldn't swoon over Beacoates 

14. Julia Perrin caught 

15. Walter Armour coul 

16. Claudia Herrond los 

17. Claudia Hassell didn 

n't plaj it cool 
her power of speech 

know the latest gossip 

18. "Cookie" Young keptVier finlers out of her mouth 

19. John Barnes couldn't o^ite 

20. Delia Wall lost her nasal Southern accent 

21. Katy Harding lost all oJTIeHfaats 

22. Mr. Patterson would Iain ten Bounds 

23. Mr. Cook bought a new ■RaT 

24. Your inquirer could answer all of these "IFS" 

Hadasel L. Wilson. 



Florence Boone 
Walter Armour 


Mary Bailey 
John Williams, Jr. 


Katie Leake 
Nathaniel Gaylord 


Claudia Hassell 
Joseph Eason 


Jeanne D. Brown 
William Powell 


Katie Harding 
Jasper Jones 


Geraldine Cheek 
Earl Staton 


Lizzie Cunningham 
Earl Raynor 


Frances Keese 
James Mincey 


Louise Thompson 
"Blinky" Brown 


Janice Floyd 
John Barnes 


Hadasel Wilson 
Alfred Newkirk 


Claudia Herrond 
Vernon Herron 


Lydia Whitted 
Ocie L. Taylor 


Jacqueline Goode 
John Hodnett, Jr. 



The 1947 school year can be characterized as one of confusion, of crowded dormitories and 
disappointed college applicants. From this state, intensified by rainy weather and home-sickness, 
came the class of '51; one destined to leave an indelible account in the historic archives of Shaw 
University. The Class first gained the attention and applause of the University through its partici- 
pation in the traditional Talent Program, composed entirely of new Shawites. 

It was at this program that the new Shaw Family constituents made their first real contri- 
bution to the general college life. For here were introduced prospective elements to reinforce 
the already notable Dramatics and Music Departments. The Shaw University Chorale Society 
was strengthened by the addition of Alfred Newkirk, Carolyn Coleman, Hadasel Wilson, Dorothy 
Stadler, W. Littlejohn Barbour, Thelma Young, Geraldine Cheek and Ocie L. Taylor. In the 
realm of dramatics, Jonn Barnes distinguished himself as both an actor and capable president. 

In the meantime, other members of this group were giving their muscular bit towards the 
improvement of our Athletic Department. Our present gridiron captain, James "Blinky" Brown, 
along with Horace Burton, Robert Lee, Harry Huggins, Walter Armour and Lincoln Turner were 
outstanding as members of the 1947 CIAA championship team. To the roster of our basketball 
team were added the names Charles Wilson, Horace Burton and James Mincy. 

Along with the above-mentioned contributions, the freshman Class members of 1947 added 
its leadership to the campus. They elected as their President, Eugene Richardson. The other 
officers were as follows: Vice-President, Julian Perrin; Secretary, Montros Boone; Treasurer, 
Henry Bobbitt; Business Manager, Alton Powell; and Student Council representatives, James 
Turner and Jessie Forshe. Dean Foster P. Payne was selected to serve as Adviser. 

Under the efficient leadership of these persons, the infant Shawites settled down to a year 
of fruitful academic study and noteworthy extra-curricular participation. The success of these 
endeavors can best be expressed in terms of awards received by individual members of the class. 
The recipient of the Freshman Class Award was Ronald Searcy. Other persons awarded for 
outstanding achievements were Alfred Newkirk, Jeanne Brown, Mary Bailey, and Thelma Young. 

The following year found the number of class members somewhat altered. Although time 
and circumstances had taken their toll, the stable members were able and determined to carry 
on the work that they had so successfully started. Therefore, with well founded purposes, these 
new sophisticated Shaw Family members organized themselves for their sophomore year. Wil- 
liam D. Worley was elected President. His co-workers were Vice-President Talmadge Cochran; 
Secretary Nancy Gannaway; Assistant Secretary, Jeanne Brown; Treasurer, Willa Price. 


With the novelty of college worn thin and the problem of adjustment a mere psychological 
usage, the class members found the matter of excelling, academically and socially, no object. 
The class was led by Florence Boone in academic achievements. Miss Boone was recipient of 
the Sophomore Class Award and Miss Grace Saunders was awarded the Benjamin G. Brawley 
Memorial Prize. 

The end of the Sophomore year, found this group at the half-way point of its collegiate so- 
journ. With the first half completed, the class members sought leadership to guide them into 
the second phase of this jaunt. Mr. Nathaniel Gaylord was elected president. His aides, at the 
head of the class, were John Hodnett, Vice-President: Willa Price, Secretary; Mary Bailey. As- 
sistant Secretary; and John Barnes, Treasurer. 

Upon returning for their Junior Year, the class members were, at this point, ready to reap 
some of the fruits of their previous labor. The Alpha Omicron Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Mu 
Honor Society added to its roster a number of names appearing in the '51 generation of the Shaw 
Family. They were Jeanne Brown, Nathaniel Gaylord, Walter Armour, Julia Perrin, Reva Har- 
ris, Helen Johnson, Katie Harding and John J. Williams. Jr. The entire Shaw Family saw fit to 
elect Miss Jeanne Brown an official representative for the University, "Miss Shaw." Miss Brown 
was the very first to be elected to this position; in addition Miss Brown was elected as a candi- 
date for Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities. The activities of the year were 
brought to a social closing with the sponsorship of the traditional Junior-Senior Prom. 

Academically, the Junior Class was led by Mrs. Katie Harding and John J. Williams, both 
receiving the Junior Class Award for that particular year. John Williams, former Vice-President 
of the Student Council, was elected to serve as president. 

The members of the now Senior Class prepared for the last lap of their educational journey 
with the election of Nathaniel Gaylord again as president. Other officers were John Barnes, 
Vice-President; Jeanne Brown, Secretary; Grace Hudson, Assistant Secretary and Walter Armour, 
Treasurer. Dean Foster P. Payne was selected as Adviser for the fourth successive year. 

This new school year brought with its additional honors to the members of the Class of '51. 
Miss Katie Leake was the second to be elected as "Miss Shaw." The names of Katie Harding, 
Reva Harris. Vernon Herron, Alfred Newkirk, Alton Powell, Nathaniel Gaylord, Jeanne Brown, 
Mary Bailey and John Williams, Jr., found their way on the list of students selected as candi- 
dates to Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities. 

Thus closes the famous history of the class of 1951, a class whose worth and service to the 
world will depend on how well its members have digested the time tested precepts and tradi- 
tions of our Alma Mater, Shaw University. 







To thee, O Shaw, doth our hearts sing praise, 

Thou art the light, the guiding star, 

Whose beacon we have seen afar 

Which lights the dark and narrow ways 

Of life's rugged paths. 

Thou hadst a voice whose sound was like the sea; 

Which beckoned us along the way, 

And bade us upon thy heart our faults to lay, 

That ours might be a life, majestic, free. 

"Thy Soul was like a Star, and dwelt apart"; 

Thine was the voice which weathered the raging heights 

And softly whispered, "God is Love and Love is might." 

Live on, Shaw, live always in our hearts. 

John Taylor. 



n w n 



President , T 

„ Jasper Jones 

f Cretary Preston Grantham 

Treasurer John Barnes 

Dean of Pledges Fuller Mur£rge 

AdvlSeT Mr. H. C. Perrin 

— I 


^ Si ^ nt ., Nathaniel Gaylord 

Vice-President xv„..i r».iii- 

„ Frank Phillips 

ere ary Herman Smith 

treasurer r _ D - . . 

„ . _, " Eugene Richardson 

Dean of Pledges wmi r-i 

* William Flannagan 



President Jessie Jones 

Secretary Katie Leake 

Treasurer Catherine Flood 

Dean of Pledges Willa Price 

n csiutM Martha Davis 

Vice-President Willie Mae Ramsey 

Secretary Hazel Kelly 

Treasurer Aileen Macon 


i -. M * •<■■*< 

M --^M 

!Jj ., T 


""'"' r "'^ i ' ^K 


— *3 










■§3 fc u -fa 

— _" K CO o 


C CO Try- 

- CD J 01 u 
H OJO „ >> . 
3 h • M C 

o offls co 

£ CD ■ ^ r; 

CQOffi ,, g 

U9 '" CO ^ O 

« -3° 2 
•-= fax .. co 

U E^.^p; 

-*3 c l - 
u< co ■: 

a; r '-~(J 

x goq-.S 

< H §^ 
E £g ffi 

3 a, 3^ JJ 
^ 0) o o « 

& JKCQ< 


O co 


™ CO 

: uo 


•-45 »" 
eqo c 

ra ... t 



£ M " c 

C "J 5 

O o CO 



H .« : 

C --CQ 

^- . cd' 

_ >>c 

C CO o 

rati o 
3 Sffl 

— < c 
^! B w 

? CO CD 




w co ° , • 

s s Q « fe 

J3 O o , - 

^3 H-J CD ,5 CD 

C _ C O.Q 

« a'coE 6 

P* CD ^ _ A 
>>0 -CM 

CD •• C 5 

Jo °~8 

2 > K 

"^ IcD 



!co;0 *" c 
0,;33 o 

_U CD^j CD 

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Coach Brutus Wilson, Captain James "Blinkey" Brown, 
Assistant Coach Bowie. 

Lee Center 

Phillips Halfback 

Benton Quarterback 

Chambers Halfback 



Captain Daniels goes up for a "snow-bird" in the above picture that is typical 
of the fast action on the court the Shaw Bear's basketball team saw in their 28 
games where they won 15 while losing 13. 




From our observations in the past four years, we have seen many praise-worthy 
characteristics among our female classmates. If we combine these outstanding 
characteristics we can easily mold an ideal senior girl. 

This girl would possess the amiability of Jessie Jones, and the velvet like 
complexion of Bernice Williams and hair as wavy as Jacqueline Goode's, and 
she will have sparkling eyes like Jean Brown, and irresistible lips like those 
of Mary Hill. Her height will equal that of Aileen Macon. Her venus-like 
physique will be like that of Sidella Simmons and her hands as soft and tender 
as Evelyn Hooper. Her scholastic ability will equal that of Florence Boone 
and her sound judgment will be as good as that of Claudia Herron. She will 
be as alert and vivacious as Margaret Boone. She will be as lackadaisical as 
Delia Wall, and possess the wit of Mercedes Turner. She will be able to play 
the piano as well as Loretta Hocutt and sing as well as Hadasel Wilson and trip 
the light fantastic toe like Geraldine Cheek. She will be as poised and as 
cultured as Katie Harding and as co-operative as Dorothy Taylor. She will 
display the taste in clothes of Julia Perrin. We will endow her with the 
romantic qualities of Montrose Boone and the magnetic personality of Thelma 
Young. Her ambition will be as lofty as that possessed by Julia Perrin, who 
always strives to do her best. All of these qualities, and we can not omit the 
religious qualities of Valeria Jordan, will gain for her the overwhelming per- 
sonality of Jean Brown. 


From the class of '51 we made a careful and thorough study of all the men 
and arrived at the conclusion that only by taking the outstanding qualities of 
certain men and moulding them into one can we get the ideal senior man. 

To this man we are giving the physique of Charles Lee, the height of John 
Hall, the dark brown wavy hair of James Brown, the teasing brown com- 
plexion of George Handy, the laughing brown eyes of William Flanagan, the 
mouth and Roman nose of Alton Powell. We are giving him the captivating 
personality of George Handy, blended with the superb culture of James Smith, 
and par excellent intelligence of Walter Armour, enhanced by the scholastic 
ability of Nathaniel Gaylord. He will be the embodiment of the loyalty and 
sincerity of Vernon Herron, the trustworthiness of Robert Burgess, the manliness 
of Jobe Best, and the ambition of John Williams, which produces the business 
ability of Alfred Newkirk. 

Believing that the possession of these qualities alone would only serve to 
make him more or less a "bookworm" and an anti-social being we decided to 
give him some traits that would make him a well-rounded personality; there- 
fore, we are giving him the ability to "tickle the ivory" like Ocie Taylor, and 
that "send me" crooner's voice of Charles Lee. To this we add the "light fantastic 
toe" of Earl Staton and the athletic prowess of James Brown. Then we are 
sprinkling in the sharp but sprightly wit and lackadaisicalness of Sidney Wil- 
liams and tempered it with the attentiveness of Robert Lee. 

Our ideal senior is given taste in clothes like that of William Flanagan, the 
romantic qualities of Charles Lee, combined with the coolness of Walter Armour. 
We are giving him the financial status of Sidney Williams. We will make his 
as handsome as William Flanagan. Endowed with all of this plus the religious 
qualities of Vernon Herron, he will gain for himself the popularity of Alton 
Powell and the versatility of Charles Lee. 

Sallie M. Hayes, 
Claudia Herron, 
Julia R. Perrin. 



Y. W. C. A. 

Vice-President Katie Harding 

Secretary Lonene Harris 

Business Manager Mary Davis 

Adviser Ida Daniels 

Miss M. E. Watson 


President J° hn Barnes 

Secretary Helen Powell 

Treasurer Thomas E. Dunn 

Advisers Mrs. E. H. Thomas, Mrs. Beulah Gallwey 



James O'Neil 

Secretary Dorothy Burnette 

Advlser Mr. Thomas Hubbard 

..Thomas Dunn 



Sec ™ tar y Doris P , 

Measurer Ralph Grooms 

Advlser Mr. Ronald Foreman 




*. VP^^Jfm^^W^^^^K'^f''- 


"It's not saiing but slaving when 
you do your Hashing at home" 

\Ik>. Lucille Barbour Rowland. Prop. 
PHONE 4-2704 

413 S. Bloodworth Street 

Cut Rale Market 


Phone 5138 

We Deliver 


^// ■Fami/ y Drink! 



Varnishes - Glidden Paints 

United Wall Paper 

Raleigh, N. C. 


Raleigh s Leading Credit Jewelers 

Fayetteville Corner Hargett Street 



307 Wilmington Street 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Compliments of 












DIAL 7534 

"Make Our Telephone Line 
Your Clothes Line" 

520 Fayetteville Street 

Raleich, N. C. 





Wherever You Go . . . 

Sandwiches WPP!^? Potato" %& 

Remember This Seol— Its You. Assurance ot The Best 



328 Smiihfield Street 

Raleigh, N. C. 



305 West South Street 

Raleigh. N. C. 



Ice Cream 
Dairy Products 

DIAL 2-3911 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Peerless Master 
Cleaners and Dyers 

Main Plant: 
516-518 Fayetteville Street 

Branch Offices: 
620 Glemvood Avenue 
103 West Jones Street 

11 South Dawson Street 
308 South Person Street 


Please Patronize the Office 
Nearest You! 



Raleigh. N. C. 



900 South Wilmington Street 



Raleigh, N. C. 



Published at 

118 East Hargett Street 

Raleigh, N. C. 



"Eastern Carolina's Largest" 

Appreciates the Patronage of the Students and 
Friends of Shaw University 



We Make Loans on Watches, 

Diamonds, Luggage, 

and Clothing 

223 South Wilmington Street 
Raleigh, N. C. 


'We Strive to Please Ever 
303 West South Street 

Raleigh, N. C. 


[■■iiffii— urn