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XV "V ^\^!. 







"If we must die . . . let it be with our backs against the 
wall . . . but fighting back. " Claude McKav's famous words 
echo more importantly to black people at the commence- 
ment of the "seventies" than they ever have since he wrote 
them. The new awareness of black men finds us fighting 
back. We are waging our defense through armed insurrec- 
tion, legal interpretation, passive demonstration, achieve- 
ments, arid knowledgeable preparation. 

It is to this latter attribute, knowledgeable preparation, 
that Shaw University strives to remain a vanguard. This 
institution interprets its role in terms of its people and the 
communal and academic tools that are needed for the 
struggle. The editor and his staff hope that this book will 
give you a feeling of the flavor of our arena of preparatory 
learning - PO WER TO THE PEOPLE! 

Shaw University Library 

^> I 


Honorable Angie Brooks 
Class of 1949 — Shaw University 

Dedication Message 

When the General Assembly of ihe United Nations convened in September 1969, 
the first lady president since Madame Pandi in 1953 was presiding. The Honorable 
Angie Elizabeth Brooks had become president of the General Assembly for the 24th 

A close friend said. "She started with nothing, but look at her now. " Two friends, 
one the pastor of her Baptist church in Liberia, and the other Ihe minister's old 
schoolmate who was then president of Shaw University, played an important role in 
how she came to Shaw. The clergyman persuaded the president to grant Angie a 
work scholarship on her promise that she would do almost anything to finish school. 
At Shew she earned her way by cooking, washing dishes, scrubbing floors, doing 
laundry, and just about any other chore that would assist her through the University. 
She graduated from Shcrw with a degree in social science and earned two more 
degrees at the University of Wisconsin, one in law and the other a masters in 
political science. She spent two more years studying international law in London. 

In 1954 Miss Brooks was called upon to fill a vacancy in the Liberian delegation 
to the United Nations. She readily complied and thus began her distinguished career 
in that body. During her rise to fame she never forgot Shaw University, her first step 
in these United Slates. She has returned many times to her alma mater. On a 1963 
visit she joined a "sit in " and helped call national attention to desegregation efforts 
in Raleigh. 

Shaw recently awarded her an honorary Doctor of Laws (LL.D.). for she has 
depicted everything worthwhile in a Shaw student. It is with this same pride in our 
own that we dedicate this 1970 Bear to the Honorable Angie Elizabeth Brooks — 
Shaw University Class of 1949 

Excerpts repnnted from "Shawensis Magazine." Vol. 2. #2 

Table Of Contents 


Editor's Page 

Homecoming and Coronation 

Special Senior Section 

Senior Class 



Bear Staff 

Junior Class 

Campus Queens 


Sophomore Class 

Frats. Sororities. Etc. 



Shaw Players 


Freshmen Class 

Alma Mater 






The Editor Speaks: 

Shaw University has Jong been a school of progressiveness whose 
center of attention has been what it could contribute to the communitv. 
In 1970, the year this university launches its 70 decade development 
program, Shaw is more involved than it has ever before been with the 
community. The Division of Extension Education has firmly 
entrenched itself this year and shows nothing but promising signs. The 
new mobile units to be utilized as communitv health information 
agencies have been completed this year also. 1970 is furthermore the 
year of Shaw's total commitment to the Southside community via the 
Southside Urban Development and Educational Facilities Charette. 

Shaw University will be pouring into the communities across the 
country this year the resources and abilities of some of the nation's 
most talented black graduates. It is my hope that as vou read the 1970 
Bear, you will get a flavor of this University as we experience it. I 
hope that you will be able to see how a tradition of high academic 
principles and family unity have through the ages helped us ascend 
from the Old to the New. 

Kermit "KC" Burton 

.•» . m : m- -■. 

Miss Shaw University 1969-70 

Miss Viola Ramsey 

The 1969-70 Attendants 

^■^a^. " 


Miss Brenda Hofler & Miss Alice Brooks 

The Omega representation 

Mr. and Miss 1st Year Student 

Miss Winston-Salem 

Miss A K A 

Miss Men's Personnel Council 

Miss Nu Gamma Alpha 


Carol Gartrell - Miss Shaw 1968-69 gives farewell address 

Miss Shaw l%9-70 Ascends the throne 


The Royal Entertainment 



Founder's Day Activities 

that he might lift Godward his brother. " 

The Founder's Dav Procession 

r ; 

The Founder's Day Banquet 

Homecoming 1969 

'The Color and . 


The Glamor.'' 

Profiles In Courage 



The Special 


The President's Message to The 1970 Graduates 

We have left behind the tumultuous and exciting decade of the 
sixties. We face the future and the seventies with a new hope and 
expectation that man mil acquire deeper insights, greater compassion 
and a sharper commitment to resolving some of society's basic problems 
J he reforms which vou have inspired and prompted here, at Shaw 
represent the beginning of a re-focus of higher education. It is clear 
that I we are to develop an educational environment which develops 
the characteristic excellence of which men are capable, we must con- 
tinue to be effective self-critics. 

We hope and expect that the graduates of 1970 will take their places 

among the leaders of men. You represem the life-blood and the future 

of our nation and of mankind We know that vou will serve well 
Whatever may be your calling or vocation, always remember the 

biblical injunction: "Whatever thy hand fndeth to do. do it with thy 

might. " 

President King V. Cheek 


Anything for Reggie 

True love 

Ralph will never change 

The Foxy Freshmen "67" 

True love, again 


Those were the good ole meals 

"Yum, yum'' 


r *^ 

/ \ 

Ralph will never change 

It's pony time 
in the old Inn 

/ ^ 



The ladies of Estey Hall-"66-'67" 



Darrow the star "66-67" 

Cool Dave, the Groover 

What does Dean Coleman want now? 

' e ' 


Another exciting 
night in Tupper Hall 







The only fox at the 
party - "67" 

of home 


Here's to the class of 70 "Hie" 

"Say What" 

A Groovy Room 

Yo, Billy & Barb 
Seniors "70" 

A D.S.T. for "70' 






William J. Anderson Groove Phi Groove - Bus. 
Admin. — Amiivville. N.Y. 

Ernes! Alexander Q^<i> - Bus. Admin. Palerson, N.J. 

Onie Alston ASB - Physical Ed. 

Martin L. Banks Jr. KA'I' - Mathematics Philadel- 
phia. Pa. 

Lendora Baldwin — Bus. Admin. Hliiie Plains, N. Y. 

Shirley Barr - Bus. Admin. Kmgslree. S.C. 

Joseph N. Bell fi4'<t> - Bus. Admin. Wilmington, N.C. Arneiihia Bethea - Sociology Elizabeth. N.J. 

Doris D. Black 2*6 
Bus. Ed. 
Lillinglon, N.C. 


Bessie Boyd AKA 
Physical Ed. 
Clarksville, Va. 


Alice Brooks 
Charlotte, N.C. 


Willie Brooks 
Clinton. N.C. 

Beverly Doreen Brown 
Elemenlary Ed 
East Orange, N.J. 

Willie James Brown G4>G 
Elementary Ed. 
Newark, N.J. 


Ronald Buckerv 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Linda C. Burney AKA 
Elementary Ed. 
Kins I on, N.C. 


Gwendolyn Burwell AKA 


Stanley M. Cave III 
International Relations 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Quentm Chavis G<I>G 



Ruth Clay 
Wilmington, N.C. 


John Coleman Jr. G<I>G 
West fie Id, N.J. 


Paul R. Coleman 
Miami, Fla 

Carolyn Conyers 
Bus. Admin. 
NeM'ark, N.J. 


Judy Cooper 
Bus. Ed 
Florence, N.C. 

Brenda J. Couch 
Elememarv Ed. 
East Orange. N.J. 

Linda C. Cox 
Bus. Ed 
Sanford, N.C. 

Brenda J. Crawford AKA 


Cincinnati, Ohio 



Rosetta M. Crenshaw 
Bus. Ad. & Economics 
Broadnax. Va. 


Eastmond Cusack 

Man- L. Davis AKA 

Physical Ed. 


Dorchesler, S.C. 

Spanensburg, S.C. 


Faye Elaine Demory 
Elementarx Ed 
Weldon, N.C. 


Gloria Jean Dover 

Bus. Ed 

New London, Conn. 

Margaret Imogene Eakins 
Religion & Philosophy 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Nellie Deborah Edwards A20 


Portsmouth, Va. 


Souvonia Elleby A20 


Rowland. N.C. 



Edna Faison 
Elementary Ed. 
Clinton. N.C. 

Marie Fonvtlle Z<I)B 
Bus. Ed. 
Newbern, N.C. 


Robert Fuller Garrison U^<b 
Physical Ed. 
Hampsiead, N.C. 


Janice D. Gibbs 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 


Curtis Gill 
Physical Ed. 
Raleigh, N.C. 

Bernice J. Hall 
Elementary Ed. 
East Orange, N.J. 




Lillie R. Herring 
Elementary Ed. 
Dunn, N.C. 

« <tv._-~^ 

Lumarzell Hicks 
Bus. Ad 
Washington, D.C. 


Brenda L. Hofler 
Elementary Ed. 
Newark. N.J. 

Winifred C. Hughes 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Donald Hurt 
Bus. Ad. 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gail B. Isom 
Newark, N.J. 


Brian G. Jackson U'V^ 
Montclair, N.J. 



7^ ^Vv ^^H 




Odette Jackson 
Bus. Ad. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Michele Jackson 
Research Sociology 
Chester. Pa. 



Gloria Jennings 
Bus. Ad. 
Victoria. Va. 


Barbara Johnson 
Hartford. Conn. 

Maria A. Johnson 
Music Education 
Newark, N.J. 


Fawcetle Tyrone Jones fi^<I> 
English Ed. 
Bronx, N. Y. 


Travis E. Jones 
Washington, D.C. 


C. Gwyn Kearse 

Bus. Ed 

St. A /bans. N.Y. 

Nathaniel Ronald Knowles 


New York, N.Y. 

Bonnie Lanier 
Oak Citv, N.C. 

Morris Lark KA'-l' 
IVeslfield. N.J. 



Dorothy M. Lee 
Pinehurst, N.C. 

Eugene M. Leggett 
Physical Ed. 
Trenlon. N.J. 

Robert Long OBS 
Health & Physical Ed. 
Stalesville. N.C. 


Carol D. Loving 
Community Relations 
Washington, D.C. 


Robert L. McCleod 
Bus Ad. 
Roselle, N.C. 

Bobby C. McCormack 


Raeford, N.C. 

Ruth M. McDowell 
Elementary Ed. 
Starkeville, Miss. 

William McGarrah 
Bus. Ed. 
Hartford. Conn. 


Nina B. Mack 
Physical Ed. 
Raleigh, N.C. 

Beverly L. Martin AK 
Elementary Ed. 
Winston-Salem. N.C. 

' AKA 

Elizabeth Meeks SFP 
Wilson. N.C. 


Anthonv Mitchell 
Engineering Operations 
East Orange, N.C. 


Caleb Mitchell KA'4' 


Beverly Couch Moore 
Elementary Ed. 
East Orange, N.J. 

Mildred J eatt Moore 
Elementary Ed. 
Newbern, N.C. 

Anne E. Moll SFP 
Bus. Ad 
Bolton. N.C. 



Annie P. Petnis 
Community Relations 
Bronx. N.Y. 

Theresa Pitlman A26 
Philadelphia, Pa 


Edgar Allan Poe Q,^^ 


Dunn, N.C. 


Viola Ramsey — Miss Shaw — AKA 
Elementary Ed 
Hillsborough, N.C. 


Ruby Ray AS 9 
Elementary Ed. 
New York. N.Y. 


Jeanette Richardson 
Elementarv Ed. 
Raleigh, N.C. 

Josephine Riley 
Music Ed. 
Newark, N.J. 

Arthur J. Robertson 
Physical Ed 
New York, N.Y. 


Grace Robinson 
Elementarv Ed. 
Ml. Vernon, N.Y. 


Judy Ann Ross 
Physical Ed 
Darlington. S.C. 

Sandra Y. Long Rovsler 
Bus. Ed 

Norfolk. Va. 

Patricia Sauls 
Zebulon, N.C. 

Phyllis Scott 
Newark. N.J. 

yyUlie Sharpe 
Physical Ed. 
Elizabeth City. N.C. 

Lorraine R. Simmons 
Tampa, Fla. 

Howard Sims NT A 
Political Science 
Plainfield. N.J. 



Dinah Singletary 
Lake City. S.C. 


Gloria Slade 
Political Science 
Williamston, N.C. 

Lois Jean Smith 2rP 


Eru'in, N.C. 


Edna Snipes 
Elementary Ed. 
Hillsborough. N.C. 

49 George E. Spence fi^pij) 

Elizabeth City, N.C. 


Claudia Spencer A20 


Reginald Jerome Starker fi'I'* 


East Orange, N.J. 


Lee Art is Stevens 
Fine Arts 
Washington, D.C. 

gQ Joyce Swingler AKA 

Elementary Ed. 
Carteret. N.J. 


Chris Thomas 
Political Science 
New Shrewsbury, 



Mildred Louise Vaughn 


Staunton, Va. 


Patricia Ann Williams 
Elementary Education 
Bonneville. N.C. 

Patricia Renee 
Charlotte, N.C. 




Charles White KA^ 
Richmond, Va. 


Lurelha Wilson 


Newton Grove, N.C. 


Wilson LacY 
Bladesboro, N.C. 








Shaw University Library 

'^tKt ..; 


. .■..^..•■- i-'-v 

V ..'•• 



Historical Statemenl 

The overt hostilities of Civil War had barely ceased when Dr. Henry Martin 
Tupper of Monson, Massachusetts, an honorably discharged chaplain of the 
Union army, arrived in Raleigh with his wife Mrs. Sarah B. Turner The date 
was October 10, 1865. 

Less than two months later Dr. Tupper assembled a theological class in the 
old Guion Hotel of Raleigh. Thus the reality that ultimately became The Shaw 
University began - December 1, 1865. 

The rapid growth of the theological class was a mandate to Dr Tupper to 
expand his activities. With $500.00 he had saved while m the army he bought a 
lot on the comer of Blount and Cabarrus Street. On this location he built with 
assistance from his adherents a two story wooden structure from the trees he 
and his adherents had cut from the forests. It was one of the largest buildings 
of its kind in the city of Raleigh. It was called the Raleigh Instimte. 

The site on which Shaw University now stands was purchased in 1870. At 
the time of purchase it was called the General Barnnger Estate. In 1871 the 
name of the school was changed to Shaw Collegiate Institute, a name it re- 
tained until the Institution was chartered and incorporated in 1875 under the 
name of The Shaw University. 

Thirty five years after Dr. Tupper began the theological class in the old 
Guion hotel the first theological degrees were confen-ed by the theological 
Department of The Shaw University. In 1900 four students received the Bache- 
lor of Theology (B.TH) degree. 

The subsequent development of theological education at Shaw University 
reveals an attempt to adapt to the changing demands of the ministry and to 
appropnate significant changes occurnng in theological education in the na- 

April 15, 1933 the School of Religion was established by an act of the Board 
of Trustees of the Shaw Universiry. The cumculum involved a six year penod 
of study upon completion of which the student received the combination Bach- 
elor of Arts and Bachelor of Divinity degrees. 

The combination A.B. - B.D. program was in vogue for 20 years. In 1953 it 
was discontinued and replaced by a full three year program of theological 
study leading to the Bachelor of Divinity degree. Possession of the Bachelor of 
Arts degree was prerequisite for admission to the program. 

Dunng the 1960-61 academic year another significant change occurred. Pnor 
to this time theological education was always an integral part of the Shaw 
University. In 1960-6 1 the School of Religion began to function as an indepen- 
dent, autonomous body and the name was changed to the Shaw Divinity 
School. It still, however, remained under the direction of the Board of Trustees 
of The Shaw University. 

Another milestone was reached in September, 1969 when the Shaw Divinity 
School was chartered for the first time in its history. During the 1969-70 aca- 
demic year a separate Board of Trustees was established and Dr. Paul H. John- 
son, minister to the Martin Street Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina, 
was elected Intenm Chairman. Thus a new reality came into existence at the 
Shaw University - a seminary separate by charter and governance from the 
University itself 

On May 12, 1970 the Board of Trustees of the Shaw Divinity School unani- 
mously approved a three degree program for the Shaw Divinity School: the 
Master of Divinity (M. Div.). the Master of Rehgion (M. Rel.) and the Bache- 
lor of Theology (B. Th.). 

James Z. Alexander 


The Faculty 

Leo J. Stillpass 

Charles L. Coleman 

John R. Manley 

John W. Fleming 


The Students 

John D. Ellis 

Norward P. Brodie 

Raymond L, Lassiler 

Luther Coppedge 


The former Dean. Grady D. Davis, and his 
successor. James Z. Alexander 

Dr. Davis was Commencement Orator 
For 1969 In service Ministers Graduating Class 

1970 In — service class for ministers 


1969 Ministere Institute and Woman's Missionary Training Conference 

Annual Theological Alumni Day 
Dr. William Holmes Borders, Guest Minister 


We're A Winner 

We're a winner! 
And never let anvbodv sav 

"Boy. you can 'I make it 

'Cause a feeble mind 

Is in vour way. " 

No more tears do we cry 

And we have finally dried our eves. 

And we're movin' on up. 

Movin ' on up. 

Lord have mercy. 

We're movin' on up. 

Movin ' on up. 

We're living proof, and all's alert 

That we're, too. from the good black earth. 

And we're a winner! 

And everybody knows it, too. 

We just keep on pushin ' 

Like your leaders tell you to. 

At last that blessed day has come 

And I don't care where you come from. 

We're all movin' on up. 

Movin' on up. 

Lord have mercy. 

We're movin' on up. 

We're movin' on up. 

Movin' on up. 

Lord have mercy. 

We're movin' on up. 

I don V mind leavin ' here 

To show the world we have no fear. 

'Cause we're a winner 

And everybody knows it. loo. 

We just keep on pushin ' 

Like your leaders tell you to. 

At last that blessed day has come 

And I don't care where you come from. 

We're just gonna move on up 

'Cause we're a winner! 

TheYoungGiftedAnd Black 


To be young, gifted, and black — 
Oh. what a lovelv, precious dream. 
To be young, gifted, and black — 
Open your heart to what I mean. 
In this whole world, you know. 
There's a million boys and girls 
Who are young, gifted, and black. 
And that's a fact. 

"KoM are young, gifted, and black," 

We must begin to tell our young. 

There's a world waiting for you. 

Yours is the quest that 's just begun. 

When you're feeling real low 

There's a great truth that you should know — 

To be young, gifted, and black 

Is where it's at. 

To be young gifted, and black — 

Oh, how I've longed to know the truth. 

There are times when I look back 

And I am haunted by my youth. 

But my joy of today 

Is that we can all be proud to say — 

To be young, gifted, and black 

Is where it's at! 

The Administrative Council 

Dr. Bertram Spector 


Dr. King ('. Cheek — President 

Mr Kenneth Bazzell 


The Division Of Academic Ajfairs 

Mr. Lenoir H. Cook 

Mr. Clean F. Thompson 

Mr. Joseph L. LeFrancois 

Mrs. Bessie P. Dupree 

Dr. Mark Atkinson 

Dr. J. Gerard Neptune 

Mr Willie L. Br\ant 

Mrs. Martha W. Wheeler 

Mrs. Joan B. Martin 


The Division Of Student Affairs 

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Cofield 

Rev. Charles L. Coleman 

Mr. Thomas Edward Kee 


Mr. George Clements 

Mr Raymond Lassiter 

Mr. George Chunn 

Mrs. Mary Spencer 

Mrs. Lula tiles 

Miss Daisv Clarke 

Mr. James Cochran 

Alfred T. Newkirk 

Miss Sarah Sansom 


Mr. Willie E. Jones 


Mr. Lawrence E. Allen 


r ^" 

Mr. William T. McCollum 

Mr. Benjamin Merritt 

Mr. Claude West 

Mrs. Velma Clark 

Mr Robert Powell 

Mr Frank Belk 

Nurse A Ithea Carter 

Rev. William Bell 

Nurse Martha Peacock 


Nurse Vertabell Saunders 

Y y. 


The Division Of Fiscal Affairs 

Mr. J. Vernon Parham 

Mr. Douglas Mallory 

Miss Queen E. Lee 

Mr. William Love 

■^ Mrs. Elizabeth J lies 

Mr. Bobby McClain 

Mr O. A. Dupree 


Mr. James Gambrett 

Mr. Cornelia Hubbard 


Mrs. Martha Bridgeforth 

Mr. Willie Martin 

Mrs. Elnora Kee 

Mr. ,4lonzo Stevens 

Miss Geneva Highsmith 

The Division Of Development And University Relations 

Mr. Oscar Smith 

Mr. Romaltus Murphy 

Mr. Olander Clark 

Miss Johnnie Doulhis 

Mr. Edward Silvev 

Dr. Wilmoth Carter Mr WMam Riddick Rev. James Ale.xander 

The Division Of University Extension Education 

Mr. Eccles Leak 

The following 
are not in 
proper sequence 


Miss Mildred Christmas 

Mrs Linda Watkins 

The Shaw University Trustee Board 

Expiring 1970 

C. Mehin Creecv. Jr.. A.B.. B.a. Rich Square, Norlh Carolina 
Moderator. Beulah Association. General Baptist State Convention 

John W. Davis. A.B.. LL.D.. New York. New York 
Special Director. Teacher Information and Security 
NAA CP Legal Defense and Education Fund. Incorporated 
President Emeritus. West Virginia Stale College 

Chancy R. Edwards. A.B.. B.D. D.D.. Favelleville. North Carolina 
First Vice President. General Baptist State Convention 
Minister. First Baptist Church 

William R. Hudgins. L.H.D.. New York. New York 
President. Freedom National Bank of New York 

Paul H. Johnson. A.B.. B.D.. D.D.. Raleigh. North Carolina 
Minister. Martin Street Baptist Church 

Asa T. Spaulding. B.S.. M.A.. LL.D.. Durham. North Carolina 


Past President. North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company 

John W. White. A.B.. B.D.. D.D.. Asheville. North Carolina 
President, General Baptist Stale Convention of North Carolina. Inc. 
Minister. Mount Zion Baptist Church 

Expiring 1971 

Mrs. Ellen S. Alston, A.B., LL.D.. Raleigh. North Carolina 

Executive Secretary (Retired) Woman's Baptist Home and Foreign 
Missionary Convention of North Carolina 

J. Melville Broughton. Jr.. A.B.. LL.B.. Raleigh, North Carolina 

J. W. Goodloe, A.B.. LED.. Durham. North Carolina 


President. North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company 

William H. Jones. Jr.. A.B.. M.A.. LL.D.. Elizabeth City North Carolina 
Principal. Pasquotank County School 

Terry Sanford. A.B.. LL.B., LL.D.. Fayetteville. North Carolina 
Attorney-at-Law (Former Governor of the State of North Carolina) 

Mrs. Mary Duke Semans. A.B.. Durham. North Carolina 

John W. Winters. LL.D . Raleigh, North Carolina 
Real Estate Broker and Builder 

Expiring 1972 

Warren Carr, A.B.. B.D.. Hinston-Salem. North Carolina 
Minister, Wake Forest Baptist Church 

J. Jasper Freeman, A.B., M.A., B.D. D.D., L.H.D.. Norfolk, Virginia 
Minister. Queen Street Baptist Church, Alumni Representative 

John R. Larkins, A.B., M.S. W., LED., Raleigh, North Carolina 
Consultant, North Carolina State Department of Public Welfare 

Howard L Mitchell, A.B., B.D., Gatesville, North Carolina 
Minister, Mill Neck Baptist Church 

William C. Raines. A.B., LL.B.. LL.M.. New York, New York 

John J. Theobald A,B,, B.S,, in C,E„ Ph.D., New York, New York 
Vice-President, New York Institute of Technology 

Richard Peyton Woodson, III, A.B., Raleigh, North Carolina 
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer 
Occidental Life Insurance Company of North Carolina 

Mrs. Rose Morgan, New York, New York 
President, Rose Morgan's House of Beauty 



Dr. and Mrs. King Virgil Cheek 

Kermit Burton 
Edilor-in-Chief of ihe 1970 Bear; The Omega Psi Phi 
Fralernily Incorporated: Student Council 67. 68 Honor 
Roll 67. 68; University Council 67. 68. 69; Board of 
Publications 67. 68. 69 President's Roundtable 67, 68, 
69; Debate Team 67. 68; Men's Personnel Council 68; 
Dorm Proctor 68; Class President 67; Staff Aide 68, 
69; Nu Rho Law Society 68; The Pre-Alumni Associa- 
tion 68; Shaw Bear Staff 68. 69; Third Year Student 
— Baltimore, Maryland. 

•K.C" Burton 

-' ^iS *f1 

Willie James Brown 
As.s,stant Editor of the 1970 Bear; The Groove Phi 
Groove Social Fellowship Incorporated; President of 
the Class of 1970; Shaw Journal; Umversitv Chorale 
Soctety; Men's Personnel Council; United Hertta.e 
Gospel Choir; President Roundtable; Umversitv Coun- 
cil; Fourth Year Student - Newark, New Jersey 

Willie J. Brown 


Edgar Allan Poe 

Carol Loving 

Marv Davis 


Carolyn Conyers 

'(A special editor's than k-vou for 
having shown interest even after her 
early graduation) 

*Mary Tipton 

*Steve Jackson 

* Kevin Dilworth 


*(A special editor's thank-you lo these people who worked so hard and diligently. Their spint. labor, 
and personal support were major ingredients in the production of this book.) 

Mr. Oscar Smith 
Director of Universiir Relations: 
Advisor to the 1970 Bear. 

*(A special editor's thank-vou 
to Mr. Smith who against formid- 
able strains was a superb advisor 
to the 1970 Bear and its editor.) 

Miss Johnnie Douthis 
Coordinator of Communication 
Services for the Universitv; 
Special Photographic Assistant 
to the 1970 Bear. 

*(A special editor's thank-you 
To Miss Douthis whose service 
and photographic knowledge 
were essential in the produc- 
tion of this book.) 


The Bear Staff (October 1969 listing) 

Baylor, Ralph 
Black, Doris 
Blair, Lankford 
Boyd, Jerri 
Brown, Joan 
Brown, Judv 
Brown, Willie 
Brownlee, Thomas 
Buckery, Ronald 
Burton, Kermil 
Cave, Stanley 
Cobbs, Robert 
Colazzo, Rafael 
Conyers, Carolyn 

*Coleman, Jocelyn 
Cowling, Madeline 
Crenshaw, Rosetta 

*Davis, Mary 
Dempsey, Gary 
Elleby, Souvonia 

Frails, Debra 
Gibbs, Janice 
Golding, Martin 
Harris, Velicia 
Hicks, Brenda 
Hofler, Brenda 
Howard, Columbus 
Jackson. Brian 

Johnson, Janet 

Jones, Tyrone 

Kendrick, Stephanie 

Lee, Carol 

Loving, Carol 

Lynch, Mark 

Martin, Gloria 

McCoy, Janet 

Moore, Portia 

Naughton, Ezra 

Norman, Robert 
*Otey, Pegg}' 
Poe, Edgar 
Reddick, Alexander 
Rogers, Vicki 
Sebastian, Drew 
Slade, Gloria 
Smith, Debbie A. 
Smith, Gerri 
Smith, Lois 
Spencer, Claudia 
Stone. Sohndra 
*Taylor, Willette 
Tipton, Mary 
Wheeler, Rosylyn 
Wilson, Brenda 
Wragg Ronald 

•A special Editor's Ihank-you is also extended to these people, who at some time during the year 
contributed an extra measure of effort and dedication. 

Class Ofy^ 


. .«.i:~r5 

Conrad H. Alston 

Bertha Anderson 

Donald P. Ayers 

James Banks 

Johnny H. Barnes 

Susan B. Barnes 

Carl I. Beamon 

Roslyn Belton 

Cynthia A. Best 

Shaw University Library 

Yvonne Blake 

Lankford L. Blair 

Brenda Blanks 

Beverly Booker 

Charles Borom 

Lois O. Bnnkley 

W. Joshlin Brunson 


Jean Bryant 

Marshal Ballard 

Veronica Burgess 

Robert Campbell 

Vincent L. Carter 

Vivian L. Cherry 

Joseph Cheltenham 

f V") m 

Brenda Chislom 

Joan Cla 


Gwendolyn Clarke 

Curtissa Cofield 

Jocelyn Coleman 

Stephanie Core 

Gloria Cotton 

Madeline L. Cowling 

Celeste Crick 

Sharon Crutcher 

Gwendolyn Cunie 

Vema M. Daniels 

Bruce E. Dillingham 

Jo Ann C. Eason 

Jo Ann Evans 

Angelina Famor 

Rosalin M. Flowers 

Andrievia Fulford 


Inez Fulford 

Juelene Gorham 

Edward Green 

Amaryllis N, Grogan 

Everlean Hams 

Elise E. Hawkins 

Ramon HazeU 

Hayse Henderson 

Lenora Hicks 

Carolyn Hodges 

Quentin HoUey 

Salonia Hunt 

Freeman Ingram 

Doris M. Jackson 

Gwen Johnson 

Kenneth J. Johnson 

Rudolph Johnson 

Walter Johnson 

Willie Mae Jones 

Barry Kaalund 

Judge N. Kornegay 

Evel\Ti P. Lane 

Carolyn S. Lee 

Gus Lovett 

Clyde Lynn 

Drucilla Massey 

Alice L. Melvin 

Maurice C. Mayer 

Darlecn McCall 

Nancy McClary 

Janet L. McCoy 

Ernestine McCullers 

Othniel McGriff 

Dewilda McKnight 

Diaune McLeod 

Alda McNeill 

Ernest B. Moore 

Maggie M. Mooring 

Charles C. Motley 

Carol C. Mouzon 

Janet L. Moye 

Robert L. Myrick 

Darryi M. Nixon 

George L. Nichols 

Joan M. Phillips 

Harold Rabsatt 

Tajuana V. Raines 

Joseph Randall 

Gwendolyn Reid 

Alexander Riddick 

14 -^.,Jj. 

Willie Robinson 

Vicky L. Rogers 

Drew Sebastian 

Jacqueline Sheridan 

Michael L. Shorter 

Galinda I. Simpkins 

Daisy M. Smith 

Roslyn Smiih 

Sarah Smith 

H, Cornell Snead 

Audrey C. Stevens 

Veraon H. Siocion 

Sohndra A. Stone 

Geraldine Svkes 

Kimberly Tatum 

Ann Thomas 

Barbara Tumage 

Charles Walton 

Rebecca A. Ware 

Robert Watson 

Gerald V. Williams 

Ahce F. Watford 

Linda Williams 

Yvonne Williams 

Karl Wilson 

Yvonne Wright 

•Celia L. Albnnon 

*Beve Clvbum 

■Johnetie Pace 

•Our Of .^phabelical Order 


Norma Creecy 

Helen Sutton 

Zena Herring 

Miss Alpha Eta Omega 

Miss Nu Gamma Alpha 

Miss Theological Fraternity 


Elgia Winston 

Maria John 




Miss Phi Beta Sigma 


Ruby Ray 

Yvonne Blake 

Zelda Adams 


Miss Physical Education 


Elizabeth Meeks 

Onie Alston 

Miss Senior 

Maryland Martin 

Annie Staton 

Wanda HoUinger 






Miss Women's Personnel Council 

Miss Black Pageant 


Vicky Rogers 

Arneithia Bethea 


Miss Nu Rho Law Soaety 

Miss Homecoming 

Brenda Blanks 


Dewilda McKnight 

Miss Sphinx Club 

Zelda Adams 

Miss W.S.H.A. 


Lvnn Seeiram 

Jo Ann 

Miss Estev 

Miss Junior 

Miss S.C.A. 


Doris Jackson 

Roslyn Smith 


Miss Kappa Alpha Psi 

Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha 


Miss Freshman 
Gloria Martin 


Miss United Heritage Choir 

Janet Lofton 

Miss Shaw Villa 

Mayme Martin 


Yolanda Johnson 

Miss Omega Psi Phi 


Miss Shaw And Her Attendants 
. . . The Casual Look 

Miss Shaw. Viola Ramsey, Lady Brenda Hofler, 
Lady Alice Brooks 

Brenda and Alice 

Under the hghts under the Dome 


Our "Natural"" queen, with her attendants, in a natural setting 


Miss Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 
Luretha Wilson 

Miss Sigma Gamma Rho 
LUlie Herring 


Dr. Forrest W. Altman 

Mrs. Patricia Caple 

Mr, Edward R. Becken 

Mrs. Elizabeth Czech 

Mrs. Gwendolyn Chunn 

Mr. Christopher I. Bursk 


Miss Joyce Cook 

Dr. R. K. De 

Mrs. Frances Dubner 

Dr. Patrick Elliott 


Mrs. Nancv Elliott 

Dr. Aaron Favors 

Dr. Abdul-Hafez ElKordv 

Mr. Norman Forer 

Mr. Robert Finney 

Dr. Kalyan Ghosh 

Mr. Harry Gil-smythe 

Mrs. Lillian Gould 

, 7 fT ■"^, / 

■0 :.i-^w ^ 



Miss Betty Henderson 

Mrs. Wilhe High 


Mr. Lawrence Gould 

Mr. Onesmus Ireri 

Mrs. Annie Hii 

Mr. Dennis Jefferson 

Mrs. Abigail KrystaU 




Mrs. Nurrs- T. Johnson 

Mrs. Marsuerite Jordan 

Mr. Eric R. Krvstall 

Mr. Warner Johnson 

Dr. Mahmoud Khatib 

Dr. Elizabeth Laizner 

^' ii 

Mr. David Landsburg 

Mr. Ira Mitchell 

Mrs. Pearl Lee 

Dr. Stephen Maddock 

Mr. Norman Mitchell 

Mr. Edward Lodi 

Dr. Naman M. McMillan 

Mr. Gerald Mulligan 

Dr. Urabi Mustafa 

Mrs. Sarah Sansom 

Miss Almena E. Nunn 

Mr. Charles Robson 

Mr. Tayel E. Shehata 

Mr. Kanti Patel 

Mr. C. Lawler Rogers 

Mr. Wilham Siembieda 

\ '--;,<- 

Mr. Alonzo Stevens 

Mrs. Carol Suskind 

Dr. Shirley Tove 

Dr. Dorothy Williams 

Mrs. Mable Wright 

^ > 








^^^^ "i.Ji'^'^^^ii 


Hbi^ U 




Mrs. Esta Thomas 

Miss Geraldine Turner 

Mrs. Otilhe Yoksimovich 



Class O/y 




Willa Andrews 

Ruth Brown 

Vivian Branch 

Shirley Butler 

Linda Brown 

M7 f- I 

DonaJd Bradsher 


■™^" Pill II ill 

Franklin Bradley 

Willie Blanlon 

Lena Y. Bowie 

Patricia Beasley 

Jennifer Bolden 

Irvin Cannadav 


Pamela Chisholn 

Deborah Cook 

Robert Lewis Cobbs 

Nellie Cox 

Alma Coles 

Bryant Creecy 



Jerome Creecv 

Solomon Davi; 

Norma R. Creecy 

Charles Darling 

Anna Davii 


Doris Dunn 

Fayon Fisher 

Dianne Evans 

Jerome Fisher 


Carolyn Fair 

Patricia Forney 


Maria Foxx 

Palmela Gibbs 

Randolph Fryar 

Kav Gooden 

Nathaniel Gale 

Linda Graham 


Margaret Graves 

Helga Greenfield 

Elliol W. Green 

Margarel Hailey 

Sillar Greene 

Joyce Hampton 



Keilh Hanev 

CamiUa Hines 

Jeremiah Ha\ 

Aiben Hoosier 

Cleopalra Jackson 


Thomas Jackson 

Joseph R. Johnson 

Bobby Johnson 

Larry Johnson 

Jacquehne Johnsi 

Robert Jolley 


Mar\ S. Jones 

Constance King 

Marjohe Lewis 

Cleopatrick Lacy 

Marv Lock amy 


Janet Loflin 

Gloria McDougle 

Shirley McCoy 

Peter McClain 

Mattie Manning 


Ervine Mewbom 

Essaie N. Moulongo 

Rita Perry 

Gloria MiUer 

Wayne Patton 

Gloria Phelps 

Delilah Mock 

Emilv Perrv 

Stanley Pnce 


Alfred Pridgen 

Debbi Ross 

June Sessom 

Harry Robinson 

Pat Royals 

JoAnne Sheff 

James Wiiham Roseboro 

John Ruth 

Angela Smith 



Dorothy Smith 

Charles Tyner 

Kenny Washington 

Valeree Smith 

Pamela Washington 

Helen Sutton 

Jacqueline Watts 

Helen Whitalter 




Roxanne White 

Jacqueline Willii 

Mary Woody 

Marjorie Whitley 

Jeanne Williams 

Gloria Wynn 

Delrease Williams 

Ada Williamson 

Paul Yizcr 



at" $p 

raternity Incorporated 
Motto: Friendship is essential to the soul 

Founded: November 17. 191! 

Where: Howard University 
Washington, D.C. 

Who: Edgar A. Love 
Oscar J. Cooper 
Frank Coleman 
Ernest E. Just — Advisor 



The Omega Psi Phi Fraternitv Incorporated 


A L e 

The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated 



$ B L 

The Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated 


A K A 


The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororitv Incorporated 





<1 ^O <! 

Z $ B 

The Zela Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated 




The Iota Phi Epsilon Brotherhood 











N r A 

The Nil Gamma Alpha Gems Lid. 









The Lampodas Club of Q •Uy /T\ 

The Pyramids of Delia Sigma Theta 


The Plebian of Nu Gamma A Ipha 

yf "XM' w <\WL 

i- ■ 


* ■ 



-/I -.ill* •-«■ > »• . V ■ 

^- . <L. 

The Sphinxmen Club o/ A $ A 

'"'"i '• I 'iiliiMi^" .' , 


The Achronian Club of Zeta Phi Beta 

The Crescent Club of Phi Beta Sigma 


The Ivey Leaf Club of Alpha Kappa Alpha 


v_j[_i m 




The Aurora Club of Sigma Gamma Rho 



Bear Of The Year 

Dr. King Virgil Cheek 

The editor and staff of the 1970 edition of the 
Shaw University Bear had relatively no problems in the 
selection of this year's "Bear of the Year." Although we had 
many candidates from which to choose, it was clear to us 
that none from any level of the Shaw family had contri- 
buted as much to the spirit and direction of the University 
in 1969-70 as had Dr. Cheek, our president. It is there- 
fore only fitting that we should honor his energies 
and commitment to the modern legend that is Shaw 
University by acknowledging him as the 1969-70 Shaw 
University "Bear of the Year. " 



People . . . 

And will keep on pushing" 

"What play will make the alumni give more Clarke? 


in study moments 

"Smile. You're on Campus Camera" 

"Alnght, confess: Who lei Howard Sims in here" 

. m serious moments 


"Sweet Mot from N.J." 

. . . in playful moments 

in busY moments . . . 




I i 

"2)r. Cheek. Have you ined Excedrin? 

■-5ri.j^.iUPWi".'.'i^ >Ti-J3Mi^ ■■ **»-•« 

■*/?(j/j 0A( brother, rap on" 


. flAjd/ quiet moments. 



Mrs. Doris Anderson 

Mrs. Gloria Cumbo 

Miss Ernestine Jones 


Miss Cornelia Montague 

Mrs. Martha H. Moore 

Mrs. Joann Norman 

Mrs. Sheila Poole 

Mrs. Mildred Pretty 


Mrs. Luretha Rogers 

Mrs. Frances Stephens 

Mrs. Barbara Strickland 

Miss Linda Turner 


Mrs. Linda Watkins 


The University Union and The New Women's Residence at Spring 


Shaw Day at 


':.r'^»^'- -. '■ 

Saint Paul's A.M.E. Church 


Shaw Day at Saint Paul's A.M.E. Church 


The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Services 

The Seventv-Decade Dinner 

The Kappa Alpha Psi Annual 



Halloween Party 


Freshmen Getting Upperclass Signatures 


The Freshmen Talent Show 

The 0-Aces 

Dianne Choice and Hazel Mack 

,4 '1 

The Meadowbrook 




First Year "Bears" at the WRAL-TV "Dance Party" 


"Plavina Baseball at the Meadowbrook Picnic" 


Golf at Meadowbrook . 



"First the challengers . . . and 

then the Champ" 

A different kind of ballgame at Meadowbrook 




The Freshmen Orientation 

Pajama Party 


"Do it Brenda" 

"Do it Sly and Diane" 

The Shaw Players And Company 

H. B. admonishes, "Aw kiss her 


"Alrighl, Get the D set painted!" 





» ■ 


The Shaw Players and Company 




: ffl 

J= -^ J. rt D 
= « § • - 5 

I "2 = '". " ^ I 

5 P3 v: OJ c t^ ■ 

— '-^ IJ >- <f 

5 ■— — ?3 ^ _c 

y,; C ^ :^ W U 
rfl p i^ = -C -J 

^ i^ff =^ 
§(!;■§ c'^ -or 

s§ ^ g r ^ 5 ■ 
-::«•¥! o. 
5 3 1 J : '^ • 

i! . S.-C ? 

5 .H N uj Eg 

I- ■- ' u " 

r^ o 

a^ -J '^ c =^ 
^ . -r ^ 

E "^ 

o ■- .2 

^ "O 1- >~. 3 
c/; O c U C ■,- 

>^a ^ a. a ;^ 

M '" ; ' C c i; 
O. 1, >, u g < 

E f c ^ " _ 

^ -- -s-f ^ I 

3 C ; . c Z 

2 o -:; :h = ^ 

°- -^ — ^ c 

— - c c 



- O .5 3 u 





U U 


The Shaw University: A Historical Review 

Henry Martin Tupper 

A yearbook of Shaw University would not be totally acceptable without a refer- 
ence to the history of the university. The past of this university is essential towards 
an understanding of the present and future of the school. It is our fondest hope 
that those of you who have attended Shaw University for any amount of time can 
look at our history with utmost pride and rededication. and those of you who are 
unfamiliar with the school can gain noteworthy insights into what heritage it is that 
keeps Shaw University ever striving forward. 

Kermit "K.C." Burton 

Editor of the l^Jll) Bear 

Before the smoke from the guns of the Civil War had fully settled, a recently 
discharged soldier from the Union Army was en route to Raleigh on the first train 
that passed over the rails of the Seaboard after the cessation of the hostilities. On 
October 10, 1865, Henry Martin Tupper, native of Monson, Mas.sachusetts and 
graduate of Amherst College and Newton Theoloaical Seminary, arrived in Ral- 


On December I, 1865. in a room of the old Guion Hole! a few illiierale 
ex-slaves sat at the feet of Tupper in a theological class. Out of this seed was 
formed the adventure in higher education for the black man which pioneered a 
new era in .Amencan higher education. It was thus that Shaw University was born. 

By mid-summer of 1866. the Raleigh Institute was formed and housed in a 
frame structure above a church built with student volunteer help and enrolling 
seventy-five students for training as ministers and teachers. In 1870. the name was 
changed to the Shaw Collegiate Institute and the present site was purchased. 
That same year, construction was begun on the major building to be placed in the 
center of the new campus. This building, Shaw HaU. was named for the benefac- 
tor, who had provided the funds for the purchase of the new campus, and for 
whom the school was named. Elijah J. Shaw of Wales. Massachusetts. Mobilizing 
students. e.\-slaves and others, this impressive building was constructed entirely by 
unskilled laborers who dug the clay, molded the brick bv hand, felled the timber 
and erected a structure which was vivid testimony of the newlv freedman's deter- 
mination to win his way into the ways and woof of American life. 

Contrary to much prevailing pedagogical opinion of the time. Tupper conceived 
of Shaw as an institution which would become a full fledged university. By 1875. 
this vision was realized with the granting of a charter by an act of the General" 
Assembly designating the mstitution as the Shaw University and stipulating that: 
... no pupil or pupils should ever be excluded from the benefits arising" there- 
from ... on accounts of race, color, or previous conditions of servitude. 

To fulfill the hope of an educational institution whose services would be avail- 
able to all . and which would contribute significantly to the rebuilding of a nation 
divided by war and strife, the founder and the first president set out to establish a 
faculty of distmguished, dedicated men and women, and programs of education 
which would become known for their integrity and high quahty. 

Seventeen years later Shaw had become a vital force in the region and the na- 
tion. The Leonard Medical School was formed in 1882. and hreakma with the pat- 
tern of medical education then m vogue, opened as a medical school with a four 
year course of study based on a four year collegiate degree. Before the end of the 
nineteenth centurs the university consisted of a school of medicine, school of 
pharmacy, school of law. school of theology, school of ans and sciences, and a 
normal school. To its campus came students from everywhere and its influence 
was being felt as its graduates returned to their communities as physicians, phar- 
macists, clergymen, lawyers, and teachers. Throughout its histon. Shaw has 
played a leading role in the education of young men and women. Each year the 
Shaw University leaves an indehble mark on the field of education and enhances 
educational philosophies. More than 15.000 students have studied in its class- 
rooms, and it counts among its alumni a large number of leaders throughout the 

1965 became an important year in the school's history for it was in that year 
that the university planned a new building program and a new academic outlook 
called the "Shaw Plan of Education". The "Shaw Plan" is designed principally to 
meet the pecuhar needs of the time m which we live. Now in its'fifth year of oper- 
ation, the "Shaw Plan" has been labeled a success and is being imitated nation- 

Under the leadership of a new president. Dr. Kjng V. Cheek. 1970 has been the 
year when Shaw proved that aU learning does not take place m the classroom 
and that our universities in this country must not seclude themselves from the 
mainstream of the life of the nation. .'\s Shaw Uni\'ersity moves further into its 
second century of service with pride and eager anticipation, we keep in mind that 
"Education and Learning go hand in hand." 


The United Heritage Choir 

Dannv White — Biographical Sketch 

Daniel D. White was born December 22. 1947. He is a graduate 
of New Rochelle High School where he participated in the A & B 
Choir. His music career began at the age of eight under the supervi- 
sion of his aunt, Mrs. Ann Davis. In later years he was directed by 
Loretta Madison. His love for music prompted him to participate in 
his church choir and the all city choir. After transferring from Va. 
Union University he joined the Shaw Chorale Society and later 
formed the United Heritage Gospel Choir. 


The United Heritage Gospel Choir: A Brief History 

In the school year of 1968-69 a group of dedicated Christians would often 
gather around the piano played by Mr. Daniel White and would sing to glorify 
God through song. These students gathered around the piano after the rehearsals 
of the University Chorale Society, after University prayer services, and any other 
time that they could hft up their voices in song. 

After a while Danny White took it upon himself to start a gospel choir. For a 
while in the beginning thmgs went along smoothly, but after a while difficulties 
began to set m and some of the choir began to split. This spht was the first unfor- 
tunate defeat of the choir but Danny White did not caU it quits. 

Early in the 1969-70 school year, Danny took it upon himself again to try to 
start a gospel choir. This time thmgs looked good. At times there were more than 
seventy-five students coming out for choir rehearsal. In the late fall of the year the 
gospel choir changed its name. It became The United Heritage Gospel Choir. 
Secure in this change and many others, the Choir moved on. 

Later in the year the girl members of the choir got together and decided to 
make gowns for the choir's first concert. On Friday. April 24. 1970 the Choir held 
their first full University concert. The performance was widely acclaimed and 
accepted. The Shaw community welcomes its new addition and wishes for the 
United Heritage Gospel Choir continued growth and success. 


w s 



H A 



A Look At the Old From the New 

Thomas Smith 

Kevin Dilworth 

Steve Jackson 

The Shaw Journal Staff 


The United Heritage Gospel Choir 


-— ' — 












Some Of Shaw University's Who's Who 


The Pre- Alumni Club 




^ — , 



. ,^--.»'->v....-^>i 



H»*««»'L! J 


The Sophomore Class Officers 

' rt"' ' 


The Student Council 












'^^ y^A-'^ 





Nancy Adams 

Arlester Andrews 

Raymond Archie 

Robert Armslead 

Sylvester Avant 

Emma Bailey 

Stanley R. Bailey 

Janie Barr 

Marcus Bagley 

Stephen Beachum 


Mildred L. Bell 


Edsar Bethea 

Evaneelean Bells 

Robert T. Blalcemore 

Samuel Blow 

I / 

Jem L- Bovd 

Beit\ Branch 

Yvonne Bridges 

C\'nihia G- Brown 


Thomas Brownlee 

John F. Bryan 

Barbara J. Burgess 

Susie M. Burgess 

General Burns 

Lucille Burton 

James Cannion 

Yolanda Carroll 

Brenda Carter 

Judith Choice 


Lionel Coleman Michael D. Connor Carolean Craia 

Thomas Crowdus Charles Crump Sherman Crumpler 


Diantha E. Curley 

Bobbv Davis Chester Davis 


Kay Debnam 

Gregory Dennis 

Sumuel Li. Dias 

Kevin Dilworth 

Cynthia Downmo 

Mary Drummings 

/ Wayne M. Dunn 

Frankic Durant 


Jewyl Edwards 

Lorenzo Elder 


Frederick \\ . Ellis 

Carrie Farrineton 

Geopoe C. Ferguson 

Debra L. Frails 


Rosemane Gault 

Manm Golding 

Kav F. Farrar 

Sally M. Galloway 

Mildred Gore 

Wallace Goldston 


Katie Graves 

Debra Green 

Freida Green 

Gail Haden 


Graylin T. Hajrston 

Jeff L. Haie 

Alphonso Harris 

Jerome Harris 


Sandra Harriso 

Sharon Hawkins 


1 r 


Wanda Hollinser 

Selane Hook Cynthia Hopkins 

Richard Hunter, Jr. Timoth\ Jackson William Terr\ Jenkii 

Betty Johnson 

Brenda Johnson Catherine E. Johnson 


Janet Johnson 

Phyllis John 

Jacquelyn Jones 

Thomas O. Jone 

Denise Joseph 

Betly Joyner 

iX'burah Rear: 

W -"- <? 

Stephanie Kendriek 

Donald King 

Larrv Kinc 

Dennis Lance 


Roland R_ Lan^le 


Milton Lee 

Teretha Lemon 

Eric Lewis 


Hewell Lewis 

Linda Lewi; 

Thomas Lewis 


Dennis McGee 

Sylvester MePherson 

Fannette Mann 


Thorl Marsh 

Glorici Martin 

Elizabeth Mason 

Raymond A. Mavnor. Jr. 

Sandra Maynor 

Alfred Minus 

Wanda K. Mitchener 

Les Moblev 

Diane Mohamed 

Beverly Moore 


Ezra M. Moore 

Peariie Moore 

Portia Moore 

Marv Morgan 

Horatio Morris 

Janial Morris 


Wilbert Morris 

Randy Morrison 


Sharon P. Morse 

Prencilla D. Murphy 

James Nicks 

Merical Page 

Larry Paige 

Donna Parker 

Elmer Pickett 

Joseph Pinkard 

Frazlier Pope 

Patncid Pope 

Beverly Price 

Harold Prince 



™ v'V^jj;' 

George Reed 

Cornelius Richardson 

Calh\ Reeves 

Marv Robinson 

Meivin Robinsi 

Renee Robir 

Michael Rock 

Brenda Roaers 

Hcnrv Ri>undtree 


Linda Royall 

Michael A. Sanders 

Lvnn Saunders 

Harry Scott 

Rebekah Scott 

Debora Seabrooks 

Lvnn Seelram 

Beti\ Sir 

Curtis Sloan 

Alston Smith 


Gerriann Smith 

Melissa Frances Smith Edward Sirand 

Regma Swan 

Valory Sweat 

Jane Sykes 

Tanys Talley 

Malissa Taylor 

Willeite Taylor 

Alexis Telteh 

Lillian Thompson Kalhleen V, Tillerv 

Mary E. Tipton 

Florence Tolliver Henrv Treadwell 

Larry Tucker 

Randolph Turner 

Lueellustine Walker 

Leroy Ward 

Thama Washington 

Milton Whitaker 

Keith Wilkins 

John S Williams 

Romona Williams 

Angela Wheeler 

Sharon V^'ood 

Brenda W ilson 

Carl Wilson 

Sandra Wood 


/- * 

AJlandus Wrishi 

Carolyn Woods 

Dehra Wnehl 

Eric Anlhony-* 

Peoov Olev' 

out of alphabetical order 

The Alma Mater of the Shaw University 
Hail dear old Shaw U,, 
thy sons revere thy name; 
Long shall thy works 
be proud, undimmed thy 

Time shall thy praises 
sing, glory repay thy 


And long thy praises 

ring through all the 


Noble thy hallways, 

noble thy grassy plains; 

Nobler the hearts of 

men where thou dost 


All we who love thy 
name, stout hearts that 
shall not fail; 

All rise and loud 
proclaim. Alma Mater 

A utographs 

A utographs 

The Shaw University Student Directory 

Abrainson. Antonio 
Adams Charles B. 
Adams, Dianne M. 
Adams, \ancv D. 
Adams. \'icki J. 
Adams, Zelda A. 
Adderton, Donald V. 
Albritton. Celia L. 
Alexander, Anthon\ K. 
Alexander, Christopher 
Alexander, Ernest A. 
Allen, Abraham 
Allen, Douglas 
Allen. Juanita 
.\llen, Patricia 
Allen, Rufus J. 
Allen, Thomas 
Allotey, Henry N. 
Allotey-Jordan. Samuel 
Allotey. .Nathaniel 
.Alston, Conrad H. 
.■VIston. Jean 
Alston. Onie A. 
Alston. Plunimer 
Alston. Plummer 
.'Vnanoo. James K. 
-Anderson. Bertha E. 
.Anderson. Charles W. 
Anderson, Donna E. 
■Anderson. William J. 
Andrews, Arlester 
.Andrews, W'illa L. 
Andrews. William J. 
-Anthons. Eric P. 
-Anyaehie. .Andrew .A. 
.Archie. Johnnie R. 
Armslead. Robert L. 
Armstrong. Cradx 
Arnold. Brenda F. 
.Arnold. Carolsn .A. 
.Arrington, L\nne T. 
Artis. Henrx 
Ashwood, Alfred C. 
Atkinson, Mildred L. 
Atkinson. Rosetta 
Atkinson, Suzanne E. 
Avant. .Sylvester L. 
Avery, Elsie 
Avers, Donald P. 
Avers. Richard T. 
Bacot, Rodnev E. 
Bailey, Constance 
Bailey, .Mary E. 
Bailey. Stanley 
Baldwin, Lvndora 
Ballard, Marshall 
Banks, James D. 
Banks. .Martin 
Barber. Ernest N. 
Barbour. Dennis 
Barfield. Peres V. 
Barnes. Johnns H. 
Barnes. Robert 
Barnes, Susan B. 
Barr. Janie M. 
Barr, Shirlev A. 
Bates. Patsy 
Battle. Curtis W. 
Battle. John D. 
Baylor, Ralph 
Beachum, Stephen K. 
Beamon, Carl I. 
Beasley, James 
Beasley, Patricia .A. 
Bell. .Annie 
Bell. Bobby J. 
Bell. Charlie W. 
Bell. Jo.seph 

2041 .5th Avenue. .\ew York. N. Y. 
P.O. Box ,314. Woodland. N. C. 
Kliy Smithfield St.. Raleigh. .\.C. 
501 Coleman Street. Raleigh. \. C. 
12 Bush .Avenue. Porchester. \. Y. 
60V Ruth .Avenue. Dayton. Ohio 
2S6 Mary Street. Englewood, N. Y. 
25,3 No. 19th Street. East Orange. N. J. 
1106 Swift Drive. Melbourne. Fla. 
1011 Correll Street. Greensboro. N. C. 
64-12th .Avenue. Paterson. \. J. 
320 W. Run\on Street. Newark, N, J, 
4,30 Van Siden Ave,, Brooklvn. N. Y. 
TOO Grantland Drive. Raleigh. .\. C. 
209 S. Ha\ivoDd St.. Raleigh. N. C. 
609 Chamberlain St.. Raleigh. N. C. 
57.34 Walton Avenue. Philadelphia. Pa. 
P.O. Box 63. Accra, Ghana 
Horseroad 48, Accra. Ghana 
.Accra. Ghana 
463 First Avenue. Elizabeth, N. J. 
549 E. Hargett St., Raleigh, N. C. 
9 Pratt Street. Hampton. Va. 
1016 \, Ward Blvd.. Wilson. N. C. 
104 .Seawell Avenue. Raleigh. N. C. 
.Accra. Ghana 
Rt. 2. Box 240. Franklinton. N. C. 
1012 Broad Avenue. Greensboro, .\. C. 
190S Bates Street. Raleigh. N. C. 
10 Melod\ Lane. New York. N. Y. 
Rt. 2. Box 60. Ayden, N. C. 
517 Pennsylvania .Ave.. Rocky Mount. N. C. 
219 So, 9th St,', Newark, N. J. 
200 W. 102nd St.. New York. N. Y. 
Biafra. ,\frica 
213.3 Home Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 
45 Traverse Avenue. Portchester. N. Y. 
Bldg. 1-13C. Matlock Street, Paterson. N. J. 
Rt. 2. Box 370. Lillington. N. C, 
P,0. Box 428. Pageland. S. C. 
2W1 .Montgomery St.. Brooklvn. N, Y, 
Rt. 1, Box 63-B. Four Oaks. N, C. 
13 Boiling Street. Sierra Leone. West Africa 
Rt. 6, Box 192, Greenville, N. C. 
7 Chavis Way. Raleigh. N. C, 
911 Staunton Ave.. Roanoke. Virginia 
14 Kimble Street, Edison, N. J. 
316 W. Garner Rd.. Garner. N. C. 
1121 Staple St., N,E., Washington, D, C, 
1191 Park Place. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
2680 8th Ave.. New York. N. Y. 
1401 Christmas Court. Raleigh. N, C. 
112 William Street, Portchester, .N. Y, 
450 E. 4th Street. ,Mt. Vernon. N. Y. 
19 Primrose Street. White Plains. N. Y. 
Rt. ,3. Box 186. New Bern. N, C. 
544 Tremont Avenue. Orange. N. J. 
223 N. Hobart Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 
1224 Beaverbrooke Dr.. Gastonia. .\. C. 
37 Franklin St.. N.E.. Washington. D. C. 
Post Office. Benson. N. C. 
1327 E. Yerkers St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
125 Presidential Blvd.. Paterson, N. J. 
Rt. 2. Box 198-B. Grifton, N. C. 
618 Pennsylvania Ave., Rocky Mount. N. C. 
P.O. Box 478, Kingstree, S. C, 
912 Day Avenue, Burlington. N. C. 
39 Mildred Terrace, Vau.x-Hall. N. J, 
71 Madonoa Place. East Orange. N. J. 
5018 14th .St.. N. E,. Wa.shington. D. C. 
.38th Street. Gifford, Fla, 
377 McDonough Street, Brooklyn. N. Y 
383 E. 141st. St.. New York. N. Y. 
Rt. 4. Box 144. Ahoskie, N, C, 
11,37 ,S, State .Street. Raleigh, N. C. 
103 .Midland .Avenue. Portchester. N. Y. 
Rt. 1. Box 274-A. Hillsborough. N. C. 
407 N. 10th Strcl, Wilmington. N. C. 

Bell. .Mildred 
Belton. Clifford 
Bellon. Roshn 
Bennett, Bertram G. 
Benson, Brenda L. 
Berkley, Adrienne 
Best, Cynthia A. 
Best. Ronnie L. 
Bethea, Arneitha 
Bethea, Edgert L. 
Bethea, .Milford 
Betts. Esangelean 
Billingsley. Alan C. 
Binns, Frank 
Bishop, Barbara 
Black, Doris D. 
Blackwell. Willie L. 
Blades. Jeanne 
Blair. Lankford L. 
Blake. Y'sonne C;. 
Blakely. Carnetta 
Blakemore. Robert T. 
Blalock, .Atniie 
Bland, William A. 
Blanks. Brenda A. 
Blanton. Willie F. 
Blount. Leros 
Blow. Samuel ,A. 
Boardman. Bradles \\'. 
Bolden. Jennifer J. 
Booker, BeserK D. 
Borom, Charles 
Bowie, Lena \. 
Bowman. Carter 
Bo\d. Bessie N. 
Boyd. Jerri L. 
Boye. Emmanuel .A. 
Boye. Sanuns 
Boskin, Nathaniel 
Braces, Henrv N. 
Bradles. Franklin O. 
Bradlev. Sallie .M. 
Bradsher. Donald 
Branch, Bettie J. 
Branch, \i\ian D. 
Bridges. Yvonne J. 
Brinkles. Lois O. 
Brinson, Elbert M. 
Brock, .Marsin .A. 
Brooks. .Alice 
Brooks, Willie J. 
Broome. Queen M. 
Broomer. Dannv E. 
Brown. BeserK D. 
Brown. Csnthia C 
Brow n, Edwanda 
Brown, James E. 
Brown, Joan S. 
Brown, John Lewis 
Brown, Judv L. 
Brown, Linda R. 
Brown, .Michael II. 
Brown, Ruth L. 
Brown, Willie J. 
Browidee. Thomas H. 
Brunson. \\ illie J. 
Bryan, John F. 
Bryant, Donald S. 
Bryant, Jean D. 
Bryant, Lee R. 
Buckers. Ronald C. 
Bumpers, James C. 
Burgess, Barbara J. 
Buckrham. C:lifton E. 
Burgess, James T. 
Burgess. Lcros 
Burgess. Susie .M. 
Burgess, Veronica L. 

103 Midland Avenue, Portchester, N, Y, 
Rt, 2, Box 65A. Cumberland, Va. 
189(i 7th .Avenue. New York, .\, Y, 
50 E, 102nd St,. New York. N. Y. 
1542 N. Franklin St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
2410 Sth Avenue, New York, N, Y. 
807 E, Green Steet. Wilson. N. C. 
103 Herring Road. LaGrange. ,N. C. 
450 Catherine Street. Elizabeth, .N. J. 
211 N. Irwin .Avenue, Charlotte, N. C 
40 Laurel .Avenue. Trenton, N. J. 
9 Weber Drive, Portchester. N. Y. 
1724 Wilmart Street. Rockville. Md. 
904 N. 41st Street, Philadelphia. Pa. 
94 Sunnyside Court, Milford, Conn, 
Rt, 2, Box ,309, Lillington, N, C. 
1440 R. Avenue. Riviera Beach, Fla. 
.569 S. Marks Avenue. Brooklvn, N. Y, 
180 Troy .Avenue. New York. N. Y. 
2S N. 16th Street. East Orange. N. J. 
1104 Kitt Place. Raleigh. N. C. 
l-35th Street. S. E.. Washington. D. C. 
126 N'alley St.. N, Tarry town. N, Y, 
226 Hillside Avenue, Newark, -\, J, 
Rt. 1. Box 272. Riegelwood. N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box 3,30, Fannsille, Va, 
926 Dumont ,Avenue, Brooklvn, .N. Y. 
1.34 Carver Road. Baltimore. Md. 
.38 \Voodside .Avenue, Freeport, N. Y. 
2504 Otis Street. Durham. N. C. 
1624 Hungary Road. Richmond. Va. 
931 Pine Street. Plainfield, N. J. 
.3305 Branch .Ave., Richmond, Va. 
.5302 2nd St.. N. W.. Washington. D. C. 
Rt, 2. Box 28, Clarksville, Va, 
617 Edgewood Ave,, Trenton. N. J. 
.Accra. Ghana 
.Accra. Ghana 
1820 Umstead St.. Charlotte. N. C. 
1706 Spottsslvania St.. Richmond. Va. 
2202 N. Gratz St.. Philadelphia, Pa, 
48 Wayne' .Avenue, Trenton. N. J. 
403 Ivey Street. Roxboro. N. C. 
Rt. 1. Box 122. Pendleton. N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box 122, Pendleton, N. C. 
1,323 Tatnall St,. Wilmington. Del. 
1 S. Lincoln Court. Wilmington. N. C. 
Rt- 2. Box 43 IM. Jacksonville. N. C. 
P O. Box 1225. Hamilton. Bermuda 
1516 Gunn Street. Charfotte, N. C. 
204 Still Street. Chnton, N. C. 
.508 Bailey Drive. Raleigh, N. C. 
Rt. 2. Box (i.5-A, Arapahoe. N. C. 
32 Brook-wood St., East Orange, N. J. 
Rt. 2. Box .32-S. Rose Hill. N. C. 
716 Campbell St.. Wilmington. N. C. 
Route 1. Willow Springs, N. C. 
2307 E. 14th Street. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
239 Urban .Avenue. Westburv. N. Y. 
114 Leslie Street. .Newark. N. J. 
,372 S, Water Street, Joliet, III. 
Ill Davidson Street. Lexirigton. Va. 
1130 Pierce Street. Washington. N. C. 
272 S. 11th Street. Newark. N. J. 
312 Finch Street, Wilson, N, C, 
P,0, Box 178. Brunson. S. C. 
Rt 5. Box 49-N. New Bern. N, C. 
Rt. 1. Box 55, Selma, N. C. 
Rt, 2. Box .3.58, Princeton, N. C. 
Rt. 1. Box .55. Selma. N. C. 
31 Leonard St., Apt. 16-N, Brooklsii, N. Y. 
140 E. Delavan Ave.. Buffalo. N. Y. 
4001 Yadkin Road. Fayetteville. N. C. 
103 Neuse Circle. C.oldsboro. N. C. 
21.37 Rock yuarry Rd,. Raleigh, N, C, 
6,33 Osliorn Street, Brooklsii, N. Y. 
629 fith St„ N, W,, Washington, D, C, 
9^)0 Anderson .Ave.. Bronx .52, N. Y. 

Burkhalter, Paul S. 

Buriie\. I.inda C. 

Bums, (ieneral J. 

Burrell, Jamfs \\. 

Burton. Darius A. 

Burton, Kermit C 

Burton, lAicille B. 

Bur\vell. (^wendolxn R. 

Butler, Shirley L. 

Bxrdsong. CIe\elaiid 

C'ald\\ell, Thoma.s P. 

Campbell, \lthea D. 

Cainpbt'li, Herbert L. 

Campbell. Robert H. 

('annada\, lr\in 

Cannad\, Robert A. 

Cannadv Robert R. 
Caniiion, James R. 
Carey, Ro\ S. 
Carroll, Volanda A. 
Carter, Brenda J. 
Carter, Vincent 
Cave, Stanley M. 
Character. Leonard C. 
Chasten, Samuel Nixon 
Chavis, Quentin P. 
Cheek. Ametta D. 
Cheek, James E. 
Cheltenham, Joseph 
Chem, X'ivian L. 
Chishlom. Brenda S. 
Chishlom. Pamela D. 
Choice, Judith D. 
Clapp, Joan H. 
Clark, Da\id 
Clark. Delores M. 
Clark, Lannie H. 
Clarke. Cwendolvn 
Clarke, Jilma E. 
Clav. Ruth 
Cla\1on, Debra L. 
Clements, Delores H. 
Clemmons. Jeffre\ V. 
Clemmons. LaN'eme 
Chbum, Joyce B. 
Cobbs, Robert 
Cofield, Elsie C. 
Coleman, Brock 
Coleman, Jocelyn P. 
Coleman, John 
Coleman. Lionel 
Coleman, Paul R. 
Coleman, Willis P. 
Coles, .\Ima J. 
Colson, James M. 
Commodore. Ruth A. 
Connor, Michael D. 
Conyers, Carol\-n B. 
Cook, Deborah D. 
Cook, Vera 
Cooper, Gregory S. 
Cooper, Judy L. 
Cooper, Ronald E. 
Copeland, Gerri H. 
Corbin, Christine L. 
Core. Stephanie 
Cotton, Gloria E. 
Couch, Be\erlv A. 
Couch, Brenda J. 
Cowan. Jouette M. 
Cowan, William 
Cowling, Larry A. 
Cowling, Madeline L. 
Cox, Linda C. 
Cox, Nellie G. 
Craig, Carolean C. 
Crawford, Brenda J. 
Crawford, Cliff 
Creecv, Br\ant D. 
Creecy, Charles M. 
Creecv, Hollis F. 
Creecy, Jerome M. 
Creecv, Norma R. 

2^X51 W'ickham Ave.. New York. N. Y. 

KMW Desmond St.. Kinston. N. C. 

P.O. Box KM. Buri;aw. N. C. 

5 lm;rahaiii Street, Hempstead L, L. N.Y. 

1304 Burton Ave.. Sharon Hill, Pa, 

:i3(X5 Leit^htnn Ave.. Baltimore, Md, 

20()4 Chatwick Dr.. Greensboro, N. C. 

909 Seabrook Rd.. Raleigh. N. C. 

1425 Orniomi Avenue. Camden, N. J. 

1715 Pnx-tor Road. Raleigh. N. C. 

f>»8 Tracy Drive. Charlotte. N. C. 

524 Wales Aveiuie. New York. \. Y. 

432 East K)5th St.. New York. N. Y, 

2816 8th Avenue. New York. N. Y, 

4307 Ethland Ave.. Baltimore. Md. 

5fi'2 Herman .\venue. Asheville. N. C. 

215 S. 9th Avenue. Mount Vernon. N. Y. 

154^8 Henr\' Street. Palm Bay. Fla. 

123 Lincoln Street. Danville. Va. 

572.3 Kenneth .Ave.. Cincinnati, Ohio 

322 Linden A\enue, Oxford, N. C. 

406 E. Ohio Avenue. DeLand, Fla. 

309 Lafayette gave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

101 Somerset Street. Newark. N. J, 

Rt. I. Box 361, Chinguapin, N. C. 

Rt, 4. Box 394, Sanford. N. C. 

411 West Church Street, .\ngier. N. C. 

4522 Baughmon Courts. Newport News. Va. 

1014 E. 2I8th St., Bronx, N. Y. 

Rt. 1. Box 6,5-B, Windsor. N. C. 

P.O. Box 742, Coeymans, N. Y. 

115 E. Walnut St.. Gastonia, N. C. 

P.O. Box 218. Boston. Ga. 

2927 N. Armistead Ave.. Hampton. Va. 

6111^ 8th Street. Laurel, Md. 

Rt. 1. Box 31, Kelford. N. C. 

71 Haverhill .\ve.. North Kingstown, R. L 

2821 Newark Drive, Raleigh. N. C. 

335 Winthrop Street. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Rt. 4. Box 420. Wilmington, N. C. 

2123 N. Woodstock St.. Philadelphia , Pa. 

2315 Gamer Road, Raleigh. N. C. 

524 Mosely Lane, Raleigh, N. C. 

524 Moselv Lane, Raleigh, N. C. 

2220 Gilbert Street, Charlotte. N. C. 

599 Evergreen Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y. 

24 Wilkins Street. Hamden. Conn. 

417 S. Elmer Street, Westfield. N. J. 

R.F.D. Box 16. Warfleld, Va, 

230 Windsor Avenue. Westfield, N. J. 

7 Maple St., Apt. C. White Plains, N. Y. 

17926 S. W. 102 Ave.. Miami. Fla. 

2215 Walcott Place, Richmond, Va. 

12417 Westbooker Blvd.. Chester, Va. 

2014 Stratford Ave.. Neptune, N. J. 

llo3 173rd Street. St. Albans, N. Y. 

2101 English Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 

167 S. 10th Street, Newark, N. J. 

870 Putnam .\venue. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

3467 S. Kemper Road, .\rlington, Va. 

110 Elliott Place, East Orange. N. J. 

Rt. 1. Box 218. Merritt, N. C. 

38 Willow Street. Portchester, N. Y. 

ia3 N. 55th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rt. 2, Box 273C. Ahoskie, N. C. 

408 Olmstead Avenue, Bronx, New York 

13a3 Carohna Street, Wilson. N. C. 

22 Melrose Avenue. East Orange. N. J. 

22 Metrose Avenue. East Orange. N. J. 

505 Weaver Drive, Goldsboro, N. C. 

307^34th Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

625 E. Park Avenue, Trenton 10. N. J. 

625 E. Park .Avenue. Trenton, N. J. 

Rt. 6. Box 1196. Sanford. N. C. 

20 Catherine Slip. New York, N. Y. 

109 Grant Street. Chapel Hill, N. C. 

.5816 Kennedy Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 

2300 5th Ave.. Apt. 3E, New York. New York 

P.O. Box 526. Rich Square, N. C. 

Rt. L Box 526. Rich Square, N. C. 

P.O. Box B. Sunbury, N. C. 

P.O. Box 126, Rich Square, N. C. 

P.O. Box 526, Rich Square, N. C. 

Crenshaw. Rosetta M. 

Crick, C^eleste 

Crocker. Man, 

Cromartie. ,\dloisc 

Oomwell, Ollictic D. 

Crowdus, Thomas .M. 

Crump. Charles D. 

Grumpier. Sherman L. 

Crulcher, .Sharon H. 

Curley, Diantha E. 

Currie, Cwendolvn 

Cusack, Eastmond 

Czech, Valentine A. 

Daniel, Jean C. 

Daniel. John L. 

Daniels, Michael F. 

Daniels. Theresa 

Daniels, Verna NL 

Darling, Charles 

Dash. Cherryl L. 

Daughertv, Burgess 

Daves, Kathleen 

Davis, Alex 

Davis, .\lfred L. 

DaWs, Anna K. 

Dan's, Bobbv 

Davis, Charlotte R. 

Da\is. Chester 

Da\is, LaSandra S. 

Da\is, Linda Y. 

Davis, Lorraine 

Da\is, Marv L. 

Da\is, Soloman T. 

Davenport, Richard L. 

Day, Madison L. 
Dean, Martha J. 
Dean, Rovslon L. 
Deas, Joseph R. 
Debnam, Hubert 
Debnam, Jorean 
Debnam, Kay F. 
Demorv, Fave 
Dempsev, Gar\ L. 
Dennis, Blonnie P. 
Dennis, Gregory 
Dias, Samuel V. 
Diggs, Jerome H. 
Dickerson, Michael L. 
Dillingham. Bruce E. 
Dilworth, Kevin C. 
Dixon. Annie 
Dixon, Edna C. 
Dixon, Phillip E. 
Doub. Joel 
Doughty, Johnnie 
Douglas, Lee 
Douglas, Stephen B. 
Dover, Gloria J. 
Downing. Cynthia L. 
Draughn, Hassell L. 
Dravlon, Phillip H. 
Drummings, Marv E. 
Dnimmond, George T. 
DuBerry, Ronald E. 
Dublin. .Michael L. 
Duck, Dorothy K 
Dunn. Doris A. 
Dunn, Evia 
Dunn, Wayne L. 
Dunn, Wayne .M. 
Durant, Elijah 
Durant, Frankie L. 
Durham, Lawrence 
DuVal, John A. 
Eakins. Margaret L 
Earl, James M. 
Eason, Jo.Ann C. 
Easterling, Scipio B. T. 
Edmunds. Eric R. 
Edwards, Elnora 
Edwards. Frank D. 
Edwards, Jewvl .\, 
Edwards, Nellie D. 

Rt. 1. Box I5L Broadnax, Va. 
458 Ea-stern Parkway. Brooklyii, N. Y. 
5S2 E. Lenoir Street. Raleigh. N. C. 
713 S. Chestnut St.. Mount Olive. \. C. 
4401 .Airline Blvd.. Chesapeake. Va. 
1254 W. 35th Street. Indianapolis. Indiana 
II Weber Drive. Portchester. N. Y. 
Rt. 6. Box 228. Plant City. Fla. 
Rt. I. Box .50. Harrellsville, N. C. 
1660 Fountain Drive. Raleigh. N. C. 
Rt. 1. Box 168. Hurdle Mills. N. C. 
Rt. 1. Box 130-D. Dorchester. S. C. 
.508 Tartan Circle, Apartment 22. Raleigh. N. C. 
Port-de-Pais. Haiti 
228 West Green St.. Franklinton. N. C. 
187-18 Keeseville Ave.. St. .Albans, N. V. 
12.53 N. 24th Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 
187-18 Keeseville Ave., St. Albans. N. Y. 
1861 -12th Court, Riviera Beach, Fla. 
69 Clarkson Ave.. Brooklvn, N. Y. 
Rt. 2. Box 222, Newport. N. C. 
11U31 166th Street, New York. N. Y. 
1514 Pulaski Street. Portsmouth. Va. 
721 East Avenue. Stuart. Fla. 
2312 Edison Street. Charlotte, N. C. 
14 George Hopkins, Melbourne. Fla. 
378 Dewey Avenue. Hampton. Va. 
Rt. 2, Box 43-A. Franklinton. N. C. 
Ill W. 114th St.,#5E, New York, N. Y. 
914 Rankin. Wilmington. N. C. 
76.5 E. 16.5 Street. Bronx. N. Y. 
988 Goodwin Line. Spartanburg. S. C. 
P.O. Box 57, Townsville. N. C. 
P.O. Box 712. Clarkton, N. C. 
309 Lafayette Ave., Brooklvn. N. Y. 
102.5 Langham Ave., Camden. N. J. 
710 S. Benhow Road. Green,sboro, N. C. 
.360 E. 26th Street, Brooklyn. N. Y. 
B^3 Washington Ter., Raleigh. N. C. 
23a5 Rock Quarry Rd., Raleigh. N. C. 
2213 Van D>ke Avenue. Raleigh. N. C. 
1022 Sycamore Street. Weldon, N. C. 
5223 Webster Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 
604 Mock Street. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
3.3.5 S. 10th Avenue. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
4408 16th Street, Washington. D. C. 
Monrovia. Liberia 
1.34 Badger Avenue. Newark. N. J. 
612 E, 6th Street. Plainfield. N. J. 
172-20 133rd Avenue. Rochdale Village. N. Y. 
Rt. 1, Box 2,56. Diegelwood. N. C. 
2320 Hamilton Street. Bartow. Florida 
764 E. 105 St.. Brooklvn. N, Y. 
804 W. Sedgwick St., Philadelphia. Pa. 
277 Montclair Ave.. Vaux Hall, .N. J. 
807 S. 12th Street. Newark. N. J. 
67 Eddy Road, Roosevelt, N. Y. 
109 Thames Street, New London, Conn. 
11.32 Pierce Street. Washington. N. C. 
1411 Leggett Road. Rocky Mount. N. C. 
7021 N. W, 10th Ave.. .Miami. Florida 
602 Kershaw St., N.E., Aiken, S. C. 
1702 Fountain Drive. Raleigh, N. C. 
1108 4th St.. N.E.. Washington, D. C. 
313 Sunset Drive. Chapel Hill, N. C. 
551 E. Lenoir St., Raleigh. N. C. 
Rt. 5, Box 77. Raleigh, N. C. 
728 Fitzgerald Dr.. Raleigh, N. C. 
11^ W 137th Street, New York, N. Y. 
.393 Dumont Avenue, Brooklvn, N. Y. 
1 Webster Drive. Portchester, N. Y. 
1.305 N. Hodge St., Siler City. N. C. 
270 Oak Street. Pa-ssaic. N. J. 
60 Woodside .Avenue, Freeport, N, Y. 
-3241 Harvey Ave.. Cincinnati, Ohio 
322 Richmond .Avenue, Burlington, N. C. 
P.O. Box 45. Simburv. N. C. 
1803 Liberty Place, Raleigh, N. C. 
434 Springdale .Ave., East Orange. N. J. 
Rt. 1. Box 90. Woodland. N. C. 
Rt. 3, Box 270, Smithfield. Va. 
312 Moore Street, Fayetteville. N. C. 
2202 Nashville Ave.. Portsmouth, \'a. 

Lllt'liv, .V)u\oiiia 
Ellis. Cornell 
Ellis, Elward 
Ellis, Frederick 
Esaie. Moulongo 
Evans, Diane 
E\ans, Jo Ann 
Evelyn. Benjamin 
E\elyn, Constance 
Everett, Barbara 
Eye, Michael E. 
Fainole, Olatunje 
Fair, Carol\n 
Fairfax, Vincent 
Faison, Edna 
Faison, Joseph 
Farland, Phillip C. 
Farrar, Kay 
Farrington, Carrie 
Farrior, Angelina 
Feathcrston, Walter 
Fennell, Konald 
Ferguson, George 
Fields. Alaine 
Fields. Milton 
Fields, Miranda 
Findle\, Janice 
Fisher, Charles 
Fisher, Fa\on 
F'sher, Jerome 
Fitzgerald. CIad\s 
Fitzpatrick, Herman 
FloxNers, Rosalin 
Fon\ilIe, Marie 
Forne\. Patricia 
Foster, Frager 
Fow, Maria 
Frails. Dehra 
Fraiser. Charles A. 
Fryar, Randolph 
Fulford, Audrievia 
Fulford, Inez 
Fullard, JacijiieKn 
(iaddy, Denise 
Ciale, Nathaniel 
C;allo\va\. Sall\ Jane 
Cambrell, Stephen M. 

Gardner, Thomas 

Garner, Norma 

Garrison. Robert 

Gar\, Gloria 

Gary, U illie 

Gaskins. Peler 

Gathers, Dcbois 

C;aull, Rosa 

Gee, Albert 

Gibhs. Janice 

Gibbs, Lessie D. 

Gibbs, Palema 

Gilkesson, Robert 

Gill, Curtis 

(.illead, Ramon 

Gilliard, SyKia 

Gillus, Leon 

Glaze, Delphine 

Glo\er, William 

Golding, Martin 

Cioldston. Wallace 

Gooden, Kav L. 

Gooding, \'eronica 
X^ore, Mildred 

Gordon, Sliirle\ 

Gorham, Juelenc 

Cough, Mack 

Grad\, Keinieth 

Graham. Linda 

Grant. Leonard 

Graves, Gwendolvn 

Graves, Katie 

Graves, Margaret 

Gray, Robert 

Green, AKvyn 

Green, Debra 

P.O. Box 625- Howland, \. C. 
IS Byrd Road, N'orwalk, Conn. 
50-14th .\veuue, Newark. N. J, 
.S.3 Coolidge Avenue, .\mitvville. X. Y. 
Kinshasa, Congo 
420 Beatties Ford Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
519 East Bragg Street, Greensboro, N. C. 
241 S. Regent Street, Portchester. N. Y. 
241 S. Regent Street. Portchester. N. Y. 
Rt. ]. Box 272. Oak City. N. Y, 
Kagos. Nigeria 
1S14 Thomas Street, Richmond. Va. 
2517 Atlee Street. Winston-Saiem, N. C. 
506 lith .\venue, Behiiar. \. J. 
231 Jacobs Street. Clinton, N. C. 
Rt. 1, Bo.v 166. Turkey, N. C. 
Rt.l, Box 88. Beulaville, N. C. 
918 S, East Street. Raleigh. N. C, 
309 Brooks Street. Chapel Hill. N. C. 
P-0. Box 154, Magnolia, N. C. 
Rt. 3, Box 29. Roxboro. N. C. 
152-15 125th Ave.. New York. N. Yr 
Evergreen, Va. 
22fil St. Matthe\\ St.. Henderson. N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box 218. Halifax. N. C. 
818 Bunche Drive. Raleigh, N. C. 
1,500 Dawes Street. South Plainfield. N. J. 
186*15 Mangin Avenue. St. Albans, N, Y. 
1627 Patton Avenue, Charlotte, N. C. 
3635-13th Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. 
22 N. 61st Street. Philadelphia, Pa. 
50 E. 104th Street, New York. N. Y. 
116-117 166th Street. Jamaica, \. Y. 
1102 Williams Street. New Bern. N. C. 
417 Killian Street. Waynesville, N. C. 
45 A\()n Avemie, Newark, N. J. 
Rt. 2, Box 255, Siler City. N. C. 
38 Fountain Ave., Trenton. N. J, 
40 Willow Street. Portchester, N. Y. 
25 Middle Rose St,. Trenton. N. J. 
316 Marsh Street. Beaufort, N. C. 
506 Pollock Street. Beauford. N'. C. 
328 Bay Street. Mullins. S. C. 
1023 Jerome Road, Durham, N. C. 
5923 Osage Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 
705 New Street, Eden, N. C. 
110 Union Avenue. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
470 1st Street, North Birmingham. Ala, 
118 Burnham Street, Hartford, Conn, 
Rt. 1, Box 273. Hampstead, N. C. 
611 S. East Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
611 S. East Street, Raleigh. N. C. 
Rt. 2, Box 130, Scranton, S. C. 
505 E. Branch St.. Benson, N. C. 
Rt. 1. Box 248, Pacolet, S. C. 
Rt. 3. Box A-i5. Enfield. N. C. 
140 Halsey Street, Brooklyn, N, Y. 
1006 E. Martin Street. Raleigh, N. C. 
636 S. 5th Ave.. Mt. Vernon, N. Y.. 
5822 Reed Street, Hyattsville. Md. 
504 Bailey Drive, Raleigh. N. C:. 
1236 Burke Avenue, New York, N. Y. 
P.O. Box 241, Hartsville, S. C. 
3310 18th St. N.E., Washington. D. C. 
7220 Mt. Vernon St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
301 Bedford Avenue, Mt. Vernon, N. Y, 
205-1] 111th Road, Hollis, N. Y. 
Rt. 3, Box 194, Siler City, N. C. 
2257 Cecil .\venue, Baltimore. Md. 
1313 Meadowbrouk Dr.. Kinston. N. C. 
481 Dunn Stret. Durham. \. C. 
408 N.W. 10th Ave, Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Rt. 2, Box 36. Washington, N. C. 
889 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia. Pa. 
Rt. I. Box .145. Castle Havne. N. C, 
482 Dearborn Ave., Davton, Ohio 
1831 N. Newkirk St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Box 548. Bell Arthur, N. C. 
5th Street. Indiantown, Fla. 
Rt. 5. Box 377. Burlington. N. C 
43-44 Kissena Blvd.. Queens. N. H, 
20 9th Avenue, Newark. N. J, 
915 Ho\\ard Avenue, Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Green, Edward 
Green, Elliott 
Green, Frederick 
Green. Freida 
Green. Jerry 
Green, \'an 
Greene, Cherlv 
Greene. Sillar 
Greene, William 
Greenfield, Helga 
Grice, Eloise 
Griffin. Estelle 
Griffin, Gregor\ 
Grogan, .\marvllis 
Hackett, William M. 
Hackne\', S\l\ester 
Haden, Gail 
Hadid. Mohammed 
Hailey, Margaret 
Hairston, (iravlin T. 
Hale, Jeffrev 
Hall, Bernice J. 
Hall, Robert 
Hall, Thomas 
Hammond, Valorve 
Hampton, Jo\ce A. 
Hanner, Stanford 
Harrellson, Jessie .\L 
Harrington, Herbert 
Harrington, Mar\ 
Harriott, Charles 
Harris, Alphonso 
Harris, E\erlean 
Harris, James A. 
Harris, Jerome 
Harris, Mar\ L. 
Harris, \'aughn 
Harris. Velicia 
Harrison, Sandra 
Har\e\, Keith 
Haskins. Ra\mond 
Hattley, Franklin 
Haukins, Elise 
Hawkins, Sharon 
Hay, Jeremiah 
Havmon, Elmer 
Haviies, Howard 
Hazel, Ramon 
Henderson, Havse 
Flenry, Jac((uel\n 
Hepburn, Allen 
Herring, Lillie 
Herring, Zena 
Hester, Elaine 
Hicks, Brenda 
Hicks, Donald 
Hicks, Lenora 
Hicks, Lumarzell 
Hicks, Maxine 
Hight, Carolyn 
Hill, Sandra D. 
Hines, Camilla 
Hinton, Hazel P. 
Hinton, La\vrence 
Hodge, PVahcis 
Hodges, C'arol\n 
HoHer, Brenda 
Holder, Richard 
Holland, Joseph 
Holle\, Qucntin 
Hollinger, Wanda 
Hood, C^lcophus 
Hook, Selane 
Hoosier, ,\lbert 
Hopkins, C^Milhia 
Horlon. Ronald 
Houston, Marion 
Howard, Charles 
Howard, C^olumbus 
Hughes, Winifred 
Humphrey, Delane\ 
Hunt, Jesthroe 
Hunt, Salonia 

2.570 N,W. 16th Ct., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 

410 E. 105 Street. New York,' N, Y. 
2060 N. Cherr\ St., Winston-Salem. N. C. 

134-07 Cheney St., Queens, N. Y. 
992 Williams Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y. 
321 Preston Street, .\uhurndale, Fla. 
.3418 Mordecai Street, Durham, N. C. 
Rt. 1. Box 75. Heath Springs. S. C. 
3418 Mordecai Street, Durham, N. C. 
Rt. 2, Box 55-A, Seven Springs, N. C. 
102 St. Augustine Ave., Ralei,gh, N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box ,33. Bartow, Fla. 
3 Weber Drive, Portchester. \. Y. 
2167 Penelope St., N.W., Atlanta, Georgia 
348 Centre Street, Trenton. N. J. 
Rt. 1, Box 364, Chapel Hill. N. C. 
142 W. Sidney Ave., Mount Vernon, .\. Y. 
515 S. Harrison St., Arlington, Va. 
811 Maple Lane. Wadesboro, N. C. 
1819 Newcastle St.. Charlotte, N. C. 
675 Burnside St.. Orange. N. J. 
78 \. Oraton Parkway. E. Orange. .N. J. 
3012 Graland Ave.. Richmond, Va. 
192.3 W. C:he\v Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
280 Maple Street. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1105-108th Street. Amory. Mississippi 
2342 E. Hills Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
827 S. State Street. Raleigh, N. C. 
8171.2 Pavie Ave., New Bern, N. C. 
1634 Fountain Dr.. Raleigh, N. C. 
31.50 16th St.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. 
3500 Hazelhurst Ave.. Richmond, Va. 
11 Ford Street, Greenville, N. C. 
Rt. 4, Box 185. Louisburg, N. C. 
2206 \. Graham St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
1340 Branch Street. Raleigh, N. C. 
4.50 S. 12th Street. Newark. N. J. 
5229 Locust Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 
7904 Essex, Chicago, 111. 
10 Quinton Street. Belleville, N. J. 
456 Madison Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
120-A Bainbridge St., BrookKii, N. Y. 
485 Lenox Avenue. New York. N. Y. 
62.3 E. Green Street. Wilson. N. C. 
147 Patchen Ave.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
7210 Upland Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
2.317 E. 14th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
45 Fairview Avenue. New York, N. Y. 
114 Smithfield Street. Raleigh, N. C. 
Rt, 1, Box 6, Lumberton, N. C. 
16820 N.W. 24th A\e.. Miami. Florida 
420 Ayars PL. Apt. D., Chester. Pa. 
3107 Edgewo(}d .\ve.. Richmond. Va. 
612 N.W. 1st. Ave.. Hallandale. Fla. 
70 Prudy Avenue, Portchester, N. Y. 
1,50 W. 174th St., Bronx, N. Y. 
188 Lawrence Place. Paterson, N. J. 
19.36 2nd Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. 
H-8 Washington Ter., Raleigh, N. C. 
Rt. 2. Box ,529. Louisburg. N. C. 
1129 Rome Street. Petersburg. Va. 
.39 State Street, Hackensack, N. J. 
.30.3 Fowie Street. Raleigh. N. C. 
H30 Coleman Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
33 Charlame Place. Boston. Mass. 
,302 E, Preston St.. Selma, N. C. 

411 S. 12th Street. Newark, N. J. 
m) York Street. Brooklvii, N, Y. 

219 East Union St.. Kingston, N. Y. 

2712 Bruce Place, S.E.. Washington. D. C. 

(UO E. Crosier St., Akron. Ohio 

829 QuiiK\ St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

2.38 Center Street. Mamaroneck. N. Y, 

Rt. 1, Box ,52. Blue Ridge. Va. 

Star Rt.. Box 2-3, Murfreesboro. N. C. 

,52(H Colorado Ave,, N.W.. Washington, D. C. 

4404 Braeside Court, Lanham, Md. 

822 Manly Street, Raleigh, N. C. 

7,340 Dotson Lane. Glen Burnie, Md. 

1218 E. Barringer .St,. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Rt. I. Box 2,57. St. Pauls. N. C, 

340 Pine Street. Camden. \. J. 

I3I-,55 227 nd Street. Laurclton. L, I. 

Iliinlir. Frank 
lluiilcr. Kii'hard 
Hurcll.'. Kill^ 
Hint. DoM.ilcl 
UmIu'. Jithiiiijc 
In'^rain. Kict'inaii 
lii^rani. (^foryc 
Imiiii. (.ail B. 
JackM.n. BilK R. 
Jackson. Bnnda J. 
JaikM.ii. Brian 
JackMHi, Cli-iipaira 
JackMiii. Duria M. 
Jackson. Klijah J. 
lackson. Kinrilev 
Jackson. Michelc E. 
Jackson. OdctlfE. 
Jackson. Orlandus P. 
Jackson. Shirlcv M. 
lackson. Sle\c (.. 
Jackson. Thomas A. 
lackson. l"inroth\ 
Jackson, \atcrie 
Jah(anial). \rinah 
Jallah. Pelcr B. 
James. Benjamin 
James. Honald 
lames. Teresa II. 
James. Tonax is 
James. William 
lenkins. Cire«or\ 
Jenkins. William T. 
Jenniriiis. Deborah E. 
Jennings, Gloria 
Jews. C'urtis 
Jiles. Henr\ G. 
JohnsiMi. .\lice S. 
Johnson. Althea 
Johnson. Barbara 
Johnson. Bell\ 
Johnson. Bobh\ 
Johnson. Brenda J. 
Johnson. C'alherine 
Johnson. Deborah K. 
|ohnson. Earlene 
Johnson. Frankie L. 
Johnson. Cuen 
Johnson. Harrx 
Johnson. Jacqueline D. 
Johnson. Janet 
Johnson. Jean C. 
Johnson. Jimnn C. 
Johnson, John R. 
Johnson, Joseph 
Johnson, Kenneth 
Johnson. Larrx J. 
Johnson, Lero\ J. 
Johnson, Lero\ S. 
Johnson, Maria 
Johnson. Patricia 
Johnson. Phyllis .\I. 
Johnson, Roger 
J()hnson. Rodolph D. 
Johnson. Walter Lee 
Johnson, Wanda L. 
Jollex. Robert (.. 
Jones, Arthnr 
Jones, Constance N\'. 
Jones. Ernestine 
Jones, Herman S. 
Jones. Jacqueline 
Jones, John O. 
Jones, Lerov P. 
Jones. Mary S. 
Jones, Myron .VI. 
I Jones, Rub\ 
Jones, Thomas H. 
Jones. Thomas O. 
Jones. Toiii J. 
Jooes, Traxis 
Jones. Tyrone 
^ Jones. Willie .M. 
Jordan. Linda 

(ill CiokiM.m \\ciii.c, Drlaridi.. Fl.i 

(ill llnrlnn \m- , \cu iMuhcllc. N. V 

2IS km^ Slicrl llcrllcird. \ C. 
21(111 Park ilill Dr. I'ittsl)ini;h. I'a. 
.iSlid llenjhls liK.I , Cicvclaml. Ohio 
m 1 H,.s ,V, rrnxKlcmc \ ( 
I'd U,,s :(,! WImI.mII, \ ( 
') Shau \Mini,' \,u.ok, \ j 
(id Vonkcrs Nxcnuc \nnk,is, \ ^, 
M2.T Paltiin ( inlc> I Knilirs,,ii, \ ( 
12 Lcvinuloii \m- , MiinUl.iir, N | 
•il.Td\\a\ =1.S,S. Nc« ^ork, \ ^ 
472 Madison Ave. I'atersim. \ [ 
22.1 W. 2.5lh .Street. U inslim-Salcni, \, C 
41 Hi Meade St , \ K , W ashini,ton. D. C. 
«3.5 Central \\euuc, Chester. Pa, 
.5T2S Chestnut Street. Philailclphia. Pa 
l«)l Tee Dee Street, Halcii;!.. N, C, 
.\-l»!J Craven Ter.. New Bern. .\. C'. 
I2,i Lincoln Ave.. Apt. HtO; Trenton. N. J. 
Mt I. Box lU. Shipman. Va. 
ISSI C;lcnha\cn A\e.. Athens, Georgia 
■32(1.5 W , Danphin St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
P.O. Box 1H2I. Monrovia. Liberia 
15(1 E. 94th St.. Brooklyn. \. V. 
7.S N IHth Street. East OranRe. \. J. 
42 WashintTton Place, Teatieck, \. J, 
4.52 S. Main Street, Franklinton. \. ( 
Rt. 2. Box 442, Williamston. .\. C. 
1310 Greenwood Street. Scotland Neck. .\. C. 
8<S(1 Bo\ iiton .Axeniie. Bron.\. .\ew York 
11(16 S. Blonnt St.. Raleigh. \. C. 
16 Blackhnrn Street. Berrvville. Va. 
Rt. 1. Box 281. Victoria. Va, 
8(1(1 Pine Street. Cambridge, Md. 
2527 R(X'k Quarrx Rd.. Raleigh, N. C. 
'341(1 Garland .\ve,. Richmond, Va. 
4.312 De.xter Street, Philadelphia. Pa. 
44-C Dutch Place. Hartford. Conn. 
281(1 Elm .Avenue. Portsuiotith. Va. 
415 .Mulberry Street. Weldon, N. C. 
91.3 N. 27th St.. Richmond, Va. 
144 E. 29th Street. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
2915 Montrose .Ave,. Richmond. Va. 
P.O. Box 7,59. Zebulon. N. C. 
11(16 Avery St.. Morehead City, \.C. 
96 Elmore .Avenue, Englewood. \. J. 
185-25 Dunlap Ave.. New York. \. Y. 
24S-8th Ave.. S.W.. Hickory. .\. C. 
129 Lorraine St.. #1C. Brooklyn. \. Y. 
2915 Montrose Ave.. Richmond. Va. 
R,F,D, #2. Lindsay Rd.. Seneca, S. C. 
312 S. Bloodworth St.. Raleigh. .\. C. 
P.O. Box 122. 312 Leta St.: .Auburndale, Fla. 
395 Hawthorne Ave,. Newark. \'. J. 
11(17 Dnev .St.. South Bend. Ind, 
228 .Meeting Street. Georgetown. S. C. 
.5321 W, Walton Ave,. Philadelphia, Pa, 
25 Kipp Street, Xesvark. \, J, 
4(1(1 Bergen Street. Newark. \. J. 
Rt, 2. Box 14-D. Amherst. Va, 
266-,5(l 8th St„ Newark, .N, J, 
■325 Oakland St.. Trenton. N. J. 
614 8th St.. .Melbourne, Fla. 
17,5-47 .Mnrdock Ave,. St, Albans. N. Y, 
2115 '1 • St.. N.E. #11. Washington. D. C. 
266 Lamou SL, FavettevtIle,-N^C. 
.3(X1 Pine Street. Smithfield. \. C. 
2911 C.lenwoixl Avenue. Raleigh. .\. C. 
414'2 New Rand Rd,. Garner. N. C. 
702 Martin Street, (jreensboro. N. C. 
1(10 Bart Street. Raleigh. \. C. 
Cochran Rd.. Rt. 46. Lawrenceville. Va. 
Rt. 7, Box .324. Reidsville. N. C. 
1042 Hoe .Avenue. Bronx, N. \. 
217 E. Lenoir St.. Raleigh. N. C. 
828 .Murray Street. Newbern. N. C. 
118-:3n IWlthSt. St, Albans, N, Y, 
69 C:ortland Ave.. New Rochelle. N. Y. 
els' 4th St.. N.E., Washington, D, C, 
1129 Tinton Ave.. New York. N. Y, 
Rt, 2. Box ,3'3.5, Franklinton, .N, C, 
162 Carteret ,Ave.. Jersev Citv, N. J. 

Joseph. Denise Ellen 
Jo\. Duaiie 
Jovner. Hettx V. 
Jo\ ner, Marilyn 
JoMier, Patricia 
JoMier, Kiibiii 
Jndd. \Kiii 
Judkiiis. \ ertna 
Kaalund. Barrs 
kearsc. Caugllev 
kearsc, Deborah S. 
Keith. Mildred 
Kelb. Carol 
Kclb, Paul 

Kemp, (George -Mc(-o\ 
Kendall. Jean P. 
Kendrick. Jackie 
Kendricks, Stephanie 
Keltler, John I., 
Kihohia, John 
King, Be\erls J. 
King. C^onstance 
King, Donald \'. 
King, Larrx C. 
Ki\'uti, Francis 
Knowles, Nathaniel 
Kornega\, Judge N. 
Kngblenu. (ieorgc O. 
Kwabbi, |oseph K. 
Lacy, ("leopatrick 
Lac\. C'l\ tcmnestra 
Lac\, \\ ilson 
Lamb. Deidre 
Lampley, Gloria 
Lancaster, Willis 
Lance, Dennis 
Lane, E\elvn 
Lang, Carlman 
Langley, Roland R. 
Lanier, Bonnie 
Lark, Morris 
Lassiter. Jeanette 
Lawton. Edward 
Lee, C;arol\Ti S. 
Lee, Dorothy .M. 
Lee, Doroth\ ,\Iae 
Lee, LaX'erne 
Lee, Milton E, 
Leggett, Eugene 
Lemon, Teretha 
Leonard, Bruce 
Lewis, Eric 
Lewis, Harold 
Levels, Hewell 
Lewis, Linda 
Lewis, Marjorie 
Lewis, Thomas N. 
Lipscomb, James 
Lockam\, Frederick D. 
Lockam\, .Marx 
Tockamx, MeKin K. 
Loflin, Janet 
Logan, Eugene 
Long, Earl 
Long, Robert 
Lo\ett, Gus 
Loxing, Carol 
Lowe, Stanle\ 
L\ nch, ('arol 
L\ nch, Mark S. 
L\nn. C'Kde 
.McVdoo. Eb ira 
McCall. Darlcne 
■McCall. Sidnex 
McClain. Pelcr 
McClarx, Nancx 
McClendon, \\'ilbert 
McCMoud, S\ Ixester 
McCollum, Brenda 
McC'ormick, Bobb\ C. 
-McCor\e\, James, Jr. 
McC^ox. Janet 
McCullers, Ernestine 

2.129 .Sanders \w ( h.nloll,, \ ( 

1422 Grey Avenue. Evanston. Ill, 

■346 E, l(15th St,. New York. N. Y. 

HI 2, Box idO, Walstiaibnrg. N. C. 

Rout.' 1. Willow Springs, N. C. 

1 i'l Mriliii,- Avenue, Trenton, N J 

(>ld i: ( oitis Street., \, j, 

51(1 Bridge Street, Smjlhlield, N, C. 

1(1 Id 10th SI,, Long Island, N. Y. 

171 21 III') \\ciiue, SI, Mliaiis. N. Y, 

111 I ( liallum Road. Baltimore. Md, 

i 118 K, Lane Street, Raleigh, N, C, 

,306 Parkinson Ave,, Trenton. N, j, 

24,39 .Montrose .St,. Philadelphia. Pa, 

1014 Parksidc Ave. Ilamplon, \a 

1228 E, Corin Blvd,, ,South Bend. Ind. 

117 Hull Street. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

179-36 Scliner Rd,, Jamaica, N, Y, \ 1 

kenxa. Mnci 

Baxsid. \ I 

iiith It, 'lid In, I 

1 DilKvMi, \a, 

,,,u, N ( , 

,51 Will,,u Slii'ct. I', 

20141 47th \x 
516 E, PennsxKauia \\c,. 
HI 1 li,,x 
716 i: Green Sliv 
I idd E, Edenton St„ Raleigh. N, C. 
2IKI W U3 St, «9M. New York, N, Y, 
Ht I, I5,ix 546. Trent, III. N. C. 
Ghaii.i IClnlias-.x. Washington. DC. 
\shanti. (diaiia 
P,() H.ix 74, Bladenboro, N, C, 
P,0. Box 74. Bladenboro. N. C. 
P.O. Box 74. Bladenboro. N. C. 
150-12 178th St. Jamacia. N. Y. 
9241 Ave,. Cleveland. Ohio 
83 St, Nich,ilas Place. New York. N. Y. 
16 E. ISth Street, Linden, N. J. 
206 E. Butler St.. Clinton. N. C. 
15 Rembert Street. .Natchez. Miss. 
1S02 Phillips Ave.. Greenslmro. N. C:. 
Rt. 1. Box 183. Oak City. N. C. 
409 Doxvner Street. Weslfield. N. J. 
P.O. Box 684. Woodland. N. C. 
-■5055 Bouck .Avenue. Nexv Y'ork, N. Y. 
.501 East 24th St.. Paterson. N. J. 
Box 1223. Pinehurst. N. C. 
1404 Poole Road. Raleigh. N. C. 
401 N. Fayette St.. Alexandria. Va. 
Rt. 1, Box 65. Aulander, N, C. 
,'39 Wayiie .Axemie. Trenton. N. J. 
Rt. 2. Box 265. St. George. S, C. 
187 Old Rose Street. Trenton. N. J. 
921 .Myrtle Avenue. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
.501(1 Cannon Road. Loris, S. C. 
1226 Magnolia Ave.. Camden. N, J. 
,50 E, l(14th Street. New York. N, Y, 
70:54 Booker Drive. Seat Pleasant, Md, 
800 Macon Street. Brooklxn. N, Y, 
Rt, 1, Box 26,5. Blanch. N.C. 
508 Branch Street. Benson. N. C. 
,5(14 Branch .Street. Benson, .\. C. 
504 Branch Street. Benson. N. C. 
P.O. Box 25, EHand. N. C. 
2619 Daxis Street. Raleigh, N, C. 
Rt. 1. Box61-B, .Milton. N. C. 
51 1 Sylvia Street. Statesville. \. C. 
2003 E. Ohio St.. Plant City. Fla, 
735 Kentuckx .Ax'e., S.E.. Washin»gton. D. C. 
1503 Alleghenry Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
203-06 100 Avenue. Hollis. N. Y. 
8715 S. Wabash. Chicago. Illinois 
916 Audubon ,\vemie. Goldsboro. N, CJ, 
General Delixerx, KHand. \, C:. 
7328 E, W ainnt Lane. Philadelphia, Pa, 
2568 7th Axe,. Nexv York, N Y 
1(X55 E, 224th .St.. Bmnx. N, Y, 
269 S. Clinton St,. .Nexv Jersev 
,56,36 Malcolm Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Rt. 1. Box 24. Rose Ilill. N, C, 
1613 Proctor Road. Raleigh. N. C. 
Rt. 2. Box 549. Raef,)rd. N, C, 
2910 Bx, Park East Bronx. N. Y. 
3,39 Henderson Street. Oxford. N. C. 
Rt. 3. Box :32(1. Clavton, N. C. 

McDonald, Isiah 
McDonald, Patricia A. 
McDougal. Wilbur 
McDougale, Gloria 
McDowell. Ruth M. 
McGarrah, William 
McGee, Denni.s E. 
McGriff, Othniel 
McInlO!ih, Kenneth 
Mclnlyre, Albert, Jr. 
McKenzie, Doroth\ 
McKinley, Marcellus 
McKinne, Minnie 
McKnight, Dewilda 
McKov. John Charies 
McKoy, Shirley A. 
McLeod, Dianne 
McLeod, Robert 
McMillan, Bruce LeVan 
McNair, Carlton 
McNair, John 
McNeill, Alda 
McPherson, .Sylvester 
McQueen, Annette 
.McRae, Lorenza 
Mack, Hazel M. 
Macklin, Sylvia 
Major, Phyllis 
-Malone, Daniel 
-Malone, Julia 
Mangum, Stella Jean 
.Mann, Fannette 
Manning, Mattie 
•Martin, Beverlvn 
.Martin, Gloria 
Martin, Maryland 
.Martin, .Mayme 
Martin, .Sondra 
Marsh, Thurl 
.Massey, Drucilla 
Massey, Rachel 
Mason, Elizabeth 
Masten, Allen C. 
Maxyvell, .Marvin 
.Mayer, .Maurice 
.Maynard, Clement 
Ma\nor, Ra\mond 
Maynor, Sandra 
Mayo, Clarence 
Mays, James 
Meeks, Elizabeth 
Melvin, Alice 
Mendez, John 
Merritt, Patricia 
Mewbom, Ervin 
Mewborn, Terrv 
Mickle, Frenzola 
Mike, Rett ye 
Miles, .Anthony 
Miller, Gloria 
Mills, John E. 
Mintz, Carl 
Minus, .\Ifred 
Mitchell, .Anthony 
Mitchell, Doris 
Mitchell, Willie T. 
Mitchell, Yvonne L. 
Mitchener, Jacqueline 
Mitchener, Wanda 
Mobley, Lester 
Mock, Delilah 
Mohamed, Diane 
Moody, John 
Moore, AJvis 
Moore, Beverly 
Moore, Bobby 
Moore, Ernest 
Moore, Eunice 
Moore, Ezra 
Moore, Joe Willis 
Moore, .Mildred 
Moore, Pearlie 
.Moore, Portia F. 

.517 Decatur .St.. .\,VV.. Washuigton, D. C. 
109 Lovette Road, Lumberton, N. C. 
1101 Campeau Street, South Bend, Ind. 
112-29 20-lth Street, St. .Mbans. N. Y. 
Rt. 2, Bo.x 424, Jacksonville. N. C. 
22 Roosevelt Street, Hartford. Conn. 
5909 Cedar Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 
2.500 Gilmer Avenue, Winston-Salem, N. C. 
P.O. BoxSll.Goldston, N. C. 
Rt. I, Bo.\2fi2, Indiantown, Fla. 
719 S. Main Street, Marion, S. C. 
898-C Garden Street, Hartford, Conn. 
Rt. 1, Box 11.3. Holly Springs, N. C. 
212 N. Glenn Street, Mt. Ohve, N. C. 
117-42 221st. St.. Queens, N. Y. 
Rt. 1. Box 230-B, Lillington, N. C. 
125 Spearman Street. Lumberton, N. C. 
407 E. 10th Ave., Roselle, .\'. J. 
60 JefFress .Avenue. Asheville, .\. C. 
60.3 McNair Street, Durham. N. C. 
Box 49 Railroad St., St. Pauls, N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box .325. Ervvin. N. C. 
P.O. Box 28. Moyock. N. C. 
1016 Shepard Dr.. Rocky Mount. N. C. 
51 Hudson Street. Bennettsville, S. C. 
412 27th Street. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
159 Central Avenue, Hackensack, N. J. 
179-28 137th Ave., New York, N. Y. 
4.38 E. Stallings St., Clayton, N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box .562, Raleigh, N. C. 
P.O. Box .581, Ape.x. N. C. 
Rt. 1. Box315. Calhoim, Ga. 
3415 Carver Road. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
355 E. 9th Street. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
2200 Madison Ave. #9F. .New York. N. Y. 
■502 Wall Street. Sanford. N. C. 
.307 N. Holly Street. Chattanooga, Tenn. 
1 1 Weber Drive. Portchester. .\. Y. 
Rt. 3. Box 65. Pittsboro. N. C. 
111-43 180th St.. St. Alban.s. iN. Y. 
Monrovia. Liberia 
Rt. 1, Box .369-C, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
311 AUenhurst Ave., Neptune. N. J. 
.3019 Franklin Court. Fort Mever. Fla. 
195 Nagle .Avenue, New York. N. Y. 
1570 Montgomery St.. Rahway. N. J. 
240 S. 9th Avenue. Mt. Vernon. N. Y. 
904 E. Edgerton St., Dunn, i\. C. 
P.O. Box 312, Hillsborough, N. C. 
35-14 99th Street, New York, N. Y. 
Rt. 3, Box 514-Y, Wilson, N. C. 
Roseboro, N. C. 
1541 Gunhill Road, Bronx, N. Y. 
821 Grantland Drive, Raleigh, N. C. 
Rt. 3. Box 402, Snow Hill, N. C. 
1708 Nevada Street, Lumberton, N. C. 
428 Queens Road, Gastonia, N. C. 
1.380-F University .Ave.. Broax, N. Y. 
1708 Carolina Street, Gary, Ind. 
Rt. 4. Box 9. Windsor, N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box 202, Ruffin, N, C. 
315 Hoke Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
1121-IOth Street, West Palm Beach, Fla. 
17 Shepard Avenue, Orange, ,\. J. 
7(M Grantland Drive, Raleigh, .N. C. 
18 .Nassau Place, East Orange, N. J. 
1400 E. Davie Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
218 S. Swain Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
1631 Slater .Avenue, Fayettevllle, N. C. 
18 Jackson Street, New York. N. Y'. 
1432'^ "Q" Street, Washington, D. C, 
953 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
■3566 Eastchester Rd., New York, .N. Y. 
1000 Rock Quarry Rd^, Raleigh, N, C, 
3209 Rita Lane, N.W.. Hunts-ville, Ala. 
1117 Walnut Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
Rt. 4, Box 14.5-E, .Aho.skie, N. C. 
1864 California St., N.W.; Washington D, C. 
2027 .Syracuse Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 
65 Florida Street, Buifalo, N. Y. 
1005 Church Street, New Bern, N. C. 
KX)5 Church Street, New Bern, N. C. 
24,59 79th Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa, 

.Moore, Samuel 
Moore, Shirley 
.Moorehead, William 
Mooring, .Maggie 
.Morales, Stephen 
.Morgan, Larry C, 
■Morgan, Mars E. 
Morris, Horatio 
Morris, John R, 
.Morris, Rudolph E. 
Morris, Wilbert 
Morrison, Luther 
Morrow, Blanche 
Morse, Sharon 
Moses, .Michael 
.Motley, Charles 
.Mott, Ann 
.Mouzon, Carol 
.Move, Janet 
Murphrey, Precilla 
Murrill, Geraldine 
Myers, William G. 
Myrick, Robert L. 
Naughlon, Ezra 
NeeQuaye, Samuel 
Nelson, Candvce 
.Nelson, Willie 
Newton, Jacob 
Newton, .Mary M. 
Nichols, George 
Nichols, Gregory 
Nichols, John R, 
Nickleberry, Brenda 
Nicks, James 
Nixon, Darrxl 
NorHeet, Charles 
.Norman, Robert 
Norris, Randolph 
Odame, Sampson 
Ogur, Ouma B, 
O'Neal, Wanda 
Orders, Norman 
Oshunkentan, Samson 
Otey, Peggy 
Outlaw, Clarence 
Owens, Reginald 
Pace, Johnette 
Page, Lucy 
Page, Merical 
Paige, Larry 
Parker, Anita 
Parker, Donna J. 
Parker, Rita 
Parker, Ronald 
Parker, William 
Paschall, Lois 
Patterson, Gloria 
Patton, Wayne 
Peebles, CarolvTi 
Pemberlon, Theodore 
Perdue, Betty R. 
Perry, Emily 
Perry, Ernesi 
Perry, Frederick 
Perry, Nancy 
Perry, Peggy 
Perry, Rita 
Perry, Ronald 
Peterson. Carolyn 
Petrus, .Annie 
Peltylord, Rosalvn 
Phelps, Gloria 
Phifer, Regina P, 
Phillips, Darryl 
Phillips, Erma 
Phillips, Joan 
Pickett, Elmer 
Pierce, Jacqueline 
Pinckney, Kenneth 
Pinkard, Joseph 
Pittman, Joyce 
Pittman, Theresa 
P<je, Edgar 

108 Bowry Street, Elizabeth City, N,C, 
2705 O'Kelly Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
5201 Kansas Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
391 Sampson Avenue, Hampton, Va. 
1228 46th St.. S.E.. Washington, D. C. 
.361 W. 121st Street, New York, N, Y. 
126 Little Street, Duquesne, Pa. 
103-09. 218th Place. New York, N. Y. 
87 Hampton Street, Asheville. N. C. 
192 Sands Street. Brooklyn, N, Y. 
2502 N. Heritage St., Kinston, N. C. 
1128 E. Haines St., Philadelphia, Pa, 
317 McDade Street, Chapel Hill, ,N. C, 
Rt. 1. Box 231, .Arrington, Va. 
1209 Holman Street. Raleigh, N. C. 
491 E. Milton Avenue, Fahway, N, J. 
Rt. 1, Box 11, Bolton, N. C. 
P.O. Box 431, Kingstree, S, C. 
Rt. 3, Box 209, LaGrange, N, C. 
424 Randolph St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
410 E. Hines Street, Wilson, N, C. 
Rt. 3, Box 103, Thomasville, N. C. 
760 3rd .Avenue. Bartow, Fla. 
29.37 Avenue, W., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
.Accra, Ghana 
.3812 20th St., N.E., Washington, D. C. 
843 E. 131st Street, Cleveland, Ohio 
Rt. 1, Box 47, HarlevTille, S. C. 
7.36 Lunar Drive, Raleigh, N. C, 
Rt. 1, Box .342, Hallsboro, N. C. 
410 E. 105th Street. New York. N. Y. 
2641 Stanton Rd.. S.E.. Washington, D. C. 
123 Shore Street. Petersburg. Va. 
44.3 E. 186th Street. New York. N. Y. 
2130 Madison .Avenue. .New York, N. Y". 
5425 Master Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
567 Roosevelt St., Trenton, N. J. 
Rt. 1, Box 131, Holly Springs, N.C. 
Accra, Ghana 
Asumbi, Kenya 
925 E. Lane St., Apt. 2, Raleigh, N. C. 
188 Hale Street. .New Brunswick. N.J. 
Ede. Nigeria 
Rt. 4. Box .3.39. Madison Heights, Va. 
Rt. 1. Box 225, Kenansville, N. C, 
605 W. 151 St. Street, New York, N. Y. 
4040 -D' St., S.E., Washington, D. C. 
22 St. Sirkor. Monrovia. Liberia 
Rt. 1, Box 342, Ape.x, N. C. 
18-J Migliore Manor, Elizabeth, N. J. 
601 Price .Avenue. Durham, N. C. 
407 Caswell .Avenue, Southport, N. C. 
14 Jasper Street. Charleston, S. C. 
5808 Hazel Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 
1856 3rd St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
P.O. Box 84, Clarksville, Va. 
189-11 Williamson .Ave., Springfield Gdns., N.Y. 
4-R Bolhmann Towers, Peekskill, N. Y. 
1814 Malone Place. Raleigh, N. C. 
225 William Street, Portchester, N. Y. 
12 Nash Terrace, Raleigh. N. C. 
Rt. 1. Box 403. Salisbury. N. C. 
Rt. 1. Box 69-A. Knightdale. N. C. 
1815 ■■D" St.. S.E.. Washington. D. C. 
Rt. 2. Wendell. N. C. 
Rt. l.Box60-A. Wendell, N.C. 
Rt. 2, Box 223, Wendell, N. C. 
215 2nd St., Apt. .M, Hackensack, N. J. 
812 S. State Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
125 E. South Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
805 Haywood Street. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
.5014 11th St^. N.E.. Washington. D. C. 
32 S. Munn Avenue, East Orange, N. J. 
122 Green Street, Englewood. N. J. 
2218 Biltmore Court, Baleigh, N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box 227, Yanceyville, N. C. 
.38 Willow Street, Portchester, N. Y. 
1516 Murchison Road, Fayetteville, N. C. 
215 S. 49th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
3-02 Astoria Blvd.. Long Island. N. Y. 
1227 S. 61st Street, Philadelphia. Pa. 
.5916 Chancellor St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
107 N. Jackson St., Dunn, N. C. 

Polk. (^iTiilcIine 

Poc.lf. I'rinliii- 

I'colc. Miclia Ni.ble 

P<)|)f. I'r;i/lifr 

I'opi-. Palririii 

l>.»M-ll. lliriiKMi 

r.mtll, M.irN I,. 

I'niU. HtKhifx 

rri-tt\. Williiim 

I'rici". BcM-rlv 

rricc. Sandra 

Price, Staiilf\ 

Pridyt'ii. (tiiirad 

Pridi^fuii. Vlfrt'd 

Prince. Han. Id W . 

Purn[ihre\. KtHliicy 

(^>uiiiii. Samuel L. 

Rahsatt, llan.ld 

Raines. Kdith 

Raines. Tajuana\. \ iola 

Randall. C:arolMi 

Randall. Joseph 
Randolph. Oa\id 
Ra\, Ernest 
Ra\. Rub\ 
Reddick. \le\ander 
Redding. Robert 
Reed, George 
Reese. Carlton 
ReeAes. Catherine 
Reid. Bett\ Lou 
Reid. Ciuen 
Richardson, Alberta 
Richardson. Cornelions 
Richardson, Jeannette 
Rile\, Josephine 
Ri\ers, Loretta 
Roberts, Olonzo 
Roberts, Raxmond 
Robertson, Arthur 
Robertson. Mable 
Robinson. Barbara 
Robinson. Bett\ 
Robinson. Cassandra 
Robinson. Cicero 
Robinson. Dann 
Robinson, Grace 
Robinson. Harlon 
Robinson. Harr\ J. 
Robinson. Mar\ E. 
Robinson, MeK in 
Robinson. Shirle\ R. 
Robinson. \\ illie 
Rock. Michael 
Rogers. Aaron 
Rogers, Brenda 
Rogers. Joan C. 
Rogers, Leon 
Rogers. Magalene 
Rogers, \'ick"\ 
Roseboro. James. Jr. 
Ross. Deborah 
Ross, Joseph 
Ross. Jud\ \. 
Roiindtree. Henrx 
Rountree, Thiirinan 
Rouse, Marxin 
Ro%all, Linda G. 
Ro\aK, Patricia Ann 
Ro\ster. Sandra Long 
Rush, William M. 
Ruth, John Jr. 
Samuels. Darr\l 
Sanders. Agnes 
Sanders. Bobb\ L. 
Sanders. Da\ id E. 
Sanders. Michael A. 
Sauls. Patricia 
Saunders, L\ nn 
Scott. Harr\ S. 
Scott. Ph>Ilis 
Scott, Rebekah 

1120 Parker Street. Raleigh. \. C. 
lOIO Cannisk-r Sliect. Raleigh. \. C, 
S(l! Drlanv niive. Haleigh. \, C. 
\Am Parkei \\enuc. Kinston. \, C. 
^\-l C:la\ Street. Kniston. \, C, 
ShS Viiisteidain Ave.. \e\\ York. \. Y, 
PC). H...\242. Cnlerain. N. C, 
12hO \, Kra/ier. St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
5l).S Neucoinbc Road, Raleigh. \. C. 
WW Clarendon .\ve.. Soulhpoii. \, ( , 
.iH5 W. Engle\V(M)d .\ve,. Teaneck, \, |, 
U21 Randolph St , Mclhounif. Fla. 
920 S, 13th Street. W dmnigtt)n. \, C:, 
UW.19 looth Ave., Hollis. \, Y. Childress St., \.E.. Washington. DX.. 
IS0^)7 M5th Ave.. New York, \ Y 
P.O. Box 81. Trenton. .\ J 
1520 Plimpton Ave.. Bronx. \. Y. 
4-10 W ashington St.. Fucjuav Varina. \. C:. 
1410 Somerset Cute. Teaneck, .\, J. 
Rt. 2. Box 125. Hougemont. \, C. 
R.F.D. 2. Box 92. Arapahoe. \". C. 
4-A Millvue .\cres. Clairton. Pa. 
137-70 Southgate St.. \e\v York. \. Y. 
704 Panola Street. Tarboro. \. C. 
131 SI. Nicholas Ave.. »3B; New York. N. Y. 
4(W C:ritcher Street, Williamston, N. C:, 
P.O. Box .552. Oxlord. N. C, 
8:325 Bricelvn St.. Pittsburgh. Pa, 
111-69 ISOth St.. New York. \. Y, 
324 W. Hanover St.. Trenton. N. J. 
1 1 Nash Terrace. Raleigh. N. C. 
150 JefFry Wilson Homes; Portsmouth. Va. 
6.36 Grantland Drive. Raleigh, \. (-. 
199-F Eastern St.. New Haven. Conn. 
4 Dare Terrace, Raleigh. \. C, 
736 Bergen Street. Newark. N. J. 
444 Beech\\ood St.. River Rouge. Mich. 
175 Storer A\e.. New Rochelle, N, Y. 
Rt. 3. Box 366, L\nchlnirg. Va. 
126 W. 139th St.. New York. N. Y. 
Rt. 2. Box n2A, Concord, Va. 
P.O. Box 473. Whitakers, N. C. 
Route 3, Apex, N. C 
1454 N. Edgewood St., Philadelphia. Pa. 
1231 Main Street. Scotland Neck. N. C. 
40 Willow Street. Portchester. N. Y. 
424 Nuber .-Vvenue. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
64 Forest .Avenue. Freeport, N. Y. 
825 E. 22S Street. New York. N. Y. 
1010 E. 17th Street. Richmond, Va. 
565 Stone Avenue. Brookhii. N. Y. 
16 West Lancaster Rd.. Richmond Va. 
160.3 Orange Street. Wilmington, N. C. 
35 \\ illow Street. Portchester, N. Y. 
521 East Street. Greensboro, N. C. 
1317 Kennedy St.. N.E.. Washington, D. C. 
1 1 19 South Gregg St., Raleigh. N. C. 
224 Mahoning Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
1.S04 Southgate Dr., Raleigh. N. C. 
Iil7 Kenned) St.. N.W.. Washington, D. C, 
1114 Parkwoixl Ave,. Charlotte. N. C. 
45 Traverse AVe.. Portchester. N. Y. 
Monrovia. Liberia 
119-A Tallulah St., Darlington, S. C. 
2604 N. Hollv-wood St,. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Rt. 1. Box 51. Tyner. N. C. 
2000 3rd St.. N.W.. Washington. D. C. 
217 Frankhn Street. Mount Olive. N. C. 
Sts.. #fiA. New York, N. Y. 
744 St. Pauls Blvd.. Norfolk. Va. 
4411-18th St.. N.W.. Washington. D. C. 
756 W. Front Street. Plainfield, N. J. 
69 West 225th St.. Bronx. N. Y. 
415 Lamont Street, Raleigh. N. C. 
P.O. Box .32.3. Clayton. N. C. 
820 S. State Street. Raleigh, N. C. 
193 Albanv .\\enue, Brooklvii, N. Y. 
Rt. 1, Box 219. Zehulon, N. C, 
571 F.D.R. Dr., » ID. New York. N, Y. 
4114 Lowerre Place. New York. N. Y. 
144 James Street. Newark, N. J. 
6222 Washington Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa, 

Seabrook. Deborah 
Seabronk. RosaUn 
Sealev. Ca-cilio 
Sease. Kinbra 
Sebaslain, Drevx 
Seegars. Mary F. 
Scetram, Lvim 
Servant. Hcrtnl 
Sessums. Jmu* 
Sevmour, Johnatban 
Sevmour. I,ela 
Sharpe, )anu's 
Sharpe. \\ illic 
Shavx, Patricia 
Sbeff, Jo .\nn 
Shelton, C^onnie Sue 
Shipnian, ('\ nthia 
Shire. Dorlena 
Sh\ Hon. Prince 
Siembieda. Jill S. 
Sills. Dar\l 
Simmons. Bettve 
Simmons. Eugene 
Simmons. Freddie 
Simmons. Lorraine 
Simpkins, (^alinda 
Simpson. Janis 
Sims, Howard 
Sims. Johnny 
Singletarv, Dinah 
Singleton. Oli\ ia 
Siwajuola, Ebeneezer 
Slade, Gloria 
Slaughter. Albert 
Sloan. Curtis 
Smith, .\lton 
Smith, .\ngela 
Smith. Charles H. 
Smith, Charles R. 
Smith, Charles S. 
Smith. Clifton 
Smith, Daisv 
Smith, Deborah 
Smith, Deborah A. 
Smith. Dorothv 
Smith. C;arr\ 
Smith, (k-rriami 
Smith. Jackie 
Smith, Lois 
Smith, Margaret 
Smith. Melissa 
Smith. Richard 
Smith. Roslvu 
Smith. Sarah 
Smith. Thomas 
Smith, \'aleree 
Smith. \\'illiam 
Snead. Henrv 
Snipes. Edna 
Spaulding. Felton 
Spence, Cieorgc 
Spencer. CMaudia 
Spencer, C. Eric 
Spruill, Dorothv 
Stackhouse. Loretta 
Starkev. Reginald 
Staton, -Annie 
Stephens, Lionel M. 
Stevens, .^udrev 
Stevens, Lee A. 
Stev\art, Anna 
Stewart. Leo 
Stocks, Annie 
Stockton. Vernon 
Stone. Sohndra 
Strand, Edward 
Strong, Carolv II 
Suiter, Betlv 
Sutphin. Margaret 
Sutphin, Rov S. 
Sutton, C;wcndol\n 
Sutton. Helen 
Swann, Regina A. 

129-10 144th Stieet. j.unaic.i. \ V 

WVIS Irving Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 

1453 Bushwick Vvenue. Brookl\u. N. Y. 

112-<12 34th \venue. New York. N. Y. 

.33-16 Wth Street. New York. N, Y. 

311 Norih Elm Street. Paiieland. S. C. 

225 Divisi..!! Vvenne. Brooklvn. N. Y. 

1 12 U.uc start. Melbourne. Fla. 

Kl I. Box 49. Sims. \. C. 

1215 3Sth Street. Parkersburg. W. \a. 

107 Wilson Place. Orange. N. J. 

7Ht\\ard Blvd,. W ilsr)n. N. C. 

H,F D 4, Box .325K. ICli/abeth Cit\. N, C. 

913 F.ivi-lteviilr St.. Raleigh. N. C. 

1034 N Trade S[ . W uiston-Salem. N. C. 

2721 5lh Aveiuie. Hichniond. \a 

382 C:eutral Park West. New York. N.-u 'lurk 

ISOO Fountain Dr.. Raleigh. N. C. 

128 \\ ilkinson Road. Freetown Sierra Leone 

282()-E Donovan Place Haleigh. N, C. 

361 Vernon \\enue. Brooklvn. N. \. 

611 Simmons Street. Saidnrd. N. i'.. 

21 Dewey Stieet. Charleston. S. C. 

P.O. Box 195. Svvamiuaricr. N. C. 

3002 E. Buffalo Ave.. Tampa. Fla. 

P.O. Box 94. Monetta. S. C. 

117 Juniper Hill Rd.. White Plains. N. Y. 

511 E. Second Street. Plainfield. N. J. 

240 Nellie B. .\ve.. Athens. Ga. 

Rt. 3. Box 202-A. Lake Clitv. S. C. 

145 II II Ith \\enMe. New York. N. Y 

L.ugus. Nii^eria 

210 \. Sycamore St., Williamston. N. (;. 

288 Mary Street. Englewood. N. J. 

404 E. Todd Lane. Crharlotte. N. C:. 

1.308 S. Lee Street. Ayden. N. C. 

P.O. Box 814. Burgaw. N, C, 

2110 E. Church St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 

4346 27th Avenue. Veio Beach. Fla, 

276 N. 9th Street. I3arl.\, Pa, 

712 S. Alston Ave.. Durham. N. C, 

20 William Street. Englewo(xl. N. J. 

2345 14th St., N.E.. Washington. D. C. 

2901 Bellaire Dr.. Clharlotte. N. C. 

,5219 Locust Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Rt. 1. Box 4()0-B. Bassett. Va. 

515 Vogels Lane. Verona, Pa. 

Rt. 1, Box 18.3, Bayboro. N. C. 

Rt. 1. Box 471. Erwin. N. C. 

46 Shadv Lane. SparteiiUuri;. S, (I. 

613 Richman .\venue. .Atlantic Citv. N, J 

820 Coefield .Vvenue. Tarboro. N, (], 

24 N. 61st. Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Rt 2. Box 2.38. Goldsboro. \.C. 

4715 FiKitc Sr . N.E.. Washington. D. C. 

37 Buchanan Avenue. ,\sheville. N. C. 

113 Kinnev Street. Rockingham. N. C. 

29 Stc)n<?\vall Lane. Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Ht, 1. Cedar (;ro\e. N. C, 

816 \\ , 3id Avenue. Red Springs, N- C:. 

6(W Brooks ,\venue. Elizabeth Citv. N. C. 

619 Raleigh Road. Rocky Mount. N. C. 

2.30 S. 7th Avenue. Mt. Vernon. N. Y. 

Rt. 1. Box ;U3-D, Oak City. N. C. 

1606 C:astle Street. Wilmington. N. C. 

18 Nassau Place. East Orange. N, J. 

Rt. 1. Box 2:37- .\. Elin City. N. C. 

,3044 Wotxls Place. Raleigh. N. C. 

216 Washington Ave.. Hackensack. N. J. 

.5009 Nash St.. N.E„ Washington, D. C:. 

1798 Bedh)id Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

406 Hall Street, Benson. N. C. 

Ill Central .\venue. Hackensack, N. J. 

172 Berg .\veinie. Trenton, N. J, 

736 New Jersev \ve.. BrookKu. N. Y. 

42-39 Seton .\venue, Bninv, N, Y 

148 Halsted Street, East Orange. N. J. 

P.O. Bov 351. Seaboard. N. C. 

Rt. 1. Box 20, South Boston. Va. 

Rt. 1. Box 20. South Boston. \a. 

1910 Marmora Ave., \tlaulic Citv. N. J, 

Kt, 2, Box 11 \. Whitakers. N. C. 

N. Schoolhuuse Rd., C^cnter .Moreches. .V Y. 

^", MUT\I 

S«'eat, Valorie 
Swift, Victor 
Swindell, Gloria 
Swingler, Frank 
Swingler, Jo\ce 
Sykes, Geraldine 
Sykei, Jane 
Talley, Tanvs L. 
Tatum, Kimberlv 
Ta\lor, Lola 
Taylor, Malissa D. 
Taylor, Ruth 
Taylor, \ondrette 
Taylor, Willelte 
Tettah, .\lexis 
Thomas, ,\nn C. 
Thomas, Bexerlv G. 
Thomas, Brandolvn 
Thomas, Chris 
Thomas, Larrs 
Thomas, William A. 
Thompson, Carlee 
Thompson, Lillian 
Thompson, Rebecca A. 
Thorpe, Miriam Y. 
Thornton, William D. 
Threall, Robert G. 
Tillers, Kathleen 
Tipton, .\Iar\ E. 
Tobin, Benjamin 
Toliser, Florence 
Torrence, Veronica 
Treadwell, Henrs' I. 
Trnitte, John 
Tucker, Barbara 
Tucker, Larrs 
Turnage, Barbara 
Turner, Keith Lee 
Turner, Patricia 
Turner, Randolph 
Tyner, Charles R. 
Uties, Kells 
Itlley, Bertha 
\'aldez. Rubs 
X'alentine, James, Jr. 
Vann, Booker T. 
Vann, -Martha E. 
Vasile, Joseph 
Vaughn, Mildred 
Wade, Jud\ 
Walker, Constance 
Walker, Das'id 
Walker, Falisu 
Walker, Lucellustine 
\Valker, Robert 
Wallace, Barrs 
Walston, Arbutis 
Walton, Charles D. 
Ward, Leros' 
Ware, Rebecca 
Warner, Ethel 
Washington, James T. 
Washington, Kenneth 
Washington, Pamela D. 
Washington, Thama J. 
Washington, William 
Waters, Lester 
Watford, Alice 
Watson, Ricke S. 
Watson, Robert 
Watts, Jacqueline 
Waweru, Samuel 
Webster, Fatiny 
Webster, Stanles 
Whatley, Warren 
Wheeler, Angela 
Wheeler, Rosalyn 
Whilaker, Helen L. 

Hi. 1, li,>\7,5-F, .\hoskie, \. C. 
181-U West 1.51 Street, New York, N. Y. 
2216 Cedar .Avenue, Broa\, N. Y. 
.51.3 Pamlico Street, Belhaven, N. C. 
26 Esse.\ Street, Carteret, \. J. 
26 Essex Street. Carteret, N. J. 
Rt. 1, Princeton, N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box 1,59, Seaboard. N. C. 
1117 Park St., N.E., Washington, D. C. 
90.3 Bennett Street, Greensboro, N. C. 
Rt. 4. Chapel Hill, i\. C. 
3,501 Jefferson Rd., Athens, Ga. 
2,S()4 Golden Street. Raleigh, N. C. 
404 South Street, LaCrange, N. C. 
3401 Manchester St., Charlotte. N. C. 
,\ccra. Ghana 
343 St. Nichols ,\ve., New York, N. Y. 
1184 Union Street. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
1301 Lawton Drive. Hartsville, S. C. 
118 Peach Street. ,\ew Shrew.sburv, N. J. 
1021 Sherwood Dr., # F, Durham. N. C. 
Kingston, Jamaica 
824'.6 Fayetteville St.. Raleigh, N. C. 
3,36 Rutherford Ave.. Trenton, N. J. 
Box 93, Lumberton, N. C. 
412 Pekoe Street, Durham. N. C. 
170 Van Bureau St., Passaic, N. J. 
Rt. 3. .Newtown Rd.. Waxhaw, N. C. 
708 Chadwick Road. Fayetteville, N. C. 
126 35 Alexander Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
192-06 122nd Ave., St. Albans. N. Y. 
1160 E. 229th Street, Bronx, N. Y. 
12 Bungalow Coiu-t, Newark, N. J. 
P.O. Box 252, Garland. N. C. 
2114 Strauss St.. Brooklvn, N. Y. 
Rt. 1, Box 90. Holly Springs. N. C. 
2428 N. Hollywood St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Rt. 2, Box .36, Washington, N. C. 
315 North Main St., Portchester, N. Y. 
1601 E. Anderson St.. Pensacola, Fla. 
506 Narbona Road, Mobile, Ala. 
Rt. 1. Box 18-A, Murfieesboro, N. C. 
14-76 Beach Channel Rd., Far Rockawav, N. Y. 
313 Heck Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
1186 Washington Ave., New York, N. Y. 
630 E. 170th St., New York, N. Y. 
11.30 W. Washington St. South Bend. Ind. 
407 Queen Street. Beaufort, N. C. 
2611 E. 11th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
211 Reservoir St., Staunton, Va. 
Rt. 1, Box 191, Halifa.x, N. C. 
Rt. 3. Box ,366. Enfield, N. C. 
8935 Meridian, Cleveland, Ohio 
4408-16th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
5.508 Enslow Place, Charlotte. N. C. 
2212 Cedar .,\venue. New York, N, Y. 
175 1st St. Apt. 15K. Newark, N. J. 
112 Wilson Street, Williamston, N. C. 
1369 Michigan Ave., N.E., Washington, D. C. 
Y-205 Craven Terrace, New Bern, N. C. 
580 Timothy Road, Athens, Ga. 
13 Chatham Terrace. Raleigh, N. C. 
30.56 Monroe St.. N.E., Washington, D. C. 
237-12 Ave.. Paterson, N. J. 
2951 12th Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 
1561 Darrow, Evanston, 111. 
413 W. South Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
501 E. Broadway. South Bend, Ind. 
Star Route, Box S, Coldrain, N. C. 
Rt. 2, Box 110-A, Selma, N. C. 
265 West 153rd St., New York. N. Y. 
2211 W. Estaugh St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Kuria, Kenva 
3072-A Woods Place, Raleigh, N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box 248, Lilesvifle, N. C. 
,5.543 Larchwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
1442 N. Hobart St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
9 Woodbine ."Vvenue, New Rochelle, .\. Y. 
Rt. 6, Box 122, Greenville, N. C. 

Whitaker, .Milton B, 
White, Charles A,, Jr. 
White, Daniel 
White, Evalina 
White, Harrison 
^Vhite, Roxanne 
White, Solomon 
Whitehurst, Dorothy 
Whitles, Marjorie 
\\'hitson, Elaine M. 
Whitted, Gloria D. 
Wiles, Goffah 
Wiley, Curtis D, 
Wilkes, Bernard R. 
Wilkins, Keith A. 
Williams, .\nnie 
Williams, Bersl D, 
Williams, Bobby 
Williams, Caretheus 
Williams, Delrease 
Williams, Edward R. 
Williams, Eppmethns 
Williams, Georgeanna 
Williams, Gerald V. 
Williams, Jacqueline 
Williams, Jacqueline 
Williams, Jeanne E. 
Williams, John S. 
Williams, Kenneth F. 
Williams, Lillie V, 
Williams, Linda M, 
Williams, Patricia A. 
Williams, Phillip L. 
Williams, Ramona D. 
Williams, Renee A. 
Williams, Robert S. 
Williams, Stanley 
Williams, X'iolet 
Williams, Ysonne 
Williamson, .\da P. 
Wiltshire, Wasiie C. 
Wilson, Brenda L, 
Wilson, Carl A. 
Wilson, Karl ,M. 
Wilson, Lillie M. 
Wilson, Luretha 
Wilson, Willie E. 
Wimbish, Jean 
VVindon, Willie D. 
Winston, Elgia 
Winston, Sallve ,M, 
Wood, Carolyn 
Wood, Sandra 
Wood, Sharon M. 
Woods, Thurman P. 
Woody, .Mary NL 
\Vragg, Ronald J. 
Wright, .Allandus, Jr. 
Wright, Debra A, 
Wright, Donnie L. 
Wright, Eddie L. 
Wright, Lawrence W, 
Wright, Leslie 
Wright, Stanley 
Wright, Ysonne 
Wsiiecolf, Roderick 
Wynn, Gloria C. 
Yeh-Deyeh, Doughbah 
Yizer, Paul D, 
Young, Alexander T. 
Young, .\udrev 
Young, Bradford 
Y'oung, Jimmie Lee 
Young, John .\. 
°BagIe\, Marcus L, 
'Elder, Lorenzo 
"Fowler, .\ndrew 
"Out (il .Mphabelical .Se<juenc 

Rt. 1. Box 103, Halifax, N. C. 
2500 Ford .\venue. Richmond, Va. 
37 Crosby Place. New Rochelle, N. Y. 
765 Amsterdam .\ve.. New York, N. Y. 
4200 3rd St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
2404 Rosewood .Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
628 Tartan Drive. Monroeville, Pa. 
Rt. 1. Box 14. Tarboro, N. C. 
2203 S. Roxboro St., Durham, N. C. 
69 Jeffress A\e., .\sheville, N, C. 
215 Todd Street, Durham, N. C, 
Monrovia, Liberia 
728 Smith Lane, Mt. Holly, N. J. 
,5624 Sunny Acres Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. 
309 Lafayette ."Vve., Brooklvn, N, Y. 
536 E. Lenoir Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
2645 Deacon Street. Philadelphia, Pa. 
722 N. Chestnut St., Henderson, N, C. 
818 Coleman Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
316 Madison Street, Plymouth, N. C. 
7211 Mt. Vernon St.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
818 Coleman Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
160-17 130 Ave.. New York, N. Y. 
913 West End St., Rocky Mount, N. C. 
P.O. Box .3.54. Apex, N. C. 
5841 Walton Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
.3514 Carver Road. Winston-Salem, N, C. 
210 E. Fairground Ave., Troy, N, C. 
443-195 County Rd.. Cliffwood, N. J. 
818 Coleman Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
1955 2nd .Avenue. New Y'ork, N, Y. 
Rt. 1, Box 261-A, Boonville, N. C. 
509 Lipscomb St., Melbourne, Fla. 
1700 .N. Carolina St., Baltimore, Md, 
716 E. Highland Ave.. Rocky Mount, N. C. 
1 Forssth Place, Newburgh, N. Y. 
44 Harding Ter., Newark, N, J. 
9 .-^she Terrace, Raleigh, N. C. 
51 North 14th Street. .Newark, N. J. 
.328 Weeks Street, Clinton, N, C. 
619 E. 108th Street. New York, N. Y. 
2928 N. Graham St.. Charlotte, N. C. 
Box 23. E. Flat Rock, N. C. 
824 W. 3rd Street. Plainfield, N. J. 
Rt. I. Box 131, Fnquay-Varina, N. C. 
Rt. 1, Box 22, Newton Grove, N, C, 
Rt. 8, Box 318, Raleigh, N. C. 
1113 Holman Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
924 E. Godbold St.. Marion, S. C. 
Rt. 1, Box OO-H. Wendell, N. C. 
315 S. Swain Street, Raleigh. N. C. 
125-.3:3rd St., N.E.. Washington, D. C. 
.357 Bedford Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
.357 Bedford Ave., Mt. Vernon, N, Y. 
1851 Muncey Lane. Greensboro, N. C. 
Rt. 4, Box 86, Ro.xboro, N. C, 
,334 N. 59th St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
52 Crittenden St., N.E.. Washington, D.C. 
Rt. 2. Box 209-A, Louisburg. N. C. 
1320 nth Street, West Palm Beach, Fla. 
245 4th Street, Newark, N, J. 
222 First Ave., Screven, Ga. 
5904 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, N. C. 
176 Albany Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Rt. 1, Box227, WiUard, N. C. 
777 Patterson Ave.. Winston-Salem N.C. 
Box 362. Rich Square, N. C. 
Liberia, W. Africa 
629 Cedar Street, Mamaroneck. N. Y. 
2 Greendale Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y, 
303 Joe Louis Ave.. Raleigh, N. C. 
40 N. Bond Street, Mt. Vernon. N. Y, 
P.O. Box 561, Madison, Fla. 
1306 Magnolia Ave.. Frankfort, Ind. 
741 N. 17th Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 
34 Gurlev Road. Stamford. Conn. 
249-lOth St., N.E., Washington, D. C.