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"Moving Towards Higher Ground! 


Shaw University 

Founded 1865 by Henry Martin Tupper 

One Hundred Thirty Five Years of Dedicated Service 

Dr. Talbert O. Shaw 

118 East South Street 

Raleigh, NC 27601 


Historical Perspective 

Estey Hall 

On December 1, 1865, when Henry Martin Tupper undertook the organization of a theology class as a mean of teaching 
Freedmen to read and interpret the Bible, no one envisioned the end result of this being the establishment of a university. 
Rapid growth in the size of this class led to the purchase of land in 1866 for the purpose of erecting a building to serve as both 
church and school. The school was named the "Raleigh Institute", and it functioned as such until 1870, when it was 
supplanted by the "Shaw Collegiate Institute". In 1875, it was incorporated as the "Shaw University", which name it still 
bears, with the charter specifying that students were to be admitted without regard to race, creed, or sex. The school does not 
bear the name of its founder but of Elijah Shaw, the benefactor who provided funds for the first building, Shaw Hall, erected 
in 1871. 

The coeducational emphasis of the institution was noted with the erection of the Estey Seminary (1873), the first Dormitory 
in the United States for "Black Women". Named for its primary benefactor, Jacob Estey, the building was used as a residence 
hall for women until 1968 and for men from 1968 to 1970. The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places 
and now serves as a cultural center for Raleigh community. 

The University graduated its first college class in 1878, its first class of medical doctors in 1886, awarded its first law 
degree in 1890, and its first pharmacy degree in 1893. In 1909, the Normal Department was supplanted by an Education 
Department, and in 1910, the Preparatory Department became a four-year academy. The professional schools were closed in 
1918, but the college, theological department, and academy were continued, the latter existing until 1926. The theological 
department became a theological seminary in 1933, and continued as part of the University until 1976, when it became an 
independent institution. Since 1921, Shaw has functioned primarily as a liberal arts college, although it has retained its name 
as a university. 

In 1931, the University elected its first Black president, Dr. William Stuart Nelson, who was president from 1931 to 1936. 
In 1963, the University elected its first president who is an alumnus of the school. Dr. James E. Cheek. He remained president 
from December 1963 through June 1969. Dr. Talbert O. Shaw, the current President of Shaw University, has led the 
institution in its "strides to excellence" since 1987. He and Shaw University was the subject of a March 1994 cover article in 
The Chronicle of Higher Education, this country's most important journal on colleges and universities. The article focuses on 
the University's recent history, remarking on the great strides it has made and the momentum it has developed. 

The Shaw University Crest 

mww^^^^ ^HB 

L" !-^^»^M 

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t ^ ►t.s- ^L r^B 


7 ■ ■■■'- 4 

^-'■V "'■'■-" 

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•■• . •■ ■ . ■- •■--:• 

• •-"■ •/-■-'■-■ ■■" •-•:■'..-• ■■:■* ,'•■% 

The Dove, a Christian symbol, portrays the institution's commitment to a 
religious heritage, which started with the first class that eventually led to the 
establishment of this University. It was a class in theology taught by Dr. Henry 
Martin Tupper. December 1, 1865. The institution has remained an advocate 
of the Judeo-Christian faith. The Olive Branch emphasizes victory and the 
pursuit of excellence. The Torch carries with it the idea of the light that shows 
the pathway to truth. The Human Figures represent all who have come to and 
gone from Shaw imbued with the spirit so clearly enunciated in the life of the 
founder. The Stained Glass Pattern connotes the interrelation and interde- 
pendence of religion and learning proclaimed in the school motto: PRO 
CHRISTO ET HUMANITATE. Religion and learning conceived as a joint 
venture so that character can grow with knowledge has been an integral part 
of Shaw's tradition since its' founding in 1865. 

University Colors: 
University Mascot: 


Garnet and White 

The Bear 


s *? 



Table of Contents 

President's Message 5 

Academics 19 

Seniors 33 

Juniors 49 

Sophomores 59 

Freshmen 69 

Divinity School 79 


& Faculty/Staff 82 

Student Life 97 

Homecoming 113 

Religious Life 139 

Clubs & Organizations.. 168 

Greekdom 182 

Sports 210 

Senior Ads 237 

Senior Directory 245 

Editor's Note 

Board of Tru 


*.lma Mater 



Dr. and Mrs. Talbert O. Shaw 

Office oi the President 

President 's Message 

"Strides to Excellence: Why Not The Best?" 

Dear Shawites: 

The production and publication of a yearbook capture the essence of a University and permit one to view 
from a pictorial perspective the vibrancy of its diverse constituency. Certainly the efforts to present the life 
and times of Shaw University 2001 represent, without question, another example of the excellence that can 
be achieved when administrators, faculty, staff, and students direct their energies in achieving specified and 
positive goals. 

This publication comes at a critical juncture in the history of our University. At this very moment, plans are 
underway to evaluate the entire University in preparation for reaffirmation by the Southern Association of 
Colleges and Schools (SACS) in 2002. I am excited about this chance for us to see where we stand in 
reference to national accrediting standards. I have no doubt that we will do well. When one looks at our 
competitive curricula offerings, energized by a faculty of whom 68% hold terminal degrees, it is not by 
chance that on the annual exit evaluation done by graduating seniors in 2000, the University was given 94% 
rating as being highly effective in preparing them for the world of work in their related fields of study. 
Conversely, it is interesting to note that over 80% of entering students in 2000 rated the University as highly 
capable of meeting the academic challenges facing the higher education community. 

As the Shaw University family looks to the future, it sees that the prospect is promising. One instance of 
promise is the significant upgrading of physical facilities. The S 1 3 million Talbert O. Shaw Living-Learning 
Center, and the recently completed renovation of Leonard Hall, the old medical school building, represent 
a building renaissance on campus. 

When one looks at the fact that Shaw University has been designated as a Level III institution by the Southern 
Association of Colleges and Schools at its annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on December 4-8, 1 999, more 
impetus is given to our administrative motto of "Strides to Excellence: Why Not The Best?" Graduate 
degrees are being offered by the Shaw University Divinity School which has received full accreditation by 
the American Theological Society (ATS) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Plans are 
underway for the University to offer graduate degrees in Education and Business. 

These are exciting times for us! A committed Board of Trustees, a highly competent faculty, a student 
enrollment which has increased seventy-one percent, and over 11,000 alumni scattered throughout this 
country and many foreign countries suggest to me, as president, that the University is healthy and is ready 
to continue preparing students to be high quality leaders of America. I applaud the entire Shaw University 
family for documented excellence. 

Shaw Family — your President is still committed to "'Strides to Excellence: Why Not The Best?" 



Celebrating Excellence Since 1865 

118 EAST SOUTH STREET- RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 27601-2399 - 919-546-8300 - FAX 919-546-8301 


Dr. Willie E. Gary 

Dr. Vernon Malone, Vice Chairman 

Dr. Geneva B. Chavis, Secretary 

Ms. Janet Spry, Alumni Representative 

Ms. Tracy D. Wright, Student Representative 

Dr. Joseph N. Bell, Jr. 

Dr. Thomas J. Boyd 

Dr. Priscilla A. Brodie 

Dr. Garrett Briggs 

Bishop Melvin E. Clark, Sr. 

Dr. Calvin C. Craig 

Mr. Thomas F. Darden 

Dr. George C. Debnam 

Mr. Edward C. Dolby 

Dr. Chancy R. Edwards 

Dr. Lewis M. Fetterman 

Rev. David C. Forbes 

Dr. John Foster 

Dr. John Fuller 

Mrs. Thelma Goodrich 

Dr. Arlee Griffin, Jr. 

Dr. Evander Holyfield 

Mr. Isaac Horton, III 

Dr. Clifford A. Jones, Sr. 

Dr. Don King 

Rev. W. B. Lewis 

Dr. Archie Logan 

Dr. John H. Lucas 

Dr. Larry Monteith 

Dr. Robert Morgan 

Dr. Dimple M. Newsome 

Mr. William Pretty, Jr. 

Dr. Leon Riddick (Emeritus) 

Dr. Ida Silver Wiggins 

Mrs. Maria Spaulding 

Gen. (Ret.)G. L. Turner, Jr. 

Dr. David Walker 

Dr. Lorenzo Williams 


Who's Who 

Among Students In 


American Universities and Colleges 

Shaw University Representatives 

Charlene D. Archer 

Debra K. Arlington 

Peta-Gaye Belnavis 

Gwendolyn S. Brantley 

Mark A. Brodie 

Jason A. Brook 

Denece T. Brown 

Carol A. Campbell 

Shakima R. Chambers 

Lonnie W. Cheatham 

Gregory J. Clark 

Melody R. Clark 

Ketica T. Cleveland 

Daniel M. Curin 

Trinisa D. Dalton 

Marsha R. Dempsey 

Cynthia M. Duarte 

Sherlyn D. Edwards 

Harold R. Elingburg 

Jennifer L. Hopewell 

Walter N. Hopewell 

Kelly A. N. Howard 

Denise N. Johnson 

Judy A. Johnson 

Robert S. McRae 

Debbie L. Marable 

Aohnte M. Marrow 

Clementine M. Melvin 

Josephine Mention 

Patricia A. Miller 

Ava S. Moore 

Crystal A. Moore 

Randell A. Morgan 

Kathy A. Muhammad 

Gordon I. Pryce 

Golden A. Rascoe 

Carolyn G. Robinson 

Alpha Sey 

Mosi Ayoke S. Gay 

Shahtia M. Gay 

Erika M. Graham 

Carla B. Hagins 

Adrienne R. Harvey 

Rose Hewitt 

Kristina N. Shaw 

Gerell N. Smith 

haron L. Stellato 

Persephone J. Taylor 

Sara E. Whitley 

Kathye A. Williams 

Cleo Williamson 

Tracy D. Wright 

"There are those who see an opportunity, 
and then there are those who seize an 

Author Unknown 

Oil/WV LJINIl VHrvijl 1 Y Student Government Association 

To My Shaw University Family, 

I bring you greetings from the finest Student Government Association at the finest 
institution of higher learning profoundly known as Shaw University. By the time you get this 
letter my reign will be over, but its impact will have infinite bearing upon my life. 
Persephone, Abdue, Reba, and William I love you and wish you all the happiness that your 
hearts and hands can hold. To the administration, I thank you for your cooperation and 
undying support. I hope that my life to all will reiterate that God can make a straight line 
with a crooked stick. I have so much to say, but this pen can only write so long. I want to 
leave you with this Shine on Shaw University, and send your light forth into this tired world. 
Shine On Shaw, you great institution of a thousands dreams and tend to those dreams 
with strength and courage. Shine on Shaw, and show that you have something inside so 
very very strong to face any and ail adversities. I love you and thank you Shaw University 
for allowing me to spread my wings and fly to the great unknown that I know that the 
Creator has prepared for me, Tracy D. Wright. 
Peace and Blessings 


Tracy D. Wright, Student Government Association President 2000-2001 

Celebrating Excellence Since 1865 

118 EAST SOUTH STREET • RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 27601 • 919-546-8294 • FAX 919-508-7012 

SGA 9 


Birthdate: July 17, 1979 

Hometown: Savannah Georgia 

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Moore Jr. 

Siblings : one brother; Pierce 

and one sister; Angel 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Chemistry 

Organizations : Children of God; 
Raw Essence; The University Band; 
Mosaic Dance Ensemble; Alpha Chi 
Honor Society; Future Scientists of 
America; Freshmen Class Secretary; 
Sophomore Class Treasurer; Junior 
Class Secretary; Dormitory Fire 
Marshal!) 1998); Co-Captain of 
CHI CHI's (1998-99) ;Captain of 
CHI CHI's (1999-2000) 

Question: " What type of advice would 
you give to someone hoping to become 
the next Miss Shaw University?" 

Answer: "To believe deep in your heart 
that you can do it and do not let anyone 
or anything stand in the way of your 
dream. Last and most importantly, 
keep God first and he will give you 
what you want." 

Miss Shaw University 2000-2001 
Crystal Athena Moore 

Ms. Carol Gartrell. Miss Shaw University 1968- 
1969. escorted by Mr. Gregory Clark. 

Eloquence Perfected! Miss Shaw. Crystal Moore, 
and Denise Brown, Honor Attendant. 





sP x - 


"A Night to Remember 

Dr. Patrice Ramse\ and Everett V. Collins serenade 
with Hallowed Be Thy Name. 

The Brass ensemble, under the direction of 
Ms. Cornwall, performs during the coronation. 

i i 

Dorothy McDowell, Miss Shaw University 
1999-2000. escorted by Mr. Gregory Clark. 

Miss Saint Augustine. Asha Felber. and Miss Shaw 

University. Crystal Moore, make their debut as Queens 

for the 2000-2001 academic year. 

Looking quite handsome is Mr. Finesse 2000-2001! 
Garrsion Hunter makes his way down the aisle. 

Coronation 1 1 


Freshmen Orientation is designed to give the students a chance to adjust to college life. It 
also gives them an opportunity to interact with other students, administrators, faculty and 
staff. They are also assigned Student Development Counselors and Resident Advisors. These 
upperclassmen assist Freshmen in preparing for their new home. There are many activities 
during freshmen orientation that generate a sense of family on the campus. 

Omar Jacobs is helping his brother out during registration. 

Mrs. Speight helps out by giving out reciepts to the students. 

12 Orientation 

New freshman are excited about their new arrival to Shaw University 

Crystal Moore.Miss Shaw University, greets the new incoming students. 

Freshmen beginning the journey, 
fhe Registration Process! 

Onentation 13 


Fall Convocation is a tradition at Shaw University. 
It is the official opening of the academic year. It 
begins by the freshmen ringing the Bell Towers' 
bell, signifying that they are officially enrolled at 
Shaw University. The speaker of this year's convo- 
cation was Dr. Ernest L. Pickens, Interim CEO and 
Executive Vice President. It is attended by faculty, 
staff, students and alumni. This event promotes the 
family atmosphere of Shaw University. 

Dr. Pickens was the speaker for Fall Convocation 2000. 

Dr. Gary and Dr. Pickens are prepared for Convocation 
14 Convex 'hnn 

The Freshmen: In the beginning! 

The University Concert Band performs during Convocation. 

Dr. Abbington conducts as Ms. Cornwall accompanies on the piano. 

Convocation 15 


Parents Weekend is the time for parents and students to explore their understanding c 
college life. Parents participate in various workshops and many activities. It is an 
opportunity for parents to experience college life from the students point of view. 

Parents receive valuable information from 
Ms. Boone, Director of Public Relations. 

Parents. ..chillin' on The Yard! 


Lunch Time! 


Q:What is your vision for the 
academic life of Shaw University 
as the new Vice President for 
Academic Affairs. 

A.' 9 would like li&i u4- to became a commu- 
nity ojj icholcjA<L, wlieleitt itudenti will ao la 
clad* a*td ij lite pno^eMon. ii not dcuna what 
he <yi die ikauld do then that iludent- uttll 
cliall&nqe them la no end. 

9 would like j^ ul la liecome aA. competitive, 
ai- any iehool anuudteie,. 9 would Use 
itudenti- to jjeel pnoud a^ hauuta (fatten a 
Snow- debtee and 9 would like fan ui to f^eel 
pnaud (hI thaie itudenti we twin out. " 


Excellence ! 


Learning to 
Excel ! 




Malcolm X 


Mr. Brown, a Shaw Alumnus, gives back 
to his Alma Mater by teaching English 
110 and 111. 



m n 


■ *. 


It doesn't matter... just as long as it gets done 

Our students attend night class.. 
Its never to late to learn! 





ft. ' ^ 

r T 



f ' 

mm-T^^ Bi 


Shaw stude 
Robert Scie 

nts complete assignments in the 
ice Computer Lab. 

Dr. Thurston students participate in their 
education, by sharing what thev have 

Justin concentrates on finishing his homework. 

Mr. Holden uses the copy machine in 
the James E. Cheek Learning and 
Resource Library. 



Perhaps we shall be the teachers when it is done . Out of the depths of pain we have 

thought to be our sole heritage in this world. O, we know about love. 

And that is why I say to you that, though it be a thrilling and marvelous thing to be 

mercily young, and gifted in such times, it is doubly so, doubly dynamic- 

to be Young, Educated and Black. 

-Lorraine Hansberry 

Katherine Brown 

James Bailey 

Linescia Potts 

24 Academics 

Academics 25 

Sharing the knowledge! 

Wilmington CAPE Students utilizing 
their resources. 

Rocky Mount CAPE Instructor-Gives graphic details. 

26 Academic 



28 Academics 



Academics 29 

Dr. Abbington, working with a smile! 

On the way to class! 

Students apply lessons learned during the Etiquette Semin 

Mrs. Shaw gives instructions to the students at the Etiquette Seminar. 

30 Academics 

Mrs. Abbott instructs students in English III. 


Academic 31 


Career Day allows students to discuss various opportunities 
in their related field of study with potential employers. 
This year 55 companies participated in this annual event. 



Capitol Broadcasting recruiters work with a student. 

Ms. Marc-Charles. Secretary. Career Development and 
student hostess, Natasha James, welcome all participants. 

A student, takes time to complete the application. 

32 Academics 



1*4 --• , ii 

"Mi 1 





Our destiny is largely in our own hands. 

If we find, we shall have to seek. 

If we succeed in the race of life it must be by our own 
energies, and by our own exertions. 

Others may clear the road but we must go forward, or 

be left behind in the race of life 

Frederick Douglas 

Seniors 33 

Senior Class Officers 

Officers: Seated, Shevera Reddick-Simmons, President 

Standing left to right: Harold Timberlake, Vice President, unknown. 

Virgil Greene, Treasurer 

Best Wishes Class of 2001! 
From your Class President 
Shevera Reddick-Simmons 

The knowledge that I have 
gained by serving as Senior Class 
President, is that "in politics one 
must negotiate to attain what they 

My time in office has better 
prepared me for the next level 
involving skills, and the use of 
the chain of command. I would 
like to give an extended thank 
you to my cabinet members and 
advisors, and to the Senior Class 
of 2001. 

Age. Camisha L. 

Wilmington. NC 

Allen, Willie M. 

Criminal Justice 

Asheville, NC 

Amis, Sharon A. 

Criminal Justice 

Durham, NC 

Anderson. Robert 

Business Administration 

Raleigh, NC 

Artis, Willie Mae 
Raeford, NC 

Avery, Alonia S. 

Business Administration 

Raleigh, NC 

Ayanlowo, Ayanbola B. 

Computer Science 

Lagos, Nigeria 

Bagley, James W. 


Middlesex, NC 

Andrews. Jr., John D. 

Criminal Justice 

High Point, NC 

Baptist. Michele E. 

Business Management 

Raleigh, NC 

34 Seniors 

Barbee. Monica 

Business Administration 

Raleigh, NC 

Barksdale. Brenda J. A. 


Greensboro. NC 

Barnhill. Richard 
Criminal Justice 
Fayetteville, NC 

Bass, Mary M. 
Criminal Justice 
Greensboro, NC 

Batson, Chaz A. 
Raleigh, NC 

Beatty. Martha R. 

Criminal Justice 

Raeford, NC 

Bennett, Jacqueline L. 

Social Work/Psychology 

Durham, NC 

Best, Shawna M. 
Criminal Justice 
Wilmington, NC 

Bethea, Jacqueline P. 

Business Administration 

Greensboro, NC 

Boone. Wesley J. 


Gatesville, NC 

Brantley, Gwendolyn C. 


Warrenton. NC 

Brodus. Jason 

Business Administration 

St. Helena. SC 

Brown. Carolyn W. 


Nashville, NC 

Brown. Denese T. 


Jamaica, West Indies 

Brown, Edna R. 

Brown, Kimberly 

Burrell, Patrice A. 

Bush, Tarinesha 

Campbell. Chalonda N 

Criminal Justice 

Criminal Justice 



Social Work 

Stantonsborg. NC 

Fayetteville, NC 

Panama City, Fl 

Imngton, NJ 

Raleigh. NC 

"amphell. Vanessa G. 

University Studies 

Kannapolis, NC 

Cantey. Tabitha L. 

Business Administration 

Greenville. NC 

Capps, Barbara M. 


Chapel Hill, NC 

Carey, Seketta A. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Carlton. Bobby E. 

Business Administration 

Wilmington, NC 

Seniors 35 

Carr, Chelsehi T. 

Fayetteville, NC 

Chambers, Jr., Ernest L 


Gastonia, NC 

Chambers, Felecia D. 

Business Management 

Mt. Gilead, NC 

Cherry. Jr. Norman M. 

Criminal Justice 

Lewiston, NC 

Clark, Gregory J. 

Elementary Education 

Sanford, NC 

Chapman, Velma J. 

Business Management 

Asheville, NC 

Clark, Melody 

Accounting/Business Admin. 

Greensboro, NC 

Clark, Toni T. 
Raleigh, NC 

Coan, Troy R. 

Business Administration 

Trinity, NC 

Cofield, Claudia L. 

Business Administration 

Holly Springs. NC 

Cooper. Don C. 

Criminal Justice 

Raleigh, NC 

Corey, Elsie R. 

Fayetteville, NC 

Chavis, Lisa T. 

Creedmore, NC 

Clark, Valerie L. 
Computer Science 
Chesapeake, NC 

Dalton, Trinisha D. 

Business Administratio 

Lexington, NC 


May today there be peace within you. 

May you trust God that you are exactly where you 

are meant to be. 

May you not forget the infinite possibilities that 

are born of faith. 
May you use those gifts that you have received, 
and pass on the love that has been given to you. 
May you be content in knowing that you are a 
child of God. 
Let his presence settle into your bones, and allow 
your soul the freedom to sing, dance, 

and to bask in the sun. 
It is there for each and everyone of you. 

Author Unknown 

36 Seniors 

Daniels. Ava M. 
siness Administration 
Powellsville, NC 

Davis, Antwaine D. 

Computer Science 

Hemingway, SC 

Davis, Demetrius D. 

Computer Information Systems 

Washington DC 

Druid. William C. 

Criminal Justice 

Durham, NC 

Dukes, Alexis C. 

Criminal Justice 

Gatfney, SC 

Duncan, Berlinda A. 

Lusiness Administration 

Durham, NC 

Dunn, Michael A. 


High Point, NC 

Dunn. Yolanda S. 

Criminal Justice 

Kinston, NC 

Eaton, Anderson L. 

Business Administration 

Raleigh. NC 

Edwards, Alise D. 

Business Management 

Winnabow, NC 

Edwards. Sherlyn D. 

iBusiness Management 

Concord, NC 

Edmondson. Peggy J 


Franklinton. NC 

Elliott, Bertha K. 
Wade, NC 

Emmens, Ridshedia C. 

Criminal Justice 

Wilmington, DE 

Faulk. Michael L. 

Business Management 

Fayetteville. NC 

| Fewell, Anthony R. 

(Mass Communication 

Washington, DC 

Finkley, Kecia F. 

Criminal Justice 

Raeford. NC 

Foreman, Pauline 

Rocky Mount, NC 

Foster, Sr., Lemar 


Charlotte, NC 

Frier. Kolondi P. 

Mass Communication 

New York. NY 

Godwin, Terrence E. 

Business Management 

Detroit. MI 

Graham, Cynthia M. 

Criminal Justice 

Raleigh. NC 

Graham, Erika M. 


Sumter. SC 

Graham. Mayveta A. 

Business Management 

Youngsville. NC 

Grantham. LaTresa H. 
Criminal Justice 
Goldsboro, NC Seniors 37 

Graves, Deborah J. 


Greensboro, NC 

Greene, Virgil B. 

Business Management 

Garner, NC 

Greer, Clyde L. 

University Studies 

High Point, NC 

Guest. Julius T. 
Shelby, NC 

Hagins, Carla B. 


Raleigh, NC 

Hanes, Barbara D. 

University Studies 

Durham, NC 

Hanson, Jr., Andrew 


Fayetteville, NC 

Harper, Faye F. 

Criminal Justice 

Asheville. NC 


Harrell, Woodra J. 

Kernersville, NC 

Harrington, Susie D. 

Business Management 

Raleigh, NC 

Harris, Stacey M 

Business Administration 

High Point. NC 

Harrison. Charlene A. 


Rocky Mount, NC 

Head, Michael L. 
Business Management 
Oakwood Village, OH 

Heckstall, Brenda D. 
Social Work 
Colerain, NC 

Hedgepeth, Tammy L. 

Business Administration 

Enfield, NC 

Herring, Tahira A. 
New Zion, SC 

Heyward, Damian A. 

Business Administration 

Charleston, SC 

Heyward, LeRone T. 

Business Management 

Charleston, SC 

Hick. Antoine J. 

Criminal Justice 

Chester, SC 

Hicks, Tonya L. 


Raleigh, NC 

IS Senn 

Hill, Edith M. 

Business Administration 

Wilmington. NC 

Hill, Sylvia S. 

Social Work 

Rocky Mount, NC 

Hines, Mary F. 
Liberal Studies 
Asheville, NC 

Holly, Cynthia M. 

Wake Forest, NC 

Hopewell IV, Walter N. 

Business Administration 

Philadelphia, PA 


What are your thoughts on Shaw 
University's progress in past four years? 

Shevera Reddick-Simmons stated: During 
my four years, the progress that is most signifi- 
cant is the increase in resources, and student 
participation in clubs and organizations that 
are structured to build the gap between the 
leaders of tommorrow and the leaders of to- 

Jallah, Yhenneko B. 


Raleigh, NC 

James, Stephen N. 

Jacksonville, FL 

James. Theodisia A. 


Brooklyn, NY 

Jay. Barnabas B. 
Criminal Justice 
Timberlake. NC 

Jenkins. Celestine W. 

Liberal Studies 

Powellsville, NC 

Johnson, Jasma S. 

University Studies 

Raleigh, NC 

Johnson, Theresa R. 

University Studies 

Durham, NC 

Jolly, Drina L. 
Liberal Studies 
Cleveland, OH 

Jones, Jr. Bernard 

Public Administration 

Raleigh, NC 

Jones, Raven L. 

Criminal Justice 

Gaffney. SC 

Seniors 39 

Jones, Sharon S 

Greenville, NC 

Jones, Sonya W. 

Business Management 

Greensboro, NC 

Karaam, Pamela A. 


Clayton, NC 

Kelly, Natasha L. 

Business Management 

Washington, MD 

Kelly, Shonda R. 


Raleigh, NC 

Kemp, Latasha M. 

Elementary Education 

Raleigh, NC 

Kennedy, LeVar A 


Hopewell. VA 

Kent, Tahira S. 


Wilson, NC 

King, Angela G. 

Warrenton, NC 

King, Shirley A. 

Religion and Philosophy 

Benson, NC 

Lashley, Joyce S. 

Liberal Studies 

Roanoke Rapids, NC 

Lee, Bobbye A. 
Criminal Justice/Pre Law 

Newark. NJ 

Lee, Kenneth D. 

Religion and Philosophy 

Greensboro. NC 

Lee, Myrtle 


Gatesville, NC 

Lewis, Ingrid J. 

Kinesiotherapy/Psychology - t 

Garner, NC 

Lewis, Nellie C. 

Henderson, NC 

Lewis, Veronica T. 

Business Administration 

Greensboro, NC 

Lindsey, Levon N 

Criminal Justice 

Black Mountain, NC 

Little, Theodore Jr. 

Religion and Philosophy 

High Point, NC 

Lovett, Tracy B. 


Charlotte, NC 

40 Senio 

Lowe, Awamary 
Raleigh, NC 

Lowe, Sounsyrah 

International Relations 

Raleigh. NC 

Lynch, Hazel G. 

Criminal Justice 

Lakeside, NC 

Lythe, Lawrence 


Black Mountain, NC 

Manley. Doris L. 

Public Administration 

Roanoke Rapids. NC 

Marrow. Aohnie' P. 
Bronx, NY 

Marshall, Leonese A. 

Speech Pathology 

Goldsboro, NC 

Martin. Katherine M. 


Nashville, NC 

Mattocks. Henry R. 

Public Administration 

Raleigh, NC 

May, Phillis J. 

Farniville. NC 

McCain Arlene D. 


Charlotte, NC 

McDaniel. LaTanya 

Public Administration 

Warrensville Heights, OH 

McMee, Nekkiia 

Criminal Justice/Pre-law 

Louisville, KY 

McLean, Marsha C. 


South Pines, NC 

McLean, Patricia A. 


Bunnlevel, NC 

McMillan, Ade'leaka 

Business Management 

Washington, DC 

McMillan-Green, Tonya F. 


Winston-Salem, NC 

McNair. Cheryl G. 

University Studies 

Durham, NC 

McNeil, Myron D. 

Elementary Education 

Wilmington. NC 

McRoe, Robert S. 

Business Management 

Spring Lake, NC 


What changes have you seen within 
yourself during your matriculation at 
Shaw U.? 

Bobbye A. Lee stated, there are many 
changes she has seen within herself. She 
feels that the most important change has 
been her level of confidence. Shaw U. has 
given her an excellent education and that 
has given her the confidence to pursue 
her career without the fear of failure. She 
further states that with her newfound 
confidence she can achieve anything. 
Bobbye ends by saying: "Strides to Excel- 
lence: Now she's one of the Best." 

Seniors 41 

Bobbye smiles as she shares her memories. 



Can you name one advantage that Shaw U 
has over other Historically Black Colleges? 

Patrice Burrell responded: The one advantage 
that Shaw U has over any other Historically 
Black College is, its unique since of 
commitment, to not only religious education, 
but also its spiritual development in the lives 
of all students. 

Patrice showing her Shmv U. Pride! 

Miller, Ervin M. 

University Studies 

Kannupolis, NC 

Moore, Chanta L. 
University Studies 
Hillsborough, NC 

ention, Josephine 0. 

Midgette, Patricia A. 

Miles, Beverly A. 

Miles, Diane T. 

Miller, Denise M 

Computer Science 



University Studies 

Criminal Justice 

Andrews. SC 

Lillington, NC 

Garner, NC 

Raleigh, NC 

Brooklyn, NY 

Miller, Patricia A. 

Kannapolis, NC 

Mitchell, Carla D. 
Ahoskie, NC 

Mitchell, Kiamesha U. 
Criminal Justice 
Fayetteville, NC 

Mitchell, Leroy F. 

Religion and Philosophy) 

Winston-Salem. NC 

Moore, Crystal A. 


Savannah, GA 

Morgan, Randell A. 
Plainfield, NJ 

Muhammad, Kathy M. 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Munao, Mary 

Liberal Studies 
Bunnlevel, NC 

42 Seniors 

Niekelson. Jr. Ham L. 

Business Administration 

Durham, NC 

Nordt. Dorothy R 

University Studies 

Durham. NC 

Norman. Senegal 

International Relations 

New York. NY 

Nossiter. Quinton 

University Studies 

Ahoskie. NC 

Parks, Carol D. 

Business Administration 

Greenville. NC 

Patterson. Charles R. 

University Studies 

Durham. NC 

Patterson. Lucille G. 

University Studies 

Durham. NC 

Pegues. William F. 

Religion and Philosophy 

High Point. NC 

Peterson. Brenda S. 

Criminal Justice 

Clavton. NC 

Peterson. Tivvana E. 

Criminal Justice 

Asheville. NC 

Phillips. Donna S. 


Wilson. NC 

Pierce. Venessa L. 

Business Administration 

Auburndale. FL 

Pitt. Ernestine G. 

Social Work/Criminal Justice 

Whitakers. NC 

Pless. Linda G. 

Criminal Justice 

Candler. NC 

Porter. Patricia C. 

Iigion & Philosophy/Science 
Lewiston. NC 

Powell. Cecelia D. 


Raleigh. NC 

Pry ce. Gordon I. 

University Studies 

Laurelton. NY 

Radford. Jamilah E. 

University Studies 

Durham. NC 

Rascoe. Golden A. 
Criminal Justice 
Laurinberg. NC 

Rawles. Courtney D 

Criminal Justice 

Raleigh. NC 

Ray. Brenda A. Reddick-Simmons. Shevera C. 
Business Administration Criminal Justice/Pre-Law 
Greensboro. NC Raleiah. NC 

Reed. Harnett L. 

High Point. NC 

Reid. Robert J. 

Religion and Philosophy 

Rockv Mount. NC 

Seniors 43 

Revis, Norris B 

Criminal Justice 

Rocky Mount, NC 

Roberts, LaSonia D 
Criminal Justice 
Wilmington, NC 

Rucker, Henry L. 

Business Administration 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Rhmes Sharon D. 

Liberal Studies 

Winston. NC 

Richardson-Carr, Cynthia A. 

Criminal Justice 

Calabash, NC 

Ridley, Denise M. 

Portsmouth, VA 

Robinson, Kimberly L. 

Sociology/Social Work 

Asheville, NC 

Rogers, Juanetta D. 

Liberal Arts 

Fayetteville, NC 

Royster, Onia M. 


Oxford, NC 

Scott, Jacqueline R. 

Business Administration 

Hindersonville, NC 

Shaw Kristina N. 

Mass Communications 

Brooklyn, NY 

Shelton Kimberly D. 

Criminal Justice 

Arden, NC 

Riphin, Ricot 
Raleigh, NC 

Rucker, Brian T. 
Criminal Justice 
China Grove, NC 

Simmons Stephanie L. 

Business Administration 

Summit, NC 

How Excellent.... It is to be a Senior! 

What does our President's Motto, 
"Strides to Excellence: Why not the 
Best!", mean to you? 

Venesa Pierce stated, To take on things 
vigorously, and achieve them at their 
highest level. 

Venesa on the move.. 

44 Seniors 

Simpson. Gerjuan 
Criminal Justice 
Hieh Point. NC 

Sistare Pamela L. 

Business Management 

Asheville. NC 

Smith. Keyono' M. 


Ri\erdale. GA 

Smith. Phillip R. 

Business Administration 

Raleigh. NC 

Sherry Smith 

Business Administration 

Erwin. NC 

Snipes. Nancy G 
University Studies 
Cedar Grove. NC 

Staley. Avril L. 


Winston-Salem. NC 

Stanford-Fenner. Daureen 


Raleigh. NC 

Staten. Gloria S. 
Raleigh. NC 

Strickland. Nichelle W. 
Liberal Studies 
Middlesex, NC 

Stroman. Jamal H. 

Computer Science 

Raleigh. NC 

Strong. Aisha 
University Studies 
Philadelphia. PA 

Stroud. Cassandra R. 

Public Administration 

Winston-Salem. NC 

Stubbs. William T. 

Unversity, Studies 

Raleigh. NC 

Suber. Brenda L. 

Thomasville. NC 

Simmons. Stephanie I 

Business Management 

Asheville. NC 

Sutton, Terry 

University. Studies 

Ahoskie, NC 

Taylor, Mabeleen 

Multi-Disciplinary Studies 

Enfield, NC 

Taylor. Jr. Persephone J. 

Environmental Science 

Miami. FL 

Teal, LaTonya C. 

Greensboro. NC 

Teasley. Dianna W. 


Hiah Point. NC 

Thompson. Albertine F. 

Criminal Justice 

Asheville. NC 

Thompson. Elaine Y. 

Business Administration 

Hiah Point. NC 

Thompson. Freddie L. 

Criminal Justice 

Raleiah. NC 

Thompson. Rodney L. 

Business Administration 

Durham. NC 

Seniors 45 

Thompson, Sheryl L. 

Criminal Justice 

Raeford. NC 

Timherlake. Harold L. Townsend, Gwendolyn G. 
Religion and Philosophy Business Administration 

Flint, MI 

Greensboro, NC 

Vaughan, Jermaine M. 

Criminal Justice 

Murfreesboro, NC 

Walker, Helen 

Bunnlevel, NC 

Walker, Lloyd 
Criminal Justice 
Wake Forest, NC 

Washington, Jacquelyn B. 


Greenville, NC 

Waters, Nina M. 

Greenville, NC 

Watson, Carolyn W. 


Durham, NC 

Watson. Natasha L. 

University Studies 

Raleigh. NC 

White, Natasha F. 

Business Management 

Raeford, NC 

Whitley, Sara 

Greenville, NC 

Williams, Byron K. 

Sociology/Criminal Justice 

Tallahassee, Fl 

Williams. Kathye A. 
Criminal, Justice 
Chapel Hill, NC 

Williams. Sharon A. 

Business Administration 

Dunn, NC 

Williamson, Jr., Cleo 

Religion and Philosophy 

Wilmington, NC 

Wilson, Chiquita D. Wilson, Curshenia W. 

Computer Information Systems Liberal Studies/Sociology 
Dunn. NC Greenville. NC 

Wilson. Tonya N. 

Criminal Justice 

Raleigh, NC 

Wilson, Ursula R. 

Business Administration 

Wilmington, NC 

Excellence is the Standard- 
Success is the Possibility.... 
Surrender and Retreat 
is not an option....! 

46 Seniors 

Woolfolk Yvonne C. 


Oxford, NC 

Woodard Kennita L. 
Criminal Justice 
Greensboro, NC 

Woodbury, Kalique N. 
Criminal Justice 
Georgetown, SC 


Bertram. Donna T. 
Master of Divinity 

Cozart, Anthony E. 
Master of Divinity 

Daye, Ronald 
Master of Divinity 

Gaydon, Alfonso L. 
Master of Divinity 

Graham, Markel D. 
Master of Divinity 

Grant. Yvonne S. 
Master of Divinity 

Hackett, Lewis W. 
Master of Divinity 

Jackson. William T. 
Master of Divinity 

Lipscomb-Warren. Eleanore 
Master of Divinity 

Loney. Stephen 
Master of Divinity 

Seniors 47 

Lyons, Marutha E. McGowens, Sr., Robert E. Lee Monroe, Henry 

Master of Divinity Master of Divinity Master of Divinity 

Murrill, Charles E. 
Master of Divinity 

Rayland, Alice M. 
Master of Divinity 

Ragland, JoAnn 
Master of Divinity 

Sintim, Hector K. E. 
Master of Divinity 

Vanhook, Linda B. 
Master of Divinity 

Polston, Rosalind M. 
Master of Divinity 

Williams, James E. 
Master of Divinity 

For Christ and Humanity: 
This is where it all begins! 

Dr. James T. Roberson enlightens his audience with words of wisdo 

Divinity school students; Scholars in trai 

48 Seniors 


f f A journey 



•* * 

of a 

thousand miles 
gins with a 

w « 

single step. 


JUNIORS * • « 


Junior Class Officers 

No Goals: No Glory 

Top: Jennifer Hopewell, President; Jacqueline Haynes, Vice President; 
Rashida Carter, Secretary; Katherine Brown, Treasurer 




Bailey, Damion 

Baker, Brenda 

Bannerman, Alvin 

Barber. Shanita 

Barrett, Jackie 

Battle, Ronald 

Best. Linda 

Bey. Kareema 

50 Jun 

Clontz. Eva 

Juniors 51 

Cobb, Charlene 

Cooley, Janice 

Cotten. Shirley 

Cotton. Joclyn 

Crai«. Doretha 


Daniels. Iris 

Da-Thong, Latim 

Davis. Mercedes 

Dawidalle. Princess 

Dean. Donald 

Dempsey. Marsha 

Derban, Kris 

Desinor, Chariot 

Dorsey. Sheree 

Druid. Flora 

Dunham. Everett 

52 juniors 

Flemina. Linda 

Foster, Azizi 

Furlow. Samuel 

Gibbons. Wendy 

Gross. Christopher 

Harrell, Reeina 

Harrisan. Edward 

Hart. Edith 

luniors 53 

Haynes, Jacqueline 

Henderson, Gerorge 

Heyward, Montrell 

Hill, Kimberley 

Hoggard, Diane 

Hopewell, Jennifer 

Howard, Kelly 

Hunter, Garrison 

Jackson, Dedra 

Jacobs, Omar 

James. Hattie 

James, Natasha 

Johnson. Denise 

Johnson. Leon 

Jones, Tiffenee 

Joyner. Freda 

^4 Juniors 

Kent. Antron 

Kershaw-Kellv. Karen 

Larkin. Shauna 

Lew is. Him. 

SSI atS;. ^W 

Lewis. Lawrend 

Lucas. Tiffany 

Massey. Stephanie 

McDaniel. Nathena 

McNeill. Richard 

Merrick. Antonio 

Millner. Corev 

Mitchell. Allene 

Mitchell. Jalonda 

Moore. Dehra 

Moore. Katrina 

Murphy-Rabb. L. Tonya 

Juniors 55 

Murrill. Tina 

Myles. Ceasar 

Newell, Yuwanna 

N'Dure. Fatoumatla 

Norman, James 

Paul. Nathania 

Peele. Deborah 

Peterson. DeAna 

Richardson. Melissa 

Royster. Reba 

Scott. James 

Samuels, Vanessa 

56 Juniors 

Stokes. Tern 

Sturdivant. Karl 

Tavlor. Clarence 

Thompson. Marion 

Juniors 57 

Tolbert. Joseph 

Torres. Louis 

Townsend, Timothy 

Tyson, Brenda 

Waddell, Audrey 

Walden. Willie 

Walker, Victor 

Washington, Pamela 

&*^ «| 

.'» i'# 

Williams, Stacy 

Winters, Vickie 

Wright, Erica 

sx Juniors 


* J* a 



^GOV^^ ,. 

^" • 




Sophomores 59 

Sophomore Class Officers 

Top: Charles Johnson, Vice-President; Regina Bullock, 
President; Margaret Peck, Treasurer 

"There is not a map which shows 

the road to success. You have to 

make it yourself." 

Building on the Tradition! 



r clan, of 


1 i w \J v^y 

Alford, Lis 

Alston, La Verne 

Artis, Amy 

Artis, Jordache 

Artis, Lamont 

Bates, Shakima 

Battle. Delicia 

Beam. Wendy 

60 Sophomores 

Bnnklev. Shanta 

Ben-Israel. Nikavah 

Bennett. Yernell 

Berr\. Bradford 

Charles. Cathv 

Chrisp. Ronnie 

Clark. Christina 

Clemets. Alfreda 

Sophomores 61 


Council. II, Walter 

Connelly. Anthony 

Cuffee, Jamie 

Curry. Rahsaan 

Dawson. Patricia 

Dozier, Evette 

Evans, Chris 

Ferrell. Byron 

Graham, Lakisha 

Graves, Christine 

Green, Fallon 

Greene, Latosha 

62 Sophomores 

Han-ell. Demetrice 

Haskins. Tiffanj 

Hill. Tawee 

Holden. Aquil 

Howard. Ashlev 

Humphrey. Alonzo 

Kelly. Ronald 

Kievit. Christian 

Jamison, Janillia 

Jennings. Deidra 

Jennings. Kamala 

Johnson. Charles 

Sophomores 63 

Johnson, Karen 

Jones, Shields 

Johnson. Patricia 

Jones, Calvin 

Logan, Mary 

Jones, Gwendolyn 

Little, Willie 

McCants, James 

/■■■///■ ' 
McCain, Andrea 

McCoy, LaTasha 

McCrary, Jerry 

McClease, Karitta 

McGhee, Felici 

McCoy, Aaron 

McLean. Ahmad 

Mclendon, Debbin 

64 Sophomore 

Pittman. Montory 

Pollock. Doreen 

Potts. Linescia 

Propst. Redora 

Sophomores 65 

Redd, Nancy 

1 ** es, 1 

/A *- •* 


Roberson, Elizabeth 

Salisbury, Georgia 

Salmon, Cheryl 

Satterfield, Atiya 

Shottner, LaQuanda 

Sims, Timothy 

Smith. Steven 

Snead, Taliyah 

Solomon, LaToya 

Stevenson, Gladys 

Stroud, Jr. Willie 

Thompson, Bobby 



Williams, Jonnic 

Sophomores 67 

Williams. LaKeika 

Wonce, Eleanor 

Woodlard, Lori 

Zalika-Everette, Rashidi 


68 Sophomores 



^ «* 



.<*& .<& 


& ^ 




^ 4^^ 



Freshmen 69 

Freshmen Class 



Alexander, La'Toya 

Alleyne Arlene 

Anglade. Maranatha-Darlene 

Atkins, Nelson 

Bacoate, Maiiheu 

3acote, Jeri 

Bazemore, Mar>' 

Bess, Brandey 

70 Freshmen 

Broun, Randy 

Brown. Terrence 

Brownndee, Lauren 

Bundick. Vanna 

Freshmen . 1 

' i • « » ■ # yff Z fd • ■ ■ «f 4 

Burton, Tashana 

Butler. Michael 

Carroll. Jennife 

Carter. Alvin Lee 

Charnhlee, Deirdre 

Clark. H Leon 

Combs. Ren 

Cook, Melody 

Cooper, Shakira 

Cotton, Demiina 

Couch. Julian 

Crump. Latovia 

Cromartie. LaVoma 

Dickens, Terry 

English, Samantha 

Everette. Elesia 

72 Freshmen 

Harris, Shamtra 

Haynes, Tanesha 

Hendnek*. Marline 

Hendricks, Ronnie 

Freshmen 73 

Hines. Betty 

Johnson, Jr., Joey 

Joyner. Danielle 

King, Shaneisla 

Jones, Sharonda 

Julue, Lrnestine 

Kearse, LaKesha 

King, Kesha 

Kinman. Joy 

Knight. Lloyd 

Knmht, William 

Lawrence, Jason 

Little, Vickie 

Livingston, Cynthia 

Lyles, Vernell 

74 Freshmen 

Mister. Ebonv 

Mood\'. Daphne 

Nails, Man. 


Freshmen / 5 

Newsome, Kara 

Oladele, Michael 

Outlaw. leshiu 

Patterson, Christy 

Pearson, Shauntay 

Penn. Malvester 

Pickett. Amy 

Powell, Tiffany 


Ragin Neatha 

Reeves, Dadu 

Rendleman. Hansha 

Reynolds. Tamarous 

Risiin. Lorraine 

Rohmson. Rache 

Robinson. Shirley 

Rogers, Joyce 

7o Freshmen 

Taylor. Jr . Jackie 

Tern . Kristin 

Thorpe. Crwal 

L'pchurch. Mich 

Freshmen 77 

Vauahan. Kashana 

Vgreen, Kim 

Wardrclt, Carl 

Watson, Adrianna 

Watson, Barbara 

Watson, Keith 

Weathers, Jessica 

Williams, Esha 

Williams, LaTonya 

Williams, Michelle 

Wooden, Arthur 

Wright, Alonzo 

Wrighton, Ansel 

Zor, Marconja 

78 Freshmen 


Divinity School 

& Faculty/Staff 

Dr. James T. Roberson, Jr 

Dr. Linda W. Bryan 
Assistant Dean 

Dr. James P. Ashmore Hazel E. Brown Dr. Charles T. Bullock Serenus T. Churns, Sr. Stella G. Goldston 

Assistant Professor Director, Life Enrichment Assistant Professor Director, Winston-Salem Secretary 

Old Testament Center, Winston-Salem History/Politics 

Dr. Eric J. Greaux, Sr. 

Assistant Professor 

New Testament 

Patricia A. Haynes 

Dr. Titus Haynes 

Ida P. Johnson 

Dr. Helen D. McLaughlin 




Assistant Professor 

Religious Education 


Pastoral Studies 

Ronald E. Morris 

Adjunct Professor 


Dr. Lillie L. Travis Dr. Rudolph Tripp 

Adjunct Professor Assistant Professor 

Theological Education Theological Education 

Dr. Benjamin F. Whitlock 

Adjunct Professor 

Theological Education 

Freshmen 7y 

Second Year Graduate Program 


<. ' 

Anderson, Robert Bracken, David Lee Bradshaw, Debra M. Brinson, Lawrence B. Brunson, Dorothy L. 

Laney, Bonnie R. Leggett, James H. McKoy, Rufus Y. Melvin, Yolanda S. Murphy, David A. 

Oti, lohn D Perry, Patricia A. Richards, Marilyn Baldwin Rochelle, Portia W. Stewart, Coker A. 


Timmons, Mary A, Vance, Napoleon D Ward, Anthony R. Williams, Patricia A. Woodruff, Anthony L. 

80 Divinity School 

First Year Graduate Program 

ilev, Kenneth E 

Bell, Andrea D 

Bell. |r .. Asa L 

Brown, John A. 

Bullock. Sr., Melvin Canadv. Carl V. 

Cozart, Donald Cozart, Jr., Ellis T. Crawford, Pierre jovann 

Johnson, Keith L. 

Knight, Frances A. 

Lewis, Bessie M. 

Sims, William L. Solomon, Beverly M. 

Watson, Everett E. 

White, Donald R. 

Woods, Spencer E. 

Williams, Tvrone A. 

Divinity School 81 

Dr. Talbert O. Shaw 

Dr. Ernest L. Pickens 
Executive Vice President 

Dr. Lillie M. Boyd 

Special Assistant to the President 

for Institutional Effectiveness 

and Research 

Dr. Quincy Scott 
Dean of Chapel 

Dr. Patricia Pierce-Ramsey 
Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Emeka Emekauvva 
Assistant Vice President for 

Academic Affairs 

Sama Mondeh 
Vice President for Fiscal Affairs 

Mack Sowell 
Assistant Vice President for Operations 

Dr. Vaughan C. Witten 
Vice President for Student Affairs 

82 Administration 

Dave Howard 

Assistant to the Vice President for 

Student Affairs 

Helga A. Greenfield 

Vice President for Institutional 


Faculty & Staff 


Dr. James Abbington April Abbou Dr. Oladimeji Aborisade Dr. Olufolajimi Adejokun Dr. Fidelis Akagha 

Chair. Visual and Performing Arts English Specialist, Education Professor, Public Administration Associate Professor. Political Associate Professor. Business 

Science/International Relations 

Dr. Ali al-Taie Diana Anthony 

Chair. Sociology and Psychology Administrative Assistant. 

RaJeish/Durham CAPE Center 

Chermaine J. Arthur 
Traffic Director. WSHA Radio 

Sharon Askew 
Faculty. English 

Dr Ihsan Bagb\ 
Associate Professor. 
International Studies 

Kenneth Bailey 

Carol vn Baker 

Mayme Banks 

Nicole Bamhill 

Dr. Eugene Baskerville. Jr. 

Career Counselor 

Director of Archives 

Administrative Assistant. 

Instructor. Allied Health 

Chair. Natural and Physical 

fice of Career Development 

Cheek Learning Resource 


Lorenzo Battle 
nstructor. Social Sciences 

Agnes Baxter 
Director. TOSLLC 

Ronald Bishop 
Director. TOSLLC 

Women's Residence 

Men's Residence 

Regina Boone Sheila Bourne 

Director. Director. 

De\e!opment of Public Relations Cheek Learning Resource Center 

Faculty & Staff 83 

Pat Boyd Dons Braswell 

Instructor, Public Administation Freshman Year Coordinator 

Dr. Mikael N. Broadway 

Associate Professor, 

Religion & Ethics 

Anthony Brown 
Instructor, English 

Cassandra Brown 
Professor, Public Administration 

Charles V Brown 
Associate Professor, Music 

James Brown Kenneth M. Brown Marian Brown 

Professor, Public Administration Security Officer, Campus Safety Adjunct Instructor, Humanities 

and Security 

Darnell Bryant 
Custodian, Plant Services 

Joseph Bry 
Director, High Po 

ant Janet M. Bullock Janice C. Bullock Phyllis J. Bullock Dr. Bernard Bugg 

nt CAPE Professor. English/Humanities Secretary. Mass Communication Residence Counselor, TOSLLC Associate Professor, Accounting 

Women's Residence 

Dr. Carol Bunch 

Associate Professor. 

Sociology and Psychology 

Lawson L. Butler Dr. Elizabeth Byrne Alonzo Cannon 

Art Teacher Associate Professor. English and Maintenance, Kannapolis CAPE 



Alfonza L. Carter 
Director of Athletics 

84 Faculty & Staff 

Dr. Harish Chaiider 
Associate Professor, Enalish 

Dr Hui-Tzu G. Chou 

Assistant Professor, 

Sociology and Psychology 

Toni T. Clark 
Secretary. Education Depart- 

Jessie J. Clowney, Jr 


Shawnda L Cooper 

Resident Counselor 

TOSLLC Women's Residence 

Timoth} L. Cordell 

Security Officer 

Campus Safety and Securit) 

Lonieta T. Cornwall 
Instructor of Music 

Mildred A. Council 

Acting Director 

Rocky Mt/Wiison CAPE 

Dr. Benjamin Crowe. Ill 
Associate Professor. Physics 

Brian Cumberbatch 
Director. Institutional Research 

,| ' 

Darrell Daniels 

Rena B. Daniel 

Annie D. Da\is 

Queen E. Deeraphrenreid 

Gisi Derballa 

ssistant Director, 

Curriculum Technician. 

Administrative Assistant. 


Instructor. Humanities/English 

Plant Services 

Cheek Learning Resource Center 

International Studies 

Public Administration 

Wallace W. Dickerson 
Instructor. Science 

John Dieringer 
Instructor. Physical Science 

Curtis A. Dixon 
Assistant to the Registrar 
Records and Resistration 

Phyllis E. Doster. Director 
Office of Career Development 

Evelyn Dove-Coleman 
Instructor. Criminal Justice 

Faculh 6z Staff 85 

Carolyn E, Duggans 

Secretary. Rocky Mountain/ 

Wilson CAPE Center 

Lillie M. Dunn 

Administrative Assistant, 

Student Affairs 

Laura G. Early 
Instructor. Philosophy 


L ^^^jf^' «■ 

. * 


Dr. Bennett Edwards 


Kinesiotherapy Program 

Maxwell Eleogu 
Instructor. Religion/Philosophy 

Dr. Ademola Ejire 
Associate Professors, 

Environmental Sciences/ 

Dr. Johnny Eluka 
Associate Professor, Business 

Chi G. Emekauwa 
Bookstore Staff 

Remigius Emeto 

Resident Counselor, TOSLLC 

Men's Residence 

Sunday Enitan 
Plant Services 

Mary W. Faireloth 

Dr. Gaddis Faulcon 

Shirley Fennell 

Marilyn J. Fields 

Dr. Quentine Finch 

Adjunct Professor 

Associate Professor. 


Administrative Assistant to the 

Associate Professor/Coordina 


Allied Health 


tor. Special Education 

Johnny Franklin 

Resident Counselor. 

Main Men's Residence 

Phillip Freeman 

Assistant Basketball Coach. 

Athletics Department 

Dr. Anne G. Ful ford -McQueen 
Associate Professor, 


Kendra Fullwood 
Instructor. English 

Vivian Galbreath 
Administrative Assistant, 
Institutional Advancement 

Faculty & Staff 

Kurt A. Garrett 

Teaching Associate 

Natural and Physical Sciences 

Marte' E. Gass 
Bookstore Manager 

Carlton Goode 


Student Activities/Greek Life 

Sheila D. Goodson 


Natural and Physical Science 

James Graham 

Resident Counselor. 

Main Women's Residence 

Melvin I. Graham 
Adjunct Professor. Sociology 

Willie E. Gray 
Adjunct Instructor. Business 

Rekittu K. Grimes. Director 

Alumni Relations and Planned 


Bernadine Hall 

Administrative Assistant. 


Queen W. Hamilton 
Assistant Professor, Mathematics 

Ann G. Harris 
Administrative Assistant, 
Religion and Philosophy 

Ronnie Harris 
Ground Superintendent 

Lemuel Harrison 
Instructor, Business 

George Hatcher 

Associate Professor. 

Visual and Performing Arts 

Corlis A- Hayes 
Assistant Professor. English 

Geraldme B. Hebert 

John B- Henderson 
Instructor. Sociology 

Dr. Rita C Henning. Director. 
Rocky Mt/Wilson CAPE Center 

Cleo Hill. Assistant Coach 
Men's Basketball 

Dr Willie C. High 

Director, Academics 

Assessment & Achievement Center 

Faculty & Staff 87 

Selena Hinnant 
CAPE Financial Aid Counselor 

Ken Hinton 

Associate Professor, 

Visual and Performing Arts 

Juanda L. Holley 
Instructor. Theater Arts 

Mildred Hooker 

Administrative Assistant, 

Criminal Justice 

Joel W. Hopkins, Head Coach 
Men's Basketball 

Vernice B. Howard 
Instructor. Criminal Justic 

Hornsby Howell 

Compliance Counselor. 

Dr. Linda R. Hubbard 
Chair, Education Department 

Debra A. Hughes 

Adjunct Professor, Physical 


Sgt. Walter K. Humphrey 
Supervisor/Security Officer, 
Campus Safety and Security 

Cheryl K. Hunt 
Instructor. Gerontology 

Claire J. Hurst 
Professor, Sociology 

Dr. Chris Ike 
Professor. Psychology 

Dr. Gale J. Issacs 
Chair, Allied Health 

James A. Ivy 
Director, Main Men's Residence 

Melvin Jackson 
Financial Aid Counselor 

Dr Rachida Jackson 
Assistant Professor. English 

Manama Janneh 

Evangeline January 
Staff Nurse. Health Center 

Eddie Jenkins 
Food Service Director 

88 Faculty & Staff 

Ester M. Johnson 

Administrative Secretary. 

Plant Services 

James C. Johnson 

1 st Sergeant, 

Campus Safety & Security 

Dr. John R. Jones 
Director, Ahoskie CAPE Center 

Georgia D. Kearney 
Instructor. Ethics/History 

Shirley Kearney 
Administrative Assistant, 

Mathematical Sciences 

Queen H King 
Securitv Office 

Dr. James F. Kirkley 
Assistant Professor 
Religion and Ethics 

, Jf 

t _^^l\ 
"^ B ^ 

Marcia A- Knight 
Residence Counselor, 
Main Men's Residence 

Pattie Laughinghouse-Leary 
Instructor. Physical Sciences 

James E. Leathers 
Professor, Sociology 

Bessie M. Lewis 

Clara R. Lewis 

Eleanor Lipscomb- Warren 


Residence Counselor. TOSLLC 

Director. Wilmington CAPE 

manities Department 

Women's Residence 

Debra J. Littlejohn Dr. Griffin D Lockett 

Secretary. Asheville CAPE Asociate Professor. Social Work 

Irving C. Lofton 

Dr. Vemise Loveless 

Reggie Lowery 

Wilbur L, Mapp 

Timothv D. Marriott 


Teacher Education Department 

Director. Counseling Center 

Art Education 

Instructor. Allied Health/ 

Campus Safety & Security 


Faculty & Staff 89 

Marsha S. Marshall 
Secretary, Registrar 

Waymon C. Martin 
Instructor. Business Management 

Peter E. Mason 

Associate Professor 

Criminal Justice 

Raymond A. McAllister James T. McCallum 

Instructor, Sociology/Education Assistant Professor, Audiology 

Willie L. McDamel 
Director, Asheville CAPE 

Jannie McLean 

Secretary, Development and 

Public Relations 

Lorenzo McNeil 
Campus Safety & Security 

Seamus P. McNemey 
Adjunct Professor 

Ida S- Mitchell 
Secretary, Alumni Relations 

William Montague 

Director, Intramurals 

Head Coach, Track and Field 

Sheritha Moore 
SARA/AS400 Operator, 

Financial Aid 

De'Lillian Muldrow 
Secretary, Student Services 

Dr. Wilberforce Mundia 

Associate Professor. 

Dr. James Nelson, Jr. 
Professor. Mathematics 

Mary M. Newton 
Loan Officer Financial Aid 

Carolyn P. Nichols 
Professor, Education 

Caroline Nwsou 
Mailroom Manager 

Patricia W. Nwosu 
Assistant Professor and 

Coordinator, English Education 

Marcellina U. Offoha 
Director, Kannapolis CAPE 

90 Faculty & Staff 

Edwin Okoye 
Accountant, Payrc 

Aniobi R. Onuorah 
Campus Safety & Security 

Nnamdi Onuorah 
Director. Raleigh/Durham Cape 

Hyacienth E. On>ebuchi 
Campus Safety & Security 

John O. On 
Campus Safety & Security 

Ronald L. Pace, Senior Officer 
Durham CAPE Security 

Gene Page 
Director. University Registrar 

Joseph Palmer 
Instructor. Kinesiotherapist 

Dr. Joxce J. Pandelis 

Associate Professor 



Beverly Parks 

Scholarships & Grants 


Carolyn L. Parks 
irector. Health Services 

Clinton E. Patterson 
Associate Director. Band 

John P Pa\one 
Adjunct Professor, Psychology 

Robert R Phillips 
Professor, Psychology 

Cleon Pierce 

Plant Services, 

Electrical Coordinator 

Robert E. Pike 
Adjunct Professor 

Ellen Pinckney 

Dairy] L. Powe 

Franklin B. Powell 

Robert E. Puett 


Clinical Supervisor. 

Associate Director 

Adjunct Professor. Busines 

Main Women s Residence 

Allied Health 

High Point CAPE 

Faculty & Staff 41 

Emmanuel Quaye 
Campus Safety & Security 

Hyacinth Reece-Headle\ 
Director, Human Resources 

Delores L. Rich 
Certification Clerk, Registrar 

Georgia G. Richardson 
Professor, English 

Dr. Joseph Richardson 
Chairman, Criminal Justice 

Brenda Robinson 
Adjunct Professor 

Harold O. Robinson 
Professor. English/Humanities 

Michael Rochelle 

Director. WSHA 

Development & Promotion 

Beverly R. Rowland 
Campus Safety & Security 

Randolph Russell 
Campus Safety & Security 

Delores M. Samuels 

Adjunct Professor. 

Social Work 

Eddie Sanders 

Residence Counselor. 

TOSLLC Men's Residence 

Herman R. Sanders 
Instructor, History 

Dr. K.P. Satagopan 
Chairman, Malhematie 

Samuel E. Saunders 

Chief. Campus Safety 

and Security 

Dr Catherine J. Schultz 
Professor, Sociology 

Dr. Allyson A. Sesay 

Chair. Multidisciplinary 


Beulah Sessoms 

Plant Services 

Hubert H. Seltzer 

Ad|unct Professor, 


Associate Professor, 

Computer Information 


42 Faculty & Staff 


Man F. Sifford 

Secretary, Kannapolis 


Charleiia Sims. Counselor 
Counseling Center 

Ida F. Sims 
Plant Services 

Hector E K. Smlim 

Residential Counselor 

TOSLLC Women's Residence 

Cliffon J. Small 
Librarian, Education Center 

Jessie B. Smith 

Secretary, Academic Assessment 

and Achievement Center 

Shannon T. Smith 
Secretary, Counseling Center 

Sherby Speight 

Secretary, Athletic Department, 

Cheerleading Coach 

Howard D. Spruill 
Campus Safety & Security 

David Sutton 
Security. Fayetteville 

Laura Swenson 
Adjunct Professor. English 

Calvin Swinson, Jr. 
Director. Fayetteville CAPE 

Donald L. Thorpe 
AraMark Dinina Service 

Dr. William A. Thurston 

Religion and Philosophy 

Alice L. Tinslev 
Professor. Physical Sciences 

Dr. Charles A. Tita 
Chair. Department of Humanities 

Dr Augusta Turner 
Professor. Criminal Justice 

Dr. Simon l.'gwuoke 

Assistant Professor 

Coordinator. Math Education 

Paul F. Vandergrift, III 
Director, Admissions 


Dr. Randall L. Vogt. Chair 
Mass Communications 

Faculty & Staff 93 

Dr. John H. Walker 

Adjunt Professor 

Dr. Moses S. Walker 
Adjunct Profesor 
Fayetteville CAPE 

Sayku A.M. Waritay 
Adjunct Professor. Mathematics 

Sonia Weeks 
Professor, Chemistry 

Dr. Eric Weil 

Assistant Professor, 


William T. Wicker 
Professor, Social Work 

Dr. Elvira S. Williams 
Chair, Natural & Physical Sciences 

Dr. Robert W. Williams 
Adjunct Professor, Music 

Dr. Eddy P. Wilson 

Assistant Professor 

Philosophy & Religion 

Raquel Wilson 
Secretary. Business Management 

Barbara Winston 
Assistant Director. Food Service 

Dr. Bruce Winston 
Professor, Sociology 

Theresa Woodfolk 
Adjunct Professor 
Kannapolis CAPE 

Carolyn J. Woodley-Horne 
Secretary, Allied Health 

Dr. Carol B. Wortham 

Associate Professor 

Muriel J Wray 
Secretary. Self-Study 

Rudell M Wynder 
Instructor, Administration 

Larry Yon. Professor 
Sociology/Social Science 

M4 Faculty/Stafl 

The sharing of knowledge! 

Faculty/Staff 95 


Patience is a virtue! 

You said 5 minutes. ..2 hours ago! 

Shaw University, How can I direct your call'. 

'IS .(lulnii hi, 

Just sign on the dotted line. 

Ms. Sims offers advice to a student. 

"All stressed out!' 

student life 99 






The infamous ID checkpoint 

I thought they fixed these elevators 

Students moving in. 

Obey your thirst! 


KM) MuJcnl life 



Brandy checking ID 

Get out my face. 

Ty wee. station 1 

'*#* d 

We're gonna run a Boston on vou 

Winter getting sponv tips 

sludeni hie lijl 




Need more Ranch? 

102 Student Lite 

Okay, Let me think. 

Student Life 103 

Mrs. Caroline Nwosu gets down to business ! 

104 Student Life 


What's the gossip? 

Styling and Profiling. 

Train up a child 

Are vou finished? 

Student Life 105 

Are you calling me 



\'< mr nif spun.' Rfd I 'tun h 

Candid Shot? 

106 Student Life 

Sheree and Sherice on their way 
to basketball practice. 

* ¥7 

Chi Chis'. "Get the crowd fired up" 

Hustle, Hustle. Hustle' 

Student Life 107 

&}& <& 




ION Student Life 

Student Life 109 


What do you mean— Your Point 

Katherine explaining the Bear Den Rules. 

Pool Shark'.' 

Late Night Movies. 

Bedded down for the Night. 

Little Big Man. .Making Plans. 

I 10 Student Life 


Aquille hold still. I almost got it! 

Renee styles Louis hair-Now that's 

A Stvle of his own! 

Timberlake has his own stvle! 

Lacvesha shows pride in her work. 

It takes a lot to look this good! 

Student Life 1 1 1 


Poster Party '2001 

112 Student Life 

\ \ ^m 




Pep Rally- 

Step Show & 



Homecoming 113 



Miss Kolondi Frier reigns as our Homecoming Queen for 2000-2001. 

Miss Homecoming takes it step by step. 

Miss Homecoming receives her crown 

from Dr. Ernest L. Pickens, 

Interim CEO/Executive Vice President. 

Mrs. Leslie J. Frier shows 
pride in her daughter, Kulondi. 

Miss Senior. Alexis Dukes, 
Escort: De'Sean Williams 

Miss Sophomore 

Phi Beta Lamda. Venesa Pierce 
Escort: Barnabas Jay 

Miss Alpha Kappa Mu 
Yhenneko Boma Jalleh 

Miss Zeta Phi Beta. Pamela Green 
Escort: Andre" Henry 

Miss Sigma Gamma Rho 

Tyra Ramsey 

Escort: David Dixon 

Miss National Association of 

Black Accountants, Awainary Lowe 

Escort: Malik Khan 

Daphne Hughes 

Miss American Humanics. Aunita Lonj. 
Escort: John Williams 


Visual and Performing Arts 


Godspell from the Gospel according to Matthew 

The Cast 

Josephe' Featherston 

Brandi Hancock 

Katherine Brown 

Jay DeVaughan 

Aquil Holden 

Jamila Bogin 

Samantha Hicks 
Theressa Lewis 
Charles Thomas 
Arthur Wooten 

Peter Holley 
Jovan Hundley 

Pit Singers: Jewelyn Dunn, Lawrence (L-Jae) Levine, DeMarco Stallings 

The Band: Lonieta Cornwall, Keyboard/Piano, DeMarco Stallings, Percussion, Kevin Grayson, Violin i 

The Crew 
Artistic Director Juanda Holley 

Musical Director Lonieta Cornwall 

Assistant Director Kara Newsome 

Choregrapher Tramonn Brittle 

Lighting Engineer Juanda Holley 

Production Coordinator Kenneth Hinton 

Sound Engineer Markell Robinson 

Costumes/Hair Brandi Q. Hancock 

Shaw Players and Co. 

This year theVisual and Performing Arts department performed their rendition of 
Godspell. This play told the story of Jesus Christ and his disciples. Each character, 
in their own way, expresses how the disciples learned to work together. 

Can we do this just once more, please? 

I Id homecoming 

Chalique Woodbury has his eyes on all the ladies. 

Marjello Mines pretends to be "Cat Woman" at the '70s pageant. 

i r 





Dr. James Cheeks, former President of Shaw 
University, speaks of courage and empowerment. 

Dr. Lillie Boyd, Grand Marshall, leads 
faculty and staff to the memorable occasion. 

Dr. Dolby, President of the Southern Regional 
Nation Bank, addresses the audience. 

1 18 homecoming 

Dr. Fuller, President and Dr. Bullock, Vice President, General 
Baptist State Convention, make a presentation to Shaw University. 

Class of 1950 

Class of 1960 

Dr. James E. Cheeks. President 1960-1963 
Dr. Talbert O. Shaw. President, 1985-Present 
2 Presidents, 2 Eras 
Leading Shaw to its climatic height! 

Ms. Tracy Wright. President. Student Government 
Association, greets the audience with a warm 

1 19 homecoming 


Dr. Willie E. Gary, Chairman. Board of Trustees 
Dr. James E. Cheek, former President 
Dr. Talbert O. Shaw, President. Shaw University 
Dr. Ernest L. Pickens, Executive Vice President 

Dr. Shaw awards John Fuller with an 
honorary Doctor degree. 

Maggie White, President of N.C. Womens Baptist State 
Convention is presented with her honorary Doctor degree. 

Dr. Shaw and Dr. Gary presents an honorary 

Mrs. Marlene Shaw watches intensely during the ceremony | 

120 Homecoming 


Jay Devon sings with heart and soul! 

And the Band plays on. 

An arousing applauds 

The University Choir represents. 

Miss Shaw U, Crystal Moore, displays her many talents. 

Homecoming 1 2 1 

No Introduction Needed 

Alumni, students , and staff. We all have one thing in common, Homecoming! Each 
school year alumni, students, friends and administrators gather to reunite with old 
classmates and meet new friends. Also we gather to see our Big Bad Bears showcase 
their talent. This year is especially exciting for Shaw University, because we started 
this new millenium with a brand new coach and basketball team -Men and Women. 
Under the direction of Jacques Curtis , the Lady Bears fought to the very end against 
Denmark Technical College. The Shaw Bears came out victorious against Benedict 
College with the assistance of Coach Joel Hopkins and Assistant Coach Cleo Hill, Jr. 
The Women and Men teams displayed an excellent example of their sportmanship and 


Millennium Style 

Lady Bears fight for the rebound 

HOMECOMING: A return to or arrival at ones home. 

The technique of the game is to Bounce, Pass and Shoot. 

Sales are up! Chaing, chaing! 

1 22 Homecoming 

Homecoming 123 


124 Homecoming 

"Bring It On 


Homecomong 12? 

Willie E. Gary 

■ ■ ■ ■ 


Dr. Willie E. Gary introduces Dr. James Cheek 
to Senator John Edwards during the festivities. 

Dr Gary takes time out to sign autographs for 
high schools students from New York. 

Dr. Willie E. Gary, Dr. Talbert O. Shaw and 
Mrs. Marlene Shaw enjoying the occasion. 

Mrs. Marilyn Fields and her family. Mrs. Fields received an 
award in recognition of service to Shaw University. 

126 Homecoming 

Students from Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community 
Development in Brooklyn, New York, receive words of 
encouragement from Dr. Gary. 


Senator John Edwards, is truly an honored 
guest on our campus. 

Mr. H. Donnell Lewis received an award for 
"Making A Difference." 

Dr. Forbes poses with Dr. Gary and Attorney Williams after 
receiving his award. 

Dr. Gary poses with students from New York in 
commemoration of their participation. 

Mrs. Marilyn Fields receives recognition for her 
years of service to Shaw University. 

Homecoming 12 


The Athletic Hall of Fame was one of the major highlights 
of Homecoming this year. In attendance was Dr. Ernest 
Pickens, Interim CEO/Executive Vice President, who 
presented awards to the new inductees. The recipients for 
Homecoming 2000 were Antionette Irving '87, Patricia 
Bellamy '82, William Hartsfield Jr. '63 and Melvin 
Jackson '86. Shaw University salutes the new inductees 
to the Athletic Hall of Fame 2000. 

128 Homecoming 

Dr. Ernest L. Pickens, Interim CEO/Executive Vice President, and Dr. Spann pose with 
recipients Antionette Irving, Patricia Bellamy, William Hartsfield, |r., and Melvin Jackson. 


A grave site service is held each year during homecoming. It is 
held in memory of Dr. Henry Martin Tupper, who is the 
founder of Shaw University. This day is set aside to honor his 
name. SGA President Tracy Wright and Miss Shaw University, 
Crystal Moore, play an important role at this very sacred 
service. The grave site is located next to the James E. Cheek 
Library and Dr. James E. Cheek was the honored speaker for 
the Founder's Day celebration. May we remember to keep our 
founder in our hearts and minds and continue to celebrate his 
life achievements. 

icy W" right. SGA President and Crystal Moore, Miss Shaw University, 
^:es the wreath during the grave site service 

During the ceremony, our Alumni reflect on the life of 
Dr. Henry Martin Tupper. 

William Thorne plays "TAPS", in honor of our founder. 
Dr. Henry Marrin Tuppet. 

Homecoming 129 

Across the Campus'... 

Ahoskie CAPE Center Kannapolis Cape Center 

Ashe vi lie CAPE Center Raleigh CAPE Center 

Durham CAPE Center Rocky Mount/Wilson CAPE Center 

Fayetteville CAPE Center Wilmington CAPE Center 

Hism Point CAPE Center 

i ii 



Tasha McCoy and Anthony Connelly-Night Life' 

132 Student Life 

LI ^ >,/ fi * 


Student Lite 133 


Shaw University students are given the opportunity to develop 
strong leadership skills, by taking part in the political structure 
of the University. Our students campaign for positions as Class 
Officers, who will represent the interest of their constituents. 
Each year a new Student Government Association is formed and 
all students participate in the electorial process. 

Candidates for office, 
waiting and listening. 


Women in politics! 

Preparing for transition. 

Pondering thoughts? 

134 Student Life 

Shaw University student organizations hosted a Harvestfest to benefit the 

community children. It is awa\ tor our students to give back, while 
receiving valuable in-service experience. Children from the surrounding 
areas participated in a sate, secured and fun set en\ ironment. 


Jordaehe Artis. an Artist at work? 


Jackie O. seems pleased with the makeover. 

Student Life 135 


136 Student Life 

Student Life 137 


Operation Restoration 

Leonard Hall was the first medical school and hospital erected to educate colored people in the south. It was erected in 1881 and contained lecture I 
rooms, an amphitheatre and dissecting rooms. In 1885 a 25 bed hospital opened for patients. The Restoration of Leonard Hall has been a long proces| 
The opening of its doors has bought back old memories and the distinct beauty of its place on the Shaw U campus. The new Leonard Hall will be a 
fundamental learning center and will provide needed class space. Shaw U is currently planning its dedication ceremonies to properly commemorate 
this monumental event. 

SHAW U- Connecting our Past to the Future! 

The key is passed to Dr. Willie E. Gary. Chair, Board of 
Trustees and to Dr. Talbert O Shaw. President. 

138 Student Life 

Dr. Talbert O. Shaw, and Dr. Willie E. Gary honor Dr. Ida Silver- WigM 
by naming a floor after her and her husband. 

Religious Life 

and upon this rock... 


Baptist Student Union 

in r ligious Life 


Most Influential Preachers 

Dr. Gardner C. Taylor 
Dr. Bill Jones 
Bishop T.D. Jakes 
Bishop G.E. Patterson 
Bishop Eddie Long 
Prophettess Juanita Bynum 
Dr. Jessie Jackson 

Religious Life 141 

Most Popular Songs 

Alabaster Box 
Let's Dance 
A Fragile Heart 
Lift Him Up 

Crystal Moore hosts the annual COG's Nite Out 

142 religious life 

Minister Darrell Williams joins in the game 

Getting to know you. gelling to know all about yc 

student life 143 

A United Ministry for Christ 

144 Religious Life 

Dr. Thomas J. Boyd 
A Man Worth Honoring 

Ont Cord, One taith, One flaptism. 

Sphesians * 5 


*""""' £««. StS Br«>kly.. NY on 
November 2». I'M- 

She «• >he •* •>' ■•« ™" '"' * k h " m ' h ! 

trfta-S faS -"Kh her hu,b~d 

Shaw Universitv honors the memon of this 
good woman for her strong support of Christian 
education. VFe join her husband, who sa>s ol 
her after fifty-one years of marriage. *She was a 
committed Christian and a Ladv". 

Death has no cause to be proud, in her case, 
because her deeds will live on for they were 
immortal in nature. 

Religious Life 145 

146 Religious Life 


Dr. James Roberson and 
Dr. Prathia Hall 

Women's Conference 2000 

The annual Women's Conference is an opportunity offered by Shaw- 
University Divinity School for Women of God to assemble in 
Koinonia. renewing and empowerment. We delight in bringing the 
most gifted and experienced women in the country to Shaw for this 

This year's conference was fortunate to feature Dr. Prathia L. Hall, a 
pastor, educator, preacher, and native of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. 
Dr. Hall was ordained to the Christian ministry in 1977 and called to 
pastor Mt. Sharon Baptist Church. She became the first woman to be 
received into the Baptist Minister's Conference of Philadelphia and 
Vicinity in 1982. She has also served as the Advisory Council of 
Women in Ministry Project of the American Baptist Churches. USA. 
Along with other claims of fame, none is more notable than that of 
being the mother of two children. 

Relisious Life 147 

Photos on page 148: 

Attendants and delegates 
from across the U.S. take a 
moment to pose for a historic 
photographic moment. 

Dr. James Arnette, former 
Dean, recieves an award for 
his work with the Divinity 

Dr. Bryan. Assistant Dean, 
Shaw Divinity, speaks during 
the conference 

President Shaw welcomes the 

Photos on page 149: 

Dr. Clifford Jones, powerhouse 
and convention leader, opens 
the conference with impact! 

The Rev. Dr. Gardner C. Taylor 
preached a thought provoking 
sermon that brought down the 
house. Reminding everyone "he 
is the Prince of Preachers!" 

Dr. Lea Pritchue spoke eloquently 
and made it known that she was 
no preacher to over look. 

148 Religious Life 


The Alexander/Pegues Annual Minister's 
Conference is a three day, national 
convocation for ministers held annually in 
March. It addresses themes of contemporary 
and abiding relevance to ministers and seeks to 
foster intellectual stimulation and spiritual 
renewal, in an atmosphere conducive to 
ministerial fellowship. Preachers of great 
rapport are secured for this spiritually anointed 

Relieious Life 149 


I nomas J. L'OLjd v^hapel 

Reverend Dr. Quincy Scott, Dean of Chapel 

Mrs. LaTeshia Anthony, Administrative Secretary for the Chapel 

Dr. and Mrs. Shaw join students in a "Song of Praise.' 

150 Religious Life 


Sing unto the Lord a new song, come before his courts with 
praise, and seek the Lord while he may be found: this is the way 

we worship Christ 

152 Memorial 

In memory of those whose 

lives have influenced ours 

and have laid down to a 

sweet and pleasant rest. 

Memorial 153 

Jaczinta Cheris Stokes 

Sunrise: November 22, 1980 
Sunset: July 4, 2000 


Mine eyes are weary of surveying 

The fairest things, too soon decaying; 

Mine ears are weary of receiving 

The kindest words-ah, past believing! 

Weary my hope, of ebb and flow; 

Weary my pulse, of tunes of woe: 

My trusting heart is weariest! 

I would-I would, I were at rest! 

Forme, can earth refuse to fade? 

For me, can words be faithful made? 

Will my embitter 'd hope be sweet 

My pulse forgo the human beat? 

No! Darkness must consume mine eye 

Silence, mine ear—hope cease-pulse die 

And o 'er mine hearts a stone be press 'd 

Or vain this, - "Would I were at rest!" 

There is a land of rest deferr 'd: 

Nor eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard, 

Nor Hope hath trod the precinct o 'er; 

For Hope beheld its hope no more! 

There, human pulse forgets its tone 

There, hearts may know as they are known! 

O ' for dove s wings, thou dwelling blest, 

To fly to thee, and be at rest! 

Author Unknown 

154 Memorial 

William Allen Jones 

Sunrise: May 22, 1920 
Sunset: November 7, 2000 

Because I Could Not Stop for Death 

Because I could not stop for Death, 

He kindly stopped for me; 
The carriage held but just ourselves 

And Immortality. 

We slowly drove, he know no haste, 

And I had put away 

My labor, and my leisure too. 

For his civility. 

We passed the school where children strove 

At recess in the ring. 

We passed the fields of gazing grain, 

We passed the setting sun, 

Or rather, he passed us 

The dews drew quivering and chill, 

For only gossamer my gown, 

My tippet only tulle. 

We paused before a house that seemed 

A swelling of the ground; 

The roof was scarcely visible, 

The cornice in the ground. 

Since then — 'tis centuries— and yet 

Feels shorter than the day 

I first sunnised the horses ' heads 

Were toward eternity 

Emilx Dickinson 

Memorial 155 


We, the Bear 2001 staff are here to take you on a journey. We are 
here to show you the life and history of our Alma Mater, the | 
uncompromising, unmovable, unintimidated, and undisputed 
mother of black institutions in the south. 

The historic Shaw University. 

Founded by Dr. Henry Martin Tupper of Massachusetts in 
1865, Shaw is the oldest black university in the south and the 
second oldest in the country. She has an undisputed record of 

setting standards for education that has 
undoubtably left imprints of change 
for higher education. Shaw is a small 
institution with great achievements that 
have only been accomplished through 
the combined efforts of students, 
faculty, staff, administration, and 
alumni who work tirelessly to make 

Dr. Henry Martin Tupper . . 

1865-1893 Shaw University what it is today. 




Dr. Talbert O. Shaw 

I 56 Reflect and Respond 

,Jhe has produced college presidents, bank presidents, educators, 
iloctors, lawyers, city commissioners, civil rights leaders, actors, 
ithletes and preachers. All having the respect and accolades of then- 
peers and counterparts within their trained professions. 

Kthin her sacred halls have traveled generational students along 
ith first generation university students. They have traveled from 
;arly every county in North Carolina. 

Reflect and Respond 157 

Yet, she has challenged students from as far west as California, 
as far north as New York, and as far south as Florida. She has 
even stretched as far as Africa to train our brothers and sisters, 
and has opened her doors to students from the Virgin Islands. 

I 58 Reflect and Respond 

No, there is none like our Shaw 
University. None!! She continues her 
tradition of providing an education 
enhanced with Christian principles. 
She dares to declare to the world that 
her foundation, her rock, her purpose 
is found only in the blood of the lamb. 

She is an institution who screams to the top of her lungs: 
For Christ and Humanity!! Shaw not only speaks these 
words, she lives them. Her every move and action ends 
with giving praise to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Reflect and Respond 159 

History has recorded and declared her many death warrants. Yet 
she has managed to face death, curse it and knock it down with a 
cold hard blow. She stands today to declare to the world that 
although many have counted her out, and though many have 
tried to destroy her. She is still here. Alive, and achieving what 
many cannot or will not. 

Come let us show you how our Alma Mater, 

our University... Shaw University 

is breaking through and 

Moving Towards Higher Ground.. 

160 Reflect and Respond 

Reflect and Respond 161 

Dr. and Mrs. Shaw, and daughter, Kimberly West 
show their support at the CIAA. 

Shaw U - Movin' to the beat! 


Shaw alumni, Alnetta Armstrong and Darlene 
Noble show Shaw U pride! 

Johnny Gowers, Alnetta Armstrong. Mr. Hil 

Dr. Roscoe Ramsey. Dr. Patricia Pierce-Ramsey, and 

Rev. and Mrs. Scott support Shaw U at the CIAA. 

162 Reflect and Respond 



Reflect and Respond 163 


164 CIAA 



CIAA 165 


OR LOSE 2000! 





T v*tU 









'» i 


rr 3 





^ - 










• i 



All lllPMkl 

• s 









Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society 

Alpha Kappa Mu was founded at 
Tennessee A & I State College, 
Nashville, Tennessee, on November 2 
1937. Dr. George W. Gore, Jr., then 
Dean of Tennessee A & I, initiated a 
meeting to discuss the purpose of 
studying honorary scholastic societies. 
This meeting resulted in the formation ( 
"The Federation of Honor Societies." 

The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Alpha 
Kappa Mu was founded on the campus 
of Shaw University in 1940. In keepinj 
with the ideals of academics, scholarly, 
and social dictates of Alpha Kappa Mu. 
the chapter is involved in assisting the 
community-at-large. In their pursuit o 
promoting a different quality of life the 
Alpha Omicron chapter conducts 
tutorials for school age children, 
sponsoring food drives, and sponsoring 
clothing drives. In 1998, the Chapter 
implemented a campus award, the 
"Distinguished Teaching Award", this 
award is presented to a faculty member 
who demonstrates teaching at its finest 
For all of their efforts and achievement 
the Alpha Omicron Chapter was 
awarded the "Nation Chapter of The 
Year" award in March 1999. 

Alpha Chi Honor Society 

Alpha Chi Honor Society was founded 
on February 22.1922 in Georgetown 
Texas where representatives from five 
Texas institutions of higher learning 
met at Southwestern University to 
organize a society to organize a society 
that became known as The Scholarship 
of Societies of Texas. Having spread to 
adjacent states the name changed in 
1926 to The Scholarship Societies of 
the South. By 1934 the group became 
Alpha Chi. There are now 275,000 
members that have been inducted since 
it's beginning. Alpha Chi's name 
derives from the initial letters of the 
Greek words AAHOEIA meaning truth, 
and XAPAKTHP meaning character. It 
is a coeducational society whose 
purpose is to promote academic 
excellence and exemplary character 
among college and university students 
and to honor those who have achieved 
such distinction. Alpha Chi was 
founded for juniors and seniors who 
ranked in the upper tenth of their 
classes. Their involved in community 
services, and provide tutorial assistance 
lor school age children. Alpha Chi 
seeks to find ways to assist students in 
"making scholarship effective. Their 
motto: "Ye shall know the truth and the 
irulh shall make vou free. 

170 Clubs & Organizations 

American Humanics Student 

Vhile completing an undergraduate 
■tee ai Shaw University, students also 

ave [he opportunitv to earn a valuable 
■Gessional certificate from American 
■Banks in nonprofit management 
"he certificate program prepares you to 
ifce .1 leadership role in one of the 
ullion nonprofit organizations across 
le country. The American Humanics' 
\H> program is an innovative course of 
udv that equips university studenl to 
ecome skilled professionals and leaders 
I American's youth and human service 
jencies. Headquartered in Kansas Cm. 
h'ssouri, American Humanics is the 
illy national nonprofit organization 
leeting this need today. To ensure its 
udents' success, AH provides 
adership opportunities, internships, and 
nancial aid as well as its education 

n the campus of Shaw University, 
merican Humanics Student Association 
embers have benefitted and evolved 
B workshops such as: Grant Writing, 
uman Resource Development. Risk 
anagement and others forthcoming. A 
w students have fulfilled internships 
ithin Shaw's Community. 

Baptist Student Union 

The BSU is a fellowship of college 
students seeking to find and implement 
God's purpose for them and their 
world. It is a program that pro\ ides 
opportunities for an inward journey of 
spiritual growth and an outward 
journey of service to others. It is a 
non-denominational organization. 
BSU purpose is to lead students to a 
commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior 
and Lord. BSU provides activities on 
the campus for worship, discussion. 
Bible study, and social action. 

Clubs & Organizations 171 


Children of God 

The Children of God (COG) is 
a campus Christian organiza- 
tion that focuses on providing a 
platform for Christian fellow- 
ship among Shaw students. A 
weekly activity of COG is bible 
study; this activity allows open 
dialogue among participants. 
The group seeks to promote 
unity among campus Christians 
and involve students in events 
such as: COGS Night Out or 
the annual Lock-In Fellowship 
Retreat. The theme for the 
1999-2000 academic year is 
"The Light of the World, the 
Salt of the Earth". 

International Relations Associati ij 

The International Relations 
Association welcomes all studenw 
who want to learn about the worM 
Club activities consist of the moA 
United Nations and the organizaM 
of African unity, in which studenl 
travel to Washington to represenB 
country in a simulation of the Uip 
Nations and the organization of I 
African unity. Members of the I 
International Relations Associate 
have the opportunity to study ab(«d 
and participate in internships. TBw 
International Relations AssociatH 
hold regular lunch meetings to j , 
discuss world events. They 
organized a United Nations weeB 
and an African heritage week. I 

172 Clubs & Organizations Sluclt nl \ssin ion 

The International Student Association 
is the representative voice of the 
international student body. Ii is a 
deliberative and consultative body 

entrusted with the authority, to 
develop a cohesive cultural 
understanding and friendship 
between international students, the 
University and the greater Raleigh 
area. It further seeks to initiate 
studies and present recommenda- 
tions regarding rights, needs and 
interests of International Students 
enrolled at Shaw University. All 
International students enrolled are 
encouraged to be a part of the 

Men's Ministry: Ready to Flv 

A campus and community 
Dased fellowship, serving as an 
nutlet for social activities, and 
men's fellowship. The organi- 
sation focuses on leadership, 
conduct, spiritual growth and 
service. Social activities 
include: Christian Recreational 
Activities. Bible Trivia, a 
Spring Concert, bi-weekly 
inen's bible study, a Christian 
Retreat, video presentations, 
and a host of other campus and 
community service activities. 

Clubs & Organizations 173 

National Association for the I 

Advancement of Colored Peor .l 


The Shaw University Chaptei 
of the NAACP has an objectr 
of ensuring political, 
educational, social and 
economic equality of minorS 
group citizens of the United 
States and eliminate race 
prejudice. This objective was 
fulfilled this year via training 
at our State's annual Youth ai 
College Chapter Conference. 
Shaw University Chapter's 
Chapter helped the political 
process of election 2000 by 
registering over 200 Shaw 
University students and 
educated them on the 
neccessity of voting. The 
chapter has also sponsored 
other activities including a 
membership drive. Voter 
Empowerment Raffle, 
participated in the SDC's 
Harvest Fest. SGA Leadershi 
Seminar and Crowning of 
Miss Homecoming. 

National Association of Black 


The National Association of 
Black Accountants consists of 
young black men and women 
who are in areas of business. 
These members strive to 
become successful, diligent 
workers, and are willing to go 
that extra mile to fulfill their 
dreams. The NABA supplies 
it's members with informa- 
tion about business opportu- 
nities across the country. 

174 Clubs & Organizations 

Order of Kaslern Stars I QMS I 

Eastern Star is a social order 
comprised of persons with 
spiritual values, but il is not a 
religion. Its appeal rests in the 
true beaut) of the refreshing and 
character-building lessons that 
are so sincerely portrayed in its 
ritualistic work. A deep fraternal 
bond exists between its members. 
It is the wholesome relationship 
of sisterly and brotherly love 
brought about through high 
principles exemplified in our 
li\es which makes us near and 
dear to each other. 

The purposes of the organization 
are: Charitable. Educational, 
Fraternal and Scientific; but 
there is much more to it than 
that. Dr. Rob Morris, the Poet 
Laureate of Masonry, founded 
the Order using beautiful and 
inspiring biblical examples of 
heroic conduct and moral values. 

While this is an Order composed 
of people of deep spiritual 
convictions, it is open to all 
faiths, except no faith. The 
personal welfare of our members 
is \ ital to all of those in the 
Eastern Star and it is considered 
a privilege to help another 
member v% henever we can. 

<I>BAlPhi Beta Lamda) 

The Future Business Leaders of 
America, was founded by Dr. 
Hamden L. Forkner on 
February 3. 1942. in Johnson 
City. Tennessee. The Delta 
Alpha Kappa Chapter of Shaw 
University was founded on 
November 1 1. 1975, and was 
reactivated by Ms. Arlease R. 

The National Chapter of Phi 
Beta Lambda is located in 
Reston. Virginia. It is operated 
in conjunction with the FBLA. 
At present. Phi Beta Lambda 
has 628 chapters and over 
14.408 members. In the States 
of North Carolina. Phi Beta 
Lambda has 40 chapters and 
approximately 1.000 members. 

Clubs & Organizations 175 

Raw Essence 

Perry Norman established raw 
Essence Fashion Entourage on 
the campus of Shaw University 
in 1994. Raw Essence was 
established to as an n outlet for 
those interested in modeling as a 
career or as a hobby. Raw 
Essence does not discriminate 
because of hair texture, skin 
color, size, shape, but you have 
to be able to "WALK". The 
Fashion Entourage's mission 
statement is: Beauty comes in all 
shapes, sizes & colors. 

Raw Essence Participates in 
annual fashion shows such as 
Shaw's Homecoming Fashion 
Show, The Fashion Cafe. Kid's 
Fashion Show, and the Colle- 
giate Fashion Show Competi- 
tion. In 1997 Raw Essence 
became the Collegiate Fashion 
Show Competition Champions. 

Reserve Officer Training Coi j 


The Army Reserve Officer 
Training Corp is a college 
elective that teaches the skill 
needed for successful career, 
combines classroom time wit 
hands-on experience, to teac 
leadership and management 
skills. ROTC is considered 
elective; therefore it can be 
taken for up to two years. Tl 
experience in ROTC will 
prepare anyone who 
participates in a career in the 
military or to deal with issue 
that may be encountered in 
daily involvement in corpora. 

176 Clubs & Organizations 

Shaw/ Scrluma ('oUcgiali.' Club 

The Shaw/ Sertoma Collegiate 
Club was established August 
2000. The Collegiate club is a 

community sen ice 
organization. Collegiate clubs 
are organized so young men 
and women may become active 
in providing service to their 
schools and their communities. 
The Shaw/ Sertoma Collegiate 
Club members work as role 
models and student leaders. 
The need for a strong youth 
program is evident in many 
aspects of life. While members 
of the Collegiate club serve 
others, they learn about 

Student Vm li ass a dors 

During this period of rapid 
grow th. the University must 
maintain strong relations 
within and throughout the 
community. This organization. 
the Shaw University Student 
Ambassadors, is instituted by 
the Office of the President, and 
is a group of student leaders 
unified by a very special 
jnission- promoting the 

As student representatives of 
'goodwill, they administer 
campus tours, host banquets, 
lectures and other activities on 
campus and w ithin the 
community. Ultimately. 
Student Ambassadors is a 
unique organization with a 
very special focus-"Strides to 
Excellence: Why Not The 
Best 1 "" 

Clubs & Organizations 177 


The Universal Hip Hop 
Preservation Society IUHHP! 

The Universal Hip Hop 
Preservation Society is a "Gras 
Roots" organization based on tr 
four elements of Hip Hop cultui 
(Djing. Emceeing. Breakin. and 
Graffiti Art). It is a performanc 
and awareness organization. 
U.H.H.P.S. was founded on the 
campus of Shaw University in I 
spring of 2000. The organizatk 
was founded because of society 
confusion of what Hip-Hop mu 
& culture are about and for tho: 
who are true lovers to help in tl 
preservation of "REAL HIP 

The Society stands by the quote 
made by radio DJs Sway & Tec 
".... everybody who truly loves 
Hip-Hop. Don't let the evils 
corrupt it. They're starting to 
discover it's glory- protect it w 
your life..." The organization i 
involved in many endeavors su 
as: " The Cypher Soundz", Big 
Brother/Sister program. Hip-H( 
History clinic. "Da Battle" and 
many others. 

University Choir 

Shaw University's Choir, under 
the direction of Dr. James 
Abbington and Ms. Lonieta 
Cornwall, exemplifies pure 
excellence. The University 
Choir is a group of dedicated, 
and hard-working individuals 
that know how to carry a tune. 
They perform classical music 
to gospel, with perfection. 
The University Choir performs 
at Fall and Spring 
Convocation. Commencement, 
and Vespers. The choir also 
display their talents while 
touring all over the country. 

178 Clubs & Organizations 

Student Development Counselor s 

TOSLLC Women's 
Resident Advisors [RAl 

Clubs & Organizations 179 

Not Pictured: 

Main Women's 
Resident Advisors IRA) 

Main Men's 
Resident Advisors IRA) 

Resident Advisors (RA) 

Student Activities Assistants 


180 Clubs & Organizations 


r J 



Clubs & Organizations 181 





182 Greek Life 




2D 1 


Greek Life 183 

Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc. 

Beta Rho Chapter 


Since its founding 
on December 4, 1906, 
Alpha Phi Alpha 
Fraternity, Inc. has 
supplied voice and 
vision to the struggle 
of African- Americans 
and people of color 
around the world. 
Alpha Phi Alpha , the 
first intercollegiate 
fraternity established 
for African- 
Americans, was 
founded at Cornell 
University in Ithaca, 
New York by seven 
college men who 
recognized the need 
for a strong bond of 
Brotherhood among 
African descendants 

in this country. The Visionary founders, known as the Seven "Jewels" of the fraternity, are Henry 
Arthur Callis, Charles Henry Chapman, Eugene Kinkle Jones, George Biddle Kelly, Nathaniel 
Allison Murray, Robert Harold Ogle, and Vertner Woodson Tandy. 

The Beta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was established at Shaw University ar 
St. Augustine's College on October 31, 1936 Brother James O.Ellis, Southern Regional Director, 
officiated. The charter members were brothers Benjamin A. Collier, John Marable, George D. 
Marshall, Walter E. Moore, William E. Murphy, Moses Newsome, Coleman Shanks, Jr., Clarence J 
Tobias and Claude R. Trotter. The brothers of the Beta Rho Chapter have always believed in pro- 
moting unity among college men, aiding in the personal progress of its membership, to discounte- 
nance evil, to destroy all prejudice, to preserve the sanctity of the home, the personification of virtui 
and the chastity of woman to the best of our ability. Not withstanding, we have not forgotten that w< 
are the first black men in pursuit of a college education. Anything that interferes with this, THE 



•Scholarship Booklet 
•Annual Penny Drive 
•Talent Show 
•Go-to-High School/ Go- 
to-College Program 
-Annaul Study Session 
"What Do You See" Ora- 
torical Contest 
•Dr. Martin Luther King 
Jr. Forum & Debate 
•Dr. Martin Luther King 
Jr. Silent Light Vigil 
•The Mock Trial 
•Ladies Appreciation 
Day Program 
•Playa's Class (Groom- 
ing Seminar) 
•A Voteless People is a 
Hopeless People 
•Big Brother Program 
•Project Alpha 

Slaves To Academics 



1 1 1 ^ 8 

[ 1 tj, i '- 1 



\ .' 



v '**/ 



(.-* •**■* 

*ii-tr- ... 




'Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, 
none but ourselves can free our mind..." 

-Bob Marley- 

1 "119 

1\H -' 'jLL 


■ ■■( > "fa 



^ Is 








•'■- .5s 


<V -'I.. -JUS 

;: r ^ft j 


■/QlpJlXZ /CaspfXZ' ■/QlpUa, ^GSlOSutlf, J44G. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha is the oldest Greek-letter organization established in America by Black college women. The 
record of its origin, growth and development, activities, evolving goals, and accomplishments is more than an 
interesting chronicle of a colorful bit of college-based Americana. It is, rather, a significant and inspiring reflection 
of the emergence of a dynamic group in a changing culture. The efforts of Alpha Kappa Alpha women in the 
promotion of high scholarship, vocational and career guidance, health services, the advancement of human and 
civil rights, and in so many other areas constitute a priceless part of the American experience in the twentieth 

The Beta Rho chapter was founded on the campus of Shaw University on January 31, 1938. Its members are 
young ladies who possess high scholastic achievement and demonstrate the qualities of finer womanhood. They arc 
committed to serving mankind and have been recognized on local, regional, national, and international levels. 

186 Greek Life 

Greek Life 187 

„*v Sigma 7^ 

^-% &+ Sorority, Inc 


Alpha Rho Chapter 


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated was founded on the campus of Howard University on January 
13, 1913 by twenty-two courageous, dedicated and visionary young women whose founding principles were 
Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service, and Christianity. Delta Sigma Theta has become synonymous with ser- 
vice. Our founders overwhelming ^-x concern for social welfare, academic 
excellence and cultural enrichment i^vV produced a relentless desire to serve their 
community as well as mankind: a * S-^Vr*. desire shared and embraced by all mem- 

The Alpha Rho Chapter of Delta 
1934, ( the third chapter founded in 
initiates. The Alpha Rho Chapter 
service through the sorority's five 
Educational Development, 
Involvement, Physical and Mental 
Involvement. A few of the projects 
Registration, Black Issues Forum, 

Sigma Theta was founded on June 17, 
North Carolina), with eight charter 

continues to carry out a legacy of 
point Thrust: Economic Development, 

International Awareness and 
Health, Political Awareness and 
carried out by Alpha Rho are Voter 
Black Acts Festival, Dorthea Dix Hill 

Run, School America, Delta Aerobics, Eleanor Nunn Scholarship Fund, Male/Female Charity Auction and 
a list of other projects that exemplify the chapter's dedication to Shaw University's campus, as well as the 

Greek Life 











Founded January 5, 1911 on the campus of Indiana University in 
Bloomington, Indiana. The rising of this organization was at the 
hands of ten collegiate men with a vision. These men were: Elder 
Watson Diggs, Dr. Ezra D. Alexander, Dr. Byron K. Armstrong, 
Atty. Henry T. Asher, Dr. Marcus P. Blakemore, Paul W. Caine, 
George W. Edmonds, Dr. Guy L. Grant, Dr. Edward G. Irvin, and 
John Milton Lee. The fundamental purpose of the fraternity is 
ACHIEVEMENT in every field of human endeavor; through 
community, leadership, and science. 

The Delta Gamma Chapter was founded April 28, 1951. it is within 
the philosophy that the organization formed the Guide Right 
Program. The purpose of the program is to promote academic 
learning, teach sound graces, and modify improper behavior in male 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 

O)micpon v_^napter 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 
was founded on January 16, 
1920 on the campus of Howard 
University in Washington, DC 
by five phenomenal women as 
the sister organization to Phi 
Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. 

The "Omniscient" Omicron 
Chapter was founded on the 
campus of Shaw University on 
March 30, 1936 with five 
original members. Currently, 
the chapter consists of five 
phenomenal women. 


192 Greek Life 

V' f 

reek Life 193 

So ( Kp < Kn t y ItNjp. 

CBeta Theta Cftapter 


Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was founded on the campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indi- 
ana on November 12, 1922. It was incorporated on December 30, 1929 to the Alpha Chapter of Butler Uni- 
versity. The Beta Theta Chapter was established in 1948 on the campus of Shaw University. These ladies 
participated in many projects such as " Project Big Book Bag" and "The Wee Savers" and a host of other 
events with their motto; "Greater Service, Greater Progress." 

And so it was written God began his world with design and each new creation he sealed it with a sign for 
six day, he labored and made woman, AKA, A£0, ZOB. He revealed that he was the Alpha and the Omega, 
the beginning and the end, and all that in between the Kappa, Iota, and the Sigma. When he finished on the 
seventh day, he dawned his last creation; his best design, from the sky he grasped two gold STARS for her 
eyes, and from the royal blue seas ICE COLD blood pierced through her veins, and from every shore sand 
completed her perfect score. God thought in 1922, the epitome of womanhood was finally through. With 
nothing else to do and nowhere to go he had finally made SIGMA GAMMA RHO.... 

As long as the sky is blue, 

and the earth keeps on producing gold, 

there will always be a lady of Sigma Gamma Rho. 

194 Greek Life 

Greek Life 195 


On Friday evening, November 17, 1911, three 
Howard University undergraduate students, with the 
assistance of their faculty advisor, gave birth to the 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. This event occurred in the 
office of biology Professor Ernest E. Just, in the 
Science Hall (now known as Thirkield Hall). The 
three liberal arts students were Edgar A. Love, 
Oscar J. Cooper and Frank Coleman. 

From the initials of the Greek phrase meaning 
"friendship is essential to the soul," the name Omega 
Psi Phi was derived. The phrase was selected as the 
motto. Manhood, scholarship, perseverance and 
uplift were adopted as cardinal principles. A decision 
was made regarding the design for the pin and 
emblem, and thus ended the first meeting of the 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. 
Delta Psi Chapter 

196 Greek Life 






Justin Glover 
James Todd 
William Thorne 
David Strother 
Anthony L. Agnew 


Otha Chavis 

Rudy Samson 

Josefvon Jones 

LeVar Kennedy 


v # 

/. r 

,'**.■■ <? ~ 

■$•''. S^ 



;* ." 

■^-• v 


' "* 


* ! 

• '.*• 

Greek Life 197 


'Five X's The Glory" April 12th, 2000 

#1 Drina Jolly "Aftershock" 

#2 Marsha Dempsey "Desiderata" 

#3 Denise Johnson "P5 (Prim & Proper)" 

#4 Brenda Jackson "Treasure Island" 

#5 Persephone Taylor "Out of Bounds" 


'Tha Franchise" April 13th, 2000 

#1 Corey Leakes "Silent Assasin" 

#2 Richard McNeill "The Answer" 

#3 Montell Bannerman "Lethal Weapon" 

#4 Justin Armstrong "Tha Freak" 


'Soldier Stories" November 5th, 2000 

#1 Baker Council "Golden Shadow" 

#2 Abdue Knox "Job" 

#3 David Dotson "Boomerang" 

198 Greek Life 


'Organized Confusion" November 9th, 2000 

#1 Randy King "Wicked Behavior" 

#2 Benjamin Britt "Suicide" 

#3 Nathan Taylor "Double Impact" 

#4 Brandon Fields "Wall Street" 

#5 Armand Hargrove "Eveready" 

#6 Timothy Tramell "Missing Link" 

#7 Ahmad McLean "Comatose" 

#8 Patrick Ratliff "Micorsoft" 


1 1a'.\.^1 J 




Sigmallenium" November 8th, 2000 

#1 Amena Havnes "Pet-Rho-fied" 


"Final Destination" November 12th, 2000 

#1 Justin Washington "Matrix' 
#2 Michael Strickland "Relic" 

Greek Life 199 






200 Greek Life 











3rd Row (left to right): Officer Williams. Sgt. Barbry, Officer Mickens. Sgt. Lofton, Officer Brumfield, Sgt. Spruil 

Sgt. Humphrey, Officer Brooks, Officer Okoye, and Sgt. Featherstone 

2nd Row (left to right): Officer Martin, Major House, Officer Moore, Officer Kongonkwi; Officer McNeil, 

Officer Roberts, Officer Brown, Officer Onuorah. and Sgt. Proctor 

1st Row (left to right): Officer Cordell. 1st Sgt. Johnson, Officer Obi, Chief Saunders, Officer Bell, Officer Foye, 

Officer King and Officer Wright 

Sgt. Featherstone training TCO Bailey to use surveillance equipment. 

202 Campus Security 

S/O Moore, Sgt. Proctor. S/O Okoye, and Sgt. Barbry prepare for Halloween night. 

Major House. 1st Sgt. Johnson. 

Sgt. Proctor and Sgt. Featherstone discuss 

strategic plans for the evening events. 


r rr "S£'r'» v 

Campus Security 203 




C 0A 



204 Faculty and staff 


Kimberley Windham and Ifraj 
Muhummad seize the moment. 

Chene Whitfield stands proud after the ceremony. 

Kiesa Quarles. Traci Gant. and LaQuanda 
Spencer, walk patiently into a new beginning. 

Anthony Butler. 
Marsha Tennant. and 
lamila Robinson have 
Jieireyes on the prize. 

Facull\ and staff 205 

Commencement 2000 

206 Commencement 2000 

Commencement 2000 207 

208 Commencement 2000 


Commencement 2000 209 

Mr. Alphonzo Carter 
Director of Athletics 

210 Sports 


Men's Basketball 


Back Row: Byron Williams, Coach Joel Hopkins, Clarence Taylor, Jarell Kearse 

Kenyon Booker, Steve Bynes, Michael Head, Andre Lane, Rashawn Page. 

Mario Duncan and Coach Cleo Hill 

Kneeling: Jermaine Smith. Vance Williams. Willie Donaldson. 

Ryan Sanders, Ronald Murray and Steven Smith. Manager. 

New Coach! New Era! 

kith two new coaches. Mr. Joel Hopkins and Mr. Cleo Hill, the Men's 
lasketball team has high aspirations and plans for a winning season, 
■'oach Hopkins and Coach Hill wanted Shaw to have a fresh start, and 
Is members had to understand that all successful teams had to go 
Trough many hours of hard work and strenuous practice. They began 
y bringing new players, improving team confidence and providing 
upport for all team members. The main objective is to improve their 
ame. These men believe in pushing their limit to the edge, and 
^derstood that with practice comes improvement. "'Go Bears!" 

Sports 211 

212 Sports 

Sports 213 


\>- ov ;%&, 


214 Sports 


Sports 215 



For centuries, sports have been an integral part of the collegiate experience. While struggling with jobs, 
classes, and clubs these athletes explore all of the angles of what it takes to be an athlete. Everyday they 
sweat through grueling practices, and know what it means to be a well rounded Shaw University Student 


216 sports 


tfjMtfCA-. m . ^ao( 


Homecoming 217 

1.2.3. SHAW U; 2.3. HOLD YOUR WEIGHT! 

The Men's Cross Country Team 
Steps Up To Another Year of Competition. 

Putting in the extra miles over the summer got the 2000 Men's Cross-country 
Team off to a great start this season. The season officially started August 28, when 
coach Montague began preparing a team for a new season. 

With only two returning runners, this year was full of surprises. Sean Williams 
stated "I started out with a terrible injury, but I had to pull through for the team's 
sake". Our motto is Hold Your Weight! A latecomer, Darius Mason, also helped 
our team by becoming one of the top runners. 

Although the mens team suffered a loss at the championship meet, placing third 
overall of 14 schools, we have our mind set on being top notch next year. 

The 2000 Men's Cross Country Team in rank: Sean Williams. Darius Mason, 
Tiotta Gills, Daniel Araya, Nfassory Kake. Anthony Connelly, Lloyd Knight, 
John Williams, and Mabry Young. 

The men's cross country team is 
off and running! 

Men's 2000 Cross Country Team 
CIAA 3rd place winners. 




Nfassory Kake is determined to stay 
ahead aeainsi NCCU. 


218 Sports 

Praying as a team helps in even race, because we all know that anything is possible with GOD. 

Darius Mason looks towards the 
finish line. 

Anthony Connelly creeps up on the opponent, 
confident that he will catch him. 

Llovd Knight , out in front. 


Sports 219 

Together, everyone achieves more 

The Lady bears plan a successful game 


The Lady Bears Build A Determined Team 

With nine returning members, and three freshmen, the womens' volleyball team was very experienced in working together. It was a rebuilding yel 
for the women, which required hard work and determination, to make this a winning season. Sophomore, Asiyah Pelzer comments, "the season wen 
well, and there was more competition." Senior. Latanya McDaniel was featured as the Most Valuable Athlete, being among one of the top rookie 
players in the CIAA. 

The womens' volleyball team consists of Sandra Moore. Drina Jolly, Kelly Howard, Brandi Taylor. Dishondria Greene .Latonelius Neil. Tiffany 
Washington. Asiyah Pelzer, Stacey Williams, Latanya McDaniel, Evangeline Hunt, and Diedra Coleman. 

I lie I ,kl\ 

Bears always 

show great 


after every 




220 Sports 

! Kelly Howard is "Bout it"! 

Hie Lady Bears 
leady for Action! 

I Tiffany Washington serves 
up excellence! 


Sports 221 


The Lady Bears win the conference Championship! 

The conference meet for the Womens' Cross Country team certainly added an exclamation point to the end of the season. Not only did they win 
the conference championship, but two of the runners were also named all-conference members. These members were Shakema Chambers and 
Lauraine Harris, who proved to be outstanding among the womens' team. Shakema comments," We have worked so hard this year, and it has final! 
paid off." This insured the womens team a chance to compete in the regional meet. With Lauraine Harris and Shakema Chambers leaving, the Lad; 
Bears will need to compensate for the loss of these two successful runners. Who will be the ones to step up? 

The 2000 Womens CIAA CHAMPIONS in rank: Shakema Chambers, Lauraine Harris, Eureka Thompson, Kamala Jennings. Tiffani Turner, 
Samequia Harris, Amena Haynes, Lakeisha McLennon, Tasha McCoy, Ife Moore, and Lisa Bradsher. 


Lady Bears, ahead 
of the pack 

222 Sports 

Eureka Thompson is always ready. 

Lauraine Harris and Kamala Jennings attack the hills in the race. 

Sports 223 


The Lady Bears succeed by playing to their full potential 

The Womens Basketball Team shoots its way through the season. If it wasn't for the goals that these women set in the 
beginning, they would have had a hard time succeeding. Team chemistry is always a crucial part of a winning team. The 
combination of team unity, leadership, and depth took the Lady Bears through a successful season. Eventhough. motivation 
and off-court friendships are vital, team effort is also important. All of these qualities help to make the Lady Bears a 
Winning team. 

Monica Rojas catches her breath during a time out. 

224 sports 

Head Coach: Curtis Jacques 

Assistant Coach: Paulette Kina 



Nedria Connor talks about the season. 

"Eventhough we have been losing, this season has been one 
for growth and learning. We have a good team and we are 
beginning to get better. By the tournament we will be ready! 

Shaw U Pride!! 

sports 225 



226 Sports 


Sports 227 


Varsity Cheerleaders express spirit while motivating competition. 

It I i ) "C hi Chi qou musl be abdicated, determined, and most ot all, entertaining,. Many ups and downs have pulled at the rnendinq ot the Varsity dneerleadmq 
squad, hut throuqh it all, Iheq have stood their qround and have brouqhl excitement and spirit to the crowds. I he many hours ot practice I rouqht the squad together, 
not just as a team but as a tamily. Kachelle Gdover, states, Its a rebuilding year tor the team with a lot ot new laces, ana everyone brought 
something trom home with them to contribute to the sguad, and the guijs are also excellent. I homas Jones sags, I reallg experienced a 
satisfying year because everything was exciting. 

I hese cheerleaders detinitely deserve a cheer in return tor their dedication throughout this year. 

228 Cheerleaders 


There is excitement in all of this. 

The Chi-Chi's Style! 



Cheerleaders 229 


The Bears step up to bat for a winning season. 

The 2000 Mens Baseball Team began the season with a new mix of players. This change came with the challenge of developing a stronger team and 
greater expectations for the players and the coaches. The season continued with wins and losses, but the team did not lose the desire to win. This year 
proved to be a year of strengthening and growing. The experiences and lessons encountered during the season will be used to continue to build a 
stronger team in years to come. These men exemplified strength through their attitudes and performance on the field. This strength can be attributed t| 
their dedication. 

Row 3: Robert Branch, Carlos Scott, Daryl Dixon, Barry Collins. Antwan Evans, Eddie Ellis, Will Gray, Shannon Jenkins, Phil Smith, 

Row 2: Ato Caldwell, Terrence Chapman. Eric Jett, Milton Reed, Tarrance Richards, Michael Jackson, Marcus Ellis, Trent Brown, 

Row 1: Coach Bobby Sanders, Corey Mulner, Kevin Avent, Nathaniel Clinton. 


230 Sports 


A League Of Their Own 

The women's softball team gets into 
the swing of things. 

The Lady Bears had high expectations for their 2000 season. With an accomplished record, they had no choice, but to go up. 
The Lad\ Bears were able to succeed through devotion, hard work, and skill. In preparing for all tasks ahead of them, the team 
had strenous practices. Alexis Dukes commented that their practices "usually consisted of drills that improved the teams 
quickness and skill." Hard work helped the Lady Bears through many tough times. Every game was not a win, but a lot of 
positive things began to happen for them. The girls began to come together as a team. They were making great plays, hitting 
the ball and just showuii: how much heart they had. Overall, the Ladv Bears played as a team with one goal in mind. TO WIN! 

Teamwork creates good sportsmanship! 

Coach Kee gives team members 
instructions during practice. 


Spons 231 


The Bears Lead The Way To Victory. 

Many traditions come and go at Shaw University, but one that will never leave is the prayer that the Track Team says 
before each meet. Prayers were answered as the season kicked off with absolute success. Women's Cross Country not 
only won the championship, but two runners, Shakima Chambers and Lauraine Harris, rose through the ranks to claim the 
all conference title. Kamala Jennings commented: The Mens Indoor track team began the season at Lynchburg which as 
"Lloyd Knight exclaims would embark them on a new journey... tobe one step ahead." "Although there were different 
leaders in each aspect of track and field, it was always good to have someone else over us, besides the coach." The Lady 
Bears were small in number, but big in hearts! 

. ^' -vW__ V ^ 

tnn j 



W A V 




B ' r 



* £ . . 

Daniel Araya, Nfassory Kake, Tiotta Gills, Sean Williams, Anthony 
Connelly, Lloyd Knight, Mabry Young and Coach Montague. 

Mabry Young has just jumped his best 

...and Lonnie takes the lead. 

Stephen James demonstrates the importance of having a goal. 

232 Sports 



'Grin and bear it" 

Save the hills for Eureka Tl 

mm* ms^knj. 

Back Row: Assistant Coach Stephen 
James, John Williams. Nfassory Kake. 
Anthony Connelly. Mabry Young. 
DeSean Williams. Lloyd Knight. Darius 
Mason. Daniel Araya and Coach 
William Montague. 

Front Row: Eureka Thompson. 

Katherine Brown. Nikiesha McLennon. 

Lauraine Harris. Amena Haynes. Tiffany 

Turner. Kamala Jennings. Shakima 


Samieqa Harris, LaTasha McCoy and 

Lisa Bradsher. 

Practice + Hard Work = Success 

Katherine Brown helps Keisha Bennett stretch to perfection. 

Sports 233 


The Mens Tennis Team continues competitive play, 
while serving up excellence in full swing. 

The Mens Tennis Team had a very successful season. These players knew that nothing could stop them froij 
winning the conference. With a long and tough schedule, the Bears were eager to start playing. Returning til 
year were five (5) distinguished gentlemen, and a new set of freshmen. Having a young team is usually the? 
toughest stage to be in, but they don't call us Bears for nothing-we are determined to have a successful 
season. Jay Roach commented that "I have had a wonderful time being on the Tennis team. I felt that I gairj 
something each time I played a match." 


Back row: Coach Sunday Eniten, Latim Daton, Samuel Okoya, Jory Ingram, Jamal Carter, Jay Roach 
Kneeling: Tobias Foreman, Josef Talbert. 

234 Sports 

Jay Roach has earned this award. 

Samuel Okoya accepts his award with pride. 


Players get recognized for their outstanding performance. 

Jory Ingram 
Readv to Serve! 

Sports 235 




Coach Joel Hopkins 






236 sports 

CLASS OF 200 1 

The Boys & Girls Club 


Newark Alumni Association 

1& J- 

Cynthia M. Wiggins-Holly 

on your 

Commencement from Shaw University 

Wishing you continued success!!! 



Rev. Cynthia M. Wiggins-Holl 

Best wishes in your future 

endeavors & may God bless 

& keep you. 

Love Your Brother, 

Marion C. and Family 

Senior Ads 237 

Crystal Athena Moore 

To all of my fellow classmates 
and friends, I wish to leave with 
you the verses of a creed that 
has helped me to maintain my 
dignity, love and respect 
through out my educational 
endeavors at Shaw University. 

Thanks to my loving parents, Pierce and Barbara Moore 

The Optimist Creed 

Promise yourself: 
To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace 
of mind. 
To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you 

To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. 
To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism 
come true. 

To think only of the best and expect only the best. 
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about 
your own. 

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements 
of the future. 

To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living 
creature you meet a smile. 

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no 
time to criticize others. 

To be too large for worry, to noble for anger, too strong for fear, and 
too happy to permit the presence of trouble. 
And may God be with you alwavs. 

238 Senior Ads 



Congratulations on an or your 
achievements. May the Lord continue to 
bless you in your future endeavors. 
We are very proud of you. 
Love Always, 

Your Mother Cheryl, 
Papa Smurf and Daughter Tia 


Dear Cynthia ("C.C.), 

We are so proud of you. You 
have always tried and achieved 
the things that you wanted in life, 

May God continue to guide 
and bless you. 

We Love You, 

Grandma Goldie 
and Family 

Senior Ads 239 




Congratulations Grandson, 

Your Grandmother and I had faith that 
you could make the grade. May God 
bless you in your future endeavors. 
May you have a blessed life. 

With much love, 
Grandad James A. Edwards 

Class of 2001 








You are my lit 

up and I am so ] 

God first in evei 

will find life mi 


You are my littli 

good work! 

Love Mom an 


tie girl. You have grown 

)roud of you. Just put 

"ything you do and you 

ich easier. 


2 sister. Just keep up the 

d your Brother 

to my wonderful 

sister whom I 
love and cherish. 

Cynthia M. Wiggins-Holly 

Always follow God for he will never 

lead us wrong. 

Love your brother, 
Robert Morris 

Class of 2001 



Congratulations Ma, 

I am so proud of you and I love you 
very much. 

Love Always, 

240 Senior Ads 


"Your a big boy now, fully grown." I 
must say I am very proud of what you 
have accomplished. I just want to remind 
you when you look back over life, never 
forget where you came from, so you'll 
know where you are going. Bernadette 

Dear Barnabas, We are all so proud of you and your accomplishments. Continue to stay focused on your dreams and don't 
give up. In all that you do, acknowledge the Lord and He wil direct your path. With Much Love, Uncle Melvin, 
Aunt Sarita, Alisha, and Christina. 

Barnabas, I will always remember how hard you worked to make my wedding day a success. I am very proud of your 
achievements. Congratulations! Love Aunt Nelvyn, Demorio and Dominic 

B. Jay, Your success makes me know I will try my best to be just as successful as you. We will always look up to you as we 
remember our mother. In loving memory of Wanda. Love, Nickgail and Nickole 

God didn't bring you this far to leave you. Trust God's promise and doubt Him never. Walk by faith, not by fault. Now, 
always and forever, pray God be with you. Aunt Barbara, Wayne and Jacolby 

Do not take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own 
reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless 
suffering. Love, Mom and Dad 

For your spiritis are burning with the hopes and dreams of your destiny. The beauty of it all is that you have a major part to 
play in bringing down the curtains on this age and clearing the stage for the greatest drama of all. 

Love, Aunt Penny, Karen, Shelton, Quenton and Kavon 

I've learned that you cannot make 
someone love you. All you can do is be 
someone who can be loved. The rest is 
up to them. 
Love Grandma Mildred, and Nelson 

Work like you don't need money, love 
like you've never been hurt, and dance 
like no one's watching. 

Love Uncle Nello, and Nita 

Senior Ads 241 

Donna V. Campbell 

Donna, We are very proud of you. We 
always knew you were capable of 
great things. 

We love you. - Dad and Delia 

We are proud of you Donna, for 
accomplishing your goal at Shaw 
University. We trust that you will 
continue to look at each day as a 
learning experience. And always 
remember the most important ingredi- 
ent for achieving true success is 
With all our love, Mom and Henry 

Congratulations! I knew you could do it. I'm very proud of you. Love, Wendy 

Wishing you the best! To my caring, loving, honest, thoughtful Sister. You always put others first. Now this is your special 
time. Congratulations! Nicole 

To my special sister-in-law — Go girl! Love, Tony 

Two important character qualities are loyalty and kindness; and you have acquired both! Love always, Brother Rodney 
May your days be bright from this day forward. Love, Cousin Denise Hill 

Congratulations! Wishing you the best for your accomplishment. I know you will always be a success. 

Love you. Cousin Mary Ann Jennings 
Congratulations, with love! I wish you the best of everything. Cousin Cherril Threte 

To Aunt Donna: Keep up the good work - those A's - yaaa! Love, Antoine Jr. 

Congratulations Donna! We're very happy for you. You're a very special part of the family and we love you. 

Uncle Bob and Aunt Gloria 

We always knew you were brilliant. Best wishes to you. Aunt Mary Francis and Uncle Isaac 
I am so happy that you've come so far. You're a kind and generous person who always gives your best. 

God Bless you! Aunt Millie 
Donna, You are a very special friend. 
Wishing you the best always! 
Mila and Kim Mitchell 
I asked God to bless you; to help you in 
your work; to be with you in all you do, 
and to keep you from evil and disaster. 
(I Chronicles 4:10) 

Love, Carleen McDowell 
Wishing you the best and hope you 
continue to accomplish your goals. 
Tenisha Thomas 

"Rejoice with those who rejoice." 
(Romans 12:15 NIV) 

242 Senior Ads 

Kennita L. Woodard 

To my Baby Girl Kennita, 

I would like to thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter. I 
would like to thank you for being the daughter that any mother would be proud to 
have in her life. There is not enough words to express how proud I am of you. To 
watch you grow fron birth to adulthood; into an honest, talented, independent, 
responsible, and a very respectful young lady. 

Thank you again my dear, dear Daughter! May God continue to bless you in all 
your endeavors. ( c3){ / 

With love forever, ^Jl 1 Jff 

Your Mother, Your Best Friend - 1 love vou! 

Senior Ads 243 

Class of 2001 

Lerone T. Heyward 

Congratulations, ^^^ 
You have accomplished what many 
before you , and perhaps many that come 
after you, can only hope to accomplish. 


As a young child growing up, we have tried to teach you many lessons. One of 
these lessons was that the help that you received when you were coming up should 
be reciprocated. In other words, you should also help someone in return, with no 
injury to yourself. Finally, another lesson that we hop stays with you, as a young 
adult, is that you are judged by the company you keep, so choose your company 
wisely. Again, a hearty congratulations goes out to you in a very, very big way. 

From your family, 

Mom, Dad, and Sis 

r >; 

Oh Happy Day! 

Class of 2001 



This Is Your Dax! 

Class of 2001 


Congratulations Ma, 
With all the love 

the world could 


Aaron, Alexis 
and Family 

244 Senior Ads 


Mien. Willie 

527 Pearson Drive 

fcheville, NC 28801 

\mis. Sharon 
706 Roxboro St. 
Durham. NC 27701 

Kndrews. Jr. John D. 
(00-B Woodbend Ct. 
High Point. NC 27265 

Artis. Willie M. 
2629 Doc Brown Rd. 
aeford. NC 28376 

Wery. Alonia S. 

524 Polar Springs Church Rd. 

laleigh. NC 27603 

Bagley. James W. 
Middlesex. NC 27557 

Baptist. Michele E. 
250-A Lexington Ave 
Brooklyn. NY 11216 

Barbee. Monica 
B05 Park Ave. 
Durham. NC 27703 

Barksdale. Brenda J. A. 
B08 Erwin St. 
jGreensboro. NC 27406 

Barnhill. Richard 
K900 Aftonshire Dr. 
jFayetteville. NC 28304 

IBass. Mary M. 
1116 Village Lane 
ICrreensboro. NC 27409 

Batson. Chaz A. 
414-5 Buck Jones Rd. 
'Raleigh. NC 27606 

Beatty. Martha R. 
|p O Box 783 
Raeford. NC 28376 

Bennett. Jacqueline L. 
608 Hardee Street. #L-2 
Durham. NC 27703 

Berhe. Firewoini S. 
206 Snow Camp Dr. 
Apex. NC 27502 

Bertram. Dauna T. 
500 Millbrook Rd. 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

Bethea. Jacqueline 
10 Pyruss Court 
Greensboro. NC 27401 

Boone. W'esley J. 
558 US Hwy 158-E 
Gateville. NC 27938 

Brantley. Gwendolyn C. 
Route 1 Box 110-B 
Warrenton. NC 27589 

Brown. Carolyn W. 
12567 NC 43 Hwy 
Nashville. NC 27856 

Brown. Denise T. 
10295 Drumcliff Ave 
San Diego. CA 92126 

Brown. Edna R. 
7000 N.C. Hwy 222 
Stantonburg. NC 27883 

Brown. Kimberly 
2001 Rottingham Ct. 
Fayetteville. NC 28304 

Campbell. Chalonda N. 
603 Ralph Dr. 
Raleigh. NC 27610 

Cantey. Tabitha L. 

6-B Greenridge Apartments 

Greenville. NC 27834 

Capps. Barbara M. 
110 Dublin Road 
Chapel Hill. NC 27516 

Carea. Seketta A. 
1 2405 Lenaer Ave 
Cleveland. OH 44105 

Carr. Chelsehi T 
428 Loblolly Ct. 
Fayetteville. NC 28301 

Chambers. Felecia D. 
527 Shoe Factory Road 
Mt. Gilead. NC 27306 

Chapman. Velma J. 
34 Robinson Avenue 
Asheville. NC 28803 

Chapman-Godwin. Terrence 
16881 Edinborough 
Detroit. MI 48219 

Cherry. Jr.. Norman M. 
P.O. Box 486 
Lewiston. NC 27849 

Clark. Gregory J. 
2229 Eveton Ln. 
Sanford. NC 27330 

Clark. Melody R. 
1615 Westridge Rd. 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

Clark. Tonia T. 
437 Rose Ln. 
Raleigh. NC 27610 

Clark. Valerie L. 
1204 Dayton Drive 
Chesapeake. VA 23323 

Coan. Troy R. 
11687 Cygnet Drive 
Waldorf. MD 20601 

Cofield. Claudia 
5636 Easton Street 
Holly Springs. NC 27540 

Cooper. Don L. 
629-B Grabtown Road 
Windsor. NC 27983 

Corey. Elsie R. 
P.O. Box 2746 
Fayetteville. NC 28302 

Cozart. Anthony. E. SR 
2008 S. Carthage Cir. 
Raleigh. NC 27604 

Dalton. Trinisa D. 
106 Thurgood Avenue 
Lexington. NC 27292 

Daniels. Ava M. 
P.O. Box 218 
Powellsville. NC 27967 

Daye. Ronald 

2307 Wintergreen PL 

Durham. NC 27707 

Druid. William C. 
611 Hoyle Street 
Durham. NC 27704 

Duncan. Berlinda A. 
21 Burgess Lane 
Durham. NC 27707 

Dunn. Michael A. 
1909 Whitesmill Road 
High Point. NC 27265 

Dunn. Yolanda. S 
703 Stadiem Dr. 
Kinston. NC. 28501 

Eaton. Anderson. L 
617 St. George Rd. 
Raleigh. NC 27610 

Edmundson. Peggy. T 
1690Poromoke Rd. 
Franklinton. NC 27525 

Edw ards. Alise D. 

839 Bell Swamp Road, NE 

Winnabow. NC 28479 

Edwards. Sherlyn D. 
244 Lincoln Street 
Concord. NC 28025 

Senior Directory 245 

Elliot Bertha. K 

2 140 Rich Walker Rd. 

Wade, NC 28395 

Emmens, Ridshedia, C 
1609 Bon wood Rd. 
Wilmington, DE 19805 

Faulk, Michael. L 
236 Navajo St. 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Fewell, Anthony. R 
2820 Lightarms PL. 
Waldorf, MD 20602 

Finkley, Kecia, F 
589 Vass Rd. 
Raeford, NC 28376 

Foreman. Pauline 

509 East Grand Avenue 

Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Foster, Jr., Lemar 
6226 Rock Lake Drive 
Charlotte. NC 27804 

Frier. Kulandi 

423 Scaneateles Ave. 

Hempstead, NY 11521 

Glover. Tabbetha H. 
101 Mayfield Place 
Youngsville, NC 27596 

Graham. Cynthia, M 
901 Cross Link Rd. 

Raleigh, NC 27610 

Graham, Erika. M. 
1864 Palomino Circle 
Sumter. SC 29154 

Graham, Mayveta 
1 30 Victoria Court 
Youngsville, NC 27596 

Grant, Yvonne, S. 
700 N. Roontree St. 
Wilson. NC 27893 

Graves, Deborah J. 
1105 Pennsylvania Street 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

246 Senior Directory 

Green, Tonja F. 

4260 Brownsboro Road, B-24 

Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Greene Sr., Virgil. B 
427 North Mills St. 
Leesburg, Fl 34748 

Guest, Julius, T 

125 College Rd. Apt B2 

Shelby, NC 28151 

Hackett, Louis, W 
4184 Ferncreek Dr. 
Fayetteville, NC 27314 

Hagins, Carla, B 
1214 E.Martin St. 

Raleigh, NC 27610 

Hanes, Barbara D. 

1210 Morreene Road, #G 

Durham, NC 27705 

Hanson, Andrew, Jr 
6800 Bryanstone Way 
Fayettville, NC 28314 

Harper, Faye F. 
15 Lenox Street 
Asheville, NC 28801 

Harrell, Woodra J. 
960 Longreen Drive 
Kernersville, NC 27284 

Harrington, Susie, D. 
1344 WrentreeCir 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Harris, Glover T. 
101 Mayfield Place 
Youngsville. NC 27596 

Harris, Stacey M. 
1712 Oneka Avenue 
High Point, NC 27260 

Harrison, Charlene A. 

4 1 7 Paul Street 

Rocky Mount, NC 27803 

Head. Michael, L 
7262 Lynbrook Dr. 
Oakwood Village. OH 44146 

Heckstall. Brenda D. 
810 Meadow Road 
Colerain. NC 27924 

Hedgepeth, Tammy L. 
240 Young Road 
Enfield, NC 27823 

Herring, Takira. A 
P.O. Box 119 

NewZion. SC29111 

Heyward, LeRone. T 
37 Wagener Ave. 
Charleston, SC 29403 

Hicks, Antoine, J. 
2787 Dawson Dr.34 
Chester, SC 29706 

Hicks, Tonya L. 

716 Peterson St, Apt. D 

Raleigh. NC 27610 

Hill. Sylvia 

7 1 9 Daughtridge Street 

Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Hines. Mary F. 

40 Grandview Drive 

Asheville. NC 28806 

Holly, Cynthia M. 
3616 Rogers Road 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Ingram, Cassandra R. 
30 Richie Street 
Asheville, NC 28801 

Isler, Sylvia L. 
131 1-H Kent Road 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Jay, Barnabas B. 

4455 Pixley Pritchard Road 

Timberlake, NC 27583 

Jenkins, Celestine W. 
P O Box 384 
Powellsville, NC 27967 

Jolly, Drina L. 
4447 Ingleside Road 
Cleveland. OH 44128 

Jones. Jr., Bernard 

85 Presidential Boulevard 

Paterson, NJ 07522 

Jones, Raven L. 

118 E. South St., Box 1306 

Raleigh. NC 27601 

Jones, Sharon S. 
106 Buriington Road 
Greenville, NC 27834 

Jones, Sonya W. 
15- A Corey Lane 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Johnson, Theresa R. 
1601 Robinhood Road 
Durham. NC 27701 

Karaam, Pamela 
1 100 Medlin Road 
Clayton, NC 27520 

Kelly, Natasha L. 

3204 Stonesboro Road 

Ft. Washington, MD 20744 

Kelly. Shonda R. 

6701 Magnolia Ct., Apt. B 

Raleigh, NC 27612 

Kemp, Latasha M. 

1412 Sawyer Rd.. Apt. 101 

Raleigh. NC 27601 

Kennedy, LeVar A. 
1903 Liberty Avenue 
Hopewell, VA 23860 

King, Angela G. 
P.O. Box 102 
Warrenton, NC 27589 

King, Shirley A. 
208 Marler Road 
Benson. NC 27504 

Lashley, Joyce S. 
1 87 Melody Lane 
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 

Lee, Bobbye A. 
302 Sussex Avenue 
Newark, NJ 07107 

^ee. Kenneth D. 
fl9 Woodlake Drive 
3reensboro. NC 27406 

jet. Myrtle W. 
717 Carters Road 
Sateville. NC 27938 

Lewis. Ingrid J. 
1415 Faye Drive 
3arner. NC 27529 

Lewis. Nellie C. 
346 Foster Road 
Henderson. NC 27536 

fLewis. Veronica T. 
j(712 Forest Brook Drive 
Greensboro. NC 27406 

jLindsey, Levon 

400 South Occoneechee Ave. 

Black Mountain. NC 28711 

Little. Jr.. Theodore 

'402 Friddle 

High Point. NC 27260 

ILoney. Stephen 

[4024 Meriweather Drive 

Dpurham. NC 27704 

ILovett, Tracy B. 
1801 Misty Lake Road 
Eharlotte. NC 28214 

Lowe. Awamary 
709-B Hawes Court 
Raleigh. NC 27608 

Lowe. Sounsyrah 
709-B Hawes Court 
Raleigh. NC 27608 

Lynch. Hazel G. 
bl2 Huntley Street 
■ Spring Lake. NC 28390 

SLyons, Marutha E. 
[5102 McCormick Road 
(Durham, NC 27713 

rLytle. Lawrence D. 
[515 Hiawassee Avenue 

I Black Mountain. NC 28711 

Manley, Doris L. 

1318 Stack Powell Road 

Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

Marshall Leonese A. 
211 Dillard Street 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Martin, (Catherine M. 

7452 Bunting Road 
Nashville, NC 27856 

Mattocks. Henry (Hank) 
P.O. Box 1791 
Raleigh, NC 27602 

May, Phyllis J. 
P.O. Box 382 
Farmville, NC 27828 

McCain, Ailene D. 
341 Cherry wood Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28217 

McDaniel. LaTonya 
23549 S. Frontenoc Drive 
Warrensville, OH 44128 

McGee. Nekkiia 
1937 Mobile Drive 
Rocky Mount, NC 27804 

McLean. Marsha C. 

867 South Mechanic Street 

Southern Pines, NC 28387 

McLean, Patricia A. 

423 Raynor McLamb Road 

Bunn Level, NC 28323 

McMillan, Ade*Leake N. 
2300 Good Hope Rd. #909 
Washington. DC 20020 

McNair, Cheryl G. 
5903 Newhall Road 
Durham, NC 27713 

McNeil. Myron D. 
304 South 17 lh Street 
Wilmington. NC 28401 

McRae. Robert S. 
420 Wapiti Drive 
Spring Lake, NC 28390 

Mention, Josephine O. 
102 Cramon Lane- 
Andrews, SC 29510 

Midgette, Patricia 
100 Washington Street 
Lillington, NC 27546 

Miles, Beverly A. 
1 1 1 Plumgrove Lane 
Garner, NC 27529 

Miller, Denise 
728 Hemlock Street 
Brooklyn. NY 1 1 208 

Miller, Patricia A. 
3402 Markland Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28208 

Mitchell. Carla D. 
413 W. Hayes 
Ahoskie, NC 27910 

Mitchell. Kiamesha U. 
1506 Lyon Road 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Mitchell, Leroy F. 
2908 Weisner Court 
Winston-Salem, NC 27127 

Monroe, Henry 
300 Duffy Drive 
Goldsboro. NC 27534 

Moore, Charita L. 
2207 Magndia Lane 
Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Moore, Crystal A. 
104 Riverview Road 
Savannah, GA 31410 

Muhammad, Kathy M. 
4526 Baux Mountain Road 
Winston-Salem. NC 27105 

Mungo, Mary 
P.O. Box 223 
Bunn Level, NC 28323 

Murrill, Sr., Charles A. 
P.O. Box 11754 
Durham, NC 27703 

Nickelson, Jr., Harry L. 
3 DeGaulle Place 
Durham. NC 27707 

Nordt, Dorothy R. 
1009 Gunston Lane 
Durham. NC 27703 

Norman. Senegal Z. 
906 Riverside Drive 
New York. NY 10031 

Parker. Carol D. 
403-A N. Skinner Street 
Greenville, NC 27834 

Patterson, Charles R. 

506 Mutual Drive. Apt. C-2 

Durham, NC 27707 

Patterson. Lucille G. 
5205 Partridge Street 
Durham, NC 27704 

Peagues, William F. 
3810 Westfield 
High Point, NC 27265 

Peterson, Brenda S. 
64 Port-o-Pines 
Clayton, NC 27520 

Peterson. Tiwana E. 
2 Woodside Place 
Asheville. NC 28801 

Phillips. Donna S. 

409- A S. Rountree Street 

Wilson, NC 27893 

Phillips, Smith R. 
632 Oleanden Road 
Raleigh. NC 27603 

Pierce, Venesa L. 
226 Adams Street 
Aurburndale. FL 33823 

Pitt, Esterine G. 
P.O. Box 1137 
204 N. Braswell Drive 
Whitakers, NC 27891 

Pless, Linda G. 
285 Wiggins Road 
Candler, NC 28715 

Senior Directory 247 

Polston, Rosalind M. 
2400 Rock Quarry Road 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Porle', Aohnte' M. 
773 C.V.E.. Apt. 3-H 
Bronx, NY 10451 

Porter, Patricia C. 
P.O. Box 398 
Lewiston, NC 27849 

Powell, Cecelia D. 
2822 Friar Tuck Road 
Raleigh. NC 27610 

Pryce, Gordon I. 
133022 24 lh St. Laurelton 
Laurelton, NY 11413 

Radford. Jamilah E. 
507 N. Driver Street 
Durham, NC 27703 

Ragland, Alice M. 

700 East Robinson Place 

Goldsboro. NC 27530 

Ragland, Jo Ann 

841 Fred Royster Road 

Henderson. NC 27536 

Rascoe. Golden A. 

772 Fairley Street, Apt. 43 

Larinburg, NC 28352 

Rawles, Courtney D. 
1467 Sawyer Road 
Raleigh, NC 27601 

Ray, Brenda A. 
2805 Emerson Road 
Greensboro, NC 27405 

Reddick-Simmons, Shevera 
520 Beacon Street 
Camden, N J 08105 

Reed, Harriett L. 
1708 Brooks Avenue 
High Point, NC 27260 

Rhinos, Sharon D. 
224 Morning Road 
Windsor, NC 27983 

248 Senior Directory 

Ricot, Riphin 

1 1 8 East South St. Box 48 

Raleigh, NC 27601 

Robinson, Kimberly L. 
12 Battle Road 
Asheville, NC 28803 

Rogers, Juanetta D. 
5005 Paul Sun Drive 
Fayetteville, NC 28304 

Royster, Onia M. 

2216 Myron Drive, Apt. A 

Raleigh, NC 27607 

Rucker, Brian T. 
821 W. Stokes Street 
China Grove. NC 28023 

Rucker, Henry L. 
1612 East 22 nd Street 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

Scott, Jacqueline R. 
P.O. Box 2902 
Hendersonville. NC 28793 

Shaw, Kristina N. 
20 Marconi Place 
Brooklyn, NY 11233 

Shelton, Kimberly D. 
P.O. Box 1191 
Arden, NC 28704 

Simmons. Stephanie L. 
5508 John Washington Road 
Brown Summit, NC 27214 

Simpson, Gerjuan 
206 Taylor Avenue, #F 
High Point, NC 27260 

Sintim, Hector K. E. 

317 Centennial Parkway #315 

Raleigh. NC 27606 

Sistare. Pamela L. 

201 Adams Hill Road # 43 

Asheville, NC 28806 

Smith, Keyonu' M. 
6080 Castlegate Drive 
Riverdale, GA 30296 

Smith, Phillip R. 
632 Oleander Road 
Raleigh, NC 27603 

Smith, Sherry L. 

2713 Bunnlevel-Erwin Road 

Erwin, NC 28339 

Snipes, Nancy G. 
217 Sawmill Road 
Cedar Grove, NC 2723 1 

Staley, Avril L. 
1266 Tredwell Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Staten, Gloria S. 

5304 Tanglewood Pine Lane 

Raleigh, NC 27610 

Strickland, Nichelle W. 
P.O. Box 792 

Middlesex, NC 27557 

Stroman, Jamal H. 
190 Steuben Street 
Bridgeport, CT 06608 

Strong, Aisha 
2563 N. 23 rJ Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19132 

Stroud, Cassandra R. 

1200 W. Rollingwood Circle 

Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

Stubbs, William T. 
21 Park View Street 
Rochester, NY 14613 

Suber, Brenda L. 
4 1 1 Moore Street 
Thomasville, NC 27360 

Summers, Stephanie I. 
95 English Road 
Candler. NC 28715 

Taylor, Mabeleen 

5557 Wayman Church Road 

Enfield. NC 27823 

Taylor, Persephone J. 
18801 N. W. 39'" Court 
Miami, FL 33055 

Teasley, Dianna W. 
2121 Rivermeade Drive 
High Point, NC 27265 

Thompson, Albertine F. 
61 Eastview Avenue 
Asheville. NC 28803 

Thompson, Elaine Y. 
2801 Grand Tri Court 
High Point, NC 27260 

Thompson, Freddie L. 
27 17 Midway Park Court 
Raleigh, NC 27616 

Thompson, Rodney L. 
103 Hidden Oaks Drive 
Cary, NC 27513 

Thompson, Sheryl L. 
488 Doc Brown Road 
Raeford, NC 28376 

Timberlake, Harold L. 
1034 E. Alma 
Flint, MI 48505 

Townsend, Gwendolyn G. 
1203 Eton Drive 
Greensboro. NC 27406 

Vanhook, Linda B. 
223 Chateau Road 
Durham, NC 27704 

Vaughan, Jermaine M. 
133 Irvin Road 
Murfreesboro. NC 27855 

Walker, Helen 

P.O. Box 433 

Bunn Level, NC 28323 

Walker. Lloyd L. 
P.O. Box 615 
Rolesville. NC 27571 

Washington, Jacquelyn B. 
9940 Augusta Road 
Pelzer. SC 29669 

Waters, Nina M. 
3344 Tobacco Road 
Greenville, NC 27834 

Watson, Natasha L. 
801 Sasser Street 
Raleigh. NC 27604 

White. Natasha F. 
(509 Gatlin Farm Road 
[Raeford. NC 28376 

Whitley, Sara E. 
1 4538 Hwy 43 South 
Greenville, NC 27858 

Williams. Byron K. 
. 4036 Buster Road 
Tallahassee. FL 32310 

Williams. James 
'!709 South Taylor Street 
'Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Williams. Kathye A. 
436 Piney Mountain Road 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Williams. Sharon A. 
702 South Ellis Avenue 
Dunn. NC 28334 

Wilson. Curshenia W. 
2296 Allpine Taylor Road 
Greenville. NC 27834 

Woodbury. Kalique N. 
307 Meadow Street 
Georgetown. SC 29440 

1 Woodward. Kennita L. 
1909 Belcrest Drive 
'Greensboro. NC 27406 


These pages are a record. 

They tell a story that no other can tell! 

Cherish your memories of one another, 

and share the future with each other. 


Ms. D 

E mW .^nlj 

1 UbhhT' 

Senior Directory 249 

The Construction 


250 The Construction 

Hugh and Ms. D... trying to work it out! 

LaTasha pleased with her work. 

The Office, where brilliant minds meet 

Jordache. this is puzzling! 

The Construction 25 1 

fiuto graph $ 




Alma Mater 

(Tune: "How Can I Leave Thee") 

Hail Dear Old Shaw U, 

Thy Sons revere thy name, 

Long shall thy works be proud, 

Undimmed thy fame. 

Time shall thy praises sing, 

Glory repay thy tears, 

And Loud thy praises ring, 

Thru' all the years. 

Noble thy hallways, 

Noble thy grassy plains, 

Nobler the hearts of men, 

Where thou dost reign. 

All we who love thy name, 

Stout hearts that shall not fail, 

All rise and loud proclaim, 

Alma Mater, Hail! 

Words by Harry Payne, Class of 1935 








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