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Beautiful Pacific Grove 



Pacific Grove 


Pacific Grove, California 

TKe Ideal 
Family Siammer and >^^inter Resort 

About a hundred miles south of San Francisco is Monterey Bay, unrivaled 
for its beauty and picturesqueness. A sylvan promontory, boldly thrusting itself into 
the surges of the Pacific, forms the southern boundary of the bay. Out upon this 
promontory, romantically situated, overlooking the mountain-environed bay, lies 
Pacific Grove. Facing the broad ocean, with a beautiful bay on either side, and 
the lofty mountains of the Coast Range as a background, affords panoramic views 
of unequaled grandeur and beauty. 

The natural beauties and charms of Pacific Grove have been greatly 
enchanced by art. The Pacific Improvement Company has turned the entire 
peninsula into a vast natural pleasure park' in which the wild deer still roams, while 
cottage and villa dot the shores of the bay, and make a lovely picture. 

"From the lighthouse, along the surf-deati'ii sho 


'Midwav Point on the Seventeen-mile Drive' 

Statement of Climate 

No less attractive than the scenery is the delightful climate of this locality. 
A beautiful spring begins on the first of January and lasts till the last of December. 
Climate and scenery combined make Pacific Grove and surroundings a great store- 
house of health and inspiration for every visitor. 

A-long a Wondrovis SHore 

There are no other six miles of ocean front on the whole globe that affords 
such charms, such sights, such surprises as the stretch of coast between Pacific 
Grove and Carmelo Bay, on the south side of the peninsula. 

Entering the woods at the lighthouse the rambler saunters along the grace- 
ful curves of a most delightful walk and bicycle path, now hearing the warning note 
of Point Pinos buoy or the thundering crash of the breakers, now the gentler whis- 
pering of the wind in the pines, or the sweet twitter of the birds. This charming 
path bring us to Lake Majella, an ideal place for a picnic party. 

Close to this lake are great dunes of whitest and finest coral sand. Just 
beyond these hills is Moss Beach, a stretch almost a mile long, hard as cement, 
strewn with exquisite specimens of sea moss and shells. 

At the end of the beach the famous Seventeen-mile Drive emerges from 
the woods at this point, and winds along the surf-beaten shore. Resting a few 
moments at " Point Joe," we behold a sight never to be forgotten. We gaze upon 

'^ Along a 7vondroiis shoie" 

John Teniiant Memorial Home 

Mayflower Congregational Church 

Hotel del Monte — IVondetlaiid and Fairvland 

an awful turmoil below, where an angry whirlpool never ceases its dull and sullen 
undertow. What currents and reefs produced this Scylla and Charybdis, no one 
can tell. It was here the steamer St. Paul was shattered to pieces a few years ago. 

Just beyond in easy sight from the shore is Seal Rock, an immemorial 
haunt of the sea lion, the sea gull, the pelican, and the cormorant. Forgetting for 
a moment, the halcyon breezes, the serene, cloudless, crystal day, we seem to have 
been transported to some distant region in the far north. A barren rock covered 
with thousands of sea birds, large flocks of them continually going and coming, 
their shrill and unmusical notes filling the air, hundreds of seals and sea lions lying 
about in lazy carelessness among the winged dwellers of this grim rock, now and 
then a sea lion straightening up and sending over to us his harmless roar, not as a 
menace, but rather to let us know that he, too, does not wish to be molested in his 
ancient solitary reign, such is Seal Rock. 

Near by is Fan Shell Beach, one of the few places where the rare and 
delicate fan shell is found. 

Cypress Point is next. This high, rock-ribbed point affords an inspiring 
and distant view up and down the coast, and of the ocean, which, in sapphire blue, 
stretches to the far horizon. It is not, however, so much the point that attracts us 
here, but rather that far-famed grove of trees, mighty in stature and hoary with age, 
from which the point takes its name. There is something inexpressibly awful and 
mystic, and yet indescribably lovely and charming, lingering in this grove of gnarled 
giants. This ancient cypress grove is the only one of its kind on the American 


A publu .school 

Assembly Hall 

continent, and to see it is worth a journey of many miles. At Cypress Point, we 
turn toward the mainland. Magnificently shaded, the Seventeen-mile Drive runs 
along a weird and precipitous shore, affording many delightful vistas, and at Midway 
Point opens to our eye the most charming view of our ramble, a panorama includ- 
ing Carmelo Bay and the ocean, not to be duplicated anywhere in the world. 

The famous Pebble Beach is on this bay. 

When at Pacific Grove you will always have a place to go to, always find a 
pastime. There will always be something to attract your attention and keep you 
interested. Within three miles from Pacific Grove is the far-famed Hotel del 
Monte, with its palatial buildings and its one hundred and twenty-six acres of 
garden. A garden not equaled, even by the famous gardens of Kew and Ken- 
sington. This wonderful park and garden is open to everybody. You can go 
there afoot along Monterey Bay, or you can take the street car. 

Between Hotel del Monte and Pacific Grove is the old historic town of 
Monterey, with many remnants and reminiscences of the past. The old Capital, 
under Spanish and Mexican rule and once the Capital of the State of California, an 
interesting place for the rambler. Here the past and present meet. The ancient 
Mission church and crumbling adobe walls, representing past generations, and the 
mighty battleship of our navy, lying proudly at anchor before the town, the progress 
of modern times. 

If you enjoy fishing, there are no better opportunities anywhere than on the 
rocks about Pacific Grove or out on the bay, which is full of excellent fish. 

^The <i!d historic town of Monterey'' 

Hopkins' Seaside Laboratory, largest on the coast 

St. Afai v's-lty-f//c^iea 

/'. , , ^iiiil and .oniDiodinus 1:1 L'aiiinln 

Monterey Bay is the only place on the entire coast where the whale cares 
to stop on his way to or from the North. Frequently, large shoals of these levi- 
athans of the deep can be seen in the bay. 

The facilities for boating and bathing are unexcelled. 

Neither must we forget Pacific Grove's well-kept tennis and croquet grounds, 
which are free to all, and while affording the desired pastime recreation to many, 
prove to all that special pains are taken to make the visitor's stay a pleasant one in 
every respect. 

A. Mecca for Students of Science 

Monterey Bay includes in its sea life, more types and a greater variety than 
can be found in any other body of water in the world. Here, the marine animals 
and fishes of the torrid and temperate zones meet, and in their migrations fishes 
and whales from the Arctic are found here in their season. The fact that the 
Hopkins Seaside Laboratory, the largest and best-equipped marine laboratory on 
the coast has been erected in Pacific Grove, conclusively proves that excep- 
tional opportunities are here offered for the study of marine zoology and botany. 
The buildings of the laboratory are capable of accommodating about eighty students. 
They contain four general laboratories, one lecture room, seventeen private rooms 
for investigators, and a darkroom for photography. They are provided with aquaria, 
running water and all necessary facilities for biological study. The library and 
apparatus of Stanford University are available for use in the laboratory. 

ellkept tennis and croquet gioiinds 

.^ Tine-clad cottage 

Pacific Grove as a A^inter Resort 

As a Winter Resort, Pacific Grove stands unexcelled in every respect. 
The location of Pacific Grove is unique and exceptional. Its clinnate is oceanic in 
a sense that no other place on the coast is, and while the lofty domes of the Sier- 
ras and the Coast Range are white with snow and chill the valleys of the interior, 
Pacific Grove is then at its loveliest. Wrapt in golden sunlight, with a sky that 
rivals the Italian for blueness and clearness, with a delightfully mild breeze from the 
ocean, such is Pacific Grove in midwinter. 

There could not be a healthier place than this winter resort, its very location 
precludes every possibility of malaria, but if a perfect system of drainage and sewer- 
age, and purest drinking water — which is piped down twenty-five miles from the 
Carmel river, by the Pacific Improvement Company — add to the healthfulness of 
a place, then certainly Pacific Grove outrivals any other resort on the globe. 

HouseKeeping Privileges 

While most winter resorts are identified with and confined to some hotel 
Pacific Grove is a winter resort on an entirely different plan. It has, indeed, an 
excellent hotel, one of the very best in the State of California, the elegant and com- 
modious El Carmelo, and a number of first-class boarding-houses, but the special 
feature of Pacific Grove is its large number of houses completely furnished for 

Luxui ioui hoDie^ 

N.iinniiil^ ,,/ thr fni-l 

housekeeping. You need not bring along a thing, neither bed linen, kitchen uten- 
sils nor anything else. All you have to do is to go right into a scrupulously clean, 
fully furnished house, begin housekeeping and feel at home. As there are hundreds 
of such houses, you will surely find one to suit your taste, needs, and purse. You 
can procure any kind of a dwelling, from an elegant and luxuriously furnished resi- 
dence to a two-roomed cottage, supplied with what is necessary. 

OtKer Features 

Other features of Pacific Grove well worthy of consideration are its excel- 
lent schools, its churches, and the entire absence of saloons. It has a grammar 
and a high school and other educational facilities. 

The Methodist Episcopal, Protestant Episcopal, Congregational and Chris- 
tian denominations have each a good membership and fine churches. 

Induced by the high moral and social tone of Pacific Grove and the educa- 
tional advantages it offers, many cultured and refined families have settled here 
permanently and built themselves beautiful homes. 

The fact that Pacific Grove is a city of conventions and assemblies of all 
kinds speaks volumes for the place. The oldest Chautauqua Assembly of the 
coast has met here for twenty-two years in succession with ever-increasing interest 
and enthusiasm. A beautiful assembly hall has been built for this Chautauqua 

'Tay-fann-d Hold del Moulc 

'Cypress Grove — gnarled g:ia>its, mighty in statute and hoary 7i>ith age" 

Assembly. Here also take place the Annual Conference of the M. E. Church and 
many other religious and educational conventions. 

In Pacific Grove one finds the advantages of a city and the charms of a 
quiet retreat. 

Figure it over and come. Give your children an opportunity to spend a 
winter outdoors among most inspiring surroundings and educating influences. They 
need not miss their school and will return to their home strengthened in body and 
mind. Many a mother comes to Pacific Grove with her children to spend the 
winter or part of it. It is as safe, peaceful, and orderly a place, as it is charming 
and healthful. 

In Conclvision 

Its incomparable surroundings and delightful winter climate, its beautiful 
residences and artistically built cottages, its lovely gardens and excellent streets, its 
delicious water, and perfect sanitation, its educational and religious facilities, the 
absence of the saloon, and above all the numerous fully furnished houses of inviting 
cleanness, and surprisingly low rent, make Pacific Grove the ideal winter resort for 
everybody, and especially for families. 

A winter spent in this Paradise of the Pacific will be remembered a lifetime. 

Bathings sitmmey and ivinte 

L k I I'st I a n Ch urch 

Carmel Minion