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Reprinted from the N ew England Histobical and Genealogical Registbe, 
Vol. 60. 


The name Belcher is of great antiquity in England, being foimd as 
early as 1176, when Ralph Belcher was witness to a deed. (Historical 
Collections of Staffordshire, Vol. 1, page 291.) The name is uncommon, 
however, and is found mostly in the county of Warwick and the surround- 
ing counties of Stafford, Worcester, Oxford, Wilts, and Northampton. One 
line of the family was seated at Giiilsborough in Northamptonshire for 
several generations, and was lineally descended from Hugh Belcher of 
Needwood, co. Stafford, who was living in the reign of Edward IV., about 
1470. This branch of the family held landed estates, and bore for arms 
'■'■ Pahj of six or and gules, a chief vair"; and their pedigree was entered in 
the Visitation of Northamptonshire in 1619, and also in the Visitation of 
Warwickshire of the same year. The will of Gregory Belcher, yeoman, 
of Berkeswell, co. Warwick, dated Mar. 20, 1620, mentions wif e Joane ; 
son Thomas Belcher ; sons-in-law John Bonney and William Cook ; daugh- 
ters Elizabeth Cook, Isabel Bonney, and Alice Pemberton. (Putnam's His- 
torical Magazine, vol. 4, page 183.) It seems likely that Thomas Belcher, 
son of Gregory of this will, was the Thomas Belcher who lived in the 
hamlet of Wardend, parish of Aston, co. Warwick, where he had three 
children recorded : John, bapt. Aug. 24, 1604; Gregory, bapt. Mar. 30, 
1606; and Margery, bapt. July 9, 1615. Aston is about nine miles 
north-west of Berkeswell. As Gregory^ Belcher, one of the emigrants to 
New England, in a deposition made in June, 1665, stated he was then about 
sixty years of age, it seems probable that he was identical with the Greg- 
ory Belcher, son of Thomas, who was born in Aston in 1606, who would 
be in his sixtieth year at the time of the deposition, and of whom no further 
mention appears in the Aston registers, although his brother and sister 
were married there. How these Belchers of Berkeswell and Aston were 
related to the armorial Belchers of Guilsborough has not been ascertained ; 
but doubtless they were of the same original stock. 

There were five persons named Belcher who settled in New England 
before 1650, and from two of them are descended practically all of the 
name in the United States. These five emigrants, in the order of their 
arrival in New England, were : 

I. Mr. Edward^ Belcher, born about 1595, came to New England 
in 1630 with Governor Wiuthrop, and was one of the founders of Boston. 
He was the fourth son of William Bplcher of Guilsborough, Northamp- 
tonshire, England, and of positive armorial descent, but his male descendants 
became extinct with his grandson. 

II. Jeremt,^ or Jeremiah, Belcher, born about 1613, came to 
New England in the spring of 1635 and settled in Ipswich, where he died 

in March, 1692-3. lie had eleven children, and his descendants are very 
numerous. Nothing is known of his ancestry, but he was probably in some 
degree related to the other emigrants of the name. 

III. Gregory^ Belcher, born about 1606, came to New England 
about 1637 and settled in Bruintree, where he died Nov. 25, 1674. He 
had seven children, and many descendants live in the United States. He 
was i^erhaps the Gregory Belcher, son of Thomas, who was baptized in. 
Aston, CO. Warwick, England, Mar. 30, 1606, as suggested above. 

IV. Andrew^ Belcher, born about 1615, son of Thomas Belcher of 
London, and grandson of Robert Belcher, weaver, of Kingswood, Wiltshire, 
England. He first appears in New England in 1 639, and settled in Cam- 
bridge. Although there was but one male who married in each generation 
of his descendants, this family attained great distinction. His son Andrew^ 
Belcher was a Royal Councillor, and the greatest merchant of his day in 
New England ; his grandson Jonathan^ Belcher was Royal Governor of 
Massachusetts and also of New Jersey ; his great-grandson Jonathan* 
Belcher was Chief Justice and Lieut. Governor of Nova Scotia ; and his 
great-great-grandson Andrew^ Belcher was a Royal Councillor of Nova 
Scotia, whose children settled in P^ugland, of whom a son, Sir Edward^ 
Belcher, K.C.B., was a distinguished naval officer, attaining the rank of 
Rear Admiral in the British navy. A few descendants remain in England^ 
but the name is extinct in the United States. 

The descendants of Andrew^ Belcher have always used the arms of 
the Belchers of Guilsborough, although their descent from that branch has. 
not to the writer's knowledge been proven. For a full account of the de- 
scendants of Andrew^ Belcher, see Register, ante, vol. 27, pages 239- 

V. Thomas^ Belcher, stated to have been in the family of Nicholas^ 
Frost of Kittery, as early as 1640, and to have died in 1652. (•' Old Eliot, 
Me," vol. 1, pages 87 and 176.) The writer has no further knowledge of 
this individual, who probably died unmarried. It is a curious coincidence 
that, about 1693, Johu*^ Belcher* of Boston (Joaiah-, Gregory^) deserted 
his family there and went to Kittery, where he entered the service of 
Charles'-^ Frost, son of Nicholas,-^ and remained in his employ and in that 
of his son and grandson for nearly fort)^ years, until his death in 1730, 
leaving his property to his last employer, Charles* Frost. 


1. Mr. Edward Belcher, gent., fourth son of William and Christian 
(Dabriflgecourt) Belcher of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England, was 
born about 1595, and came to New England in the fleet with Gov- Win- 
throp in 1630, and became one of the founders of Boston. His pedigree 
is recorded in the Visitations of Warwickshire and Northamptonshire in 
1619. Although a member of an armorial family of the landed gentry of 
England, Edward^ Belcher took a very inconspicuous part in the settle- 
ment of Boston, his descendants soon were reduced to very humble circum- 

* The suggestion in " Old Eliot," vol. 1, page 87, that this John Belcher was 
grandson pf Thomas' above mentioned, is certainly erroneous. Perhaps Thomas' 
Belcher of Kittery was a brother of Gregory' of Braintree, and so graud-uucle of 
Johu^ of Kittery. 

stances, and the family became extinct in the male line with the death of 
his grandsons. He was au original member of the First Church in Boston, 
and carried on the business of a pipestave culler. His housolot was located 
on the north side of the present Boylston street, between Washington and 
Tremont streets, and he also had a garden on the opposite side of Boyl- 
ston street. In his will he calls himself " Edward Belcher, gent., of Bos- 
ton, late of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England." As the witnesses 
to the will were doubtful whether or not he was of sound mind, the will 
was not allowed, and his son was appointed administrator of his estate, on 
Mar. 17, 1672-3. (Suffolk Co. Probate.) The name of his first wife, 
whom he married in England, has not been discovered. He married sec- 
ond, in Boston, about 1650, Christian, sister of William Talmage and 
widow of William Woman, Wormwood, or Wornal. She was admitted to 
the First Church on Apr. 4, 1646, being then wife of Wormwood, by whom 
she had two daughters : Mary, born about 1635, who married her step- 
brother Edward- Belcher, Jr. ; and Anne, born about 1638, who married, 
in 1658, Samuel Flack of Boston. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 21, page 647.) 

Child of Edward^ Belcher, by first wife : 
2. i. Edward, 2 b. about 1627. 

2. Edward^ Belcher (Edward'^), born in England, about 1627, came 
in childhood to Boston, where he became a shipwright. On Apr. 
30, 1670, he and his wife were deeded, by his father, Edward^ 
Belcher, one-half of the latter's real estate. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, 
vol. 7, page 199.) In 1693, Edward^ Belcher conveyed this estate 
to his sons-in-law Mark Pilkington and Edward Kettow, although 
these deeds were not recorded until Mar. 12, 1713, about which 
time it is presumed Edward^ Belcher died. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, 
vol. 16, page 176, and vol. 28, page 24.) 

He married first, Jan. 8, 1655-6, his step-sister Mary,^ born 
about 1 635, daughter of William and Christian (Talmage) Worm- 
wood of Boston, who died Mar. 21, 1693; and married second, 
June 24, 1708, when about eighty years of age, Abigail, daughter 
of Roger and Ruth (Stackhouse) I^askins of Beverly, and widow 
of John Swarton. She married third, Nathaniel Clark of Beverly, 
and died about 1730, having had no children by any of her hus- 

Children by first wife : 

i. Satisfaction^' (son), b. Feb. 23, 1656-7, bapt. in Fu-st Church, 
July 31, 1670; took the oath of allegiance, Apr. 21, 1679; no fur- 
ther record, and probably d. unmarried. 

ii. Mary, b. Apr. 4, 1659 ; d. young. 

iii. Faith, b. J^Eay 15, 1663 ; m. (1) Cross ; m. (2) Nov. 18, 1691, 

Mark Pilkington, cordwainer, of Boston, by whom she had four 
daughters: Mary, b. July 27, 1692, m. Nov. 23, 1709, Riciiarcl 
Jenkins; Sarah, b. Jan. 3, 1694-5, m. Jan. 20, 1712-13, James 
WoUer; Mercy, b. Oct. 4, 1697, after being published to Richard 
Ould and also'to William Wells, m. Jan. 4,1716-7, John Hall; and 
Abigail, b. Feb. 12, 1700-1, d. young. The only descendants that 
now exist of Edward^ Belcher of Boston derive their descent 
through the daughters of Mark and Faith (Belcher) Pilkington. 

iv. MERCY,^b. Feb. 7, 1665-6; m. Dec. 4, 1691, Edward Kettow, sea- 
man, of Boston, who d. about 1701 ; probably no issue. 

V. Martha, b. Sept. 15, 1671 ; d. young. 



1. Gregory^ Belcher, born about IGOfi, was in New England as 
early as 1637, and on Dec. 30, 1039, was granted a lot of 52 acres at 
Mount Wollaston (Braintree), for thirteen heads, paying three shillings 
per acre for the same. (Boston Town Records.) Here he settled, was 
admitted freeman on May 13, 1640, and was made selectman in 1646. 
He deposed in June, 1665, aged about 60 years. (Essex Co. Court Files.) 
By occupation he was a farmer. On July 14, 1664, he purchased of John 
Smith 9 acres of land in Milton, which he gave to his son Joseph Bel- 
cher for a marriage portion. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 4, page 204a.) 
On Jan. 6, 1657-8, he obtained a lease of the Salter farm in Braintree, 
from the estate of William Tyng of Boston; and on Jan. 15, 1666-7, 
Gregory Belcher and others bought the Salter farm for £1900, Belcher's 
interest being one-eighth. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 5, page 229.) On 
Mar. 26, 1670, Gregory Belcher and his son-in-law Alexander Marsh 
purchased the iron works, with 200 acres of land, in Braintree ; and on 
May 18, 1671, the same parties bought 40 acres in Braintree plain of 
Henry Crane. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 7, page 172.) 

He died Nov. 25, 1674. The inventory of his estate, showing a total of 
£629-5-0, was presented by his widow, Jan. 29, 1674-5. (Suffolk Co. Pro- 
bate.) His wife Catherine survived him, and died in the spring of 1680. 
Her will, dated Sept. 3, 1679, proved July 20, 1680, gives to son Josiah a 
cow " if he molest not my son Moses in his present dwelling and posses- 
sions " ; to son John a cow and a horse ; to daughters Elizabeth Gilbert 
and Mary Marsh, and granddaughter Mary Marsh, some household effects ; 
" to son Moses (who hath all his life carried himself so dutifully to myself 
and his father) the great bible and the whole house and land he now pos- 
sesses which I declare his father gave him." Sous Moses Belcher and 
Alexander Marsh executors. 

On July 9, 1680, Josiah Belcher of Boston entered a caveat against the 
probate of any will said to be made by his late mother, Catherine Belcher 
of Braintree, widow, deceased, until he be present. (Suffolk Co. Probate.) 
It does not appear, however, that any contest was made over the estate. 
Children : 

i. Elizabeth, 2 m. Thomas Gilbert, who was in Braintree in 1646. 
(Mass. Colouial Records, vol. iii, pag^e 67.) Evidently he Avas the 
"woodman Gilbert" mentioned in Suflfollv Co. Deeds, vol. 5, pa2;e 
527, who owned land in Braintree in 1668, adjoining land of 
Thomas Gatlive, whose -widow. Prudence, was a witness to the 
will of widow Catherine^ Belcher. 

2. ii. Josiah, b. about 1631. 

3. iii. John, b. about 1633. 

4. iv. Moses, b. about 1635. 

5. V. Samuicl, b. Aug. 24, 1637. 

vi. Mary, b. July 8, 1639; m. Dec. 19, 1655, Alexander Marsh of 

6. vii. Joseph, b. Dec. 25, 1641. 

2. JosiAH'^ Belcher {Gregory^), born in 1631, was a wheelwright, 
and settled in Boston, where he acquired an estate on the south- 
easterly corner of what is now Essex street and Harrison avenue, 
measuring 126 feet on Essex street, and running back 285 feet to 
the water. After the death of his widow, a partition was made of 
this estate among his surviving children, on Sept. 20, 1693, which 

is described and recorded in Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 19, page 158. 
P'^urther deeds in relation to tliis property show that all his sons, 
except Johniind Benjamin, died without issue, and apparently un- 
married, and that the daughter Dorothy died without issue soon 
after her marriage. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 40, page 225 ; vol. 41, 
page 210; vol. 46, page 90 ; and vol. 41, page 212.) 

lie was one of the founders of the third, or Old South, Church, 
and died Apr. 3, 1683, aged 52, being buried in the Granary bury- 
ing ground, where his gravestone still remains. His will, made 
the day of his decease, names wife Ranis, sons John, Jonathan, 
Joseph, Edward, Nathan and Benjamin, and daughters Elizabeth, 
Rebecca, Anna, Dorothy, Abigail, and Ruth. (Suffolk Co. Pro- 
bate.) He married. Mar. 3, 1654-5, Ranis,^ born June 4, 1638, 
daughter of Ellder Edward^ and P^lizabeth Raiusford of Boston. 
She died Oct, 2, 1691. 

Children : 
i. JosiAH,'' b. Dec. 23, 1655; served In Capt. James Oliver's Co. in 
the Nai'ragauset campaiirn in King Philip's War, and took part in 
the Great Swamp Fight, Dec. 19, 1675. He died unmarried, and 
was evidently the Josiah Belcher who was drowned at Weymouth 
in the autumn of 1682, as mentioned in Judge Sewall's diary 
(vol. 2, page 19*). 
ii. John, b. Oct. 9. 1057: d. in infancy, 
r. lit. John, b. Dec. 23, 1659. 

iv. Jonathan, b. Sept. 1, 1661; was a goldsmith in Boston, and sold 

his interest in the paternal estate to his brother Edward, Nov. 22, 

1693. (Sufiblk Co. Deeds, vol. 16, page 220, and vol. 40, page 

225.) He died soon after, unmarried. 

V. Elizabeth, b. July 10, 1663; m. John Paine of Swansey, Mass. 

(Sufiblk Co. Deeds, vol. 35, page 248.) 
vi. Joseph, b. Oct. 4, 1665; was a shipwright; d. unmarried, between 
1700 and 1708. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 40, page 225, and vol. 41, 
page 210.) 
vii. Rebecca, b. Dec. 31, 1667; m. in Lynn, Nov. 30, 1687, Joseph 
Fuller, shipwright, who settled in Boston. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, 
vol. 40, page 225.) 
viii. Edward, b. Jan. 19, 1669-70; d. unmarried before May 14, 1700. 

(Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 40, page 225.) 
ix. Anna, b. Feb. 13, 1671-2; m. "(int. rec. Jan. 26, 1696-7) Joseph 

Johnson, cooper, of Boston. 
X. Dorothy, b. Oct. 28, 1673; ra. Feb. 19, 1693-4, Edmund Gross of 

Boston ; she d. soon, without issue, 
xi. Abigail, b. Mar. 10, 1674-5; living unmarried in Boston, June 8,, 

1717. (Suffolk Co. Deeds.) 
xii. Nathan, b. 1677; d. July 3, 1699, unmarried. 

xiii. Ruth, b. Dec. 21, 1678 ; m. Dec. 28, 1703, Benjamin Tolman. (Bos- 
ton marriage records incorrectly call her Ruth Fletcher. For 
proof, see Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 41, page 212.) 
1. xiv. Benjamin, b. Mar. 20, 1680-1. 

JOHN^ Belcher {Gregory^), born about 1633, was a husbandman, 
and resided in Braintree. During King Philip's War he performed 
several mouths' service in the spring and summer of 1676 in the' 
garrisons at Northampton, Milton and Medfield. He died intestate 
in 1693, leaving a very small estate, his son Josiah^ Belcher being 
appointed administrator, Nov. 16, 1693. The inventory of the es- 
tate, valued at only £27-7-0, mentions " a poore house and ten 
acres of land, a piece of salt marsh, a little poore household 

goods, and an old spitt." (Suffolk Co. Probate.) He married, 

about 1655, Sarah , who survived him. 

Children : 

i. Sarah," b. June 27, 1656; m. Nov. 13, 1677, Samuel Irons of 


ii. Jonx, b. Jan. 1, d. Feb. 9, 1658-9. 

9. iii. Joseph, b. Feb. 23, 1060-1. 

iv. John, b. Mar. 10, d. Mar. 11, 1602. 

V. Hannah, b. Apr. 0, 1604. 

vi. Maky, b. Dec. 26, 1606. 

10. vii. Josiah, b. June 26, 1069. 

viii. Ruth, b. about 1672; d. June 23, 1675. 

. Hoses'^ Belcher {Gregory'^), born about 1635, was a husbandman, 
and resided in Braiutree, inheriting his father's homestead. He is 
called "Corporal" Belcher on the records. He died July 5, 1691, 
and in his will, dated three days before, he mentions his wife ; 
daughter Mary Bass ; other daughters to have portions equal to that 
given to Mary; son Moses (then under age) to have the whole 
homestead ; brother Alexander Marsh and cousin Joseph Belcher 
overseers; wife sole executor, (Suffolk Co. Probate.) 

He married, May 23, 1666, Mary Nash, probably a daughter of 
James and Alice Nash of Weymouth, Mass., as Moses Belcher was 
a witness on a deed made by them. May 22, 1666, the day before 
his marriage. (Suffolk Co Deeds, vol. 5, page 82.) 

On Dec. 30, 1707, Mary Belcher, widow, and Anna Belcher, 
spinster, Moses Belcher, Joseph Bass, Ichabod Allen and Elizabeth 
his wife, Jabez Athern and Katherine his wife, and Joseph Brackett 
and Mehitable his wife, being all the children of Moses and Mary 
Belcher, conveyed land of said Moses deceased. (Suffolk Deeds, 
vol. 36, page 70.) 

Children : 

i. Maky, 3 b. Sept. 8, 1668 ; m. June 5, 1088, Joseph Bass of Braiutree. 

ii. Sarah, b. Mar. 2, 1670-1 ; d. young, 

iii. MuRCY, b. Mar. 2, 1671-2; d. young. 

11. iv. A SON [Moses], b. 1674. 

V. Mehitable, b. Sept. 12, 1676; m. Dec. 25, 1701, Joseph Bracket of 

vi. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 25, 1679; m. Dec. 25, 1701, Ichabod Allen of 

Martha's Vineyard, 
vii. Catherine, b. Nov. 23, 1681; d. Aug. 13, 1082. 
viii. Anna, b. May 21, 1084; m. Oct. 10, 1717, Natlianiel Wardell of 

ix. Catherine, b. July 5. 1680; m. Nov. 30, 1705, Jabez Atheara of 
Martha's Vineyard; d. Apr. 3, 1752. 

. S.\muel'^ Belcher ( Gregory^), born Aug. 24, 1637, resided in 
Braiutree, where he died June 17, 1679. On May 6, 1630, ad- 
ministration on his estate was granted " to Roger Billing, Alexander 
March, and Moses Belcher- his father-in-law and two of his brothers." 
(Suffolk Co. Probate.) The inventory was £576-17-6. On Mar. 
4, 1696, Thomas French and P21izabeth his wife conveyed to their 
brother Gregory Belcher their interest in the estate of their father 
Samuel Belcher. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 41, page 249.) On the 
same day, John Sanders of Westerly and Silence his wife conveyed 

their interest in the estate of their father Samuel Belcher. (Suffolk 
Co. Deeds, vol. 41, page 250.) On Sept. 21, 1G93, Moses Belcher 
of Dorchester conveyed his interest in the estate of his father, 
Samuel Belcher, to his brother Gregory (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 41, 
page 252). On Aug. 8, 1727, William Wattle and Abigail his wife, 
of Lebanon, Conn., conveyed to their brother Samuel Belcher their 
interest in the estate of their late mother Niles, deceased, in the 
estate of her former husband Samuel Belcher. (Sulfolk Co. Deeds, 
vol. 41, page 253.) SamueP Belcher married, Dec. 15, iGGo, Mary, 
daughter of Roger Billings of Dorchester, Mass. She married sec- 
ond, Apr. 20, 1G80, Samuel Niles of Braintree. 
Children : 

12. i. Gregory," b. Feb. 28, 1664-5. 

13. ii. Samuel, b. Sept. 21, 1666. 

iii. William, b. May 3, 1668; served in Capt. John Withinston's Co. 
ill the expedition a^-ai list Quebec in 1690; was a blacksmith; d. 
unmarried, in 1701; his bi'other Gregory appointed administra- 
tor. (Snflblk Co. Probate.) 

iv. Mary, b. Oct. 16, 1670; m. Dec. 16, 1696, Capt. Nathaniel Vose of 
Milton, who d. Oct. 10, 1753 ; d. June 22, 1758. 

14. V. Moses, b. Au^-. 4, 1672. 

vi. Abigail, b. Oct. 24, 1674; m. Apr. 28, 1697, William Waddel of 

Stonington, and later of Lebanon, Conn, 
vii. Elizabeth, b. June 22, 1677 ; m. Thomas French of Braintree. 
viii. Silence, b. June 24, 1679; m. John Sanders of Westerly, ii. I. 

. Joseph^ Belcher (Gregory^), born Dec. 25, 1641, on his marriage 
was given by his father 9 acres of laud in Milton, where he set- 
tled (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. iv., page 204). His wife Rebecca 
was sole heiress to large tracts of land in Dorchester and Milton, 
from the estate of her father ; but evidently incompatibility made 
their domestic life unhappy, causing a temporary separation and a 
summons before the General Court. By the efforts of friends, how- 
ever, a reconciliation was effected. (Dedham Historical Register, 
vol. 12, page 41.) On the breaking out of King Philip's War, 
Joseph Belcher served as quartermaster in the cavalry trooj) of Capt. 
Thomas Prentice in the first expedition against King Philip at Mt. 
Hope, and in a skirmish with the Indians at Swansey, on .lune 28, 
1G75, he distinguished himself by great bravery, being badly 
wounded in the knee, and having his horse shot under him. He 
died about 1G78, the inventory of his estate, amounting to £472-4-9, 
being presented on Feb. 7, 1G78-9. (Suffolk Co. Probate, vol. 12, 
page 318.) He married, in 1GG4, Rebecca,^ baptized July 7, 1G50, 
daughter of John^ and Ann Gill of Dorchester. 
Children : 

i. Anne, 3 b. in 1665 ; m. in 1682, Rowland Storey of Boston. 
ii. John, b. Apr. 2, 1667 ; d. Feb. 2, 1681-2. 

15. iii. Joseph, b. May 14, 1669. 

iv. Rebecca, b. Nov. 12, 1671; m. June 25, 1690, Samuel Miller of Re- 

hoboth, later of Milton. 
v. Patience, b. Dec. 5, 1674. 
vi. Maky, bapt. Nov. 12, 1G76; m. Sept. 23, 1696, Benjamin Feuno of 

vii. Gill, b. Sept. 22, 1678; was a sea captain in Boston, where he 

married, Sept. 21, 1702, Mary Howard. On Oct. 26, 1702, he gave 

power of attorney to his wife to dispose of his property, and on 


Sept. 3, 1703, she mortgased his property in Boston. (Suffolk 
Co. Deeds, vol. 21, page 376.) On Feb. C, 1705-6, Samuel Sew- 
all seut a letter to Rev. Joseph Lord in Dorchester, South Caro- 
lina, by Capt. Gill Belcher. (6 Mass. Hist. Society Coll., vol. 
1, page 324.) No further trace of Gill Belcher has been found iu 
New England ; and he may have settled in South Carolina or been 
lost at sea. One Mary Belcher, possibly his widow, ni. in Bos- 
ton, June 7, 1716, John Flagg. In 1765, a Gill Belcher of Hebron, 
Conn., perhaps a grandson of Capt. Gill,'' bought laud in Great 
Barringtou, Mass. 

7. John' Belcher (Josiah,^ Gregory^), born in Boston, Dec. 23, 1659, 

was baptized in the First Church, April 3, 1664, and admitted to 
the Old South Church, Apr. 30, 1680. By occupation he was a 
ship carpenter. In 1690 he was in the military service and sta- 
tioned at Kittery, Me., and was dismissed and sent home on Nov. 
9 of that year. " (Me. Hist. Coll. Series 2, vol. 5, page 160.) He 
resided in Boston until about 1693, when he went to Kittery, Me., 
and entered the employ of the Frost family, who were extensive 
shipbuilders, where he continued until his death in 1730. His 
will, dated Feb. 17, 1729-30, calls liimself "John Belcher, joiner, of 
Kittery, eldest son of Josiah Belcher of Boston," and states he has 
lived with the Frosts for near about forty years and none of his 
relatives have assisted him, and therefore he leaves all his property 
to Charles Frost. (York Wills, vol. 4, page 130; also Suffolk 
Co. Deeds, vol. 46, page 90.) Presumably it was this .lohu^ Belcher 
who married Theodoi'a , in 1688, and had two children bap- 
tized in the Old South Church in Boston. He evidently deserted 
his family vphen he went to Maine in 1693, as his wife Theodora 
remained in Boston and married second, Dec. 9, 1698, Simon Lee, 
married third, Nov. 20, 1700, William Darnton, and married fourth, 
Sept. 13, 1709, Francis Pomeroy. 
Children of John' and Theodora : 

16. i. John.* b. Dec. 11, 1689; bapt. in Old South Church, May 31, 1691. 
ii. Maky, bapt. iu Old South Church, Dec. 11, 1693; m. Oct. 7, 1712, 

John Milton of Boston, and had a son John,^ b. in 1713, and a dau. 
Theodora, b. iu 1715. 

8. Benjamin' Belcher {Josiah,'^ Gregory^), born in Boston, Mar. 20, 

1680-1, was a shipwright, and about 1703 settled in Newport, R. 1. 
(Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 41, page 210.) He was admitted freeman 
of R. I., May 6, 1707, and died about 1719. The information 
herein given of his descendants needs further verification. He mar- 
ried first, Phebe , who died after 1711 ; and married second, 

about 1715, Sarah, born Aug. 13, 1690, daughter of Arnold and 
Sarah Collins of Newport. She married second, about 1720, Josiah 
Bliss of Middletowu, R. I. 
Children by first wife : 

17. i. Benjamin,'' b. Nov. 7, 1704. 
ii. Phkbe, b. June 11, 1708. 

18. iii. Edward, b. Aug. 24, 1711. ♦ 

Children by second wife : 

19. iv. Arnold, b. about 1715. 

V. Sarah (perhaps), bapt. May 17, 1717. 


9. Joseph* Belcher {John^ Gregory^) was born Feb. 23, 16G0-1, 
and after his birth record, appears no further in any town, church, 
deed, or probate record that has been found by the writer. Never- 
theless, it appears he had a family, as in the diary of John Marshall 
of Braintree is the following entry: "Joseph Belcher's child died 
Mar. 8, 1700-1." On Mar. 20, 1726, Joseph Belcher and his son, 
from Braintree, were warned from Boston. (Boston Record Com. 
Report, No. 13, page 154.) 

It seems likely that he was father of the following Belchers who 
cannot otherwise be placed : 

i. Mercy, m. in Boston, Nov. 11, 1709, Benjamin Johns, 
ii. Hannah, m. in Boston, May 25, 1713, Anthony Ennis. 
ii. Elizabeth, m. in Boston, Jan. 4, 1715-16, Alexander FuUerton. 

Possibly, however, she was dau. of Josiah' Belcher. 
Iv. Mary Belcher, m. in Boston, June 7, 1716, John Flagg (then in 

middle life) , as his second wife. But possibly she was the widow 

of GiU' Belcher as previously suggested. 
V. A SON, perhaps the Joseph Belcher, seaman, on ship " King George '* 

in 1758, referred to under Josiah' Belcher. 

10. JosiAH^ Belcher {John,^ Gregory^), born in Braintree, June 26, 

1669, was a cordwainer, and lived in Braintree until Jan., 1713- 
14, when he went to Watertown, from whence he was warned two 
months afterwards. Later we find him in Boston, being warned from 
there before July 29, 1723. He then lived at Marblehead for a 
short time, but returned soon to Boston, he and his wife and two 
sons being warned in Boston on May 22, 1725. He remained, 
nevertheless, and on Feb. 25, 1726, bought of Thomas Bill (presu- 
mably his son-in-law) a portion of the dwelling house of the latter 
in Blackhorse lane, which he and his wife Margaret sold back to 
Thomas BiU, on Jan. 5, 1729-30. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 40, 
page 266, and vol. 44, page 47.) This deal was probably for the 
purpose of securing a residence for Josiah and Margaret Belcher 
with their daughter Ruth Bill in Boston, free from the molestations 
of the authorities. In 1734, Josiah Belcher was refused a liquor 
license. No further record appears of hirn. He married Margaret, 
born May 11, 1670, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Ladd) 
Hayden of Braintree. 
Children : 
20. i. John,* b. Aug. 28, 1694. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. May 25, 1697; perhaps m. Jan. 4, 1715-16, Alexander 

FuUerton of Boston, 
iii. Margaret, b. Apr. 8, 1699. 
iv. Ruth (probably), b. about 1702; m. June 6, 1723, Thomas Bill, 

shipwright, of Boston, 
v. A SON, name undiscovered, 
vi. Joseph, b. Nov. 1, 1709. Perhaps the Joseph Belcher of Braintree 

who served as seaman on the ship " King George," from Mar. 15 

to Oct. 21, 1758 ; no further record. 

11. MosES^ Belcher {Moses,^ Gregory^), born in Braintree in 1674, in- 

herited the farm occupied by his father and grandfather, and resided 
in Braintree until his death, about 1745. He was called " Sr." 
on the records, to distinguish him from his cousin Moses* Belcher 
(born in 1692, son of Samuel*). Moses Belcher, Sr., held numerous 


minor town offices, such as fence viewer, constable, hogreive, and 
surveyor of highways, between the years 1712 and 1733. His 
name occurs in several land transactions, but no probate records 
of his estate appear. He married first, May 20, 1715, Anne, born 
about 1696, daughter of Samuel and Anne (Clay) Sarson of Mar- 
tha's Vineyard, who died Jan. 28, 1721-2, having had three chil- 
dren ; and married second, Jan. 3, 1726-7, Alice, born June 9, 1698, 
daughter of Dr. John and Sarah (Newton) Wilson of Braintree, and 
great-granddaughter of Rev. John Wilson, first pastor of the First 
Church in Boston. She died without issue, in 1754. 
Children by first wife : 

21. i. Moses/ b. Mar. 8, 1715-16. 

ii. Anne, b. May 19, 1718; probably m. Aug. 11, 1748, as his second 

wife, Maj. Joseph Crosby of Braintree. 
iii. Mary, b. Dec. 11, 1720; d. Aug. 18, 1725. 

12. Dea. Gregory^ Belcher {Samuel,"^ Gregory^), born in Braintree, 

Feb. 28, 1664-5, always resided there, where he held many minor 
town offices, and was deacon in the church for many years. Besides 
carrying on farming, he also followed the occupation of shipwright 
and carpenter. He was killed in an accident, by a plough, July 4, 
1727. .He married. Mar. 25, 1689-90, Elizabeth, born in 1669, 
daughter of John and Rebecca (Farnsworth) Ruggles of Braintree, 
who died Nov. 22, 1748. 
Children : 

22. i. Gregory,* b. June 19, 1691. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 31, d. Dec. 30, 1693. 

iii. Eebecca, b. Nov. 30, 1694; ra. (1) Sept. 14, 1720, Henry Carley, 
who d. at sea, Sept. 24, 1721, while on a return voyage from Ire- 
land to New England; m. (2) July 1, 1727, Dr. Jacob Ealman- 
thorp of Braintree. (Suflfolk Co. Deeds, vol. 41, p. 253.) 

iv. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 30, 1696-7; m. Feb. 12, 1724-5, David Bass of 

23. V. Samuel, b. Aug, 19, 1699. 

vi. Ruth, b. Apr. 6, 1702; m. Oct. 10, 1728, Joseph Eddy of Bristol. 

24. vii. Joseph, b. Aug. 19, 1704. 

viii. Catherine, b. Dec. 24, 1706 ; m. (1) Nov. 30, 1732, William Clough 
of Boston; m. (2) Dec. 5, 1734, Rev. Elisha Eaton, Harvard Col- 
lege 1729, minister at Randolph, Mass. 

ix. Benjamin, b. May 17, d. June 5, 1709. 

X. Abigail, b. May 24, 1711; m. Aug. 2, 1733, James Brackett of 

13. Samuel^ Belcher {Samuel,'^ Gregory'^), born Sept. 21, 1666, was a 

farmer and resided in Braintree, where he held various minor town 
offices, and died Dec. 19, 1714. He married, in 1688, Comfort, 
born in 1666, daughter of John and Jael (Thayer) Harbour of 
Braintree and Mendon. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 17, page 216.) 
She married second, Jan. 10, 1722-3 (or Aug. 13, 1723), Stephen 
Crane of Braintree, and died m Milton, Dec. 21, 1745. Her will, 
dated 1744, mentions sons Moses and Nathaniel Belcher ; daughter 
Mary Wales deceased ; daughter Deborah Holten ; and daughter 
Zipporah Curtis. 

Children : 
i. Samuel,* bapt. Mar. 3, 1688-9 ; d. in infancy, 
ii. Samuel, bapt. Apr. 5, 1691 ; d. June 4, 1692. 


25. iii. Moses, b. Dec. 16, 1692. 

iv. Deborah, b. Feb. 11, 1694-5 ; m. July 20, 1721, Nathaniel Houghton 
of Milton. (The Braintree records erroneously give his marriage 
to Mary Belcher.) 

V. Mary, b. June, 1697 ; m. Jan. 13, 1718-19, Thomas Wales of Brain- 

vi. William, b. July U, d. Aug. 3, 1699. 

vii. Nathaniel, b. July 25, 1700. 

viii. Sarah, b. Jan. 14, 1702-3; d. Jan. 14, 1716-17. 

ix. ZIPPORAH, b. Aug. 27, 1704; m. Jan. 7, 1723-4, John Curtis of 

X. Anne, b. July 19, d. Aug. 3, 1706. 

14. Dea. Moses^ Belcher (Samuel,^ Gregory^), born Aug. 14, 1672, 

purchased a farm in Milton, where he resided until 1720, when he 
removed to Preston, Conn., where he died May 4, 1728. He and 
his wife were admitted to the Milton Church, Jan. 19, 1695-6, and 
dismissed to the second Preston church, Nov. 13, 1720, where he 
was elected one of the first deacons. In 1721, he represented Pres- 
ton in the Connecticut General Assembly. On Sept. 12, 1729, 
Hannah Belcher, widow, William Belcher, Elijah Belcher, Stephen 
Tucker and Hannah his wife, all of Preston, Conn., and Ebenezer 
Clapp and Abigail his wife, of Stoughton, conveyed their interest in 
the land grant of George Lyon. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 49, page 

He married, Dec. 19, 1694, Hannah, born Nov. 14, 1673, daugh- 
ter of George and Hannah (Tolman) Lyon of Milton, who died 
Aug. 20, 1745, in Preston. 

Children : 

i. Hannah,* b. Sept. 29, 1695; m. Aug. 30, 1716, Stephen Tucker of 

Milton, later of Preston, Conn, 
ii. Abigail, b. Sept. 18, 1697; m. Feb. 4, 1719-20, Ebenezer Clapp of 

Milton, later of Stoughton. 
iii. MosES, b. May 5, 1699; d. Oct. 13, 1722. 

27. iv. William, b. Dec. 20, 1701. 

28. v. Elijah, b. Dec. 13, 1703. 

vi. Elisha, b. Nov. 12, 1706 ; d. July 20, 1729. 

vii. Mary, b. Dec. 7, 1709; m. Nov. 20, 1729, Moses Tyler of Preston, 

viii. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 23, 1713-14; d. Apr. 26, 1714. 
ix. Elizabeth, b. July 21, 1715; d. Feb. 9, 1718. 
X. Mehitable, b. Nov. 4, 1718; m. Oct. 1, 1741, Timothy Lester of 

Preston, Conn. 

15. Rev. Joseph^ Belcher (Joseph,^ Gregory^), born May 14, 1669, in 

youth inherited a considerable estate for those times, which enabled 
him to obtain a liberal education at Harvard College, where he was 
graduated in 1690. He then studied for the ministry, and began to 
preach in Dedham, in the spring of 1692, which resulted in a per- 
manent call, and he was ordained and settled there on Nov. 29, 1693. 
He remained pastor there for nearly 30 years, until the autumn of 
1721, when he was incapacitated by a paralytic shock, and was re- 
moved to the house of his son-in-law Rev. Thomas Walter, in Rox- 
bury, to be under the care of his brother-in-law Dr. Philip Tompson, 
where he died Apr. 27, 1723. His portrait in oil hangs in the 
First Church in Dedham. 


He married, Mar. 8, 1693-4, Abigail, bom Nov. 25, 1670, daugh- 
ter of Benjamin and Susanna (Kirkland) Tompson, whose father 
was a graduate of Harvard College, and for many years taught 
school and practiced medicine in Roxbury and Braintree, and also 
was noted as a poet and philosopher. She survived her husband. 

Children : 

i. Abigail,^ b. Aug. 23, 1695; m. Apr. 14, 1720, Perez Bradford, Har- 
vard College 1717, who taught school in Dedham, Milton, and 

ii. Rebecca, b. Mar. 14, 1696-7; m. Dec. 25, 1718, Rev. Thomas "Wal- 
ter of Roxbury, Harvard College 1713. 

ill. Joseph, b. Oct. 16, 1699; Harvard College 1717; taught school in 
Dedham aud Milton; d. about 1739; m. Dec. 24, 1731, Elizabeth, 
b. July 3, 1703, dau. of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Breck) Butt of 
Dorchester, who had no children. She m. (2) Dec. 25, 1740, Capt. 
William Hunt of Braintree. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 65, page 228.) 

iv. Mary, b. July 23, 1701 ; d. Jan. 11, 1702-3. 

V. Samuel, b. Mar. 23, 1703-4 ; was a saddler, learning the trade with 
his uncle Benjamin Tompsou of Roxbury; lived in Dedham and 
later in Milton, but about 1730 settled in Wmdsor, Conn., where 
he afterwards resided ; d. Oct. 10, 1756, in an expedition against 
Crown Point, being a member of Capt. Benjamiu Allen's Co. ; m. 
Aug. 17, 1732, Mabel, b. Aug. 19, 1708, dau. of Capt. Thomas and 
Abigail (Edwards) Stoughton of Windsor, Conn. He had no 
children, according to Hiuman's "Early Puritans of Conn.," page 
177, which states that the will of Samuel left his estate to his 
wife Mabel and nephew Belcher Richards ; but perhaps he was 
father of the Gill Belcher of Hebron, Conn., who bought land in 
Great Barrington, Mass., in 1765 (see 6, vii.). 

vi. Mary, b. 1706; m. Aug. 10, 1726, Dr. Joseph Richards of Dedham, 
Mass., Harvard College 1721. 

V. Gill, b. Oct. 11, 1711; lived in Milton and Swansey, and later in 
Dedham, where he d. May 16, 1752, apparently unmarried. 

16. JoHN^ Belcher {John^ Josiah,^ Gregory^), horn in Boston, Dec. 11, 

1689, was a mariner and lived in Boston, where he died, Oct. 3, 
1713, just one month after his marriage. He was buried in the 
Granary burying ground, where his gravestone still remains. He 
married, Sept. 3, 1713, Sarah,^ born Oct. 11, 1695, daughter of Dea. 
SamueP and Ruth (Rawlins) Marshall of Boston, who married 
second, Nov. 17, 1715, Capt. John Bonner, Jr., mariner, of Bos- 
ton, and died about 1761. (Suffolk Co. Probate, vol. 60, page 80.) 

Child : 
i. John,* b. in Boston, June 2, 1714 ; was a mariner and lived in Bos- 
ton, where he m., June 12, 1735, Aqne Jones, and had two children. 

17. Capt. Benjamin^ Belcher {Benjamin,^ Josiah,^ Ch-egory^), born 

in Newport, R. I., Nov. 7, 1704, resided in his native town, where 
he was a shipwright and sea captain. He married, Dec. 24, 1724, 
Abigail Arnold, who died in Newport, Dec. 7, 1773, aged 67. 
She was probably the Abigail Arnold, born Mar. 28, 1706, daugh- 
ter of Josiah aud Mary (Sanford) Arnold of Jamestown, R. I. 
Their children were baptized in Trinity Church, Newport. 
Children : 

i. Benjamin,* bapt. Jan. 16, 1725-6. 

ii. Josiah, bapt. Aug. 20, 1727; d. young. 

iii. Phebe, bapt. Nov. 10, 1728; probably m. Aug. 8, 1755, Henry Per- 


Iv. Abigail, bapt. May 3, 1730 ; d. young. 

V. Abigail, bapt. July 7, 1732; perhaps m. Aug. 13, 1758, Owen Bel- 
vi. Mary, bapt. Sept. 29, 1734. 
vii. Arnold, bapt. Sept. 30, 1736. 
viii. JosiAH, bapt. Aug. 9, 1737. 
ix. Comfort, bapt. Aug. 21, 1739. 

18. Capt. Edward* Belcher [Benjamin,^ Josiah,"^ Gregory^), born in 
Newport, R. I., Aug. 24, 1711, was a shipwright and mariner, and 
was admitted freeman of R. I. on May 6, 1735. He married first, 
Dec. 5, 1734, Catherine Arnold, who was probably the Catherine 
Arnold born Feb. 7, 1713, daughter of Josiah and Mary (Sanford) 
Arnold of Jamestown, R. I,; and married second, June 22, 1747, 
Lydia Rowland. 

Probable children by first wife : 
i. Arnold,^ b. about 1735; of Jamestown, R. I. j m. Feb. 18, 1758, 

Catharine Austin. 
ii. Owen, b. about 1737; m. Aug, 13, 1758, Abigail Belcher, 
iii. Catharine. 
iv. Elizabeth. 

Child by second wife : 
V. Benjamin", bapt. Aug. 12 ^ 1751. 

19» Arnold* Belcher [Benjamin,^ Josiah,''' (^re^or^), born about 1715, 
lived at Westerly, R. I. He married Elizabeth, born Jan. 10, 
1719, daughter of Christopher and Elizabeth (Dfennison) Champlin 
of Westerly. The record of this family does not appear, but the fol- 
lowing children were probably theirs. 

Children : 
1. Silvester,^ m. July 2, 1761, Olive Babcock. 
ii. Elizabeth, m. Nov. 11, 1764, Job Stanton. 

20. John* Belcher {Josiah,^ John,'' Gregory^), born Aug. 28, 1694, 

lived in Braintree until after his marriage, and then in Boston, 
where he died about 1720. He apparently owned no real estate, 
and there is no reference to him in probate records. He married, 
Aug. 16, 1717,. Sarah Cook of Brookline, who married second, in 
Boston, Feb. 7, 1722-3, John White. 

Children : 
1. Rebecca,^ b. Oct. 29, 1718 ; m. Oct. 18, 1739, Philip Newton of Bos- 
ton. She was bapt. as an adult, and admitted to the New South 
Church on Feb. 17, 1739-40. 
ii. Sarah (?),b, about 1720. There was a Sarah Belcher bapt. and 
admitted to the New South Church on the same day as Rebecca 
(Belcher) Newton, aud it is probable that they were sisters. Sarah 
Belcher's m. int. was pub. to Samuel Barns, July 31, 1740. 

21. Moses* Belcher (Moses,^ Moses,'' Gregory^), born Mar. 8, 1715- • 

16, lived in Braintree. Oh Apr. 20, 1736, his father was appointed 
guardian for him and his sister Anne, for property left them by 
their grandfather Samuel Sarson. (Suffolk Co. Probate.) Oa 
Oct. 7, 1740, Moses Belcher, Jr., yeoman, and Anne Belcher, spin- 
ster, both of Braintree, sold to Nathaniel Wardwell of Boston 
(husband of their aunt Anna Belcher) their interest in an estate in 
Boston formerly belonging to their grandfather Samuel Sarson de- 


ceased. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, Vol. 59, page 271.) On the records 
he is called Moses, Jr., and Moses tertius, to distmguish him from his 
father and from his cousin Maj. and Dea. Moses^ Belcher. He 
married Eunice, born Apr. 4, 1716, daughter of Exj^erience and 
Remember (Bourne) May hew of Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard. 

Children : 
i. ' Eunice,^ h. Dec. 25, 1736. 
ii. Lucy, b. Mar. 2, 1738-9. 

iii. Capt. Sarson, b. June 21, 1741; settled in Boston, where he car- 
ried on the business of hatter; joined the Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Co. in 1765; during the Revolution he was Capt. of the 
8th Co. of Boston Militia iu Col. Hatch's regt. ; m. Mar. 2i, 1763, 
Fentou (or Fanny), dau. of John and Elizabeth Hill, who was 
b. Mar. 7, 1742-3, and d. Aug. 25, 1793; d. Dec. 24, 1794. They 
had issue. 
iv. Mary, b. May 24, 1744; d. Sept. 23, 1748. 

V. Mayhew, b. Mar. 12, 1746; located in Bridgewater, and there d. 
unmarried, in 1778 ; served in the Revolution, a few days on the 
Lexington alarm in 1776, later in an expedition to Rhode Island, 
in Dec, 1776. 
vi. Anne, b. about 1747; m. in Bridgewater, Apr. 21, 1774, John Keith 
of Hardwick. 

22. Gregory* Belcher {Dea. Gregory,^ Samuel,"^ Gregory^), born June 

19, 1691, was a carpenter and lived in Braintree, where he died, 
Jan. 20, 1727-8, in his 37th year. His will, dated Jan. 17, 1727- 
8, names wife Abigail and daughter Abigail. He married, Aug. 
6, 1719, Abigail Brackett, who died a few months after her hus- 

i. Abigail,* b. July 16, 1720; m. Nov. 6, 1740, Samuel Nightingale"; 
removed to Pomfret, Conn. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 64, p. 173.) 

23. Sergt. Samuel* Belcher {Dea. Gregory,^ Samuel,"^ Gregory^), 

born in Braintree, Aug. 19, 1699, was a husbandman, and resided 
in Braintree until his death, June 21, 1738, administration being 
given to his widow Sarah. Between 1728 and 1738 he held several 
minor town offices, usually surveyor of shingles and clapboards, and 
in 1736 became sergeant of one of the military companies. He 
married, Jan. 13, 1725-6, Sarah, born Oct. 19, 1705, daughter of 
Jonathan and Sarah (Ruggles) Hayward, who married second, 
Sept. 7, 1742, Dea. Thomas Wales. 

Children : 
i. Samuel,* b. Nov. 7, 1726; d. Jan. 25, 1726-7. 
ii. Sarah, b, Dec. 1, 1729 ; m. Dec. 4, 1744, Atherton Wales; d. 1816. 
iii. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 22, 1733 ; m. Moses Wales, 
iv. Susanna, b. Apr. 19, 1736; m. (int. pub. Jan. 24, 1756) Col. Jona- 
than Bass, who d. May 12, 1790, aged 57 yrs. 
V. Samuel, b. Nov. 21, 1738 ; lived in Randolph; m. (int. pub. July 3, 
1758), Sarah, b. Sept. 7, 1731, dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Allen) 
Wales, who d. June 6, 1806 ; d. June 6, 1795. Six children. 

24. Rev. Joseph* Belcher {Dea. Gregory,^ Samuel,^ Gregory'^), born 

Aug. 19, 1704, graduated from Harvard College in 1723, and studied 
for the ministry. After preaching at Walpole, Mass., and other 
places, he received a call to Easton, Mass., where he was settled 
and ordained, Oct. 6, 1731. He was a man of peculiar tempera- 


ment, and was subject to periodical attacks of partial insanity, which 
resulted in serious difficulties in his church, and in his dismission on 
Apr. 16, 1744. Financial embarrassments finally induced him, 
shortly after the death of his wife, to desert his childreu and flee 
from his creditors. He was for a while at Wiscasset, Me., but on 
Dec. 3, 1757, acknowledged a deed at Taunton, Mass. (Suffolk 
Co. Deeds, vol. 94, page 67.) His further history is unknown 
to the writer, but the catalogue of Harvard College states that he 
died in 1773. 

He married, in 1732, Deborah, born Mar. 8, 1710-11, daughter 
of Rev. Samuel and Hannah (Pope) Hunt of Dartmouth, who died 
Mar. 21, 1753. 

Children : 
i. Hannah,* b. Jan. 23, 1732-3; m. in Bridgewater, Dec. 14, 1769, as 

his second wife, Capt. Moses Curtis of Braiutree. 
ii. Rebecca, b. Apr. 1, 1735; m. in Bridgewater, Jan. 5, 1764, Jesse 

iii. " Dr." Joseph, b. Apr. 1, 1735; served in Capt. Simeon Carey's Co. 
in two Crown Point expeditions, in 1758 and 1759; settled, about 
1762, in Stoughton, wliere he carried on a farm and also posed as 
a physician, his specialty being a quack eye lotion; m. Mar. 2, 
1762, Abial Hollis, who d. Feb. 14, 1838, aged 94; d. Apr. 20, 
1803. Eight children. 
iv. Benjajun, b. about 1737 (?). A Benjamin Belcher appears on the 
roll of Capt. Simeon Cary's Co. in 1758, on a Crown Point expedi- 
tion. This individual cannot be placed unless he was a son of 
Rev. Joseph.* 
V. Gregory, b. Jan. 26, 1738-9; lived in Easton; m. (1) Deborah 
, by wliom he had one child ; m. (2) June 29, 1775, Eliza- 
beth Pratt, by whom he had three children. 
vi. Deborah, b. Mar. 31, 1741; m. in Bridgewater, Dec. 8, 1761, Seth 

vii. Samuel, b. Feb. 4, 1742-3; d. Jan. 29, 1755. 

viii. Eleazer, b. Sept. 1, 1745; went to Stoughton, and settled in that 
part which in 1778 became Foxborough ; served in the Revolution ; 
m. (int. pub. Nov. 10, 1766) Elizabeth,^ b. Sept. 10, 1745, dau. of 
Timothy* and Elizabeth (Partridge) Morse of Stoughton, who d. 
in Apr., 1838; d. Dec. 24, 1818. "Nine children. 
ix. William, b. Jan. 29, 1748 ; is said to have been killed or captured 
near New York, in Sept., 1776, in the Revolution. (History of 
Easton, page 100.) 
X. Jonathan, b. in Feb., 1753 ; lived in Stoughton and Needham during 
the Revolution, and rendered protracted service in the army: 
later settled and d. in his native town of Easton ; m. Jan. 4, 1778, 
Abigail, b. in 1751, dau. of Daniel and Hannah (Rose) Corthrell 
of Bridgewater. They had issue. 

25. Maj. and Dea. Moses* Belcher {Samuel,^ Samud,"^ Gregory^), born 
in Brainti'ee, Dec. 16, 1692, passed his life in his native town, where 
he became an influential man and the most prominent of the Bel- 
chers descended from Gregory. Up to 1735 he is called "Jr." on 
the records, to distinguish him from his elder cousin Moses^ (born 
in 1674, son of Moses^), and after that year (when Moses, ^ son of 
Moses,* became of age and a town voter) he is designated either as 
*' Mr." or " Deacon," or by his military title. As early as 1726 he 
began to hold minor town offices, and fgr over 80 years he was 
continuously prominent in the aifairg of the town ; selectman from 
1737 to 1742, and in 1746 ; sergeant 1737-1742 ; lieutenant 1742- 
1748; captain 1748-1751; and major from 1751 to 1759. During 


the French and Indian war, from 1756 to 1759, he rendered service 
as a muster and training officer, but on account of his age probably 
did not take the field. On May 29, 1747, he was elected deacon of 
the first church, holding the office for thirty years, until his death. 
The exact time of his decease is not recorded, but he was living as 
late as 1775. The probate files show no record of his estate. 

He married first, in Boston, May 20, 1715, Mary Williams; and 
married second, May 23, 1765, Abigail, born Oct. 11, 1704, daugh- 
ter of Benjamin and Hannah Beale, and widow of Benjamin Baxter 
of Braintree. 

Children by first wife : 

I. Sajiuel,* b. Sept. 19, 1719, iu Braintree ; settled in Boston about 

1752, where he engaged iu the trucking business ; and d. in Feb., 
1762. His residence was at the corner of Bury Street and Sister's 
Lane (now Channing Street and Leather Square), and his name 
appears on the alarm list for Ward 12, Boston, dated Dec. 7, 
1754. Children by wife Abigail : 1. Samuel,* b. Oct. 24, 1743 ; set- 
tled in Boston, where he m., Apr. 9, 1765, Deborah Thompson. 
Children: i. Samuel Thompson,' b. Apr. 18, 1767; m. Jan. 12, 
1792, Sally, b. Apr. 28, 1775, dau. of Lewis and Sarah (Tucker- 
man) Tucker; settled in Foxborough, Mass., where he d. Jan. 22, 
1846, and she d. May 15, 1842, leaving children, ii. Deborah, b. 
Aug. 11, 1768 ; m. June 20, 1790, Edward Reynolds, merchant, of 
Boston, and had Dr. Edward, H. C. 1811, a distinguished oculist 
in Boston, iii. Mary Thompson, bapt. Feb. 7, 1773. iv. Jenny 
Thompson, bapt. in Weston, Sept. 24, 1775. 2. A child, b. and d. 
May, 1745 (?). S. A child, b. and d. July 17, 1747. 4. Mary, 
bapt. Apr. 30, 1749; probably the one who m. in Boston, Aug. 15, 
1767, Edward Stow, Jr. 5. Abigail, bapt. Nov. 3, 1751 ; m. in 
Boston, May 21, 1772, Benjamin Callender. 6. William, bapt. in 
New Soyth church, Boston, Feb. 17, 1754; was a tailor; settled 
in Northfield, Mass., where he d. Mar. 14, 1827; m. June 8, 1775, 
Huldah, bapt. July 3, 1757, dau. of Alexander and Lydia (Cham- 
berlain) Norton of Northfield. Thirteen children. 7. Bichard, 
bapt. June 13, 1756 ; probably the Richard, of Boston, who enlisted 
June 10, 1775, as matross in Maj. Thomas Pierce's Co. ; not fur- 
ther traced. 

II. Mary, b. Mar. 10, 1721-2 ; further history unknown, 
iii. Mosbs, b. Apr. 27, 1724. 

iv. Elijah, b. Oct. 21, 1729; resided iu Braintree, where he d. June 1, 
1800 ; served for two days, in June, 1776, in a Co. commanded by 
Capt. Edmund Billiugs, assembled to drive the British ships from 
Boston, also in a regt. of guards at Roxbury, from Mar. 25 to 
Apr. 7, 1778; m. (1) Oct. 4, 1753, Mary, b. Apr. 21, 1736, dau. of 
John and Mary (Horton) Glover of Dorchester, who d. Nov. 2, 
1754, leaving one child; m. (2) (int. pub. Sept. 15, 1758) Mary, 
b. Jan. 24, 1732, dau. of William and Deliverance (Woodward) 
Pierce of Milton, who d. Mar. 22, 1819. Five children. 

V. William, bapt. June 24, 1733 ; was a merchant of Boston, of the 
firm of Richard Cranch & Co., candle manufacturers. 

26. Lieut. Nathaniel^ Belcher {Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ Gregory^), born 
in Braintree, July 25, 1700, resided there and held various minor 
town offices from 1729 to 1759, in which latter year he was chosen 
selectman. From 1749 to 1756 he was ensign, and after 1756 
lieutenant of one of the Braintree military companies. In his old 
age he went to reside with his son Joseph in Randolph, where he 
died in the winter of 1780, aged 80 years. 

He married first, Nov. 18, 1731, Hannah, born Nov. 20, 1702, 
daughter of Thomas and Mary Holbrook of Braintree, who died 


Feb. 3, 1754-5 ; married second, Sarah , who died June 24, 

1761, aged 61 ; and married third, June 1, 1768, Bethia Bass. 
Children by first wifar: 

i. Capt. Nathaniel,* b. Sept. 19, 1732; resided in Braiotree, where 
he was a prominent man during tlie Revolutionary period ; served 
as sergeant and as lieutenant in tlie French and Indian War in the 
campaigns of 1759, 1760, and 1762 ; was captain in the Continental 
army in the Revolution; d. in 1786; m. Dec. 10, 1755, Lydia, b. 
# Oct. 26, 1734, d. about 1787, dan. of Richard and Lydia Bracliett. 

Ten children. 

ii. Joseph, b. Aug. 5, 1734 ; lived in Braintree, and later in Randolph; 
served in tlie Revolution; d. Oct. 18, 1818, in his 85th year, and 
administration on his estate was given to his eldest son, John, in 
1819 (Norfolli Co. Probate) ; m. Jan. 6, 1763, Susanna, b. June 16, 
1736, d. Oct. 28, 1821, dau. of John and Mehitable (Willard) 
Baxter of Braintree. Nine children. 

iii. Hannah, b. Sept. 14, 1736; d. June 21, 1744. 

iv. Thomas (or THOir4.s Holbrook), b. Oct. 20, 1739 ; lived in Braintree, 
and later in Randolph ; served in the Crown Point expeditions of 
1758, '59, '61, and '62, and later in the Revolution; m. (1) Nov. 3, 
1764, Sarah Bracket, who d. about 1766, leaving one cliild ; m. (2) 
(int. pub. Aug. 6, 1768) Mary, b. about 1742, dau. of Ebenezer and 
Deborah (White) Copeland of Braintree, who d. in 1810, having 
had six children; d. Feb. 28, 1824. 

v. Mary, b. Oct. 8, 1741 ; d. June 6, 1744. 

vi. Ebenezer, b. Dec. 2, 1744; served at Castle Island, from Dec. 1, 
1762, to May 2, 1763; probably the Ebenezer who served in the 
Revolution from Scituate, and who m. there, Mar. 2, 1780, Ruth 

27. William* Belcher (Moses,^ Samuel,"^ Gregory^), born in Milton, 

Mass., Dec. 20, 1701, was taken by his parents to Preston, Conn., 
where he afterwards resided, and died Feb. 7, 1731-2. His will, 
dated Sept. 6, 1731, mentions his wife, son William, mother Han- 
nah, and brother Elijah. 

He married Mehitable . 

Child : 
i. Capt. William,' b. Aug. 29, 1731 ; lived in Preston, where he d. 
June 27, 1801, in his 70th year; commanded a company in the 
Revolution; m. Apr. 23, 1752, Desire, b. Feb. 27, 1736, d. May 15, 
1801, dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth (Gates) Morgan of Prestoo. 
Nine children. 

28. Dea. Elijah* Belcher (Moses,^ Samuel,^ Gregory^), born in Milton, 

Mass., Dec. 13, 1703, went to Preston, Conn,, with his parents, in 
1720, where he afterwards resided, and was deacon in the Preston 
(now Griswold) second church. In 1748 he was Representative to 
the Conn. General Assembly. 

He married first, in Preston, Sept. 17, 1724, Abigail Kinney, 
who died Sept. 21, 1727 ; married second, in Milton, Aug. 21, 1729, 
Elizabeth, born Apr. 5, JL704, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth 
(Morey) Blake of Milton, who died Feb. 13, 1753 ; married third, 
in Preston, June 6, 1753, Mrs. Hannah Williams, who died Nov. 
26, 1771 ; and married fourth, July 15, 1773, Mrs. Judith Morse 
of Preston. 

Children by first wife : 

i. Moses,* b. Oct. 20, 1725; d. Jan. 11, 1732-3. 

ii. Elijah, b. Sept. 18, 1727. 


Children by second wife : 
iii. Elizabeth, b. May 8, 1730; m. Dec. 12, 1753, John Starkweather. 
iv. Moses, b. Mar. 11, 1734; lived i<i Preston, where he d. Apr. 15, 

1782; m. Nov. 8, 1758, Esther Rudd of Windham, Conn. Ten 

V. Abigail, b. May 30, 1736; m. May 27, 1752, Joseph Johnson of 



1. Jeremy, or Jeremiah,^ Belcher came to New England in the 
ship "Susan and Ellen," in the spring of 1635. On the ship's list his 
age is stated to be 22 years, so he was born about 1613. (Hotten's 
" Original Lists," page 59.) He is said to have been born in Wiltshire, Eng- 
land, but the writer has found no evidence of J^is. He settled at Ipswich, 
Mass., where he became a proprietor, was admitted freeman Mar. 13, 
1638-9, and acquired extensive lands by grant and by purchase. In the 
records he is usually styled "merchant," but sometimes he appears as 
"sergeant." On May 28, 1659, he was granted 300 acres, by the General 
Court, to be located outside the settled plantations, but he did not take up 
this grant, which was revived in favor of his son Jeremiah^ over sixty 
years later, Nov. 17, 1722. (Province Laws, vol. x, page 220.) On May 
15, 1661, he deeded lands in Haverhill to his sons Jeremiah^ and John.^ 
(Pope's " Pioneers of Massachusetts.") He deposed on Mar. 21, 1671-2, 
then aged 59 years. (Essex Co. Court Files.) On July 1, 1721, John 
Gould of Charlestown, Walter Russell of Cambridge, Daniel Gould of 
Charlestown, and Moses Burnham and Thomas Andrews of Ipswich, heirs 
to Jeremiah Belcher of Ipswich, deceased, released to Samuel Adams all 
claims to a farm in Ipswich formerly owned by said Jeremiah Belcher, 
and they also defended the grantee from the heirs of Richard Belcher and 
from the heirs of David Belcher, sons of said Jeremiah, and from the heirs 
of John Andrews who married one of the daughters of said Jeremiah 
Belcher. (Essex Co. Deeds, vol. 40, page 9.) 

Jeremiah^ Belcher died in Ipswich, in Mar., 1692-3, aged about 80 years, 
the eldest son, Rev. Samuel,^ being appointed administrator of the estate. 
Mar. 31 of that year. 

The name of his first wife, whom he married about 1637, does not 
appear, but it should be noted, however, that a Mary Clifford, aged 25 
years, emigrated to New England in the same ship with him in 1635, her 
name standing next to his on the passenger list, and that Edward^ Belcher, 
grandson of Jeremiah,^ had a son Clifford^ 

Jeremiah^ married second, in 1652, Mary Lockwood, with whom he 
made a marriage contract Sept. 30, 1652, conveying lands to trustees for 
her benefit for life. She survived him, and died in Oct., 1700. 

Children by first wife : 

2. i. Samuel,* b. in 1639. *■ 

3. ii. Jeremiah, b. in June, 1641. 

iii. John, b. about 1643 ; was deeded land in Haverhill by his father, 
on May 15, 1661 (Pope's " Pioneers of Massachusetts," page 43) ; 
not further traced ; probably d. when a young man, unmarried. 

iv. Mary (first), b. about 1645; m. June 23, 1662, Joseph'^ Russell of 

Cambridge, and had eleven children, among whom Walter,'^ the 

oldest surviving son, signed the deed of 1721, previously mentioned. 

On Nov. 27, 1686, Jeremiah* Belcher of Ipswich conveyed to his 



two sons, Jeremiah Belcher of Eumney Marsh, and Joseph Rus- 
sell of Cambridge, part of a tract of land he bought of an Indian 
in 1651. (Original deed in possession of "Warren^ Belcher, Esq., 
of "Winthrop, Mass.) 
Children by second wife : 

V. Abigail, b. about 1653 ; m. in 1670, John** Gould of Charlestown End 
(Stoneham), and had seven children, of whom the eldest son, 
John,^ signed the deed of 1721. 

vi. Dorcas, b. in 1656 ; m. DanieP Gould of Charlestown End (Stone- 
ham) ; her eldest son, Daniel,'^ signed the deed of 1721. 

vii. Judith, b. Aug. 19, 1658; m. John* Andrews of Ipswich. (Essex 
Deeds, vol. 40, page 9.) 

viii. Mary (second), b. July 12, 1660; m. Feb. 9, 1681-2, Thomas' An- 
drews of Ipswich, brother of John* who married her sister 
Judith; her son Thomas'^ signed the deed of 1721. 
4. ix. David, b. in 1662. 
6. X. Richard, b. Sept. 10, 1665. 

xi. Ann, b. probably about 1668 ; m. Moses Burnham of Ipswich, who 
signed the deed of 1721. 

2. Rev. Samuel^ Belcher {Jeremiah}), born in 1639, graduated from 

Harvard College in 1659, and studied for the ministry, and was 
preaching at Kittery, Me., as early as 1663. (Sibley's "Harvard 
Graduates," vol. II, page 42.) About 1665 he went to the Isles of 
Shoals, where he was preaching as late as 1686 (York Deeds, vol. 
IV, page 64), but finally ill health obliged him to leave that place 
about 1692. Before 1695 he was preaching in the West church at 
Newbury, where he was ordained and settled Nov. 10, 1698. About 
1711, the infirmities of age compelled him to retire from the minis- 
try, and he removed to his native town, Ipswich, where he died 
Mar. 10, 1714-15. A contemporary minister. Rev. John Barnard, 
refers to him as " a good scholar, a judicious divine, a holy and 
humble man." 

He married first, about 1668, Mary,^ daughter of Rev. Thomas^ 
Cobbett of Lynn and Ipswich, who died about 1679 ; and married 
second, Mercy,^ born Feb., 1655-6, daughter of Rev. MichaeP and 
Mary (Reyner) Wigglesworth of Maiden, and widow of Rev. 
Samuel Brackenbury of Rowley. She survived her second hus- 
band, and died Nov. 14, 1728. 

Children by first wife : 
i. Elizabeth,^ b. about 1671; m. Apr. 5, 1697, John, son of George 
Taylor of Cape May County, N. J. On May 21, 1716, they signed 
a receipt for her inheritance in her father's estate, she being the 
only surviving child. (Essex Co. Probate.) Six children. 
ii. Samuel, b. about 1674; mentioned in the will of his grandfather 
Cobbett ; d, young. 

3. Jeremiah^ Belcher {Jeremiah}), born in June, 1641, located about 

1665 at Rumney Marsh (which embraced what is now Revere, 
Chelsea, and East Boston, and was a part of Boston until 1739, 
when the town of Chelsea was incorporated). He first leased a 
farm of Gov. Bellingham (the original indenture, in the beautiful 
handwriting of the governor, being now in the possession of Warren' 
Belcher, Esq., of Winthrop, Mass.), and later purchased lands in 
^ what is now Lynn, Revere, and on Breed's Island (then called Hog 

Island). He appears to have been a prosperous farmer, as in 1702 
he paid the highest tax in Rumney Marsh, on a farm worth £25 

rent per year, two oxen, eight cows, two horses, one hog, and one 
hundred sheep. (Boston Record Commissioners' Report, vol. 10, 
page 143.) Late in life, he deeded lands to his sons Edward, 
Joseph, and Ebenezer, which they divided among themselves. 
(SutFolk Co. Deeds, vol. 28, page 136.) 

He made a will, tha original of which is in the possession of his 
descendant Warren'' Belcher, Esq., of Winthrop, Mass., but the 
instrument was not offered for probate, and therefore never recorded 
in any registry, so it is herewith given in full, for preservation: 

"The last Will and Testament of Jeremiah Belcher, Living in Bos- 
ton, being at this present time through God's goodness in health, Re- 
voking all other Wills. 

1. I do commit my Soul into the hands of God who gave it, who I 
trust hath redeemed it, and purchased it with his precious Blood. And 
my body to decent Christian burial in hope of a blessed resurrection. 

2. And as to my worldly goods I do give and bequethe forever to 
my three sons, Edward, Joseph, and Ebenezer Belcher, all that my 
Earm, lying and being within the bounds of Boston and Lin, as they 
have already divided it, as also the salt-marsh lying within Boston 

3. I do give unto my Daughter, Sarah Dole, my house and land in 
Boston which I am now possessed of after my desese, that is to say 
she paying to me the just sume of £30 money as I shall have occasion 
to call for it, but if it so be I shall have no occassion to call for it, then 
my will is that after my desese the £30 be paid to my three sons, Edward, 
Joseph and Ebenezer to be equetly divided, that is to say, ten to each 
of them, within one year after my desease. 

4. I do give to my son Edward my silver Tankard and two silver 
spoons. My will is that my Grandson Jeremiali the son of Edward 
Belcher, may have the silver Tankard, after his father's deseace. 

5. I do give to my two sons Joseph and Ebenezer each of them a 
silver cup and two silver spoons. I also give to my daughter Dole two 
silver spoons. 

6. What remains of my estate after my desease to be equetly divided 
amongst my children. Lastly, I do appoint my three sons already 
named. Executors of this my last Will and Testiment. 

As Witness my hand and seal, Aug. 28, 1719. 
In the presence of ns 

James Gooding Jeremiah Belcher." 

Henry Emmes 

Mark Day 

Jeremiah^ Belcher died Feb. 6, 1722-3, aged 81 years, 6 months, 
according to his gravestone, which is still standdmg in the old Revere 

He married, about 1667, Sarah,' daughter of Edward^ and Eliza- 
beth Weeden of Boston, who died Jan. 20, 1715-16. On Mar. 20, 
1716-17, he entered his intention of marriage with Rebecca Nash 
of Boston, but it is doubtful if the marriage was consummated. She 
was the widow of John Nash, cooper, of Boston, who had died in 

Children : 
i. Jeremiah,' b. Oct. 31, 1668 ; no further record ; probably d. young. 
e. if. Edward, b. Feb. 14, 1669-70. 

iii. Sarah, b. Feb. 23, 1671-2 ; m. Jan. 5, 1698-9, Abner Dole of New- 
iv. Nathaniel, b. Oct. 27, 1673 ; no further record; probably d. young. 

7. V. Joseph, bapt. June 6, 1675. 

vi. Rebecca, b. Apr. 11, 1677; d. Apr. 21, 1699. 

8. vii. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 21, 1678-9. 


L David^ Belcher {Jeremiah}) was born in Ipswich, in 1662, and was 
living there Dec, 11, 1678, when he took the oath of allegiance. 
(Waters's "Ipswich in the Mass. Bay Colony," page 99.) In the 
deed of July 1, 1721, previously mentioned (Essex Co. Deeds, vol. 
40, page 9), the grantors, who were some of the grandchildren of 
Jeremiah^ Belcher, defended the grantee from the heirs of David^ 
Belcher ; so it may be inferred that the latter had descendants, al- 
though no further record or mention of him of any kind can be 
found. Possibly he perished in the Canadian expedition of 1690. 
He was probably father of the following. 
Child : 
9. 1. Joseph,' b. about 1685. 

. Richard^ Belcher {Jeremiah}), born in Ipswich, Sept. 10, 1665, 
was a mason, settled and lived in Charlestown about 1708, where 
he died Sept. 14, 1720. 

He married first. Mar. 20, 1688-9, Mary,^ born June 2, 1664, 
daughter of Thomas^ and Mary (Jordan) Simpson of Salisbury and 
Ipswich, who died about 1703 ; and married second, Oct. 11, 1705, 
Euth,^ born May 7, 1682, daughter of Joseph^ and Ruth Knight of 
"Woburn, who married second, John Harris. 

Children by first wife : 
i. Jane,' b. Mar. 26, 1689-90; m. Nathaniel Lawrence. 

10. 11. David, b. Dec. 19, 1691. 

ill. Richard, b. Oct. 22, 1693; lived In Stoneham, where he d. early in 
1758. His will, dated Jan. 20, 1758, filed Mar. 13 following, gave 
trifling bequests to sister Ruth Blacklock, and brothers Jeremiah, 
Jonathan, and Samuel Belcher, and the remainder of his estate to 
his friend James Wiley. He had a wife Mary, but probably no 

11. iv. Thomas, b. May 29, 1696. 

12. V. Samuel, b. June 20, 1699. 

13. vi. Jeremiah, b. Sept. 13, 1701. 

Children by second wife : 

14. vli. Jonathan, b. Jan. 29, 1706-7. 

viii. Joseph, b. Sept. 20, 1708 ; was a mariner, and lu 1768 " had been at 
sea for over thirty years " ; probably never married. 

Ix. Mary, b. Aug. 13, 1712; m. Feb. 22, 1732-3, Joseph Tarbox of 
Lynn ; moved to Biddeford, Me. 

X. Ruth, b. in 1715; m. (1) in Boston, Oct. 21, 1732, James Tite; m. 
(2) Oct. 28, 1739, Robert Simpson; m. (3) Jan. 6, 1746-7, Chris- 
topher Blaycock, or Blacklock. 

xl. Daniel, b. 1718 ; d. in youth. 

. Ens. Edward^ Belcher {Jeremiah,"^ Jeremiah}), born Feb. 14, 
1669, was a husbandman, and inherited a portion of his father's 
estate in Revere, which also extended into Lynn, where he held the 
office of Ensign of the local company, and resided until 1720, when 
he sold his homestead to Thomas Cheever and moved to Milton, 
where he lived for a short time, but finally bought a large farm in 
that part of Stoughton which was later Stoughtonham (Sharon), 
where he died Mar. 16, 1744-5, aged 76 years 1 month 2 days, 
according to the record, which agrees with the record of his birth. 

He married, about 1700, Mary , born about 1675, said by 

tradition to have been Mary Clifford, who died in Stoughton, Mar. 
5, 1752, in her 78th year. The births of his children are recorded 
in Lynn. 


Children : 
i. Sarah,* b. Aug. 4, 1701; d. Nov. 3, 1702. 

15. ii. Jeremiah, b. Mar. 23, 1702-3. *. 

16. ili. Samuel, b. Mar. 8, 1704-5. 

17. iv. Edward, b. Jan. 16, 1706-7. 

V. Preserved, b. June 14, 1708 ; d. young. 

18. vi. Clifford, b. Oct. 12, 1710. 

vii. Mary, b. Nov. 22, 1713 ;*m. July 9, 1729, Eleazer Hawes of Stoughton. 

viii. Martha, b. 1716; d. Nov. 17, 1764; m. Sept. 13, 1739, Ebenezer 

Esty of Stoughton, who was b. Oct. 15, 1705, and d. Apr. 10, 1769. 

7. Ens. Joseph^ Belcher {Jeremiah,'^ Jeremiah}), baptized June 6, 1 675, 
was born in Rumney Marsh, where he passed his life, inheriting 
part of his father's lands. He also owned two estates on North 
street in Boston. He resided in that part of Rumney Marsh called 
Hog Island (now Breed's Island), and with his wife Hannah be- 
came a member of the Rev. Thomas Cheever's church, in 1716. 
He was prominent in the affairs of the precinct, holding the offices 
of constable and of ensign in the military company for many years. 
He died Nov. 15, 1739. His will, made the day before his decease, 
names wife Hannah, sons Joseph, Nathaniel, and Jonathan, and 
daughters Sarah and Hannah. 

He married, Jan. 7, 1697-8, Hannah,* born about 1676, daughter 
of Lieut. Jonathan and Frances Bill of Boston and Pulling Point 
(Winthrop), who married second, July 29, 1742, Richard Hunne- 
well of Boston. 

Children : 

19. i. Joseph,* b. Oct. 25, 1698. 

20. ii. Nathaniel, b. Oct. 5, 1703. 

iii. James, b. Oct. 30, 1707; d. Dec. 1, 1723. 

iv. Hannah, b. Feb. 20, 1712-13 ; m. June 22, 1732, Samuel Cleveland of 

21. V. Jonathan, b. Feb. 27, 1717-18. 

vi. Sarah, b. July 6, 1721 ; m. Dec. 9, 1740, John Floyd, Jr., of Chelsea. 

8. Ebenezer^ Belcher {Jeremiah,'^ Jeremiali^), born Feb 21, 1678-9, 
lived in Rumney Marsh (Revere), and for some years in Lynn, un- 
til about 1714, when he removed to Boston, where he bought an 
estate in the southerly part of the town. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 
28, page 137.) He was a mariner, and on July 24, 1734, was ap- 
pointed sealer of cord wood. He died in 1735. His daughters 
Sarah, Mary, and Mercy inherited his estate. (Suffolk Co. Deeds, 
vol. 94, page 75, and vol. 131, page 23.) 

He married, Nov. 23, 1708, Ruth, born Mar. 18, 1680-1, daugh- 
ter of Joseph Hichings of Lynn, who died in Boston, Jan. 23, 1732- 
3, and is buried in the Granary burying ground. 

Children : 
i. Sarah,* b. Sept. 8, 1709; ra. Apr. 22, 1736, Samuel Smith, mariner, 

of Boston. 
ii. Mary, b. Sept. 4, 1711; m. (1) Nov. 30, 1736, Thomas Wyat of 

Boston; m. (2) Apr. 29, 1740, Moses Eayres of Boston, 
iii. Mercy, b. Aug. 5, 1713; m. Sept. 16, 1754, Samuel Hichings of 

iv. A child, b. 1715; d. young. 
v. Ebenezer, b. June 30, d. Aug. 12, 1717. 
vi. Ebenezer, b. June 1, 1719 ; d. Apr. 24, 1723. 
vii. Ruth, b. Aug. 30, 1722; d. Aug. 16, 1724. 



K Joseph' Belcher (perhaps David,^ Jeremiah^), born perhaps about 
1685, lived ia Cbebacco parish, Ipswich. His house was burned in 
*1742, and a contribution was taken in the Chebacco Church for 
his assistance. He died Jan. 12, 1748-9; and his widow Ruth died 
June 29, 1757. 
Child : 

22. i. Joseph,* b. perhaps about 1708. 

L David' Belcher [Richard,''' Jeremiah^), born Dec. 19, 1691, was a 
cordwainer, and lived in Ipswich, and Charlestown until about 1722, 
when he settled in Boston, where he had previously joined the Sec- 
ond Church on Mar. 14, 1714-15, and later his children were bap- 
tized there. The record of his death has not been found, and there 
are no probate records of his estate. He married, Aug. 20, 1724, 
Rely, born Apr. 4, 1699, daughter of John and Rely (Holmes) 
Simpson of Boston, and widow of Thomas Smith. 

Children : 
i. Mary/ b. Aug. 29, 1726; perhaps m. Dec. 27, 1743, Stephen Nazro 

of Boston, 
ii. David, b. Aug. 1, 1728; probably identical with "David Belcher, 

aged 30, born in Boston, a tailor," who enlisted Mar. 27, 1762, in 

Capt. Jonathan Haight's Co., in Westchester Co., N. Y. (N.Y. 

Historical Society Collections, 1891, page 430.) 
iii. Sarah, b. Nov. 30, 1731 ; probably m. Dec. 10, 1750, John Chilcott 

of Boston, 
iv. Jonathan, b. Aug. 29, 1736 ; lived in Boston ; served atLouisbourg 

in Capt, Edward Blake's Co., from Nov. 2, 1759, to Apr. 13, 1761 ; 

d. in Boston, probably unmarried, Apr. 26. 1764, and was buried 

in the Granary burying ground. 

. Thomas' Belcher {Richard,^ Jeremiah^), born May 29, 1696, was 
a mariner, and settled in Boston, where he died in 1735, adminis- 
tration on his estate being given, Sept. 16 of that year, to Jonathan 
Farnum, and guardians appointed for his children. His sons died 
unmarried. He married, Apr. 21, 1720, Susanna,^ born Jan. 24, 
1700-1, daughter of Humphrey^ and Susanna ("Wakefield) Richards 
of Boston, who died before her husband. 
Children : 

i. Thomas,^ b. Nov. 4, 1722 ; was a mariner, of Boston ; d. unmarried, 
in 1750. 

ii. John, b. June 29, 1725 ; living in Boston in 1745 ; d. soon after, un- 

iii. Susanna, b. Apr. 20, 1727; living, unmarried, in Boston, in 1755 
(Suffolk Co. Deeds, Vol. 86, page 249) ; perhaps m. July 28, 1763* 
John Thompson. 

iv. Mary, b. 1729; living unmarried in Boston in 1755 (Suffolk Co. 
Deeds, Vol. 86, page 249) ; perhaps m. in 1758, Henry Farley. 

V. Samuel, b. July 4, 1731 ; d. young. 

. Samuel' Belcher (Richard,^ Jeremiah^), born in Ipswich, June 20, 
1699, was taken to Charlestown by his parents, where he lived un- 
til after he became of age. He then located in Cambridge, where 
he resided until 1742, when he removed to Wrentham, where he 
died in 1773. By occupation he was a tailor and husbandman. 
His will, dated Sept. 28, 1773, names wife Sarah, daughters Mary, 
Abigail and Elizabeth, unmarried ; daughter Martha Jewett ; grand- 


eons David and Jonathan Winchester; and sons John, Andrew, 
David, and Woodbridge ; the homestead being given to the son John. 
He married, Dec. 27, 1726, Sarah, born Sept. 26, 1706, daughter 
of Ichabod and Martha (Woodbury) Brown of Cambridge- 
Children ; 
i. Samuel,* b. Dec. 5, 1727 ; no further record ; probably d. unmarried, 
ii. Sarah, b. Oct. 13, 1729 ; m. Dea. Elhanan Winchester, 
iii. Mary, b. Mar. 21, 1731-2. 
iv. Martha, b. Mar. 22, 1738-4; m. June 17, 1762, Jonathan Jewett of 

V. Abigail, b. Dec. 16, 1735. 
vi. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 3, 1738. 
28. vii. Andrew, b. Sept. 10, 1740. 

24. viii. John, b. June 20, 1744. 

25. ix. David, b. Aug. 14, 1746. 

26. X. Woodbridge, b. Oct. 10, 1749. 

13. Jeremiah^ Belcher {Richard,^ JeremiaJi^), born Sept. 13, 1701, 

chose, when his father died, William Bryant of Reading for his 
guardian. When a young man, he lived in Woburn for a time, but 
later located in Stoneham. On Sept. 11, 1747, he was warned from 
Woburn. He later settled in Lunenburg, Mass., where he died about 
1778, administration on his estate being given that year. (Worces- 
ter Co. Probate.) He was in the military service from May 20 to 
Aug. 15, 1724, in the Co. of Capt. Eleazer Tyng and of Capt. Josiah 
AVillard, and also in Capt. William Canedy's Co. from Nov. 21, 
1724, to May 14, 1725. 

He married, Apr. 12, 1733, Arminal, born July 30, 1707, daugh- 
ter of Eliah and Mary (Palmer) Tottingham of Woburn. 

Children, born in Stoneham : 
i. Mary,* b. June 12, 1734. 
ii. Sarah, b. Oct. 20, 1735. 

iii. Jeremiah, b. about 1737 (?). A Jeremiah Belcher of Sheffield, 
Berkshire Co., was in the military service iu 1761; and it was 
probably the same Jeremiah who enlisted in the Continental 
army, from Lauesborough, Berkshire Co., at the age of 45, iu 1781. 
This soldier canuot be placed unless he was a son of Jeremiah.' 
No further positive information has been secured of him, but 
there are Belchers in that vicinity who are probably descended 
from him. 

14. Jonathan^ Belcher {Richard,'^ Jeremiah^), born Jan. 29, 1706-7, 

settled in Framingham when a young man. His name appears as 
a trumpeter in Capt. Josiah Brown's Co., from Sept. 23 to Oct. 27, 
4 1747, and he served as corporal in Capt. Ebenezer Newell's Co., 

from Apr. 4 to Nov. 6, 1755, on a Crown Point expedition, also as 
corporal in Capt. John Nixon's Co., from Apr. 10 to May 25, 1758. 
He died in 1787. He married, about 1733, Hannah,^ born in 1712, 
daughter of Joseph* and Mary (Read) Seaver of Roxbury, who 
died in 1796. 
Children : 

27. i. Jonathan,* b. about 1734. 

28. ii. Daniel, b. June 14, 1736. 

iii. Hannah, b. Mar. 10, 1743; d. young. 

iv. Andrew, b. June 16, 1748 ; d. young. 

-29. V. Ezra, b. 1751. 

30. vi. Joseph, bapt. July, 1755. 

vii. Shubael, d. young. 


Jeremiah^ Belcher {Ens. Edward,^ Jeremiah^^ Jeremiah}), born in 
Lynn, Mar. 23, 1702-3, removed to Milton with his parents when 
about seventeen years of age, and about 1730 settled in that part of 
Stoughton which was later Stoughtonham (now Sharon), where he 
afterwards resided until his death, Aug. 7, 1775. He married, June 
13, 1726, Mary, born June 5, 1701, daughter of Jonathan and Han- 
nah (Hobart) Hayward of Braintree, who died July 21, l775. 

Children : 
i. Jeremiah,^ b. in Milton, June 26, 1727 ; resided in Stoughtonham ; 
served in the French and Indian War in 1757, and performed pro- 
tracted service during the Revolution ; m. Feb. 26, 1756, Amy, b. 
in 1734, dau. of Jonathan and Sarah (Field) Howard of Bridge- 
water. Twelve children, 
ii. Jonathan, b. in Braintree, May 22, 1730; m. Apr. 16, 1761, Sarah,* 
b. May 7, 1739, dau. of Daniel* and Mary (Harkness) Richards of 
Stoughton ; lived in Stoughtonham. Several children, 
ill. Susanna, b. May 14, 1734; m. Sept. 9, 1755, Benjamin Savil, Jr., 

of Stoughton. 
iv. Hannah, b. Nov. 26, 1736; m. (1) as his second wife, Nov. 25, 1756, 
Dea. Stephen Badlam of Stoughton ; m. (2) (int. recorded Mar. 
25, 1769) Lieut. John^ Holmes of Stoughton. 
V. Sarah, b. June 11, 1739; d. Aug. 20, 1756. 

vi. Mary, b. Aug. 21, 1742; m. Nov. 29, 1763, Benjamin Richards of 

Samuel^ Belcher {Ens. Edward^ Jeremiah^ Jeremiah}), born in 
Lynn, Mar. 8, 1704-5, settled in Stoughton, where he was a farmer 
and housewright, and died Mar. 8, 1740-1, administration on his 
estate being given to his widow, Apr. 14, 1741. In Oct., 1759, his 
property was divided among his widow and surviving children. 
(Suffolk Co. Probate, vol. 55, pp. 263, 338.) He married, Jan. 
26, 1726-7, Mary, born Nov. 3, 1706, daughter of John and Mary 
(Holbrook) Puffer of Stoughton, who survived her husband, and 
died Mar. 12, 1782. 

Children : 
i. Miriam,* b. Sept. 13, d. Oct. 5, 1728. 
ii. Bela, b. Dec. 28, 1730 ; chose Benjamin Crane of Milton for his 

guardian, Aug. 2, 1745 ; died a few years later, unmarried, 
iii. Mary, b. Nov. 4, 1732; m. May 30, 1756, Adam Blackman of 

iv. Miriam, b. May 19, 1735; m. Nov. 16, 1752, Philip Liscomb, Jr., of 

V. Rebecca, b. June 6, 1738; m. Nov. 10, 1757, Elhanan Lyon of 

Stoughton, who d. in 1770. 
vi. Abigail, b. Oct. 8, 1740; m. Sept. 13, 1759, David, son of Elhanan 
and Hannah (Tilden) Lyon of Stoughton, who was b. April 11, 
1739, and was a Lieut, in the Revolution. 

Edward* Belcher {Ens. Edward,^ Jeremiah,'^ Jeremiah}), born in 
Lynn, Jan. 16, 1706-7, lived in Dorchester, and later in Stoughton 
where he died. Administration on his estate was granted Oct. 8, 1756. 
He married, Nov. 12, 1730, Anna, born May 3, 1710, daughter of 
Humphrey and Elizabeth (Withington) Atherton of Dorchester, 
who died about 1761, administration on her estate being given on 
Oct. 23 of that year. (Suffolk Co. Probate.) 

Children : 
i. Atherton,* b. Sept. 26, 1731. 

ii. Sarah, b. Dec. 6, 11^34; d. June 9, 1766; m. Dec. 13, 1753, Ezekiel 
Tilestone of Dorchester, who was b. Apr. 6, 1731, and d. in 1812. 


iii. Anna, bapt. June 5, 1737 ; m. Aug. 11, 1757, John Lloyd of Stough- 

iv. John, b. Sept. 26, 1740 ; settled in Stoughton ; marched on the Lex- 
ington alarm, Apr. 19, 1775; m. Mar. 27, 1763, Abigail Bracliet. 
Nine children. 

V. Samuel, b. Sept. 12, 1744 ; resided in Dorchester, where he d. Aug. 
. 6, 1812 ; m. Sept. 29, 1772, Racliel, b. Jan. 5, 1750-1, dau. of Eben- 
ezer and Abigail (Billings) Pope of Dorchester, who d. Jan. 3, 
1801. Ten children. 

vi. Elizabeth, b. about 1747 ; on Oct. 8, 1762, Consider Atherton was 
appointed her guardian. (Suffolk Co. Probate.) 

18. Clifford* Belcher (JEns. Edward,' Jeremiah,^ Jeremiah^), born in 
Lynn, Oct. 12, 1710, settled in Stoughton, where he owned over 
300 acres of land, and where he lived until his death, Apr. 26, 1773. 
Besides farming, he also engaged in business as a blacksmith and as 
a carpenter. He married, June 24, 1740, Mehitable," born Dec. 
8, 1706, daughter of SamueP and Sarah (Clapp) Bird of Stoughton, 
who died Feb. 20, 1779. 
Children : 

i. Samuel,^ b. June 28, d. July 16, 1741. 

ii. Preserved, b. Oct. 6, d. Oct. 26, 1744. 

iii. Clifford, b. Oct. 7, 1745 ; m. Nov. 22, 1770, Betty, b. Sept. 23, 1760, 
dau. of Jonathan and Betty (Snell) Copeland of Bridgewater ; 
lived in Stoughtonham ; had three children ; the parents and all 
the children d. between Aug. 12 and 26, 1775. He marched on 
the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775. 

iv. Love, b. July 11, d. Sept. 25, 1747. 

V. Joseph, b. May 13, 1749 ; d. May 27, 1814; was a carpenter and re- 
sidedin Stoughton (now Canton) ; m. (int. recorded Oct. 28, 1775) 
Mary,* b. Dec. 26, 1754, dau. of Elijah* and Hannah (Puflfer) 
Balier of Stoughton, who d. Feb. 26, 1839. Ten children. 

vi. Capt. Supply, b. Mar. 29, 1751 ; served as private in the Eevolution ; 
in 1778 he bought a farm in what is now South Canton where he 
opened a tavern, but sold the place and moved to Maine in 1785, 
locating fli'st at Hallowell (now Augusta), where he remained 
some six years, and then, in 1791, settled on the Sandy River, in 
what is now the town of Farmington, Me., where he became the 
leading man in the community, holding the ofllces of selectman, 
town clerk, captain, and justice of the peace, and serving as rep- 
resentative to the General Court in 1798, 1801, and 1809; also 
taught school and practiced medicine ; died in Farmington, June 
9, 1836 ; m. May 2, 1775, Margaret, b. May 13, 1766, d. May 14, 
1839, dau. of William More, of Boston, and his wife Margaret, 
dau. of John and Abigail (Parsons) Johnson, of Boston, and 
widow of Richard Francis. Ten children. 

vii. Mehitable, b. Oct. 10, 1752 ; m. Dec. 15, 1774, Josiah Harris of 
Stoughton ; lived in Fitchburg in 1792, where their dau. Mehitable 
m. Mar. 4, 1798, Sewall FuUam, 

19. Joseph* Belcher (Ens. Joseph,^ Jeremiah,^ Jeremiah}), born Oct. 25, 
1698, inherited lands in Chelsea from his father, and also acquired 
houses in North street in Boston, where he resided and carried on 
the business of housewright. He died in 1744, administration on his 
estate being given on Aug. 24 of that year. He married, Nov. 14, 
1726, Elizabeth, born Jan. 30, 1700-1, daughter of James and 
Love English of Boston, who died Apr. or Aug. 23, 1762, aged 61, 
and is buried in Copp's Hill cemetery. 


Children : 

i. Elizabeth,* b. Oct. 13, 1727 ; m. Oct. 26, 1749, Nathaniel Green 

ii. Col. Joseph, b. Apr. 13, 1729 ; was a brazier and pewter manufac- 
turer; settled in Newport, R. I., where he became a prominent 
man; in 1756 he was captain of a company on an expedition 
against Crown Point ; during the Revolution he was colonel of a 
regiment of Newport militia ; served in the Rhode Island Assem- 
bly in 1776 and 1777 ; when Newport was occupied by the British 
troops, he retired with his family to Brookline, Mass., where he 
died, Sept. 27, 1778 ; after the war was over, his family returned 
to Newport; m. in Newport, Feb. 14, 1750-1, Hannah Gladding, 
who d. in Newport, Oct. 4, 1813, aged 83. Fourteen children. 

iii. Martha, b. July 20, 1730. 

iv. James, bapt. July 29, 1733. 

V. William, bapt. Oct. 26, 1735. 

20. Nathaniel^ Belcher {Ens. Joseph,^ Jeremiah,^ Jeremiah}), born 

Oct. 5, 1703, lived in Boston, and later in Chelsea, where he died 
Dec. 31, 1781. He married, Feb. 22, 1727-8, Deborah,* born 
Jan. 10, 1707-8, daughter of John** and Persis (Holbrook) Farrow 
of Hingham, who died Nov. 18, 1784. 

Children : 
i. Nathaniel,* b. about 1729 ; lived in Chelsea ; m. Apr. 24, 1755, Anna, 

b. Mar. 30, 1727, dau. of Ebenezer and Mary Dowse of Billerica. 

Five children, 
ii. John, b. about 1732. 
iii. Hannah, bapt. Aug. 25, 1734. 
iv. Priscilla, bapt. Feb. 13, 1736-7. 

21. Jonathan* Belcher {Ens. Joseph,^ Jeremiah,"^ Jeremiah}), born Feb. 

27, 1717-18, lived in Chelsea, where he died Oct. 17, 1785. He 

married. May 13, 1742, Elizabeth^ born Oct. 23, 1718, daughter of 

Samuel and Abigail (Floyd) Tuttle of Chelsea, who died Dec. 5, 


Children : 

i. Jonathan,* b. Apr. 8, 1743. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 30, 1744; m. (1) June 1, 1786, Ezra Glover of 
Dorchester; m. (2) Mar. 27, 1797, William Barrows of Boston. 

iii. David, b. Mar. 28, 1747 ; lived in Chelsea ; was drowned Sept. 8, 
1794 ; m. Feb. 20, 1787, Elizabeth, b. Oct. 18, 1754, dau. of John 
and Susanna (Chamberlain) Sargent, who d. July 12, 1817. Fouy 

iv. Mary, b. July 25, 1749. 

v. Joseph, b. May 10, 1751 ; lived at Pullin Point, now Winthrop ; was 
a soldier in the Revolution ; m. Dec. 18, 1781, Rachel, b. Oct. 16, 
1756, dau. of Richard and Mary (Green) Shute of Maiden. They 
had at least six children, one of whom was Joseph,^ b. in 1782, d. 
Feb. 25, 1850, who m. Nancy, b. in 1786, d. in 1849, dau. of Joseph 
, and Sally-(Belcher) Burrill. They had ten children, the youngest 
of whom, Warren,^ b. in 1825, has always resided at Win- 
throp, Mass., where he was appointed Postmaster in 1853, and 
continuously held the office for 53 years, resigning May 28, 1906. 
Mr. Belcher has in his possession a large number of interesting 
family papers, pertaining to every generation of his ancestral line 
in New England, — among them several original deeds of Jeremiah 
Belcher of Ipswich. 

vi. Martha, b. Mar. 12, 1754 ; m. May 3, 1787, Ebenezer Burrill, per- 
haps son of Samuel and Anna (Alden) Burrill of Lynn. 

vii. Abigail b. Mar. 7, 1758. 


22. Joseph* Belcher, Jr. {Joseph,* David\^'],^ Jeremiah}), born proba- 

bly about 1708, lived in Chebacco parish, Ipswich, until his marriage, 
when he settled in Manchester, Mass. He was a mariner, and died 
about 1745. He married, Dec. 8, 1730, Mary, born Mar. 22, 
1708-9, daughter of George and Jane Cross of Manchester, who 
married second, Oct. 3, 1750, Thomas Murphy, and died Feb. 21, 

Children : 
i. Mary,* bapt. Oct. 3, 1731; d. young. 

ii. Mary, b. June 6, 1733 ; m. Jan. 27, 1755, John Sinnet of Marblehead. 
iii. Ruth, b. Sept. 26, 1735; m. Nov. 10, 1763, Daniel Rust of Ipswich, 
iv. Joseph, b. Dec. 8, 1737 ; was a fisherman, and lived in Manchester ; 
lost at sea, in the autumn of 1763 ; m. Mar. 8, 1759, Elizabeth, 
bapt. Mar. 16, 1737-8, dau. of John and Sarah (Pearce) Tuck of 
Manchester, who m. (2) (int. rec. Feb. 2, 1766) Anthony de Myng. 
Three children. 
V. Abigau. (probably), b. about 1740; m. May 1, 1762, John Bowls, 
vi. Jane, bapt. Mar. 21, 1741-2; m. Feb, 12, 1762, William Camp. 

23. Andrew* Belcher (Samuel,^ Richard,'^ Jeremiah^), born in Cam- 

bridge, Sept. 10, 1740, was taken to Wrentham in infancy by his 
parents, and is mentioned in his father's will as living in Sept., 1773. 
It seems likely he was the Andrew who was enrolled as private in 
Capt. Samuel Miller's company, on Aug. 8, 1757. Also, he was 
probably the Andrew who married, in Canterbury, Conn., May 18, 
1769, Abigail Burt. No further information of him has been 

24. John* Belcher {Samuel,^ Richard,^ Jeremiah^), born in Wrentham, 

June 20, 1744, was a husbandman, and passed his life in his native 
town, inheriting his father's homestead. He was a soldier in the 
Revolution. He married first, Dec. 18, 1777, Hannah,^ born June 
22, 1751, daughter of Edward* and Deborah (Green) Rawson of 
Mendon, who died about 1785 ; and married second, Oct. 9, 1787, 
Susanna, daughter of Abner and Martha (Robbins) Hazeltine of 
Upton. His will, dated Aug. 15, 1815, probated Apr. 5, 1825, names 
wife Susanna, sons Harvey and Rawson to have the property of 
their mother, sons Manning, Samuel, Abner, Daniel and Caleb, and 
daughters Hannah and Susanna. 

Children by first wife : 
i. John,* b. Aug. 13, 1779 ; no further record ; probably d. unmarried, 
ii. Rawson, b. Jan. 6, 1781. 
iii. Harvey, b. July 12, 1784; settled in North Brookfleld, where he 

m. Jan. 3, 1S13, Nancy, b. Sept. 26, 1791, d. June 12, 1874, dau. 

of Eli and Elizabeth (Smith) How of North Brookfleld; d. July 

19, 1858. Eleven children. 

Children by second wife : 
iv. Hannah, b. July 25, 1788. 
V. Manning, b. July 13, 1790; graduated at Brown University in 1814 ; 

settled in South Carolina, where he taught school most of his life, 

and d. Sept. 13, 1868; m. in 1817, Susanna, b. June 23, 1790, dau. 

of Judge Samuel Day of "Wrentham. 
vi. Samuel, b. July 25, 1792. 

vii. Abner, b. Sept. 6, 1794; inherited his father's homestead, 
viii. Daniel, b. July 5, 1797; settled in Illinois, 
ix. Dr. Caleb, b. Feb. 2, 1800 ; graduated from Brown University in 

1823, and the Harvard Medical School in 1827 ; practiced his pro- 


fesston in Falmouth, Mass., from 1827 to 1847, and in Cumber- 
land, R. I., from 1848 to 1875; d. in Cumberland, Apr. 7, 1875. 
X. Susanna. 

David^ Belcher [Samuel,^ Richard,"^ Jeremiah}), born in Wren- 
tham, Aug. 14, 1746, went to Bellixigham about 1775, where he 
resided until 1783, when he removed to Thompson, Conn., where 
he lived until 1798, and then finally located in Stafford, Conn., 
where he died in 1811. He served in the Revolution. He mar- 
ried, Apr. 22, 1778, Rachel," born Apr. 10, 1748, daughter of Elisha" 
and Sarah (Bates) Burr of Hingham. 

Children : 
i. Col. Samuel,* b. in Bellingham, June 14, 1779; lived in Hartford, 

Conn., where he d. in 1849, leavinsc a large estate for the times; 

m. Apr., 1805, Pamelia, dau. of Eleazer pinney of Ellington. 

Two children, who d. unmarried, before their father. 
ii. Sarah, b. Nov. 4, 1781 ; m. John Perry of South Brimfleld. 
iii. David, b. 1785. 
iv. John, b. 1787 ; d. 1789. 
V. Rhoda, b. 1789. 

Woodbridge" Belcher {Samuel,^ Richard,"^ Jeremiah}), born in 
Wrentham, Oct. 10, 1749, lived in Palmer, Mass., during the 
Revolution, later in Rowley, Mass., and finally in Weare, N. H., 
where he died. He served in the Revolution. He married first, in 
Palmer, Mass., Sept. "24, 1778, Rebecca Chase; and married sec- 
ond, in 1790, Mehitable, born Nov. 6, 1752, daughter of Oliver and 
Elizabeth (Jewett) Tenney of Rowley. 

Child by first wife : 
i. Samuel,* m. Anna, dau. of William and Polly (Walker) Caldwell; 
removed to Stockbridge, Vt. 
Children by second wife : 
ii. Olive Tenney, b. Dec. 21, 1792 ; d. July 29, 1802. 
iii. Harriet Young, b. Oct. 14, 1794. 
iv. Oliver Tenney, b. Jan. 1, 1797 ; settled in Stockbridge, Vt. 

Jonathan" Belcher {Jonathan,^ Richard,"^ Jerem,iah}), born about 
1734, lived in Framingham, and later in East Hartford, Conn. 
He served as private in Capt. John Nixon's company, from April 
10 to May 25, 1758 ; was private in Capt. Moses Maynard's com- 
pany, on Apr. 25, 1757 ; and marched to Springfield from Fram- 
ij^gham, on Aug. 16, 1757, as private under Capt. Samuel Curtis, 
when the latter started for the relief of Fort William Henry. 

He married, in Providence, R. I„ Mar. 2, 1760, Sarah, born 
Apr. 22, 1741, daughter of Jacob and Martha Hartshorn of Pro- 
vidence, who was buried there, at St. John's Church, July 11, 1769. 

ChUdren : 
i. Jacob,* b. about 1761; lived in Framingham; served in the Conti- 
nental army in the Revolution; d. Aug. 11, 1840; m. Mar., 1782, 
Anne, b. Oct. 8, 1759, dau. of Ezekiel and Hannah (Edmands) 
Rice of Framingham, who d. June 13, 1838. Four children, 
ii. Molly. 

iii. John, b. about 1766; lived in Framingham, where he d. Oct. 7, 
1843; m. in 1787, Sally, b. in 1771, probably dan. of William and 
Sarah Williams of Reading, who d. Feb. 26, 1853. Seven children, 
iv. Hannah, m. June, 1788, Ephraim Pratt. 


28. Daniel* Belcher {Jonathan,^ Richard,"^ Jeremiah}), born June 14, 

1736, lived in Framingham, where he was enrolled in Capt. Jere- 
miah Belknap's company, Apr. 26, 1757. He died in Nov., 1787. 
He married Hannah, baptized Oct. 15, 1749, daughter of Thomas 
and Elizabeth (Drury) Winch of Framingham. 
Children : 

i. Daniel.* ,t «4 

ii, Jason, lived in Framingham; m. Nov. 9, 1800, Anna, b. Nov. 24, 
1780, dau. of Silas and Elizabeth (Jones) Winch of Framingham. 
Five children. She m. (2) in 1826, Benjamin Dudley of Fram- 
ingham, and d. Jan. 3, 1838, aged 57. 
iii. Betsey, d. young. 

29. Ezra" Belcher {Jonathan,^ Richard,^ Jeremiah}), born in 1751, in- 

herited his father's homestead, and was a noted singing master. 

He died June 29, 1826. He married, Mar. 18, 1794, Susanna, 

baptized Feb. 5, 1769, daughter of Samuel and Lois (Pratt) Dad- 

mun of Framingham, who died May 17, 1854. 

Children : 
i. Ruth,* b. Nov. 14, 1794. 
ii. Lucy, b. Apr. 23, 1797. 
iii. Luther, b. Apr. 23, 1797. 
iv. Ezra, b. Feb. 24, 1799. 
V. Susanna, b. July 21, 1801. 

30. Joseph* Belcher {Jonathan,^ Richard,'^ Jeremiah}), baptized in 

July, 1755, passed his life in Framingham, where he died June 29, 
1833. In the Revolution, he served as corporal in Capt. Moses 
Harrington's company, from Dec. 20, 1776, to March 1, 1777. He 
married, in May, 1782, Hannah, born Sept. 9, 1756, daughter of 
Thomas and Hannah (Rice) Kendall, who died May 18, 1854, 
aged nearly 98. 

Children : 
i. Mary,* b. Feb. 6, 1783; m. Stephen Lord of Sullivan, N. H. 

ii. Patty, b. Dec. 20, 1785; m. Harrington; d. Feb. 25, 1845. 

iii. Joseph, b. June 21, 1788; lived on his father's farm; d. Nov. 16, 

1828; m. Jan. 11, 1814, Abigail Hunt of Sudbury, who m. (2) 

Oct. 17, 1830, John Moore of Framingham, and d. Oct. 4, 1833. 

Six children, 
iv. Hannah, b. Mar. 28, 1791 ; d. Dec. 15, 1849. 
V. Thomas, b. Sept. 3, 1793; d. Oct. 30, 1821. 
vi. Curtis, b. June 1, 1796 ; d. Nov. 16, 1815. 
vii. Betsey, b. Apr. 11, 1800 ; m. Nov. 30, 1828, Amos White of Wal- 

tham; d. Nov. 4, 1873. ^ 

Reqistek Re-prints, Series A, No. 17.