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Full text of "Bell's edition. The poets of Great Britain complete from Chaucer to Churchill .."

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ts-i. to-c. life. 


lHisr.']cgantwrlti!r,t(iH'honilh ; worli] ontsfo manjr 
ihccnunlyaf Wilts, (otKhieh place hit fstber, Mr. 
LiDcelot Addiron, wa> then R<^i9or) on the 6<h ol: 
May 1 6?*, and beinji not Uioujjht liliBtyw Use, v. a* 
bapriztdon (he fame day, aiippcaiilfroaiihcchift-cli 
TegiHer. When he grow up ta an igeOtCor^oia^ In 
fthnul, he WIS put unrfcr the cue at the Rrv. Mr, 
Nailh at Ambrnftniry. He aktrv/atdi ttmotcd to a 
fchool SI Salitbury, taUEht bv the R<r». Mr. Taylor, 
thence to the Charrer-houfc, where ho wai undet the 
tuition of the learned Dr. T.i\U, and wbete he con- 
traced an intimacy iviih Mt. Steele, arKrwardt Sir 
Richard, which continued at lot^ ai Mr. Addifon 
lited. He irunor'atnM tfttta <^ari old when he 
w»BBteradtifQueen'tCoUt4|e,Oif«rd, in which his 
fattier tiad bem ptdctd, •Wbtra be ^ipVed himfelf (b 
doTay (o'tiic Sodjr nt^lalReBl InrtAtig, that in a very 
diafttlmit he becanfeitiaffer of a vAy elegant Latin 
ftyle, c*en hefore he arrived It ihit age when ordi- 
nary fchtilan be^in to'tttitt good Bngtifli. 

In the year 1687 a copyeifhiiTnfnlli that tongue 
ftU iDlo t6« hiBda o( Dt, Lancafler, Dean of Mag- 
dalen College, who was To pleafcd with them that 
he immedialcly procured their Auihor'telcAioaioca 

ihtd ■ copy of veffa iddiifftd to Mr. Dryc 
1 foon pftKured him the nocice of fome of 

■aljwJgBiiithilage. The vsrfesarenot wi 
heir ekgsnte; bur if ihty are much rtmo 
cominon rhymes, th-cy fill infiniuly Ihon 
ia»6lcrMr. Addiron's friends bcnowed uj 
SocnctittlcfpaccilKerveniiig, hcfcut iato 
t iranQalian of the Fourth Georgick of Vir 
ich we nc<d not fij any more than that it ' 
tended by Mr. Dryden. He wrote alfo that. 
! on the Geoigicin prc£ied to them by vi) 
:e in Mr. Dryden'i trin}la(Lon, and chofe 
old his name from that judicioni conipoUti 
fc it coDUiaed an untried ftrain of ciilicil 
1 bore hard upon the old profcflon of that i 
lerefore wan not fo fit far a young man to ti 
himrclf; and Mr. Drydiii, who »ai aboTC 
1. Is [if fathering any ode's work, own^ the E' 
: Gcorgicki to have come from a friend, w' 
i) not mentioBcd, becaufc he ddiied to hi 

Tht rest year Mr. Addifop wrote Tcveral pocmi 
of diJTercDt kiodii. amongll the reft one ti&itSed. 
to Hear; Sichewrdl, who beuHK ^tcrward> io %x- 
cfedingly famous. The following year he wroic x 
poem to Xing William dd one of hit campaigD!, ad- 
drefled to the Lord Keeper, Sir Jehn Sonicra. lliat 
eicelleDt HalefmiD tceeived thii mark of a young 
auihor'i atcachnient with great huRiimity, admitted 
Mr. Addil'un into the namber ofhisfiiendt, and gave 
him on all octafions dtlUnguiQiing proofi of a finccre 

While he wn it the UniTerfity he had been pref- 
fingly foiicited to rnier iota holy ordcrg, which he 
Icfuned once refolded on, probably in obedience in 
hit father'i authority; but being CDiifeioiu of the im- 
portance of the undertaking, and deterred by his ci' 
tremc modelly, he relinquilhed, fays Mr.Tickcll, alt 
that way; but Sir Richard Steele, in hie lellcr 
quartel with Tickell on accoiiut of an injuVioui 
eatment of him, fays thai thofe wece not the rea- 
ns which miide Mr. Addifon turn hit thoughts to 
le civil world; " and aa yoo were the inducement, 
(fays hejofhii becoming acquainted with my Lord 
Halifax, I doubt not but you remember the w^nn 
iDfiancei that noble lord made to the head of the 
college not to ioGft on Mc. Addifon's going i;iIo 
orderi; his arguments were founded on the gtnc- 

- Addifon not of it " " '"''"' "*» ' 
Mr. Addifon h>vi„g difcor^^ 
*'«vcl, the "hon-mcnii^f ^ '" 

f' rum n»T.. . ^^^ -^^"/"•-ylmrl:.... 

*' incnt he mnnc wsu, thit thtk hooka had given 
■' him a yaj new Idea of ihc EngliOi poliitnef-, anij 
" that he did not qucAion but there were eirEilent 
" cciQipoOtions in the native Janguaftc of i couetcy 
" which pofleficd the Homnt gcBJni ia b emirenl a 
" depree." In iToi Mt. Addifon wrote an EpifloUry 
wtm from Italy to Lord Halifax, which » much ad- 
mired 13 a flnilhed piece io it> kind, and indeed fume 
ItiTepronounccilitihebellofMr. Addtfon'tpetfarm- 
sncc! : it wu trinflitf d hy the Abbot Antonio Mi- 
ne Salvbi, Gretk PvoftSot at Flercnee, into Italian 
-veKe, which tnuiflatisn is printed with the original 
ill thi« edidsD of Mr. Addifon's worka. This poem 
i« in the highdt cSeem in Italy, bccaufe there aie in 
it the bell turned compliment* on that eoDotry that, 
perhaps, are lobefoondaay when i and the Ililiaa!i, 
on account of their faniiliaiity with the objefl^ it 
defttibet, luu^ have a higher relifh of it. This pccm 
likewifc fhews his giatitude to Lord Halifax, who 
had been that year impeached by the Cammoni izi 
parliament, for pto<tititi([ ctntbiiantiiranCKftoni the 
crown to his own ufe; andfufthcr chuged with cut- 
tinf; down uid wafting the timber in bii Majefly'* 
I^ichcquer that were ioconCAcnl, and deQgnud aa 
checki upon each ether. TheCommanihadliliewife 
addielTrd the King to remove him from hiicounc.U 
and prefende for ever. Ihtle wire the caufcs oi ba. 
letiting, and Mr. Addifon'a a4iitt» M,\fc.^'A^»t'''*^ 


^nrn toEnfflnnd lie pulililfacd u 
|j,dedic«ed(ol*rd Somen: henouliT 
ild tirlirr ihui he did, hid not he beed 
k( a proper perf^in to mrcnd Prii 
ItymtnT wonld much have pleaTed him; 
k of King Wllliitn intervening cauled ■ 
hif peniion uid hit hopei. 
^llderabU fpacE of time he renulned at 
p< hit insadt were out cif the miniarf, h« 
irruiihjr todifplay hit aliiliiitt, or id nu at 
t Tiirird [or the hunoiir hiiwurka ha4 
chiacountry. He owed ijoth to jtntti- 
^ yeur i>oj Lord TtcofuKr Godolphin 
i eompliia la iht Lotd Hilifu lh*t the 
tllbornugh'* viflory at itlrnheini bai Be/ 
htol in vrrfc in the manncu- it defErvr 
nihai he would take it kind if hit L 
ibsihe frauitn o( the pnet-<, wnuUt 
i opahle of writing npan h df 
|M Halifai replied, with Tome </ 
IikbII ■iHjitaintcil wkh J'lich i pt 

fc\ not nunc him . and abCvrv 
.wlthindi^iiian.inMi nf 
(alaed In pomp and luxury a 

£irB or ADDISON. 

with great abilitiet, languiflied in < 
Treaforeranfwered, very coolly, that 1 
Iiordfliip had occafion to make fuch a 
but that m the inean>tiine he would 
noar, that whoever hia Lordfliip ihoo 
Tentare upon this theme without fea 
time. Lord Halifaz thereupon namec 
but infifled the Trcafurer (hould fen 
Mi, which he promified. According] 
upon Mr. Boyle, then Chancellor of t 
to go, in his name, to Mr. Addifon, 
cate to him the bufinefii, which he did 
a manner, that he readily entered u] 
The Lord Treafnrer (aw the poem b 
niHied, when the Author had written 
the celebrated iimile of the Angel, ar 
pleafed with it, that he immediately n 
miilioner of Appeals in the room of IV 
was nromoted to be one of the i^ords 
f<jr Trade, Is^c 

His poem entitled The Campaign 
with loud and general applaufc : it 
the Duke of Marlborough, and contai 
of the military tranfavftions in the ye 
very particular defcription of the two 
Schellcmberg and Blenheim, 

In 1 70.S Mr. Addifon attended th( 

*o Hanover; and in the fucceediii] 

♦ Budgets Memoirs oC Uk ^o-^ 

m.iil- cVlcc (A It>r Undrr Secrewry /o g 
firdg-5, thfnippoinlcd Secretary afStr^,, 
miirih (jf Dccembtr, in ihc fanie year, ^^ 
Sundi:dind, wha (accceded bir Charleii'nfj^^ 
continued Mr, AddiToa in ihe poO of U arf^^ ■* 

Opirras beiitg now much in fiftiioD, man ^^^ 
■ofdiltinaionandtrucrtflsimponHnedhiro ^ •* 
a trial wheel d wcrcxcilly fo,;^' 

paiihlc B4 fr. he Italim pieces n^^ 

rsprcfcnt Ih .. taft previilod Upo^* 

comply with .™!. „ -Bd tompofed hit Roj^ 

mond. rhii -. Ti bed to ihc Duichefe of 

Marlboroug :u >^u> but iodiS'^reDt lucctft 

on [he SUgt loked upon it li not propcvlrii 

SD cpeia; for, toTUiaerinf what nBmbtci nf miter. 
able pruijHaionthad borne cbuiiitle. cbcy were Tear eg 
tiiliilicd thatfofupeiluura piece (houM appear under 
■he Tame denominatinn. About ihig time our Author 
anlHed Sir Richard Steele in a play called The Ten- 
der Hulband, to which he wrote a humuroui pro- 

>nd ready ai fail wit, furpiifed liim with a dedio* 
tion, which may tie canGdercd is one of the few ma- 
n u mentis of praife not unworthy the gr<.at pcrlbn to 
whotc lionour it wa« raifcd. 

In i^c(i he went over to Ireland a« Secretary to 
t])C Marquis of Wharton, appointed Lord Lieute- 
rani of that kinndum. Her Majtfty alCo was plcafcd, 

a murk of her [uruliar favuiir. to sDgmenC tliL' h- 
,ary anneied to the ICttper nf the Records in that 
iii.cian, and f'tftnw it iiv>!in him. While he wn In 
ireUod hi> fitend Sir Kidaia Steele puUlflu.,1 l'h« 
Taller, which ippeired for the flrlt time on the 1 1 ih 
of April 1704. Mr. A^ir<in (layt Tickell) difco' 
vered the alilhor by m ubrcrnlion en Virgil he hut 
(onuDuni cited to him. Thi» dtfcovery led him to 
eHbid r^rthi^r ailiftance, inromuchlhat.afllir author 
i>( Thu racier well eiprefed it, he Fared by thUmesnt 
Jilte adlBreffedpiincetiihoeaUtin ipniwrful iieiKli- 
hour to his iiil; chat ii, he wis undone by hit ami- 

The rDpnioriljr of Mf. AddiTnn't papen in 
work 19 t]Divi!r&ll]i admilTed; and being more bI 
leirtireupon the change of the mjnillrf, he continued 
afliftiuK in ThcTader till ( 7 ' 1, when it wm drnpi. 

No [nnncr wu the Tiller hid dnwn. but Sir 
fikhatd SCerle, in cuncerc nlih Mr. Addilhn, form- 
ed ihe plan of The Spei3atur. The BrU jMpur ap- 
peared on the flcft of Marth ITIl.andinlhecnutfc 
of that great work Mr. Addifun tunillhed all the pa- 
pen marked with any ktteri of the Mufc Clio, and 
which were genctally cnoft admirL'd. Tickdl, who 
hid no klDdnEfi for Sir Richard Steele, meanly fup- 
pofea that he marked his paper out of precjntion 
agalnft Sir Richard, which Wat an illnacnrcJ Itifmii- 
atioiii farinlheconciufionof I'he Spiiflilors lit ac- 


knonlrd^ to Mr. Adiliron all he hid ■ tiglit !■[ 

and In hh Ictitr to Congrfve he dtclarcs. that Addt- 
fun's papers were niirkcd by him out nf tcDderacft 
tu his friEDd, and a warm zeal for hit (anie. Steele 
-nils a gfneroDs [rrateful fricod; it Iberefnre ill be- 
caiiic Mr. Tickcll, in the defence nf Mr. Addifon'i 
III iiDur, which needed no fuch itratagem, (o depre- 
ciate ciTie of hii dearefl friendi, and, a( the expenfc 
oftiuih and hi'i reputation, raife the charaiSer of hit 
hcio. Sir Richard had oppored Mr. Addifon in the 
choice of Mr.Tickellai his Secieiary, which it feemi 
tie could never forget nor forgive. 

In The Sptflatois Sir Roger de Coverly wai Mr. 
Addifon'B favourite chvai^er, and fa tender woi ho 
of it, that he went to Sir Ilichard, Dpoo hiipuhlifh- 
ing 1 Spir2ator in -which he made Sir Roger pick up 
awnnian in the Temple clatllcrs, and wijuM not part 
with hi> friend until he pritniifcd to meddle nilh the 
Old hnight'i charafiet no more. However Mr. Ad- 
difon, to make fure, and to prevent ^oy abfurditiei 
the writcre of the iubfequent Spc3ator$ mijiiht fall 
into, refolved to remove that charaScr out of tha 
way, or, ai he pleafantly eipreffed it to an intimate 
friend, killed .Sir Roger, that no body elfc might 
tiiurdti him. When the old SpL-flator wai finilhtd, 
■ new one appeared ; but though written by men of 
vit and (^nius, it did nof fuctcted. and they were 
Viifi: enough nut to pulU the attempt too far. PoUe- 


mud han a high idea of the lalle and good [cnU 
of the firitilh nalioa, vhea, they are infarmcd ihic 
twu Dtythuuldnil of thefe papers were fa BK times fold 

The Guardian, a paper of thclainc tendency, en- 
tcrtaiiitd the fown in the yesTb (713 and ijij. in 
wbi<h Mr. Addifonh»dl]k<n'ifeaiiciyUrgt;fti*re: 
he alio wriHc iwo papcia in The Lover. 

in the jcar i;i3 appcarrd his £ainan< CeiEo. He 
entered iaco a deGgn of wricin^ a trjgedy oh that 
liibJFiS wheo he wa> very yiung, >nd when he wia 
on h»tr>veliheadually wrote four afi'ofic : how- 
ever, he reiouched it on hii return, without any de- 
iigii ofbriniiinf; it on the (latse; but fonie friends uf 
hia imaginiB^r it might be of fervice to the caufe of 
libcTtv, he was prevailed upun to Gnilh it fur ihe 
theatre, which he accordiutjly did. When this jjlay 
appeared it wai recti VL-d with boundicfiadmiritii'ni 
and, during the reprefeotation on the 6rit night, on 
which its fite depended, it :. faid ihat Mr. Addifon 
difcovered uncomnion timiJity^ hewu agiuted be- 
tween hope aqd fear, and, while he reniaioed selired 
in the Green-room, he kept a ptrfonmnlioually go- 
ing backwards and forward) from ihc Bage to the 
place wheit; he W4i, to inform him how it facceedcd, 
and liU the whole wa> over, andthcluccefscanflrmcJ, 
Ik DCier ventured to move. 

• TlckcIl'»Prcr«M, 

VI It n it witpublifiifi! it was rceoramen dt d by many 
coliieKof verletpriGxiriluit, imncgil wbich the fui' 

ijcul?r'rdji!ia to thii renowned play, and in (jieat 
Auihur, I Ihall mten i letter uf Mr, Popo'i to Sir 
WiiiijmTruoilial. daitdthejuthof Aptil 1513. in 

" Ai lu pocliral affbiri I am content at prerent ti> 
' be a bare looker-on, and li dm a pr»i9iiionfr turn an 
' adniirr.-r,whicb,a>tbew(irldgou,iKiu>[«ny uftid. 
' Cato was Qot To much the wonder o( Rome in hit 
' days, a^ he it of Britain in ourt; and though all 
" \Y.c fnoIKh indiiftiy polTiMe had hccn ufcd to make 
iiught a pany play, yet vihat ihe Author once 
ofanother may the iroft properly in the World 
nplied to him oil this occaliuD ; 

'• The numernut and violent claps of the Whig par- 
" ty on the Diie Ccie of the theatre, were echoed 
" Ijtk by the Tories oti the other, while the Author 

" their appliiule pccctfding mort from thEhand than 
•■ the hi^ad. Thi' was ilie cafe, too, with the Pro- 
" Jugut wtittr, who was tiappcd into a ftanth Wliig 

tin or Aooisoir. xvii 

'* &t the end of evezy two lines. I believe you have 
** heard that, after all the applaufcii of the cppof>c 
** fadlion, my Lord Bolin^broke fentfor Booth, who 
'* played Cato, the box, between one of tJ.c 
'*a6ls, and prefented him with flfcy guineas, in ac- 
•* knowledgment, as he exprtflcd it, for d'.feiiciinij 
" the caufe of liberty fo well aeainil a perpetual L)-'.- 
•* tator The Whi^s arc unwilling to be U::l:.iii;?:.i 
" tbixway, and therefore deijgn aprcfcnt to th': Umt 
•* Cato very fpecdily; in the mean-time they arc g,'r- 
•* ling ready a9 good a fcntence as the form t i>n 
•• their fide; fo betwixt them it is probihlc tha: Cdio 
'* (as Dr. Garth expreffcd it) may have fomttiiir);:; ro 
•* live upon after he dies." 

fmmeJiately afrcr the publication '^f rhis tn;:- :!v', 
there came abroad a pamphlc r, entitled u ; 
on Cato, written by the injrtniou* Dr. S-.wci. I'lu; 
defi^n of this piece was tolhtwthit th« m pi.-"!:!'.- ti.i^ 
tragedy met with wa^* founded <»n n;crit. It i- a vtry 
accurate and cntrrtainiiiji; criticirm, and ti-iu'.^i.) fc- 
curc the Poet the hearts of hi> rtalcrs ;.». \v( 11 a; < f 
hivuudience. Our Author wn-« n<'t, howfv:.r,\vi'^l.«.:iC 
enemies, a:iion«;(l wh.'-m was Mr. r)enni'., win* a'- 
ticked iv firflin a pampl.lct. and then in a h:\-U o.; v.t. 
work, in which ht fir.plovcd Icwn Ictrir.-. in piil'ii'v^ 
it to pieces, in fomc of hi-. rcnjurV.-- l:r i' c .luli,! .\:,d 
ji'liciJ-Uis iMio'jjiih, ifi other- Ik- i-* tri.'iiu^ ati.'i illrM- 
turcd, and I tliinit it is pretty j^Uin '.»• wa- agitt'.t." 

15 1!J 

t»iit tanor aimiidhi ^^ 

iiyiTivv, fir^ilhe iniriit of thic play WW til pvJ 
tiioii :!.:: Whif>ini(rFll,(>rw]ii(b Mr. DtucnoMS 
zcaliu^ ilititnr, he could not iberttotr dikitttm it 
from piriy prinntilei. Annihcr geatl<:niu),who cilU 
cd h,>iU.'ll' ■ Selmlw >t Oifurd, coitttdered the pinf 
in a very difirmil light, and cndfavaiircd to feive 
hit I'lriy by taiIlinj[ihE cannon upon the EDtmy. 
The i.ile of in, Mr. Addlfon cutnol 

Tory ; i[ if 'eat fpirit and livotily. 

Cafr. iv,-i, fp A into Frtnch by Mr. 

Buyo, UiH wu u^Dll.icd likewife 

into [(jli,m. 

Voiidirc h, nd mndemDcd Mr.Ad- 

difrn by tiir >A lo Cbco, headinijrei 

aod i;ciirurcsi[ (Hi p.-..../. Thp principal chinc- 

tcr he ^lloivKlnpcpioiirto any be rorc brought upon the 
fl,ige, bill riy«thH»MtIlBl.HB-f«D«ari;abfoluI(:lj- 
inlijiid; he nxi)rht havesdiled nnni-txiTuy, aa to tbe 
plot ; aud the only rer.fon ihu can be alllgtied for the 
I'oci'f intioducinj; them nu, the prevalence uf cu< 
Ouni : but i[ mull be aciu.owlrd(;cdlh»thi»io»eraare 
rhc nxiO [cnfible, an<l addith eacli olber in che beft 
t:<i>;-iia.;e that is f. he found in any love-dialogliea o( 
ih.- liiMlh Oage: ii .rill be dilEcull H. find a moro 
ll.llLin!:hi!c,orniorepieluri{.(ue,.f jlovtr'ipiDlon, 
dun ibis pjlhclick irithnution. 

oiir Author ind hit pwfoirnance; Iht vat pItaCei in 
{\go'ily. ao iDclinilionof hivinK i( dedicated [n hcri 
but mshe inuaded thnt cemplimcDt to BDOther, it 
csmc into (he world •riihout sd]' dedication. <f, in 
the fubrequmt part r>F hi* life, hi) li-iTurc hid bctn 
greater, vreareteld he would pralubiy ba*e written 
UDOthfr tragedy on the death of Socralet; hut ihe 
hoaoursaccruioir&fim whalhe had ilrfadyperrurm- 
ed, dcinived pnUfriry of thatprodufiion. Thib Cub- 
jcA WBi am drier, and Mt riirceplil>le of poetics) Dt- 
Qimcm thin the formrr; but, in the lisjidt oFlofncac 
a CHI it<r, there ii nndnubc hut ^niiit would have fiip- 
piled ■xhal Wat waucJHg in the reil (lory, and have 
foirred, hj Ihinintr fcntinicnla and noble laoguagr, 
Ihe limgilinty of the plul, and delitiency in huCncl's. 

Upon th^ death of the <lufen. the Lord. Jufticej 
appointed Mr. Addiinn tlujr fr erei iry, ThisdircK- 
ed him from the drfign he had formed of eompaCnj; 
an Engtijh DidiDiiaryupDn the plan of alimout 1n- 
llan nne : that the krnrld ha« much fuffcred by thii 
proDiotioii I Bin ready to believe, and cannot but rc- 
Hretthat our language yet wantithesfliftincepf fo 
fireata mdlcrinfiiing Id Uandard, fettling its puri- 
ty, and illufiTSliDgits CDpiuulneri or slegaace. 

[n 1 J Ih our Author married the Countefsof War- 
wicli.andabout ihittimepiibliflicd The I'rech older, 
whichliiiiindofpoliiicnlSpedator. This work Mr, 
Addifen conclufted wichcut any aflillaiice, upcn a 

plin of hia ovin forrring; he did it in eontiqu 
ot hi) principles, out uf a dcEreto remove pre jud 
iiid<;ontribuIc all he coutd tu m»kc hii counlrf 
p y; howeyer, it produced hit own promotion in I 
!□ be one of the Principal Secrctiriei of Snte. 
health, which had been before impaired by an i 
miiickdifofder.fuffcredeieeediijgly bj an adva 
iticnl lb much to hii hononr, but itlcnded with 
great fitigue. Finding that he wai not able to 
atgt to mach buGneli as hit liuion led him ti 
rcGgBcd, tad in hit Itifure houri bcfcan ■ work 
leliftioiuiiatBre, upon the Evidence nftheChrl 
religion, which he liied no< to linilb He like 
intended a Paraphrafc onfume of ihc Pfjlmi of 
"id: bot a loog and psiiifol rclapfc bnike il 
d<:rigi», and deprived the world of one of it.hri 

the Mtb year oFhin ape Hedied at Holluid-h> 
near KcniinictDn.and left behind hjiu an aalj da 
(et by the Couotcfn of Warwick. 

Afier his deccafc Mr, rickcll. by the auch 
anddirefiion of the Author, collefied and pub! 
are rever;>l pieces ai yet un mentioned, which I 
heregiveaccDuntofinorder. I'he fird ii \ D 
latinniipon Medal), which, though [lot publi[h< 
after hi> death, was begun in 1703, when hen 

in 110} tliere Mine abroad apam^ihlet, under the 
title uf The Prefeni State o( the War, tpA (he Ke- 
reffiryofui Augmenrition, owfidered. The Whig 
Elimincr csote out Scvtem. 14. 17 m, tor ihe firH 
lime : iherewtrefiie papers in allMlribmedio Mr. 
Addifon; ibcic Ait by muih ihc tartcit (tir^ he 
%»m_ tm*i'f awfcftiwi lB, Ifr. Mor.ndnunr 

i^OMtlieftrtef the Twiai, tod 
^lM*fHM|bv«MpDMiiwtf alkdi punpblet, 
•Bdl ■■HhBM'W nw «B< OmUton eT'Cmiat 
» ifaMt ef .ihaFmich CcMtiWKia &!U; thii ii 

. "ncMlMinf hMelikewifclMCBafcribed coonr 
AMjuv't- - 

Diffmtlio de ioligtuoribni Roimaoruin Vat'u.i.e. 
A Difiinttioli updo the moft eniaent Romm Poeu. 
Tblt UlMffoIai 10 hava been written about 1691. 

-. ADiCMnrfcMi Ancimt and Modem Lcirnmg: 
dio rina urbtD it wu vriUeDiiDncertain.butpruba' 
UyMMrirMtbefnmier. It wai ptcferTed amongft 
ttn MuaolcTJpia of Lord Somen, nhtch, alier the 
death ofSirJafFphJckrl, being paMicUrroltl.thia 
Uitls piece tamcta beprinted 1739, and wsi well re- 
wind. To thefe we mnf) add the Old Whig. N°. i . 
and a. pamphleti written in defence of the Peerage 
MIL ThtfM^orihebillvaithis, that in place of 

lUtcen Peen fitliDg in psrll anient a> repieMial 
of tU ptdrijre oi Scotland, ihtrt were for rhc f^t 
lo be Cweniy-five hetedicary peeri, bj thejunftiofi 
nine oulnf (he body of the Sci'ich nubility to thelAc 
liiteen littingpcerl^ ibat Gi EngJiJb pccii fhouM t 
adilcd, and ihtr peerage ilien remain fixed, tbe crow 
being icHraiiicd from mikingauy new loidsbucupc;, 
the i:iiini9ii)Ii of familiea Thii gave a great alam 
to the nation, Uid many pipen were wrote wiel 
rpirlt airainft it, amongft the riQ onccalled The Pic 
bciap, now knowii to baie been Sir Richard Steele's 
In anf«cr to this «me ont the Old Whig, N=. I. oi 
the Utaie of the Peerage, with fomcRemarktonTbi 
Pkbeiaii. Thi«BOHiro»erfy was carried nn betweei 
ihe two fciendi, Addiba and Steele, at firft withon 
it :ippears frum feiera] eiprcflioDs, (bat the autha 
Thus we have gone through the moll temaibabl 
pafTj^esortticlifeuf this great man. in admiration o 
whum it is but natural lobe an enlhuliall. and whof 
very eneniiei eiprdTed theii diQike with diffidence 
nor indeed were hi* eneniiet, Mr Pope eicepted, (i 
it he proper to reckon Mr. Pope Mr. Addifon'scne 
niy) in one particular cafe, of any confequrnce. It i 
a true ind an uld obftrvatioo, that the greateft mei 
h;ive fonictimcs failings that, of all other humai 
wtHkn^fTcun." wouldnot fufpea them to be fubjti 
to. it I) laid of Mr. Additon that be was a Uaie [. 

fl;ittery. that he wat jeilouB, ini! fufpiciausui h 
temper, and, M Pope kMoly ctprcfTcs it. 

That ht man JMloDf of (hf f*mi: of Pope many have 
heiicTBil, wdperhapt not JlDifedwrwi'liout ground, 
Hepreferred rickell'tMsiiDetionofthc FiiaBookof 
Hdmcr 10 Popc'i. Kit wordi tie, ' Th« nther has 
■ more of Homer/ when, at the fiiiie time, ]□ a let- 
ter to Pope, he SrenHoiifly KliiTti hira to undertake 
it, and tcl[i him there it none but he equal to it; 
which circumfluicc hurnade[oaiep<cip]ecoDJeit)Mre 
that Addiba was himfelf the author of the trinlla- 
tioD imputed to Mr. rkkeU. Sctbitu ilmsy, it i> 
tinplealing to dwell opon (he ^ling* and quarreh of 
great men; kr un nther draw a veil over all ihcir cr- 
roum, and only admire ihtir virtue! and their genius, 
of both which the Author, the incident! of whiife 
life we have now been tratinp, hida larfte po(r;:IIion. 
He added much to the purriji of the Engliih ftylc in 
jnoTe; hit rhyme ii Dot fii flowing, Detvoui, or man- 
I;^, ■■ fume of fail cotcmporatiei, but hiiprnfe ha; in 
Drigina] excellence, • fmuaihncf^ and dignity, pecu- 
liar to it. tli« poetry. a> well ai feotimitiit, in Caia, 
Cinnot be praifed enough. 

Mr. Addifon wai ftedfaft to hi> prlnciplei, f..iih- 
lp\ to hit friends, a zraloui piirini, hunnurablc in 
poblick Kalioni, amiable in private life, and at he li- 
ved be difd, a f[ond man and ■ piou* ChriHian. 


lf,duinl>tooIonK the drooping Mufchaihniy'J 

And Itfc her debt Co Addifon uopsid, 

ni«me not herfileiicc, Warwick I but bemnan, 

Anil judge, oh judge I my bofdin by your dhu, 

Whit iiiaunierever fell poetick Gre<! ■ 

Slaw come* che rerre that real wo inrpireg; 

Grief uniffi^i^d fniis but ill with m, 

Or Briwing numbers with a bleeding hcBit. 

Ciii 1 target ihedifmBl night thjt gave 
My frnVt belt pari for e»er to the giavcl jo 

Haw rilriii did hi* xld companiflni tread, 
liY TKiilniKlH tMnp. the manGon* of the dead, 
Thre' bi«lhillg llMut". then unhecdtd rhingi, 
Tbm'rr.wiolwarrii'Brs, and throw waltnufkbgil 
VKm .trr ,iid Ihe flow l-lemr. knell inrpire, ij 
■!■',. pt.tin?.>r|t«iJ»nil "he paufijijf choir! 
n-te (toOBby the liwu-rob-i) prckle pay'd, 
i,fld theLfl word! that dull to doll lonvey'd ! 
^4.«cMe& •'er tSy elofing gr"ve we be>id, 

^^^^ - . _ ..L- fhia Inntradieu. 

f*r««, tike thill 


To Qitw freOl liunU let the islk be mine, 
A freqacDt pilgrim u ihy lacrctl Ihrine ; 
Mine with trot figh» rhy ibfeiicc lo bemoan, aj 
And grave with (lithfiil cpitiphu thy ilone . 
If e'er fcomme thy lov'd memorial pan, 
MiJ Ibame afflia thia alienated heart ; 
OfiheeforjPBtfulif ! form » fling, 
My IfrebebrokBD, and unlut]*d ntf t>*ngue, JO 
lily grief be doubled, from thy ima^e free. 
And mirth a torment, onchallif 'd by thee. 

Oft' lei me noge the iflonmy aillcs alone 
(Sadluiury! la vulgar Diindi unknown) 
Along tbe wbUi where Cpeahin); marbietffaow 35 
Wfasc worthje* form the hallow'd mould behiM! 
nM^oMMMMMMM the nlgM s(eBii»n held. 

CMc&tnc^d^wiibfi3n,«odpradigat of blood; 
Stern pitriMi, *bo far ftcred freedom Qood ; 40 
Joftmen, by wbMnl&iponialUwiiweregiVn; 
Aid luDt«, who iMghi ud led the my to heiv'n. 
Ne'er to dMfa <teiiil>en, where the mighty tcK, 
Siiice ibeir fcaadatimi, cuue ■ nobler itiieft. 
Nor e'er wai to the boKEn of bKfi dniTey 'd 4j 
A Aurtrf^t ut moTt woIcook Ihade. 

In what new. t^ioh, to the jnll lOign'd, 
Wbu n«w employneoupleife th' uAbody'd min J f 
A winged Viitae, thr»' th' ethereal fty, 
^on witfld 10 world unwcarj'd doet he fly ^ je 



r.t the long kboriout 
Of Heair'n's detrees, wf 
Docs he dEJight to hear bold femphi 
How Michael hattlcd and tl« Di.gon fell ? 
Or, raii'd with mildsr cherubim, in glow 
111 hymnBof tovc not iUclfay'dbdow^ 
Or did ihou warn poor mortals left behind? 
A talk well fuitcd tn thy |i;(titlc mind. 

imclinics Ihy rp.ilkCifnmi ddccnd, 
lelhy aid. Ihou guardian Genius! lend ; 6i 

Bea rage mirguidet me, or when feu alainit, 
Inrn pain diHrilTi'i, or when plrafuri charms, 
filcnt nhifp'riniciipiirf r Uioughts impart, 
|d turn from ill a fiail aiid feeble heart; 
id thro' (he path) thy virtue trod befote, Aj 

nil blifii (hall join, not death can pad u« more. 

That awfid form [which, ia ye Heav'nn decree, 
MuH dill be lov'd and fliU deplot'd by me) 
In nightly vifionefeldoni failEtn rife, 
Mous'd by faney meets my waking eye*. 71 

" |l'acf>call>, or crowded count bvice, 
pUDblcniilh'd Ibtefman fccmt to flrike my fighCj 
pthe ftagel feektofbatb my die, 

lul, which hrealhci in Cata (here ; 

ural Ihad 


o'cTlak«me in the lonely grnic: 

IE (hereof jull and good be reaTon'd tlrnii);, 

iT'dfomegrcM cnilbiomii'dfomcftrioiiirong; 

There, pitieac, Bioit'd u( (he nife noarCc to Reer, 
A randidcoifor, audi friend ft^Ere; go 

Theie taught uthoir to live, an>l (ob^ (Dahij;h 
The price for knowledge) taupbi ui how lo die '. 

Than hilllwhafc brow the antiqucAraaucen grace, 
Rear'a by bold chiefi of Warwick's noble race. 
Why, ooee folo*'d, whtiieVr thy bnwcr aj^irs, 8j 
O'er my dim cyeWIt glance the fiidden iCLiri! 
Haw fwcei were once thy prufpeiils {iftb and fair. 
Thy fLoping walki and unpnllated air ! 
How fwect the glooms beneath ihy aged trees. 
Thy noontide ihadow, andchy ev'ning brecfe! 90 
Hi< ImaeB thy furraken bdwcn n-ftore, 
Thy waiki and airy profjieifts cliarm no more; 
JNu mare thefummer in ibygloonie alUy'd, 
ThyeTeningbrecEeiand thy noonday Ihade. 

From other ills, however Furtunt frown'd, 95 
Some refuge in the Mufc's act 1 four.d ; 
Relu£tanr now I touch the trembling Hring, 
Bereft of him who taught me how to Gng, 
And thefe fad accrnli, murniur'd o'er his urn, 
Betray that abfence they attempt to mourn. ico 
Oh ! mnft I then (now ficlh my bofom bleeds. 
And Craggatn death to Iddilon fuccecds) 
The verfc begun to one [ofl friend prolong. 
And weep a fccond in th' unGnilh'd fong ! 

Thefe Works difine, which, on his deathbed IslJ, 
To the:, O Craggi! th'txpiringfageeonvcy'd, H-b 




How long, great Poet ' fllall thy facfed lay* 
Provoke our wonder and [canrceiid our praifc ^ 
Can neither injnriei of time or age 
D.imp ihy pnctidt heat and quench thj rage .' 
Not fa thf Ovid in hie eiitc wrote, 5 

Grief chill'dhis breafl .andcbeck'dhlsrilingthDught; 
FcaQvG and Tad, hif drooping Mule bctrafi 
The Romaa genius in its UQ decays. 

KcnillDf winnth hmi ftill thy mind poSefi, 
ADdfecDsdyonthiaklDdledin (hybreaft; lo 

TluMi nuk'S the beaatto of ibc Romuia koowii, 
Aod Eogtund bollb of richei Dot her own ; 
Thy linet ban baghtm'd Virgil'i majclly. 
And Honce wonden at biinfclf in thee : 
Thou teacbdlPcrCiutouibrinoiirille 15 

In fmooilier Dnmben and a clearer Ityte; 
And Ju*eoal,tnlln)Aed in ihy page. 
Edge* hi> fitire «D<1 improKt hit rage. 
Thy copy cifU 1 6urer light on aU, 
And (till ontfbinei the bright origiiul. 10 

Now Olid boafti th' advantage nf thy fong, 
Aod tciUhilAoryinthc firilifh tongue; 

Tliy thirming vci[(, and fair tranfltttiooi, ftow 
Him thy own laurel lirA bCg^D to glow ; 
H^iw wild LycaoD, chang'd by angry godfl, 
>\iid frighted ilhirufclf, ran howlirgthro'lhewt 

O: may'ftchon lltll tlic noble tiJk prolong, 
Udrage nor Cekncfi inlerrupl thy fong! 
Then may <»c, wond'ring. ic:id how hamm lin 
U■^•^c watcr'd kingdom i and diilblv'd in flreiDK 
Of thofe rich frailt that on iW ferlilE mould 
'J^um'd yeU«w by degraei, and tipea'dimo gold^ 
Hon fome itt fcalber'*, or & rafrged hide, 
] law liv'd mfecond life, and different natures try' 
Thtn will thy Ovid, thus Itan-fotm'd, reveal 
A nobler change lliaD he hjoifclf can tell. 



Jifrili. 169a. 
JCf.dcarelb Harry! you will needs requeft 
ii^rt account of all the Mufe poffeft, 
It, down from Chaucer's days to Dryden'i tit 
'I- rpcnl their nobl^ rage iu Britilh rhymei, 
:h.iiit more preface, writ in foimal length, 
t^i.akiliL'UiidciLaltci'BWantof Arength, 
• dfteimtils pr. SaclievtrcU. 

rUtiy 10 mike tbeir TevVjl beau titi known. 
And (how ihdr vcrfes.' worlh, tho' not ray own. 

Long bad out dull rarcfslhcndeptfujmic;, 
Norfrli the rapluraoFlhclDncFui Nine, 
Til! Chaucer firft, amcrry bird, arofc, 
And nuny anofy ruldin rhyme uidproTc; 
But age h^ii rufled whit the putt writ. 
Worn out his language and nhtcuc'd his wit ; 
In nin heieftsin hi>iunpi>lilh'dftrain, 
Aadmesto make hiireaiters laugh in vain- 
Old Spenfcr next, watm'd with poetltk rage, 
iBui'da barb'rouiage ; 

syled, purfu'd 

Thra' fiAMk fidd* and nofreqacntcd flooda, 
But DOW the nyllick tile that pleai'd of yore 
Cui cliuiDuiiuidcrflaDdingageaoinore; 
The long-fpuD ■Le^rietfnlfome grow. 
While the dull mor&l liei too plain below. 
We view wcU-pkaa'd U diOance all the Gjih ti 
Of arma md pal&iea, hatllea, field*, and fights, 
Atid damreUiQ diftre^ and courteoni knighti; 
But when we kuA too near the Oiadet deeay, 
And all the jdeafiag Undrcape fadea away. 

Great Cowley then (amighiy geniua!) wrote, 
O'erruo with wit, and lavilh of hii thought ; 
Hi> tuini too clofely on the leader prcSi ; 
He muie badpUai'd na had he pleaa'd us lefs : 


■ rn.nM 

0-<:iH,nv8 the h«v'ii'8*ith 6i« n-DtioDed light, 
Tliai nut a lin(ile liar can flicwhiiMjt, 
'VVIiiin tiiititlf all promote thu tommon l>bze. 
Pir.lnn, great I'ort ! ihut I ilirc ton»mc 
Ih' uttnumlicr'd hcauiicK el ih)'*"''''"*^'''''' 
Thy r^ull l> niilf wit ,o '.itiaaU; 
But wit like thmt in any Hiape will plnfe. 
Wliut Miirc but (hinc cm fi]usI himt itifpire. 
And Qrrbu dgcp-moiitli'd Filidikr lo thylytsi 
I'imtirt vvht'inoihcn, in a lubaur'dUram, 
Anil (iire'd expTcOion, iniiUie in viiii t 
Will plna'd in ihee he (uin with new dcllehl 
pUj'i in muru uabuundcd vsric, and iilii 
bier fl;|;h(, 
Vi man ! who& rpoclcfi life andihatmini 
ly'd the iun«riil prelate inihir prailc 
I hihh ' who now ftiall be for ever hi 

c^rtFiil li 


Hot Millnn next, with hi|;h and haughty QalluJ 
UnfciEfr'd in maji-UicIc ntimbeni, walks: 
No 'iilgjr hero can hi* Mufe cnga^, 
Niir earth '• wide r«ne CUE GneliUhailow'draEK. 

■ I hs upward rpring*, audi low'ring tti^h, &o 


ShAci Hcav'n't elcrnd throne »ilh diiealanns, 

AnJ feu tW almighty Tfiandcnr in >nn> I 

White'erbitpcn de&ribcj I more than fee, 

Whiin cvVy »rifc iitiy'd in Mijcfty, Sj 

Bold and rnblime, mf uholc anention dtin), 

j^nd fiumt aboTc the critick't nicer lavi. 

How ire you (Iruck wiih terronr and deli^I, 

WhtD angviwith archangel cope* in fight! 

When threat McOiah'aoutfpread banner fhincs, JO 

How doct ibe chariot rattle in hi> Un«9 ! 

What found of bmxen whnit, with thunder, fcare 

And fiuD the reader with the din <if war I 

With (ear my fpiriM lad my blood retire, 

Bw whaa, whli eager fiep«, fr^ beacc I rile. 
And Ttew the GiA py Iccoei of Pnrndifa, 
Wliai tOQgne, vhu unrdi ofrapnre, cm opreTi 
A ^&OD f* prgfole of jdeifaiitlielil 
Oh ! had ijia poet ne'er proba'd hii pen. So 

To varailh o'er the guilt ot faithbb men. 
Hi* other wotfci might have deferT'4 applauTe ; 
But now the bngmaa cann't foppott the caafc ; 
While the ckan enrrent, tlw' fertile and bright, 
Iletn^aioltonodiDiittothefig^t. S5 

But imw, my Mnfe, a fsfter fbain reheaife, 
Tarn er'Ty line with art, and finaoth thy verre ; 
The courtly WiDcr next comnuDdi thy lays; 
Mufc ! tuoe thy verliE with ut to Walkr'a praife, 

RkII longEc he the poet') hif^helt ihcmei, 
Tbo' god) ud herati fgnghc prointkuout la th^ 
liul novr. ID Niflau'tfccreicounciliniiii'il, [Arcunl; 
He Eidilhehcrd wham befort he pniit'd. 

I 'vc doriEtt lingth ; uid iiow.dar Priuid I rani** 
T}ic l»(l poor prcfent that my Miifeein givt. IJl 
I Jcave the ini nf poetry ind icrf« 

ni tharprv&ifc 'em wiih more forced. 
Iter rruthi I '11 now jiropare to icl 
:it aoce, dear Friend itid Miile! furewcll. i j j 


kftl your thought! are lonfe frnm flaieafliin 
n (eel ch« burUea bf a kingdom') cart'ii 
pur time and afiioni are your own, 
w llic prchnt uf ii Mute unknowu ; 
Muf« lh»i in ndselJt 'fuu- iinml.uri Hags j 

Hriiul oIvmienaDdlhefsllariiiiigi, 
i«ln Bilvaac'd ardEwtain-'iF"" "ani'd, 

\, y mjF I ,ofH. thrfr dsriiifr thoiiphw belong, 

Wli»l|'''l ' " ■■-^"■,■I..,Tg; Id 

Whdhir ID coRiick rounilinr injcick liti 
Sli< foTRithn-TDin, (h>innv«4nDrllnik'i m 
Ur«lir« or bcrakk llrimilhc wrilvi, 
llcr hero plnf«, and her fitirc biui. 
From b«i ■«■ luiOi uiiviful niimbcrt fall) 

*e«n (II drcflek, and Alt ch*nt»lu>U. 


ii|!ht wc (eirour I 

Thai l<iii|! Ii» lliinrilli'd, I 
Did net ihc Muftn'olhei 

CoogKvel whatetiBCf'i 


^ Mull 

My Mufr, tlpcfling, on ihe Briiifli (Irinil 
M'aitilhy return, uidwclcamnthue to Und: la 
Micofc' hit Teen [hee prrlTitig on the foe, 
WUn Europe was cDncetn'diney'ry blow. 
But ilurli BOt in hcroick ftraini rejoiec; 
The tfumpcti, dnimi, and csnnonii, dronrn'd hef 
Shefaw the Boynruu thick with liuinangDR,[»(ucei 
And flualing- corpf:' lie beating on the Stare ; tfi 
She Taw thee tlimb the bank), hul U^'d in vain 
To trace her hero thrn" the dofty plain. 
When ihto' ihe (hick emhanled lines he brokf , 
Now pluug'd amidH the Iocs, tiow loll in clouil* of 

In lining numbeia would (hy loili tehetufel «S 

Draw ihee faeloi'd in peace and Icai'd in wars, 
Iliur'd to tioonday fweataanJ midnight cares! 
Hut Hill the godlikcnun, by fame hardfatr, 95 

Kcceiven the ("lory of hinoilatoo laie; 

bte the Tcrfe the mighty ad: fttcceed? ; 

inc the poet, hreeJ*. 
ihnufand jtari in full fucceOion ran 
Virgil riit'd hii luice, and biag the man 30 

'ho, driv't) by {tiefaof Pmc, fuch daogettbore 
On nomiy fciiatidadifaflrautfhare. 
Before he fctlled in ibt promis'J earth, 
And gave the empire of the world its hirth. 

inghid found thi: Grecians bold ami Qercc 



ir mullei'd ui 

To you thslicroof my wrfftnuli 
llitfircii ilcGgnh to you ia e«iiiicil if lli 
IliiinmoSihauEhtc. dttrraiininir >hv ilimm 
Ot lownt unibrm'd and bailltt yci >o iroii> - 
And well could yau, Jn yniir inunwtal (Itaji 
IlcrcritiB tin cnntldi^ iDil lewarJhlivaiiii-. 
fiat Gdm the Date hut ), 

A«d poHrjt in hifclwr i 
Aliondlowliit ■ USi' 
P^riloD licr hiAtt, ind |l 

And from vourjud^mrni mmi cipcM my f. 

livy <. 


TOTHl-. KlXn. 

now, inrjiii'il by ihre, with ftcft (leligtit ■] 

rfworitnthty farimdiili, inJrcquucUiefi 
w their nncii lit cnnijucflionihffinsiti, 
afl ihfir faihetj' ttiumphs o'er ij^hi i 
wlico they heu how AgiiKenrt »a« ft 
UiUtcb curpfe', «id Crclli rwain in Itl. 
^th cagtcr wnmilh they tight, iinbitiuui all 

lirA Qiill norm the btcadi »t mount tlic wiU. 
nlhe thronging enemy by foric 
Id tkar thr rampatts and rtptl tlieir cnurfc; 
bmkibrv'nll. far William kadsihc way jj 
"c firu n^ mull aiid luudcilcoginva pUy. 
!(»'» Iitr terra urt atid dtflntaion Btvvi 
; Williani,wirm'd with jufl revenge, iin do: 
t oiKc a thoufand turrets raii'd un hi^h 
'Cild«drpir», >nd)>)iElL('dioihEikr, to 

idliliaguiA'd liiap uf dud k (nund, 
ill tKt pile licsfmiikiiigoD the ground. 
iklaih. Iiir no iKnohlr enclt dtfigu'd, 
: llie ctunmnn wtlfitc of mankiDd; 
Hnbicuwinoicf. but Karop«'ifcari, 8j 
• of otphiDh <nd ihe widowi' ictri: 
'tb'i Seli^ian |ci«ti ihe flrll aUnn>, 
iniUEAxXtEcdain tu the world niTard, 
laticDfUrfi the labounnfhiiCwonl. ^ 

iii> whrn ihc tntming Miifc would copy iotib 
■U&fwxatt of bcroickwonh. 






OVr (imticlovon itn*ft i 


KMkinf In bluod, hH) Ih.ifw'tl *ith duA ■> J 


n (n rank* him | -> 



AnJ llrlfcn » ivrtniir ihra' )h( hnujhiy r iiU 

Alpitr.M«l ru(iii.l>i 






Fetch MicontroU'rf sjch libour of ihe fun. 
At.d make tha produaof the world our own. 

Ac length,, proud Prince! ambitious Lou is! ec: 
To plague inudiiiid, and troDhle Europe's peace: 
Thinkonthoftruiaufei which thy pride hjtras'i 
On !ovini impocpled, anil on fields lud walti 
Think on ihafceapi of cotpfe' ami ftrcain» of bloodi 
On cv'ry f;uUt]r pliiB Hid purple Hood 
Thy arms banmade, lod ecafie an impioiH war, 
Nnt H'a(lctt)eli*eiciiiru{led loiby carei 
0[ if no HtildH ihovght can calm cby miltd, 
lifhold [he grou avenger vf mitikiiidl 
See mighty tiiSm [hm' tile battle tide, 
And fre thy fubjcflsgiipirg by hiiilde! 
hain would the piaui Pritini: refulc th' alartn, 
Pain would he c^eck the fury of hi., arm, 
liat when thy cruelties hie thoutiiits engage. 
The hem kindlo with hecomli>g >sge, 
i'hen coun^riH ftol'n, and captivei unTcRor'd, 
(live flrtneth to ev'ry bio-w, and edge hisfwort 
IJdhoid vNih what rtClllefs force he falls 
On imvns heficg'd, and tnundersat thy walls! 
Alk ViDcroy, for Villeroy beheld 
The inwnfurrendct'dand the treaty feal'd. 

It amaziogftrcngth the forts were woi 





. h.iilil 
iAil Iter 


le flood 



here : behold where BcikeUy ftand^ 
i injut'd King's comniaiidi ; 

Around ihy coafi hisburflinj bombihepouM 
OnQimiiigciiadelsaiidfjlluijtiow'M-, I, 

Wiih bilTing ftrfanH of fire the air they (trtak, 
And hurl licftruiSioii tonoA 'em where thty bicak 
The fliiemuh lung afci-ad Log fiaoiu arc hrighi, 
And allthc fea feflefi* & quivering light. 

Thui^tiia,wbGiiin£crceeiu[>tiDi]3hroke, i 
Fills hf«.v'D wiih Bfhcsuid ibecaith wiLhTinokci 
Here crsgi o£ broken roeks are rwirl'd □□ high, 
Heremoken lliUKU aud icuccf 'd cinderiSy; 
lu fury nacJlci ihe reaiatti coofl, 
AaiHtavii the A&alieli ihore with iaH. i 

Now (inei the (ailor linm the ndghb'i-ing maia 
Look alter Oallick lown^ and foru in va>n ; 
No nitivlfit.inuital markllK cut delciT', 
Btt lem B kig niUDcaiCBr'cl rMiii be, 
Wbilfi, poiMiag te tke luked «nil, be bows i 
Hii noDdringnuiei where tawiiiuidllccpkiiol 
Where cnirded duieni he btel; vietr'd, 
ADdfiogle^ntlbe plkce where ooce St. Maloetnat 
Here Ruffeykkfiknu Ihoalil my MvTa require. 
And wodIU ibf llrciigtli but recoiid my dilire, i 
I'd Ml hk boDadleb brtTcrj rehcirfc, 
Aad draf* biaciiiDSDilhiuid'ring m my Tcif^; 
'High on the deck Ihould the gie4t leader Ilaad, 
Wrath in hit iMk, ■odlighcniag iohiahaad. 
Like Homci'i Hedor, wheuhe flung h» fire i 
AnuUl a thDurtHdOiipi, and made all Greece ^et^ 

IJiil who can run ihc Driiilli irlumphs o'er, 
AEnUount the flame* di/pctfliuiti'ryflinref 

AiiJ draw themitcrnn frumfcato fra? 
!■ Ifi who Eould Ormnnd'-catllike lAi wfufi t 
OiinDtid! the th«nie of cv'ry Oxford Mufni 
liin wowM I here hit mighty worth [Jliicliini, 
AEK-ndhim in ihr imhlc chife offanic, 
'J'liKi' all the nnlle and hurry ofthefight 
Ol.i'rrveBuih blow, Btid keep him Aill in fighl. 
^ ml (pace (he coals ihrir grral forefahertwMl^ 

N'.t Henry be rhe lad that emiqaiT'd France. mij-ht not I'lij^laod hope, Kfuch abroad 
I'lirchii'M ihtir cautilry'a hcriour with thtir bine 
Whin fiich, deriiii'd u home, rupport our ClAtts 
111 Wllliain'ill«id,andbearah>nednm'[Wei^ 
'1 III fi'hcmD) of Oalliek policy o'lsthrow, ^ 
Aiidlilaflthe cDUDciiiof thrRUtiniaafoe, mm 
IiiiriH miririnie!>,ind d ill tibkilr light. 
And icudcniur Marin 'b ' Irif- mnri: ll^hc^ 
hi,i lli,ii, ii,y Mdfc, th' unRraieful fi.iimi fiirbear 
Mil .,.■• inmr dill wmjnd* each Britilh car ; 
1 j'li lliiiifhhnrtMjiriafliildoei wound, 
A J 111 ii^ri burlliiBt unfairtdcn at the fBUiid ^ 
Mir ill Hill our rilinK>ntftlid(.l(rayi, 
JMiLtHiout iriumphi, indfoibiHionrjoyi. 


But fee, at Icn^h, the Britiih (hips appear! 2 j 
Our Nallau comcn! and, as his fleet draws ncnr, 
'I'he rifing mails advance, the fails grow white, 
And all his pompous navy floats in fight. 
Come, mighty Prince ! defir'd of Britain ! come : 
May Heav'n'spropitiousgilesattendtheehorrc! 21 D 
Come, and let longing crowds behold that look 
Which fucli confuilon and amazement ftrook 
Thro* Gallick hofls ; hut, oh ! let us defcry 
Mirth in thy brow, and pleafure in the eye ; 
Let nothing dreadful in thy face be found, 215 

But for awhile forget the trumpet's fotind; 
Well pleaVd. thy people's loyalty approve, 
Accept their duty, and enjoy their love ; 
For as, when lately mov*d >vith fierce delight, 
You plui'g'd amidll the tumult df the lij^l't, 220 
Whole heups of death entompal.-.'dyou around, 
And ftecd^ o'crrurn'd lay foaming <jn the groiin<l; 
So, crown 'd with laurtls nov,', whtfrc'cr you go, 
Around you blooming joys> and pcncf.ful bicHlpii:} 
flow. 2zy 



Iv N E I. L t R ! with fiU'/MTc and liirnrife 
We lee liritannia't- monarv.h lii'i:, 

In M Ihc/urccoflight and fliade,'d bj thy deluGve hand, 
At in ihe PrErence-chinibirftand. 
The nmgicb of thy arr cklltforih 
Hit Ctteet fiml and hijdcn worth, 
Hh probity and nilMnfUAioiT*, 
Mil CUE of ffiendatndfcDni oOdm. 
In i^vcry DtDke, in every line, 
Doct foDtc csilted virtue Aine, 
J^tid Albim't hsppttiefi we irace 
Th ra'alUK-feMureiof biiface. 
nayJIiwtohaUtht day 

'n the g [ad IK 

>n fhall fu 

ft alHiis gratioui afped pKife, 
id erowdt grow loyal m they que. 

'fch ililiriglii rounJ of titles grac' 

^iiiHk'il At in«»l to rafin«. 
Aiii} cipfn'il ihf l*rniirUa Riine, 

I'hou. Knclld I lung Miili noble pMr, 
The [oremull "( thy •«. hift Tj'il 

ih-Ll th 



Thr pdifilhu, brinanirEh>raii]{hl, 
From rri|tn to reign lo crmini wraHghr, 
And. in the tatiMetflilr wny'd. 

. !.[««., 


J luig |mfst*c lliy «t ii 

■U((,th-h.-rpi-''-ft. !•'« 

I II Umcv, kmlc'i!, tnil tail tfn 
' I' idcfnUnl Jriiidfurtrji'A. 

BchcIJ his sbdk 
A^d mighiy M* 

Pan. who wont to chafe ibc f.iir, 
d [he fprcuding oak, wai there; 
rn, tqo, with upcsflcyca 

or w>r miirWD'd, 

I the chlldlcfi gnddt-r^ mCe, 
ri,niid!ou< to compare 
illeil ihrcads; thewebjheftiun);, 
cr aloom o£nnrWe hung: 
, the uanlikdacmi'i queen, 



nas league! their king defy'd, 
wonder of (hr fculptni's hin 



To ber Royil IlighiieCi 



1 Hc Muff that oft*, with facrerl raptures fir'd, 
HasgenVous thought* of liberty infpir'd, 
And boldly riiinp: for Britannia'n laws, 
£ngag*d great Cato in her country's cauf:, 
Onyoufubmiilive waits, with hopeAaflur'd, 5 

By whom the mighty blefling flaiida fecur'd, 
And all the glories that our age adorn 
Are proniis'd to a people yet unSorn. 

No longer fliall tlit w idov^ \1 hnd bemonn 
A broken lineaj^c and a doubtful throne, lo 

But boafl her royal progt ny's incrcai'c, 
And count the pledgesof her future ]>e^ce. 
Oborn to llrcngthen and to ;^rdcc our ifle! 
While you, fair Princdi ! in your (j.Tipring fiiiile, 
Supplying charms to the fucccedin^ agCy Xj 

Each heav'jily daughter's triumph wi-prvfage. 
Already fee th' illuilrious youthN coniniain, 
And pity monarcha dooni'd to figh in vain. 

Thou, too, the darling of our fond dciircs, 
Whom Albion, f-p'ning wirlc her ai :n«, rc<piircs, 2'^ 
"U'ith inanlv valour and attrudlivt :iir 
Slialt oucll iht litrce and ciiptivuu- tl.e fair. 


O England's yi-iunger hope ! in whom confpire 


Fqi'n hdh-. of kingljr race, 1 

Some dawning beaury btoomi^ in every gractf, 

Scime Carolina,, to HsivVsdiflarea true, 

■\VLo, while the fcrpired riviU vainly fue, 

T hy inliom worth with cadttiouf eyes (liall fee, 

And Hightlh' imperial diadem for thee. ; 

I'ieai'd with the profpEa of fuccefliye reigni, 
The tuneful tribe no more in daring ftraini 
Shall vindicate, with piou> feari r>ppc(r>'d, 
F.ndanger'd right*, and liberty difltcrfi'd i 
To milder founds each MufcihiUtune the lyre, ,j 
And grafitnde and faitli to kitigt infpire, 
And filial lawe ; bid impious difcnrd ce^fc, 
And fonlh the maddinj; faillnni into peace; 
Or rife ambitioui in more lofty lays. 
And teach the nation lheirnewmorarch'«praife,-j 
Dercribe hi> awful look and godlike mind. 
And Cifar's power with Cato'siirtuc join 'd. 

Andnatiw majefly are fotm'd to picafe, 
JIi:h':1d thofe arts with a propitious eye, , 

That fupplianl to their great prot.flrtfs fly; 
Tlitn (hall ihty triumph, and the liritilh flagc 
Improve her marneri and refine her rage, 
r.lnre nohle charaflers eipcife to view. 
And draw her llnifh'd hiroincs from you. j 


- iBit luiu mil pn7*d| 


ji uiiciLtAXEOui raiiat. 

Tunc rvry flrioj ud evry tansue; 


Be thou the Muh andfubjcS of =ur fcng. 
Let ,U1 C«ctli»'. praife prcwlaim. 

UrKf^oy iht aih»iabn niTfe. 

l-krh haw the Bnlei tnd UDnipruruTt, 

Ac hrl^ht Cecilia') nunc, iheir [tji'. 


The orgMi Ubwirsin htr praifr. 

Cecilia's name does all ournorhbrn gr»« ; 

Friim eii'ry voict the tuneful icuiUt fl; i 

In Toiring treble* now it lifohi^. 


And now il Gnki, and dvclli upon the b^e. 


Ci-cilli-s name ihrti' all the aaU>, We fing, 

I'he warltcif eir'ijr Ikilful tongue, 

■I'he fouiirl rf every Irenibllng (iring, 

'I'liB found and triumph of onr fung. rvpr cnnfecrate the day 


Ti (ilk and Cecilia J 

Mmii k ! ihc itreaiel) good that mortili kBDw, 


rt"'t kU uf heav'n we hjve bqinw. 


MnHtk tan nnble hints impart. 

»"vndrr Ury. kindle love, 


M "rN l.")Hfpfaed cloqAienre can mow, 

>• f •^««lt||p all the man with fecret art. 


'^ '>'<«Mllt<ndlIi!l,chcftoneBadmuci 

' 'V'Mt^ Unsn advance, 



IpwoodtMtcflded a- he play'd, 
ipeviflklkvhlxiotafiiaile, 49 

gioDft hots mfpBo; 
e CmI and liftt it hifd>* 
it widi fBUiine defiru, 
jofaefperiLthc Ddry. 
btf liftens to a tuocfnl too^e/ 45 

veil pleat'd and courted with a fong. 
pfbond* and heav'nly airs 
loev^ry word, and recommend our prsy'rs. 
itfelf fiuli be no morf, 
zgi in confudon hirl'd, 50 

LI then eaert ic« pow'r, 
furvive the ruir.» of :he world : 
> and angcift (hall agrcs 

fli^ll echo with their hymns dlTioe, 55 
imfelf with pie tfure fee 
creation in a churui join. 


the ohce and div 
and Cci.i!ia : 
;h win. Is ariirn::ch, nor dare 6'-> 

N<ir nKltly lb»ke the tDncfiil air, 
Niir fjinil the fieeting found); nuiiirnful figh nor groan be heird, 
l!iir );1adn(Ci dwell on ef'ty tongue. 
^Vhild al!. nkh loicc and flring« prepir'd, 
Keep i>p the loud harmonirmi fong, 
And imitate the bleft'd above 
In j.iy, and harmony, and Iots. 


'1*he U'cltuiJItBibainundhJfntttp, 
The (will in an-ktairilnicatiimkap. 
And nifcri iniA|le in tba duct i 

Aiit] Uio^pKWMkttwtihoutiOudi*, 

Mulifk nli(;iou>tiet<iUtIp 
h v.akr> th< [<«il 4ait liAtil 
Anil winf^ it wild fuhlinw* 
Aiul 6r. ItMMpMktkl D 

Th' Alnlflirf tlAcmn til 

^B Miuf. 


Hor tiiJiIy jTidke iht tiinrf,,! jir. 


Noi fpoil ihc neeting fuundi; 


N..r ni.».rnfi.l figh r.of groi.n be hnnl. 


^^U( gbdnedawBllon eir'ry tongiip. 


|h<!ft *II. with 'TOlee aod flringi pnpir'I, 


)ojr, aod tarmony, »mi Ian. 








IKCI ,mllhtn.i[ N« Bw Dnmx'l*, i»I rrammlM ] 

r,;;u's:;;:;«C';:':r" s;x's 


iiiLtnHwd*>rfpriacuyai>rdelerUpriicUtm, . ' 

I.I In their duiuImc to coriii your namE ; 

ilc EDipeniun n> you comout :heir caufc. 

• >■ 

epi. gteattoderJ ifh»I ihc Mote rtdiei 

, -^^l 

I la ■lubiiiout vofc iKtnipo your Bjjhu. 


Tir'd ini Irtnl^tK^d with a theme fn new. 
Ten thcurmd (VDndenop'olnj la my view 
ShiDebnlhatoDce; Hegei aad Oaraa ipfcir. 
And will »nAeon{(oefts fill ih'ioipDrttntycar; la 
RiTcri of blood [ IM, and hillt of Qiin, 
Ad Iliad riflng out of one Cimpaign. 
. The hinghty GanI bchdd, wiih tow'Hng pri<f», ~ 
Hit aacicDl boundo rtilar^'d on et'cy fide ; < 

Pyrene't loltf hu-iien were rDbdu'i], 15 

And ID ^heniiditof hi> wide cinpire flood j 
Aufnnia's Kates, ibe viiSoT to reilcajn, 
OppM'ddieir Atptind Appennineiin nin, 
Behind thcirevtrbftinghilltfecur'di -o 

Tbc tifiag Dionhc ttibuig noe-bcgan, : 
And hilf hi ceorfd «hrt>' the dew c(ii>quclU nn ; 
AtBtt'4 mi amu'tmifw hsrrov'nign'tfitn, 
CermanU tiEiBUed thro' ahnndfMl 0ice*; 
OranLMpddblmfelfwaafiiB'dVriihfett) i; 
He pc'danaM, but Eiw no focfobr aatt { 
Kc Bii'd, ud, tuJf-^bindon'd ni de^aifi 
Hubopexm H«Tl»(MidGODfldm««inpny'r. 

l^i BriMilti'i QsMO tbd nuion* toni ihair eyet ; 
On her Mrsl«M the wefteit) world retiM; 30 

Confidiiiffiin.miidft ittdire alirmt, 
la AaiM'aetiylUiliiandin Churchill'ii »->n>. 
Thrice hsppT Briijinl from the kirfiidomertnf, 
To fit tht gDirdiaoefthc CoBtiDcnt! 

n' „; " " ■»■' <■■•■ '«,.„' .'"*■ t»"«.. ( 

»(.<«l. it 

Out godlike lodtr, ere dieftieam he piQ, 
ThenigUjr rihiiiK ofallbi^Iibovncia. 
Pormingdienondroutycu'ifiihiahiiihDUghl ; 6$ 
HiitHifom glaw'd wiifa batdoyei unfought. 
The hlDg laboriain mirch he fiill farvejri, 
And joins the diAaut Duiub« to the Macfc, 
Between whdfe flnodJi Cacti p:ithliif> (ocelti gruw, 
Such maiuncaiBtnre, To many lircnfluw: ;o 

The toil Uokt lavcly ID ihc heroVcyn, 
Aod duigctfi-rvetbuc ro enhance theptius. 

Big nith the fiteaf Europe, he reacwt 
His dre.vlful caarfe,lndthe proud fiK puriiiei. 
Infeded by the btiniui(; Sciirpi no's heat, 7J 

Thefalrcy galei round hii ch»l 'd iiib]iIc< but. 
Till on the border. i,( the Maync lie finds 
IMrap^lUawt aid relKftiiig itiad*. 
Onr Bridfc yddll^ with inbotii fKodom bold. 

HatiBM n( U«Mr widi tp*UBj dsbo^d, 
(Ilwk U4M1>iiutfi nan dm biK dofM' J) 
Hanrly uiAiiAtd, u tbry urge their toil. 
To priac tfceir fixe*, md ■«*« their native Ibii. 

Stjftldtb^ itt^ fiu thoy take their w>]r 
nro* dotribof dnft, aal gnio upon the day : 
Wkea OOTT tbe.KMhfr m in frieodlf coift 
Wiih4Mili«g tTMini rarive* the fiiotlog holl 
Hut clieerMly hit hboari pad lot^u, 
TlM BHBi|iic tratcbM ud the nODU^I ^"«^ 


7/K fNI hftt fhc vine o'er 
$f^-' ,Utt'' :i9 ta Ifoficeal great Bourbon** «■■ 
A< , f^'h i}f: Umr I'f £a|;bnd*therodi 
, ' i' trt*h* |r!iir'iiihinttrview, 

• ;■ J. ^7 iffhiiri I ij (Mch other tarn, 
- « 'I •(••»»•'•. 4iifl ill friericUbip buro; 
A • ... ,*...r.'iriip whiic \vich Arrtch'd-o 
f f'^** •■'^ "'li' r, tiiiii^iiii^ blaze wit] 
. ,. »•. .,t*m MfHlhiinlcird io the field 
f-.f ■'•r")iirll. Afiil in council {kill 
. . .,..^. '1-Fr* i|v nut in a troubled flooc 
.. . ^ f; >f>»i ahfl I* rni'nting bk>od; 
■ • -i, -I friili virnii. overrurd, 
I . . ^ < ■ ^ r'-.r- . irr'l liy rt aliin coord, 

.* «■. w I** If i>i lir unknown, 

^ .. ^, .,-, ni ii;it»ii ihowu: 

/ '■ .t r/ piMitil liiuidfhip joi] 

Donblief thdr Fftad th*^ muxli viih ( :Bi delight. 
Eager f-a Rlor)r, mnd rc(]Dirt ih« lij{ht. I lu 

Sa Ui« ftmch hi<iiiHl (ho ErcnihtinYdciiT iirfuci, 

Aadrniellihufoaiflfpiiti thci*iii(Fdil n, 
Thr tMUoat irukunrtit'llint: by iJ<|:iH 

Rul<ivhcnlliel(cnt comnwiimincv'r brtfif, 

HIt'd II iht Dsor >|kpi jf 1 1.! 

Th« much mnctu "i» »k pit, 

Th' Immortat Schtlb .(t; 

l.ikthiUith'ilfigiH it^i, 

Like v>Jtietitthsirf»M.. >»•••:•••.>«>>»( i.iO 


I^ct natiantiouoBtforlhy life abate I7j 

Thisfcorn of danger and conleRtptoffate : 
Thou liv'li not for thyfelf ; Ihy Q«nn dcminds 
Conqucll ind peace fiera ihy -tiiSurinua fauidt ; 
KindcniB lad nopiTO in ihy foitunejain. 
And Europe's dallin J depend* on thine. llo 

AC length [be long-difpuicd pnU the^ gain. 
By crowded arminfortifj'd in «in. 
Thewarbteaksio; the fierce Bavariim yif Id, 
And fecdMfetaMf Milk W(iA kglon fi^M. 
Sd Belf'iuiRMBBdikeM-oDtheirAaRer'afidet 185 
Batif thern&ingwaiea pflai^Cnda, 
Eorag'd by wu'ry Bxrani wd wurine winds, 
Tht trembling pe^atN fees h)a country round 
Covec'd with ceinpeaj, and in ocmHdrotm'd. 190 

TheJew farming foeidttperi'dK) flifthi, 
(RtfoTe of fwordi, and gleiBiDgiof afigl") 
Id «»'ry n^Uing wind da tiflor Kear, 
And MxrIbcA'a (onn in eVry Oiidow fear, 
Tilitfae dnk cope-of night with hind embrace 195 
Bcfriendi the rout, and cotch their difgrsce. 

To DMUVBit, with unreEfled force, 
Tliegay viSoriodaanny bendt rucourfe. 
The growth of meadows, ind tho pride of field'. 
Whatever fpoiltBavuia'cruiiinicr^lelda, ir.o 

(The Danube's griat increafe) Sritan»ia (1i>r», 


Wiih rnaguitiHof dralh, 'defirudi'TeAkit— , 

Aiiil cinnon daom'dlo hotter Landiu't -xn-jlJ 
The vicloi findf eich hidden (irtrn ftor". 
And turn< ihcir Eury nn itvcir guilty lord. 

Ddiitlcd Pfioce ! h»w is tby grealaef> ( 
Apd all the gaudy dreaniof cmptr« Loft, 
Tint proudly ftt ihee on a (ancy'd throne. 
And mndc imiginiry realms ihy an 
Thy Irqopi that now behind ihe Danube }a 
fihill fhonly fvik foi Ihclter fiom r 
Ncr find il there ; furrounded wiiti 
Thou hop-ft ih' afilftiQce of the Gallickanni] 
The niillclt aimsinfilety (hiU advance, 
And crowd tJifftandirdi with the paw 'roff 
U'hile, laeMHtbydoam.tb'ftrjilriDgl 
5h;i[ea thy dcltraiSian, and ndomt thy fall. 

Unbounded courage and compilUon joiu'd, 
Tcmp'rin<r nJl other in the vidor's aiind, 
Alttnijcely proLlaini him good and great. 
And niikcthe hero and the man cnmpUte. 
1,01)^ did hL Orive ch' abduiaie fne lo gain 
Hy proffer'd grace, but long he ttrD« in vain, 
'I ill, lir'd it length, he thinki il «ain to Tpaee 
lli=ri(ing wriih, andgivtsaloofe to war. 
Il vei>K»iice roo'.'d (he loIdicrfiDs hi> hand 
With l"*otd i:id fire, and ravaRci the land ; 



jljmc: a thoufaiid h: 



•^ «1 


To lee htf jUi AJfciliifcKifti ii i !l ^*d. 

-Bnt BowiBVfHili^fM} lirtlU# wMn fafi 
In flitilkr tftHfP*^""^*"" ■ tl^ war, 
CooWlwIfc <><■■ JiftllM^carfbrt f><at, 

TWilpagilSllwmiHiiiailHid^ i^eocm. 
And wliO J tiimiani^*il<l fliwftrhe views 


Tto Ii <pi< i^iirt<fti»dlwigitetr'4 in vain 

{viptratjr TCliitoMi d, 
Sigbf#BHllWiipfttr«fflDoni7'diiiig«on8 hear< 

A awl — p * W*w eh i. li irt gW Mi Ci nf fVml n^&rr*/) 

Ileal «"*. ? aAv»nt»g'»''^^.. hoft. 

Rethink* ^ rL„w and dy'"K ?^ ^^, fci.. 
-^'"^ *^ vn ei'»^ ^^" V L-,nK hoft. O"** 


D an uigdi by divine command, 
iing tempdts (hakes a guilty laud, 
of late o'er pale Britannia paft, 
ad feicne he drives the furionn blaft, ^90 
(eaa'd th' Almighty's orders to perform, 
1 the whirlwind and direds the ftorm. 
ee! the haoghty Houfehold-troopi advance, 
;ad of Europe, and the pride of France : 
r*t whole art each private foldirr knows, 195 
th a gen'raFit love of conqueft glows : 
f he marches on, and, void of fear, 
at the fhaking of the BritiHi fpear. 
folencc! with native frcciiom brave, 
laned Briton fcorns the hij^hcd Have; 3(^0 
ipt and fury fire their fouls by turns, 
ition's glory in each warriour burns! 
rhtt as in his arm th' import3nt day, 
the fate of his great monarch, lay : 
Taud glorious a^ion't, that might claim jcj 
)hant laureU and immoi tal fanxe, 
'd in crowd? of glorious a«itions lie, 
)op4 of heroes uiidirtinguitlr<i ilic. 
iicr! how can I hchol^l thy fate, 
t the wonders of thy youth relate ? 310 

lu I fee the gay, the bravir, the yr.ung, 
:hc cloud of war, and lie unfun<j! 
of cor quell he refi^ns his breath, 
U'd wi:h England's glcrv, fnule.-* in death. 


The niul Icgint, the GsUlik li]\iaiioo»rvn, 
C-mipcU'd in truwd. tn mctt Ihc fiiii they Itlun 
'I'houfand.'i'f titTfltTcilk, widi nnuiiilBmntfix 
I'iiMiiui; ingmeiwuh thtirdcwlmiilhmnuiM 

Lie ill lIie UinUbe'a bloedf whirlpDuUdro^rn'd 
Tiuups of bsU yoiittjA, bnrnt oDihciliQaDtSm 
Or fnun4;i>g borders ul the rapid Rhone, 
Or where ihc -Sifiic bcr R'lW'ry brlibi divide*. 
Or when tbe LotK ihm' windin)> vineyard* gli 
In liup- the rolling billuwi (weep awir. 
And iulu Sc)ithi«<t feat their blnattU eocpfe' am 
liehuldt l)w vxrioun hiouck nl iJii: dght : 
Hit WBvinii b»IHi«", tfl»t fri cfr bid ftond 
I'liatcd in fickb i>f death and ftrfami oi blood, 
Su went thegiwediiU enemy to r»ch. 
And rife triuoiphiiiit in the fatal brretb, 
0[ iiicrcc llie brakf n (oe'i lenwiefi linci, 
The hsrdy vvimn wiih ie»rs leligDi. 

UnfortunMB TalUrd ! uh ! who can name 
The pan); • nC rage, offortow. andof Ihnnie, 
That wi'h mii'd maiult in ihy bofom (frcll'd, 
yVhtn lirft thiia laWfl ihy bravett (roopt repell' 
■rhlnc only ifa pio c'd widi a Jtaiily wound, 
Clii'k'd in 1ii» blood. »odtrBrpmgiinlhepnuijJ. 
•I'hylill' in I.oi.dijj« hy thy viaw kept ! 
'I'hc dtiBft li)* tallu^f ud the captiVi:, w«pt. 


5 345 
i>HtiaiiifcifiwnMr.iii«i mm tinft moipa 

I -. 1. 1 ' 


the riven IWdL 
Hdwoffihte lie betp'dnpott the ground, 
lidft the roaringi of the-I>aoobetirowD*d : 
Ic captke hofU the conqaeror deumt $5g 

Infill hoodige and ioglorions chains : 
tbole who Ycape the fetters suid the fword, 
sok the fortanes of a happier lord, 
- raging king diflionours to complete 
ird's great workf and finiih the defeat. 360 
•m Memminghen^s high domes and'Augfburg's 
liAaot battle drives th* infulting Gauli; [waUS| 
by ifae terroar of the vigor's name, 
efctt*d ftates his great protedion claim j 
I Ulme th' approach of her deliv*rer wAit8,365 
oogs to open her obfequioos gates, 
: hero's brtaft ftill fwelis with great defigns ; 
ry thought the tow'ring genius (hines : 
lie foe his dreadful courfe he bends, 
he wide Continent his march extends ; 3 70 

I{ Cxffitia hitiUb'cing iKuughu >i 

Ctmpt arc niTiinUiid, ntiii >in uniy nana'da 

ThtfjtenfEBnipeiuimuiiiHcwiili . 

An aSiun vturthy hii vitSiiri qua /word/ 

V'hcrf wiUlit nixt ih< fljring QmiI lUrm:. . . 
To mukc the lirieaof liii toils conipb«i2 i 

. WhtfBtheIwul]iRtiinc,rUfliit>g*ii(haUiu^ 


' Wlit1«'r>ch CHiiOaAiiN buunfit,ni wJJcrgi 

tXolirii^d or finiitii J a. ihc rircrSowi 
,9np.<ll>i'*iiilE4n>irhiybiilwiirk.amil4 ,| 

Thar jII the widc-titcu'lEil plain cnmir 
'Twifbi-finec tb« warwaii kindled, l»i I 
'Thr V'Otur*» i^gc. Mil Iwkc hiu Ehinfi'd iU 
'An ofi' wliule braiics, tvilli i guile u'cijuy'^ 
'Hue ihe lo)>K iuaimer on iu yfjilk«ii 

.Fidwf »«irilii)[iily tliittliinrnndiic 
'tfBiKc futuie triiinipha Croni tin unr 

Anil, tba'ihcUi>)>ndr hadiiitoniiebcguB 
'C»m'9tiitfl(tiiiAillll»ri.-rcn tbsl'iin; 

TIic diBD)(ci|llulnnaaod iocrrafc nl htmig 
Ki( lu{U»K puinlal 'lia| cunAtagEiShoWf 
(J'l cUiii«««Iovti)r tlivl coiiuiii • 
The rovinjf; Uiull, (uliihown \ic 

BuC foon at ihe vf ilorioui hgll he SpUt, 

Frnmhilliuhill.frainEWcamtolbcam, hct]iet;4'^0 

Such dire imp^QuiEisin iiia hcait rcmabi 

DC MaiUui^'ifnrDnl and HocMet'tEatal plain. 

In vain Brilannia'imighCf clii(fbcfrl> 

Tlieir ihady toTerti utd obrcnrc retread ; 

They By the conqnuor'sspproiihing fame, 40s 

That bear»ihe force Dfariniei io hit name. 

Auflrik'i young monarch, whntc imperial (way 
Sceptni Bod thrones sre detkin'd lo obey, 
Whulc boaiLeil aateary So hijh citEndi, 
That in the Pagav godi hit Uncage endi, 4 CO 

Comes gratitude to own 
The great rnpporltr of iiii fithet's ihf ur.o. 
What tidMof glory to his h.,Sum no, 
Clafp'd in th' emhracei of the godlike man : 
How wraliii,«y to wi t h pUtfingwooder Bx'd, 4fj 
To fee fnqk fin «ri(fa fo DiBdi£iKetiiefi> miz'd. 
Bash ettfgrtatn^faihtgrmteM pen. 
Bo tata'A mai'iDiA,'4£ar the CEUlip or court ! 
rtrhlHf«tlni« tnu torai'd withev'iygtaci, 
And NinwSHMBbMutbefecoDd pine { 410 

TTiiM the ygwiiditfrf almighty Rome ' 
f Qinitelr flnOi'd with u iinmntal bloom 
That Cjdwna,'* fntgfant breath beftov'd) 
la all the eharma-of hi* height mnther glow'd. 

Hie royAlyMtchby Marlbrd'i prefence charm'd , 4 15 
Tms^t by Jiii uimtcli, by bii ai^tau narm'd. 


On I .Jiubu with redoableil fury falbf' 

Dirtihar^csalLfaiiitiiiiiderDiiiti walj*^ 

tj':'r niiiie^and ovesof deith pruTakei the Gt 

And lu-=rn' to conquer in ihc hero'i fight 

Tilt LV.iilh chief, for mighty toil. 
Incrcii^'Ll jtithks, uid K. ith cnnqueUi crowo't 
Tn bcl^iao'i^^ bis te4iauif march reoewi. 
And (he lQng'»inding»of ihe Riiiiie purfuei, 
(Jlcirin^itffl^aTilcn&taD ufurping foci. 
And hlk^lViili^reftii'c! natloniu hefiao, 
'I'rfvci ieaiiyim more, Irccd from iniliFt aim 
AdiI TocrbuihiecltEhc tcrrour of hii armf, 
SlmU'iI im riKkabenpriMidiaiiiulatiiniifhalEe, 
Wh.-.'.i M:iiibi6pivffestallic hold attack, 

And rill 

>W9 how Landau'might h^vc fill'n before, 
.thiiileoropproach. great Loulifcara 

net ref«¥'d(nrhi«i!tciinmE ycira, i 

, hi9,thirQ of aaiTCrraJ Tway, 44 

LTcecan teuch his rabjei^s.tD 6bcj: 


biciom projedi Fur hii race dellrii}''d, 

irk, »f agd, fimk in one Campaign, 

e? of millions (actific'd in lain. 4J 

■Mc iW eRetit of Anna's roya! cares : 

le wonted aid of f^aand wmii: 

rimn loun. 71 

rdi*aiiftaa^dli«^«iii«i are free, 455 


di vhe coBBnCflDBcnce off her cje ! 
ioUUw imr'n her iMHOCi £dl 
iei^'a'i iBdal g ea ce , and defcend op all, 460 
the liapp7« fiMConr die diftic&*d, 
ev*ry fUieft gW, aiid a whole people Uc&'d. 
■• wosld I Can BritannU'a wan rvheadS:, 
Cmoodi reeordt of a fairfafiil verfe, 
if fuch nDmbeo can o*er time prevail, 4 65 
cU pofteritj the woodroat tale, 
a^iioos, unadorn'd, are faint aod weak, 
and coaotries muft be taught to fpeak ; 
nay dcicend io fa<^ioiu from the Ikics, 
iven from their oozy beds xrife ; 4 ?0 

1 may deck the truth with fparioof rays, 
>ond the hero cad a borrowed blaze : 
r6*« exploits appear divinely bright, 
roudiy ihine io their own native ii;:ht ; 
of themfeives, their gcjiuine charms they boaf}, 
lofe who paint 'cm trued pralfe 'em mod. 476 



190)1,1' ANH«UDe 

E ttadMla in wr/i TsfiM' 'i 

EN THE, Sign or, 1 'ombre vill^che atcragonTii 
<i Bricannii dagli ufici ickosi 
m piu, ch' 1 Tuoi infjntj figli piaccri 
rlur vautaggio, vodro ozia immDlatei * 

c in cfleti regni il faw inrla "1 

II ro genii fccondf in carmi ttcrni, • 

la liolcc flagion, e'l Tigo clinia 
□no, clie «oftra qaitte in verQ io lurbi, 
Ovuni[ue io giri i miei raplti lumi. 

ee, lice 

: chiai 

$ntiitt Ui Mub tcconlb Carji*, 
uicito nivn cnlli JnTitcvi, 
rirhcc in vufi >«i mni giiuiu crtli;e, 
in ceUtlc 4rmanii cinfi-uii rio com- 
Come mi gion i orrur pn)rt(i < bii^ihi 

. e ndthmi rimi < 
1* Neri vciicrfan inAjoontfo, 

If CliruDUM rham in fm inriNnTel 
cr cORiIiir tui rdiMfAd'Mque 11 Mincla 
■plunnhi ){iri ihlcwiaiU rifiat 
S' Albula caniiU il K>uila ialein 
M tMa Igttu di /uoianlo [ultu ! 
, Di luillceQaliacnhi, in ra)iniit|[g<D 

■-la, i 

|:4npcrbu, ()■ 

L' »hhiinH»nJ.t t,irii[iji[r ■•!•' r^;!. imii> 

Ttinr rnuirJCA dill ilnppil fumro, 
I riicimiroioiinnrtiUniiicuiin, 
Che sUiciocA in fihntio, « ahbliafwnlwl, 
[Mutt 1 lor fofulfnti. Iccchc hirnpc) 
Pur, pa ttnao ii Mate, ci Uai pmani, 
IjirninniiiiilBpcnniit iu iitCcumi. 

Talwi nl gcDCii rkbrviomiritm', 
l.< «iitcri|<«d«lgranbiinivaniinirD, 


74 l.nKEL(.AKICt 

pDC fuona d aclle bocche de pocli, 
fiicche '] tniro 4I Dtvtubiu c al Kil & 
CoeI Mula ImmarUle in aito 
Tal' era U Bain, povero ignebLl Hiiint, 
Che neUe Hiberac v&lli ofcurd eriin, 
E inolTirvato in fuoi giri leherzava, 
QiiindDpcTVDQriierlt, e per Li Ipidii 
Di Nabo, linOmaio, i' ondcHie 
Ijevite ia alio per mawlo rifnoniDa, 
Orunquc dEllo erue li: ilivin' Dpre, 
E o<e sndriraraa d' immDrtal vtrfo. 

Oh r eftaticomio pclio inrpiraffj 
Mnfscon un furor limtleal voOcd, 
Infinite bellezze avrjt 'I mioTeKo, 
Ccderia di Virgilio a quel I' Icalia ! 

Mirs quali aurec foUc ilioroa ridnnmil 
ChedellatuiipelLoradiBriiiaiinia | 

Ifala si ne fchivaDo la colia ; ^H 

O It jpiantite, < cud pcnlier guaTdaH^^^ 
Muledicnn I1. [rcdda regnant, ^^| 

Enell' aria del Dor[i:illaugilidilcoii04.^^| 
Cttor dolor it laoattnie umor at lienw 1 
A nobil gufti e pineliLltati odorii 
Rozite ancor lupi mulli: mino mcDaco 
RUcQ profiimo, pelleecbette okizuio. 
Purlimi, undio, di Bsiaa i geiitil fcggi , 
One »cidi tititid'Uir.bria irtBgini, 


Ove 1 ponenti eterna han rciidenza, 

Tutte Stagioni lor pompa profondono ; 7 ."^ 

Germogli, c frotti, e fiori, iniieme allegano, 

£ io gaia conf ufion fta L* anno tntto. 

Glorie immortali in mia mentc rivi vono, 
■Combatton nel <uor mio ben mille afietti, 
Allorache di Roma 1' cfakate 75 

Bellezze giu giicerfi io ne difcuopro, 
Magnificenti in moli di rulne. 
D* anfiteatro una ftupenda altezza 
Di terror miriempie e di diietto, 
:Che Roma neJuoi pubUicirpctucoU %.o 

Difpopolava, e nazioni intere 
ilgiatamcnte io fuo grembo capia : 
PalTanvi i del colonne afpre d* intaglio, 
J)i trionfo fuperbi archi la forgono, 
IJ de prifchi Roman 1' immortaP opre f ' 

Difpicgate alia vifla ognor rinfacciano 
I^a vile lore tralijjnata ftirpc : 
Qui cutti c fiumi lafcian giu lor piani, 
Per aerci condotti in alto corrono. 

rfcmpre a novellc fccne mia vagantc i, i 

Miifa ti fi ri^ragge, e muta amniira 
L' alto fpcttacol d' animntc rupi, 
Ove moflro fcalpel tutta fua farza, 
Hd in came addolc'i fcabrofo fafl'o. 
In folcnne filcnzio, in maeOade 
1 "'^i 9^:\v.vjjfij cJ)c'. ", Romin Confuii: 


T>«» *' '^i i W 19'" "i. t i'"- 





i^lia mia locunte Mofiiy 



m» pin fidiliiiie cAoto : 

mft a hallb Tcrfo f hkdrmif 

) goffgogUanti ri^; 

per ffU ooit cfae i canni ctcmi 

ibo, o vofin oDorar dffbbono. 






' 7> JHMMnH 


■Ucir ctcrc pill dolreindlcci grtdi;' I 



Ni^ anni III tjpo Plciadi ghiacciate ; 



Lc [ortcgEiantlmoE allrui dilcidno', 

J IcfuperbeambiwoTEiMipolo, 

Un yenni colpo a om tU tela dare. 


(1,1 infc-g.iaf fafljinimatia vivete; 

D Furopa fill deOin veglhir Britannu 

Ha ciira, t bilandirfgli emuli (Utii 

Ui giitrra minicdaW arditi regi, 

Degli affliui vieini.odire i pregKi. 


Danno e Succco, ittaecaii ia Gere allarine, 

I'tftn che poi Ic noftre ilottc appaioiio. 

CtfTano !utli i lor fpaventi, c in pace 


Turro il fetttntrional mondo figiate. 

I-'aniblziorc. GaUo coe fegreto 

Frcniito vede all' afpirante fua 

Tcda mirar di lei ilgran tonancc. 



Vgrrebbe difunici per flrauiero 

Oru, pur per domeflica contefa ; 

Ma acquiHart a dl.Idere in van pcovaii 


Cui I'arniC di NiTfO), c 'l fcnno Buida. 


.«. -^v 

t>el nome Kcdby cni ibvente ho troro 180 

ttemoti dimi, e Ungne xilboare, 
Con penaimliriglio mu lotunte Mafa, 
Cbe una Uaciarii inpiu amdiu profa. 

Ma io di gul horvi tarbato affki, 
Ne tentar o£a un pia fifUime canto : j 8 j 

Pii^ dolce thema U bafib Tcrfo chicdemif 
Fioriti prati o gorgogUanti rivi ; 
Mai pcoprio per gU eroi, che i carmi etenii 
Q£aldiVirgilio,ovollrioDorardcbboiio. 1S9 


c you, D)]r Lord, ihe rural Riulo aiimirCt 
And from Qriraiioia'a puMick jiofUrcIire, 
Mar longer, ber UDgnleful foni to plcife. 
Fur their advantage facrifice your cife. 
Me into foteign rcalmi taj ha conteji, 

:iobi fruitful of imniort»ll»j«, 
W'herctlie (ohCfoinn andiniNling diine 

10 tmutle your repofc nith rhytni 
FiH whtfefoc'er 1 turn my rawift'd tyci, 
ly gilded fee net ind Diining prof|ie^>iile 
uetick field> encompaft mc arnund, 
id dill I fMtii to trcid on tbfllck Bmurd; 
uhtrelht Miife fn oft' l.ei Ijurp Im Oiung,] 
*l not ■ moumiin rtiri itt head unfung: 
nawn'din rcrtccKhihadythickci grows, 
d iv'ry Jlreun Jn huv'bly nuinbert IIowh, 
Mosr »m I phu'i m feardi the !iili>B 



arroufnl fiiiKa! 

XlHHifudiapIuio, Ifurvcji flj 

i' $am'ty madowi Ony, 
iMKb! that, rolling n'cr [he pJaJBs, 
; AI|n dI half their moiflurr draini, 
fwoln vi;h atrhole wiotct'BfiMnri, 
e^ih and pienr]! wluixhf flaws. 30 
, fnTgnidcJ by the tuneful iliTaa|, 
KDB iDunortaliE'd in (oBg, 
SeHECuidoblinon Eic, 
IcirfaBotaiii) uid thcii ckanncli dry) 

wrbrAcMafct'UI^ 35 


■• of fmflli, deriTC> iu marb 
WMand-Hi naCniJtfiil ToBrce; 

hiHMiiiM Mill rill tiiii riiiiijii. 

iMtlrfl Mde euli* her theme ! 

rt'd. In wild meuidm play'd. 


tinnumbet'd bcautiei in my vctb Ainuldi^^^ 
And Virgil's inly Diiwid yield lo mine-! ^ 

See how die giddcit grovci Eround me finite I 
I'hat ihun The iinll al Hriuin'b llormy iJ]c ; 
Or when irsnipliuittd, and prcferv'd wilh cBre, 
Curre the cold slima, and fl jr*e ia nudUTn^. 
Here kindly tvutnth their msuntingjuicefennt 
To niibler tiftetandworeeialledfcenui 
j'.v'ii the roB^ ricLb wilh lender mynU bloomj 
And iroddflO weeds lend out a rich perfume, 
lieac nii^, lame god, to Bu>*B|;enllc feau, 
Or covL't me jn Umbria't green rcireaii, 
IVIi^re wcllern gnlei ettNiHlly rtfidc, 
And all the Smtfoni UtiIIi all (berr pride ; 
BlnlTntiit, uidfruili, uidSow'n, together rile, 
And thi; vibait fcu ia gay conhiGon lie*. 

And in nty foul >, thonland p^JRnnii ftri*e, 
%\'hen Rome's eialied beautiei 1 dcd^ry 
MaRnificeniinpikiofcuinly. - ■ 

An ainphilhcwte'samiiiiig height '■' " 

I-kri: Dlb my rye with.temuir aj.d delight, 



HNDDpcoplcd !«..««, 
, naiiont In it> womb : 


lik. the field. beJow, 

ny vind'ring Mufe reiite 
i brealhing rockt idiaiies 


ffci all i» force hai Ihono 


the rugged (lane. 

lUmao confiil,, fend. 


If hiunMjfuV 
tet their jiraad boiu fubdo'd. 
•ri'igodUh* iTt nhurle, 
jl-UNnns in my >crie, 
M ftro^ of flude ud light 
naaj&ght; 96 

&«H fail pencil Bow, 
Ucodcd eoltran ghiw, 
with focrel pIcaAuc (aft, 
r I'm loft. ic« 

nrifli'd fool confoond 

Here ilomr^ and (cmploi rile in diftint viewt. 
And op'niitg palates iniite mj Mofe. 

How has kind Heai'nadorn'd the happy land, t 
And ftaiief'd Wcffiogi with ■ wallcful handl 
But U'hit avail her uneihauUed Itorci, 
Her Moo mi ng mounlsiiuand her funny Ihore*, 
With all the |^f[> that heav'n and earth idiparc. 
The fmilcs of Nature and (he charm > of An, i 
While proud OpprrOion in hcc valliea reigai, 
And ryraonyufurpshcr happy plainai 
The pour iohidntuit behuldiinnia 
The redd'olng- disdjtc and the fwelling grain ; 
Joylefs he fees the growing oiln and winei, i 

And in the myrtle's ffflg rant QjadetepineA^ 
Stirve<i, in the midd nf Natnce'« boanLy curfl, 
And in the loaden vineyard dies for thirA. 

Oh, Liberty! thou gadder>hei*'n1y bright, 
Profufeofhlift, and prtgnant with delight ! I 

Eternal pleafureB in thy ptelencc reign, 
And I'miiing Plently leads thy wanton train ; 
iLii'd ofhcr load SubjcSion grov^ more light. 
And ruvcrty looltt cheerful in thy fight; 
Thiiu mak'ft the glBomy face of Nature gsy, I 
GIv'll beauty to the fun, and pleafure tu the day. 

Thee, Goiiefa! thee Britannia"! ifle adorta; 
How his (be oft' exhaufled all her Uores. 
Huw oft' in fields of death thy pri fence fought, 
Nor thinks the mighty prize too dearly bought! i 

On (ofeifB mnoWwainmy ih* fun refine 
The gupc'i Wi juitt. »n J mtllow it to wine, 
Vith clUQO grant liorn a cilDiiiE ioi). 
And ihe Fii alire fwcll «ilh llnodi of «l ; 
We envy not (he wirmw clinu that lit* j 

la ten degrm aSiaoK indul|tentfl[ie>, 
Mont thcroufenciiof ciurheis'D reptae, 
Tho' o'er our besdi ihc boteo Pleiada Oudc: 
Til libinr t)iat crownii !trlcaniti»'i iflo, [fnii 

AndmakeihCE' bureniwtk'aod her bleak mauiiul 

Otheriwrthtow'ringpilesmsypleafetbeGght, I 
And in (hdt prautl spiring domttileligbt, 
A nicer tmich id the (Irrtch'd tantat' giw. 
Or t(»rh fbeir animated rocks to liTe ; 
Tit BritUD'a cart to watch o'et Europe'i fate, i 
Asi hold in h.> lance eich contending (bte; 
To threaten hoM prefumptuout kingi wiih war, 
Andanrwrr herii(Bii9c(tneighboiir»' pray'r. 
The DsDC and flff ede, raus'd up by fierce alitni'i, 
Weft the wife £onda<S of her pioiis arm<> ; I 

Soon »« her fleets appear their terrours ceafe. 
And all the Northern world liethnlh'd in peace. 

Tk' ambitiou! Gaul beholdt with fccicc dread 
Berthunderaim'dat hiBafpirinahead, 
And fain b^r godlike fuTi> vould diCiinitc t 

figrfonign (-old or by doTncdickCpite j 
But flriics in vain tn conquer or divide 

Fir'd with die name wliich I fo afr' have foand ^i 
lie difliant dimes and dilTVcnc tonguca ctioand, f 
iriilleinmyfirDgglingMufewithpain, ]<C 

hu longiTo lanch into abofdcr drain. 

But I've (Inady troubled yon toa long, 
or dsre attempt a more adTent'rontfong: 
I V humWe veifc demands a fofier theme, 

P^intedraeadow or a purling Hieam ; 
nlitforheioeit, whom immoital tap, 
nd linellile Virgii'i, or like yout'e, fliauld pi 


Mtifntiinanujat mif ihcfUB »Gn« 
(f^'alot't juicB. uidmellowiiiowlqe, 
1 cittm i^viit nilun) * iliftmil feil, 
the Kit ulitr twcll Kilh fli«><l>uf oil i 
»i*)>Dai th( wicRicr climrthmlita Ijj 

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It (hemarlriidisf nnrhua'n (vpinc, 
o'tr oat hndi ihc Irotta Pliiuili (Unci 
libcny ibAt crown* liriunuU'i ilia, [touSl. 

niketbtr bwai nmiu id J hrr likik mounuiai 

in their |>rau(liir|)<rui|;iliimcicliilight, 
ccriinchMihc (trTtdi'donnaTipve, 


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lliB wilrtuiiilu^ nf h«r piuiitarmtt ■]• 

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all Id* N'lnhcrn wurU Uei Milh'.l in friw. 

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ihunder aimM it hli arjiirine \":t-l. 

htn hrf euJlike (i<n> wiiuU >l>luiiil« IJJ 

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trixa in iiln to minjinrrordi'iJ* 

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list I., k"—'" 


I- SfLiin iy Mr, iPiUl. 

I'XiONO hat 1 rice of hrroct fill'd the ftage, 

■ That nut by note, and thro' ihcgiunulrage; 
I t(ifong< and aincipFCla their miirtjal&re, 

\ Combat in triUi, and in i fenge npirei 
\ While luU'd by found, and uodiO-urb'd by wit, 
k ealm and fcrcDcyon indolently fit, 
LrAnd from the dull fsti^ue of thinking tree, 

■ Hear the facetious fiddles rcputee: 

■ DurhomerpuDauthorimull forfake the field, 

W And Sbukerpeirc to the Toft 5carl«tti yield. j 

To your new tide the poet of thit day 
Was by a friend adslt'dto forni hitplsy. 
tiad Valentini, mulically coy, 
Icludnor muv'd your wonder to have feea i 

An eunuch fly from an enamonr'd queen : 
How would ir pleafe Oioald ihe in EngliOi fpcak, 
Anif could Hippolilu! reply in GrtekJ 
Sul he, a Qranger to yonr modifh way. 
By your old rulei muft Hand or fall to-day, 9 

And hopes yoo will yourforeign tafte command 
To bear, fat once, with what you underftand. 3 


In ihr firfi rifeilNl infancy or (tree, 

n fnoltiiVTB miny, inJ when plafBi 

raw unpfiflii'd aarfiori roald, *rith. 
lung nd iinctpcrirnc'd luili 
>lDfiD;;lcchaiacl(,rh>de'<rbteDnio«ft, < 
h; whole herd of riipiuru ill their ow 
Rich in originilt, they kt m niew, 1 

''t]i piece, acDiconbihu wuMw. 

uhrul allv\{y and of lite, it (how* 
Cuckolds, and ctt\ and bawda.nndpinipa,*! 
Rnuxfi cOBotr^ litiiehu ui: found of ci'Ty 1 
Of rv'ry fdhinnj^mle fnftafpc*r; 
llid pimkiof dilTrinl rhuidm ve rnecc 
tl [rtqutnt na the flaec le in the pil, 
}ur modern wiu arc Entc'd t(i pick «ud uiU 
And hctr and thne by chance f\tiiJi up a fo 
l.uiig crc (hey iind Ihe acctSirj fpack, 
lity (earch IhiTown, and beu about ihcj 
a ill It if Bialliiciqiienlcd huittn tciiirii 
ft' d')gtiimiothciiD);,andofi' to court,. 
• AComcdT.wiiiceatirSlE ElctaidStcd 







:i catch him raking fnuff at WhUc' 



5 do ycm right, the prefcnt age 



optful monfter* for the flige. 

Th«l ream thi 

! path, ihcir dull forefathers trod. 

And wont be 1 

biDikhnd. in the comuon n»d. 

Da but faitey 

— Here 'ilia. 


Our auihur. 

, to djycrt bin fricada to-ttoy, 




A nd that there may he fomcthing; Kiy and nenr. 
Two ladiet'eiianc has eipos'd to liew ; 
The <ir(l adantfel travell'd in romuicc, 3; 

The other more refin'd, Ihe comes from France ; 
Refcue, like courteoui koighct, the nymph from 

And kindly treat, like neUbrcd men, the ftrangcr, 3 i 


WatH Orpheus tun'd his lyre with pl-aCrg wo, 

Riven fnrgot to run and wind, to lilow, 

While lift'cioK foreOi covei'd a> he play'd. 

Hie foft moficlan ;n a moving Ihade. 

That this night'i Drunt the Tame fuccefi may find, j 

The force otmufickii to mufickjoio'di 

• A df amidck Pseli, wiltten by the Lord Lanfdowa. 

■ H iij ^__, 





It A UGi(ti0tiB«icaM(tuii, rrc. 

pit unuiuribM) IdU DbtlrcpM nnim nequil 
I lurbt, nihil ttt, tut i|ucriri( 4Uqutd ioulli 

ntij{UIe, ubi prKcliruni hcc irittuanilun) 

Die* pxAint QnlMiiii. nccni ci rcbui 
nur ginriti ^uim vrro in humuiiorihut 
it Don (mincunni, indicia funt, qua> nupcr 

n fniifimui Tclii(i>tl Quod II CiU)|ti<*il» 

Jtvina, quo fnlit, lunirc tunriitui r 

nnn enitnilEfi. vix c«Rii rflrt i\4» P«i, ut 

vniarciit iwrilhifliini'PiHrMtun niftrc 

Ai, dam aliM ItikQm, mti ipSD* ehlitn 

i ittJtor, qui hiod nunorei f<'rrui «i laiini* 

altfllutUuurutluin, qaamijuit lilt avcinti 

hormlnitHuuiulimittj niil quod inter iiilot 

Tct, n idbuc polluti 
as, f jmaCtrquc Onnandi voliciccinjri 
Hit, «bi ttxt pccM dUperto mfcdkce 
Ai^iKincenupiHiulcunidivonli.mani^- ' 

Vcxillum Imrcpidui * fixii. cui cci 

Willi llfl I [illlllH . peregnDaqBelaHmicibVBlbt 

m in mcdijUL, quifcrre»p 
Bpatbforit cinum, et plumbi dtnfi&iinKiill 
Bnl[>hur(;im4uidirni, ictraf<jnc biiumioe niil 
[ngreditur, CTBbroqiic rubentpin TulgRrc ~ 
^""ft variDtmrcadu. ctditjci^iiuDiliijaefiiia • 
Ucenii difccdunt. fcDpuh(quc iminuie m 
Drfupcrbonilida, ci formijabile pendentl ■ 
Hk peUmi occullam, «l fiuundu [Htphiw 
crncre erai, tnagnn quae inter motK lamultK^ 
BcliiferrebaBc; rubiio cum cUu(trafn( 
citcodum ditrapd tenant, femlu&Bquein 
inuuiIEfque artiis, laniataquc coiponlitliui 
prcipit Jnfcirine, el rotat atcr in : 
Sic, pofiquam Encdadi dejciiit folinino [nl 
(nlicolnin pitcr, ct iftiiit conicnncic divoia 
Ilivutl'gtn tarx (acietn, ingenterq 
MnrtaJfls Uuputrs; altum hiiir Diiiuituf abefl 
llion, JDVcitiijac jmii tadicibui Olluni 
ic fiuviunnnolo inter coDfnfaque iaia 
ILrjitare, atqne aliii difceBtem cuireie ripii, 

Inbii, et nntui moiiCei umbrafqiiE requirant. 
: ombigDocluii. et iiaviiatelutoruiD. ji 

inuiillffiinut D. Domloui Cuilh Baio it Go» 

fOEUATA. 95 

Kempe hic Aoritci ouper vexilla fecutz 
Confluxere zdn, hic, afpcra corda, Britanoi, 
Germannfque ferox, et jundo fcedere Belga; 
Qaique tnici Borez, ec coelo damnatus iniquo 
Vicam apt in tencbris; et qui dudum ore perufto j 5 
Decolor admoti prodit veftigia Phoebi : 
Undique conveoiunt, totom confcripta per orbcm 
Ag^ina, Naffovique latus focialibus armis 
Circum£ufategunt,freniiturque et xnurmuramifccn^, 
Tarn vario diijoiKfia fitu, tot diflcna iinguis. Co 

Te tamen e mediiR, ducftor Fortiflfime *, turniis 
£zere, Tu fitam (fi quid mea carmina poflunc) 
Accipies, populique encomia fera futuri, 
Quem varias edoiflum artes ftudiifque Minervx 
Omoibni oroatum Marti Rhedycina furenti 65 

Crcdidit invita, et tanto ic jaclat alumno. 
Huncneinpeardorcm,atque immcnfoji pedlori^xAus 
Non jubar ArAoum, aut noftri ptnuria cocli, 
Sed pUga torridiorf qua fol JntcntiuRomnes 
ffifundic radicfi, totiquc obnoxia Fhoebo 70 

Jndia progenuit, tencriiqnc incoxit ah anni^ 
Virtutcm immodlcam, ct gencrolir incentii.i mtrri*.. 

Jamquoque torpentem qui infclixfufpicit Arcr. n, 
Bruniamque xternam frijrufq'ic pcramhulat, urj.i' 
HorridiACxuviis, Gulielmi ingentia fa<^la. 75 

DcTcribit fociis, puj^nataqwe in orJine I'tUa 

• Irfia. Dom. Criiloph. Codringt-.>n.viM< rx R'-fi'-it-.;' ' 

Afar grt f ^>I> am^ •v£«a i^Rfa, 
JM^^illiie radi, et bvTo ((vaibdB a*e. 

Sk obta .Aioda. ionuoia nxnka le 
InO'iU ■• (p«liR. nfia Ic dmIc ienW, 
Jlvnnd'i amptfiiu dcurwn^iie adjiuifcr. ,«„:• 
i'jmpt:t<r(l, U^ifqiKiDKeiHlMitdEtictha^eib fl 

Diirti pvfBU. CDlitin.1, tias, aiapefn 
Acrip'n. in nniilbiiilii TiTidn hinitor. 

Jinn (tra Itip*™^ boftii popnkliiHir igros 

liah ■ ■■-■ 

ilibit Inaltu SsicDita przdss, 
e procul fremitDi 1 qux munmn 


' I, 'df II tnl.ilcfiU* tun 




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Olli ^ata qnici a pal (nniguillii Tercadun 
CoDpofuitintltuoi.lcU'lqac ifllaTit honnrH. 
Ut daiCseimunlcplOTiniaAigniiiH miles 

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RcrpicilexitlnadtuvuuficiiCiu'vrcMtiUt lio 

Ore ciCBtricei. U vuIdct? iiuda. notlfque 
MnccoDum inflj^et, ilBM.ique fulphnrc nicicbri. 
Cara Roftt cuojiu, leducij^ue inteiia marilj 
Velligat taatuB', trepidifi-rniidinc proles 
Stat pnml, u patrioihorrtfcii ocftu vulrm. 1 15 
IIU gnveacifuv dori et diTcrimiDa htUi 
Soumeni, lumidtlqueitiftjurit p'alta aeriiii. 
Sic, pnAqaamin pUriam/iEcuDdihcroIbiii ^r^D 
Phryiejm ittulfni pcUctn. linimquc rigenicm 
EipofaiiOruu. eitattilaicllc'isturum HO 

Navita teirificis istamu Uctora munHrii 
JDefcribit. muiD Ipirsnum jnccndia fuma 
Setpentfni, vigUcl'^De fetai. ptivdrnquc geDiciitea 
tnroliia taurm, ct Bahelot ignc juHcncoi. 

Te taraen, OqumtuGuliclnw n(plc perldis, iij 
Arcipimniicduceni! libi Diva Driiuinta fundii 
Plebcmque ct prnccrct ; media' qusaimiue pcT urbe^ 

Gaudia^ueet pUiifut; njiltooidine vutjrintuntsm 
CimunAu&cmitadiiifiii tisi upiccranoum 130 


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Ridei hyemi, fcftoque vncat [celiitn onuir iriatn^ 
liir:effu, el blaodo fciisiiir fivia lilu. 
lit P^iriuE vigor atquc clati grUim tuIiiu || 

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luruTidDiit pucro I at muter foimolarerenat 
Auj;u[lain fniiitcai,ct fubliinii tctnpcnit an! 
Agnofco fai j«m ambinuam, miirafijue panauci. 
lite tuas OuUclme.ocier, ei THQla heUa, ij 

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Nunc iiidi^tninTt fimtlit fngtijia poliUc 
TetRi pi emit lurin«, el faliU terrcinb.i> implet, 






Kimc fimiillt lurrcB, et prnpugnicula jurva 
IJominibu* Ggnal nriit ; fubiti4)Dc imnultu 
SedulutinGrniaiams, humilcnitjuc IJiUnuicaia 
Simii : imercB gfDcrolse id pcSuc Qamirx 
AITurgunC fcnlim juvcni, noacitpui honcllaa 
Purpurea fenure i;enas,ef amabiliaborror. 

Inllniit, m luleni ul)i vulgn ciTuf* cinalci 
Vina rubent, variitque infe&at purpura Ibrdci^ 
Quis lapfiv^ refciii (lellarDm, et fidlik cstum. 
Qua laceram oftendunt rcdolcntia compita charttDH 
Sulphuria exuvian, lubulofquc biiumine caJTus/ jjt 

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Tulgore infulito! mit Dodiijue Lucidut imber. 

nigraowrquchycnits; crepilartii firlera paOiin 

ilUnf, loroque pluunt incendia cnlo. t69 

niiiiis in cetris VokaDiK mille figni-u 
Induit, igaiionur^uelerai. ct fulRi'li noEdra, 
Tcrnbd«n^fi>nnu!lu<:ineaibt>l«onis . • 

Hirpidi ncDliUH. totilque comaniiii flaouuii 
Ludil, ful)£lica(,et muliu liliiliit igac, 

I.stitUn iogcottm stquc effiila hiEC gaudia civil 
Jsn tutiJeni (ctniui»g>ii pofiluquc lioiore 
Eieicet ieDto% diflcnsqueper uUimi Diuodi 
Inpuiie d^ociti pel>^;nq.uc licfDliu^ enal : I Jo 

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MenfilHUWvs ridct ) rcn tutgida malic olcuii 
Tiuideri! '•I* iut°i q<" thurca Bami na mUcet 
JEdIu«, et pbtcidiipcKunilit adnribD) aunu. 
. 'Von antoiK illuftrci heiauni. umbrxque r^ccntet 
QuaruTuIcuiicajacciitetadhucdillautiacruilis 1^6 
Corpora vulneribus ijiiibuEhEcoptabilli^aihi 
PzRa qaiEi', noDdum NafTnvii abducitc vcHco 
Fidafalemiia, at foliiiH ftipatc catenfii 
Dniftoren, ec icDDCicircusi diffiiadile turmaa, I Sa 
Tuqpe Maria, turn non Dnqaim obliu Briunnos 
Divsi'O paticna magnum fxp<^i3are niaritum '. 
Me utriiDoDun aniinndeu.quauqiiainainpliusiJluni 
l)etinea[iF,lo[>^mqueagittntrubfindUepiccni. 1^4 



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FacundB Inform!, roilibiirquc Bilenlia miiet 
Duni m^entlB. |:»m, niimDiurquefiKuro*^ 
£riiii iiyi^i iMicei, nitidunic|iic IIi|u<htiii ; 
Qnt ti<i)(o tWvlvt prodrt vril igia inSu, ] 

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Sn) tn^uirparlhn in etobiilnifnrmkiDul^ntlB 
Scrvai, (till tfn(»li|<r«nsrccclligit orbn, [jn 

Incertuoi ijui lit natura, ID Dc^liKU ulU> 
PerScitP,iiibiireUnaiinu»inUHleieDi(«tj « 

An pntini tola vii impcrfcda rcllnqiiit 
Ar|rentnni RiikceAiim, diiitl'lque flvnilMl 

NicDeusfffiillit intif!i>*r|K^ahil»oliin, 
CumDnna^ti ilavncirconi preiinfiisamiSa J^ 

A mil lit, el grttam fuadrcle libiilinc rnrmam, 

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EKlufu^; funilDvJEh fubUdil in imo 
MahitcdcfceiMlar, tcI coaira. ubi jioflulat bAus, 
Prodcut bine liquor em cr|rtn», e( rurTui ioane 
Occupct njcetitu, tubuliimqiic ammif in otcnen. 

Jam acli faciem tempelbatcTquc (ucurai 
Ciinfii J tynijjhamnntt, brutnini'lB e c i frignnnatnt 
^fjfi qaoiici ti<iuof infiirgil, vitrcuque canali tt 

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»ciiiiilUm, lotnqut pluunt incfiiJii cctIo. iC 

Nrc minui in itrrt* VuiciDUi null«£gaut 
Induit, i|;i)<«(ini*Jc|ue Utt*. et iul)tldi monllra, 
TrrKbitnvifii furniM! hie mtmbivlninii 

Hirpidt oittititiu, lalil>iar " " *■ 

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t.udii, (iibrilnat. ei iDuIto 

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radum rrCcco : pamilu, Mula, cohortt 
t, ni iclutioii, moiteiti^iu in 
dI(]uc (iiun, in'ligninlclque puftllun 
tUlitiHRKclchn; valuuiiniquehoniinDniqiielri 
ilum Ubiit cthiuJJi, virruquc Innoro 
lc£ttn Clf ai^ni JuVCDti, 
bcr<»i qii>> [lEdllut teluti'in igtiucat \cjiillt^ 


■n Guliel 

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m Htlnntliuha, )inifuccD>fliiii<«n>lcfw«* ( 

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nLli'uitici lnailiili>ninnli>iiuhil>pcnait. 

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n>, fcicftrin fvcumtitimbHI'notlKrl 
P-f^alii uhi plui ftijuii ilefcciiilrn> uik meiilb 


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-^ncc rtrm. ijnundoienui veliMin«n._ 
liicecUi, qusndn rpctultii frigidnt igncm. 

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MacKin* p nrcet, et Tudutn promliuc tftnam, 
Aiitlucari»ti1erDinib(i )<cn(lenlt viator: 
Nf c roetUfiH imhfctn, pnftcniCT meffor arillM 
I'liilltrtiac temt jim brumi incunibit iaetmii, 
t rigurique hand nocilun odunc, fEriuDTque pItiM 

nTrM.iio-rEPANOM.ixiA : 

Pvi.':i>ra(lum rrfero: pnrntiD, Mufa, coharte* 
'n!l'UC, lu gladiiK, nrntlemqiiciniiiancia rcOfB, 
OifeiilofqDC (^TDO, indignantcfque pulillain [tal 
Miliiiiiinculchn; TDlncninique hain in unique tumid 
tier'ium ingentei uiinioj el trifiia bella i 

Pictidum libur cxhaufil, verfuque fimoro 
JuiTif et ztcmi namerorum alTurgerc pomn ; 
tj^iis leiEos UraiUm juvenci, et CorTi tiiehter 
'l'li<:li.'d,q<ii<liedibu'. (clotim if|;narat \chi' 
(Jijim rliin .Ene* certaniina, quern Gulii 
Otll;^ l4ltiit ■ baao rbcbani, cl acbile f 

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i-'iniunr dcplngun fanitum, nova ctbn Iccu 
) v^.Lu r./ic LUiiuu pHgilc*, liruibuTiIue r 
I :"< 1 . ri):iiii|iieniet)trineiiuliihuihullero> 

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lri>l: I li L. I Lilii.t, niediuDi inut inhi>{|>iii I'm 
(I'll {ibM<l.uii *jlltm,cl pnuciaaKglTi vima] ^ 
rv'^iMii'UiD >|unt»iani 111 lent, dual fau lintbanlj 
liiilHtiuin, Hint "rarias vitam ocahlcri ptr M 
S«<1uli. (I iSiilua fcrtcbani irvi pupellv. 
Nunc fi(|uitilul>nBil«|i<ifuR vlKor, 
Ucfcrtof^uc larci, U *iUe> oliihiii ilbaa 
I^liKIU* *iil(t, et IcILilln [lU*! Ituprfiit , 

Krj-iit. ri (ccaro cxpiiai Urui itnpi aba nil 

Nnii fie, dum muliui Qtlii inriipccibilit Ui 

raiirula pn>geiir<* i mm, C quii comminui ale* I 

iigtcili, ct luunuiB auilcm ie cndeic puenW^ 

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fi TiiiE humi valacrcm muriUunilMii, linnicrif>|it| 

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Ipc impiwvilm midabat, lape junbic 

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\pt lartni ijuutiti mulii conlli 

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mini /jiii an* tintniiK ui 


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Non tantos nonii, nee tarn memcmbilaiH 
A1.Toniu8 qoondam fublimi cinntncTanu 
J.ufit; ubi totam ftrcpituqiie armirqgepa]^ 
Mifciiit : hie ( vifu mifcrahile!) corpora mi 
Sp-irfa j-iccnt juncis transfixa, hie gutture r 
Ran:! doli-t, pcdibufque abfciflb poplitc ter 
Rt {< luinii, folitis nee (eh fahibus efTert 
J.ini'iuc clics Pyjirmopo adcrat, quo teitif. 
pfffiiMiit ftx:fu«, intatftaque maluit ova. 
Nam ftiprr hi* arcenfa jjravcsi csarfit in ir 
(frM« UomachanH; omncfque fimul, qiiai 
Am n<t^,num Maroctidis, imi aut uda Cs 
Prara t'.nrnt, adfunt; Scythicaque ezcita 
F.r rr>ri)iiraro volucrisdcfccndit ab Iftro. 
F)rr;i;rf fqiic ininicn fad rt vuinera cogitat 
f!v.i"'!:")'i'- urijjucs idlum mcditata futi' 

hiintTii cnbro timim iitgcrm flu j)ii«t aihcf 
e, «t>ffid(iiu Riiftet raluiti w 
n.rr.r' :n irr.i. ni.>iu<. riiim belli hec&t i 

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iihivilnAnr.iai mijvnit* Krei»tui 
[a( gnalt ifitiqDoi ruprroniBct onuin ' 
iguila. mtdiiuuqiK lAurKii ui ulni 
' ilpcdu [hoflUtu n im liifciil)ircnK u 
ItliiUTJcc*) rnhuque often r<u hnnellR 
firnrtmCpi'i'ilernilnaiuprdnnniorib*. i 
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mm gtnrmi. nan ilium impoiu volucri* 
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: alia. iElerk|ue tuuun iliUolit bi 
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lit. hcu'qunlKnimplnuStr^rnioiiiflcIi]' > 
■tin <]»( prom) Tonm luililut, picniwiuwnlui 
pTpr dt inl nuham be lliiiiii|iu holl dq m fetrnttd 
udm, Bique Dculjife pluriniiis 
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lot^lquc cvtntil il icti (iniiiii. 
M polvm rrplii. rptciriiur ininui 

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Surpiciuni huRcm-. nrc luiij-iini tcmftm, 
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Mai AtSeSt UeruDI Irmhui li'fc Fripir ali 
S^ virea rc^uixiil iHnitn petit impelc ta 
Annaium pciiibt luriuiia: hu^Su tdIdi 
Tulpiile. r-inguincu Jrfe furihiinda rotatn 
T'lrquiMgRHcircum, mllnunqDrintnti 
InihsHa, H torvosin motic tccoiligii uoi 
Vyf>ni>i hicAillnt Itntus ilciiiilnert 
Kiasuluil^ue cicc crcbr 01, pediburquc put 
U>t »llliiE rultiinllrrpiIu,(epi[|oqaeri 
■Singuitkc fpn);iintDr jfbdii, fpar^oiiir 1 
^ll^guc(t^<ao a iii^n'i. cnmmillaqncmflral 
Fyg^nieBilum Idivit, tneiiiif<tue in millibi 
DuUur, i|u«ti laie hint utijuc hmc pcmm 

por»6ilii Grimm i mcdiaqi 
NeepliDjbaWDBi, ner [iiniiconridiliSn 
Ule OiitoninTur, illnm ilcniiirnnB cacum 
Mifcdnr pufrna, c( bdjiini nmne kbaiUtt 
Cum, Cubila ■ppuli'tia (Gc Dl volucre) tu 
Ei iniir*"" ingcnxet foiniidibiluiiln 
CnBprTniiSlpe<libui|iugniiitBm; (t (iiiA^r 
SnllulitlnKclumi boUsiur Bbunguibushi^' 

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: buftia Pygmxi lumiue niicAo i jf 

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.(VuCBi afpiciniic Gruibue pliiukoEibua cTcBin, 
JamquerecruddciLbclluai, Griu defupcr urgcc 
Pygmxum roltro, iiquc hoftcRi petitartUiJk aioirLi ; 
7unifuBitalt»voUnJiiBfut/Qlnb™;hiaj»aat iJO 
Vdaeniiinipaiieiu, etinaiieitelit inKiru. 
Tslii erit belli facio. cam Ptiion irgens 
Miiteruio cstlum Briareu'i>l'olioque'renKntun 
Przcipltem cicutercl; fpargaiiiur in ztherc toto 
Fulminiqusfcopuliquc ; fligrantii^ela uinfuni i is 
TiirguEiKurJoilsaSa niHiu,duinTa[k4^i|!antuni 
Ccrpota fufaitctnt, feniiultufue rulphurefuBiaut. 

Viribui nbfumpus peoitui fjgaie'ia taDdem 
AgminaljDgndcuDti ergo pan mlcie irrga 
HurriWili pcrculla mctu. partlullore lutein r^O 

ExJ^ruam i lue papulus Cubiulu oborM- 
Indent a.Icrgo volucrca, laccraMquC (rahilntquu 
Inimicei, lerie nentcni eitirpcK detauclain. 

Sic Pjgtnatii domu« Diuliondonnnacs per annog. 
Tut belbi defun^, Gmum tat lata ttiumfihio, I4J 
Funditua interiit i neoipe nitua omnisundcin 
Ccnua rcgna manct, iuat csni dcniqua U»es, 
Quof «llmtnidu$Dcfati ficcormit-Dlim 
' EcilibuBeTi:ri'u(ii«&, etmajurucruqucLHipum. Ije 
£l]ftii vfdkiDuiicagniiDelullTUto^iu, 

Turba levii ftlic, el kmoram eaigaamiu^ 



£oKEGio» fuci tra(3a8, calamique labor 
Surgcntcfque hominum formas, ardentia 
JudicisyCt fimulacra modis pallentu mir 
Tcrribilem vifu pompam, tu carmine M 
Pande novO) vatiquc facros accende furoi 
Olim planieieni (quam nunc foecunda • 
Infignit pidhira) inhonedo et fimplice cu 
Vciliit albedo, fed ne rinia iiUa prior em 
Agnofcat faciem, moz fundamcnta futor 
8ub(lravit pi^or tabul», humoremqve fi 
Per muroa traxit ; velamtne mania crafli 
Squallent obdudla, et rudioribus illica fui 

-^.M«u4ae fatetur ApelJeic, 
^••uateicrcetcalAmot, atque arte tejiac«:ni 
Confundit vifcum, fuccofque atteniperat, onuics : 
Inducit tandem fomias; apparet ubique 
Ikluta cohors, et pidurarum vulg^us inane. 

Aii{reris muri vacat ora fuprema miniftris, 
Sparfaque per totam coeleftisturbatabellam 
Raucos infpirat lituos, buccafque cumentes ; o 

Inflat, et attonitum replet clang^ribus orbem. 
!Dcfun(flis fonus auditur, tabulainquc per iuiani 
Pi<%a gravtrfcit humus, terris emerj^it apertU 
Progenies redi viva, et pittrima furgit imago. 

Sic, dum f«cundis Cadmus dat icmina fulcis, ;; f 
Terra tumct prxgnans, animataquc gleba laborat, 
JLuxuriatur ager (tp^ete fpirante, calefcit 
Omne fulom, crefcitque virnruni prodiga mcfTi'i* 

Jam pulvis varias terr:v dii'perfa per oras, 
Sivc inter venas tcncri concrcta met-"!'* 

Vultuin truuutt, »que inhDnelto volnere narst 
Manu, *t xdhuc dcell infonni 6e carpore miiltiu 
Psuiatim io tigidum hie lica infinuata cadxTcr 
xgro vix duQi rediTiTDi erigil arlu. 
hiimirviilnii, eC iniajfinc tots 
ittoDitam p>lkt formidu fignmn. 
iclrahe ^ttin ociilosrpci9acar,cC, or> nitCB 
in I ptrferre diem, mtdiam infpin it 
Qua Itdet oita Deo prole*. Oens iple, lereoa 
Lumine paSafas, radiifqae inTlicrriit uutii. 
Circum trancguillx fuDdDDtnr tempon Ukrni 
Kc^utoTcii^rfpirai, iricci igniiucdlii, 
Pluriniaquc efiulget niajeflas numinit MCO. 
Qjianium diOimilii, quontuir, a ! mulirntab 
Qui pcccati luit ciuciatui uon Tin, vjtun 
S(d fraSij* vuluir dcfunaum GolgotluDumiii 
Condcrc, diini liAa faioriim tige triBmphaiu 
Naiivumpetiiicdlum, eiru{ierKihcrav«i£ta* | 
Delpoit luDiuii eKiguam, f'llcinquc minoN 
Jam latui elT'-.lfuiii, et paJmas oQcndrt ut 
Vulnufguc iofixum pedc, daTU[uin(|UC mcpM [ranlai9ic|uanilaim vcQigia furi. 
irmbrx huclcUc«iicndiiai, ninnerii(a<]ac' cc 
Tuiba pctunt, aique iinmortalii dnna capdTual 
uitum,ji»vcim, pucri,iaiiiiptx<iaepuellx 

litcum, »tt\na tvidm jubu iMtnoriilc blbcntta 

nc oculoiio Muniin*; Uu<Ubii> sthcr 

li.ei iKiorideicalum uninf uiumphn. t; 

Mft^ns^adia c 

, anu€ utilnl flaiiranil er— '- «!">-ii« 
pit! cam [uBifi iiKlurn, -t 
A Uei AimBlu. nimiiKin* 

iin initni<fG]iirni dinimi 
[Wtcni t lumuht, iluof « 
infcn ficlem, Tullulitel i.m m ...- 

.11 vibransiciefia)tMn<e rcrlefta* 
liirei^iteruDi dcpclJii ab oiit. 
ida|[a(triAis^ qnafc caleftibui iria 
tt^ o ! quantDm vellet nunotfaere in il 
n (oicre ! it Undem fafpiria dncit 
noil rciacudB, et inciarBbile oDmea. 
<m iirru ^rit venerea pidua! periti 
calami kg-inui vfdigia! quanCa eolonim 
a {c proferti tiitt eod difculur [tit 
TdiiE, vario cam lumiae floridui imber 
nitf t toto, et guna rciaLilIac in omiii. 
fudi nilor, pulchri durateculorcil 
{.ij^iura, IBK t ingu treat eloria fonna, 
lutein videjs.qualem ei prim is ipfa,fupren 


iiii Etimiiiea in latum fcJeexplicat stjuor 
ti«?, Bacuoqut ingens patet ^rfs campo, 
fukni aoadum fumaatta prata Ealeniup 
luiii, et lumida pendent ingrarniBe guttle, " 
oha fak noS.i> parv. 






ntem, et furgcntss atttrit herliai. 
Tiint vernantrm turha palo^Oram 
oico, formiE qiiibus elTe rotundx 
m dtderit, fatilifque movcri. 

Quxque Tuii indri Doth Oat fplixra; M unu. 
Hinc nilt, qus infuro niultuni inclinita in«lalto 
Vertiioriu gyrot, ct inh^aii Iramlte carHli IJ 

Qninilii dive ria placet, ijtiim [UH-cibs urget 
tlumbei lit, motnqac Gait proccJcre rci5lo. 
raOquam id<a in pine* rarbnm diHinicerat iiqn\s 

Evolai orbiculuii, ipia eiitfiini mr^u fuliicum lo 

Df Q^niit ; jadkique Ip^qb veni^ia^ primafn, 
qjii ceitanicn init, fpharara dcmittit. at ilia 
Leo iter cflirii.«iiguuni qtiod dticil in orbrm, 
Ridit iter,Aoatc fentim primo ini]i«(c {((To 
Subfiftatt Tublto globus emicit alrer ei alter. aj 

JVIoxubifundDnturlacc agminB cnlira minnrFm 
Spaifapcrorbiculum, flipantque freqnentia mcuni, 
Atc]ue negant faciln aditua ; jam cautiili exit, 
r.t Icvircr iete inCnuat revolubile lietriim. 
At ii forte ciobuni. qui mifii. fpriiai intriem 30 
Serpen, « impreflum rubitoUngnefecreinoniBi, 
Pone urfTctfjrfixrz vefti^a, ct imtnil InAlt, 
ObjurgM^M mora*, carKiHique ifnminH orbi. 
Atque ut rcfcnii honoi dciirz fcrictsr iniquam 
locufal [erram,acfiirg(fi[^ininamii]reDD(him. 35 

Nee Tifutt>cuere,gtDbt»cum volvitvradas 
lafamJ ja^u, lut nimium vedigia plumbum 
Allicil, et Ti^znai i n&o trahit infita lircui. 
Tnni qni projccit, ftrepitai efiuodit inancs, 

Pi, variaiB in fpecicm dJIlorlo corpate, (alia 
liicrcpat errores, et dJ( convitialigno. 
S|ili3:ra hi, irarum tcmneos ludibria, ccrpiu 
pLrgit iler^ iiidlir<)ue movccur furda querelis 

Ulatunen Uudjsfuminumque mereturho 
Qjj:e noadirumpit curfam. sbllaitqiie move 
11 ) e aec tnrbun inter crebram dilapfi lu|irenii 
J'crfecit Awlium, Et metx inclinitaircDiitbit 
Haltis >tbEGrcnteni arbiculo dcrcudeie fpifaag 
Ccnal liuni|iibBli]ue viani Cgnaniibiu oouki 
I nrendit tire*, ct niiSiie fsnitcr urget ; 
I'.vniat addil^ aon {egnis fphfera lucito. 

Haud ica proRlienn Elco carcerc pcmix 
Aiitiga ioTehitur, Eom raptus ab aie cilato 
( 'iirren(vri]ue domot videi, ct fugicnlia tcdUi 

Hi tamenia duros, oliflcuAafateliiteinnlu 
Impingst focioi, eanfuadatque orbibui orbei 
Tiini fcrvit bills, forcunam daninaC acerbani, 
Atque Deoa atque aflra vocat crudelia 

i'i van incuiriu facilEs, aditHtuquc patente 
Inveniat, parcoquchoftisfpolietur hcinore; 
'I'urlia frcmic cnnfufa, fonifque frequentibus, 

Intero teifot inimico Sirius aftro 
Corripit, et falfas exudant corpora guttas; 
l.cniajam Zephyri fpirantce frigora, etumbi 
L'aptaolur, vultuque fluent abnrigilur humo: 



O qpi canoro blanilius Orphco 
Vucalc i!ucii cirmen, et eiiiu 

Sxpc snimam reTOcasabumbril, 

Jim feu folutoi in numenini peda 
CngiH, vel ignini« »1« anima teats 
Cofpus cucris, feu udaTcr 

Opua relinqtien« eripe te morz, 
hrnnlcmque curisrolidfammpliA, 
Scyphumquc jucundua rcqnite 
Purpurco graaidum Lyzo. 

Nunc plena magni pacula poftulc* 
Mernur Wilhelmi, nunc movcBl Qtim 
Minifler ingeni, impcr^qoe 
PczCdium haud Ictc, Mancaeutai, 

indem ttifle oegotlun 


\i ; 1 1 * Manei videbu to quoqne £ibu1«t» 

^' ■'• X^ot pauciom fecerit ars tua; 

Suumqoe vi<Sorem viciflim 
Subjicict Libitina vi<%rix. 

Decurrit illi vita beatlor 
Quicunque lucem non nimis anxLus 
Reddit moleflam, urg( tque curas 
Sponte fua fatis ingrueiites ; 

£t quern dierum Icne duentrum 
Delcdat ordo, vitaque luutuis 
Felix amicin, gaudiifque 
Innocuis bene tcnipcrata. 


I l-OiMATA. rij 


Admirand* rano kTium rpeclaealarerum, 
Eii^juam gcDtcm, ct vacuum fine mentcpopsliutn; 
Quern, nnn furrepih cali dc forniu fl>inmi<, 
Inoocua mtlior fibricanerat Brte PrimiethcD^. 

Compita qua rifu fervent, j;lonicr»[qiictnini)lru(n J 
Hillrio, dcltiSdlque inhiancem fcomniate; 
Quolqiiot Iretkiffi audio »ut novitatc tenenlur, 
Undique con([refli permiffa fcdilia complent, 
Nee canEufiK hoDos i nummo fubrdlia cedunt 
SivtrJb.cC rariiiul pretiumjlal copiafcamni. IC 
Tandem ubi fuhtrahiiur sfUnien, lumina paliim 
Aijguitos peuetram adilus, qua plurima vifum 
Fib fecant, nc, cum vaCHo daCor nc fcnuH^a, 
Pervia frau< paceat : moi flridula Eurbapcnatcs 
Ingrcdiiur pii3n<i, et mornijirquallidaf'uca. Ij 

Hie hitmilea inter Icenas, angudaque dauflra, 
Quicqaidaguuihoiniaes. concDrfiiijbelb.iriiiniphDs, 
J.udit in eiigoo picbecula parvo theatro. 

Std pnltr reliquoe incedil Homunclo rauca 
Voce (Irrpens; majiiT ruboediE fibula vellcin, ^c 

In veutrfm tumet iitimcidicmni pone eminet ingcn? 
A cugo gibbus; Pygmxum Cerritat agmcn 


Mijnr, et iinmv>em miralu'' torlM ISi 
Hie magna frclu) mole, impotibafqiiell 
Crjnlirgi, gracili iidat convilii "ulgo, 
>:t crebro falvic, Icpidum upul, ara cuhioM 
Quanqnun m igilir rolcDni ict'n. pompa. 
Spi^cnit fbUidtom iittrti>3abUi9 iUe tumuhiui, 
iil rifuimportuniuadcQ. atque Dmnii turbat. 
Ncc riiro jnvadil niDllea, piiSaniquc pratervo 
Ore petit njnipnmni, invitnqiie dsi ofcuU ligc 
Bed comitum vulgut diveifi) membra (atigatn 
Ludis, CI varia lafcivil mobile Taliu. 

Sxpe etiuu ^mmi) nitili. <trp«9tbiti*H 
I.igiieigcoiproJit, nitldifqucCuperbilio ofiri 
Naiii, quoti<» Coftam celefaraT fub imagiiie Inc 
Otiline cotDpofitDnjmpliaruln incedic boncAl 
Agmen, et ciigBi proceifs, parviquc (^icicci 
PygnixOiCredispoiiEiiniilefccre bellia, 
Jjmquc, inicnfa Criiuni icmnenle^ pi«iia, tni 
IndulgerejofiE, tcccrilque vatace chorcii. 

Tales, cum medio labuntur Cdera ccclo, 
farvi fublilitint Lcmurci, popululque pulilltu 
Fefliiroa, ledieDslua perveftigia, gyroi 
Ducii, el anguAum crebro pcde pullitjt otben 
Mane patent grtffii'.; hie fuccoi terra (erage» 
CDnti|iit, in muttam pubenllagramina furijui 
Lu(uri<.m,tci>crilquc tircfcic cjrcului btrbii. 

At nun trani^uiUas nulla alidunt nubila luce 
S^pe graii lur^uut bclla, hoiiida bclla lataiA 

Armii atnt tnicalentl tohon, jJiciJim iquietim 

D<(uni|iunl pti|[n« ) ul(|u< tine m&ecer; iilupU) 
Omnibut. ei tnillir cadigun gnudii cant 

Jitn gbdii, tubulli]v<)ngeftDfalFhnr«ft t, j j 

Pnilcnl^que haflx, falg«Mnque >rmi, i njcquc 

Tclorum iogcmei fuh'i"n ■ -!•"» i-l-«ftn -igiirrin 

Hurrcudum, rupis 111 rtc 

Con/ufo> nddnni cr«| r. 

Stcrnliuramnelblaai .ec.-t-r:i: 60 
Ajipartni tumut, eivi 


'i'uDc habilEiadilii irochlcai, qiiibai arte pufiUtfl 
VcriataDD«, moJiquc niuiu f«inulati)tiiier[i 
SiilHcit iKCul[o« motus, vocemqge nuniOraC. 
HU UraSta auulitii jtm mschina inta peritot 
OrtcnditAiIcosduriel scGJgia Icrri : 
I Unc [sl3(, al^ue agili Ce [ublevit inciu mmi 



NoN ufitatumt 

in htiniilct modoc 

I;:nola pindis, follicilus p 
ArLitrium cl papularitcr 

Andicur ingent cominuo frigor, 

Fuiulunina, n cnmpsfrc f»4* 
SBppa&uigriiiiiurHct undak 

Inipulfu) crumpil mcdiui liqiior, 



Node et rechfo cut 

Ujlarurpfflu foils i..i.v;.i 
tl lr.>miila:riniuui:.-j!i.n.- 


Kudus liqueiitciplont ■* 'hos nWi 
F,i muiliqucfccEsipre i- lantinui 
TuadiC cacuoiCD, tlum p mat 
Siii fluunt leibluU Vall^ 

Jamque alta cceli muDiai cmmunt, 
Et veflra tandem pagina (proh ne&»)J 

1 lellu-i 

II Tubiin 

Vlamina, peipeluoGjuc fluro! 

O ptflusingcns! O animam gra 
Muridi Fap<icem i li bonus auguri 
Tc. noflriq™tclluifup«bit. 

*, on high colamns 
«v itn bornilliM gold and flaming jewels bla; 
llie folding gates diffusM a (ilver light, 
And with a milder gleam refrefli'd the ^ight; 
Of polilh'd iv*ry was the covVing wrought. 
The matter vy'd not with the lculptor*8 thoug 
For in the portal wai> difplay*d on high 
(The work of Vulcan) a fi&itious Iky, 
A waving Tea th* ioferiour earth embrac'd, 
And god^ and goddt-fles the waters grac*d : 
^geon here a mighty whale beftrode ; 
Triton and Proteus (the deceiving god) 
AVith Doris here were carv*d, and all her train. 
Some loofely fwtmming in the figur'd main. 
While fome on rocks their dropping hair divide, 
And fome on fifhes thro* the waters glide. 
rho* various features did the fiflcrs grace, 
v. fiftcr's Hkcncfs was in cv'rv f"— 



O'crsl! ihe hen'n'i rtfuljfmt in 
Oneithi-r eaKwerefiiengrntnllgii 

Here f hatton, dill giining on lb' > 
Till p.< ffing forward thrn" .he bright abode. 
He l:,vj iitillftancr tli< illoftrisu'pod; 
He fjw El dillancE. or ihe daEzlinfc light 
Had flafli'd too ftrorRly on hii ileing Dgh». 

T]]; End fi(» 'lonathronc 

Ofb|ji2in^ i.,. jlei^arnieauan* 

The] lout ordi on eiihethand. 

And U^yt, andMui^t id Vein, and AgCM,& 
Here spring ippearn — i flow'ry rbapleu ban. 
Herr S:imincrin her leatcn i^rland aavaa'i 
Here Autumn the ricD >rwlden grapu befomw^ 
And hoary Winter ftiiversio the rear. 

Phabuj beheld the youth from off hi* throw 
Thai cyt which look" or all wa» li.'d on one : 
He faw the boy'n confufii.n in hi" face, 
Surpi'iB'd at all (he wondem oFlhf place, 
AndtrUialoud, " Wkit wanis my fon? forka 
" My fon thou art, and ) mitft citl thee fo." 

" l.itrht of the world 1" the I rem hi in g youth n 
'■ llluftriout parent ! fmce you don't defpife 
" The parent'* name, fnmt certain lolten gin 
" That I may Clymeoe's proud bnafl believe 
" Nor looRer under falfeieproachei-grieve." 

The tender fire was tonch'd with what I- 
Anil Hung the blaze of glories fcum hi&\t^i 


id tbe youth idvance : " Mjr fon," f>id he, 
,n.e to thy f.tbei'e Bruit i for Clymcnfi 
in Fold thee uoe ; a parenc't OKme [ s)vn. 
And deea, thte worthy to be caU'd my fon t 
■' A> a fure prouf, malte fume itqntlt, and I, 5 J 

" Whate'er it be, wiih th>trcq»efi comply; 
"By Styi I fwear, -wliafa waves ate hid in night, 
" And mil impervioui 10 my piercing fight, " 

The youth, It^nfperted, afts, without delay, 
fpfiu'iie Ihefuii'abrlghi.chiirrntfQra dij. 6a 

The god repented of the oaih he took, 
Fat anKuilh thrice hii radiant head heihook; 
" My foD," laT>^ he, " fome other proof requite; 
" Kafli wi> my proniife, Tulh ii ihy defire. 
" E 'dfain dtny thinwilh which thou hall made, 6; 
" Or, wh» i caitn't deny, WDuId fain difluade. 
■■ Too valt and hazardous the taik apptar;, 
" Nor fsitedto thy lUength nur to thy years. 
" Thy lut ii mortal, but thy withes fly 
*' Beyond the prntince of njortality. ;q 

" There Uilutone of all iht goJi ihit darei 
" ( Howcvrr Ikiil'd in other great atTairh) 
. ** TomounlthebumiDgaitelreebiit I; 

«• Not Jon himlclf, the ruler oEtbe flcy, 74 

"That hfitli the three-fork'd thunder from above, 
" Dares cry hit fitcngth: yet who fo ftrong as jove ? 
" Thefiieda climb up the firO afcenc with pain, 
"And when Ihe middle GtDiament they g^in. 



[[ilownvjrdirrom ihe h»*'n> myhraJ Ibe 
And rcetherarih and oceio iiirig btlnvt, 
Ei'ix 1 UD (uii'd with horrounnd tRHght, 
And my own heart tnlfgnci me at the fight |-> 
A mighty doymiti Itiepi the n'ning Rage, 
AiiJ llesdy rtipf mud rurb iho horfea' rage. I 
I'cihyi herfclf hai fear'd to fee mc driv'a 
Down headloni; from [he precipice of besT'v 
Dcfiden, con&dcr a-liat impainout force 
rurniHiriandpljntliiDadiff'reatcaar&I ' 
1 Deer agaioft their raotiDDi> ; nor un I 
TSorne bidt by oil the current of the ikf . ^, 

Hut how could you refitt the orbs thit n.ll 
In advFrrc whirls, and Hem the rapid pole .' 
But you pcthap^may hnpe for pleafing woodi. 
And aately d.jmei, and cities Bll'd with goda. 
While ihrn" athouraDdfnareByonrprogrefsliei, gj 
Where f.-ritin of ftarry monflsr! ftock ihe Udea : 
tiir ihuuld you hit ihe doubtful way aright, 
Tht) QuU with tlnnping horn' Handu oppoGte; 
Ncit him the bright H.tmoiiian bow is firung ; 
And not the Lion's grinninp vifage hung ; ICI 
' The ticorpioii's clawi here cbfp a wide extent. 
And hert the Crab's in liflcr cljfps are bent. 
Nor wonld you find it eafy to compofe "J 

Ihemcitledft eeds, when r heir nnfirilBflowi | 
' rhe rcorching lire that iu their entrails glow* ; J 
' E v'n 1 iher lieadftrong fury fcarce reftrain, lo 
' WhC|i:kc]rpi)w wumandiefliH'cD the teia. 

Let not my fon ■ fctil gift rtijDirc, 
But, Olinlimerecill your rafh defire ; 
Vdu aOta gift ihit may your parent icll; no 
Let thcfe my fesri your patmtage reveal, 
Aad \etra a father from a faiher'n care ; "} 

Laotun my face joiifmy heart lay bare, V 

Coulti yoD but Liokyon'J read the father there, J 
ChufeODlagiftframf»!, orearlh, ortkies, II J 
For open (0 your wiQi alln^tureties, 
Only decline this ase unequal talk. 
For 't it a mifchief, nnt a gitt,you aflc: 
You aft a real mifchicf, Phrtrton ; 
Nay.haD^ not ibas about my neck , my fop ; i:tO 
I gtant yonr wilU, and Styx has heard my voice, 
Chufe what yoa nill, bnl make a wifer choice." 
Thu? did the God th' unwary youth advife, 
]ut he Aill longi m tiavel thro' the Ikicsi 
When the foad father (for in vain he pleads) 115 
\t length Ea the Valcaniac chariot leads. 
\ g;oIden axle ^d the work uphold, 
lold wuthc beam, the wh« dhw ere oib'd with gold; 
rhc fpolieE> in rows of filver pleai'd the light, 
rhefeac with party-colour-dgrmi was bright; ; 
Vpollo Iti'io'd amid th« gUre of light, 
rhe youth wtih ftcret joy the work fnrveyt, 
^hen DOW the Morn difclot'd her purple ray 
rhe Itari were fled; For Lucifer had chit'd 
The flati (way, and fled himlelf at laQ. 

jhl; 130 t 

Soor, as ilic L ther &w the rnfy MorOi 
And Tiji moijn(hmiBg»ilhablunliThocn, 
HcljaiilicnimMerfourt, withoul deUy, 
biini? lorth (heftndi} rhFnimblr Hoim abejri 
[■■rum :hnJrfnllrack>tbegCB'roit»(leeiitredre, 140 

ltrii;.].]iji'anibri)ful' -* fnorting &r«. 

Mill .iniiuut for his iu lofDMj. 

'I'djuakr him proof a| burning raj, 

Hi-'r'-mpleiiwithccle .cntwn, 

<-f(.jvrLign»irtue[D.,| hcu, 

Thi;M fji'd [hi beiunf drrrc inhcid, 
A ri'l ir\th'A a deep forebodin igh, and hU : 

" I'alccihitat leaft. thi* bii jdvice, my fon: 
" K< ")• a am rem, and mnve but t^ntly on ; 
■■ IlirmurfcriofthemfrlseawiUniotoofaaj XJt 
" V'lUr artniuO be la mcxkratelheirhsfte: 
" l>rjv4!'cmnaionilire£tlyihrn'thelkie«, 
" I;:jI where ihc Zniliack't wimling circle lies, 
" /'Ai-nyi the midmoll. zone; but Tilly forEh 
'■ N-rtuthediOanlSoiilhnorQDmiy Norlh. |jj 
" 1 Irt hnrfti' hoofs a heatcn track will Oiow, 
" I'ui nciihcr ni'iunt ton high, nor Jlnk loolow, 
" 1 1..L no new llri:i or heiv'n or eaiLh inkll } 
" Tr'-plhe midway; ihc midflle wayitbcft. Ij 
" Ni:r whrte in radiiinc fnld> rhe Serpent: cwinet 

AurorjgiTeithepiomifeofadaT; (6j 1 

1 'tn cali'd, nar can 1 muke a lonjjer lUy. J 

Snaid) upihcreins^orQiUch'atiiinpiforrake, 
And not my chariot, but ray counfel, lake, 
Whiie yet Iccurcly on iht tjrth you fland. 
Nor tniLch the hoife-i wiib tuo ra& a haiid. ■ 71 
l.eE racgloDe cd light Ehc world, while vou 
Enjoy thoft beimi whi view." 

He fpoltc in »ain ; the yoi 

Anil fprighily vigour van 

And joy) 10 hold (he reini 1 7; 

Thafe [ba^l(^ his Tanhcr « b. 

Mean-while the reQlcl iiuud, 

Bieathiog not liK!, and pawin^r ^ey Hood; 

Tethyf, iiot knowing nbtt had ^hl, gave way, 

And all the wiDe of htav'n before th<;m lay. iSl 

They Tpring toother out, and fwiftly b«>r 

The Byiag youth thro' clouda uid yielding ur, 

Vich wingylpeed outllTip thetafUin wind, 

Andleave the WeezM of the mora behind. 

The youth wai lif;ht, nor could he fill thcfcfal, iSj 

Or poire the chariot with iti wonted weight; 

But xa at [eath' unbalaAtt] nffd ridd, 

CafI to and fro, the fpoit af winda asd tide*. 

Bo in ih: bniindtng chariot tofa'd on high. 

The youth iaburry'd headlong thro' the Iky, 191 

Soon as the fteedi perceive it, they fotfdke 

7heir Ibled cour/c, and leave Clie b«aCea uask. 

»••«• ii^BV cia <i«. 

.^^•truus fliadowM of prodigious fi/i 
That dcck'd with ftars lie fcatter'd o'tr tl 
There is a place above, where Scorpio, he 
In tail and arms, i'urrounds a vail extent; 
In a wide circuit of the hejiv'ns he fhincs, 
And tills ehe fpAce of two celcftial fij^ns. 
Soon as the youth beheld him, vtxM with he 
Brandifli*d his ftingf, and in his {raifoo fweat, 
Half dead with fudden fear he dropt the rcitis 
The horfes felt *em loofe upon their manes, 
And flying out thro* all the plains above. 
Ran uncontroU'd where'er their fury drove ; 
Jiluih*d on the (lars, and thro* a pathlefs way 
Of unknown regions hurryM on the day : 
And now above ^nd now below they flew, 
And near the earth the burning chariot drew. 
The cloudidifperfe in fumes, f^ 


kindle u the cur dmrs nt 


Oiagrbn Hamus (ihcn i Gngle r 
And virgin Helicnn iocreirc Ihe flnme; 
Taurus and Oete glare amid ihr Iky, 
And Ida. I'piteof allherfouTimin!, dij: 
£ryx. and Oihryt, and Ciihxron. fclow, 



r cloth 

High Hindus, Mimas, and ParnalTui, fweal. 

And ^tna ragea wiEh redoubled heat : 

E»'q Scythia, thru' hrr hoary rcginns warni'd, 

In vain with all her native fro9 was arm'd : l(4 

Covtr'd with fliroei, the low'rirg Appenntne, 

And Caucafas, and proud Olympuf, Diinci 

And where the loDg-Hlended AlpiiQlire 

Now Hands a hngecontinu'd range of fit^, 

Th' jftDniOi'd youth, where'er hiscyeocoold turn, 
beheld the univeifearuund him burn: aBA 

The world was in a hUiCi nor could he bear 
The Tultry vapours and the fcarehing air 
Which from below, as from a furnace, fiow'd; 
And now the ulccre« beneath hirn glow'd : a^tt 
Loll in the whirhng doudi (bat lounil him brokt, . 
And white with alhe.i, hov'ring in ihe fnioke. 
He flew where'er the horfei drove, nor knew 
Whither the hoifcs drove, or where he Bev. 

'Twas then, they fay, the fwaithy Moor begun 
To change hi) hue, and blacken in the fun. ifi 

Thin Libfa firft, of all htr molfture draiiiM, 

a barren wallc, a nild of fand 
The wiwr-dyiTiphi lament ilidr empty uim, 
Bucoila, robb'd of lilircT Diice, mDumi, 
Corinch Pyrme'inafted fpring hEWniU, 
And ArgoigrieTCs whilft \iitymone fjilii. 

The floods ue dntin'il rroiii ev'iy diltanl co 
Erii raiialH,iha'fii'dmi». wuloft-, 
Eatig'd Caicuiaad Lytormaimar, 
And Xmlhui, fMCd tn be burnt once more: 
The fun'd Mxander. that anweary'd ftisyt 
Thro' m«iy ^f indinpj, rnuAc! in every maze : 
From his Inv'd Uibylon Eup 
In (hick'n 

:iitrmeiini'aiidihi; PhiG^c 
And Tagris fluting in hii mclied go!d ; 
The fwsni, thsi on Caincr often ity'd 
Their tuneful fong>, now Tung their Uft.ind dy'd : 
The frighted Nile ran off, and under grobnd 356 
Cuneeardhiiheiid, nor can ii yet be found; 
His feVEn divided euneulli all are dry. 
And whrrethey roll'dferen gaping mnchcBli*: 
Nu more the Rhine or Rhone their courfe maintain, 
Nar Tiber, othit promii'd empire vtin. 3c 1 

The ground, deep deft, adinilii the dazzling ray. 
And ftantes Plniu with the £.i<h uf day : 
The feas IhHnk in, and to the fight dirclofe 
Wide naked plains, where once their biilji-«\m^^-. 

am his Inv'd Babylon Euphrates flies; •% 

ic big-r«oln Oango and the Danube rife i()c. J- 
(hick'iiin^fumet, and darken half the fkiei: J 

Their rotln are all difccucr'd. and ijcrcafe j^ 




Nor l<„.j.Lr dates the cronkfd dolphin Uip ; 
Oifpiiij; fut breath ih' iinlhipcu Phoc* die, 
And on the htiling wave eiitnded lie : 
KiTtu- and Dnris, with her virgin trsin, 
BtnejUiiinfaUiDmibU depth* they-faint, 
■ th.i,gl™n,y« 


le thrite above the i 



Hi.ijci,, and thticcwasby thcflamenKpell'd. 
The iarth at lingth, on ev'iy fideembrae'd 
With IcMmg fsa.. thai floitctl round her wiift, 
AVhen iiuw (he felt the fpring^ and riven comEi JU 
And cr.iwd wiihm the hollow other «omb, 
Uplifrtil to the hta.'nshetbiillcd head, 
vind cbjit her hand upon her brow«, and faid ; 
( iiut fiift, impatient of the fuUry heat, 
-Sunk dcLpet down, and foughr a cooler feat) 3»| 
" Ifyou. great King of gods! my death approve, 
'■ And Idefcrve it, let medic by Jove; 
" If 1 muft perilh by the force of fire, 
'■ Let me transfii'd with thunderbolts eipiie. 3»i) 
" 'tr, whilft I fpeatt, my brtath Che vapours chnkc, 
*' ( 1-or now her face lay wrspt in clouds of fmoke) 
" 6ie my fiiie'd hair, behold my fudtd eye 
" And withcr'a lace, ivhere hccips nf^iiidcrs lie '. 

il iloM lilt [ilnu|;h tar (bin my hujj (t 
la liir trwifi) for 9II th< fmitt I bar, 
■tiirM wjtli nko, and tiirar>M ill the T<uL 
11 hnln tor ultic d»il)r 1 wtiew, 
' .KnJ fouil fiiT nun, ami frank Incriift Tnr \ 

" Why IK hi. waltni tioil inu in (hr fun f 

IB wavy tmpirc. whifli hy lolwii given, 
" WLy rfiiti it wafle, »ndfurth(r (hrini Cromhrav'n * 
t iiiir hf vniir pjty tan prnvok^, 
tftru^lion ftiie>»n th* hmv'ju. ■nd pnli ■ j^fl 
" Atlm becaniita unrqual to hii trciphl, 
_*f And ilmolV Tiinttlitni'Mhi iht gfowliit wcinhlj 

, Mill nrth,tnd(».iiv*iher burn,' 
£j All f^n ipin iniD iheif th>n> t<ini 

Apply Tam* Tpteily tum, prevent iiur htt, 

lalhc [ttrprll Hiiilfilbi'funlthFi had. 
t rairj 111 wiintf* m'ry puw'i thnM, 
«'nih<Kiid wbufclt>n theihnlntilravr, I 
K wluit hi adt h« It camptll'il to iln, 
uiivrrfal mln mull infuc. 
^IfbThcaficnibthc hl^litibrmlilironc, 
n whence he o'd 10 <] tn hit ihumhrr doicni] 


m whtntf his fliow'rs iifi J lloons he BJ 
now could meet with neither flnrm ai 
m ainiiiig 11 the youth nil lililrtd hand, 
1 it hi" head he hurl'd the lorky hi and, 
b.lreaiirulihuiid'riiids, Thuith'rlJriiEhtyCrej*^ I 
llpptdaM <he raftitigt of rhe hrn whh file, 

e front life iiiiffrpm the chsiiotitriircii, 
itious boy fell Ihundernruck horn htav'n : 
IB hoifea darted with a ruililin hnund, 
JAtid iliinp;the rcinsuiilchuiDCto lh« ground i JJQ 
le fludded harntfs from their r«ki thty brokoi 
lefdliwhcel, and here slilverfinfcc; 
ilic heani Dud aile lom aws;, 
itbrniCtiltr' I'hscion, with tisminghui 
n from the ehsrint like a fulling ftu-, 
in ifuintner'tci'ningfreTii the top 
av'n drupt dnWR, or leeai«!torpr.WHhurrd. I 
KJ"™ hi> coBntrT, in the wiillerii world. 

fiLiftKi'iJjfitii IroK'ftrmiiiKU ItrH. 
II Luian nytDphs^:anic round hini,3 
\ti the deid Yuulh, truiiUit'd with thun 

hilft yii Cmol.ti.eftuni the hdt he liy,,^ 
nil Ibattti'il bedy to a tonih convey. 
ct (helornbin tpicaphdcvire; 
(Here he wba drove ttii^lun''! bright chat iol 

^■l Hit fnihcr't Raf ftecdi he ct.uH not guiJB, 
^^ Six in the (loriaii. »i<eri<rire bs U; U " 
f Apollo hid hit TtccimL {liii'i) forKficIi 
An J if theCtary nuy drfir** brlicf, 
The fpMcuf one whole d»Ti«f«iiiiur"n, 
From fniiro 111 wonledtr'll witboMl ii (uil; 
B-Tiu huRlia)! rulat, wiih k fainter ny. 
^ d*r ihit dill did Natnrc'i >acs Jifclale ! 
~ comfart rmtntbemiiihtrtnlfcliicfruri:. 
lit ClymviU.ennit'd with untr.bmcrKi, < 
iiiheri;rtef InQiirci her p-ifTion vciu> ; 
Idforbcrfan, indfnniickln bcT wuen, 

Mievill'd, rnu-nd ihe world IIk- gooi,* 
To (ei\ when'rr hit body miKlii be caS, 
Thf ninifl irfitrih'd on iho nfw wmh ipjiMri' 
^^Jhc ilcjtr dear nami ih« baihci In Qiwin^ u*ri, ' 
^^^bl)|iia'arllletuiidianiit»lclodepft.ii 40T' 

^^^td hiigt itic niitbic rn her thrnbhio;; hcim. 
^^^Blir dau|[hlcri, ton, lani«fit, ind lijilii aod moutDt 
^^A {niilkr>tnbut« I" ibcir lifoihfc"i urii) 
Aiid beat ifaeir lukcd bofnnis uid coaipUin, 
AnictlliWildir fhnEiMiliivaiii: 
All ihi.' Inni; aijfttt ihclr nmurnful witch tlir; ki 

ELllih«itaf lUndrouiidihoEamhindH' 
iirliikM^MVolirlng, itic full m«int«v<n>!!j 



...«.....0K,. ^ 


now the clrfert, PhithuCa, flrore (IJ 

■r„ rd 

1 ficr weary limbi. bur cnM nolninvc; 


-tia would haw htlprt "iLt. but Die found 

Herldl sviihheld, >d(1 rQuted to the gronnd: 


d In wild affliaioD, u Qie grievu, 


1 rendher h«r, b-it ClU her hsud with leaven 


CH her thighs Irjnsfrirnrd. ajiather»iew» 41* 


mi fliut oui, and branchinif into buugfat. 


Q« their I(RV and bieafti, uid bodim, aoad 


d with baik, and hard'nlng into wood; 

Bl.r It; 


«^urh«. thai calt'd the mother to their aid. 


L!njl.i, ab'! rhiweeping mother do .' "J 

ihiH to th»i with rjgcr haltt fl.e a™, t 


ili'ii her fprouiing daughlers la ihcy grew ; J 


ii-ar, the bark rh:.t 10 ear h body cleaves. 43 


,1 frnm their Terdant fingeri [trips the leavcj: 


i; blood came ttickhn^ where Die tore awajr 


c k.ivt:9 and bark : the maidi were heard to fay. 

" K 

iirbeir, miflaken i'areni, obi forbear; 

I wounded daiigliKr in each ircc you tear : 43 

■■ 1- 

a.cwdl for ever." Here the bark increasM, 


-'d o:j their ficcj, and tbcir wotdaAipprefi'd. 

I'be ni-W'madc trees in tears of amber run. 


,idi, hard'iied into value by the fun. 


ill for eTCi on the ftreamj below; 44 


; liriipld ftreamB their radiant ircafurc ftiow. 


a, in ibe fjiid. whence the rich drops convey'd 


i;c in the dtefi of the bright Latian maid. 


11, (rd«/cr»arr» ,/CyMi hit * 1 
*vt bobtldlhi nymyihi iranifnrm'J; ■Hf'fl 
Lcir drill brother on thg moml TiAe, 
1(1 fricndihip tnd tScAiau nearer hound, 
Hclefi thcritie'uidihcrwInKheann'd, 
Tliri>'piihIcliticld>Budl<ini1r ton* 'on 
And wuuJt, miUe thicker b<r the QiUrt' change. >3 
\Vh>l<l hero, wiihin ilia dirnisl [[looni, slur 
'I'hc nuUDchaljrnianirch oiadchiimoui, 
nil vnicc wikt ielTcii'd, M he cry'd to (pc*k, 
And UTu'dlhrn' i hmg ciiiailed neck ; 
I !" Iiair Iranitarmt [.i down, hi» flli|r*rii m 
In Ikiiiiiy l)1nii,'>"^'l')p« hiioar^fcei; 
Vltim both hit fide* th< wlngi lad frithm brr«l|i 
~ ~ fnini hii moutli pntcecdi ■ blunted bnk ; 
Cycnui DOW Into ■ Gmn wi* inra'd 

Uiil (cnumb'riiiK haw hltkinfmin bart>'4JI 
loiittry ponli lod Ukt> mirci, 

ntm uippnt'd In lirt*. 
Inn-while Apolto III igloomy flixdB 

ilginK (brrow, Cckcn* *t ihc fiithi 
lii4dcD gtrilt thai in lii> iinlnni tile 
t, and nvtrcall hn cyn. 
hen fomadulky aihahliru^ihianf, 
a dun eclipfe, tht day. 

Now ffcFctl; with inward griefs hepia'dj 
Fnw winnri:r:iiiDi«nttinhU|(riefhe]aia'< 
\bA now rcDoanc'd hi* ufEcetotnanUnd. 
JkerinECthcbirthdf Tinie/'fiiidhc, "C^ 

Ixtoow fnnif other m»niE<.il(wd»re, 

' Or if uoDc tlfc, fci Jure hi. furlune try, 

i And leuntfUylii- murd'rini; thunder byi 
' Th«n will beawn. pcrbip>, but own bua lafe 
' My Tun dEfccf 'd noi lii tciae » bite." 
The gilds Hand luund him i" he niourni. uiA] 
c would ttfunie tbecondiiSof the day, 
ot Id the world be loft in cndlersoigh^ , 
ivc too, tiimfclf, defceiidii>g/roiB hiibii^tdt 
iriifci what had hagipcii'il, and cniteatt, 
[ijcilicallymixiiqt piay'isuid ihreals. • 

re vail d upaa al Icuft'h, apiin he look 
he harncA'd (teed*, that (Idl with hutrour A 
fid p1ie> 'em with the lafti, and vihips 'em itt 
ad as be whipi iijibnidt *cni wuh liis too. ■ 

'rbij!:,ry ./cup. 
'BiilsyM»fcttltdinii.touriL-,»DdJoTe ■ 
'^llh'dihc wide circuit of the heav'iuaboira, 
D rviuf h ifuiy craiis otlavi^ weie made; 
111 all wiul*le;ihcMrthlieilieiifu[icy'd, < 
iiJ Cdfl ir eye on ev'i'y diB'iciitcualt, 
ml evrjy huiil, bin un Attailij fiuft ; 


Hrr flrlJ-he doib'd. eui<1 thrcr'd htr hUntd face 
Willi running [nanuiDi and with Ipniiging ^rul^: 
No iratk) of huTo'i dell»ai«c GnRmain, 
The fictiliiaDdnoodi revive, aodNimrefinile.ia^aiii. 

Sat » ihe god wmlk'H to anil fto the nrth, .lOl 
And rau'd the plinii. and give ibe fprtnfc ita birth, 
BfChanMarair Arcadian nymph be tJMr'd, 
And fell [he Invdy chtnnerin hi(U»od. 
'I'hc nyaiph nor fiiun no- -'—'-■-' —'4 inful ptlde ; 
Her veil WMgllher'dui ily'd; jcfi 

Knw in her band > Dond re, 

Now I U};hl quiver an h-: nmc ; 

To chifte Uiuo* from h( — ^d, 

ThefprighilymTTiann lejoin'd: jio 

DtlBl tiMllw gvatle hw 
Nor W3« there one nf all ine nymph- that rov'd 
O'er Man^ilns, amid rhe maiden throng. 
Woff f.ivourM once; bnt fnout lad' not long. 

The fiin n«w Ihniie in all its flrennth, and drove 
The heated virgin paniinc In a Ernve; Jifi 

The K""" around i grateful (hadow cad ; 
Cliedro]ip"d hix arnn*!, and hiTbow unhrac'd; 
She flunit herfclFon the cnol gralTy b(d, 
And on iht painted cjuivtrrai-'d her head. ^lo 

love law the (harming hiintrrr.urptepar'd, 
SiretcbM on the verdant tuif. without a (.'i.ard. 



.""'■■"■"o«.°;:;;''"''-KWd, ■'*' 

1^ ™ "*n did rt.„r '"""• *. Kd. "' 


Sutii«wBiiai,wilharprigh[ly train 
<}f nairet'd virgini, lioundipg o'er die pUlir, 
Coll'd Id rite nymph I the nymph bc)>an cofcir 
A [ccoad Inuui, a Jove dilgui^'d in licr ; 
Bm when flinfiiw the fifter-Dyniiihu.fupprelV 
Her riGiig Setts, and mingled with ihe rrU. 

How in the luokdocsmtifciouaguihapiii^iir! 
Slowly fhe mov'd, »nd loiter'd in the rirar. 
Not lightly tripp'd, liar by ihV gtiddeln tan, 
Ai once Ihc D»'d, the futemon <if the train. 
Her laoki were Bulh'd, and fullcn ws; her mirr 


virem-goddcft (had Die been 

Alight but a' 

'irgin) mud the guilt ban- (ee 


lymphs (aw all, and giitfi'd ar 

And ni.w th= 

moon had iiinL timci lofl her 1 

When Dian, ; 

Eiinting in the mid-day bea.ns 

Found a cool 

cosert and rcfrdhing itreaan. 



thro' the fori 

And a fniooch bed of ihining gnvcl Hiow'd. 
A covert ia obfcotc, and llrcanit lb tlesr. 
The goddef? praia'd : " And now no rpre* jte m 
" Irfit'e Hi i p. my gen tit: Mnidi! andwalh," Dr i 
PIcai'd with che motion, e«'iy maid conipiit^b ; 
Only the biufliinghutitrerslloodcunruE'd, 
And form'd delays, atid her delay* cue u^'d i 
In vain eicus'd; her fellows round her prelVd, 
And the leludfant nymph by force MiAttSs' 4, 
The naked huoirett all her ftiatnt tf«ciV i. 
In vjiuiaiiaodj thcprcgnanlvioai-^'-o^'-' 

Tn difdain, T 
imtollain." > 
■ain. jgjj 

144 TBABM. 

*' Degcnc'" ttegoddcri criea with ftemdifdain, 
" Begniie! Dordjrethshillow'J ftrc»mto 
She fled, focowei bitiilli'd from iheir 

This Juno heird, who long had mich'd her ti: 
Topunifli thcdefcftrtrivnricrinKi 
The rime muCotnci for, IDcnrHjfeherniore, 
A lovt^ly buy the teemiug rival bore. 

The goddcft caft > furicns Inok, snd cry'd, jjo 
" li ii enough; I'm fully iatirfy'd: 
■' Thh hoy Aatl ftand i living nerb, to prove 
" My hiilbaod's bafimers Slid iheflrumpct'slore. 
" Gill vengeance (hall awake ; thnfc guilty ch arms 
" Thit drtw the Thuiidct cr from Juno's aims, jjj 
'■ No longtr fliall thtir wonted farct retain, 
" Nor pleafc the god. aor make the mortal *aiu." 

Thisfnid, her hind within her hair fhe wound, 
Rwung hcrtoearth,anddra^'dher on thegrouo^t 
Theproftrate wretch lifts up h<rirmiinpr3yer;6o6 
lieratmsgrow Diaggy, and deform'd with hair; 
Her nails aic (harpen'd into pointed claws. 
Her hnndsbear half her weight, and turn to paws; 
Het lips, that once could tempt a god, begin 
To grow diftoried in an ugly gtin; 
And, left the fupplicaling brute might read 
Hetlutiy voice thro' a hoarfe patTage came 
In ravage founds ; her mmd was Dill the fan 
The furry monfter fii'd her eyes above. 
And hcav'd her new unwieldy paws to Jovt 


And btij^'d hia aid wiih iowirii groin<; and tho' 
She uiutd oat call lUDl filfe. She ihoughl hftn fu. 

Hum MOie feir to liidt^ in woodi aloae, 
AadhmHtbtficldiindmcadowiDiiiie.hvown! 6ij 
Haw afn^n would the drcpcnauth'd dugspurfuf, 
Whilft tram htr hounds iJiefri^tcdliHiioctillcw! ' 
Hiwdidlhefuarhufcllnwbrutes.andfhim' i 
The lliaggy *"=•'■ ''"'' "*•'"' hwfclf wis eoc I 
How [cum the light olru^f^f] wol^mretitG, Iiio 
Alcho' tlicglim X-ycana waiheriire! J 

But DOW her run had fifteen lUnmicre laid. 
Fierce 3t the chafe, sod to the foreS bai J, 
When, u he heit (he woorl) in ipeQQf prey, 
He chane'd to roafc hit rauiher where flie hy. « i j 
She knew hsr [do, aud kept him. is her (t^r. 
And fondly gu 'ill thebD7 wai in a fright, 
Andaini'da [miated arrow at her hriall. 
And would have Sjin his mother in ih*: hcaft; 
But Jcivcferbidcimdfnitch'd 'era thru' the air 630 
Id whirlwinds up M heav'n. and Iti'd 'em there, 
Where the neirconllelUtinni nightly rift, 
And add a laHre.tu du nnrthera jkic.-' 

M'hep ]«n»£.w the r.valla her height, ■■ 
SpiUi^led with fluaand circled round nith light, 63 5 
She fought old Oceaii ill hi» deep abudo, 
Aud Teihya, bothrcver'd amon^ the gadi. 
*Mt'hat^rins*n''=i*'^i*'W»'n>*no place forme, 

*Montk(eik7mphabrBtalferDiiMqiNft*dl4- -'•' 
*' Jove tQAgodikftfaMtninfbiM'dtbwIttaAi ' ' ■ 
*^ This, thit watali my weak teirenge could db^ 

**■ But let the god his ch»fte amotirs parfoe, 

* * And, 38 he a<ftcd after io's rape, i 

*< Reftore th' adultrefs tahei* former (hape; 

** Then may he calk his Juno ofF, and lead 

'^ 'i he. great Lycaon's ofFspring to his bed. 

** But you,^ye venerable Powers! be kind, 

'' And, if my wrongs a doe refei^cmeot find, i 

*' Receive not in your waves their fetting beams, 

** Nor }<t the glaring drum pet taint your llreama 

The goddefs ended, and her wifh was gtv*n; 
Back ih9.t'eturn*d in triumph up to heav'n; 
Htr gaudy peaeocks drew her thro* the flties, i 
Their tails were fpotted with a thoufand eyes; 
The eyes of Argus on their tails were rang*d. 

Fair if the'^iurilian of the Cipitol, 
Soft a^thelWao, al«geindloVfly/o«Ii 
Hiilinsucihispratingiongiie hidchatia'dfiimaiikc 
To fuotj Vttkneiikam ihe pureft wbne. 

The (lory at bis cb»oge Oiill here be told. 6;a 
To rhcBalylfaercliT'dKiymphorold, 
Caroait ounM ; apeerlera maid&e Btia'd, 
Cinifcri'dvhc fiiren of ihe fairer kind i 
Apollo loB'ii her till hei piilc ho Imew, ' ' 

'WhiletiueAlewu, otwhilft he thought her mic; 
Evt hii own bird, tbe riveii. chsnc'd In Und C;6 
The r»ir= one «rhh a fcfret rival jnln'd ! 
.Cornuii bt^ff d Mm toiopprcti the talc, 
But cnuld Dot with repealed pny'n pr.^viil. 
Hianiilkwliiteiibianito thegodhcply'd, GEo 

The bufy iiw flew with him fi Je by lld't, 
And by > (houfuid Icxiiiig queltiuiti drcvr 
Th' jnipoi'tuUiiMXet fcoRi him as-ihty Htvr. 
The daw giTe honsd connfcl, tbo" dcfpit'd, 
And, teditnu in her tattle, thmidiii'd. ti; 

" Stay, filly bird! th'illmtut'dtBflrrcfufe,' 
" Nor be thebetro'cifunn'clEoiiieilBim; 
" Be nifn'd by my exsntplc ; yoo dirceni 
*> What now I ar^ mifl wliat 1 wsi (hill learn : 
" MyfaaliOibontAywvaUtiiy Erimev Cjo 

*-' Then heir my Qory Once vpoti a time 
•■ The twn-(hap'd Rri JUioniue had hit birtli 
" ( Withoot a moiher) hota the teeming cirtL^ 
■-- — ■ »ii 

cm Tiur.'<I him, nnd the infant IsH 
" Within atJrdl.Df iwininf^n&eri made. 6gs 

" Tn i!>T3rd the Ghea. ccmmaiided not to look 
" On «bBtwu hid within. J ftnod to fee 
" The ch.irgcobiy'd, perrh'don a ncighb'ting tree. 
■'ThcfiatKS»iidmfqe»Bd HenekECp 7^0 

"ThcflrificDlnniaDdi AfcliuroFiiteedswavldFicp, 
■' And faw t!)BTijonf[rotis infimt in a fright, 
" Aod calTAItcr SSfntifthe faiil«iiu4 fight : 
■' A I<oy.'KftAilbl}ni ilid Co tka waia prevail, 
" Eut ihcbciyendcdinadripm'Btail. 70J 

" 1 told the Han iMincna all that pafVd, 
'* Bite ffi^ nry pakis, di&ardtd ard difgrac'd, 
." TKl' frawiiing gnddefi' drove me fitaa her fight, ' 
■' AnilfKrher.fas'ritechofethebirdofnigbt. 
" B'T thru nottflitalcj fori thick my wtong 710 
" £jinu[;h to teach a bird ni hold her. Congiie, 

" Qutyr.u, peihapi, tn ay think I was remov'd, 
" A! :;evtrby theheav'nlymaijbelo^'d; 
" But 1 was lovM, alk PjIIm if I lie ; 
" ThoTallashale me now, (he won't deny { Jrj 
" Forl,whomiDafeaih«'dfliapeyoii»iew, "1 
" Was once a maid (by hcas'n the fiory '> true) > 
'- A 1)1 Goming maid, and a king's daughter totr. J- 


overs own'd my bcauti 

My beauty v 



LV walks^ and fell In love. 

k Biadc hi) courf jkip, he ciHiftfi'd hUpaia, 
V And ctfier^d force wbco alt hta arti were vain ; 
'■ 9wifl hcpurfu'd; 1 rati alalij^thc Drud, 7i( 

" TilJ, fpenc and trcary'dnn ihe finking find, 
■• I nirick'd lioud; wifh trie. 1 liU'd the air -J 

^^bX'ogodiaadTneni nnrgfld nurnian wm iherf ; > 
^^BA virg*" K«<idcfsfacirilaviigitr'ipra;'r; J 

^Kbr-wmy amu 1 lifted (u the lki«, -jci 

^^nj law bUck fuilh tr& from my fiugcra rife ; 
^^' I drove tofiingmy garmenlnu the ground ; 

" MygarmeDtUirn'dloplinncs, Mdgirtmerounii: 

" My haiida lu beat my nilii.'dbnfomCiy; 

" Nor naked baftunnnwiiBrhanditutd!. 73 j 

" Lightly 1 tripe, nor weary, u hefon?, 

*' Sunk in the land, but Ikimni'il along; ihcftor«, 

" Till, rifing no my wingt, I wat profort'd 

'■ To he the ihafte Minerva's bird: 

*' Picfcrr'd ui Min ! I now am in dl^rare; 740 

" Nyilinirn^ the owl cnjnysniy p]tice. 

" Ob faei inceO'oaa hfe 1 needout dwell, 
" (ttil^flMEftiUthebarridKlerhtytell.) 
" And oi tlel dire amouia yau mtift have heard, 
" For which flie noWdocBptnancein a bird, J45 
" Thai, eanfiiouinfbEtlhaine, avmSi the ligU', 
" And luicEi ihc gluomy eav'ring of the nigbli 
" The bird*, where'er Ihe flntterl, fcare away 
" The hooting wretch, and drive her from ibe diy." 

Thrhyen, urg'd by fiicli iinpcrlin«nce, 
di-vrpalBoQite, itfeeni>.aiultDDk<i[rciice, 
ArA curt'd the htnnlcfsdaw ; the dan withdrew; 
1 hr rinn tabcrinjur'd pitron ficw. 
And raundbim ixit, and told the Fiital tmth 
i)f /jlfe'Coronii nnd the favoui'd jouth. 75^ 

'I lie goi wan wrath : the colour left his look, "} 
Thr •vreath his b«d, the hup hi) hind li,Thak; I 
Hi; fiivcrbow and ftacher'd flwfishc took, J 

Anr! Indg'dm soiom iti the tender bruft 
TkathadroBCteDtohnown heea preft. ;Go 

r.own fell the wounded nymph, aodfadly j^oin'd, 
Atidpull'dhia arrow reeking from the woDiii!, 
And, well'ring in htr blood, llim fainlly cry' J, 
" Ah, ctiiel Godr tho' I have jiillly df'd, 
'• What ha«, alas! my unbern infai>t dotK, : j6s 
" That he fijonid fall, Midtwotipire in one J" 
'i'lii- faid, in agoniea Ihe fcich'd her breath. 


ID piiy at 

mil! the bitd lhatmad< herfaUehood known, 
haicshirnfelfforwIiathinilelfhaddoDc; 77c 
fcaiher'd (baft that fent her to the Fates, 
I,! n'vn hand that Cent ihefhaftihe haces: 
would he Real the weand, and f afe horpaia; 
ine' il-.e ctinipafs ofhii art in yain. 

I as he law theloKelf nympl) exjHre, j^j 

pile made ready, and the kindling fire, 

;i l^^;ll^ and frroans her obfequicn hi- kept, 

, it jgvd touid weep, tlic godWifc?^. 

— ■ Tll«KiI.AIi(lKS. Ijl 

Het cnrpfc be Itifs'd, andheav'iJyicKnfeljrooplic, 
And Mrmniz'd tbe death himrdf had wtcnight. ^Sa 

Eut. lefl his nff-prin([ ftiould her faf e partake, 
Spite o! ih' immoiiil ir.iilure hi hii make. 
He ript hcT wumb. and Ice the child at large, 
And gave him to the Centaur Chiion'i charge. 
Then in his furfbtack'dlheraTen o'er, 
Andbidbim pnte in bit white plntnca no more. ;S6 

OyrriK (iar;./.™«/ (a a Mitrt. 
Olh Chiron took the liabe withfecrrt joy. 
Proud of the charge of the velcllii! bey; 
His daaghler, loo. nhnm on the faod^ Ihore 
The nymph Charido to the Centaur bore, 750 

With hairdilhevell'denherlhoulden., came 
To fee the child. OcyrrhUE »«» her came; 
.Sl>e knew herfatber'sartg. and could rehearfe 
The dtpihiof prophefy in founding lerfe. 
Once, M the fscrrd infant file furvey'd, 795 

1'ht god was kiudlcd in the raving maid, 
And ihu^llic utter'd her prn(ihctick tale; 
Hail, great PhyTician of the world ! all hall! 
Hail, mighty liifanl I nbe iB yeatt to comr 
Shalt heal the nations, uti deirauiJ the tomb : Bco 
Swift be thy growth ! thytrinmphiuncnnGn'd! 
Make kingdonif thicker, and increafe mankind; 
"Ihy daring at[ ihall snin.ate the dnA, 
And dnvr the thiiadci on rti-j %vB»^ Vc^i". 

" Then fhUc Chou die, but from tht 6u:k ibads ,|Rf 
" Rife up vii^iious, anil be ttvicr a goil. .^^H 

" And ihoa, my fire, nnt -dcflin'd hj iby birdl ^M 
" To turntaduQ, andDiii with common ciinh,>'.^1 
" How wihchm Ecftand nye, aiidlon}; to die, 
" And quitthf clum to iminattBHiy, 8l« 

" When thouSiilltal, eEiias'dwhhinirxrd{iiim, 
'^ I'he Kf dra'a venom rankliog in thy wms f 
" rbcgodt, inpiiy, fliall contraiSthif lUie, 
" And give riite oeer to tht pow'r of Faie." 

Thui. em'riDg imo dcftiey, the maid 8l| 

Thrfirrcls of offended Jove bdray'd; 
Morehodlbcfti'ltafay, bntnowippeu) , : 

Ojiprcfi'd witb fubi and Cgha, and drowo'd in mm 
" My vuicc," Ikyiflie, " i!igoiK,my ItogDagtliilj^ 
" I'hra'ev'rylimb my kindiedOiapepnvaih: DlO 
" Why did the god ihiifualgift impart, 
" And w^h pnidietick rapturii fwell my heut i 
" What new defirc* are ihefe ? I lonR to pace 
" O'er flow'ry meadows, and to feed on gnftj 

" But why, alas' am I traosfnioi'd all o'er ! 
" My fire doeihalfshumanlhapc retain, 

"And ill hi! 

upper pan 

re diQioa compUimi affoidi, 
Tut III (hrill atcentB and luidhapen words 830 

I'ours furth fuch hideous wailinga as declare 
The human form lonfmindtd in ihc Mate, 

r She oiigh'd ouCriEht, and lU iht Heed uprcfl. 

I Her Itoopidg body on her hands it borne, Bjj 

Her hand* ve rHm'd Fn hnnlr, and (bod in hoin ; 
> Btr yellaw trelfet mi]<c in a mane, 

!<lnd in a Sawing Wilflie frift^htr train ; 
The Mm wa« linilh'd in h«r mice ud look, 
'And a new fiaOK from the new figotc took. E^o 

'Gf>iti ncpt dtE C'Encaur. and to I'tiitbu-' Jiray'd ; ■ 
U-But how could Pfiabuigi ire ihiCtriWuraid? ' 

Degraded of hi»pow'r by angry Jpvf, 
Id Elia ihm a hei J of beeves he drnve, 
And wieldedin hit hand b flaETof oik, !l4; 

And o'er hiti ftioulders threw the niepherd'fl cloak ; 
Onfcvcncompadli^drtcdsht us'd lo pliy. 
And on his rnral pipe to wade ihe day. • 

A« once, HHcnUTe lo bl> pipe, he play'd, "1 

The itafty l-iermcs from the god cooviy'd Rio > 
A drove, ihatfcp'ratffrntn their/iillpwa ilrav'J: J 
The theft an aid inCdioon pcafant .iewM. 
(They ciH'd him Hj-Uiis \n ibc neighbourhood) 
flir'd by n wealthy I'yiiui prince Id feed 
Hit fjv.'rite marti.and watch ibc Ktn'rous breed. 
TbedHenOiKsdfaliie^ed him, and took Eiti 

The hind a&de, and thus in whifpersfpoke ; 
^'Dircoverootihrilhefi, whoe'er thuu be, 
*' And take that miikwhiw beifcr for thy fee." 


" Go, flrmger," tricti rhe cIowd, " Teciirely on, tOo 
•■ Thit ftoue BuU foonsr tell ;" »nd flioWd j aone. 
'Ihe gml withdrew, but ftroighi tcnirn'd again. 
In fpeecb uidtubitliks a country fwaia. 
And tries out, " Nci^bbniH-, haat thon f«ui a ftnj 
>■ OCbulloduudsfhcifcraparitiuiway/ 86f 

" [n the rcccF>!ry of my cittlc jain, 
" Abunack,B]i(Iilic>lc[jbim!K tbiiu." 
The jieaiini quick replies, ■■ You '11 find 
" In yon' da A v»ler"snd in ihe vile they wctb. 
The double bribe had hisfHUe facut bcguii'di 8jtt 
'i'he god, fuccofsfol in the trial Tmird; 
'■ And iloft thou Ihui hctray myftl/ lo me > 
" Me to myfetr doft ihou betray ^" (afi he; . ) 

Then to a Touchdone turn > the fakhlcTif^, 
Andin hi^nimcrecordiliiBiiifamy. ijf 

Tirfary sf Agios lo! iransfMmid lido a Slalut. 
Tuis done, the god flew upon high, and pafa'A 
O'er lciftyAi:liBiit, by Minerva grsc'd, 
Ani! wide Munichta, whilK his eye< fnrvcy 
All lilt sill region that beneath him lay. 

' Twai now tbe feaU, when each Athenian nuid 
Her year! J homage to Minerra paid; SSl 

In caniliers, with garlands covcr'd o'er, 
4-ligh nil their headt their myllick gifts they bou; 

The troop of fbiniiig virgins fill 'd the plain. EEj 

The god, wtUpltu'd, beheld the porajMBg (IiQW, 
And fjw (he blight proceflian pah below. 
Then vcet'd ibam, and Caok i whetUng flight, 
Andhomr'd D'enhein, Ai the [|ireading kite, 
TliatdneQichelUughitT'dviftinifrDDionhigh, f 
Flietac idiftuiceiEtheprielb jnnig-h, iiji i- 
AbA IbiIb arpond, ind keepi it in her eye, J 

So kept the god the virgin choir id view, 
And in lluw HiDdingdrclcttODod ihetn flcir. 

Ai Lucifer eicelt ihs mtanell ftar, S^j 

Or ks the full-oA'd Phubc Luciftr, 
So iRDch did Herii all the reft eutsi«. 
And gave s grace to the falcmairy. 
Hermet WMfir'd, M in the clouds he hunf; 
So (he cold bullet, that with fury Bung 900 

FroDi Bilc^irick engine), mounti on high, 
Glowtin the whirl, and burns along the flty. 
At length he pirih'd upon the gmund, and Ihow'J 
The form divisc, the featuiei of a god : 
He kiiElv their virlae o'er a female heart, 9c; 

And yet he flrnes to heticr them hy iri ; 
He hangi hii manlle Icnfe, and fe(* to fhow 
Thu golden edging on the Team below, 
Adjulte hii flowing curia, mil in Ills hand 
Wavei, with an air, tbc Ueep-procunDg wand, gta 
Thegliit'ringisndalate hiafect applie". 
And to each heel the well-trimin'dpinioa tin. 

Hii ornanientK withniccft act difpliy'd. 
He feekB cli' afariiQEnt of the royal tnaid. 

HMall with polilh'i] iv'ry liiiM, 
II, richly mU'd, in clniidi of [ortinic fbia'di', 
■D9, conCTgruciue, in > itDge 
E^emiilmoil by the beaulcoin Hene gtnc'd; 
""tr fitgin fifturfclnilg'd on cilhcriide- 
^liuroe jirll th'ojipnuchiiig god defcry'd, 
as he crofs'd facrctiuutier, sllc'dhunain 
vhathtibut'nefswas.and whence hccaiUJ 
mc," reply'dthcjtnd, ■' from htav'n.iu* 
JpYourliOcr. andioRMkean tuniofyou; 

11 ths fon and nicffcngcr of Ja»c, 
''•My nsmeii Mereory, my but'uefilevej 
** Do you, kind damrd! cAc a Iuvi.t'9 plrt. 
B** And gain adinitHocs lo ynur filla'i heirt." 
HhcQu'dhim in th«(At:e wiih lonSuamax'iI,. 
when flieon Mimtifa'sfMrcigM'd. 
^nd aflua mighty rrrafuic far her hire, 
id till ho briogi itmikcatlie gud retire. 
la griev'd to Cce the oympb iuccecd, 
iw ri:inernb'iin^ 
fhcB, difi'licdieut ii> her Arid cuninuiiil, 
It touth'd the cbcll wiih an imliilluw d I 
^biKrwolii Q)cbilirr inward [j)>e eipteH, 
iv'd the riflng Mgia on her bttaii, 
ben fought out ICiiiy in her dstk aboili:, 
hfil'd with ropy gotcaad cIoIhiiI htood 
plUt fnim |]i« windi. and Erom ihe wbaldbmc 
a icy "iilc ihc ytoomy dungeon IJ 

Bifmal and edI<1| where i 
Invadeiihewimcr, or Jifturbjthn night. 

DireiSlly to tht ca*e her courfs ilio Oeer'd ; 9Jj 1 
Agjiiift Ih« Bilei hu- mutiat biice ihc Ru-'d; >■ 
The gBict flew Dpeo, and cbs Giiid apptac'd. 3 

A poisDUD) model iii hec cccth Qui chew'd, 
Andgoig'd ihefliihof vipin fni her foul. 
Minerva ta»ihinf!lurn'dawiT her []fe J 9jO 

The liidcDUi monAtt, rifiog hes*ily, 
Came Italking lorRird wiih a I'ulleo pace, 
iVi.dlefi her manirledoffiUunibeplue. 
Snan » Ihe fiw the goddef* i^y and biigfac, 
She fctch'dapoaoaifueh a cheerful fight, 955 

Livid and meagre were her liioks, her eye 
In foul diftorled ghneei lorn'd awryi 
A hoard nf gall her inward piru poffcft. 
And [pread i jfrecnei* o'er her cankcr'd hresfi : 
Her t^cih were brnwn <t iih rull i and from hct Looguc, 
III dangling drapi, rhe (Iringy pDifnn hunf;, ftiL 

She neTet IWiiln but when ihe wretched weep, 
Nor lulls her malice with a momenc'i Ile^'p, 
Reftlera in Tplie: while, naichful lo dcUruy, 
She pineisndfickeniat anoihsi'iioy-, •^(•i 

Fue to herrelt, diftreOiogiind diftrell, 
She bears her own tormenier in her bread. 
The goddef. gave (for Ihe ^horr'd her fight) 
A (hort command j •' To Athens fpccd tti-j fti-^V.'.-, 
"Oncuri'dilytiiiroKry thy utmottitt, -i^* 

"ADrfjSiiA^rankeft veuomsiDhextc3«" 

This raid, her rpcar Ihc pufti'd againft the ^onnd. 
And mnuiilio;; frnm il with na atHtivc baund, 
n™- otfio hciv'u ; the h»p, with eyes aftew, 
l.Dok'd up. Bud muiier'd ciu-ret an Ihe Sew j g 75 
For Tore Oic frctud, and began en plevc 
At (hefuccefuBhichOit hcclelfmuilgive; 
1'hcn takci herdiff, hiuigrotindwiihwrtathioftLorii, 
And fallialontr, ia a black whirlwiod boine 
HcT bjneful courfe a mig^c; blalL appears, 
Mildews and blighlf; the nicadowiacc dcfae'd, 
Thefieldi.theflow'ri, aod the whole year laid wiftc; 
On mortals ncit, and peopled iqwiis, ihe f^lle, 
Attdlireithes a burning plague among their walli.gBj 

When Alhcni Ale beheld, for uorenawii'd. 
With pe^c made happy, and with plenty crown'd. 
Scarce coutdchehideons fiend from tears forbeu', 
I'o lind out nothing that deferv'd a tear. 
Th' apartment now fhe enter'd, where at refi 99a 
XgUuros lay, with gentle fleep oppreft. 

■.c Mini 


She (Irok'd the virgin with hci canker' d hand. 
Then piickly thorns into her breaft convey'd, 
I'hat flung to madnefs the devoted maid ; 91); 

H^r fubtle venom Hill improves the fmart. 
Frets in the blood and felers in the heart. 

To make the work mote furc, a fcene file drew. 
And pl^ic'd belbie the drcaoiing vitgia's view 

Hcrflllcr'tinmUgc, and hergJot!ou« Tate: tcci 
Th' innginuy bride appeari in fliic, 
Thr bridcgnxini niih unwomtd beiuif glows. 
For Eatj magnilici wbace'cr Ihc Shovii. 

Full of the dream, Agliuroipin'dawajr 
In tears all nj^hc, in darkneh sU the day : iccj 

Confum'd like i<c, chat jufi begini to run, 
Or lilie unwholifouie wreds that, fet on fiw. 
Are Howler wafltd, and in fmohe cipirc. 
Given up to Envy (fbt in tv'rj thought loit 

The thoew, the venom, and thi viCon, wtODghi) 
Oft' didlhe call on Death, th oft' decreed. 
Rather than fee her Itftet'> »i(h fucceed, 
To tell her awful fatlier what had pad; 
At length before the door hcrfe If (he call, inj 

And, fitting on the ground nith fullen pride, 
A pafTjce <" 'he lustfitk god deny'd. 
The god careii'd, and for admiflion pray'd, 
And footh'd in foficfl woidt ih'envenotn'd maid : 
In vain he footh'd i " Begone! " the maid replies, ic 10 
'■ Or here 1 keep my feat, and never rife." 
" Then keep ihy feat for ever." cries the god. 
And toueh'd the door wide opening to hii rod. 
Fain would Die rife, and flop him, but llie found 
Herttunk Ion heavy to forfake the grovnd; icij 
Her jolnii are all benunib'd, her handi.-ire pale. 
And niarble now appears in every tiiil. 






»hen» nnccr in the body feedi, 


1 (^ndoaJ duth from limb ,„ limb pr<K«di 


loeit liie ch^BTi to Each vita] put 



:id by degno. and cieepiiniobcrhdit. 


hard'WM ev'rv where, ird fpcechlciiKi'anni, 


fill UDraav'd. and {•met lo ■ ftonc j 


flili het atninu'.huc and fullEo ducb 



ia Che fcikiiEary igutc lecD. 





1 1 K lunr^Hie fed hi» fary h»l all^r'd. 


1 liArn «ng«oce of the ftuhborn maid. 


ni whnc ihe briaht Athenian turreu rife 

tt tloft, and leafeeiHlt the Ikiea, 
J>verawhimcn<crt1icruMiinc«bade>, loj 

/\nd. :ii he lAii'd amnng the crowd nfgodi, 
licikon'd hid) nut, and drew him Cram the red. 
Anil J II [oh whifpecc (hu> hi* will ei[tft&. 

" My trnfty Hemiei. by whufe ready aid 
" ITiyGre'scommandiarethto' the world coDvey' 
" Kcdiine thy wingi. enerl their utmoll force, lOi 
" ^(1.1 to the walbiof .^idon fpe.'J iliy conrfe, 
" Tnttcfind aherdof beifcrswand'ringo'er 
" rhc ucif^bb'ring hill, and drive 'cm to the flune 

Thui f|inke the god, coneealiog his intent. Jo; 
Thr I r.illy Herroei on hit mcilage went, 
And found the herdof heifcri wand'ringo'er 
A nrijjhb' ring hill, and drove 'eni to the Dtare, 

Of fellDW-njrniphi, was fporting on the pliin. icjj 

ThedieniEjref empin; laidifide, 
( Par love but ill agren with kingly prided 
The ruler of ihclkit!, the ihnnd'ring god, 
WholhakcK thenorld'efouudiliontwithanod, 
Among & hnil of liwiag beiferi' ran, ir6c 

Frift'd in a bail, and bellow'd o'er the plain. 
Larpe ro!l( offal abuut hi* ftiouldem clung, 
And from hi; necb the doiible dewlap hung : 
Hi« flcln WM whittr than the fnow that li« 
UnfuUy'dbythehreathof fniilhernfkieii lofij 
Small Oiininirhnrni on his cuil'd forehead Hand, 
As turn'd and palilh'd by the worknian'! hand ; 
Hi« ejehalli rnll'd, not foimidsbly bright, 
Bot gaz'J and hoguilh'd irith a gentle ligbt; 
Hit ev'ry look wai peaceful, and eiprcft icjc 

The foftncft of the lowr in the bcift. 

Agenor's raya! daiighter, a^lhe pjay'd 
Among the fields, the miltiwhtte bull furvey'd. 
And -ricw'd hi* fpntltfi hody with delight, 
And at a diltancekepl him in berGghl: i^?] 

At length Ihe plnck'd ihe riSng flow'ri, and fed 
The gcrtlc bead, and fondly ftiok'd hi" head. 
Hednod well picat'd to coach the charming fair. 
But hardly cnuld confine h<4 pleafure there. 
And now he wantrnii o'l^r (h<r nfi^hb'rirgrtrand. 
Now roll" hi- l)i«iy .m ihe yellow find; ii K I 

And now pcf«i tin^ all her fein (I<»)M, 
Conir, loffiog fotw«d to the royil maid ; 
CiBcshi-.rhijbreaft to ftiole. Mid downward turn* 
HT9|;riny bnlw,iuidgentlf DnopbiBharDL lclt5 
la flow'ry wrcathi ihe royal virgin dcttt 
il'm bending hscnt, and lundlv tUpp'd hii farelll, 
'1 1)1 now ^owb vanton. Mci devoid of fear, 
NoiknowinjtlUit (hepruft'dihe rhnndetCT, 
She pbc'd hcrfcirHpnii htb b>ck ani< rode IC9<) 

OVr lieldtadd niudDWB, fcucdnn the^d. ~ — 

He t;rn(I)r naFch'd along, and by dcfrua |S 

Lift ihr dryoiesdow, and ipproach'dthefeai; 

Now plunge) in, and caniei off the prize. KJIJ 
Tbc frigh led nymph look) backward onthelhoie. 
And heanthe tuniblinf! billowB round iicrroar; 
But aill (he boldt him hO. : one hand is borne 
I^'pon his back, thcDthcr grafpaa born; 
Hlt train ofrufflinggacmenEsllies behind, ilo* 
Swells in the air, and haveriin the wind. 
Thro' fiorms and ttni[icli6 he the virgin bore. 

id ljnd> t 


le llidlafj 

Wiitrcnow, inhit 

divinclt form 




e n)aid. 


Who gant-on him 

, and with w.: 





: rifc. 

Hi- cl"«>nB reatures and cck-aial light. 

At,1 .;;r!-.--,(odda 

cov-cr-d to he. 


I Kg 





'Wit Eli now Agoinr hid h» diughler lotl. 

He [EDthiifon lofearcb "D ct'cy caaft. 

And flernly bid btni In hiiaFinsKllarc 

The dirllng maid, or fee ha&ce no more. 

But lin: aocjultin ataicign clime. j 

Thus w»! thefilher pious to a trime. 

'llic rcQIefi youth Tcarch'd all ibe wofIiI arouitj ; 
But how can Jdve Id his aoiDori br found I 
When tir'dMleDtChwilhunAieeeMultoil, 
I'o Ciuii hit uigiy fire and naiive foi), lo 

He %i\t» a fuppliuii to Lhe Hclphidc dunvc. 
There ^du the god what new-nppoiinei) home 
Should L-nd hit wand'rings and hiatoilirelicTe? 
The DcJphick Braciei ihbanfwer giie. 

" Bthold aiDong the fiildt a lonely cav, i% 

Utiworti with yokel, unbfukcn to the plow; 
Mark wellibe place where lira flie Uy* her down, 
rhett meifutie out thy walls, andhuiW ihy town, 
And from thy^iide Biraib call the land, 
In which the deQin'd waJIs and town {hall A^nd." 
No Coiiner hJd he left the dsrfc ihode, 41 

V"^ with the pramife cf the Delphick god, 

When in the fitlds ihc falil cow he view'd, 
h'nrg»li'd»iih yokes, aor worn with itrvi 
Hcrgemly at a djflaiice he purru'i); 
Atidisht walk'd iloof, inCIeuce priy'd 
To ihe gre»[ pow'r whore munfeli he obey' 
i Icr way thro" flow'ry Panope Die took. 
And now, Cephlfui, erofi'd [hy Giver brook 
And bellow 'd ihiice, then back wud nulling 
On thofe behind, lill on ihc deflin'd pliee 
She (loDp'd, and eourh'd amid the tlGnggrs 

CadiDUa Talgtei th; So]\, and gladly hails 
The new-found mountsim and ihc nameleP 
AndThnnkitChegDd!. and turns abrnthiseyi 
To feehiinew dommiooJ round him lie. 
Then fendih!ifervantt[oa ncighb'ring gro 
Tor living ftreami, a faciiilce to Jove. 

O'er the wide plain there rofe a fhady wc 
0!?pei trees; in il« dark bofom flood 
A biilhy thicket, pithtefi and unworn, 
O'erfun with brambleii, and perplfi'd with 
Amidftthi brake a hollow den w^f found, 
Wirh ioc1» and fbdvine arches vaulted rour 

[top in the dreary d™, tnnccal'dfrom d 
Sjcred tn Man. a mightf dragon lay, 
liloaled with pniroo to a monflrous l^ze ; 
T'iri: btfke ill fliftics when hcgianc'd biseyi 
Hi. tnw'riDg crtfl wj. glorious To behold, 
1 h, ihoulder> ..nd hi. Cde. wtrt fcal'd with j 


TllTee ror.fTD' "b I' bnnd iili'd when h f cbarg'd h u foet; 
Hit leclh Seoii j«ggT in ihree dreadful mwi. 
The Tyri*"' ■" *« ^^" ^°' ■"iter Taugfat, 
An J with tieii umi eiplcT'd th« hollow nnlt; 55 
From lide to &le ihcif empty tirni rcbanad. 
And reu(etbcllccfiyrerpenl.tvittt th«(oDnJ. 
Straight he btain hiin, and hfaa lo rift; T 

And now with dreidFal hiHaift Ct(< the fi^Ei, ( 
Anddartihitfoikytongocj, andrnUthiigfariiij; f 

The TpinndinpihtifYdTeUintheitieht, 

All pile mi Ircmblmg at the hideoui litttit. 
Spire above fjiire nprejr'd in »ir he Itood. 
And gazing mani him nvcrlook'd (be vraod ; 
Then flouinK on th-^ groond in circlet roil'd, Sj 
1 hen leap upon ihcm in * raighty foU- 
Orfuch a bulk, and fuch amonfiraut &ze 1 

The Sfrpent in the foiar Circle liei, J. 

That flretcheniYCT half the oollmtnflciei. J 

In vain the Tyriin«on their una rely, ;o 

tn vain atlcinpc to tijthr, in vain to fiy; 
All their eadeavnursuid their hnpenart nia ; 
Some die entangled in the winding traiQ; 
Some are devour'd, or fcti a loithfomB death, 
Swoln up with hua« of pellilenrialbr»ih. 75 

' And now the fesnhing Ibn nat-mounted high. 
In all its luRrc, to tha noonday flcy, 
WhcD.inxioiufor his frieiidi, and fill'd with caret, 
Ta taiiA the woodi th' i inpitieM ctivtt ^^e^iT.-i> 

S tU io Wry banknucf luJ boiiL ; 
i-urtua^iircTCth' on w i c t dj rvckanifa, 
'i-i'Miiirf; baiip Id* frets die pbitedlala, 
.1, til Inly foia'd. pnfen'd bim ficoi >WDm 
Ii udCivt ^rnwor cmUci] all arDtjnd : 
I. KioiT fiK«A ihc dvt piKTTirfr finr, 
„ Ju.bKkibtrajnnj[»iniour threw; 
111 lilt JilaiKd Icalesil tookiti coarlc, 
I II: ilif l|til'»l B>irrow Ipeoc itiforw : 
i.,i:ialu li'ii'U aloud, ind rag'd ia vun, 
1 „ I nK'd hi. body to and fro with pin, 
,1 liii ih< Ipctf . ""1 •'d the wood ava 
, ,.i.|iir ilill hulifd "1 'he waiTof Uy. 
j,.,.» h.»tij(«.incrc»Cng with his pain, 
Mv .« bit tj<». wd '»«»""' "''T "'" • 

Churn'dio bislenhthcfojiny vcootn rofe, 
Whiia frixn his mouth a bidl ol vjpours fluws. 
Such as the tnfems) Siypui waieri call; ii: 

Tbe piaats around bim witlierin ihc bhfL 

Kov illuorivcU'il,afulwithDiiiafiild; 
Nl>w, like 1 turtenl. wich > niighly force 
Beirs down ihcforcfl inhi» hDili'roui{c. 1 IJ 
Cidmui gave back, and on ihelian'iljioil 
Suilatu'd the fltock, thea [we'd hiiu to recoil; 
The poioudjav'Iia warded oflhitr^gc : 
Mad with hU paini, and furiom to ingigc, 
Th; Serpeni ebanipj the Oeel, and biics ihuTpear, 
Till blood and venoin all thepoiol beftneari ill 
Bde Hill the hurt he yet rccciv'd wa> Qight ; 
I'or whiia the champioQ wicli rcduubhrd might 
Striken home the jiv'lia, his retiring foe 
Shrink! from che wound, and di&iipoinli- tba blow. 
The dautitlefi hero ftiJl purfue* hit Uroke, i i( 
And prefles forward, till ■ knolly oik 
Retard) hit foe, and ftopj^ him in the rear; 
Full ia his thrnat he plung'd thL fatal fpeir. 
That in th' eiteadcd neck a psffaEi found, 131 

And picrc'd the folid timber thro' the wound. 
Fix'd to the reeling trunk, with muny a llcuke 
Of hi. huge rail be lalhM the flurdy oak, 
Till fpcDi with toil, andlab'riog hard Cot ^ne-uV, 

Cadtnu bebcid bhn irallow in a SoaS 
Of Iwimmingpoifnn, iiilermli'd with Muod 
When fuildeiily b fpecch w*i hcjtd from high, 
( The Ipcecfa wu beard, ii<i[ vtai the Tpeaker nigh) 
■' Why ddfl ihou Thus wiih fcaa pkaTurc fee, i^ 
'■ Infulljng nan! whic Ihoo thyfclf Oalt be !" 
A llonilh'd at the voiqi, he Hood imii'd, 
And all aroBsd wkhjnwarilharrourgiz'd; 
When Pall»i,fwLft defcending from lt« Ikirt, 
I'jIUa, Ebegwcdiui of the boldand wile, 14 

Di(t<i hid plough up the field, and fcacier rtmuil 
The dragon'.teeth o'er all the funow'd grnuDd^ 
'rlien tcils the jrouth how Co hit nondVing eye* 
EmbjiiledsrmUifiORi the field fhoald rife. 

1 ic Uivt ths t«ttii at Pallai's coininand, ij« 

Anil HingAthe fuCurc ptopUfrnin hiihaad. 
The clndsgrow wann, and crunUe where h* £«(•] 
Ani nuw the pointed fpean adTtnce in row*; 
Nuw nodding plumei appear, acdihiiuiigcTefti, 
Now the broad Ihou Iden, and the lifing breafti;ljj 
O'er all [he field the breathiag hatvift fwarmi, 
A growi ng hoft, a crop of men and armt I 
:>o thro' the parting ftage a figure reus 
It; body up, and limb bf limb appear* 
By yiil degreei, till all the man atifc, l£d 

And ill hiH full proportion llrikei ihe eyei. 

Cadmus, furpris'd and llartleit at the fight 
\){ bii new toC!, prepar'd himfclf for fighl; 

neof'ilaut. " Forbear, faud min! 

ingie in* blind promircnoDinar," l4j 

d. be Sruck fan brothet to the grounflt 

eipiringby snother'i wound ; 

[hi: third hiicnnq;U«ftl.>n^'fur>i*«, ' ^ -- 
re texrcc he had be^an ta live, 
lire eiamplersn thrn' all rhc field, 170 

pn of brothers were by broihet^ kill'S] 
mwbfwiin in Mood i ind unlf £vE 
le nU iniTe>re nerv left slirc- 
i)ne,3tPillu'9caniLii3iid, ' 

the f(uill!efi neapcn from hit hand. If j 
ik the nta peueM uut)r«ukM, 
ObtaM* »ldi frirad* and f«RDfai nta* ; 
lia dtf OB the premia'dautli, 
mfcitDCW Baeauan empire Inith. 179 

Cadmnl rcign'd i *Dd now one would hiTfl 
nltauaAeria hit nile blefi'd : {gueft'd 

id hi live within hii new &bodc«, 
tf dwrkge u tb( deuhM* pid*, 

M fialtfal ttHe'iL embrace* old, 
iuoaife of cbildrcii'i children told : 18 j 

frail man, howcTcrpcM or high, 
tsududed blefi'd before he dis. 
iDB wa> thefiiAofall hiiriee, 
'iev'd hi* giindlire in his liorrow'd face ; 
oD'd by ftern Diana to bemaoa v;fk 

inching ham>, and ^\ta^c ucKViuTm&\ 


And «onda' •■'? l^' fli"*-""*^ 



From ODI iti rocky clefci the wiicn Rtrw, 
And, tricklJDic, fwcU Into i Ulie belnw. a:a 

Niiurehidei'ry where fn play' d her pat[, 
That cv'rj where (he fedii'ii to vie with Arc 
Here the bright f^oddeb.tnil'd and clafi withheaC, 
W.i wow to b.tbe her in the tool retreat. 

Here didSic Dow with all her train rerort, iij 
Panling with hcaC. and bmthleli from the fpon ; 
Ha armour-bearer laiil her bow afidc, 
Some lom'd herfandali. fnini; hernil unty'd; 
Eachbufy nyBiph herprnper part nndTEii'd, 
While Ciocaia, more handy than the reft, 130 

Gathet'd hei flowm); hair, and rn a ooofe 
Bound it together, whilll her own hutig loofe : 
fiircuf the more ijinoble flirt by turns 
Ftich up the water, and unlade thf ir urns. 

Now all undreTa'dlhr {hilling godd^rt flood, 135 
When youDg Jia^un, wilder'd in the wood, 
To the coul grot by his hard fate hetray'd, 
The roiintaint filt'd with naked nymphefuroey'd. 
The frighted virgins fliriek'daC the furpriCc, 
(The forefl eeho'd with their piercing; crie») 340 
Then in a huddle ronnd their K°<lderii prefi'd ; 
She, prondly eminent aboYC (he reH, 
With hlulbes rIowM, fuch blufliei »« adorn 
The ruddy welkin or the purple morn; 
And tbo' the crowding nymphi her body hide, 14; 
tmf backward Ihrunk, and vicw'd him from afidc. 

•. Pi) 

Surprl-M, U fitfl {bt wotild hiie fnatth'^ (ler b< 
Bot fcf ' tht circling wj!--ts raiind her floi 
Thcic in ihc tiaUD" of tier hatd On: tiink, 
j\ndtlu<li'd'nn in hnfice, while thuiftierpnlie: 
'.' Tell, if fhon csiiK. ibc wnndrom Cght difclo^'t 
" A p-nddeAn^cllolhy view exf^t'd." 
Thi, tiid, Ibe nun bc|;un lo dilspprar 
By n.iw drgtees, and ended in n deer. 
A iinii;;h»rn dq either brow he wears, 155 

And nrerchciDoi hiiDeuk, andprickthitem; 
Rough iahitikin, wiih fuddtr hstr* o'ergrown, 
HiN hnfom pantu vlih fear^ btfore unknonn. 
Tran^form'd at lenfclh. he fliet ina^ in hade. 
And wundenwhy heilieiawiTfohft: »6t 

liul ai by (hance, within a neighb'iire brool. 
He faw hii branching hoinE and alter'd look, 1. 
Wretched Aflxon! inadolefuliDDc 
l-ie iry'd to Ipeak, but only gate > groan t 
And li tie wept, wichin the wat'ry glars l6j ^1 
I^lc faw the hi); round drops, with filent paee, ' I- 
Run triLklln]; down afavage hairy face. j 

Wh^il fhould he do ' or feek his old abodes. 
Or herd amoDf the dcfr, and fcolk in woodi? 
Here IhaniediiruadcHhim, tberx his fear prcvaili. 
And tach by tsnn hit akeinp hcarl affaili. »71 

A" he thu' ponder), he behind him fpies 
His op'oing hounds, and now he hears iheircllc)) 
Agtn'iojispack, er !■> maintain the chafe. 
Or fnuff thtt v;-.potir Irum the fceHted grafs, 97] 


: bounds d olTwIch fear, and fnifily ran 
tltggf mauniami and the flaw'ry plsir, ; 
Ttiro'bnUtegiJidthickcrtfarc'd hKway.acd Hi 
^fthra'aaayttiag, nher« once be did purfue. 
In be oft' cndeavour'd lo procbitn 
ew mi^ortunc, and lo tclJ hiininic; 
^□r voice nor wordt the bmulionguefapplici; ' 

aiprefa'd 1II5 


Id him ihrre, 
le Dp, Bnd ei'ry hound li') "I 
angrov'llinirto [he ground, J- 

^^ tarcn'dandftunn'dwithihnrpromifcoi 

^Vhea DOW [he fleetcft of the pick, thai prefs'd 
»i hishetb, and Tprting before the red, 

rffbd faflen'd on bim, (Iraigbt ano(h« pair 

JOB hii naandcd hMinch, and held him ih 


■Tore the fad hunrfmangi 
Who DOW *ppca; 

Wilh dropping tears hii hirer Tite 
And fills ih: niountaiD with hit dying groint. 
tlif fervanti, wilh 1 pileoni look he fpies. 
And lums about his fupplitaling eyei. I9J 

Hisfcriinti, i^orsnt of whai hodchanc'd, 
Wilh esjrer ha[t< andjuyful fliouit advarc'd. 
And call'd their lord ASxon to ihe game; 
He [hook hit head in anfwer to the nanic : 
He heard, but wilb'd he hid indeed been gone, 3c □ 
Or only lo hnie nood a Ii»ker-on : 
B»t. to hi. griLf. he Oodi himfcif too near, T 

Anil f«l. his rav'noiis dogs with fury tear S 

Their wretched niader paming in a deer. J 

" Encompsft'il rounii by thofo celellial chMini 
■'Wirh which he iill.lh'iinmoir!ajuno'airm».".i 

Th' unwary nymph, cnfnir'd Tvilh what Ihe Cddi 
D^fir d of Jore, when neic he fought her bed. 
To grjni a eerMio E'ft which Din would chufc j 
" Fe^r not," Mply'd ihe god, " ihst i 'li rcfure jtif 
" Whjte'eryou ilk : may Styi confirm my voice: 
" Chufc what yna will, >nd yau fhall have your 

" Then," fay8ihenymi*."whcH next yDufeEk my 
" May yuu rldcend in ihufe celelliil chscnu [imu, 

" W,{h whi A your Juno'H bofom jrou inSuiie, 369 
■' Anil fill wiih irdnfport heav'n'jimniDrlaldame." 
Til. K"cl. lurprlj'il, wmld fiin have llopt her voice; 
But he had Iworn, and ihe had made her choice. 

['ij hcephispromirehe afcends, and fhrouds 
Hi.^ ^wfgl brow in whirlwinds and in clouds, 
Whilft all around, in lerrible array, 37J 

HI- thunders rattle, and hie lightning) play : 
And ye I, the daiiling luftre to abate. 
He fei not out in all his potnp and Hate, 
eiii<l in ihe niildfll ii^htning of the (kic3, 
nud armM with ihunder of the fmalleft rue; 3S0 
Kot thofc huge bolm, by which the giants flain 
Lay ovexlicown on the Phlegrean plain : 
' l«a!. ..f a IdTer mriuld, and lighter weight; 
They Cijl it thonder of a fecoiidrate - 

raur bright, T 
mhi,hc,glu, j. 
light. 3s,(J 


FBr iherongh CyclDpt.whohy Jme'i 

"1 enipei'd the bolt ami ruro'd it to his fundi 

Work 'd up Lef< flime and fury in inmdte, 

And qutnch'd it rdonETin the Harding lake, 

Tliu^ dirtiUu\ljaiian'd, with horfour bright, 

Tir illdfiiinus gad. ititeading froi 

Came rnOiing Iin her in a Honn of light. 

The moruMame, tan feeble to eogagc 
The lighto log's fiafheiand the ihunder't nge, 
Oanrum'd unidit (he gtoriei (he delit'd, 
And ill the lenible embrace eipir'd. 39 j 

But, 10 prclcrre hinnS'-pringfram die tomb, 
Joie took him fntokin^ [rom the bliQed Homb ; 
And, if an incient talei we may rely. 
Indoi'd th' ahoitjve infanl in hit thigh ; 
Here when the babehad all hi< time fulSIl'd, 4C0 
Ino firft cook him for litr foflerthild. 
Then the Nifcaci, In their dark abode, 
Nurs'd fecrelty with milk the thririog god. 

'Tw* snow, while thefeuanfaiSiDnsparj'd on cirlh. 
And Bacchus cbiu prociu'd a fecand birth, 403 

W&en Jo je. difpoi'd to lay afide the weight 
Of publick empire and the cares of lUle, 
As to hi* queen in nii9ar bowit he quafFd, 
'I Eu tf'ih," fays he, (and is he fpoke he laugh 'd) 
" Tlie fcnfc of pleafiire id the male i> far din 

" More dull and dead than wiiat you f^imales Hiare." 

■ So TaiXtLA-tlOH)- 

Tbi< nynif h wkhTDbtlc (lotie>irol>y ijclif 

Her conung liU die lo.irs ttippM ew.f. 
ThcgutliicJtiouadout ihe deceit in lima, 
Anilclieiilbeuji'd, " ^bUIDIlg«a^orlhitl^]I(^lll>*l 
" Which could to manj fiibtio nUi pradi 
"Shall be hcrctftar but of liitie life.' 
Heiiu 'tis nw|inittlii in a fainter lone, 
With municfc founds and uccdU Am bcT < 

Tliis ioveiick virgin, oifrjojr'd lo Bnd 
The boy ilonc, fiill fnlluw'd him bthltill. 
When gig vingwinljr icher nMr^pfraadJi 
Ai fiilphur hhiei at the tapei'^ (oUch, 
Bhe loiig'd her hiddca fialTton lo icvlat, 
And k[\ her piioa, but had not nordxlo tell: 
ahe canil'l begin, but wiiti fur the rehoimd 4I0 
Tu ruch hie voice, aad tn mum the lauod. 

The nymph, when nothing could NarcifTui moiM, 
Still dilh'd wiih blufbet far her Ui^hied loit, 
Liv'din thefhaiiy covert of the WHidi, 

In foil 


ning, wander' J the rcjciiled fjir. 
Till haraft'd out, and narnavriy with care, 
Thefounding Httleton, of blood berait, 
BeHdcs her bunca aud voice had nothing left : 
lltr bonei are petrify'd, her vnicc is found 
[11 viiuli'. where Sill ii Jouhlei cv'ry fimnd. 

tKAniiaotie can Tuts i Clter'iright dcoy) 
tt U decreed ihe guiU;pwrcTch Ihalldic. 
" She baaflu an hoaour [ can hardly claim; 
" PrcgDMil Die rifes [o a molher'a name; 
" Whiie proud sod »aln (he triumphs in her Jove, 
" And Siowi [hegloriouilokeiii vfliitlarci Jj6 
" But if I 'ni aiil the miftrefa of the flties, 
" By her own Invet the fond beauty dies." 
This laid, deTcending in a yellow cloud. 
Before the {rites of Semele (he Qood. 3 40 

Old Btroc'u decrepit (hape (he weam, 
Her wrinkled lifige. and her hoary h:iirs, 
Whilft Jq her trembling gait llic toltert on, 
And learni 10 tattle in (he nurfe't toue. 
The gnddefs, chua difguii'd in age, beguil'd 34} 
U'JLh plcACng aoric^ her hik Caftercliiid. 
Much did (be calk of love, and nbtn (he c:ime 
To menlioD 10 the nymph her lover'aDanie, 
f etrhmi; a ligh. and holding down her head, 
•"Tii»»dl,"aysfhe."^rBUbctruethal>Uid; JjO 
" But unit me, child, I'm much inclin'dlo fear 
" Some counterfeit in itiisyoar Jupiter. 
" Many an boneilwell-dcGgiiiag mail) 
" Ha» been by thefe pretended eodabeiray'd; 
" Bntif he bciodwdthe thund'iing Jove, J15 

•' Bidhini. when next he coarta the rites ono-vc. 
■■ Defiend triumphant from lb! othcKal Iky, 
** Id all the pomp of hisilivinliy. 


'^^^" act c\=V^\'^' ■ ^ ''^^'' ' ' 

cou- . ... ,V<= "- ^,;„ t^e -_^^d g' 

oCSf" • * 












" Nd moiiDUins rife, not- oceans Sow betwccB. 
" AHiillawwitcr.hindBn my CRibraeo; 
" And jwcihe lovdj' mimitfi wtitf-a flCB 
" Thai ktDdbfniilev, md-nhen theod tofoin j 
■* My lipttshtvhsforKity brndttD mine. 
" Hear, piCTUUyMdi! add jHtynvp complaint, 
" Come ftom thy w«U,tt)nii Tirir {nhabitaot ! 
" Mychwmsaneafy eoniitirfthavcohtiin'd 
" OVcothcrhtarls, by thrt alnne difdain'd. 
" 6ut vrtiy (bonfd ldtripiir?rmflirchefcum» 
•' Withcqiuirjmcn, andlinuuifttiabyturni. 
■' Whene'er r ftcn>p f't offirH at a liift, 
" And v.ben mj»rni*I firctch, he ftrctdi«sblS; 
" Mil eye with pifafure on my fare betrtpt, 
" Hsfniilefiny fmilra.andwlwif I mitt>*6wcci 
" Whcfit'er [ fpeahhii ituwiniF lip* appeai: 
" ToDCur fomnbinf! wbkh I cannot heir. 
" Ah, wretched nicl I noH' begin fnn Isie 
■■ To find out atltKclone-pelTterd i«C«itt 
■' It ismyftlf llove.nyfclf tfeei ■ ' ■ 
" The )[ay A:liifian M a part of mc: 
■' 1 kind1« up the firca by Which I b'jrn, 
" And my awn beauties from the wtH return 
" Whom ftiouldJ court ? how ulfet my compl: 
■' Enjoyment bnt prodocej my reftraitil, 
'** And too much plenty niakii me die For wai 
"Howgladjy would Itromm^W^twno'se, 
"Audit a diflancc I«ihe Ainj\\OTt\ 


P I wrlh him (hrenl when 

n'd with fiicb ttaDTdil fi(^,^ 


w I bint Willi gi 


fue drill 

llluill iht jiriileiifliluamin^yuulh I ilic. 

glleilh wJItht TurroWs ul my heart nlimi 

mi^hi ihe vifiiinaiy youih riff*i»«,' 

I llioulil wiihjny my bteA hrrarlirclignl j 

"'lft=hi.r.ieinvol.'dinin" "" 
I'bb^id. tilt wftpiiig yoDih again KWral 
'<?clcwfF>iint*in, where le^'m '>*'>■■'*'■> 
U tMM<tc(w'd the Curfacc of ihcDtll, 
li cifclB«EierciicI« liLlicy Fell: ' 
rjw tht lavclj'/»ti; hui hairappcar*^ 
inrilhuiinfclei, and defonn'd Willi 
wiuihcr," cries HueilTus, " 4oIl ikoa ■ 
u wiaBill kd ihe e^mc by which I dl 
ct ii.i:ailll«,thn' l-mnotufUiCfblcfti''^ 
n reruU lin frirmeni off. and bcut fall bi 
nikod bnhim [cddciii with Ihe blow, 
ith a blulh a^ purpit cluAcrn fliuw, 
re yet the lun's autumnil heUErEllne 
hvif fpriphtly juice, anil mellow it lo wine4' 
ic glowing btaiiiiu of hii brnll he iJHM, i 
vith 3 new rcdoublcl pallion di«ii 
udiJTuloe*. aticcbrpinitorun, 
bid Iiickle into drupi before tbeflitl. 
neltilhcyoulli. and hnpiiflicsawiy, 
ritlicrt, ui'llu^^im^^^^'A'ii 

ilittti^ivechannumwia - 

jiiiihirti ittoptcfcot mifery, 605 

Mtif< MIf totiie le«cr*t fliMB, 
bkhlM figliik and gRMpMtiMiv^'tfOSUi : 
ywkk bdov'd in vaiar NwoUTai «riM{ 
fmakhhtkm*dn ^ini" thc ayoy li f qpHtu 610 
:wcll,* IkytJM s theftfiiMf fooaid-'ibiKe fell 
U^ftiBt Ufii biiHbe RTlyf d, •«: tovfPjeU c'* 
Ml tft* iHnii1ko)ibai« cvdf bv fiij^f4iei^ 
eatli Ihntt «|p thofele]f-iidttiiiln|(«y!Kis 
!coldttUe»U«flittNi{rglioftfec!fMk (kS 
1 dM Stygian waves kM£ admirtt. 
Inm the NaTadt and the Dryada mouro, 
1 th« fad Echo-aalwerB in her turn : 
ow the fifter^nymphs prepare his urn, 
, looking for his corpfe, they only found 6iO 
ig ftaUc: with yellow blofibans crown -d* 


fad event gave blind Tircfias fame, 
Greece eftabtiihM in a prophet*sflame. 
unhallowM Penthens only dnrft deride 
lieated people and their eyelefs guide ; 6 25 
wm the prophet in his fnry faid, 
ig the hoary honours of his head, 
rcre we)!, prefuniptuous manl*lwext^«jL\^at 
ou wen ejeiefatoo, andb\mA,V\V^iftR% ^Jfi^fc^ 

ri6 7iA\.L..nosi. 

" For thctimccMnci, my, "titilrodf IwrCf 
" Wbui ihc founi; god'i foldnniilct appur, 
*- Which ifihoudna not with juQ run kilon, 
" I'hjr iiupivuicircBfi, intopieiotom. 
*' SliillUienthf w<MM!>,*DiIhiDg(inc*Vy (hon 
*' t'hco. then, n.-nicmbet what I no* fneld, 
" Anil awn ihe blind Ttiduifaiiir too welt-" 
Still FcnliicutrMrnt liiniinil dcriilea hiiDcill, 
13iiC litne<]id»llthepmphit*tllireanfnlfili 
For now ibro' proftriw Grct« yo«ig Bi 
Whilfl bowliog mitrons ccltbrato tlugi 
All rviiltt and (txa to hii orgies ran. 

Til mingle in ihc pumpiaDil tilllhel 

When rcntheut thui hit wicked ra^ eipicEi'dt 
" Whdt midtief^ Thcbsiu, his yi'Ur fo^ paffvf 
" Cau tiutlow [imbrch, an t drunken (bene, 
" AndihelcwdcUmourtotabtiniy tou(, 
" Thun quell your courage? cm ihencikilam 
-- Of womir.s' Tells thofsQubbnTDrDuUdirann, 
■' Whom nm the fwordoitrtruniptte'efccmhlfrii 
" Niirlhe loud din md Fiorruurofa fight? 
" And fiiUjOurfirei, who Uii your oW»biidt«, 
" And fu'd in foreign earth jout country god^ 
" Willyuu wlihDUiallrake jroiitiity yidd, 
" And poorly quit an undiCpulcd txid f 
■' flutyoH.whofeyonihindTigourflioiddiiifpirt 
" HttoidL warmth, and kindle martial fire. 
^UUoni buriiith'd arme iiiA cie&c&t»\Ti);UB^ 

*■ RemontKr him tn whom yon ftind sUjr'd; 

*' The fcipCDt Toe hit well of wiicn dj'd: 6&a 

" He toBght iht ftroug; do jou hii courage Giow, 

" And (^Bin 3 coDqarfto'cr a feeble foe. 

" If Tbcbct mua f.U, oh mifrhi the Fatei afford 

■'A nobler duo d> from fscune. Ere, orrwordi 

" rheniT.igbttltGTfaebuipeTiftnithreiiawii; 66j 

•' But Bow a bcardle&TiaoT lackiihe io»D, 

" Whom nor the [•iia(ingDee4riorpand'rcD>fliie]d, 

" Nor the hack'dbclaielncrlhcdufly field, 

** But [hclbftjayiof lamrjandeafe, 

" The purple *e&3 and flow'ry farlaDdi pleafe. £;o 

" Stand then afide, 1 'il milie the couixerfeit 

" Renounce hi« godhead, and confcfjllie (heat. 

" ArrlGuS from the Gretian walli repcU'd 

"Thii baaQed powV; whj then (h'-uld Penlheui 

*' Go qukklj; drag ih' tmpudor boy to me; [yield ? 

" I'll try the force of hi* diiinily." £76 

Thtie did th' audacious wretch ihofe rices profane, 

^i> frieuds difliiade the audacioua wretch In valaj 

In min his grand&re urg-'d hitn to |;i*c n'er 

Hii impious threat! : the wretch batravei ihc mnr:'. 

So have I fecD > river ^ntly glide, tZt 

Id a fmooth courfe, and inoffenflve tide. 
But if with dams ittcnrrcnC wc reftrain. 
It bears doirn all, and Foams alonj; the plain. 

But now his fervantt came befmear'dnith blood, 
Sent by ihcii haughty prince to feiM the god; d^EJ 



KinPeaiheinyit'H'AvtchUitjiobahitA, iSf 

And jcircc wilUidd his handi, while thoi he fpoki; 

'■ VileSU»e! whamfjiudy vaigcmct-llall parfot. 

" And IttrUyilijrbiferfiiitioosirew, 

" l~hy<oiinrryuidlhf puemagc rcvnil, 

" And whychoUjmVfiintbcli^miulatgiestftt." 

captive riewahim wicliundiUDixdcyci, tfj 

And, a 



" I'mnihljih Mm nia't rocky niorcbl eame 
or poor iJcfccul, Aoxtu is myniDie: 
My lire tvu RieoDty born ; no oien plow'd 
Hiifnj:tIUfcldt. nnrin hit paflurci low'd 
Hi»whaIcBAdrev>ithiQtW vatErs liyi 
With lines ind honks he cioghi the finny prcji. 
H>. arl «'» allllk liTFlihtwd. wttich he 
I hiu with hit dying lifts beqtK^lh'i 

There rvtinv-," fiid he, ' thy whnic inheritiBce. 

" l.nngdid ILnennihit poor leg ley, 

Till tii'd with rocks and my own native Sky, 

Tn srtiorn»Tiga[iun i incliii'd, 

Olill-rv'd the lurnt and chungei of iheffinil, 

Lcani'dthe fit hucn*. and btfrin [nnoltt 

/ 'lit: Huraiy Hyadca, ihc iiin^ tioal. 








" The brighl Taygttc, 

and the fhioing Beam, 

"With ill the r-ilor's. 



: lor Dcloi I dcGgn'd 







.night in Chimfpent. 

" When moroing rofe, 

1 rent my matei to bring 

'■ Suppliej of water ftoi 



'■ WTiilft 1 the motioD o£thc wjnd» eitpk>r'd. 

" Then fummon'd inn 

ly crew, and went aboard 

•' arouglit tn the fliore a foft and lovely hoy, 
" With more tlunfumalefwednrf' in hia loot, 735 
" Whom {Irsgglinp in the iieiuhb'ring fieidihe took ; 
" With fumenofwine the iiiile captive (tlow!, 
" And nadi with fleep, and (laggerj as he goes. 

" [ view'd him nicely, and hrgan to trace 
" Each heav'nly feature, each imnioital gtai 
" And Taw dlviaity in all hit face. 
" [ koun not who," faid I. " thiigod Oiould be, 
" Biitthat heiiagodlplaialyfeo; 
" And thou, whoe'er thou art, euufe the force 
" The fc men ha vtui'd, and, oh, befriend ourcomfc!" 
" Pray not for 01," the nimble Dii2y» cry'd, 736 1 
" Diflyj, that could the maintop-niaft bcBride, J- 
" And down the ropes with afiive vigour Hide : J 




" Viy. Ktis'ii/oibidtbin I 
" Wltiiin my feSd (o dlvioe ■ 
" ;>iiil t. anilftaodtohindcriheif 
" When l.f nbu. 4 wTctcli. fur ■n■l^W 
" From Tufcainr, la rnlTcT huulliBirm, 
" Wi[h hi" tlciicli'4 fin hiH 
" Hid DM myliin^in lalline et-i<p'n 3 (.■•.:<i 
'• Hiibi&canioiCTatciibr f , 

" When 3m(1iu5 (/i-t "twa'hf 

" AnJibookhi»ikiH-fY!iiiiljti'_ . 

" AhlBrliitlier,«>hittu!i oiull I bctetircT'it' 
•' Vtw DM." Jaid Proieii*. '■ (*iW. but t«II •> 
** Vou vill) tu Uuil, indtruAaur riirndlyci 
'■'Tu Nuot llien direrfl yDurco(irl<."£if«hi 
" tixtoi : hofpltiKIc potl rhidl be 
" To-each of'yful hnnic to iRe." 
*' By cv'iy goilthic rulciihefeRorfky, 
•' Th«pctJDrM»ill»iii»promife 
" And Ud mc hiDen to uatnnw lh« lh^< 
"WichMEteriay 1 Untb ititofhc dc«p, 
'* And, tmdlrfo of the fraud, Tor Hun* I 
** rhrr^WptroIi', and bechon mth tl 
'* AnU^ivc rm ii^i. a\\ ziniinH^ Tort fact 
'■ y'a uek ibout Mil lUtr iOKVun ma^. 

SiiJ 1, 1 'm gi'iUkft U r« fiinl > il«d." T. 

Whal/'lajtF.ihxIiun. "iDullth«arip'iwhnlecrc 
Pollow four humour, andilrpcndan you?" 
And llrii|[bt himfcU he Inii^i at ihe prorc. 
And tuk'd about, anil rmiuht mmhrr Aorc. 
" 'rhc btiBlcoua jruD' nfcll' I'c-' 

AiidrronihedKkih vcy'>l> 

Anil rrcni'4M wicpL .;f fi>id ; 

And 4a TOD that mjr i t f 

rhti^ dn ynu hear me w my ii.c 1 

Will filth ;i mukkiirle ..f mtn tmpl.iy ; 

rhL>irllrrii(;ili sjijintl i ui-rak iltlcncdrfi boy ?" 


I'hi- mnrc 1 be^K** '^'■'Y th\v;ir[eii nic ihe mote. 

.1* l".ilfmn o.uh, by O.icthU'.' fill 1 fwtar, 
It micluy ruracic that di.f cnliif, 
le vilTil. tl-i'd and ro..!cd in iht flond, 
iniuv'd hy ail ih.: beating billnwe, Itood : 
v:i;ii til.' mjrinciswnuld iiloiijih [he m:im 
Irh l,il-. imfurl'd, and Driki' tti<.ir oan. m vjji 
mil 'I their o:ir«3 twining ivy iha-isn,. 
>d cli;i,!.s .hr nnfl, -ind hidi-^'f he otJs in ki' 

" AmiJA tFicwaTci afuddnifdrcfin 
** lu lerdani hnd. and ■ n«w rprin^ «) 

" Th«god wenawbrMdi«iilio|ica'il 
" A h<rd of fputieJ [iiiiiEhi^n round t>i 

•• la glirinc fiTmii the Rrapj duller 

*' On hi> lut brawt, and dajiglt uil hii 

*■ And whiUt he frowns, and bmid^lhet hUrptar, 

"Mf inuei, fiirptii'd with midncf^ui wkh for, 

" Leap'd nverboard. Piril ptrjut'd Mailon fuund 

*' Roughicalesanilliiithii fiiil'ntnglidt^furTriuiid 

■' Ahf wh^," cci» uiic, "fautbutiuaifum/dtli 

"Straight hiiiUWD miiiiih urcti wUrrsi 
" AndnuwhimCelFbc vinwiwitlililHilii 
" liuiwhc {diet nchbuly arm SiriidniB 
" Aiidby ds^euitblhiDa'dis 
" Alinlhec, aahecjti'huatgCD 
•■ Miirc>hi,arini,aml,lunibhi1 
" With hiibfoid fin! and forkftidlhEl 
" The tiling furg«i and fluuiicci 
" I'hmallnij? crew. iraiiBform'diuaund lilt niip,! 
•■ Or dive below, oron thelurfaMlesp, ! 

" AadTpout ihc wuvei, a,nd wjDciitiinihedccit. J 
" full nlncttcn UilursUid ihc Jhip ciinvcy, 
" AfltailnfninettendulpliinsroundberplajPi 8l 
'■ ) wily in "ly proper fllapc appear, 
' " Sjirvchkfs with vfOtiia, lui Us'iS 4*sA ViNJfct^a 

tRASllilTIOtll. IQ) 

Ditchui kindly hi J mchxr ne mwe; T 

I l>im 1 lind»l on ihc Chiui fiiore, [- 

him ihftU tni (raitftiLy wJor*. 8n J 

\U fori! inn dive," dyi Pemhtoi, "would pr,- 

Mitjon[urThTafir-&ich'du1e: [tml 

l«t hisi hri the whip!, ihe twards tht Arc, 

in |ba iPrtunt uf ibe rack ei[>iTe." 

StioirtftrntDH Kiirry htm iw«T. SJ" 

liitftibc wh>{Min<iiOTrerutm>.pr«pir>d, 

imiy epea,o(tllemfellre*iuib«n'd! 

;nv th" hiifti'nf'd csptiie ftandi, 

ingtihc li'iilcii'd i^iicklcEifriim hii hinds, t^f 


IVnrlicU", grown more fuHoM ihifi before, 

• d TO Itn'l hn mtirunnco nn more, 

em h.iiilirlf to ihc riinriftt<hhrnne, 

= [ii^l, Uiilisron ccho'd wilb their TonKi 

iiheri.ry w«r-hor(«piw"iheeround, 8.a 

[1. Jii mill irt mblrs :it ihe trnmptt's hunJ, 

poritii -hu' ht heard ihr (r«nikk rout. 

nM i.,d ii.a.f Jon'd it (hf itidnnt, 

|<;ic;r>ui utcmt on ihc hill [>i<^r« t>aod, 

.itid wide, and Ikiricd luund with wood ; S4f 

ihcrHlhl'eDTluui, wi'.hunhjlliiw'deyf*. 

iiwIliTC .limci a-iii iilyilic'i nfijiMfpiei^ 

...thcr fttriii^ viewM hliii wS.-re he rtuod, 

a>idlT.I into madncb it fbc yk w' J, 

I-Ii r Iri/yjii'Iin U hirloD OicflJt, 
Aad ctiei, " Tie bolt thil Uyt oitr uni 
" Thcbuar. luySiAcntaimthefiialdi 
■- AadnrikclbefarindledicoiiftiTtothi 
Penihcat allonilh'J heird the difnul 1 
And feet (he yiUing ■naironagtib'riiif; i 
Ke (E»andwec}»athiaipproachin|; fji 
Andlxgi for mcKy.indrepenrxoo lull 
" Help! help! my »unt Autooijt," heer 
" RcTiemlKr howyouc owa ■\&itm djr 
IXaf to his crie>, ihe Iraalick muroncn 
One [ticcch'd-«ut um, the olber loo loj 
Id tiin does Penthcui to hit mother lac. 

iJ (he t 

■K ilum. 

Ki^ moihcr bowl'd. and, b«aief. of hi. 
Ha [lenibUnK tund Die twiRed in hia h: 
" And thil," Ihe crj'd, " Ihill be Ague 
When fioni ths neckhiillrug|>luigbead 
And in her hanili the ghaflly vifage hort 
^'ith plcafure all the htdenui truck futv 
Thrn pull'd and Inre the mangled limbi 
As ilaning in the pao);' "! i^oih it lij. 
f^uun M ihe wood iti leafy honaura tails, 
filnwn ofT and fcattrr'd hy autumnal bla 
■\Vilhiiichafudden death lay Pentheotl 
And ill a ihnufmd pieces nmn'd the pU 
Ity fo rtidincuilhiii); a judgment aw'd, 
TAf TheUnt tr. "I'nW. and conUhli^i 


How Silmadi, iritli wule (nltcblitig flrfani-, 
Sofitni thi body tnd unnervn ib« limba, 
AD'i wli*lth«riiriiciufc. ni«)1herclMlliuwiti 
Th( cau(«ii[tcreE,hutih' cStiSiiluiOHR. 
I'Ik Nclidt nurt'd in Indnt hcKtoron, 
Thtt CyOuEotf w to Hoan boM : 

Tiom boih ihc illtiflrinUE. aiith.<r> of liitraH 



.• nrri< 


I ht b,.y haJ flJ, he Icfi hi. n^ti« rot, 
Jtnil luuRht frtO) Icuntiini. in 3 Torci^n To 
Wuh tagcr Heps (he l.yclin field* W tioi 
Anii fitlil. that border wi f he l.ycian CMf 
A rivt r here he «ew-d fo lively hriKht, 

II ihrwM thf (.intoni in a fairer lij;ht, 
Nnr kepi » find conccalM from human fi. 
The iVriim jiroduc'd nnr iliray roic nr,t i 
Nnr niiry rulbt^nnr ihr fpikv rrrtln. 

.'\ nyrafii prc&iei, nnc pr jiSti'd in the du 
t-ur ftilAil U the haw iinr at till: nee. 
Of all the bluc-eyM daughter of the M>1 
The oiily flrangu- to Piina's irajnj 
Ikr G9engricn,as't l<ifaid, wouJi) cry, 
" ty!S>lvicii,whxE,iI«ay>i^e.'fjrf 
" (Imlccchy quiver, or tliy atrawifeize 
" Aik) miilhe Iniltflf huntingvrubllif « 
Nor quisE^ftc nor arrows e'er wouldlcis 
Nor miitttnoiliofhunliogwitb h^cafi 
Bui o!C would bithe her in the cr^flal tid 
Ort' wiili I cnmb her dewy tockii^vidn: 
Now ID the limpid ftraairn (he niew'd iun 
.ioi] <lr<rs'(lhcr inmgein the f1naiinggU< 



Nnwgathtr'daowVsthit grewiboulhci 
Alii then by chance watguth'ring, atfbc 
Tn siew the boy, and loD^'d for what flu 
Fain would D\e meet the ymith with ha 
She [jin <4oald meet him, but refus'd to n 
Ik'fore her lodkf were let with tliccA care. 
And wf II def^rv-d to be reputed fair. 
" Bright YotithI" (he criti," whom all tl 
" A god, uid, if 1 god, thegadof Lnveg 
•■■ But i( a mortal, blef-.^d thy nutfe'i brcaf 
" BIcfiM are thy parcnn, and thy Gflwt b 
" fl 1 , oh ,ho wbleft'd .' ho wm ore t h an bWi'd 
"AlIj'diablil5.itany7et.«S.VfeL-. . 

" If To, 1(1 mine ihc HuI'd rTijn;rmci]CilMi 
" If not. bfhoM > willintE btidt in me." [Shime, 
The boy kn«w nooght of love, uid. toDchM wiih 
HcflRivCitailUuni'd, but llllltheblulhbccanie;<j 
In rifli)): blu(h»l)>ll ti cQi bciutieii tare; 
The runny fije of [ruiiruchlitofhEiniDWi, 
And fiich the mnon, wbes >11 btr Glv«r white 
Tiirai in idiptci to ■ ruddy lif;ht. 
The nymph ftiU beg* if not i nobkr Uiri, fio 

A iM f^tutc M l»fl, > Aflct-ikir*; 
A nd DDK prqiaKL to like the laTclj W 

ccntty cpy. 


fou rude uncivil nympli 1 nt 1 "11 begone." 

■Mr Striinjiei ! thtn." fiy-lhe. '■ it ilijl befo;' 


J, fur fli< fcdr'J hi» thiefii, (he l'ci|.n'd to goi 


r hlJ within n covert'i neisb'iinp ctcen. 


kept htm dill in fitiht, hL-rlclfuMlcen. 

L' h.iy nnvf f iiicict Jl iKl .Un^cro'cr, 


Ji»Hoi,-cilllHi">tl*.il>.uit lhc(hi>le; 


.yful ind wj.u,.n in ilit llicjm hr <rip>. 

ddip* hi. U-o:, jEiJ lliiviT. ai he a.p> 


; cpnln. 1- pk a'.-d, nnJ with tii^.r iude 


^ Jiry K.niif lit. »n thi: bink« he imI) -, 


' ?n.llikc rr.u«r,-Kii.l hi., ),e»'n:y hue, 


■ ii|''i wiihr.ipruielpiti, T 
. j'i.i:,...iklfinl,ercv«. So i 

She luncs. flwfanif. to rllfp him ill h« rw j B^ 

AtiJ lorl:>»iJ&ghi,aiid kindlciit hjichttfm^ 

Now ill uadieO'il uyan the btnkitu fiood. 
Alii clan|i'd biiCrio. and Icip'il iiilolhs Sonf; 
I lit Invrty limbltht (ilT» wanii divide, 
HI* limbs appIM mure lowly thro' the tide; 
A^ lilieiDutmilhin ■ cry tIsJ cafe 
Receive i gLofly luRrc from [heglari. 
" Hc'*niinc,hi't»llmy c.wn!"lhe ttilidatK. 
Ani tling* ofT*!], and tElir him flic fliei. 
Anil now the it&eoi on hini at he I wimi, 
And holdi him clore, and wrapt iboui his limbt. 
The more the b«iy refilled, and Wi» coy. 
The more ftie«la(p"d and lufi'd the flruggling bi 
Si> when tht iiriggliniE fnaktitrnitch'daB Ugfa 
Innglc's clawo, andbijici in the fky, 

And twidB h« leg*, and writhes about her wing 

The reflleftboy dill oblliiuiely firove 
To free himfclf, and Hill refiu'd h^r [air. 
Aniidd liis limbs Ihe kept her limb) CDIwie'd, 
" An.^why, cdj youth!" Ihc criei, " whythnsm 
" Oh, may thegodtthuilcecpuBCTcrjoin'd! [kii» 
" Oh. may wc neva, nettt pMf again!" 

Tnt now (he finds him, ai his limbs ihepretl, 
flfow nearer ftil!, and nearer to her bfcaft. 
Tin pi'i^rcing each the other'a fleth, lVie-^ tWI 
To^t:h:r, and iccoryorne in oac ■. 

l.jft inone fsiearehotlnheir faccijoin'd, no "J 
At when the ftock and grafwd twig tombin'd > 
&hiKit up [he faoie. and v/fhi i coiumon riod : J 
Solh badici in a lingte body mix, 
A fiiiglc body wiih a double lex. 

The boy, thai taft in wonuui, nov furrey'd I (5 
The river's guilly flream and thut he pray'd, 
(He pray 'd, but wondtr'd ai his fofter tone, 
EurpHi'd to hear a tnke biit haJf his own) 
" Vou parent gods, whofc heii'oly namei 1 bear, 
" HcaiyourHetmaphrodite.andgrantmjpray'cjiiO 
"Oh! grant that whonirnc'srthefeftrcamnontain.') 
" If man he entei'd, be may rife afain f 

" Supple, unGncw'd. and but half a man!" J 

Tbeheai'nly parcnuaofwer'd from on high 
Their twu-ihap'd fon, ihi double votary, Iij 

Aad ting'd iu ioaizc to make hii wifhci good. 11^ 

...dudonfuGonfaurrd, i 

incorccni'ii, nuuld hear (he mighty crick, 
lAnd titad fcciirc amidll a taViog world, 
crc thr ^oJlikr arl> that led 
inglii Pollui lu (h<; likfi'd aUudcii 

'it Aluiiiti plfid, 1 

'<< u [ilLirc 3maR{T ihc goda, 

iiv Aiii^ullii-., mli'il wiih hcroci, li». 


His ruddy lips the purple tindurr ft 
And with immortal flains divinely 

By arts like thefe did young Lyzi 
His tifrers drew him to the {kies ; 
Wild from the deftrt. and unbroke, 
Id vain they foam*d, in vain they fta 
In vain their eyes with fury glar'd ; 
He tam*d *em to the lafli, and bf^nt ' 

Suchwerethi? paths chat Rom e*8gr 
When in a whirlwind fuatchM on hi 
He (hook off dull mortalitv, 
And lt){l the monarch in the god. 
Bright Juno then her awful filcnce I 
And thus th* alTembled deities bcfpo 

" Troy/* faye the goddefs, *'pci 

* The dire cff.:A«i of her proud tyrai 

* rhf tow'ririg pile and foft abodes, 
' Waird by the hand of fcrvile godf 

* Now fprpp.ds its niir.s all around, 

* And lies MiyJoriou« on tiie i^rtjund 

* An umpire, parrial and unjuiV, 
' And a lc\^d womau's impiv>us luft 

* I^ayheavyon her head, and fut.kht 
** Since falfe Laomedon's tyranni 

* That durlt defraud th' inimortais 

* Hf r guardian god^ rcncunc'd thei 
' Nor wou d the fierce invading foe 

* To my refentment, ai^d MiivttN^* 
The guilty king and tbt "wYvoVe ^ 

ic fuft •ihilc'ttr Oiaicn no iKure; 

Ml ve w hoWrmieii h iH-h ,btkI ni>rl«Fl«t'd)lic 
vcii)ttaua: (Ucd, 1 Ht Jen^ nft^ [S«ld. 
b Mm lih offipiir^ rif Che Tiojaa lin e : 
ru itudhrxl let trini rifit, 
uliAehiiftnianinUieain, 6e 

K Niwniin hb nol&'il Tight 
n uffU'Tf. ficliU'if ll|>hi, 
h xtir gadi icumuitiil wine, 
Inniijtmtkinstniwd bitlkrire. 
n miwiniicf rrny'iaWiaed hoft if 
realms Bmy fcati uiunvj'd fimJ. 
Irni SeutKhott a foicign (null, 
II lu be Rumc fram Troy diijoio'd, 

iv'il hy l('s>(iDm the lUTiifttautlhorc, 
Bay cndlcri Jiillnwi rife between, and ftonni iin- 

^Siill let tliE cuiu'd dftrllri] place, 
re Priam liti, taA Priam'ahil 
ver'd o'er with wcfdi.ind bid ja];r*r*i 
[There let the wiDion fluckt un}fD4rilcd Inn 
whiJe thiiaaely fbephcid CugS 

" May UgeiilherE, aiidiJlib< rtvBce kuHlt'4 

ary bailQt- and Uem. dtit.TntTA.\ 




" In gloamy vaults lad nai 
'• May th' unmolcfted lion 


•' HcrbrindeJ whelp, f^^curcly Uy, 

" Or, coBch-d, in drcudlul flombm wifte the di 



.f ruins lid. 

•' Romf ind rhe Ruman C. 






ar, and rule miiifcini] 




■■ Earope from Africk (hall dmdc. 

" And part the fevut'd worU in iwo: 


" AndthcloD|tt«Uiof«i. 
" To Nile's yet undifcoucr 



" Richo Lhe hardy fold! 
" And look on gnlii with u 

ndtfmng ey«. 


" Nor [he (tiiboWeU'd earth explori 

" Id fcarcb of the forbidden ore ; 

" I'hofeglitt'Tingilltconceal'd within tba auae, 

"ShiUlieBntaBch'd.andimiocenitylhine; '. 

"To the Mbtnwdschu Nature fel^' ■''■'■■ I 

" The piercing coldi and fuUiy heati, 

" rhe godlike race Ihall Tproad [heir arxro^ 

'• Now fill the I'olUr Circle with <dkrn», 

" rill Rormiand tempiils llteir purfuita confine, 

" Now fweat for conquell underneath the Line. 1 

" rhijonly law the vicior Iball reftrain, 
" On thefe contlitions fhiU he leii^n \ 

ir hit guilty hantl employ 
'c bDiU >jf*iii « (icoml Troy. 
c ihc rilh itign partae, 
it tetopt ih< wngranct nf the ftnd* wnv.4 

II Oiall ili< new foaaiuiaortalc; 
cccfligll III mulQilleaijnetRiiil'pCM 
Itorni the lificK (onn nith Cn. 
1 ar ihcir atnijr't hcid myfclf wilt fton 
It Juna, ur^'dtoallbcrnj^cand*. 
rhiice (hould Apollo"! fdrihcdrf ttH 
d line it round with nollt cf t>r*6, 
PTtirke Ifaould my Eav'rilc GrcekiUi vn 

V And hew the Oiining Tahtick to thp gioatid ; 
'yhricelhoaldlirTtapiivi' J.-nnwtotoetCB wt BfB, 
" Ajid their ilt>d font tnd Iliughuf'4 h 

Bat hold, my Mate, fnibcar ihy tow'i 
Norbrirglhrrccretiotthe {;iK!tIo li^i 

a-viin H'Duld thy prclumpiuoui vora 

tb' imrtiariat theiurick tehFarfc; 
It mighty (liiin>, in lyrkk numt>en buand^ 
rgci (heir majelly, andlDfe their fuund. 


II iHimiALfweeti Ihall neit my Mufe eogtge, 
And ttiii, Meixnas, cidimi your pstrDntge; 
OflitilFcteaturu wundtouiaftB I Unt, "1 

The rarksBndmi|!h(yieailtr!r>f their ftBtc, > 

Theirlawi.tmplDymcnH.siidthni w»tJ,rdBte: J 
A [rifling theme prorgkci my humbJe lay. 6 

Trifling iht theme, nol fo the poet's praife, 
Ifgrral /limlloind iheiimeful Nine 
Join in ibc piece, and malie rhe vinA divine. 

Firll, foryour bcMaprnpcr Saiioofind, 10 

Thai'.leot'il about, and Ihtiler'd from the VFind, 

Nnr Dieep, norgoatj, mafl piftuie new tlirir llom. 
To tramplt imdf r foot the fpHngiiip flowurs; if 
N(ir tnlkine heiferi bound nbnut the place. 
TofpurnihcdewdrnpfufF and bruifclhcrifinf; graft; 
Nnr niuft the liiard'e paifitcd brotii Appear, 
K<ir woodpecks nor the fwallow.lurhour near; 
They wiQe (he fwarnis, anr], a; ihey fly along, lO 
Convey the tender mOrfel. t" thtir yourg. 

Le'purlingflreaiiiii,iiidfountain?.[il^' d-w'wViTMfe, 
^Dd/laWowriliitun trkkUnglhio' vVe iv*^*! 


Let brandling ulirti o'er ilie fanimin n 
Or |iiilm> lliunc u)i, ami Hudi the DreMU 
'l*h>t whrii the youth, kd by their |>ritiQi 
The iTnwi!«l hi<e, mi<1 fpiTt i[ ut (hcAu 
Bffrclliing If riugi maj untpt 'cm buiai 
Aui} fhxly cnieni yiilil « n>al tctKU. 

Whctho- the flcighti'iing waiet (Lmlt 
l.iy iwi^ BtToft, aiiJ hii>l|{t ito'(r«ith 
Thai iS mugh tlurmt or foddcn bUfii of ( 
Slimilddip, DiroitiTlhiirelhlt 

AnA dry their reeking pinions « thrifnn.' 
Plant (lithe flow'ry b^nkiwhh [■•eado) 

With llnre nf fav'ry Tccnl ihelragfantiijl^ 

LclrunoingbetoDytheficldo'etrpMad, < 

And founiunt folk the viulci'idewy boL. 

Tho' baihi Dr plaited n-illowtimk* yet 

For tolda congeal and Sitett the Uqnor* a\ 
1'hc bee>, »{ bulh euremei alike ifnid, 
Their wax aruund the whittling ttMnieil 
And Tuck uul clnRimy dewi. frniii herbs an 
To ftnear the chinks, and pin Act up thr po 
For tliit tJicy hoard up gUw, whafe cljngli 
Like pilch or birdilmchang in ftringyrop 
7'hry eft', 'Li> raid, ia dtrk rctimnentt da 
M(i work in fubui(Mieoui4»i«\\«\t tri& 





rock., o.mateatree their hi 


il their chiak; loilginns round 

1 with mad. 

1 iiii)« thinly oa your woA br 


baleful yew-tree flnurifli ncai 


1 marfiwifcnd out ftcimsr.f rr 

-, [ 

lpc^lb^g^o« red.atidctafkk 

in the fire, 3 



ng rock* the Joubiedvoitcrel 

3Dund. 6a 


1 nder world i,i fcii'd wltbcold , 


.flijrht. I- 

hro'won.1.andfn.ta^iakr their flight; J 

, and lightly ibim tij 

il brook, and fip theruDningflrEim ! 
hcyfecdtheiryQunEwithllraoce delight i 

nn high you fee the beea rt^pair, ~i 

hewindthro'dlftanttrafliiofair. JO J- 
hufc. 7 

id fre(h flam* ihe^r chufe, 1 
d common honeyrocklCT braiTc, 
(ICDD their hives the fragrant Jniei 
TelTcli beat ■ tinkling fniuid, 
the eymbiti of the goddefs round; 
iUhaftilyrctresit, uidfiU 
refounding hollow of their cell. 
wo rival king> their rigtvl de\>M.t, 
15 and tabals coibroil th; ftau. 

■"'■«. »ir '■* "" *' (., , . ^ 

'" ifo,)rt, 

The kings JTc diffVcoi ; one of better note, "t 
All fpcck'dwith gold, and many a (hiningrpot, >■ 
i.Dokiga)r,aDdglLllcn5inigildedrratI UoJ , 

Bntlose of eiTe jndDoihin odc prevail!, 
1'hat fcarce lii: hanging piunch behind bim Iraila- 
7'hr: penpie'j looki arc dilTrcnl at ihcir kings ; 
Some fparklc bright, and frlitftr in their wings; 
Others look loithfoiiic and difc«<'d with floth, "1 
Like a faint traveller, whole diidy mouih 1 1 A > 
Ornw^dry with heat, and fpict a maukiOi froth. J 


From their o'erflowing domlji you '11 often pteft 
Pure lufcinus fweett tliat, mingling rn the ghiDi, I lO 
Corred the harlhnef. of the racy juice. 
And a rich flavour thrn' the wine dilfufc : 
But when they fport ahtoad and rove from home. 
And leave the cooling hile, and guil ih' unfinilh'd 
Their airy ramblinRs are with cafe confin'd ; [comb, 
Cligi their kings' wing a, and if they (lay beliind Ii5 
No bold ufurper darei in rade (heir right. 
Nut foHiida march, nor give the fign fur flight. 
Let flow'ty hanki entice 'em to their eelh, 
And gardeDn all perfuni'd with native fmella, IJ3 
Where carv'd Priapus ha> hil Bl'd abode. 
The robhcr'i terroUr, »nd the fcarecrow goJ. 
Wild thyme and pine-creet from theii' barren hill 
TranfpUnt, and nurfe 'em in the neighb'ting foil ; 
Set fruit- lr«) round, nore'ei inilvi\^ci.ti') ftwV.,Vi,v 
Jiac d-jfer 'cm, and urge thcii ftiaA-j f;Hl■«^^^- 

And how the thirfly pUat driaiHiHWifj 
^Vhat with a chcerfnl green doii ftMJ^^ 
And wrhhet the belly in^r cacamhtr «Miig 
Nur would I pafs the foft acanthnto'cTt 
1 vy nor myrtlc'trtei, that love the fliore; 
Nor diifTodiU, that late from earth's flow 
IJ 11 rumple tlieir fwoln buds, and (how i. 
For cncc I faw in the Tarentine vale, 
^Vht:re flow Galcfus drcncht the wafhy fi 
An <>ld Corician yeoman, who had got 
A few neglefted acres to his lot, 
Where neither corn nor pailure graeM th 
Nor would the vine her purple harvefl yi 
But fav'ry herbs among the thorns were 
Vervain and poppy-flow*rs hiH garden cr 


jHe >hcn WooU prune (he lend'rell of hi. treaB, 
IT Chide ihe lite fprioR atiJ ling'ring weiirrn bteere; 
Hit bcci arfi (wirm'd, and mule hi« vdTda foam 
With the richfquctzingaf the juicy comb, 
Heie lindoneand thefappy pine increu'd ; i ;C 

Here, wheii gay flow'ro his fmiling srcharddtefb'd, 
Ab many bloffiiinii a> the fpriog could Jliow, 
So nizay dangling apples nidlaw'd on [he bough. 
In rows hie elms and Icnott; peai-treet bloom, 
Aod thorns ennobled now to braraplum, 17] 

And fpreadinK plane-trM', where, fupinely liid, 
He now en joyslhc cool, and rjuaffi beneath the fliade 

And leave fui future poets to rceite. 

Now I'll proeeed Iheir natures lo declare, iSc 
Which Jove himfelf did on the beci confer; 
Btcaufe, invited by the timbrel '» found, "l 

Iriidg'd in a cave th' almighty babe ihey found, > 
And the youD[c f-od nurs'd kindly under ground. J 

Of all the wing'd inhabitant! of air iSj 

Thefe only make iheir ynung the pubh'ck care; 
In weil-difpos'd focietie.. ihey li.e. 
And law> and ftKatei Te];uliie their hi*a, 
Ner fltay, like others, unconin'd abroad, 
Bviknow fet ftatioDi, and afii'dabode: 
Each, provident of cold, in fummer flies 
Thro' fields and wooda, to frekfor newfuppli 
And in the commos Hock uoladct his thighs. 



icvrtichihefoud, romr in ih( mrntowiply. 

:v'rir dud. init luck tacfa hlaSamirf( 
tclUaUiaRie, »iha 

D^-cr N'UilIui' cLimit>7 itkii wiib g^iiD, 

■11 gciiiiiii1w<»k n[ ibe galJcu cninbi J 
licy fmimi iLcit wlicn wuibi, and tsile 
iw fiikrick ..n il> glewy bafs. «« 

l< cducite (hr youBK, "W huteh th« f»rii 
Bih viitlu.irmtii, mil future luuiuiubtccdi 
■ilfl othcmhickcn all tbt. flimy devt, 
I into piiitft liiincy work thejniM. 
n fill thchultcwiarihccunib, taJrwcU vf 
h lulcinus otA V ei'ry fluwiiDC (ell. 
llHtD* [hsy wiieil, by lurnioiih curious ejTM T 
■Tty rli« he*"'"*, »ik1 re*Khiht cluud<0 flcics, ( 
I fjiidixii breeding fteivi, indteU Mhaitcoff 
I pclUrifei J 

[turns ihEjurc the lDjiJtnfw4Ttn<. or dtito «i» 
Icdruue. alaayinrtft, frum iticirhivc, 
^ wruk II wxmly ply'd ihro' all tkc iclli, 
iilftronewiihihi'tnciln' iiew-ini>i( honey fnctbi 
Sain rheirciiv<*(h« brawny CyslopiWnt, "1 
heu witli huge Aiokct the Hubborp wedge ihcjr f 
I btat, alj f 

U ill til' uiilliiiiKn thnnilcrliuil ctiRiplele; ^ 

■a^Hiy ihtir hamn.cri rife and fall, 
iS (Jiiping iME>iurn round the gloviag ball| 
'Jl pUjBr.jf btlliiwi Cotnc the ftimetm'i-.tAtj 

11 walcri diy rboKiffis-^ni*.^^'* iim- 


Thtirlieittn anvils drradfuUy refitund. 
And ^(nsnii1t» alla'cr and ihundcrs nndGrgrsuntt, 
lhus,i{ great ihingiwc amy with fmall tompare, 
The bufyTvinn their d JT' rent libounlh^c; 
DeCreof profit nrgeiBlldegrees; lij 

The sged iiJtiS>, hy experience »ife. 


V ry pan 

And (hape the waitr fret-work nut wiih art 
The young at night, retaining from theit (oi 
Bring home their thigbn clogg'd with the mi 
Or. U«rdcr and faffron hu6i they feed, 
On betiding nfien and the balmy reed; 
From purple Tiolet^indtheleile they bring 
Their g.ithtr'd fwetn, and rifle all the fining 

All wnrb cngeiher, allto^ihei reil: 
The morningllill renew*^ (heir labnurt pad ; 
Then all rulh out. their diff'iini la&ii purfne 
Sit on the hluem, and fuck ths rip'nittg dei 
Again, when cv'nlng war(i<i 'em ta their hami 
Wiihweaiywingi-and hcaiy thigh t they i 
AadcrowilabDDl the dii nk,and mbi adni wfyh i 
Into their cells at length they gently creep, 
There all ihcnlght their peaceful (bition keep. 
Wrapt up in Clence, and dilTolT'd io Deep. 
None rmge ^road when windi and ftormi arc 
Nor truft their bndiei to afailhlef) fty. 
But make fmalljoumTeB with a careful wing, 
And dj to water at a neighb'iuk^ [^nv^\ 


9^ Iff a 

' ri» thm mar 

V^'j*: »^iM «tt HywVMkcr jfi ^f^ 

N •' w *.%c caeir I'ftrie* in Imarin 

'i-. ; ;. J. .* -< M'?£k:ttT iniiDttiBi 

V.'c : -.. ,: ,.r:.^ v^-uv^ wichoutamotlieff 

r ■.-. i » ; . . : .• .i. .*.oi* r* :htf v puk each tci 

•■ . ' it>. :*.;< chvu" V ut fubjtfi^s and c 

^ ^.;. ... ^-.^v. J . v^ rrirfr ftatr, 

". *c% '- ■ ** i\-"!ki;-cion.i*lor the icfui 

■- • .-..vt* . .• "^^i: •. u.-ric*, a>thcy fl 
\* ■ ■ > :^<"* :,"A? :>.-.: ilAcn wing*, « 
V ■ r.» * ".; -.-^ be ;: : a: >. : h< . r now 'n- lodd. 
- ■* v-\ cin :in i::iVd fire. 


They Wafle their honev> and their combt dchv 
And wild confulinn reigniin ev'ry place. 
Him all admire, all ihe grew guirdidn own, 
And ciDwd about hi«court>, *n6 hux abaui hi' thn 
Ofl'«j [heir bicki their wcHrypiincethe^bi 
Oft' in his Eaufe embattled in the air, 
Furfiie a glorious death in wnunds and w 

Some from fuchidftanct.' as ihcfc have taught ilij 
The beet' eitraSiihesv'nly; for ihey thought 
The uni verfe alive; and that a foul, 
DJffu'M throughout the marttr nf the whole. 
To all the van unbounded frame wu ^iveii, 
.-^Jld ran thro' earth, and air, and Tea, and A\ the 
deepof heav'n; i';n 

That ihi> firfl kindled life in man and beafl. 
Life thit again flowi into thii at laCt ; 
" That no compounded animal could die, ~f 

" Bm when dilTolv'd the fpirit mounted high, > 
" Dwelt in a^ar, an^ fettled in the Iky." lyt ) 
Whene'er their balmy fwecisyou mean to feiie. 
And take the liquid bboura af the bee!. 
Spirt draught! of water from your mouth, and drive 
A ioathfome cloud of fmoke amidA their hive. 

Twice in the year their flow'iy toils begin, 300 
And twice they (etch their dewy harvelt in ; 
Once when the lovely Pleiades arife. 
And add frelh luftre to the lummel Ikies, 
And onct when, hltl'llio(^flom^.^^t■v^lv■l'^t7J>, 
'/'ficj- quit their ftation , and kAtii wi 'Kvat- 


ai6 T»*f»ii.*Tro»». 

Thc1>e" tt* prone 10 rage, and ofad 
To pcrifh Fur revcagt;, and die vpoa d( 
Thtir Teimm'ii (ling produces jthtog p 
Anil fwolt'lhefltth, and (hoots amqeg- 
U'hin GrQ It cold hud wioCer'jiaoitTr 
AndihrrarcndeWlior hminr totheirl 
C:in Kiove fauriHtriDdproTokcyonri 
Frcfh bucnioi; thvinc btfon their ccUii 
And cut thcit dty and huOc^ wax »w»y 
For afCen lizintl (dze the lordoos IjioB 
Ordronei, thatriist on ^nnlher'stoirs; 
Oft' broodiofmotbiiiifcft thchiiagrf I 
And oft' the furtoatmTp their hi*aBla 
Wiih louder h ami, and with-ODC^oat « 
Or eire the fpiJer it the entr'aocelEa. 
Her roam, and TpiiiA her bowcb iolo d< 
When ficknels tcif^ta (for they at wt 
Feel iU A' effeSi of frail mortality) 
By certain markt the new difcaTc it feel 
Their colour thanget, and their look* a 
Their fun'ral rite> are form'd, and evV 
Wiih grief attends the fad folemnity j 
The few difeas'd furviiers hang before 
Their ficUy eelln, and droop about the 
Or Oowly in theit hives their liniba unl 
Shrank up with hunger, and benumb'd 
In drawlinn humi t^ie [ee^\e\iit«a.»%r 
AaA doleful buizu ethot^iro' iiitttii 





nindt [hit foftly murinur thro' the trees, 





' Uyirelh hooey near their empty rooms, 



on^hxif hollow rti 

Ida, whilll frying gumi, 


leund a fragrant m 



i kindly tcinpt the farai^i'd fwum to cat , 



gently reconcile 'ei 

in to their men 


juice of galla and w 

in*, that grow in time 

Condcn.M by fire, and thicken w . flimt ; 


licfcdryMrtifei, thyme, and ccnfry.join. 



lie FfychiaB viae. 


ileCdes, thtregraws; 

1 fluw'r iu ffiarOiy ground, , 


itae Ameltuj, esTy i 

lobe found; 




I'be fprautin;; flalk, and Oie^Ttitfelfin<; 

The Buw't icfelf i« of a gnldcn hue, 3 ; o 

IIk IcaKainclioiiip to* darker blue; 

The leave! jhoot thkk about the Sow'r, ami grow 

latoabuOk.andfliidetheturfbeloiT; ' 

Th; plant in bnly gH^asdi nfien iwinei 

The altai'spofta, aod beautifies the fhtinca; 55 5 

Tm <b«rp: ioideiliew-'fiioiiiitgtOWI,. 

Where Mella'tllreun in wat'ryaiaBe(&aw>{. 

T*]cepIciuyofit)raott,andbitil^a«,welt . 

In wine, aod heap em up before lbs oM. 

But if die whole Jtockfaii, and nshe furvWe, 3611 
To tuft new people and recruit the liiTc, 


Tint rprtiJ it- ■' ■ - ' 'i^^H 

And (wain ' '^^1 

!o ihi' lull pndicc aU thrir hope i^^^H 

Firlt, then. 3 cli>fe lanuifiedQi^^H 
With (UiitcD'^wjliiBiidlvn'-bBili^^H 
A Du mw Oic] viDf light <* Hon siq^^H 
Tuall tSF<iuiirltr#.oiieni(<)ei7iii^^^| 
Tbri)' thcfr The gliBcinK "yi o^li^^^H 
HiiiiCFtKcy lead a buH ihii '■ yoa^^^H 

Anil lhii)ii:« ike comiily tcrraain>ti«^^^H 

They lOMzla up. and beat huiiRit^^^| 
Vith riolcaeetolifeuiiiQiQingji^^^l 
He llicgt and tpntns, ui6 irin ro MHH 
Ulud heavy blouvsldl ibick on cvsiyBdktl 
I'll bh bniii-d b»wrl> bui 11 wilhin ihe hi. 
VTlCD (ieiJ,riny le«c him rutting on the 

kiMilnncnrlim Grd riie treftvii brccic 
• ihd ycir. Hid rniooths llw rroaliteil reus, 
■he tluitMng fwillnw 1iuilil> her ncit, 
Or ScMiin Sjiringt'iembriridrryin dirll. 
Mnn-whlkthciaintntjuifi: frn»nit(«irhin, 
ATirl<|uickeiu(>it WntEt: in d now trt fcen 
Awnni)rni»rivann, ih4i n'er the orufa (nwli, ' 
Ol Hupcltli, rude, unfinUli'il inlimlii. 
No li-|;*n firA ib< inrcft'n wrijrht ruQsin, 
Ai length It mimaJia DC W' made Umbt with puin. 
Now Itrlkciihc lir With i|ui*'rinf wii]£t,aiid uti 
To l!fi ill hiiily up.andlcimita rl&i 4 

Niiw bandiDjc [hiDJimand itild«d winfi it wain 
Full itrinvn, ind dl the bi« It Icnjrih ajipnri : 
Prom every £de tht (ruiilul cxreafu pniin 
IlifwirmiaitbcDod ■■ thick aitnmmer'ihow'rt, (i 
Or AiKhti(irMTi»nJinniih< Pinhiaii bnwi, 
Whtii twuiKbgflritiei firfl flinnt 'cm <>d the (r 

ThiiPi htvt t futig the luniro til the bee. 
While Cafir, rmr'rhiic ii. iliviRirT, 
t'he frtghied IdiViiu tvith bi> thmnltr «w'd, 
And fhiim'dtbcic homif^, iitid cooimniE'd ■ god 1^ 
I flnunai'dkU rhearhils in anioffnec. 
Retii'd and IhclRr'd in in)>lnr>ini>eBfa; 
t whii tiWore the fongi of IntphetiU made, 
Wlitrn gxy nn.1 fou'-it my riinl Uyi I pUyM, 
Aii'l f"i niv riiynit hennth }ii« fhiidp. 


l.n\T in theghiniTijhoFTODriBf the night 
We firuck itfian (he CDaA wbcre JEtaii lie*, 
Mccridaml waftr, iii c oTrails frauf^ht with lii 
Thai noirciOinul dirk fumca and pitchy cL 
Xi^ fhnw'n of oDies hov'ring in (hefmekc; 
Nsv bclchc* ninltcs ftanct and mddy flame 
Inccn&'ii, ort«rtDp niQU(itun«by the isots, 
Oi niiigsabrukrn mckaliift in nir: 
'I'lic baliDBi -work] Vfitb rmother'd fire, idvoIt'A 
[n pcdilentisl vB{<ODn, (lendi, and fnioke. 

TiiEtldlhatthunderflruekEnuluIus, I 

G ro v' lling-ben c aih ih'tnctunbm cmeiuntaio'swcighi, 
I .iiB ftretcli'd fipjwne, eternal prty of flinici, 
AikI when he heives vg^ofk the battiHig loid, 
Kcluaant, tu inveri bis broiling limbs, 15 

A Tiirlden ennhquake (hootj thru' xll the iBe, 
And ^thithundtri dreadful under grouHd, 
Then poutsouifmnkein wreathing curls conWy'ri, 
And niade« the fiui'i bright orb, and blociouidiy. 

Heie in the fhelter of the wnoils wc lodg'd, lO 
An,I Frighted, heard llraDge fouadi and difmal yell), 
Nut (iff from whence thty came ; for all the night 
A muiky ftormdccp louring o'er our heads 


OppoaMSircIftnCyiilhti'ii diver Tiy, 
Ami niadcrf ill beneath, liut now (he fun 
Wiih Of lent bearoihsd chii'd the dewy niglit 
rrnm tarih tnd h«v'n; all Nature Boa I dircioi'c 
When lonkiii^ on the neighb'ring vrooii ■ we law 
The ghiltly wtfige of - """ '•-i""-«^ 
An uncouth (uture, wild ; 


Hit in hia kxAt, his li srn 

With aurki of iwnii: Itcfs ; 

HidtKltiwcntangli irird 

Matfcd with filth; in all thinRteliea ireck. 
lie lirll sdvancM in hade; but when hefaw (I 

rt. he back rteoii'd 
recrn'rinfrfpoed, h 

" liy rhti^ood light, r 

dritn canhqujke (hootsft 
ind ./Etna itiundcn dreadful^ 
hen pours nuL finiihe in vnm^ 
.nd Ihidts the fun's btii>hti 
Herein the flieltcr of ihc 
.nil frighlfd, heard It range I 

31 Taw fron 
Biky ftun 


■nihhiitn 'IwUp'Jlkt hlonil, 

.l.ri>.0.(l,.l-.-.r,r«.thllh. »0 


nil"; high mououlnt'wp^ 
[t'bitclin^ "'• 

" Whdui'd unilcr Tcaii K<'l»thmuA1>cmy di 
" J.ct man mfHH it, and I die well pica 

He endtd here, »nd nuw, [Tofufe a 
In luppliint DiiMd feU proilrate n our feet : 55 

V/c bade him Tpcak from whence, and what he war. 
And how by ftreC* of Fortune fiink Ih ii low. 
Anchirn, loo, with friendly afpeA mild 
Gave him hi«hartd,rure pledge of amity; 
M'hcn. ihmeBCoarag'd, he began hiatal*. fie 

" [ 'm OBG'," (lyB he, " of poor defcent, my nune 
" h AchataenuleB, my couolry Greece, 
■- L'lyfTi:)' fad compeer, who, whilQ he Bed 
'- ■l■^e raging Cjtlopa, leftmt here behind 
" Diaonfnlate, forlorn ; within the care ts 

" He left me, Giant Pol yph erne's dark care; 
■■ A dungeon wide md hetrible, the -wall* 
" tin all rideifurT'd with mouldy damps, and liung 
■' With bIdH olropy gore, and human limbs, 
" Hisdirerepart: himfeK of mighty file, 7* 

" Hnarie in hie voice, aid in hie vifjgegrim, 
- Intradtable, that riots on the ficlh 
'■ or mortal men, and fwilli the vita! blood. 
" Him did 1 rct^rnalch up with liurtid gral'p 
" fwo (prawling Grctln, in eitherhand a man; jj 
" [ fjw him whenwithhuj^ienipefluous fway 
" He dj(h'd and hroke 'em on the grundlil eilgs; 
" I'hL-pavementfwam IB blood, the wdltMouad 

*' Werefpatttr-Jo'tr withbtains : he l.p'd ihc hlond, 

•■ AndchewM che tender BcSb ftill warm withlife. Ho 

" Thit fweU'd and heav'd iifclf aniidfl hit teeth 

" AstenCble of pain. Not lefi, mean-while, 

" Ourchiff inceni'd.and {ladiousnf revenge, 

■' Plots hi) deUruflion, which he thus cffcaa : 

*' The giant, g-irgM with fleDi, and wine, and hlooil, 

" Lay lltctch'd si length and rnoring in his den, t<6 

" Bfichiag law golibeti fiam his maw, o'ercharg'd 

" With pnrple wini: and criiddlcd gore coafub'd : 

• ■ Wc giiliei'd round, and to hi> (ingle eye, 

" The Gnglceyethatin hisfoteheid glir'd 90 

" Like a full moon, or a brnid hurniOi'd fliield, 

" Aforkyftaffwedtifrauayapply'd, 

" Which in the fpciousfocket rarning round, 

*' Scoap'd out the big round gelly from its orb. 

"But let meDotthDiinteipoTedeUys: 9J 

" Fly, MorUilsI fly (hii cun'd delffted race j 

" A hundred of the fame fluprndou^GK, 

" A buodred Cydopi lite among the hill), 

*' Giganiick brotherhood, that lUlk along 

" With horrid (Iridet o'er the high mountains' lop;, 

" Enomioutin their gaii; I oft' have heard icl 

*' rhcit voice and tread, oft' feen 'em as they psfl, 

" Eculking and fcowring down, half dead w-ith frsr. 

" Thricehasthe moon waBi'd all her orb in light, 

" I'lirice cnveU'd o'er, in her obfture fujourn, ic j 

■>"J»U!,-J.„ J, ™ ""■■"■'■"J. 
Scarce r«c),« . ,.■ '"P^"" "« 

Am..-,,k,i' ;■;;""""""""'•• 


Roui'J niih the found, the mighty finiil/ 
0[ nnc-ey'tl brother* hiftFii lathe Ihon:, 
And ([»lher found the lieltnwing Pntyphemt, 
A dire ifTcmbli ! wc wiik eBficr haAe 
Work cv'ry one, and (lOtn nfir behold 
A hoft of ftimt. cover-— -" •'■- "■-- 

Adnnc'tf to mighty or 

Heinffom ihtliHnil ridn 

The hollow murmui) jlow 

Amldfl (he buufha. a 'cc> 

A Haiely prol'pi-ifl, waving in the cloudi. 


TiiELifcofLhc Amhor, 

■|o the Right Hun. the Earl of W^ruibk, «■=. 

To Mr. Vryieti, if 

An account of the greattftEnglilh ?neli. To 

Mr. Henry Sjchcvertll, ju 

To the Rli;ht Hon. Sirjolm SnniEri, Lord Keeper 

of iKeGrntSeil, jS 

To ih.- Kir.e, 37 

To Sit Godfrey Kneller.tmhitpiauce of ihe King, «5 
To her Royal Hlgtineri the PtiMthol Walsi, 

with the Tragedy of Cato, S<n. 1714, 4f 

A Sntij; for ^t. Cectli»"s day at Oxford, ^ I 

Tilt Campaign, a poem. To his Grace the Duke 

of Marlbmough, ]4 

]., ttera Scrltta d'hilia al Mollo OnoraliiU Carol. 

Cniite H.ll,fM, 
Thr fame, in Engliih, 
rrolDf^uc to l'h;edra and Hlppnlitus, 
rnlogueinThe Tender Hufbiod, 
jfjniuguc ID The Britifh Ench:iMaa, 

" I 

88 I 
» I 

Hcnnrtliranio viio Csrolo MooltgH. Armigcro, 

Scacchuii CKntellirio, W*. 
Pij GuIicliDi «ufplctt Kulopa nddiO, iSjr. 
Utroniiiri dcfcriptio, i 

n^iLH^'-T-fiUfiaV. fr«C PmUumiutir fj^- 

iBswel arueicniHmlOium, ' l 

KcfuiTc^inUcliuUUailAltsreCid.MagiiOion i 

Ad 11. D. HinireK, ialigiuaimaBi Mldicuni et 








m 1». rh 

. BurncMoni 





ns Aua 

"■"• ' 


om Ovi.r 





> flllff. (r 

■Ir«t, I 





f.T,ftgUi.i.i5, 1 

Tnuthll™.', 1 

„"""" all';;' *■'■»"■; r,. 


1 rilia Lltr ^ a IcmiuU.U<^ 

^ '/ 


EPlt. I LES, 

life. iSfc, IS'c. 


Suritrile or Joy alike to ytrhl 
'Miy various artful Mufc wai ma<te( 
Tki (licfK the warriour for the flelJ^ 
Or paint the lover in bit lha(le.—»~ 

Such force fair Virtue doet impart 
By thee preicntvil to our view, 
It moves Aud melta each (luhbora heart; 
Her brlghtneft cannot (juilc fubdue.— — 

Would Ate once more ber tkiet forfakc 
NVhal other feature* could flic cbufc, 
'^^'hat f-iircr f.irai the Ro<Ulcfi take, 
'lo hlcfs mankind ihan from thy Mufef 


ImScEtllcni pot 

WK llfj; OF 

as denccndsd from an anticm 
Jlif in DevonBiiii, which had [or nranyageimniJe 
try good Sgiircin tint counry, and -nifltrown by 
iiumeorrheRDWCinfl.ani'btrtDWR. Alr.RoXri: 
Id trace hiiuicFJtcira in a direifl line up to The ttinct 
hi Holy War, in which onr of thsm To liiflin- 
ibcd himfelt that at hia relurn he had tJie arms 
tn him which the family his bornt ewt fmcc, that 
ng in [hofedayf all ihc rctfnrd of niilltery virtue, 
:,f bluod fpilt ifttliofe expcdltiolw. 
Prom that lime dowirward to Mr. Rowc'd fiitlitr 
family hL'lnok dienifjlves lo tht (rngal niaiingi'- 

a country lifv. Having a handfcmc cttaw, liicr 
;d beyond the fcu of warn iwreadidfetrty. In all 
: changes of piTernment they are faid to have ever 
oed towards the fide of publiek liberty, and in that 
iied GtuBiion d life have bchHd tvith ^ief and 
leemlhemanyener oaehments thatha ve bc( n made. 
it from time to time. 

Our Anthor'E father wai die 6r(l of hia family wh^> 
uiged a country life foi a liberal profcffion j in or~ 
r to which after he had pafled through the fcIuioI~ 
home he was brought up to [.ondoD, andenteicd 
jtdeni in the Middle Temple, was caLUiitet\u;.\Ai, 

April it^ Ha— i l W 


fcnc K that dH^wfe^a^^i^^dai 

>S73*. K; tagm bii tAttitiem tt » fp 
■ur (Jmc ', L'. H ^gh^tc: = e c the ti£c kc lb 

£= i: =rt CI IT.; Etannii Dr. Brf»j cf V 
£±<ioI, vhn- ibout t!ie ige of tnWe ji 
. ff.^-- .—- ri'^f Kw'i-tctmlart. Bc&ife 
^ » -^ .-^ Giett !.o?Ti2En be ha^ B 
■T.;^'.- ;c3£.=cacT in t>t Hefire" ; bet p™ 


^t/M"*'*JW"^*"^ cspifei of verres upnn lonDu; Cuh- 

' 'Jatbta^ in Gred iiHl LatxD, andfomeinEnglini. 

^vlMdiweiemnchadiiiiied, anil the more Tabecaufe 

ihjij.HtiHiiiiil Iwiltif lifiiiilil,. iiiiUi 1 

. tajlap^m hi« imaguiac'ion ai (all as from his pen. 
. . Hb.fatbcr, who (Mgnctl him for his own profcf- 
fioB, took kim from WclimmitrT fchobl nhcn abouB 
£Ble«li7eu*pf ip, ind iMiUredhim alhident In [he 
' Middle Temple, whenof he himfelfwasi member, 
thath^Aiighcbsnltim ulider hi> imirediite care snd 
iafiiiiAioD. Beingeipable of uij pnrtofliiiDwlcdga 
tO'Wkick h( tboit^ proper to applf, he made very 
rctiurk>Ue idTsnm.iD the flady of the law, and v/m 
BOt content to know it as a i^lledion of UatQlcs or 
cuRomsODlyibutulfjifLfm founded upon right rea- 
fim.andcaknUtedforthcguodof mankind. Being call- 
ed Co the bat he promiC^d as fair to raike a figure in 
that profi-lTioii asanyofhiacaDtemporarieSjiflhclove 
of the tilUt lellm, and poetry io parlioilar, had not 
flopped him in hi> career. To him ihere appc^ired 
pore eharmsinEuripide^, Sophocles, and .^fthilu*, 
than in allihe record* of Ai.liquity, and when he cami; 
todifccrn the beauties of Shakefpeare and Miknn his 
foul was captivated beyond rccoTCiy, and he began 
to think with contempt of all other esccellcncieen bitt 
put in the balance with the cncliantinenM oi pottry 
ind genius. 
. Mr. Rows had the tuft qnBaBi^^^^'''^'^t^'* 

:nllu:Miirqilhof Hartingtor. "Thig-wit 
" the tragtdy spon iMlldi Mp. Rowe valoed Um< 

" feir mod'." faya Mr. Wdwood. " In ii," ccmi- 
niu:! the fame gentleman, " he aimed at a paraUtl 
" bctnrcn tbe lAtc King Willxam and Tamciiinc, 
" and alfo Bajkztl and'a monarch who is fincc dead. 
" Thu glotio'in snibuioD in Tamerlane to breal; di: 
" thiintorenllavcdiiitions, anillofrt mankind fn* 
" from the en cronchmcnts of Uwlcfs power, are painl' 
" cd in tiiE nutU livtly u well as the luoA anii^le 
mn. On the {rfJttr fide hirnianinT of introdu- 

cing on the ftage a prin« whofc chief niti 

; to poficrity hy that h: 
" rniD he fcaticrs through the world, are all drawn 
" with thai pomp of boirour and dcteliation whicll 
" fueh monftrousaiftiorndeferTe. Andllncc noihiiE 
'■ could be more calcuUtedforraiCng in the minds nf 

piicl.ui' liiHI^ige; intlililKlkliffrL Is more exsfily irmMt 

cimiiik.-a Ihc di^nitiTof riiB Higr mmc, norciip«aed gnus 
illfilaiil jItllcintroiiuaiallprtlKpilltomlnics. 
• A piBiical E«llU^ lo juncd w he wu lo the hiB\ie(t dtsm 

iicii be fingutorif d^igliEiid .vfith 
ivliiili ilic IbappielTefla prUk Binne«IJtt» . 
tL);ui;li:-i: ly tlw vlev trl^n he liU rf eoucblnr ui! iif ilicib t«0 ptIifccJ tSotc orWilUala I 


~ t^(^ fcrTniH rf 

»BttwpJr,iT<mtiUiie, appevc^ bi 17C1, 
u Um ihcMMta-t iai»lp'«-ln»i-KtM«, ud 

Wbnher th|f ubftrntitiia h wtfl Iboidal wi 

w ftr^ctdt in tka mvU, Ua lEnttanenti 
Id Ut UiiEui(c'd<fuit. — ft lui ben odi obftrved 

_ « yKue. Mto^Bl whk in the ItocU dutki of Ufc. uid I 

8'iniiiiil >iiil iiiitilnrrillinr iifTili riiimtn 1 llut 111* Mule wu 

^ - ' " I vfiti^ nUdi ^(b 

I. .'fkaslilWttlBf iBfhcinta 
fc— mcacTimTPiaMBrf nHMlMtrtte^ m e, ndcprccli- 
Li^ iMi«f la thcmAJm Ocnd. JlB Kit AeMt wander thic 
!>''lt'aWkncdtUiniSewllbMp(a(1lDcewc.itetS(ind'ttiU hi 

' Ui onBiurjr cDaTenUlm', wtien bb nfrtb tod bmour enU- 
; Tcned the wbole com[uny, he uTcd to ciprea Ui dUTatiific- 
t tlODhl'tlKfeTeTeftiBinneriBktnftinTthlngthithxikedtliiC 
vnj. OntheDthcrbardibelngmucbcouvci^tUithe&i^rfd 
vIl[iD£>, IILiDbri;rviblcth>Itoiilrethehlgheft Idiiiorvir: 
tiK bchai with grcAt ArCT^nfcveratorhUtiigediet, made ufe 
of thoTc eipielTioni and metiphon In Ihem that tafte melt nl 

otbs wiJtingt i to whIchThe Epigram on i Lliy whoihcd )ici 
Water at ftdng the Trienly of Cito may perhipi be thought 
■d exception. In which we Bnd (hefe linnj 




«ould be apt 111. 

ICL-d to CDddUl 



MtLOvlom tloJi 








"ihs iraKuly BpunlnMildi Mr. Rowc Habrd hiai- 
" r.;lf m.,ft •," fays M(. WelwooJ. " In i:.'" coiill- 
i!!ii'. til', bmc gcntlcni^n, " he linici] at a parallel 
*- !'Ltti(''ji! the Ucc King William and Tamerlane, 
" a:iJL.[fa Bjjizttands monarch Who is fince dead. 
" 'I'hu {^lorio'ui ambilion in TBHieclaac to break cte 
'■ ihains o( enHaved DBtiona, and to ftt mankindfrcc 
''Immihe encroachments of lawlefs power, arc paint- 
■' cd in the nwft lively » well u the iiio9 uuiable 
"«iloQn. On tlieotfictridehfoniaoner of introdu- 
" ring ou the fligea'pftademhofe chief aim is coper ■ 
" petuaie (lie niinic to jioftrrilj hj that haTuck sad 
" mill' hc-fcaiteta throueh the worid, ate aH drawn 
f ' vfith tiiat pump of hoirow and dcteflation'Which 
" fiidi rM onftrou a aift ions defers E. AndGncendthtn^ 
'' coiililhe morccalcuUceilforriiJfiiiginthe miiidiof 

piici.uriiiatiisFl aiHl.lmiliaiKn fs mm exiAly dutnuick 

coii'\ikcd the dt^r^EiygrtUa t^>«emQJe, nor ei[[tj«aeiifliiuts 

Tamovljiu.- »n(! rsja ?« J and thli pleafiiri btr jme raquifitay 
fYiir/JlL'.-.; Iiytlie vrWwMCh lie hid of cnucliBifcuiWerthi: 
W.jw<';tni uf tli.-fe twn prtticcs Vn'^': tf 'R'Minl III. and 

** die sndience a true'piLfltoli of liberty, aiida jufl ab- 
" horrtnce of Davcty, how thi> play tamt tobi: dil- 
" couraged, next la a prohiliitiaii, rn iJie Iiilcr <nd 
" of Queen Anne's reign, 1 leave it tootheiup giiie 

Thuj far Ur. Welwoorl, who h» COdtavoiircd In 
point not ihe jimilirity of t}ie ehanflrr of 'I'unici'- 
luie to that of King WiUiaoi, though the pimllrl >\p- 
|iarrDt!y halts, biftory afligning ml Otficr ijiinliiic!! 
taTuueilane than tbofc which go Itmard huHiih 
S conqueror. Bui it iru themoilc of ibe limti to 
abuCe X^wii, to tklraA &am nhat wai ituly tin'' 
frtorioui in him, and to deck WilliUn in [he fjii'll' 

iidoelubfm- ■ '^^ 

thui vranloni]' rsiilhcd from Lenii. 11iau|;]] iL is 
(Citiioly truE that TaniErlane coDlaias grander Fen- 
tinienli thaa »ny other uf Mr. Howe's pliyj, yet it 
may be a miller of diTpule vhtLber I'amcrlane 
ought 10 give name to ihe play, for Tamerline i« 
viSoriouiallilBijazcttherulferer. h niayniro bcob' 
fLTved, [hat beCdEs the fate of ihde two mccarchs 
there is like wife contained iiijt the epiibde of Mod cfes 
and Arpifu, which ii of ilTelf liiSideRtly diflrcfcfid 
tomahelhc&lbjedof ulragcijy. The nttenCion i< di- 
verted from the lull of Bnpiel, which ou^ht to bare 
beeti the ni»in defign, and bewildertd in tlie fcrtunes 
vi Ivlancfes and Arpdh, AilbIIi and Eelima. There 
ate in fhori in cliis play e»enls enough for four, and 
in the variety and importuicciifiheniTametlBiie and 
Bi^iiet tnuft be too mnch negleaed. All the charac- 
tcisin jplayihouldbeliibotdinateto the leading one, 
and their hulindt iD the drama fubfetvicnl to pro* hi^fater bet this performance isnottht tragedy 
uf Kaiazct or Tamcrhne only, but likcwifc the tta- 
j>!cic5 of Monefes and Arpafiaj Asalla and Sdima. 
Tjmerlanehasforalong time been performed on) J 
annually on the 4lh and J th of November, in comino- 
moration of the gunpowder treafon and the laniEng 
tf King William in this realm.whcu an occ^nal 
prologue is fpoken. ■ . ,■ -- 

Ini;o3 appeared The TaVf?tivftcM.,wii E™*™"* 
Dcxitrsgedy. It wasaa':iai.'-Ve(.\i':a.U':i^''^'-'a'^'J^'^ 

This u ooe of ths laoft finiibcd perfoimaDces of our 
Auihor.aniii^ecif chemQltpleaCagu le^csru the 
fl»j!e, of which «rtilll'«T>s_ indnmli Jy will long 
keep, polTeinDD, ihi ' aomcClick na- 

ture, the fable inter S°3ge deliriir- 

ful. Thetharaftcco "HWirkcd ; Ho- 

ratio ii the molt an 'i^era, and is lb 

fuftainedoa to ftakc an auawncs very forcibly. In 
thii as in tlt« totma plij' Mt. Rowe it guilty of a. 
niibioTner, fiJrhisCalillit has not thekift claim to be 
ciUcd The Fair Poiilent.wliich would be bet tcrcliaii- 
ged to The Fair Wanton ; for Die difcoveca Oft nni: 
jiangof remar(etiUthclD<l>i^,and.tfiai:fccni4tianr<. 
more fror.i the esttmil dillteft to which Ihe u tl.ui 
cx|fDfed than to any ennipnmlionB of confuenci. sh 
liill loves and dote? on her bale bttnyer. Id ih<'>ch, 
racier Rawe haa been true to tha lex, m dni/inr; 
wnman, asfhe gcncriilly ii, lond of herfeduLfi I u 
hcbasntttdriiKnaPeniKDt- The ch jraStr "f Mr 
icinuisuiicaf thofc wdich the playits obf rvi, 
hatdttlto repreftnt nf ir.y nllitdra-ii, th 
kindofmeanneriin liim, jnmedwithanunrur, lI i 
honefl heart, and a doting fondDefa fur the fjli. i 
one, that is very difficult to lUuflrjiL T jiu i i 
of late betn generally given to perfoiTier5 0'"h t 
moderate- abiiiries, by v.h',ch the ^la-j luff ts \\ 

giaaily, Biid Ak2n 

Imporrant pcrfbnt in Ac drataa, it bdeU'M 

f1< i't,nrprlis[u with cnntcfnpt.bnlMdom oil 
Alt;iitktiiii in rh^ hsiidB of a good a^or ^vnuV 
ihc e) ci uF the andicDce noiwitiiflindiiig the b 
ing Loihaiio and ihc fupcriani dignilji- of Hi 
for [here isfomechingin Altsmontto create Di 
zmil ivork upon dui compaiBDn. 

Mr. Rowe'> neit tragedy Vis UlyfTei, firfl 
idll.c r;c6jriheQneen'> theatre to the Hay 
kit, and dirdicatid to the F^l of Godolf^in. 
pliyisnot alprefent inpulL&ioDaflheRagc, t 
ii3ne:cel1enteunipIeDf conju^ifidclity. Th 
hag bufmcrs, puiCaa, andtragickproprietjr, toi 
Bifad it. 

Ssme yeir (1706) Mr. Howe wrote a com 
three a^s called The Biter : it wt.» performed 
thcalri ia I.incoIn'E-lrn-Fietds, but withont fi 
our Author's genius not lylngtowardi corned)', 
wilbftanding its unfawonrable reception by ihi 
esLcr itii) fa'.d R.O we hintTdfiraa highly delights 
thii piny. 

Our Author's Royal Convert was hroughl 
Eheit dgeirt the 1701, and wasfirftaftcidattbeQ 
lliva;ii' T. if>g Hiiy-Martet, and dedicated to tl: 
rf I-"-.. 1: ., ! hi- tihleofthi! play is taken fror 

Ji:iJ .11111:.^ ojr anceltore. RJiodogure badu 

kighly tragicit, vicious with a mind thai mud Iiavc 
h^D truly bemiiik iCformed to lirtue. 

lolhe I7I4 jppi^ared Jane Shore, uTitlcn in imi- 
UcLoDiiCSlukcfpeare'sayle, liHldacdattbelbc.itrc- 
rDyBl \a Ocury-Lane, sad dedicated to the Duke of 
Qucenlberry and Dover. How Mr. Rnwe could ima- 
gioE that this play IV a& written ai: all in Shakciprart's 

rcfcmLlaiice to chat of 3h The conrJud of 

the defign ii ngiilar, and _ _j:nfe it partaken nuC 

of Shalfafpeare's wildncrg; 1 1 h uniform, 

which Diark« it to be Rows ^, tut it ii very 

difrerfntrroniSh4tefpeare,whi eneydocsnot 

cnuliilmtiFi-'Iy In the beauty of Ictniuigu^eor night- 
ingale dercriptio^Ff but in the gencrai power uf hii 
diima, the boldotb of the imagci, and the ftine of 
bis chva^ers. As Ihi&play chiefly exhibits familiar 
fcenei and piivate didrefa it lakes poSelBnn of the 
heart, and will probably long retain pofTdTion of the 

Our Author's lall tragedy was Lady Jane r,rey, 
fitil perfDrmcd in the 171J, and dedicated tn the Karl 
of Warwick, Mr. Edmund Smith, author of I'li.idra 
and Hippiilitus, diifigned writing a tragedy on this 
" fketches of fcenea which were put into Mr. Kov-e'i 
hands, who acknowledges he borrowed part nf oiii; 
fccnc.andinlerteditinhiithirdaia.mi. that belli till 

tQtheCrown; iCwatthcrcrorcretiliik. ipf ad- 

vireH)iimtD[rfi;ue[heQnceDorScuUai ihandi 

of BmiIu, 35 he had done by the LaJy ^ _.ey he- 
fort, which Mr. Roa'e Ibid he would of; 

bat if h: niouM atiempC fuch a thing 1 by 

no QiEana lotroduteQnecn Elifjbeth, < „ ihat 

where ihe sppearcd all ihequecDtaad "■fupoa 

earth would niike but a little figure (. r fub- 

)c3> were talked of, buc ;r Jnif<:lf 

fcemed moil inclined to i*«- i cretin; 

nor WBi it any obi<:<3ioQ thk ..j -ood, a 

puelanclan aiftorin thereigns and Janice, 

had wtotr on the ra.ue plot, it is i great pily 

th:it Mr. Roue's ill health andHioriiimc of life (for 
he lived bat little about two yean after) presented 

vt.'.,rcs he h^d wTote for thtehii^acr of l-ucretia.huix 
many of the lines were left tmfinifbcd, nor did any of 

oniM not wel 

11 plan a pUy upnn tiK 




■ hc^-iofl 




Mg patty coocfmcd 1 

mould make. 

litrippearlefaRieat t} 

bet real eiulnvixenci. 

he n«wi< 

,Mcl incur til 


' the mtanritT 





aiicndcdby^nftBABberciffrieiiik. Dr.j 
Bifliop ofKthrikfaJ Dch of Wcfiaiu 
a p3iticu)«itt.(f ctecmilor UtRU k 
low, hoiwwdhJMfcwfcypttfBraiMg At 
liimrdf. A fiu^nqn* mamndt-.WM I 
en>3cd to kii ttraMcjr by hk infer Cm 1 
Pope wnte an eftmfh, which w« )««« inl 

Bktt hi Iby f^Luk In Ihf love too Hell I 
And hkit tiui tinKl' Tcom uur feme temov 
llif Ibul enjup ilic Mbcn]- :t luVd. 
1V> tbeftlii mourn-illn death, falovM In Ilfi 
Tlic cbndkA parent ind the wtduiuM wils 
WIthtnn infcrUKi tlii) rnoimmental ftooe 
Tiat bold) ihdr allin and ex; citt ia <rxa 

mtnt vae not the above. 

it thafi: which follow 

Dr. Wiilnfoodlia. givrji u» [lie faOov Jiarafltr 

of Mr. Rowe: " As to his pritibn it wa k(u] and 

" well made, bis ^cregular.Bnd of a ybcauiy, 

" At hiifonlwai well lodged, To itirll ...and3i>i- 
" mal ficutciea eicclLeJ ia a liit^h drg . He had ]i 
" qiiiekaniilVo!rfulinvi;niior,adcepiifT:raiion,and 
'' a ^rge caaipir^ of ih ought, -with fin{ ardciLUriiy 
'' and csCittt in nuking hii thoue-hii o be iiiidsr- 
■' flood. Htwasini polite k- J rn- 

" lag, efpezinltj tkc ^ih OrCLk and 

" Latin; aniaiiooc >, and Spnilh 

" Unguigca, uidfy y, andll>c<i- 

•■ thet two tolcrshlj *i£(!read mod 

" of the GreiJc: >Dd ivoman nmoncsm thdrori^iii^l 
" loflfEUBgEB, xnil moil that are TVrete in Eti^IlHi, 
" Frctith, [lalian, and Spjnifii. He hid^gooJ ufic 
" in philofophj'; and hjving a firm imprcGior of m- 
"llgiun upon hii mind, he look great delight ir, Al- 
" vinity and ecJeCiCtitsL hiHoiy, ia'twth which h^ 
" madr great advances in the timci he retired iota 
" the country, which were frequent. H«i ciprtlltd 
*' OB all oecalioiu his fuU perruafioii of the truth cf 
"rB¥ealed,rtlJgiDn; and being aUncere menibtr lE 
" the dtiibliihed church bimfelf, he pitied but ci>n< 
" demncd net thofe that ditTentedfroni it. He ali- 
"hoTTcd the principles uf pcrfecuting rata upon rli^ 
" account of thiir opinions in religion; and bviiig 
"Hrla in his own he coot it ncn. Xi'pm'i.vw. Vi c^n- 
"firc thore of Molhcr jettualon. V-atav\-*-;\.'.--tv'i^ 






T wTwri.u tht Oraimat xht 'Orhito I 

ORowclimhsppy .1. 
^\^Blfc worth apri 

.ShoaKtaibvnuRK: caiL^t^uU vuiu 

Aodcbppini: ciowili in ihuniUr^iigkk 

Too cHwl Dciih ! ifiai woul* titrUv\ 

Toncroel ' tl.,>r t...,!a „ [ w i 
|M Hja.thatbu.^fci,\i 

^H And tn Jiworovms Kuii:i im v*c=i iiv^ 
U iWHiinwiwuni. »ndrren.*lic™odl.r 

y .: ■ ■^-pt™ 

1 wllh hispoiy'rful mogick widcpl 
iilcnui PfDiiirDtaudgiiilr)- Shore; 
appcifn the wrotli of liumau iawa 15 

, fiiirm»rtjriu her Saviour's caufe, 
Ird blceiia, and by his matchlefs art 
it bluw wounds eVry arilidi lifarl ; 
irii Willi beating brealls ihcgrvL-dy ftroUc. 
Id re|u<9uit CD Ihe RamiOi yoke; 30 

. now fuccecdi a nioilr j hind, 
paj pours in upon tlicUnd; 
upcrilitioSf RiaQacre, and blood, 
rni'd from tirll agunll: the publick good; 
lon.grcllieholybmichlicldpile, . W 

icllcrufi rigci ihro' the Irenihling iflu. . . 
hae our loyal Poet view .."I 

cful fctne, thU wonder-worliing erew, ■ .(( 
ly tribe of pecfocuting elvei, 
eckly damn ill Chriftiane but themfelve* : 40 
'rous Toul difdain'd that vain pretence, 
ling to (he Gofpel and ta reoTe, . 
his fcenea the graceful marks appear 
Qian freedom and of Chiidian f<ar. 
to that noble cau& which &r'd his mind 4.( 
:rtoa PopUhfchemeindin'd, 
ght the faveui^ of 1 Tyhnrn crowd, 
perjur'dhearlsto foreign gods have bow'd; 
;'d it always an iiigloriout thing 
1 iJieirpraifes who detim'd their king; 'O 

' I hat brumwiclc with the D«ys mt teinYiv*^^ 
Aiul Parker with immbrtal honmilB ctvmi^^ *■ 
G rtrat L ucan now by his nnwtf ary'd paini ' 

V-: . slO)v\ Roman liberty in Knj^lifh ftrains; 
1 H iiijr thi* wealthy pletljje he left behind, 
'<'lu triuft pattern of hi.' frecborn mind. 
V(^'.ir times tour ages this hcroick fong 
I \^^ Liin uni;i]v)ur'd from its native tongue, 
Vx'hicli now tranf^:itcil witli irs genuine fire 
^ IiiiU noble thoughts of iihtrty infpirc, 
Convince the bijrot of the weighty truth, 
y\nd fret from painve chains the Britiih youth, 
'i'oo long the ufeful woik has been delay*d, 
];ut w-cll that feeming ill is now repaid; 
Ilcav'n but dtfcrrM to make it more complete;' 
Not ev'rvl)ard the jrlorious theme could treat. 
Net cv'iy bard th:\t in mechanirk "verfe 
K'm\ ;v duii lovetal-j ilucntiy rchearfe, 
^ :i;i can in liftlcr? iin|j;lifi;': li'i'/s complain 
C'l" tliL taii'c ijymph or th^- lorl.ikcn iwaiii ; 
A'iijour of U vie and fancv mull coraljitic 
W'wV m:»'iciK' of ratjc and now'r divine 
"I'o make the En^lilh like t)u" R<'n»an Oiinc : *) 
>;i:ch muft lie be a? l,iici'.n wa;; of old, 
'/•■ /h'iircs ilroiv: v.iid his cxpref:ioni brld; 

ITilJt-tlie fame conllcint heedon 
Vlth the fimc paUlor fur hi> counlry . 


^■uEcatous anil aSivi 
H At length, ye SoDi or Servitude inwAc, 
^^i^ftitiam four ncckf the Icl&Oi bunhcn fluke, 
Kkot blindly nor ditdainfullyrcrure 
^mii iaft great labour of ib' I aurdl'd Mufc; 
H Pay ihEJuIlboiiDurtlu hi td head, 
^J JJor whoni you cnvy'drBi nry dead: 

^KiABaial^ the dead 3II violci cafe; 

BOtealChaucLrnuwauilS rpEarcu-ain p<-v 
^BDrydirn no route the impi — • world upbraids, 

■ And Miltun numbers in ihcClcnclLidija. 
^K.. Thou 100, thticcfaonour'din ibat aacient do 

■ Where fooD or late out ISritilh Laun:aUs tumC: 

■ Where the fiin'd ]<oe» of liiree ig^et lie, 

■ And toibeir tombb invite tlie curious eye, 

■ Where peat Ni^wcaQlc, ilili to wit a ftitnd, 
I ToDryden biji tlic Aatdy piUHr.:end, 

■ (Immurtnl, gloiinu) deed ! which ofuT tliuci 
I Sball celebr&tc in thiit culled rhymes) 

B AmonKft thykindrcdbarilxhy buDUilliall trufi 
W And mil in quiet with poettL'Ldull;' 

There no fci^il'ddlDgirBfliall alarm ihy hrc:L!] 
*'o J-^aioLB murmurs interrupt thy reft, 
ilir»ifli-<l ihaU be all noileof worldly things 
<^f -viariin^ armies and eoatendingkiut!. 


'Till the lad wckome tramp IhiU bi 

T!.i-n cioih'd with gloiy thorn 'It iTci 

keckola;; Rovry... 

r,,.-ir.M.vl¥w!,Mi-c:ive folate 

< M.Tit iii.m1.Ui wi:h the cimim 
11- ;;riiii n rjiil then Hi rslou-^ gri 
•t.'^h^ it'hwv.u Imk to bitiiahi 
i!r; th' iorLihi:!]! momrth ivrcM 
mill! i\:e r'-liiur llrip ihi- pact's I 

' iiM 1! lh'ti'.'1111'phMir liisirlouir 
• ('■Til lor ii.i:!iii')(. rr t!icn<rilv 


And fct the falfc bcwildcrM juil^ment rigiir 
Inftrudlicd great idoaii to impart. 
To warm the bofom and enrich t!ic heart. 
Are we not o;r.iteful when the}> of day 
Shoots forth a gonial heat and vernal riy 
*J'o bkf< the luim ft ruilick's wintry toil. 
And hici the careful anxious floriilfniile ? 
(Jr in fome clinic where nearer beanii« abou 
And heats inimod'ratc fcorch the clcavin;j; 
When fome lierce channel from tJie fev'r 
Pours forth its plenty on tiicfunburntfv>il, 
Cements with lavifn ftreams tlie jj;.ipinj; ei' 
An:l eivcs the hidden treafures tinieiy bir: 
Do gifts like thcfe our jj;ratitudc Cvjminant 
"«iM,..«. ,i,.j,for.? are we to the r,oct*R hajid. 

"" _ til io^''" il/iol*!"' 

K' Both iinivcrf:%l benefits de(ign*d, 
f' Both fent to govi-ni aim to f.ivc man1iin<1y 
T' unveil myftcriou«« truths to humun f'^''^, 
And fct the falfe bcwildcr'd jud;;mcnt right, 
iiiflruc^ed great ideas to impart. 
To warm the bofom and enrich t!ic heart. 
Arc we not jrrateful when the lamp of day 
.Shoots forth a gonial heat and vernal riy 
'J'o bkfs the honcfl rullick's wintry toil. 
And Md the careful anxious floriftfmile ? 
Or in fome clime where nearer beanii. aboun(^ 
And heats inimod'ratc fccrirh the cleaving grr 
Wlicn fome fierce channel from the fev'n m 
Pours forth its plenty on the funbumt foil, 
Cements with lavilh ftreams the gaping earth, 
An! ?•: vcs the hidden trcafUres timely birth ? 
Do (rifi> like thtfe our viatitadc Cvjmmand? 

Aod Albnoni'*! 

l> the: grim t; 

Krrili»h« it humiu fur 
IlstDot (h* ittfultinpt ID 

l-ct NftCure In h*t hotr 
Aoii nwUuM' Agr drop 
IiCt'iheAitl cjithliorn | 

>-i4V(* hum lor nniliiiig 

llic niiLuucnlol ^i" llicy 
'X-cf tfcf !c. protid Vidloi 


I, lu'nMianietlcclucitiiy toa.tltrtci\l, 

vitttx-fltailyiWlhyto'.' ■ 
rc;'i tlicpoMinillliL ; 
:i liberty ileman4lliy !■ 

i*Kh V 


1 liru* ev'rji fccne purfuc iht' (loJUit iMile, 
AriJgivpihcf»»'ri« hero full njijiUsfc, 
vvhcuUirI!iiJll tmmptt fi>mm<Mi>him»way i 

I i.i: n'liin'd CjlcCl;i*.(ir &tm the lllonily Iray', J 
in dinimiBwiihcslceUafoldiei'spridc, 
Li lis iu ihc vir aud combett co bsfidt. 
How Jot* he duini fhtti boiimraiu w 
Scil.iEi^iiiligtit, iindhirniblcinCuccTlil 
A victtir vvt tviLliuuc B viclor'a mind, 
I ie conqurrs nut t' eiillivc but frL-i: niankiud, 
T (. JiflanMinics nvur'm uui ih' itnotina way, 
Lf irii) kingt tq rule sod rubjcdi en obof , 
.Sir;l,ct tfv'rf bntom whha UwrsJ awe. 
Ami Hientllic j)it|i|>yii{|e* Icue KuCiiii. 
"r if flint Iriviyitit-me tbc puct dum, 

■ iiL-hanifh'di«viTornfgJcflnlil3n;f, 
< •■''■.' i tltaufiind piiQisni lU hu IkiU tm|ilny, 

: ':<• <[uirk ultccnite liclEiefgikftnilJDi'. 
. ! ,\v well he painii the bA ciu-cmen of Sttal J 
: Viv wcIldi^IcnheEth'unhapiiy — ha}i|>f flntgd 
. I. ii confticjoifioiier diet hit guilt "loief^ 

ii.i awful £lcnccri>«^U9Lhc buril'i rucctf' | 

Jg ■jrcltlJi'iapreliive mlforics art fhov 

WMc ttndor fiTKafi rtiH niaklB the wo i . own ; 

:thevSgiu',<.h«klhBniovi<,gfcfn(a jrovcb. ; 

AinlawfcAfii^lwbttraJhoiirwcimiol wj; 

Tlitfconifuliiymi>h<tondEnirMh«t'la(i lilain, 

When fume hk wanton • mournn li pifi jLiirc 
Lave'<^A:'iil cmhiacoAid uitlawfitl firm, E 

Sofnftftiejileii.isihcp: "rncc melt, 
Aad ulciT the lianci' th □ the guik. 

On vinl^cd charms^ , 

But footi hk triumphs it:; ! 

Thcviirai..'-cH;i,.--r.Tf,v. r ..,..., -.^iscc. 

Buuwhy on l'ii! ■ ■■■■ ■ ■ 'iv. n, 
Wbencv'i- ''■ ini^sir,' 

When thy va>l Works ats ib th.^:nrelv*ii repaid, 
And nMtklt Nature onnnth)' happitr aid f ( 

But no« the ficill i' loftj tlte mu&ckn'er. 

Envy at laft rciwnts hsr carhe:i'd hate, 
Andleehhet crronrki her lofs too late, 
^naliive du^. now waOei thp mortal frame, ^ 

Aad nought furvivcs the piiet hue his fame; 
IJrave tl>cn in that o'er time or envy'srage. 
And be a Lucau to a diftant age. 

: ti»<i liy two ihiry iri-ad, f 

It thcnifci»ea were dead. 55 J 

'■ Or crop lylihout our luvii une finjtle ruC: : 
" A'mutoul livX/f fiUI 111) Mih dcpcnda, 
" We honcUrPiin.aad Pwiiiurfladtddendi". 
Thus Coliotanghiusflav-HtToliei to halt, 
And prize tbcfrecduni of onr rural Aaie. ftpprar, 
DAl'H. SetWhcrcthonylnptti'DndfivaiiKhicrewdl 
Yew jalheirhJmlo.lhMrEiiiwiftdryprcftwea 

Apil luiik with duwnokfl ei 


TiiEH*. Kbrk how die winds Id 
And humiiljitaclt d'llil froDi sv'iy flcoel fgnmi, 
Thr cooiBglHnleslhi'irlov'd elms decline, goats foriukc ilitir TavVitc ilow'ry thyioej 
"Xke linibsciaupliining bleat, the htifcrs low, 60 
Tlleoiaodwctherctaft their cud 10 chew; 
I'hc vocal gTBve Umentii yoong Coliti dead. 
Hot liiiii the lauiel droops andh^ngs its vcidint hCMU 
A MAiivL.Hclpme, Mcii^c>»!hcl|imctacoiiiplaMt 
To tell to earth, teiir, and feas, my pain: 6t 

C'otiii, the dear lov'd Cotin ! h no more ; 
Comt all ye Nymph,! and Coliu's lofs d^'plore. 
For ivhom fliallwc our flow'rychapleta weave ! 
Or who fo well drfervet ihc \wtA •«itat.V.\ 
li7», now can point thro' aft iVIegtMcsarM-R ti 
( o cdebiite the birth oE nVis^i'-j 'P'^i''. 

Wliy, Uilitr go— -Iirt broken f4i(hi)i ='"• 

MCNAi.. No,'l"hyrfit!iioiarubjcs greitcrfir 
Th»n Hack*, or herdu, Of fickle womt; nre 
Cliimtall (hffe ECU), iheh fruitUfit Ci .n, 1 (h«d; 
Colin, the foCi ham 


:n hivii we«.ur< 




.ci'd chmi 


I the (lie 




loJ lifl'd« 




1 mekj- c 






. U mij;h 

ty I'a. 

1 ! who I 

lOW ibjll 


rccurd ihy fam 



th:,t he ot 


e rytvai. 



bit 111 



r lui'jt^l . 


'■ma was 




. Ills ver 

fo prove 

.. Ukny t 


11::. ,i.T<:r 

Wig ibwn b« In* A mdAffcaWJIa 
Mitlunk* I l»tf her to W> tibc orap 
Tfai uoly rrliik of biT -Ijilinf fWaia I 
Ttit chiU &c II 111 hii c >*c7 in nri p>ts< -I 
Whlia itu ]'n« b^c, UDkn««ilif nf bcri^ 
(rucn in hu bee unit (mSst utOkrrU 

M Till •**, «•, KtWCOMI. 


Wuttt (I'li thy lnil<! with lU IkryrUB I 
Aifdrokmn jctid'thc Muleimiiiifa, 
Pttmji ' flnuifrct'i flowing ejta 
To Acd tlicir (orrow* tnund thy an. 

JaQ In xht blooni of nil ihy fume, 
-I'htn to iHii t Uir raiivF iicy 
Ablul V Im[iitt(il Fiifiiv'n'frani bUnu, 
, Aoitttcnuuii WD llilp choice to (Kv. 


*niiu ihf prnt Cafor ctai"d to Ifre. 

'I'liin' vtni]Dil)i'd«oilil4hii l!ag1cibnr«; 
Tftinci<»'dhi»(»mrmlieB I'ace coud give I 
todJiijiirijbtfwonicommMilftoWtfW. i 

l.Wc Colin who on Plm't fivceti dirpUy. 
Or paiutlhegMldytrcufuteiiof hecMayt 
Or whollKehim onloritlicMtcnrctd, 
Or tread with futh > gniee th' cium«U'J mtirl .* 
Mourn, *11 f c Njmphi t your teun innibnt Ibsd 
Voiirtribuleioll two pool for him llilC u dnd. , 
luvM. Wnuldbiu KkcnClcril'itcourwiCiei^ 
And give (D fuMUuce back bii airy Hade, 
At Pluiuonte Eurjfdlce of did, 
A iile I well remembor Colm tM, 
To piiritlitfcihMmytcwtlikrthinrnitmldfiow, 
Bui thitiifniitleftsricrandpiccanc wo. 
tUrlt, Anuiyllii, hark '. thy hleKting Umba 
Ainant;(l die bnkcii hare hill their luider'd dm 
I ItOc 10 tctnt»tlhnn ere tin. f.r (l.^'y (Iriy, 
Ami fjll to hunjp-y wolnet »n ftly prcjr. [I "11 faw 

AUAtvi., Why.kt'cm Ariy.niycroiikaDm 

My htrdt tin niure — no man my flaib. I '11 (oldti^ 

re will 1 with <ltiCy piak sod role 

l^liDd for ihc qnccii uf May comiiore, 

M Calia If ganc, hy whnm il wi> ftlU ennfcll 

U t of all the nynijihi AcSat'd a hcA. 

wiiuli Ihtll u&ldi{>w«eio Bttn Aitr», 

An'tflowr-fiJiipIy uoboDcy tothnbre. 

When, t'otin! I fort'" u> ntourn (or ihec. 

MiKAi. If Ai.iaryl!i*aiatm'dlyfolin'.in: 

HCm Di«1 fu«h BtHtlt vf ixtrt upon his Imrft, 

^^^M vhcD cm gudii rhi- pniu, the uiiioui iliroct,) 

^K^ iIn Uiiu pmtncr of hit plcifuri laann i 


And the gnat luMrigc w 

To Cxbr'tfvoi'd he pa^urhn- 


Within hn foul ncwpa&onnb. 

To «ie« Rome'! woHnda nd Pon^cf's 

9b kindfj wept by EnsliSi eje*. 

While tlVfht [^ thee Brilannii't 10* 
His hero't fill relenling *i<«9, 
Heffltm^bwiealh hisfrDandttaliiiik, 
And CwIiK'i rdf M lift Cahdutu 

AfricV'j rJdi Acftrtt in thy Brain* 
Ennoble with the patriot'g doom, 
Kicel tha flow'ry Lilian plaina, 
Attiil,ibft trininphl OTCt Rome ; 

!h IrnitM tc viiwri the t;l ili'ring tiUJe, 
It gmi momenl (biul to dia 
inie brlMld ha hen't Aide 
11 the fturcr up the Hey. 

ir.vf Muh naw ilmn art lliJ 
r rh.'irri.lia'J * wuriour.n.uiim.) 
Whoff Vi."k< bnitnt ibp pioQi dctd, 

AndluuJIy wecpo'cr PompiT'turn* 

M'hnfi foFt rclendn)* vcth thnll fwell 
F.uh Rmoulhcm wiilxonfaoui w> J 
H-fr griiiui fl«d Romr't li>rrnw Mil, 
jtiid Cafur df inn o'er hn (ot \ 

ttad hEi grtxt rlvil'i awful hetU 
jllhlni^t il»t f«nc uiil Kinur dnd 
Hf cou'd not own, oc Tcitru'd lUvei 

Nor niliiKliniC vhh ihc |[r>d like boft 
It l*^ill|>|ll i;'"'ly '«"< 
tnnilii thliika thr (linjii ^hnll 
Kfung hii tmit and [itcfn wtll. 

a trwlluicti tf t-uran bf Mr. tiwi 


The fidila of dradi ooct mare to ftoin 
VliiC future hero nill rtfufc ^ 

il)riug dread ode moineiii') [bio 
Tolitefornerinlhjr Mnt? 

Silt far, O ! fur Man the reH 

Cat« doe> hii arm ntcdiK 
And in hiifmilci bis love confclV. 
Adoru lliy ftudc and calk thee friend. 


.Well plcas'dwith cv'rjl grace adotn'd 
Ho like hia own •mind to See, 
And [he great homage whkh he IcornM 
To Cxbi'i Tword he pafi ta ttin. 


Mew tranfport iaa hUbieaft diktE, 
■Wilhin his ftful new pamoiw rift, 

cw Rome's wournli md Pompcj's III 
8d kindly wept by Englilh eyei. 


While taught by thee Drlunnia'a iQc 
Hit hero '(fall rcleniing viewB, 
And Ca:riir'i fclf ut laA fulhtues. 


Africk"* rich defertt In ihy Araiuft 
Ennoble with the patriot's iloom, 
Sicel the Eow'ry Lilian plaiiia, 
Aad lAbya criumplu ovci Rome ', 


IVhile drrll ia angtis' pureft light 
Her fill j!int[ imagf doea appear 
rlcaOrg u beaut; to the fight 
*>c muBck to the raviOi'd car. 
M'ould She once moce her flciei forfal 
■U'hat other features could flic chtrfe, 
'^A'hat fairer farm the gaddeTs take, 
'i'o bleb mankind than from thy Mu 


Traufported then with fondfurprifo 
The lovely gwH vc fliould adore. 
And wonder how out partiil cjca 
Refus'd to own fuch grace bcforo. 

Till viewing thofc deceiving chaima 
I^ach bread fuhduc, we all agree 
'['hat pow'r which thus our foul difai 
Was not her own but lent by thee. 

tireatnefs no more with al! her train 



By thee inflruflcd to difdaio 
When glory calls the Siren'afmile. 

Kor hoDour be a cieach'raus aante 
"a ftide the ijrunt's guiUy pride. 
the brave and gen'rovii bieall to awe, 

Ehehoneft uprighl heart to gain, 
ourtier'j fmiles be Irj'd in vain. 

iAgainft that dread thy fr- '-■'■* 

Soon a« the cragick I 
We melt, wclanguil^ :• 

I* The foui a while her ground maintaJn!, 
Each death refolving to deride, 
But when the captive cclla hei pains 
ThatforinersQwiMnie drove to hidt. 

To view her rage dircd the dart 
Wakes in our bread a kind furprifci 
Speaking the Iraikj of our heart 
Sj the fofc ftreams chat Jill out eye*. 

Eager our fouls to bring relief 
Swift from their op'ning bofom flow. 
To footh the niouroing parenl'i grief, 
Or guard Che infant from the blow. 

So lively has each nynipb cDmplain'd 
WJica Fate thy Muft defpuiing drew. 

ThwOw' wc know her fnrMWiftifO'il 
y« ftill w£ weep and ihlok ihnii uu« 

A while wc irgDc to perfiiiule 
Onr melting cyei to hide tbclr no. 
Till ID IhEir view Ihe loicl^ miut 
Reveati her vrounili tai hiik ihnn fl(n 

Thy aiiful vaice whU equal ate 
E-ich difC'rent pzHiun caa cm ploy. 
Now give UK p^, but to iiumfs 
And from our gticT improve our {Of, 

Wbn ia your fufi ileuiviug Driuiu 
Wi± thofc kind cDr.tjuerDrx a^te. 
Who thrmcn Grll the drcaiKol chilni 
Then fct llie trembling npiive fre*. 

Vhit rapturu doct (hy veile iofnft 
When bdutj doci the iheme iofpiie i 
•Willi hest ir.iifpnm ihy fasting Miift 
Urcenia of wai Lhy biifom fire I 
While for bright fame or gay delight 
Each hcru ynu ilike prrp)rc, 
Lead ihc fitrte wwrriout to the fight. 
Or the youngluvertaihefair; 


Naniri: altooilh'd at ihyart 
fi3* on thy Mnte a JealoM 

f The artill thus hit flcill to grace 

tEDu>brcatliing Satm dcGgu'd, 

I forfakejthevirgiD'scheek to trace 

F leatorcs more bright in his uwD mind. 

I XL. 

Each glowing chirm the canTaft fires 
Docs with diligbt ihe nymph furpiife. 
Who owes that beauty iiie admirci 
Merc tn hii pencil than her eye*. 

What tho' our laurels fairer rife. 
And from thy ithcs date their bloom ? 
We pay too de»rlj tor the prize 
Thufa fadly purchu*d by thy doom- 

Pity, yc Godi ! that doubtful dart 
Which ynur mjltcrious anger threw 
Should give at oncB both joy andfman, 
Augnieot our Came and fori^w too. 

Juft lb the (ties, fererely bright, 
Their veugeful ligbtningi oft' employ, 
And gild that oaktcith fairer light 
They mean ncit moment to dcftroj. 

. Howmoumfnliithconlycbgke 
your heav'ns aEfordour bread to eafc! 

»*-* '^\'„,„«. 

ArfVini'"'" |^.„^o««■■ 
^y^ whit >0= ^^^ ^^^ ^^„g,4 

|wr« tn|;lck n!ce IhoU nui pNftime 
ir hrrodi with ind dffpiir f 
nmbUug Tor the lovci'a doem, 

iiforiLt dyinefair J , 


n «hii(c fiRh* her nront;! ninfi6 
kr cyct with Ivit com|uGlan flow, 
'^hin^iliy vit][iii'> tiiftn'it diHtd* 
it mir boTuni ml n-n. 

bftopuut ccui ur ca6 our (Itbi I 
b«icw ill J ('ir ftii t n l lan Maid 
It cbctk oiuO CwtU cKh Imit cunpbin 
ih her nipillh ! nim ho fticn 

RquUkly to bfnctuKcfly! 

O' biliiK the UlntiuK h,\t nhrf, 
0( with hrr gi«c u> Iri-r* to<lil=l 

Su(h moving f<Tn» ihf IblufeuttMdii 
ConBniii'J iii unj^iAia ileokre, 
A fiivige hi*n «iill bofuiB hobb 
T W can atloid aiiU nat d-efpur, 

WhB( wpo.ltndnn ihy rurfir contain. 
Whiiimigick till'' t'7Buatlict»&3m! 
l'lru'dwit^0D^ttIiI'/we«knMn■1lMB^ • 

■Mn ciitj ivlica i» wiiiE m ~ 


No eye ihoCe (brrown don riiafc 
Thy pcnCvc maid! eljiiring gin, 
SciTte more ilflighttd wl.oi thy Mufc 
Surpcuds i^eir fate afld bills 'rm lire. 

Strange ihat mc chtcb Ihou'd grirve ihci 
WIkd you ilie fulling imt rdlnin ! 
And to forbid ua to dcpli>rc 
Should only give ufgrtilcrpuD) 

Thu> trembling for hci lover'tfita 
A v/hik the virgin'tSaiTovrsllaif, 

Owning to hcnrhiflighi abuts 
Her juy mote piin/ul than hci wa. 

Oh ! may each Mufc wich fotroiti loeee 

Soft i!ihy owii ihy worth dcclatf, 
£iiic« nothing but a voice folwcd 
Con ever Gog a fame lb Wa. 

A fecirnd Hie to thy great dead 
T hy kind iniplring r unibers gavo : 
»ad we that pow'r th( tcartwclhtd 
Hid feU to wet Iodic ocliiTEtftTc. 

Thine like each libled hero'i ige 
Vfty/fW with virtue didfl-inSpitc, 
*nd.ifling well onllle'B Ir»iiftafe= 
tofl with the fameappUuU istwe. 


Ddu Rofi pnrpnreo fuiluniiitur ora-^bore, 

S[Hna. gravis nitidi Sorii amore ir.]a. 

Vtotiaai irmonim potill pacatlor jras 

£tjambbndafuz[ >.ca;i,. 

De videt akemit xa ^vVirere TOtis, J 

Qni regit hortotui minora, vices 

Cxlicu)ubet luDCC-^Jiit la fiEdera, lucilquc 

UuiB, iccxUDDltemliule fulgat honos. 

To decQb ziefBum, dixit, mea, da, Rsfa, Spioc, 

EtEuperpeiuam pmtrpe. Spinn. Koram. lo 


'W DILI rich in brig;liite& ted tile biufliing Rofe 
Her the lough Thtfllc frnm a tieighb'ring field 
-flth food deGres aod lovcri' ey^js beheld; ' 
Straight the fierce plant laye by his pi>iii(til ditrt;, j 
And WHOM the gentle Quw'r with fbfcer aitt: 
Kimll; (he heard, anddiii hia fUme approve, 
And own 'J the warriour worthy of her luve. 
Flora, whofe happy law» the feafons gaide, '1 

Who doea in fields and painted mradt prefide, In J- 
And crowns the gardens with their flow 'ry pride, J 
With pleafure Taw the wiihing pair combine 
To (avourwhat their godJeh did defign, 
And bid them in eteroal Union jaio. 
" Heaceforrh," Ibe Uid " in each ictnrnim^-itM \'i 
•'One ilcm the ThiOle and the Etofc ftialWie-M -, 

..Hi.-"*".;,^"".'' „J^.W'• 


IttiLt tit nurhnufr the Tcrvnnu brawl, 
idrairciu upiDuin the b«ll, 
lea Jahn the huilix intl our Mnry 
out iho plit« Mid linen vaiy, 
1 titc loutTt i[uki](ue gtnvit rich 
In NiicA!U|{Uiigl *nd Ugly fiiichi 
ll'iwntQinGtn'T '■*']' '■'"^ ihcttevil, 
Anil malio them TiUnc ail nuil civil. 
lliuiCiinnoti clu^rslhe cloui)]r ^■■'t 
And fctttcti wmpclli brsnii;tc ihtrc : 
Thui buUiufomctlin«> keep lh« poawi 
Jlmlnuc fciildnmkcKiiulhercHri:. 


H ibikei th« VDCil lyre, 
bd Kuly lit hli eiili 

brick mil Dniie coaTpIrs 
^rairo the Thrban will. 
h sm Illation oFhii pniife 

III .SiiDon coma 
i«king thcKrc to nlfe, 

;■ Van'itntt'rinjt i!oine. 

w tbli Ult (llnald nnne (o ptb 

K thclitpoargmili 
itig ntithrr bridi niw (inne. 


I ho' mean the lerfc , iho' lowly te Ihf ^ 
ho'lnftregtlnUdbt: ihcMtiS!atUatt>ll| 
ct rile, ucglcScd Nymjihl S< 
ITeri [Iiiofpiiine^To,!, aniignady id 
I, m.ikr ihy numbi^rs equal lo thy ihecot : 
rum llcav'ndtri»c ihy vcrfe; to Hcit'o belsaj;, 
lie tounfeU of ihc wife »nd Utiles of liiefcoi^^ 
o Hrav'o the royal Anna i>we»»kilie 
he virtues which adoro and guard berthrancj,^ , 
•hcnc<:iihcrjuaicewretdieHoreJie&,, . , fl) 
hencei'hermeicyandberlqTBofpeite^ ., 
hcnci: iiher pow'r,haitxpit,iUUit':laf^^ ■ . 
'4r/;i/iftei}ii6boroandt«prtU(beV*« ■■ 
■/.LMa/ui arts fierce faaioo'k*"*^''**' - 
c^ihcir breicbu and "> I«>ilitb««««^V 

mntiog ions ana Buwue tnem to war ; 
her own gloriotts fires their fouls (he warms, 
And hiiiithem bum for liberty and arms. 
lAhappyLandl the foremoft once in fame. 
Once lifting to the ftars thy noble name, 45 

III arts excelling, and in arms fevere. 
The weftern kingdoms* envy and their fear. 
Where is thy pride, thy confcious honour, flown. 
Thy ancient valour and thy firft renown ? 
How art thou funk among the nations now ! 50- 
if ow haft thou uught thy hai^[hty neck to bow, 
•And dropt the warriour*s wreath inglorious from 
thy brow! 
2Vbt thus of old her iraUant tsAhfimXrac^ 
^Tlw bondage of the uabctiewktt'tAftW ^ 

K nft' nltcnute maileilir iiSonyitM, 
4 iirm'd tlicirinightin mnaya wet' 
Id in (MciKC nf libmy ihcy flood, 
' oublf dy-rl ihdr Clfh in MnniiA Um 
in hermck iimic their knight* exmlM) ■ 
riant then anil ^^iiifiC dicii ttic^ ^iieB*ill 
rv'ry nobler though I (hnr mindidU w 
id (hnfo who fnught fur frc cdom Ggli'd Irr Mj 
horc fncrcd Itimct united llv«, 
ey liuTguilb and ai oner rrvivei 
It thr:y fliun ihe coward aud tlic Bate, 
pt bIcFi the Irce, thi' vimioua, and the brave 
w frown, ye Fair! nor think my perfcnmra 
ifdain thai minlhouUmaafiiMuc ' 
T<t allibcfreebamraKanHamalike tuyon. 

Yet onre again that glory to reDure 
The Brifms rwfe tliu Criiibtrian thotv. 
With echoing jietilsat Auna'i high Tiinimind 
I'licir naval thunder ihE drowfy land i 
High at their head Ibtria'i promii'd Inrd, 
Young CharleaufAudria, wsvohisfhining fword; 
Hii yoiithfiil vcin< with hopitofimpire^lDW, ji 
Swrllhiaholdhcatt, andurgchlniDniticroe; 
With joy he reads in rv'fy warriour'- 
le happy omcnorarure fucceTi, 
s Icapi exulting on the hollile Snnd, 
Bf thinks the dcitin'dfcrptre Inbiihnnd. 
"jrFatedrtiieawlist&i&KrtViSwa&ifliit, | 
roud Barcelona Qwnt.ti3'5TiP'<^ Awm 
■^J,p!e^z of future cvowns,-^ Kwriii! 


^^Efban the equal of hi« ; aulhTnl yew Z6 

H|Mlip of Bnuiban's haughty line, apjii 

Hfi^e hopei attend bia biTtb, like g\ant ice, 

|l(If glory can be in a tyraot'srace;) 

I li numbers iiroudhc tbrcattDaiDorel i far, 90 

MSut neaiei draws the black impeoding i ; 

' He views hi> hoft, then Jcorni the rtbc .wn, 
And doomi to certain death llie rival a ..ii efdwd. 

Now fame and empire, "" '' ■"' fpoils 

That uige the htro nnd re iu^iuhd, 95 

Pkc'd in their view alik r MgagCj 

And Ere their brealb wi ortal ragf . 

Not lawleft love, not. vej,geau« pair. 1 

So daring, fierce, nntttm.'d, and lunous are > 

As when ambition prompts the greU to war; ico J 
As youthful kings when ilriving fur renown [crov.n. 
They prove their might in ontu and'combat for a 

Hard was the cruel flrife, anddoubtfal long 
Betwiit the chiefs fufpended conquejl hung, 
Till fo^c'd at length, tlifdaining much to yield, 10; 
Charles to hii rival quiti the fatal field ; 
Numbers and fortune o'er hia ri^t prevail. 
And ev'n the Britilh valaur feems to fii); 
Andyeitbeyfairdnotall. In thai extreme, 
Ccnfciousof viilue. liberty, and fame, IID 

They vow the youlhful monarch's fate to (bare, f 
Above diftrefs, unconquer'd by defpair, > 

Still to defend the toivn andaDimate the war. J 
But h^ when cv'ry better hope \iasYift-. 
When cv'ry day of danger [ecm'l*eii\-»S^, ■^'■' 

]6 UlMCIXAHKt. ^^V 

nr on the difliDt ocmd diey lurve^ '<^ 

WKcit' B proud navy plou|^h>i(t yit'rymr^-r; 
Nor long chcj doubted, but wiih joy dckry 
Upon *e chief 'b till topiuafls waving high 
The BtitiOi CroCi and Bdgick 1 JOD By- la< 

Ijiiid wiih lumukout tbmour, loud they rtsr 
Their criti of ecftafy, and rend the lir ; 
In peak on pealt the (houti triumphant rife. 
Spread fwift, and rattle ihto' the rpacjoni ftJel, 
While f: 


While from belovfoldOceaagroanii profound, ly"* 
rhe walls, the rocks, the ftiores, itpel the fonnd, ( 
Ring wiih (he dfaPning Jhoak, and thunder jU f 
amucd ! J 


Such was the joy the Trojan youth eiprcfii'd 
Who by the fierce Rotiliani's Dege diflrefi'd 
Wert by tb« Tyrrhene aid at length releas'd. 
When young AfCLUiiui, then in arms iirft try'd, 
Numberi and ev'ry other want fgpply'd. 
And haughty Tutnui from his walli dciy'd. 

And fii.'d the fate of his imperial Rome. tjj 

Btit oh ! what verfe, what numbers, (hall reveil 
Thofc pangs of rage and grief the vanquifii'dfecl! 
Who Utall retieaiing Philip's fliame mipart, 
And tell [he anguifh of hii lab'ring heart I 
What paint, what fpeaking pencil, Qiall eiprefs I40 
TIac blended pafGons flrivlng in hi> face ! 
Hsrc, mdignation, courage, pride, rctnoilB, 
K »/, /Aoi,^ri£5 of giorj- paft , the bfei' s Ete--*''^ •^■a^'- 
^3tj/-4niiii;on.'lay v;hat/wondroiiaeYi»im» 
■^udc maokiad to toil for thee in wn^'. * * 

^Iien iH thy fpoils, thy -wreaths in battle tron, 
|. ^The pride of powV and glory of a crown, 
f When all war gives, when all the great can gain, 
£T*n thy whole pleafure, pays not half thy pain ! 

All hall ! ye foftcr happier arts of peace, 153 

SecurM from harms, and bled with l<»rned eafe, 
In batdes, blood, and perils hard, unfkiird, 
Which haunt the warriour in the fatal field : 
But chief thee, goddefs Mufe! my Vcrfe would raifc, 
And to thy own foft numbers tone thy praife ; 155 
Happy the youth infpir*d, beneath thy ihadc 
Thy verdant cvcrliving laurels laid ! 
There fafe, no pleafures there, no pains, they know 
But thofe which from thy facrcd raptures flow, 
Nor wiih fur crowns but what thy groves bcflow. 
Mc, Nymph divine ! nor fcom my humble pray *r, 161 
Receive unworthy to thy kinder care, 
Dooni'd to a gentler the* more lo'.vly fate. 
Nor wiftiing once nor knowing to be great ; 
Me to thy peaceful haunts inglorious bring, l6j 
Where fccret thy ccleftial fitters fing. 



lit cchoinjjr rrumprih' loud il&rni^ 
ihccli] 'bcrian lordi ID imu f 
if fame as uf ihcir iniinarih'a : 

lioih (upincif proud thtj &i, 
[UvM or fiec alike prcparM, 
pAnUimAiiigHciiv'ii wu bound lobt i 

Untuui'fa'd with ibime the noble Oiilt brha 
Nor once tS^y'd to ttruggle to the field. 
But fought in the cold Ibade and rural G»t 
An oDTnolencd eife and calm leiretc, 
Saw each conteDcliDgptince'EiarmaMlinuiee, ■ 
Then wish a lazy dnll iDdiScrente 
Tutn'd to their reH, and left the world taCtu 
So when commanded b; the wtfeof Joic 
Tliaumantian Iiis left the realms above. 
And fwift defeending on her painted bow 
Sou^hi thedollgodaf Slrcpinlhadeibelmv, 
Nodding and flow his drowfy head he rcu^d. 
And heavily the facrcd mclTige heard, 

Then with :i yawn at once forgot the pain, I) 

Aad fuiilt to hit fiifl Qoth and iodaleacc ugun. 

But oh. my tiluSe ! th' UDgiauful tail forfake, 
Some talk more pleating to thy nuniben take, 
Nor chufe in mclanchaly fltains to Ictl 
£ach harder chance the jnflsr cauTe befell : M 

Or rather turn, aufpiciooB turn, thy flight 
Where Matlb'rough'theroick arms invite, 

WAerc highcH deeds the potl.^\lIcl^■m?\ittt J 

U'ith rage divine, and fan ilit tatfti tie. ■ 

«:■!.■ H./jerc3f once Rmnillla'»n"^'lefiaA ■ 

Ten ibouhad tiiunei £« 1*'''"'6 ""^'^ ftv^'M 

I ^ .*'"'"• "».t? *''"'"» 't " ? 

]?' "w WW, ," ""' 'I".! ;,.„, 

iDgnxlly bold and prodi^a^ of life, 
Ii ff fD lo prifi Hbcrc death ind (Ungcrs call; j 

WhL-reihe WDfUtedjandwhcrfifccthiclfjlfa// / 
Hcllii;n,andTlrivetCDnfus'dlhcfiiniiagCiul.i4( J 
Like heat dilTui'd Itbgreit Eiample i>ami4. 
And aniimua tiic Social warriotirs' arms, 
laSamcii each coJdcr hurt, conEimi lite bold. 
Males the youc^ herouuid rmeni ths aid. ' m 
Id Corms divine uaDDd him waldiful wait 
The ^ardian Genii of the fiii[i& Qatc; - 
Jullice and Tmtii his lUps onerriufi; giiide, : 

And fulhfalLayKlrf defends his Gde; i^ 

Prudence and Fortitude their Mirlb'roBgh giiard. 
And pie 3ling Liberty his Ubotiti elieer'd ; 
But chieftheingiLlDf hisqueen watthcre, f' 

Tl^eUriuQ Croft hiifilverfhieWdfdbtar, t 

And in hii dcurni hand he Oiook a valine fpcxr; } 
■While ViaoryctlellialfoarBahovc, ijj 

Pliiivi'dlike theeagle otimperial Jowc, ■ 
Han^^o'er the chief i7ham Die ilelightii ts' hieb, 
And ever arms hljfword »lrh fiuvracceb, 
Docnishim the pfond opprcflbrlodiflroy, ijf 

'ITien wave? bcrpalm, and clapi htr wiug5 for joy. 
Suth was yiiuns Ammon on ArheU'i pliin. 
Or riicli ihi" painltr * did the hero ftign, 
\Vh.Tt tufiiing on and Gertr, he feeni^ to ride ■» 
irjf/i fl^r^crfuiardoui' and tiisjcflUk \iruJc, ■ ^4 >- 
M'JUi aJI the god-r of G 1 ecceavidE nrtuTit: wiV)Uit&t\ 


Kor long Baviria'b haufrhty prince 

JLibonrs the fight unequal to maintai 

He fees it is doom*d his fatal friend t! 

Shall (hare the (hame, and in one ruii 

Flies from the foe too oft' iu battle tr 

And Heav*D contendiuj; on the vide 

Then mourns his raih ambition's crii 

And yields relu^ant to the force of i 

So when iEocas thro* night's gloom 

The dreadful forms of hoilile goda fi 

Hopelefs he left the burning to vvn ar 

Saw it was in vain to prop declining 

Or favc what Ktav'n had dcliin'd to 

What vaft reward, O Kuropc ! ihd 

To him who fav'd tjice on thi" gU>ri< 

Blefs him, ye jiTcttcful Nations ! wht 

And heap the victor'^ laurel on his I; 

In ev'ry lar.d, in cv'rv city, frt'cd 

Let the prouJ colun-.n It-; mar 1^1 

To Mari'ooroujjh an. I l.ibirrrv t'ccrii 

Rich with his wars. tri;;m;?:%ii arcl-.t 

To teach your wond'rin*' hn- i\w li. 

To him vour llcilful bui-'.o i! i ir vi rA 

For hiw the tunciul \c\ci:. ])c r.iUjriit 

The brcatiiing pipe Ihali l\vc\l, fi 

tr":-u!.lln >: iirirr. 

(.) happy th'Mi, wlicrc jKaro for t \ 

-IBrit.iiinia! nol'lcil cf tl.i csia:;'- kI. • 

ivj/r (^ircn ' wiiodo't u:n\«VvV iVa' nv 

-rl/:J llrctch thy empire o\v tWo iv. 

WhaitnuifponsiB thypiriniliofoniM 
Ulxrn I'anic at &ril the pleaGng ftorj tr 
How didll fhou lift ihy low'rt (font on M 
Noi mcaiilj conTciniH ufa niother'i jojr, J 
lYoudof ihyfonuCreteiiVuariia'JoTei^ 
How wcrt than pleaii'd Heav'u did th]r et 
Aad lilt fucccft where then hidfl lixi thy k 
How Willi cegrct hii ahfcau didfl ihou 
How with itnpiUience wait hh wiJhM returo ! 
Hdwwcic the winds accut'd forhudiUy! 
Mow diclftihou chide ihc gods who rult the Tei, J 

At length he comei, he ceafu from hin toil, 
1 .ike kinj;! of uld retuiiiiDj; from thefpoili 
To Griuiii and iiis queen for c>« delii. 
He vomnthdr juy uidfiraitfid ibankstad 
Lowly he lin«lttefote the royal feat, 
And kyt iit proudcll wrcsllii u AiinR'sf4 
While Ainn'd allkt for labounor fnt eale, ■ 
In ewnpa lo thondcr or in courts to 
Ilrililn'tbrighlnymphsmakc Mariboron^tf 
' In aJI hii dingus allhistriampht, Jbare : | 
Conifring he lends ihe well plea*' d fiir ni 
And 3dd« &(.'& luftre to cath bcaulvo 
Britain pttfcrv'dbyhiawaoriouiar 
IVith Wiindioui picafurc each fair bofoai ■ 
Ij^tent in all their eja, and doublci J 

tr'a his own Sunderlir.d,iti\iKi».Mwi*5^ 

3 rich (he fcenl'd incaipali\e ol m 

an- fliinos with graces tctMUnowti^ 

:ingjny!lie Teems »o burn, 31j 
Ct feature takciarpright])'turii; 

are fecn to fparklc in her ejKs, 

blooming check btCb rofetrife; 
; paflioD heightens each bright hue, 

touch [he finlQi'd piece anew, JJO 
h;tt Nature'4bouii[i.'ouB hand had giv'ii, 
the fairelt woikmsnfliip of Hciv'n. 

.ke thii in courts ietniljrfDani], 
Id all the grateful people round: 
iodi Jnur'dto rural tuil, 335 

Hockt acd turn the mclitn* foil, 
II iff their honeit hearts exprera, 
c warriour who pr^jtcfls the peace, 
the foe ainof, and dri»ea afar 
.1 ravage of the w^ing war: 340 

Iroyer cuts the rip'oiog crop, 
: hirvcll and deludes their hope ; 
wretches By viith wild anuie, 
ng back and fee their dwellings btaae ; 
chain DO mournful capcivei know, 34; 
; threats of the infulting foe, 
a laughs, the fruitful Gelds abound, f 

1 voice of Mirtb is heard to found, L 
doles her various houttties round* J 
village and the wealthy town Jja 

|oin their happinefs to own. 

n and Annans gentletl reigu afford, 


Fcriionnur'd,name'. Otiiou 

■^rcateft William once \>c\o-«\ "iS 

M 1 

luifac'trtliy ■Jnuontnrpofiifii < 


iwilh Dartdioiilnad'lllhcfifUiarU^lit, '^ 
fTliyfrati divine, ihy Hciv'o, a while forfalic, jd 
^.Anddei^n theBrirons'uinmph topirtake. 

ihuuduDg'il.bnt IliUtbuiifhaUdcliglK T 
l-Toheirlhcrortoiicdfltif ginriuuitislit, I 

r t^ow fail'd opprefluin >nd previil'd ihc righl. j 
K Vhat once below Tach Aill tby p iciifurei arc; jlj 
^toroiic aod Liberty are Dili iti; ii 
BThy gccal, thy geu'roai, pare, )niniorul,tnind ' 

r tu tlie piiblilk pioA in 
I Ji Aill the tyrant *> fcK, and pntion of manWIiut. 
» Behold where Mariborough, thy laft hefl gift, j;( 

ingtolhy natire IklgiBlcft, 
I Eui'cccdE Id all tliy kind pAlernal >.atcj, 
iThy watchful L-ourfel* »nd Uboiious wan, 

■ l.ik( thct ifpirei by virluc to renown, T 
■-figh* to Itenre an empire not liis own, 375 J 

■ Aeipniioly toil himfctf. andgivcowiy acrovn. J 
I At length tliy pray'r, Opiaui Prince t is heard, 

~~:3i'b has at length in il« own csnTe appear'dj 
Irnirth RamilliS's field atnaes for all 
le fiiihlefn breathes of th< pcrjur'd Gaal; jBl 

length 1 btll.T agr [n man ileoecil, 
ith iriiili. with peace and ji'fticc, (h»H fo 
I'n are the proud, UtidtV* ipitV iwwfAVkW 

Gaol; sB 

■'■ 1 

mil TncccMli > 

Straight uger vi the BeM he fpecdi away^, 
Theic vnWB the vidor Caul ihall dear r<pay 
The l"l>oili of Cikiiialo'* faial day. 
Chcet'd bj ihe prefcncc of the chief ihcy lo 

long to 
Rc«iv'd each foldier lifts his drooping liead, 
Forgets hi) wounds, and calls him onto lead. 
Agun their crefts the Getmaii Eagles rear. 
Stretch their broid wings and Tan the Latian ai 
Greedy for battle and ilie prey ihcy call, 
And point great Eugent's thundiron the Gatil 
The chief commands, and fooa in dread ari^iy 
Onw>rdi the moving legio.ii utgt their way -, 
With haidy mar^-hea and fucccf'fnl hafle 
WJuWJ/ t\3[ure or the ikiliul ibe had pVit A, 


I'he lot in rain with Galtiik am attend 
Tomaik wliiirh wsy the: wary leader lie 

I.urki whae tall wnodi ind ihickell coi 
And mcuily hopii a conqufU from furji 
Now uith Iwxfi hinre (be plain womd i 
And ok' ailvnnces aad as ofl' retreatt ; 
Nov fii'd to wail ihe coming force he fi 
Seciir'd V}- llL-cpjr bankt and rapid fliean 
■\VhLlari-rer godiio vaintihauft ihtirfl 
Ttom plentcoDi umi the gnlhing roircir 
Kite o'er [heir QtinDft margins to [he ph 
And Urlvt to ftiy the wairiour'a haftc ii 
Alike [hey piCi the plain and c]oSdi WDi 
Eiplorc the ford, and «mpt ihe fwellio] 
And where they want their way [hey fi 
Bu[ aoiiousthnuEhti Savoy'sgreal P 
And roll ill hodiog in hi< careful breaa : 
Of[' he revolves the ruins of [he grwr. 
And fodly thinks on loft Bavaria's Tale, 
'Ihe hapicfi mark of Forlune'i crnel fpo 
All eiile, meanly forc'd to beg Cupnort 
From the flow bounties of a forei|rn cnu 
Vorc'd From hii lov'd Turin, his lad reti 
His glory onifi and empire'* ancient fea 
He kes from far where wide dearuaioi 
And Scry (haw'rsthe good\^ IttWTi roii 

■IcdcurA; the anrelinit'ing tjTanl'aTM 

H« had rcfolv'd it, and he would be tha 
Nol Janger, toil, ihc tedious weary waj 
Nur all the Gallich powVa, lijg prgculs'd 
Like Tmih itfeU", o-nlinDwiDg how to fi 

He fcomd to doubt, s"-" '--— ^ " 

Thus ever certain doe 
Bound by the law of J 

Round thswiJe world m twelve noun ii t 

And to a moment keeps his fi.i'd return , [boroe, J 

iighttiitheiownihcheroeiiurn ihcircare, f 

leir friendly fuccour for the brave prepare, 1- 

id on the foe united bend the wsr. 45^1 j 

And 01 

:rthe deep trench and rampart '1 guarded height 
At once they rulh and drive the rapid flight: 
With idle arms the Gallick legions feera 
To ilem the rage of the refifllefs dream ; 
At once it bears them down, at once they yield. 
Headlong are pufh'd and fwcpt along the field : 46J 
Refiftance ceafes, and it is war no more; 
At once the vanquilh'd own the viiftor'spowV: 
Thro'oul the field where'er they turn iheir fight 
"ris all or conquefl ar inglorious flight. 
Swift to tht it refcu'd friends their joys (hey bear 
With life and liberty at once they cheer, 
And favc them in the moment of defpair. 

So timely to the aid of faikici^ Rome 


to At Cipitol he forc'd bit 
to btan ihe proud Biibuliiiii I 
AsdrnT'dhixaiiBiiy inuiicGgiut 
From impiout ami* al lengUi, O 
And tcavt u Irnph ihe bb'ring w 
l^Q Hus'ntilclorefamcynaion 
F.1UI btyond Runillia or Turin ; 
I.ellfruin thf baodlltnufcElhf Icl 
And bunililf d uilhe duft th; lulTck 
Ltd urg'd 11 Icngih li^)' own npini 
Thu' fgnd oTburiJeni uid in bniiil»j 
Putruc tby hoary bead wilh cut la 


HtABisG Lhat Chbe't Imw'rcro 
Tilt (umnjitoEaneigbb'ring hill. 
Where ev'ry rural joy was. found. 
Where h<allh and wealth were pl« 
To wail like fervanla on her will; 

t went and found it was SB they faid, 
'I'hikt cv'ty thing loak'd itiOi an 
Her herdi in flow'ty piiftiiiss ftray' 
Delighilul wag the greenwood (hadi 
And gently Invatk'd ihc balmy iii, 

Sat when 1 Icuniimy truilblrdheji 
Vaeaff graven withia my hrffaR, 

All [he pkirutn hen below 
Men can itk or go-li bcAow. 
A jnliytrun. believe n.c! No: 
There wcfc hut two, LcptU ■ and How 


J\i on » Auntner'i day 
111 the gteenwood Qiid£ 1 liy 
Thi maid that 1 lov'd, 
Came walking Toith that w, 

And a> (he psITed by 
Withafcornfu! glance cf her fye, 
" WhMaft»me," 4110th fhe, 

■' For a fwaln muft it lie 

" Like a luy icon for 

" And doll thou notli 
" What Pan our god hw d*a 
" What a prize 10-day 
" Sh.ill be giv'u away 
" To tbefweeceft Ciei>herd'«reedt. 


w baiily prepares 
le bonny boon [a gala, 
Id brighter array ihan thiae f 
fjpp, up, duir Swain- 

le tfcy pipe once agsin , 
** And niikc the garland 
" Alas, my Lrrtc '■" he cr 
" Whnl: avails this CO urtl ' 

" Since thy dear dsfert 
" Is wiiticn in my heart 
■' WhatisaUthcworldb ! 

" To me thou ai t niore gay 
" In this homely niifet grey 
"Than the nymphs of our green 

" Or the brighteft quetn of May. 

" What tho' my fortune frown 
" And deny thee a fdken gown ? 
■■ Be content with thin Ibade 
" And a fliejiherd all thy own," 



.AVM|(oyou withJaTety Itommaal 
it vnic, (he teaa fnilluc n/ jiitui tricad 

Whokiio" ■ ■ ■ :.. luA. 

TbcMii: . ' ' love at 

tramU..- . ... iiel.t.w 

Ttinthe ctiif."-; « .,rld, ard kl. ^fim 

Fii J tlif fealt niiaiii liiveor vrikcnilo) 
IK'tiofr; Iwnl enn'liaiGDn fnaUit her in ihe li 
^ni! rdkhci on to vtuiurc once »euo. 
^ S«raiDthc!>el(uiK£3ioCnlittiiiu 
iiat pcKtry nut ln'f wajlbrtijiiit » rtitm; 
From Hel»'li ttiey both, th« godt' btft ipi 

riadjr pcrfeA boiJi and ionaccaE. 
'Tlren were bad pMt* and laofe lo«ei roc kn 
... icttlt >">'■'"''> w'l"*''")"*''!''" '''"ft 
Bcanth tool 1kU» oitt hippr fathcn. lay. 
And fp<«t JB fore unuintcd joy. tlis <!jy ; 
/l/ffc/i their hva, wtl<fs tlieir numha.. wi 
\m!^ Saiav fimply aW ""^ ^^ "r\"^' - 

■ plciisM they took wKil tlciv'n bc- 
I curiousof ihc giy'll gooj, [now'd, 
(c Indians fond of ^ly'd top, Stit 

■ Ijsppy to be [liought more wife, 
age ni pHuiniTeTfcandiin 
hangmen brth at ones came in. 

liwi hid bath the Cunc ill.fdie, 30 

yrinn fw»f'd in either ftatc 
ifurt would be fore to damn 
olindecenJenl fatiii-, 
;rDwii <dd and hirdeo'd in olFeriM 
CO write on in fplte sf fcnle. JJ 

J friendi, th' invader brought aloDg *» 
reigii word>intoour tongue > 

enflure the b-eebum Eng1i(h foDg; 3 
•ailing failion propl hii throne, 
volumes let his Playa mn on ; 40 

tide of actfe withviciouiiage 

ing and to virtuous lo«) 
ipleifuremii'd no moreprofcfl, ■ 4J 
double-meaning bawdy jeft| 
a; fuunds off;nd the blufliing fair, 
iciH fro uithe guilty theatre. ffpron", 
d 13ards! from whom thrfe ills have 
.■ending pow'rs bavefpir'd too long, ja 
-u fcw the blow wiU furcly come j 
hxs no I'ca V avert iuAomtv, 

t<nk& die fair Ardcll* will aliHie 

'r»t:n*'ii for ill iht guilty [lilwMoaei 

N(<< nuTellaUillilanicKethlul UcktOtttt} 

^itm ifcailuiunllliepiitlickcrowil 

To ihc l*lff goihcf Wk )u>iMircr bow'it, 

Thd rcr^rwhkh flic ftvoi Ditli own herfwl 

Aiiiiiili IVniBfruthtTliltft'dlawtuIicr, 

^^y fr.iiii vvhiiiiitrtclfonrtnin. NfntpJid 
'lilt ii!»tjrc>tliiw «')ikhinlhyv<TreiiQAhieri 
\s".i!, »li:.t Itijngc inlivfiiion art Lkou lildl ! 
Our tnraii canb at'ci bred (a brigiii ■ f 
Dui friim the Ikiri, thy kimJitd ikiex it 
tune Eht Ki'hleB Ijlej 
■ing with pitying ryei wr area, wj 
iftlyown rhM " .«! i.«rityi" 
'n ^11 ihitcyxivbidi men:;! miDdioui kenw,^ 
j\iia find Araeliit'i vcrit the Icaft iiiin thing hel«w. 

If l>in>lai't nune 14 Uuifc lUvii'-ri in-iafiani n 
Ad J mnd^l Mu&t may Jnuncrtalin^ih, 
III vcric ii^e hia ihe hcoT'nly Billoo nife 
'l1iri( lunel'iil voicen Id thfir Maker's praife i 
Niir ihall cdelUil bumouy diftUin 
[Vr once to iaiiuccancanhly fttaina 
Whofcfnroeftttirenofivale'creiii kit, 
Kuc thntt abtiTe inil fair Ardelia here. 
She who undsnntGd Could hHra^num view, 
widi bulil wingi bis fhcreil hcightt puiAlc J 
ihra' the Dithyrambick Dream Ibe llecr'd, I 
■tien-ugh dfcp in »U its dinjeis £cai'4-. 



t fa th; rcH, nho wiih TBccdsIeli pita V~ 

■ Dnaivigablp torrent try'd in vain. S; 

!o Cltlia leap'd tnCci (he rapid flood 

ille thi: Eirufcan* flruckwidi wonder flood 

ii.ilUlic mires her rafii purfuCTM dy'd; T 

e matclikfi daHH^ could only ftcm the tide, 1- 

d gain tht ginry of the fa.i(hrr fide. 5c J 

iet »*(h whit pomp the antiik millt comes in, 

e VBriouj fomiii of the fan lalUch fplttn ! 

inempiy l«i(!;}iMr, howling eritfuDd tenre, 

Tcjoy, brrdby falfehopc andfalfcr fc»rs, 

:b vict.each paffion, whi*h pale Nature wrarspj 

Jiie odd moiiltniiH medlcj mli'd appears. 

:c BsyA daocc confoB'rily ronnd th?y run, 

lefoiaB, wHiuctte, g^ fop aad penfivc nun, 

'flfesandhctoc>,hufl)ind) and their wivcf, 

til Moiikifli dronmtha dr*am away theirliTCS. ; c6 

ig have I laboupM with ihc dire diJeufc, 

r foHiid tint rrnm Ardelia-j nunilwrB ttCe : 

e AiiKin^ verfe rons thro' my floggift weins, 

itre dull and cold the frozen Wood reraain-i. 

ecareiiandaniiousthouglitf giycwajriohafto.IOJ 

d to returmogjoy refi^ my fcnaft ; 

:n free from ev'ry pain 1 did endore 

ils the chaining author of ray cait. 

wheQ to Saul the great rauCciao pJayM 109 ~} 

ifnllenGendunwillingiyobey'd, flhade. (■ 

i left «.! monarch', hrcaft to fcefc fomc fafer J 


WM, chjin loudftorm.and fti 
■And bring ihefaiih/al hva ftfc », 

When AihU,^: Jhore whh chevrldi hriB! 
A«d «cpt hi. forrow, i„ the fwdling Hood. 

Ah, hbtli Maid ! »hom. a I w,|l diWdi 
The righwou. KDds hisjufl r«v^ ,.M.J 
Fnrhnreturnthj'pioiuwiniesjom, JH 
1 h« thou at leng th mj-11 p^y bin, for^l 

AndillKehiitnw J 


\\l<n irtful wil Hull fpcn k Ih j Iwnnty'i poiic, ' 
JHhtn haimony Ihatl ihy Isft f«ul (Urpiire, 
^ «ilihyfetifNindihypaffii>a>[sir«i 
lidft whn«vcr virtow }oy« »np«»r. 
rihicitheoneGj^.furijQcriidRiimiicicaunit i 
i>rbt iby licjrElcnniVAnc Jer»eti(Qui;t» 
ill Itiy iiwn {rued Lfriilai rclurn. 


W II « K [n>u|>ht vrtlliallEhupriKfulmin^irtaJ 
With rririitUhi)'. MutkriitA. tclpv^l, iind l<nt, 
1 lir MhCi; NehI wilt)' (I nil ihli rttufiiiun iby 
-.^>mtiliiiip- mofl w«thv o( bH-Uf w l»y, 
111 JnrcHiciilFcr'ilupm JiumlilE jiray'r 
I'll iih( ihcnobk n'arVfkh tiifaianre: 
" iJivrhiRi/'lheCiid, ""whMo'willviutrgrW 
** Adorn* the foal or houdSiu lilt C)c«l 
"lict niuilvcaaCUHcyranfirmtiUunili, 
M A/idjEcntlcO inaiiB«r>tniwiihli>hlDUi»iiii;]n 
Dive tiitn te (imc, tn «inuc, tt> itpire, 
Wortliy our Innpiaiul eHy indiriiiiii j 
u< pnil(, all hnmran tn lAm 
ailmtrc, >oii Gghins virgin* I 
fith honcft >nl inAdmc tVAfof io« 
T> love his country an4 wotoft ona'Aiw 

lohcT priy'f ihc god rrply'i. 
*'WIiT>MtihDU ate what IinxKil bus ika«C|j 
V Juvt't bmiRtiout hmit laa Uviib'tl kII hk of 
f'Aailmildi'ginkM he it can (ddib 
I* Vft Goct 1 joy in tthu 1 diJ ouh 
?■ twUtjiruluhgihc&v'rittWuwkk'tEiif.^Ja 
•* And lengthen out bin y( 


'. t>'iT tilt; Glohe, fair Nytnpfa 1 your ft 
«lt>tolliDg[in:uiiniiniilth>Iiiii, lot, 
m frcia'd Oie woiU btneiuh you to Cuncy 
Villi <7(a onlun'd to gift in p«op!e day; 
Willi ivaCtirUmptnicthiiiigbtyout nuiaiu Jliai^' 
lile dim are pnotly ligbtcd up by nnc t 

W diAtAuir nya yourluyipltr empire giUI.i 
nr (.tutbc till fioiv 'ry nissd and £(ui|r«l fit 
II flUi watiutixaail rpriinf Brrtrji'd, 
Uid Jiiughisg Joy Hniidft in natma pity'd. I 
t SucIUtibcijday, butclietTlrliisiluiir tiT 
to £rtiutUy HiDua ie£c^t your lUtu li^ht^ 
tiiii oU ! *(ien yti «c many *tiis me pill , 
I other (ibjc<;i.> fiAiU lie lllu 
bi:u Anne youug hcru »iil' itMlcri nil 
Rail liraw thoft nyt' »nd wwiu iliai vitgi 
w IbiJiyout cccacurcg ilicn ihcir luft depjia 
II thulk fum that rile for them lu 
icWiliyougiTB couftn'i™"o«. i 
ti for Ai» fake youiV'OTUniiittVew--' 


reeshcr rpreadingflimi:!' confumc aioiuid. 

aoihf r 1 


In fnri 

reilma a 

will t< 

She Iwvcb her vaflils here with proud difdahi ; 
One only jay which in her heart fhe vean 
Ths dear companion of her flight flie beart, 
^neas thui a burning town intfooli, 
Tbut into b<uiilbniGnt bii gods he took. 
But to letticsc bii native Troy'a difg™* 
Tix'd i new empire in a liappier place. 


Cm a Lxilj tabijbed her If^altr atffti-^ tti Trj^ti/y <f 

WiiiiiT maudlin Whig) deplore their Cato'ifm, 

Slill wilb dry eyes the Tory Utlia fai ; 

Sut Iho' b«T pride forbid het eyes in flow 

The ^fluag mteii foDDd 3 vent bclnw. 

Tho' fccret, yet wilh copiouiftreaDMlhe mourn, J 

Like twenty liver fF"!^ ^i''' 1^ '^<^'' i"b>' 

Let others fcrew an hypocrilidl face, 

She fliewi her ^ief in a fmccrer place. 

Here N»tuie reigniand paffion voidof ,ut. 

For ihii ruad ksds direiftly !□ ihe heart. 10 


Pio HAT fata fui doni cetera turha CatDoia, 
Hccc! ocuU«f<ccUCzlialiufcdcl; 
At quaDqaum laciyniis f^u: letat oia rigari, 
InvcniTe viam qui peropacafluant : 
Clam dolet ilia quideir, manac camen humoi abimd^ 
Numini^ ex uina, ceu fluvialls aqua. 6 

Didurquent aliz Tulciis, Gmulaatqua dolorcm : 
Qii.i: aiagi Jinrera eft Caslii parte dolet. 
C^u J mcra nalura eft, non ptrIon»M'S«.i wi*»., 
<iL'ji/ueii:itrreaa cordis ad ■"oi'^'i^ ■*■' 


X na'la the CnnnnoD*' Houlc ynudiil prmil, 
Ctond Sir Clccvc Mu«rc ami yralle MullcrH^* 
YcluR)-ooiI l«clihemminu*(if rrlyifiKi 
llui)^f> r»r nrnnilx-r n no pincr tn rlir ill. 
Your prrdcccflnrt have hirn oddly hai i 
Afgill and ShijipcD have been botlt triiillati:d. 


Cn lit P-iii, ofWilH, At* J>i>nl, tfffJirug al A 

Piiif (!uanlTiii,Heft BritmittU? fcorni w flrtp 
Vhcn the fid futijci9*af Iiufuhcr ncep ; 
fffok princeib; ilidt fnulticnAteitiflicfi; 
Ivftcci diinjj^tr anil En iriImi ii left. 

bfujiin)! <»«■«•■'"■)' i™l< with jo)r[ 
10 fm iigreitcr tluo AiHityj. 


Jl^iL (0 thtc, glorious riiing Year! 

■^Vjih wliat uniotmnoB gmu Efa]>da^i tppear! 

Ctimely in thnu In tkyprime, 

LoTt!y child of h<«iy Tinte ! 

Where \hy gciiea footflcpt (read 

Plcafures ill around iheefjirtwlj 

Blift and bcuity grace (liy Uain : 

Mufc ! ilrikt ihe lyrt to fome imnicrtiU fliain. 

Eut nh : nhm IkiiL, vhjil maAtr-hand, 

Shall goTCFD crconflr^n the wanton band! 1 

l.oofi; Ulc my veift cbty dance, Bod all wichonl con 

Images of fiitcR things [mm 

Crowd ^boul the fpeakin^ ilrtn^ ; 

Pcjce and fireec I'tofpemy, 

Faith and chferful Lovilty, l 

With Ihiilitig Love and deuthlefe Poefj. 

Yf fcowling ShadtsitWbMaka<i*af, 

Will do ye fly and Ihun the pnrple day ! 

E»'ry ilendand fiend-like form, 

]3bck jud fulicn an a ftorm, 

Jcatous Fe;ir and faUe Sutmife, 

Ujnger with her dreadful eyes, 

Facllon, I'ury. all are fled, 
And bold Rebellion hide* her duin^bc^ 
Jiehold, ihou gracious Ytarl \iel\o\A 
To ivl,o!u thy treaTureHalUhouftiaitinWi, 
ornhom f/i/ wJiiterdaya were tegV tionvw™" 


^Kgnsl Plaatagcaei! Inimortal Iw ihy ncc ! 

, 'Seetheracrcdfdnnipringi, 

6«cthcglail promifc nf aline o(kJDg»! 3 J 

Royal Youiti! what bard divine, 

£^al 10 a praifc like thjoe, 

Shiill in fome exalted meafure 

Sing thee, Bcitaifi'idcarett trcafurc! 

Who her joy in thee IfaaU teU, 40 

Whn the fprighlly cote IhaU TweU, 

Hi! voice uremp'ring to the tnoefal IhcU ? 

Thee Audcnard's recorded field. 

Bold in thy brave palemal hand, heheH, 

Aiid faw wirh hopelefi heart thy fainting (iTaljicM: 

Troubled he with fore difmay ^i 

To thy flrnnger faie gam way; 

Safcbcnesth thy noble fcorn 

Wingy fooled was he borne' 

Swift u the Hecting ihadei opoo the golden eorn. JO 

What Vilnur, what diilingmfli'd worth. 

From thee ihall lead the coming ages forth? 

Crcftcd helms and (hining Diiclds, 

Wsrriaun fam 'd in foreigo 6iA4i, 
floary Iwa^i wiib olive bound, ^ 

Xings aad hvrgiieia tViOvnitiX 


8& ecu. 

SciT with iocniul liwVi ihc y lUnd 
All In itwir t rim amT.and wAitlog br I 

Vlll. ' 
"rite vdrnmc rniii bir^iiu tv move, 
Hapc Irad. tocrciirc ^ cWlc 
ntin rmcl lirrbouitly I'preuJa, 
-Stnellius giT^tiu. \umtt4 maubi 
Ccru (rD«a«UiCfcll'm plain. 
Pau icwirdi ibc Ihcjilucid't pun t 
Anil on ihc bilmj air fni f ofy celaor*! 
I hear ihe minh^ 1 liLit tli<^ luirj rrjnic 
l-iltf many ivitcr" fa-tlli ihr jxalitig d 
White 10 thfir mon^irih ihmtlu^ rw 
" ,\]w»j«cv'ij«!i{ieprcv»Ilj 
*< Flran, v.JiiieE, jufi, anrl wife, 
" Bctlcrfuiufivtherarire, 
'• Purer br«ics fin Ihi. Ilticsi 
" £inh in fruits and Snw'n ii tlreH, 
•* Joy ibounris in ej'ry bre«(t I 
•' For iliocthy people all, fetthceiheYe 


WiNTii! tbaahouyTenenUeCr^ 
All richly in itiy fiirty maittle cM, 
WhuihousKtsrf Ti'irih c»n fceble »([« 
Tu m»Xe thy careful wrinUtd blow fi» 

Kav I Ik the rc^fna pliin. 






Spring anil Summer dcm rucceedi. 


"Yellow Autumn liringuhe rc»rj 


Thou MttMherof the Year. 




While from ihofroftir mellowM cnnJi 


Aliouiiiling I>lcnly toko her biitli. 


Tl>e conrciou* lire aaiuag tta 

The r»ran>i fpreiJ their rieh incroTci 


So dalkx Nijthi .nd Chnoi.'d 

11 ^H 

Co tx^uieous Form ihcir lowly diilU. 



O f»it wrirty ! 


Whuc bhl'< ihou ia& taiply ■ 


The rouHii la|t> funli (he Imr 


I'o deck the cli<in|:i"K ^'<"'- 


When our old pl«f,,K.di» 


.^omcxuwniicftlllu night 





Our paflionB like itu frafoiu tori^ 


And uow Yre Uugli lUiJ now Vc Dwurn. 


H««rdKli«inB.lfoopinghe«] = 


A httler vifnge now flir wran. 


And now at onc« Ihc ^uii. her loin : 


Suih and wu no moir fhc knows 


Rebel Ibni nor foreign fock 




ftifc ftenurA h*r mighty nuftn 


JlWujftj-ftcfiu, Vtn 



Now"'" ■ 


^R^ioter leads, 
imer next fucceeds, 
n briDgs the rear : 
r of the Year* 

; frofty mellowM earth 
nty cakes her birth, 
irc exulting fees 
ead their rich increafe; 
: and Chaos fmil'd 
'orm their lovely child, 



5 forth the lair 

mging Year. ac 

Icafurcs die 

ill is nigh ; 


•he feafons turn- 

^ and now we mourn. 2$ 

eft with dread 
; drooping head : 
' fhe wears, 
; quits her fears : 
ire ftie knows, $0 

n foes. 
ity mader 

PUsU trr InnC: runadatioDf f 
And htr rorram p«A foTRett. 


Mtppy Ule! thcateotHm'it, 
Tu itic {utiilitn bern fU'tti 
Vurcjuiiiiig llill obey him, 
5liU witJi l»vc and duty jny him. 

llio' he parted frem thy Ihnrc 
■ Vhilc conicltin); fciogi HCttod Mm, 
Cauldbc, Qtilnlal give ihteinorc 
1'hui llic jilcdgc lie Idl behind htni f 

roK IKE iiAi 1713. 
TKnu (aucSfwcueft daujihterof thelki 

Indulgent, gentle, lifc'telliiring Pcaccl 
' With vtbu iuCpidnai bc^iutici duft thou 1 
' And Britaiu's iicw-[o«olving Juiuti hlift 1 

Hoary Wintei Imila helutt thee, 

llancct nietrlly alimg, 

Huurxuid llatom alJ adore thet, 

Andfurihcc mc¥cr youlig. 

ETCr,Goddef»l thus appear, 

ire/ lead the joyful Year, 


to f Ac* the night, in tlwt Ok a^^,"»\l^«& 
rf/iec Ihc deartft "I the puigVc ==6.-- 

^^ ODK. 


lOrtil pteaAirctto impart. 

rc, and raire the drooping heart : 

pc and tuDeFol Qr'iaf; belong. 


ternal for (he poct"> foog. 


IdcD lyre, 

1 choir! 

teftili higher. 



earth's defire. 

jfonnd. agree 

jUccncy ! 







foil tan fit her? 


i, (heisfweeter; 

but Peace it belter. 





and gods above f 

ry feature trace. 


rmiling grace ? 





uil plcaTareii 



till their t<ouMx fl»U iaattb w 
ir (miling oHf pring bkfi ■ 
Hijipy diy nbcQ each wu 0i'i 
txtu and Indulpng Heis'n I 


hiU ItlBtiliinnisbcyaurcate, 

c «Bil CiroliniCTown the Vme. 


ui-h ih«lltinf>;, cclclUilMuCeiandla 
rc pcculiiif timti uiil fcafoni bl^ f 

re bsllow'd pnrplc psinl tlw <^._ 

Id ihc fcfiival fland fonh, 
ill the golden light he crowD, 
HI be Diark It for hia own. 


jpotv had thi> gloriout mornutg been torgot, I 
"jtnthougfi t of as the tlung* Om,! a^ia w 
•d noe our Ereatcft Cahc V.«rLU.\ot 

Thro' ev'ry imgna; h, 

fiu-asthcna'tarC d•*^ 

Let t)iaiikiuIiia[ioi»<.EAi#i-cciiuDinh, 

And bUi> [he aDihor of iht woild'* ccfole. 

VI. Volga tumbling in cafcadei, 
And I'd that glides tfaro' poplu iliodci, 
AndTagutbnglii in laniitofgokl, 
Ami Atcthola, riien old, 
Tlicir gnat deliv'rcr fisg; 
- Not, Duiubci thuu, whofe nmding Hand 
So long hi- UaSh'A wlthTurkilh blood, 
. Since now ihy Streanu wit Wc a flain 
Kdd CTfllal w their fpring. 

To mighty Gmrge (hjt healt ihy woundi. 
That name; chy kings and ttarVi thy buuiK 
The joyful voice, O Europe ! raife : 
In the great medUtor'i priife 
Let ill [hy various tonguei coirhme, 
-4Drf Britain's fellivaHii: iWw. 




>[ ilie Fluudiil whiMu IticaHjlanot 

'^ fold alln mil ia ihy winding tnin 
t lofi J p.btt and (he fortilt mle, 
Kingofihc Haodi! Brinniiu'idailiDg,hB3!I 
Hxil with the V«ir fa wcU bi^uii, 
Aiid bid hiicudi revolTinj^fiin 
Tauglic Ly ihf llreuiDi in linooth r<ii:cel£(iiD n 


^■Wm th]r QCTcr f^Uiti^ urn 

^■Tith the rcafotiitikc ifacii 
Froru thy tribu»ry leai 
Tiilei nf vanoua wealth Uleod ill 
Seas aud Ic^oni all bcrrJEnd t 
in thy bank) lo nuie the Sde* 
UguDa'i haikn'il ilonici vile, 
id there lliy ainpJs boliiin puuts 

Dok with rh under nutbi 

Dell Bagi ihou doft fuHaiD 
hile thy bunks conline thy courfe, 
Kblein of our Cxrai''s reign, 
tb>fflinff clcmencj acd force. 

— ., aiiargtii 
Care its load difcharging 
Is lull'd to gentle rcll : 
Britain thuii difarming, 
Nor no more alarming. 
Shall flee^ on Cxfar's breaft. 

Sweet to didrcfi is balmy deep. 
To fleep au^jpicious dreams. 
Thy meadows, Thames ! to feeding fliet 
To third thy filver ftreams; 
More fweet than all the praife 
Of Cxfar*8 golden days : 
Cxfar*s praife is Tweeter, 
Britain's pleafure greater : 
Still may Caefar's reigo excel ; 
Sweet the praife of reigning well. 

With equd joy the nymph af 


Thus to themfdve, alone they arc 
Wut all mankioil can giVe; 
AJtcrnaidy the happy patt' 
AJl graut and all receive. 

Like the Twi» Star^ ib f^.-rf f„ fr;,„j 

Hiii brother man 

'' lap dcrcced) 

■Wiih happier faie and kinder care 
rhefe nympb, hy m,n. do „reD 
»TllI= Ml >he falling does,™ 
Coifing ((.fufiain. 

"*■' filly f»-,.„,. ''• « 

*^« <^ and / SWcM . ^ • 

f». 16 

■'"'•Ih was r to J- 

^ ''-<: our maiden, i/„'^' 

*■ Vhu iIm' 1 iaft fltiH u tompblo, 
** Tbp' d* MbTo tny coBplca h««i cr 
•' Vlmt tho' who tl*y law my Ibfi ftn 
** TIk iiixin 6( «««|nif> vuwndt 
*' Ah, Colin ! ihy bopn in in *ui> 
** Tltf lufK ud thy bsTd tcCipi, 
^ Tbjr tatfe oee itic]ui«> to a fnin 
■■ WboT* mofick i* fwocKr ilua Mmt. 

" Asl jm, oy ccmputiooi fe ia», 
- Wb* luraw to (er mt betny'i, 
•• Whucnt I fuflW forbeir, 
•■ Forlnr la KtaM tbe /^(c null 
" Tbo' thrs' ibe wide sccU IlkinldM 
" Tu in fOB ^aaa snr lutDBe td Sj ; 
*• TVubu'ttDUi^caDdMchaD^ 
•• Tb HUM 10 be conlhBt uil die 

•• tr wti^ ey hard £uc I f oOaiM 
M 1^ livtttifl any ]Hty b tiMMid, 
•• L*« Mr cmnc uriiJi tbe ny^p^ ='<fc« 
" Aftl fee DM bid le* in ibe gmaat. 
" TIk U bsicUc beoB ikril I cn>« 
•* k Ml IWe BM imh cypRU nd ]rev, 
u AsJ «te» fe Iscki iScniB (« my gi 

" Tfca w ker «w low 1" »«* «• 
' .lie* dccl im IK joldcn wrati 
- Jfc fccfi it cr'ry fine l^*"" ' 


ilt Colin, torg««»«^e«>=. '-^ 




Itfi whB. !«B».l.tlK: lak <n«« 

gboaftaU glide o«-< l6 


L J 


a'in<I.;towhoinCol«ee i 


UcirobdaDdrofwot. .^^vJ 


«nK,tbefliqduidliwfci«w -. 



hiRDcr ULc Colin aa luotf. 

thii i( fome prcuy new an ! 

Calinitajugglo- iii lott. 

like* to play U-icki "-iiii ni)f Iwirl. 



a be will be ciD Ogh ud ktok p*le. 

1 doleful Aod alter hU fiw, 

trttnble aoi) alter bi« tale | 

Colia hu eTei7 [OM. 

willow my rovci prefer* 

he bruH wbett lie uncc 1k)(|;'iI xi lie, 

1 Che Rreama that he Twelti with hit teori 

tinb bclov'd mote than I. 

head my fond bntuui wou'd bwTi 
1 my heart woii'd Coon bcM him to nil) 
the [waio that ii flighted dctt»ix, 
Calia h only 'm )cft. 

k iloA die ilnanrJ i ^ iM - 

It Oibn lict An at hn Gam, 
AcJpni huidUfdntniiwlithbT. 

&B Difplwnli httA Ev b^ tke cd«r 

'•ttantlo pciliao Idifpart; 
rt •Jtn bn) 1 pxne. 

I^Eue tbtu t> f<iirr [hui ml«c. 

ti I «* ill hrcali my lofA efoel:, 

If tilt •fi'bt, ■Cairjr, «ij roft, 
\r )itiin*'('»fe, tat VHj. aoifbik, " 

I cTowii "d lijr [Ik timlc t't Initik. 
' (iQ ', IB jr dear Swiln'. iliA \ I«oir 
kf (MHcIi my fonil Iutc && M\ni 

diDcpliaok you rul'd with fuch art 
ill your fmall fiil-jvai obrj'd, 
And ItiU you rcigu'd king of Uiis hcoti, 
U'hurc pailion yuu Aillcl)' n)>bruil. 
Hnw iiftcn, my Swua! bavc I (liit 
'I'liy Euiiii DC .1 p*lice ID lue, 
Ami Ii"w well I cuuld liv« iii a lliiilr 
'I1iu' aanriicd withnoiFiiuKiul ihcii 

Oh! what irc the fparkt of ilio Town 
Tlio' newt lo fine »nd fu p y { 
Ifncly wou'dlckvcbcdiofdown 
t^thy binlLon nbcilulnrw hjy. 
Then, Cnliu! tdurnunec *i;iuii| 
A^-iln make niclmppy la km; mcGiiittlii:eiraiU)fi)l(Tncrivain, 
AndaxoiillMiliLiiyinjih 1 will prove 

, '■ ihy Huw'ty g.irUnili Ity 

livrr-liloiimiliK gcnitc May I 
Olhn hcnt^Hit anw ate urf^h, 
I.iiy [hy lIow'ryiprUDdiW, t;*'. 

Miticfty and (i:mi Renown 




> ■ 

... .J uw|iayOlUiC 

Call thy better Ueffingi fbtth 
For the honour of hit binh ; 
Still the voice of loud Commotion, 
Bit! munr.ur? ccafc, 
Lav tl.c hillo'.vf of tlic cccraii. 
And ^c in I pole the land in pi;ice. 
Call thv be iter, lir't. 

Qneen of Odours, fragrant May ! 
For this boon, thia happy day, 
Januh with the double face 
Shall to thee refign lu^ place; 
Thou fhalt rule with better gr^cc : 
Timelmtr.*^ - '^ " 

Ah Willow,! ."■.«^™ 

Po°: Clin fti wceitmg and lold ihtni huWt 
Afc Willow, mu^w ! J. ■vviUow, Willow! 

•wettaram ! ht cry'd fedlj., I '!l ,„d. cfiMM. ■ 

All Willow! !r'.. 

And fhc WMCrsIt JI ,if, ,0 .h^ brinl with mv i 

.-Ui Willow! k^t. ' 

JIl rcniefs and painful poor Amorctiict .fl 
Ah Willuw '. &e. ^M 

Ah Willow IfcTt. ^H 


To the nymph my iica-t bvcs ye foft flnmbcn 
Ah Willow I Wf. r 

Sprcjd ydur downy wings o'er her, and male 
All Willow! fciV. 

16 flwp lh»t 1 1d[() btingi my lair onr te^tc, 

i Willow! b-.'. 


m doom'd to be wrclJicd indeed, 

iclol* of my dear one, my love, ii decreed, 


mnre mj hi heart bylhofreyrafiwll bochM) 
^WiUowr (;■(. 

It Toke of my warbler no more ihaU be hi 
Willow! «■(. 


thnufilf one! iliou dear one ! helievi 
kU'lllotrt Vs. 
|t (iKhitnthy luf«,andfew(c 
' Witlvwl W4. 



d thee fliull be ly'd. 

One Tite to thy Colin ni 

Ah Wilbw ! v.. 

And toon lay tiiy Ihrpherd clofe by thy <o]A fidri 


i.f^ltc Brook! andioIaTeihyfelfhaAoill 

bWilJow, Willow,' 

•? ibiotrfelimyUll, I 

^ Willow. Willow! «li WiJIow, Willow! 

■tirtnt in niekntv u 


ilnri f'tl (b< finlliiiif finis '. 

ftlU ■Khatfhariitt<,0-»j Fan 

lie kjno- yliihm. I nbrj 
Wbojr'CT tbej ticii litr Hogt 
She Mllfaa <*ii<t.^ Sif iwa^. 


ri (lottd an vf'rf fetturc, 

ll llK^nli liul lea 
Ri Dngrali'Ciil a en itur 

cU in fDuroRind'nnf!^ 


Andlov'ii you in fjiiw of yoord 

Or lind any fatilt in cnsliun? 

Iiinol [he crime of the Faithler* fuid 
■ not bccaurc Itoveyoa leTi, 
fo/oi/oonoij true one, 
^fAc inith I innft cootcts 
'a/wa>-»/oi''da ntw one. 



Phiinibli' ivivtt that il^*^ tho iniuri>sc fhain I 
ih ciutcd dotted hunjaodf may comiiliiiii, 
wti'dMlu^cioftarve, mwebjyou, 
7 nty al Ugft for nlliuony fue. 
|oivw< rdalvt lu makt ttic cafe our ovi' 

btn fitit ynM-ioeli utfiom uiir fiihcr*« huufc^l 
Ul hdagly oui iiit'nA <li(l t-fpnufe, 
Hkqii utfint.unft'il. uidlDJii'dnthcrt, 1 
id tiDDry-moon lirliJ mil thoit likXtt y 
Bl(ugih,f>riikarM»k)iAWI1<lafelilomliil>, ■ 

it ciij(>ynuntiMirdyniiri']iri|chilr nltclf 
idtho'n ArilyMidldiKiiqiiitentjitfift. 
Iffound your lave nai dwlndlnl to rnf^tii 
netlmct isdced, uiii yourwiy it ftlL 
lit Anpfi'd ind tiU'd tn ftr if wt were mil ■ 

icdtnms'ilthiavrmthvd place you Bl 
K bid winr, bui'nelt. du(l«, md a duit. 
>c wc for ihitincrtii'd Apollo't rate, 
■■ oiicn pcctauit with your wit'i cmbnco, d 
li Uirne yoH nlMiy cha[>pin]{ habnaTctMcrl 
utiglr twdiwehid, aiuIilBit litliemTi \ A 

'tiight wc orcDM imif b fa puB{ 

III ibc midwife I'l VI of St Ik Ituc 

te bmc feature! icxi like fume of jooi] 
>, if jriD think Cttini; tu f<-^ilic h 

I njD awi]r anil la ihe jiuilh ak« w 


« sAcJ d> IbiTiralrr'SayjIn tinrj-Lnt H 

E).nigh(, ye Whigs and Tnrki! bolh be & 
K tiope *t unc uioihtr'D colt to IiDgb. 

tp faufi; old S«cui and t&e Pope ; 
ley 'it QQ [cbikoaa hue nor fcirnds wt hope. 
(m1 of tbcin fliiipUui the comick lisge 

JNft malerinb fur Caticick Dge; 
tr ihink our colaura may too Breogly pi 
K (Uff NoniuriiigrcpiTitioii faint. 
hmI -breeding at' a comniandn ui tn be dvil ' ii 
Btliii(igwhDgivc[lu: nation lo the devil, 
tt ovr fuiuft bell faundation ilnke, 
late our moau'ckand our church alike; < 
|r church — wliidt&w'dwilh revei 
iTecly thr Mufo prdurnrs la mention hnetfl 
big uiuy Ihc ihcfe her worll of fod defy, 
tdlUc btr nu'tred head ItioniTiliBM tn the flt 

thein but falim fiknd'jditiMn* ■ 

H wh^t lives not but in n»* 

f, fince a land of liberty they hate, 

will they linger in this freeborn ftate ? 

e ev'ry hour frefti hateful obje As rife ; 

:c 2nd profperity afflidl their eyes; 

h anguilh prince and people they furvey, 30 

ir ju(^ obedience and his righteous Iway. 

I off, ye Slaves! and fcek fome paflive land 

Lrj tyrants ;:fter your own hearts command; 

your Tranfalpine mafler's rule refort, 

I fill an empty abdicated court : 35 

n your pu.Tcllions here to ready rhino, 

1 buy ye lands and Icrdihips at Urbino. 37 





K Flncher'igrcit ptisinal * tuntajr 
feiaok ihc hint of ihii oar mnJcra plaj: 
>r frnm hi* lim b>e flrere V> (idtt 
■witiy, wild, ItuoQlUm, frM, galhuif, 
pch 1 fy/ foul, wiih fvnfe, inJ trill lo nm, 
di LmjiiMgc «td wiih foliTitblma'A tome 

.link truth, hut with iWorUnt Ii»ve, 
Jifommin maids in nionting-flninlww wa 
:n fancy Grfiinflru^iheirhcartttntmt, 
:ii GrS ihcjrisilli and Ggh for wlul tbejr hiiM 
>ot yet. 

T, yc Fair! iq [hlnk your lorcrt may. j 
fetch your cold hcaxti by fiiinc unguinled w 
.ilcroy'! Hiinfortune niakc you Wifc ; 
i> ilaugcT Oil! in darknd' xnil fnrprifn 
o' from iu« rampvt he d:(y'd the !<M 
ifaicc Eugene found 40 ai)u«dud hclow. 
'Jicafy frccdornsndngay addrc& 
Imij' lover fcldoro waptiTucccfa, 
H lArreljicdful, like iht Grcdt, &»*» 
^fnile% a ita yean fiegc bctute M.e ww 

wn r,Jce Ut iia rorfakca ir.aid 
[Icreifor waiit unoifCU[itjrAicl, 
< 3.1eact noiiu AiauU e'lr amLit 
f hare loll ihe happy pow'r to plcife. 
pcilt ihc tDgue iaUin'U in Iirmk, 

n, and Is 


HI think grive iiTci a 



loodmin formatcia^ iiiesd<^lign'd "1 
iious care and diligence of niinJ J- 

Tev'rypigeofwomamilnd, J 

'ry fenfe aad how ihe readings vary, 


riitrr-Rit^nl l« Pmrf-Ltue, ^th April i;c9, 
phying in L-^ f„r Z.m nitb M,,. Br^ll- 
f<,r tht B^rt'ft rf Mt. BttferSon. 

.lit r.ii-iwn in many a wcllf»ught fidJ, 
no mere widi faCKd i'aine inlpir'd 
peaceful hiTniiUjfC retir'd, 
by cliaacc diTaltroDs tiUca lie hears j 

.■;s' iv.-ongs andcaptiva virgini' leart, 
-ft pity urge hisgeii'TOU»\Mei&, 
tiji;enicit tcIuccowOieKvB-"^. 

»Be. iff 

^cklcd in ma!! he falUu en t^e ^i 
! mmahimtoilMfcstiiDl'iuTnt ifain 
io we. to formrr lo»pre" of frjcndftip 
ic bid tmcc mcirc cur pegct/ul benii 
aid old Thnmu indloplcarkire jeu; 
trmf dintfuls twidi j wc ecga^, 
1 atyna fteforihedFttimldiftaEe. 
i{ wii irhcn (hi) foeA matt no hc![> did iKde, 
id fcarn'd thai any Die Ihonld hold hi> tiack; 
■ and fiziltj hiTc ardain*d, 
E he it foic'd Id be Tn&va'it. 
lU r« wh»t fjiling N»iHre bringi man to, ti 
K ifiralc : for DUgbt ive knnw 
eirfu wellititll luou o(yuii, 
10 old ^u find hts firciT^^ ii not clean paftg 
iantet'dl to the laA. 
Jletterhc pcrfptin'd in iijmljore 

III all ihat ii in hitpon' 
fWhaC can iheyoungcll of yon dldoniDicf 

What he hiubeen, tho'prefcnt prailcbcdamb, 
Uiall happ'l)- be a theme in limei to Cnme, 1 

fftltlkofRoftius and of Borne. joj 

nilhiictd jnur fa«ouri> on tLia night 
Did Shakerpcare's ghoU bad ris'u lo do him ri^Ki 
fciili indignBtion Isad yoa fcen him hovra 
H wdrthlclB, witlefi, ts&ddt, Tcwn; 
'J mi6 repining ynti had hctnl him {»j j|4 
^fttrtlhe Mufe's labwiTt e»C. a'win ' V 

^ did I vrriK what on^y W «>*\a V-»l^. -A 


4ifii.£4ny andtrrt. Br«MBjti 

'ilW eUtB^tf-'""*'*' 

Jut CncelikcfeienditoWitthuilhrong'dfoi meet, 
jo on 2nd inatu: ihf gcn'coui work complcU ; 
B#iructoni<:;il,3ad>t>ll«wiih»<aurci ao 

tititi fomeiliing for liis> nxue ilmn bare npplauri:. 
liju^ rite tmbraaee of yonr pleafurM [lull 
Be kind, zislglvc hira 8 ■'■*'''"""=' ''■"■ 
[n pciKeiuifl eire Iiie'«ivi <^r, 

AndhAngliitcoofecrMcd 4f 


Ai il ■^'" aaUal liiTtialri'Jti^alhDi-wy-Lii'U 1:17- 

WiLt, — ■-{( wi> I narrow %ipe mjr lover msdc ; 
That cup and melTage— 1 was fore afraid — 
Wasiliita preTcDC for anew made widow. 
All in ber difnial dumps kike dderuj UiiJo ? 
When onepeip'din— andhop'd forfoniethinfEODd. 
Than was — oh Gad 1 a aiJXy heart ajid bloodf. 6 
If die old man had IhewD himfflf a Uiher 
HistM>wlQioulrlhaveeocJos'd a cordial ra<hc>r, 
Something to cheer me up amidft my trance, 
V Eaa ic Bardi — or convfortable Nanti jl lo 

* Pcnntin^ 10 Uie top of the flage- 

ndisbc witiyoyJIw'il feed the I]eD1.T 
mid hii-MldUt (rmt; tuflrcDKa 
'ere I DOT iet't Ceortu M •iikmtr, 
n nhu <H txTir ImI'J far in i h* 
tibin ih- tifi>'-.-r7' !?<-■ r--.' itnl* ptovule 

lifj iTf ihiuku biuWciw* CHI ttadrin ' 

rJnTC»teltii [.>ij,ili^.nTc EtitoMHi 

^•ih ii' in. I ! i:J,. In iiiQi-liufoMrtBBmi'^ 

' ! . =r Church «D(] IbM 

. T Afigt-unrdgningH 
Ijjiic (iiiiIlv i.^m::i):^T:n of Ihut fnlJitcn,, J 
hr Tyburn (rilii bI (pitch'Tt 
■ho (D otyrtan^eA <mnt nlil initlit a 
faichhonrt) Engliihnit'Ddumit'ildaaMt 
Oh ! woiJil yrm loll <nlc|^r>^y nllatr, 
ndbnalt ibir f<itli your plain (MefiltkeniU 

" . iMli'ATIONS, £g'^. .. 



mbkb it ■analJ bir-Jritfl htWJ?™'" 

fcnfe Qf ihc awtlvr is 1 4«j ._i»S; anrf </ 

lb,rc/tk«li^fir,iplat!^:.~_, ..^•mUtbtE- 


lA'n ai Ibilar^raainildasiialfitffc^/HLnaihir'iJhBrt 
frmfl. 1 ba-ji mjmn-ftt' pii^" ■«n,l::rMli> it-fi'ir 

ri«.sT to the gods thy tumble honi»gc piy[ 

The greilell this and iiiH of l*wi obey ; 

Perform thy tows, ohSeive thy plighted trotli. 

And let religion bind thee to thy odth. 

The heroei acit duniand thy juil regard, j~S 

RennwD d on earth and to the ftir»^';itrfi, ',- 

>ti'ry wifr to n't J pinui ftii^c. 
ritklnwtjr duty bitli^'parrnti bow, 
idgrMObiKivnurwiliy kiodrullliuw. 
r wtiu conccfm Uic rt:ll oi hununkind 
StufesDMliuinaiiiDT^tue lieQ iatUui'iJ, - 

tlhy inns receive, him tu thy Wani bind 
VflVft'd of ruch 11 frii'iiJ frtltnt him Kiil, 
' ir thwart hi< caanfd« with \hf ilubbom wUKf^ij 
IsiKtoiil his Bibnonttiniii prove. 
Kiwi yield to all his nfflco I>1 love : 

m rram <hy heart in true, IHiullly dear, 
; noralhivord nn- tight ofTi'ncrsi 
leu- tM thou and, ftillvriih hitfulingsflrl^ 

tti the iitmoA lUH and dill tVirgiTC ; 
Kir ItrOnj- DnTlEtT alone eijilulet 

le Tvaptt vig<«r of our litcot pow'rs, 

hntCnwid iir](e;nn tli« hray hsut, 


fe thy flroB^rr ajifirilwsaitiiige, 

^y glutlony, thy llofhi thy luft, thy nge, 

in eiKh dilhoiicf) uSt n! Ihune forbear; 
3f other* Bod tliyfclfdlike hcware : 
ict [ev'tcnce of tliyrtirchy thnnght) contTalj 
Lnd fiujrd the C»"a\- teoijite nt thy Ibul j 
et julticc o'er thy word jtid deed prcfide, 
.ti<l reafoQ ev'n thy tncaneti i<9i on* guide;- i 
wArrow th»tdi*mhismim'si^T«i'.ow*. 
a- that Ihe day lif gt«t, accooww 

icfurvey'd, "J 

tal.,..I.H, \ 

(h word, each dceil, bt. ill 
wealth, the prriftiing tin certain goo'i, 4 

ing ind Bowing Tifee the fiLkle floo-l, 
T knnwn im Aire no fix'd abiding place, 
mnd'ring tnVct froni hand to hajid to ]iaf>, 
Rcvnlve the geiter'ojoy and loftr's pain, 
Andthinkifitbeworlli . * 

Wifh patienre hear the I i ; 

Nor rhink ilchance, nai lad, 

For know what mao cal n God. 

In what [hoii niaytt from WuQom Jcek relief, J 
And let h*r hcaKrg hand affiiage thy grief; 
Yet fliWwhatc'crtheriEhl'oBednnni ordaiii9, 
■What lauft Tocver wtoWjdies thy pains. 
Let not thofe p^iu ds iSt be underltoad. 
For God delights not toaffliia the good. 

TTie reai'ning art to varioui ends apply'd 
Iioft'afurebut oft' an erring- guide; 
Thy judgment therefore found and cool preferve. 
Nor lightly from thy refolufion [vterve. 
The dazzling ]iomp ot words doeii oft' detehre, 
AijdfweetperfoaEonwinslbeeafy to believe. 
When fools and liars labour to perfaade 
Be dumb, and let the babblers yainly plead. 
This abore all, this precept, chiefly learn. 
This nearly doci andfirft thT|fe\S ttmtwti". 

To do Ehy roul'i iiiuikortal (ili:t><.-i: wrong. 
Of guod and ill by woidt or deeds eiprtll 
Chufe fur [hjrdf, and iivayi, (huli: the beOi. -j ^ Wiry ihouj^hc cirh ccicrprife forerun. 
And ponder on thy talk bttore higon, 
l.ra folly OiDLld the wrciched work deface. 
And mocit tby fruilleTi lubours wiih difgrace. 
Fools lioddle on, and ^way> uc in IiaHe, Jf 

A3 without thought, and [hoiightlcfc words they 
But diaii in all thou doll wilheaily carei [wafle; 
Strive to prevent at firft r fate like theirs, 
Thatrocrow 00 the cod may never wut, * 

Nor fliarp rcptntance make thee wife too late. So 

Bcwut thy meddling hand in aught to try 
That does beyond thy ruch of knowledge lie. 
But feck to know uid bend thy CcitDus thought 
To rearch the pruGcable knowledge a 
So joyi on joys (or ever (hall incieafe, gj"! 

Wifdom fhaU crown thy labours, and Ihill blefs 
Thy life with plcafare and thy end with peirc. 

Nor let the body want its part, but fliare 
A juft proportion of thy tender care: 
Forhcakl. and wclfati; prodenily provide, 
And Itl lis lawful wants be all fupply'd; 
Let fober draof hti refresh, and nholdome fare 
Decaying nature's wafted force Te^T, 
Andfprighdy delate the dull" (^itiwt^ctT, 
'nail things Rill which to this catcbeVoni •*; 

■bf^rvc Ms rule, to guard thy fo«\ fao"""^''"*- 



8\- »lrtiions ure iliy life sftd rn\uBcn{ntoe, 
IVI.^iily, nnil llmpi]' purt, anil free from bluns. 

rrnvokrnol l^nvy'.dndlf rage, but fly 
Thi: glancing curfe of her milielDui eye. 

Seek not in neeillcRiliKury (n wnlle 
Thy worfih nnil Tuhftince with a fpaiJthrift' 
Yet vmtcWful left thy minj 
Prone ID fjirrmcii iu> t<iii«1 dinger find, 
And b« ID r..rdld OTuriM Inclln'i! : 

Dillani alike finm etich bi neilher leio, 
Bii: cvtr Ucrp t!ie h^I^py [joldf r mWf. 

lie; t.inful llill tn gnird Ihy foul fmra itTongi 
And trt ihy iheughi (werent thy hwd mil !■ 
" l.tmoi tliefteiling([odof alttpfurprifc, 
Ntir anrp In llBmheri on thy «e«ry eyti, 
Titr^'ry ailinn of iha former cfny 
Sirl^Iy ihnu ii-R and rigKteoufly fiirvey. 
M'iih rev"rrnf« »! thy own tribanil Owiil, 
And imfwrr juftly tA thy exra denmn J, 
Whiteliavelhcen ? in whuhivetlnnFircera'il^ 
Whiit );(H>ilari11 hw thiiday'difeniinrt'ilf 
VVlirrehuve I (pil'd in what iDnghtiedo.' 
In wh.v toClad. tonikn, ST to wyfelf. I owe 
tn'iuire f-vtre whMe'er from firft (o l«ft 

mitif"* .(iwn rill e»'ning'«(;l(mm 
rc thy drrit repmting 
kdli't Ihy Toul wirh ftrongTemorfcbetorn 
id, ihe^odvriih peMeodnliiil rrp»y 
» thy fecrei fclf vriih jAnfaK Aty, 
c, myHswt'. tut (Jixi.s«i.'*i£fcv*' 




There thoHghUiind titkSytlicii, thytni 
Employ thy liudy anil ragagc dif love. 
lUh are .he luU. wlii^-h *ili lo Vnuic le^( 
Anil teach th)' fid lici beiv'niy pilti> to (rei 
Thii by hit name I fwcir wliali: f jfml lore 
Ficit to nisnkinil ciphio'il the myllick Paur, 
Suurce of cccTOal Nature lod alnughty pow'r. 

In all thou doft firll lei Ctiy pny'rs >rcFiul, 
And to thy ^dtthybboutalidl commend; 
From them implore fucccfs, and hope 3 profp'i 
So fhiU thy abler mind he taughl to fuar. 
And Wifdomiahcrrcctctlfayb explore: 
I'o range thro'heav'n ahcve vid earth below 
Immonal gatit and mortal men lo know : I40 

So fliallthou learn what pow'rdDeaallcunlral, 
What hounds the parts and what nnii« the whole, 
And rightly judge in all ihii woadrout /rame 
Huwuniverlal Nature ii the fame : 
So (h:ilt thou ne'er ihy vaio affe^on* place 14J 
On hnpe< of whatlhall never eomc topafa. 

Man, wictched Man ,' thou Ihalt be uught to know. 
Who beard within himreif (he inhoU) caufe of wo. 
Unhappy racei that re«r yet tould tell 
How iitirtlieirgood and happinefs they dwell, IJO 
Depriy'd of fenfc they neither heat nor 
Teiter'din vice they feeh nol to be free. 
But llu['id lu their awn fad fate agree ; 
J^iie po.^d'^ousral\iDf,-&ODei oifpieWi-wi'i'iW, ' 
TJic -.nighr thalioads themmaU^s' 
^^'^~ft of choice add freedom « ' ' 


» oifipieti. i-wi*' i\\, "V, 

L. So .isMlJ i*' *.'. did M .M !"«• "*" 



!t Tnllnni, terete fque furai 
^ Idudo ; fage fufpicari, 

Miduc luQrum. 24 


t, moll Fra^a lifclaim 

J bright chy rcpiii le ' ^^ 

9 Braccgirdle the h 
npubliikJ J efpoufe tnc aimc, 

Vllaj G ■ d the Town. 

U. . 
B many tieroei fierce and keen 
Inibs have deeply fmitten been 
r Altho' right good commanders, 

with yoii hive Hounflow fcco, 
I And fome who 've been in Ftinders. 
It bafc Greber's Pegg ■ infianft 
I TbefnberEorlof Mottingbam, 
' orroberfiredefccndcd? 

That carelers of his foul and fame 

To pUyhoufo he nightly came 

And lefi charcb undefended. 

• j^ajTj FnaceTco Marguareu de V Ep\ne, ail 



Who WM but Scarton'!. 

Tho' tUydeai-'ifflihcrltcpt an inB 
At eriOy Head of S,lrBCcn 
For carrLers at Hnrthampwn, 
Yet (he might come of gentler l"" 
Than cVr thai fat'iEr dreamt on. 

or proffers large her choice had fee. 
Of jtwrls. plate, aiid land in fee. 
Which the with fcoin rsjefted; 
Ad.1 cans nymph fovirluou. be 
Of bafe botn blood fufjieilcd . 
Her dimple cheek and roguiih eye. 
Her Ikndct waifl and iJper thigh, 
lalway. thought pro 


IJo NEC gtalui cram i 
Nee quifquani, polior 

bFichii candiJx 

Pcrfarum vigui Rcpe beatinr. 

ArMi, neqire erat Lydia [loll Chlocn, 
MuUil-ydia nominis 
SLotnanii vigui clurioi 11 ii. 

HOI. Me Dane CrciraChloe regit, 
Dulcei dofia modoi, et Cithus: Idem : 
Pro quanoamciaammori. 
Si parcCDt animz &ta fupcrltiti. 

>. Mcto 

Tburbi CilaVa filius Ornithi i 

Pro quo bii patiar mori 

Si parcent puero fata fnperftiti. 

HOK. Qaid, G prifca redit Venm i 
DidutSofque jugn cogit aheoeo i 
RejeSaique patet janua hyilx ! 

LTD. (^anquam Cdere pulihrior 
llleeft, tulcviorc 



jr corticc, et improbo 

n, tecum obcani tibcn<> 


While at my hooiie in tketBxmt'mmf^kA 
How merrilj, dear Sir ! time paftM awmy ? 

While *' I partook your wine, your wit, and m 
** I was the happieffc creature on God'« yearth 

CON. While in your early days of reputation 
You for blue garters had not fuch a paffion. 
While yet you did not ufe (as now your trade I 
To drink with noble lords and toaft their ladies 
Thou, Jacob Tonfon ! wert to my conceiTiog 
The checrfulleft, beft, honeftcft, fellow living. 

T o N . I 'm in with Captain Vanbnig at the pre 
A moil fweet naturM gentleman and pleafant! 
He writes your comedies, draws fchemes and mo 
And builds dukes* houfes upon very odd hills ; 
For him fo much I dote on him thnt r 


And once more warm my bnrniiani + at your flrt,' 
ir 1 10 Bow(tr<;ct Ilioulil inviir: you home, } 

And [et a bed up in my dining-room, > 

Tell me. dear Mr. CoBs[re¥e I wniild yon come ? J 

COS. Tho' the gay failnr and Ihe gentle kiiii:lit l4 
Were (<n times more my joysnd-hean'sdelighi, 
Tho' ciyil perfbns Ihey, ynu ruder were. 
And had more hunioiiritlnaa dancing bear. 
Yet for yourfikc 1 'd bid ch-m both idlcu, 
And live aiid di«, dear Hob ! with only you. jt 


OkatjI mecum Confule Maalio, 
Sni tu querdai, five geria jocom. 

Sea facilcm, pii tt&a, fumnum : 

QrTocimc|ue Icflum noml.ic Mafllciir 
Servas, moteri digna bono die ! 
Defeende, Cotvino jabentc, 
Promire languidiora vina. 

Sermonibus, tenegligel horrido): 


FlFTumquc diuo : tu fapicntius 
ConiUium reugii Lyxo. 

To Tpero rtijiicii mcntibus i 

t, li [xuaderic Venus, 

Dum rcdicoi fugat aftra Piucbui. 

K to tntae day pmiiitioui and gn*t 
VHy It flrll ihou wu defign'iJ by Fite, 
It iby, ihi' litfipicll of dtj rnaaj ycwi, 
ih Ihee i will forj^t mytatcp. J 
pmy CorvIaui'hxUtbtlunilliiUgorouui, i 
t »rt riptn'd for tu-i!ay, 
Knd Inc^ ii^c would bring decay) IT 

uixiout ihouKhc in the tlch llrmn be 
111. [ilWWft 

bthcctny friu^hiiroiij^hiidi Dull rabm: 
d Stitntuliitnlslfi while forget- 

whsn oldCjto wiuililfoinctiawiunbeiiii^ 
k rai^jtrd DilTnclHcif tiB Blind, 
11 CBd ivvrre (ba Sioick qailT'd hitliawt, 
Timit Ml the charm . 
kd rona (nt* plm'd uid r»i>u grew m 

id blc ri'dtheffiri)^!) yfimr Vtha(chcer'dhi> gM 


:: J 

:i) hi> (dliiw dipt ioaIU the tbtodo: 

le wreieh who pe(';4'Vicc«&i»\o»fc.'A»« 
toll labVingw«twOTiiW»\'«'»«»<^^?**n 


llthjUaiii_ _^ 

From ordi lMMH>WMf|i|j6 


>l nd to the god nflnBlui btoA, 

Where hopn of Wncr Aji ud batrr tUnft n 

The lab'ring; hind wba with lurd toU sod pnn 
AmidS hii iraat>« aictdud life muntno^ 
If ihjf rkhjnice hit homefyfuppcT crown. 
Hut with thy firei ud hoUrr giwvM, 
Of kiagaindofdiefriiUlnrf powV/ . . 
Andhsw byimfimaumKhey rdgni 
Fiercely he t*Ik( witk nnle difduB, 
And vows tobe ■ lIxvB, to be ■ wKtdi, m am 


Fair queen of Love, aod thou great god of Win 
Hear ev'ry Grace apd all ye Pow'ri divine. 
All ibat to mirth and friendlbip do iacline ! 
Crnwn lhi> aofpicioui Calk aod happy ni^it 
With all thing! that can give delight; 
Be ev'ry lare and aniious thought away! 
Ye Tapcra '. Qill be bright and clear, 
Rl«al ihemooD and each pale Oar; 
Your beaiiii IfaaU yield to none but hk who brin 

HOR. lib: IV. ODE I. 

JMtiiuissa Veiiujdiu, 
iturfas bejit tpovei: Parce, pfecw, -prtTOT. 


Nnii fum quails cram bona 

:juIi rcf-nn Cyniirc : define 4ulciatn 


Chci Uan deeem »c&*n moUiblU 

jjrn dunni imprriit: abi 

Quo biaiitic JHTCiuuD tc tc*i>«nt prece*. 


i'Mii:, ]>iirpurci>*lM<iliw>biu, 

1 ■pmmefijbiTi; Mmimi, 


T:( reiilum pucr vtilin, 
l.atr djpia Ccrct imlitiv tno. 
Ht, qutndoque ^lenlior 
Lurifis Diunrtil'Ui liferit kiboI 
j^biiiui |ira|K,tc, Wii* 
^mtl mirmotum fub tratc Cilnl, 
plurinia niribiM 

» thiiii, lyraiuc, et BuYcyntkia 
D«UAabcre tihiic 
M:niH umiiniliiK, nun iui« tttkal*. 
IIWc biipugrjdie 
Nimicii (um tsnTrU * irginibiu luum 

^■noiTni SkliiuD irrquitiui 
re lamuu, ncc tiii(r 




Oncb more the ijuecD of Lovt invades nty bre 


[.ate with long (afc and peacrfulplealurcsblcil ; 

SpKrc,rpar; the wretch thai dill has been ihy Have 

. -J 

And let my former ferTice have 

The merit to protffl mc to the graye. 


Mudi am 1 ehong'dfrom what 1 once have been 

When under Cyncra the good and fair 

With joy 1 did thy fmm wear, 

Bkh'd in (he gentle fway ofao iiidulgent queen 

Stiff, and nneqiiiil to tho labour now. 


Whvdoft thou urge mellill to btat? Oh! why 

1 thou not muchcather fly 


To yoQiiiful breafti, to mirlh uid gayety ? 


Go, bid ihy fwauB theirgloITy ivings expand. 


And rwlftly ihio' the yielding atr 

^nDamon thee their gnddtfuticar. 

'anhj to he thy flave, and ix lut vVi-j ^ionuvtsoS- 1 



' ll(ibleainlgr»ceriil,witty, gay andyo 

Joy in his heart, love on hiichariairg , »o 

Skill'd in B thoufand fofi preTslliug ar "1 

■With wondrous force the youth inipar f 

Thy pow'r CO uaeiperieac'd virgins' t J 

Fiirfhallht flcelch the bounds of thy i — nd; 

And if thou Ihih hn wilhe} blefi >5 

Bejnnd his rivoli with fucctfs. 

Id gold ID.! maible "-n •>- ".-—«. 

Bcaeith the facted In , 

Or on the banks of O 

With od'rom beams a JoT 

For enr facred to thy ^ > 

Tillihefairfircam„irKlwuuu,iii uelf.decays.J 

There while rich incenfe on thy aliar bums 

Thy vocaiUa, the nymphs and fwiias, 34 

In melting Toft harmonious flraim, [turns. 

Mii'd with ihe fofter flutes, (hall tell their flames by 

As Love and Beauty with the light are born. 

So with the day thy honours fludl re 

Some lovely youth pair'd with a blulhiug m 

A troop of either feilhall lead 

AndtwicetheSalianmeafurearouDdthyaltartread. __ 

Thus with an equal empire o'er the light 

The queen of Love and god of Wit v 

Together rife, together fit : 

But, Goddefs! do thou (lay and blefs alone the ni;;! 

There mayft thou reign while I forget to love; 

Npmorcfairebeauty (hall niyfaffion move. 



O-er woods, M" r 


Grafia, «""' "" 

iC— . 


HjMi ili'fliifiiif enma^i 
),>diiiM«t inter et iraty 
tibi dikudfle fnpremitiii. 
litt >qin» oon fpenbitnr, hora. 
Hiihidniii ben^ curau cote 

grcge poroim. i€ 

:e, book l epist. iv. . 

[CHARD TBOftNfll LLy eS<^f. 

whom doubly to my heart commend 

t and candour of a friend, 

doft in thy retirement find 

tours of thy a^ive mind ? 

ragick Mufe infpires thy thought 5 

at moving Otway wrote, 

the covert of fome grove 

ihoughtR do from the world remove, 

:lf thou all thofe rules doft (how 

I ought to pra<^e or wife know f XO 

afs of man is no dull clay, 

nM with the celeftial ray. 

gods, to thee completely kind, 

enclosed thy fairer mind, 

cy did profufely wealth beftow 15 

: the true ufe of wealth to know. 

nurfe wifh for her darling boy 

lich thou doH not eu\o^? 

kind; J 

Whj( can litr fond ambiiion iSk Lxyond 

A foul by mifdum'* ncitlefl pieccpts cnnra 

TolhijfairfpcechanclhBppyiiit'ninMJoin'it • 

T' unlock the iecret trtalurcs iif die mind. 

And make the blelTing common lu inankindj 

Oil ihcfe let heallh and reputatJ 

The favour of ihe ^jtlniom and the greii; 

/i table cheerfully and ckanly fprcad, 

.Stranger alike Cs riot aud u need ; 

Such an cDnte is no extremes may know, 

A free and ju(l difdam for aU things elfe below. 

Amidft ancertaui hopes and aniioDs card, 

Tumultuom Brif* and miferablc fears. 

Prepare for all evetiH thy ronltant hreiR, 

And IcCeach iiy be to ihcc as thy laft. 

Thit morninK's diwn will with new pleafure rife 

Whofc light (hall uneipeded blefs thy eyei. ; 

Me when to Town in winter you repair 

Balt'ning in eafe you 'II find fleek, frefli, and&it; 

Me, who have lejrn"d from Epicurus' lore 

To fnalch the hleffings of the flying hour, 

Whom ev'ry Friday at The Vine t you 'U find, . 

i^is true diTcipIc and your faithful friend. / 


J If RE ceai'd the nymph, the fair affembly bnAt, 
■( ;ijfi;agreeit Nereidtw At waves betook, 
t Atava3iiiLi>;is-I!.^ii;. 



While Scylh fcarftit of the wide-rpreiJ 
Swiri 10 itic tikr Diore reiurna )^in ; 
ThcTE o'erihefindy margin unairay'd 
With prlnilefe tnwfttjm Bit* the boundiiig maid, 
Or in Pimc winiUnt'crcct'l'fcciireretrell 
i<lic bath rs her vteiry Umhian<iniDnii ilie 
Her Glaucuifaw at o'er the itrp he rode, 

lhcri3u,uidlM<Ti'cniT'da)!aiIt 10 

, lud lutgutlb'd far ihe virgin') lore; "^ 
'iih many an ulful hlsikdlftimenl Jie llruvc J- 

Her lli|;lit to hinder and her Scan reoiuvB, J 

The moreherueiihemoBc (he wings her fiijtht, 
And nimbly gaini i ncighli'ting nioantain'i hd^lu. 
Steep (helrin^ta the tnnritin of tile iluad 

aci^hb'ting ninuatain tiuc and wnndldVfloofd 
aee frair'd htr ftqi* D>r ftiiy'd, 
klid tremblini; llilt her InvcrV form liirocjr'd. 
|t ihipe, hti hue, hsr itoublod fenfc ijinil, 
id drupping locks that d'crblalhiiukleririiUt^ 
iiface divine ant! manly hruw 
Slli'i wieathy nil Iwlow ! 
n fee. and douhu within hrr anxxnia Rimd 
Ntechcr h( ronici of ^d er tuonfier kind. 
^It ChlKusfoon pctMii'd; and "Oh! furl 
|i hand IWp^rini; nn^ nick lay near) [h\ 
hr*r," Im tty'd, " friiid Maid 
I Alh ani I nor munliir ol die main. 
I'luul with (he WMi'ry t[»di 1 tden ; 
pHor PtDieiQi DOT falemoii nie ciccli 

"My birth it 

I mifclf but li 

*< rv'ii ihcn in leu, andfcu ilone, 
" The feu my hoiirtuidalliiif caret employ 'd. 
" lurarfliuDfrwUietwiQUing pccy 1 iltew, "1 

IT IkUfiiUy Che {tender Uot I Jiirw, i 

" Aiul fileot fit the mDiiag float <d neiT. J 

*< Not far from Oiore there lies a vridaot mead 41 
■' With herbage haJfand half wnhmcti fprudi 
•■ There nor the homed htifeti btowfing Anjt^H 
" Ncr (baggy kid< nor wanton lamUtini pl^l^^l 
" There not the founding beei tbolr neSjiraj^^M 
" Nor niralfivsin't their genial (hajikcipulltLlj^H 
I •■ Nor Hocits. nctberds, normal en. haonl tlut^S, 
■ •' Toeroplhcflow'norcutthehuDiy graft: 
I *■ Thither furc firll of living rare eatm- 1. 
I " And fat by chance my dropping neliiodryj 
" My fcJy prize in onler all lUfplliy'il, 
" liy number on the green fwmil ttttn I ' 
" My captives whom 01 in my neti I (oak ' 
I "Orbungunwaryonmy vfilrhooh. 
V" Strange EO behold! yetwhalaniUiiJ: 
If] fan them biteIhegta£iB9 list by, 

M Then fuddcn darting o'er the Ferdant pLud^ 
" They fpreid their fins a* in thtir 
" Ipaus'd, with wonder llni(k,wMlealI my prey 
" Left rheir new maflcr and regained the fca. 
"Amats'd, within my (ttrel te\i V iau^Vt to 

' M'ijt goJj whit licrl), ihc nCitacit^ai'wi™^'- 

It Tur* no htrlw havB po w'r lil« ihrs, I cry'J, 
if AoJ ftraichi I pluck'J lume nciglib'tiujj herln jnil 

" ScsrcehaJ [bit »n(i prov'dlbe woniliaustallc 

■' WlicnftrongconvolflonsflioakmyHOubloJIii-jll; 

•■1 felt my heart grow foodoffomi-tliiogllianec, 0(1 

" Ami my whole naluri: lab'ring with a tbar^';. 

" ReSlefs I grew, and ev'ry place forfook, 

" AndflUlupuDlhefeai""'" "" l""k. 

" KirBWcllforeTfr.faic i, 70 

" Ani! piung'd imidll tl ^ing hc;-i. 

" Tlic gentle pow'rswli rikcep 

" Recek'd me ts s broil j; 

" To Tethys and to Octau uiu pmy 

" To purgemyniortul earthy parts away! J.t 

*' The wit'ry parents to their full agroci, 

" And [hrjcc nine tioie* a I'ccret charm ihty read, 

" Then with InllrationB purify my limhB, 

" And bid me bathe beneath a hundred ftrramc; 

" A hundred lireams from varioutfoimiaiii. run, So 

" And on my head at once come rulhiug down. 

"ThuB^eaehpaffig^Ijemcmliarwtil, T 

•^And faithfully thus fat ilie tale [ [ell, ■ |- 

" But then oldivion dark 0.1 all my (cnfe^ ftll. J 

V f^ain at length my thought resivirig came 8j 

•' When I nn longer found myfelf the (aiiie; 

" Then firft thi< fcagreeii beard I felt io grow, 

"And ihefe large honours on my fprcadiiig brow ; 

"Afyiong-defcendinghitkithe biHowt fwtrp, K9 

" And niy broiidfliouldet»cli;Mt>iis')'>''\'i>i'S J-' 1'. 


it Life of the Author, 

n «n the Uctth ot Mr. Rawc, by ^ft^ 

Htbc Uimnn of Nkbolw Rowc, Efq, by I 

lil.irilialhi: hiinoui.;d Memory of Mti 
^ Mrs, Ctnllivtc, , 

^Odt liiiTnJinllie Memory of N.RoW;' 

I.Mr. Kcwi-uml), ■' 


St CoiHcnlnl 8hF]*erd, To Mri. i 

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