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Class ^ClkVl 
Book iS 85 

This Book is out of print and scarce, 
and was found only by repeated adver- 
tisement throughout the Trade. 

EDW. G. ALLEN & SON, Ltd. 











Encouraged by the favourable reception which the last edition 
of Sykes's English and Bengali Dictionary revised by me has met 
with from the public, I undertook the revision of this work. I 
have used my best endeavours to make it useful. I had occa- 
sion largely to alter and modify the meanings as well as to add 
many new and useful words. This has increased the bulk of 
the book by nearly one hundred pages. In carrying on the work 
of revision, I have availed myself of the following books, viz. : — 

Radhakant's Shubdha Kalpadroom. 

Carey's Bengali and English Dictionary. 

Shubda Didhitee. 


Johnson and Webster's Dictionaries. 

G. K. Mitteb. 


^r a prefix meaning i*n-, in-, not : 
before a 70wel it becomes ^3R. 
^sj 5 ?", there, yonder^ p. that. 
T5jv*T, share, fraction, degree. 
^vntv^, part of a Bhare. 
^sivTr^f**. dividing into shares. 
^\*ft, partner, sharer. 
^TV3, a ray of light ; an atom. 
^V^tf, line cloth ; cassia loaf. 
^5J\^, shoulder, division. 
^^5, bald, wanting hair. 
^<55 T*F, a full stare at anything, 
^sr^fq^n, penniless, very poor. 
T5t$.e$$, at ease ; without thorns. 
^I^*TT? , sincere, frank, ingenuous. 
^3>^«l, unmerciful, cruel. 
^^•cZh inexpedient, improper. 
^I^r, bad action, useless work. 
^^f.^^T, genuine, inartificial, 
^i^^^], machination, ill design, 
^5T3>"S>^, the deepest distress. 
^T^T*, suddenly, unexpectedly. 
^^T<T, the letter ^. 
^^I^TI, causeless; causelessly. 


^si^i^t 5 ?, ending with "5T. 
^^"R'j, useless ad ; harm, injury. 
^^T^, out of season; a famine. 
^1%^, destitute, poor, indi$ 
^•f^f^s., insignificant, trifling. 
^sr<£C3T"»*r, free from fear, fearless. 
^T^*TJ, gold. Bilver. 
^sj^irf^t, a girl above ten. 
^5!3>rf7r, ^5T^r[t^, deficiency, lack. 
^E<^*TT2r, the ocean ; a tortoise ; a 

^C^TF, areca, betel-nut. 
^e% smeared, moistened. 
^^, want of order, irregularity 
^5rf3p?rl, inaction ; bad action. 
^TC^TT, not purchasable ; dear. 
^C^C 7 ^, easily, without diiii 
^5T5F, a dice, spots on dice ; a seed. 
"5JW31, a virgin. 
^T^u, incapahle, impotent. 
^^"STtsTI, a necklace made of seeds, 

^^<I, imperishable, durable. 
^H^5T, aletter,type; imperishable. 



^sr^FTTTTlsrl , tlie alphabet. 
^T^t\*T, a degree of latitude, 
^PFTff, an axletree, axis. 
^5f^Tf%, impatience, want of for 

bearance, implacability, 
^srf^, an eye, 
^1%|>T>^, the eye-ball. 
^C^^r, unlucky, inauspicious. 
^STC^Tl?", a walnut. 
^CT*tf^«ltj a complete army con- 
sisting of 109,850 foot, 65,610 
horse, 21,870 chariots, and 
21,870 elephants. 
^ST^rnJ", whim, caprice, fancy. 
^<r3, unbroken, whole. 
^f^rg, free from regret, not sorry. 
^rf*T5T, whole, all, entire. 
^5T<DT1%j disrepute, dishonour, 
^^f, immoveable ; a mountain. 
^TSf3W^, medley, odds and ends. 
^Sfsrijl, necessarily, inevitably, 
when there is no choice. 

^3TSfW, medicine ; medicinal. 

^ISf^nsI, disrespect, disregard. 

^STSpTJ, ^5TSf?S37, inaccessible, im- 

'STSft^, unfathomable, bottomless. 

^5T*»tt^", a house : see ^TfsTTfT. 

^S?*!, bad quality, bad effect. 

^TS"??, aloes ; light ; unimpoitant 

WC9fT5<r, imperceptible, unknown. 

^fif, fi re 5 digestive power. 

^rftt^«l1, a spark of fire. 

^fif^**!", ignited, red hot. 
^rftfC^fa, the southeast point. 
^fff v iT^1;, trial by fire. 
^fifSfW* a flint. 
^fttTfa, a rocket, fire-arms, 
^fff 1^*1*0 a violent pain. 
^rf9f*f*frl a a passionate man. 
^ftff^r^n, a flame of fire. 
^TfffC^t^Tj, a particular sacrifice. 
^fff^^TfT, consecration by fire. 
^SfJ^TST?", an incarnation of fire, 
a furious person, one mad with 
^?fJ5, fire-arms. 
WfJpA*FT3, a fiery meteor, Qpmet. 
^SfJ^^ a bonfire, a fire to com- 
memorate some remarkable 
^5T^T, front, point, peak, nib. 
'SiSTSf * preceding, precursor. 
^r^f^T^tj forerunner, leader. 
Wtlf, firstborn ; elder brother. 
^5T$f«ft, leading ; leader, chief. 
^STSfWfat* an order of brahmans 
who take away all the articles of 
a sacrifice which are first offered. 
^p*5t^, backward and forward. 
^r?R#t% standing before. 
^ST^Tsf, the fore-part. 
^ff$niT\*T s a disease of the liver 
by which one of its parts is' 
hardened and caused to occupy 
the fore-part of the stomach. 



*5T$t^?r, preceding, going before. 

^srsr^T H 6 ! i eighth month of the 1 1 i n - 

, 3T?fT^ , T s , disinterested, [dn year. 

^•1 ff I * J , unac(jeptable,madmissible . 

^5if?fir, first, chief, best, eldest. 

^TSr^TT«i, unable to articulate. 

*sitt, sin, crime, guilt, wickedness. 

^3?, a figiuv, mark; the Bide of 
tli«> body above the hip. 

^^^ir, a sories of figures. 

^T^^i^. set tin-- down of figures. 

^^sf, (a chill) in arms. 

^ 5 T ?s *£3" c i> nanltiplication t 

^isftwjl, arithmetic. 

^sj^fT, a Bprout, germ, seed-bud. 

^SP^T, a goad used to drive ele- 

^IWj a limb, member; the body. 

^^2^"' B P asm > cramp. 

^lW®fi born of one's body, a son. 

^w^1, a chafingdiah. 

^T3f5f, an ornament for the arm. 

^SUSTJT, court -yard, compound. 

^isf^ri a woman. 

^^£f^J^,inall parts, at all points. 

«n?3"*f, possessing the use of the 

^STS^fsr, gesture, movement of 
the body. 

^5T^Tf^c?t, armour, coat, gown. 

^W^T^, cosmetic, colouring lor 

^R^TSF, close contact, [the body. 

^WT3ft, collusion ; partiality. 
B 2 

"5HftT*t, palsy; paralytic. 

^sispt^r, charcoal, coal, cinder. 

^if^^l, bodice. 

^rVt embodied, corporeal. 

^T3ftoT?T, acquit Bcence, pron 

"5"5F<ft7T, a finger or toe ring. 

"^sj^t, a finger ot ; 

^si^fri^, finger-guard, thimble. 

^.^V, the thumb, the great I 

^^%R|, a thimble. 

^rf^sr. the foot; root of a tree. 

^ifssi^f. a tree. 

^iSKiT, n«>t startled, not alarmed. 

"^st^S, having a bad char. 

fickle ; without incident. 
^5T"5t?r<J3, not inclined to walk, 

^51^07, motionless, unable to move ; 

a mountain. 
^5if5<r, not durable, evanescent. 
^ifs^ns 5 ?, prompt in action. 
^rf5?rK, promptly, forthwith. 
^C5^, without sensation; inani- 
W.5*T, naked. [mate. 

; ^5I^J, see ^TC5W. 

"^T^-, transparent, pure; well. 
i ^^is, without a king, destitute 

of a regular government. 
^^U, uncovered. 
^s^rT, sincere, upright, honest. 
^TP^t, faultless. 

^5I&)"S, not subject to flux or decay 
^SJ, unproduced; a god ; a he-goat. 



*3rSt9f«2r, a boa constrictor. 

^■^<T, defeat, discomfiture. 

x 5Tli?1", unsuccessful in war. 

^ra?T, not subject to decrepitude. 

^STl^T, incessant, continual. 

^f§R, a bide, leatber. 

wfl??", a court-yard. 

^T®fa, inanimate. 

^5[^t% indigestion ; undigested ; 
not worn out. 

^CStTT, unconquerable, invincible. 

^F5a, ignorant, uninformed. 

^ISwT'S, unacquainted with. 

^FSST^TTlT, unknowingly. 

^STfa, ignorant, uninformed. 

^r§^"^", free from disease or uneasi- 
ness, tranquil. 

^^c?, border ; particular part of 

a country. 
^f^^, worshipped, adored. 
^"^^T, collyrium, black pigment 

for the eyes. 
^ST^I%, tbe open hands put toge- 
"Wi^Tj gnava; fig, fig-tree. [ther. 
Wi^JT, moving, walking. 
^T?3% forest, wood, thicket. 
^T* *T, immoveable, unchangeable. 
^iM*, uninjured, unbroken, whole. 
^T^j, palace, upper-roomed house. 
^^TfT, roar of laughter. 
^~jjtf%<5l, stone or brick edifice. 
^CS*T, irrefragable, firm. 
^\£<T ; a pulse. 

wfisjl, superhuman power. 

W«|, atom, particle, grain. 

^£j^t^«| ; a microscope. 

^3, an egg, roe of fish; spawn. 

^(Wl^, the universe. 

^ISC^T^, testicle. 

^^5^ a P an i c ; a funic. 

^^S*T<r, afterwards, hereafter. 

~*5K>£?[ 9 therefore, wherefore. 

^5F53^1 , not doing things in a par- 
tial manner ; absence of intrigue 
or collusion; independence. 

^^spfwf , unfathomable, bottom- 

W^, flax. [less. 

"fSifS, very; beyond, trans-. 

^rl^^nr, gigantic, huge. 

Wf^lpST, transgression ; outrage. 

^f^lpf^, transgressed, surpassed. 

^rt^foT, a guest, stranger, 
^rftftt^flcfl, a house appropriated 

to the use of strangers. 
^f%ft]-C^,<n, hospitality. 
^1§*f^1, a highway, high road. 
^f^^f <T_, a decided enemy ; a 

^1%*ft^, deviation from rules. 
^Ti%2t^3f, verbosity, prolixity. 
^rt%3"n?, excessive ; exceedingly. 
^Tr^^T^", great friendship. 
^TM^rTlf, excessive, great. 
^l^sTsftj a great warrior. 
^t^fthFj superabounding. 
^t%qpT3>, surplus, excess. 



^5if3*T<T, much, excessi 
^rf%*r?r, exceeded, i 
^fa^ttT, diarrhoea, dysentery. 
^lite, past, gone ; beyond. 
■^"StfsjTT, imperceptible. 
^iTte, excessively, immeasurably 
^litenri, immensity, abundance. 
^"*T9f, dwarf, short, diminutive. 

^^f, thin, lank, Lean. 

SSI^T, weak, infirm, sickly. 

^5P£*T, unequalled, peerless. 

^5|3J^, excessive, great ; very. 
^R<5J3<rffit, a devotee, ascetic. 
^reJ9» surpassing; excess; outrage. 
^ITjni^, outraged, overstepped. 

^Sl^jsf, excessive, exceeding. 

^TO^, very few, very small. 

^TTHSTfT, unprincipled conduct, 

^£jf^, exaggeration, tattle. 

^T^Jcfsr, excellent, very good. 

^^"q"?", complete refutation ; the 
extreme north ; the most dis- 
tant time. 

^5Ts, here, in this place. 

^4^J, belonging to this place. 

^514% immodest, shameless. 

^sj", hence, moreover. 

^W5, also, and. 

^Bjsfal, otherwise, or else. 

^^T^T, very old ; the fourth Veda. 

^5WI, furthermore, hence, and. 

^Wq1j not given in marriage. 
b 3 

~5ifR. a meal, ad of eati 
^TBFTOWTj bart< age. 

'a ■\7f\~i\ penurious, not Liberal. 
^"fifs,"*}", not inclined to give not 


"3ifjH>, unknown, undistinguished. 
^ys>, blind, sight I- 
^ry*Tj, invisible, not to be seen. 
^5»^, unseen; fate, destiny. 

^f^iv, blind; an evil look. 

^Cfr<r, not proper to be given. 

^Sl^hl, strange, marvellous. 

^^3", gluttonous, greedy. 

^IWJ, to-day. 

■^WJ^T?", ^WI3*, of this day. 

^WJTf*T, to this day, still. 

^STWrfafV, from to-day ; till now. 

^5Tf7f 5 a mountain. 

^W, single, not tw r o. 

W¥3t*r, unique, unrivalled, sole, 

^T?5S, unity ; single, only. 

^^l^T^t, one asserting the 
unity of God. 

^*fS, below, beneath, down. 

^r*f8*ff5, downfall, overthrow. 

^T^S2t^<T, seat of an unclean 

^Sf^T, low, vulgar, base, [person. 

^Vfsrcf, a debtor. 

^^"STT^rsr, lowest of the. low, ex- 
cessively low or base. 

^sr^T, the lower lip. 

^^^, irreligion, injustice, 


^5TSfC*5t?T, a burglar. 

^STST^T, situated beneath. 

^TSf^'Kj beneath, from below. 

^TSRE, situated below. 

^5TT<f-, over, possession. 

^affcp, more, much, more than. 

^f*f^i, moreover, in addition; 

^tf^^ possessing ; locative case. 

^1%^t\'*r, a majority, most part. 

^f^TfV^s, more and more. 

^fwt<r, possession, right, estate. 

^ifsf^T^t, proprietor, owner, one 
having a light or privilege. 

^fV^Rr, possessed as a right. 

^rf*Tlj»sr, invasion, infringement. 

^lf$rf^% turned away, sent. 

^sifV^T^, known ; attained. 

^srfWST* acquiring, obtaining. 

^]fsf\5J$1, table -land on a moun- 

^f%t*R^1j presiding deity, [tain. 

^f^ftw^, demigods, demons, &o. 

^fk*t, wf*f*Tf^ lord, sovereign. 

^rfVsjlf, continuation of the world. 

^rf*f*Tt*T, a ceremony, preliminary 
to a festival. 

^f^r^5, elements of nature. 

'SjfsfSTT^ knowledge of the pro- 
perties of the three letters com- 
prised in the syllable & 

^f^RT^T, intercalary month. 
^fsrf^TST, an emperor, sovereign. 
^ifVrCcTt^ the universe. 



^srfSnaW, receptacle, focus. 
^fif&rai, governor, president, 
wfafcfa, abiding ; fixed rule. 
^TiftvS, read, studied, 
^rsfcr, subject to, dependent. 
^$\J, hasty, fickle ; not slow. 
^*ft^3", a sovereign, a lord. 
^51^51, recently, lately, now. 
^^r%, laxity, want of restraint. 
^RS1%, diffident, unassuming. 
^CSf?]"., uncontainable ; unassu- 

^t*rej, impatience, rashness. 
^TC^tTf^ descended, gone down. 
^C*fTCPT*r, the lower part of any 

^TOT^j inferior, subordinate. 
^STCSftW, downcast, dejected, hang- 
ing down the head through 

WC^ftC^T^ the infernal region, 
^rsfj^*, superintendent, ruler. 
^5W3»<r, the syllable ^, trinity. 
^^jftTj wedding-present to a bride 

made before a fire. 
^TSO^far, a slave ; wholly subject. 
^T^rj^"^Tt"?r, perseverance, devoted- 

ness to an object. 
^T*TJ?R, reading, study. 
^T^TJ^, substituted for; placed in 

the stead of another. 
^WT% spiritual ; inherent. 
^rsoT*t3>, instructor. 



sr<nt*R, instruction, teaching. 

^ifjTTT, <^ chapter; a Lesson. 

^5T<nT?R7, mounted on, riding on. 

^r*fjTG?n*f, imputing falsely. 

^tfJTC^"!^*!, climbing up, mount- 
ing on, 

^tfjT^i, mistaking one thing for 

^*rnf*T5, inhabited; settled, 

^J'efJT^^r, seated on. 

^srvfjT^Tei, supplying an ellipsis. 
^r<OT5!T<r, an ellipsis in grammar. 
^5r*jjfa"$, inhabited, seated. Bettled. 
^5rf]i>l, the Brst wife of a man 
who hafl several wives. 

^src^fJTil, a student, a reader. 

^TOT^I , solicitation, prayer. 
w%&, a road, highway, path. 

"^^Sf. a traveller. 

^sr^^t^", a traveller, messenger. 

^333", a sacrifice. 

^s^^TT, illiterate, unlettered. 

^51^^", a name of Kdmadcv or 

^Ta^ra, an ox, a bull. [Cupid. 

^RfV^TlTj want of right to a 

possession or office ; another 

person's affair. 
^RStffar, free, independent. 
^5R^, endless, eternal : Vishnu • 

a deified serpent. 
^R^rarfa, eternity, endlessness. 
^sra^sr^T, the name of a plant. 
^R3<3"j, near, next, after. 

"sttt^j. the Bame, identical, Bole. 
^wn^j^fas, unprecedented, un- 

15[^*\Z1, eli i Id' 

^R^f^*!", Bhameless, impudent. 

^sr^l"?", own ; Bra ml, tr. 
"*5[7i*r$V<\, innocent, faultless. 
^RC^fF, independent. 

^R3"3>T*r, the want of Leisure. 
^ij^vfj. respectable, honourable. 
W*r4tfT*r,inattention, inadverfc 
^af^r'S, incessant, perpetual. 

^R^T?", the want of leisure, | 
cd with busii 

<5r3T«r*rTW, unwearied, unexhausted. 

^R^51, endlessness; need, ad- 
versity, [family. 

t 5T^f%¥l"5. not horn in a 

^T^^fcT, unrestrained, fr< 

^SRofas, useless, unmeaning. 

^SRcf, fire ; a kind of r< 

^n^Ta - ., abstinence from food. 

^jjpst^r, imperishable, unperishing. 

^RT3»T?re|, preternatural, cane 

^5RT$T5, not yet come, future. 

^SRfSfSR, non-arrival. 

^Rf5T<T, misconduct, impurity. 

WrTF, corn, edible vegetal I 

v5RTT>^ lacking, insufficient. 

^Rf5, secret .not easily discovered. 

^5RT^<T 5 unostentatious, modest. 

^5RTftgi*R1, inactivity, awkward- 

^©Rf^ clumsy, awkward, stupid. 
'ST^T^J, not wealthy, poor. 
^^T^^f, shade, coolness. 
^SRTsT, destitute, without protector. 
^5Rt?Hr, disrespect, incivility. 
^^Tt?, without beginning, eternal. 
^5re"fa*tJ35_, unnecessary, needless. 
^reTt^", not fully engaged in, 

^RT*F5, uncovered, unclothed, 

^RT^® * drought, want of rain. 
^raT^FS* anonymous ; the piles. 
^RtsHTj health. 
WTtfiRPl, the finger next to the 

little finger. 
^^t^Tj, unsightly, unwelcome. 
^^rt <T^ without owner, unclaimed. 
^SRT?^ independent, untamed. 
^5RT<lT^ facility, ease. 
^RT?H5j perpetual, incessant. 
^Rtsfjj unworthy, despicable. 
^t^tSTJ* not to be restrained, 
irresistible. [lated. 

^rf^U^, not perpetual ; unregu- 
'Sj WT5Sft?j unutterable, indescrib- 
^f^^t^:, want of provision or 

supply for performing a work, 
^f^ffer, needy, indigent. 
^t^eT, the wind, air. 
^f^t^ undesired, ominous, evil, 
^l^fa, an army ; a battle. 

5 ^5 

^srH", void of authority, subject. 

^T^ht?r^T^ atheism. 

^■^t^ indolent, careless. 

^f -9 (P r enx,) after, along. 

^5T^**flj compassion, pity. 

^T»[^?r«|, imitation ; imitative. 

^•[35^ the bottom of a carriage, 
the axletree of a carriage. 

-ST^^^Ij attraction, drawing. 

^•j^e^T, an action arising out of a 
preceding measure, [assisting. 

^^5T, favourable, friendly to, 

Wȣ;s5sr, succession, order, method. 

^ST^^srfq^l, table of contents. 

^•[C^T^f, tenderness, compassion. 

^T^^?ej_, at every moment, conti- 

^T^^t^ a creek. [nually. 

^T^sf^ following ; attached to. 

^^sfSR, following ■ a sati rite. 

^T^ffT^ a follower ; devoted to. 

^^2^* favour, kindness, grace. 

^^^9 a follower, attendant. 

^♦[f^^ improper, wrong. 
^s^EFNj, unutterable. 
^^} younger, junior. 
^T^SfT*!", enticement. 
^TJJ®t^t, dependent ; living upon. 
^*[^1, a command, permission. 
^T^j'sf, thirst ; desire. 
^•j^M, regret, repentance. 
^T^T*, lying with the face 

^l^W^ before (sun) rising. 

^Bprffaj daily, evety d 
^5?5r*fj, longitudinal. 
^^T?, celibacy, single life. 
^r^'<T^^r. pursuit; reflection. 

^T«J^*T, humility, entreaty. 
^«J*lT?, echo, reverberation of 

^i^^fsr, unequalled, incomparable. 

^^^13, proportion, proceeding. 
^^vfT^T, a vehicle for a medicine. 
^jj^^", successive, consecutive. 

^T»[2fW*f following another in. 

^T^ST 5 ^ latitudinal, transverse. 

r 3r$2tt*T, ^2t?T5T, alliteration. 

^J^Pf^", a follower, an attendant. 

^«J^3F, connection, relation. 

^T^^rt, connected, related. 

^sr^wsr, relinquishment. 

^^3"e5T, following, complaisance. 

^[♦[TtW, repetition; translation; 
abusive reply. 

^^^fc, following, complaisance. 

^•[WTtf, an after-thought, the 
reviving of an idea. 

^•J/«3", experience, supposition. 

^3^13", a decided opinion ; a hint. 

^♦[STS, perm it ted, allowed. 

■^jsr1%, consent, permission. 

^5T^'5T3' 6 1, a woman's binning her- 
self on a separate pile from her 

^T^rPT, inference, hypothesis. 

^R^rt*f^ leading to an inference. 

^sjttt', a tati on a pile. 

^^pH*^, sympathising in joy. 

^5i^<iT<fl', following, arising out of. 
^sr^cwr, reproof, reprehension. 
^sj^ir, attached to, fond ot 
^I^fT^^T, attachment, fondn- 
^5i*J3"T'>f, idem. 
"^JiJ^fS'f, corresponding with, like. 

^5i^r.^"T'<f, recommendation; - 
^r^?!T*f, tautology, repetition. 

^^L^^i, an unguent, anointing. 

^r^csrfsr, favourable, regular. 
^•J*^ repentance; enmity. 
^^*fTT»T, order, law, discipline. 
^sr^fT^I, a teacher, disciplinarian, 

^•["TtrrJT, study, attention. 
W^CTT^?, repentance, regret. 
^5i^;i{3", docile, apt. 
^ol^^, attachment, agreement. 
^♦[^M, heroic verse consisting of 

4 lines of eight syllables each. 
^3%T^r. beginning; practice, 
^•pr^rt^, search, investigation. 
^i^^^-ffj, the following of a person. 
^5j;j7n<3", conformity, consequence. 
^5JJJ^[5^1, reflection; indication. 
^3^T<T, tue Basal character \. 
W»[^, family, race: disposition. 
^^IF, unmarried, a bachelor. 
^^^T, wet land, watery ground ; 

a buffalo. 
^*T5j untrue ; falsehood. 
^W?, many, abundant. 

^ 10 

^JTOSTlj of many sorts, various. 
ssR^^f, an elephant. 
'STCW'r, by large numbers. 
^►TW^TT^ deaf and dumb. 
^5?t^J 5 want of unity, discord. 

*5l% end, extremity ; death. 

^ST^S-^ a prefix ; Latin intus. 

^sr^S^?T«l, the heart ; inward agent. 

^T3o*fT>, secresy. 

^r^S^fTft, included, internal. 

^^o^T. inner apartment, seraglio. 

^T^Sg^Sa, knowing the heart. 

^T^S^^^Ij pregnancy. 

^IW, fatal, destructive ; Tama. 

^tWSl, at last, finally, in the end. 

^^3", inside ; interval ; differ- 
ence ; distance ; clothing. 

^ST^TSf, a friend; intimate. 

^RS<rl. between, near, except. 

^T^lTSn* the soul, the spirit. 

^I^T^nSJl, pregnant. 

^Wf?; impediment, obstacle. 

^5rg3"TsT, included space, gap. 

^5T3f?TS, inward, internal; sepa- 

^^^^tW, the sky, firmament. 

^T«J?ri*f, a cape, promontory. 

^^^tlfT, a lower garment. 

^T^sfe included ; forgotten. 

^TWT^:, internal inflammation. 

^T^j'R, disappearance, exit. 

^ra^T^r, inward meditation. 

^ra^ft, pregnant. 


^T^fn5 3 included, internal. 
^I^rif^T, mental worship. 
^T^TSft, heart -searching. 
^^f$%j removed out of sight. 
< 5Tf%9, near, contiguous. 
wf%ir 5 extreme, final, last. 
^n^STfrt, a pupil, a disciple. 
n5(^J, last, final, ultimate, [caste. 
^sr^Ilr, born of one of the lowest 
^C^JW, a funeral sacrifice. 
*RC3, the bowels, entrails. 
'srf^sl, a hearth. 
^T*W, a ring or chain for the ancle. 
^W* blind, sightless. 
^TW^t?", darkness ; dark. 
^I^T^^f, a well covered with weeds. 
^T^cTl, blind. 
^fiPT, food ; boiled rice. 
"^lf%^Tl%, a chink, crevice, flaw. 
^TW 3 food, boiled rice. 
^3"^«T, board, maintenance. 
^sJWT^ one who serves for food, a 

^r^SjT*^ the ceremony of giving 

a child rice for the first time. 
^5^3"^ Bramha as identified with 
^I^C^TTsf, providing of food. [food. 
^T3"<3"?T, chyle. 
^sj^tW, an eater : Vishnu. 
^^iTT^t, eating food ; an eater. 
^ttj, another, other, different. 
^R79Tftft, adulterous ; going after 
^RJ*, otherwise; another, [others. 




^SRJTST, One Of many. 

^na"jT?r, one of two ; either. 
ssi^js, elsewhere, in another place. 
^5W1, otherwise ; alteration. 
^sr^J^tTB^r*!, perverse conduct. 

S5J3J*1, at another time. 

^^i 9 ^] , previously betrothed to 

^a]^~5, a cuckoo. [another. 

^rjtqsi^, absent in mind ; a 1 

^sivrjTT^ts, otherwise-minded. 

^5j^JTt?*T, of another kind ; other- 

^3MH'<it^, dependent on others. 

^OTRJ, others, mutual. 

^5iJT*r, injustice, wrong, outrage. 

^5R3T*I7, unjust, unlawful, wrong. 

^swT^J, reciprocal, mutual. 

^sr^of, true meaning. 

^STO?r, lineage; connection of 
words; conclusion. [with. 

^^<ft, following upon, agreeing 

^51^"^, daily, continually. 

^TOTfa, a pledge or deposit made 
to a person for the purp 
its being ultimately deposited 
with another. 

^^T^TTfj, a monthly shraddha on 
the day of the new moon in 
memory of the ancestors. 

^5I^rtf§^, deposited for another. 

^f%7, joined to, connected with. 

^t^ci, research, enquiry, search. 

^l <5? f, water. 

^si^f-. (prefix,) from, away; badly. 

qS?*f93T<|, an injuring, obstructing. 

xSJvf^^-j an unworthy action. 

"si^f-. -t{*\, a biasing unfairly, the 

drawing of a person from what 
i- light. 
"ST'S'f^rj'??, an indelible stain, Mot. 

^5i^^1^", injury, detriment. 

^sr^f^f^ disgrace, infamy. 

^ff^dcr, low, bad, debased. 

^^iFsiJlight. retreat, absconding* 

^^fdr-l"*!", reproach, reproof. 

^5Tvf-^> ) unrine, raw. immature. 

^TM^"^ chyle. 

^Sl't'WZ, gone, departed, dead. 

^^fir, departure, deviation. 

^^"51^, a limb, member. 

^T^fsrnS, a violent death, murder. 

^ST^S"?!, detriment, waste, 1 

~^[*itfj, indigestion; undigested. 

^oT^f^nil, a phantom, spectre. 

^SMUj, a screen. 

^*i'T>, awkward, unskilled; di- 

^r*f3», not liable to fall, lasting. 

^spstZJ, a child: offspring, 

^^f^sH, bashfulness, modesty, 

^sppT^rH"^,. bashful, modest. 

^*TslJ, unwholesome, unsuitable. 

<5i*1W^. out of employ, cashiered. 

^spsTfrT^, approved occupation. 

W^ffiTsf, unsubstantial, empty, 

^T*fCfR3l, a goblin, spectre. 

^r*TtW% a pretext, pretence. 

^T*f'<tf\*T<ff, abominable, accursed 

^T*fa?r, removal. 

^T^faTsr, a nickname. 

"ST^R^f, emancipation, beatitude. 

^T*R37 abridging, reducing. 

^*T3"«, a common measure. 

^5T*f3Tff, censure, accusation. 

^I*W3:, an inference, deduction. 

^5T*ffr^, unholy, impure, unclean. 
W*ffr^ pulverized, shattered. 
^*RJ?, prodigal expenditure. 
^T^f^t^l, vulgar language. 
^r*T^\*f, a fall; vulgar expression. 
^T^fSrtJT, disrespect, indignity. 
^T*f*p|J, an unnatural death. 
^*f*r*r, disgrace, infamy, ill-fame. 
^^T^T, another, other. 
^T«T?T?rTsr, the end of the night. 
^5T*f?r*Pf<ir, continued, continual. 
*5r*r?rT*r, offence, fault, crime. 
^r*f?"T^, the afternoon. 
^^Tftfsf^ immoderate, unmea- 
sured, unlimited. 
^T*ft?WT?r, impure, foul, vague. 
^*rf?7T<r, distant ; narrow. 
^*TW*i , vexed, mortified, annoyed. 
^>T*f ?&*T, strange, surprising ; ugly. 
^"^TC^TJ.another day, the morrow. 
^3T*nfjm, more than sufficient, 

unlimited; incomplete. 



^r*f5rt*T, denial, evasion; low 

^n^J, the right-hand side. 

^W^, a removing, retreating. 

^T^ ^T<T, epilepsy, falling sickness. 

^ST^T^^r. murder, slaughter. 

^T*f^'?r e l, carrying off by unfair 
means, robbing* 

^T*f^1, Wf3^1, a murderer. 

^^f^S, carried off unjustly, stolen. 

^T^f^, denial ; concealment. 
WfT\ft]%, the sea. 
^T*TT^ indigestion ; unripe. 
^W^", outer corner of the eye. 
^Wfl?^ inability, awkwardness. 
^ST^fTs, a mean vessel ; unworthy 

^■^T^T^r, ablation ; ablative case. 
^MPT, the anus ; air inhaled. 
^T^Tfe, unrestrained, self-willed. 
^*TT?r, destruction ; hindrance. 
^5T' 5 TT3", shoreless, impassable. 
^T^(t^"^, incapable, incompetent. 
^T^TTWTfa, impracticable, [also. 
ytfa, ^t%S, ^f^fvg, moreover, 
^f^fSfR, covering, concealing. 
^*ffa?T, a catarrh. 
^r^*f, a cake of flour, bread. 
^"ffi, unprecedented, wonderful. 
^IC*W1, expectation; than. 
^C^f <T, not fit to drink; 
^C*fT?r3, beardless; a child, an 





^rc^it??"^, immanliness, cowardice. 
NSivviis, the sea; Lord of waters. 
^gfT'T'S, a Bhrob, a bush. 
^SfaTb want of affection, un- 


^5T£t^^. abashed, nonplussed. 
^l^ttesr, unequalled, peerless. 
^Sjfs^", of do renown, infamons. 
^5i£j "j^r, want, need, exigency. 

^5T2T*T"^, narrow, scanty, strait. 
^srf£T?r, nnamiable ; not beloved. 

^STCSft?, unmarried; timid. 

^r**r<ri, courtezans of the Hindu 
bea\ en. 

vST^"-, (prefix,) from, off, away. 
^r^vTst, fulsome flattery. 
^TTT^?", BWeepings, refuse, [sion. 
^wsfa, a spinning-wheel ; exci- 
^7T35«^, an incorrect calculation. 
^T^"^T*T, leisure, opportunity. 
^5T^f^3, dishevelled ; contemned. 

^T^^rJ^r, querulousness, complain- 
^SRT^^JT, timidity, shrinking, [ing. 
ss^^^r, hideous groaning. 
^R<j>5R, a disagreeable noise. 
^?T<P^, expelled, rejected. 
^^Tr^J, not lit to be spoken. 
^^^^^T, clamorous weeping. 
^'Zlpi^'Z, improper play. 
^^Ip^i, unreasonably angry. 
■^<j^nf5j ravenously hungry. 
^3"C^»*T, sarcasm, irony, jeer. 
^^T^T. digging, piercing. 

"5T7"-^Tt. a cavern, a pit. 
"^T^'C-^rcT', improper play. 
<sizyi, an infant, a babe. 
<&I4M£, acquainted with, known. 
"sST^r^fsr, knowledge, anderstanding. 
^reffT?^, Immersion, bathing, 

^*#«&*, ^res^sl, a veil. 
^!3"C$tt5'?r, imperfectly perceived. 

^^"C^rTfT 6 !, raising a weapon to 

^tw^t, ill-construction, [strike. 

^3*?f?", drought ; curse ; j 

^T^TS, murder, a fatal Mow. 
^5J?^«f. a whirlpool, whirling. 
^^t 6 ), a disagreeable smell. 
^si^W, coarse powder. 
^l^U^^f f a limit, boundary. 
^T^C^Wt^C^W, the whole of any- 
^^©V^ old. worn out. [thing. 
^5I^"53% contempt, disregard. 
^<TT>, a cavern, a pit, a hole. 
^r3"5\*r, horn. [head. 

^5R"3\7T, ornament for the ear or 
^3Tt^r, an awning; extension. 
^^"3T?T. descent, incarnation. 
^RTlf?rfs|^1, a preamble, a 

face ; a boat. 
^T^5^e|, descended, incarnate. 
^^ToT^T, decrepit, imbecile. 
^I^Wt?T, an oblation, offering. 
^tfM, rent, torn, cracked. 
^I^Tf^r, regretting, lamenting. 





^^WJ, unutterable ; low. 
^RtWJl^ a glimmering. 
^^5i3, precipitate flight. 
^5J^T^ attention, care. 
^^"tflT*!, determining ; emphasis. 
^OTfsf, extreme limit ; from — to. 
^^T^?" 6 !* disregard, disrespect. 
^W<\1?"5, contemned, despised. 
^re*P$, a class of devotee. 
^sresf^, shaken out, brushed. 
^3"*fl\?T, leaving off ; reproach. 
^T^i%, bowing, condescension. 
^^■^rt<r 5 precipitating ; dislike. 
^R"^T"5, girding on armour ; 

^^f^T, the earth, the world. 
^ST3"*PF, uselessly partial. 
^re*Tt*T, neglected, destitute of a 

^RTfi?, censure, reproach. 
^^Tf^"!, the basin of a river, 
^sre^j covered, protected. 
^^T^ra*^", to encircle, surround. 
^^CTi^f, imperfect idea, prejudice. 
^TC^st, bathing after a sacrifice. 
^3"srt%, contempt ; a master. 
^TTSTR, dishonour, disgrace. 
^^sj^f*nr, lying with the head 

^^OTS^, setting free. 
^SR'spf?, defloured, defiled. 
"SRIT^ a limb, part, feature. 
^STCITj junior, inferior, least. 

^'ZJ^S, desisted, ceased. 
^T^Tf, insipid, tasteless. 
^^C^T^ besieging; the female 

WfC^Tte", a descent, an alighting. 
^T^cT, weak, powerless, feeble. 
^T3"*TT{\ the waist ; connected, join- 
^We^ri, false modesty. [ed. 

^3"*^ a prop, support, fulcrum. 
^TfrT^Tr, a support ; a prop. 
^5R*Tl, weak; a woman. 
^R^T^t, mark of disgrace. 
W3"f%% smeared over ; proud, 
^re^ti?, lapped with the tongue. 
ssresftsTl, ease, facility. 
^T^TCs?"^ a medicinal lozenge. 
^RX^sr, lapping with the tongue. 
^3X^1^^ looking at, viewing. 
^ra*T, unsubjected ; benumbed. 
W^f*!"^ remaining, left. 
"^T^C 5 !^ remainder, remnant. 
^re*Tj, certainly ; unsubduable. 
W^J^^ necessity, urgency. 
^3"*DT<r, fog, frost, cold ; pride. 
^^"3^., enclosed ; near ; supported. 
^R^Ss , beginning ; a pillar. 
^^^T^T, a dwelling, a house. 
^^^ wearied, exhausted. 
^ra*R7, the right hand side. 
^TOlTj leisure, opportunity. 
^sWT'f , a spy, an informant. 
^T^TfW, weariness, lassitude. 
^TCTfa, conclusion, decline. 




^l^Tt?!" 6 !, disbanding, dislodging. 
^sra^F, a fiiiMp ; an assault. 
^T^*^, refuting of an argument. 
^<r^3", the sweepings of a place, 

^^T^H, posteriorly, lastly, finally. 
^<r^l, condition, state, plight; 

^^T*, Lodging, residence. 
^refaf%, a dwelling, settlement. 
^3"^, a harsh sound, yell. 
^W51, permanent, stagnant. 
^3"$;T3", removing; forgiveness; 

cessation of hostilities. 
^srcf^n, dissimnlationj disguise. 
^rec^cTI, disrespect, disregard. 
^^"T^, speechless, mute. 
^si^TJ, bowed, stooping. 
^^t^-tf, down east, shy. 

^fst, the Bouth. 

^I^TT3J, not lit to be spoken. 

^i < I u^T, without obstruction, freely. 

^f^l^j, uncontrollable, obstinate. 

^r*T3<T, included, involved. 
^5r^T^, recovered, regained. 
^sr^lt?"!, unimpeded, unhindered. 
^RT^'j, irresistible, inevitable. 
^jft",a sheep; the sun: a mountain. 
^f^3>l>, not ugly, not distorted; 
a flock of slnvp. [paired. 

^jft3>rT, exact ; perfect, unim- 
vsrfop^a positive precept, [pised. 
^iftsThS, unreproached, not des- 

^fa^, without impedim 

^ftSTT, injustice. 

^rfrfifT. unknown, not acquainted. 

^Tfatfl, want of method. 

^frc*r«r, illegal. 

^fc^Vs, not humble, not sub- 
missive, [entire. 
wfcseS undivided, unshared, 
^f^-g-jssj-fbu thoughtless person. 
■^ft^ri, inceasant, perpetual 

^^<T1, a childless widow. 
^TW^«i, surveying, inspection. 
^5TW^F1, attention, inspection. 
^lOTiR,not knowing or perceiving. 

^t^'tf, unwarranted, ill _ 
^TWT^, stupid, senseless, Ignorant. 
^^T, the moon ; conch; lotus. 
^f%?sft, a bed of loi 
^T^f, a year, an era; cloud. 
^5T]% the Bea, receptacle for \ 
irS, a cloud ; a mineral. 
"3137? , undiminishable ; indeclina- 
"Sl^of, unerring, infallible, [ble. 
^r^^TTq, an infant, a babe. 
^J^J, uncivil, rude, 
^si^^, an ornament, a jewel. 
^^517, unfortunate; misfortune. 
^tol<BHj an unworthy person, one 

unfit to receive a favor. 
^5T^T3", non-existence, want. 
^1%-, prefix } towards, to. 
^rf%a», lascivious, wanton. 
^f»"5|J1, name ; beauty. 

S5rj%5pra* going towards, an ap- 

^fOTPS, striking, smiting, [spell. 

ssrfetf?"* a destructive charm or 

^11%!^ family ; birthplace. 

^T]%!ih$, nobly -born ; learned. 

^■j%lft^^3, aristocracy, govern- 
ment by the principal men in a 

^fV^. learned, skilful, wise. 

^rf^^TJT, a token,signal ; certainty. 

^f^CJt^ envy. 

^r1%^T«T, a dictionary, a name. 

^f^t^f?, a name ; explicable. 

^jf%*TJl, coveting another's goods. 

^5jf%^3", new, recent, modern. 

^sif^^nr, theatrical representation. 

^f%t^W*f>intentness, application. 

^rf%C5ra1, an actor in a drama. 

^TO^fa - , subdued; involved in 

^Il%2ft<r. meaning, design, object. 

^RsCSpS , meant, intended, design- 

^5i]%TiTr, salutation, obeisance, [ed. 

^fs^JRF, declaration, revelation. 

^7%37TP3,, spreading towards an 

^5TJ%"»<Tj defeat, humbling. 

^rf«^r<l^, a guardian, protector. 

^fiTsre, approved, wished, chosen. 

^Tf%"5rt^ pride, self-esteem, keen 
perception of an affront. 

^Tf%^*r, facing towards, present. 



<5lf%¥*F, accused in a court. 
^5TI%C<r! , >f J plaint, clashing. 
WJ%3"3' devoted to, pleased with. 
N5rf%3"T"5T, beautiful, pleasing. 
^f^fs, relish, inclination, taste. 
^f»crf^\5, desired, wished for. 
^1%cTi"3"j wish, desire, lust. [ing. 
^l j%C«T<f^T 5 writing down, insert - 
^rf%*Tf^ censure, calumny. 
^r1%*tT^f a a curse, imprecation. 
^<1%^", bathing before a sacrifice ; 

^r1%C^"3». anointing, installation. 
^j%^"5, nattered, praised. 
^I]%7i1%, juncture ; design ; 

cheating. [war. 

W^^TS, a curse, imprecation ; 
^t1%JT?", a follower, a companion, 

ally. [lovers ; ally. 

wfwJTT?", a secret meeting of 
^f%f^5, spoken, disclosed. 
^I^iW, repeatedly, frequently. 
^►fStf^FS, ^T^t^D", desired, loved. 
^T^TF, abstained from food. 
^STC^W, identity, similarity. 
^C^WJ, solid, indivisible. 
^5I^rjWj unction, anointing from 

head to foot. 
^^Jf 7C 9 the inner part, interior. 
^^J^?" 6 !, feeding, eating. 
^T^J«£ proximate, near. 
^^jofcrl , welcoming ; petition. 
^TOT*f3, a guest, visitor. 

^n5JT*Tte« calamity, misfortune. 

^si^JI^T, practice, study, a habit. 

^si^j'Stf^T, rising to welcome; rais- 
ing arms for net ion. 

^3i^j4<T, prosperity, welfare 

^T : »j<fT^?r s i, an example <>f the 
opposite of what is to be proved. 

^i^j^sfsr^, consent, admission ; 
an approach. 

^^MITT, a good expedient. 
■*5^, the sky, cloud ; (lie (ale. 

^5r^t3, not mistaken, rtot deceived. 

^src^»T'5f, the thunder. 

^ir, unripe, raw, unbaked. 

^btsr", thus, 80. 

V[3lf3, gratis; thus; the same. 

^5rir?r, immortal, permanent; a 

^PT<rl3'3iT, the residence of Indra. 

^ir^", displeasure, impatience, 

■^TTTUJ, minister of state ; an at- 

^5TUT*pr, unmanly, inhuman, void 
of the qualities of man. 

^nn*r*T7l, day of the new moon. 

^TSHeite, sincere, without guile. 

^fsr?!"!, nectar, ambrosia. 

^Tip», such a one, a certain person. 

^Pjai, in another world. 

^STsrsT^F, unfounded, baseless. 

^"sr^j, invaluable, priceless 

^T^T5, nectar, ambrosia ; not dead 



^"sjfiS, an oblong drinking-v 

^rc*r<fj, unclean, impure; ordure. 

'sto^p. an eye. 

^^<ij the Bky, a cloud ; apparel. 

^i^r?r, acid, sour, tart. 

^T^&r, a vidhya or descendant of 

a brahmun l>y a woman of 

the vyehya class. 
^91, *rfWlj ^^1^1, a mother. 
^5J¥, wat it. 

^^j*, an. aquatic plant, a lotus. 

^3Hfff, a cloud. 

^I^TrV, the sea. 

^I^<f, threshold, a stone. 

^sr^F^, water. 

"^CUjTSf, a lotus, the moon. 

^C*57*F, a cloud. 

^^T, a mango. 

^T^". acid, BOUr, tart. 

^r^tsr, unfading. 

^f^l, the tamarind tree. 

^TWI, disproportioned, unlike. 

^?, good luck or fortune. 

^"<r^", a going, sun's course north 

or south of the equator. 
"3T<R"5T3rr, the ecliptic. 
^STsTt, ron. 

^TITOS, loadstone, magnet. 
^^ns, ten thousand, 
^rc^r[9t7, unsuitable, unworthy. 
^CsTfrf, a pestlej a club. 
^CTITSR, a smith's anvil. [way. 
^c*nf^ not born in the common 




^sttt. quick, speedy. 
^■^, an aquatic plant ; moss. 
^5I7F"SI^, machine to draw water 
^5T?"e|1, a buffalo. [from a well. 
^3"f*U wood for kindling fire by 
n5T^«ij, a wood, forest. [friction. 
*5T<reirRt, an extensive forest. 
^T^-f%sr. a cubit length measured 
from the elbow to the tip of the 
little finger. 
nst^T^Jt, a water-lily, lotus. 
^^rsTfa", dishonour, distress. 
^sr^Tl^, anarchical, kingless. 
s5r<rTf%, an enemy, adversary. . • 
^-"t*Tj crooked; resin or pitch; 

a rutting elephant, 
ssiftr, an enemy ; a wheel. 
^rt?^, a rudder, helm. 
^f? 5 ^, conquering, victorious; 

^35 f?N>, good or bad luck; a sign 
of death ; spirituous liquor ; a 
tree ; a room in which a lying- 
in woman remains. 
!3I^, a boil, a wound. 
<SR?F?sr, ^?F9r, ^r?P$, healthy, 
^sr^fs, disgust for food ; aversion, 

^ryei, the sun ; the dawn ; tawny ; 

vermilion . 
^si^FWPt?, first peep of day. 
^??^3*T, corrosive,' acrimonious. 
^I^5T, a wound, a scar ; vital part. 

WC^t^, opake, dull. 
^r^, the sun; crystal; copper; a 
^T9j%, a bar, wooden bolt, [plant. 
^■"^ price; mode of adoration. 
^5TO, an oblation to a superior. 
^•fc, ^refcrl, act of worshipping. 
^rf£ri, flame, light, splendour. 
^1R, collecting, acquiring. 
■*IW^, white; the third son of 

Pdndu ; a tree. 
'STcfa, the ocean, sea. 
^^"C^ITS, ^^V^t^, a boat, a ship. 
^ffejl, wild, untamed. 
NSKiftW, a cloud; a sort of grass 
with a bulbous root. 

^snf^", a reproach, a rebuke. 

^f¥^ pain ; end of a bow. 

^srsf, wealth; meaning; object. 

^vfes, according to the sense, that 
is to say. 

^srsfcn, begging, request, wish. 

^sfcf?", parsimonious, niggardly. 

^spfaTW, exaggerating advantages. 

^TQf^lTT, wealthy ; relevant. 

^rsfT*, that is to say, namely. 

^TsflW, another meaning. 

^M3,. asked, requested. 

^isff, rich ; a plaintiff, a petition- 
er, beggar;. 

^frl, solicitation ; suffering. 

?sm, half, moiety. 

vSj^Vt^ midnight. 

^^T^'"?", a wife ; half the body. 



^TCfi*ft?ft, cultivating the land for 
tin- owner for half Bhare o! the 

^i^ry, half the body ; a v\\'\ 

^j^iTC^*^. a violent headache. 

^^ilV. half ami half, Bhare and 
Bhare alike. 

^►IVP*!^, half a meal, til'lin. 

^^T^, half a seat. 

^C^f<!S, half Of mie. 

^rc^i'rf, a half-moon, crescent. 

^sic^frsra, n gown. 

^i*f»i, delivering up. bestowing. 

^5i^r<p ? former, antecedent, prior. 

^^TTsfa, recent, inexperienced. 

^^"^j a hundred millions ; a wen. 

^s:^, ^sr^^s, a child, a little one. 

^ST^fr. a disease of the e] 

^srcrj. a master, owner, lord, a man 

of the vishya or trading caste. 
^iTTj'sn. the sun : ancesl 
^5i*t, hemorrhoids or piles. 
^5j"*f5T. belonging to, pertaining. 
^5T*tT\ succeeding to property. 
^~£. worthy, lit. deserving of. 

^ t '<- I v- 1 I- 

. ^ worship, adoration. 

^ei\f^<n, adorning, embellishing. 
<5irr<5, a ringlet, a side curl of hair. 
^^Tey. cotton saturated with lac. 
^TcT$f*it, a black kind of cobra de 

^«nWI?T. ornament, decoration. 
c 2 

J0jj inviol 
obeyed with impunity. 
si^-mx, a water jar, Large pitcher. 

~5ir\<~z~Z. aorant, cl 

; ^cfs^, a mad dog : a plant. 
^ststjt, indolent, slothful, lazy. 
^sr^TTT, charcoal, a firebrand, 
^srot?, a long gourd, bottle gourd. 
^srf^T, a Mark bee; Bcorpion; liquor^ 
^f^^s, the Core-head. [crow. 

wf^fs 5 *?', the epiglottis or uvula. 

^5lf^^". a terrace before the b 

^r?rt3», false, vain : falsehood, 
oic^, not suppressible ; a potato. 
^5rC5f|f353S, supernatural, not po- 
^JSWfl, loose, lax, open. [pular. 
^^•T, a Few, little, small. 
N5T r5 t"^' e ^t. a very few. 
^""TeF. unable, infirm , power] 
n5T*T3>l impossible, impracticable. 
W*T?r, act of eating, fooik 
^T x nrT?1. hunger, desire for food. 
^r*Tf^, a thunderbolt, lightn: 
^^nfr, difficulty, distress. 
^T*fT3, unscriptural, illegal. 
^srPT?", »nd ; -the sun. 

^rf-rf^^I, ) a childless or barren 
^STPT^t, j woman. 
W"Tlf%, eighty. I 
^*3T, a mountain ; a cloud. 
^/^IX an emerald. 
^TtfSij red chalk, red ochre. 




^Sf^lretsT, the mortar. 

^"ST^t, strangury ; stone in the 

^"'J'S, raw, unripe. [bladder. 

'sii^t, edge of a sword; point, angle. 

^SF, a tear. 

^T^ftcT, rustic, low, vulgar (applied 
to language). 

^t?^ discord, disjunction. 

^^, a horse. 

^51 ^^T, a mule ; swift. 

^'ffa, the space which a horse tra- 
vels in a day. 

^nfesr, the eighth. 

^^jTHrf^f^i, full accomplishment. 

^J*f>T3f, eight principal parts of 
the body on which the Hindoos 
make religious marks. 

^stSjTW*^ eighteen. 

w*&pT, an octagon. 

^■pi?, the stone of a fruit. 

, 3TC^ <S JC%", in every part, all over. 

^si^f^l, costiveness, constipation 

^^TtTfa, the knee, [of the bowels. 

^RT^J, countless, innumerable. 

^TT^is,, repeatedly, often. 

^^^5t^T,unchastity, sin, turpitude. 

^r^Tf^f^, humoursomeness, petu- 

^5T*R, throwing ; kind of tree. 

^f^, a sword, cimeter. 

^srffT^t, a lady's maid ; a river. 

^fVfpf^, sugarcane ; sword-blade. 


life, vital breath ; swift. 

^►ngT^ei, disregard, neglect. 

W£?", a demon, an evil spirit. 

^*nMj slander, detraction. 

^^fsfj^*! jt, a woman so secluded 
as not to be seen by the sun. 

^spj^ blood. 

^src^sr^, charming,most beautiful. 

^H£, the setting of the heavenly 
bodies; extinction, death. 

"5T^f%f?Tj the western mountain 
behind which the sun is sup- 
posed to set. 

^"^T^T, bottomless, unfathomable. 

^Tf%^3, existence, being. 

^^, amen, be it so. 

^T^t^", a reproach, rebuke. 

^"3, a weapon, a sword, a tool. 

^srgf^f^Tlj surgery. 

^T3Tf5l%^*T<5, ^^t^WJ, a surgeon. 

^S^fSf, arms, weapons. 

^STSt^, without a wife. 

"^^T^T, want of room ; private part. 

^ST^TT, moveable, not fixed.. 

^5T^t?r, unfathomable, very deep. 

^P£, a bone. 

^rfe*T*r*f«l, committing of the 
bones as to the river. 

^t^srj, irresolution, fickleness. 

^T£$J, indistinct, inarticulate. 

T 3T 3 3J^t?r, our, belonging to us. 

^T^^r, hearth, kiln. 

^T^", not one's own ; poor. 

^C%% bad dream ; want of sleep. 


^sr^T^t? ill-nature, bad disposition. 

; 5j^^*, u bad \< 
^m*f, a Leech. 

^51? S, ^753, day. 

^3^1?", pride, self-importance. 

^33, not wounded ; a new clotll, 

^5T^fsr<M, egotism, Belf-conceit. 
^T^^f\5, conceit, opinionatedness. 

^^"5*5;, daily, every day. 
^sfa'pT, day and night. 
^T^lffci, ^^s^t^, the genii or 

lord of the day, the sun. 
^SR'SrV, morning, dawn. 

<5T3"3", oh, aha, alas, heyday, an 
expression of surprise, gladness 
or regret. 

^ST^riJ, fallow ground. 

^ifs*. a snake, a serpent ; the sun. 

^f^jrf^, a snake-catcher, one 
who exhibits snakes. 

^f^^^TSl, mortal enmity as 
between the ichneumon and the 

^rfecspei, opium ; saliva of a snake. 

^fV^<T, dread of serpents ; mis- 
trust, suspicion. 

^5Tf%^35 , a peacock ; snake-eating 

^C^t^"!^, day and night. 

^J^l?, soon, instantly, quickly. 

^1, (prefix,) up to, even to, 
(interj.) aye, true. 

c 3 



"5n^S>, to-day. 

"siT^^y, unmarried ; a bachelor. 

-sifTc^ on embankment, a ii 
^STfYiR, a coming, approaching* 

^Jl* - , a maternal grandniot her. 

"siTSiR, a restraining, covering. 

^13^, tempering or weldil 
^STte^T, B reciting, reading over 

and over. 
^IT331, over-shadowed, covered. 

^TS^Ts, a respectful reception, 

^T\T>1, a ring, a chafingdish, 

^lT\f*T3>, entitled to a share. 

^Tt:, ah, alas ! 

^\ts, ^shf *r, the scales of a fish. 

^135, a mark, figure, goal. 

^IT^^T, marking, bra nding.d rawing. 

^I^Tt", ^WV'iT. a hook to pull 
down fruits or flowers from trees. 

^TT^I, a hook to hang things on. 

^1Wi*, grasping with the arms. 

^T^fv?, a tendril of a creeper. 

^Tf^T. an eye. 

^5iT5, a flame; heat. 

"^ITFS, a scratch, a laceration. 

^151]^ washing the mouth ; the 
sipping of water in a religious 

^15«T, the border of a female gar- 
ment breadthwise. [imr. 

^TH^T, rinsing the mouth ; gdess- 

^TSI^Tfs, mutual examination. 




^tf&^T, a wart, a small protuber- 
ance on the flesh. 
N^TSi^, antimony to colour the eyes. 
^T^fn, joined palms of the hands 
sidewise so as to hold water &c. 
^ftl> , tighten, render narrow ; con- 
^11*^31, childless. [fined. 

Wtt^ pulling tight, controlling. 
^TT?1, tight, scanty; severe, 
^shl?, the knee. 

^TC^-1, remains of a meal, oils. 
^tf^Bl, a bull. [mit. 

^T^tvS, nausea, inclination to vo- 

^t^ 5 the bowels, intestines. 

^T^ft, room of a lying-in woman. 

^fte^T*, starting with sudden fear 
dread or horror. 

^5rt*T*r1, blind, sightless. 

^T^T^ darkness, gloom. 

^T"<f^?r«l, blindfolding. 

^T*f<P, overrun with weeds. 

» *■" 
^5Tt3", a mango. 

N5ft-*t, fibres ; nap of cloth. 

nSTPTO', a diving slightly. 

^TpTj the scales of a fish. 

<5j"fa, a sugarcane. 

'STOTj, severe, hard-hearted. 

^5lt^?, difficult, impracticable. 

^STW?? gratis, without price. 

^Tfa&1, up t0 tne tm '°at. 

^sit^'STj of moderate desires. 

^STT^f 5 ^^, trembling slightly. 

^T^f , mine, source, quarry. 

^TT^ef^, listening, hearing. 
^t^, tendril of a creeper ; play- 
ing at dice. 
^iTW5, that which attracts; a 

^5Tt^«l drawing, attracting. 
^n<F-<«ft, a stick for pulling fruit. 
^T^^W, a desire ; act of counting. 
^srt^^t, ornament ; disease ; up to 
the time of the dissolution of 
^n^S, a touch stone. [nature. 
^jT^PJ^ unexpected, sudden. 
n5IT3>1, a hearth, furnace, kiln. 
^T^TvBl, imperfectly cleansed from 
the husk ; strong, lusty, plump. 
^t^t^l, wish, desire, hope. 
^t^TT>, drought, want of rain. 
nStT^IIT, habitation, residence. 
^rl^T?", form, shape, figure; a hint. 
^TT^T?" 6 !, a call, an invitation. 
^T^t^T, a famine, drought. 
^T^Tf*T<f^, a lightning, 
^rt^t^t, the sky, atmosphere. 
^rT^t*ret«ft, revelation, divine com- 
^5lTf^$£«t. endeavour, exertion. 
^T^t«G overspread, interspersed. 
^tt^Sg^j contraction, contortion. 
^IT^f^s^, curled, contorted. 
■^TTf f%$, nonplussed, confounded, 
shrunk up with shame or with 
a sense of incapacity. 


^Jt$*f, troubled, distr 
^n^rs. design, intention. [t 
^i^sfs, form, shape, figure. 
ssn^ 5 !', thai which <-d. 

'.T, ^Il^5I 6 1, invasion, seizure, 

^Tipl, dear, not cheap. 
^snipH, invaded, seized. 
^Ti3^t3, a royal garden. 
^TC^T*!, resentment, abuse. 
^T^T^ql, a charge of adul 

accusal ion, calumny. 
^1"^^, merciless: a vixen. 
Wc^^f, reproach, sarcasm ; 

a pain of mind. 

■^TC^tW^. hunting, cha 

^t-^T^I, an orchestra, a choir, a 

place where persons meet bo 

smoke and talk. 
%rNt3, whole, complete. 
^TT^rf^, a thief; a rat. 

^M?", "^^T. a letter, type. 
^TT^n, a hearth, furnace, kiln. 
^5TW£, a natural body of water. 
^STT^T. a rat or mouse. 
^T^n*, a whim, caprice. 
^T^T^^, feeding on rats; a cat. 
^STflWf^, hunting ; fright. 
^TC^ffifo, hunting dog. 
^TC^ttT;, a walnut. 
^5TT<Tj1, a name, title, term. 
^"WT^", a tale, a saying. 
^T<Dlf?^1, a tale, narrative. 
^nc<J<T, worthy of publicity. 

"3I1$t N . foTfl 

' iviuity. 
-3IT*f/5\ chaff, husli 


. -.F-i*7, angary by o 
3FTM, the 
"5iT^P- n newly 

arrived ; [bition. 

'siTfR'T'Sf^, reaching forward, ma- 
*5iT?fir. the Vedas ; a record ■ ■. 
. monial part of t lie Hindu 
^TOT^", a coming, arrival. 

'STTsfiSto, read, studied. 

^faur, ^iT?frrT^r, protecting, 

restraining, preventing. 
"SIT*»T1, the tip, point lib. 

"^T^TS. anticipation, ad*v 
^rtsfT*"!, b Useless or wild tn 
^TT'jfTTt, beforehand, in advance ; 

fore-fool rope for a li . 
'SIT'JfT'sft. coming, prfl iiture. 

>5lT^r<r, a house, n i 

"51!$?, preccdin;-. 

^5iT€fi£l, an advance (of mon< 

^TT5*r, fire. 

^T$t^*3;T$ft, a fire-eater; a Ktti. 

^nQ"<J"R. a precursor, Leader. 

^siTst, resoluti 

^TCu*. forward, 

^tCfftvJ, a door made of mats. 

^TC»fTC3T, beforehand, in advance, 

^ltC5t 24 

^srtctf?* ^ er y> combustible. 

^t$f, \ zealous, eager, perseve- 

^T^S", j ranee. 

^T"5ri^, a bad landing-place. 

'STtVlT^, a blow, wound, calamity. 

^1"SlTl^"Sfl, hinderance, obstruction. 

^TtSTf?", clarified butter. 

^lt^«R, a whirling round, rolling. 

5Tftrsrft"«l, a proclaiming, crying. 

^5Tt^T«l, smelling, a scent. 

^tS , a limit. 

^Tw^t, a finger or toe ring. 

^TtSffcl, a cbafingdish. 

^TfrF^I, charcoal, cinders. 

^srtWJt*^^ a coat, jacket, frock. 

^Tt^oTfa, fingering, meddling. 

^Tt^t?T, charcoal, cinders. 

^Tf^JTl, a court-yard, compound. 

^TSjHj)', a finger or toe ring. 

^T"hJ^, a finger, a toe. 

^5lTl>$1, not reckoned, uncounted ; 

of a sudden. 
WtE^fq, speaking, eloquence. 
T 5TT5'5T^T, rinsing the mouth. 
^TSTT^^, .a spitting vessel. 
^T5t% <$., suddenly, unawares. 
^5Tt5?"«i, behaviour, usage ; habit. 
^Tt^t^T, starch prepared from rice. 
^TTFt?r, custom, conduct, practice ; 

a pickle. 
^T5t*fj, spiritual teacher, tutor. 
^Tffr$, a cart load or 25 maunds 
^TCSTTj, a blow ; fallow. 

^Tt^^, covered, protected. 

^T^l, good ; well. 

sSjt^tW*, act of covering, a cover. 

^Ttf^^, cut off, amputated. 

^t"5^t?5, a roar of laughter. 

^ItC^ff, amputation, confiscation. 

^ITOTTJRj hunting, the chase. 

^t^^T, smiting, dashing down. 

^srt^Tv?, dashing on the ground. 

^TCWt^rt, untrimmed, unlopped, 
not cleaned. 

^ ^i, to-day, the present day; 
clarified butter 

^Tli3>, a herd of goats. 

^T®^, from the birth. 

^TUTvpf, a clearing out ; sail-cloth. 

^rtSiT3r, unknown, unrecognised. 

^T®t«J, down to the knee. 

^5ltf§i, to-day ; war, conflict ; a 
plain, level ground. 

^rT^faj a livelihood ; a living. 

^TT^te^, as long as one lives. 

^Rflljf", one impressed into service. 

^Itosl, command, precept. 

^T^T^, act of commanding. 

^t^l^r^tS obedient, subservient. 

^t^t^"^", obedient, submissive. 

^lT3eT®T^R, transgression, disobe- 

^Wl, clarified butter, ghi. 

^TTf^Rl* a kind of lizard ; a pus- 
tule on the edge of the eye -lid. 

^ft?, eight. 

"^f? t u <ts , an obstacle, hindrance. 
^sjTIj^, being obstructed. 
WtjWtfvnfli ill-fated, unlucky. 
^RMT>*Pl«T, a guess, conjecture. 
^ITj^TjTST, ostentation, pomp. 
^ni^fsnn, octagonal. 

^T^f^f^l, clover, very active. 
^t^£|^J, nil day long, continual. 
^5I1T>*T, 8 bamboo lisli trap. 

^5ri^*Tl, a pad for a porter's head 
to prevent the burden carried 
from hurting him. 

^lTT>*n>1, accounts, book-keeping. 

ss:TT>1, a coarse wheat flour. 

^Jt^T«=T, glutinous ; bird-lime. 

^5m>T*fal1, born in the eighth 

^TTfi>, a sheaf, bundle, wisp. 

^TC^M, pride, self-importance ; 

^Ttfcl, bird-lime; glutinous matter. 

^T^Tcj, the louse in the bodies of 
dogs and sheep; case which holds 
the feathers of a bed ; glutinous. 

^ifft, a fruit-stone. 

^Tte. aslant, across ; width. 
Wfa^l'uf . a pilot, steersman. 
^Tfarasfol, a cross-beam. 
«Tt\5*f\5l, range of stables. 
s3T"bT5T, a mart, emporium, [hint. 
^T!^51, unreas >nable longing ; a 
^T^§", benumbed, stiffened, 
ssjf^ a factory, a ware-house. 

25 ^rt*1 

^f?^, becoming crooked. 
^rr^*n*f5% a bludgeon, a cudgel. 

^IT^^T^, the opposite bank of a 

^nsTTWcTl, not at right angles. 
^TS^if, much ado ; empty I 

"sin^T, ostentatious, proud. 

^Ii3<ft, a steep bank. 
"5IT"5^, see Wl^. 
T siT'5^T1, neglected, rejected. 
^Il~5}, a crossbeam; a fish trap; 
a bent position ; a sort, a kind. 
^TlTPsnf^, diagonally, athwart. 
^T^l^, two and a half. 
^I^T^r, made crooked, laid across. 
^rt"5Tfa, a large fan. 
^TT^tCST,^ - , yawning and stretching. 
^T^T^T, a screen, shelter, fence. 
^Tfs, a wager, stake ; grudge, 

^THS*!'!^, lying in wait, over- 
hearing, [ous. 
^TnF*T1i4Y?i1, an assassin ; insidi- 
^ Ivjp <l 1, an apology for neglect. 
^Tpl?, a precipice ; a cliff, the 

perpendicular bank of a river. 
^STTvF. a raft. 

^rT^Fl, station, stage, rendezvous. 
^ITj^ 5 , ft corn measure equal to two 
- maunds. 

^TTjJ, abounding, affluent, 
^["fass, low, base. 
^T^t^T, a wooden or earthen ball. 




^rtes^very rich , exceedingly weal- 
thy, [sound of a drum. 

<5lT3W ; ^SW, fear, alaim disease ; 

^TT*^r, the putting of any sub- 
stance into a liquid body to pro- 

■ duce a chemical change ; a cala- 
mity ; a gratification. 

^TT53T?t, ready to murder or in- 

'siT^^f, sunshine ; sun-dried, jure, 

^rT3*f3F> an umbrella. 

^T^5? , fare for crossing a river ; 
essence of rose &c. 

^TT^^H a pigment made with 
flour or chalk and water used to 
paint the seats or walls of a 
house at a marriage or idola- 
terous festival. 

*3fit\, ^rPJ*TJ, a custard-apple. 

^T^T^j taking a part in a musi- 
cal entertainment without pay, 
working gratis. [stances. 

^Tt^t^C^, in distressing circuni- 

^^2?' [a kite. 

^rr^tft, a kite ; crafty, deceitful. 
^T5tf*t. a long shelf, scaffold. 
^5rr3Tf%*fUTt%. everywhere. 
^TTt%C^¥, hospitable. [pitality. 
^rtf^sTJ, hospitable reception, hos- 
^nf^OTf*^, misimputing. 
*5ttr§*rej, excess, excessiveness. 
^STT^T, a raft. 
^►rt^T, diseased, distressed. 

^TfSSWi, destitute of oil. 

^5Itl%, effort, labour, endeavour; 

^T% a prefix meaning self, own. 
^nutfTCt, selfish. 
^Tu5T3, self-murder, suicide. 
^T^m, a son ; springing from self. 
^TH^fa, self-knowledge. 
^STPSfS'^ nature of spirit. 
^TTSrsI, spirituality, identity, 

^siTH^T^, a first cousin. 
^TUtl'^^j forgetful of self. 
^iT?r^T?r, greedy, selfish. 
^rT^trsTl, self -applause, egotism. 
^TWfc, own, proper, one's own. 
^srrarel, self- destroyer ; suicide. 
^STt^Tl, spirit, soul, mind, self. 
^Tfaffa, related to one's own self, 

intimate ; a relation. 
^5TTuf%^j excessive, infinite. 
*5jtt^ft, menstruous. 
^TTWTj respect, veneration. 
^5TT^?"1, mark, sign, a land-mark. 
=STtW*f, pattern, original from which 
anything is to be copied ; mirror. 
^rrnVWtg^, ginger. 
NSTtWT?, a plaee for filth, jakes. 
^itWT^r, receiving, taking ; the 

trappings of a horse. 
^JTWTsT, obtaining payment, receiv- 
ing any" thing. 
^Q% the beginning, first. 


^TtfitSJ, t lie sun ; a deity ; larae of 

^itpf?, first, primary. [a plant. 

^snfif^, commanded, directed. 

^TT5Tt^<r, pain, trouble, "list! 
^T^"v5, uncovered, exposed, bare. 
^>Ui*5]?, immature, incompl 
^H^i? respected, esteemed. 

^1^1^, as far as the Bight reaches. 
^TCWT, command, injunction : tin* 

substitution of one letter for 


^TtCWt, in the first place 
^T^T*f, accusation, complaint, 
^i^fj, first, preceding, prior. 
^JTitJ 5 ?, from first to last. 
^TWJSH^, see ^TCffJT'KT'?. 
^Tffj^r, greedy, Belfish. 
^TCWJT^fT 5 ?, from first to last. 
^nj3>, ginger. 

^npj?^"T«1, obtaining respect. 
^T*f, ^Ttfl, half, 
^rtf^ftf^l, headache on one side. 
^5IT*fSR, a pledge, pawn, deposit. 
^TT'<^<j, convicting of a crime. 
^5rT*r*Tl, lialf a brick, brickbat. 
^5rt*rf5T, half a rupee, eight -anna 
^5TT*fR, taking, holding. [piece. 
^5rT*fT<T, receptacle, vessel, holder. 
^TTf<r, mental agony ; a pledge. 
^TtfV^J, abundance, excess. 
^nf^f^T^J, sovereignty, lordship. 
^3U*f^}<r, immature, half -grown. 
W*f$, agitated, shaken. 

"^srtwf^T^P, recent, modem, novel. 
^siTc>. used. 

WtCVflTfl, an elephant-driver, 
^T'iTT^'. flatulence, inflation, 
r 5[V<jlf~7iZ i . internal, inherent. 
^JT^K^, reflection, thought. 
^T^3>, a smt of drum, a trumpet. 
^ITSW, ^TtOTHfl, ao4 seen b 

^T^TT, modest, humble, 
^TR^, bound, confined; a drum. 
^TRsr, bringing; the face, mouth. 
^fa^j, posteriority, succession. 
^srt^^r, joy, happiness, gladm 

^T^?^, bringing. 

^St?T?T, W^cT, fire, 

^T^TI, a sixteenth part ; four pice. 

^TfaTCifT^I, the* act of coming 

••. intercourse. 
^t^TSi, greens, vegetables. 
^5TT«T"3. abetrus . bidden. 

^TRtfv5*Ri, awkwardness-, cramsi- 

^TRHp", clumsy, clownish, stupid. 

^rt^T^T, ^T^,3, brought, fetched. 

^T^ri"*, not otherwise, jus* i 
was ; a deposit. 

^T^n^r, a fishing-net. 

^T^T^". suppression of urine, con- 
stipation, costiveness; Length. 

^I^jf^tj, assistance, patron; - 

^rT^SfSJ, a following after, attach- 




^3Tt^ c J^^ J in regular succession. 
"^n^f^P^^I, desire of returning a 

kind action. 
^TT$"«"S7, conjectural, hypothetical. 
^5TT*[5iTf^3», inferrible, deducible. 
^TT^^TRFj affection, attachment, 

^rf^fsf^ analogous, connected. 
^TtWv5l, one who brings. 
*5TtOTfi>, ring for the toe. 
^srtet?T*P, internal, cordial. 
^TC^wT^^r, swinging, wavering ; 
^t^rf^?. a cook. [deliberation. 
■^srT^I^^, well-born. 
^T^f^^t, metaphysics, logic. 
^TT^T^I, otherwise minded, ab- 
^T^T, water. [stracted. 

^T^ffTI, a river or 'stream. 
*«rT*T«l, a market, a shop. 
^T*f VS S objection ; calamity. 
^51 T^Pf * misfortune, adversity. 
wt*T«T, (my, 7 0ur } n i s j &c.) own. 
*^n*ff^ self, you, your honour. 
^TT^ra, possessed of, seized by. 
^rfflTTTSal, a pregnant woman. 
^"Hfsf^J^, anything obtained by 

barter or exchange. 
^T^flj interlineation. 
**5*T*ffas, a potter's kiln. 
^rt^T^, falling ; present moment. 
^IT^fT^^ at the present moment. 
^rf*fT"3"5S. immediately, now. 
^Mt>t%, liable to, obtainable. 

^rMlTfsr^, from head to foot, 
cap a pie. 

^rt*fT5T, assembly of drunkards. 

^iT^ftvF, a chaplet for the head. 

'^T'ffa, a cow's udder ; fat. 

^lT*Jf*f3s, a baker, confectioner. 

^Tt^"?T, tin. 

^Tt^T, own, obtained, authentic. 

^5TT^5tT^t 5 avaricious, greedy. 

^T^TT^T, self-seeking, selfish. 

^TT*TJ, deluged, full of water. 

^T^HTf?^, refreshed, satisfied. 

^"McT^, bathing, ablution, wash- 

^T^fsffa^, flooding, flood. [ing. 

^"W, the leaping of fishes ; ru- 

^tfsp^, Wtf^ST, opium. [mour. 

^t^p^, opium. 

^t^t*T, cover, screen; excuse. 

^T^tt?^ childish pettishness. 

^T^W, a yoke-rope, tying tight. 

^TT^M^j, the sowing of seeds, a 
receptacle, vessel. 

Wf<T3", an ignorant person, a low- 
bred man, a dupe. 

^T^cj, a covering; screen; the 
outer fold of a garment, veil. 

^T^ITl, a slight shower ; oozing 
of water. 

^T^sgf^r, refuse,* sweepings. 

^STfalfi whirlpool, eddy. 

^t^o^r, a revolving, stirring. 

^T^lf^ftj a crucible. 

*^rfaf¥5, extirpated, rooted up. 




^5it?^, a row. range, rank. 
^jT*r*rj, indolence, Inactivity, idle- 

^pr^U^F, necessary ; necessity. 

^JT^5"5jI^r, flowing on, customary. 

^sn^M, ^srr^^T^f, a trench round 
the foot of a tree for the purpose 
of watering it ; a bracelet ; uneven 
ground ; Bowing the s< 

^T*T*R, a thread-reel. 

^tTTlcT, from childhood, childish. 

WrfcTf^i, from young to old. 

^rfaTsTf^aftsi, children, old per- 
sons and women. 

^SlT^TriJ, from infancy. 

^T^T^T, a habitation, house. 

^srPtt^, an inviting, introducing. 

^Tf^^s, a blanket, a woolen stuff. 

^Tfrsf . an awl, a drill, an aimer, 
a piercer. [ment 

^nft^fa. manifestation, developt 

^tfrsT, guilty, sinful, foul. [very. 

^rTR^T?", making visible, disco- 

^ift^, engaged in, engrossed. 

^T^t^", a kiml of red powder which 
the Hindoos throw at each other 
at an idolatrous festival. 

^13", *Tfa, a wen. 

^TfaTl, uneven, rough. 

^rt^S, enveloped, covered. 

^Tf f«, revolving ; conning. 

^TTWfR, a representation, petition. 

^TiC?T*f, intentness, close attention. 

^snr.T*^, a workshop, an entrance 
into a place. 

T 3TTC7f*T<!S, a 

^TTCTt?T, a cloud ; clownish, stupid. 

^tfa^s, yearly, annual. 

^T^fT*!, an ornament, jewel. 
^tTbi, brilliancy, splendour. 

^3it"»T c i<T*, a proverb, a saving. 
^n"»1"3\ preamble, prologue, intro- 
ductory discourse. 
^r^T"^*!. addressing, Bpeaking to. 

^T»T*T, brilliancy ; design ; a sem- 
blance, [tions. 

^Ti%5Tf?r3S, one who uses ineanta- 

^tf^lrTr, one connected with a 

^itfea.KM, high birth, nobility. 

^tf%Vflf^^ relating to a dietion- 

T 5Jtf%^r7, a front position, [ary. 

^rt^t^", a cowkeeper, herdsman. 

^siT"^^, difficulty, distre 

"STTwjTf^*, clever in committing 
to memory. 

^T*r, a mango ; crudity ; mucous 
matter in the stomach of man. 

"^it^T, winter riee. 

^rT^l^«j. invitation, calling. 

^Tt^<T, disease, illness, malady. 

^T^^r, dysentery. 

^rfsi^ anger. 

^5rti[*Tt, ^rUTST, dried mangoes. 

^T^j^r. the colic. 

^n^ unburnt (bricks). 




^Ttift^Jj counsellor, minister. 
^T^rf^l, rice gruel, kdnji. 
^T^rt^ uncooked rice. 
^srTsrt^TCr, diarrhoea ; the stomach. 
^5T|f&^, flesh ; lust, coveting. 
^3TTf3"Tt*tt, carnivorous, 
^fsft^l, curds, cheese. 
^T^TcS clothed, invested. 
^T^pf, radically, fundamentally, 

from the root. 
^ncsffiF, delight ; fragrance. 
^it3"T?,- a vec ^ a 5 traditional usage. 
^STPJcT, sour, acid. 
^fSTj a mango. 

^5Itsrr"5^ ^T*n51, the hog plum. 
^STTCJOT, tautology, repetition, 
^rtl", the tamarind ; acidity. 
^lT?r, income, gain, receipts. 
s5lt<r^3 extended ; oblong; the state 
of a woman having her hus- 
^3jni3^, extent, size, measure; 

dimension, ground-plot, 
'srtirfit, length ; future time. 
Wt?«, subject to, docile. 
^Tterfl3, affection, love, attach- 
ment ; a limit. 
Wf?R, iron ; made of iron. 
^T^Tft, a coat of mail. 
^tt?1,a grandfather ; a nurse maid ; 
power. [a season. 

^TT?TT3r, length, breadth, extent ; 
^TtfTffi, labour, effort, fatigue. 

^Tfa. life, lifetime. 
^"I^T^nr, lifetime, duration of life. 
^il^nf^Jj a medicine. 
^rT3"<r. a weapon, arms. 
^Tf?rc^"fr, the science of medicine. 
^fSTW^*, causing longevity. 
Wt^C^T'ST, a sacrifice to obtain 
WwFT, long-lived, [long life. 
^t?^7 ? life-preserving,occasioning 

^TraTlW, preparation, making 

provision for an undertaking. 
^5TTC?TT*r«T, war, battle. 
^T?T, else, and, another, more; 

the brass ; an awl. 
^T?"i>T?, brass. 
^rt^"^, reddish. 
^1^*11 > a wild buffalo. 
sStT?"U, wild, belonging to a forest. 
^5lT?r#, waving lamps to an idol ; 
^rt?7rt?r, again. [cessation. 

v5Tt?T5;. begun, commenced. 
^"T^^ft, dramatic show, 
^T^T^ disrespect ; a desire. 
N5Tt^> commencement, beginning. 
^n^^rpn, a cockroach. 
^rr?"lj an awl, a saw. 
^n^l^^j a sawyer. 

^IT<3"K, near ; distant. 

^T^Tt^, an enemy, opponent. 

^lt?"t*rel, worship, prayer. 

^t^t^TJ, deserving of worship. 

^rt<TT^, a sound. 



^5it?rT , sr, a garden ; health, r 

r =55TT?TTf^'r-. :i coi 

^ilf? 1 ^, hemorrhoids or piles. 
^JT?F, a hog ; a pjjtchet ; a crab ; 
^TT?hT» mounted, riding on, [a tree., 
^iTC?l5fj, good health. 
^RtC^W, attributin 
^TC<rTf*f'i, imputed, feigned. 
^5TTC<TT?*l, a mount in--, rising. 
"^ftSR, obtaining, planting. 
^ISK straightness, rectitude, >in- 
^Tc, pained, distressed, [osrity 
^rfc*!', the menses; a flower. 
'snfs, pain; the end of a bow. 
^nfsa'ifj the office of a priest. 

^TfsN*, versed in any science. 

■^JTj. wet, moist, clammy. 

^T j^, ginger, [noble extraction. 

^siltfj, respectable, venerable ; of 

^n*fj3>, a paternal grandfather. 

^T^fji, a kind of metre ; Durga. 

^T^jT^q, a name for that part of 
India winch extends from the 
Himalaya to the Yindhya moun- 

^Tf*f, ft looking-glass, mirror. 

^fS"', authorised by ancient sages ; 
a kind of marriage. 

^T^PsJ. a young- bull. 

^srt^, yellow orpiment : a sting, the 

barb of an arrow ; not boiled. 
^TWI, loose, unconnected, [ing. 
"^t«nC^fT^, balanced, poised, totter- 

Mfl, the epiglottis, 
the u\ ula. 
^11^11, cotton steeped in lao. 

. a putrefying ; going home. 
"SU^T'T^T. trench round i be fool of 
a i roe tor the purpose of w at. r- 
• it. 
"57Kn^, ft prop, fulcrum, support. 

^Ic^iT, dependence, rcli, 

0.7, a parasjl ical plant. 
^sifsus, beating, killing. 
"STTSn^i, a house, habitation 
^T^J. indolence, Laziness, [ing. 
*tt*ffiJ^T^», Btretching and yawn- 
^ilcnT^, a calamity, an affliction. 
"^n^U^i'T^H, an irrelevancy, im- 

^►rf^T^.a post to which an elephant 

is tied, a chain, fetter, tether. 
^■T^T"'"f, conversation, intercourse. 
^T^T n^T a kind of lute made 

with one gourd. 
^ItSTte, the bottle gourdi 
^5lT«t?1,an apparition, ignis-fatuus. 
^STlf^, ft ridge, lineage ; a woman's 

female companion. 
^TfcT&P^", an embracing. 
^Tffft-^ir. a large water-jar, jald. 
^Ttfsi'fr, a terrace before a bouse, 

a platform. 
^Tfcn^^ri. the whitewashing or 

plastering ol the waljs & floor on 

the occasion of a festival. 

T^t#rf*t1l1 5 a cornice on the top of 
a house ; battlement, [tongue. 
NStfcft^, licked, lapped hy the 
■STNta, overspread, pervaded ; de- 
^IT^T, a yam, a potato, [stroyed. 
^t^R. fresh, unsalted, insipid. 
^Tt»T*p1, free of cost. 
^TTCoT-ftn, unwritten. 

'SBTtC^rl, light, brightness. 
^Tt^T^, light, lustre. 
^TCcTT^, a seeing, looking. 

^5ITC«*T^T1, agitation, examination 

<5rTC*rtvR, a stirring, agitating. 

Wt*TS*fl, doubt, supposition, wish. 

^t*rwi, fear, dread, terror; peril. 

^T*t 5> ft"*t'> all around, on all sides, 
hither and thither. 

^t*T?> receptacle ; intention,hope. 

^T*tS, the fire ; a cannibal. 

^5TP*T1, hope, expectation; a side ; 
a stick. 

^5Ttf*r^ 5 fed. 

^Tf^ra^fa", a place where the 
cattle grazed before. 

^5ltf*f3^> iood, refreshment. 

^5Jtf*t1, a blessing, benediction. 

^1*^, a serpent's fang ; eighty. 

^T*ftf^X, a snake, serpent. 

^T^tt^tW, a blessing, benediction. 

^TpS, quickly, soon,, speedily. 

^STPSsf, fleet, swift ; wind ; arrow. 
^T^CST^, quickly pleased ; Shiva. 

^SCf^^t^ swiftness ; a vagary. 

32 sstf^ 

^lTTO*Fft, fire. 
^nc*f3jT>|", a mountain. 
'SiT^lfT, surprising, wonderful. 
^TT*5^TJ 53 T^", astonishment, surprise. 
^3JT£fa", a promise ; obedient. 
^f^Tsr, a hermitage,' monastery. 
^"iEt<r, refuge, asylum, resource. 
^Tf&t, an angle, a corner. 
^nfelRS, protected, dependent. 
^TCSt^T, an embrace, a hug. 
^t^T^T, encouragement, hope. 
*5itf%JT, -sixth Hindu month when 

the sun enters virgo. 
^T^TTj, third Hindu month when 

the sun enters gemini. 
^TlX, a bow; ah, oh. 
^TfaSF, attached to, fond of. 
^T^ff^S attachment, love. 
^rt^Wj. connection, society ; con- 
-^T^fs, approach ; union ; gain. 
^srtTTTr, seat, chair, stool, carpet. 
^T^^, small stool, chair, altar. 
^rT^ra", approaching, imminent. 
^1*13^1=7, time of death. 
^T^^r, rum, distilled spirits. 
^5iT*T^5», a palm tree. 
^t?Tt1*T$j obtained, gained. 
^Tt*TT*R, completion, finish. 
^5TW*f, a toad. 
^Itf*T^i, imprisoned, arrested. 
^T^t^T, seated. 
^ft^"1%, distilling spirits. 



^si|-H'f^/p, demoniacal, barbarous. 

^sninft, mustard. 

^5TTC*itf, custody, imprisonment. 

^iT$*fi^, reproach, reprehension ; 

boast . 

^ us fa "5, the gallop of a horse, 
^il ij, whole, unbroken, entire. 
WMllJ'C* hurried, distracted, bo- 
thered, [paint. 

^TT^?T, lining, the first coat of 

Wft74» bed-clothes, a carpet. 
WBfTsi, threshold of a door; a 

^siU"^^, believing in a GfocT, 
WftiVij spread out, laid out. 
^TT 1 . faith, reliance, trust, 
vsii^t^, an assembly, a society. 

^STT^W, Object, place, authority. 

^5jT*PWJ, moving, shaking, 
^rt^i'^ii, boasting, vaunting, 

ssnsEpTcT*, floundering, Happing; 

W1(?Ep1Tj, clapping of hand on the 

arm in defiance. [opening. 

^STTCWtt;^. Budden expansion or 
^TIl*EMiMt. a gimlet, awl, drill. 
^T*IJ ? face, mouth, visage. 
^"PnsTTSfeT, a hog. 
^SJT^Tfr, taste, savour, relish. 
^TT^TT, nice, delicious. 
^51 pre, trouble, difficulty, distress. 
^Hf^^PSH^r, fever brought on by the 


■sity^w, smiting, hammering 
"stTtit, a sacrifice ; combat, war. 
"5rT3"<r«i, a collecting, seizing; 
^Tt5"5i. an eater ; a brin 
^Tte"i, ah, alas. aha. 
^Tfafa, a small tank. 
^5i!^"T<r, food, a meal, reps 
^U5"r3"3>, collector ; bringer. 
^TT5T«rj, adventitious ; edible; 
"^1^3, piaced, faced, deposited. 
^TT*t<rt, a cowkeeperj milkman. 
^T^cT, a burnt-offering. 
^HfS, invited, called, summoned. 
^iK?l^$r<w-*, boasting, egotismi 
"3Tt^~5. taken, brought ; eaten. 
^flf^-P. belonging to a day. daily, 
^tl".!?, joy. gladness^ delight. 
^T^<r, appellation; squabble. 
^TT^r^, invitation, summons. 

^, even, indeed, very. [reed. 

^3>^ solid, not porous; a sort of 
T$\51. a bandicote rat; a kind of 

^jjT<t, a mouse. [grass* 

^3Hj a lou 
f^, a sugarcane-. 
T3f r amazing; moveable. 
*fifv5, a hint, nod, wink, signal. 
^G$, an unripe jack-fruit. 
^^1, wish, desire, will, choice. 
t^T^p:^, spontaneously, at will. 
t^Tfa"3, voluntary, wiliuL 




t^, desirous, willing. 
^52*1, a prawn, 'shrimp. 
^501, a sacrifice, oblation. 
^T^, a shrimp or prawn. 
^t, a brick. 
^OtfTsfl, place to make bricks. 

^5?", ^^T? a Dul1 - 
tl,7C, common, vulgar; other. 
W, a nerve on the left of the body 
^\$t1wl, a wasp. 
^"f^^1, the earth. 
t^Clj in another way. 
t^rfo'TSj more or less, disparity 
^K?T"3?r, mutual. 
^3^2, hither and thither. 
ti%, thus, here is the end. 
*1^ V'j irrelevant talk. 
tf^>TC*J 3 meanwhile,in the interim. 
^!%^T^, narrative, history, legend. 
^CSUCtfJ. meanwhile, during this. 
t^R^t?", at this opportunity. 
TT^fit^. etcetera, and so forth. 
^W\, this, the same. 
^tWt^K, now, recently, lately. 
^WT^^j recent, modern, new. 
^, lighted, illuminated, 
^3T, fuel, fire-wood. 
*&(, lord, master, king. 
^iTl, this person (near). 
^^<3", the blue lotus. 
t^Tin, a well, a pit. 
^s^t^TT, the blue lotus. 
^"*w. the moon. 

^*vptC, the night. 
^^?\ a lat, a mouse. 
^^""^"^T, a pearl. 
t*f[C<j>1, a digit of the moon, 
^■gj, sovereign of the gods, [house. 
^•5335, an assembly room, a meeting 
^•SfWfaT, a stage, a bedstead. 
t"^CStT*f, a fire-fly ; a lady-bird. 
^•SjSiTffT, juggling, deception. 
^"SptcT, a sapphire, 
^"gj?/®^©, dried ginger. 
^•Spi^ a bitter seed. 
^"t^cf -5 ^ morbid baldness. 
^•Sn^Ttf, the rainbow. 

?"^T*t^hemp, bhang, [perception. 

sf^^, organs of sensation and 

^fSEpTCSfTF?", perceptible. 

^"f^?"^" } destructive to the senses. 

^ftSjTIltW, self-control, self-denial. 

^ftSjUEWt^an evil propensity, con- 

t^, fuel, firewood, [cupiscence. 

^**[, desirous, coveting. 

t^, like, resembling, as. 

^^j an elephant. 

^ ^TdW, the lion. • 

^J, rich, wealthy. 

s'TT^', a concord of two notes. 

]£3rc, so much, thus much. 

^<Ts1, .fixed quantity, limit. 

^ <T*IW, a flash of lightning. 

^<n, speech; earth; ardent spirits. 

^T?^, the sea. 

^sfr«j, wound, scar. 

%-*T*t1, ^sff^T, the hilsu fish. 

^C^, ft I' 110 , stroke, dash. 

^^ an arrow. 

^^fvf, a «|iiivor. 

fct£, desired, preferred, worshipped. 
^^T*, a brick. 

^Hj^s^St, in arithmetic on operation 

with assumed numbers. 
^^>CW3\ ;i tutelary deity; 
^^cw^i, a chosen god. 
fc"f9,wish ; sacrifice ; spirit nal guide, 
^^TlS^r, a box, cabinet, casket. 
^§"15, a smoothing-iron. 
T^^T^, the present life. 
^SCSTfas, the present world. 
t^1, this. 

^^«1, seeing, looking at. 
^V, praise, eulogy, panegyric. 
^e%, agricultural calamity, 
wljf^, ifF*T, like this, thus. 
^^, desirous of getting any thing. 
^rfe-1, land unfit for cultivation on 

account of its saltishness. 
^r^Jl, envy, spite, malice. 
^"*T, lord, master; Shiva. 
^c*T, the beam of a plough, 
^■*TT3". light ; Shiva ; north -east. 
w^3T, God. the Creator. Lord. 
^f<3"i5&3». a worshipper oi (rod. 
^"^"^, a little, somewhat, slight. 
^3^T*T7, a smile. 
D 2 



^fV<F'1, the eye-ball of the ele- 
phant; painter's brash ; hard part 
of grass to pich the teeth with. 

^F1, effort, endeavour, attempt. 

^5T|^s, ^stsjsf, a hyena, a wolf. 

^, a white-ant, termite. 
3^^7r a white-ant hill. 

§£, high, lofty, exalted. 

&^, raising, lifting ap, 

\tS3T3r, a shaking, winnowing. 

vfesTw", a trip in walking. 

^2"T^. raising a weapon to strike, 

^3>, ^3>1. a rasp, torch, meteor. 

^f%, peeping ; retching. 

$<Jq, a louse. 

^Wtft, ^<53>#, a sort of drum. 

\§"?F, said, spoken, related. 

^Pe 7 , a saying, expression. 

Ssp1, a bull. 

"$«*r, a rasp, a file, 

3**ra^, a getting loose, passing off. 

'^•*f$1, a sort of food made of fried 

paddy and treacle, 
^•tfitj a ladle, skimmer, spoon. 
^-aR, filing, rubbing, polishing. 
S**!"!, a rasp; a saucepan. 
vSsf?" 8 !, vomiting. 
$*£, pungent, passionate, surly, 
$SlT<r«l. uncovering, stripping. 
$^T, a louse, a bug. 
S",^T*r, preface, introduction. 



^"5^1 /unruly, headstrong, impu- 
\§Bt§ % restlessness ; sorrow, [dent, 
^fF5, morally right, proper. 
^W1, a cricket. 
\§C5"tt>, a stumble, a trip, 
v§E5, nigh, tall, lofty, elevated, 
^T>1, pride, arrogance ; custom. 
%W5, quick; expeditious, hasty. 
^W^tS, uneven, up and down. 
^5*RT8, high-minded 7 magnani- 
\5W5, droll, humorous, jocular, 
^1?3, uttered, pronounced. 
^5B>TT>»T;, disquietude, sadness. 
^5T*5, uneven, high and low. 

^WT?"> excrement, manure. 

^SWffT*!, pronunciation, utterance. 

$lVo%, loud, aloud, on high. 

$tE55*ffi, a loud voice. 

$tli&S3£f3l, deaf •, Indra's horse. 

%W%, ^f^sT, ruined, laid waste. 

^f^^i^ - , a mushroom. 

\§f%^>, left, remaining, rejected, 

v^^%T*T 5 loose, licentious,irregular 

%TF$yi, devastation, ruin, damage. 

t^<J, ^^T¥, height, elevation. 

^$s§>T?T, breath. 

*5^\^T, act of vomiting. 

^m, straight, honest, upright. 

%S[^, a rooting up, emptying. 

^WX, contrary, cross-grained. 

^H^TT* out of one's element. 

SsjcT, tossing, agitation. 

^Ifsr^T, a tossing up, a leaping, 
^SSft^empty, desolate, uninhabited, 
^Wfa, the upper country y that part 
of the country from which the 
rivers flow; against the current. 
^fs?, a common report, gossip. 
^Ttiri, out of one's element. 
^5sn> 5 waste, desert \ ruined. 
^§5t\5^, pulling up by the root, 

^t^fter, prodigal, wasteful. 
^^fW; ^^fSTS, blown, expanded 

as a flower. 
'SSaftwr, luminous, splendid. 
^Sff^re,- left, abandoned, forsaken. 
%%i gleaning, leasing, 
^t^j gleaning, drying by the fire. 
%% , a camel ; straw. 
^T*Wt?n, foreign, unknown. 
^W, a hovel, thatched house, 
^/T, taking goods on credit. 
3TM»?T, seeking, searcliing for. 
3T>£^1, straying, wandering. 
$3?^, a clue, guide. 
^>j%, a sale ; a breaking-up. 
3^, a court-yard ; rising up. 
^\Fv&5, restless, agitated, anxious. 
^"5^1, tatooing on the face. 
^3>vF, from first to last. 
^SSP^t?, extravagant, wasteful. 
^^, act of flying. 
$\pft, a scarf, a sheet, a flowing 
upper garment, 


^ytjft, extravagant, lavish; • scarf. 
^Tt r <ft^, wild rice. [digal 

3\£t?uT^, flying^ extravagant, pro- 
w£991, fledged, winged, able to i\y. 
wt$t, flighty, vague, airy, light. 
^5*f, a raft ; the moon. 
\^fff% the moon. [copper. 

3?\^, §^j } the lacred fig-tree ; 
fc^vSlfllTl*, in the act of flying, 
$<, a prefix implying ail upward 
direction of tlie act, 

^5, heat, lire; woven, sewed. 

WO^cfj coming, arriving, alighting. 

©"5*157, overflowing, boiling over. 

©"5*n, impatient, troubled. 

W|?1, a copy, duplicate, rehearsal. 

&5t*fl, impatient, uneasy, troubled. 

^<P, regretting, sad, vexe<l. 

WW, painful ; excessive; mad. 

S^ 6 ^, regret, anxiety, care. 

^$?r, a heap, a pile. 

©^"^ excellence, abundance. 

©^Ufasl, anxiety, thought, care. 

u^q, a louse. 

©X3^, excellent, elevated, best. 

©Xr.3>!5, a bribe. 

^^if, a leap, transgression. 

©**ClpT*r, an osprey ; an eagle. 

^r.^*T, a tossing up. 

%**TTv5, eradication, destruction. 

v§"G, wet, moist. 

^G% heated, hot, excited. 

S¥^ very good, excellent, best. 

D 3 

37 lv 

TO<r«f, a creditor, money-fender. 
^^u^T^^, capita] punishment 

consisting of 5 sorts, viz. death, 
confiscation o! property, exile, 

branding and cutting oil of the 
offending limb. 

^e^Tsr, the head* 

^G~?T, ulterior; answer; north. 

©C"<T^T*T, future time. 

v5«S"<rf3i»?n, funeral riteSi 

$ QJ'\, arriving, alighting, landing, 

©*e?Pt3, the wisdom teeth. 

3g"3"*W, the minor proposition 

iu a syllogism. 
SelRTl^r, the defendant. 
^§Q?r*i\f583, witness from hearsay. 
S G^"^TT'<f^, an auxiliary, prompter. 
^"g^^R, an inn, 
v5g <TTf*R&T?T, an inheritance. 
^G^TfV^T^i, an heir, BnccesBor. 
^g^"T"»T^T, an equivocal reply, a 

^G^TTTT 5 !, sun's north declination. 
3g <3"T<IS3|g, the tropic of cancer. 
©Q <ft, ^e <ft?T, the outer garment 
twisted and passed over the 
right shoulder and under the 
left arm. 
^Gt^q, northerly, subsequently. 
^GC^WJ?,to-morrow,f< blowing da v. 
3gC"3"Tg~3~, gradually ,in succession. 
$g!R1, threatening, dunning. 
^GcnS, overflowing, boiling over. 

fc* 38 

$Sfr, lying on the back ; shallow. 
^5T*f, heat, ardour, fervour, zeal. 
$«1?T«I, carrying across, helping- 
^^TcT, great, excessive, furious. 
§lftef 5 arrived, got over, escaped. 
^e"3f, high, loud, elevated. 
%C53RI, importunity, dunning. 
^Uet^, raising, lifting up. 
§^J*F, rejected, disgusted, vexed, 
^•at. raised, produced. 
^•tfwR, overflowing, boiling over. 
3«afR raising, rising, getting up. 
^«?TT*R, raising, elevating ; men- 
^f*af1% 5 elevation, erection. 
^-s^tt, leaping up, mounting. 
^*ffe, arising, production. 
^*ra, produced, arisen from. 
^**f*T, a water-lily, lotus. 
^*f*tt, having the face upward, 

looking up. 
^*ftT>^, rooting up, eradicating. 
^,*Tt5, ravaging, tumult, outrage, 

^^vft^r^, bringing forth, producing. 
^*Tt^t, freedom from disease, 

^f*ra*T, distracted, disconsolate. 
^C£t*Fl, similitude, resemblance, 

S**^**, leaping up, jumping. 
^^jTl, a boat. 


1 ^t *£f$, at sixes and sevens. 
%c»$PTeT, a leap, a jump. 
^"SpM, expanded, gladdened. 
^tt, a spring, fountain, cascade. 
^<s.W, the bosom, lap, hips. 
^?itr, ruined. 
^<sjra\ festival, holiday, festivity. 

3<^*f, offering, oblation, gift. 

^Tf^TT, offering an oblation. 

^**rte", promptness, energy, zeal. 

^f^Te 1 , inflated, haughty. 

^^, zealous, eager, energetic. 

^"JJSTO, offering, devoting. 

^<^3>, devoted, offered, given. 

^^57, casting up water. 

^W, ^^, water ; an otter. 

%W&, the north quarter. 

^Wtf, pointing upwards, high. 

^wspsr, a cover. 

^Pff%T, the sea, the ocean. 

^f% information, news. 

^RJ1, thirst. 

^^, the sea. 

^f*fT^, a well, tank, eastern* 

^Ff<rf>re, habitation, house, [did. 

^fsr, open, free, unrestrained, can- 

$W*tW1, sincere, thoughtless. 

^Tt, a rising into view. 

^nH"^, from sunrise to sunset. 

§W$, the belly, interior. 

^"^"ST, dysentery, diarrhoea. 

^W^f?, gluttonous, greedy. 

^HTfalfi the navel. 




^pf jtitt^t. dysentery, diarrhoea, 
^iwc?r, inwardly, inclusively, 
^5t*fl, future consequence, result. 
^f6D*f, enkindled, made to blaze. 

3StT"0~, the acute accent. 

5wf j one ol the five vital airs 
supposed to i'i e up the throat 
and pass into the head. 
^?T<r, generous, munificent 
Swi^TF-an, ambiguous, having a 
double meaning. 

^T*T, stoical, sad; solitude. 
iSffT*ifa, neutral, indifferent ; a 
rcdusc, religious mendicant. 

^WI5"<Ts, example, illustration. 

^ffl^T. exemplified, adduced as 
an example. 

^fir3, risen into view ; said. 

^Jft§t, the north quarter. 

^^t57, northern, pertaining to the 

^ft5)|G, the arctic circle. 

^fTtC5JT3"fG ; the antarctic circle. 

^Wlf?3, spoken. uttered, announced. 

^"Jf-sT^T, wooden mortar lor clean- 
ing rice. 

^TfffT, risen, ascended, increased. 

^TpyfST^ ascending, mounting. 

^TT < >fT3l,A chanter of the Sam-veda. 

^"^T^, vomiting, belching. 

^Tf9f>«f, vomited, thrown up. 

^5"ff$f s f, excited, stimulated. 

^" t f^"1» T , building up, erecting. 

3w«fv, receiving a thing falling 

down ; attainable, possible. 
^TT5? 7 chopping block, work-bencb. 
^■vfVT, flesh. 
^Tf^ji^sr, the rope and bucket for 

drawing water from a well ; 

opening, unbarring. 
^Tf?iH, beginning; division of a 

bo >k ; a weapon. 
^HiVT, a mosquito, gnat, gadfly. 
^•S, an elevated staff. 
^^3?r, large-toothed, terrific. 
^1^, binding, fastening. 
^^TIT, unrestrained, irvc. 
Sfav,armed>designed,a8C srtained. 
"5^t*R, kindling; exciting. 
^'.*vi x T, aim, mark, exact place. 
^FC^J, occasion, end in view. 
%^T. impudent, rude, mischief 
%^% : a festival. 
^T^", a hearth, a furnace. 
\^T"?T, rescue, extrication. 
HW5, tossed up. 
^^r*l, horrij)ilation. 
Z^T : removed, translated. 
^W**, hanging by the neck. 
"I^IT^, vomiting or belching out. 
vlf^f, overplus, remainder. 
^o^T, being more than enough, 
OTT, marriage. [abounding. 

■S^T^^asmall shell used as money* 
OTtf^^t, a rope, a string. 
^t^l"€, marriageable. 



^ff "5J", uneasy, anxious, excited. 

^fot^, an otter. 

^"s, left as a surplus, remaining.. 

tlCfSf, anxiety, uneasiness. 

'^GYp?, the bridegroom. 

'ScTt'd", recollection, sentiment aris- 
ing in the mind. [nowned. 

§%T>j current but unwritten, re- 

1$%Z, production, birth. 

^^Tt"^, heat, steam, smoke. 

"%|%SSr, vegetables. 

^fe"§StT«i, trie animalcule. 

^5f%ff; sprouting, vegetating. 

^fe?", perforated, split, opened. 

i5*S~5, born, produced. 

^WJ^?., ready, prepared, about to 
do a thing. 

Tgifjsr, promptness, exertion, effort. 

TSWJt^", garden, park, grove, [ance. 

^TJl^^T, accomplishing, perform- 

^CWJT^T, exertion, effort, attempt. 

"fej, an otter. 

^nf3>, beginning, attempt. 

^^7\ t the udder of a cow. 

T5*ft?T, a loan, debt. 

^7T, melting, dissolving. 

^JR^r, a hearth, a furnace. 

^•J^, a fountain, spring, cascade. 

^5^*f*fF, a commotion, a mob. 

S*fin?T, ^*J^-, a rat, a mouse. 

^3, elevated, exalted, arisen. 

^5^f^, increase, prosperity. 

^5H5T ; raising ; considering. 


%W, §W5, killing, destroying. 

^JRI, absent in mind, vexed, 
agitated, distressed. 

^M, a snare, trap. 

t^tW., mania, madness; mad. 

^T^, weight, measure, value.. 

^]%|%T, ^'Jptf^FS, expanded, full- 

^sftc^., opening the eyes, [blown. 

OT4T, prompt, looking up. 

%*%W, open, expanded. 

^fW, rooting up, pulling up. 

^^ cleaned, polished. 

$reT3", perception, sensation; open- 
ing the eyes. 

^*T-, a prefix meaning suptr or 
sub, vicinity, resemblance. 

$*f-$$TI , a tale, a story. 

^^f^*!, supplement, sauce. 

^*f^T?T, assistance, benefit. 

\§*T«>TTl", one who confers a benefit. 

^*fp!% assistance, aid, benefit. 

^^"ST, beginning, attempt. 

^*fC^t*t reproach, remonstrance. 

$*f tfy approach, int imacy. 

l5*T€f^, an under teacher. 

"S^^TT, an embrace, acceptance. 

^TSfS", a pr's mer. 

^JI^J, a present. 

^*f^r, overflowing, boiling over. 

^5*f5?, abundance, plenty. 

$*f5Sj1, service, attention. 

3*f 5TJ, service, usage, ingredients. 



^ffeiTfll, benevolence, desire of 

doing good. 
fe*ff~5T, collected, improved. 
OT^fF, prayer. 
^*ts»t"5, produced, acquired. 
$*f3lT*f, dissimilarity, difference. 
fcefj RWfl, the epiglotl is. 
$*fw}ft91 livelihood, maintenance, 
^efwwt, dependent for a living. 
^M^tej, producing s Livelihood. 
^ffool, intuitive knowledge, first 

idea of ft thing. 

$ v f3^, uproot in--, eradicating. 

<$*ftl^W, presenl to a superior. 

^ v fZt§, a fine thread, small fibre. 

$*T5l*f, heat, disease, mental dis- 

$*f5T?r1, the iris of the eye a 
minor star. 

^*T5J3P1, valley at the foot of a hill. 

^iWVT, venereal disease. 

$*1W, the calyx of a flower. 

$*fJf1, ft present. 

3*ff?T*<5, bribe. 

\§*fCW3"il, apparition, demigod. 

^fWf, instruction, advice, [ser. 

^^C**!^, §*fCJra>, instructor, advi- 

^^5 ? ) oppression, outrage. 

^^(C^T^", annoyance', Bpitefulness. 

Wit*T, an island, a small island. 

$*f*T?$r, superstition. 

v5*T*fT^r, a pillow, cushion. 

^*IT*r, fear, dread, circumvention. 

^sf^TiTT, investiture with the 

or sacred thread. 
fe*f#tfir, Burname, nickname* 
^*fftc3F*f, a deposit of goods, 
^effstftr, a sealed deposit. 
^*rfar.**r, colony, [ol the Vedai. 
^*ff??^Tf, the philosophical part 

^^ffa^fT, the high road. 

"S^Rt"?, invested, arrived. 
^*rjT*t, prologue, tale, story. 

^vf<s^f|^ 5 a paramour, gallant. 
§*f*rfe, demount rat ion, production. 

^-pfvi"^, a concubine. 

\§*f*fft, a secondary term, an ad- 

verbial phrase. 
$*f*T?J, supplied, completed. 
^•^vft"5^, a venial sin. 
^^fpftW^T, effecting, demonstrating. 

^*f*ftWJ, a theorem. 
^*f^fn^r^1, yawning. 
^vf«>jc^^. eelipse ; portent ; tumult. 
vS*?^, ft garden, a park. 
^*TC*, a pillow. 
^*f<ffT*T, fasting, a fast. 
^*fft»r3l, an inferior science. 
\§*ff^l>, seated. 

$*"Rft"5, the sacred thread, paitd, 
v5*f^\f$T, puffed up, swelled out. 
S*fW*f^ } act of sitting. 
^*TC"5T$f, luxurious enjoyment. 
$*T^.. comparison, simile, likeness. 
OT'srTT 1 , wet-nurse; a comparer. 
iH'fsit^, simile, likeness, picture. 




^^fCtTTT, capable of comparison; 

the thing compared. 
*$*f*ra, a bridegroom. 
^*f*rsr, marriage. 
^*|ntT55rl, request, prayer, petition. 
t5*f*r$F, suitable, fit, becoming. 
^5*fcirTf$T3l, suitability, fitness. 
^5*T3", the top, height ; upon, over. 
S*nr«F, pained, afflicted, eclipsed. 
%*T?T$, ceased, stopped, desisted. 
%*f?n5*Pf^', indifferent to worldly 

things, stoical. 
^S*T<3"f%, cessation, felicity. 
^^flTt^r, an eclipse ; a calamity ; a 

^*T <TT5T, cessation, breaking off. 
^^fH", above, upon ; upper. 
■^^fUrwfg?, evil-eye of a demon. 
$*f?F3», screened, protested. 
^■^C^TSf, respect, recommendation. 
^'sTCf^ff?', one above another. 
^•s^rT, a stone, a rock. 
t§*f5T35», an indication, illustration. 
^5*fs»n{j, obtained, received, guessed. 
^*f»ll%, acquisition, surmise. 
^*f*fsr, alleviation, relief, abating. 
^*T*fTt%, alleviation, tranquillity. 
^*f3^"5, pledged, promised. 
^*f?r\3Tfa, the upper garment. 
^*RV5t?T, destruction ; finishing. 
^-pfTT^f , symptom ; an inseparable 


v^T^sf*, secondary, subordinate. 

^T^ffi, approaching, access, soli- 

^*fSVa concubine. [citation. 

^^f^", the genitals ; near. 

^^f^t^j nearness, assiduity ; prayer. 

^*f;§t*f3", a placing near. 

^*ft%3, arrived, present, at hand. 

^^T^"^, leaking, oozing. [thing. 

^*f*Pf*f, touching, washing, ba- 

^T^TST, produce, revenue, income. 

^f $"3, smitten, struck, hurt. 

^*T^T3", an offering, present, gift. 

^*f^T*Tj ridicule, joke, jest. 

^*fT\% muttering prayers ; soli- 

^TTV34*f, assassination, [tary. 

^*ft3T5, a victim; oppressed. 

§*f|5F, spectacles. 

>5*TT*n"fa, a narrative, tale, story. 

^*Tt9tsr^T, arrival; promise; boding. 

^ftvf , a subordinate portion. 

$*M"§" , admitted, taken for granted. 

^WT^T^, abstraction, restraining* of 
the organs of sense and per- 

^^fTCfHT, excellent, acceptable. 

^*fT*rt*r, a pillow, a cushion. 

^^TTf^T, a title, attribute ; virtuous 

• reflection. 

^*ft*fJT?* an instructor, teacher. 

^j*?fT*K, a shoe, slipper. 

v§*Tt3f, near, proximate. 

^^t<T 5 an expedient, resource ; ac- 
quisition of wealth. 

^Tjl I'' ^^ : 

^•ftlR, a present, gift. 
$<lT?r3, ceased, discontinued. 
^S*fT"5sfJT, earning, acquiring. 
S»ft»NS, abuse, reproach, reviling. 
$*fT*r, a volantary fast. 
S*fT*i*P, servant, worshipper. 
^S^TT^R, ^*fT1^l, humble service, 

S*fTP$, a cartilage, gristle. 

S*fT*T3, adorable, worshipful. 

*&t$s ^*?> lying with the face S?T3tq, a coat of mail, cuirass. 

downwards, reversed, [tempt. %&0, legitimate ; cordial, 
fe*f^1, neglect, disregard, con- h§?F, the thigh ; large, great. 
Sc*f$, arrived at, connected with, §?F3f, born in the thigh; the Vai- 

^«j?r, tipper part of a door-frame, 
%■$%, the breast, bosom, chest. 

^TiJjfia'tfl, ii pearl neck) 

3<TSf, a snake, reptile; crawling. 

^fT*!, ^r^, ft ram ; a cloud. 
^3nrtj extension ; promise. 

^*5Ff, armour, a breast plate. 

^P^, the breast. 
^<rfal», the female breast. 
^R^, broad-ehested. 

endowed with. 

Sc*ft^, near; married; arrayed. 
§C*f1*, 3:*?T3% a fast. 
^% sown, disseminated. 
\5^^r, departing, disappearing. 
^4"<T«i, a Bnperabounding. 
^,3"<3"1, abundant, plentiful. 
^?T^^T, a boiling over; searching. 
^^t, \W", erect, high, elevated. 
^W, straight, unconnected. 
%1S > high, erect, elevated ; couple. 
S"55?r, amphibious. 
$s<T. both, two together. 
^s?U, in both places. 
S"5?$8, mutually, on both sides. 
^s<T«t, unlading a boat. 
^"^"T?, with a loud voice, 
\5U, anger ; promise. 
S'STT^T, a sounding the depth. 

s/iya caste. 
^TT'JTT^t, creeping, crawling. 
^cf^T"», a spider* 
Isfij wool, fur, felt, 
Ty&jA, fertile, arable; rich BQil. 
TB^ff, the earth. 
%^< i \, leaking, letting in water. 
5§W, naked, unclothed, bare. 
3*T^T, putting down, descending. 
^5~T, name of a species of grs 
^5f^, an owl. 
^rT3, the Boa Constrictor. 
%rrF, a meteor, torch, lire brand. 
3^T*fT3, (ailing of a meteor. 
^«PI^, a fox. 

^fi^, tattooing on the face, eve. 
^c^R, turning upside down. 
^^1, upside down, reversed. [down. 
^c^I*l"Tc^1, topsy-turvy, upside 

^^Fr 4-4 

il^ltTO, a perverted inind, mis- 

\|5T5rf, hurly-burly, confusion. 

^c'H^, coals, live coals. 

Sp5I <T, a meteor, torch, firebrand. 

^W»SR. transgressing, violating. 

\5f["S*p, a jump, leap, spring. 

^WoT, hairy, shaggy. 

v5?Tt*f j groaning, moaning, wailing. 

^WT^T, exulting, delight, joy. 

§C^<T, specifying, mentioning. 

^CW^T ^, digging ; enunciating, ut- 

^k«rfS, canopy, awning. 

^jCgTfwT, a surge, wave, billow. 

^5^, the womb. 

^wT«|, biliousness ; apparent, evi- 

il^JR, being delighted. [dent. 

t§~ft, desire, inclination. 

^ft^T, khaskhas grass. 

^*f, the sun; the fire. 

OT1, the dawn of day. 

^■^T^T^T, early in the morning, 
morning twilight. [fidgetty. 

Sf5"f*ff^f restlessness, being 

^g»*|, stirring up ; trimming the 
wick of a lamp ; instigating. 

^§, a camel. 

^>M, warm, hot, sultry, angry. 

^g^ff^W, the torrid zone. 

^^1, cleansed by scalding; con- 

\53§1^ ^^^, a turban, diadem. 


t§3-l1, heat, warmth, anger. 

\5^, a ray of light. 

^T^, a case, sheath, cover. 

%<Tl%, ^F<TcT, a wooden mortar 

for husking rice. 
^J 9 married ; carried. 
^3, woven. 

^*PH, the udder of a cow, &c. 
^s^TJ, milk. 

fejr, less, short, minus, fewer. 
^T^«>1, spiritless, without energy. 
^<lT, a white-ant, termite. 
^?F, ^£?F^, the thigh, [shya caste. 
%^§r, born in the thigh; the Vai- 
^^WS, a tumour in the thigh. 
^??^W, the plantain tree. 
^ssf%5T, ^^Tf^T, strong. 
^ef^t^w, a spicier. 
fe«fj, wool, fur, felt. 
^«ft?T, made of wool ; a blanket. 
^|f, high, lofty, elevated, up. 
■fefTO, heartburn, flatulency; a drum. 
W$ 3"T^, a devotee with raised arm. 
^fC^3l, a sage living in chastity. 
^Sl^T^T, expiration, asthma, a 

• breathing with difficulty. 
sS»3t"f% the thigh bone. 
^f^r, a wave, billow; whim. 
^7T, saline earth; brackish. 
^1, dawn, morning twilight. 
^^, investigation, reasoning. 

ferj, elliptical 

requiring to be 

^i^, the iir>t of tin- four Vedatf 
Si 7 !??]', wealth, property, gold. 
$1^, a bear ; Ursa minor. 

Ql^<T, B shower. 

^ic^^t, the moon. 
&S, incantation, hymn of praise. 
$t'53\ ^i^t^. pan tor frying cakes, 
31 "5F, straight, upright, sincere. 
$i«i, loan, debt ; negative quantity. 
qi, affected with ; truth. 
3f$t?1, reproach, censure. 
jyi£, a season ; tlie men- 
^^ITT©, the season of spring. 
$IC3, except, besides. 
$jh53«>, a domestic priest. 
$i^», rich, wealthy, prosperous. 
3tf^i, riches, opulence, increase. 
*^», a bull ; excellent, great* 
*Hfa, a sage, a saint. 
^!w, a sword; inauspiciousness. 
3j^"J, a dice. 

g) the eighth vowel ; fear. 

a), the ninth vowel. 

&, the tenth vowel. 

4, this. 

4^, this very, even this. 

4CTO1, an aioer in the hoof and 
-<i-f-\ ofle< [month el cattle. 

\tlf$% the >amr. sole, identical. 

Jl^-fi^, one by one, Beyerally, eacb. 
■uw, onej single, alone 
^Tp^Tcnt^, contempmraneoue, at 

the shim' t inie. 
v£3»ETC5l, at once, simultaneously. 
JWfal, obstinate, sell- willed. 

i)9^w?t1, excommunicated, out- 

*i)s>53", a rnmoeeroe; solitary, 
^^s^lcfl, a slied, a hovel having a 

thatch on one side only. 
•3^f5"c, unanimous, sedulous. 
•ii3>ci>fu?l, a monopoly. 

^3>¥"r?Ti£T5, placed under equal 
obligation ; a joint bondsman. 

4$©T^", continuously, repeatedly. 

*i)3>T>l, one, an entire one. 

J\^, a little, some, a morsel. 

4<T-FbrT, together, in one body. 

44a>«^ a rival, competitor. 

vil^^St, having one string ; of the 
same opinion. 

v^Wfjsr, one among many. 

4W&7T. one of two, either. 

4*&S1, unity, oneness, samenef 

^3>3T^T, closely attentive, intent. 

4$3T*T, harmony, unison. 

43^§>^, a kind of lute having a sin- 
gle shell of the gourd for its body. 

4^4, in one place, together. 




J|^Tf1, once, at one time. 

*g^*n, single, one kind only. 

v<)^7(T^1, a namesake, having the 
same name. 

vfl^*fTlM, a sheet, a scarf. 

v!Q3>£^»^, monarchy. 

vil^Tfsnpl, dogmatical, obstinate. 

<i|^<rl<r, once, one time. 

vil^OTT?, of the same clan. 
«fp5C?rtt^, of one mother, uterine. 
«i|3>?j*f } similar, like, same, 
^C^T'tflj obstinate, tenacious. 
*H3?5T1, alone, single, solitary. 
vfl^^T^, a sheet with abroad border. 
^^Tlff^^l, a few, one or two. 
vfl^^t^j sixty-one. 
vn^^T^l", united, collected, compact. 
vfl^TtlRt, a heifer one year old. 
**W^t?fl, single, not doubled ; thin. 
«i|^1, «U^T^t, alone, single, solitary. 
»il^t^T<r, of one form, uniform. 
vfl^Ttf , intent on one thing. 
»i|*gF5*f3[, ruling the whole earth. 
vD^TW*T, eleven. 
ii!3>1Wlp3r, in numerical order. 
^^tf^TSJ, absolute monarchy. 
vfl^Tt^?T1, single, only, solitary. 
<i!3»T^j excessive, private, certainly. 
vil^T^^I, one meal every other day. 
«i|^Tf%3s, having one object. 
JI^TST, messing together; fifty-one. 
43?falR", uniform, similar, like. 
«iWfaf, one year. 

^13 ?F, subject to one only. 

-i)^!^, a deluge, a mixed mob 
eating and drinking without 
distinction of caste. [side, 

«4<$T*ft?1, aslant, inclining to one 

«4^"fc, a single day, ephemeral. 

ii)1%, alike, same, identical, equal, 

«U*pfa, a companion, associate. 

4<i?^j1, solitary, unsocial, odd, 

4^pr, sum, total, aggregate. 

«4W5eTl, alone, single, solitary. 

«4C3^<r, self-dependent, alone. 

4t^tf^^, done with the same ob- 
ject ; the first annual shraddh. 

•ilC^T^'sr, similar, analogous. 

liKW, «iWC«l, now, at this moment, 

<4U>j root of the plantain-tree. 

<£|\?, deaf. 

<i)\F3>, a ram, a wild goat. 

<i|\5*T, casting a net ; releasing, es • 

<£&"%&, deaf and dumb, [caping. 

**|v5T<8^r, escaping, fleeing. 

4\5T#tf*l, turning a deaf ear. 

^tfi> <Tl, filthy, loathsome. 

«i|c|, a deer, an antelope. 

\B% so much, so many, so. 

*iT5^jf^J, from this cause. 

33Tf, <*W, this. 

tS&fs.. now, at this time. 

4FSW&&J besides this, after this. 

^Tr^fST, so far, from or to this. 

43Wt<r, relating to this, of this. 

43tTO, <ifl5TF*f, such, like this. 




jP9fr*< thus much, thus tar. 

**, thus, by this means. 
^il^Ts, simply this, merely this. 

>i)C3$, BO many, so much. 

v^^ji, here, in this place. 
viivr, vD"^y, fuel, fire-wood. 
j\f'<~5, increased, augmented. 

JRT^ sin, guilt. 

^ISf^TF, therefore, because. 

vS*\, and, also, likewise. 

^W^TT, Bucb like, of tliis sort. 

^^"T?T, this time, this once. 

vi)C3", now, at this time. 

s\JTf, virsrw, thus, this manner. 

J)?T^ 1 , straw ; chalk. 

vfl<T*B, the castor-oil tree. 

sfl^fvf, thus, this form. 

vil^il, J)?iTfs, cardamom. 

^rTTI 1 , loose, random, confused. 

vfl^fei^l, a pair of seales. 

vilC^^^P on this account, hence. 

i?, that, yon, yonder. 

•V^s^TSJ, confederacy, sameness. 

itoKtt, consistency, determination 

of the mind to an object. 
«*e$Tf^3>, complete, exclusive. 
ic$Tf$3S, born every other day ; 

i?3n. unity, amity, aggregate. 
iht]>^", molasses, sugar. 
<i?n^3s, voluntary, wilful. 

irf$5"J, traditional knowledge. 
i?3jfrlfite, magical. 
^fQV^i evident to the senses. 
if J :'i, in that manner, thus. 
^?TST, India's elephant ; huge. 
iff?, an enemy, adversary. 
ifc^T?, spirituous liquor. 
^<T, divine, relating to God. 
jfat*fj, grandeur, state, glory. 
iff$35, pertaining to this world. 

6 i 

3, and, too, also ; he, that. 

>8«ITT ; a pillow-case. 

•3, a sacred syllable for the Hindu 
trinity — Vishnu, Shiva and 

33>, the growl of a bull. 

355T1, sweepings, rubbish, trash. 

35i^r, raising the hand to strike. 

>8Wl, refuse, rejected, vile. 

^83>, house, place, haunt. 

^S-STTC^, there, in that place. 

>85f<n, act of vomiting. 

sSC^P, a respectful vocative. 

OT, multitude; velocity of a stream. 

S^17T, the syllable <j or the cha- 
racter to express the Hindu 

-SSiJT, vitality, light, strength. 

^5>S?i\333>, the odd numbers. 

33fl, a snake-eatcher.eharmer who 
pretends to ca6t out evil spirits 



^^TTfcT, profession, of a snake- 
catcher or of an exorcist. 

sS^, rising, mounting, recovering. 

<S5raT?, wrapping one's self up. 

^f^^1, a species of paddy. 

v85^1 5 foreign,, strange ; wilful. 

^, ambush, a screen. 

vSTC2fi^ 5 extension, expansion. 

vg^r,. a cat. 

e^Ep, resemhling the freaks of a 
cat; irregular; by fits and starts. 

e^H, there, in that place. 

sS?^, food, boiled rice. 

^m'H, on that side, yonder. 

^Of^, cacophonous, harm. 

^CWl, damp, moist, wet. 

^*fT3", the opposite shore, across. 

s$?T^-, a raven ; vomiting. 

<$■$, end, houndary, limit. 

^TT, a stitch, sewing. 

v8^1, senseless, void of a know- 
ledge of right and wrong ; vicious. 

vS^T, <3si, an edible root. 

vScn^T, descending from, alighting ; , 
the plumb line. 

sSrTt^Vl, the cholera morbus. 

&&V, a vocative among women. 

<j*, dew, frost, cold,, snow. [cine. 

vQ-^1%, annual plants, herbs, medi- 

■Q^'<\-*\, the moon. [with grain. 

sgTfa, supplying a mill or mortar 

^^T«l, stirring up, trimming. 

<$%, the upper lip, the lip. 

sVtsre* come to the lips. This* 
word is applied to the soul when 
about to leave the body. 

•S&"T^f , the upper and lower lips.. 

-3^7, labial, pronounced by the lips-, 

^Tft^ width, breadth. 

8^ 1 , a hoarding up, amassing.. 

^TfC^T, in that place, there.. 

^QU%, a vocative, 0, oh. 

§^^, a herd of bulls.. 

^•$17, boiled rice, &c. 

§f5^7, suitability, propriety. 

^"K?, height, elevation, altitude. 

^\5^"T, made of the wood of the- 
fig-tree or of copper. 

{t^in, excessiveness, fury. 

^^^.^T, excellency, superiority. 

^A^Tl^^. portentous, outrageous. 

^^fsf 3>, relating to a sacrifice,, 

^^t^'J, zeal, exertion, anxiety. 

^Vft?4>, gluttonous, greedy. 

§FP5t5, diluted buttermilk. 

^^ft^fj, munificence, candour, li- 
berality, [thropy. 

^T*iJ, solitude, loneliness ; misan- 

^^57,. violence, tyranny, tumult. 

^FlfS^, a marriage-gift. 

^'tfJtf, the milk of beasts. 

•§*T^Tf?^, relating to the investi- 
ture of thePo^a or sacred thread. 



.^vffafVMs, relating to ft deposit; 
a present, a gift. 

>&*ffar.*T*T?F, colonial. 

§vfsn, a comparison, resemblance. 
&vf*\ f*f 4,symptomatic,portentous. 
*?*fTftf4*, relating to qualities. 
^vfTf?^ 5 , expedient, lit, proper. 
^^■5, a blanket. 
4?3"*T, legitimate descent. 
&$Uffa.*, funeral rites, ceremonies 
due to a deceased person for a 

year alter death. 
^^T, submarine fire. 
<^«iJ, superabundance, excess. 
^■ST«l, pungent, acrimonious. 
^3"<f, medicine, drug. 
^§3>, a herd of camels. 
^^, heat, ardour, fervency. 

7F%, where? 
^w", name of a kind of fish. 

dton, ix ver y yomig calf. 

5BM35, some, a few. several. 

3S\*T, bell-metal, a white metal 

composed of seven parts of 

copper and two of tin. 
3>\?Rf«l*F, a brazier, coppersmith. 
Q4 1 4,cackling,groaning, moaning. 
3>3^, the hump of a bull ; a Hag. 
3>^f, ensign of royalty ; a peak. 
S^TOT^, the bull. 
^"w, point of the compass, re- 


?p^yp^, giggling, tittering. 
srawr^b chalk. 

3*^, the armpit, Bide, (Link, orbit. 
^Fi, a woman's girdle; rope to 

Easten elephants ; room. 
&<i7t, when; at any time, ever. 

1&%, a heron. 

3*?et>, a coat of mail. 

^5^?«1, a bracelet, a small bell. 

3»3?3, 3>^f%^ 1 , a hair-comb. 
^^^r, the tongs. 

3>^3", gravel, coarse sand. 
3>^T^r, the waist, Loins; skeleton. 
^5?tcT, poor, necessitous. 

355, hair, a Bear, scab; unsquare. 

*P5^1, a cable, rope, tether. 

^T>WX, a market. 

3S5W^, the ocean. 

5551, dislocation ; a stake, staff J 
coarse powder. 

3>5T3", shooting forth, budding. 

35£|f?, a razor, a barber. 

WRT, dispute, wrangling, hag- 
gling in making a bargain. 

^1%, tender, soft, young. 

3?5, an edible plant. 

?P5f?r, a kind of cake. 

3>F^t, contention, grumbling. 

^^3", foul, vile, ugly. 

<P^, a shore, swamp, corner ; the 
end of the garment worn round 
the waist by man and tucked 
into the waist band. 




35T^*f , a tortoise, a turtle. 
3>T^ns 1, a species of grass. 
sgT^f, the itch, a scab. 
^JT^r, kneading, tempering. 
^"fa, budding, sprouting. 
^S^Tt^, scrubbing, washing, rinsing. 
^■I^'ftj court of justice, an office 
where any public business is 
3*"^^, eye paint, lampblack ; cloud. 
sgs^, a switch of bamboo. 
^%s, the slough of a snake when 

cast off. 
3533^, a bodice, coat of mail. 
<S$$Vr*T, the black cobra de capello. 
a«Jpt, an eunuch in charge of the 

^5pt%^1, a bodice or jacket, [rope. 
3H^, BramMj the sun ; belly ; a 
&% suddenly, hastily; the tem- 
ples of an elephant ; mat ; a straw 
rope ; a bond. 
^T><£, bracelet; city; camp; the 

table land on a mountain. 
3»TjC35t*r, a spittoon, pikddn. 
^•alpRs, the crow. 
^T?1,how much or many ? ; yellow- 
ish, sallow, wan. 
^T>t^, glance, significant look. 
3>1>T^, ^TjT 3 !, suddenly, hastily. 
5^^^, time of spring-tide ; faded. 
<5ST^, a caldron, stew-pan; the 
shell of a- tortoise. 

^ft>, the waist, loins, hips. 
^#C2fter, the buttocks. 
^©3"3F^}, a girdle for the loins. 
^#$1, hard, severe, disagreeable. 
3$T>, acrid, stinking, spiteful. 
W^tT^J, scurrilous language. 
^p3s}1>«>, musquitoes. 
^■fe 8 , scurrility, obscenity. 
^CT>t<Tl, an earthen cup, drinking- 

?PC^T^Tj one of a degraded caste. 
^Tjj^Tj, a throbbing sensation ; a 

3n>Qkt1, harshness, unfeelingness ; 

farming at a rack rent. 
^\J?1T, a dagger, poniard, dirk. 
3&*rt*ri, a part of the Rig-vedas. 
^ft^T, hard, solid, difficult, severe. 

^C^t^T, hard, difficult, unfeeling. 

*&5, a kind of bracelet. 

3Sv£3>5, -fine sea-salt. 

3S\5^1, the stalk of a plant, sucker. 

^\5^", stalk of a pot-herb; the 
original, a cause. 

*F5?r\j hard, strong, firm, harsh. 

?P\Sri, ring, link, caldron ; cowry. 

3»\FT<^, with effort, gratingly. 

^Tf^?1, reckoning by cowries. 

3?v5T?T, tawny ; cement. 

^5, a cowry ; wood, a beam. 

<gf^^T^, a beam in a building. 

of a sore 

healing, skinning over 



9f$$Tf>l, miserly, avaricious. 

9ns<n, b beam ; little finger ; Bmall. 

9f3?lcT, rich, wealthy, affluent. 

9^31*^, the Lit of a bridle. 

9331, pungent, rancid, bitter. 

9i>9f3, grittiness, roughness. 

9^3r3, uoise of craunchii 

9«i, the cumin seed; spark of a 
gem, a twang. 

9«i?U'^, an eddy of water, [pepper. 

9*11, an atom, drop, spark; long 

9«iT?, a goldsmith, a Muni. 

9f«|, the corner of the nails ; a por- 
tion of a shallow piece of water 
separated from the rest for the 
purpose of throwing the water 
out of it ami catching the fish. 

9fc]91, particle, atom, grain. 

9fci'3 ) a shriek, piercing cry, 

3561^, the elbow. 

9C«i<F, a prostitute. 

9«t9f«|?1, chilly, tinkling, cold. 

9^9, thorn, point; horripilation 
or the erection of the hair of the 
body through fear or joy ; a foe. 

355t>3>Trf, the bread-fruit tree. 

9 c £'9l, the jak fruit, Icantal. 

9«fc, the throat. 

9 e &f^1, 9«&irtc ! r1, 97^. a necklace. 

9%1, the neck, gills of a fish. 

9f%'<fT^|", wearing a necklace. 

*$}?re, the lion. 

9«&J. guttural. 

v o 

9*^r. husking of rice. 
9*?, 9971* the itch, an eruption 
on the body. 

9C$T5Tj a basket . a I 

95, 9f$, how much ? how many ? 
999, some, a few. several. 
9^T«f, shea ing, clipping. 
9f%, 9r%*f?T) Borne, a few, several. 
9C39, a few, somewhat, [remorse. 

95.95., palpitation of the h 

9CgT<t, spirituous liquor. 

9<tf\, how? what ' ; 

9<*T9, a speaker, an orator : a little. 

9*lfap*, in great trouble or dia 

931"^, speaking, narratii 
93T1, word, sentence, saying. 

9Q]"RTo'l, conversation, □ 
9$fT*lfi53", a solicitor, barrister, 
9C9jT' 5> f9Qr?T, conversation. 
97, a cloud. 
979, canopy. 

97^ȣ", scrawl, bad writing. 
97^", killing, destruction ; war. 
973", unwholesome diet. 
97»JT^, a bad habit. 
9*?a9, a crowd, collection ; a tree. 
91TOjbase, disagreeable, worthless. 
97=Tt, the plantain-tree. 
971, when? at what time"? 
9?fT9T?" 5 ugly, misshapen. 
•-S7T5, 97*5^r, ever, sometimes. 
97TST3", bad conduct, miscond 
97]fS5, sometimes, occasionally. 

<g^ 52 

?PWTf*T, sometimes, at some time, 
^-^-]%?^ abuse, bad language, 
1&W&, lukewarm, tepid. 
7$"$;, tawny. 

^^ gold ; certain plants. 
^T<s,, the outer fence of a tent. 
5$f^%, least, youngest, junior. 
3sf^1, the little finger. 
3nfrfWI, the iris of the eye. 
3>^t<rra\ youngest, junior, [wall. 
*&£[, a garment of shreds ; a mud 
^f, a bulbous root; sugar, a sweet- 
sp^TT, a mountain-cleft, cave, 
^vfsf, the Hindu Cupid, 
^•ref, reproach, contention, war. 
?$*%, a frying pan, saucepan. 
3>^3> a bulb, a ball for playing 
Wf tfc } lotus. [with. 

^>, a cloud. 

qfrWg, the neck ; a cloud. 
^JXl, a virgin, daughter, bride. 
*&*#, deceit, trickery, fraud. 
3S*fC ^*f^j a cowry; Shiva's hair, 
35*ffj> , a door, a shutter. 
^'sfT^T, the forehead, fate, destiny. 
^?fTcT?<r, fortunate, lucky. 
3gf*T, a monkey; a pulley. 
^f^m, brown, tawny ; fire. 

^f«T5Ttnf%, the sun. 

<*- ... 

^-cft^, cloth to cover the privities. 

^*p5*r, a lock of hair on the right 

side of the crown. 

35*jf%*s, a lock on the left side. 
3WP5, a pigeon, a dove. 
3SC*TTeT, the cheek, temple. 
^^fSf^", clipping, trimming ; the 
first attempt of a bird to imi- 
tate the human voice, 
spfst, same as ^*ffa. 
W*$, phlegm, a cold, catarrh. 
^pf^^CSpTf^ the elbow, [amulet. 
3>3"5, coat of mail, a charm, an 
3>3r^i", a headless trunk, demon. 
3»^?rt, a braid of hair. 
^v\, a mouthful, morsel. 
*&%}, a pretence, trick. 
3*?TTT> * t]ie same as ^*TTt>. 
3»t^", a poet, a writer of taste, a 
man of learning. 

3»1^3P1, the bit of a bridle, 

3>f^1 poetry, verse. 

^^?TT®», a physician, a doctor. 

^W, when ? on what day ? 

3»^i1, a hinge ; the wrist, a gripe 
of the hand. 

3>37, an oblation to the dead. 

i&tfB, a tortoise, a turtle. 

3W3*T> a devotee's waterpot. 

3»tr, licentious, lascivious. 

^Tr^ftTT, beautiful, agreeable. 

7F5R&, whither?, somewhere. 

^Tc*, a lotus ; water ; copper. 

^"srejl, Lakshmi ; an orange. 


^TO^., trembling, quivering. 


35 «1 

^»^r^tTfj, paralytic, palsied. 

^s^cf, a blanket, woollen rug. 

5% a Bhell, conch; bracelet ; neck. 

sstfsftei.iunvk marked like a shell. 

?p^r, lust in], passionate. 

999TI, charcoal, coal. 

sptt, tin 1 hand ; tribute ; a ray. 

35<r^, ;> storehonse, granary. 

^T35, a pomegranate tree; tri- 
bute ; a bird ; cocoanut shell. 

35<T<r>5, a kind of sea-salt. 

^■Jr^sf]?, soft, nnhardened. 

sp^t^i, the hip. 

<is^"^1. the hail ; a devotee's water- 

^^"^.t^, a cocoanut tree. [p°t- 

<p^"C^I^"t, the lines in the palm 
of the hand. 

97Tlf .the head ;cocoannt-Bhell cup. 

*P?T51, written assessment, levy. 

3>"3"T><$, a crow. 

3S<T«i, doing, making, practising. 

3S"3"«)t, the surds. 

3><sr«l^, by means of. 

^<[Q, a bee-hive ; a basket. 

3P<recT, palm of the hand ; subjec- 

^^"31vT, a cymbal. [tion. 

^YT3T*ft, clapping of the hands. 

3>£4T«1, the head. 

^<T?f3L a saw. 

<P'?T ,5 f^'!', talking by signs. 

35<r*fu3, a double handful. 

^^^TTcT, a sword, scimetar. 

?P?T*fTf*tol, a short thick stick. 

^<T^f^, hands joined or folded 

353"^, a young elephant or c 

^<r^l^r, the lion. 

^^TT, an action, fate, link. 
35<rsr?rt, a prisoner. 

^TSTTsTI, a rosary, brad-roll. 

*P3"fa"5, mixed, joined. 

^3P33», nail of the fingers. 

^Tffi><I1, stunted iii growth. 

^^T^, a causing to do. 

3>3"bs., a saw. 

353"K3""n>, a ring. 

^■^"TcT, dreadful, huge, high. 

^fshttBcT, a lion. 

^<ft, an elephant. 

35^3", the dried cakes of cowdung. 

^?F«il, clemency, mercy, pity. 

^s?F5T, the osprey. 

^c^ 6 K an elephant. 

^CTTT>, the skull. 

^3>i7, a crab, the sign Cancer. 

35*5$T>t, a cucumber. 

^o5>%, the plum-tree. 

^<5$?r, gravel ; a grating noise : a 

painful sensation arising from 

dust in the eye. 
7$<$$f\, a small water -pot. 
^55$ *T, hard, rough, unkind. 
35flf<T> th e sulphate of arsenic. 
^cf ; the ear ; a rudder. 
^c{^F^", the cavity of the car. 
3.«l*T$T, ear-wax. 




^cfff^fcj, an ear-ring. 
3*«T*flT, a helmsman. 
^cj-sfT^t, ear-drops. 
3»«fc[ir, a blue lotus. [the ear. 
3>«iC3X, the ceremony of boring of 
^cfa^cTt, the hollow of the ear. 
3S«|T3»«ff, whispering together. 
SFJejiF, a bricldayer's trowel. 
3>f«l^1, ear-ring ; the perecasp of 

a lotus ; middle ringer. 
3?ejf ^^5. a thief. 
3*U«11i*f., a whisperer, talebearer, 

^cf^r, cutting, clipping. 
^PlfsTt, a pair of scissors. 
3>€<TJ, proper to be done. ' 
^"elff^l, ^^<ft, scissors, shears. 
^1, master, agent, doer. 
?Fs 3?, by, by the agency of. 
^«%, a short sword. 
^if^S, authority, agency. 
3>lff, mistress, governess. 
SFW, rumbling of the stomach. 
355fsr, mud, mire, clay. 
<5*fl> , old patched clothes. 
3>*fftj ^*f fiN*, a beggar. 
3s*fT«T, cotton, cotton-plant. 
^*J?T, camphor. 
3>33"<ir, a tiger. 
3^3", variegated, speckled. 
^sr, action, work, object, affair. 
^^r^T^ a workman, a smith. 
^^"Ct^, a washerman. 

^"ssrsf^t, engaged in ; a workman, 

an officer, a steward. 
3F3$fr, industrious, clever. 
^■55Te|j ? useful, fit for work. 
^nfreiTli wages. 
^"55h§rtsi, the middle part of India, 

fortune, fate, luck. 
^^STC^tsfj the result of conduct. 
^^rtf^, officially protected, busy. 
^"£i"T<r, a brazier, a smith. 
<pfsi%, industrious, skilful, [ous. 
3#. an artist, a workman ; ingeni- 
3>C^r*frt a beggar, a religious 

35C5frf3pr, the organs of action. 
<RT, a tolah weight ; husbandry. 
^•^■'1, ploughing, drawing. 
3>f3"<^, the bit of a bridle. 
3*3", husbandry, an artificial water 
?P5T, machine, sprout. [place. 

^?t^%, a duck ; a pigeon ; the 

black cuckoo. 
3^^, hum, buzz, hubbub. 
?P5T^r, stain, stigma, rust, slander. 
^cTUr?^", the lion. 
^cft^Tl, clapping of the hands. 
3?»ra<jr, a whirlpool. 
^rf^, an animal wounded with a 

poisoned weapon. 
35cTT>, a thatch. [fort. 

^cTls, a wife ; the buttocks ; a 
^5^3", a cross breed. 
3**T*f, paste, starch, varnish. 



?5?it%^. a sparrow ; a tree. 
99TO, an young elephant or camel. 
&WX : a pen; a graft, 
aorerar, an arrow, plant-stalk. 
^c^t", a murmur, clamour, buzz. 
spc^^, the rosin of saul trjee. 
OT*ft, a waterpot, pitcher. 
99T£, a brawl, Bquabble. 
?r.?r?\7l, a drake, a gander. 
9911, moon's digit, a plantain. 
99IT55T, poison. 
^srn^, peas, pulse, vetches. 
ss^ifaftf, the moon, [cock's tail, 
' *»TM , a zone ; assemblage; pea- 
*s5TT*?t, a peacock, a nightingale. 
99rfa*Tj a dancer. 
*sf^, the fourth or iron age; 
pipe-bowl; an unblown t lower ; 
dissolved lime. 
*ifir<Pl, an unblown flower ; the 
part oi a hooka or smoking pipe 
which holds the tobacco cup. 

3>f£r§r, a febrifuge medicine: name 
of a division of Hindustan. 

^fpfsn, & woman. 

3>f^-^, a mat. 

3>c? : an oilman. 

3>*T3", sin, guilt, filth. 

J5C5TSJ1, disease of the liver. 

^C5f^?T, the body. [sinner. 

^c=5p, sediment, orts, filth; sin; 

^.ffI^55T, a rippling noise. 

SSc^cnf^, a rippling, brawling. 

9vr^{1, an ornament for the head. 
OT>5tftj matter from a sore. 

^sT, contrivance, purpose, alter- 
^P^^s. a barber. 

^•^"5??, a fabulous tree yielding 

whatever fruit any one de 
^"fai, a scheme, counterfeit. 

^^tl 5 ?, end of the world. 
^f^T, fictitious, invented. 
^5*ra", sin, filth ; a hell. 

<P?5TT^, dark-brown color. 

^J, to-morrow, yesterday. 

^*Tj1, a blessing; spirituous liquor* 

*P*nT«l, welfare, prosperity. 

^cnjT^fTcT, a distiller, a vintner. 

^W, deaf. 

W\ wicked, froward. 

^CMTeT, roar of the sea, tumult. 

iPTI, a whip, scourge. 

<pf*[«t, food and clothing. 

35C*T?F, the backbone, spine. 

^ffc?, *PJ(rT, a swoon; a fainting 
lit ; sin ; laded ; sullied. 

OT, a touchstone ; an astringent 

3»^»i, testing, tanning, [substance. 

^<[«it, tightness, astringency ; se- 
verity, harshness. 

^31, astringent ; close-fisted. 

^^Tfl, purulent matter. 

^T?, astringent taste ; tawny. 

3»^>, pain, distress, difficulty. 

^t^, test, touchstone ; trouble. 




^rjj the lower part of the cheek 
from the corner of the month 
to the ear. 

3P^T1, an oyster. 

^gUraFl, ^jft, musk. 

^pi^Tt^T, when?, at any time. 

^^/speaking, saying, telling. 

i&%[ } an acqnatic bird. 

J5$T^f5, dialogue, disputation. 

^£?1* talkative, garrulous. 

-gsft", paste, starch. 

sisftT*, dross, sediment, lees. 

<&ft"<^ aslant, leaning on one side. 

^"N5"3~lj a low class of Hindus. 

^TVTJ* a metal composed of cop- 
per and tin, bell-metal, a gong. 

?FT\*D35T?r, a brazier, brass-founder 

^rfa, a heron ; the side, flank. 

SFT^t", a comb, carding instru- 

^r^v?1j a crab. [ment. 

^T^j^irT^t, tumour in the armpit. 

3Jfas<r, gravel, pebbles, grit. 

^T^T 7 ^ a species of lizard. 

3Ffa5Tfwfj the loins, hips, side. 

^T3^, a kind of melon. 

^T^T, the flank, side, armpit. 

^T5, glass, crystal. [in curries. 

3>n>3>cTl, a species of plantain used 

#151%, a woman's bodice. 

^T51, unripe, raw, uncooked, green. 

^t5t 9 shears, scissors, a sickle ; 
below the standard weight or 

f Tflf, sour rice-water, gruel form- 
ed by steeping boiled rice in 
water till it becomes sour. 

3TflM, a thorn, fork ; fish-bone. 

^T^T^^, place beset with thorns. 

^TtteT, thorny ; the jack-fruit. 

^>lb\, scurrilous abuse. 

#f£T, ring on a parrot's neck. 

#T\5^T, unhusking, adjusting. 

#t^<T1, thick, clumsy. 

3?T1%, a heap, stack, pile. 

SFtej ^T^T* a wall, an old wall. 

<5te^>1, ^T«f\51, broken wall, ruins, 

3TW* 3»Tl, a coat of shreds, a 
mattress composed of rags. 

^Toft, a high shore, river's brink. 

^TWW, crying, weeping, wailing. 

^sTJFVa shore, verge; weeping. 

^TWTf\5 3 a spout, drain, trench. 

^Twt, a cluster, bunch. 

#T^, the shoulder. 

SFTSfl, border, rim, edge, verge. 

<FT*ttf%, the brow of a hill ; the 
place beneath the eaves of a 
house where the water falls. 

^T' 5 ^ trembling, quaking. 

3Tf*T?r, a plate of bell-metal used 
as a musical instrument. 

<£t*rt, 3»TV*iJ, a metal formed by 
mixing copper and tin, bell- 
^fotf?^ a brazier, coppersmith. 




spfas, a crow. 

35f?PFI, straw of the mustard plant . 

3*T*5"S'5p, a lighl slumber. 
*P13S1T«^<T, Budden, anexpected. 

^T^IiSn, crow-like, crafty. 

^T^P^f^, side-locks of hair. 
3Bfa*^]i, having but one child. 
^5T^5>^, naked ; fearless. 
^T^, a necklace. 
3PT?P5nl, a kind of perfume. 
3PT3s*iT*i, a li/.anl, chameleon. 
*r.T$rft, a pleasant humming. 
^T^l, father's younger brother. 
^if^at, twenty cowries. 
^PT^s - , a cry of distress, groan. 
*pr^»1%, ^T^f^T, 3>f<Fnr, a sorrow- 
SFT^W, the palate. [fill cry. 

3>fC3>TW3", a serpent. 
^TWT*T, a black poison : a raven ; 

serpent ; a swine. 
«*k<p|cH, a cooling drug; a febri- 
3>T'>T, ^T3», a crow. [tnge. 

WfS, paper. 
^T^flf?', ^T^lt?, an owl. 
spraTHt, the waist, the loins. 
*PT<8^»1, wish, desire. [digent. 

^W*T, 3>T3fTf^, poor, needy, in- 
3>T5, glass, crystal ; disguise. 
^T51%31, a sickle, reaping-hook. 
^T5^\ washing linen; feigning. 
^T5Wf, a letter. [shroud. 

35T51, washed ; a coarse cloth, a 
^T5?1, feigned character, deceiver. 

3?T®", vicinity, nearrn ihore. 

^]W\ % the hinder tuck of a man's 

9tCl^j the high bank of a river. 

3>T¥"n>tcTi, loose, alovenl} 
<PT^T<f^"l, a Bycophant, satellite. 
<PT1TR. overtaking, gaining upon. 
<$T¥T?ft, an office for transacting 

public business, court of law, 
^•Tf^sr, a tortoise, a turtle. 
?£W), a thick rope, a cable. 
3»Ts», work, labour, duty. 
3!Tti5T, black dye for the eyelids. 
^I©*n, a wedge, peg ; black kind 

of parrot. 
^sTSlT?ri, the finish of a business. 
3?T9fl3", gold; mountain ebony. 
3PT*^, turmeric. [Hindoostan. 
^T3^, a woman's girdle; a city in 
^Tr^, 3>T"H83>, rice -gruel, sour 
^TT?"^, cutting, tearing. [gruel. 
3»T*^"., spinning. 

^TT> T^", 3PTtTfa, wages for spinning. 
3>Tt>R", passing or spending of 

time ; a channel. 
3»TT>T$T, a dagger, poniard, dirk. 
3PTl>T<rt, a cleaver, bill -hook. 
^srfiNll, a sore caused by snake-bite. 
3>TT>t, a bit, chip, splinter. 
^TT>j, refutable. 
^T^, wood, timber. 
^fcf^Tl, a trough, a baling vessel. 
^Tt^, a wooden rice mortar. 




^"fesfyl, a railing, stockade. 
3»T^£T31, a mushroom. 
^TfcliTSTt, black salt. 
^T^C^T^n, a woodpecker. 
3$"faOT35T<r, retching, straining. 
^•T^f^TcT, a squirrel. 
^PT^?T1, a wooden house, a place 

enclosed by a fence. 
*PTfcfir?1 5 a woodcutter, woodman. 
^f&\, 720 square feet of land, a 

measure of corn. 
^T^1"f%?1, land-measure table. 
^T^TiT, a wooden frame-work. 
3>T^M, adult ; full-grown, firm. 
3>lfi^J, hardness, severity, un- 

^iSt, a wand, lath; scabbard. 
^fefl a wooden, hard, hardy; a 

woodcutter. [snatching. 

^t^j taking out of, cleaning out ; 
3»T^1, cleaned out. snatched ; a drum. 
?PT«1, the ear ; blind of one eye. 
3»T«i???1, the gills of a fish [tentive. 
^! c l*5fvF'f%?1, quick of hearing, re- 
^Tej<fT\Fl, listening, inquisitive. 
^"fa'Sf 7 ^, an ear-pick. 
^T«i^ , pf1, ornament for the ear. 
SSTWP^I, the lobe of the ear. 
^TeiJTrasT, a babbler, a blabber. 
3FT*I^T^r, backbiting, slandering 

tale-bearing; giving evil advice. 
^t«l1, one-eyed ; brim, edge. 
^FfaT^Tfo, a whispering, ear to ear. 

^t*ltf5, space under the eaves of a 
3sT«lTft??l,an eavesdropper, [house. 
^T«lTfs, listening, eavesdropping. 
*5T«i"te, tent-curtains, walls of a tent. 
3»Tf*i, a rag, tatter. 
^fa^, the crow. 

^Ts©, a twist of the ear, warning. 
^TC«I^TC«|, to the brim ; in the ear. 
3>TC«iT\51, obsequious, servile. 
^Tr%, a scurrilous woman, a scold. 
^T3, trunk of a tree, an arrow ; 

section or chapter. 
^T'3^T^", areca nut, betel nut. 
3»T3\»R, common sense. 
<PT3*TT>, a screen. 
^TTSt^ft, a helmsman, pilot. 
^[^\, a heap, stack, pile. 
^T^tF? a bowman. 
^T^ 5 value, worth ; essence. 
3>H?", distressed, anxious. 
^"te?TT*1, anguish, moaning. 
<»1 ^(.^"Tf^, lamentation, complaint. 
^"P51, a coir cable. 
3>T^1^T, a cleaver, bill-hook. 
^PT"5T^T, a kind of earthen pot ; a 

3sr3T?rt, a pair of shears used for 

cutting gold and silver. 
3?Tr%, a shell-cutter's saw. 
3sTv£<r, the weight in an oil-press. 
^TC^^TCvJ, insidiously, pryingly. 
3* W1, soft with rain, muddy. 
<5tW^, a teal ; an arrow. 




^Ptw^^t, spirituous liquor, wine. 

msT, a range of clouds. 
ssTffi, mud, mire 3 dirt, boA clay. 
s&lfflWBl, a snipe. 
^Twrffcn, muddy, dirty, Bloppy. 
WTR, making soft by flooding. 
3>Twr*T, muddy, dirty, Bloppy. 
41 tita l*H, contentious,quarrelsoine. 
?PRT>, warped, twisted, awry. 
3>;3T^, a thicket, forest, wood. 
3>T3fa", child of an unmarried wo- 
<PT^, beautiful ; a husband, [man. 
ssrac^ifc, steel, bright iron. 
?PT^1. a beautiful woman, a wife. 
^»T^T<T, a bad road ; a wood. 
35Tf3, beauty, splendour, light. 
3P"p*»3", weeping, lamenting. 
jpf^f^, a pastry-cook. 
^Tf^*ft^, flying for tear, fleeing. 
sPT^rtersr, the hunting leopard. 
3>T*f, pretence; pantomime. 
^I^f^J, trickery dissimulation. 
^T^^, cloth, apparel, attire. 
^SM^JI, a linen-draper. 
3ST*f*T, a bad road. 
TPMrsft, a class of Hindus. 
^T^T^T, cotton-wool, cotton-plant. 
^TfW^T, sprituous liquor. 
?PT*J?F^\ a coward, a scamp. 
3PTCWI, a flight of pigeons. 
3PT*1T>ji, stingy, sordid, selfish. 
3?l*i.7'jT*Ri, niggardliness, stingi- 

^Mj^t, a penitent, one cob 

ing his sins, 
^fal, a pretence ; a garment. 
*&T3"R, roast. [month. 

^T7T?T, moss; the last day of the 

^ffaj, a poem, | try , s satire 

5PT3T, a wedge, a | ke. 

^Tu, desire, lust ; object. 
^T^rsf, unrestrained, licentious. 
3>t^s>, arising from lust. 
^Tifcl, s b°w. 

^TsryR, s biting, throbbing. 
^Tirw, giving rise to desire. 
^sfsrai, inclination, wish, desire. 
<$"f*r?>*ft, assuming any shape. 
^T*T*i, lustful ; the jaundice. 
3>T*r^'», the mango. 
^TirT^", absence, neglect ; earnings. 
^T^T^, shaving ; earning. 
SPTSTT^, the fee for shaving. 
3>T*n?T, a blacksmith. 
3$T*Tt?f,^T3rT9ff. lascivious, desirous. 
$tf^«ft,awoman, lascivious woman. 
^1^ft, ^T^s. lascivious, lustful. 
^Urj, desirable, optional, [trade. 
^T<T, the body; aim; stock in 
<FT<I3'T<P', resolute ; quarrelsome. 
^T<I^, the writer caste ; corporeal. 

*PT<n, the body. 

^TeTT^, bodily, corporeal, [a case. 
^T?"^, making ; an agent, doer ; 
^TJ 8 !, cause, reason, motive ; wine. 
^T|T«i1, pain, trouble. 




^sT?rf*i^ investigating, causative* 
3?T3r*it^£5j possessed of causality. 
^T^tciT^^T, special plea, 
^nra^t, a brazier. 
3>T?T3r, a crow. [panmorium. 

3*T?~3% tne see( i °^ tne anethum 
^T^"^TT%, artifice, trick ; an act of 

^t?Tl 5 ^T^t^Tt^", ^st?TT?jT, a prison. 
^T?TT^r, a shoemaker. 
3FlHras?T, a mechanic, artizan. 
3*t1?fo1, act, profession ; an actress ; 

a sharp pain ; interest of money 
5^t?F, workman, artist, maker. 
^T^f*i^, compassionate, kind. 
3>T??^t, a leech. 

3ft?? 8 !!, pity, tenderness, kindness. 
^T?Ff^tiri, expert, active, skilful. 
^lW*t7, hardheartedness, unfeel- 


^T^w, gold. 

3*HfTf%3?, an astrologer. 
3>Tflf^, the seventh Hindu month, 
^T*fT>, lac. [a Hindu deity. 

3>T*f«lJ> parsimony, niggardliness. 
*FT*f T*Tj cotton, cotton-plant. 
3»f3fr«|, magic, sorcery, witchcraft. 
3»T^T3>, a bow ; a bamboo. 
3»T*fj, a work, affair, effect. 
35T*fj, thin, emaciated. 
^T"3"3>, a tiller, cultivater of the soil. 
iZPraWq, sixteen puns of cowries. 
3?teT, time; death; black. 

^tcTf%^, black, filthy, squalid. ' 

^t^f^t^T, an uproar, hubbub. 

^c^T?, a deadly poison. 

^t^f 3 ^? the sun. 

^T^f<f6, the liver. 

^TcT^ff%, year. 

3ST*T*ffr, death ; regard to time. 

3ST*TC*T»r, a coat of mail. 

3»T5TW5rl, an unlucky hour. 

^T^raT^f^", spending of time. 

3»T*rf*r?n ,the livid colour of a bruise. 

^fc^^f, the black cobra de capello. 

^T^^rf^", the antelope. 

^T^^s, a Hindu hell. 

^T^CT?, butter milk. 

3»T5fl, deaf ; very cold ; black. 

^Ff^TTfttj final conflagration. 

^T^T^rTV^the black bee. 

^T^TTS^, Yama, regent of death. 

^T^Tt^, the hood of a serpent. 

3?tMT, numerical result of calcula- 
tion of the area of a piece of 
land; ink. 

<Ftf%^1, the idol Kali; clouds; ink. 

3>Ti^T3f, a water-melon ; an elephant ; 
a snake. [bruise. 

^1#T51, a scar, black mark of a 

3>Tf*i$£"l, decayed thatch. 

^Tf^t, fatal, mortal, ruinous. 

^Tf^STl, blackness, darkness. 

^tf^ft"? sunburnt, tawny. 

<PT^t, the idol Kali ; ink, a stain ; 

<$T«Tfa, relating to time, [eloud. 




asf^t. raw turmeric. 

^I^f^ras, artificial, hypocritioal. 

9T9TJ, the dawn, morning twilight. 

^T*TJ\ a COW when ready to DC 

covered for the purpose of being 
with calf; Bqualid; pleasant talk. 
3>i*T, a COUgh : a kind of gra88. 

35T*tt*r. Bulphate of iron. 

^T^", wood, timber, fuel. 
3ST^3>. aloes. 

^ffcuift, a funeral pile. 

^t&srp, a bier. 

^T4>1, region, tract, limit ; a mea- 
sure of time containing eighteen 
twinklings of the eye; excel- 

3>t$t*TI, the plantain tree, pence. 

SPTOJT, a coughing. 

^sjjjHtt, a pickle made of mango, 
tamarind and mustard seed. 

^f 7 !?", a buffalo. 

^I*JT<T, a large tank. 

3?T^}, cough, catarrh. 

3>T^t?T, copperas, green vitriol. 

^T^<n, afflicted with a cough. 

3>tf^?h sickle, pruning-knife. 

^t^l, sixteen puns of cowries. 

sprier, a young woman ;acat; a fowl. 

^T^T^", a pal kee- bearer. 

^Tfl^ft, a tale, story, report. 

^fSc?. weak, feeble. 

f%, what ? which ? 

■f^f<f, a small jackal, a fox. 

t%??T ? a servant, slave. 

f^>fV«u\ a girdle of small bells. 
f^j~5, slime, diit. mil'-. 

f^r5^frn5<r,chirpin'_r, chattering. 
faw. any (thing I, Borne, a little, 

f^^I3, what -oil of? 

1%SiTfa. perhaps, lest, for fear. 

"fep^T, BOme, any, a little. 

"e%f^, a little. Bomewhat. 

1^^?f<5, a worm. [flower. 

f^-^rf, f^-S^. the petals of u 

Wbift^l, dirty, squalid, filthy. 

W&, a hog, a hoar. 

f^f^, a louse. 

f^fa^, a gnashing of teeth. 

W>«|, a scar. wart. mole, corn, 

f^«l^ 5 a buying, purchasing. 

f3>33\ a cheat, a knave. 

f3^«J, a spider. 

f^3, hut, moreover, further. 

15Nft, a hor>e. 

f3>^<T, a celestial chorister. 

■f%3"1, what ! how excellent ! 

f3>5T5, how ? in wdiat way ? 

t^JCsf, what for? why? 

f^^pfST^ miserly, niggardly. 

"f%^f€t, rumour, common report. 

f%^1, or, else, otherwise. 

(<t>&4, how? what kind of? 

f%<j^ 5 a little, a few, some. 

"r%3", a hog, a boar. 

f%3"^, a writer. 

■f%3"c|, a ray, sunbeam, 

t%3"1, an oath. 

3P5 62 

ft^TT^, a dealer ; a miser. 
f3»7Tft5, a mountaineer, a savage. 
1%<ft5, a dagger, poniard, dirk. 
I^^Tj, a crest, diadem, tiara. 
1%^^, how? what kind? 
t^vfT^, a bamboo. 
fii»sTT*T, a whitish mark on the 

skin, a blotch, 
■f^f^r^", sin, crime. 
t%sft", a horse. 
f^*Tfff, ft*T*T} new leaves. 
©C*TT?T, a colt, a young one. 
^t^T; , miserly, penurious, poor, 
^sfapf, a bone ; a worm ; hard. 
$t&$, a hollow bamboo that sounds 

in the air. 
^T>, sffal, a worm, insect, maggot, 
^t^l, lac. 

?§\Tf<$, ^"^*f, how ? of what sort ? 
^t^T, a parrot. 

55tw, singing praise, celebrating. 

^tflf, renown, celebrity, fame. 

t%jinj^, a monument. 

^teT, the fist, a thump ; a peg. 

?Pl5f5, a peg, a stake, a fist. 

^tsrsr, thumping with the fist. 

^t^TtcT, water, blood, honey. • 

^t*T, monkey ; the sun ; naked. 

^», a prefix meaning bad. 

^WPTlj a mist, a fog ; vain hope. 

<£3»^, shrivelling up, shrinking. 

3>S, a red seed used as weight by 


3>f5, a brush, painting-brush, a 

chip of wood. 
<j^>j%, the hollow of the hips. 
<(Nt, deformed, hump-backed ; a 

narrow-necked water- vessel. 
%*> digging. 

3>TCF, a flower-bud, cup, bowl. 
<?j%<n 5 a cottage ; a stone mortar. 
3|\St, a basin, bowl, calyx. 
3fl?, a turning-lathe ; a flower. 
^fJT, jumping, turning in a lathe. 
^TfcT ? a quarrel, dispute. 
^?t^ 5 3^n^, a turner. 
Wf1, a block, log of wood. 
^»3>^, wine, liquor. 
«>353", having a crooked hand. 
^3F33T, an evil deed, wickedness. 
<i>3»T*f * difficulty, dilemma. 
^^tcT, a mountain. 
<|<!a£1, the domestic fowl, cock. 
^^^^"> the cavities of the loins. 

"&Ti ^ 7 ^J> a dog- 
^»<53>T>, a fowl, a cock. 
3R>3»3"fa5, a stag, a deer. 
?>W^, a wild fowl ; varnish. 
^F^sffrj the hip joint. 
<>K§><T, <|»3FSff , wicked, profligate. 
^f^5<fl, an evil deed, wicked act. 
3?fw ? the belly, the abdomen, the 
armpit. [wicker vessel. 

^»v§t, ^W^j reproach, abuse ; a 
^¥^T, saffron. 
I «»£, a woman's breast, a chip, 



^53S», bad company, conspiracy. 
. cntting to bits, shrinking. 
^5?T, a calumniator. 

<f»5rT, small, little, minute. 

^jSTsf, the nipple of the breast. 

«pft, a chip, bit, morsel. 
-4, ill-clothed, shabby. 

<?£"!%, the hollow of the hips. 

<F&^, an obloquy, a calumny. 

^^^f, doggrel poetry. 

35^51, S***T1, slander, obloquy, stain. 

^f^^^f^rs, Ugly, bad, uncomely. 

<£5t, a water-bottle ; Tuesday. 

3>§?\51, quarrelsome, despicable, 

^>^*5*J, a burglar. [mean. 

^»®f1, crooked ; a water-vessel. 

■^iK^f^^l, a fog, a mist. 

^»^JT, a disease of the eye. 

^f$P3, warped, shrivelled, curled. 

<£-*g, a bower, an arbour ; a tusk. 

^>^3", an elephant. 

^»^5T, tlie water in wliicli boiled 
rice has been steeped till it be- 
comes sour. [tortus. 

3>H?^, the seeds of abrnspreca- 

3>-$t, a key. 

3jt>, a chip, fragment, shred. 

^»iN?, a thatch. 

W\>*> pounding, trampling. 

W^^\, SFfJsft, a procuress, a bawd. 

^T>*f , a garden attached to a house. 

^1>?F, a tent. 

*£J>^, a thatch, 

*fi>1, a chip, bit of straw. 
^Ttf, ;i quibb] ign, 

^s'fO?, a piece, a portion, share. 
^rljiiT, same as ^T>jft. 
3sfih?<r, a porpoise. 
^fc^r, crooked, insincere. 
^;T>t3", a hovel, cottage, shed. 

^i^, relative by marriage. 
9iNT, one having relatives, ahouse- 

3ST?3>T>, throbbing, twinging. 
^^^]1, peevish, querulous. 
^sjhjcT, an opening bud. 
^T, leprosy ; a tree. 
<j>V^, an apartment, room. 
3>Vn>^, ^TT?r, an axe. hatchet. 
^T<F, a monkey ; a tree ; one who 

makes weapons. 
~^i\, a factory, house. 
3j$t?1, leprous; indolent. 
3j\5, leprosy ; a medicinal plant ; 

a bigha, a heap. 
^^JT, scraping together, picking up. 
^»y|, a bigha of land. 
^3>Tf*t, a hatchet, axe. 
^f¥, a score, twenty ; leprosy. 
^"51<T1, leprous ; a hovel, shed. 
^tfstst, a bud. 
^j\5J, a wall, plastering. 
3>«l^«t, vibration of a tring ; a 

throbbing pain. 
^«i% a corpse, dead body, a stink. 
3>ft*5f, a sound, a report. 




<Jcft, a withered arm, a whitlow. 

«?«\<n, shy, "bashful, timid ; the 

<F<^ diffident, indolent. [elbow. 

3?3j a hole or pit ; a "bastard. 

^e§f, an arbour, a hower. 

^?S«T, an ear-ring, a coil of rope. 

3»3^ft, coiling, winding, spiral. 

^»3fT*tt, a procurer. 

3»fs^1, a basin resembling a hol- 
low hemisphere. 

3r^!\ a vessel with a narrow neck. 

3»3*f, midday, great heat. 

^w^ , *&%» a leathern bottle. 

<P^T«^ merriment, gratification. 

3»3TTf*f } anywhere, wherever. 

^<s.5f|^ calumny, scandal. 

<^PF5, ugly, v ^ e ? disgraceful, 

^oJ"c?t, a horse-cloth, a checkered 
cloth worn by some devotees. 

^PTtcTj 5PWTfwlr, a digging-hoe. 

igs^eT, hair of the head ; barley. 

^^71, groaning, moaning. 

35*fR57T, a turner. 

Tfrsm, leaping, jumping, skipping. 

^^rir, a cat. 

q^vi, quarrelling, wrangling. 

3*^, a mouse, a rat. 

^j^<^ 3 frankincense. 

3F*f1, a leathern bottle. 

3>f^p5, angry, vexed, provoked. 

^pfW'f, a weaver. 

^fgf?* despicable, base, bad. 

^3p, lead. 

3»3"5, calumnious, slanderous. 

^^"^¥5 a water-lily. 

^RTsTc?, the camel. 

^"t^^"5T, tyranny, oppression. 

?$ltt, god of wealth. 

3^?, hump-backed, stooping. 

^5J\£1, a species of gourd. 

*F*rT?T, little boy, prince ; a potter. 

^TTTf^T^I, 3?U"TTt, a girl, a virgin, 

^ssft^T, an alligator, crocodile. 

^Fsrjf, a kind of water-lily. 

3»*[?r, a crocodile. 

<^Z^W, antarctic. 

^""5>r, having a crooked arm. 

7f?$ 9 a pitcher ; Aquarius. 

W'^^ } holding the breath. 

3-W^T?T, a potter. 

W%f\, a prostitute. [brother. 

?Pl%5f , a thief, plagiarist ; wife's 

^5toT^j one of the Hindu hells. 

5 3^J?t?r, an alligator, crocodile. 

W$W 9 a deer, antelope. 

3>3"T> , a shoe-maker. 

35?T«1, scraping, scooping out. 

357T9, hydrocele. 

^W^s gravel-stones. 

?P?FJ%, disgust, distaste, dislike. 

3><3?Sf, the wards of a lock. 

3>^T>, sweepings, rubbish. 

^JR, frisking, gamboling, sport. 

^f J, knee, elbow ; under control. 

3s»T, race, caste, family ; a plum. 

^"i^, of good family, high- 

connection of Beveral stan- 
• by protracting the govern- 
ment of the noun or verb 
through several ve 

5, clapping of the hand. 

^~r^."£r, Wtfifr, family duties; 
tliti giving of a Bon or daughter 
in marriage to a person of a 
noble family. 

3^355, gargling the mouth. 

^>sfsft, family-registerj pedigree, 
ist, family-registrar. 

3S5TT>1, a prostitute. 

^&5T5^, a son. [family. 

SBSHTW, one who disgraces his 

3??T3-, being sufficient, enough. 

3»?T*Tf3, the head of a family. 

3F$R3t, a reputable woman, a wo- 
man oi good family. 

3>ri3g", a, virtuous and good wife. 

^ri^^", a burglar. 

7^r>.) f a winnowing-fan. 

OTttttfj, ;i person employed to 
contract marriages and con- 
sequently well versed in the 
pedigree and character of the 
different families. [eient. 

3r~n*, being supplied, being Buffi- 

3JrfRt<I. superintendent, manager. 

^5TRF 3 a bird's nest. 

^rfT?T ? a potter. 

<?inl^^ -i lizard, a chameleon. 

?pf^5^^5, the sparrow. 

3y?T:;T, of desot at. 
^?ft^^f, water, 
wft?. a crab ; Cancer. 


^^i*f. a padlock, luck. 

<5*j5Tvr. sin, guilt. 
, a v. innowing-fan ; bone. 

^?Tj1, a canal, a drain. 
3V5T?", gravel, gravel-ston 
^W", *«l*b 3 gargling the mouth. 
<rr* c T, a Bacred g 

^>*Ta\ hewing timber, hacki 

^j^T^f, a drinking vessel, 

^rf, welfare, talent. 

3>*TT^, a monkey. 

^*fT'i^r, a Brahman's hassock. 

3^*1}. a libation-spoon. [interest 

<?*flw, <J>7iT*, usury, lending at 

^^Ttrf. evil-disposed, Bpiteful. 

^»*Tt*i3", an actor. 

^JrT, a granary, a cupboard. 

«£"3"T^S a monkey: the tire; the 

3>%, leproc 

^-jSIfa, a kind of pumpkin ; womb, 

^T\^T<r, prejudice. [uterus. 

3>TJST. a flower; the menstrual flux, 

5*pTT*l, a thief. 

<pj. the earth-worm. 

^Jt%. trick, sorcery. 

3>T?f, a bad dream, nightmare. 

<?^<P. sorcery, juggling; a cheat. 

^^, spiteful ; the snake. 



%r$?[ s a cavity, the ear-hole ; sound. 
3F3, new moon; cuckoo's note. 
3K/sT^1, ^C^f^l, a mist, a fog, a 
<g>5, the female breast. * [haze. 
^rfs^l, a painting-brush. 
<g?fli$, the chirping of a bird. 
zpl?, untruth, illusion ; a trap ; a 
peak; heap; a water jar. [hair. 
^i?^, a ploughshare ; a braid of 
<j>T>*If , a deer-trap, snare, net. 
<|a*^, uniform, unchangeable. 
l^sflTj an upper room, attic. 
■^F*"ttf, ambiguity, fiction. 
«3T?J, a wall. 

<pfc?t, a bag, satchel, wallet. 
<|?*f, a well, a hole. 
^*f^, a mast, a stake in the 
^vftW, horripilation. [ground. 
^n, a tank. 
^J, food, boiled rice. 
7f?W, space between the eyebrows, 
^f55%1, thickened milk ; a brush. 
<pf^, amusement, play, jumping, 
^*f ?T, the elbow, the knee. 
fpST, a tortoise, turtle. 
:§pT, shore, bank ; mound. 
^*T3s 3 an ant-hill. 
<^5Tr9^, a whirl-pool, an eddy, 
*F5"I, a mist, a fog. 
^3>, the neck. 

^fn*T, a lizard, a chameleon. 
■ ' : f^, difficulty, pain, penance. 
<P«1, a painter. 

<jT5, done, made, effected. 
<jT5<[>W1, successful, skilful, [nate. 
^3<p5Tsf,<!>3<jF5J, successful, fortu-. 
^®% ungrateful, unthankful. 
35^58, grateful, thankful. 
^rs^T^", married. 
3?UWT?T, a slave. 
<p3*JJ§T, an archer. 
<?3T^fcF, with the hands joined. 
<T5T^ death ; Yama ; a conclusion. 
^"Sf^f^Ttf, guilty, criminal. 
<j?3tsf, successful, prosperous. 
<&3fcT?r.a frog. 
^1%, an act, action, deed. 
<^f%3ff, talent, ability, cleverness. 
^1>\, learned, accomplished, clever. 
3>q, torn, shorn. [a motive. 

fSJ, duty, what ought to be done ; 
^fs^T, artificial, fictitious. 
<j?V^, the whole, all, entire. 
<pf<T, a barn, a granary. 
fvfr, stingy, miserly, mean. 
3»*T1, mercy, pity, compassion. 
^*fT«l, a sword, a dagger, 
^^fl"^, merciful, compassionate. 
<s9ftTsj the belly; the water; wood, 
<$!%, a loom. 
<pfst, a worm, an insect. 
^fSHsil, the lac. 
«5*f, lean, thin, emaciated, 
^*TwT1 9 the hair. 
f*\h*l f ^K fire, 
a^rnft, an actor. 



VTO, a farmer, husbandman. 

i illecl, cultivated, [bandman. 
<^T«i, a farmer's labourer, a bus- 
^>fe, ploughing, agriculture. 

5"WT, husbandman, ploughman. 

^■33, black, dark blue; Krishna. 

\$&, cummin Beed, 

[T, a deer. 
^ss^f^, the moon's wane. 
^s^urnr, the black antelope, 

^■^51, mustard seed. 


^'<{, fixed, appointed, made. 
C<P, who ? what person. 
C^CSI. C^<11, a worm. 
C3>3n><r, a Mack cobra, 
C'r.^^", crooked, squint -eyed. 
C3»3si, a peacock's cry. 
C^T^, the peacock. 
C3>f5^, some persons. 
WW, buying, purchasing. 
C^f^l, a tent. 

C$"3T» a banner ; invitation ; liousc. 
C^^s a flag, comet, ninth planet. 
C?P\£^, a cloud. 
C3>WT?~, a hold, a mountain. 
C35CW3"I, a chair. 
C357T, why ? wherefore ? 
C^RI, because, for. 
C^t^tS, the rudder of a boat. 
C<$^?1, a wolf. 
£35% the centre of a circle. 
C^eT, only, simply, merely. 
C3?lR a how. what kind of. 
V *> 

r^.-? - , .in ornament for the arm. 
C*? 8?Tf*r, b small car, a pa 
644l!l1j hire, rent. 
Cwi I « , stripping, peeling, flaying, 

<;$!%, sport, fun, diversion. 
C$f£f?§Mi camel. 
wsfc^fspsi'!, wife's Bister. 
C<pcTjt4t 3 rice-gruel, kdnji. 
r.'N A T, the hair of the head] mane. 
C3>"*T<!". hairy, shaggy; Viahnoo. 
C^^TiTTlf^, a comb, hair-brush. 
C<9*\$ 3 the filaments of flowers; 

mane. [lion. 

C^ift, having a mane; horse; 
C^Tc^f*!, mutual pulling of hair. 
G$f%, a mango-stone kernel. 
c^^r, anybody, some one. 
^<5, where? in what place? 
tss^tj, slavery, servitude. 
t^33", deceit, fraud, craft. 
^^"q,, a fisherman, boatman. 
fo^srj, absorption into the divine 

t^T3", the lotus, water-lily. 
fo>sTl. a sucking calf. 
t<P*jPT. a mythological mountain; 

the Hindu paradise. 
t^TT?", boyhood, youth, the age 

of a lad from 10 to 15 years. 
C3*T3>. the flank, side, hip. 
C*FT3P^, crumpled, shriveled. 
OTS^rfSTj curling up, contracting. 
C^T^-R, groaning ; grunting. 



C^T5, a fish-spear, harpoon, [front. 
C3nFS, the clothes tucked up in 
C^r^, plaiting, folding, puckering. 
rfTFI, the front tuck of a garment. 
C^T^, a wolf ; chameleon ; date- 
C^T^C^r^, a pigeon. [tree. 

C^I^TW, the red lotus, 
C<t-i^^t, the sun. 
C^T^f^7 a white horse. [coal. 

C^tf^^T, the Indian cuckoo ; a live. 
C3FT®T*1T, the full moon in A'shwin. 
C^T^", a tower, fort, citadel. 
C^TlJ^a thatcher, a hedger. 
C^T^"^, mincing, pounding. 
C^fSjTl, a pimp, a procurer. 
C^T1> 3", the hollow of a tree, a den. 
C^TT?!*?, a police officer, guard. 
C^T u>, ten millions; a sword-point ; 
a wager, a promise. 

C^t^wf, a ladder. 

C^Tl^T, a crown, a diadem. 

C^T§", C&&, a tower, fort, citadel. 

C&f$ 9 leprosy, ringworm. 

C^tVl, a brick-built house. 

C^T\^ digging, perforating. 

C<5T?1, a whip, scourge ; a digger 
of tanks or wells. 

C^T«1, C^KI, a corner, angle. 

C^T*!^ 6 !, a louse. 

C^T^T^I* a diagonal line. 

C^T«U", angular ; a crooked arm. 

C^TqT, sore e} r es, gangrene. 

C$W S anywhere, where ? 

CoTW'3, a how, the eye-brow. 
C^t^any, some; C9f*T,who? what? 
C^T*f, wrath, fury, rage ; a blow. 
C<pT*TT^, digging ; provoking to 

<^T*fT*T, angry, wrathful, furious. 
C3ni<^ learned, wise. 
C3>Tir$", the loins, the waist. 
OT^sT,, soit, tender, mild, gentle. 
C^PT?"^ a flower-bud. 
C^T?" 6 }, scratching, scraping. 
C^IJ'3, hydrocele. 
C^T«T, embrace ; point of the com- 
pass ; a raft ; a hog ; a harbour 
C3*T*T^_, pepper. 

C3rfrr*freT, postscript, appendix, 
C^TcTTC^Tf^, mutual embracing. 
C3>T^Tf^, welcome, encouragement. 

C^STsrira^j a large kind of frog. 

C3»T*oT^«r, noise, shouting, tumult. 

C^T¥ 3 a bud ; a drinking vessel ; 
an egg ; a sheath ; treasury ; 

C<FtXt%^ bribe. [vessel. 

C^T^ 1 , a canoe, a boat-shaped 

C^TTrsTT^T, a treasury. 

C^T^t, a boat-shaped sauce-vessel. 

OT^, a granary, chamber ; ordure. 

C^T^ fate, destiny, horoscope. 

OT^ lukewarm, tepid. 

C^T^cT, wine ; music ; a dramatic 

C^T^TvFlj fog, mist, haze. 

C^5TT, misconduct, rep 

rarflte, a hypocrite, deceiver. 

Cotes'? fi><p**»*i< the boaconstri 
. a scimitar. 
-..'is, a butcher. 
,a canister, small box, casket. 
■ <^s>, a blacksmith. 

leceit, guile, dishonesty. 
c^l"5?r, a pigeon. 
C$}"£S>, Bport, fun, a joke. 
C^tesftj sportive, jocular, funny. 
C3>^"?*t, curiosity. 
C^iWTf^^, a cross breed. 
c^t*ftJT, cloth to hide the privities. 
C^C^^t, the north quarter. 
CVtUt^r, boyhood, youth, from 

birth to 5 years of age. 
C^l^wl, moonlight. [pion. 

C<thi'J. the Bign Cancer, the scor- 
C3^CI><T, a bastard by a married 

C3^3>, relating- to a family. 
C^Tit^j, nobility of birth. 
C^'.^?^, a ilog. [faro. 

c^t*TrTj, cleverness, success, wel- 
C5}C*t?, male oi silk, silken. 
C3*t*faf7, idleness, laziness. 
C$t*[f^35, a sorcerer, magician. 
C^)^»,the breast-jewel of Vishnu ; 
^Tof, extract, decoction, [a coin. 
S'^5, a saw. 

3p^|T, a saw; poor man; partridge. 
jp - ^, a sacrifice, offering, worship. 

3FSf»r, beating, killii 
jp*w^, weeping, wailing, crj 

. raw fleuh, meat. 
«i»4j|ir, a cannibal, an o 
^ir, a Btep, degree, seri< 
3F3T*I, the feet. 
^5Tif^ , 5w. a declivity, slope. 
^st^vf. interruption of a series. 
^r*:;, gradually, regularly. 
jpsrTsf'i", successive, regular. 
JpfSta, gradual, successive. 
3FJlt, <jsfs", a worm. 
35»*T, 3Ftt 9 areca nut, betel nut. 
jK^Caj, gradually, regularly. 
5pr."5irf, 3j»C5r3??P, the camel. 
vfiK.ajl^y5T, irregularity, disorder. 
3P?, buying, purchasing. 
jpTT^^ 5 ?. buying and Belling. 
3Rn, a purchaser. 
^~j. purchasable, lit for purchase 
gspTO, very lean. 
^T^. stepped, gone, passed over. 
3Ftf%, ascending, excelling. 
3*tf%*TR5, the equinox. 
^>T<i^5, a purchaser, customer. 
fs 5 *?!, the sign Ram. 
mp*jI, an action, work, affair; a 

ceremony ; a verb. 
jpl^Sl, sport, play, wantoni 
nil. bought, purchased. 
3r»^f. enraged, angry, vexed. 
jp^j, crying. 
^?T, cruel, treacherous. 




dp3l, a purchaser, customer. 
CW^\5, the bosom, embrace j lap. 
C^T^^n?, postscript, codicil. 
QpT^ffiF, the tortoise. 
C3»T^t^<, the rhinoceros. 
CTpTsT, killing, destroying. 
C^T$f, anger, wrath, passion. 
CSpT?, ten millions; the osprey 

or fishing eagle. 
ClpT*!", an Indian mile, 4000 cubits. 
CIF!"*!^, crying, bewailing. 
C3»T^, a jackal. 
C^t^s, a kind of heron. 
C^^^t^f, one of the 7 continents. 
Cjpi^ITt^", the stalk of lotus. 
^sr, toil, labour. 
^T^, wearied, fatigued, tired. 
^tt%, weariness, fatigue. 
^Tf%^3~, fatiguing, wearisome. 
f^sT, wet, damp, moist, musty. 
f^?TPF, a diseased eye. 
fi?*&, distressed, pinched ; lean. 
^fa, neuter, impotent ; a eunuch. 
CW^ t dampness, clamminess, pus. 
C# *T, trouble, distress, perplexity. 
t^f%3», spirituous liquor. 
(Wt^f the bladder. 
^», where ? in what place ? 
^fs^, somewhere, seldom. 
^«j, sound, tinkling, twang. 
^«R, a small earthen pot. 
^Tzfai, boiled, decocted, stewed. 
^1^, a decoction, extract, resin. 

^F«l, a moment, a while. 
^«lTt, water ; an astrologer. 
^pqWl, night ; turmeric. 
^«l^T, killing, destroying. 
5F«l*0T\^t, momentary, evanescent. 
SFqSf^l, lightning. 
^"I^Tsft, a pigeon/ 
^>f«l3>, momentary, transient. 
Wf^i^t, the night. 
^q<Tl, diseased in the feet, footsore. 
^C«11, a disease in the feet. 
^T£, a wound, scar ; wounded. 
^3Ȥi, blood, pus, matter, 
^sf^^^, full of cuts and wounds. 
^5Ts, one who breaks a vow. 
^Ft%, loss, injury, harm, damage. 
^C~51W, a bloody flux. 
5P3F, the military caste, khetrya. 
3pfl]'<r, one of the military caste. 
^^1, forbearing. 
^»*f«l, impudent, shameless. 
^TO, guilt, crime. 
^*j1, night ; folly, madness. 
^»»ffas<rj the moon. 
^'Z, ^«9|\ a sneeze, a cough. 
^"ST, capable, patient ; friendly. 
^"5T51. power, ability, authority. 
^sri, mildness, forgiveness. 
^^TrT^T^r, forbearing, forgiving. 
^<T, wasting away, decline, con- 
WTSTTtt, an intercalary month. 
^?T1, decayed, going to ruin. 



V?rq, oozing, dripping, trickling. 

tpttY, tbf rainy Beason. 

. ^»t^, quiet, tranquil, calm. 
Vlfa, forbearance, desisting, 
TPT^r, weak, feeble. 

*5»i*T, alkali, salt, asheS. 

Wfft*1, hunger, appetite. 
^T*T^, washing, rinsing, cleaning. 
fflpa, agitated, excited, pestered. 
ffff$, the earth; waste, destruction 

f^t%'*i"3", a mountain ; a king. 

fs^t%?P"5:, a tree. 

fsp^r, disease ; the miii. 

fsp^f^. air, wind. 

fatalist racted, mad; thrown, cast. 

f?P*fi, the night. 

f5P2f, rapid, quickly, soon, 

TPt«i, attenuated, thin ; feeble, 

wte, drunk, intoxicated. 

*S$]7l, thickened milk. 

#1<T*T, frumenty, rice-milk. 

^^T1, a cucumber; rice-milk. 

^pft^TW, a sea of milk. 

"^5,, a sneeze ; hunger. 

^•ff, <*, broken grain, a scrap. 

"spa", pounding, digging, carving. 

^fini:, minute, small, trilling. 

^»CTtSa\ the sensation of hunger, 

3j»w, little, small, low, mean. 
^ «1, ^'*f, hunger, appetite. 
^fVs. hungry. 
^t%<fe, appeasing of hunger. 

^*f, a Bhrub, a bus 


*ffr, a small room ; a clump, tuft ; 

^§, alarmed, distracted, distre 
^ivi, alarmed, frighten* 
^F*n, Sax, linseed. 
^>3", a razor ; an animal's h< 
^3"*11, instrument forcutt 
Y^, small, yoi 

^^TT3, father' ther. 

C^4, a field ; place of pilgri 
C^»^5§i, the legitimate child oJ a 

wife by another man. 
C*F3"5"G3, geometry. 
C^^f, a throw, cast, dischar^ 
CP*f«l, sending, cafi iding, 

C^»*fcft, an oar: a net. 
C^»*f5>i, a missile ; a net. 
C5»f*t%", very soon. 
C^sr. luck, welfare, prosperity. 
c^rwl". Brahmani kite ; lucky. 
C^ift. C^^^R. lucky, fortunate. 
r.5F?TT<ft, a boatman. rov 
C*FTf«i, the earth. 
C^PTn, a powder. 
C^rfinil csPTfiffc, very small. 
C^Ts, perplexity, distress of mind 
d*tf"lj the earth. 
CPTf, honey, water, liquid, 
C^Ysr, linen or silk cloth. 
C^T?", shaving. 
C^f?^, the barber. 

^5(1, the earth. [able. 

f^»S| , freed, liberated ; cool, agree- 
CW\5, poison, venom ; sound. 

•af, the sky, firmament ; the sun. 
•art", parched grain. 
•ip^T, navigable, deep. 
•or^cT, ear-wax ; sediment of oil. 
■afo9<r, catechu, the resin of some 

tree. [the sun ; a bird. 

•arsf* moving in the air, aerial; 
**rcsT"3J, Garura, the king of birds. 
•arcstteT, the celestial sphere, 
■arsffiv?, a reed. 

•*n>3T, moving in the air ; a mule. 
•arfSvS, beset, set, inlaid. 
•arf^oT, a ball, bullet. 
•aTSt, «*riiT3»1, a spoon, ladle. 
•ar@3», a churning rod. 
•arsjwf, the dew. 
•arc®JTr§s, the fire-fly. 
•*r^ lame, limping. 
•ar^^T, the wagtail. 
•a/^Tj a tabor, small drum ; a 

female wagtail. 
•ar-©?\ a dagger, poniard, dirk. 
•afj, a kind of grass ; phlegm ; a 

sound. [formed arm. 

•afF3>, a marriage broker; a cle- 
<#, an emporium of trade, a mait. 
■4T %, -aff^l, chalk ; straw, 
•aftjja", dwarfish, short, 
■ai^jl, a bedstead, couch. 



•ai^t^, a short club like the foot 
of a bedstead. 

•anjjH", a civet or pole-cat. 

•srfrj/, a bedstead for carrying the 

•arf§^ a fowler. [dead. 

•ajx§"3"<!>, dwarfish, short. 

■9f\F, stubble, straw. 

■aKF^st, a private or back door. 

■arasr, a patten, clog, sandal. 

«ans<£1, a cuiTycomb. 

•ari%, chalk ; a machination. 

«aTi%<5l, a dried stalk of grass used 
to pick the teeth. 

•atf^f^, •arfs^t, mortar mixed 
with straw used to plaster mud 
•arf^Tl, white, pale, chalky. 
•aj\5?n, made of straw, 
■anssf, a slaughter-knife, a scimitar. 
•aTsS^rt, a rhinoceros ; armed. 
•afS, fragment, piece, section. 
•ar^©j molasses, treacle. 
•ar^TT, cutting in pieces ; refuting. 
•aTQ^I, a refutation, fracture. 
•are^T^r, a confectioner. 
•aTS 2f5nr, breach of friendship, a 

great quarrel. 
•ar^t^-T'i, reduced to fragments. 
•ar^t-arfs, mutual quarrel. 
•ar^irT^T, vapour, cloud. 
•ar^T^ a reckoning, casting up. 
•art%?TR", an account-book, the 

•sr-» v 7!l, ^rcTl, torn, tattered, decay- 
ed ; a disease oi the eye-lids 

which (lest revs the cyc-la.-l i cs. 

•sro^t, a bill of sale, [preventing. 
•*IW fc i. driving away, beating; 

•orftr, •orftR-. parched paddy. 
<rfc"<r, catechu or Japan earth, the 

gum of some tree. 
<*ikf?'~F, lac, sealing wax. 
<?rr;f?3T3, the sun ; a fire-fly, 
•$r^"*f . a Bky-rocket, firework. 
••rw^5,a digger, miner; a burglar; 
*rasr. a digging, mining, [a rat. 
•arsn, a hog-spear, snuffling. 
•srfw, a mine, quarry, pit. 
•*rf^3f, *P51j a spade. 
«*. rs fr, a harvest, a crop. 
«r*f7TI, a roofing-tile. 
•*T*fC?T5r, covered with tiles, tile. 
■tf*J[?r» betel-tree; garlic; a&afo* 

or earthen water-pot. 
<r*j^Pr,an absurdity, impossibility. 
•*r**|7r, crown of the head; a knave. 
•sr^Tt?, rain- water. 
•*T*T5Pf, the dew. 
<prf«l, the sun. 

•sfTftFT^r, a slumber, a short sleep. 
< r3 ?1, a post, pillar, stake, 
•tf^reri, brown, light brown. 
<8T3r, an ass; pungent ; brittle. 
•tfTr^ra, teak-tree, red basil, [ing. 
•*T3"H, parching, burning-, scorch - 
•tf® ,*T^, cutaneous eruption, itch 

•9rfi<r, a date, date-tree. 

•srHTi the ^< l11 ; :l beggar's dish. 

•sr^r, •sr^'TK, short and Btoul ; a 

<n£r, manliness ; Bilk-cloth. 
<BT, malicious, crafty ; a mortar. 
<T*r*, deceitful, slippery, fickle. 
«T9R, slipping, erring, blundering. 
•aTeT^TI, a granary, a barn. 
«f*wnfj mercury. 

<T*raW, mortar and pestle. 

•jrcnT^TT, a cockroach. 

•arr^f, refuse of an oil-pn 

<rfiTst, *fa3\ ground where corn 
is threshed. 

•jr^fsn, a bubbling Bound. 

*P5T3P, darkness, gloominess. 

•TO, a trench, canal, ditch ; a 
large leather bag: a stone mortar 
for preparing medicine; cloth. 

•9fWTiS\ 8 bald head. 

•$rat, rheumatism. 

<l^e\, falling off as dry leaves. 
<r*l,rough, scabby, scaly ; the itch. 
•*T»\51 . a rough draft, rough copy, 

a waste-book. 
«*h^\ desire, covetous 
•$rp3>fj, deficiency, insufficiency, 
<TT^i, a cage, coop, aviary. 
<ft®S, a mortise, dovetail, groove. 
^1~S 9 raw sugar, niol. 
<fTT, a sword, scimitar. 
<tf;7fi, noseless, Bnub-nosed. 




■STT^", a ditch, trench, pit. 
*n^?F, dross, sediment, dregs. 
•aTT^t, pretence, deception. 
•Stt^TcTi greedy, voracious. 
■*TT>83", eating ; corroding. 
•^T^TTT^r, feeding, grazing. 
•arTsftj devouring, destructive. 
^tTW^T, a long-bladed sword. 
•4TT3F?HI, a broom, a besom. 
<TT©1, a kind of sweetmeat ; hard. 
•*TTf§i^, fried paddy. 
•siT^, a date, date-tree. 
<TTlF, a bedstead, bed ; dwarfish. 
«Cr^yft> , short-sighted; niggardly. 
<rtT>^", labouring, working. 
<TT^^ft, wages ; task, toil. 

«4rTl> sr«T, a bug. 

<rn> ril , a screen, a sieve. 

<TTT^Ta, setting to work, engaging 
or employing men to any busi- 
ness ; sour. 

•sH^T^T, an interval, space between 
any two boundaries. 

«*lt§t, refined, approved. 

«4ttv5*T, crack in the ground. 

<TK51, erect, upright, standing. 

■tftf^, a confectioner. 

<"fa, «4TT^, apiece, individual thing. 

«*rT5, a ditch, channel, pond. 

•*IT"5^, a debtor, borrower ; a ditch. 

•arTS^I", promissory note. 

<rT"3l,a plot of land; account-book. 

•4TTW, the dross of metal. 

<TTW^, an eater ; corrosive. ' 
•SttW^C, eating, corroding. 
■*tt1W", a club, bludgeon ; a piece. 
•artWJ, eatable ; article of food. 
•STPTI, a ravine, pit ; food. 
•Cfl^, a little ; breach in a wall ; 

a miner. 
•*TTt^, a house-breaker, burglar. 
<T^<fT5T, piecemeal, in pieces. 
<t% a sheath^ scabbard. 
<t*f?Tl, a tile, potsherd. 
•W5T1, a mouthful, handful. 
<T"5T, an envelope.. 
<tsrt?", a threshing-floor, [pinch. 

•$rt"5T5R, pinching, taking up a 

«4TT?r1, upright, honest; payable 
without any deduction. 

*TTrr, a creek, bay, inlet. 

•tfT^T^t, a salt-manufactory. 

<rT"^Tl^ft, a sailor. 

•*TTf%, empty ; a spasm, cramp. 

•*TT^, bad, inferior, ugly. 

farfat, a fox. [female fox. 

f««rf^t?r, legs of a bedstead ; a 

fVs\F, dirt ; low, obscene. 

f<Tt?f\S, a mixture, medley ; a dish 
made of rice and split peas. 

f«*nsf\5^rl, vulgar, low, obscene. 

f*T5^, mouthing, making faces. 

f«*TT>, rust, scurf, mildew. 

f<rt>f<ri>pT, fretting, complaining. 

f<i>T<f[><r! j , peevish, querulous. 
f*T\5^, Venetians, a back door. 



f«n?]?rTs\ grieved, grieving. 

f-anjf. disease ; poof. 

f^rtj, distressed, melancholy, 

f*2TrT, a bolt ; fallow land. 

f«3fcnVRi. staple for a bolt. 
f^TTTT, driving a wedge ; arching 
over a door way. 

fWpi'R, an arch, vault, dome. 

for^t, a tunnel, packet of betel, (fee. 

•tfp^, pricking, thrusting a point- 
ed weapon. [cloth. &C. 

<n*, the extremity of a pie 

*M»sr, picking ap, gleaning. 

«JT>f^, a dot, mark. flaw. 

•*fT>T^r, comparing, matching, 

«p?t, a stake, post, pile. 

•stf:*;. a stain, blemish, flaw, scar. 

•&ras;r, hawking, coughing, expect- 

«*j^t, a foetus, a female infant ; 
scurf combed from the head of 

■tffW, seeking, examining. 

•«f§?<n, by retail, peddling. 

•tflWfa, scratching, itching; itch. 

•tfTSPtTI. a basket, tray. 

•CR, digging. 

«*K£*i 3 father's younger brother. 

•IfW, broken grains ; refuse. 

*p?»J, digging, engraving. 

•^t%> a spade. 

«*T*f, suddenly, hastily. 

■ftRTlft, a hut, a shed, a hovel. 

•*IT, a razor; animal's hoof. 

«T?r«l*T, Hat -iced. 

<?'2J', •«r^f1,asj)udtognib up • 

•iTT^ft, a stool, bench ; a no< 

tether animals bv the foot. 

•tf^l", an earthen cup, small platter. 
<r*fl, a spud to grub up grass. 
<rsfl, date, a sweetmeat. 
•*r*T»r opening, loosening, untying. 
•4T^, the skull, a basin. 
*TSret5, father's younger brother, 
•an^sr, a road, a way, 
•aR"«i, coughing, wheezing. 
««f^HS-l, coughing: inciting. 
•*r*H»T, a cmigh ; instigation. 
•af^t^T, separating corn from the 

husk ; a witch, 
■ar^vpr, wrapping up, concealing. 
C<T, C"*!"^", a thread -end, iibre. 
C<f^, a ribald song. 
C*K?T1, CQW&a a broom, besom, 
(.<&<$, a yelp, bark, snarl. 
C<T$Tfa, snarling, fretful ness. 
C*N5fa, teazing, importuning. 
c4*r*l«H s a fox. 
C*r5a,twitching.pullingor drawing 
C-%5), a Bpasm, cramp, twitch. 
C«*T5?", moving in the air ; mercury. 
C^v, low, mean ; a village. 
C*n>35, a village, suburb ; a club. 
C*3ll>b lascivious, lewd. 
C-snni. a club, bludgeon, mace. 
C^Tit, dwarfish, thin, spare. 


CtfW, regret, sorrow, grief. 
C*4f?t\5^, driving away, chasing. 
C^TWT^", repulsing, driving away. 
C<TTl", a casket for trinkets. 
C<T<T 5 a ditch, moat, trench. 
C-*r?1, a ferry ; plying a ferry. 
C"«*I*R, playing, sporting, frolicking. 
C«*T*R1j a plaything, toy. 
C«4T«TI, play, sport, fun. 
C*r*TT\p, playful, sportive, wanton. 
CWtft, a plaything, toy. 
t«*T, parched paddy. 
C«al1, broken brick, gravel. 
C*TTT>*, pecking, picking up. 
C*rn>1, a stake, stancheon. 
C*hv5«*. digging, excavating. 
C<Tf\5l, lame, halt, crippled. 

C«rt?K5, a sheepfold, cowpen. 

C-alW, a male infant, a babe. 

C*5lTw\, a writing-case. 

C<TT1»1, search, enquiry, tracing. 

C«TTfi>, a cunning woman. 

Cart**, digging ; engraving. 

0*lTW1, an inscription. 

G«ftTR, a spear, a hog-spear. 

C<TT^T, a sheath ; shell of a fruit. 

C-*tt*T, a pigeon-hole. 

C<tT*T5T5r, the shorter side of a 
sloping thatch. 

C«rT*f?rt, a cottage, hut, hovel. 

WK1, bunch of hair tied on the 
crown or behind the head. 


C<Ti?t^, losing, squandering, la- 

C<TT<n, lost ; broken brick. 

C^t?!^?!, lavish, wasteful. 

(/*{T<rlT, loss, injury. 

CafT^", lame, crippled. [sheath. 

C*Jt*T, a hollow ; a nutshell ; a 

C<rT*JJT, loosening, opening, .unty- 

caTTtfPT, the slough of a snake. 

cafToTl, open, clear ; a potsherd. 

C<T^t, a cooking-pot. 

C*tt*T, the itch. 

C<n^^T, unhusking, threshing. 

G*T*TI, a shell, pod, bran, husk. 

•SUM, famed, renowned. 

<Dlf%, fame, character, report. 

•*lJT3JT*ra, celebrated, renowned. 

<$t\S, a wave, billow, tumour on 
any part of the body after the 

IHf, roar of a wild beast. 

5TW, CSiTW, gum, gum-arabic. 

Sfsfei, 9TSR, sky, atmosphere. 

sWCaSTl, the Adjutant bird. 

ST'JfaT^sr, the sun. 

Sfsfpr, complaining, groaning, 

$TSf1, the river Ganges. 

ST^Tl? 5 ^, swearing by G-unga. 

Sf^TCT??, a prawn, shrimp. 

'JfsfT*?", a name of Shiva. 

*T*T2JTfa, death, decea 

*T5, coarse and close-wo 

sna?, a deposit, pledge ; a tree. 

fff^T. deposited, mortgaged, 
to deposit, to pledge. 

»iwl*, depositing, pawning. 

sfgf, an elephant ; a yard. 

^f95^?i, squint-eyed. 

sfs^, ivory, elephant's tusk. 

cHK.n|^3, a Hon. [murmuring. 

«r§?<r*f©<r, grumbling, an inward 

*f5f<n, a bracelet, armlet. 

sfiri, a bud : kind of sweetmeat. 

sfSrUr, sprouting, shooting out. 

«fWR, elephant-faced, Oanesha. 

STSTn, a peg, nail, pin, plug. 

fflKTVR, muttering, murmuring. 

sf^. a mart, treasury ; a mine ; 
disrespect, contempt. 

*HiR1, reproachful language. 

*H*1, «Tf**1, tavern, distillery; 
hemp tops used as an intoxicat- 
ting smoking. 

Sffc*, make, shape, building. 

sre, obstacle ; fence ; fort ; aver- 
age ; a bow, a salutation. 

SfvS'tffJ 5 ", the moat or ditch be- 
longing to a fortification. 

sresre, a rattling sound. 

*re*, fabric, form ; fabricating, 
forming ; rolling. 

?n?1^Mn, artist, maker. 

sfSift, hire of an artificer. 

ffTTS, a cloud. 
*T51, a coarse cloth. 
«HTW, making; melting; the rolling 
of anything ; sloping, inclined. 
tr^Tf^n, shaking; rolling; sloping. 
*f?T5T, a mouthful. 

Sffs, wave, billow; tumour; a call. 

»lfss»*rt, indolent, apathetic 
*»ff^?R, aslant, Moping, danting. 
«f$, goitre, a hump on the I 

an earthworm. 
*T5<T, a fabulous bird of Vishnu; 


Sfljp, on an average, on the whole. 

sfSSfTT^, thundering, roaring, 

Sf^fn?, thunder, rattling sound. 

vN^gRtoi, disorder; a flock of 
sheep. [spout 

9f\5^T^s, a water- vessel with a 

Sf$*T9, confusion, hubbub. 

*>M,, class, party, number ; a body 
of troops consisting of '21 cha- 
riots, '27 elephants, 81 horses 
and 135 foot. 

SN31, partiality, collusion, [nuiiier. 

'■sfcj^^IfT, sr«i3s, astrologer, astro- 

ff«R, counting, reckoning of th 

*f«R1, calculation ; prediction. 

*f*l*fi%, Oanesha ; a ringleader. 

9T«l«?tr^, the breast, the bosom. 

SW^i, attached to a party, [ties. 

SWrft, mutual counting ; by par- 

SflTSfTsfl; a series of numbers. 




SfaTCTfT^t, a generation, lineage. 

SffSi^l, a prostitute. [tise 

9f f*ra, counted • arithmetical trea- 

Sfft^S, attached to a party. 

SfC«i<F, a prostitute ; a female ele- 

9fC«i^^1, a procuress, a bawd. 

5fC s l'*T, the Hindu god of wisdom. 

$f«lj%, calculation, numeration. 

5f9, the cheek, side of the face 
including the temple ; a boil, a 
pimple ; a rhinoceros. 

5f recounting by fours; rhinoceros. 
«*f3^T?% the tree yielding ihe 

5f!3^*f, the summit of a mountain. 
SfstsTtST, a tumult, uproar. 
ST3«fT*r, a populous village. 
WSTTsn, the mumps. 
9f3^<f, pre-eminently ignorant. 
STTSt*T5T, an avalanche ; forehead, 
sf^sr, the side of the face, the 
Sfrsi, four units. [cheek. 

5f3lf%?1, reckoning by gandas. 
Tf'SW, 5T3I3", a rhinoceros. 
Stfe, a goitre ; trunk of a tree. 
*){*£), a bow, a rainbow ; a figure 

enclosed by a line. 
5\Q , a pillow, a bolster. 
9T^fW j an earthworm. 
SfQJ, a handful of liquid ; the tip 

of an elephant's trunk, 
SfC3T*T ; molasses, treacle. 

sf«iJ, calculable, notable. 

9H5, gone, past, last. 

SfS?", the body. 

5f5Tsn5 a going and coming. 

STQSTlf, obsolete, out of date. 

9f3T^", depositing, pledging. 

'JfST^sf p5^, going with the stream, 

sret^'p^ 1 , fruitless after-thought. 

T5W5, coming and going. 

SfTtlT, ^f^T^, dying, at the point 
of death. [woman. 

sraTQ'Vl, an old woman, a barren 

sreTsfas, retrospective. 

9f 1%, going, progress, course ; fate 

Sfl^s. condition, position, resource. 

str^flpsfl, procrastination, trifling. 

?f1%f^f>f, intercourse. 

5fr%(t"^t^, motionless, helpless. 

sf^T?", moveable, locomotive. 

5T5J1, 9ff5?Tl, dilatory, procrastinat- 
tfWj the uneasy sensation after ex- 
cessive eating or drinking, dis- 
ease, sickness ; a word. 
Sim, a mace, bludgeon, club. 
STWf^Vtj consumption. 
sfWT^T, a cloud. 
srwT?"f1%, a medicine. 
STTW", a cushion, mattress, pillow. 
sfFfjfif, ecstasy, rapture, panting. 
sffpfa'R, invested with a seat ; 

one in a prosperous condition. 
sfpF, a jest, joke, taunt, sarcasm. 



sf>j, prose ; pleasantry, humour, 
CfTO7j passable, accessible* 
IW1, a traveller, one wrho goes. 

. reckoning, calculation. 
sf*3, a passenger, a traveller, 
•Hit, a cart drawn by oxen. 
*W, smell, odour; connection, 


Sf3r3>, W*1TJ5T«i, sulphur, brim? 

TOWsfitafi, smcsfsrei, the musfe. 

STWSJI, the nose. 

sf^ra, encouragement ; injury. 

?raf£f<r, fond of Bcents. 

Sf^fa^, druggist, one who sells 

5f^>?^t", the mango-tree, 

ST^ft^rr, wheat. 

sf^C^r, lemon-grass. 

Sf^srT"^, wormwood. 

*m*i31, the earth. 

Sf^Pr^t, spirituous liquor. 

*T*ir7wr?\ Sf^sf, a eivet-cat. 

■Jf^f^. a muskrat. 

TOt^r^sr, an ox. 

?T3F<r*T, myrrh. 

Sf^^r, a celestial musician. 

SF3F1, to perfume, to diffuse ascent. 

«T3tT3", emitting a smell, stinking. 

WPttl, sulphur. 

*TWJ. a bug-, hug-fly. 

«T?*f, a tale, report, tattle. 

5f**fJ, talkative, garrulous. 

If^w, miscarrying, faili 

fHT^t*, Bpoiling, vitiating, writ* 
ing so that none can under- 
stand . 

sfTO, wild buffalo, buffalo-horn. 

SRI, a cow ; a .simpleton. 

sf<r;^\ small window in the form 
of an ox's eye. bull's-eye. 

Sf^TTST, a cow-eater, a skinner, 
currier, tanner. 

SfC3"<f<Is, Sfra?F35, red oclire, rud- 
dle, red earth. 

SfC43q1, a search. 

if*, a cow in calf; pregnant. 

5f*J, produce of the cow, viz. milk, 
butter, eve. 

8f3Jl, a herd of cows. 

SRjt%, a measure of two Icrosh, 

SH5f%, a ray of light ; the sun, 

Sf^hr, deep, profound, grave, 

9T51U'^51, a large drum. 

s\^, CTTT^, wheat. 

^fsrsr, going, motion, progress. 

M1MI>i«j*, going and coming. 

^HStiT, deep, profound, grave. 

fpU, accessible, practicable. 

$nrT?r, spittle, saliva, phlegm, 

ST?T, poison. 

sf<rsfT3.a goitre orbump on the back 

9f <TW.a kind of silk cloth ; a poisoner. 

?nr?5, a peacock, [a bundle of hay, 

'jf^cn, venom, poison, virus t 

T?TcTTl?, the ruby. 




^■fa, deep-rooted; a tree. 
$fTTW?rl, a palisade, paling. 
*T?rTf*f^1, lac, the sealing-wax. 
sft?hn, self-importance, pride. 
STftfo, *>f"f?¥f^, higiily important. 
?f^<I^t, weighty, very important. 
9f<F, an ox, a cow ; a simpleton. 
Sf^vS, fabulous bird of Vishnu. 
Sf??^, a wing, feather. 
ST^^T^T, winged, feathered. 
Sfsf^T, anger, wrath, fury; the 

gurgling of water, 
sfjf^t, a churning vessel, small 

jar, pitcher, jug. [ing. 

9tW^j roaring, growling, bellow- 

SfW^Tj a carr °t- 

$ffs§f$, rolling of thunder; an 

elephant in rut. 
?!"§, hole in the ground, cave. 
SffsVl, a weaver's shop. 
sf*w%, an ass, a donkey. 
Sf^V, greedy, covetous. 
W&, arrogance, self-sufficiency. 
5f^"TT>, a porter, a doorkeeper, 
tfftfo, arrogant, haughty. 
$T^, an embryo ; the womb ; the 

bed of a river. 
$n|<5, a chaplefc of flowers worn 

in the hair ; two nights. 
*f$W 8 r?T, the pestiles of a flower. 
STJlsre, abortive ; untimely birth. 
*f|fWT*T, son of a female slave. 
5tf *fT?r«l, conception in the womb, 

9V§&, a protuberance round a pro- 
minent naval. 
sf^lTS, miscarriage, abortion. 
sf^it, Sfi^«rt, pregnant, 
sffpsffa, abortion, miscarriage. 
snftSTT?", the middle part of a 
house ; lying-in chamber. 

tf^lW, a dramatic scene. [tion. 

sftfrsfR, ceremony to secure concep- 

*fiT*T?T, the womb. 

^gT^'ST, eighth month of pregnan- 
cy, eight years of age from con- 

^Tf^^t, srf^fl", pregnant, [ception. 

ST^I, reviling, reproaching. 

sff^J, despised, reviled, disgraced. 

9f 5T, the neck ; a ship's prow. 

9f5f3»^5T, the dewlap of a cow. 

sfsrsfS, goitre, wen. 

Sfsrsf?", seizing by the throat ; 
unavoidable evil. [out. 

sf5R, melting, dissolving, oozing 

5Ten3"5, the peacock. 

^[vfWSf, hoarseness. 

sfe^f^l, the uvula. 

•jfcn^^t, a she-goat. 

W^^S, seizing by the throat. 

STc^', 9[^t, a ship's prow. 

5fcTl, the neck, throat. 

sf5TTT> , worn out, putrid, rotten. 

Wt^t, a halter, neck-rope, noose. 

9ttrT, a lane, narrow passage ; a 
vicious bull. 

sff^S, melted, dissolved. 

sf~f, a precious -tour, [over-ripe. 
9f5^5ffiT<n, garrulous, talkative; 
st 6 ^, chitchat, idle talk, palaver. 
9fp, the cheek. 
*T^^, a drinking vessel. 
$TW1, a sheaf, map, bundle. 
srat^, binding in Bheavee. 
sf*?^', a drinking vessel. 
^T^ST^TR, glowing with rage, be- 

coming hot. 
<jf^"^, a thicket ; impervious. 
9f$?n, an ornament, a trinket. 
*re?"l, sTre?n, deep, profound. 
if^<^t, delay, procrastination. 
sf^3", a hole, cave, den. 
sfl, the body, a Burfaoe. 
sfT^sr, a Bongster, singer. 
sfT^^T, *>TI^, abusive language 
9fT^\ a COW. 

sfl^, singing, chanting, reciting. 
SfT^^t, wages for singing. 
9fT\, a river, a stream of water. 

sfl, a village, a hamlet. 

tftft, a tribe, class, lineage. 

$fff"T>, ?tift, a knot, joint, package. 

snf T>3>fT>1, a pickpocket, cut purse. 

SftS?^, foaming, frothing up. 

StTSH, hemp-tops for smoking. 

$TTf®"5n, a wallet, a purse. 

STT^l, listening in private. 

$fTfi>^"\5l, the ceremony of tying 
the cloth of the bride and bride- 
groom together. 


sfft'f?', a bundle, package, bale. 
sfFjfo. charm to check theprogres 

of poison in tin- body. 
suiter, deceitful ; a knave. 

<J?Tl3, an iron erOWbar. [ranging. 

fft^T', constructing, building, ar- 

•Jtt^f^T. threading, arranging. 

'JfT^T^'1, horripilation. 

siT^r^i, miscarriage, abortion. 

SfT*f<ft, a small jar, pitcher. 

SfTSTt, a kind of parrot. 

silts??, gold ; a BOrt of grlss; per- 
taining to Qanges. 

SftW, a tree, a plant, a shrub 

vtlft&^l, vegetables, vegetation 

STTWI^T, shooting up, climbing, 

stt^'f\5?1, expert at climbing trees. 

9TT^<ri, climbing tier-, inhabiting 

9\]wx, penance by seli-torture in 
honour of 

STO3", a carrot. 

?fl^, a mine, pit. hole; to bury, 
fix in the ground. 

fffi5Sr,burying, rixing in the ground. 

5fT3^", 9fT3'^, a sheep, a ram. 

SCTSt, cart, wagon, carriaj 

9TT\5, humpbacked: a wen; a 
vessel with a spout. 

sir?, dense, inspissated, crowded. 

sfiF^ra?, a scymitar ; el 

STIIT,, a cave, dark glen ; coarse. 




Sftf^J, a number of prostitutes. 
stTST?T, a rhinoceros. 
STTstTT, a bow, Arjun's bow, 
Sfrai, a songster. 
*sn^r, the Indian cuckoo ; a bee. 
STTv£¥l, indolent, lazy, torpid. 
SfTEStsre, rising or getting up. 
5TT3F, the body, surface. 
sfussft^, giddiness, vertigo. 
^rn^TT^SgfJft, a towel. 
MTsT^, a singer, chanter. 
^TT^TI, a verse, stanza, poem. 
SfTW, to cram down, to ram down. 
sfTTf , dregs, lees, alloy, scum. 
STITR, ramming down, burying. 
9ff5fl, a heap, stack, ream. 
SfTWt.aheap, raised seat; halfaream. 
9fTwt*f1§, chief of a gang or of a 

body of religious mendicants. 
$ft*T, covetousness ; bottom. 
9fT^n, an ass, a donkey ; ^ stupid 

9ft^r, singing, a song, chant. 
STtift. a cart drawn by bullocks. 
5TT*f5T, denial, concealment. 
. .SfTTp^'fa', swaggering, strutting. 
< jfT<\5l, idle talk, chitchat. 
stt^^becomingrusty, beingturhid, 
^JITfa, making foul ; divulging a 

secret, the telling of tales. 
*f fatten, a tell-tale, tattler. 
SfWj sflTi, pregnant ; pregnancy, 
*TOT<ft, with young ; feverish. 

•?fTf%a", with young, pregnant. 
tfT^tj SfT^t, a cow. [feiting 

sfT^*f?rTq, cloying, satiating, sur- 
sfT^s, a goer, one who walks. 
sfTCSTTlsl, a towel, a napkin. 

ing the body. 
^twt*fj,,depth,gravity, profundity. 
$IT5Iwf1, an earthen vessel. 
SfHT, on the surface. 
5ff?T35, a singer, chanter. [Veda. 
5(T<riFtj a, sacred verse of the Big 
sfT®4, food. 
Tt^J, desire, cupidity. 
sff^TSJ, householdership. 
stT5^J, condition of a householder, 
sfT«T, the cheek. 

STT^^TcT, report, rumour. [out. 

sttcT^r, melting, dissolving, oozing 
9T|5j1, sealing-wax, the lac. 
9fTf%, abusive language. 
sfTtifal, a carpet. 
STT«Tf^?Tl, abusive, brawling. 
sfM?1, a braggart, bully. 
*tT£«as, a singer, chanter. 
fifSff a jackal. 
fsffsfjft, a vulture. 
f$R1, a small vessel. 
f$T^", a word, speech, saying. 
t%<T1, a knot, a joint, knuckle. 
fsff?T, a mountain ; a mouse. 
forlfsF^, thunder. 
f*ff?t^f«fa1, the earth. 




fsr^F 1 , a rat. 
faf?$,faf?r*T?r*r, talc. 
f?ff?5ri'i, a large elephant, 
fsrfjfcirw, a kind in' acacia, 
fsffifrra^, a mountain-pass. 
fsf/T^. the lord of the mountains, 

the Himalaya mountains. 
fsfrR iwallowing, holding, 
fsf^l, an alligator, 
fffa, a Bong, hymn, ode. 
srr*35l, a celebrated poem, 
sftf«, swallowing; praise. 
sfWlq, a deity ; immortal, 
sffafa^sr, cloves. 

3", ordure, dung, filth. 

£$, crumbs, fragments, powder. 

#3^r, pulverizing, crumbling. 

£J-f~S, flour, powder; a block. 
SsfSt^r. a gum-resin, [a necklace. 

3"fl5, 3"^. a cluster, bunch, tuft ; 
$fR, collecting in clusters. 
STS^ft, ornament for the ancles. 
S'^Sifa. talebearing, tattle. 
$H^, SM&?!" 8 !; a humming sound. 
SH&1, a rati ; buzzing : a tavern. 
3i>^ ; rolling up, collecting. 
3"fl>3>, quantity, heap, stock. 
SJW^i. a pill, pellet, ball, cocoon. 
Stfih^TOI, a silkworm. 
$H>t. a pill, ball, fruit -stone. 
€J"T>t*TT"5, casting lots, a lottery, 
€K5, treacle, molasses. 
#5^, a medicated lozenge. 
g 2 

*T5"5??F, ^TWF,, cinnamon, mace. 
9^7, rolling up, furling, 
(ftpgftpt, a kind of Bmoking-pi] 
8$5?1| ih" heel. 
9^191, sleep, nap. 
*J3T^, tobacco mixed with treacle, 
a stooping, crouching. 

STT^I. B pill, a hall. [cle. 

Q"ns?i, confectioner ; made of trea« 
8"«l,a bow-string,tow-line; quality 

virtue ; shvtch ; tendency. 

&«i3>, a multiplier. 

8-«l^^^, eulogy, panegyric. 
$?«i3>T3~, advantageous, improving. 
Q"ei^?^^5, a tutor; productive of 
€J"«i?», appreciating merit, [good. 
SfaTT*!^, succeeding, taking effect. 
^"cj^r, multiplication. [a cypher. 
Stof^rai, study, attention ; a dance ; 
€hi^?r*P, measure of a number. 
Stomal, talent, ability, skill. 
St^TO^, an attribute; an adjective. 
8"«i3"bft, eulogizing, grateful. 
S^ftT, talented, distinguished. 
6"«i^^*, a mast. 

^C^n^t, attainment of science. 
$"«l*i$rf^1, a tent. 
5t«l1, wire. 

SfaT^^T. a mine of virtues. 
3'«lTS' s J, virtues and delects. 
9"*IT^"«^t, the multiplication-table. 
3"f«i^53>. a multiple. 
S"«rt, virtuous, accomplished. 

^SN'fa, snuffling, humming, "buz- 

^•3, lascivious, lewd, shameless. 

€"Qtf5T, profligacy, lewdness. 

€tf33»l, SjS^dust, sawdust, powder. 

$1^, stabbing, punching, goring. 

^TT, a tuft, bunch, cluster, bundle. 

$2"Wv5% a bed-quilt, a rug. 

3Twnr, a storehouse, magazine. 

^■WT^", a ferry, landing-place. 

3Tt, a dock for boats. 

&tt<[, a protector, a preserver. 

^"^r,a sack, bag, wallet,pack; a rope. 

^f^T'cT, a king, a sovereign. 

$"% hidden, secret, concealed. 

$?^5"3", a spy, a secret messenger. 

S^W*!", disguise. [ground. 

&fn, a prison ; a hole in the 

£T*p, a mountain-pass, ravine. 

gfe^, strung, threaded. 

€^T<5, the betel-nut and tree. 

3?ui>, heat, sultriness. 

S^srfiNn, tainted, mouldy. 

3Tf<T, haughtiness ; advantage. 

OT?T«I, buzzing, rumbling, re- 
echoing, [spoiled. 

3"*|TR, growing musty, being 

€fsrcp. stringing, threading ; the 
beard, the moustachios. 

£"?T1, the betel-nut. 

6" <ft, 3TI, fair,light-complexioned. 

*37F, a teacher ; . heavy, great. 

3"^ v fT*f; a heinous offence. 

84 £? 

S^^Tl, teacher's wife ; mother. 

€tf^«it, pregnant, with child. 

3f3ff, a gurus wife ; weighty. 

€t^T, a fire-ball, ball ; collection. 

€tc^, a collection, multitude. 

^■cn^, dissolving, melting ; dis- 

^cTrf, S^T^T, a crossbow ; a flower. 

#(%, ^cTt, a ball, bullet, pill. 

€tl^, 31%^, Sf^iST, a number of 

3"f^3tT>, casting lots, a lottery. 

8"f5I?1, globular ; a kind of fish. 

3"*^, 3^1, cluster, tuft, bunch. 

3"^!^, &vffi y a pellet- bow. 

$v{Tp. Sl^T, the heel, the ankle. 

#»Tjr, a bush, creeper; the spleen; 
a body of troops consisting of 
9 elephants, 9 chariots, 27 horse 
and 45 foot. 

#5T5r*p, ginger. 

6"cTsft, cardamom ; a tent. 

€T*iJ, sweet. 

€J"^1, a cave, cavern, dell, defile. 

^T*nr, a tiger. 

S"f55T, a wood, forest. 

fTft^r, wealth, riches. 

&£%7[ 9 blacksmith. 

3"s7, concealable ; the privities. 

3"^JWT*T^, the fire-fly. 

■5T, ^"^f, ordure, filth, rust. 

?fF, secret, concealed, abstruse. 

*fl>li, illegitimate. 




*j7*ftf, the heart. 
5T5^'I5t, ffyifiw, aserpent, snake. 
*ji?*f<F<r. a spy, scout: 
5TS, the frog. * 
*T7W, b tortoise, 
*f5Tr^?n^t, affecting mystery, 
JiTI, smeared with filth, bedaubed. 
*J"?r«i, csfT<3~«i, an effort, endeavour. 
sj-^.?, a carrot ; poisoned 9esh, 

*J">^, *pf, the Tiulian Oupid. 

*j£, covetous, greedy, 

sj r <f, vulture ; greedy, 

?f5^t, lumbago. 

ttfT, a house, habitation. 

^sxsnfVtfl, ^Tfer^i, the honse- 

sfS^ft, Hour rice-gruel. [lizard. 

5t^f^f, domestic quarrel. 

^f^TS?, a tumbler-pigeon. 

^7COTt,eansing discord in a family. 

sjnrfsi, a lamp. 

*[5infotfi, a bat. 

^"^^■, a householder. 

*f5"^«l post, pillar. 

$f7T<risr, the garden adjoining a 

Sff^qt, mistress of a house, [house. 

spfVs, taken, accepted, 

*ii37, ritual of domestic duties ; 

domestic beasts. 
CJfSUi, a purse, money-bag, 
C5f®Jt5T, a smoker of hemp-tops. 
C5f^l, full of knots, knotty. 
C%% &ftg$ : a ball, a marble. 
CSRJ1, partition of a box. 

C*nft, faff?*, red ochre, ruddle. 
Wnrlj talkal ive, boasl i 
CifTC, a singer, an ac^or. 

CJf5", a house, habitation. 

cM^i, a householder. 

^*>rsf 1 , a village, the country* 

fcff?1, deep, fathomless ; abyss. 

csn, an ox, a cow; a rocatirej 

the thunder; the >un: the earth. 

cstTSP, a peg, nail, stake, pile, 
csire, a lump, clod ; swelling. 
cA^j ii bigot, blind partisan. 

C5Tl?t*T, flattery, bloated praise, 
C^TW, gum-arabic, gum. 
CsfT<p, moustachios. 

G*tt3>«i, a span ; a snake ; a deer. 
C9fT^5f, a mouthful for a cow, 
C?n1%?T, a pesfcle ; a plough. 

C>n<F*I, herd of cows ; a cow-pen. 
CJfTvH, dumb, speechless. 

C>fT5?, cognizance.; perceptible; 

pasture ground. 

CsrTFl, bunch, sheaf, handful. 

C*tt5T?nP, a cowkeeper, cowherd. 

WS", bunch, wisp ; habit. 

CStT^T^T, tied in bunches ; tidy. 

CSTITjI, gold lace ; a clue, a whole ; 
a sauce made of a numb 
aromatic seeds and pungent 
drugs. [heaps. 

C>rtt>T«T, rolling up, gathering in 

C*fll$f*l, whole, entire, unbroken. 

C>ttX a herd, company ; cow-pen. 

C9ft^, a foot, pedestal, base. 
C>rf\5^1, the heel. 
CStt^TCSfTf^, from the source. 
Ctfi^T^T, overtaking, drawing near. 
CSTT^Tt?', the heel. 
CSttfvSre, unfledged, callow. 
CSfT\5^1, the water-melon. 
C^T^t. a sack, bag. 
CSTT^", lineage, race, pedigree ; a 

C*>fT^¥, lineally descended. 
CSfTlfl, the earth ; a herd of cows. 
OJTtW, the elephantiasis; the brains. 
CSTTff^, sulphate of arsenic. 
C^TTWT^i, tattooing, branding. 
CTTWT<T«1, the plough ; the spade. 
CSfT^TI, fence for an archer's arm. 
ffllfk, the fore-head. 
CSfTfWI, alligator, guana. 
CSfT*f3>, one who milks the cow. 
CSTT^sr, wheat. 
C*ttSf«ft, evening twilight, or the 

time when cows return to their 

owner's house, dusk. 
CSfiT^'J, a milch cow. 
CSTWT, the boa constrictor. 
CSfT^tCJTT^Tl", lineage traced back. 
C$fT*T, a cowkeeper, milkman. 
C^TT^ft%, a bull ; the sun. 
CSTt^R, secrecy, concealment. 
C*fT*fTf?re, concealed, hidden. 
CStt*TM, a cowkeeper ; Krishna. 
C$fT*?t, a female cowkeeper. 

C^TT^ft'srT^t, a sacred clay for smear- 
ing the body. 

C>fT*j3\ the' gate of a town. 

C*lTC*f1, the whole family. 

CjfT^I, a concealer, a guard. 

CSfT^J, C9TT^fJ?P, a servant. 

C»rraw1, thick, clumsy, [manure. 

C9TT^?T, C^Tt^Tv C^T"5T<r, cowdung, 

C5ffa?TtT>, threshold, sill. 

CSTfa^T 6 !, writing illegibly. 

CSffaT^Tl, a hyena. 

C^TTt^', a name of Krishna. 

Wt^, cow-dung. 

C5rfsr^nT5rR, vaccination. 

C^fT^TH, a jackal ; bile of a cow. 

CJtt-r-sr, source of the Granges; a 
musical instrument ; a cloth 
bag containing a rosary into 
which the hand is thrust to 
count the beads. 

C^T^H?, stupid as a cow. 

CSfTOTf^, yellow topaz ; a poison. 

CSTTC5T*f, sacrifice of a cow. 

C>fT?TsTI, a cowkeeper, milkman. 

C9fT?T , srl, a kind of grass. 

CSfT?T*T, milk, whey, buttermilk. 

C^Ittrt, fair, light-complexioned. 

C9fT?F, a cow, an ox. 

Csnc^rtwn, a 'yellow pigment. 

CSTF*?', the brains ; dregs, refuse. 

C?fT^T, a globe, ball ; turmoil. 

CSft*ra, a widow's bastard ; a ball. 

CSTI^r, storehouse, granary ; a ball. 



C*rt*rTWW, fl kind of monkey. 

C*n*TP, disturbing, agitating; 
divulging, babbling, revealing. 

C*n*tt*:, a fungus, toadstool. 

CMlWlT*, Krishna's paradise. 

CMlfc", Book, herd; cow-pen, cow- 

CfTrtft, family, dan, rare ; assembly. 

csn^w, a cow's footmarks. 

CSfT^T, CffTW, C^Tltf, dawn, day- 

C?fT*T*f, the guana. [break. 

W3^, a grape. 

csfT^T^t, a cowhouse. 

C«fff$?", the heels. 

c*>tf r ^3>, a goldsmith. 

CfftjFi the centra] part of Bengal 
lying north of the Ganges; rum 
or spirit distilled from mols 

C^ft^t, rum made from molasses. 

Cfffa, subordinate ; delay. 

C*ft?", of fair complexion, pale, 
saffvon ; the moon, 

CSfT<re', honour, glory, grandeur. 

C9fi?TT^, white-bodied, fair. 

csft^ - , a girl eight years old ; a | 
name oi Pan 

C?ft1?r§>, the tale mineral. [linga. 

Csfafl"*!^?, lower stone oi the Shiva 

Csft^TJj sweet, palatable. 

$rf$T5, arranged, strung, built. 

sf 5 *. a book, volume, [a necklace. 

ST?3>, a builder, writer; thread of 

9P$^, stringing together. 

ftf%, a joint, knuckle, I 
*rfw, astrologer. [rheumatism 

*ff?T> strung, arrange I ; w 
composed. [inv 

Sf?$, BWallowed, seized, i 

M^T^. Betting of the bud or moon 
eclipsed. [the understanding 

*r$", accepting, Beizing; a planet 

MT1, accepting, Beizing; an 
eclipse ; comprehension, con- 

^r?^. dysentery, flux, diarrhoea. 

g^^teTf?T#1, planetary nebuhe. 

$f$T,«if5T, the moon. 

fTC*f^j the sun. 

frc*ft$1, evil influence of a planet. 

Sf5"t~51, a recipient, receiver. 

fTftl, a mountain; a cloud. 

*f[ST, a village, a hamlet. 

^fTJT^t, village chief, barber; a 

SfTsTxr-jr, a market. [-trumpet. 

*TT*n, domesticated, rustic. 

gTSTJWr^l, a brogue. 

$TT*f, a swallowing ; a mouthful. 

STJiP^'T'f^", food and raiment. 

STO, acceptance ; a shark. 

sttf^s, a receiver, purchaser ; a 
hawk, a falcon. 

*fT^J, acceptable, accepting. 

Sffal, the neck, nape of the neck. 

V\\£\) a camel. 

•>fts?, heat, sultry weather. 

srf&srSrf, the torrid zone. 




gtf^» langotir, depression, depreci- 

sfc, a jug, a pitcher, a waterpot. 

TTT>^, negotiator of marriages. 

■5rT?^Tl%, office or fee of a negoti- 
ator of marriages. [falling. 

■sn>^r, napp'ening, occurring, be- 

sn^Tl, occurrence, event, accident. 

■sn?1, a crowd, ado, parade, pomp. 

■5n*"Kn>M, a cover for furnitures to 
protect them from injury, tilt. 

"SfftN?, the buttocks, the rump. 

"Sfll^l, a period of twenty-four mi- 

TttffyS, occurred, relating to. [nutes. 

"51^, a small water-jar ; a clock, 
a watch, [water out of a well. 

"ST^TI, a machine for drawing 

•5T§-, a wharf, stairs by which, per- 
sons ascend from or descend to 
a river or tank. 

isnft, a private wharf, a small ghat. 

TF51, a water- jar, a brass pitcher. 

"5rf5?TcT, an alligator, guana; a 

Wt, a clock, watch ; an hour. 

*Tv5*rv5ftr, gurgling, purring. 

"5T\5'5r1^, death-rattle ; purring. 

^T\5^rf^rt, a hyena. 

"5T«i?\ a curry of vegetables. 

"5TOM, a bell ; an hour. [lage. 

sH>|*f<*r, highway through a vil- 

"STpFSPl, the epiglottis, uvula ; a 
small bell 

"ST^t, a small bell. [j est 7- 

TT^j, a string of bells ; glory, ma- 
"SR, a cloud ; thick, dense ; a 

metallic plate on which the 

hours are struck. 
•SjTr^Tjv, a hailstone. 
TR^sT^T, the rainy season. 
^■TT"^^, incessantly, rapidly. 
■sr5T7rTf%, smoke. 
"SR'STT^, the peacock. 
■5R3"f^*P"l, the lightning. 
IRSpr, a cube-root. 
TRT^R, solid, close ; vicious ; a 

rutting elephant ; a cloud of 

rain; collision. 
"SRT*, coming near, overtaking. 
"SRTf 3>, thickened by boiling. 
"Srt^T, very near, close at hand. 
TS^t, a bamboo fish-trap. 
*R?T1, a paramour, pimp. 
OT?"*!, being nonplussed, being 

■ST<r<rf«i1", discomposure, perplexity. 
TT?r, a house, dwelling. 
^?r^Sj1, household affairs. 
^T?;"^, a mill, a machine. 
"SIT«it, a wife, female housekeeper. 
TT^\ 9 receptacle, hole, drawer. 
■sr?TT*rt, a builder of huts, a thatcher. 
*T?Rr1, domestic, home-made. [owl. 
TRl?", the rattling of- wheels; an 



TT3*r, perspiral ion, sweat. 
wttf*{ttA*\ prickly beat. 
*rc*i. rubbing, cleaning, polishing, 
snrfWT, a wooden or stone roller 

to pulverize substances. 
*rf<r, powder of dry cowdung. 
■?n, a knock, out, gash, wound. 
ttt^Tjs b fault, daw, defect; less. 

Vllt^^lf^, less or more. 

T\l\>^, the stirring np of a fluid, 

kneading. [blows, exciting. 

SHOTS', stirring, rousing up by 

"5Jlf[>, an ambush, private road. 

"STIT*. god of the itch. 

■?Ti^, affecting the heart, moving. 

"SITsft, hardened by flogging (ap- 
plied to women.) 
"SltSTfTI, girdle of bells ; petticoat. 
Trli>, wharf, mountain-pass. 
^t^«*, falling short, being deficient. 
TTT^^TT?" 6 ! . smuggling. 
*rn>1, back of the neck; a sore. 
"5TTv5, the back of the neck. 
*TT^"R. assent by a- nod. 
TITS, a knock, blow, wound ; power. 
TETT3*F, a killer, executioner. 
"Sink's, malleable. 
■^T^TC^^f, involution. 
TJT^^, murderous, cruel. 
"5lTr^, an oil-mill. 
"5TT3T, perspiration, sweat. 

*rrsrrf&, prickly heat. 

TIT3", sprinkling, irrigation. 

Vl^lC. VIM, by signs, by inueu 

TJTfrT, a soir, ulcer, wound, cut. 
TTffi, graSBf hay. 

TTTf^r, the fire. 

f?T. ghee, clarified bufter. 

fafa, f*n>f*f5. dense, impervious. 

f%cjfgq, disgust. 

P5I7IK oily, buttery, greasy. 

f^i^r 6 !, hedging round ; fencing in. 

ITw, a small fragment of brick or 
grave] used to move about in 
games of chance ; hairs left un- 
cut in shaving; pill, pellet, 
nodule. [fuel. 

"5lf&?n, dried cowdung used for 

titt, a dove, wood-pigeon. 

"5TW1, a mole-cricket. 

^^<T, a girdle of small bells. 

*T55T, giving way; releasing, de- 

*T5T^, removing, disclosing ; re- 
scinding, cancelling. 

"Jilt", the ankle ; a kind of jujube. 

*n>3TQsT, confusion, disorder. 

Til^, the ankle ; a chess-pawn. 

Ti\5^ 9 surrounding, fencing in. 

Tl Pt, a paper kite ; a mare. 

*l«i, a kind of woodlouse. 

Tfrl, digging, grubbing. 

TriT^"?", a hint ; without pains. 

Jleft, a bamboo fish-trap. 

"SlW^, buzzing, growling. 

Sffiftj a button ; small bell. 




Sietft'ST^'l, a buttonhole. 
"5H3, a bee. 

TITT, sleep, sleepiness, drowsiness. 
^ru% asleep, dozing. 
■5T<T«l, turning round, revolving. 
3raf?^n, the mole-cricket. 
TlvW stirring up liquids, agitating, 
"513", a bribe. [disturbing. 

■5T3"^, creepinginto abiding-place. 
*OT, thumping ; rehearsing, de- 
"51X1, shrimps, &c. ; a fist. 
"STWT 6 !., creeping into a place. 
■5T3$f, a private prostitute. 
^PT«j, saffron. 
"S"^, an owl. 
^^if?, a crow. 

"5T3"T«K, twirling, spinning, turning. 
^Tql, rolling, revolving, whirling. 
"Sjsfa, moving in circles. 
■5T«ii, giddiness ; a whirlpool. 
■5T«f!"?rsi"R, revolving, whirling. 
"Srfcf, circular motion. 
^[ej1, abhorrence, disgust, dislike, 
^eit^, detestable, hateful. 
^f«l, the sun; water. 
^["5, ghee, clarified butter. 
"5i^tfV1%, the fire. 
^I# 5 rubbed, polished, burnished. 
"SI^lSTf^, frictional electricity. 
^Tt^, a boar, a hog. 
CSJ^Ti, scurrilous, obscene. 
CST^^j shuffling cards supplanting. 

OT>3T, meddling, interfering; de- 

CCTvS^ trailing, dragging along. 

G^TSFM, imploring, importuning. 

C^T^j surrounding, encircling. 

C5T<n, circle, hedge, fence. 

CSTtlj^r, agitating ; discussing, talk- 
ing over, canvassing. 

C^TTTj^I, a pestle, muller. 

CSTte, a grunt, snort. 

C*[T3f?fl, guttural, hoarse. 

C5TTW1, a metal plate, gong. 

OTT?^, OT\51, a horse. 

CSTT^, hind-quarter of a shoe. 

C'STT 4 ?)', a hog, a boar. 

G*rT e t>1, betelnut tree. 

CTTT^f, a large bush, thicket. 

CTTT*fT«T, bushy, full of bushes. 

C5TT?Tj terrific, gloomy, dark ; ab- 
struse, intricate, occult. 

OT^r^, very dreadful, awful. 

C^TTlTW^fa, an owl. 

<^rT?<TPR, a jackal. 

C*rnrT«l, causing to go round, 
causing to revolve. 

OTirTwI, abstruse, obscure. 

CSFT»T 3 buttermilk; an eddy. 

C5TT5I1, turbid, muddy, dirty. 

C*IT*TR, stirring up, making turbid. 

C^T*TRt, turbid, muddy, thick. 

CSIT^", a sound ; a herdsman. 

CStt^ql, proclamation, proclaiming. 




■vrtci, Bmelling, scent. ['"-• 

3£lOif*5?, ^rife, thesense of Bmell- 

\S, the fifth consonant of the Hin- 
doo alphabet. 

5^s, a square surrounded by build- 
ings ; market-place. 

5"f3>3, t inn »r. >us, timid, startled. 
EOT?", a kind of partridge. 
53>53>\ shining, vivid; sound caused 

by lapping with the tongue. 
E3T5j"f%7!i, glaring, radiant, flashy. 

53>^v. district, estate, manor. 
5^. a wheel ; a system, plot. 

5^ v nf c i, one wielding the discus, 
a name of Vishnu. [emperor. 
E^^ef, lord of a manor, an 
55^T3>, Ji kind of water-fowl. 
5^?T3, hurricane, a whirlwind. 
55 5 3'f^i, compound interest. 
5^3"^, a hog, a boar. 
5^T^. a drake, a gander. 
5^11*, a snake-charmer. 
fr^T^. conspiracy. 
5f^35\ the knee. 
53Ft, Vishnu ; potter; a snake. 
53j»T5f^», eye to eye, face to lace. 
5 y°< the eye. 
Ff-S^n, a serpent. 
5^Csf"T5?T; present to the eye. 
5^?~, carnage, conveyance. 
53f, handsome, good, healthy. 

F3FT^. healthiness, cure ; beauty. 

ssft^t, a kind of basket, [uneasy. 
5M*R7ji. throbbing; shifting; 
5w^, fickle, capricious, unsteady. 
PQpVflj lightning; Lakshmi. 

5331, a reed-mat. 

53P, a beak, bird's hill. 

5T>, sackcloth, canvas; hastily. 

ETj'S, a sparrow ; jugglery, show. 

51^, splitting; cracking, falling 

off in splinters. 
5T>t5T5 ; , alienation, breach. 

5T>T^", causing to split ; a plain. 
5^1^, broad, wide, spacious. 
5^, sackcloth, canvas, matting ; 

an inn. 
ST^T^r, kneading, tempering. 
ETMrfal, a flat -handed blow, a slap. 
5T\5ftMT1, viscous, glutinous. 
5l> ,p T : 5', quickly, speedily. 
5^, a stroke with the palm of the 

hand, a slap. 
57^, a sparrow. 
5\535, &<3T«>. the swinging festival 

in the month of Choitra. 
573>^, smarting, twinging of a 



573^, excessive, very painful ; 
57^, mounting, riding, clambering. 
571, an island, shoal ; high. 
57T^S. attack, aggression, onset. 
57T5"T7 mutual slapping; leapfrog. 
571^, causing to mount or ride. 




E\£T*f^f, loud language, an accent. 
E\55^, a creaking sound ; pain 

caused by excessive heat ; 

vexation, heart-rending. 
F3T5t., increase, advance in price. 
E«i3>, a kind of pea, gram. 
5 3 5 furious, violent, angry. 
EQl^, the sun. 
E^T^T, low-caste man descended 

from a Soodra father by a Brah- 

mani mother ; scamp. 
E^t, a name of Durga, a part of 

.the Markundeya Pooran. 
E^, a monkey, a rat. 
E^T, a species of lark. 
Ev£<r, crafty, acute ; four. 
Evg"?"^, composed of four parts, 

an army composed of elephants 

chariots, cavalry and infantry. 
^£^"3' quadrangular, square. 
E^^T^, four-faced, Brahma. 
E^£?"Tl%, craftiness, dexterity. 
Ev*>?f . fourth. 
E^C^TcT!, a litter, duli. 
TSRS$b\ fourfold, of four sorts. 
V5?k t $' i the four objects of human 

pursuit, viz. love, riches, reli- 
gion and beatitude. 
E^kV, the four castes of the 

Hindus, four chief colours. 
E^f^tf, of four sorts. 
E^Tlt, four-armed, Vishnu. 
E33$,, courtyard. 

ETWt, a musquito-eurtain. 

E^CWto , quadrangular. 

5^#¥, four. 

E^TT^, a college where the four 
Vedas and other sciences are 
taught, an academy. 

E^^fTff, four-footed, quadruped. 

E^3<1 , courtyard; place for sacrifice. 

5^1, a kind of pea, gram. 

E*W^, sandal-wood. 

E^^Tl, a kind of parrot. 

T>^1, a subscription, collection. 

E"3j", 5"3f5r1, the moon. 

E"3[^T1, a digit of the moon. 

E"5j"<f>T^, a jasper-stone, sanclal- 

E"3J^t, a peacock. [wood. 

ETSfsp" 6 !, an eclipse of the moon. 

F3n?\5, crescent-crested, Shiva. 

E'Sl^, coronation oath ; an ex- 
piatory rite. 

E"5|^1%, silver. 

F3pIV53, camphor, [for the waist. 

E"3^T?", kind of ornamental chain 

£»gTW, an awning, canopy. 

E"3TF5T*Tj a mock moon, paraselene. 

Ef2[^1, moonlight, moon's rays. 

EC"5j"TW <T, the rising of the moon. 

E^fl? * the open palm ; jeopardy. 

E*f<TT*T, a breastplate, badge. 

^rTj fickle, tremulous, [quette. 

E*T5J1, Lakshmi, lightning ; a co- 

EC*fl*, the flat hand, palm. 

EftcTl, blithe, merry, active. 



• a flash, glance, panic. 

5sf^»3. aghast, alarmed, struck. 

5*T5l. Leather, skin, bide. 

5sr*<PT?r. astonishment, surprising. 

sir^rT, the Yak or Tartar ox. 

5sr*T, a spoon, ladle ; a sweetmeat. 

ssf, an army, a squadron consist- 
ing of 729 elephants, 729 
chariots, 2187 horse and oG45 

Ssj^f, a deer. [parching. 

&sj.4ssr, coruscating, shuddering; 

5*^-$. a yellow-flowering tree; a 


5*MC^rs, the jak-fruit. 

5**TI>, withdrawing, absconding. 

5$, assemblage, heap, mound. 

5*M, culling flowers, collecting. 

5*?". a spy, emissary ; moveable, 

5?"$, the name of a writer on me- 

5?"<r'i, spinning-wheel, windlass. 

5^f^>, a reel, small wheel. 

5-^1, the foot; a poetical foot; 
pasturing, grazing. 

EfT Wrt, » wife ; the sandals. 

5?"«iC^^"i, humble service. 

5?rsT3"?«i, slockings, 

5|P»iT3p5, water that has washed a 

^^"•ll <T< , a cock, [brahman's feet. 

59W*Tra, near the Eoot. 

53T51, a kind of nettle ; cherata. 

VJ*, last, ultimate, tinal; western. 

FCTdHf, thel ast will or testament. 
~5fT\, an intoxicating drug. 
5^rr5^Fj moveable and imn 

able ; the world. 
T?<Tfa, feeding or tending cattle. 
5<n«it. a pasture, a meadow, 
5f?"5, done ; conduct, behaviour. 
&G«l*t)T94j a biographer. 
5f?iTtf, successful, prosperous. 
T>f?T3i, conduct, character. 
5f?^, active, moveable. 
5<F, an oblation consisting of bar* 

lev, scsamnin, rice and 

boiled in milk. 
5551, reflect ion, study ; anointing 

of the body. 
5<fr fc i, chewing, masticating. 
57^T3, chewed, masticated. 
5<E"J, that may be ehe\v.>d. 
5^i>, festivity, self-complacency. 
5^r, Bkin, leather ; a shield. 
^sr3>T<r, a worker in leather. 
5ST5IR>i, 5"5ST5a7<>:, 5«"5"lt, a bat. 
5 Slfi>43>, leprosy. 
5*Tf, one bearing a shield. 
5^fj, practicable, periormable. 
5*171, habit, conduct, disposition. 
ttfa, a man, a person. [steady. 
5?r*, moveable, inconstant, un- 
5^3", walking, going ; habit, con- 
ScWS, passable. [duct. 

5«T^t. a petticoat, skirt. 
5eiT5"5T, unfixed, tremulous. 



5*tf*, impelling, urging on; a 

ESTTCsrU motion, movement. 
5f?t. a journey, race, course. 
51^5, current, customary ; sent. 
5f*ra , moveable, unsteady • fluid. 
5*^7 a handful of water ; oscillat- 
^cif57r ? spilling, flowing over. [ing. 
5Ml%, action, custom, course. 
U^P, a drinking-vessel. 
F^ej , ploughing, tilling. 
5^1%, eating ; killing, destroying. 
FSTTft, ploughing, husbandry ; 

wages for ploughing. 
STt, a ploughman. 
E^oTt, soft mud, dirt, mire. 
51, wish, desire, want ; tea. 
5tt"T>, the kick of an animal, a 

kick backwards. 
ET^fa, desire, look, glance. 
5T\§*T, uncooked rice. 
5T3^, desiring, wishing ; seeing. 
fcff;, a clod ; chief, protector. 
#TS, a reed mat ; to scrape, to pare 

off the surface, 
frs*, scraping, paring, planing. 
%W? 9 curled, crisped ; a curl. 
T§Tf5, scrapings, shavings, parings. 
f>TTf, the moon. 

iW%\, an awning ; a building the 
roof of which is supported by 
pillars and open on all sides ; 

§ TW1, a subscription, a contribution. 
TlTWT^, ridge of a thatched house 

at the top. 
£ TWt, white, clear ; silver. 
T5TCTFT31, an awning, a canopy. 
t>T*T1, a flower tree ; an ornament 

for the ear. 
T>fa», a wheel ; a honeycomb. 
Ffaar, 5T*R, tasting, relishing. 
5T^® *rt, revolving, turning round. 
5T^«TI, district, manor; circular. 
M^*p", a medicinal drug. 
51^1, a wheel, circle, disc. 
t\^\, mill, grindstone, spindle. 
5T^5^Jj glittering, brilliancy. 
FT#t, a wafer, a round slice. 
STY^ visible, before one's eyes. 
5TW, coming on, setting about, 

bestiring. [rousing. 

T5tsf^, bringing on, stimulating, 
FT3F1, healthy, sound, strong. 
EtFl, paternal uncle. 
FH>3?t 5 unstable, easily coaxed. 
^tQtscTJ, fickleness, instability. 
&\\, a thief ; a sauce. 
5TT>^, licking up, lapping. 
T5t^t, a kick like that of a horse. 
yrfF^r, fit to be sucked.' 
F[T>, 5TT>f^F, soft words, flattery. 
FT^T?", a flatterer. 
Fll^T?, a jester, buffoon, cheat. 
5tT??Tl, the flat palm of the hand. 
EtCf , wholly, entirely, altogether. 



57s, necessity, hurry, zeal, [string, 
Ffifrl, Bteep, loud ; fixing a bow- 

boai -pole, lever, prop. 
$T«i. track left by a fish. 
5l«i*P7. name of b Bage remarkable 
for many wisesaj ings of Hindus. 

5!^:^. one of the lowest caste. 
MT.35, B kind oi Bwallow. 
VFSj, gang of thieves, witches 
&c. i a plot. [terrace. 

ETnie?, an unenclosed space, a 
ETi^t, 5I^¥j. craftiness, roguery. 
5n3f«iJ, relating to the lour castes 

^T^I^T, a cave, a den. 

H**h1j an awning ; moonlight. 

57~3[. lunar, of the moon. 
57njq^, dried ginger. 
57"5q7<7% an expiatory observance. 
ET*f, a clod ; pressure, a bow. 
M*T», the flat palm; a slap. 
ET^fWQ. a piston. [(plashing. 

57^*, compressing, squeezing ; 
FWij, unsteadiness, fickleness. 
5T*fi, a cover, thatch ; weight. 
M^fT^, 'putting on a weight ; dis- 
mounting, disembarking. 
ET*X?1, curdled, clotted, thickened. 
$T?fltl, broad and shallow, flat. 
ET*fl>Tf*fr, a squatting posture. 
M3"3\ chewing, masticating. 
5TTt, a key. 

5T5f,&!*ivS>l,skin, hide, leather, rind. 
STITCH, a spoon, ladle. 


57irf5^i. the Bmall kind of bat. 
5T*T^, adhesive, riickj . \ iscous. 
5T*^lT?\*r, gristlq, cartilage, 
olwvsl, Bcurf, dandruff; touchwood, 

UT^T^t, a nit, (^<j; of a louse. 
57*T3", a fly-flapper made of the 
long hairs of the tail of the 

COW Of Tartary. a whisk. 

H*T*T1, stinking like a dried skin. 
5TUTT*t, 5T^i"5T, a razorrstrop. 

5T3TT3T, a worker in leather. 

Sr^faTT, gold'. 

5t<r, a spy, scout ; bait for fish. 

5T?T, 5 if?, lour. 

M<T«I, dancer, player, reciter ; tak- 
ing the cattle to the field to 

5i?^TTT, a zephyr, gentle breeze. 

5T<T1, a plant. Beedling. 

5Tf?T*fT?ft, lourtooted ; a bedstead. 

UT?F, handsome, elegant, agreeable. 

57^^, a handsome woman. 

57<6"73>, a sceptic, a sect of ma- 

5TeT, conduct ; sloping roof ; rice. 

57^3>, a guide. 

I?T^TT^, brisk, lively, clever. 

ST^f^t, dealing in rice, cleansing 
and selling rice. 

STffre, causing to move, shaking. 

5T5T^t, a sieve, strainer, cullender. 

FTstta". moving, propelling, driving, 



Ftt%, habit, conduct, gait ; rice. 
FTcf, uncooked rice. 
ET^", ploughing, tillage. [man. 
5T31, 5TTt, ploughman, husband- 
UTTTf%?n, clownish, rustic, boorish. 
5T*T, the sugarcane ; a bird. 
5T^«*, looking ; desiring, wanting, 

demanding. [exasperated. 

f£v2R, tearing, splitting; being 
fS3>, a bamboo window-blind ; an 

ornament for the neck. 
fl>^, unctuous, smooth, nice. 
fs^T^, making smooth, combing 

fS3>T*T, fair, clear, transparent. 
fi>f%^?T3»j a physician, doctor, 
fst^ Jfl, medical treatment. 
■jyf^Trj, medicable, curable. 
fs1%^, flat-nosed, snub-nosed. 
fi>1%cT, mud, mire, slush. 
ft3?Nl, a desire to do a thing. 
f5«><r, the hair of the head ; a 

serpent ; a mountain ; a bird ; 

unsteady, inconstant. 
fsC^T?", the red partridge. 
f5<53»q, greasy, smooth, sleek. 
f5<tSq>i, a musk-rat. 
f53>$^, a thunderbolt. 
f^3?\F1 5 a shrimp or prawn. 
f5T>, rust, mouldiness, mildew, 
fsijl, mouldiness ; clammy. 
"JT^t, fbf\ 9 a letter, note. 
f51>J1, mouldy, rusty, sticky. 

TW1, rice soaked, parched and 

fsf^?1, a bird. [flattened. 

f%\5^1, a twinge, twitch, spasm. 

fj><^, lying with the face upwards, 

1%*, intellect, understanding. 

fsS^T, lying on the back. 

fblA, a funeral pile. 

1%q", the heart, understanding. 

f5«j3"P*, sentiment of the heart. 

fScWT^ a falling out, discord. 

fFcTf^ff, averse, dissatisfied. 

f&«.' 5 Tt ; 5, falling on the back. 

fS3f, a picture, a wonder ; spotted. 

ffrs^l?", ft^F*, a draftsman, 

ft^£3F, the sulphate of arsenic. 
ffrflg"^, the infernal registrar. 
ffr4l3T^, of variegated colours, 
f^^^lij the sun, fire, Bhairava. 
f^5CcT«ri, a celebrated female 

fra*rt*rl, museum. [the hand. 
fl^^f* with upturned palm of 
f53P, a star in the spike of Virgo. 
f£M«ft, surprising, ravishing. 
JWTsn, the intellectual soul, God. 
fWf^TT, a semblance of intellect. 
fra^f, intelligent, amiable. 
fl>5T^ knowing, recognising. 
f&^PT, causing to know, introduc- 
tion of a person to another. 




fi*\, sugar; Chinese. 
ft>g«p, thoughtful, anxious. 
fffY9j reflecting, pondering, cogi- 
f&%], anxiety, thought fulness. 
fs^TWJi. a council-chamber. 
fk^Tsifq, a fabulous gem supposed 

to furnish its possessor with 

whatever he thinks upon. 

f5*R, wringing out, expressing. 

fj>f*it>3>, fsfrijr, rice Boaked, parch- 
ed and flattened. 

fJ5*«l, chewing, masticating. 

ftfofo*, ft**, the i'li in. 

f^U^^, holding fast with the fin- 
gers or nails, pinching, nipping. 

fallen, pincers, nippers, tongs. 

fj>H\^I, sticking, adhering, shri- 

firsrsi, a pod, husk ; shrivelled. 

ft>*F5"R, causing to shrink; 

f5?R, awake, active, alert. 

f"5<lT»T, awakening, stimulating. 

flJTf, of long standing ; a rent. 

fF3"3>T<ft, dilatory, slow, loitering. 

fu^Tfcto, chronic, lasting, old. 

f^?"«l, tearing, rending, lacerating. 

f5?r«lt, f^wVt, a comb. [ancient. 

ft<T^w, fe^^Hj of long standing, 

fsiT^ftfa, long lived; Vishnu, 

f&^rf^T^Ri^;. glacier. 

far^t^T^^t^l, snow-line. 

f5"?rr3nf}, n n asS, 
f5<H5«i, a kite. 
f&3"te, a long time, of old. 
%?F, the armpit. 
fa^, the common kite. 
f5*rir, the bowl of a hooka, 
fa^fs, a brass washhand basin. 
f55r*rtf*ta1 the lightning, the fire* 
fj>ri1, the shed of a staircase, [fly. 
fow, sore-eyed ; a kite, 
fswf^, a pick-pocket, a pilferer. 
fF^, a sign, mark, token, signal. 
ftfe"5, marked, denoted; cove- 
ft>^1, neighing of a horse, [nanted. 
Ft^^T^", a screaming, outcry. 
Sfa", a kind of deer ; a fine cloth ; 

a flag ; China. 
£fa<T, cloth to hide the privities. 
T?t<T, cloth made of the bark of 

trees, clothes, a rag. 
£K, rent, torn, split. 
5<R, burning, calcined. 
53s, a blunder, mistake, error. 
53v3>T3", roar of a lion. 
&3>7T, whetting, sharpening. 
T>3>1^, deciding, terminating. 
53>53>, glossy, shining, oily. 
MeS a bargain, adjustment. 
5Ip, acidity, sorrel, tamarind. 
"&%), a socket, cup, tube, pipe. 
553>, 55t, the nipple, the breast. 
ESP, the musk-rat. P n g« 

ST?;?, striking, smiting, wound- 




ET>ft?rl, small, insignificant. 
$tM^, a toe-ring ; a mouse, 
irat, "^^j an ivory bracelet. 
T5«it, diminutive ; a ruby. [well. 
E«i?t, a receptacle of water near a 
£3"^", choosing, selecting cloth for 

sewing ; puckering. 
531, the name of a species of fish. 
E 5 ^ a procuress. 
5*T , silence ; hush. 
5*f3, smiting with a weapon. 
E*tvft, a basket. [ing. 

5*1 *T3, imbibing, sucking in, sink- 
FS^, dipping , plunging, immersing. 
E3, the face, the countenance. 
5TO, kissing. 
Fsrl, a kiss. 

^5?' "K?' a si P' s *PP m &- 
fcVft, a cocoanut-shell. 
FST^t, a jug, pitcher, mug. 
5ira>\£t, chirping, coaxing by chirp- 
ing with the lips. 
E^, index, abstract ; a magnet. 
E^3, kissing. 

£^r, leaking, oozing out, distilling. 
T> <Tf^, a mountaineer, savage. 
T^riT, a cigar. 

£©, 5JPt> tneit > pi^ering, robbing. 
^ the hair of the head. 
^cTl, "5f*Tj E?ft, a portable fireplace, 
jt©^, " the hollow of the hand ; 
** mud ; an earthen pot. 
E c^3,1, an itching ; lust j a pimple. 

Ec^st, a lock of hair, a curl. 
TSc^f^RTl, fickle, fidgety, volatile. 
"£53>, the nipple. 
T?\51, a peak, top, topknot, crest. 
"£\5T^, decision, result, issue. 
"^T^rft, a crest- jewel ; eminent. 
"p^?fl, a mantle or wrapper. 
Tpl, "g_«i1, lime, powdered lime. 
TplT'f}', a lime-burner. 
Tf5f the mango-tree or fruit. 
Y$, powder ; pulverized. 
"£?R><r, overflowing, quite full. 
"g«£ powder ; pulverized, [meal. 
"§*!%, exposition of poetry ; barley - 
T?^, pounding, pulverizing. 

F«if , a cowry or a small shell used 
as money in India. 

T?^«|, sucking in, imbibing. 

TjT^t, a child's coral for sucking. 

cfteFT, shouting, bawling, raving. 

C5Wv5l, a boy ; a wicker vessel. 

CW^tfsT, boyishness, puerility. 

CFSfTvSt, a broad flat basket. 

C£T>, <&$&, a servant, slave. 

CSTjit', a palm-leaf or date-leaf mat. 

C5T>T*T, broad and flat. [girl 

C5T>\, C5l%, a servant girl, slave- 

£!>d?1, youthful ; the flat hand. 

GFtf^l, flat, shallow. 

Ct>T* 1 , manhood, adult age. 

C5v5t3, exasperating, irritating. 

Cl>v5t, a servant girl, slave-girl. 




C5"5S, the mind, Intellect, beart. 
C5"5^, consciunsness, intelligence. 
051^1, exercising intelligence. 
CSirfa, stimulating, convincing. 
C5*, if, though, although. 
CT5<T1, torn, split, clefl ; a rag. 
19$ l«,causingtotear,splitorcleave. 
C5^ t cloth, clothes, garment. 
ctj^Ti, n disciple, assistant; a chip 

Of wood, &C. 

C5c=tk, hewn, hacked, chipped. 
Ctfm, silken doth. [washed. 

£5WSt, water in which rice lias been 

CG^&i. endeavour, search after. 

ts, a kind of pepper. 

t&3^j, consciousness, the soul. 

t^3j. a sacred tree. 

t55, the twelfth Hindu month. 

C5TW, causing to ooze, drip or 
shed. [ting. 

(» l<p I *, whetting, sharpening, set- 

CST^T^, keen, sharp, acute. 

C5T5, the fibres of wood ; a splinter. 

C5TM*, stripping of seeds, run- 
ning hard. 

ddFT^T, full of fibres, stringy, [ing. 

CEHJ'R, parching, calcining, burn- 

C5T^. the eye ; a figure indicating 
ten seers or four annas. 

C5T^1, excessively pungent, saltish, 
sour or bitter, &c. 

CST^H, settling, putting an end to. 

C5T3f1, a tube, pipe ; a girl. 



C3H>, a hurt, hlow, 

C51frl, osury.t high rateoi i nt 

ifrl 9 kjhurting, smiting, wounding. 

CStll, urine of beasts. 

ci?i fc iT^, causing to make water. 
C&tasj, choosing, selecting, picking, 

CT>T*f, a stroke from a weapon. 
C51*f*R. blotting. 
cM<n, rind, ped, tegument. 
C5l?nf%, the jawbone, the jai 
C5T?r, a thief, robber, pilferer. 
C5T?r^Tti, C5T?r^r, seeds of a 
kind of grass whirl, stick to 
the clot lies of those walking 
among it. 
CV\jfwj, a peep-hole, crevice. 
CF[<n, clandestine, stolen, hidden; 
C5T<rT-S, stolen, robbed, pilfered. 
C5t<rTsre', a pitfall, covered pit. 

c5T<rT*rre, secret Mow. assassina- 

C5T<TfaTf*f, a quicksand. [tion. 

C5T*T3», a cuirass, armour; rind. 

G>T%% sucking, imbibing, drink- 
ing in. 

CSKT^, mountaineers, savages. 

CST3>, the eye; torn puns. 

C5fe^, wary, clever ; even. 

C5|3>T,, vigilance, caution. 

CSfal, square spot for cooking on. 

CSWfo, door-frame, threshold. 

CSwcTi, a harpoon with four 

CSTTO, a chair ; keeping watch. 



fl^rf^"!? a watchman ; a calcula- 
C$ffrl, the fourth, [tion by fours. 
C^i\, a fourth, a quarter. 
C5rTl, wide, broad. 
CFW^* width, breadth. 
CEfaT, a fourth part, quarter. . 
C^farTcT, a litter, palankeen. 
COT f\, a title of honor signifying 

chief among four. 
CFt*T 5T, anything having four sides, 

a square bottle. 
dt*TTT?f , CFfaTyt, a college, a school. 
C5}<pft\5, a die, dice. 
C5t*TT<n, quadruped ; four-footed. 
CE>t*FT«ri, a palankeen, litter. 
C^tf^rtn, handy, clever, vigilant. 
cT?faTO, a square pit, a vat. 
C&H<&, magnetic. 
C5t?T, a thief, robber, burglar. 
CFi 6 !"^", chalk formation. 
C5t?T^T, even, level, smooth, plain. 
CST^T, C15faj, theft, robbery. 
5J3, fallen from, dismissed, 
^rt^, a dropping, dismissal, leaving. 
EM, the face. 


W%, the roof of a boat. 

1£^, square of a chessboard. 

3L«»vftl, a cart, hackery. 

"£Sf, a goat. 

^sfe|, dried cakes of cow- dung 

used for fuel. 
'Wfr, 3 splendour ; a straight line. 

T^tM"*!?, one-sixteenth of a seer. 

WT>T^1, the lightning. 

1TT>3>^r, slipping from, deserting. 

T£TJ>5ISlTT, squeezing out, expelling. 

1[T>j5p1>'R, struggling, fluttering, 

W^5 f a spear, flagstaff ; a scratch. 

W^> flaying, skinning an animal. 

"g"3l, a string, bunch, cluster. 

W51*, scattering, strewing, 

Tg^Tf^?1, wasteful, lavish ; a skin- 

WS\, a switch, twig, stick, [ner. 

"&H 9 an umbrella ; a fungus. 

'W.'^vW, widowhood ; anarchy. 

^3ft, an awning, tester ; canopied ; 
a barber. 

"^W, blade of grass, leaf ; habit. 

W^> the roof of a house. 

"%W, feigned, disguised. 

^TWW*T. a disguise. 

W%, a verse, metre, cadence. 

■^vr^^frs^, a hypocrite, a dis- 

W%, covered, concealed ; mad. 

W^IT, a light roof. 

^t^ 3 a drawing, picture ; splendour. 

1£<r. the number six. 


^f **t . the phlegm ; vomiting, belch- 
W^i contrivance, trick, pretext. 
^f$fT3"^ one who suspects others 

of imposture, a fault-finder ; a 

swindler, impostor. 

Wlj 101 

"gwi, imposing upon, defrauding, 
F^rt, an impostor, a swindler. 

W^Wm t Watery, lull of water. 

e*fer, oovering, Bkin. 

VI, a very young animal. 

W]^, ashes, 

liO, whip, scourge ; sprinkling 

Of water. [the barracks. 

^"T^f^, an awning; tent, camp, 

VTs^r, thatching; wicker-work. 

YTAyTT. fks^t, a child. 

Fbssttfsf, childishness, boyishness. 

87*53", straining, filtering, drain- 
ing off. 

¥T3>^), a sieve, strainer, colander. 
Wl^, strained, cleansed, pure. 
W.T5, a mould, model, copy. 
Wife, the eaves of a house. 
Stihr, clipping, cutting, loppingoff. 
■gTfff, verse, metre ; milk and water. 
¥T*R, tying a cow's legs. 
"Slsf, ¥Tsf5r. a goat. 
VTvttT^, ^Tsr?-*r, the fire. 
WTI?, a switch, brush of leaves. 
WT^*, clipping, trimming; win- 
nowing, [leaving 
W*R5*, casting off, abandoning, 
¥T\51, besides, except. 
VT\5t^, removing so as to separate. 
W\^, a roof, especially a flat one. 
^T51, an umbrella ; a fungus. 
^~rf%, umbrella ; bosom ; courage. 
Wl^ a kind of barley -meal. 


W\~3 t a schoolboy, student, pupil. 
FT^, kneading, moulding. . 

^pTsfl, a young animal ; curds. 
Wl^], a cataract in the eye. 
Wl^r^, a reciter of the I 

WW, a stamp, seal, die. 

W]^^, stamping, impressing ; ab* 

Wl*^, thatched roof, awning. 
WWU, printing ; suppressing, 

Wl 9 ^, concealed, BUppressed. 
Wl^l, shade, shadow, reflection. 
Tt?lW?1. shady, umbrageous. 
WtTPW, the milky way. 
WT$W%, noting time by a shadow* 
^Hrra - *, a close attendant, satellite. 
^HTT^, the moon. 
WfaftTSf, place under an awning. 
W1J, vile as ashes, hateful. 
Wl^Wg, reduced to ashes, ruined. 
Wl<tl*fl<&, a bug. 
W^, bark, rind, peel, skin. 
^TteRl, an awning ; toe-ring. 
WW, a sack, wallet, bag. 
^j"f§i<n, a child. 

f¥WI, a skewer, a cleaning-rod. 
fw, JWJW, he ! for shame ! 
f^3S5T, a chain. 
T^'5^1, sneezing. 
TWT>, chintz ; a remnant. 
fwfa, sprinkling, scattering. 
f£T> 1, a drop, atom, particle. 




f%T>^1, a sling, noose, snare. 

fgn^fT*, spattering, rebounding, 

TW5, cut, split. 

f^TF3», a thunderbolt. 

f§ffir, an axe. 

fl!£"fi<Tj the fire. 

"fetTj a hole ; defect, flaw. 

f%y$&9 reed, rushes. 

f§£5rf»T, a strumpet, whore. 

f^»R, seizing, detaining. 

fW% 9 cut asunder, severed, torn. 

f%3£V<5T$ 9 severed, scattered. 

fi£*f, a fishing-rod. 

f^*R, hiding, keeping close. 

f|r*ft, a cork, a stopple. 

fs^vSl, chewed refuse. 

TWSf, a kidney-bean. 

■few!, a pea- shell ; orphan. 

fgrei^sl, bark, rind, peel. 

"fet%*T, the bowl of a hooka, the 

f^»Tl, a bowstring. [hooka. 

1C5, a needle, thatching-skewer. 

■gfcl, a musk-rat, a mole. 

■BJrFTcT, sharp-pointed. 

■grf^fTS^, lying still to listen. 

t^&ict, ^\§t, a girl. 

"SH^r, flying, winging its way. 

^T>Tar, loosening, liberating, let- 
ting go. 

WT>t vacation, leave of absence. 

"8^, letting loose, throwing, 

"%% contagion, connection. 

3[v3«T, a sharper, swindler. 

1£n51, a pretence, artifice. 

It^T^r, a carpenter. 

ir*fsr, pressing down, subduing. 

^<rt, ^Utol, a knife. 

^#T 5 dry scurf, dandruff. 

l^t?"l, the date fruit. 

C^f, avaunt ! away ! fie. 

Clt^j an interval, intermission. 

dNsfa, C"l:5i%, fried. 

ci&^Sl, shameless, unprincipled. 

d&X, beating to pulp, baling 

out water ; irrigating. 
dw\, a hole, crack, slit, rent. 
cW%3 severing, dividing ; a hole. 
CW%7{, cutting asunder, cutting off. 
CW^I, curds ; the young ones. 
CT§!*f, spittle, saliva. 
C^TS, the fatherless. 
C^f^Ttj a child. 
C^f^raTsr, childishness. 
C^^t, a g° at J spots on a deer. 
C!!^t*fv51, spotted, freckled. 
Citl, a dash at, pouncing. 
ClIlST^", washing after stool. 
C^lTT^r, touching, feeling. 
C5T3»$1, a lad, a boy. 
CW\T>> small, little, petty. 
C¥TT>T^, letting loose, letting fly, 

CST(f ^1, a snap of the finger. 
CWt^, a fisherman. 
C^T^, discharging, firing off. 

CFtyt^r. a key. 

-"". stain with vegetable juice. 
C^MR. Btaining; printing calico. 
Ctl4\!M, Btringy rind of fruit. 
c^"T<r, « l Uwge knife, dagger. 
c^Tct^t, peeling, Btripping, paring. 
CVTTI, gram for horses. 

^^r, eating. 
©wi, consumption. 
^fST*, the world, the universe. 
®MTW, Jaganndth, a Hindu idol 

in ( Crista. 
BfTO, fire. 

5»ST<r, Ifisf^r, an armour. 
sher, the hip and loins. 

5TSRJ, ultimate; low, baSC, 

H^rajif, low-born, last-bom. 
©lj\ a killer, destroyer. 
^5f "sr, moveable. 
Bt^sr, a jungle, thicket, forest. 
Sf^eriTj, uncultivated, waste. 
®W*ft, pertaining to the forest. 
St^l*T, limit, boundary, ridge. 
^^^' poison, venom. 
BJS5T1, the thigh, the leg. 
^OTsn. marching quick, fleet. 
S?fiSSI?I1, short drawers, breeches. 
Sf-$T*T, rubbish, refuse ; bother. 
^T>, sntl, matted hair of a devotee. 
1Hj5T1, a crowd, concourse. 
^^t§i^T?T, a lamp. 
^it?!^, having clotted hair ; Sh iva. 



^^tTrr^y?t. spikenard. 

■nhfl, wearing the hair clotted. 
« «%i, wearing clotted hair; corn- 
plicated ; a lion. 

SJTjrf, 5533", a freckle, a Spot. 

^lj, the womb, the belly. 

8Ty, paralyzed, benumbed ; a mot. 

®3ns»?r. indolent, procrastinating. 

®3T3, plated, overlaid. 

K^fST* wrapping round, clinging. 

¥H5"5. studded, set with : frozen. 

lifs^Tjt. medicines, drugs. 

itfs^l, Btupefaction, numbnec 

svpl^'Oj paralyzed, benumbed. 

¥TSif5<rl, sticky, viscid, tenacious. 

®"£, lac. 

¥^,lac dye; asa fcetida; a freckle. 

ST^Pl, SiTpt, the bat. 

STSirfs'l, a freckle, mark on the skin. 

UZsp, the shoulder. 

SR, a person, individual. 

¥^3>, ¥e*T51, a father; begetting. 

¥^~51, a crowd, multitude. 

¥^, birth, production ; family, 

If^^Tt, SF^nilft, a mother. 
It^^f, any inhabited country. 
li*£f3"TW. popular report, rumour, 
iwfgt^, popular, liked by all. 
IRTTR?. any man, any person* 
¥^<r, a rumour, report. 
IWC^JT^. paradise for the good. 
3R"*Ff%, rumour, report. 



SfSTl, production, birth. 

^f7rf*R, a wolf. 

®f^3»1, the daughter-in-law. 

®1^5, born, produced, caused. 

®C^T^1, turmeric. 

m^3, an animal. 

SRs^l, lac. 

W^ t birth, production. 

3jTOI"$, inherent, natural. 

OTR* born, produced. [tion. 

^i^T^p^", transformation, regenera- 

^6rarc*tt*f, the great end of life ; death. 

®WPT, bringing forth, begetting, 

SraiTfFf born blind. [causing. 

StwHijsft, Krishna's birthday. 

SfWt, an animal. 

SRJ, cause, motive, reason. 

^i«JJ, an animal ; fire. 

®«T, repeating, pronouncing. 

^W^f, ^j^f^rTwTl, a rosary, bead- 

WfWU a screen. [roll. 

®3R, a barbarian ; a swift horse. 

;§t3"3Tj grass, straw. 

'1SZ\ 9 forcible, violent ; the camel. 

^jir^, show, pomp, parade. 

®*T®, twins. 

^STTT^r, eating, feeding. 

®TF^, a wife. 

^j^TsT, mud, clay, sludge. 

^Tf^t, a river. 

W^t?% a lime or lemon. 

1W, the rose-apple ; Hindustan. 

^StTO, a jackal. 

IH^s, a lemon. 

1?^1, yawning, gaping. 

W&{, sexual intercourse. 

li?r, victory, conquest ; hail. 

^in?3R>1, a drum. 

Utif3ft, the spice called mace. 

^F?rt, victorious, victor. 

IPjT, decay, decrepitude. 

^7[e\, becoming old, being decayed. 

Sf?PFf 3"> an old ox. 

^<T1, decay, old age. 

S??rni, the womb, uterus. 

^r5"t?T®f, born from the womb. 

W&$, flesh. 

K^?T, very decrepit, shattered. 

3sJ»T, water, liquor. 

&*[$, a fountain; a pin or peg. 

HcT^sf^f, a porpoise. 

^jc?^^, a cocoanut. 

^sre^KP, mud, mire. 

HcT^^, drought, scarcity of water. 

®ffT$r<3, a swamp, marsh, fen, bog. 

IFcTg^sr, a whirlpool. 

Si^TE?"* moving in water, aquatic. 

«9n£3T, shed for travellers. 

ItSHsf, the lotus. 

SicTJ?, a cloud ; giving water. 

SfwrcWTS, diseased state of the fluids. 

^sT*f?T, a cloud, the sea. 

3J5Tf*T, ®3Tf^f%r, the sea, ocean. 

SfsrsftcTt, moss. 

©^T^fT^T, refreshment, tiffin. 
H5j£tT?, watery, swampy, marshy. 




©^fa^T", aiitunnial equinox. 

WHTlFj mil of water, deluged, 

5i^TTT^t<r, ;iii otter. 

^f en c«TT^T, luncheon, tiffin. 

®^*ni5T, a name of Vishnu, 

nsrs^s. moss. 

•WjfiF, 8 snail. 

®*i*ns, watering-place for travel- 
©c^f*^, a Leech. pers. 

©^"S^S", waterspout. 

©c^^ft, a tank, pond. 

©*T3"^, an alligator. 

Bfsri, a fen, shallow lake ; marshy. 

3ffsiT3s?r, a Bpring, fountain. 

©^TTtfT?', receptacle for water. 

©cTT^c, a whirlpool. 

®c ; n , *r. an otter. 

Sic^Tsr, Becundines, after-birth. 

®*T1?<$1, iffiT^l, a leech. 

©5n*T^1, hydrophobia. 

©cTT^TTT, pond, tank, reservoir. 

©f%3>1, a leech. 

©^^T, a kind of sweetmeat. 

Si^HTI, diluted, watery, insipid. 

WCsi'TO, fish. 

©C^iTff<ft, the dropsy. 
®C*ifal, a leech. 

©^TSr^TT? . glare, lustre, refulgence. 
^t ^, chat, gossip, wrangling. 
©^^ talking; tittle-tattle, 
^c^ft^, a chatterer ; loquacious. 
Si*j[f?, a thunderbolt. 
H^, time. 

TCtTO, dissolution, destruction* 

55fy?1, tin' river Gang 

©1, husband's brother's wife. 

©T<P, pomp, parade ; boast. 
©T3>T<T, tumultuous noise, hubbub. 
"&F5, a press, a i ice. [tight. 

©Ti^r, compressing, squeezing 
©T31, millstone, bellows. 
$$*$[, beielnut crackers. 
©Tsf^r, being awake. 
©I'jff^n, watchful, vigilant, 
©T^nr*!, keeping. awake, watching. 

©T^^^, wakeful, vigilant, alert. 
®TSfR, awakening, stirring up, 
®TS"y, saffron. [rousing. 

©T^fa, fire. 

1?T^, awake, roused, alert. 
®T5rst, the thigh. 
©T>S, SW1, the knee. 
©T^T^F, a long mound, dyke. 
UT^ft, the thigh. [praising, 

©T^JR", inspecting, surveying, ap- 
©l^^JiTtiT, refulgent, shining. 
STP51, cold, frost. 
©tf^, cold, wintry ; a medley. 
ITifv^WW, a toad, a frog. 
1tT\57, apathy, stupidity, folly. 
©T3JTf?T, a lime, a lemon. 
1TP5, born, produced, arising. 
©T^, a kind, species ; a festival. 
©r53>, a horoscope ; born, produce d. 
©TO^^T, a ceremony at birth. 



te^WWl, fire. 
SfftSl*% gold. 
UT3T3F, bom blind. 
^T^WSXl, a mother. 
Wl^S, nation, tribe, kind, caste. 
irTr^^TOTI, violation, deflouring. 
liTr^TrT'^lj destruction of caste, de- 
grading a person from his rank. 
^Tr%7TT?' J , a nutmeg. 
^t1%^T, memory of a former birth, 
^rf^t, the spice called mace. 
^TifcoT^ WF5frp*T> a nutmeg. 
®Tvg[*P, asa fcetida. 
HT^TS, made of lac. [a son. 

^TC^W, sacrifice at the birth of 
mrel^ a steer. 
®TTf, magic, sorcery. 
Wl^ f a fortuneteller, astrologer. 
WT%^> known, acquainted. [ing. 
^TT^^", knowing, thinking, suppos- 
liT^TW, a place inhabited. 
UT^ft*, knowingly, wilfully. 
STfaT*, causing to know, telling. 
^iT^Tt^, certainty, information. 
;grfaT*ft* magic, sorcery. 
Wl^ 9 the knee. 
WV?{, muttering of prayers. 
SiT*ra, a prayerful man. 
Wl^i*, passing, spending. 
®T*^T, embracing, clasping. 
^TRTST, keeping fish alive, [blade. 
^rfaTf*i, young of vermin ; wheat in 
WT%\% SiT^TT^l, a son-in-law. 

SiTiifr, a sister, a good woman. 

IfTt^?", a lime or lemon. 

SiWvSl, a scar, a corn of the toe; 

ITICST? - , sister's son. 
Iff?, a list, account, estimate. 
irnrap*T, a nutmeg. 
WW, a wife. 

W\$, a paramour, gallant. 
W\$^, dissolving, digestive. 
®t?Tli, illegitimate ; a bastard. 
^§rr<TT«l a causing to decay, dissolving. 
^TjT*^ jealousy of a wife. 
WVtftj medicine. 
ITfST, a net, a web, snare. 
W\vi^j a bud, the small fruit of 

pumpkin, &c. 
UT^l^^t, an ewe. 
IfWT, lighting, kindling. 
Wl*il, a large jar. 
^T^T^r, kindling, burning, heating. 
SFTl%^, a fisher, fowler, spider. 
UTf^»1, cloth ; a leech. 
©Tf^T^i work-shop of a painter. 
®t1%?1, a fisherman. 
W\^\, a fringe, network, a film. 
^Tt^*fT\5l, reticulated, net -like. 
®Tcnt%, a muzzle. 

W^^, lowbred, cruel, inconsiderate. 
■mV%, a spy. 

UT^3S, a civet cat, a cat. 
©T^t, the Granges personified. 
fst^t*t, a fishmonger. 

au 107 

fir€«T, living, remaining alive. 

fwn'&i, vital breath, 
fawra^i, desire of Locomotion. 
f©5Tt^1, emulation, desire to con- 
f&Ti^^n, hunger, desire for food. 
fsrsr*^, hungry, desirous of food. 
f§i'5n < \*n, desire to Kill, rancour. 
fs?TrT\^, malicious, bloodthirsty. 
fs»^»l, acquisitiveness 

fli^T, one who smells. 

fli^faTI, love of life. 

f^rasTfll, a question, enquiry. 

fesrfJJ, inquisitive, enquiring. 

f®3, conquered, subdued, [ling. 

f®"5^r, conquering, winning, excel- 

fy>ifc7[), conquering, surpassing. 
fsraT^T, victorious. 

fl?ref3q«r, of subdued passions. 

f^?3T, a Jaina sage, a Buddhist. 

f&vz, conquering, outdoing. 

f&^rC^TTf^, a deer, a stag. 

fw$. the tongue. 

fSf^cT, a turtle, a tortoise. 

f©3 «!, rest tog, reposing, unbending 

fgfrf, a slnill tone, treble. 

fanaci, covetous, avaricious, greedy. 

f§^', the tongue. 

f®^T*T, a dog, a tiger, a cat, a bear. 

f©^T?"*, a bird. 

^fcr 9 an old man. 

^fa, life, the soul, existence. 

#i^31ff, zoology. 


®^, living, alive, extant. 

Wfrj lifetime, Beason of life. 
^t^jf, a doctor, a medical man. 
®t*3", life, existence, lifetime; 

®^T?rf*[£, the lasi sparfc of life. 
®facaT*fnr, mode of Bubsisfc 

method of preserving life. 

©t^"^, living, alive. 
®t^T, dead while living. 
S^^JT*T. giving life to an idol. 
^3T£, a livelihood. 
®»!*Tin, living principle, soul. 
¥i3"T*fT^, preserving of life. 
^f3"3>1. livelihood, maintenance. 
^tt^f^T<Tt, tributary, under tribute. 
Sltfr^, living, alive ; life. 
SJT3TC5, a mountain ; a cloud, 
©t?^, living, existing, extant. 
®telT*, giving life to, vivifying. 
^t<n, cummin seed. 
Wt«\, worn out, decayed, infirm. 
®eW?T1, the stomach, the first 

stomach (of cows). 
©tfq, decrepitude, decay, digestion. 
3JJ3>, to weigh. 

^[3"**ri, vituperation, reproach. 
srC9ttf*rai, desire of secretjng. 
^TW, bold, impudent, shamel 
^■^", a bugbear. 
3H5^, cooling, becoming calm. 
^"5.. beauty, elegance, symmetry. 
3T5^ beating with a slipper. 


^55T, beautiful, symmetrical. 

^\5l, a shoe, slipper. 

^1, a medicinal drug. [ping. 

spTS^, dipping, immerging, sop- 

otI, gambling with dice. 

^nrt?\ the flood tide. 

snrtf^rl, affected by the tide. 

^?T#t ? a gambler, dice-player. 

wm, a peep, glance, side-look. 

;§fcTt, a trench, watercourse. 

^$^ s broth, soup. 

3T3J, deserving to be served. 

^, a sacrificial vessel. 

35l> , matted hair. 

lif^f, fever. 

^Sf, pretence, imposture. 

ETC, sauce, broth, soup, porridge. 

W& 9 a yawn, gaping, stretching. 

CSi^t, the house-lizard. 

<SSfol, father's elder brother. 

Cli^t^s self-importance. 

C1F51, a conqueror, victor. 

CSi^T*, causing to conquer. 

Clt?T, conquerable. 

?Sif3f, a spice. 

tlR, one of the Jain sect. 

CllT^ a leech, bloodsucker. 

C§rr^5T, weighing, measuring. 

C^T^/the longing desire 
pregnant woman. 

CirtSfvSl, a shell-fish. 

C^T^T, a hired labourer. 

CSiFtt^ CSifaT^ a fire-fly. 


108 C^3tt% 

CWtwT, a fen, marsh, swamp. 

CUT^t, ravine, gutter, crack. 

C^T"^, joy, gladness. 

CStm, a woman. 

C®t, lac, gum lac. 

S3, knowing, perceiving. 

^]^, aware, informed, known. 

33"T337, capable of being known. 

^T3?rr?", knowingly, intentionally. 

^T31, one who knows. 

^|1%, relative on the paternal side. 

33t\pl, knowledge, intelligence. 

33-R, knowledge, wisdom. 

^T^3S, knowingly, intelligently. 

^T^^t^T, well-informed, wise. 

^T^t, wise, intelligent, shrewd. 

^Twf^?, organs of perception. 

>S3t*R, mf*$ 9 making known, 

C53?, capable of being known. 

Ufl, a bowstring ; chord of an arc. 

Ujtf^, decay, destruction. 

®jTf^1%, geometry. 

^f]t?T^T, elder, senior. 

CSilSl, father's elder brother. 

CSH^T, elder, eldest, firstborn. 

C^rtfl, the middle finger. 

tinfc, the second Hindu month. 

t^J^t, the house-lizard. 

OTtt%S, a luminous body, light. 

C^Jtf^l?^, a fire-fly. 

CSfJTl%c35"3f, an astronomer. 

OTTf^^frSp* the zodiac. 

V*1 100 

csnif^T, astronomy, astrology, 

CBrJ!l^f<[<5, an astronomer, 

csuTi^W, the heavenly bodies, 

c^nfiWtf, the sky. 

CSfJH^i. moonlight, the moon. 

w^T, a fever. 

^?T[, ^^"T5^, febrifuge, good 
for the cure of fever, [smarting. 

m^, shining, being lighted ; 

mr»wt, virulent, burning, inflamed. 

«wTl * jCombustible,inflammable. 

B35T3, on fire, burning, inflamed. 

bh*ti, inflammation, pain. 

Bffsniw, wearied, teased, vexed. 

SffSJT*, kindling, lighting, in- 

BftT^n, inflammation, burnincr. 

BfJlSfT^in, a volcano ; a place in 
Chinese Tartary where fire is 
produced by slightly digging 
the earth. 

SSnicte, inilamed, burnt ; vexed. 

3W, light, glare; nonsense, 
«^5F1, a quarrel, squabble. 
W$Tw?1, quarrelsome, wrangling. 
W^s, glittering or shining 
brightiu [crime. 

3RP5T?ft, repentance, regret for a 
3W<T, buzzing of insects. 
3^*, jingling, clanking, rattling. 
S»$^1, a thunderbolt. 
3t^1, a storm, tempest, squall. 


^$TT>, perplexity, difficulty. 

^ST^ffo, a sparring, souffle. 

3ifi>f3, ^.quickly, speedily, apace. 

3n>^, topping off, docking, tj**- 

^m, a storm, tempest, squall. 

3^5, a storm, tempest, 

^T5^5^, scolding, reproaching. 

3T3JT1, tempe8tU0U8, stormy. 

^•81, a standard. Hag, banner. 

3W*$T?T, a clanking sound. 

^R^TF, a door-lintel. 

3W, a jump, leap, spring. 

3WJ<F, a monkey. 

^T, a cascade, waterfall. 

3T<ra«1, a window. 

3T3~«l, dripping, oozing, falling off. 

^T?TS1, a dripping of water as from 
a mountain ; a sieve, strainer, 

3T3"«ft, a strainer; blood-flowing. 

^<TT«I, pouring out, straining, 

3^3", dropping, leaking, oozing. 

3t3i<ft, a lattice, fence, cymbals. 

31*11, a daughter. 

3^, dash of waves ; flame of fire. 

3f*T3>^ flashing, glaring, flapping. 

<H5TSleT, dangling, flapping; lu- 
minous, bright. [ing. 

^cn^TR, scorching, singing, burn* 

3tt%351, a towel. 

3^, fish. 




^TTt«t^", the porpoise. 

3TTt"ST, solder ; cleaning a tank. 

W\i£, burnt to a cinder. 

3ft^, a swarm, flock, drove. 

^rt^R", heaving, shaking; rebuking 
in a passionate manner. 

;}fi?^", sweeping, cleaning out. 

^rTFlj, a broom, besom, [a flower. 

Ht]^?, sweepings, rubbish, refuse ; 

<jrf*f, a door made of mats, grass 
or canvass ; a leap. [ in g. 

^Tt^i^j covering, screening ; leap- 

Hft'tft, a covered basket. 

^rfaf^t, a colander, strainer. 

^TS f a tuft, a shrub ; chandelier ; 

^fT^^ ? sweeping, dusting, win- 
nowing; expulsion of the ve- 
nom of a serpent. 

^Tf^TcT, growing in tufts, bushy. 

3fP5tj a bush, brushwood. 

^Jt\5, a broom, besom. 

3n*f*Tl, a film on the eye, dimness. 

3rT33"l, a tassel, epaulette, tuft. 

3rT5T?r, a small whetstone used 
by house -wives for sharpening 
spindles, needles, &c. ; hone. 

^"sr^l'l, running of the nose and 
eyes when a person has a 
cold; distilling, dropping. 

3TT*rt, a vitrified brick. 

3H"?"1, shower-bath, leaking ; a 
stream of water from the per- 

forated bottom of a pot which 
is hung over a plant for the 
purpose of watering it. 
^r|^t, a vessel with a spout, jug. 
^TT^T, hot, pungent, acrid. 
^T^R, soldering of metallic uten- 
sils or ornaments. 
^TlcT^ a fringe, edging, frill. 

^rtoTlrtj hot, pungent, acrid. 

flfo, a small prop of earth or 
stone placed under a pot to 
support it while boiling. 

f^fol, a jerk, twitch, hiccup. . 

fafij^s, a mussel or cockle. 

f%^, being drowsy, nodding. 

f^rsr, a shallow lake, swamp. 

■fe^t, a cricket, dragon-fly. 

1%pft^%, a house-pigeon. 

3tt, a daughter, a girl. 

313R, inclining, bending down. 

WT>\, a hump, bunch, crest. 

Wf% 9 lopping, cropping, trim- 

<lT\§t, a basket. [ming, cutting. 

~%l*\>, a shrub, a bush. 

313,, a swarm, flock, drove, troop. 

3R1, a ripe cocoanut. 

3T*f\5\, a hut, shed, cottage. 

^"SRSlj an ear-ornament ; a flower. 

3£5[^r^t, a child's rattle. 

3£<rT, a kind of sweetmeat. 

^f^f, soot, lamp-black. 

^[5R, swinging, being suspended ; 
a Hindu ceremony. 


^[fft, n bag, wallet, satchel. 
CW5, C*TT*f, a bushy tree, a bush. 
C^T^I, a large basket. 

C^nr,C^T?T^l, a casoade, waterfall. 

r.^rT^f, broth, soup. 

c^Tcnl, a Bwing, wallet ; wrinkle. 


<#, the tenth consonant of the 
Hindu alphabet. 


TV 'sound arising from the strik- 
ing of a bell ; a high stage. 

?T?n, ornament for a dram, as, 

T>3>, sour, acid, tart ; acidity. 

T><FJ>3>, rod. 

T>W3", emulation; a rap, knock. 

t^, spade, knife, sword ; scahbard ; 

T>^«1. borax, [anger, arrogance. 

1*^1%, a mint -master. 

^^R^JT^, numismatics. 

T^^TT^n, a mint. 

T>^H, a coin, a rupee ; the thigh. 

1>?ilJ, twang of a bowstring. 

T>^Tfel, a spasm, a cramp. 

T> i"^!>, sounded ; appraised, esti- 
mated ; enraged. 

T>W, a pickaxe ; borax. 

TfW^, borax. 

^^t, a lizard. 

T>3\ Vtyt, a dispute, quarrel, 



$1?$, radden recollection. 
ihr*, hard, firm, Bolid. 
T**fWr, oyerleaping, transg 

mg. [merry ong, 

T>**fl, a solo, a glee, a Bhort 
TO*r,reeling, tottering, staggering. 
T>c#*n<}5rM, reeling, Btaggering. 
^1, brittle, fragile, frangible. 
T>^*r, ballad-singing of religions 

T>^*T^, singing for alms. 
Th^arT*, shuttling, putting off, 

^T^?"! 6 !, shrinking with coM 
1>T<I^, appraising; tacking toge- 
c ther. 

T>T3>1, appraisement ; stitehing. 
T>T3», bald-headedness, baldn 
T>T*P*iv£1, bald-headed. 
TfT^Tc'r, a mint. 
T>e$1, a rupee, a silver coin. 
T>Tf ?", a spindle, spinning-reeL 
^\^J1, the roof of the month. 
T>1^, a spade: the leg; borax. 
T>T3R, a hill pony. 
THWR hanging, suspending, 
frsft, a battle axe. halberd. 
lftT*, a sacrificial dish ; sackcloth. 
UT^T^T, pain, ache, throb. 
T>Tlt> , a screen made of grass. 
¥T^t, a enp, mug, small basin, 
T>TT>, a pony, 
^"IT^l, fresh, new, nut stale. 




%"R, strain, tension, pressure ; 
dear, scarce ; a sense of dryness. 

^t^TT, pulling, drawing, attracting. 

T>"R1, tension, warp of cloth ; far. 

FT' S T?" J a rap, tap, slight "blow. 

T^T^t, an island. 

IjTcT, procrastination, shuffle. 

lM*R, shuffling, temporizing, put- 
ting off. 

T>Tf%. a tile for flooring ; a pretext. 

fi>^3\ enduring, lasting, wearing 

"f^^l . inoculation ; a mark ; a cake 
made of charcoal dust used to 
kindle tobacco on a hooka, &c. 

fi>^!3"1, a kettle-drum. 

fihgt, a tuft of hair, crest. 

UNHij^t, the house-lizard. 

■ft^cft, a thin slice, a wafer. 

"fi>T>3»T<r, contempt, reproach. 

Wl??~,"fi>n^> partridge, lapwing. 

fi>*ra 5 squeezing, pressing, pinching 

"ft^^fiTt, a comment ; squeezing, 

fi>*fl, a dent from pressure. 

fifin, a species of parrot. 

T>t^1, a comment, an annotation ; 
an innuendo. 

^t*T, note of hand, cheque. 

!?%, the throat, windpipe. 

TF33, lM%, a bit, piece, morsel. 

1>^<r1, a bit, piece, fragment. 

1>3£?ft, a basket. 

TjsfT, A pigeon-house, dove-cote. 

TjTj, deficiency, flaw, abatement. 

TjT?^, failing, abating, breaking. 

f$G, T>q>$t, the tailor-bird. 

T>*ft, a cap, hatj bonnet. 

^^<>, brittle, fragile, weak. 

ri>lMj a harpoon. 

d>«??1, a spindle, a skewer. 

CT>I?T<ft, a brazier, coppersmith. 

d?v5l 5 crooked, awry, slanting. 

CTfal, a rag, tattered cloth. 

C* *f, to press, compress ; the 
border of cloth. 

CT>?T, a border, verge ; indication. 

C^T1> CT>£^ 5 crooked, distorted, 

CT>T^, censorious, abusive, [ble. 

ClM"^?r, a rap, knock, peck ; stum- 

C^T^?"1j a basket. 

CT>T3S1, contradiction ; a fillip. 

djl^rish-bait ; cap, helmet; drop. 

CT>T*R^, convex, gibbous. 

CT*T*f£"» a crown, hat, helmet. 

CT>T*TR* falling in drops, dripping. 

GI>T <s Tl', a hat, cap, bonnet. 

Ci>T3"R, sending, setting on, sti- 

CT?T«T, a college ; dent, bruise. 

CTjWI* division, quarter, ward. 

fa. iitf, a rogue, sharper, swindler. 

fa\^, outwitting, cheating, swind- 
ling, [tortion. 

%<F\T%, tefftft, slander, fraud, ex- 


fcisj^, jeopardy, risk, dilemma. 
tT>2n, taunt, sarcasm, irony, joke 
fc%*, ringing, jingling. 
fc"sl, cool, cooling, refreshing. 
^■*it, cold, coolness ; a cold. 
im&, pomp, parade, display. 
fcl<Q<T«i, contriving, planning. 

7T?", a place, station ; near. 

fcTflT, fc?w»?r, a god, lord, father; 

sir, master. 
fcT^3"3?t, sister-in-law; the daugh- 
ter of a spiritual guide. 

frT$?"% fcT$?TT«ft, a goddess ; lady; 
the wife of a spiritual guide. 

fcT<j?"WTffi, paternal grandfather. 

fcTf ?r^twt, paternal grandmother. 

Vf3>J*1%, ^<r^lyt, an idol- 

^t^^rl^ft, authority, respectability. 

fcTT>, a sketch ; affectation, pomp ; 

fcT$1, jesting, ridicule, sneering. 

^T*r, well formed, beaut i ml, neat, 

fcT?T, a signal, hint, innuendo. 

fcT?"<i, intimating by Bigns. 

fcPTsr, ramming down, charging, 

)T\^J, pondering, guessing, idea. 

ft^, accurate, exact : adding. 

ft<$<fT, a tile, potsherd. 

©<5»1, hired tor job-work, working 
for daily hire. 




fttft^M, address of a let! 
denoe, certainty; the place i 

any person or thing is to bo 

ffit%, ftf^r?i1. a water-pot, fed 

f T* 1 , maimed, lame-handed ; lop- 
ped tree. 
^ssr, rapping, smiting, beating. 
^?T«I, pecking, striking with the 

wft, a hoodwink ; a lottery-ticket: 
cSvl, eelfwilled, obstinate, un- 
cf^.a widow'sdress. [managi 

a hindrance, obstacle; to Stop. 
CS$3\ coming in contact with. 
CE<F«n, C$<$1, C^«j<n, a prop, sup- 
port, stanchion, [haughtil 
CE3>T3", pride, superciliousness, 
C^^TcT, full of obstacles, difficult. 
£&W S the leg. 

Ct??:, a staff, bludgeon, club. 
CfrSTR, beating with a Btaff. 
ttsj? 1 ,, legs of Bhrimps, lobsters, 

crabs or insects. 
Ct^, old, aged, ancient. 
C£^, thrusting, pressing upon ; 

the refuting of an argument. 
Cfcsrt, a push, shove ; confutation. 
c£^, a prop, refuge, reliance. 
CfciR, leaning against, pushing. 
cfr*TR, propping, supporting, im- 
CT I"?, a beak, the lips ; verge. 




d?tt>^TT>1, daring, impudent, auda- 

C£T^3", pecking, rapping ; stumble. 

C£T3>£"[«i,pecking,rapping, tapping. 

rtrW, a blister ; drop of melted 
metal ; button, bead. 

dt)^, steadfastness, stability. 

\F9f5" ,a drum . [the stalk of a potlierb. 
^STI, ^Tsf, a point, tip, nib, peak; 
\59ft*T, ending in a point, peaked. 
^5f?f<n> large, bigb, prominent. 
\5^T!, a large drum. 
VS^JCj an affray, raid ; flight. 
^Tsr<F, a small drum formed like an 
hour-glass and held in one hand. 
\5 , 5T<?ST*fJ 3 an isthmus. 
\£TI^p, a kind of drum or tabour 
played on by the fingers, [litter. 
\£<R, flying in the air ; a covered 

\£3", fear, alarm, terror, panic. 

nJj^T^, 157C&, fearful, cowardly. 

v5»ra,grinding, rubbing, trampling. 

vg-cT^fl, a muller, a roller of wood 
or stone. 

\5s^, a fruit-basket or tray. 

\£^^~, ^"?1, a lake, deep water. 

vSTTf**, the right side ; a witch. 

\STT? unripe, green ; unfeeling ; to 
threaten, to rebuke. 

vgrn>1, a stalk, stem, shaft, [fine. 

\JjT\£, an oar ; bird- perch ; forfeit, a 

^I^t^, the common carrion crow. 

\ft^1, to stand; custom, habit ; the 

vtlvST^r, standing, standing erect. 
\|T\ft, a rower, boatman ; the beam 
of a pair of scales. 

\ff\5^l, fetters, manacles, shackles. 

\bl*t, a gadfly. 

^TT^, a post, courier; call, shout. 

\5T^T, calling, summoning, shout- 

\3$T^T $"«. , a robber, burglar, bandit. 

\FT^T^^t 5 a robbery, burglary. 

^faFRral, bold, daring, impudent. 

\£Tf%^ff. a witch, a she-devil. 

v&TsT^", large, prominent, high. 

^T^TT, a goad, elephant-goad. 

^T5fl, raised or dry ground. 

*5T$, TfT^j a tooth, fang, claw. 

vST^TsT, WTlM^ serrated, like a saw. 

^T?31, fff31, a cricket-bat, a post. 

\£1ts}, a post, stake, ship's yard. 

\5"f3", an unripe cocoanut. 

>5T?T<r, a wash-hand basin. 

^"R^,, \5"fa, a pitcher, small halsi. 

\S\vi, a branch, bough. 

vST^rf^ft, cinnamon. [down. 

vat^R, lopping, pruning, throwing 

^Tcfl, a basket ; cover, lid. 

\5"tt%^T«, a pomegranate. 

^Tcft, a present of fruit, &c. ; 
split peas. 

f^sf <n, a rogue ; despicable, de- 

f£Sf1j to jump, to leap, [praved. 

CTT 1 1 5 

f^T^T, overleaping 
fosft, a small boat, skiff. 
fofosr, a small drain, tabor. 

for**?!", loan, of the 

fa»*1, small box, pill-box, snuff- 

box, canister. 

fcsr, fs^.an egg, Bpawn, chrysalis 

fOTSF, produced from an 

fo^T5;<r, a skirmish. 

fofwt, a bubble, waterfly; lascivi- 
ous woman. 

fpF, the young of an animal. 

fefr. a small district. 

tffa, flighl of a bird. 


^fTjsft, a small drum or rattle 
generally usedbj snake-catehers, 
jugglers, &c. 

ftft, a small boat, skiff. 

WbVSPj ;1 serpent. 

vp\ immersion, diving, 

^■^r. diving, plunging, sinking. 

\55?ft, ^T??. a diver. 

\5<rfa". immersing, dipping, drown- 

NjRt?n, the diver bird. [ing. 

\5"fr3. immersed, dipped, plunged. 

vj^?", a fig, fig-tree. 

fj], string, twine, packthread, 

Y^t, a covered litter, palkee. 

c^sr, a caldron, a large "pot, 

CS^^t, a louse. 

C^?1, a widower. 

CS5, one and a half. 
l 2 

C5"i). poverty, sicknew, disease. 

C53). a wing, pillion, fin, 
CVTIj a elod, Inmj. of clay. 
CTT>1. a canoe, skiff, boat. 
C^W, a puddle, pond, plash ; to 

immerse, dip, plunge. 
<TET?. basket-maker, scavenger. 
tvbl<T, C5\ it, a rope, cord, string, 

C5"T?n, a line, streak, strip,.. 
r^Ter, a granary, storehouse. 
c^I-^T, a litter, portable Led. 

CTlrT, form, attitude, mien, gait. 

fr^, a weight (for scales), a thing 

to measure by. 
TR^1, a large drum, 
inf, an impostor, swindler. 
fr=n, blasted, faded, dried up. 
£*f, form, manner, mien, fashion. 
F«T, the water com ing down the 

highland and muddying a river; 

F*R, sloping, slanting, declining. 
J>cT^T<n, the descending of the 

muddy water from the upper 

provinces into the river.-, of 

Bengal ; the freshes. 
IjcnT^, outraging decency. 
T?cvfi, slack, loose, lax. 
&c^*, going down, passing away ; 

being Black. p ike 

^^' ; sparkling ; waving, fluid- 





T?T^, a large drum. 


T?r<^, covering, screening, conceal- 

IFfas^l, Ft^^t, a cover, lid, veil. 

^1^tC^n^1, a screen, fence, shade. 

TTf^t, a drummer. 

T?T<?^t> a screen, fence, cover. 

T?|31, a concourse of people, mob. 

FfnTI, a goose. 

TFTsf, a shield ; a slope, declivity. 

T?T=n^,pouring, pouring ou t , spilling , 

fi?*f^r, H?^ fa, thumping, pommel- 
ling, beating with the fist. 

n?*ft, n?^t, a heap, accumulation. 

fT?Tl, cool ; slow. 

fl?^, a clod, a small piece of brick 

or stone. 
f^5j1, dilatory, slow ; slack, lax. 
f^TT^T, pelting with clods. 
ftjsTTfST, laziness, procrastination. 
"U, butting with the head. 
1?^, entering, pervading, intrud- 
ing, [ing. 
TRj'fa, thrusting in, stabbing, pierc- 
Tj^'X, T?^, seeking, searching for. 
T? 5 !?^, a kind of water-snake. 
TsF*TST, nodding, napping, dozing. 
T??T"R, shaking, jogging, agitating. 
T?"5", a butt with the head. . 
TJ^s|1, slothful, lazy, dronish. 
C&% a wave, billow ; whim. 
C5^t, pedal for cleaning rice. 

af^lj saucy, stubborn, froward. 

ClfsTI, proclamation by the beat 
, of a drum. 

C15Ti",an ear-ring. 

C^lf invidious comparison. 

CI?^T^, shoving, pushing, jostling. 

Cl?fi<r, belching, eructation. 

CT?5fl 3 tall, high, lofty, long. 

CI? STSTjillegitimate, bastard ; wicked* 

CU^rsT"), a paramour, gallant. 

CT?3Tsft, a concubine, mistress. 

CU^", much, many, plenty. 

CI? an, a cross ; a winding-reel. 

CFT?, a heap, pile, stack. 

073^", carrying a load. 

C^I^^Tj seeking, rummaging for. 

Cl?Tv5l, a kind of water-snake. 

C1>T<p, a gulp of liquid. 

CT?WS", causing to enter ; obtruding, 
pushing into, penetrating. 

CTFT^T, C^T^T^, a kind of small drum. 
«l I 

«1, the fifteenth letter of the Hindu 

v5<F, to, unto, till, until. 
v5^.?Tl?J, a dispute. 
^T35"5, seeking, searching. 
^i^TTI, a bolster, a pillow. 
v5«Fl, a board, a plank. P n ff« 

vjf^, a small board used for writ- 
51F, diluted buttermilk. 
HW^, carpenter j fabulous serpent. 



tv% paring, scraping, peeling. 
3«*R, wft, ilnMi, at .thai moment. 
5W\ a coin, a rupee, 
SHJJf, investigat ion, Bearch. 
vS^sr, mollifying, desisting. 
^W, springing from 
ojqp, collusion, imposition, fraud. 
s^tf, a deceiver, impostor. 
3tf. "5^, ahore, bank, Btr and. 
\5^?, ashore ; equally disposed to 

friends and foes, impartial; sur- 
UTjTSS, a lake, tank, pond, [prised. 
3"a» at, a river. 
^5^, shore, coast. 
S'STa, floundering, jumping. 
>^1, shore, strand, coast. 
5*5T$T, a lake, tank, pond, pool. 
sfs*, lightning. 
$*»3>, foam ; a bird. 
1*lv\, husked rice. 
3i, so much, so many. 
33S, from that, afterwards. 
^rafifa, SO many days, till then. 
33*flft, the plantain tree. 
5*, he, she, it, that. 
^^PT^'tft, presence of mind. 
^V^te, from that moment. 
5**nr, skilful, expert, clever. 
5«3. essence, reality ; scrutiny. 
$*a33»T?r3». one who investigates 

the truth of things, a philosopher. 

scrutinizer. [damental truth. 
3G333R, knowledge of any fun- 

king correctly. 

arch, scrutiny, 
! 'M 6 i, superintendence. 
33, there, in thai place. \ v, ' t - 
lOT^f, ivnfvf, nevertheless, still, 
"ssp, thus, so, as before. 
VaiJ. even thus, nevertheless* 
T'iWyj. there, in thai place. 
"j'tfT^, be it so, amen. 
z^M?, so. i ; bus. 

39D. true ; truth, reality. 
IWa^'ff, alter that, then. 
SWrJ^^f, like that, thus, so. 
■S^^TfT^", according to that, so. 
l«'l. scope, object, aim, end. 
l^mj, besides that, besides. 
v5fl^f*f, thenceforth, till then. 
3*3"'*', in those circumstances, 
thus conditioned. 

^"•rj'i^r, within that. 

<5Wl, 3WT^1\. then, at that time. 

\5*lftr\ beginning with that. 

vSJrTf^W?, from beginning to end. 

SWTaptfj beginning, commencement 

Wi?", different from that. 

«k*W, relating to him, his. 

V&C.H4, identically the same. 

5Tf9f5, devoted, attached to. 

3^ a, miser. 

3if%3. a derivative noun : deriva- 
tives formed from complete 
words as distinguished from such 
as are formed from verbal roots. 




^*, vsff^T, like that, similar. 

vS^Bi^r, so, in like manner, such. 

vg5!ft, at that very time, then. 

^T<T, a son. 

vJR^ri, a daughter. 

v5f^1, cord, rope. 

^t^fe", vS^faf^, ver 7 thin, small, 
delicate. [nute, delicate. 

vj5j, the body ; thin, slender, mi- 

^5»[|F*f, pores of the skin. 


v5^3", ^*p^W, a coat of mail. 

v5^3Tl, the nose. 

S>^*T, extended, spread. 

^•[W, clarified butter. 

vj^psftW, fire. 

^"^^j na i r ; wo °lj feathers. 

\5^i, thread, string, twine, line. 

vJ^^tF, the silk-worm, 

^53t?T. a weaver, a spider. 

v5^"», mustard ; a calf. 

^St5 ^T?", betelnut-tree ; emaciated ; 
reduced to mere fibre. 

v£3f, a thread ; a branch of the Veda 
which teaches mystical ceremo- 
nies ; dependent, subservient ; a 
loom ; a charm producing me- 
dical effects. 

§5^51, the doing of a simple action 
which is intended to supply the 
place of many distinct actions ; 
collusion, intrigue, stratagem. 

33}?(3j,delusion, sorcery, witchcraft. 

$3p^Tl, 53^1^1%, system of go- 
vernment, [stringed instrument. 

1, jt, a musician ; a Tantrist ; a 

$"Sl1j Sftg^nspl, drowsiness, do- 
[zing, lassitude. 

^"S^T^, drowsy, sleepy, weary. 

vg^S - , not so, not so ; piece by 

^fj%R€, on that account. 

3^t, gaunt, lean. 

^nijTS, merely that. 

^*f, warmth, heat j hot season. 

^5*f^, the sun, heat ; a hell. 

W^t <r 5 gold. 

v5*fC^T^, copper. 

^*f3T, penance or religious auste- 
rities ; the hot season. 

v3*PT]1, ascetic austerity, penance ; 
the Phalgoon month. 

OT^t, an ascetic ; a mango-fish. 

\5% heated, hot. 

WFSJ^r, the rainy season. 

3Wr*R, an ascetic. 

v53", relating to you, your. 

v5^fa, heaven; gold. 

W%, even then, still, nevertheless. 


then, at that time. 

^TT2, ^T5R, darkness, mental gloom, 

pride, vanity. 
v5"5Tpg"^t, night ; turmeric. . 
^"5TT^, $*Tf^, tobacco. 
v5H"tcT, the sectarial mark on the 

forehead ; a tree. 




sfsi", S'sft, night. 

vji'snr, darkness, anger. 

3csn# 6 i, one of the three primeval 
qualities <>i' matter in the Bindn 
philosophy, viz. inertness as ap- 
plied to mere matter, or stupi- 
dity, ignorance, or Fascination 
as it relates to animals. 

vS**!"!, Wl, ; i cow. 

3^, a tent, pavilion, marquee. 

vj'SfiT, the* name of a musical in- 
strument with three strings and 
the Bhell of a gourd for the body. 

^5<T^l<ft, garden-stuff, vegetables, 
■ ■us. 

H~$f. 3^', the hyena. 

H7[W f a wave, billow ; whim. 

5^rf9f«ft,ariver. [in honour of. s7//m 

^TTSn", songs midl;- at the charak 

$<r«i, crossing over, getting over 
a difficulty ; a raft. 

^■?rfe). a boat, raft ; the sun. 

53*9, a raft ; a float (in angling). 

vS^^L ferryage, passage-money. 

vS<"3"I"3", 3"£*2TTf?r, a sword, cimetar. 

$?*ns, a water-melon. 

^<"rr. wavering, wanton, fluid. 

3?"% three days ago or hence. 

vSTT^T, flesh. 

«<!*, speed, velocity, strength. 

Q7T9, quick, hasty, fickle. 

$<r€t, strong, fleet ; a runner ; 
the wind. 

T?rT"^. a pair of set ' 
^TT«i,deli\ ering from, helping over. 
8?T*i a boat. 

3?TT?T, fear, dread; a kind of um- 


5©, Tt?1-1, if], a boat, a rait. 
heaven ; the Bea. 
tree, Bhrub, plant. 
33*1. fresh, young, novel. 
33» 6 Vt, a young woman. 
"i^vsr. a monkey, an ape. 
$^*H?i, camphor. 
3C3". (poetical) for, because of. 
vSC^TSTSJl, verdant. 
3*F, reasoning, logic. 
li^^VS, the science of logic. 
vsf<p\s, discussed, surveyed: alarms 
"$^j, ^?t. a spindle, distaff, [ed 

1^, growling, BCOioing, railing. 

3^rT, the forefinger. 

$flR5j reproached, reproved. 

1>% 1«\^, a new-born calf. 

~Z\e\. the sun ; a raft. 

3"5f?T?n, fickle, wanton, impatient. 

33^)"^, a boat. 

$*Ji , a ladle. 

Ssf^satisfying; a libation of Water 
to the dead. 

$33" t>, a year. 

5^4, thirst, desire. 

^iflj a chasm, space ; at a distance. 

$eT, bottom, under part, base. 

1v\&, a tank, a pond. 




$3TC*fTj 5 lower part of the belly. 
^cT2f ?!?", a flat-handed blow. 
^^"T^", a sword, cimetar. 
^p^pT, a valley, lowland, [spring. 
^pH^T^", v5*rc*Pfi£, a fountain, 
vgc^Tpf-wf, fathomable, shallow. 
v5»Tl, bottom, nnder part, base. 
^c^T^f^j, helping, assisting, aid.' 
vSSitft, a cane-mat. 
\5^Tt3cT, a division of hell. 
vScTT^, sinking, diving*, immerging. 
^c-TT^ a pond, tank, pit. 
v$f^T, fried flesh, 
vgf^^", bed ; lonely. 
\5^t, lying at the bottom, below. 
vS^fcr, air ; young. 
OT^I, a large earthen pot. 
$C*T^»e|, a boar, a hog. 
^C^TW^t, a wife. 

\5CsTfWlj a river, a reservoir of 
^c^5, a forest, a wood. [water. 
vj 6 ^", a bed ; a tower, turret. 
-j^^tt?, a bug. 

\5 c " 5 tt, a bundle, package, parcel. 
^TcTl. a bar of a door. 
v5^1, a carpenter. 
\jrjil? . 'obstinacy, pertinacity. 
^Tv?T, stubborn, unyielding. 
^?T3", a coarse kind of silk stuff. 
v5f3T«T, a pivot, fulcrum ; collec- 
tion of revenue. 
vj^T, a thief, robber. 
v5^^"1"> thievishness. theft. 

3RJ, his, hers, its. • [per. 

551, sitting on eggs ; a sheet of pa- 

\5Tt", clapping of hands ; even that. 

$T3. anger ; a fold in cloth. 

v5t'8^ 5 heating, baking, provoking. 

v5T"S^1 5 copper pot ; pair of bellows. 

\5Tt"5 5 a loom, a leather thong. 

\5T^*T, threat, menace. 

\5\^*i, a loom, catgut ; the string 
of a musical instrument. 

\JTtet, a weaver. 

\5T3"I, copper; copper-coloured. 

^T^, a look, aim. 

\5T3F, a stage, a shelf. 

^t^^j looking after, looking at. 

^5T"»T1, bandage on the arm to re- 
move a disease. 

vST^^J, contempt, disregard. 

vSTlfl, fresh, green, new. 

Sfsft, a kind of pony. 

<5T3, a wisp, sheaf ; armlet. 

^5t\F^, 35TT>^r, ornament for the ear. 

SK^T, $TvJfR, driving away, per- 

^T^^l", a horse-whip, riding-whip. 

^t^^T; pain of a tumour. 

v5T5?TJ. virulent, painful, sore. 

3>T31, driving away with blows, 
scolding ; a small bundle ; a bolt. 

v5lf^5, driven; electricity, [tricity. 

v5Tf^"5*f1?f5T'JT35, conductor of elec- 

^Tf^TflfTT^, electric telegraph. 

H]€\ } juice of the £a/-tree. 




■3T^. a wooden Bpoon, ladle. 
ST'ST, dancing ; :i sort of gra 
UT15, a fat her ; heat ; venerable. 
v5T3#\ an ancle. 
9l>94*T, a Baccharine juice slightly 

thickened by boiling. 
$13^, disease, illness ; 1 1 * > t . 
5T3T7, warming, making li<>t. 
3T~5Tfo<I1, choleric, peevish, cross. 
$Tr%, a Bon, offspring. 
\$H<r/rf£fa>, of that time. 
$K*T*f7, meaning, import, object. 
STW^L in that same way, the 

circumstance of being in that 

particular situation. 
Ilntfj, applying to one object. 
SHFTOJ, identity, sameness. 
v5TF?P. $Tj7*T, Buch, bo, like that. 
$T^, a tune, key-note; extension. 
v5PT^j3"1, a stringed instrument 

having the shell of a gourd for 
$P7T, weakness. [its body. 

$?^1, the warp of cloth. 
<sl*!$, an eddy of water, [scholar. 
^Tf;sj<F, versed in the Tantras ; a 
^T^. heat, passion; distress. 
$T*R, becoming heated ; being in 

affliction ; the sun. 
\5t*f3ri5TST3j, thermometer, [ascetic. 
5"M"*T, practising austerities; an 
^T*fT5T, making hot, afflicting. 
$TW5, heated, excited, incensed, 
sj'ft*, so long ; all, the whole. 

IT^t, a bow-string. 

"I'^ff, i he sign Tai 

■ it. r ; clarified butter. 

$Tsftr, retail Bhopkeeper; the name 
of a peculiar ca te among t ho 

HT^if. inert, melancholy. [ Bin lua. 

UT^r^i, night, gloom, dulne 
Longing to the principle of in- 
ertness, stupidity or mental 

1T5TPS, iT^T^, tobacco. 

a - 

3rei, ^Tsn, copper. 

3T^, a tent, pavilion, manp; 
^T^^r, the betel-leaf. 
55I5, ^TjT<P, copper. 

srsWTr, a coppersmith, brazier. 

3"!T^T>, the tobacco-plant. 
5"nj[3P9, a copper basin. 
^TSI'^'S, blue vitriol. Ta rock. 

5TSTF?) ^T^n'*r<rt, copper-crested ; 
vJT<r, a shrill note; a wire; flavour. 
$T<T<P, saviour ; Btar; pupil of the 

eye ; a pilot. 
$T?T35^, a wire -drawer. 
$T?P5lj a star. 
ST3"r3>*i, the night. 
$T?"«I, crossing over, - a raft, 

^5T?"f*ij a 1 
ST?"3*J. great 
$T?T5r, lewd, las 
?!3~^J. fickleness, fluidity. 

^T^Vi star, pupil of the eye ; L>ur- 
$l?T*ft%, the moon; Shiva, 

3TO 122 

vSt^t^fl"^. the moon. 
\5"P£"t^TI, the night. 
^T?TP§, camphor. [ball.. 

v£T« Tsr^j the starry sky ; eye- 
^Tfff^l, ^Tcn^t, juice of the tdl-tvee. 
^T^T, youthfulness, youth. 
vSTf^^ a logician, a sophist. 
^T^J, Garura ; dawn ; a snake ; 

a horse. 
^T*T, beating time ; clapping hands ; 

a cymbal ; the fan -palm. 
v5t«T3», a lock, bolt ; yellow arsenic. 
^T^T^J, palatal, from the palate. 
^T^T^SS, ^T^R 1 ?^, a palm-leaf fan. 
^T^*fT^ pulp of the M-fruit. 
*5T5Tl, a lock, padlock; the story 

of a building ; the sensation of 

being stunned. 
n5T*IT$, the close of a strain in 

$TeTW<r, a dancer. 
v5Tf%3>, the palm of the hand ; 

\$tf^1 . the flat hand ; a catalogue. 
^Tf^^f, a mountain. 
vst^t, clapping hands ; a patch. 
^T«n, v5t cT^1 j, the roof of the mouth. 
^T^fl^l, the alligator. [palate. 
v5TcT<Jl , the palm ; sole ; crown ; 
vSt^T^", an eddy of water. 
\5T*T, a playing-card ; gold thread. 
v5W, brushing, dusting, wiping 
ST^STJ, theft. [off. 

VtS\, it, that. 

f^^vft", a furnace, cooking-place. 

f^lr, bitter, aromatic, fragrant. 

t%?f, fsw, sharp, pungent, acrid, 

t^^"T\^, the sun. [hot. 

1%3^, a sieve. 

f%^5<T, a kind of partridge. 

f%^T^T, moistening, making damp ; 

1%f^55»1, patience, forbearance, [ed. 
1%1%^, patient, forbearing, resign- 
1^1%^, the cochineal insect. 
I^e'5", fl>tlff?f, a partridge ; the 

Yajur Veda. 
f%^T, fire ; time. 
fsfnt, a day reckoned by the 

change of the moon. 
1%f*t2f«it, the moon. 
1%^r, three. 
fisfa, he, she. 

f$f%\5t, the tamarind, an acid. 
f^*f[^, a kind of tree the fruit of 

which is much used to paint the 

bottoms of boats. 
1^fsi, a large fish ; a whale. 
r%fsre, moistened ; annoyed. 
firfsi^', darkness ; gutta serena. 
f%?3", a class of fishermen among 

the Hindus. 
r%3~*§\sr, bent, crooked. 
1%^"^f?«ff, screen, fence. 
1%<~^T<f, 1%?rf^?Tl, scolding, revi- 
ling, insult. 




^r.7r t >ft ji , r%C3TTOT*, a covering, 
concealment. [hidden. 

v$r.3nfJr5, t$C?T*5£5, covered op, 

f%*fj*y, going crookedly ; bird. 

1%rT, Besamnm seed j a mole, a 
freckle ; moment . 

r%fT9, a >|" i . freckle, mole j mark 
on t be forehead ; nobility. 

f%9T9T^j a moment oi time. 

fsfa, an oilman. 

t$f©te*i, a large serpent . 
fef^TTJi, spotted, freckled, dotted. 
roC*lv5Tsj, mountains of mole-hills, 

much-a-do abont not bing. 
t%C^i?riT, a dish of milk, rice and 

1^^?r V, the evening. 
r3$";r, enduring, lasting, existing. 
1%i"1, permanence, durability. 
1%r*T, Linseed. 

$faF, sharp, acute, keen. 

$fa<T, a class of Hindus wlio live 
upon fishing and hunting. 

$fa, sharp, severe, pungent. 

0^3*, a shore, hank; arrow; tin. 

vftsf", a place of pilgrimage ; a 
Landing place. 

\»>, but, or, against, also, and, more- 
over, indeed. 

^^, thou, (to an interior). 

\£3>, a malignant incantation. 

\£?K>, an arrow ; end of a aloka. 

>£<?, clever, shrewd, able, brisk. 

. tall, Lofty, elevat< d ; b 
vz. the moon. 
^c&, empty, void ; despised 

picable, mean. 
^*i «•!•<, despising, contempt, 
jump ; clever. 
Bnapping the I 
vs. i be moui h, the face. 
*, ! , a mulberry -tree. 
^t%<n, y?r. yr -. blue vitriol. 
^T, a kind oi' timber ; 
*,-*, the belly, the navel. 
^f^fli?^!?, an idler. 
^"P*t3>, if # w"5, fy'^-T. big-bellied. 

"^^1?, B tailor. 

54V4M, shrivelling, shrinking up. 

D3"3t, a rocket, a fire-work. 

v55i^t, a Bnake-catcher's pipe. 

N5r5t, thou, (to an eaual). 

^•j^T, W^, tumult. u; 

clangour of arms. 

T^, the bottle-gouTd. 

OT^t, a kind of drum. 

^t, the bottle-gourd. 

^^ff, a horse; the mind, the heart. 

^■^r^sr, a horse. 

53WI, a gimlet, drill. 

^<T*fT«i, drilling a hole. 

^U, a pencil, brush; Bhuttle. 

3^~t?, v5Wj, the fourth. 

tj^it, the stocks, Bhackles. 

W, pair of scales. 

3=1^, 5»TK, a kind of paper 

^ 124 

smeared with the sulphate of 

arsenic. [son. 

^5rRl. likeness, equality, compari- 

vSeT^t, the basil tree ; kind of duck. 

\gsfl, scales ; the sign Libra ; 

equality ; cotton. 
^pfTSTfa", libration. 
^>Wf, like, equal, synonymous. 
v5¥, chaff, bran, husk. 
vETf<ir, frost, rime, snow, hoar. 
\5^3j, pleased, gratified, glad. 
$15*. satisfaction, contentment. 
v£^, dust. 

vST^Tj frost, rime, snow, hoar. 
1T«1, ^*Tt<Tj a quiver, [out horns. 
^^,a beardless man; a bull with- 
W$\, a trumpet, 
^"ef, swift, quick, hastily, 
\^1, the fourth ; a trumpet, 
^un^fa, a musician, 
'^c^cotton ; a mulberry; a balance. 
^c=TT, cotton. [brush, pencil. 

T^t, \§rf^, ^"f^3»1, an artist's 
$3lt3», silent, taciturn, grave. 
N^«t, grass, straw. 
^i^jTCt* amber or any other gem 

which when rubbed attracts 

^«llft1^, graminivorous, 
^sj^ir, class of palms. 
vjj'i^'T^J. wild grain. 
>£«i*flSf, the bamboo. 
^ 6 la<^^ei, surety, security. 

^I^TtS?. the palmyra tree. 

^t«H3>, a thatched house. 

^TI, the third. 

\^, satisfied, pleased. 

^1%, satisfaction, gratification. 

vpp, a serpent. 

^TTI, ^^1, thirst, appetite, desire. 

^"3T§~, water. 

\£"33«>, thirsty, eager, desirous. 

C55", for that reason. 

C%~5^, a tamarind. [ed. 

CS^^". warping, becoming crook- 

C^3vT*Tl, a harpoon, trident. 

C^G^T'I 1 , a triangle, triangular. 

CSW, lustre, vitality, vigour, ardor. 

C3U*f3f, CvJl5F*fTv5, the cassia-leaf. 

CI^^T, stimulating, invigorating. 

CSSf^ft, shining, energetic, ardent. 

CSlTt"^, hot, ardent, active, brilliant. 

C^fws, sharpened, whetted. 

0&5), warped,- crooked, squinting. 

to 3 1 of!, three-storied. 

C^Ttra^T, forty-three. 

C^^T^^", a broad plain, prairie. 

CS^V, a garden, play-ground. 

CS^TS, C5^, so, in that way. 

C^srf^T. even so, in like manner. 

CITs thirteen. 

CSciMtl, a cockroach. 

£5*1], °ilyj shining with grease. 

tf55TT^1, a soldier ; a native of the 

Coromandel coast of Hindustan j 

a red ant. 

aftr L26 

C5^ffi>*n, smeared with oil. 
C5~T, a class of Hindus who deal 

in oil, oilman. 
CST^n, three-fold. 

metallic ware : butter. 

tfl. of ili» l V.ijiir \ 

t$9T, oil, unctuous matter. 
If, a province bou( h of 1 1 
in Hindustan; a native of the 
Bame province ; a Boldier. 

fcOT*fl, fc5*TTWI, a cot broach. 

fc$^J^W#, amber. 

fo^iT^<r, seeds that yield oil. 

tssitVt, a wasp. 

fof^tf, a dealer in oil, oilman. 
• . a child, sod or daughter. 

C51T>^, a kind of metre. 

G5V$, the violence of a Btream. 

C5T^, breaking, changing, vili- 
fying, [mouldering hank. 

CST^'T, a broken precipice ; a 

C51v5^T, a bracelet. 

C9T$1, a bag full of money ; the 
eves of a house. 

CZ]z\ • -gruel ; changing 

money for others of smaller de- 

. an iron-headed goad, a stick. 
.-"!.. stammering, a stammerer. 

&ft, a pain, an ache. 

C6M\!»I, a parcel, packet, bundle: 
dried, contracted. 

C5T"snr, an iron crowbar. 

*nr, tin-. 

C1T7T, water. 

j*j, hailstone. 

C3T?W, Clr*-;?, i lo 

c.\ ~*p^. a frog. 

C3t3T% a porch, verandah, mound, 

5, CTfVf . a rupee's weight. 
C3T*R, lifting up, raising, stripping. 
cira, pleasure, gratifi sat ion. 

C51<T«l, makin 

ci'T^c^PF, Battery, Byoophan 
CTN, weight, weighing. 
C3}(%f>, a painter. 
CSfaT?", the dew, 
D)*?, left, forsaken, forlorn. 
^5?a, abandoning. :'• 
$Jfsf, forsaking, lett ing b 

3)T"5?J. worthy of bej I • n. 

3*fl, Bhai isty, Bbyness. 

3*fnr«1, a prostitute. 

af*H5. ashamed, modest, bashful, 

3«£, 3*pT, 3*t5, lead. tin. 
OT, three, the third. 
3?t, the three \ 
3?t3^, the sun. 

^C*]1W*T, thirteen. 

3C*ttfF*rt, the thirteenth 

3*T, moveable, Lo the 

;5JT<r, a Bhuttle. 

^c<" 6 i an atom, m 

s^, 3Tf, frightened, hurried, 

^T^j preservation, salvation. 




IffS, delivered, preserved. 
3TP5lj a deliverer, saviour. 
3ffT, terror, dread, alarm. 

^tft, save ! deliver ! 

f^ 3 three. 

f^Vte, thirty. 

fj3<>, the waist. 

f3[$T>, the three spices : viz. dried 
ginger, long pepper and black 
pepper. [sent, past, future. 

f^ter, the three times : viz. pre- 

f33»*T, father, mother, and wife's 

fsc^T*!, a triangle ; triangular. 

f^<T, tin, lead. 

f3933"«l, the three primeval qualities 
of matter : viz. existence, activity 
and inertness. 

fsf^st^, the three worlds. 

fl[W*T, a kind of demigod. 

f3W*n^r.. thunder. 

f5W*n1?f, enemy of the gods. 

fsjfiN", heaven, sky, atmosphere. 

fSTGWre, ill state of the three hu- 
mours of the body : viz. bile, 
blood and phlegm. 

"fesfl, threefold, of three kinds. 

f^T^, three- eyed ; Shiva, 

f^*T$r$f1, the river Ganges. 

f^^f^t, a tripod, three-footed. 

f^s^, bank, shore. 

flf^te, three lines on the forehead. 

f3jTp«i1j three medicinal fruits. 

f^sf , three objects of pursuit : 
viz. love, duty and wealth. 

firl^'lp'sr, Vishnu as a dwarf. 

f^l^Sf, of three kinds. 

f$vW, having three bends. 

ft^"^"^, f^C^ft^, the three worlds. 

fsfSTlSff, a cross-road, 

faprW, night. 

flfOTf^, lawsuit from covetousness. 

flfCcTT^'T, three-eyed ; Shiva. 

fn'tfvi, a trident ; Shiva's weapon. 

f^^WJIj, dawn, noon, and evening. 

f^T?^Tt, a three-year old heifer. 

~^W 9 defect, flaw, fault ; loss. 

C3)^51j the second yug ; three fires. 

t3F3"Tf*T3» 5 the rule of three. 

t^t^T^J, the three worlds. 

CUTTj^s, incisors. 

C^Tfl>, a bird's beak. 

GSXlij the herdsman's rod. 

^RT^£\ a broad plain, prairie. 

3D^3?, a name of Shiva. 

HJ*T, a triangle. 

^J"5"?Pf*f , a day in which part of 
three lunar days meet. 

3[jTf535, of every third day. 

^^, bark, rind, skin. 

^^CWW, circumcision. 

^"STSfR perception by touch. 

^3cf$£, imposition, trick. 

lifter, thy, thine. 

^B^Tl, quickness, haste, hurry. 

^f?$, hurried, rapid, quick. 




sri>, cleansed, cleared. 

fsitf, beauty, Bplendour, light. 

fsafg - , ray or beam of Light. 

vT? - , a bricklayer, b mason ; the 

^vfsl, the trade of a bricklayer. 

*T3S1, a bunch, cluster, tuft. 

^•sr^T^r, being Btartled; Btanding 
still with fear or Burprise. 

*T<r, a n>w, rank, layer, stratum. 

sT?"^?", shivering, palpitation. 

sfRnil, sftft, a bag, Back, pouch. 

^ct<71. a hunch, cluster, tuft. 

sTc^lfnn, dangling, pendent. 

sfffin^ a receiver of Btolen goods. 

sHf", river-bottom, layer, shelf; 

s]"T3>, interval, layer, pause, [sect. 

sTT^w, Btaying, abiding, dwelling. 

«IT«, a piece, a Bheet. 

sJT»n , a police-station, watch-house. 

*TT*n?, <tfT*fv5l. a slap. pat. [ing. 

*l 1 4V$ M, slapping, patting; flatten- 

*TR1, a slap ; the hand, a paw. 

9fUT, a pillar, post, stake. 

anro,subfflding, abating,desisting. 

^TcT, a brass dish or tray. 

«tt^t,an earthen or metallic vessel. 

sfPR, kneading, treading, ram- 
ming down. 

fsnssr, settling, subsiding. 

ST. *£&, *£*, spittle, saliva ; lye ! 

*T3s*, spitting, expectoration, 

apfSt, the < bin. 
«[?js, falling on the fa 
, an old bachelor. 
OT1, C*TT*1, a tuft, cluster, bunch. 
*nr«i, chopping, hacking, rain 
C*T>9vil«j nattering, hammering 

out, flattenii 

ick, purse. [ I 
C^fT^s, a collection, 
csn^wn^s. by heaps, in lui 
C9J"T1>, the spaihe of a plantain 

tree, the ear of corn or 

before it -1 ta from the Bt 

CsITs^", covering, a cover. 

etfTll. a few, a little. 

C^TT^TcT, plumpy, swollen with the 

Bpathe orear before it shoots np. 
CQlT'5T^. nonplussing, flusterii 
C*n*R1 a a cl aster, a bunch ; the 

face ; the mouth. 
CsTMi, a bunch, cluster, tassel. 
C*n?R, placing, setting down. 

Tf^", curdled milk, curds. 
ff\*T, a tooth, sting ; bi1 
W\ X T^ 5 , a gad-fly. 
WV"R, biting, a 
ffV"ret?F, a buffalo. 
Jp\§. a tooth, fang 
W 9 \§', a tusk, I:. rue tooth. 
Tf\§t, having large teeth ; biting, 

ring ; a snake ; a boar. 
Jf^, water. 




THP, dexterous, clever, able. 

W^fsfjj a vulture. 

Pffw, right (side); the south; 
frank, candid. 

*f^»«ii, a fee. present. [sun. 

Ttf^T^T, south declension of the 

*F fWRrarafS", tropic of Capricorn. 

ifPFWsftl, TtPFqTW, a stag wound- 
ed in the chase. 

TF3R, burnt, scorched. 

TOI, unlucky (days.) [paddy. 

Tffstj^l, parched rice, khoi or fried 

if&s?|«i, wicked, oppressive. 

W5, firm, stiff, hard, not brittle. 

Wl, a long thick rope. 

WT, a string, cord, twine. 

Tf3, a stick, sceptre ; an oar ; pun- 
nishuient ; a division of time 
equal to 24 minutes. 

PfS^T^, the common black crow 
of Bengal. 

TfWTl, one who punishes. 

Jt*3"?T£ , the king. 

Tf*8^T?T^, a sheriff. 

TfS^t t%, the penal code. 

Tfs^ftir, punishable. 

TfQ^f IVSeT, a porter, door-keeper. 

TF33"^, like a staff ; prostration. 

Pf 'i^TWT, a porter, a door-keeper. 

TWTcTfSr, an elephant. 

WSR^s^, churning-stick. 

Tf'Ql^, a potter. [demnation. 

*t«T^1, a judicial sentence of con- 

Tf^T^, standing still, standing. 

Tf TST^T^TT^j standing erect. 

Tf •3l^£f3I", condition of an ascetic. 

lff&$1, a necklace. 

P73J, worthy of punishment; 

Tf^, a tooth. [punishable. 

Tr«. given, bestowed, given away ; 
one of the subdivisions of 
Kaesta or the writer caste among 
the Hindus. 

Ttl3^*£5. an adopted son. 

TF3T1, a female given in marriage. 

WeT^n, self -given ; one who hav- 
ing presented himself to a per- 
son and claiming his protection 
is adopted by him as a son. 

tffej g ift , giving- 

Pm^, distribution. 

PHS?, *t^3>, VTSn, a ringworm, tetter. 

Ttfsf, curdled milk, curds. 

■fff^rf^T, a monkey. 

TF*C^, impudent, shameless. 

W^jSi 9 a demon, evil spirit. 

W^, a tooth, tusk, fang. 

TFg<F, a mountain-peak. 

W^^"W, the lips. 

Tf?i w T?"1, the gums. 

W¥t^^T, an elephant. 

W1W, a hog. 

JFSTfitel, Tf^TcTt, the bit of a bridle. 

w4?t, tusked ; an elephant. 

W^^, having prominent teeth. 

i^j, dental. 



WW'S, quarrel, dispute. 
w*fl>, pride, baugbl ii 
: >restj a \\ ood. 
W^sf. beat, agony. 
w?r^r, fltfisr, trampling upon. 
W*^, being startled, Btartling. 
W3TOT3, concealing, biding. 
WTTftT ■ forest in conflagration. 
wfafc, w?t<JW, tar off, remote. 
w«, Little, small ; the sea. 

W3, tin' wile. 

lf*T, punishment, self-restraint. 
WW, government, control. 
W*R, keeping in order, Bnbdning. 
W*J<P5T, a screw-jack, a crane. 
W*r<Prit, a tire-engine, syringe, 
israra, sinking; settling down, 
W5WH, lire. [falling. 

WfsSt, husband and wife. 
WW, bragging, arrogance. 
WC-5Tl%, thunder. [calf. 

W^TJ, worthy of being subdued ; a 
TO1, compassion, mercy, pity. 
W?I^T^T, W?!^, merciful, compas- 
sionate, [band: wile. 
wnis, favoured, accepted : hus- 

W*T, a cave, hole. 

W<r«l, mouldering, decaying. 

W<TW<!r, flowing, trickling, miming. 

W?"sn, a kind of thick mat. 

*8«, afraid, terrified. 

Wt?5", quite poor, destitute, [cave. 

W<ft,tnodeni,new ; a mountain-cleft, 

wr.To?<r, a game at dice, 

WTf, a mountain; broken. 

W^^T, a l'i 

^t^. a ringworm, tetter. 
pf«i", boasting, vanity, pride. 

W*f% a mirror, lo Ifij 

w^"^, a porter, a deor-keep r. 
TOf, JPGfai, i lie; 

fr^ET'^. a snake. 
Ti~>. a kind of graS3. 

W"5i>, a Lonely bom 

W"*^, a Bp idtator. 

W*t*, seeing, a sight, view; the 
doctriites taught by t;. 
of the six schools of Hi: 

w*rart, a present at meeting. 

W*fat<i, worthy of seeing, beanti- 
| W*T^l<n, a spectator. [ful. 

W'*r^<'4<. the moon. 

^t^ff, one who shows. 

Wen, a detachment, party ; leaf. 
| W^, heavy, Boaking i r 

W=n*, treading, kneading, pn s 
| Wcn% gold. 
j W^i^^j horn. 

WeffijJ, soft clay. 

Wl%, a lump, a clod. 

WT%<i«, wood. 

W=nj^T, thunder. 

WWI, treacle, molasses; a ball of 

W*T, ten. [rice; soft as a bog. 

W*I^, ten ganddt. 




^*T^4, a name of Bdvam. 

W*rf%Tn, a treatise on numeration. 

TT*Tf§, a hundred. 

TF*T*n, of ten sorts, ten times, 

W*R, a tooth, tusk, fang. 

W*RTr*TTS, the lips. 

W*ff*f*P, decimal, 

W*R"T®t, the moon, 

Tf*TS[cT, ten medicinal roots. 

lf«T*Tv5, a thousand. 

ff*n, state, condition ; awicl^; the 

end of piece of cloth. 
if*rra*f , a lamp. 
Tt*rr^, a name of Bdvana. 
TpTpSt", the moon. 
W*TT^faj unlucky, destitute* 
^CTSF^", a lamp. 
WC*t?", a heast of prey. 
WC*r?re, a desert. 
ff^l, pewter, zinc, 
W, a thief ; fire. 
W^J, a robber, plunderer. 
Tf^ 9 a whirlpool, abyss. 
ifCT, burning, conflagration, 
W^^Z^S^) smoke. 
W^n?t^, water. 
fHOTR, that which is burning. 
■sfl, a sickle, billhook, cleaver, 
WT^f , a ringworm, tetter. 
WT3^RT1, a reaper, mower. 
WT^^T, reaping, mowing. 
WT^, an oar ; a perch ; penalty. 
Sfp?<£T3> 3 a raven, carrion-crow. 

%\\S], an axle ; a clue ; method, 

TfVSTX, standing upright. 

l?T\f!, a rower, boatman ; the 
mark ( I ) used in writing as a 
full stop or for the division of 
lines in poetry. 

^T^HTpTI, a pair of scales. 

WTv5*M, stocks, fetters. 

WT3, a tooth, tusk, fang. 

TfT3$*ft§t, lock-jaw. 

TfHSTcT, having large teeth. 

WT^nrj, a vulture. 

WTWJ, skill, talent, ability. 

ffT?f, a stain, mark, blot. 

TfTv?, a tooth; key-ward; the chin. 

^"T^l, claws. 

J?t1%, the chin, beard, 

Wtf^'ST, a pomegranate. 

Pff31, a club, bludgeon, bat. 

ffte, cut off. [be bestowed. 

W&ZJ, At to be given, proper to, 

TfHST, a giver ; liberal, generous. 

ffT^a, liberality, generosity. 

JfT;5, a bill-hook, cleaver, sickle, 

WTW1, an elder brother. 

WtTj a ringworm, tetter. 

Wfa, a donation, gift, giving. 

JfP^P, a saucy beggar. 

WTW^, a deed of gift, will. 

TfR^", a demon, fiend, giant. 

WT^^TS;, a prostitute. 

TtR3"Tf?T> an inferior god. 

WH*Tt*T, liberal, charitable. 

JrUi"i)9, generous, munificent. 

f T^n, a demon, fiend, Bpectre ; a 
seed, a grain ; a necklace. 

WT*'t, receiving gifts, liberal. 

w[ij, liberal ; powerfnl. 

WT»[?1, offered, devoted, given. 

Wtif, robdned, gentle, docile. 

fflfa, submission, self-denial. 

Jft*f, pride, arrogance. 

WTH^, Btamping with the foot. 

WT*RtT, •punishable, amenable. 

lfTf*ra, condemned, adjudged. 

flfalfif, a forest in conflagration. 

TfT^TT^r, pressing down ; conceal- 
ing; quashing. 

wf*T, price, cost ; a rope; a weed. 

JfT?n5i, an ox, bullock. 

WW*, a skirt, a rope, girdle. 

WiU"^, a String to tie beasts with. 

WW1, a clown; a drum; a cord; 
a kind of bird. 

TftSTTsn, a kind of large drum. 

TfrWT, a cross child ; peevish. 

TfTi%3>, boasting, imperious, proud. 

?T<T. patrimony ; jeopardy. 

WT?^, liberal ; a plaintiff. 

WTW^> involved in trouble, re- 

WT?r^l5f, division of patrimony. 

WlHTff, a son, heir ; claimant. 

WHIT'S, claimable, cognizable in a 
court of justice. 

W\ft, liberal ; a debtor ; giver. 
k 2 



wly, wT?rl, a wife, married woman* 
wt?r^^r, marriage, wedlock. 

W\7% tearing, split tin-, cleaving. 

WT^TTt, vermillion; quicksilver; a 
poison ; the sea. 

wif?r, tearing, splitting. 

wtftrjj, poverty, indigence. 

wT^ft, having a wife : adulterer. 

WT&y a cypress, timber ; gunpow- 
der ; liberal, munificent. 

TtT<F3S, a puppet ; Krishna's dm- 

WT?Fsf«l, a wooden doll, [rioteer. 

WT??f5^t, cinnamon. 

WT^SJ, made of wood, wooden. 

WT??c), awful, cruel, intolerable. 

WT5J, firmness, hardness, strength. 

WT^T>, the council-chamber. 

WP&T3, the peacock. 

WT#t*rn>, the wood-pecker. 

WW*, made of stone. 

*T^T3, an archetype, prototype. 

IffST, split peas or pulse, ddl. 

JrTf%*T, a pomegranate. 

WW, liberal, munificent. 

WT*T, a slave, servant, serf. 

WT*w, a female servant. 

WT*IJ, slavery, servitude ; slavish. 
WIS", a burning, conflagration. 
W\^*, burning, inflaming. 
WT^«T. place to burn corj 
WV51, combustible, tit to burn. ' 
tifo, horizon, a point of the com- 
f^<T, youthful. [ pasS; ride. 




1W^ff1%, legent of one quarter. 
fifSf^T, naked, unclothed ; Shiva. 
W?tf*f^r, a view all round, a ge- 
neral view : the mariner's coni- 

tJtsWT^', universal conflagration. 

#*$&, a poisoned weapon ; smeared. 

■fir"tff*TTS, naked ; Shiva, Kali. 

WP'j'St^, universal conquest. 

1Jff^("fiN*, in every direction. 

W^7{1, generosity, desire to give. 

"fiN^j[, generous, liberal, [married. 

"fiffsra, IWT^nj, a virgin widow re- 

1ffa, day, daytime. 

W^^T, Hfcrsfcj, the sun. 

#^' 5 1TS, support, occupation. 

f«T5T£t<ft, ^W, the sun. 

fjfasrR, day, daytime. 

"fitful, a day's wages. 

W^, the sky, atmosphere. 

fif^TJT, a day, daytime. 

■fit"3"pT3>, daily, diurnal. 

#31, day, daylight, daytime. 

fJr"<TT3»?[", the sun. 

ti< Ti^, a crow. 

#^T^5^, daily. 

■fif3T3?, blind by day ; an owl. 

"fift^fc", heavenly. 

#fitr, an oath ; encouragement. 

"fif 37, divine, heavenly ; an oath. 

#375^=2, the mind's eye. 

tfRT^T, mercury. 

f(f*I1, point of the compass, region. 

■fir"*rteT3"1, lost, bewildered. 

"EN;, ordered, allowed ; destiny. 

1*TW, gladness. 

"fir^J, fortunately, gladly. 

iTO, liberal, charitable. 

WtW3>, a priest, spiritual guide. 

ifN 5 "!, religious services j receiving 
religious 'instruction. 

l?tf^F3>, initiated, engaged in reli- 
gious service. 

Wtsft, Tftsit, Wt€f ^1, an oblong pond. 

Wtf?t^, food, rice. 

lifftft, an elder sister. 

Wtf*ff%, ray of light. 

Wfcr, poor, indigent, destitute. 

iffaRTsT, friend to the poor ; Grod. 

wt^T^tsT, totally destitute,miserable. 

Wt^T<T, a golden ornament, a coin ; 
a weight of 32 ratis or grains. 

T?t*T, a light, lamp, candle, torch. 

T^*f3s, illuminating, inflaming. 

wW^r, shining, illumining. 

fKf^TW^, WtWI?", lamp -stand, 

ift^s, gold. [candle-stick. 

Wtj%, light, beauty, splendour. 

Wtf^^TR, luminous, illustrious. 

JftCST^Tsr, the lens. 

Wt*TJsrfa, shining, splendid, clear. 

T?t?TSlPr, being bestowed. 

l*t<]1, a light, lamp, candle, torch. 

Wt"?f, long, tall. [vulture. 

WTOF*if, far-seeing, prudent ; a 

Wtefa^F, fftOTT^, the elephant. 



Ftv?p?t. tedious, dilatory, alow. 

wlTiT'^^f. a courier. 

•ft*7ftr, long lived : longevity. 

iftftflPI, tank. 

ij - ■•nt. torn. 

•JIT*?, milking an animal. 

ff^, two. 

vi, a prefix signify ing evil. [want. 

Fs-or, ^"^r, affliction, trouble, 

irS*T^5f. ill-natured, evil-disposed. 

jrS^sr. blameable. 

fs^"5T7I, a bad time, time of trouble. 

fs^T5", insupportable. 

fs^t, hard to be l>orne. 

FSTTVT. a porter. 

PfS"3=fT>"7. difficult to accomplish. 

fs*U5tt, temerity, audacity. 

Fsf, badly off, indigent, poor. 

FSP$t%, misfortune. 

^s^f, a bad dream, nightmare. 

a basketwork fish-trap. 
FtFTTi. turbulent, quarrelsome. 

F^rnsTu an impostor, a turncoat. 

F^5, milk. [ing. 

f*$c*1TO, feeding on milk, Buck- 

F^R^Tt. milch, giving milk. 

F^ V5 t1, much in few words. 

Ipn, twofold, double. 

F*it, a kind of boat ; a windmill. 

F*T, milk. 

FlV?1, sucking, unweaned. [giant. 

F^T^, a trumpet, kettle-drum ; a 

•TW^Tt^T, inii ful. 

,*', folded, doubled ap. 
yqiiK', ill fate, misfortune. 

'■>\v. < 1 1 in . • u 1 1 of attainment. 
F?r*fj, a bad road. 
m S, bnrnly, malicious, crueL 

,f5", impenetrable. 
Ffr^'i'. sad condition, misfortune* 
f<tT51T, bad conduct : vicious. 
F<rTin. evil-minded, tyrannical, 
F?TT<f^, inac sensible. 
W^l^TT, not to be bent. 

*nrT*T. scarce, rare. 
F^T^ri^f, scurrilous language. 
F<rT*nr, evil intention, malice. 
F<TT*TF, scarce, bard ta procure. 
fn?T3, sin ; Binful : putrid. 
F^t^*i1, a curse. 

F?«3, difficult, abstruse, obscure. 
FC3"tff?\ a game at dice, gambling, 
F'H", a fort : difficult of ac 
F^"3, wretched, miserable, p 
F^fr%, distress, poverty, wretched- 

F?f"3i\ Ji bad smell; stinking. [] 

Ftfsr, difficult of ace 
F^fl, the goddess D 
F3T>, bard to accomplish. 
F^^, hardhearted, w ici 
F#?l, bard to be conquered. 
FC^?, bard to be understood. 
F^'sr, hard to be governed. 
FF*t", hardly visible, indistinct* 
FSf*ri, bard or sad condition. 

*OT1 134 

Tffft^, stubborn, unruly, perverse. 
wfWXj a cloudy day, adverse time. 
F^f^H?, an atheist. 
F^tV, impudent, unabashed, bold. 
Tf^TST, a bad name, obloquy. 
Tf^rsr^, the piles, hemorrhoids. 
If ftVlT, Ff43TO, irresistible. 
Futile, ill-omen. 
TT^Ins, hard-gotten ; immoral. 
Pf^f 1%, injustice, bad morals. 
F^"«i, silver. 

Tf^"U, abad road; vicious conduct. 
F^cT, weak, feeble, impotent. 
F^T, Ff^"^", hard to be borne. 
F33"fasj, a bad word, abuse. 
F^f%, stupidity, wickedness; rogue. 
Ff^^TT^, (Slamity. 
F|Q", of a hard disposition, unruly. 
F^5»J, a famine ; hard to be eaten. 
F^>f1, a wife not beloved. 
F^t^TJ, ill fortune, misfortune. 
F^fesrlj evil thought, malevolence. 
Ff^^Jj a famine, scarcity. 
F^^Vj, impenetrable. [cious. 

F55r1%, ill-natured, evil-minded, vi- 
F^^tS, dejected, low-spirited, sad. 
F^"1, a half-ripe cocoanut. 
F^f^T, scurrilous, foul-mouthed. 
FS5r*iJ, dearness; dear, high-priced. 
FCsfr*f1, stupid, of weak intellect. 
FC5T9T, unfavourable conjuncture ; 
cloudy, inclement. 


Fsf^l, bad sign, ill-omen. 

F^»J, difficult to get, scarce. 

F»fi%3, indulged. 

F^TcT, a pet, fondling ; fondness, 

Ffc^, a turtle. 

Ff^Fl, a carpet. 

Ft^?1, a palkf bearer, porter. 

F*5^3f, evil- disposed ; vicious. 

F 7 ^ 5 ?", hard to do, difficult. 

F3$^5T, F^f ^5, an evil deed, a crime. 

Tf3$^rl, the wicked, criminal, 
guilty person. 

F^$3>, an evil deed ; wicked. 

F^^fa, dear, high-priced 

F^<f, trouble, pain, distress, 

F^J, wicked, depraved, vicious. 

F^Tf^I, wickedness, villany. 

F^15, difficult to digest, indiges- 
tible, [sable. 

F^fT^", hard to get over, impas- 

^^%F*PtT*D, difficult to obtain, 
scarce. [coarse cloth. 

F^FSt, cloth of double threads, a 

F"^?T, hard to get over. 

TppFfSf, a cock ; a dog. 

W% 9 disagreeably situated ; poor, 
afflicted. [ambidextrous. 

F^Tf^<H, using both hands alike, 

Ff$^1 3 a daughter. [milking. 

F^JirT^", under the operation of 

TJ^FT, afflicted, distressed. 

FT? J, vile, mean. 

FeiT^T, indestructible. 



Tj"5, s messenger, ambassador. 
"£f$, 1j®*j, rat, a female mes- 
senger, a procnress. 
i£«i, tired, fatigued. 
FSf, stout, vigorous. 
t£<j\ far, aiar, distant, remote. 
T£<r»F*Tt\ far-seeing, sagacious. 

T£?T3"TH»*1, ;i telescope. 

^T^^", far and near, everywhere. 
ij^ai, a kind of grass; benl grass. 
Tpr'j, excrement. broaching. 

^•i, convicting, blaming, re- 

^«lR"5\ worthy of reproach, oe- 

casioning guilt. 
Tjf^", ijj ^"$1, the rheum of the eyes. 
tp7, blameworthy, condemnable; 

a tent ; a brush. 
"^$, an eye, Bight, Beeing. 
Tf^*TT"5, a glance, look, notice. 
^*r*!W, the sun. 

■^r.sfrsr, the visible horizon. Qy. 
Tfl>, firm, tight, tough, strict; finn- 
^7^TQ, Y?U^5j tounhoo. 
T^irjn, hardness, firmness, strength. 
"Jfr^Uft, true to his word. 
"^FC^Trf, conviction, certainty. 
y5"^[W, close-fisted ; a miser. 
TfFT^ the diamond. 
Tjf1%, leather ; fish. 
Trf^^f?, a dog. 

Tf;r§\ thunder; the sun ; a wheel. 
Tr% proud, haughty. 
"Jf^i, strung ; afraid. 

WHJJ) a serpent. 

Tf*T^, w^Tf, the grinding-stona. 

■^n^Ts^j, the lotus. 
■y*rta, lustre, effulgi 
■^r*f, <hc eye. 

w"fj, visible, fit to be seen. 
Tfn>, sen. apparent, evident, 
Tf^t% an illustration, simile. 
7®, a view, look. Bight, seeing, 
^TCjCsttst. perceptible to right. 

TfwTITri, the pupil of th< 
"^®*i"T"5, looking, regarding. 
yra>ET j3R, the optics. 
yfkv, increased, augmented. 
Cn%'^,n vestibule, porch, entrance. 
cw^^r, a temple; majter of the 
CW^Sf^nrl, a bankrupt. \chardk. 
CW3^t. a religious illumination, 
observed by the Hindus on the 

day of the uew moon in the 

month of Kartika, [inu r . 

CWQ^r. giving, presenting, rend.T- 

tfr*T»T> seeing, looking, viewing, 

CW"3T1, seeing, Bight, interview. 
tfr^rw, Bhowing, causing to si 
cW<n?F, oim who Bhews or exh 
C«~5, one and a hall [spic 
OTt^DTR, intensely bright, con- 
C5f^Tl, debt ; payable. 

c^fi-jT!. given as an oblation, 

c*<r. a >j;^<\ : a lord, 

tff^t, Krishna'* mother. 




CPr^^sr, a clove. 

CW?<n^, a natural pond or river. 

C^STSs^, thunder. 

CW3"i> , a mechanic, workman. 

OT"3l, a deity, a god. 

C%^H, lands endowed for the sup- 
port of a temple. [tree. 

C«TfJl~Ze, OT"^rt", a kind of pine- 

CiraWT'ft, a prostitute. 

OT"T£5, an angel, divine messenger. 

C*f 3"^, playing ; flattering; lustre. 

CW3"Wtr, a believer in God, a theist. 

CW3"1^&"i, theism, belief in Grod. 

CfW^STl, idolatry, image-worship. 

Cff?"^^, fire. 

CF<r<3T*ft, oracle, divine word. 

CW3"srT\f c», (land) watered by rain. 

CW3Wtf^, descended from a god, 
a demi-god. 

CW3"<T, husband's younger brother. 

tft^lTTS^ Indra-j king of the gods, 

Cfi^fsf, a divine sage. [priest. 

CWcf, one living on sacrifices, a 

CW3"C«Tf^, GR^cT, abode of gods, 
heaven. [gods. 

0*3"^, property consecrated to the 

Cf^TJ^I, spirituous liquor, wine. 

CW^fSATT^, enemy of the gods. 

CW^ri^ST, the rain-bow. 

C^TT*??, CRT?^", a temple. 

CW^t, a goddess ; a queen. 

£tt?, fit to be given, due. 

Ct?F^1, CWc^, a lamp-stand, can- 
dlestick, [the body. 
CPr*t, country, province ; region of 
CW*nnr, throughout the country. 
CW*t?f*f, proper, worthy, correct. 
CW^flfW, a king, sovereign. 
CJr*tT^, the extremity of a country. 
CWTO?", another country. 
C5ff*t^, a way-farer ; a preceptor. 
Cf?f*Ut, the fore-finger. 
CW*rt?, of a country. 
Cn^, washerman ; bountiful. 
C$f^, the body. 
CW^^r, quicksilver. 
CWqftf, a wing. 
CW^^, the air. 

(^F^^fH, fall of the body, death. 
CWs;^. the life, the soul. 
CW5&A, spirituous liquor. 
OtWf&, CW^«Tt, the lintel. 
CW^Tfa? incorporeal, unembodied. 
C^T^RTTt, a materialist. 
CftXt, corporeal, embodied. 
CWC^TSs, produced of the body. 
tff, wfV, curds. 

frrSJ, demon, fiend, evil genius. 
tW37£?F, Shukra or Venus. 
t^JCTTJfSfl, the earth. 
tWTJtt?, a god, foe of demons. 
trfsr, poverty, destitution. 
tfRfw, tfff^P, diurnal. 
^f*TJ, destitution, meanness. 
ttt?T, providential, accidental. 




twTTT^, religious ceremonies. 

tw^TSF, astrologer, fortune-teller. 

tw^^l, revelal ion. 

tiRTClTTff, divine Interposition; 
sudden, unexpected. [•'">'• 

twiw iCfT* providentially, accident- 

tWTfn^r, Bubject to providence. 

t W <B 1 * , accidentally, providentially. 

t^T, providential occurrence, on- 
expected event. 

WW l**flN5, a divine judgment. 

t^nri, length, longitude. 

t*riii?<r., a fatalist. 

tnf^9j relating to the body. 

cwTsf*T-*r<r, the Bhonldere. 

CWT^^", repeated, doublet 1. 

0THT1, halter, yoke-tie, tether. 

C5fl^i ; one who milks cattle, a calf. 
C"S§?, milch cow. 
G"5tTVR", a dilemma. 
CWbt3>\ double-dealer, cheat. 

fffPS^ff, an option, alternative. 
CWT5T*iX5l"P. Bringing, oscillating. 
CWT*T, a calf. 

CWT^'^I. a twice-married woman. 
CWTsric^, a half-ripe oocoanut. 
GfT<r?P, the string of a harp. 
CWTsf3>, a large leather bag. 
CffTsjT, strong. 
CWTSf^r. the armpit. 
-CWT^, the foft festival. 
CPTtW, pendulum. 
C5ft*R, swinging, oscillating. 

ingiug : a cradle, 
ring, palkf, litter. 
UTleil*j*n*, swinging, oscill 
CTtTftTW, a j .;'il k i ox litter bt 

1, a -\\ ing, a litter. 
cw;^r, fault, defect, guilt, crime. 
CWtW9j a call 

CffT^^^". injurious, hurtful [nal. 
CrT^tfSFU, Bcene oi crime, acrimi- 
cwi^"ifi<!c', a calumniator. 
Cfft^y^<P, fault-finder, accuser. 
flfW, the night. 

urloktrlfa, mutual recriminating. 
cwraT^u, a lamp. 

c^l"^. criminating, finding fault 
cwTf*r<5> a disease, illness. 
cwret, guilty, in fault, defective. 
c*T3T<r, a Becond, a co-operator. 
CWT^". spoi-t. sen ice. 
flfflSW, milk. 

CWT^W, a longing desire ; a fcetue. 
Cfl^sr, milking; wringing out, 
t*TI501, wish, desire. [drawing. 

CWT51, a couplet, a sort of verse. 
Ofl^R?, milk. 
C^fT^"TT, a prompter, a second. 
tffT3n?Tl, twofold, double, again. 
Ou~5, a run. race, scramble. 
cf^5^, running, Bcampering, 
Oi)z~j. office of a messenger. 
CffteTfttf, a doorkeeper, port 
cwtfTTJ. violence, outn s 
CHI^^J, unprincipled conduct. 

Jt«t 138 

CWfaNrj, weakness, feebleness. 

CW\*fV*il, misfortune, ill luck. 

GWt'ssRSTJ, care, anxiety. 

CfNw, desire, wish. 

CWtCc??, a turtle. 

Ciftf^^ a daughter's son. 

CWt1%^t, a daughter's daughter. 

tf J, a day ; the heavens. 

ffJST, a bird. 

TfJM, light, spendour, lustre. 

Wjf^f, a day and night. 

*TJ*f1%, TfJSI, the sun. 

TfrsR, wealth, property. 

TfJlj, dice, gambling with dice. 

Oft], the heaven, the sky. 

CWJT^, light, lustre, sunshine. 

CWJT^j revealing, enlightening. 

JfSW, a tola or weight of 210 

TtsF, a house. [grains Troy. 

Tffjpn, hardness, stiffness. 

TFif, liquid, fluid ; fusion. 

Tf3"€t, a river. 

Tp^TTfl, lac. 

Wt^ fusible, dissolvable, soluble. 

Tjf^l, wealth, substance, gold. 

jftceiTfTl, the fire. 

2|37, substance, thing, material. 

3^37, worth looking at. 

JfaF, quick, speedy. 

T£"p5?1,agrape, a raisin, [meridians'. 

jTfSTSTl, length, longitude ; the 

JT?J, firmness, solidity, strength. 

Jf 6 !, asleep, fled. 


T?T*f, mud, mire ; the heavens ; a 

TTfa35, a solvent, flux for metals. 
5T^"«1, fusing, melting, dissolving. 
TBP, a tree. 

3»*l, a bow ; scorpion. 
^«f§", a sheath, scabbard. 
3F«|1, a bow-string. 
^3, swift, fleet, quick, speedy* 
^^•tf, ^U"3", a thorn. 
3F3TT, a measure. 
3F5T, a tree. 

tS^TW, branch of a tree. 
tOTTf?, an elephant. 
^Tf 3 a daughter. 
TSi, gold. 
3fi«l, a scorpion. 
C^T*!, measure of 32 seers. 
CffT^T^, a raven, carrion-crow. 
CffTsI - , a kind of boat, canoe, a raft. 
CTfT^, malice, injury, spite. 
CTTT^?, spiteful, malicious. 
CTt^tTj, a hunter ; a deceiver. 
T% a couple of opposites ; strife. 
T$i a couple, two, a pair. 
TTS^r, doorkeeper ; at the door. 
TH^Tttv^K, forty-two. 
*Tra\*T*, thirty-two. 
TPt*T, twelve. 
¥fif*TT?[5, a dog. 
~%V*i<{, the third yug ; doubt. 
¥T?T, door, passage, entrance. 
^T^T'pfTc?, doorkeeper, porter. 


y *A 

flTTi, through, by meant of. 

WTfitoj 5T4t,a doorkeeper, porter. 

fs:, twice. 

fftf, two. 

fc^T?", a crow. 

ff^^Tf, the camel. 

f^^<r, two-handed, two hands. 

f¥*?*i, twofold, donble, twice. 

fs^f, twice-born, a brahman ; ovi- 

nrsfSf^l. a trench round a tree for 
the purpose of watering it. 

ff©^"ti7, the moon ; Qarwra. 

tT©Tt%, a brahman ; oviparous. 

Ws^. a serpent, a snake. 

f*"3<r, two, of two sorts, twofold. 

frafa, second. 

fTO, repetition ; twice, [cipled. 

fwf^<T, siding with both; unprin- 

f¥*n, of two kinds ; a dilemma. 

fV*f, an elephant ; a dowering tree. 

f¥*fW, two-tooted, biped. 

f^tt^rt, an elephant. 

fs^I?^. the dual number. 

f**TlT35l. a litter. 

f?Rw, a monkey. 

ff fctf, of two kinds, twofold. 

fft3"*T3"l, a small cart. 

tr^r, two-faced, amphisbama. 

f^7[ff, an elephant. 

fa^WT^, a lion, 

fe^"*!^. two meals. 

ff£*R, a serpent. 

fl^lvfll*!, a bride's 
to her husband's b 

f%JTT*fj an elephant. 

ff??f^, repetition, taut 

filApi, a twice married girl, 

f??R*it, having two forms. 

f^c^Tp, the large Mack bee. 

I^*f<p. a beast having hoofs divid- 
ed into two parts ; (cows, buf- 

IT^. an enemy. 

fTO, copper. 

ff^tu, fw^^Ti, twice ploughed. 

f%5l, an elephant. 

f§TT<J«it, two years old (calf). 

f}*f, an island. 
^t*ft, the leopard. 

cw, malice, hatred, envy. 

C?Tt, envious, malicious, spiteful. 

C?^>1, malevolent, hostile ; enemy. 

t?3, duplicate, second. 

tl"35?, a polytheist. 

t^sf , ambiguity, dilemma. 

tf*f*iKf<r, archipelago. 

tT^rT^?", having swo mothers. 

^J^T. having two points. 

5jof, ambiguous; a quibble, pun. 

?J3>, copper. 

TJ^", two days. 

if I 
WiTO, glitter, palpitation. 
*fT>, B pair of scales. 

*fl>t, a small piece of cloth worn 
over the privit 




*FS, the body. 

*f\5l, a piece of rag. 

*fv5"SF3TP, fluttering, floundering. 

*T3", property, wealth, riches ; the 

sign plus. 
%R-®¥, the god Agni, Arjuna. 
SRWNrt, giving wealth ; fire. 
*R*f1%, *R^t*fi, Kuvera, god of 

Sf^T^r, wealthy, rich, opulent. 
%T5Tt5J, wealthy, very rich. 
5rT^T5fT<T, a treasury, storehouse. 
ST^tT^J^F, a treasurer ; Kuvera. 
SsTCTssfst, acquisition of wealth. 
vrf^5l, a plant used as hemp. 
*?f^T, the 23d lunar mansion. 
ST^t, wealthy, rich, opulent. 
%Rt^1, a young girl. 
5f^S, *T^, a bow (for shooting). 
?£•[««., arched, curved, bent. 
Ssr^q, a bowstring. 
%fs|:5»Tr, bamboo. 

5f^<T, *T*][*fe, a bowman, archer. 
*T*[3j^f3', twang of a bowstring ; 

*T<3^t5, rigidity from spasms. 
5fC^r*T, the god of riches, Kuvera. 
Sfifl, defective sight, mistake. 
*RJ, fortunate, happy, blessed. 
*RJ3"tW, thanksgiving, blessing. 
*RJ1, WT^, Sfft?1, the coriander 

Sf I, a bow. 

*T^1?, physician of the gods ; 

*rai, a desert. [£%*!*% 

Sf^t, a bowman, archer. 

Sf3", linen cloth ; a husband. 

*RcT, white ; a kind of leprosy. 

*ra"5Tl, Sf^^t, a white cow. [deer. 

SrTRf^s, a fan made of the skin of 

5fTT^, reproof, scolding, threat ; a 

5sTS"^?t, 5fT*T^t, a vein, artery, nerve. 

SfSTCFl, bellows ; gust of wind. 

*rnpT*r, scolding, threatening. 

SffTO, braided hair, the hair tied 
in a bunch behind the head. 

SjTT, mountain; cotton. 

Sf<T«l, seizing, holding, taking, 

Sf^r*l1, dunning ; a scaffold. 

*T?rf«l?r1, seizing, holding, catching. 

Sf3~*ft, the earth. 

%Z tft'<JC, a mountain ; a king. 

5f <T 1, the earth ; a seizing, holding. 

3f?"fl> , a loan, debt ; a ransom. 

5J7TT 6 !, causing to seize ; plastering 

5f?"F5ISJ, Mars. [a wall. 

Sf?Tfa*T, the surface ; the earth. 

*r^"t^<r, a mountain ; Vishnu. 

Sf^Tsrssr, a terrestrial globe. 

Sfffrift, the earth. 

if 3* ci, the sky ; the water. 

Sf«Vj, acceptable, apprehensible. 

Vfsfr, inherent virtue, nature, tem- 
per, character ; religion, piety. 




Vfs^r5lf?^, a wife. 

;. virtuously, justly, rightly. 
>;~r v r<r»T, black pepper. 
**r»flB, Yudhidhfhir, 

^"SfrTTcnl, an almshouse, hospital. 

*rsr*n'3, body of Hindu laws. 
*f5&*tfaT, virtuous, religious. 
^TST>i\i"»"i1, a digest of laws, ma- 
nual of duties. 
*iW5n, pious, virtuous, holy. 
stf^sTh^?" 4 !, court of law, tribunal. 
%T"sarTf^<&T?r, office of jud$ 
^■s&Tftf^lTft. administrator of law. 
'<rsir<n^, a judge, magistrate. 

Vff^sr^t, a virtuous woman, 
tff's&'fr, pious, virtuous, just. 
*rsrj. lawful, just, right, proper, 
s^, pomp, parade ; boldness. 
*ra'2P, valiant, daring, haughty ; a 

*HT«l , daring, hrowbeating, defying. 

*re«ft, *rra«iT, an adultei 
%:"f5;3, conquered; disgraced. 
%n^. a wetnurse, midwife. 

vfT^f"5<ii. a runner, messe: 
*ITS^, running, ist. 

*fl£<11, running, expedition. 
*n^t, advancing in front of the foe. 
^TWT«Tt, dim, obscure, indistinct. 
^TT^I, a shove, a push. 
*fTf\5?1, an otter. 
*fT3\ the mother of a litter. 
STT3 1 , Providence; a uouriaher. 

vflT. metal, ore, elemenl ; humour 

of the hod\ . wind 

and bile 

1 .ll • 
*m'*«i, decay of vital hincti 
*<Tl>,vj ; rice grueL 

on horn. 
'<fT^*f, the gasti ic fluid, chyle. 
tfl>a*|{$, Donrishment, fattening. 

.. nutrition-,, fa 

'<fT^Tji, mineraloj 
tfTQCTlftj a mineralogist, aaaa] 

VfT^r.^Tf, a change in the boo 
*n^5*j a mountain ; Qutrit ions. 
vflTTj", made of metal, metallic. 
*n"S3rif?«i?, borax, a Bolvent, 

srj, perfect health, 
tftiftj a wetnurse, mid* 
^TT^Tt, mixed with paddy ; a 

ceptacle ; a vessel. 
*fT^3$, *fTJjwt. a bowman, a 

^n^^rj. a baml 

VfT^J, *fT^, rice in the husk, 
sfRjc^lfc"* 5 . granary. [ 
*rRJ*TT*ft\ soil lit for 
: abounding wit b 
*fT"jTfe. a mouse. [other grain. 

Sft*T, Btep in a ■ 

r <"R<>. a runner, ne 

y'.zx. a running. 

y pnjrf«r, in the act of running. 

^T^-. the body; a b nrity ; 

JfFfftf*, the sun. 




SffSTJTl. a kind of drum, a kettle- 
3tf"T*r , a kind of ratan basket. 
SfT^rj, a priest. 

%TT3", a margin, edge ; loan ; depth. 

5fT<T^ 5 a holder ; a person who 

examines the correctness of the 

text while another is reading 

the shastras ; umpire ; debtor. 

5ft^"«tj holding ; being in debt, 

Sf T^sjl, continuance in a right way, 
perseverance ; resolution ; me- 
mory, [vessel of the body. 
*ft<r«lt, straight line ; a tubular 
5tt<rf?T3it, the earth. 
*fT<r^T3F, edged, sharpened. 
SfT?Tl, channel, a water-course, 
drops of rain in a heavy shower ; 
5ft"3"h?n3T, hail-stone. 
SfT^T^", a sacred place ; sword. 
*TT?TT*r?"j a cloud ; a sword. 
vrT^T^f^, air, wind. 
SfT?rt3T53", going with the stream. 
*fT?TT3l1%^ following the fashion. 
Sft^TTt^, a sword, scimitar. 
5 n?TT»r, sharp -edged, keen. 
^T^'T^'^rt^, a heavy shower. 
5Tnft, bank, margin ; holding. 
SfT^, a drinker. [ous. 
*fTT ^5T3>. pious, righteous, meritori- 
*TTS7, fit to be retained : settled. 

Sft^J, impudence, shamelessness. 

fk*&, fie on it ! curse on it ! 

fsfWt?, contempt, reproach. 

f^^, slow, cautious ; pacified. 

f*R"«|1, €t. intellect, understanding. 

fk^l, place ; house ; fire. 

*ftt%, thirst. 

sftrfl, a daughter ; intellect, un- 

sftfsn^ an organ of perception. 

$5^3", a fisherman. 

^rVsTT'^r, sensible, intelligent. 

$ft^~, intelligent, cautious, slow. 

sffaW, a buffalo. 

sftc?", deliberately, slowly. 

5ft«i§t, a daughter. 

Sf t^Hf, sffafF*", a counsellor, adviser. 

5f, shaking, quivering. 

Sf3^", washing anything. 

Stf4?^, panting, breathing hard. 
S£^T3p. palpitating, panting. 
*ra, shaken, agitated. 
Sfit, cloth about 10 cubits long 
worn round the waist by the 
natives of India. 
*R"fl>, a cotton-cleaning instru- 
ment ; a pot for burning incense. 
*R^T, cleaning cotton ; shaking. 
Kp(, Jjeft, a river. 
*ffT, ardour, energy, diligence. 
M3»*rt<ft, sedition, tumult, uproar. 
%T«T, incense. 
ttH 9 fire. 




vm, /c:il, rfdo, tmiiiilt j pomp. 

vfiril, a prostitute, harlot, | mult. 

ifu^rTsr. much ado, hubbub, tu- 

«T5f?r, the beat of a drum to call 
persons to ;i festivity, 

*T<I1, burden or chorus of a song. 

*f<T, the axle of a carriage ; a bur- 
den ; thought, reflection, 

*f?"3i?r, bearing a burden, 

'<T^<I, a bull. 

g"^S$, ifSTl, resin, piteh, incense. 

^"^Tf5, a censer, incense-pot. 

^^i, incense ; glare of the sun. 

5fST, £51, Bmohe, strain, vapour. 

5£src<$T, a comet, meteor. 

^"IT'JtsT, a volume of smoke. 
SfS'S'fR, smoking of tobacco or 
any other herb. 

5f3rc*rrfa, a cloud. 

g^ST, Sf^T, a purple colour. 

*ff?t$1, a fog. 

SfJ^s, a camel. 

^CcnT^, a pigeon. 

Sf q, crafty, roguish, knavish. 

Sfs^, poison. 

spn, 5£j%, dust, pollen. 

^[fin^ST, a whirlwind. [an ass. 

*f *!?", a gray colour ; a vulture ; 

S£*T1, flannel; woollen stuff. 

5fj, caught, seized, held, taken. 

*T5?TT§, a Hindu king mentioned 

in the Blahabharut : a swan. 
Sj1%, holding, retention, tenacity. 

^f%5iT^, firm, constant, Mtiai 
ifw t bold. Bhameless, confident, 

Vffsj, a ray of light. 

ctt~5, an earring, 

CtffSTT, an Otter. 
C*R, the sea, a river. 

c-tffa^i, the coriander-seed* 

CVfiJ, a milch COW, 

C'<f«£35l, a female elephant ; a cow. 

CH«T, fit to be held in. 

Oi d I h , pondering, reflecting, thinks 
t^^^s, a herd of cows. [i"g. 

^ r <f^H, the sixth of the seven mu- 
sical tunes. 
t'<f*U, steadiness, composure. 

C'tS*, washing anything, [breath. 
C^TT^, panting, bring out of 
C'^TT^Ij illusion, deception, doubt. 

C*r?*f, washed, cleaned ; washing, 

C"«n*fl, C*fR1, a washerman. 

C*fT*fT^T. washed, rinsed. 

C<fT?l 3 washed, purified; a washing. 

C<fT<lTi>, alluvial soil. 

C*i I x ifa, washings, dregs, sediment. 

C*ft3"«l, a conveyance, a vehicle. 

0fl3, washed, purified. 

$T3>T?", a blacksmith. 

^XT3, sounded ; burnt. 

*0T"51, contemplative, pen-ivo. 

*ni^, meditation, contemplation. 

*nT»Wr?f, religious abstraction. 

SDT3T, black. 

C^TJTT the object of meditation. 



*Ttf§f, a whirlwind. 

Sf3", fixed, certain, permanent. 

%F^1, chorus ; longitude of a star. 

^pTC^I, the equator. 

Sf ^TC^rT^, heaven. 

SfTI, a righteous or pious woman. 

$ff\7r, destruction, ruin, loss. 

$0" 9 \?T^, destructive, ruinous. 

*Hj®, a skull held as a penance ; a 

flag, a standard. 
*ffSt<TR, a standard-bearer. 
*tfHf^W, impotence. 
*8r®f1, a flag, standard, banner. 
Sftfls^rt, an army, a landmark. 
501^, *STT^ a sound, noise, report. 
*£U, ruined, destroyed, fallen. 
*8T%, inarticulate sound. 
i&m, darkness, gloom. 

^ I 
Tf, a negative, no, not. 
^T\^^, destroyer. 
♦JSTspf t having a short nose. 
ST^T<T, denial, refusal, negation. 
•t&i a brass vessel. 
^T>, the nose. 

^3>*T, a mongoose, ichneumon. 
7(&, night. 

^<r^, a torn rag. [prowler. 

^*FF<T, a nocturnal animal, a night 
sr«r^5, a vow to eat at night only. 
^r:g», alligator, crocodile. 
^3F?"T®F, a shark. 
•K5»1, the nose. 

sra»3F, a constellation, a star. 
Tj^Zs-pfl^, the moon. 
^f^^t^WJl, astrology. 
Ti^^c^t^, the starry region, sky. 
^^»C3j*T, the moon : camphor. 
^ <T, ^<^", claw, finger or toe nail. 
•T<r«^?, a barber. 
^■afal, the spur of a cock. 
^•C^^Ct, knife to pare the nails. 
■^•$T*t*T, a whitlow. [tiger. 

•T"^rT?r^f, armed with talons ; lion ; 
3T<ft, furnished with claws ; a 
kind of perfume. [tain. 

^CSf, an immoveable object, a moun- 
^<?n§r, an elephant ; a mountaineer. 
^TSf^J, not worth reckoning, worth- 

^fTf, ready, in hand. [less. 

Wf^s., a weapon that penetrates 

mountains ; thunder-bolt. 
*$[?", ^TStTt, a town, city. 
W^"*TT«^ a constable, a guard. 
ST5fC<rfaf$f, a plantain. 
^<?fW*Tj a monkey, 
^sft, a pole to propel boats. 
^fff, naked, unclothed. 

•rfst^i, & young girl- 

^C!>*, if not ; otherwise, else. 
^T>, a dancer, actor ; curdled. 
STT^^r, a rake, profligate, [arsenic. 
*ri>3£S«i, ^"ST?2»T, the sulphate of 
^T?tf3<»1, shame, modesty. 
^ft><Tl, a dancer ; spinach. 
^Tyf, a dancing-girl, strumpet. 




arfrTffT?, a brothel. 

JT5. a kind of reed. 

•f^p", shaking, moving, wagging. 

•T^t, B cane, slick, staff, wand. 

•J^, •T^fTf, abounding io reeds, 

JR*5, a grandson. 

•H5, bowed down, humbled. 

•rei, an excuse, pretence, 

•Tro, an obeisance ; humility, 

TOTIj if not, otherwise, else. 

^ToT, a woman's nose-ring, 

•rif, ^fft, a river (masc and fern.) 

•^•J. cloud : lion, 

^Wi^, the sea; the god of theses. 

^wt2fc**T, river basin. 

3^. bound, tied. 

^W, ^T^Wt, 5R*5M, husband's sis- 

5Rt, butter. [ter. 

5^. joy, pleasure. 

^rr%, long pepper. 

Wtf, joy, gladness. [garden. 

^**R, a son: gladdening; I mini's 

•T«Jf1, prosperity; husband's sister; 
a large earthen pot. [Sfttt/a. 
srpsf, happiness ; an attendant of 
3rfs*f«5, the Tun-tree 4 happiness. 
•tf^HRtj a daughter, 
^r^t, glad ; an attendant of Shiva. 
ST^^tft, a slumber, a nap. 
^*£\^, neuter; a eunuch. 
ST3t1, a grandson. [nine. 

•TC, ^3"^, 3^7, new, fresh, young ; 
SRf%, ninety. 

L • 

•Ufislj the painter'i brush, 

• ' <- ■ . ii. -w leal 

•TOrfSTi nine doore ; the body. 
^7<n, of nine bo 

37*51. ninth day alter childbirth. 
3««lQ«l 9 a newly married woman. 
TOsft, smilVj fresh butter. 
•RT^l 5V, '//'//. clarified butter. 

• 1 1 '<". b newlj married woman. 

*75J, the ninth. 

a^rsrt, the ninth day of the moon 
JRC^ffca, opening into youth. 
•W£f$5l 3 •TOjf^l, newly becom 
a mother. [the first time. 

*3<pTf^<$1, become menstrual for 
*7T^, a harvest festival ; new rice, 
•rffa, new. fresh, young. 
•7C7TE1, newly married woman, 
•TO, new, fresh, young, modern. 

333"^, *7e3, ninety. 

*^s, the skv, atmosphere. 

^"^S^T^t, lion. 
•TCTCSftoj air. 
•R5*5^», the Bun. 

^^■*5^7[, the moon. 
5T^*5^T, a bird ; air; cloud. 
H*«l, the sky. 
^■MJT?fSr. a bird. 
s^n^P, darkness. 

•TOfftSrfta the BUn. 

src^T^?, smoke, vapour. 

3r"«t§\ cloud. 

3*S ; bow, salute, obeisance. 




^rr^r, "bowing, descending. 
•f*rf*I$, worshipped, adored. 
TCST^rf^", a salutation, bow. 
■srsj^D, worthy of respect. 
^^ST, •Tsrj, lowly, humble, bent. 
^11, nine ; is not ; morality ; 

game at dice. 
7{SR, the eye ; obtaining. 
^3;, a man, a male. 
7*3;^, the infernal region, hell. 
*C3"3?t, hellish, infernal. 
^CTt^ a sovereign ; a brahmin. 
•T<T*f^, a sovereign, a governor. 
•HTfSfisr, pleasing to man. 
•^"ST, soft, tender, gentle, mild. 
•T^C^Tt^, earth, habitation of man. 
^fav^, ^f^\^, Vishnu's fourth 

incarnation ; a chief. 
•^Jf^lTj a barber. 
•HTTf^5> corroborated, accredited. 
TTjTT^, beam of a weaver's loom. 
^Tf*r*f, a sovereign. 
•T<£«|. knife to pare the nails. 
^C3"*5 ? ^TC^T, a sovereign, king. 
Tf^f^j the nose. 
iT3^, a dancer, actor. 
3R&I dancing, acting. 
TPft'sfl, a channel, drain, gutter. 
^f^S, sounded. 

^"3ST, amusement, jocularity, fun. 
Trsr^tc?, a husband. [nipples 

?T3sr£, libertine, profligate ; the 
•lifrfl, name of a river. 

^wT, a reed, tube, measuring-rod, 

^*T^, drop of a nose-ring ; a cylin- 
drical bone. 

^?r1%7cT y ^3?t5T, the knee-pan. 

•Teflf, nectar of a flower ; the root 
of a kind of grass. 

5?cT1, ^cTT?n, the arm, arm-bone. 

^t%^", a water-lily, lotus. 

^f^^Tt, a group of lotuses. 

^T%3t, a fowler, birdcatcher. 

^^t, a tube, gun-barrel. 

^^^j emitting flashes, glaring. 

^cj, four hundred cubits. 

^<T, liable to destruction. 

?rij>, destroyed, ruined, spoiled. 

3[^>GI>^i>, immovable, inactive. 

^W\ s strumpet, debauched woman. 

•T*I>Tf^^3r, stolen goods. 

^^Tfsr, turpitude, profligacy. 

•ffil* ^, the nose. 

•ffiJ, snuff. 

S[f$", no, not. 

^*F3»f, st?FC3P c f, the moon. 

Sfl, not ; or ; a boat. 

Sfft", not, is not ; a barber ; navel. 

af^?l, a boatman ; a washerman. 

^TOT, bathing, immersing. 

7tf\ } a gallant, paramour. 

^TT^, the nose ; heaven, sky. 

^TWI, a polypus of the nose. 

stt^t, nasal. 

*f.t^s a white ant ; an ant hill. 

^T^»4, relating tothe constellations. 




;rT*f, a make, serpenl ; elephant ; 
^n^T a volcano. [lead. 

aTWS.ariws?. vermilion, red toad. 
sT'JTW^, a peg in a wall ; ivory. 
3*IWT*t, a lasso used in war. 
•TTil4l tf , lascivious, lewd, dissolute. 
•(I^W, a centre post in a pond. 

^T?f3~, a citizen, a wag ; clever. 

^Tsf^sr. an orange. 
3nsf<rcwr*rl, a kind of swing. 
•TTsf?u, a citizen ; NdgH ; clever. 

5TT«fC5TT^, the world <>l' serpents. 

^ttsfl, unclothed ; a hermit 

3TT5, a dance, gesticulation. 
*Tfk<FT£, fire. 

^TF, a back door, private door. 
^rn>, a dance, pantomime. 

^li>3S, dancer, actor; drama. 
srnM, dancing, acting, performing. 
3Hi>1, a dwarf j a shrub. 
^T^T^", a reel to wind thread. 
•ttT>T|[, a water-melon. 
3Tu><I>i, a light comedy consisting 

of lour acts. 
5rrfi>sr, a top, rattle, toy. 
3rn??1, a dancer, buffoon. 
5ttCT>?T, a bastard. 
JRT^J, B dance, dancing, [theatre. 
^nfrsrf 5 *?-, ^T^J*n^l, a ball-room, 
JTr^shaking, wagging, removing. 
^Tv51, straw, stubble ; removal. 
•Tff^lj a dhunda or measure of 

time equal to 24 minutes. 
l 2 

•t'lft, ■TRptj an intestine] vein, the 

*JHflrt«T1, a physician, [pnlaa 

^T^taU", a goldsmith. 

3T$2% nicer, running 

•flujtattir, equator. 

*T$t3r<n, loss oi app 

^T c l^5, a Beat. 

JTTt%, a grandson. 

*1*T, lord, protector, husband. 

^T*, a sound, roar ; dun-. 

•U*wl, a rammer, mallet ; a jar. 

^l^ffr*^, the nasai mark " 
^i4", vessel for feeding --attic. 
atfift, a pellet oi dung as of hoi 

>heep oi- got 
^Ty^r, a kind of boat. 
*fa1, various ; mother's father. 

^TRTsf", having varioUfl ni''. mi.. 

•iMHtlsfy Btrcding, vagrant 

m^], mother'a mother. 

•TTO, a prologue, prelude. 

^T^l^r, ancestors, a kind 
»hrdddka or oblation to the 
manes of ancestors performed ■ 
on the occasion of marriage, dte. 

^ms, a barber. 

^Wx, demounting, descending. 

^T^T^T?", in the shape oi a boat. 

WZtzt, low, situated beneath. 

^1#, after the proper time. 

aTf^*, a sailor, boatman, pilot 
•ttft, a line oi snipe or boats. 

JTO, navigable, boatable. 




^tf%, the navel, centre of a circle. 

atf*r, name, appellation, noun. 

stf^? 6 !, naming, christening. 

^1"5F51, the multiplication table. 

STpra?", named, denominated. 

^TsrC*r?r, a name, appellation. 

^Tt-sr^T, descending, alighting, com- 
ing down. [tree. 

^tsr^l, hanging roots of a banyan - 

^T5F*T€, famous, illustrious. 

^fSTti^i, the cholera morbus. 

STfsrfr, letting down, lowering; 

•^ISiRfer, a kind of cloth worn by 
the Hindus which is printed 
like chintz with the names of 
their gods. 

^t^THST?, shelter in a name. 

7TTCSTT, the lower paft, bottom. 

STT<F, guidance, instruction. 

7(t?^, a lover, leader, guide. 

^Tlfir^T, a mistress, wife. 

5Tt?T^t, infernal, hellish. 
• 3t<fl, water. 

^T?TT3pt, an orange. 

^T?"T^, an iron arrow, a shuttle. 

■^T"?"tlH, a name of Vishnu. 

^TT?!?^, Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu. 

^Tftt^oT, a cocoanut. 

^T^fl", a woman, a female. 

^T?ft*rsfr, the custom of women 
the menstrual flux. 

^'\^y a tube, artery, vein. 

stfpTl, a streamlet, outlet, drain. 
^Tf*f©vgsr, a daw. 
^TffcrSl, a kind of potherb. 
^T^tj a tube, a running sore. 
^Tcfl"^, a shaft, an arrow. 
^T*t, destruction, ruin, damage. 
^fTO, perishable, destructible. 
^iTfl^ bereaved, ruined, forlorn. 
JrjTT, snuff. [nose ; a lintel. 

7(\7fl, the nose, a tumor in the 
^Tf^t., the nose. 
^T^TtlT, a vanguard. 
^TH£, not in existence. 
^TT%^ unbeliever, infidel, atheist. 
^tf^^5j non-existence, nonentity. 
3T^, a trap. [down, a negative. 
"R, a prefix meaning under or 
f^VSR, wringing out, expressing, 
t^fl, a prefix implying separation. 
f^StfS»T», tranquil, at ease, placid. 
fcs*!^, fearless, secure, safe. 
f^S*PJf, silent, noiseless, mute. 
RS^T^T^, solitary, desolate. 
f«TS?*n3" ; entire, without remainder. 
f^S3f?«it, t^SC3Et*?t, a flight of steps, 
ladder. [beatitude. 

f^SCasRR, emancipation, welfare ; 
f^STST, rebuke, reproach. 
f^SW, solitary, without society. 
f^STTl^, weak, feeble. 
f^S^T^", childless, without issue. 
f^oWff^, doubtless, certain. 
f^S?n%, whole, without joint. 

fry 149 

f^:y[*vr?p, without connection. 
fa:*WTi, midnight. 
fas^^i, issuing, exuding, oozing. 
faj*n»vTJT. fearless, famiKar. 
f^STls - , tingling, throbbing. 
t^8^T?T, sapless, spiritless, pithless. 
f5fcT(3rci,pushing out, pressing out. 
f^s^"5, fa;^> extracted, exuded, 

fai*rt&, without desire, apathetic. 
t^TS"^. poor, indigent, destitute. 
fcs^^ss, voidoi right, disinterested. 

f5r#T> , proximity, aeameSS J near. 

f^<$f5?1. poor, penniless, indigent. 
t^5S^T,pla8tering with cowdung, &c. 
ft#l%?n, headless, shoulderle 
f^<P?T, a collection, many; tax-free, 
f^s^i, play ground in the 

suburbs oi a town. 
ft<?<i, a touchstone. 
f^T3>T!,the mother of goblins; near. 
fs^STHSt. an imp, goblin, ogre. 
f^teTO, a habitation, dwelling. 
f^$T?T, an injury, offence, obstruc- 
f^.T^JT, killing, destroying, [tion. 
f^3>T*T, clearing an account, 
f^ast, f^-aft, a louse. 
f^*«$, stingy ; an arbour, bower. 
f^3, cunning, dishonest, mean, 
fa<p1%, low cunning, dishonesty, 

abuse, reproach. 
f^G", torn, split. 
f^^ra*T, genuine, unartificial. 


• 5»T, a house, b 
t^^t. a small pair oi bos 

fa^-i. ill" SOUnd of a In: 
frSFH, a kiSB. 
fclW, a nit. a loUSC. 

RCV*f, throm Ing, casting; | : ' 
fr-or^, digging, burial, inten 
fr«f#, dwarfish; 100,000 mil] 
f^<iX without work, idle. 
frwTT, a ditch, no/at. pit, cai i;y. 
f^r-9f;»T. the roaring of an elephant. 
f*tf3ftf,all, whole, entire, complete. 
f*W5, faultless, without flaw. 
fSfafy, iron fetters, shackles. 
f^TfJf, speech, discourse. 
f^'jfrr, the Vedas; a town, mar- 
ket, road. 
fa^'i. swallowing; the throat. 
ftsTTfr, a horse's throat or neck, 
f5H& s mind. 

£?*£?, mysterious, abstruse, hidden. 
f^^r^. harsh treatment, disfavour. 
f«teprffa3, ill-treated, mortified. 
ft?TP?4S, disfavouring, ill-treat 
fa^^. table of contents. 
f^TfT, food. 

t^"ST3>, Bound, noise. 

f^U, docile, yielding, subordinate. 

f^"^r, dripping out, distilling, 

f^sf^R, wringing, squeezing out. 
ftsfrR, swallowing, bolting. 




t^5?, a collection, heap, batch. 

f^5, t^IW;, alone, only. 

f^CSTcT, outer garment, mantle. 

1^C5t*TO, armour. 

t^C6^T\5, niggardly, contemptible. 

f^i;fvF?1, friendless, orphan, 

■f^Sf, own, one's own. 
t^lf^tcT, tranquil, at ease, quiet. 
fTO^st, autocratic, independent. 
f^W\, a chaste and devoted wife, 
■f^rar, still, silent, quiet, calm. 
f^T>, certain, true, exact. 
f^T>T> , perfect, complete. 
f^3", merciless, cruel, harsh. 
f^fa, weeding a garden. 
f^\FT^t, a weeding instrument. 
f*t^fa, flying gently. 
f^$^, the buttocks;, a prominence. 
f*fa^TT\j continually, incessantly. 
f^5T3, downright, entirely, quite. 
fst^J, continuous, perpetual. 
f5fa5jf3p?P, every-day duties. 
t^vSJt^T^T, continual happiness. 
f^sTTT, calm, still, tranquil, quiet. 
f^W, poison. 
f^W^, man. 

•f^HT, harsh, merciless, severe. 
t^Tr*f ^, illustration, proof, sign. 
f^ffST, hot season, heat, sweat. 
■f^Ffa, a first cause ; end ; at least. 
f^ft?F*l> harsh, cruel, severe. 

l^fFToft, charm used for sending 
f^fiNi, besmeared. [to sleep. 

1^W$OT*R, intense meditation. 
f^"fini>, ordered, spoken, said. 
1^CTF*f, a direction, command. 
f«TCTff*Rt, side, direction, 
fsfclffel, commander. 
f»ftfl, sleep, drowsiness, sloth. 
f*tTTTC3r*T, inclination to sleep. 
f^Jtcf, sleepy, drowsy, lethargic. 
t^3^ asleep, slumbering. 
f^*I^r, death, destruction; a family. 
fSTSFfa, a gem, jewel ; receptacle. 
f^Sff?", blunt, dull, not sharp, 
t^f^f, box of treasure ; receptacle. 
f^5rr, destructive, pernicious. 
f^Sf^JT, sport, enjoyment, play. 
f^sfffa", sound. 
t^'CT^T, a view, sight. 
t^srtW, a sound, roar, bellow. 
f^f^ calumnious, abusive. 
I^ffl, blame, slander, abuse. 
|^«f , a large pitcher. 
f^*TT>, completely, altogether. 
f^^ra^r, falling, going to ruin. 
t^**5H, battle-field. 
1^*Tt3, death, ruin, falling. 
t*t*ffa, a watering-trough. 
1^*t«l, clever, expert, skilful. 
l^'Jq^l, cleverness, skill, tact. 
f^^sr, coming to a close, 
f^^i. composed, treated of, fixed. 
f^W> obligation, vow ; treatise. 


r^r, binding, compiling; cause. 
R^-sfrl, an author, compiler, 
f5f«y*R 7 R^rM. an offering made 

to deceased ancestors. 
r^tti, a maiden. 
A^tS, cessation, restrainl ; pacified. 
(•favr, stopping, rescinding, guell- 
r^ir. killing, [ing. 

R^*it%. dwelling-place, abode. 
R<y?T2]\ a village, a dwelling-place, 
J«ta*H 9 habitation, dwelling place, 
fa7^, a multitude, quantity, all. 
R^T^R, completion, conclusion. 
R^Ts, sheltered, Becnre, safe. 
fsf^R, extinguishing, quenching. 
R^TH, a funeral cake. 

"R^T^ci, Stopping, preventing. 
f^RRJ, lit to be restrained. 
R3l>T, a habitation, house. 
R^"[*vt, an inhabitant. 
f^fts, dense, impenetrable, close, 
R^^>, engaged in, occupied with. 
fstfts, the bralmiinieal thread, a 

R^c , stopped, cheeked, appeased. 
R^j%, ceasing, stopping, desisting. 
f^C^TR, request, representation. 
t^C^^f .entrance upon, attention to. 
RC^*fJT, a house, an entrance. 
R^, like, resembling. 
f*T»TBi, unmixed, genuine, real. 
R^fcR, scene, sight*. 
f^^S, past. 

151 Rem 

r-^i luded,prr 

Ruy. dipped, immersed, sunk. 
R^^v;, Rrw^, sinking 
Rirg-i, inviting, invitation, call. 
rtttt. exchange, b i 
rri. cast', thrown. 
RRo. adequate cause, moti 
RRo^, caused by, through, by. 
{•tfsfcft*;, an astrologer* 
Rfa"3\ RCTT5", a moment, a wink 
R^t^^r, winking, closing tie' • 
R^f^Tii, friendless, forlorn. 
r , 5r, low, deep, depressed. 
R^HSf, descending j deep-flo* 
R9, the bead tire (Melia-dirachta, 

R% a lime, lciimn. orange. 

R^5, directed; regular, constant. 
r<t!%, destiny, appointment . 
H^ISl, ruler, regulator, director. 
R3731S, restrained, hindered 
fa<i*r, stipulation, covenant, rule. 
R<nu<P. legislator, lawgiver. 
r<i^, appointed, oonstitul 
R<r^j, a aervant, 
r^i^. a million. 
R^, wrestling, boi 
RX^JTe^, lie who app >ii 
Rr/^Tsf, arrangement, appoint- 
ment, an order, a command. 
RC<JT?it. "ne appointed. 
fSfc?N?,one who appoints, master. 
RXSISR, appointing ating, 




laying an injunction upon any- 

f^C?T¥J, a servant. 

f^<r\*T, having no share. 

f^^C^fl, the equator. 

I^'^'^t^'?', latitude. 

f^<T^ K f, uncontrolled, self-willed. 

f^3~iR, pure, free from stain. 

ft<[T> 3 doting on; uninterruptedly. 

f^3>7¥, indestructible. 

f^?^<F, uninterrupted, continued. 

f^?^?T, childless; irrelevant, not 
agreeing with another word in 
the sentence. 

f^T^TSJ, childless, without issue. 

f^?"*K3*f, shameless, impudent. 

f^?T*r?rT*r , not guilty, innocent. 

f^"?T*fT?, security, safety, [ested. 

f^firC'SW, independent, disinter- 

1^3", silent, quiet. 

f^3"Wi*f, without leisure, busy. 

t^^ffT, self-willed, independent. 

t^^"^f^^, alone, unadulterated. 

f^3"WJ, superior, complete. 

t^^^f^T, unlimited, endless. 

f^T3"<T3T, formless, incorporeal, 
inorganic. [pend on. 

f^^^, having nothing to de- 

t^^"?7f^", without leisure. 

f^^TTfwfal, a wall. 

f^3T, hell, place of punishment. 

f^"sf?T, unobstructed, easy. 

f^3"?(^, without an object, vain. 

f^T^fcr, fasting, not eating. 

f^<3"?R, defeat, desisting, [peasecl. 

t^?T^, put down, restrained, ap- 

f^<3"9~, peaceable, pacific, tranquil. 

f^Tt^"?"*!, setting aside, expelling. 

f^?"fa»Tlffi», free from desire, con- 
tented, satisfied. 

t^?TT^T?"j without form, shapeless. 

1^<rt^f%, shapeless ; expulsion. 

f^?TtT> , solid, not hollow, sound. 

fSfatol?, secure, safe, at ease. 

f*f?Tt*rt?n, incessant ; continually. 

f^Tfrfr, joyless, sad, cheerless. 

t^3"f*flt, without misfortune, se- 
cure, [sound, well, hale. 

f^3"T^lT, free from disease, healthy, 

f^<TTf^*t, without animal food. 

f^^rfara, without support, self 

f^T^, uninhabited, desert. 

I^TTsrl, alone, private, lonely. 

H'<t"T*t, hopeless, disappointed. 

f^lPXT^r, fasting, abstinence. 

f^fa»«|, eyeing, contemplating. 

f^ft*T, ploughshare. 

f^fa?", an atheist. 

f^^"^ tranquil, limpid, harmless. 

f^^r, not spoken, not mentioned, 

1^?Fe <T, without an answer. 

t^^i, besieged, blocked up. 

f^?>CW, unanxious, easy in mind. 

f^'STsr, incomparable, unequalled. 

f»f?F*fnr, left without resource. 



fa/pr^^i, respect, regard, honour. 
f*T?5 v H, planning, settling, fixing, 
far.fTT. solid, qoI hollow, Bound. 
fac<n>r, obstruction, blockade. 

fast, country, region. 

fa^f^. gone forth, expelled, issued. 

fa?h«F, Bcentless, without smell. 

fa^f^r^", going out, proc ling. 

fa?f"~T3", melting, dissolving. 

fa^H, without qualities, useless. 

f^^ts, hollow of a tree. 

fa*r'^, killing. 

fa?iT>, market, fare. 

fa^ c (?, a survey, table of contents. 

fasiPS, a thunderstroke ; a severe 

fac^iTtf, sound, report. [luted, 

fasi^, secluded, Bolitary, uninha- 
fa&<r, tree from infirmities of age ; 

a god. 
faf®"5. quite subdued, overcome. 
faif3", inanimate, Languid] faint. 
fa^3", a fountain, cascade. 
fa<i<r, ascertaining, determining. 
fafatF, cleansed, purified. 
fac«i5?<£, washerman. 
fa*fi"3, ascertained, settled, 
fa**?, merciless, unfeeling, severe. 
f^vfjjTf tearless. 

fa^T<r, irresponsible, released. 
fapv^>, pointed out, appointed, 

facttH, appointment, mandate. 

ftWtfa, without fault, I 

jl -i, bringing to an i 
Rtfsr, poor, indigent, pennil 
fa>rr?r fc i, deciding, determining. 
f^T^TT" ? T J, certain, confirmed. 
fa#\*r, without progeny. 
f^T-vf ^ir, denning, describing. 
M^"^f, obligation, an engagement, 
fa ^y, not Sowing, stagnant. 
fa#T*i, extinguishing ; extinct. 

fa^TTT, calm, close, Bultry. 

fa^r;?, censure, decision. 
fa^TT^r, banishment, exile. [ (, y. 
fa<H"l?;, a bringing about, ftdequa- 
fa^T^<t», a manager, provider. 
faf^i. 6 "*!, not optional, not ad- 
mitting of an alternative. 
faf3T<r.T<r, immutable, uniform, 
fai"^^", without hindrance, Bafe. 

faj%3", distressed, paralyzed with 

fear or distress. 
fan^r.^, inconsiderate. 
faf^"^, got, obtained; married. 
fa^3, easy, tranquil, happy. 
fa<frKJ. tranquillity, ease, safety. 
fac3r x i\ enjoyment ; man i 
fac<E"f*f, foolish, stupid, silly. 
fa^bij, deserted ; completed. 

fr^p. hard, strong. 

fas?, free from fear, Baft 

fa»'f> centre of gravity, depen- 
dence, reliance. 
fa"55^3", reproach, abuse, hlame. 

fSr*r 154 

1»taff 3W, "being disinherited, being 

f^f%3".pierced, wounded ; identical. 
f^^Ns, intrepid, fearless. 
T^ScT, free from mistake, infallible 
f^tffrf, sober, unexcited, humble. 
f^"£rip5?, want of natural affection. 
t^S5T¥jTJF, disrespectful, irreverent, 
f^^nr, free from filth, pure, clear, 
f^^fs, making, forming,modelling. 
f^STfal, a maker, fabricator. 
1»farT*f«l, causing to make. 
1^r1iras, a maker, author, builder. 
f^^T^TJ, flowers that have been 

offered to a god. 
f^fsns, made, moulded, built. 
fWr^F, liberated, set free, loosened. 
t^^TcT, destitute of a root or origin. 
f^C^TSf, without intellect, dull. 
f^C^Tt^, the cast skin of a snake. 
f^rT^T, revenge, retaliation. 
f^TM, a going forth, departure, 
t^rfsr, sailor, navigator, 
ffcfpf. decoction, drift ; positive. 
f^T, crown, summit, 
f^cfef, shameless, impudent. 
f^fM% unmixei, unconnected. 
f^T?", extracting, evacuating. 
f*Nt|ft. widely fragrant, 
f^t^^, without reason or motive. 
f^ST^? a sound, noise, report. 
f^V 8 !, funeral rites. 
{•?«??, house, habitation, abode. 


f^r^nr^r, absorption, extinction. 

f^t^fpf i, a fountain ; a cow. 

f^efor, enwrapt, absorbed. 

ft*f1, night. 

f^*flW 3 f^*TT*f1§, the moon. 

■R*ft5^:, a night prowler. 

f^*ftTr, an owl. 

f^^Tf?, a hunter, a fowler. 

'R^rf'sTtc?, watchman*, night guard. 

f^^tl^T, hemn. 

t^ttU^ft, a cock. 

fiR*tT^fl. turmeric. 

f*f*f 3 night. 

f^f*F5, sharpened, whetted, set. 

R*fto, midnight. 

fWftfsTjrr, night. 

f^$f%j profound sleep. 

f^t*f$, a heron. 

f^*F?T 5 certain ; certainty. 

f^*&5T, immoveable, stationary. 

■R*5T?^, one who decides, umpire. 

f^*5t3", wind ; wilfulness. 

f^PTO, ascertained and certain. 

f«tf*F^ without anxiety, careless. 

t*t*§t?T3rft, anything certain. 

t^*!^ 6 !, a black powder used as 

£w.*j>*£ 3 without exertion, listless. 
f^f^J, without hole or- flaw, 

f^^Tf, breath, respiration. 
KW, a quiver, case for arrows. 
fa^Si, placed, established. 

fa^Ttji, market pla 

ft^w, mud, clay. 

fspg-^, night. 

f^r^TTf,a degraded class, an outcast. 

f*n%^\, forbidden, prohibited. 

fa\% asleep. 

facz&, injection of the sperm, im- 
pregnation of the uterus. 

f^TC^I, one who prohibits. 

fsrc^*f, forbidding, prohibition. 

f^C'S'^, service; taking medicine. 

f^s$, a certain gold-weight equal 
to 108 ruttiea. 

f^$*it^, without a thorn, at ease. 

fa3$3\ free from taxes. 

f^^sn, unemployed, idle. 

f?T3$«f. not diligent, useless. 

f^S3>3"', certainty, evidence, proof. 

ft^^, coming to a decision. 

f^^rT^. without stain or fault. 

f^33>^1, past menstruation. 

f^s^P'T, a portico, verandah. 

f^3<[>t*R, expelling, ejecting, dis- 

f^S$i>, a garden attached to a house. 

f^3$?T, out of easte, put out of 
family connections. 

f^3>$\ a hole in a tree. [anee. 

f^*w>i%, acquittal, pardon, clear- 

f^^raiT, genuine, unartiticial. 

f^T3$^, ascertained, plain, clear. 

t^S^r*1, expulsion, departure. 

ft^T, hire, wages, salary, fee. 


ft*»l^, gone, departed, expelled. 
t^WiT9 f expelling] bringing forth. 
far*^, ii factual, rain. 

f^^f>' r 4, broth, gravy. 
fa^S^. sounding. 
ftfc, devoted to, faithful ; fixed, 
ffifel* stability (especially of faith). 
f^^oT, s.diva. spittle, phlegm. 
t^^l^iT, spitting, expectoration. 
f^<r, merciless, cruel, harsh. 
fa<6T"5, clever, skilful, learned. 
ft*pfftr,final settlement, decision ; 


t^T >tfx f^, accomplished, Bettled. 
fa^rf^, incessant, without inter* 

f^^TTfiT, completing, finishng. 

t^^T^f, without hin, innocent. 
f^^T^", cleansing grain from the 

f^^ft^, wringing oul (a (doth). 
t^C^^«i, grinding to powder. 
t^^e3^, dull, stupid, frigid. 
f^^T^"j^, without obstruction, 
fa'3 f> i>T6i, new cloth. [-ate. 

"fc'8 p T^, gloomy, without light. 
1*WC<Jii^, unnecesf 
t^^p.^. fruitless, useless, wort I 
f^WT'S. midnight. 
fa^rt, natural state; rejection. 
f^r^T^. benumbed, torpid, rigid. 
fa*p^, killing, -laughter. 

f^T<S, deposited, pledged. 




fSt^ft, jrillet, pills. 
f^^?3i, silent, quiet. 
t^"?f7r«i, getting over, deliverance. 
f^JS" 6 !, killing, destroying. 
f^«T, a ball. 

t^"^T^", deliverance, helping over. 
t^gT?T35, a deliverer, saviour. 
f^^«i, rescued, delivered. 
^^?f, incomparable, nonpareil. 
I^WSHP^", wheat. 
t^C^lfj without lustre or vigour. 
f^S*f, shameless, immodest. 
f^f^fVT, sword, dagger. 
w*Ptaf, motionless, inanimate. 
W*Pi"3L, void of desire. 
f^^TJ^, oozing out. 
f^JtT, rice-gruel. 
f»fa, poor, penniless, indigent. 
f^^T, f^T^, sound, noise, bellow. 
f^^R", killing, smiting. 
f^3l, a murderer, a slayer. 
1*r^T3&1, the guano. 
f^TT^t, t^Tsft, an anvil. 
1^3"T"3", dew, frost, cold. 
f^T^T 8 !, viewing, beholding. 
f^f^S, placed, deposited with. 
f^3?3", dissimulation, denial. 
f^"^3T*f^T?Tj embezzlement. 
fs?5?1%, concealment, reserve. 
faT"5>T351, one who mistrusts. 
f^I^IW, sound, report. 
5Tt^T*T, like, resembling, equal, 
account ; finishing. 

7^5, low, deep, vile, mean. 
7?t5^, short, dwarfish. 
^5Sf, tending downwards. 
^5Sfl, a river. 
^ts1, lower part, bottom. 
^T*nr, low-minded, grovelling. 
^\5, a bird's nest. 
^}\5SF, born in a nest, a bird. 
^fa5. taken, accepted, obtained. 
^)f%, guidance ; morality, virtue. 
■^tt%i^Wj1, science of morals, ethics. 
^faTT, a beggar, vagrant. 
^ft^t, a woman's zone ; capital. 
^3T*, a country, a region. 
^ffa, cornice on the top of a house. 
^ft<T*? , a receiver, dealer. 
^t<HTT^, being now accepted. 
^tj, water, juice, liquor. 
^fi[<RF, without blood, sallow. 
^t<T®ffS, without pollen. 
wt<T^, forbearing, abstaining. 
sft^Tff, giving water ; toothless ; 

^ft<rfSf, ^Rt?rf^f*r, the sea, the ocean. 
^3"3", speechless, silent, mute. 
TTt^:^, without moisture, sapless. 
Tft^T'M", a kind of weasel. 
^t^?,^??l»,freecloni from disease. 
^t?T, blue ; indigo. 
^fteT^%, blue-throated ; Shiva ; 

5ft^<5T^, a sapphire stone. 
5ft«TC5nf§3, purple, red and blue. 




•ft U IIP, a worm, an in- 

f«n, tlic lightning. 
«ftf©tel, ilif indigo-plant. 
^t*TT?", a Bcreen, curtain. 
•at, hoar froBt, 
^1i r T< ;r r.*KpT7. avalanche. 

(?TCP1, nebulas. 
Jj^t, a bundle of anything. 

*£S. a wisp of Btraw : a wager. 

a pebble, a muller; a pledge. 

g% salt. 

jfWi Baltish, a Bait-dealer, 

«j«il, purslain. 

^t%. adulation, flattery, entreaty. 

♦j"e. sent, dispatched. 

3["fir. corpulent, fat, abdominous. 

•JTT^a bell-clapper ; the windpipe. 

JJ?,?T, bending down, lowering. 
S[cni, maimed in the hand. 
JS, praised, eulogized, applauded. 
•£§*() new. recent, novel. 
■J'XJT, ornament for the ankle. 
J, a prefix meaning man. 
•TSf, a manslayer, murderer. 
^$, a dancer. 

•H5J, dancing, acting, playing 
antics. [reign. 

•P*, ?*r, W i%, a king, a sove- 
?T<f$n, the Indian Pint us. 
JWW, a king's son, a prince. 
*W3I<T, the consumption. 
^^r^Sf, hospitality. 
•PTST, malignant, murderous. 

•rf^Tj raan-lion,awjW 
• ". i hief among men. 

t, B pel animal. 

c*3i>^, going backward and for- 
C5TOv*ftyi, intercourse, intimaci . 
c-"5^. a mongoose, ichneumon. 
c*\. the leg 

C*\?*, halting, limping, hobbling. 
CT\w, Btripped, ondressed, naked. 
CT^win, a moose. 
c^Tu a rag, a -lord of cloth. 
CT9f^?1,ahyena,awolf, buffoon. 
65TO, acting foolishly, playing the 
c^^t<r. nausea, vomiting. 
CW\, left-handed. 
C*Tw" 3 a step, footstep. 
OTW^Ij lame, limping, hobbling. 
ca^F, c»«, c-- H, the tail , i an 
CTW 3 a washerman. [animal. 
C^?1. left-handed j sinister. 
C^TSI, lopped, .shorn, bald ; bai 
CT^tj a female ballad-singer. 
C^^5. cloth, torn cloth. 
CTOI, a receiver; a leader. 
c^3Tf\F, a hemistich or half Btansa, 

&H, the eye. 
; C«TO^fF, the eyelid. 

j w^f^fQ, a cat. 

I C^T^, tears. 

| C*1?, a dried clod of cow-dung. 

C^f^fc", very near, neat 

C^WJ. a dressing-room. 

C^^lj a membrane, web of fibres. 

C^*TT*fl, web-footed, palmipede. 

C*W1, the jaundice. 

CT^T, a lime, lemon, orange. 

CUTIS', circumference (of a wheel). 

C^nrT"?", C^?T^,akind of broad tape. 

C^sTR, exciting, stimulating, set- 
ting on. 

C^*TI, intoxication, inebriety. 

C^T3>1, a priest. 

C^3l^, an anvil. 

fcf, a lump, clod ; new, recent. 

t^T?J, nearness, proximity. 

twsj", a shopkeeper, tradesman ; 
a portion of the Vedas. 

fcWT^t, imperishable landmark. 

fcr^toJ, cleverness, expertness. 

focTO, anything to be offered. 

t^Tf^f^^jCausal, producing,causing 

t^OTjT, barter, exchange. 

t^^J, certainly. 

^•nrTflPP, a logician. 

fc^r«F, appointment to office. 

t^^^TJ, continuance, uninterrupt- 

te^W<r, formlessness, incor- 

t^TTJ, despair, disappointment. 

fosfe the south-west point. 

fo^faj, worthlessness. 

^^"55:^7, parity, clearness. 

t*f*53^?, certainty, positiveness. 

tsTTO^, mint master. 

t^T%^, a student of religion. 

158 T£R 

fa$J, firmness in faith, 
fcfflf^fa, arising from nature, 
fcrf3^f*T^ a swordsman. 
fcreTl?3W^3i", nebulous -stars. 
G^T^T^", a ship's anchor. 
C^tSfT!, filthy, foul-feeding. 
OT^. alloy, base mixture. 
C^T\51, a muller, stone roller. 
C^T^I^ impregnated with salt. 
WW, a kind of custard-apple. 
C^T?T^, bending down, lowering. 
C^ft, OTfal, a boat. 
C^faTO, navigable. 
m^j small, low, mean. 
^J^T"?", nausea, loathing, disgust. 
^J\§, low, short, dwarfish. 
^OT, a jewel ; a deer. 
5?)"^, deposited, placed, cast aside, 
srj^^ hoarder, accumulator. 
^JT^J, fried rice. 

?UT$1, ignorant, stupid, awkward. 
JUW?", vomiting. 
^Jt? r food. 

^J"tir, equity ; logic ; like. 
^ItsM?^ the principle of equity. 
5U"tlT3S, equitably, righteously. 
•UlTPTlS, the system of logic. 
3*Jt?ft y rational, right, just. 
^Jt^TJ, righteousness, right, just. 
^JteT, satisfied, wealthy; sufficient. 
^UTJT, a deposit, pledge. 
•[J^f, convex, bent downwards. 
^R, less, deficient, few. 



•p^fMC.T'tf, less 01 limiv. 

*[j^lf'<f^, Less or more, about. 

*f\f?!F, line, row, rank ; ten. 
*h£F3, arrived, coming to. 

*t^, ripe, mature, rooked. 
*f^, a wing, side, party; fort- 

*f^3s, *f*F*fTf% T back door. 
*f5^{%, first day of a lunar tort night. 
•flG*fT$, partiality, collusion. 
•fW*TfoTj partial; a partisan. 

*ff *fTf5i, a back-door. 

*ff ?TT»T, winged, having wings. 

^fFsrjH't, embracing a whole 

vf^^^, mark of a true bill. 
«WrSToS, P :lls y, paralysis, [wise. 
*P5»T3C<2T,on the other side ; other- 
«ff^ 4 Vt, a night and two days. 
«fffl^Trr<Tl, a fowler, binleateher. 

^ff^^ns?, Gar urn ; a peacock. 

*f^t, a biro!, fowl ; winged, 
tf^*. a cook. 

9f^i, an eyelash, a filament. 

*f$n?T, a mound, bank. 

9p%, mire, mud, day ; guilt. 

*p£^t<T, the snipe. 

*n&*ff^' * ne ^ortoisa [lilies. 

*refs?^t, an assemblage of water- 

*T3?lt, a lotus, water-lily. 

*f^RT*T, a crab. 

*fWT?", the moss ; a flight of steps. 

*ffa?T, miry, muddy, plaahy. 

^si*?, a line, a row, 

*YV, a grasshopper, locu 
WfW, a Bight oi locusts. 

*f^, lame, halt, crippled. 
*f&~5, the sun, five. 

»f 53, rotting, decaying, putrefying* 
*T51, rotten, putrid, decayed. 
*15T<PT5T, Bloppy weather. 
•T5T*T, obscene ; Iadecenl talk. 
*folRfrt, Bcurrilous, obscene. 

*fF5, lire. 

*fC5t5T^r, the sun ; fire. 

*fC55U5, B cook. 

*fqa, live. 

*f3PW5T*r, componnd of five spices. 

*f <*"*( 4 J y five productioneoithecow; 

*f^9"% a tortoise. 

*T3*3*17., a kind of penance. 

•f^p a3, elementary state, death. 

*T^W*T, the fifteenth. 

*T^**K, fifteen. 

<T?P3;, live. 

•f5P*nW, a drug from five herbs. 

*f9P2fT«1, the five vital airs. 

*T*^5, *f*5^ff, the live primary 

^MP^a^ftM, a being composed of 
five elements ; B livingindividual. 
*f*P*r, the fifth. 
'WSTT'TJj the blaek cuckoo. 
*f9^Twtj variegated, motley. 
•yf^^Tj the five precious things. 




•W*^. tlie Indian Cupid. 

*f38*Tt«*r, the hand ; five-branched. 

*f$t33pl, five sources of death. 

*f 3W5T, digitated ; five fingers. 

^fSP'tej committee for arbitration. 

^^ITt, duty done by five. 

*f 3sf^> five-faced ; Shiva ; a lion. 

•WI3% a corpse. 

*f$£"[tfi3, the midst ; arbitration. 

*f$P$Tf*ta51, a doll. 

*f$PT*T, fifty. 

*1W^, the cupid. 

*f k ©?r, a "b ; a ca £ e - 

*ff^s1, an almanac, calendar. 

*TT>, canvas, ground of a picture. 

*fT>3s, a tent. 

*TT><i>1, *n>T*Pl, a squib, cracker. 

*TT>3»T?r, a limner, draughtsman. 

*fT?^H^, a tent. 

*n»ti(>7r, old cloth. 

^r^^"T*f, a tent. 

*fi>Tr«r, made of canvas ; a tent. 

*>fl? cf , roof or thatch of a house ; 

formulary of worship, 
^ft?"^, a kettle-drum. 
«T^t^1, a flag. 

-sftM'^, facilitating, forwarding. 
*n*T*rai, a leech. 
*f§t, a bandage ; strip of land. 
*f^T,sandal-wood; afield; a cloud. 
*f^, clever, vigorous, expert. 
*fTMsi, a girdle, belt, sash. 
*1WI ; cleverness, expertness, skill. 

*TT>?1. a limner, a painter. 
*fd>T*J, a kind of culinary vegetable. 
ffi?^, being thrown in wrestling. 
*?§", silk, silk-cloth, [stumbling. 
*f 3hn«ft, *f 3? 1^1 , a king ! s chief wife . 
*ff^*f, a two-edged sword. 
*Tt§Tt%«>1, a lease. 
*1T>*fT?f , a kind of rush ; a popgun. 
*ffc*l, reading, reciting. 
*f^5T, falling, happening, invading. 
*f^*it, a neighbour. 
*f^Tl,readmg; fallen; fallow ground. 
*f^T?r, teaching. 
*Tf3><lT^, the woof of cloth. 
^\5<n, a schoolboy, student, pupil. 
*f«i, a wager, pledge ; price, value ; 
*f«l$rf%, a market. [80 cowries. 
*f«R, selling. 

■^f 8 ]^, a musical instrument. 
^W, a treaty. 
*T«iT3Rl, WTSRl, a prostitute. 
' 5 f c lt' 5 f c i, settlement of price. 
*Tf«ivWJ, saleable, fit for sale. 
*f!8, futile, fruitless ; a eunuch. 
*f3£f*r, lost labour, vain effort. 
*f!5l, learning, philosophy. 
*ffb$, a learned man ; learned. 
*f«jj, saleable, fit for sale 
*f«lriftfW1, ffal^tsft, a market 
*f5Sf, a bird. [place. 

*F5W, a grasshopper, a bird. 
*n&f^1, a bow-string-. 
*f$3f, a wing. 




•pfTWT*', a Bpitting-utenml. 
♦fl»5i, falling, dropping down. 
•fUTTffj liable to fall, fallible. 

•n&^T, an iron hoop or batten. 

*fs*f, a binl, a grasshopper ; the 

^ftl^i, a Bag, standard, ensig 
*1"iTf^>^t, an army, a Boldier. 
•ff§, a master, husband. 
vffel, fallen, degraded ; fallow. 
*fo53*n<?^, purifying the fallen. 
•fftstKI, ^t^^ii, a devoted wife. 
•f^TSRt, having a husband, 
•tr^ ^ <j ijChoosing her own husband. 
*f q;;, building, founding; a town. 
*ffs, a foot-soldier; a troop. 

*f^t, a wife, proprietres 
*f3. a leaf, sheet, letter vehicle. 
*f3?P, the leaf of a Bpecies of cin- 
namon which is much used as 

a seasoning to food. 
*f3Wj red sandal-wood. 
*f3WI?"*P, a saw. 
^f^^T, bashfulness, modesty. 
*f3*TT^t, scissors, a large knife. 
*f3raeft, a series of leaves ; the be- 
'Sf^RT^, an oar. [tel leaf plant. 
*ra<T*r, a bird. 
«t^T^«T, ink. 

*ffa&sn, a letter, document. 
*fat. a letter ; a bird ; an arrow. 
*fE3Tg?T*T, a flower-bud. [route. 
*f**J5T, *W, a road, way, path, 


*f<tfw*fa, a gnide, condo 

9, a traveller, passer by. 
*f r 4j, wholesome ; regimen, diet. 

*fw, a foot : .station, appointment, 
^f*^, a neckla ••■. 

vf'^sf. a io.»t man ; afoot. 

*pf5j t, dismiss td from oi 
*fW39r, the Bole of the foot. 
*fW*t, a surname, title j road, 
*fiRCWj on foot, walkic 

rft, stockings. 
wif^, of a Btation ; in employ. 
*PT5"?r, a plagiarist. 
nwfTiU, a kick. 
*fWfl£, a footmark, footprint. 
•fWT^fer, a toe. 

fWTfaf, infantry. 
*fffTf$, vj-*lf%<P, a footman. 
*T^fT^. praising, eul 
*IHM*, prostrate at the feet ; sub- 
*fWRr»l, list of titles ; metre. 
*fWT<r, dust of the feet. 

fWfafi^Fffl, natural philosophy. 

^fWTsf, material object; category 

or order of ideas. 
•PTN*Ij Betting foot on ; induction 

of a person into an office. 
«T>"T3Tsi, a footstool. 
•fWt, boat-measurement, the ton* 
«T*far. a lamp, light, 

•f^i bcl -•-', official 

*fWCn, step by Htep, 

*nrs 162 

*N?t, *f^jf%, a liturgy ; surname ; 
*m, a lotus ; ten billions, [way. 
*t15RT«r, Vishnu. 
*fm%^ 9 a bee ; the sun, 
<*fT^C?nf^ 5 Bramha. 
<s T5f5r^TT^f 5 a ruby. 
*fWT3»<r, a pond full of lotuses, 
•PfWT^T, Bramha. [woman. 

*ffwft, a cluster of lotuses ; a fine 
*fWJ, verse, metre; cunning; praise. 
^TWJ^IT, common practice, 
*fWJ®fTS^r, behaving, conducting, 
*fj, a town, a village. 
*R*T, the jack-fruit. 
«tTij a road, way, path, route, 
*1"Ttj a traveller ; a votary. 
*TsT 5 leaked, oozed out. 
^f^sf. a serpent, snake, [of birds. 
*f^t®", **fWt*R, Garura, king 
*fTOl> ^fTOt, a shoe, boot, stock- 
*ff*T, the moon ; a drinker, [ing, 
*f *t, a nurse. 

*T3\ cow- dung ; separating the 
grain from the husk, [ter's kiln, 
*f tt, the wind ; god of wind ; pot- 
*TC3T*M, a serpent. 
*f3Tt$1, whirlwind, 
♦ffr, thunder. [rain. 

*f^"4, pure, holy, sacred ; copper ; 
*Tsr, a clue, guide, 
*fsn, perfume. 
«Hr, good luck. 
*T?s. milk ; water. 


*T?RT*r1, a drain, gutter, spout, 
*f?"ST35, suspicious, happy, lucky, 
*T?*5?, a body of water. 
*nr3H, a pice ; change, money. 
*T*I3TJ, made from milk ; a cat. 
'PIU'^, a goat. [milk. 

*T?rf^"5Tt, milch (cow), giving 
*f?rpr, going, travelling, marching, 
*ren?T, a kind of metre. 
*fraT*T^, hail-stone. 
*fC?TT*nr, a teat, udder ; cloud ; a 

river, [ocean. 

^fCinfsf, <TOtt^fV } the sea, the 
*TC?TfV^, the foam of the sea. 
*i?[, a stranger, another, after, next. 
*T?1% day after to-morrow. 
^nr^STI, transparent, crystal. 
*f?"^T*T, the other or next world. 
*f3T3Jt?r, belonging to another. 
*nr^TTl 5 an adulteress. 
*nr«$T, trial, test, ordeal, [others. 
*f^STJf>1, meddling in the affairs of 
^^vl, false hair, a wig. 
*f?T^f«*f , dependent, subservient. 
*f?[^T?r1, the shadow of another j 

an apparition, a ghost. 
^T^Tli^St, the eaves of a house. 
*iT% <W^i, an oil-mill. 
*T<T*I, putting on ? dressing, wearing, 
^flPSo, by or from another. 
*f^R53{, dependent, subject. 
^f^sT, a patch. 
*f$ra, in the next world. 




^fTHttT, (another's wife,) adultery. 
*f3X*r*T, a foreign land. 
*T*rcsRt, an envious person, 
*T?r^ v r, an oppressor, 
<i"^"r5, moreover, bnt. 
•yy ^ fgfTi using s catchword. 
vf^^^, further and farther. 
*f?r*j^. fed by others; an Indian 

*f7roj?[>i, a prostitute, a harlot. 

*ff ^J^l, a twice married woman. 

ff^, a feast, festival 

*f<R""r, subject, subservient, 

^f^TT^. the supreme Deity. 
*T3"^»3. the black cuckoo. 
*f<T5r. principal, chief, excellent. 
*nrsr*t<F^ ? God, tllc Creator. 
^f^^rfT^. consolation, comfort. 
"S>f?r5r^\^, an ascetic. 
vf7TUT«l, an atom, particle. 
*f<f sniTU the supreme Spirit. 
*f<r^n^, sweetened rice-milk. 
*f<r*rT?Fo, duration of life. 
of3"5rT^', the chief good. 
-pf^s^j, a crow. 
^JTTCSPS?', the supreme God. 
*f<2T**f<r, successive, lineal. 
*f?"*^i?ri, successive order, lineage. 
•Rf^Rral, traditionally. 
*r<TC3rfa, the other world. 
*T3~*T' s Tn$<r, a touch-stone, a stone 

supposed to turn into gold 

whatever it touches. 

•fytflplj a : i Batterer. 

*f?r% ♦fTT'T, a battle-axe, hatchet, 
ffTtf:, two day- ago or b< 
, H"t^t, each other, mutual. 
*f<TT^, a kind of religions vow. 
1$ I jm, strength, power, pro* 
*T9 I #jft,powerful, puissant, brave, 
*T<rTii»T3, powerful, dignified. 
H^Tsf, pollen; eclipse oi tic Ban. 

*f^"T3?^, the sea. [from. 

^ffTT^f, *f^TT5te, averse, taming 
*f<TTf&I, supported by another. 

^fTT^TT, defeat, overthrow. 

*f<TTSf^, defeated, overcome. 

^^T-qj, an oil-press, 

*t^T c i, diessing another, clothing. 

^f^T^?", the Supreme Grod. 
vf^-fff^-, a Persian horse. 
ff^Ttft^, dependent on another. 
*f?TT^*T, treatment of 8 disease, 
*T?TTa' ) food of another {tarty. 
^T^T^Ss, contemptuous, scornful. 
*T3T3"g^, returning, coming back. 
*T«Tft^, the Indian Plutus. 
^UTT^e, returned, reverted to. 
*f<TT$nr, a returning, reversion. 
•RTTW, defeat, discomfiture. 

*T<nir3, defeated, overc 
*f3~p5R^, repenting, conversion, 

*T3": , sr , T, advice, suggestion, 

< pf^l'5T*Tf , an adviser, a counsellor. 
*f3TSTTf«i3s. chief of a tribe; barber, 
*nrT^3, rain. 

*fft 164 

^T^Tspt?, adjudged. 

*f<rT?r«i, devoted to ; a votary. 

*f?rrf?r 5 the year before last. 

*f <TT^P, a stone. 

^^TTsf, for the sake of others. 

*f?Tt^ the highest of all numbers. 

*f?TT5iJ, superior, excellent. 

*T3"T2£f¥, dependent, a parasite. 

*f?TWT, killing, destroying. 

*f<Tf^, dead. 

*f <nw**Tf, a thief. 

*fTT"^, defeated, vanquished. 

*T3"te, the next day. 

*T3"T^, afternoon. 

*Tl?-, a prefix implying entireness. 

*f1?fa^", a bed, retinue, family. 

^fURFSfr, decoration of the person. 

*ff?R& e, *fa't, contrivance, stratagem. 

^fURFtf^F^, a devotee. 

*ff?RPt«f, extended, spread. 

^f?T<f»W^, mentioning, eulogizing. 

^fiilpsr, walking for pleasure, play. 

*ff?^?T, complete decay, ruin. 

*ff?N:i, a moat, ditch, trench. 

^ifjC^Itf, trouble, toil. 

^ff^sf ^understood, sought, gained. 

*ft?T^t^, accepted, acknowledged. 

*Tf?^7b a woman. 

*tf?^"^, accepting, assenting. 

*ffifcr, a bludgeon, pike ; a glass. 

*ff?"C"sn^", a thunder-clap. 

^"^5?, acquaintance, introduction. 

*ft?5*n1, service, attendance. 


*ft?fM?r«», one who introduces. 

*ff?T5T?"^, a servant, attendant. 

*ft?h5T$fj, worthy to be served. 

^fftft^j acquainted with, known. 

*l1?r^F, clothing, a garment. 

*f1?^^r, clothed, covered, arrayed. 

^f^f^fc, a partition, boundary. 

^Hrf^fT, bounded, defined, clear. 

^fftc^f, a limit, section, division. 

*ff?f®R, one of the household. 

*ff?Tirap, the moon. 

*ft?^T5T, complete idea, conviction. 

*rf?T53l*R, giving a clear idea, 

^tffara, bent down, ripe, changed. 

^ft*!^, a bowing down, change. 

*ft?r«l?r, marriage. • [suit. 

^ffiht^T, ripeness, change, final re- 

*rf?«lT3TW*?f, using foresight, pru- 

^f^MT^, width, circumference. 

*T"f?<Pte, married. 

sfffe^l, the husband. 

*ff?"v5o, on all sides, by every 

^ffiraT^T, great heat, anguish. 

*f^^^", satisfied, contented. 

*Tf?C^T"3', satisfaction, joy. 

^ffSTSJTsf, forsaking, desertion. 

*ff?T3JT®J, fit to be relinquished. 

*fS"^t«l, complete deliverance. ' 

*f1?oqt3l, a saviour, deliverer. 

*ff?il*fa, a comprehensive view. 




^ff^wf^ exchange, barter. 
*ff?wfr3l, reflection, regret, re- 

])ciit anoe. 
vff<i"<:;7r, patting <>n ; dress. 
^fe^M*, clothing, causing to 

*ff?'<fK^, running after; reflection. 
*ff?'<n?, clothing ; the ramp of an 


*ff?fa, a circumference, disk. 

•fftCHlT, that may be put around. 
*ff?*T3s, fully ripe or cooked. 
•rft*f«li Btock iii trade, capital. 
*ff?' 5 'f 5 ?}, an enemy, antagonist. 

*f1?*fT*P. ripeness, mellowness. 

*ff?*rn>t. order, method ; elegant. 

*ff?*fT5ra'. observing, nourishing. 

*{f?.f*r*i*, lead. 
*f1?^f~5, pure, clear. 

*fffr^K. filled, fulfilled, complete. 

*f1?C2ff*F"5 , perspective. 
^ff?^?, moveable, changeable, 

fickle, inconstant. 
*ff9"*fs^, liquor, wine. 
*ff?T*lisi, abandoning, shunning. 
*ff?<T7&\ turn, stead, exchange. 
*Tf?^"5^, changing, requiting. 
*ff?<T?lf, a substitute, successor. 
*ff?TOS, instead, in exchange. 
efttfrCj clothing, covering. 
*f1?**W, a village. 
*f1?*T5f. accusation, slander. 
**ff?37<ft, an accuser, slanderer. 

•fflW^i household ; relatives. 
*ff?frf*r, unmarried elder brother. 
•f fi fr$, surrounded, covered over. 

*ff/MiJ, lord, master. 

*ff?^"5, attended ; married. 

*ff?w*r, one whu marries before 
his elder brot her, [repentance. 
*t Ql4 H m, prudence, caution ; pain, 
*ff?WT, disk, circumference. 
•|8ct*Mj serving out food. 

^fftwlfa, surrounding, fencing-. 

*ff?fra^M,onc who serves out food. 

*ff?^TSf]1, devout austerities, reli- 
gious mortification. 

*ff?T*TSra, •ffir^rrii a pilgrim, a 
religious mendicant. 

^ff?^, defeat ; disrespect, [with. 

*ft?^T"^«i, addressing, agreeing 

*r8^T^1,technicaltermsj discourse. 

*ff?^5, despised ; defeated. 

*ff? r ."^T5f, enjoyment of anything. 

*ft?^5T«l, wandering, roving about. 

*j1?ri>3>, corrupted, quite spoiled. 

*ff?15tsra, a wanderer, mendicant. 

*Tl?3r?95T, a circle, sphere, orbit. 

^ffeuc^, perfume, scent. 

^f?^! 6 !, measure, weighing, size. 

*ff<"lTT6i<p^T, area. 

*dtrcrfl5li ■ measurer or weigher. 

*Tf?*n*R, causing to measure. 

•sTfesn^il. susceptible of correction. 

*ff?f^S, measured, moderate. 

*fffTi^f^, measure. 




*ff?TCsr?, measurable, finite. 
^rfttafl'S 8 !, plundering, purloining. 
*ff?rcsrt^t, a thief. 
*Tf?3Ui, embraced, 
^ft??"^", an embrace, a bug. [ing. 
*Tf?nr5F«l, well guarding, preserv- 
•ififrS^, cleansed, cleared off, paid. 
*f f?H9^,well dried, completely dry. 
^ff^nTTO, a complete end, limit. 
*fftc*tT5f^T, paying, liquidating. 
^rf^r^rsj , exertion, industry, labour. 
*>f f^^firt, a labourer. [a prop . 
sffshsfsr, an assembly ; a support, 
*fftn*tT% wearied, fatigued, tired. 
^fUrcsfa", embrace, hug. 
*rf?mf , an assembly, audience. 
*ff?T*W> I <T, clean, correct, plain. 
•ffiHWF, cleansed, refined, cleared. 
*1 f<l hW, embrace. 
*ff?T*v$t7l, number, quantity. 
•ff|f*nr, width, dimension. 
•ffifTOl, going everywhere. 
«f ^TTtirl, extreme boundary,upshot 
*f f?CT3"5T, serving, taking medicine. 
*Tf3"^F, supported by another. 
*ff?T*pf5*fS', fluttering, vibration. 
«ft?^5^, leaking, oozing out. 
^flST^T*!, confuting, repelling. 
*Tf?s;f3Jl5, ridiculed, treated with 

contempt. [tion, disrespect. 
*Tf?teT?r, abandonment ; confuta- 
^fftfeTsfr, fit to be abandoned ; 

confutable, despicable. 

*Tf?3:T*T, ridicule, raillery, jesting. 

^ffirfts, clad, clothed, put round. 

*{f?[W<$, *f?faF^, examiner. 

*Tf?CF?r, destruction. 

^ffft^l, a test, trial, experiment. 

*f <ftaTlT, sword-sheath ; family ; 

«TW^, past year. [attendants. 

*r^¥T?r, horse. 

*f?FS, severe, unkind, scurrilous. 

*fC^, afterwards, after. 

*fC^5, dead, deceased, defunct. 

*fC?"fDfr, *Kj?p o, the next day, 
to-morrow. [absent. 

^ft^T^, not under one's own eye, 

*fC3"T3§t, a cockroach. 

^TC^T-sW^, beneficence, assis- 
tance to others. 

*f^cTl, transparent ; crystal. 

*f«l, a leaf, betel-leaf. 

^^f the figure of a man made 
of leaves or straw to be burnt 
with funeral obsequies when 
the body of the deceased cannot 
be found. 

*fc|*t"T«i1j a hermitage ; an arbour. 

*f*fl, a screen, a curtain. 

*T*f<ft^, sun, fire. 

*ffsf«>, lame. 

*f3T, a joint ; festival ; chapter. 

*Nfa, the knee. 

*1<H"$, a mountain, a rock. 

*f#fsf, the moon. 

*f3^T> 3 pomegranate. 




*Ffr*rf%, a joint; the time be- 
tween the now or full moon and 
i n€ first change of the moon. 

-pf^T^. festival day. 

*i*n^, a bedstead, a bed. 

*f*m>3. peramhnlating, rovingi 

llMUft fi a query, a question. 

efqTC, as far as, until, unto. 

*ftfj**rt*, end, termination. 

vfrfi^ft^, opposition, contradic- 

*fq cfp«i. observation. [tion. 

•rtTPI, the saddle of ahorse. 

•f^jT% obtained, gained ; enough, 

•rftft, acquisition, warding off. 

<9f<ni<T, regular order, succession. 

*>niJK^f^\ locking attentively. 

<?pmT[<7>. dejected, distressed. 

^nrjw^p^, debt. 

•rejTOi prohibited ; unsuitable. 

*tUjPS"S, stale, a day old. 

*fOTS«l1, researches. 

*f^f, an axe. 

*fij<&1, a rib. 

*fT?. an assembly. 

•IK, a minute ; straw ; flesh. 

9f9t9, a wink, twinkling, eye-lid 

vfrrsfra. a mason. 

o(~i^tf , timid, tearful. 

*f??7, a wickerwork fish-trap. 

^ri?T, meat, flesh. 

pf?l1 f coral ; an oil-spoon. 

*t^T?f, a porpoise. 

*f*iT§.. onion.. 

^rffs*, a fugitive, deserter. 
•ffrttr-Tj flight, escape, absconding. 

-pfcfT^, straw for fodder. 

<WT, a leaf, kind of tree ; cruel ; 
green. [watet. 

•T%, mud left by the retiring oi 
^f?T5, gray-headed, wrinkled. 
*ff*f"5l. B candle, wiek. 

^rrMTtfl, a silkworm, chrysalis. 
of-^T*, decaying, being impaired. 
9fcT, a granary. 
*t?TC, a sprout, twig, shoot. 
^ras-JT^T, a smatterer; carping, 
catching at trilling objections. 
*f^fttf, lewd, lascivious. 
9\0\, district, hamlet, canton. 
*t5ft*rra, a hamlet, the country. 
*f'-5?r, a small pond. 
*f*T^, entering. 
*t3, an animal, a beast, 
■pf'g*^, a name of Shiva. 
*T3?"T», a lion. 

*f»5U, back part, behind, after. 
9|^eH, after regret, remorse. 
*t«5rst*f i*ft. a follower. 
t^p^-sr, posterior, western. 
*ff*$sr1, western; lockjaw. 
-pf«T7^, spectator. 
*f x TJC5T$;'?', a thief. 
*mj], a basket or vessel in which 

articles are laid in order. 
*f*tfn, a slight shower, drizzle. 
W\J, renown, publicity. 




*f*Tt?t, a grocer, a druggist, 
^f^j^t, a measure of five seers. 
*f^T»T, regret, repentance. 
*f|, the foot, leg; to obtain, to gain. 
vft't;, the fourth part of an anna. 
*fT^s, a footman, watchman. 
*fT^\5, a beam laid on pillars to 

support other beams ; the bor- 
*lf?^, solder. [der of cloth. 

^rftcT, a sail, an awning. 
*ITS^ obtaining, acquiring, get- 
*IT8?fl, claim, due. [tiug. 

*Ttef^?1, an heir, a creditor. 
^rKt^rTT, pertaining to a series, 

belonging to a rank or class in 

*TTV9, dust, ashes, manure. 
*fT\^#, high-road. 
*TT\$<T, a gnat. 
*rf\3teri, a prostitute. 
*ft^3F, a distaff ; a kind of fish. 
*ft^5, a line, row, range. 
*»fr^*T, ashes. 
^T^, clay, mud, mire. 
*TTS, five. 

*[W\, fifth day after childbirth. 
*^WI, the itch. 
«^r5^r, a medicinal decoction. 
*ff&;*t, a drover's stick, a goad. 
^ft5tf%, a kind of metre. 
*?T5t»T, a brick wall. 
*>ftw, a footmark, footprint. 
•fT^ITl, a rib, the ribs. 

«qT®1, a wisp, bunch, bundle; a 

«fT®t, an almanac, calendar. 
*Ttfcl, a he goat. 

*tf3T3", width of a river ; a flood. 
*TTt%, a line, row, range. 
*ft*f, ashes, ashes of cowdung. 
*Tfa, ripeness, cooking of food ; a 
*ft^C<TT«Tl, a turnscrew. [screw. 
«T1^5^>, deceit, collusion; an eddy. 
*fT3P\§t, the petal of a flower. 
*fT^3S, reluctantly ; inevitably. 
*TT^I, ripening, becoming mature. 
*Tt3^n, a whirlpool, eddy ; a wing. 
*fT3?*f3fl, intricate, perplexed. 
*fT35*fT^1, artful, sly, designing. 
*ft^*J%, a potter's kiln. 
*ft^sT» ripe, mature, fixed. 
*TT^*fTsTU cook-room, kitchen. 
*Tt^T$Tf*T, a workman's vice. 
*fT^t«ft, a culinary vessel ; sto- 
*Tfa?1, cooked, ripe, mature, [mach. 
*fT3m>t, the stalks of hemp. 
^ft^T^T, cooking ; twisting. 
*TfaT*fTf%, mutually agreed in. 
*ftf%lT, quite ripe, mellow. 
*1TC3>, for, on account of. 
*fT*NTl, a wing, shoulder-joint. 
^fT^TfffT^r, washing, rinsing, clean- 
*tt*n, a wing, feather, fan. [sing. 
•ft'tft, a bird. 

^ft'sffanTU a fowler, birdcatcher. 
*ft^1_, the upper arm, a fin.. 




*fttf, *fN\5t, a turban. 
*Ttsf^, mad, insane, a madman, 
•ftflf^r, perceiving, forming an idea. 

*fT*1, rock-salt. 

^W"ft<n, tawny, earth -colon red. 
*fT5tf, a cook ; digestive. 
vfTST, the itch. 
*fT5^. cooking; digestion. 

*fTE\ the back, posteriors. 
*fT^5T^, winnowing, tripping up. 

♦fT^I, the rump, posteriors. 
*TT¥T^, wrestling. 
*re, behind. 
*f1^5t, a thick wrapper. 
<TTC¥", behind, after ; lest. 
«fT5f1, a brick-kiln. 
*fTSJR, whetted, sharpened. 
*TT^t, low, base, mean, vile. 
fTTSPBRJ, Vishnu's conch. 
*fm-»K%35, of five elements. 

*rr^frr?rs\ a doll. 

*ft^", a folding, board, altar ; silk. 


*fT^, a town, mart, seaport. 

*fT^^}, a ferryman. 

*ftt>"»Twl, falling on knives, &C. 

at gazun or a festival in honor 

of Siva. 
*ff^?TT < Vl', a king's chief wife, 
^T^^f, a pink colour, kind of rice. 
*TTT>f^\ the trumpet-flower. 
*tn>3\ cleverness, expertness. 
^f^lft, a bailiff, collector of rent. 

•ftfiforar, a brick. 
*fT^t, kind of mat ; a plate of iron 
or other metal ; one of a pair. 

^TtifWN^, arithmetic. 
*TTTN^, a kind of large boat. 
*fTl;1, a lease ; a wrestler. 

*TT£, reading, study, a Lesson. 

*Tft*P, a reader, a student. 

*fTfclp3r. order of study. 
'WTfc'Q'??, a schoolmaster, tntor. 
*fT^1, teaching to read, tuition. 
^f&^fT^l . a school, seminary. 
*TffcT^\ sending, delegating, dis- 
patching, [addressing a person. 
"^ft^T^T^, right or wrong mode of 
*TTfcj, worth reading, legible. 
*fte, a steep bank ; a beam laid 
on pillars to support other beams. 
*TT^, letting fall, laying down of 
a carpet or mat on the floor ; 
*fT5', a quarter of a town, hamlet. 
*fT\5Tsp, a hamlet, small village. 
*fT5T*re*ft, a neighbour. 
^T^, crossing a river ; beam laid 
on pillars to support other beams; 
the border of cloth. 
*ftt, betel-leaf. 

^fTq^Ts, a writing of betrothal. 
*ttf«|, the hand ; a shop. 
♦fTftj^*!, marrying. 
*fTf«i^pft'5, married, [grammarian. 
*ftf«jf^, a celebrated Sanskrit 




*ftft?F3", the nails. 
*fTfej*t^T, a kind of conch* 

*Ttf«ffi5frl, a corcl > a ro P e * 
*1"K.t S N?' c l, marriage, 
*fT3*, a descendant of Pdndu. 
HT^, pale or yellowish white. 
*fT«t, priest of the idol Juggernaih. 
*ttt%5J, scholarship, learning. 
*f|<£, yellowish white ; jaundice. 
*TT$$, *fT^?TT9f, the jaundice. 
*ff$f§tf*f, a rough draft, 
*fT«l7 } worthy of praise. 
*Ttv5, a fall; a leaf, a note. 
*fF$3>, guilt, sin ; cause of fall* 
*Ttef^, hedding ; fit to spread. 
^TtefalTl, mattress,, hedding. 
*fT3^*T, the Yoga system, being 
one of the six schools of philo- 
sophy, it was founded hy the 
sage Patunjuli. 
*fT3^ri, rough sketch ; rations. 
*ft3^j spreading out, laying fiat. 
*Tt5^1, heginning, preamble. 
*ff3"3", stone. 

*ft$ffl, thin, lean, fine, slender. 
*TT31, a lid ; leaf, sheet, blade ; a 
.^iTsT^fl, web-footed, [protector. 
*ft3T«T, the infernal region. 
*fTST*TC«wt, a fountain, spring, 
*tft%, diminutive, little. 
*Tt%5J, a fallen condition ; sin. 
*n1%*3J, chastity, fidelity to the 

*TTt^fr?, a crown for the bride on 
the day of marriage. 

*n#f*nrt*t', a fox. 

*Tt1%^t^, a duck, drake. 
vf'T^t, a note, letter, writing. 
-sfTvS^, a precipice; tending to fall* 
*TT<^prl, a well. 

*ft3, a vessel, receptacle ; a bride- 
groom J a minister, a counsellor; 
*TTt5^, lean, thin. 
*TT331, fitness, worthiness. 
*fT«T, sun ; fire ; water. 
"pftoT?T, a stone, rock. 
ffN'ft, stone or gravel. 
^ftsT* , water. 

*fTt$Hr, requisites for travelling. 
*fWt®j the lotus. 
*TTCsTTW*, a cloud. 
*ftWttf*r, the ocean, sea* 
*fTTf, a foot ; a quarter. 
-pflTftffs?, elephantiasis. 
^flW^Tt^t, cringing, fawning. 
^ftTTSt*!, a shoe, sandal. 
*ttff*f, a tree. 
*fT5t*ftfc, a footstool. 
*fffif^P, a Wayfarer, a passenger. 
«tTW^?T®1, a boot, shoe, slipper. 
*rmt^:?r«l, stepping, walking, 

*rnnn*ft> a boot, shoe ' s ^PP er - 

*fTwt*tsr, a hillock. 

*fTSfC*TCl, obsequious attendance. 

*tt*TW, a footprint, track. 




vft??tt%?P, infantry. 

•ttWT^j humbled to the f ,,0 t. 
♦fTWRsr, stamping with the foot. 

*n*T*fa. Betting foot, stepping. 

•tTJ*1, ;l shoe, slipper. 
vfiF^^, a shoe-maker. 
♦fKttlw*, water in which the feel 
have been washed. 

*rtwj, water for washing the feet. 
*fR, drinking. 
*nWF3T, a drinking-vessel. 
*TRsr*r, drunk, intoxicated. 
vfpT^t, a small covered boat. 
»fR1. sherbet ; a particular plant 
which floats on water, (salvinia 
err^ft, drinkable; water. 
*l'T^t?*Tlt%?I51, a watering-place. 
^TPtol, watery, diluted, insipid. 
*fIW, towards, in the direction of. 
*f 1*31, stale food ; not fresh, tainted. 
*fTT> a traveller, a passer by. 

*rrai, first meal after fasting. 

^tt^J 1 , watery, diluted, insipid. 

*ft*T, sin, crime. 

*tt*T*tT, unlucky planet, ill luck. 

ffT^T^T^, a sinner. 

*ft*iC<jn*i, small-pox. 

*n*ffW, hunting. 

*fT*fT^T'. sinful, wicked. 

*fTJM$", a sinner, a rascal. 

*fWn, sin, wickedness. 

•ffa, a joint, knot of a reed. 

*fT^is, fire; cleansing, purifying. 

*iT*T, •ft'P'J, eruption, itch, ring 

•ft*nr, base, mean, silly, wicked. 
*rni?i, a pigeon. [menty. 

vfiTTTT. Bweetened rice-milk, fru- 

*TT*n, tahle-lcg ; stem; situation. 

*ttt*kp, infantry. 

*ff|T, the anus. 

•TfaJ, water; hlamahle. 

*fT?T, across; the opposite side. 

vfTT^s, able, capable, clever. 

*fT?TST, surmounting ; efficient. 

*tt?"© , gold. 

*ffirsrrfW, an adulterer. 
^TVft^, stone. 

*fT?Te|, being able ; also see *|T?Tb 
*t!<T"5, mercury. 
*fT?TWF, within one's power. 
vffirap, dependence, subserviency. 
^T^f^relatingto another world. 
*fT?"W, quicksilver; extricating. 
^T^Pr^tf , far-seeing, skilful. 
*fT3"WTf?3>, adulterous, an adulterer. 
*n<TWT*fj, adultery, [another place. 
*TT?"CW*0, residing temporarily in 
^fT^TTTfvf^, spiritual, excellent. 
*fT3r* ,p Nj, tradition ; successional. 
*fr<T*3, a pigeon. 
*TT?TC*itf^. °f* another world. 
^T?"*^", brahman's son by a su- 
*fT3"^, an axe. [dranee. 

*fi<[^f^i armed with an axe. 




*TT<r?3[rC«i?, a son by another man's 

*rt^n, quicksilver ; ability, talent. 
*T1"3"T«ft', bire for a ferry. 
^ftiTfa'^, a pigeon, a dove. [sea. 
*fT<rfa1?r, both sides of a river ; the 
*ft?Tt?«l, study, reading of the 

Bhdgavat Gita in seven days; 

crossing ; totality. 
*ft<n?F^, a stone, a rock. 
*flf?r^T5^, an ascetic, a devotee. 
*fT&Sf 1^5, coral-tree of paradise. 
*ftf?htsrj, marriage presents. 
^Tf^^T^J, household, furniture. 
*Ttfest1%^, reward, gratuity. 
^Tllt"^, the lion. 
*f!f?T^r{%^, a thief. 
*fTt3*Ttij J, regularity, order. 
*TTf?T*fTftfas, lying by the side ; 

satellite. [anxious. 

^Tf^ic^, unsteady, unsettled j 
*rtf?"5t7Jj security, surety. 
*TTt?«Tf^, technical. 
*fTf?"srT3*TJ, an atom. 
*TTf?faJF, an attendant; a spectator. 
*fT?ft, a vessel. 

*ft^"25", a lion ; a boa constrictor. 
*TT^, fire, the sun. 
*TT^a"J. reproach, abuse, assault. 
*fT^>, the dust. 
*fT*fapj, separation, division. 
*Tf f5fa,referring to the earth ; king. 
*ft*f<r, Pluto; death. 

*fT3£«l , a festival day. 
•^T^T^, presents at festivals. 
^fT^^st, a name of Durgd. 
^iTsfrsTT*!, practicable, possible. 
< 5ft^, side, margin, edge. 
^Wtz, one who fights with an axe. 
*T"P$fa#f, adjacent ; a friend. 
*fT^ft, a friend, attendant. 
*TTf^ the heel ; the rear. 
^fTPBlT, rear of an army. 
*fT5T, a herd, flock ; a keeper. 
^fsT^, a corn-stack, granary. 
*TT«T^, a nourisher, keeper. 
*ftcn^*£q, an adopted son. 
^TtST^t, a palankeen, pal Id, sedan. 
*Tt«?*$r, a wing, pinion, feather. 
^ft^TW, a bedstead ; beetroot. 
*TT5Tu>, reciprocal, mutual, [ing. 
^ft^R, nourishing, feeding, keep- 
•sfT^firai, a protector, a preserver. 
*TT5Tl, a twig ; a turn ; hoar-frost ; 

maintaining, supporting. 
^t^TTWl, thatched coping of a wall. 
"STfc?!^, a runaway, deserter. 
*TT*TW, a packsaddle ; an udder. 
•sfT^T^T, green colour, green. 
*fTf%, *fTf^T^1, a sword-point ; five 

seers ; a row or line. 
*TtC*Tl, powder. 

^TIg^I^j overturning, subverting. 
*THS1, one scale of a pair. 
*fT*r, a rope, noose, fetter ; a side. 
*fT*fa>, a die, dice. 




ofpt^r, trifling or empty talk. 

*fT*T*lt, v,-i-j,vt. a iin- l.-r the toe. 

*1T*I^", a herd oi beasts. 
*ft*n, dice ; an ear-ornament. 
vfpcj j vf ;[-*!, abreast, side by side. 
^fT*!!, fowler; one who extracts 

the juice of anything. 
*fT3Q) heretical, impious ; aheretic. 

vfjcl 6 !, a rock, stone. 
vfl^I'lu a stone-cutter's tool. 
*1"lf^. dice. * 
*fI^<T«j, forgetting, erring. 
*fT^?"i, forgetfulnees. 
*fTT?T«i, walking, moving on. 
vfT^]^. a mountain, a hill. 
fWss, the black cuckoo ; spittle. 
fvf^*f[, the mangoe-tree. 
f^f^, the young of an elephant. 
f*f»*T, f*fW^l, tawny. 
f*f&s»T^ft, a syringe, Bqnirt. 
f*T5"tt, *he rheum of the eyes. 
f*f53"J, f*f&, cotton. 
f*f^^, lead. 

Mi'53, the abdomen, the belly. 
f*f^. a tail ; peacock'^ tail. 
f*ffajf5T, sauce mixed with grnel ; 
slippery. [desisting. 

fvf^sT, tailing back, receding, 

f*T55T, slippery, slimy, wet. 
f^fW^^.. slipping, sliding. 
f«nCt^t y the hinder part, rear, stern. 
f*f¥"R, causing to recede ; hind- 
er pan. 

f*T^Tf*ifV, one after another. 
IMC^", behind, afterwards. 
fvffc«, power, strength. 
f*W^, the rhenm of the i 

fW-qj, anxious, distressed ; power. 

f v h%^, carding cotton or wool. 

f*T*?", a cage ; the thorax ; a rib. 

f*f^<P*, the sulphate of arsenic. 
fM-'ljr, cotton ; turmeric. 

f*f*T*, gold. 

f*fHR$1> a roll of cotton. 

f*)"-^, the excretion of the ear. 

fffiFsr, beating, hammering out. 

f*fi*31, a rammer, mallet. 

f*ft1, a cake. 

f*fl>T*ft, a pulp of ground rice. 

f*f^, a pimple, a boil. 

f*T5l, a raised floor ; a wooden seat 

to squat upon. 
f*fQ, a lump, ball, clod. 
f*f3JTR, a funeral offering, 
fvf^vf-pft, an elephant. 
f«f3^r, an embankment, a dam. 
f*T*3^Tsf. partaking of the funeral- 
f*fW, a beggar. [rake. 

f*f!3t<T*T, steel. 
f^f^tcT, a bridge. 
f*f tjItt, a pomegranate-tree. 
f«f«t^|J", braggart, a fop ; lazy. 
f*f3\ father. 

f^TST^, paternal grandfather. 
f*PJ, a father ; paternal. 
f^TJ^SJ, funeral obsequies* 




f*T$*flT, paternal property. 
f*f>s*f^, paternal relations. 
f*fv£*ft$, Yama, regent of death. 
fpf^«^?F^, paternal ancestors. 
f*f^2t*[j evening, twilight. 
f*ra**, place to "bnm the dead. 
f*T^3"J, paternal nncle. 
f*f^C*rfa } ancestors, forefathers, 
fppf^fl, paternal annt. 
f*P£*[, the evening. 
f^ie, gall, bile, 
fwf^jcf , hrass. 
f*T3J, paternal. 
f*f<$^, way, road. 
f*f *TR> a covering, wrapper, cloak. 
f*T5re, covered, wrapped. 
f*RT^, Shiva's bow or trident, 
f^f^r, putting on clothes,dressing 
f*RlT*Tj vermilion. 
f*T*fT*n, thirst, drought. 
f*f*TTi%3, R*fT$, thirsty. 
f*f*Ttvfl, f*f*ftf*fasi> a small ant, 
f*f*tpT, long pepper. 
f«t»«fcT, a kind of tree, Pipal. 
ffT*ic|, a freckle. 
f*iTP§t, an onion. 
f^f^T^I, footman, messenger, 
f*raT?1, a guava. 
f*f5T, an unfledged bird. 
f*fsnj^, candlestick, lampstand, 
f*f*TT5, a fiend, fiendish man. 
f*ff*ra, flesh, meat. 
f*P3 ; & flea. 

f^pSTT, base, mean; cotton; saffron. 
f*fs «i , grinding, pulverizing, bruis- 
f*T^^, a cake, (loaf). [ing. 

f^f*$*T, the universe. 
fvf^t, paternal aunt. 
f*ift3, wrapped, covered. [ing. 
*ftT>^ striking, beating, hammer- 
vff$ 9 a stool, bench ; the back. 
^ffrfT*, the shrine of a goddess, 
*ftv5^, squeezing, giving pain. 
*Ytyl, pain, illness, distress. 
<pfli%, a stool, altar, platform. 
*Tto, drunk up ; yellow. 
*fte*rf«i, <ft^?T^, a topaz. 
*?fc37i, turmeric, 
•s^terft^;, mixed metal, bell-metal. 
*ft3TT3", yellow sandal- wood. 

*ftol^?T, a name of Krishna. 

«?tr%, f*Tf«T, a horse. 

*ftt%3", the sun, fire. 

*?{%, fat, greasy, smooth, sleek. 

*tfa*T, a disease of the nose, 


*ft*p, nectar ; cow's first milk, 

«ft5T, a young bird. 

*ftc^, the large black ant. 

*?tsi1, the spleen ; yellow. 

<pft^, an atom ; an elephant ; a dart. 

*JV man, male, masculine. 
*t\2fOT, male progenitor. 
*+\7T*, manlike, manly, masculine. 
*tvf#T9F, masculine gender, male. 
^K^tf^r, manhood, virility. 




*f\*5*ft,aw, harlot, strumpet. 
tt\9re*r, a ceremony on conception. 
*f\"^, manhood, virility. 
*j"C?ri , wiping, rubbing off, 
*t§f, matter from b boto, pus. 
•jsr, capital, stock, possession, 
vry^t, a handle, packet, parcel. 

Vfjfrlj menu, small ; B button. 
*jW,, breeding maggots. 
*t$Ti B tank, pond. 
«jj%f, the feather end ot an arrow. 
^f^T"**/^* minute consideration. 
*£5f . a heap, collection, row. 
*£5f?, eminent, chief ; a bull. 
*}3f?T, the soul, the spirit. 
*p$, the tail. 

n^"^, asking, enquiring, qncstion- 
*r^&, bundle, heap, quantity. [ing. 
*MJ"5TR, heaped up, plentiful. 
*nj, pair, a cover ; inside. 
*t\53, burning, being kindled. 
*f33'1^, a white lotus ; a tiger. 

*t«lj, righteousness, merit. 

*tWR, righteous, meritorious. 

*t«l]^'P5r, a holy place. 

«T«llT^> holy, pure, religious. 

*J«iJi 5", the day on which the te- 
nants make the first payment of 
rent to their landlord. 

*£3, a hell ; a son. 

*JJ5^, burying, planting. 

^5^1, a squadron ot horse. 

9 l^t *XJQiel<51, an image, puppet. 

j ^f^S"^"!, white ant, bee. 
*p5. a Bon. 
*rfOT1, a daughter. 
^""iqt, ii daughter; having a son. 
•pstoj filial, relating to a Bon. 
^cgiS?, ft sacrifice to procure ft son, 

*t*n, ft book', volume. 

^ffifsn, tlif herb called mint. 
*ias, again, once more. 

^jps^s, again and again. 
*I^?"f*T, once more, again. 
*M $ M V ^returning, coming back, 
*J*T?"T?, again, over again. 
^<?fe, repetition, tautology. 
^^•STM, resurrection. 
r^WX, second birth, regeneration. 
*£sfa3", the finger-nail. 
*fa^%, miils. 

*X^3T3J, seventh lunar asterisrri. 
^fiT^"T<r, again, a second time. 
*^pf33T3l3", ft second marriage. 
*J*l*53", second birth ; finger-nail, 
*£5^f[, a virgin widow reman-ied. 
*p*S, again, once more. 
*J^rT5T, a man, a male. 
<JJT, a city, town, residence. 
*$?"S, in front, formerly. 
^S^, preceding, going before, 
*£?-3R, the soul, the spirit. 
v t?" ,i &*U s sense, intelligence. 
^THi, gold. 
^<r*J, the sea. 
«J5^, a market. 

IF* 1 

«J^T5^7T, Indra, king of the gods. 
*f^pt, a matron, housewife. 
^f^*^?" 6 !, mode of religious service. 
^?*Sf > a kind of coarse grass. 
*f 3"^»T?", reward, present, gratuity. 
*f?ret*fjj deserving reward. 
^^^5 j rewarded, honoured. 
*f"3""^T«., before, in front; eastward. 
*i|T3t, mistress of a family. 
*f|n[, standing in front. 
*T?1, formerly, completed. 
'Sf^'Tl, a legendary shastra ; old. 
*T?:T3^, old, ancient, antique. 
*f£T$^*fl> ancient story, legend. 
*f?T[|«J, history, tradition, legend. 
*f*ft, a residence, a town, city. 
^ft^M, an entrail, gut. 
*f<ffa, ordure, excrement. 
*f3?. thick, coarse. 
'^fisp^", a man, a male. 
*f?FWnsT, human conduct, courage. 
^f<?^lp3r, successive generations. 
*i^^53, manliness, valour. 
*^Tf9f, manliness, courage. 
*f^OT€^r, an excellent man. 
*f?F^, abundant, plentiful. 
"HC^T^f, preceding, chief. 
*fc?TT^1, clarified butter. 
^IC^rT^PT, sacrificial ghi or clari- 
fied butter. 
*fC?"tSfl, a family priest. 
^^T^^t, situated in front. 
^fC^Tfes, a family priest. 



^^,^^,horripilation,thrill of joy. 
-s^f^Sjthrilledwith joy, delighted. 
*fcTl, a sheaf, a wisp (of hay); 
*l?Tt$. shriveled grain ; celerity. 
^f*iTf?re, a horse's gallop. 
**f%, a kind of cake. 
^ffsT^T, sandbank, strand, island. 
*ti%^f, a savage tribe. 
9 if^ s ^) ) parcel, bundle, package. 
^T^B^ sky ; water ; lotus ; pond. 
*p5$f^:fij a pond, tank. 
^^^t, an elephant. [an arrow. 
*f3$ST ? much, many; feather end of 
*t#, w T ell-fed, fat, plump, well off. 
*pi>$Tf^3», positive electricity. 
*f f$, support, aid, good condition. 
*f(5J>^T. supporting, nutritious. 
*fspf, a flower, blossom ; menses, 
^fspf^, a flower, speck on the eye. 
*f3Pf$f^1, cupid, god of love. 
*W?T1j the honey in flowers. 
*WW, a florist. 
*$^fC?T«<, pollen of flowers. 
^Wt^f^j a handful of flowers. 
*ff^r?5l, chapter, section ; author. 
*Tf^f$, in flower, prime, blooming. 
Y^T^", the Cupid. 
^f^JST^, a musk-deer. 
*fa71, the eighth lunar asterism. 
*f^35, a book, volume. 
*f$1, a prop, embankment, [pile. 
*Jsf, the betel-nut tree ; a heap, a 
^ffW, betel-nut. 




•rtFto,*[W, worthy of veneration. 

*pff?i"3i, a worshipper, adorer. 
*£§?1, worship^ adoration. 
*£5FTf?r, priest o! a temple. 

. worthy of veneration. 
*£$, a ilux for metals. 

*£5, pore, elean, holy. 

*2"5"*p*t, jack -fruit. 
«jfte, purity, sanctity; putridity. 
*^t%^1, a civet-cat; kind of potherb. 
**ff\5$1sr<r, a bibalve shell. 
'sjt^T^t, stencli, putrid odour. 
*fi%fa?"T^fjp?n, embalming dead 

<J57!S, a musk deer ; a flying bug. 
*£5T, lost, ruined. 
«J«T, a baked cake, loaf. 
**pT, pus, matter; putridity. 
•jV, a lake ; high-water, [breath. 
*£<T3S, a multiplier ; holding the 
*l$T>t filled up, choked up. [ing. 
^£•1, filling, completing, multiply - 
«J<TI, complete, full, copious. 
*J?"T«i, rilling up, making good. 
*£f?T3>1, a cake. 
<£^, thick, gross, full. 
*T^3", a man, a male. 
«Jcj, filled, full, complete, whole. 
^Jcf^fT^, a full vessel. 
*j*i*rPT, a sacrifice at full moon. 
*jf«lTI, the day of full moon. 
*Jq, an act of public utility, such 

as digging a tank,sinking a well, 


^[f^falnese, completion, repletion. 

*2#, former, preceding; the east. 

*J3fa?, with, by means of. 

^J^TSf, firstborn, eldest. 

^^rfit^, yesterday, day preceding. 

*j3ft«ttfa, fate, destiny, luck. 

^pNf^F, the major proposition in 
a syllogism, a thesis. 

^^T^JF'S", ancestor, forefather. 

Tptewrtt, a star. 

*J3T^, as formerly, as before. 

*J<w««T, preceding, previous. 

*23J"3"IW, a former assertion or plea. 

^J^TWt, firat speaker, plaintiff. 

*J^"?T^, prologue. 

*J$T 3"T4, former part of the night. 

*2#T*T?T,in regular order; chronic. 

^^T^ftf, from a former time. 

*1%VG! } forenoon, morning. 

*£3?f?, easterly, eastern. 

^fC3T, before, previously ; eastward. 

^C^^J, on the preceding day ; 

^^"T^, aforesaid, forementioned. 

^pl, the sun. 

•[fl 8 , mixed, smeared ; in contact. 

*J3£1, a question, interrogation. 

*2^fl, an army. 

*J<*T*F, apart, distinct, separate. 

*£tff^f*r, of various kinds, multi- 

*J^sf, a raft. 

^Jfttd, *[^t, the earth. 

«jfir€t*r^, ^faffaT^, a so- 
vereign, king. 

*[9f, -sjsr^r, large, extended. 

*t$F^, flattened parched rice ; a 

*f^T^?F, a hog, a boar, [young one. 

^T*rw?r, a cloud. 

*p?T^», serpent ; tiger. 

*jf*R, leanness; ray, beam of light. 

*£%<K 9 a drop of water ; kind of 
white-spotted deer. 

^JWf 73 * 1 "^, air, wind. 

^J^,^, a dart, an arrow. 

*J^T£, air. 

^TT%, a drop of waiter. 

♦pST^d, a weight. 

*p$, asked, questioned, searched. 

*j%, a flat surface, the back. 

^2^52, behind, in the rear. 

^J^"?w, a bear. 

^%^t\^TW, a backbiter, slanderer. 

*$P*$W } a wild goat. 

<J%1, a page of a book. 

C^5, a screw ; a fix ; perplexity. 

C*f5l, an owl. 

C^T^S, scheming ; intricate. 

C*fafa", screwing, twisting, en- 

C^fat^Tj intricate, tortuous, artful. 

C^mT, carding wool or cotton. 

C*fyl, a strong basket with a cover- 

C*T5^, an owl. [ing ; a sweetmeat. 

C^t^^tj an elephant. 

C*fT> , the belly, womb ; pregnancy. 

178 toft 

C*n><TTl, miscarriage, abortion. 

C*fT>?T, beating, hammering. 

C*fT**T3Nr, a glutton, epicure. 

C^fTfTfT!, a basket with a covering 
used to carry clothes on a jour- 
ney, portmanteau. 

C*fT>*teff , gluttonous, greedy. 

C*n>TcT, corpulent, pot-bellied. 

C*$v\, a basket, box, chest. 

C*fT>3>, gluttonous, greedy. 

C*T51, portmanteau, a wicker or 
cane basket. 

C*T3^t, an apparition ; a slattern. 

C 5 ?^, nectar. [lingam. 

C*fC^T>", lower part of the Shiva 

C^H, drinkable ; a drink. 

C^nflWI, a footman. 

C*f?T?TI, a guava. 

C*r&, fire ; the sea ; the sun. 

C*f«?3", mild, gentle. 

C^^Tc?, clever, crafty ; beautiful. 

C*f*ft, a sheath ; a muscle, bird's 
egg, a bud, spikenard. 

C*PWj grinding, pulverizing. 

C*fa'lt, a millstone, muller. 

tow, the ear. 

to^T, cooked in a pot. 

tofcl, one step of a stair case ; a 
flight of steps. 

tofe^J, profession of begging. 

to3l, the sacred thread. 

to\JsPj paternal, ancestorial. 

tof«^, of a. bilious nature. 




^vn?, paternal, ancestorial. 
t^^TT^, demoniacal, infernal; a 

kind of marri. 

t^PS^n, malignity, Bpite, Blander. 

C*T, a bod ; one fourth of a fiber, 
CTT£,a coat of whitewash ; acoating. 
C&ftCT, wiping, rubbing, dusting. 
C*iT51, the wrist. 

C*?fift| tin' entrails; mucus, snot. 
C^tW, the anus, the posteriors, hips. 
C*(W, an insect ; vermin. 
C*fTtf9, B beardless boy from the 

fifth to the sixteenth year ; 

CfW, the anus, the privities. 
C*rn>, a foundation, basis. 
C^rtTj'W, reed, rushes. 
C*fTT>1, a bearded woman. 
C*ttfi><P, a boil. 

C*TT^f*fal, a bundle, a packet. 
C*fl\5l, burnt, scorched, roasted. 
C^fT^T^^f^n, unlucky, luckless. 
C*Tt^5T5T, setting on fire, burning. 
C*rra, a boat, ship ; foundation ; 

the young of an animal ; an oar ; 

cloth. [ground. 

C*fT3^, burying, sticking in the 
C*ft5Tt5, a boatman, sailor. 
C*TT31, seaman ; priest. 
C*rt3T*rR> a shoal of young fish. 
C^rn^Tsnr, a harbour. 
C*rra, a hog's snout ; ploughshare. 
C*TTW, a low caste of Hindus. 

N 2 

C*fftfli a slioal of young fish. 
C«ffa1, a fourth part ; a plant. 
c^fT^iTi^, a pregnant woman, a 

newly confined woman. 
c*ff7iR, warming one'a self. • 
C*fT?T^, straw for fodder. 
c*TT<n*i, filling, loading, freighting. 

C*fTi^1, a cake. 

C*f!C*Tl, a kind of harpoon. [ing- 
c*TT"5 c i, feeding, keeping, maintain- 
C*frt>1, C^frtNrj'j a supporter, pro- 

C*TPU, fit to be supported, [tector. 
C^ffSTJ^t^, an adopted son. 
rtl^wTj a household, dependents*. 
C*fT3;R, dawning, becoming light. 
C*(K"S, virility. 

rffrBR, arriving, succeeding to. 
C^ffaEfa, causing to arrive, convey- 
C^ts^", a measure, a weight, [ing. 
C^Tlof^*, an image-worshipper. 
C^OTj a grandson, son's son. 
C*ffas*tfa3>, recurring. 
C^fanffapj repetition, tautology. 
cWfa^, son of a re-married wo- 
C^lJ, relating to a city. [man. 
C*il <re, a garden attached to a house. 
cWt?Tft*$, versed in the Purdtuu. 
C^Tt^S", manliness, virility, vigour. 
C*fc?TTf53J, family priesthood. 
C*ffa, the ninth Hindu month. 
cWtftfo, fattening, nutritious. 
£f-, a prefix implying progress. 
*£f^t, manifest, plain, notorious. 




gfa<T«i, chapter, subject of atreatise. 
gf3>^t, a compound, an enclosure. 
gf^J excellence, superiority. 
gf^f3%, surplus proceeds of a 

pledge beyond the interest on 

the money advanced. 
gf^TS, lofty, stout, gigantic, strong. 
SW37T, a tree. 
gf3»Tsr, sufficient, enough. 
gf^st?", sort, kind, manner, mode. 
£W?TO?r, another way or method, 
gf^fs?, a long time ; noted time. 
g^T*f, opening out, disclosing. 
gf^T*R, manifesting, disclosing, 

gf3»Tf*r$,nianifested,public; blown. 
£f^T*rjj fit for publication, public, 
gf^cj, a section ; spread, diffused. 
gf^t«f$, extent, length ; tail of the 

Thibet ox used as a fan ; a decision. 
Sf^tefa, mentioning, declaring. 
gf^^T, a large body. 
gf<F3, real, veritable, genuine. 
gf<F5t3f, right, proper, genuine. 
Sf^STftfas, J us k> righteous, honest. 
Sf^fS, original and unformed 

matter ; nature, 
g^f^fa^i, effected by nature. 
gf^3>, good, excellent, superior. 
gft^l 1 ^, the fore arm ; door-frame. 
gfZg^l, one who begins a thing. 
gjUpTi, attempt, beginning. 
gf^T^, attempted, begun. 

£tf^?Tl, administering remedies. 
gff^S"* satisfied, gratified. 
gfWt^, that which exhales. 
£J3FT5T«T, a washing, cleansing. 
gft%^ thrown, cast, projected, 
gft^-sf, cast ; share in joint stock. 
£K?", pungent, acute, acrid, keen ; 

a dog, a mule. 
£f<DT3, celebrated, notorious. 
gfsfS, part of the arm from the 

shoulder to the elbow. 
SfsFJ, diverging, gibbous. 
2f9f5j^, pompous, impudent. 
SffT9£91, a wanton, a termagant. 
£f?tt?, firm, strong profound; 
gfsft^l, a good singer, [difficult. 
2f3"«l, honest, upright, sincere, 
gfcsf, morning. [rein. 

£f9f^> stl 'i D g suspending a balance; 
gftfte, a lattice, window ; railing. 
gfSR, a parapet, a railing. 
gflTPS, combat, battle, conflict. 
2ffr3», troops when marching. 
&% furious, violent ; powerful, 
£f5?T, all, whole, entire. [bold. 
*fl>3", road, way. 
gfl^^i^f, current, common, rife. 
gfSe'R, activity ; currency. 
£f^c^t^t, a peacock, 
gf^ra, having obtained currency. 
fit^TlT, publishing, proclaiming. 
gfl^T, plentiful, abundant, much. 
vfctt], a charioteer. 




2tr.55T^, a hoi 

gfcMfir'S, sent, dispatched. 

£ffl?*p, an interrogator, inquirer, 

Sfs^ff, a covering. 

£f^n, Jin invitation. 

£p^, covered, disguised, secret. 
*f^f?s*1, ft'^fHf^s, a vomiting, 
"* belching. 

gt^Tff^r, a covering, a screen, con- 

SfSF, lord, master, husband. 

£f5(3\ great force, impetuosity. 

£fl! e, *f, a story. 

£T5fl, offspring, subject, ryot. 

*fisrn5l, a mother. 

*f SfTWTsT, silver. 

§StT% £tSFT«Tf%, a butterfly ; a 
king. [blazing. 

gfWSTsr, talcing fire, burning, 

fiffsw, air, atmosphere. 

£f^r, sensible, well-informed, wise. 

£t5jf% an assignation, a hint. 

gj^al, sense, understanding. 

*H5, lame, limping. 

gfS^cT^ a blazing up. 

£h^5, prostrate, humble, lowly. 

£f«lt§, obeisance, prostration. 

£f«l*, the mystic syllable Om. 

£f«i<r, friendly feeling, affection. 

£fa<R, composing, preparing. 

2f«lT*r, bowing, salutation. 

£faT5ft, a present as a token of re- 

Sj'ltTJ, reluctant ; want of desire. 
gfaTf^Pl, a tube, pip", vein. 
Sfttft, a scries, a water-course. 

St^Wj destruction, ruin, Loss. 

gffttrfa, attention, regard, stress. 
gfPlfV, a request; place ; spy. 
grf^^TT, obeisance, prostration, 
fiffiffes, consigned, deposited. 
Sfcfe, consecrated fire ; cooked, 

composed, made. 
•ITO, applauded, praised. 
*f«fl| f shaking, quaking. 
gfCITT, amiable, agreeable, docile ; 

an object of affection. 
£ff%, an extension, expanse. 
2f3^r, old, ancient. 
^"5^, fine, thin. 
£f5$#t, a debate, discussion, 
^jrf, a slap. 
•t»lt^»n, a creeper. 
2faT*f> splendour, dignity, ardour. 
gfTt?"^? a deceiver, cheat, rogue. 
2f3t^"«l1, deception, deceit, fraud. 
gft%, every, each ; back, again, to. 
£j1%$T?r, a preventive, a remedy ; 

a return. 
*ft%3sT*T, similar, equal. 
gf !%^?T, contrary, adverse, hostile. 
*ff%3R>, bad, evil, vile. 
gft%fFq, always, every moment. 
gj^5p*f, a protector, a preserver. 
2jt^fs^% dismissed, dispatched. 
gffjstTR, returning, going back. 




*f1%^f^, promised, engaged. 
£fj%sf3", receiving, accepting; a 

spitting-pot, spittoon, 
gfl^sf^l j acceptance ; consent. 
Sfrcra, anger, rage. 
Sffs^Tfa, a blow in return. 
£ff%^, body, image. 
«>ft%^^, an image. 
gjf^s^tlll, shadow, reflected image. 
gft^C^sf, opposition, traversing. 
gjt^srssrl, forepart of the thigh. 
£ff§fSH3l, the uvula, epiglottis. 
£f1%3ff1, promise, agreement. 
£f%ET$, promised, declared. 
*Tt%^f5T, a promise. 
£Tl%'53T*f3F, a written promise. 
Sfr^STM" a", causing to declare. 
Sffs^feTt, a key, picklock. 
S$fw*\^, a look in return. 
£ft%5ft^r, a giving back, recompense. 
£fJ%trT^"cj, war, battle, conflict. 
£f1%fifsr, every day, daily. 
SffSfit"!, every direction. 
£f1%^"f^, an echo, reverberation. 
^1%^^^, praise. 
£fi%^1, a son's grandson. 
*fl%sra, new. 
^t^JTtW, an echo. 
£f1%fsrf*f, a representative, deputy. 
£Tf%^rjT3T, a mutual deposit. 
£ffs*W, an enemy, opponent. 
gfl^Kjthe first day of the moon's 

increase or wane. 

2f t^*Tf5, success ; ascendancy. 

gff^' 5 ^, effected, demonstrated ; 
honoured, reverenced. 

£ft%*TT?R, perception ; signifying, 
treating of. 

£f t^*TTWJ, ascertainable,obtainable. 

Sj^sTTcT^ supporter, maintainer, 

gff^fic^, keeping, maintaining. 

*f1%^f?T«l, returning. 

Sj^SFra", cancelling a prohibition. 

Sfl^TPer, retribution, recompense. 

gfl^TSJT, answer, reply, echo. 

2ff$3"^r3?, obstacle, impediment. 

£ft%3"cT , of equal power, adequate. 

fiff^lqt, Sff^T^J, answer, reply, 

SffOTTfF, answer, remonstrance. 

£tf53"TWt, opponent, respondent. 

STf^TT?", daily. 

St^^T^t, a neighbour. 

.^ff^t^STPf, a remedy, a preventive. 

£fl%l^r, a reflected image. 

£f ret^fas, reflected, typified. 

£ff5C^*rt, a neighbour. 

•£ff$WTSf, opposite notion, idea. 

^fl^^T;, *ff§CTTT*r, opposing force. 

£f i%^1, a reflected light ; under- 
standing, presence of mind; 

fift^R", answer, reply, defence. 

£fP5^, security, surety, bail. 

£tns"5i, similar, like. 




Stfrsrl, .111 image, picture, likeness. 
fiffs^frf, a picture, liken 
2ffiiw, endeavour, exertion, 

SfftCTtcr, rivalry, a count 8T] »arf . 
SfnSC^TTsft, Of equal power; a rival. 

gffr-f 7 ', echo, reverberation. 

£ff"5?P*'f, likeness, representation. 

£tfi<5*f<F, like, resembling. 

SjftcfrTtf, besieging, prohibition. 
«fJ%5T^, profit. 

SffrfiffV, written reply ; a copy. 
gffsCcTTST, inverted order, reverse. 
gffs^nT?, a catarrh, cold, phlegm. 
Sjfssfa, assent, consent, promise. 
$tf%3^5, assented to, promised. 
£f t^fa^i, forbidden, prohibited. 
fitforasf, prohibition, denial. 
£fn5^, £tn5"5^*T, a messenger. 
£f PS^j'ir, an obstacle, a hindrance. 
Sffefrl, praise, renown, fame. 
2je3l%?, of established character; 

£fe%*re7, opposed to, averse to. 
*tf§JT2lT*rfa, a remedy, a cure. 
£jt%^<n, a cloth screen, curtain. 
2tf%^*rj, a cameleou. 
gjl^jpf 5 ^^, throbbing, palpitation. 
£jf%^^, killed, destroyed, smitten. 
£ff%37T, returning a blow. 
SjfsWI, an enemy, smiter, slayer. 
£ff$^t7T, a porter, a door-keeper. 
£tftfl\*i1, revenge, retaliation. 

2fi%^*f, B protector, a preserver. 
£T3t*j a limb, member, part. 
SfifasT?", restoring, remedy, relief. 

StstolHJ, remediable, curable. 
£f"5T<5ST*T, a comparison, likeness. 
£fii*F«l, looking at, waiting tor. 

Sf$tY), expectation, waiting. 
efitTO, adorable, fit to be worship* 

ifitiT, the west quarter. [ml. 
£J"5t"5, known, renowned, famous. 
SfTtfs, notoriety, knowledge. 
*T5t3T*f, alloy. 
*f3t?WR, perceptible. 
2f"5t<T, shore, bank. 
£f-|>rT, abundance, afTluence. 
gfCSTTf, a goad, whip, cane. 
2fC3T^t, a back-door. 
£fS, given, left. 
gfaR, old, ancient. 
2f3J3> v , western, subsequent. 
2{IJ^, manifest, plain, obvious. 
gf'JJ^W*!"^, an eye-witness. 
St'JJ^St^Tl, evidence of the senses. 
21^7^3", every letter, literally. 
£f37^PT^i, known by the senses. 
£f5j?f, new, corrected. 
2f373f, every part, the extremities. 
£p5J^te, an enemy, a foe. 
2U%, contiguous, bordering. 
*T5J**rra, eating, feeding. 
STSJ^ 5 ^, special pica, excuse. 
*TOTTrai, a foe, an enemy. 
33R3;T<r, dissolution, destruction. 



£f3rat9", sin, crime ; harm, injury. 
*T5JC3T*Fq, inspection. 
gf^JiV&l**, reflected, knowledge, 

£^53J%C^Tt5f, a counter accusation. 
2F5J?, faith, trust, confidence. 
St^JHI^, believed, trusted. 
*f3J?ft, trustworthy. 
£f3Jsff , a defendant, respondent. 
£twfa> delivering back, restoring. 
gfSJ^ - , daily ; every day. 
*T3JT^T?"j a scabbard, a sheath. 
£l^]t<nt^, disregard, rejection. 
SJ^Jt^TSR, returning, return. 
SFSJtTO", taking back, retaliating. 
2l4>JlfiNl>, declared by an oracle. 
SfSJlut*!, supernatural warning. 
*f3)"R*R> bringing back. 
St^jMlj hope, expectation. 
£f$Tf*W, near, nigh, contiguous. 
SfSJPT?", the rear of an army. 
£f^}T^T<r, resumption, abstraction. 
2ft5JT3F5, resumed, taken back. 
*fv£j?F, answer, reply. 
SfvgJ^, now, before the eyes. 
Sf^re?", reply, answer, rejoinder. 
Cf^jltyst, respectfully rising. 
£f\£J$>*f:T, reproductive ; prompt. 
fil^P**IWfej presence of mind. 
£j\*rj*f^Ti3", a return of kindness. 
*t^>J"$, set in. 

St^J^T, morning dawn, morning. 
Sf^re", obstacle, impediment. 

2fC^7^, each one, each, every. 
2fQT5T, first, previous, chief. 
gtsTsPJS, in the first place, firstly. 
gjsfl, custom, usage ; celebrity. 
SjfsHS, famous, illustrious. 
Sff^fsfl, much thickness. 
*i^, young of an animal. 
£fTffs&»«|, walking or going round. 
£f?e, given, presented. 
£pf% clear, manifest, obvious. 
gfTrc?, £fa ?T, menorrhagia, a disease 

of women. 
2fW*f 3" showing, pointing out. 
gfat*, giving, presenting. 
*ffi<% smeared, spread over. 
*nft*l>, fixed upon, appointed; 

£fwt*f, a lamp, light, candle. 
2fwt% enlightened, shining. 
£fff% proud, haughty, elated. 
£fCTP*T, district, province, place, 
£fdtf*nft, the forefinger. 
SfCff ©", an embrocation, smearing. 
gfCFftS", evening, dusk, twilight. 
£fC?0T3, ray of light. 
£fW, retreat, withdrawal. 
*f2P$, retreated, fled. 
£f*R, war, battle ; tearing. 
St^ftsr, chief, principal, prime. 
£tf%T, circumference of a circle. 
*J*ft, highly intellectual. 
£f*f*l?, ideal existence ; delusion. 
Sj^r^T, slack, dilatory, inactive. 


Sf*fw, the tip of the toes, [flicted. 

£f*fS, protected,sheltered,poor,af- 

gj*n, water-place for travellers. 

£Wf^r, the palm oi the hand. 

£f*fT3, a perpendicular fall. 

M*fT7^, a forest. 

*f*fT?t, ■ protector. 

£ff*r5T3re, father's grandfather. 

Sjc*fte, great grandson. 

£Jtp^, happy, gay, blooming. 

fiTpfkr, blooming, delighted. 

Sj^lpl, speaker, orator; eloquent. 

£J^"^<!5, a deceiver, a cheat. 

£J3"9P31, deception, fraud. 

£J^"«I, a fall, a slope. 

£fa"3f, a treatise, narrative. 

£te^T«l, a whip, a scourge. 

SfrTP:, old, aged. 

SH^, line of ancestors. 

gtec" undertaking; incitement. 

£t?Q^s, instigating, stimulus. 

£tec^, beginning, entering upon. 

«*rer, principal, chief. 

Ste^, strong, prevalent, cogent ; 
leaves, foliage. [an enigma. 

*f?feT, *f*f^T35l, *fa*sft, a riddle, 

£teT5*F, explanatory, technical. 
£teT«it, a shuttle. 

£teTW, a report, rumour ; strife. 

gteT'T, coral ; a sprout. 
£tet*T, temporary residence. 
Ste"^, killing ; leaving one's na- 
tive country. 

185 m\ 

Steftft, a sojourner, lodger. 

£tet y , ■ stream, current. 
**T3"^, a bearer, a carrier. 
6teT^, sand. 
*TC13£, *fra^>, part of the arm 

below the elbow. 
*ffa"3"5, largely extended. 
gjt^^, entered, engaged in. 

Stet«|, clever, accomplished. 

Stefan, cleverness, talent. 

3T5i, awakened, roused, wary. 

2JfO~, setting about, ready, eager. 

£f^fe~, a turn for ; willingness. 

*f^fo~33, a messenger, a spy. 

£JC3"*T, entering, introduction. 

£fC3"*T^, entering, penetrating the 
grand entrance. 

•lOTfTOl, a ticket of admittance. 

£fC3TO, comforter, consoler. 

£JWT*T, encouragement, consola- 
tion ; intellect. 

*f*flf3, a hermit, an ascetic. 

£teS?H, the life of an ascetic. 

£T5*®^", air, wind. 

£f^3", origin, production ; the ge- 
nerative cause. 

gfsl, splendour, lustre, light. 

g^St^T, the sun, a luminary. 

SfoT^t^, the fire-fly. 

2f$T3, dawn, daybreak, morning. 

£T»fa", pre-eminence, greatness. 

SJ^T^, a place of pilgrimage in 
the west of India. 

Sf1%3", totally different, distinct ; 
an elephant in rut. 

£F», a master, lord, owner. 

£t^5l, lordship, sovereignty. 

£^53", £F5*f«|1, lordship, domi- 

£t^»^, devoted to a lord, loyal. 

£f^7, much, many, sufficient. 

2Fs[*B, able, efficient. 

£f^[P5, and the like, et cetera. 

2fC^, difference, distinction. 

^P§\*f, a fall. 

£fsr«, elated, intoxicated, rash. 

STsrsT^, stirring, agitating ; killing. 

gf^TW, joy, delight, rapture, ecstasy. 

EJWTflj a beautiful woman. 

gf^nr, killing, destruction ; envy. 

gfsrl, accurate perception ; a know- 
ledge of the identity of the hu- 
man soul with Grod. 

2f*n«j, proof, evidence ; instance. 

£jH"l"«l*T^fl, a copy, a model ; a 
voucher, affidavit. 

gfsTTSl, one who gives evidence. 

€JsrT3TT5", mother's grandfather. 

gfsrWT, taking by force, violence ; 

£fHTW, inadvertence, error; danger. 

gt^TfiNl, daughter ; grand-child. 

gf5TTWl',careless, infatuated, ruinous. 

gf^T^f^T, killing, destruction. 

£fiTT<r3», testifying, proving, 
fifths, proved, authentic, settled. 



SfsftvF, dense, close. 

gfifrs, dead, deceased, defunct ; a 

beast offered as a sacrifice. 
St^Wl, sleep, drowsiness. 
£f^4T, first, chief. 
2to«aTte, from the lips, orally. 
^3^, 2f3j1?$, overjoyed, elated, de- 
*fsHj>, cleansed, polished, [lighted. 
£fC^T<T, capable of proof. 
gfCSTS", gleet, gonorrhoea, diabetes. 
gfcsrtS^r, liberating, freeing, deli- 
StCSTftF, great joy, delight, rapture. 
£f *T5, holy, pious, sanctified. 
2f$T5F, great exertion, effort. 
*fsr^, exquisitely formed. 
£f<rt?f, junction of two rivers. 
gfTfa, a going, departure, exit. 
£f?t$, gone, departed, deceased. 
*T <rt^", rare, scarce. 
£f?FT*T, inclination, desire, bias. 
£psr«F, in consequence of, owing to. 

gfTTSfT, excitable, susceptible. 

£J^T3, continual, unceasing ; a mil- 
lion, ten lakhs. 

SfajTHFl, an instigator, exciter. 

£tC?T*f, exertion, effort, attempt. 

£fC?T3ra, a director, instigator. 

2fC?lTSW, need, occasion, motive. 

£fC?rTSF*ft?r, suited to, necessary. 

2fC?Tlf J, necessary ; a messenger ; 
capital or sum put out to interest. 

2^7, the belly ; rooted, born. 


gfc?rt5*rl, encouragement, excite- 

8tC?TT*, a sprout. [ment, 

2fri7T, universal dissolution. 

£f§n*f, random talk, delirionstalk. 

£f^T*fW*tY, talking delirionsly. 

Sjc^^f, plaster, salve; smearing. 

£fc*r*R, Bmearing, plastering, 

gfc^T"^, covetousness ; a desire. 

£pn\7T*, praising, extolling, laud- 

£t*T\^T^?, praiseworthy, laudable. 

8t*T\*ri, praise, commendation. 

£f*T*r, rest, peace. 

£f*T5R, destruction, slaughter ; 

gj*r^,wide, roomy; praised, right. 

gf*rra, tranquillity, calmness. 

*T*ttf*r3l, yrT^I, governor, ruler. 

CtTO, pure, true, right. 

£f*fr, a question, enquiry. 

£f*tt^"5t, a riddle, enigma. 

£f£t?r, undue, indulgence, fondness. 

gfirffi, breathing, respiration. 

£t^1, an interrogator, enquirer. 

£f%1, a page of a book. 

£ft\ an elder, senior. 

gfc^ftst, a woman who has con- 
ceived for the first time. 

Sf^IF, fond or enamoured of. 

gffifs 5 , fondness ; a topic, theme. 

£t*rer, discoursing ; connection. 
fit'TWT^ff^j converse, discussion. 

187 23 

2t*Tf<6~, graci m^ness, clearness. 
gjTOH^ft, fame renown. 

gj^W, pleased, favourable, cheerful 
v \ HH{ C \ t spirituous liquor. 
gfa*, giving birth, parturition. 
St^rf^St, mother. 

2f7T37, opposed, enimicaL 

•fW, violent, sudden. 
gpRT, dimension, extent, width. 
SfRT^I) surrounding an enemy. 
gfJ^, noxious beast; bearing. 

gf Jf^j, suddenly, abruptly, forcibly. 
gfJTTW, favour; the remnant of 

food offered to a god or to a 

*f*tt^5, favoured, well treated. 
£J*TT*T^, decoration, embellishing. 
£f *TtfVv5, ornamented, embellished. 
£t*TT?", extent, dimensions, size. 
£faT?T«l, extension, expanding. 
2f Pre, pus ; attached to, fond of. 
Stft^j noted, celebrated, evident. 
Sfftfii, publicity, celebrity. 
«f^^T, asleep. 

£f*[, a mother ; a spreading creeper. 
£f*[$1, a mare. 
£t*T5, born, brought forth. 
St^lyStjRWlj confined, lying-in. 
*fijfe, mother, offspring. 
Sf^HSli, pain, distress. 
Sf^pTj a blossom, bud ; fruit. 
£f^51, the thigh. 
£t^n5, the palm of the hand. 




gfC^T^, leaking, oozing, 
gfcrifafl, a small garden. 
gf^R, purging, evacuation. 
£f"^J, a stone ; a nosegay. 
2TO3", a discourse ; a topic, theme. 
8j^t3"5Tl, introduction, prologue. 
£Wft$, mentioned, narrated. 
£W?T, £ff%?"> a bed of leaves. 
£f^5, prepared, ready, prompt. 
£ft£, width; a set, suit; table-land. 
St^t^, departure, setting off. 
£falt*f*t, dispatching, sending. 
€ff%5, gone, departed, set off. 
*f^3", leaking or oozing out. 
gf 7 ^, blown, exploded. 
gfCWfl> 3", winnowing ; expansion. 
£Tjpr*l, leaking, oozing ; a spring. 
gf^TT^, urine ; making water. 
SfaT«T, a loud sound. 
SfC^Tf, copious perspiration. 
£t^*R, killing, smiting. 
Ct^tfffst, the moon. 
£fc<r, quarter of the day or night. 
St5?T«i, a weapon ; beating, fight, 
gf^lft, a watchman, sentry,sentinel. 
gt£33l, a smiter, slayer, murderer. 
JSW^, joy, gladness, hilarity, 
gf 3^«it, turmeric ; a metre. 
gf^TR, ridicule, raillery. 
£f^T?T, a beating, flogging. 
StetSft beater, smiter, killer. 
£|TT*, an actor ; loud laugh. 
S^ft, a well. 

gff|"$, shot out, sent ; suitable, 
gf^fa, left, deserted, 
gf^, beaten, struck, wounded. 
gf^i>, glad, gratified, happy. 
£fC^f%Ql, a riddle, enigma, puzzle. 
£fWtf%, joy, gladness. 
*f^, humble, lowly. 
gfr\3, high, tall, lofty; height. 
gft^, prior, former; eastern. 
£tt^T<T, enclosure, wall, rampart. 
gff^S, common, vulgar, plebeian. 
gft^TtfT, olden time ; a crisis. 
gJI^FR", destiny, fate, luck. 
gft^TpcT, the jack fruit. 
gfT'Csfj, pungency, acuteness. 
g|1$FsT3", previous existence. 
*fT$f^t'3\ the summit of a moun- 

gftsf^sJ, pomposity, grandeur. 
gfTtfJ, chief, principal. 
*TT*TT$, war, fight. 
^T"?TT?r, leaking out. 
SJTfaej, a guest, visitor. 
gfTw*!, a court-yard, compound. 
g|T§«UT?, former trial of a cause. 
Sfr^paT, facing eastward. 
gfTf^l, gadfly. 
gftft, the east, eastern. 
gft&far, old. ancient, antique, aged. 
snft?T, a wall, inclosure, fence. 
gfT5*6, abundance, plenty. 
gftlt^, a charioteer ; a religious rite. 
gftlW, a whip, a rod. 




SttWt*T5J. a form of marriage. 
£fT"5J, learned, sensible, clever. 
gfTsn, abundant, plentiful. 
StT^^r, honest, upright, liberal, 
Stt^flf^, the opeu hands joined. 
£H^, an interrogator, inquirer. 
SfT^ftiTT^, a judge, magistrate, 
SjTl, life, soul, spirit, breath, 
gfhtf, an animal. 
£fT«l*TP5SS,niurderous, fatal, deadly. 
£tT«i3rr«f, dying, death. 
£fWs, punishment of death. 
SfTq^W, il husband ; beloved. 
gfM*f«l, staking life, great exertion. 
£fT«l£ff3>T, dear as life. 
SjT'lSffvSfcl. impartation of life. 
£fTlf^C?Tif, separation from life. 
£ffa"»"p£R, the sea, the ocean. 
fifTW, a murderer ; deadly, fatal. 
2JTe|ft\Jfl, injury to life, murder. 
SfT«lT5fr?T, the body. 
fifTsTfc^, dearer than life ; a son. 
£fT«iT3, the close of life, death. 
£Tr«inri^, holding the breath. 
£fTfa3^5S, zoology. 
£ITf«np^, cock-fighting, 
SJT«ft, a living creature ; the soul. 
gftftel, a debt. 

£fTC«i*T, a husband, lord of life, 
^ncsm, a wife. 
£JT^JS, early morning, dawn. 
£JT5S^<r, £fftfc^3J, morning duty, 
sn^s^l^r, morning. 

£fTT<rt*T, breei 

gfTftfpTJ, contrariety, opposition. 
£fTf5"f1fa5, fire, 
£|Tn5"5T*7, suretyship, security. 
SfTftCcTpTJ, contrariety to nature. 
Sftfzfazi, peculiar, singular. 
Sffsjfa^, confidential, trusty. 
gfT^fatf, entitled to priority, first. 
SfT^srer, displaying, showing off. 
£f[F^T3, manifest, exhibited, rife. 
SjTffs, published, 

£fIC^*T, a span. 

i^TCPfT"^, of the evening, 

tJ^W, superiority. 

*t?!ftft , friendly, gentle. 

•ITlj limit, extremity, outskirts. 

*fT3<T, an open plain, prairie. 

^13*]^ J, a long wearisome road. 

^T*T«l, reaching, obtaining. 

*fT*rfi<S, a seller. 

*fT% obtained, having obtained. 

^*f *P55,dead, deceased, defunct. 

*tT^^7, obtainable. 

'JT^T^T?!", adult, of age. 

3Wt<tl4«(, a youth above sixteen. 

^flf% obtaining gaining, ; profit. 

^W, attainable, obtainable. 

*£%$, barley. 

^JW?Tj wall, enclosure. 

^T% an outer garment, screen. 

'JT^o^, exciting, stimulating. 

"KReTT, power, predominancy. 

^Tr^T?", an upper garment. 




*ftf^\F, dense ; a specification. 
SfTJ^Lj *tt^1, the rainy season '. 

*1T<[$, screened; an onter garment. 
*fT^1%, wall, enclosure. 
^ITOtfVn^, the twilight. 
*TT^5"» pre-eminence, supremacy. 
2fT^^, a present. 
*fT^TTft^, credible, authentic. 
<s TtsrT c tJ, credibility, authenticity. 
*fii||i*J, inadvertence, inattention. 
^Tsft$J, a debt. 
*fT?T, almost, about, generally. 
^TUCWS", a horse. 
*fIlT*fo, abundantly, plentifully. 
*tRTi%«j expiation, atonement. 
*TTt?r3*, general, usual, common. 
OTITIS, predestined ; begun. 
*fl$ U>,aropeto fasten an elephant. 
^fT^, beginning, commencement. 
•tt^fsfl, prayer, request, petition. 
*fTsfcft?r, fit to be asked for. 
^rrf^fe , prayed for, asked for. 
*fT*rij, luck, fortune. 
^Tlt^nr, dew, snow. 
?f ftttsf, eating, a meal, food. 
*fT*T"$j, largeness, excellence. 
^fTf*F5, eaten, fed. 
*fT*r, a fish-spear. 
*T*TSf , a yoke. 

^^rDr, edifice, palace ; temple. 
«flT, instruction in dancing. 
9 V%, forepart of the day, forenoon, 

f*f?, beloved, dear, pleasing. 

TMW^, pleasing, amiable. 

fa?^, of pleasing address. 

f^TTcil, raisin. 

*f|"ei, old : love. 

^ftej^T, satisfaction, satiety. 

*>ft$, satisfied, pleased ; beloved. 

*ftf%, love, fondness, regard. 

<2fn[>, burnt. 

£jr^, season; the sun. 

2£^1, a particle of water. 

C*ft?, a nail, peg, pin. 

C^f^*!, seeing, viewing, observing. 

C*T§|^T, hanging, mooring, swing- 

C*f§[1, a swing. [ing. 

C*t3,aghost, apparition; deceased. 

C*f3^T*6, funeral-rites, obsequies. 
C*T5*f^, Yama, regent of death. 
C*?Trat?T, ghostlike, goblinlike. 
C*t^, desirous of having. 
C^fsr, love, affection, tenderness. 
CgfWTS^r, tears of the eye. 
C*f?H"^, C*f?T^t, dear, best, beloved. 
C*f?>lj sending, dispatching. 
CK^tWU one who sends or dis- 

C*ff?K5, sent, dispatched. 
C^f^ft, a river. 
C*f^a1, the sea. 

C*W, sending, directing, ordering. 
C*f$", greatly beloved, favourite. 
C*fa7, a messenger, servant. 
CKT^, uttered, mentioned, said. 




cstfvy, purifying by Bprinkling 
of water. [sprinkling. 

C*fTVn**i, lit for being purified by 
C^tt^^ - , cleaning by nibbing. 
C*ft§iT*R, killing, smiting. 

CKitff^, left, forsaken. 

C*^fIS5, spittoon. 
c^rrs, Bewed. 

C*flC3T**ntR. an umbrella. 
C*fT**TT5", groat seal ; ardour. 
C*fH*TT^*P", instigator, stimulator. 
C*TTftn5, buried, planted. 
C*fra, distress, pain. 
C*frf^3, sojourning abroad. 
C*frfT5"5P^$1, wife of an absentee. 
C*!)$, a fish. 

C*f;i>, from oO to 55 years old. 
C^QTI, a married woman, matron. 
C^ftffr, controversy, zeal, enterprise. 
C£ft«i, skilful, clever. 
^IpT'P, the saered fig-tree. 
^PR", a raft ; a leap ; reservoir. 
*Pf^*f, whatever goes by leaps. 
^PfT^, a slope, a gradual declivity. 
^^TUT, afloat. 

*FfT*ST, overflowing, inundating. 
*£ft5l, enlargement of the spleen. 
^JbJT, overflowed ; a plunge, leap. 
*£%%, burning to ashes. 
*5f|, eating, feeding. 

<p<pI*. disappointing, baulking. 
*PW, assertion, thesis ; baulking. 

Tpf^RMsi. deception ; a sopliism. 
Tpapi, poor, indigent. 
TjjgfsrT^t, unsubstantial, brittle. 
Tp^PI, speckled; a straggler; a 


^tfT^t, TFTrSnft, alum. 

Tpfifas, *R>ft>3J, crystal, quartz. 

tj»3, a gambling-house, gambling. 

*p^*?t, a twig, small branch. 

*Ff\58F, a locust, grasshopper. 

^f^m, a retail dealer, pedlar. 

"Sp^/p^Tfa, loquacious, talkative. 

Wl, the hood of the cobra. 

Tpf«iCTF«| t opium. 

Tpe\\ f a snake ; the cobra ; hooded. 

«, the belly. 

^>^, artifice, trick, stratagem. 

Tj?^", a shield. 

vp<l^p<lT«l, boasting, bragging, 

^pTT^TI, clean, clear, transparent. 

Tp?T, fruit, effect, profit, advantage. 

^p?T3>, ploughshare ; shield, slate. 

^TSS, that is to say ; virtually. 

"Sp^W, yielding fruit, fertile. 

Tptt, growing, bearing fruit, pro- 

Tpv\-^, fruitful, advantageous. 

Tp^T^J^", pomegranate. 

Tpc^T^T, fruitful, fertile, productiv 

TprfTT^r, time of harvest, a crop. 

TpcT2Ft%, parts of the Yedas. 

*pc^I1, the jack-fruit tree. 

<m 192 

*psrl, arrow-liead ; compound letter 
in the Bengallee language. 

T$vif$ , stone slab for grinding on. 

*p5flW, fruitful. [tage. 

Tp^t^", fructifying, causing advan- 

VpgUff , bamboo. 

Tp^t*f«TT*f, suppressing of facts. 

Tp»rt^p»T, advantage or disadvan- 

^p*rt?Tj "^p^t^t?", feasting on fruit. 

Tpt%3Tsf, in effect, on tbe whole. 

Tpt^^T, fruitful, fertile, profitable. 

^pT«tTW3, result, profit, success. 

*pcxt», an extended body. 

T$v&, a sort of red powder ; fruit- 
less, unsubstantial. [Hindu year. 

Tpc^, tbe eleventh month of the 

"SpTPTj^ra", the Dol-jdtrd festival. 

^I> , a jest ; joke, raillery, banter. 

Tpfihfl, a wag, jester, droll fellow. - 

*TO, slack, flaccid, lax, useless. 

*ir|\3, make- weight, overplus. 

T£\i$, a cavity, a hole. 

#ns, the belly, belly of a pitcher. 

Tp"|"\5l, calamity, emergency, a scrape. 

TFtW, a snare, trap, gin, noose. 

^TW^ 3 leaping; beginning; falling. 

^TW^t, device, scheme ; beginning. 

TpT*T, a blister, swelling, bubble. 

^T*f*r, swelling out, blistering, 

^T*fl, hollow, tumid, swelled out. 

"4t^ ; a noose, loop, slipknot. 

TJsftrl, a hole, rent, chink, fissure. 
*pT«s aperture, interstice, chasm. 
■SpT3R>T^, apart, separately. 
^p"T3>\51, imposition, evasion, trick. 
W[*5\, powdered substance ; fasting. 
TFT^Pt^ an illusion, trick ; sophism. 
TpT^, a red powder. [out. 

*p"TTmT, cracking, bursting, breaking 
^pTT? ^T, a crack, chink, fissure, cleft. 
TpTTfT*, tearing, splitting, cleaving, 

^pTTjTcT, a fissure, rent, crack. 
TFtvpt, cleaving, splitting, dividing. 
TpTftvS, molasses, raw sugar. 
"SpTSl, the float of a fishing-line. 
^pT«T, a ploughshare, arrow-head. 
TpT«n> > easily prepared. 
■*pT5T*f$sr, ploughing. [ping. 

*p"T»T*ft^, leaping, jumping, skip- 
^ptf%, a chip, slip, strip, slice. 
TpT5^«|, eleventh Hindu month. 
TpfWl, a rent, fissure. 
f*i»3?, a prop, lever ; sudden pain. 
fsjs^Rl, a prop, stanchion, stake. 
f*R>1, pale, light- coloured, vapid. 
fipj%, a spark, atom, particle. 
f*p5f1, a sling ; a kind of bird. 
fsp"5T»T, artful, clever, ingenious, 
f^p?**!, turning, returning, veering. 
t%^, returned, brought back. 
f*p"3"T«l, causing to turn, giving back. 
fspC^", again, once more, [pering. 
f$Plf*p*rct, drizzling rain ; whis- 




Ttjpx, blowing with the breath. 
^H, piercing, penetrating, boring, 
Tr.vf^ Bobbing, breathing short, 

"*p#3", a orack, fissure, hole, chink. 
W<*<i «|, shouting, bawling, booting. 

*pT>, a drop ; a solvent ; cracked, 

rent. [boiling. 

9^*T, bursting, breaking, cracking, 
. burst, torn, split, expanded. 
*p£R, causing to burst, boiling. 
TpW, a melon. 

"5pi.^T^", blowing with the breath. 

^J?TT^, kindling, causing to fly ; 

*p<r«i, expending, exhausting. 

*p?TT«i, expending, exhausting; 
limited, contracted* 

Tp?r, a blossom, a (lower. 

<sp*W5, chalk. 

TpcT5f3F35, flower of sulphur. 

^prT^, blossoming, swelling out. 

*pr|Tpf^?1, neat, foppish ; a dandy. 

^SW^n^, fop, beau, dandy, coxcomb. 

TprTTt. a kind of cake. 

*J9T1, swelling; secundines. 

"Sp^fT^, causing to blossom. 

"Sp^t, a cataract on the eye. 

Tp^\ a fish's gills ; a spark. 

PRY, blown, expanded, opened. 

*F3rr<rtt''*f, a full blown lotus ; un- 
affected, untouched. 

3pp3$, wind expelled backward. 

Wff^F, B pimple. 
*P T,penniless, poor, contemptible. 
*J*i$f^j a pimple, small pustule. 
<p*1<p*U whispering; the lungs. 
'P^Ttsr, coaxing, wheedling, se- 

C^*f5l, the lungs ; spongy, porous. 
CTO^t, C^f 31, OFffy, a sprig, 

twig, switch. 
C<pT>t, a skein or reel of thread. 
c.Tp«\\ foam, froth, scum. 
C^p," 4 !, a cake made of molasses. 
C 7 pf<l^r, foaming, frothy. 
COT91* rice-gruel. [jackal. 

CW, "gain ; a turning, reverse ; a 
C*p"3"5", a change, alteration. 
C"*p3"3, a jackal. 

C 7 P?npi^', transposition, disorder. 
C^pT^T, CTp#, a jackal ; crafty ; in- 

C*p<U, a turn, revolution, circuit ; 

a wooden vessel to measure dry 
C?p^, the offals. [substances. 

C*F*R, throwing, casting, flinging. 
rfTv§^,piercing,pricking, stabbing. 
OpI^R, sobbing, panting, sighing, 

C^r*T?"1, hollow, spongy; the lungs. 
C$M»n, the kernel of the cocoanut. 
C^pT^I, a drop, spot, stain, mark. 
C^pIS, a hoe. an awl. spatula. 
0$lls~%, condiment or spices. 
<OTyi, a boil, tumour, scratch. 




C5\*G\, the lungs, the bladder. 

C*Frai, a blister. 

C^}t%^, perquisites, profit. 

^TT, a sister. 
Z% a wife, a son's wife. 
*Sf^, the first sale ; handsel. 
3^T3, food given by a bride. 
*r\^«|, the groin, the hip. 
*V"f, a barnbu ; lineage. 
4T\*ra??r, founder of a family, 
iivnif, born of good family. 
^VTMIT, the supporter of a family. 

^VTCSlWl, ^Vtt^t^, manna of 

the bambu. 
^VTOfif, table of lineage. 
^\*ft, a flute, fife, whistle. 
*\*ft*T?T, a flute-player ; Krishna. 
^VTtlT, lineal,relating to a family. 
TO, a heron, paddy-bird, crane. 

TO*, chattering, prattling, prating. 

TOifl, a heifer, young cow. 

TO33}, a hypocrite. 

TOl7 talkative, chattering. 

TOt3£ji$3t*C1, fruitless expectation 

TOfaft, a dispute, a war of words 

3^31 , talkative, garrulous, prating 

3^»3T, a tree and its flower. 

^e^J, fit to be spoken. 

3^1, a speaker, orator, talker. 

33F, the mouth. 

33?, curved, crooked, tortuous. 

^"^>5T. running, or flying away. 
^t, bent ; adverse ; surplus. 
*G5»TflF, evasion, pun, irony. 
3CTti%^1, a smile. 
^W, the breast, chest, bosom. 
*CT»T5F, ^"C^T^"^, the breast of a 

^WI^Htobe mentioned hereafter. 
^sfST, the armpit ; the flank, side. 
<T9ft, a short sword, a dagger. 
3"#, a speaker. 
^^, bend of a river, reach. 
^f%"sr, crooked, bent, tortuous. 
^j%*r r thorn. 
TOT, crooked, curved. 
37%, a rib. 

^\8^e|, the hollow of the hip*. 
^3f, Bengal ; calx of tin. 
3W®f* vermilion ; a native of 

3"3f^pi, the bell-metal. 
^Tfff, the sulphate of arsenic. 
7HF, orris-root ; a parrot. 
3"5f , talkative, garrulous. 
3"^T, a saying, sentence, word. 
35^% 3^^>3", docile, obedienty 
attentive. [spoken. 

7re^r, utterable, proper to be 
^■^T, a cock ; cunning. 
35«T, enemy. 
?&%, speech. 
^^«f^, the ear. 




*5*rl, grumbling, quarrelling. 
qw<£ 1, a house-boat, small pinnace. 
^■©, h thunderbolt ; a diamond. 

^Sifaf.^CTS, a thunder stroke. 
^Slfa"^, the rolling Ol thunder. 

^■3*35, a deceiver, rogues jackal. 

^QPJTI, deceit, fraud, imposition, 
^^?T1, a milch eovv. 
^TJ", Indian fig-tree ; one cowry. 
3TI><J\ a cock; cunning, crafty. 
T'IjT?"*! 5 , a string, a rope. 
^IJT^fa 5 , a notorious thief. 
<rft>, the uvula. 
^fi><$1, a pill, bolus, ball. 
*fihl1, a small oar, paddle. 
<T?t, a rope, bead, rosary. 
^T>, a brahman, a priest. 
?TC^, truly, indeed, it is true. 
^<PT?Tlf banter, irony, jibe. 
^fc^T, ignorant ; deceitful. 
*5, great, large; greatly, very. 
*Tvj>TI, a mare ; female slave. 
^\5^T^ST, 3"^T*r*r, submarine fire. 
^5TT^5, the gallant of a slave-girl. 
^Sp, misfortune, calamity. 
^*TI. a spear, javelin, harpoon. 
3TOTt, a fishhook. 
3"31, a kind of cake fried in oil. 
^ft", vaunting, boasting, pride. 
3T3RTI, a pawn at che*ss. 
^f^T, a fishhook. 
<rft, a pill, bolus, bolL 
^5, an officiating brahman, 
o 2 

*~S. great, la 

*WIWj muttering, grumbling. 

^fT^ a carpenter. [banker. 

3"fas?, *f«l5i, merchant, trader, 

Sffi^fli the indigo-plant. 

^fa^fST, a camel. 

3"-it^, distributing, sharing out. 

^%, unmarried. 

3"%3",a palm-shootjbambu-sheath, 

^3, cropped, docked, castrated. 

3A, a termination meaning like, 

?1A*T, a young animal ; a call. 

3"^*n5?t, a steer, a heifer. 

3AT3", a year, a twelvemonth. 

3"^*i?T, fond, affectionate, kind. 

?T*3ffiPf, a wolf. 

ITU, a speaker. 

3"?*, the face, visage ; speaking. 

3"W^, the jujube plant or fruit. 

3"ffi5TJ, munificent, liberal. 

3"^i, shut, closed, tied, bound. 

OTf, 3^*fTfa, close-fisted. 

^*T?T, firmly rooted, well-ground- 

^fl*f, the Delta of a river, [ed. 

^sr, murder, killing, slaughter. 

3"*f^, a weapon. 

TefW'i, capital punishment. 

**Rter, 3XF, worthy of death. 

^"tfT^, a prison. 

^5fT5, fit to be destroyed. 

3"f*f^, murderous ; murderer. 

ZVfJ, deaf. 

^£, daughter-in-law, a wife. 




Waiter, a jailor. 
*5f, lead. 

Tffi, forest, wood, thicket ; water. 
<T*T5J[, living in the wood ; sylvan. 
TT^Si, born in a wood ; wild. 
3"^W, a cloud. [Indian cuckoo. 
3"^fM?T, fond of the wilderness, the 
3^raT*lt, living in a forest, a hermit. 
3 , 3"srT«J'3', the orang-outang. 
^"STSTT^I", a name of Krishna. 
3"3srcp , a cloud. [deer. 

Jtt%, fixed in a wood ; ascetic ; a 
3R*Pt^, a tree yielding fruit with- 
out apparent flowers. 
3^rteT, a rabbit. 
^TR, making, manufacturing. 
3"^T553>, a gardener. 
^•T1?r, intimacy, friendship, love. 
3"f*T^1, a wife, a woman. 
3"«lfa, a beggar. 
^C5T5?", see 3"3T5?T. 
TO^*T, a hermit, forester, ape. 
TOifaTs, an ape. 

%*%, a mound ; an embankment. 
<^J1 , obeisance ; invocation. 
^■^^t^T, venerable, worshipful. 
^fTT, emporium, harbour, port. 
3^, captive, prisoner ; flatterer, 
OT^T?T, a pilferer, [panegyrist. 
^^TTfa, a prisoner, captive, 
^■^j^, a musket. 
TO, a belt, bandage ; shut. 
TO^, pledge, mortgage, pawn. 

TOW, binding ; a tie ; a bond. 
TO^t, a bandage, ligament, rope* 
TOR, salary, wages, stipend. 
TOt, a prisoner, captive ; im- 
TO, a friend, a kinsman. 
TO"$1, TO^, friendship, intimacy. 
TO?", rough, uneven, shaggy. 
TO*T* a bastard, adulterine. 
<r*ni, a barren woman. 
3"^ J, of a forest, wild, sylvan. 
3"^J1, a flood, inundation, deluge. 
<TW, a partner, a sharer. 
^*R, sowing, planting, weaving. 
3"*R^, the shop of a barber. 
3"*f1, fat, marrow ; sowing ; a hole, 
TN-cT, father. 
**$8, the body. 

^1, a sower, planter ; father, 
<3"?f, a wall. 

3"*ft, a white-ant ; field. 
3"^>, a large kind of weasel. 
^1%. thunder. 
3^j, fire ; large. 
^"ST^T, vomiting, retching. 
^fir, vomit ; an emetic. 
^"Sl^t, vomiting, spouting out. 
<T<jS, age (attained) ; a bird. 
<r?I2^»^', period of life, age. 
^HW 5 ?*. grown up, of age, adult. 
3"<T^, of a certain age. 
^% prime of life, youth- 




3"{T*TJ, of the same ago, coeval ; a 
companion. [strong. 

3J"<TT<T, ft buffalo ; air, the wind ; 

T?m, understanding, knowledge. 

7T<r, gift, boon ; bridegroom ; great. 
3"3"\, 3"<T3*, rather, in preference, 
^■^rsfl, a rafter, beam. 

3"£"lf, a betel-plantation. 

H*[T>, a gander ; a barbarian, wasp. 

^<T«1, promising in marriage, ap- 
pointing a representative. 

^S^i^l, a basket containing of- 
ferings to a god on occasion of 

marriage, &C. 


^fTTS, a scat on the back of an ele- 
3"3"Sf, propitious, favourable. 
3"3"*TT3, a bridegroom ; betrothed. 
3"3"*lT3t, attendant of a bridegroom. 
7^7[v\ a hornet, a wasp. 
3"<T*T1, :i harpoon, spear, fishhook. 
^■^ C 1, showering, raining ; giving 

3T?Tl>, 3"?rn>3S, a cowry-shell; rope. 
3"3"r3"3», a diamond. 
3Ttf*T, a coarse cloth. 
3"3"T^, a boar, hog, pig. 
*f?*ft, fish-hook. 
3"f?W, showeiing down, raining. 
3"f?Tl, the rainy season. 
^f!&", the best of all, greatest. 
3T*?*!, Paruita, god of the waters ; 
^"^^, a sheet. [a tree. 

3"«£sT, a coat of mail. 

fUSf'it'X) , an army. 
«.£ 1*1, -i wasp ; a gi 
^3*> a young beast, a g 

3"^<n^, a side glance ; beams ci 
the morning Bun. 

?C?r<i7, excellent, pre-eminent. 

3"?f, a class, the totality ; a square 

^^f^T, the square root. 

^sTtH, belonging to a class. 

TO^, filth, ordure. 

3~sf^T, the moon ; ardent. 

3TW^, abandoning, excepting. 

37^5T5, rejected, having rejected. 

3"«f, colour ; caste ; a letter ; un- 
guents, [panegyrist. 

3"«r^, pigment, paint, colouring ; 

3"«|?T, describing, delineating. 

3"«j^1, description, eulogium. 

^WT^M, the alphabet. 

3"«i"5rT3l, a pen. 

^efara?!", of mixed blood, mongrel. 

3«lPT, water. 

SSTTj, a singer, painter, actor. 

3fcf, gold. 

3"«i¥, a painter, a writer ; of a tribe. 

3"€fl, coming into existence ; 

3"G^ft, a road. [maintenance. 

3"eVR, present, extant, existing. 

Hflfj ^fcVl, a wick, candle, lamp. 

3"f«j3>,a paintbrush; a candle, wick. 

^sff. being, existing, standing. 

TRjeT, a circle, ball, globe, sphere. 




"&5f 9 a road, way, path ; tear. 

^%&, promoting growth. 

3"^r, increase, growth ; thriving. 

^STfa, growing, prospering. 

^T^T^T, the cutting of the navel- 
string of a new-born infant. 

^"f^^, increased, grown, thriven. 

^f^§, growing, prospering. 

^5, skin, leather. 

3"33"ft>, a kind of kidney-bean. 

3"3R"|, the blue-bottle. 

5T^"?r, barbarian, blockhead. 

T55T, armour, coat of mail. 

3"*5T1, armed, the designation of a 

^fj, chief, principal, superior. 

3"f*f , a fishhook, harpoon. 

7T^ 9 rain ; a year ; continent. 

^®t€t, annual, living a year. 

T^«l, raining, showering. 

TT&'g, an eunuch. 

T^1%, birthday, anniversary. 

TTZI, rain ; rainy season. 

3TTt1%, a disease in horses' feet. 

*rft-%, a frog. 

^Itttf , a peacock. 

^f^%, old, aged, very old. 

STC^WT, hail. 

^ragf, the body. 

TT^, a peacock's tail or crest. 

TJTfs, ^ffe^*T, fire. 

3"€f , a peacock. 

^5Tj strength, force, energy. 

"QviW, white. 

75TJF, an ox, a bullock. . 

tt%, saying, telling, speaking. 

^ra - *, powerful, strong, violent. 

3"*T3"T^T, strong, powerful, vigorous. 

3"5lf%, turret on a house-top. 

^«f?T, a bracelet, an enclosure. 

TOftte, surrounded, encircled. 

TTST^tar, weak, destitute of strength. 

^oT3l1, 3"»iT*T, phlegm, cold. 

3"^T3»1, a flight of cranes. 

3"5Tfl>> a kind of split pulse ; the 
organ of generation of cows. 

3"=Tte, sudden, unexpected. 

^cTT<s,3>T"3", violence, force, rape. 

3"cTf5ff»r ? acquiring strength. 

<Tt%, a victim ; a wrinkle ; a tax. 

^f^ifR, offering a victim. 

^t%f£t?r, birds of prey, predacious. 

3*!%^3>, feeding on victims ; a crow. 

3"f^*r**T, a monkey. 

3"fr%. powerful, very strong, able. 

^ffffaB, reproved, reprimanded. 

3"f%$, the eaves of a house. 

37%3", squint-eyed. 

3"^t, powerful, strong, vigorous. 

^«ft<i^f, an ox, a bullock. 

<Tcrt<rT"5T, strong. 

?c^>, the bark of a tree. 

^c^^T, simmering, bubbling. 

^c^s^T, ^c^^, bark of a tree ; fish- 

3*^1, gently heated, lukewarm. 




l^ftsr, boiling, causing to babble. 
T-fpj^rT, thorn. 
fFffsr, going by leaps. 

75W. the bit of ;i bridle, a rein. 
7*'>n"5"f? 6 i, reindeer. 
78*frri. a horse'i gallop, canter. 
TfNEF, beautiful, handsome, pretty. 
7^8"f*ta*1, the cockroach. 
75't'^, eating, feeding. 
7*refa, a white-ant; ant-hill. 
7W7, a cowkeeper; a cook. 
7^"^, beloved, desired, dear. 
737, a grove. 
7^t, a climbing plant. 
7?ftsf, black-pepper, 
^.submission, control, subjection. 
7*T*f , brought under control, sub- 

missive, obedient. 
7*T5S, depending on, owing to. 
7 x T5T' s> f3\ under control, obedient. 
^T'* c tTT>J?I5, a porpoise. 
7f*T7>, empty. 
7"*^, of Bubdued passions. 
7 x r}3S7' 6 i, subduing, controlling. 
7*rt'^[^, subjected, subdued. 
7*TJ, docile, manageable, tame. 
^5$7^, 3"W<J«ft, a cow which has 

been in calf Beveral times. 
7*rf%, an abode, dwelling, house. 
7^T^f, a dwelling-house. 
7*R, sitting down, settling; dress. 
7*T£, spring-time, the small-pox. 
7^Ct, an orange colour. 

7*ri, fat, marrow ; sitting. 
7*rtt?j, porpoise. [settle. 

77R, causing to sit, causing to 
7f7*tr1, an inhabitant, dweller. 

7*[, a kind of demigod ; wealth; 


^^?, the father of Krishna. 
73J71, 73J3T71, the earth. 
7JJ7T71, consecrating a house. 
7*pit, the earth. 

73J7T, an immortal. 

7^>, diligence ; ardour. 

7>£, a goat. 

7"^7J, habitable, fit to live in. 

7^3", the end of a garment. 

7H£, the bladder, the abdomen. 

7*§, a thing, material, object. 

<P5"52, in fact, in reality ; that is. 

7 J 5"5' J 5, in reality, in a word. 

7^7, a house, habitation. 

73, a garment, cloth. 

7U, salary ; price ; wealth. 

7$^, carrying; bearing; blowing; 

flowing ; raft. 
73Xt?J, portable, light ; flowing. 
7^3, air, wind. 
73^, a boat. 

7C!, a river. [vishing. 

75"R, impelling, transporting, la- 
7ft, a book, pocket-book, tract. 
7"fts, a prefix meaning outside. 
7ft^, a rudder, a boat. 
7ft«:^, a stranger, a foe. 




^ftt?fS^T, organs of action. 

^f^?f *R, going out. 

3"f%^T<T, a gate. 

TftCFp^f, foreign country ; out^ 
skirts, an outer place used for 

^"ft^T^Tj an Upper garment usually 
worn by devotees. 

^"fc^fo, out of ; expelled. 

^rf^fol", averted, turned away. 

^R*fcfr<T«l, expulsion, exclusion. 

3"JX^^, the outer surface. 

^, much, many, very. 

^S^s, a crab, a king-fisher. 

^e^'^t, a broom-stick. 

3"«£€"«|1, a brass cooking-vessel. 

?T^f*ff, observant, experienced. 

?^5ft, in various ways ; manifold. 

3^*fT?~, thunder. 

<«2.<5^, the plural number. 

^■^t^5f, in various ways ; of vari- 
ous sorts. 

<J<^«tf%, a compound adjective. 

^T^TP^t, talkativej garrulous. 

^■ejrsprjj valuable, costly, expensive. 

3"e2L3rjg, diabetes. [a chameleon. 

31[?&*fT, multiform, many-shaped, 

31^, many, much, abundant. 

^*r, many times ; of various 

3"e£^T, an owl. [sorts. 

3T^, fire, the god of fire. 

^t%^T, a god, a deity, [satiable. 

WP*ft, yoracious, ravenous ; in- 

?Tl, or, either ; an interjection ex- 
pressive of surprise. 

3t^, rheumatism ; enthusiasm ; a 

<rft'^ an eel, [dancing-girl. 

^T^eT, a leaf, blade, fold, flap. 

<rf^*fj twenty-two ; an axe, a 
word expressive of astonishment. 

<TT^"f?, a wrist-ornament. 

<T^1, insane, idiotic, mad. 

^TT^f^tfl, dwarf, pigmy, short. 

^T3"f%f, a kind of tongs. 

3T8\5, a lake, sheet of water, [ing. 

3T3cTfa, winnowing, sifting, toss- 

3[T<8, a fathom, six feet. 

3TT3J, a bend ; a carrying-pole. 

^T^\5t, bold, impudent ; foppish. 

?fa»3i, bending, bowing down, 

^1^1, bent, crooked, sinuous, [ing. 

3"n>^r, surviving, being safe, escap- 

^tl>T^, rescue, escape, deliverance. 

*flFfa, preserving alive, saving. 

3T3H, barren, sterile, unfruitful. 

3TI? > a share ; a teat ; tool-handle. 

3TT>^r, distributing, dealing out. 

3rTT**rT3l, a weight for weighing. 

^TlNf, a ball, pill, pebble, clod. 

IrT^I, discount, allowance. 

^lf5>?1, of low stature, dwarfish. 

ttf^?1, without a tail, docked. 

*rDt<r, a monkey. 

^T^f,adam, embankment, stoppage. 

3TT*R, tying, binding, fastening. 




ffirft, a fastening; a knot ; p 
irient. [pledge. 

$1*1, tied, bound ; Btagnant ; a 

ifwtT, ■ dam, bank, stoppage. 

^T*r, a bamboo. 

jt«Jt, a flute, pipe, fife, whistle. 

7rtsf*T^, a porp< 

<5-fSs, word, utterance, Bpeech. 

OTsft?", wife's brother. 

^n^SI^, a joke, sally, witticism. 

*Ttf5T*f*n, gossip, chat, idle talk. 

^T^t^cT, evasion, prevarication. 

TT^JSTst, a maze of words, en- 
snaring words. 

*l$*ltf , eloquent, fluent, voluble. 

31^3^, composition ; prolixity. 

^T^vft^j, abusive language. 

TTT^^i, dispute, war of words.. 
^TI^pTl, the bark of trees, rind. 
^T^J 3 ^, as good as one's word. 
313>J, word, expression, sentence. 
37^]^, minding what is said ; 
verbally. [nation. 

^T^IT^I", the meaning of an expla- 
^TT^rT^, exposition, comment. 
lt*rri?j a split bambu, a lath. 
^t?f?r, an obstacle, a hinderanoe. 
Tfsn^. a garden, a grove. 
*TsfT?5, one who disappoints. 
^T^T^T, one who tends cattle. 
^fsfW, eloquent, fluent. 
TTS"^, fruit of the egg-plant. 
*TS"S\t?I1, purple. 

^t*Ti. net for catching d< 
jrfgffc, deer-catcher, hunter* 

3-Tr.sf, in the direction of, near* 

?-tm>, gradually, skilfully. 

SWfvfl, Obstacle, hindrance. 

vn^g, reproof, admonition, [bally. 

*T*W3, betrothed, engaged ver- 
TW^r, betrothal, betrothing. 

^stf'^, defamed, ill spoken of. 
*TC*fftft, the goddess ScmuweM, 
Tt%TS 8, imprecation, curse, ill wish. 

*Tf*f^6. a good speaker. 
*T3ft, talkative, Loquacious, fluent. 
3T5T, a tiger. 

3T"5lt, a bubo ; a grain-basket. 
3"t^f, the sea. 

*T9?*N, Bengali ; a thatched house. 
*T«sftfc"1, punctuality, truthfulness. 
TOf^Wfo, utterance, pronun- 
3T&*r?t, the goddess of letters. 
ST^J-tf, an exordium, preface. 
Tl5^, expressing ; a Bpeaker. 
*T5\*P5F, one reserved or taciturn. 
31531, waste land ; a colt, foal. 
<T3^r, reading ; speaking. 
W^, a riddle, an enigma. 
3T5t^c», scriptural ; verbal. 
3i5*Pif%, a master of language. 
7TFR, explaining, causing to speak. 
3[5|cn, talkative ; a chatterbox. 
<ni>&1, a young animal. 
3157, expressible ; meaning. 




3t¥^, selecting, choosing, sorting. 
3Tg;l, a little one ; selected. 
3^3% a calf. 

?TT®f, a hawk ; thunderbolt. 
3TtSF5T, sounding, ringing ; aching. 
3TTIR1, a musical instrument. 
<?TTSf **!?[■, a musician. 
3l®C*n3", a kind of sacrifice. 
^TTS^n, a large basket. 
^TlFT'T, causing to sound. 
TTtfWFJ, grain. 

3Tf®t, a horse, bird, rocket ; wager. 
^T^fas?r, a magician, conjurer. 
^T^ 5 an ornament for the arm. 
Tfi^raFj an ornament for the arm. 
^"T^l, a wish, longing, desire, will. 
3lrf§> 3 a road, way, path. png. 

371? ^T, grinding, triturating, pound- 
3TTTM, a betel-box grinding. 
3"n>Tcfl", a chisel, 
^ffihri, twine, strand of a rope. 
3T5t, a cup ; a house. 
3"TT??n, traveller, highway robber. 
31"^1, discount on notes. 
^TT>*1T£, a robber, a pirate. 
3TF, a frame, fish-dam, margin. 
3TT^5t, increase, overplus. out. 
3TT^5T, growing, increasing doling 
^T^T, a kind of broom. 
<TTv5^, prosperous, overgrown; 
^rm, *T\?*Tf?f, ^T^T^wf, sub- 
marine fire. 
^T\51, more, increasing; doling out. 

^fi5"fatf%, superfluously. 

tftFS, increase, interest on grain, 

Tt^ft, home, a house ; a staff. 

3"f% an arrow. 

TfaTf?", a coat of mail. 

^tftj wages paid to artisans. 

^Ttftuj, trade, commerce, traffic. 

Ttf^HfJ^t^F, trade- wind. 

^Ttfa^ft, a dancing woman. 

<Tff%i1> a tradesman. 

Tfat, a voice, saying, sentence. 

Tfa, air, flatulency, rheumatism. 

TT$C3S\§r, dust. 

Tr^?R"3 mad. 

^"T^cf , grain. 

Tte^T, colic from flatulency. 

TteTS, impotence. 

^T$T5f, almond. 

■^"t^tTT^r, a window. 

^"tetJT, a deer. 

TteT^j wind, air. 

*rn>1*fl, a small sugar-cake. 

3"T$T?rt 3 windy, tempestuous. 

3T1%3», flatulent, windy, rheumatic. 

<5l\5t, a candle, stick of wax. 

TPstlT, sour rice-water, gruel form- 
ed by steeping boiled rice in 

3lvpT, crazy, insane, deranged. 

3T3J1, a strong breeze, a gale. 

3T*?TffTJ, affection, fondness, love. 

3"To]"R, a cow-pasture, cow-pen. 

^TW, a word, dispute ; resentment. 



*!w*, a speaker, a musician* 
^rjf*. playing on an instrument. 
^Tff^T"5 , si, discussion, disputation. 
<nw?", cotton-cloth. 
STW9T, continued rainy weather. 
tfifl, a maieh. 

TTffTij^R. dispute, controvetBy. 
7T*Tsr. an almond ; a Bail. 
7Tf*\ knowing, learned. 
3Tft<Ji, a snake-charmer. 
*T*rt, Bpeaker, plaintiff, Buitor. 
TTtTS. a large bat, flying fox. 
^-[*j, musical instrument. 
Tpfnw, a musician. 
^tUffiiOTi a concert, symphony. 
3T<r, stop, interruption, hindrance. 
*T.*f35, opposing ; impediment. 
3T<"\ impediment, interruption. 
?rHn^, Krishna's birthday-songs. 
37fV3, afflicted, distressed j 

Ttf*P*iJ, deafness. 
*T**PJ, marriage, 
ajTJf, the rodder of a boat. 
Tt*0, obedient, docile, restrainable. 
Z"\i. the spring-tide, the bore. 
^T*3>. ;_l silk-factory. 
3"R£PJ, a hermitage, hermit's cell. 
Ttsrfit^t, a hermit, ascetic. 
?tst, a monkey. 
^T^T^*, a wild goat. 
^"Mpr, spelling:, orthography. 
^T^i?r, cane, rat an. 

7T%. any thing tomitecL 
^■Tpj. vomiting, disgorging. 
^T^fc^?, an illegitimate off- 
*T5*< binding, fastening, lying* 
¥1W, friend, kinsman, relatioa 
<rr*f, a tathei ; sowing; shaving. 
Tt*f*p, a sourer, seedsman. 
*T*fT, a large pond, lake. 

tWlT,, sown. 

^T«t, a feenn of affection for son. 

Tt*Tf3», talkative, loquacious. 

■%}Z , a Hindu gentleman. 

tftf, a boat. 

?rt?rG, inaugurated. 

TTST, left (hand) ; unfavourable. 

3Tsr^, a dwarf, pigmy ; dwarfish. 

3T5jrT3", B white-ant, ant-hill. 

^Tsn, a woman. [heterodoxy. 

ITWr?", doctrine of the Tantras ; 

^tf^^T, haughty, arrogant. 

37<T<I>. an assemblage, a heap. 

3TO4T1) a lonely place. 

?T<I^i, the north-west point. 

3*T<R1, earnest-money. 

*TT<I*J, relating to the wind ; nortli- 

ZY%^, a crow. [west. 

ttj^t, wind. air. 

^TSjWfa. the north-west point. 
*T?W3"j air-bladder. 
*rnr*T3. indigestion. 
^l"?!^^, whirlpool. 
<n?*fP?, whirlwind. 




^t^5f^> inflated ; half crazy. 

^T?^r?T^, wind-mill. 

^f?IWT^, cloud. 

^T^^jT«i^3, air-pump. 

3"T^r*^, the black-faced monkey. 

«I*i*pcT, the rainbow. [snake. 

3T?F«^^ one feeding on air, a 

3T?Tsrr^<Tl, barometer. 

Tf?Cp"TTI, the night. 

*TlpT«r, the fire. 

3T*TJ1, insane ; crazy, deranged. 

31?^ water. 

3"T<T, a day, occasion, turn, time. 

^T?[Wfa", a large wooden tray. 

3T?re, a bird. 

^TgW, the handle of a weapon. 

5rnri> , a field. 

<J1*n>1, a duck. 

3t?"«l, preventing, forbidding. 

<5T?niF, a string of leather. 

^TT^fafV, the sea. 

3T?T3"$r, 3T3"*TT?ft, a prostitute. 

3TT?T373", ^T^^T^j repeatedly, over 

3"T<3"^1, a plantain. [and over. 

<8T<rw5n, unlucky parts of the day. 

^r^TJj^T^st, 3T<H?R1, a prosti- 

3"T<r<a i l1, a goose ; wasp. [tute. 

?"T<rl?3l, a verandah, a portico. 

SttStwtj Benares. 

^rtTT^?", again, once more. 

3l<rT5R, a water-pot. 

3Tf?, water. 

^T8^f<C^1,^tfe^3?', a water-plant. 

^"Tt^C^tcT, a tortoise* 

*TTf?T'Sr?"5"j water-mill. 

3"Tf?TS?~, aquatic, a fish. 

<Tf?§f, born in water; a lotus; snail* 

?Tt1?^1, an umbrella. 

Tttl^W, water-giving ; a cloud. 

3Tl?f%r, the sea, ocean. 

3"TJT^£, a fountain. 

3l^t, a milk-pail ; elephant-rope. 

3l<ftl>, elephant. 

3"TW*ft? a lunar mansion ; the west; 

3"TW*T, gunpowder. 

3"TC?"3>, once, one time. 

^ft^T ^, over and over, repeatedly. 

^TC<nTT?ft, having twelve doors ; a 

3"T^»J, a wood, a forest, [beggar. 

3"TT55, an aquatic fowl. 

3Tte, ease, health. [niy 4 

31U1, talk, report ; political econo- 

3"T«T3?, ^nfppt, fruit of the egg- 

3"T«fT3"§", one carrying news, [plant. 

Tt^TlR, a spy, emissary. 

^TITRs, an envoy ; a commentary ; 

^"T'vtsi, the rainy season. 
^TT^J, old age, senility. 
^nW, the sea. 
3Tl%^ a string of leather. 
<3"t^i f^"3>, a usurer, money-lender. 
3"f^f *^ rhinoceros. 
flT^TI?, a boat. 
3"f^T> , an aligator. 
^TSr', a cloud. 



?Ttn^Pj annual, yearly. 

<ffTfa'*i1, ;i hailstone. 

^I"5^"57, morality, ethi 

<5T^, 8 child ; hair ; animal's tail. 

TTrf^. a boy, child, infant. 

^T^wct^i. the catechu free, 

*T5Tfa, a tail. 

3"T5PW, having a fever in infam-y. 

^"T^f^n, an infantile fever. 

37«TI, a girl ; a bracelet. 

37*Tf?", a misfortune, calamity. 

3"I?tt3t, the morning sun. 
Z1&, nnexpanded leaf; sand. 

<TTl%^1, a girl under sixteen. 

3"lf%<Tl, Bandy, full of sand. 

3"Tf^*T, a pillow ; childish. 

*I*ft, SI^K-I, sand. 

Ti^t, a crab. 

^IGsn'Jj, a new moon, crescent. 

^"TC^T?, an ass. 

^TTc^, rind. bark. 

3"I5lj3SeTt, a spirituous liquor. 

^T«TJ^, destitute ; a bucket. 

^t^Jll1%, author of the luhnai/ana. 

315^1, 3TT^J^T5T, infancy, boyhood. 

TTsnCaffi, breakfast. 

^•*t, a bambu, pipe, flute. 

<TP*n, a nest. 

^]f*t, fire. 

?CRnn, night. 

^psj, a house ; a cross road ; day. 

^T^J1, stale, fetid, rotten. 

Tf^T, vapour ; a tear. 

3l?T. dwellin 

clothing, dot! 

abode, house j 

: scent, odour, 

*T*ra*, inhabitant, dweller, 

^"T^T 5 , an a88. 

3"WT5?, habitable, inhabitable. 

*T*rc^<i>, night, [to. 

*1*I5i, plate, dish ; being inclined 
7ft W\, desire, wish, will, choice. 
37*rf^3>, a buffoon. 
STTT^, vernal, goddesi of spring. 
^TT^^", <lay ; a snake. 
^T^l, a nest, lodging. 
3W5fan, ii temporary resident. 
3"fflR, perfuming, scenting. 
<TTI%, stale ; clean washed ; an axe. 
^Tf^TS, perfumed, scented, steeped. 
31PT3>, blood. 
TTT^, a female child. 
3"I^3\ real, genuine, true. 
3T3ft^, really, in truth, in reality. 

*rec*T*n, night. 


31^37, fit for a residence, habita- 
3"T^§, the site of a dwelling-house. 
STftSW*, a household god. 
3"W, vapour, steam ; allusion. 
TT^,<T^3>. bearer, conveyor, carrier. 
3T$3«T, *Tg>$^, returning, turn- 
^TSTTS?., a buffalo. [ing back. 
31^, a vehicle, conveyance. 
3T$7T. a cobra. 
^T^HT^t^, grappling; hand to 

hand light. 
Ttft^b an army, legion, a body oi 




troops consisting of eighty- one 
elephants, eighty-one chariots, 
two hundred and forty-three 
horse, and four hundred and five 
foot ; facing. 

Ttf^<r, outside ; external, out. 

^T^, the arm ; a fathom. 

^T^sjrr, the shoulder blade, armpit. 

TTl^r^i, wrestling. 

<|^cu, abundance ; superfluous. 

^I^J, outward, external ; portable. 

3rrejf3p?fl, evacuation, going to 

31^7^3 R, perception of external 

37^7, a stool. [objects. 

ftv 8 ^, twenty. 

1^5f»f, a plait or tail of hair. 

f^cTt, shelled pulse. 

T*f*r, a hole, a piercing, a bore. 

f%m>, expanded, opened out. 

1^T>, frightful, hideous, horrid. 

ft'^'St*, vanity, haughtiness. 

fi<P<i, disease. 

l^^rTST, terrible, frightful. 

t^^^^", the sun. 

1^^, a dart. 

t^sT, out of order, impaired. 

fescfT^", a cripple ; deformed. 

t^ 6 ^, alternative, option ; doubt. 

1^*R, expanding, opening out. 

f^f*R5, expanded as a flower. 

1«^3T, the moon. 

fi^pr, selling, vending, being sold. 

t^^t^Tj alteration for the worse. 
f^PT^wrsr, a change from the 

state of health. 
t^T^fj, capable of deterioration. 
t^T*f, afternoon. 
f^^rfrr, display, expansion. 
t^1^?r, funeral cake scattered for 

the friendless. 
t^t<3"«l,, scattering, sprinkling. 
1^t«f, scattered, spread about. 
t^"<r»r, the moon. 
t^fej^l, the nose. 
I^rs, altered, distorted, spoiled. 
1^1%, change, distortion, 
t^^j, attracted, drawn. 
t^iP^, various, multiform. 
ft3S$, young of an elephant. 
t^^^T, power, valour, prowess. 
t^^<r, selling, sale. 
fep'RJ, valiant, heroic, powerful, 
ft^t, selling, sale. 
ft^te, sold. 

t^^tf^S, played, having played. 
ftcSpSl, a seller, vendor. 
f^C^"?^ saleable, fit for sale. 
f^F<ar, struck with fear, surprise 

&c. ; bewildered. 
fe>T€, fatigued, exhausted, faint, 
f^fttT, shrivelled ; old ; moist. 
■Rc^f, dampness, pus, purulent 

ft^$, a wound, a bruise. 
ftWTF} sound, noise, 

n^f$, agitated, dial trrbed, anxious. 
frc<P*f, throwing; distress of mind. 
fcWT"^, agitation, anxiety, care. 
ft-*r, fa««f, r-jij, fiat noeed. 
ft-afi^TI, discord in music. 
fr-aTjT, a thief. 

f^-srjns, renowned, celebrated. 
f^nM*, Bpeaking well of. 

£Nf, flat Hosed. [worst;. 

f^srs^r, deteriorating, getting 

ftsfyR, spoiled, vitiated, im- 
ftsfei, an adversary, enemy, foe. 
ft*W, paying off a debt. 
f^STS, past, gone, extinct ; a span. 
frsflT, departure, separation, [ing. 
t^iT5«i, censoring, vilifying, abus- 
ftsff^ns, fallen, dishevelled, loose. 
t^^fR, reproach, censure. 
fc«TTC, B bath. 

ftsfta, censured, vilified, abused. 
f%$q. worthless, injurious. 
f$*tJ, secret, concealed, 
t^tsrre, disorder, confusion. 
frfT^", war ; an idol ; the body. 
ft*ri>^, unfortunate event. 
t%"33), a span. 
1^"5I*T, food, meal. 
ft"5Tl, a bighd, nearly J of an acre. 
1^"Srr5, obstacle, detriment. 
^W, a whirlpool, whirlwind, 
ftlf, obstacle ; repulse, danger. 
fil(<rTSf, Ganesha. 



l^^T 6 !, odour, smell ; smelling. 

frsy, hoof of a hoi 

t^5^«l, learned, clever, skilful. 

rts^s. blind, perplexed. 
fts<R, search, investigation. 
ftsfwsri, the itch, a ringworm. 
ft&ef, deviation, irregularity. 
ft"5f^"5, dislocated, unsteady. 
ft5T3", investigation, judgment. 
w5T<r^ ; a judge, investigator. 

t^ST^, judging, investigating. 
etM3"^£, a rule for judging. 
frsT^fj, worthy of investigation. 
ft"5T*r, intervening, interval. 
f^TTSTt, straw. 
ftf5. a wave ; the testicles. 
ftn>f%**T1 , doubt, error ; uncouth. 
frfFS, inquired after, sought for. 
ftf54, variegated, gaudy ; surpris- 
13t535T, insensible. [ing. 

t^r.^jTs, averse, absent minded. 
fe>1§>3, carefully sought. 
f^"5§r*?T3>, a temple. 
faf^fe, excision, destruction'. 
ft PS>^, severed, separated, cleft. 
fttWff, severing, separation. 
f^"*t, t^^^t, a kind of nettle. 
t^S'R', sprinkling, strewing, 

f^1, a scorpion, centipede. 
ft^R, spreading out, laying down, 
ft5T*1, a bed, rug, carpet. 
ftwtf, solitary, lonely, private, 




^^t^T^T, birth, growth. 

•ftn^Tl, a bastard ; illegitimate. 

•ftltfpfsj, mud, mire. 

ft®?, victory, triumph. 

j%®?1, Durgd. 

ftsn&t, victorious § a conqueror. 

ft®*rt, lightning. 

ft®*"**', chit-chat, story. 

ft®T$, base-born ; bastard. 

ft®l1%, a different species. 

ft®"^?",. of other caste, unnatural. 

ftf®. bent, crooked. 

ftf®sftTl, emulation, rivalry. 

ftfsftffa, desirous of victory. 

fjafliST, mixed with rice-water. 

ft®W«1, yawning. 

ftt®3l, a conqueror, a victor. 

ft^t*T, a dart. 

a shell, a cover. 

ftsgffifal, lac. 

ft^s, clever, learned, intelligent. 

ft^Sl, cleverness, wisdom. 


ft^tS, known, understood. 

ftSJrTl, one informed. 

ft^aR, practical knowledge. 

ftHT^R, informing, advertising. 

t^^T^Rt, a report. 

ftGOT,comprehensible, cognisable. 

ftfrfcT^t, a line, series. 

ftT>, excrement ; a scoundrel. 

ftl>^r, a pigeon-box. 

ftt?f, a branch, a twig ; profligate. 

ftl>*?t, a tree. 

ft^c^fti? t^r, vicious, unprincipled. 

ftffrsr* 8 !, ftv5, black salt. 

ftfi>, sandal wood. 

ft^, talkative, garrulous. 

ftl^r, confused, disconcerted. 

ft\5, a salt. 

ft ^1^1, affliction, distress, pain, 

ft\5"l, a sheaf ; a porter's pad. 

ft^T?"^, R^TcT, a cat. 

ft\5fc ; T ; 5' 5> f"3ft, a hypocrite, 

ft^ft^ muttering, mumbling. 

ftl?^, deformed, distorted, ugly. 

ft\ ftw, knowing, versed in. 

ft\5\, a detailed account. 

ft$31 discussion, refutation, [ment. 

ft"5$, stretched ; stringed instru- 

ft$<*T, false, untrue, unsubstantial. 

ftv5«3"«l, giving, distributing. 

1%$<?, doubt, inquiry, reasoning. 

1%^^, an altar, a terrace or plat- 

■j%3cT, one of the infernal regions, 

f*T5l%, a span. 

ft^T^T, an awning, warp of cloth. 

1%^^, displeased, dissatisfied. 

f%\jp$l, having slaked the thirst ; 
dislike, aversion. 

ft^^1, distaste, satiety, dislike. 

fts, wealth, property, substance. 

ft€*Tft>J, miserliness, stinginess. 

f^ftj investigation 5 faculty ; pro* 
fit ; probability. 


f%*3S"*f, impudent, audacious. 

^T3>i, affrighted, terrified. 

^tiiTT, fear. 

f3^, one acquainted with a thing. 

ftVR, a bull. 

fcsr?r, a thief, 

t^W, a Learned man. 

ftTO, clever, Bagacious; amorous ; 

a humorous person. 
finftiT, a devotee. 
t^pf^r, a man of Learning. 
frff^r, of an opposite party. 
fetfl, a harrow, rake ; sense, in- 
ft"»?T?, leave to depart, [telligence. 
ftpfT?", flood, swelling of water. 
fain?" 8 !, tearing, Lacerating. 
fe»rT?F, a species of lizard. 
f*ffiN?, intermediate point. 
^#""5, known, acquainted with. 
fawK, torn, lacerated, split, cleft. 
1%^^, censorious ; a detractor, 
fatf^, a l earne ^ woman. 
ftCTT*T,foreign land, remote district. 
R"C**ft, a foreigner, a stranger. 
f%^i, pierced, perforated, split, hit. 
fes'esr, fijie?", very learned. 
f^TIR, learned, intelligent, 
ftf^, an enemy, a foe. 
ftf?i&, hated, maltreated. 
ftc^R, enmity, malice, hatred. 
ftc^>l, a malignant enemy. 
f^fjTTfs-, present, existing, extant. 
fTOl, science, art, literature. 



Hi n j I 'i I $r, school, academy, college, 
finflT**, ffltfJlM, renowned for 

Rl Hj I *r I v& l,tutor, teacher, instructor. 
fawiVJj, an order of demigods. 
fafrJT^pT, learned, erudite, ed 

RWJT'»Jt?T, gaining knowli 
f5TWJT?rN?r, a school. 
U*rj|vff, Btudious ; a student. 
finul»uf, school, academy, college. 
f%PfM*> lightning. 

fr^jftj light, a Bnnheam, energy. 
RJnslTI, forked lightning. 
f^TCPfJTT, splendour, glare, light. 
f^TTF, a hole, a cavity. 
t^5^", flight ; intellect ; censure. 
ftjlTT, oozing, leaking. 
frjT?^, pursuing a flying enemy. 
t^3".3, liquified, melted ; fled. 
f^Sisr, coral ; a fabulous tree. 
R^^f, malicious moc'king, jeer. 
f^*ft, jeering ; a jester, mocker. 
fejnr, malevolence, malice. 
f^Sf, fasfl, a kind, manner, rule. 
f^^ra^r, shaking, quaking. 
t^Tl, a widow. 
ftsd""5ST, heterodoxy, irregularity. 
R*<TTTI, governor, sovereign ruler. 
RSfR, rule, regular form, law. 
ft*fH3>, pain, distress. 
ftsfR^s, legislator, a prescriber. 
fc<fT?Tl ; bad habit, ill conduct. 




ftf*T, authoritative rule or order ; 

a ruler. 
ftfSra"*, according to precept. 
f^*T, the moon ; camphor. 
f^"*T5, agitated, sifted, ventilated. 
t^Sf^nf, Bdhu, the ascending node. 
j%*R7T, agitation, trembling. 
1^5^^, shaking, quaking, 
f^^destitute, distressed, afflicted. 
1^^, upheld, sustained, propped. 
f3TC*f¥, proper, just. 
R^ 3 ^ destruction, disrespect. 
f^$, bowed down, humble. 
t^^f%, 1%^¥, humility, entreaty. 
faR'tf?", destructible, perishable, 
fa^, destroyed, damaged, 
fasfi, except, without, beside, 
fa^fa, plaiting the hair. 
f^rrT^T, false or assumed name. 

f^rrsfl, a shoe, boot. 


f^[T<I3>, Ganesha, Garura; hum- 
t3"^T<TTC?T, without difficulty, easily. 
t^f*f, destruction, ruin, loss. 
t^n*T^, destructive ; destroyer. 
t^T*ft, destroyer. 
t^TC^TFW, almost destroyed. 
1%aT*n, destructible, perishable. 
f^TTT^* involuntary, unwilling. 
I^f^sfsr^s, conclusive, decisive. 
t^l^spSRI, decisive argument ; 

decision, conclusion. 
f^f^Tj, unclosed, opened. 
faf^*(T5, a fall, downfall, calamity. 

t^f^s, desisted, forborne, accom- 
plished, finished. 

f^f^5r<r 5 barter, exchange, requital. 

ftrt^nrfrf, appointment, installing. 

f%f^«i¥, certainty, assurance. 

f%f^^5, driven by misfortune. 

f^rf^Tf-ar, averse, unwilling. 

f^rt^s^, destroyed. 

6#f5F% placed, established. 

ft^fa, humble, unassuming. 

fesRSl, a ruler, instructor. 

t^C^"?, docile, tractable, humble. 

kk*U*r, joy, happiness, sport. 

ft"*J, a drop, dot, point, spot. 

f^R, piercing, perforating, boring. 

t^^ft, piercing, boring ; the colic. 

f^P*f, moon. 

t^", decided, adjudged. 

t^^J^, placed in order, deposited. 

I^JJPT, an array, arrangement. 

t^*T^, ripe, matured ; twisted. 

f^*W, hostile ■, an enemy. 

t^*T«l, sale, contract of sale. 

ft*Tfc|, a shop, market, stall. 

f^*T«lt, a shop-keeper. 

f^T*ffe> adversity, misfortune. 

t^^foT, a wrong way, evil course. 

ft*f Jf, ft*T«>, sad condition, mis- 

1%*f^, fallen into adversity. 

f^"*1"5^5,opposed, contrary, reverse. 

t^^^fj^T, contrariety ; uncommon. 

ft*r$fJT*f, a false assumption.. 




fa*ff»5*, learned, wise, 

fa *fl?p,maturity, unexpected result. 

fa*flfc, ft dart, an arrow. 

fa*TTfit^i, a blister on the foot. 

faf*R, B WOOd, forest, thicket. 

fa*J*r, abundant, much, plentiful. 

fa ITT, rtv, l> rushes, 

fa£f. a brahman, 

faSJ^T, reproached, censnred. 

fa£f^1%, abuse, contumely, insult. 

fa"2f<£3j, distant, inferior, bad. 

fagff%*ff5, objection, opposition. 

fagfHSfa^i, prohibited, prevented. 

fa£ft%*tt?, repentance, remorse. 

faSJ^W, opposite, contrary. 

fa£f?rT 9 T, speaking adversely, dis- 
putation, wrangling. 

fa£f?T«l, departure. 

faf£T?, disliked, disesteemed. 

fa£j5^ , a particle of liquid. 

faTp5f, vain, fruitless. 

faw, expanded, open, blown. 

fa^»1, a desire to speak. 

fa?^, one desirous of speaking. 

fa^HT^, quarrelsome, litigious. 

fa^"<r, a hole, burrow, cave. 

fa**" 6 !, description, narrative. 

fa^Bsfr, relinquishing, deserting, 

fa?«f, discoloured, blushing, pale. 

fa^lf, dancing, whirling ; an error. 

fa**!, not under control, weak. 

ft"5*R, fa^3, naked, unclothed. 
p 2 

fa*r^Tsr, the sun. 

fa^rfas, a judge, an investigator. 

fa?Tf<f, dispute, controversy. 
fa^PT, banishment; unclothed, 
fa^T?", wedding, marriage. 
fa*rTf5"5, married, wedded. 

f%3l37, marriageable; a bride- 
groom, [discriminating; pure. 
flrfasr, solitary, lonely, deserted ; 

t%fa"<r, various, diverse, sundry, 
fact's, a pasture ground. 
fa^T, a god, a deity, a philosopher. 
fa|^5, detailed, amplified, expanded. 

fajr%, narration, exposition, glos- 

faf G, revolving, whirling, rolling. 

fat3"3», discernment, judgment ; 

faC3"3^, an ascetic ; discriminating. 

faC3"53>, thoughtful, judicious. 

faW55(1, consideration, reflection. 

fac^SJ, worthy of consideration. 

faC3"TF, a bridegroom, husband. 

fawT*f, wakefulness, vigilance. 

fa^i, involved in trouble, distressed. 

falfvR". one who talks improperly. 

fa«<r, divided, allotted, [perty. 

fa"5 IrSF, born after division of pro- 

fasf^F, division ; termination. 

fa"»BR, dividing, sharing. 

fa^s*, eminence, grandeur, wealth, 

fas', brilliancy, lustre, beauty. 

fas"^", the sun, fire. 




t^tsf. part, share ; dividing, dis- 
I^JlWSl, divisibility, [tributing. 
f^UhS, blazing up, glowing ; dawn, 

daybreak, morning, 
t^"®!^, awakening of a feeling. 
t^Sfasn, perception ; discussion, 
t^^l^^t, night; turmeric; a harlot. 
t^Sl^TI, alternative, option, [ful. 
f^ I'PTJ.spoken, expressed ; doubt- 
f^T'T, light, lustre, splendour ; a 

tune in Hindu music. 
t<f%^,divided, separated, different, 
t^^t^ci, frightful, terrific ; a reed. 
1<"#tlX^1, fiightening. 
f^tftf^l, fear, object of terror, 
t^"®. omnipresent ; God. 
f^^f%, affluence, property, glory ; 

ashes. [tion. 

1^"^T«i, t^^Tl, ornament, decora- 
1^|R5, upheld, sustained, held. 
"RtC"®^. separation, distinction. 
f^c-wid, foolish, demented, crazy. 
t^^, a supporter. 
1^»sr, an error ; beauty ; whirling. 
t^»sn, old age. [ment. 

1^»Tl>, emergency, embarrass- 
f^sT^. mistaken. 
TtiTl;, of a different opinion, averse. 
f^"Si1%, disinclination, disapproval. 
f<UTT^, absent in mind, perplexed. 
f^"'sr<r. exchange. [bing. 

f«Tp*^. grinding, triturating, rub- 
t^*r*fa, consulting, discussing. 

t^"TT^ distressed, downcast, sad. 
1^"5lrT. clean, pure, transparent. 
t?"5J"i, insurance against loss. 
f^T31, a stepmother. 
"f^TTt^r, a car of the gods, a carnage 

that passes in the air. 
t^"5Tt^f, a wrong road, evil course. 
t^»RF ; liberated, emancipated. 
f^srf^, liberation, emancipation. 
t^fsr-?!", averse, turning away from. 
t^"sr3ff, fascinated, infatuated. 
I^Jg, gay, smiling. 
R^*TJ, RT^I, thoughtfully. 
ftOT^q, deliverance, salvation. 
f^CSTT^Flj a liberator, deliverer. 
t^CSTTT?^", releasing, liberating. 
^"CSTT^, fascination, stupefaction. 
t^TT%, spouting up, gushing, [ble. 
t^", planet's disk, reflection ; bub- 
ft W, disc round the sun or moon. 
I^T? 5 mustard seed. 
t^, the betle-nut, (Areca catchu). 
t^Wf%, red lips. 
f^TET^, a kite. 
t^<r<s., the sky, firmament. 
R?T^f%, darkness. 
R?5T, giving birth, calving. 
f^f^T, plaited hair. 
1%<I^Tf?T, the sun. 

t%*rir, government of the passions. 
TTSIT3, shameless. 
t^^lF, separated, disunited. 
t^C?! 1 ^, disjunction, separation. 




f^C*it"Fj ill-tnatcbed, uneven, [to. 
f*t?T"?F, displeased, annoyed, averse 
f3"3"5^. composing, compiling, con- 

t^^"&TS, pasi menstruation. 
t^<T*i. a species of grass, (Andro- 

pagon Mnricatus). 
t^^"i, ceased, desisted, stopped. 
f^3"?f, retired, private) lonely, rare. 
f?t^. insipid, vapid, ill-flavoured, 
1^3"^", separation, painful absence. 
fTT^T^T, disrelish, indifference. 
f^T's'ft, disgusted, disrelishing. 
f?r<rTifl, splendour, lustre, beauty. 
f%"^rT®f^rT^r, brilliant, conspicuous. 
f?7TT^ , gigantic, enormous; a 

province of ancient India. 
f3"<TT s Tt, an elephant. 
t^<TT"<rJT, a disease. 
f?<rre, a sound, noise. 
f^TTT, rest, repose, stopping. 
t^^T^T, a cat. 

■Rrf??F, purging, evacuation. 
t%f?TO, Brahmd, Vishnu, Shiva. 
f^f?3\, voice. 

fc?^, contrary, opposed, absurd. 
ftl51>, germinated, sprouted. 
f??i*f, deformed, ill-shaped. 
1^?5f*f^, Ugly, deformed. 
f?C<r*P, diarrhoea, purging. 
fcc<3"5^. purgative, cathartic. 
1%C3~r*F, a hole, a cavity. 
PTC3TT5*, the sun, moon, fire. 

firc^Ttf, dissension, quarrel, strife. 

ftsr, hole ; marsh, shallow I 

TTOvq, conspicuous, excellent. 

facT^ej', a present al a shrdddha. 

wT?f, unconnected, irrelevant. 

fr^gsi^r, overstepping, transj 

frsrssf, impudent, immodest, [ing. 

ft£T*r, allotting, dealing out, dis- 
tributing, [moaning. 
f^^R, Lamenting, bewailing, be- 
f^c^j, delay, procrastination.' 
R^^F, prodigality. 
fr?T<T, destruction, dissolution, 
ftrj^f?, a serpent. 
ftcnT^, lamentation, mourning. 
^"cfT^T; a machine, an engine. 
t^T*T, merry enjoyment, sport. 
t^lf*!^, woman, a publican. 
f^c~pfT, merry, sportive, wanton. 
f^f^f-tfT, striped, marked with 

f3"?f!', division, allotment, assigning. 
RrfiiT, dissolved, melted, extinct. 
f^5T3f, effaced, destroye 1. 
ft*[t%"5, shaking, moving. 
T^CriT3>, private, apart, defunct. 
ftCwfTSW, viewing, inspection. 
fac^TTS*, the eye. 
ftc*TT5^, stirring up. churni 

Rudlii, against the grain, reverse, 
frcsn'srei, of irregular birth. 
t^C^TT^T, fickle, inconstant. 




ftc*Tf®Rj swinging, vibrating, 

t^W, a circular basin round the root 

of a tree for the purpose of 

watering it. 
f^"^, the wood-apple. 
^cnt^X, a swarm, shoal. 
•f^T^f, bold, fearless, secure. 
ft*P£T>, large, enormous. 
fi"*n?, pure, clean. 
f^TO^I, a hamlet. 

f<r«nr, doubt. 

flr K T?r, destruction. 
f%*tcTj, free from pain, at ease. 
f^PiS", killing, destroying. 
7%*tT<J, without branches, lopped. 
f<T*TH1., sixteenth lunar mansion. 
flPTf^TW, learned, eminent, clever. 
f^flffT* great, large, extensive. 
f%f*T<f, uncrested ; arrow, needle. 
ftf*r*T, a house. 
f^f*T^j, invested with, genteel. 
f*rf*N&3l, superiority, gentility. 
t^f*T37, requiring to be discrimi- 
l^^i. cleansed, rectified, [nated. 
f^5l%5 purity, holiness, correction. 
f^j^, purgative, cathartic. 
"pfJ^fffT, disorderly, irregular. 
f?TC*ra', peculiarity, difference, de- 
tail ; peculiar, special, different. 
t^TT^, characteristic, attributive. 
f*TC*ra'«l, attribute, an adjective. 
ftrc*f^5s, especially, particularly. 

t%G*T37, distinguishable ; a noun. 
fc*TT^, free from grief or sorrow. 
f%C*tTS^C, consoling, comforting. 
fe*ft*R, purifying, cleansing, cor- 
1%*fc, light, lustre. [recting. 

f^% the universe ; all, entire, 
fjp^^;, a hound ; sound, noise, 
ft^p^h, the sun, a divine artist. 
fip^?F, omnipresent. 
ft^S, everywhere, universally. 
"^"^"ffjNg^ one who goes everywhere, 
t^fatef, Shiva, lord of theuniverse. 
f^HtfsTI, providence. 
fir^^W, fire, sun, moon. 
f^n£RWTtsr? r university. 
I^SfWifl, omniscient, all-knowing. 
1%^JT' p f^, pervading the universe. 
f^"^^^, all-deceptive. 
1^£*5?r, preserver of the world. 
frsf^Tl, the earth. 
^^, air. [prehending all. 

1^?ii*f, assuming all forms, com- 
ft^*T3t?T, rustworthy, trusty. 
1^£f*Tv5, trusted, confided in. 
1%^^". all-creating ; God. 
fat®, believed, trusted, faithful. 
t^^TT, trust, faith, belief. 
t^TTSTT^, treacherous ; a traitor. 
l^tt^T^fsr, ground of confidence. 
I^T'ft, faithful, trustworthy. 
t^T^TJ, worthy of confidence. 
fcsto^T, grant, gift, 
f^rattej, trusted, tranquil, rested. 




f*:*tTS, confidence, trust, hilarity. 
f^sffasr, gift, donation. 
firsfra,rested, refreshed, recovered. 

prafHT, rest, repose, cessation, 
fjraffa. fame, renown. 

fcSt, degraded, reduce. 1, denuded; 
ugly, deformed. 

f%2F3, renowned, celebrated. 

fe?^, disjunction, separation. 

ft^, venom, poison. 

1^35%, a name of Shiva. 

f*f^"f«l, poison, venom, virus. 

f^"3"8. dejected, sad, pensive. 

t^"<T?*. a snake ; venomous. 

f^fc"W7, a charmer of snake-bites ; 
a doctor who administers poison 
as medicine. 

ftX*T. uneven, rough, difficult. 

ft"3"ST§^3\ intermittent fever. 

f^sr^rT^, unhealthy ; want of 

ftTSffiT^T, temerity, rashness. 

f^"?, object, thing, matter, wealth. 

ft^<T*P, relating to, about, concern 

f^?l worldly-wise; secular, [ing. 

f^TC<r, in reference to, about. 

^^■^?T, ft^IC anti-poisonous me- 
dicine, [son. 

t^Ts\. poisoned, mixed with poi- 

f^T 8 !. a horn, tusk, ivory. 

f^TT^, dejection, sadness, regret. 

t^"ST3", a snake. 

f^"3T*T, poisonous, venomous. 

f^r* - , the equinox. 
fa^Rr.^r , the eqnator. 
ft^^, fTO 1 ^, an obstacle, a hin- 
ft^asrT, a hog. [drance. 

ft^W, the universe. 
R^T, a tree ; a Beat ; kusha" grass. 
ffiw, unpaid labour. 
ft%l, dung, ordure, excrement. 
f^^W, the sky. 

ft^Hft, sun's entrance into Tau- 
rus, vernal point. 
f^353l<T, the twang of a bowstring* 
ft"*[, injurious, destructive. 
frfT«1, food. 

fc*ran>, danger, strait, jeopardy. 
j%*T3?5r, complicated, confused. 
fi*n|if, tergiversation, quarrel. 
ft*T<T, all, whole. 
RjT^f, a gift, the letter ( s ). 
f^Tsgfcr, relinquishing, casting off. 
^f*r«ijnioving, extending, spread- 
t^sr, a twig, a brand. [iug. 

i%*n?r, a fish. 

I^TT?" 6 !, expanding, dilating, spin- 
ning out. 

R^Tt?^, extended: axis of a sphere. 

fa*[f53Sl. a disease attended with 
constipation and non-discharge 
of urine. 

t^"*jf?J3, repentance. 

1^5 3f, diffused, extended, spread. 

f^t>, devoted, abandoned, cast off. 

f^^, a tola of gold. 

ft^TT, extensive, much, ample. 
t^Tt"?", width, extent, diameter. 
ft^t<r«l, specifying, enlarging, di- 
ft^tt?^, extended, spun out. 
t^ftcj^ spread out, expanded. 
t^^g^, expanded ; a diameter. 
f^Pf 5 **, tremulous motion, tremor. 
1« ^^ manifest, evident, clear. 
1^*H»t?r> the twang of a bowstring. 
f?T55pf%W, a spark of fire. 
1^C3H»tt><P,-a boil, an abscess. 
1^R<F, astonishment, surprise. 
1^r?r*l , forgetting, oblivion. 
t^CT^f 8 !, deceitf illness, craft. 
t^"f%^, astonished, surprised. 
t^T5, having forgotten, forgetful. 
"R^1%, forgetting, oblivion. 
1^"3TW, trustworthy. 
t^^TW, trust, confidence. 
I^SRI, infirmity, weakness. 
t^^vj, extended, spread. 
f^^TtW, insipidity, ill flavour. 
I^TSf, t^Wsr, a bird ; cloud ; the 
1^X4", separation. [sun. 

f^«"ei , taking a walk ; going about. 
f*Nnl, one engaged in a sport. 
f^^T, gladness, joy, pleasure. 
f$TT?r*T N , the sky, the atmosphere. 
fet?TI, the sky. 
^TT?r, walking about, amusement. 
M^'Tsr, a smile, a jest. 
ftft^ fit, proper, legitimate. 



t^^fa, destitute of, without. 

t^Jcf, bewildered, delirious. 

€t, motion, movement. 

ifa, air ; bird. 

^t^T*T, privacy, solitude. 

Tt^«l, seeing, viewing, perceiving. 

^t^T^^T, wonderful, astonishing. 

<f}5, a seed, kernel, origin. 

^IF3*T1, a seed-plot, seed-bed. 

TH%, a ripple, a wave, billow. 

Th^t, a seed, grain, kernel, origin. 

TtSf, a seed, kernel ; cause. 

ftstfW, algebra. 

TtWf^l, a seed-plot, seed-bed. 

^W*^^. a progenitor, ancestor. 

^tlt 1 ^^"^, pomegranate. 

f^®F3J, the earth. 

Tt^T^?", a seed-sprout, shoot. 

^tlfj, produced from seed. 

7Tt«i1, a lute, guitar. 

^5, gone, past ; tranquil. 

Tt^Tsf, of subdued passions. 

^}f$T, a road, range, terrace, shop. 

^tsf, the skv the air ; pure, refined. 

3TRT"?, the top of a well. 

*t*f1, lightning. 

ifttt, road, way. 

€t*>^*I, abhorrence ; mischievous. 

Tt^T, a hero, warrior ; an actor. 

Tt<T3l, 3^?^, prowess, valour, 

^t^^fQj, a belt, girth, zone. 
€t"^^t«;, chief among heroes. 




€t<rc*ftf*f, a kind of earring. 
?t<r*3W, a distinguished hero. 
^<r"5!<T, heroic conduct. [fire. 
<5^r?"i, a brahman without Bacred 
^rl, a matron, wife and mother. 
TtTlTR, a kneeling posture. 
f^T.^'inr, a chief among heroes'. 
Zttii, valour, might ; Bperm. 
^fafj' r 'R, heroic, energetic, robust. 
7*p , the breast, chest, bosom. 
<T3TF, courageous, undaunted. 
3"3T51, the breast, stomach. 
^snit, powdered BUgar. [gering. 
^tossr, strutting, stalking, swag- 
^ssr, barking as a dog. 
?9f, throwing away, easting away 
VT4W, filling up, closing up. 
^Q"\ft, a bubble ; stu ted. 
^"§^1? , a bubble, vesicle. 
^L idea, guess, understanding. 
<T^*r, understanding, imagining. 
3TT> , gram . 

^1, small spots on cloth. 
^5^r, sinking, diving, plunging. 
.-JSI, an old man. [person. 

SJt^RI, behaving like an old 
nfts, an inundation ; five gandas. 
?\ft, an old woman. 
^5, known ; Buddha. 
<3T^i, sense, cleverness, sagacity. 
*fWT*, sensible, intelligent. 
3T^f5pT. organs of sense. 
?W, a bubble, vesicle. 

3"<f, a Bage ; the planet Mercury. 
?W?", Wednesday. 
3ffw, wise, learned. 
**f, roof of a tree. 

3^T> , the texture of cloth. 

^7T, sowing ; weaving. 

3M P V 1 , a seedsman, sower ; weaver. 

3";r1, sown, cultivated; woven. 

7»^1. appetite, hunger. 

T5**i1, desire to know, enquiry. 

7??c ; r, an inch. 

TT^ri, a gimlet. 

?[5T^, stroking, touching lightly. 

3"cT v , a sound, voice, word. 

£JT, chaff. 

7^», bosom, breast. 

^\"5"«l, fattening. 

f\f^4rrown,mcreased, nourished, 

3^», a wolf ; a hyena. 

^"^, a tree. 

f^^l, tree-climbing ; a parasite. 

^IF, torn, cut. 

^flW, hair ; sin, wickedness. 

^5, appointed, enclosed, covered. 

3"f%, a screen, covering, enclosure. 

3"q, custom ; metre ; a circle. 

^qT 5 ?, detailed account, history. 

3"fe, pay, allowance, pension. 

3$T1, in vain ; useless, futile. 

^*, (Jld, increased, grown. 

^\35T3>, a raven, crow. 

^<ST*T, old age. 

<f*T^t"> tne thumb, great toe. 




3"f%, growth, increase, prosperity. 

jf^i^tft, a usurer, money-lender. 

^5fJ, increasing, growing. 

^, a stalk, footstalk, a nipple. 

^**r. a heap, quantity, batch. 

<T**rT?"35, a god, an immortal. 

^3F, a thousand millions. 

<T*T, a mouse. 

jf*^ a centipede, scorpion. 

^, a bull, an ox, sign Taurus. 

5^^j a "biill ; pre-eminent. 

<p51T, support, prop. 

JS"5T, a Shudra ; lowest caste. 

fCSteJuf, offering of a bull at a 

^W, rain. [shrad. 

?&*>, large, great, huge, immense. 

^T^Pft%, the planet Jupiter. 

<p^f^3"tT, Thursday. 

WS?r1, detail of particulars. 

C?fe, a bend, curvature. 

C3^,a shoot, sprout; an ichneumon. 

C^W?1, dwarfish, short, diminutive. 

rf?J1, without tail, tailless. 

WSf, impulse, rapidity, eagerness. 

WJfyi, spoiled, marred, damaged. 

W^R", rapid, swift, impetuous. 

C^rsffl?", a mule. 

WW, fruit of the egg-plant. 

W#f^rl, purple. 

C%W, a frog. 

CZW\ left-handed. 

WVT§t, a tadpole, young frog. 

W&^r, selling, vending. 

W5f^?1, a seller, vendor, salesman. 

W^t, mongoose, ichneumon. 

WT>1, a son ; a low fellow. 

Wt>t, a daughter. 

OT,a vagrant, widower ; a purse. 

WT>Jl, a string, cord, rope. 

W^T, a cloak, overall, mantle. 

C&§ 9 enclosure, circumference. 

W^, surrounding, encircling. 

W\51, a fence, hedge, enclosure. 

Wv$T^, going out, walking about. 

W$t, fetters, pair of tongs. 

W«i 1 , a kind of grass, khasMas. 

wf*l$Tl, a money-changer, grocer. 

W«?t, a braid of hair, a queue. 

C3"«i, a pipe, flute, bambu. 

W«l3T, one who plays on the flute. 

OTR, black pepper. 

W3, a cane, rattan, switch. 

W$3 an elephant. 

WS^r, wages, salary, fee, stipend. 

W^T^r. a demon, fiend, goblin. 

Wq1, versed in, acquainted with. 

W3i, a cane, ratan, switch. 

WW, the Veda ; science. 

WW**1, pain, ache, distress. 

WWIT31, mystical prayer. 

WTf^R, grammar. 

WJR7PT, the sage Yydsa. 

WWS, gold. 

C^TfTW, the six sciences appendant 
on the Vedas, viz., the formation 
and arrangement of ideas, logic, 




grammar, a knowledge of tech- 
nical terms, astronomy and pro- 

C^rT**, one of the six schools of 
philosophy, usually called the 

C?rwT3\ a chameleon, lizard. 

C3"fa\ an altar, mound, seat. 
Cstff'3<rj, perceptible, ascertainable. 
C*r$\y versed in, familiar with. 
C^TCWTSF, mentioned in the Veda*. 
C3"WJ. capable of being known. 
CPU, a tribe of nomadic Indians. 
C^*f, a perforation, a hole ; a link. 
C?tR, perforating, piercing, boring. 
C3"*fl, ah excavation, a wound. 
CWT, a trembling, tremor, quake. 
C3"*T<*J", shaking, quaking. 
W*TTT> tt&de ; profit. 
C3"<T3>, camphor. 
C^rT, the Bel fruit ; a garden. 
C^^T^T?", a surgeon's lancet. 
C7»T^, a paste-pin, rolling-pin. 
C75TI, hour, time, late hour. 
C7*TJ1, sandy ; a kind of fish. 
C^T, garb, disguise, pretext. 
W*»^5"I, embellishment, dress. 
C*T*T?r, a nose-ring ; a mule. 
C^T, a house, dwelling, abode. 
C^*TTI, a bad woman, prostitute. 
W??", a mule. 
CZ'w, birdlime, size, gum. 
<T^3>^, surrounding, encircling. 

C3"f3^, surrounded. enCOmpa 
C^"*^, water, drinkable. 
C3TT^, a Bon-in-law'e father, 

C^TT, BhameleSS, impudent. 

C^"5"T?ri, a palankeen-bearer. 
W3"f^1, a violin, a fiddle. 

t*, except, besides, else, unless. 
fotffw, a jeweller. 
t?3>cnj, discomposure, agitation. 
fepT^, the afternoon ; evening. 
14*1*1), evening offering to an idol. 
fo^>, Vishnu's paradise. 
t^^U, transformation, deformity, 
tar^^l, discomposure, agitation. 
ft"g«lj, hostility, unpropitiousness. 
fol>^«i7, skill, tact, proficiency. 
fof5HJ, wonderful, 
t^li^, last month of pregnancy. 
t?^f <I3T, ft banner ; kind of garland. 
t<rf©^, the soul, a sprout, a germ. 
fol>1, an oar. 

t^£3>, assembly ; hooka-bottom. 
t^T^fe 5 , deceitful, hypocritical. 
fo"3\f*i^, a seller of meat. 
t^^Tj, falsehood. 
?3"sft3>, a hired labourer, hireling. 
t3"^"«i7, the Hindu Styx. 
t3^5Tf^3>, a bard, troubadour; a 
fc^i^J, disrelish, disgust, [wizard, 
fcw, relating to the J'cdas, a 

learned man. 
fo^fSfi, skill, sharpness, wit. 
tT5rg", a sarcasm, a joke. 




trfiN? , versed in the Vedas. 

fawWJ, learning, science, wisdom 

fowwj, lapis laznli. 

t^CWf*f?P, foreign ; a foreigner. 

t^tfJ, a physician, doctor. 

t<TWJ^, medical ; a physician. 

fosf, lawful, rational, enjoined. 

fosf37, widowhood. 

fossP&J, heterodoxy, atheism. 

t^C^H", ignorant, foolish, idiotic. 

t^TCS?T, a name of Garura. 

t^=TTf*t^, transient, momentary 

fo^T^S], contrariety, hostility. 

fafhn, sons having the sam£ 
mother hut different fathers. 

^T*J^T, abundance, plenty. 

^T^fVf^, a dealer in rice. 

t*Rr«!T, discoloration, tarnishing. 

t^3Tf^, nuptial ; also see C3"§;ft;. 

fo^3", eminence, grandeur, wealth. 

fosTTC^JTT, a stepmother's son. 

t^^Tjj aversion, a turning from. 

tsC5T?T, exchange, barter. 

t3"<rsf J, inutility, uselessness. 

t^"<TT^^"«!, a grammarian. 

t^^>, pertaining to morning. 

t^"?T, enmity, hostility, emulation. 

t^^lFJ, aversion, displeasure. 

7^3" vT, not related. [clity. 

t^<"^T, disagreeable taste, insipi- 

t3"<rrsft, one who is free from 
worldly attachments, a mendi- 
cant, ascetic. 

t^TTtsfJ, stoicism, unsecularity. 

fo"<ft, an enemy, a foe, adversary. 

t?f?T5l, enmity, hostility. 

focf^qj, alteration, variation. 

t^w^PJ, shame, wonder. 

fo"*T3r, right, privilege. 

foTW, the first Hindu month. 

t"3"f*T^I, urbanity ; validity. 

t^C^f^, a system of philosophy. 

fo*tJ, the third or merchant caste 
of Hindus. 

fo^ftrer, fire, the god of fire. 

forsrj, unevenness, inequality. 

t^1%^, relating to the affairs of 

fcr5I3\ a votary of Vishnu, [life. 

T3"?R. sitting down, taking a seat. 

t^TfH fish. 

t^r^tR^, a buffoon. 

C^ftFl, a scoundrel; rude, impudent. 

C^T^I.. C^"!^ a stalk, stem, nipple. 

Wfasi, a blockhead, numskull. 

C3"tW,C^T3fl, a load, burden, pack- 

C3"Wr^\ a cargo, lading, burden. 

C3"l3T|"37, a porter, one with a load. 

C^l¥l, a female servant. 

WKS>, betel-nut. 

C3TS, boa constrictor. 

C3TW, black alluvial earth ; damp. 

C^tWl, ill-tasted, ill-flavoured. 

C3"T^Tl, intelligent, shrewd, astute. 

WT*r1, mental impression, idea. 

C3"T*T^, knowing ; signifying. 



< ■?■ 

CT[*f^\ causing to know, under- 

Btand or guess. 
C3"WT5t$, past comprehension. 
CTITT^, intelligent, acnte, wise. 
C7Tf%3. declared ; vigilant, wary. 
C7171, dumb, speechless. 
c 7 T<r. an ornament for the waist. 

CSnr^f^j a mat. 

C7T7'\, a sack, bag. 

c^t^t, CTfsft, Bpeech. 

CTf?VTI, C9T*£51, a wasp, a hornet. 

c^Tfvsr, a ship. 

CZ\. daughter-in-law. 

C*\% a Jain, a Buddhist. 

TJ\ K T^. a mountain. 

77\*HP, cunning, deceitful. 

7JsF. manifest, evident, distinct. 

73?7F, a person, ease in grammar. 

WSFll, 7lf^^S 9 individuality, 

73 $T. eager, zealous, ardent. 
TJWT, activity, bustling effort. 
7)> . ircasm, pun ; a frog. 

7TC3FJTRF, witty saying, sarcasm. 
73Tr«, a fan, a winnow. 
77^3>, indicative, expressive. 
73^* , mark, consonant ; sauce. 
73-^'. figurative style, irony. 
7j1%3»7\. calamity ; reciprocity. 
73r%3 5 's:. variation, deviation. 
77t%^T^. reversed, inverted. 
73r32J% annoyed, troubled, vexed. 
73f%77^. vexed, perplexed. 

^jfrf?" 7 ? 7 . except, without, bee 
ajQl<I '-. exception, separation. 
73T3C7<T'T < making excepl 
^"jl3>75F, mutual agre ment. 
7jfj5"T7. reciprocal action, barter. 
73 ; 5t$ ) passed, excepted, interdicted. 
7J "i?*fT"5, portentous calamity. 
7j~S3~, variation, deviation. 
7J9T3>, painful, troublesome. 
T/jsp, pain, ache, smai-t, distn 
7jfa"3, pained, distressed, hurt. 
7J77, bow-string. 

7J''#, wrong way. 

?TJ*fCW*r, pretence, fraud; a name, 

77*fCTOl, impostor; denominator. 

73*fT«<, destruction. 
7K*fW>, desire, particular request, 
73C*T5, opposed, contrary, hostile. 
^■j^-^.riTr. subtraction. 
TlT/CTHf, dividing, cutting up. 
7J7<fT^, a partition, interval. 
7J7*fl. 737*iT<T, occupation, trade, 

737V, a law, statute, rule. 
737 3 £P', a court of law. 
TJT/fT^f^legislator, judge, lawyer. 
7J<W^R, legislating, enacting. 
7J7"^3, decreed, enacted, fixed. 
7J7$;7efi<J, according to custom. 
7J7^T?", usage, conduct, practice. 
4j4rI<i>w, acquainted with usages. 
7,7S"T7J, fit for use, customary. 
7J7i"T3. interposed, parted. 




<OT^3, usual, in practice, used. 
3Tjf^5t?T, fornication, straying. 
^jf%Fl1?^t, an adulteress, a jilt. 
37<r, outlay, expenditure. 
37iI3»T$3", penurious, stingy. 
3Tf?<£&, niggardly, miserly. 
^j$*TtcT, lavish in expense. 
3"jsf$1, uselessness, fruitlessness. 
37«*ff ^^,rendered useless, nullified. 
^J^t?P, ill-mannered, offensive. 
37?R, alarm, trouble, crime, vice. 
3TJ*Rt, unfortunate, vicious. 
37"$, fidgety, busy, anxious. 
STJT^?'*!, grammar. 
^"JT^T?", deformity, distortion. 
^Jt^t 6 ), scattered. 
^"JT^cT, distracted, bewildered. 
«OT*pTv51, distraction, anguish. 
3jT^5. deformed, distorted. 
^■Jt^1%, distortion of the body. 
^■JtC^T^T, expanded. 
<UWI, explanation, eulogy. 
37T«*rj"P5,stated, explained, extolled. 
^JT<DT^", explaining, stating. 
37t"?lT$, obstacle, stop, disappoint- 
371^, a tiger. [ment. 

^JT^J, a cat. 

3TTU, artifice ; overplus ; delay. 
3"JT^, a carnivorous animal. 
?TJe, spread, extended. 
^iTffR", gaping, opening wide. 
^JT*T, a huntsman, fowler. 

3Tf*Ttsr, the thunder. [leprosy. 
3TTf*r, a disease, malady, sickness, 
3"JTf*T$, diseased, sick, ill. 
^JT^T, one of the five vital airs. 
3XM"^, pervading ; impudent. 
37T*f^51, diffusion ; impudence. 
37?fW, death, danger. 
<TJt ,p R, extending, overspreading. 
?Tl*fi|, hurt, deranged, killed. 
<TJr*fTW^", killing, malevolence. 
3"JW?T, affair, business, trade. 
3TJt*Tt?ftj a tradesman ; transacting. 
^"jTf*T<5l, immodest woman, vixen. 
^"JT'pft, pervading, diffusive. 
37T% pervaded, overrun, filled. 
^JT^J, pervadable ; amenable. 
371^3 , isolating, surrounding. 
^"Jt^^tl?^, fit to be practised. 
37Tf ¥, prevented ; averse. 
^"JT^, a fathom, two yards. 
3TMJSS, afflicted, sick, pestered. 
3"JtCiTfc, illness, malady, trouble. 
^TtCTTT^. afflictive; a nuisance. 
3Tf?F5, spread wide. 
^TJWsr, athletic exercise ; exertion. 
^TJtoT, a snake, a wild beast. 
^7t«TSft^, a snake-catcher, 
^jtcf^^f j a leopard. 
?7j?Tj a celebrated Hindu author 
who arranged the Veda ; exten- 

sion; diameter. 

3TJT*T<F, bewildered, perplexed. 
*ET13F» perplexity ; loneliness. 




^TfrWst, seat of a Pnran-reader. 

7JT"5;"5, smitten, repulsed, alarmed. 
37T5"P?r, articulate suund ; bonmot. 
371^1%, a Baying, 
^K5»ir, inverted order, confusion. 
^J'fT^', opposition; Independence. 
^TR'Sff'c", proficiency; derivation. 

^TR - ^, proficient ; derived. 

^J^^TW^, making proficient. 

^J*T$. deserted, restrained. 

*J3>, stale ; morning. 

*JT>, spread, extended. 

*J3", array of troops in various 
positions, systematizing. 

CT7T<snr, blacksmith. 

C^JT'sr, tlie sky, the firmament. 

C3"JT*r*rT7r, balloon. 

*T5J, the district about Agra. 
J8R, JSiJT, roaming, rambling, 

Jq, a boil, pimple, pustule, ulcer. 
f^, the castor tree. 
3~5, a vow. penance. 
2*5^, cutting, clipping. 
T^Ji. Bramha, the first cause. 
3^fF*rj, state of a religious student. 
^SlfTf, religious student, ascetic. 
<W§Ti^t, a mercenary brahman. 
^^Sin*. knowledge of Brahma. 
<3W J , relat ing t o 13 rah ma ; ] r ish n u . \ 
^^iXT^T. the roof of the mouth. 
JWtWTJ, ghost of a brahnian who ' 
dies unmarried. 

<r^fi*^U, the Brahmaputra river. 
^fiS'Wjl, Bpeech, word. 
?^5fr^mt, a Vedantist. 

^fi^TS, (.'veiling. 

<T5tf?7"^, study of the Vedas, 
^^"35", the crown of tli" head. 
<?W.*H3>, the heaven of Brahma. 
JVJ, first god of the Hindu triad. 
^^)i'3, the universe, the world. 
<^fi!"5T^|\, horse. 

7TZJ, brahman without the thread. 
?TJ%, air. 

JT^ff, kind of marriage : also see 
3T^Ji«l, a brahman. [^^fi3"I^. 

<TT^)«lJ, brah manship. 
<n^H3^", a secular brahman. 
^J^^ife, hour before sunrise. 
<jfr51, modesty, bashfajness, shyness. 
Jtf^T, modest, abashed, bashful. 
JttT, rice ripening after the rains. 
^cfT*!, speaker. 
tjC^TT, fit for the growth of paddy. 

^^T. a buffalo. 
^\F, the foot ; a lighter- boat, 
^f *T, form, shape ; a mark. 
^s\, devoted o, pious ; boiled rice. 
^<rWT*f, a mercenary servant. 
vlr^^ci, kind to adherents. 
Be^t^^cT, a hypocrite, pretended 
^fe 1 , faith, devotedness. [friend. 
^"iFji, a dancing-boy, buffoon. 
^^^, an eater. 




^pc», eating; a meal. 

^w«it<r, ^WJ, eatable, fit for food. 

^^Jc-T^", a pastry-cook. 

^9f. glory, beauty, vigour ; the 
female organ of generation. 

^<>T*h<", fistula in ano. 

^sf^. divine, glorious. 

^^TTR, G-od ; illustrious, beautiful. 

^ofsRt, a sister. 

^wff, broken, fractured, defeated. 

^sfTVT, a fractional part. 

^trT*r, disappointed, hopeless. 

TS^t, a sister. 

^WT<ft, a gadfly. 

W^j broken; breach; interruption. 

vW^, breaking, defeating. 

^>3F£fa"«l, brittle. 

^^TRl. turmeric. 

^sf^W, sports and dalliance. 

JwfW'srlj ^W^, hint ; gesture, atti- 

^jf?", bent, crafty ; bend of a river. 

^Ǥj^, adoration, worshipping. 

^»SWI, religious worship. 

^©3Tt«r, worshipful, venerable. 

^SfSTR, right, proper, honourable. 

.^fl?<S, devout, pious, obsequious. 

^^^,breaking, dissolving, settling. 

^f^^. broken ; changing of money. 

^^it, one who breaks. 

ssl*, warrior ; goblin ; outcast. 

^"u*^, roasted meat. 

v^, philosopher ; encomiast. 

«>5iol^fj 3 title equivalent to D.D. 

^"jTf, worshipful, venerable. 

^TjJTE^.a sound produced by some- 
thing while undergoing the pro- 
cess of petrefaction ; nonsense, 

^5, a large kind of boat. [echo. 

v^, fraud, swindling, imposture. 

«^3>T^, relinquishing from fear, 

^v5^t*T.,, ostentatious ; fraudulent. 

«"5^5 an ostentatious display. 

^HFrf, a hero, warrior. 

««R, speaking, composing. 

^f«i "^.publishing an author's name. 

^^T^t. the fruit of the egg-plant. 

^9, dissembler, a mimic, buffoon. 

^3»$T1, a low saying, slang. 

«9^fl. hypocrisy, buffoonery. 

^33, deceiving, imposing upon. 

^jSTsft, hypocrisy, buffoonery. 

wfa, wave, billows. 

«$■}*?, interruption, imposition. 

^»3<T, deceit, misfortune. 

^ei^ejpT^ humming, buzzing. 

^*fT3>, welfare, prosperity. 

^»Tf, good, respectable ; welfare. 

«Tf$i, ^2^3, goodness, respect- 

^Jl, goo(i, happy, lucky, [ability. 

^TfTHWa scimetar, a short sword. 

^3^5' g°°d- an( i evi i« 

^T["p£f<r, sandal-wood. 
^JTtr, a dwelling house. 
^*W, an otter. 




W* s tlio world ; birfli ; welfare. 

"»^^s, a well-wisher. 
"SS'ST 3 ^'?". conflagration of a forest. 
"»^T<t, thine, yours. 
^*tst, a honse; production, being. 
<&^^t<I, probable, likely to take 
BTt^l", a name of Durgd. [place. 
^"fa, present time. 
^TWtf, like you. 
■»7T«faj the oeean of the world. 
^f^"^. welfare, prosperity. 
vft^jj, likely to happen, probable, 
^ftsr, a poet. 
^eft^T, a lascivious person. 
^f^J*, future, about to be. 
^fr^JS^l, a prophet, predictor. 
^Rr<D*T*it, prophecy. 
^SJ, likely ; polite; auspicious. 
^J37"51, politeness, urbanity. 
^ir<ft, a gimlet, an awl. 
^»^, smoke, vapour ; a fly. 
^SJ* Tf*T$1, a gadfly. 
Wj fear, dread, alarm, terror. 
^?^?T, causing fear, terrible. 
?RW5) one who flies for fear. 
^^r*rt»T, timid, fearful, cowardly. 
<o?T5T^ formidable, terrific. 
<5?Tf^5, afraid, alarmed, terrified. 
^?T*1T, destructive of fear. 
^Ifa^, terrible, dreadful. 
^<rt€, fearful, affrighted, timid. 
vj, weight, influence ; full ; fill. 
^£T>, a potter. 

"^T 6 !. filling np; nourishing 5 
wages, maintenan le. 

■»<T'iT, the second lunar mansion. 

"^3"«i1<i, worthy of support. 

"5T*B, lord, king. 

■^TiJ. price, waj 

*»<r*j. friend ; fire ; moon. 

"»3"'i)"s^, hireling, mercenary. 

la<r"5, a skylark ; B weaver. 

"3><r?T5i> ^ skylark ; name of a 
celebrated sage. 

~v~$*$J, full, brimful. 

^£*t1, hope. expectation ; courage. 

^w^Ti^t, full of hope, valiant. 

«<T1, enough to fill a measure : full. 

^<rfi>j stopping up holes, filling. 

"»?TT«u\ wages, hire, salary. 

^?TT*v$t, sinking of a laden ship ; 
total loss. 

^f?^, green colour. 

^1?sn, maintenance, support. 

^^1*35, fried fish. 

^^sfc, frying, parching, baking. 

^W^WTwT, a trying pan. 

"»<J37, fit to be nourished. 

«cfl, nourisher, protector, husband. 

^<ff , a load, cargo ; fulness ; ap- 
pointed to an oft; 

^^, husband, supporter, [vitiug 

^s^ftst, reproaching, scolding, re- 

««T*R1, scolding, reproach ; sup- 

"5^T, wages ; gold. [port. 

«1, a lance, an arrow ; a bear. 




wW$, U?F3>, a bear. 

v'Z, a dog. 

^T«l, barking, scolding, railing. 

^*R, a bee, . 

^«Pr3>, ashes. 

^1^535. an astrologer. 

^^1, insipid, vapid, diluted. 

^531, a pair of bellows. 

^TOPnrl, sloppy, marshy, soft. 

^jr,, ashes. 

l^WT^, a washerman. 

^^sff^, burnt to ashes, 

^^TT^^;, camphor. 

^Tl, light, splendour, reflection. 

^T%, brother, cousin, friend. 

^TT4S, price, value, cost. 

^T<6f%?1, a large house -boat. 

^T5f, a folding ; an adulterating 

^StSW, adulterating ; folding. 
"ST^tl, folded, plaited, tncked,rolled. 
^T^T^T, -adulterated; folded. 
^TTiM, ebb tide ; a ball, marble. 
■4l\5 , a pitcher ; a juggler, buffoon. 
^BT^T^,imposing upon; mimicking. 
-^T^nJt, jugglery, mimicry ; guile. 
?§V&t 9 a razor-case ; case, cover. 
#t#i mockery, jest, fun. 
"«T*£ , a partner, a shareholder. 
W,3>T^, the sun. 
"»T«r, hypocritical, mercenary. 
^IIFt^, morning, dawn. 

^fw^, supported with rice. 

^T$T. a part, portion ; fortune, 

^Tsf^, devoted to Vishnu, a work 
of Yeda Vyasa, wherein he 
glorifies Vishnu. 

^BtsfT^, a place to cast dead cows. 

UW^Jtfsf, share and share alike. 

^tfsRt, sister's daughter, niece. 

^if^fCH?, sister's son, nephew. 

^»T?ft, a sharer, partner ; lucky. 

^tsfts'sft, the river Granges, so 
called from Bhagiruth who is 
said to have brought it down 
from heaven. 

^TsD, good luck, fortune, destiny. 

^lsfJ3T^T, ^TsfJ^j fortunate, luc- 
ky, well off. 

Utsfj^rfa, course of destiny. 

UTsfJ^fal, adventuring, risking. 

^T»T , hemp used for smoking as 
well as for preparing an intoxi- 
cating drink. 

^TwfSj breaking of friendship. 

^rfff 3? ; a smoker or drinker of hemp, 

^tW**, breaking, being broken. 

^tWl? broken ; a fracture. 

^Tsftf^, small change or coin. 

«TtlF3>, a divisor in arithmetic, 

^TSR, frying, roasting. 

^TBfiT, fit, proper, trustworthy. 

^TSf^TTC-^TTsn, a fryingpan. 

^T©1, parched, fried, roasted, 

^T^t, anything fried. 



% J.'li 


Vt^\ an elder brother's wife. 
^T9j, divisible ; a dividend. 

«1T>. a panegyrist, a bard; royal 

BT*35, fare, hire. 
*TT*1, the ebb tide. 
*ll£*il<llj a sutler, victualler. 

¥1%, a distillery ; a lime or brick 
kiln ; current. 

^wT^t^^l, the afternoon. 

VF^lj hire, rent, fare. 

'bl^lSfli, a tenant, a renter. 

«T«f, pretence, sham, feigning. 

«T%a pitcher ; a juggler ; buffoon. 

^IQ^ } a barber. 

BT'iT?", a storehouse, warehouse. 

^TGT^t, storekeeper, butler. 

BT^, boiled rice. 

B!3t?T, husband, provider. 
^Tt%, brightness, splendour. 
BT^, the sun. [ f another. 

BT^f^?^ feeding at the expense 
B1J, fifth month of the year. 
^ T 5^£< a younger brother's wife. 
BT^, husking rice in a mortar. 
Bt^t^TII, one who husks rice. 
Bt$, the sun ; a ray of light. 
BT*[*n^ invested with rays ; sun. 
^T*f, vapour, steam, smoke, gas. 
BT^T, sentiment, disposition; drift. 
B13"3s, susceptible, easily moved. 
^T?CFf<?T, a plagiarist. [dering. 
Bt^JT, thinking, considering, pon- 

»fa"5M, anxiety, care, concern. 
"^1^.37^1, discerning, sagacious. 
*1*$% faltering through fear. 
^Hr^fat, amasement, dismay. 
**T*!»r, causing to think. 
^l<Tt^, another condition or state. 
*^ffi purport, subject matter. 
«t£^r,relating to future; likely. 
»Tf<n5, anxious, apprehensive. 
»T<ft, future, about to be. 
*t*? t welfare; an appreciate 

of a sentiment. 
* feffi a oometlian, actor, wag. 
*T*ft?n, a fop, dandy, coxcomb. 
*>r<TJ, probable, likely to be. 
*U 3 sister's husband; a wild cat; 
anger; the sun. 

3ttri, ^Tffrft, a passionate woman, 

BT^t, angry, passionate. 
^T?T, weight, burden, a charge. 
BT?^ Mahdbharat ; India ; actor. 
vlj'tt'tf, Hindustan or India. 
*>t<T3t, speech ; dramatic recita- 
^T<T^, the bow-string. [ti on . 

^ a scaffolding. 
BT?"5r<fJ, centre of gravity. 
BT<nr, .a quail, 

^l*wi«, loaded, entrusted with. 

^Tf?T, a lion. 

Btfto?, gravity. 

^T<ft, heavy, important, weighty 

^T<?t, a quail. 



^t^jl, a wife. 

^T*nTT> , a cuckold. 

UT*fjTfi>^ uxorious. 

^t«T good ; welfare ; forehead. 

^T*T, good ; well ; excellent. 

^t*RT*R, liking, approving of. 

^TcTt^, welfare, excellence, 

^T*^ a bear. 

^PST?r, husband's elder brother. 

^T^., talking, speaking, con- 

^t^l, language ; dialect ; style. 

^TO^Stl, vernacular dialect. 

^T^J,, commentary, exposition. 

^t^, desire ; splendour ; vulture. 

^T*R, floating, swimming on the 
surface of the water. 

^T^STT^T, luminous ; floating. 

^TTftT, launching, setting afloat. 

^T^r, the sun. 

*» f^><T, the sun ; a sculptor. 

^1^3", ^"TO^T, light, luminous, 

f%^»1_, begging ; alms. 

f%^T^ a beggar, petitioner. 

^^>> a beggar, mendicant. 

f%^pr\TTT§k a small piece of cloth 
worn over the privities. 

f%**fT?f1", a beggar, petitioner. 

T^SRj being wet, moistening. 

f%®1_, wet, moist, damp. 

1%^1 5 dwelling-house, home. 

1^~$ 9 a crowd, multitude, mob. 

f%\£3T, coming near, landing, arriv- 
ing on shore. 

f%\5t^, bringing near, closing with. 

t%^, a partition ; a wall ; the 
breadth of a wall. 

f%3<r, the inside, interior, centre. 

f^TS, a piece, a parcel. 

f%j% 5 structure, masonry, a wall. 

f%f%C^|^ a burglar. 

f%ff^, f%fw, thunder-bolt. 

1%W1, tearing of cloth. 

f%1^, f%J, thunder. 

f%3 5 separate ; other, besides. 

f%^5) 5 distinction, difference. 

t%^FT3", different opinion ; separa- 

f%^f%*, separately, [tion, change. 

t%?T1, fear, terror. 

f%W^ a physician, doctor. 

f%1JTI, boiled rice. 

&($, frightened, afraid, timid. 

^t, ^}f%, fear, dread, alarm, pain. 

^tsr, dreadful, terrific, awful. 

^far?T$ft, extreme age, dotage. 

^tTT^cT, a hornet. [fearful. 

^t?F. ^1"cT, ^t^^, timid, afraid, 

^^q, dreadful, terrific, awful. 

^t^T, dreadful ; horror, terror. 

^f%, the intestines, a pot-belly. 

^f^?n, pot-bellied, corpulent. 

^3?, hunger. 

vTF, eaten ; comprised in. 

^*F?T 3 mixing, adding, interpolat- 
ing, adulterating. 



^■fC^faf, a past enjoyment or 

^S^l^f*^, offals, leavings after 

«f3*, food, a meal, enjoyment or 

possession of property. 

^tt, Buffering, enjoying ; mislead- 

9f(9Tt 1m> hypocrisy, deceit, [ing. 
^5f, distorted, crooked, stooping. 
^5. the arm, the hand ; a curve. 
^USf, W&W, a serpent, a snake. 
^"*^»^, a peacock, ichneumon. 
«f», lire. 

^[Si'^J, separate ; servant. 
^R, enjoying, eating. 
^5T> , wreck, ruin, perdition. 
W^B^, 9 a bubble ; whispering. 
^»«i^, broiling, roasting, frying, 
^sfa, a Hindu widow's garment 

without coloured border. 
^^•^I,the universe ; heaven ; water. 
^JJJ, the sun, fire ; the moon. 
^w3"JT, the sky, heaven. 
^»(%^, the sea, ocean. 
^1, hollow, empty ; mildew. 
^?^T<r, boasting, swaggering. 
^3"1, a kind of sugar. 
^»rT. blunder, error, oversight. 
^9£91, a pretender; delusion. 
^riT^T, misleading, deluding. 
^^], lampblack, soot ; corn. 
^Xt, ^"^t, chaff, bran, husk. 
^"j the earth ; (a prefix). 

OT, ground, plantation. 

^35, a hole, a cavity. 

^353f3"i, isthmus. 

^i$**K f an earthquake. 

^fo*, hog. 

^*f?T, poison. 

•^X^T^T, a globe. 

^CSfT^rfasfJl, geography. 

"^5T, moving on land. 

^t%3F, map of the world. 

^[5i^, wheat. 

^5?cTT^, an amphibious creature. 

^5, past, has been ; a ghost. 

^5*f"g, possessed by a demon. 
^5"Q3f^WJl, geology. 
I£3n5?1, a conjurer, exorcist. 
1£3R'M, Shiva, lord of demons. 
^"$cT, the earth, its surface. 
^"SrSTIjSOul, spirit ; Shiva, Bra mhd. 
^nsWT, possession by a demon. 
^3tf?T, assa feetida. 
^t%, affluence, grandeur ; ashes. 
^fT?T, a boar, 
^pfa", a brahman. 
^f'J, a king. 

^^f^T, l£*r, a mountain, a king. 
^r*Tl%, ■^^Tcf/^^T^t, a king, so- 
^pTl, abundance, plenty, [vereigu. 
*af3T, ground, land, earth. 
^W?P'^T, an earthquake. 
^frf5T3>1, a preface ; disguise. 
^fr^W, an agriculturixt- 
^f^*T, a king, sovereign. 

^TS%_, flat on the ground ; born. 

^f^7[t<^ on the ground, 

^?8, repeatedly, again. 

^T?^, abundant, plentiful, [edly. 

^C?T^T8, again and again, repeat- 

^T»T^", vanity, boasting. 

^1?. plentifully, abundantly. 

r ^i3*fvl, an ass. 

^UnsrtTTj a jackal. 

^1?*fS, various, diversified. 

^1F5, a tree. 

^s^FS, bark of a kind of birch. 

^f«f, earth. 

^CsfT^, earth, human habitation. 

^*tir, a weasel. 

^£5«ij ornament, decoration. 

3i[f*ra, adorned, ornamented. 

^^ productive. 

^^1) fit for decoration. 

^fTsft, a king, sovereign. 

^S^^ hypocrisy, deceit. 

>5^", precipice, table-land. 

n»^ the large black bee. 

^fTsfT^Hl?, the mango-tree & fruit. 

^SfT^ golden vase, gold ; cloves. 

N^Tf?'^ a cricket. 

N^sft, a female bee. 

^W%, a frying-pan. 

^ i\5, earnings, pay, wages, pension. 

^1%l3<3?, paid, salaried. 

^Zl, a servant, dependent. 

v^5J1, wages, hire. 

Typt, giddiness, delirium. 

230 C«t^1 

^£^*, hill, mountain. 

^F$i ^f^j fried, parched) baked. 

C$^ 9 a frog ; disguise. 

£53? <T1, simple, foolish, doltish. 

C^Wt^ making faces, mimicking. 

(S^tt, mouthing, laughing at. 

C&T>, a present at meeting. 

C"»ft<lT?1, a victualler, sutler. 

C5^1j a sheep, a ram. [tic. 

C&lfl, factious person, a schisma- 

C^W, division, distinction; purging. 

C^W3JjSevering,piercing; purgative. 

C&WJxfa, power of discrimination. 

C"5W^ piercing, rending, splitting. 

G^WJ, that can be pierced or rent. 

C^>3"^*l, being alarmed or startled. 

C^nft, along trumpet, a wind in- 
strument of music. 

<T5C<;?$1j castor-oil plant. 

C&ziG, C^*T1, a raft, float. 

C^^!^ magic, sleight of hand. 

CS^W, medicine, drug. 

t^J^FJ, collection of alms, produce 
of begging. 

t^re, terrible, dreadful ; Shiva. 

Tls<r€l"j Durgd, the terrible. 

t^3"lij, medicine, drug. [ho ! 

C5t8, a vocative particle, ho ! so 

C^tHl, blunt, dull, not sharp. 

C5TW^ an otter. 

C^t^r^t^ faintness from hunger. 

CST^^Jj fit to be eaten, edible. 

G5\W\ 9 an eater, a glutton. 



1&W, dating, enjoyment, Buffering. 
CVTtfCW^, the body, the seat of 
the Bense& 

C^Hii, the river of hell. 
CS5Tff3*T<fj a meat-offering. 
CYWItiftj deception, hypocrisy. 
CVWI* imposture, cheat, stratagem. 

tf5T*tT3T, causing to enjoy or Buffer. 
C€|fft, sensual, enjoying; a snake. 
C5W1, capable of being enjoyed or 

CWftl,*a harlot, a concubine. 
CST*»f3Tnf, a loan to be used. 
C"5Tli. a feast, banquet, meal. 
C5TSJ5T. eating, taking a meal. 
C5t3f*ft?j eatable, fit for food. 
C^TljRWJl, sleight of hand, magic. 
C^T©J, a meat-offering; edible. 
<r5TSi)T5, food ; a messmate. 
£5fT>, a red blanket from Bhotan. 
C^KSSF, a trumpet ; kind of boat ; 

a brag, a boast. 
</»T?T<r,abee; a drill; watering-pot. 
CVflTI, eyelashes ; stupid, ignorant. 
C"»T3", early dawn, morning. 
tf5T*Jl, forgetful, sceptical. 
</»Tf^, a camel. 

C®^t%^, elemental, supernatural. 
Cv\i>\, night. 

Cvi^, the planet Mars j terrestrial. 
C^fa^TS*, the coral. 
Csuf^, belonging to land ; lord 

of the soil. 

ctflfito, * [me 

9JT9T3T, conning, oommittin 
^Jtl^nTj ignorant, stupid,doltish. 
"5V*r, a fall, a loss, destruction. 

^Nljaman who acta a females 

part on the sti 
^*r, error, mistake, delusion. 

WM 3 going about or astray. 

^3", a large black bee. 

isfsr, vertigo, giddiness ; a whirl- 
pool ; a whirlwind. 

^^?, degraded, depraved* 

^^>31, degradation, depravity. 

^>1, an adulteress, a bad woman. 

^*£I5T?T, depraved conduct. 

^»T§i^, bile, bilious humour. 

vsTfsfE, elegant, adorned. 

>»T31, a brother. 

^T^^PJ5, ^FJS». a brother's son. 

^t^ft>&l$lj a Hindu festival on 
the second lunar day of the 
moon's increase in the month of 
Kartic, on which day Bisters 
entertain their brothers. 

^gt^J^ a brother's son, nephew. 

^T^J, a brother's Bon, nephew. 

^©T3, gone astray ; mistaken. 

^fffej mistake, error, straying. 

^sT*T3>, misleading ; a magnet. 
• ^ the eyebrow. [glance. 

•^i^ftt, ^<3>fi>, a frown, scowl, 

^C^*^ , a frown, angry look. 

3R*!, a foetus, embryo. 




^ttlT » procuring abortion. 
^"sfsf, a frown, scowl, glance, 
C^q, motion. 

ST?", a ladder, a harrow. 
"5^3", a marriage crown. 
"5T3-T, churning. 

^T^?T, marine monster ; deception. 
HWgT&l'Z, the Hindu Cupid. 
*re?T*TO, a medicine composed of 

gold, quicksilver, &c. 
"sr^<T^t, the honey of a flower. 
TT3>?"TcW, "Sr^^tj the ocean. 
ST^T?, a crown, diadem. 
, sr^»«T, blossom. 
•srt%<^1, a fly. 
^T< 3 a sacrifice, oblation. 
3TSf%Tl, long .pepper. 
"STtf, immersed, sunk, overwhelmed. 
ir?n, the tenth lunar mansion. 
TTW^ a mirror, looking-glass. 
TTW, the prow of a boat or ship. 
^W^ f welfare, prosperity ; Mars. 
TT^cTSIT? , vessel set before an idol. 
STSFWfW, a benediction, blessing. 
"5HT*l3tj_, Tuesday. 
*T^FwiTE*r«lj propitiatory ceremony 

performed before engaging in 

any work. 
TT^^^benevolent ; a wellwisher.. 
"ST^srj, auspicious, agreeable. 
irf^^\ a boat. [i^g* 


STBR, "ST&S&, immersion, plunging. 
"sr§si^, bone. 
TT&&1, marrow, pith, sap. 
^TWtC^Wt, touching the quick. 
W, ?r$P$, platform, scaffold, 

"ST^^ toothpowder, eye-salve. 
^H^T 8 !, germinating, sprouting. 
*H8?ft, a bud, shoot ; ear of corn. 
T7%%1, Indian madder. 
"srf^T; ornament for the ancle. 
"ST^f, ^H5*rl, beautiful, pleasing. 
THg , beautiful, fair. 
"ST^^Tj, a portmanteau, a basket used 

to carry clothes &c. on a journey. 
^TWI, a chest. 
"Sft^ peas. 
^TT>3:T7rfv5Y, figured silk, wearing 

apparel of Hindoo women. 
*n*<35, a crown, diadem, tiara. 
*T§<P1, ridge of a thatched roof. 
*nhPt5f, making the joints crack. 
ST^^t, a large earthen jar. 
"STfr, monastery, abbey ; a temple. 
TT^SP, a pestilence, mortality. 
^\5v\ } the headman of a village. 
Wl_, dead ; a corpse. 
"STvFTfsW, a mother whose children 

die soon after they are born. 
STS^Fl, ridge of a thatched roof. 
T^Pl, dry, frigid, brittle. 
ST^f^Ul, very dry, brittle, fragile. 
^fc| 5 a precious stone, gem. 




irf«i*P, a water-jar. 

srf 6 i*pf*fal, a pool at lSenares. 

^rfei^T<r,'it lapidary, gem-cutter. 

ff fc l*J? ', the navel,- a boddice ; stud- 

srfa^^r, the wrist, [ded, 

>rf*i*T<r, pearl-necklace. 

srfas t<ft, a jeweller ; a toy-seller. 

^iito^, flower. 

"ST'i, starch, paste, gruel. 

"51 ©3S, a cake. 

TTO^r, plating, gilding ; ornament . 

^TQ«T, a temporary temple, booth. 

13^r€t, a woman. 

T?Sfrt, an insect. 

XQrT, a circle, district : sec *ra*T. 

^•asft. meeting, assembly, church ; 

a snake ; a cat. 
*T9:5T*f, STSC^^, a king. 
3T31, a kind of sweetmeat. 
*rfe3, adorned, plated, overlaid. 
ST'S^F, a frog. 
"sr§<T, rust of iron, dross. 
*T*, mine. 

3T3, mode, manner, sect ; like. 
TTS*®, elephant. 
>H5^, method, way, manner. 
TTSC^f, a distinct sect, schism. 
*TTt^?T> another opinion, changed. 
STJR'cT'^r, following an opinion. 
*T5T^3, approval and disapproval. 
"5r1%, mind, inclination, feeling. 
STfe 3 ^, crazy or deranged intel- 
^t^«\ x T,Trf%^irJossoi sense, fleet. 

nt%TrT^r, judicious, reflecting, wise. 
3rv$«i, a bu^. Sea, louse 
1TO, intoxicated, inebriated, drunk, 
"sr^^t*^, an elephant. 

iTiffT^^r, a canopy, an awning. 
TF**T?r, envious, grudging. 
TT^^Tt, a wicked person, an envi- 
3r**TJ, a fish. [ous person. 

IWijfWI, sugar candy. 
srsM, chnrning, agitating, stirring. 
"srftl"5, churned ; buttermilk. 
TJW, anything intoxicating. 
irW^s, an opiate, narcotic. 
TTW^, a bull. 
TJW3>?T, an elephant in rut. 
"STW^, the Hindu Cupid, [of lust. 
TTW^T^T^Vi medicine provocative 
snf»Tl, kind of parrot; strong drink. 
ST^T <T, catechu or Japan earth. 
"5Tfit<rl, strong liquor. 
^■fiT?TT*T**f, mango-tree. 
*p?)?, my, mine. 
iftWT^i3, intoxicated, drunk. 
IIWJ, intoxicating liquor. 
*IWJ% a tippler, a drunkard. 
*TWJ3T3, yeast, barm, froth. 
srffJ^tteTl, a dram-shop, tavern. 
"STJj joy, gladness, 
ipj^^", beneficial, advantageous. 
TT%T, honey, nectar. 
TT*f<3>T, the large black bee. 
"ST^C^T^", ^rVf^pTT, a honeycomb, 
hive ; the testicle of a goat. 




trw , a bee. 

*T*f^T^, a sort of pyrites. 

TT^tf*T$. a confectioner. 

Wj a bee. 

3T*T*f 3f, oblation of curds and honey. 

"Srvrirf^jl, a bee. 

W?T, sweet, agreeable, pleasant. 

"sr^f^r, intoxicating drink. 

,r ^5 w * r > H5d?^il^#r^ names of 

ST*f J. the middle, centre ; interval. 
*TWf3F, mango-tree. 
ST*fT35, in tbe middle. 
tT*fJCW% India, Bengal. 
"5T<f J3lff , being within or between. 
Wjf^S, middling, moderate. 
T50t^5f 5 of a middling kind. 
WJST, middling, ordinary. 
*T*f JTT1, the middle finger.- 
*PO*ft?r, middling, tolerable. 
OTJ?TT3r, midnight. 
WJCc'i'ftJ, the earth. 
"5T*D% intervening ; a mediator. 
Wre*T, the middle, centre ; the 

srtfT^rNI", mediation, arbitration. 
WJl, the forefinger. 
sr*TJ!*r*tt?rt, centrifugal. 
WJTf%*Tt<ft, centripetal. 
*Wf3?, midday, noon. 
TSTJl^f^in, midday duties. 
WH^C^I^SR, dinner, the chief 

meal of the day. 

^Wf^Rfa^, one who prepares and 
sells spirituous liquors. 

Trf*fl"§F!, spirituous liquor. 

"%•(, a maund, forty seers. 

TR^Tf^f, beautiful, charming. 

"ST^S, mind, heart, conscience. 

'5r5TS' 5 ?}^lj mental distress, anguish. 

"SRo^S, purity of heart ; conscien- 

SRogfWTSf, consolation. [tious. 

^RS^T\C^rt9f, attention, application. 

TR*r, thinking, reflecting, minding. 

si^TtCJf^ goddess of serpents. 

■ST^PTl?, IRPJ*^, the Hindu 

^■JT^tst, mental desire, wish. 

"ST^^T?", reflection, perception. 

TT^^T^f, mental pain, remorse. 

TjTC^fi?, gladness of heart. 

*R^» determination, purpose. 

■SR"€t, open-hearted, pure-mind- 
ed ; learned. 

^RT*F, a little; slowly, tardily. 

'sr^T^I, a female elephant. 

"STR^J, conscious, aware. 

iT^ft^, a black pigment for the eye. 

"Sprtn, intellect, understanding. 

^, Mann, the legislator. [tal. 

"51^ Sf,"^^, a human being, a mor- 

^*«J^7, a man, a human being. 

^sj^J^ manliness, humanity. 

^TOTSF, engaging, beautiful. 

src^Tf^CT*T, close attention. 

STOT*ft$, chosen, particularly liked. 



"src^tt^^t^, metaph] 

^rwi'ssf, distraction, melancholy. 

sn^TTsrs, agreeable to the mind. 

■STCJTTC^T'jI", attention, application. 
UC^T?"^^, gratifying the mind. 
srcaT^Ttf, a wish, a desire. [i"g- 
srcaT?"3r, agreeable, lovely, charm- 
^rc^": - ??"?", captivating, interesting. 
T^J. worthy of discussion, lit to 

be thought upon. 
mi, a counsellor, adviser. 
"srs, a form of prayer, mystical 
"stubs', council-chamber, [charm. 
*T3'^, the fire. 
"ST^i 1 , consultation, advice. 
2fapf!"51. a preceptor, mentor. 
*T3*if>f1%, the fire. 
13ft. counsellor, minister of state. 
STY, STTiS, a churning rod. 
TSP£^, churning, stirring. 
STST, slow, heavy, tardy, dilatory. 
Ull^", a churning-stick. 
"sr*W, slow, gentle ; bad. 
ST 5 ^, prayer, worship. 
H"*ff^*w, mildly, gently. 
3p*"<3", a fabulous mountain. 
T*f?Htf3r, the pit of the stomach. 
, sr*W7n«J, a dream. 
TTTI, cheap ; gentle ; little. 
TpffT<5. prayer, praise. 

ST^Tl^ift, the celestial Ganges. 
"ST^tT^, modesty, bash fulness, 
^rlftf, indigestion, dyspepsia. 

T^TW?", negligent, disrespectfaL 

IT^T^", a tree of Paradise ; COral. 
^^fT^H, shame ; ugly it 
"srf^rTT, a tempi' 1 , a mansion. 
Tf*f?"1, a cymbal. 
tt^<ti, a stable for how 
^C^T^Tt, a kind of fine mat. 
1 1~^\, a deep Bonnd. 
STWtf, the Hindu Cupid. 
IT^J, resentment, wrath. 
*r^??r, Beventy-one yojas of the 
^TST, my ; mine. [gods. 

*nr"5l, ownership, affection, pity. 
ir<r, a camel, a mule. 
tt<jt>, a thatched honse. 
*T?T?ri, a confectioner. 
TT?TrTl, dirty, foul, filthy, unclean. 
"sr?TI, treatment of a disease. 
"SHIT^", the (jlipo put in dough. 
SHMi", a ray. lustre, a rlame. 
THI3", a peacock. 
^I<r^"ft?, a chameleon, a lizard. 
Tr^F, a pestilence, mortality. 
TT3"^5, an emerald. 
TT^ej, dying ; death, 
■sr^^, honey. 
T?TI, dying. 
ST^Tt", corn-house. 
st^T^T, a duck, horse, cloud ; mild. 
"srt?5, pepper. 
*lf?J51, rust, oxide of iron. 
*T?ftf^, a ray ; a miser. 
^?Hf5$1, mirage in a desert. 




^ifif^^rt^t.. radiant ; the sun ; the 
W&, sterile, barren, desert, [moon. 
ST<FT>1, a woman with a protuberant 

sr?F^, air, wind ; north-west. 
"ST^t^'H, the north-west quarter. 
TTfF'S.f^n, breaking wind. 
^TiF^^T^r, a lion. 
^T^fif^?, myrrh. 
ai<PW$T, a horse. 
"ST&J^, the sky, heaven. 
sr<FTte, smoke, vapour. 
sr^^fsi, desert land, a desert. 
Sfaf, a monkey. 

TT^3>, the gigantic crane of Indra. 
TRF T>, a kind of monkey ; a spider. 
"5T<^T7D", copper. 

TT5J1,rust, oxide of iron, dross, slag. 
TT&, correction, purity; washerman. 
IT^J, earth ; earthly, mortal. 

*T§J*t?T, residence of mortals. 

XWXj rubbing, grinding, thrashing. 

IT^, core, quick ; purport; a joint. 

srsfrs?, profoundly learned. 

SP^TC^Jf , cutting to the quick. 

srsfr^T, rustling of leaves ; marble. 

U^sr^t^, poor, indigent. 

sp&^t^ vital part. 

^T^rTT%^, penetrating to the core. 

?TO1, limit, boundary. 

3T*fjT*f*P, showing respect, polite. 

"ST^flTWl, honour, respect; limit. 

I^i ^TS[% endurance, resignation. 

"Spsr, filth, dregs, rust ; an anklet. 
TTcT^, alloy, dross. 
iTcTWt, a salt-maker. 
TTcT^T, rubbing, pressing, squeezing. 
■ST^^i, costive : constipation. 
■5T©T^r, an ointment. 
TT^TirpT, an intercalary month. 
TT^TT, the western Ghat. 
"STwHTl?, sandal- wood, [tral India. 
TT« ? T<rtf^'5T, the south wind of cen- 
srefl. filth, sediment, rust. 
"srt^iT, dirty, filthy, foul, gloomy. 
"srt^RvSl, filthiness, gloominess. 
STflfasMr, ferocious, grim-looking. 
srf^^l?* the same as "STct^tT^T- 
"^#[^•1. a menstruous woman. 
"srcf^l, broken grains of rice. 
tTfT, a wrestler, boxer. 
'STsr^i, wrestling, boxing. 
"5JslOT^i1, a wrestler, pugilist. 
"ST^l, a woman ; a schoolmaster. 
TT^t?T, a tune in Hindu music. 
TT(%^1, the Arabian jasmine. 
*refte<T, a thief. 
"Siw, a bear. 

Tr*^, a gnat ; a water-bag. 
TT*n, a gnat, a miisquito. 
"ST^ttt?, musquito-curtains. 
spTfwrlj spice, pungent ingredient. 
TP53T, a dog. 
"ST^t, *rfa, writing-ink. 
'ST^TtWt^t, a writer, a scribe. 
Sffifal, linseed, flax. 




*r^t£t*j, ni> inkstand. 
x*J?r. a kind of pulse, lentil [tain, 
if ^[C 9i } smallpox ; a mnsqnito-cftr- 
*r$«i, smooth, unctuou>, bland. 

SHET, a ha in boo. 
"ST^?n. a humourist. 
X"g ,\\h< y. 

^"5*5, Uf , the head, top. 

Xf%%, the brain. 
ST**, great, noble, excellent. 
Tnrttjtlie egg-plant ; Nti/mla' Aute. 
HWN|, rent-free land. 
"ST^IR, greatness, dignity. 
ITwfa, honoured, revered. 
TT^f^. a great sage. 
X^^T, sense, intelligence. [cow. 
3PS1, great, noble, excellent ; a 
W^T?, large-bodied, gigantic. 
'ST^T^T'T, Shiva, the destroyer. 
X5l9f5f, leprosy/ 
X^TC^II^, a market-place. 
STSTS^, merchant, creditor. 
* * I «*Tl,commerce, money-lending. 
iT^l^n, mngnanimous, large-heart - 
X^TCW^, Shiva. [ed. 

*FW*, anything costly, gold. 
*T^T»T, great, eminent, grand. 
XTi^, a kitchen, cookroom. 
if^lf^J 1 , death, the great sleep. 
ST^Tf^*T1, midnight. 
IM^K, magnanimous, generous 
XXT 5 ?, chief among ascetics. 
*T*T*W, a highway; death. 

ar^T«T1, a litter, pafcrakeeit, 
*lfcMi49,aeriine, heinous offence. 
TCt^TCj s saint, a great man. 

XST2I"5, the supreme being, the 

XTTSfrJ^T, universal destruction. 

^T3"?T, very strong ; a wrestler. 

*r5"l3"*T, a porpoise. 

*TST*T*J, the mystic syllable 3. 

XSTfc*T, the sky, the heaven. 

1*1 fi ^4, the vernal equinox, 

*nST*t*fj, very strong. 

^T^T^JTfV, leprosy. 

^T^TI^il, a priest who presides 

at the funeral rites. 
■ST^T^^, a great warrior. 
X^T^j5, the five primary elements. 
XXT*rf\£, magnanimous, noble. 
*KI«fti t, great, majestic, noble. 
siTTsrTS, a king's prime minister. 
^l*TT?n, illusion ; Durgd. 
X^T^T^t, plague, pestilence. 
STST^TJ, costly, precious ; a ruby. 
^T*n^, the five essential sacrifices. 

*rsT<r®re, gold. 

^T^sT, a great warrior. 
X^T^Tl?, an emperor; your ma- 
"ST^T^T^, midnight. [jesty. 

T?TC<r}<T*, a Hindu hell. 
sr^ftfj, costly, dear, highpriced. 
*l^l«i?1, moon's change in Bhddra, 
^TCsTT^T, very unsteady. 
X^TC^TT^, a loadstone. 




*reT*f$T, a necklace of bones. 

*TCl*Hr, sir, your honour. 

^T^*^ the eighth day of the 
moon's increase in Aswin. 

"STTt"^, martial music. 

"srft^l, the dew. 

"srf^, worshipped, adored. 

Trftui, greatness, majesty, dignity. 

irf!?", the sun. 

srft^Tl, a woman, a female, wife. 

Trft^", a buffalo. 

nft^t, a female buffalo ; a queen. 

irf^^, very magnanimous. 

•sr^t, the earth. 

ir^tf^, a king, a sovereign. 

^f\W, ginger. 

ir^^r, a mountain. 

WfaflSTRj revered, adored. 

TT^^fT^ a sovereign, a king. 

"ST^fanr, earthen, made of earth. 

"ST^t?^ a tree. 

Tr€tcT3l, an earth- worm. 

*TO rSf* Indra ; Vishnu ; the nor- 
thern Grhats. 

Trre*f, a title of Shiva. 

TTC3W, a large bull. 

TTC^T<^1, lightning. 

"5TC^"ta*f*T, a water-lily. 

■src^T^ra", a great festival, feast. 

"Src^T^fV, the great ocean. 

STC^Tf?, prosperous, dignified. 

"STC^Tw^TiTj strenuous exertion, a 
great effort. 

"STCTtef^ great height, great pros- 

^TC^fasf, a specific medicine. 

"511, mother. 

Tpfc 9 breast, dug, teat, udder. 

'STT^'SF, pith of a plant, marrow. 

TrT^^rl^ a woman, a girl. 

TTt\?T 5 flesh, meat. 

^TW^T^ft, a muscle. 

^"K^, fleshy, fat, corpulent. 

^TT\T^T^I1, skin, hide. 

TT^TTW, ^Tt\^T*ft, carnivorous. 

iftS7^r, scouring, rubbing, polishing. 

^TffT^TSfl, ridge round a tree-root. 

STT^?, ^"T«*v51. "sn^^^l^ a spider. 

"STT^'^t. a mango, a beardless youth. 
^ffiNn, ungenerous, greedy. 
STT^t »t, the seed of cotton. 
■srt^, a weaver's shuttle. 
^Tt^^f, the same as sit^T. [on. 
"STt<f^ butter ; smearing, rubbing 
srtsft, an old woman, crone. 
WfjfT^", conceit, boasting, vaunting. 
UtST, the tenth Hindu month. 
STfsR, begging, asking for; request. 
"STT^t^f^, auspicious, propitious. 
*Ttl>, a way, road. 
■STTSc?, a thief, a prisoner. 
"5ns1,"5nTO,platform, scaffold, shed. 
"srtfb^rl, a wooden bench, a stool. 
"STTETTI, a fisherman. 
*TT"g", a fish. 
TT"^, ^1 IWl, a fly, a winged insect. 


"5iT^;?i 1 , a fisherman, fishmonger. 

*nW31, black mark on the face. 
ir I h* , rubbingolean ; toothpowder, 

STTStl, the waist, loins ; rubbed. 
"SftSTt", a steersman, helmsman. 
"STT^^, an intoxicating drug pre- 
pared from the tops of hemp. 
UT§[<ft, a kind of mat. 
Tn<K, the middle, centre, interval. 
3rTWJTf<J.\ moderately, midway. 

?n3'??ft. middling; central. 

XTi3u\ a helmsman. 

mf^i<I>. red. scarlet. 

"srt^, slow, Bluggish, inert, bad. 

iHut<n, brown, earth-coloured. 

mft- earth, ground, clay, soil. 

"SITS, a meadow, plain, common. 

?Hfcl, buttermilk. 

3TT3, a raft ; gruel, starch, paste. 
VI JX, rubbing, grinding, thrash - 
"STlfj, the gums. [ing. 

"srt«i^", man. 

3TT*i*"tf, a youth, hobbledehoy. 

3TTe|*J, children, childhood. 

*Tff«i<$J, a ruby, precious stone. 

*TTf*i3M\ the house lizard. 

*TT"5W, an elephant, a savage. 

"SHT^. becoming drunk or furious. 

STTinr^l, air. wind. 

*TT"51. mother. 

STT^Rj making drunk, exciting. 

^T3t^, maternal grandfather. 

*rtlT*r, intoxicated ; a drunkard. 
STtf%, measure, weight: palm-buds. 

stT^^t, maternal uncle. 
TT^*ll4t, maternal uncle's wife. 
"STT^cT^", pomegranate. 
"STT^^. pertaining to mother. 
*f^1, foster-mother; an alphabet. 
*T$C**f|*, maternal uncle. 
^T^^^l, mother's sister, aunt. 
^"T^, only, merely ; least ; upon. 

*Tf3p, quantity ; head-stroke of a 
*TT*, the whey of curds. petter. 
Tt^fli I ft ,drankenness,intoxication. 
*TT**Nj, envy, begrudging. 

TTtsT, way, road ; churning. 

*Ml>, subscription, collection. 

W 1 , the head, top, pinnacle. 

WTi?T^i, headstrong, stubborn. 

^T^i^r, intermeddling, inter:. 

^rt^rT^Tfor, butting with the head , 
brimful. [head of a pillar. 

■swr^f, a wickerwork hat ; the 

*WT*fT\5l, insolent, overbearing. 
srWTl, the capital of a pillar. 
3ttW$, intoxicating, inebriating. 
ttTw^t, a tamborine, a tabor. 
"STiPf^", a kind of mat. 
sn^«^T, an amulet, a brooch. 
Trl"^, like me. 
"STT^T. a name of Krishna. 
■srTVf^s, a mixed caste. 
"STT^TJ, sweetness, suavity. 
*n*TJT^f«i, gravitation. 




^Tt*f7Tf^3> 5 belonging to midday. 
TTt^T, respectability, hauteur. 
STRSff^, offence, crime. 
STT»rf5;5, a map, chart, sketch. 
STFnS, TTT^T^r, a vow. 
STfaSTtf^Pl, a crab. [ing. 

"STt^^T, minding, regarding, observ- 
TrR^ftj a vow, voluntary obliga- 
Slfa^fa, worthy of regard, [tion. 
TTR3", a man, a mortal. 
STT*TC3F1,an instrument for measur- 
ing time. 
■STl^^rf**?"?", observatory. 
xtT^TTj, mental ; intention, design. 
SffsratSftTj ^TfaOTfaTs, a gander. 
Ij-faPT^ mental, imaginary. 
TTT?W4, a gold chain for the waist. 
Vl'*U.*ffa»1 5 a goose, a duck. 
"STl^^t^. disreputable, base. 
"5TT^1 5 warning, prohibition. 
"STfaR, persuading, prevailing on. 
*rTf^»1j spirit ; a seer in weight. 
TTt^t^ honoured, proud, sulky. 
Tft^, a man, human being. 
STf^J, qualities of man. 
■stHtT. diminution. 
"STT^J^ honourable, respected. 
TTT^f, measure, weight; measuring. 
3TT*f3T, cupid. 

*TT*f«T, measuring, weighing. 
^TTsr^t, scurf, scab, scale. 
"SFfsn, maternal uncle." 
STplt, maternal uncle's wife. 

■srt?1 ? illusion, trick ; affection. 
3rf?T©T®T, conjuration, jugglery. 
"5Tt?1^t, a juggler, a deceiver. 
^TT?lTr%, human sacrifice. 
"STtTTlW, an alligator. 
■sn?T«P^ a deceiver, a cheat. 
"STlUT^T, unfeeling; free from illu- 
"Sltnr^, magical; affectionate, [sion. 
"STtTT, gall, bile, bilious humour. . 
TJt?r, cupid ; death, destruction. 
"SiT"^^, plague ; destructive ; slayer. 
*FT?r<£fihl1, pugnacious. 
^Tt?" 8 !, beating, striking, smiting, 

^T^T^a^s, fatal, mortal, deadly. 
STT^^fa, a difficulty, a dilemma. 
"STT^TW, fatal, mortal, deadly. 
*rf<ft v a pestilence, plague. 
?TT?F*9, the egg of a snake ; way, 
*5TT?F$, wind, air. [road. 

Ulsf, a road, way, path, passage. 
*rTsf%, Wff**?", "5Tt?f*ft^ the 

eighth month of the Hindu year. 
^rT$f«i, searching, investigating. 
TTj^f , dear, high-priced, expensive. 
TT\t( 9 a washerman. 
"STTW^, wiping, cleansing, rubbing. 
"STTW^I, forgiveness, remission. 
Stflfift, a towel, rubber, duster. 
WtWl, barter, exchange, permuta- 
^Tt^t?", a cat. [tion. 

srTwr<ra, a peacock. 
"S[T^9, the sun. 

Trf^^, a town ; a drummer, 
*ri*>, mildness, politeness; con- 

life, smearing, rubbing. 
tjT^t, a hero, a wrestler, a boxer. 
*rr«TC$W, a tunc iii Hindu music. 
>n*i*P, a flower-garden. 
*TT*TO, a sandal-wood tree, 
"STT^Tl, srT*TT<Pl, a wreath, garland, 

*rT*rrt"Ml%, the cap of the knee. 
"STT^T^l?", a florist, gardener. 
"STT^T^t, wrestling, boxing, 
•srif^rsj, dirtiness, dingi] 
JTfeft, gardener, garland-maker, 
3JTC«T1, a fisherman, fishmonger. 
srten, a wreath, chaplet, necklace, 
*Tf*OTl»r, wearing a chaplet. 
H'c^il, a large earthen bowl. 
3TT*T?tt1>, a challenging, defying. 
*n*ifa$, one who controls or 

srfa, a kind of pulse, vetches. 
"STT^I, a jeweller's weight. 
"STT^TW, a tortoise. 
"STT^ij a month. 

"srT^|t^, an intercalary month. 
"STPi"?", starch of rice. 
!T!*tt*T, fleshy, fat, plump. 
"Sllf^^, monthly. 
TTf^t, mother's sister, aunt. 
*T"Rj[^1, a cataract in the eye. 
TSTt^ftj a heard. 



| *1*T51. monthly. 

". VTW, a boat or ship's mast 
^TT^, chek prevention. 
^rT^T^u, magnanimity, glory. 
Ittt^T, a king; government, role, 
llft<r, produced by a buffalo. 
-1"tt, an elephant-driver. 
f*^1, vanity, falsehood, false. 
f^>^r. subsiding, abating, failing. 
fttftfffl, dim; having a i 

WFI-. suppressing, terminating. 
T5TE1, sweel aess, Buavity. 
fx^fr. sweetmeat, confectionary. 
fofctST, healthy, salubrious 
fs""5, measured, moderate, frugal. 
fsrs^FI, elephant. 
^^, the sea, ocean. 
f^Tjft, frugal. 
frs**^, a miser, 
far, a friend, confidant, crony. 
ftt%, measurement, weight. 
f3T3f, a friend, companion. 
ftta^l, friendship, alliance. 
R^fST, a namesake. 
fSfar^It^, obtaining friendship, 
f^TS, reciprocal, private. 
fW*T, privately, mutually. 
fWL a couple; sign Gemini. 
fom, vanity, falsehood; false. 
fsTtfJTfsr?"^, an oath. 
fsfaf§, supplication, entreaty, 
ftps**, dim, dull. 



fsfaR, meeting, agreeing, being 

fSfcrra, uniting, causing to agree. 
fstc^T^social intercourse, sociality. 
Isfrfsfoj met, met with ; united, 
fsrsTJsfccfl, the measles. [mixed 
f§fr*r;T, being mixed or joined. 
fsPTtsr, mixed, compounded, 
fsff*^ a black powder for the teeth, 
ttfrsr, mixture ; a family name. 
fst^SH, addition, mixture. 

fsf^ sweet, agreeable, nice. 

fs^Tsf, sweetmeat, frumenty, 

f5Tf*T, toothpowder. 

ftfrf^»1j the dew. 

f^ft^ the sun. 

sffaT,, a fish ; sign Pisces. 

iftJIl', a shark. 

iffan'it, sugar, 

iTtn,, the air, 

TTtsriV^, an arbitrator, umpire. 

srfaTTN'tt., examination, settling. 

, sft?T, the sea. 

lft*f, a forest, 

^g**t3», onion. 

Jlft, salvation. 

"55^ a garland, crown, tiara, 

"Sl^^t, a liberator, Vishnu. 

H^3\> a looking glass, mirror. 

^*T, a blossom, a bud. 

7^9", a looking glass. 

Wt«r, delivered, free, open, loose. 

"SfSF^k liberal, open-handed. 
"5J3F1,, a pearl. 

"Sf'rfsT'i"?", the pearl-oyster. 
"^^tWT^T, a necklace of pearls. 
"SiflF, emancipation, freedom. 
"5W, the month, face ; foremost. 
SK^Tj, scurrilous, abusive. 
^rCFT<n, bashful, shy, sheepish. 
TSj^I^j a gag, a. bribe to silence. 
^«r?", W*TTp, W$fa, foul- 
mouthed, scurrilous. 
sr*H5JF5i,a bit j purity of the mouth. 
■sj^rt/TT^ dryness of the mouth, 

W, a rein, bit, snaffle j a mask. 
sr«$r^9" palm-juice. 
"SWf , in the mouth, oral, by rote, 
^"tftt, fire in a corpse's mouth. 
"SI^rrc^fSF!, partiality, partial re- 

Wt^rf^ face to face. [gard. 

Wt^5, WT*ra, spittle, saliva. 

WT«T, a mask. 

Tt-a/TT, a muzzle, gag, mask, 

WT*13r, saliva, spittle, drivel. 

wt, a sprout, shoot, germ. 

"SW; foremost, chief, primary. 

USf, a sort of kidney-beau. 

"5(3"<r, a mallet, bludgeon, club. 

H%, infatuated, deluded, stupified. 

*W|1, a girl in her teens. 

■sren, coral. 

"51^^, cleansing, rubbing. 

"3jf£2T, liberal ; munificent. 

T5^,« currier, cobbler; small cocoa- 
"^54^, smiling. Bimpering. [nut. 
"sjFRJ, a smile, simper, kind look. 
*|53s, twisting, wrenching. 
^HJ?". ear of corn, flower-spike. 
\ a small bundle, pack. 

^f^, a cork, plug; bill ; list. 
"5T?tTI1, a porter, burden-carrier. 
^JT;*pT. cracking the finger-joints. 
ii£, the list, sword-hilt, a handle. 

*jfc1, a handful, the fist. 

TT^t, a handful, the list ; a plug. 

SK5, cropped; the head; boundary. 

"sr^^t, rice parched and sweetened. 

"STS^, shaving the head ; overlay- 

"5T51, a log, stump; extremity. 

^3Tf^T1, a barber, hair-cutter. 

^5^it, from beginning to end ; 

^~§), parched rice ; a severed head. 

*{3, shaven, shorn, bald, cropped ; 
the head ; a pollard ; Rdhu, 

?}•$<$, a barber, one who shaves. 

"5WT, shaving, pruning; overlaying. 

"si^t?!^, iron. 

"^•at, a sweetmeat ; a barber. 

^JR, closing, (the eyes ; ) shutting. 

"51*1, a plug, button ; astrologer's 

TT#^, closed ; gratified. [fee. 

■STftt^", cloud ; a lecher ; a frog. 

*5^fi. a' grocer, retail dealer. 

"SiTfsfj a sort of kidney-bean. 

^?9r^, a mallet, hammer, club. 
SJJp, a coin, a seal, a stamp. 

^Tf^T, sealed, Btamped, printed 
^5lf%7, sealed, stamped. 
^5 T7T ^< ■ printing press. 

*r<f1, vain, fruitless. 

*[fr, a sage, a philosopher. 

^J*p£, desire of salvation. 
TOST*, cloud. 
*I3pn, a desire to die. 
^BRj "isbing to die, going to die. 
^cvt, a pipe, whistle, flute. 
^P»cft, a charing dish. 
^?Sf, a small drum, tabor. 
3J*rfrr35i, a hamlet. 
^<rrr, the pestle of a rice-mortar. 
^r^Tc=T?fTC^", heavily, with h<\ivy 
^, ^, stolen. [blows. 

"5J5S, the scrotum, a testicle. 
Sl^Cin^, castration, gelding. 
\w. a fist, handful, grasp, handle. 
^WC^rT^f, a quack medicine. 
"SJ^, mustard. 

*[5"»T1, conflux of two rivers. rivulet. 
*J5«»*}W.M£, again and again. 
5J^q, three quarters of an hour. 
\&, dumb; a fish; pauper; demon. 
1]ft ^nr, a crucible. 
*[7, stupid, ignorant ; dunce. 
*T5^, making water. 
a[3J, urine. 

^^^ suppression of urine, stran- 



"5^ stupid, silly; dunce, fool. 
"ST^n, purification of oil ; a part 

of the scale of music. 
STBjfi, a swoon, state of torpor. 
^Wt^f^", swooning, senseless, 
sjwfal?, epilepsy, falling sickness. 
*[fs?%, iu a swoon, senseless, 
■s^ having form, material. 
Sff^ form, shape, image. 
srflfVfa', embodied, clever. 
*nn$<T, transformation, metamor- 
^f<P«if , an umbrella. [phosis. 
SJ^ji®, hair. 

srefkj, cerebral or lingual. 
JS^fi, the head, the cerebellum. 
Tgvl, a root, origin, first cause, 
"srspp, originating from ; a radish. 
3ffei^t<r*i> radical cause, source. 
TsriFIS?, radical, primitive. 
^nsrsfST, capital, stock in trade. 
^eT*[t6, along with the root. 
*[5J1, a radish ; a star. 
^■c?t^5, original cause, antitype. 
fffljf price, value, worth. 
^JJTW, valuable, precious. 
sral, ^f^^ 3 a mouse, a rat. 
sra^, "5}£}, a crucible. 
Tj«>f, a deer, stag, antelope. 
TJST^SII, mirage, illusive scene. 
■s?f^Q^, a jackal. 
SfSRTfe, musk. 
^ff^f 5 ^, the moon. 
3Sf<U, hunting, the chase. 


W^, musk. 

SfSf «I1, hunting, the chase. 

sjsnj, ^9ftf<[^, a huntsman, jackal ; 

*[Sf^"TSf, a lion, king of beasts. 
*[9ff*f<n, the fifth lunar mansion. 
^T^r, the moon. 
•[[SfTWsr, a leopard. 
^sfT?TTl%, a dog 
Sjsft, a doe ; epilepsy. 
^"S^, a child. 
t^<p, a stag. 
5«tTeTj stalk of the lotus. 
SpflBTj earthen, made of clay. 
^, earth, clay, mould, soil. 
3T5, dead, deceased, defunct. 
^S^t, 555 gfT<T, almost dead. 
5F5W1F, bequeathed, given at death. 
T5WT?T, a widower. 
srf%, death, decease, dying. 
^rf^^i, earth, mould, clay, soil. 
^^psf'i, a lump of earth, clod. 
tj^j, death, decease, dying. 
SJ^J^T*!^, quicksilver. 
ST^fl^l, illness, disease. 
\<*ft, Sffif^t, rich soil, fertile 

SiW, a double drum. 
3pf1, earth, soil. 

5jif, gentle, meek, mild, affable". 
^?^, gold. 

•J^* gentle, tender, pliable. 
*[^WiW, ^ hare 




sj^ltfl, a grape, a raisin. 

sjvf, war, battle. 

sj'<fi,:pi, falsely, in vain, uselessly. 

yfr, cleansed, purified, refined. 

C^, a nipple : also gee csjift. 

csr??ri, *n?"*ii, a female, a grirl* 

CTOfTpirt, girlishness, effeminacy. 

CV^ITfMi Bhamefaeed, bashful, 

C5T3>. a goal ; a post. 

(31 £1 , counterfeit or plugged (coin). 

C^r*9T5Tl, a woman's girdle. 

C"5T?T, a cloud. 

C^r^^^, thunder. 

c*r<rcifJTr§s, a flash of lightning. 

C*TSR1W, a clap of thunder ; a son 

of Ravana. 
CVfTSTfal, a collection of clouds. 
C"ST^1, cloudy, lowering, overcast. 
C^S^, dark. 
OT5J1, a wooden seat. 
C , srrsf'?ri-Csrs»31, the floor of a house. 
CSF^ST. the middle of the floor. 
C"sr*1, to settle, adjust, finish. 
CST^T^r, settling a matter. 
C*TU><J1,eaithy. clayey; the kidneys. 
CSTThnfo**. earth-oil. naphtha. 
CTfc, an elephant driver. 
C%~5 9 a framework, frame. 
C5T51, CWl, a sheep, a ram. 
PT5?1, small hammer; dull, rusty. 
C*I1>. the penis; a ram. 
Gt^f a sheep. 
Cm, fat, marrow; corpulence. 

c^r*', dull, sloggish, Stupid. 
CSTilf^t, the earth. 
CZWZ', very cool. 
C^T<f . a sacrifice; apprehension. 
CT<fi, aptness of comprehension. 
c "sr <f T <f t . apt, intelligent, retentive. 
C5Tf'<f, middle stake of a threshing- 
CSTtfJ, fit for sacrifice, pure, [floor. 
C*7^1, breast, udder. 

C^T?P, a fabulous mountain, axis. 

C^T^tf?. the kidneys. 

C*T?FfF$j the spine, backbone. 
c*r*T, concord, peace, agreement. 
c^t^t^, social ; a reconciler. 
C%*i\ crowd at an annual fair. 
CZ^l^, spreading out, expanding. 
CTT^t^^l, an inkstand. 
CJT^rffSt, an assembly, society. 
Csr*n*T, union, peace, amicability. 
CST3", a sheep, a ram ; sign Aries. 
C^TTsT??, a shepherd 
C^^TTl, mother's sister's husband. 
C^TTl 1 , film, skin over a wound. 
dT, gonorrhoea, gleet. 
CSTr^T, urine. 
CTT^^l, a woman. 
tST5 ; friendly, amicable ; friend. 
thrift, friendship, intimacy. 
fcroTiT, copulation, marriage. 
fci^ ? 3^, mesmerism. 
C*n*r1, a deliverer, saviour* 
CSTfF. final emancipation. 
Csn^'l, emancipation, death. 


CSTtTT, useless ; the trumpet-flower. 

CSTTCSTtf^, a wall, a fence. 

CsrTS,, mustaches ; a blossom. 

(T^S^T^ twisting^ wiinging,sp rain- 

C srT^^T, wiping off, forgiving, 

GTTT^rlj tongs, pincers, tweezers. 

C5TT51, plantain-tree blossoms. 

CSTT^^ j wiping, cleansing, rubbing. 

C%^, the gross, total ; a burden. 

OT^, pounding, grinding. 

CSTT^I, thick, fat, coarse, gross. 

OTTf TOT#, in the gross. 

C^Tf"?, a twist, bend, beast's udder. 

C5TT^3»j a wrapper, twisted paper. 

C5Ttyl 5 a footstool; anything twisted. 

C5Tf\5f?r, bending, turning about, 

CSTfWj pleasure, delight. 

C^rtW^ confectioner ; delighting. 

C^nwl, shut, closed ; a closing. 

C^TWt^fJ, a mango tree. 

C5TT*", a weight of 40 seers. 

CSTfal, pestle of a rice -mortar. 

C'STt'ST] wax, bees' wax. 

CSTt«t I* (m 9 waxcloth, cerecloth, [ler. 

CSTI^s, a robber, plunderer, swind- 

C^TT^«i,robbing, plundering, swind- 

C^TtX, infatuation, delusion. 

OT"^,, a devotee, ascetic, hermit. 

C^T^f", a coin, a seal, a stamp. 

246 *<£ 

C^rtiT^, infatuated, bewildered. 

CSflT^jfi", a fascinating woman. 

OT, honey, nectar of flowers. 

OT^t%, a crow. 

C^TPe^, a pearl. 

CUj^r^rjj insolence, scurrility. 

C5rtP4T^, oral ; pretended, outward. 

C^TIST^, a honeycomb, hive. 

C*ni?J 3 insensibility, ignorance. 

C*Tft*f J5* a crow. 

C 1 ^, silence ; silent, tacit. 

wWl¥, a bee. [thers. 

C^T^C^T^r, a fan of peacocks' fea- 

cft^fj, ignorance, stupidity. 

CSTt^ff , a bowstring, a chord. 

CTrteT, radical, of pure extraction. 

C*TN1, a kind of mat. 

CSTt1%, the head ; diadem, topknot. 

OT^ftf^, an astrologer. 

|pSF«l, smearing, sprinkling. 

^tW"5Tl, gentleness, mildness. 

3[fi^, gentlest, mildest. 

f^rsTM", dying, melancholy, sad. 

33"eS stolen, robbed. 

.Mt^", faded, pale, disturbed, sad. 

Ftf^, sadness, languor, fading. 

fsnt?, imperfect speech. 

Qf^W, a barbarian. 

C¥^T*U, copper. 

■*T3>,<T^», Kuveras treasurer. 
^^, the liver, liver-complaint. 



T^"^t, raisin, grape. 
JW¥ >9 f, resin, turpeiri im\ 
<r^5j". pulmonary consumption, 
i^r^r, when, whenever, 

T5?f%, 8 Baci ifioe. 

ST1RT, sacrificing, worshipping. 

Tist'at^, the person who makes an 
offering to I tod. 1 

TT"§fs ; the second FWa, 

Tiio, a sacrifice. 

^I^C<TWt, an altar for sacrifice. 

"51^^^, the brahminical thread. 

■^^fT^", essential pari of a sacrifice. 

*T"^t?, fit for sacrifice, sacrificial. 

Tiwji, one well versed in the second 

TT5i3l, one who offers a sacrifice. 

tt^, collected, amassed, contracted. 

"ST3T3, enamelling, inlaying. 

TT3T^, collecting, crumpling up. 

*rf"33, crumpled, contracted. 

*T7S, wherefore* 

"ST5, as many as. as much as. 

TTr3^, a widow who practices 

TTVt, an ascetic, a devotee ; tem- 

ths^, a wedding gift ; a freckle, 

*TC"5^, as many as. 

TT^1%j%«., a Utile, ever so little. 

Tfssr, active endeavour, effort, zeal. 

^T^^TR, zealous, active, strenuous. 

*T**WRTf%, ne plus ultra. 

7 i"5J r 5tT, abstemious hal 
<in, wherever, in whatever pi 
tt^T^trj, common,inferior, b 
*rsfi, as, for instance ; where. 
Wfasff**, in whatever way, 
I^IT^TST, as one pleases, at will. 
*WP$T*r, proper time; close of day. 
^W^sr, in order, - ely. 

'SNTS'Tl, ignorant, mean* 
WTT^fl, any how. ae you like. 
TsfTCsifsD, according to merit. 
*Wtf, real, correct, genuine, just, 
WT5, as worthy, as lit. 
WPTIsi. according to the shdstras. 
'X^Ttws'Z, suited to circumstances 
*W*TT*f J,according to one's power, 
WT^IJ, according to merit. 
^WT*tf, abundant, enough, phmty. 
siWfB'S, light, merited, condign. 
^nraPf, since or until (which). 
TTW1, when, at the time when. 
<r1*t, if, though. 

TT^c^l, voluntarily, spontaneously. 
"Snuf^f, even if, although. 
sr*jf*TO7*. even if, in case, [ver, 
"$1^1, a charioteer, an elephant-dri- 
¥3, instrument, engine, machine. 
*rg3>, a turner's lathe. 
.^"3 -11, torture. torment, agony, pain. 
TTZ, barley, a barleycorn. 
Tra"^T<T, nitre, saltpetre. 
*I3"->T3, a pimple, a wart. 
^R"^, imbecile, inactive. 




TTT^, western foreigner, musulman. 
Tref^l, a curtain ; outer tent-cur- 
ST^T, meadow grass, fodder. 
^^?"l> malt liquor, beer. 
^ra"^?T, as it was, unaltered. 
^F^T'J, gruel, rice frumenty. 
<T^'ta' 5 cooked barley. 
"*rf3%, youngest, very young. 
■STC3", when, at which time. 
*rer, Yama, the Hindu Pluto. 
^TSf^, ^rsrif, twins, one of a pair. 
^"5T3>, alliteration, rhyme. 
^T?T^5, messenger of death. 
^"sraT?r, a dagger, poniard. 
H^TST^ a pair, a couple. 
^T^t, a kind of spicy seed. 
*T*r, a horse. 

^T^fS, renown, fame, celebrity. 
SPT'ft, famous, renowned. 
^IC*ttTt1, quicksilver. 
^T^1j a priest, sacrificer. 
ST tip, a stick, staff, bludgeon, club. 
^rf§? W, liquorice. 
^T^, one who offers a sacrifice. 
*TT\5, gruel, rice frumenty. 
^T<S^r, going, departing. 
€f3l, a millstone ; bellows. 
^Tf1%, betel-nippers, nutcrackers. . 
TTTsf, a sacrifice, worship. 
*rT53?, one who asks. P n g- 

*TT5Sf, praying, requesting, entreat- 
^t5^1, prayer, request, suit. 

^TTeT^, trial, examination. 

"^T^"', prayer, request, solicitation. 

^tU, boiled rice. 

"STf®^, a sacrificer, a priest. 

^rT©^ 1 ", officiating as a priest. 

^rff^^ 5 , relating to a sacrifice ; a 

^fllsFJ, sacrificial acts or gains. 
*iTW, a Stick, staff, wand, club. 
"STl^n, a stick, staff, walking-stick. 
TlT"5^r1, agonizing pain, anguish. 
"STfal, husband's brother's wife. 
^rr<3T<rT^., going and coming. 
"SlTaFl, going, jonrney, procession. 
TTTT3q3», a traveller, pilgrim. 
STtlft, a pilgrim, a traveller. 
^Wfsf«>, just, real, honest, true. 
"STTsTTsf, reality, veracity, justice. 
^T^S, an aquatic animal. 
<lTF"^"*t, the sea, the ocean. 
^TtTf, sorcery, magic. 
^"1^,^"^^, such as, as. 
■STtTff 5 ^, self-willed, obstinate. 
^TCWt^t^, the sea. 
¥t»T, a conveyance, carriage. 
^"T^ <Tf"^ «*, animal dra wing a vehicle. 
*?T*T»r, spending or passing (time). 
^TT^Wte, concealable, latent. 
<Ttf^f^, past, concealed, secret. 
*TT*tJ, concealable, dormant* 
5TT3T, leaves impregnated with lae. 
"?TT<r^, half-ripe barley ;• lac. 
^T^Wt^, as long as one lives. 

*T71 " '210 

fTrflTr, of all sorts, the whole. 
3T4*, as l"iic;- as, while. 
^n^fr^s, belonging to a foreigner. 
ttt^ w J^s, saltpetre. 

"5TT37, 1 1 1 i x <m1 up. 

TIT"9, copulation. 

*TT3T, fourth part of a day. 

*nu3"f%. night. 

ttt^t^t, a pair. 

^TT^TT'51, a son-in-law. 

^Tfsr, a Bister. 

*lTf^3>, a watch, a guard. 

srrfsr^, night. 

*rTfsi^*ft%. the moon. 
*n*rC3^3>, lead. 
*ncsr?, Bister's son. 
TTTO, the south quarter. 
"ftff^. he who, the person who. 
^F*«T, measuring, weighing. 
tt<35, pair of scales, steelyard. 
^r^, dexterity, knack, skill. 

*T«p, joined, endowed with. 
^fb^, reasoning, inference, advice. 
TJ9T, an age of the world ; a pair. 
*-sr<jT5r, the character of an age. 
TTT*f«., at once, at one time. 
Tr-jfrT. a pair, a yoke, a mate. 
*TSfT^, the end of an age. 
TJ3T, a couple, a pair, a brace. 
*re1, shade. 

^3T^T, cooling, being pacified. 
*T5, joined, endowed with. 
*r"3l, a shoe. 


^i, a fight, battle, contest, war. 
\'il. war, battle. 

*r<r, *J3"?f, a young man. 

~\*. it. B young woman. 

*t*"3?, yonthfalness, yonth. 

^^TS', a prince, heir-apparent. 

*nn, a young man. 

tt^t, a horse. 

*r*r*£«4T?r, a small tiger. 

ST^RTf, thou. 

?T3>, a louse. 

TT^f, a flock, drove, swarm, herd. 

^Ijft, a young woman. 

sr*f, a post, a Btake. 

*T3", soup, broth, porridge. 

C%, p. that which, he who ; c. that. 

C^WI, where, whither. 

C*T^, in order that. 

C<T"5T"5, C^r^r^, as, like as. 

C*T5R C3"5J"JT, tolerably. 

CST3>*f , as ; such as, like as. 

OT^v?^, because, forasmuch as. 

CSJ13»1, weigh, measure. 

C*rf?nf%, a yoke for cattle. 

C*T1, capital, stock ; warp-rods. 

OT3F1, one who unites, provider. 

C^llF, the tie of a yoke. 

C^TT'ff, junction, connection, train. 

C"3'?r:^»'sr, acquiring and holding. 

OTSf*fiIf^1, a seven-league boot. 

C^TTsT^rT, virtue of abstraction. 

CTTTSfT^^I. cohesion. 

OT^tt?, assistance, co-operation. 




C^Tsftf5<I1, an assistant, auxiliary. 

CTfTsff^supplying ; causing to join. 

CSTTftrf^JI, a light slumber, doze. 

C^TT^ft, an ascetic, weavei\ 

C^TTC^f, in course of, by means of. 

C*TTC?ril^ lead. 

C^iTsfJ, suitable, worthy, fit. 

CWtTSI^worthiness, fitness, ability 

C^T^FI, a bivalve shell, cockle-shell. 

C^JTSi^, a negotiator, uniter; an 

OTSR, uniting ; 16000 cubits. 

OTSWl, union, conjuncture. 

C^TTT?3S_, a negotiator, a go-between. 

C^TT^iT, joining, yoking, negotia- 

C"STf\S, to join ; a pair, junction, 

C^TT^^T, joining, taking up room. 

C^TTvJfl, a couple, pair, suit ; joined* 

C*rt!), the tie of a yoke ; a farm. 

C^rPs, wealth, income, capital. 

C^t^flj a warrior, combatant. 

C^rf^, war, battle. 

C^Ttf^, place of origin, origin, mine • 
the female organ of generation. 

OTfa?., C^TtTl, a woman, a female. 

C^ff, lac, gum-lac. 

C*i}Rr<p, logical, inferrible, proper. 

OTfsr^s, derivative, regularly form- 

C*f|"53", measure, quantity. [ed. 

Cwil)^, a marriage gift. 

C*3l3"^, age of mature youth. 

C*rfr<TT3fJ, situation of a prince. 


7T, fire, heat. 

7T\, colour. 

?T\^S, force, expedition,, 

'glF, blood. 

|T?F3S*5F, Tr&^ffl, coral. 

^"^FSfR, red sandal-wood, 

<jT<F*f1, a leech, blood-sucker. 

3"<F*fl"$, blood-shedding. 

jewfrfG, discharge of blood 

?T^^T%, the smallpox. 

^nr3r«l> red, blood-colour. 

^r«F*r?r, bloody, full of blood. 

^CHl^ljthe act of blood letting. 

^IF^jf^s, poison. 

^T^T^, smeared with blood. 

3"HrT?"t%S mutual bloodshed. 

?^'?*f, the piles. 

?rftF*r1, redness. 

<TW3?, a keeper, protector. [ing. 

JW% protecting, saving, support - 

J^J\, a goblin, cannibal, gore. 

<5TW1, keeping, preservation. 

^rf^Jl, a keeper, protector. 

^rf^<T^t, the king's body-guard. 

<TWf?r, sour rice-gruel; asafceti- 

da ; mustard. 
~$W, protection, support. 
^Tf\5, quick beiiting of a drum. 
£$f\5^r, rubbing, scrubbing. 
^TSf^Fts*, rubbing, treading, sifting. 
igW) miserly poor. 




7T^, a deer. 

3"3f, paint, oolonr ; mirth, fun. 

?3T*p<?r, a painter. 
TTflp^tsi, silver. 

?[?fv'J?, dramatic or wanton an1 ics. 
JW^fz, theatre, Btage, arena. 
?r^fsiBt, a flute. 

3"^"3"*i, merrymaking, sport, fun. 
TT^^tlril, a theatre, ball-room. 
<T»fT^?1, a colourer, dyer, painter. 
^T^TTO?"^, <r^i<T3l<rt, actor, mi- 
mic, buffoon. 
J^\^, coloured ; impassioned, 
<T\3sr, force, exppedition. 
■?T53». an author, compiler, maker. 
<3"S^r, making, forming, eomposing. 
<T5^1, arrangement ; composition. 
jhl, put together, written. 
<T©S, dust ; secularity ; menses. 
^■©s x r?, a dog. 

<TSi^, a washerman. 
TTSi^, silver, white substance. 
^"Si^t, night ; turmeric. 
TTSRfas?", the moon. 
•3".§?vfl , 5K r , evening, nightfall. 
9K?iT? s cloud; mind. 
"3"§i"3^, buffalo. 

^Rs^sp, menstruating. [ment. 

^C©!^, the sanguine tempera- 
te STS^T, darkness. 
'^"CST^'?", a washerman. 
^W, a rope, cable, hawser. 
^-^3>,stimulant, pleasing. exciting. 

7^|7,exciting, pleaning, painting. 

■^^^1, publicity, rumour, fame. 
?Th>^, spoken, ramoured, uttered. 

| ^~5^, running. 

7T«1, Conflict, battle, war. 
^ C 1^T 7T J, martial musie. 

' Tr*!"^*, defeat, discomfiture. 

{T^fasFl, a war-trumpet. 

<r*3, forlorn, childless, irreligious. 

3"Q3>, a barren tree ; sterile. 

3" VI, barren, childless ; a widow. 

<T5, attached, devoted to, given. 

7T"5*Pto, a dog. 

^fgt, fog. 

<T"5T<I^t, a prostitute. 

3"r%, sensutl enjoyment. 

?rf%*fl%, the Hindu Cupid. 

^"fe^.l, a red seed nsedasaweight. 

"$&, a precious stone, jewel, gem. 

f^^^^T, coral. 

^T^rsf^. a jewel-mine, the sea. 

<^RSf^1,a mother of good children. 

<T^^rj, diamond. 

TT^T^T, the sea. jewel-mine. 

^^t^c^t, a string of jewels. 

JV& } a cubit with closed lin_ 

<T3T, a chariot, carriage. 

^TW^p, a litter, a pal 

3*$t^K31, the festival of the proces- 
sion of Jagwmdtli or Krislin&s 

3r^*TT3fT, one attending the pro- 
cession of an idol in the car. 




TTsfsrss, a charioteer. 
3"<*TT*F, a wheel, part of a car. 
?WI, public road, highway. 
?TW, ITPfSRr, a tooth, a tusk. 
?TTf^5f, the lips. 
<[*§, a highway ; a river. 
T^j cooking, dressing, boiling. 
^W^TTT^ a cookroom, kitchen. 
?"U, a hole, cavity, fissure, chasm. 
"^^■^^5, a mouse. 
<3"3"j a sound, voice, rumour, 
?"3"Tf»^, uninvited, led by report. 
J[f%, the sun. 

^t^"<f*iT, ripened by the sun. 
^TlT, Sunday. 
?"^T,force,expedition *foy ; ardour. 
^Tsfo, asafoeteda. 
^"ST*!, copulation. 
<: "ST«it, a wife ; agreeable woman. 
3"5T«ft?T, delightful, charming. 
^TSfl, Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu. 
7[^, a flute. 
?"^1, the plantain-fruit. 
?"srj, lovely, charming, pleasing. 
?TX, purple, decoration. 
"3"?, haste, speed ; current. 
?rcTl, a shoot, twig, sprout, scion. 
?TW3», an eyelash ; a blanket. 
■^r^fsr 1 , a bridle, rein, halter. 
^"1%, a sunbeam, ray of light. 
«p~7f, sap, juice ; relish ; wit, taste. 
7r*T35T^?T, ?"*T^^f<T, muriate of 
<?ro«?*T5", camphor. [mercury. 

■^"TT^t^ vermillion. 
^"^fl?, blood ; animalcule. 
"^"71^3. of refined taste ; alchymist. 
^.?T5Tl, tongue; knowing the flavour. 
^7R, tasting, festering ; being 

damp. s 
^"?R1, the tongue, organ of taste. 
<T7f<Tt^, rheumatism. 
<sr*T«^, blood. [cury. 

<PT3"tIfj?r3TC5T^', quicksilver, mer- 
<T*Tf%^i, an alchymist. 
<r7fl, juicy ; the earth ; a rope. 
<rJTf4r^", a cock. 

?"*Tr^R, a colouring for the eyes. 
^t^cf, the lower regions, 
spjfoftpr, absorption, drying up. 
"?"3Tt^, moistening, seasoning. 
<3~?TTf^r, purulent matter, pus. 
^TT^ If, a semblance of feelings ; 

strife. [ing gold &c. 

^"^t<T^,poison ; chemistry ; polish- 
"^T^TT^T, juicy, savoury ; a mango. 
<!T*jTpr*Tl, the pulse. 
<3~*TT^, resin, turpentine. 
<jrffT35, sentimental, witty, droll. 
^"^^ cooking, cookery. 
^^•^ garlic. [stone. 

^TC^", quicksilver, philosopher's 
<f%, thing, substance. 
^J, blood. 

J~SZ, solitary, lonely. [tinning, 
t^*!, stopping, remaining, con- 
?r^?T, in solitude, privately. 

T" 57 ^, joke, diversion ; solitude, 
?rfrT, deprived of, free from, 

^JT^, a widow. 

^T"5\ a tree bearing no fruit. 

<n^, mustard. 

Tt^af, a tent. 

<TT^, tin. 

?nV51, thin leaves of tin. 

7TT*P1, the full moon P n £- 

3rW3^, answering to a call, eeho- 

3"T^*U a fabulous cannibal, ogre. 

^TT^^ftc^wTI, evening twilight. 

?W, lae. 

<TT-9R, leaving, keeping, putting. 

3"T*3TT^t, a shepherd, cowherd. 

3"t<ft1%, shepherd's work or wages. 

?TT^r, passion, anger, flush; tune. 

?TT5f5,^:t 4 >tTf^l5, angry, passionate. 

TTTsfT 6 !, exciting anger. 

^TW^, blind with rage. 

? TffT*flff, seized with a fit of anger. 

3"rSff<rTfVf, exhibition of passion. 

^T'ffT^T, angry, irritated. 

<nf*f«ft", a key-note, tune. 

<TT*?t, passionate, irritable, [teller. , 

Trfsra", uninvited guest ; a fortune- 

3"TW, tin. 

TTTW^fT^, tinning of vessels. 

?TT3nSTfihrl, reddish, rather red. 

?TT§r5l, thin leaves of tin, 

^T^1, red, ruddy, rosy ; tin. [ing 

?TT9fT«l, colouring, painting, dve- 

?rT3T!3p1, handsome but ignorant. 



a kim 

| <rtsr. a bricklayer 

; ?rTSWsr, tribute, royal revenue. 

frtv<.t7T, royal, kingly. 

?T?»t. a regicide; sharp, keen. 

3"T®^4, an umbrella which is the 
Blgn Of royalty. [ t i ollt 

?TtW?t^1, the ceremony of corona 
?TT®!i,3, monarchy. 
<TT©31, sovereignty, government. 
^TTBTSTST, an areca palm. 
?TT5»-», royalty, royal dignity, 
?"T^'9, royal sceptre, a fine. 
?"T®CJT*, treason, rebellion. 
?"T5?Vf^-, royal duties or virtues. 
3"TW*fT5fl, royal resilience, capital. 
?rtlF^f%, politics, the duties of a 

?Tfsraj, of royal birth, a kkyetriya* 
JlWvfH, public road, highway. 
<TT-sT*fTT>, a royal throne. 
<rt®f«j3, a prince, a khyetriya. 
<W>$^, officers of state. 
?TTlf«J|ft, royal residence, capital. 
^T'slft'*^, revolution. 
?TT «?«!>, royal army. 
^I©"^?, kingdom. 
^TlTrr^ft, a king's chief wife. 
^TlTSPSr, pulmonary consumption. 
3"!"5J?"^, silver. 
ITTSfir, a royal sage. 
^nifST^t, the fortune of a king. 
<TT§m, springing from passion. 
?TT©*I^, a palace, royal residence. 




3TT^r^ worship with sacrifice. 
^TTSf^T* a sacrifice by an emperor 

attended by tributary kings. 
<rt®^W,a horse. 

<TtSi'3", tribute, taxes ; king's due. 
^"Tli^V^, a gander. 
3TW, a king, a sovereign. 
^TT^Tsn, royal edict. 
^TTSlTf*r?rT®? supreme sovereign. 
^TUt^f^r, list of kings. 
<ZTlfs?,3l^,a row, rank, series, line. 
TTtfsf^f, a water snake. 
^"Tlffc. a waterlily, lotus. 
<Tt^t, a queen. 

■?rT§iJ, a kingdom, empire, realm. 
3"T®J31, politics. 
?TTSfjT^5 essential of government. 
<nsntf%CS"35, inauguration to the 

^TtCIiJ*^ the reigning sovereign. 
<Tt"ff , Avar, battle. 
<p"T!?e, uncivilised, rude, barbarous. 
^"T«l1, the sloping side of a flight 

of steps ; a title. 
<Tt«lt, a queen. 

?Tt^t?*tt%, by night, in the night. 
TTTfS", night. 

^nf3^?T, moving at night. 
7TTf5OT*t\ course of night. 
TTT^JT?, a night-prowler. 
?"T3TOj not able to see at night. 
3Tfa5, ripe, boiled. 
?"W3, demonstrated by facts. 

Tt^1, cooking, cookery. 

?fl"3T*r?r, a kitchen, cookroom. 

7T\^, a sound, noise, shout, yell. 

<n"^«1 ? a king of Ceylon. 

3"t»f?T3>, rash. 

^"T^T, hero of the Rdmdyana. 

^TTMsSt, a kind of chalk. 

3tsr^T5fsT,the large beardless goat. 

<TT"snf ; $, ^ ne m onkey Hanumdn. 

7rTsr*r«J35} a rainbow, Rama's bow. 

^"f5Tl, a beautiful woman. 

^rfsrT*, a votary of Rama. 

^rfsnir*!, a celebrated epic poem 
describing the war between 
Ramchundra and Ravana. 

3tf5T5T, Indian cupid. 

<3T?T, title of honour ; a prince. 

3fT¥«T, illness, disease. 

^T?T?fT*T, a bambu spear. 

<TT<I3'TI%<i?t, a vixen, termagant. 

■^"T^T, resin. 

<Tff*f * a heap, stock ; zodiacal sign. 

^"Tf*fF§», the zodiac. 

?flf*Rt3r, an astrological name. 

^CWfos, heaped up, accumulated. 

<Tt§, country, realm ; notorious. 

^"T^i^^^-^t^-^^-, insurrection, 

3"f?r, play, sport, toying, dalliance. 

<Tt"*T^>, an asa. 

<Tl~*nrK3l, a festival of Krishna. 

<TT!£, the ascending node. 

?Ts£*nj, eclipsed, seized by Rdhu- 

?TT3£*frf1. eclipse of sun or moon. 
fihP, empty, void, destitute. 
I?^*/', property, wealth, patrimony. 

f?<T>'4t, an heir, successor. 
f?%R, f?T3FST, slipping, tumbling, 
fallingi [glad. 

1?5R, rejoicing, exulting, being 
fiftl, tlie soap-berry tree. 
f?T*fTr, Indian Cupid. 
f?^t, an enemy, foe. 
f^ff, mean, base. 
f?r?ft, brass. 
f?*T, enmity, jealousy. 
ft^T, a stag, a deer. 
f?Ti%. an ascetic, a hermit, 
f?^ evil, adverse ; see also t?^1. 
f?T®, evil, calamity, damage. 
<fts»Tl, ?fft$1, disregard, contempt. 
<pT>35, the backbone. 
^rt?n, disrespect, disregard. 
?ft«i, leaked, oozed out. 
<nt%, manner, habit, rite. 
<P^". the white-ant. termite. 
<F3>, liberal, munificent. 
J&&. remedy, cure. 
^3HT, gold. 

3^»,^^f, rough, harsh, morose. 
3?<T, thin, haggard, empty, dry. 
?F*f, diseased, sick, ill. [relish. 
?ff5, <p£t, inclination, appetite, 
^fs^", engaging, pleasing, nice. 
?5>T>. anger, rage. 
, bread, a loaf. 



??^", dry, not oily. 

?PT>, rode, hard, harsh. 

?P 4 i^<?ri, a COW that allows to be 

milked easily. 
?F*3, headless. 

^fflJFq. a tinkling sound. 

<?^i, shut, blocked up. hindered. 
??W, the sun ; a demigod ; furious. 
??5^» a berry used for rosaries. 
^f<r<r, blood. 

?RJ, ?P*tf , 9F?T9, castor tree. 

<psn, salt-mine, 

?ftt. the son. 

9^1, wool, hair; a rafter; kernel. 

^3*, a stag, a deer. 

?F"3"1, anger, rage. 

W^, enraged, furious, angry. 

^ps - ^, cavity, den. 

'S'fS'^f^i, anxiety, 

??5g1, a tree. 

<5>^, rude, hard, cruel. 

S»I>, current, produced ; known by 
tradition as the meaning of cer- 
tain words of uncertain origin 
or which are used in a certain 
peculiar sense. 

3?% form, manner, beauty. 

S?*T3>, figurative, allegorical. 

?j*fl>TW, a coxcomb, fop, dandy. 

?T*f*"3,?F ,5 'f*TR. beautiful, elegant- 

^•^TST, reduction. 

sJ*f^t, beautiful, handsome, corne- 
al, <5*fJ, silver. [ly. 




CJ, a vocative particle employed 
in addressing a person in con- 

C^fl, a carpenter's plane. 

C^^, doubt ; diarrhoea ; a dry- 
measure equal to one and a 
quarter seer. 

C^T-an, a line, streak, stripe, slit. 

C^TSff*^, geometry. 

C3"<T"P%fsr, the equator. 

CJ5^, purgative, breathing. 

CJt*, purging, oozing, dropping. 

(T^T^r, pleasing, satisfying. 

CJ% dust, pollen, sand ; an atom. 

C$il, the seminal fluid ; sand. 

CIT^^II, sand. 

C§*5J, brass. 

C3"*f , blamed ; cruel ; miserly ; the 
wards of a lock. 

C^^p, the substituted mark for the 
letter 7T placed over the head 
of another letter as ( ) 

C^T^Ttj the 27th lunar mansion. 

C?Ts«l, the lowing of kine. 

CgFC9l 9 uninvited, uncalled. 

C?T»T, plenty ; a multitude. 

C^"T~S^r, sowing, planting. 

C^T?1, the hair of the body. 

C"3"t3>, a cavity ; sin ; a boat ; lustre; 

C<1 l<t»\b, a cash-book. 

C?TT<p«i, obstructing, warding off ; 

C^t^f^T, being angry. 
C^T^fT 1 ^, passionate, peevish, cross. 
C?"fsf, disease, illness, distemper. 
C?rT9T1, C^TT^ft, ill, sickly, diseased. 
C^T5^, exciting appetite, savoury. 
C<TT5WT5^ stimulant and diges- 
C^fS^, exciting appetite, [tive. 
C^lfR, lustre. 

C?1"St, C^tft^l, bread, a loaf. 
C~$Vn% 9 heaven ; land. 
C?"tWiT, weeping, wailing, crying. 
C^Tf^n, a hinderer, obstructer. 
C3~T*f. obstruction, prohibition. 
C<rT*f8, banks of a river. 
C?tT*r^, obstructing, prohibitory. 
C^fsfsr, besieging, obstructing, 

C^t 5 ^ offence, crime. 
C^T^f , a dart, an arrow ; sowing ; a 

C3"1*f3» 9 a planter, sower, seedsman, 
C^T*f'e|, planting, fixing, grafting. 
C?TTf*f3, sown, planted. 
C^"pT,hair of the body, down, wool. 
C<TT*r<£*f 5 tne pores of the skin. 
C^T^PS"* ruminating. 
C?tsr*T, hairy. 
C^Tsre'Sr, rapture, causing the hairs 

of the body to bristle up. 
C"?"t^T^, horripilation, shuddering. 
C^T^fT^c^t, a line or row of hair 

from the navel upwards. 
C?H?PWreT*> crying aloud. 

CTT^, wrath, anger, passion, fury 
£? M I *T, wrathful,oholeric, peevish 
C?TT5', a spront, germ ; riding. 
c<rf?r<P, a rider. 

C?TTf"5^, the fourth lunar mansion 
C<Hfe:5, a kind of fish ; red ; blood. 
C<TTf^, the Sun. 
c?rte-j, golden. 

Cjfivj, rude, rough. 

C3T5, sunshine, glare, heat. 

C?ft*fj, silver. 

C?Tf?R", a Hindu hell ; terrible. 

C?ftf^«|, sandal wood. 

C?rYft<r, a fish ; a doer. 

ST^, taking, receiving, accepting. 
c=T3<lT^, persuading, instigating, 

W, silk thread for kite-string. 
3RF<5,leave8 impregnated with lac. 
5T^?ft%<n, vibrating, shaking, 
*T^S a butt, aim ; 1,00,000. 
cf^ej, mark, sign, characteristic. 
cn^sl, a metaphor, an ellipsis; 
a goose. [mark. 

^^«lT^T?. distinguished by a 
^T 7 ^, a mark, sign. 
v\-m\, goddess of prosperity. 
STWtuTJT, prosperous, fortunate. 
c^T. a butt, aim ; 1,00,000. 
c?9f^ ; beautiful, charming. 
*T*ri. pole for beating down fruit. 
sjsft, a boat-pole, boat-hook, lever. 



***Ji a club, bludgeon, staff. 

c^csf, in company. 

Wtf, adhering to, connected with. 

5f?f^, bondsman, surety; bail. 

*1t*n*j a writing specifying the 
time of marriage. 

^tfterftf, abreast, side by side. 
*rftf<Pl, a girl ten years old: a 

naked woman. 
3TO!, air, wind. 
srf^r-sn, lightness, diminution. 
*rfad, lightest, smallest. 
*r€to, fight, contemptible. 
*Tf? liglit, insignificant, small. 
*V**9 tightness, insignificance. 
^^fT<f>, ea sy f d \gQ^ fcion. 
snjtf^RTlj act of making water. 
9W, chillies, capsicums; Ceylon 
' *T*,*T\, a clove, clove-tree. * 
*iwn, an anchor, 
^r^^r, tail. 

*r«*R,overstepping, transgression. 

«tSST1, a blow, stroke, beating. 

ST^rreTfJW, boxing, fisticuffs. 

5»^F1, shame ; modesty, shyness. 
*r§sn^3-, shameful, disgraceful. 
*TOT^, modest, bashful, sheepish. 
^StPTR, ashamed, retiring, shy. 
^^rr«T>5T, modest, bashful, coy. ' 
5T^rtftsr, shameless, immodest. 
vim*, ashamed, put to shame. 
*i*«, foot, tail. 
*Tr$<5l, a prostitute, 




eTTj^ST, being suspended, swinging. 
5fiN»T»T> hanging up, suspending. 
STTraTT*. perplexity, intricacy. 
c^TT*, a wicked person. 
cnT^il?; rolling about, walloping. 
c^lll, a libertine, profligate. 
^TS^shaking, quivering; fighting. 
c^\5T^", a battle, fight, scuffle. 
«nv5T^*^ a fighter, warrior, boxer. 
cTst, a club, stick, staff. [ting. 
<5T^T^ 9 holding out a bait, temp- 
*r&5\£, fidgety, fickle, tottering. 
c*j\F£^1. a sweetmeat ball. 
sr^TSjTfa, reeling, tottering, stag- 
c^^Sc tossing, agitation, staggering. 
®i«3"3^, in the utmost disorder. 
*F5i, a creeper, climbing plant. 
«T\5T5T^ ? elephant. 
«^f%^1, a guana, 
eT^ srsft, butter. 
cn^ST, mouth ; speaking. 
^^jT^entwined, folded together. 
sra", a morsel, atom, tittle, jot. 
e^^f, a clove, clove-tree. 
wre«l, salt, saltness. 
e^<«vT^ 9 salted, steeped in salt. 
STOW, cutting, clipping. 
cift^, a dagger, 
^.obtained, gained, got. 
*f(%, profit, gain, acquisition. 
5T?TJ, fit to be cut. 
cf^J, obtainable, advantage, result. 

oT^pf^, dissolute, immoral, lewd. 
c^TRs, a jump, leap, spring. 
c^TrT^T, hanging down, stretching. 
cT^1,long, tall, high .perpendicular. 
cT'STT^", length, tallness, height. 
vtV%H 9 placed lengthwise, pendent. 
^raT*f?T, corpulent, Ganesha. 
vft?%]§, a camel, 
ciir, dissolution, absorption. 
^HTT^?, a dancer. 
sr*Ri, a woman ; tongue. 
c^TT?', forehead, fate, destiny. 
srt^S, displaying charms, lovely. 
©I^T, garlic. 

c^fftnV the cat's-eye stone. 
e^f%^5, wished for, desired. 
cT^T, a dancer, 
sr^fl, turmeric. 
^"R^l, saliva, spittle. 
c^^t, a bow. 

cT^^tj a wave, billow ; whim. 
5T1, lac, sealingwax. 
vi"\% a pumpkin, gourd. 
STte, the lac insect ; 1,00,000, 
«TT^1 9 the lac insect. 
5Tf?R, adhering, being applied to. 
c^t^fl^ contact, joined ; laid out. 
sTfTTTt'c?, overtaking, finding. 
^T^T^T, sticking on, joining, apply- 
cTi^ft^T, a bridle, rein, halter. 
«TNT^Tf%j abreast, alongside. 




sftftf .contact, adjacency; towards. 
^TH^, Lightness, diminution. 
STfsf^, a plongh ; a flower-plant 

^fW^T^f^te, the furrows. 

■TftfJl, ■ ploughman, plough-ox. 
^T^ff^^, of a plongh; a poison. 
vrTWvr. a tail. 

6iTst, parched grain ; modesty, 
c^T^^, modest, Bhy, shamefaced. 
ciT-g^, a Btain, mark, Bign. 
c^Ti^l. reproach, dishonour. 

c^Tfi>sr, a child's top. 
^Ti% a club, stick, bludgeon. 
cTT^, .shaking, wagging. 
ct"T$, ^"5"S^, a kind of lollipop. 
cfT^C9fT v J15f, a kind of idol. 
c^U,*ri9r,«iT«ft, a kick. 
5fT*T, conversation, discourse. 
SrtTp, a jump, leap, bound. 
cnt^t^U jumping, leaping. 
c^T^", a kind oi bird ; cutting. 
*rfa*lj9rRf«l<$, salted; a salt-dealer. 
ctT^'SJ, saltness ; charm, beauty. 
STR'UlfWs, dowry. 
cnTt^"<P, a buffalo. 
cTlT, the bottle-gourd. 
cTf», receipt, gain, advantage. 
cnT^^J, immorality, lewdness. 
cnTen, «Tt^n1, spittle, saliva, drivel. 
crr?T5, strong desire, coveting. 
cTT^T^, caressing, fondling, petting. 
®?T*iTl, desire, lust, covetousness. 
ciT^iTft^, arising ffoui destiny. 

pJTsrrfaT, Bpider. 
mfa^, a buffalo. 

t lene8S, loveli 

a driveller, sputterer 

e^T^J, Binging and dancing. 

«^T^1,^T1, lac, lac-insect ; sealing- 
f^^^i, a Louse. [wax. 

t%^f^r, writing, drawing. 
f^rforT^J. w.-rthy to be written. 
f^3f. gender, the penis, a mark ; 
the representation of Shiva. 

f%^t having a mark. 


fcn|%,f^t, a writing, drawing; a 
f*lf*faS?Tj a writer, painter; artist, 
f^f*f3"^i, written. 
1%% besmeared, tainted ; joined. 
f^ 1 ^^, a poisoned arrow. 
t^^STi, cupidity; covetousness. 
t%'-^, covetous, desirous of gain. 
t%"|, a dancer. 
f%3>3>1, a louse. 
v\]V, lapped, licked. 
©ftST, taken, dissolved, absorbed. 
c^tcTI, amorous sport, toying. 
cTt", a kind of flannel. 
5TO^,hiding, skulking, absconding. 
c^;&t?, a sport, hide-and-seek. 
«J$bK, causing to hide, concealing, 

CTWHU3, concealed hidden. 
cT^t, a coloured petticoat, 
c^f?, a kind of cake. 

C^ 260 

*Tf^3, torn ; left off. 

c|f", plunder, pillage. 

^"^, plundering, ransacking, 
laying waste. 

c^, a ball of thread or twine. 

eJR", »T %5T, rolling about, writh- 

^§t 9 a pebble-stone, pellet. 

c : Tf«j'?rl« a dealer in salt. 

c^JT, prostrating. 

^iffas, a thief. 

cT^, effaced, extinct, obsolete. 

cfSF^catching a ball when thrown. 

e^, desirous, greedy, covetous. 

^i^, covetous ; a fowler, hunter. 

cf^T^. a buffalo. 

c^M^, flabby, wrinkled, shrivelled. 

eT$1, a sp % ider. 

c^skrs, a cobweb, spider's web. 

W, torn. 

era", a tail. 

C^Ta", paste, starch. 

CwT\T>, naked, unclothed, bare. 

CcT«$T^ 9 a writer, a painter. 

^f<r^, writing, a letter ; writing. 

CcT^T^t, a pen, pencil, graving tool. 

C^T^r^lu, worthy % be written. 

C^*fl, written; writing. 

۩T4TTClfT^1, accounts, calculations. 

(^•fttT^f^l, writing and reading. 

CfiT^TC^f^written correspondence. 

C^T^T, fit to be written ; document. 

C^Sj^jC*!®, a tail, crupper. 

C*ri>1, obstacle, difficulty, intricacy 
C«n*T, a plaster ; to smear over. 
C^vf^r, smearing, daubing. 
C*T' 5 Tt''s > f1, web-footed. 


CwT^ftC^t^l, plastering and clean- 
er, a lime, orange. 
CtfTcTfa, setting a dog on to attack. 
C^^t, a minute, particle, trace. 
0^3*, a clod of earth. 
C*T^, licking, lapping, tasting. 
C^f^ft". paste, starch. 
C*TO, fit licked. 
C^TT^, a person, people, world. 
C*TT^S, popularly, commonly. 
CcTT^^T, looking, surveying. 
C^T^^fT^T, a king, a sovereign. 
C*fT3»3"fTF, rumour, report, fame. 
C^T^T^Ij human affairs ; a fair. 
C^T^ *r1ig1 t^sff^political economy. 
C^TT^t^?", another world ; death. 
C*TT35t?r1%3s, an atheist. 
C^T^T^T, a crowd, multitude, 
CtfTfaTsnr, inhabited place, town. 
C^T^tC^t^, boundary of the world. 
C^lTE, water of the eye, tear. 
C^iTS^", the eye. 

C^Tti*^, rolling about ; a tumbler 
C*rn?1 5 a brass jug. [pigeon. 

C^rT^T*^ tossing about, agitating. 
CoTt'Jflj a muller, roller. 
C«Tt«l, salt. 

CcTfal, saltish, brackish, briny. 
C«Tte ; stolen goods, plunder, booty. 




e*rt"5, stolen goods; water of the 
c) e, tear. 

C*lT*f, wiping out, extinction. 

C*i1% stole goods, booty. 
CrTT^, desire to get, covetousness. 
C»TT"5*ito, alluring, tempting. 
C5TT"5^. eager to get, covetous. 
Cc^TT'sr, hair, down, wool. 
CffTT'5r<F*f, pore of the skin. 
C^T^T, hairy, woolly, shaggy. 
CriTST^^fq, horripilation, bristling 
C^fT^T^^, sulphate of arsenic, [up. 
CwTfTT^ 3 , horripilation, thrilling. 
C«TT^, tremnloue, hanging loose. 
CcTf^^, a pendant, pendulum; an 

ornament for the nose. 
C^TW, the tongue ; eager desire; 

CcTTf%3, plump, flabby, loose. 
C~jf^i*"f, very covetous, greedy. 
C^1^>, *^. C^T§, a clod of earth. 
C^IT, iron ; blood. 
C*lTT3»T^» magnet, loadstone. 
C^T^fsPT?* sulphate of iron. 
CSrrejpIt, borax. 
C^t^^T, gold. 
CrlT^I, iron ; blood. 
CriT^HT, C*TT5"<ST<T, a blacksmith 
C^Tft^S. bloody, red, sanguine. 
Ccntft^tUS. copper. 
C«Tlt%^; current, popular, worldly. 

C*uf%^"5l, state of being popular. 
C^Tt?, iron; preparation of iron. 

*r i 
*Tsr, prosperity, welfare. 
*T\3r<T. water. 
*TV5T, fortunate, luckv. 
*P\7T^r, spoken, mentioned. 
■*T\*rJ, praiseworthy. 
*T3>, an era, epoch. 
*T^, a wagon, hackery, chariot. 

*f^^1, a wagon, cart, hackery. 
■*t^^^^Pf, the sweet potato. 
^cT, rind, bark ; scales ; port, 

*T<l»cft, fish. 

*fas"fafl, era of Shall vah ana. 
*T^, Tffa, a vulture. 
*T^p3«1, a lizard. 
T^jK, excrement. 

^T^^, *r^»tt. ^^J, a bull, an ox. 
^TSr, firm, hard, strong, austere. 
"TS'Ta, strength, hardness, rigour* 
^ffsS strength, power, ability. 
^TRrSTR, strong, powerful. 
To 5 , flour of parched grain. 
*tTF» ^^:^W, speaking agreeably. 
^T^J, practicable, possible, 
^^^fij. the rainbow. 
*TCS»^fl, white ant, ant-hill. 
*r^T-«rj, an owl. 
*T?P<r. a bull, an ox. 
*T3»"!, an elephant. 
*f^ a bull that draws a cart. 




7T, auspicious, propitions. 
*t^1, terror, fear, danger, peril. 
wfwt^P^T, an object of terror. 
"^rf^T, frightened, terrified. 
*R», a javelin, spike, stake. 
*r^' J5 f^", dial-plate. 
*fW?", terrible frightful. 
*T^5T1. nut-crackers. 
*f ^i , a conch ; bracelet. 
*r§fa5.bracelet ; a hundred billions. 
^ff^T'Tt, a fairy, an apparition. 
*fft, the wife of Indra. 
*TliT?? ? a porcupine. 
*tf^5f1 3 the horse-radish tree. 
T^l, matted 'hair of an ascetic. 
*T uv£, musty, mouldy, stale. 
*1"Ff, wild turmeric. 
*ffc, crafty, knavish, artful. 
*T^T51, craftiness, knavery, 
"f^t, scented ginger. 
*T\5^1, a canoe ; tall and slender. 
*t^1, minute, slender, thin. 
*i\b*l h& 9 a kind of sauce. 
*T«1, hemp, hemp -plant. 
*[% a eunuch ; a bull. 
*f31, a clown, bumpkin. 
*r«llF, an eunuch. 
*F$, a hundred. 

■*t"5*ft, destructive engine, cannon. 
*T5*n, a hundred kinds. 
"TSSftf, thunder-bolt. 
*T5*fwt, a centipede. [sion 

*r^f%^1, twenty -fourth lunar man- 

*H53"^, a carpet, chessboard, 

*n5t^"%f, a hundred kinds. 

*T5T3?% a century. 

*t"5T?T, thunder-bolt. 

*fC>$?", an enemy ; envy. 

*T^Tt, night. 

*Tnij, an elephant. 

■*t;zr, an enemy, a foe, adversary. 

*P^51, enmity, hostility. 

wfW produce of the field. 

*ft^, the planet Saturn. 

*Tt^^T<r, Saturday. 

*TT%, a dot. point, cipher. 

*ffcs, ■^pt^slowly, deliberately. 

*rfc5 *<, gradually, by degrees. 

w ft^'*S<% the planet Saturn. 

*t^f, rebuke, reprimand. 

^T^tsT, an oath, imprecation. 

*t^5 cursed, anathematised. 

«f*f«t^f7l, wet sloppy, liquid. 

*T*p, animal's hoof ; tree-root. 

*t^P?", a kind of smallfish. 

*R", a corpse, dead body. 

*f<i"ffT^ 9 burning a corpse. 

^t^Tt^r. a bier, hearse. 

■*t«"3", a barbarian, savage. 

*f3"©T« gray, brindled, ashy. 

*T3"^r<T^r, sitting on a corpse and 

T3t, a sound, noise, word, noun. 
*fafC^T3"* dictionary, vocabulary. 
^f^ftf'Sf. knowledge of sounds ; the 
^FJfC^t?", a plagiarist. [ear. 

c r?n 



*f*fr*rTf»L a verbal root. 

■H* I it 3, beyond thereach of sound. 

■fafTsf, meaning of a word. 

*r*f*TT5i, philology. 

*itt, control of the sensed. 

Tsrsi. tranquillity, alleviation. 

*T*ra. placidity; sacrificing. 

^naT, night. 

"Tin, a bean, legume, pod. 

w nft' p n51 9 the sensitive plant. 

*f*^r', lightning. 

*r£*T, provisions for a journey. 

*re*P, a snail, bivalve Bhell. 

*t?T3T'". Satan, a devil. 

*nr^, lying down, sleeping. 

*T<IT^3>. a lizard, snake. 
"RTTTj sleepy, drowsy. 
*HTJ\ a bed, thing to lie upon. 
*T<r. an arrow, a reed ; cream. 

*T<!n$Mr*T, number of arrows dis- 

''T^'Tj, a chameleon, lizard. 
*T?«t, shelter, protection, refuge. 
*f^*^. protection, protector. 
*f?" s iT->l3. a protege, refugee. 
*fa"fs,*T3~.?T, road, path. 
*T<r«t7, a refuge, able to protect. 
*T£"«)T, cloud. 

*f3"<V£"P?T, the autumn season. 
■*I<3T*f. bow-string. 
*T?R7, a mark to shoot at, butt. 
*nn, T^T^", an earthen cover for a 


■f^T^, elephant, monkey, camel. 

*r$r*T'p, water. 

"T2TTJR, x T^rT^J, a bow to shoot 

arrows from. 
*T<jft?r, the body. 

t/t^s?, produced from the body. 
n^t^vi" 5*, fall of the bo lv. death. 
*T*ft?r*TV5T<r, bodily purification, 
*t<ft ^t. corporeal ; an animal. 
*rc<r%', niangoe. 
*fa^sri, sugar, sugarcandy. 
T^C^rtW^, sugared water, Bherbet. 
"T^fa", passing the wind. 
"rthfl, night. 
*f35"*n, an iron crowbar. 
^Tsfrl, a title of brahmans. 
"*tTfjT, night. 

*f*f , <Fl'3», malicious, envious. 
*T5T"», a locust, grasshopper. 
*t*!i, "toW, a skewer, match, bar. 
"t*llM»ll«li a camel. 
«t%, measure of twenty seers. 
*Tf^T"5l, wick of a candle or lamp. 
*tc>5, a fish-scale, rind, bark. 
"*trij, a spit, spear, blade. 
*TW<£t, a porcupine ; frankincense. 
«f«T, *T*T35, a hare, a rabbit. 
*T*T5nr, the moon. [dity. 

"P'Tfan*!, a hare's horn ; an absur- 
*T*T^c^, doab. 
^fTT^S, the moon. 
T^TT??, a hare, a rabbit. 
'TTO^^ri, a digit of the moon. 




"rf*u7 e t*r?", a name of Shiva. 

*T*rt, the moon. 

*pste. repeatedly, over and over. 

*fW«i,the ear-hole, opening of the 

^f^pf, new grown grass. [ear. 

*f JT5T, killing animals as sacrifice. 

*TTl, a cucumber. 

*f^3>, gloves. 

*f^1, cheap, low-priced. 

*flf, weapon, instrument, tool. 

Tinst^l", living by arms,, a soldier. 

■"TST^TTt, bearing arms, armed. 

*t3Tf^3T^, military exercise. 

^^j young tender grass. 

*f' 3 TT > corn, grain, kernel. 

^f^PTfs^t, abounding in corn. 

"TTijT^. a graminivorous animal. 

"*THr, a conch, univalve shell. 

wrKC^Wl. a ladybird. 

■*tf$n, a bracelet made of shell. 

*l"NT<ft 5 a shell- cutter. 

wfTTf, kernel, nutritious part. 

*fT?P, an eatable vegetable. 

■*tt<p, envious. 

*tT ; 55<r, a bull. \_ga, &c. 

■*Tte\. a worshipper of Kali, Door- 

*fT**T1j a branch, a subdivision. 

*fW^ < ?tT, a suburb, village. 

'TWOT, a monkey. 

«1t<ft, a tree ; a Veda. 

*ro<r> a bull. 

*fl§t,*rnft, a petticoat. 

*[]151, craftiness, deceitfulness. 

*ttvFl, sound, word, sentence. 

^TT 8 !, a whetstone ; coarse cloth. 

*rt^", a tent ; a hint. 

*tT3ra", enmity, hatred. 

*tfw\, white. 

«tT^T 7 a whetstone, a hone. 

■*ft^, an earthen platter. 

*Tfa1, a weaver's sley or reed. 

*rtf^"5, sharpened, whetted. 

*fT3, eased, contented, placid. 

*TTi%, relief, comfort, peace. 

*tt*T, a curse, imprecation. 

wrt^ffi^, a peacock. 

*tT3"^, a young bird or animal. 

*TT3T. sin, crime. 

*rfa5r, an iron crowbar. 

*tt^r, nominal, sonorous. 

*fTf%3», of words, nouns. 

^flTfl, a kind of grass ; a bird* 

*fTift»T, ashes. 

*ffsi3», a snail, a shellfish. 

*TtSTJ, forbearance. 

*TT?"W, a cuckoo ; a deer ; a bee, 

*TT?ri?fo, autumnal. 

*n?Hfr4S, bodily, corporeal. 

*tt^3>, an envious person. 

*fT3f, sugar. 

"fTsf, a bow ; made of horn. 

*rt 1 ^T, a tiger ; eminent. 

*rt*T, the sal tree ; a gibbet. 

*iTwTl, a building ; wife's brother. 

*f T5TT^, a surgeon. 

nt^T^t, a doll. 




^TTstT'E. wife's brother's wife.[pot. 
*flcTtfsf?r, an earthen oover for a 

*nl%, a kind of winter rice. 
Tier, an astringent. 

*rf5T*P, rool of a waterlily. 

*1T?T?r, a frog. 

^tl^Vt, a canoe made of s/il. 

"fissrfit, the Bilk-cotton tree. 

Tf^ft, a mother-in-law. 

1 *tT , sf5. eternal, perpetual, always. 

TTTSs, a governor, punisher. 

*TT*T^, governing, government. 

*TT*T^<r, controllable, punishable.. 


"llf*r*j governed, controlled. 

*fV^1, a punisher, governor. 

*fTf^, punishment. 

*tT3f, a sinistra, a sacred book. 

*TT3f5E&\ cultivation of learn- 
ing. \_fras. 

*n3TM?r«i, on" versed in the shds- 
^TS^i^^r, lawless, unrestrained 
*tT3^T3,approvo(l by the shdstras. 
*fT3lfa, according to the shdstras. 
*tT*U. controllable, punishable. 
fWt, a chaplet, wreath, tiara. 
f*T3>^, a spreading root. 
PT^cf, a chain, tetters, shackles. 
f*rai, f*T<FJ, a string with a noose J 
suspended in any place on which 
articles are kept in safety. 
f*fS>T?T hunting, the chase. 
fn^T, way. 

f*t35M1, rearing, prancing. 
p*^^, a teacher, tutor, instructor! 
f*Tf1, instruct ion, dod i ine. 
f*T^T«i, instructing, educating. 

f*TH>F"5, taught, Btudied, trained. 

f^Wst. a peacock ; a tuft. 

f^T^r^r, learning, studying. 

r*^/^, mucus of the nose, snot. 

f*r*9f^r, top OT point of anything. 

f*r-9ri, a flame, spike of corn. 

fwt^, teaching, taming, keeping 

f^W^^r. a peacock. [in order. 

f*T"*rT^T^, flaming ; crested, tufted. 

f^T*?}, crested ; a peacock ; fire. 

f*T?J, the horse-radish. 

f*T"$T, a horn, peak of a mountain. 

f*T3f1, liori\ for cupping or blowing. 

f*rc^"5i, having horns, horned. 

f^HSSTT 8 !, mucus of the nose, snot ; 

oxydc of iron. 
f*TS<51, an iron cleaning-rod. 
T*^^, tinkling sound, jingle. 
f*TH^, bow-string, an ornament 

for the foot. 
f*fl>1, dregs, sediment, dross. 
f*t^f*TC?, horripilation, the hair 

standing on end. 
f*t"5, weak, lean. 
f*T5^, wheat. 

f*F5Tsr, a pillow, cushion, bolster. 
f*Tl%^5r, f*irT<W, a gander. 
f*Tfaf*T, slack, relaxed, remiss. 
f*rf*f, ray, beam of light. 




f*f*p, roots. 

f*f3", Shiva ; prosperity, welfare. 
f*t^<rtf^, a Hindu festival in ho- 
nor of Shiva. 
f*t<Tl, Shiva 1 swiie,Durgd; a jackal. 
f*r<3"T»nr, Shiva's temple; cemetery. 
f*r^"T»Tj a jackal. 
f*TR"3>1 5 a palankeen, litter. 
f*ft^r a tent, camp. 
f*r*r 5 f*Pst.a kindney-bean,legume. 
f*nr<T, tlie head of the bed. 
f^T?!^., a jackal. 
f*f3T, vein, nerve, blood-vessel. 
f*T^"S, the head. 

f*T?W5fl, superscription, address. 
f*f?"^,f*f?ra,a helmet, turban, hat. 
f*T?r1, vein, nerve, blood-vessel. 
f*f?Tff ^ bad. 

f*fC?"T*rT*fj, fit to be respected. 
f*rc?rTfsr, neck. 

f*Tt?Tfarf«l. a jewel in the crest. 
f*TC3"f?F5", the hair of the head. 
f*TC<rTfif, disease of the head. 
f*TC?"To?&5r 5 hanging down the 
Ptfsfa, a stone; threshold. [head. 
f^TsiTlf^, bitumen. 
f^TcTTF^, a hole, a cavity. 
f*t*rr*£^> a muller, stone roller. 
f*fwTT^1i>, a shower of hail. 
f*f^t, door-sill. 
P^^tW, hailstone. 
f*feft*fpf, elephantiasis. 

f^tCSTftElTj a mountain, rock. 
f*fC«TT^, low trades. 
f*! 6 ^!". mechanical arts. 
1%^^,^^, an artificer. 
f*ff?T*fj dew, frost, hoar. 
T*t^t, an infant, a young one. 
f*f^,f»P§'5rT<r. a porpoise. 
f*ra3l, infancy, childhood. 
f*f*T?r, male organ of generation. 
f*t% } an ear of corn, a flame. 
f*fv, docile, civil, polite, drilled. 
f*ra>"3lj docility, civility,politeness. 
f*t^5T^T?T. politeness, gentleness. 
f*fW. order, permission. 
f*fajj a disciple, scholar, pupil. 
f*te?T«l. horripilation, quailing. 
^31 * quickly, soon, rapid. 
*ft\5, cold ; apathetic, torpid. 
^t^^T^T, cold season, winter. 
*?fc53\ the moon. 
"Ttevft, a cold weather garment. 
*fti^t^, afraid of the cold, chilly. 
*?t^, cold, cool, frigid. 
*ftewT$1, coolness, frigidity. 
*^^5T*fT§t, a kind of fine mat. 
*ftzsra$t, a cold collation. 
*^5tffl, goddess presiding over the 
smallpox. [the plough. 

■*tt$1. a furrow ; a trench made by 
*ft"3T3J, suffering from cold. 
*ffaWT, crystal, a gem. 
'Tt'ST, ploughed. 
*fte*PT?r quailing, thrilling. 




*ft*r. ram made from molasi 
*Tt«i, emaciated, lean, Bhrivelled. 

*rtf^". one who does an injury. 
«Tt^, the head. 
*TO«|J, a cap, a hat. 

■*?}rj, innate disposition, nature. 
■Ttsral, well-disposaine88. 
*fW, whistling, hissing. 

"^t, a bean, beansheU. 

tgT, dried ginger. 

§<?, a proboscis, trunk. 

i$~S\, a distiller, seller of liquors. 

*J3», a parrot. 

^ep^r, drying up, evaporating. 

^$^1, dry, sapless, withered. 

?5?P1, dry, lean ; dTOUght. 

^S^J>t, dried, emaciated. 

t$7F, an acrid sauce. 

^fCF, dryness; a pearl- oyster. 

^jfsF^si, a pearl-oyster ; sorrel. 

^3^, the planet Venus; semen. 

^^Tf?", Friday. 

"S^ 5 ^", marrow. 

*$W\5?, a peacock. 

"3g>, bright, white, pure. 

^^^HP.the bright lunar fortnight. 

^9f, the beard of corn or grs 

^S5. sorrow, grief. 

T55^1, correction, table of errata. 

^tfE>, pnre, virtuous, correct. 

^f5"5i, purity, sanctity. 

ig^tTTJ, power, might. 

T3<$\, dried ginger. 

*1 a, a prob ►sets, trunk. 
"■^•s^s. a distiller, Bpirit-dealer. 
■"^^. corrected, purified, clean. 
^^^■g^r, an ass. 
^PfiT'fT. pure minded. 
99*rai, pure, holy, righteous. 
"*T5iT3l, a queen. 
Tjfo, purity, rectitude. 
W^Jta, correcting, improving, 
^a^jras, *$fa } a dog. 
^3fJ, fire. 

^RJT 3 hearing, minding, obeying. 
^^t'" 7 . causing to hear, telling. 
*$?>, auspicious, favourable. 
v 2 ?&"<&, an auspicious act. 
■^^^cj, an auspicious time. 
^"y'JiT, favourable planet. 
^»^^". propitious; an accountant. 
^S^kI?. a favourable -lance. 
^"^vTtf- auspicious moment. ■ 
3fst<J*rTr?ft, benevolent; wellwisher 

'STslNrS, fortunate, lucky. 
3lf%v5l, easy circumstances, oppor- 
3T», white, bright, shining. 
^^WTt. having white teeth. 
"SljTVS, the moon. 
3T3», a demon slain by I) 
^^ts. pprt-duty, toll, 
"%&, a rope, a string; copper. 
^TT^, sulphur. 
*T$?&> a porpoise. 
"&£$, mother. 


&2JiT), attention, care, minding. 
&2fi3", desirous of hearing. 
^9^", to drain, to exhaust. 
TSrf^lTj a hole, cavity. 
^f%*r, air. 

^$, dry, sapless, withered. 
^WcT, fish, flesh, 
^g, T^^I, the sun. 
"*g§ 9 the beard of corn, a bristle. 
^J^t^", hairy caterpillar. 
^P<T, a pig, a boar, a hog. 
^pj*T, a vicious horse. 
^J^I, fine, delicate. 
*^J, the fourth Hindu caste. 
^S^^5^' a shtidra's wife. 
*l^J, a vacuum, a cipher, the at- 
mosphere ; empty, void. 
^pHTwt, an atheist. 
^f^T?T, a cook. 
"*£%, a miser, a niggard. 
^jJFl, the beard of corn. 
^[?rTC*fT35l, a hairy caterpillar. 
^<Tt?" 5 a pig, a boar, a hog. 
^f?Tj a hero, warrior; heroic, brave. 
^jM, a winnowing fan. 
*pT, spit, spear, blade ; pang, colic. 
■^JpR, piercing, excruciating. 
^cTS^t, a javelin, spear, a pike. 
^pTCJStl, the colic pain. 
'J^T, ^^TcT, a jackal. 
■>J^J"rr, a chain, fetter, shackles. 
■"J^T^i, a series, arrangement. 
""JpF, a horn, mountain-peak. 

268 rffa 

"^C^ir, ginger. 

"^WlT., copulation, coition. 

■^f^iT, sheep. 

"*£5ft, horned, peaked, crested. 

■^jf«|, an iron goad to drive ele- 

CW,. C"*^ C*fc, the male organ 
of generation. 

C*t*ft»T, moss. 

C*T^t, sense, intelligence. 

C*f?Tt^, cUnning, subtle, sly. 

C*t?rtcT#TT>l a thorny shrub. 

C*T?rM1j an aquatic plant, moss. 

C*f*T, a spear, pike, javelin. 

C*V%, end, result, limit. . 

C*ra"3sT3T, last time, time of death. 

C*T^W®T1, evening, end of the day. 

C*!^" 5 ^, a catastrophe, ill result. 

C*W3"^1, old age, the last state. 

t*f5J, chilliness, coldness. 

^T^fcfJ, slackness, remissness. 

t^^T, a worshipper of Shiva. 

t*t^t*t^", a river. 

t*rat5T, moss, weeds under water. 

t*f5T, a rock, mountain. 

t*tcTt%fs, borax. 

t*f*rf*ff^'?r, the sea, ocean. 

t*W^, lion ; hunter, fowler. 

t*fwTtcTt, a dancer. 

t*feft, stratagem, art, knack. 

t^cTJ, stony, hardy. 

t w f*T^', infantile, juvenile. 

rffaT, smelling. 

C*rp!s, Borrow, grief, regret. 
C*tt53f\ anxiety, grief, remorse. 
cntfos, light, lust iv. 
C*TT5J^P, little, small. 
C*T1^t*i'J, power, influence. 
C*fT*lj hemp; vermilion colour. 
C*TT*ll, the senna plant ; red. 

C*tTf e i"5, blood. 

CWjCTI"^, swelling f the limbs 
C*tt*R, correcting; paving. 
CJ*TTtf«ftff, payable, dne; corrigible. 
CTTPra, paid; cleared; corrected. 
Ct\ r t\ lustre, beauty, elegance., 
C*rT5HJ*. the horse-radish tree. 
C'TTtjTfTS, splendid, beautiful. 
C*TTf«T, beautified, splendid. 
C*TT5TT, the Indian cork-plant. 
C*TT3", dryness, suction, decay. 
C*Trs«l, drying up, exhausting, 

G^ftfiPW, CTtCS*?!", pearl. 
C*^SPJ, whiten 

C*TT5, purification, ablution. 
C*f}C5TT, a washerman. 
,CTi% intoxicated, insensible. 
C"fcNft, pride, haughtness. 
C"ftf©?P, C*ft«t, distiller, dealer in 

C*ft*it?", proud, boastful. 
C*ftf^^. a butcher, seller of meat. 
C*ft^"JT, canine, pertaining to dog. 
C*fafj, prowess ; eminence. 



C*i1fij*j a brasier. 

Hfasrr, eating fish and flesh. 

*JT*TT^, cemetery, burning-p] 

"W, the beard. 

^JT^, a Bpeciea of thorny shrub. 
^JT?, of a cob>r consisting of black 

and yellow. 

*DT*T S ~OTsr*T, dark coloured. 
"0T5I1, the black goddess KdJL 
*TJT«T^ a wife's brother. 

^tJT^T^t, Hj \vi\ s a wile's .si>ter. 

C^Jl, white. 

C*D*, a hawk, a falcon. [lity. 

BtWlj devotedness, devotion, fide- 

^TrU devoted to, attached. 

at^Tj stringing of beads, compos- 

Wi hearing, attending ; the ear. 

fcf*«i1, the 22d lunar mansion. 

2W*i f"^?. organ of hearing, the ear. 

£(?i*TJ, a beast tit for being sacri- 

afaj, fit to be heard. 

sfsr, exertion, diligence, labour. 

WraT3?T, distressed with fatigue. 

slflft, painstaking, industrious. 

<£&!, help, support. 

vHT^i, ceremony for the dead. 

sifT 5 ?, wearied, tired, exhausted. 

2£tTf%, weariness, fatigue, languor.- 

affa", hearing, sounding. 

3SfT<r«t, fourth Hindu month; oral. 

£(T<r*T, beneficial, advantageous, 




H, beauty, prosperity, elegance ; a 

tune in Hindu music ; Lakshmi. 
itl^T^'sr, envious, invidious. 
il-si'Sj, sandal-wood. 
§)*T$T, highway. 

SjjTpSf, the Bel-fruit, wood-apple. 
sl^^T? a mark on Vishnu's breast. 
§}C3pS>, turpentine. 
Ila^ ill-fated, poor, degraded. 
ilsrR, prosperous, fortunate ; 

i|"§r«$f 5 the word ij) written on a 

letter. [ful. 

§1^"^. prosperous, well off ; beauti- 
&F$, heard : having heard. 
2{r§ir5jrg. despised, disregarded. 
s£r% ? hearing ; ear ; Yedas. 
2£l%^T> 9 an unpleasant sound. 
2^1% ?f^", one who readily commits 

to memory what he hears, [das. 
2^^^^. originating from the Ve- 
W% 9 sacrificial spoon ; sacrifice. 
Casfft. progression. 
C : £t«n, a row, range, rank, tier. 
C2Sf«ifa^j, arranged in lines. 
Casf^n^S, ranged in ranks. 
CfiJUo. prosperity, beatitude. 
C3£j%, preferable, better, best, chief. 
C£f&"3l, pre-eminence, excellence. 
C3£fT«l, lame. 

C5Hf«l, the hip, loins, rump, j 

C*ms, current, running water. 
CSJT^jj audible, fit to be heard. 

CSfrTl, a hearer, auditor. [ear* 

casft^, C^IT^, organ of hearing, the 
C^rf%<r, docile, accomplished. 
C^fe, prescribed by the Yedas. 
?t^F, fine, charming. 
$*[, slack, loose, flaccid, remiss. 
?(T^n, priding one's self, applause. 
?IT*FJ, worthy of being extolled. 
f$TI, an embrace. 
T*tf$ 3 combined, embraced, joined. 
?fH^ the elephantiasis. 
C$^ 9 an embrace ; irony, sarcasm. 
3^It, phlegm, rheum, a cold. 
C3T3S, a couplet, stanza, text. 
^o, to-morrow. 
^f fe 5 slavery, servitude, 
^g, a hole, cavity. 
^?r^, swelling of the limbs. 
TO?", a father-in-law. 
"$^fj, brother-in-law. 
^56, a mother-in-law. 
^?R, wind, air, breath. 
^1, tf*", a dog. 

^T^R, a quadruped, wild beast. 
^tr^, a porcupine. 
^|3T, the breath ; asthma. 
f^3r,c£3, the white lepra. 
C$~5, white ; whiteness. 
C^3^, silver ; a small shell used 
as money in India. 
* l 
^,^\F, (a prefix,) six. 
Tt>3>, six, sixfold. 



^^p«T,akiiiil of late; runningaway. 
^tf<r.sir, the >i\ prescribed duties. 
^>r.5PT«ii, hexangolar, six -cornered. 
Tt>^»«i. a division of time equal to ; 

'J I minutes. 

^^fw, a bee ; six-footed. 
^X**/^*^ six Lineal ancestors. 

^59f, BIX sciences ; six members. 
Tra*Ttf%, eighty-six. 
^"Sfajr, having 

^"$tf1,"5$f^%f, of six kinds. 

. Bix-armed, hexagonal. 
*(v£5vy, a rustling noise, titillation. 
^!&,<I«i>, a bull, a eunuch. 
^%, the sixth, 
^&t, sixty, sixth lunar day. 
Tt^, sixty. 
"%1~5, a bull, an ox. 
fa^sf, a libertine, profligate. 
CSIS 1 ^, sixteen. 

C3"ra*iT9f, of sixteen ingredients. 
W£C*TT5r<r, sixteen offerings. 
CTl*T, sixteen. 

*T l 
?T, a prefix meaning with. 
3T?", female friend or namesake. 
Ji\, prefix meaning with ; fully. 
^v^rTTr, compilation, collection. 
^V3»*r, passage, pass, bridge. 
^Ms 5 !"?, concerning, relating to. 
^MFTf*?, sun's entrance into a .sign 
iJ\3pTSfi5, contagious, infectious. 
^\f^%abtidged,conden8ed, brief 

*I\^t, ferpubled, agitated. 
*l\c>i»*f, brevity, a compendium. 
IVtiTli a number, reckoning. 
fWH'Q, concealed, suppressed. 
*iM/ir"5, collected, compiled. 
^Cfft^W, concealed, bu 
^i\^T"5", collection, compilation. 
*f\«]TO, conflict, war. battle. 
IMfW*, a compiler, collector, 
f\"5T^n concurrence, <■ n juncture. 
^\Trn>~j, concurring ; through. 
*TVTj, a concourse, crowd. 
^IS^'S'R, killing, slaying. 
Tj^V^I, a noun, name, term. idea. 
*T\"3A. }ear, the era of king Yicra- 

7i\7T7f7r, discussion, debate. 

yj^fcrS, mixed, collected. 
7i\^l?r, news. int< lligen e, notice. 
?i\^T^;, rubbing the bo ly. 
?T\t^, promise ; intellect. 
TTvfroJ, sense, intelligence! 
^S^^«i, search, enquiry. 
^\Tt"5, covered, overspread. 
^\|q, accomplished, finished. 
*l\W5F, supposition, b< I 
*JMI^*R, copulation. 
^\37T^, a scarf, sheet. 
*i\TT, a human skeleton. 
^lVS*, war, battle. 
1\*T5, restraint, coagulation. 
*A*T5W equanimity. 
^\^T^, king. 




*j\TT3l, one who restrains, ruler. 

^VSTSJ", ceremonial fast ; restraint. 

*TVST?F, connected with, related to. 

^T\^T < >r 5 connection,contact, union. 

3i\CSi"f!R? connection, concurrence. 

*TV?nF, anger, wrath, fury, rage. 

^VfTT^, sound, report. 

7\\^^ shut up, obstructed. 

f\?5?, produced, grown. 

^v^Ttt? ^uck together, connected. 

jj\*T^3» 9 a brave soldier, veteran. 

^V^tir, doubt, hesitation, suspicion. 

Tf\ w i'?t*f ST? hesitating, suspicious. 

^f\C*tT^T, cleansing by ablution. 

*fV£f^ promise, agreement, assent. 

*[V£|ir, protection, refuge, shelter. 

s^f^S, protected, sheltered. 
3TVf$3> ? connected, adjoining. 

3F7\CH^, connection, embrace. 

aTVtf^, 3TV*i>^, delusion, sorcery. 
3!V^«*, associated, attached to. 
^vyfflF, proximity; acquaintance. 
T'V.'nf ; an assembly, society. 
T^vyfsf, intercourse, living together. 
T\*TT^T, the world, secular state, 
jpvyj-^ combined, connected. 
T}\^^t^ union, co-partnership. 
I^^T^ purifying rite; perfection, 
Tj\%T<C3»,a purifier,perfecter.[idea. 
^^"^5, consecrated, purified. 
*t\% 9 fellow-countryman, a spy. 
*T\^"Rj pecuniary state, property. 
*I^t*J^ he who establishes. 

IS^fW*, establishing, fixing, 

^T\t%i%, capital, wealth, standing. 

*iV*Pf*f , close contact, grasp,touch. 

7f\^^, brought into contact,felt. 

^T\^pT« : T, a sheep. 

7T\3^p^, opened, disclosed. 

1\t*Ei»i>, war, battle. 

7T\^1%, remembrance, memory. 

*T\T3", connection, mixture. 

T\\^l), conglomerated ; destroyed. 

7T\^;1%^ an assemblage, a heap. 

^fS^xfl, a murderer, a destroyer. 

*T\."5^ ecstacy. 

T^TlT* destruction, clearance. 

^TT^rspjl. putting to rights. 

3TVf53 5 collected, compounded. 

3T\f53l , compil ation, arrangement . 

*f\^5, destroyed. 

Tf'v'sffa, bashful, modest. 

*T3»^, paying revenue, taxable ; 

provided with hand or trunk. 
W?F*I, compassionate, plaintive. 
t^ist^ active or transitive (verb). 
TO^T, all, the whole. 
^T^T* desirous, longing, lustful. 
?I3»l"3"3"35T?r, obscene talk. 
Jf^t«Tj the early morning. 
3T3sT% near. 

3f<|«^ a kinsman, relation. 
*T^»*TJ, a distant relation. 
3^<ps,, once, at once; ordure, 
^HsF, attached; devoted, 

1"3% barley-powder. 

*T*n. a friend, companion. 

JTfarai, friendship. 

*T«ft. a female friend. 

*T-sn, friendship, intimaoy. 

*T*nfr, having a fragrance. 

*fff^ an uterine brother. 

1«rei, with child, pregnant. 

TS"«i. talented ; teak-wood, 

*TC*fT3f, of the same family. 

T^7, a strait, defile, difficulty. 

1??", mongrel, of two castes. 

*ra?^«i, attraction. 

*T3?rM, addition ; blending. 
*T3>t%3, blended, added, joined. 
*TO e, *T, contrivance, intention. 
Jffif^S, contrived, intended. 
*n£*p, unsteady, feeble. 
^s?T*T, like, similar; splendour. 
^M, crowded, contracted, strait, 
*»^to"'3T, celebrating, extolling. 
T5T5n5, contracted, straitened. 
*f^T, war; agitated, pestered, 

*TC^"3, beckoning, a sign, hint 
TC^T5, shrivelling, shrinking. 
^T^^sr, weeping. 
*iC^pf, wet, moist. 
?T\§^»<r, destruction. 
1^^,TO*f, abridged, short. 
TS3?$. excited, agitated. 
*T$f7, war, battle. 
T<%Tn> calculation, computation. 




*T*\ company, socioty. 

*1WV f proper, relevant, probable. 

*nj%, conjuncture, opportunity; 

W*T. union, coming together. 
^#t, companion, attendant. 

*iwta, choral music, singing. 
7 T^t"5 x TT3. the science of music. 
*T3fT«f, promised, pledged. 
*W, assemblage, flock, heap. 

T5f%5, Startled, vigilant, alert. 
i5?TT5?r, animate and inanimate; 

the creation. 
T5^\ able to move, active. 
T7/&9, thoughtful, anxious. 
*Tfr*, counsellor, friend, associate, 

^C5^iT, animate, vigilant, wary. 
*ra>?£, bent upon, endeavouring. 
*T^F<ri, turmeric. 

Tf^l5T%thegood,wisean<l happy. 
*^, transparent, pure, clear. 
*T^T, beneficent kind, liberal. 
*hwi«1j beneficence, generosity. 
TO^F, watery, moist, wet. 
^SlT9f, wakeful, vigilant, wary. 
*TSiTl%, of the same tribe or class. 
^w)^, alive, living, extant, 
*T5^ good or respectable person. 
*R>5f1, outfit, armour, harness. 
^fs^H, armed, accoutred, dressed. 
*T9P*. cheat, deceiver. 
W?/ a heap, mass, hoard. 




T^^ a bridge. 
a^wfiT, shaking, moving. 
TflPt<T, impulse, communication. 
3T3*Tl?^1,a procuress,a go-between. 
*?f2P$, gathered, accumulated. 
*MJ1, a she-goat. [beasts. 

*li> , a lock of hair, the mane of 
*n>"far, a lion. 
*iT^», with a commentary. 
3T\£9l, tall and thin ; perpendicular. 
?T\51, rotten, putrid,tainted, musty. 
*T3>5fv5, conning, practice ; by rote. 
Tv^^TT, tingling, itching. 
3}\57^, dry, parched, crimp. 
t\&, a bull. 

T^^PF. good, real, genuine, true. 
3T355, always, incessant, perpetual. 
?I\5>53, nature, character. 
T5^,on the alert, vigilant, careful. 
T51, one of several wives. 
?pi\, a good wife ; chaste. 
?F5ts£, fellow student, classmate. 
T^^i *P|3g, thirsty, rapacious. 
TfCSH, illustrious, vigorous. 
7}^^|<T, good work ; homage ; 

funeral rites. 
Tf<r!, existence ; goodness. 
Tffi, 3h§ 9 charity, alms-giving ; 

shelter. [by. 

^nsjl, together with, accompanied 
^■iSft, a householder. 
7p533"«l, moral goodness j entity. 
^ 5(1, a stepmother. 

3T-5J, true, real, genuine, sincere. 
*TC5T3fl"iJ", an earnest given, pledge, 

*rej^5l, truth, reality, certainty. 
T^J^TWt, ^rejjl?, truth-speaking, 

?rej<^, devoted to truth, sincere. 
*T5JW, the first of the four ages, 

the golden age. 
7I3:J"R3, commerce ; true and false. 
*T33 <T, with quickness, quick. 
*r*5tf<r, a painter, a poet. 
7fTf\*r^ a crab. 
^Z, an assembly. 
TffJT, a house, a residence. 
3T5TST, compassionate, kind. 
^TW^f, substance, scope, meaning. 
ff*K, good and evil. 
3TWTJ, assistant at a sacrifice. 
Wl, always, perpetually. 
1JfT5T<r, good conduct. 
7T5fTvs»T. eternal, permanent. 
Wf^^vr, happy, always joyful. 
^TWiTj having a wife, with a wife. 
*ffiT*T?T, magnanimous ; Sir. 
^W&^Wtf, resembling, like. 
?TCJf*r, near ; the same country. 
ITf ff1%, virtue, prosperity, bliss. 
^TsF1, a good speaker. [pled 

^¥^^T, a village, a place well peo- 
^\Jq } well-behaved, amiable. 
1^>T?T, good disposition or inten- 
WO*, instantly, forthwith, [tion. 

TO^. now, novel. 
^iCJFJTSirs, fresh, recent, new. 
1^, good conduct, 

*T*f*1, a married woman, a wife. 

*rafsfrs>, a lawful wife. 

TjfttHjH female Friend or companion 

*W§, a male companion. 

*Ts*jt, a written order, 

*rai, *ru, always, perpetual. 

T^T^^r, eternal, permanent. 

T^Tf%, a kinsman 

*Tf^3, celebrated, renowned. 

*W\5, near, close. 

*TS, folded hands. 

»W5j eternal, continuous. 

*T31% a child ; of/spring. 

*I3% Bcorclied, heated ; distressed. 

*T3*T5T, deep darkness. 

*T$<r«l, swimming, floating. 

*i3*fa, satisfying, pleasing. 

^3T^", a child, offspring. 

*T3T*f, anguish, remorse, woe. 

*rf%, charity ; end. 

*^"$, pleased, gratified, satisfied. 

*T^f5>, pleasure, satisfaction. 

1l«l*fiT, putting in spice, season- 
ing lood. 

TCS^ gratification, pleasure. 
*F*f\*f, tongs, pincers, nippers. 
*P*< stringing together, arrang- 
ing, composition. 
*ffi*fa, looking, viewing, meeting. 

275 ^fr 

T^TR-5, tied, confined, 
f^tTf*^, a cow-house. 
T^r*, escape, flight. 
^fa^fr. doubtful, suspicious. 
*?*#), bedstead. 

IFJtT, a sweetmeat ; a report. 
^C«wy, doubt, hesitation. [gency« 
JfC^^^f, uncertainty, contiu- 
*R?*ffa 3 heap, pile. 
*T^Ttf, retreat, flight. 
*i*U, adhering; tracing, seeking. 
*Ti"3T, alliance, peace ; a joint. 
*T^J1, twilight, evening. 
*m^, armed, wearing an amulet. 
?TJT^3 an armour, coat of mail. 
*T!%3>T>, near, close at hand. 
^Tfcraf, nearness; attraction. 
•Hfif^attracted, drawn together. 
^m?TT^, *r.%flT, proximity. 
Tt%*ri3, morbidness of the hu- 
mours of the body; total fall. 
*Tf^fc#, intent upon, absorbed in. 
^Tfkc^-*r, devotedness ; nearness. 
*f%^, like, equal. 
^2?^ ad Jacent, close at hand. 
TOT^T. asceticism, monastic life. 
^JT^t, an ascetic, a devotee. 
*T*f*F, of the same party ; winged. 
*T*T5*, enemy, foe. 
*T*re*t, one of several wives. 
^^instantly,forthwit!, 5 ( iU i ck l y# 
W*J1, worship, adoration. 
*if*f3, a kinsman. 




TT^f^^7T«l,«Aj'rf^7ia for kinsmen. 

^'ftf^ drinking together. 

T^t, *f^sr, seven, the seventh. 

3FI^^, 1^f?T, seventh. 

3T^t%, seventy. 

^^WhlTR, a bridal ceremony. 

*T3lift, seventh day of the moon. 

3T?SIX, a class of seven sages. 

*m*lf% the sun. 

^ ^3> heptagon j seven-cornered. 

1^1T, a week, seven days. 

?ff% a horse. 

*T£fr^^, having presence of mind. 

^f^fsrfa, authentic, self-evident. 

"5i^?r, ^T^ft, a kind of small fish. 

iTTpsr, fruitful, successful ; effica- 

3i<", all, the whole. [eious 

3RT, water. 

yf^sf, of the same class or colour. 

3TC5T, strong, vigorous, energetic. 

s^t^", afternoon. 

s^C^f^, lustful, lascivious. 

3fj%3l, the sun. 

*lt^3f, bringing forth. 

*l{^"3u*, mother. 

^ft'X, near. 

lftc*ra, special, circumstantial. 

*T37, inimical, hostile. 

^TC^jV, a coachman. 

^T^^^ , a married woman. 

?i^i, an assembly, company. 

*reT*Tl%, president of a company 

I^TIS on ? °^ an assembly. 

*retT 5 present at an assembly. 
3T»J, fit for company, civilized. 
^TST, same, even, level, similar. 
^35^01, a marriageable girl. 
TSrc^T*!, a right angle. 
TSTC^TeT, a serpent. 
*P&r?F, visible, evident, in sight. 
Tfsr^^C^^t, geometrical progres- 
TrsFTT, all, the whole, entire. 
5T"SF©?, a herd of cattle, a pack. 
isnal, renown, celebrity. 
*nsr*®3T, propriety, consistency. 
7T5T$1, sameness, evenness. 
TSTJHff, viewing all alike, impartial. 
TfST^ limit, end, frontier. 
STO^S, on every side, altogether. 
*fST^<I, connection, aggregation. 
?Tsr3"?re, of the same age. 
STST^T^ concord, combination. 
fsit^, collected, comprised. 
T*r^T3", sameness, equability. 
TST^fsr, level ground, flat surface. 
3T*rsr at the same time, together. 
13T?r, time, season, leisure. 
fr?f*TC?Tj in the nick of time. 
3FT"5rc?rtf5^_, suited to the occasion, 
3T^T^ parallel. 
^3", war, battle, conflict. 
T'STsf, able, capable ; successful. 
*r*r*f«i, making over, delivering. 
1SIW, all, whole. 




Jiir^, shorten, abridge 
jTsr^TT-T^. 1 1 1 ; iC very time, a crisis. 
JFfjpra^^.putting in parallel Lines. 
wn, all, the whole, aggregate, 
ti^tt^, parallel. 
TWTJi, stanza to be filled up. 
ttstpji, tome, renown. 
^T^n, a year. 

TRlN^t, an oqttal sharer, co-heir. 

*lsrT\*nst«l, a cow bearing yearly. 
^"STT^rjl, namesake ; reputation. 
^'srT'JT 15. conic together, assembled. 
Tjsrptfsr, a coming together, crowd. 
^TST^Vrews, intelligence, tidings, 
yfsnsi. a gathering of people, an 
^U"Tff<T. respect, honoiu. [assembly. 
^iHtf1,settliug,adjiisting, decision. 
^"STrfV. meditation- burial. 
T^-JIT^, level, equal, on a par. 
^STT^^fT^, proportion. 
*P9MIH*fjj a brother. [sion. 

*T*n^?"&£fl?t, arithmetical progres- 
*rei3<TT5T, parallel. 
^^TIC^TW^, a distant relation. 
3^*1*1, completing, terminating. 
TfHI'St, finished, concluded. 
3T*lTf% finishing, conclusion. 
'i'STI^'cV, entering upon secular 

affairs after finishing religious 

WTWW^full and explicit informa- 
J^IC^*!, accommodation, [ration. 
1%liC^Ll it,cavalcade,piocession,ado- 

*tstT*t, compound noun, compound. 
»nrt^T?r, aggregation, al ridgment. 
*fsiTf5'5. cautious, temperate. 
tjstT^'J, collected, compiled. 

tt?tt^7T, a match, pTiZe-fighting. 
TTfiTTf , war, battle ; fuel. 

«ifar^i, kindled, inflamed. 

Tffim, fuel for a sacrifice. 
*rnsT3", air, fire, 
^^^<T«1, equation. 
*T*rtasT?r. equalization, leveling. 
^fP, investigation, a survey. 
TT^Ttfr, sea, ocean. 
TrsrVsta". good, correct, excellent 
*Itftw, flour, meal. 
j]Tl';<f, vicinity, presence, proximi- 
7fsfT?' c 1, wind, air. [ty. 

^rsfts'l, endeavour; modes 
*T3£«r,eloqiient ; opposite; obvious, 
*fsjf5"5, befitting, suitable, right. 
*iiT5&'?r, a collection, assemblage. 
*TOC^W, destruction. 
*TSjT^!'3, raised, elevated. 
^v§;f^r-5. left, abandoned. 
tt^*?T, raised, produced. 
Trow*!, I^Jfl?. all- the aggregate, 
^srfit-j, risen into view, manifest. 
y,^5f, a small box made of wood 
or wickervvork. 

**¥!!•* ^ ie * ea ; ^ ie ocean ; stamped. 
>T^. wet, moist. 
*T5raf%, exaltation, prosperity. 
^"SfS, assemblage ; the totality. 




TpsiTJ, fit to "be argued. 
Tfn^, prosperous, increased. 
3T5<]%,prosperity, wealth ; a crowd. 
*Or5,with,joined with,along with. 
7[v*rjjs 9 property, wealth,afflueiice. 
Tf^Tf, prosperity, affluence. 
^T^sT, affluent ; completed. 
3T TSS T3>, connection, relationship. 
Tl^Pi^f?, related to, relative. 
^**l"i~5. descending, alighting. 
Tj^TW^.a manger, one who accom- 
plishes any thing. [effecting. 
3p*TTTf3", finishing, completing, 
W*iV*J, problem. 
3 *" s $fC filled, full, complete. 
TC^^, mixed, united, inlaid. 
Tp 5 *? !%,, now, at present. [tive. 
^"*IW"R, giving, conferring ; da- 
TT^TrtlT, a company, club, party. 
?IilfH<r, sorrow, grief. 
^"srjpTsTj a sheep. 
^I^^fT, a whole y£ar, a year. 
TO^T, connection; possessive case. 
TO^ft, a relative ; wife's brother. 
TOWt<T, relating to, relative. 
TOT 8 !* checking, keeping under. 
TOO"* end of the world. 
TO^fV, honouring, augmenting.. 
7f^^Tl,honour,respectful welcome. 
^^"rT .provision for a journey; stock. 
3T^T^r$, provided with, containing. 
TOT^f, intelligence, news, tidings. 
TOSTj spikenard.. 

^CTfSf sr, addressing ; vocative case. 
TOI%, welcome. 

*IW3",birtIi,contingency ; probable. 
^HS^, tallying, corresponding, 

3TWt3TTl, possibility, practicability. 
TO>t«pf, fulness, multitude. 
^TWT^. conversing; discourse. 
T^vS, born, produced, sprung from. 
*r^r*np3tra", joint-stock trade. 
^TtfSTsT, enjoyment, possession. 
?\W%. honour, respect, reverence. 
^ITSTP?, honoured, respected. 
TOT5, of the same mind, willing. 
TO"!%, assent, acquiescence. 
TOTif , joy, gladness. 
&.WH, battle, war, combat. 
TOTT^r, honour, esteem, respect. 
TOTf^gi^, a broom, besom. 
THTO, like, equal. 
TOtc*?3", closing, shutting (the eyes.) 
TOW, front, place in front. 
TOHrt, miiTor, looking-glass. 
TO 7, full ; affected. 
TOT^, cleansed, purified. 
?CTTW, joy, gladness. 
sjfsSTg^ mixed with, joined to. 
TO, good, capital, perfect, 
TOJ®7* empire. 

*rernJ, an independent sovereign. 
^TC^nf^, betel-nippers j a female 

1 <Tji cream, curds, thick milk. 



^<rs, a lank, pond, 

*j<tvj1, a bee 

^i^gj, made of oream, batter. 
jtj W%\ s menstruating, 
t\7[^, a lizard. 

*i<rfe, air, cloud. 

7\?[e\, budging, moving, Bliding. 

giving way ; a road, path. 
Tf^TQ, wicked, lascivious. 
*nr^lj betel-nippers, nutcrackers. 
^TT^T^r. boiled cream, custard. 
*j<rTTI, a bitch. 

*T?T^, straight, honest, candid. 
^T^"^, juicy, fresh, tasty, racy. 
?T<r^, a pond, rake, sheet of water. 
?T<rf*TST, a water-lily. 
^3"JVt, a tank, pond. 
3T<r^"5t, goddess of learning, 
^■q"!*, sea, ocean ; a wit. 
1?"1,*T<ft, a spring, a fountain. 
T?rTf, angry; impassioned, [sel. 
^T^T^T, an earthen cover of a ves- 
7ff?U, a river, stream ; a thread, 
^f??.^^, the sea, the ocean. 
^1??T, water. [plant, 

^fe^^f, Tf?^1, mustard, mustard 
?T<F, thin, fine, slender, shrill. 
^<j>*1\ having a form, resembling. 
^C<H!t,7TC3"TP§i^t, a water-lily. 
^C^"T3"<T, a tank, pond, lake. 
TTC^T??^, a water-lily. 
?isf", creation; disposition; chapter. 
T^^if, the sal tree. 

TT-?B^rTr, resin of the sdl tree. 
tjw'', a banker. 
1RVF, lightning. 

T^f, a snake, serpent : gliding. 

^^"^■51, mistaking a piece of rope 
for a serpent ; error in perception 

*f*faft, tnu jewel on the head 

of a serpent. 

Tffsfs, ghi, clarified butter. 

7p£r, all, chc whole, universal. 

*l3&"C3**ft, a dancer. [' nG T. 

*l3for,going every where, all- porvad- 

?\'&^, omniscient, all-knowing. 

7f<#"5S, every way, entirely. 

*T^3TsJ, republic. 

^^ftrjT^J, square temple or palace. 

*i4i bft 1 4* I W,every way, altogether. 

*T^"3f, everywhere, in all places. 

T^Nl, by all means, assuredly. 

*T3frfl, always, at all times. 

^^"^tif, a pronoun. 

*^5U*T, total destruction. 

T^f^s,, omniscient. 

^<E^T«ft, all-pervading; omni- 

7F3Tir?r, comprehending all. 

t^^"^. time, duration. 

3Fr3f<ft, the night. 

3^^t^"£", the moon. 

^3n^, an iron crowbar. 

Ji^Tf^TlT^, almighty, omnipotent. 

yf^C3t^, chief of all, pre-eminent. 

^^"^TT'tfT^ 6 !, general, common. 




^I^T^IF, altogether, inclusively. 

T^"^, one's whole property. 

^^"tW) the whole body. 

^f^Tr^^^t, a hypocrite. 

Sit^rl^ff?^;, supreme, above all. 

T33"T3^TT*ft, pervading all things. 

TT^f, mustard, mustard-seed. 

TcT, water ; moss. 

Tc?^ appropriate, consistent. 

*ff^cT, water, 

^t%cT|% 5 the sea. 

TW^t, a tortoise. 

W, afraid, timid, doubtful. 

T*T1j a cucumber. 

T*nSjF, dressed, armed, accoutred. 

*T*p§3l, pregnant, with child. 

Tfssrs, smiling. 

Ilfto, accompanied by a wife. 

lf^Rv5, smiling. 

?RJ, fruit, corn. 

*IW, a prefix, meaning fellow. 

3HTS, strength, power. 

1^^t?T, assistance, co-operation. 

T3^T<ft, a colleague, a fellow-la- 
bourer, one who assists, a pa- 

1^3^, playfellow, playmate. 

^Sfijt, a widow who burns herself 
on the funeral pyre of her hus- 

sr^nr-T, burning of a widow with 
the corpse of her deceased hus- 

^5^", companion ; walking with. 

?{%W, innate, natural, easy. 

*r^*ff55T«?t, a lawful wife. 

*T^T,bearing, enduring, sustaining. 

T^r^ft^T, long-suffering, patient. 

*T^^t?, endurable, supportable. 

"^X^TSt, companion, being with. 

3v£3"T3T, dwelling together. 

rfT^^l^t, a patron, supporter. 

Tf^ST?!"*!, burning of a widow on the 
funeral pyre of her husband. 

^irsrT^enduring, sustaining, [sail 

T53TS1, a widow Avho has become a 

TpSX^Tftsf, in company, at once. 

.1^^, glad, pleased. 

3p£<R1, rashly, precipitately. 

*ra"*T, a thousand. 

?T^1<r, a coadjutor, ally ; help. 

^TsT?^!., co-operation, assistance. 

^Wl'ti*, tender, affectionate. 

^ift^, with, together with. 

Tfft^ff, willing to bear, patient. 

?rft^3l, forbearance, patience. 

^CsTF®, a hut thatched with 

TC^T^r?", brother. 

^C^T^", humane, good-natured, 

Tf^3, bearable ; bearing. 

STT^sf, pole to carry a weight. 

TtNSpTtffas, infectious. 

*iT\$rtf3to, pertaining to war. 

^"K^f?^, full of doubts or suspi- 




TTl\^Tt?^, worldly, secular. 
Tftr.^1, a bridge. 

*ilf5, new, fresh, recent, [yoking. 
^ts?^, equipping, harnessing, 
jfTnsri, new, fresh, recent, 
jftcvnfl, armour, harness. 
t[W, evening twilight, dusk. [ing. 
^TiM. writhing, cramming, thriv- 
^tTT 1 ^, pincers, tongs, nippers. 
^T3*tT^, trying anything in oil. 
*U"5T?r, Bwimming, floating. 

$UfR, penetrating, creeping into. 
JhTfVf , a crevice, chink, perforation. 
3iT35^J, all, amount, totality. 
*n<ST3", having a form, bodily, 

^TT^T. writing, signature. 
*JT5FK, interview, presence, sight. 
*n^»T5<35T?r, personal presence. 
*U3Fi. eye-witness, a witness. 
^I^T, testimony, evidence. 
*rt<rj. friendship. 
lT^f?T, the sea, the ocean. 
TT^^fj, mixed, united. 
Tf^s&p. a system of philosophy. 
*TfW completion, conclusion. 
^T^T^, friend, comrade, associate. 
^TT^iT, a bayonet. 
3TK:WT*fTSf\eoinplete in all its parts. 
srr^Tfsto. pertaining to war. 
*Tl^Tr%3>, deadly, fatal, mortal. 
3TTfo, crooked, bent. 
TTfTO, ministry ; friendship, aid. 

^itU, outfit, armour, harness. 
TfUST/lressing, adorning one's Bell. 

?U¥T. rennet for making curds ; 

adorn, decorate. [arranging. 

?T15t"R, furnishing, fitting out, 

TUStt, B flower-basket. 

*M*, a lizard, 

1 1Ct M ,proud,imperious, haughty. 

^iT"5, sense of feeling, sensitiveness. 

*TT31, sound, answer, signal, nod. 
*HC5, with one-half over. 
*U"5, seven. 

^Tl?r, pleasant, agreeable. 
?Tl3^«nT, a birdcatcher's wand. 
*Tir3r*r«T, abundant, plentiful. 
*tti ; ^3», virtuous, well disposed. 
?TP*ft, companion, mate, comrade. 
?TTW, decay, destruction. 
*TTfr<3~, favourable. 
^TTWl, white ; simple. 
3TT1^. a charioteer, a warrior. 
*nfir"3, aggrieved, remembered. 
11^*0, likeness, resemblance. 
TTVf, desire, wish, longing, [per. 
?H*R», effect ing ; devout; worship- 
JfTef^, accomplishing, effecting. 
3TT*f^i, effort, entreaty, worship. 

*TT*<T«I3, a beggar. 


>TTS4'T3" C '« common, general, univer- 
^T*Te?r*IJ, a quality in common. 
*H"<TT?r«i3:2, republic. 
TTfV^, effected.done ; well-versed. 
JflSf, pure, righteous ; a creditor. 




sffasft, mother-in-law; good sense. 
ItCSf *. > spontaneously, voluntarily. 
3TT*TJ, within one's power, [power. 
^t^TT^C^", to the extent of one's 
Tt*rT*TT*R1, urgent entreaty. 
TT^7f*rf"^, success in an object. 
TT*^, fear, terror. 
TtH3t, a virtuous woman ; chaste. 
*Tfa, sensibility, sense of feeling. 
Tfa'W, joyful, happy, glad. 
7Tt^t% gold. 

iMTift, a flute, pipe, whistle. 
Tf«k table-land on a mountain. 
?TT*[<2»ST, favourable, propitious. 
It^S, sweetest, most agreeable. 
TT^^Ij consolation, relief. 
TfSfj thick, dense, impervious. 
^TlTT^T, ghij clarified butter. 
^Tf^XT, nearness, proximity. 
Ttf%*tt1%3»j pertaining to morbid. 
JFfT*f> a snake, serpent, [humours 
?TT*ra, having children. 
TlT^^J, an enemy, step-son. 
Tt*iTT<f, guilty, in fault, criminal. 
lT*$f$3l, a snake-charmer. 
3JtE*nF, dependant, expecting. 
^"ffl[j>1, mixed together. 
It^p^J, fruitfalness, success. 
Wt<5"^, young one. 
*rfa3»T*r, at leisure, disengaged. 
TfasfT^r, cautious, careful, wary. 
TfaJTj a solar month. 
?\TZJ, sin, guilt, 

Trtt^^t, hymn to the sun. 

^fT^j"^ settled, decided, confirmed. 

7}T"5T, the third Veda ; conciliation. 

*Tftr$f, reciter of the Sama Yeda. 

TflWl, a thing, materials, goods. 

STTsTSf, an elephant. 

^TfsHH^J, reconciliation ; virtuous 

TTST^, neighbouring king ; retinue. 

TflTTlir^j seasonable, temporary. 

TTsrsfj, capability, capacity, power. 

JifSTTf^, belonging to a commu- 

^T^T^TJ, common, ordinary, vulgar. 

^TPSTWU a prostitute. 

TfsrTsT, caution, careful keeping. 

Tlfsfsr, comprised in, included. 

^TTsftst, prayer, praise. 

*t1"5ft^J, nearness, proximity. 

*rt¥3j li nes °* tne hands ; marine. 

IT^J^Pj a chiromancer, palmister. 

TTTJJ3^.niarine,relating to the sea. 

^TT^Wtf?!^ social ; head of a com- 


SFjtSTJ, similarity, equanimity. 

TTT^TsfJ, empire, sovereign rule. 

TH^T^C, being relieved ; self-de- 

3Tt<T, assent, acknowledgment. 

7tf<I\, evening, eventide. 

?TTSR^, an arrow, a dart. 

1t?F\, evening. 

Tf?Ft, a rider on horseback. 

^TT^TSJ, final absorption. 




ttIt, marrow, essence; manure, 
7H<T35, laxative, purgative. 
^rfr^y, a dunghill, dungheap, 
1T?rvi, an intoxicating liquor. 
7\\7[9F f a bow made o! born; 'leer. 
*n*rs», butter. j right. 

*Tf3Tq, improving, repairing, Betting 
^T^f'i^. traveller, wayfarer. 
U?"«ft, a rivulet. 

^TfT'S, egg of a serpent. 
lT?"far, a charioteer. 

*tt<r*MT>t, manure, a dunghill. 
H^rcsr?, a dog. [cerity. 

^Tt?T^Tj, straightforwardness, sin- 
Tf^n^ftf, compilation, collection. 

*TT<r*T, a crane. 

*i I n *\\ , female crane; window-glass. 

1T3"1, whole; mending; slaughter. 
1I?TT«| . get ting mended or repaired. 

1T?TT^U?r, quintessence, best part. 
3TT<nof, pith, chief meaning. 
1T?"T^, vital, pithy,, vigorous. 
^fin^T^", substance and vanity, 
^itf?, a line, row, range, tier, 
llf^W 1 , lute, guitar, violin. 
*TT<rt, a kind of parrot, a niina. 
1T^' 5> D", perfect resemblance. 
HC?"T^iT3", a compendium, drift. 
^T^, having a meaning. 
Tftef<P, answering an end, sensible. 
Ilsfaj, effectiveness, signiileancy. 
Tit^f, wet, moist, damp, watery. 
?tt^, with one half over. 

*n^X' with, in company of, 

TTf*f*i ^fif«f 5 w. pertaining toyai 
or clarified bu< ter. 

1 1 4i 9lf$t9,suited to all times, per- 

JTpfcfii^, universal. 

TH^T^ST, a universal sovereign. 

^TTrTSTT^T, stone adored as Vishnu, 

1T*JT$3», a dog, a jackal, 

H^<r, a frog. 

TtWTtoJ, a dwelling with the gods. 

*n*T?J^?F, a lizard. 

^f*p, a blanket. 

II^HT, cheapness, abundance ; help, 

*Tf2Fs?t, mother-in-law. 
11^1, the dewlap of an ox. 
115) ail S' u ^ ar I m tears. 
*TT^^T?T,proud, imperious, haughty. 
lT^5*fj, association, fellowship. 
iT^I, courage, boldness, daring. 
7fT^;PT3>, courageous, bold, daring. 
iT^iTTO. help, aid. 
IT^l^TJ, assistance, patronage. 
*t I f^vt j ,companionship, connection. 
IT^^T^T, rich, wealthy, opulent. 
f*1^ Al, a baling- vessel. 
f^WS, a lion ; sign Leo ; chief. 
fl\^?TfT, a gate k main entrance, 
ffS^Jit^ a lion's roar, war-cry. 
PTVSTei, rust upon iron. 
f*TV5"T*R, a throne. 
ftfftj flight of steps, ladder. 

f^5f, breach made by burglars. 
f^^T^t%, a burglar's crowbar. 
fsfatST, a burglar, housebreaker. 
f%3>Tl,sand, sandy soil; the gravel. 
PR[. cloth. 

f^ff^, a quarter of a rupee. 
f*T^T, wax. 

t>T^J, crystal. [nose. 

f^NSST 6 !, rheum discharged from the 
f^rf^ST^t, the nose. 
f%S¥, cloth. 

f*TSfS" } boiling, infusing, foment- 
fsFJ, white, fair, bright, 
f^"*^, wheat. 
f*F5"K^, the moon. 
f$Tv5T5jV thorn. 
f^t#, molasses. 
f^T^i, effected, perfected, boiled. 
PT^ 5 ^"^, a perfect man. 
f^T^i^TT5fJ, successful, prosperous 
f^nst^, final result, demonstration. 
f^WT^t, a Mimdngsd philosopher. 
f^Tr^f, accomplishment, fulfilment. 
1%i%^t, a small ant. 
1%ff, a kind of scurf. 
PT*f, pious, virtuous. 
PT^"?T, vermilion, red-lead. 
f^T^f, the ocean, the Indus. 
fw?T, PT3"?\ an elephant. 
fsr^, sewing, stitching. 
f^"3JWl, a desire to create. 
^tsfpy sewing, stitching, 

284 ^1 

tft'S], parted hair ; a furrow. 
3^WJ, laziness, idleness. 
^*T, intoxicating liquor. 
^sf^nr, a mango tree. 
3Tf*f, the fundament, anus. 
^t^"3T, sewing, stitching. 
3Tt*r^3>, vermillion, red lead. 
3ftsrf%^ft, a woman. [pregnancy. 
3?t^Wr$<R, a ceremony during 
^tn1, a limit, margin, frontier. 
3ft <T, a plough. 
sftlT^ a porpoise. 
^^,^1, lead, 
sj, a prefix, meaning good, easy. 
^ft, a lane. 



•eek, a channel of water. 

?£&% prickly-heat. 
3J^<r, easily done, practicable. 
^^srT. a liberal person. 
ST^TTT?^ a pleasant child. 
3J3>"5, virtue, merit; easily done. 
3J<p1%, auspicious act, goodness. 
3J<^r%*f3f, a written affidavit. 
^^«. 5 pious, virtuous. 
^"*«r, happiness, pleasure. 
3J**T\5, happy, delighted, glad. 
^•5fPf,^'^Hft<I^. pleasant, refreshing. 
iJ*$fC3"Tsf, impression of pleasure. 
^•tfC^reT, of good use. 
^<ft^T55, essentially happy. 

*[*rr<rT?", ^T^R, abode of bliss • 

^rtre, productive of pleasure. 


^•*rt, happy, at ease, well off. 
^<TjT1, "i good repute, famed. 
jj^OTf^, good oame, renown 
j^st, excrement, ordure. 
3jsf2>^, well executed, well formed. 
^fi^Stf, a happy state; well-going. 
^vf*, fragrant, sweet-scented. 
^9T^r, easy, attainable, facile. 
^"CSTTS, easy accomplishment. 
^"C^fT5<r, evident, clear, obvious, 
^^rt^", having a handsome neck. 
3rjg]>sr, auspicious event,goofl luck. 
*[5f?3j", virtuous, well behaved. 
^M^, charming, fascinating. 
3JT53", eternal, for ever, 
^^t, ton- 

^CSITS, vigilant, watchful. 
3JC5JTO, fine cloth. 
3j§i^, virtuous, honest, polite. 
CTB9v$1,goodness, honesty, civility. 
*[Si^r, lawfully begotten, legit i- 
3jf§\ grits, coarse flour. [mate. 
3J®V, worn out; well-digested. 
^^W, passage under ground, mine. 
*[\£t, narrow, strait, con lined. 
3J3, a son, 3[11, a daughter. 
3j[3?rf\ of course, consequently. 
SJZ^, the nightingale, 
^^rf, foundation; the sixth hell. 
*j^$T'»J, melodious, harmonious. 
?^$T?", nice, savoury, palatable. 
7$*, interest. [nu. 

^f*f «,clear sight ; discus of Vish- 

285 *ft 

fffi, the fortnight of the moon'* 

tfftsr, a fine day, lucky day. 

3J^<3" distant, very far off. 
3jw<F , having good eyes, 
^*fJ, easily seen, handsome. 
3J^i, inclusive, along with. 
3£'<f1, ambrosia, nectar. 
^*rT\%3J*TFP?r, the moon. [ing. 
^[*TR, asking, questioning, enquir- 
TJtffWi, tllc uvula. 
J['<ft, learned, sensible, clever. 
^'<ft^, steady, deliberate, grave. 
T[^, only, merely, simply. 
^TiTtr%, good conduct, sound ethics. 
Wta], pious, virtuous. 
^1, an agreeable truth. 
TJ'*i<!", handsome, beautiful, fine. 
^^f<n", a woman. 

TJ'Ksr, agood way, virtuous course. 
WCT, wholesome diet, regimen. 
^TI^, a worthy person, qualified. 
^^TT^t, tne areca, betelnut, 
ij% asleep, sleeping. 
^i%, sleep, drowsiness, slumber. 
*££ff^»1, spirituous liquor. 
1J2JHT3, a pleasant morning. 
3££jC^n?f, expertness. contact. 
?p"5^t, a goddess ; a lizard. 
i^TfSIj having a fine face. 
t^^t, the sun ; the moon : fire. 
?$?% gold ; golden ; fine coloured. 
^T?3f, kinsman, relative. 

n.% 286 

3[f^WW, inner apartments of a house. 
^j[f^~*f , ^t^b °^ a good kind, easy. 
^■^t%, intelligent, sensible. 
3JC^*f, well dressed, neat. 
^CTT^f, intelligent, sensible. 
^USf, fortunate, beloved. 
T^Sfl, a beloved wife, favoured. 
3JT53F, eocoa-palm. 
lf%*F, a time of plenty. 
*T®*f, deep, profound, meek. 
^C»T^1,daiuty in eating ; epicure. 
TST^, well-disposed, benevolent. 
*&•$, having good features, pretty. 
^C^T^TlS, sensible, of good capacity. 
TfCST^, a fabulous mountain. 
TJT'SIc?, symmetry, a good fit. 
^jraTsr, opportunity, convenient 
tj<T, a demigod; tune, vowel. [time. 
1?*l?ft> lndrds capital, [dhenu. 
^<rf%, perfume ; spring ; Kdma- 
*R"C»Tfa, 3T37TWT, the abode of the 
T^Tj nice, savoury, sweet, [gods. 
T}^"7ff?r < 2 ( , the river Ganges. 
*RT1j strong liquor, spirits. 
^I^t^T^fj. Brihasjoati; a tutor. 
T^tSi^j ruled by a good king. 
Ti<rT*f, a drunkard, tippler. 
*J?"Tf5* an enemy of the gods. 
*l?F3f1, an excavation, mine. 
I^Sftf^", a burglar. 
*??5*r, handsome, well-formed. 
^C<r^", Indra, king of the gods. 
^C<T^. tin. 


^5T"» ? easily attainable, cheap. 
^pTC$, brass. 
3^^ J, catechu, japan- earth. 
^T*Tf3>. ginger. 

wfor, cool. 

^tcT, good-natured, amiable. 

^PJ^ST, well-arranged 7 orderly. 

3£*ffa7, melodious, harmonious. 

3jH), handsome, beautiful, comely. 

3W^, fast asleep. 

^f^, a sound sleep. 

3£SR, a rope, a cord. 

^TTW, well-armed, well-adorned. 

1*iT«f7, easily practicable. 

^PTT^", wealth, solvency, help. 

W£, well (in health,) comfortable. 

1HT3", settled, steady, established. 

^Pf# 5 clear, distinct, intelligible. 

sjrate, a friend, associate, ally, 

?T5Ffnr, kind-hearted, friendly. 

*T5?C^»5f, breach of friendship. 

;Fp£, a needle. 

^Wl, fine, thin, slender, small. 


3J5, a needle. 

^5<r- } pointing out, indicating. 

?fi>*1, an indication, portent. 

?jn>. a needle ; index. 

^BfafST, table of contents, index, 

^5 , a charioteer. 

3J~5^, impurity after childbirth. 

WS1, thread, twine, yarn. 

*p«?f, twine, packthread, string. 

^^» 2S7 

*jf$fd, a lying-in woman. 

^•?fM, BkiliuL 

*j;s, thread, line; aphorism, rule, 

^Ta'tf?", a carpenter, joiner. 

^3jvfT"5, measuring, planuing. 

^ftftir, tailor. 

*p, a cook. 

^IR, killing, destroying. 

*R, birth; born. 

*R1, a slaughter bonse. 

*j*t, a huntsnian. a butcher. 

*j«r> 6011 ; daughter. 

*^?, meal. 

*jrf, soup, sauce, gravy. 

'i^f^T?", B cook. 

^*fT^, assafcetida, 

>J3", the Min. 

^3"^, kind, merciful. 

*j<n, learned, wise. 

*J^1, neglect, disregard. 

*J% a winnowing -fan. 

*pfj, the sun. 

^pm^, a crystal. 

^'j^t, eclipse of the sun. 

3*fcj*t, the sun-flower. 

flfwi, Minuet. 

5*fj ^r. copper. 

^C^J^^ST, day of the new moon. 

^pfjT*?, sunrise. 

*J3>. a water-lily. 

^.Q, itch, pimple. 

^T^SflSr, a jackal. 

?J3^. the cornei* of the mouth, 

16 two ends of the upper- 


^"si*, creation, formation. 

^f'l, enemy, a goad to drive ele 

phants with. 
^fS'T'l, saliva. 

"^"5, cooked. 

^t%, road, way. 
^"53?T, unsteady. 
■^3", a serpent. 

^*iTfi>*1, bill of a bird. 
<J£f, the moon. 

^W,creating, creation, formation 

*Jl3?^?j1, creator, maker. 

d\$T>^, turning up one's nose. 

CTSt^, the white rose. 

ri5C*1%?1, wet, moist. 

C^IT^, boggy, swampy, marshy. 

C^tfT^, entering. 

OT, he or she (inferior), it, that. 

C^, that same, identical. 

CW. wetting, sprinkling, pouring. 

GFW^heatingj baking, fomenting. 

C^r^^l, a goldsmith. 

C3T4ITC*, there, thither. 

C^-i, teak tree, teak wood. 
i CfEVs&FFl, one who irrigates. 

C*I5^T, sprinkling, irrigating. 
1 C*T5^, a baling- vessel. 
! C*T$, a bridge, mole, dike. 
'■ C*T3i", fetters. 

CWI, there, thither. 
! CW91, fellow-traveller, guide. 




CRl, a soldier, an army. 

CRTsft, a general, an officer. 

C^RT^I^, a general, an officer. 

C^3"^ serving ; a servant. 

C*v3T*r, jewel, treasure. 

C*R"^ft, a needle. 

C^TCI, service, attendance. 

C*T3"P5, worshipper, adorer. 

C*\JT 9 a seer, about two pounds. 

C*T?F, a cook. 

%*raC3*i>, ginger. 

t*Tt«T^, of an army, military ; sen- 

t*v¥T, rock-salt, fossil-salt, [tinel. 

fcrwt, palm-juice. 

t*1RJ, a soldier, an army. 

t*RJ?TTsre, a retinue of soldiers. 

fcralcT, moss. 

t*rf?P$, a tiller of the soil. 

tlftrgft, an independent female ar- 
tizan working in another per- 
son's house, a female attendant 
on a woman ; Dhroupuclee. 

C^TT? 1 , a bludgeon, truncheon, mace. 

CTT31, a stream, rivulet, creek. 

C^fTSfR, perfuming, making smell. 

C^T*f^T, delivering up, entrusting, 

C*rT®1, straight, straightforward. 

C^V?, calm, tranquil. 

C^TTejT, gold. [ing. 

C^T^lTcTt, overlaying with gold,gild- 

CTT811, nippers, tweezers, pliers. 

OTT^I* a creek. 

C*ffW*r,(ftT%T$i, own brother. 

OTWtW, mad, frantic. [fited. 

ClM^s?" 8 !, with supplement ; bene- 

C^ftvf*^*, sun or moon in eclipse. 

C*TT*fTf*f relationship ; surnamed. 

C*TT*ffcr, a step, staircase, ladder. 

OTST, the moon. 

C^TT^Ts', young, youthful. 

CTT*r*rT?T1, the sky. 

CTTSRT?", Monday. 

OTT^^l, the moon-plant. 

C*rT5R\^ camphor. 

C*TTsr*J^. spring, fountain. 

C^UUl, the moon. 

CTTTSTTflf, a thatching-needle. 

OTsflwr, mild, gentle. 

CTT?ri, saltpetre, nitre. 

C*flsT% 3 joke, jest. 

CTf^nr, aid, assistance. 

C^flTTsf, fondness, affection, fond- 

C*TteT*fl, OTT^Pfl, borax. [ling. 

£*n^Tl%^, a beloved wife. 

C^I^t?^, a huntsman. 

C*itfara», fond of ease. 

C^M^Jj perfume, fragrance, scent, 

cftfw?, a tailor, one who sews. 

CTO«U, viituousness, honesty. 

C^WTW^t, lightning. 

OT*f, a palace, a brick-built house. 

OTf»T*P, a butcher. 

C^i^W}, beauty, elegance, neatness. 

OTtfev, night-war. 

CTfaj one's own. 




c^)t^t, pertaining to voice. 
Cffa*l, golden, made of gold. [Ho. 
c*f)ftw, eunuch, guard of the eerag- 

cft^TT, a plumb. 

cft"5T*n. good luck, fortune. 

ClT¥toj fraternal love. 

c*toR*T7, love, affection. 

C^ttt, lunar; pleasing; Mercnry. 

C^?T, solar, relating to the >un. 

C*ft?TSW. solar system. 

c*ft?r"5, fragrance, perfnme, scent. 

c*ft<!"srT*T, a solar month. 

cWj» learning, literary eminence. 

C^fl^r. excess, excellence, beauty. 

C^Tta'P* 5 ', CJft^fJ, friendship, inti- 

maey, amity. 
Cntf£$J, satisfaction, gratification. 
C^^SM, thinness, linen.' — . 
'%'$, the shoulders ; a section. 
^^■^>, a buffalo. 
^3FRT<T, a tent. 
^5^, oozed out, leaked out. 
^?R\ tripping, blundering, 
^^r, the female breast. 
"^STT, a sound, report. 
"^^mT, an infant at the breast. 
^^|3, the nipple of the breast. 
■^f?I^3, thunder, lightning. 
%m a milk from the breast. 
■^3", praise, flattery, entreaty. 
"$3"^, bunch of flowers, a nosegay. 
"§3i. stiffened, paralysed, stopped. 

ig'y. shrub, sheaf, bunch, tuft. 
W.^ 1 ?'^, an elephant. 

^'S, a pillar, post, column. 
^,*5^, stnpifying ; a Btnpor. 
"^^t. benumbed, paralyzed, 
W, class, rank- ; layer. 
Vf^ra, enlogizer, flatterer. 
fgTSTJ, wet, moist ; taciturn. 

. ocean. 
iftPfr, the sky. blood. 
^f§, praise, flattery, entreaty. 
^f&ITE*!*, a eulogist, panegyrist. 
^f3«|if, praise, flattery, coaxing. 
Ȥ^, a goat. 
IS'tl, a pile, mound, heap. 
C^iT. a thief ; robbery, theft. 
C"5*r, CHRJ, wet ne— . moisture. 
Cg<T, theft, robbery, plunder. 
C^T^, a little ; a drop of water. 
c^t"5i, a eulogist, panegyrist. 
C"§Ts. praise, flattery, entreaty. 
;^r^, false consolation. 
S^, a woman, wife, female. 
5r*T$;«l, taking a wife, marrying. 
SftCTTT^T, dawn, morning. 
■§}|%T, ruled by a wife, henpecked. 
3^*f^r, a wife's own property. 
5ft*f^r, female duties ; menses, 
gfafsfrcft, a woman in her courses. 
3fW^\ devoted to women, uxorious. 
3fi«J\*f*fr, duty of man and wife, 
Stfrc?TTsi". death of wife. 
StUTsT, feminine, female. 




3ftsT\3Tsf, intercourse witli women. 

tli 6 !, under petticoat government. 

% situated in, placed. 

^9fj shameless. 

^9f^T, covering. 

^fvT5, covered, stopped, obsolete. 

^S^a hump, a goitre or broncho- 

"^f^^Tjan altar made of sand.[eele. 

^r*T r%, mason, architect, carpenter. 

^£*JT>, a joint. 

^t^T» aged, steady ; an old man. 

^f^%, very thick or corpulent. . 

1?T, place, situation, dry land. 

^^T^TT^f , a kind of Hibiscus. 

^pTE^ , moving on dry land. 

^T^fsT, vv 7 ay by land. 

lt« ? a weaver. 

^f^fT, old, aged. 

^1%^, fat, fleshy. 

^t e lj a lopped tree,; a pillar, stake, 

^T3<7, proper to be placed. 

^T31, one who stays in a place, 

one who establishes. 
^T*, a place, spot, site, situation. 
^T^t^?", another place, elsewhere. 
^T*f3T, placing, fixing, setting up. 
^Tf^fvS, placed, fixed, set up. 
^1*17, a deposit ; fit to be placed. 
^T<"?", stable, fixed, inorganic, 
^tft?", old age. 
^5TST. force, strength. 
^T<TT, permanent, enduring. 
^t<r^, a surety, overseer, chief. 

"^TcT, a metalic plate for food. 

^TcTt, a cooking-vessel, saucepan. 

^t?T<P, a water bubble. 

%"%, perpetual, continuous. 

f%*$i the buttocks. 

1%3, situated, fixed, placed. 

H[f%. fixed or settled state, stay. 

f^.f§^T*f3» 5 elastic ; a supporter. 

f^?T, stable, firm, settled, fixed. 

f^fgT^. a fish. 

f%"5"^"£, firm, durable, permanent. 

f^?T3lj firmness, durability. 

f^^^t^ a man of his word ; exact. 

f%<T»t«, steady, firm. 

f^iTt^a, established, confirmed. 

^1, pillar of a house ; an anvil. 

"^"sr, moon ; light, lustre. 

^"^ 5 an ox. 

^<M. a draft horse. 

~*§v\, thick, stout, gross, blunt. 

%vF$1 , thickness, grossness. 

%^\. a camel. 

C^<T, fit to remain, fixable. 

t^^fj* stability, firmness, certainty. 

CIT 5 *!? thickness, grossness. 

^*R, bath, ablution. 

^<T, leaking, oozing out. 

^t^, having bathed, bathed. 

^T^, an initiated householder. 

m^ 9 bathing, ablution, washing. 

^T^RT^ Jaganndilis annual bath. 

^lf*R>, bathed, washed, rinsed. 

"•qlll, a tendon, muscle, cartilage. 



jhing, cool, m 
. cl( ment, placid, mild, 
aked or oozed out, 

m'a wife. 
CH¥, affection, loi oil. 

C"y^ 5?L any greasy li mid, oil. 
ftar, a favourite, beloved "in 1 . 
• taking, vibrating, agitation. 
*Pf^fl, presumption, challenging. 
*p\*\~. touch, touchiag, feeling. 
Wfaifj, a tangent. 
*pf*r, a Bpy, an informer. 
W*£, plain, manifest, clear, [lv. 
*H*^(.*f, plainly,manifestly,clear- 
*Pi*U. palpable, tangible. 
^i^&, touched, brought in contact. 
*PT?1, longing, inclination, desire. 
3frp^i, hood of a Bnake ; alum. 
*Rput«P. crystal, quartz. 
*fcfrU>*|/^, alum. 
^PT<r, plenty, abundance. 
fjRp^, the buttocks. 
fy&J. plentiful, abundant. 
*E?t7, swelled, enlarged, inflated. 
*E§*fr. a swelling; prosperity. 
7fcpT>, burst, opened, manifest. 
5^ J, a shield. 
*Ep^T. a clap of thunder. 
5£pT. a tent. 

*H»I^^", a spark, a particle of fire. 
lEpRf, liveliness, cheerfulness, 

alacrity: expansion, utterance. 
C*E£T?3>, a boil ; tumour, abscess. 

C*wrfTfa,bursting,rupture; a gimlet. 

. uncommon ; prid< 
^■?T, the Hindu Cupid ; rem* 
1T^r*l 3 remembrance, memory, 

'i,~j , an ass. 

^^T^*T, the nails. 


'$?rr^*\ saliva. 
^iI^T'is, reminding ; retentive, 
^\jf, skilled in juiisprudi 
f*HT, a smile. 

^lt%, recollection; Hindu code. 
C 3 ^, a smile, simper. 
C^jftW^", a peacock. 
*TJFS, force, hac [cha 

7\~pf\7( : oozing, trickling : a war- 
TD^S, spring- water, 
*U"T^1, grown up, adult : Bensi 
*[3"5»J. joy, gla 
^71%, sewing, stitching. 
*TR, ray. beam, the sun, a mat- 
tress of I 
7r\?i^, dropping or falling down. 
*T\^, falling down. 
^^, chaplet of flowers, necklace. 
TR", ^3"«l,, 3TT3", a flow, flowing, 
^T?5"^", a market. • 
^T^l, a creator, inventor, maker. 
T\^T, falling down. 
^3", a sacrificial ladle. 
Cyrils, a current, stream, course. 
CTTZ^'*T, a sea. an ocean. 
C^rrs^tl. a river, flowing stream. 



^", own, self; wealth, property. 
■^j^^tiT, own, peculiar. 
^r<T55r, one's own affairs. 
■^"9f«t, of one's own party ; partisan. 
■3§"?n£j confined to self, exclusive. 
^W. comely, handsome. 
^5, transparent, pellucid, clear. 
^T^ 5 *, easy, independent. 
■^■s^-sf^ the fossil called talc. 
?gvzv$, generous, liberal, munificent- 
^STS?, produced from one's self. 
^STIr^f, of one's own family : friend. 
^l>Tt%, of one's own family. 
^TSsT^, one's own sense. 
^1%, spontaneously, of itself. 
"^"53, independent, apart. 
^59. ownership, proprietary right. 
^HS, blind. 

"%W% 9 eating, feeding. 
"3TCW*Vt. fellow-countryman. 
TfSfSfr, nature, characteristic. 
^i%f3, an axe. 
■5ST«£ sound, report. 
^RT*T, namesake, own name. 
7{9^p 9 of one's own party, adher- 
■^^f, sleep, dream, vision. [ent. 
TO^, like»a dream, visionary. 
^TSW*!, self-display, self-glori- 
^*\ 3 independent, uncontrolled. 
"^^TlR, civility, welcome, adieu. 
"^^■R", nature, disposition, charac- 
^■^TTSo naturally, by nature, [ter- 

^CSTOj one whole year. 

~%H\, self, himself 

of itself. 


^?\<FS, self-done, spontaneous. 

^1T\<"3*, choosing a husband. 

^?T\f J^i, famed for one's own me- 

^SU^?""!, a girl choosing a husband. 

"^r?"^, self existent ; God. 

^ , heaven. 

^T 3 voice, tune, vowel. 

^■<r^T3T, having a pleasant voice. 

^"4""»W. hoarse; with shaking voice. 

■^■<"3T, attachment, love, fondness. 

^^^ } a peculiar form of ; like. 

W^TOj truly, naturally. 

■^^TC^TpvfJj capable, able,qualified. 

■^^^t^rjt^, stating the real facts. 

^"sf , heaven, celestial abode. 

^"'STYtt,, heavenly, celestial. 

"%% gold. 

^Tef^T<r, a goldsmith. 

^"ejV, tin. 


^faf^, borax. 

^faTfff, sulphur, brimstone. 

^■^T5, dead. 

^rtcil«», heaven. 

"^' r,5 t, a very little, very few. 

^1,^, a sister. 

^T^> success ! well done ! be it so J 

"^"M^an auspicious object ; house 
with a veranda in front. 

^f%3t5»r, preliminary invocation. 




^"^i 7 ^, deprecation of evil. 
•>jm. e ise, comfort, 
¥JtVi sister's boh, nephew, 
^tt^Tvt", one's o\i ii likeness, 
■^i^vf-Tr, a logician. 
^TT^3\ signature, autograph, 
Tt*r5j welcome, Bala tat ion. 
^f^r^vtj ease, comfort. 
^"fi^j. independence, wilfulness. 
^T*. flavour, taste ; tasting. 
"3"jf\ Bweet, tasty, savoury, nice. 
rapes, raisins. 
^i, made <>ne's own, subject- 
■^T< : t^, independent, n [ed. 

YttDt?>inaudible muttering, read- 
ing the I 

■^T'T, sound, report. 

^73, the mind, thought, intellect. 
^T^f, sleep, insensibility. 
^T*fCT?, wealth, property. 
^iH*, a wild beast. 
^n»TR3», natural, inherent, innate. 
^Te»T33, lordship, ownership. 
^T*ft. a husband, master, owner. 
Tl si 1, self-acquired. 
TTtf* one's own object or interest. 
^*f*f?T, Belfish, Belf interested. 
^"TfT, good health, relief, ease, 
f^^. question, argument. 
fg^, expanded by heat, sodden. 
■^ft3>T3*, confession, promise. 
^«jT5. agreed to, confessed. 
^1<J, own, private, peculiar. 

^ft<n, a faithful wife. 
c^r^i, one's own wish, impulse. 
C^ "^ I b\ jL',f ollowing one's own wish, 
C3"*. sweat, warmth, Bteam. 
c^r*§», engendered by warmth. 

CVf^t, a caldron, a frying pan. 

C^<r. free, independent. 
t^fiMt* adulteress, loose woman. 
t"3"?ft ; Belf-willed, obstinate. 
CTMtfiM* self-acquired. 
C^M^y,, welfare, prosperity. 
C^TfT^, the sediment of oil. 

T^CT, to be ; from ; than. 
i5"5^. becoming, being, existing. 

"^STII, being, existence, possibility. 
^MT, a gander, drake, swan. 
$;\*i3>. ornament for the feet. 
^V^fW, caret to mark omission. 
^A^^TTW, virmilion. 

^MTCllJ, duck's c^g. 

"$;\"*iTr»<r, silver. 

1§"^T3", a call. 

"Sf^.. sneezing. 

^1? , a weekly market. [pet. 

T^^^Tf 5 ^, a prostitute, struni- 

Tit, violence, rapine, outrage. 

^l^, receding, falling-hack, retreat. 

"StT*. accident ally, suddenly, easily. 

^f~5. stocks, wooden fett 

^<51, a push, a shove. 

^>5$S", a hone ; low, mean, vulgar. 

^33"5^, being startled, sputtering. 




^K^"fa", thundering, rumbling. 
"^\5^"\5t_, perturbation, confusion. 
^f^^1, "S&t, a cooking- vessel. 
^5_, killed, smitten, destroyed. 
^F5> low people. 
^Sssfa, senseless, stupid. 
*T5*f <T, profligate, perfidious. 
^\5£fT?T, nearly killed, almost dead. 
"^331%, senseless, crazy, demented. 
^UtSTT, unfortunate, ill-fated. 
^v5^"*t, very ignorant. 
^sTif <T, bereft of honour. 
?75t*T, disappointed, desponding. 
^1%, destruction. 
^^?Tt?T, a weapon, implement. 
"5^, disease, malady, illness. 
3"v5j1, killing, murder, slaying. 
■j^^T, sorrowful, anxious. 
o;^R, killing, beating, smiting. 
■^•J", the jaw, the jawbone. 
■^^Tff^T, the black-faced monkey. 
"§.*$>, joy ; mercy, kindness. 
■$^1, a killer, slayer, murderer, 
s^j, death. 

^U1« snappish, snarling, surly. 
^<^r, a sacrifice, oblation. 
s"f^S, ghi ; an oblation. 
^t^Jfa, pure food. 
"^J, sacrificial objects. 
^^1, 3^1, lowing, bellowing. 
■$<r, a horse. 
■£"U^, a covered litter. 
sX<I3>, barley. 

^;<r«1, snatching, stealing, wasting, 

s:f?r, Vishnu ; a lion, a horse. 

^f£«|, a deer, stag. 

^1?WT b)", a jail, prison." 

^f?3jf«l, an emerald, a sapphire. 

^UNr^", the moon. 

^f?K ? green, verdant, vegetation. 

^.f?T5t5T, sulphate of arsenic, yel- 
low orpiment, yellow ochre. 

^1?"5tf%3?1, 4th lunar day inBhadra. 

"£f?3t% blue vitriol. 

■^t?"Pf1, turmeric ; yellow. 

^ftr*n?t, antumnal equinox. 

^f?tet*T<r, eleventh lunar day. 

"5^1, a thief, robber, plunderer. 

^ft^cfi, the absolute disposer. 

^■^"5T, gaping, yawning. 

^"ssn^the sun; a tortoise, a turtle. 

■^"sSll, a brick or stone house, man- 
sion, palace. 

"^j delight, joy, gladness. 

^^I^TWj sadness in joy. 

^f^%, delighted, glad, joyful. 

^T, a plough ; a consonant. 

"^T^l, light ; a boat-hook, tendril. 

^W<3",, holding a plough. 

RcTtt, sC^T^t, turmeric. 

"^"R^T, a kind of deadly poison. 

^c?t, a ploughman, farmer. 

"^*ij, pertaining to a plough, a 
ploughed field. 

^jq, lax, loose, shaking. 


. Lin- liini'-. simpering, 
mating dish. 
' . mark nnder a letter ( S)> 
■ ■■ :. b cli : tig lish. 
3 ~'j,, tlic hand ; proboscis ; cubit. 
, 5, come to hand, subjected, 
wstanl ; b weapon 
•ftiftfrj hands and feet. 
T"^ 1 . the t8th lunar mansion. 
SVfn^lj laying one's hands on. 

RJ9j ivory, an elephant's tooth. 
*fW«ft, a female elephant. 
oi^t, an elephant. 
5 J, ignorant, rude. 

3, certainly, affirmative. 
^TT, gaping, yawning. 
M3>, bawl, outcry, clamour. 

. calling, shouting, bawling. 

.. walking, going afoot. 

causing to walk. 
ilu? knee. 
ci^^t, a deep hole. 
^T3l. a la I for cooking. 

$Tfo a smaller cooking-vessel. 
. breathing short, panting. 
■£l v fTfJT, shortness of breath. 

"^i^iTpTtt. puffing and Mowing. 

51, alas 


^"i?"^. stook<. wooden fetters, 
sjt:^, loss, failure, defeat. 

ST^T, a rudder, helm. 

^T^"<T\ a shark. 

^"T§n, a il toding, swamping. 
. a market, a Fair. 

I -, made of gold. 
^T^f??!. a dealer at a market. 

a bone. 
^T^fsr^l, adjutant, gigantic crane* 
^T^, a manger, an earthen pan. 
~5lT~5, a scavenger, Bweej 

f&ft, beheading-block; >t<.<d v -<;. 
^1"5, the hand to the elbow ; cubit. 
Ti^fs, handcuffs, manacles. 
^lUM^Tl, magical shake oft].- hand- 
sHJC'S'S^, a pilfeT sr, petty : I 
^"I^T^. groping f orj feeling for. 
iCfaRuj a hajnmer, mallet. 
?M,4j, that should be abanrl 
■$"t3rjTK5i_, a joining of the hands. 
■£T3*T. a handle or knob. 
^T31. a ladle, spo n ; fl glove. 
^TiT^Tt%, a scuffle, grappling. 

an elephant. 
^T^n5<j1, a quack doctor. 
^Tv£S"l, milch cow without a calf. 
"53^, hire, wagi s. [forating. 

^t'^^, piercing, transfixing, per- 
^ 1^1, a breach in a dam caused by 

the force of the current. 
"§Ti^ loss, injury, destruction. 
rT*T3\ smelting furnace, crucil le. 
TT«, amorous g - uetry. 

^T^t1, leavings, refuse 




W.TZ3, rnud, clay, dirt, sludge. 
^"fa1> dull, stupid, doltish. 
^Wf$?I1, unfortunate, unlucky. 
^fsr, the measles, 
^tsn, crawling like an infant. 
^ I *[}§;, a cable ; stack, heap. 
■^tTrjTt^", lowing, bellowing. 
^TH, alas ! 

^T?R, a year, a twelvemonth. 
"31?", a necklace, string of pearls. 
^t<T?Pj a thief, robber ; a divisor. 
sT^TI; losing, failing, being foiled. 
3Tt<rt"«l, defeating, losing, getting 

lost, lost. 
^Tlftf, defeat, failure, foil. 
^tt?^", bleeding piles. 
"$]**, affection, kindness, love. 
^T*TJ, liable to be taken away ; 

^T*T, a plough ; tillage. 
^Tcf^T^P. a ploughman. 
3rT*f1, intoxicating liquor ; poison. 
'^.T^TT'^^Tj, a kind of deadly poison, 
^tf^f, a rudder, a helm. 
Tff%?1 f fit for ploughing ; a helms- 
^T^f, tooth. [man. 

Hc^l, light, thin. 
^n*r, laughing, laughter. 
^t^Tf \5J1, always laughing, merry. 
^"T^J, laughing, laughter. 
^T3"CSTf%, lamentation, wailing. 
^T^cT, poison. 
<5T3[1, an exclamation of sorrow. 

5t^"T^T?T, loud lamentation. 

^T^T^T poison. 

f$\, f$3[, assafcetida. 

f^\T*P, malicious, injurious. 

fl\7Tl, harm, injury, malice. 

ft°\^Tt??, a tiger. 

f^K^T, malicious, mischievous. 

f^?TTf%, enigma, riddle, puzzle. 

f5<5$1, hiccup, sobbing. 

f^Wt?", tiger. 

f^Sfsr, vermilion. 

ft^cTt, the egg-plant or its fruit. 

ft^^^r, hiccuping, sobbing. 

ft^i^l,, a hermaphrodite. 

ft^i, welfare, advantage, benefit. 

fe5£f«ft, a messenger. 

f^fcs^rsri, desire of doing good to 

f^t^Ttjbne seeking other's welfare. 

ftref^TO^f. salutary instruction. 

t^C^T^T, a holy festival in which 
Krishna is rocked in a cradle ; a 
swing, a cradle ; a tune in Hin- 
du music. 

t^sr, cold, frost, dew ; frosty. 

f5ST35?T.cooling, chilling; the moon. 

IX , *rf*f«rlj snow, ice. 

f^TvS, the moon. 

f^STfrPT, the cold season, winter. 

f^^rTW, shivering, cold fit, ague. 

fcrt^t, snow, ice, frost. 

f^STfsr <T, the Himalaya mountains. 

R^T^, ftsiT^?, camphor. 



ffr.r.~~. distressed by cold. 
i he heart, mind. 
. made of gold, golden, 
old, Bilver, riches. 
•.v?~*M. fire ; the sun ; Shiva. 

Upporl ; care 

feX^H^, a cool bre 
f^rr.^T:-;. a wave, billow, breaker, 
destitute, bereft of ; mean. 
. ication, unsaying, 
ig .1 limb, defective. 
t\<T':. diamond. 

n, Bpermatic fluid, Bemen. 

tfSH?. a kind of mm. 


•. ;i report causing wondeT. 
wd, multitude, uproar. 
^?P1. a bolt, bar, fastening. 

R, knocking, shoving, kicking. 

%2;71«2"fl, elbowing, pushing in a 
>wd. [tant thunder. 

v^r. a rumbling sound as of dis- 
«§/it, a l«il! of exchi 
?i[^, offered in the fire. 
c^11 K T. fear, terror, dread, horror 

I of lire. 
SLVftrL resolute, brave, und innted 
«fc> "<", "51. a large royal ti{ 
e^sf. bore on n river, strong tide. 
!£«% a sting, a sharp point. 
tfe.*! !•(» setting-on (as a dog,), excit- 
ed. eKpression of pleasure, [ing. 
IT^TT, roaring, bellowing. 
f>.1%, an invito, call. 

* . duplicity, insinc< rity. 
1 pt, commotion, na , tumult. 
• he I-' art, mind, It. asl . 
seize I. Btolen, 
99^C79, phxenolo 
SmMTO. 5«.f*i«>. the heart. 

5f^7T, the heart, mind. 

W5f<T"9r5r, affecting, impressive. 

i&ttJ, heart, mind. 

^r.T!"<i\ conviction. 

?7?j, beloved, dear, amiable. 

IJWJ31, intimacy, affection. 

^^T*T, hiccup, . 

^f^"5,, pleased. 

^^>. rejoiced, gla I. d lighted. 

^f^J""^. fat. sleek, plump. 

r.b'. <>h ! heigh ! 

f%, ck^kA hiccup. 
C?^^, pulling, dra .itch- 

cftf, slanting, inclined, bent. 
C^~S^. ang r, i 
c?"v£, cans 

C^<5, on account of, bee 
C^vgTffir, reasoning, arguing. 
C^vgrSTPT, reasonable. 
C%*T\ S here, hither. 
C5"C*. oh ! heyday ! 
C^«. like such. 
CsST. gold. 
r.^irci^^T, coral. 
C^'SIC^). fire. 
Cr^"^, winter, cold 




C^TT^cT, pearl. 

C3U", despicable, fit to be despised. 

C^TSFfaj contempt, disesteem. 

C^?T«| 5 looking at, observing, sur- 

C^t?^, a messenger. % 

C^c^r, disregarding ; leaning. 

C^eTl; trifling with, neglecting. 

C^T?, easily, without difficulty. 

Z^ f a salutation. 

t^W, the cold season, the two 
months Ugruhaun and Pouse. 

t^srfw, growing -in winter. 

fcffa, a thief. 

C£\ 9 a salutation, an exclamation of 

C^T\£, mud, sludge ; a wager. 

C5t$1, a thief. 

(r§"T3"! 9 a priest, sacriflcer. 

C5t3\ clarified butter. 

C%W 9 fhexe, thither. 

C^fST, a burnt- offering. 

C^T?T1, an hour. 

C^T»f, the scrotum j testicles. 

C^T^Tl^ slack ; large boat ; tom-cat. 

C^T^T^I, C^t^t, the festival called 

"37S, yesterday. 

"5W, a lake, large sheet of water, 
^fi^jft, a river, flowing stream ; 

"5fMi>, shortest, lowest. 

"S^T, short, low in stature. 

— b 

5Tf , sound, report. 
y^T, decline, diminution. 
fj^ft?1, shame f disgust. " 
"€t, modesty, bashfulness. 
"§^1, ^Tl^1, fear, terror. 
C^l the neighing of a horse. 
^rtW, joy, delight. 
^TTfif^, lightning, thunder. 
C3fT3l, the neighing of a horse. 

DEC 3 1903