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Full text of "The Bent family in America. Being mainly a genealogy of the descendants of John Bent who settled in Sudbury, Mass., in 1638, with notes upon the family in England and elsewhere"

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Gift of 
Allen H. Bent 


\ f 

















Bescenbants of John Be?it 



With Notes upon the Family in England and elsewhere. 


^t>#^; y^/ 


Member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. 

We set to-day a votive stone. 

That /Memory may their deed redeem. 

When like our sires our sons are gone. 


t ■' I 



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• • !• • • • ,«, 


Family histories are evolved slowly, notably so the Bent gene- 
alogy. The writer first became interested in the subject at the cen- 
tennial of his native town in 1885. In the summer of 1888 the 
250th anniversary of the arrival of the first Bent in America and the 
centenary of the birth of Hyman Bent, were celebrated by the de- 
scendants of the latter at the ancestral home in Fitzwilliam, N. H. 
For this gathering a brief account of Hyman Bent's ancestry was 
prepared and afterwards printed. This encouraged further research, 
and in the New-England Historical and Genealogical Register for 
July, 1894, appeared a short account of the first four generations of 
Bents in America. Since then many pleasant hours have been 
spent in the company of old books, manuscripts and memorials of 
bygone years, in the endeavor 

" To summon from the shadowy Past 
The forms that once have been." 

The principal books containing information of the family are the 
History of Marlboro', Mass., by Rev. Charles Hudson 1862; the 
old History of Framingham, Mass., by Rev. William Barry 1847 ; 
the new History of Framingham, by Rev. Josiah H. Temple 1887 ; 
the History of Rutland, Mass., by Deacon Jonas Reed 1836; the 
History of Milton, Mass., by Rev. Albert K. Teele 1887 ; the His- 
tory of Canton, Mass., by D. T. V. Huntoon 1893 ; the History of 
Fitzwilliam, N. H., by Rev. John F. Norton and Joel Whittemore 
1888 ; the History of Paris, Me., by William B. Lapham 1884 ; the 
History of Annapolis County, N. S., by W. A. Calnek and Judge 
A. W. Savary 1897, and of course Savage's Genealogical Diction- 
ary of New England, with which all good genealogical students be- 
gin their researches. Many scattered items of interest are to be 
found in the History of Sudbury, by Alfred S. Hudson 1889, and 
more about Bent's Fort, Col. William Bent and Gov. Charles 


Bent is to be found in the Histoiy of the Arkansas Valley, Colorado, 
published by O. L. Baskin & Co. of Chicago, in 1881, the History 
of Colorado, by Frank Hall, The Old Santa Fe Trail, by Colonel 
Henry Inman 1897, the Story of New Mexico, by Horatio O. Ladd 
1891, and an article by William Waldo of Texas, published by the 
Missouri Historical Society in 1880. Many other publications have 
contributed smaller but necessary items to the present volume. 

One noticeable family trait that may be dwelt upon profitably is 
the pioneer spirit that has pervaded a large part of the family — the 
spirit that has been willing to brave the unknown quantity of the 
wilderness to make a home, the spirit of independence that is the 
foundation of the Republic. John Bent, who came from England 
in 1638, went immediately to one of the frontier towns ; his sons fol- 
lowed the advancing frontier, and deeper and deeper still their chil- 
dren and children's children penetrated the outlying portions of New 
England. Until 1760, however, all of the family, so far as known 
to the writer, remained in Massachusetts. In that year the procla- 
mation of Gov. Lawrence of Nova Scotia, opening the lands of the 
unfortunate Acadians, who had been transported from their homes 
five years previous, seems to have made some impression in New 
England, and several of the Bent family, including David^ of Sud- 
bury, SamueP, a native of Milton, and probably Elijah" and Peter"* 
of Sudbury, moved to Annapolis County, N. S. Four years later 
Jesse* and John* of Milton located in Cumberland County, N. S., 
and in 1772 Joseph* Bent, a Plymouth fisherman, transferred his 
home to the Yarmouth shore. I do not find any of the family 
among the Royalists who sailed away in such numbers a few years 

It was not until toward the close of the Revolutionary War that 
Massachusetts men began to settle in the wooded parts of northern 
New England. In 1780, Samuel* Bent of Sudbury cleared a farm 
in Fitzwilliam, a comparatively new town in southwestern New 
Hampshire. About the same time his cousin Stephen*, also of Sud- 
bury, moved to Dublin, N. H., not far away; and in 1797, Nathan, 
a brother of the latter, located farther west, in the same county, at 
Winchester. After the war, Vermont was rapidly taken up. The 
first of this family to remove thither was David* Bent Jr. , formerly 
of Rutland (Mass.), who located at Mt. Holly, in the heart of the 


Green Mts., in 1786. In after years three of his brothers followed, 
Thaddeus to Rutland about 1800, Phineas to Underbill, well to the 
north, in 1803, and Samuel B. to Middlebury in 1818. Another 
brother, Darius, went to Montreal about 1808. In 1810 Samuel 
Bent Jr. left his early New Hampshire home and settled in Stock- 
bridge, Vt. In 1796 Wm.^ Bent of Middleboro' located in Paris, 
Me. ; in 1800 Isaac® Bent of Quincy moved to New Sharon, Me., 
and nine years later David J.® Bent of Sudbury transferred his 
home to Bangor, Me. Then the children of the early Vermonters 
began to overflow into northern New York, the first of this family 
being Peter® Bent (in 1801), followed a few years later by three of 
his brothers. 

Meanwhile, two longer migrations had taken place, Lemuel® 
Bent of Canton, Mass., to Virginia, sometime before 1792, and 
Lieut. -Col. Silas* Bent of Rutland, Mass., to Ohio, with the first 
settlers, in 1789. In 1806 Silas® Bent Jr. pushed on from Ohio 
to St. Louis, only three years after the great territory of Louisiana 
had come into the hands of the United States. This branch seems 
to have led the family in the westward course of empire. Two of 
the latter's sons went to Colorado as early as 1826, and three years 
later Charles had reached what is now New Mexico, and established 
his home. About 1824 Horatio G.'' Bent went to Georgia, thence 
to Alabama, and finally to Louisiana. Edward^ Bent of Missouri 
was one of the earliest permanent settlers of California, and so they 
have spread until members of the family are or have been located in 
nearly every State in the Union. The list is far from being ex- 
hausted, but to prolong it here might be tiresome. 

Henry Van Dyke, in one of the most charming of out-of-dooi" 
books, says : " Little rivers have small responsibilities. * * * * 
When you set out to explore one of these minor streams in your 
eanoe you have no intention of epoch-making discoveries, or thrilling 
and world-famous adventures." " It is not required of every man 
and woman," he adds, "to be or to do something great; most of 
us must content ourselves with taking small parts in the chorus." 
The Bent family is one of the " little rivers " of history. The his- 
torian is the canoeist. Will you accompany him in his frail bark? 

Allen H. Bent. 

Boston, Mass., Feb. 1900. 


In the arrangement of the following records the plan adopted by 
the New-England Historical and Genealogical Society has been fol- 
lowed in the main. The reader, after looking in the index for a 
certain name, say Josiah® Bent of Milton, finds the page to be, in 
the example chosen, 105. The italicized names in parenthesis, fol- 
lowing his name, show his line of descent from the original Ameri- 
can ancestor, John', the little index figures denoting the generation. 
The nmnbers in full-faced type against the names of his sons indi- 
cate that more is to be found about them under those numbers in 
the succeeding pages. Thus, Josiah (Jr.) is carried forward in 
regular order, appearing on page 203. By reversing the method 
the line can be traced back. 

When not specified, the State is Massachusetts, unless it is plainly 

Many words not absolutely necessary in a sentence are omitted 

Abbreviations : b. for born, m. for married, unm. for unmarried, 
and d. for died. 


Introduction — Origin of the Name, etc 7 

English Antecedents of American Bents ... 9 

The Family in America 11 

Bent's Fort, Colorado 127 

Bent County, Colorado 128 

Unclassified Members of the Family .... 250 

Bents in America not descended from John Bent op 

Sudbury, 1638 253 

Memorials Quaint and Olden: 

Will of John Bent of England, 1588 . . . 255 

Will op Edith Bent of England, 1601 . . • 255 

Will of Robert Bent of England, 1631 . . . 256 

Will of John Bent of Sudbury, Mass., 1672 . . 257 

John Bent's Inventory, 1672 258 

Petition of Elizabeth Bent, 1679 260 

Gov. Charles Bent's Appointment and Epitaph . . 261 

The Family in War: 

Colonial Wars 262 

Soldiers op the Revolution 263 

Militia Officers since the Revolution . . . 267 

The Civil War 267 

The Family in Peace: 

College Graduates 270 

Clergymen 270 

Physicians 271 

Lawyers 271 

Political Statistics 271 

Nonogenarians 272 

Middle Names before 1800 273 

Peter Bent Brigham 274 

The Name in Story 277 

Bents in England and Elsewhere 277 

Coats-of-Arms 281 

Additions and Corrections 282 

Last Scene of All — Arousement — by Miss Frances 

Bent Dillingham 286 


Old Bent Homestead, Marlboro', Mass. . . . frontispiece. 
(From a photograph by Mr. W. L. Stevens of Marlboro'.) 

Judge George® Bent op Nebraska .... page 80 

K. L.' Bent of Gardner, Mass 117 

Gov. Charles'^ Bent op New Mexico 121 

LiEui. Silas Bent, U. S. N 128 

Hon. Charles' Bent of Illinois 156 

Major Luther S.'' Bent of Pennsylvania . . . 192 

Horatio G.® Bent of Illinois 212 

Wm. H.* Bent of Taunton, Mass 247 


" Bent, a plain or common, a field, a moor, so called from those 
places being fi-equently covered with bent-grass, the term is very 
common in early English poetry." Thus says M. A. Lower in his 
" English Surnames." So the name seems to be a local surname, and 
the first to take it lived presumably on a plain or moor. It is not 
inappropriate that a family which has furnished so many sturdy 
yeomen and pioneers should draw its name from the soil. 

Surnames in England, it may be said in passing, did not become 
hereditary or permanent until the 11th or 12th centuries. They 
were derived in various ways, from baptismal names, e.g. Allen, 
Richardson, Adams ; from localities, e.g. Bent, Bridge, Wood ; from 
official titles, e.g. Lord, King ; from occupations, e.g. Smith, 
Wright ; and from nicknames, e.g. Long, Young, Brown. 

Bent-grass is a stiff, wiry growth, little known in America, 
though one of the early nineteenth-century poets, Joseph Rodman 
Drake, made good use of it in his delightful imaginative poem, " The 
Culprit Fay." The fairy was arrayed in a cloak of butterfly wings 
and an acorn helmet, plumed with thistle down. 

" Swift he bestrode his fire-fly steed ; 

He bared, his blade of bent-grass blue ; 
He dj'ove his spurs of cockle-seed, 

And away like a glance of thought he flew." 

In Scotland is a town of Bentpath, and on a branch of the North 
British Ry. is a station of Bents, of which the station agent says : 

"This Bents is a farm and the station takes its name therefrom. 
In regard to the origin of the name it does not appear to have any 
connection with the family of Bent. On the other hand the name 
seems to have arisen from what was the nature of the ground some 
forty years ago or more. At that time the whole farm lay open 
and bare and would be in Scottish style, termed the bent, which 
means a rising ground covered with a wild wiry grass that grows in 
tufts and is known as bent-grass. There is a Benthead farm at Croft- 
head Village, two miles away, and there used to be a Kilbent farm 
near by. There is another Bents in Midlothian, a Bent Colliery 
in Lanarkshire, a Bent House in Forfarshire, and on the English 
Crash in Cumberland is a Whitburn Bents. Bent or Bents it is 


thus seen is quite a common place name and is evidently derived 
from the existence of bent-grass growing near." 

These places, it ought to be added, are in Southern Scotland — 
Anglo-Saxon Scotland — not in the Highlands or Celtic Scotland, 
for the name seems to be of Anglo-Saxon origin. Somethino; simi- 
lar to it appears as a personal name in most of the nations of Teu- 
tonic origin. 

The van der Bent family is an old one in Holland. 

In Bjornstjerne Bjornson's story, Synnove Solbakken, one of the 
minor characters is Slave Bent. Of this the late Hjalmar Hjorth 
Boyesen, Professor in Columbia College, wrote : "The name Bent in 
Synnove Solbakken is a Christian name, not a surname. It is the Nor- 
wegian corruption of Bernt, which is again an abbreviation of Bern- 
hardt. I have never known of its being used as a family name in 
any of the Scandinavian countries." 

In Germany there are several names having a Bent flavoring : 
Bente, Bentz, Bentmann and Bentheim. 

Originally taken from a place, it has not hesitated to give its 
name in turn to places. In Virginia there is a Bent Mountain 
post office. The tradition is that many years ago a man by the 
name of Bent tracked a buffalo from the low lands to the mountain 
from which the post office is named. Bent County and Bent's Fort, 
Colorado, are treated at length elsewhere. 

f"^ The descendants of John Bent, who came to America in 1638, 
^have made their way to nearly every state in the Union, as well as 
to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Province of Que- 
bec, British Columbia, Cuba, Australia and the Sandwich Islands ; 
and there are still some to be found in Sudbury, Mass., where the 
family first settled. There are to-day several hundreds of families 
descended from the emigrant of 1638, the heads of the families be- 
in": in most cases of the seventh and eiji-hth o-enerations. There 
are at least three of the sixth and a few of the ninth, 
y The first of the family to indulge in the luxury of a middle name 
was Ebenezer Vose® Bent, born in Fort Lawrence, Nova Scotia, 
March 3, 1771. 

The oldest member of the family was Patience (Bent) Newton, 
who died in Southboro', Mass., in 1837, fe. nearly 96. It was ori- 
ginally intended to print a list of octogenarians, but it grew too long. 
A list of nonogenarians will be found elsewhere, however. 



In the western part of the county of Hants, or Hampshire, in 
the south of EngLand, 22 or 23 miles north of " storied Southamp- 
ton," and about seventy miles southwest from London, between 
Salisbury Plain and the South Downs, lies the little hamlet of Pen- 
ton-Grafton in the parish of Weyhill. It is a small but ancient 
place, held originally by the Abbey of Greistain and later on by the 
family of Chaucer, the poet, whose granddaughter gave it to the 
hospital of Ewelme. Here was the ancestral home of the Ameri- 
can Bents.* The same description that Longfellow gave to the 
earliest cis- Atlantic home of the family, Sudbury, is equally appli- 
cable there : 

" A region of repose it seems, 

A place of skimber and of dreams." 

The country is a sort of undulating plain, delightfully green and 
fertile. INIany of the houses, as well as the roadside walls, are 
covered with a heavy thatch. The little parish church, with its red- 
tiled roof and ivy-grown walls, in the midst of the country church- 
yard, is not unlike the one made famous by Gray's Elegy. 

The parish records do not begin until the year 1564 (the year 
Shakspere was born), and the name of Bent is found on the first 
page, "Ede Bent filia Joannis bet baptizata est xvj° Septembris 
1564." At " venerable Winchester," less than twenty miles away, 
the capital of Alfred and Canute, where Sir Walter Raleigh was 
tried and good old Izaak Walton died, are Bent wills dating back 
to 1519, among them an Edward Bent, 1558 ; but the first one of 
the family of whom we have definite knowledge is 

John Bent, who died in Peuton-Grafton, in 1588, in the oOth 
year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, leaving a widow Edith, who 

* The writer made a pilgrimage to this home of his fathers, July 4, 1891, taking 
the train from Waterloo Station in London to Andover (66 miles) , where a change was 
made to a local train that carried him two miles further to Weyhill station. A pleasant 
walk of a mile or more, by green pastures and still waters, found him at the parish 
church . 



died in the summer of 1601. (The wills of both will be found 

Children of John and Edith, born in Penton-Grafton : 

i. Edith, baptized Sept. 16, 1564. 
'- ii. Robert, " Sept. 29, 1566. 

iii. David, " Oct. 13, 1568 ; his mother's executor, 
iv. Maria, " Jan. 13, 1572; d. iu Jan. 1591. 
V. Joan, " Nov. 12, 1574; m. William Noyes, perhaps the 

Rev. William of Wiltshire, father of Rev. James and Nicholas 
Noyes, who were among the first settlers of Newbury, Mass. 
vi. Richard, baptized Feb, 5, 1577. 
vii. Alice, " June 7, 1579. 

viii. Agnes, " Feb. 27, 1582 ; m. a Street. 

Robert Bent (son of John Bent preceding), was born in Sep- 
tember, 1566, in Penton-Grafton, where he died in July, 1631, je. 
64 years and 10 mos. He married, Oct. 13, 1589, Agnes Gos- 
ling, who followed her son to America and died in May or June, 
1639, on board the ship " Jonathan " just outside Boston Harbor. 
Her body was brought ashore and buried, presumably in Boston. 
Her passage cost £17, besides £1 10s. for bringing over her goods 
aiid 10s. paid to the ship's surgeon. 

Children of Robert and Agnes, born in Penton-Grafton : 

i. Margery, bap. March 28, 1590. 

ii. Richard, " May 7, 1592. 
""^ iii. John, " Nov. 20, 1596 ; the original emigrant to America. 

iv. Maria, " Sept 24, 1598; buried Feb. 2, 1599. 

V. Dennis, " Dec. 10, 1599; m. May 8, 1626, William Ba- 
ker, and lived in New Sarum, Wiltshire, Eng. 

vi. Agnes, baptized July 16, 1602; m. in Penton-Grafton, April 11, 
1630, Richard Barnes, who died a few years after, leaving two 
children, Barnes: Richard,* bap. Feb. 20, 1631, and Elizabeth. 
Agnes m. again, iu England, Thomas Blanchard, and April 12, 
1 639, sailed from London for New England in the ship " Jona- 
than," with her whole family. Fifteen days out she died, and 
soon after her uifant child died. Blanchard settled m Braintree, 
but afterwards moved to Charlestown and married again. 

vii. Jane, ; m. in England, Robert Plimpton, and had 

five cluldren, Plimpton : Robert, Thomas, William, Jane, Eliza- 
beth. The children Thomas and Elizabeth came to America 
and lived in Sudbury, Mass. 

* Richard Barnes was probably brought up by his uncle John Bent. He was one of 
the first settlers of Marlboro', Mass., where he d. June 22, 1708, ce. 77. He m. Deborah Dix 
anrl had six chiklren : Sarah, Deborah, iiichard, John, Edward and Abigail, the young- 
est of whom m. Peter^ Bent. 



John' Bent, first of the name in America, was born in Penton- 
Grafton, England, in November, 1596 (while Elizabeth was still 
Queen), came to America in his forty-second year, and settled in 
Sudbury, Massachusetts, where he remained until his death, Sept. 
27, 1672, X. nearly 76. (His will and inventory will be found 

elsewhere.) He married in England about 1624, Martha , 

who died in Sudbury, May 15, 1679, well along in years. 

The ftmiily — John, his wife and five small children — sailed from 
Southampton in the latter part of April, 1638, in the ship "Confidence" 
of London, John Jobson, master, the whole number of passengers, 
" greate and little," beino- 110 souls. Amono; them was the ances- 
tor of the poet Whittier, Thomas Whittier, se. 18, who with oth- 
ers settled in Salisbury, Mass. Nearly eighteen years be&re.^tlie 
Mayflower sailed on her eventful voyage from the same port. La-' 
ter in the century, Isaac Watts first saw the light of day there. 
From Southampton, Richard Coeur-de-Lion sailed with his Crusa- 
ders ; thither went Henry V. to embark for the field of Agincourt, 
and there Canute tried to exercise his authority over the waves. So 
much for the port of departure. The latter part of spring is still 
a popular time for crossing the Atlantic, but the voyage is a very 
different thing from what it was then, when they were tossed about 
in a small wooden vessel from six to eight weeks. 

A glance at affairs in England will show ample cause for a change 
of home at that time. The rule of Charles I. had become almost 
unbearable, and it is not at all surprising that so many looked upon 
"the American wilderness as the only asylum in which they could 
enjoy civil and spiritual freedom." The king, advised in affairs of state 
by Lord Wentworth (Earl of Strafford) and in religious affairs by 
William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, wished to do for Eng- 
land what Richelieu was at that very time doing for France, "put 
the estates and the personal liberty of the whole people at the dispo- 
sal of the crown and deprive the courts of law of all independent autho- 
rity," as well as to break up all gatherings of religious dissenters. 
He had already ruled nine years without a Parliament and his despo- 
tism seemed nearly complete. But one thing was lacking, and that 



•was a standing army. How to raise taxes for the support of 
troops became the great question. Though a time of peace and no 
navy was needed, it was decided to revive an old method of taxa- 
tion, tiiat of levying ship money upon the maritime counties, for the 
ostensible purpose of protecting the coast. It will be borne in 
mind that Hampshire was one of these seacoast shires. It was in 
the year of this pernicious tax that John Bent left the land of his 

Let us see with his eyes if we can. Two pictures are there. 
First, England, to the outward eye, verdant, calm and peacefiU, 
but in reality on the verge of a political and religious volcano. 
(The explosion came with the Civil War in 1642.) Six weeks elaps- 
es, and the curtain rises on the second scene, a June morning, 
America, forest clad, vast, unknown, its shadowy recesses holding 
no one knew what foes. But " hope springs eternal in the human 
breast" and doubtless the American shore seemed more hospitable 
than Old Enoland in 1638. 

John Bent continued to till the soil in America as he had done in 
England. His farm was in the part of Sudbury* now the town of 
Wayland, about sixteen miles directly west of Boston. He was 
one of the original settlers of the town, which was incorporated 
in 1639 with fifty-four inhabitants. Although it was the nineteenth 
town in Massachusetts Bay Colony, and the Sudbury River, the 
picture of peace, ran through fertile meadows near his new home, 
it was for some years after its settlement a frontier town. Beyond 
was the wilderness, stretching unbroken to the Connecticut valley, 
threaded only by the Indian's narrow trail and known only to the red- 
man's moccasined foot and unerring eye. 

John Bent was made a freeman in 1640 ; that is, because he 
had become a member of tlie church of the Puritans, he was al- 
lowed to take part in town affairs. The church was first in those 
days, and none but members were allowed to vote. His house lot, 
about six acres, was about a quarter of a mile north of the present 
R. R. station in Wayland, and the same distance from the river. 
At the first division of meadow lands, in 1639, he received one acre ; 
at the second, in 1640, fourteen acres ; and at the third, the same 
year, lOJ acres more, besides a gratulation — for some service done 
— of four acres of meadow and six of upland. In 1655 he re- 
ceived an additional <)jrant. In 1641 he was one of the selectmen 
and on the connnittee to assign timber. In 1648, with two others, 
he was appointed to end small businesses under 20 shillings — a sort 
of trial justice. In 1648, with two others, he was appointed to 

* East Sudburj' was incorporated as a separate town in 1780 ; name changed to 
"Wayland in 1830; botli are still essentially farming towns; the population of Sudbury 
is 1,137 (in 1895) and of Wayland 2,026. During the Kevolntion, Sudbui-y was the 
most populous town in Middlesex County. 


lay out a highway from Watertown (the part now Weston) to the 
Dunster Farm, in the edo-e of what is now Framino-ham. This 
road followed the old Connecticut Path, an ancient Indian trail 
leadino^ from the seacoast to the Connecticut River. He has been 
set down as one of Major Simon Willard's troopers that went to 
Dedham in 1654, but this may have been his son John. In 1656 
he was one of the petitioners for the town of Marlboro', but it is 
not probable that he ever lived there. It was to find a home for 
his son that prompted him to join the petitioners, for the old docu- 
ment says that they have children grown to man's estate, and they 
should like to see them settled where they can subsist. 

Children of John and Martha, i. to v. born in Penton-Grafton, 
Eng., vi. andvii. in Sudbury, Mass. : 

i. Robert, bap. Jan. 10, 1625 ; d. in Newbury, Mass., Jan. 30, 
1648, a?. 23. 

ii. William, bap. Oct. 24, 1626 ; d. young probably. 
2. iii. Peter, bap. April 14, 1629. 
3t iv. Agnes, b. about 1681. 
4i V. John, bap. Jan. 24, 1636. 
5t vi. Joseph, b. May 16, 1641. 
6. vii. Martha, b. about 1643. 

Peter* Bent (^John^) was born in Penton-Grafton, England, in 
April, 1629, and died in England, whither he seems to have gone 
on business, in May, 1678, fe. 49. He was but nine years old 
when he accompanied his father to America. At or before the 
incorporation in 1660 of jNIarlboro', which was carved out of the 
wilderness to the west of Sudbury, he had moved thither. He and 
his father were among the thirteen who petitioned the Colony in 
1656 for the laying out of the town. He built a grist mill on 
Stony Brook, in what is now the town of Southboro', and became 
a busy man. In 1661 he contracted to build a bridge across the 
Sudbury River "for horse and man and laden carts to pass over." 
More than once he went to England, no small undertaking in those 
days. He had built his house just south of Williams Pond, a mile 
or more from the present centre of Marlboro'. We commend his 
good judgment on the selection of a site. Here his little family was 
growing up when suddenly the Indians, stirred up by the animosities 
of the Narragansett chief. King Philip, swooped down upon the 
growing town, one Sunday morning (March 26, 1676), while the 
good people were at church, applied the fire-brand, and Marlboro' 
was no more. The November before, a small band of Indians crept 
up to Bent's mill and scalped his son (probably Zacheus, a lad of 
nine years) left him for dead — he afterwards recovered — and 


carried ofF one of his apprentices, Christopher Muchin.* But 
Peter's troubles had begun before this, as will be seen from the 
following extract from the Records of the Governor and Colony of 
Massachusetts Bay : 

Sep. 10, 1653. In ans' to the peticon of Peter Bent for reparacon of 
damages sustained in his horses going on the couutrjes service to Conecti- 
cott, die Court vnderstanding this peticouers horse was by that journey 
worsted of at least sixe pouuds in the value of it, besides his charge for 
the cure and liire of it, they tlierefore judge meete aud order, that he shall 
be allowed tenn j^ouuds out of the couutrje levy, if he accept thereof, or 
otherwise he may haue libertje to sue the Treasurer, aud recouer what 
damage he cann justly proove. 

Two years after Marlboro' was burned by the Indians, Peter 
died. The inventory of his estate includes "26 acres of y® house 
lott at Marlbrough, Milstones and Mil Irons, 25 acres of upland, 
joyneing to y° former house lott " and much other land, the real es- 
tate being appraised at £436. The personal estate, amounting to 
a little more than £40, includes one pair pistols, holsters and three 

Peter left a widow Elizabeth (maiden name not ascertained) , who 
was living in Sudbury in 1704, when she deeded to her elder son 
her widow's third of the Marlboro' property. A year after her 
husband's death, she petitioned the Governor and Council for aid. 
(The petition, which is an interesting one, will be found in fuU 

Children of Peter and Elizabeth, i. to iii. born in Sudbury, the 
others in Marlboro' : 

7. i. Peter,^ b. Oct. 15, 1653. 

ii. Martha, mentioned in her father's will, and probably the Martha 
living unmarried in Boston in 1690. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 2, 1658 ; d. in Sudbury, Feb. 21, 1683. 

iv. Agnes, b. Aug. 19, 1661 ; d. June 4, 1729, ve. 68 ; m. July 9, 
1684, Caleb Johnson, of Sudbury, b. probably in 1616, d. Dec. 
1, 1715, son of Solomon Johnson. 

V. John, b. Jan. 8, 1663 ; d. April 20, 1676, in Cambridge, whither 
the family had taken refuge after Marlboro' had been burned 
by the Indians. 

vi. Zacheus, b. about 1667; d. iu Sudbury, March 20,1690; re- 
ferred to in his father's will as weak in body, 
vii. Patience, b. Aug. 28, 1670. 

8. viii. Hopestill, b. Jan. 17, 1672. 

Agnes'' Bent (John^) was born in England about 1631, and 
died in Marlboro', Mass., June 4, 1713, in her 83d year. She 

* Mass. Archives, vol. 68, page 40. 


married, about 1646, Deacon Edward Rice, who was born in Hert- 
fordshire, Eng., in 1618, son of Deacon Edmond Rice (1594- 
1663), of Sudbury, Mass. He was a petitioner for Marlboro' in 
1656, and died there, August 16, 1712, se. 93. Barry, in his 
History of Framingham (published 1847), says that the children 
of Edward Rice were by a second wife, Anne, and this statement 
has been copied by other historians ; but it is erroneous, for John 
Bent, in will dated in 1672, makes a bequest to his daughter Agnes 
Rice. The name Agnes in the old records, particularly in the Bent 
family, is spelled Annis and sometimes abbreviated to Ann. The 
Rices were both numerous and prominent in Sudbury and Marlboro' 
and have intermarried with the Bents more than a dozen times. 

Children of Edward and Agnes (Bent) Rice, i. to ix. born in 
Sudbury, x. and xi. in Marlboro' : 

i. JoHN,^ b. about 1G47 ; lived in Sudbury. 

ii. Lydia, b. July 30, 1648 ; d. same day. 
iii. Lydia, b. Dec. 10, 1649. 
iv. Edmund, b. Dec. 9, 1653 ; a deacon in Sudbury. 

V. Daniel, b. Nov. 8, 1655 ; lived in Marlboro', 
vi. Caleb, b. Feb. 8, 1657 ; d. 1658. 
vii. Jacob, b. 1660 ; lived in Marlboro'. 
viii. Anna, b. Nov. 19, 1661 ; m. Thomas Rice, 
ix. Dorcas, b. Jan. 29, 1664 ; m. Thomas Forbush. 

X. Benjamin, b. Dec. 22, 1666 ; lived in Marlboro', 
xi. Abigail, b. May 9, 1671 ; m. Samuel Forbush. 


JoHN^ Bent (John^) was born in Penton-Grafton, England, in 
Jan., 1636, and died in Framingham, Mass., in Sept. (buried the 
15th), 1717, te. 81. He came to America with his father in 1638, 
and was brought up in Sudbury, Mass. In 1662, four years after 
his marriage, he bought land of Henry Rice near the ford way Over 
the Cochituate Brook, on the west side of the old Connecticut 
Path,* in what is now the town of Framingham, and built one of 
the first houses on Framingham land. April 16, 1683, he bought 
sixty acres adjoining. In the Sudbury town records, imder date of 
Oct. 26, 1686, is an "agreement between the town of Sudbury and 
certain out-dwellers, viz. : Corporal John Bent * * * * -who are 
inhabitants bordering upon, but dwelling without the line or bounds 
of the town." The first petition for the incorporation of the town 
of Framingham, in 1693, was headed by John Bent. It was not 
incorporated, however, until 1700. At the second town meeting, 
March 3, 1701, he was chosen one of the tythingmen, who were 

* This old Indian trail was for years the only way the eastern settlers had to reach 
the towns on the Connecticut Kiver. It went along the north bank of Charles River, 
thence to northern end of Cochituate Pond, and S.W. through South Framingham, etc. 


men of authority not only on Sunday but throughout the week, and 
doubtless he performed the delicate duties with dignity and discre- 
tion. In his will, dated Feb. 19, 1714-15, "in the first year of 
our sovereign lord George of England, King," etc., he says that he 
is " very sick and weake in Body." His property is to be divided 
equally between his two sons, his daughter having already received 
her portion. 

He married, first, July 1, 1658, Hannah, born June 6, 1640, 
daughter of John and Anne Stone of Cambridge, and, second, 
Martha, born August 17, 1657, daughter of Matthew Rice, who 
was a brother of Edward Rice that married John Bent's sister 
Agnes. John had no children by his second wife, who survived 

Children of John and Hannah, i. born in Sudbury, ii. and iii. in 
what is now Framingham : 

i. Hannah, b. May 6, 1661 ; m. Feb. 26, 1681, John Adams, b. May 
1, 1655, son of John and Ann Adams of Cambridge. 
9. ii. John, b. Nov. 29, 1689. 
10. iii. David, b. about 1691. 

Joseph^ Bent (John^) was born in Sudbury, Mass., May 16, 
1641, and was killed accidentally in the summer of 1675 (a?, only 
34) by a pistol shot from his brother Peter. He married, at ]\Iarsh- 
field, June 30, 1666, Elizabeth, born in 1646, daughter of John 
and Alice (Besbidge) Bourne,* and probably moved to Marshfield 
soon after, for, April 28, 1667, "Joseph Bent of Marshfield in y® 
Colony of New Plimouth " sold to Joseph Gleasing thirteen acres 
of upland in Sudbury, adjoining the common, with houses, barns, 
etc., also two lots of meadow land. He was a constable in Marsh- 
field in 1669, but moved back to Sudbury before his death, for the 
inventory of his estate speaks of him as of Sudbury, where his 
house, barns and lands were valued at £95. The first inventory of 
his property was taken Aug. 10, 1675, and as he acknowledged a 
deed June 14, 1675, his death must come between those two dates. 
Joseph's widow probably returned to her old home in Marshfield, 
and died soon after. The children were brought up by their maternal 
grandjiarents, John Bourne, who died in 1684, and his wife, who 
died in 1686. At the settlement of the Bourne estate, the " Court 
doth order that concerning the five orphan children of the Eldest 
Daughter Elizabeth deceased. It shall be estimated what it is worth 

* John Iiournc's sister Martha married -John Bradford, son of the Governor, and an- 
other si.ster Marg;aret married Josiah Winslow, brother of (tov. Edward Winslow. 
The.y were ehildren of Thomas Bourne, who died in 1664, a;. 83. Alice Besbidge was 
daughter of Thomas Besbidge, who settled in Scituate 1635. 


to bring up three of them soe long as then' Grandfariier Bourne 

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth, i. recorded in Marshfield, v. 
and vi. in Sudbury : 

i. Joseph,^ b. Oct. 11, 1667 ; d. young, 
ii. Daughter, name unknown. 

11, iii. EXPERIEXCE. 

iv. Daughter, name unknown. 

V. Elizabeth, b. in 1673; m. Oct. 11, 1701, Thomas Joyce oi" 
Marshfield, b. June 3, 1678, son of Hose a Joyce of Yarmouth, 
Mass. ^' ' LLi ■ 

12, ■ vi. Joseph, b. March o, 1675. ' -• ^■■» ^' ^ .: 

?; . ... ' V 0-*^, 'V 

Martha- Bent (John^) was born in Sudbury, Mass., about 
1643, and died Aug. 29, 1680; married, June 5, 1663, Samuel 
How, carpenter, born Oct. 20, 1642, son of John How, one of the 
first settlers of Sudbury. John afterward moved to Marlboro', 
where he opened the first public house in the place, but Samuel 
remained in Sudbury, where he died, April 13, 1713. He mar- 
ried again, Sept. 18, 1685, Mrs. Sarah (Leavitt) Clapp, widow of 
Nehemiah Clapp of Hingham. David, the youngest son by the 
first marriage, was the first proprietor of the Red Horse Tavern, 
the "Wayside Inn" made famous by Longfellow. The old hostelry 
is in the southwest corner of the town, near the boundaries of both 
Marlboro' and Framingham, and was probably built about 1702, 
though some think at an earlier date. The Hows were a race of 
tavern-keepers. John's grandson, Capt. Daniel Howe (1681- 
1768), was one of the first settlers of Shrewsbury, where he soon 
opened a tavern. In Revolutionary days, when Capt. Cyprian 
Howe and Munning Sawin kept rival inns in Marlboro', there was 
an old rhyme running like this : 

'" Uncle Cyp makes the riip 
And Munning makes the todd}^ O." 

Children* of Samuel and Martha (Bent) How, born in Sudbury ; 

i. John,*' b. July 24, 1664 ; lived in Framingham and Hopkinton. 

ii. Mary, b. March 2, 1666 ; m. 1st, George Farrar, and 2d, Thomas 

iii. Samuel, b. May 19, 1668 ; d. in Framingham, 1731. 

iv. Martha, b. Oct. 9, 1669 ; m. Thomas Walker. 

V. Daniel, b. Oct. 9, 1672 ; d. 1680. 

vi. David, b. Nov. 2, 1674 ; kept the "Wayside Inn" in Sudbury, 
until his death, Aug. 3, 1759, when he was succeeded by his 
youngest son, Ezekiel /How (b. April 5, 1720, d. Oct. 15, 
1796), during the Revolutionary War colonel of 4th Middle- 
sex Militia. The latter was succeeded by his son Adam How 


(b. May 15, 1763 ; d. Dec. 10, 1840), and he in turn by his 
son "Squire" Lyman Howe (b. Nov. 6, 1801), a bachelor, 
at whose death, in April, 1861, it passed out of the Howe 
name. In 1897 it was again re-opened as a place of public 
vii. Hannah, b. April 6, 1677 ; m. John Barnes. 


Peter^ Bent {^Peter,^ Johii^) was born in Sudbury, Mass., Oct. 
15, 1653, and died March 3, 1717, a3. 63, at Marlboro' (Mass.), 
where all his life except his early boyhood was spent. He married, 
Feb. 27, 1705, his second cousin, Abigail, born Oct. 3, 1683, 
daughter of Richard Barnes (1631-1708) of Marlboro'. She was 
thirty years younger than her husband, and died in Southboro',* 
Mass., Feb. 4, 1768, re. 84. 

Children, all born in Marlboro' : 

i. Beulah,^ b. March 27, 1705 ; d. unm. in Soiithboro', April 17, 
1783, ^. 78. 

13. ii. Peter, b. March 20, 1707. 

14, iii. John, b. Sept. 24, 1708. 

iv. Abigail, b. Sept. 1, 1710 ; d. unm. in Southboro', July 29, 1787, 
a?, nearly 77. 

V. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 5, 1712 ; d. imm. in Southboro', in 1798, 
probably, for in the Worcester Co. probate records is the in- 
ventory of Elizabeth Bent late of Southboro', bearing date of 
Dec. 27, 1798. 

vi. Jabez, b. Jan. 28, 1716 ; d. young probably. 


HoPESTiLL^ Bent ( Peter', '^ John^^ was born in Marlboro', Mass., 
Jan. 17, 1672, but spent all except his early boyhood in Sudbury, 
where he died, Aug. 18, 1725, ». 53, on the original Bent farm in 
what is now Wayland. In 1710, he kept the Bent Tavern. His 
real estate transactions were numerous. He saw service in the 
disastrous Canadian campaign of 1690, when Sir William Phipps 
and 2000 Massachusetts men tried to take Quebec. This was in 
King William's War, the first of the French and Indian Wars. 
In 1767, Peter Bent, in the right of Hopestill Bent, was one of the 
"Petitioners whose ancestors were in the Expedition to Canada in 
the year 1690." They asked for a grant of land on account of the 
"great suffering and Service in the said Expedition." The original 
petition bore the date of 1737, and in June, 1768, the General 
Court granted them what is now the town of Bethel, Me. Hope- 
still's tombstone, still to be seen in Wayland, records that he was 
an ensign. That lie was kind and just in his dealings with the 

* Soutliboro', originally part of Marlboro', was incorporated in 1727. 


original owners of our soil is proved by the following extract from 
the Middlesex deeds : 

Isaac Neliemiah, Indian, of Natick * * * in consideration of the 
love, good will and aifection for my kind and loving friend Mr. Hopestill 
Bent of Sudbury * * * for his Great Care of nae and kindness to me 
in time of my Sickness, when I was at his house by y^ Sjiace of about Seven 
years during which time I was Tenderly Nursed and Instructed in the 
things y'' Concern my Soul * * * deed to Hopestill Bent * * * 
my lands in Natick and Magunckog, April 7, 1714. 

Hopestill married, Nov. 27, 1700, Elizabeth, born March 17, 
1678, daughter of Major Thomas Brown of Sudbury by his wife 
Patience, daughter of Hopestill Foster of Dorchester. 

Children, all born in Sudbury (Wayland) : 

i. Martha," b. Sept. 15, 1701 ; d. Dec. 22, 1722. 

15. ii. Peter, b. Mav 17, 1703. 

16. iii. Thomas, b. July 29, 170G. 

17. iv. Hopestill, b. Nov. 4, 1708. 

V. Sarah, b. April 22, 1711 ; m. July 10, 1729, Jeremiah Wesson 
of Sudbury. 

18. vi. Elijah, b. Aug. 15, 1713. 

19. vii. Micah, b. April 29, 1716. 
viii. Elizabeth, b. June 14, 1720. 


JoHN^ Bent (John,'' JoA?i') was born Nov. 29, 1689, in Fram- 
ingham, where he died in 1759, x. 70. In 1725, he was in Capt. 
Isaac Clark's company in one of the Indian wars. He married, 
Nov. 11, 1711, Hannah, born Jan. 5, 1692, daughter of Deacon 
David Rice. 

Children, all born in Framingham ; 

20. i. Matthias,* b. July 2, 1712. 

ii. Hannah, b. July 10, 1714'; d. Sept. 21, 1774; m. first, in 1734, 
Richard Rice (1710-1737), and second, Nov. 30, 1738, Capt. 
Jeremiah Belknap (1704-1774). 

iii. Martha, b. March 7, 1720; m. March 10, 1740, Cob Samuel 
Brewer, who was wounded at Bunker Hill ; moved from Fram- 
ingham to Rutland, Mass. 

21. iv. John, b. May 4, 1730. 


David' Bent (John,^ John^) was born about 1691 in Framing- 
ham, where he died Feb. 15, 1730, te. 39. He married, Jan. 1, 
1713, Mary, daughter of Capt. Thomas Drury, the first town clerk 
of Framingham. 

Children, all born in Framingham : 

22. i. John,* b. Oct. 22, 1713. 


ii. David, b. March 22, 1717 ; d. 1726. 
iii, Mary, b. Aug. 5, 1718 ; m. Sept. 24, 1741, David Goodenow of 

Sudbury, and moved to Rutland, Mass. 
iv. Lydia, b. April 6, 1721 ; m. in 1739, William Beal of Natick. 
V. Sarah, b. Jan. 12, 1727 ; m. March 13, 1751, Bezaleel Rice 

23, vi. David, b. March 30, 1730 (posthumous). 


ExPEEiEXCE^ Bent {Joseph,^ John^) was born probably in 
Marshfield, Mass., about 1669, and died in Middleboro', Mass., 
about 1754, aged 85. He was early left an orphan, and until 1686 
was cared for by liis maternal grand-parents in Marshfield. In 
1690, he was living in Sudbury, the part now AVayland, where he 
was a house carpenter. Later in life, however, he is always re- 
ferred to as a yeoman. Oct. 20, 1701, he bought a "small parcell 
of upland lying and being in y® Township of Plimouth, also y^ 
Dwelling House that standeth upon said Land, said land lyeth at a 
Brooke commonly called Wellingsly Brooke on y*^ northerly side of 
sd Brooke." This homestead he sold Nov. 1, 1708, and moved to 
the northeasterly part of Middleboro', and in 1712 he added by 
purchase 100 acres in Plympton adjoining his homestead. In 1736, 
for £11, he granted permission to Kobert Brown, James Shaw, 
Isaac Nye and Joseph Richards to set up a forge or iron works, 
"with a good and sufficient Damm," on Whetstone Vineyard Brook, 
"neare my now dwelling house," which was near where the present 
town of Carver makes a corner with Middleboro' and Plympton. 
Though still known as the Bent lot, the pines are rapidly encroach- 
ing upon the old farm, and the half-grown-up cellar hole, whose 
only occupant now is a woodchuck, and a few venerable apple trees, 
are all there is to show that here for four generations was a human 

Middleboro', which was incorporated in 1669, and at that time 
joined Plymouth, was the location of an Indian settlement known 
as Nemasket, and was visited by Miles Staudish in 1621, the first 
military expedition of the Plymouth colonists. 

Experience Bent married, in 1703, Abigail, born 1680, daughter 
of George and Elizabeth Sampson of Duxbury, where her grand- 
father, Abraham Sampson, settled in 1628. 

Children, i. and ii. born probably in Plymouth, iii. and iv. in 
Middleboro' : 

24. i. Joseph,* b. about 1704. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. about 1700 ; d. Aug. 11, 1743 ; m. John Gritfith 

of Middleboro'. 
iii. Rachel, living unm. in Middleboro' in 1769. 
iv. Alice, m. Barnabas Raymond, b. May 21, 1710, in Middleboro', 

where they had twelve children. 




Joseph' Bent {Joseph,^ John^) was born in Sudbuiy, Mass., 
March 5, 1675, and died in Milton, Mass., March 31, 1728, ?e. 
58. Left an orphan at an early age, he was brought up first in 
Marshfield, Mass., by his maternal grand-parents, and, after his 
grand-mother's death in 1686, by his uncle, John Man, who had 
married his mother's sister, Alice Bourne. Man was instructed by 
the Court "to three or four years hence put him out to a trade and 
meantime to instruct him in reading and writing." The trade to 
which he was apprenticed, presumably at fourteen, and that which 
he followed through life, was the blacksmith's, which many of his 
descendants have also followed. An honorable calling surely, 

" For, since the birth of time, throughout all ages and nations, 
Has the craft of the smith been held in repute by the peojjle," 

says Longfellow. 

John Man lived in ISIilton, and thus it was that the Bent family 
came to locate in the town, where, after the lapse of more than 
two centuries, the name is still to be found. Originally a part 
of Dorchester and known by the Indian name of Unquity, Slil- 
ton became a separate town in 1662, so that it was still young 
when Joseph Bent, a boy in his teens, went thither. Previous to 
the white man's settlement here in tiie Neponset valley and on the 
slopes of the Blue Hills, it had been the home of the Indian tribe 
whose name has been enshrined in the word Massachusetts. Aside 
from this, Milton has been a noteworthy town. On Milton Hill, 
in pre-Revolutionary days, dwelt Gov. Thomas Hutchinson, whose 
refusal to allow the tea ships to pass out of the harbor in 1773 
caused the "Boston Tea Party." Gov. Jonathan Belcher had lived 
in the town in still earlier days, and on tlie slope of the Big Blue 
Hill still resides Roger Wolcott, the honored Governor of the 
Bay State in 1897, 1898, 1899. Milton has raised a President of 
Harvard College, Rev. Benjamin Wadsworth, two Revolutionary 
colonels, John Crane and Joseph Ttjse, and was the home of Charles 
Sumner's ancestors. Many distinguished people still find a pleasant 
home Avithin its bounds, among them Mrs. -Adeline D. T. Whitney, 
the writer, and in the same burial ground, where the little slate 
stone is to be seen over the grave of Joseph Bent, not only "the 
rude fore-fathers of the hamlet sleep," but also the remains of the 
great Wendell Phillips. 

Joseph Bent married, Oct. 27, 1698, Rachel, born Dec. 3, 1673, 
and died July 5, 1725, daughter of Jonathan and Mary Fuller of 
Dedham, Mass. 

Children, all born in Milton : 

i. Mart,^ b. Jan. 21, 1700 ; d. July 20, 1768 ; m. June 10, 1725, 


John Davenport (1695-1778) of Ponkipog, now a part of 
Canton, then a part of Dorchester. 

25. ii. Joseph, b. Sept. 26, 1701. 

26. iii. John, b. Oct. 15, 1703. 

iv. Rachel, b. Aug. 21, 1705 ; m. Feb. 8, 1722, Nathaniel Vose, 

Jr., of Milton, b. March 31, 1699, d. Dec. 18, 1751. 
V. Elizabeth, b. .Jan. 13, 1708; m. Dec. 1, 1725, David Cope- 
land (1704-1750) ; eight children, born in Milton. 

vi. Sarah, b. April 13, 1710 ; d. April 5, 1802, se. 92 : m. Feb. 12, 
1730. Elijah Vose (1708-1766) of Milton. Of their four sons, 
the eldest,' Joseph Vose (1738-1816), was a Revolutionary 
colonel and afterwards a general. 

27. vii. Ebenezer, b. April 23, 1712. 
viii. Experience, b. and d. 1714. 

ix. Thankful, b. July 5, 1716 ; d. Feb. 1793, a?. 76 ; m. Dec. 27, 
1734, Stephen Davenport (1703-1784) of Milton, brother of 


Peter" Bent (Peter,^ Peter,'' John^ ) was born March 20, 1707, 
in Marlboro' (Mass.), where the Avhole of his long and honorable 
life was spent. He died March 11, 1798, a. 91, and his widow 
Mary (maiden name not ascertained) died June 3, 1803, a?. 93. 
They were buried in the old burial ground near the present Fitch- 
burg R. R. station. His tombstone, an unusually large one, recites 
that he was " a man justly esteemed for his Integrity and Usefidness 
both in public and private Life." He M^as a man of great public 
spirit, and his townsmen elected him to the highest offices in their 
power. To distinguish him from the other Peter Bents, we might 
well call him Peter the Great. He was assessor in 1754, 1764-67, 
1769-72, 1775, selectman 1750, 1756, 1759, 1766-67, 1770-72, 
1774, 1777, representative to the General Court 1771 to 1775, and 
member of the three Provincial Congresses held in 1774 and 1775. 
At the second, which convened in Cambridge, Feb. 1, 1775, he 
was the sole representative of Marlboro', and was appointed by the 
president, John Hancock, one of a committee of three to examine 
the returns of the several towns and report upon their stocks of 
powder, etc. At the third, which assembled in Watertown, May 
31, 1775, Gen. Joseph Warren was the presiding officer, and Peter 
Bent, who was again the sole representative of Marlboro', was on 
two or three committees. Previous to this, at a meeting (March 
29, 1770) of the citizens of Marlboro' "to see whether the town 
will do anything to strengthen the hands of the merchants in their 
non-importation agreement," Peter Bent, Hezekiah Maynard and 
Robert Baker, the committee, submitted a patriotic and spirited 

BENT FAiSirLY. 23 

report, which was adopted, transmitted to the Boston committee 
and printed in the Eveniyig Post. At one time, when he was re- 
elected representative, he was instructed to "pay no acknowledge- 
ment to any unconstitutional and new-fangled Counsellors," etc. 

In the days of the French and Indian wars (1757) he was in 
Capt. Abraham Williams's company of militia. In 1770 he was 
one of the six richest men in town. He bequeathed to his Avife 
£84 in silver at 6/8 per ounce besides the house, furniture, etc., 
and mentions his lands in Southboro' and Westboro'. The old Bent 
farm in liis day extended for a mile and a naif along the road to 
Northboro'. He raised beef for the market and had a large apple 
orchard, near which the Indians came every year and camped. 
This annual visit was continued well into the nineteenth century. 
About a mile from the homestead, on the farm, is an ancient Indian 
burial place. 

The old farm house is still standing (1899) on the south side of 
Williams (or Gates) Pond, a mile or more from Marlboro' centre. 
It is a long, rambling structure, built by successive generations, 
the oldest part probably dating back more than two centuries. 

" Built in the old colonial day 
When men lived in a grander way 
With ampler hospitality." 

Behind it, on the slope toward the pond, which has recently be- 
come city property, was until 1897 a gigantic hollow chestnut tree 
about eight feet in diameter. By the little brook which forms the 
outlet to the pond, half imbedded in the earth, covered with lichens 
and surrounded by brush, are two enormous old mill stones, which 
may have been used by the first Peter Bent. The homestead has 
been owned by but two families, the Bents, who came in possession 
of it by original grant about 1660, and the Stevens family that took 
it when the Marlboro' line of Bents became extinct. 

Children of Peter and Mary Bent, all born in Marlboro' : 

i. Peter,5 b. Oct. 22, 1733 ; d. Aug. 3, 1740. 

ii. Sarah, b. June 21, 1735 ; d. Feb. 16, 1825, se. 89 ; m. April 13, 
1784, Alpheus Woods (1727-1794), his second wife. 

iii. Mary, b. April 18, 1737 ; lived to be 94, it is said ; m. March 
22, 1758, Josiah Fay of Southboro'. Their dau. Elizabeth Fay 
m. Uriah Brioham and had Peter Bent Bi-iwham, a full account 
of whose life will be found further along in this book. Josiah 
Fay was born in Westboro', Mass., Feb. 14, 1732, and died in 
New York city, Aug. 12, 1776. 

iv. Jabez, b. 1739 ; d. 1740. 

V. Patience, b. Feb. 13, 1741 ; d. in Southboro', Jan. 23, 1837, 
se. nearly 96 ; m. Capt. Seth Newton (1733-1807). 

vi. Deborah, b. 1743 ; d. 1745. 

vii. Anne, b. -June 30, 1745 ; d. at the Bent homestead in Marlboro', 
April 17, 1828, £e. nearly 83. Her son Daniel Stevens, b. 


Sept. 14, 1771, d. Sept. 29, 1852, came into possession of the 
Bent estate when the male line of Bents became extinct, re- 
presented the town in the General Court five years (1828- 
1831, 1833) and was a justice of the peace for twenty years. 
He m. in 1797, Eunice E. Eobinson of Concord, who d. Feb. 
20, 1844, ve. G9, and by her had three children : 1. Isaac 
I'empJe Stevens, b. Jan. 3, 1798. 2. Ami Bent Stevens, b. Sept. 
16, 1799 ; m. Sept. 10, 1820, Issachar Dickerman. 3. Eunice 
C. Stevens, b. June 24, 1801 ; d. unm. May 26, 1836. Isaac 
Temple Stevens m. Oct. 17, 1817, Catherine Felton, and took 
the Bent farm. Ujion his death, April 16, 1876, it passed into 
the hands of one of his thirteen children, William Robinson 
Stevens (b. April 10, 1838), who still lives there (1899) 
with an unmarried sister, Susanna. Another brother, Levi 
Lincoln Stevens, lives in Marlboro', and still another, Rev. 
Daniel Waldo Stevens, b. Jan. 17, 1820, d. Oct. 1, 1891, grad- 
uated from Hai'vard in 1846 and became a Unitarian clergy- 
man. The descendants of Daniel Stevens (1771-1852) have 
held an annual re-union, usually at the old Bent place, since 
about 1883. 

28. viii. Peter, b. Jan. 6, 1747. 

29. ix. Jabez, b. Jan. 29, 1749. 

X. Deborah, b. 1751 ; d. 1755. 

xi. Abigail, b. Jan. 29, 1754; m. Sept. 12, 1771, Benajah Brigham, 
b. March 15, 1746, d. Dec. 7, 1822, brother of Benjamin Brig- 
ham, Jr. (1742-1799), the first minister of Fitzwilliam, N. H. 


John* Bent (Peter, ^ Peter, ^ John^) was bora in Marlboro', 
Mass., Sept. 24, 1708. No record of his marriage or death has 
been found, but his name appears on land transactions as late as 
1784. He was a farmer and lived in Southboro', a town set off 
from Marlboro' in 1727. He was a sergeant in Capt. Timothy 
Brigham's company of militia in 1757. Probably his sisters, all 
of whom were unmarried, lived with him. 


Peter" Bent (IlojjestiU,^ Peter, '^ John^) was born May 17, 
1703, in Sudbury, where he was still living in 1757. No record of 
his death found ; it is possible that he went to Nova Scotia in 1760 
or thereabouts and died soon after. A peculiar interest attaches to 
him because of the fact that he married, April 18, 1727, Mary, 
daughter of Rev. Samuel Parris, in whose family the Salem witch- 
craft delusion began in 1692. The Rev. Samuel, after being in- 
vited to leave Salem village in 1697, lived in Newton, Concord, 
Stow and Dunstable, and finally located in Sudbuiy, where he died 
Feb. 27, 1720, ai. 67. His son Samuel was long a deacon in 

v3Ce <t>c"c<'-f ■ . ^ fjiy€i ■ 


Sudbury. Mary was a daughter by the second wife Dorothy, 
daughter of Peter Noyes, Jr. , of Sudbury. 
Children, all born in Sudbury (Wayland) : 

i. Mary,^ b. June 28, 1727. 
ii. Martha, b. March 11, 1729. 

ill. Dorothy, b. Dec. 31, 1730 ; m. Nov. 9, 1762, Richard Mills, 
iv. Eunice, b. Nov. 15, 1732. 

V. Susannah, b. Sept. 17, 1734; m. Dec. 5, 1765, Ebenezer Moore. 

vi. Catherine, b. Sept. 23, 1736; m. Jan. 4, 1758, Wilham, son of 

Samnel Russell of Sudbury and a descendant of William of 

Cambridge, the original American ancestor of Gov. William 

E. Russell. 

vii. Abigail, b. Oct. 30, 1738 ; m. June 18, 1765, Jason Glozen 

viii. Peter, b. Sept. 10, 1741 ; m. probably June 17, 1774, Sarah 
Pratt of Newton. 
ix. Samuel, b. Aug. 15, 1743 ; nothing further ascertained. 
X. Anna, b. Dec. 10, 1745. 
xi. HoPESTiLL, b. July 15, 1748 ; nothing further ascertained. 


Thomas* Bent (Hopestill,'^ Peter,''' John^), farmer, was born in 
Sudbury, July 29, 1706, and died in Sudbury, July 26, 1775, ve. 
69. It is said that upon receipt of the news of the Concord fight 
he started on horseback for the scene of action, where he received a 
bullet wound in one of his legs, from the effect of which he soon 
afterward died. After being wounded, he started back for Sudbury, 
and while on the road met one of his boys, who, like his three 
brothers, was hurrying to the front. Instead of asking his son to 
return, he urged him forward and the boy obeyed. The inventory 
of his estate includes land in Chesterfield and Holden, several head 
of horned cattle, twenty sheep and twelve swine. He evidently had 
a good apple orchard, for forty-three barrels of cider were found. 

He married. May 28, 1733, Mary, born March 9, 1718, daugh- 
ter of Samuel and Abigail (Reed) Stone of Lexington and Sud- 
bury, and a descendant of Deacon Gregory Stone of Cambridge, 
1635. She died the same day as her husband, and they were 
buried beside the remains of his father in the old burial ground in 
what is now Wayland. 

" And now their names, with the moss o'ergrown. 
Are veiled from sight on the churchyard stone 
That leans away, in a lingering fall, 
And owns the power that shall level all 
The works that the hand of man hath wrought." 

Children, all born in the old part of Sudbury now Wayland : 

i. LuCT,® b. Jan. 13, 1736; m. July 19, 1755, Nathan Livermore 
of Weston, and moved to Chesterfield, Mass. 

26 BENT FAlirLY. 

30. ii. Thomas, b. July 4, 1738. 

iii. Lois, b. Dec. 3, 1740 ; d. in Framingham, 1783 ; m. Feb. 3, 
1762, James Glover (1734-1806) ; eight children ; he married 
again in 1784. 
iv. Mary, b. June 21, 1743 ; d. Framingham, Feb. 1824 ; m. Capt. 
Benjamin Edwards, Jr. (1732-1803), of Boston, Woburn and 
31i V. Jason, b. May 9, 1750; m. Anne Glover, sister of James. 

vi. Martha, b. March 21, 1752 ; m. Dec. 5, 1782, James Inglis. 

32. vii. Samuel, b. Jan. 1, 1755. 

33. viii. Jonathan, b. April 22, 1758. 

ix. Eunice, b. Feb. 14, 1763 ; m. Aug. 8, 1782, Thomas Glover, 
Jr. (1757-1845), of Sharon, Mass., where she d. Jan. 1, 1806, 
86. 43 ; seven children ; he married again. 


HoPESTiLL'' Bent {Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John'^), farmer, was 
born in Sudbury, Mass., Nov. 4, 1708. He lived a short time in 
Waltham, near by, but moved back to Sudbury, where he died, late 
in 1772, a3. 64. He married first, Oct. 22, 1733, Beulah, born 
Dec. 11, 1716, daughter of Jonathan Rice; married second, April 
26, 1763, Mrs. Anna Fiske of Waltham, who died in the latter 
place, Jan. 7, 1793, as. 80. 

Children, all born in Sudbury : 

i. Jonathan,^ b. April 24, 1735 ; was in the Crown Point expe- 
dition in 1755, and d. Dec. 25 of that year, 
ii. Lydia, b. June 15, 1738 ; living unm. in 1774. 
iii. Peter, b. July 8, 1741 ; d. in 1778 probably ; m. Lucy, dau. of 
Samuel Stone of Framingham, where she d. Jan. 27, 1783, ge. 
40 ; no children, 
iv. Elizabeth, b. March 25, 1744 ; m. Feb. 11, 1762, Micah Rice. 
V. Timothy, b. March 24, 1747 ; enlisted in the Continental Army, 
but died or was killed previous to 1779. 


Elijah'* Bent {Ho'pestill,^ Peter, ^ John^^ was born in Sudbury, 
Aug. 15, 1713, and died in Barre, Mass., May 2, 1797, je. 83. 
He lived in East Sudbury, now Wayland, but died at his son's 
home. He is variously called housc-wright, yeoman and inn-holder. 
The inn that he kept was the Pequot House, probably built by him 
about 1771, and still in existence in Wayland centre. He married 
Susannah, born in Sudbury, April 24, 1720, and died in Barre, 
July 3, 1801, daughter of Samuel Stone. 

Children, i. born in Framingham, the others in East Sudbury 
(now Wayland) : 

i. Elijah,^ b. Oct. 7, 1739 ; moved to Nova Scotia, it is said. 

ii. Dorcas, b. Jan. 1, 1742 ; m. first, Maner, and second, 



34. iii. Silas, b. April 14, 1744. 

iv. Susannah, b. May 21, 1748 ; m. Wilbert. 

35. V. Joel, b. Feb. 22, 1750. 

36. vi. Stephen, b. July 15, 1752. 

37. vii. RuFus, b. Feb. 13, 1755. 

viii. Abigail, b. Sept. 3, 1757 ; m. May 1, 1777, David Curtis (b. 
1753), son of Joseph and a descendant of Henry Curtis of 
Sudbury, the original American ancestor of George William 

38. ix. Nathan, b. March 12, 1760. 


MiCAH* Bent {Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^), blacksmith, was born 
April 29, 1716, in Sudbury, where he died, probably in 1760. The 
inventory of his estate is dated Dec. 24, 1760. He married, in 
1737, Grace, daughter of David Rice. 

Children, all born in Sudbury (Wayland) : 

39. i. David,^ b. March 18, 1739. 

40. ii. William, b. June 8, 1741. 

iii. Anne, b. April 8, 1744 ; m. May 12, 1763, Daniel Felch of 

Natick. V>-«vvt tu Vcn/^ Scfti::,,^ . 
iv. Sarah, b. March 19, 1746. 
V. Jane, m. Feb. 13, 1766, Jonas Harrington, 3d, of Weston, Mass., 

b. Sept. 21, 1740. 
vi. Martha, m. first, Jan. 31, 1774, Dr. Benjamin Rice (Harvardj 

1773) of Annapolis, N. S., and Boston, Mass. He d. 1782, 

JE. 33, and she m. second, Bacon ; she m. third, ■ 

vii. Elizabeth, m. first, — Stone ; m. second, Tucker. 


Matthias" Ben-^ (John,^ John,^ Johti^) was born July 2, 1712 

in Framingham, ss., where he died, July, 1799, as. 87. He was 
a selectman thirt i years. He married, Feb. 26, 1746, Abigail, 
daughter of Joseph Stone. She died Nov. 16, 1814, ge. 90. 
Children, both born in Framingham : 

i. ANNE,5b. Oct. 14, 1747; m. Lieut. John Eames* (1743-1832) 
of Framingham. She d. before 1798, when he m. again. 
41. ii. Matthias, b. Sept. 15, 1752. 


John* Bent {John,^ Jo/m,^ John^) was born in Framingham, 
May 4, 1730; died in Framingham, Sept. 14, 1818, fe. 88. He 
married, Oct. 23, 1751, Molly, daughter of John Stacy of Framing- 

Children, all born in Framingham : 

* Lieut. John was brother of Capt. Jesse Eames, who married Betty Bent. 







John/ b. July 16, 1752. 

JosiAH (twin), b. Oct. 29, 1755. 

Mary (twin), b. Oct. 29, 1755; m. April 23, 1776, Capt. .John 
Trowbridge (1752-1825) of Framiugliam, where she d. Jan. 
30, 1844, se. 88, leaving four sons, one of whom. Dr. Josiah 
Trowbridge (1785-1862), was Mayor of Buffalo, N. Y. 
iv. Martha, b. April 14, 1758. 

John'* Bent (David,^ John,^ John^) was born in Framingham, 
Mass., Oct. 22, 1713 ; died in Framingham, probably in 1750, ae. 
37. He married, in 1737, Elizabeth, born June 16, 1716, daughter 
of Thomas Reed of Sudbury. She married second, Oct. 3, 1751, 
Joshua Harrington (1718-1784) and moved about 1774 to Fitz- 
william, N. H., w^here she died March 18, 1784. 

Children of John and Elizabeth, all born in Framingham : 

i. vSAMUEL,^b. 1738; d. 1742. 
ii. Betty, b. 1741, d. 1742. 

iii. Betty, b. May 1, 1743 ; m. Capt. Jesse Eames, b. July 14, 1739, 
a dentist of Framingham, where she d. Feb. 14, 1776, leaving 
six children, one of whom, Ezra Ames of Albany, N. Y., b. 
May 5, 1768, was a portrait painter of some note. Capt. Jesse 
moved to Staatsburg, N. Y., and m. again. 
iv. Lucy, b. Jan. 26, 1745. 
V. Samuel, b. July 19, 1749. Notliing further ascertained. 


David* Bent (David,^ John,'' John^), blacksmith, was born in 
Framingham, March 30, 1730; died in Rutland, Mass., elan. 15, 
1798, se. nearly 6S. The year of his marriage, or possibly before, 
he moved to Rutland, where he vv^as an active and useful citizen. 
In addition to working at his trade, he had a large farm (160 acres 
at the time of his death) in the southern part of the town, a portion 
of it lying in Avhat, in 1765, became the district of Paxton (incor- 
porated as a town in 1775). The inventory of his estate included 
half of a pew in Rutland meeting-house and two-thirds of a pew in 
Paxton meeting-house. Rutland, it may be said in passing, is a fine 
old hill tOAvn in the very centre of the state. Jan. 3, 1775, he was 
chosen one of fifteen men who were to act as a Committee of In- 
spection to carry out the Acts of Congress. March 13, 1775, a 
military company was formed and David Bent was chosen captain. 
This company marched to Cambridge the day after the battle of 
Lexington and was out six days. From April 6, 1776, until March 
13, 1780, wdien he resigned, he commanded a company in the 7th 
Worcester County regiment. Marched to Bennington in August, 


Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 15, 1787, a cyclone swept over Rut- 
land, doing much damage. The account in Sidney Perley's " His- 
toric Storms of New England," says : " Seemingly gathering new 
fury, it continued down the side of a hill, struck a corner of Captain 
Bent's house and lifted the barn into the air, knocking it to pieces 
and throwinij several laro-e timbers a considerable distance. In the 
barn were four or five tons of hay, which was wholly lost. A black- 
smith shop and part of a shed were entirely carried away, together 
with nearly two hundred apple trees ; and much of the walls and 
fences was demolished." 

The old house in which he lived is still standing, a two-and-a-half 
story building, east of Turkey Hill Pond, on the road from Rutland 
to Paxton, near the dividing line, and about 2^ miles from the cen- 
tre of either town. The big chimney, the little panes of glass, and 
the old floors held down by hand-made nails, have only recently 
(1898) been removed. The barn was divided several years ago 
and the blacksmith shop and out buildings have long since disap- 
peared. The farm is still considered one of the best in Rutland. 

Capt. David Bent married first, April 3, 1751, Lucy, daughter 
of Peter Moore of Rutland. He married second, Oct. 2, 1783, 
Martha, born Nov. 21, 1744, died July 9, 1817, daughter of James 
and Elizabeth Browning of Rutland. 

Chikh'en of David and Lucy, all born in Rutland, Mass. : 

i. MiCAH,^ b. 1751 ; d. 1756. 

ii. John, b. 1754; d. 1756. 

44. iii. David, b. April 3, 1756. 

45. iv. Lucy, b. June 4, 1758 ; m. 1774, Joseph Green. 

V. Peter, b. May 16, 1760; enlisted in the Continental army for 
the remainder of the war, but died or was killed after serving 
2 yrs., 10 mos. and 17 davs. 
vi. Phebe, b. Feb. 8, 1763; d. Oct. 8, 1799; m. Nov. 13, 1780, 
John McClenathau, Jr., of Hubbardston, Mass., who afterwards 
m. again. 
vii. Abigail, b. 1765 ; d. 1767. 
viii. RuFUS, b. April 10, 1767. Nothing further ascertained. 

46. ix. Darius, b. Aug. 13, 1769. 

47. X. Thaddeus, b. Sept. 1, 1771. 

48. xi. Phineas, b. Sept. 15, 1776. 

Child of David and Martha, born in Rutland : 

49. i. Samuel Browning,^ b. Nov. 27, 1784. 

Joseph* Bent {Experience,^ Joseph,^ JoJin^), nail maker, of 
Middleboro', was born about 1704; died between 1758 and 1765, 
probably. He seems to have lived on his father's place. He married, 
Oct. 17, 1728, at Plympton, Jemima, born 1710, daughter of 
Francis Billington, Jr. 


Children, all born in Middleboro', Mass. : 

i. Sarah,5 b. Jan. 27, 1730. 
50. ii. John, b. Feb. 27, 1732. 

iii. Alice, b. Jan. 16, 1734; m. Sept. 11, 1753, at Taunton, William 
Eayment (Raymond?). 
51* iv. Joseph, b. Jan. G, 1736. 

V. William, nail maker ; m. Aug. 29, 1768, Sarah, dau. of Zabdiel 
Sampson of Plympton ; was still living in Middleboro' in 1808. 


Joseph* Bent (Josejoh,'^ Joseph,'' John^) was born in Milton, 
Sept. 26, 1701 ; died at Albany, N. Y., Dec. 7, 1755. He lived 
on the Brush Hill Road, Milton ; was selectman in 1741, moderator 
of the town meetings in 1753, '54, '55, and representative to the 
General Court in 1753 ; in 1775, was captain in the Crown Point 
expedition, during which he died of dropsy. He married, Feb. 13, 
1724, Martha Houghton, born April 24, 1701, died Dec. 4, 1766, 
daughter of Joseph and Jane Houghton of Milton. 

Childi'en, all born in Milton : 

i. Joseph,^ b. and d. 1725. 

52, ii. Lemuel, b. May 2, 1727. 
iii. Abigail, b. 1730; d. 1738. 

iv. Eunice, b. May 22, 1732 ; m. Dec. 6, 1750, William Pierce of 

53, V. Joseph, b. March 9, 1735. 

54, vi. William, b. Nov. 13, 1737. 
vii. Martha, b. 1739; d. 1740. 

55, viii. RuFus, b. March 10, 1742. 


John* Bent {Joseph,"^ Joseph,^ Johi^), blacksmith, was born 
in Milton, Oct. 15, 1703. No record of death found. He mar- 
ried, Feb. 6, 1728, Elizabeth, b. Dec. 6, 1710, died May 7, 1750, 
daughter of William and Elizabeth Badcock of Milton. 

Children, all born in Milton, Mass. : 

56, i. Jesse,^ b. Nov. 16, 1729. 

ii. Rebecca, b. April 19, 1731. 
iii. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 11, 1733. 
iv. Prudence, b. April 29, 1735 ; m. Dec. 6, 1761, Amaziah Crane 

of Milton. 
v. Susannah, b. Feb. 14, 1737; m. Dec. 6, 1762, 'Seth Crane, 

brother of Amaziah. 
vi. Rachel, b. 1739 ; d. 1742. 
vii. Lydia, b. Sept. 9, 1741 ; m. Dec. 6, 1760, Silas Houghton of 

viii. Sarah, b. Nov. 7, 1743. 


ix. Rachel, b. Sept. 28, lt45 ; d. March 23, 1829, je. 83 ; m. first, 
Dec. 6, 1763, Ezekiel Blake of Milton, and second (his fourth 
marriage), John Pierce, who d. in 1833, jb. 91. 

57. X. John, b. Aug. 4, 1747. 

xi. Noah, b. Sept. 2, 1749. Nothing further ascertained. 


Ebenezer" Bent {Jose-ph,^ Joseph^^ Johii^), farmer, was born 
April 23, 1712, in Milton, where he died February 15, 1786, «. 
73. He married, January 9, 1735, Deborah, born in Dedham, 
Mass.. May 23, 1714, died in Quincy, Mass., Aug. 17, 1798, daugh- 
ter of Jonathan and Deborah Fairbank. 

Children, all born in Milton, Mass. : 

i. Eleanor,^ b. Sept. 28, 1735; m. Dec. 6, 1757, EUjah Under- 
wood of Braintree, Mass. 

58. ii. Ebenezer, b. Aug. 22, 1737. 

59. iii. Samuel, b. March 1, 1739. 

60. iv. Nedabiah, b. Jan. 21, 1742. 

V. Mary, b. Feb. 1, 1744; m. 1773, Samuel Newcomb of Braintree. 

61. vi. John, b. July 10, 1746. 

vii. Deborah, b. July 8, 1748 ; d. in Dorchester, Aug. 13, 1833, ?e. 

85; m. Jime 'l9, 1777, Ebenezer Trescott (1732-1805) of 

Dorchester, Mass. 
viii. Sarah, b. March 24, 1751 ; d. in Canton, Jan. 18, 1829, sb. 77 ; 

m. Nov. 21, 1770, Henry Bailey Withington, b. in what is now 

Canton, Mass., Aug. 4, 1743. 
ix. Elizabeth, b. April 13, 1754; d. unm. in Quincy, Nov. 29, 

1840, 83. 86. 



Peter" Bent {Peter,* Peter, ^ Peter, '^ John^) was bom Jan. 6, 
1747, in Marlboro', Mass., where he died Aug. 31, 1801, «. 54. 
He marched to Cambridge at the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775, 
in Capt. Daniel Barnes's company, and was in the same company 
during the siege of Boston, May to December, 1775 ; lived on the 
old Bent place, and at his death bequeathed all of his lands in Marl- 
boro', Westboro' and Southboro' to his sister's son, Daniel Stevens. 
He married, June 16, 1779, Anne Walker, who died May 11, 1781, 
». 27. No children. 


Jabez^ Bent {Peter,* Peter,^ Peter,^ John^) was born Jan. 29, 
1749, in Marlboro', where he died unmarried May 26, 1817, a3. 68, 
the last of the male line of Bents in Marlboro', where the family 


had lived for over one hundred and fifty years. At the Lexington 
alarm, he was out sbc days in Capt. William Brigham's company, 
and afterwards (1777) was drafted for three years, but paid a fine 
instead of sroinof. He was an assessor in 1787, and at his death 
made a bequest of one hundred dollars to the West Parish (Uni- 
tarian) of Marlboro', the income to be used for an annual lecture 
for the improvement of the young. This lecture is still given every 


Thomas^ Bent {Thoynas,* Hoiiestill,^ Peter, ^ John^^ was born 
in Sudbury, July 4, 1738 ; died in Framingham in 1787, probably. 
He was in Capt. Moses Maynard's company of militia in 1757, and 
on the 19th of April, 1775, marched from Framingham to Concord 
as a corporal in Capt. Jesse Eames's company. He married Submit, 
born Dec. 3, 1742, daughter of John and Experience Parker of 

Children, all born in Framingham : 

i. Alvan,^ b. June 3, 1769 ; m. Olive Eice. Nothing further of 

ii. Polly, b. April 5, 1771. 
iii. Betsey, bap. July 18, 1779. 


Jason* Bent (^Thomas,* Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ Jolin^), farmer, 
was born May 9, 1750, in Sudbury, where he died Oct. 1, 1786, 
fe. 36. He marched to Concord, April 19, 1775, in Capt. Isaac 
Loker's company, and was out three days. He married, Aug. 17, 
1773, Anne, born 1749, died Nov. 10, 1837, daughter of Thomas 
and Elizabeth (Clough) Glover of Boston and Dorchester. 

Children, all born in Sudbury : 

i. Elizabeth Clough,® b. July 13, 1774 ; m. in 1794, Jabez May- 
nard of Stow, Mass., where she d. in 1810, leaving four chil- 

62. ii. Thomas, b. Sept. 4, 1776. 

63. iii. Sewall, b. Oct. 9, 1778. 

iv. Anne (or Nancy), b. Oct. 9, 1780; d. in Palmer, Mass.; m. 

Sept. 1, 1806, Moody Tenney of Stow. Seven children, 
v. Jerusha, b. May 26, 1783; m. Jan. 1, 1803, Samuel Browne, 

Jr., of Sudbury, and moved to Rising Sun, Ind., where she 

died. Three children. 

64. vi. Jason, b. Sept. 12, 1785. 


Samuel* Bent (Thomas,* Ilopestill,^ Peter, "" John^), farmer, 
was born in Sudbury, Mass., Jan. 1, 1755; died in Fitzwilliam, 


N. H., April 22, 1833, ». 78. He mai-ched to Concord on the 
eventful 19th of April, 1775, in Capt. Nathaniel Cudworth's com- 
pany, and was out on an alarm twenty-six days, from Feb 4, 1776. 
A Revolutionary marker was placed over his grave by his descend- 
ants Sept. 7, 1896. He moved from Sudbury, Mass., to Fitz- 
william, N. H., in 1780, when the town was still young, and cleared 
a farm about a mile and a half from the Massachusetts line and some 
six miles south of Mt. Monadnock, the most prominent feature in 
the landscape. In 1790, he had ninety acres, but in 1805 he bought 
more land of Isaac Goodnow ; the farm is still tilled by his descend- 
ants. Fitzwilliam, originally known as Monadnock Number Four, 
was incorporated in 1773, and is a typical New Hampshire farming 
town, sturdy, healthy, billy and rock-ribbed. 

Samuel married, Feb. 6, 1777, Molly, born March 7, 1755, 
died Oct. 8, 1838, ^. 83, daughter of William and Mary (Wheeler) 
Hunt of Sudbury, and a descendant of William Hunt (1605- 
1667), one of the earliest settlers of Concord, Mass. 

Children, i. born in Sudbury, Mass., the others in Fitzwilliam, 
N. H. : 

Samuel,^ b. Feb. 10, 1778. 

Mart, b. April 24, 1780; m. Amos Pratt. 

Martha, b. Sept. 26, 1782; m. Moses Chaplin. 

William Hunt, b. July 14, 1785. 

Hyman, b. Sept. 17, 1788. 

Sally, b. Oct. 7, 1791 ; d. in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Aug. 11, 1830 ; 
m. May 24, 1812, Jonathan Locke, b. 1787, d. 1841. One 
child, William Bent' Locke, d. dd. about 20 yrs. 

Elisha, b. Dec. 10, 1793. 

Betsey, b. Aug. 9, 1796 ; m. Henry Shirley. 

Newell, b. Dec. 14, 1801 ; d. unm. in Fitzwilliam, N. H., May 
14, 1857; lived with his brothers. A man of studious dispo- 
sition ; taught school winters ; was on the school committee, 
and at his death left a fund for a district library. 


Jonathan" Bent {Thomas,* Hopestill,'^ Peter, ^ John^) was 
born April 22, 1758, in the part of Sudbury now Wayland, but at 
the time of his marriage bought a farm in the north-east part of the 
present town of Sudbury, where he died in 1826, 33. Q^. He 
marched to Concord, April 19, 1775, in Capt. Joseph Smith's com- 
pany, and was in the Ticonderoga campaign in 1776, under Capt. 
Asahel Wheeler, in Col. John Kobinson's regiment ; was afterward 
captain of a company of militia, and for some years kept a tavern 
in North Sudbury, near the Concord line. He married first, March 
12, 1778, Experience Smith ; married second, April 10, 1803, Mrs. 
Ruth Rice, who died in Sudbury, Dec. 26, 1844, a3. 80, widow of 
Reuben Rice, and daughter of Israel Haynes of Sudbury. 

65 • 

















Children of Jonathan and Experience, all born in Sudbury : 

72. i. Newell," b. Oct. 9, 1778. 

ii. Experience, b. May 21, 1780; m. July 22, 1798, Thomas Jen- 

kinson of East Sudbury. 
iii. Polly, b. Oct. 28, 1782 ; m. Aug. 2, 1801, Daniel Haynes of 

iv. LrcRETiA, b. Jan. 5, 1785 ; m. Feb. 24, 1802, Edward Wheeler 

of Weston. 
V. Henry, b. Aug. 4, 1787 ; d. young probably. 

73. vi. Hezekiah, b. Nov. 21, 1789. 

vii. Betsey, b. July 28, 1791 ; m. Josiah Stearns(?) of Oakham. 

74. viii. Samuel, b. Feb. 21, 1794. 

ix. Nancy, b. Nov. 12, 1798; m. April 6, 1823, Joseph Osborn of 

Children of Jonathan and Ruth, both born in Sudbury : 

75. i. Thomas,^ b. April 11, 1804. 

ii. Eliza, b. Feb. 28, 180G ; m. 1828, Isaac Miles of Concord. 


SiLAS^ Bent {Elijah,* Hojjestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in 
Sudbury, Mass., April 14, 1744; died in Belpre, Ohio, April 4, 
1818, 03. 74. In 1760, from April until December, as a lad of six- 
teen, he saw service in Capt. Ephraim Jackson's company in Canada 
in the old French and Indian war. In 1766, or possibly in 1765, 
soon after his marriage, he moved from his native town to Barre, 
then called Rutland District, but a year or two later removed to 
Rutland, a fine old hill town in the very centre of Massachusetts. 
His farm was in the east part of the town, near the Princeton line. 
At the Lexington alarm, in 1775, he marched to Cambridge as a 
private in Capt. Thomas Eustis's company, and was out twelve 
days. From May to December, 1775, he was ensign in Capt. 
Adam Wheeler's company, in Col. Ephraim Doolittle's regiment, in 
service around Boston. Jan. 1, 1776, he was 1st Lieut, in the 4th 
Continental Infantry, and early in 1781 1st Lieut, in the 6th Con- 
tinental Infantry, Col. Thomas Nixon. July 1, 1781, he was com- 
missioned Lieut. -Colonel of the 7th Regiment Mass. Militia, and 
this office he seems to have held until he left Rutland in 1789, when 
the famijy set out in an ox-cart for the great North-west Territory, 
then a wilderness abounding in game of all kinds, now the home of 
millions of human beings. Death claimed one of the children ere 
the new home was reached. Early the year before, Gen. Rufus 
Putnam, also from Rutland, where his old home is yearly visited by 
hundreds of historical pilgrims, had led the pioneer band that pre- 
pared the way for the first settlers, over the mountains and down 
the Ohio river. In July the first families began to arrive. At the 
place they named Marietta the first town was started over the re- 


mams of another race, the ancient mound builders. Of this settle- 
ment, Hon. George F. Hoar said at the time of its centennial in 
1888 : "The company who came to Marietta with Rufus Putnam, 
April 7, 1788, came to found, not one state but five, whose insti- 
tutions they demanded should be settled before they started by an 
irrevocable compact. * * * * Xhe Indian and the Frenchmen 
had dwelt here, but could not hold their place. Tlie forty-eight 
men who went there a hundred years ago founded the first American 
civil government whose jurisdiction did not touch tide-water." Gen. 
Putnam and two hundred and eighty more Revolutionary officers 
had sent some years before a petition to President Washington, 
asking that they be paid in land rather than in the worthless currency 
of the times. The result was the formation of the Ohio Company. 
Col. Bent had one share in the company, and that entitled him to 
1173^ acres. His son Silas went ahead and prepared the way, it 
seems. The family remained in ^Marietta a few months and then, in 
1790, with others, laid the foundation of Belpre (sixteen miles down 
the Ohio river) , where the remainder of his days were spent. 

Silas Bent married, June 24, 1765, Mary Carter, born in Sud- 
bury, Mass., March 22, 1747, died in Belpre, Ohio, June 10, 1831, 
se. 84, daughter of Jonathan and Susanna Carter. 

Children, i. born in Barre, the others in Rutland, Mass. : 

MARY,«b. 1766; d. 1768. 

Silas, b. May 16, 1768. 

Polly, b. Sept. 23, 1769; m. George Smith, Jr. 

Susan, b. Aj^ril 21, 1771 ; m. Joel Oakes. 

Abigail, b. 1773; d. 1774. 

Persis, b. 1775 ; d. young, probably. 

Nahum, b. 1777; d.''l778. 

Nahum, b. Nov. 17, 1778. 

Abner, b. Sept. 22, 1780. 

Dorcas, b. Aug. 9, 1782; m. "William Dana. 

Daniel, b. Feb. 3, 1785. 

Charlotte, b. Aug. 1, 1787 ; d. young, probably. 


JoEL^ Bent {Elijah,* Ho2:)estill,^ Peter,' John'') was born Feb. 
22, 1750, in Sudbury, but moved while in hi« teens to Barre, Mass., 
where he died Nov. 25, 1812, je. 62. He marched to Cambridge 
upon receipt of the news of the Concord fight ; commissioned cap- 
tain in the 7th Regiment Mass. Militia, July 1, 1781, when his 
brother Silas became Lieut. -Colonel ; was selectman, 1781-82, 
1795-98, 1801-03; town clerk, 1796-1803 and 1809, 1810; 
moderator nineteen times ; representative to the General Court, 
1801-1804. He married, July 13, 1768, Mary Mason, who died 
in Barre, Jan. 2, 1840. 





















Children, all born in Barre, Mass. : 

i. Sarah,'' b. Oct. 17, 1768; m. Kev. Joseph Kilbiirn of Wendell, 
Mass., b. in Sterling, Mass., Nov. 23, 175.5, graduated from 
Harvard 1777, ordained in 1783 at Wendell, where he d. Feb. 
27, 181G. 
83. ii. Joel, b. Nov. 27, 1770. 

iii. Mary, b. Feb. 18, 1773 ; was living in Barre, unm., in 1825. 
iv. Anna, b. .Tune '30, 1775 ; m. Phineas Osgood of Wendell. 
84i V. Samuel, b. July 19, 1778. 

vi. Abigail, b. Aug. G, 1780; m. Dec. 25, 1814, Morris Lincoln. 


Stephen^ Bent {Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter, '^ Jokn^) was born 
in Sudbury, July 15, 1752 ; died in Sterling, N. Y., May 19, 1822, 
se. 69. He was a Revolutionary soldier. At the time of his mar- 
riage, he seems to have been living in Hollis, N. H., but soon after 
moved to the south-west part of the (then) neAv town of Dublin, 
N. H., near the foot of Mt. Monadnock ; about 1816 or 1817 they 
went in a wagon to Sterling, near Oswego, N. Y. He married, in 
1782, Mrs. Elizabeth (Wright) Darby, a native of Wilmington, 
Mass., and widow of Tarbox Darby. 

Child, born in Dublin, N. H. : 

85. i. Stephen,^ b. Nov. 22, 1783. 


Rurus* Bent {Elijah,* Hoioestill,^ Peter,- John^) was born 
Feb. 13, 1755, in (East) Sudbury, now Wayland, where he died 
Nov. 28. 1821, re. QQ. He married, Jan. 13, 1777, Mary, born 
July 25, 1758, lived to be ninety-eight it is said, daughter of 
Daniel and Dorothy Wyman of Sudbury. 
Children, all born in East Sudbury, Mass. : 
i. Mary,6 b. March 16, 1778. 
ii. Hannah Waldo, b. Sept. 3, 1779; d. unm. in East Sudbury, 

March 20, 1818, fe. 38. 
iii. Daniel Wyman, b. Oct. 17, 1781. 

iv. RuFus, b. Aug. 12, 1784; was in Boston in 1807 and in New 
York city in 1813. 

86. V. David Jackson, b. about 1787. 

87. vi. Henry, b. Oct. 10, 1789; m, 1816, Olivia Harriman of Bangor, 

vii. William, b. June 19, 1792. 


Nathan^ Bent {Elijah,* Ilopestill,^ Peter,'' John^) Avas born 
in East Sudbury, Mass., March 12, 1760; died in Winchester, 
N. H., after 1833. Though a lad of only fifteen, he was fifer during 


the siege of Boston in 1775, and saw considerable other Revolu- 
tionary service, for which he drew a pension for several years 
from 1819 ; perhaps lived a few years in Douglas, Mass., where he 
bought land with house, corn-mill and barn in 1787 ; was back in 
East Sudbury again surely in 1796, but the following year moved 
to Winchester, in south-western New Hampshire. He married, 
Aug. 28, 1777, Abigail, born Jan. 31, 1759, daughter of Micah 
and Abigail Goodnow of Sudbury. 
Children : 

i. Nancy.^ 

ii. Micah, b. 1785 ? ; in. 1808, Sarah Jennings. 
iii. Abigail, m. 1803, John Bogle of AV^inchester, N. H. 
iv. Susannah, b. 1796. 

88. V. Elijah, b. 1799. 

And probably others. 


David^ Bent (Micah,* Ilojjestill,^ Peter, ^ Joh-n}) was born in 
Sudbury, Mass., March 18, 1739 ; died in Annapolis Valley, N. S., 
about 1795, a3. 56. About 1760, he moved to Annapolis County, 
where he was one of the first of the New England settlers to take 
up the lands made vacant by the expulsion of the Acadians five years 
before. The Annapolis valley is an excellent farming country, and, 
according to the census of 1770, David Bent had one hundred and 
sixty-four acres of land, eight cows, two oxen, seven young cattle 
and ten sheep ; the homestead is some fourteen miles above Annapolis 
town, and the region is locally known as Bentville. He married 
Mary, daughter of Ebenezer Felch of Annapolis, N. S., formerly 
of Massachusetts. 

Children, all born in Annapolis, N. S. (order of births uncertain) : 

89. i. Micah,® b. about 1762, 

ii. Ebenezek, twin of j)receding; d. young. 

90. iii. David, b. in 1764. 

iv. Sarah, m. John Poole. 

91. V. "William, b. about 1767. 

vi. Polly (Mary), b. in 1769 ; d. in Lexington, Mass., May 19, 
1809 ; m. Solomon Harrington. Six children. 

92. vii. Joseph, b. about 1771. 

93. viii. Stephen, b. May 12, 1775. 

94. ix. Asaph. 

X. Dorcas, m. Isaac Longley, b. in Annapolis Co., N. 8.. 1771. 
Tliey had eight children, including David Bent Longley,' b. 

95. xi. Silas. 

xii. Elizabeth, d. unm. 



William* Bent (llicah,* HopestiU,^ Peter ^^ John'^), black- 
smith, was born June 8, 1741, in East Sudbury, no%y Wayland, 
where he died April 26, 1829, a3. nearly 88 ; was a sergeant in 
Capt. Joseph Smith's company at the time of the Concord fight ; 
probably saw other Revolutionary service. He married Abigail 
Bruce of Chelmsford, Mass., born 1755, died 1845, as. 90. 

Children, all born in East Sudbury, Mass. : 

96. i. William,^ b. Oct. 7, 1783. 

ii. Samuel, b. March 26, 1786 ; d. in Boston at the age of sixteen, 
and was buried in Copp's HiU burial ground, it is said. 

97. iii. MiCAH, b. Sept. 23, 1788. 
iv. Nabbt, b. 1791 ; d. young. 

98. V. George, b. Sept. 11, 1793. 

99. vi. Jason, b. March 28, 1796. 

vii. David, b. Sept. 7, 1799 ; drowned in Johnson's Pond, East Sud- 
bury, July 5, 1819. 


Matthias" Bent {3Iatthias,* John,^ John,^ John^) was born 
Sept. 15, 1752, in Framingham, where he died Feb. 4, 1826, te. 
73. He was a sergeant in the Revolutionary war, town treasurer 
from 1787 to 1798, and a deacon, serving town and church in peace 
and war. He married first, Oct. 26, 1780, Mrs. Mary Coolidge, 
born June 11, 1756, died Dec. 26, 1790, daughter of Nathaniel 
Bridge and widow of William Coolidge, Jr., of Waltham. He 
married second, Jan. 21, 1796, Isabella Babcock of Waltham, who 
died Jan. 3, 1817, a;. 51. 

Children by first marriage, all born in Framingham : 

i. Mary,« b. and d. 1781. 
ii. Abigail, b. Sept. 10, 1782; d. unm. in Bath, N. H., Sept. 28, 

1841. The author of "The Happy Merchant" and several 

other Sunday School tales, 
iii. Nancy, b. July 8, 1784; d. unm. Dec. 6, 1869, a?. 85. 
iv. Martin, b. 1786; d. in infancy. 
V. Matthias, b. 1788; d. in infancy. 

Children by second marriage, all born in Framingham : 

i. Mary,« b. July 12, 1800; d. unm. Sept. 7, 1823. 

ii. Isabella Adams, b. Oct. 29, 1806; d. unm. Oct. 20, 1889. 

iii. Lucy Gushing, b. Jan. 12, 1810; d. in Framingliam, July 20, 
1890, 33. 80; m. Dec. 1, 1835, Frederick A. Billings (1798- 
1883) of Boston, proprietor of several stage lines ; moved to. 
Framingham in 1852. Four children: 1. Frederick A.,'' b. 
Sept. 27, 1836. 2. George C, b. June 15, 1845. 3. Mai^ A., 
b. Sept. 10, 1849; m. Nov. 15, 1885, Lewis D. Jackson of 
Boston. 4. Edmund K, b. Sept. 9, 1853. 



JoHN^ Bent (^JoJin,^ John,^ John,^ John^) was born in Fram- 
ingham, July 16, 1752 ; date of death not ascertained. He was a 
Kevolutionary soldier; private in 1775 and 1776, sergeant in 1777 
and 1st lieutenant in 1779 and 1780. He married Sarah, daughter 
of John Stone of Holliston. She died September, 1843, ^e. 83. 
Children, born in Framingham, Mass. : 

i. Patty« (Martha), b. July 31, 1782; d. April 1, 1865, le. 82; 
m. 1802, Isaac Deuch of Framingham, where he d. Feb. 17, 
1828, a\ 53. Four children : 1. Susan S.^' b. 1803 ; d. 1823. 

2. Gilbert, b. 1805 ; d. 1828. 3. John i?., b. 1808. 4. Isaac. 
ii. Sally, b. March 12, 1784 ; m. Jan. 10, 1815, Capt. John Hemeu- 

way (1776-1830) of Framingham, his second marriage. Four 
children: 1. Phiirp Payson," b. 1817. 2. Henry, b. 1818. 

3. William C, d. young. 4. Gilbert. 

hi. John, b. April 27, 1787 ; entered the U. S. service, and d. unm. 


Josiah* Bent {John,* John,^ John,^ John^) was boi-n in Fram- 
ingham, Oct. 29, 1755 ; date and place of death not ascertained. 
He was a Revolutionary soldier; marched to Concord, April 19, 
1775 ; was in service around Boston the rest of the year ; sergeant 
in service in Rhode Island 1780. He married, about 1781, Mary, 
born 1761, daughter of John Abbe of Hopkintou, and moved soon 
after to Petersham, Mass., it is said. 

Children, born in Petersham, Mass. : 

i. PoLLY,6b. Sept. 20, 1782. 
ii. Betsey, b. March 4, 1786. 


David* Bent {David,* David, '^ John," John^^, farmer, was 
born in Rutland, ]\Iass., April 3, 1756; died in Mt. Holly, Vt., 
Jan. 1, 1832, fe. 75. He saw some service in the latter part of the 
Revolution (October, 1781), in Capt. John Spoor's company, in 
Col. John Ashley's regiment, that marched to Stillwater ; moved 
about 1776 from Rutland to Templeton, Mass., and thence, 'about 
1786, with his brother-in-law Joseph Green, to Mt. Holly, Vt., 
where he was one of the first settlers; town clerk in 1797. Mt. 
Holly, which was incorporated in 1792, lies in a depression of the 
Green Mountains, about fifteen miles south-east of Rutland, Vt., 
and was on the old stao-e road from Boston to Rutland and the north. 
He married, Aprd 26, 1775, Phebe Whittemore, born Nov. 5, 
1756, died Api-il 15, 1848, ae. 91, daughter of John and Elizabeth 
(Earle) Whittemore of Paxton, Mass., and a descendant of Thomas 












Wliittemore, who settled in Charlestown (the part now Everett), 
Mass., hi 1645. 

Children, i. born in Rutland, Mass. ; ii. to viii. born probably in 
Templeton, Mass. ; ix. to xiv. born in Mt. Holly, Vt. : 

i, MoLLY,^ b. Oct. 30, 1775 ; m. first, Pierce ; m. second, 

Corliss Hines. 
Peter, b. June 8, 1777. 

Relief (Lephe), b. April 20, 1779 ; m. Dr. Oliver Guernsey. 
David, b. Oct. 23, 1780. 

Phebe, b. June 18, 1782; m. Clark, and moved to 

Akron, Ohio. 

Betsey (tvdn), b. Aug. 19, 1781; m. Darius Green. 
Patty (twin), b. Aug. 19, 1784; d. in Chicago, 111., Aug. 7, 
1857, a^. 73 ; m. Nov. 17, 1805, Samuel Beach Walker of 
Middlebury, Vt., b. in Whiting, Vt., Dec. 17, 1784, d. in 
Chicago, HI., Oct. 16, 1842. Eight chikh-en, the oldest of 
whom, *S'. Beni Walker,'' b. in Whiting, Vt., Feb. 21, 1807, d. in 
Chicago, Feb. 26, 1887, was proprietor of a famous stage line 
to Cliicago from the East, 
viii. Tamar, b. Aug. 24, 1786; d. Oct. 1, 1874, a?. 88; m. first, 
Daniel Shaw of Rutland, Vt., where he was jail keeper for 

for many years ; m. second, Demery of Wethersfield, 

ix. Sally, b. Aug. 16, 1788. 

X. George W., b. Feb. 13, 1790 ; d. in Watertown, N. Y., June 
1, 1829, leaving a son George,'' who d. in De Pauville, IST. Y., 
Sept. 22, 1892. 

104. xi. Earl Francis, b. March 10, 1792. 

105. xii. Silas Proctor, b. March 16, 1794. 

xiii. Clarissa, b. May 2, 1796 ; d. in Mt. Holly, Vt., Dec. 6, 1879, 
JB. 83 ; m. Jedediah Hammond of Mt. Holly, Vt. 

106. xiv. Thomas W., b. Feb. 16, 1798. 


Lucy* Bent (David,* David,^ John,^ Johu^) was born in Rut- 
land, Mass., June 4, 1758 ; died in Mt. Holly, Vt., Feb. 14, 1822, 
33. 63. She married, June 26, 1774, Joseph Green of Leicester, 
Mass. (Jabez,'' Joseph,^ Henry, ^ Thomas'), b. Dec. 30, 1751(?), 
died in Mt. Holly, Vt., Oct. 25, 1815; they, with her brother 
David, were among the first settlers of Mt. Holly, Vt. 

Children : 

i. JosTiPH Green,^ b. Feb. 12, 1777; d. Jan. 17, 1795. 

ii. Absalom Green, b. Jan. 30, 1779; d. Nov. 18, 1812; m. Polly 

iii. Lucy Green, b. Sept. 6, 1781 ; d. March 21, 1796. 
iv. Charlotte Green, b. March 17, 1784; d. April 14, 1789. 

V. Darius Green, b. June 18, 1786 ; m. his cousin Betsey Bent, 
vi. Betsey Green, b. March 20, 1789 ; d. April 22, 1820; m. Dr. 



vii. Charlotte Green, b. Jan. 17, 1791 ; d. April 17, 1840. 
viii. Harriet Green, b. July 20, 1793; d. Jan. 22, 1873. 

ix. Joseph Lines Green, b. May 16, 1797; d. May 8, 1825; m. 
Rebecca Reed of Ludlow, Vt. 

X. Sophronia Green, b. Feb. 3, 1800; m. J. H. Draper. 


Darius* Bent (David,* David, ^ John," John^) was born in 
Rutland, Mass., Aug. 13, 1769; d. in Montreal, Canada, August, 
1832, £e. 63. About 1806, he moved to Boston, where he was a 
house-wright ; soon after, however, he located permanently in Mon- 
treal. He married, March 9, 1797, Isabel, daughter of John and 
Martha (Dickee) Boice. 

Children, i. to iv. born in Rutland ; v. born in Boston : 

i. Isabella,® b. Dec. 6, 1797; d. num. 

ii. Patty, b. Sept. 7, 1799 ; d. in Montreal in 1878 ; m. first, 
Peter Macintosh ; m. second, James Court. Four children 
by first marriage: 1. NieU 2. Isabella G. 3. John. 4. 
Frances, m. D. A. Watt. Four children by second marriage : 
1. Grace? 2. Janet, m. William Brown of Glasgow, Scotland. 
3. James. 4. William. 

iii. Luke, b. April 16, 1801; d. in Montreal; received a medical 
education in Edinburgh, Scotland, and practised in Masco uche, 
near Montreal ; m. Euphemie Lorrin. No children. 

iv. John, b. Aug. 16, 1803 ; d. young. 
107. V. George, b. Dec. 4, 1806. 

Thaddeus* Bent {David,* David,^ John," John^) was born 
Sept. 1, 1771, in Rutland, Mass. He moved about 1800 to Rut- 
land, Vt., where he died Oct. 2, 1814, a3. 43. He married Abigail 

, who died July 19, 1814. Two epidemics swept away the 

entire family, with one exception. 

Children, i. to iii. b. in Rutland, Mass. ; iv. to viii. born in Rut- 
land, Vt. : 

i. RoxA,® b. April 23, 1794; d. July 16, 1821 ; m. Pratt. 

Two childi'en : 1. Tliaddeus' Bent Pratt. 2. Eliza Abigail 
Pratt, m. Beaman B. Clark, 
ii. Joel Hatward, b. July 16, 1797; d. Oct. 10, 1814. 
iii. David, b. July 6, 1799 ; d. Aug. 23, 1821. 
iv. Abigail, b. 1801 ; d. Sept. 29, 182 L 
V. Thaddeus, b. 1804; d. Sept. 9, 1814. 
vi. EzEKiEL J., b. 1807 ; d. Oct. 14, 1814. 
108. vii. Alphonso, b. 1810. 

viii. Delinda, b. 1812; d. Sept. 15, 1821. 



Phineas^ Bent (^David,* Dctvid,^ John,^ John^) was born in 
Eutland, Mass., Sept. 15, 1776; died iu Fletcher, Vt., Feb. 21, 
1841, X. 64. He married, Dec. 31, 1798, Polly Frink of Rutland, 
Mass., born July 11, 1778, died in Jerico, Vt., about 1863, £6. 85. 
About 1803 they moved from Rutland, Mass., to Underbill, Vt., 
at the foot of Mt. Mansfield, the highest of the Green Mountains. 
Some ten years later they removed to Jerico, Vt., south of Underbill. 

Children, i. to iii. born in Rutland ; iv. to vii. born in Underbill ; 
viii. to xii. born in Jerico : 

i. Horatio G.,« b. 1799 ; d. 1801. 
ii. Elizabeth R., b. 1801 ; d. 1802. 
iii. William F., b. 1802; d. 1802. 
iv. Elizabeth R., b. 1804; d. 1806. 
V. John F., b. 1806; d. 1808. 

vi. William A., b. Dec. 26, 1809; m. Castle; went West. 

Three children, 
vii. Eliza A., b. Aug. 8, 1811 ; d. in Stockholm, N. Y. ; m. April 

6, 1848, William Davis. No children, 
viii. John E., b. 1814; d. 1816. 
109. ix. James B., b. Nov. 23, 1816. 
X. Darius E., b. 1819 ; d. 1820. 
xi. Darius E., b. Sept. 24, 1821 ; living in Eau Clair, Wis. Three 

xii. Leonora A., b. 1824; d. 1827. 

Samuel Browning* Bent ( David,* David,^ John,"^ John^), who 
was named after his uncle, Lieut. Samuel Browning (1740-1783), 
was born in Rutland, Mass., Nov. 27, 1784, and moved in 1818 to 
Middlebury, Vt., where he died Dec. 4, 1858, a3. 74. He was a 
manufacturer of machine cards. He married first, Jan. 1, 1807, 
Hannah, born in Spencer, Mass., Feb. 13, 1786, died in Rutland, 
Mass., Sept. 7, 1813, daughter of Oliver Watson, Jr. (1743-1826), 
a Revolutionary soldier. He married second, March 13, 1816, 
Catherine Avery, born in Holden, Mass., Feb. 3, 1788, died in 
Hoyleton, 111., Oct. 3, 1865, daughter of Rev. Joseph Avery* 
(1751-1824), who graduated from Harvard in 1771, and preached 
in Holden from 1774 until his death. Mrs. Catherine Bent, who 
is described as a woman of remarkable beauty, both in person and 
in mind, lived after the death of her husband with her daughter in 
Tarrytown, N. Y., but died while on a visit to her son. 

Children of Samuel B. and Hannah, all born in Rutland, Mass. : 

*Rev. Joseph Avery m. 1777, Mary Allen, dau. of James Allen, tailor, of Boston, by 
his 2d wife, Mary Adams, an elder sister of the Revolutionary patriot Sam Adams. 


i. Martha Maria,^ b. Jan. 12, 1808; d. June 11, 1824. 
ii. Elizabeth Rebecca, b. Jan. 14, 1810; d. Nov. 6, 1825. 

110. iii. Samuel Watson, b. Oct. 27, 1811. 

iv. Infant son, b. and d. Sept. 5, 1813. 

Children of Samuel B. and Catherine, i. born in Rutland, Mass. ; 
ii. to vi. b. in ]\Iiddlebury, Vt. 

i. Catherine,® b. Feb. 17, 1817; living in New Haven, Conn.; 
m. Sept. 19, 1839, Rev. Edward Osborne Dunning, b. in New 
Haven, March 12, 1810, d. in New Haven, March 23, 1874. 
Five chiklren : 1. Katherine^ b. July, 1840; d. in Lex- 
ington, Ky., in 1892 ; a graduate of Mt. Holyoke Seminaxy, 
Hadley, Mass.; m. in 1867, Maj. Morris Clark, a portrait 
painter; seven children. 2. Antoinette, b. Nov. 21, 1843; 
living in Washington, D. C. ; m. Aug. 17, 1869, Alexander 
D. Anderson, attorney-at-law ; five children. 3. Virginia, b. 
Aug. 28, 1845 ; m. Adoniram J. Carter, who d. in Chicago, 
111.; two children. 4. Edward, b. Nov. 14, 1847; d. young. 
5. Minnie 0., b. Dec. 1, 1850; living in Minneapolis, Minn. ; 
m. Charles H. Leary ; one child. 

111. ii. Mary Avery, b. Jan. 7, 1819 ; m. Rev. Jonathan Blanchard. 
iii. Hannah Watson, b. June 5, 1821 ; d. in Peoria, 111., Sept. 18, 

1884; while in her teens went to live in her sister's home in 
Cincinnati, O. ; m. first, Oct. 9, 1845, Silas Tyner, a merchant 
of Brookville, Ind. ; m. second. May 17, 1865, Hon. Moses 
Pettengill of Peoria, 111., merchant, philanthropist, deacon and 
State senator, b. April 16, 1802, d. Nov. 9, 1883. By her 
first husband she left one son, Blanchard Tyner,'' b. Oct. 17, 
1850, who added the name of Pettengill, and lives in Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

112. iv. Joseph Avery, b. April 22, 1823. 

V. Maria Allen, b. April 5, 1825 ; living in Tarrytown, N. Y. ; 
m, Oct. 1, 1849, George Merritt Nichols, a wholesale hard- 
ware merchant of Shreveport, La., b. in Middlebury, Vt., June 
12, 1813, d. in Tarrytown, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1863 ; "came north 
at the outbreak of the civil war. Six children : 1. Edward^ 
d. Jan. 7, 1892 ; was President of Brooks Locomotive Works 
at Dunkirk, N. Y. 2. Kate, d. 03. 15 mos. 3. Howard 
Walter, lives in Tarrytown, but is in the real estate business in 
New York city. 4. Sophia May, living, unm., in Tarrytown, 
N. Y. 5. Gertrude, living, imm. in Tarrytown, N. Y. 6. 
George Herbert, living, unm., in Tarrytown, N. Y. 

113. vi. George, b. March 29, 1827. 


JoHN^ Bent (Joseph,* JSxjjerience,^ Joseph,'^ John^), nail 
maker, was born in Middleboro', Feb. 27^ 1732 ; died in Middle- 
boro', 1806, x. 74; lived on the old place near the Plympton line. 
He married, May 16, 1753, Bethia Morse of Middleboro'. 

Children, all born, probably in Middleboro' : 


114. i. Francis," b. March 10, 1754. 

ii. Hannah, m. in Carver, Nov. 6, 1795, Eli Shaw. 

115. iii. John, b. February, 1763. 

116. iv. Experience, b. about 1764. 

117. V. William, b. 1767. 

vi. Charity, b. 1769 ; d. imm. in Middleboro', Sept. 27, 1849, ae. 

118. vii. Zenas, b. 1771. 

viii. Abiah, m. Feb. 18, 1796, Joseph Morse. 
ix. Mercy, m. Nov. 17, 1800, Hilkiah Tinkham. 


Joseph^ Bent (^Joseph,* Experience,^ Joseph,^ John^^, mariner 
and sailmaker, vs^as born in Middleboro', Mass., Jan. 6, 1736; died 
in Yarmouth, N. S., Jan. 8, 1816, ai. 80 ; lived in jNIiddleboro' and 
the then adjoining tovi^n of Plymouth until 1772, when he moved 
to Yarmouth, N. S. (The settlement of Yarmouth was begun in 
1761, but Plymouth fishermen doubtless knew the Nova Scotia 
shore before that.) He married, in 1759, Elizabeth Waterman, 
born in Plymouth, Mass., 1737, died in Yarmouth, N. S., sister of 
Elkanah, and daughter of John and Hannah (Cushman) Water- 
man of Plymouth. 

Children, all born, probably, in Plymouth, Mass. : 

119. i. Joseph.*^ 

120. ii. Elkanah. 

121. iii. James. 

Lemuel" Bent (Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^), blacksmith 
and tavern keeper, was born May 2, 1727, in Milton, where he died 
Jan. 6, 1774, le. 46. In 1755, he was a lieutenant under Col. John 
Winslow at the taking of Fort Beau Sejour (Cumberland) at the 
beginning of the warfare which ended in the expulsion of the 
Acadians from Nova Scotia. April 29, 1759, he was authorized 
to beat his drums for enlistment of soldiers for His Majesty's ser- 
vice in a reo:iment of foot for a 2:eneral invasion of Canada. From 
May, 1759, to January, 1760, he was at Crown Point wnth his 
company, and in 1761 at Halifax. In 1770 and 1772, Capt. Bent 
was selectman. His widow, Milatiah (maiden name not ascertained) , 
died Oct. 20, 1796, re. 67. She evidently kept the tavern, which 
was on the Canton turnpike at the corner of what is now Atlierton 
Street, after her husband's death, as shown by the following adver- 
tisement that appeared in the Boston Gazette, Feb. 23, 1784: 
" On Friday next at 2 o'clock will be sold by Public Vendue at the 
house of the Widow Bent Innholder in Milton, a number of Lots 
of Woodland Pasture and Orcharding lying in the town of Milton 



and belonging to his Excellency Gov. Hancock. The above land 
has been lately surveyed and laid out in convenient Lots for the pur- 
chasers and conditions of sale may be known by applying to Russell 
&> Clap." A part of the woodland was on what is now known as 
Hancock Hill in the Blue Hills. 


Joseph* Bent (Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^), blacksmith, 
was born March 9, 1735, in Milton (Mass.), where he died Jan. 
9,1774, 03. 38. He married, Dec. 6, 1758, Mehitable, daugliter 
of Capt. John Crehore of Milton. She died Aug. 2, 1795, x. 70. 

Children, all born in Milton : 

i. Ruth,*' b. .Jan. 5, 1750. 
ii. Eunice (twin), b. Nov. 18, 1761. 

iii. Lois (twhi), b. Nov. 18, 1761 ; d. unm. July 28, 179D. 
122. iv. Joseph, b. Aug. 21, 1762. 


William" Bent (Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ John^) was born in 
Milton, Mass., Nov. 13, 1737 ; died in Canton, Mass., Oct. 17, 
1806, 02. nearly 69. He moved about 1763 to the quaint little vil- 
lage of Ponkipog, immortalized by Thomas Bailey Aldrich, who has 
a summer home there. Aldrich says of it : "After the black bass 
and wild duck, solitude is the chief staple. * * * The nearest rail- 
way station (Heaven be praised !) is two miles distant and the seclu- 
sion is without a flaw. Ponkipog has one mail a day ; two mails 
would render the place uninhabitable." Originally an Indian settle- 
ment, within the bounds of the town of Dorchester, it became a part 
of Stoughton in 1726, and was included in the new town of Canton 
in 1797. Canton was the home in his later years of Gen. Richard 
Gridley and, in 1801, another Revolutionary hero, Paul Revere, 
founded there the Revere Copper Works, which are still in active- 

William Bent became a man of considerable local prominence. 
In the Canadian invasion of 1759, in the old French and Indian 
war, he was a sergeant. At the time of the Lexington alarm, he 
marched with Capt. Asahel Smith's company, but remained only a 
few days, came back, and recruited a company, at the head of 
which he marched April 27, to Roxbury, wdiere he was ordered. In 
October, 1775, he was in the 36th regiment. Continental army. 
During the war, when not in service, he purchased and delivered 
supplies to the families of the soldiers. For many years he kept 
the Eagle Inn, a great resort for old-time gentlemen and Federalists. 
" During the piping times of peace," says the historian of Canton, 
" Bent had leisure to devote to town affairs and parish matters." 


He attended to the painting of the meeting house and on Sundays 
took charge of the boys in the gallery. The supply of the pulpit 
was in his hands and the candidates were well entertained at the old 
inn. He was one of the committee to prepare the bill for the separa- 
tion of Canton from Stoughton, and many of the meetings Avere held 
there. Here also were held the trials for small offences. He con- 
tinued to keep the Eagle until his death, when it was taken by his 
son, William, who ran it until about 1824. The building is still 
in existence, though reduced in size. Capt. William married, Nov. 
24, 1763, Chloe Blackman, born in Canton, Oct. 16, 1740, died in 
Canton, March 12, 1820, id. 79, daughter of George and Thankful* 
(Redman) Blackman, and a descendant of John Blackman of Dor- 
chester, 1640. 

Children, all born in what is now Canton : 

LEMUEL,«b. Nov. 21, 1764; d. 1765. 

Lemuel, b. Feb. 17, 1766. 

Nathaniel, b. Feb. 23, 1770; lived iu Virgiuia; d. at sea 

unm. sometime after 1806. 
William, b. 1773; d. 1774. 
William, b. Nov. 13, 1775. 
James, b. and d. 1778. 

Chloe, b. March 9, 1781 ; m. Thomas Dunbar. 
James, b. Dec. 31, 1784. 


Rufus^Bent (Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^), house-wright, 
was born in Milton, jNIarch 10, 1742 ; date of death not ascertained. 
He moved about 1772 or 1773 to Boston ; was living in Marietta, O., 
in 1798. He married, Dec. 6, 1767, Mrs. Ann McKenzie, born 
1741, died July 31, 1807, widow of Andrew McKenzie of Dor- 
chester, and daugliter of Alexander Middleton, who came from 
Scotland about 1735. 

Children, i. to iii. born in Milton : 

127. i. Anx,6 b. Jime 19, 1768. 

ii. Mary, b. June 18, 1770; d. unm. 

iii. RuFrs, b. May 2, 1772; d. at sea .Jan. 25, 1794, a?. 21. 

128. iv. Prudence, m. 1794, Silas Kinsley. 

V. Martha, m. Dec. 17, 1797, Bethuel Allen of Canton. 

vi. Sarah, d. 1836; m. Charles Barnard (1781-1869), an old time 
Boston merchant, of the firm of Barnard, Adams & Co., Com- 
mercial Wharf ; their son, Rev. Charles Francis Barnard 
(1808-1884), a rare philanthropist, founded the Warren St. 
Chapel, now known as the Barnard Memorial. 

* Thankful Redman (1701-1783) was the first white child born in what is now Can- 
ton. Her father, Charles, lived on the estate recently occupied by the late Hon. Heury 
L. Pierce, the millionaire chocolate manufacturer in Ponkipog. 


































Jesse* Bent (John,* Joseph,'^ Joseph^^ John^), farmer and 
blacksmith, was born in iMilton, Mass., Nov. 16, 1729 ; moved 
about 1764 to Fort Lawrence, N. S., where he died Dec. 6, 1816, 
fie. 87. He married, Dec. 6, 1758, Hannah Yose of Milton, who 
died Dec. 8, 1816, ai 81. Mrs. Bent had been an invalid for many- 
years, and survived her husband's death but two days. 

Children, i. to iii. born in Milton ; iv. to xii. born in Fort Law- 
rence, N. S. : 

129. i. Arethusa,^ b. Dec. 24, 1759 ; m. Jan. 7, 1779, Ephraim 
ii. Maktix, b. April 16, 1762, 

Jacobina, b. Jan. 26, 1764; m. Nehemiah Ayer. 
Cynthia, b. April 22, 1766 ; m. George Oxley. 
Tryphenia, b. Oct. 1, 1767 ; m. Luke Harrison. 
Eunice, b. March 31, 1769 ; m. Samuel Freeman of Amherst, 
N. S. 
vii. Ebenezer Vose, b. March 3, 1771. 
Jesse, b. 1773. 

John, b. March 12, 1775; d. Dec. 1, 1780. 
Hannah, b. Nov. 29, 1777 ; m. William McAllan. 
Lemuel, b. October, 1783. 


John* Bent (John,'^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^), farmer, was 
born in Milton, Mass., Aug. 4, 1747 ; date of death not ascertained. 
He followed his brother to Nova Scotia and located in Amherst. 
He married Mary Lunt of Eastport, Me. 

Children, all born in Amherst, N. S. (order of births not as- 
certained) : 

i. Mary,^ m. William Black. 

ii. Betsey, m. Thomas Logan. 
iii. Clementina, m. Gilbert Purdy. 
iv. Harriet, m. William Chapman. 

V. Bin A. 
vi. Samuel, d. young. 

139. vii. John. 

140. viii. Daniel. 

141. ix. William White, b. Jan. 7, 1800. 

142. X. Ezra. 

Ebenezer* Bent {Ehenezer,* Joseqoh,^ Joseph,"^ John^), farm- 
er, was born in Milton, Aug. 22, 1737, and died in Milton, Sept. 
10, 1796, a?. 59. He was in Capt. Josiah Vose's company, that 
guarded the seashore, April 13 to 2Q, 1776, after the evacuation of 


Boston. He married first, Dec. 6, 1765, Hannah, born Dec. 25, 
1742, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah Shepherd of Milton; mar- 
ried second, July 9, 1771, Ruth Crouch, born 1741, died Nov. 4, 
1816, daughter of William and Sarah (Humphrey) Crouch of 

Children of Ebenezer and Hannah, both born in Milton : 

i. Elizabeth,^ b. Aug. 31, 1766; d. in Dedham, Mass., Feb. 6, 
1857, se. 90; m. first, July 2, 1789, John Wentworth Bussey 
of Canton, b. Nov. 16, 1763; m. second, Aug. 4, 1796, 
Ebeuezer Farrington, Jr., of Dedham, b. Dec. 25, 1759, d. 
April 10, 1848. 

143. ii. Shepherd, b. Nov. 27, 1768. 

Children of Ebenezer and Ruth, all born in Milton : 

144. i. William,^ b. April 27, 1772. 

145. ii. Sarah, b. April 7, 1774; m. Sept. 13, 1794, James Blake, Jr., 

brother of Sukey F. Blake. 

146. iii. Adam, b. March 17, 1776 ; m. Sukey F. Blake. 

iv. Jerusha, b. July 15, 1779; d. in Boston; m. Ebenezer Tres- 
cott. Seven children : 1. Caroline!' 2. Mary Ann. ^. Eliza. 
4. Charles. 5. Helen. 6. Emeline. 7. Sarah. 

V, Lemuel, b. Aug. 31, 1781 ; d. unm. 

vi. Hannah, b. July 15, 1783 ; d. in Boston; m. Arnold Hay ward. 
Two children : 1. George.'' 2. C%ar/es ^., living in Boston. 

147. vii. Ebenezer, b. March 29, 1788. 

148. viii. Charles, b. Jan. 18, 1790. 


Samuel^ Bent {Ebenezer,'^ Joseph,^ Josejyh,^ John^) was born 
in Milton, Mass., March 1, 1739, and died in Granville, N. S., 
in 1827, a5. 88. The story is that he was apprenticed to a Capt. 
John Wade of Ipswich ( ?), Mass., a carriage and chair maker, and, 
toward the end of his term of service, enlisted in a company, com- 
manded by his master, for the campaign against the French in 
Canada, and, in that capacity, assisted in the reduction of Quebec 
by Gen. Wolfe in September, 1759. The family tradition is as 
follows : Toward the close of the battle on the Plains of Abra- 
ham, when victory seemed certain, a call was made for a flag staff. 
Young Bent volunteered to improvise one from the many tall firs 
which lined the heights. After it had been set in position it was 
found that in the hurry of the moment the , necessary halyard had 
not been made fast to the top. After several had tried in vain to 
climb tlie flag staff". Bent asked permission to try it and succeeded 
in reaching the top with the line in liis teeth. The flag was attached 
and the officer in command ordered that the young soldier should 
have the honor of hoisting the flag of victory. About 1760, or 
1761, he and Capt. Wade went to Granville, N. S., among the first 

















to take up the lands made vacant by the expulsion of the Acadians, 
and here he lived the rest of his life, near the place where the first 
French settlement in Nova Scotia was made in 1604. He married, 
in 1764, Rachel Eay. 

Children, all born in Granville, N. S. : 

149. i. Samuel,® b. June 6, 1765. 

150. ii. Nedabiah, b. 1767. 

Seth, b. 1769. 

Jesse, b. 1771. 

James, b. 1772. 

John, b. 1774. 

Rachel, b. 1777; m. John Elliott. 
Nancy, b. 1779 ; m. John Fritz. 
Ebenezer, b. 1783. 
Elias, b. 1785. 
Charles, b. 1787. 


Nedabiah^ Bent (Ubenezer,'* Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ John^) was 
born Jan. 21, 1742, in Milton. He moved to Braintree, the part 
incorporated in 1792 as Quincy, where he died. May 28, 1816, je. 
74. In 1759, when only 17 years old, he was in a company bound 
for Lake George, in one of the campaigns of the French and Indian 
War; but during the Revolution he was a Royalist. In 1787 he 
is called a victualler. He married, Feb. 8, 1769, Miriam Ruggles 
of Braintree, who died in Quincy, Sept. 23, 1834, a?. 86. 

Children, all born in what is now Quincy, probably : 

157. i. Nedabiah,*' b. about 1771. 

158. ii. Lemuel, b. about 1773. 

iii. Joanna, m. 1798, Samuel Baxter. 

159. iv. Isaac. 

V. Polly, m. 1809, Ebenezer Pratt, 

vi. Harriet, b. about 1786 ; d. March 10, 1810, a?. 24. 

vii. Fanny, b. about 1788; d. Nov. 18, 1803, a?. 15. 

160. viii. William, b. about 1791. 


John" Bent (^Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in 
Milton, July 10, 1746, and died in Milton, Jan. 12, 1817, a?. 70. 
He was one of those that marched to Dorchester Heights when the 
forts were erected that caused the British to evacuate Boston in 
March, 1776 ; a Revolutionary marker has been placed on his grave. 
He married, Dec. 11, 1769, Hannah Coller of Dedham, born in 
Needham, March 4, 1746, and died in Milton, Aug. 8, 1816, ae. 
70, daughter of Joseph and Hannah Coller. 

Children, all born in Milton : 


161. i. JosiAH,6b. April 2G, 1771. 

ii. Samuel, b. Dec. 8, 1772 ; d. unm. of consumption, Dec. 14, 

iii. Elijah, b. Nov. 19, 1773; d. young. 

162. iv. John, b. Nov. 13, 1778. 

V. SuKEY ; m. Myers. 

163. vi. Nathaniel, b. 1783. 

vii. Hannah, b. about 1786 ; d. Jan. 5, 1826, ae. 40 ; m. first, March 

30, 1806, Minott Adams; m. second, Joseph Ewell, Jr. 
viii. Joseph, d. unm. in Milton, le. about 60. 


Thomas® Bent (Jason,^ Thomas,* Hopestill,^ Peter,^ John^), 
farmer, was born in Sudbury, Sept. 4, 1776, and died in Sudbury, 
March 28, 1848, aj. 71. He married, in 1807, Sarah Patch, born 
in Stow, June 8, 1782, and died in Sudbury, May 16, 1869, tfi. 
87, daughter of John and Isabel (Jewett) Patch. 
', Children, all born in Sudbury : 

164. i. Newell,^ b. Nov. 15, 1807. 

ii. Isabella J., b. March 9, 1809; d. in Sudbury, Mav 18, 1887, 
X. 78; m. first, Sept. 15, 1857, Jesse Shattuck (1802-1864) 
of Pepperill, and second, Feb. 4, 1874, her father's cousin, 
Thomas® Bent {q-v.). 

165. iii. William Glover, b. Nov. 21, 1810. 

166. iv. Thomas Elbridge, b. June 18, 1812. 

V. John Hastings, b. May 28, 1814; d. Jan. 13, 1873, in Con- 
cord, where most of his life was spent ; farmer, stock trader 
and real estate dealer ; m. April 19, 1840, Sarah Woodman 
of Boston. No children. 

167. vi. Jonathan Patch, b. Feb. 26, 1817. 

168. vii. RuFus HuRLBURT, b. May 3, 1820. 

viii. Sarah Ann, b. July 4, 1826; d. in Sudburv, unm., March 21, 
ix. Lucy Jane, b. May 15, 1828; d. in Sudbury, unm., Dec. 13, 


Sewell^ Bent (Jason,^ Thomas,* Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^), 
farmer, was born in Sudbury, Oct. 9, 1778. He moved about 
1805, Or 1806, to the adjoining town of Stow, where he died, 
Sept. 11, 1854, a3. nearly 76. He married, April 10, 1806, Lydia 
Patch of Stow, born June 8, 1782, died June 6, 1858, twin sister 
of Sarah, who married his brother Thomas. 

Children, all born in Stow : 



169. i. John Patch/ b. April 22, 1807. 

ii. Anna Glover, b. Dec. 16, 1808; d. Oct. 7, 1828. 
iii. JosiAH Jason, b. April 18, 1811 ; d. Jan. 21, 1833. 
iv. Hannah Miller, b. Aug. 6, 1813; d. iu Michigan, February, 
1892, 33, 78; m. Paul H. Whitcomb, who d. in Boxboro', 
Mass., March, 1875. 
no. V. Thomas Hastings, b. Sept. 15, 1815. 


JASO^^® Bent (Jason,^ Thomas,* HopestiU,^ Peter,^ John'^), 
farmer, avus born in Sudbury, Sept. 12, 1785, and died in Sudbury, 
Aug. 27, 1872, va. nearly 87. He married first, April 10, 1810, 
Asenatli Fairbanks of Framin2;ham, who died Aug;. 30, 1834, re. 
51 ; married second. May 7, 1835, Mrs. Martha Plympton, born 
in Stirling, Mass., in 1791, died in Sudbury, Sept. 30, 186(3, 
daughter of John Ewers and widow of Ebenezer Plympton. 

Children, all born in Sudbury : 

i. Elizabeth Clough,'^ b. Mav 5, 1811 ; d. in "Way land, Mass., 
Oct. 14, 1880 ; m. May 21,' 1843, Tliaddeus Garfield* of Sud- 
bury. Two children : 1. Mary Moss/nan,^ b. April 28, 1844. 
2. George Henry, b. Nov. 22, 1847. 

171. ii. Daniel Fairbanks, b. Oct. 19, 1815. 

172. iii. AsAHEL Wheeler, b. Feb. 13, 1818. 

iv. Harriet Sophia, b. April 1, 1823; m. March 27, 1851, Jona- 
than C. Dakin of Sudbury, where she still lives. No children. 
He d. Sept. 13, 1894. 

V. Mary Ann, b. Feb. 5, 1826; d. in Sudbury, March 1, 1880; 
m. May 5, 1847, Calvin Morse of Sudbury. Three children : 
1. Emma Irene.^ 2. Theodore Warren. 3. Calvin Jones. 


Samuel^ Bent (Samuel,^ Thomas,^ Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^), 
farmer, was born in Sudbury, Feb. 10, 1778, taken to Fitzwilliam, 
N. H., with his parents in 1780, and there lived till about 1810, 
when he removed to Stockbridge, Vt., where he died, March 20, 
1854, ro. 76. He married, Oct. 9, 1804, Pvuth Pratt of Fitzwil- 
liam, born Sept. 9, 1782, died Dec. 9, 1872, va. 90, having out- 
lived all of her descendants. She was a daughter of lieuben and 
sister of Amos, who married Samuel Bent's sister. Nearly all of 
their children died in infancy ; only one married : 

i. Mary Ann,^ b. Oct. 13, 1808 ; d. iu Stockbridge, Vt., Feb. 13, 
1848 ; m. November, 1841, George W. Reynolds, and had one 
son, George W.^ Reynolds, Jr., who d. Jan. 3, 1864, -x. 19 yrs. 
3 mos. 24 days. 

* A descendant of Edward Garfield (or Gearfield) , one of the early settlers of Water- 
town, Mass., and ancestor of President Garfield. 


Mary® Bent {Samuel,^ Thomas," Tlopestill,^ Peter,^ John^) 
was born April 24, 1780, in Fitzwilliam, N. H., where she died 
June 16, 18G4, 2i. 84. She married, Nov. 28, 1798, Amos Pratt 
(1775-1839) of Fitzwilham. 

Children of Amos and Mary (Bent) Pratt, all born in Fitz- 
william : 

i. Infant,' b. and d. 1799. 
ii. Curtis Pratt, b. 1800; d. 1812. 
iii. Mary Pratt, b. Sept. 27, 1802 ; d. June 27, 1839 ; m. Jan. 24, 

1822, Timothy Metcalf, Jr., of Eindge, K H. 
iv. Candace Pratt, b. Jan. 4, 1805 ; d. in Eindge. N. H., Sept. 4, 
1884 ; m. Dec. 1, 1825, Oratio Putnam Allen of Eindge, N. H. 
V. Laura Ann Pratt, b. April 23, 1807 ; d. in Jaffrey, N. H., 
Aug. 24, 1856 ; m. first, Dec. 13, 1827, Gilman Eveleth (1799- 
1841) of Dublin, N. H., and second, Abel Marsliall (1789- 
1871) of Fitzwilliam, N. H. 
vi. Reuben Banister Pratt, b. April 21, 1809 ; d. in Fitzwilliam, 
April 7, 1877 ; m. Ann Maria Haskell, and had : 1. Granville 
Reuben} 2. Nelson Edwin. 3. Eliot Almond. 4. Eliza Ann. 
5. Albert Henry. 
vii. Sarah Pratt, b. Jan. 17, 1812; d. in Eindge, N. H., Feb. 6, 

1895 ; m. Austin A. Bradford, 
viii. Hyman Curtis Pratt, b. March 12, 1815; d. Oct. 13, 1839; 
m. Sally Bemis. 
ix. Amos Sarin Pratt, b. Oct. 2, 1817; d. Nov. 27, 1863; m. 

Callephina Handy. 
X. Warren S. Pratt, b. 1819; d. 1824. 
xi. Sylvester Pratt, b. 1821 ; d. young, 
xii, Caroline Pratt, b. 1823 ; d. 1825. 
xiii. Son, b. 1824; d. 1827. 

Martha® Bent (^Samuel,^ Thomas,^ Hopestill,^ Peter," John^) 
was born Sept. 26, 1782, in Fitzwilliam, N. H., where she died, 
Nov. 11, 1867. She married, Sept. 25, 1800, Moses Chaplin 
(1777-1859), son of Micah and a descendant of Hugh Chaplin of 
Rowley, Mass., 1642. 

Children of Moses and Martha (Bent) Qhaplin, all born in 
Fitzwilliam : 

i. Mary Chaplin,^ b. Dec. 23, 1801 ; d. in West Townsend, 1888 ; 
m. Sept. 15, 1825, Martin Streeter (1801-1861) of Fitzwilliam, 
and had : 1. Edwin.^ 2. Anson. 3. Elmon. 4. Alvin. 
5. Sophia D. 

ii. Lurena Chaplin, b. Jan. 22, 1803 ; d. in Winchendon ; m. first, 
Dec. 30, 1824, Elisha Greiiorv, Jr. (1798-1838), and second. 
May 27, 1847, Jonas Brooks (1813-1859). By the first mar- 


riage she had : 1. John Milton^ who m. Betsey A., dau. of 
Hemy and Betsey (Bent) Shirley. 2. Martha C. 3. 3Tary 

E. 4. Eliza Caroline, who m. Loammi B. Underwood of 
Eindge, N. H. 5. Adelaide Lurena, m. first, Alpheus C. 
White, and 2d, Julius Hale of Winchendon. 

iii. Milton Chaplin, b. April 7, 1805; d, in Fitzwilliam, Jan. 1, 
1893; m. Nov. 30, 1830, Caroline Allen (1811-1891), and 
had: 1. Frances Ade,^ m. Philip S. Batcheller of Fitz- 
william, and had one dau., Ida Louise,^ who m. Isaac F. Paul 
of Boston. 2. Elliott Milton, lives at Sand Spring, Iowa. 3. 
Martha Alicia, m. Charles Newton (1834-1893) of Fitz- 
william, N. H. 

iv. Julia Chaplin, b. Oct. 1, 1807; d. in Fitzwilliam, Oct. 26, 
1844 ; m. Aug. 8, 1826, Lyman Deeth (1804-1842), and had : 
1. Moses Sumner.^ 2. Jidia Ann. 3. Martha A. 4. Lymati 
G. 5. Jane R. 6. Martin Streeter, who m. first, Jane E. 

V. Anson Chaplin, b. 1810; d. 1812. 

vi. RoxANNA Chaplin, b. Oct. 18, 1812; d. in Winchendon 1893; 
m. first, Nov. 27, 1833, Ephraim W. Weston of Winchendon, 
who d. Oct. 29, 1854; m. second, Oct. 16, 1861, Edwin Parks 
of Winchendon. One son, Irving E.^ (1835-1889) by the 
first marriage. 

vii. and viii. Infants (twins), d. 1815. 

ix. Elisha Chaplin, b. Oct. 27, 1816; d. m Fitzwilliam, N. H., 
Aug. 30, 1897; m. first, Jan. 31, 1844, Sarah R. Marshall 
(1824-1875) of Jaffrey, N. H. ; m. second, Jan. 8, 1879, 
Abbie, sister of his first wife, and widow of his brother Moses. 
Two children by first marriage : 1 . Martha Ahhie^ m. Willis 
A. Stiles. 2. Marshall Elisha. 

X. William Chaplin, b. 1820 ; d. 1822. 

xi. Martha Chaplin, b. 1823; d. 1840. 

xii. Moses Chaplin b. Sept. '22, 1828; d. Nov. 13, 1870; m. Nov. 
26, 1850, Abbie Marshall, dau. of Abel of Fitzwilliam, and 
had: 1. Emma Frances,^ m. Almancer J. Streeter. 2. Julia 
Roxana, m. Elisha M. Bent. 3. Winjield Marshall, m. Abbie 

F. Reed. 


William Hunt^ Bent {Samuel,'' Thomas,* Hop estill,^ Peter, ^ 
John^) farmer, was born July 14, 1785, in Fitzwilliam, N. H., 
and died in Townsend, Mass., July 23, 1866, a?. 81. He married 
first, Dec. 3, 1815, Margaret Brooks of Winchendon, who died 
July 10, 1825, 5B. 35 ; married second, Betsey, daughter of Isaac 
Taylor of Winchendon. Betsey died May 13, 1860, a?. 62. 

Children of William H. and Margaret, both born in Fitzwilliam : 

ITS. i. Levi Brooks,'^ b. Sept. 12, 1817. 
ii. Eliza, b. 1824; d. 1824. 

Children of William H. and Betsey, all born in Fitzwilliam : 


174. i. William,' b. Jan. 18, 1828. 

ii. Betsey, b. Aug. 27, 1831 ; d. in Townsend, Mass., May 14, 

1871 ; m. Samuel \Yoodley of Townsend, who d. in Detroit, 

Mich., October, 1806. No children. 
iii. Harriet, b. Feb. 13, 1838 ; d. April 7, 185.5. 
iv. Laura Abby, b. Nov. 1, 1841; living in Townsend; m. Dec. 

31, 18G8, Charles W. liildreth of Townsend. Ko children. 

Hyman® Bent [Samuel,^ Thomas,* Hopestill,^ Peter,^ John}) 
was born Sept. 17, 1788, in Fitzwillinm, N. H., where lie died 
Dec. 21, 1872, a;. 84. He was probably named for his mother's 
brother, Haman Hunt. AYith the exception of a year and a half 
spent in Boston previous to his marriage, he lived on a farm, cleared 
about 1790 by another Sudbury settler, Isaac Goodnow, in the 
south-eastern part of Fitzwilliam. The following, written in 1888, 
is from a tribute by his second son : 

Hyman Bent was a man of mitiring industry, and he had a faculty of 
turning off work with ease and rapidity that bordered on the marvellous. 
He worked on the eight hour system, lout it was eight hours in the fore- 
noon and eight hours in the afternoon. He was an early riser, usually up 
at four o'clock in the morning, and in the short days of winter his chores 
would be all done and he, with his axe, a mile away, lilve proud Edward at 
Baimockburn, " waiting for the break of day to glimmer in the east," that 
he mi^ht commence his battle. 

To subdue an ordinary New England farm, and support a family from 
it, required energy, perseverance and heroism. But our hero, with a stub- 
born farm and a rapidly increasing family, was equal to the task. He was 
devoted to his family, and he is remembered as very often and very cheer- 
fully sitting down before the old open fire-place with his children after 
those long days of toil, to sing to them, and with them, some sph'ited hymns 
or patriotic songs. 

^V'hat to others might have been a weary round of toil, to him was cheer- 
ful duty. He was 

" Pleasant as the ah* of evening 
When it floats among the trees." 

and yet he was firm as the rock of ages, and in his family government 
was master of the situation. He was always hiterested in town affairs, 
making special efforts to attend all town meetings. He believed in having 
good schools, good roads, and in progress generally, and so he always paid 
his part of the tax cheerfully. In 1831 and 1832, he was one of the select- 
men of the town. Politically and socially his aim was to establish an 
aristocracy of true principal. 

In religion, he made few professions, and fewer pretensions. He needed 
neither, no more than substance needs a shadow. The spirit of the golden 
rule shone forth from his every-day life. He had a steady love of good 
and a steady scorn of evil. To " do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly " 
was his ambition. He did not sigh for gruud achievements, but his aim was 
to do each little duty well. With him each day was a worthy record, and 
the sum a faithful life. 























Hyman Bent and three of his children lived to have their golden 
weddings remembered, and all of his children that married (ten) 
celebrated their silver weddings. He married, Aug. 27, 1817, 
Levinah Johnson Allen, born in Shrewsbury, Mass., July 15, 1797, 
died in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Nov. 13, 1883, daughter of Rev. 
Arunah Allen (1767-1853), and a descendant of Walter Allen of 
Newbury, jNlass., 1640. 

Children, all born in Fitzwilliam : 

Samuel,^ b. Dec. 23, 1817. 
Eliza, b. Oct. 25, 1819. 
LuRENE, b. Oct. 2, 1821, 
Arunah Allex, b. Jan. 29, 1823. 
Susan, b. Dec. 30, 1825. 
Maria, b. Oct. 13, 1828. 
El-mixa, b. June 16, 1830. 

Sarah, b. Jan. 5, 1832; living vmm. in Gardner, Mass. Until 
1883, she made her home on the old farm in Fitzwilliam, N. H. 
Charles Orra, b. Jmie 4, 1835. 
Frances Flora, b. Oct. 27, 1838. 
RoDERic Leslie, b. March 22, 1843. 

Elisha^ Bent {Samnel,^ Tho7nas,* Hopestlll,^ Peter, ^ John^) 
was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Dec. 10, 1793 ; died in Fitz- 
william, Nov. 13, 1865, re. nearly 72. He took the farm his father 
cleared and always lived there. He married, June 23, 1831, Nancy, 
born Nov. 11, 1800, died April 30, 1885, daughter of William 
Robbins of Winchendon, Mass. 

Children, all born in Fitzwilliam : 

i. Newell,^ b. 1832 ; d. 1837. 

ii. Mart Anna, b. Jan. 8, 1834 ; living in Orange, Mass. ; m. 
March 15, 1881, Jonah Davis of Orange, where he d. April 
11, 1888. 
iii. Eunice R., b. 1835; d. 1837. 
^ iv. Jane E., b. Jan. 13, 1837 ; d. Nov. 30, 1868 ; m. April 7, 1857, 
Martin Streeter Deetli, b. Jan. 30, 1836. No children. He 
m. again, Feb. 2, 1870, Nancy A, Stiles, and lives in Fitz- 
william, N. H. 
V. Elmina, b. 1838; d. 1841. 
vi. Lois, b. 1839; d. 1841. 

vii. Nancy Maria, b. Jmie 2, 1842; m. May 11, 1875, Caleb G. 
Cox, who has a farm in Fitzwilliam, N. H. 
185. viii. Elisha Melzo, b. Aug. 6, 1845. 


Betsey® Bent {Samuel,'" Thomas,* Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John'^) 
was bom Aug. 9, 1796, in Fitzwilliam, N. H., where she died Jan. 


23, 1851. She married, Feb. 20, 1823, Hemy Shirley of Fitz- 
william, born March 22, 1796, died April 21, 1869, son of John 
Shirley (1755-1848), a Revolutionary soldier, who moved from 
Sudbury to Fitzwilliam in 1799. John was a son of Fenners 
Shirley who came from England in 1755 and settled in Sudbury. 

Children of Henry and Betsey (Bent) Shirley, all born in Fitz- 
william : 

i. Mary Submit'' Shirley, b. Aug. 20, 1824 ; d. in Manchester, 
Vt., Sept. 19, 1876; m. first, George Bissell, who d. Dec. 28, 
1852, a>. 36; m. second, Levi Phillips (1814-1865). 
ii. John Warren Shirley, b. Dec. 2, 1825 ; still living; m. Nov. 
3, 1850, Ellen Maria, dau. of John .1. Allen. 

iii. William Henry Shirley, b. Oct. 1, 1827 ; d. in Winchendon, 
Mass., Feb. 3, 1892 ; m. Dec. 15, 1853, Caroline C. Williams 
of Keeseville, N. Y. Three children : 1. Florence F.,^ b. 
1855 ; d. 1856. 2. Flora A., b. Jan. 31, 1858 ; d. March 22, 
1876. 3. Ifarry A., b. Sept. 15, 1865 ; m. Jidy 30, 1896, 
Anna Robinson of Worcester, N. Y., and moved immediately 
to Salem, N. C. 

iv. Betsey Ann Shirley, b. Oct. 11, 1829 ; living in Sunderland, 
Vt. ; m. Nov. 22, 1848, John Milton Gregory. Seven chil- 
dren : 1 . Addis Leslie.^ 2. Clarence Edgar. 3. Ella Caro- 
line. 4. Emma Lurena. 5. William Henry. 6. Florence Edna. 
7. Mary Effie. 

V. Nancy Shirley, b. 1832 ; d. 1837. 

vi. Catherine Shirley, b. 1835; d. 1837. 

vii. Sarah J. Shirley, b. 1837 ; d. 1837. 


Newell^ Bent {Jonathan,^ Thomas.,'*' Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ 
John^) was born in Sudbury, Mass., Oct. 9, 1778; died in Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Feb. 13, 1831, je. 52. He taught school in Wes- 
ton before marriage, soon after which he located in Cambridgeport, 
where he had a lumber wharf and was largely interested in real 
estate ; was a justice of the peace and a bank director ; selectman, 
1822 to 1824; representative to the Legislature, 1824 to 1826. 
He married, Oct. 3, 1805, Betsey Kendall, daughter of Joshua and 
Susannah Shattuck of West Cambridge (now Belmont). She died 
in Ludlow, Vt., Sept. 1, 1854, aj. 69 ; buried in Mt. Auburn. 

Children, all born in Cambridge : 

i. Eliza Ann,'' b. Aug. 7, 1806; d. in Claremont, N. H., Aug. 
23, 1838; m. Nov. 21, 1837, Joel Gillingham. 
186, ii. Newell, b. March 5, 1810. 

iii. Susan Maria, b. March 11, 1814; d. Dec. 21, 1874; m. Feb. 

7, 1833, Joseph Porter, 
iv. Mary Kendall, b. 1822 ; d. 1825. 

V. Mary Lucretia, b. April 19, 1826 ; d. Feb. 20, 1855 ; m. Jan. 
20, 1848, Robert Henry Fuller. 


vi. Fannie Loretta, b. March 22, 1828; d. in Cambridge, Mass., 
March 18, 1896; m. March 5, 1855, Abijah Richardson, 
attorney-aHaw, b. in Turner, INIe., June 6, 1823, d. in Rox- 
bury, Mass., Feb. 20, 1874. Two children: 1. Edith,^\). 
1867. 2. WilUam Bent, b. 1869. 


Hezekiah® Bent {Jonathan,^ Thomas,* HoiJestill,^ Peters- 
John^), farmer, was born in Sudbury, Nov. 21, 1789; died in 
Holden, Mass., Feb. 27, 1867, ce. 77; moved from Sudbury to 
Holden about 1820. He was in a company of grenadiers in 1822. 
He married, in 1815, Polly Colburn, of Lincoln, Mass., born 
Oct. 11, 1792, died in Holden, Aug. 16, 1879, daughter of John 

Children, i. and ii. born in Sudbury ; iii. and iv. born in Holden : 

i. Mary Ann,'' b. July 4, 1816; d. in Worcester, Mass., Oct. 26, 
1852; m. in 1840, George H. Smith of Holden. Five chil- 

ii. Sarah Rice, b. Jaly 3, 1819 ; m. April 10, 1838, John Bisco 
Moore of Worcester. Six children. 

iii. Eliza Stone, b. May 10, 1829 ; m. first, in April, 1852, Jones 
Chaifin of Holden, and moved to Worcester. He d. in Jan- 
uary, 1861, and she m. second, in 1863, Thomas L. Bugbee 
of Worcester, who d. April 11, 1890. No children. 

iv. Nancy Osborne, b. Sept. 21, 1830; d. in Worcester, Mass., 
July 9, 1864; m. George A. Willard of Worcester. One son. 


Samuel® Bent {Jonathan,^ Thomas," HopestiU,"^ Peter, ^ 
John^), farmer, was born in Sudbury, Feb. 21, 1794; died in 
Sudbury, July 4, 186 3, je. 69. He married first, March 20, 1825, 
Anna Haynes of Sudbury. He married second, May 25, 1831, 
Mary Savary of Lincoln, Mass., born in Boston, October, 1801, 
died in Sudbury, April 1, 1878, daughter of Henry and Mary 
Savary. No issue by first wife. 

Children of Samuel and Mary, both born in Sudbury : 

i. Samuel,'' b. March 13, 1832; d. in Sudbury from a fall hi his 

barn July 19, 1885; m. Nov. 29, 1860, Harriet E. Haynes. 

No children. 
ii. Mary Charlotte, b. Aug. 17, 1834 ; living in Ashland, Wis. ; 

m. April 4, 1857, Edward Mclntyre of Cambridge, Mass. 

Two children: 1. Edward B.^ 2. Sarah Agnes, m. Samuel 

Wheeler of Concord, Mass. 


Thomas® Bent {Jonathan,'" Thomas,* Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ 
JoAw'), farmer, was born in Sudbury, April 11, 1804; died in 










Sudbmy, Sept. 26, 1881, se. 77. He married first, Dec. 1, 1831, 
Keziali Carr, born July 12, 1812, died Jan. 14, 1873, daug:hter of 
Ezra and jNIary Carr of Sudbury. He married second, Feb. 4, 
1874, Mrs. Isabella J. Shattuck, daughter of his cousin Thomas 
Bent. She died May 18, 1887, le. 78. 

Children of Thomas and Keziah, all born in Sudbury : 

Lucius Philip,'^ b. June 14, 1833. 

Thomas Albert, b. July 31, 1835. 

Cyrus Anderson, b. Feb. 1, 1840. 

Charles Edward, b. Sept. 8, 1844; living in Somerville, 
Mass. ; m. Nov, 20, 1870, IMaria Theresa, dau. of Casimir and 
Theresa Bechler of Bahimore, Md. No children. 

George Henry, b. May 8, 184G. 

Francis Eugene, b. Dec. 30, 1848. 


Silas® Bent (jSilas,^ Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter, "^ Johyi^), 
lawyer and judo;e, was born in Rutland, Mass., May 16, 1768, died 
in St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 20, 1827, ie. 59. In 1788 or 1789, he 
went to Marietta, Ohio, to prepare the way for his parents, who 
were among the earliest permanent settlers of the Northwest Terri- 
tory ; soon after he began the study of law with Philip Dodridge 
at Wheeling, (West) Virginia. Upon the completion of his studies, 
he decided to embark in a mercantile career and opened a store in 
Charleston, in what is now West Virginia. In January, 1802, he 
was made postmaster of Brooke Court house, Virginia, and in 1803 
became a deputy in the office of Rufus Putnam, who was surveyor- 
general. Feb. 17, 1804, he was commissioned by Gov. Edward 
Tiffin an associate judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Wash- 
ington County, in his old home in southern Ohio. In July, 1805, 
he became deputy surveyor under Jared Mansfield, surveyor-general. 
In July, 1806, he was appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury, 
Albert Gallatin, principal deputy surveyor for the great but little 
known territory of Louisiana, only recently (1803) purchased from 
Napoleon, and ordered to St. Louis, which he reached Sept. 17, 
1806. Aug. 20, 1807, he was appointed by Frederick Bates, 
secretary and acting governor of Louisiana, "first judge of the 
Court of Common Pleas and the Court of Quarter Sessions of the 
Peace for the District of St. Louis." In November, 1808, he was 
appointed, by Gov. Meriwether Lewis, auditor of public accounts 
for the district of St. Louis. Nov. 9, 1809, he was made presiding 
judge of the St. Louis Court of Common Pleas, and on that day 
signed the first charter for the town of St. Louis. Jan. 5, 1811, 
Frederick Bates, acting governor, appointed him auditor of public 
accounts, and in September following, he was commissioned judge 
of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions by Gov. Ben- 



jamin Howard. Feb. 21, 1813, President Madison commissioned 
him judge of the Supreme Court of Missouri Territory, and on Jan. 
21, 1817, he was re-commissioned as such by President Monroe, and 
held the office nntil it was abohshed by the admission of Missouri* 
into the Union in 1821, when he became clerk of the St. Louis 
County Court which, in addition to the county business, exercised 
probate jurisdiction. This office he held until his death six years 
later. (See "Reminiscences of the Bench and Bar of Missouri," 
by W. V. N. Bay, St. Louis, 1878.) 

It will thus be seen that Judge Bent was a pioneer of two 
great states, and that almost his entire life was spent in the public 
service ; and the fact that no complaint was ever made against 
him is good evidence of his ability and integrity. He was not only 
an able jurist, but a man of varied and extensive information, just 
such a man as the government needed in the early settlement of the 
West. He had a fine residence at Carondalet, now South St. Louis. 

Silas Bent married Martha Kerr, born June 8, 1778, died Aug. 
19, 1833, £6. 55, of Virginia. Her early home was near Winchester. 

Children, i. to iii. born in (West) Virginia; iv. in Ohio; v. to 
xi. in St. Louis, Mo. : 

192, i. Charles,^ b. Nov. 11, 1799. 

Ift3i ii. JuLiANNAH, b. July 18, 1801 ; m. Lilburn W. Boggs. 

194. iii. John, b. May 31, 1803. 

195. iv. Lucy, b. March 8, 1805 ; m. Joseph Russell. 

196. V. Dorcas, b. March 12, 1807 ; m. Judge William C. Garr. 

197. vi. William, b. May 23, 1809. 

198. vii. Mart, b. Jan. 25, 1811 ; m. Major Jonathan L. Bean, U. S. A. 
viii. George, b. April 15, 1814 ; cl. at Bent's Fort, Col., Oct. 23, 

1846, 33. 32. 
ix. Robert, b. Feb. 23, 1816 ; d. at Bent's Fort, Oct. 20, 1841, a?. 

25. His remains, with those of his brother George, were 

afterwards removed to St. Louis. 
x. Edward, b. Sept. 14, 1818 ; d. May 5, 1824. 

199. xi. Silas, b. Oct. 10, 1820. 

Polly® Bent (Silas,^ Mijah,* Hopest'dl^^ Peter,^ John^) was 
born in Rutland, Mass., Sept. 23, 1769; died in Orwell, Ohio, 
Dec. 18, 1857, a;. 88. She married, Feb. 12, 1789, George 
Smith, Jr., born in Rutland, Mass., June 19, 17(31, died in Orwell, 
Ohio, June 17, 1844, ae. 83, son of Lieut. George and Jane 
(McElwain) Smith of Rutland. George, Jr., was a private in 
Capt. Ralph Earll's company, in Col. Danforth Keyes's regiment, 
from July 10, 1777, to Jan. 3, 1778. Soon after marriage they 
moved to Peru, Berkshire Co., Mass., and afterward lived in the 

* Missouri's territorial organization dates from 1812. 


adjoining town of Worthington ; in 1836, they moved to Orwell, 

Children of George and Polly (Bent) Smith : 

i. John'' Smith, b. July 19, 1789 ; d. in Dorset, 0., Feb. 29, 1880 ; 
m. 1817, Charlotte Cottrell, and had: 1. John O.^ 2. Mary 
B., m. Chester Chaj^in. 3. Alexander H. 4. George E. 5. 
Philander. 6. Lucy Ann, d. unm. 7. Pomeroy H. 8. 
Rufus Q. 
ii. Jane Smith, b. Jan. 19, 1791 ; d. unm. Feb. 1, 1817. 

iii. George Smith, b. Jan. 3, 1793 ; d. 188- ; settled in Green- 
ville, Tenn., about 1820 ; has a son William, attorney, of 
Mansfield, O. 

iv. Charlotte Smith, b. Sept. 20, 1794; d. in Windsor, 0., April 
3, 1884; m. 1832, Owen Stoughton (1795-1874), and had: 
1. Sumner, b. July 21, 1833. 2. Maria C, b. Dec. 9, 1836; 
m. Edwin D. Gleason, and has Charles S.^ and Maud. 
V. Sumner Smith, b. Jan. 20, 1796; d. unm. in or near Belpre, 
O., Nov. 9, 1822. 

vi. Renselaer Smith, b. June 2, 1798 ; d. June 22, 1863 ; m. 
Electa Clark, and had: 1. Susan.^ 2. Franklin. 3. Solo- 
mon. 4. Sophronia. 5. Delia. 6. Dorothy. 7. Elisif. 

8. Electa. 9. Silas. 

vii. Sewell Smith, b. 1799; d. 1800. 
viii. Sophronia Smith, b. 1801; d. 1802. 
ix. Sophronia Smith, b. Nov. 23, 1803 ; d. in Cleveland, 0., Aug. 

7, 1883 ; m. Ralph Blair, and had John^ and a dau. M. L. 
X. Pomeroy Smith, b. Nov. 28, 1805 ; d. Nov. 6, 1868 ; m. Jan. 

1, 1833, Louisa C. Burnell (1807-1885), and had: 1. 
Sarah L^ 2. Caroline S. 3. Trowbridge P. 4. Henry S. 

5. Clayton B. 

xi. Cynthia Smith (twin), b. Nov. 9, 1807; d. July 6, 1893; m. 

Newton Walcott, and had: 1. Helen.^ 2. Julia. 3. Charles. 

xii. Orsamus Smith (twin), b. Nov. 9, 1807; d. Dec. 31, 1886; m. 

first, Melinda Clapp of Deerfield, O., and had : 1. Frances.^ 

2. Horatio M., major, U. S. A. 3. George. He m. second, 
Almira Kendall of Deerfield, O., and had: 1. William 0. 
2. Emma. Both of whom lived in Orwell, 0. 

xiii. Franklin Silas Smith, b. March 15, 1810; d. Dec. 31, 
1888 ; m. Martha Jane Ruby, and had : 1. Edward.^ 2. 
Marion. 3. Newell. 4. Ella. 5. Lewis. 

xiv. Dorothy Smith, b. Mai-ch 4, 1815; d. in Windsor, O., Oct. 
17, 1896; m. March 2, 1837, Earl Claj^p of Windsor, O., and 
had nine children: 1. Mary,^ m. Lester Clark. 2. Corral 
William. 3. George Merit. 4. John. 5. Dwight Monroe. 

6. Earl. 7. Emma, m. Horace A. Bowyer. 8. Eusehius. 

9. Alice Genevera. 


SuSAN^ Bent {Silas," Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,'' John'') vfQ,s 
born in Rutland, Mass., April 21, 1771 ; died in Little Hocking, 


Ohio, April 5, 1865, fe. 94. She married, about 1795, Joel Oaks 
of Newbury,* Ohio. 

Children, all born in Ohio : 

i. Susan'' Oaks, b. 1796; d. Nov. 22, 1829. 
ii. Elizabeth Oaks. 
iii. William Oaks, b. 1800; d. 1811. 

iv. Daniel Oaks, b. Dec. 20, 1801 ; d. March 24, 1869. His sou, 
Silas Bent^ Oaks, lives on the old Oaks place in Little Hocking. 
V. Sumner Oaks, d. April 28, 1874. 

vi. Charlotte Oaks, b. Jan. 11, 1807; d. March 30, 1844; m. 
May, 1835, James H. Guthrie. Three children : 1. Charles 
H.} b. 1836; d. 1859. 2. Lucy 0., b. May 24, 1838; living 
in Swan Creek, O. ; m. Oct. 12, 1858, James M. Hanuau. 3. 
Clarinda, b. 1841 ; d. 1842. James H. Guthrie m. second, 
Mary, dan. of Nahum^ Bent (q-v.). 
vii. Lucy Oaks, b. 1808 ; d. 1822. 


Nahum* Bent ( Silas, ^ Elijah,* Jlopesfill,^ Peter, ^ John^), 
farmer, was born in Rutland, Mass., Nov. 17, 1778 ; died of con- 
sumption in Nodaway, Andrew Co., Mo., June 29, 1856, ae. 77. 
While still a boy, he was taken to the Ohio valley by his parents ; 
brought up in Belpre ; was the first postmaster of Bent's Post Office, 
as Centre Belpre, Ohio, was once called. About 1835, he moved 
to north-western Missouri. He married, at Marietta, Ohio, March 
16, 1810, Susan Dilley, who died in Nodaway, Mo. 

Children, all born in Ohio : 

i. Elizabeth,'' d. near Salmon City, Idaho ; m. Frank Price of 
Parkersburg, W. Virginia, who moved to Ottawa, Canada, 
after his wife's death. 

ii. Mary, b. 1813 ; d. of consumption, in Swan Creek, 0., July 29, 
1856, JE. 43 ; m. Nov. 15, 1844, James H. Guthrie, b. in New- 
bury, O., in 1804, d. in Swan Creek, O., April 4, 1877. Two 
children: 1. Sarah Missouri,^ b. Oct. 20, 1845; d. Aug. 14, 
1874; m. Sept. 15, 1869, Corydon I. Bush. 2. Edward A., 
b. Dec. 7, 1850 ; drowned June 15, 1864. James H. Guthrie's 
first wife was Charlotte, dan. of Susan^ Bent Oaks. He was 
married still a third time. 

iii. Nahum, Jr. (called June), returned to Ohio from Missouri in 
May, 1856, and d. in Swan Creek, O., June 29, 1856. 

200. iv. Edward, b. May 1, 1817. 

201. V. Luther, b. Aug. 8, 1819. 

vi. Charlotte, b. about 1820; d. in Newbury, O., Aug. 29, 1865, 
«. 45 ; m. Feb. 20, 1853, at Swan Creek, O., Edwin Guthrie 
(his second marriage) of Newbury, 0., brother of James H., 
who married her sister. Two children : 1. Edwin Benf Guth- 
rie, b. June 11, 1855; living in Marietta, O. 2. Elizabeth 
Susan Guthrie, b. June 9, 1858 ; d. June 22, 1881. 

* On the Ohio River, twenty-oue miles below Marietta. 


vii. Susan, b. March 24, 1827 ; d. in Savannah, Mo., Auo-. 14, 
1861 ; m. Dec. 12, 1848, William Rayburu King of Tenn., 
who d. in St. Louis, Mo., March 8, 1894 ; two sous living, 
one, William,^ in Marshall, Sabine Co., Mo. 


Abner® Bent (Silas,^ Elijah,* Hojoestill,^ Peter, ^ John^), 
farmer, was born in Rutland, Mass., Sept. 22, 1780 ; died in Marion 
County, Ohio, July 12, 1834, as. 53. In 1789, he was taken by 
his parents from Massachusetts to Ohio ; was brought up in Belpre 
(Ohio), where he lived, with the exception of the years 1806, 1807, 
and, perhaps 1808, which were spent in New Orleans, until 1821, 
when he removed to a large farm on the Little Scioto River in 
Marion County. He was a justice of the peace, a man of education 
and refinement, and held in high esteem by the pioneers who sur- 
rounded him. He married first, Jan. 18, 1802, Elizabeth Williams 
of Marietta, Ohio, born in Detroit, Mich., daughter of Nathan and 
Eleanor (Lovelace) Williams.* She died in New Orleans in 1807 
or 1808, and he married second, about 1816, Elizabeth Dilley, who 
moved, after her husband's death, to AVabash, Ind., where she died 
May, 1854. 

Children, by the first marriage, all born in Belpre, Ohio : 
i. Nahum W.,^ b. Dec. 3, 1802 ; d. March 4, 1824. 

202. ii. Elijah, b. about 1804. 

203. iii. Sarah, b. Aug. 19, 1806 ; m. first, George Parker; m. second, 

David Miller. 

Children, by the second marriage : 

204. i. Lincoln Goodale. 

ii. Dorcas, b. Dec. 9, 1820 ; living in La Rue, O. ; m. March 12, 
1850, Lewis TopliiF, b. Oct. 18, 1807 ; d. Feb. 2, 1867. Five 
children: 1. Susan Amanda,^ di.yoxmg. 2. Lewis E.,(i.jonug. 
3. Calvin Horatio. 4. Emma Josephine, m. William J. Myers. 
5. Princess Oalista, m. J. E. Moore. 

iii. Susan Elizabeth, m. Spencer West. 

iv. Cornelius, d. in infancy, 

v. Henry Clay, d. in infancy. 

vi. Augusta, d. in Cal., Dec. 29, 1876 ; m. Samuel Ridenour. 

vii. RoENA, m. George Reeves, 
viii. Abner, b. 1828 ; d. 1828. 


Dorcas^ Bent {Silas,^ Elijah,'^ Iloijestill ,^ Peter, ^ John^) 
was born in Rutland, Mass., Aug. 9, 1782; taken when a mere 
child to Ohio; died in Newport, Ohio, April 8, 1839, le. 56. She 

* Nathan "Williams moved during the Revolution from Connecticut to Detroit, then 
a British trading post. His wife's parents, members of Daniel Boone's colony in Ken- 
tucky, were massacred by the Indians about 1773, and the young Eleanor with her 
sister carried captive to Detroit. 


married, in Belpre, Ohio, Feb. 4, 1816, Deacon William Dana of 
Newport, Ohio, born in Cambridge, Mass., Ang. 16, 1775, died in 
Newport, Ohio, Jnne 24, 1851, son of Capt. William Dana of 
Belpre. Deacon Dana was married three times. His first wife, by 
whom he had six children, was Polly Parkman Foster, daughter of 
Hon. Peregrine Foster of Belpre, Ohio ; and his third wife, to 
whom he was married Oct. 1, 1840, was Mrs. Maria (Taylor) 
Guitteau, widow of Benjamin Guitteau. 

Children of William and Dorcas (Bent) Dana: 

i. Mary Bent^ Dana, b. Nov. 9, 1816 ; d. April 15, 1862 ; m. 
Sept. 28, 1837, Rev. Mighill Dustin, D.D., a Methodist 
clergyman, b. Aug. 18, 1810, d. March 10, 1896. Five child- 
ren : 1. Samuel H.,^ lived in Cincinnati, but d. in Colorado, 
Aug. 6, 1894. 2. Thomas E. 3. Mary, m. Dr. Ludlum. 4. 
William. 5. Charles W., Judge of Common Pleas Court in 
Dayton, O. 

ii. Grace Dana, d. in Marietta, O., in 1854; m. Oct. 16, 1838, 
Hon. Thomas W. Ewart, a lawyer, of Marietta, O. Six chil- 
dren : 1. Mary D.,^ m. Lieut. Edgar P. Pearce of Marietta. 
2. Robert, d. young. 3. Grace, d. young. 4. William D., a 
mfr. in Chicago ; m. Susan Hart. 5. Alice D., d. in Gran- 
ville, O., Feb. 10, 1898 ; m. Rev. Frank Adkins, a Baptist 
clergyman, who d. 1899. 6. Thomas, an able lawyer, still 
living in Marietta, O. ; m. Agnes Bertha Tibbetts. 

iii. Joseph Dana, b. May 3, 1819 ; drowned in the Ohio River, 
June 28, 1827. 

iv. Dorcas Dana, b. March 9, 1821 ; d. Marietta, 0., Feb. 10, 
1852 ; m. Col. Melvin Clark of Marietta, O., who was killed 
at the battle of Antietam, Sept., 1862 ; one child, Joseph D.,^ 
enlisted in 148th Ohio Infantry and was killed at City Point, 
Va., Aug. 9, 1864. 


Daniel^ Bent {Silas,' Elijah,'^ Hopestill,^ Peter ^^ John^) was 
born in Rutland, Mass., Feb. 3, 1785 ; taken four years later with 
the rest of the family to Marietta, Ohio, and a year after that to 
Belpre, Ohio, where the remainder of his life was spent. He took 
his father's farm, and died there March, 1828, fe. 43. He married, 
Feb. 16, 1826, in Newport, Ohio, Elizabeth Rowland, born in or 
near Wilmington, Del., May 4, 1788, died in Chicago, 111., Oct. 
1, 1855, ?&. 67, daughter of John and Isabella (Evans) Rowland. 

Child, born in Belpre, Ohio : 

i. Jennie Elizabeth,'^ b. -Jan. 17, 1827 ; living in Cleveland, O. ; 
m. Aug. 4, 1845. Rev. Joseph Silliman Edwards, b. Manlius, 
N. Y.,"Nov. 6, 1818 ; d. in Cleveland, O., Oct. 17, 1876, son 
of Rev. Joseph and Anna (Warner) Edwards. Four children : 
1. Mary Frances^ Edwards, b. in Belpre, O., Oct. 16, 1846; 
an invalid for many years ; d. unm. in Cleveland, March 5, 


1889. 2. Anna Maria Edwards, b. in Cincinnati, 0., March 
6, 1849, living unm. with her mother ; has been connected 
with the W. C. T. U. for many years as speaker and organizer. 
3. Ella Louisa Edwards, b. in Chicago, III., Sept. 26, 1854 ; 
living in Punxsutawney, Pa. ; m. first, Sept. 29, 1875, Rev. 
Samnel Lee Hillyer, pastor of the Congregational Chnrch in 
Woodbridge, N. J., who d. Nov. 28, 1877 ; for about ten 
years Mrs. Hillyer was principal of the Fairmount School in 
Cleveland, O. ; m. second, April 3, 1889, Rev. Philip Robin- 
son Danley, D.D., of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 
Taylorsville, 111. 4. Flora Lucretia Edwards, b. in Cleveland, 
O., Sept. 7, 1865 ; living unm. with her mother in Cleveland, 
where she is Supt. Missionary Extension, Ohio Christian En- 
deavor Union. 


Joel® Bent {Joel,^ Elijah,* Hojyestill,'^ Peter, ^ John^) was 
born in Barre, Mass., Nov. 27, 1770; died in Wendell, Mass., 
Aug. 19, 1821, JB. 50. He married. May 30, 1797, Esther Law- 
rence, who died Nov. 26, 1837, ai. 65. 

Children, all born in Wendell : 

i. Joel,'' b. May 28, 1798 ; d. in Wendell, Sept. 15, 1819. 

ii, Lydia Messinger, b. June 19, 1800 ; d. in Salem Centre, Ind., 
June 17, 1874 ; m. Jan. 1, 1821, Joseph Locke. Six children : 
1. Nancy Maria.^ 2. Joseph. 3. Sylvester Carver. 4. Joel 
Llewellyn. 5. Ezra Elijah. 6. LydIa Bernice. 

iii. Mary Mason, b. July 4, 1802 ; d. in Wendell, Mass., Dec. 28, 
1843; m. Nov. 15, 1825, Martin Armstrong, who d. in Mon- 
tague, Mass., Jan. 26, 1881. Six children: 1. Sarah Kil- 
hurn.^ 2. 3fary Bent. 3. Timothy Martin. 4. Joel Mason. 
5. Dwight E., killed at battle of Chancellorsville, 1863. 6. 
Celinda Bullard. 
205t iv. William Lawrence, b. May 12, 1806. 

V. Nancy, b. Aug. 4, 1808; d. April 12, 1817. 

vi. Jerusha, b. Nov. 17, 1810; m. Wisel. 

vii. Elijah Knight, b. Dec. 2, 1812 ; lived in Ontario Co., N. Y., 
and in Wisconsin ; in 1849 went to California, where he d. of 
sun-stroke Oct. 17, 1850; m. in 1848, at Waterford, Wis., 
Mary Palmer, by whom he had one child that d. ae. 5. 


Samuel® Bent (JbeZ,* Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,^ John^) was 
born in Barre, Mass., July 19, 1778. No record of death found. 
Lived in Wendell and Barre, Mass., Chittenden and Orwell, Vt. 
He went West in 1825, and lived in Michigan, 111., Missouri, and 
probably still further West. He married, March 3, 1805, Mary 
Kilburn of Wendell, who died in Missouri. 

Children, all born in Wendell, Mass. : 


206. i. William Erving," b. Dec. 22, 1805. . 

207. ii. Horatio Gates, b. Nov. 22, 1807. 

iii. Mary, b. April 29, 1809 ; m. Miles in Utah, and went 

to California. 

208. iv. Joseph Kilburn, b. Nov. 16, 1816. 


Stephen® Bent {Stephen,^ Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,"^ 
Joh^i^), physician, was born in Dublin, N. H., Nov. 22, 1783; 
died in Sterling, N. Y., June 26, 1822, ge. 38, from pneumonia 
brought on from overwork; moved, in 1811, from New Hampshire 
to New York, where he owned a farm. He saw service in the war 
of 1812 as an army surgeon. He married, in 1810, Almira, born 
December, 1786, died December, 1858, eldest daughter of Thad- 
deus and Hannah Curtis of Springfield, N. H. 

Children, i. born in Greenfield, N. Y. ; the others in Sterling, 
N. Y. : 

i. Augustus Curtis,' b. June 23, 1811 ; living in Clyde, N. Y. ; 
sold Sunday School books and magazines ; went around Cape 
Horn, and lived a few years in California; m. Oct. 8, 1845, 
Eliza, b. in Isle of Wight, May 24, 1819, eldest dau. of John 
and Mary Mylecrain. Two children : 1. John Chester,^ b. 
March 25, 1847 ; d. Dec. 21, 1869. 2. Stephen Augustus, b. 
1851; d. 1860. 
ii. Eliza Wright, b. May, 1815; d. at Seward, Neb., in 1889; 
m. in 1839, Rev. Newell Boughton. 
200. iii. Clinton De Witt, b. April 30, 1817. 

iv. Emeline, b. July, 1820; d. at Hannibal, N. Y., in 1892; m. 

in 1845, Samuel C. FuUerton. 
v. Orpha, b. 1822 ; d. 1823. 

David Jackson® Bent {Rufus,^ Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,^ 
John^) was born in East Sudbury (now Wayland), Mass., about 
1787 ; died in Parkesburg, Pa., in 1872, k. 85. About 1809 he 
moved to Bangor, Me. (where he was a baker), remaining until 
1827, when he bought a farm near Parkesburg, Pa., and removed 
thither. He was major of a Maine militia regiment that was called 
out to defend the coast during the war of 1812, a member of the 
Maine Legislature in 1826 and 1827, and later of the Pennsylvania 
Legislature, and an elder in the Presbyterian Church. He 
married first, Oct. 21, 1810, Rebecca Hubbard, born in Concord, 
Mass., March 16, 1790, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Hubbard. 
He married second, Emeline M., daughter of Thomas Armstrong 
of Philadelphia. She died in Cedarville, N. J., Dec. 8, 1888. 

Children, by first marriage, all born in Bangor, Me. : 












Lucy/ d. in childhood. 

Mary Rebecca, b. July 31, 1811 ; d. unm. in 1872. 

William Henry, b. Dec. 15, 1812. 

Emeline Augusta, b. Feb. 28, 1815 ; m. Ward Haseltine of 

Philadelphia. One son, Franks 
Harriet (Hannah?), b. Aug. 1, 1817. 
Edwin Jackson, b. Oct. 17, 1819. 
Cyrus Hubbard, b. June 24, 1821. 

Children of David J. and Emeline, born in Parkesburg, Pa. ; 

i. Frances Henrietta,'' b. about 1840 ; d. unm. in Cedarville, 

N. J., Sept. 15, 1887. 
ii. Caroline, b. about 1843 ; d. unm. in Cedarville, N. J., Jan. 

23, 1886. 
iii. Thomas, b. April, 1845 ; d. unm. at Clifton Heights, Pa., Oct. 
31, 1876 ; graduated from Yale College in 1874, and was pre- 
paring for the ministry at the Episcopal Divinity School, West 
Philadelphia, when cut off by death. 
213. iv. RuFus Howard, b. Sept. 23, 1850. 


Henry' Bent (JRnfus,' Mijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John') 
was born in East Sudbury, now Wayland, Mass., Oct. 10, 1789; 
moved to Bangor, Me., where he died about 1825. He married, 
1816, Olivia Harriman of Bangor, who died about the time of her 
husband's death. 

The following was probably his child : 

i. Henry Wyman,'' b. in Bangor, Me., 1819; brought up by his 
mother's brother ; was a tailor, and d. in Maine, April 18, 
1876, 86. 58; was married three times ; name of first wife not 
ascertained; m. second, Charlotte Augusta Dodge of Sedg- 
wick, Me. ; m. third, in 1872, Sarah E. Parker of Blue Hill, 
Me., who is still living. He had a son and a dau. by the first 
marriage and a dau. by the second, but all are dead, and there 
are no descendants. 


Elijah' Bent {J^athan,' Elijah," Hopestill,^ Peter,^ John')^ 
carpenter, was born in Winchester, N. H., in 1799, and died in 
Vernon, Vt., in 1842, death caused by falling from a building upon 
which he was at work. He married, March 8, 1827, Ruth E. 
Matoon, who was born in Northfield, Mass., Dec. 20, 1807, and 
died in Greenfield, Mass., April 1, 1896. 

Children, i. born in Winchester, N. H., ii. and iii. in Northfield: 

i. Andrew Jackson,'' b. Dec. 13, 1828 ; d. unm. in Chicago, 111., 

March 12, 1898. 
ii. Frances Ann, b. Aug. 31, 1832; m. Aug. 13, 1851, Stephen 

B. Hale, b. in Athol, Aug. 16, 1824, d. in Deerfield, Dec. 26, 


1888 ; has lived since marriage in Deerfield, but in the part 
(Cheapside) annexed in 1896 to Greenfield. Three children : 
1. Annie F.,^ m. Melvin D. Church of Randolph, Vt. 2. 
Mary E.^ m. John S. Miller of Sugar Grove, 111. 3. Nettie A., 
m. Ferdinand G. Packard of Erviug, Mass. 
iii. Marshall Ashley, b. Aug. 14, 1834; d. unm. in Deerfield, 
Mass., Oct. 19, 1889 ; a soldier in the civil war; after which 
he lived with his sister. 


MiCAH^ Bent (David,^ Micah,* JFTopestiU,^ Peter, ^ John^) 
was born in Annapolis, N. S., about 1762, and was drowned in 
the Annapolis River, N. S., about 1790. He married, April 13, 
1786, his cousin Abigail Harrington, wdio was born April 14, 1767, 
daughter of Jonas and Jane" (Bent) Harrington. 

Child of Micah and Abigail, born in Annapolis, N. S. : 
211. i. Beriah,"' b. Feb. 11, 1788. 


David® Bent {Davul,^ Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,^ John^) 
was born in Annapolis, N. S., in 1764, and died in Belleisle, a 
hamlet in the toAvnship of Granville, N, S., Aug. 16, 1831, re. 67. 
He married, in Lexington, Mass., Nov. 14, 1787, Ruth Parker, 
who was born Dec. 7, 1765, and died March 12, 1838, daughter 
of Capt. John Parker, who commanded the minute men. at Lexing- 
ton, April 19, 1775. 

Children, all born in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia: 

215, i. AsAPH,^ b. Aug. 25, 1788. 

ii. Arethusa, b. Oct* 29, 1789; d. Aug. 17, 1867; m. Charles 
21G. iii. Isaac, b. Oct. 13, 1791. 
2i7. iv. RuFus, b. July 5, 1793. 

V. Abigail, b. May 14, 1795 ; d. Jan. 19, 1829 ; m. Simon Starratt. 
218. vi. David, b. May 17, 1798. 

vii. Rebecca, b. Sept. 29, 1800; d. May 15, 1846; m. Joseph 

viii. Ruth, b. March 5, 1803 ; d. Jan. 1, 1884. 
ix. MiRiAii, b. May 14, 1804; d. June 21, 1869. 


William® Bent {David,'" Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,"^ John^) 
was born in Annapolis, N. S., about 1767 ; lived in Paradise, a 
hamlet of Wilmot, N. S. ; died 1833. He married, in 1796, 
Abigail, daughter of Phineas and Abigail (Thayer) Lovett of 
Annapolis, N. S. She died in 1852. 

Children, all born in Nova Scotia : 


219. i. WiLLIABI LOVETT,^ b. 1798. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 1800; m. Caleb Marshall, 
iii. Abigail, b. 1802 ; m. first, John Forrest, and second, Edward 

iv. Maria, b. 1804; m. William Marshall. 

220. V. Phineas Lovett, b. 1807. 

221. vi. Samuel Stillman, b. 1810. 

vii. Selina L., b. 1813; m. Walter Ricketson. 


Joseph^ Bent (David,^ Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,^ John^), 
farmer, was born in Annapolis, N. S., about 1770, and lived near 
Bridgetown, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, where he died. He 
married, in 1792, Anna Longley, who was born in Annapolis 
County 1773, daughter of Israel and Anna (Kent) Longley and 
sister of Isaac who married Dorcas Bent. 

Children, all born in Annapolis County, N. S. : 

222. i. Warren,^ b. Oct. 9, 1793. 

ii. Lucy, b. Feb. 21, 1795 ; m. George Willett of Bentville, 

Annapolis Co., N. S. Nine children, 
iii. Amelia, b. June 8, 1797 ; m. Gilbert T. Ray of St. John, 

N. B. No children. 

223. iv. Israel Longley, b. Feb. 2, 1799. 

V. Susan, b. March 22, 1801 ; m. George Fellows of Annapolis, 

N. S. 
vi. Mary, b. Nov. 5, 1802 ; m. Aaron Eaton of St. John, N. B,, 

who was in business with G. T. Ray above. 

224. vii. Joseph Fletcher, b. April 26, 1806. 

225. viii. William, b. Oct. 5, 1809. 

226. ix. Gilbert, b. April 10, 1813. 

X. John, b. Sept. 15, 1822; d. unm. in Nova Scotia. 


Stephen* Bent (David,^ Micah,* HopestilU^ Peter,^ John^) 
was born in Annapolis, N. S., May 12, 177.5, and died Aug. 7, 
1862, ae. 87, in the Annapolis Valley, N. S., where he always 
lived. He married, in 1797, Amy, born Sept. 25, 1782, died 
March, 1868, «. 85, daughter of Elisha Tupper, formerly of Con- 

Children, all born in Annapolis Valley, N. S. : 

i. Elizabeth Sprague,^ b. 1798; d. in Wilmot, N. S., in 1876; 

m. Archibald Rolls, 
ii. Jerusha Prince, b. 1800; d, about 1888 ; m. James D'Arcy. 
iii. Caroline, b. Feb. 3, 1803; m. Adam Hawkes of Lyunfield, 

Mass., where she d. July 26, 1875. 

227. iv. James Sprague, b. Jan. 24, 1806. 

V. Lucy, b. Jan. 15, 1808; d. in Lawrencetown, N. S., June 18, 
1896, 03. 88 ; m. Charles Elliot of Wilmot, N. S. 



vi. Amy, b. Aug. 16, 1810; d. in Halifax, N. S., April 16, 1899, 

fe. 88 ; m. James Thomas of Digby, N. S. 
vii. Mary, d. yomig. 

viii. William Henry, b. Jan. 9, 1813 ; d. unm. about 1841. 
ix. Louisa Bethia, b. June 12, 1816; living, unm., at the old 

home in Nova Scotia. 
X. Susan Marilla, b. Oct. 30, 1819 ; living in Belleisle, N. S. ; 
m. Obadiah Parker of Granville, N. S. 
228* xi- Stephen Edward, b. Jan. 30, 1823. 


Asaph® Bent {David, ^ Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter y^ John^) 
was born in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, where he died. 
He married first Lois Tupper, married second Mary Tupper, mar- 
ried third in 1832 Ann Busby. 

Children of Asaph and Lois : 

i. Ambrose,'^ b. 1797; m. Susan Balcom. Hso children, 
ii. Elias, m. Elizabeth Hardwick. No children. 

229. iii. Eliakim, b. 1808. 
iv. Ann, d. unm. 

V. David, d. unm. 

Children of Asaph and Mary : 

i. Mary,^ m. John Warner, 
ii. ChUd, d. unm. 

Children of Asaph and Ann : 

230. i. BusBY,^ b. 1833. 

231. ii. Ralph, b. 1836. 

iii. John Zenas, b. 1839 ; m. Lucy Gesner. 
iv. Albenia, m. John Bartlett. 
V. Anna, m. Thomas Bowles. 


Silas® Bent {David,^ Micah,* Hopestill,'^ Peter,'^ John^), 
farmer and blacksmith, was born at Bentville in the Annapolis 
Valley, N. S. ; moved to Paradise, a hamlet in the township of 
Wilmot, N. S., but, sometime before 1830, removed to Nictaux 
Falls, about twenty miles from his birthplace. His old age was 
spent with his youngest daughter in Granville, N. S., where he 
died. He married Mary Newcomb, who died at her son's home in 
Somerset, King's County, N. S. She was a daughter of Abraham 

ChDdren, all born in Paradise, N. S. : 

232i i. Abraham Newcomb.'^ 

ii. Mary, m. Isaac Phillips of Liverpool, Queen's Co., N. S. Three 
children: 1. James.^ 2. Mary Eliza, m. Eldrid Day. 3. 


233. iii. James, b. about 1805. 
234« iv. Dennis. 

V. Elizabeth Ann, b. 1811 ; m. her cousin, David" Bent of Gran- 
ville, i^. S. 


William' Bent ( WilUam,' Micah,' Hojoestill,^ Peter,^ JoJui') 
was born Oct. 7, 1783, in East Sudbury (now Wayland), Mass., 
where he died Oct. 21, 1821. He drove a wood team from Massa- 
chusetts to South CaroKna, and was captain of a local militia com- 
pany. He married, April 20, 1808, Polly Coolidge, who was 
born in Natick, Mass., Nov. 29, 1787, and died in Wayland, Jan. 
19, 1878, ffi. 90, daughter of Thomas and Polly. 

Children, all born in East Sudbury : 

i. WiLLiAJi,'^ b. July 28, 1808; d. unm. in Wayland, June 11, 
1863 ; was a shoe mfr., in business with his brother, J. M., at 
Cochituate Village. 

ii. Abigail, b. May 3, 1810; d. Aug. 12, 1842; m. May 19, 
1831, John L, Loker of East Sudbury. One son, William.^ 
235. iii. James Madison, b. May 19, 1812. 

iv. Mary, b. March 2, 1819; d. Aug. 16, 1849; m. Jan. 6, 1848, 
George Alouzo Rice. No children. 

v. Thomas Gilbert, b. July 15, 1821 ; living, unm., in Cochi- 
tuate Village, Wayland, Mass. 


Micah*' Bent {WilUam," Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,'' John'), 
shoemaker, was born in East Sudbury (Wayland), Mass., Sept. 
23, 1788, and died in Belhnghara, Mass., April 29, 1859, as. 70; 
lived in Framingham, Watertown, Milford and Bellingham. He 
married, first, Anne Stone, who died April 18, 1821 ; married, 
second, Sept. 9, 1827, Mrs. Betsey Mellen (Green) Whitney of 
Milford, Mass., who was born in Mendon, Nov. 22, 1792, and died 
in Bellingham, Aug. 22, 1871, oe. 78, daughter of Lemuel and 
Sukey (Torrey) Green and widow of Ethan Vv'hitney of Milford, 

Children of Micah and Anne, i., ii., v. to viii. born in Framing- 
ham, iii. and iv. born in Watertown : 

230. i. Archibald,'^ b. Dec. 4, 1809. 

ii. Hiram, b. Jan. 12, 1811 ; d. young, 
iii. Delia Ann, b. Dec. 30, 1811 ; d. young. 

237. iv. Hiram, b. Oct. 7, 1813. 

V. Elbridge, b. July 16, 1815; d. 1821. 
vi. Delia Ann, b. Sept. 23, 1817; d. young. 

238. vii. Roswell, b. July 28, 1819. 

viii. Nancy, b. April 12, 1821 ; d. unm. May 30, 1879. 


Children of Micah and Betsey, i. born in Milford, ii. to iv. born 
in Bellingham : 

239. i. Mellen Green,'' b. Aug. 3, 1828. 

ii. Charles Elbridge, b. Oct. 10, 1830; living ia Lowell, Mass. 
iii. Eugene Alonzo, b. June 8, 1833. 

240. iv. Ferdinand Augustus, b. July 2'1, 1836. 


George® Bent ( Williayn,^ Micah,* Hojyestill,'^ Peter, ^ John^), 
farmer, was born in East Sudbury (Wayland), Mass., Sept. 10, 
1793, and died in Natick, Mass., April 9, 186 5, sb. 71. He mar- 
ried, first, Esther Marshall ; married, second, Mrs. Mary Kimball, 
whose son, Russell S., by her former husband, adopted the name 
of Bent and lives in Natick. 

Children, born in East Sudbury : 

i. Eustace/ d. unm. 
ii. Samuel, b. March 20, 1822; carpenter; d. in Framingbam, 

April 29, 1849; m. lirst, April 10, 1845, Martha A. Fuller, 

who d. Jan. 28, 1846, ?&. 23 ; m. second, Oct. 25, 1846, Emily 

Fletcher of Waltham, b. in AVashington, N. H., Jan. 22, 1827. 

She m. second, Aug. 23, 1852, Warren Wetherbee of Waltham. 
iii. Louisa, b. Oct. 29, 1823 ; m. John Pond, and had Augustus^ 

and Harriet. 
iv. EosANNA, b. 1828; d. Nov. 10, 1847. 
V. Harriet M., b. 1831; d. Sept. 1, 1862; m. Nov. 16, 1848, 

Calvin H. Saunders. Three children, 
vi. Elizabeth, d. in Waltham, Mass. ; m. Francis Brown. Four 


Children of George and Mary, all born in Natick : 

i. Velzora,'' b. 1837; d. in Natick, fe. 17. 

ii. Marcus Morton, b. March 19, 1843 ; d. in Natick about 1860. 
iii. Orianna, b. June 10, 1847: d. in Natick, 1855. 
iv. WiLMA D., b. 1852; m. George 0.* Bent. 
V. Idella Florence, b. 1858; d. in Natick, Aug. 11, 1894; m. 
Jan. 31, 1877, Charles F. Partridge of Natick. 

Jason® Bent ( William,'" Micah,* Hojiestill,^ Peter, ^ John^), 
farmer, was born in East Sudbury (now Wayland), Mass., March 
28, 1796 ; moved, in 1842, to the adjoining town of Framingham, 
where he died March 19, 1849. He married, Feb. 12, 1821, 
Elizabeth Amy Smith, who was born in Brunswick, Vt., Oct. 25, 
1800, and died in Framingham, Oct. 26,, 1872. 

Children, i., ii., iii. born in Wayland, iv. born in Framingham : 

241. i. Jason,' b. Feb. 21, 1827. 

ii, Elizabeth Ann J., b. Nov. 17, 1829 ; living in North Natick, 
Mass.; m. Nov. 21, 1853, Henry Fairbank of Natick; m 
second, July 24, 1867, George Fairbank. 


iii. Angelia Avilla, b. Sept. 27, 1837 ; living in Cochituate Vil- 
lage, Waj'land, Mass.; m. Dec. 20, 1860, Theodore L. Sawin 
of Natick. One child, Florence Elizabeth,^ b. Sept. 20, 1867. 

iv. Helen Mark, b. March 11, 1844; d. 1846. 

Peter® Bent (David,^ David,* David,'^ John,^ Jolin^), 
farmer, was born June 8, 1777, in Templeton, Mass., probably, 
and died in Denmark, Lewis County, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1833, vs. 
56 ; moved from Mt. Holly, Vermont, where be had lived since his 
ninth year, to New York in March, 1801. He married, in Mt. 
Holly, April 20, 1799, Hannah Hartv^ell, who was born May 17, 
1781, and died May 13, 1847, ». 66. 

Children, i. born in Mt. Holly, Vt., the others in Denmark, 
N. Y. : 

242. i. PeteV b. May 29, 1800. 

243. ii. Abel Dirgy, b. July 1, 1802. 

iii. TA:\rAR, b. June 19, 1804; d. in Union Grove, Whiteside Co., 

111., May 24, 1893, a3. 89 ; m. Dec. 31, 1830, Cyrus Brown 

of Lerovville, Jefferson Co., N. Y., who d. at Union Grove, 

in., NoV. 12, 1878. 
iv. Ilona, b. July 9, 1806 ; d. at the home of her son, Giles F. Van 

Vechton, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Dec. 4, 1896, fe. 90; m. 

Oct. 14, 1826, Gilbert Van Vechten of Denmark, N. Y., who 

d. Oct. 19, 1848. 
V. Adeline E., b. April 28, 1808 ; d. in Philadelphia, Pa., March 

25, 1835 ; m. 1834, Smith Gardner of Leroyville, N. Y. 

244. vi. Major Evans, b. May 23, 1810. 

vii. Hannapi, b. May 6, 1812; d. at the home of her son in Clar- 
ence, Iowa, July 2, 1897, ?e. 85; m. April 16, 1829, Seth 
Sylvester of Denmark, N. Y., b. in Salem, N. Y., March 22, 
1804, d. in Clarence, Iowa, July 30, 1879. One son, Peter 
Benf" Sylvester, b. in Denmark, N. Y., March 16, 1830, m. 
Catherine McKibben, and has several children. 

viii. Relief, b. May 4, 1814; living in Oswego, N. Y. ; m. in 1835, 
William A. Hollister of Denmark, N. Y. 

245. ix. Lemuel Mason, b. Oct. 7, 1816. 

X. Warren Walker, b. Aug. 13, 1819; merchant; d. unm. in 
Crown Point, lud.. May 3, 1845. 
248. xi. MiLO Green, b. March 13, 1822. 


Relief® Bent (David,^ David,* David,^ Jolin,^ John^), gen- 
erally called Lephe, was born (probably) in Templeton, Mass., 
April 20, 1779, and died in Castleton, Vt., Aug. 16, 1863, je. 84. 
She married, in 1799, Dr. Oliver Guernsey of Mt. Holly, Vt., 
who was born May 29, 1778, and died at his son's home, Randolph, 
N. Y., Sept. 17, 1837. 


Children of Oliver and Relief (Bent) Guernsey : 

i. Lowell Ware'' Guernsey, b. April 23, 1800 ; a physician in 
Shrewsbury, Vt. ; cl. 1859. His dau., Sarah Livonia^, m. Jan. 
7, 1850, his cousin Capt. Montraville Green {q. v.). 
ii. ERASxrs Bent Guernsey, b. Nov. 8, 1801 ; d. 1880. 
iii. Oliver Guernsey, b. Jan. 6, 1804; a physician in Randolph, 

N. Y. ; d. 1864. 
iy. Alonzo Guernsey, b. Nov. 5, 1805; d. 1891. His widow, 

b. Ellen Hinds, is living in Chicago. 
V. Adison Guernsey, b. March 9, 1808 ; d. 1844. 
vi. Adeline Guernsey, b. Sept. 13, 1809 ; d. 1891. 
vii. Sallie Guernsey, b. Feb. 14, 1812; d. 1829. 
viii. Lephe Guernsey, b. March 2, 1814; d. 1891. 
ix. Lorenzo G. Guernsey, b. Dec. 11, 1819; living in Hudson, 
N. Y. 


David^ Bent [Davld,^ David^'^ David,'^ Jolin,'^ John^) was 
born Oct. 23, 1780, in Templeton, Mass., probably; was taken to 
Mt. Holly, Vt., about 178G, and died in Cavendish, Vt., in Dec, 
1859, ffi. 79. He married, first, in 1800, Lucy Fletcher, who died 
about 1807, ae. 24; married, second, Lydia Stiles. 

Children of David and Lucy : 

247. i. Dalmanutha,'' b. Aug. 5, 1801. 

248. ii. Hartavell, b. about 1803. 

249. iii. Betsey, b. May 7, 1805. 

iv. Robinson, b. about 1807; moved about 1835 from Vermont to 
New York, and thence five years later to Wisconsin ; lived 
near Janesville ; m. Esther Pierce, and had four children. 

Children of David and Lydia : 

250. i. Samuel Walker.'^ 

ii. Elvira, m. Sinclair of Mt. Holly, Vt. 

iii. Corliss, d. unm. ; went AVest and drove stage for S. Bent 

Walker ; was killed by being thrown from his stage., 
iv. Mark. 


Betsey® Bent {David, ^ David,* David,^ John,- John^) was 
born Aug. 19, 1784, in Templeton, Mass., probably, and died Oct. 
4, 1843, in Ludlow, Vt. She married, first, Aug. 30, 1812, her 
cousin, Darius Green, who was born in Paxton, Mass., June 18, 
1786, and died Jan. 13, 1831, in Mt. Holly, Vt., where he had 
kept a hotel for several years. He Avas a son of Joseph and Lucy 
(Bent) Green, and, although a Yankee lad and the son of a fanner, 
he was not related to that aspiring genius of flying-machine fame 
who sprang fully equipped from the brain of Mr. Trowbridge. 
Betsey (Bent) Green married, second, about 1834, Daniel Perry 
of Cavendish, Vt. 


Children of Darius and Betsey (Bent) Green : 

i. Eliza Malvina^ Green, b. 1813; d. 1814. 

ii. Darius Lorenzo Green, b. Nov. 30, 1815; d. Sept. 5, 1891. 

iii. Montraville Green, b. March 4, 1818; living in Alton, 111. 
He was for many years captain of a river steamboat running 
from St. Louis to St. Paul ; m. first, Abigail Gorum Manning, 
who d. Aug. 31, 1845, childless; m. second, Jan. 7, 1850, 
Sarah Livonia Guernsey {q. v.). Two children. 

iv. George Bent Green, b. April 30, 1821 ; living in Medford, 
Mass.; m. Oct. 18, 1841, Melinda Wetherbee. Four chil- 
dren : 1. Darius Alonzo^ has a government position in Wash- 
ington, D, C. 2. Charles Montraville, graduated from Har- 
vard College in 1874, from Harvard Medical School in 1877, 
and has since practised in Boston. 3. Lorenzo Luther, paying 
teller in the Suffolk Savings Bank, Boston. 4. George 
Wetherbee, book keeper m the Old Boston National Bank. 

V. Charles Green, b. Feb. 17, 1823 ; d. Feb. 17, 1848. 

vi. Eliza Sophronia Green, b. 1825 ; d. 1829. 


George W.® Bent (David,^ David,* Davtd,^ Jolin,^ John^), 
farmer, was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., Feb. 13, 1790; in the fall of 
1814 he moved to Watertown, N. Y., where he died, June 1, 1829, 
86. 39. He married Clarissa Kilborn. 

Children, i. born in Vermont, the others in Watertown, N. Y. : 

i. George W.,^ b. 1814 ; d. in De Pauville, N. Y., Sept. 22, 1892, 
£e. 78 ; farmer ; m. Sally \Yadley of Watertown, N. Y., who 
is living in Clayton, N. Y. Three children : 1. George TF.,* 

d. 1895. 2. Olive C, living in Clayton, N. Y. ; m. - — • 

living in Brownville, N. Y. ; m. 

Patch. 3. Jane, 


• • 














Earl F.® Bent {David,^ David,* David,^ John,' Johi^), 
farmer, was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., March 10, 1792 ; moved, 
about 1842, to Poultney, Vt., where he died, Oct. 31, 1866, a5. 
74. He married Lephe Livona Clark, who was born in Mt. Holly, 
Vt., in 1800, and died Aug. 28, 1865, daughter of Deacon Ichabod 
G. Clark, the first settler of Mt. Holly. 

Children, all born in Mt. Holly, Vt. 

* Received too late to be properly numbered. See page 40. 



i. Lephe L./b. 1816; d. 1816. 

ii. Ersula Lephe, b. Aug. 30, 1817; d. August, 1893; m. 1834, 
Alvah Horton of Mt. Holly, Vt. 

251. iii. Clark Earl, b. April 21, 1822. 

252. iv. Henry Willard, b. Feb. 13, 1824. 

V. Sophronja Frances, b. Sept. 17, 1828; d. April 1, 1886; m. 
in 1848, Levi L. Muusou of East Poultney, Vt. 

vi. Ilona Almina, b. Aug. 13, 1831 ; living with her children in 
California ; m. July 4, 1849, Ashbel Holister Pepper, b. in 
Paulet, Vt., Jan. 17, 1829, d. in Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 3, 
1895. Four children, all b. in Vermont: 1. Theodore 
Martin,^ living in Chicago. 2. Kate Elizabeth, m. George E. 
Gyirrits, and lives in Los Angeles, Cal. 3. Nettie Maria, m. 
Dr. Frank B. Carpenter, and lives in San Francisco, Cal. 4. 
Mary Chase, m. George W. Hallowell of St. Paul, Minn., now 
of San Francisco. 

vii. Mart Elizabeth, b. July 30, 1834 ; living in Bancroft, Iowa ; 
m. July 4, 1855, Charles W. Goddard of Bancroft, Iowa. 
Three children: 1. Robert Earl.^ 2. Lora E., m. Charles 
R. Morehouse. 3. Delia M., m. Fred. R. Anderson. 

viii. Martha M., b. 1839 ; d. 1840. 


Silas Proctor^ Bent (David,^ David,* David,^ John,'' John^) 
was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., March 16, 1794, and died in De Kalb, 
111., Oct. 22, 1874, ge. 80; was named after one of his father's 
neighbors, Silas Proctor, one of the first settlers of Mt. Holly. 
He moved from Vermont to New York, and thence, about 1854, to 
Illinois. He married, first, Jan. 24, 1815, Olive Clark, who was 
born Jan. 24, 1799, and died Aug. 7, 1825; married, second, 
Jan., 1826, Orythea Shaw, who was born Jan. 13, 1801, and died 
Dec. 9, 1887. 

Children of '^ilas P. and Olive : 

i. Livonia O.,^ b. Aug. 26, 1816; d. 1877; m. first, 1834, Eph- 
raim Skeels, who d. September, 1853 ; m. second. May, 1865, 
Enos Whitmore, who d. in Lincoln, Neb., 1888. 

253. ii. Silas Walker, b. July 23, 1818. 

iii. Mardula D., b. July 25, 1824; m. first, 1842, Darius Boynton, 
who d. 1862; m. second, October, 1865, Ira V. Randall, a 
lawyer in De Kalb, 111. 

Children of Silas P. and Orythea : 

i. Emeline A.,^ b. Nov. 7, 1826; m. Jan. 22, 1852, George J. 

ii. Darius S., b. July 18, 1829 ; d. Sept. 12, 1849. 

254. iii. John Jay, b. July 3, 1831. 
iv. Levantea, b. Sept. 1, 1833. 

V. Martha, b. Oct. 25, 1836 ; m. June, 1857, William Dana Earl. 
vi. Mary E., b. July 10, 1838 ; m. June 4, 1861, Dr. John B. 
Earl, who d. April 23, 1874. 



Thomas W.^ Bent (David, ^ David,* David,^ John,^ Joku^) 
was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., Feb. 16, 1798, and died in Croghan, 
N. Y., March 16, 1853. He married, Feb. 25, 1818, Phidelia 
Hammond of Mt. Holly, Vt., who was born March 1, 1796, and 
died in Antwerp, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1876, te. 80. 

Children, i. born in Watertown, N. Y., ii. to vi. born in Mt. 
Holly, Vt., vii. and viii. born in Croghan, N. Y. : 

255. i. Alvin Finney,'' b. Jan. 25, 1819. 

256. ii. Darius Green, b. Jan. 5, 1821. 

iii. Tamar a., b. Dec. 1, 1822 ; d. March 25, 1876 ; m. Dec. 1, 

1840, Jacob House, 
iv. Hart WELL Franklin, b. July 11, 1825; living iu Antwerp, 

N. Y. 
V. Lydia L., b. July 22, 1827; living in Antwerp, N. Y. ; m. 

April 10, 1851, Joseph F. Graves of Antwerp, N. Y. 
vi. Phebe C, b. June 25, 1830; d. Dec. 31, 1888, at Croghan, 

N. Y. ; m. July 3, 1855, Albert Overton, who lives at Natural 

Bridge, N. Y. 

257. vii. George Washington, b. Feb. 3, 183 G. 

viii. Charles Hammond, b. Sept. 18, 1838; d. in Denver, Col., 
Dec. 25, 1896. Three children. 


Geoege® Bent {Darius,^ David,* David,^ John,' Jolin^) 
was born in Boston, Mass., Dec. 4, 1806, and died in Montreal, 
Canada, July 13, 1852, je. 45. He was a druggist and chemist 
in Montreal and in Cincinnati, O. About 1847, he returned to 
Montreal, and became the first express agent in Canada, repi*esent- 
ing Cheney, Rice & Co. of Boston, and Pullen, Virgil & Co. of 
New York. His wife Laura, daughter of Daniel Ward Eager, 
died in Montreal, Aug. 13, 1874. 

Children, i. born in Amandville, Ky., ii. and iii. in Montreal, 
Can. : 

i. Emmeline Bowman,'' b. Oct. 31, 1836 ; living iu Montreal ; m. 

Nov. 7, 1864, Guy Richards Dewar of St. Andrews, P. Q. 
ii. George D., b. Nov. 19, 1838 ; living, unm., in Montreal. 

258. iii. John Boice, b. Dec. 29, 1847. 

Alpiionso^ Bent {Thaddeus,^ David,* David, ^ JoJin,^ John^) 
was born in Rutland, Vt., in 1810, and died in Waynesville, Mo., 
in hospital, June 11, 1863, of typhus pneumonia. Left an orphan 
at the age of four, he was brought up by his sister Roxa, and, after 
her death in 1821, by friends of the family. He learned the paint- 
ing trade thoroughly and located at Smith's Falls, Canada West 


(now Ontario). In Oct., 1844, he moved to Chicago, 111., where 
he was still engaged In the painting business. In May, 1856, he 
removed to Morrison (111.), then just located. In 1862, he en- 
listed In Co. H, 5th Missouri Cavalry. 

He married, first, Charlotte Rogers, who died shortly after mar- 
riage without Issue ; he married, second, at Smith's Falls, Canada, 
Beulah Ann Bartlett, who was born In Rome, N. Y., July 29, 
1819, and died Jan. 11, 1841; married, third, Nov. 17, 1842, 
Elizabeth Armstrong, who was born in Scotland In 1812, and died 
May 22, 1880. 

Children of Alphonso and Beulah : 

i. Arabella,'^ d. young, 
ii. James, d. young. 

259. iii. George Russell, b. Nov. 21, 1840. 

Children of Alphonso and Elizabeth : 

i. Janet,'^ b. Aug. 18, 1843 ; living, unm., with lier brother Charles 
in Morrison, 111. 

260. ii. Charles, b. Dec. 8, 1844. 

iii. Isabella, b. Dec. 8, 1844 ; d. 1846. 
iv. Ellen, b. May, 1846; d. 1848. 

James B.® Bent {Phinec^s,^ David," David,^ John,^ John^) 
was born In Jericho, Vt., Nov. 23, 1816, and died In Stockbrldge, 
Vt., May 18, 1897 ; lived a few years In Milton, Vt., and removed 
thence. In 1868, to Stockbrldge, Vt. He married, Sept. 25, 1842, 
Lucretia Lincoln, who was born In Jericho, Vt., Jan. 23, 1823, and 
died In Stockbrldge, Vt., March 31, 1880. 

Children, I. to Iv. born In Jericho, Vt., v. born In Milton, Vt. : 

i. Trujian p.,'' b. Oct. 21, 1843; living in Chicago. 

ii. Edavin J., b. Sept. 13, 1846; living ia Stockbridge, Vt. ; m. 
Dec. 31, 1873, Orpha B., dau. of William and Hannah (Brock- 
way) Pierce. 

iii. Charles W., b. Sept. 18, 1853; drowned March 30, 1865. 

iv. Fred F., b. May 21, 1857 ; living at Lake Geneva, Wis. 

V. Charles S., b. Dec. 6, 1867 ; living in Randolph, Vt. ; m. May 
22, 1890, Stella L., b. in Rochester, Vt., May 6, 1874, dau. of 
George W. and Melissa L. Jones of Hancock, Vt. Three 
children: William James^ b. in Concord, N. H., Dec. 2, 
1891. 2. George Harold, b. in Hancock, Vt., May 22, 1893. 
3. Charles Irving, b. in Hancock, Vt., April 18, 1897. 

Samuel Watson^ Bent {Samuel B.,^ David," David,^ John,^ 
John^) was born In Rutland, Mass., Oct. 27, 1811, and died In 
New Ipswich, N. H., Feb. 6, 1861, te. 49. When In his seventh 


year, the parental home was changed from Massachusetts to Vermont 
(Middlebury). At sixteen, he left for Boston, where, in 1832, he 
opened a dry-goods store on Washington Street, near the present 
Franklin Street. In 1849, he went to California; upon his return 
to the East, two years later, he spent a few months in New York, 
and finally located in New Ipswich, N. H. 

He married, Aug. 3, 1836, Mary Narcissa Barrett, who was 
born in Bakersfield, Vt., Aug. 24, 1816, and died in Boston, 
Mass., May 28, 1892, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Appleton) 

Children, both born in Boston : 

261, i. Samuel Arthur,'' b. July 1, 1841. 

ii. Joseph Appleton, b. Feb. 22, 1843 ; d. of consumption in 
Nashua, N. H., Aug. 12, 18G9 ; graduated, in 1865, from Yale 
College, where he obtained the De Forest gold medal, " for 
the best written and sjjoken oration in the senior class " ; en- 
tered the Columbia Law School, but ill health prevented the 
completion of the course. 


Maey Avery® Bent {Sanmel B.,^ David,* Davkl,^ John,^ 
John^^ was born in Middlebury, Vt., Jan. 7, 1819, and died Jan. 
11, 1890, at Las Vegas, N. M., while on the way to California to 
visit a daughter. She married, Sept. 19, 1838, Rev. Jonathan 
Blanchard who was born in Rockingham, Vt., Jan. 19, 1811, and died 
in Wheaton, 111., May 14, 1892. He was educated at Middlebury 
College, Vermont, Andover and Lane seminaries ; taught school ; 
lectured in the anti-slavery cause ; was American vice-president of 
the World's Anti-slavery Convention in London, 1843 ; was pastor 
of Sixth Street Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, O., from 1838 to 
1845 ; President of Knox College,* Galesburg, 111., from 1846 to 
1860, and President of Wheaton College, Wheaton, 111., fi'om 
1860 to 1882 ; devoted much of his time to the Christian Associa- 
tion opposed to Secret Societies. 

Mary Avery Bent left her home in the spring of 1835, when 
only sixteen years old, and, with a young friend, set out for the 
then distant State of Pennsylvania. The beginning of the follow- 
ing year found her principal of the Girls' High School in Harris- 
burg, where she first met her future husband, then on an anti-slavery 
lecturing tour. Securing her position in Harrisburg for her sister, 
she set out in 1837 for Montgomery, Ala., where she taught a few 
months in the Female Seminary, and then returned to her Vermont 
home. The following fall, a nineteen-year-old bride, she bade fare- 
well to her native hills and began her duties as a minister's wife in 
Cincinnati. She was a woman of true piety, gentle but resolute, 

* Founded in February, 1837. 


and in her home, in tlie church, and in the reforms so ardently- 
espoused by her husband, was always ready with her untiring 
energy and unfailing judgment. 

Children, i. to iv. born in Cincinnati, v. to xii. born in Gales- 
burg, 111. : 

i. Jonathan Edwards^ Blanchard, b. July 24, 1839 ; d. se. 7 

ii. Mary Avery Blanchard, b. Jan. 7, 1841 ; d. of consumption 
in Wlieaton, III., Dec. 6, 1860 ; graduated from "V\nieatou Col- 
lege, and taught two years ; a bright, sunshiny girl, and a good 

ill. William "Walter Blanchard, b. Dec. 16, 1842; d. in in- 

iv. Catherine LucRETiA Blanchard, b. July 13, 1844; killed 
on the railroad, June 21, 1876 ; m. Sept. 17, 1862, Rev. James 
P. Stoddard, and moved to Byron, 111. Six children. 

V. Maria Elizabeth Blanchard, b. Oct. 30, 1846; graduated 
from Wheaton College; m. Aug. 5, 1869, Ezra A. Cook, 
printer and book publisher, of Chicago, where she still lives. 
Ten children. 

vi. Charles Albert Blanchard, b. Nov. 8, 1848 ; succeeded 
his father as President of Wlieaton College, where he still 
remains ; m. first, 1873, Ellen M. Milligau, who d. October, 
1884 ; m. second, 1886, A. Jeimie Carothers, who d. February, 
1894; m. third, February, 1896, his second wife's sister, 
Frances Carothers, M.D., of Des Moines, Iowa. Five chil- 
dren by the first marriage, and three by the second. 

vii. WiLLisTON Blanchard, b. Sept. 13, 1850; d. a^. 7 years. 
viii. Nora Emily Blanchard (twin), b. April 3, 1853; living in 
Wheaton, 111. ; graduated from Wheaton College ; m. Oct. 15, 
1873, Henry L. Kellogg of Chicago, IlL, who d. in 1895. 
Eleven children. 

ix. SoNORA Caroline Blanchard (twin), b. April 3, 1853 ; lives 
in Wlieaton ; graduated from Wheaton College; m. Decem- 
ber, 1875, Thomas E. Kennedy, who d. in 1893 ; lived seven- 
teen years in California, where he was principal of the High 
School in San Jose, and Inspector of Schools and attorney in 
San Francisco. Six children. 

X. Julia Waters Blanchard, b. April 16, 1855; living in 
Wheaton, 111. ; graduated from Wheaton College ; has pub- 
lished a life of her mother (159 pages) ; m. June 30, 1875, 
Herman A. Fischer, professor of mathematics in Wheaton Col- 
lege. Eleven children. 

xi. Cyrus Louis Blanchard, b. July 11, 1857; d. unm. March 
10, 1884 ; graduated from Wheaton College, 1878 ; studied law 
two years in Chicago, and j^ractised four years. 

xii- Geraldine Cecilia Blanchard, b. Oct. 15, 1859 ; graduated 
from Wheaton College; living in AVheaton, 111; m. June 30, 
1882, William H. Fischer, who was professor of modern lan- 
guages, but is now practising law in Chicago, 111. He is a 
brother of Prof. H. A. Fischer. Eight children. 



Joseph Avery® Bent {Samuel B.,^ David, ^ Da.vid,'^ John,^ 
John^) was born in Middlebury, Vt., April 22, 1823; still living 
(1899). He graduated from Middlebury (Vt.) College in 1845, 
and was instructor in several seminaries and colleges in the few 
succeeding years. He studied theology at Union Seminary, New 
York, in 1850, and at Andover, Mass., in 1851—52 ; preached in 
Stowe and Cornwall, Vt., Hoyleton and Huey, 111. He retired 
from pastoral work in 1872, and has since been engaged in finding 
homes for colonists and others in the West. He lives in South 
Omaha, Neb., in summer, and in Houston, Texas, in winter; has 
large orchards of pear, plum, peach, fig and other fruit trees at 
Areola, eighteen miles from Houston. 

He married, in Burlington, Vt., Nov. 21, 1854, Cynthia Ann 
(Bullard) Root, who died in Wheaton, 111., April 8, 1876. 

Children, i. and ii. born in Vermont, iii. and iv. in Hoyleton, 111. : 

i. Catherine Mary,'^ b. Nov. 19, 1855 ; living in South Omaha, 
Neb. ; m. Feb. 23, 1887, Edmund C. Low, a lawyer, who d. 
suddenly in 1898. Three children. 
262. ii. Joseph Avery, b. April 23, 1857. 
iii. Samuel Adams, b. March 4, 1861. 

iv. Anna Maria, b. July 17, 1862 ; living in Beatrice, Neb. ; m. 
Jan. 20, 1890, J. Edward Jones. 


George* Bent {Samuel B.,^ David,* David,^ John,'' Johii^) 
was born in Middlebury, Vt., March 29, 1827; living with his 
children in the West. After two years spent in his brother's dry- 
goods store in Boston, he accompanied his brother-in-law, liev. 
Jonathan Blanchard, to Galesburg, 111., where he entered upon a 
course of study at Knox College, of Avhich Mr. Blanchard was 
president. After graduating, in 1849, he taught school at Brook- 
ville, Ind., and Richmond, Ky., for two years, and then prepared 
for the ministry at Andover, Mass. (1851—52), and Yale University 
(one year). He was ordained as an Orthodox clergyman, Oct. 
20, l856 ; preached in Dundee, 111., Onoka, Minn., Lausing and 
Burr Oak, la., Seneca, Kan., Red Cloud, Loup City and Hazard, 
Neb. In Jan., 1892, he was elected Judge of Sherman County, 
Neb. Since Jan., 189G, he has retired from active labors. 

He married, Sept. 12, 1853, Mary Priscilla, daughter of Roswell 
and Elvira Payne. She was born in Bi'idport, Vt., Jan. 11, 1825, 
and died in Nebraska, Aug. 17, 1898. 

Children, i. born in Dundee, 111., iii. to vi. born in Burr Oak, 
Iowa : 




264. i- George Payne,'' b. June 16, 1854. 
ii. Samuel Browning, d. 1861, 

265. iii. Charles Avery, b. Oct. 10, 1860. 

iv. Mary Catherine, b. March 31, 1862 ; d. 1864. 

266. V. Arthur SuxMner, b. July 17, 1864. 

vi. Hattie Maria, b. Aug. 10, 1867 ; living, unm., in Chicago. 


Francis® Bent {John,^ Joseph,* Experience,^ Josepli^^ John'^'), 
blacksmith, was born in Middleboro', Mass., March 10, 1754; 
moved to Wareham (Mass.), where he died, Oct. 27, 1828, re. 74. 
He was a fifer in Capt. Joshua Benson's company around Boston 
from May to Dec, 1775, and tradition adds that at the battle of 
Bunker Hill he was detailed to repair muskets near the battlefield. 
In Dec, 1776, he marched to Rhode Island in Lieut. Jonah Wash- 
burn's company on an alarm; in Sept. and Oct., 1777, he was out 
thirty-one days in Capt. Nehemiah Allen's company in another ex- 
pedition to Rhode Island ; in May, 1778, he was out a few days at 
Dartmouth, and again in Aug., 1780, he saw further service. 

After his marriage, he lived a few years in what is now South 
Carver, then a part of Plympton, some ten miles south of his birth- 
place, but, about 1789, pushed on some seven or eight miles further 
south to Wareham, a fishins; and manufacturing settlement at the 
head of Buzzard's Bay, some sixteen miles from Plymouth. He 
lived in the part known as Parker's Mills. The town had been in- 
corporated in 1739. Here he did a large business, making harpoons, 
agricultural implements, edge tools, etc. 

He married, first, Silva Sturdevant, who was born March 16, 
1757, and died Aug. 5, 1793; married, second, Nov. 20, 1794, 
Abigail Dexter Bates, who was born Sept. 4, 1775 ; married, third, 
Mrs. Kezia Pierce ; no children by the last marriage. 

Children of Francis and Silva, all born in Plympton, probably, 
except the last, born in Wareham : 

i. Isaac,'' b. Feb. 16, 1780; d. June 17, 1799. 

ii. Mary, b. Jan. 4, 1782 ; m. Sylvanus Harlow of Bridgewater, 

iii. Sylva, b. Feb. 10, 1784; lived to be over 80; m. Lewis Har- 
low of Bridgewater, brother of Sylvanus above. 

iv. Francis, b. March 15, 1786; left home m his minority; lived 
a few years in Baltimore, Md., where he married ; moved to 
Ohio, near Chillicothe, and later removed to Nauvoo, 111., after 
the Mormons had been expelled from the place. 

267. V. Joseph, b. Feb. 29, 1788. 

268. vi. John, b. July 7, 1790. 

Children of Francis and Abigail, all born in Wareham : 

i. James,'' b. and d. 1795. 

ii. Martin, b. Nov. 14, 1797 ; d. of quick consumption on the way 
home from a voyage around Cape Horn. 


269. iii. Isaac, b. Aug. 4, 1799. 

iv. Jane Dexter Bates, b. Feb. 18, 1801 ; cl. in Foxboro', Mass., 
Feb. 9, 1874; m. Samuel Fuller of MidcUeboro', b. Dec. 6, 
1792, d. Feb. 16, 1843. Four children : 1. Jane,^ m. George 
Godfrey. 2. Susan, m. T. B. Carpenter. 3. Mary, m. Lewis 
Pond. 4. Eliza, m. Benjamin Grossman, and lives in Eoches- 
ter, N. Y. 

V. TiRZAH, b. Feb. 13, 1803 ; m. in Canton, Mass., Dec. 5, 1822, 
Freeman Belcher. Two children: 1. Mary Ann, ^ va. ISlaxk 
Bump. 2. Merritt Bates. 

vi. Emelixe, b. Oct. 23, 1804; m. Jacob Thompson of Halifax, 
Mass. Several children. 

vii. James, b. May 20, 1806. 

270. viii. LuCT, b. March 17, 1808 ; m. Jonathan Perry. 

ix. Lewis, b. March 7, 1810; d. in Lynn, Mass., Feb. 25, 1870; 
m. Jane W. Savary, who d. in Foxboro', Mass., July 24, 1893. 
No children. 
X. Abigail, b. March 17, 1812 ; d. in TVareham, Mass. ; m. March 
1, 1841, Spencer Bartlett. One child, James,^ living in 

271. xi. Wilson Dexter, b. June, 1814. 

xii. Eliza Cobb, b. May 20, 1817; d. in East Bridgewater, Mass., 
Dec. 3, 1859; m. Oct. 11, 1835, Lysauder Washburn (1810- 
1875). Two children: 1. Selden M.,^ living in Westdale, 
Mass. 2. Maria, d. July 20, 1854, a3. 16. 


John® Bent (John,^ Joseph,* Experience,'^ Joseph,^ John}) 
was born Feb., 1763, in Middleboro', Mass., where he died Sept. 
14, 1853, 33. 90. Most of bis active business life was spent in the 
adjoining town of Carver, which was set off from Plympton in 
1790 and joins Plymouth. About 1792 he began operating a forge 
at what is now known as Benson's Point (Carver), where he made 
wrought iron bars; this he sold out in 1798 or 1799, and, with 
others, started a furnace in another part of the town. Pope's Point, 
where he remained until about 1817, when he and Timothy Savary 
purchased the Federal Furnace, where they made hollow ware, pots, 
kettles, etc., until about 1830. This latter furnace, erected in 
1794, had made cannon balls for the government during the War 
of 1812, hence the name. 

He married, first, Oct. 26, 1788, Elizabeth Murdock, who was 
born June 10, 1771, and died June 7, 1808, youngest daughter of 
Bartlett Murdock, who was a son of John and Ruth (Bartlett) 
Murdock; married, second, Polly Shaw, who died Jan. 11, 1818. 

Children of John and Elizabeth, all born in Carver : 

i. Elizabeth,'' b. Nov. 8, 1795 ; d. April II, 1865 ; m. John Cobb 
of Middleboro', brother of George below. Three children : 
1. Betsey.^ 2. Lucy. 3. John. 

272. ii. Bartlett, b. Nov. 30, 1797. 


iii. Lucy, b. June 25, 1801 ; d. March 5, 1842; ra. Ellis Griffith. 
Four children : 1, Thomas B.,^ h. 1823; d. 1897; capt. of 
Co. B, 3d Mass. Infantry in civil war, and afterwards major 
of militia and president of Murdock Parlor Grate Co. 2. 
Charles W. (1825-1893). 3. Ann M B., m. Dr. Benjamm 
ShurtlefP, and went to California. 4. Lucius Ellis, d. during 
civil war. 
273. iv. Thomas, b. Nov. 8, 1803. 

Children of John and Polly, all born in Carver : 

i. Emily^ b. Oct. 27, 1810; d. in Carver, Nov. 28, 1897; m. Nov. 
3, 1833, George Cobb, b. in Carver, May 9, 1810, d. in Carver, 
Sept. 24, 1854. Five children: 1. Erastiis W.,^ b. Nov. 22, 
1834 ; d. in Carver, May, 1853. 2. George F., b. Dec. 20, 
1835 ; living in Middleboro', Mass. ; m. Jan. 2, 18 GO, Eliza A. 
Murdock of Carver. 3. Melvina F., b. June 2, 1838 ; m. in 
December, 1859, W. F. Shurtleff of Carver. 4. Isaac, b. 
April 12, 1843 ; living in Boston. 5, Nathan, b. 1847 ; d. 1851. 

ii. Mary A., b. Oct. 8, 1812 ; d. in Carver; m. .June 5, 1836, Still- 
man Ward. Four children: 1. Henry. ^ 2. Stillman. 3. 
Laura. 4. Anselm. 

iii. Adaline C, b. Dec. 24, 1814; d. in Carver, June 23, 1864; 
m. Harrison Shaw. 

iv. George W., b. June 3, 1817; d. in Carver, Mass., Nov. 21, 
1892 ; m. Anne Mitchell. No children. With Jesse Mur- 
dock, Matt. Ellis and Thomas B. Griffith, he founded, in 1834, 
what is now known as the Murdock Parlor Grate Co., of Bos- 
ton. The firm was known as Bent, Griffith & Co. until his 
retirement, in 1866, after which it became Murdock & Co., 
bearing the latter name until its incorporation in 1875. 


Experience® Bent (John,^ Joseph,'^ Exjierience,^ Joseph,^ 
John^) was born in Middleboro,' Mass., about 1764, and died in 
Middleboro', July 12, 1848, in his 85th year; buried in North 
Carver. He married, Oct. 27, 1790, Salome Gushing of Halifax, 
Mass., who died in Middleboro', Aug. 27, 1834, in her 63d year. 

Children, all born in Middleboro' : 

i. Samuel,^ b. April 2, 1791 ; kept a hotel in Rochester, N. Y. ; 
was a fine singer ; married and had a daughter. 

ii. Lydia, b. March 27, 1793 ; m. Jerome Messinger of New 

iii. Nancy, b. Jan. 24, 1795 ; d. Dec. 27, 1869 ; m. Aug. 22, 1821, 
Joab Lindley, an arcliitect. Four children : 1. Warren Jbab,^ 
h. 1822 ; d. in Watertown, Mass., 1865. 2. Charles Decatur, 
b. 1824; d. 1832. 3. Nancy Maria, b. June 21, 1826; m. 
Henry Bump of Middleboro'. 4. Henry Clay, h. Feb. 28, 
1829 ; d. in Foxboro', Mass., June 14, 1895 ; was chaplain in 
U. S. army in Texas five years and in civil war three years ; 
m. his second cousin, Mary Jane, dau. of Jonathan and Lucy 
(Bent) Perry. 


iv. Bethia, b. Feb. 10, 1797; m. Cebra Briggs of Middleboro*. 

274. V. John, b. May 30, 1799. 

. vi. Salojie, b. March 9, 1801 ; m. Martin Leach of Putnam, Conn, 
vii. Experience, b. May 28, 1803 ; d. luim. Oct. 6, 1825, of heart 

disease while dancing, 
viii. WiNSLOW, b. July 19, 1805 ; d. July 18, 1827, leaving a widow, 

Nancy, who d. Feb. 5, 1837, in her 36th year; both buried 

in North Carver. 
ix. Everett, b. Dec. 3, 1807 ; d. Oct. 21, 1847 ; m. April 6, 1836, 

his cousin Betsey C, dau. of Zenas® Bent. 

275. X. Ebenezer, b. Oct. 10, 1809. 

276. xi. Luther, b. Jan. 7, 1812. 

xii. Otis, b. May 12, 1815; d. Sept. 6, 1815. 

277. xiii. Otis, b. May, 1816. 


William® Bent (JoJin,^ Joseph,* Sxperience,^ Joseph, '^ Johti^) 
was born in Middleboro', Mass., in 1767 ; was a nail maker, and 
moved, about 1796, to Paris,* Me., where he died April 24, 1858, 
fe. 91. He married, Feb. 23, 1790, Olive Cushman Bessey of 
Wareham, Mass., who died in Paris, Me., in 1851. 

Children, i. and ii. born in Middleboro', the others in Paris, Me. : 

i. Olive,'' b. Nov. 30, 1790; d. young. 

278. ii. Otis, b. Aug. 23, 1793. 

279. iii. Orren, b. March 27, 1796. 

280. iv. William, b. March 24, 1798. 

V. Olive, b. Sept. 10, 1800; m. Mark Rawson. 
vi. Bethia, b. Oct. 5, 1802 ; m. Tristam Norton of Livermore, 

vii. Christiana, b. March 4, 1 805 ; na. Alanson M. Dunham of 

Norway, Me., where she died, 
viii. Almira, b. March 14, 1807; d. in Chelsea; m. Samuel Jack- 
son Durell of Chelsea, Mass. 

281. ix. John, b. March 12, 1809. 

X. Lucy Cole, b. Sept. 15, 1812; d. Nov. 1, 1842; m. 1834, 
Simeon Cummings, Jr. (1812-1866) of Paris, Me., store 
keeper and deputy sheriif, a man of wealth and influence. He 
m. again. 


Zexas^ Bext (John,° Joseph,* Experience,^ Joseph,^ John^) 
was born in Middleboro' in 1771 ; died in Middleboro', Feb. 1, 
1823 ; buried in North Carver. He married, Sept. 2, 1795, Eunice 
Lyon of Halifax, Mass., who died Oct. 8, 1850, za. 74. 
Children, all born in Middleboro', probably : 

i. Letitia,^ b. Oct. 13, 1796 ; d. in Taunton, Mass., Feb. 8, 1869 ; 
m. Oct. 13, 1816, Eliab Richardson of Franklin, Mass. Four 
children : 1. Harrison Haven^ Ricliardson, b. Oct. 31, 1817 ; 

* Paris incorporated 1793, when Maine was still a part of Massachusetts. 


living at Nayatt Point, R. I. ; m, Oct. 2, 1845, Mary Dane 
Tripp, by whom he has one son, Louis Haven Richardson. 
2. Eveline Eliza Richardson, b. 1821 ; d. about 1837. 3. 
Louisa Maria Richardson, b. May 21, 1823 ; d. about 1870. 
4. Anginette Amelia Richardson, b. Jan. 27, 1828 ; m. Gus- 
tavus Adolphus Wliite, and lives in New Bedford, Mass. 

282. ii. AsAHEL, b. 1797. 

iii. Elfear (or Fear), d. in East Bridgewater, Mass., abont 1856 ; 

m. first Standisli ; one daughter, Harriet^ Standish, m. 

"William Baylies of Dighton, Mass. Fear m. second 

Edson ; two children : 1. Marrf" Edson. 2. Helen Edson. 
Both married. 

iv. Betsey Cobb, b. about 1808 ; d. in Middleboro' in 1885 ; m. 

first, April 6, 1836, her consin Everett'^ Bent; m. second, 

Caleb Lucas of Middleboro' ; no children by either marriage. 

V. Eunice, b. Nov. 13, 1810 ; d. in Waltham, Mass., Sept. 7, 1828. 

vi. Lucy Morse, b. Dec. 25, 1813 ; d. Jan. 13, 1871, as. 57 ; m. 
June 23, 1842, Joseph Pierce of Dighton, Mass., a native of 
Fairhaven, Mass., who d. March 22, 1866, aa. 77. Three 
children : 1. Charlotte Louise'^ Pierce, d. 1852, ae. 6. 2. Ros- 
well Adrian Pierce. 3. Zenas Bent Pierce, living in Taunton, 

vii. Zenas, b. April 28, 1815 ; lived in Honolulu, S. L, where he 
was a builder or repairer of vessels ; lost at sea in the spring 
of 1867. 


Joseph^ Bent (Joseph,^ Jo sej^h,'^ Experience,^ Joseph^ Johi^^ 
was born in Plymouth, Mass., about 1760 ; was taken a dozen years 
later to Yarmouth, N. S. He married, Aug. 17, 1780, Priscilla, 
daughter of Capt. Samuel Harris. 

Children, i. and ii. recorded and probably all born in Yar- 
mouth, N. S. : 

i. Elizabeth,'^ b. Sept. 17, 1781 ; d. April 26, 1849, se. 67 ; m. 
Samuel Rodney. Nine children : 1. Nathan? 2. Josiah. 3. 
Samuel. 4. Jonathan. 5. Amasa. 6. Cijnthia, married Ezra 
Harris, Jr. 7. Alice, m. Capt. James Ritchie, Jr. 8. Mary 
Ann, m. Capt. William Crosby. 9. Elizabeth, d. unm. 

ii. Lucy, b. July 26, 1782 ; m. Ezra Harris. 

iii. Esther, m. James Ritchie. Ten children : 1 . James.^ 2. Wil- 
liam. 3. Elihu, d. unm. 4. Joel. 5. Esther, m. "Wellington 
"Wyman. 6. Mary, m. first John Gray, and second his brother 
Nelson Gray. 7. Ghar-lotte, m. Benjamin Whitehouse. 8. 
Benjamin. 9. Joseph N. 10. Isabel, m. "William Thurston, 

iv. Bethiah, m. John Porter. 

V. Hannah, m. Nov. 1806, Benjamin Harris, Jr. 

283. vi. "Waterman. 
vii. Joseph. 

284. viii. Samuel. 

86 BENT FAl^nLY. 

285i ix. JoHX. 

X. Priscilla. 

Xi. ZiLPAH. 


Elkanah^ Bent {Joseph,^ Joseph,* Experience,^ Joseph,'^ 
John}), mariner, was born, probably, in Plymouth, Mass. ; went 
to Yarmouth, N. S., with his parents in 1772 ; died at Short Beach, 
N. S., June 27, 1858. He lived in Yarmouth, N. S., until the war 
of 1812, when the vessel in which all of his money was invested 
was taken by an American privateer, it is said. He then moved 
some ten miles from Yarmouth, to what is now known as Short 
Beach or Sanford, and made a home for himself and family in the 
wilderness. He married Eunice, daughter of Nathaniel Elwell, 
who moved from Beverly, Mass., to Yarmouth, N. S., in 1765. 

Children, all born in Yarmouth, N. S. : 

i. JoHN,^ b. 1794 ; d. May IG, 18C1. 

286. ii. James. 

iii. Hannah, d. at Short Beach, N. S. ; m. Aaron Baker, farmer, 
of Short Beach, N. S. Two children : 1. Albert,^ a, sea cap- 
tain. 2. Annie, m. Charles Crosby and lived in Lynn, Mass. 

287. iv. William. 

V. Eunice, d. Jan. 21, 1888 ; m. Samuel Raymond and lived in 
Milton Highlands, N. S. Five children. 

vi. Sarah, d. in Chebogue, N. S. ; m. Dimock Doane. No child- 

288. vii. Alexander. 

viii. Rebecca, b. Sept. 16, 1808 ; d. Feb. 16, 1856 ; m. first, Feb. 
6, 1834, Robert Beveridge, a sea captain ; m. second, Jan. 11, 
1849, .John Phillips. Three children by first marriage : 1. 
Amanda Malvina^ Beveridge, b. June 10, 1835 ; living at Lake 
Darling, N. S. ; m. June 26, 1853, Daniel Ellis, and has had 
eleven children. 2. Robert Beveridge, b. Oct. 7, 1838. 3. 
Thomas Beveridge, b. Oct. 26, 1840. One child by second 
marriage, John Thompson Phillips, b. May 24, 1851. 

289. ix. Charles, b. Dec. 1810. 


James^ Bent (Joseph,^ Josejih,* Experience,^ JosepJi,^ John^) 
was born, probably, in Plymouth, Mass., taken by his parents to 
Yarmouth, N. S., in 1772, and died Dec. 26, 1849. He married 
Esther, dau. of Samuel Baker. 

Children, i. to iii. recorded in Yarmouth, N. S. : 
i. Elkanah,^ b. Jan. 24, 1803. 

ii. Lois, b. Dec. 27, 1805 ; m. Feb. 6, 1841, Charles Munro. 
iii. James, b. Oct. 29, 1807 ; settled in Liverpool, N. S. 
iv. Amos. 
V. AVealthy, b. 1811 ; d. num. April 4, 1889. 


vi. Milton, lost with the brig Paragon in Feb. 1841. 
vii. "William. 
viii. Phcebe, lost and frozen to death when about six years old. 


Joseph® Bent (JosepA,* Josej^h,* Josejih,^ Joseph.,'^ Johi^) far- 
mer, was born Aug. 21, 1762, in Milton, Mass., where he died 
Sept. 25, 1849, se. 87 ; a major of militia; moderator of the town 
meetings in 1808, 1810 and 1814. He married, March 20, 1787, 
Sarah White of Milton, where she died Jan. 19, 1857, ae. 88. 

Children, all born in Milton : 

i. Sally,^ b. Nov. 23, 1787 ; d. unm. in Milton, July 15, 1829. 
ii. Eunice, b. .Jan. 20, 1790 ; d. unm. in Milton, Feb. 5, 1857. 
iii. Nancy, b. Nov. 29, 1799 ; d. unm. in Milton, April 1, 1889, 
fe. 89. 


Lemuel® Bent {William,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) 
was born Feb. 17, 1766, in the village of Poukipog, now a part of 
the town of Canton, then a part of Stoughton, Mass. Sometime 
before his marriage he moved to Alexandria, Va., but before 1800 
transferred his residence to Winchester, Va., where he died April 
5, 1849, fe. 83. He was clerk in the court at Winchester, and later 
clerk of the railroad running from Winchester to Harper's Ferry. 
He married, Sept. 13, 1792, Betsey Lewis, born in Dedham, Mass., 
Nov. 19, 1766, died in Wincliester, Va., June, 1850, ae. 83, daugh- 
ter of Joseph and Molly (Baker) Lewis. 

Children, i. born in Alexandria, Va., the others in Winchester, 
Va. : 

i. Eliza Lewis,'^ b. Aug. 18, 1797 ; d. in Wilkesbarre, Pa., Jan. 
13, 1865, 33. 67; m. June 20, 1816, Alexander Holliday of 
Winchester, Va. One child, Elizabeth Benf' Holliday, b. April 
16, 1822 ; d. Sept. 28, 1868 ; m. Rev. Archibald Alexander 
Hodge, D.D., LL.D., afterwards of Princeton Theological 
Seminary. He d. Nov. 11, 1886, as. 63, leaving two daughters, 
both born in India: (1) Sarah Bache Hodge,^ living in 
Princeton, N. J. (2) Elizabeth Holliday Hodge, d. March 
15, 1893. 
290. ii. Mary An^n, b. June 8, 1800 ; m. Rev. Francis McFarland. 

iii. RoxANA Dabney, b. March 20, 1802 ; d. unm. in Winchester, 

Va., Dec. 23, 1869. 
iv. Theda Ellis, b. Feb. 14, 1805 ; d. unm. Nov. 21, 1836. 
V. Nathaniel, b. April 18, 1807 ; a Presbyterian elder and bank 
teller in Winchester, Va., where he died Dec. 11, 1869 ; m. 
in 1836 Martha Little of Winchester, who d. a few daj^s after 
her husband. No children, 
vi. William Lemuel, b. Jan. 13, 1814 ; was deputy county clerk 
and afterwards in the insurance business ; d. in Winchester, 
Va., Dec. 11, 1878, a?. 64 ; m. Dec. 25, 1845, Martha Annan 
of Maryland. No children. 



William® Bent ( William,^ Josejyh,* Joseph, "^ Joseph,^ Johi^) 
was born Nov. 13, 1775, in Canton, Mass., where he died Dec. 26, 
1847, le. 72. He married, Oct. 12, 1811, Judith Swift Crane, 
who died in June, 1866. 

Children, all recorded in Canton but the last : 

i. Lemuel,'' b. 1812 ; d. 1814. 
ii. Sarah, b. Oct. 26, 1813 ; d. in Thompsonville, Conn., Feb. 

1891 ; m. Dec. 12, 1832, Elijah Benton. One daughter, 

Charlotte T., m. in 1862 Benjamin F. Lord of Thompsonville, 

iii. Betsey, b. Feb. 21, 1815 ; d. in Kalamazoo, Mich., about 1859 ; 

m. in 1844 James Porter of Thompsonville, Conn. No 

iv. Chloe, b. Jan. 24, 1817 ; d. unm. in hospital at Boston, Oct. 

31, 1877. 
V. Lemuel, b. Oct. 28, 1818 ; d. Sept. 1835. 

291. vi. William Henry, b. June 13, 1819. 

292. vii. RuFus, b. Oct. 21, 1821. 

293. viii. Joseph, b. Aug. 5, 1823. 

294. ix. Charles Crane, b. Sept. 8, 1826. 

X. Ann, b. March 3, 1829 ; d. July, 1891 ; m. George Benton of 
Canton, Mass., brother of Elijah above. Two children : 1. 
Walter^ Benton, m. in 1877 Ella Jaquith of Boston. 2. Eliza 
Otis Benton, m. in 1880 Wellington Donaldson. 

xi. Horatio Nelson, b. about 1831 ; d. unm. in Burlington, Kan., 
Nov. 24, 1873 ; went West when young and located in Bur- 
lington, Kan. ; was a blacksmith, but read law, and from 1862 
to 1868 was probate judge. He is described as an odd genius, 
tall, angular, careless in dress, but of a naturally legal turn 
of mind, with a wonderful memory, and in general a sort of 
walking encyclopedia. 


Chloe® Bent {William,^ JosejyJi,^ Josejih,^ Joseqih,^ Joh'n}) 
was born March 9, 1781, in Canton, Mass., where she died May 
14, 1852,35. 71. She married. May 21, 1804, Deacon Thomas 
Dunbar, born July 25, 1775, died Dec. 8, 1855 ; a farmer who had, 
during a part of his life at least, a forge and a grist mill ; was 
descended, through Hon. Elijah' (1740-1817) and Rev. SamueP 
n 704— 1783) from John' Dunbar, who came from Scotland to Bos- 
ton about 1700, married Martha Holmes, and died in 1708. 
Children, all born in Canton, Mass. : 

i. Chloe' Dunbar, b. May 1, 1805 ; d. unm. Oct. 27, 1887. 
ii. Thomas Dunbar (twin), b. Jan. 30, 1807 ; d. Feb 5, 1807. 
iii. Nathaniel Dunbar (twin), b. Jan. 30, 1807 ; d. July 11, 
1883 ; m. first, April 24, 1833, Julia Ann Cascalean Chase ; 


m. second, Aug. 20, 1838, Frances Ann Draper ; m. third, 

Feb. 19, 1857, Lucinda Draper. By the second marriage he 

had five children : 1. Francis Draper.^ 2. Louisa. 3. 

Nathaniel William, 4. Anna Lucinda. 5. Julia Ann GaS" 

iv. William Dunbar, b. March 27, 1809 ; d, unm. Sept. 2, 1867. 
V. Dorothy Dunbar, b. Oct. 5, 1810 ; d. nnm. Sept. 7, 1833. 
vi. Samuel Dunbar, b. Nov. 12, 1812 ; d. in 1813. 
vii. Thomas Dunbar, born Aug. 19, 1814 ; d. in Canton, Aug. 3, 

1899; m. first, Dec. 20, 1837, Hannah Howe French; m. 

second, Sept. 29, 1869, Mrs. Harriet E. (Chamberlain) Went- 

worth. By the first marriage he had six children : 1. Charles 

French,^ b. Jan. 6, 1839. 2. Frederic, b. 1840 ; d. 1883. 3. 

Edward Thomas, b. 1844; d. 1849. 4. Alice Hannah, b. 

1848 ; d. 1849. 5. Elwin Eugene, b. 1850 ; d. 1874. 6. 

William Thomas, b. 1854 ; d. 1883. 
viii. Sarah Dunbar, b. July 17, 1816 ; d. Oct. 12, 1889 ; m. June 

19, 1834, Nathaniel Davenport (1811-1894). Seven children : 

1. Jane.^ 2. Nathaniel Thomas. 3. James Dunbar. 4. 
Francis William. 5. George Lyman. 6. Helen. 1. Waldo 

ix. Hannah Dunbar, b. July 17, 1816; d. Dec. 17, 1846; m. 
April 30, 1840, Gerry Tucker. Two chikben : 1. Samuel.^ 

2. Emily. 

X. Mary Ann Dunbar, b. Feb. 21, 1819 ; d. June 27, 1868 ; m. 
Nov. 12, 1840, Virgil J. Messinger. Three children: 1. 
Mary Fidelia.^ 2. Virgil Dunbar, d. young. 3. Herbert 
Stanley, b. 1847 ; d. 1889. 
xi. Elijah Dunbar, b. Jan. 6, 1821 ; m. April 23, 1859, Virginia 
Clifford. Three children : 1. T^aura Clifford,^ d. young. 2, 
Edward Clifford, b. 1862. 3. Henry Clifford, b. 1867. 
xii. Julia Dunbar, b. Sept. 29, 1823 ; d. April 17, 1825. 

James® Bent ( Willimn,^ Josej)h,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) 
was born Dec. 31, 1784, in the part of Stoughton, Mass., that was 
incorporated in 1797 as the town of Canton, where he died Feb. 
3, 1847, je. 62. He was a gun-smith and sword-cutler, and worked 
at the armory in Richmond, Va., during the early part of the war 
of 1812. He evidently was a good workman, as is shown by the 
following certificate, which has been preserved : 

Virginia Manufactory of Arms, June, 1813. 
James Bent, lately an Artificer in this Manufactory, and now in the 
State of Massachusetts, during his employment here was under my Superin- 
tendence for nearly five years. I have pleasure in saying he conducted 
himself with great propriety, and is a good workman at polishing all kinds 
0$ arms, finishing pistols, &c. 

Given under my hand the date above. 

Jn Staples, Sup't. 


After his return to Massachusetts, he worked at the machinist's 
trade a part of the time and tauglit school winters ; but from 1833 
until his death in 1847, he kept the Massapoag House in Canton. 
The hotel was built in 1789, and is still standing. From 1819 to 
1824, he was adjutant of a militia regiment. He married, April 
18, 1815, Hannah Crane Davenport, born Dec. 8, 1791, died Oct. 
2, 1870, daughter of Jesse and Hannah (Crane) Davenport of 

Children, all born in Canton : 

i. Hannah,^ b. Jan. 28, 1817 ; d. unm. in Canton, Oct. 25, 1887. 

ii. Harriet, b. Jan. 28, 1817 ; d. ae. 11 mos. 

iii. Elijah, b. May 5, 1824 ; d. unm. in Canton, March 23, 1893. 

295. iv. Nathaniel, b. May 5, 1824. 


Ann® Bent {Rufiis,^ Joseph^" Jose2')h,^ Joseph,^ John^) was 
born in Milton, Mass., June 19, 1768 ; died, unmarried, in Canton, 
Mass., Feb. 27, 1857, je. 88. As a young woman, she taught 
school on Milton Hill, but in 1795 opened a store on what is now 
Washington Street (then Marlboro' Street), near Summer Street, 
Boston, where she continued in active business until 1833. Her 
shop was a sort of ladies' exchange, and she was well and favorably 
known. She was a capable, energetic and generous woman, says 
the historian of Milton, and a constant attendant at the Federal 
Street Church during Channing's and Gannett's pastorates. For 
several years she lived over her store, even after she had turned the 
management of the business over to her relatives, Ann and William 
H. Allen, who continued there until the great fire of 1872 ; but the 
last two years of her life were spent with her sister, Mrs. Kinsley, 
in Canton. Her store was valued at $24,000 at her death. 


Prudence^ Bent {Riifus,^ Josejih,* Josepli^^ Jose2^h,^ John^), 
married, Aug. 18, 1794, Silas Kinsley, farmer, of Canton, Mass. 
Children, all born in Canton : 

i. Silas'' Kinsley, b. April 24, 1795. 

ii. RuFus Bent Kinsley, b. March 20, 1797 ; d. in Newport, R. 
I., Feb. 5, 1870 ; founded Kinsley's Express between Boston 
and Newport ; this was afterward consolidated with the Adams 
Express Co., of which he became a director, 
iii. Mary Kinsley, b. April 2, 1798. 
iv. Allen Kinsley, b. April 25, 1801. 
v. Charles Kinsley, b. Feb. 21, 1806. 
vi. Ann Kinsley, b. July 17, 1808. 
vii. Maria Kinsley, b. May 9, 1810. 
viii. Sarah Barnard Kinsley, b. July 15, 1812. 


ix. Henry Kinsley (twin), b. Feb. 4, 1816. 
X. Helen Kinsley (twin), b. Feb. 4, 1816. 
xi. Edward James Kinsley, b. March 9, 1820. 


Arethusa® Bent (Jesse,^ John,* Josei^i,^ Joseph,^ John^) 
was born in Milton, Mass., Dec. 24, 1759 ; moved about 1765 with 
her parents to Fort Lawrence, N. S., where she died March 16, 
1820, te. 60. She married, Jan. 7, 1779, Ephraim Church of 
Windsor, N. S., born in Little Compton, R. I., Sept. 20, 1751, 
died in Fort Lawrence, N. S., Oct. 3, 1790. 

Children of Ephraim and Arethusa (Bent) Church : 

i. Charles Church,'' b. April 13, 1780; d. unm. Sept. 16, 1812. 

ii. George Church, b. Feb. 7, 1782 ; d. Feb. 10, 1870 ; farmer, 
in Fort Lawrence, N. S. ; m. Anna Brownell, who d. Jan. 
14, 1876, ae. 90. Seven children: 1. Melinda,^ m.. Edward 
Carter. 2. Elizabeth, m. William Atkinson. 3. Thomas. 4. 
Lavinia, m. William Smith. 5. Cynthia, m. Edward Barnes 
of Wood Point, N. B. 6. Jeremiah, went to California. 7. 
Ephraim, living unm. at Fort Lawrence, N. S. 

iii. Jesse Church, b. Jan. 22, 1784; d. Sept. 15, 1856; farmer; 
lived at Point de Bute, N. B., and East Amherst, N. S. ; m. 
April 14, 1808, Lavinia Brownell (1788-1869). Fifteen 
children : 1. Ephraim. 2. Anna Brownell, m. John William 
Burnham of St. John, N. B. 3. Arethusa Bent, m. Amos Bots- 
ford Barnes, grandson of Jacobina* Bent, who m. Nehemiah 
Ayer. 4. Lavinia, m. George Frederick Calkins. 5. Charles 
Lemuel. 6. William Constant. 7. Aaron Alexander. 8. Jessie 
Rebecca, unm. 9. James Harvey, d. in Austin, Texas, 1880. 
10. Margaret Ann, m. William Edward Weldon of Moncton, 
N. B. 11. Edward Weldon. 12. Clarissa. 13. Harlon. 14. 
Sarah Oressa. 15. Caroh'ne Elizabeth. Last five d. young. 

iv. Edward Church, b. Oct. 27, 1786 ; m. Isabel Weldon, Twelve 
children. 1. Sarah, m. John Travis. 2. Elizabeth, m. James 
Travis. 3. Catherine, m. James Schurman of River Philip, 

N. S. 4. Abel, m. Bent. 5. Clementina, m. Rufus 

Henson of Oxford, N. S. 6. Matilda, m. Vickery. 

7. Selina, m. Leek. 8. Augusta, m. ■ Howard. 

9. John, m. Mrs. Eliza (Black) Black, dau. of Joshua and 
Amy® (Bent) Black. 10. Harvey, d. young. 11. Martha, d. 
young. 12. Arethusa, d. young. 

V. Elizabeth Church, b. Jan. 29, 1788 ; m. Sylvanus Miner of 
Mt. Whatelj^, N. B. Two children : 1. George. 2. John. 

vi. Lavinia Church, b. Jan. 28, 1790; m. John McClelan of Fort 
Lawrence, N. S. Five children. 


Martin^ Bent (Jesse,^ Jolm,* Joseph,^ Joseph/ John^), far- 
mer, was born in Milton, Mass., April 16, 1762; was taken in 


childhood to Fort Lawrence, N. S., where he died April 20, 1842, 
se. 80. He married, Dec. 12, 1786, Mrs. Amy (Esterbrooks) 
Ayer, born Sept. 14, 1763, died June 4, 1845, widow of Capt. 
Mariner Ayer of Sackville, N. B., a sea captain, who died March 
10, 1785, the result of his vessel being wrecked near Grand Manan. 
Children, all born in Fort Lawrence, N. S. : 

296. i. Cynthia,'^ b. Sept. 7, 1787 ; m. Harmon Trueman. 
ii. LoYiCY, b. 1789 ; d. 1793. 

297. iii. Calvin Gay, b. Nov. 9, 1791. 

298. iv. Martin, b. July 30, 1793. 

299. V. Eunice Conviss, b. Feb. 15, 1796 ; m. Robert K. Trueman. 

300. vi. Seraphina, b. Sept. 5, 1798 ; m. Richard Hewson. 

301. vii. James Valentine, b. Oct. 18, 1800. 

302. viii. John, b. AprH 6, 1806. 


Jacobina^ Bent (Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ John^) was 
born in Milton, Mass., Jan. 26, 1764; taken soon afterward to 
Fort Lawrence, N. S., and died in Sackville, N. B., March 23, 
1840, fe. 76. She married, Sept. 11, 1783, Nehemiah Ayer, born 
1754, died Oct. 3, 1842. 
Children : 

i. Lucretia Ayer,'' b. Oct. 9, 1786 ; m, Oliver Barues of Wood 
Point, N. B. Ten children : 1. Rebecca.'^ 2. Stephen. 3. 
Ann. 4. Charles. 5. Martha. 6. Sarah, m. John^ Bent. 
7. Matilda. 8. Eunice. 9. Olive. 10. Lucretia. 11. Letitia. 

ii. Thomas Ayer, b. Oct. 3, 1788 ; m. Estabrooks. 

Seven children : 1. Valentine.^ 2. Manford. 3. William. 
4. Charles. 5. Joseph. 6. Cynthia. 7. Jane. 
iii. Jane Ayer, b. May 23, 1790 ; m. James Barnes and lived near 
Sackville, N. B. Twelve children : 1. Cynthia.^ 2. Jacobina. 
3. Jane. 4. Prudence., o. John. 6. Rebecca. 7. Julia. 8. 
Silas. 9. James. 10. Edward. 11. Amos Botsford, m. 
Arethusa Bent Church, granddaughter of Arethusa* Bent. 12. 
iv. Jesse Ayer, b. Sept. 29, 1794; lived at Beech Hill, N. B. ; m. 

Harper. Six children : 1. Albert.^ 2. Edward. 

3. John. 4. Belle. 5. Eunice. 6. Mercy. 
V. Joseph Ayer, b. Dec. 2, 1796; d. unm. in Sackville, N. B., 

where he was a mill-wright. 
vi. James Ayer, b. Nov. 3, 1798 ; manufacturer in Middle Sack- 
ville ; m. Elizabeth Chase of Cornwallis, N. S. Six child- 
ren : 1. Stephen.^ 2. James R. 3. Nehemiah. A. Jacobina, 
m. Charles Stockton of St. John, N. B. 5. Submit. 6. Sarah. 
vii. William Ayer, b. Dec. 9, 1801 ; lived in Sackville, N. B. 

Two children : 1. Jacobina.^ 2. Alfred. 
viii. Sarah Ayer, b. Dec. 17, 1804; lived in Sackville, N. B. ; 
m. Henry Ogden, a farmer. Three children : 1. Amos.^ 2. 
Eunice. 3. William. 
ix. Eunice Ayer, b. March 2, 1807 ; d. unm. 


Cynthia* Bent {Jesse,'" John,* Jose'ph,^ Joseph,^ John^) 
was born in Fort Lawrence, N. S., April 22, 1766. She married 
George Oxley, and settled in Wallace, N. S. 

Children : 

i. Eunice^ Oxley, d. unm. 
ii. Mary B. Oxley, m. Richard Smith of Maitland, N. S. No 

iii. Joseph Oxley, living in Wallace, N. S. ; m. Miss Nichols. No 

iv. Arethusa Oxley, m. Richard Black of River Philip, N. S. 

Nine children: 1. George Oxley. ^ 2. Cynthia, va. John 

Powers of Black River, N. S. 3. Richard Lorenzo. 4. 

Jane, m. Eldwin J. Purdy of Westchester, N. S. 5. James. 

6. Elizabeth, m. Henry Cove. 7. Margaret, va. Martin* Bent 

{q. v.). 8. Emeline, m. Caleb Schurman of Black River, 

N. S. 9. Augusta, m. her cousin Rupert Donkin of River 

PhiHp, N. S. 
v. H. Nelson Oxley, d. unm. 

vi. Georgianna Oxley, m. Mr. Stephens of Wallace, N. S. 
vii. Cynthla, Eliza Oxley, m. Robert Donkin of River Philip, 

N. S. Six children : 1. George.^ 2. Olivia, m. John W. 

Schurman of River Philip, N. S. 3. Hiram. 4. Fredenc. 5. 

Rupert. 6. Amelia, m. first, Charles Lawrence of Southampton, 

N. S. ; m. second, Mr. Pugsley of Amherst, N. S. 
viii. Almira Oxley, m. David Freeze of Maitland, N. S. Three 

children: 1. George.^ 2. Frederic. 3. Abigail. 
ix. Margaret Wooler Oxley, m. James Christie of River 

Hebert, N. S. Seven children : 1. George.^ 2. Robert. 3. 

Charles. 4. Alexander. 5. Edward. 6. Angelina. 7. Mary. 


Teyphenia* Bent (Jesse,^ John,'^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) 
was born in Fort Lawrence, N.S., Oct. 1, 1767 ; died in Maccan( ?), 
N. S., Aug. 25, 1858, aj. 85. She married, Nov. 22, 1786, Luke 
Harrison, born in Yorkshire, Eng., Aug. 25, 1754, died April 25, 
1820, son of John and Sarah (Lovell) Harrison, who came from 
England to Maccan, N. S., in 1774. 

Children : 

i. Jane''' Harrison, m. Bostwick. No children. 

ii. Margaret Harrison, d. young, 
iii. George Harrison. 
iv. Hannah Harrison, m, Boss. 

V. Amy Harrison, m. Dodsworth. 

vi. Eunice Harrison, m. • Boss. 

vii. Elizabeth Harrison, m. Smith. 

viii. Joseph Harrison. 

ix. Jesse Harrison. 




Eunice^ Bent (Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ John^) was 
born in Fort Lawi-ence, N. S., March 31, 1769 ; died in Amherst, 
N. S., June, 1832, se. 63. She married Samuel Freeman of 
Amherst, N. S. 

Children : 

i. Emily' Freeman, m. George Mason Black of Dorchester, N. B. 
Five children : 1. Silas,^ was a carriage manufacturer in Sack- 
vUle, N. B. 2. Elizabeth, m. John Smith of Memrancook, 
N. B. 3. Alfred, living in California. 4. Eunice, m. James 
Dunbar Dixon of Sackville, N. B. 5. 3Tary Jane, m. Amos 
Ogden, a shipping and lumber merchant, of Sackville, N. B. 

ii. JameS Freeman, m. first, Emily Blake, by whom he had : 1. 
Samuel E.^ 2. Eunice. 3. George B. He m. second, Miss 
McCully, by whom he had one child, Emily. 

iii. Elizabeth Freeman, m. James Page of Amherst, N. S. 

Seven children : 1. Eunice,^ m. White and went 

to California. 2. Ja7ie, m. first, Mr. Elderkin, and second, 
Thomas De Wolfe of Dartmouth, N. S. 3. Edward. 4. 
Silas, went to the Sandwich Islands to live. 5. Emily, m. 
Jeremiah Church. 6. Albert, living in California. 7. Eliza- 
beth, living unm. 

iv. Jacobina Freeman, m. William White® Bent {q. v.). 

v. George Freeman, d. suddenly when a young man ; m. Annie 
Dow ; no children. 

vi. Samuel Freeman, m. IMiss Tait. Three daughters^ and one 
son, Samuel, who m. Mary AmeUa, dau. of Jesse'' Bent {q. v.). 


Ebenezer Vose' Bent (Jesse,^ Jolm,* Joseph,^ Joseph^^ 
John^), farmer, was born March 3, 1771, in Fort Lawrence, N. S., 
where he died June, 1855, ae. 84. He had a large farm near his 
father's. He married, Oct. 23, 1799, Lucy Miner of Horton (the 
Grand Pre of Longfellow's Evangeline), N. S. She died a3. 73. 

Children, all born in Fort Lawrence, N. S. : 

303. i. Sarah,' b. 1800 ; m. Robert Embree. 

ii. Lucy Ann, b. 1802; m. Joseph Bowser of Sackville, N. B. ; 
their only child d. in infancy. 
304> iii. Amy, b. 1804 ; m. Joshua Black. 

305. iv. Almira, b. 1806 ; m. John Embree. 

306. V. Cynthia, b. 1809 ; m. George Fullerton. 

vi. Jesse L., b. 1812 ; lived in Sackville, N. B. ; magistrate for 

Westmoreland Co., N. B. ; d. Sept. 27, 1889 ; m. Ruth Scurr 

of Sackville. No children, 
vii. Hannah, b. 1817 ; d. 1860 ; m. Isaac Logan, farmer, of Salem, 

N. S. Three children : 1. Bessie,^ unm. 2. Annie, m. 

James W. Clark of Moncton, N. B. 3. Son, d. young. 



Jessf/ Bent (^ Jesse, ^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^^ was born 
in Fort Lawrence, N. S., in 1773 ; took his father's homestead, and 
died there March 3, 1839, je. QQ. He married Dorothy Freeman, 
who died June 7, 1842, eldest daughter of Samuel Freeman of 
Amherst, N. S. 

Children, all born in Fort Lawrence, N. S. : 

307i i. William Freeman,^ b. 1799. 

308. ii. Samuel, b. 1801. 

309. iii. Matilda, b. 1804 ; m. John AYilliam Smith. 

310. iv. AxN, b. 1806 ; m. James Smith. 

311. V. Susan, b. 1809 ; m. first, George Chapman ; m. second, Bradley 


312. vi. ToRREY, b. 1811. 

313. vii. Jane, b. Dec. 4, 1813 ; m. Andrew Reed Chajjman. 
311. viii. Jesse, b. 1816. 

ix. Lemuel, b. 1818 ; d. in Point de Bate, N. B., Feb. 1892 ; m. 
in 1847, Mary Dixon of Point de Bute, who d. Jan. 1898. 
No children ; they adopted Jesse" Bent's dau. Mary? 


Hannah® Bent {Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,"^ Joseph,"" John^) was 
born in Fort Lawrence, N. S., Nov. 29, 1777 ; died at River Philip, 
N. S., April 29, 1869, ai. 91. She married. May 10, 1810, William 
McAllan of Mt. Whatley, N. S., his second marriage. He died 
June, 1820. Some of the descendants write the name McCallin. 

Children : 

i. Elvira^ McAllan, b. March 11, 1811; d. May 3, 1859; 
m. James Ferguson (1809-1870) of Fort Lawrence, N. S. 
Kine children : 1. Cynthia,^ d. 1846, se. 13. 2. William O. 
3. Annie E., living in St. John, N. B. ; m. R. R. Page. 4. 
3Iary J., m. E. C. Estabrooks of Sackville, N. B., and later 
moved to Boston. 5. Sarah M., m. George P. Rodgers of 
Amherst, N. S. 6. Effie E., d. 1864, «. 18. 7. James R. 8. 
Matilda S., m. E. L. Patch of Boston. 9. Lucia 31., m. W. C. 
Harper of Amherst, N. S. 

ii. John Bent McAllan, b. July 11, 1812 ; living with his dau. 
in Portsmouth, N. H. ; writes his name McCallin ; m. Mary 
Jane Schurman, dau. of .John S. Schurman of River Philip, 
N. S. Nine children : 1. Elizabeth,^ m. Hanson Harrison 
of Maccan, N. S. ; now living in Portsmouth, N. H. 2. 
Eunice, living in Amesbury, Mass. ; m. first, Fred Shaw, and 
second, Frank J. Harvey. 3. Mary, m. John Somerby of 
Portsmouth, N. H. 4. Clara, m. Joseph C. Shaw of Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 5. Sarah, d. x. 30. 6. William. 7. Elvira, 
m. C. P. Haley. 8. Kafe, m. C. P. Haley, who afterwai-ds m. 
her sister. 9. 3Iaretta, living in Danvers, Mass. ; m. Edward 
E. Tozer. 


iii. Cynthia McAllan, m. Patrick Baird of River Hebert, N. S. 
Nine children : 1. John Dixon} 2. William McGallin. 3. 
Mary Elizabeth, m. Michael Hogan. 4. Samuel. 5. Hannah, 
m. Capt. Wingfield Yates Theal. 6. Thomas, d. unm. in 
Texas. 7. Rufus. 8. James. 9. Alexander Clark. 


Lemuel* Bent (Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^), far- 
mer, was born in Fort Lawrence, N. S., October, 1783; lived in 
East Amherst, N. S., where he died October, 1843, as. 60. He 
married Elizabeth Davis of Horton, N. S., or vicinity, who sur- 
vived her husband several years. 

Children, all born in Nova Scotia : 

315. i. Albert. 
316« ii. VosE. 

iii. Samuel Freeman, d. unm. 

iv. Silas, carpenter ; d. unm. in Maine. 

V. Charles Edward. 

vi. William, d. young. 
817. vii. Benjamin Page. 

viii. Thomas Hanlet, farmer ; living iinm. in Amherst, N. S. 

ix. Charlotte Marilla, living in East Amherst, N. S. ; m. Silas 
Edward Travis, farmer. Two children : 1. James Wilher, 
living in Montreal. 2. Edward St. Claire, living in East 
Amherst, N. S. 


John* Bent (John,^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Johii^), farmer, 
was born in Amherst, N. S. ; died in Nova Scotia, April 7, 1854. 
He married, Jan. 5, 1815, Martha McLellan. 

Children, all born in Brookdale, N. S. : 

318, i. Edward," b. Dec. 28, 1815. 

ii. Mary, b. May 11, 1817 ; living in Amherst, N. S. ; m. Moses 

Lowe, who d. in Amherst, 
iii. Martha Ann (twin), b. Oct. 3, 1819 ; m. Alfred Black. 

319. iv. John (twin), b. Oct. 3, 1819. 

V. Samuel, b. Dec. 8, 1822 ; d. in Virginia while a young man ; 
was a daguerreotyper. 

320. yi. Charles, b. Jan. 10, 1826. 

vii. Eleanor Jane, b. April 10, 1829 ; living in Amherst, N. S. ; 
m. Nathan Tupper, M.D. 

321, viii. William White, b. Aug. 24, 1831. 


Daniel® Bent (John,^ John,* Joseph,"^ Joseph,^ John^) was 
born in Amherst, N. S. He lived in Salem, N. S. He married 
Sarah Wetherhead. 


Children, all born in Nova Scotia : 

i. "Wetherhead/ living in Leicester, N. S. ; has one dau.^ who 
m. Rev. George Glendenning. 

ii. Betsey. 
iii. BiNA. 

iv. Lucy, m. her cousin Rupert'^ Bent. 
V. Arethusa. 


"William White® Bent {John;' John,* JosejJi,^ Joseph,' 
Johii^) was born Jan. 7, 1800, in Amherst, N. S., where he died 
April 25, 1866. He represented Cumberland County in the local 
House for several years. He married, March 17, 1829, Jacobina, 
born May 16, 1806, died Jan. 26, 1862, daughter of Eunice' (Bent) 
Freeman {q.v.^. 

Children, all born in Amherst, N. S. : 

i. Augusta A.,'' b. May 7, 1830 ; living in Amherst, N. S. ; m. 

Oct. 22, 1867, .Jesse G. Harding of New Castle (Miramichi), 

N. B., who d. Dec. 30, 1898. Three children: 1. WiUiam 

Edward.^ 2. Bessie. 3. Ernest S., a doctor in Montreal. 
ii. Eunice, b. May 31, 1832 ; living in Amherst, N. S. : m. March 

20, 18G0, Hon. Thomas R. Black, M.P.P., of Amherst, N. S. 

Five children : 1. William. 2. Charles. 3. Mai-y, d. 1881. 

4. Emma, d. 1877. 5. Mira. 
iii. Rupert Freeman, b. May 17, 1837 ; living in Amherst, N. S. ; 

m. Jan. 11, 1871, his cousin Lucy, dau. of Daniel® Bent ; no 

322. iv. Frederic W., b. Feb. 20, 1840. 

V. Charles H., b. April 26, 1843 ; living in Amherst, N. S. ; m. 

April 17, 1867, Martha Lowe. One child, Alary Louise, b. 

Dec. 16, 1870. 


Ezra* Bent { John, ^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Johii^) was born 
in Amherst, N. S. He took his father's homestead, which is now 
occupied by his daughter Frances. He married Ellen McMonagle. 

Children, all born in Amherst, N. S. : 

i. Mary,^ b. 1824. 
ii. Sarah, b. 1826. 
iii. Ellen, b. 1828. 
323. iv. John Hugh, b. April 12, 1830. 

V. Richard, b. 1832 ; went to New Zealand. 

vi. Frances, b. 1834 ; living unm. on the old homestead in Am- 
herst, N. S. 
vii. Annie, b. 1836. 



Shepherd^ Bent {Ebenezer^^ Ehenezer,* Josej^h,^ Josepk^^ 
John^), farmer, was born Nov. 27, 1768, in Milton, Mass., where 
he died Aug. 27, 1828, 2&. 59. He was in Capt. James Robinson's 
company, of Dorchester, that was called out to suppress Shays' 
rebellion in January and February, 1787. He married, in 1795, 
Susannah Glover, born Dec. 30, 1771, died in Dorchester, July 23, 
1853, se. 81, daughter of Thomas Glover of Milton. 

Children, all born in Milton : 

i. Charles,'^ b. Dec. 8, 1796 ; went to Sandwich Islands and m. 
a native. 
324. ii. Samuel Glover, b. Jan. 21, 1799. 

iii. Lewis, d. unm. in Milton, Oct. 15, 1836. 

iv. Eunice, b. March 24, 1802; d. in Dorchester, Mass., July 2, 
1893, iB. 91 ; m. Oct. 19, 1823, Edward Hutchinson Robbins 
Ruggles (1800-1889) of Dorchester; a native of Moutague, 
Mass. Eleven children ( see " The Ruggles Family in Eng- 
land and America," by Henry S. Ruggles, 1896). 


William® Bent {Ebenezer,^ Ehenezer,* Joseph,'^ Josej)h,^ 
John^) was born in Milton, Mass., April 27, 1772; moved about 
1799 to Boston, where he died March 1, 1851, ». nearly 79. He 
learned the trade of wood carving, and upon his removal to Boston 
began, with his brother Adam, the manufacture of pianos, which 
were among the first to be made in New England. In the summer 
of 1797, a Frenchman named Mallet, connected with the theatre 
in Boston, sent the Bent brothers a piano to be repaired, and this led 
them to begin the manufacture soon after. Their shop was at 26 
Orange Street, as a part of Washington Street was then called, and 
number 26 was near the present bridge over the Boston & Albany 
Railroad. In 1802, 1803 and 1804, the younger brother, Adam, 
went to the West Indies selling their goods. The early directories, 
beginning with 1800, call them "instrument makers and carvers"; 
it is not until 1807 that the entry " William Bent, pianoforte maker" 
appears. Soon after, about 1809, William Bent moved to Phila- 
delpliia, where the first piano manufactured in America was probably 
made by John Behrend in 1775.* In Philadelphia he worked for 
other piano makers some twenty years, after which he returned to 

William Bent married Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and Mehita- 
ble Phillips of Boston, where she died Dec. 11, 1853, fe. 71 ; buried 
in the Granary Burial Ground. No children. 

* It was in Philadelphia that the first upright piano was produced by Hawkins, in 
1800. See " Spirit of 76," September, 1895. 



Sarah® Bent {Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,^ Josei^h,^ JosejjJi,^ Jolin^') 
was born in Milton, Mass., April 7, 1774; died in Charlestovvn, 
Mass., July 18, 1860, a?. ^S^. She married, Sept. 13, 1794, James 
Blake, Jr., carpenter, of Boston, born May 12, 1770, d. Aug. 16, 

Children : 

i. Charles L. Blake,'' b. Oct. 23, 1796 ; d. in Dedham, Mass., 

ii. RoBEKT A. Blake, b. March 4, 1801 ; d. unm. in Boston, Dec. 

1, 1882. 
iii. Sarah Blake, b. Aug. 29, 1803 ; m. Samuel Barrett and 

moved to New Orleans, La. 
iv. Elizabeth Blake, b. April 12, 1805 ; m. first, 1831, Charles 

C. Hoyt, and second, 1847, Peletiah Harmon. 
V. James Blake, b. 1807 ; d. in Jacmel, Hayti, in 1830. 
vi. William Blake, b. 1810 ; d. in Boston in 1838. 
vii. Caroline Blake, b. 1815 ; d. April 5, 1839 ; m. Aug. 13, 

1833, Wmiam L. Luke, 
viii. Edward Blake, b. May 16, 1816 ; d. in Dorchester in 1892 ; 

m. Feb. 22, 1841, Eliza Ann Boss, 
ix. Adeline Blake, m. Schultze. 


Adam* Bent {Ehenezer^^ Ebenezer,* Josejyh,^ Josejih,^ John^) 
was born in Milton, Mass., March 17, 1776 ; died in South Boston, 
Mass., March 22, 1857, je. 81. He moved to Boston about 1799, 
and in 1807 located near City Point, South Boston, then but 
sparsely settled,* though the Blakes had dwelt at Dorchester Point, 
as it was called, for a century and a quarter. The house that he built 
about 1810 is still standing. Less than a mile away, on the heights of 
South Boston (until 1804 a part of Dorchester) , were thrown up the 
earth-works that caused the British to evacuate Boston on his natal 
day. In 1825, 1826 and 1827, he was in the common council; in 
1831, alderman; and in 1829, 1830 and 1831, representative to the 
Legislature ; was an original member of the Hawes Congregational 
(Unitarian) Church; chosen deacon in 1829. The historian of 
South Boston calls him a man of pleasant manner, good judgment 
and original thought. (See William® Bent preceding for an account 
of his connection with the piano business.) 

He married, May 20,1808, Sukey Foster Blake, born Jan. 12, 
1784, died Mai'ch 23, 1859, daughter of James and Lydia (Dana) 
Blake of Dorchester Neck, as South Boston was then called. 

*Mr. Francis E. Blake says, that " at the date of annexation to Boston, 1804, there 
were only twelve families living there." 


Children, all born in South Boston : 

325. i. Albert Adam,'^ b. June 5, 1809. 

326. ii. George Elbridge, b. July 28, 1811. 

iii. Susan Foster, b. June 19, 1813; living unm. ; spends the 
summers in South Boston and the winters in Pennsylvania. 

iv. Clarissa, b. 1815; d. 1821. 

V. Charles Pynson, b. Sept. 1, 1817 ; builder ; lived for 22 years 
in Wilmington, Del., where he d. March 20, 1876 ; buried at 
Forest Hills, Boston, Mass. Previously had lived in Cali- 
fornia a few years ; m. Sarah Elizabeth Drayton, dau. of 
Henry H. and Sylvia. She is living in Dorchester, Boston. 
No children. 

vi. James B., b. 1820; d. 1824. 

vii. Clarissa, b. 1823 ; d. 1833. 

327. viii. Henry Blake, b. Feb. 1, 1826. 

Ebenezer® Bent (Ubenezer,^ Ebenezer^* Joseph,^ Joseph^^ 
JbA>i'), was born in Milton, Mass., March 24, 1788; died April 
17, 1848, in the adjoining town of Quincy, where he made his home 
after marriage. Represented his district in the Legislature in 1840. 
He married, in 1808, Nancy Stedman of Weston, Mass., born Oct. 
15, 1789, died in Quincy, July 16, 1878, ^. 88, daughter of 
Ebenezer and Eunice (Morse) Stedman. 

Children, all born in Quincy : 

328, i. Nathaniel Bowman,' b. April 15, 1809. 

ii. Ruth Crouch, b. Feb. 13, 1812 ; d. July 2, 1825. 

iii. Emily Ann, b. Feb. 14, 1814 ; d. in Watertown, Mass., Aug. 
31, 1882 ; m. Jan. 4, 1846, Wyman Abercrombie of Quincy, 
b. in Pelham, Mass., June 24, 1816, d. in Quincy, Oct. 7, 
1873. One child, Wyman Ebenezer, b. in Quincy, Dec. 29, 
1847 ; m. Nov. 8, 1876, Lucy A. Coffin and lives in Steelton, 

iv. Elizabeth Phillips, b. Aug. 28, 1816 ; livmg in Brookline, 
Mass. ; m. Nov. 17, 1838, Daniel Munroe, b. July 30, 1811, 
d. Dec. 17, 1893. Five children: 1. Emihj Ann Bent,^ h. 
July 19, 1840; d. Feb. 8, 1871. 2. Mary Ellen, h. 1842; 
d. 1843. 3. Elizabeth Ellen, b. Sept. 21, J 844; living in 
Brookline. 4. Daniel Stedman, b. 1857 ; d. 1858. 5. Ruth, 
b. and d. 1859. 

T. Mary Marsh, b. Feb. 22, 1819 ; living with her dau. in Steelton, 
Pa. ; m. May 9, 1847, Richard S. S. Hayden, b. in Braintree, 
July 24, 1814, d. in Stoughton, June, 1853. Two children: 
1. Madeline Ophelia, b. April 7, 1848 ; m. June 29, 1880, 
Franklin Poole. 2. Winslow Brigham Bent, b. Aug. 15, 1851 ; 
m. June 12, 1879, Mary Sullivan. 

329. vi. Ebenezer, b. Dec. 18, 1820. 
vii. Eliza, b. 1823 ; d. 1825. 


330. viii. WiNSLOw Brigham, b. Nov. 15, 1825. 

331. ix. Luther Stedman, b. Dec. 6, 1829. 

X. Hannah Augusta Hatward, b. May 6, 1836 ; d. unm. in 
Quincy, Feb. 28, 1861. 


Charles^ Bent (JBJbenezer,^ JEbenezer,* Joseph,^ Josej^h^^ 
John^^ was born in Milton, Mass., Jan. 18, 1790; died in LoweU, 
Mass., Dec. 5, 1852. About 1823, he moved to what is now the 
city of Lowell, then a part of Chelmsford, Mass., and shortly after 
began, with Francis Bush (who married, in 1828, his wife's sister, 
Jane Bond), the manufacture of hats; about 1849 they opened a 
store at the corner of Washington and Court Streets, Boston, though 
the senior member of the firm, which was styled Bent & Bush, never 
moved to Boston ; the firm name is still retained, and is familiar to 
all Bostonians. He represented Chelmsford in the Massachusetts 
Legislature in 1832, 1833 and 1834, and his partner represented 
Lowell in 1851. 

He married, Sept. 16, 1820, Sarah Bond of Watertown, born 
Sept. 3, 1798, died in Chelmsford, May 18, 1838, daughter of 
Daniel Bond (1767-1842). 

Children, i. and ii. born in Watertown, iii. born in Chelmsford : 

i. Charles,'^ b. Sept. 26, 1821 ; livhig unm. in Lowell, where he 
has been for many years in the grocery business. 

ii. Mary Stearns, b. June 14, 1823 ; d. in Lowell, July 1, 
1889 ; m. July 20, 1853, Joseph Warren Smith. 

iii. Sarah Jane, b. July 16, 1830 ; fiving unm. in Middlesex Vil- 
lage, Lowell. 


Sasiuel® Bent {Samuel,^ Ehenezer* Joseph^ Joseph^^ Joh'n}) 
was born in Granville, N. S., June 6, 1765; moved to Wilmot, 
N. S. He married first, Mollie, born in Granville, N. S., 1770, 
daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Dodge) Leonard. He married 
second, Brown. 

Children by first marriage, born in Wilmot, N. S. : 

332. i. Lawrence,"' b. Sept. 15, 1798. 
ii. Martin. 
iii. Rachel, m. 1814, Abraham Bogart. 

Children by second marriage : 

i. Alice, m. 1835, Cornelius Bogart. 
ii. Nedabiah. 
iii. Edward. 




Nedabiah* Bent {Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph 
tlohn^) was born in Granville, N. S., in 1767. He located after 
marriage in the adjoining township of Wilmot, where he presumably 
died. He married, 1788, Elizabeth Twesdell. 

Children, all born in Wilmot, N. S. : 

i. Experience,'' b. 1789 ; m, Thomas Messenger. 

333. ii. Samuel, b. 1791. 

iii. Abigail, b. 1793 ; m. David Messenger. 
iv. Alpheus, b. 1795 ; d. unm. 
V. Mary, b. 1797; d. 1797. 
vi. Phebe, b. 1798 ; m. Joseph Brown. 

334. vii. Jesse, b. 1801. 

335. viii. EzEKiEL, b. 1803. 

ix. John, b. 1805 ; d. unm. 
X. Ellen, b. 1807 ; m. Christopher Bolsor. 
xi. Rachel, d. unm. 


Seth^ Bent (Samtiel,^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Johi^) 
was born in Granville, N. S., 1769. He married first, Lucy 
Hackleton. He married second, Elizabeth O'Brien. 

Children of Seth and Lucy : 

336. i. JoHN.^ 

ii. Lucy, d. unm. 

iii. Sarah, m. 1821, David Young, 
iv. Margaret, m. David Milbury. 

Children of Seth and Elizabeth : 

337. i. Grandison. 

ii. Moses, d. unm. 
iii. Edward, d. unm. 
iv. Mary Ann, d. unm. 


Jesse^ Bent {Samuel," Ebenezei^,* Joseph,"^ Josejih,^ John^') 
was born in Granville, N. S., 1771. He married, 1801, Sarah 

Children of Jesse and Sarah : 

i. William,'' b. 1802 ; m. Ruth North ; no children, 
ii. Eliza, b. 1804 ; d. unm. 

iii. LuvosE, b. 1806 ; m. Elvira Wade ; no children, 
iv. Seth, b. 1810 ; m. Eliza Farin. 

338. V. George, b. 1813. 

339. vi. Ambrose, b. 1817. 

340. vii. Edmund, b. 1822. 



John® Bent {Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* Josejm,^ Joseph,'' JoJin^) 
was born in Granville, N. S., 1774. He inarried, 1809, Mary, 
born 1781, daughter of John and Maria (Dunn) Harris of Anna- 
polis County, N. S. 

Children : 

i. Mary,' b. 1811 ; m. Henry Gesuer. 

ii. Sarah, b. 1813 ; m. Robert Parker ; no children. 
341, iii. John Harris, b. 1815. 
342i iv. William Henry, b. 1817. 

V. EuPHEMiA, b. 1820; m. "William Henry Young. 


Ebenezer* Bent (Samuel,^ JSbenezer-,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ 
John^) was born in Granville, N. S., in 1783. He married, 1809, 
Loretta Dench, born 1781, died 1858. 

Children of Ebenezer and Loretta : 

343. i. Egbert,'' b. 1810. 

344. ii. Henry, b. 1812. 

iii. Deborah, b. 1814 ; m. -Jesse Dodge, 
iv. Eunice, b. 1816 ; m. Ezekiel Burns. 
845. V. Ezra, b. 1819. 

vi. Hannah, b. 1823 ; still living ; m. Joseph TrooiJ. 

346. vii. Abraham, b. 1824 ; m. Mary Young, 
viii. Mary, b. 1827 ; m. Stephen Milbury. 

347. ix. Jacob Fritz, b. 1827. 


Elias® Bent {Samuel,'" Ebenezer,* Joseph,'^ Joseph,' John^) 
was born in Granville, N. S., in 1785. He married first, 1811, 
Mary Ann Van Blascom. He married second, Susan Anthony. 

Children of Elias and Mary : 

i. Anne,^ b. 1812. 
348. ii. Joseph, b. 1816. 

iii. Maria, b. 1819. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 1821. 

V. Georgina, b. 1823. 

vi. John, b. 1826 ; d. unm. 

vii. Ebenezer, b. 1828 ; m. Elizabeth Morrison. 

viii. Ruth, b. 1832. 

ix. George Thomas, b. 1835 ; m. Horatia Gesner. 

Children of Elias and Susan : 

i. William. 
ii. Alfred, m. Laura Subs. 




Charles® Bent (Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,'^ Josejih,^ John'^') 
was born in Granville, N. S., 1787. He married, 1814, Elizabeth, 
born in Granville, N. S., 1780, daughter of Daniel and Mary 
(Starratt) Wade, and granddaughter of Capt. John Wade. 

Children of Charles and Elizabeth : 

i. LucY,'^ b. 1814; m. John Hutchinson, 
ii. Stephen, b. 1815; m. Cynthia Wade. Has Jessie,^ who m. 

John Healy. 
iii. Helen, still living ; m. Robert Hoseason. 
iv. Ann, b. 1818 ; m. John Roney. 
V. Eachel Maria, m. Edward Schafner. 
349. vi. Samuel, b. 1822. 
850. vii. Benjamin, b. 1824. 

351. viii. Daniel, b. 1826. 

ix. Prudence, b. 1829 ; still living ; m. George Covert. 
X. Hannah, b. 1832 ; m. Edwin Wade, 
xi. Mary. 


Nedabiah® Bent {Nedahiah,^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph^' 
John^), butcher, was born about 1771 in what is now Quincy, 
Mass., where he died Jan. 4, 1852, fe. 80. He married. May 2, 
1802, Lois Vinton, born July 28, 1778, died in Quincy, Dec. 28, 
1866, fe. 88, daughter of John and Sarah Vinton of Braintree. 

Children V all born in Quincy : 

i. Elisha,^ b. 1804; d. 1813. 

ii. Joanna, b. Sept. 20, 1805 ; d. a-. 74 ; m. Sept. 17, 1828, Josiah 
Baxter of Quincy. One child. Airs. Benjamin F. Curtis,^ 
living in Quincy. 
iii. Sarah Ashton, b. Dec. 27, 1810 ; living unm. in Quincy. 
iv. Harriet, b. and d. 1815. 
V. John, b. and d. 1817. 
vi. Elisha, b. and d. 1820. 


Lemuel^ Bent (JSTedahinh,^ Uhenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,' 
John^) was born about 1773 in what is now Quincy, Mass., where 
he died about 1847, re. 74. He married, Oct. 30, 1796, Mary 
Pratt of Weymouth, Mass., who died in Quincy, Aug. 25, 1857, 
a?. 79. 

Children, all born in Quincy : 

i. Nancy,^ b. July 12, 1797 ; d. Nov. 17, 1817. 
ii. Mary, b. Oct. 28, 1799 ; ra. Job Thayer, Jr. 
iii. Eliza, b. Oct. 22, 1800 ; m. April 19, 1819, Asa Colburn. 

352. iv. George, b. April 21, 1803. 


353 • V. Isaac, b. June '6, 1805. 

vi. Fanny, b. Oct. 8, 1806 ; m. May 18, 1834, Lewis Thayer, 
vii. Harriet, b. July 5, 1809 ; m. Nathaniel Newcomb. 
354. viii. Samuel, b. June 30, 1812. 

ix. James, b. Sept. 27, 1815. 

Isaac® Bent {JSfedahiah,^ Ebenezer,* Josei^h,^ Joseph^"^ John^), 
farmer, was born in what is now Quincy, Mass., about 1777 ; died 
in Vienna, Me,, Feb. 7, 1859, ». 82 ; lived after marriage in New 
Sharon, Me., except the last eight years of bis life which were spent 
with his son in Vienna, Me. He married, April 6, 1800, Mrs. 
Sarah (Newcomb) Brown of Quincy, a native of VVellfleet, Mass. 
She died Oct. 30, 1854. 

Children, all born in New Sharon, Me. : 

355. i. Samuel Broavn," b. July 24, 1801. 

ii. Joanna Baxter, b. March 2, 1804 ; d. in Mt. Vernon, Me., 
July 25, 1858 ; m. John Marden of Vienna, JMe. 
3,56. iii. Hiram, b. August 26, 1806, 


William® Bent (JVedabiah,^ Ebenezer^* Josejyk,^ Josejih,^ 
tfohn^^, firmer, was born about 1791 in what is now Quincy, Mass., 
where he died March 18, 1853, ve. 62. He married, Jan. 30, 
1823, Nancy Tirrell of Quincy, who died there Nov. 25, 1866, 
^. 73. 

Children, all born in Quincy : 

i. Abigail Ann^ b. May 2, 1826 ; m. Sept. 19, 1854, Thomas 

ii. Lucy Fr acker, b. 1828 ; d, 1831, 

iii. Lucy Maria, b, March 6, 1833 ; d, unm, July 25, 1889. 

iv. Marion Clark, b. Jan. 17, 1835 ; m. Jan, 1874, Thomas Wil- 
liams of Milton, Mass, ; no children. 

V, William Quincy, b. May 24, 1838 ; living unm. in Quincy, 


JosiAH® Bext {John,'" Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^), 
cracker baker, was born April 26, 1771, in Milton, Mass., where 
he died April 26, 1836, a3. 65. He was representative to the Legis- 
lature in 1833, In 1801, he began with one oven in his house the 
manufacture of Bent's water crackers, which have done more, proba- 
bly, than anything else to make the name of Bent known, for the 
crackers have been sent to all parts of our country and to foreign 
shores. He continued the manufacture until 1830, when he sold 
the business to his son-in-law, Deacon Samuel Adams, and his son 


Samuel T. Bent. From 1837 to 1871, Deacon Adams was sole 
proprietor ; in the latter year, he leased the business to Samuel T. 
Bent, Horatio AVebster, John A. Shaw, George A. Fletcher and 
William H. Balcom. At the expiration of the lease, five years 
later, he again leased it for a similar term ; but, during the interval, 
viz. in 1879, he died, devising the property to George A. Webster 
and Granville J. Young. In 1890, the business was sold to the 
New York Biscuit Co., who still continue the manufacture in Milton 
under the name of Bent & Co., though they have moved from the 
old location to a new buildins; nearer the railroad station. In June, 
1892, George H. Bent, son of Samuel T., after many years service 
with Bent & Co., began the manufacture of the G. H. Bent & Co. 
water cracker. 

Josiah married, March 28, 1794, Susanna, born 1776, died Oct. 
16, 1857, daughter of Samuel Tucker, Jr., of Milton. 

Children, all born in Milton : 

i. Mary Ann,^ b. July 31, 1795; d. 1885, se. 90; m. May 10, 
1815, Deacon Samuel Adams, Jr., b. in IjDswich, Mass., 
March 11, 1791, d. in Milton, Jan. 3, 1879, a descendant of 
Henry Adams of Braintree, 1632, the ancestor of the Presi- 
dents Adams. 
357. ii. JosiAH, b. Oct. 1, 1797. 

ill. Catherine A., b. Nov. 24, 1799 ; d. in Fairliaven, Mass., about 
1886 ; m. Feb. 7, 1833, Charles Drew, lawyer. Two child- 
ren : 1. Charles.^ 2. Samuel. 
iv. Susan T., b. Oct. 24, 1801 ; d. unm. in Milton, May 7, 1878. 
?58. V. Samuel Tucker, b. Feb. 22, 1804. 
35!). vi. Horatio Nelson, b. July, 1807. 
360. vii. Nathaniel Tucker, b. July 30, 1810. 

viii. Abbie Vose, d. in Brookliue, Mass., in 1897 ; m. Benjamin 
BarstovF Torrey, Treasurer of the New-England Historic Gen- 
ealogical Society, and of the O. C. R. R. and B. & P. R. R. 

JoHX^ Bent {John,^ Ebenezer,* Josejihi' Joseph,^ John^)^ car- 
penter, was born in Milton, Mass., Nov. 13, 1778 ; moved soon 
after marriage to Dedham, Mass., where he died January, 1873, re. 
94; fi solidly-built, powerful man. He was married, in Boston, 
Jan. 2, 1814, by liev. Charles Lowell (father of James Russell 
Lowell) to Hannah Jordan, born in Needham, Mass., March 21, 
1790, died in Dedham, September, 1863. 

Children, i. born in Milton, the others in Dedham : 

i. Samuel Guild," b. March 13, 1815 ; living unm. in Dedham ; 
carpenter ; fine bass singer ; sang in the Episcopal church for 
over fifty years. 

361. ii. Edward Dexter (twin), b. Feb. 7, 1817. ^ 

362, iii. John Quincy (twin), b. Feb. 7, 1817. 


iv. Hannah Elizabeth, b. 1819 ; d. 1820. 
V. Stillman, b. 1821 ; d. 1823. 
vi. Elijah, b. May 27, 1823. 
vii. Elizabeth Hannah, b. May 4, 1825 ; d. in Boston, Nov. 23, 
1882 ; a fine singer ; m. May 12, 1853, George W. Parmenter, 
a well known druggist, at the corner of Hanover and Par- 
menter Streets, Boston, and brother of Judge William E. 
Parmenter. One child, Elizabeth F. Parmenter,^ living unm. 
in Cambridge, Mass. 
viii. Joseph, b. May 21, 1829 ; drowned in Fox Lake, Wis., while 
pleasure sailing, Oct. 187G, «. 47 ; was employed in the Fox 
Lake bank, and like his brothers was a good singer ; m. Oct. 
28, 1867, Mrs. Lucretia Spring ; no children. 

Nathaniel® Bent (JoJm,^ Ubenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,' Jolm^), 
cracker baker, Avas born in Milton, Mass., about 1783; died in 
Milton, April 24, 1837, as. 54. He married first, Aug. 15, 1813, 
Lucy Ann Adams, who died July 29, 1820, ge. 24. He married 
second, Sept. 4, 1822, Rebecca Ruggles Baker of Milton, who died 
in Boston, Nov. 2, 1886, sb. 85. No children by second marriage. 

Children by first mamage, born in Milton : 

364. i. Sally Ann,^ b. May 31, 1814 ; m. Thomas Hews Hinckley. 

ii. Nathaniel, b. Oct. 1817; baker in Milton; d. unm. July 14, 

1848, ie. 30. 
iii. MiNOT Adajis, b. July, 1819 ; d. in Milton, unm., Oct. 25, 
1848, se. 29. 



Newell^ Bent (Thomas^, Jason,^ Thomas,* Hope still, ^ Peter,' 
Johii") was born in Sudbury, Mass., Nov. 15, 1807 ; died in Sud- 
bury, Dec. 10, 1859. He married, Jan. 5, 1837, Sarah C, born 
May 1805, died September 1865, daughter of Luther and Sally 
Goodnow of Sudburv. 

Children, all born in Sudbury : 

365. i. William Henrt,^ b. Aug. 10, 1838. 

ii. Mart Jane, b. April 13, 1841 ; living in Sudbury; m. April 
13, 1862, George Moore. 


WiLLLVM Glover' Bent {Thomas,^ Jason,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter',' John^), machinist, was born in Sudbury, Nov. 21, 


1810; died in Orono, Penobscot County, Me., Sept. 10, 1855. 
He married, June 23, 1839, Melinda, born in Orono, Aug. 25, 
1808, died in Orono, April 9, 1881, daughter of James Lunt. No 
children. Mrs. Bent adopted a daughter, who married George W. 
Foster of Bangor, Me. 


Thomas Elbeidge^ Bent (Thomas,^ Jason,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, ^ John^), farmer, was born June 18, 1812, in Sud- 
bury, Mass., where he is still living. He married first, Jan. 28, 
1845, Matilda Louisa Phelps, who died in Sudbury, July 7, 1872. 
He married second, May 21, 187G, Rachel Huse Atwood. No 
children by second marriage. 

One child by first marriage, born in Sudbury : 

i. Eliza Matilda,^ b. Dec. 23, 1851 ; d. unm. in Sudbury, May 
1, 1876, 03. 24. 


Jonathan Patch' Bent {Thomas,^ Jason,' Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, ^ John^), farmer, was born in Sudbury, Mass., Feb. 
26, 1817 ; lived in the part of Stow taken in 1871, with a part of 
Sudbury, to form the town of Maynard, where he died Jan. 9, 1892, 
re. nearly 75. He married, April 29, 1845, Clarissa A. Smith, 
born in Sudbury, Feb. 6, 1829, died in Maynard, Oct. 14, 1887, 
ge. 58, daughter of Elisha and Clarissa (Parks) Smith. 

Children, all born in part of Stow now Maynard : 

i. Fkederick,« b. 1849 ; d. 1849. 

ii. Helen Maria, b. March 22, 1851 ; living in Maynard, Mass. ; 
m. Api'il 24, 1889, Herbert Curtis of New York City, where 
he died Dec. 15, 1891. 

iii. Jennie Blanche, b. July 28, 1853 ; d. Jan. 22, 1863. 

iv. Emma, b. July 27, 1855 ; m, Juue 8, 1881, William Andrews 
of Lowell, Mass. 

V. Sarah W., b. May 22, 1859. 

vi. John, b. Aug. 24, 1861 ; m. July 26, 1893, Isabelle S. Reding- 
ton of Littleton, N. H., dau. of Henry C. Redington. One 
child, Henry Redinr/ton Bent^ b. in Littleton, N. H., March 
26, 1896. 

vii. James Read, b. April 19, 1864; living in Maynard, Mass., 
where he is in the ice business ; m. Aug. 1, 1888, Mary Eliza- 
beth Whitney, b. May 31, 1867, dau. of Artemas and Lucy 
(Pease) Whitney of Maynard. Two children, b. in Maynard : 
1. Pauline Bent^ b. Dec. 24, 1892. 2. Whitney Jonathan 
Bent, b. Oct. 12, 1895. 
viii. Kate, b. 1867; d. 1867. 




EuFUS Hurlburt' Bent {Thomas,^ Jason,^ Thomas,'' Hojje- 
still,^ Peter,' John^) was born in Sudbuiy, Mass., May 3, 1820; 
died in Brighton (since 1874 a part of Boston), Mass., Jan. 12, 
1861, as. 40; named after Rev. Rufus Hurlburt, pastor of the 
Orthodox Church in Sudbury at the time of his birth. From 1852 
to 1856, he was in the provision business in Faneuil Hall Market, 
Boston, the firm being first Blood & Bent, then R. H. Bent, and 
finally Bent & Pierce. About 1856, he went West for his health, 
and after remaining two years in Janesville, Wis., returned to Massa- 
chusetts and established himself in the beef business in Briofhton. 
He married first, April 24, 1845, Eliza W. Coburn of Weston, 
Mass., Avho died in Brighton, Aug. 15, 1849, re. 24. He married 
second. May 29, 1850, Mary Noyes Rice, born March 6, 1818, 
died May 24, 1866, daughter of Deacon Edmund and Abigail 
(Maynard) Rice of Brighton, and a descendant in the eighth genera- 
tion from Deacon Edmund Rice (1594-1663), one of the original 
settlers of Sudbury. 

Children of Rufus H. and Eliza W. : 

i. Albert Rufus,^ b. 1846 ; d. 1847. 
ii. Albert Rufus, b. 1848 ; d. 1852. 
iii. William, also d. in infancy. 

Children of Rufus H. and INIary N., all born in Brighton except 
iv., who was born in Janesville, Wis. : 

366. i. John Hastings, b. May 25, 1851. 

ii. Mary Eliza, b. March 14, 1853 ; m. at Winchendon, Mass., 
Oct. 2b, 1876, Rev. Horace Sanderson (b. in Phillipston, 
Mass., Oct. 30, 1854) of the American Baptist Home Mis- 
sionary Society ; since 1890 their home has been in Denver, 
Col. Two children : 1. Maude Mason, b. in Winchendon, 
Mass., Feb. 22, 1879 ; d. in Denver, Col., Sept. 4, 1894. 2. 
Harold Hastings, b. in Phillipston, Mass., June 24, 1881. 

iii. Martha Hurlburt, b. Sept. 11, 1855 ; d. Aug 1, 1864. 

iv. Austin Rice, b. 1857 ; d, 1859. 

V. Emma Cutting, b. Dec. 19, 1859 ; d. unm. in North Brook- 
field, Mass., Aug. 30, 1889, £e. 29. Left early an orphan, 
she was adopted by Marshall E. and Caroline A. Gray of 
Framingham, Mass., and added the name of Gray to her own ; 
graduated from Smith College in 1881 with the degree of A.B. 


John Patch^ Bent (Sewell,^ Jason," Thomas,* Hopestill,'^ 
Peter, ^ John^) was born in Stow, Mass., April 22, 1807 ; died in 
Bangor, Me., Jan. 10, 1880, a?. 72. He was in the grocery busi- 
ness several years in Boston (the firm name was changed several 
times), and afterwards a large dealer in flour and grain in Bangor, 


Me. He married first, Dec. 2, 1835, Lurenia Fairbanks, born Aug. 

18, 1812, died Oct. 7, 1860, ai. 48. He married second, April 
23, 1867, Mrs. Sarah H. (Stickney) Pearson, born Dec. 6, 1826 ; 
living in Bangor, Me. No children by the second wife. 

Children of John P. and Lurenia : 

i. John Patch,* b. Jan. 25, 1837 ; d. in Galveston, Texas, Sept, 

28, 1858. 
ii. William Winslow, b. July 8, 1838 ; d. Feb. 10, 1813. 
iii. Anna Lurenia, b. Jan. 6, 1840; d. Feb. 12, 1855. 
iv. Frances White, b. Aug. 2, 1841 ; living in Bangor, Me. ; m. 

Aug. 31, 18G5, George Webster. 
V. Elizabeth Adelaide, b. Nov. 27, 1843 ; living in Stillwater, 

Minn.; m. May 16, 186G, Seward Porter Richardson. One 

child, Harry Bent Richardson,^ b. Oct. 6, 1870; m. Oct. 15, 

1891, Jessie Fenwick Gorrie. 
vi. William Winslow, b. 1846; d. 1849. 
vii. Frank Sewell, b. 1848 ; d. 1849. 


Thomas Hastings'' Bent (Seivell,^ Jason,^ Thomas,* liope- 
still,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born Sept. 16, 1815, in Stow, Mass., 
where he still lives. He married, in April, 1846, Harriet Gates, 
who died in May, 1886. 

Children, born in Stow : 

i. Emma A.,^ m. J. T. Warren of Littleton, Mass. 
ii. Sarah E., living unm. in Stow ; at the 200th anniversary cele- 
bration in 1883 she contributed an original poem. 


Daniel Fairbanks^ Bent (Jason,^ Jason,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, '^ Johii^), farmer, was born in Sudbury, Mass., Oct. 

19, 1815; died in Sudbury, Sept. 4, 1859, as. 44. He married, 
Nov. 18, 1841, Sarah W., born Sept. 1, 1809, died July 23, 1860, 
daughter of Joseph W., and Mary L. Norcross of Boston. 

Children, all born in Sudbury : 

i. Angeline M.,« b. June 15, 1843 ; d. Oct. 5, 1849. 
307. ii. Francis Fairbanks, b. July 17, 1845. 
368. iii. James Edward, b. 1848. 


Asahel Wheeler' Bent {Jason,^ Jason,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter,"^ John^) was born in Sudbury, Mass., Jan. 13, 1818 ; 
died in Waltham, Mass., Sept. 4, 1872, as. 54. He married, 
November, 1840, Hephzibah Sanderson of Waltham, who married 
again Oct. 7, 1879, Gad Wright of Waltham. 

Children, i. born in Waltliam, ii. born in Sudbury: 

i. Edwin W.,« b. April 10, 1842 ; d. May 14, 1842. 
ii. Anna Sanderson, b. Jan. 15, 1845 ; d. Feb. 27, 1862. 



Levi Brooks^ Bent ( William H.,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,'^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Sept. 12, 
1817; died in Lynn, Mass., Aug. 21, 1884, te. 67. About 1847 
or 1848, he moved from his native town, where he had been asso- 
ciated since 1841 with Elisha Chaphn in the manufacture of shingles, 
clothes pins, etc., to Lynn, Mass., where he re-embarked in the 
wooden ware business. In 1855, he was a member of the Common 
Council, and in 1857 on the board of Aldermen. He married first, 
in 1847, Sarah Lawrence, born in Troy, N. H., 1826, died in 
Troy, N. H., 1849. He married second, Dec. 15, 1852, Sarah P. 
Babb, born in Saugus, Mass., June 29, 1828, living in Lynn, daugh- 
ter of AVilliam Babb of Lynn. 

Child by first marriage, born in Troy, N. H. : 

i. Abbie Almira,^ b. Feb. 3, 1848 ; living in Townsend, Mass. ; 
m. May 2, 18 68, John D. Fiuegan of Lynn. One child liv- 
ing, Herhert F.^ 

Children by second marriage, born in Lynn : 

i. Hattie Maria, b. Aug. 8, 1856 ; was a school teacher in Lynn, 

where she d. unm. Feb. 17, 1895. 
ii. Fred Brooks, b. Nov. 26, 1860; living in Lynn; m. Nov. 
26, 1889, Susan L. Barker of Lynn ; no children. 

William' Bent {William H.,^ Sa^miel,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter,^ John^'), farmer, was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Jan. 
18, 1828 ; died in Fitzwilliam, Sept. 26, 1898, te. 70. He took 
his father's farm ; was selectman in 1858, 1859 and 1860. He 
married first, Lucy A. Priest, who died Dec. 6, 1856, fe. 28, daugh- 
ter of Jacob and Martha (Clark) Priest of Fitzwilliam, N. H., 
formerly of Gardner, Mass. No children. He married second, 
Jan. 18, 1859, Caroline Howard Pierce, born May 22, 1840, 
daughter of Leonard and Caroline (Goodspeed) Pierce. 

Children of William and Caroline, all born in Fitzwilliam : 

i. Irving Pierce,^ b. Nov. 26, 1862 ; d. Dec. 11, 1876. 
ii. George Souther, b. Jan. 9, 1871 ; d. Dec. 6, 1893. 
iii. Florence Lyle, b. Nov. 1, 1880. 

Samuel' Bent {Hijman,^ Samuel,'' Thomas,* Hopestill,' 
Peter,'' Johi") was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Dec. 23, 1817, 
and died in Gardner, Mass., Aug. 10, 1883, a3. 65. After a few 
years spent in AYinchendon (Mass.), which adjoins his native town, 
he moved, about 1849, to Gardner, Mass., where for ten years he 


worked in the chair factories. In January, 1859, he formed a 
partnership with his brother, A. Allen, and they manufactured 
chaii's for two years and a half, when Samuel went to Newburg, 
now a part of Cleveland, Ohio. Returning to Gardner in 1864, 
he worked for Hey wood Bros. & Co. for a few years. In 1867, he 
formed a partnership with his youngest brother, R. L. Bent, for the 
manufacture of dining chairs. In October, 1868, they bought out 
their brother Allen's business, and the other brother, Charles, was 
added to the firm. The firm of S. Bent & Bros., of which 
Samuel was at the head until his death, still continues at the South 
village, where it has been successful in a town noted for this indus- 
try, some $2,000,000 worth of chairs Jbeing made in the place 
annually at present. He was one of the selectmen of Gardner for 
several years, and a man of sterling integrity, devoted to his family, 
and faithful in whatever post of service he was called to fill. He 
married, Sept. 28, 1847, Mary Louisa Emery, born Sept. 15, 
1824, died Sept. 18, 1895, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Bailey) 
Emery of East Jaffi-ey, N. H., and a descendant of Anthony 
Emery who came from Romsey, in Hampshire, Eng., in 1635, and 
eventually, 1648, located in Kittery, Me. 

Children of Samuel and Louisa, all born in Gardner : 

i. Elizabeth Estelle,^ b. Nov. 23, 1858 ; living in (South) 
Gardner, Mass. ; m. first, Nov. 15, 1883, Franklin Eaton of 
Gardner, a retired chair manufacturer, who d. March 1, 1891 ; 
m. second, June 2, 1896, Arthur John Stone, silversmith, b. 
in Sheffield, Eng., Sept. 26, 1847, came to America (Concord, 
N. H.) in 1884, removed to Gardner in 1887, seventh and 
youngest child of Joseph and Ann (Mills) Stone. 
369. ii. Charles Leslie, b. Oct. 23, 1860. 

iii. Adelaide, b. Jan. 3, 1868; an accomplished violinist; living 
unm. in Gardner, Mass. 


Eltza^ Bent (Ili/man,^ Samuel,' Thomas,'^ HojiestUU'^ Peter, ^ 
John^) was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Oct. 25, 1819; died in 
Gardner, Mass., March 21, 1893, ae. 73. She married, Nov. 3, 
1840, John Sawin of Gardner, Avho has made chairs and told funny 
stories for over sixty years. He was born in Westminster, Mass., 
Oct. 9, 1815, the son of Sullivan and Mary (Heywood) Sawin,* 
and is living in Gardner, his home since about 1830. About 1836, 
he and his brother Sullivan Sawin, Jr., began making chairs and 
school furniture on the site now occupied by S. Bent & Bros.' 
factory, where previously John JNIerriam, who built the original 
shop and dam in 1822, had carried on a fulling establishment. 
John soon bouoht out his brothers interest and continued alone until 

* A descendant of Eobert Sawin, who settled early in Watertown, Mass. 


he disposed of the chair business to his brother-in-law, A. A. Bent, 
in 1856. After this, he still continued to make school furniture, but 
in recent years has been in the employ of others. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sawin celebrated their golden wedding in 1800, 
surrounded by a large and happy family circle. Mrs. Sawin was 
the first of the Bent family to locate in Gardner, where all of her 
brothers and most of her sisters have lived at one time or another. 
She and her sisters were instrumental in the formation of the Uni- 
tarian church in 1884. 

Children, all born in Gardner, IMass. : 

i. Mary Levixa^ Sawix, b. Oct. 17, 1845 ; d. unm. in Gardner, 

Mass., May 11, 1868. 
ii. Hamilton Heywood Saavin, b. July 12, 1851 ; living in 

Gardner, Mass. ; has had charge of one of the rooms in S. Bent 

& Bros.' chair factory for many years ; m. Dec. 10, 1873, E. 

Jauette Brown, dau. of Moses and Eliza (Bixby) Brown of 

Hubbardston, Mass. 
iii. Ida Maria Sawin, b. April 8, 1855 ; d. num. July 19, 1876. 


Lueene' Bent {Hyman,^ Samuel^' Thomas,'^ HopestiU,'^ 
Peter,' John^) was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Oct. 2, 1821 ; died 
in Camden, N. J., July 12, 1891, re. 69; buried in her native 
town. She married, Aug. 15, 1841, Matthias Britt Felton of Fitz- 
william, born Oct. 18, 1819, died March 2, 1892, son of Lyman 
and Sally (Scott) Felton, and a descendant of Nathaniel Felton 
who settled in Salem, Mass., in 1633. Matthias and Lurene lived 
in Winchendon and Northfield, Mass., and Vineland and Camden, 
N. J. In the latter city, whither they removed in the fall of 1868, 
Mrs. Felton was prominent in organizing the first Unitarian church. 

Children, i. to iv. born in Winchendon, Mass., v. born in North- 
field, Mass. : 

i, Clarence M.^ Felton, b. July 9, 1842 ; d. Dec. 26, 1842. 

ii. George Godfrey Felton, b. May 21, 1845 ; is a prominent 
Mason and Knight Templar in Camden, N. J., and deputy 
quarter-master general of the State militia widi the rank of 
lieut. -colonel ; m. June 6, 1871, Esther M., dau. of David T. 
Long of Northfield, Mass. They had Willie Allen Felton,^ b. 
April 27, 1872; d. March 28, 1882. 

iii. Alden Putnam Felton, b. Sept. 5, 1849 ; d. Oct. 26, 1849. 

iv. Charles Hudson Felton, b. Aug. 24, 1855 ; d. in Camden, 
N. J., Nov. 23, 1887 ; m. Sept. 4, 1879, Mary E., dau. of 
Alviu Sanderson of Camden, N. J., and had: 1. Edith Lu- 
rene, b. March 28, 1882. 2. Alvin Sanderson, b. Feb. 2, 
1885. 3. Charles Hudson, b. Aug. 16, 1886. 

V. Ernest Edwin Felton, b. June 28, 1860 ; d. in Gardner, 
Mass., Oct. 31, 1881. 



A. Allen^ Bent {Hymav,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,'^ Hopestill,'^ 
Peter, ^ John^) was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Jan. 29, 1823; 
living in Boston, Mass. Although brought up on " a stern and 
rock-bound farm," to use his own expression, he worked more or 
less through his youth in a wooden- ware shop. At the time of 
leaving his native town, in August, 1845, he Avas a lieutenant in the 
12th regiment. New Hampshire militia. Except a year and a half 
spent in Weston, Mass., in 1855 and 1856, his home for the next 
twenty-four years was in the South village of Gardner, Mass., 
fourteen miles from his birthplace. At first he worked for his 
brother-in-law, John Sawin, chair manufacturer, but after his re- 
turn from Weston bought out a part of the business, which he con- 
tinued until 1868, when he sold it to his three brothers. 

Becoming early interested in the anti-slavery cause, much of his 
time, money and energy were spent in that work. For several 
years he was secretary of the Worcester County North Anti- 
Slavery Society, and for a few years was one of the Vice Pi-esidents 
of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society. In 1866, he repre- 
sented his district in the Legislature. The first of April, 1869, he 
transferred his home to Boston, the part formerly the city of Rox- 
bury, where he continues to reside. Since its organization, in 
1879, he has been one of the Trustees of the Boylston Street Land 
Company, and since April, 1882, the company's Treasurer. 

He was married, Nov. 1, 1848, by Rev. William B. Stone 
(brother of Lucy Stone) to Sarah Breck, born in Gardner, Mass., 
July 24, 1826, daughter of Elijah and Sarah (Comee) Breck, and 
a descendant in the 7th generation from John Breck, who died in 
Medfield, Mass., Jan. 3, 1660. Mr. and Mrs. Bent celebrated 
their golden wedding (the fourth in the fixmily) at Gardner, Nov. 1, 
1898, surrounded by nearly three score of their relatives and friends, 
including six who were present fifty years before. 

Children, both born in Gardner : 

i. Alice Maria,^ b. May 21, 1857 ; d. March 26, 1863. 
o70i ii- Allen Herbert, b. June 5, 1867. 


Susan' Bent {Ilyman,^ Samuel,^ Thomai<,* Ilojjestill,'^ Peter,' 
John^) was born Dec. 30, 1825, in Fitzwilliam, N. H., where she 
is still living. She married, April 21, 1847, Winslow Phillips, 
born in Fitzwilliam, Jan. 19, 1817, died in Fitzwilliam, April 26, 
1897, a3. 80, youngest son of Elijah and Lydia (Brigham) Phillips. 
Soon after marriage he went to live on the Hyman Bent farm, which 
he continued to cultivate until the end of his days. 


Children, all born in Fitzwilliam, N. H. : 

i. Herbert^ Phillips, b. March 18, 1851 ; d. Sept. 29, 1853. 

ii. Arthur Lynmore Phillips, b. Sept. 7, 1854 ; living in 
Winchendon, Mass. ; m. Oct. 7, 1878, Hattie M. Keith, b. 
July 9, 1858, dan. of Henry and Eunice Keith of Winclien- 
don. Two children : 1. Goldie Augusta P/iiUips, b. Dec. 
14, 1879. 2. Wi?isIow Keith Phillips, b. Feb. 12, 1891. 

iii. Wilbur Henry Phillips, b. Feb. 8, 1856 ; living in Leo- 
minster, Mass. ; m. Aug. 6, 1884, Carrie A., dau. of Edwin 
and Caroline Rice of Gardner, Mass. No children. 

iv. Chester Herbert Phillips, b. May 27, 1868 ; living in 
Fitzwilliam, N. H., where he carries on the old Hyman Bent 
farm in addition to running a store and the post office at State 
Line, a mile south of his home ; has been selectman several 
years ; m. April 20, 1892, Anna M., dau. of Alvah M. and 
Martha Ann (Parker) Merrill of Plymouth, N. H. One 
child. Marguerite Phillips, b. in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Sept. 13, 


Maria' Bent {Hyman,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,* Hoj^estill,"^ Peter, ^ 
John^) was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Oct. 13, 1828. Resides 
in Gardner, Mass. She married, Oct. 12, 1853, Marcus Wright, 
born April 23, 1825, died Feb. 22, 1883, son of Nathaniel and 
Susan (Edgell) Wright of Gardner, and a descendant of John 
Wright who settled in Woburn, Mass., in 1640. Lois Maria, a 
child by Marcus Wright's first wife, Maria S. Sawin, has always 
lived in the family. 

Child, born in (South) Gardner: 

i. Lewis Ashley^ Wright, b. June 25, 1861 ; living in South 
Gardner, where he operates the saw-mill started by his great- 
grandfather, Joseph Wright, at the beginning of the 19th 
century ; m. March 15, 1888, Edith, dau. of Gustavus Newell 
of Harvard, Mass. One child, Marcus Newell Wright, b. in 
South Gardner, Jan. 26, 1889. 


Elmina' Bent {Hyman,^ Saimtel,^ TJioinas,* Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ 
John^) was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., June 16, 1830; living in 
South Gardner, Mass. She married, Nov. 15, 1859, Joseph Green 
of Hubbardston, Mass., born Feb. 12, 1832, son of Joseph and 
Sally (Foster) Green, and a descendant of John Green of Charles- 
town, Mass.,- 1632. 

Children, all born in Gardner : 

i. William Hyman^ Green, b. Oct. 23, 1862 ; living in South 
Gardner, Mass. ; m. Oct. 11, 1892, Emma, S. in Westminster, 
Jan. 4, 1867, dau. of Sewall Whitcomb and Mary Jane (Bick- 
ford) Seaver. 


ii. Allen Arunah Green, b. Nov. 3, 186G; m. first, Jan. 12, 

1886, Kate Osgood, who d. in Gardner, April 11, 1895 ; m. 

second, May 27," 1897, Mary Morrisy of Gardner. One 

child, Margaret Elmina, b. June 15, 1898. 
iii. Lester Neavell Green, b. Aug. 24, 1871 ; living unm. in 

South Gardner, Mass. 


Charles Orra' Bent (Hyman,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter,' John^) was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., June 4, 
1835, raid is living in Gardner, Mass. When a young man, he 
followed his brothers and sisters to Gardner, but soon after, in 1858, 
went, via Isthmus of Panama, to California, where he married, 
Sept. 18, 1864, at Santa Cruz, Emeline Barnhill, born in Truro, 
N. S., April 7, 1842, died Sept. 26, 1889, daughter of John Barn- 
hill. He returned to Gardner in the fall of 1868, and soon after 
formed, with his brothers, the firm of S. Bent & Bros., chair manu- 
facturers, of which he is the present head. He married second, 
April 28, 1895, at Concord, N. H., Mrs. Angeline (Barney) 
Wetherbee, a native of Nantucket, Mass. 

Children of Charles O. and Emeline, i. born in Santa Cruz, Cal., 
ii. b. in Gardner, Mass. : 

i. Alice Levina,^ b. Oct. 28, 18G6 ; living in Gardner, Mass. ; 
m. Aug. 1, 1895, James Arthur Stiles (his second marriage), 
a lawyer, of Gardner, b. in Fitchburg, Mass., Sept. 1, 1855, 
graduated from Harvard in 1877, son of James Franklin 
Stiles. One child, Elizabeth Stiles, b. in Gardner, Nov. 22, 

ii. George Barnhill, b. April 8, 1872 ; living in Gardner, 
Mass. ; m. Dec. 6, 1893, Edith L., dau. of Jonathan Davis 
of Gardner. 


Frances F.' Bent {Ilrfmrni,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,* Hojyestill,^ 
Peter, ^ John^) was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., Oct. 27, 1838; 
living in Marlboro', N. H. She married, at Keene, N. H., Nov. 
27, 1862, Charles Oscar Whitney, born in Troy, N. H., May 4, 
1838, son of Luke and Lovina (White) Whitney, and a descendant 
of John Whitney of Watertown, 1635. They lived in Springfield 
and Gardner, Mass., before locating, in 1866, in Marlboro', where 
Mr. Whitney is now a prominent business man and mill owner. 
Mrs. Whitney has been long and faithfully identified with the 
Universalist church. 

Children, i. born in Gardner, Mass., ii. and iii. in Marlboro', 
N. H. : 

i. Frank Russell^ Whitney, b. Aug. 29, 18G6 ; d. Aug. 25, 


^^w WR^ 


R. L. BENT, OF GARDNER, MASS::^p^__\\ 


ii. Charles Winfred "Whitney, b. Aug. 4, 1877 ; m. Julia 

Cloutier of Marlboro'. 
iii. Robert Lynmore Whitney, b. Sept. 10, 1880. 


EoDERic Leslie^ Bent (^Hyman,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in Fitzwilliam, N. H., March 22, 
1843; died in Gardner, Mass., Jan. 5, 1895, se. 51. When a 
young man, following the course of his brothers and most of his 
sisters, he moved to Gardner, Mass., where, with the exception of 
a brief interval in New Haven just previous to his marriage, the rest 
of his life was spent. In October, 1868, he and two of his brothers 
bought the business of the remaining brother, A. Allen Bent, and 
formed the firm of S. Bent & Bros., chair manufacturers, of which 
he was an active member at the time of his death. In addition to 
his business cares, he took an active part in town affairs and served 
on many and various committees, besides representing his district in 
the Legislature in 1884 and 1885. He w\as president of the Gard- 
ner Electric Light Co., a director of the Blount Manufacturing Co., 
a director of the First National Bank, and one of the investment 
committee for the Gardner Savings Bank. 

The following tribute is from the pen of his brother : 

R. L. Bent possessed some remarkable traits of cliaracter, some rai'e 
business qualifications. He was one of the few who could conduct business 
with success and at the same time with fairness towards those associated 
witli him and with all he had dealings with. The successful business man 
is worthy of more credit than he usually gets. Statistics show that only 
five or six out of every huudred can manage business successfully ; conse- 
quently, the other ninety-four or ninety-five are in some way dependent on 
the five or six. Successful business men are the great promoters of ad- 
vanced civilization. Indeed, civilization is largely dependent on them. 
The varied and valuable charitable institutions and the many noble enter- 
prises that go to make our civilization valuable are results of business 
enterprise of men who accumulate more than enough to support their own 
families. I honor the successful business man, and such was R. L. Bent. 
And his good traits did not end with his fine business capabilities. He was 
a faithful husband, a devoted father, a kind and thoughtful relative, gen- 
erous to those less fortunate than himself, a true public spirited citizen, 
loyal alike to his family, to his friends, to his associates, to his country, 
and to the higher law of truth and right, an honest, conscientious, fair- 
minded, representative man. The needs of the hour are for more such 
men. He fought a good fight, but finished his course all too earh'. We 
cannot explain the mystery of his removal when he was so useful and when 
he seemed so much needed. Perhaps his tireless activity hastened his 
departure. He dropped the earthly garments, which energetic use had 
worn out, too soon. Still we have reason to be thankful that we have 
seen him and known him and been helped by him. We are all better for 
having known him. A great loss means that we have had a great treasure. 


We shall hold him in grateful remembrance for his I'are ability, for his 
loyalty, integrity, strong hand and generous heart. 

He married, July 10, 1866, Mary L. Adams, born Jan. 22, 
1849, daughter of Silas and Roxa (Hunting) Adams of Gardner, 
and a descendant of Henry Adams of Braintree, 1632, the ancestor 
of the Presidents Adams, the Kevolutionary patriot Samuel Adams 
and William T. Adams (Oliver Optic). 

Children, both born in Gardner : 

i. RoLLAND Adams,* b. March 22, 1876. 
ii. Arnold Ainslie, b. Nov. 28, 1887. 


Elisha Melzo^ Bent (Elisha,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, "^ John^) was born Aug. 6, 1845, in Fitzwilliam, 
N. H., where he is still living on the farm his grandfather cleared 
in 1780. He married, Jan. 17, 1878, Julia Roxana, born April 
26, 1856, daughter of Moses and Abbie (Marshall) Chaplin of 

Children, all born in Fitzwilliam : 

i. Agnes May,* b. Sept. 27, 1878. 
ii. Flora Josephine, b. June 20, 1881. 
iii. Waldo Heywood, b. March 25, 1883. 
iv. Abbie Llcretia, b. Sept. 23, 1885. 
V. Rolland, b. 1887 ; d. 1887. 
vi. Robert Wares, b. Aug. 21, 1889. 
vii. Bernice Belle, b. 1890 ; d. 1890. 
viii. Ruth Isabelle, b. July 10, 1893. 
ix. Mildred Roxana, b. July 22, 1897 ; d. Jan. 20, 1899. 


Newell^ Bent {JSfewell,^ Jonathan,^ Thomas,* Hopestill,^ 
Peter, ^ John^), was born March 5, 1810, in Cambridge, Mass., 
where he died Dec. 18, 1872, a3. ^2. He was a coal and wood 
mercliant, and dealt largely in real estate in addition. He was for 
several years a director of the First National Bank of Cambridge. 
He married, June 19, 1833, Mary Emery, daughter of John and 
Sally (How) Trowbridge. Sally How was a daughter of Col. 
Ezekiei How of Wayside Inn fjxme (see page 17). 

Children, all born in Cambridge : 

i. Harriet Augusta,* b. May 4, 1834 ; m. June 3, 1863, David 
F. Leavitt of Boston, at Point de Galle, Ceylon, where Mr. 
Leavitt was engaged in business from 1861 to 1866, when 
they removed to St. Louis, Mo., where he still resides en- 
gaged in colfee and sugar business. Four children : 1. Mary 
T., b. 1864; d. 1875. 2. FranhUn, b. Oct. 7, 1871. 3. 
Newell Bent, b. 1873 ; d. 1873. 4. Sherman, b. Dec. 20, 


371 1 ii- George Henry, b. June 19, 1836. 
iii. Ellen M., b. 1838 ; d. 1842. 

iv. Sarah Chaplin, b. July 25, 1841 ; living num. in North Cam- 
V. Mary Emjia, b. Nov. 24, 1843 ; living unm. in North Cam- 
vi. Fannie Eliza, b. March 13, 1846 ; living in Newton, Mass. ; 
m. Oct. 21, 1873, Charles Hunt of Boston, Capt. Co. G., 44th 
Reg. Mass. Vols, in Civil War. Four children : 1. Helen 
7'.,»b. Nov. 12, 1875. 2. Walter M, b. June 6, 1877; d. 
Sept. 4, 1887. 3. Charles G., b. Jan. 21, 1885. 4. Lowell, 
b. March 6, 1886. 
vii. Martha Jane, b. June 11, 1848 ; living in Framingham, Mass. ; 
m. March 17, 1873, William F. Gregory, shoe mfr., firm of 
Gregory, Shaw & Co. Six children : 1. Evelyn W.,^ b. July 
3, 1874. 2. Franklin E., b. June 27, 1877. 3. Arthur W., 
b. Oct. 1, 1879. 4. Ernest T., b. Feb. 14, 1883. 5. Marmi 
B., b. Oct. 22, 1886. 6. Etissell E., b. Dec. 23, 1891. 
372. viii. Walter Trowbridge, b. May 5, 1851. 


Lucros Philip^ Bent {Thomas,^ Jonathan,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, ^ John^), farmer and insurance agent, was born June 
14, 1833, in Sudbury, Mass., where lie has always lived, except 
two years before marriage spent in a store in Framingham. He 
has been moderator at town meetings several times. He married, 
July 8, 1857, Lauretta, daughter of Aaron and Lois (Hosmer) 

Children, all born in Sudbury : 

i. Lucius Ellsw^orth,* b. June 23, 1861 ; living in North Sud- 
bury; m. May 31, 1890, Annie I. Ward of Wayland; no 
ii. Lauretta Josephine, b. March 1, 1864 ; living in Natick, 
Mass. ; graduated from State Normal School at Framingham 
and afterwards made a study of the organ; m. March 1, 1886, 
Walter Leslie Felch, a shoe mfr. in Natick. 

iii. Grace Edna, b. 1869 ; d. 1870. 

iv. Mattie Blanche (twin), b. Sept. 16, 1870 ; educated in State 
Normal School at Framingham and Normal Art School, 
Boston; m. April 16, 1895, George Frank Cutting, who 
keeps a hotel in Maynard, Mass. 
V. Ruth Blanche (twin), b. Sept. 16, 1870 ; d. unm. in Sud- 
bury, March 5, 1899 ; graduated from State Normal School 
in Framingham and had served on the school committee of 
her native town ; at the time of death was treasurer of the 
First Unitarian Society in Sudbury. 

vi. Harold Burton, b. March 27, 1878. 




Thomas Albert^ Bent {Thomas,^ Jonathan,^ Thomas,'* Hope- 
still,^ Peter,^ John^), carpenter, was born in Sudbury, Mass., July 
31, 1835 ; living in Somerville, Mass. He married Rebecca H. 
Brigbam of Sudbury. 

Children : 

i. Lewis Albert Brigham,^ b. 18G4 ; d. April 4, 1882. 
ii. Carrie Frances, living unm. with her parents. 


Cyrus Anderson^ Bent {Thomas,^ Jonathan,^ Thomas,* HojJe- 
still,^ Peter,' John^) was born Feb. 1, 1840, in Sudbury, Mass., 
where he died Sept. 28, 1879, 2&. 39. He married, Sept. 7, 1862, 
Lauretta Sophia, daughter of George and Abby Parmenter of Sud- 
bury, where Mrs. Bent still resides. 

Children : 

i. Ella Melissa,^ b. Dec. 21, 1863 ; living in Clinton, N. Y. ; 
m. June 10, 1884, Rev. Matthew D. Sill. of Nicholville, N. Y. 
ii. Charles, b. 1868 ; d. 1869. 
iii. Fred, b. 1871 ; d. 1871. 

iv. Herbert Newton, b. Aug. 30, 1875 ; freight agent in South 
Framingham, Mass. 


George Henry'' Bent (Thomas,^ Jonathan,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, ^ Johii^), farmer, was born May 8, 1846, in Sudbury, 
Mass. ; still living in the north part of the town. He married, Oct. 
26, 1865, Lydia Ann, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Battles of 

Children, all born in Sudbury except ii. and iii., born in Somer- 
ville, Mass. : 

i. Carrie Jane,^ b. Dec. 9, 1866 ; m. Nov. 5, 1881, Hiram 

Haynes, 2d, of Sudbury, 
i. George Luman, b. Feb. 3, 1870 ; farmer and station agent at 
Sudbury Centre; m. first, Nov. 10, 1890, Sarah E., dau. of 
Albert W. and Helen F. Rice of Sudbury ; m. second, April 
2, 1899, Evie Parmenter of Sudbury. One chUd by first 
marriage, Grace Eloise, b. Sept. 30, 1891. 
iii. Annie G., b. 1873 ; d. 1876. 
iv. Charles Ernest, b. June 4, 1876. 
V. Thomas Battles, b. Feb. 27, 1878 ; d. Dec. 25, 1885. 
vi. Samuel Elbridge, b. Sept. 7, 1880 ; saw service in 6th Mass. 
Reg. in Cuban campaign, 1898. 






Fkancis Eugene^ Bent {Thomas,^ Joyiathan,^ Thomas,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, '^ John^') was born Dec. 30, 1848, in Sudbuiy, Mass., 
where he still lives. He has been town treasurer, constable and tax 
collector for many years. He married, Oct. 31, 1871, Abbie E., 
daughter of George and Sarah Smith of Sudbmy. 

Children, all born in Sudbury : 

i. Sarah E.,* b. Nov. 29, 1874; m. Luman Emory Conant of 

Waltham, Mass. 
ii. Gertrude E., b. Nov. 27, 1877 ; d. 
iii. Alice Esther, b. April 29, 1881. 
iv. Frances Ella, b. May 31, 1886. 


Charles^ Bent {Silas, ^ Silas,^ Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter, 
John^) was born in Charleston, (West) Virginia, Nov. 11, 1799; 
killed by the Indians at Taos, N. M., Jan. 19, 1847. About the 
year 1826 four of the Bent brothers, Charles, William, George and 
Robert, together with Ceran St. Vrain, went from the Upper Mis- 
souri or Sioux County (whither they had gone, some of them as 
early as 1823, in the service of the American Fur Co.) to what is 
now Colorado, where they immediately built a wooden fort. Two 
years afterward they began the construction of an adobe fort, which 
was finished in 1832. This was the famous Bent's Fort, or 
as they called it. Fort William. For ten years they, and those in 
their employ, were the only white men in Avhat is now Bent County. 
St. Vrain and the oldest of the Bent brothers, Charles, did not re- 
main long, but pushed on to New Mexico. It was probably in 1829 
that they applied to President Jackson for a military escort to cross 
the Arkansas river, then the dividing line between the United States 
and Mexico. The band that started consisted of about sixty men 
and thirty-six wagons. Charles Bent was chosen captain, and two 
hundred soldiers, under the command of Major Bennett Riley, were 
granted them. At one time on their journey they were attacked by 
a band of Indians variously estimated at from five hundred to two 
thousand, but succeeded in holding their own. They finally reached 
what is now New Mexico and located permanently for trading pur- 
poses. In 1829 Spain invaded Mexico, and the latter country, 
which had become independent in 1821, banished all people of 
Spanish birth from the Republic. Several Spanish families crossed 
the plains from Santa Fe to St. Louis that fall, under the guidance 
of Charles Bent and his caravan. 

Everyone speaks highly of Captain Charles. William AValdo of 
Texas, who was with him in those early days, says, "he was a man 
of splendid nerve and power, and a military genius of no mean 


order, and furthermore his caution was equal to his valor." Captain 
James Hobbs of California, who also knew him, says, "I always 
found him perfectly upright in his dealings, both with his party and 
with the Indians. He commanded the confidence and respect of all 
the tribes he dealt with, and his honorable treatment of them pre- 
vented violence on their part." J. P. Dunn, Jr., in his "Massacres 
of the Mountains," says, " besides being a man of practical know- 
ledge. Bent was a man of talent, energy and patriotism." 

At the declaration of war with Mexico, in 1846, Colonel Stephen 
W. Kearney left Fort Leavenworth in June, and on August 1st en- 
camped Avith his command at Bent's Fort. The following day they 
left for Santa Fe, marching over the route now occupied by the 
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. Charles Bent commanded 
a company of spies on the expedition. 

On the 22d of September (1846), Kearney, being duly author- 
ized by the President of the United States, appointed Charles Bent 
Governor of New Mexico, of which they had just taken possession. 
Previous to this, he had married a Spanish lady (whose sister mar- 
ried Kit Carson) and established his residence at Don Fernandez 
de Taos (now plain Taos, about sixty-five miles N. N. E. of Santa 
Fe). "The community over which he was called to rule," says 
J. P. Dunn, Jr., "was complex. The Americans were trifling 
in number outside the military. The people generally may be 
classed as Mexicans, Pueblos and wild Indians, though there existed 
in abundance every imaginable gradation of blood and habits be- 
tween these classes. The Pueblos were the most interestinjj and, 
indeed, the most reliable of the three classes. They are not a nation 
or tribe, but include a number of tribes, speaking six distinct lan- 
guages. They are, as the name signifies, Indians who live in per- 
manent towns. Most of them were Christianized after a fashion at 
an early date. At the time of this conquest, they inhabited the 
twenty-six villages which they still occupy." 

"On the 26th of Dec, 1846, Governor Bent wrote that he had 
received information of a revolt on the 17th of December, but that 
he had secured seven of the conspirators. Believing the revolt to 
be at an end, he went, on tlie 14th of Jan., 1847, to his home at 
Taos. On the 19th the Indians appeared and asked for the release 
of two prisoners. This being refused, they killed the sheriff, and 
then attacked the Governor's house, killing and scalping Bent and 
two others, one of tlie latter being his brother-in-law, Pablo Jaramillo. 
The army, after capturing the insurrectionists, fourteen of whom 
were afterward tried, convicted and huug, returned to Santa Fe, and 
there on the 13th of February the bodies of Governor Bent and 
prosecuting-attorney Leal were buried with civic, masonic and mili- 
tary honors. After a third interment the remains of Governor Bent 


now lie in the Masonic Cemetery at the New Mexican capital, be- 
neath a handsome monument and honorable epitaph." 

He is described as a heavily built man, with a pleasant but firm 
disposition, and was evidently a good exemplification of the motto 
of the English Bents, "JSFec temere nee timide." 

Don Carlos, as he was known in his home, had by his wife, 
Ignacia Jaramilla, three children, all born in Taos, N. M. : 

373. i. Alfred,^ b. 1836. 

ii. EsTEFiNA, m. Zan Hickling and moved to a ranch on the 
Green Horn in Colorado {'25 miles from the nearest settle- 
ment), where he died in 1878 ; his widow still lives near by 
with her two children. 

iii. Terisixa, m. first, Lux ; m. second, Aloys Scheurick 

of Taos, N. M., where they still reside ; five children. 


Juliannah' Bent (Silas,^ /Silas,^ Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ 
John^) was born in (West) Virginia, July 18, 1801; died in St. 
Louis, Mo., Sept. 21, 1820. She married Lilburn W. Boggs, 
Lieut. Governor of Missouri 1832 to 1836, Governor 1836 to 1840, 
and leader of the first great band of settlers that went from Missouri 
to California. 

Children, both born in St. Louis : 

1. Angus Langham^ Boggs, b. July 17, 1818; d. in San Jose, 
Cal., May 8, 1878 ; m. Susannah Rebecca Aud, b. in Dan- 
ville, Ky., Jan. 25, 1822, d. in San Jose, March 4, 1896. Six 
children : 1. Charles SamueP Boggs, h. 1844 ; d. 1849. 2. 
Ann Eliza Boggs, b. in Independence, Mo., July 16, 1846 ; 
m. Hugh Moore. 3. Julia Maria Boggs, b. 1849 ; d. 1868. 
4. Mary Frances Boggs, b. 1851 ; d. 1857. 5. Walter Aud 
Boggs, b. in Napa Valley, Cal., Nov. 29, 1855. 6. Clara 
Grace Boggs, b. 1861 ; d. 1865. 

ii. Henry Carroll Boggs, b. June 1, 1820 ; d. Sept. 27, 1898 ; 
was president of The Farmers Savings Bank in Lakejiort, 
Cal. ; m. Oct. 13, 1840, Martha Jane Young of Kentucky. 
Three children : 1. Julia Luvann^ Bogqs, b. Sept. 11, 1841 ; 
d. Nov. 23, 1864 ; m. March 9, 1864, William Wirt Pender- 
gast. 2. James William Boggs, b. Aug. 10, 1843 ; living in 
Lakeport, Cal. ; m. July 19, 1870, Josephine Boggs. 3. Lil- 
hurn Henry Boggs, b. Feb. 4, 1850 ; living in Lakeport, Cal. ; 
m. Oct. 4, 1871, Sarah Coloma Elgin. One of daughters of 
latter bears the name of Bent Young-^° Boggs. 


JOHN^ Bent (Silas,^ Silas,^ Mij'ah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,^ 
John^) was born in (West) Virginia, May 31, 1803 ; died in Calla- 
way County, Missouri, May 18, 1845, ^. 42. He was educated at 


Cannonsburg College, Washington Co., Penn., admitted to the 
bar in Missouri about 1825, and soon after was appointed clerk of 
the Circuit Court and recorder of Jefferson County, at Herculaneum, 
Mo. About a year afterward he returned to St. Louis, and in 1828 
was a representative to the State Legislature, where his oratorical 
powers, as well as urbanity of manner, soon attracted attention. 
Upon his return, he was appointed circuit attorney for the St. Louis 
Circuit, the duties of which he faithfully discharged for six or eight 
years. His death was occasioned by an injury received from the 
overturnino; of a coach in which he was travellinof. 

He married in 1829 Olivia McClelland of Boone County, Mo. 
About 1853 she moved to Kentucky to live among her people. 
She died at her daughter's home in Springfield, Mo., in 1889. 

Children, all born in St. Louis : 

i. Virginia,* b. Oct. 1831 ; living iinm. in Bowling Green, Ky. 
ii. Martha, b. Oct. 1834 ; d. unm. in Springfield, Mo., April, 
374. iii. James McClelland, b. April, 1841. 


Lucy' Bent (Silas,^ Silas, ^ Elijah,* Hoj'yestill,^ Peter, ^ Johv}) 
was born in Ohio, March 8, 1805, but went with her parents the 
following year to St. Louis, Mo., where she died March 2, 1871. 
She married, Sept. 28, 1826, Joseph Russell, who was born in 
Rockbridge County, Va., Feb. 27, 1786, and moved to Missouri 
about 1820. 

Children, all born near St. Louis : 

i. Jtjlia a. B.8 Russell, b. Oct. IG, 1827 ; m. Dec. 20, 1853, 
Trumbull Gustine Russell, b. April 7, 1823 ; not related so 
far as is known. Five children, only two living : Lucy Bent^ 
and Daniel Renouard. 

ii. John G. Russell, b. Nov. 6, 1830. 

iii. Charles S. Russell, b. March 7, 1833. 

iv. RussELLA Lucy Russell, b. Sept. 4, 1835 ; m. George W. 
Parker, Pres. of the Parker-Russell Mining & Mfg. Co. of 
St. Louis. 


Dorcas' Bent {Silas,^ Silas,^ Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ 
John^) was born March 12, 1807, in St. Louis, Mo., where she 
died Feb. 27, 1888, a3. 81. She married, Dec, 1829, William 
Chiles Carr, who was born in Albemarle County, Va., April 15, 
1783, and settled, 1804, in St. Louis, where he died March 31, 
1851. He was judge of St. Louis Circuit Court from 1826 to 
1833 ; he had five children by a previous marriage. 


Children of William C. and Dorcas (Bent) Carr : 

i. Dabnet^ Carr, b. June 29, 1831 ; living in St. Louis ; m. 

Mary E. Dyer. Four children : 1. Mary Lr' 2. Carrie. 

3. Dahney W. 4. Emeline. 
ii. Walter Bent Carr, b. Jan. 11, 1833 ; d. March 22, 1865 ; 

m. Eugenia L. Paschall. Five children : 1. William G. 2. 

N. Paschall. 3. Martha E. 4. Mary P. 5. Waller Bent. 
iii. William Chiles Carr, b. 1835 ; d. 1840. 
iv. Charles Bext Carr, b. July 28, 1836 ; living in St. Louis ; m. 

Louisa A. Atchison. Seven children : 1. George A. 2. Dor- 
cas Bent, m. Ernest P. Bell. 3. Charles Bent. 4. Fannie L. 

5. Marie. 6. Robert G. 7. Hazel A. 
V. George Washington Carr, b. 1838 ; d. 1839. 
vi. Thomas Jefferson Carr, b. .June 28, 1840 ; d. Nov. 21, 

1876 ; m. Minerva Norton. One child, Eugenia. 
vii. Robert Septimus Carr, b. Feb. 20, 1842 ; living in St. Louis ; 

m. first, Fannie Selby ; m. second, Helen Sims. One son, 

Robert L., by 1st wife ; and one dau., Mary Josephine, by 2d 

viii. Martha Elizabeth Carr, b. 1844; d. 1849. 
ix. Eugenia Carr, b. May 19, 1847; living in St. Louis; m. 

Augustus Kerr Phillips. Four children, one of whom bears 

the name of Sila^ Benf Phillips. 


William' Bent { Silas, ^ Silas, ^ Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter ^^ 
Joh7i^) was born in St. Louis, Mo., May 23, 1809, and died in 
Bent County, Col., May 19, 1869. About 1826 he accompanied 
his brother Charles and others (see page 121) to the Arkansas 
valley in what is now the State of Colorado, then simply an unex- 
plored part of the vast Louisiana purchase. Here they built a 
temporary wooden fort, which lasted until the completion in 1832 
of what was knovrn at first as Fort William, but later as Bent's 
Fort. From this as a centre he made trapping and trading expe- 
ditions amono; the Indians. When the fort was built the surround- 
ing country was occupied by Coraanches and Kiowas, but in 1836 
he went to the valley of the Platte for a wife, a Cheyenne maid, 
daughter of a chief of great influence. The result was that about 
three-quarters of that tribe removed to the Arkansas valley, and his 
business increased correspondingly. In the palmy days he employed 
a hundred trappers. 

During the Mexican War, in 1846 and 1847, the fort was head- 
quarters for the commissary department, and many supplies were 
stored there. William Bent acted as guide as far as Taos, N. M. 
(his brother's home), for the 2d Missouri Cavalry, commanded by 
Col. Sterling Price (later a Confederate major-general), and after 
that was known as Col. Bent. In 1852 the Government offered 


him $12,000 for his fort, but his price was $16,000. As no agree- 
ment could be reached, he loaded what goods he could into his 
wagons, set fire to the powder magazine, and blew up the fort. 

In the spring of 1853 Col. Bent began a new fort, forty miles 
east of the old one, completing it the following year. In 1859 he 
was appointed U. S. Indian agent for the Cheyennes and Arapahoes, 
but resigned in the next year. In the fall of 1859 he leased his 
fort to the Government, and it was occupied with troops and called 
Fort Wise, after Gov. Wise of Virginia ; but this name was changed 
in 1861 to Fort Lyon, after the gallant Gen. Lyon, one of the first 
to die in the Civil War. The fort was abandoned in 1867 and a 
new fort was built by the United States twenty-five miles up the 
Arkansas River and named Fort Lyon, but this was given up in 

In 1859 Col. Bent began improvements near the mouth of the 
Purgatoire Biver, Colorado, building a stockade one hundred feet 
square. In 1860 R. M. Moore, from Jackson County, Mo., joined 
him, and soon after married the Colonel's oldest daughter, Mary. 
This daughter had been educated in the family of Col. Albert G. 
Boone, a relative of the famous Daniel Boone of Kentucky. "The 
wedding," says the Kansas City Journal of Commerce, " was such 
a one as could be given only on the Western frontier and at the 
mansion of Col. Bent." The latter assembled his old hunting 
companions, formed an Indian council and passed around the pipe 
of peace. R. M. Moore, who was born in Ohio in 1833, was the 
first probate judge and first superintendent of schools for Bent 
County, 1870, and is now one of the largest ranch owners and 
cattle raisers in the county, and a man greatly respected. He has 
2200 head of cattle, besides a large lot of sheep. 

Col. Bent's wife died soon after the birth of her youngest child, 
and he married her sister. He himself died at his home, near Las 
Animas, Colo., May 19, 1869, ae. 60. Says Hall's History of 
Colorado: "A remarkable man in his day was William Bent, not 
perhaps according to the esthetic standard, but in the estimation of 
his fellows and of the red men, where his iron firmness yet kindly 
manners, his integrity, truthfulness and courage not only compelled 
admiration but endeared him to them. As a consequence, no such 
harvests as he gathered were open to his competitors, and when his 
heavily loaded trains reached St. Louis, bearing the fruits of his 
enterprise, they came like ships bearing coveted cargoes from 
foreign lands." 

William Bent's children were : 

i. Mart,« b. Jan. 22, 1838 ; d. May 6, 1878 ; m. April 3, 1860, 

R. M. Moore. Six children, four girls and two boys. 
ii. Robert, d. in Indian Territory in April, 1889. 
iii. George, living, 1894, at Darlington, I. T. 


iv. Julia, m. Edward Gurrie ; living, 1894, at Darlington, T. T. 
V. Charles, was educated at St. Louis, but joined the Indians and 
died with them in 1868. The cause of his death was malarial 
fever suj^erinduced by a wound received in a fight with the 
Kaws near the mouth of the Walnut Creek in Kansas. His 
picture appears in Harper's Magazine for Feb. 1868 (vol. 36, 
p. 305). 


Bent's Fort, Colorado, as has already been stated,* was begun in 
1828 and completed in 1832. It v^as on the north bank of the 
Arkansas Kiver, twelve or fifteen miles from Las Animas, the 
former capital of Bent County, some seventy miles east of Pueblo, 
Col., 650 miles west of Fort Leavenworth, Kan., and 8958 feet 
above the sea. It was one hundred feet square, with adobe walls 15 
feet high and four feet thick. At the northeast and southwest corners 
were bastions armed with cannon. Inside the apartments were 
built against the walls in the Mexican fashion and in the centre 
was the storehouse for furs. In 1846 it justified Col. Cooke's 
assertion that it was in reality the oxAj fort at the West. Francis 
Parkman stopped in August of that year, just after Kearney's 
soldiers had been there, and makes a brief allusion in "The 
Oregon Trail " to its " high clay walls in the midst of the scorching 
plains." At present, however, not a vestige of it remains, but in 
its day it afforded shelter to hundreds of weary travellers and was 
the most noted trading post west of the Missouri River. 

In 1831, after Charles Bent had pushed on further west, Kit 
Carson, f then barely twenty-one, was hired as a hunter and re- 
mained until Gen. Fremont found him in 1845 and employed him 
as a guide. This was Fremont's third western expedition, but the 
first time he had ever stopped at Bent's Fort. He came again on 
his fourth expedition in 1848. 

"The contiguous region to Fort William," says Col. Henry 
Inman in " The Old Santa Fe Trail," " was in the early days a 
famous hunting ground. It abounded in nearly every variety of 
animal indigenous to the mountains and plains, among which were 
the panther, the lynx, white wolf, prairie wolf, silver-gray fox, 
prairie fox, antelope, buffalo, gray, grizzly and cinnamon bears, 
together with the common brown and black species, the red deer 
and the black tail. Of birds there were wild turkeys, quail and 
grouse, besides an endless variety of the smaller-sized families, not 
regarded as belong-ing to the domain of game in a hunter's sense. 
It was a veritable paradise too for the trappers. Its numerous 
streams and creeks were famous for beaver, otter and mink." 

* See pages 121 and 125. 

t Christopher or Kit Carson -was born in Kentucky, Dec. 24, 1809, and died May 23, 
1868, aj. 58. 


'^ Scarcely an acre," he significantly adds, " of the surrounding area 
within the radius of hundreds of miles but has been the scene of 
many deadly encounters with the wily red man." 


Bent County, Colorado, was authorized by legislative act of 
February, 1870, it having been part of Las Animas and Pueblo 
Counties previously. The original county seat was Las Animas, 
but this was soon changed to Boggsville. The county is 110 miles 
long and 84 miles wide, having an area of nearly 9500 square 
miles, about the size of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The 
Arkansas River runs through the entire length of the county, a 
little south of the centre, and the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 
Railroad follows the bank of the river. The county is in the south- 
eastern part of the state, the eastern boundary being Kansas. The 
surface in general is a grassy plain, which up to 1872 was occupied 
by great herds of buffalo and antelope. Its modern growth as a 
farming country did not begin until 1886—87. The population in 
1890 was about 20,000, but it has increased largely since then. 


Mary' Bent {8ilas\ Silas', Mijah*, Hoi^estiW , Peter\ 
John^) was born Jan. 25, 1811, in St. Louis, Mo., where she died 
March 3, 1866, aged 55 ; married Oct. 22, 1835, Major Jonathan 
Leet Bean, U. S. A., born July 14, 1800, died July 16, 1853. 

Children, all born in St. Louis, Mo. (three died in infancy) : 

i. William Chambers Bean,^ b. Sept. 9, 1836, d. July 14, 
1885; m. Oct. 4, 18G6, Susan Johnson, b. Petersburg, Va., 
Jan. 1, 1837. Four children, all b. in St. Louis: 1. Mary 
Leef Bean, b. July 31, 1869. 2. Annie Johnson Bean, b. April 
12, 1871. 3. Ashton Garrett Bean, b. March 11, 1872. 

4. Edith Bean, b. Sept. 24, 1882. 

ii. Mary Catherine Bean, b. Dec. 28, 1843, d. Feb. 6, 1891 ; 
m. Nov, 27, 1867, James Boude Sharpe, b. Mayslick, Ky., 
July 5, 1833, d. Feb. 9, 1894; five children: "l. Norville 
Wallace^ Sharpe, b. Memphis, Tenn., Jan. 21, 1869, living in 
St. Louis; m. Aug. 19, 1895, Daisy McClain Scott. 2. Bent 
Sharpe, b. St. Louis, March 29, 1871. 3. Daisy Sharpe, b. 
1873, d. 1882. 4. Charles B. Sharpe, b. 1877, d. 1884. 

5. James Marion Sharpe, b. Ferguson, Mo., July 4, 1883. 


Silas' Bent {8ilas% Sllas\ Elijah\ IlopesfilP, Peter\ 
John\) was born in South St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 10, 1820, and 
died Aug. 26, 1887, at Shelter Island, L. I., where he had gone 
for his health ; buried in Louisville, Ky. His education was re- 




ceived at the U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. He became 
a midshipman July 1, 1836, master in 1849, and lieutenant Aug. 1, 
1849. In the latter position he conducted a series of surveys on 
the coast of Japan during Commodore Matthew C. Perry's expedi- 
tion, which resulted in the opening to the world of the ports of that 
hitherto exclusive country. Bayard Taylor, who took part in the 
expedition, says in his " A Visit to India, China and Japan in the 
Year 1853," published two years later: "Too much credit, how- 
ever, cannot be awarded to the different officers, and especially to 
Lieut. Bent, for the coolness and courage with which they prose- 
cuted their work. When we consider that this, one of the greatest 
bays in the world, had hitherto never been surveyed, the interest 
and value of their labors will be better understood." Before this 
Lieut. Bent had been on the U. S. Brig Preble, 14 guns, with 
Commander Glynn, who succeeded in getting eighteen American 
sailors released from Japanese prisons and paved the way for 
Commodore Perry.* At the outbreak of the civil war his sym- 
pathies were with his native state and he resigned his commission 
and returned to his early home in St. Louis, where he assumed the 
management of the Tyler estate. He was a member of the Board 
of Freeholders who formed the present city charter of St. Louis 
and held many positions of trust. For several years he was senior 
warden of Christ Church. Most of his leisure was devoted to 
scientific research, and he took especial interest in polar explorations. 
As early as 1868 he addressed the St. Louis Historical Society on 
"The Thermometric Gateways to the Poles." This address was 
published and attracted the attention of scientists all over the world. 

He married Nov. 5, 1857, Ann Eliza Tyler, daughter of Robert 
and Mary Lawrence (Chambers) Tyler of Louisville, Ky. 

Children, i. born near and ii. in Louisville, Ky. 

i. Mary Lawrence,^ living unm. in St. Louis, Mo. 
ii. Lucy, living in St. Louis; m. April 19, 1892, Crittenden 
McKinley of St. Louis. One child : Silas Bent^ McKinley, b. 


Edward^ Bent {Nalmnf, 8ilas\ Elijah*, HojyestiW , Peter^^ 
Johji^) was born in Marietta, O., May 1, 1817 ; died Martinez, Cal., 
June 19, 1879, aged 62 ; soon after his marriage he and his father 
moved to Northwestern Missouri, M^here he remained until 1852, 
when he moved his family back to his father-in-law's home, near 
Riggston, Illinois, and went to California prospecting. Notwith- 
standing the fact that this was " the year of the cholera " and he 
had many rough experiences, he decided to return to Illinois and 

* See article by William Elliot Griffis in Harper's for October,'l898. 


take his family thither. June 1, 1854, they all started for Cali- 
fornia overland in a prairie schooner, a journey that took four 
months. Soon after their arrival death claimed three of the children. 
For two years they lived in Napa County, but in 1856 the family 
located in Alhambra Valley, near Martinez, in central California. 

Edward Bent married July 25, 1838, Harriet Amanda, born in 
Connecticut, died in Martinez, Cal., Feb. 19, 1899, daughter of 
George W. Camp of Scott County, 111. Mrs. Bent was a genuine 
pioneer. When she was very young her father took his family 
with a pioneer's outfit to Vermont, then but sparsely settled ; a few 
years later he pushed on to the Ohio River, where he built a flat 
boat and floated down the Ohio and Mississippi until near St. Louis. 
After a short time here he packed his effects on to an ox-cart and 
moved to central Illinois. Here the future Mrs. Bent o-rew to 
womanhood and married. Soon after marriage, as has already been 
stated, she went to western Missoiu'i and in 1854 to California, so 
it will be seen that she had crossed the continent in ox-wasfons. 

Children, i. to vi. born in Nodaway, Mo., vii. in Riggston, 111., 
viii. to X. in the Alhambra Valley, Cal. 

i. Helen Maria^, b. Jan. 21, 1841 ; d. unm. July 19, 1864. 
ii. George Camp, b. June 5, 1842 ; d. unm. Aug. 15, 1867. 
iii. Edward Tupper, b. Dec. 2, 1843; d. Dec. 19, 1875; m. in 
Martinez, Cal., Dec. 12, 1869, Mary Louisa Gift. Two 
children : 1. Helen 3Ia7-ia,^h. 1871, d. 1872. 2. Mary Louisa, 
b. 1873, d. 1876. 
iv. Harvey Guthrie, b. Nov. 17, 1846 ; d. Nov. 9, 1854. 
V. William Dana, b. April 23, 1849; d. 1850. 
vi. Warren Douglas, b. March 26, 1852 ; d. Oct. 27, 1854. 
vii. Charles Abner, b. Feb. 16, 1854; d. Nov. 3, 1854. 
viii. Marietta, b. April 6, 1857 ; d. unm. .June 1, 1886. 
ix. Luther, b. March 7, 1859 ; d. Nov. 26, 1861. 
X. Charlotte, b. Sept. 11, 1861; living in Martinez, Cal.; m. 
May 24, 1884, William R. Matthews, real estate dealer. 


Luther^ Bent (JVahum,^ Silas,^ Elijah,* Hojjestill,'^ Peter,^ 
John^), physician, was born in Marietta, Ohio, Aug. 8, 1819 ; died 
in Bedford, Iowa, Aug. 1, 1878, a. 59. While in his teens accom- 
panied his parents to north-western Missouri. In 1850 and 1851 
attended medical lectures in St. Louis, Mo. Began the practice of 
medicine in Maryville, Mo., in 1852; removed to Taylor County, 
Iowa, in the fall of 1853 ; three years later, he located in Bedford, 
Iowa, where he continued the practice of his profession until his 
death. He was a successful physician and a highly esteemed gen- 
tleman. He married a daughter of Judge Lowe. 



i. Charles.' 

ii. Waittie, school teacher in Bedford, Iowa. 
And others. 


Elijah'' Bent (Abnei',^ Silas,^ Elijah,* Hopestill,'^ Peter,^ 
John^') was born in Belpre, Ohio, about 1804; died 1837. He 
married Maria, daughter of Hamilton Carr. She was living with 
her son in Iowa in 1887. 

Children : 

i. Mathilda.' 

ii. Nahum. 

iii. Hamilton, moved to Iowa. 

iv. Charles. 


Sarah^ Bent (Abner,^ Silas,^ Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,^ 
John^) was born in Belpre, Ohio, Aug. 19, 1806 ; died in Upper 
Sandusky, Ohio, June 24, 1859. She married first, in 1826, 
George Parker, who died in 1828. She married second, Oct 28, 
1833, David Miller* of Wyandot County, Ohio, born in Rocking- 
ham County, Va., Feb. 12, 1794, died in Wyandot County, Ohio, 
Aug. 28, 1855, son of Eev. Robert and Mary (Highfield) Miller. 

Child by first marriage, born in Pitt township, Ohio : 

i. Mary Eleanor' Parker, b. March 14, 1827 ; d. in De Witt, 
Ark., Jan. 31, 1876 ; m. Oct. 23, 1851, Findley Frankfin 
Fowler, b. in Bradford Co., Pa., Jan. 8, 1818, d. in Little 
Sandusky, O., June 7, 1897. One child living, Mrs. Bessie A.^ 
widow of Thomas Haley Hutchinson of Stuttgart, Ark. 

Children by second marriage, born in Pitt township, Ohio : 

i. Maria McBeth' Miller, born Nov. 21, 1835 ; d. in Upper 
Sandusky, O., April 1, 1874 ; m. Oct. 11, 1855, Eobert Nelson 
Taylor. Three children. 

ii. Princess Amanda Miller, b. Aug. 4, 1837 ; m. Nov. 27, 
1856, James House Anderson, b. March 16, 1833, now a judge 
in Columbus, O. Mr. Anderson, who is a descendant of Col. 
William Anderson, who fled from Scotland to Virginia in 
1715, was b. in Marion, O., March 16, 1833, educated at the 
Ohio Wesleyan University and the Law Department of Cin- 
cinnati College, was mayor of his native city from April to 
October, 1855, when he became prosecuting attorney of the 
Covin ty ; from 1861 to 1866, he was American consul at 
Hamburg, where he rendered his government valuable service 

* David Miller's brother Keuben was the father of Rear Admiral Joseph IST. Miller, 
U. S. N., recently retired. 


during the trying war times. He is a trustee of the Ohio 
State Archaeological and Historical Society, one of the Vice- 
Presidents General of the Sons of the American Revo- 
lution, and has taken much interest in the preparation of the 
Bent Genealogy. Five children : 1. Mary Princess^ b. Aug. 
26, 1857 ; m. Edward Orton. 2. James Tliomas, b. March 26, 
1862; educated at Ohio State University; Lieut. U. S. A. ; 
living in Colorado Springs, Col. ; m. Helen Bagley. 3. Charles 
Finley, b. March 23, 1864. 4. Amelie Ellen, b. 1865; d. 
1873. 5. Alice Florence, b. 1871 ; d. 1895. 
iii. David Selsor Miller, b. June 23, 1843 ; living in Upper 
Sandusky, O. ; m. April 10, 1873, Fanny Witter. 


Lincoln Goodale' Bent {^Ahner,^ /Silas,^ Elijah,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, "^ John^^ was born in Belpre, Ohio, about 1818; died 
May 17, 1877. He married Mary A. Kirts. 

Children : 

i. George K.,^ b. about 1846 ; living in San Angelo, Texas. 

ii. W. H., ) 

iii. Albert D., > living in Wabash, Ind. 
iv. Amos R., ) 
And others. 


William Lawrence^ Bent (Joel,^ Joel,^ Elijah,* Hojyestill,^ 
Peter, ^ John^) was born in Wendell, Mass., May 12, 1806 ; died 
in Waterford, Wis., Jan. 3, 1855. He was a stone mason and a 
deacon in Wendell, where a greater part of his life was spent. For 
a few years before marriage, he lived in New York State, and in 
1849 he moved to Waterford, Wis. After his death, his widow re- 
turned to Massachusetts, and resided in Leverett. He married first, 
Nov. 29, 1832, Lucinda Armstrong, who died in Wendell, March 
13, 1842. He married second, March 15, 1843, Mariah Hannah, 
daughter of John and Lydia G. Woodbury of Leverett, Mass., 
where she died May 28, 1864. 

Children of William L. and Lucinda, all born in Wendell : 

i. Horatio Gates,^ b. 1835 ; d. 1838. 

ii. Amelia, b. Nov. 3, 1839 ; living in Plattsmouth, Neb. ; m. first, 
Aug. 25, 1856, in Waterford, Wis., Addison Parker Weston, 
who d. in Nehawka, Neb., April 3, 1895. No children. She 
m. second, May 28, 1897, in Grundy Centre, Iowa, Jacob H. 
iii. Lucinda Armstrong, b. Feb. 16, 1842; d. unm. in Amherst, 
Mass., May 16, 1870. 


Children of William L. and Mariah, i. and ii. born in Wendell, 
Mass., iii. and iv. in AVaterford, Wis. : 

375. i. Joel Woodbury/ b. July 24, 1846. 

376. ii. William Osgood, b. July 17, 1848. 

iii. Lydia Mariah, b. July 29, 1850; living in Chicopee Falls, 
Mass. ; m. May 8, 1875, Heury Taylor Nims. One child, 
Alice,^ b. in Boston, May 20, 1877. 

iv. Emily Electa, b. May 23, 1852 ; d. in Leverett, Mass., Sept. 
4, 1863. 


William Erving" Bent {Samuel ^^ Joel^^ Elijah,* Hojyestill,^ 
Peter,^ John^) was born in Wendell, Mass., Dec. 22, 1805; died 
in Elgin, 111., May 13, 1879, ». 73. When a young man, he went 
with his father to Vermont and later to Michigan, but in 1836 
moved to Illinois, where, with others, he founded the town of 
Batavia ; subsequently he lived for thirteen years three miles east of 
that place, then returned to Batavia, remaining until 1855, when he 
purchased a farm in Elgin, which he sold in 1864 and became a resi- 
dent of the city of Elgin. He was a farmer, well educated and 
much respected. He married, at Batavia, N. Y., in 1830, Lucetta 
Wilson Smith, born Sept. 28, 1809, died Feb. 18, 1885, re. 75. 

Children of William and Lucetta : 

i. Mary Lavina,^ b. 1834 ; d. 1834. 

ii. Daughter, b. Feb. 8, 1836; d. Feb. 10, 1836. 

iii. Pliny Smith, b. Aug. 1, 1837; d. June 30, 1849; a remarka- 
bly scholarly lad. 

iv. Jerome Smith, b. 1840; d. 1841. 

V. Mary Cordelia, b. June 14, 1844; living in Washington, 
D. C. : m. at Elgin, 111., Jan. 5, 1864, Oliver Corwin Sabin, 
b. in Ohio, May 19, 1840. Four children: 1. Lucetta^ b. 
1865; d. 1869. 2. Rhoda, b. 1870; m. 1892, Alonzo B. 
Eaton. 3. William Bent, b. 1872. 4. Oliver Corwin, b. 1874. 

vi. Daughter, b. 1849 ; d. 1849. 

vii. Horatio William, b. 1850 ; d. 1851. 

Horatio Gates' Bent {Samuel,^ Joel,^ Elijah,* Hopestill,^ 
Peter, ^ John'') was born in Wendell, Mass., Nov. 22, 1807 ; died 
in Bloomington, 111., July 31, 1863, ae. 55 ; buried at Batavia, 111. 
He lived for four or five years in the family of his relative. Rev. 
Joseph Kilburn, who educated him. When about seventeen, he 
left Massachusetts for the South, and after a time went into business 
for himself, first in Atlanta, Ga., and afterwards in Charleston, 
S. C, Mobile, Ala., and New Orleans, La. In the latter place, he 
became a very successful commission merchant. Prior to the war 


(1859) realizing that the conflict must come, he disposed of his in- 
terests and moved to Bloomington, 111., where the few remaining 
years of his life were spent. In New Orleans, he was offered the 
presidency of one of the leading banks, but ill health obliged him 
to decline the offer. He \>a8 a man of much intelligence and re- 
finement, as well as business ability. He married, Sept. 24, 1856, 
Lucinda Grimes of Batavia, 111., born in Bethany, N. Y., Aug. 
12, 1823, died in Bloomington, 111., March 12, 1898, ^. 74. 
Children of Horatio G. and Lucinda : 

377, i. Horatio GrimeSj^ b. Nov. 22, 1857. 

ii. Nellie, b. March 25, 1860 ; m. Aug. 11, 1884, James S. Neville 
(b. March 11, 1851), a prominent lawyer in Bloomington, 111., 
where they still live. One child, Edith,^ b. Aug. 29, 1885. 
Mrs. Neville is a member of the 111. Soc. Daughters of the 


Joseph Kilburn'' Bent (Samuel,^ Joel,^ Elijah,'^ Hoi^estill ,^ 
Peter,'' John') was born in Wendell, Mass., Nov. 16, 1816; died 
in St. Louis, Mo., March 22, 1880, «. 63. AVhen a young man, 
he lived with his father in Vermont, Michigan and Missouri. In 
1839, he located in St. Louis, and soon became one of the most 
successful contractors and builders in the city, amassing considerable 
wealth. He married, July 3, 1837, Sabina Phelps,who died in St. 
Louis, April 10, 1887. 

Children of Joseph K. and Sabina, i. born at Liberty, Clay 
County, Mo., the others in St. Louis : 

i. Ellen,^ b. 1839 ; living in St. Louis ; m. Jan. 18, 1860, Joseph 
M. Hanson, who died several years ago. Eight children: 
1. Grace.'^ 2. 3Iellor. 3. Maude. 4. 3Iahel. 5. Beatrice. 
6. Amy. 7. Helen. 8. Bope. 
378, ii. George, b. Oct. 25, 1840. 

iii. William Edward, d. leaving two boys and a girl, 
iv. Samuel, living in California. 


Clinton De Witt'' Bent (jStepken,^ Stephen,^ Mijah,* ffope- 
still,^ Peter,'' John') was born in Sterling, N. Y., April 30, 1817 ; 
livino- in Columbus City, Iowa. He was named after De Witt 
Clinton, who was elected Governor of New York the year his name- 
sake was born. Owing to the early death of his father and the poor 
health of his brother, he was early called upon to manage the home 
farm. In the fall of 1856, he moved to Iowa City, where he re- 
mained eight years, and then moved thirty miles further south, re- 
maining- six years, at the end of which time he located in Columbus 
City, where as a stock raiser he has taken many prizes. He is an 


elder in tlie United Presbyterian Church. All of his daughters are 
graduates from the Normal Department of the State University of 
Iowa. He married, Oct. 29, 1840, Letitia Smiley. 
Children, all born in Sterling, N. Y. : 

i. Frances Aljiira,^ b. Oct. 4, 1841; d. 1883; m. in 1861, 
J. Stanley McFarland. 

ii. Mariettk S., b. June 28, 1843; m. Feb. 7, 1872, Cornelius 
Austin, a farmer, of Mendon, IlL, where they have since re- 
sided. Three children : 1. Carrie Letitia.^ 2. Harry Clin- 
ton, d. 1882. 3. Clarence B. 

iii. Alice Orpha, b. May 17, 1846 ; livmg m Colorado City, Col. ; 
m. in 1871, Samuel E. Thomas. 


William Henry' Bent {David J.,^ JRufus," Elijah,* Mope- 
still,^ Peter,'^ John^) was born in Bangor, Me., Dec. 15,' 1812; 
living in Denver, Col. In his youth he went to Philadelphia, Pa., 
with his father, and was for many years in a large dry goods store ; 
went West in 1856, and lived in Louisiana, Pike County, Mo., un- 
til 1871, when he removed to Denver, Col. He married, Sept. 26, 
1859, Martha A., daughter of Jude Stevens of Louisiana, Mo. 

Child, born in Louisiana, Mo. : 

i. Edwin Jackson,* b. July 14, 1862 ; in 1884 moved to Ouray, 
a busy mining towu in the heart of the mountains of Colorado, 
where he has be^n cashier of the Miners and Merchants Bank 
since 1887 ; m. Dec. 22, 1888, Anna Atherton, b. in Fort 
Edward, ^. Y., dau. of George H. and Nellie Burrows. One 
child, Britta,^ b. June 19, 1892. 


Edwin Jackson' Bent {David J.,^ Rufus,^ Elijah,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter,' John^) was born in Bangor, Me., Oct. 17, 1819; 
died in St. Louis, Mo., Feb. o, 1862, a3. 42. When a young man, 
he located in Philadelphia. About 1850, he St. Louis, 
Mo., where he was enoao^ed in the wholesale leather/ business. He 
married, at Kingston, N. J., May 19, 1846, Margaret Van Dyke 
■ Gulick of Princeton, X. J., born in Kingston, Sept. 27, 1821, died 
in Philadelphia, June 1, 1863. 

Children, i. born in Philadelphia, ii. in Kingston, N. J. : 

i. MAR-fvKmBALL,^ b. Oct. 31, 1849 ; living, unm., in Harris- 
burg, Pa. 
ii. Ward Haseltine, b. Oct. 15, 1852 ; d. in Philadelphia, Pa., 
Jan. 25, 1898; m. at East Boston, Mass., April 10, 1883, 
- Elizabeth Dow Whidden, dau. of Stephen H. Wliidden of 
Boston. She d. in Philadelphia, Xov. 19, 1894. He m. 
second, Oct. 30, 1897, Sara Cromwell of Bordentown, N. J. 
No children. 



Cyrus Hubbard'^ Bent {David J.,^ Rufus,^ Elijah,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, ^ John^^, a successful merchant, was born in Bangor, 
Me., June 24, 1821; died in Louisville, Ky., April 4, 1857, ae. 
35. He married, June 27, 1847, Anne Irvine McDowell, daugh- 
ter of William Adair McDowell (1795-1853) of Louisville, Ky. 
She was born in Fincastle, Va., Jan. 24, 1827, and died in Louis- 
ville in October, 1873, as. 46. The McDowells, Scotch Presby- 
terians, were among the F. F. Vs. William A., who was a soldier 
through the war of 1812, moved to Kentucky in 1838, and to 
Indiana in 1850. 

Children, all born in Louisville : 

i. Maria Harvey,^ b. June 1, 1850 ; d. unm. in Danville, Ky., in 

ii. Emeline Haseltine, b. June 26, 1852 ; living in Danville, 
Ky. ; m. in 1873, William Octavius Goodloe, a lawyer. Five 
children, all educated at Centre College, a Presbyterian school 
in Danville, Ky., except the youngest, who is a pupil at Herg- 
selt Military Academy : 1. JBent,^ h. 1874; a lawyer in St. 
Louis, Mo. 2. JIart, b. 1875; studying medicine in Louis- 
ville, Ky. 3. Ward, b. 1878. 4. Olay, b. 1879. 5. William, 
b. 1883. 
379i iii. William McDowell, b. June 1, 1855. 


Eurus Howard'^ Bent (David J.,^ Hufus,^ Elijah," Hope- 
still,^ Deter,- John^) was born near Parkesburg, Pa., Sept. 23, 
1850 ; living in Chining Chow, China. He graduated from the 
University of Pennsylvania in 1878, and studied for the ministry at 
the Union Theological Seminary, New York, and at Princeton, 
N. J. He was licensed by the Presbytery of New York, June 6, 
1881, and ordained by the Presbytery of Philadelphia, June 1, 
1882 ; preached in Edge Hill, Pa., 1882 to 1884, Cedarville, N. J., 
1884-89 ; chaplain of Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia, 1890 
to 1892; missionary to China 1892. He married, April 2, 1896, 
at Chcfoo, China, Sarah A. Poindexter, M.D., a missionary from 

Child, born in China : 
i. Frances,® b. 1898. 


Beriah' Bent (Micah,^ David,^ Micah," Hojjestill,^ Deter,^ 
John}) was born in Annapolis, N. S., Feb. 11, 1788 ; a sea cap- 
tain, having his home in New Albany, Annapolis County, N. S. ; 
sailed Nov. 1, 1820, and was never heard from again. He married, 


Feb. 1, 1808, Lovefiy Parker (1790-1836), daughter of Major 
Nathaniel and Salome (Whitman) Parker of Annapolis County, 
N. S. She married second, 1828, Simeon Freeman. 
Children, aU born in New Albany, N. S. : 

i. Harriet,^ b. Dec. 29, 1809; d. May 6, 1847; m. Feb. 13, 

1827, William Starratt (1803-1885). 
ii. Charlotte, b. Dec. 22, 1811 ; d. June 29, 1822. 
iii. Mary 1:liza, b. May 24, 1814; d. Aug. 3, 1855 ; m. Nov. 26, 

1833, Alien Tupper Freeman (1808-1859) of Milton, N. S. 
iv. William Beriah, b. 181 G; d. unm. 
Y. Abigail Salome, b. 1816; m. William Starratt. 


Asaph'' Bent (David,^ David,^ Micah,* Hopestill^^ Peter^^ 
John}) was born in Xova Scotia, Aug. 25, 1788. He married 
Sarah, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Larlie) Fales, and widow 
of Lot Phinney. 
Children : 

i. David, ^ m. Susan Stronach. 
ii. Susan, m. George Stronach. 
iii. Ruth, m, Hoyt Foster. 


ISAAC^ Bent {David,^ David,^ Micah,* Hopestill,'^ Petei\^ 
John^) was born in Nova Scotia, Oct. 13, 1791. He married, 
1819, Miriam Young. 

Children : 

i. Louisa Jane,^ b. 1816 ; d. unm. 

ii. Abigail, b. 1818; m. first, Wood, and second, James 

iii. Miriam Rebecca, b. 1820 ; d. 1822. 


RxTEUS^ Bent {David,^ David,^ Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peters- 
John^) was born in Granville?, N. S., July 5, 1793 ; died in Nova 
Scotia, Nov. 19, 1854, a3. 61. He married, Dec. 29, 1818, Ann, 
dauohter of Georo'e Starratt. 

Children : 

i. Sarah An>V b. Jan. 1, 1820; d. Aug. 7, 1867; m. Jan. 18, 

1752, James More. 
George Starratt, b. Nov. 1, 1822. 
David Parker, b. Sept. 23, 1824. 
Zenas Edwin, b. June 28, 1827 ; d. Dec. 14, 1835. 
Elizabeth Caroline, b. May 7, 1829 ; d. Nov. 14, 1878 ; m. 

Oct. 20, 1858, Simeon Freeman. 








vi. Mary Amelia, b. Oct. 12, 1833 ; living in Belleisle, N. S. 
vii. Edavin. 
viii. Caroline. 


David^ Bent {David, ^ David," Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,'' 
John^) was born in Granville, N. S., May 17, 1798; died in 
Paradise, Annapolis County, N. S., April 17, 1876, a. nearly 78. 
He married his cousin, Elizabeth Ann, born 1811, died March 18, 
1877, daughter of Silas® Bent. 

Children : 

i. Caroline Adelia,* b. Jan. 17, 1835; d. Oct. 17, 1876; m. 
January, 1865, Eli Boehner of Paradise, N. S., who d. May 
14, 1875. Five children, only two living: 1. Sarah Eliza- 
heth,^ living at Martin's River, N. S. ; m. Dec. 28, 1892, Zenas 
Eisenliauer. 2. Eugene Heartz, living in Massachusetts. 

ii. Mary Elizabeth, b. June 25, 1837 ; living, unm., in Somer- 
set, N. S. 

iii. David Edwin, b. Dec. 27, 1842 ; d. unm. May 28, 1874. 


William Lovett' Bent ( IVilliam,^ David, ^ 3Iicah,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, ^ John^^, physician, was born in Nova Scotia, 1798. 
He married, in 1826, Euphemia E., born 1797, daughter of Capt. 
Richard Longmuir of St. John, N. B. 

Children : 

i. William Lovett,^ b. 1827 ; d. 1820. 

ii. Mary Catherine, b. 1829 ; living in Digby, N. S. ; m. 1857, 
Capt. George Jones, who d. of yellow fever at Rio Janeiro, 
Brazil. Six children : 1. Laura? 2. Beverly, o. Minnie. 
4. Gordon. 5. Henrietta. 6. Jessie. 
382. iii. Edwin, b. 1830. 

iv. Jane Hamilton, b. 1831 ; living in Waltham, Mass. ; m. 1850, 
Edward Dakin,* a sea captain, who d. about 1864 at Berbice, 
British Guiana, of yellow fever. Three children : \. E. Arthur,^ 
M.D. in Boston, Mass. 2. Daughter, m. E. B. Woodrow. 3. 
ArcJdbuld, a druggist in Brockton, Mass., and historian of the 
Dakin family. 
V. Frances E., b. 1833; d. unm. 1886. 

vi. John Kerr, b. 1835 ; d. unm. 1890 ; was a druggist in Halifax, 
N. S. 
— — vii. Euphemia, b. 1836; living, unm., in Digby, N. S. 

viii. William H., b. 1838; living, unm., in Argyle, N. S. Gradu- 
ated from Harvard Medical School in 1869. 
ix. Maria Louisa, b. 1840; d. 1886; m. George F. Stone. 
X. Charles Symonds, b. about 1844; d. unm. 1885. 

* Descendant of John Dakin of Concord, Mass., 1635. 



Phineas Lovett^ Bent ( William,^ David,^ Micali^" Hope- 
still^^ Peter,^ John^) was born in Nova Scotia, in 1817. He 
married Maria C. Boehner. 

Children : 

i. Stephen.^ 

ii. William, m. Sarah Starratt ; living in Chelsea, 

iii. Ellen, m. Leander Gilnought. 

383. iv. Thomas D., b. Oct. 13, 1842. 
V. George. 

vi. Ada, m. John Carroll, 
vii. Lavinia, m. Caleb S. Phinney. 
viii. Sophia, m. John Charleton. 
ix. Edward. 


Saimijel Stillman^ Bent ( William,^ David, ^ Micah,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter,^ John^) was born in Wilmot, N. S., in 1810, and 
died in Boston, Mass., Sept. 4, 1868, as. 58. He married Hannah 
S. Morse, born in Fredericton, N. B., died in Boston, May 21, 
1888, te. 64 years, 3 months and 6 days. 

Children : 

i. Samuel M.,^ b. 1841 ; d. in Boston, Nov. 26, 1858. 

ii. Daughter, m. John Bath Reed, 
iii. Lizzie D., b. 1862 ; d. in Boston, Dec. 31, 1875. 
iv. Mary, m. John Hillis. 
And others, who d. young. 


Warren' Bent (Joseph,^ David,' 3Iicah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,'' 
John^) was born in 1793 in the Annapolis Valley, N. S., where he 
died in 1873. He married, in 1816, Frances Schafner. 

Children : 

384. i. William Henry,^ b. 1817. 
ii. Mary E., b. 1819; d. 1833. 

in. John Wesley, b. 1822 ; d. young. 

385. iv. Gilbert Ray, b. Jan. 22, 1825. 

386. V. Israel, b. 1827. 

vi. Barbara Ann, b. 1830 ; living m Cahfornia ; m. William A. 

vii. Caroline Sarah, b. 1832 ; m. Capt. Jacob Bent of GranviUe 

Ferry, N. S. 
viii. Joseph Fletcher, b. 1834. 
ix. Mary Eliza, b. 1837 ; m. Edgar Reynolds. 

387. X. Warren Edgar, b. 1841. 



Israel Longley^ Bent {Joseph,^ David,^ Micah,* Hopestilly^ 
Peter,^ John^^ was born in Granville, Annapolis County, N. S., 
Feb. 2, 1799; died in Granville, N. S., Dec. 25, 1«54, a. 55. 
He married first, in 1822, Hannah Stoneth Bath, born 1805, died 
Oct. 29, 1847. He married second, in 1848, Susan Foster. 

Children of Israel L. and Hannah, all born in Granville, N. S. : 

i. Elizabeth Ann,8 b. April 2, 1824; d. 1868; m. Nov. 28, 
1844, Archibald Marsden Foster. Only ooe, Annie,^ of their 
four children lived to grow up, and she m. in 1873, Charles 
H. Davison. 

ii. Susan Amelia, b. Sept. 16, 1827; m. Dec. 29, 1847, John 
Bath Troop. Five children : 1. Howard H? 2. Margaret 
Parker. 3. Anne Bent. 4. Lizzie W. 5. Archie Foster. 

388. iii. John Fletcher, b. Sept. 30, 1829. 

iv. Margaret, b. Aug. 11, 1831 ; d. March 7, 1853. 
V. Mary Eliza, b. June 27, 1833; d. unm. Sept. 24, 1866. 
vi. Joseph, b. Sept. 27, 1835; m. 1859, Lavinia De WoK. 
vii. Phebe M., b. April 16, 1838 ; d. Oct. 4, 1853. 

389. viii. Jacob Valentine, b. Oct. 10, 1840. 

ix. Hannah, b. June 9, 1842; d. unm. Sept. 27, 1870. 
X. Minetta, b. April 15, 1844; m. in 1865, Eugene P. Troop. 

Six children: 1. Hugh A.^ 2. Frank J. 3. Herbert E. 4. 

Stewart L. 5. Bessie M. 6. Ganie L. 

Child of Israel L. and Susan, born in Granville, N. S. : 

390. i. Israel Archibald,® b. Oct. 2, 1849. 


Joseph Fletcher'' Bent (Josejjh,^ David," 3Iicah,* Hope- 
still,^ Peter, ^ John^), Methodist clergyman, was born in Gran- 
ville, N. S., April 26, 1806; died in Tupperville, a village of 
Annapolis, N. S., March 19, 1893, ae. nearly 87. He preached in 
in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland for sixty-four 
years. He married, Nov. 5, 1833, Sarah Berry, born in St. 
Andrews, N. B., June 3, 1807, died in Tupperville, N. S., March 
26, 1874, 33. QQ. 

Children, i. and ii. born in St. Andrews, N. B., iii. and iv. born 
in St. David's, N. B., v. and vi. horn in Aylesford, N. S., vii. born 
in Sheffield, N. B., viii. born in Woodstock, N. B. : 

i. Sarah Ann,« b. Aug. 26, 1835 ; m. Feb. 5, 1868, William F. S. 
Wilson, born in Studholm, N. B., Sept. 1, 1825, d. in Reading, 
Mass., April, 1893. Five children, all born in Springfield, 
KB.: 1. Alice Amelia,^ b. Dec. 5, 1868. 2. William 
Frederick, b. Dec. 28, 1869. 3. Elizabeth, b. March 29, 1871. 
4. Mary Bent, b. May 23, 1872. 5. Ella Grace, b. Oct. 25, 
1875; d. 1876. 


ii. George Fletcher, b. May 19, 1837; enlisted from Milton, 
June 15, 1861, in the 7th Mass. Infantry, and d. in Washing- 
ton, D. C, March 9, 1862. 

891. iii. Joseph Benson, b. Nov. 25, 1838. 
iv. Gilbert Ray. 

V. Minnie Ray, b. May 21, 1842; d. in Tupperville, N. S., May 

15, 1893. 
vi. Mary Emma, b. June 3, 1844. 
vii. John Wesley, b. 1846; d. 1847. 

viii. Susan Berry, b. July 27, 1848; living in Tupperville, N. S. ; 
m. Dec. 27, 1875, Elias Henniger Tupper. Six children, all 
b. in Tupperville, N. S. : 1. Grace,^ b. 1876; d. 1887. 2. 
Louise Caroline Alberta, b. Dec. 13, 1878. 3. Thornton Ray, 
b. Feb. 20, 1881. 4. Charles Armand, b. March 27, 1883. 
5. Francis Clifford, b. Sept. 30, 1891. 6. Mary Marguerite, 
b. 1894; d. 1895. 


William' Bent (Joseph,^ David,^ Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,^ 
John^), blacksmith, vv^as born in Annapolis County, N. S., Oct. 5, 
1809. He married first, Maria M. Troop, and second, Charlotte 

Children of William and Maria : 
i. Anna Maria, ^ d. unm. 

892. ii. William Bennett. 

Children of William and Charlotte : 

i. Mary Jane,^ m. Major Durland. 
ii. Harriet Louisa, m. John Smith, 
iii. Charlotte Amelia, m. Ansel Holdworth. 
iv. John, d. unm. 
V. Euphemia E., d.'unm. 
vi. Emma Olivia. 

vii. Charles Wesley, m. Ella Johns, and had : 1. Edmund. 2. 
Lizzie. 3. Margaret. 


Gilbert'' Bent {Joseph,^ David,^ Micah,* Tlopestill,^ Peter,^ 
John^) was born in Annapolis County, N. S., April 10, 1813; 
living in Hampton, twenty-two miles from St. John, N. B. After 
a short business career in Bridgetown, N. S., he moved, early in 
1843, to St. John, N. B., and in 1845 embarked in the wholesale 
grocery business, in which he has been very successful ; has made 
raany trading voyages to the West Indies. He married first, Mary 
Eliza Bath, who died Dec. 12, 1878. He married second, Matilda 


Children : 

i. Annie M.,* b. Aug. 5, 1839 ; m. Samuel E. Dawson, Queen's 
Printer, Ottawa, a native of Halifax. 

ii. J. Bath, d. young. 

iii. Elizabeth A., b. May 4, 1844; living unm. 

iv. Amelia Ray, b. April 28, 1849 ; lives in St. John summers, in 
Boston winters ; m. Hon. Acalus L. Palmer of St. John, 
N. B., who has been a member of the Canadian House of 
Commons and a Judge of the Supreme Court of New Bruns- 

V. Mary, d. young. 

vi. Gilbert Oscar, b. July 24, 1854; living unm. in St. John, 
N. B. ; in business with his father. 

vii. Frank Gordon, b. July 14, 1857; living unm. in St. John; 
in business with his father. 


James Sprague^ Bent {Stephen,^ David, ^ Micah,^ Hopestill,^ 
Peter, ^ John^ ) , blacksmith, was born in Annapolis Valley, N. S., Jan. 
24, 1806 ; died in East Boston, Mass., March 25, 1895, a5. 89 ; moved 
from his old home in Nova Scotia to Lynnfield, Mass., in 1848. 
Six years later he removed to East Boston, where the rest of his 
days were spent. He married first, Oct. 8, 1829, Lucinda Morse, 
who died Oct. 28, 1837. He married second, June 26, 1838, 
Margaret Boole, who died in East Boston, March 18, 1895, ae. 78 
years and 4 months. 

Children of James S. and Lucinda, all born in Nova Scotia : 

i. David Morse,^ b. July, 1829 ; d. Sept. 15, 1850. 
ii. Stephen Edward, b. Feb. 18, 1832 ; living in Lynnfield, 

Mass. ; m. Sarah Campbell of Cape Breton ; no children, 
iii. Samantha Adelaide, b. July 5, 1834; d. June 16, 1860; m. 

Henry Aborn of Lynnfield. 
iv. Lucinda Caroline, b. Feb. 17, 1836; d. unm. in Lynnfield, 

Aug. 6, 1879, £6. 43. 

Children of James S. and Margaret, i. to v. born in Nova Scotia, 
vi. to viii. in Lynnfield, Mass., ix. in East Boston, Mass. : 

i. Elizabeth Amy,* b. July 4, 1839 ; m. John O. Atwood of 

East Boston ; no children. 
393i ii. James Henniger, b. Oct. 2, 1840. 

iii. Margaret Ann, b. July 7, 1842; living in Flagstaff, Ari. ; m. 

Capt. Henry Cameron of Maine. One son. Burton^ Cameron. 
iv. William Melbourne, b. Aug. 22, 1844; d. in Cliicago, 111., 

Jan. 28, 1891 ; m. Mrs. Mary E. Boole. 
V. Harriet Jerusha, b. Feb. 18, 1847; m. Major Flavel Shurt- 

leff of East Boston. One son, Flavel, a student in Harvard 



vi. George Boole, b. July 24, 1849 ; living in Austin, 111. Five 

vii. Alfred, b. Sept. 3, 1851 ; d. in infancy. 
viii. Charles Thomas Augustus, b. Oct. 2, 1853 ; m. Jessie Doane 

Smith of Harwich, Mass. ; no children. 
ix. Ida Josephine, b. Dec. 20, 1857 ; living in Nox-th Carolina ; m. 

James H. Esteb of Indiana. 


Stephen Edavard'' Bent (Stejjhen,^ David,^ Micah,* Hope- 
still^^ Peter ^^ John^) was born in AnnapolisValley, N. S., Jan. 30, 
1823; died where he was born, May, 1891, ffi. 68. He inherited his 
father's farm and always lived there ; the place is known as Bent- 
ville (P. O. Tupperville) and is about nine miles from Annapolis. 
He married first, Jane Willett. He married second, Mary Eliza- 
beth Parker. He married third, Mrs. Emma (Bacon) Bent, widow 
of John Bent ; no children by the last marriage. 

Children of S. Edward and Jane : 

i. Herbert Willett,^ living in Granville, N. S. 
ii. William Edward, d. in infancy. 

Children of S. Edward and Mary Elizabeth: 
i. Howard,^ living in Annapolis, N. S. 
ii. Jennie Elizabeth, m. Rev. Mr. McNish, and lives in New 

iii. Albert E., living in Roslindale, Boston, Mass. 
iv. John Stephen, living in Annapolis, N. S. 
V. Rupert. 


Eliakim" Bent (Asaph,' David,' Micah,' Hopestill,^ Peter,'' 
John^) was born at Bentville in Annapolis Valley, N. S., in 1808 ; 
died in Lawrencetown, N. S., Feb. 21, 1847. He married, in 
1843, Naomi G. Brown of Mount Hanly, N. S., born April 11, 
1823 ; she married second, N. G. Potter, and died in East Boston, 

Children, both born in Lawrencetown, N. S. : 

i. Edward E.,^ b. Oct. 31, 1843 ; living at Bentville, N. S. ; m. 
June 20, 1872, Annie C. Simpson. Two children : 1. Mabel 
E.^ b. March 23, 1874. 2. Winnifred R., b. Nov. 6, 1882. 
ii. Lois E., b. Oct. 30, 1845 ; m. Edward A. Leavitt of Sandwich, 
111. ; no children. 


Busby' Bent {Asaph,^ Bavid," Micali," Hopestill,^ Peter,"" 
John^), farmer, was born in 1833, in Annapolis Valley, N. S., 
where he still resides. He married Susan Morse Miller. 


Children : 

i. Mart Alice.^ 
ii. Edwin Busby. 
iii. Anna Cecilia, 
iv. Leander Rupert. 


Ealph^ Brnt {Asaph, ^ David,^ Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter ^'^ 
John^) was born in 1636 in Annapolis Valley, N. S. ; still living 
there, near Tupperville. He married, Nov. 19, 1861, Sarah A., 
born May 10, 1842, daughter of Ebenezer Rice. 

Children : 

i. Charles Rice,* b. Feb. 11, 1863; m. Jeanette Calder. 

ii. Ella L., b. July 16, 1864; living unm. 

iii. Anna A., b. Sept. 22, 1865 ; d. July 31, 1881. 

iv. Edith F., b. Oct. 19, 1868; d. Aug. 25, 1881. 
' V. Sarah A., b. Oct. 6, 1870 ; living uum. 

vi. Florence A., b. July 2, 1872. 
vii. Ralph S., b. Dec. 5, 1873. 
viii. Blanche B., b. and d. 1877. 

ix. Kate B., b. Aug. 28, 1878. 

X. Fred V. D., b. July 16, 1879. 

xi. Reginald Whitman, b, Aug. 15, 1882. 

xii. Clara B. 


Abraham Newcomb' Bent (Silas,^ David, ^ Micah,* HopestiU,^ 
Peter,^ John^^, blacksmith and f\irmer, was born in Paradise, N. S., 
moved to Somerset, King's County, N. S., and died October, 1885 ; 
buried in Grafton, N. S. He married Hannah Foster of Nictaux 
Falls, N. S., who died May 7, 1880. She was a daughter of 
Joseph Foster. 

Children : 

i. Harriet Ann,* b. Nov. 6, 1827 ; living in Somerset, N. S. ; m. 
Jan. 29, 1849, James Augustin Bryden, who d. March 13, 
1879. Seven children : 1. Eliza Macintosh^ b. Oct. 28, 
1849; m. Isaac Morton. 2. Anna Bell, b. Oct. 16, 1853; 
living at Jordan River, N. S. ; m. first, Nov. 29, 1876, Major 
Rhodes, who d. April, 18H4 ; m. second, Ingham B. Turner. 
3. Elvira Marietta, b. May 21, 1857; m. Jan. 29, 1878, 
Ephraim T. Withers. 4. Albert Newcomh, b. 1859 ; d. 1868. 
5. Arthur Knight, b. 1862; d. 1862. 6. James Narroway, b. 
Aug. 19, 1865 ; living in Weston, N. S. ; m. December, 1887, 
Augusta Franklin. 7. John Reed, b. June 30, 1868 ; living 
in British Columbia. 

ii. Belina, b. June 28, 1829 ; d. Feb. 6, 1848. 


iii. Elvira, b. June 12, 1832; d. 1887; m. first, Samson Patter- 
son of Somerset, N. S., who d. about 1860 ; m. second, 
Thomson Foster of Illinois ; m. third, about 1875, James A. 
Morton ; no children. 

iv. Cornelia, b. Nov. 8, 1836 ; d. about 1870 ; m. John Murdoch 
of Bridgetown, N. S. Five children, three of whom d. young : 
1. Mary Alvinia?. 2. Cora Elvira. 
V. Albert, AprU 22, 1840; d. Feb. 11, 1848. 


James^ Bent (Silas,^ David, ^ Micah,'^ Hopestill,"^ Peter, ^ 
John}), blacksmith, was born in Paradise, Annapolis County, N. S. ; 
died in Nictaux Falls, N. S., 1869, fe. 64. He married Amoret 
Martin, who died je. 89. 
Children : 

i. Pamelia,^ b. about 1829 ; living in Upper Lahave, Lunenburg 

Co., N. S. ; m. Henry Klinkworth ; no issue, 
ii. David Albert, trader ; d. Hantsport, N. S., ie. 62 ; m. Ruth 
Lockhart ; no children. 
394t iii. Rupert George, b. 1836. 
iv. Augusta S., d. unm. 

V. James Edward, b. about 1840 ; blacksmith ; living unm. in 
Nictaux Falls, N. S. 

395. vi. Horatio Nelson. 

vii. Mary M. ; living unm. in Marblehead, Mass. 
viii. William S., d. unm. 
ix. Ella E., m. Edwin Bartaux, of Nictaux Falls, N. S. 


Dennis^ Bent (Silas,^ David,^ Micah,* Hopestill,'^ Peter,^ 
John}), blacksmith, was born in Paradise, Annapolis County, N. S., 
Nov. 4, 1813; moved, 1849-1850, to Newburyport, Mass., where 
he died July 16, 1887, je. 73. He married, in 1834, Amy Beals, 
daughter of Joshua and Rebecca (Taylor) Beals. 

Children, i. to v. born in Nictaux, N. S., vi. born in Newbury- 
port, Mass. : 

i. Amanda,® b. Aug. 4, 1835 ; living in Newburyport, Mass. ; m. 
first, in 1851, Hiram Turple, who was accidentally killed in 
a shipyard, Oct. 26, 1853 ; m. second, Feb. 1, 1857, Stephen 
H. Guptill. Two children by the latter : 1. Dennis D.^ Gup- 
till, b. Aug. 23, 1861. 2. George W. Guptill, b. Oct. 31, 
ii. S. Lavinia, b. Sept. 3, 1839 ; living in Lynn, Mass. ; m. July 
23, 1854, Amos C. Merrill. One child, Ida Merrill. 

396. iii. William Henry, b. Dec. 6, 1841. 

iv. Catherine Rebecca, b. April 21, 1843 ; living unm. in Wash- 
ington, D. C. 


V. Mart Ellis, b. Oct. 28, 1846 ; living in Denver, Colo. ; m. 

JNIarch 3, 1865, Moody Page. Three children: 1. Gertrude 

E.^ Page, b. Sept. 23, 1866. 2. William Moody Page, b. Sept. 

2, 1868. 3. Charlotte M. Page, b. Jan. 15, 1872. 
vi. Hiram Kerchever, b. Oct. 29, 1854 ; living in Lowell, Mass. ; 

m. Oct. 29, 1885, at Newbury Oldtown, Helen Maria Little. 

Three children: 1. George Edward'^ Bent, b. Nov. 27, 1886. 

2. Willard Little Bent, b. Feb. 17, 1888. 3. Ethel Mary Bent, 

b. March 26, 1891. 


James Madison^ Bent( William,^ William,^ Micah,'^ Hopestilly^ 
Peter, ^ John,^) was born in East Sudbury (now Wayland) , May 19, 
1812; died in Wayland, July 24, 1888, se. 76. With his elder 
brother William he was engaged for many years in the manufacture 
of shoes at Cochituate Village, in the south part of Wayland, 
the firm being styled W. & J. M. Bent. In 1857 he was in the 
State legislature. He married Martha F. Damon, born July 22, 
1817 ; died Jan. 24, 188H ; daughter of Charles and Lydia Damon. 
Children, all born in Wayland : 

i. Anna Maria,® b. 1839 ; m. April 17, 1860, William Lovejoy 
of Wayland. 
William Harrison, b. 1840. 
James Alvin, b. 1843. 

Thomas D., b. Nov. 14, 1844; living in Cochitnate, Mass. 
Abby Bruce, b. June 25, 1847; living in Cochituate, Mass.; 

m. May 22, 1868, George W. Fairbank. 
Myron W., b. Sept. 19, 1849. 
Ralph, b. Nov. 6, 1854. 


Archibald^ Bent (Micah,^ William,^ Micah,* Hopestill,^ 
Peter,^ John^) was born in Framingham, Mass., Dec. 4, 1809 ; died 
in Framingham, Jan. 18, 1890, a3. 80. He married, Feb. 5, 1835, 
Fanny Hudson, born Nov. 4, 1810 ; died Dec. 14, 1887 ; daughter 
of Nathan. 

Children, all born in Framingham : 

i. Silas Hunt,® b. Dec. 15, 1836; d. Natick, Sept. 5, 1897; m. 
November, 1860, Margaret A. Littlefield of Natick, where she 
still resides ; no children. 
401. ii. George Oberlin, b. Nov. 3, 1842. 

iii. Anna Maria, b. Dec. 4, 1845; m. April 11, 1869, George 
Forbush of Framingham, where she still lives ; no children. 


Hiram' Bent {Micnh,^ William,' Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,'' 
John^) was born in Watertown, Mass., Oct. 7, 1812 ; died in Har- 












rison, Westchester County, N. Y., in 1891. He studied medicine at 
Philadelphia and practised in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York. 
He married first, Emeline Knowlton of Warwick, Mass., who died 
about 1842 ; was married twice afterwards. By his first wife he 
had one child, Mortimer F.,^ who died a3. about two years. No 
issue by the others. 


EoswELL^ Bent (Micah,^ William,^ 3Iicah,* Hojyestill,^ Peters- 
John^), fiirmer, was born in Framingham, Mass., July 28, 1819 ; 
living in North Bellingham, Mass. He married first, April 6, 1842, 
Tryphenia Adams, who died June 20, 1858. He married second, 
1859, Ann Grism, born Sept. 26, 1823, still living. 

Children of Roswell and Tryphenia, all born in Bellingham : 

i. Amos Roswell,^ b. Aug. 31, 1843; living in the Soldier's 
Home, Wis.; m. December, 18(36, Mary Thomas; no chil- 
dren; saw service in the 16th Mass. Infantry from -July 12, 
1861 to Sept. 27, 1862. 
ii. Edward Micah, b. July 1, 1846; enlisted Nov. 7, 1864, in 
Co. F., 61st Reg., Mass. Infantry, and d. at Washington, D. C, 
July 2, 1865. 
iii. Waldo Adams, b. Jan. 16, 1849; left Massachusetts in 1864, 
and has not been heard from since. 

Children of Koswell and Ann, all born in Bellingham : 

i. Ernest,^ b. Dec. 24, 1860; a dentist, formerly of Grafton, now 
of Braintree, Mass. ; m. Sept. 28, 1892, Henrietta F. Cap- 
well of Providence, R. I. One child, Florence A.,^ b. Aug. 3, 

ii. George Sumner, b. Sept. 4, 1862; m. Dec. 7, 1887, Avis 
Jacobs, b. Franklin, Mass., Jan. 25, 1861, and lives in Med- 
way, where he has a store, gentlemen's furnishings and boots 
and shoes ; no children. 

iii. Otis Chase, b. June 2, 1864 ; living in North Brookfield, Mass. ; 
m. Sept. 25, 1891, Jessie, dau. of John C. Morrill of Natick. 
One child, Edith Marie, b. Dec. 14, 1896. 

iv. Edwin, b. 1867 ; d. as. 6 mos. 


Mellen Green' Bent {Mlcah,^ William,^ Mlcali,* Hopestill,^ 
Peter ^^ John^) was born in Milford, Mass., Aug. 3, 1828. He mar- 
ried Louisa Huntoon, who married second, L. A. Paige, and is 
living in Goffstown, N. H. 

Children, i. born in AVebster, Mass., ii. and iii. in Valley Falls, 
R. 1.: 

402, i. Herbert Alphonso,^ b. Jan. 22, 1855. 

403, ii. Lawson Green, b. Sept. 19, 1857. 

iii. Mary Frances, b. May 5, 1859 ; living in Milford, Mass. 


■^ Brought up in Dover, N, H., where she m. Sept. 19, 1881, 
George A. Reynolds, b. in Durham, N. H., Sept. 19, 1849. 
Three children : 1. Sumner C.,^ b. Nov. 12, 1882. 2. Bea- 
trice A., b. June 14, 1884. 3. Charles A., b. April 18, 1890. 


Ferdinand Augustus^ Bent (Micak,^ William,^ Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter ^^ John^) was born in Bellingham, Mass., July 
24, 1836, and is living in Effingham, N. H. He enlisted from 
Mendon, Mass., June 10, 1862, in 8th Mass. Battery, Lt. Artillery. 
He married Jane , a native of New Brunswick. 

Children : 

i. Sophia,^ d. in Worcester, Mass., March 18, 1869, ge. 9. 
And others. 


Jason^ Bent (Jason,^ William,^ Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter,^ 
John^), shoemaker, was born in East Sudbury (now Wayland), 
Mass., Feb. 21, 1827, and died in Framingham, Mass., in 1863, 
£6. 36. He married, Nov. 13, 1855, Alice A. Crosby of Holliston, 
Mass., a native of Derby, Vt., now living in New York City. 

Children, iii. born in Natick, Mass. : 

i. Jessie Mark,* living in New York City; m. first, Charles 
Frazer ; m. second, John C. Dewey. One child by first mar- 
riage, Allan Benf Frazer. 

ii. Julia Maud, living in New York City ; m. Joseph Thomp- 
son. One child, Don Cameron Thompson. 

iii. Jasox, b. May 23, 1863 ; living unm. in New York City. 


Peter^ Bent {Peter, ^ David, ^ David, '^ David,^ John," John^) 
was born in Mount Holly, Vt., May 29, 1800, and died in Copen- 
hagen, N. Y., March 25, 1868, aj. 67; previous to his residence 
in the latter place he had lived in Denmark, N. Y. He married, 
Jan. 21, 1821, Sally M. White, born in Vernon, N. Y., May 28, 
1803; died in Copenhagen, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1882, £e. 79. 

Children, all born in Denmark, N. Y. : 

i. Darius Green,^ b. Aug. 9, 1831; d. June 25, 1854, in Den- 
mark, N. Y. He m. Sept. 2, 1852, Susan Penuiman ; no 
404. ii. Peter, b. Julv 17, 1836 ; m. Nancy M. Cottrell. 

iii. Henrietta, b. Aug. 6, 1838 ; m. Sept. 29, 1857, W. D. G. 
Cottrell of Denmark, N. Y. ; living in Clarence, Iowa, where 
he is engaged in the banking business. One child, Myron 
Benf Cottrell, b. Feb. 25, 1861. 



Abel Dirgy' Bent {Peter,'^ David,^ Davicl,^ DavicL^ John,'' 
John^) was born in Denmark, N. Y., July 1, 1802, and died Feb. 
17, 1878, ae. 75. He married Sally Bedell of Denmark, N. Y., 
who died Sept. 10, 1861. 

Children, all born in Denmark, N. Y. : 

i. Deborah,^ m. Rufiis Waite of Champion, N. Y. 

ii. LoviNA, living in Fondulac, Wis. ; m. Colinan Wedge. 
iii. Hannah, m. Benjamin Hartwell of Denmark, N. Y. 
iv. Frances, b. April 30, 1838 ; living in California; m. Sept. 4, 
1864, Charles Horr. 


Major Evans^ Bent {Peter,^ David," David,* David,^ John;'' 
John^) was born in Denmark, N. Y., May 23, 1810, and died in 
Morrison, 111., Sept. 3, 1885, £e. 75. He lived in Lewis County, 
N. Y., until 1864, when he moved to Carroll County, 111. Shortly 
afterward he engaged in agricultural pursuits in Whiteside County, 
but his health becoming poor he sold his farm and in 1882 removed 
to Morrison. He married, June 16, 1831, Harriet Waldo of Cham- 
pion, N. Y., who died at her son's home in Osborne County, 
Kansas, Oct. 21, 1889. 

Childi'en, all born in Lewis County, N. Y. : 

i. Theresa,8 b. 1833 ; d. Jan. 12, 1851. 

ii. Sophia, b. 1836 ; living in Lewis Co., N. Y. ; m. February, 
1861, Ephraim Richards. 
405. iii. Warren G., b. June 26, 1839. 

iv. Sarah, b. Jan. 23, 1844; Hving in Marshalltown, Iowa; m. 
1866, Byron Taylor. 
4:06. V. Z. Major', b. March 29, 1850. 

vi. Ida, b. April, 1853 ; m. in 1874, William Mills. 


Lemuel Mason^ Bent {Peter, '^ David,'' David,* David,^ 
John,^ John^) was born in Denmark, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1816, and is 
living in Morrison, 111. He remained at home until September, 
1838, when he started on a tour of observation, remaininof in 
Bureau County, 111., a year, after which he returned to Denmark 
(N. Y.), where he remained, farming, until the spring of 1858, 
when he moved to Milledgeville, Carroll County, 111. The follow- 
ing fall he pushed on to Union Grove, Whiteside County, 111., and 
bought a farm. In 1881 he retired from active work and located 
in Morrison, 111., where he has since resided. He has been much 
interested in the history of the Bent family and has rendered valu- 
able assistance. 


He married first, Dec. 25, 1839, Betsey, daughter of Jonathan 
and Betsey Parks of Champion, N. Y., where she was born Sept. 
16, 1819. She died Dec. 27, 1892, after a happy married life 
of fifty-three years. He married second, Oct. 9, 1894, Mrs. Lurissa 
A. Colon. 

Children, both born in Denmark, N. Y. : 

i. Orrin M.,^ b. Aug. 26, 1842 ; engaged in farming at Union 
Grove, III., until 1891, when he retired and moved to Mor- 
rison, 111. ; m. Mary F. Twining of Union Grove, 111., b. in 
Champion, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1849, dau. of William and Melinda. 
One child, Lottie F.,^ b. Dec. 6, 1866; m. Feb. 2, 1887, 
Kichard Z. Tilton of Clyde, 111. 

ii. Adelaide L., b. Aug. 2(\, 1846 ; living in Morrison, 111. ; m. 
Sepi. 27, 1866, Samuel R. Hall of Union Grove, 111. 


MiLO Green^ Bent (Peter, ^ David,^ David,* David,^ Jolin,^ 
John^), farmer, was born in Denmark, N. Y., March 13, 1822, and 
died March 24, 1852. He married, March 10, 1844, Maria Parks 
of Champion, N. Y., who died Aug. 5, 1870, te. 47. 

Children, both born in Denmark, N. Y. : 

i. Lauretta Elnora,^ b. Nov. 3, 1845; d. May 2, 1876; m. 

Aug. 3, 1869, William H. Beach of Lynn, Ontario, Canada. 

Four children : 1. Enos^. 2. Milo. 3. Walter. 4. Fred. 
ii Alfaretta Malvina, b. May 15, 1848 ; Hving in St. Paul, 

Minn. ; m. March 8, 1870, William O, Williams of Pierre- 

pont Manor, Jefferson Co., N. Y. Two children, both educated 

for the medical profession. 

Dalmanutha'* Bent (David,^ David, ^ David,* David, "^ John,^ 
John^), farmer and shoemaker, was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., Aug. 
5, 1801, and died in Antwerp, N. Y., Jan. 6, 1883, aged 81. 
He moved from Vermont to nortliern New York in 1830. He 
married Betsey Phippeu, born in Westminster, Vt., June 3, 1801, 
died in Antwerp, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1894, aged 92, daugiiter of Jo- 
seph Phippen, a soldier of the Revolution, by his wife Sally Paul. 

Children, i. and ii. born in Westminster, Vt., iii. to v. in Mt. 
Holly, Vt., vi. and vii. in Philadelphia, N. Y., viii. in Denmark, 
N. Y. : 

407. i. Curtis Rinaldo,^ b. Aug. 23, 1820. 

ii. Martha Jane, b. May 24, 1822 ; d. in Cookstown, Wis., April 
4, 1851 ; m. first, March 27, 1839, Nicholas Lathan; m. second, 
John Curtis. Two children by the first marriage : 1. Maric^ 
Lathan. 2. Frank B. Lathan. One by second ; \. Albion Curtis. 

* Dalmanutha is the name of a town on the west side of the Sea of Galilee. 


iii. Mart Eliza, b. June 29, 1826 ; m. March 8, 1849, her father's 

cousin, Alvin F. Bent {q. v.). 
iv. Erva Adeline, b. Dec. 29, 1828 ; living in Fayette, Iowa ; m. 

in Wisconsin to Alexander Winston. They celebrated their 

golden wedding, July 1, 1899. Seven children : \. E.Lavilla? 

2. Ella L. 3. John W. 4. Edward A. 5. Flora A. 6. 

Abbie M. 7. George Omar. 
V. Matilda Eveline, b. May 5, 1830 ; living in Antwerp, N. Y. ; 

m. first, Oct. 18, 1852, Andrew Jackson Cross, who d. in 

Great Bend, Jefferson Co., N. Y., Aug. 9, 1853 ; no children ; m. 

second, Nov. 29, 1870, George D. McAllaster; one child, 

George Ernest^ McAllaster, b. May 25, 1873, graduated from 

Albany, N. Y., Law School in June, 1899. 
vi. Esther Caroline, b. Sept. 26, 1834; d. Dec. 30, 1893; m. 

first, in November, 1859, Thomas Arlow ; m. second, Lincoln 

D. Lynde ; no children. 
408i vii. Hartwell Fletcher (writes his name Hartwell H.), b. May 

9, 1837. 
viii. Lavilla Maria, b. June 25, 1844 ; d. in Antwerp, N. Y., June 

4, 1899; m. in August, 1863, AbramG. Schermerhorn. Two 

children: 1. E. Ardelle? 2. Maude E. 


Hartwell^ Bent (David, ^ David, ^ David,* David, ^ John,'' 
John') was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., May 28, 1803, and died in 
Randolph, N. Y., May 2, 1844, oe. nearly 41, He married, in 
Shrewsbury, Vt., March 12, 1829, Hannah Aldrich, who was born 
Shrewsbury, March 25, 1807, and died in Randolph, Aug. 11, 
1842, eldest daughter of Abner and Betsey (Sanderson) Aldrich. 

Children, i. to iv. born in Mt. Holly, v. and vi. in Randolph : 

i. Elizabeth,^ b. and d. Feb. 2, 1830. 
409. ii. Mel VINA, b. May 19, 1831 ; m. May 29, 1848, James Brooks, 

iii. Betsey, b. Sept. 29, 1832. 
iv. Horace Aldrich, b. June 14, 1834; d. May 21, 1862, from 

injuries received in a railroad accident at Salamanca, N. Y. 
V. Diana Hannah, b. March 31, 183- ; living in Randolph, N. Y. ; 

m. Jan. 29, 1861, George S. .Jones. Four children : 1. Frank 

H.^ Jones, b. Sept. 21, 1863 ; a printer in Wasliington, D. C. ; 

m. and has two children. 2. Glenn Jones, b. Nov. 27, 1865 ; 

a bookkeeper in Lafayette, Ind. ; m. and has one cliild. 3. 

Anna Jones, b. June 28, 1868 ; m. and has one child. 4. 

Hartwell Jones, b. April 20, 1871 ; living unm. in Dunkirk, 

N. Y., where he is a cbuggist's clerk, 
vi. Hartwell, b. 1842; d. 1842. 


Betsey^ Bent (David,^ David,'' David,"" David,^ John,^ 
John') was born May 7, 1805, and died in Randolph, N. Y., Oct. 


6, 1887, 95. 82 ; was brought up by her aunt Betsey (Bent) Green 
in Mt. Holly, Vt. She married, Oct. 6, 1825, Aaron Pingrey, 
who was born Feb. 11, 1802. They lived in Mt. Holly and Lud- 
low, Vt., until Dec. 1840, when they moved to Randolph, N. Y., 
where, with the exception of the years 1842 to 1844, which were 
spent in Yorkshire, N. Y., they remained to the end of their days. 
Children, i. to iv. born in Mt. Holly, v. born in Ludlow, vi. 
born in Yorkshire, vii. in Randolph : 

i. Ad ALINE Eliza^ Pingrey, b. Aug. 21, 1827 ; m. Jan. 24, 
1854, Sidney U. Main, merchant, of Batavia, N. Y., where 
she lived until her death, Nov. 4, 1891. 

ii. Melzar Robbins Pingrey, b. July 20, 1829 ; farmer; livmg 
unm. in Randolph, N. Y. 

iii. B. SoPHRONiA Pingrey, b. Nov. 20, 1831 ; living in Randolph, 
N. Y. ; m. May 1, 1856, Edwin McManus, druggist, of Ran- 
dolph, N. Y. Two children : 1. Edwin Pingrey^ McManus, 
b. July 26, 1858 ; d. Dec. 5, 1882. 2. Cora Belle McManus, 
h. Aug. 30, 1861 ; living unm. with her parents. 

iv. Marion Amelia Pingrey, b. March 16, 1835 ; d. in Randolph, 
N. Y, Oct. 14, 1898 ; m. June 16, 1857, John Crowley Pierce, 
merchant, of Randolph, N. Y. One child, Grace Adele^ Pierce, 
b. June 7, 1858. 

V. Melissa Eusebia Pingrey, b. April 10, 1840; living in Buf- 
falo, N. Y. ; m. July 25, 1861, John Emory Rogers, merchant, 
then of Randolph, N. Y. Three children : 1. Cary BrownelP 
Pogers, h. June 13, 1863; m. Oct. 19, 1898, Hattie Isabel 
Freemyer. 2. Charles Pingrey Rogers, b. Sept. 25, 1865 ; 
m. June 6, 1893, Anna Ehzabeth Pfeiffer of Buffalo, N. Y. 
3. Bessie Rogers, b. Sept. 4, 1872 ; living unm. with her 

vi. Lucy Adele Pingrey, b. Dec. 1, 1842; living in Randolph, 
N. Y. ; m. Oct. 31, 1878, Capt. Charles Caligan of Buffalo, 
vii. Mary Rosette Pingrey, b. Sept. 29, 1845 ; living unm. with 
her brother. 


S. Walker' Bent (David,^ David,^ David,* David,^ John,^ 
John^) was born in Mt. Holly( ?), Vt., and died in Cavendish, Vt. 
He married, in Feb. 1845, Minerva Stiles of Westminster, Vt., 
who was born Nov. 17, 1823, daughter of Gideon and Lydia ( Wy- 
man) Stiles. 

Children : 

410. i. Walker Martin.^ 

ii. Corliss, d. in infancy. 
41 i. iii. George Carlos, b. 1848. 

iv. Lydia Minerva ; living unm. 

V. Nellie ; living in Cambridge, Mass. ; m. WiUiam H. Smith. 
412. vi. Gideon Stiles (writes his name Stiles G.). 



Claek Earl' Bent {Earl F.,^ David,'' David,* David,^ John^, 
John') was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., April 21, 1822, and died in 
East Poultney, Vt., in July, 1896. He married, Jan. 31, 1848, 
Ann M. Pepper of Pawlet, Vt. 
Children : 

i. Ellen J.,^ b. April 24, 1849 ; d. Oct. 29, 1882 ; m. Feb. 28, 

1868, Frank H. Marshall. 
ii. Eva E., b. 1853 ; d. 1855. 


Henry Willard' Bent {Earl F.,^ David,^ David,* David, '^ 
John,'' John'), tinsmith, was born Feb. 13, 1827, in Mt. Holly, 
Vt., where he died Dec. 13, 1883, a3. 56. He married, in Dec. 
1846, Catalina S. Dean of Granville, N. Y., who is living in 
Mechanicsville, Vt. 
Children : 

i. Annette I.,^ b. 1848; d. 1851. 
ii. Julie E., b. and d, 1850. 

ill. Charles H., b. Jan. 10, 1852 ; living in Fort Ann, N. Y. 
iv. Leonora M., b. Dec. 5, 1854; living in Mechanicsville, Vt. ; 

m. Nov. 17, 1883, George Trask. 
V. Emelett, b. 1858 ; d. 1861. 

vi. Earl Danforth, b. July 17, 1866; tinsmith ; living in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. ; m. in July, 1891. 


Silas Walker' Bent {Silas P.,® David,^ David,* David,'^ 
John,'' John'), farmer, was born in Mt. Holly(?), Vt., July 23, 
1818, and died in Lincoln, Neb., Jan. 15, 1889. He went from 
Vermont to New York with his father, and in 1846 located in De 
Kalb County, 111., where he lived until 1869, when he followed his 
son to Nebraska, locating in Lincoln, then a place of only a few 
hundred inhabitants. He married, in 1844, Lucy P. Overton, of 
Henderson, N. Y., who died Aug. 12, 1892. 

Child, born in Henderson, N. Y. : 
413. i. Overton Walker,^ b. March 29, 1846. 


John Jay^ Bent {Silas P.,^David,^ David,* David,^ John,'' 
John' ), farmer, was born July 3, 1831, and died April 26, 1884, 
£6. 52. He married, first, in 1858, Faustina P. Earl, who died 
Aug. 20, 1860 ; married, second, Oct. 14, 1863, Harriet P. 
White, who died June 7, 1893. 


Child of John J, and Faustina : 
414. i. Earl Silas/ b. Aug. 15, 1860. 

Children of John J. and Harriet : 

i. Fred Jay, b. Jan. 1, 1865, 
ii. Catherine Marion, b. March 27, 1871. 
ill. Clinton Arthur, b. Jan. 1, 1873. 


Alvin Finney^ Bent {Thomas TF.,® David,'" David,* David, ^ 
John,^ John^), farmer and cheese maker, was born in Watertown, 
N. Y., Jan. 25, 1819, and died in Antwerp, N. Y., May 16, 1875, 
ai. 56. Five of his children (all at that time) died within two 
weeks, it will be noticed. He married, March 8, 1849, at Natural 
Bridge, N. Y., Mary E. Bent, daughter of his cousin Dalmanutha^ 

Children, all born in Antwerp : 

i. Loretta A.,« b. Aug. 9, 1851 ; d. Nov. 2, 1863. 
ii. Luella M., b. April 2, 1855 ; d. Oct. 26, 1863. 
ill. E. Ardelle, b. Dec. 26, 1856; d. Oct. 21, 1863. 
iv. George H., b. Jan. 13, 1859 ; d. Oct. 24, 1863. 
V. Cora, b. Dec. 28, 1862; d. Oct. 19, 1863. 
vi. Myron Hammond, b. April 22, 1865 ; living in Antwerp, N. Y. 
Educated at Phillips Academy, Exeter, N. H., and Williams 
College ; has been a newspaper man for some years ; was 
legislative correspondent at Albany, N. Y., three winters, and 
assistant superintendent of documents in Senate ; has managed 
"Will Carlton's tours ; and for three years has been editor and 
publisher of the Antwerp Gazette. 
vii. Effie, b. and d. 1870. 


Darius Green'' Bent {Thomas TF".,* David,^ David,* David,^ 
John,^ John^) was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., Jan. 5, 1821, and is 
living in Castorland, N. Y. He married, July 13, 1852, at Car- 
thage, N. Y., Mary Elizabeth Snell. 

Children, i. born at New Bremen, N. Y., ii. at Indian River, 
N. Y., iii. at Theresa, N. Y., iv. at Croghan, N. Y. : 

i. Luella May,^ b. 1854; d. 1855. 
ii. Sidney Eugene, b. May 3, 1857. 
iii. May Gertrude, b. June 21, 1861 ; m. Nov. 30, 1882, William 

Mauer of Spencerport, N. Y. 
iv. Carrie Ardelle, b. P^eb. 26, 1869. 
V. Lillian Estelle, b. April 3, 1871. 



George Washington'' Bent {Thomas TF./ David,^ David,* 
David,"^ John,"^ John^) was born in Croghan, N. Y., Feb. 3, 1836, 
and is living in East Florence, N. Y. He graduated from the 
Boston University School of Theology in 1874, became a member 
of the Northern New York Conference of Methodist Episcopal 
Churches, and was actively engaged in pastoral work for twenty-two 
years. He married Mrs. Fanny A. (Nutting) Everett of Granite- 
ville, Mass., daughter of J. P. and E. K. Nutting. 

Children, i. b. at Vermilion, N. Y., ii. at Natural Bridge, N. Y. : 

i. George Everett,^ b. about 1877. 
ii. Daisy Sunshine, b. about 1886. 


John Boice^ Bent {George,^ Darius,^ David,* David,^ John,- 
John^) was born in Montreal, Canada, Dec. 29, 1847, and is living 
in Chicago, 111. He married, Nov. 8, 1869, Catherine Jane Ennis, 
who was born in Utica, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1846. 

Children, all born in Montreal : 

i. Alice Maud,* b. Feb. 14, 1871. 
ii. Kate Florence, b. May 24, 1875. 
iii. George Walter, b. Oct. 31, 1877. 


George Russell' Bent (Alphonso,^ Thaddeus,^ David,* 
David, ^ John,^ Johyi^) was born at Smith's Falls, Canada, Nov. 
21, 1840, and died in Chicago, 111., of pneumonia. May 13, 1895, 
je. 54. After he grew to manhood he followed the occupations of 
painting and railroading until 1882, except when in the army. He 
was a member of Co. F, 93d Illinois Infantry, in the Civil War. 
In 1882 he was appointed a letter carrier in Chicago, which business 
engaged his attention the remainder of his life. He learned his 
trade as painter in Fulton, 111., ten miles from the family home, and 
while residing there married, July 26, 1861, Eunice Eva, born in 
Lockport, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1844, daughter of John and Sarah A. 

Children, i., iv. and v. bom in Fulton, 111., ii. in Clinton, Iowa, 
iii. in Stirling, 111. : 

i. Mattte Dell,8 b. Aug. 25, 1862 ; m. Nov. 29, 1880, at Chicago, 
Albion H. Hutchings ; no children. 
I15i ii. Horace Edward, b. July 14, 1864. 
iii. Charles Le Roy, b. 1869 ; d. 1870. 
iv. William Henry, b. May 17, 1872 ; living in Chicago ; m. April 

18, 1893, Lillian M. Dyer. 
V. John Russell, b. Feb. 18, 1874. 



Charles^ Bent (Alj^honso,^ Thaddeus,^ David,* David,^ 
Johrf , John^) was born in Chicago, 111., Dec. 8, 1844, and is 
living in Morrison, Whiteside County, 111., which has been his home 
since May, 1856. In June, 1858, he was apprenticed to learn the 
printing trade in the office of The Whiteside Sentinel, and after 
completing his term of service occupied the position of workman in 
the same office. In June, 1864, he enlisted in the 140th Illinois 
Vol. Inf'y. and was mustered out by conclusion of term of service 
Oct. 29, 1864; re-enlisted Feb. 2, 1865, in the 147th Illinois Vol. 
Inf'y., which was attached to the 1st Brigade, 2d Division, Army 
of the Cumberland, and was honorably discharged at Savannah, 
Ga., Jan. 20, 1866 ; he served respectively as sergeant, 1st ser- 
geant and 2d lieutenant. Keturniug home, he again engaged in 
the printing business, and in July, 1867, purchased the office and 
has since been (except from Feb. 1877 to March, 1879, during 
which time he was engaged in writing and publishing a history of 
Whiteside County, 111.) and is at the present time editor and pro- 
prietor of The Whiteside Sentinel. In civil life he has held the 
following positions : Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue in the 
3d collection district of Illinois from Dec. 1870 until the office was 
abolished in 1873 ; alderman of the city of Morrison, 1870-'72, 
1875-'77 ; member of the Board of Education, 1877-'84, 1887- 
'96, and secretary of the Board since 1887. In Nov. 1878 he was 
elected as a Republican to the State Senate from the 11th District, 
comprising the counties of Carroll and Whiteside, for the terra of 
four years. In April, 1883, he was appointed by Gov. Hamilton 
a member of the State Board of Canal Commissioners for the 
term of two years, and was president of the Board during that 
time. In Feb. 1889 he was appointed by Gov. Fifer as a com- 
missioner of the Illinois State Penitentiary at Joliet, and held the 
position until Jan. 12, 1893, when he tendered his resignation upon 
the inauo'uration of a Democratic ofovernor. He has also served 
for several terms as a member of the State Republican Committee 
from the Congressional district in which he resides. He was a 
district delegate to the National Encampment G. A. R. at Detroit 
in 1892, and one of the delegates at large from Illinois to the Na- 
tional Encampment G. A. R. at Pittsburg in 1894. 

He married, August 15, 1870, Decima Manington of Morrison, 
III., who was born in West Vienna township, Oneida County, 
N. Y., July 9, 1844, daughter of Alfred and Sophia Manington of 

Children, all born in Morrison, 111. : 

i. Paul Alphonso,^ b. May 28, 1871 ; foreman in his father's 
printing establishment ; m. June 25, 1895, Laura Quacken- 



ii. Elizabeth, b. July 26, 1873; m. Sept. 12, 1895, Robert C 
Sattley of "WHieaton, 111., where he is Supt. of Bridges and 
Buildings of Galena Div. of C. & N. W. R'y. 

iii. Charles, b. Aug. 2, 1875; local editor of his father's news- 
paper ; m. Nov. 3, 1898, at Momson, 111., Mabel Benzeville. 

iv. RcTH, b. Oct. 26, 1877. 

V. Harry, b. March 13, 1879. 

vi. George Manington, b. June 6, 1890. 


Samuel Arthur^ Bent, M.A., LL.B., (Sa7nuelW.,^ Samuel 
B.,^ David,* David,^ John,^ JoJin^) was born in Boston, Mass., 
July 1, 1841, and is living in Brookline, Mass. After graduating 
from Yale College in 18 (il and from the Harvard Law School in 
1865, he practised law for a few years in Boston, where he was 
a member of the School Committee in the years 1868, 1869 and 
1870. At the close of the latter year he went to Europe, where 
he was American editor of the Swiss Times in Geneva in 1872 
and 1873 (and as such was admitted to the final session of the 
Court of Arbitration on the Alabama claims) and American editor 
of Galignani's Messenger in Paris in 1874 and 1875. In the lat- 
ter year he returned to his native country, and in 1878 was elected 
Superintendent of Schools in Nashua, N. H., where he remained 
until 1883, when he moved to Clinton, Mass., to fill a similar po- 
sition. In 1886 he returned to Boston and in 1890 was elected a 
director and later clerk and treasurer of the Bostonian Society. He 
has been a member of the examining committees of the Boston 
Public Library and Boston Athenaeum, and has published "Short 
Sayings of Great Men" (1882), which has gone through several 
editions in America and England ; is the author of " Hints on Lan- 
guage" for primary schools, and has edited Longfellow's " Golden 
Legend," the "Christmas Carol" and the "Cricket on the Hearth" 
for Houghton, Mifiiin & Co. ; his address on Gen. S. M. Quincy 
was published by the Bostonian Society, and " Why Was Louisburg 
Twice Besieged" and "The Wayside Inn, its History and Litera- 
ture," addresses, have been published by the Society of Colonial 
Wars. As historian of the Mass. Society Sons of the American 
Revolution, he compiled the year books of the Society in 1893 and 
1894, and has also compiled the year books of the Mass. Society of 
Colonial Wars for 1894, 1897 and 1898.' An article from his pen 
on "Damon and Pythias among our Early Joui-nalists " appeared in 
the JSFew England Magazine for August, 1896. He has been 
warden and vestryman of three Episcopal parishes, and is frequently 
delegate to diocesan conventions. He married Aug. 30, 1890, 
Mary Edna Thompson of Bridge water, Mass. 


Child, born in Boston : 

i. Mildred^ Bent, b. Nov. 6, 1891. 


Joseph Avery^ Bent {Joseph A.,^ 8amuel B.,^ David,* 
David,^ Johyi,^ Jolui^), travelling salesman, was born in Middle- 
bury, Vt., April 23, 1857, and is living in Denver, Colorado. He 
began his business career in 1875 as office boy in his uncle's shoe 
store in Peoria, 111., and the boot and shoe business, in its various 
branches, has occupied his attention ever since. He was a manu- 
facturer of shoes in Chester, 111., from 1881 to 1885. He located 
in Colorado in the spring of 1890. He married, Feb. 22, 1888, 
at Socorro, N. M., Effie A. Dougherty of North Platte, Neb. 

Children : 

i. Joseph Avert,^ b. 1889 ; d. 1890. 

ii. Avert Ballard, b. Dec. 21, 1890. 
iii. Harry Sims, b. Nov. 24, 1895. 
iv. Mary Louise, b. April 23, 1898. 


Samuel Adams^ Bent (Joseph A.,^ Samuel B.,^ David,* 
David,^ Johi,^ John^), a retail shoe dealer, was born in Hoyleton, 
111., March 4, 1861, and is living in Denver, Colo., where he lo- 
cated in 1889. He married. May 22, 1890, Sallie Marie Kane, 
who was born in Jefferson ville, Ind., Dec. 25, 1864. 

Children, both born in Denver : 

i. Roger Kane,* b. May 20, 1891. 
ii. Gertrude Louise, b. May 21, 1892. 


George Payne' Bent ( George,^ Samuel B.,' David,* David,^ 
John,^ John^) was born in Dundee, 111., June 16, 1854, and is 
living in Chicago, 111., where he has been located since May, 1870, 
at which time he entered the employ of David C. Cook. In May, 
1878, he bought out Mr. Cook's business, and has been engaged in 
the manufacture first of sewing machines and then of organs, and 
latterly of the "Crown" pianos and organs up to the present time. 
He married, at Burr Oak, la., April 26, 1876, Clara A. Wingate, 
who was born in Hemingford, Canada, July 24, 1857, daughter of 
Henry and Charity E. Wingate. 
Children, all born in Chicago : 

i. Clara Wingate,* b. March 10, 1877; m. June 21, 1898, 

Ernest G. Meikle of Chicago, 
ii. George Henry, b. Oct. 11, 1878. 


iii. Charity Mary, b. May 23, 1884. 
iv. Muriel, b. Aug. 18, 1890. 
V. Dorothy Amelia, b. April 5, 1893, 
vi. Charles Matchett, b. Aug. 25, 1895. 


Chaeles Avery'' Bent {George,^ Samuel B.,^ David,* 
David,^ John,^ John^) was born in Burr Oak, Iowa, Oct. 10, 
1860, and has resided since April, 1882, in Chicago, 111., where he 
is connected with his brother's manufactory. He married, Sept. 
11, 1883, Cora Hannah Stone of Seneca, Kan., a native of North 
Monroeville, Ohio, daughter of William Biglow Stone. 

Children, all born in Chicago : 

1. Charles Howard,* b. Dec. 21, 1884. 
ii. Clara Amelia, b. March 21, 1887. 
iii. Maurice Hiram, b. April 7, 1891. 
iv. Roberta Mary, b. Nov. 15, 1896. 


Arthur Sumner' Bent (George,^ Samuel B.,' David,* 
David,^ John,^ John^), farmer, was born in Burr Oak, Iowa, July 
17, 1864, and is living in Hazard, Neb. He married, Nov. 5, 
1885, in Hazard, Lida Emma Heslop, who was born in McKees- 
port, Penn. 

Children, all born in Nebraska, i. at Nonpareil, ii. at Litchfield, 
iii. at Auburn, iv. and v. at Hazard : 

i. Sadie Mary,* b. Jan. 10, 1887. 
ii. Ivan Arthur, b. Nov. 30, 1888 ; d. April 7, 1891. 
iii. Clara Alta Vera, b. Oct. 21, 1891. 
iv. George Abram, b, Feb. 9, 1894. 
V. Miriam, b. July 19, 1896. 


Joseph' Bent {Francis,^ John,' Joseph,* Experience,^ Joseph,"" 
John^), blacksmith, was born in Wareham, Mass., Feb. 29, 1788, 
and died in Wareham, March 8, 1860, ae. 72. He married first, 
Ruth Hall ; married second, Mary Bumpus of Carver. 

Children of Joseph and Ruth : 

i. Fearing W.,* b. Nov. 19, 1810 ; shoemaker ; d. in Rehoboth, 

Mass., Dec. 5, 1894 ; buried in Brockton, 
ii. SiLVA, b. 1813 ; d. 1858 ; m. Jan. 1831, Ezra Potter (1807- 


Children of Joseph and Mary : 

i. Nancy E., living in Plymouth, Mass. ; m, 1850, Warren Gibbs ; 
four children. 


ii. Sarah, living in Plymouth, Mass. ; m. Winslow B. Sherman 

six children. 
iii. Henrietta, m. "William Gibbs. 
iv. Joseph F., b. 1835 ; d. Oct. 19, 1889. 


John'^ Bent (^Fi^ancis,^ John^^ Joseph,^ Experience,^ Joseph,^ 
John^) was born in Wareham, Mass., July 7, 1790; lived a 
few years in Middleboro', Mass., and about 1832 moved to the 
adjoining town of Carver, where he died March 2, 1869, a3. 78. 
He was collector of taxes for several years and representative to the 
Legislature in 1835 and 1836. He married first, in 1822, Hannah 
Perkins ; no children ; married second, Nov. 1829, Mercy McFar- 
lin, who was born in Carver, May 2, 1796, and died in Carver, Jan. 
4, 1887, 05. 90, daughter of Hervit McFarliu. 

Children of John and Mercy, i. born in Middleboro', ii. in 
Carver : 

416. i. J0HN,« b. June 5, 1831. 

ii. Hannah Perkins, b. Nov. 4, 1836; m. Feb. 18G6, Rufus L. 
Richards of Carver. 


Isaac' Bent {Francis,^ John,^ Joseph,* Experience,^ Joseph,^ 
John^), blacksmith, was born in Wareham, Mass., Aug. 4, 1799, 
and died in Wareham, Nov. 4, 1876. He made hoes and other 
implements for the Southern planters and went South, winters, to 
dispose of his wares. During the latter part of the War of 1812 
(June 13, 1814) about two hundred British soldiers from the brig- 
of-war " Nimrod " landed at Wareham under a flag of truce and 
then proceeded to destroy property in the ship yards, etc. Before 
re-embarking in their barges, they took and disarmed enough 
prisoners to place around the gunwales of their boats to prevent 
any attack from the gathering inhabitants. Isaac Bent, though a 
mere boy, was one of these prisoners. After getting below the in- 
habited part of Buzzard's Bay the prisoners were landed, for they 
were no lono-er needed. 

Isaac married, Dec. 11, 1833, Sophia Bartlett of Plymouth, who 
died in Wareham, June 4, 1864, as. 55-3-6. 

Children, both born in Wareham : 

417. i. Martin Francis,^ b. March 17, 1835. 

ii. Isaac Bartlett, b. Sept. 8, 1840; living unm. in Ann Arbor, 
Mich., where he deals in photographs and art goods ; waa a 
tinsmith in Wareham several years before going West. 



Lucy'' Bent (Francis,^ John,^ Joseph,* Exjierience,^ Joseph,' 
John^) was born in Wareham, Mass., March 17, 1808, and died in. 
Rochester, Mass., Oct. 13, 1854. She married, Sept. 8, 1827, 
Jonathan Perry, who was born in Plymouth, Mass., Sept. 4, 1801, 
and died in Rochester, Mass., Oct. l3, 1881. 

Children, aU born in Rochester, Mass. : 

i. Isaac B.^ Perry, b. and d. 1828. 

ii. Lucy Bent Perry, b. Sept. 4, 1829 ; m. in 1851, Rufus H. 
King, a drummer in 28th Mass. Inf'y. in 1861-62. Four 
children: 1. Rufus Washington,^ b. Dec. 8, 1851; d. May 
26, 1883 ; m. in 1879, Katherine Maunix of Wheeling, W. 
Va. 2. Isaac Bradford, b. Aug. 8, 1854 ; lives in Taunton, 
Mass. ; m. Feb. 11, 1885, Anna Maria Strange. 3. Maria L., 
b. Oct. 22, 1855. 4. Nellie 31, b. Jan. 7, 1858 ; m. in 1875, 
William Morton Holmes of Wareham. 

iii. Mary Jane Perry, b. Feb. 6, 1831 ; d. in Rochester, Mass., 
July 2, 1885 ; m. Nov. 16, 1856, her second cousin, Henry 
Clay Lindley of Watertown, who was a sergeant in U. S. A. 
before marriage and captain in 16th Mass. Inf'y. in the Civil 
War. Seven "children : 1. Lucy Bent,^ b. .Jan. 24, 1858; 
living unm. in Foxboro', Mass. 2. Orrin Eugene, b. and d. 
1860. 3. Mary Jane, b. Sept. 4, 1861 ; living in Foxboro', 
Mass. ; m. Jan. 26, 1898, Harrie Francis Gray. 4. Charles 
Henry, b. 1866 ; d. 1867. 5. Henry Clayton, b. July 1, 1868 ; 
m. Dec. 1, 1896, Louise Hodgson Matthews of Fitchburg. 
6. Francis Bent, b. March 17, 1872; m. June 3, 1896, Ethel 
Josephine Clement of New Bedford. 7. Susie Maria, b. and 
d. 1874. 

iv. Abbie Bates Perry, b. June 2, 1833 ; living in Carver, Mass. ; 
m. July 7, 1863, Jason Southworth, b. in Middleboro', Mass., 
Julv 5, 1819. One child, Jason Alton,^ b. in Carver, July 9, 
1866; d. in Carver, Nov. 8, 1889. 

V. Isaac Francis Bent Perry, b. .Jan. 6, 1835 ; d. unm. May 6, 
1893, in Rochester, Mass., where he had held many offices of 
trust, town treasurer, collector of taxes, assessor, selectman, 
representative to the Legislature, etc. 

vi. TiRZAH M. Perry, b. Jan. 29, 1838 ; living unm. in Roches- 
ter, Mass., where for many years she was a valued teacher in 
the public schools. 

vii. Susan W. Perry, b. Feb. 22, 1840 ; hving unm. in Rochester, 

viii. Jonathan Perry, b. March 2, 1842 ; is engaged in cranberry 
culture in Rochester ; unm. 

ix. James E. Perry, b. Sept. 17, 1844; living in Rochester, Mass., 
where he is a soap manufacturer ; m. Jan. 7, 1866, Pamelia 
Kinney, b. in Mattapoisett, Mass., Jan. 23, 1847. Nine chil- 
dren : 1. James F.,^ b. 1867; d. 1878. 2. George H, b. 
1869 ; d. 1878. 3. Lucy Bent, b. Jan. 15, 1873 ; m. Oct. 24, 


1896, George Keithley of Hamburg, Mo. 4. Pamelia A., b. 
Oct. 11, 1874; m. Aug. 25, 1897, Arthur H. Randall of 
Rochester, Mass. 5. Susan M., b. 1877; d. 1879. 6. Susan 
Maria Frances, b. March 14, 1880. 7. George Franklin, b. 
1882 ; d. 1885. 8. Joyiaihan L., b. Feb. 24, 1888. 


Wilson Dexter^ Bent (^Francis,^ John,^ Joseph,* Experi- 
ence,'^ Joseph,^ John^ ) was born in Wareham, Mass., in June, 
1814, and died in North Sandwich (now Bournedale), Mass., July 
27, 1856. He married first, May 25, 1834, Phebe Gaboon, who 
died Jan. 6, 1842, as. 27-9-20; married second, Sept. 4, 1842, 
Hannah Crowell, who died Jan. 10, 1861, re. 50. 

Children of Wilson D. and Phebe, both bom in North Sand- 
wich (now Bournedale) : 

418. i. Wilson Dexter,^ b. Aug. 13, 1835. 

419. ii. Francis, b. Aug. 28, 1841. 

Children of Wilson D. and Hannah : 

i. Hannah Maria,^ b. May 14, 1845; d. Oct. 29, 1869; m. May 

4, 1864, Seth W. Hoi way. Three children, 
ii. Son (not named), b. and d. March, 1847. 
iii. Nathan Prince, b. Jan. 23, 1848 ; d. in Stockton, Cal., July 

12, 1873, ai. 25. 
iv. Phebe Ann, b. June 8, 1852 ; d. unm. May 25, 1881. 


Bartlett^ Bent {John,^ John,'' Joseph,* Experience,^ Joseph,^ 
John^) Avas born in Middleboro', Mass., Nov. 30, 1797, and died 
in Middlefield, Conn., June 15, 1868, ^. 70; buried in Middle- 
town, Conn. His active business life was spent in New York City 
in the iron trade. He lived in various places in Massachusetts, 
New York and Connecticut, and one year in Philadelphia, Pa. In 
1858 he removed from Port Chester, N. Y., to Middletown, Conn. 
His last years were spent with his son, three miles out from the 
latter city, and there he died. He married, July 24, 1824, Hannah 
P. Savery, who was born in Carver, Mass., March 24, 1799, and 
died in Flushing, L. I., April 19, 1892, je. 93, daughter of Peleg 
and Hannah (Perkins) Savery. 

Children, i. and ii. born in Wareham, Mass., iii. in New York 

i. Ann,* b. Aug. 1, 1825 ; d. aged 9. 
420. ii. Bartlett, b. Sept. 11, 1829. 

iii. Thomas Savery, b. Sept. 12, 1833 ; in 1856 he moved from 
Port Chester, N. Y., to Middletown, Conn., and purchased a 
farm of one hundred and five acres, on which he lived until 



his death, April 25, 1889 ; m. Mary Augusta Peacock, a sister 
of his brother's wife. She died in Middlefield, Conn., about 



Thomas^^ Bent {John,^ John^^ Joseph,* Experience,'^ Joseph,^ 
John^) was born in Middleboro', Mass., Nov. 8, 1803, and died 
Dec. 18, 1870. He was an iron founder in New York, the firm in 
later years being Thomas Bent & Son. He married Abigail Shaw, 
who was born April 21, 1807. 

Children : 

i. Charles HenrV b. 1829 ; d. 1830. 
421. ii. Samuel Shaw, b. July 15, 1830. 
iii. Elizabeth M., b. June 19, 1838. 
iv. Abby, b. AprU 9, 1846 ; d. June 9, 1876. 


John' Bent {Experience,^ John,^ Joseph,* Experience,^ Jo- 
seph,^ John^) was born in Middleboro', Mass., May 30, 1799, and 
died in Shamokin, Pa., in 1857 ; was connected with a foundry in 
latter place. He married, June 2, 1822, Mary Adams of Carver, 
Mass., who was born in Boston, Nov. 1805, and died in Washing- 
ton, D. C, July 8, 1893, daughter of Thomas and Mercy (Savery) 
Adams. Mrs. Bent married second, Watson Goward of Croydon, 
N. H. 

Children, i., iv. and v. born in Carver, ii. in N. J., iii. in Middle- 
boro' : 

i. Mary Adams,^ b. Nov. 13, 1823 ; Uving in Washington, D. C; 
m. in Newton, Mass., June 21, 1860, Henry T. Lawson, a 
native of Scotland, Major of 2d Mass. Heavy Artillery, d. in 
Newburn, N. C, Oct. 1, 1864. Three children, all living, 
unm. : 1. Jeanette, a clerk in the War Dept. at Washington, 
D. C. 2. Florence^ a teacher in normal school at Los Angeles, 
Cal. 3. Gertrude Henrietta, in Washington. 
ii. John Watson, b. April 24, 1826 ; contractor and builder ; d. 
April 8, 1899, in Chicago, 111., where he had lived since 1849 ; 
saw service in the Mexican war ; m. first, Janet Buchanan of 
Chicago ; m. second, Mrs. Mary E. Smith, who d. in Louis- 
ville, Ky., in 1895. No children. One adopted son, who has 
taken the name of John W. Bent. 
422. iii. Samuel Adams, b. May 11, 1828. 

iv. Mercy Ann, b. Sept. 6, 1829 ; d. in Brookfield, Mass., Aug. 9, 
1876 ; m. first, in 1847, John King, a farmer, of Wilton, N. H. 
Three children : 1. Emma Josephine^ living in South Fram- 
ingham, Mass. ; m. first, .James Theodore Butterworth, and 
second, his brother Frank H. Butterworth of So. Framingham. 


2. Albert Henry, living in Brookfield. 3. Elizabeth Medora, 
living in Barre, Mass. ; m. 1889, Seth Sumner Williams of 
Petersham. Mercy Ann m. second, February, 1867, Henry 
L. King. 
V. Augusta, b. Feb. 18, 1835; living, 1897, in New York City; 
m. first, in Newton, Mass., April 15, 1857, Gardner Kidder 
of Medford, Mass. ; m. second, Frank E. Morse. No chil- 
dren. One adopted daughter. 


Ebenezer'' Bent (^Ex2Jerie7ice,^ John,° Joseph,* Experience,^ 
Joseph,"^ John^), cabinet maker, was born in Middleboro', Mass., 
Oct. 10, 1809, and died at his daughter's home in Ware, Mass., 
Feb. 1, 1890, a3. 80. .He married, Oct. 12, 1831, Susan Wheel- 
wright, daughter of Thomas Gammons. She died in Springfield, 
Mass., May 11, 1873, ». 61. 

Children, i. born in Middleboro', ii. and iii. in Charlestown, 
Mass. : 

423. i. Charles Henry Wheelwright,^ b. Feb. 2, 1835. 

ii. Caroline Louise, b. February, 1841 ; living in Ware, Mass. ; 
m. in Chelsea, Mass., Jan. 6, 1867, William B. Lawton of 
Ware (his second marriage), 
iii. William E., b. May, 1849 ; has musical talent and has travel- 
led extensively, but since about 1884 has made bis home in 
Chicago, 111., where he is now employed in the office of the 
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry. Co. ; m. Aug. 24, 1879, 
at Benton Harbor, Mich., Mrs. Sarah A. Warner ; no children. 


Luther^ Bent {Experience,'^ John,^ Joseph,* Experience,^ 
Joseph,"^ John^ ) was born in Mi(.ldleboro', Mass., Jan. 7, 1812, 
and died in Watertown, Mass., Feb. 10, 1891, ffi. 79. He moved 
in 1835 to Watertown, Avhere he was a cabinet maker and furniture 
dealer. He married, April 12, 1836, Everline A. Wheeler ot 

Children, all born in Watertown : 

i. Luther Wheeler,^ b. 1838; d. 1841. 
ii. Everline Elizabeth, b. Nov. 13, 1840; m. May 31, 1864, 

John E. Stiles of Cambridge, son of John C. and Susan Stiles. 

Two children: 1. Mabelle, b. June 26, 1867; d. June 1, 

1892. 2. Florence, b. and d. 1869. 

424. iii. JuDSON Luther, b. Dec. 13, 1843. 

425. iv. Herbert Francis, b. Jan. 2, 1845. 

v. Mary Ella, b. Sept. 2, 1848 ; d. unm. in Watertown, Mass., 
April 23, 1898. 



Otis'' Bent {Experiences^ John,^ Joseph,* Experience,'^ Jo- 
seph,^ JoJin^), iron moulder, was born in Middleboro', Mass., in 
May, 1816, and died in Middleboro' in 1892, ae. 76. He married, 
Oct. 30, 1842, Louisa Thomas of Middleboro', who was born in 
1826, and died Nov. 15, 1873. 

Children, all born in Middleboro' : 

i. Salome Maria,^ b. July 8, 1843; living in Middleboro'; m. 

1863, Ansel Fuller, shoemaker, of Kingston, Mass. 
ii. Otis Winslow, b. Aug. 5, 1846; drowned while skating Feb. 
12, 1858 ; a skate is cut on his tombstone in the North Car- 
ver cemetery. 
iii. Mart Sampson, b. April 23, 1849 ; living in South Abmgton, 
Mass. ; m. 1868, Samuel Barnes Barrows of Carver, who saw 
four years service in the civil war. 
iv. Caroline Janet, b. April 30, 1854; living in Middleboro' ; m. 

1872, William Bonney of Plympton, Mass., who d. 1874. 
V. Fannie Augusta, b. Oct. 1, 1860; m. 1895, Charles Eddy of 
Fall River, Mass. 


Otis' Bent {William,^ John, ^ Joseph,* Experience,^ Joseph,^ 
Johii^), farmer, was born in Middleboro', Mass., Aug. 23, 1793; 
in infancy was taken to Paris, Me., where he died March 31, 1871, 
ae. 77. He saw service in Capt. Uriah Ripley's company in the 
War of 1812. He married Hannah, daughter of Richard Walker 
of Fryeburg, Me. She died June 1, 1877, je. 82. 

Children, all born in Paris, Me. : 

i. Clarissa Shaav,* b. April 18, 1817 ; m. first, Charles Howe ; 

m. second, Charles Young. 
ii. Ann Chandler, b. July 12, 1818; m. Wellington Dudley 

(1817-1883). Four children : 1. Mary Aldrich. 2. Josiah 

W. 3. Clara Maria. 4. John Hancock. 

426. iii. Daniel Chandler, b. Nov. 18, 1821. 

427. iv. Orren Webster, b. Jan. 31, 1824, 


Oren'' Bent ( William,^ John,^ Joseph,* Experience,'^ Josephs- 
John^), a Methodist clergyman, was born in Paris, Me., March 27, 
1796, and died in North Bridgeton, Me., in 1848, te. 52; preached 
in many towns in south-western Maine. He was a strong temper- 
ance advocate. He married Caroline Eaton of Rumford Falls, Me., 
who died in Harrison, Me., in 1846. 


Children, all bom in Maine, i. born in Rumford and vi. in Wash- 
ington : 

i. Maria A.,* b. 1831; d. in Chelsea, Mass., in 1882; m. Nov. 
15, 1866 (his second marriage) William G. Reed, who d. in 
Chelsea in 1881. One child, Fay^ an organist in Boston, 
ii. Francis Asburt, b. 1833 ; musician ; living in Portland, Me., 
where he m. Maria A. Stevens ; they have lived in Illinois 
and in Boston, Mass. He was formerly a carriage-smith. No 

iii. Esther Ann, b. 1835 ; m. first, Orrin Bartlett ; m. second, 

iv. Caroline M., b. 1838; d. in Chelsea, Mass., October, 1893; 
m. Francis W. Forbush of Boston ; lived iu Chelsea, where 
he died in 1885. Three children: 1. Fred? 2. Maria 
Alhertina, m. Charles Smith of Somerville. 3. Charles. 
V. John A., b. 1840 ; farmer ; living in Mapleton, Utah ; saw ser- 
vice in the civil war in the 5th Maine Inf'y, and the 4th Reg. 

. U. S. A. He moved to Colorado in 1873. Four children. 

vi. Orrin, b. Sept. 3, 1842 ; living in Dorchester, Boston; saw ser- 
vice in the civil war in the 1st and 17th Maine Inf'y. Has 
been in the produce business in Quincy Market for several 
years. He m. in Boston, July 16, 1871, Emma Jane Tuttle 
of Athens, Me. Two childi'en: 1. Louis Carroll,^ h. Dec. 9, 
1875. 2. Fdwin Clarence, b. Sept. 30, 1877. 


William'^ Bent (William,'^ John,^ Joseph,* Experiences^ 
Joseph,^ John^), farmer, w^as born March 24, 1798, in Paris, Me., 
where he died Dec. 12, 1878. He married Cynthia Russell of 
Bethel, Me. 

Children, all born in Paris, Me. : 

i. Angeline,* m. Alexander Libbey. 

ii. Cynthia Augusta, living in Lowell, Mass. ; m. Albert Liver- 
iii. Mary Jane, b. 1827 ; m. Frederick Libbey. 
iv. Elizabeth, b. 1829 ; d. young. 
V. Eliza Ann (twin), b. 1834 ; living in Abrams, Wis. ; m. Horace 

vi. Lucy Ann (twin), b. 1834; living in Abrams, Wis.; m. 

Augustus Knowles. 
vii. Olive Elizabeth, b. 1836; living in Amberg, Wis. ; m. Isaac 
428, viii. William Edwin, b. July 10, 1838. 


John" Bent ( William,^ John,' Josejjh,* Experience,' Joseph,^ 
John^), printer and publisher, was born in Paris, Me., March 12, 
1809, and died in Sanford, Florida, March 31, 1882, ^. 73. He 


began his active business career in Eastport, Me., where he pub- 
lished the Eastern Democrat for a few years, but his fiekl not be- 
ing broad enough, he transferred his residence to Philadelphia. 
Before 1843, however, he located in Chelsea, Mass., which remained 
his home for more than a quarter of a century. He was a member 
of the City Council, and in 1858 and 1859, with Mellen Chamber- 
lain, afterwards Judge and Librarian of the Boston Public Library, 
he represented the city of his adoption in the Legislature. Mean- 
while, about 1848, he had opened a printing establishment in Bos- 
ton, and for a short time, about 1850, Henry Wilson, afterwards 
Vice-President of the United States, was in partnership with him. 
About 1870 he removed to Auburndale, Mass., but after the death 
of his elder son he lived in Florida, eno-ao-ed in oran2;e o-rowino^, 
with frequent trips north, until his death. He married, August 6, 
1833, Dolly, daughter of Jonas T. Keyes of Eastport, Me. She 
died in Auburndale, Oct. 2, 1892, re. nearly 80. 
Children, all born in Chelsea, Mass. : 

i. John Shackford,* b. Dec. 6, 1843 ; d. at Lake Mary, Fla., 
about 1872; enlisted Sept. 19, 1862, for nine months in Co. 
E, oOth Mass. Inf'y ; afterwards he served in the U. S. Sani- 
tary Commission until the close of the war, after which he 
located in New Orleans ; about 1870, he took a laud grant in 
Florida, and was just beginning to raise oranges when he was 
cut off by death. 

ii. Eliza Frances, b. June 15, 1846 ; living in Auburndale, Mass. ; 
m. June 24, 1868, Isaac Snow Dillingham of Chelsea. Their 
daughter, Frances Beni^ Dillingham, has made a good name 
for herself as a writer of stories and verse ; one of the latter 
will be found at the end of this volume. 

iii. Charles Andrew, b. Jan. 6, 1849 ; living in Melrose, Mass. ; 
m. Belle Haskell. No children. 


Asahel'' Bent {Zenas^^ Jolin,^ Joseph," Experience,^ Joseph,'^ 
John^), iron moulder, was born in Middleboro', Mass., in 1797, 
and died in Carver, Mass., Oct 23, 1849(?). He married, in 
1819, Lydia Saunders, who was born in Middleboro' in 1800, and 
died in Carver, Oct. 8, 1848. 

Children, i. born in Middleboro', the others in Carver : 

429. i. Ira Cook,^ b. Aug. 19, 1820. 

ii. Nathaniel Allen, b. 1822 ; d. unm. in (South) Carver before 

iii. George Warren, b. Feb. 11, 1825; puddler in a nail factory ; 
d. in Wareham, Aug. 23, 1872 ; m. in Wareham, Sept. 24, 
1850, Mrs. Ruth (Savery) Long, b. Feb. 9, 1821, widow of 
Andrew Long, and dau. of Samuel and Rebecca (Swift) 



Savery. Slie m. third, Benjamin Ingalls, and lives in East 

Wareham, Mass. 
iv. Eunice Hackett, b. Dec. 29, 1829; d. in Taunton, Mass., in 

1876; m. . Three children: 1. Frank E.^ 

2. Charles W. 3. Ira F. 
V. Abbie Bates, b. March, 1833; d. in Wareham, April, 1889; 

m. in Wareham, March 9, 1855, Solomon Warren Hathaway. 

Four children: 1. Rosalie Ashton.^ 2. Lenora Fstelle, m. 

Elmer Clarence Briggs. 3. Helen Frances, m. Nathan Ellis 

Bourne. 4. Abbie Warren, m. James Everett Marville. 
vi. Mary Ann, b. July 21, 1839 ; living, 1898, in East Wareham, 

Mass. ; m. Oct. 8, 1861, Jeremiah T. Nightingale, mariner, of 

Sandwich, b. Dec. 4, 1838. Five children : I. Florence V.'^ 

2. George T. 3. Jeremiah W. 4. Arthur E. 5. Lydia T. 

All b. in Wareham. 


Waterman'' Bent {Jose-ph,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,* Experiences^ 
Joseph^^ John^), ship carpenter, was born in Yarmouth, N. S., in 
July, 1808, and died in Eastport, Me., Feb. 11, 1855. He mar- 
ried, Oct. 23, 1834, Mrs. Eliza (Reynolds) Bagly, born Sept. 19, 

Children, recorded in Eastport, Me. : 

i. John A.,« b. July 20, 1835. 
ii. Kimball, b. Aug. 24, 1837. 
iii. Sarah Ann, b. Sept. 8, 1841. 


Samuel^ Bent (Josejjh,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,* Experience, 
Joseph,'^ John^) was born probably in Yarmouth, N. S. He mar- 
ried Maria, daughter of David Harris. 

Children : 

i. John.* 

ii. Joseph, lost at sea. 

iii. Abigail, m. first, John Dowley ; m. second, Sept. 29, 1860, 
Silas C. Trefry. 


John' Bent {Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Joseph* Experience,^ Joseph,^ 
John^) was born in Yarmouth, N. S., Aug. 3, 1809. He married 
first, Sophia, daughter of David Harris ; married second, Mrs. 
Maria (Harris) Bent, widow of his brother Samuel. 

Children : 

i. John,* m. March 27, 1851, Dorcas, dau. of William Taylor. 

ii. Joseph. 

iii. Priscilla, m. William Hamilton, 
iv. Lois, d. unm. 


V. Margaret, d. unm. 
vi. Mart, d. young, 
vii. Elihu. 

viii. Esther, in. Dominick Adams. 
ix. Mart, m. Dominick Adams. 


James^^ Bent [Elkanah,^ Joseph,^ Josej^h,^ Experience,^ 
Joseph,^ John^), farmer and cooper, was born in Yarmouth, N. S., 
and died at Lake Darling, N. S. He married first, Bethiah, daugh- 
ter of David W. Beveridge ; married second, Nov. 25, 1841, Sarah, 
daughter of John Landers. 

Children : 

i. Emilt Jane,* m. first, Dec. 23, 1852, Reuben Harris ; m. second, 

George P. Bowers, 
ii. Rebecca Louisa, m. Sept. 16, 1858, .louathan Harris, 
iii. Charles W., d. Nov. 29, 1890; m. first, Oct. 11, 1860, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Richard Power ; m. second, Lalia . 

iv. Robert, d. June 4, 1892 ; m. Mary Ann Roberts. 


William' Bent {Elhanali,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ Experience,^ 
Joseph,"^ John^^, sea captain and farmer, was born in Yarmouth, 
N. S., and died at Short Beach, N. S. He married Hannah Cain. 

Children : 

i. William Henrt,^ d. at sea unm. 
ii. RuFUS, d. at sea unm. 

iii. Susan, m. Eldridge. 

iv. James C, m. Sophronia, dau. of James Roberts. One child, 

Ivan Clifford,^ b. 1892, d. 1896. 
V. Delia, d. unm. 
vi. Elizabeth, m. Alvin Scovil. 

vii. LucT L., m. Oct. 18, 1892, Capt. Thomas K. S. Doane. 
viii. Stephen, m. Dec. 25, 1879, Laura E., dau. of Andrew J. Lin- 
coln. Two children: 1. Joseph N.,^ b. Nov. 23, 1880. 2. 
Hubert Lincoln, b. April 22, 1895. 
ix. Zilpah, d. young. 


Alexander' Bent {Elhanah,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,* Experience,^ 
Joseph,'^ JoA?i')wa8 born in Yarmouth, N. S., and died in Sand- 
ford, N. S. He was a sailor on a coasting schooner early in life, 
but afterwards a farmer. He married Ellen, daughter of Milford 
Tedford of Short Beach, N. S. She is still living. 

Children, all born in Sandford : 
430. i. Norman Hammond,^ b. March 10, 1841. 


ii. MiLFORD Tedford, b. June 9, 1844 ; d. Feb. 26, 1862, of con- 
sumption contracted in the army. Enlisted in 1861 in Co. I, 
14th Eeg. Mass. Vols. 

iii, Gilbert, d. unm. Dec. 20, 1888. 

iv. Hannah, living in Tapleyville, a village in Danvers, Mass. ; m. 
Nov. 21, 1861, in Danvers, Albert Woodbury. Four child- 
ren : 1. Eliza Ellen? 2. Lalia. 3. Althea Florence. 4. 
Mabel Paton. 


Charles' Bent {Elkanah,^ Josepli^^ Joseph,* Experience,'^ 
Joseph,"^ John^) w^as born in Yarmouth, N. S., in Dec. 1810, and 
died in Digby, N. S., Feb. 12, 1873. He followed the sea before 
his marriage, after which he farmed. In 1862 he moved from 
Westport, N. S., to Yarmouth, thence in 1866 to Digby. He 
married, in Sept. 1846, Sarah Isabella Merritt, who was born at 
Sandy Cove, N. S., Nov. 4, 1828, and died in Wakefield, Mass., 
March 4, 1894, ee. 65. 

Children, all born in Westport, N. S. : 

i. Emma,8 b. June 22, 1847 ; living in Wakefield ; m. Feb. 9, 1870, 
John Crosby of Yarmouth. Seven children. 

ii. Charles Amos, b. May 7, 1850 ; carpenter ; livmg in Wake- 
field ; m. March 17, 1874, Sarah Carr of Digby. No child- 

iii. George Henry, d. young. 
431* iv. Elkanah, b. Jan. 3, 1855. 

V. Henrietta, b. Oct. 31, 1858 ; living in Newport, Vt. ; m. Hiram 
Belding of St. John, N. B. One child, Walter^ Belding. 


Mary Ann' Bent {Lemuel,^ William,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ John^) was born in Winchester, Va., June 8, 1800, 
and died in Bethel, Va., Jan. 1, 1871. She married, March 23, 
1826, Francis McFarland, D.D., a Presbyterian clergyman of 
Bethel, and moved to Augusta County, near Greenville, Va. In 
1836 they removed to Philadelphia, where for five years he was cor- 
responding secretary of the Board of Education of the Presbyterian 
Church, but in 1841 he returned to his old charge at Bethel in 
southern Virginia, where he spent the remainder of his days. He 
died Oct. 9, 1871, k. 83. 

Children, all born in Virginia except the twins, who were born 
m Philadelphia : 

i. Betsey^ McFarland, b. Jan. 7, 1827 ; d. near Columbia, 
Tenn., in Aug., 1861 ; m. Dr. W. F. Humphreys of Virginia 
and had three children, one of whom, D. C.^ Humphreys, is a 


professor in "Washington and Lee University at Lexington, 
Va. One d. young, and the other, Theda McFarland Hum- 
phreys, m. Rev. G. T. Storey and is living in San Angelo, 

ii. Mary McFarland, b. Nov. 14, 1828 ; d. April 14, 1893; m. 
in 1849, Dr. W. W. Lewis of Roanoke, Va., who died in 
1854. Two children : 1. Frank Walton^ Lewis, now pastor 
of the Presbyterian church at Clinton, La. 2. Marie Louise 
Lewis, m. in 1877, Rev. Frank H. Gaines, now pastor of the 
Presbyterian church at Decatur, Ga. 

iii. Francis Patterson McFarland, b. 1830 ; d. in infancy. 

iv. William McFarland, b. 1833 ; d. in infancy. 

V. Francis William McFarland, b. June 8, 1835 ; taught 
school several years, was a reporter in Congress, joined the 
Confederate army, and after two years' service became a re- 
porter in the Confederate Congress ; d. unm. July 21, 1866, 
of consumption contracted while a prisoner at Fort McHeury, 
near Baltimore, in 18G3. 

vi. Lemuel Bent McFarland (twin), b. Dec. 8,'1838 ; d. young, 
vii. Robert Patterson McFarland (twin), b. Dec. 8, 1838 ; 
joined the Confederate army in 1861, became a lieutenant, 
and was kiUed in battle near Richmond, Va., May 30, 1864. 
viii. James Nathaniel McFarland, b. Feb. 24, 1842 ; joined the 
Confederate army in 1861, and served under Stonewall Jack- 
son ; was wounded and spent ten months as a prisoner of war 
at Fort Delaware ; after the war went back to the farm in 
Bethel, Va., where he remained until 1884, when he moved to 
Staunton, Va., where he is now an elder in the Fii'st Presby- 
terian Church and treasurer of Augusta County, the largest 
county in Virginia ; m. in 1874 Mary E. Wallace. Two 
children : 1. Francis Patterson? McFarland, b. Dec. 9, 1875. 
2. Wallace Bent McFarland, b. Sept. 22, 1878. 


William Henry' Bent (William,^ William,^ Josejyh,'^ Jo- 
seph,^ Joseph,^ John^), grocer, was born in Canton, Mass., June 
13, 1819, and died in Taunton, Mass., Dec. 17, 1873, je. 54; 
lived in Neponset (now a part of Boston). He married, in Jan. 
1851, Martha Dean Pluminer, who was born May 5, 1822, and 
died in Dorchester, Sept. 17, 1857. 

Children, i. and ii. born in Dorchester, iii. in Milton : 

i. Abbie Elizabeth,* b. Jan. 18, 1852 ; d. unm. Jan. 1879 ; she 
was adopted by her father's sister, ]Mi-s. Sarah (Bent) Benton, 
and lived in Connecticut, 
ii. Sarah Frances, b. 1854 ; d. 1857. 

iii. Harriet Chamberlain, b. Feb. 13, 1857 ; m. Oct. 4, 1886, 
Henry C. Shields of Mattapan, Mass. Three children. 



Eurus' Bent ( William ^^ William,^ Joseph,"^ Joseph,^ Joseph ^'^ 
John^), cabinet maker, was born in Canton, Mass., Oct. 21, 1821, 
and died in Neponset, Boston, Mass., Sept. 15, 1897, re. nearly 
75 ; lived several years in Cambridge. He married, March 27, 
1859, Emily Abigail Phillips of Brockton, Mass. 

Children : 

i. Cora Emily,® b. 1860 ; living in Neponset, Boston ; m. in 
1888, George Burford. Two children : 1. ^rntly G.,^ b. 1891. 
2. Miriam L., b. 1893. 

ii. Merrill Nelson, b. 1864 ; electrician ; living in Neponset, 
Boston ; m. first, Sarah E., dau. of John and Sarah Zoller. 
She d. in Somerville, Mass., Sept. 28, 1892, te. 25, and he 
m. second, Sept. 1896, his cousin's daughter, Josephine E., 
dau. of Joseph A.® Bent {q. v.). 


Joseph^ Bent ( William,^ William,^ Joseph,'^ Joseph^^ Joseph,^ 
John^), carriage manufacturer, was born in Canton, Mass., Aug. 
5, 1823, moved in 1847 to Thompsonville, in the town of Enfield, 
Conn., where he died Feb. 28, 1888. He married first, Oct. 17, 
1845, Emily Ann, daughter of James and Ann Hill of Dorchester, 
Mass. She was born Nov. 20, 1824, and died Dec. 17, 1845 ; no 
children. He married second, Oct. 30, 1849, Fannie Cutler, who 
was born April 28, 1830, living in Thompsonville. 

Children, all born in Thompsonville : 

i. Charles D.,® b. Dec. 8, 1850 ; is in the livery business in 
Thompsonville, where he has always lived, except during the 
years 1890 and 1891 ; a member of the Connecticut House of 
Representatives in 1899 ; m. first, Oct. 28, 1874, EmUy E. 
Holcomb of Thompsonville, who d. Dec. 21, 1876 ; m. second, 
Dec. 28, 1892, Annie A. Harvey of Stafi:ord, Conn. No 
432. ii. Joseph Almon, b. June 28, 1852. 
in. Herbert, b. 1854; d. 1856. 


Charles Crane'' Bent ( Willia?n,^ William,^ Joseph,^ Joseph^' 
Josejjh,^ John^), carpenter, was born in Canton, Mass., Sept. 8, 
1826, and died in Dorchester, Boston, Mass., Feb. 15, 1887. He 
married, March 8, 1854, Phebe Ann Malin, who was born in 
Chester, Pa., Oct. 1, 1832, and died in Dorchester, April 3, 1872, 
daughter of Randall Malin. 



Children, all born in Dorchester : 

i. Edward Danforth,* b. Sept. 16, 1855 ; d. unm. Nov. 8, 1883, 

86. 28. 

433. ii. Charles Henry, b. March 28, 1858. 
iii. George Alden, b. 1863 ; cl. 1864. 
iv. Alfred Malin, b. Feb. 7, 1865 ; is in retail boot and shoe 

business in Dorchester; m. June 16, 1896, Margaret Mae 

Simpson of Boston. 
V. Francis Herbert, b. June 18, 1868 ; living in Bound Brook, 

N. J. ; an architect in New York City ; m. Feb. 24, 1895, 

Irene Wheeler of Manalapan, N. J. One child, Francis 

Herbert,^ b. Oct. 3, 1896. 
vi. Phebe Estelle, b. March 17, 1872 ; living unm. with her 

brother in Dorchester. 


Nathaniel'' Bent (James,^ William,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ Jo- 
seph,^ John^) was born May 5, 1824, in Canton, Mass., where he 
died Oct. 29, 1882, aj. 58. He and his twin brother, Elijah, who 
lived until March 23, 1893, were so much alike in appearance as to 
be often mistaken for each other, and their devotion to each other 
was even more remarkable than their resemblance. For thirty 
years they were in the grocery and dry-goods business in Canton. 
During the latter part of the time Elijah was in the oil business in 
Boston, but Nathaniel was also interested in it ; in fact they were so 
united in their business relations that no division of their property 
was made until the death of Nathaniel. 

They were in favor of social progress, were total abstainers from 
the use of alcoholic liquors, and early gave up the sale of tobacco 
and cigars. They were interested in mechanical and scientific im- 
provements, and were great lovers of nature. Nathaniel always 
carried a sketch-book and spent much of his leisure time in paint- 
ing, while Elijah made microscopy a studious pastime. Their in- 
terest in the Unitarian church in Canton was abidino; and efficient. 
Among its people and the town's people generally they made many 
life-long friends. They preserved to a remarkable degree a cheerful 
boyish spirit, and were in sympathy with and greatly loved by the 
young people around them. 

Nathaniel married, Dec. 29, 1852, Amelia Maria Guild, who 
was born in Canton, April 29, 1831, daughter of Horace and 
Amelia (Fisher) Guild, and is living in AUston. 

Elijah never married, but took a deep interest in his brother's 
family and lived with them as long as he lived. He was treasurer 
of the Canton Historical Society, and a member of the American 
Unitarian Association. 


Children of Nathaniel and Amelia, all born in Canton : 

i. Annie Amelia,* b. Dec. 20, 1853 ; living in Concord, Mass. ; 
m. June 16, 1881, Harvey Wheeler. Three children: 1. 
Roger,^ b. 1882 ; d. 1892. ' 2. Gladys, b. June 10, 1885. 3. 
Berkeley, b. April 26, 1888. 
ii. Nathalia, b. Oct. 12, 1855 ; living unm. in Allston, Boston ; 
is a member of the American Unitarian Association, and much 
interested in genealogy. 
434. iii. James Stuart, b. Jan. 27, 1857 ; m. Lydia Ella Connery. 

iv. Hattie Guild, b. Oct. 4, 1859 ; living in Allston, Boston ; m. 
Sept. 18, 1883, Walter Josiah Connery, brother of Lydia E. 


Cynthia'' Bent {Martin,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ 
JoJin^) was born in Fort Lawrence, N. S., Sept. 7, 1787, and died 
in Point de Bute, N. B., July IG, 1874, ae. nearly 87. She mar- 
ried, Jan. 8, 1807, Harmon Trueman, farmer and mechanic, born 
in Point de Bute, N. B., Sept. 27, 1778, died in Point de Bute, 
Sept. 18, 1856. Mr. Trueman's father and grand-parents came 
from Billsdale, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, in 1775, and 
settled at Point de Bute, then called Prospect. 

Children, all born in Point de Bute, N. B. : 

i. Stephen Bamford* Trueman, b. Feb. 17, 1808; d. Dec. 29> 
1875; m. Feb. 11, 1836, Eliza Wells (also of Yorkshire 
descent), who d. May 3, 1876. Seven children, all b. Point 
de Bute : 1. George Harmon,^ living in Moncton, N. B. 2. 
Elizabeth Amy, m. first, Capt. Rufus Freeman Cutten of 
Amherst, N. S., who was lost at sea in January, 1887 ; m. 
second, Ai^ril, 1891, Douglass Chapman, D.D. 3. Frederic 
Alexander, d. unm. Dec. 27, 1881. 4. Humphrey Pichard, 
living in Sackville, N. B. 5. Louisa Cynthia, living in Point 
de Bute, N. B. ; m. Charles Ford McCready of Tenobsquis, 
N. B. 6. Sarah Anne, living in Sackville, N. B. ; m. Wil- 
liam McLeod of Sussex, N. B. 7. Margaret Jane, d. Nov. 
14, 1889 ; m. Alex. Ford of Sackville, N. B. 
ii. Amy Elizabeth Trueman, b. April 17, 1810; d. March 17, 
1839; m. Oct. 4, 1837, John Wesley McLeod of St. John, 
N. B., who d. Sept. 8, 1888. Their only child, Elizabeth 
Gynthia,^ living in Moncton, N. B., has interested herself in 
the preparation of the Bent genealogy, and the completeness 
of this branch is due to her labors ; she m. William J. Robin- 
son of Moncton, who d. June 22, 1893 ; no children. 
, iii. Sarah Trueman, b. Aug. 27, 1812; d. Nov. 14, 1850; m. 
Rev. Alexander W. McLeod (brother of John W. above), a 
Methodist clergyman and editor of " The Wesleyan " in 
Halifax, N. S., until 1854, when he moved to Baltimore, 
Md., where bed. Nov. 30, 1891. Six children : 1. Alexander 
Harmon,^ living in Wyoming, 0. 2. Emma Elizabeth, m. 


Fred W.' Bent {q. v.). 3. Albert Des Brisoy, living in Avon- 
dale, O. 4. Margaret Anne, m. liibbert C. Black of Pug- 
wash, N. S. 5. Robert Alder, fought in the Confederate ai'my, 
was taken prisoner, lost his right arm ; graduated from Har- 
vard College in 18(59 ; located in Paris, where he married, and 
d. in Algiers, March 3, 1878. 6. Ellen Lavinia, d. in infancy. 

iv. Martin Trueman, b. Oct. 30, 1814; living in Point de Bute, 
N. B. ; m. April 11, 1843, Bethia Purdy of Wallace, N. S., 
b. April 24, 1818. Five children : 1. Amy Elizabeth,^ living 
in Gladstone, Manitoba ; m. Joseph C. Wry of Jolicure, N. B. 
2. Calvin Thompson, accidentally drowned in the harbor of 
Newport, Wales, Eng., Oct. 7, 1876, while travelling for 
his health. 3. Cynthia Anne Wood, m. Albert C. Carter of 
Point de Bute, N. B. 4. Mary Ellen, living in Fairville, 
N. B. ; m. first, William Robert McBride, M.D., who d. June 
8, 1878 ; m. second, James Hiram Grey, M.D. 5. Harmon 
Silas, an M.D., in Somerville, Mass. 
V. Louisa Cynthia Trueman, b. Aug. 30, 1817 ; d. Aug. 30, 
1859 ; m. Mariner Wood, a successful merchant and ship 
builder in Sackville, N. B., who d. Aug. 8, 1875. Two 
children: 1. Josiah,'^ educated at Mount Allison University; 
succeeded his father in busmess, and has been Representative 
and Senator at Ottawa. 2. Charles Harmon, educated at Mt. 
Allison University ; d. of consumption in Torquay, Eng., 
April 6, 1871, ge. 25 yrs. 

vi. Silas William Trueman, b. May 27, 1820; d. unm. July 10, 

vii. Eunice Trueman, b. Dec. 18, 1822 ; m. Thomas B. Moore, a 
lawyer of Moncton, N. B., who d. May 20, 1876. No children, 
viii. Robert Alder Trueman, b. Aug. 22, 1825; living in Sack- 
ville, N. B. ; educated at Mt. Allison University ; m. Mary 
Barker Jewett of Sheffield, N. B., who d. May 8, 1899. Two 
children: 1. Sarah Louisa^ d. Oct. 16, 1885. 2. Emma 

ix. Mary Amelia Trueman, b. Sept. 28, 1828 ; living in Truro, 
N. S. ; m. Rufus Freeman Black of River Philip, N. S. Five 
children : 1. Ida Maria? 2. Louisa Cynthia, d. June 12, 
1882. 3. Albert Seymour. 4. Emmeline Amelia. 5. Mary 
Josephine, m. Edw. Freeman Smith of Halifax, N. S., where 
they still live. 

CALvm Gay^ Bent {Martin,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,'' 
John^ ) was born in Fort Lawrence, N. S., Nov. 9, 1791 ; lived in 
Salem, N. S. : died Feb. 5, 1863, fe. 71. He married Annie 
Jones of Point de Bute, N. B., born June 11, 1796. 

Children : 

i. Fannie E.,^ d. Nov. 26, 1854, x. 35; m. Robert Atkinson of 
Fort Lawrence. Three children: 1. lantha Elizabeth,^ d. 
young. 2. Robert Byron, d. young. 3. John Cabin. 


435. ii. John. 

iii. Harmon, lived in Salem, N. S. ; m. Sarah Chapman. Three 
children : 1. George. 2. Alonzo. 3. Gay. 

436. iv. Maktin. 

V. Amy Ann, d. April 7, 1863, je. 27 ; m. Henry Taylor of Salem, 
N. S. One child, Florence,^ d. Aug. 10, 1871, te. 18. 


Martin^ Bent {Martin,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph.,^ Joseph,^ 
John^), farmer, was born iu Fort Lawrence, N. S., July 30, 1793 ; 
died in Fort Lawrence, Oct. 5, 1875, te. 82. He married, Jan. 
12, 1819, Amelia Chapman, born April 28, 1800, died Oct. 8, 
1875, daughter of Henry Chapman of Point de Bute, N. B. 

Children : 

i. James Roberts,^ b. Feb. 25, 1820; living unm. in San Diego, 
California, whither he went when a young man. 

ii. Cynthia Matilda, b. Sept. 20, 1822 ; living in Moncton, 
N. B. ; m. first, July 8, 1863, Mariner Wood of Sackville, 
N. B., who d. Aug. 11, 1875; m. second, April 26, 1890, in 
Montreal, Rev. John Prince of Moncton, N. B. No children, 
iii. Joseph Benson, b. Aug. 11, 1825 ; living unm. on the old home- 
stead at Fort Lawrence, N. S. 
iv. Sarah Ann, b. April 15, 1828 ; living in Sackville, N. B. ; m. 
Nov. 16, 1847, Edward Trueman of Point de Bute, N. B. 
Five children : I. Clifford Bent, ^ di. ximxi. m. l^'^dL 2. Her- 
hert Gore, a dentist in San Francisco ; went to California 
when a boy ; m. and has three sons. 3. James E., a phy- 
sician, formerly of Athol, N. S., now of St. Jose, Cal. ; m. 
Alice, dau. of George R.® Bent {q. v.). 4. Clarence, a mer- 
chant in Amherst, N. S. 5. Amelia, m. Herbert Harrington, 
a shipping merchant in Sydney, Cape Breton. 

V. Silas Edward, b. Aug. 13, 1831; carpenter; living unm. in 
San Francisco, Cal. 

vi. Jonas Cutler, b. 1834; d. 1838. 

vii. Victoria Amelia, h. Feb. 14, 1837 ; living in Amherst, N. S. ; 
m. Jan. 16, 1872, Abram Stevens of Pugwash, N. S. Two 
children : 1. Harold,^ in business in Amherst, N. S. ; m. 
Grace Tingley of Dorchester, N. B. 2. Clarence, living with 
his parents, 
viii. Charles Martin, b. Oct. 20, 1839; living on the old home- 
stead at Fort Lawrence, N. S. ; m. Feb. 9, 1885, Mrs. Hannah 
(Embree) Goodwin, dau. of William Embree of Amherst. 
No children. 


Eunice Conviss^ Bent {Martin,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ John^) was born in Fort Lawrence, N. S., Feb. 15, 


1796 ; died in Point de Bute, N. B., May 9, 1867. She married, 
Jan. 7, 1817, Robert Keillor Trueman, who died Oct. 17, 1872. 
Children : 

i. James^ Trueman, living in Hampton, N. B. ; m. Jane Char- 
lotte Black of Amherst, K S., who d. May 20, 1886. Two 
childi'cu : 1. Seraph Augusta,^ m. first, Henry Charles 
McMonagle, a lawyer of St. John, N. B., who d. Jnne 12, 
1881 ; m. second, Howard D. McLeod of St. John, ISf. B. 2. 
Alexander, d. young. 

11. Seraphina Amelia Trueman, m. John Wesley McLeod (his 
second wife) ; moved from New Brunswick to Newark, N. J., 
where he d. Sept. 8, 1888, se. 83. Six children: 1. Amy 
Louisa.^ 2. Robert Trueman, living in Point de Bute, N. B. 
3. Eunice Amelia. 4. Calvin Jewell, d. 1856. 5. Margaret 
Des Brisay, m. David Perry Johnson of Newark, N. J. 6. 
John Alexander, d. 1861. 

iii. Calvin Gilbert Trueman, d. unm. May 12, 1846, ae. 22. 


Seraphina' Bent (Martin,^ Jesse,^ John," Josejoh,^ Joseph,^ 
John^) was born in Fort Lawrence, N. S., Sept. 5, 1798 ; lived at 
River Philip, N. S. ; died Nov. 12, 1880, je. 82. She married 
Richard Hewson, born 1793, died Nov. 12, 1872. Their home 
was for many years the regular stopping place for the mail coaches 
running between St. John and Halifax. 

Children : 

i. James^ Hewson, living at River Philip, N. S. ; m. Mary L. 

Purdy. Five children: 1. Fannie, living in Boston; m. 

Lothrop. 2. Belle. 3. Clement. 4. Trueman. o. 

ii. Mary Eliza Hewson, d. unm. Jime 7, 1895. 
iii. Eunice Hewson, d. Feb. 21, 1881, ae. 56 ; m. Rufus Thompson 

of Oxford, N. S. Five children : 1. Richard. 2. Freeman. 

3. Howard. 4. Inglis. 5. Emma. 
iv. Martin Hewson, lived at River Philip, N. S. ; moved to San 

Francisco, Cal., where he d. in April, 1871, ae. 45 ; m. Miss 

Atkinson. Three children : 1. Bessie. 2. Nathan. 3. Hih- 

V. Rufus Freeman Hewson, lived in Oxford, N. S. ; d. Dec. 2, 

1891, 33. 62 ; m. Clementina Church, granddaughter of Are- 

thusa^ (Bent) Church (q. v.). Three children : 1. Arthur. 

2. Walter. 3. Jda. 
vi. Cynthia Hewson, d. in 1866 ; m. Wesley Oxley of Wallace 

Bay, N. S. ; no children, i 
vii. Silas Hewson, d. in Amherst, N. S., in 1885 ; m. EHzabeth 

King of Westmoreland Point, N. B. Three children : 1. 

Lillian. 2. Gertrude. 3. Chandler. 


viii. George Derby Hewson, living in Oxford, N. S., where he 
has been for many years identified with the large woolen 
mills ; m. Eliza Black of River Philip, N. S. Four cliildren : 
1. Harvey Lee? 2. Edgar Ellis, a lawyer in Amherst, N. S. 
3. Louise Matilda. 4. Marie Olivia. 


James Valentine' Bent {Martin,^ Jesse,'' John,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ John^^, farmer, was born in Fort Lawrence, N. S., Oct. 
18, 1800; taught school in Halifax, N. S., and Westmoreland, 
N. B. ; moved in 1826 to Cornwallia, King's County, N. S., where 
he died May 8, 1893, ae. 92. He was captain of a militia company 
and a justice of the peace ; had a keen intellect, and retained his 
faculties to the end of his long life. He married, Dec. 1, 1829, 
Eliza Ann, daughter of George Robinson of Cornwallis, N. S., 
where she died Nov. 16, 1872, ». 61. 

Children, all born in Cornwallis, N. S. : 

437. i. George Robinson,* b. Jan. 28, 1831. 

ii. Samuel Smith, b. Feb. 13, 1832; farmer; living unm. in 
Cornwallis, N. S. 

iii. James Martin, b. 1834; d. 1838. 

iv. Lucy Ann, b. 1835; d. 1838. 

V. James Trueman, b. Aug. 6, 1838 ; physician ; d. in Newfound- 
land, June 12, 1895 ; m. Aug. 10, 1878, Emily Squires. One 
son, Edioin McGregor? 

vi. Calvin Martin, b. July 9, 1840 ; a merchant ; living in New- 
foundland ; m. Mary Olderheads, a native of England. Three 
children : 1. Ethel? 2. Beatrice. 3. Gertrude. 
vii. Amy Ann, b. 1842 ; d. 1843. 

viii. Anne Eliza, b. Aug. 23, 1844 ; living in Falmouth, Hants 
Co., N. S. ; m. Nov. 7, 1872, William A. Smith. Four chil- 
dren : 1. William Albert? 2. Ethel St. Claire. 3. Percival, 
d. young. 4. Anne E., d. young. 

ix. John Owen, b. Dec. 23, 1846 ; living in Windsor, N. S. ; m. 
Dec. 5, 1888, Letitia White. Two children : 1. Owen 
White? 2. Percival E. 

X. Burpee Edwin, b. Jan. 10, 1848 ; living in Cornwallis, N. S. ; 
m. Aug. 24, 1895, Ruth A. Finch. 

xi. Robert Trueman, b. June 10, 1850; optician ; living in New 
Glasgow, N. S. ; m. April 10, 1889, Jennie Noyes, who died 
Nov. 10, 1894. Two children: \. Jean Mc Fall? 2. Gladvs. 

xii. Eva Eugenie, b. Aug. 16, 1854; living in West Somerville, 
Mass. ; m. in St. John, N. B., in 1890, Trueman H. Hewson. 
One child, Winnifred? 
xiii. Ada Maria, b. Nov. 16, 1856 ; living unm. in Cornwallis with 
her brother Burpee. 



John'' Bent {Martin,^ Jesse,^ John^* JosejyJi,^ Joseph,^ John^^ 
was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., April 6, 1806, drowned June 
14, 1875, crossing from Summerside, P. E. I., to Cape Jouri- 
main, N. B. He took his father's farm, but in May, 1852, moved 
to Port Elgin, N. B., and embarked in a mercantile career. He 
married, March 4, 1828, Cecilia Anderson of Cole's Island, N. B., 
who was born Dec. 30, 1807, and died Sept. 11, 1887. 

Children, all born at Fort Lawrence : 

i. TiNsoN BusBY,8 b. July 22, 1829 ; d. in Port Elgin, N. B., 
Dec. 6, 1872, ?e. 43 ; m. Oct. 8, 1863, Louisa Gary of Bale 
Verte, N. B., where she is still living. Five children : 1. 
Harold Cary^ b. 1866; d. 1867. 2. Amy Caroline, b. 1868; 
d. 1878. 3. Albert William, b. 1869; d. 1869. 4. Tillie 
Tressa, b. Sept. 12, 1870; m. June, 1895, Vincent Patten, a 
lawver in Bridgewater, N. S. 5. 3Iary Elizabeth, b. 1872 ; 
d. 1876. 

ii. Eunice Elizabeth, b. April 9, 1831 ; m. July 25, 1852, Wil- 
liam White'' Bent {q. v.). 

iii. Rebecca Ann, b. 1833 ; d. 1835. 

iv. Mariner Wood, b. Dec. 23, 1834 ; moved in November, 1859, 
to Australia, where he still resides, at Quantong, Victoria ; 
m. first, at Bendigo, Australia, Dec, 24, 1868, Jane Thornton, 
who d. at Bendigo, Oct. 17, 1881 ; he m. second, Aug. 16, 
1883, at Castlemaine, Victoria, Elizabeth Holm, who d. in 
South Melbourne, Victoria, May 17, 1890. Four children by 
the first marriage, all born in Bendigo : 1. John Thornton,^ 
b. Jan. 30, 1870. 2. Amy Duraxa, b. 1872; d. 1876. 3. 
Cecilia Sarah, b. Feb. 27, 1875. 4. George, b. and d. 1881. 
One child by the second marriage, Mildred Victoria May, b. 
1886 ; d. 1887 at Bendigo. 

V. George Botsford, b. Oct. 11, 1836 ; went to sea when he 
was sixteen and has never been heard from since ; probably 
lost in Dec. 1852. 
438i vi. James Martin, b. Aug. 28, 1838. 

vii. Amy Duraxa, b. April 20, 1840 ; d. unm. Oct. 25, 1867, se. 27. 
viii. John Anderson, b. 1842 ; d. 1843. 

439. ix. Arthur Wellslet, b. Dec. 20, 1843. 

X. Charles Tupper, b. Dec. 16, 1845; living unm. with his 
brother in New Glasgow, N. S. 

440. xi. Calvin Trueman, b. Aug. 6, 1848. 


Saeah^ Bent {^E. Vose,^ Jesse,^ Jo/m,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ 
John^) was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., in 1800. She married 
Hobert Embree of Amherst, N. S., who owned a mill for getting 
out ship-building material. 


Children : 

i. Eunice* Ejibree, m. Aaron Alexander Church, grandson of 
Arethusa (Bent) Church, and had two children : 1. Dr. Jesse 
E? 2. Sarah, m. Fred Black of Amherst, 
ii. RuFUS Embree, m. Ella Baird ; three children, 
iii. Ann Embree, m. Trueman Phalan ; four children, 
iv. Lucy Embree, m. Charles Smith of Amherst, N. S. ; one son. 
V. George Ejibree, m. Jane Smith of Wallace, N. S. ; ten chil- 
vi. John Embree, m. Emma Trueman ; four children. 


Amy^ Bent {E. Vose,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ John^) 
was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., in 1804, and died in Nova 
Scotia in 1874, te. 69. She married Joshua Black, who died in 
1879, je. 76. 

Children : 

i. Hiram* Black, d. Oct. 1897 ; was a Legislative Councillor for 
many years ; m. Elizabeth Smith of Maitland, N. S. ; five 

ii. Emma Black, living in Moncton, N. B. ; m. Alfred E. Chap- 
man ; no children. 

iii. Eliza Black, m. first, Harvey Black of Amherst, and second, 
John Church, a grandson of Arethusa (Bent) Church ; no 

iv. Fanny Black, m, George Doull of Amherst, N. S. (his second 
wife) ; no children. 


Almira'' Bent {E. Vose,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ 
John^) was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., in 1806. She married 
John Embree, a farmer, of Amherst, N. S. 

Children : 

i. Lewis* Embree, took his maternal grandfather's farm at Fort 
Lawrence ; m. Miss Bliss of Amherst Point. Three children : 
1. Edmund.^ 2. Douglas. 3. Ella, m. Benjamin Chandler 
of Fort Lawrence. 

ii. Jesse Embree, m. Sarah Lawrence ; four children. 

iii. Hazen Embree, m. Louise Coates of Nappan, N. S. ; six children. 

iv. Araminta Embree, m. 1874, Joseph Freeman^ Bent of Fort 
Lawrence, son of Torrey Bent {q. v.). 


Cynthia' Bent {E. Vose,^ Jesse,° John,* Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ 
John^) was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., in 1809, and died in 
Nova Scotia in 1891. She married George Fullerton of Half-way 
River, N. S. 


Children : 

i. James^ Fullerton, m. Rebecca Barnes of Maccan, N. S., and 
lives at Half-way River. Five sons : 1. Ford.^ 2. Graham. 

3. Charles D. 4. Main. 5. Berton. 

ii. Andrew Kerr Fullerton, d. in 1857, te. 22, while studying 
for the Presbyterian ministry at Mount Allison College, Sack- 
ville, N. B. A young man of great promise. 

iii. Burgess M. Fullerton, lives at Half-way River, N. S. ; m. 
Rosamund Lawrence. Four cliildren : 1. Laura C.^ 2. An- 
nie. 3. Walter. 4. George. 

iv. Sarah J. Fullerton, m. Albert T. Fullerton of Half-way 
River. Seven children : I.Harvey? 2. William, o. Morton. 

4. Minnie. 5. Alice. 6. Clinton. 7. Bessie. 
V. Ruth L. Fullerton, d. in 1859, x. 17, 

vi. Vose B. Fullerton, d. in 1880, ae. 35 ; m. Ella Fullerton. 
Three children : 1. Varley B.^ 2. Mary E. 3. Jessie B. 

vii. Douglass G. Fullerton, m. Ella A. Logan of Amherst, N. S., 
and settled at Point de Bute, N. B. Six children: 1. Lot- 
tie M? 2. Myrtle L. 3. Kate S. 4. Helen D. 5. Roy de 
Mille. 6. Carl Walter. 

viii. Alice C. Fullerton, d. in 1876, se. 25 ; m. Rev. Murdock 
McKinnon, a Presbyterian clergyman living in Ottawa, Ont. 
Three children : 1. JEva.^ 2. George. 3. Forrester. 


William Freeman'' Bent (Jesse,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ Jo- 
seph,' John^) was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., in 1799 ; lived 
for some time at Pugwash, N. S. He married Abigail, daughter 
of Adjutant Thomas Chapman. 
Children : 

i. Pamelia,® m. James Ferguson'of Pugwash, N. S. ; six children, 
ii. Charlotte Lusby, d. April 19, 1891, as. 67; m. June, 1857, 
Rev. John Shaw Smith, a clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land. Two children : 1. Montague Albert Blowers Smith,^ 
M.D. in Dartmouth, K S., b. in Milton, P. E. I., Aug. 10, 
1860. 2. Mary Rachel, unm. 
441, iii. RuFus Freeman, b. Dec. 26, 1825. 

iv. Eliza, m. Alexander Dewar of Pugwash, N. S. ; both dead. 
V. Eunice Amelia, d. 1868 ; m. Henry Black of Pugwash, N. S. 
Two daughters : Emmcc' and Ella, both married and living 
near Boston, 
vi. George Chapman, living unm. in Nicola, B. C 
vii. Barry, d. young. 


Samuel' Bent {Jesse,^ Jesse," John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,"" Johv}), 
farmer, was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., in 1801, and moved to 
Kiver Philip, N. S., where he died in 1881. He married, first, 


Maiy Duncan, sister of Robert Duncan, M. P. ; married second, 
in 1844, Sarah Gray, who died at River Philip in 1867. 
Child, by first marriage : 

i. Charles,^ farmer, living in Oxford, N. S. ; has been twice mar- 

Children by second marriage, all born at River Philip : 

i. Jane Augusta,* b. 1845 ; living in Biddeforrl, Me. ; m. June 
27, 1870, Capt. Henry P. Atkinson of Sackville, N. B. Seven 
children: 1. Gertrude Mary Bent,^ b. May 16, 1871. 2. 
Miltoyi Stanley, b. March 15, 1873. 3. Harry Livingstone, b. 
Nov. 2, 1876. 4. Carlyle Peterselia, b. April 30, 1878. 5. 
Emily Clifford, b. June 26, 1880. 6. Violet Anna, b. Jan. 7, 
1883. 7. Beatrice Clarinda, b. April 29, 1886. 

ii. Earl Gray, b. 1847 ; living at River Philip, N. S. ; m. 1876, 
Jane, dau. of Hugh McClennon, One child, Fred^ b. 1878. 

iii. Lemuel, b. 1850 ; living in Oxford, N. S. ; m. in 1881, Sarah 
Atkinson. Two children : 1. Frank? 2. Fhmest. 


Matilda' Bent (Jesse,^ Jesse,^ John,'^ Joseph,^ Joseph^^ 
John^) was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., in 1804. She mar- 
ried John William Smith of Amherst, N. S., a native of England. 

Children : 

i. Mart Ann^ Smith, m. Atchison Moffatt of Amherst, N. S. 
Five children : 1. James, '^ living in Amherst, N. S. 2. Alary, 
hving unm. 3. Eliza, m. Mr. Moran. 4. Charles. 5. Arthur. 
ii. Harriet Smith, living unm. 
iii. Caroline Smith, m. Samuel Lusby. 
iv. Charles Smith, m. Miss Embree ; one son. 
V. Botsford Smith, m. Mary, dau. of Torrey Bent (g. v.). 


Ann'' Bent (Jesse,^ Jesse,' John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Joh-n}) 
was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., 1806. She married James 
Smith of Fort Lawrence. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth* Smith, m. Martin Chapman of Fort Lawrence. 
Six children : 1. Sarah,^ m. Martin Trenholn of Fort Law- 
rence. 2. Bliss, living unm. 3. Benjamin. 4. 3Ia.tilda, m. 
Alonzo Dobson of Jolicure, N. B. 5. Steivart. 6. Alice, 
living unm. 

ii. Jane Smith, m. Oscar Black of Amherst Shore, N. S. Four 
children : 1. Arminella,^ m. Adam Trueman of Point de Bute, 
N. B., and moved to Colorado. 2. Benson. 3. Lalia. 4. 


iii. Eliza Smith, m. Thomas Roach of Amherst, N. S. Two chil- 
dren : 1. James? 2. Annie, m. Lorenzo Wood. 

iv. Edward Smith, m. first, IMiss Lowther of Mount Whatley, 
N. S. Five children. He m. second, Eliza Chapman of Point 
de Bute. 

V. Benson Smith, living in California. Six children : 1. Josephine? 
2. James. 3. John. 4. Alice. 5. Jennie. 6. Edward. 

vi. Harvey Smith, living in California. Seven children ; 1. Mar- 
guerite.^ 2. Frances. 3. Mary. 4. Annie. 5. Clarence. 
6. . 7. . 


Susan' Bent (Jesse,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) 
was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., 1809. She married first, George 
Chapman of Fort Lawrence ; married second, Bradley Etter of 
Point de Bute, N. B. 

Child by first marriage : 

i. Albert* Chapman, living in Boston, Mass. 

Children by second marriage : 

i. Rupert* Etter, m. Lottie Carter of "Westmoreland Point, N. B. 

Nine children : 1. Walter.^ 2. Arabella. 3. Man/. A.Alice. 

0. Ada. 6. Hazen. 7. Carrie. 8. Dora. 9. Nellie. 
ii. Annie Etter, m. Frank Siddall of Woodpoint, N. B. Four 

iii. Thomas Etter, m. jMiss IMcFarlane. Four children, 
iv. Hiram Etter, killed when about 20 years old. 


Tokrey' Bent (Jesse,* Jesse,^ John,* Josejjh,^ Joseph,^ John^) 
was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., 1811 ; d. at Fort Lawrence, 
Nov. 25, 1897, ee. 86 ; lived on the old place settled by his grand- 
father in 1764. He married, Jan. 21, 1840, Pamelia Lusby of 
Amherst, N. S., born Feb. 12, 1814, died April 26, 1882, daugh- 
ter of Luther Lusby, a native of England. 
Children, all born at Fort Lawrence, N. S. : 

i. Joseph Freeman,* d. Dec. 20, 1880 ; m. March 24, 1874, 
Araminta Embree, who d. about two years after marriage. 
She was a dau. of John and Almira (Bent) Embree (q.v.). 
One child, d. in infancy. 
442. ii. Blair Botsford. 

iii. IMary, b. April 11, 1847 ; living in Amherst, N. S. ; m. Feb. 7, 
1876, her cousin, G. Botsford Smith, a retired merchant, 
b. Oct. 5, 1844, son of J. W. and Matilda (Bent) Smith. No 
iv. Jane, d. young. 



Jane^ Bent (Jesse,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ John^) 
was born at Fort Lawrence, X. S., Dec. 4, 1813 ; died in Point de 
Bute, N. B., November, 1878. She married, in 1840, Andrew 
Reed Chapman, a farmer of Cloverdale, N. B., where they lived 
until 1869, when they moved to Point de Bute, where he died 
November, 1874. 

Children : 

i. Annie Amelia^ Chapman, m. Capt. Alfred Taylor of Dor- 
chester, N. B. Eight children : 1. Evelyn Alberta,^ m. Elton 
Cochrane of Petitcodiac, N. B. 2. Minnie Jane, m. Clifford 
Chapman of Rockland, N. B. 3. Roslyn. 4. Stephen. 5. 
Blair. 6. Edith. 7. Alfred. 8, Alvin. 

ii. Mary Mulvena Chapman, m. Samuel Bishop of Rockland, 
N. B. Seven children : 1. Clinton.^ 2. Charles. 3. Wal- 
ter. 4. Chester. 5. Leslie. 6. Alberta Jane. 7. Clarence 

iii. Roslyn Olivia Chapman, d. about 1876 or '77; m. October, 
1864, Capt. David Taylor. Three children : 1. Ada,^ d. 1874. 
2. Wesley H. 3. Robert. 

iv. Ll'CINda Lucretia Chapman, m. Hiram Trenholm of Point 
de Bute, N. B. Eight children: 1. Mary Isabel^ m. Alex. 

Clark Chapman. 2. Alma Eliza, d. . 3. Ada Aletha, 

m. Mr. Whitney of Maiden, Mass. 4. Roslyn Laura. 5. 
William Aldrich. 6. Arthur Lemuel. 7. Louise Ardell. 8. 
Meta Adenda, d. . 

V. William Chapman, d. unm. 

vi. Isabel Pamelia Chapman, m. Bedford A. Culton of Jolicure, 
N. B. Six children: 1. Berton.^ 2. Minnie. 3. Myrtle. 
4. Dora. 5. Annie. 6. Aubrey: 


Jesse^ Bent (Jesse,^ Jesse,^ John,'^ JosejjJi,^ Joseph,^ Johi^) 
was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., 1816; settled in Leicester, 
N. S. ; d. September, 1891. He married first, Susanna Black of 
Amherst, N. S., who died in 1864; married second, Elizabeth 
Donkin of Pugwash, N. S., who died August, 1867 ; married third, 
Mary King of River Philip, N. S., who died in 1889. No issue by 
last marriage. 

Children by first marriage : 

i. Bedford,® living in Halifax, N. S. 
u. William. 

Child by second marriage : 

i. Mary Amelia,® b. July 24, 1867; brought up by her uncle 
Lemuel ; m. June 25, 1889, Samuel P'reemau of Amherst, 
N. S., grandson of Eunice® (Bent) Freeman {q.v.). Three 



children: 1. Fretia Marie^ b. Nov. 5, 1891. 2. Ina Loneta, 
b. July 14, 1893. 3. Samuel Betit De Monts, b. March 23, 


Albert^ Bent {Lemtiel^^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ Josejih,^ 
John^^, farmer, was born in Amherst, N. S. ; died in Amherst Head, 
N. S. He married Mary Ann Rockwell. 

Children : 

i. Fkank,^ d. young. 

ii. Ethan Albert, living unm. at East Amherst, N. S. 
iii. Mary Cynthia, living at East Amherst ; m. RoUand McLellan. 
One dau., Laura Vera. 


Vose'' Bent {Lemuel,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,"^ Josejjh,^ John^^^ 
school teacher, was born in Amherst, N. S. ; died in East Amherst. 
He married Jane Rockwell, who died . 

Children : 

i. Florence,^ d. young. 

ii. Silas Miner, m. ; living in P. E. Island. Five children. 

iii. James Edward, d. unm. 

iv. Lemuel Endicott, lived in Auburn, Me., but a few years ago 
moved to Massachusetts. 

V. Bertha Elizabeth, m. Fred Hansen. 
vi. Lalia Ellen, d. unm. 


Benjamin Page'' Bent {Lemuel,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,'' John^^, stone mason, was born in Amherst, N. S. ; living 
at Amherst Head, N. S. He married Harriet O'Neil. 

Children : 

i. Charles,^ living in Amherst, N. S. ; m. Margaret O'Tule. Five 

ii. Nellie, living in New York ; m. James Johnson, 
iii. May, living in Boston, Mass. ; m. Herbert Newcomb. Two 

iv. William, living in Port Elgin, N. B. ; m. and has one daughter. 
V. "Walter, m. and has two children, 
vi. Frank, living unm. in Amherst, 
vii. Bessie, d. young. 


Edward' Bent { John, ^ John, ^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^'), 
miller, was born in Amherst, N. S., Dec. 28, 1815 ; lived about 
two and one half miles from Amherst, where he died July, 1891, 
^. 75. 


Children : 

i. Erastus,^ living in Spring Hill, N. S. 

ii. Daughter, m. Lowe. 

iii. Augusta, m. W. H. McDonald of Amherst, N. S., who d. Feb. 
18, 1899. 


JoHN^ Bent {John,^ John,' John,'^ Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ John^), 
carpenter, was born in Amherst, N. S., Oct. 3, 1819; died in 

Brookdale, N. S., Jan. 22, 1899, as. 79. He married first, 

; married second, Ann Black. 

Children : 

i. Charles,^ living, 
ii. Alebinia, d. 

iii. Clifford, d. of consumption, leaving two daughters, 
iv. Arthur, living. 
V. John, living. 


Charles' Bent {Jolm,^ John,^ Johyi,* Joseph,^ Joseph," 
John^ ) was born in Amherst, N. S., Jan. 10, 1826 ; living in Truro, 
N. S. After preparation at Sackville Academy, N. B., he entered 
the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadel- 
phia, Pa.), from which he received the degree of M.D. in 1847. 
His first years of practice were in Cumberland County, N. S., but 
in 1853 he located in Truro, where he has remained in steady prac- 
tice ever since. He has been surgeon of a volunteer company, 
coroner of the county, trustee of the schools, town councillor for 
two years and mayor two years. He married first, in 1855, Mary 
R. Goudy of Truro, who died in 1868; married second, in 1871, 
Elizabeth Metzler of Truro. 

Children of Charles and Mary R. : 

i. Mary.8 
ii. Charles. 

And two others who died. 


William White'' Bent {John,^ John,^ John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ 
John^), farmer, was born in Amherst, N. S., Aug. 24:, 1831; 
living in Brookdale, formerly a part of Amherst, on the farm where 
he was born. He married, July 25, 1852, Eunice Elizabeth, 
born April 9, 1831, daughter of John' Bent of Port Elgin, N. B. 

Children, all born in Brookdale, N. S. : 
443i i. George Hibbard,^ b. May 11, 1853. 


ii. Mary Emma, b. March 4, 1855; d. May 17, 1876; m. April 
29, 1875, Smith Chapman. 

iii. Alice Demill, b. May 9, 1857; living in Sackville, N. B. ; 
m. Feb. 13, 1883, Thomas Patterson, b. April, 1853. Five 
children : 1. Oressa Madge,^ h. Nov. 11, 1883. 2. Jo/in Harold, 
b. April 21, 1887. 3. Allan Steele, b. Jan. 1, 1889. 4. 
William Bent, b. 1891 ; d. 1895. 5. Oscar S., h. 1894, d. 
444. iv. Mariner Samuel, b. Sept. 27, 1859. 

V. Ensley Miles, b. Aug. 26, 1861 ; contractor and builder in 
Chicago; m. Nov. 15, 1897, Laura E. Booge. One child: 
I}nsley M.,^ b. Feb. 22, 1899. 

vi. Martha Cecilia, b. April 25, 1866; professional nurse; liv- 
ing in Brookdale, N. S. ; m. Dec. 21, 1886, Samuel J. Coates. 
Two children: 1. Emma Ethel Maude,^ b. March 14, 1887. 
2. Roland Dunhar, b. Nov. 30, 1888. 

vii. Jessie Edna Blanche, b. June 11, 1874; music teacher in 
Spring Hill, N. S. 

Frederic W.^ Bent ( William White,^ John,^ John,* Joseph,"^ 
Joseph,^ John^), law^yer, was born in Amherst, N. S., Feb. 20, 
1840 ; living in Hartwell, near Cincinnati, Ohio ; practised some 
years in Amherst. He married, Sept. 9, 1867, Emma Elizabeth 
McLeod, grand-daughter of Cynthia (Bent) Trueman. 

Child : 

i. May Stanwood,« b. Dec. 8, 1868 ; m. Nov. 23, 1896, Frederic 
J. Christie of Amherst, N. S. One child : Dorothy McLeod 


John Hugh^ Bent {Ezra,^ John,'' John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,"^ 
John^), carpenter, was born in Amherst, N. S., April 12, 1830; 
died in Watertown, Mass., April 19, 1898, se. 68 ; moved from his 
ancestral home in Nova Scotia to Boston, Mass., in 1872. He 
married, June 8, 1857, Sophia Augusta Ferguson, born Sept. 14, 

Children, all born in Amherst, N. S. 

i. Mary Eliza,^ b. April 12, 1861 ; livmg unm. in Watertown, 

ii. George Edgar, b. Jan. 8, 1866; a house and sign painter; 
residence Dorchester, Boston, Mass. ; m. Aug. 23, 1890, 
Anna Belle Townsend, b. in Maine, June 20, 1866. One 
child : Harold Townsend,^ b. Feb. 4, 1892, in Roxbury, Mass. 

iii. Charles Franklin, b. June 6, 1868 ; hardware dealer ; resi- 
dence Watertown. 

iv. Eleanor, b. May 28, 1872 ; living unm. in Watertown. 



Saiviuel Glover^ Bent {Shepherd,^ Ehenezei\^ Ehenezer,* 
Joseph,^ Josejih,'' John^) was born in Milton, Mass., Jan. 21, 
1799, and about 1823 moved to Marshfield, a small but beautiful 
mountain town in central Vermont, where lie died Sept. 18, 1880, 
se. 81. When a young man he learned the trade of making spinning 
wheels. In Marshfield, he cleared the farm where the railroad 
station now stands, but twelve years later moved to west part of the 
town. He was a class leader in the M. E. church for several years. 
He married, Jan. 6, 1826, Sally Bartlett Dwinell, who was born 
in Marshfield, Jan. 23, 1806, and died in Marshfield, Jan. 27, 
1894, ^e. 88. 

Children, all born in Marshfield : 

i. Lewis,^ b. Nov. 22, 1826; d. unm. in Marshfield, June 22, 

ii. Eunice, b. July 15, 1829 ; d. unm. in Marslifield, Oct. 4, 1891. 
iii. Mary, b. March 23, 1834; d. in North Calais, Vt., July 6, 

1881 ; m. September, 1861, Dexter Stephen Goodell, who saw 

service in the Mexican and Civil wars, and d. July 19, 1878. 

One child, Mary Ann^ b. May 25, 1862, lives unm. with her 

uncle Charles C. 
iv. Martha, b. May 29, 1836 ; d. unm. in Marshfield, July 31, 1885. 
V. Charles Clark, b. Aug. 9, 1838; farmer and dairyman in 

Marshfield ; unm. 
vi. David Packer, b. Aug. 20, 1841 ; enlisted Sept. 1, 1861, in 

4th Vermont Vols., and d. in the hospital at Washington, D. C., 

May 19, 1862. 
vii. Sally Emma, b. Oct. 12, 1848 ; d. in Marshfield, Jan. 7, 1863. 


Albert Adam' Bent {Adam^^ Ehenezer,^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,'^ 
Joseph,^ Johyib) was born in South Boston, Mass., June 5, 1809,. 
and died in South Boston, Nov. 1, 1876, se, 67. He was a salt 
dealer on Long Wharf, Boston, first with his uncle Samuel Blake, 
and then with the latter's son George Pynson Blake. He married, 
Feb. 21, 1833, Sarah Glover, who was born in Dorchester, Mass., 
Sept. 3, 1809, and died in San Francisco, Cal., Oct. 31, 1885, 
se. 76, daughter of Alexander and Jemima (Tolman) Glover. 

Children, all born in South Boston : 

i. George A.,^ b. 1834 ; d. 1840. 

ii. James, b. 1836; d. 1842. 

iii. Edward Francis, b. Oct. 23, 1838; living in San Francisco, 
Cal., his home since Nov. 1, 1862; m. first, Aug. 9, 1860, 
Frances Amelia Thornton, b, in Boston, Feb. 1, 1840, d. Sept. 
11, 1861, dau. of John and Elizabeth B. (Perry) Thornton; 


m. second, May 23, 1866, Frances Caroline Habbard. One 
child by first marriage d. in infancy. 
ii5* iv. Herbert, b. Sept. 14, 1840. 

V. John Trowbridge, living in Los Angeles, Cal. ; employed by 
the L. W. Blinn Lumber Co. Saw three months service in 
the civil war. Went to the Pacific Coast in 1867. He m. 
Sept. 28, 1883, Mary Jane, dau. of William and Martha 
Stevens. One child : Herbert M? Bent, b. m San Francisco, 
Cal., March 2, 1886. 
vi. Agnes Blake, living in San Francisco ; m. Franklin Heywood. 
vii. Sarah Ella, living in San Francisco ; m. Joseph Hewett, who 
d. . One child : Josie^ Hewitt. 


George Elbridge' Bent {Adam,^ Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer^* Jo- 
seph,^ Joseph,,^ John^) was born in South Boston, Mass., July 
28, 1811, and died in Thurlow, Pa., June 18, 1898, a3. nearly 87. 
For several years he was a commission merchant on State Street, 
Boston, but in 1861 moved to Pennsylvania, where he was asso- 
ciated with the management of the Phila. Wil. & Bait. R. R., and 
subsequently became purchasing agent of the Pennsylvania Steel 
Company's store at Steelton, Pa. He married, Aug. 31, 1843, 
Martha Conway Felton, who was born Oct. 12, 1815, sister of 
Cornelius Conway Felton, Jr. (1807-1862), President of Harvard 
University, and Samuel Morse Felton, referred to below. 

Children, all born in South Boston : 

446. i. George Conway,* b. July 11, 1844. 

ii. Clara Felton, b. Nov. 12, 1846 ; living unm. in Chester, Pa. 
447t iii. Cornelius Conway Felton, b. July 3, 1849. 

iv. Annie Morse, b. April 6, 1851 ; living unm. in Chester, Pa. 

V. Mary Blake, b. Dec. 2, 1855 ; living unm. in Chester, Pa. 


Henry Blake^ Bent (Adam,^ Ebenezer^' Ebenezer,* Joseph^^ 
Joseph,^ John^) was born in South Boston, Mass., Feb. 1, 1826, 
and died in Steelton, Pa., June 26, 1894, te. 68. He was era- 
ployed in the Boston store of Bent & Bush, hatters, until about 
1860 ; lived in Elizabeth, N. J., and Washington, D. C, and sub- 
sequently became connected with the Pennsylvania Steel Co. at 
Steelton, Pa. 

He married in Boston, Aug. 14, 1856, Emeline Perry Thornton, 
who was born at Nantucket, Mass., May 26, 1837, and died in 
Steelton, Pa., Oct. 2, 1897, daughter of John and Elizabeth B. 
(Perry) Thornton. 


Children, i. to iii. born in South Boston, iv. to vi. in Elizabeth, 
N. J.: 

i. Emma Thornton,® b. May 6, 1858 ; living in Philadelphia ; m* 
in Steelton, April 26, 1893, William Elwood Taylor. 

ii. Fanny Elizabeth, b. Feb. 9, 1860 ; d. 1861. 

iii. Francis Henry, b. Oct. 23, 1861 ; d. 1862. 

iv. Charles Pynson, b. Aug. 19, 1864; living in Philadelphia. 

V. Henry Blake, b. July 6, 1868 ; living in Steelton, Pa. 
vi. Mabel Virginia, b. Nov. 5, 1872 ; living in Steelton, Pa. 


Nathaniel Bowivian^ Bent {Ebenezer,^ Ehenezer,^ Ehenezer^* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Johii^) was born April 15, 1809, in Quincy, 
Mass., where he died March 18, 1851, a. 42. He married in 
Annisquam (Gloucester), Mass., Feb. 17, 1833, Elizabeth A. 
Saro;ent, who was born March 23, 1814, and died in Quincy, Feb. 

Children, all born in Annisquam, except ii. b. in Quincy : 

i. Helen Frances,® b. March 8, 1834 ; d. in Quincy, Jan. 24, 
1889 ; m. Sept. 14, 1881, Henry Bailey, who d. in Boston, 
Sept. 6, 1888 ; no children. 

ii. Warren Adelbert, b. March 4, 1836 ; living in Boston ; m. 
Jan. 1, 1881, Nancy Maria Munroe, b. Sept. 1838 ; no children. 

iii. Charles Morris, b. April 5, 1838 ; living unm. in Quincy, 

iv. FiTZ Edward, b. March 1, 1840 ; living in Elizabeth, N. J. ; 
was capt. of Co. B, 60th Mass. Inf 'y in Civil War ; m. Sept. 
11, 1873, Laura A. Browne, b. in Newark, N. J., Nov. 4, 
1851 ; no children. 

V. George (twin), b. July 20, 1844; m. Oct. 14, 1875, Anna 
Spaulding of Port Hudson, Mich., b. there March 10, 1852 ; 
no children. 

vi. Georgiana (twin), b. July 20, 1844 ; living in Quincy, Mass. ; 
m. in Chicago, 111., Aug. 25, 1881, John Winslow Russell, b. 
in Medford, Mass., April 26, 1846. One child, Arthur Ed- 
mund,^ b. in Chicago, Feb. 24, 1883. 

vii. Mary Elizabeth, b. June 12, 1846; living in Washington, 
D. C ; m. Oct. 17, 1867, Lowell Augustus Chamberlin, b. 
in Maiden, Mass., Dec. 18, 1838, capt. Co. C, 1st Artillery, 
U. S. A., d. at San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 9, 1889. Five chil- 
dren : 1. Helen Mary^ b. at Fort Trumbull, Conn., Aug. 8, 
1868. 2. Isabella Silvey, b. at Sackett's Harbor, N. Y., July 
30, 1869. 3. Lowell, b. at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, 
N. Y., Jan. 27, 1871. 4. Grace, b. and d. in Quincy, 1874. 
5. Ann Bent, b. at Fortress Monroe, Va., May 29, 1879. 



Ebenezer'' Bent (^Ebenezet\^ Ehenezer,^ Ehenezey^* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ John^) was born in Quincy, Mass., Dec. 18, 1820, and 
died in Steelton, Pa., Jan. 21, 1890. He married at Quincy, Nov. 
3, 1869, Mrs. Elvira (Crane) Smith, Avho was born in Dorchester, 
Mass., Sept. 15, 1839, and died in Baltimore, Md., Dec. 11, 1895, 
daughter of Capt. Friend and Harriet Crane. Mrs. Bent rendered 
valuable assistance in gathering material for this branch of the 

Child, born in Quincy : 

i. Harriet Stedman,^ b. Nov. 12, 1871 ; living in Baltimore, 


WiNSLOW Brigham^ Bent (Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in Quincy, Mass., Nov. 15, 
1825, and is living in Steelton, Pa. He married in St. Louis, 
Mo., March 10, 1859, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth (Tomlinson) Wilcox, 
who was born in Stonington, Conn., Nov. 17, 1829, and died in 
Steelton, Pa., June 29, 1890, fe. 60. 

Children, i. and ii. born in San Francisco, Cal., iii. and iv. in 
Ann Arbor, Mich. : 

i. Sheldon Tomlinson,^ b. July 25, 1860 ; has lived in Cuba, 
but is now in Mexico, where he has been Supt. of the Raih-oad 
between Mexico and Vera Cruz ; at present engineer of a new 
road being built ; m. in Gardiner, Me., Sept. 7, 1893, Grace 
Bartlett Cooke. 

ii. Alice, b. June 2, 1862; living in Steelton, Pa.; m. in Steelton, 
June 2, 1884, Edgar Conway Felton,* b. April 13, 1858, 
graduated from Harvard in 1879; president of the Pennsyl- 
vania Steel Company, of which his father, Samuel M. Felton 
(1809-1889), was the first president. Mr. Felton has been 
much interested in the Bent genealogy. Six children, all born 
in Steelton : 1. Margaret,^ b. July 15, 1885. 2. Eleanor, b. 
Jan. 29, 1887. 3. Samuel iMorse, b. June 12, 1889. 4. Gor- 
nelius Conway, b. April 18, 1893. 5. Edgar Conway, b. May 
15, 1894. ^ Wmslow Bent, b. Nov. 9, 1896. 

iii. Jeanie, b. Aug. 28, 1866 ; d. Nov. 21, 1866. 

iv. Edith, b. Oct. 18, 1873. 


Luther Stedman^ Bent (Ebe7iezer,^ Ebenezer,' Ebenezei',* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Jo/ui^) was born in Quincy, Mass., Dec. 6, 

* A descendant in the eighth generation from Nathaniel Felton, one of the early 
settlers of Salem, Mass. 


1829, and is living in Overbrook, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pa. 
He has a summer home at Annisquam, Mass. Like Major-General 
Nelson A. Miles he was educated in a Boston crockery store. After 
three years spent on a farm he went to Boston at the age of fifteen 
and entered the employ of the New England Glass Company, whose 
manufacturins; establishment at East Cambrido-e was then one of 
the most extensive in the United States. There he remained five 
years, acquiring an excellent mercantile education, as well as a 
thorough knowledge of the glassware and crockery business. Upon 
coming of age he embarked in this business with the firm of Atkins, 
Stedman & Co., which about 1855 became D. B. Stedman & Co., 
and was thus engaged when the Civil War broke out. As speedily 
as possible he arranged his business affairs and, May 22, 1861, en- 
listed as a private in Co. H, 4th Mass. Infantry. The regiment 
proceeded at once to Fortress Monroe, thence to Newport News and 
finally to Big Bethel, where a fierce battle was waged. Upon the 
expiration of his term of service, three months, he re-enlisted, Aug. 
24, 1861, as 1st Sergt. of Co. K, 18th Mass. Infantry, and par- 
ticipated in all of the battles in which that regiment, attached to the 
Army of the Potomac, was engaged, including Gaines Mills, second 
Bull Run (in which he was wounded in the hand), Shepardston and 
Fredericksburg in 1862, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Rappahan- 
nock Station and Mine Creek in 1863. He became 2d lieut. July 
30, 1862, Ist lieut. Dec. 25, 1862, capt. Dec. 24, 1863, and major 
July 29, 1864. In the operations along the Weldon Railroad during 
the latter part of August (1864) he led Iris battalion, capturing, on 
the 21st of the month, fifty prisoners and a battle flag belonging to 
the 27th South Carolina Regiment. In the advance of the Fifth Corps 
upon the enemy's works at Peeble's Farm, Sept. 30, 1864, which re- 
sulted in the capture of a line of the enemy's works, his command 
did good service, reflecting great credit upon its members, both rank 
and file. Shortly afterwards, on the recommendation of General 
Griffin, he was commissioned by President Lincoln as major in the 
U. S. Army, and at the same time by the State of Massachusetts 
a lieut. -colonel ; but the term of service of the officers having ex- 
pired and the battalion being greatly reduced in numbers, it was 
consolidated with the 3 2d Mass. Regiment, and Major Bent, at his 
own request, was mustered out as a supernumerary officer. 

"Peace hath her victories no less renowned than War." Since the 
rebellion the gallant major has distinguished himself in the manage- 
ment of another kind of steel. Although he went West immediately 
and filled various positions in the employ of the Union Pacific R. R. 
durino; the construction of that road, and was for a time engaged in 
cattle raising on the plains in Nebraska, where he was one of the 
pioneers, in 1874 he became superintendent of the Pennsylvania 




BENT FAlVnLY. 193 

Steel Company at Steelton (Baldwin's Station it was then), Pa., 
and after the death in 1889 of his father-in-law S. M. Felton, 
president, from which position he retired in 1896 in favor of Edgar 
C. Felton. The plant of this company, which is located on the 
Susquehanna, three miles below Harrisburg, is one of the largest 
in the country. The company, organized in 1865 (the buildings 
were erected in 1866 and 1867), made for the Pennsylvania R. R. 
the first steel rails ever produced in America on an order in the 
regular course of business. To this company Major Bent gave the 
full force and strength of his life. Starting in Avith an operation 
employing eight hundred men, he left it wnth an army of nearly 
eight thousand. At the outset steel rails were its only product ; at 
the close of his active career the company was turning out at its 
various plants everything known to the art of steel manufacture, 
including ships, engines and bridges. Even now, as chairman of 
its executive committee, he still takes an active interest in the com- 
pany's affairs. 

In 1875 Major Bent was keenly interested in the incorporation 
of the borough of Steelton, and one of the most perplexing ques- 
tions which arose was how to provide school facilities for the rapidly 
increasing population. As president of the school board he suc- 
ceeded in securing from the Pennsylvania Steel Company a large 
appropriation, which was ample enough to build and equip one of 
the largest and finest school houses in the State. During his re- 
sidence in Steelton his interest in the borouii-h was unflao;o:ino;. To 
the young and old, to their health, welfare and education, he paid 
strict attention, and every reasonable means were employed to make 
the borough a model settlement. He always took an active interest 
in its business enterprises and was foremost in the establishment of its 
bank and flour mills, as well as its electric railway systems. When 
he was elected president of the Pennsylvania Steel Company the 
duties of his new office called him to Philadelphia, and in 1890 it 
was with much reluctance he left the town he had so long and so 
well served. 

In 1890 he was elected chairman of the Jurugua Iron Co., Ltd., 
conti'ollino; extensive iron ore mines in eastern Cuba. Since his 
connection with the Jurugua Company he has been active in many 
business operations in Cuba, having been more recently chosen 
vice-president of the Cuban Steel Ore Co. During his life-time he 
has also turned his attention to railway enterprises, and is at the 
present time president of the Baltimore & Sparrow's Point R. R. and 
a director of several of the allied roads of the Pennsylvania system. 

At this time he is on the followinjy boards : Steelton National 
Bank, Harrisburg National Bank, Harrisburg Trust Co., Penna. 
Steel Co., Maryland Steel Co., Jurugua Iron Co. Ltd., Cuban 


Steel Ore Co., Edison Portland Cement Co., Solid Steel Casting 
Co., Earn line Steam Ship Co. and several other boards of lesser 

Major Bent married in Thiirlow, Pa., Jan. 12, 1871, Mary 
Stearns Felton, who was born Jan. 11, 1842, half-sister of Edgar 
Conway Felton and daughter of Samuel Morse Felton, who was 
president of the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore R. R. be- 
fore and during the Civil War, and, from its organization until his 
death, president of Pennsylvania Steel Co. 

Children, i. born in Annisquam, Mass., ii. in Thurlow, and iii. 
in Steelton : 

i. Felton,^ b. June 26, 1872 ; living with his father ; graduated 
from Phillips Exeter Academy in 1891 and from Williams 
College in 1895 ; entered the railway and mannfactiu-ing busi- 
ness and is at present Supt. and Treas. of the Solid Steel Caslr 
ing Co. 

ii. Stedman, b. June 10, 1876; living with his father; entered 
the employ of Penna. Steel Co. at the age of nineteen and is 
now purchasing agent of the Penna. and Maryland Steel Go's. 

iii. QuiNCY, b. July 28, 1879 ; a student in Williams College, class 
of 1901. 


Lawrence^ Bent (Sarmiel,^ Samuel,^ Ehenezer* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,- John^) was born in Wilmot, N. S., Sept. 15, 1798; 
moved about 1822 to Queensborough, York County, N. B., and 
thence after his marriage to Maugerville (twelve miles below Fred- 
ericton), N. B., where he died March 20, 1882, a3. 84. He mar- 
ried Huldah White of Grand Lake, N. B., who died March 6, 1892, 
£6. 92. 

Children : 

i. Samuel Leonard,* m. Fannie Miles. One child, Ambrose,^ d. 
ii. Susannah, living in Kingsclear, N. B. ; m. Joseph Ilolyoke ; 

one child, 
iii. Mary Elizabeth, m, Frederick Miles. 
iv. William Henry, living in Maugerville, N. B., where he is post 

master; m. Maria Avery. Two children : 1. Mary Alberta,^ 

unm. 2. Charles Leonard, unm. 


Samuel^ Bent {Nedahiah,^ Samuel,'' Ebenezei^* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ John') was born in Wilmot, N. S., in 1791. He mar- 
ried, in 1815, Theodosia Crabb. 

Children : 
448. i. William,* b. 1815 ; m. first, Mary Durland ; m. second, Kezia 


ii. Sarah, b. 1817 ; d. unm. 
iii. Eleanor, b. 1821 ; m. Silas Grant(?). 
iv. Ann, b. 1823 ; d. unm. 

V. James, b. 1 825 ; m. Lydia Charlton. One daughter, Rachel,^ 
who m. Albert Hall. 
449. vi. Nedabiah, b. 1827 ; m. first Ann Longdale, and second Mary 


Jesse^ Bent {JSFedahiah,^ Samuel,^ Ebeneze7\* Joseph^^ Jo- 
seph,^ Joh7i^), farmer, was born in Wilmot, N. S., in 1801, and 
died April 16, 1868 ; lived in Aylesford, N. S. He married, Jan. 
1, 1826, Mahala KniiFen, who was born in 1806 and died Jan. 5, 

Children : 

i. Israel W.,^ b. Dec. 30, 1829 ; d. Aug. 11, 1838. 
ii. Angelina, b. Dec. 17, 1830 ; m. Nov. 2, 1860 (his 2d mar- 
riage), Samuel Tufts (1810-1876), farmer, of Albany, N. S. 
iii. Mercy E., b. Jan. 31, 1832 ; m. Nov. 25, 1855, Alfred Phin- 

ney of Lawrencetown, N. S. 
iv. George Edward, b. 1834 ; d. young. 

V. Lydia Maria, Oct. 23, 1836 ; d. Jan. 29, 1861 ; m. John 
Murray Bolsor of Salem, N. S. 
450, vi. Henry Farin, b. March 26, 1839. 

vii. Harriet S., b. Oct. 16, 1842 ; d. unm. April 23, 1871. 
viii. Ellen A., b. Jan. 16, 1845 ; d. Mardi 20, 1858. 
ix. Emma Jane, b. Dec. 6, 1846 ; d. unm. Aug. 23, 1875. 
X. Charles W., b. Sept. 9, 1849 ; d. Feb. 4, 1870. 
xi. Jessie E., b. April 4, 1853 ; m. April 11, 1880, Jonathan 
Woodbury of Albany, N. S. One child, Louisa, b. 1881. 


Ezekiel'' Bent (JSTedahiah,^ Samuel,^ Ehenezei^,* Joseph,'' 
Joseph,^ Joh)i^), farmer, was born in Annapolis County, N. S., in 
1803, and died July 10, 1883, «. 80. He married first, in 1828, 
Fannie Bolsor, who died in 1850 ; married second, in 1854, Betsey 
Barteaux, who died in 1891. 

Children of Ezekiel and Fannie, all b. at Mount Handly, N. S. : 

i. Nedabiah,^ d. young. 

ii. Edward, b. 1834; d. unm. in New York State in 1852. 
iii. Rachel, b. 1834; m. 1860, Isaac Langley. Six children : 1. 
Rosella.^ 2. Adelia. 3. Caroline. 4. Margaret. 5. Emma. 
6. David. 
451. iv. Joseph, b. 1838. 

V. David, b. 1841 ; farmer ; living in North Kingston, Aylesford, 
N. S. ; m. in 1865, Margaret Nixon. 


vi. Martin, b. 1843 ; living in Aylesford ; m. 1893, Mary Levindet. 

One child, Davids 
vii. Caroline, b. 1846 ; living in Aylesford ; m. 1889, Isaac Cloury. 


John' Bent {Seth,^ 8anmel,^ Ebenezer,* Joseiih^^ Josei^h^^ 
John^) Yf2is, born in Annapolis County, N. S. He married Pbebe 

Cbildren : 

i. Margarkt,* d. unm. 
ii. Sarah Elinor, m. Abraham Slocomb. 
iii. Jane. 


Chaeles Geandison' Bent (Seth,° Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* Jo- 
seph^^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in Annapolis County, N. S., and 
was one of the first settlers of Springfield in that county, where he 
died about 1869. He married, in 1842, Mary, daughter of Obadiah 
and Eliza Saunders, who died March 4, 1890, se. about 71. 

Children, all born in Springfield, N. S. : 

i. SoPHRONiA J.,^ b. 1843 ; living at Kingston Station, King's 

Co., N. S. ; m. John Walker, 
ii. Susanna M., b. 1845; living at Kingston Station; m. Carlton 

iii. Charles "W., b. 1847 ; d. unm. at Kingston Station in 1882. 
452» iv. James E., b. 1849 ; m. Mary Gates. 
453. V. Joseph F., b. about 1850; m. Emma Gates. 

vi. Lydia M., b. about 1852 ; living at Kingston Station ; m. Holmes 

vii. Ada M., b. about 1853; living in Truro, N. S. ; m. Isaac 

Barron (?). 
viii. Lavinia C, b. about 1856 ; living in Springfield, N. S. ; m. 
Jacob Roop. 
ix. John F., b. about 1860; living at Kingston Station ; m. Louisa 

Curtis ; five children, 
X. Norman, b. about 1862 ; living in North Conway, N. H. ; m. 

Mary Drew ; two children, 
xi. Fenwick W., b. 1865 ; bicycle dealer ; formerly of Bethlehem, 
N. H. ; now living in West Quincy, Mass. ; m. Edith Griggs. 
xii. Ena May, b. 1867; living in Portsmouth, N. H. ; m. Arthur 


Geoege' Bent (Jesse,^ Samuel,^ Ubenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph^^ 
John^) was born in Annapolis County, N. S., in 1813. He mar- 
ried Ellen MacSweeney. 


Children : 

i. Charles E.^ 
ii. Mary E. 
iii. William G., m. in Australia. 


AiNrBROSE'' Bent (Jesse,^ Samuel,^ Ehenezer,* Joseph^^ Joseph^- 
John^) was born in 1817 in Annapolis County, N. S., where he 
still lives at Paradise, a hamlet in Wilmot, the largest town in the 
county. For more than half a century, he has been one of the 
largest apple growers in a county which exports annually an average 
of 40,000 barrels. He was one of the first to ship apples to Eng- 
land (1849), and the first to send them to Boston in any quantity 
(1856). He married first, Amoret Morse; married second, Eunice 
Ross ; married third, Clara Foster. 

Child of Ambrose and Eunice : 
i. William Malcolm.^ 


Ediviund^ Bent (Jesse,^ Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph^^ 
John^) was born in Annapolis County, N. S., in 1822, and is living 
in Bridgetown, N. S., where he has been Register of Deeds for 
several years. He married first, Amanda Starratt ; married sec- 
ond, Sarah Freeman ; married third, Mrs. EHzabeth (Albee) 

Children : 

i. George.^ 

ii. Frances, m. Charles S. Alley, 
iii. Frederick. 


John Harris'' Bent (John,^ Smmcel,^ IJbenezer,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ John^) was born in Granville, N. S., in 1815, and is 
living in Belleisle, Granville, N. S. He married Eunice, daughter 
of Jesse and Deborah (Bent) Dodge. 

Children : 

454t i. John Albert,^ b. 1862. 

ii. Henry Harris, b. 1866 ; living unm. in Granville Centre, N. S. 


William Henry^ Bent (John,^ Samuel, '" Ehenezer,* Josej^h,^ 
Joseph,"^ John^) was born in Annapolis County, N. S., in 1817. 
He married Caroline Gesner. 


Children : 

i. Elizabeth Caroline.* 

ii. Catherine. 

iii. Sneden, d. unm. » 

iv. Henry Harris, d. unm. 

V. Jacob, living unm. in Granville Centre, N. S. 

vi. AlLSIE. 

vii. Famitcha. 
viii. Horatio Cunningham, d. unm. 


Robert^ Bent {Ehenezer^^ Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Jo- 
seph,^ John^) was born in Annapolis County, N. S., in 1810. He 
married, 1839, Theresa Hicks. 

Children : 

i. Lucy,* b. 1840 ; d. unm. 
ii. Emily, b. 1842; d. unm. 1865. 
iii. Margaret, b. 1844; m. Stephen Young, 
iv. Caroline, b. 1845 ; m. Henry Murch. 
V. Ellen Maud, b. 1847 ; m. Hiram Longmire. 
vi. Annie M., b. 1849 ; m. Daniel Young. 

vii. John Russell, b. 1852 ; m. Elizabeth Milbury. Three chil- 
dren : 1. Howard Newlon? 2. Justina. 3. Ermina. 
viii. William Bench, b. 1855. 


Henry'' Bent {Ebenezer,^ Samuel,^ Ehenezer,'^ Joseph,'^ Jo- 
seph,^ John^) w^as born in Annapolis County, N. S., in 1812. He 
married Olivia Miller. 

Children : 

i. Aaron,* d. unm. 
ii. Abel, m. Sarah Morrison, 
iii. Hiram, d. unm. 

iv. Sarah Jane, m. John McCormick. 
V. Moses, d. unm. 
vi. Arthur, d. unm. 
vii. Alton, an Episcopalian clergyman ; living in Pugwash, N. S. ; 

m. Laura Calnek. Two children: 1. Lewis Rowland.^ 2. 

Alton Aubrey. 
viii. Luvose. 


EzRA^ Bent {Ehenezer,^ Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Josejjh,^ 
John^) was born in Annapolis County, N. S., in 1819. He mar- 
ried Ann, daughter of Calvin Phinney. 

Children : 

i. Jacob F.,* m. Eunice Milbury. One child, Janet? 
ii. Irene, m. Goddard. 



Abraham'' Bent (^Ehenezer,^ Samuel,^ Ehenezer,* Joseph ^^ 
Josej)h,^ John^), farmer, was born in Annapolis County, N. S., in 
1824, and is living in Belleisle, Annapolis County, N. S. He mar- 
ried Mary Young. 

Children : 

i. Ebenezer,* living in Belleisle, N. S. ; m. Frances Milbury. 

One child, Ernest.'^ 
ii. Augusta. 
iii. Sylvester, farmer ; living in Belleisle ; m. Arminilla Gesner. 

One child, Archibald.'^ 
iv. Ezra, living unm. in Upper Granville, N. S. 
V. Ardenia, unm. 
vi. Ada, num. 

vii. Margaret, m. Horatio Gesner. 
viii. Emily, m. John Hayden. 
ix. George, living unm. hi Belleisle. 
X. Abram, unm. 
xi. Ella Maude. 

Jacob Fritz^ Bent {Ehenezer^^ Samuel^^ Ehenezer^'^ Joseph,"^ 
Jose^jh,^ John^), master mariner, was born in Annapolis County, 
N. S., in 1827, and is living at Granville Ferry, N. S. He mar- 
ried first, Elizabeth Witherspoon ; married second, Caroline® Bent. 

Children : 

i. Jacob.* 
ii. Dora. 
iii. Ermina, m. John Albert^ Bent. 


Joseph^ Bent {Elias,^ 8amuel,^ Ebenezer," Joseph,^ Joseph,"^ 
John}) was born in Granville, N. S., in 1816. He married Eliza- 
beth Stedman. 

Children : 

i. Walter Owen,^ farmer in Granville Centre, N. S. 
ii. Mary Gertrude, m. Witham Parker, 
iii. John Henry, living unm. in Granville Centre. 


Samuel^ Bent (Charles,^ Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Jo- 
seph,^ Johii^), farmer, was born in 1822, in Granville, N. S., where 
he still lives. He married Mary Abraham. 


Children : 

i. John Edward,* living unm. in Granville Centre, N. S. 

ii. Ellen St. Claire, unm. 
iii. Andrew, farmer ; living in Granville Centre. 
iv. Janet. 

V. Estella. 


Benjamin'' Bent (Charles,^ Samuel,^ SJbenezer,* Joseph,^ Jo- 
seph,^ John}) was born in Annapolis County, N. S., in 1824. He 
married Kezia Young. 

Children : 

i. Alice.* 

ii. Samuel, d. unm. 
iii. Maud. 
iv. Mary. 


Daniel'' Bent (Cha7'les,^ Samuel," Ehenezer,'^ Joseph,^ Jo- 
sep)h,^ Joh7i^) was born in Annapolis County, N. S., in 1826. He 
married Elizabeth Oliver. 

Children : 

i. Mart,* m. James Blair. 

ii. Charles, m. . 

iii. Cynthia. 
iv. Robert. 


George^ Bent {Lemuel,^ Nedahiah,^ Ehenezer,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ Johii^), stone cutter, was born April 21, 1803, in Quincy, 
Mass., where he died Aug. 6, 1876, a3. 73. He married first, 

Hannah , who died Nov. 4, 1837 ; married second, March 

15, 1838, HaiTiet Leonard of Dedham, Mass. ; married third, 
April 17, 1845, Sarah Bartlett, born at Mount Vernon, Me., Sept. 
5, 1812, died in Quincy, July 18, 1896, re. 83. 

Children of George and Hannah, born in Quincy : 

i. Ann,* b. about 1829 ; d. Jan. 22, 1898 ; m. May 24, 1847, 
Frederick Souther. 

ii. Mary Elizabeth, living in Boston ; m. Whittemore. 

455t iii- George Appleton, b. 1834. 

Children of George and Harriet, born in Quincy : 

i. James M.,* b. Oct. 31, 1838; d. num. in Weymouth, Mass., 
April 6, 1869. 
456t ii. William Harrison, b. Jan. 28, 1840. 
457i iii- John Quincy, b. Jan. IG, 1842. 

iv. Luther M., b. January, 1844; d. at Georgetown, D. C, Oct. 
1, 1862, of wounds received in the civil war. 


Children of George and Sarah, born in Quincy : 

458t i- Samuel Bartlett,* b. Sept. 15, 1846. 

ii. Sarah Adelaide, b. Dec. 16, 1847 ; living unm. in Quincy. 
iii. Lemuel Frederick, b. Aug. 2, 1850; d. in Quincy, Aug- 5, 
1871 ; m. July 31, 1870, Georgiana Lingham, who m. again 
Dec. 25, 1872, Albert H. Deally. One son, Frederick L.^ 
Bent, b. Aug. 8, 1871 ; living in Wollaston ; m. and has one 
iv. Isaac Porter, b. May 12, 1852 ; living in Quincy, Mass. ; m. 
May 12, 1878, Dora G. King of Braintree ; no children. 


ISAAC^ Bent (^Lemuel,^ JSfedabiaJi,^ Ebenezer,^ Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ 
John^) was born in Quincy, Mass., June 3, 1805, and died in 
Quincy, April 4, 1837. He married in Dorchester, Mass., Dec. 2, 
1830, Sarah C. Webb, born in Deer Isle, Me., Jan. 17, 1808. 
She married second, Walter Herrick of Brooklin, Me., and died 
Sept. 26, 1872. 

Children, all born in Quincy, Mass. : 

i. IsAAC,«b. 1831; d. 1832. 

ii. Elizabeth Sarah, b. Oct. 18, 1832 ; m. Sept. 8, 1857, Capt. 
Prentiss Orlando Hooper, a seafaring man of Brooklin, Me. ; 
has lived since 1861 in Providence, Ii. I. Two children : 1. 
Alice Maud^ living unm. in Providence. 2. Ralph Barnside, 
b. Sept. 3, 1862; m. Dec. 8, 1887, May Louise Leeds, and 
lives in San Francisco, Cal. 
459. iii- Isaac James, b. Oct. 23, 1834 ; writes his name James I. 

iv. Mary Ann, b. Dec. 31, 1836; living in Providence, P. I.; m. 
Jan. 10, 1863, Capt. John W. Tibbetts of Brooklm, Me., who 
d. in Providence, May 15, 1863. 


Samuel'' Bent {Lemuel,^ Nedahiah,^ Ebeyiezer^* Joseph,^ Jo- 
sephy^ Johti^), stonecutter, was born June 30, 1812, in Quincy, 
Mass., where he died Aug;. 23, 1845, a3. 33. He married first, 
June 23, 1831, Nancy B. Colburn, who died in Braintree, Mass., 
March 27, 1842 ; married second, in 1842, Mary Littlefield, w^ho 
married again, Oct. 18, 1849, Eliakim Turner (1805-1867) of 

Children by the first marriage, all born in Quincy : 

i. Mary Frances,^ b. June 10, 1832; living in Melrose, Mass.; 
m. Nov. 22, 1855, Edward Kent Norcross, who d. Nov. 24, 
1881. Sis children; only two living ; one the wife of Albert 
O. Parlin of West Somerville, Mass. 
ii. Henry Franklin, b. Sept. 17, 1833; living in Melrose; m. 
Melinda Sheffield of Dixfield, Me. One child, a daughter, 
living in Reddington Mills, Me. 


iii. James Warren, b. Juue 14, 1835 ; farmer ; has lived in Bos- 
cawen, N. H., since 1845 ; saw service in the civil war in 2d 
U. S. Sharpshooters ; m. July 5, 1869, Eliza J. Pritchard of 
Boscawen ; no children. 

iv. Eliza Ann, living in Lewiston, Me ; m. first, Edwin Webber of 

Peru, Me ; four children. She m. second, Dickens of 

Lewiston ; no children. 

V. William Harrison, b. 1840; living in Peru, Me; m. Mary 
Elizabeth Barrows of Peru ; no children. 

Child by second marriage : 

i. Nancy Jane, b. 1844; d. ; m. Oct. 9, 1862, Robert 

Josselyn of Quincy, Mass. One child, d. young. 


Samuel Brown' Bent (Isaac,^ JSfedabiah,'' Ebenezer,* Joseph^'^ 
Jose-pli^^ John^), farmer, was born iu New Sharon, Me., July 24, 
1801; moved, in 1851, to western part of Vienna, Me., where he 
died May 6, 1882, te. 80. He married, May 11, 1828, Susannah 
Graves of Vienna, who was born June 8, 1800, and died April 
28, 1863, daughter of Jacob Graves. 

Children, all born in New Sharon : 

i. Sarah Graves,^ b. May 1, 1829 ; d. July 4, 1887 ; m. March, 
1859, Joseph Daniels of Vienna, Me. ; no children. 

460. ii. John Marden, b. Sept. 1, 1830. 

461. iii- Elbridge Graves, b. Feb. 11, 1832. 

iv. Joanna M., b. July 29, 1835 ; living at Farmington Falls, Me. ; 
m. Nov. 15, 1856, Merrill Brown of Vienna, Me. Four chil- 
dren : 1. Viola S.^ Brown, b. Oct. 30, 1857; m. March 4, 
1881, Loren M. Chapman of Madrid, Me. 2. Elmer A. Broum^ 
b. Feb. 28, 1861 ; m. April 10, 1889, Ethel L. Jones of Pug- 
wash, N. S. 3. Nora M. Brown, m. June 6, 1890, Frank L. 
Childs of Farmington Falls. 4. Bertha Brown. 

462. V. Isaac Appleton, b. Nov. 20, 1836. 

vi. Jacob G., b. Feb. 3, 1840; d. unm. in Vienna, March, 1875, 


Hiram' Bent (Zsaac,® JSFedabiah,^ Ehenezer,^ JosepJi^^ Jof^eph^^ 
Johti^), farmer, was born in New Sharon, Me., Aug. 26, 1806; 
moved to Mt. Vernon, Me., w^here he died in Sept. 1884, ie. 78. 
He married Betsey McGaffy of Mt. Vernon, who died . 

Children : 

i. Angeline B.,' b. August, 1832 ; d. several years ago. 
ii. David M., b. August, 1840; living iu Massachusetts; m. Miss 
Wells of Mt. Vernon, Me. One son, Ernest? 



Josiah' Bent (Josiah,^ John,^ Eheyiezer,* Joseph,^ Josej^k,^ 
John^), clergyman, was born in Milton, Mass., Oct. 1, 1797, 
and died in Amherst, Mass., Nov. 19, 1839. After graduating 
from Harvard College in 1822 lie studied theology at Princeton, 
N. J., a year, and, Oct. 13, 1824, was ordained pastor of the First 
Congregational Church of Weymouth at North Weymouth, Mass., 
where he remained until Oct. 10, 1833. Feb. 5, 1834, he was 
installed at the Orthodox Church in Falmouth, Mass., where he 
was the spiritual adviser for three years. In 1837 he became pastor 
of the First Church of Amherst, remaining until his death. He 
delivered a Fourth of July oration at Braintree in 1826, and, Nov. 
28, 1832, an historical address of Weymouth, both of which were 

He married, in Albany, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1824, Paulina Rice, 
who was born in Sudbury, Mass., Feb. 24, 1800, and died in 
Springfield, Mass., July 11, 1889, daughter of Ithamar and Sarah 
(Dunn) Rice. 

Children, all born in Weymouth, except vi. born in Amherst : 

463. i. JosiAH,8 b. Aug. 2, 1825. 

ii, Pauline Rice, b. April 15, 1828; living in West Springfield, 
Mass.; m. in South Hadley, Mass., Aug. 14, 1849, Edwin L. 
Dickinson. Four children : 1. Julia Pauline^ Dickinson, h. 
May 27, 1850; living in Oneida, N. Y. ; m. Sept. 21, 1870, 
Theodore F. Hand, Jr. 2. Edwin Henry Dickinson, b. Oct. 
IG, 1S55; graduated from Amherst College in 1879, Auburn 
Theological Seminary in 1882 ; now pastor of the North 
Presbyterian Church in Buffalo, N. Y. ; m. June 29, 1882, 
Emma S. Carter of Brooklyn, N. Y. 3. Marion Dickinso7i, 
b. Dec. 2, 1863 ; living unm. in West Springfield, Mass. 4. 
Bertha Dickinson, b. Jidy 16, 1870; educated at Wellesley 
College ; m. Sept. 8, 1897, Robert Day White of West Spring- 

iii. Samuel Adams, b. July 4, 1829; d. February, 1854, in New 
Orleans, La., where he was principal of the Jackson Grammar 

464. iv. Henry Kirk White, b. Oct. 29, 1831. 

465. V. Thatcher Tucker, b. Sept. 4, 1833. 
vi. Susan Dunn, b. June, 1840; d. young. 


Samuel Tucker^ Bent (Josiah,^ Jolm,^ Ehenezer,* Joseph,'^ 
Josejoh,'^ John^) was born Feb. 22, 1804, in Milton, and died in 
Dorchester, Nov. 2, 1885. From 1830 until 1837 he was associated 
with his brother-in-law, Samuel Adams, in the manufacture of Bent's 


water crackers, the business established by his father at the begin- 
ning of the century. In the latter year he disposed of his interest 
and a year or two later joined his brother, H. Nelson Bent, in the 
West. About 1842 he returned to Milton, and during the rest 
of his life was superintendent of the cracker bakery. He was for 
many years superintendent of the Orthodox Sunday School in 
Milton and in his later days a member of the New-England Historic 
Genealogical Society. He married first, Nov. 4, 1830, Frances 
Bent Ashton, who was born in Boston, March 4, 1804, and died in 
Milton, Feb. 18, 1872, daughter of John and Sarah (Vinton) Ash- 
ton. He married second, June 5, 1873, Caroline E. Fuller, who 
died in Boston, May 11, 1895. 

Children of Samuel T. and Frances, all born in Milton : 

i. Samuel Tucker,^ b. Sept. 2, 1831 ; living with his brother in 
Milton; m. Dec. 10, 186S, Harriet Davenport Houghton of 
Milton, dau. of .Jason W. and sister of George D. 

ii. Frances Maria, b. March 4, 1835 ; d. in Danvers, Mass., Sept. 
1, 1899, ae. 64; m. Nov. 29, 1863, Jaazaniah Clark Pierce, 
who was born in Weymouth, Mass., March 21, 1823. One 
child, Aiina,^ b. in Boston, Aug. 20, 1873 ; m. Sept. 19, 1894, 
Leland Johnson Ross. 

iii. Eliza Taylor, b. Aug. 17, 1837 ; living in Dorchester, Boston, 
Mass.; m. Jan. 1, 1863, George Davenport Houghton of 

Milton. Two children: 1. Ashion,^ d. 2. Fletcher. 

466. iv. George Henry, b. Aug. 21, 1843. 

V. Sarah Ashton, b. Oct. 29, 1846 ; d. young. 


Horatio Nelson^ Bent (Josiah,^ JoJm,^ Ehenezer,* Josepli^^ 
Josej^h,^ John^) was born in Milton, Mass., July 21, 1807, and 
died in the adjoining town of Hyde Park, Dec. 18, 1869, te. 62. 
He began his career in a dry-goods store in Boston and in 1831 and 
1832 was in business himself, the firm being Bliss & Bent. In the 
latter year he moved to Cohasset, where he was proprietor of the 
Black Rock House, an old-time hostehy, still in existence (though 
much enlarged) on the rocky shore of Massachusetts Bay. A few 
years later he went West, but subsequently returned and embarked 
in the dry-goods business in New York City. Two or three years 
before his death, with his health shattered, he transferred his home 

to Hyde Park. He married first, Josephine . He married 

second, June 8, 1853, Emma L. Birdsal, who afterwards married 

Children, both by the second marriage : 

i. Emma Nelson,* b. 1855; d. in New York City in 1862 ; buried 

in Milton, 
ii. Florence, m. . 



Nathaniel Tucker' Bent (Josiah,^ John,^ Ube^iezer,* Jo- 
seph," Jose])h,^ John^), clergyman, was born in Milton, Mass., 
July 30, 1810, and died in Worcester, Mass., Nov. 4, 1856, s&. 
46. After studying with his brother. Rev. Josiah Bent, he entered 
Harvard College and graduated with honors in 1831 in a class that 
included such men as Wendell Phillips, John Lothrop Motley and 
Thomas Gold Appleton. He prepared for the ministry at the 
General Theological Seminary in New York City and finished his 
course of study with Bishop Griswold. His principal parishes were 
in New Bedford, Mass., St. John's in Charlestown, Mass., St. 
Paul's in Philadelphia, Pa., St. Thomas's in Taunton, Mass., and 
All Saints in Worcester 1849 to 1852. In the latter year he estab- 
Kshed an educational institution for girls, the Salisbury Mansion 
School, in Worcester, where his remaining years were spent. Sev- 
eral of his sermons and addresses have been published. 

He married, June 18, 1834, Catherine Eliza Donaldson Metcalf, 
eldest daughter of Col. Eliab W. and Lydia Metcalf of Cambridge, 
Mass. She died in Taunton, Feb. 28, 1892. 

Children : 

467. i. Charles McIlvaine,® b. Oct. 5, 1835. 

468. ii. William Henry, b. Jan. 2, 1839. 
ill. Thomas Corum, b. 1844 ; d. 1845. 
iv. Frank Albert, b. 1852 ; d. young. 

V. Florence B., b. 1852 ; d. 1863. 


Edward Dexter' Bent {John,^ John,^ Ube^iezer,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ John^) was born in Dedham, Mass., Feb. 7, 1817, and 
died at Sheboygan Falls, Wis., Jan, 21, 1899, re. 82. He learned 
his trade, carriage and ornamental painting, in his native town and 
worked at it in Walpole, Boston (two years), Worcester (six 
years), Dedham and Northboro', Mass., Fitzwilliam, N. H. (1848 
to 1854), and Providence, R. I. He went to Sheboygan Falls in 
June, 1858, but after living there two years removed to Waupun, 
Wis., where he made his home for fourteen years, two of which 
he was an official in the State prison there. Gifted by nature with 
a fine voice, he taught vocal music many years, besides giving con- 
certs with his brothers and sister from 1845 to 1850 and later with 
his daughters Jennie and Julia. 

He married first, Jan. 1, 1841, Mary Jane Hawes of Walpole, 
who died Aug. 10, 1853, and he married second, in July, 1856, 
Alice Whipple of Solon, Me., who died at Sheboygan Falls in Dec. 
1860; he married third, Nov. 9, 1861, Mrs. Jennie Botsford. 


Children of Edward Dexter and Mary J., i. born in Dedham, 
Mass., ii. in Worcester, Mass., iii. in Fitzwilliam, N. H. : 

i, Jennie,^ b. March 8, 1842; d. in Sheboygan, Wis., Aug. 10, 
1882; m. March 5, 1862, John J. Hanchett of Sheboygan 
Falls, Wis. Two children : i. Fannie,^ b. Feb. 12, 1863 ; m. 
March 31, 1886, William Davis of Chicago, 111. 2. Frank, b. 
1866; d. 1877. 
ii. Julia, b. Feb. 7, 1844; d. May 30, 1884; m. in Waupun, Wis., 
July 15, 1864, Warren S. Cotes. 
469. iii. Edward Clarence, b. Aug. 5, 1852. 

Children of Edward Dexter and Alice, i. born in Fitzwilliam, 
N. H., ii. in Sheboygan Falls, Wis. : 

i. Mae,8 b. July 28, 1857 ; m. Sept. 20, 1883, Henry C. Day of 
Northampton, Mass., where they still reside. One child, 
Harold,^ b. May 22, 1885. 

ii. Maud, b. March 1, 1859 ; m. Oct. 19, 1887, Leslie W. Mclntire, 
a druggist in Solon, Me. ; three children. 

Child of Edward Dexter and Jennie, born in Waupun, Wis. : 

i. Minnie Editii,^ b. Nov. 15, 1863 ; m. June 18, 1884, William 
R. Simmons of South Evanston, 111. He is in business in 
Chicago, 111. Two children : 1. Newell Lamont^ b. March 
9, 1885. 2. Ethel M., b. Feb. 16, 1893. 


John Quincy'' Bent {John,^ John,^ Ebenezei-,* Josei^h,^ Jo- 
seph,^ Johii^) was born in Dedham, Mass., Feb. 7, 1817, and died 
in Worcester, Mass., May 15, 1893, fe. 76. He was a blacksmith 
by trade, but like his brothers had a fine voice and taught vocal 
music for many years besides leading the singing in church. He 
married, in Attleboro', Mass., July 16, 1841, Elizabeth Bowen 
Parmenter, who was born July 11, 1819, and died in Worcester, 
Dec. 25, 1898, daughter of Dexter and Susan (Alger) Parmenter. 

Children of John Q. and Elizabeth, i. and ii. born in Providence, 
R. I., iv. to vi. in Grafton, Mass., vii. in Worcester: 

i. John Edward,* b. May 4, 1842 ; a jeweller in East Provi- 
dence, R. I.; m. Aug. 14, 1861, Mary M. Clapp. 

ii. Frank Henry, b. Nov. 28, 1843 ; d. in Providence, Nov. 14, 
1883; m. July, 1881, Annie L. King of Somerset, Mass. 
One child, Harry Dexter,^ b. Dec. 22, f881. 

iii. Emma Josephine, b. April 3, 1845 ; m. April 6, 1866, Charles 

iv. Charles Eugene, b. July 11, 1846; enlisted as a musician 
Sept. 30, 1862, though only 16 years old, and served nine 
months in Co. E, 42d Mass. Infantry. Dec. 9, 1863, he re- 
enlisted for three years in 2d Mass. Heavy Artillery, was 
taken prisoner at the battle of Ball's Bluff, and died of starv- 
ation July 15, 1864, in Andersouville Prison, Ga. 


V. LiLLA M., b. 1850 ; d. 1853. 
vi. LiLLA Maria, b. Nov. 18, 1855 ; m. April 17, 1879, William 

C. Pierce of Worcester, b. Feb. 6, 1855. One child, Alice 

Lena^^h. Sept. 11, 1880. 
vii. Lena Medora, b. Nov. 21, 1857; m. Dec. 16, 1880, Gideon 

Bradford of Providence, R. I., where they still live. Two 

children, both born in Providence : 1. Thomas Carr,^ b. Dec. 

22, 1882. 2. Lillian Medora, b. Dec. 9^1885. 


Elijah^ Bent (John,^ Jokn,^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ 
Johyi^) was born in Dedham, Mass., May 27, 1823, and is living 
in Providence, R. I. He left his native town at sixteen and learned 
the baker's trade in Medfield, Mass., with Wesley P. Balcli. Find- 
ing that his health would not allow him to follow this trade, he gave 
it up and in 1848 located in Providence, which, with the exception 
of a year and a half spent in Taunton, Mass., has been his home 
ever since. For twenty-four and a half years he was book-keeper 
for the Franklin Foundry and Machine Co., but since May, 1879, 
has been in the office of secretary of the State Board of Charities 
and Corrections. Since 1855 he has been a deacon in the Fourth 
Baptist Church. In addition he has been chorister, Sunday School 
superintendent, treasurer of the church, etc. 

He married, Aug. 15, 1850, Mary Cooke Hull, who was born in 
Providence, Dec. 10, 1822, daughter of Thomas C. and Charlotte 
(Cooke) Hull. 

Children, all born in Providence, R. I., except ii. born in Taun- 
ton, Mass. : 

i. Herbert Elijah,^ b. May 23, 1852 ; d. March 21, 1857. 

ii. John Stillman, b. Oct. 23, 1853; d. March 11, 1857. 

iii. Maria Louise, b. Feb. 8, 1856 ; living unm. in Providence, R. L 

iv. Francis Smith, b. Aug. 9, 1860 ; travelling salesman for a 
New York wall-paper house ; m. Mary L. K. Watrous. One 
chUd, Kenneth Clarke^ Bent, b. Sept. 11, 1894. 


Sally Ann' Bent {Nathaniel,^ John^^ Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,'^ John^) was born May 31, 1814, in Milton, Mass., where 
she died Aug. 18, 1857, «. 43. She married. May 12, 1842, 
Thomas Hews Hinckley, who was born in Milton, Nov. 4, 1814, 
and died in Milton, Feb. 15, 1897, son of Capt. Robert Hinckley. 
Mr. Hinckley was well known as an artist in Massachusetts and had 
exhibited in London at the Royal Academy. He had a studio in 
Milton from 1845 until his death, and made a specialty of animals. 
After the death of his first wife, he married second, Elizabeth Bass 


Children of Thomas H. and Sally A. (Bent) Hinckley: 

L Nathaniel Bent* Hinckley, b. Feb. 21, 1843 ; went to sea 
at 18, left it at 23, having been for eighteen months master's 
mate in U. S. Navy in the civil war ; was in business nearly 
fourteen years in China; since 1879 has been in the West, 
and is at present in St. Paul, Minn., where he is Auditor and 
Asst. Treas. of the C. B. & N. R. R. Co. 

ii. Mary Hewes Hinckley, b. April 6, 1845 ; has always lived 
in Milton. 

iii. Thomas Lesley Hinckley, b. Jan. 13, 1849 ; d. Nov. 1, 1875. 

iv. William Messinger Hinckley, b. July 18, 1857; living in 


William Henry* Bent {JSfewell,'' Thomas,^ Jason,^ Thomas^* 
Hojyestill,^ Peter, ^ John^^ was born in Sudbury, Mass., Aug. 10, 
1838; moved in 1866 to Waltham, Mass., where he died eTune 8, 
1893, ffi. 54. He married, Dec. 27, 1865, Caroline, daughter of 
John Taylor. 

Children, all born in Waltham : 

i, Frederick Henry,^ b. April 6, 1867 ; living in Waltham ; em- 
ployed in the National Exchange Bank, Boston ; m. Sept. 7, 
1892, Florence May, dau. of Levi Bowers. 

ii. William Edward, b. Aug. 20, 1873 ; living in Waltham ; con- 
nected with the Bay State Lumber Co., Boston ; m. Oct. 9, 
1895, Blanche, dau. of Atwood Jackson of Waltham. 

iii, Harold Leslie, b. Sept. 1, 1885. 


John Hastings^ Bent {Rufus II.,'' Thomas,'^ Jason,^ Thomas,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in Brighton, now part of 
Boston, Mass., May 25, 1851, and died unmarried at the home of 
his sister in Denver, Col., Jan. 18, 1896, «. 44, and was buried in 
Edgell Grove Cemetery, Framingham, Mass. Most of his life was 
spent in North Cambridge, Mass., where he was first in the furni- 
ture business in partnership with Milton Gage and later alone in the 
hardware business. In the summer of 181)2 a luni; trouble com- 
pelled him to seek the drier air of Colorado. The writer for many 
years enjoyed a close acquaintance with him, and takes this oppor- 
tunity to testify to his genial disposition and genuine worth. He 
was, in the truest sense of the word, a man. 



Fkancis Fairbanks* Bent {Daniel F.,'' Jason,^ Jason,^ Thomas* 
Hopestill,^ Peter ^ John^) was born in Sudbury, Mass., July 17, 
1845. He married, May 2, 1872, Mary M. Sheen, who was born 
in St. John, N. B., daughter of Joseph and Mary Sheen. 

Children, all born in Newton, Mass. : 

i. Sarah M.,^ b. July, 1875 ; d. Dec. 31, 1887. 
ii. Daniel J., b. March 4, 1877. 
iii. William F., b. Sept. 21, 1878. 


James Edward* Bent {Daniel F.,'' Jason,^ Jason,^ Thomas,* 
HojJestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in 1848 in Sudbury, Mass., 
where he still lives. He married first, Jan. 28, 1871, Georgia 
Etta Garfield, who died Dec. 21, 1871, ae. 21, daughter of Calvin 
and Lydia Garfield. He mamed second, Sept. 7, 1875, Kezia, 
daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Carr of Sudbury. 

Children, all born in Sudbury : 

i. Fred Edwari>,« b. Nov. 2, 1876. 
ii. Henry Alfred, b. Sept. 8, 1880. 
iii. Angie May, b. Oct. 17, 1882. 
iv. Newton Meriam, b. Feb. 24, 1888. 


Charles Leslie* Bent {Samuel,'' Hyman,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born Oct. 23, 1860, in Gardner, 
Mass., where he is still living. He early went to work for the firm 
of S. Bent & Bros., chair manufacturers, and after the death of his 
father, in 1883, became a member of the firm. He married, Jan. 
5, 1888, Emma Fisk Eaton, daughter of Franklin and Maria (Fisk) 
Eaton of Gardner. 

Children, all born in Gardner : 

i. Samuel Harold,^ b. April 18, 1889. 
ii. Marion, b. Feb. 16, 1891. 
iii. Roderick Leslie, b. Jan. 9, 1895. 


Allen Herbert* Bent {A. Allen,'' Hymnn,^ 8amuel,^ 
Thomas,'^ Hopestill,^ Peter,'' John^) was born in the south village 
of Gardner, Mass., June 5, 1867, but since April, 1869, has re- 
sided in Boston, the part formerly the city of Roxbury. He was 
educated in the Boston public schools, graduating from the English 
High School in 1884, a Franklin medal scholar. From 1884 to 
1892 he was employed in the wholesale crockery store of the late 


firm of Norcross, Mellen & Co., but since Sept., 1894, has been 
in the office of Edward Hatch, auctioneer. He has written, besides 
the present history of the Bent family, an account of the Comee- 
Comey Family in America (50 pp., 1896), the Descendants of 
Walter Allen of Newbury, Mass., 1640 (66 pp., 1896), Col. Jabez 
Hatch of Boston, his Ancestry and Descendants (5 pp., 1897), 
and an account of the early generations of the Fenno Family in 
America (11 pp., 1898), the latter two, as well as the first nine 
pages of the Comee-Comey Family and a preliminary account of 
the early Bents (1894), being reprinted from the JSTeio- En gland 
Historical and Genealogical Register. An enthusiastic lover of 
the woods and hills, he has also written a few fugitive newspaper 
articles on snow-shoeing in the White Mountains and other out-door 

He married, March 3, 1898, Cora L. Maynard, of Attleboro', 
Mass., born in the part of Smithfield, R. I., added to Woonsocket, in 
1871, daughter of Daniel Harrison and Elizabeth (Banister) May- 
nard, and a descendant in the eighth generation from John Maynard, 
who settled in Sudbury, Mass., in 1639, near John' Bent. The 
line of descent is: Daniel H.,' DanieP of Hawley, Mass., DanieP 
of Hawley, Ebenezer" of Westboro', Mass., David^ of Westboro', 
John^ of Marlboro', Mass., John' of Sudbury. 


George Henry® Bent (JSTervell ,'' JSTewell,^ Jonathan,^ Thomas,* 
Ilopestill,^ Petei\^ John^^, insurance agent, was born June 19, 
1836, in Cambridge, Mass., where he is still living. He married, 
Nov. 2, 1871, Georgiana, daughter of Edward Hixon of Cam- 

Children, all born in Cambridge : 

i. Newell,^ b. June 20, 1873 ; graduated from Harvard College 
in 1895 ; now an instructor in the Fay School at Southboro', 

ii. Elizabeth Hixon, born Aug. 30, 1874 ; teacher in a private 
school in Boston. 

iii. George Edward, b. May 29, 1877. 

iv. Sarah Chaplin, b. March 26, 1887. 


Walter Trowbridge® Bent {Newell,'' JSTewell,^ Jonathan,'' 
Thomas,* Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^), stock broker, was born in 
Cambridge, Mass., May 5, 1851, and is living in Framinghara, 
Mass. He is a member of the firm of Joseph B. Ames & Co., 
Boston. He married, May 20, 1880, Emily F. Newton of Cam- 
bridge, born in Salem, Mass., Aug. 16, 1856, daughter of John 
H. and Emily M. ( Jepson) Newton. 


Children, i. and ii. born in Cambridge, the others in Framing- 
ham : 

i. Mary Emily,^ b. June 8, 1881. 
ii. Walter Gregory, b. July 20, 1884. 
iii. Leavitt Newell, b. Nov. 16, 1886. 
iv. Harold Trowbridge, b. April 11, 1891. 
V. Franklin Augustus, b. Dec. 24, 1892. 


Alfred* Bent {Charles,'' Silas,^ Silas,^ Elijah,* Hojjestill,^ 
Peter, ^ John^) was born in Taos, N. M., Feb. 2, 1837 ; educated 
in St. Louis, Mo. He was murdered at Taos, Dec. 9, 1865, by 
a Spaniard who was known as Greek George. He married, Aug. 
13, 1857, Guadaloupe Long, born Oct. 28, 1843, who married 
second, in 1867, George W. Thompson and lives in Sopris, a coal 
mining town in Colorado. 

Children, all born in Taos : 

i. Charles,^ b. April 2^, 1860 ; living in Trinidad (four miles 
C^A-iv from Sopris), Col., where he is engaged in stock raising; m. 

April 23, 1885, Fannie Sayre, b. in Cimarron, N. M., March 
>■ ■- -'28, 1867. Four children, all b. in Colorado: 1. Gladys 
Juanita^'^ b. April 9, 1889. 2. Frances Beatrice, b. Sept. 27, 
->--«««*«*. jg9i_ g_ jrM;>ie Bearing, b. Sept. 17, 1894. 4. Nannie 
Marie, b. Jan. 12, 1897. 
ii. William, b. May 31, 1862 ; farmer; living near Sopris, Col. ; 
m. Oct. 24, 1884, Verouiz Wilkins. Four children : 1. Bella. 
2. Eva. 3. Lucy. 4. Thomas. 
iii. Silas Alfred, b. Oct. 20, 1864 ; living unm. in Soj^ris. 


James McClelland^ Bent {John,^ Silas,^ Silas,^ Elijah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter,' John^^, clergyman, was born in St. Louis, Mo., 
in April, 1841, and died in Bowling Green, Ky., Dec. 27, 1893, 
the result of injuries received in a runaway accident eighteen months 
previous. When twelve years old he was taken by his mother to 
Kentucky, where the rest of his life, with the exception of a few 
years, was spent. He was educated at Transylvania University, 
Lexington, Ky., and prepared for the ministry (Baptist) at George- 
town College (Ky.), from which he graduated with first honors in 
1860. He was considered the finest Latin and Greek scholar that 
had graduated from Georgetown up to that time. He held pastorates 
in Augusta, Bowling Green, Covington and Millersburg, Ky., and 
Springfield, Mo. At the time of his fatal accident he was president 
of Liberty Female College at Glasgow, Ky. He was a man of 
culture and refinement and eminently successful as a pastor and as 
an educator. He married, Jan. 5, 1871, at Bowling Green, where 
she is still living, Sallie, daughter of Judge John Burnam. 


Children : 

i. Olive M.," b. April 3, 1873. 
ii. John Burnam, b. Oct. 1, 1874. 
iii. Seddie, b. Jan. 4, 1880. 
iv. Silas, b. May 9, 1882. 
V. Nannie C, b. Nov. 19, 1883. 


Joel Woodbury^ Bent ( William X./ Joel,^ Joel,^ Elijah,* 
HojJestill,^ Peter, "^ Johii") was bom in Wendell, Mass., July 24, 
1846 ; living in Brighton, Boston, Mass. When three years old 
he went to Wisconsin with his j^arents, but returned to Massachu- 
setts seven years later with his mother and made his home in Lev- 
erett until he was seventeen, when he started out for himself. After 
three years spent in New York State he came East again and in 
1871 located in Boston. Since 1873 he has been foreman in the 
Brighton abattoir. He married, Aug. 29, 1872, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of John and Eliza (Dougall) Huston of St. John, N. B. 

Children, all born in Boston : 

i. Gertrude May,^ b. March 19, 1874 ; a graduate of the Normal 
School iu Boston ; a teacher in the Auburn School, Brighton. 

ii. LuciNDA Mariah, b. Aug. 16, 1875. 
iii. William Dougall, b. May 30, 1877. 
iv. Ella Florence, b. Feb. 13, 1879. 

V. Annabell, b. Sept. 29, 1880. 
vi. Jessie Huston, b. Jan. 17, 1884. 
vii. Justin Woodbury, b. May 13, 1885. 

William Osgood® Bent ( William L.,'' Joel,^ Joel,^ Elijah* 
Hoj)estill,^ Peter, ^ Johti^) was born in Wendell, Mass., July 17, 
1848 ; living in Hadley, Mass. He married first, in Shutesbury, 
Mass., Jan. 29, 1874, Harriet Celestia Barrows, who was born in 
Wilmington, Vt., June 25, 1844, and died in Charlemont, Mass., 
Feb. 11, 1888, daughter of Zerah and Mary (Alden) Barrows. 
He married second, in Hadley, Jan. 1, 1896, Ida May Whitman, 
who was born at Windsor Locks, Conn., June 7, 1856, daughter 
of Still man Ford and Cynthia Steadman (Lathrop) Whitman. 

Child, by first marriage, born in Heath, Mass. : 
i. May Emily,9 b. Sept. 24, 1879. 


Horatio Groies* Bent {Horatio G.,'' Samuel,^ Joel,^ Elijah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in New Orleans, La., Nov. 
22, 1857, but was taken two years later to Bloomington, 111., 




where he still resides. He graduated from the Illinois Wesleyan 
University of Bloomington in 1879, and from the Law School con- 
nected with the same institution in 1882. With the exception of 
about nine months spent in St. Paul, Minn., he has since lived in 
Bloomington, where he is in active practice as a lawyer. For sev- 
eral years he has been a member of the board of education. He 
married, Aug. 25, 1880, Adah Crist of Bloomington, who was 
born April 23, 1859. 
Children : 

i. Horatio Crist,^ b. June 23, 1881. 
ii. Lewis Grimes, b. Sept. 25, 1885. 
iii. Julian, b. Jan. and d. April, 1889. 


George* Bent {^Joseph K.,^ Samuel,^ Joel,^ Elijah,^ Hope- 
still,^ Peter,^ John^) was born in St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 25, 1840; 
moved, July 28, 1881, to Cliicago, 111., where he still resides. He 
is a travelling salesman for the largest lumber company in the 
world, the Edw. Hines Lumber Company. He married, March 
16, 1864, at Florisant, Mo., Julia A. Taylor, who was born Oct. 
18, 1844. 

Children, all born in St. Louis : 

i. Lelia S.,« b. Jan. 22, 1865 ; d. Nov. 27, 1865. 

ii. Cora Lee, b. Oct. 16, 1866 ; m. Nov. 10, 1886, in Chicago, 111., 

Willis E. Keeler of Belvidere, 111. ; no children, 
iii. Marie Marguerite, b. Aug. 16, 1869. 

iv. Birdie B., b. March 26, 1872; d. Oct. 2, 1897; m. Jan. 11, 
1892, Trueman L. Parkhurst of Sau Diego, Cal. ; uo children. 
V. JuANiTA, b. Jan. 1, 1877. 


William McDowell® Bent {Cyrus H.,'' David J., ^ Rufas,^ 
Elijah,* Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in Louisville, Ky., 
June 1, 1855; living in Covington, Ivy. He graduated from 
Centre College, Danville, Ky., in 1875. November 15, 1879, he 
married Katie Paull Harrison of Louisville, who died March 3, 
1881. Their only child, Paull, died Feb. 24, 1881. After the 
death of his wife and child he spent considerable time in travel, and 
then for a short time was in business in Kentucky. In Dec, 1885, 
he assumed the management of the Atlanta, Ga., house of the 
Chess Carley Co., which was soon merged into the Standard Oil Co., 
with whom he still remains. He was transferred in Nov., 1887, 
to the branch at Savannah, Ga., and recently to Cincinnati, O. 



George Starratt* Bent (Jiufus,'' David,^ David,^ Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter,^ John^) was born in Granville, N. S., Nov. 1, 
1822, and died March 30, 1884. He married, Jan. 18, 1855, 
Mary Ann Inglis. 

Children, all born in Granville : 

i. Ann Elizabeth,^ b. Feb, 1, 1856. 

ii. Frank Fenwick, b. Sept. 26, 1858 ; lives with his brother on 
farm in Belleisle, in the township of Granville, N. S.,, where 
his great-grandfather settled ; m. Dec. 30, 1891, Amelia 

iii. Amanda Starratt, b. Sept. 8, 1861 ; m. Dec. 31, 1890, Albert 
Goodwin ; three children. 

iv. Laura Jean, b. April 20, 1864 ; m. Dec. 18, 1889, Lemuel 
Elliott ; three children. 

V. Minnie De Wolf, b. April 27, 1867 ; m. July 12, 1892, Fred- 
erick Bent. 

vi. Clara Belle, b. Feb. 2, 1870. 

vii. Archie Clifford, b. June 16, 1873. 


David Parker® Bent {Rufus,' David,^ David, ^ Micah,* Hope- 
still," Peter, ^ John^) was born in Granville, N. S., Sept. 23, 1824, 
and died May 29, 1879 ; lived in Forest Glen, Annapolis County, 
N. S. He married Susan Stronach. 

Children : 

i. George.* 

ii. David. 

iii. Susan, m. George Stronach. 

iv. lluTii, m. Hoyt Foster. 


Edwin* Bent ( William Lovett,'' William,^ David,^ Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in Nova Scotia in 1830, and 
died in Digby, N. S., in 1871. He was postmaster of Digby. He 
married, in 1861, Clara W. Barnaby. 

Children : 

i. Herbert H.,^ druggist, has Hved in Fitchburg, Mass. 
ii. Stanley, living in Centreville, N. S. 
iii. Florence, d. in 1891 ; m. Henry Snow of Annapolis, N. S. 


Thomas D.^ Bent {Phineas L.,^ William,^ David,^ Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in Annapolis, N. S., Oct. 13, 


1842. He moved to Massachusetts when a young man, and, Sept. 
24, 1862, enlisted from Needham, for nine months, in Co. C, 
43d Mass. Infantry. August 22, 1863, he re-enHsted as Ist sergt. 
in Co. D, 2d Mass. Heavy Artillery ; promoted to 2d lieut. April 
10, 1865. He married, Nov. 22, 1865, Elizabeth Henderson of 
Children : 

i. Erwin.^ 
ii. Mary. 
, iii. William. 
iv. George. 


William Henry^ Bent ( Warren,^ Joseph,^ Daind,^ llicah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter,- John^) was born in the Annapolis Valley, N. S., 
in 1817 ; living in Morristown, N. S. He married first, Elizabeth 
Oakes ; married second, Olivia Oakes. 

Children : 

i. Mary Olivia,^ m. Frederick Webster. 

ii. Emma, m. Robert Nichols, 
iii. Nancy, in. Lindley Nichols, 
iv. Frances, m. Dium. 


Gilbert Ray* Bent ( Warren,'' Joseph,^ David,^ Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in the Annapolis Valley, 
N. S., Jan. 22, 1825, and is living in North Reading, Mass. He 
left Nova Scotia in 1847 and was educated for the ministry at Con- 
cord, N. H., graduating in 1854. His first charge was at North 
Grafton, Mass., since which he has been pastor of several Methodist 
parishes, mostly in New England. During the war he was at the 
front with the U. S. Christian Commission. For the past few years 
he has had no regular charge, preaching only occasionally. 

He married first, at Chelsea, Mass., Jan. 1, 1859, Crusa A. 
Cook, who was born in Mendon, Mass., in 1839, daughter of Clark 
and Louisa M. Cook. She died at Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md., 
March 4, 1864. He married second, Feb. 21, 1866, Mary Caro- 
line Grout of Pelham, Mass. 

Child of Rev. Gilbert R. and Crusa : 

i. Frances Louisa,® b. Sept. 1859 ; Hving in Boston, Mass. ; m. 
William T. Blake. 

Children of Rev. Gilbert R. and Mary, i. born in Southampton, 
Mass., ii. in South Walpole, Mass. : 

i. Gilbert Wesley Warren,^ b. Nov. 10, 1867 ; graduated from 


Boston University School of Medicine in 1892 and located in 
Walpole, Mass. ; d. in Dorchester, Boston, Mass., Oct. 7, 1896. 
ii. Rose Standish, b. Aug. 20, 1872 ; living in North Reading, 
Mass. ; m. Dec. 1892, Warren H. Simonds. 


Israel* Bent ( Warren^'' Joseph,^ David,^ Micah,* Hopestill^^ 
Peter,^ John^) was born in Paradise, N. S., April 27, 1827, and 
is living in Lowell, Mass., where he is a dealer in belting, leather 
and shoe findings. He married first, March 30, 1850, Ella Griffin 
of Newburyport, Mass., who was born Nov. 21, 1829, and died 
June 3, 1880. He married second. May 1, 1884, Elvira Hamlin 
Chick of Lowell. 

Children of Israel and Ellen, i. born in Newburyport, ii. in 
Boston : 

i. Ella Gertrude,^ b. March 15, 1854; m. Nov. 11, 1874, 

Charles H. Damon of Lowell. 
ii. Carrie Etta, b. Nov. 9, 1859 ; m. Jan. 11, 1881, at Lowell, 

L'ving Locke of Lexington, Mass., where they still reside. 

Three cliildren : 1. Alice Griffin,'''' b. Sept. 18, 1882. 2. 

Ellen Corinne, b. March 4, 1885. 3. Beulah Bent, b. Feb. 

17, 1888. 
iii. Warren, b. and d. 1862. 


Warren Edgar* Bent ( TFarrew,^ Joseph,^ David, ^ Micah,^ 
Hopestill,^ Peter,^ John^) was born in 1841 in the Annapolis 
Valley, N. S., where he still lives, at Paradise. He married Lydia 
L. Balcom. 

Children : 

i. Frances.® 
ii. Harry. 
iii. Charles. 
iv. Clara. 
V. Ralph. 


John Fletcher® Bent {Israel i.,' Joseph,^ David, ^ Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in Granville, N. S., Sept. 30, 
1829, and died in Granville, Nov. 14, 1882, ae. 53. He married, 
in 1858, Fanny Ruffee. 

Children, all born in Granville : 

i. Alice A.,» b. 1859 ; d. 1864. 

ii. Henry R., b. 1862 ; d. May 4, 1877. 

iii. Owen P., b. 1866 ; d. in Granville, Jan. 15, 1895 ; m. Oct. 29, 

1884, Annie M. Bath, 
iv. Vennie De Wolf, b. June 22, 1873. 



Jacob Valentine* Bent (Israel L.,'' Josej^h,^ David,'' Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, "^ John^), farmer, was born in Granville, N. S., 
Oct. 10, 1840. He moved, in 1889, to Stow, Mass., and thence, 
in April, 1896, to Hudson, Mass., where he still resides. He 
married, in 1871, Eose H. Balcom, who died in Stow, March 16, 

Children : 

i. Eugene P.,^ b. May 23, 1873 ; living unm. in Allston, Boston, 

ii. Aubrey W., b. Nov. 23, 1874 ; farmer ; living unm. in South 

Acton, Mass. 
iii. Burpee B., b. Oct. 31, 1877 ; living unm. in Boston, 
iv. Joseph V., b. July 31, 1879 ; living with his father. 


Israel AEcnraALD^ Bent (Israel L.^'' Joseph,^ David, ^ Micah,^ 
Hopestill,'^ Peter, ^ John^), contractor and builder, was born in 
Granville, N. S., Oct. 2, 1849, and is living in (South) Lincoln, 
Mass. He moved to Massachusetts in 1880, and, after living two 
years in Weston, bought his present place in Lincoln. He mar- 
ried, Dec. 4, 1872, Sarah Sybella Coldwell of Berwick, N. S. 

Children, i. to iv. born in Berwick, N. S., v. in Weston, vi. to 
viii. in Lincoln : 

i. Nellie Amelia Ray,^ b. April 21, 1874. 

ii. Hyland Fairbanks, b. Nov. 17, 1875 ; a carpenter in Lincoln, 

iii. Edwin Stearns, b. June 17, 1877. 

iv. Jennie Beatrice, b. Dec. 1, 1878. 

v. Lalia Estella, b. Sept. 18, 1881. 

vi. Ralph Waldo, b. May 29, 1883. 

vii. Bertha Woodworth, b. April 27, 1885. 

viii. Ethel Foster, b. Jan. 12, 1893. 


Joseph Benson^ Bent (J. Fletcher,'' Joseph,^ David, ^ Micah,'' 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ Johm}^ was born in St. Davids, N. B., Nov. 
25, 1838, and is living in Somerville, Mass. He came to Massa- 
chusetts in 1862, and since 1888 has been book-keeper for G. W. 
Bent & Co., Boston. He married, Sept. 6, 1865, Matilda Wilson 
Coffin, who was born in Barrington, N. S., April 12, 1840, daugh- 
ter of Peter Coffin of Halifax, N. S., and a descendant of Tristram 
Coffin early of Nantucket, Mass. 

Children, all born in East Boston, Mass. : 

i. (Francis) Albert Berry,® b. Jan. 8, 1867 ; living in Somer- 
villa ; is in the employ of G. W. Bent & Co. of Boston ; m. 
in Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1889, Hattie Hamilton. Two 


children: 1. Winifred Hamilton, ^'^ b. in Springfield, N. Y., 

Nov. 13, 1890. 2. Florence Esther, b. in Somerville, Sept. 

17, 1894. 
ii. Helen Hay Hamilton, b. Feb. 27, 1869 ; d. March 22, 1878. 
iii. George Frederick Coffin, b. Nov. 28, 1870 ; living in 

iv. Leon Girard Loring, b. May 23, 1872 ; living in Reading, 

Mass. ; is in the employ of G. W. Bent & Co., Boston ; m. 

Oct. 14, 1896, Marion Edna Parker. 
V. Joseph Fletcher, b. March 7, 1880. 


William Bennett^ Bent ( William,'' Joseph,^ David,^ 3Iicak,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) w^as born in Nova Scotia. He married 
first, Abigail Higgins ; second, Lavinia — . 

Children (all dead) : 

i. William B.^ 
ii, Lizzie. 


iv. William. 


James Henniger® Bent {James S.,'' Stephen,^ David, ^ Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^) w^as born in Annapolis, N. S., Oct. 2, 
1840. He came to Massachusetts with his father in 1848, and since 
1854 has lived in Boston, where he is a clothing salesman. He 
married Kate, daughter of Morton Bradford of East Boston, and a 
descendant of Gov. Bradford of the Plymouth colony. 

Children, all born in (East) Boston. 

i. Hattie May,^ living with her father ui Rosliudale, Boston ; 

m. in 1890, George E. Elliott of Lisbon, N. H. One child, 

Ethel B}" Elliott. 
ii. George Bradford, d. ae. 3. 
iii. Fannie Rice, living in Providence, R. I. ; m. June 3, 1897, 

Percy J. Callowhill. 


Rupert George^ Bent {James,'' Silas,^ David,^ Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, '^ John^), blacksmith and machinist, was born 
at Nictaux Falls, Annapolis County, N. S., in 1836, and died in ^ 
Goldenville, N. S., in 1888, 03. 52. He lived in Bath, Me., a 
short time in the early sixties, but returned to Nictaux Falls, and a 
few years later went to Londonderry, N. S., and finally to Golden- 
ville, N. S., where with others he operated the Dominion gold 
mines with success. He married, in 1856, Margaret Emma, daugh- 
ter of Eben Beattie of Londonderry, N. S., who married again 
Angus Cameron of Sherbrooke, N. S. 


Children, i. born in Londonderry, ii. in Bath, Me., iii. and iv. at 
Nictaux Falls, v. to vii. in Goldenville : 

i. Gardiner Lonsdale,^ b. 1858 ; a mining engineer in Mexico, 
ii. George Eben, b. 1861 ; mining engineer ; m. Florence Smitli. 
iii. Georgianna Frances, b. 1863 ; school teacher, 
iv. James Rupert, b. 1865 ; mining engineer ; at present interested 

in Ahiska. 
V. Laura Fairfield, b. 1871 ; school teaclier in Wine Harbor, 

N. S. 
vi. Carrie Elswood, b. 1874 ; m. Alex. Nichols, 
vii. Gardiena Elvira, b. 1878. 


Horatio Nelson* Bent {James ^^ /Silas, ^ David,'' Micah,' 
Hopestill,^ Peter, "^ Johv}), carpenter, was born at Nictaux, N. S., 
where he died. He married Mary Stronach. 

Children : v 

i. Fred O.^ 
ii. Margaret. 
iii. Rupert. 
iv. Frank. 
V. Jessie. ^ 


William Henry* Bent {Dennis,'' Silas, ^ David,' Micah,* 
Hoj) e still ,^ Peter, ^ John^), lawyer, was born in Nictaux, Annapolis 
County, N. S., Dec. 6, 1841, and is living in Lowell, Mass. In 
1850 the family home was transferred to Newburyport, Mass., where 
he lived until 1859. After a year spent in Haverhill, Mass., he 
located permanently in Lowell, where he was employed as a printer 
in the office of one of the daily newspapers, at the same time study- 
ing law. In August, 1862, he enlisted as a private in Co. A, 35th 
Reg. Mass. Infantry, and became 1st lieut. in Sept. 1864, and 
captain in Nov. 1864 ; transferred to the 29th Reg. in May, 1865, 
and mustered out Aug. 1865. He was eno-ao-ed in the battles of 
South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Siege of Vicksburg, 
Siege of Knoxville, Blue Springs, Mine Run, Spottsylvania, North 
Anna, Shady Grove, Cold Harbor, Siege of Petersburg and the 
mine explosion at Appomattox. In Dec. 1867, he was admitted to 
the Middlesex bar and has been in active practice ever since ; was 
admitted to the United States Court at Boston in Sept. 1898. He 
married, at Lowell, Aug. 9, 1871, Georgia H., daughter of George 
H. and Anna B. Tarr. 

Children : 

i. Bertram Dennis,^ b. April 5, 1879. 
ii. Amt Gladys, b. Sept. 13, 1884. 




William Harrison* Bent {James M.,'' William,^ William_ 
Micah,* liopestlll,^ Peter, ^ John^) was born in 1840 in Cochituate 
Village, Wayland, Mass., where he died June 22, 1896. He was 
a member of" the firm of W. & J. M. Bent, shoe manufiictm-ers, in 
Cochituate village (the firm went of business about 1893), and had 
been selectman, representative to the Legislature (1875), treasurer 
of the water commissioners and treasurer of the Natick & Cochituate 
Street Railway, and was prominent among the local Masons and 
Knights 'J'emplar. He married, Nov. 27, 1861, Teresa H. Loker 
of Wayland, who is still living in Cochituate. 

Children, all born in Wayland : 

i. Elmer Myrick,® b. Feb. 5, 1863; living in Cochituate; m. 
Feb. 20, 1883, Julia M. Riley of Wayland. Three children : 
1. William. 2. Alvin. 3. Mildred. 
ii. Mildred, b. June 29, 18G7 ; m. Oct. 7, 1885, Edwin Farwell 
of Natick, son of Royal E. and Sarah W. Farwell. Four 
children : 1. Roger. 2. John. 3. Frank. 4. Rachel. 
iii. William Harrison, b. Jan. 17, 1876 ; living in Cochituate. 


James Alvin* Bent {James M.^'' William,^ William,^ 3ficah,* 
JlopestiU,^ Peter,^ Jo/in^), box manufiicturer, was born in 1843 
in Cochituate Village, Wayland, Mass., where he still lives. He 
married first, April 7, 1864, Anna Matilda Dudley, who was born 
March 26, 1845, in Wayland, where she died July 31, 1890, 
daughter of Nathaniel C. and Anna (Maynard) Dudley, and a 
descendant of Francis Dudley who settled in Concord, Mass., about 
1663. For twenty-five years she led the choir in Cochituate and 
often presided at the organ ; at the time of her death she was chair- 
man of the school committee. J. Alvin married second, July 11, 
1893, Anna Brown of Watertown. 

Children : 

i. William,^ b. Nov. 17, 1865 ; d. Nov. 30, 1876. 
ii. James Alvin, b. July 7, 1870 ; d. Sept. 3, 1876. 


Thomas Dexter^ Bent {James il/.,' William,^ William,^ 
Micah,* Hopesfill,^ Peter, ^ John^), box manufacturer, w^as born 
Nov. 14, 1844, in Cochituate Village, Wayland, Mass., where he 
still resides. He married, Jan. 20, 1885, Elizabeth Campbell, 
daughter of John and Catherine Currie Campbell of Sydney, Cape 

* Received too late to be properly numbered. See page 146. 


Children, all born In Cocliituate : 

i. Martha Trowbridge,^ b. Aug. 18, 1886. 
ii. Mary Catherine, b. Jan. 29, 1891. 
iii. Anna Elizabeth, b. Dec. 21, 1898. 


Myron Wallace* Bent {James M.,'' William,'^ William,^ 
Micah,* Hopestill,^ Peter, "^ John^) was born Sept. 19, 1849, in 
Cochituate Village, Wayland, Mass., and is living in Rochester, 
N. H., where he is superintendent of Linscott & Co.'s shoe manu- 
factory. He represented Wayland in the Massachusetts Legislature 
in 1878. He married first, Rosanna Illingsworth of Waltham, 
from whom he was divorced. He married second, March 16, 1872, 
Cornelia J., daughter of William Loker of Wayland. 

Child, by the first marriage : 

i. Bertha Maria,^ b. Aug. 2, 1868 ; living in Rhode Island; m. 
George Lawrence. 


Ralph® Bent {James M.,'' William,^ William,^ Micah^* 
Hopestill,^ Peter,^ John^) was born Nov. 6, 1854, in Cochituate 
Village, Wayland, Mass., and is living in Joliet, 111., where he is 
superintendent of the shoe manufacturing department of the State 
penitentiary. He married, Jan. 1, 1872, Isabel Damon Bond of 

Children, both born in Wayland : 

i. Susan Roby,^ b. July 27, 1872 ; m. Edward Marvin, a lawyer, 
of Portsmouth, N. IL, firm of Frink & Marvin. Two chil- 
dren : 1. William. 2. Sara. 

ii. James Madison, b. Ai^ril 16, 1880. 


George Oberlin* Bent (Archibald,^ Micah,^ William,^ Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter, ^ John^^ was born in South Framingham, Mass., 
Nov. 3, 1842 ; living in South Framingham. He enlisted June 30, 
1861, as private in Co. B, 29th INIass. Infantry; became 1st lieu- 
tenant March 25, 1865. He married first, in Boston, Feb. 23, 18')6, 
Eliza Georgietta Talbot, a native of Colchester, England, who died 
in Framingham, Nov. 9, 1866, te. 17; married second, in Woon- 
eocket, R. I., January 24, 1868, Wilma Delina, born Oct. 3, 1852, 
daughter of George® Bent. (See page 71.) 

Children, i. to iii. born in Franklin, Mass., iv. in Framingham: 

i. Harry Archibald,^ b. Nov. 12, 1868; fiving in So. Framing- 
ham, Mass. ; m. Dec. 2, 1896, Edith E. Brown. One child, 
Ethel Mae,^" b. Sept. 28, 1897. 


ii. George Morton, b. May 1, 1870; living in So. Framingham; 
m. Aug. 19, 1898, Gertrude M. Fleming of Sherborn, Mass. 
One child, Evelyn Fleming,'^'' b. Sept. 4,' 1899. 

iii. Arthur Edgar, b. Dec. 20, 1871 ; living in So. Framingham; 
book-keeper for Fales & Co. ; treasurer of First Universalist 
Church of Framingham ; has served in the militia, and been 
captain of Sons of Veterans; m. Dec. 29, 1897, Ethel Sharp, 
only dau. of Samuel and Martha S. Currier of Natick, Mass. 

iv. Ada Florence, b. Sept. 25, 1873; living in So. Framingham; 
m. June 6, 1894, James Foster Flagg. Two children: 1. 
Wilma Morton^^ Flagq, b. Feb. 14, 1895. 2. Battle Florence 
Flagg, b. May 30, 1898. 


Herbert Alphonso* Bent {Mellen G.,'' Micah,^ WilUam,^ 
Micah,* Ilopestill,^ Peter,^ Joltn^) was born in Webster, Mass., 
Jan. 22, 1855 ; was brought up by his paternal grandmother in 
Bellingham, Mass. ; living in Franklin, Mass. He married, March 
5, 1876, Mary Emma Gilford of Wrentham, Mass., daughter of 
Stephen T. Gifford. 

Children, i. born in Bellingham, ii. in Franklin: 

i. Charles Herbert,* b. Sept. 23, 1877. 
ii. Winifred Abbie, b.June 11, 1881. 


Lawson Green^ Bent {Mellen G.,'' Micah,^ William,^ Micah,* 
Hopestill,^ Peter,^ John^) was born at Valley Fall8(?), R. I., 
Sept. 19, 1857; is a railroad man, and lives in the South; was 
brought up in Lebanon, Me. He married Lucy Prescott. 

Two of their five children are living : 

i. Ernest.* 
ii. Ida. 


Peter* Bent {Peter,'' Peter, ^ David,^ David,* David,^ John,^ 
Joh^i^) was born in Denmark, N. Y., July 17, 1836; living in 
Chicago, 111. He married, Nov. 13, 1855, Nancy M. Cottrell, and 
afterwards moved to Clarence, Iowa, where she died July 23, 1883. 

Child, born in Denmark : 

i. Byron D.,* b. May 24, 1856; living in San Francisco, Cal. 


Warren G.' Bent {Major E.; Peter, ^ David," David,* 
David,^ John,"^ John^) was born in New York, June 26, 1839; 
living in Whiteside County, 111. He lived in Lewis County, N. Y., 


until 1865, when he moved to Carroll County, 111., remalninoj until 
1872, when he removed to Whiteside County. In 1878, he trans- 
ferred his home to Osborne County, Kansas, and there resided until 
1890, when he returned to Whiteside County. He married first, 
Sept. 2, 1860, at Barnes Corners, N. Y., Theresa Douglas, born 
in Lewis County, April 20, 1843, died in Illinois, Oct. 12, 1876; 
married second, Dec. 26, 1876, Mary Remer of Morrison, 111. ; 
no children by latter. 

Children of Warren G. and Theresa, i. and ii. born in Lewis 
County, N. Y., iii. and iv. in Carroll County, 111., and v. in White- 
side County, 111. : 

i. HATTiE,»b. Sept. 18, 18G1 ; living in Whiteside Co., 111.; m. 

1879, R. D. Phillips, 
ii. Myra, b. June 4, 1864 ; living in Dixon, 111. ; m. Oct. 13, 1887, 

at Morrison, 111., Charles F. North, 
iii. Jay M., b. Aug. 25, 1867 ; farmer, in Whiteside Co. ; m. Feb. 

6, 1890, at Morrison, Clara B. Harrison, 
iv. John, b. March 10, 1871 ; living in Whiteside Co. 
v. Fked, b. May 1, 1874. 


Z. Major' Bent {Major E.,' Peter, ^ David," David,* David,^ 
John,^ John^), farmer, was born in Lewis County, N. Y., March 
29, 1850; died Nov. 19, 1874, in Washington County, Kansas, 
whither he had removed from Illinois in 1870. He had gone from 
New York State to Illinois with his fiither in 1864. The Z in his 
name, as well as in the name of his son, has no significance. He 
married, Jan. 29, 1873, Salina Smith of Greenleaf, Kansas. 

Child, born in Kansas : 

i. Waeren Z.,^ b. Nov. 19, 1874; farmer, in Greenleaf, Kan. 


Curtis Rinaldo* Bent {Dalmanutha,'' David,^ David," David,* 
David,^ John,'^ John^) was born in Westminster, Vt., Aug. 23, 
1820 ; died in West Union, Iowa, March 18, 1884, ae. 63. When 
a small boy, he moved with his parents to Antwerp, N, Y. About 
1840 emigrated with an uncle to Rock County, Wis. After a few 
years spent in farming, he opened a store in Evansville, Wis. This 
he disposed of in the spring of 1852, and moved to Fayette County, 
Iowa, where he operated a saw mill for four years. Meanwhile, in 
the spring of 1855, he had transferred his home to a large farm in 
West Union, where the rest of his days were spent, his last years 
beinof devoted to the insurance business. In 1868 and 1869, he was 
a member of the Legislature of Iowa, besides holding many mmor 
offices. Was trustee for many years of the Upper Iowa University, 

224 BENT FAlVnLY. 

to which he made many donations. Was also steward and class 
leader in the Methodist church. He married first, May 25, 1851, 
Eleanora Robinson, born in Clark County, Ohio, June 5, 1831, 
died Feb. 4, 1857, daughter of Thomas and Anna Robinson; mar- 
ried second, Feb. 7, 1861, Mrs. Sarah J. (Robinson) Atwood, born 
Feb. 8, 1827, died April 5, 1894, sister of his first wife. 
Children, by first marriage, born in West Union, Iowa : 

i. M. Emma,® b. Sept. 13, 1853 ; living in Monona, Iowa ; m. Nov. 
13, 1878, J. Elbert Robertson, Jr. One child, Belle Eleanora}'^ 
Robertson, b. in West Union, Iowa, April 12, 1880. 

ii. Carrie A., b. July 18, 1855; living in West Union; m. May 
24, 1882, Sidney B. Carter. Six children, all b. in West 
Union: 1. Bruce Bent}'^ 2. Eleanora J. 3. Aima G. 4. 
Laura M. 5. Carlotta F. 6. Helen R. 

Child, by second marriage : 

i. Iowa B., b. July 8, 1863 ; d. March 30, 1879. 


Hartwell H.^ Bent {Dalmanutha^'' David,^ David,^ David,* 
David,'^ John,^ John^), farmer and cheese maker, was born in 
Philadelphia, N. Y., May 9, 1837 ; died in Antwerp, N. Y., Feb. 
29, 1884, te. 46 ; was supervisor of the town of Antwerp for many 
years, and chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Jefferson County 
for two years. He married, July, 1858, Jane Baldwin. 

Children, born in Antwerp, N. Y. : 

i. Roy Hartwell,® b. May 17, 1866 ; living in Antwerp, N. Y. ; 

m. Lola May Oelbert. One chUd, Li/nn Roi/^° Bent. 
ii. Wynn C, b. March 31, 1871. 


Melvina* Bent {Hartwell,'' David,^ David,^ David,* David,^ 
JoJin,^ John') was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., May 19, 1831; was 
taken a few years afterwards to Randolph, N. Y., and is living in 
Ellington, N. Y., her home since marriage. She married. May 29, 
1848, James Brooks, M.D. 

Children : 

i. James Casper® Brooks, b. April 25, 1849; a civil engineer; 
was killed in a railroad accident Sept. 26, 1883, ae. 34 ; m. 
Sept. 9, 1874, Delora, dau. of Capt. Julius B. and Caroline 
A. Maltbie of Gowanda, N. Y. One child. Hairy Birdsey^^ 

ii. Melvin Main Brooks, b. July 14, 1851 ; civil engineer; wa8 
sup't. of the construction of several railroads, and had charge 
of several natural gas plants; d. in Ellington, N. Y., Jan. 11, 
1895, ae. 44; m. in September, 1876, Kate Josephine Morgan 


of Fort Edward, N. Y. Three children : 1. Mahelle Morgan}^ 
Brooks, b. June 10, 1877. 2. Kafe Melvina Brooks, b. June 
13, 1880. 3. James Arthur Brooks, b. Aug. 26, 1885. 
iii. John Marvin Brooks, b. Dec. 19, 1856 ; a physician ; educated 
at Wooster University, Cleveland, O. Since 1895, has lived 
in Jamestown, N. Y. ; m. March 12, 1884, Bessie Cook, dau. 
of Merritt and Mary J. (Hooper) Cook of Ellington, N. Y. 
One child, 3Iary Kate''' Brooks, b. July 29, 1897. 

4091 * 

HoKACE Aldrich^ Bent {Hartwell,'' David,^ David," David,* 
David,^ John,^ John') was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., June 14, 1834, 
but was taken by his parents to Randolph, N. Y., soon after; died 
May 21, 1862, from injuries received in a railroad accident at 
Salamanca, N. Y. He married, about 1854, Helen M. Brown, 
who died at Verona, Alleghany County, Pa., Jan. 23, 1891, daugh- 
ter of Jonathan and Roena (Scudder) Brown of Randolph. 

Children, both born in Randolph : 

i. Nettie M.,^ b. April 17, 1855 ; living in Oil City, Pa. ; m. in 
Randolph, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1877, to Frank E. Glass of Brad- 
ford, Pa., who is a Presiding Elder in the Free Methodist 
Church. One child, Bessie E}^ Glass, b. in Bradford. Dec. 3, 
1878, now a short hand teacher in the Oil City Business 

ii. Hartwell J., b. A^jril 29, 1858 ; d. at Luna Creek, Pa., Sept. 
21, 1883. 


Walker Martin^ Bent {S. Walker,'' David,^ David," David,* 
David,^ Jolin,^ John^) was born in Ludlow, Vt., in 1845, and died 
in Cavendish, Vt., in 1880 ; managed a general store in the village 
of Duttonsville in Cavendish, was a printer, and for a time was ex- 
press messenger between Burlington and Boston. He married, 
April 13, 1869, Cordelia Esther Wallis, who is living in Cavendish. 

Children : 

i. Esther.^ 
ii. Georgia Ada. 
iii. Mary Stiles. 


George Carlos* Bent {8. Walker,'' David,^ David," David,* 
David,^ JoJin,^ John'), lawyer, was born in Ludlow, Vt., July 17, 
1848 ; living in Boston ; grew up on his father's farm in Cavendish, 
Vt. ; graduated from Dean Academy in Franklin, Mass., in 1871, 

* Received too late to be properly numbered. See page 151. 


and passed entrance examination to Tufts College ; taught in the 
high school at Machias, Me., for four years; studied law in the 
office of Heman W. Chaplin, Boston ; admitted to Suffolk bar 
March 20, 1876, and still continues to practice there; from 1876 
until 1892 lived in Cambridge, which he represented four years in 
the Common Council and two years, 1884-1885, in the Legislature. 
He is a prominent Mason. He married, 1875, Mattie A., daughter 
of Rev. Norris C. Hodgdon, a Universalist clergyman. No children. 


Stiles Gideon^ Bent (S. Walker,'' David,^ David,^ David,'^ 
David,^ John,'' John^) was born in Cavendish, Vt., and is living 
in Bethel, Vt. Has lived in Boston and Philadelphia. He married 
first, Marion P. Furber, born in Stockbridge, Vt., from whom he was 
divorced; married second, Mary G. Adams, born March 21, 1858, 
daughter of Daniel S. and Harriet (Crocker) Adams of Charles- 
town, Mass. 

Child : 

i. Ruth Furber,^ b. in Newton, Mass., July 21, 1889. 


Overton Walker^ Bent {Silas TT.,^ Silas P.,® David,^ 
David, ^ David,^ John,'' John^) was born in Henderson, Jefferson 
County, N. Y., March 29, 1846; living in Boulder, Col. In the 
summer of 1868, he went to Nebraska and took up a farm in Cass 
County, fifteen miles east of Lincoln; in 1884, he removed to the 
city of Lincoln, where he remained until 1898. He married, Oct. 
10, 1871, Belle Lewis of Cass County, born June 1, 1853, died 
Oct. 9, 1892, daughter of John and Gillie Lewis. 

Children, all born in Nebraska : 

i. Etta L.,^ b. Feb. 27, 1873 ; d. May 16, 1878. 
ii. Albert Wells, b. Sept. 21, 1874; d. Feb. 20, 1877. 
iii. Edna Centennial, b. Aug. 18, 1876; is connected with the 

Sanitarium at Boulder, Col. 
iv. Evelina Belle, b. Dec. 1, 1877 ; employed in the Colorado 

V. Lucy Olive, b. Aug. 3, 1879; has been ass't. book-keeper in 

the Sanitarium at Boulder since September, 1897. 
vi. Myrtle Mary, b. Jan. 4, 1885; d. April 26, 1898. 


Earl Silas^ Bent {John Jay,'' Silas P.,* David,^ David,* 
David,^ John,^ John^) was born Aug. 15, 1860, near De Kalb, III., 
and is living near Boulder, Col. 


Children : 

i. Jay Earl,^ b. Sept. 7, 1884 
ii. Charles Wesley, b. Sept. 22, 1886. 
iii. Hazel Alice, b. Nov. 5, 1888. 
iv. Olive, b. May 8, 1890. 
V. Fred Ellsworth, b. Jan. 6, 1892. 
And others. 


Horace Edward* Bent (^George R.,'' Alphonso,^ Thaddeus,^ 
David,* David,^ John,^ Johii^) was born in Clinton, Iowa, July 
14, 1864, and for several years has lived in Chicago, 111., where he is 
engaged in the meat and provision business. He married, in Chicago, 
Dec. 1, 1886, Mary Mullin. 

Children, all born in Chicago : 

i, Horace Dyer,« b. Dec. 16, 1887. 
ii. Russell, b. July 29, 1890 ; d. Aug. 3, 1890. 
iii. Earl Edward, b. Sept. 30, 1891. 
iv. Beulah Bartlett, b. April 1, 1894. 
V. Sidney Alphonso, b. July 11, 1898. 


JoHN^ Bent {John,'' Francis,^ John,^ Joseph,* Experience,^ 
Joseph,^ John^) was born in Middleboro', Mass., June 5, 1831: 
living in the adjoining town of Carver, which has always been his 
home except for two or three years ; was engaged in sawing box 
boards and shingles for several years, but of late has devoted his 
time to the extensive cultivation of cranberries ; has been a justice 
of the peace for many years, and has settled a large number of 
estates. He married, Dec. 3, 1873, Irena A. Smith of Middleboro'. 
One child, died in infancy. 


Martin Francis* Bent {Isaac,'' Francis,^ John,^ Joseph* 
Experience,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in Wareham, Mass., March 
17, 1835 ; living in Norwich, Conn. ; learned the blacksmith's trade 
of his father at Wareham, where he worked eleven years ; moved 
July 11, 1863, to Norwich, where for twenty years he was em- 
ployed in the Thames Iron Works ; since then has been superin- 
tendent for Ansel Clark, manufacturer of the Avery steam boiler, 
and for Hopkins & Allen manufacturing company. He married, 
Nov. 21, 1866, Harriet Peckham Woodworth of Norwich, daugh- 
ter of Ebenezer W. and Emily Ann (Peckham) Woodworth, for- 
merly of Montville, Conn. 


Children, all born in Norwich : 

i. Helen Sophia,^ b. Sept. 9, 1867 ; d. Jan. 1, 1873. 
ii. Francis Peckham, b. March 13, 1874; postal clerk in Nor- 
wich P. O. 
iii. William Woodworth, b. April 17, 1883. 


Wilson Dexter* Bent ( Wilson D.,'' Francis^^ John^^ Joseph,* 
Experience,^ Joseph,^ John^^, blacksmith, was born in North 
Sandwich (now Bournedale), Mass., Aug. 13, 1835; died in Fair- 
haven, Mass., Jan. 3, 1897. He married, Dec. 26, 1861, Sarah 
J. Spooner of Rochester, Mass., daughter of Edward Pope Spooner. 

Children, both born in North Sandwich : 

i. Wilson Dexter,^ b. Sept. 29, 1852 ; living in San Francisco, 
Cal.; m. Oct. 14, 1891, Olive E. Poor. Two children, b. in 
Sausilito, Marin Co., Cal. : 1. Ruth Usther,^'^ b. and d. 1892. 
2. Ralph Richards, b. Jan. 20, 1895. 

ii. Walter Eliot, b. May 26, 1866; living in Plymouth, Mass. ; 
m. June 27, 1894, Charhanna A. Jones. One child, Richard 
Harvey, ^'^ b. in Plymouth, March 1, 1895. 


Francis* Bent ( Wilson D.,^ Francis,^ John,^ Joseph,* Fx- 
perience,^ Joseph,"^ John^), blacksmith, was born in North Sand- 
wich (now Bournedale), Mass., Aug. 28, 1841 ; living in Plymouth, 
Mass. He married, May 8, 1869, Josephine F. Sherman of Sand- 

Children : 

i. Francis W.,» b. May 26, 1873. 
ii. Henry Allen, b. and d. 1885. 


Bartlett* Bent {Bartlett,'' John,^ John,'" Joseph,* Expe- 
rience,^ Josepjh,^ John^) was born in Wareham, Mass., Sept. 11, 
1829 ; brought up in New York City, and died in Middletown, Conn., 
where he had made his home since April, 1858. He had a natural 
fondness for politics, and for forty years Avas prominent in the Re- 
publican party in Connecticut, for many years being chairman of 
the Republican State Committee, where even the other party recog- 
nized his strength and ability. He was a man of fine personal 
appearance, extensive information and of pleasing address. In 1862, 
he represented Middletown in the legislature. Soon after, he was 
apjiointed assistant assessor of internal revenue, which office he held 
until it was abolished. In 1863 he was in the city council, in 


1866 and 1867 mayor of the city, and from 1869 to 1885 post- 
master. When Marshall Jewell became Postmaster-General of the 
United States during President Grant's first term, he offered the 
position of First Assistant Postmaster-General to Bartlett Bent, but 
the latter declined. He married, Aug. 8, 1854, in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Sarah, daughter of Ralph and Eliza Ann (Betts) Peacock of Pea- 
cock's Point, Long Island. Mrs. Bent is living in Flushing, Long 

Children, i. born in Glen Cove, Long Island, the others in Middle- 
town, Conn. : 

i. Charles E.,' b. Aug. 26, 1855 ; d. July 2, 1873. 

ii. Gertrude J., b. Aug. 15, 1858; m. Sept. 25, 1878, Albert J. 
Wright of Buffalo, N. Y., where she still resides. Four chil- 
dren: 1. Albert Beni^^ Wright. 2. Alfred Parke Wright. 3. 
Gertrude Wright. 4. Aniie Louise Wright. 

iii. Thomas Bartlett, b. July 2, 1861 ; living in Hartford, Conn. ; 
m. Nov. 22, 1891, Harriette M. Johnson. One child, Bartlett 

iv. Anne A., b. June 12, 1864; livLag in Flushing, L. I. ; m. Jan. 
8, 1890, Walter J. Travis, the well known golf expert, a native 
of Adelaide, Australia. Two children : 1. Adelaide Anne^'^ 
Travis, b. July 3, 1891. 2. Bartlett H. S. Travis, b. Feb. 26, 

V. Frank Ralph, b. Sept. 17, 1866; living unm. in Flushing. 
He is a real estate bi'oker in New York City, firm of Reid & 

vi. Ralfh William, b. Oct. 6, 1869 ; living unm. in Flushing. 


Samuel Shaw® Bent {Thomas,'' Jolin,^ John,^ Joseph,* Expe- 
rience,^ Joseph,"^ John^^, iron founder, was born in Albany, N. Y., 
July 15, 1830 ; brought up in New York City, where he lived until 
1862, when he moved to Port Chester, N. Y., where he died Dec. 31, 
1898, «.. 68. The firm was first Thomas Bent & Son, and in 
later years Samuel S. Bent & Son. The foundry was moved from 
New York City to Port Chester in 1896. He married, in New 
York City, Dec. 27, 1852, Sarah Elizabeth Adams, born Jan. 23, 
1831, living in Port Chester, daughter of Rufus and Sarah (Doug- 
las ) Adams of Connecticut. 

Children : 

L Thomas A.,® b. March 21, 1854; d. Sept. 10, 1887 ; ra. Corinne 
Hartzell, who d. two years later. She was a dau. of Rev. 
Hazard Hartzell, an Episcopal clergyman of Buffalo, N. Y. 

ii. Claudin Douglas, b. May 28, 1857'; d. unm. Feh. 22, 1898. 

iii. Samuel Shaw, b. Oct. 5, 1862; d. May 12, 1875. 

iv. Irving Douglas, b. March 8, 1864; d. May 6, 1875. 


V. Walter Douglas, b. June 24, 1867 ; continues his father's 
business ; m. Florence M, Wetmore, b. Feb. 18, 1868, dau. of 
William and Maria Wetmore of Port Chester, N. Y. One 
child, Samuel Douglas,^^ b. Jan. 19, 1891. 


Samuel Adams* Bent {John,'' Experietice,^ John,^ Joseph,* 
Experience,^ Josejjh,'^ John^) was born in Middleboro', Mass., 
May 11, 1828, and is living in Chicago, 111. He is travelling pas- 
senger agent for the Canadian Pacific Railway. He married first, 
June 8, 1859, Ann Eliza Page of Newtonville, Mass., daughter of 
Edward and Susan Page. She died in Chicago, June 1, 1894, ie. 
67. He married second, July 28, 1896, at Pigeon Cove, Mass., 
Mrs. Susan P. Bowles of Elmira, N. Y. 

Children of Samuel A. and Ann E. : 

i. EuLALiA,^ living in Ironwood, Mich. ; m. Frank L. Barrows ; 

three children. 
ii. Edward Page, d. in Gloversville, N. Y., December, 1892 ; 

iii. George Henry, d. unm. in St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 30, 1894. 


Charles Henry Wheelwright® Bent {Ehenezer,'' Expe- 
rience,^ John,^ Joseph,'^ Experience,'^ Joseph,^ John^) was bom 
in Middleboro', Mass., Feb. 2, 1835, and died in Nashville, Tenn., 
Oct. 22, 1866. Previous to his i-emoval, in 1860, to Nashville, he 
was employed in the oflfice of Phillips, Sampson & Co., book pub- 
lishers, in Boston. He married, in Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 20, 
1856, Eliza Ann Canney, born in Dover, N. H., Nov. 4, 1838, died 
in Boston, Jan. 15, 1882. 

Children : 

i. Alice E.,^ b. May 28, 18.57 ; living in Englewood, LI. ; m. 


ii. Slsie, b. Feb. 12, 1862 ; living in Englewood ; m. Hall. 


JuDSON Luther^ Bent {Luther,'' Experience,^ John, ^ Joseph,* 
Experience,^ Joseph,'^ John^^ was born in Watertown, Mass., Dec. 
13, 1843. He enlisted Sept. 19, 1862, for nine months in Co. K, 
5th Mass. Infantry. He has been in the carpet business in Waltham, 
Mass., the dry goods business in Colorado Springs, Col., and at 
present is mining in Oregon. He married, Nov. 15, 1876, Alice 
Webster Roberts, born Nov. 9, 1852, daughter of John and Mehi- 
table Roberts of Waltham. 


Children, i. born in Waltham, ii. in Colorado Springs : 

i. Roberts Judson,® b. Aug. 14, 1877. 
ii. Alsa Edith, b. April 1, 1881. 


Herbert Francis* Bent {Lidher,'' Experience,^ John,^ Jo- 
seph,* Experience,^ Joseph,"^ John^) was born in 1846 in Water- 
town, Mass., where he owns and manages the furniture business es- 
tablished by his father in 1836. He has been Sunday School super- 
intendent in the Baptist church for many years. He married first, 
Sept. 3, 1873, Laura, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Cum- 
mings) Monroe of Newton, Mass. She died Sept. 15, 1884, a3. 35 
years, 3 months, without issue. He married second, Nov. 14, 1888, 
Mary Luella Woodburn, born in Windham, Vt., daughter of Samuel 
C. and Mary Woodburn. 

Children of Herbert F. and Mary, both born in Watertown : 

i. WiXTHROP Herbert,^ b. July 29, 1892. 
ii. Laurence Woodburn, b. Aug. 16, 1894. 

Daniel Chandler* Bent {Otis,'' Willicwi,'^ John,'" Joseph," 
Experience,^ Joseph,'^ John^) was born in Paris, Me., Nov. 18, 
1821, and is living in Oshkosh, Wis., where his sign reads "Land 
and Loans." He married first, Harriet Hamlet of Pembroke, N. H. ; 
married second, Nov. 13, 1851, Arabella Rawson Holmes of South 
Paris, Me. 

Children, i. and ii. born in Manchester, N. H., iii., iv, and v. in 

Oshkosh, Wis. : 

i. Virgil Chandler,^ b. 1852; d. 1854. 
ii. Frances Eugenia, b. Feb. 16, 1854; m. Dr. Hiram Keyes 

Jillson of New London, Wis. ; six children, 
iii. Stella Louise, b. Nov. 4, 1857 ; d. Sept. 7, 1881. 
iv. Arabella Chandler, b. April 26, 1859 ; living in Seattle, 

Wash. ; m. Fred W. Stroud of Oshkosh, Wis. ; four children. 
V. George Chandler, b. May 16, 1860; living in Ogden, Utah, 

where he is in the wholesale paint, oil and glass business ; m. 

March 7, 1891, Myrtle Wvlie of Merrill, Wis. Two children, 

b. in Ogden: 1. Winifred,^'' b. Nov. 1, 1893. 2. Wylie 
■ Chandler, b. May 17, 1896. 


Orren Webster* Bent {Otis,'' William,^ John,^ Joseph," 
Experience,^ Joseph,^ John^), merchant, was born in Paris, Me., 
Jan. 31, 1824, and is living in Minneapolis, Minn., where he located 


in 1890. He married first, Mary Morse of South Paris, Me., who 
died April 19, 1883; married second, Edna O. Brooks of Peters- 
burg, N. y. 

Children, i. born in (South) Paris, Me., ii. in Chelsea, Mass., 
iii. to vi. in Portland, Me. : 

i. Louisa M.,^ b. .Jan. 21, 1848 ; living in Minneapolis, Minn. ; m- 

June 27, 1866, Charles E. Richardson of Paris, Me., b. Sept. 

26, 1845. 
ii. Otis Morse, b. May 26, 1850; merchant; d. in So. Paris, Me., 

June 16, 1881. 
iii. Mary Ella, b. Oct. 13, 1853 ; living in Minneapolis ; m. 

George F. Wescott. 
iv. Sarah Lizzie, b. 1855; d. 1856. 

V. Lillian H., b. May 6, 1858 ; living iinm. in jMinneapolis. 
vi. Anna Chandler, b. March 5, 1860; living in Chelsea, Mass.; 

m. Freeman G. Crommett, a Boston lawyer. 

427 J ^ 

John A.® Bent {Oren,'' William,^ John,^ Joseph,'^ Expe- 
rience,^ Joseph,"^ Jolin^ ) was born in Harrison, Maine, Sept. 8, 
1839, and is living in Mapleton, Utah. Most of his life up to 
the breaking out of the Civil AYar was spent on a farm. May 1, 
1861, he enlisted in Co. I, 5th Maine Vols., and served in this 
regiment and in the 4th U. S. Cavalry for six years. For the first 
sixteen months he was under McClellan in the Army of the Potomac 
and afterwards under Gen. Thomas in the southwest. He took 
part in the battles of Bull Kun, Seven Days Battle on the Potomac, 
Stone River, C'hattanooga, Chicamauga and Nashville. He was 
captured at Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1864, and confined in differ- 
ent prisons — Andersonville, Okalona and Meridian — until the close 
of the war, after which he was in service in Texas subduing the Co- 
manche Indians, until May, 1867. After a few years in Philadelphia 
and Boston, he moved in 1874 to Colorado, where he remained, 
stock-raising until 1893, when he removed to Utah, where he is still 
engaged in farming and stock-raising. He married Jan. 18, 1876, 
in Denver, Col., Helen T., dau. of Andrew and Rhoda Burnette 
Hevener of Kiver Bend, Col. 

Children, i. born in Denver, Col., ii. to iv. in Hugo, Col, : 

i. Blanche M.,» b. March 23, 1879. 
ii. Joseph Rose, b. Dec. 3, 1880. 
iii. Caroline A., b. Oct. 17, 1882. 
iv. John A. A, b. Aug. 20, 1889. 

* Keceived too late to be properly numbered. See page 166. 



William Edwin^ Bent ( William,'' William,'^ John,^ Joseph,^ 
Experience,'^ Joseph," Jolui^) Avas born in (West) Paris, Me., 
July 10, 1838, and is living in Abrams, Wis. In April, 18G5, he 
moved to AVisconsin, where he cleared the farm he now occupies 
near Green Bay. His winters have been spent lumbering in the 
extensive forests in the northern part of his adopted State. He 
married. May 29, 1856, Lucy Ann, daughter of William Knowles 
of Lowell, Mass. 

Children, i. to iii. born in West Paris, Me., and the others in 
Abrams, Wis. : 

470. i. Charles Augustus,^ b. Aug. 18, 1857. 

ii. Ella Susan, b. April 12, 1859 ; living in Waukegan, 111. ; m. 
Aug. 13, 1886, Dr. Arthur Radclift'e, formerly of Portland, 
Me. One son, Arthur Edioard,^^ b. in Bushnell, 111., Aug. 7, 

471. iii. George Henry, b. Feb. 20, 1862. 
iv. William E., b. and d. 1868. 

V. Horace Waldron, b. May 12, 1870 ; living unm. at State Line, 
Wis. Is associated with his brother Charles in the manage- 
ment of an extensive hunting and fishing resort. 

vi. Edwin Lester, b. Jan. 9, 1874; living unm. at Abrams, Wis., 
where he carries on his father's farm. 

vii. Walter Herbert, b. Aug. 31, 1878 ; living at State Line, 


Ira Cook^ Bent (Asahel,^ Zenas,^ Jolin,^ Joseph,^ Experience,^ 
Joseph,'^ John^), iron moulder, was born in Middleboro', INIass., 
Aug. 19, 1820, and died in Carver, Mass., Dec. 27, 1889. He 
married. May 16, 1847, Sally Murdoch Shaw, born in Carver, Aug. 
9, 1826, still living. 

Children, both born in Carver : 

i. Ellen Frances,® b. April 6, 1849 ; living in Carver, Mass. ; 

m. Nov. 15, 1869, Philander J. Holmes. Two children: 1. 

Mabel Warren^'^ Holmes, b. July id,, 1872. 2. Jesse Allen 

Holmes, b. Dec. 30, 1886. 
ii. Nathaniel Warren, b. Oct. 29, 1850; d. June 13, 1857. 


Norman Hammond^ Bent (Alexander,'' Elhanak,^ Joseph,^ 
Joseph,* Experience,^ Joseph,^ John^), master mariner, was born 
in Sandford, N. S., in April, 1843, and died in Yarmouth, N. S., 
Nov. 14, 1895, on his silver wedding day, je. 52. He sailed for 
his father-in-law for many years, then for Hon. L. E. Baker, and 


last for G. M. Steeves of Liverpool, Eng. He was part owner of 
the steel ship " Sofala." He married, Nov. 14, 1870, Lalia F., 
daughter of Captain Aaron Goudey. 

Children, all born in Yarmouth, N. S. : 

i. Arnold Clinton,^ b. June 15, 1874. 
ii. Eva Mildred, b. March 11, 1877. 
iii. Roy Kenneth, b. Sept. 10, 1881. 


Elkanah® Bent (^Charles,'' Mkanah,^ Joseph^^ Joseph,'^ Ex- 
perience,^ Joseph,^ John}), electrical engineer, was born at Long 
Island, Digby County, N. S., Jan. 3, 1855, and is living at Bear 
River, N. S. He married, April 2, 1879, Lizzie B. Terry of 
Gloucester, Mass. 

Children : 

i. Mabel L.,^ b. June 7, 1880. 

ii. Bertie, b. March 13, 1882. 

iii. Edith N., b. April 12, 1884. 

iv. Charles S., b. June 9, 1886. 

v. Percy C, b. Feb. 12, 1888. 

vi. Eva J., b. Nov. 29, 1890. 

vii. Dykeman a., b. April 4, 1892. 

viii. Marion H., b. June 1, 1894. 


Joseph Almon® Bent {Joseph,'' William,^ William,^ Joseph,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^), travelling salesman for the Watertown 
Wagon Company, was born June 28, 1852, in Thompsonville, Conn., 
where he still makes his home. He married, Nov. 1, 1875, Ellen 
E. Duncan of Thompsonville, who died Aug. 15, 1889. 

Children, all born in Thompsonville : 

i. Josephine E.,^ b. Aug. 15, 1876; m. September, 1896, her 
father's cousin, Merrill N. Bent i^q.v.). 

ii. Warren D., b. June 5, 1879. 
iii. Fannie E., b. 1882 ; d. 1883. 
iv. C. Almon, b. Dec. 25, 1885. 


Charles Henry* Bent {Charles G.,'' William,^ William,^ 
Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph," John^) was born in Dorchester, Boston, 
Mass., March 28, 1858; living in Graceland, N. J. (Westfield 
P. O.) ; a diamond cutter in New York City. He married, June 
20, 1883, Alice Borden Vanderveer of Jersey City, N. J., born Oct. 
24, 1861. 


Children : 

i. Laura Estelle,® b. Auw. 2, 1885. 
ii. Charles, b. Feb. 1, 1889. 
iii. Annie Haight, b. Feb. 25, 1891. 


James Stuart* Bent (JV^athaniel,'' James,^ William,^ Joseph^* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ John^) was born in Canton, Mass., Jan. 27, 
1857 ; living in Allston, Boston, Mass. While still in his teens, 
he went to work in his uncle's oil store, Bent & Hawkes, Broad 
Street, Boston; in 1880, he moved to Boston, and five years later 
became a member of the firm. Since the death of his uncle, in 
1898, he has carried on the business alone ; the firm, estabhshed in 
1870, was originally Bent, Crane & Co. He married, Nov. 25, 
1880, Lydia Ella, daughter of David and Ellen Frances (Hendrick- 
8on) Connery of Boston. 

Children, all born in Boston : 

i. James Stuart,^ b. Sept. 25, 1881 ; was a major in the Boston 
School Cadets, 1898-99 ; prepared for college at Boston Latin 
School, and entered Harvard in September, 1899. 
ii. Amelia Guild, b. May 11, 1883. 
iii. Paul Stanley, b. May 17, 1886; d. Aug. 4, 1886. 
iv. Gertrude, b. July 31, 1887. 


John* Bent {Calvin G.,'' Martiti,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,'^ John^) died in October, 1895; lived at Jacquet River, 
N. B., until 1892, when he moved to Moncton, N. B. He mar- 
ried Sarah Barnes of Woodpoint, N. B., granddaughter of Jacobina® 
(Bent) Ayer (q.v.). 

Children : 

i. Calvin,® d. in infancy. 

ii. Augusta, m. John S. Rayworth of the Customs Office, Moncton, 
N. B. Two children: 1. Huby.'" 2. Hazel. 


Martin* Bent (Calvin G.,'' Martin,^ Jesse,^ John,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ John^), farmer, was born in Salem, N. S., where he still 
lives. He married Margaret Black, granddaughter of Cynthia* 
(Bent) Oxley {q.v.). 

Children : 

i. Byron A.,^ living in Bridgewater, N. S. 

ii. Calvin Gay, machinist ; living in Lynn, Mass. ; m. Miss Doyle ; 
one child. 


iii. Fred N., farmer ; living in Salem, N. 8. 

iv. John Frazer, living in California ; m. Miss Bulmer ; one cliild. 
V. Martin Seaman. 


Geoege Robixson® Bent {James F"./ Martin,^ Jesse,^ Jolin^" 
Joseph,^ Joseph," Jolni^) was born in King's County, N. S., Jan. 
28, 1831 ; living in San Jose, Cal. He was a house builder in 
Boston for a few years ; returning to the Provinces, he located in 
St. John, N. B., and began the manufacture of the Bent pianos and 
organs, which he continued until 1886, when he removed to San 
Jose, where he is now a dealer in pianos and organs. He married, 
May 31, 1860, Mary Lorrilliard of Cornwallis, N. S., born May 
28, 1841. 

Children, i. and ii. born in Nova Scotia, iii. to is. born in St. John, 
N. B. : 

i. Edith Maude,^ b. April 22, 1861 ; has hved in San Jose, Cal.> 

since 1888; m. in St. John, N. B., Vincent Hunt, grocer. 

Three children : 1. George Walter}^ 2. Harold Gilbert. 3. 

Edith Maude. 
ii. Elinor May, b. May 2, 1863 ; living in San Jose ; m. June, 

1888, Frank L. Argall, dentist. Five children: 1. Gladys 

Mary.^^ 2. Frances George. 3. Charles James Gladstone. 4. 

Clarence Byron. 5. Claude Romaine. 
iii. Mary Theresa, b. July 12, 1865 ; living in San Jose ; m. June 

1, 1889, George Howard Anderson. One child, George 

iv. Alice Lorrilliard, b. April 21, 1867; living in San Jose; 

m. 1890, James E. Trueman, M.D. Two children: 1. Alela 

Dorothy."^^ 2. Marjorie Alice Amelia. 
V. Eva Bertha (twin), b. June 2, 1872; d. Dec. 15, 1872. 
vi. Lena Blanche (twin), b. June 2, 1872; d. Dec. 15, 1872. 
vii. Annie Lillian, b. Dec. 5, 1874. 
viii. Lena Louise, b. March 12, 1877. 
ix. George Robinson Lorne, b. Aug. 12, 1879. 


James Martin* Bent {John,'' Martin,^ Jesse," John,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,'^ Johii^) was born on the old Bent homestead in the town 
of Fort Lawrence, Cumberland County, N. S., Aug. 28, 1838, and 
is living at Salina, in central Kansas. In 1852 the family home was 
transferred to Port Elgin, Westmoreland County, N. B., where a 
few years later he succeeded his hither in business. There he re- 
mained until February, 1871, when he left for Kansas, locating first 
in Crawford County, at a little station on the Fort Scott & Gulf 


R. R. called Farlington, about seven miles north of Girard, the 
county-seat. Two years and a half later he sold his stock and 
mercantile lines and moved to Girard, where he was secretary of a 
milling company for two years and a half. After tliis, he engaged 
in the grocery business at Girard for a short time, but his health 
failing, he travelled as book agent for a year, at the end of which 
time he located at Anthony, in Harper County, Kansas, where he 
was engaged about two years in running the City Hotel. When 
the Farmers Loan and Trust Company of Anthony was organized, 
he became secretary, and acted in that capacity as long as the com- 
pany existed, six years, at the expiration of which time he took 
charge of the Hotel Montezuma in Anthony. This he managed 
successfully for three years or more, then sold his interests and 
moved in October, 1892, to Salina, Kansas, where he took the 
National Hotel, the management of which still engages his atten- 
tion. He married first, Feb. 23, 1857, Elizabeth Barnes, who died 
in Port Elgin, N. B., Feb. 24, 1869; married second, June 21, 
1870, Cynthia Bertha Barnes, a younger sister of his first wife. 

Children of James M. and Elizabeth, i. born in Westcock, N. B., 
the others in Port Elgin, N. B. : 

i. George Botsford,^ b. May 4, 1858 ; m. in the fall of 1886, 
Mrs. Alice Payton of Ash Fork, Arizona, where he had Hved 
for several years ; since 1894, he has resided at Cripple Creek, 
Col., where he is interested m mines, and is street commis- 
sioner of the city ; no children. 

ii. Alfred Ernest, b. Aug. 12, 1862; living in Lamar, Col., 
where he is manager of the Lamar Electric Light Co., besides 
being in tlie irrigation and land brokerage business ; has been 
mayor of the city ; m. first, Dec. 19, 1888, AUce Maude Black, 
who d. Sept. 24, 1893; m. second, March 16, 1895, in Den- 
ver, Col., Edith Isabel Stanley. One child by the first mar- 
riage, Donald Eaii,^'' b. Nov. 23, 1890. 

iii. John William, b. Nov. 23, 1864; living in Lamar; is serving 
his second term as county treasurer of Bent County, Col. ; m. 
Dec. 19, 1894, at Trinidad, Col., Grace Allen Thompson. 
One child, Dorothy Lois,^° h. Sept. 25, 1895, at Lamar. 

iv. Victoria May, b. May 24, 1868; living in Salina, Kansas; 
m. June 28, 1899, Julius Carl Fritcliie, a commercial traveller 
for the Simmons Hardware Co. of St. Louis, Mo. 

Children of James M. and Cynthia B., i. born in Farlington, 
Kansas, ii. in Girard, Kansas : 

i. Elizabeth Cecilia,^ b. Oct. 31, 1871 ; living in Anthony, 
Kansas; m. Nov. 24, 1897, Philip Gordon Walton, banker, a 
native of Massachusetts. 
ii. Laura Josephine, b. Sept. 22, 1874; living in Kansas City, 
Mo. ; m. Sept. 26, 1894, Alexander Massey, of the firm of 
Bonuiwell, Calvin & Massey, wholesale hardware merchants. 



Arthur Wellsley^ Bent {John,'' Martin,^ Jesse,^ John,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^), light-house keeper, born at Fort Law- 
rence, N. S., Dec. 20, 1843; livino; in Bayfield, N. S. He mar- 
ried first, May 18,1868, Mary Noonan of Bayfield, who died May 
8, 1888 ; married second, June 17, 1890, Mrs. Charlotte Ann 
(Baker) Allen. 

Children by the first marriage : 

i. Arthur Percy,® b. Feb. 25, 1869. 

ii. Charles Mariner, b. Feb. 14, 1871 ; d. March 20, 1894, ae. 23. 
iii. Kate Mary, b. May 1, 1876. 
iv. Amy Cecilia, b. Aug. 16, 1880. 


Calvin Trueman^ Bent (John,'' Martin,^ Jesse,^ John,* Jo- 
seph,^ Joseph,^ Johii^) was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., Aug. 
6, 1848 ; living in New Glasgow, N. S. He married, Dec. 4, 1872, 
Lucy Morrison Hamilton of Port Elgin, N. B. 

Children : 

i. Adelaide Cecilia,® b. Sept. 23, 1874. 

ii. Fredericka Hallett, b. May 14, 1877. 
iii. Alice Maud, b. April 6, 1879. 
iv. Harold Ullathorne, b. May 24, 1890. 

V. Charles Claudius, b. June 30, 1892. 


EuEUS Freeman* Bent (William J^.,'' Jesse,'^ Jesse, ^ John,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in Amherst, N. S., Dec. 26, 
1825 ; died in Pugwash, N. S., Oct. 6, 1878, aj. 52. He married, 
June 20, 1852, Margaret Garnett Ellen, eldest daughter of Peter 
Stubs, barrister-at-law, of St. John, N. B. 

Children, born in Pugwash, N. S. : 

i. Mary Garnett,® b. and d. 1853. 
ii. Walter Stubs, b. 1854; d. 1857. 
472. iii. Barry Dickey, b. April 20, 1857. 

iv. John Inglis, b. Jan. 20, 1860; of the firm of Moran & Bent, 
merchants, Amherst, N. S. ; m. at Dorchester, N. B., Oct. 29, 
1885, Amanda, dau. of Benjamin Moran; one son, b. Oct. 8, 


Blair Botsford* Bent (Torrey,'' Jesse,^ Jesse,^ John,* Jo- 
seph,^ Joseph,'' John^), farmer, was born at Fort Lawrence, N. S., 


where he still lives on the old Bent farm. He married, Jan. 4, 
1876, Emma, daughter of George Trenholm. 
Children, all born at Fort Lawrence, N. S. : 

i. Arthur Allen,^ b. Jan. 28, 1877. 
ii. Ethel Jean, b. March 2S, 1880. 
iii. Gksner Torrey, b. Nov. 16, 1882. 
iv. George B., b. March 21, 1885. 
V. Bessie M. A., b. Aug. 4, 1890. 


George Hibbard* Bent (William TF.,^ John,^ John^^ John,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ Johu^), farmer, was born in Brookdale, N. S., 
May 11, 1853; living in Delta, British Columbia. He married, 
June 9, 1887, Helen Jane Forrest. 

Children : 

i. Vesta Vaughn.^ 
ii. Elwood Steele. 
iii. Raymond. 
iv. Lloyd Forrest. 


Mariner Samuel® Bent ( William White,'' John,^ John,^ 
John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^), farmer, born Sept. 27, 1859, in 
Brookdale, N. S., where he is still living. He married first, Jan. 
4, 1888, Ada D. Hills, who died June 27, 1890. He married 
second, Sept. 26, 1894, Sarah D. Coates. 

Child by first marriage, born in Nappan, N. S. : 
i. Sidney William A. D.,^ b. Jime 22, 1890. 


Herbert® Bent (Albert A.,'' Adam,^ Ehenezer,^ Ehenezer,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in South Boston, Mass., Sept. 
14, 1840, and is living in Dorchester, Boston, Mass. He enlisted 
July 16, 1861, in the 13th Mass. Volunteers and served three years ; 
was wounded at the battle of the Wilderness. For several years 
has been transportation agent of the Merchants Despatch Trans- 
portation Company in Boston. He married first, Georgie A., daugh- 
ter of Oliver H. and Charlotte Downing. She died July 23, 1878, 
ae. 34, and he married second, in October, 1878, Mattie E. Downing 
of Boston. 

Children, all born in Boston : * 

i. Edward Francis,* b. Aug. 3, 1879 ; clerk for James S.® Bent, 

ii. John Albert, b. June 5, 1881. 
iii. Marjorie Hood, b. May 8, 1891. 



George Conway® Bent {George E.^'^Adam,^ Ebenezer,^ Ehen- 
ezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ JoJin^) was born in South Boston, Mass., 
July 11, 1844, and is living in Harrisburg, Pa., where he is con- 
nected with the Pennsylvania R. P. He prepared for college at 
Boston Latin School, and graduated from Harvard in 18G6. He 
married, Dec. 12, 1872, Ellen Putherford Forster of Harrisburg, 
daughter of Gen. John Forster. 

Child : 

i. Elizabeth Conway,^ b. May 21, 1874. 


Cornelius Conway Felton'* Bent ( George E.,^ Adam,^ Eben- 
ezer,^ Ehenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ John^) was born in South 
Boston, Mass., July 3, 1849, and is living in Philadelphia, Pa. 
He moved to Philadelphia in 1861 with his parents and prepared for 
college, but on account of poor health did not go. After studying 
engineering, he was employed surveying railroads in Maryland, 
Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Massachusetts for some years, but in 
June, 1875, entered the service of the Pennsylvania R. P., holding 
various positions in the operating department until 1882, when he 
took service with the New York & New England P. R. in Boston, 
remaining until January, 1884. Since then, he has been superin- 
tendent of various western lines, with head quarters first at Cincin- 
nati, but now in Philadelphia, where he is superintendent of the 
Philadelphia Division and general agent of the Baltimore & Ohio 
R. R. He married, March 29, 1894, Nettie L. Johnston of Louis- 
ville, Ky., daughter of Robert yVndrew and Emma Lewis Johnston. 

Child, born in Philadelphia, Pa. : 

i. Mautha Felton,® b. Aug. 11, 1895. 


William® Bent (/Samuel,'' JSfedabiah,^ Samuel,' Ehenezer,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in Nova Scotia in 1815. He 
married first, Mary Durland ; married second, Kezia Whitney. 

Children : 

i. .Joseph,^ m. Emma . 

ii. Amelia, m. Rowland Hines. 
4ii. Samuel, m. Mary E. Marshall. 
iv. Aaron, d. unm. 

v. Phebe, m. John O'Neil. 
vi. Sarah Eleanor, m. John Foster, 
vii. Margaret, m. Edward C. Banks. 



Nedabiah^ Bent (^Samuel,'' JSfedabiaJi,^ Samuel,^ Ehenezer,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in Nova Scotia in 1827, and is 
living in Bridgewater, N. S. He married first, Ann Longdale ; 
married second, Mrs. Mary (Early) Leadbetter. 

Children of Nedabiah and Ann : 

i. Samuel,^ m. Lavinia O'Neil. 
ii. Josephine, m. Nelson Morrill, 
iii. Elizabeth, m. Andrew B. Swinson. 

Child of Nedabiah and Mary : 
i. Grace March.^ 


Henry Faein^ Bent {Jesse,'' JSTedabiah,^ Samuel,^ Eheneze7\* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,- John^), farmer, was born in Aylesford, N. S., 
March 2Q, 1839, and died in Aylesford in 1885. He married, Jan. 
1, 1872, Rebecca Robinson. 

Children : 

i. Henry Ross,^ b. and d. 1875. 
ii. Edward Ernest, b. Feb. 11, 1877. 
iii. George Upham, b. Dec. 11, 1878. 
iv. Samuel S., d. young. 


Joseph* Bent {Ezehiel,'' Neduhiah,^ Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* Jo- 
seph,^ Joseph,^ Jo/m^), farmer, was born in 1838, in Mt. Hanley, 
Annapolis County, N. S. He married, in 1863, Jane . 

Children : 

i. Henrt.^ 

ii. AViLLIAM. 

iii. Gilbert. 
iv. George. 
V. John. 
vi. Sarah. 
vii. Edward. 


James E.^ Bent (Charles Grandison,'' Seth,^ Samuel," Eben- 
ezer,'^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Johu^), farmer, was born in Springfield, 
N. S., in 1849, and is living in Bridgeton, Me. He married Mary 

Children : 

i. Melbourne,® d. . 


ii. Freeman, d. 
iii. Hattie. 
And others. 


Joseph F.* Bent {Charles Grandison,'' Seth,^ /Samuel,^ Eben^ 
ezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,' John^) was born about 1850, in Spring- 
field, N. S., where he still resides. He married Emma Gates. 

Children : 

i. Ralph.^ 

ii. Adelbert R., d. . 

iii. Fred, d. . 

iv. Harriet L., d. . 

V. WiLBERT R., d. . 

vi. William Allison. 


John Albert^ Bent {J. Harris,'' John,^ Samuel,^ Ebenezer,* 
Josejjh,^ Josejjh,'^ John^), farmer, was born in 1862, in Granville, 
N. S., where he still lives. He married his second cousin, Ermina, 
daughter of Captain Jacob Fritz' Bent of Granville. (See p. 199.) 

Children : 

i. Hazel,^ b. 1890. 
ii. Harold, b. 1891. 
iii. Harris, b. 1894. 


George Appleton* Bent {George,'' Lemuel,^ Nedahiah,^ 
Ebenezer,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in 1834 in Quincy, 
Mass., where he still lives. He enlisted June 13, 1861, for three 
years in Co. E, 7th Mass. Infantry, and was transferred Sept, 12, 
1863, to Veteran Reserve Corps. He married, Feb. 21, 1856, 
Susan M,, daughter of Nathaniel Prouty. 

Children, all born in Quincy : 

i. Hannah Elizabeth,'' b. March 4, 1857 ; living in Wollaston, 
Quincy, Mass. ; m. April 2, 1874, Frank LaForrest Merrill, 
son of William T. Five children. 

ii. James C. E. H., b. May 28, 1858 ; living in Wollaston. He 
m. Rebecca Clark White. One child, Carrie Bradford^" Bent. 

iii. Sarah Hall, b. May 9, 18G0. 


William Harrison^ Bent {George,'' Lemuel,^ JSTedabiah,' 
Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in Quincy, Mass., 
Jan. 28, 1840, and died in Boston, Mass., June 9, 1885, a3. 45. He 


enlisted, May 1, 1861, in Co. K, 5th Mass. Infantry, Col. Samuel C. 
Lawrence; re-enlisted, Oct. 1, 1861, for three years in Co. B, 24th 
Mass. Infantry, and served throughout the war ; became corporal 
Dec. 19, 1863. After the close of the war he located in Boston as 
a manufacturer of parlor furniture; from 1869 to 1877 the sign 
read Bent & Peasley ; during most of this time he lived in Charles- 
town. He married Emma B. Josselyn, daughter of Elisha and 
Abby (Standish) Josselyn of Pembroke, Mass. Mrs. Bent and 
her daughters are living in Boston. 

Children, i. born in Pembroke, ii. in Charlestown, iii. in Quincy : 

i. Addie Harrison.^ 
ii. Etta Standish. 
iii. LuRA Marion. 


tloHN Quincy^ Bent {George,'' Lemuel,^ JSFedahiah,^ Ebenezer,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,- John^) was born in Quincy, Mass., Jan. 16, 
1842, and is living in Quincy. He enlisted, June 13, 1861, for 
three years in Co. II, 11th Mass. Infantry. He married, in Boston, 
Lucretia Sherman. 

Children, all born in Quincy : 

i. George Sherman,^ b. Jan. 15, 1867 ; living in Avon, Mass. 

Two children, 
ii. Harriet M., b. 1869 ; d. 1870. 

iii. Nellie M., b. Oct. 16, 1871; living in Middleboro', Mass.; 
m. Nichols. Two children. 


Sa]MUEL Bartlett* Bent ( George,'' Lemuel,^ JSfedabiah,^ Eben- 
ezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born Sept. 15, 1846, in 
Quincy, Mass., where he died March 20, 1875. He married, March 
26, 1865, Eunice B. Hall, who is still living in Quincy, daughter 
of John and Sarah Ann (Blanchard) Hall: 
Children, both born in Quincy : 

i. John Hall,*^ b. Aug. 26, 1866 ; living unm. in Quincy ; clerk 
in the Roxbury post office ; has been connected with the 
Boston post office since 1890. 
ii. Winifred G., b. 1869; d. 1871. 


James I.* Bent (Isaac,'' Lemuel,^ JSfedahiah,^ Ehenezer,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,- John^) was born Oct. 23, 1834, in Braintree, 
Mass., and is living in Brooklin, Me., which has been his home 
since he was seven years old ; served a brief term in the U. S. 


Navy during the Civil War. He married, Sept. 26, 1858, Doro- 
thy Cunningham. 

Child, born in Brooklin : 

i. Ralph E.,^ b. Aug. 7, 1866. 


John Marden* Bent {Samuel B.,^ Isaac, ^ Nedahiah ,^ Eben, 
ezer,"^ Josej^ih,^ Joseph,^ John^^ was born in New Sharon, Me.- 
Sept. 1, 1830, and died in Vienna, Me., April 4, 1894; moved 
from Monmouth, Me. to Vienna, in June, 1867. He married first, 
Oct. 26, 1856, Susanna Towle of Monmouth, who died in June, 
1860. He married second, April 2, 1862, Louisa M. Sanborn of 
Vienna, who is living at Mt. Vernon, Me. 

Children, i. born in Monmouth, ii. and iii. in Vienna: 

i. Nellie A.,® b. June 10, 1864; m. June, 1884, Harmon Heally 

of Mt. Vernon, Me. Four children, 
ii. George M., b. July 10, 1870; farmer; living at Mt. Vernon, 

Me. ; m. May, 1895, Blanche White of Vienna, Me. 
iii. John W., b. July 18, 1875 ; living uum. at Mt. Vernon, Me. 


Elbridge Graves^ Bent {Samuel B.,'' Isaac,^ Nedahiali,^ 
Ehenezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,"^ JoIdi^), farmer, was born in New 
Sharon, Me., Feb. 11, 1832; moved 1868 from Vienna, Me., 
where he had resided since 1851, to North Monmouth, Me., where 
he is still living. He married, Nov. 4, 1856, Nancy Sanborn of 

Child, born in Vienna : 

i. Horace S.,^ b. Aug. 30, 1857 ; living in Monmouth Centre, 
Me., where he is station agent for the Maine Central R. R. ; 
m. in 1880, Eliona M. Fo'ss of North Monmouth, Me. One 
child, Carroll W.^" 


Isaac Appleton® Bent {Samuel B.,'' Isaac,^ JSfedahiah,^ Ehen- 
eze?',"^ Josejjh,^ Joseph,^ Jo/iu^) was born in New Sharon, Me., 
Nov. 20, 1836, and is living in Bowler, Carbon Co., Montana; saw 
service in the Civil War ; lived in Vienna, Monmouth and Abbot, 
Me., until August, 1876, when he removed to Nebraska. He mar- 
ried. May, 1859, Mary Brown of Vienna. 
Children : 

i. Fred L.,^ b. September, 1860; blacksmith; living in Lincoln, 

Neb. ; m. and has two children. 
ii. Ejima ]M., b. March, 1865 ; living in Kearney, Neb. ; m. Rollin 


ill. WiLBEET S., b. December, 1869. 
iv. Clarence D., b. December, 1869. 
V. Wallace A., b. March, 1874. 


Josiah^ Bent (Josiah,'^ Josiah,^ John," Ebenezer,* Joseph,^ 
Joseph,^ John') was born in Weymouth, Mass., Aug. 2, 1825, 
and died Nov. 9, 1863, in Kenosha, Wis., where he had been princi- 
pal of the high school. At the outbreak of the Civil AVar in 1861, 
he enlisted in the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry, and became a lieutenant; 
while stationed at Helena, Ark., he was attacked with malarial 
dysentery, which caused his death ; his remains were brought East 
aiad now lie in the family tomb at Milton, Mass. "His blameless 
character and wonderful fitness for a cavalry officer would have 
placed him high in rank had he lived," says the historian of Milton. 
He married, Sept. 10, 1855, Elizabeth D. Bacon of Newton, Mass., 
who was born in Washington, N. H., 1832, daughter of Hezekiah 
P. Bacon. She lived only a few years after her marriage. 


Henet Kirk White® Bent {Josiah,'' Josiah,^ John," Ehenezei^* , 
Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John') was born in Weymouth, Mass., Oct. 29, 
1831, and is living in Southern California, which has been his home 
since 1868 ; moved to California in 1858. He is President of Board 
of Trustees of Pomona College, Claremont, Cal. He married first, 
in 1852, Jennie A. Crawford, who was born in Oakhaiii, Mass., 
Dec. 7, 1834, and died in Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 30, 1876. He 
married second, in 1878, jNlartha Stevens Fairman, who was born 
in Plattsburg, N. Y., April 28, 1853. 

Children of Henry K. W. and eTennie, i. born in Kenosha, Wis., 
ii. in Downieville, Cal., iii. in Los Angeles, Cal. : 

i. Florence Pauline,^ b. Jan. 17, 1855; living in Smartville, 
Yuba Co., Cal.; m. Nov. 6, 1877, Willard G. Ilalstead of 
Rome, N. Y. One child, FauUne,^" d. a^. 5. 
ii. Arthur Samuel, b. April 25, 1863 ; livhig in Los Angeles, 

iii. Henry Stanley, b. Jan. 15, 1873 ; living in Claremont, Cal. 

Children of Henry K. W. and Martha, both born in Los Ange- 
les, Cal. : 

i. Charles Edwin,^ b. SejDt. 15, 1879; a student in Pomona 

College (1899). 
ii. Ernest Fairman, b. Nov. 1, 1882. 



Thacher Tucker® Bent (Josiak,'' Josiah,^ John,^ Ebeyiezer,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph^'^ John^^ was born in Weymouth, Mass., Sept. 4, 
1833, and is living in Oglesby, 111. He left Massachusetts for the 
"West in 1854 and for five years was engaged in railroad surveying 
in Southeastern Wisconsin. In 1859 he settled in Kenosha, Wis., 
and engaged in different manufacturing enterprises until October, 
1867, when he removed to Oglesby, 111., to engage in the coal min- 
ing business. The Oglesby Coal Co., of which he is president and 
general manager, is now owned by him and his sons exclusively. 
He married first, Sept. 12, 1861, at Stirling, 111., Florence Gene- 
vieve Dana, who was born in West Wheeling, 111., Sept. 12, 1842, 
and died in Oglesby, April 16, 1873. He married second, Oct. 1, 
1874, at La Salle, 111., Mrs. Alice Sisson (Blish) Yeats, who was 
born at Griswold's Landing, Mo., Jan, 8, 1842. 

Children of Thacher T. and Florence G., i. and ii. born in 
Kenosha, Wis., iii. in Oglesby: 

i. Edward Thacher,® Jan. 20, 1863 ; 'living imm. in Oglesby, 
111. ; superintendent of the Oglesby Coal Co. 

ii. Henry Albert, b. July 2, 18GG ; living in Oglesby, 111. ; secre- 
tary of the Oglesby Coal Co. ; m. Sept. 20, 1895, at Jackson- 
ville, 111., Josephine Louise Roberts, who was b. at Tremont, 
111., Sept. 3, 1869. One child, George Jioberls,^° b. at Oglesby, 
Jan. 4, 1898. 

iii. Florence Dana, b. Sept. 15, 1871 ; Uving unm. in Oglesby, 111. 

Children of Thacher T., by second marriage, both born in 
Oglesby : 

i. JosiAH Raymond,® b. Jan. 3, 1877 ; is connected with Oglesby 

Coal Co. 
ii, Alice Pauline, b. June 6,],1878. 


George Henry* Bent (Samuel T.,'' Josiah,^ Jokn,^ Eben- 
ezer,* Joseph,'^ Joseph^' Joliri^) was born Aug. 21, 1843, in Milton, 
Mass., where he still lives in the town that has been the home of his 
ancestors for two hundred years ; his family is the only one of the 
name now left there. For many years he worked for the old cracker 
firm of Bent & Co., the management of which had gone out of the 
Bent family. June 6, 1892, he and two other gentlemen, John F. 
Merrill of Quincy, and Charles A. Griggs of Milton, formed the 
firm of G. II. Bent & Co., and their cold-water crackers are already 
well and ftivorably known. He married, June 20, 1871, Edna S., 
daughter of James M. and Adelaide (Wilde) Hayden of Quincy. 
She died in Milton, Dec. 17, 1895, aj. 44. 






Children, all born in Milton : 

i, Frances Ashton,^ b. Feb. 29, 1872 ; living in Milton ; m. June 
30, 1892, John Leslie Carter. One child, Frances Madeline^'' 
ii. Anna Mabel, b. July 5, 1873 ; burned to death in Milton, Jan- 
uary, 1898 ; m. Nov. 22, 1893, Charles Bradlee of Milton. 
One child, Edna Loiiisa^^ Bradlee. 
iii. Arthur Preston, b. July 24, 1876; d. May IG, 1886. 
iv. Gertrude Milton, b. Aug. 2, 1880. 
V. Emeline Herset, b. July 15, 1882. 
vi. Jesse Pierce, b. Dec. 2, 1883. 
vii. Harvey, b. and d. June, 1885. 
viii. George Franklin, b. May 7, 1886. 
ix. Roy, b. Aug. 17, 1891. 

Charles McIlvaine® Bext (JS^afhaniel T./ Josiah,^ Johji,^ 
J^Jbeuezer,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in New Bedford, 
Mass., Oct. 5, 1835, and is living in Worcester, Mass., where he 
has made his home siiice May, 1849. He has been for many years 
treasurer of the Peoples Savings Bank, and one of the directors of 
the Worcester County Musical Association. Since 1896 he has 
been president of the latter. He is warden of All Saints' Epis- 
copal church (of which his father was rector from 1849 to 1852) 
and has been delegate to diocesan conventions many times. He 
married, in 1867, Helen Maria, daughter of James L. and Helen 
M. Kennedy of Milton : 

Children, both born in Worcester : 

i. Egbert Metcalf,^ b. July 21, 1870; d. young, 
ii. Catherine Metcalf, b. Feb. 6, 1875. 


William Henry^ Bent {Nathaniel T.,'' Josiah,^ John,'" Ehen- 
ezer,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ John^) was born in Cambridge, Mass., 
Jan. 2, 1839, and is living in Taunton, Mass., where he has been 
for many years treasurer of the Mason Machine Works, which 
employs a thousand men in the manufacture of locomotives, machin- 
ery, etc. In 1888, he was a delegate to the Republican National 
Convention in Chicago; and in 1893 and 1894, president of the 
Home Market Club of Massachusetts; in February, 1899, he was 
one of the committee of the latter organization delegated to me'fet 
President INIcKinley and party on the occasion of their visit to Bos- 
ton. Mr. Bent is warden of St. Thomas's Church and a frequent 
member of diocesan conventions. He married first, June 14, 1865, 
Harriet Fellows, daughter of Charles J. Hendee of Roxbury, Mass. 


She died in Taunton, Feb. 21, 1873, fe. 27. He married second, 
Jan. 30, 1885, Sarah E. Chesborough. 
Children, all born in Taunton : 

i. Arthur Cleveland,^ b. Nov. 25, 1866 ; graduated from Har- 
vard College in 1889. 
ii. Frederick Hendee, b. Feb. 16, 1869 ; graduated from Har- 
vard College in 1889 ; d. in Taunton, Jan. 14, 1897. 
iii, Charles, b. and d. 1873. 


Edwaed Clarence* Bent {Ed/ward Dexter^'' John,^ Jolin^^ 
Ehenezer,* Josejyh,^ Josej)h,'^ John^) was born in Fitzwilliam, 
N. H., Aug. 5, 1852, and is living in Dell Eapids, South Dakota. 
He is a druggist, and secretary of the South Dakota State Phar- 
maceutical Association ; has lived in Chicago, 111., Deadwood, S. D., 
Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Sioux Falls, S. D. He married, May 
8, 1878, Hannah Stdlwell. 

Children, both born in Deadwood, S. D. : 

i. Lester Hawes,^ b. July 12, 1884. 
ii. Mildred Ruth, b. Aug. 8, 1885. 


Charles Augustus^ Bent ( William E.,^ William,'' Williain,^ 
Johi,^ Jose])h,'* Exjyerience,^ Joseph,^ John^) was born in West 
Paris, Me., Aug. 18, 1857 ; went to Wisconsin with his father in 
1865 and now manages, with his brother Horace, a hunting and 
fishing resort at Lake Mamie, twelve miles west of State Line post 
office, in the heart of the forest in Northern Wisconsin, in an 
exceedingly picturesque lake region, where big game still abounds. 
He married, April 30, 1884, Elizabeth B. Twombly of Somerville, 
Mass., daughter of Joseph and Susan. 

Children, all born in Abrams, Wis. : 

i. Austin Twombly,^° b. April, 1885. 
ii. Elsie Fay, b. 1891. 
iii. Mamie Oderon, b. 1894. 


George Henry^ Bent {William E.,^ William,'' William,^ 
Jolin,^ Joseph,* Experience,^ Joseph,^ John^'), farmer, was born 


in West Paris, Me., Feb. 20, 1862 ; while yet in infancy went to 
Wisconsin with his parents; since December, 1894, he has lived in 
Santa Ana, Cal. He married, July 1, 1885, Carrie M., daughter 
of William Lee Stroud of Oshkosh, Wis. 

Children, i. born in Abramsj Wis., ii. in Cucamonga, Cal. : 
i. Cornelia Orissa,^° b. April 15, 1886. 
ii. Amy Hermosa, b. July 9, 1889. 


Barey Dickey® Bent (Bufics F.,^ William F.^'' Jesse^^ Jesse^^ 
Joh^i^* Joseph,^ Josejjh,'^ John^) was born in Pugwash, N. S., 
April 20, 1857 ; living in Amherst, N. S., where he is in the whole- 
sale and retail grocery business. He married, June 5, 1883, Sarah 
Agnes INIowbray, youngest daughter of W. P. MoiFat, barrister, of 
Amherst, N. S. 

Children, all born in Amherst : 

i. Ethel Mowbray,i° b. Nov. 12, 1884. 
ii. Barry Ernest, b. June 26, 1886. 
iii. Flora Hazel, b. 1888 ; cl. 1889. 
iv. Mabel Winifred, b. June 21, 189-. 


Avery Bent (1787-1830). Sept. 15, 1806, William Cutter, 
roperaaker, of Boston, is appointed guardian of Avery Bent, minor, 
son of Elwin Bent, late of Boston, ship carpenter. July 2, 1813, 
he married Eliza Hamson of Charlestown, a native of Salem. He 
first appears in the Boston Directory in 1816 (none printed in 1814 
and 1815) as a ropemaker on Pleasant Street. He died in Charles- 
town, Mass., Sept. 13, 1830, je. 43, leaving a son — 

Avery P. Bent (1812-1870), who was born in Charlestown, 
but lived some years in Truro, Mass., where he had a son, Henry 
H. Bradley Bent, born May 4, 1841, who probably died young. 
Avery P. died in Boston, Aug. 25, 1870, £6. 57-10-15 (i. e. born 
Oct. 10, 1812) and was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dor- 
chester. Occupation given as fish dealer. Only heirs seem to be 
widow Sarah C. and daughter(?) Elizabeth H., wife of Ezra B. 

Buckley Bent kept a dry goods store on Lindall Street (now 
Exchange Place), Boston, in 1822 and 1823. He appears in the 
directories of New York City from 1827 to 1833, and perhaps others. 

Christopher Bent, grocer. New York City, 1827. 

David Bent, Jr., merchant, Philadelphia, 1830. 

Everett W. Bent, who is living in Winchester, N. H., Jonah 
F. Bent who died there about 1887, and Lemuel Bent Jr., who 
died in Northfield, Mass., Jan. 22, 1869, are all descendants, pre- 
sumably, of Nathan^ Bent, who settled in Winchester, N. H., in 

George Whitfield Bent, son of Lewis and Sarah (Spinney) 
Bent, and brother of Frances Emma Bent, wife of Nathan Web- 
ster of Melrose, Mass., w^as born in Nova Scotia in 1845, and is 
living in Hyde Park, Mass., which has been his home since 1872. 
When six or seven years old he accompanied his mother to Marble- 
head, Mass. At the age of seventeen, Sept. 15, 1862, he enlisted 
in the 8th Mass. Infimtry and for the succeeding nine months was 
in service in North Carolina and Virginia. July 9, 1864, he re-en- 
listed in Co. D, 5th Mass. Infantry, and served until Nov. 16, 
1864. After the war he learned the upholstery trade in Salem and 
Boston and for some years was in the employ of Haley, Morse & 
Co., Boston. In the fall of 1881 he began the manufacture of 
church cushions and mattresses in a small way, and gradually added 
spring beds, folding beds, iron beds, etc., until now he is the largest 


bed and bedding mauufticturer in New England, with mills at Ossi- 
pee and Moultonboro', N. H., a foundiy at Everett, Mass., and 
commodions warerooms on Causeway Street, Boston, opposite the 
North Union Station. He married first, Jan. 20, 1870, Cath- 
erine D. Tilley of Charlestown, who died Dec. 27, 1894. He 
married second, Jan. 30, 1896, Elizabeth Wilson of Reading, 
Mass., formerly of Nova Scotia. 

Children by the first marriage, i. born in Charlestown, the others 
in Hyde Park, Mass. : 

i. Mary Stella, b. Oct. 23, 1870. 

ii. Harry Lincoln, b. Nov. 29, 1872 ; living in Hvde Park, 
Mass.; in business with his father; m. Oct. 20, 1897, Ida 
Luella, dau. of I. Wallace White of Dedham. 

iii. George Lincoln, b. July 8, 1874; d. July 4, 1883. 

iv. Arthur Fletcher, b. Feb. 28, 1882. 

V. Florence Eliza, b. Oct. 19, 1885. 

Gilbert Bent, machinist, son of Alpheus and Fanny (Smith) 
Bent, was born in Port George, Annapolis Co., N. S., Sept. 17, 
1851 ; lived in Hopedale, Mass. and Woonsocket, R. I. He mar- 
ried, Oct. 16, 1878, Jennie Louise Darling, who was born in Mil- 
ford, Mass., Aug. 8, 1853, daughter of Rodney L. and Pamelia 
(Darling) Darling. 

Child of Gilbert and Jennie : 

i. George William, b. Nov. 23, 1879. 

John Bent, carriage- wright, a native of Charlestown, Mass., 
died in Way land, Mass., March 27, 1852, «. 65. 

John Bent, a lawyer, came from the West early in the nine- 
teenth century and settled at Gloucester, Mass. He married there, 
but both he and his wife died soon after leaving an only son — 

John Bent, mariner, who was born Dec. 24, 1809, in Glouces- 
ter, where he died Aug. 5, 1875, as. 65. He married Emeline E. 

Children of John and Emeline, all born in Gloucester : 

i. Edward F., m. and has a daughter, Gertrude C. 

ii. Emeline Elizabeth, b. Dec. 7, 1830. 
iii. Mary Eliza, b. 1832; d. 1836. 
iv. Rachel, b. 1834; d. 1836. 

V. Mary Eliza, b. 1836; d. 1839. 

vi. John Hiram, k Nov. 27, 1838; mariner of Rockport; d. in 

Worcester, of sunstroke, June 28, 1866. 
vii. Loisa, b. Jan. 9, 1841. 

Samuel Lawrence Bent was bound out to work when a young 
man, and afterwards ran away to sea. On the ship he met a Swed- 
ish girl, Mary Sodderbergen, and later he went to her home on the 
Baltic and was married to her. He was lost at sea and soon after 


his wife died. They had two children, Samuel and Charles Frank- 
lin, the latter of whom died in infancy. 

Samuel Bent, born in Sweden, Aug. 25, 1814, son of the pre- 
ceding, was sent when eight years old (after the death of his parents) 
to America in search of his American relatives, but they were not 
found and he was brought up by the sea captain that took him from 
Sweden. Jan. 7, 1843, he was married in Lowell, Mass., to 
Elizabeth Ann Piper, a native of Newfield, Me., daughter of Nath- 
aniel and Hetty Ann (Varney) Piper, by whom he had two sons, 
Samuel A. and Charles F., the latter of whom died in infancy. 
Samuel died in Lowell, May 6, 1849, a3. 34. In 1861 his widow 
went South with General Butler to care for the sick at Fortress 
Monroe. After the war she married William A. Cooper, who 
lived only a few months, and settled in Yorktown (Va.)-, where she 
has kept a hotel. 

Samuel A. Bent (son of the preceding) was born in Lowell, 
Mass., Jan. 25, 1844, and died in Yorktown, Va., Dec. 8, 1880. 
He married Mary Etta Cluverius, and had three children : 

i. Samuel A. Bent, b. Aug. 16, 1875; is foreman on the Old 
Dominion S. S. Wharf, at Newport News, Va. ; m. Sept. 27, 
1893, at Newport News, Mary Johusou. One child, Elinor, 
b. May, 1895. 
ii. Pearley Cranstone Bent, b. Feb. 5, 1878. 
iii. Jessie Etta, b. Oct. 3, 1880. 

Sidney Bent, son of James, was born May 9, 1836, in Gran- 
ville, N. S., where he still lives. He married Mary Jane, born 
Feb. 4, 1842, daughter of Thomas and Mary Hudson. Children: 

i. Mary Ann, b. Dec. 27, 18G3 ; d. April 10, 1887 ; m. Fred 

Amos Taylor, and lived in Lynu, Mass. 
ii. Howard James, b. March 20, 1865 ; living in Keene, N. H., 

where he is in ice business ; m. Susan McCouch ; three cliil. 
iii. Eliza Jane, b. Nov. 8, 1867; living in Beaconsfield, N. S. ; 

m. July 3, 1884, Smith Lovemore, a farmer. 

iv. Gertrude Agnes, b. 1872; d. 1881. 

V. George Watson, b. 1874; d. 1881. 

vi. Archibald Parker, b. June 1, 1879. 

vii. Hazel Gertrude, b. March 18, 1883. 

viii. Bessie Josephine, b. March 24, 1886. 

William Bent, a trunk maker in Boston, in 1844, '45, '46, died 
Nov. 22, 1878, a;. 70, in Rhode Island. He was born in Boston, 
son of William and Jane Bent. He married, April 16, 1843, 
Hannah Scammon, a native of Saco, Me., who went to Boston 
young, and died soon after marriage, leaving two children, Ellen 
B., who married W. P. Osborne and lives in Portland, Me., and 
Eva H. Bent, manager of the New England Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co., Biddeford, Me. 


John Bent and Sarah Smith were married at South Kingston, 
R. I., Nov. 13, 1737, and died in Hopkinton, R. I., in the summer 
of 1784. It has not been ascertained, where this John Bent came 
from. He was still in South Kingston in 1767, but was in Hop- 
kinton by 1778, when one of his slaves, Prince Bent, valued at 
£120, enlisted for the rest of the war in the First Battalion, Rhode 
Island forces. There are probably no descendants of his by the 
name of Bent now livino- for in his will the leo^atees are the widow 
Mary (evidently a second wife), and five daughters, Mary Bent 
Jun"^, Sarah Helrae, Elizabeth Douglas, Catherine wife of Thomas 
Potter Gardner, Jane Bent (who died unmarried in Hopkinton in 
1820) and a grand-daughter Hannah Bent. The latter, Hannah, 
born July 10, 1771 (married Jan. 24, 1799, William Chapman eJr.) 
was a daughter of John Bent Jr., who married Oct. 10, 1770, 
Hannah Saunders of Westerly, R. I. 

Prince Bent, the slave of John Bent, died in Hopkinton, R. I., 
April 24, 1833, leaving a widow Betsey, who died July 28, 1833. 
They had two children : Martha Bent, who died in Westerly, R. I., 
and Prince Bent, who died in Charlestown, R. I., April 21, 1864, 
ae. about 80. The latter married Nancy Stanton, an Indian doctor 
of the once powerful Narragansett tribe. She died May 25, 1853, 
leaving seven children: 1. Joseph, living in Charlestown, R. I. 
2. Jacob P., living in Charlestown, R. I. 3. William Henry, liv- 
ing in Bristol, R. I. 4. Edward, died young. 5. Betsey, living 
in Bristol, R. I. 6. Abby J., died May 23, 1874. 7. Annie S., 
married Isaac Jones and lives in Westerly, R. I. Joseph has five 
children: Jane, Melissa, Nancy, John and Edward. 

Benjamin C. Bent, musician, from England, located in New 
York City about 1872, followed two years later by his brother 
Frederick W. Bent, and in 1879 by another brother Arthur 
Bent, who died in 1884, at which time he was cornet soloist in 
Gilmore's Band, a position afterwards held by Benjamin C. Bent. 

John Bent, who died in Boston, May 14, 1849, se. 40, came 

from the "old country" a few years before. By his wife Bridget, 

who died in Boston, Dec. 30, 1872, ?c. 62, he had three children : 

i, Peter, b. 1834; cl. in Boston, March 31, 1871, x. 36 yrs. and 9 


ii. James, b. 1837 ; d. in Boston, Feb. 13, 1889, aged 52 ; well known 

in North End sporting circles for many years. By wife Mary 


he had three children : 1. Mary Ellen, m. John Smith of Chelsea. 
2. Julia, m. Frank J. McCarty of Boston. 3. John J., living in 
iii. John, b. 1840; d. in Boston, .July 15, 1876, jb. 36; m. Frances 
Johnson, who d. in City Hospital, Boston, Feb. 20, 1878, te. 29. 

eTosEPH Bent, who was born in 1812, and died in 1888, came 
from Bristol, England, about 1844, and settled in Boston, Mass., 
where his wife Jane, a native of Wales, daughter of Robert Roberts, 
died Dec. Iti, 1863, je. 44, leaving a son — 

Charles R. Bent, who saw service in the 44th Mass. Infantry 
in 1862, and has since been a printer in Cambridge, Mass. He 
married, Nov. 12, 1869, Antoinette Spare of Cambridge, who died 
Aug. 4, 1874, fc. 26, leaving a son — 

Charles Lyman Bent, who graduated from the United States 
Military Academy at West Point in 1894, and became second 
lieutenant in the U. S. Army. In 1898 he was appointed first 
lieutenant in the 7th U. S. Infantry, and saw active service in the 
Cuban campaign. Now stationed at Fort Barry, Michigan. He 
married in California. 

Richard Bent, from near Liverpool, England, settled in New 
York City about 1820. He married a Scotch lady, and died in 
New York City in 1852, leaving two daughters and a son — 

Richard M. Bent, who has been a piano manufacturer in New 
York City since about 1870. 

Robert Bent of Boston, Mass., son of George and Sarah (Grif- 
fith) Bent, is a native of Manchester, England, which he left for 
Montreal, Canada, about 1889. Six years later he removed to 
Boston. He married Christina Mace of Berwick-on-Tweed, Scot- 
land. Three children: 1. Robert, born in England. 2. Clara 
Mace. 3. Frank Noel. 

William G. Bent of Boston, who was killed Nov. 23, 1891, 
by an accidental explosion in his business (calcium light) , was a 
native of England. He has relatives in Chicao^o. 

James Allen Bent (son of George), attorney-at-law, Elkins, 
West Virginia, has published a " Digest of the Supreme Court of 
Appeals of West Virginia from 1863 to 1887." His grandfather, 
a soldier of the War of 1812, changed his name from Broadbelt to 

Stephen C. Bent of Boston, who died in Newton, Mass., June 
16, 1882, £e. 73, and was buried in Weston, was born a Chase and 
had his name legally changed. He married Julia C. Johnson, who 
died in Watertown, Mass., Feb. 17, 1884, te. 75. 



Id the name of god Amen the xix*^*^ claie of June 1588 in the thirtieth 
yeare of the Eaigue of o'' Soveraigne Ladie Elizabeth &c I John Bent of 
Peintou Grafton in the p'ishe of waiehill beinge sicke in bodie but of p'fect 
remembrance thanks be gene' to Almightie god doe make and ordaine this 
my last will and Testament in manner and forme followiuge Imp'mis I 
geue and yeeld my soule into the hands of Almightie god my onelie maker 
and redeemer &c Itm I geue and bequeath vnto the pishe church of Waie- 
hill aforesaid xij^^ Itm I geue & bequeath vnto the poor mans box vj* viij*^ 
Itm I geue and bequeath vnto my sonne Robt Bent xP Itm I geue and 
bequeath vnto David Bent my sonne xP Itm I geue vnto Richard Bent 
my Sonne xP Itm I geue vnto Ede Bent my daughter iij^ Itm I geue 
vnto Marie Bent my daughter xP Itm I geue vnto Joane Bent my daugh- 
ter xP Itm I geue vnto Als Bent my daughter xP Itm I geue vnto 
Annis Bent my daughter xP Itm I give vnto my sonne David aforesaid 
my blacke Calf e Itm yf anie of these my children dye before they receaue 
their legacies I will that his or her part deceased shalbe by euen portions 
divided amongst the rest surviving Item I geue vnto everie of my god- 
children vj'^ a piece, All the rest of my goods and Cattels moueable or 
vnmoueable not geuen nor bequeathed I geue wholelie vnto my wife Ede 
Bent whome I make & ordaine my whole executrix of this my last will and 
testament paieing my debts and legacies And I appoint to be my overseers 
my loveing ffriends John Grace and Richard Cole, And I geue vnto each 
of them for their paines ij® a peece Witnesse waiter waight Robt mans- 
field Henrie ffan Proved 18 September 1588 in the Consistory Court 
of Win ton 

Inventory amounts to xiij^' vj'^ 


In the name of God Amen the xv**^ daye of June in the three and fortethe 
yere of the Reigne of one"" Sou'aigne Ladye Elizabeth By the grace of god 
Queen of England fraunce and Irelande defende'' of the faith &c I Edythe 
Bente of Calne in the Countye of Wiltes widowe. Beinge sicke in bodye 
but of good and p'fecte memorye I thanke god therefore doe make my 
Laste Will and Testament in manner and forme followiuge. (that is to 
saye) firste I bequeathe my soule ynto the handes of almightie god, my 

* For these tln-ee English wills the writer is indebted to Mr. E. C. Felton of Steelton, 
Pa. An abstract of them, with the Penton-Grafton records, was published in the 
Neto-England Historical and Genealogical Register for .January, 1895. The first and 
second are the wills of the grand-parents, and the third that of the father of John* 
Bent, who settled in Sudbury in 1638. 


heaueiilye father. Who hath made me and all the worlde, and in Jesus 
Christe my onelye Savyoure and Redeeme'' and the holye ghoste. Whoe 
sanctyfyed me, Itm. I. giue and bequeathe to the p'ishe Churche of Calne, 
iiij'^ and to the poor mans boxe there iiij'^ Itm. I. giue and bequeathe to 
my Sonne Richarde Bent fower sheepe and one hayier bollocke one brasse 
pott. Itm I giue and bequeathe to my Cozen Richarde Bent, the sonne of 
Robert Bent one Lambe, Itm I giue to my sonne in lawe John Wyllyams. 
half my haue of wheate at Wayehill. and my haue of barley, at Wiggmore 
hill and my greateste brasse pott, three pewter platte's one Joyned bedsted 
withoute. a. Tester, and one flockebed thereunto belongiuge withe, a. feather 
bolster and one newe Whyte Cou'ledd one payre of canvas sheetes and 
one Canvas bourde clothe, and one good blankett. Twooe sheepe Syxe 
bushells of wheate and three bushells of maidte, with one new brasse ket- 
tell of the myddell sorte & one newe barrell and my best broche, and one 
Lyttyll Kyne and the best of my Tooe pygges, and the other half of my 
bacon, Itm I — and bequeathe to my daughter Ann Streete one Joyned 
bedsted. withe, a. Joyned Tester withe A flockebedd and all things belong- 
ing thereunto Three pewter platte's and one great Kettell and my other 
pigge. Itm I giue to my daughter Joane nashe(?) one brasse kettell. and 
one Rugge cou'ledd and one pott skylett & one cowe in consideracon of her 
fathe's legacye towards hir The Reste of my goods not bequeathed moue- 
able vnmoueable I giue and bequeathe to my sonne Davye Bent, whome. 
I. doe make my whole and sole execute'" And. I. doe nomynate and 
appoynte to be my over seers of truste Robert Tarrant of Clanfylde and 
Richard Coole of Pennyngton grafton Before Phillipp Roche Vicar there, 
Richarde fowler. Clarke. 

Henrye Peares Nicholas Gowen and Richarde pester withe othe's 
Proved September 30, 1601, in the Consistory Court of AVinton. 

The Inventory is dated 19 June 43 Elizabeth. In it the testatrix is 
described as of Pynton Grafton. Total amount not stated. 


In the name of God Amen I Robert Bent of Penton Grafton in the 
parish of Waybill being sick of body but of perfect memry doe make my 
last will and Testament and thereby I doe commend my spirit vnto God, 
and doe bequeath vnto the Church a noble, and vnto the poore tenne groats* 
and I do bequeath vnto my Sonne Robert Bent fortie shillings, and to my 
Sonne John Bent fortie shillings, and to his sonne Robert I giue a young 
cowe, and to William Bent the sonne of the said John Bent two yewes 
and to Peter Bent the sonne of the said John Bent two yewes and to Anis 
Bent the daughter of the said .John, I giue two yewes, I giue to William 
Baker my sonn in lawe & my Daughter Dennys his wife twenty pounds of 
good & lawf ull money of England and to Elizabeth Baker the Daughter of 
the said William I giue nine pounds ; and to Obadiah Baker the sonne of 
the said William Baker I giue nine pounds of good & lawfidl money of Eng- 
land, and if either of them die I leave it to the disposing of their mother 
my Daughter Dennys. And vnto my Daughter Annis Barnes I giue fortie 
pounds of good and lawfuU money of England and to her sonne young 

* A uoble was 6s. 8d., and a groat 4d. 


Richard Barnes I give tenne pounds of good & lawfiill money of England. 
And I giue vnto my Daughter Jane the wife of Robert Plimpton teime 
pounds of good & lawfull money of England ; and to Robert Plimpton 
their sonne I giue two yewes ; and to Thomas Plimpton their Sonne I 
giue two yewes. and to William Plimpton their sonne two yewes And to 
Jane Plimpton their Daughter I giue two yewes And to Elizabeth Plimp- 
ton the Daughter of the said Robert Plimpton I giue liue pounds of good 
& lawfull money of England And to my Aunte Drew I give one bushell of 
wheate And to my sister Annis Streete I giue one bushell of wheate 
And vnto Joanne Noyse my sister the wife of William Noyse I give one 
bushell of wheate And the rest of my goods I bequeathe vnto my wife 
whome I make my exequetor of this my last will & Testament, my will is 
that the legaceases giuen vnto my sonne William Baker and his wife to be 
paid vnto them twelfe months after my deses. and the tenn pound giuen 
vnto my daughter Joanne to be paid vnto hir the 2.3 day of march nixt : 
and y'^ fife pound I have giuen vnto my Cussen Elezabeth Plemton to be 
paid vnto hir hir day of maridge. And I desier my newbores Peter Noyes 
and Henry Tuncks to be overseers of this my will : and I giue them for 
their paines xij'^* a peece. I giue xmto Annes Bent y^ daughter of Richard; 
2 ewes and I do giue unto Mary Bent y** daughter of Richard Bent 2 ewes 
In witnesse whereof wee have set to our hands George Tarrant minister 
of weyhill Peter Noyes Henry Tmicks his mark K 
No Probate Acct. Consistory Court of Winton. 

Inventory dated Aug. 30, 1631. Some is 107^^ j^ ij-^. 

Beginning at " my will is " the remainder is in different hand-writing. 


The fourtenth of September in the yeare of the lord god one thousand six 
hundred seventy two I John Bent senior of Sudbury in the County of 
midlsex in new England, being weake in body, yet in pfect memory blessed 
be the lord for it, Revoakiug all other wills, doe make this my last will and 
testament. And doe dispose of my worldly estate as followeth, Imprimis I 
doe make martha my beloued wife, and my oldest sonne Peter Bent my 
lawfull executors to this my will, Item I give and bequeath unto martha 
my beloved wife, my new dwelling house after my decease, with all my 
Barnes and other out houseing thereunto Belonging, with all my lands both 
meadow and upland, and two thirds my right in Commonage, excepting 
that pt of my lands which I have given formerly to my sonne Joseph Bent 
as will appeare in a deed made and signed to the sayd Joseph Bent, also 
excepting apcell of land being my right in the new grant, which I shall dis- 
pose of as will further appeare, To have and to hold quietly to enjoy and 
possese during her naturall life, or soe long as she remaynes awiddow, also 
my will is that after the decease of martha my beloved wife, or in case she 
shall marry that then mv houseina: and lands which I have left to her shall 
returne unto my sonne Peter Bent and his heyres forever, also I give and 
bequeath unto martha my beloved wife all my stock of chattells and move- 
ables, household goods with all other utensells upon the premises, & debts 
& dues, she the sayd martha paying all such legasies as I shall dispose of in 
this my will, Item I give and bequeath unto John Bent my sonne Twenty 


pounds to be payd the one third pt therof within ayeare after my decease 
the other two thirds after the decease of martha my beloved wife or at her 
marriage, Item I give and bequeath unto Agnis Rice my daughter the 
summe of ten 2:)0unds to be paid within a yeare after my decease that is to 
say the one third pt of it and the other two thirds after the decease of martha 
my beloved wife or at her marriage Item I give my daughter martha How, 
ten pounds to be payd within ayeare the one third pt and the other two 
thirds after the decease of martha my beloved wife or at her marriage, 
Item I give and bequeath unto Hannah Bent the daughter of my sonne 
John Bent the one half of my land lying in the new grant to remayne in the 
posession of her father untill she comes of age, also I give unto John How 
the oldest sonne of my daughter martha How the other halfe of my new 
grant, and to rernayne in the possesion of Samuel How his father untill he 
comes of age. Item I give and bequeath unto Peter Bent the oldest sonne 
of Peter Bent my sonne foure pounds to be payd within ayeare after my 
decease, Item I give to John Rice the sonne of my daughter agnis Rice 
foure pounds to be payd within ayeare after my decease. Item I give to 
Joseph Bent my sonne one third pt of my right in Commonage after my de- 
cease, also my will is that whereas I have made a deed to Joseph Bent my 
sonne of apt of my land, that he the sayd Joseph Bent shall quietly enjoy 
the same without molestation, & have it owned according according to law, 
also whereas I formerly gave to peter Bent my sonne foure acres of meadow 
upon condition that it should remayne to his then dwelling house at laniham 
for ever wthout any allination from the premises, my will is that it shall soe 
remayn Also my will is that Henery Rice and John Stone shall be over- 
seers to this my will In witnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand and 
seale. . 

witnes Hereunto John Bent. 

John Stone. 
John Rice. 

sworn in courte 8- 2* 1672 
b}^ ye witnesses 'subscribed 
T. D. R. 

Note. — The initials at the end of the above are for Thomas Danforth, Re- 
corder. Henry Rice was the eldest brother of Edward Rice who married 
John Bent's daughter. Both came with their father Edmund Rice, who 
was among the first settlers of Sudbury. John Stone was one of the first 
settlers of Sudbury, a son of Deacon Gregory Stone of Cambridge. Lanham, 
or laniham as it is written in the will, was, and still is, a school district in 
the south part of the town. The word senior is interlined in the original. 
Perhaps it should be added that as March was at this time called the first 
month the eighth month was October. The original will is in the Middlesex 
Registry of Probate at East Cambridge, Mass. 

John Bent's Inventory, 1672. 

An Inuetory of the estate of John Bent sen'" of Sudbury in the County of 
midlsex in the macachusets Colony in new England deceased this life the 
twenty seuenth of Septembe one thousand six hundrd seventy two. Taken 
by us whose names are underwritten. 





The dwelling houses Barnes and other 

houseing & lands adioning to the house 

prisd at 
The meadow 
six kowes & a steer 
foul* oxen & two calues 
ten sheep 

Corne in the Barne 
Clouer in the Barne 
Cart plows & other vtensels 
his land called the new grant 

In the bed Chamber 
His wearing clothes 
His armom- 
one flocke bed with blanckts boulster and 

six payer of sheets pillow Tecks & Table 

two chests' & two boxes 
one feather bed & boulster one Couerlit 

one payer of blanckts one pillow 
one bed Three blanckets and Two pillows 
Two brasse kettles Two brasse skellets 

one morter one warming pan 
one iron pot two trammells one spit one 

Gridiron one pott one andiron one payer 

of tongs one flesh forcke 
one frying pan one hammer one payer of 

pincers, Sheers 
Six peuter dishes two basens Two saucers 

one plate Spoones Two tinn panns & 

candlsticke a chamber pot two smooth- 

mg u'ons one 


His Bookes 

a sadle one pillion & cloth one pannell 

and bridle 
Prouision in y® house 
wooll one Hatchall sacks 
One cloth Thre barrells one tub a churn 

Two payles four bottles Two kettles(?j 

one j)oudering tub milke vessells & other 

wooden vessells 
fourr Tables Chayres & Chushms one 

forme selves a meale trough & other 

spinning wheels cards one cheese press 

and a Cannoe 
The land at the river side 

14_00— 00 
17_00— 00 







01—10- -00 






a brasse pot 00—10—00 

Wollen yarne 02—10—00 

A Bond from Joseph Bent 16—00—00 

In mony 02-00-00 

for Rent 05—00—00 

Rent due from my 
brother Joseph 
Henery Rice 
John Stone 

Peter Bent appearing before the Hon^ Cap* Dan^^ Gookin & y^ Record^'' 
of y" Coun^ 31- 11-1672 and being sworne do say that this is a true In- 
ventory of the estate whereof his father Jn° Bent dec'ed, was seized : and 
that if any more appeare he wUl ad the same liereunto 

as attest 

Thomas Danforth Record^"^ 

The original inventory is in two cokimns, the second and narrower column 
beginning with the words " His Bookes." It is not as easily read as the will, 
with which it is preserved. " Rent due from my brother " refers to Henry 
Rice's brother Joseph Rice. The whole amount of the inventory is 


The Massachusetts Archives (Vol. 69, p. 229) contain the following peti- 
tion, embellished with many scroUs : 

To the Hono^i® Gov. and Councill Sitting in Boston the 29"^ May, 1679. 

The Petition of Elizabeth Bent, relict, widdow of Peter Bent, of Marl- 
borrough, decea'^. 

Humbly sheweth that your Petion''^ Habitation and almost all that shee 
had was consumed by the Indians in the Last warr and her husband went 
for England and there dyed and Lost all that he carryed with him and Left 
your petitio'' a very poore Widdow with Seven Children and in the Time of 
the Late Warr Shee billeted severale Souldiers so Lons as that her bill did 
Amount to six pounds and Capt. Hull gave her a Note to the Constable for 
the payment of the Same, who will pay her ouely Thre pounds in mony 
So that shee is an Extrordinary Looser thereby : Also she had Two Horses 
Imprest (viz.) one from watertowne and another from Charlestowne wh were 
out many months and at Last dyed never being returned home to her againe 
and being a poore Ignorant widdow. She never Looked after any Tickett 
or pay for them to this day. 

Yo'' Poore petition"" therefore humbly Intreats the favor of yo"" hono^ to 
Impute this Neglect of Duty onely to her Ignorance and that the Law which 
doth exclude all persons from makeing further claime to debts due from the 
Country after the time therein Limited may nott debarr your Petitio' from 
that wh is justly due, so Shall your Petitio"" and her poore fatherless ones 
Ever pray for Yo"" bono'® ct. Elizabeth Bent. 



The following is copied from a printed notice preserved by a grandson 
of Governor Bent, The original is in both English and Sj)amsh. 


Being duly authorized by the President of the United States of America, 
I hereby make the following appointments for the Government of New 
Mexico, a territory of the United States. 

The officers thus apjjointed will be obeyed and respected accordingly. 
Charles Bent to be Governor. 
Donaciano Vigil " Sec. of Territory. 

Richard Dallam " Marshall. 

Francis P. Blair " U. S. Dist. Att'y. 

Charles Blummer " Treasurer. 

Eugene Leitensdorfer " Aud. of Pub. Ace. 

Joal Houghton, Antonio Jose Otero, Charles Beaubien to be Judges of 
"the Superior Court." 

Given at Santa Fe, the Capital of the Territory of New Mexico, this 22d 
day of September, 1846, and in the 71st year of the Independence of the 
United States. S. W. Kearny, 

Brig. General 

U. S. Army. 


In memory of Gov. Charles Bent. Born Nov. 11, 1799, in St. Louis, 
Mo. Died Jan. 19, 1847, in Taos, New Mexico. He was the first Ameri- 
can Governor of New Mexico and was killed by the Indians in the Massacre 
of Taos, in 1847. He was a man of kind and gentle manners ; of true 
benevolence of heart ; of untarnished probity and lofty carriage ; he laid 
down his life to save those dearer to him than life itself. 



John' Bent of Sudbury was one of Major Simon Willarcl's troopers 
in the expedition against Ninigret in November, 1654. 

John^ Bent of Framingham is called Corporal Bent in 1682. 

HopestilP Bent of Sudbury took part in the Canadian campaign 
of 1690, and on his tombstone is called Ensign. 

John^ Bent of Framingham was in service three weeks in August 
and Sept., 1725, in Capt. Isaac Clark's troop of horse in one of the 
lesser Indian wars — Father Ralle's war. 

John^ Bent of Southboro' was in Capt. Timothy Brigham's militia 
company in 1735, and sergeant in 1757. 

Elijah'' Bent of Sudbury was in Capt. Josiah Brown's company of 
horse in 1739 and in Capt. Moses Maynard's alarm company in 1757. 

Capt. LemueP Bent of Milton was 2d Lieut, of Capt. Nathaniel 
Perry's Co. in 1754, 1st Lieut, under Col. John Winslow in Nova 
Scotia in 1755, Capt. in 1759 at Crown Point, and in 1760 and 
1761 in Nova Scotia under Colonel Ruo-oles. 


Capt. Joseph^ Bent of Milton enlisted as 1st Lieut, in Col. Josiah 
Brown's Reg. in the expedition against Crown Point in 1755, was 
promoted to rank of Captain, and died at Albany, N. Y., Dec. 7, 

Jonathan^ Bent of Sudbury died in the Crown Point expedition of 

Peter" Bent of Marlboro' was in Capt. Abraham Williams's militia 
company in 1757. 

Peter" Bent Sr. and Peter* Bent Jr. of Sudbury were in Capt. 
Moses Maynard's alarm company in 1757. 

Hopestill" Bent of Sudbury was in preceding company. 

David^ Bent of Sudbury was in Col. Joseph Buckminster's regi- 
ment that marched as far as Springfield in August, 1757, on an 
alarm for the relief of Fort William Henry. 

David" Bent of Rutland was Sergt. in Capt. John Phelps's Co., 
Col. Ruggles's regiment, that marched as far as Kiuderhook, N. Y., 
at the time of the alarm from Fort William Henry. In 1771 he was 
1st Lieut, in Capt. Zacheus Gates's Co. in od Worcester County 
Reg. of militia. Col. John Murray. Afterwards Capt. in the Revo- 


Jesse^ Bent of Milton appears as corporal in a list of men in Col. 
Samuel Miller's regiment (date not given). 

Thomas^ Bent of Sudbury was in Capt. Moses iMaynard's alarm 
company in 1757. From June to Dec, 1760, he was corporal in 
Capt. Nathan Brigham's Co. 

Joseph* Bent Jr. of Middlcboro' served three months in 1758 in 
Capt. Benj. Pratt's Co., Col. Thomas Doty's Reg., recruited for 
the reduction of Canada. 

Nedabiah* Bent of Milton enhsted in Capt. Aaron Willard's Co., 
Col. Oliver Partridge's Reg., for the reduction of Canada, in 1758. 
The records say that he had served in a former expedition to Lake 
George. In April, 1759, he enlisted in Col. Samuel Miller's Reg. 
for service under Gen. Amherst, but was transferred to Col. Timothy 
Ruggles's Reg. From Jan. 1 to May 13, 1760, he was in the Nova 
Scotia campaign in Capt. Moses Curtis's Co., Col. Frye's Reg. 

William^ Bent of Milton (afterwards of Canton) was in Col. 
Samuel Miller's Reg. for the reduction of Canada in 1758, Sergt. in 
Capt. Moses Curtis's Co., Col. Frye's Reg., from April, 1759, to 
July, 1760, Ensign in Capt. John Dunlap's Co., April 18, 1761, to 
Jan. 2 following, and Lieut, in 1762. In the early part of the Revo- 
lutionary war he was a Capt. in the Continental army. 

SamueP Bent, according to family tradition (his name has not been 
found in the Massachusetts archives), was in the Quebec campaign 
of 1759, in Capt. John Wade's Co. 

Silas* Bent ot Sudbury, afterwards of Rutland, was in service 
from April 16, 1760, to Dec. 3, 1760, in Capt. Ephraim Jackson's 
Co., raised for the reduction of Canada. In the Revolutionary war 
he was a Lieut, in the Continental Infantry and subsequently Lieut. - 
Colonel of a militia regiment. 

John* Bent of Framingham was cornet in Capt. Benj. Pepper's 
troop of horse in Col. JohnNoyes'sReg., the 3d Middlesex, in 1771. 


Capt. David* Bent, of Rutland, started for Cambridge at the head 
of his company, with Col. Nathaniel Sparhawk's Reg., as soon as the 
news of the battle of Lexington was received. The early part of the 
following year (Feb. 5, 1776) he was commissioned 1st Lieut, in 
Capt. John Bowker's Co., attached to Colonel Whitney's Jieg. 
April 6, 1776, he became Capt. of the fifth company in the 7th 

* This list is made from the printed record of "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of 
the Revolutionary War," prepared and published by the Secretai-y of the Common- 
wealth. The names Benj. Bent, Jacob Bent and Gideon Bent ai>pearing there should 
be Kent, and David Bent, who saw service in 1781, Walter Bent and William Bent of 
Falmouth should probably be some other name, perhaps Kent or Burt, both of which 
look like Bent when written and have been confused with it. 



Worcester County Reg., Col. Sparhawk's. He marched to Benning- 
ton, Vt., in August, 1777, when he was out eleven days, and from 
August 31, 1777, was with his reghnent, then commanded by Col. 
Job Cushing, in the northern department. His resignation bears 
the date of March 13, 17bO, at which time Col. Jonathan Grout was 
the regimental commander. 

Ebenezer^ Bent, of Milton, was in Capt. Josiah Vose's Co. that 
guarded the seashore in April, 1776, after Boston had been evacu- 
ated by the British. 

Francis^ Bent, of Middleboi'o', was fifer in Capt. Joshua Benson's 
Co., in Col. Theophilus Cotton's Reg., in service around Boston 
from May to December, 1775, including the battle of Bunker Hill. 
He was out five days on an alarm to Rhode Island in Lieut. Jonah 
Washburn's Co., Col. Ebenezer Sprout's Reg., in December, 1776, 
and out thirty-one days in a secret expedition to the same State in 
Sept. and Oct., 1777, as a private in Capt. Nehemiah Allen's Co., 
Col. Cotton's Reg. In May and Sept. he was fifer of Capt. Na- 
thaniel Wood's Co., Col. Ebenezer Sprout's Reg., in two alarms 
to South Dartmouth, and from Aug. 1 to 9, 1780, was fifer of Capt. 
Jonah Washburn's Co. on still another alarm to Rhode Island. 

Jabez* Bent, of Marlboro', was out six days in Capt. William 
Brigham's C/O. that marched April 19, 1775. 

Jason* Bent, of Sudbury,* marched to Concord, April 19, 1775, 
in Capt. Isaac Loker's Co., and was out three days. 

JoeP Bent, of Hutchinson, now Barre, marched in Capt. John 
Black's Co. upon receipt of the news of the battle of Lexington, and 
was out eleven days, marching one hundred and eighty miles. He 
became captain of a militia company in 1781. 

Lieut. John" Bent, of Framingham, was a private in Capt. Simon 
Edgell's Co., afterwards Capt. Jesse Eames's Co., on duty in Rox- 
bury in 1776, Sergt. in Capt. Daniel Eames's Co. that was out 
thirty-three days from Sept. 29, 1777, and 1st Lieut, in Capt. 
Nathan Drury's Co. in 5th Middlesex Reg., July 22, 1779. He was 
also in service fourteen days on an alarm to Rhode Island in July 
and August, 1780. 

John" Bent, of Milton, was in Capt. Oliver Vose's Co. that rendez- 
voused at Roxbury fifteen days after the Concord fight, and in Capt. 
John Bradley's Co., Col. Benjamin Gill's Reg., that marched, March 
4, 1776, to Dorchester Heights (now South Boston) when the forts 
were being erected that drove the British from Boston ; also in Capt. 
Josiah Vose's Co. that guarded the seacoast in the month following. 

* All three of Jason Bent's brothers were in the Concord fight, as well as their father, 
though the latter was not attached to any company. Siulhury joins Concord, and the 
news that the British had started reached Sudbury at four o'' clock in the morning, so 
well had Paul Kevere and the Sons of Liberty performed their task to arouse " the 
country folk to be up and to arm." 


John^ Bent, of Middlcboro', was in Capt. Washburn's Co., in Col. 
Ebenezer Wliite's Keg., in Rhode IsLand service, Aug. 1 to 9, 1780. 

Jonatlian'' Bent, of Sudbury, was in Capt. Joseph Smith's Co., 
April 19, 1775, and in service in 1776 in Capt. Asahel Wheeler's 
Co., in Col. John Robinson's Reg., at Roxbury. 

Sergt. Josiah* Bent, ofFramingham,* was a private in Capt. Simon 
Edgell's Co., April 19, 1775, in Capt. Tliomas Drury's Co. during 
the siege of Boston the rest of that year, corporal in Capt. Aaron 
Gardner's Co. in 1776, and in 1780 Sergt. in Capt. Nathan Drury's 
Co. in service fourteen days on an alarm to Rhode Island. 

Sergt. Matthias" Bent, of Framingham, was in Capt. Simon 
Edgell's Co. that hurried to Concord April 19, 1775, and was 
afterwards during the siege of Boston quartered in Roxbury. In 
July and August, 1780, he was in Capt. Nathan Drury's Co., Col. 
Abner Perry's Reg., in service fourteen days on an alarm to Rhode 

Nathan^ Bent, of Sudbury, was fifer of Capt. Thaddeus Russell's 
C'O., in Col. Jonatlian Brewer's Reg., in service around Boston 
from May to Dec, 1775; in Capt. Daniel Whitney's Co., in Col. 
Asa Whitcomb's Reg., in the Ticonderoga campaign the following 
year, and in Capt. Thomas Brintnall's Co., Col. Cyprian How's 
Reg., in Rhode Island from Aug. 1 to Oct. 14, 1780. 

Peter" Bent, of Marlboro', marched to Concord, April 19, 1775, 
in Capt. Daniel Barnes's Co., and was in the same company during 
the siege of Boston. 

Peter Bent, of Needham(?), was out four days in Capt. Aaron 
Smitli's Co. that marched from West Needham to Dorchester Heights 
when the forts were erected in March, 1776. 

Peter* Bent, of Rutland, enlisted Feb. 14, 1777, in the 6th Reg., 
Continental Army, Col. Thomas Nixon, for the remainder of the 
war, but died or was killed after serving two years, ten months and 
seventeen days. 

Prince Bent, a negro slave of John Bent of Hopkinton, R. I., 
valued at £120, enlisted March 12, 1778, for the remainder of the 
war in Capt. Elijah Lewis's Co. in the First Battalion R. I. forces, 
commanded by Christopher Greene, Esq. In July, 1778, he was 
marked prisoner of war ; Jan. 1, 1779, on furlough ; Feb. and April 
on guard, and March sick in quarters. 

Rufus" Bent, of Sudbury, was in Capt. Isaac Loker's Co. at Con- 
cord, April 19, 1775. He was perhaps the Rufus Bent employed 
later in the war — Feb. 18, 1778 to Sept. 23, 1780, as conductor or 
wagon master in the Depuiy Quartermaster General's department. 

Samuel' Bent, of Sudbury, Avas one of the many that hurried from 

*The Framingham companies reached Concord about noon and joined in the pursuit 
of the British. 


" every Middlesex village and farm " to Concord on the nineteenth 
of April in '75. He was in Capt, Nathaniel Cudvvorth's Co. at 
that time, and in Capt. Asahel Wheeler's Co., Col. John Robinson's 
Reg., out twenty-six days from Feb. 4, 1776. 

Lieut. Silas^ Bent, of Rutland, afterwards Lieut. -Col. of the 7th 
Massachusetts JNIilitia Reg., marched to Cambridge on receipt of the 
news of the battle of Lexington as a private in Capt. Thomas Eus- 
tis's Co., and was out twelve days. From May to Dec, 1775, he 
was Ensign of Capt. Adam Wheeler's Co. in Col. Ephraim Doolittle's 
Reg., in service around Boston. Jan. 1, 1776, he became Ist Lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Thomas Barnes's Co. in the 4th Reg. Continental 
Infantry, Col. Thomas Nixon. 

Stephen* Bent, of Sudbury, saw service in the Ticonderoga cam- 
paign (1776) in Capt. Aaron Haynes's Co., Col. Asa Whitcomb's 
Reg., and served three months in New Jersey in 1777 in Capt. John 
Oliver's Co., Col. Nathaniel Sparhawk's Reg. At the Bennington 
alarm he was in Capt. Benj. Nye's Co., and July 1, 1778, he 
enlisted for six months in Capt. Jacob Haskins's Co., in Col. John 
Jacobs's Reg., for service in Rhode Island. 

Thomas* Bent Jr., of Framingham, was out nine days from April 
19, 1775, as corporal in Capt. Jesse Eames's Co., in which com- 
pany he saw further service the following year. 

Timothy' Bent, of Sudbury, gave up his life in the cause of liberty. 
He was at Concord April 19, 1775, in Capt. Joseph Smith's Co., 
and during the eight months' siege of Boston following, including 
the battle of Bunker Hill, was in Capt. Thaddeus Russell's Co. The 
following year he enlisted in Capt. Aaron Haynes's Co., in Col. Asa 
Whitcomb's Reg., for service at Ticonderoga, etc. He afterwards 
enlisted for three years in the 5th Continental Infantiy, Col. Rufus 
Putnam's Reg., but at the end of eight months' service, Dec. 1, 1777, 
was reported dead. 

Capt. William* Bent, of Stoughton, the part now Canton, marched 
to the front April 19, 1775, as a private in Capt. Asahel Smith's 
Co., remained at Cambridge a few daj8, returned to his home and 
recruited a company, at the head of which he marched April 27, being 
ordered to Roxbury and attached to Col. Wm. Heath's Reg., Conti- 
nental army. This was stationed at Squantum at one time, but soon 
after ordered to Cambridge. At the end of the year he re-enlisted. 

Lieut. William Bent, of Sudbury, marched as Sergt. in Capt. 
Joseph Smith's Co. April 19, 1775, and was out three days. In 
July, 1776, he was commissioned Ist Lieut, in Capt. Caleb Moul- 
ton's Co. (afterwards connnanded by Capt. Robert Cutting), in 
the 4th Middlesex Reg., commanded by Col. Ezekiel How of the 
Red Horse Tavern. He seems to have continued in service as late 
as 1778 certainly. 



Silas^ Bent, of Rutland, commissioned Lieut. -Colonel of TthReg. 
Massachusetts Militia, July 1, 1781. 

JoeP Bent, of Barre, brother of preceding, commissioned Capt. in 
same regiment at same time. 

Jonathan^ Bent, of Sudbury, commissioned Sept. 6, 1791, Capt. 
in the Ist Reg., 2d Brigade, dd Division, Massachusetts Militia, 

David Jackson* Bent, of Bangor, Me., was Major of a militia 
resfiment called out to defend the seacoast during the war of 1812. 

William® Bent, of East Sudbury, now Wayland, commissioned 
Ensign May 8, 1809, Lieut. Dec. 1, 1809, Captain Jan. 13, 1812, 
in 1st Reg., 2d Brigade, 3d Division, Massachusetts Militia. Re- 
ceived his discharge May 18, 1813. 

James* Bent, of Canton, commissioned Quartermaster of the 2d 
Reg., 2d Brigade, 1st Division, Massachusetts Militia, April 1, 1816, 
Adjutant May 26, 1819. Received his discharge iNLarch 8, 1824. 

James Valentine* Bent, of Nova Scotia, Captain in Militia. 


Major Luther S.' Bent enlisted from Quincy, May 22, 1861, for 
three months as private in Co. H, 4th Reg. Infantry, Mass. Vols. 
Re-enlisted August 24, 1861, as 1st Sergt. in Co. K, 18th Reg., 
for three years ; promoted to 2d Lieut. July 30, 1862, 1st Lieut. 
Dec. 25, 1862, Capt. Dec. 24, 1863, Major July 29, 1864. 

Capt. Fitz Edward* Bent enlisted from Quincy, May 22, 1861, 
for three months as a private in Co. H, 4th Reg. Infantry, Mass. 
Vols. Re-enlisted July 16, 1864, for one hundred days as Capt. of 
Co. B, 60th Reg. Again re-enlisted Feb. 28, 1865, for one year 
as 2d Lieut, in 62d Reg. ; promoted to 1st Lieut. April 17, 1865, 
but never mustered as such owing to the close of the war. 

Capt. Wm. H.* Bent enlisted from Newburyport, Aug. 9, 1862, 
for three years as 1st Sergt. of Co. A, 35th Reg. ; promoted to 1st 
Lieut. Sept. 6, 1864; transferred to 29th Reg. and promoted to 
Capt. Nov. 29, 1864, serving to the expiration of the war. 

Lieut. George O.* Bent, of Framingham, enlisted June 30, 1861, 
as private in Co. B, 29th Reg. Mass. Infantry. Re-enlisted in 
the field in same Co. and served as sergeant, sergeant-major and 
first lieutenant until the close of the war. Promoted to 1st Lieut. 
March 25, 1865. 

Lieut. Samuel A. Bent, of Boston, enlisted April 19, 1861, at 
Fortress Monroe, as 1st Lieut, in a Mass. Battalion of Infantry, 
afterwards 29th Reg. Mass. Vols. Resigned July 18, 1861. 

* As far as Massachusetts is concerned the list is complete, but the rest of it probably 
is not. 


Lieut. Thomas D.® Bent, of Necdham, enlisted Sept. 24, 1862, 
for nine months as private in Co. C, 43d Mass. Infantry. Re- 
enlisted Aug. 22, 1863, as 1st Sergt. in Co. D, 2d Reg. Heavy 
Artillery; promoted to 2d Lieut. April 10, 1865. 

Amos R.* Bent enlisted from Bellingham, July 12, 1861, for 
three years in Co. E, 16th Mass. Infantry. Service terminated 
Sept. 27, 1862, cause disability. 

Charles E.* Bent, nmsician, of Worcester, enlisted Sept. 30, 1862, 
for nine months in Co. E, 42d Mass. Infantry. Re-enlisted Dec. 
9, 18()3, for three years in Co. G, 2d Mass. Fleavy Artilleiy ; trans- 
ferred to Co. H, and dkd of starvation July 15, 18()4, at Anderson- 
ville Prison, Ga. 

Charles M.* Bent enlisted from Boston, Sept. 9, 1861, for three 
years in the band of the 20th INIass. Infantry. Service terminated 
Aug. 8, 1862, by order of the AVar Dcpt. 

Charles R. Bent, of Boston, enlisted Sept. 12, 1862, for nine 
months in Co. H, 44th Mass. Infantry. ^ 

Edward M.' Bent enlisted from Springfield, Nov. 7, 1864, for 
one year in Co. F, 61st Mass. Infantry, and died at Washington, 
D. C, July 2, 1865. 

Ferdinand A.'^ Bent, of Mendon, enlisted June 10, 1862, for six 
months in 8th Batteiy Light Artillery, Mass. Vols. 

Francis* Bent enlisted from Colrain, Mass., Jan. 2, 1865, in Co. 
B, 3d Mass. Heavy Artillery. 

George A.** Bent, of Quincy, enlisted June 13, 1861, for three 
years in Co. H, 11th Mass. Infantry. Transferred Sept. 12, 1863, 
to Veteran Reserve corps. 

George F." Bent enlisted from Milton, June 15, 1861, for three 
years in Co. E, 7th Mass. Infantry, aftd died at Brightwood, D. C, 
March 9, 1862. 

George W. Bent enlisted from Lynn, Sept. 15, 1862, for nine 
months in Co. I, 8th Mass. Infantry. Re-enlisted from Charles- 
town, July 18, 1864, for one hundred days in Co. D, 5th Mass. 

Henry Bent, of Stoneham, is among the unassigned recruits of 2d 
Mass. Cavalry, Nov. 16, 1864. Died at Cumberland, Me., June 
3, 1865. 

Plerbert* Bent, of Boston, enlisted July 16, 1861, for three years 
in Co. B, 13th Mass. Infantry. 

John E." Bent enlisted from Worcester, Aug. 9, 1862, for three 
years in Co. F, 34th Mass. Infantry, and served to end of war. 

John Q." Bent, of Quincy, enlisted June 13, 1861, for three years 
in Co. H, 11th Mass. Infantry. 

John S.* Bent enlisted from Boston, Sept. 19, 1862, for nine 
months in Co. E, 50th Mass. Infantry. 


John T.* Bent enlisted from Boston, April 29, 1864, for ninety 
days in 1st Unattached Co. Mass. Infantry. 

Joseph (F. ?) Bent, of Carver, enlisted May 6, 1861, for three 
months in Co. K, 3d Mass. Infantry. 

Judson L.® Bent, of Watertown, enlisted Sept. 19, 1862, for nine 
months in Co. K, 5th Mass. Infantry. 

Marshall A.'' Bent from Medway, was in the Veteran Reserve 
Corps, April 30, 1864, and was mustered out Nov. 14, 1864. 

Milford Tedford* Bent, of Danvers, enlisted July 5, 1861, in Co. 
I, 14th Mass. Infantry, and died Feb. 25, 1862, at Andersonville, 

Thomas H. Bent, of Plymouth, is among the unassigned recruits 
(three years' men) in the 29th Reg., March 10, 1862. 

William H." Bent, of Quincy, enlisted May 1, 1861, for three 
months in Co. K, 5th Mass. Infantry; re-enlisted Oct. 1, 1861, 
for three years in Co. B, 24th Mass. Infantry ; became corporal Dec. 
19, 1863; transferred April 17, 1865, to Veteran Reserve Corps. 

William Q.' Bent, of Qaincy, enlisted Sept. 26, 1862, for nine 
months in Co. G, 45th Mass. Infantry. 

Luther M.* Bent, of Quincy, was a boatman, and died of wounds 
at Georgetown, D. C, Oct. 1, 1862. 

Rev. Gilbert R.* Bent, Methodist clergyman, was a member of 
U. S. Christian Commission and at the front during the entire war, 
his first wife dying at Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md., March 4, 1864. 

Lieut. Josiah" Bent enlisted in the Ist Wisconsin Cavalry in 
1861, and died of malarial dysentery Nov. 9, 1863. 

Alphonso* Bent, of jSIorrison, 111., enlisted in 1862 in Co. H, 
5th Missouri Cavalry, and died in hospital at Waynesville, Mo., 
June 11, 1863. 

Lieut. Charles^ Bent, son of preceding, enlisted June, 1864, as a 
private in 140th 111. Infantry, and served until Oct. 29, 1864. 
Feb. 2, 1865, he re-enlisted in 147th 111. Infantry, and served as 
Sergeant, First Sergeant and Second Lieut, until close of the war. 

George R.^ Bent, half-brother of the preceding, saw service in Co. 
F, 93d 111. Infantry. 

John A.^ Bent enlisted May 4, 1861, in Co. I, 5th Maine 
Infantry and afterwards in 4th Reg. Cavalry, Regular Army. 

Orrin* Bent, brother of the preceding, served as private in 1st and 
17th Maine Infantry. 

James W.** Bent, of Boscawen, N. II., enlisted Oct. 4, 1861, in 
2d Reg., Berdan's U. S. Sharpshooters, and served until the close 
of the war. 

David P." Bent, of Marshfield, Vt., enlisted Sept. 1, 1861, in the 
4th Vermont Vols., and died at Washington, D. C., May 19, 1862. 



Josiah' Bent, Harvard, 1822 ; clergyman. 

Nathaniel Tucker^ Bent, Harvard, 1831 ; clergyman. 

Joseph Avery« Bent, Middlebury (Vt.), 1845 ; 'clergyman. 

George^ Bent, Knox (III), 1849; clergyman and judge. 

James McClelland^ Bent, Georgetown ^Ky.), 1860; clergyman. 

Samuel Arthur' Bent, Yale, 1861 ; Harvard Law Schooir"l865. 

Joseph Aijpleton'' Bent, Yale, 1865 ; died in 1869. 

George Conway^ Bent, Harvard, 1866; business. 

Thomas Armstrong^ Bent, Yale, 1874; died in 1876. 

Rufus Howard^ Bent, University of Pennsylvania, 1878; clergyman. 

Horatio Grimes^ Bent, Illinois Wesleyan University, 1879 ; lawyer. 

Emma Cutting^ Bent, Smith, 1881. 

Arthur Cleveland^ Bent, Harvard, 1889 ; business. 

Frederick Hendee^ Bent, Harvard, 1889 ; business. 

Felton^ Bent, Williams, 1895 ; business. 

Newell^ Bent, Harvard, 1895 ; teacher. 

Quiucy^ Bent, entered Williams in 1897. 

James S.^ Bent Jr., entered Harvard in 1899. 


Josiah^ Bent (1797-1839), Massachusetts; Orthodox. 

Nathaniel Tucker" Bent (1810-1856), Massachusetts and Pennsylvania; 

Joseph Avery^ Bent (living), Vermont and Illinois; Orthodox. 

George*^ Bent (living), Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska; Orthodox. 

James McClelland^ Bent (1841-1893), Kentucky; Baptist. 

Rufus Howard" Bent (living), Pennsylvania and New Jersey, (now mis- 
sionary to China) ; Presbyterian. 

Joseph Fletcher' Bent (1806-1893), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick ; 

George Washington'' Bent (living). New York; Methodist. 

Oren" Bent (1796-1848), Maine; Methodist. 

Gilbert Ray^ Bent (living), New England ; Methodist. 

Alton® Bent (livhig), Nova Scotia; Episcopal. 



Stephen^ Bent (1783-1822), New York. 

Luke* Bent (1801- ), Canada. 

Hiram'' Bent (1812-1891), Pennsylvania and New York. 

Luther^ Bent (1819-1878), Missouri. 

Charles'' Bent (li^dng), Nova Scotia. 

William Lovett^ Bent (1798- ), Nova Scotia. 

William H.^ Bent (livina,), Nova Scotia. 

Gilbert W. W.^ Bent (1867-1896), Massachusetts. 

James T.« Bent (1838-1895), Newfoundland. 


Silas^ Bent (1768-1827), St. Louis, Mo. 

John^ Bent (1803-1845), St, Louis, Mo. 

S. Arthur'' Bent (living, but not practising), Boston, Mass. 

William H.® Bent (living), Lowell, Mass. 

George C* Bent (living), Boston, Mass. 

Horatio G.® Bent (living), Bloomington, 111. 

Frederic W.'' Bent (living, but not practising), Cincinnati, 0. 

Charles H.^ Bent (1838-1896), Oswego, Kan. 

Members of State Legislatures, Etc. 
Charles^ Bent, first Governor of New Mexico. 

Silas® Bent, judge of Supreme Court of Missouri Territory, 1813-1821. 

George® Bent, judge of Sherman County, Neb., 1892-1896. 

Horatio Nelson'' Bent, judge of probate, Burlington, Kansas, 1862-1868. 

Peter* Bent, of Marlboro', member of all three Provincial Congresses of 
Massachusetts, in 1774 and 1775. 

Charles'' Bent, Illinois State Senate, 1879-1883. 

Capt. Joseph* Bent of Milton, Massachusetts Legislature, 1753 

Peter* Bent of Marlboro', " " 1771-1775 

Capt. .JoeP Bent of Barre, " " 1801-1804 

Newell® Bent of Cambridge, " " 1824-1826 

Adam® Bent of Boston, " " 1828-1831 

Charles® Bent of Chelmsford, " " 1832-1834 

Josiah® Bent of Milton, « " 1833 

John^ Bent of Carver, « " 1835-1836 



Ebenezer® Bent of Quincy, Massachusetts Legislature, 

James MJ Bent of Wayland, " 

Johr.^ Bent of Chelsea, " 

A. Allen" Bent of Gardner, " 

William H^ Bent of Wayland, " 

Myron W.« Bent of Wayland, « 

George C.^ Bent of Cambridge, " 

Roderic LJ Bent of Gardner, " 

Maj. David J* Bent, Maine 

(afterwards in Pennsylvania Legislature). 

John'' Bent, Missouri " 

Bartlett^ Bent, Connecticut Legislature, 

(afterwards mayor and postmaster of iMiddletown, Conn.). 

Charles D.^ Bent, Connecticut Legislature. 

Curtis R.« Bent, Iowa " 1868 

Charles H.^ Bent, Kansas, 18G7 ; Colorado, 1893 















Peter^ Bent, d. in Marlboro', Mass., in 1798, ve. 91. 

Mrs. Mary Bent, widow of preceding, d. in 1803, re. 93. 

Mrs. Abigail (Stoae) Bent, d. in Framingham, Mass., in 1814, oe. 90. 

Mrs. Sarah-* (Bent) Vose, d. in Milton, Mass., in 1802, 3d. 92. 

Mrs. MaryS (i5ent) Fay, d. , in 1831, a;. 94. 

Mrs. Patience^ (Bent) Newton, d. in Southboro,' Mass., in 1837, sa. 96. 

Saruh^ Bent, d. in Milton, Mass., in 1846, a3. 95. 

Mrs. Abigail (Bruce) Bent, d. in Wayland, Mass., 1845, fe. 90. 

Mrs. Phebe ( Vf hittemore) Bent, d. in , 1848, se. 91. 

Mrs. Rutli (Pratt) Bent, d. in Fitzwilliam, N. 11.. in 1872, is. 90. 

Mrs. Susau*^ (Bent) Oakes, d. in Little Hocking, 0., in 1865, se. 94. 

Mrs. Polly (Coolidge) Bent, d. in Wayland, Mass., in 1878, se. 90. 

John" Ueiit, d. in Middleboro', Mass., in 1853, ve. 90. 

William^ Bent, brother of preceding, d. in Paris, Me., in 1858, ve. 91. 

Mrs. Hannah" (Bent) McAllan, d. ni River Philip, N. 8., in 1869. a3. 91. 

Mrs. Elizabeth" (Bent) Farrington, d. in Dedham, Mass., in 1857, se. 90. 

John" Bent, d. in Dedham, Mass., in 1873, se. 94. 

Mrs. llona" (Bent) Van Vechten, d. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1896, ae. 90. 

Mrs. Betsey (Phippen) iient, d. in Antwerp, N. Y., in 1894, ie. 92. 

Mrs. Mercy (McFarlin) Bent, d. in Carver, Mass., in 1887. a?. 90. 

Mrs. Hannah P. (Savery) iJent, d. in Flushing, L. I., in 1892, oe. 93. 

Mrs. Abiuail (Shaw) Bent, d. in Port Chester', N. Y., in 1897, x. 90. 

James V.^ Bent, d. in Wolfville, N. S., in 18!)3, a?. 92. 

Mrs. Eunice" (Bent) Ruggles, d. in Dorchester, Mass., in 1893, x. 91. 

Mrs. Hulduh (White) Hent, d. in Maugerville, N. S., in 1872, se. 92. 

Mrs. Mary A.'' (Bent) Adams, d. in Milton. Mass., in 1885, se. 90. 

The above list is doubtless incomplete. Of the twenty-six names it will 
be no;iced that only five were men, and that only one in the entire list was 
unmari-ied. The oldest liviin/ member of the family is probably Miss Sarah 
Ashton'' Bent of Quincy, 03. y9. 




Ebenezer Vose® Bent, 
Elizabeth Cloiigh^ Bent, 
Hannah Waldo" Bent, 
Daniel Wyman'' Bent, 
Samuel Browning^ Bent, 
William Hunt*' IJent, 
David Jackson'' Bent, 
George Washington® Bent, 
Calvin Gay'^ Bent, 

Earl Francis® Bent, 

Silas Proctor® Bent, 
Mary Ann^ Bent, 
Eunice Conviss'' Bent, 
Eliza Lewis'' Bent, 
.Joel Hayward® Bent, 
Thomas W.® Bent, 
William Lovett'' Bent, 
Elizabeth Sprague^ Bent, 
Horatio Gates® Bent, 
Samuel Glover"' Bent, 
Catherine Amelia^ Bent, 
W^illiam Freeman'' Bent, 
Israel Longley'' Bent, 

b. Nova Scotia, 


b. Mass., 


b. " 


b. " 


b. " 


b. N. H., 


b. Mass., 


b. Vt., 


b. N. S., 


b. Vt., 

b. Vt., 
b. Mass., 
b. N. S., 
b. Va., 
b. Mass., 
b. Vt., 
b. N. S., 
b. " 
b. Mass., 
b. " 
b. " 
b. N. S., 
b. " 




After wliom named. 

Mother's brother. 
Maternal grandmother. 

Maternal grandfather. 

Mother's brother. 

]\Iaternal grandfather. 

Mother's brother-in-law. 

National hero. 

Neighbor of parents. 

Earl for maternal grand- 
, mother, and Francis 
I for mother's brother- 
ly in-law, Francis Flagg. 

Neighbor of parents. 

Friend of the family. 
Mother's sister. 

Mother's brother. 
Maternal grandmother. 
National heio. 
Mother's brother. 

Mother's brother. 
Maternal grandfather. 


Peter Bent Brigham was born at Bakersfield, Vt., on the 4th 
of February, 1807. His father was Uriah Brigham (1757-1818) 
and his mother was Elizabeth, daughter of JosiahFay.* His father 
died leaving several children wholly dependent upon their mother 
and their own exertions for their support. At that time the subject 
of this memoir was in his early youth. Like many of our foremost 
citizens the boy set forth from his home without money, friends, or 
influence to seek his fortune. 

Experience teaches us that, with few exceptions, men retain their 
general characteristics throughout life. It is often said that the child 
is father to the man, and we watch the beginning as prophetic of the 
future career. But the converse is no less true, for the developed 
character of mature manhood throws a light upon the acts and efforts 
of childhood and youth. And so in this case. The fortitude, the 
indomitable self-reliance, the patience, vigor, and integrity of the 
prominent and successful citizen of Boston were the same which 
guided the young country lad as he set out from his home through a 
comparative wilderness for a distant city, that he might relieve his 
widowed mother from the care and expense of his support and gain 
for himself a name and a fortune. 

The first part of his journey was on the back of an old broken-down 
horse, with saddle-bags containing his food and scant apparel. Long 
before he reached his destination the horse became useless and he 
made his way on foot, and by working on a Middlesex Canal boat, to 
Boston. By assiduous and persevering labor in various occupations, 
chiefly in the fish and oyster business, he accumulated a little money, 
and by judicious use of what he had gained he acquired enough to 
lease the prominent restaurant known as Concert Hall, in Court 
street, with which for many years he was identified. But his chief 
success was in the careful purchase of real estate, and in these trans- 
actions it is believed that never, in a single instance, did his judg- 
ment fail him. At the time of his death his fortune, after deducting 
all liabilities, was estimated at about $1,000,000. 

* Elizabeth Fay was the daughter of Josiah Fay and Mary Bent, who were married 
in SoLithboro', March 22, 1758. (See p. 23). 


jNIr. Brigham never sought public office, but was deeply interested 
in his adopted home, and in a quiet and unostentatious way did much 
to promote the welfare of the city of Boston. He might easily have 
had an office in any branch of the municipal government, for which 
in many respects he was peculiarly fitted, but he preferred to help in 
his private capacity. As an experienced dealer in real estate his 
judgment was often sought by the city officers, and especially on im- 
portant questions of street widening and similar improvements it was 
found to be of great value. He was one of the orio-inal directors of 
the Fitchburg Kailroad Company, and continued in office up to the 
time of his death. To that corporation he gave very much of his 
valuable time and thought, always ready to labor for its interests 
without favor or reward. 

His habits of life were most regular. Careful as to food, and a 
total abstainer from spirituous liquors and tobacco, he was enabled 
to preserve a robust health, so necessary in tlie arduous labors upon 
which he had entered. His great success in business was, in a 
measure, owing to his cordial manners proceeding from a genuine 
kindness of heart. It was not his method to scatter money here and 
there and thus to relieve his conscience, but he sought out those who 
were not only in need, but ready to help themselves, and with his 
advice and assistance, and perhaps a small expenditure where abso- 
lutely necessary, there were many who owed their relief from poverty 
to him. His sympathy for his fellowmen was especially illustrated 
in his anti-slavery sentiments and the gentle kindness which he ever 
showed to the negro race. He was constant in his endeavors to aid 
them in obtaining employment and to relieve the distress of those as 
to whom it was clear to him that relief was necessary. Among his 
papers after his death were found two cancelled wills, of dates prior 
to 18G2, by which he gave the bulk of his estate for the emancipa- 
tion of slaves. 

He often lamented his want of a liberal education, which he could 
not have obtained on account of the necessities of his situation. Ap- 
preciating fully its importance he provided by his will a large endow- 
ment for the ei'ectiou and maintenance of an academy in his native 
town of Bakersfield. This academy is now a most prosperous insti- 
tution, and has been a great blessing to the town and its neighbor- 
hood. The number of its students at present is over one hundred, 
and bids fair to considerably increase. Liberal pi*o vision was also 
made by his will for the care and improvement of the cemetery in his 
native town. 

Mr. Brigham has no issue, having never married, and the careful 
thought which he gave to the disposition of his estate was charac- 
teristic. It was his firm belief that it was far better for any man with 
health and strength to earn his own living, and that inherited money 


would be a hindrance rather than a benefit. He therefore was not 
willing to make provision in his will for the males among his kindred 
who were able to earn their own support. But for two of them who 
were disabled, and for his nieces, he made liberal provision, and also 
for his sister, Mrs. Sarah B. »Jacobs, who still survives him, to 
whose industry and frugal care and affectionate solicitude for his 
welfare he was much indebted, who was his companion in his home, 
and to whom he was tenderly attached. The bulk of his large 
fortune, however, was devoted by his will to the establishment, after 
the expiration of twenty-five years from his death, of a hospital for 
the sick poor of his adopted city. Fourteen years have now elapsed 
and the estate in the hands of his executor has increased to a valua- 
tion of more than $2,000,000, and it is expected that in the remain- 
ing eleven years much more than another million will be added by 
accumulations, after payment of all annuities with which it is charged. 

A most noble and well directed charity indeed, and it will remain 
as a perpetual monument to its generous founder in the relief of what 
seems to be the sum of human suffering — poverty and sickness 
combined. And when we consider this beneficent disposition of his 
property at the last, and the testamentary provision which at different 
times he liad made for suffering slaves, may we not well think and 
believe that in those long years of patient toil in gathering his for- 
tune this benevolent donor had, all the while, a fixed purpose known 
only to himself, of using his life and strength for the welfare of his 

After a well-rounded life of remarkable energy and activity, guided 
by rules of strict integrity, on the 24th day of May, 1877, Peter 
Bent Brigham calmly and bravely laid himself down to die in his own 
home in Boston, at the allotted age of three score years and ten. 
The monument over his grave in Mt. Auburn well says " An honest 
man here lies at rest." 

The above memoir (originally printed in 1891) was kindly fur- 
nished by Mr. Robert Codman, executor of the estate. 

THE :name i:n^ story. 

" Miss Bent or at His Footstool," an Episcopalian book "on 
the Litany and the Occasional Prayers and Thanksgivings," by 
Mrs. F. Burge Smith, was published in 1881, in New York (256 

In the Thanksgiving number of the Youth's Companion, Nov. 
24, 1892, was an illustrated Thanksgiving story by Majorie Rich- 
ardson. The principal characters are Tommy Bent, his Aunt 
Eunice and Peter Bent, and the scene is in Middlesex county, all 
of which point to the author's knowing something of the Bents. 

A short story, "A Valedictory," by "M. E. W.,"in the Boston 
Sunday Herald of June 23, 1895, has, for its scene. Bent Hall in a 
college endowed by Peter Bent. 


The Bents are widely scattered. In England there seem to be 
three distinct families, originating, says Rev. Frederick Chas. Bent 
of London, in Lancashire, Shropshire and Devonshire, and the 
Burkes give three coats-of-arms. The motto of one of these ia 
worth remembering: "Nee temere nee timide" (neither rashly nor 

Perhaps the best known of the modern English Bents is James 
Theodore Bent, F. S.A., of London, the distinguished archiBolo- 
gist, who died May 5, 1897, just after his return from Arabia. He 
was the author of several interesting and valuable books upon his 
travels in Genoa, San Marino, the Islands of the Mediterranean, 
Persia, the interior of Southern Africa and Abyssina. Born in 
1852, he graduated with honors from Wadham College, Oxford 
University in 1875, and soon after went to live in the little republic 
of San Marino. This resulted in his first book, published in 1879. 

The Illustrated London News of May 15, 1897, said of him: 
"Though he was only forty-five years of age, he had made himself 
famous as an intrepid traveller and as an archaeologist of great 


taste and resource. * * * * In 1877 he married Mabel, 
daughter of the late Mr. Robert Westley Hall-Dare, D. L. With 
her he began at once his long course of travels, on which he was 
assisted by his proficiency as a linguist. * * * Last Novem- 
ber they visited the Island of Sokotra. On their return they visited 
portions of the surrounding country quite unknown to Europeans, 
and unfortunately caught malarial fever. Recovering, they stopped 
on the way home a few days at Marseilles, where he caught a cold 
which brought a return of the fever, complicated with pneumonia, 
from which he could not rally. A wanderer for twenty years, he 
came home at last only to die." 

A list of his publications follows : 

A Freak of Freedom on the Republic of San Marino. Illus. 
271 pages, 1879. 

Genoa : How the Republic Rose and Fell. Illus. 420 pages. 

Life of Giuseppe Garibaldi. 313 pages. 1881. 

The Cyclades or Life among the Insular Greeks. 501 pages. 

A Scholastic Island, a six-page article in MacIMillan's Magazine 
for October, 1889, treats of Chalki, one of Princes Islands in the 
Sea of Marmora. 

The Ruined Cities of Mashonaland, a record of excavation and 
exploration in the interior of Southern Africa in 1891. Illus. 376 
pages. 1892. Portraits of the author and his wife. 

The Sacred City of the Ethiopians : a record of a visit to Aksum 
in Abyssinia in 1893. 309 pages. 

Early Voyages and Travels in the Levant, being the Diaries of 
Master Thomas Dallam and Dr. John Covel. Edited by J. T. 
Bent, 1893. 305 pages. 

Arabia ; the Hadi'amut Valley : in the Nineteenth Century for 
September, 1894. 

Muscat: in the Living Age, January 18, 1896. 

Italians in Abyssinia : in Fortnightly Review for September, 1896. 

Northern Sudan : in the Geographical Journal for October, 1896. 

The Dervish Frontier : in the Nineteenth Century for October, 

Travels among the Armenians : Contemporary Review for No- 
vember, 1896. 

J . Theodore Bent's fsither, James Bent, was a magistrate in York- 
shire, while his uncle, Sir John Bent, who died in 1857, was mnyor 
of Liverpool in 1850. They are descended from Hamlet Bent 
(1642-1728), son of Lawrence Bent (died 1670, aged 96), of 
Beutlanes, near Eccles, some four miles west of Manchester. 

In jMauclicster Catliedral is the tomb of Edward Bent of Korsall, 


Gentleman, who died 1719. In Manchester in 1890 was a James 
Bent, Superintendent of County Constabulary, besides several others 
of the name. 

John Bent of Wrexham, Buckinghamshire, born in 1782, son of 
Rev. Geo. Bent, by his wife Mary, daughter of John Milton of 
Bristol, entered the British army as an ensign and retired as major 
in 1831. 

Among the gentry of Sussex in 1855 was Gibbs Francis Bent of 
Oat Hall, Lindfield. Near by was a Hotel Bent Arms, "delight- 
fully situated on the summit of a hill." 

Rev. Frederick Chas. Bent, in 1889, speaks of a Col. Bent of the 
Royal Engineers ; of a Bent, Chief Constable of Exeter ; a Bent, 
Inspector of Police, and Rev. J. A. Bent of Woolwich. 

Lieut. -Gen. George Bent, C. B., R. E., died at his residence at 
Sydenham, Eng., Dec. 27, 1897, aged 77. He was a son of the 
late Colonel Bent, R. A., and entered the Royal Engineers in 1838, 
was with the Turkish army on the Danube from June to December, 
1854, and from January, 1855, served at the siege and Ml of Se- 
vastopol, being for the last six months of the time director of the 
left attack. 

The will of Anne Parris of Islington, Eng., wife of Thomas Par- 
ris of the Island of Barbadoes, bequeaths £50 in 1665 to her "loving 
cousin Thomas Bent, citizen and merchant taylor of London." This 
Thomas Parris appears to be the father of Rev. Samuel Parris of 
witchcraft fame. The latter's daughter married Peter Bent of Sud- 

In Amsterdam, in the 17th century, lived a John van der Bent 
(1650-1690), who attained some celebrity as a landscape painter, 
and the name van der Bent is still found in Holland. There are 
even two in Amsterdam with the " van der " left off. 

In Paris (1899) is an L. I. Bent, while in southern France, at 
Toulouse, Henry Bent, with his brothers and sisters, are engaged in 
the manufacture of church ornaments, vestments and jewelry, an 
industry carried on by their father and grandfather. The story is 
told by a brother. Rev. Charles Bent, honorary canon, curate of 
the parish of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, Algiers, Africa, who writes 
(November, 1893) : "Our father died eight years ago, aged 75. 
He was the last of a numerous family. Our grandfather died in 
1833, aged about 75. The grandfather was saved while very young 
from a fire, and adopted into a family named Barateau, of Toulouse, 
manufacturers of church ornaments. He was brought up by this 
family and married the daughter of the house." 

R. M. Bent, of New York, whose father came from near Liver- 
pool, says three of his father's brothers entered the English army, 
two dying in the Indies and one becoming paymaster-general in the 
East India service. 


The 1893 Melbourne (Australia) directory gives seven Bents, 
includino; an Hon. Thomas Bent. 

Ellis Bent (son of Robert Bent of England) was Judge Advocate 
and sole judicial officer of New South Wales early in the 19th cen- 
tury, and gave the colony its first legal constitution. In 1814 his 
brother, JeflTery Hart Bent, was sent ovit as Chief Justice. Upon 
the former's death the latter returned to England in 1817. About 
1820 he was appointed Chief Justice of Grenada, where he remained 
most of the time, until 1836, when he was transferred to British 
Guiana (South America), where he was still located at the time of 
his death in 1852. Chief Justice Bent was uncle to the Right Rev. 
Robert Bent Knox, D. D., bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore. 

Samuel Bent, who was born in Sweden in 1814 and died in Low- 
ell, Mass., in 1843, was without doubt a descendant of John 
Bent of Sudbury, Mass., 1638 (see page 252). 


The three coats-of-arms described in Sir Bernard Burke's " Gen- 
eral Armory of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales" (1884), 
are as follows : 

Bent of Basford House, Staffordshire, formerly from Lancashire : 
coat-of-arms, — azure on fesse or, between six besants three torteux. 
Crest — a demi-lion azure holding between his paws a bezant. 
Motto — nee temere nee timide. 

Bent of Wrexham Lodge, Buckinghamshire, originally from Dev- 
onshire : coat-of-arms — per pale azure and gules on a fesse en- 
grailed or, between six besants, a lion's head erased of the second 
between two annulets of the first. Crest — a demi-lion rampant per 
fesse azure and gules a:orged with a collar indented and holdinsr 
between the paws a bull's head cabossed or. Motto — Tutamen 
Deus. This coat-of-arms is the result of a combination of some 
other with the preceding. 

Of the third coat-of-arms no details are given. The description 
is short and simple — gules, a fret or. Perhaps this belonged to the 
Shropshire family referred to by Rev. F. C. Bent of London. 

It is almost needless to add that none of the American Bents are 
entitled to coat armor, which is entirely foreign to American ideas 
and institutions. 


Sarah* Bent, dau. of John'' Bent (see bottom of page 30), d. in 
Canton, Mass., Jan. 18, 1829, ae. 85; she m. Nov. 21, 1770, 
Henry Bailey Withington, who was born in Stoughton, Aug. 4, 
1743, son of Edward and Hannah. They had six children: 
1. Noah, b. 1771. 2. Elijah, b. 1775. 3. Henry, b. 1777. 
4. Mary, b. 1779. 5. Samuel, b. 1783. 6. Sarah, b. 1785. 

Sarah* Bent, dau. of Ebenezer" Bent (see middle of page 31), 
d. unm. in Milton, Mass., Oct. 23, 1840, re. 95. 

Mary* Bent, sister of Sarah preceding, and widow of Samuel 
Newcomb, d. in what is now Quincy, at great age. 

David* Bent (page 39). Omit what is given about his Revolu- 
tionary service. 

Thomas^ Bent (page 6Q), b. April, 1845. Add middle name, 

Silas' Bent (page 69), d. Sept. 1849. 

Capt. William® Bent (page 70), was the first of the family to 
live in Cochituate village. 

Charles Hammond' Bent (Thomas W.,* David,* David,'* David,' 
John,^ John') [see page 76] was born in Croghan, N. Y., Sept. 
18, 1838, and died in hospital at Denver, Colo., Dec. 28, 1896, 
se. 58. He was educated in Lowville Academy and Antwerp Insti- 
tute, where he studied law. After teaching school in Tazewell Co., 
111., in the winter of 1862-63, he moved to Colorado, but after two 
years returned to New York. In 1865 he located in what is now 
Labette County (Kansas), which he represented in the state legis- 
lature in 1867. The same year he was admitted to the bar. In 
the succeeding years he was county attorney, and for five successive 
years police judge in Oswego, Kan. In 1877 he moved to Hins- 
dale County, Colorado, where he was engaged in mining for the 
rest of his life, except when attending to his duties as county com- 
missioner (four years) and representative to the legislature (in 


He m. in Oswego, Kan., Dec. 23, 1868, Jennie, dau. of William 
H. and Sarah M. Carr. Mrs. Bent is living with her children at 
Antelope Springs, near Lake City, in the mountains of Colorado. 

Children, i. to iv. b. in Oswego, Kan. ; v. in Sherman, Colo. : 

i. May, b. May 12, 1870 ; d. July 31, 1872. 
ii. Ernest C, b. March 2, 1872 ;'d. Jan. 2, 1873. 
^ /Li^i-i- iii. Hf-rbert Carr, b. Aug. 16, 1873; living at Antelope Springs, 
Colo. ; m. Oct. 30, 1898, Eva M. Morgan. - j5.i^#'^* - 
iv. Earl H., b. Aug, 20, 1876. w,^ ^^ -t^ /* « 

,«^ V. Edith M., b. Feb. 24, 1882. 'J/H'KNFRy- M$ori5^><*^ 

Gov. Charles'' Bent of New Mexico (see pages 121 to 123) mar- 
ried Maria Ignacia Jaramilla, who was born April 15, 1815, and 
died April 13, 1883. They had two children who died in infancy. 
Their son Alfred* was born in 1837, not 1836. Their daughter 
Estefina% or Estefana, was born Aug. 3, 1839, and is living at St. 
Mary's, Colo,, with her son Alfred Bent^ Hicklen. She m. Oct. 
15, 1856, Alexander Hicklen. The governor's younger daughter, 
Terisina,® was born Oct. 15, 1841, and is living in Taos, N. M. 
She mar. second in 1865, Aloys Scheurich, and had five children: 
1. Charles Adolj)h® Scheurich, living in Santa Fe, N. M., where 
he is at present (1899) City Treasurer. 2. Lena Agnes Scheurich. 
3. Albert Bent Scheurich, superintendent of a copper mine in Han- 
over, N. M. 4. Celestina Dora Scheurich. 5. Josephine Mercedes 

Mary Catherine Bean (page 128) was born Dec. 23, 1846, at 
Rock Point, now a part of St. Louis. 

Edward' Bent's wafe, Harriet Amanda (page 130), was born in 
Tunbridge, Vt., Feb. 5, 1819. 

Lincoln Goodale' Bent (see page 132) m. about 1841 Mary A. 
Kirts, a native of Maryland, who d. in Wabash, Ind., Dec. 1895. 
She was a dau. of Michael and Elizabeth Kirts of Marion County, 

Children : 

i. Sarah J,,* d, young, 
ii, Emma A., b. May 4, 1844; living in "Wabash, Ind. ; m, John B. 

Ridenour, who d. about 1894; three children: 1. Margaret. 

2. Amos. 3. Ira. 
iii. George K,, b. Dec. 9, 1845 ; d. May 17, 1898 ; m. Mary E. 

Burns, who is living in San Angelo, Texas ; five children : 

1. 7?ose,^ m, James Langdon. 2. Hugh. S.Albert. 4. George. 

5. Margaret. 
iv. Mary Ellen, d, about 1889 ; m. George Ridenour, who is living 

in Texas ; six children, 
V, William H., b. Sept. 5, 1849 ; living in Wabash, Ind, ; m. Aug. 

28, 1873, Augusta Pearson ; seven children : 1. Walter S.,^ 


b. Aug. 24, 1874. 2. Wilber E., b. Dec. 19, 1875. 3. Lucy 
M., b. Aug. 10, 1877. 4. Frank H., saw service in Co. D, 
IGOth Indiana Infantry, in war with Spain. 5. Ethel A., b. 
April 25, 1885. 6. Ruth A., b. May 28, 1888. 7. Hazel F., 
b. Jan. 15, 1890. 

vi. Lucy A., living in Sabetha, Kan. ; m. Walter Brown ; three chil- 

vii. Albert D., living in Peru, Ind. ; m. Rebecca Weesner ; two chil- 
dren : 1. Effie. 2. . 

viii. Amos R., m. Luella Sullivan ; tbree children : 1. Clarence. 
2. Edith. 3. Florence. 

ix. RoENA C, living at Choctaw, Oklahoma Territory ; m. Emmett 
McErvin ; two children : 1. Paul. 2. Marie. 

X. Martha E., living in Wabash, Ind. ; m. Daniel Cooper ; three 
children: 1. Clinton. 2. Hazel. 3. Howard. 

xi. Anna L., living in Rich Valley, Ind. ; m. Henry Davis ; four 

children : 1. Murel. 2. Lola. 3. Harry. 4. Hurley. 
xii. Phebe M., d. in 1864. 

David* Bent, son of Asapli^ (see page 137), died at Forest Glen, 
N. S., in the summer of 1895. His widow is living at Stronach 
Mountain, N. S. They had five children: 1. Ruth, m. Lamont 
Stronach. 2. George Leason, b. May 13, 1872 ; has lived in 
Philadelphia since October, 1897 ; m. Oct. 31, 1899, Elizabeth J., 
daughter of William J. and Catherine (Logan) Lowery of Boston. 
3. Lillian. 4. Parker. 5. Sarah. 

Susan* Bent, daughter of Asaph', died in 1897, but her husband 
is living at Stronach Mountain, Annapolis County, N. S. Three 

Euth* Bent, daughter of Asaph,'' is living at Nobscot, Framing- 
ham, Mass. 

David Parker* Bent, son of Rufus' Bent (see page 137), was 
never married. 

Mary Amelia* Bent (see top of page 138) died May 11, 1895. 

William (S.)* Bent, son of Phineas L.'' (p. 139), has two sons, 
William Golding (b. Jan. 1, 1876) and George Moulton (b. Oct. 
29, 1877) ; both born in Chelsea. 

Thomas' Bent (see page 163) established his business, the Globe 
Iron Foundry, in 1843, and retired, a rheumatic invalid, ten years 
before his death. His widow, a native of Carver, Mass., d. in 
Port Chester, N. Y., April 16, 1897, re. 90. 

Children, ii. b. in Albany, N. Y. ; iii. b. in Jersey City, N. J. ; 
iv. in New York City : 

i. Charles Henry,8 b. 1829 ; d. 1830. 
ii. Samuel Suaw, b. 1830. 


iii. Elizabeth Murdock, b. June 19, 1838; living in Port Ches- 
ter, N. Y. ; m. March 29, 1865, Lewis Tours of Port Chester, 
N. Y., who d. about 1878. Only two of their five children 
survived infancy : 1. Jessie May^ lours. 2. Florence Adele 
Tours, m. Oct. 1898, Clarence Scott of Greenwich, Conn. 

iv. Abby Shaw, b. April 9, 1846 ; d. June 9, 1876 ; m. April 24, 
1867, James W. Finley. One child, A. Delgardo^ Finley, 
b. March, 1868, living in Glenville, Conn. 

George (F.)* Bent, b. 1853, son of Edmund^ and Sarah (see 
page 197), is living in Lynn, Mass., where he m. Dec. 5, 1877, 
Addie E. Varnej, a native of Berwick, Me., dau. of Cyrus and 
Hannah Varney. Children, b. in Lynn: 1. Ralph Milton, b. 
March 26, 1880. 2. George Harold, b. May 27, 1887 ; and others. 

Charles (E.)^ Bent, son of DanieF (page 200), d. in Chelsea, 
Mass., March 22, 1892, £e. 35 yrs., 5 mos., 16 days. 

George' Bent (page 200), m. first, Nov. 27, 1823, Hannah 

The widow of George Starratt* Bent (see top of page 214) died 
Oct. 3, 1898. Their eldest daughter is living on the old f\irni at 
Belleisle, N. S. The second daughter, Amanda S., is living at 
Belleisle and has four children : Wilder, Ralph, Mary and Elson. 
The third daughter, Laura J., is living at Mt. Hanley, Annapolis 
County, N. S. The fourth daughter is living in Upper Granville, 
N. S., and has no children. The youngest daughter, Clara B., 
married John McCormick of Granville Centre, N. S. 

David Parker* Bent (page 214), omit everything. 



So many years the ripples of the bay 

Had kissed the shore-set homes of old Pompeii, 

So many morns the slow, sure-rising sun 

Had brought the trivial tasks and seen them done, 

So many level days and years so long 

And still for patient toil or lilting song ; 

What if Vesuvius' shadow they forgot. 

His fierce, hoarse threatenings heard nor heeded not ? 

Until his watchful, vengeful strength awoke 

And o'er their helpless life his thunders broke. 

As in Pompeiian time our years slip past. 

Each sunlit day so like unto the last, 

Each placid hour with small engrossing care 

For food or raiment, moments full and fair ; 

Are we so short of sight as not to see 

How broodeth o'er us a great mystery ? 

Till Death's gray shadow fall athwart our light 

Or Love's quick voice speak through the tranquil night, 

Till in some sudden, breathless, judgment hour 

'Tis Life o'erwhelms us with resistless power. 

Frances Bent Dillingham. 



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Abigail), "163 
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173, 207 
Elijah K., 64 

Elisha. 33. 35 

M.. 53, 55, 118 
Eliza, 34, 55, 65, 102, 104, 
112, 168. 181, 250 
A., 42,56, 166, 178, 

202, 230 
C, 82 
P., 167 
G., 221 
J., 202, 252 
L., 87, 273 
M., 108 
S., 57 
T., 204 
W., 65, 109 
Elizabeth, 14, 17-20, 22, 
26, 27, 30, 31, 37, 48, 
61, 68,71.82,85, 103, 
157, 169, 241 
Elizabeth, 3Irs., 14, 28, 
30, 36, 44, 62, 63, 77, 
82, 96, 98, 102, 104, 
169,179, 184.186,197- 
237, 251 
Elizabeth A., 70, 71, 110, 
138, 140, 142, 190,252 
Elizabeth B., 248 

C, 32, 51, 137, 
D., 135, 245 
E., 112 
H., 107,210 
J., 284 
M., 163, 285 
P., 100 
R., 43 

S., 68. 201, 273 
Elkanah, 44. 86, 170,234 
Ella E., 145 
P., 212 
G., 216 
L., 144 
M., 120, 199 
S.. 233 
Ellen, 97, 102, 133, 139, 
169, 196 
A., 195 
B., 252 
E., 234 
P., 233 
J., 153 
M., 198 
R., 240 
S., 200 
Ellis, 280 
Elmer M., 220 
Elmina, 55, 115 
Elsie P., 248 
Elvira, 73, 145, 191 
Elwin, 250 



Elwoocl S., 239 
Emeline, Co, 82, 116, 147 
A., GG, 75 
E., 251 
H., 136, 247 
M., 65 
P., 189 
Emily, 71, 83, 178, 198, 
A., 100, 172 
E., 133, 172 
E., 210 
J., 169 
Emma, 108, 143, 170,215, 
239, 240, 242 
A., no, 283 
B., 243 
C, 109 
E., 187 
F., 209 

J., 166, 195, 206 
L., 204 
M.. 224, 244 
N., 204 
O., 141 
T., 190 
EnaM., 196 
Eusley M., 187 
Erastus. 186 
Ermina, 198, 199, 242 
Erneat, 147, 1S2, 199, 202, 
F., 245 
Ersula L., 75 
Erva A., 151 
Erwin, 215 
Estefliia, 123, 283 
Estella, 200 
Esther, 64, 71,85,86, 169, 

Esther A., 166 
C, 151 
Ethan A., 185 
Ethel, 178 

A., 284 
F., 217 
J., 239 

M., 146, 221,249 
S., 222 
EttaS., 243 
Eugene A., 71 
P., 217 
Eulalia, 230 

Eunice, 25, 26, 30, 45, 47, 
85-87,94,97,98, 103, 
Eunice, 3L-s., 84, 86, 197, 

Eunice A., 181 
B., 243 
C, 92, 176, 273 

Eunice E., 155, 179, 186 

H., 168 
Euphemia, 103, 138 

E., 138, 141 
Eustace, 71 
Eva, 211 

E., 153, 178 
H., 252 
J., 234 
M., 234. 283 
Evelyn F., 222 
Everett, 84, 85 

W., 250 
Everlina B., 226 
Everliue A., 164 
E., 164 
Evie, 120 
Experience, 17, 20,33,34, 

44, 83, 84, 102 
Ezekiel, 102, 195 

J., 41 
Ezra, 47, 97, 103, 198, 199 

Famitcha, 198 
Fannie or P'anny, 49, 105, 
146, 172,194,195,211, 
216, 251 
Fannie A., 155, 165 

E., 119,175, 234 
Fanny L., 57 
Fannie R., 218 
Faustina, 153 
Fear, 85 
Fearing W.,159 
Felton, 194 
Fenwick W., 196 
Ferdinand A., 71, 148 
Fitz Edward, 190, 267 
Flora J.. 118 
Florence, 204, 214, 284 
A., 144, 147 
B., 205 
1)., 246 
E., 218, 251 
G., 246 
L., Ill 
M., 208, 230 
P., 245 
Frances, 97, 136, 139, 149, 
197, 199, 215,216,254 
Frances A., 66, 135, 188, 
B., 204, 211 
C, 189 
E., 121, 138, 231, 

F., 55, 116 
H., 66 
L., 215 
M., 204 
W., 110 

Francis, 81, 228, 264, 268 
A., 166 
A. B., 217 
E., 58. 121 
F., 110, 209 
H., 173 
P., 228 
S., 207 
W., 228 
Frank, 182, 185, 219 
F., 214 
G., 142 
H., 206, 284 
N., 254 
R., 229 
Franklin A., 211 
Frazer (J.), 236 
Fred, 182, 223, 242 
B., Ill 
E., 209, 227 
F., 77 
J., 154 
L., 244 
N., 236 
O., 219 
V. D., 144 
Frederick, 197, 214 

Chas., 277, 279 
H., 208, 248 
L., 201 

W., 97, 187, 253 
Frederick a H., 238 
Freeman, 242 

Gardiena E., 219 
Gardiner L., 219 
George of E. Sndbury and 
Natick, 38, 
71, 221 
of Montreal, 41, 

Rev., 43, 80, 279 
of Col., 59 
of N. S., 102,196, 
of Qniiicv, 104, 

of Chicago, 134, 

of I. T., 126 
of Mich., 190 
Lt. Gen. of Eng., 
George A., 159, 200,242 
B., 116, 14'3, 179, 

237, 239 
C, 130, 152, 181, 
189, 225, 231, 
D., 76 



George E., 100, 146, 155, 
187, 189, 210, 
F., 141, 247, 285 
F. C, 218 
H., 77, 106, 120, 
158, 210, 230, 
233, 239, 246, 
248, 285 
K., 132, 283 
L., 120, 251, 284 
M., 157, 222, 244, 
284 [267 

O., 71, 146, 221, 
P., 81, 158 
R., 77, 155, 176, 
236, 246, 269 
R. L., 246 
S., Ill, 137, 147, 
214, 243, 285 
T., 103 
U., 241 

W.,40, 74, 76, 83, 
155, 167, 250, 
251, 268, 273 
Geo. W. & Co., 217, 250 
Georgia A., 225 
E., 209 
H., 219 
Georgiana, 190, 201, 210 
Georgiauna F., 219 
Georgie A., 239 
Geora;ina, 103 
Gertrude, 178, 235 
J., 229 
L., 158 

M., 212, 222, 247 
Gesner T., 239 
GibbsF., 279 
Gideon S., 152 [251 

Gilbert, 68, 141, 170, 241, 
O., 142 
R., 139, 141, 215, 

W. W., 215 
Gladys, 178 

J., 211 
Grace, 27 

A., 237 
B., 191 
E., 120 
M., 241 
Grandison, 102, 196 
Guadaloupc, 211 

Hamilton, 131 

Hamlet, 278 

Hannah, 16, 19,44, 47,48, 
50, 66, 72, 85, 86, 90, 
94, 95, 103, 104, 140, 
149, 170, 252 

Hannah, 3Irs., 16, 19, 42, 
47-49, 72, 106, 
144, 151, 160, 
162, 165, 169, 
200, 248, 252 

A. H., 101 
C, 90 
E., 242 
M., 51, 162 
P., 160, 162 
S.. 139, 140 
W., 36, 43, 273 
Harmon, 176 
Harold, 242 

B., 119 
L., 208 
(S.), 209 
T., 187, 211 
U., 238 
Harriet, 47, 49, 66, 74, 
105, 110, 137, 
149, 185, 200, 
A., 118, 130, 144 
C, 171, 212 
D., 204 
F., 247 
J., 142 
L., Ul, 242 
M., 71, 229 
P., 153 

S., 51, 191, 195 
Harriette M., 229 
Harris, 242 
Harry, 157, 216 
A., 221 
D., 206 
L., 251 
S., 158 
Hartwell, 73, 151 

F., 76, 151 
H., 151, 224 
J., 225 
Harvey G., 130 
Hattie, 217, 223, 242 
G., 174 

M., 81, 111, 218 
Hazel, 242 

A., 227 
F., 284 
G., 252 
Helen, 104 

F., 190 
H. H., 218 
J., 239 

M., 108, 130, 146, 
T., 232 
Henrietta, 148, 160, 170 
F., 147 

Henry, 34, 66, 198, 241, 
268, 279 
A., 209, 246 
B.,189, 190 
F., 201, 241 
H., 197, 198 
H. B., 250 
K. W., 245 
R., 108, 216 
S., 245 
W., 66, 153 
Hephzibah, 110 
Herbert, 189, 239 

A., 147, 222 
C, 283 
F., 164, 231 
M., 189 
N., 120 
W., 143 
Hezekiah, 34, 57 
Hiram, 70, 105, 146, 198, 
K., 146 
Hopestill, 14, 18, 19, 25, 

Horace A., 151, 225 
E., 155, 227 
S., 244 
W., 233 
Horatio C, 198, 213 

G., 65, 133, 134, 

212, 273 
Nelson, 88, 106, 
145, 204, 219 
Howard, 143 

J., 252 
N., 198 
Hubert L., 169 
Hugh, 283 
Huldah, 194 
Hyland F., 217 
Hymau, 33, 54, 114, 115 

Ida, 149, 222 

J., 143 

L., 251 

M., 212 
IdellaF., 71 
Ignacia, 123 
Hona, 72 

A., 74 
Inglis, J., 238 
Iowa B., 224 
IraC, 167, 233 
Irena A., 227 
Irene, 173, 198 
Irving D., 229 
P., Ill 
Isaac, 49, 07, 81, 82, 105, 
137, 160, 201 



Isaac A., 202, 244 
Bartlett, 160 
J., 201 
P., 201 

Isabel, 41, 221 

Isabella, 38, 41 
A., 38 
J., 50, 58 

Isabella S., 108 

Israel, 139, 216 

A., 140, 217 
L., 68, 140, 273 
W.. 195 

Ivan A., 159 
C, 169 

Jabez, 18, 24, 31, 264 
Jacob, 139, 198, 199 

F., 103, 198, 199, 

G., 202 
P., 253 
v., 140, 217 
Jacoblna (see also Bina), 

47,92,97, 235 
James, 49,82, 86,89,105, 
145, 169, 195, 
252, 253, 267, 
A., 146, 220, 254 
B., 42, 77 
C, 169 
C. E. II., 242 
E., 110, 145, 185, 

196, 209, 241 
H., 142, 218 
I., 201, 243 
M., 70, 124, 146, 
200, 211, 221, 
R., 108, 176, 219 
S., 68, 142, 235, 

T., 178 
Theodore, 277 
v., 92, 177, 267 
W.,202, 269 
Jane, 27, 67, 74, 95, 143, 
148, 179, 182, 
184, 185, 196, 
224, 241, 253, 
A., 182 
D. B., 82 
E., 53, 55, 191 
H., 138 
W., 82 
Janet, 77, 163, 198, 200 
Jason, 26, 32, 38, 51, 71, 

148, 264 
Jay E., 227 
M., 223 

Jean M., 178 
Jeanette, 144 
Jeflery H., 280 
Jemima, 29 

Jennie, 178, 205, 206, 283 
B., 108, 217 
E,,63, 143 
L., 251 
Jeruslia, 32, 48, 64 

P., 68 
Jesse, 30, 47, 49, 95, 102, 
184, 195, 263 
L., 94 
P., 247 
Jessie, 104, 147, 219 
D., 143 
E., 195, 252 
E. B., 187 
M., 148 
Joan, 10 
Joanna, 49, 104 
B., 105 
M., 202 
Joel, 27, 35, 36, 64, 264 
H., 41 

W., 133, 212 
John of England, 9, 255, 
of Sudbnrv, 8, 10, 

11, 257, "262 
of Framiiigham, 15, 
19, 27, 28, 39, 
of Marlboro', 14 
of Southboro', 24, 

of Milton, 22, 30, 49, 

of Middleboro', 30, 

43, 44, 263, 265 
of Nova Scotia, 47, 
68, 86, 92, 96, 
102, 103, 141,168, 
179, 186, 196, 
235, 241 
of Dedham, 106 
of Missouri, 123 
of Carver, 82, 160, 

of Clielsea, 166 
of Penn., 163 
of Littleton, N. H., 

of 111., 223 
of Gloucester, 251 
of R. I., 253 
of Boston, 253 
John A., 166, 168, 197, 
199, 232, 239, 
242, 269 
B., 76, 155, 212 

John C, 65 

E., 200, 206, 268 
F., 140, 196, 216, 

H., 50, 109, 187, 
197, 199, 208, 
243, 251 
Inglis, 238 
J., 75, 153, 254 
K., 138 
M., 244 
O., 178 

P., 51, 109, 110 
Q., 206. 243, 268 
R., 155, 198 
S., 143, 167, 268 
T., 179, 189, 269 
van der, 279 
W., 163, 237, 244 
Z., 69 
Jonah F., 250 
Jonathan, 26, 33, 265, 267 

P., 50, 108 
Joseph of Sudbury and 
13, 16, 258 
of Milton. 21, 30, 
45, 50, 87, 

N. S., 44, 68, 
85, 140, 168, 
195, 199, 240, 
Wis., 107 
Wareham, 159 
Conn., 172 
R. I., 253 
Boston, 254 
Joseph A., 78,80, 158, 172, 
B., 141, 176,217 
F., 139, 140, 160, 
242, 269 
K., 65, 134 
N., 169 
R., 232 
v., 217 
Josephine, 204, 241 

E., 172,234 
L., 246 
Josiah, 39, 105, 203, 205, 
J., 51 
R., 246 
Juanita, 213 
Judith S., 88 
Judsou L., 230, 269 
Julia, 127, 206, 254 
A., 213 



Julia C, 254 

M., 148, 220 

E,., 118 
Julian, 213 
Juliannah, 59, 123 
Justin W., 212 
Justiua, 198 

Kate, 218 

B., 144, 218 

¥., 155 

M., 238 
Katie P., 213 
Kenneth C, 207 
Kezia, 58, 81, 194, 200, 

209, 240 
Kimball, 168 

Lalia, 1G9 

E., 185, 217 
Laura, 76, 156, 198 
A., 54, 190 
E., 187, 235 

J., 214,237,285 
Lauretta, 119 

E., 150 
J., 119 
S., 120 
Lavilla M., 151 
Lavinia, 138, 145, 218, 241 
C, 196 
(S.), 145 
Lawrence, 101, 194, 278 
Lawrence W., 231 
Lawson G., 147, 222 
Leauder R., 144 
Leavitt N., 211 
Lelia S., 213 

Lemuel, 44, 48, 88, 95, 96, 
104, 182, 250, 
E., 185 
M., 72, 149 
Lena L., 236 
Leon G. L., 218 
Leonora M., 153 
Lepbe (see also Relief), 
40, 72 
L., 74 
Leslie, 194 

(C.;, 112, 209 
Lester H., 248 
Letitia, 84, 135, 178 
Levantea, 75 
Levi B., 53, 111 
Levinah J., 55 
Lewis, 82, 98, 188, 250 
A. B., 120 

Lewis R., 198 
Lida E., 159 
LillaM., 207 
Lillian E., 154 
H., 232 
M., 155 
Lincoln G., 62, 132, 283 
Livonia O., 75 
Lizzie (see Elizabeth), 
B., 234 
D., 139 
Lloyd F., 239 
Lois, 26, 45, 69, 86, 104, 
E., 143 
Loisa, 251 
LolaM., 224 
Loretta, 103 

A., 154 
Lottie F., 150 
Louis C, 166 
Louisa, 71, 112, 147, 165, 
179, 196 
B., 69 
J., 137 

M., 112, 232, 244 
Lovefrey, 137 
Lovina, 149 
Lucetta W., 133 
Lucinda, 134, 142 
A., 132 
C, 142 
M., 212 
Lucius E., 119 

P., 58, 119 

Lucretia, 34, 77, 107, 243 

Lucy, 25, 28, 29, 40, 59, 

68, 73, 82, 83, 

85, 94, 97, 102, 

104, 124, 129, 

161, 198, 211, 


A.,94, 107, 111,166, 

233, 284 
C, 38, 84 . 
J., 50 
L., 169 

M., 85, 105, 238 
O., 226 
P., 153 
Luella, 284 

M., 154 
Luke, 41 
Lupie D., 211 
LuraM., 243 
Lurene, 55, 113 
Lurenia, 110 
Luther, 61, 84, 130, 164 
M., 200 

S., 101, 191,267 
Luvose, 102, 198 

Lydia, 20, 26, 30, 50, 73, 
83, 167, 195 
A., 120 
E., 235 
L., 76, 216 
M., 64, 133, 152, 

195, 196 
Lynn R., 224 

Mabel, 157 

E., 143 


v., 190 

W., 249 
Mae, 206 
Mahala, 195 
Major E., 72, 149 
Mamie O., 248 
Marcus M., 71 
Mardula D., 75 
Margaret, 102, 140-142, 
169, 185, 195, 

196, 198, 199, 
219, 235, 240, 

A., 142, 146 
E., 218 
G. E., 238 
M., 173 
v., 135 
Margery, 10 

Maria, 55, 68, 103, 115, 
131, 168, 194 
A., 43, 1G6 
C, 139 
H., 132, 136 
L., 138,207 
M., 141 
Marie M., 213 
Marietta, 130 
Mariette S., 135 
Mariners., 187,239 

W., 179 
Marion, 209 

C, 105 
E., 218 
H., 234 
P., 226 
Marjorie H., 239 
Mark, 73 
Marshall A., 67 
Martha, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 
19, 25-30, 33, 
39, 46, 51, 52, 
59, 75, 87, 96, 
97, 124, 188 
A., 71, 96, 135 
C, 187, 189 
D., 171 
E., 284 
F., 146, 240 
H., 109 



Martha J., 119, 150 
M., 43 
S., 245 
T., 221 
Martin, 47, 81, 91-93,101, 
176, 196, 235 
F., 160, 227 
S., 236 
Mary, 20, 21, 23, 25, 26 
28, 31, 33, 36-38, 46 
47, 52, 59, 61, 65, 68 
70, 74,81, 96,97, 103 
104, 126, 128, 139 
169, 183, 186, 188 
200, 215 
Mary, Mrs., 19, 22, 24, 25 
35-39, 47, 64 
69, 71, 95, 103 
104, 147, 159 
163, 178, 182 
184, 194-196 
199, 201, 219 
223, 227, 232 
236, 238, 240 
241, 244, 252 
Mary A., 43, 51, 55, 57 
78, 83, 87, 94 
102, 103, 106 
132, 138, 144 
163, 168-170 
184, 185, 194 
201, 214, 252 
B., 189 
C.,57, 133,138, 185 

E., 75, 108, 109,118 
119, 137-143 
146, 151, 154 
157, 163, 164 
187, 190, 194 
197, 200, 202 
211, 222, 232 
240, 252, 283 
F., 147, 150, 201 
G., 199, 226 
J., 107, 141, 166, 

189, 205, 252 
K., 135 
L., 56, 97, 112, 118, 

129, 130, 158 
L. K.,207 
M., 64, 100, 145, 

206, 209 
N., 78, 109 
O., 215 
P., 80 
R., 66, 186 
S., 101, 165, 194, 

Matilda, 95, 131, 141, 182 

Matilda E., 151 
L., 108 
W., 207 
Matthias, 19, 27, 38, 265 
Mattie A.,226 

B., 119 

D., 155 

Mand, 200, 206 
Maurice H., 159 
May, 185 

E., 212 
G., 154 
S., 187 
Mehitable, 45 
Melbourne, 241 
Melinda, 108, 201 
Melissa, 253 
Mellen G., 71, 147 
Melvina, 151, 224 
Mercy, 44, 160 

A., 163 

E., 195 
Merrill N., 172, 234 
Micah, 19, 27, 37, 38, 67, 

Milatiah, 44 
Mildred, 158, 220 

R., 248 
Milford T., 170,269 
MiloG., 72, 150 
Milton, 87 
Minerva, 152 
Minetta, 140 
Minnie D., 214 

E., 206 

R., 141 
Minot A., 107 
Miriam, 49, 67, 137, 159 
Mollie or Molly, 27, 33, 

40, 101 
Morton, G., 222 
Moses, 102, 198 
Muriel, 159 
Myra, 223 
Myron H., 154 

W., 146,221 
Myrtle, 231 

M., 226 

Nahum, 35, 61, 131 

W., 62 
Nancy, 32, 34, 37, 38, 49, 
55, 70, 83, 84, 
87, 100, 104, 
B., 201 
E., 159 
J., 202 

M., 55, 190,222 
O., 57 
Nannie C., 212 
M., 211 

Naomi G., 143 

Nathalia, 174 

Nathan, 27, 36,250, 265 

P., 162 
Nathaniel, 46, 50, 87, 90, 
107, 173 
A., 167 
B., 100, 190 
T., 106, 205 
Nedabiah, 49, 101, 102, 

104, 195, 241, 263 
Nellie, 134, 152, 185 
A.. 244 
A. R., 217 
Nettie L., 240 
M., 225 
Newell, 33, 50, 56, 107, 

118, 210 
Newton M., 209 
Noah, 31 
Norman, 196 

H., 169, 233 

Olive, 74,75, 84, 227 

C., 84 

E., 166, 228 

M., 212 
Olivia, 66, 124, 198 
Oren, 84, 165 
Orianna, 71 
Orpha B., 77 
Orren W., 165, 231 
Orrin, 166, 269 

M., 150 
Orythea, 75 
Otis, 84, 165 
C., 147 
M., 232 
W., 165 
Overton W., 153, 226 
Owen P., 216 

W., 178 

Pamelia, 145, 181, 183 

Parker, 284 

Patience, 8, 14, 23 

Patty, 39, 40, 41 

Paul A., 156 

Paulina, 203 

Pauline, 108 

R., 203 

Pearley C, 252 

Percival E.. 178 

Percy C, 234 

Peter of Boston, 253 

Peter of Chicago, 222 

Peter of Marlboro', 10 
note, 13, 16, 18, 22, 
31, 257, 260, 265 

Peter of New York, 72, 

Peter of Sudbury, 24 



Peter* (b. 1741), 25, 26 
Peter of Rutland, 29, 265 
Pliebe, 29, 39, 40, 87, 102, 
162, 196, 240 

A., 162, 172 


E., 173 

M., 140 
Phidelia, 76 
Phineas, 29, 42 

L., 68, 139 
Pliny S., 133 
Polly, 32, 33, 35, 37, 39, 

42, 49, 59, 70, 82 
Prince, 253, 265 
Priscilla, 85, 86, 168 
Prudence, 30, 46, 90, 104 

Quincy, 194 

Rachel, 20-22, 31, 49, 101, 
102, 195 
H., 108 
M., 104 
Ralph, 69, 144, 146, 216, 
221, 242 
P., 144 
M., 285 
W., 217, 229 
Raynaond, 239 
Rebecca, 30, 65, 67, 86, 
241, 284 
C, 242 
H., 120 
L., 169 
R., 107 
Reginald W. , 144 
Relief, 40, 72 
Richard, 10, 97, 254-256 
H., 228 
M.,254, 279 
Robert, 10, 13, 59, 103, 
126, 169, 198, 
200, 254-256, 
M,, 247 
T., 178 
W., 118 
Roberta M., 159 
Roberts J., 231 
Robinson, 73 
Roderic L, 55, 112, 117, 

Roena, 62 

C, 284 
Roger K., 158 
Rolland A., 118 
Rosanna, 71, 221 
Rose, 283 

H., 217 

S., 216 


Roswell, 70, 147 
Roxanna D., 87 
Roy, 247 

H., 224 
R., 234 
Rufus, 27, 29, 30, 36, 46, 
172, 265 
P., 181, 238 
H.,50, 66, 109, 136 
Rupert, 143, 219 
P., 97 
G., 145, 218 
Russell, 71 

Ruth, 33, 45, 48, 51, 67, 
94, 103, 137, 145, 
A., 178, 284 
B., 119 
C, 110 
E., 66, 228 
P., 226 
L, 118 

Sabina, 134 
Sadie M., 159 
Salina, 223 
Sallie, 211 

Sally, 33, 39, 40, 87, 149 
A., 107,207 
B., 188 
E., 188 

M., 148, 158, 233 
Salome, 83, 84 

M., 165 
Samantha, 142 
Samuel of Boston, 38 

of California, 134 
of Pitzwilliam, N. 

H., 32 
of Pramingham, 

28, 71 
of Gardner, 111 
of Lowell, 252, 280 
of Milton, 50 
of N. S., 48, 101, 
199, 200, 240, 
241, 263 
of Quincy, 201 
of Rochester, N. 

Y., 83 
of Sudbury, 25, 57 
of Vermont, 51,64 
of Virginia, 96 
of Wendell, 64 
Samuel A., 157, 158, 203, 
230, 252, 267 
B., 42, 81, 202, 

243, 273 
D., 230 
E., 120 

Samuel P., 96 

G., 98, 106, 188, 

H., 209 
L., 194, 251 
M., 139 
S., 139, 178, 229, 

T., 106, 203, 204 
W., 73, 77, 152 
Sara, 135 

Sarah, 19, 20, 22, 23, 27, 
30, 31, 36, 37, 46, 48, 
55, 62, 86, 88, 94, 97, 
99, 102, 103, 131, 149, 
Sarah, Mrs., 39, 50, 87, 96, 
137, 139, 140, 142, 169, 
200, 229, 235, 250, 284 
Sarah Adelaide, 201 

Ann, 50, 137, 140, 

144, 168, 176 
Ashton, 104, 204 
A., Mrs., 136, 144, 

164, 249 
C, 107, 119, 201, 

210, 250 
D., 239 

E.,66, 100,110,120, 
229, 240, 248 
G., 202 
H., 110, 242 
I., 170 

J., 101, 198,224,228 
M., 209 
P., Ill 
R., 57 
S., 217 
W., 108, 110 
Seddie, 212 
SelinaL., 68 
Seraphiua, 92, 177 
Seth, 49, 102 
Sewell, 32, 50 
Sheldon T., 191 
Shepherd, 48, 98 
Sidney, 252 

A., 227 
E., 154 
W. A. D., 239 
Silas,* Lt.-Col., 27, 34, 

263, 266 
Silas, « Judge, 35. 58 
Silas,^ Lieut. U.S.N. ,59, 

Silas^ of Kentucky, 212 
Silas of N. S., 37,' 69, 96, 
138, 282 



Silas A., 211 
E., 176 
H., 146 
M., 185 
P., 40, 75, 273 
W., 75, 153 
Silva, 81, 159 
Slave, 8 
Sneden, 198 

Sophia, 139, 148, 149, 160, 
A., 187 
Sophronia, 169 

F., 75 
J., 196 
Stanley, 214 
Stediuau, 194 
Stella L., 77, 231 

(M.), 251 
Stephen, 36, 65, 68, 104, 
139, 169, 266 
A., 65 
C, 254 

E., 69, 142, 143 
Stiles G., 152, 226 
Submit, 32 
Sukey, 50 

Susan, 35, 55, 60-62, 68, 
140, 148,169,214, 
A., 140 
B., 141 
E., 62 
E., 100 
L., Ill 

M., 56, 69,143,242 
P., 230 
R., 221 
T., 106 
W., 164 
Susannah, 25, 27, 30, 37, 
98, 106, 184, 
194, 202, 244 
M., 196 
Susie, 230 
Sylva, 81 
Sylvester, 199 
S. &Bros., 112, 116, 117, 

Tamar, 40, 72 
A., 76 
Teresa H., 220 
Terisina, 123, 283 
Thacher T., 246 
Thaddeus, 29, 41 
Thankful, 22 
ThedaB., 87 
Theodore, J., 277 
Theodosia, 194 

Theresa, 149, 198, 223 

H. (see Teresa 
Thomas of Australia, 280 
of Colorado, 211 
of England, 279 
of Fraraingham, 

32, 266 
of N.Y.,163,284 
of Sudbury, 25, 
50, 57, 58, 
Thomas A., 58, 66, 120, 
229, 282 
B., 120, 229 
D., 139,146,214, 

220, 268 
Elbridge, 50,108 
Gilbert, 70 
H., 96, 110, 269 
S., 162 
W., 40, 76 
Tillie T., 179 
Timothy, 26, 266 
Tinson B., 179 
Tirzah, 82 
Torrey, 95, 182, 183 
Truman P., 77 
Tryphenia, 47, 93, 147 

Velzora, 71 
Venule D., 216 
Veroniz, 211 
Vesta v., 239 
Victoria A., 176 
M., 237 
Virginia, 124 
Vose, 94, 96, 185 
(E.),47, 94 

Waittie, 131 
Waldo A., 147 
H., 118 
Walker M., 152, 225 

(S.), 152 
Wallace A. , 245 
Walter, 185 

D., 230 

E., 228 

G., 211 

H., 232 

O., 199 

S., 283 

T., 119, 210 
Warren, 68, 139 

A., 190 

D., 234 

Edgar, 139, 216 

G., 149, 222 

W., 72 

Z., 223 
Waterman, 85, 168 

Wealthy, 86 
Wether head, 97 
White (see William W.). 
Whitney J., 108 
WilbertR., 242 
S., 245 
WillardL., 146 
William, 2 13 

William of Boston, 98, 252 
of Canton, 45,88, 

263, 266 
of Chelsea, 139 
of Cochituate 
36, 38, 70, 
of Colorado, 121, 

125, 211 
of Maine, 84 
of N. H., Ill 
of N. S., 67, 87, 
102, 103,141, 
169, 184, 185, 
of Quincv, 105 
William A., 42, 242 

B., 137, 141, 218 
D., 198, 212 
E., 133, 134, 164, 

208, 233 
F., 95, 181, 209, 

G., 107,197,254, 

H., 132, 138,283 
Harrison, 202, 

220, 242, 269 
Henry, 69, 135, 
155, 169, 171, 
194, 197, 208, 
215, 219, 247, 
253, 267 
Hunt, 33,53,273 
J. 77 
L.', 64, 68, 87, 

132, 138, 273 
M.,136, 142, 197, 

O., 133, 212 
Q., 105, 269 
S., 145, 284 
W., 94, 97, 179, 
186, 228 
WilmaD., 71, 221 
Wilson D., 82, 162, 228 
Winifred, 231 

A., 222 
H., 218 
R., 143 



Winslow, 84 

B., 100, 191 
Winthrop H., 231 
Wylie C, 231 

Wynn C, 224 

W. & J. M., 146, 220 

Zacteus, 13, 14 

Zenas, 44, 84, 85 

E., 137 
Zilpah, 86, 169 
Z. Major, 149, 223 



Abbe, John, 39 
Mary, 39 
Abercrombie, Wyman,100 
Aborn, Mary, 199 
Abraham, Mary, 199 
Adams, Daniel S., 226 
Dominick, 169 
John, 16 
Lucy Ann, 107 
Mary, 42 note, 163 
Mary G., 226 
Mary L., 118 
Minot, 50 
Rufus, 229 
Samuel, 42, 106, 

118, 203, 204 
Sarah E., 229 
Silas, 118 
Thomas, 163 
Tryphenia, 146 
Adkins, Fraulv, 63 
Alabama, 78 
Albee, Elizabeth, 197 
Alden, Mary, 212 
Aldrich, Abner, 151 

Hannah, 151 
Alger, Susan, 206 
Algiers, 279 
Allen, Ann, 90 

Arunali, 55 
Bethnel, 46 
Caroline, 53 
Charlotte A., 238 
Ellen M., 56 
James, 42 note 
John J., 56 
Levinah J. , 55 
Mary, 42 note 
Oratio P., 52 
Walter, 55 
William II., 90 
Alley, Charles S., 197 
Ames, Ezra (see also 
Eames), 28 
Joseph B. & Co., 

Amherst, Mass., 132,203 
N. S.,47,96,97, 
185-187, 249 
Anderson, Alex. D., 43 
Cecilia, 179 
Charles F., 132 
Fred. R., 75 
George H., 236 
James H., 131 
James T., 132 
Andrews, William, 108 
Annan, Martha, 87 
Annapolis, N. S., 37, 67- 
69, 136-145, 
Anthony, Susan, 103 
Antwerp, N. Y., 150, 151, 

154, 224 
Appleton, Mary, 78 
Argall, Frank L., 236 
Arizona, 237 
Arlow, Thomas, 151 
Armstrong, Elizabeth, 77 
Emeline E., 

Lucinda, 132 
Martin, 64 
Thomas, 65 
Ashton, Frances B., 204 

John, 204 
Atchison, Louisa A., 125 
Atkinson, Henry P., 182 
John C, 175 
Miss, 177 
Robert, 175 • 
Sarah, 182 
William, 91 
Attleboro', Mass., 206, 210 
Atwood, John O., 142 
Rachel H., 108 
Sarah J., 224 
Auburudale, Mass., 167 
Aud, Susanna R., 123 
Austin, Cornelius, 135 
Australia, 179, 280 ' 
Avery, Catherine, 42 

Avery, Joseph, 42 
Maria, 194 

Avon, Mass., 243 

Ayer, Amy, 92 

Family, 92 
Mariner, 92 
Nehemiah, 92 

Babb. Sarah P., Ill 
William, 111 
Babcock, Isabella, 38 
Bacon, Elizabeth D., 245 
Emma, 143 
Hezekiah P., 245 
Martha, 27 
Badcock, Elizabeth, 30 
Bagly, Eliza, 168 
Bailey, Henry. 190 
Mary, 112 
Baird, Ella, 180 

Patrick, 96 
Baker, Aaron, 86 
Albert, 86 
Charlotte A., 238 
Esther, 86 
Molly, 87 
Rebecca R., 107 
Samuel, 86 
William, 10, 256 
Balcom, Lydia L., 216 
Rose H., 217 
Sarah, 69 
William H., 106 
Baldwin, Dorcas, 26 

Jane, 224 
Bangor, Me., 65, 66, 109 
Banister, Elizabeth, 210 
Banks, Edward C, 240 
Barker, Susan L., Ill 
Barnaby, Clara W., 214 
Barnard, Charles, 46 
Chas. F., 46 
Barnes, Abigail, 10, 18 

Amos Botsford, 

Cynthia B., 237 



Barnes, Edward, 91 

Elizabeth, 10,237 
James, 92 
John, IS 
Oliver, 92 
Rebecca, 181 
Richard, 10, 18, 

Sarah, 235 
Thomas, 17 
Barney, Angeliue, 116 
Barnhill, Eraeliue, 116 

John, 116 
Barre, Mass., 26, 34,35, 64 
Barrett, Joseph, 78 
Mary N., 78 
Samuel, 99 
Barron, Isaac, 196 
Barrows, Frank L., 230 
Harriet C, 212 
Mary E. , 202 
Samuel B., 165 
Zerah, 212 
Barteaux, Betsey, 195 
Charles, 67 
Edwiu, 145 
Bartlett, Beulah A.,77 
James, 82 
John, 69 
Orrin, 166 
Ruth, 82 
Sarah, 200 
Sophia, 160 
Spencer, 82 
Batcheller, Ida L., 53 

Philip S., 53 
Bates, Abio:ail D., 81 
Bath, Annie M., 216 
Hannah S., 140 
Mary E., 141 
Battles, Lvdia A., 120 
Thomas, 120 
Baxter, Josiah, 104 
Samuel, 49 
Baylies, \Vm., 85 
Beach, Wm. H., 150 
Beal, Wm., 20 
Beals, Amy, 145 

Joshua, 145 
Bean Family, 128 

Jonathan L., 128 
Mary C, 128, 283 
Beattie, Eben, 218 

Margaret E., 218 
Bechler, Casimir, 58 

Maria T., 58 
Bedell, Sally, 149 
Belcher, Freeman, 82 

Merritt B., 82 
Belding, Hiram, 170 
Belknap, Jeremiah, 19 
Bell, Ernest P., 125 
Belpre, O., 34, 35, 61-63 

Bemis, Sally, 52 

Bent County, Col., 121, 

126-128, 237 
Bent, Crane & Co., 235 
Bent, Griffith & Co., 83 
Bent's Crackers, 105, 204, 

Bent's Fort, 59, 121, 125- 

Bent's P. O., 61 
Bent & Bush, 101, 189 
Bent & Hawkes, 235 
Bent & Peasley, 243 
Benton, Elijah, 88 
George, 88 
Walter, 88 
Bentville, N. S., 37, 143 
Beuzeville, Mabel, 157 
Berry, Sarah, 140 
Besbidge, Alice, 16 
Bessev, Olive C, 84 
Bethel, Me., 18 
Betts, Eliza A., 229 
Beveridge, Bethiah, 169 
David W., 169 
Robert, 86 
Bickford, Mary J., 115 
Billings, Frederick A., 38 
Billington, Jemima, 29 
Birdsal, Emma L., 204 
Bishop, Samuel, 184 
Bissell, George, 56 
Bixby, Eliza,^ll3 
Black, Alfred, 96 

Alice M., 237 
Ann, 186 

Eliza, 91, 178, 180 
Family, 180 
Fred, 180 
Geo. M., 94 
Henry, 181 
Hibbert C, 175 
Hii'am, 180 
Jane C, 177 
Joshua, 91, 180 
Margaret, 93, 235 
Oscar, 182 
Richard, 93 
Rufus F., 175 
Susanna, 184 
Thomas R., 97 
Wm., 49 
Blackman, Chloe, 46 

George, 46 
Blacksmiths, 21, 27, 28, 
30, 38, 44, 45, 47, 69, 
81, 141, 142, 144, 145, 
Blair, James, 200 

Ralph, 60 
Blake, Emily, 94 
Family, 99 

Blake, Francis E. , 99 note 
Geo. P., 188 
James, 99 
Samuel, 188 
Sukey F., 99 
Wm. T., 215 
Blanchard Family, 78, 79 
Jonathan, 78, 

Sarah A., 243 
Thomas, 10 
Blish, Alice S., 246 
Bloomiugton, 111., 134, 213 
Boehner^ Eli, 138 

Eugene H., 138 
Maria C, 139 
Bogart, Abraham, 101 
Cornelius, 101 
Boggs Family, 123 

Lilburn W., 123 
Bogle, John, 37 
Boice, Isabel, 41 
John, 41 
Bolsor, Christopher, 102 
Fannie, 195 
JohnM., 195 
Bond, Daniel, 101 

Isabel D.. 221 
Jane, 101 
Sarah, 101 
Bonney, Wm., 165 
Booge, Laura E., 187 
Boole, Margaret, 142 
Mary E., 142 
Wm. A., 139 
Boss, Eliza A., 99 
Eunice, 93 
Hannah, 93 
Bostwick, Jane, 93 
Botsford, Jennie, 205 
Boughton, Newell, 65 
Boutder, Col., 226 
Bourne, Alice, 21 

Elizabeth, 16 
John, 16 
Nathan E., 168 
Bowers, Florence M., 208 
Geo. P., 169 
Levi, 208 
Bowles, Susan P., 230 

Thomas, 69 
Bowser, Joseph, 94 
Bowyer, Horace A., 60 
Boynton, Darius, 75 
Bradford, Austin A., 52 
Gideon, 207 
Kate, 218 
Lillian M., 207 
Morton, 218 
Thomas C, 207 
Bradlee, Charles, 247 
Breck, Elijah, 114 
Sarah, 114 



Breeze, Matilda, 141 
Brewer, Samuel, 19 
Bridge, Mary, 38 

Nathaniel, 38 
Briggs, Cebra, 84 

Elmer C, 168 
Brigham, Benajah, 24 
Beujamin, 24 
Lydia, 114 
Peter Bent, 23, 

Rebecca H., 120 
Uriah, 23, 274 
Brighton, Mass., 109, 208, 

British Columbia, 144, 

181, 239 
British Guiana, 280 
Broadbelt, 254 
Brockway, Hannah, 77 
Brookdale, N. S., 186, 239 
Brooks, Edna O., 232 
Family, 224 
James, 224 
Jonas, 52 
Margaret, 53 
Brown, Anna, 220 
Cyrus, 72 
Edith E., 221 
Elizabeth, 19, 71 
Elmer A., 202 
E. Janette, 113 
Francis, 71 
Helen M., 225 
Jonathan, 225 
Joseph, 102 
Mary, 244 
Merrill, 202 
Moses, 113 
Naomi G., 143 
Sarah, 105 
Thomas, 19 
Walter, 284 
William, 41 

m. Sam'l 

Bent, 101 
Browne, Laura A., 190 

Samuel, 32 
Brownell, Anna, 91 

Laviuia, 91 
Browning, James, 29 
Martha, 29 
Samuel, 42 
Bruce, Abigail, 38 
Bruso, Charles, 206 
Bryden, James A., 144 

John R., 144 
Buchanan, Janet, 163 
Buflalo, N. Y., 28 
Bug bee, Thomas L., 57 
BuUard, Cynthia A., 80 
Bulmer, Miss, 236 

Bump, Heni-y, 83 
Mark, 82 
Bumpus, Mary, 159 
Burford, George, 172 
Burnam, John, 211 
Sallie, 211 
Burn ell, Louisa C, 60 
Burnham, John W., 91 
Burns, Ezekiel, 103 

Mary E., 283 
Burrows, Anna A., 135 

George H., 135 
Busby, Ann, 69 
Bush, Corydon L, 61 

Francis, 101 
Bussey, John W., 48 
Butterworth, Frank H., 
James T., 

Cahoon, Phebe, 162 
Cain, Hannah, 169 
California, 64, 65, 75, 78, 
236, 245, 249 
Caligan, Charles, 152 
Calkins, Geo. F., 91 
Callowhill, Percy J., 218 
Calnek, Laura, 198 
Cambridge, Mass., 14, 56, 

118, 172, 210 
Camden, N. J., 113 
Cameron, Angus, 218 
Henry, 142 
Camp, Geo. W., 130 

Harriett A., 130 
Campbell, Elizabeth, 220 

Sarah, 142 
Canney, Eliza A., 230 
Canton, Mass., 45, 88-90, 

Capwell, Henrietta, 147 
Carothers, A. Jennie, 79 

Frances, 79 
Carpenter, Frank B., 75 

T. B., 82 
Carr, Ezra, 58 

Family, 124, 125 
Hamilton, 131 
Jennie, 283 
Kezia, 58, 209 
Maria, 131 
Samuel, 209 
Sarah, 170 
Wm. C, 124 
Wm. H., 288 
Carson, Kit, 122, 127 
Carter, Adoniram J., 43 
Albert C, 175 
Edward, 91 

Carter, Emma S., 203 
JohnL., 247 
Jonathan, 35 
Lottie, 183 
Mary, 35 
Sidney B., 224 
Carver, Mass., 81, 82, 160, 

167, 233 
Cary, Louisa, 179 
Cassidy, Holmes, 196 

Castle, , 42 

Cavendish, Vt., 73, 152, 

Chaffln, Jones, 57 
Chamberlain, Harriet E., 

Chamberlin, Ann B., 190 
Helen M., 190 
Isabella S., 190 
Lowell A., 190 
Chambers, Mary L., 129 
Chandler, Benjamin, 180 
Chapin, Chester, 60 
Chaplin, Elisha, 53, 111 
Family, 52, 53 
Julia R., 53, 118 
Moses, 53, 118 
Chapman, Abigail, 181 
Albert, 183 
Alfred E., 180 
Amelia, 176 
Andrew R., 184 
Douglas, 174 
Eliza, 183 
Family, 184 
George, 183 
Henry, 176 
Loren M., 202 
Martin, 172 
Sarah, 176 
Smith, 187 
Thomas, 181 
Wm., 47, 253 
Charlton, Lydia, 195 

Sophia, 139 
Chase, Elizabeth, 92 
Julia A. C, 88 
Stephen, 254 
Chelmsford, Mass., 38, 

Chelsea, Mass., 139, 166, 

167, 284, 285 
Chesborough, Sarah E., 

Chesley, Elizabeth, 197 
Chicago, 155, 158, 159, 
163, 164, 213, 222, 227, 
230, 248 
Chick, Elvira IL, 216 
Childs, Frank L., 202 
Christie, Frederic J., 187 
James, 93 



Church, Aaron A., 91, 180 
Arethusa B., 91, 

92, 177, 180 
Clementiua, 91, 

Ephraim, 91 
Family, 91 
Jeremiah, 9-1 
Johu, 91, 180 
Melvin D., 67 
Clapp, Earl, 60 

Mary M., 206 
Melinda, 60 
Sarah, 3Irs., 17 
Clark, Beaman B., 41 
Electa, 60 
Ichabod G., 74 
James W., 94 
Joseph D., 63 
Lephe L., 74 
Lester, 60 
Martha, 111 
Melvin, 63 
Morris, 43 
Olive, 75 
Phebe, 40 
Clement, Ethel J., 161 
Cliflbrd, Virginia, 89 
Clough, Elizabeth, 32 
Cloury, Isaac, 196 
Oloiitier, Julia, 117 
Cluverius, Mary E., 252 
Coates, Louise, 180 

Samuel J., 187 
Sarah D., 239 
Cobb, George, 83 

Coburn, Eliza W., 109 
Cochituate, Mass., 146, 

Cochrane, Elton, 184 
Coffin, Lucy A., 100 

Matilda W., 217 
Peter, 217 
Cohasset, Mass., 204 
Colburn, Asa, 104 

Hannah, 285 
Nancy B., 201 
Polly", 57 
Coldwell, Sarah S., 217 
CoUer, Hannah, 49 
Joseph, 49 
Colon, Lurissa A., 150 
Colorado, 109, 121, 125- 
128, 135, 158, 166, 208, 
211, 226, 230, 232, 237, 
Comee, Sarah, 114 
Conant, Luraan E., 121 
Concord, Mass., 50 
Connecticut, 88, 162, 171, 
172, 227-229, 234 

Connery, David, 235 

Lydia E., 174, 

Walter J., 174 
Cook, Bessie, 225 
Clark, 215 
Crusa, 215 
David C, 158 
Ezra A., 79 
Merritt, 225 
Cooke, Charlotte, 207 
Grace B., 191 
Coolidge, Mary, 38 
Polly, 70 
Thomas, 70 
William, 38 
Cooper, Daniel, 284 

William A., 252 
Copeland, David, 22 
Coruwallis, N. S., 178 
Cotes, Warren S., 206 
Cottrell, Charlotte, 60 
Myron B., 148 
Nancy M., 222 
W. D. G., 148 
Court, James, 41 
Cove, Henry, 93 
Covert, George, 104 
Cox, Caleb G., 55 
Coyle, Alice E., 230 
Crabb, Theodosia, 194 
Crane, Amaziah, 30 
Elvira, 190 
Friend, 191 
Hannah, 90 
Judith S., 88 
Seth, 30 
Crawford, Jennie A., 245 
Crehore, John, 45 

Mehitable, 45 
Crist, Adah, 213 
Crocker, Harriet, 226 
Crommett, Freeman G., 

Cromwell, Sara, 135 
Crosby, Alice A., 148 
Charles, 86 
John, 170 
William, 85 
Cross, Andrew J., 151 
Grossman, Benj., 82 
Crouch, Ruth, 48 

William, 48 
Crowell, Hannah, 162 
Culton, Bedford A., 184 
Cummings, Sarah, 231 
Simeon, 84 
Cunningham, Dorothy, 

Currier, Ethel S., 222 

Samuel, 222 
Curtis, Albion, 150 
Almira, 65 

Curtis, Benjamin F,, 104 
David, 27 
Herbert, 108 
Johu, 150 
Louisa, 196 
Thaddeus, 65 
Gushing, Salome, 83 
Cushman, Hannah, 44 
Cutler, Fannie, 172 
Cutten, Rufus F., 174 
Cutting, George F., 119 

Dakiu, Archibald, 138 
E. Arthur, 138 
Edward, 138 
Jonathan C, 51 
Damon, Charles, 146 

Charles H., 216 
Martha F., 146 
Dana Family, 63 

Florence G., 246 
Lvdia, 99 
William, 63 
Daniels, Joseph, 202 
Danlev, Philip R., 64 
Danville, Ky., 136 
Darby, Elizabeth, 36 

Tarbox, 36 
D'Arcy, James, 68 
Darling, Jennie L., 251 
Pamelia, 251 
Rodney L., 251 
Davenport, Hannah C, 90 
Jesse, 90 
John, 22 
Nathaniel, 89 
Stephen, 22 
Davis, Edith L., 116 
Elizabeth, 96 
Henry, 284 
Jonah, 55 
Jonathan, 116 
William, 42, 206 
Davison, Charles H., 140 
Dawson, Samuel E., 142 
Day, Eldrid, 69 

Heury C, 206 
Deally, Albert H., 201 
Dean, Catalina S., 153 
Dedham, Mass., 21, 106 
Deeth, Lyman, 53 

Martin S., 53, 55 
Delaware, 100 
Demery, Tamar, 40 
Dench, Isaac, 39 

Loretta, 103 
Denmark, N. Y., 72, 148- 

Denver, Col., 109,135,146, 

158, 282 • 

Dewar, Alexander, 181 
Guy R., 76 



Dewey, John C, 148 
DeWolfe, Thomas, 94 
Dickee, Martha, 41 
Dickens, Eliza A., 202 
Dickerman, Issachar, 24 
Dickinson, Edwin H., 203 
Edwin L. , 203 
Marion, 203 
Digby, N. S., 170, 214 
Dilley, Elizabeth, 62 

Susan, 61 
Dillingham, FrancesBent, 
167, 286 
Isaac S., 167 
Dix, Deborah, 10 
Dixon, James D., 94 

Mary, 95 
Doane, Dimock, 86 

Thomas K.S., 169 
Dobson, Alonzo, 182 
Dodge, Charlotte A., 66 
Ennice, 197 
Jesse, 103, 197 
Sarah, 101 
Donaldson.Wellington, 88 
Donkin, Elizabeth, 184 
Robert, 93 
Rupert, 93 
Dougall, Eliza, 212 
Dougherty, Effie A., 158 
Douglas, Elizabeth, 253 
Sarah, 229 
Theresa, 223 
DouU, George, 180 
Dow, Annie, 94 
Dowley, John, 168 
Downing, Georgia A., 239 
MattTeE., 239 
Oliver H., 239 
Doyle, 3Iiss, 235 
Draper, J. H., 41 
Drayton, Henry II., 100 
Sarah E., 100 
Drew, Charles, 106 
Mary, 196 
Samuel, 106 
Drury, Mary, 19 

Thomas, 19 
Dublin, N. II., 36, 65 
Dudley, Anna M., 220 
John H., 165 
Josiah W., 165 
Nathaniel C, 220 
Wellington, 165 
Dunbar Family, 88, 89 
Thomas, 88, 89 
Duncan, Ellen E., 234 
Mary, 182 
Robert, 182 
Dunham, Alanson M., 84 
Dunn, Frances, 215 
J. P., 122 
Maria, 103 

Dunn, Sarah, 203 
Dunning, Edward O., 43 
Durell, Samuel J., 84 
Durland, Major, 141 
Mary, 240 
Dustin, Charles W., 63 

Mighill, 63 
Duxbury, Mass., 20 
Dwiuell, Sally B., 188 
Dyer, Eunice E., 155 
John, 155 
Lillian M., 155 
Mary E., 125 

Eager, Daniel W., 76 

Laura, 76 
Eames, Jesse, 27, 28 

John, 27 
Earl, Faustina P., 153 
John B., 75 
William D., 75 
Earle, Elizabeth, 39 
Early, Mary, 241 
Eastport, Me., 47, 167, 168 
Eaton, Aaron, 68 

Alonzo B., 133 
Caroline, 165 
Emma F.,209 
Franklin, 112, 209 
Eau Clair, Wis., 42 
Eddy, Charles, 165 
Edgell, Susan, 115 

Edson, , 85 

Edwards, Anna M., 64 
Benj., 26 
Ella L., 64 
Flora L., 64 
Joseph S., 63 
Mary F. , 63 
Eisenhauer, Zenas, 138 

Elderkin, , 94 

Eldridge, Susan, 169 
Elgin, ^Sarah C, 123 
Elliot, Charles, 68 
Elliott, Ethel B., 218 
George E., 218 
John'; 49 
Lemuel, 214 
Ellis, Daniel, 86 
Elwell, Eunice, 86 

Nathaniel, 86 
Embree, Araminta, 180, 
Family, 179, 180 
Hannah, 176 
John, 180, 183 
Robert, 179 
William, 176 
Emery, M. Louisa. 112 

Samuel, 112 
Ennis, Catherine J., 155 
Esteb, James H., 143 

Esterbrooks, Amy, 92 
E. C, 95 

Esty, Elizabeth B., 207 
Etter, Bradley, 183 
Family, 183 
Evans, Isabella, 63 
Eveleth, Gilman, 52 
Everett, Fanny A., 155 
Ewart, Thomas, 63 

Thomas D., 63 
William B., 63 
Ewell. Joseph, 50 
Ewers, John, 51 

Martha, 51 

Fair bank, Deborah, 31 
George, 71 
George W., 146 
Henry, 71 
Fairbanks, Asenatli, 51 
Lurenia, 110 
Fairman, Martha S., 245 
Fales, Daniel, 137 
Sarah, 137 
Farin, Eliza, 102 
Farrar, George, 17 
Farrington, Ebenezer, 48 
Farwetl, Edwin, 220 

Royal E., 220 
Fay, Elizabeth, 23, 274 

Josiah, 23, 274 
Felch, Daniel, 27 

Ebenezer, 37 
Mary, 37 
Walter L., 119 
Fellows, George, 68 
Felton, Alvin S., 113 
Catherine, 24 
Charles H., 113 
Cornelius C, 189, 

Edgar C, 191,193, 
194, 255 note 
Edith L., 113 
Eleanor, 191 
Ernest E., 113 
Family, 113, 191 
George G., 113 
Margaret, 191 
Martha C, 189 
Mary S., 194 
Matthias B., 113 
Samuel M., 189, 

191,-193, 194 
WinslowB., 191 
Ferguson, James, 95, 181 
Sophia A., 187 
Finch, Ruth A., 178 
Fiuegan, Herbert F., Ill 

JohnD., Ill 
Finley, A. Delgardo, 285 
James W., 285 



Fischer, Herman A., 79 
William H., 79 
Fisher, Amelia, 173 
Fisk, Maria, 209 
Fiske, Anna, 26 
Fitz William, N. H., 24, 28, 
51-56, 111, 114, 115, 
118, 205, 248 
Flao-ff, James F., 222 
Fleming, Gertrude M. , 222 
Fletcher, Emily, 71 

George A., 106 
Lucy, 73 
Florida, 166, 167 
Flnshiug, L. I., N. Y., 229 
Forbush, Fi-ancis W., 166 

George, 146 
Ford, Alexander, 174 
Forest Glen, N. S., 284 
Forrest, Helen J., 239 

John, 68 
Forster, Ellen R., 240 

John, 240 
Fort Lawrence, N. S., 47, 

91-96, 174-184, 239 
Fort William, 121, 125 
Foss, ElisliaM., 244 
Foster, Archibald M. , 140 
Clara, 197 
George W., 108 
Hannah, 144 
Hopestill, 19 
Hovt, 137 
John, 240 
Joseph, 144 
Patience, 19 
Peregrine, 63 
Polly P., 63 
Sally, 115 
Susan, 140 
Thomson, 145 
Fowler, Bessie A., 131 
Finley F., 131 
Framingham, Mass., 15, 
19, 27, 28, 38, 39, 71, 
France, 279 
Franklin, Augusta, 144 
Franklin, Ma"ss., 222 
Frazer, Allen B., 148 
Charles, 148 
Freeman, Allen T., 137 
Dorothy, 95 
Family, 94 
Jacobina, 94,97 
Samuel, 94, 95, 

Sarah, 197 
Simeon, 137 
Freerayer, Hattie I., 152 
Freeze, David, 93 
French, Hannah H., 89 

Frink, Polly, 42 

Fritchie, Julius C, 237 

Fritz, John, 49 

Fuller, Ansel, 165 

Caroline E., 204 
Jonathan, 21 
Martha A., 71 
Rachel, 21 
Robert H., 56 
Samuel, 82 

Fullerton Family, 181 ■ 
George, 180 
Samuel C, 65 

Furber, Marion P., 226 

Gaines, Frank H., 171 
Gammons, Susan W., 164 

Thomas, 164 
Gardner, Catherine, 253 
Smith, 72 
Thomas P., 253 
Gardner, Mass., 111-118, 

Gartield, Calvin, 209 

Thaddeus, 51 
Gates, Emma, 242 
Harriet, 110 
Mary, 241 
Georgia, 133, 213 
Gesner, Arminilla, 199 
Caroline, 197 
Henry, 103 
Horatia, 103, 199 
Lucy, 69 
Gibbs, Wan-en, 159 

Winslow, 160 
Gifford, Mary E., 222 

Stephen T., 222 
Gift, Mary L., 130 
Gilliugham, Joel, 56 
Gilmore's Band, 253 
Gilnought, Leander, 139 
Glass, Bessie E., 225 
Frank E., 225 
Gleason, Charles S., 60 
Edwin D., 60 
Jason, 25 
Maud, 60 
Glendenniug, George, 97_ 
Gloucester, Mass., 251 
Glover, Alexander, 188 
Anne, 26, 32 
James, 26 
Sarah, 188 
Susanna, 98 
Tliomas, 26, 98, 
Goddard, Charles W.,. 75 
Irene, 19S-: 
Robert E., 75 
Godfrey, George, 82 
Goodell, Dexter S., 188 
Mary A., 188 

Goodenow, Abigail, 37 
David, 20 
Isaac, 33, 54 
Luther, 107 
Mary, 20 
Micah, 37 
Sarah C, 107 
Goodloe, Bent, 136 
Clay, 136 
Hart. 136 
Ward, 136 
William 0., 136 
Goodspeed, Caroline, 111 
Goodwin, Albert, 214 
Amelia, 214 
Hannah, 176 
Gorrie, Jessie F., 110 
Gosling, Agnes, 10 
Goudy, Aaron, 234 
Lalia F., 234 
Mary R., 186 
Goward, Watson, 163 
Grant, Silas, 195 
Granville, N. S., 48, 67, 
216, 242 
Graves, Jacob, 202 

Joseph F., 76 
Susannah, 202 
Gray, Emma C, 109 
Harrie F., 161 
John, 85 
Marshall E., 109 
Nelson, 85 
Sarah, 182 
Green, Allen A., 116 
Betsey M., 70 
Charles M., 74 
Darius, 40, 73, 74 
Family, 40, 73, 115 
George B. , 74 
Joseph, 40, 115 
Lemuel, 70 
Lester N., 116 
William H., 115, 
Gregory, Arthur W., 119 
Elisha, 52f 
Ernest Tm 119 
Eve\vii W., 119 
Franklin E., 119 
John M., 56 
Marion H., 119 
Russell E., 119 
William F., 119 
S'renada, 280 
Grey, James H., 175 
Griffin, Ella, 216 
Griffith, Ellis, 83 
John, 20 
Sarah, 254 
Thomas B., 83 
Griggs, Edith, 196 



Grimes, Lnciuda, 134 
Grism, Ann, 147 
Grout, Mary C, 215 
Guernsey Family, 73 
Oliver, 72 
Sarah L., 73, 74 
Guild, Amelia M., 173 

Horace, 173 
Guirrits, George E., 75 
Guitteau, Benjamin, G3 
Guliclv, Margaret V., 135 
Gnptill, Dennis D., 145 
Georse W., 145 
Stephen H., 145 
Gurrier, Edwaixl, 127 
Guthrie, Edwin, 61 

James H., 61 
Haclileton, Lucy, 102 
Sarah, 102 
Hadley, Mass., 212 
Haldermaun, Jacob H., 

Hale, Julius, 53 

Stephen B.,66 
Haley, C. P., 95 
Hall, Albert, 195 

Eunice B., 243 
John, 243 
Ruth, 159 
Samuel R., 150 
Susie, 230 
Hall-Dare, Mabel, 278 

Robt. W., 278 
Hallo well, George W., 75 
Halstead, Willard G., 245 
Hamilton, Hattie, 217 

Lucv M., 238 
William, 168 
Hamlet, Harriet, 231 
Hammond, Jedediah, 40 
Phidelia, 76 
Hamson, Eliza, 250 
Hauchett, John J., 206 
Hand, Theodore F., 203 
Handy, Callephina, 52 
Hannau, James M., 61 
Hanson, Fred, 185 

Joseph M., 134 
Harding, Jesse G., 97 
Hardwick, Charlotte, 141 
Elizabeth, 69 
Harlow, Lewis, 81 

Sylvanus, 81 
Harper, W. C, 95 


Harriman, Olivia, 66 
Harrington, Abigail, 67 
Herbert, 176 
Jonas, 27, 67 
Joshua, 28 
Solomon, 37 

Harris, Benjamin, 85 
David, 168 
Ezra, 85 
John, 103 
Jonathan, 169 
Maria, 168 
Mary, 103 
Reuben, 169 
Samuel, 85 
Sophia, 168 
Harrisburg, Pa., 135, 240 
Harrison, Clara B., 223 
Family, 93 
Hanson, 95 
Katie P., 213 
Luke, 93 
Hart, Susan, 63 
Hartwell, Benjamin, 149 

Hannah, 72 
Hartzell, Corinne, 229 
Hazard, 229 
Harvey, Annie A., 172 

Frank J., 95 
Haseltine, Frank, 66 
Ward, 66 
Haskell, Ann M., 52 

Belle, 167 
Hatch, Edward, 210 
Hathaway, Rosalie A., 168 
Solomon W., 
Hawes, Mary J., 205 
Hawkes, Adam, 68 
Hayden, Edna S., 246 
James M.', 246 
John, 199 
Richard S. S., 

Winslow B. B., 
Haynes, Anna, 57 
Daniel, 34 
Plarriet E., 57 
Hiram, 120 
Israel, 33 
Ruth, 33 
Hay ward, Arnold, 48 

Charles H., 48 
George, 48 
Healy, Herman, 244 

John, 104 
Helme, Sarah, 253 
Hemenway, John, 39 
Hendee, Charles J., 247 
Harriet F., 247 
Henderson, Elizabeth, 215 
Hendricksou, Ellen F., 

Herrick, Walter, 201 
Heslop, Lida E., 159 
Heveuer, Andrew, 232 
Helen T., 232 

Hewett, Joseph, 189 
Hewson Family, 177 
Richard. 177 
Rufus, 91 
Heywood, Franklin, 189 

Mary, 112 
Hicklen or HickliDg,Alex. 
or Zan., 123, 283 
Alfred B. 283 
Hicks, Theresa, 198 
Higgins, Abigail, 218 
Hig'hfleld, Mary, 131 
Hildreth, Charles W., 54 
Hill, Emily A., 172 

James, 172 
Hillis, John, 139 
Hills, Ada D., 239 
Hillver, Samuel L., 64 
Hinckley, Mary IL, 208 
Nathl. B., 208 
Thomas H., 207 
Wm. M., 208 
Hinds, Ellen, 73 
Hines, Corliss, 40 

(Edw.) Lumber 

Co., 213 
Rowland, 240 
Hixon, Edward, 210 

Georgianna, 210 
Hobbs, James, 122 
Hodgdon, Mattie A., 226 
Norris C, 226 
Hodge, (Rev.) A. A., 87 
Elizabeth H., 87 
Sarah B., 87 
Hogan, Michael, 96 
Holcomb, Emily E., 172 
Holden, Mass., 25, 57 
Holdworth, Ansel, 141 
Holland, 279 
Holliday, Alexander, 87 

Elizabeth B., 87 
Hollister, Wm. A., 72 
Holm, Elizabeth, 179 
Holmes, Arabella R., 231 
Jesse A., 233 
Mabel W., 233 
Martha, 88 
Philander J.. 233 
Wm. M., 161 
Holway, Seth W., 162 
Holyoke, Joseph, 194 
Home Market Club, 247 
Hooper, Alice M., 201 
Mary J., 225 
Prentiss 0., 201 
Ralph B., 201 
Hopkinton, R. I., 253 
Horr, Charles, 149 
Horton, Alvah, 75 
Hoseason, Robt., 104 



Hosmer, Lois, 119 
Houghtou, Geo. D., 204 

Harriet D.,20i 
Jason W., 204 
Josepli, 30 
Martlia, 30 
Silas, 30 
House, Jacob, 7G 
Howard, Augusta, 91 
How or\ Cliarles, 1C5 
Howe, ( Ezekiel, 17, 
118, 266 
Family, 17 
Sally, 118 
Samuel, 17,258 
Hoyt, Charles C, 99 
Hubbard, Frances C, 189 
Rebecca, 65 
Thomas, 65 
Hudson, Fanny, 146 
Mary J., 252 
Nathan, 146 
Thomas, 252 
Hudson, Mass., 217 
Hull, Mary C, 207 

Thomas C, 207 
Humphrey, Sarah, 48 
Humphreys, D. C, 170 
W. F., 170 
Hunt, Aaron, 119 
Charles, 119 
Haman, 54 
H^iiftiu T., 119 
Lauretta, 119 
Lowell, 119 
Molly, 33 
Vincent, 236 
Wm., 33 
Hunting, Roxa, 118 
Huutoon, Louisa, 147 
Hurd, Esther A., 166 
Huston, Elizabeth, 212 

John, 212 
Hutchins, Albion H., 155 
Hutchinson, John, 104 

Thomas H., 
Hyde Park, Mass., 204, 

Illingsworth, Rosanna, 

Illinois, 75, 77, 81, 133, 

149, 155, 156, 158, 

159, 213, 221-223, 

230, 246 
Indiana, 72, 283 
Indians, 13, 19,20,21,121, 

125, 127 
Ingalls, Benj., 168 
luglis, James, 26 

Mary A., 214 

Inman, Col. Henry, 127 
Iowa, 80, 130, 131, 134, 
148, 222-224 

Jackson, Atwood, 208 
Blanche, 208 
Lewis D., 38 
Jacobs, Avis, 147 
Jaquith, Ella, 88 
Jaramilla, Iguacia, 123, 

Pablo, 122 
Jenkiuson, Thomas, 33 
Jennings, Sarah, 37 
Jepson, Emily M., 210 
Jewett, Isabel, 50 

Mary B., 175 
Jillson, Hiram K., 231 
Johns, Ella, 141 
Johnson, Caleb, 14 

Frances, 254 
Harriette M., 

James, 185 
Julia C, 254 
Mary, 252 
Nettie L., 240 
Robert A., 240 
Solomon, 14 
Susan, 128 
Jonathan, S. S., 10 
Jones, Annie, 175 

Charhanna A., 228 
Ethel L., 202 
Frank H., 151 
George, 138 
Georges., 151 
George W., 77 
Glenn, 151 
Hartwell, 151 
Isaac, 253 
J. Edward, 80 
Stella L., 77 
Jordan, Hannah., 106 
Josselyn, Elisha, 243 

Emma B., 243 
Robert, 202 
Joyce, Thomas, 17 

Kane, Sally M., 158 
Kansas, 88, 223, 236, 282 
Keai-ney, Col. Stephen 

W., 122, 261 
Keeler, Willis B., 213 
Keith, Hattie M., 115 

Henry, 115 
Keithlev, George, 162 
Kelley, 'Thomas, 105 
Kellogg, Henry L., 79 
Kendall, Almira. 60 
Polly, 40 

Kennedy, Helen M., 247 
James L., 247 
Thomas E., 79 
Kent, Anna, 68 
Kentucky, 80, 124, 128, 

129, 136, 211, 213 
Kerr, Martha, 59 
Keyes, Dolly, 167 

Jonas T., 167 
Kidder, Gardner, 164 
Kilboi-n, Clarissa, 74 
Kilburu, Joseph, 36 

Mary, 64 
Kimball, Mary, 71 
King, Albert "H., 164 
Annie L., 206 
DoraG., 201 
Elizabeth, 177 
Henry L., 164 
Isaac B., 161 
John, 163 
Mary, 184 
RufusH., 161 
Wm. R., 62 
Kingston, N. S., 196 
Kinney Family, 161, 162 
Kinsley Family, 90 

Rufus Bent, 90 
Silas, 90 
Kirts, MaryA., 132,283 
Klinkwortb, Henry, 145 
Knifleu, Mahala, 195 
Knowles, Augustus, 166 
Lucy A., 233 
Wm., 233 
Knowlton, Emeline, 147 
Knox, Robt. B.,280 

Lake Mamie, Wis., 248 
Landers, John, 169 
Sarah, 169 
Langdon, James, 283 
LangleJ^ Isaac, 195 
Lariie, Elizabeth, 137 
Lathan, Frank B., 150 
Nicholas, 150 
Lathrop, Cynthia S., 212 
Lawrence, Charles, 93 
Esther, 64 
George, 221 

Sarah, 111,180 
Lawson, Henry T., 163 
Lawton, Wm. B., 164 
Leach, Martin, 84 
Leadbetter, Mary, 241 
Leary, Charles H., 43 
Leavitt, David F., 118 
Edward A., 143 
Franklin, 118 



Leavitt, Sarah, 17 

Sherman, 118 
Leeds, MaryL., 201 
Leek, Selina, 91 
Leicester, N. S., 184 
Leonard, Elizabeth H., 
EzraB., 250 
Harriet, 200 
Jonathan, 101 
MoUie, 101 
Lettenney, James, 137 
Leverett, Mass., 132, 133 
Levindet, Mary, 196 
Lewis, Belle, 226 
Betsey, 87 
Franlv W., 171 
John, 226 
Josepli, 87 
W. W., 171 
Libbey, Alex., 166 

Fredericli, 166 
Lincoln, Andrew J., 169 
Laura E., 169 
Lucretia, 77 
Morris, 36 
Lincoln, Mass., 217 
Neb., 153 
Lindley, Francis B., 161 
Henry C, 83, 

Joab, 83 
Lucy B., 161 
Lingham, Georgianna, 

Little, Helen M., 146 

Martha, 87 
Littlefield, Margaret A., 
Mary, 201 
Livermore, Albert, 166 
Nathan, 25 
Liverpool, Eng., 254, 278, 

Locke, Alice G., 216 
Beulah B., 216 
Ellen C, 216 
Irving, 216 
Jonathan, 33 
Josepli, 64 
Wra. B., 32 
Lockhart, lluth, 145 
Logan, Catherine, 284 
Ella A,, 181 
Isaac, 94 
Thomas, 47 
Loker, Cornelia J., 221 
John L., 70 
Teresa H., 220 
Wra., 70, 221 
Long, Andrew, 167 
David T., 113 

Long, Esther M., 113 
Guadaloupe, 211 
lluth, 167 
Longdale, Ann, 241 
Longley, Anna, 68 

David B., 37 
Isaac, 37, 68 
Israel, 68 
Longmire, Hiram, 198 
Longmuir, Euphemia E., 
Richard, 138 
Lord, Benj. F., 88 
Lorrilliard, Mary, 236 
Lorrin, Enphemie, 41 
Lothrop, Fannie, 177 
Lovejoy, Wm., 146 
Lovelace, Eleanor, 62 
Lovell, Sarah, 93 
Lovemore, Smith, 252 
Lovett, Abigail, 67 
Phineas, 67 
Low, Edmund C, 80 
Lowe, Judge, 130 
Martha, 97 
Moses, 96 

, 186 

Lowell, Mass., 101, 146, 

216, 219, 252 
Lowery, Elizabeth J., 284 
Wm. J., 284 

Lowther, , 183 

Lucas, Caleb, 85 
Ludlum, Dr., 63 
Luke, Wm. L., 99 
Lunt, James, 108 
Mary, 47 
Meliuda, 108 
Lusby, Luther, 183 
Pamelia, 183 
Samuel, 182 
Lux, Terisina, 123 
Lyude, Lincoln D., 151 
Lynn, Mass., 111,252,285 
Lynnfleld, Mass., 142 
Lyon, Eunice, 84 

McAUan Family, 95 
McAllaster, Geo. D., 151 
McBride, Wm. R., 175 
McCallin (see McAllan). 
McCarty, Frank J., 254 
McClelan, John, 91 
McClelland, Olivia, 124 
McClenathan, John, 29 
McCleunon, Hugh, 182 
Jane, 182 
McCormick, John, 198, 

McCready, Charles F., 

McCully, , 94 

McCutch, Susan. 252 
McDonald, W. H., 186 
McDowell, Anne I., 136 
Wm. A., 136 
McEarly, Mary, 195 
McElwain, Jane, 59 
McErvin, Emmett, 284 
McFarland Family, 170, 
Francis, 170, 

J. Stanley, 135 
Miss, 183 
McFarlin, Hervit, 160 
Mercy, 160 
McGaffy, Betsey, 202 
Macintosh, Peter, 41 
Mclntyre, Edward, 57 

Leslie W., 206 
McKenzie, Andrew, 46 

Ann, 46 
McKibben, Catherine, 72 
McKiuley, Crittenden, 129 

Silas B., 129 
McKinnon, Murdock, 181 
McLatchie, Edward, 68 
McLellau, Martha, 96 

RoUand, 185 
McLeod, Albert D., 175 
Alex. H., 174 
Alex. W., 174 
Elizabeth C, 174 
EmmaE., 174, 

Howard D., 177 
John W., 174, 

Margaret A., 175 
Robert A., 175 
Robert T., 177 
Wm., 174 
McManus, Cora B., 152 

Edwin, 152 
McMonagle, Henry C, 
Mary, 97 

McNish, Rev , 143 

McSweeney, Ellen, 196 
Mace, Christina, 254 
Main, Sidney U., 152 
Maine, 65, 66, 105, 108, 
Malin, Phebe A., 172 

Randall, 172 
Maltbie, Delora, 224 

Julius B., 224 
Man, John, 21 
Manchester, Eng., 254, 



Maningtou, Alfred, 156 
Decima, 156 
Mauuiiig, Abigail G., 74 
Manuix, Katherine, 161 
Marden, John, 105 
Marietta, 0., 34, 35, 46, 

Marlboro', Mass., 13, 14, 

18, 22-24, 31 
Marshall, Abbie, 53, 118 
Abel, 52 
Caleb, 68 
Estiier, 71 
Frank H., 153 
Mary E., 240 
Sarah E., 53 
Marshflekl, Mass., 16, 17, 
20, 21 
Vt., 188 
Martin, Amoret, 145 
Martinez, Cal., 120 
Marville, James E., 168 
Marvin, Edwin, 221 
Maryland, 81, 191 
Mason Machine Works, 
Mary, 35 

Massey, Alex., 237 
Matoon, Euth E., 66 
Matthews, Louise H., 161 
Wm. E.,130 
Mauer, Wra. 154 
Maynard, Abigail, 109 
Anna, 220 
Cora L., 210 
Daniel H., 210 
Jabez, 32 
John, 210 
Moses, 32, 262, 
Maynard, Mass., 108 
Meikle, Ernest G., 158 
Melrose, Mass., 167, 201, 

Merriam, John, 112 
Merrill, Alvah M., 115 
Amos, 145 
Anna M., 115 
Frank L., 242 
Ida, 145 
Merritt, Sarah I., 170 
Messenger, David, 102 

Thomas, 102 
Messinger, Jerome, S3 

Virgil J. , 89 
Metcalf , Catherine E. D,, 
Eliab W., 204 
Timothy, 52 
Metzler, Elizabeth, 186 
Mexico, 191 

Michigan, 64, 160, 230 
Middleboro', Mass., 20, 
29. 43, 44,82-84,164, 
165, 167, 243 
Middlebnry, Vt., 42, 78, 

Middleton, Alex., 46 

Ann, 46 
Middletown, Conn., 162, 

Milbury, David, 102 

Elizabeth, 198 
Eunice, 198 
Frances, 199 
Stephen, 103 
Miles, Fannie, 194 

Frederick, 194 
Isaac, 34 
Mary, 65 
Miller, David, 131 

Family, 131, 132 
Johns., 67 
Olivia, 198 
Phebe, 196 
Eobert, 131 
Susan M., 143 
Milligan, Ellen M., 79 
Mills, Ann, 112 

Eichard, 25 
Wm., 149 
Milton, Mary, 279 
Milton, Mass., 21, 30, 31, 
207, 246 
Miner, Lucy, 94 

Sylvanus, 91 
Minnesota, 110, 208, 231 
Missouri, 58, 61, 64, 123, 

124, 129, 134, 135 
Mitchell, Anne, 83 
Moffat, Atchison, 182 

Sarah A. M., 249 
W. P., 249 
Monroe (see also Mun- 
roe) . 
Laura, 231 
Nathi, 231 
Montana, 218, 244 
Montreal, Canada, 41, 76, 

Moore, Eben^ 25 
Geo., 107 
Hugh, 123 
John B., 57 
J. E., 62 
Lucy, 29 
E. M., 126 
Thomas B., 175 
Morau, Amanda, 238 
Benj., 238 
& Bent, 238 

More, James, 137 
Morehouse, Chas. E., 75 
Morgan, EvaM., 283 
Kate J., 224 
Morrill, Jessie, 147 
John C, 147 
Nelson, 241 
Morrison, Elizabeth, 103 

Sarah, 198 
Morrison, 111., 77, 149, 

156, 157 
Morrisy, Mary, 116 
Morse, Amoret, 197 
Bethia, 43 
Calvin, 51 
Eunice, 100 
Frank E., 164 
Hannah S., 139 
Joseph, 44 
Luciuda, 142 
Mary, 232 
Morton, Isaac, 144 

James A., 145 
Mount Holly, Vt., 39, 40, 

73, 74, 152, 153 
Mount Vernon, Me., 202, 

Muchiu, Christopher, 14 
MuUin, Mary, 227 
Monro, Cliarles, 86 
Munroe (see also Mon- 
Daniel, 100 
Elizabeth, 100 
Nancy M., 190 
Munson, Levi L., 75 
Murch, Henrv, 198 
Murdock, Bartlett, 82 
Eliza A., 83 
Elizabeth, 82 
Jesse, 83 
John, 82, 145 
Parlor Grate 
Co., 83 
Myers, Snkey, 50 

Wm. J., 62 
Mylecrain, Eliza, 65 

Natick, Mass., 19, 71, 146, 

Nebraska, 80, 132, 153, 

159, 226, 244 
Nehemiah, Isaac, 19 
Nelly, Carlton, 196 
Neville, Edith, 134 

James S., 134 
New Albany, N. S., 136, 

New Brunswick, 140-143, 

174-179, 194, 235-237 
Newbury, Mass., 10, 13, 




Ne-wbnryport, M.ass., 145, 

Newcomb, Abraham, 69 
Herbert, 185 
Mary, 69 
Nathaniel, 105 
Samuel, 31, 

Sarah, 105 
NeTrell, Edith, 115 

Gnstavus, 115 
Newfoundland, 140. 178 
New Hampshire, 33, 36, 
37, 77, 108, 111, 118, 
148, 196,202,221,252 
New Ipswich, N. H., 77 
New Jersey, 66, 87, 113, 
135, 136, 173, 189, 
190, 234 
Newman, 27 
New Mexico, 78, 121, 211, 

261, 283 
New Orleans, La., 62, 133, 

New Sharon, Me., 105 
New South Wales, 280 
Newton, Charles, 53 

Emily E., 210 
JolmH., 210 
Patience, 8, 23 
Seth, 23 
New York (State). 36, 65, 
72, 74, 76, 83, 147- 
152, 195, 229 
New York Biscuit Co., 

New Zealand, 97 
Nichols, Alex., 219 
Edward, 43 
Gertrude, 43 
Geo. H., 43 
Geo. M., 43 
Howard W., 43 
Liudlev, 215 
Nellie M., 243 
Robert, 215 
Sophia M., 43 
Nictaux, N. S., 69, 145, 

218, 219 
Nightingale, Jere. T., 168 
Nims, Alice, 133 

Henry T., 133 
Nixon, Margaret, 195 
Noonan, Mary, 238 
Norcross, Edward K., 201 
Joseph W., 110 
Melleu & Co., 

Sarah W., 110 
North, Charles F., 223 

Rnth, 102 
Norton, Minerva, 125 
Tristam, 84 

Norwich, Conn., 227, 228 
Noyes, Dorothy, 25 

James, 10 

Jennie, 178 

Nicolas, 10 

Peter, 25 

Wm., 10 
Nutting, Fanny A., 155 

Oakes or Oaks, Eliza- 
beth, 215 
Family, 61 
Joel, 61 
Olivia, 215 
Silas B., 61 
O'Brien, Elizabeth, 102 
Oelbert, Lola M., 224 
Ogden, Amos, 94 
Henry, 92 
Oglesby, HI., 246 
Oiiio, 34, 35, 58-64, 131, 

187, 213, 240 
Oklahoma, 284 
Olderheads, Mary, 178 
Oliver, Elizabeth, 200 
O'Neil, Harriet, 185 
John, 240 
Lavinia, 241 
Orcutt, Emma, 244 
Oregon, 230 
Orono, Me., 108 
Orton, Edward, 132 
Osborn, Joseph, 34 

Wm. P., 252 
Osgood, Kate, 116 

Phineas, 36 
O'Tule, Margaret, 185 
Ouray, Col., 135 
Overton, Albert, 76 

Lucy P., 153 
Oxley Family, 93 
Georae, 93 
Wesley, 177 

Packard, Ferdinand G., 67 
Page, Ann E., 230 

Charlotte M., 146 
Edward, 230 
Gertrude E., 146 
James, 94 
Moody, 145 
R. R., 95 
Wm. M., 145 
Paige, L. A., 147 
Palmer, Acalus L., 142 

Mary, 64 
Paradise, N. S., 67, 69, 

138, 197, 216 
Paris, Me., 84, 165, 166 
Parker, Geo., 131 

Geo. W., 124 
John, 67 

Parker, Lovefrv, 137 

Marion E., 218 
Martha A., 115 
MaryE., 131,143 
Nathaniel, 137 
Obadiah, 69 
Robert, 103 
Ruth, 67 
Sarah E., 66 
Submit, 32 
Witham, 199 
Parkhurst, Trueman L., 

Parkman, Francis, 127 
Parks, Betsey, 150 
Clarissa, 108 
Edwin, 53 
Elizabeth F., 107 
Jonathan, 150 
Maria, 150 
Parlin, Alberto., 201 
Parmenter, Dexter, 206 
Elizabeth B., 

Elizabeth F., 

Evie, 120 
Geo. W., 107 
Lauretta S., 
Parris, Anne, 279 
Mary, 24 
Samuel, 24, 279 
Thomas, 279 
Partridge, Chas. F., 71 
Paschall, Eugenia L., 125 
Patch, E. L., 95 
John, 50 
Lydia, 50 
Olive, 74 
Sarah, 50 
Patterson, Samson, 145 
Thomas, 187 
Patton, Vincent, 179 
Paul, Isaac F., 53 

Sally, 150 
Paxton, Mass., 28, 29 
Payne, Mary P., 80 
Roswell, 80 
Payton, Alice, 237 
Peacock, Mary A., 163 
Ralph, 229 
Sarah, 229 
Pearce, Edgar P., 63 
Pearson, Augusta, 283 
Sarah H., liO 
Pease, Lucy, 108 
Peckham, Emily A., 227 
Pendergast, Wm. W., 123 
Pennimau, Susan, 148 
Pennsvlvania, 65, 78, 98, 



Pennsvlvania Steel Co., 

Penton-Grafton, Eng., 9, 

10, 11, 13, 255 
Pepper, Aun M., 153 
Ashbel H., 75 
Theodore M., 75 
Perkins, Hannah, 160, 162 
Perry, Daniel, 73 

Elizabeth B., 188, 

Family, 161 
Jonathan, 161 
Mary J., 83 
Petersham, Mass., 39 
Pettengill, Blauchard T., 
Moses, 43 
Pfeiffer, AnuaE., 152 
Phalan, Trueman, 180 
Phelps, Matilda L., 108 

Sabina, 154 
Philadelphia, 98, 135, 189, 
193, 226, 232, 240, 284 
Phillipte, Arthur L., 115 

Augustus K., 125 
Chester H., 115 
Elizabeth, 98 
Emily A., 172 
Goldie A., 115 
Isaac, 69 
John, 86 
Levi, 56 

Marguerite, 115 
R. D., 223 
Samuel, 98 
Silas B., 125 
Wilbur H., 115 
Wiuslow, 114, 
Phinney, Alfred, 195 
Ann, 198 
Caleb S., 139 
Calvin, 198 
Lot, 137 
Phippen, Betsey, 150 
Joseph, 150 
Pierce, Alice L., 207 

Caroline H., Ill 
Esther, 73 
Grace A., 152 
Jaazauiah C, 204 
John C, 152 
Joseph, 85 
Kezia, 81 
Leonard, 111 
Molly, 40 
Orpha B., 77 
Eosvpell A., 85 
Wm., 30, 77 
Wm. C, 207 
Zenas B., 85 

Pingrey, Aaron, 152 
Family, 152 
Piper, Elizabeth A., 252 

Nathaniel, 252 
Plimpton Family, 10, 257 
Phimmer, Martha T>., 171 
Plymouth, Mass., 20, 44 
Plympton, Ebenezer, 51 

Martha, 51 
Plympton, Mass., 20, 29 
Poindexter, Sarah A., 136 
Pond, John, 71 

Lewis, 82 
Ponkipog, Mass., 45 
Poole, Franklin, 100 

John, 37 
Poore, Olive E., 228 
Port Chester, N. Y., 229, 

Port Elgin, N. B., 179 
Porter, James, 88 
Joseph, 56 
Potter, Ezra, 159 

N. G., 143 
Power, Elizabeth, 169 

Pticliard, 169 
Powers, John, 93 
Pratt, Amos, 51, 52 
Ebenezer, 49 
Eliza A., 41 
Family, 52 
Hyman C, 53 
Mary, 104 
Reuben, 51, 52 
Roxa, 41 
Ruth, 51 
Sarah, 25 
ThaddeusB., 41 
Prescott, Lucy, 222 
Price, Frank, 61 
Priest, Jacob, 111 

Lucy A., Ill 
Prince, John, 176 
Pritchard, Eliza J., 202 
Proctor, Silas, 75 
Prouty, Nathaniel, 242 
Susan M., 242 

Pugsley, , 93 

Pugwash, N. S., 181, 198, 

Purdy, Bethia, 175 
Edwin J., 47 
Gilbert, 93 
Mary L., 177 
Putnam, Geu. Rufus, 34, 

Quackenbush, Laura, 156 
Quiucy, Mass., 49, 100, 
104, 105, 190, 191, 
200, 201, 242, 243 

Radcliffe, Arthur, 233 
Randall, Arthur H., 162 

Ira v., 75 
Randolph. N. Y., 151, 152, 

224, 225 
Rawson, Mark, 84 
Ray, Gilbert T., G8 

Rachel, 49 
Raymeut, Wm., 30 
Raymond, Barnabas, 20 
Samuel, 86 
Wm., 30 
Ray worth, John S., 235 
Redington, Henry C, 108 
Isabelle S., 
Redman, Charles, 46 note 

Thankful, 46 
Reed, Abbie F., 53 
Abigail, 25 
Elizabeth, 28 
Fay, 166 
John B., 139 
Wm. G., 166 
Reeves, George, 62 
Reid & Bent, 229 
Remer, Mary, 223 
Reynolds, Edgar, 139 
Eliza, 168 
Geo. A., 148 
Geo. W., 51 
Rhode Island, 206, 207, 

Rhodes, Major, 144 
Rice, Albert W., 120 
Benj., 15, 27 
Beulah, 26 
Bezaleel, 20 
Carrie A., 115 
David, 19, 27 
Ebenezer, 144 
Edmund, 15, 109 
Edward, 15, 16, 258 
Edwin, 115 
Family, 15 
George A., 70 
Grace, 27 
Hannah, 19 
Ithamar, 203 
Jonathan, 26 
Martha, 16 
Mary N., 109 
Matthew, 16 
Mi cab, 26 
Olive, 32 
Paulina, 203 
Reuben, 33 
Richard, 19 
Ruth, 33 
Sarah A., 144 
Sarah E., 120 
Richards, Ephraim, 149 
Rufus L., 160 



Eicliardson, Abijah, 57 
Arthur, 19G 
Charles E., 

Edith, 57 
Eliab, 84 
Harrison H., 

Harry B., 

Marjorie, 277 
Seward P., 

Wm. B., 57 
Ricketson, Walter, G8 
Ridenour, Geo., 283 

John B., 283 
Samuel, 62 
Riley, Julia M., 220 
Ritchie. James, 85 
River Philip, N. S., 177, 

181, 182 
Roach, Thomas, 183 
Robbins, Nancy, 55 

Wm., 55 
Roberts, Alice W., 230 
James, 169 
Jane, 254 
John, 230 
Josephine L., 

Mary A., 169 
Robert, 254 
Sophronia, 169 
Robertson, Belle E., 224 
J. Elbert, 224 
Robinson, Anna, 56 

Eleanora, 224 
Eliza A., 178 
Elizabeth C, 

Eunice E., 24 
George, 178 
Rebecca, 241 
Sarah J., 224 
Thomas, 224 
Wm. J., 174 
Rockwell, Jane, 185 

Mary A., 185 
Rodsrers, Geo. P., 95 
Rodney, Samuel, 85 
Rogers, Bessie, 152 
Gary B., 152 
Charles P., 77 
Charlotte, 77 
John E., 152 
Rolls, Archibald, 68 
Rouey, John, 104 
Roop, Jacob, 196 
Root, Cynthia A., 80 
Ross, Eunice, 197 

Leland J., 204 

Rowland, Elizabeth, 63 
John, 63 

Ruby, Martha J., 60 

Ruffee, Fanny, 216 

Ruggles, Edw. H. R.,98 
Henry S., 98 
Miriam, 49 

Russell, Arthur E., 190 
Cynthia, 166 
Family, 124 
John W., 190 
Joseph, 124 
Wm., 25 

Rutland, Mass., 19, 20, 28, 
29, 34, 42 
Vt., 41 

Sabin, Oliver C, 133 

Wm. Bent, 133 
St. John, N. B., 141 
St. Louis, Mo., 58, 123, 
124, 128, 129, 134, 
135, 230 
St. Vrain, Ceran, 121 
Salina, Kan., 236, 237 
Sampson, Abigail, 20 

Abraham, 20 
George, 20 
Saraii, 30 
Zabdiel, 30 
Sanborn, Louisa M., 244 

Nancy, 244 
Sanderson, Alvin, 113 
Betsey, 151 
Harold H., 


Horace, 109 
MaryE., 113 
Sandwich Islands, 85, 98 
San Jose, Cal., 236 
Santa Fe, N. M., 121, 122 
Saraent, Elizabeth A., 190 
Sattley, Robert C, 157 
Saunders, Calvin H., 71 
Hannah, 253 
Lvdia, 167 
Mary, 196 
Obadiah, 196 
Savery, Hannah P., 162 
Henry, 57 
JaneW., 82 
Mary, 57 
Mcn-cy, 163 
Peleg, 162 
Ruth, 167 
Samuel, 167 
Sawin, Florence E., 72 

Hamilton II., 113 
IdaM., 113 
John, 112, 114 

Sawin, Maria S., 115 
Mary L., 113 
Munning, 17 
Sullivan. 112 
Theodore L., 72 
Sayre, Fannie, 211 
Scammon, Hannah, 252 
Schafner, Edward, 104 
Frances, 139 
Schermerhorn, Abram G., 

Scheurich, Albert B., 283 
Aloys, 123,283 
Chas. A., 283 
Schultze, Adeline, 99 
Schurman, Caleb, 93 
James, 91 
John W., 93 
Mary J., 95 
Scott, Clarence, 285 
Daisy M., 128 
Sally, 113 
Scovil, Alvin, 169 
Scudder, Roena, 225 
Scurr, Ruth, 94 
Seaver, Emma, 115 

Sewell W., 115 
Selby, Fannie, 125 
Sharpe, Bent, 128 

James B., 128 
Norville W., 128 
Sliattuck, Betsey K., 56 
Isabella J., 50, 

Jesse. 50 
Joshua, 56 
Shaw, Abigail, 163 
Daniel, 40 
Eli, 44 
Fred, 95 
Harrison, 83 
John A., 106 
Joseph C, 95 
Orythea, 75 
Polly, 82 
Sally M., 233 
Sheen, Joseph, 2u9 
Mary M., 209 
Sheffield, Melinda, 201 
Shelter Island, L.I.,128 
Shepherd, Hannah, 48 

Nathaniel, 48 
Sherman, Josephine F., 
Lucretia, 243 
Wioslow B., 
Shields, Henry C, 171 
Shirley Family, 56 
Shurtleff, Benj., 83 

Flavel, 142 
W. F., 83 



Skeels, Ephraim, 75 
Stoughton, Owen, 60 
Siddall, Frank, 183 
Sill, Matthew D., 120 
Simmons, Wm. R., 206 
Simonds, WaiTen H., 216 
Simpson, Annie C, 143 
Margaret M., 
Sims, Helen, 125 
Sinclair, Mrs. Elvira, 73 
Slocomb, Abraham, 196 
Smiley, Letitia, 135 
Smith, AbbieE., 121 

Botsford, 182, 183 
Charles, 166, 180 
Clarissa, 108 
Edward F., 175 
Elisba, 108 
Elizabeth, 71, 180 
Elvira C, 191 
Experience, 33 
F. Bnrge, 277 
Family; 59, 60, 182 
Fanny, 251 
Florence, 219 
George, 59, 121 
George H., 57 
Ireua A., 227 
James, 182 
Jane, 180 
John, 94, 141, 254 
John S., 181 
John W., 182 
Joseph W., 101 
LucettaW., 133 
Mary E., 163 
Mary R., 181 
Montague A. B., 

Richard, 93 
Sabiua, 223 
Sarah, 254 
Wm., 91 
Wm. A., 178 
Wm. H., 162 
Snell, Mary E., 154 
Snow, Henry, 214 
Sodderbergen, Mary, 251 
Somerby, John, 95 
Southboro', Mass., 8, 13, 

18, 23, 24, 31 
South Boston, Mass., 99, 

South Dakota, 248 
Souther, Frederick, 200 
Southworth, Jason, 161 
Spare, Antoinette, 254 
Spauldiug, Anna, 190 
Spinney, Sarah, 250 
Spooner, Edward P., 228 
Sarah J., 228 

Spring, Mrs. Letitia, 107 
Springfield, N. S., 196, 

Squires, Emily, 178 
Geo. J., 75 
Stacy, Molly, 27 
Standish, Abbv, 243 

, 85 

Stanley, Edith I., 237 
Stanton, Nancy, 253 
Starratt, Amanda, 197 
Ann, 137 
George, 137 
Joseph, 67 
Marv, 104 
Sarah, 139 
Simon, 67 
State Line, N.H.. 115 

Wis., 233, 248 
Stearns, Josiah, 34 
Stedmau, Ebeuezer, 100 
Elizabeth, 199 
Nancy, 100 
Steelton, Pa., 189-194 
Sterling, N. Y., 36 
Stevens, Abram, 176 

Daniel, 23, 31 
Family, 23, 24 
Jude, 135 
Maria A., 166 
Martha A., 135 
Mary J., 189 
Wm., 189 
Stickney, Sarah H., 110 
Stiles, Elizabeth, 116 
Gideon, 152 
James A., 116 
JohnE., 164 
Lydia, 73 
Minerva, 152 
Nancy A., 55 
Willis A., 53 
Stillwell, Hannah, 248 
Stockbridge, Vt., 51, 77 
Stockton, Chas., 92 
Stoddard, James P., 79 
Stone, Abigail, 27 
Ann, 70 
Arthur J., 112 
Cora H., 159 
Elizabeth, 27, 112 
Geo. F., 138 
Hannah, 16 
John, 39 
Joseph, 112 
Lucy, 26, 114 
Mary, 25 
Samuel, 25, 26 
Sarah, 39 
Susannali, 26 
Wm. B., 114, 159 

Storey, G. T., 171 
Stow, Mass., 32, 50, 108, 

110, 217 
Strange, Anna M., 161 
Streeter, Almancer J., 53 

Martin, 52 
Stronach, Geo., 137 

Lament, 284 
Mary, 219 
Susan, 137 
Stroud, Carrie M., 249 
Fred W., 231 
Wm. L., 249 
Stubbs, Margaret G. E., 
Peter, 238 
Sturdevant, Silva, 81 
Sudburv, Mass., 8-21, 24- 
119-121, 209 
Sulis, Laura, 103 
Sullivan, Luella, 284 
Mary, 100 
Sweden, 252 
Swift, Rebecca, 167 
Swinson, Andrew B., 241 
Svlvester, Peter B., 72 
Seth, 72 


Tait, — 

Talbot, Eliza G., 221 

Taos, N.M., 121-123, 125, 

Tarr, Georgia H., 219 
Taunton, Mass., 171, 247 
Taylor, Alfred, 184 
Betsey, 53 
Byron, 149 
Caroline, 208 
David, 184 
Fred A., 252 
Henry, 176 
Isaac, 53 
John, 208 
Julia A., 213 
Maria, 63 
Rebecca, 145 
Robert N., 131 
Wm., 168 
Wm. E., 190 
Tedford, Ellen, 169 

Milford, 169 
Templeton, Mass., 39 
Tennessee, 230 
Tenney, Moody, 32 
Terry, Lizzie B.,234 
Texas, 80, 283 
Thayer, Abigail, 67 
Job, 104 
LeAvis, 105 
Theal, Wiugfleld Y., 96 



Thomas, James, 69 
Louisa, 165 
Mary, 147 
Samuel E.,135 
Thompson, Geo. W., 211 
Grace A., 237 
Jacob, 82 
Joseph, 148 
Mary E., 157 
Rufus, 177 
Thornton, Emeline P., 
Frances A., 

Jane, 179 
John, 188, 189 
Thurston, Wm., 85 
Tibbetts, Atjnes B., 63 
John W., 201 
Tillcv, Catherine D., 251 
Tilton, Richard Z., 150 
Tingley, Grace, 176 
Tiukham, Hills.iah, 44 
Tirrell, Nancy, 105 
Toiiuan, Jemima, 188 
Tomlinson, Jane E., 191 
Topliff, Calvin H., 62 

Lev\is, 62 
Torrey, Benj. B., 106 

Sulvey, 70 
Tours, Lewis, 285 
Towle, Susanna, 244 
Tcwnsend, AnnaB., 187 
Tozer, Edward E., 95 
Trask, George, 153 

Isaac, 166 
Travis, James, 91 
John, 91 
Silas E.,96 
Walter J., 229 
Trefry, Silas C, 168 
Trenholm, Emma, 239 
George, 239 
Hiram, 184 
Martin, 182 
Trescott, Ebenezer, 31, 

Tripp, Mary D., 85 
Troop, Eugene P., 140 
John B., 140 
Joseph, 103 
Maria M., 141 
Trowbridge, John, 28, 118 
Josiah, 28 
Mary E., 118 
Trueman, Adam, 182 

Edward, 176 
Emma, 180 
Family, 174, 177 
Harmon, 174' 
James E., 236 
Robert K., 177 

Truro, N. S., 116, 186 
Tucker, Elizabeth, 27 
Gerry, 89 
Samuel, 106 
Susanna, 106 
Tufts, Samuel, 195 
Tupper, Amy, 68 

Elias H., 141 
Elisha, 68 
Lois, 69 
Mary, 69 
Nathan, 96 
Turner, Eliakim, 201 

Ingham B., 144 
Turple, Hiram, 145 
Tuttle, Emma J., 166 
Twesdale, Elizabeth, 102 
Twining, Mary F., 150 
Twombly, Elizabeth B., 

Tyler, Ann Eliza, 129 

Robert, 129 
Tyner, Silas, 43 

Underwood, Elijah, 31 

Loamrai B., 
Utah, 166, 231, 232 

Van Blascom, Mary A., 

Vauderveer, Alice B., 234 
Van Vechten, Gilbert, 72 
Giles F., 
Varney, Addie E., 285 
Cyrus, 285 
Hetty A., 252 
Vermont, 39-43, 51, 64, 
74, 77, 152, 153, 170, 
188, 225, 226, 274 
Vickery, Matilda, 91 
Vienna, Me., 202, 244 
Vinton, John, 104 
Lois. 104 
Sarah, 204 
Virginia, 46, 58, 87, 89, 

170, 252 
Vose, Elijah, 22 
Hannah, 47 
Joseph, 22 
Nathaniel, 22 

Wabash, Ind., 283 
Wade, Cynthia, 104 

Daniel, 104 

Edwin, 104 

Elizabeth, 104 

Elvira, 102 

John, 48, 104, 263 
Wadley, Sally, 74 
Waite, Rufus, 149 

Wakefield, Mass., 170 
Walcott, Jane, 74 

Newton, 60 
Waldo, Harriet, 149 

Wm., 121 
Waldron, Horace, 166 
Walker, Anne, 31 

Hannah, 165 
John, 196 
Richard, 165 
Sam'l Beach, 40 
S. Bent, 40, 73 
Thomas, 17 
Wallace, Mary E.. 171 
Wallis, Cordelia E., 225 
Waltham, Mass., 110, 208 
Walton, Philip G., 237 
Ward, Annie I., 119 
Stillman, 83 
Wareham, Mass., 81, 159, 

160, 167, 168, 227 
Warner, Anna, 63 

Sarah A., 164 
Warren, J. T., 110 
Washburn, Lysander, 82 

Selden M., 82 
Waterman, Elizabeth, 44 

John, 44 
Watertown, Mass., 101, 

164, 187, 231 
Watrous, Mary L. K., 207 
Watson, Hannah, 42 

Oliver, 42 
Watt, D. A., 41 
Wayside Inn, 17 
Wayland, Mass., 12 
Webb, Sarah C, 201 
Webber, Edwin, 202 
Webster, Frederick, 215 
George, 110 
Geo. A., 106 
Horatio, 106 
Nathan, 250 
Wedge, Colmau, 149 
Weesner, Rebecca, 284 
Weldou, Isabel, 91 

Wm. E., 91 
Wells, Eliza, 174 

Miss , 202 

Wendell, Mass., 36, 64, 

Wentworth, Harriet E., 

Wescott, Geo. F., 232 
Wesson, Jeremiah, 19 
West, Spencer, 62 
Weston, Addison P., 132 
Ephraira W., 53 
Irving E., 53 
Wetherbee, Augeline, 116 
Melinda, 74 
Warren, 71 



Wetlierheacl, Sarah, 96 
Wetmore, Florence M., 
Wm., 230 
Weyhill, Eng., 9 
Wheaton College, 78, 79 
Wheeler, Edward, 34 

Everline A., 164 
Harvey, 174 
Irene, 173 
Mary, 33 
Samuel, 57 
Whidden, Elizabeth D., 
Stephen H., 135 
Whipple, Alice, 205 
Whitcomb, Paul H., 51 
White, AlpheusC, 53 
Blanche, 244 
Gustavus A., 85 
Harriet P., 153 
Huldah, 194 
Ida L., 251 
I. Wallace, 251 
Letitia, 178 
Loviua, 116 
Rebecca C.,242 
Robert D., 203 
Sally M., 148 
Sarah, 87 
Whitehouse, Benj., 85 
Whitman, Ida M., 212 
Salome, 137 
Whitmore, Euos, 75 
Whitney, Ada A., 184 
Artemas, 108 
Betsey M., 70 
Charles O., 116 
C. Wiufred, 117 
Ethan, 70 
Frank R., 116 
Kezia, 240 
Luke, 116 
Mary E., 108 

Whitney, Robert L., 117 
Whittemore, John, 39 

Mary E.,200 
Phebe, 39 
Whittier, Thomas, 11 
Wilbert, Susanna, 27 
Wilcox, Jane E., 191 
Wilde, Adelaide, 246 
Wilkins, Veroniz, 211 
Willard, Geo. A., 57 
Willett, Geo., 68 
Jane, 143 
Williams, Caroline C, 56 
Elizabeth, 62 
Nathan, 62 
Seth S., 164 
Thomas, 105 
Wm. O., 150 
Wilmot, N. S., 101, 102, 

Wilson, Elizabeth, 251 

Wm. F. S., 140 
Winchester, N. H., 36, 37, 
66, 250 
Va., 87 
Wingate, Clara A., 158 

Henry, 158 
Winston, Alex., 151 
Wisconsin, 64, 73, 107, 
231, 233,245,246,248 
Wisel, Jerusha, 64 
Withers, Ephraim T., 144 
Witherspoon, Elizabeth, 

Withington, Henry Bai- 
ley, 282 
Witter, Fanny, 132 
Wood, Abigail, 137 
Josiah, 175 
Lorenzo, 183 
Mariner, 175, 176 
Woodburu, Mary L., 231 
Samuel C, 231 

Woodbury, Albert, 170 
John, 132 
Jonathan, 195 
Louisa, 195 
Mariah H.,132 
Woodley, Samuel, 54 
Woodman, Sarah, 50 
Woods, Alpheus, 23 
Woodworth, Ebenezer 
W., 227 
Harriet P., 
Worcester, Mass., 205, 

206, 247 
Wright, Albert J., 229 
Elizabeth, 36 
Gad, 110 
Joseph, 115 
Lewis A., 115 
Lois Maria, 115 
Marcus, 115 
Nathaniel, 115 
Wrv, Joseph C, 175 
Wylie, Myrtle, 231 
Wyman, Daniel, 36 
Lydia, 152 
Mary, 36 
Wellington, 85 

Yarmouth, N. S., 44, 85, 

86, 168-170, 233 
Yeats, Alice S., 246 
Young, Charles, 165 
Dauiel, 198 
David, 102 
Granville J.. 106 
Kezia, 200 
Martha J., 123 
Mary, 103, 199 
Miriam, 137 
Stephen, 198 
Wm. H., 103 

ZoUer, John, 172 

Sarah E., 172 


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