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Full text of "The Bergen family, or, the descendants of Hans Hansen Bergen, one of the early settlers of New York and Brooklyn, L. I., with notes on the genealogy of some of the branches of the Cowenhoven, Voorhees, Eldert,, Stoothoof, Cortelyou, Stryker, Suydam. Lott, Wyckoff, Barkeloo, Lefferts, Martense, Hubbard, Van Brunt, Vanderbilt, Vanderveer, Van Nuyse, and other Long Island families"

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Gc M. L 




3 1833 01179 6346 















ALBANY, N. Y. : 




Lord Stirling's charj^c at the Old Stone h'ouse, Auj^ust 27, 1776 


^^{luirb iif ^tl'Ulav^s 

George Tiffany, High Stcwarel 
Holmes V. B. Ditmas Frank M. Raynor 

William B. Lake Cieorge Koiiuenhoven 



Rev. Oliver M. Fletcher, Minister Oavesend Dutcli 
Refi)rniecl C^luircli. 

Mr. Arthur Billings Hunt. 
"The Beginninj^s of New York". Rev. Henry Evertson 
Cobb, n. D. Minister We^t End Collegiate Church. 

Mr. Arthur Billings Hunt. 

Mrs. John.Franklyn Berry, President Long Island 
Society Daughters of the Revolution. 

Mr. Arthur Billings Hunt. 
Closing Remarks and Benediction- 

Rev. Charles William Roeder, Chaplain 245th Coast 
Defence Command and Minister Flatlnnds Dutch 
Reformed Church. 


1 jit'i JXiiMual IliuiuM- 

l\iiu\6 Olmiutu ilinstnrii-al ^§m-ietw 

lii-lh at 
i^rnnhlnii (tlKuiiliir nf (!lnmimni-r 

jKniiuiirr's Dnv 
J\pril §>c(uMitl!. Nim-tiuMi (TliuMitij-^i.v 



Grape Fruit. Maraschino 
Queen Olives Radishes Celery 

Cream of New Tomatoes, au Crouton 
Filet of Striped Bass, saute 

Persilade Potatoes 

Breast of Spring Chicken witli Virj^^inia 

Srrin.; Bjans, au gratin Candied swi-et Potatoes 

C^omhinati(Mi Sah\d 

Frencli Ice Cream 

Fancy Cakes 

Ci^^ars Demi Tasse 











B O O G A E R 1" 

/ / ./ 

J ) 

XyV I 

^/' /.r. / / I 

/ / / 












®l)is tUork is affcctionatelji CDebicateb 




Family History, •••■.... g 

First Generation, . . . . . . , j i- 

Second Generation, •••..... go 

I. In the Line of His Son, JAN HANSEN BERGEN. 
Third Generation, . . . . . , .1^8 

Fourtli Generation, . . . . . . , -14; 

Fifth Generation, . . . . . . . ic6 

Sixth Generation, . . . . . . . .168 

2. In the Line of His Son, MICHAEL HANSEN BERGEN. 

Third Generation, ....... 20^ 

Fourth Generation, . . . . . . . .210 

Fifth Generation, . . . . . , . zzq 

Sixth Generation, . . . , . . . .311 

3. In the Line of His Son, JORES (GEORGE) HANSEN BERGEN. 
Third Generation, ....... ^n. 

Fourth Generation, ........ ^.04 

Fifth Generation, . . . . . . .410 

Sixth Generation, ........ 422 

Seventh Generation, . . . . . . ^ ^.q 

4. In the Line of His Son, JACOB HANSEN BERGEN. 

Third Generation, . . . . . . ^ . c-?! 

Fourth (jcncraiion, . . . , , . ^ .^^ 

Filth (icnerali(;n, . . . . . . , . cqo 

Sixth CJcneralioii, ••..... c6q 



Portrait of Teunis G. Bergen, Title. 

Coats of Arms, '^~^' 

Map of Benton and Bennett purchase, 34 

Map of lot of Hans Hansen Bergen in New Amsterdam, . • 39 

Map of Breuckelen Settlements in 1646, 45 

Map of part of Hans Hansen's Patent, . ..... 77 

Portrait of George W. Bergen, .170 

George W. Bergen house, . . . • • • • • "^^ 

Map of Hans Bergen's land at Brooklyn Ferry, ^^° 

Fulton Ferry House in 1740, *^ 

Johannes Bergen's House, .....••• *3° 

The Old Brooklyn Church, ^4-^ 

Tunis Bergen House, •. • *S3 

View of Brooklyn in 1798, ^*>^'' ^*'^ *S* 

De Hart House, ^7"^ 

Tunis J. Bergen House, 2,81 

Cornelius Bergen House, ^^^ 

Map of Gowanus Bergen Farms, . ^^ iv I|JJ> ,. • • • ^^° 

John Bergen (Bergen Island) House, ^99 

Portrait of Jacob I Bergen, 35' 

Portrait of Cornelius Bergen, 355 

Tunis G. Bergen House, 3^6 

Portrait of Peter G. Bergen, .-•371 

Portrait of V. B. M. Bergen, 373 

Portrait of John G. Bergen, . . , 37^ 

John G. Bergen House, 379 

Portrait of Garret G. Bergen, 3^1 

Garret G. Bergen House, 3 2. 

Portrait of Adrian Bergen, . 3 5 

Adrian Bergen House, 3 

Portrait of Rev. John G. Bergen, 449 

Portrait of George 1. Bergen, 459 

Portrait of Jacob Bergen, 5" 

Portrait of Garret P. Bergen, 5^4- 

Map of land of Hannes Bergen, and Lubbertse's patent, . . -533 

View of Brooklyn in 1776, 54° 

Portrait of Samuel F. Burger, 575 


In consequence of the numerous dates in a family ge- 
nealogy, it is difficuirto^avoid errors in copying and printing. 
Many errors which exist in the edition of the Bergen 
Genealogy printed in 1866, have been pointed out by mem- 
bers of the family, and others, on a critical examination, 
have been found by the author. To correct these errors, 
and errors discovered in the account of the families referred 
to in the foot notes, and to impart and preserve the addi- 
tional information wliich the author, on diligent search and 
inquiry, has been able during the past ten years to obtain, 
this edition has been issued. There is no claim, however, 
of its being perfect and free from mistakes, but of an honest 
effort to make it so, and of a hope of at least partial success. 
Further modern details would have been given and recorded 
for the use of future generations, if more of the letters 
addressed to members of the family soliciting inforniation 
had been answered. That the descendants of Hans Han- 
sen Bergen differ from their neighbors in this respect the 
author has no evidence of, but he has of the fact, that 
many ot them, either trom lack of energy, courtesy, or 
some other cause, neglect or are unwilling to interest them- 
selves in the collection and preservation of the annals of 
tlieir family. 

viii Preface. 

The spelling used in the names of individuals, is in all 
cases where the information could be obtained, the same 
as found in their signatures. The dates of births, deaths, 
&c., unless otherwise specified, are continued down to 1866, 
the date of the hrst edition. To the many members of 
the family who have assisted him, he returns his sincere 
thanks. Especially are thanks due (in addition to the 
Rev, John G. Bergen, D.D., now deceased, from whom 
much valuable information was obtained of the New Jersey 
branch ot the family), to John C. Bergen of Dayton, Mid- 
dlesex CO., N. J., James Riker of Waverly, N. Y., author 
of the Annais of Newtown, and to Dr. Henry R. Stiles, for 
the use of some of the plates of his History of Brooklyn. 

Teunis G. Bergen. 

Bay Ridge, New Utrecht, Kings Co.,N. T., 1875. 



for born. 










. westerly. 



0. S. 

old style. 





N. S. 

new style. 





























R. D. 


. Reformed 






tch Church. 








































The name of " Bergen " and " Fan Bergen"* pro- 
nounced Bar-rer-gen jji Dutch, is a common one in the 
Netherlands,-,in Germjany and in Ireland. It is of Teutonic 
origin, and signifies Hills, and its being found among the 
Celts in Ireland, can only be accounted for by supposing 
that natives of the Teutonic family of this name, while 
engaged in commercial or maritime pursuits, on visiting 
Ireland, found it advantageous to remain, intermarry and 
become permanent residents of the place, leaving descend- 
ants, who have multiplied. 

Davies, in his Hist^t'y of Holland, (vol. i, p. 436,) sets 
forth that in " Guelderland the States were composed of 
" three orders, of which the four Baronial families of 
" Bronkhorst^ Bergen^ Baren and IVissen were esteemed the 
"first." In the history of the city of Amsterdam the 
name frequently occurs among her municipal officers. 

Finding a baronial family in Europe of the name of 
Bergen^ might induce some of that name in this country to 
flatter themselves that, they are scions of this stock, and 

* The Van Bergen family settled on the Hudson river, above the Higlilands, 
are all per O'Callaghan, (aee vol. i, p. 433 of His. of New York,) descendants 
of Martin Gerretbcn Van Bergen, who is said to have arrived in Beverwyck in 
1630, and m. 1st Jannetie Martense, m, id Neltje Meyndertse, by wliom he 
had live sons, and who in 1668, had a lease of Castle Isl.ind, in the Hudson 
river, near Albany, and in 1690, resided south of that Isl.ind, on tlic west side 
of the river. He had property in Katskill, Coxsackie and Albany, of which 
latter place lie was for a long time a magistrate. 

10 Family History. 

thus lir;k themselves by imagination and without a particle 
of proof, as it is presumed some families among us, from 
similarity of names, have, with the aristocracy of the 
Fatherland. If any of the Bergens of this vicinity have 
fallen into this delusion, they may as well at once descend 
from the lofty eminence to which they have elevated them- 
selves, and conclude that they are descended from the 
commonalty instead of the aristocracy. 

They, however, are entitled to congratulate themselves 
(if cause for congratulation it is), that their paternal ancestor 
was a native of a country where the feudal system was 
never established ; where, as in this country, the land was 
mainly held under no superior, not even the king ; of the 
original seat of the Northmen, who, during the dark ages, 
made such frequent descents on the coasts of England and 
France ; who were the ancestors of the Normans, a Scan- 
dinavian race, who concjuered and carried their institutions 
to England and the fairer portions of Europe, who founded 
a kingdom in Prance and another in Southern Italy ; and 
who discovered and visited the coasts of America centuries 
before the voyage of Columbus. 

The early settlers of this state, who were mainly Dutch 
or Netherlanders, with a few Huguenots and Northmen, 
were on a social equality, the accident of family descent 
was not recognized, and they all came here in search of 
fortune and to better their condition, bringing little with 
them at the beginning beyond peaceable, honest, industrious 
and prudent habits, which their descendants have inherited, 
and yet generally practice. 1 heir integrity was such, that 
it became a proverb among those who had dealings with 
them, that the word of a Dutchman was as good as his 

Some of them bore the names of families in the father- 
land, whose coats of arms figure in the Genealogical Charts 

Family History. 11 

of the Nctherland Race, published by C. Van Doom & Son, 
at the Hague from 1865 to 1873, and edited by W. F. G. 
L. Van der Dussen and M. P. Smissaert. On the charts 
of these families, among others may be found the coats of 
arms of the Adriaens, Adriansae, Albertsz, Anthonisse, 
Backer, Berg, Bergh, Berger, Beck, Bevers, Bicker, 
Blaeuw, Bloni, Boom, Bosch, Bogaard, Bronck, Brouvver, 
Bruyn, Buys, Cool, Conraetz, Coymens, Crommelin, 
Cuper, De Graff, De Leuw, Dc Rcimcr, De Veer, De 
Witt, De Vries, Du Bois, Duyn, Emants, Everts, P'ish, 
Haesbroeck, Hardenberg, Hartman, Hesse, Huyghens, 
Jacobsz, Kol, Kuyper, Laurens, Leydecker, Marten, Mar- 
tens, Maurits, Meyer, Moll, Montfort, Muller, Neukerken, 
Onderwater, Pauw, Pels, Peterson, Poucardt, Recs, 
Romeyn, Roos, Rutgers, Ryke, Ryken, Slingerlant, 
Springer, Storm, Swart, Thibaut, Turck, Van Alst, Van 
Aernham, Van Aken, Van Beeck, Van Bergen, Van 
Bommel, Van Brakell, Van Buren, Van Campen, Van 
Cats or Cott, Van Cleef, Van Dam, Van der Duyn, Van 
der Hoof, Van der Heyden, Van der Kemp, Van der Laen, 
Van der Meulen, Van der Neste, Van der Hoven, Van der 
Hocck,|Van der Voort, Van Groencndyck, Van Huls, Van 
Hoorn, Vaij Hardenbroke, Van Laer, Van Metcren, Van 
Merselis, Van Montfoort, Van Nagel, Van Nuys, Van 
Oldenberg, Van Reyn, Van Schoonhoven, Van Thuyl, 
Van Vredenburch, Van Voort, Van Veen, Van Varick, 
Van Vliet, Van V^ageningen, Van Westervelt, Van Wyck, 
Verbeek, Vermeulen, V"ervvey, Visscher and Vos. 

These American families may possibly be connected 
with the presejit European ones of the same patronymic, 
and entitled to use their coats of arms, but in conse- 
(juence of the time which has elapsed since their emi- 
gration, and the discontinuance of intercourse, it will be 
difficult, if not impossible, to prove it. The use of the 

12 Family History. 

same name is not conclusive evidence of relationship, for if 
it was, it would prove that coal black Africans were of the 
same blood and lineage as their masters, whose family 
names they frequently appropriated ; it would prove that 
the Norwegian, Netherland, German, and Irish Bergens 
were of the same stock. 

The following are mainly copies of coats of arms taken 
from the aforesaid Van dcr Dussen's Genealogical Charts, 
who, (with the exception of that of Van Bergen^) are of the 
same name as those of families with whom Bergens have 
intermarried, or from whom they are descended. Of many 
of these the shield alone is given, the crest, supporters and 
m.antle, being omitted in the aforesaid work. 

In addition to the escutcheons from Van der Dussen's 
work, is included a coat of arms of the Van Nydeck 
Schencks, of the Netherlands, furnished by said Col. Van 
der Dussen to the Rev. Garret C. Schenck, of Marlboro, 
N. J., (with a genealogy of the family, purporting to con- 
nect the American branch with the parent stock.) 

A coat of arms of the Lott family, the original of which, 
including the name of Abraham Lott, is a printed copy 
pasted in a Holland Heidelbergh catechism of 1739, in which 
is subscribed the name of Gertruyd Coyeman, wife of said 
Abraham, which has passed from generation to generation 
in the family, and is now in the possession of the Hon. 
John A. Lott, whose great grand-father was a brother of 
said Abraham Lott. This Abraham Lott was a dry goods 
merchant in the city of New York, and was appointed 
treasurer of the state in 1767, and held other honorable 

A coat of arms of the Vanderveer family, which was 
given to the Rev. Ferdinand H. Vanderveer, of Warwick, 
Orange county, N. Y., some thirty years ago, by a Mr. 
Cumniings, an Englishman, who stated he had procured it 

Family History. 13 

from the Herald's office, at the Hague in Holland, at the 
request of a Long Island family, and that it was a copy of 
the coat as there represented. A writing on said coat set 
forth that the family is of noble origin, that the Vander- 
veers of Holland have held the rank of counts of the 
Batavian Republic for the last four centuries, and that the 
'present head of the family, Nicholas Vanderveer^ is Count 
of Hemsflete, a small town near Helversluys, in the 
Netherlands. The English of the word P^andcrveer is, 
" from the ferry," from which it might be inferred that the 
picture of a ferry boat crossing a stream with passengers, 
with a house for the residence of the ferryman on its banks, 
would be a more appropriate emblem to represent the family 
than the figure of three fir trees, a trefoil, and a demi wolf. 
While criticising the Vanderveer arms, it may not be amiss 
to refer to that of their neighbors, the Schencks, by stating 
that the English of the German word Schenck, Schenk, or 
Schenken^ is " cup bearer," a term or word equally applied 
to the keeper, or bar-tender of a tavern or ale-house, who 
hands the cup to his customers, and to the attendant of the 
nobleman or king, who, as his schenken or cup-bearer per- 
forms similar services to his superior. Erom this it might 
be inferred that the most appropriate emblem for the family 
would be an extended arm and hand, holding the flowing 
cup, ready for presentation, instead of the lion rampant and 
the knight's crown. 

Three dift^erent coats of arms of the Cowenhoven familv, 
the one with the name' of Hendrick van Couwcnhoven on 
its outer circle, was procured in Holland by i)r. Robinson, 
of New York ; the one with " Couwcnhoven " underneath, 
was procured in Amsterdam, Holland, by Mr. Robert 
]k-ns(Hi of New Utrecht, in 1874, and is certified by Charles 
Mueller, U. S. consul at that place, to be " a true copy of 
the oiiginal, as contained in Ricdstrap's Armorial General 

14 Family History. 

of the Netherlands ;" and the other was sent to the Rev. 
G. C. Schenck from the Netherlands by Col. Van der 
Dussen. It may be possible that Wolfert Gerritse, the 
ancestor of the Cowenhovens of this country was of noble 
origin, but if he was, it is certain that he, like most of his 
companions, had not much of this world's goods to boast 
of, or he would not have taken the situation of overseer or* 
superintendent of the patroon's farms at Rensselaerwyck. 

The coat of arms of the Voorhees family was also sent 
to the Rev. G. C. Schenck by Col. Van der Dussen. 

The arms of the Rapalle and Van Duyn families are 
copied from Riker's Newtown, who does not enlighten us 
from whence obtained, but makes them Scions of titled 
families in the fatherland. If he is correct in his hypothesis, 
it is singular that they came over, the one as a boatswain, 
who at first for many years was engaged in keeping a tap 
house or tavern to feed his family, and the other (Van 
Duyn), in working about the country at his trade of car- 
penter or wheelwright, from 1649 (the date of his emi- 
gration), to 1684, at which date he purchased of his brother- 
in-law, Jacques Corteljau, a parcel of wood land, partly in 
New Utrecht and partly in Flatbush, on which he made a 
clearing and settlement, and which was held by his descend- 
ants for several generations as a farm or plantation. 

Supposing they would be interesting, and that they would 
gratify the curiosity of those concerned, these coats of 
arms are given, with the sources from whence derived, 
without further vouching for their authenticity, leaving 
every reader to draw his own conclusions, and if he bears 
a similar name, to flatter himself, if he can, that he is a 
scion of a noble family, instead of a descendant of the 
yeomanry of the fatherland, which latter is probably nearer 
the truth. 

If a copy of the arms of the Holland Bergens had been 

First Generation. 15 

found, it would also have been given as a curiosity. An 
imaginary and proper coat of arms for Hans Hansen, from 
Bergen, in Norway, would be a shield charged with a ship- 
wright working on a vessel on the stocks, with a view of 
a distant hill or mountain. 

In addition to the above evidence of the similarity of the 
names of our Dutch ancestors with the nobility of the 
fatherland, the following American family names are to be 
found in the " Indicateur Nobilicare de Belgique, de France, 
de Holland," etc. (Index of the Nobility of Belgium, 
France, Holland, etc^J to wit : Ackerman, Adriansen, 
Beeckman, Bercloo, Berg, Bergh, Bergen, Berry, Blomme, 
Bogaert, Bouts, Brouwer, Buys, Claessen, Clerq, Cool, 
Couwenhove or Couwenhoven, Cornelissen, Croesens, 
Decker, Dhuyn, Dubois, Durieu, Hasbroeck, Hulst (van- 
der), Hooglande, Lottin, Mol, Monfort, Nys, Planke 
(vander), Polheim, Schenck, Schenck de Nydick, Shoema- 
ker, Schoonhoven, Slingcrlant, Varick, Veer, Vichte, 
Vischcr, Vlict, Van Voorst, Van der Voort, Williamsen, 
Witt, Wyck, Wynants, Zichelen, and Zutphen. 


I. Hans Hansen Bergen, the common ancestor of the 
Bergen family of Lo^'ig ^Island, New Jersey and their 
vicinity, was a native of Bergen in Norway, a ship-carpenter 
by trade, and removed from thence to Holland. From 
Holland he emigrated, in 1633, to New Amsterdam, now 
New York, probably arriving at Fort Amsterdam in April 
of that year with Wouter Van IViller, the bccond Direct(n- 
General, in one of the vessels of the fleet, consisting of 

\ A 

16 Family History. 

the West India Company's ships, the Salt Mountain, (de 
Zoutberg,) of twenty guns, commanded by Juriaen Blanck,' 
the Carvel St. Martyn and the Hope, which vessels 
accompanied the Salt Mountain in her voyage from the 

In the early colonial and other records, his name appears 
in various forms, his surname or patronymic, Bergen, derived 
from the place of his nativity, being generally omitted, as 
was the custom among the Hollanders and other Northern 
European nations in those days, and is the custom among 
some of them at the present time, and that of his father 
Hans, in the form of " Hansen," or " Hansz,," representing 
the son of Hans, being generally added with other append- 
ages referring to the land of his birth. - 

' Juriaen B/anck, Sen., was assessed in an early tax list of the city of New 
York £50, and Juriaen Blanck, Jr., a goldsmith, £100. In 1657, the nanne 
of Juriaen Blanck appears on the list of small burgers. In 1665, he 
resided in Pearl street, west of Broad, and his name appears among those who 
took the oath of allegiance on the English conquest in 1664. In 1674. his 
property on Fcarl street was valued at $1,000. In 1686, his widow, Tryntje 
Claes, resided in Pearl street. 

'■' A man's name is the mark by which he is distinguished from other men. 
By our present almost universal practice, it is composed of iiis Christian name 
and his surname. The one is given to him at his birth or baptism, the other, 
as at present practiced, derived from the common name of his parents. 
Anciently, among most European nations, there was but one name, surnames 
not commonly coming into use until the middle of the fourteenth century. 
The insufficiency of the Christian name to distinguish the particular 
where there were many bearing the same name, led necessarily to the giving of 
surnameb. These in the great majority of cases were composed of the name 
of the place where the individual was born or dwelt, his occupation, some 
peculiarity in his appearaiKe, char.itter, history, qualities, or by adding to his 
Christian name that of liis father, as Hans Hanse, representing Hans, tlie son 
of Hans. Tiie latter was the cunimon practice in this country among the 
descendants of the Netherlanders until about the beginning of the eighteenth 
century, when it gradually ceased, and the surnames then in use have been 
since continued. Under it many families among us, although derived from a 
coniuion ancestor, are now distinguished by dillerent surnames, as for inst.ince, 
the descendants of Adriaen Reycrse, of I'^latbush, are now known by the 





/AN D t R H O b: ^' F. 





G I LL E S. 


First Generation. 21 

Among these forms may be found that of " Hans Han- 
sen Van Bergen in Noorwegan," " Hans Hansen Noor- 
man," " Hans Noorman," " Hans Hansen de Noorman," 
*' Hans Hansz," " Hans Hansen," ' etc. The term 
" Noorman," meaning the Northman, evidently refers to 
Norway, and was applied to natives of that place, as for 
instance, Claes Carstensen, married at New Amsterdam in 
1646, is said in the marriage entry to be from Norway, and 
subsequently he is called the " Noorman." Like unto the 
great mass of the original emigrants to this country, he 
probably belonged to an humble class in society, and came 
hither to better his prospects and fortune. Of his Euro- 
pean ancestry nothing is known, which is the case with 
most of the early emigrants to New Netherlands; inter- 
course with their relatives in the fatherland having long 
ago ceased, and having, no doubt, been obstructed in conse- 
quence of the piratical conquest of the colony by the 
English in 1664, during a time of peace. Of the private 
letters which passed between the early settlers and their 
European relatives, which might have thrown light upon 
their previous position, very few remain," none having been 
found relating to Hans Hansen. Many families can be 

surnames of Reyersen, Martense and Adriance. This change from generation 
tu generation of surnames causes great difficulty in genealogical researches. 
The prefix of Van, meaning from, has also in many families been dropped. 
This is the case with the Couwenliovens, Ditmarses, and most of the Voor- 
hees in our midst. 

' On 'referring to the original records, which were generally signed by the 
parties interested, we find the .'same mark affixed to these various names by 
which Hans Hansen Bergen was known ; thus clearly establishing that they 
were intended for the same person. It is common sense and fact that a man's 
particular mark was intended for and is the evidence of his identity, as much 
as his full signature would be. 

^The writer has in his possession several letters written by relatives of the 
Voorhces fijmily in the fatherland, to their friends in this country, and they 
are the only ones he has discovered in his examination of old papers and docu- 
ments among the descendants of the Netherlanders in Kings county. 


22 Family History. 

traced by our records with certainty to the first immigrant, 
but few beyond this without calling loudly upon the imagin- 
ation for assistance in the engrafting of them upon some 
European stock of a similar name. 

In 1639, Hans Hansen Bergen married Sarah, daugh- 
ter of "Jores (George) Jansen Rapalie^ (since spelled Rapalje 
and Rapalye,) born according to the family record on the 
9th day of June, 1625, and who was the first white female 
child of European parentage born in the colony of New 
Netherlands, which then covered the present states of New 
York, New Jersey, and a portion of Connecticut.' The 
early historians of this state and locality, led astray by a 
petition presented by her, April 4th, 1656 (when she resided 
at the Waaleboght), to the governor and council, for some 
meadows, in which she states that she is the first born 
Christian daughter in New Netherlands, assert that she was 
born at the Waaleboght. Judge Benson in his writings 

' Until the publication, by the Long Island Historical Society, in 1867, of 
the Hon. H. C. Murphy's translation of the interesting journal of Dankers 
and Sluyter (disciples of De Labadie), who visited ^his country in I 679 and 80, 
which journal he obtained while minister of the United States at the Hague ; 
it was supposed that Siarah was the first born child oi European ancestry in this 
state, but from their evidc-ncc it appears that Joim Vigne was entitled to the 
honor, liaving been born at New Amsterdam in 1614, eleven years before 
Sarah. Jan or John Vigne was the son of Guelyn Vigne and Ariantje Cuvilje, 
his mother owning a farm in the vicinity of the present Wall and Pearl streets, 
on which there was a wind mill standing on a hill near the corner of Wall and 
Pearl streets. This farm, which was one of, if not the oldest cultivated on the 
island, was, after the death of his parents, occupied by Jan, who in addition to 
farming, carried on a brewery and kept his wind mill at work. His mother, 
Ariantje, died about 1648, and he three sisters, Maria, who m. Abram 
Verplank, Christina m. Dirck Vokkeison, of Uushwick, and Rachel m. Cor- 
nells Van Tienhoven. He died in i6yl, having been twice married, the last 
time, Feb. 15, 1682, to Wieshe Haytes, leaving no issue of which any account 
has been seen. In 1657, he was admitted to the rights of a great burgiier, 
lield tin: ollice of sclupci) for several yeais, ami June 4, 1^)63, obtained a patent 
from Director Stuyvesant for a tract of meadows lying easleily of the town of 
Ik-rgeii, in New Jersey. 

First Generation, 23 

even ventures to describe the house where this took place. 
He says : " On the point of land formed by the cove in 
" Brooklyn, known as the Waaleboght, lying on its west- 
" erly side, was built the first house, a one-story log house, 
"on Long Island, and inhabited by Joris Jansen Rapalie, 
" one of the first white settlers on the island, and in which 
*'was born Sarah Rapalie, the first white child of European 
*' parentage born in the state." In this, if there is any 
truth in the depositions of Catalyn or Catalyntie Trico 
(daughter of Jeronomis Trico of Paris), Sarah's mother (a 
copy of which may be seen on pages 49, 50, and 51 of vol. 
3 of New York Documentary History), they are clearly 
mistaken. In her deposition taken on the 14th day of 
February, 1684-5, before Col. Thomas Dongan, governor 
of the province, she states that she came over in 1623 or 
1624, to the best of her remembrance. In the other, taken 
"at her house on Long Island, in y^ Wale Bought this 17th 
"day of October, 1688," before William Morris, justice 
of the peace, she states that she was aged about 83 years, 
and was born at Paris ; that in 1623 she came to this coun- 
try in the ship Unity, commanded by Arien Jorise, that as 
soon as they came to " Mannatans," now called New York, 
they sent two families and six men to "harford River," two 
families and six men to Delaware River, eight men they left 
at New York to take possession, and the rest of the passen- 
gers, about eighteen families, went with the ship as far as 
Albany, then called "Fort Orangie." That deponent 
lived in Albany three years, that in 1626 she came from 
Albany and settled in New York, where she lived after- 
wards for many years, and then came to Long Island where 
she now lives." 

Sarah, therefore, undoubtedly was born at Albany instead 
of the Waaleboght, and was probably married before she 
removed to Long Island, there being no reason to suppose 

24 Family History, 

that she resided there when a single woman, without her 

Joris (George) Jansen Rapah'e, the father of Sarah, and 
the common ancestor of the Rapalies of this country, is 
said by some writers to be a proscribed Huguenot, from 
Rochelle m France, an emigrant in 1623 i" the ship Unity 
with Catalyntie IVico, whom he probably married before 
the voyage (although the ceremony may have been per- 
formed after his arrival, having no date of the same),appears 
to have resided for three years, until in 1626, in Albany, 
then removed to New Amsterdam, where he remained for 
more than 22 years (occupying and owning a house and lot 
on the north side of the present Pearl street, and butting 
against the south side of the fort, for which he received a 
patent on the i8th of March, 1647), and until after the 
birth of his youngest child in 1650.' During at least a 
portion of this time he kept a tavern or tap-house, as then 
styled, his name appearing as late as A'larch 16, 1648, on 
the records in the book of the burgomasters court^ of said 
city, among the inn keepers and tapsters, inhabitants who 
promised to observe the proclamation of Gov. Stuyvesant 
of JVlarch loth, 1648, in relation to the regulation of such 
houses. He probably removed to his Long Island farm 
as early as 1655, which he probably partially cultivated 
previously, for April 13th of that year he was appointed 
one of the magistrates of Brooklyn, in the place of Pieter 
Cornellisse.3 Rapalie figured frequently in num erous suits 

' See Riker'. Newtown, p. 267. He sold his house and lot June 22d, i 654, 
to Hendrick Henderson, drummer, for 800 ir/. 

- The records here referred to are proclamations, etc., issued prior to the 
establishment of the courts, and ent.ered in the beginning of this book, con- 
taining said court records. 

3 I'ia^r Cornelli,,c, a house carpenter, in New Amsterdam as early as 1640, 
was appointed one of the magistrates of Brooklyn, April <y, 1654. In 'il,j,(i, 
lie obtained a patent for over 27 morgens in 15rooklyj. adjoining lands of Cor- 
nelius Uiicksen, ferryman. 

First Generation. 25 

on the records of the burgomaster's and schepen's court 
of New Amsterdam, up to 1656, on the 28th of April, of 
which year a return was made in a suit of Cornelia Schel- 
linger' against " Joresy Rapalje," of Rapalje's having 
departed beyond the jurisdiction of the court, and the same 
return was made on the 25th of the following November, 
in a suit of Jacob Schellinger against " Catalyn Joresy," 
Rapalje's wife. 

On the 16th of June, 1637, Rapalie bought a tract of 
land of the Indians, " Kakapeyno, and Pewichaas," called 
" Rinnegakonck," situate " on Long Island, south of the 
" Island of the Manhattans, extending from a certain Kil 
" till into the woods south and eastward to a certain 
" Kripplebush (swamp), to a place where the water runs 
"over the stones." On the 17th of June, 1643,^ his 
Indian purchase was patented to him by the governor, 
and is described as " a piece of land called Rinnegakonck, 
" formerly purchased by him of the Indians, as will appear 
" by reference to the transport, lying on Long Island, in 
" the bend of Mereckkawick3 (now Brooklyn), east of the 
" land of Jan Monfoort,'' extending along the said land in 
" a southerly direction, towards and into the woods 242 

' Cornelia Schellenger was a daughter of Cornells Melyn, the early patentee 
and settler of Staten Island, she marrying (ist), April 30, 1647, Jacob Loper, 
and (zd), April 7, 1643, Jacobus Schellenger. 

-See Book G. G., pp. 20 and 64, land papers, office sec. state, Albany. 

3 The bend of Mereckkawick is the same as the Waaleboght cove, and 
Mereckkawick is the Indian name of Brooklyn. 

"t The patent of Jan Monfoort for 28 morgens, was dated May 29, 1641, 
and a second patent for the same premises, Dec. i, 1643 j in which they are 
described as " betwixt the land of Jorse Rapalje on the east side, and the land 
of Pieter Monfoort on the west side." April 23, 1701, Peter Monfoort and 
Maria his wife, John Monfoort and Ida his wife, William Cowenhoven and 
Jonica his wife, and Claes Wyckolf and Sarah his wife, for £150, as heirs at 
law, conveyed Jan Monfoort's patent to Garret Cowenhoven, as per a deed in 
hand u( H. C. Murphy, Jr. Jan Monfoort left no issue, the parties convey- 
ing being the children of his brother, Pieter Monfoort. 

26 Family History. 

" rods, by the kill and marsh easterly up 390 rods, at the 
" sweet marsh 202 rods on a southerly direction into the 
" woods, and behind into the woods 384 rods in a westerly 
" direction, and certain outpoints next to the marsh, 
" amounting in all to the contents of 167 morgens and 406 
*' rods" (about 335 acres). 

On this land, which is situated in the city of Brooklyn, 
in the vicinity of and including the United States Hospital, 
and on the easterly side of the Waaleboght, Rapalie finally 
located, and died soon after the close of the > Dutch admin- 
istration, having had eleven children.' 

In August, 1641, Rapalie was one of the twelve men 
representing Manhattan, Breukelen and Pavonia, elected to 
suggest means to punish the Indians for a murder they had 
committed. In 1655, '56, '57, and 1660, he was one of 
the magistrates of Brooklyn. 

' His children, as per an original family record, preserved in the library of 
the New York Historical Society, were Harah, born June 9, 1625, m. succes- 
sively to Hans Hansen Bergen and Teunis Gybbert Bogaert : Marritie, born 
March II, 1627, m. Nov. 18, 1640, Michael Paulus or Paulisen Vandervoort, 
from Vandermonde or Vlaenderen in the Netherlands, the ancestor of the 
Vandervoort family in this country, who resided for some years in New 
Amsterdam, where, Sept. 15, 1646, he obtained a patent for a lot: yanneiie, 
born August i8, 1629, m. Dec. 21, 1642, Rem Jansen Vanderbek, from 
Sevcrcn, in Westphalia, by one account Coevorden, in Overyssel, by another, 
the ancestor of the Remsen family in this country: Judith, born July 5, 1635, 
m. Pieter Pietersen Van Nest, the ancestor of most of the Van Nest family of 
this country ; Jan, born August 28, 1637, m. April 26, 1660, Maria Freder- 
icks, of the Hague, died in 1662, without surviving issue: Jacob, born May 
28, 1639, shot dead by the Indians while standing in his door: Catalyntie, 
born March 28, 1641, m. 1664, Jeremias Jansen Westerhout, who came over 
on the ship Rose-tree: Jeroncmui, born June 27, 1643, m. Anna Denyse, 
daughter of Teunis, Nyssen or Denyse : Anneiie, born Feb. 8, 1646, m. (ist), 
May 14, 1663, Marten Reyyese, as written by himself, or Ryerse, of Amster- 
dam, the ancestor of the Ryerson family in this country j m. (2d), Jan. 30, 
1692, Joost Fransz, widower of Gertruy Aukes, who emigrated in 1654: 
E/ixabet, born March 28, 1648, m. Dirck Cornelisse Hooglandc, and had a 
son Ariaen Dirckse, bapt. Sept. 22, 1670 : and Daniel, born Dec. 29, 1650 
m. June 13, 1674, Sarah Klock, of Fort Orange. 

First Generation. 27 

March I, 1660, " Aert Anthonis Middagh, Tonis Gys- 
beit Bogaert, Jersey Rapalie, Jean LeCler,' Jacob Kip,"^ 
and others, petitioned for permission to plant a village on 
the river opposite the Manhattans, in sight of Fort Amster- 
dam, between the lands of said Bogaert and Kip, but failed 
to obtain the same. Bogaert at this time possessed the 
lands patented to Hans Hansen Bergen, and the location of 
the proposed village was on the line between the towns of 
Brooklyn and Bushwick. 

On the 26th of April, 1660, Rapalie petitioned to be 
allowed to leave his house standing on his farm for the 
present, which application appears to have been denied. 
At this period, in consequence of the Indian troubles, an 
order had been issued for those residing outside of the villages 
to abandon their dwellings, and remove to the villages, 
which were fortified, for safety. 

December 25, 1662, he became a member of the Protest- 
ant Reformed Dutch Church of Brooklyn. 

Rapalie's patent, after his death, was probably divided by 
will or otherwise between his surviving sons, Jeronimus and 
Daniel. On the death of Jeronimus, his son, Jeronimus, 
Jr., appears to have owned 230 acres. The main portion 

» In a letter from the directors in Holland to Stuyvesant, of Sept. 2, 1662, 
among the names of immigrants given, is that of Jean Le Claire, from Valen- 
ciennes. This may be the Jean Le Cler of 1660, and the letter in which his 
name occurs may have been written some time after his immigration. 

"-Jacob Kip, a son of Hendrick Kip, one of the oldest settlers, and a tailor, 
was in New Amsterdam as as 1647, of which place he was appointed, 
Jan. 27, 1652, secretary, and on several occasions schepcn. He bought Lam- 
bert Huybertse Mcdl's liuuse and plantation, of 25 morgens, the patent tor 
which is dated Sept. 7, 164 1, located near unto a certain creek or kill called 
«' Runnegaconck," on Long Island, for which, Feb. 27, l 667, a patent was 
granted to him. This patent is located in what was orifcinaliy Bushwick, and 
adjoined tiiat of Hans Hansen Bergen, in Brooklyn. The site of the new 
villa,..- it was prop,..ed to .■subii^h appears lo have been on ihe boundaiy line 
between Brooklyn and Bushwick. He m. Feb. 14, 1654, Maria de la Monla- 
cne. and liad several children. 

28 Family History. 

of this tract was conveyed to him by his father, Jeronimus, 
October 5, 1725 (lib. 6, p. 42, con. King's co. reg. office), 
described as land in Brooklyn, "at a place called and known 
" by the name of the Wale Bocht consisting of a eight 
" acre house lot * * * * * Bounded Easterly and 
" Southerly by Daniel Rapalje's land. Westerly by the 
*' River, and Northerly by Hans Hansen's [Bergen) creek ;" 
"as also 145 acres of upland ***** bounded 
" North by Hans Hansen's [Bergen) .kill. East and West 
" by Daniel Rapalje's land, and South by Bedford lotts," 
etc. In this conveyance, the creek known as Rinnega- 
conck, appears to be called Hans Hansen's creek or kil. 
It may be that Jeronimus Rapalie also conveyed to his 
daughter Sarah, who m. Hans Bergen, 150 acres, for Jacob, 
son of said Hans and Sarah appears to have owned and sold 
a tract of this size in 1755, to Martin Ryerse, bounded 
on the east by land of Jeronimus Rapalje, and others. 
The 250 and 150 acres make 400 acres, some 65 acres 
more than 335 acres, the quantity in the original patent. 
This may have occurred in consequence of there being a 
surplus covered by the patent, or by a purchase of adjoin- 
ing land. Jan. 8, 1 753 (lib. 6, p. 31, King's co. reg. office), 
Jeronimus Rapalje, Jr., and Helletje, his wife, conveyed to 
Marten Martense Schenck, of Elatlands (who m. his dau. 
Antie), his farm at the " Waale Boght," containing by 
estimation 230 acres, " Bounded Easterly partly to the land 
"of John Noostrand, & partly to the King's highway or 
" road that leads from a place called ' Kroepelbos ' to Bed- 
" fort. Westerly partly to land of Jacob Bergen & partly 
" to the River ; Southerly partly to the land of John Van- 
" dervoort & partly to the land of Harman Andriessen, & 
" Northerly to a kil or creek out of the River and between the 
" land of the said Jeronimus Rapalje," etc. In consequence 
of Daniel Rapalie's land not being referred to in this 

First Generation. 29 

boundary, it is evident that he must have disposed of it 
previous to this date. . This sale ended the ownership of 
the patent in the male branches of the Rapalie family. 

The prefix of " De " or " de " has been used by some 
old and some modern writers to Rapalie's name, so as to 
make " DeRapalie," the " De " indicating noble birth. 
Dominie Polhemius, the first clergyman in King's county, 
used this prefix in five instances on the baptismal and mar- 
riage records of the churches, the first of which was in an 
entry on the 19th of March, 1662, of "Jan Joriszen de 
Rapalie," as a godfather at the baptism of Jacob, son of 
Rem Janzen (Vanderbeeck), and Jannetie Joris (Rapalie). 
Dominie Selyns, who officiated in Brooklyn from 1660 to 
1664, and in New York or New Amsterdam from 1682 to 
1 701, wrote the name " Rapallje," without any prefix. 
Dominie Van Zuuren, who officiated in the King's county 
churches from 1677 to 1685, in three entries prefixed the 
" De," and in fifteen omitted it. Dominie Varick, who 
officiated from 1685 to 1695, in four entries prefixed the 
" De," and in three omitted it. Dominie Lupardius, who 
olHciated from 1 695 to 1 702, in one entry prefixed the "De," 
and in ten omitted it. Dominie Freeman, and Dominie 
Antonides, who officiated from 1705 to 1744, in their nu- 
• merous entries of the name of Rapalie, omitted it altogether. 
Joris Jansen Rapalie shows no sign of the " De," in his 
signature to documents, which consisted simply of a mark 
resembling the letter " R." The " De " to his name does 
not generally appear in the old colonial or New Amsterdam 
records, in which he is frequently referred to. The author 
has seen no evidence of the use of the " De " by any of 
his children, or grand-children, the following being the 
exact spelling of their signatures on the earliest documents 
which have come under his observation, viz : " Joris 
Rapalie," in 1697; " Jeronimus Rapale," in 1697; 

30 Family History. ... 

" Samuel Rapalye," in 1703; " Jeronimus Rapalje," "Yan 
Rapalje," "Daniel Rapalje," and " Joris Rappalyee," all 
in 1723 ; and *■' Derrick Rappaljee," in 1739. In conse- 
quence of this prefix not having been used by Joris Jansen 
Rapalie and his immediate descendants, although in some 
instances used by contemporary clergymen and writers, the 
propriety of its being used by them in any case is very 

If he had been of noble birth, or of a station above the 
ordinary settlers, his contemporaries would, in the public 
records, have prefixed to his name the appellation of 
" Heer," (Mister), as was done in the case of Van Rensel- 
laer, De Sille, De Bruynne, Poulus Van der Bek, and 

Joris Jansen Rapalie was probably a sailor, for on the 
colonial records of June 12th, 1647, in the office of the 
secretary of state at Albany, it is set forth, that " Jan 
'' Dircksen from Amsterdam, master carpenter, who sailed 
''in the company's service in the ship Swol, lying sick a 
" bed at the house of George Rapalje, chief boatswain 
" (' hooch bootsman '), in New Amsterdam, makes his will."' 

Rapalie made the following mark for his signature to 
documents : . 

His widow, Catalyntie, died Sept. 11, 1689, aged 84, 
having been born in 1605, and married before the age of 
20 ; and Sarah, her daughter, calculating from the birth of 
her oldest child, was married between that of 14 and 15. 
Like others, Catalyntie's life did not pass without difficulties. 
In 1642, meeting " Poulus Van der Bek,"^ at the house of 

'See vol. II, p. 349, O'Callaghan's translation Dutch Records. 

= Pau.'us Vander Bek, from Bremen, served in Curacao on board the company's 
ships, came to New Amsterdam, and finally settled in Brooklyn. October 9, 
1644, he m. Mary Thomas or Baddie, widow successively of William Arianse 

First Generation. 31 

Hans Kierstede,' she asked him, " Why did you strike my 
daughter?" He answered, "You lie." She replied, "You 
lie like a villain and a dog," raising her hand at the time, 
on which Poulus struck her, and called her vile names. 
On this she sued him for slander, and on the trial, Jan. 12, 
1645, Poulus admitted that he " knows nothing of the plaint- 
ifF but what was honest and virtuous." For the blow given 
he was fined 2} guilders, and charged not to repeat the 
offense on pain of severer punishment.^ 

From the journal of Dankersand Sluyter, Labadists, who 
visited this country in 1679, it appears that on the 30th of 
May, they visited Catalyntie. They state, " M. de la 
" Grange^ came with his wife to invite me to acompany 
" them in their boat to the IVale Bocht^ a place situated on 
" Long Island, almost an hour's distance below the city, 
" directly opposite Correlaer's hoeck" etc. " This is a bay, 
" tolerably wide, where the water rises and falls much, and 
"at low water, is very shallow and much of it dry," etc. 
" The aunt of de la Grange (Catalyntie Trico), is an old 

Bennet and of Jacob Verden. In 1656 he was a farmer of the revenue in 
New Amsterdam, in 1661 of excise on Long Island, and in 1662 ferry master 
at Brooklyn. 

' Hans K-ierstede was a surgeon in the service of the West India Company, 
who was in the colony as early aa 1638, and obtained a patent, Jan. 21, 1647, 
for a lot in New Amsterdam, adjoining the company's store on the strand, and 
also owned a plantation on the wagon road, on Manhattan Island, near the 
Pannebacker bouwcry. He married Sarah Roelofs, June 29, 1 642, by whom 
he had several children. In 1665 he resided on Water street, and died prior to 
August, 1666. 

■•'See page 214, council min., office secretary state, Albany, and vol. 11, p. 
126, O'Callaghan's manuscript translation colonial records. 

3 Monsieur or Arnoldui dc La Grunge in 1677, petitioned the director and 
council relative to the island of Tinicum, in the Delaware river, purchased by 
his father of Armegat Prints. He kept a small shop in New Amsterdam, in 
which he sold tobacco, liquors, thread, pins, and other knicknacks. See 
Memoirs of the L. 1. Historical Society, vol. i, p. 1 1 7, and vol. xxi, p. 51, 
Enjjli'ih manuscript, othce secietary of state, N. V. 

32 Family History. 

" Walloon from Valenciennes,' seventy-four years old. She 
" is worldly minded, living with her whole heart, as well as 
*' body, among her progeny, which now number 145, and 
"will soon reach 150. Nevertheless, she lived alone by 
" herself, a little apart from the others, having her little 
" garden and other conveniences, with which she helped 
"herself."^ With her husband, Dec, 25, 1662, she became 
a member of the Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of 

Catalyntie made her mark : 


It has been asserted by our early writers that several 
families of Walloons, who emigrated with Rapalie and his 
wife, in 1623 (who strictly speaking are the inhabitants of 
the frontier between Belgium and France), settled as agri- 
culturists at the " Wahle-Bocht, or the Bay of the foreign- 
ers," since known as the Waaleboght in Brooklyn, as early 
as 1624 or 1625.^ Of a settlement at so early a period at 
this location, there is believed to be no documentary proof, 
a rigid search failing to produce from our colonial and early 
records evidence to sustain the assertion. The earliest 
recorded Indian grant to an individual for land in Kings 
county, is that to Jacob Van Curler,'* on the i6th of June, 

' In Catalyn's deposition before Justice William Morris, at the " Wale Boght," 
Oct. 17, 1688, she stated she was born in Paris, instead oi Valenciennes, 
showing a discrepancy, probably caused by a misunderstanding, or an erroneous 
entry by one of the parties. In 1679, she stated that she was 74 years old, 
which would make her birth to be in 1605 ; in 1688, she gave her age as 83, 
which also makes her birth in 1605, a coincidence which leads to the conclu- 
sion that tiie old woman the Labadists visited at the Walabout was Catalyn 

-See p. 341 of Hon. H. C. Murphy's translation of journal of a voyage to 
New York, 1679-80, of vol. i of Memoirs of L. I. Historical Sociesy. 

3 0'Callaghan's New Netherland, vol. i, p. loi. 

■t yjcohus Van Curler was in this country as early as 1633, having a bouwery 
at Hacrlcin, on Manhattan Island [jriur to May, 1638, which lie sold to Cors. 

First Generation. 33 

1636, for flats in Flatbush and Fladands, and the earliest 
to the government or West India Company is dated the ist 
of August, 1638, for land between Brooklyn and Mespath. 
There°is also evidence showing that William Adrianse 
(Bennet), and Jacques Bentin, purchased in 1636, of the 
Indians, a large tract in Gowanus, and erected a dwelling 
house thereon, which was afterwards burned in the Indian 
wars. The earliest patents granted by the government for 
land in Brooklyn were to Thomas Bescher, on the 28th of 
November, 1639, of a plot of 300 paces in breadth, for a 
tobacco plantation located probably at Gowanus ;' and to 
Frederick Lubbertsen, on the 27th of May, 1640, for a 

Van Tienhoven, May iz, 1639. He appears to have had another plantation 
on said island, at the point known as Curler's Hook, by the Indians as Nectanc, 
which he sold Feb. 22d, 1652, to Wm. Beekman. In 1660, he appears to 
have resided in New Utrecht, of which place he was a magistrate, previous to 
which, in 1658, he appears to have taught school in New Amsterdam. 

'April 5th, 1642, a patent was granted to Cornells Lambertsen (Cool), for 
a tract at " Gouwanes," adjoining William Adriaensen (Bennet), "which 
• land was formerly occupied by John Van Rotterdam and Thomas Beets." A 
deed from Thomas Bescher, in Englishman, who probably was the same indi- 
vidual known as Thomas Beets in the patent to Cornells Lambertsen (Cool), 
of May 17th, 1639 (prior to the date of the first Brooklyn patent), recorded 
in the office of the secretary of state at Albany, for the premises covered in the 
patent, is the earliest conveyance from one settler to another which has been 
found for lands in Brooklyn. In this deed Bescher conveys his right in « the 
plantation heretofore occupied by Jan Van Rotterdam and afterwards by him, 
Thomas Bescher, situate by Gouwanes on Long Island, extending Southwardly 
to a certain Kil a little cripplebush at which side William Adriaensen (Bennet), 
Cooper lies contiguous, and on the north side Claes Cornelissen Sm.fs, strech- 
ing in 'the length in the woods, for 300 carolus guilders at 20 stuyvers the 
■ guilder " This is the earliest reference found in the records relatmg to a 
sculcment in Brooklyn, and from this deed it may be inferred the hrst 
agricultural settlement in said town was made on these lands, but however of this 
there is no certainty. Bescher died in 1640; his wife Nanne entered into a 
contract, April 27, 1641, to marry Thomas Smith, in which it was stipulated 
that ikscher-s surviving daughter, Eva, should have the plantation, house, etc., 
of her father, situated on Manhattan Island. Jan, or Jan Cornelise Van 
Rotterdam, afterwards occupied premises on Manhattan Island, and was dead 
in 164S. 

COPY OF A SURVEY made May 21st, 1G90, by Augustus 
Graham, Surveyor-Gorioral, of the BENTON and BENNETT 
PURCHASE of the Indians. Containing 930 Acres. 

First Generation. 35 

large tract opposite Governor's Island, neither being located 
at the Waaleboght. The first patents at the latter place, 
except that of Rapalie, were those of Pieter and Jan Mon- 
foort,' of the 29th of May, 1641 j of Lambert Huybertsen^ 
(Mol), of the 7th of September, 1641 ; of land formerly 
in the occupation of Cornelis Jacobsen Stille j3 of Pieter 
Ceaser Italien (the ancestor of the Alburtus family of New- 
town), for a tobacco plantation, of the 1 7th of June, 1643 ; 
of those enlarging or more particularly describing the bounds 
of the lands granted to the Monfoorts, of the 17th of 
August, 1643 ; that of William Cornelisse, of the 19th 
of February, 1646^ for premises formerly occupied by 
Michael Picet ; and that of Hans Hansen (Bergen), of the 
30th of March, 1647 ; and that of Remmert JansenVan- 
derbeck. The Monfoorts and Huybertsen may have been 
Walloons ; the name of Cornelisse indicates that he was a 

' Pieter Monfoort m. January 12—17, '630, Sarah de Planken, Planck or 
Blanck, at Amsterdam in Holland, prior to his emigration, and died January 4, 
1661. His widow m. (2d), January i, 1663, Lambert Janse Bosch, from 
Oetmarsum. From Pieter are descended the Monfoorts of this country. 
Have seen no trace of the descendants of Jan Monfoort j probably he left 

'^ Lambert Huybertsen (Mo/), who m. Feb. 26, 1662, Jannetje Williams, 
widow, was a ship carpenter by trade, a small burger as early as 1657, a resident 
of New Amsterdam in 1665, on the present William street, and probably at 
no time resided on his plantation. His name is sometimes written Lambert 
Huybertsen Klomp. In 1674, he resided on Pear^!xe^n^w|^^m|^ed to 
be ^^^^^HB^BHv 

3 Cornelis yacobsen Stille and Jan Jacobsen, his brother, leased, August 15, 
1639, for six years, of James Bronck, one house, two horses, and one cow, 
with the land to cultivate. Cornelis leased May 13, 1643, of Cornelis Van 
Tienhoven, his bouwery in the Smith's valley, on the Manhattens. March 
18, 1647, Stille obtained a patent for bouwery No. 6, previously occupied by 
Wolfert Gerretsen Van Couwenhoven, containing 28^ morgens, on Manhatten 
Island. It lay along the present south side of Chatham square, coming down 
to Pearl street, ai>d was known as " Bowery No. 6." He died in 1680, and 
his son, Jacob Cornelissen, born in New Amsterdam, occupied the farm after 
his father's death. 


36 Family Histohy. 

Netherlander ; Picet or Piquet was from Rouen in France, 
which is located many miles from the frontiers ; he was 
banished in July, 1647, for slandering and threatening ex- 
director Kieft ; pardoned by Stuyvesant, and in October of 
the same year, for threatening to shoot the latter, sentenced 
to perpetual banishment and eighteen years imprisonment 
in the work-house at Amsterdam. Pieter Ceaser (Alburtus), 
as his name indicates, was an Italian; Hans Hansen Bergen 
was a Norwegian ; Remmert or Rem Jansen Vanderbeck 
was from Overessel in the Netherlands ; and Rapalie could 
not have been a Walloon by birth, if, as asserted and 
claimed, he was a native of Rochelle, in France, a seaport 
on the Bay of Biscay, several hundred miles from the 
frontiers of Belgium. All Huguenots in those days may, 
however, have been known by the general title of Walloons, 
and the settlement of immigrants of this class at a later 
period in that vicinity, may account for the name, it being 
customary in Holland in those days to distinguish churches 
in their midst erected by French Huguenots, by the name 
of *' Waale Kerken," or Walloon churches, appears to 
favor this theory. " Wal " in Dutch is beach or shore, 
" boght " is a bend in a river or cove ; the literal meaning, 
therefore, of the word " Waaleboght " appears to be the 
beach or shore of the cove. The affidavits of Catelyntie 
Trico, hereinbefore set forth, appear, however, to settle 
the point, that none of the families who came over with 
her located at the time of the immigration at the Waaleboght. 
It is not very reasonable to suppose that agricultural settle- 
ments existed in Brooklyn, and that improvements were 
made so many years prior to Indian purchases, or the 
granting of patents for the land. The most tempting 
locality on the west end of Long Island for natives of the 
low and level lands of Holland or Belgium, who were 
inexperienced in the clearing of forests, were the flats in 

First Generation. 37 

Flatlands and Flatbush/ miniature prairies, void of trees, 
with a dark colored surface soil, similar to that of the 
prairies of the west, which had been subject to the rude 
culture of the natives, and which were ready without much 
previous toil and labor for the plow. On these flats, of 
which there were three, it is supposed, and almost certain, 
that the first agricultural settlements on Long Island were 
made, and their adaptation to cultivation accounts for their 
being first sought for and purchased. 

On the westernmost of them, called Kaskutenu, located 
in Flatlands, purchased of the Indians and patented by Gov. 
Van Twiller to Andries Hudden and WolfertGcrretsen (Van 
Couwenhoven), on the i6th of June, 1636 (the same date 
as Van Curler's patent for flats), a plantation called 
" Achtervelt " was established, on which, prior to July 9, 
1638, when an inventory was taken, they had a house set 
around with long round palisades, the house being 26 feet 
long, 22 feet wide, 40 feet deep, with the roof covered 
above and around with plank; two lofts above one another, 
and a small chamber at their side ; one barn, 40 feet long, 
18 feet wide, and 24 feet deep; and one bergh with five 
posts, 40 feet long. The plantation was stocked with six 
cows, old and young, three oxen and five horses.-' 

' Flatlands was originally named New Amersfoort, from Amcrsfcort, a city 
on tlie river Ecm, in the province of" Utrecht, in the Netherlands, of 12,889 
inhabitants, the birthplace of Wolfert Gcrretsen Van Couwenhoven, one of 
the earliest settlers of the place. It also was known as De Buije, or the bay. 
Dr. Strong, in his History of Klatbush, says that Flatbush " was appropriately 
called by the first settlers, by the of Midwout or Middlrvvouds." As all 
the other Nctlurland sellleimnis or towns in Kings county were named after 
localities in the fatherland, it is |.robable that this place was named Mi.koou,! 
from " Midwoud and," a village of 544 inhabitants in the province 
of North Holland, from which place some of the settlers may have 

^See vol. 1, p. 20, of Dr. O'Callaglian's manuscript translation of colonial 



Family History. 

Antony Jansen,' from Vaas, Ves, Fez, or from Salee 
as sometimes written, but generally written Antony Jansen 
Van Sake, and designated in addition, in portions of 
our early records, with the appellation of "l^urk" on 
bemg banished from New Amsterdam in consequence of 
improper conduct on his part and that of his wife Grietie 
Remers, obtamed in 1639 from Director Kieft a grant of 
100 morgens (200 acres), on the west end of Long Island 
partly m the present towns of New Utrecht and C^ravescnd' 
on which he located and became the Hrst settler in said' 
towns. Probably in consequence of the word Jansen 
(meanmg the son of Jan), being common to both names, he 
IS fancied by some writers to have been a brother of Jores 
Jansen Rapalie, but of this there is no particle of proof, nor 
IS this corroborated by our early records, they on the contrary 
gomg far to disprove it. 

Hans Hansen Bergen resided for some years in New 
Amsterdam (now New York), where he owned and probably 
occupied a lot on the present Pearl street, butting against 
the fort, lymg between the lots of Jan Snedeker,^ and that 
of Jons (Jansen) Rapalie,3 of one rod and two feet in 
breadth m front, one rod and nine feet in rear, with an 
averagHength of nine rods and five feet, Dutch measure, 

'^..ony ya„se„, it is surmised, came from Fez or Salee in Africa, and was 
probably a son of Jan Janse, of HaeHem i„ Holland, a freebooter and pira^ 
who settled ,„ Sale, in Morocco, .,.ere 1.. „„„.., , ,,^,,,„^ ,^^„^, .^^'^ 
Mahommedan, desert.n, ins lawful wife and children, whom he had left at 

"-yanS.a!ck,r's (the common ancestor of the Snedekers of this country) 
patent, dated July, ,645, was for a double lot south of the fort on Manhattan 
^land J he was .„ th.s country as early as ,640, a shoemaker by trade, kept a 
tavern m New Amsterdam, in 164., in December of which yea he was 
jpl.ned o. .or sellin, beer of short measure, and hnally .et.led i'n Flatbu 
where he resided m 1654, and owned and cukiv ,tc.| a turn 

wa^TaT'd M^'^r^^r"^''^"'''''^"^"^"^ ' ^" "" ^-'--" ^^'->^. 
was dated March 18, 1647. 

40 Family History. 

for which he received a patent dated March 13, 1647.^ 
In 1638 Hans Hansen was engaged in the cultivation of a 
tobacco plantation on land of Andries Hudden,"" on Man- 
hatten Island. Yrom z deed dated Feb. 19, 1639, of Claes 
Claessen Swits to Maryn Adriaensen,3 for 400^/., of the 
house and plantation " heretofore in the occupation of 

I A Dutch rod is 12 feet and 3 inches, and a Dutch foot 11 inches and three 
hundred and four one-thousandths of an inch, English measure. A Dutch 
mile is three Enghsh miles. 

^ Andries Hudden, born in Amsterdam in 1608, came to this country in 
1629, and m. Geertruyd Boornstra, widow of Hendrick de Foreest. He was 
a member of the director's council in 1633, 1636, and 1637, surveyor general 
in 1642, commissary of the colony on the South river (Delaware) in 1645 and 
1647 ; returned to New Amsterdam, and again surveyor general in 1654. In 
1657 he returned to the South river, and died in 1663, while on his way to 
Maryland. The plantation of Hudden, which Hansen cultivated, was located on 
the north-east side of Manhattan Island, behind, or in the rear of Curler's land ; 
it consisted of 100 morgens, and the patent for the same was dated July 20, 
1638. Jacobus Van Curler's land or plantation lay on the East river, and 
included in its boundaries the point or hook called by the Indians Nechtanc, 
now known as Curler's Hook. Sept. 28, 1640, Curler leased for three years 
this plantation to William Hendrickscn, Cysbert Cornelissen, tailor, and 
Thomas, after which he sold the same to William Beeckman. (See vol. 1, p. 
253, and vol. iii, p. 300, of O'Callaghan's manuscript translation Dutch 

^ Maryn Adriaensen, came from Veere in the Netherlands, in 163 1 (having 
previously sailed with Claes Campain, a notorious pirate and freebooter, in alli- 
ance with the Barbary powers), as bo.itsw.iin. He settled on the patroon Van 
Rensselaer's estate .ibout 1632, aiul .itterwards engaged in the North river trade, 
establishing himself near the present I'earl and Wall streets, in New Amster- 
dam. ^/j/;yn, who appears to have been a drunkard and turbulent citizen, made an 
attempt upon the life of the Director Kieft, who charged him with the odium 
of the late unfortunate Indian war, for which he was imprisoned in- 1643. 
Robert Pennoyer testified in regard to the matter, on the 23d of March, 1 643, 
that he on the 21st inst., heard Lysbet Tyson (Maryn's wife), say in the tavern 
(after he had asked her twice what ailed her), " Robert, my husband, will 
kill the commander ; go and catch him," etc. (See vol. 11, p. 92, O'Callaghan's 
manuscript translation Dutch Manuscripts). For his attempt on the life of the 
director, he was sent, in 1643, in irons, to Holland for trial, but afterwards 
returned, and May 11, 1647, he obtained from Director Kieft a patent for fifty 
morgens at " Awiehaken," adjoining Hoboken, N. J. His wife, after his 
death. May 3, 1654, m. Geerlief Michielsen. 

First Generation. 41 

Master Fiscox and Hans Hansen {Bergen)^ situated on the 
North river of New Netherland, near the plantation here- 
tofore occupied by Tonis (Teunis) Nyssen,"' it is evident 
that he was also interested in this plantation, he and Fiscox 
having probably taken possession of and cultivated the same 
prior to the granting of patents, and before he was engaged 
in the cultivation of Hudden's land. They probably sold 
out to Swits, the record of which has not been seen. These 
premises Adriaensen agreed to sell on the ist of April, 1640, 
to Hendrick Pieterson, both being drunk at the time, and 
the whole company not very sober (as the record of May 
5, 1640, says), which sale was declared void by the court, 
and not carried into effect.'' 

Jan. 23d, 1643, for 1,000 Carolus ^/., Maryn Adriaen- 
sen sold to Thomas Hall, tobacco planter, to be paid 
May ist, 1644, in cash, for which he gave a note, "the 
" plantation situate on the Island of Manhattan on the 
" North river, heretofore cultivated by Hans Hansen " 

November 20th, 1642, Thomas HalH obtained a patent 

' Vol. I, p. 8z, O'Callaghan's manuscript translation Dutch Manuscripts. 

-Vol. I, p. 236, O'Callaghan's manuscript translation Dutch Manuscripts. 

3 Vol. II, p. 87, O'Callaghan's manuscript translation Dutch Manuscripts. 
These premises were probably the same which Adriaensen bought of Swits. 

■• Thomas Hall, an Englishman, who, having been taken prisoner by the 
Dutch while engaged in an attempt against the colony on the Delaware river, 
was released on parole, took up his permanent residence in New Amsterdam as 
early as 1639, and Sept. 17th of that year he and George Horns (Holmes), 
also an Englishman, made a contract between them to commence a tobacco 
plantation and build a house near Deutel (now Turtle) Bay on Manhattcn 
Island, for which they received a patent, Nov. 15th, 1639, and of which he 
sold his half to Horns, Nov. 17th, 1641, as per R. D. church records of New 
York. " Thomas Halen, of Clotester, m. Anna Mitfort, of Bristol, widow of 
Willem Cuyck." Suppose tliis to be TJiomas Hall. June i8th, i653,GeirLt 
JanscTi, from Oldenburgh, ninvLytil to Hall 45.] morgciis and 125 rods of land 
and v.illcy, called Pannebacktr's (tile baker's) bouwery, or buuwery No. 5, on 
MaiihattLn Island, afterwards owned by William Beekman. Halt was at one 

42 Family History. 

for premises described as land on Manhattan Island, " on 
" the North river, formerly occupied by Edward Fiscox,' 
" Hans Hansen [Bergen)^ Maryn Adriaensen, having been 
" owners, bounded on the north by the plantation of the 
" late Director Wouter Van Twillcr,^ and Laurens Dircksen, 
" baker, and eastward by the swamp." Tiiis patent, dated 
prior to the above sale by Adriaensen to Hall, having by the 
description, an appearance of being the same premises, may 
have been obtained in consequence of some prior agree- 
ment. The premises, as near as can be ascertained, lay 
on the part of the island called Greenwich, in the present 
9th ward. Teunis Nyssen (Denyse), two of whose daugh- 
ters married sons of Hans Hansen^ also possessed a planta- 
tion in this vicinity. 

From an agreement with Mr. Moyr, in 1642, in relation 
to a yawl, and from a law suit in 1643, '"^ relation to a 
shallop (sloop), it may be inferred that Hansen was engaged 
at his trade of shipwright, in addition to the cultivation of 
tobacco and farming. 

In the beginning of 1643, the river Indians, who were 

time a magistrate of the city, resided on Smith's valley in 1665, and died in 
1670, leaving no children. There was a Thomas Hall in Virginia, as early as 
1620, who may have been this Thomas. 

^Ed-ward Fiscox's widow, Janne Schabuels, married March 12th, 1645, 
Jan Haes, who obtained, April 2d, 1647, a patent for 38 morgens and 485 
rods on the East river, on the west hook of Reciikawick (Brooklyn), adjoining 
Frederick Lubbertsen's land. He had a daughter Jenne, baptized Feb. 24th, 

^ Van Tiviller obtained a patent for 100 morgens in 1638, of land " lying 
hard by Sapakanickan, or Greenwich, bounded on the north by the road from 
the strand along Jan Van Rotterdam's and on the west by Jiisthe aforementioned 
plantation and that of Edward Fiscox, and so far into the woods as to include 
the one hundred morgens." (See vol. GG. of patents, office sec. of state.) 
This plantation he leased Sept. 12th, 1639, to Thomas Hall, in which it was 
described as a tobacco plantation near Sapokanikan on the North river, fenced 
all around, with one good dwelling house, occupied by George Homes (Holmes) 
and Thomas Hall. (See vol. i, p. 324, O'Callaghan's translation Dutch Man- 

First Generation. 43 

attacked by their dreaded enemies, the Mohawks, fled to 
the vicinity of the Dutch settlements for protection. 
While reposing in fancied security, Director Kieft, on the 
application of some rash individuals, and contrary to the 
advice of some of the best men in the colony, allowed an 
expedition to be fitted out, who in the night attacked the 
unsuspecting natives at Pavonia and Curler's Hook, and 
foully murdered some 120 of them. On this, some of the 
settlers on Long Island, to show their prowess, and probably 
fearing that the Long Island Indians would make common 
cause with the much abused River Indians, petitioned the 
director for leave to attack the Mareckkawick or Brooklyn 
Indians, a branch of the Canarisie tribe. This petition was 
signed by Gerret VVolferson (Couwenhoven), Jacob Wolf- 
erson (Couwenhoven), Dirck Wolfman,' Hans Hansen 
(^Bergen)^ and Lambert Huybertsen Mol. The director, in 
consequence of these Indians having been peaceable, wisely 

" Dirck Wolfman was probably the same person as Dirck WoltF or de 
Wolff, who formed a company and obtained, March 31st, 1661, articles and 
conditions empowering them to make salt pans and manufacture salt in New 
Netherland. Under this, with the consent of Gysbert op Dyck, who claimed 
to have a patent for Coney Island, they undertook to erect works on said 
island, but were prevented by the inhabitants of Gravescnd. For this they 
sued the town of Gravesend, and June 12th, 1662, the court gave judgment 
for the town on the ground that Updike's patent was null, not having been 
signed by the governor, and recorded by mistake, and therefore possession of 
said island under said patent was invalid. Of this decision Wolff and company 
appear to have complained to the directors in Holland, who, Dec. 6th, 1662, 
wrote to Gov. Stuyvesant for information and a map of the island. In the 
meantime, on the complaint of Abelde Wolff (probably a brother of Dirck), 
a member of the company, on the 15th of June, 1662, an order was issued to 
summon the magistrates of Gravesend to answer before the governor and 
council, who on the 22d inst. issued an order not to. molest Mr. de Wolff's 
workmen employed in making salt on Coney Island. This experiment in the 
nianuficture of suit from tlie waters of the ocean in this climate was probably 
unprcylitable, and iherefore abandoned. (See vol. x, p]i. 7, 150, and J 5 5, and 
vol. xiv, pp. 15 and 7<y, of Uuuli Manuscripts, oihte sccietary of state, 

44 Family History. 

refused the request, but gave permission " in case they 
evince a hostile disposition, every man must do his best to 
defend himself." Under this permission, but contrary to 
its spirit, a secret expedition was organized against the 
Indians, whom they plundered of two wagon loads of corn, 
killing three of their number, while endeavoring to save 
their property. 

In conse([uence of this attack, they made common cause 
with the River Indians, the tomahawk was raised against 
all the Dutch settlements, whose residents fled to New 
Amsterdam for protection, leaving their buildings to the 
torch, and their cattle and plantations at the mercy of, and 
to be destroyed by the savages. 

From the above petition it appears that Hans Hansen at 
this date resided on his Long Island tract. 

In consequence of the almost universal devastation made 
by the aroused and enraged savages (caused by Kieft's mis- 
management), and the complaints and clamor of the people, 
Keift was induced to call together the commonalty of the 
Manhattans, who met in October, 1643, in the fort, to 
take into consideration the propositions which should be 
submitted to them for the general good. Among the names 
of those who signed the resolutions adopted at this meeting 
appears that of Hans Hansen^ with the mark " H" affixed ; 
from which it is evident that he had fled to the city for 
safety from his plantation, of which city he again was con- 
sidered a resident.' 

When, in consequence of the general distress, the director 
sent a friendly message to the Long Island Indians, the 
indignant savages would not listen, but standing afar off", 
derided his messenger, calling out : " Are ye our friends ? 
Ye are merely corn thieves." However, on the arrival of 
spring, when the Long Island Indians wanted to plant their 

'Vol. I, p. 191, Colonial Documents. 


First Generation. 45 

corn, they relented, and a peace was patched up between 

By a receipt entered on the register of the provincial 
secretary, it appears that on the 23d of April, 1644, Hans 
Hansen and George Rapalie, his father-in-law, hired cattle 
to William Smith of Stamford, and on the 29th of Novem- 
ber of the same year he gave a note to Cornells Maersen 
of Rensselaerswick for 250 guilders for wheat bought of 
him. George Rapalie also appears at the same time to have 
bought 215 guilders worth of wheat from Maersen.' 

On the 30th of March, 1647, he obtained from Governor 
Kieft a patent for " a piece of land situated on Long Island, 
" in the kil of Jorse Rapalie, it extends from his house north 
"by east till to Lambert Huybertsen's (Mol) plantation, 
" further on the kil of Jan the Swede, according to the old 
"marks till to the kil of Mespatches, to and along the 
" criplebush (swamp), further to the division line of Derick 
" Volkertsen's- land, which he purchased from Wilcock,^ 

•Vol. II, p. 136, Dutch Manuscripts, secretary of state's office, Albany. 
Cornclii Maersen was dead in 1 649, Cornelis Teunisse Bos being trustee of his 
estate, and Teunis Dircksen Foentie, guardian of his children. 

-Sept. 9, 1653, Derick Volckcrtsen (the Norman), a carpenter by trade, con- 
veyed to Jacob Hay 25 morgens of land with a valley of 6 morgens, beginning 
at the hook of Mespacht's kil on Long Island, and thence running south 
south-west along the river. Dirck'i patent covered the neck of land embraced 
between the kil of " Mespatches," now Newtown creek, and Norman's kil, 
now Bushwick creek. Stilcs,in his Brooklyn (vol. 11, p. 321), says he " lived 
on the northerly side of Bushwick creek, near the East river in an old stone 
house." From his being known as Derick, the Norman, and his 
being in the vicinity, Bushwick creek derived its ancient name of Norman's 

3 A Michell fVilcokci, aged 31, emigrated from England to Virginia in the 
Prosparouse in 1 610, and an Elizabeth Wilcokes, aged 23 (i>robably his wife), 
in the Q'ru-orJ in 1621 ; also a Capl. Julia WiUcockes in tiie /luii.i Nona in 
1620. A John IViUux or f-l'ihink^ bora in ELburgh, was a tiadcr in 1646, 
on the South river. A John fVI/coch raiticd in Virginia in 1623. (lloUen's 
List of Emigrants, pp. 188 and 246.) 

46 Family History. 

" and the division of Henry Satley/ containing 200 morgens " 
(400 acres). 

This patent, as near as can be ascertained, covered the 
farms of Abraham Boerum, Jeremiah A. and Abraham A. 
Remsen on the Wallabout bay, marked Schols, Remsen, 
and Boerum, on Butts's map of Brooklyn. It extended 
back beyond these farms to the old Bushwick cross roads, 
and to the meadows adjoining Newtown ; the land of 
Lambert Huybertsen Mol on its north side being the patent 
in the town of Bushwick (since Williamsburgh), which 
adjoined the then Brooklyn boundary. "The kil of Jurse 
Rapalje," known as Rinnegackonck, mentioned in the 
patent, extended for several hundred feet along the westerly 
side of the patent, as may be seen on the sketch or map of 
its westerly end hereinafter contained. " The kil of Jan 
the Swede " is known as Bushwick creek, and that of 
" Mespatches " (Newtown creek), against both of which 
(the rear or northeasterly portion) the patejit bounded. 

That the plantation of Remmert (Rem) Jansen Vander- 
beeck, from Jeveren, blacksmith (who married Jannetje, 
daughter of Jores Jansen Rapalie), the common ancestor 
of the Remsen family of this vicinity, lay on the south of 
Hansen's^ and between Hansen s and Jores (George) Jansen 
Rapalie's, and that it was at an early period in his posses- 
sion, is evident from the following entries in the colonial 
records : " April 8, 1643, Remmert Jansen (Vanderbeek) 

' Henry SatUy (Saie/ey, or Saivtell), on the minutes of the council of June 
6th, 1644, appears as plaintiff in a suit against Adam Mat (Mot), for the value 
of timber delivered. A Henry SawtcU, supposed to be the same as Satley, 
appears among the patentees of Flushing in 1645, and afterwards lived many 
years in Newtown, where his name appears on Dongan's patent of 1686, and 
where he probably died. In addition to Volkertsen, Mol and Satley 's lands, 
Hansen's plantation appears fur some 500 yanls to have bounded on its nortii- 
erly side, .ii'.iinst liie julcnt of AImjIijiu Ryclcuii, of 1640, wliich patent lay 
between Hansen's lands and Newtown creek, on which it liad a frontage of 
about 500 paces. (See Stiks's Brooklyn, vol. 11, p. 319.) 

First Generation. 47 

" leased for three years to John Lock and John Pieces, his 
" plantation on Long Island for io8 gl.'- Augt. 31, 1651, 
*' Remmert Jansen (Vanderbeek) leases to Barent Jansen 
*' Bal and Hendrick Dircksen "a certain bouwery lying 
" and situate on the south side of Hans Hanseti s [Bergeri) 
'' bouwery called in Indian Rinnegackonck" for four years 
etc.^ It thus appears that the plantations of Rapalie and 
his two sons-in-law, Hans Hansen Bergen and Remmert 
Jansen Vanderbeek adjoined each other; and without doubt 
one of the objects, if not the main one, of the selection of 
the locations, was, to group together in one neighborhood 
near relatives, who could thus more easily assist each 

Remmert Jansen Vanderbeek died in 1681, probably 
intestate. • In 1683 his property was assessed to his widow. 
April 10, 1696, his children, Joris Remsen, Rem Remsen, 
Jacob Remsen, Jeronimus Remsen, Daniel Remsen, Abra- 
ham Remsen, Jan Dorlandt (who m. Anna Remsen), Aris 
Vanderbilt (who m. Hildegonde or Hilletje Remsen), Joseph 
Hegeman (who m. Femmctje Remsen), Gerret Hansen 
[Van Nostrand] (who m. Jannetje Remsen), Elbert Adri- 
aensen (who m, Cateline Remsen), and Marten Adriaen- 
sen (who m. Sarah Remsen), conveyed their father's 
plantation at the Wallebocht, " on the southerly side of the 
'^ land of Tunis Gysbertsen (Bogaert) ; also bounded by 
" the kil in the Wallebocht, as set forth in the patent for 
" the same, also with the length, breadth, width, and num- 
" ber of morgens made known in said patent," etc., etc., 
to Isaac Remsen and Jeremias Remsen, their brothers. 3 
All the children of Remmert appear to have joined in this 
conveyance except his oldest son Jan, who died in the year 

' Vol. 11, p. 97, O'Callaghan's manuscript translation Dutch Manuscripts. 
^^ Vol. Ill, p. 271, O'Callaghan's manuscript translation Dutch Manuscripts. 
3 Deed in possession of Jcromus I. Johnson, and not recorded. 

48 Family History. 

when the conveyance was given, and who may have been 
dead at its date. From its language it is evident there was 
a patent from the government for the same, of which no 
copy has been seen. March 27th, 1 704, said Isaac Remsen 
conveyed to his brother " Jcremyas " Remsen, '' all that one- 
" half of a certain plantation situate, lying and being at 
^' Bruckelen, in King's county abovesaid, at a place com- 
^' monly called and known by the name of the Walaboght, 
" bounded northerly by the land of Thcunis Gysbertse 
'' Boogacrt, and is further limited by the creek of said 
'' Waleboght, and so stretcheth in the woods,'" etc. By 
this conveyance, Jercmias Remsen became the sole owner 
of the plantation. Sept. 26th, 1776, Jeremias Remsen by 
will devised said plantation unto Barent Johnson, the hus- 
band of Ann, a daughter of Jeromus Remsen, and Jane 
Remsen, said Jane being a sister of said Jeremias.^ Oct. 
2d, 1782, Barent Johnson, by his will,3 authorized his 
executors to sell his real estate in Brooklyn and Bushwick, 
and divide the proceeds among his children, in pursuance 
of which they sold and conveyed, May ist, 1793, of said 
real estate, 117 acres, generally known as the homestead 
farm, to Gen. Jeremiah Johnson, one of the sons of said 
Barent,-* and 67 acres to Abraham Messerole (who m. 
Catalina, a daughter of said Barent), being on the rear or 
easterly end of the part sold to Johnson,^ and extending to 
the Bushwick road, which 67 acres is marked Abraham 
Messerole on Butts's map of Brooklyn. 

On his 200 morgens at the Wallabout, Hans Hansen 
Bergen resided as early as 1648, and may have resided at an 
earlier period, and there he continued t o reside until hi s 

> Deed not recorded. 

2 Recorded lib. 35, p. 13, "ffi" surrogate New York. 

3 Recorded lib. 39, p. 174, 0^" surrogate New York. 

4 Recorded lib. 37, p. 71, ^^""^ register county of Kings. 

5 Recorded lib. 55, p. 497, "^ce register county of Kings. 

First Generation. 49 

death, which took place in the latter part of 1653, or the be- 
ginning of 1654/ He however must, either by extinguishing 
the Indian title or otherwise, have been in possession of 
this plantation prior to the date of his patent, for in the 
patent of Abraham Rycken of August 8th, 1640, his land 
is located on Long Island, opposite Rinnegakonck, bounded 
by Gysbert Ryken, Hans Hansen^ etc.; in a deed of the 
29th of July, 1 64 1, of Cornelis Jacobsen Stille^ to Lam- 

' He wa3 probably living July 19th, 1653, for on that date, in a suit in the 
burgomaster's and schepen'* court of New Amsterdam, of Jacob Vis against 
" Hum Hansen," a default was entered against both parties, as was at the same 
term of the court in the case 'of a suit of the same plaintiff against " Jores 
Rapalie," the father-in-law o( Hansen. This Jacob Vis or Visch, appears to 
have been a litigious person. In 1654, he sued Johannes Withart for wages, 
lost his case in the burgomaster's and schepen's court, but gained it on an 
appeal to the council. July 2, 1658, he and Frederick Lubbertsen had a suit, 
in which the latter obtained judgment, from which Vis appealed to the coun- 
cil. In 1660 he and Andries deHacs had a suit, who also obtained judgment, 
from which Vis also appealed, and in 1662, he appealed in a suit between him 
and Isaac Vermeulen. 

' '■'Cornelis Jacobsen, alias Stille,'" sold July 29th, 1 641, to Lambert Huybert- 
sen Mol, the house and plantation on Long Island adjoining Hans Hansen 
(Bergen), in breadth along the river 300 paces, and on the same width in 
towards the woods as far as he may cultivate conveniently, without prejudice, 
for 220 g/., as per vol.i, p. 288 O'Callaghan's manuscript translation Dutch Man- 
uscripts. Gov. Kieft granted, Sept. 7th, 1641, to Lambert Huybertsen Mol, a 
patent for the above premises, dcsciibcd as " a certain piece of land lying on 
Long Island on the East river of New Netherland near the creek of Rinnega- 
conck, formerly occupied by Cornelis Jacobsen Stillen (the silent), containing 
25 morgens, bounded on the south in the breadth by Hans Hansen, the breadth 
of the said land appearing by the mark of the West India Company, cut in a 
tree where It is bounded on the north by the East river," as per vol. G. G. of 
patents, office of secretary of state. Feb 26th, 1667, Gov. Nicolls granted to 
Jacob K-ip a conlirmatory patent for tiie above premises. Kip li.iviiig j.rohably 
bought out Mol or his heirs. Dec. 24tii, 1693, Maria Kipp, executrix of the 
will of Jacob Kipp, deceased, late of Kipp's bay, of the city of New York, 
and Johannes Kipp of New York, brewer, conveyed to James Bobin a planta- 
tion in lUibliwick, "lying ncai unto a creek or kil, turnierly called or known 
by the name of Kiniiii;atun Jce, .iiid is adjoining next to ihe land now or late 
belonging; to Huns ILinsc, (/i.vir,-,;) on the south, where it takeb up the l.iea.ltli 
as ihe trees formerly hath been maria wilh tlie marke of the West India 

50 Family History. 

bert Huybertsen Mol, he describes his plantation as next to 
Hans Hansen^ on Long Island ; and in the patent to 
Doughty and his associates of Mespat, on the 28th of 
March, 1642, embracing nearly the whole of Newtown, 
their lands are bounded by the meadows of '■'•Hans Hansen."^ 
On the early settlement of this country by Europeans, 
lands appear to have been taken possession of and cultivated 
by individuals, in some cases for years before ground briefs 
or patents were issued, the rights of the occupant respected 
and the premises conveyed from one to another, the same 
as they have since been taken possession of by squatters on 
the public domains of the United States, and like them 
were allowed or entitled to a preemption right. Reference 
is also made to Hansen's lands in a survey of the disputed 
bounds between Newtown and Bushwick, made by Capt. 
James Hubbard of Gravesend, about 1669, the draft of 
which is still preserved, and purports to be a " description of 
"Mispath Kills, soe farre as to point out y' setuation of y^ 
" place, for som ftarther information of two houses formerly 
" inhabited, y' one by Hance y" Boore (farmer) w'^'' were 
" Hance Hansonn^ y^ other called y^ Poles house."- From 
this it may be inferred that Hans Hansen Bergen's dwelling 
house was located within the boundaries of the town of Bush- 
wick, near Mespat kills, but the probabilities are it was lo- 
cated in Brooklyn, for Teunis Gisbertsen Bogaert, his suc- 
cessor on his patent, who no doubt occupied Hans's dwelling 

company, and on the north it goes alongst the river 225 rodd, containing in the 
whole about 50 acres or thereabout," which land was formerly bought by the 

said Jacob Kipp of one "Lambert Huberts Mol." (See lib. 11, p. , 

office register King's county.) Marcli 23d and 24th, 1721, James Bobin, by 
lease and release, conveyed to Isaac Bobin, the above premises, by the same 
boundaries contained in the deed of Maria Kipp, executrix, to said James 
Bobin, which conveyance is recorded in vol. 12, pages 105 to 107, in office of 
secretary of state. 

» Rikcr's Newtown, p. 18. 

^ Riker's Newtown, p. 83. 

First Generation. 51 

house, was one of the schepens of Brooklyn in 1671, and 
was assessed in Brooklyn as late as 1683. 

To settle this dispute between Bushwick and Newtown, 
Gov. Lovelace appointed "Thomas Delavall, Matthias 
" Nicols, Jeames Hubbard, Jacques Courteleau, Elbert 
" Elbertson, and Elias Doughty," as commissioners, who 
made a report June 28th, 1672, which report was approved 
of by Gov. Dongan and council, April 28th, 1684, with 
the following boundary : " Beginning from Scudder's pond 
" next to the fFence of Hendrick Barnt Smith's and Strech- 
"ing with a South South East Line to the Mountain or hills, 
"and so along the said hills aboute three hundred rod abut- 
" ting to the Limits of Brookland ; beginning again from 
" the hills with a North-West Line to a Nut tree markt Sc 
" standing in the small Bushes, & from said tree with a 
" Right Line Between tunas Gisbert {Bogaert^ formerly 
'-'•Hans Hansen Bergen's) k Jacob Kipp's to the East River, 
" and along the said River to the Normans Creek & further 
" the Normans Corner & David Yokmans Corner, Strech- 
" ing by the East River along to the Corner of Maspeth 
" Kill, and so all a Long to the Depth of said Kill at 
" Humphry Clay's, and from thence to the depth of said 
"Kill to Scudder's pond over the Creek to Hendrick Barnt 
"Smith aforesaid." By the above boundary Gov. Dongan 
granted a patent to Bushwick in Eebruary, 1687. 

There is also another reference to Hansen's lands, show- 
ing that they extended to the west branch of Mcsjxit kills, 
or Newtown creek, on" A Draft Demonstrating how the 
" Townes of Newtown, ]3rookland, Boswick and Flat 

" Bush Do Interfere Laid Down Pr. Aug. Graham, 

" sur." As surveyed " pursuant to his Exccllcnceys war- 
" rent, dated the 6th of Feb., 1692, made J.ui. 9, 1694," 
and on iile in tlie office of the secretary of state, Albany, 
a copy of which is inserted in Riker's Newtown. On this 

52 Family History. 

draft or map, "the fFence of hans Hansen" is laid down 
and located adjoining " Mespat Kill." 

Riker, in his History of Newtown, states, that from a 
careful survey of the patent, he arrives at the conclusion, 
that Hans's patent " must have covered a part, and per- 
"haps the whole of the present settlement at the Bushwick 
" cross roads."' 

There is a tradition in the family, which probably may 
have some foundation, that Hansen^ while engaged in the 
cultivation of his plantation, was chased by the Indians, 
when for safety he took refuge in a tree, where they soon 
discovered him. Supposing his end to be near, he com- 
menced singing in a melodious voice, with which he was 
blessed, the hymn which commences with, " In mijn 
grootste nood o' Heere." (In my greatest need, O Lord.) 
His singing so charmed his pursuers, that after listening for 
some time in delight, they left him unmolested and free to 
go on his way rejoicing ; thus proving the truth of the 
words of Congreve in the play of " The Mourning Bride," 
" Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast." 

Yxoxn the records of the Reformed Dutch church of 
the city of New York, Hajis Hamen was among the 
witnesses at the following baptisms : — Oct. 14th, 1639, 
" Ham Ham-zen " and Anneken Dominco, witnesses at 
baptism of " Jacob," son of " Abraham Ryck " (Riker). 
Jan. 19th, 1642, '■'■ Hans Noorman^'' " Pieter Loockermans," 
and " Catharina Trico," witnesses at baptism of " Michiel," 
son of " Michiel Paulusz " (Vandervoort). Jan. ist, 1642, 
'-'-Hans Hariszen Noortnati" " Gy^bert Corneliszcn," " Cor- 
nells Willunszen," and " Christina Vynen," witnesses at 
baptism of " Sytie," daughter of " Laurens Pieterszen, 
Noorman." June 28th, 1643, " //r;/a Hans%e}i^'' "Rem 

» Rikcr's Newtown, p. i8. 

First Generation. 53 

Janszen" (Vanderbek), and " Jannetje Rappalje " (wife of 
said Rem), witnesses at baptism of "• Jeronymus," son of 
" Joris Rappalje " (father-in-law of Hans Hansen). Oct. 
12th, 1653, Hans Hanszen" " Joris Jansen Rapalje," and 
" Catalyn Hieronymus," witnesses at baptism of "Pieter, 
son of Pieter Pieterszen " (Van Nest), and "Judith 

His widow, Sarah^ shortly after his death, married Tenis 
or Teunis Gisbertsen Bogaeit, the ancestor of the Bogerts 
in this vicinity, who immigrated from Heykoop in Holland 
in 1652, and who in 1676, '77, and '78 was one of the 
trustees and overseers of Brooklyn, by whom she had 
several children. 

After Sarah' s Ae-Aih Bogaert m. (2d), Feb. i6th (or Nov. 
I2th), 1687, Geertje Jans, widow of Derick Uey. Sarah 
early became a church member in New York, and united 
with the Dutch Reformed church at Brooklyn by certifi- 
cate, April loth, 1661. She died about 1685, aged about 
sixty, and the following is a copy of her mark : 


On the 4th of April, 1656,' " Sarah Joresey (daughter 
of Jorcs), first born Christian child in New Nctherland 
and widow of Hans Hansen^" petitions the governor and 
council for some meadows adjoining the 200- morgen 
granted her at the " Waalebocht ;"^ states that her neigh- 
bors mow the meadows in question and disturb her in the 
use of them, although they have meadows adjoining their 
own lands, and that slie is burdened with seven children ; 

'See vol. vi, p. 353, Dutch MjiiUicripts, olHce secretary state, Albany. 

2 Two hundred morgen in tlic original Dutch record, erroneously traiulated 
twenty morgen by Vandcrkemp. 

3 'I'his is tile carlii;.l dale that tile word WaalebogC a|)|iears on the colonial 
recwidi, It being known pievicjus to this as the bend ut Mercchkawick, tlie 
latter being the Indian name lor Brooklyn. 


54 Family History. 

she also asks an exemption from taxes. The meadows 
were granted, but the exemption refused. Sarali, in stating 
in this memorial that siie was a widow, neglected to state 
that she was again married, and the wife of Bogaert, which 
latter must have been the case, judging from the New York 
baptismal record of their first-born child, Aartje, who is 
entered, as hereinbefore set forth, as baptized Dec. 19, 
1655. No evidence has been found on the colonial records 
showing that Sarah received a grant from the government 
or Indians of 200 morgen, except her statement in the 
petition. She doubtless resided at this time on the farm 
patented to Hans Hansen Bergen^ her late husband, and 
probably when referring to the land granted her, intended 
to be understood as referring to those lands. From this 
petition has probably arisen, with the aid of a little stretch 
of the imagination, the story of the Indians having presented 
her with a farm in consideration of her having been the 
first born white child in the colony. 

The lot of Hans Hansen in New Amsterdam was sold 
by Sarah in 1654, shortly after his decease ; the records at 
Albany showing "a patent granted upon a transport made 
" by Sarah Jooresay, the widow of Hans Hans^ bearing 
*' date the 30th day of May, 1654, unto Caes Bording,' for 
" a certain lot of ground with the Housing thereupon within 
"this city, lying on the south side of the fort, between Jan 
" Snedeker's and Jores Rapalje's, containing in length on 

' Cats or Claes Claesen Bording, ot' New Amsterdam, was a trader to the 
South river and Fort Orange. In 1648 and 1653, Le was accused of dealing 
in contraband articles and smuggling. (See Albany County Records, p ao6.) 
In 1705, Bording's heirs sold the house and lot he purchased in 1654 of Sarah, 
widow of Hans Hansen Bergen, with apparently some adjoining land, to Can- 
non, for £180, described as on Pearl street, between Whitehall and State 
streets, about 30 feet front and no feet deep. (See Valentine's Manual, i860, 
p. 561.) He m. Susanna Lues, and had several children baptized in the Re- 
formed Dutch church of New Amsterdam. 

First Generation. 55 

" the east side 9 rod, 2 feet, and 2 inches, and on the west 
" side 9 rod, 8 feet, and 3 inches ; in breadth behind on the 
" west side i rod, 9 feet and 6 inches, and on south side 
" 2 rod and 3 feet, by virtue of a groundbrief granted unto 
" i/i£7«j i/tf«;f« aforesaid, dec'd, now for a confirmation," 
etc. This patent is dated June i, 1667. 

February 21st, 1656, a suit was brought and tried on the 
28th, in the burgermaster's and schepen's court in New 
Amsterdam, by Paulus Schrick,' against Sarah Joris (the 
widow of Hans Hansen), for the payment of a note of 84 
florins and 5 stuyvers,'' signed by her deceased husband in 
April, 1 65 1 . Defendant stated " she knows nothing of the 
" debt, inasmuch as the plaintiff hath not spoken to her for 
" a long time, and also it was not counted in the settlement 
"of the deceased's estate." She requested a delay of 
payment until next harvest, which was agreed to by the 

On the 6th of July, i66i,the director general and council 
gave notice that they had sold to " Warnaer Wessels^ and 

• Paulus Schrick, from Nouremburg, who m. November 29th, 1658, Maria 
Verlett, widow of Johannes Van Becck, was a merchant of New Amsterdam 
as early as 1652, who traded at Albany (Beverwyck), where, in 1654, he 
purchased property which he sold in 1659, in which year he is styled a mer- 
chant at Hartford, to which place he probably removed. He died prior to 
1664, for April 9th in that year his widow, "Maria Verlcth," married her 3d 
husband, Willem Teller, one of the first settlers of Schenectady, afterwards a 
resident of Albany, and in 1692 of the city of New York. On the records, 
Faulus is styled the Ilea; whicli properly translated means Mister, some trans- 
lating it Lord, others, the Honorable. On the 31st of August, 1662, he 
obtained a patent for two morgens at the kolck. New Amsterdam, probably a 
confirmation of a previous patent of Oct. 7, 1653. May 11th, 1686, Faulus 
Shriek, of Hartford, m. Maria De Peyster, of New York. This may have 
been a son of the first Paulus, who in i68i became a communicant of the 
Reformed Dutch church of New York. 

= A riorin or guilder is about forty cents, and a stuyver two cents of our 

< A Niuola, miell, aged 28, came to Virginia in the Abigail, in 1621 and 
i-etll.d in hli..,b.tJ. .i.y. ('. of I'M.igram., ',, ,82 .m,l .'(,. ) 

56 Family History. 

Mr. Paulus Van der Beecq," the tenths due that year to 
the lords patroons from the village of " Breuckelen, the 
'' Ferry, Gouwanus and Waalchocht unto the Bouwery of 
" Hans Hansen (Bitjtn)^ deceased, inclusive," and ordered 
the residents u^ithin said district " not to remove any Grain, 
" Peas, Maize, or Tobacco from the land, before and until 
" they have agreed for the Tenths with the above mentioned 
" persons," under a penalty of fifty guilders, in addition to 
the just value of the tenths. (New York Mss. ix, 

On the conquest of the colony of New Netherland by 
the English in 1664, the governor, as an acknowledgment 
of their new masters, and perhaps in addition for the purpose 
of obtaining fees, required the inhabitants to take out new 
patents. Bogacrt, Sarah's second husband, taking advantage 
of this, appears to have taken out the new patent for Hans 
Hansen's 200 morgen in his own name, instead of that of 
Hans's children, who were entitled to the same, and of 
whose possession of any portion thereof no record has been 
found, nor any evidence showing that he made them any 
compensation for their patrimonial estate, unless the pay- 
ment of a debt due by Hans to the West India Company 
of 778^/., or §311.20, which Bogaert paid Oct. 13th, 
1671, to the English government, as is hereinafter set forth, 
is viewed as compensation. It is possible, although not 
very probable, that compensation was made, and that the 
written evidence has disappeared in the lapse of time. If 
l^ogaert defrauded the orphan cliildren, he was not the only 
guilty one, for the records show that in those days there 
were others similarly situated, who took out the new or 

Warnucr Wcsscls farmed tlic extisL- on beer and wine retailed in New Anister- 
ilan>,15reuk:e.len,Midwout, and Aniersfoort, in 1654 and 1655 and prdb.iLly until 
1662 (having aisociatcs during a portion of the time), in March, of which year 
he was arrcited and imprisoned for being in arrears. 

First Generation. 57 

confirmatory patents in their own names. The patent of 
Bogaert is as follows : — " Richard Nicolls, Esq. Whereas 
" there was a patent or groundbrief heretofore granted by 
" the Dutch Governor William Kieft unto Hans Hansen^ 
"bearing date the 30th day of March, 1647, for a certain 
" parcel of land lying and being in the West Riding of 
" Yorkshire upon Long Island, within the Kill then com- 
" monly called Jorse Rapalye's Kill, whose bounds did 
" stretch along by the said Jorse Rapalye's House north- 
*■' east and by east unto the Plantation then appertaining to 
" Lambert Huberts (Mol), so on to John the Swede's Kill 
" to the markt bounds, and then to the Kill belonging to 
" Mespath by the swamp, from whence to run by the fence 
" of Derick Volckersen's land which he bought of Will- 
" cocks, and so along by that belonging to the land of 
" Henry Saetly, containing by estimation about 400 acres 
*' of ground, now the right and title to the said parcell of 
" land being devolved upon Teunis Gisberts, who married 
" the widow and Relict of Ham Hansen aforesaid, for a 
" confirmation unto 'the said Teunis Gisberts," etc. 

Dated April 5, 1667. 

In consequence of Hans Hansen Bergen and Jores Jansen 
Rapalie both making their marks to documents,' it may 

' Other early emigrants also made their marks, among whom were Wolfert 
Garretse Van Cuuweiilioven, ancest(jr of the Cowcnhoven or Conover family; 
Pietcr Claeaen, of the Wyckulf family; Albert Alhtrtse, of the Terhune 
family; Jan Van Ditmarsen, of tlie Uitmars family; Jan Van Kerk, of the 
Yxw Kerk family ; Ficter Janse, of the Staats family; Jan Van Cletf, of the 
Van Clecf family; Ficter Cornelise, of tin: Luysler fimily ; Adriaen Andriesse, 
of the Oiulerdunk family; Ueiiek Jansen, of the llouyland family; Hendrick 
Willemse, of the Hoe. uiii family; Joost Duiie, of tlie Duiyea family; Tilus 
Sirox, of the 'I'itus fimily; Jan Aersen, of the Vandeil.ilt family; Adam 
iiinw.r, of the ISicwer (imily ; Nidiolis StillwMI, of the Slillwell family; 
John h.ih,, of the Lake family; Thoniai Whilhak, of the Wiiillnek family ; 

58 Family History. 

perhaps fairly be inferred that they were illiterate men in an 
age when the natives of Holland were generally educated, 
and carried their schoolmasters as well as clergymen with 
them to their colonies; but this is not positive evidence, for 
it was customary in those days for persons who were able 
to write, in some instances to make a mark, the same as a 
seal is affixed to writings. The writer has, however, in no 
instance seen their signatures, and perhaps they were less 
educated than the Hollanders, being natives of other 

On the 1 2th of February, 1667, a patent was granted to 
" Sarah, the widow of Hans Hans" upon a transcript bear- 
ing date the lOth day of March, 1663, made by Johannes 
Megapolensis,' for a certain lot of ground in the city of 
New York, " lying and being on the south side of the 
" Princes Graft, to the West of Michael Jans, and to the 
" East of Susanna the Negrines, containing in breadth on 
" the North and South sides one and fifty foot six inches, 
" and on the West side nine feet." 

On the 30th of July, 1671, a patent was granted to 
" Cathaline, widow of Jores Rapalje," deceased, for a lot 
in New York. 

The following are copies, or abridgments, of the entries 
on the early colonial records relating to Hans Hansen Bergen^ 
and which have a bearing upon his biography : — 

From vol. i, p. 19, Dutch Manuscripts, office secretary 

and nearly all the early residents of' Gravesend, very few of tlie English settlers 
being able to write. 

' Juhanuc% Mcgapohmli was the tirst minister of Albany, wliere lie com- 
menced service under the patronage of the patroon, in 1642. In 1 641;, he 
served the church In New Amsterdam, and died about 1669. He was the 
iirst proiestant missionary to the Indians, preceding by several years John Eliot 
in New Ent^;land. His father was a minister in Koedylc in Holland, and liis 
son ijaiuml was minister in New York iVoili 1664 to 166S. 

First Generation. 59 

state, Albany, and vol. i, p. 22, of O'Callaghan's manuscript 
translation : 

" Conditions and stipulations agreed on between Andries 
" Hudde and Hans Hansen Noorman on the 9th day of July, 
" 1638, in manner as hereafter followeth. 

" I. The above named Andries Hudde shall by the first 
" opportunity of ships send hither from Holland to Hans 
*' Hansen aforesaid 6 to 8 persons, with imi)lcmcnts neces- 
" sary for a Tobacco plantation. 

'' 2. Hans Hansen shall be bound to place the aforesaid 
" persons on the Flatland situate on the Island of the Man- 
" hates behind Corlaers land. 

" 3. Hudde shall be bound to pay the expenses of the 
" passage over and of engaging them, and to send the 
" vouchers of expenses over with them. 

" 4. Hans Hansen shall also be bound to provide dwell- 
" ings and Tobacco houses, as many as the time will per- 
*' mit ; he shall also be bound to put the persons who shall 
*' come from Patr'ta (fatherland) to work for the profit of 

" 5. Hans Hansen also shall have authority over them in 
" Hudde's absence, without being therein commanded by 
" others. He shall likewise be bound to repay half the 
" expenses which the abovenamcd Hudde shall incur. In 
*' like manner he must also provide such supply of victuals 
" as shall be necessary for so many persons on condition 
" that Andries Hudde shall in like manner repay half the 
" expense which Hans shall incur here. 

" Mr. Hudde shall also be bound to pay Hans Hansen 
" for his industry whatever arbitrators shall judge right. 
" Likewise, Hudde shall not be at liberty to demand from 
" said Hayis Hansen any rent for the land, but shall be 
" bound to assist in every way with effects (goods) which 

60 Family History. 

" he hath here, if he have no use for them and were not 
" prevented ; and all this until Hudde shall have returned 
" back, when further arrangements shall be made. For 
" what is above written parties pledge their persons and 
" property real and personal, present and future, submitting 
" to the Provincial Court of Holland, and all other Courts, 
" Judges and Justices, all in good faith without guile or 
" deceit. In testimony of this these presents are confirmed 
" with our usual signatures. 

''Thus done in Fort Amsterdam in New Nctherland this 
" lOth July A" 1638. 


" This is the j mark of 

" Hans Hansen aforesaid." 

From vol. I, p. 23 of Dutch Manuscripts, office secretary 
state, Albany, O'Callaghan's manuscript translation : 

" This day, date underwritten, before me Cornelis Van 
" Ticnhovcn, Secretary of New Nctherland, appeared Hans 
" Hansen van Bergen en Norwcgan (from Bergen in Nor- 
" way), and he the appearer declared that he hath granted 
" full power and authority to the Hon''''= wise and prudent 
"• M' Wouter Van "Fwiller, late Director of New Nether- 
" lands, as he hereby constitutes and empowers the above 
" named Van Twillcr to collect all such moneys as arc due 
" to the appearer from Isbrant Adriaensen or his heirs, and 
"• the aforesaid Van Twiller shall have power to dispose of 
" the said moneys as the appearer shall order him, holding 
" as satisfied and paid whenever the heirs shall have satis- 
" ficd aiul paid the aforesaid moneys to the lion'"''' M' Van 

First Generation. 61 

Twiller, hereby also exonerating them from all further 


" This done in Fort Amsterdam on the Island Manhates 

this i8th July A° 1638. 

"This is the J mark of Hans Hansen 
" from Bergen aforesaid." 

From vol. iv, p. 76, Dutch Manuscripts, office secretary 
state, Albany, and as translated by O'Callaghan : 

"Aug. 30, 1640. -^ 

*' Jan Jacobsen from Vreeland,' plfF.. 


" David Davitsen'^ and Hans 

Noornian^ defts. 

" In case of delivery of fence rails. 

" A.fter defendants had acknowledged to have purchased 
" 800 fence rails from the plaintift", which they have not 
"received, the plaintiff" is held to prove that he had said 
" 800 fence rails in the woods." 

No further entry of the case, and probably settled. 

^ Jan Jacobscn was in New Amsterdam as early as Sept. 25th, 1633, on 
which date he let Hendrick Herman or Harmensen have six cows on halves. 
Aug. 15th, 1639, he entered into a marriage contract with Marretje Peters, of 
Copenhagen, and July 6t!), I 643, he bought of Jan Franscn a house and farm 
on Manhattan Island, which he afterwards sold to Lambert Van Valckenburch. 
The Vreelands are numerous in Hudson county, New Jersey, but they are the 
descendants of Michiel Jansen, wlio came from Brockhuysen, Holland, in 

^ Da-vid Dai/itsen's name, an Englishman by birth, first appears on the re- 
cords of the colony on the 13th of January, 1639. December 14th, 1640, he 
with others leaseii of Director Kicft a tract of land on Manhattan Island near 
Bestcvair's cripplebubh. In 1649 he with others purchased a large tract of 
the Indians on the South river (Delaware), where he then resided. 

62 Family History. 

In a matter relating to a yawl, the following entry occurs 
on the colonial records, in 1642: 

" Andries Jansen declares that M' Moyr made an agree- 
*' ment with Hans Hansen in the beginning of the year 
** 1642, that he should make his yawl as wide as Frederix's 
"yawl, for 1257?. 

" nth July, 1642. 

"Andries Jansen." 

December nth, 1641 (page 141, vol. iv, O'Callaghan's 
manuscript translation Dutch records) : 

" Nicholas Looper, pltff., 

" agst. 

" George Rapalje, also against Hans Hansen^ Defts. 

" PltfF. demands restitution of a cross cut saw which 
" Hans Hansen has in his home. 

" Ordered that Hans Hansen bring the saw here the next 
" court day." 

Jan. 8th, 1642 (page 143, vol. iv, O'Callaghan's manu- 
script translation Dutch records) : 

" Hans Hansen, Pltff., 

" Nicolas Sloper (Looper), Deft. 
" Pltff. demands from Deft, a cross cut saw which he 
" says belongs to him. 

" Deft, denies the demand ; offers to leave it to his oath. 
" Pltff. cannot prove that it is his saw and declines the 
" oath. 

" Deft, swears the saw belongs to him. 

" PIff's demand is dismissed and he is condemned." 

First Generation. 63 

From vol. ii, p. 187, of O'Callaghan's manuscript trans- 
lation Dutch Manuscripts : 

*' William Smith residing at Stamford, acknowledges to 
" have received the following cattle from Hans Hansen and 
" George Rapalje on the following conditions to wit : — 
" If said cattle shall arrive at Stamford healthy and strong, 
"and remain in health, he William Smith, promises to 
*■'■ restore the said cattle within a year from date at Stamford, 
" provided that the increase shall be divided half and half, 
" It is also stipulated that Hans Hansen and George Rapalje 
" shall run the risk of the death (of the cattle) ; but if the 
"cattle happen to die through the neglect of William 
"Smith, he must pay for them. 

"The following are the cattle delivered by Hans Hansen: 

" Two milch cows, one of which is with calf. 

" One ox of last year. ^ ^^ ^ -^ 

" One heifer of last year. 

" One bull calf of 1644. 

" One heifer calf of 1644. 

" Two mares, I'of 6 and the other of four years. 

" Four sows. 

" The following are the cattle delivered by Geo. Rapalje : 

"Two milch cows. 

"Two heifers of 1644. 

" One heifer of 1644. 

" He William Smith submits his person and property to 
" all costs. 

" Done the 23d April A° 1644 in Fort Amsterdam, New 
" Netherland. ^-^ 

" This is the J^ mark of 

" William Smith, 
"John Underhill. 
"To my knowledge. 

" CuRNELis Van Tienhoven, Secretary," 

64 Family History. 

In April, i625,the first domestic animals of which we have 
any account were sent to the colony, consisting of 103 head 
of stallions, mares, bulls and cows for breeding, and a consi- 
derable number of sheep. They were landed on Nooten, 
now Governor's Island, but were soon transferred to Man- 
hattan Island, in consequence of the want of water. The 
first account of cattle on a farm, is in a lease of Jan. 24th, 
1638, of Cornelis Van Tienhoven of his bowery, called 
Vredendacl, for six years to Claes Cornclisen Swits and Jan 
Clacs Alteras, in which it was stipulated that Van Tienho- 
ven should furnish his tenants with four mares and three 
cows : the first of swine, in a lease of May 14th, 1638, of 
Barent Dircksen to Cornelis Jacobsen and son : and the 
first of goats, is the hiring for three years, on the 1 8th of 
July, 1638, of two on halves by Wouter Van Twiller to 
Jurian Rodolph. 

In 1640 the price of fresh meat was 5 stivers (10 cents) 
per pound ; in 1650 about the same price, in which year a 
milch cow with her second or third calf was worth 130 gl.^ 
or $52, a year old sow from 20 to 24 gl.^ and a ewe sheep 
the same price. 

From vol. II, p. 1 36, Dutch manuscript, office secretary of 
state, Albany, and vol. 11, p. 235,0'Callaghan's translation 
Dutch Manuscripts : 

" Before me, Cornelis Van Tienhoven, Secretary of New 
" Nctherland, appeared Hans Hansen^ who in the presence 
" of the undcrsigneil witnesses acknuwleilges to be well and 
"truly indebted unto Cornelis Maerscn,' residing in the 
"colonic of the Patroon Renselaer, in the sum of two 

• Ccrruli. .1/,/.-jr//or Ma.;,ru |h.icIlu,oI, Oct. 24tli, 1646, tlic (.Luicition of 
VoKkiit I'ivcrtscn on tlit Nuitii river, adjoining tlic [ilunLition of Woulcr Vjii 
Twiller .iiul Tliomas Hall. 

First Generation. 65 

*' hundred and fifty guilders, being for the purchase of one 
'* hundred skepels of wheat dehvered to him Hans Hansen 
*' by John Damen' before the execution hereof. Which 
" aforesaid sum he, Hans Hansen promises to pay on the 
" first of April next A° 1645. For further security and 
" performance hereof, free of costs and charges he, Hans 
" Hansen pledges his person and property, movable and 
*' immovable, present and future, submitting the same to all 
*' courts, tribunals and judges. 

" In testimony whereof this is signed by Hans Hansen 
" and the witnesses hereunto invited this 9th December A" 
*' 1644, in Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland. 

^' This is the mark /"^ of Hans Hansen 

" made by himself.- 
*' This is the mark 

Jp of George Rapalje made by himself as witness. 

" VViLLEM De Kay, witness. 
"To my knowledge, 

"CoRNELis Van Tienhoven, Secretary." 

' John or Jan Janic Damcn obtained a patent April i6th, 1638, for two 
lots in New Amsterdam, wliere lie resided. March 15th, 1645, he received a 
patent for 20 morgens and 386 rods of land, called the Kakk hook on Man- 
hattan Island, which for the past ten years had been in his possession. He 
made his will Jan. 12th, 1649, and Jan. 21st, 1 651, Ariacntje Cuvilljc, his 
widow, appointed curators to his estate. There was a Jan Cornclise Dumen, 
who bought in 1686 the patent of Pieter Ceaser Italian of June 17th, 1643, 
at the Waalebocht, of 24 morgi;ns and 250 rods and upwards, which Jan Cor- 
nelise m. Fytje or Sophia Martens, and had seven children baptized in this 

= This mark, it will be perceived, differs from the preceding ones, but there 
is no question of its being that of Hans Hamtn. George Rapalie, the father- 
in-law of tliuiif, and a witn<:;.s <jn the obligation, in another oiiligation of about 
Ihe same period, ai himself to be indri)t<d unto Cnnilis 
250 I'J. for 86 skepels of wheal, to which Ihun lluinen as a witnei.j niakca tlie 
same mark. 

66 Family History. 

From vol. iv, p. 286, O'Callaghan's translation Dutch 
Manuscripts, office secretary state, Albany : 

" Aug. 23d, 1646. 
" At the request of Cosyn Gerritsen^ it is ordered that 
" Hans Hansen prove in eight days that the sword sold by 
*' him to the petitioner belonged to him, and no one had 
" any claim to it. In default whereof the attachment is 
" dissolved." 

"Aug. 30th, 1646. 

" Hans Hansen, PltfF., 

" Cosyn Gcrritsen, Deft. 
" For payment of a sword. 

" Plea and answer being heard, Cosyn Gerritsen is con- 
"demned to pay for the sword, or to prove, as he says that 
" the sword was the company's." 

' The first account of Cosyn Gerritsen (Van Putten),is of March 30th, 1640, 
when he gave a power of attorney to Aert Gerritsen to collect money coming 
to him, probably a legacy, from the estate of his deceased aunt (Susanna EU- 
fertsen), of Hoorn in Holland. May loth, 1640, he had a son Gerrit baptized 
in New Amsterdam, and several children afterwards. From an indenture of 
June 15th, 1643, of Albert Cornelisen (Wanetenaer), to Cosyn Gerritsen, it 
appears that he was a wheelwright by trade. May 13th, 1647, he received a 
patent for 34 morgens land on Manhattan Island, adjoining' Van Twiller's 
plantation and the Sapokan wagon road, Putten is a town in Geldcrland, of 
3,233 inhabitants in 1841. 

First Generation. 67 

From vol. iv, p. 239, Dutch Manuscripts, office secretary 
state, Albany, and as translated by Dr. O'Callaghan : ' 

" Nov. 7, 1645. 

" Hans Hansen, Pltff., 

*' Lambert Clomp,' Deft. 
" On payment of 2557?. to deliver the half of a ' shal- 
" oup ' (sloop). 

" Defendant acknowledged to have purchased the sloop, 
" on condition that it was delivered tight and should be sea- 
" worthy. 

" Ordered, if the vendor can prove that the sloop was 
" seaworthy, when the sale took place or afterwards, and 
" that Cornells Teunesen^ neglected or refused to fulfill the 
" contract, then Deft, is condemned to pay according to 
" agreement." 

From vol. IV, p. 251, Dutch Manuscripts, office secretary 
state, Albany, and as translated by Dr. O'Callaghan : 

"Feby 8, 1646. 

" Hans Hansen, Pltff. 

"Lambert Clomp, Deft. 
" For purchase of sloop Pharnambucko. 
" Having seen the suit between Plff. and Deft, for sale 

' Lumbert C/omp or K/omp, and Lambert HuybcrtKn Mot is the same individ- 
ual, under different names. 

= Jan. 2, 1645, Cornells Teunissen mortgaged a house on Manhattan Island 
to Thomas Willett. July 26th, 1646, he sued John Wilcox for balance of 
wages earned at the South river. May loth, 1647, Cornells Teunissen, shoe- 
maker, obtained a patent for a lot on Manhattan Island. July 3d, 1647, 
Wolfert (ii rritsen (Van Couwenhoven), conveyed to him 32 niorgens of land 
on the north end of the plain in Amesfoort (Flallands). May 9th, 1655, he 

^8 Family Histor 


" of the abovenamed sloop, parties are referred to arbitrators 
*' whom they themselves have chosen, to wit : Frederick 
"Lubbertsenand Jochim Kierstede,' whom we request and 
*' authorize to that end." 

From vol. iv, p. 386, Dutch Manuscripts, office secretary 
of state, Albany, and as translated by O'Callaghan : 
"May 26, 1648. 
"Hendrick Van Dyck, fiscal (Attorney General), ex 
"officio, PltiF., 
" Hans Hatiscn^ Deft. 
" For two metal chambers or gun barrels^ which Deft, 
"assisted one Bastiaen, a sailmaker to carry, etc. 

" PItfF. instituting his demand in writing requests exe- 

" Deft, acknowledges that he helped to carry the barrels, 

complained to the director and council that Andries Hudden claimed his land j 
and June 1st, 1657, he obtained from the director a patent for 25 morgens at 

1 Jochim Kicrsudc was among the early settlers in the colony. Jan. 9th, 
1642, he sued Pieter Fia for slander, on which defendant declared in court that 
he had nothing to say of plaintifFbut what was honorable and good. Feb. 4th, 
1644, he obtained judgment against Sybolt Claesen for a share in a bark! 
Oct. 27th, 1644, he bought of Geerlof Tadicksen and Hendrick Ryft" the half 
of a vessel called the Hope. Oct. nth, 1645, a suit by Thomas Willet and 
Jeuriaen Blanck against Kierstede, for damages alleged to have been suflered 
through defendant's fault, on a voyage to Rhode Island, was referred to arbi- 
trators. April I2th, 1647, Kierstede obtained a patent for a lot on the shores 
of the East river, on Manhattan Island. Kierstede, a ship owner, and Lub- 
bertsen, at one period a boatswain and sailor, were clearly proper persons to 
settle a maritime dispute. 

= A species of guns or cannon. There was a ILirmun Basiiucnscn of New 
Amsterdam, who, wilh other., the West India cump.iny's saw mill 
on Nooten or Governor's Island, Sept. 13th, 1539, who may have been thi. 

First Generation. 69 

"but that he did not know but they belonged to the sail- 
" maker, and proved by witnesses that the sailmaker had 
" long before offered them for sale. 

"The Hon^'^ Director General and Council having seen 
" the written demand of the Fiscal on and against Hans 
" Hansen an inhabitant here, the case being therefore 
" considered, it is found of great consequence, but inasmuch 
*' as said Hans Hansen hath maintained a good character 
" during his 14 years residence in New Netherland, the 
" above fault and the opposition he offered to the Hon''''^ 
" Director are therefore graciously pardoned, on condition 
" that said Hans Hansen shall during the session beg pardon 
" of God and the court ; which Hans Hansen hath done. 
"Wherefore the above fault is forgiven him, and tlie Fiscal's 
"further suit is dismissed." 

See vol. Ill, p. 59, Dutch Manuscripts, office secretary 
state, and vol. in, p. 157, of O'Callaghan's translation 
Dutch Manuscripts : 

" Before me Jacob Hendricksen Kip clerk of Cornelis 
" Van Tienhoven, Secretary of New Netherland, and in 
" the Secretary's absence, appeared, the worthy Harman 
" Bastiaensen,' carpenter, residing at Fort Orange, who in 
" the presence of the undersigned witnesses, constitutes 

' Hiirman Bastiaensen (" Vischer or De Vysilaer," the fisherman, as per 
Albany records), was in New Amsterdam as early as 1639, and probably came 
from Hoorn in Holland, whi-re liis father resided in 1675. In 1639, he with 
others hired the company's saw mill on Nooten, now Governor's Island. In 
1657, he bought of Clacs Hendriclisen a garden plot in Fort Orange (Albany), 
for seventeen whole beavers, which plot he sold in August of the same year to 
Williani Hofnieyer for 260^/. In 1662, he sold a houi.e and lot in the same 
jilace to Carsten Claessen, and in I 67(1, a house and lot to CJiorge Heathcote. 
He m. Hester Tierkse, was bum iji 1619, and died pricn lo 1693. (See iii), 
33 and 34 of Albany county records.) 


70 Family History. 

" and empowers, as he doth hereby, Isaac de Foreest,' a 

"resident here, to ask, demand, and collect, in his the 

" principal's name, from Hans Hansen^ ship carpenter, 

"residing at present on Long Island, the sum of one hun- 

" dred and twenty-five guilders, due him the principal," i 

etc., etc. ' 

"This done and signed with the witnesses hereunto I 

"invited this 19th August, 1649, New Amsterdam, j 

" Harman Bastiaensen. 1 

" Johannes Rodenberch, witness." i 

From New York Colonial Manuscripts, 22-120, trans- 
lated by Dr. O'Callaghan : 

" Whereas the late Hans Hansen from Berghen in Nor- 
"way is indebted in the Books of the West India Company 
" at Amsterdam in Holland, the sum of seven hundred 
" eight and seventy guilders ; And whereas the Widow of 
" the aforesaid Hans Hansen has again married Thcunis 
" Gysberts Bogard, which Theunis Gysberts Bogaert hath 
" offered to discharge the aforesaid debt, if he could satisfy 
" it by paying in Wampum value, two for one, and although 
"the aforesaid sum of /. 778 ought to be paid in Bea- 
" ver value ; yet it being considered that it is an old 
" debt, not contracted by Theunis Gysberts Bogard, but 


^ Isaac Jc Foreest, a Huguenot, was a son of Hendrick de Forecst and Gertr 
Bornstra, who owned the bouwery on Manhattan Island, known as Vredendacl^ 
which after his death was sold to Johannes la Montagne. Hendrick died prior 
to 1638, and his widow, after his death, married Andrics Hudden. Isaac, who 
cmigrate'd about 1635, was a liquor dc.ler, a wdghn.astcr in 1654, schepen in 
,658, had his residence and store on " Brouwer," now Stone street, and 
in addition to building plots in New Amsterdam, obtained May 15th, 1647, a 
patent for 50 morgens at Haerlem, on Manhattan Island, and Dec. 1st, 1655, 
one for 27 mo.gens at Midwout (Flatbush). He died about 1673, leaving a 
widow, Sarah du Trieur, and has numerous descendants in this state. 

First Generation. 71 

"by his predecessor; and that debts of this nature, have 
" been paid both by the late Dutch Government and in the 
" time of Colonel Richard Nicolls, my predecessor, in 
"Wampum, two guilders for one ; the same is permitted 
"and allowed to the said Theunis Gysberts Bogard ; where- 
" upon the aforesaid sum of y?. 778, in Wampum value, 
"two for one, being in Wampum y?. 1556, is paid by the 
"aforesaid Theunis Gysberts to M^ Isaac Bedloo in quality 
"as commissioner. Therefore I do hereby acknowledge 
*' to be satisfied as regards the aforesaid debt which the late 
" Hans Hansen from Berghen in Norway owed to the 
" aforesaid West India Company. I therefore promise to 
" indemnify and exonerate the Widow and heirs of the 
" abovcnamed Hans Hansen from Berghen in Norway, 
" from all further claims against her by the aforesaid 
" Company. 

"In testimony this is signed in New York the 13th 
" October A° i6ji. 

" (Indorsed) Copy of acquittance for 

" Hans Hansen. 


For what Hans Hansen became indebted to the company 
we have no account. The directors in Holland in 1639, 
to encourage emigration, in addition to a free passage to 
farmers and their families, promised to furnish them on 
their arrival for six years with a farm suitable for the 
plough, a dwelling house, a barn, suitable number of labor- 
ers, four horses, an equal number of cows, sheep, and swine 
in proportion, with the necessary farming implements ; for 
which they were to pay a yearly rent of 100 gl. or $40, 
and 80 pounds of butter. On the expiration of the lease, 
the tenant to return the same number of cattle received on 
entering into possession, retaining for liimself whatever 

72 Family History. 

increase there might have been from the original stock.' 
It may be that Hansen availed himself of the promises of 
1639, and that he neglected to return or pay for the stock 
furnished for his farm at the Wallabout, and thus became 
indebted to the company. 

According to the entries on the records of the Protestant 
Reformed Dutch C^hurch in the city of New York, the 
following are the children of Hans Hansen Bi:rgen and 
Surah Rapalie : — 

2. I. Anneken^ dau. of " Hans Noorman," bapt. July 

22d, 1640; witnesses, d' H"^ Willem Kieft and 
Teuntje Jeurgien. 

3. 11. Brecktje^ dau. of " Hans Hanszen Noorman," bapt. 

July 27th, 1642; witnesses, Jan Montfoortand 
Sarah Planck. =" 

4. III. Jan^ son of " Hans Hanszen de Noorman," bapt. 

April 17, 1644 ; witnesses, Jan Montfoort, Jan 
Snyderkin and Annekin Bogardus.s 

5. IV. M'uhicl^ sun of "Hans Hanzen Noorman," bapt. 

Nov. 4th, 1646; witnesses, Michiel Pauluszen,'^ 
Picter Janszen Noorman, and Janneken 

» Devoe's Market Book, vol. 1, p. 14. 

^ Sarah Planck was the wife of Pieter Monf'oort. 

3 y-Innekin Bogardui was probably Annuke Jans, of Trinity Church memory, 
and Jan Snyderkin was Jan. Snedeker. 

* Michiel Pauluzen (Vandervoort), m. Marretje, daughter of Joris Jansen 
Rapalie, consequently a brother-in-law of Hans Hansen. In 1657, his name 
appears among the small burgers of New Amsterdam. In 1655 his wife, who 
probably had property in her own right, was assessed 6ji. to repair the fortifica- 
tions of New Amsterdam. 

5 There was a Pieter Janszen in tlie colony as early as July 12th, 1638, a 
surgi'oii, wiio, with Huyck Aertscn (V.iii Ros.sum), M.uch nth, i 646, obtained 
a p.ileiit till 74 iiiorgenb ami 106 lodb of l.ind on Mind. 'y,aiH'jU)i 
Rapalje wab a sister of Sara, Hanse's wife, and wife of i'ietcr \ m\ Nest. 

First Generation. 73 

6. V. Joris^ son of "Hans Hanszen," bapt. July i8th, 

1649 J witnesses, Paiilus Leendertszen/ and 
Marritie Lievens or Lives. ^ 

7. VI. Marritje^ dau. of " Hans Hanszen," bapt. Oct. 

8th, 1 65 1 J witnesses, Pieter Corneliszen,^ Judith 
Joris,^ and Annetje Laurens. 

8. VII. "Jacoh^ son of " Hans Hanszen," bapt. Sept. 21st, 

1653 ; witnesses, Adriaen Blommart,^ and 
Catalyn Joraszy,^ 

9. VIII. Catalyn^ dau. of " Hans Hanszen " (a twin with 

Jacob), bapt. Nov. 30th, 1653 ; witnesses, Aert 
Willemszen^ and his wife. 

Of these Catalyn probably died young, for Sarah, their 
mother, as previously stated, in her petition of the 4th of 
April, 1656, sets forth that she is burdened with seven 
children, the old records showing no certain trace of Cat- 
alyn, with the exception of the entry of her baptism. 

' Paulus Leendertszcrt [Van Degrht) commanded tlie ship Neptune in 1644, 
and the ship Dolphin in 1654, in both of which he sailed from New Amster- 
dam to the West Indies. In 1647 he was a member of the council, in 1654 
a schepen, and in 1658 a burgomaster of New Amsterdam, residing on Broad- 
way, between Morris and Rector streets. 

^ March 3d, 1644, Marritie Liues, Li-vens ox Z./iri'fni, sued Jan Snedeker 
for slander. 

3 Pietcr Corneliszen in 1 644, was appointed the company's house carpenter • 
in 1652 one of the nine men; February 8th, 1646, obtained a patent for 27 
morgens in Brooklyn; and October 6th, 1646, for a lot in New Amsterdam. 

4 Judith 'JiJiis, daughter of Joris Jansen Rapalie, and wife of Pietcr Van 

'' yjiirian Blummart came to New Netherland in 1644, in the ship Prince 
Mauritz, where he was engaged in mercantile pursuits. In 1657, he sold 
house and lot next the city hall to Rem Jansen Vandcrbeeck, for 4020^/. 

^ Cataitnc Jorai-zy, daughter of Joris Jansen Rapalie, and wife of Jeremias 

^ ^frt fVillc?nsz(nvi2iS in this country as early as January, 1642. December 
7tli, 1645, Harry Breser sued Aert for labor; defendant's wife appeared and 
promised to pay after Christmas. Her name not ascertained. 

74 Family History. 

Sarah Rapalje's children by Bogaert, baptized in New 
York, as near as has been ascertained, were : Aertie Tunisen 
or Jnthonis^ baptized Dec. 19th, 1655, m. Oct. 14th, 
1677, Theodorus Polhemius;' Catalyntje Tunisen^ baptized 
Dec. i6th, J 657, m. Nov. i6th, 1679, Jun Tunisen 
Denyse f Neeltje Tuniscfi^ baptized Feb. 22d, 1660, died 
young; Jaltjc Tunisen^ baptized Nov. 13th, 1661, m. Dec. 
nth, 1681, at Hergen, N. J., CorneHs Claasz,3of Hasymes 
or Hasieens (Harsimus), N. J.; Antje ox Annetje Tunistti 
(a twin), baptized Aug. 23d, 1665, m. Juris Abramse 
Brinckerhoti';'" Neeltje Tunisen^ baptized Aug. 23d, 1665, 

' The children of Theodorus Polhnriius and Aartje Tunisen were : Tunis, 

born , m. Sarah Emmans ; Sara, baptized April i8th, i68oj Elizabeth, 

baptized Nov. 20th, 1681, died young; Johannes, baptized July 20th, 1685; 
Elizabeth, baptized Nov. 5th, 1693; and Abram, baptized March 19th, 1697, 
m. Gertrude, daughter of Jacob Remsen. 

*The children of Jan Tunisen Deriys: and Catalyntje Tunisen were : Fem- 
metje Tunisen, baptized August 8th, 1680; Tunis Tunisen, bapt. July i6th, 
1682 J Sara Tunisen, baptized Feb. ist, 1685 ; and Abraham Tunisen, baptized 
Sept. 19th, 1699. Jan Tunisen Denyse settled on the Raritan, near Somer- 
ville, N. J., where his descendants are known as Tunisens, having, like those 
of his brother Cornells, dropped the Denyse. His children were baptized on 
Long Island, except Abraham, who was baptized in New Jersey. 

3 The children of Cornelis Claasz and Aaltjc Tunisen were : Claas, baptized 
April 2d, 1689, at Bergen, N. J., and HiUegont, baptized June 6th, 1700, at 
Bergen, N. J. 

4 The children of Antje or Annetje Tunisen and Joris Abramse BrinckerhofF 
were: Sara, supposed born Dec. i8th, 1690, baptized May loth, 1691, in 
New York ; Susanna, born March 4th, baptized April 2d, 1693 ; Abraham, 
born Dec. loth, 1694, baptized May 5th, 1695; Teunis, born March 29th, 
baptized May 9th, i 697, m. Elizabeth Ryder ; Isaac, born April 26th, baptized 
May 28th, 1699, m. Diana, daughter of Derick Brinckerhoff; Aaltje, born 
April 13th, baptized April 1 8th, 1704, m. Cornelis Rapalje j Neeltje, born 
July 22d, baptized Sept. 8rh, 1706; Hendrick, born Jan. 2d, baptized March 
13th, 1709, m. Lametje, daughter of Daniel Rapalje; and Antie, born Oct. 
4th, 171 2, m. Abraham Rapalje, all of whom were baptized in Brooklyn, 
except Sarah and Antie. Rikcr, in his Annals of Newtown, has erroneously 
t.iken this Anmije Tunis to be the daughter of Tunis Jansz Coevers, instead 
of Tuni.s Gy.bcrtse Bogaert, both of which individuals h.iving daughters of 

First Generation. 75 

m. Aug. 22d, 1687, Cornells Tuniscn Denyse ;' and 
Gysbert Tunisen^ baptized Dec, 5th, 1668, m. April i6th, 
1689, Jannetje Symonse Van Arsdalen ; all baptized 
in New York, except Aaltje, who was baptized in 

The following is a sketch of the westerly part of 
Hans Hansen Bergen's patent, as shown on Butt's map of 
Brooklyn, and as made evident from conveyances, 
wills, etc., made by the successors of l\inis Cjysbertsen 
Bogaert : — 

this name, and both being designated as Tunisens, or children of Tunis, an 
error in consequence of similarity of names, difficult to avoid. The dates of 
the above births, except Sarah's, are taken from Riker's Newtown. 

' The children of Cornclis Tunisen Denyse and Nicltje Tunisen were : Tunis 

Tunisen, born , m. Adriaentje ; Abraham Tunisen, baptized 

March 8th, 1699, died young; Abraham Tunisen, baptized Sept. 26th, 1700, 

m. Mella ; Jan Tunisen, baptized April 20th, 1704, m. (supposed) 

Pieternelletje Bogaert ; Sara Tunisen, baptized April 3d, 1706; Denyse Tunisen, 

baptized April 28th, 1708, m. Saertje ; Cornelis Tunisen Denyse, 

settled on the Raritan, near Somerville, N. J., where all his children, except 
Tunis, were baptized, and where his descendants, like those of his brother, 
Jan Tunisen, are known as Tunisens. There is some reason to suppose that 
the Van Middelswaerts, of that locality, are also his descendants, they having 
dropped both the Denyse and Tunisen, but of this, have seen no positive 

^ The children of Gysbert Tunisen Bogaert and Jannetje were : Tunis, who 
m. Oct. 20th, 1711, Catharine, daugliter of Joseph Hegeman ; Sara, baptized 
August 4th, 1690, m. April 20th, 1717, Abraham Schenck ; Symon, baptized 
Nov. 5th, 1693, "*• Nov. l6th, 1716, Margrietje Van Eeck ; Gysbert, Jr., 
111. Nov. 17th, 1719, Marrttje Bergen j (supposed) Cornelis, m. Cornelia, and 
settled on the Raritan, N. J. j Fcternelletje, baptized Dec. 20th, 1699; and 
Maria, bapti/cd June I 6th, 1702. 

The following is a fac simile of the signature of Tunis Gysbertse Bogaert : — 

'6 Family History. 

The following is an abridgment of the chain of title of 
the westerly portion (some i6o acres) of Hans Hansen 
Bergen's patent, to the period when owned by the parties 
whose names appear on Butts's map : 

Teunis Gysbertsen Bogaert came into possession by 
marrying Hansen's widow, and by procuring a confirmatory 
patent in his own name from the English governor, as herein 
before set forth. By the deed of Isaac Remsen to his 
brother, Jeremias Remsen, of their father. Rem Jansen 
Vanderbeeck's plantation, dated March 27th, 1704, it 
appears that Teunis Gysbertsen was then yet in possession, 
they bounding their premises on the north by his lands. 
No evidence has been seen of his having left a will, or of 
the particulars of the division of his property among his 
children. In consequence of being found in possession, it 
may however be fairly inferred that his son Gysbert became 
the owner, either by will or purchase of at least a portion, 
if not the whole, of the westerly part of the patent, desig- 
nated as of Boerum, Remsen, and Schols, on the aforesaid 
map. If no will, as heir at law, he may have inherited the 
whole patent. 

Dec. 22d, 1729, for £675, Gysbert conveyed to his son 
Gysbert, Jr., 76 acres of land, bounded northerly by land 
of Cornelius Bogaert, northeasterly by land of James 
Bobin (patent of Lambert Huybertsen Mol), westerly by 
land of James Bobin and Thomas Fardon, northerly and 
easterly by land of Daniel Bodit, southerly by land of 
Jeremiah Remsen (formerly of Rem Jansen Vanderbecck), 
and westerly by the water side.' 

Gysbert Bogaert, Jr., for X700, conveyed, June 27th, 
I74i» to Jeremiah Remsen the premises he obtained from 
his father.^ Jeremiah Remsen, for £300, conveyed said 

' Deed not recorded. 
* DcL-d not recorded. 


First Generation. 77 

premises, Jan. 28th, 1742, to his son Abraham Remsen.^ 
Abraham Remsen, for X500, conveyed said premises, April 
loth, 1795, to his sons Jeremiah Remsen and Abraham 
Remsen, Jr.^ By a deed of May ist, 1793, from William 
Remsen to the said Jeremiah Remsen and Abraham Remsen, 
Jr. (since known as Abraham A. Remsen), they became 
possessed as tenants in common of some 140 acres of 
upland, meadows and swamp, designated as of Schols and 
Remsen on Butts's map, covering the original farms of 
Gysbert Bogaert, Jr., and that of Cornelius Bogaert. 
Sept. 14th, 1795, partition deeds were executed by the 
parties, when Abraham Remsen, Jr. (Abraham A. Remsen), 
and Ann, his wife, conveyed to Jeremiah Remsen their 
interest in the southerly one-half (70I acres), of the premises 
they jointly owned. ^ Jeremiah Remsen, by will dated Sept. 
14th, 1826,'* devised his property to his wife and children. 
April 6th, 1 83 1, Physche, widow of Jeremiah Remsen, 
Jane his daughter, and Tunis Johnson her husband, Ann 
his daughter, and Jacob Messerole her husband, and 
Matilda and Abigal his daughters, conveyed their father's 
farm of 70^ acres to James Schols. s 

At the date of the conveyance by Gysbert Bogaert to 
his son Gysbert, Jr., Cornelius Bogaert, another of the sons 
of said Gysbert, appears by the boundaries in the deed to 
have owned the land lying north of the premises conveyed. 
This Cornelius afterwards settled on the Raritan, in New 
Jersey, and his brother Teunis appears to have come into 
possession of some 75^ acres of his above referred to 

' Deed not recorded. 

^ Lib. 21, p. 21 3, of con., office register county of Kings. 

3 Lib. 21, p. 209, of con., office register county of Kings. 

4 Lib. 5, p. 50, office surrog.ite county of Kings. 

5 Lib. 31, p. 50, of con., office register county of Kings. 


78 Family History. 

Brooklyn lands. The conveyances making these changes 
of ownership have not been seen. 

Tuenis Bogaert, son of Gysbert, and grandson of Teunis 
Gysbertsen, had children, Guisbert ; Isaac, baptized Nov. 
2d, 1718; Adrian, baptized Dec. i8th, 1720 ; Abraham, 
baptized April 21st, 1723; Maria, baptized March 28th, 
1725 ; Cornelis, baptized March 2d, 1729 ; Antie ; Jan- 
netie ; and Tunis. Isaac, Adrian, Abraham, Maria, and 
Cornelis were baptized on Staten Island ; Jannetie and 
Tunis were dead at the date of their father's will, both 
leaving surviving children. From the baptisms it is evident 
that Tuenis resided, at least from 1718 to 1730, on Staten 
Island, but at the date of his will appears to have resided 
on his Brooklyn farm at the Wallabout. By his will, dated 
June 2d, 1767, proved April 27th, 1768,' he devised the 
northerly one-half (37I acres), of his Wallabout farm to 
his son Adrian, and the southerly one-half (37^ acres), to 
his son Cornelius. April 13th and 14th, 1775,^ Adrian 
Bogert and Magdalena his wife, for X1225, conveyed his 
share of his father's farm to Jareb Bloom. Bloom, by 
will dated March 3d, 1797, devised the use of said farm to 
his son Barent and Maria his wife during life, and after 
their death to Barent's children. March 5th, 18 16, for 
$12,500, Barent Bloom and wife, Jacob B. Bloom, Jane 
Bloom, Phebe Bloom, Magdalena, wife of Abraham Boerum, 
and Elizabeth wife of Peter Ousterman, children of said 
Barent Bloom, conveyed said farm to Abraham A. Rem- 
sen.3 March 9th 18 16, for $12,500, Abraham A. Remsen 
conveyed the property to Abraham Boerum.' March 8th, 

■ Rctordcii, ofhcc burrogati; ut Nc\ 


Ilk, lili. z(>, p. 2 10. 

MX-ed not rccunk-d. 

3 Recutdcd lib. IJ, !>. 46i,(.f ton , 


(.• register loiuuy Kings. 

-t Recorded lib. 11,1). 45*^> of ton., 


ce legibter county K-ingb. 

First Generation. 79 

1774, Cornelius Rogaert and Margaret his wife, for ^1075 
conveyed his share of his father's farm (371 acres) to' 
Abraham Remsen.' April 27th 1793, Abrah;m Rem'sen 
conveyed sa.d premises to his son William Remsen.^ May 
1st, 1793, William Remsen and Achee his wife for ^1750 
conveyed said premises to his brothers, Jeremiah and 
Abraham (A.) Rcmsen,3 who, by this conveyance, and by 
one from their father, Abraham Remsen, of April loth 
1795, became owners of about 140 acres, as hereinbefore' 
set forth. Sept. 14th, 1795, partition deeds were executed 
by the parties, when Jeremiah Remsen and Syntie his wife 
conveyed to Abraham A. Remsen their interest in the 
northerly one-half (70} acres) of the premises they jointly 
owned,4 thus making said Abraham A. the sole owner of 
said northerly one-half. 

From a deed of May 3d, 1768, of Abraham Bogert to 
Jacobus Debevoise, John Titus, A. Stockholm, and 
1 homas Sk.llman, church wardens of the Dutch Church 
m, of a plot in the village of Bushwick, for a 
school house, it is evident that this Abraham, who was 
probably a son of Tunis, one of the sons of Guysbert 
Tun.sen, at that period owned a part of the original 
patent. ^ 

' Deed filed in office register county Kings. 
= Deed filed in office register county Kings. 
3 Deed filed in office register county Kings 
^Recorded lib. .,, p. ,09, of con., office register county Kings. 

80 Family History. 


The descendants of Hans Hansj-n Bergi:n and Sarah 

2. Aneken (or Annetje) Hansen Bergen, baptized in 
New Amsterdam, July 22d, 1640 ; m. Jan. 17th, 1661, 
Jan Ckrcq of Brazil ; witnesses, Teunis Gysbertse 
(Bogaert), stcp-flither of the bride, and Jan Jorissen 
(Rapalie), uncle of the bride. Jan Clercq died Nov. 15th, 

Peb. 7th, 1657, '■'■Jan de Clerk's" name appears among 
the residents of the Wallabout, and was taxed 6 fl. towards 
the payment of Dominie Polhemius's salary. March 1st, 
1660, his name, written " Jean Le Cler" appears on the 
petition of Rapalie, Bogaert and others, to the governor and 
council for leave to plant a village at the Wallabout, in sight 
of Fort Amsterdam, between the lands of Bogaert and Kip. 
Oct. 2d, 1 66 1, " John Clerk" of Brazil, was admitted a 
member of the Reformed Dutch Church, of Brooklyn. 

She m, (2d), Oct. 8th, 1662, Derek Janse Hooglandt^ of 
Maersevccn, in the province of Utrecht, who emigrated in 
1657, and resided in Flatbush, of which place his family 
was entered on the census of 1698, as consisting of one 
man, one woman, and six children. Sept. 27th, 1662, she 
became a communicant of the Reformed Dutch Church of 
lirooklyn ; witness, Breckjc Hanse, her sister. 

Issue : — 

I. Annetje Dercksen Hooglandt^^ born 1663. 

II. Joris Dercksen Hooglandt ; married April 5th, 1689, 
Catryntje Daemelse Jiighant, of l>rooklyn. 

' Annetje wus One of tlie witnesses examined April 3d, 1679, on a 
inst Titus Sirach of l-'latbush, of improper conduct witli a female. 

Second Generation. 81 

III. William Dercksen Hooglandt ; on the list of those 
who took the oath of allegiance in Flatbush, in 1687, and 
supposed to be a son of Derek Janse, 

IV. Sarah Dercksen Hooglandt ; baptized August 7th, 
1681, in Flatbush; witness, Siourt de Mesrelaan and wife, 
of New York, and Aaltje Pieters, wife of John Gillet. 

V. Lysbeth Dercksen Hooglandt ; baptized March 20th, 
1684, in Flatlands ; witness, Jan Auckersz (Van Nuysc) 
and Martha Jans. 

VI. Neeltje Dercksen Hooglandt; baptized June nth, 
1686, in Flatbush ; witnesses, Frederick Hansen and 
Jannetje Wennels. 

Of these, Annetje and Joris are, without doubt, Jnnetje 
Hansen's children ; the three last named are entered on the 
Reformed Dutch Church records of Flatbush as children 
of Dirck Janse Hoogland and Annetje P'eddens, who may 
have been intended for Jnnetje Hansen^ but of this there is 
no certainty, and considerable doubt. 

3. Breckje (or Rebecca) Hansen Bergen, baptized in 
New Amsterdam," July 27th, 1642; m. Jert Anthonis%e 
Middagh^^ the ancestor of the Middagh family of Brooklyn, 
whose male descendants, although they have disappeared 
from among us, have left as a memorial Middagh street in 
said city. Sept. 27th, 1662, she became a communicant 
of the Dutch Church of Brooklyn. 

Issue : — 

I. "Jan Aersen Middagh, of the ferry ; baptized Dec. 24th, 

^ Acrt Antkonisze (or .Tcunizen) Middagh, emigrated from Heykoop or 
Heikop, a village in the province of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, in the ship 
Beaver, in May, 1661, and became a member of the Reformed Dutch church, 
of Brooklyn, April 9th 1664. His dtjsccndants, who, in the first generation, 
gciici.illy .hided " Aciitn " tu their Christian name, owned large tracts of land 
in the i.iiy ot Brooklyn, in the vicinity of Henry, and on both sides of Fulton 

82 Family History. 

1662; died prior to 1710J witnesses, "Jan Hansen (Bergen) 
and Catrina de Rappalie." On the baptismal record Middagh 
is stated to be of the Wallabout. Jan signed his name Jayi 
Aersen; m. (ist), Adriaentje Bleyclc, daughter of Cornelis 
De Potter,' and widow of Johannes Nevius, owned some 
200 acres of land on the East river east of Fulton street, 
Brooklyn, afterward of Comfort and Joshua Sands ; m. 
(2d), Jan. 4th, J690, Elizabeth Smit, widow of Peter Smit. 
His will is dated Aug. nth, 1707, and proved June 6th, 
1709. His children by his first wife were : Helena Middagh, 
who m. Christopher Hooglandt ; Matthaus Middagh, bap- 
tized Oct. 5th, 1679 ; m. Mary or Maria j David 

Middagh, baptized Dec. i8th, 1681 ; m. Heylke i 

Aert Middagh, m. Elizabeth . By second wife, 

Pieter Middagh ; Catharine Middagh ; Johannes Middagh j 
and Cornelis Middagh. 

There was a Derick Middagh, who settled on the Raritan 
about 1683 or 4, m. Katalyntje Van Nest, and had child- 
ren baptized in the Raritan church: Pieter, Sept. 26th, 
1699; Derick, March 23d, 1703; Theunis, Aug. 28th, 
1704; Joris, April 26th, 1709; and Gerrit, April 30th, 

' Cornclh de Potter bought Herry IJrcser's plantation Aug. 29th, 165 1, land 
of John Haes Jan. 4th, 1652, and over two morgcns of Cornelis Dercksen 
Hooglandt, ferryman, Dec. 3d, 1652, all located in Brooklyn. Breser's 
plantation, at tlie time of de Potter's purchase, rented to Thomas Steven- 
sen, Breser agreeing to build a dwelling house thereon, and Stephensen a tobacco 
house, which he was to leave at the end of his term on the ground, in consid- 
eration of which, Breser was to furnish the nails and a half barrel of beer. In 
consequence of Breser's failing to perform his part of the contract, Stephensen 
commenced a suit against him Nov. 18th, 1652. De Putter built the first 
three masted vessel in the country, called the " New Love," as per p. 535 of 
Valentine's Manual, of 1855. He and Culeam Wys owned the bhip Spotted 
Cow in 1651, in which many of the eaily emigrants in the colony arrived. 
Elizabeth, another daughter of de I'otter, m. I'ieter Delanoy. De Potter died 
piioriojuly, 1661, and April 2d, 1679, Swantje Jans, his widow, m. jcn 
Strycker of Flatbush. There is some doubt about dc I'oiicr being the surname 
of Cornelis, the probability being that it was his occupation. 

Second Generation. 83 

17 1 2. This Derick Middagh may have been, and most 
probably was, a son of "Jan Aersen Middagh by his first wife. 

II. Garret Aerseny[^\AAz^^ born in Brooklyn; died, 1710; 
m. Sept. 25th, i69i,Cornelia JanseCowenhoven. Will dated 
Sept. 8th, 1709, proved Sept. 21st, 17 10. (See lib. 7, p. 
486, surrogate's office. New York.) His farm of 3o 
acres was located at Brooklyn ferry, on the west side of 
Fulton street. His children were : Breckje Middagh, 
baptized August 27th, 1692, m. Gleaves ; Jan Middagh, 
of Brooklyn, baptized August 13th, 1693, m. Hanna or 

Johanna ; Dina Middagh, baptized May 9th, 

1697, died 1789, m. George Rapalje ; and Aert Middagh, 
of Brooklyn, baptized March 9th, 1707, m. Magdalene 

HI. i)^rr/^ y/^rx^« Middagh, born ; died 1710; m. 

Catalyntje , and resided in Flushing. His will is dated 

Sept. 14th, 1 710, proved Oct. 20th, 1710, and had children: 
Judith Middagh, baptized May 21st, 1696, died young; 
Cornelis Middagh, baptized June 13th, 1698, died young; 
Benjamin Middagh, m. (supposed) Aug. 9th, 1749, Anna 
Stryker ; Deborah Middagh ; and Samuel Middagh. 

IV. Aert Aersen Middagh, m. Lysbet , and settled on 

the Raritan river in New Jersey. His children, baptized in 
the Somerville Reformed Dutch Church, were : Ariaantje 
Middagh, baptized Sept. 17th, 1699; Annctje Middagh, 
baptized August 24th, 1701 ; Lysbet Middagh, baptized 
April 1 8th, 1704; and (supposed) Helen Middagh, bap- 
tized March I 2th, 17 10. 

V. llcUn Acncn Miildagh, m. VViUem Davidsz, and had 
children : Helena Davidsz, Aards Davidsz, and Laurens 

VI. Lysbet Aersen Middagh, m. Peter Staats, and had a son 
Pieter Staats, baptized Feb. i6th, 1690. 

VII. (Supposed) ll^illiiun Aersen Middagh, m. Styntje . 

84 Family History. 

4, Jan Hansen Bergen, baptized in New Amsterdam, 
April 17th, 1644; living as late as 1715, and possibly as 
late as 1730 ; m. Jannetje Teunis^ daughter of Teunis 
Denyse (sometimes written Nysen, Nyse, or Nyssen), of 
Gowanus, who survived her husband, and died a short time 
previous to 1735. "Jannetje was baptized Dec. 22d, 1641, 
in New Amsterdam ; witnesses, Michiel ter Heyken, fiscaal ; 
Rachel Vynen, and Pctroncl Lupolt. 

The first notice of Jan Hansen on our old records after 
his baptism is in the following :^ March i8th, 1662, was 
made "a kind request to the Director General and Council 
of New Netherlands, if it will please them to present us 
the grant of a parcel of woodland situated between the 
land of Joris Rapalje, next to the old path to the Bay. 
Done at the Waelebocht." Was signed. 

Jan Joris Rapailje, 
Teunis Gysbert Bogaert, 


Hendrick Sweers,3 
MiCHiEL Hansen (Bergen),-* 
Jan Hansen (Bergen). 

" The request is granted to the supplicants, provided 
that they shall place their dwellings within a concentration, 
which shall suit them best, but not to make a new concen- 
tration. "s 

The object of having the dwellings of the settlers placed 

'See vol. X, p. 88, of Dutcli Manuscripts, office secretary state, Albany. 

* There was a Cornells Jacohse assessed in Flatbush, in 1675. 

^ y/cw^y^/i/' i'wi-f/i, a soldier, was pardoned Jan. 3d, 1657, for accidentally 
wounding Capt. Nuton. 

■* The puit in parenthesis not in the original, which is tlie case in all similar 
instances in tiiis woi k wliere iianics in |).ircnthesis .iic added. llndcr tiiis 
JlHilicition the |ietitiuiiers obtained twenty niorgens or loity acies apiece, at 

5 Vol. X, p. 88, Dutch Manuscripts, office secretary of state. 

Second Generation. 85 

in a concentration, or close together, was, to facilitate their 
being surrounded with palisades and fortified, as a protection 
against the Indians. There may at this time have been a 
concentration of buildings at Bedford, but the probability 
is one was formed after this date, it being known at a later 
period as a hamlet, and called in Thomas Lambertse's' 
confirmatory patent of F'eb. i8th, 1666, the village of New 

Under this application patents for twenty morgen or forty 
acres were granted to each of the six applicants, and probably 

> Thomas Lumbcrne, fVotn NaerJen or Naarden, a fortified town of 2,590 
inhabitants in 1841, in the province of North Holland, in the Netherlands, 
emigrated in I 651, was a carpenter, residing on the south side of the present 
Pearl street, in New Amsterdam in 1664, and afterwards removed to his 
Bedford patent, selling his premises of 50 feet front on Pearl street in 1684 to 
Philip Smith for £150. He m. Nov. 27th, 1654, Jannetje Jans or Juriansz, 
widow, and had issue: Lysbet Thomas, baptized April z6th, 1656, and 
Lambert Thomas, baptized May 26th, 1658. Hendrick Suydam, a son of 

Hendrick Rycken, m. Bennetie , settled in Bedford, named his second 

son Lambert, from whom the name of Lambert has been continued in the 

Suydam family, and from, which it may be inferred that this Bennetie 

was in some way related, to Thomas Lambertse ; she may have been his 
daughter, or grand-daughter. April id, 1682, Thomas Lambertse of Jamaica, 
and Janitie Jurrians, his wife, were witnesses at baptism of Agatha, daugiiter 
of Jan Thyszj and May 17th, i TsSC, a Thomas Lambertse's name appears 
among the patentees on Gov. Dongan's patent of Jamaica. In 1687, 
Thomas Lambertse, of Brooklyn, took the oath of allegiance to the British 
government, and Dec. 27th, i68y, "Thomas Lammertsc " was commissioned 
lieutenant of the Brooklyn foot company. May 14th, 1700, Thomas Lam- 
bertse, of Bedford, for .£50, sold three acres, located on the highway in that 
locality, also his Bedford farm, as per patent of Gov. NicoUs, of Feb. 18th, 
1666, to Leftert Pieterse, the ancestor of the Leti'ert family. (See lib. 2, p. 
213, of con., register's office. Kings county.) If the Thomas Lambertse from 
Naerden is the same as the Thomas Lambertse of the Jamaica patent, then he 
evidently removed back to Brooklyn from Jamaica. On the list of tlie owners 
of houses and lots in New York in 1674, on p. 322 of Valentine's History of 
City of New York, " Thomas Lamberts " is entered as the owner of a second 
class house in Pearl, between Whitehall and State streets in said city, and on 
page 316, " Tomas Lambertsen " is entered as assessed in 1655, 6Ji. for the 
repairs of the fortifications of Now Amsterdam. 

86 Family History. 

to others, who may have been their associates, whose names 
do not appear on the application. One of these was a 
patent to Thomas Lambertse, of May 15th, 1664, of 24 
Dutch rods (294 feet) in breadth, and 500 Dutch rods 
(6025 feet) in length, lying on the north side of Michael 
(should be Jan) Hansen (Bergen's) patent, which in 1700 
was conveyed to Leffert Pieterse, the ancestor of the Lef- 
ferts family. Jan Hansen {Bergen's) patent was also dated 
May 15th, 1664, and covered the northerly one-half of 
the farm at Bedford, late of Lambert Suydam, and desig- 
nated as that of the widow Lott on Butts's map of Brooklyn. 
April 1 6th, 1697, >''-'« Hansen {Bergen), of Jamaica, 
Queen's county (see lib. 2, p. 140, of con. King's county 
register's office), conveyed his patent to Lucas Coevcrts, of 
Queen's county, " containing by estimation twenty morgen 
" or forty acres more or less, bounded south by Machiel 
" Hanse (Bergen), and north by Derick Janse hooglandt, in 
" breadth four and twenty rod East and West, in length five 
"hundred rod, all Dutch measure, and as per patent from 
" Petrus Stuyvesant the Dutch Governor then at that time 
"being, dated the fifteenth day of Alay, 1664, may ap- 
" pear," etc. 

On the same date, April i6th, 1697, Lucas Coeverts, of 
Madman's Neck, Queen's county, and Barbara his wife 
conveyed John Hansen's patent, by the same boundary, to 
Hendrick Rycken (Suydam), of King's county. (See lib. 
2, p. 142, of con. King's county register's office.) 

April 20th, 1698, for ^150, Hendrick Rycken and Idye 
his wife conveyed the same premises, by the same boundary, 
to Hendrick Hendricksen (Suydam), his son. (See lib. 2 
p. 168, of con. King's county register's office.) 

Hendrick Hendricksen Suydam, by will dated Au^^ust 
28th, 17 JO, devised his homestead, comprising these prennses 
and the adjoining patent of Michael Hansen Bergen, to his 

Second Generation. 87 

son Hendrick. From Hendrick Suydam, the property 
passed to his son Lambert Suydam, whose daughter Maria 
married Daniel Lott, and is the widow Lott whose name is 
referred to as appearing on Butts's map of Brooklyn. 

From a deed of Thomas Lambertse, George Jacobs, 
and Tryntje Jooris, wife of said Jacobs, to Lysbeth Thomas 
(probably daughter of said Thomas Lambertse), of May 
loth, 1695 (see lib. 2, p. 53, of con., office King's county reg- 
ister), it appears that Jan Hansen Bergen and Micbiel Hansen 
Bergen^ each owned a tract of salt meadows, at Jamaica 
South, the deed referred to describing "a parcell of 
" meadows lying and being between the third and fourth 
" creeke by and between the meadows of George Jansen 
" ( Rapalje), John hansen and Michill Hansen^'' etc. At 
that early period, in consequence of the absence of the 
present cultivated grasses, a plot of salt meadows which 
afforded a quantity of salt hay, was considered to be abso- 
lutely necessary to every plantation or farm, for the winter- 
ing of the farm stock. 

There is good reason to suppose that these 40 acre patents 
at least covered the farms designated as those of Rem 
Lefferts, James Debevoise, Leffert Lefferts, Rem Lefferts, 
and widow Lott, on Butts's map of Brooklyn, located south 
of the vicinity of Hickory street, east of the Cripplebush road, 
north of the old Jamaica turnpike, or road from Brooklyn 
ferry to Jamaica, fronting on said Cripplebush road, and 
butting with their rears against the patent of Joris Jansen 
Rapalie. They may also have covered the farms lying south 
of said Jamaica turnpike, and east of the Clove road (road 
from Bedford to Flatbush), on which they fronted, up to and 
including that designated as of Jeremiah Remsen on Butts's 
map, but this is more uncertain. These farms include each 
two or more of the original plots, and some of them south 
of the Jamaica turnpike appear to have been so subdivided 

88 Family History. 

as to cut them short of their original length, which probably 
extended to the Hunter Fly (Honden Vley) road, known 
as the hay path in some deeds.' 

It is probable that the Cripplebush road (possibly in some 
places changed from its original track), leading from the 
Wallabout to Bedford, and intersected by the Bushwick 
road, near the corner of Marcy avenue and KUcry street ; 
also the old road (since Jamaica, etc., turnpike), leading from' 
Fulton ferry to Jk-dford, and there intersecting said Crip- 
plebush road; from thence the Clove road, through a 
natural valley, gorge or pass in the hills, in the vicinity of 
Nostrand avenue, to the boundary line between Brooklyn 
and Flatbush ; thence the continuation of said Clove road 
along the south side and foot of the hills a short distance 
westerly, and then bending southerly to its junction with the 
main road in the village of Flatbush, near Nelson's hotel ; 
and thence following said main road through said village of 
Flatbush to the village of Flatlands and the bay, brancliing 
off to Canarisie ; were originally Indian foot paths or trails 
(changed by the early settlers to highways, on which their 
patents fronted), leading to the bay in Flatlands, where their 
principal settlements were located, which bay was at that 
period literally paved with hard clams or Ouahaug, from the 
shells of which their wampum was princip^ly made, the flesh 
affording abundance of food, much of which was dried, 
smoked, strung on strings made of the tendons of animals' 
and used for food by the tribes residing in the interior, who 
in some cases received it as tribute. That portion of the 

' "Strcchint- so far as k\,^ hay path from Bedford aforesaid to the New I otts 
of fflackbush aforesaid." i„ deed from Jacobus Var>dewater to Paulus Richards 
of April 2,st, ,694 (lib. z, p. ,, of co„., register's office King's county). The 
name of « hay path " was probably derived, from the farmers using this road in 
cartmg their salt hay from the meadows they owned bordering on the Jamaica 
bay, m the bounds of the present town of New Lotts, or at Sellers neck, in the 
bounds of Jamaica, which neck is located between the third and- fourth creeks 

Second Generation. 89 

old Flatbush road and turnpike from its intersection near 
the corner of Atlantic and Portland avenues, with the road 
to Bedford and Jamaica, to its intersection with the contin- 
uation of the Clove road near Nelson's tavern in the village 
of Flatbush, as near as can be ascertained, is of more 
modern date than the roads hereinbefore referred to. Its 
course was over the crest of the hills, a steep ascent, which 
the early settlers from the level lands of Holland, when 
possible, avoided, knowing that a load could more easily be 
hauled around a hill than over it. 

Jan Hansen resided for some years at Bedford, probably 
on land obtained through this application. His descendants 
have a tradition that he was the owner of vessels engaged 
in voyages at sea, and that he lost them in a great storm. 
From pages 452 and 456 of vol. 2 of Documents relating 
to the Colonial History of New York, it appears that a 
"Jan Bergen" was skipper or captain of the ship St. Jan 
Baptist, Dec. 31st, 1661, and that he was skipper of the 
ship " Bontekoe " or Spotted Cow, Dec. 31st, 1663.' The 
colonial records also show that in May, 1661, he carried 
to New Amsterdam in the St. Jan Baptist a cargo of emi- 
grants ; also in April, 1663, in the Bontekoe, and in Ajiril, 
1664, in the ship D' Kciuhacht, Concord, or Unity. I'rom 
the books of warrants, orders, etc., in the secretary of 
state's office, Albany, it appears that on the 5th of J^ccem- 
ber, 1664, Cjovcrnor Nicolls, on petition, gave leave to 
"John Bergen," master of the shij) Unity, to ccjme to New 
York with his shi[) and loading of Holland goods the next 
year, and on the 7th of the same month he gave him leave 
to transport to Holland in his ship a number of persons 
who were desirous of leaving the colony. November 1st, 

'Tlic " Sjiottcd Cow " was owiii.d by Cornrlis ilc Potter and CulL-aini Wys, vcibcl brought over a cargo of imiuigrantb in Ainil, 1660. 

90 Family History. 

1664, a suit was pending in the burgermaster's and schepen's 
court of New Amsterdam, between Skipper Jan Bergen, 
plaintiff, and Tamis Dauidts,' defendant, in which the 
plaintiff claimed 340^/. 2 st. in beavers for freight, which, 
after several adjournments, he finally recovered. The Jan 
Bergen named in the above references may have been Jan 
Hanse?!^ taking into consideration the fact of his father 
having been a ship carpenter and the family tradition of his 
iiaviug owned vessels, but if it was, he had command of a 
vessel at the age of eighteen. The matter, however, can- 
not be determined with certainty at this late period. 

In 1674, Jan Hansen, of Bedford, is charged on the 

books of Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff, of Flatlands, with : 

7^ ell serge, at 12 gl. per ell, f. 90 

2-1- " " '' 30 

I pair shoes, 15 

I pair children shoes, 8 

I cow, .. •; ■ 80 

36 gal. Rum at y. 6 - 10 per gal., 270 

1676, Feb. 17, Paid to Tuenis Gisberlsen for Jan 

Hansen, 107 

March 14th, 1675-6, " Jan Hansen" of Bedford, on his 
own behalf, and by virtue of verbal authority of Jan Ven- 
nagar, conveyed to " Claes Pieterse " (Wyckoff), about 12 
morgens of land in Flatlands. On the same date he con- 
veyed, on his own behalf, and by virtue of power from the 

' Tamis DauiJts or Thomas Da-vison, an Englishman, obtained, Dec. 22d, 1669, 
of Gov. Philip Carteret, a patent for a tract in Bergen, N. J., extending from 
New York bay to Newark bay, and December iiih, 1669, another patent for 
land on New York bay, adjoining the previous patent, at a place called Pem- 
brepogh. (See pp. 68 and 69 of Winfield's Hudson County Land Titles.) In 
1661, Da'vison purchased a sloop, and with a negro slave to assist him, did a 
freighting Imsiness between New Amsterdam and Albany, residing in tile 
former i)lacc, and died in 1688. 

Second Generation. 91 

aforesaid Jan Vennagar, to Dierck Jansen/ about i6 
morgens of land, also located in Flatlands." 

On an inventory of the estate of Asser Levy, of the city 
of New York, in 1675, in lib. 19 B., p. 47, New York 
surrogate's office, among the debtors appear John Hans, of 
Bedford, 125 florens, " Theunis Gisberts Bogert," 23/. 
16 St., " Jorsey of the Whaleboght 24/.," and Rem Janse 
(Vanderbek) of the " Whaleboght," 24/ On an inventory 
of the estate of Cornelis Steenwyck, of said city, in 1686, 
in said lib. 19 B., p. 253, Jan Hansen appears to be indebted 
34/., and Theunis Gisberts Bogert 29/. 19 st. " Jorsey " 
was probably intended for Joris Janse Rapalie, who had 
been dead at the above date more than ten years. 

In 1675 " Jan Hansen" was assessed in Brooklyn for 
one poll, two horses, four cows, two do. of 3 years, two 
do. of 2 years, one do. of i year, four hogs, and ten 
morgens of land, the land valued at £20, and the personal 
at £So 10 s. In 1676, for one poll, two horses, six cows, 
one hog, and eighty morgens of land, the land valued at 
0^36, and the personal property at £6() 10 s. 

In 1677, " JohnHans-z. Bergen" ^nd " Jannetje Teunis," 
his wife, of Bedford, were members of the Reformed 
Dutch Church of Brooklyn, and in the same year he is 
entered on the church records as removed to the town of 
Jamaica, where he continued to reside on a farm at Foster's 
river, with probably a mill attached, until his death. 

On the division. May 12th, 1679, of the meadows at 

' Probably Dini J^uncn Amnman, wiio c.unc to tl.i.s cou.itry /rom the 
Nclhfilaiulb in 1650, was abscbscd in Klatlanda in 1675 tor bcVL-n inoigcii, and 
in 1683 tor twenty morgens land. \n 1687 he took the oath of allegiance in 
1689 was appointed ensiyn of the militia of the town, and in i6(;3, was a 
deacon in the church. Me n.. Aaltje Paulus Vanderbeek, and had six sons 
an<i tliree daughters. 

" ri.itiaiuls town records. 

92 Family History. 

the farther East Neck, among the inhabitants of Jamaica, 
" "John Hansen " and Thomas Okley, of Foster's Mead- 
ows, were allotted twenty acres between them. (See Ja- 
maica records, vol. i, p. 39,) 

March 2, 1682, " Eenamant and Mongowack," Indians 
of " Recowack" (Rockaway), petitioned the governor and 1 

council to " confirm the sale and grant a patent to ' 'Jan j 

'' Hanse^ Jerome Rapalje, and John Tunisen, who had 1 

" purchased lands from them at Rockaway." In this peti- 
tion they set forth " that they, out of old acquaintance ! 
" sake and Love, have freely Given and Granted, without I 
" any persuasion or seduction of any person or persons, j 
"unto Jan Hansen^ Jerome Rapale and Jan Theunissen/ ' 
" a certain Neck of land being and Laying att Long Island, 
" in the North West point of Recowack, Beginning from 
" a certain Creeke called Cockwas, running from thence ; 
"South by West to another Kill called Hapex, and further 
" to the other side of the River or Plaine." 

March 13th, 1682, the commander-in-chief of the 
colony, Capt. Antony Brockholls, who, on the retirement 
of Andros, acted as governor, sent a letter to the constable 
and overseers of Hempstead, notifying them of the above 
application, and inquiring whether the premises had previ- 
ously been purchased by the town, or were free and at the 
disjKJsal of the Indians, and calling for a report.- 

March i6th, 1682, Nathaniel Pearsall, on behalf of the 
town, remonstrated against the petition of " ^)ohn hansone^ 
" Jerome Rapalie, and John Tunisen," claiming the lands 
in question to be within the bounds of Hempstead, a part 

'Frobalily Jcrutnui Ra^iuitc, oi Flushing, whoi;c son Juhn was a resident of 
Jamaiv;,! j the other associate was Jan 'I'Jicuiiiscn Deiiysc, a brotliei-iii-law of 

-Sec vol. 11, p. 3, Land Papers, office secretary of state, Albany. 

Second Generation. 93 

of which had already been allotted among the inhabitants.* 

Dec. 2d, 1682, a town meeting at Hempstead directed 
Nathaniel Pearsall to " goe to Rockaway to forewarn 
" Jerome Rapalie and John Tunesen and 'John Hance from 
" of our land at Rockaway, and the constable and overseers 
" haue liberty to make choys of two more to goe with the 
"aboue said Nathaniel Pearsall. "- 

Dec. 8th, 1682, another town meeting was held in 
Hempstead, at which the constable and overseers were 
authorized to employ counsel, " make choys of a man to 
"plead ther cas at Jemeco sesions against yohn hance and his 
"associates for the upholding and maintaining of our land 
"at Rookaway, and the constable haue liberty to make 
" choys of two or three men of the Towne to assist 
" them. "3 

March 20th, 1684, Hansen^ Rapalie and Theunisen 
petitioned to have the above lands confirmed to them by a 
patent, described as " lying at a creek called Oppex, and so 
" running to another creek, which is called by the Indians 
" Copwax."'' 

Having seen no account of Hansen^ Rapalie, and Theu- 
nison occupying these lands after this date, or of the 
decision of the governor and council, the presumption is 
that they failed in their application. 

In 1683, " John Hanson" was assessed in Jamaica for 
eight cows, two do. 3 years old, six do. 2 years old, three 
(\o. I year old, one swine, sixteen acres of land, and one 
poll, valued at X44. 

March 17th, 1684-5, " y&/;« Hanson'^ and Benjamin 

' Book C. p. 6, Hempstead town records, where the entry is March 14th, 
- Vol. C, p. (29) 41, Hempstead town records. 
3 Vul. C, p. (19) 41, Hempstead town records. 
^ Vol. II, p. 32, Land I'apers, office secretary state, Albany. 


94 Family History. 

Coe' had liberty from Jamaica to set up a corn and fulling 
mill on Foster's river, in said town, they engaging to main- 
tain a good mill, and grind for the town for the twelfth 
part.^ At this period there was quite a Dutch settlement 
at Foster's meadows, probably named after John Foster, 
who at this date was a resident of Jamaica. 3 

March 6th, 1687-8 an exchange of lands was made 
between Wait Smith and John Hanson^ both of Jamaica, 
Smith conveying to Hanson " six acres off land lying near 
" to y^ s'' John Hanson Si is bounded on y*" north by a high- 
" way, on y'= east & south by Benjamin Jones his land, & 
"on y'' west by Derick poulson's land ;" for which Hansen 
conveys to Wait " All his Right to devissions off land 
" belonging to live Acres off meadow & y^ small lot ' 

" belonging to it according to y^ Concessions off y^ town j 

" betwixt ffoster's Medow River & so ffar westward as two j 

" devisions off land shall Reach that is ffrom y^ s*^ ffoster 
" River near to y'^ Mill River." (See vol. 2, p. 142, i 

Jamaica town records.) 

On a return of marriages, christenings and burials in the 

' Benjamin Coe m. Abjgjil, sister ut John and Cakb Cirmaii j he and 
Robtrt Cof, his father, were among the fust English settlers in Jamaica or 
Ruhdorpe in 1656, wlierc tJiey liad Jiouse lots granted on tlie little [dains in 
that year. 

= Jamaica records, book I, p. H)0. 

'i UufiC'iucll Fuitcr, aged 14, immigrated from London to New England in the 
Ellzahelb ; Francis Foster, aged 25, from London to New England in the 
Abigail, with his children, Rebecca, aged 5, Nathaniel, aged 2, and Josepii, 
aged I j and jfamci Foster, aged 21, from London to New England in the 
Ameriia, all in 1635. (Hotton's Lists of Emigrants, pp. 68, 92, and 95.) 
Theie was a Thomas Foster in the colony of New Aiiisterdam as early as 1643, 
for on the 16th of March of that year, Aeltje Jans, of New Amsterdam, 
leased her plantation to Martin Menloof and Tijomas Foster. I'roni New 
Amsterdam Tliomas removed to Hempstead, wlicrc his name appears among 
the selllcis in 1647. A lyiUiam Foster's name appears on Dung. in's pan iit ut' 
J.miaica of 1686, and a Thomas Fosle>''s name among the residents of Jani.iic.i 
in 1660. 

Second Generation. 95 

town of Jamaica for seven years preceding 1688, '-'- John 
Hmisori" is entered as having had one burial. (Documentary 
History New York, vol. 3, p. 197.) 

March 12th, 1689, Benjamin Jones, of Jamaica, con- 
veyed to " "John hamon " a tract of land laid out for thirteen 
acres, " lying and being upon the south side of the path 
" that goeth to Capt. John Carpenter's lot, and on y^ West 
"side John Hanson's hnd^ on the East side Richard Rodcs, 
*' and on y*" South side Benjamin Jones's land." (Sec lib. 
II, p. 154, Jamaica records.) 

On a town list of lands in 1692, '■'■'John Hansen" is 
entered 35 acres land and 5 acres of meadow, with a small 
lot between them. 

Jan. 3d, 1692-3, Daniel Whithead,' of Jamaica, con- 
veyed to '■'■ John Hansen," " a certain piece of land that 
"was formerly belonging to Cornelus Barnson's lot at Ja- 
" maica containing ten acres more or less, as also twenty 
" acres of upland lying to y^ East end of Denike Polyon's 
" land, and also a thirteen acre lott lying betwixt y'= two 
" paths as it was Layed out." 

In exchange for these premises, John Hanson conveyed 
to Whithead " a piece or parcell of land Containing sixty 
" acres more or less According as it is specified in a deed 
"of salle bearing date y^ second day of July, 1686, with 
" one ncgroe man named Dicke." (See lib. ii, p. 208, 
Jamaica records.) 

At a town meeting, Jan. ist, 1693-4, in Jamaica, the 
Presbyterian minister's salary was ordered to be collected 

• Daniel Whithead, of Jamaica, was a son of " Daniel Whythead," one of 
the early settlers of Smithtown, L. I., in 1650, who afterwards located at 
Mcspat kills, Newtown, where he died in 1668. Daniel held important offices 
in Jamaica, and represented Queen's county in the colonial assembly, of wJiith 
he was a member from 169 1 to 1 701. 

^^ Family History. 

as promised, of which " John Hansen^ s" amount appears to 
have been 12 shillings. 

June 1 2th, 1695, " Jan Hanszen " and JannetjeCoevers 
were witnesses at baptism of Janetje, daughter of Willem 
Post and Aitje Covers, in New York. 

April 29th, 1696, " Jan Hanszen and Jannetje " were 
Witnesses at baptism of Jannetje, daughter of Jan Miserol 
and Maria Miserol, as per record of Reformed Dutch 
Church, New York. 

April 26th, ,697 (l,h. 2, p. 140, of con.. King's county 
register's office), he sold the land patented to him in Bedford 
to Lucas Coeverts,' containing by estimation 20 morgen 
(40 acres), as hereinbefore set forth. 

Sept. 24th, 1699, "7^« Hansen" and Jannetje Cosaart, 
wife of Jacobus Goelet, were witnesses at baptism of Re- 
becke, daughter of Pieter Jacobsen, and Rebecke Jans, in 
New York. 

June 9th, 1706, Geisham Higgins conveyed to " 7^„ 
Hanse- two acres on the main street in the villaae of 
Jamaica. ^ 

July 13th, 1708, Jonathan Whitehead^ conveyed to 
'^Johannes Berge" ii| acres at Jamaica in the hills; 
probably a wood lot. This may be Hans, the son of Jan 

February 19th, ijo,), ^^ John Hansen's - numc appears 
onji^K-t.tion as one of the elders of Dominie Freeman's 

J.''"7, ""TT "'' '"" ''" '^' Netherlands; after his emigration, n.. Aug. 
^7 1., .6X., Barbara Sprung, and was one of the sons of Tcunis Jan.. Co.v.rt 
und Harhara, the conunon ancestor, of the CVvcrt funily i„ thi. 
country, who emigrated, i„ ,651, iron. Hecn.stede, in Holland, and settled at 
Bedford, in Brooklyn. 

»>W..„ ^FLiuhcaJ, a justice of the peace of Newtown in ,703, com- 
pa.nedof for Sahl.ath breaking, was al.o a son of Daniel WhythL^one of 
the early M.tllas of Sniitlitown. 

Second Generation. 97 

congregation in Queen's county, addressed to Governor 
Ingoldsby, complaining that Dominie Antonides intended 
to ordain an opposition consistory and preach illegally in 
their church, and praying for an order to restrain him. To 
this document are appended his initials " H. B." This 
was at the period of the wranglings and disputes in the 
Reformed Dutch congregations in Kings and Queens 
counties between Dominie Freeman and Dominie Anto- 
nides, in relation to their respective claims to the pastorship, 
in which partizan spirit rose to such a height as to cause, in 
at least one instance, the breaking down the church doors 
to obtain possession of the pulpit. The main foundation 
of this unhappy controversy appears to have been the ques- 
tion, whether the congregations had the right to call a 
minister without the intervention of the governor. Free- 
man's friends favored the interposition of the governor. 
This dispute was finally healed in 1714,3 union took place, 
and both pastors officiated alternately in all the Dutch 

April 29th, I'yio, John Garretsen conveyed to " y(?/;« 
Hansen " the one-half of a house and lot in the village ot 
Jamaica, and in the same year he subscribed 12 shillings 
towards the salary of the Rev. Mr. Poyinslay, a Presbyte- 
rian clergyman. 

April 29th, 1 7 15, ''Jan Hansen Bergen" subscribed 
X3 towards building a Dutch Reformed Church in Ja- 

November 21st, i 735, the seat of "Jannetje Bergen " 
(widowof Jan), in the Reformed Dutch Church in Jamaica 
was sold to Isaac Van Hoeck.' 

'In 1737, an /waf ^an //oo^ was among the members of the Church of Eng- jt J.ini.iicj, who petitioned tlic governor for a charter for their church. 
A finilly „f Van Hook's rt:ided in New Jersey. An Evert Van Hook, who live iliildieii, iibided in the tiiy of New Voi k in 1703, an.l .1 " I.auuii.s 

^S Family History. 

Jan Hansen Bergen in some instances made his mark 
thus, /-^ to documents ; in others he signed his name, 
the following being a fac simile of his signature : — 



10. I 


Hans, baptized Feb. 14th, 1677, in New York ; 
itnesscs : Theunis Janszen, and Aeltje 'l^heunis. 

11. II. Teunis, baptized April 20th, 1679, in Brooklyn; 
witnesses: Lucas Teunis (Cocvert), and Sara Teunis 

12. III. Jdriaantje, baptized Dec. nth, 1681, in Brook- 
lyn ; witnesses: Hans Teunisz (Denyse), and Antic 
1 eunisz (Denyse). 

13. IV. Marretje, baptized March 29th 1685, in Brook- 
lyn (by p-^Iatbush church records) ; witnesses : Jan Teunisz 
(Denyse), and Necltje Teunis Boogaard. 

14. V. Sarah. 

15. VI. (Supposed) Peter. 
IS-'' VII. (Supposed) Catalyn. 

5. Michael or "Miggill" Hansen Bergen, baptized 
Nov. 4th, ,646, in New Amsterdam ; living as late as Jan 
22d,. 1731, and died about 1732; m. Fenonelje Theunis, 
d^gluer^^f^heunis Denyse^ (sometimes written Nyse,., 

va„Ho.dc"j„i„o, the iu.fon.,.i i)utci, a;;;,;r7^.:;;7;:;r7rT;7o. 

i^<- y/o<-,(' IS a town in in tin- N,i l,,.,l .„ i ■ .• • • ,. 

inhabitants. Nul.uUui., c.„ta,n,n,, ux ,^4,, .,356 

' VV.«/, Nys.a, cn.itrat.d ..s early .„ ,63s, fron. IJininck or ncnn.lcon,, in 
the St.du of, a village near A,nhen>, containing Z,z houses and 
yoo.nhab.tants, in the province 01- Gildedand, in the Netherlands, and died,toAut;ust,,663. Acco.ding to the records of the New York Dutch 
^..u-h hen,a.ned Leb. nth. .6^0, Phabea faeli.. of ,.,rlesto„, England, 
who .s known on other records as the widow of Hendrick the boor, who n.ay 
have u.ed the surname of l.'aelix. I'habea o, lenuncje wa. the daughter of 

Second Generation. 99 

Nysse or Nicssen), of Gowaiius, and sister of Dcnyse 
Teunis, the ancestor of the Denyse family of King's 
county and New Jersey. Femmetje was baptized April 
3d, 1650, in New Amsterdam. 

March loth, 166 1, his name appears to the petition 
hereinbefore referred to in the account of Jan Hansen, to 

Juhn Seals, an Englishman from Dcvunbliirc, written Jan CcIls on the- Dutch 
Colonial RLConib, who cami: to New Ambtcrdam from New England au early 
as 1638, at which date he was a planter on Manhattan Island Seals married 
Maria Robberts or Robertson, Femmetje being his only child of whom we 
have any account. His farm, commonly known as old Jans's land, and marked 
37 on the farm map, on page 463 of Valentine's Manual of 1852, lay north 
of and adjoining the cripplebush (swamp), a miry outlet of the collect, or 
fresh water pond, now occupied by the lower part of Canal street, and extended 
along the river to Charlton street. In his latter days, Seals seems to have 
become irritable, and as a consequence he figures in court on charges of shoot- 
ing his neighbor's hogs, and committing other damages. " In 1643, several 
" cattle, belonging to the government, strayed in the woods, and messengers 
" were despatched to look them up. When they came to Old Jans plantation 
♦' by the swamp, they saw that the woman residing on said Old Jans plantation 
" had driven with a goad the cattle into said swamp, so that they sunk into it 
"over their backs j but as they were strong and well in flesh, they finally got 
"through the morass." In 1645, Seals was in some way wounded, on which 
he made a will, dated April 7th, of that year, in which he devises to " Tonis 
Nyssea,'" his son-in-law, the half of all the means and effects he leaves behind, 
and to his wife, Marritje Robbers, the other half, until she marry or die : if 
she marry, then to have the use of said half during life, with privilege to dispose 
of 200 gl. by will out of the estate, as she may see fit, the remainder of her 
half, after her death, to go to " To/iis Nysscn," or his children and heirs. Seals 
died soon after executing the will, and in August 9th following, his widow m. 
Thomas Gridy or Grydy, an Englishman, and widower, 60 years old, who 
afterwards resided in Gravesend, got in trouble with George Baxter in 1656, 
and was sentenced to be publicly whipped, and to be banis'lied the province tor 
twelve years. Nyaeii or Dcnyse administered on the estate, and April 3d, 1647, 
obtained a patent for " Old Jans Land " from Governor Kieft, in which it is 
described as extending "on the south side from the land and valley belonging 
" to Everhardus Bogardus, minister, and on the north side to Cornells Maersen, 
'« thence along the Negroes plantations to the Cripplebush of said Bogardus. 
" It runs in bre.idth along the strand 50 rods, from the strand along the crip- 
"lilebiiidi south-east by east 150 rods, along the ciipplebush to the Negroes 
"land it stretches cast by south 45 rods; along the Negroes plantation upwards 

100 Family History. 

the governor and council for more land. May 15th, 1664, 
he obtained from Gov. Stuyvesant a patent tor 20 morgans 
at New Bedford in the Wallabout. 

From a deed of Hendrick Rycken (Suydam), and Idye, 
his wife, of April 20th, 1698, to Hendrick Hendricksen 
(Suydam), his son, for a plot in Bedford, bounded south by 

•' North North West 60 rods ; towards the strand downward North West by 
" West 37 rods ; along the cripplebush of Cornelis Maersen it runs North 
" West by North 27 rods ; along the cripplebush up to the strand Westerly 40 
"rods." June nth, 1651, 7'cj/w/i A^sicn conveyed tliese premises to Augustyn 
Heermans, who on tiie iitli of May, 1655, sold them to Rut JacoLsen, of 
Fort Orange, as per E. B. O'Callaghan. (See New York Corporation Manual, 
of 1820, p. 922, etc.) After Nyisen's death, Femmetje, his widow, married, 
August 24th, 1663 (Brooklyn Dutch Church records), Jan Cornelissen Buys, 
whose name appears on the list of small burgers of New Amsterdam in 1657, 
by whom no account of any Issue, and died prior to June, 1667. Prior to 
1639, Nyssen appears to have possessed or occupied a plantation on Manhattan 
Island, and Dec. 21st, 1 643, there is an acknowledgment of his on the Colonial 
Records, of being indebted 400 carolus guilders to Cornelis Dircksen Hooglandt 
for the purchase of cows. Dec. ist, 1646, he bought for 160^/. of Leendert 
Arenden, a house and lot on the great highway opposite the company's garden 
on said island, which he sold May I3t]i, 1649, to Govert Loockermans. March 
28th, 1647, he obtained a patent for a lot north of the public wagon road, and 
east of the company's land on Manhattan Island, which he also sold on the 
13th of May, 1649, to Govert Loockermans. He also obtained a patent for 
a plantation and meadows at Gowanus, in the vicinity of Fourth and Fifth 
avenues and Carrol and I'resident streets, where he at one time resided. Tlie 
following abstract from a deed or agreement in the pOL,scssion of Garret Brower, 
of Gowanus, of Nyssen to Adam Browcr, throws light on the location of 
Nyssen's Gowanus farm : "This 1st day of April Anno 1654, appeared before 
" me Dirck Schelluyne, pub. Notary, &c., Theunis Nyssen, I'armer, living in 
" Gouwanes upon the Long Island, & declared tlie said Nyssen to have granted 
" &c. to Adam Brouwer, the wiiicii also appeared & this gilt accepted, to wit : — 
"Certain parcell of Bushland (woodland) limeting easterly after (in rear of) his 
" house and land, broad 45 rods (551 f. 3 in.) proceeding to the highway 
" (probably the old road from Gowanus to Brooklyn), and his land so far in the 
" Bush (woods) as ye patent of Theunis Nyssen doth contain (extend) j like- 
" wise so much ground whereupon Adam Brouwers house is built as ye said 
" Adam for the present hatii broiiglit in hedge (fence), i<. also ye meadows fore 
"(in fioiilj of hlo houbc, iiniiliiig ^ proceeding to llic ['..i^X from a siii.ill creik 
"ia (loj a great creek, Ik so forth to the Bushlajid wlieie the meadow doth 

Second Generation. 101 

land of Machiel Hansen [Bergen)^ and north by land of 
Derick Janse Hooglandt, in length east and west 500 Dutch 
rods, and in breadth 24 Dutch rods, as per patent of Gov . 
Stuyvesant, of May 15th, 1664 (see lib. 2, p. 168, of con. , 
register's office King's county), which deed and patent appears 
to cover about the northerly one-half of the farm in Bed- 
ford, late of Lambert Suydam, designated as that of the 

" stop, all laying on Gouw.ineb afmcs aid, fur wliicli abovesaid gift the said Ad im 
*' Biouwcr doth proniist on yc bch.ilf <jf yc said 'I'hcunis Nysscii to be in iiis 
"service the time of iS days in thi.s (uesciit nionlh of Apiil, ^Sc in the niunlh 
"of April 1655, 18 days, all wiciiuut any cost of ye said Tiieunis Nysben, 
" being ye said Nyssen bound in the month of April 1655 aforesaid, when the 
"last 18 days of service are satisfyed oii ye behalf of ye said Adam Brouwer of 
"ye aforesaid land & meadows to deliver lawful letters of possession «Si: transport 
"&C." In 1655 he bought a plantation in Flatbush, of Evert Duyckingh, for 
660 carolus guilders, where he probably resided in 1656, for on the 13th of 
Dec, 1656 (as per Valentine's Manual of 1861, p. 591), " Teunis Nysen of 
Midwout " conveyed to Cosyn Gerritsen, a lot in New Amsterdam, patented 
to him Dec. 5th, 1643. He resided in Brooklyn in 1658 and 1661, and in 
said years was a magistrate of said town. Nyaens children were : Jannetje 
Teunis, baptized Dec. 2.4th, 1 641, m. Jan Hansen Bergen ; Marretje Teunis, 
baptized April 3d, 1644, m. Derick Janse Wortman ; Aartje Teunis, m. (sup- 
posed) Theodorus Polheniius J Annetje Teunis, baptized Feb. 281)1, 1646, m. 
Hieronomus Rapalje j Teunis, baptized May 14th, 1648, m. Garret 
Snedeker J Femmetje Teunis, baptized April 3d, 1650, m. Michael Hansen 
Bergen; Dionys (Denyse) Teunis, baptized April 12th, 1654, m. (ist), Oct 
22d, 1682, Elizabeth, daughter of Theodorus Folliemius, m.(2d), Aug. i ath, 
1685, Helena, daughter of Jacques Corteljou, and widow of Claas (Nicholas) 
Van Brunt ; Jan Teunissen, baptized April 12th, 1654, m. Catalina Tunis, 
daughter of Tunis Gysbertse Bogaert; Cornells Teunisen, m. Aug. 23d, 1687, 
Neeltje, daughter of Tunis (iysbertse Hogaert, who, witli his brother Jan 
Teunissen, settled on the, near Sonierville, N. J., ami wiiose descend- 
ants retain tiie surn.ime of Tunisens, in place of that of Denyse. The 
descendants of his son Dionys, form the Denyse family of tliis vicinity and of 
New Jersey. 

The following is a fac simile of John Seals's signature : — 


102 Family History. 

widow Lott, on Butts's map of Brooklyn ; from a deed of 
Denys Hegcman, of Bedford, baker, and Catryntje, his 
wife, of Nov. 17th, 1747, to Hendrick Suydam, for 36^ 
acres at Bedford, bounded southerly by the king's highway 
that leads from New York ferry to Jamaica, east and north 
by said Hendrick Suydam, and west by said king's road j 
and from a deed of Hendrick Suydam to Lambert Suydam 
of April 13th, 1768, for 40 acres at Bedford, bounded west 
and south by the king's highway that leads from New York 
ferry to Jamaica, south and east by Jacobus Lefferts, and 
north by said Hendrick Suydam, which last two recited 
deeds appear to cover about the southerly one-half of said 
farm late of Lambert Suydam, designated as that of widow 
Lott on Butts's map, there appears to be good reason to 
conclude, and it is evident that Alachiel Hansen {Bergen^s) 
patent of 20 morgan in Bedford adjoined the north side of 
the road leading from New York or Brooklyn ferry to 
Jamaica, covering about the southerly one-half of said 
widow Lott's farm, and that he probably sold the same to 
Denys Hegeman, who sold to Hendrick Suydam. The 
deeds referred to are on file in the office of the register of 
King's county. 

April 19th, 1666, "Michael Hansen and Catalina 
Jeronymus " (Rapalie) were witnesses at baptism of Joris, 
son of " Marten Reyertszen and Annetje Joris " (Rapalie), 
and July 13th, 1673, " Michael Hansen and Catalina Joris " 
were witnesses at baptism of Marratie, daughter of Dirck 
Corneliszen and Lysbeth Jans. 

After the capture of New Netherland from the English 
by the Hollanders on the 25th of October, 1673, he was 
appointed a lieutenant of militia under the administration 
of Anthony Colve, the Netherlands governor. In 1676 
and 1683, his name appears on the assessment rolls of 
Brooklyn, for 20 morgcn, the amount of his patent, on 

Second Generation. 103 

which at the time he probably resided. November 19th, 
1679, the names of " Michael Hansz Bergen and Femmetje 
Teunis, his wife," appear on the list of members of the 
Reformed Dutch Church of Brooklyn, among the residents 
of the Walebocht, and from 1680 to 1685, he appears to 
have held the office of deacon in said church. 

March 2d, 1674, Michael Hansen, of Bedford, agreed to 
purchase a plantation of Albert Cornelysen Wantenaer,^ of 
Breukelen, for 8,500 guilders, 1,000^/. down, one-fourth 
(^^75 gl-) of the remainder to be paid at Christmas, 1675 ; 
one-fourth at Christmas, 1676 ; one-fourth at Christmas, 
1677; and the balance at Christmas, 1678. The payments 
to be made one-third in wheat, one-third in peas, and one- 
third in all kinds of corn at the market value, and when all 
paid the deed to be delivered. In the agreement, Cornelysen 
describes the premises as " his plantation situated here at 
" Breukel, next to the land of Jan Evertse Bout, dec'd,^ 

^Albert Cornelysen Wantenaer, or " the glove maker," emigrated from 
Vechten, a village of 790 inhabitants, in the province of Utrecht, in the 
Netherlands, and was in this country as early as March, 1642. In June, 1643, 
he let himself as a wheelwright to Conyn Gerritsen for one year. (NevJ York 
Colonial Manuscripts, 11, 61.) Jan. 21st, 1659, he resided in New Amster- 
dam, and petitioned to have a lot surveyed, and from a suit in the burgomaster's 
and schtpen-s court, in 1661, it may be inferred that he then resided in that 
place. June 5th, 1665, he was tried for killing Barent Jansen, of Urooklyn, 
by striking him in the side with a knife, of which wound he died the sami 
day. The deed having been dune in self defense, he was convicted of man- 
slaughter, sentenced to be buMKd in the h..nd before the rising of the court, to 
forfeit his goods and chattels, and to be imprisoned fur a year and a day. Gov. 
Nicolls, however, pardoned him the same day. (Albany recorded patents, vol. i,' 
165.) In 1686 he and Tryntje Harders, his wife, resided on the East river 
shore, above Wall street, in New York. 

'Jan E'vcitse Bout came to this country in 1 6 34, from Barreveltor Barnweld, 
a town of 5,221 inhabitants, in Gelderland, in the Netherlands, and when 
residing on the director's bouwery at Pavonia (Jersey City) in 1638, threatened 
to shoot the fiscal if he came over there to interfere with his domestic arrange- 
ments, e.,M-cially with his treatment of his fe.nale negro slaves, who he said i,e 
would u,c- as he pleased. About 1641 he received a patent from Director 

104 Family History. 

" but at present of Andriese Jurianse,^ southeast of the 
" meadows ; east 68 rods, southeast 30 rods, further the 
" maize land^ up to against the woods, northeast by north 
"60 rods, in the woods northeast by east 85 rods, in breadth 
'' in the woods to the land of said Andries Jurianse north- 
" west 87 rods, again to the maize land next to the aforesaid 
" Andries Juriansen, southwest and southwest by west 55 
" rods, the maize land through to the first descent south- 
" west a little southerly 137 rods, containing 19 morgen 
"and 105 rods; also yet another parcel of land joining 
" the above mentioned land, thereafter to said Cornelisse 
"allowed and on his patent noted, great about 9, or 10 
" morgen, so that the whole land contains about 29 morgen 

Kieft for 107 acres at " Gamonepaen," N. J., which he sold, about 1647, for 
8,0007?. to Michael Jansen. July 6th, 1645, he received a patent for 27 
morgen and 270 rods of land at " Marckawick on Gouwanus Kil." Feb. 
9th 1647, he obtained a patent for a lot in New Amsterdam. August 19th, 
1649, he and his wife, Tryntje Symons de Witt, made a joint will, by which 
the longest liver or survivor was to remain in possession of their property. On 
the same date, being about to sail to the fatherland, he gave his wife a power 
of attorney to manage his atlairs in his absence. Judging from several suits in 
the burgomaster's and schepen's courts, he resided from 1656 to 1660, in New 
Amsterdam, where, April 6th, 1 657, his name appears on the list of small 
burgers. From a suit in that court on Jan. 17th, 1656, between him and 
Hendrick Van Naerden, it appears that he w.ns then building a house in the 
village of Midwout (Flatbush), probably on the 58 morgens for which he 
obtained a patent in said town, March 17th, 1662. F'rom a Directory of the 
city of New York, of 1665 (see Valentine's Manual of 1850, p. 453), he then 
resided behind Pearl street, in said city. He m. (2d), Annetjc Ficters, who, 
after his death, m. (ist), Andries janse Jurianse, of Brooklyn, and m. (2d), 
June nth, 1682, Jan Janse Staats, of Gowanus. He probably resided during 
the latter part of his life on his Gowanus farm. April ist, 1670, Adrian 
Hegemjn and Johannes Nevius were authorized to act as his executors. 

• Oneirics Juiiunstn^ or Andries J amen Juriansen, m. Annetjc Fieters, widow 
of Jan Evertse Bout. She, after the death of Andries, m. Jan Janse Staats, of 
Gowanus. In 1674, he had a law suit witli Albert Cornelysen Wantenaer. 

- By maize land is meant land used by the Indians in the cultivation of -zte 
muhc or Indian torn, which, on account of being [lartly cleared, was very 
desirable to early settlers. 

Second Generation. 105 

" as it more particularly by the patent can be seen : with 
" the above to be included the meadows by said plantation 
" located, and by Albert Cornelyse previous to this bought 
*■'■ of Theunis Niessen, dec'd, which he promises to describe 
" by the patent or deed from said Theunis Niessen." The 
boundary in the original patent of Gov. Kieft, of P"eb. 22d, 
1646, for this land to Huych Aerts Van Rossem,^ accords 
mainly with the description in the above agreement, and is 
as follows : " a piece of land lying at Mareckkawieck,^ on 
"the marsh of Gouwanos Kill, the maize land as well as 
" woodland, lying on the southeast by the land of Jan 
" Evertse along the marsh, east 68 rods, southeast 30 rods, 
" further along the maize land till to the woods northeast 
" by north 60 rods, in the woods northeast by east 85 rods, 
" the breadth in the woods till to the land of said Jan 
" Evertse, (Bout,) northwest 87 rods, again to the maize 
" land next to the land of the aforesaid Jan Evertse south- 
" west and southwesterly 55 rods, through the maize land 
"to the first descent southwest a little southerly 137 rods, 
" amounting in all to 19 morgen and 105 rods." Endorsed 
on the patent is also " yet another adjoining parcel granted 
" so as his land to contain by the measurement of the sur- 
" veyor 29 morgen." A confirmatory patent for these 
premises was granted, June 21st, 1667, by Gov. Richard 
Nicolls to Albert Cornelysen (Wantenaer), who is stated 
therein to have married Trientye, the widow of the said 
van Rossum,^ in which the boundaries accord with the 

' Huych or Huyg Jensen's name appears first in the Colonial Records, on the 
31st of January, 1639. June 14th, 1643, as per Reformed Dutch Church 
records, of New York, " Huy^ Acriscn, widr. of Annetje Theunis, m. 
Tryntje Harders, wid. of Hendrick Hoist." In 1 646, i/ujt/J was a magistrate 
of Brooklyn. 

= The Indian name of Brooklyn. 

3 He m. Tryntje, Feb. 23, 1648, in New Amsterdam, her name on the 
marriage record being "Tryntje Herders Van Tunningen." 

106 Family History. 

original patent, but the quantity is set forth to be in all 90 
morgen or 180 acres. 

In 1675, " Michael Hansen " was assessed in Brooklyn 
one poll, two horses, seven cows, and twenty morgen of 
land and valley, the land valued at £40, and the personal 
property at £74, total iCii4. At this date there were but 
sixty names on the assessment roll of the town, sixteen 
persons being assessed over £100 each, and the highest, 
Tunis Gysbertse Bogaert, being X327. Total valuations 
in the town £5,204. 

Jn 1676, he was assessed one poll, two horses, four cows, 
two do. of 3 years, two do. of 2 years, and twenty morgen 
of land and valley, the land valued at £40, and the personal 
at £75. 

March 7th, 1680-1, Cornelysen conveyed by endorse- 
ment on the back of both patents, to Michael Hansen Ber- 
gen^ all his rights in both patents ; also by a separate con- 
veyance the adjoining meadows, which he had bought from 
Theunis Nissen, on the i6th of May, 1656, and which 
meadow was confirmed to Cornelysen by a patent from 
Gov. Nicolls, dated June 26th, 1668.' 

To this plantation Michael Hansen removed, and contin- 
ued to reside during the remainder of his days ; the main 
portion of which plantation a few years ago was the property 
of the heirs of George Powers, deceased, distinguished as 
the Powers flirm on Butts's map of Brooklyn. 

\\\ consequence of Michael Hansen holding and claiming 
90 morgen, as per Gov. Nicoll's confirmatory patent, when 
the original one of Gov. Kieft covered but 29 morgen, the 
general boundaries in both being similar, the freeholders of 

' The first two patents and the conveyances are in the hands of the author. 
Jan, 31st, 1659, Cornelysen petitioned to have a lot surveyed in New Amster- 
dnni, anil from a suit of June 21st, 1661, in the burgoni.ister's Mui si-hcpea's 
court, it ni.iy lie infctred that at said dates he resided in said place. 

Second Generation. 107 

Brooklyn, about 1722, commenced a suit in chancery against 
him to recover for their benefit the balance over the 29 
niorgen, but the dispute was finally settled after the title 
was vested in his son Hans, as will hereafter appear. 

In 1980, " Michael Hansen " and Symon Aessen (De 
Hart) were overseers of Brooklyn. (See Furman's Notes, 
p. 60, and record of court of sessions.) It was the duty, 
of the overseers, together with the constable, among other 
powers, to hold town courts for the trial of cases under X5, 
and to make all assessments. In the same year he is 
credited on the books of Elbert Elbertse StoothofF, of 
Flatiands, with four schepels wheat, and also charged for a 

In 1683, " Machael Hansen " was assessed one poll c£ 1 8 ; 
two horses £24 ; six cows X30 ; four do. of 3 years <£i6 ; 
five do. of 2 years .£12 los.; five do. of i year £'j lox. ; 
and twenty morgen land X40 ; total X148. 

In Dongan's patent of Brooklyn of May 13th, 1686, 
Michael Hanse {Bergen) is named as one of the patentees. 
In 1681, 1682, 1686, 1688, and 1689, he held the office 
of one of the overseers or commissioners having in charge 
the town lands, and to defend town rights, three citizens 
being customarily selected for this purpose. In October, 
1686, he was a member of the grand jury, and in 1690, 

In September, 1687, his name appears among those who 
took the oath of allegiance to the British govcrimicnt. 

In May, ib^S^AIichael Hansen and Daniel Rapalje were 
appointed by the court of sessions assessors, for the purpose 
of assessing on the inhabitants of Brooklyn their proportion 
of a tax of £308 85., imposed on King's county, their lists 
to be delivered on the 4th of August. (See p. 65 of Fur- 
man's Notes of Brooklyn.) 

October 22d, 1688, he was commissioned as captain of 


108 Family History. 

the Brooklyn company of militia, by Governor Nicholson, 
Thomas Lambertse being the lieutenant, and Jan Aertsen 
Middagh second lieutenant; and December 27th, 1689, he 
received a commission for the same office from the acting 
governor, Jacob Leisler, whose side he seems to have 
espoused in the difficulties which at the time convulsed the 
colony, and which ended in the unjust condemnation and 
execution of Leisler, and his son-in-law, Milbourne, 

For his support of Leisler's administration, his name 
appears among the thirty who, in consequence of being 
Leisler's most obnoxious followers, were excepted in a bill 
" for pardoning such as have been active in the late disor- 
ders," passed May i6th, 1691, by the first assembly which 
met under the administration of Gov. Sloughter, Leisler's 
successor. He, however, does not appear to have suffered 
in consequence of the exception, or have been punished for 
his course. 

November 21st, 1692, Michael Hansen [Bergen]^ Aris 
Janse (Vanderbilt), Johannes Van Eckelen, Symon Hansen, 
and Daniel Remsen,' were sent on behalf of a company 
(mainly residents of Flatbush), of which they were partners, 
to Pennsylvania to select a good tract of land for a settle- 
ment and residence, which when found to purchase for their 

' Aries yanscn {^yandirbih'), of Flatbush, was a son of Jan Aersen, the 
common ancestor of the Vanderbilt family. Johannes Van Eckelen was 
schoolmaster of Flatbush. Symon Hansen, of Flatbush, was a son of Hans 
Hansen or Jansen (Van Noortstrant), the common ancestor of the Van Noos- 
trand family. Daniel Remsen, of Flatbush, was a son of Rem or Remmert 
Jansen Vanderbeeck, the common ancestor of the Remsen family in this 
country. The following is a translation of the order to select lands : " King's 
"County, town of Flatbush, A. D. 1692, November 21st. We undersigned 
" declare the persons, Michiel Hansen, Aris Jansen, Johannes Van Ekelen, 
"Symon Hansen, and Daniel Remsen, to be authorized on our behalf and in 
" our name, to go to Pennsylvania and in that locality to look out fur a good 
" i>iecc of land and situation to reside upon, and tlie same having found to 
" purchase for us and them togetiier, even a large plot (great portion) for every 

Second Generation. 109 

joint use ; the partners remaining at home, each to pay two 
pieces of eight towards the expenses of the journey. At 
this period and in the beginning of the next century, many 
families emigrated from the partially worn out lands of the 
west end of Long Island to the new and fertile lands of 
New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the cheapness of which 
afforded an opportunity to enlarge their borders and better 
their condition. This emigration at one period was so 
great that the colonial governors complained of it in their 
communications with the home government. Bergens, 
Wyckoff^s, Schencks, Cowenhovens or Conovers, 
Denyses, StoothofFs, Barkeloos, Rapalyes, Van Brunts, 
Cortelyous, and others, descendants of these emigrants, 
are numerous in the above named states. Having found 
no result of this expedition, it may be presumed, from most 
of the parties remaining in the county, that no land was 

In 1693, Michael Hajisen served in the grand jury. 

October nth, 1698, Michael Hansen was appointed a 
justice of the peace by the governor, the earl of Bellomont, 
and was one of the justices of the sessions, which office he 
held until 1703, being entered on the court records from 
May, 1700, as one of the justices of the quorum, and 
again as a justice of the sessions in i7ioand 171 1. 

" one, each of us to bear his proportion of the purchase to the above named 
"persons, and each of those of us who remain at home to pay or allow them 
"fur travelling expenses the sum of two pieces of eight. 

" We the undersigned declare we have authorized the above named persons 
" and commissioned them to act for us to the best of their ability. 

" MiGGUEL Hansen, 

Jan Remsen, 

"Aries Yansen, 

Elbert Adriaensen, 

"Johannes Van Ekelen, 

Marten Clocke, 



" Daniel 1<.emskn, 

■ — 

" I'eieu Lour, 

Ar.e|J-| Yanse, 


" Garrit Hansen." 


110 Family History. 

In 1698 his family is entered on the census of Brookland 
as consisting of " i man, i woman, 3 children and 2 

Michael Hansen appears several times to have visited the 
vicinity of the Raritan river in New Jersey. The records 
of the Reformed I^utcli Church of Raritan set forth that 
March 8th, 1699, " Michiel Hanssen and Femmitchien 
Hanse " were witnesses at baptism of Abraham, son of 
'• Cornelis Thuenissen " (Denyse) and " Neelticn Thue- 
nissen " (Bogart), said Cornelis being a brother-in-law of 
Michiel: also, that Nov. i8th, 1701, "Miegiel Hansen and 
Femmietie Hanse " were witnesses at baptism of Barbara, 
daughter of " Auke Jansen " (Van Nuyse). 

September 22d, 1701, Tam, a slave of Michael Hansen 
[Bergen]^ and Mink, a slave of Joris Hansen (Bergen), 
with other slaves, were convicted in the court of sessions 
of having, late in the night of the 15th instant, assaulted 
and dangerously wounded Entreato Jack, a slave of Cor- 
nelis Van Duyn, and of disturbing the peace by drinking, 
fighting, and hallooing all night. Entreato Jack, who was 
also convicted of having commenced the fight, and the two 
other negroes, were sentenced to receive thirteen lashes 
apiece on their naked backs, and to be imprisoned until 
their masters paid a fine of 20 s. each. Michael Hansen 
[Bergen) and Joris Hansen (Bergen), and others, were fined 
8 J. each for not bringing their slaves before the court. 
Marta Simson, the tavern keeper at Flatbush, was fined 26s. 
for selling liquor to the negroes. The tavern at the time 
was kept in the buildijig used for a court house and jail. 

In 1702, Michael Hansen was assessed for 100 acres of 
arable land, and the same in 1706. 

In 1708, his name, among others, appears on an agree- 
ment to call a minister from Holland, in the Reformed 
Dutch Church of Brooklyn. 

Second Generation. Ill 

April 20th, 1 709, " Mach'ielle Hansen " bought of Ger- 
ridt Middagh for .£429/ " a house, orchard and house lot 
"at the ferry, Brooklyn, containing about 10 acres, bounded 
"easterly in the front and to the street from a certain house 
"now standing and formerly in possession of John Smith, 
" deceased, and soe stretching from said house all along a 
"certain fence and soe by the house abovesaid and barn 
" thereto belonging, to the salt water river ; northerly by 
" said river called the East river from high water mark 
" thereof, soe far along said river to the westward till it 
" comes opposite the rear fence of said land that joynes 
" upon the land of the heyers of Jores Remsen deceased \^ 
"and southerly by the land and orchard formerly in the 
" possession of said John Smith deceased, and the land of 
" the said Gerridt Middagh, excepting always out of this 
" deed and grant out of the bounds of the land abovesaid, 
"the house and ground of John Evertse^ to him sold for- 
" merly by John Gerretse Van Couwenhoven, as per deed 
" thereof may appear, &c. ; as alsoe all that ground on said 

•See lib. 3, p. 178, of con. King's county register's office. 

^ "Jores Remicn, born Feb. 2, 1650, was a son of Rem Janse Vanderbecck, 
the common ancestor oi the Remsen family of this country, and m. Nov. 2d, 
1684, Femmetje, daughter of Derek Janse Woertman, and Oct. 10th, 1706, 
bought his father-in-law's farm near Brooklyn ferry, consisting of Jan Mange's 
patent of Sept. iith, 1642, containing 20 morgens ; Andries Hudden's of 
Sept. 13th, 1643, containing 37 morgens and 247 rods; and that of Claes 
Jansen Van Nacrden's, of Sept. 30, 1645, containing 21 morgens and 247 
rods, in all about 78 morgens, or 156 acres. His children or heirs were : 
Mary, m. July 19th, 1707, Joost De Bcvoise; Sarah, m. July 23d, 1714, 
Jacobus De Bevoise ; Rem Jorise, m. August 17th, 1707, Aeltje, daughter of 
Jores or George Hansen Bergen; Eruabctii, baptized March 5th, 1699, m. 
George Rapalje ; Antje, baptized July 27th, 1701; Cataline, baptized April 
12th, 1704, m. Hendrick, son of Rem Remsen, died Oct. 13th, 1784; and 
Hilletje, baptized Jan. 12th, 1705. 

1 I'riib.ibly John Eveilsc Bout. Th(jmas Everett a few years ago owned a 
plot in this vicinity, probably the plot above referred to, and said Tlionias may 
be a descendant of said Jolin Evertse. 

112 Family History. 

"river side to the westward of said John Evertse's house 
" and ground soe far aiongst said river till it comes opposite 
"with the reare fence of said land that joynes upon the 
"land of the heyres of Jores Remsen deceased, to begin 
" from high water mark all aiongst said river and within the 
" limits aforesaid, and so to run 25 English fFoot up into 1 

" the hill and noe more, as a reserve for the use and property j 

" of the grantor his heyres and assigns forever ; And like- I 

" wise the said Gerridt Middagh doth grant, &c., to the said | 

" Machielle, &c., all that spott of ground lying in the front 
" and before said house, ground and bargained premises to 
"the streetward, beginning from a certain house now 
" standing and formerly in the possession of said John 
" Smith deceased, ail along said house and bargained prem- 
"isestothe salt water river, the length thereof and in 
" breadth by the farthermost Pale that now stands in the 
" sand, containing 66 English ffoot between said pale and 
" the house, garden and barne of said bargained premises, 
" together," etc. In this conveyance is the following sin- 
gular provision:— "and if said Machielle or any of his 
" heyres shall at any time hereafter see cause to sell and 
"dispose of the abovesaid house, land and bargained 
" premises, that the said Gerridt Adiddagh or his hey'^res (if 
" he or they see cause) shall have the free privilege to 
" purchase the same for the price of X429 current money 
"of New York, and upon the payment of said sum a deed 
" to be given for the same by the said Machielle or his 
" heyres to the said Gerridt Middagh or his heyres, and that 
" the said Machielle or his heyres may not dispose of the 
" said premises to any other person but to those of his or 
" their offspring if the said Gerridt or his heyres see cause 
" to buy the same for the price aforesaid, he the said Gerridt 
" or his heyres paying over and above the price aforesaid 
" for all new buildings that shall be at that time upon said 

Second Generation. 113 

"land within fence, as any two indifferent men shall value 
"it,"' etc. 

June 14th, 1710, for ^420, Michiel Hansen conveyed 
the above premises to his son Hans Bergen,^ 

January nth, 1728, for ^£259, Hans Bergen and Rachel, 
his wife, conveyed the main portion of the above described 
premises to Israel Horsefield,^ who, from a map on file in 
the office of the register of King's county, made by P^ngle- 
bert Lott, on the 13th day of May, 1763, appears at that 
date to have been the owner of the whole, or nearly the 
whole of them, and they appear to cover nearly all the 
land on Brooklyn heights, from the vicinity of Clark street 
to about Doughty street, including a portion of the river 
front, as will more clearly appear by the diagram hereinafter 
contained, illustrating the premises owned by the above- 
mentioned Hans Bergen. 

In 1 7 10 and I'jii^ ATichael Hansen's name again appears 
as a justice of the sessions ; and August ist, 171 1, as an 
elder of the church in " Brookland," with others on a 
petition to Governor Hunter, for a charter for the church, 
which they failed to obtain. October 29th, 17 14, Cornells 
Vander Hoove^ commenced a suit against him for trespass, 
claiming Xioo damages. 

August 2ist, 1723, for X800, he conveys to his son, 
Hans Bergen, of the ferry, his farm in " Brookland," (the 
land he bought of Albert Cornelysen Wantenaer), " bounded 
" S. E. by the fence of A^Iartin Adriance ;5 N. W. by 

See lib. 3, p. 178, of con. King's county register's office. 

•'See lib. 3, p. 208, of" con. King's county register's office. 

3 See lib. 5, p. 155, of con. King's county register's office. 

4Cor«f//s Fander Hoo've m. Lysbet , and resided in Bedford in 1707. 

He was a son of Cornells Vander Hoove and Mattye, who died in 1705. 
Hoevcn is a village of 550 inhabitants, in North Uraband. 

5 M.„tin Adname, born March <;rh, 1688, was a son of Adrian Rcycrse, 
and the ancestor of the Martense family of Long Island. 

114 Family H 


*' Card De Bevoise' and the kings highway that goes to 
" the ferry ; and S. W. by the meadows ; also, land at the 
" east side of the highway from Flatbush to Brookland, 
" containing together with the land bounded as aforesaid 
" and the woodland at the east side of the way aforesaid, 
" 1 80 acres." Also, a lot of woodland in the second division 
of Brookland, and another lot in the same division, both 
together containing 20 acres ; also, the meadows in said 
town belonging to him.^ 

August 2 1st, 1723, on the same date, an agreement was 
entered into between Hans Bergen, of the ferry (son of 
Michael)^ of the one part, and Michael Hansen Bergen^ 
Femmetje Bergen, now the wife of John Vanderveer, Sarah 
Bergen, now the wife of John Strycker, and Mary Bergen, 
all daughters of said Michael Hansen Bergen^ of the other 
part, in which it is set forth that said Michael Hansen Bergen^ 
for the consideration of X800, has sold to his son Hans his 
lands, for which Hans is to defend without any liability or 
expense on the part of his father, a suit in chancery, brought 
against said Michael Hans by the inhabitants of Brookland 
for the recovery of part of his lands, the expense of said 
suit to be equally borne by himself and his three sisters, 
and to be deducted from the sums herein provided to be 
paid them by Hans ; Hans to pay his sister Mary £200, 
Femmetje X200, and Sarah £200, after the death of their 
father ; Michael Hans to hold possession and have the use 
of the premises during his life. The complaint in the 
above suit, was, that Michael Hansen had taken up 1 20 
acres of land more than what he was entitled to by Kieft's 
patent. Hans soon compromised the matter, and ended 

' Card De Bei'oisf, baptized August 1st, 1680, was a son of Jacobus, and a 
grandson of Card, tlic Hist schoolmasttT of Brooklyn, and tlic Hist of tlie 
name in this country. 

- See lib. 5, p. 10, of con. King's county register's office. 

Second Generation. 


the suit, for it appears that January 7th, 1723-4, sixty-one 
of the freeholders of Brooklyn (who were probably all, or 
nearly all who resided in the place), for ^£40, released to 
Hans Bergen all their right in the 180 acres occupied by 
his father Michael.^ Hans afterwards brought in a bill of 
£375 ']s. and ()\d.^ up to January 19th, 1723, incurred for 

' The following is a list of 
King's county register's office 
John -(- Dorlant, 
Cyrimier Van Vctte, 
Rynier Van Vegtte, 
Gerritje Veghte, 
Daniel Polemis, 
Catryne 4" Filken, 
Jacob Hanse (Bergen), 
Jan Van Noortstrant, 
Altie Remse, 
Pieter Strycker, 
Daniel Remse, 
Cornells Cornel, 
Giljam Cornel, 

B. Van de water, 
Lambert 4" Andriessen, 
Rem Hegeman, 
Jacob Durye, 
Cornells Van Duyn, 

C. Van Der Hoeven, 
Yan Rapaelje, 

Jores Hansen (Bergen), 
Gysbert Boogart, 
Abraham 4- Brower, 
Jeronimus Rapalje, 
Hans Bergen, 
Daniel Rapalje, 
Joseph Hegeman, 
Jacob 4" Cashow, 
Joris Rappalyee, 
Adriaen Bennet, 
Jan Durlandt, 
Johannes Zeckels, 
Nitalacs Couwenhoven, 

said freeholders, as per lib. 5, p. 41, of con. 

John + Bennet, 

Isaac Jansen, 

Wouter 4- Van Pelt, 

Jacobus Debeuvos, 

Gerbrant Pietersen, 

Henry -(-" Sedam, 

Jan Jansen, 

Yan Van Der Voort, 

Claes 4- Van Dyck, 

Jacob Sebring, 

Marten Adriaens, 

Jacob Bennet, 

Aert Van Der Belt, 

Frederick 4" Blau, 

Symen De Hart, 

Jeremias Remsen, 

Jacob Suydam, 

Card 4" Debeavois, 

Jacobus Reyyerben, 

Jan Middagh, 

Issak Remsen, 

Ryck 4" Hendrickse, 

Merget 4" Gallie, 

John Verkerk, 

Barent Blom, 

Jacobus Leffertz, 

C. Van Der Hoven, with con- 
sent of his brother Marton, 

Peter Staats, 

Sarah 4" Brooks, in behalf 
of her son, 

Samuel Night. 

116 Family History. 

lawyer's fees, personal services, etc. (including the ,£40 
paid the town), in the defence of this suit, and a charge of 
interest from said date to June loth, 1732, of X252 and 
lOs. at 8 per cent, making a total of X693 151. 9}^., which 
bill, if allowed, must have swallowed up the main portion 
of his sisters' patrimony. 

January 22d, 1 730-1, Michael Hansen and Jeronimus 
Rapalje, two of the surviving patentees of " Brookland," 
convey to Cornelius Van Duyn, Carl de Bevois and Hans 
Michaelse Bergen, for and in behalf of the freeholders of 
said town, their right in the common lands. ^ The object 
, of this conveyance appears to be to confirm the several acts 
of the trustees or commissioners of said town in dividing 
their common lands ; Michael in some instances, if not in 
all, as a patentee, having heretofore refused his assent to 
their divisions, perhaps on account of the dispute about his 
own lands hereinbefore referred to. 

The following is a fac simile of his signature : 

^^^^^^ ^omC^^ 

Issue : — 

16. I. Sara^ baptized June 2d, 1678, in Brooklyn ; 
witnesses : " Theunis Gysbertse Boogaard and Sara Jorisen " 

17. II. Tennis^ baptized May 16th, 1 680, in New 
Utrecht ; witnesses : " Teunis Guysbertsz Bogaard and 
Sarah Jorisen Rapalie." 

'See lib. 5, p. 96, of con. King's touiUy register's office. By this convey- 
ance it appears that the common woodlands, or a portion thereof, were divided 
by Jores Hansen (Bergen), Jacob Hansen (Bergen), and Cornelius Van Duyn, 
trustees of the town, into three divisions, of 6z lots eacli, in 1702, and the lota 
apportioned among tlie freeholders ol the town, 

Second Generation. 117 

i8. III. //««;, baptized March nth, 1689. 

19. IV. Ferrvnetje. 

20. V. Mary. 

6. JoRES OR George Hansen Bergen, baptized in 
New Amsterdam, July i8th, 1649. Living as late as 
1736; m. August nth, 1678, by Dominie Van Zuuren, 
Sara Strycker^ daughter of Jan Strycker* of Flatbush. 

(500 gl. each was secured to Sarah Strycker and her 
brothers and sisters, of her mother's estate, on her father 
marrying his second wife.) 

Jores Hansen was a carpenter by trade, and November, 
1662, his name appears among the catechumens of the 
Reformed Dutch Church of Brooklyn, and in 1677 his 
and his wife's names also appear among the members of 
the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatbush, where he then 
appears to have resided. 

In 1683, '•'■Joris Hansen " was assessed in Brooklyn, one 
poll £18 ; two horses £24 ; three cows £25 ; two do. of 
3 years .£'4 ; one do. of 2 years £2 los. ; two do. of i year 
£3 ; and 12 morgens of land £24; total Xiio los. 

In September, 1687, his name appears among those 
residing in Brooklyn who took the oath of allegiance to the 
British government, in which year from a deed it appears 
he owned land in " Brookland," bounded on one side by 

'^ yan Strycker, the common ancestor of the Stryckers or Strykers of King's 
county and vicinity, emigrated from the village of Ruinen, in Drenthe, in the 
Netherlands in 1652, and married (ist), Lambertje Seubering, the mother of 
Sara; m. (2d), April 30th, 1679, Swantje Jans, widow of Cornelis De Potter j 
and m. (3d), April 22d, 1687, Teuntje Teunis, widow of Jacob Hellakers. 

The following is a fac simile of liis signature : 



118 Family History. 

land which Sophia Van Loedsteyn' conveyed to Jurian 
Hendrickse Vander Bieets. 

In January and April, 1689, he served as a member of 
the grand jury of the court of sessions. In April, 1690, 
Joore'i Hansen (i><'r^<f?/), Hendrick Claasen, and Jan Gerretse 
(Van Cowenhoven), were sworn in as commissioners of 
Brooklyn by said court, of which at the time he was a 
grand juryman. 

At the same court Joo7-es Hansen [Bergen)^ and Jacob 
Brouwer petitioned " concerning the making off a new 
" highway about the hills, it is ordered to lay out the said 
" highway and to bring in an answer to the next court that 
" no towne or inhabitants off" this county are against itt." 
In December, 1695, George Hansen [Bergen) requested 
the court to be allowed to inclose his lands all together, 
between " Brookland " town and Flatbush, and for the 
making of a new highway within his lands, between said • 
towns, etc. (See Records of Court of Sessions.) It is 
probable that the original road from Brooklyn to Flatbush 
was by the way of Bedford, and so through the Clove near 
the Penitentiary, thus avoiding the hills ; that the road 
known as the Port road, which led to Brower's mill and to 
Brooklyn, passing the residence of the late Theodorus 
Polhemus, and in part between his fiirm and that late of 
Adrian Cortelyou, was the second road established to Flat- 
bush J and that the new highway referred to in the above 
application was the road across the high hills, since known 
as the main road and turnpike to Flatbush. 

Brower's mill, since Freecke's, was the oldest mill in 
Brooklyn ; that of Denton, on the same road, being of 
later date. "Fhe road from these mills across Freecke's mill 

^Sophia Van Locditeyn or Lodcrntcyn was tht wife of Carel dc- Beauvuis, 
schoolmaster uf Brooklyn, whom she married in Holland, and who was dead at 
this date. 

Second Generation. 119 

dam to the village of Brooklyn, by the way of Red Hook 
lane, was made and opened in the beginning of the present 
century, and was not in existence at the time of the battle 
of Lojig Island, as pictured out in Field's account of said 
battle in the 2d volume of the Transactions of the Long 
Island Historical Society. In the younger days of the 
writer this road was known as the shun pike, enabling the 
residents of Gowanus, Yellow Hook and the Narrows, to 
reach Brooklyn ferry without paying toll, and shortening, 
rather than increasing the distance. At this period the 
Port road (although betv;een Gowanus and Flatbush it was 
very narrow, rough and hilly, and materially increased the 
distance), was used by some of the Flatbush farmers as 
their route to the ferry, they preferring, in consequence of 
their economical habits, to use a poor road and riding a mile 
out of the way to paying a kw cents toll. 

At a town meeting held at Bedford, April 20th, 1697 
(lib. 3, p. 133, con. King's county register's oflice), Capt. 
Henry Filkin, Jacob Vanderwater, Daniel Rapale, Jorts 
Hansen {Bergen\ 'John Dorlandt, and Cornelius Van Duyn, 
were chosen to divide all their common lands, not yet laid 
out or divided, "to each ffreeholder of said towne his Equal! 
" and just proportion in all the common lands abovesaid 
" except those that has but an house and a home lott which 
"are only to have but half share of the lands aforesaid." 
In 1690, Jores Hansen {Bergen\ Hendrick Claasen 
(Vechte), and Jan Gerbritse were elected commissioners of 
Brooklyn, and re-elected each successive year until 1699. 
At a town meeting held April 29th, 1699, in " Brook- 
" land tor election of townsinen to take charge of towne 
"matters, to defend the limits and bounds, and to lay out 
" some part thereof in lots, to make laws and orders for the 
" best of the inhabitants, and to raise a small tax to defray 
" town charges," etc., lienjamin Vander Water, Jons 

120 Family History. 

Hansen [Bergen)^ and Jan Gerritse Dorlant were elected 
(lib. 2, p. 191, con. King's county register's office). In 
1701 and 1702, " Capt. Jores Hansen" (Bergen), "Jacob 
Hansen " (Bergen), and Cornelius Van Duyn, were chosen 
to defend town rights, etc. (lib. 2, pp. 225 and 227 of 
con. King's county, register's office). 

September 13th, 1698, Marretje Garitse, widow of 
Nicholas Janse,' baker, late of the city of New York, 
deceased, conveyed for i:i76 and i\s. to " George Hansen 
" of Brookland, premises in Brooklyn containing 39 acres 
"and 40 rods, Dutch measure, as in fence and in possession 
" of said George^ bounded southeast by land of Jurian 
" Andriese ; northwest by land of Jacob Hansen (Bergen), 
" and land of Derrick Janse Woortman f southwest by 
" Gowanos Kill ; and northeast by the king's highway ; 
" formerly in the possession of Gerrit Wolfersen (Couwen- 
" hoven), as per patent to said Gerrit of Gov. Wm, Kieft, 
" of March nth, 1647 : also the just and equal part of all 

•May 1 2th, 1668, Nicholas Jamen, baker, of Dutch descent, received a 
patent for two parcels of land at " Comunipau" or Communipaw, New Jersey, 
from Philip Carteret, which he bought Dec. 20th, 1667, from Fitje Hartmans, 
widow of Michael Jansen. He m. (ist), Annetje, sister of Fitje Hartmans. 
(2d), Marretje Garitse, and resided at one period in Pearl street, in 1665 in 
Water street. New York, but probably at no time in New Jersey. His property 
in Pearl street was valued in 1674 at $1,500. In 1686 his widow resided on 
the west side of Whitehall street, between State and Pearl. 

A "Nicholas Backer" (the Dutch for Baker), was assessed in Brooklyn in 
1675, one poll, one horse, three cows, three do. of 2 years, two do of i year, 
six hogs, and eighteen morgens of land and valley, the latter at £36, and the 
whole £97 10 J., who probably was the Nicholas Janse whose widow sold his 
land to George Hansen Bergen. 

'^ Woortman i plantation of 20 morgens, was patented Sept. Ilth, 1642, to 
Jan Mange. Jan. 29th, 1652, Pieter Linde, who married Mange's widow, 
sold the premises to Barent Janse. August 23d, 1674, Jan Barentsen, Auke 
Janse (Van Nuysc), and Simon Hansen (Van Noortstrant), as guardians of the 
minor children of H.irent Jiiibi-, diHeiscd, and Srynljc PictLia, his widow, sold 
the same to Derrick Janse Wooitman, who immigiated to this cuuiitiy in 

Second Generation. 121 

" that Hook or Neck of land in said township, containing 
" 55 Dutch rods broad, and 250 Dutch rods long, bounded 
" south by land of Jacob Brower ;' north by land of Machael 
" Hansen (Bergen) ; west by Gowanos Kill or Mill Creek; 
"and east by the common woods ; together with all the 
" meadows included in the bounds aforesaid ; said Hook or 
" Neck of land being formerly in the possession of Jan 
" Evertse bout as per patent of Governor Nicolls, of April 
" I, 1668, and now in possession of said George."^ The 
patent of March nth, 1647, to Gerrit Wolfersen (Cowen- 
hoven), of the above first referred to plot, describes the 
same as follows: "land lying at Rechewcck,^ both the 
" maize land and the woodland on the marsh of the 
" Gowanos Kill, between the land of Jacob Stoffelsen^ and 
" Frederick Lubertsen, extending from the aforesaid marsh 
" till into the woods next the land of said Frederick till to 
" the land of Andries Hudden ; northeast by north a little 

' Jacob Brower was one of the sons of Adam Brouwer Berckhoven (the 
Brouwer meaning brewer, which was probably one time Adam's occupation). 
Jacob or Jacobus married, Feb. 4th, 1682, Annetje, daughter of William, a 
son of Dominie Everardus Bogardus and Annetje Janse, of Trinity Church 
property memory, as per p. 21 of Pearson's Genealogies of the First Settlers of 

= St-e lib. 2, p. 181, of con. of King's county, register's office. Nicholas Janse, 
Baker, and Andries Jurianse were testamentary heirs of Jan Evertse Bout. 

3 The Indian name of Brooklyn. 

''Jacob Stoffchen was born in 1 60 1 (Colonial History New York, vol. i, 
194), came from Zierikzee, a kanton in Zeeland at an early date, residing in 
New Amsterdam in 1633, when he was commissary of stores, and in 1638 
and 9 was overseer of the company's negroes (New York Colonial Mss., i, p. 
84). He was chosen one of the " Twelve " in 1641, in which year he is said 
to have removed to Ahabimus, N. J., where he hired the company's bouwery 
in 1656, and where he continued to reside until his death, in 1677. In 1639 
he married the widow of Cornells Van Voorst, and after her death married the 
widow of Jacob Walingen Van Hoorn, by whom two children, Stoftel and 
Jacobus. May 7th, 1664, he obtained a patent from Director Stuyvesant for 
a tract ^'i land at " Horbimus." After his death liis widow married Casper 

122 Family History. 

"northerly 148 rods ; behind through the woods till to the 
" land of the said aforesaid Jacob Stoftelsen, southeast by 
" east 80 rods ; next the land of Jacob Stoffelsen aforesaid 
" till to the aforesaid marsh southwest a little westerly 165 
"rods ; along the valley to the place of beginning 60 rods, 
"with a small projecting point, amounting in all to 19 
" morgen, 341 rods." This plot evidently fronted on the 
main road leading from Flatbush and the village of Brook- 
lyn' to the ferry, extending back to the Gowanus creek, and 
is included in the plot designated as land of G. Martense 
on Butts's map of Brooklyn. 

In 1698, Jores Hansen Bergen's family^ as per census of 
" Brookland," consisted of "i man, 1 woman and 11 
children, 'and 2 slaves :" in the same year and in 1702, he 
was an elder in the church in Brooklyn. In 1690, at a 
town meeting he was elected one of the trustees or com- 
missioners of common lands, which office he held until 

From 1698 to 1700 inclusive, he was a member of the 
grand jury,- of which in 1700 he was foreman. In 1700 
he was captain of the foot company of militia of " Brook- 
land." February 14th, 1701-2, Capt. Jores Hansen {Ber- 
gen), Jacob Hansen (Bergen), and Cornelius Van Duyn, 
trustees of " Brookland," and Cornelius Van Brunt, Peter 
Cortelyou, and Aert Van Pelt, trustees of New Utrecht, 
made an agreement in relation to the settlement of a portion 
of the boundary line between Brooklyn and New Utrecht, 
in pursuance of which the line has since been held. The 
line agreed upon is as follows : " Beginning at a pond 
" lying and being by and between the house of Agyas Van 

I The village of Brooklyn was originally located on the present Fulton 
avenue, in the vicinity of the junction of Smith and Hoyt streets with said 
avenue, and south-east of the present city hall ; more than a mile from the 

Second Generation. 123 

" Dyke (since of Tunis J. Bergen, and afterwards of his 
" son Cornelius Bergen), of said town of Brookland, and 
" the house of Thomas Sharax (late of the heirs of Winant 
" J. Bennet), of said town of New Utrecht where the water 
" runs into the Salt water River by a certain fence ; thence 
" stretching away South East one Degree Southerly 288 
"English Rods to a white Oak tree on the East side of the 
" path leading from New Utrecht to the Gowanos so called 
" in the Township of Brookland, said Tree' being marked 
" on two sides, and being formerly the old marked tree 
" between said Towns." The above agreement is recorded 
in lib. 4, pp. 237 and 238 of con., in office of register of 
King's county. 

The said "Jores Hansen^ Jacob Hansen, and Cornelius 
Van Duyn, as trustees of said town and by virtue of power 
conferred upon them, caused that part of the common 
woodlands of Brooklyn east of the Port road and south and 
east of Bedford, to be surveyed, divided into three divisions 
of 62 lots each, and apportioned the lots among the free- 
holders and inhabitants of said town ; one of said divisions 
being made on the 14th day of March, 1701-2, another on 
the 14th day of November, 1702, and the other on the nth 
day of February, 1702-3. (See deed of Jeronimus Rapalje 
and Michael Hansen of Jan. 2d, 1730-1, recorded lib. 5, 
p. 96, of con., King's county register's office. For an 
account of the lots see lib. 5, p. 94, of con. in do.) 

In 1701, '•'■Joj-es Hamen" among others, was fined 

' T. G. Bergen, when supervisor of New Utrecht, and Martenus Bergen, 
when supervisor of the Stii and 9th wards of Brooklyn, placed a granite 
monument, marked with the letter F, on the site occupied by this tree ; said 
tree, in consequence of its decayed center, Iiad many years previously blown 
down, breaking off above the surface of the ground, leaving an outer circle or 
rim of wood and bark, a portion of which was remaining at the time, within 
the line of which the monument was placed. 

124 Family History. 

eight shillings for not bringing his negro slave Mink 
before the court, as more fully referred to under Michael 
Hansen Bergen. In 1703, 4 and 5, Capt. George Hansen 
{Bergen) was supervisor of Brooklyn, and in 1703 chairman 
of the board. In 1706 he was assessed for 76 acres of 
arable land in Brooklyn ; and January 3d of the same year, 
he with others was styled " pretended deacons of Brook- 
land," in a warrant issued by Governor Cornbury, ordering 
them to deliver the church property to Dominic Freeman. 
This was during the unfortunate troubles in the Reformed 
Dutch Churches of Long Island, between Dominie Free- 
man and Dominie Antonides, and their respective followers, 
during which the former, with his friends, broke open the 
doors of the church in Brooklyn, to gain possession thereof, 
and a duel came very near being fought between Colonel 
Beeckman and Colonel Filkin, two of the leading men of 
the colony. This dispute commenced in 1702, and was 
finally settled in 17 14, by agreeing to receive and support 
both ministers, who were to preach alternately in all their 
churches. During these troubles for at least a portion of 
the time, George Hansen Bergen was an elder of the 
church in Brooklyn, joining in the call for a minister from 
Holland, which brought over Antonides, with whom he 

His name also appears among the freeholders of Brooklyn 
in the deed of January loth, 1723, to Hans Bergen, herein- 
before referred to. 

in the October court of sessions in 1736, two suits were 
pending of Hendrick Stryker vs. George Bergen^ claiming 
X35 damages in each ; two of George Bergen, Jr., vs. 
George Bergen^ the one claiming £73 15 J., and the other 
£98 due. The George Bergen in these suits must have 
been George Hansen Bergen; the George Bergen, Jr., his 
son Joris or George ; and Hendrick Stryker, a son of 

Second Generation. 125 

Hendrick, the brother of Sara Strykcr, the wife of said 
George Hansen. If correct in designating George Hansen as 
the George Bergen referred to in the suits, then he must 
have been 87 years old at this date. 

The following is a fac simile of his signature : 

JW^ 01 oM 

Issue : — 

21. I. Lammertje^ baptized Dec. 26th, 1679, in New 
Utrecht ; witnesses : Jannetje Joris Rapalie, and Jan 

22. II. Sara^ baptized March 13th, 168 1, in Flatbush ; 
witnesses : " Teunis Gisbrechts Buogaard, and Swaantje 

23. III. Jaltje^ baptized Oct. 15th, 1682, in New 
Utrecht ; witnesses : "• Machicl Hansz IJcrgen, and Aaltje 

24. IV. Hans^ baptized August 31st, 1684, in New 
Utrecht; witnesses: "Abraham Jorisz (Brinckerhoff), and 
Hendrick Strykker." 

25. V. Jannetje^ baptized May 27th, 1688, in Brook- 
lyn ; witnesses : " Jakob Hansen (liergen), and Eytje 

26. VI. Annetje^ baptized March 9th, 1689-90. 

27. VII. Jan^ baptized May 17th, 1694, in Brooklyn; 
witnesses : " StofFel Parabasko, and Femmetje Teunis " 
( Denyse). 

28. VIII. Brechtje^ baptized May 24th, 1696, New York 
records ; witnesses : Jan and Agnietje Berry. 

29. IX. Joris. 
29.^ X. Catharine. 


12G Family History. 

7. Marritje Hansen, baptized October 8th, 165 1, 
in New Amsterdam; married "Jacob Ruthzen." 

April 1 8th, 1680, ^''Marritje Hcmsx Bergen and Jakob 
Rutgersz " were witnesses at the baptism of Sara, daughter 
of Theodorus Polhemius and Aartje Tonis Bogaard, in New 

November 27th, 1681, '■'■ Alarritje Hanssen [Bergen)^ 
Teunis Gysbrechtsz, and Aaltje P>ederiks (Lubbertse), 
both of Esopus and CorneHs Corzen " (Vroom), were 
witnesses at baptism of " Frederyk, son of Jacob Hansz 
Bergen and Elsje Frederiks " (Lubbertse), in Flatbush. 

March lOth, 1691, "A/arr/V/V Hanse" and " Theunis 
Gysbertzen," were witnesses at baptism of Sara, daughter 
of Joris Abrahamzen (Brinkerhoff) and Annetje Theunis 
(Bogaert), in New York. 

May 14th, 1693, '-'- Marritje Ham and Jan Hanzen " 
were witnesses at baptism of Jan, son of Pieter Jacobsen 
and Rebecca Jans, in New York. 

Issue : — 

I. Cathryn Ruthxen^ baptized Oct. 14th, 1676, in New 
Amsterdam; witnesses : " Theunis Gysbertzen, and Tryn 

From the above, Marritje's husband's surname appears 
to have been written " Rutgersz," in the Brooklyn church 
records, and " Ruthzen," in those of New York. 

8. Jacob Hansen, baptized in New Amsterdam, Sept. 
2ist, 1653 ; living as late as 1738 ; married July 8th, 1677 
(by Dominie Van Zuuren), Elsje Frederiks^ of the Kreest, 
daughter of "Frerick" (Frederik) Lubbertsen and Tryntje 
Hendricks, of Brooklyn, baptized July 7th, 1658, in New 
Amsterdam.' At the time of his marriage he resided at 

' Fiedcr'uk l.ubbcrticn, whu wiolc liis iiaini: " I'rcrick LubliL-rtbcii," liorii 
1609, iniinigratfiJ at an caily period to this country, was at one time a sailor, 

Second Generation. 127 

Waalcboght. Fredrick Lubbertsen in his will, dated Nov. 
22d, 1679, devised to his daughter Elsie, wife of 'Jacob 
Hansen i^Bergen)^ " the farm whereupon they live at present 

his name appearing as a boatswain among the officers in 1638, under Kicft's 
administration, and died in 16S0, his will being dated Nov. 22d, 1679. He 
m. (ist), Styntie, who was living Feb. i6th, 1654, on whicji day she was a 
witness in the burgomaster's and schepen's court, in New Amsterdam, and m. 
(2d), August 17th, 1657, Trynljc Hendricks, widow of Cornclis I'ctersen 
(Vroom). .Tryntje had by her liist liusbaiul at the time of her sec(jnd marriage, 
children, Cornelis Corssen (Vroom), aged 12; Peter (Vroom), aged 6; and 
Hcndrick (Vroom), aged 3 years. Lubbertsen had three daughters, Rebecca, 
by his first wife, who m. July 19th, 1648, Jacob Leendcrtse Van der Grist; 
Elsje, by his 2d wife, who m. Jacob Uamcn Birgcn ; and Aeltje, bapt. July 25th, 
1&60, in New Amsterdam, who m. Sept. 3d, 1682, Cornelis Sueberingh. (This 
Cornelis Sueberingh, as originally written, was a member of the colonial legislature 
from King's county, from 1698 to 1723, his will being dated May 21st, 1 721, 
and proved March 25th, 1 723, and his children were : Adriana or Adriacntje, 
baptized July 22d, 1683, m. Thomas Pardon ; Frederick, m. Dec. nth, 171 1, 
Margaret Provoost, and was appointed guager in 171 3 ; Johannes, m. (sup- 
posed), Aeltje , and settled on the Raritan, N.J. ; Catharine, m. John 

Hibon; Isaac, baptized May 14th, 1693, m. Catherine j Cornelia, 

baptized Oct. 20th, 1695; Jakob, baptized Nov. 5th, 1697, m. Femmetje 
Vanderveer ; Elizabeth, baptized Nov. 12th, 1699; Abraham; and Maria. 
There was also at this time in King's county, a Jan Roelifse Sueberingh, and 
a Lucas Sueberingh, who may have been brothers of Cornelis.) Lubbertsen 
resided at first in New Amsterdam, and in August, 1641, was one of the 12 
men representing Manhattan, Breukelen, and Pavonia, elected to suggest means 
to punish tlie Indians for a murder they had committed. April 14th, 1643, 
he bought of Lourens Cornelissen his house in the Smith's valley, which on 
the 3d of June, 1653, lie sold to Albert Cornelyseri. Sept. 4th, 1645, he 
obtained a patent for fifteen morgens on the East river, Manhattan Island. 
Dec. loth, 1653, he was a representative from Brooklyn in the convention 
held at New Amsterdam to represent the state of the country to the authorities 
in Holland ; and in 1653, '54, '55, '64, and 1671, '72, '73, and 1674, he was 
a magistrate of Brooklyn. April 6th, 1657, his name appears on the list of 
small burghers in New Amsterdam, and Jan. 23d, 165S, he was made a great 
burgher. Feb. i 3th, I 660, he was assessed in said city for repairing the " Heere 
Graght " (canal or ditch), owning a lot on the north side thereof; and Feb. ist, 
I 66 1, he was a candidate for tiie office of burgomaster in said city, and was 
elected, but Feb. 1st, 1662, he was defeated. July 6th 1663, he was a repre- 
sentative from Brooklyn in the convention called to engage the several Dutch 
towns 10 kcc|) up .in armed force for public piotection. 

128 Family History. 

"as it is at present in fence, as also the back land by the 
" mill until the fresh meadow, and by their decease to their 
^'lawful offspring, paying unto Rebecca the aforesaid sum 

Of the children of Tryntje by her first husband, Cornelis Corssen or Curson 
(Vrooni), baptized April 23d, 1645, died i6i>3, m. March nth, 1666, Mar- 
retje Jacobse Vander Grist, of Brooklyn, removed to Staten island, where he 
was a considerable landholder, holding the office of justice of the peace,captain 
of infantry, etc., and had children, Jacob, Cornelis, and Cornelia, the descend- 
ants of his sons residing on said island, retaining the surname of Corsen. 
Cornells Corsen also appears to have ovk'ned lands on the Raritan river, N. J., 
for on page 103 of the printed record of the governor and council of East New 
Jersey, 1682-1703, reference is had to " the petic'on of James Grayham, 
" Sam'U Winder, John White, and Cornelius Corsen, to have a pattent of the 
*' Lands lately surveyed to them lyeing on the Raritan River. Agreed that 
" they have their said Lands pattented they paying Two pence an Acre — viz 
" — purchasing at Three halfe pence an Acre att Twelve yeares purchase and 
" paying by pattent \d. p. Acre." Peter Corssen (Vroom), born in New Am- 
sterdam, and baptized March 5th, 1651, m. Oct. 19th, 1679, Katharine Van- 
der Beek, widow of Daniel Richnnco, and resided in Brooklyn in 1689, in 
which year he conveyed to Dirck Janse Wuortman, a small island and some 
meadows towards Red Hook, inside of the Graver's kill, since known as 
Remsen's Island j and he also mortgaged to Thomas Lambertse land and 
meadows at Frederick Luhbertse's Hook in Brookland, and at the same time 
owned other land in the vicinity. For particulars see lib. i, of con., pp. 157 
and 180, in King's county register's office. August 19th, 1689, he entei-ed 
into an agreement tvith John Marsh of East Jersey for the erection of a water 
mill for grinding of corn, to be located on tlie soutii-east side of the Graver's 
kill, witliin the meadows of said Corssen and those of Cornelis Sucberingh 
(see lib. I, |>. 271, of con., King's county register's oHice), which was built, 
and in latter years known as Cornell's mill. By a bond of March 20th, i 698, it 
appears that Cornelis Sueberingh bound himself to maintain Peter Corssen, and 
to furnish him with reasonable board, clothing, etc., suitable for a person in his 
station in life, or to pay the expenses of the same (sec lib. 2, p. 164, of do.). 
From this it may be inferred that Peter Corssen's wife at this time was dead, 
and that he had no surviving children, llendrkk Corssen (Vroom), baptized 
Nov. 20th, 1653, m. Josina Pietetsz, daughter of Pieter Van Nest, of Brook- 
lyn, and Judith Rapalje, a grand-daughter of Joris Janse Rapalie, and settled 
on the Raritan, near Sonierville, about 1680, where his descendants are 
numerous, among whom is (!ov. Vroom of New Jersey. 

I'luiii the oath of allcgiame lo tlie Aiuerit.m 1 auic taken in tiic Revi/luticm- 
ary war, in 1778, in Dennis and upper townships in Cape May county, N. J., 

Second Generation. 129 

" of 600 guilders wampum value ;" to their daughter 
" Aeltie the farm at the water side as it is at present in 
" fence i" "unto Peter' and Hendrik Corson (Vroom), 
"aforesaid, each the just moiety of the piece of upland 
" beginning from Job's land between the waggon path and 
"meadow and its length to the water place, with this express 
"condition that they jointly and every one alike the value 
" of the just third part of the aforesaid land " pay to 
their brother Cornelius Corson, " who otherwise would 
"have inherited therein," if lie had not had land of his 

The patent of Lubbertsen by Gov. Kieft is dated May 
27th, 1640, and is for land " on Long Island at Merekka- 
" wickrigli (Brooklyn), near to Werpes, extending in 
*' breadth from the Kill and marsh coming from Gowanis 
" northwest by north and from the beach on the East River 
" with a course southeast by east 1700 paces of 3 feet to a 
" pace, and in the length from the end of said Kill north- 
" east by east and southwest by west to the Red Hook, 
" with the express Condition that whenever the Indians shall 

it appears that at that date a Peter, David, Rem, Abner, and Juhn Corson 
were residents of said localities (see New Jersey Historical Collections, p. 133). 
The following is a fac simile of his sijjnature : 

'c/ /;Lc^/^i.^ ,//y. 

'March aStli, 1698, for C250, Peter Corsen (Vroom) conveyed to Cornelius 
Sebring or Sueberingh, a jdantation on a neck of land in Brookland, commonly 
called Lubbertse's Neck, " bounded east by the land of Jacob Hansen (Ber- 
" gen) ; west by the Red Hook and Kootts Kyes Kill, soe called, and North by 
"land of said Cornelius Sebiinr,," containing 100 acres (see lib. 2, p. 162, of 
con.. King's county register's ullice). 

-See lib. I, p. 130, of con. King's county register's olHce. 

130 Family History. 

" be willing to part with their maize land lying next to the 
" aforesaid land there, Frederick Lubbertsen shall have the 
" privilege of entering upon the same in the breadth of the 
'' aforesaid parcel of land, extending from that without his 
"being hindered by any one." 

A confirmatory patent was granted to Lubbertsen by 
Gov. Nicolls on the 28th of Anarch, 1667, with substan- 
tially the same boundaries, and covering the land in his 
possession and enjoyment. Lubbertsen's patent appears to 
have covered a large tract of upland in that portion of 
Brooklyn adjoining the salt meadows and marsh which 
formerly separated Red Hook from the main land, extend- 
ing from the East river opposite Governors Island to 
Gowanus cove and the Mill creek, including a portion 
of the surrounding salt meadows, and covered the plots 
laid down on Butts's map of Luqueer (formerly Sebring), 
Jacob Bergen, Coles, Conovcr, Hoyt, Cornell, Kelsey 
and Blake, Johnson, Heeney, and other parcels in that 

In addition to this large tract, Lubbertsen obtained, Sept. 
4th, 1645, a patent for a "piece of land lying at the East 
" River, betwixt the land of Henry Breser and Edward 
" Fiscox, it extends next to Jacob Wolfersen (Van Cowen- 
" hoven), or now Herry Breser's' land North West by 
"West 120 rods; its breadth behind in the woods East by 

' Herry or Hinry Breser, an Englishman, received a patent, Sept. 4th, 1645, 
for 16 morgens and 486 rods of land on the East river, in Brooklyn, adjoining 
Claes Dercksen, the ferryman, which farm he sold toCornclis de I'otter. l"cl). 
Stli, J 648, !ic bought Philip de Truys's liousc and lot in New Amsterdam. 
May 5tli, 165s, an order was issued allowing Harry Breser, who left in tiie 
time of the troubles, to sell his property in New Amsterdam, but not to be 
domiciliated. The troubles referred to were the plotting of the Englisli on 
1-ong Isl.ind, and on the Manhattans, against their adopted country, tlieir cor- 
respondence with the enemy, and cllorls, in 1654, to place the towns on Long 
Island under the jurisdiction of New England, which latter locality had induced 

Second Generation. 131 

" North 59 rods, back again to the strand North and North 
"by West 134 rods, along the strand West by South one- 
" half point Southerly 98 rods, amounting in all to 15 
" morgens and 52 rods." May 7th, 1652, "Jacob Leen- 
dertsen van de Grist," as attorney for his ^ather-in-law, 
Lubbertsen, sold to Jan Hendricksen Stelman the above 
premises for 450^/.' 

On the 7th of April, 1726, Aaltie Seabringh (now a 
widow), and "Jacob Hansen [Berge)i)^ and Elsie, his wife, 
agreeable to an award made by Johannes Jansen, Jacobus 
Rip, Esq., Col. Joost Van Brunt, Abraham Lot, and 
Christopher Cod wise, commissioners appointed for the pur- 
pose of dividing a portion of their father's estate, quitclaimed 
or released to each other certain premises. The part released 
by Elsie and her husband to Altie, contained 235 acres of 
upland and meadow, exclusive of said Aaltie's old farm not 
covered by the release. " Aaltie Seberingh " quitclaimed 
and released to yacob Hansen [Bergen) and Elsie, his wife, 
"all that certain tract of land and meadows heretofore 
" belonging to Frederick Lubbertsen, deceased, situate, 
" lying and being in the town of Brookland, near unto and 
" adjoining the old farm of the said Jacob Hansen (Bergen)^ 
" and Elsie, his wife, beginning at a Saxafax tree with 
" several young branches and bushes of Saxafax about the 
"same, and standing near unto the range of the fence that 
"divides the old farm of the said Jacob Hansen [Bergen)^ 
*' and Elsie his wife, and of the said ' Aaltie Sebringh,' 
" running from the westward most end of the said Jacob 

Cromwell, the ^jrotector, to send a fieet ut tliii. date for the reduction of tlie 
Manhattans, and other Dutch settlements. " Henry Jirczier, young man, from 
tlie Province of Essex m. Susanna Wathens, wid. of Willem Wathens, Oct. 
<;, 1644," as per Reformed Dutcli Cliuich of New York records, and liad sev- 
eral cjiildren baptized. 

•■ Vol. Ill, p. 305, of O'CallagJKin's Ms. translation Dutch Manuscrii)ts. 

132 Family History. 

" Hansen'' s [Bergen) orchard, and runs from said Saxafax 
" tree South 19 deg. 30 min. east 8 ch. 70 links to a stake, 
" thence South 40 deg. West 35 ch. 50 links, thence South 
" forty-six degrees and a half West 12 ch. 30 links to a 
" stake standing at the edge of the meadow, thence South 

"46 deg. then thence South 60 deg. West to an 

" inlet of water, and thence along the said inlet to Gowanus 
" Bay, thence along said Bay to Adam Brower's Creek so 
" called, (since known as the Mill Creek,) and so up the 
" said Creek until it meets the meadow formerly belonging 
" to Rut Van Brunt' deceased, and thence from said Creek 
" and along the said meadow to the upland there, thence 
"along the upland and edge of the meadow to a certain 
''old stump at the head of a reed meadow, thence North 
" 60 deg. West 14 ch. to a stake to the Southward of 
" Jacob Hansen's [Bergen) house at the Southermost side of 
" the said Jacob Hansen [Bergen's) orchard, thence North 
" 34 deg. West along said orchard 11 ch. to the division 
" fence of the said Jacob Hansen [Bergen^) and Aaltje 
" Sebringh's old farms, thence on a straight line to the first 
" station (no part of the said Jacob Hansen's old farm being 
" included,) containing in all 140 acres of land and mead- 
"ows." And also a small parcel of meadow lying to the 
eastward of Thys or Matthyas Van Dyk's dwelling house, 
adjoining to Graver's creek or kill, and runs along a small 
creek at the north side of the meadow belonging to the 
heirs of George Remsen, and so along said creek to a stake 
standing at the north-east side of a branch or creek that 
runs out of said small creek westwardly towards the East 
river, thence from said stake north- west into the East river 
to a stake, and so along said river to Graver's kill to where 
it began, containing ten acres more or less. 

'Rutgcrt Van Brunt. 

Second Generation. 133 

November 19th, 1679, "Jacob Hansen Bergen^ and Elsie, 
his wife, of the village of Brookland, were members of the 
Reformed Dutch Church, and in 1682 he was a deacon in 
said church, at which period Dominie Casparus Van 
Zuuren was the pastor. Van Zuuren was succeeded by 
Dominie Rudolphus Varick, who arrived in this country 
from Holland in June, 1685, and officiated in the King's 
county churches until his death, which occurred about 
1694. He was succeeded by Dominie Wilhclnnis 
Lupardus, who commenced his services in 1695. Furman 
in his Notes of Brooklyn, and Wood in his History of Long 
Island, both of which were published in 1824, place a Mr. 
Clark, leaving out his proper name, as officiating in these 
churches between Van Zuuren and Lupardus, which account 
they say is copied from a manuscript of the Rev. Peter 
Lowe, who officiated in 1787, thus ignoring Varick. The 
error probably occurred from the illegibility of the manu- 
script, and making Clark out of Varick. This error has 
been continued by Thompson in his History of Long Island, 
in 1839, in which he adds to the name, making it "James 

Prime, in his History of Long Island, of 1845, on the 
authority of Wood, places a Mr. Clark as succeeding Van 
Zuuren, but says, "according to other accounts the Rev. 
Rudolphus Varick succeeded Mr. Van Zuren, the same 
year, and continued till 1694." 

The Rev. Mr. Corwin, in his edition of 1859, ^^ his 
" Manual of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in 
North America," copying the error of his predecessors, 
adds, " 1695, returned to Holland," and in addition to his 
predecessors, Furman, Wood, Prime, and Thompson, 
includes Varick among the pastors of these churches, as 
officiating from 1685 to 1694, thus giving them two pastors 
at the same period. In his edition of 1869, he continues 

134 Family History. 

James Clark as pastor of the Kings county churches from 
" 1 680 to 1 685-95," but throws the responsibility on Lowe's 
manuscript, and says, "perhaps identical with Varick." 

Stiles, in his History of Brooklyn, wisely doubts the 
existence of this myth (the Rev. James Clark), whose 
name cannot be found on any of the old town or ecclesias- 
tical records of the county. 

In 1683, ^^ 'J'^'-'ob Hansen Bergen" was assessed in 
Brooklyn, two horses ii24, one poll iilS, three cows -£15, 
one do. of i year £1 lOi., three do. of 3 years Ju"] 10 j., 
one do. of i year j£i ioj^., and 24 morgens of land and 
valley X48, total i;ii5 105. 

In 1686, Jacob Hansen's and Cornells Sebering's names 
appear on the inventory of debtors of the estate ot Cornells 
Steenwyck, of New York, for 603 florins 5 stivers, as per 
lib. 19 B,, p. 208, New York surrogate's office. 

In 1687 he is on the list of those who took the oath of 
allegiance to the British government, and in 1698 he is 
styled on the old King's county court records, " a newly 
chosen constable of Brookland," and complained of for 
non-appearance at court in pursuance of notice. In the 
same year his family is entered on the census as consisting 
of" I man, 1 woman, 6 cliildren and 2 slaves." In April, 
1689, he was a petit juryman in the court of common 
pleas. From 1700 to 1708 inclusive, he was elected or 
appointed one of the trustees of the common lands and to 
defend town rights, of Brooklyn. In i 706 he was assessed 
for 150 acres of arable land. April 23d, 1708, his name, 
among others, ajipears on an agreement to call a minister in 
the Brooklyn Dutch Church. He appears to have had 
difficulties with his neighbor Cornelis Sebering, who owned 
a part of the Lubbertse patent. Sebering commencing a 
suit against him Nov. lith, 1714, for trespass, claiming 
damages X19 ic)s. and '6J. ; and another in October, 1718. 

Second Generation. 135 

In October, 1722, he sued Sebering for X19, and again in 

In 1 715, as per minutes of the board of supervisors, 
Jacob Hansen [Bergen) held the office of supervisor of 

April 13th, 1732, Jacob Hansen Bergen, and Elsje, his 
wife, for i^ 1,350, conveyed to Hans Bergen, their son, 
" 200 A. in Brookland, bounded easterly by land of Jores 
" Bergen and the Mill Creek to the River ; southwesterly by 
" said River; northwesterly by land and meadow of ' Aeltje 
"Sebering;' northeasterly by land of Rem Remsen and 
"Jores Bergen, excepting a certain piece of meadows for- 
"merlysold to Michiel Hanalle ;' and further a certain 
" piece of meadow of ten acres joining northeasterly upon 
" the meadow of Aeltje Sebering aforesaid, south by a cer- 
"tain creek, southerly by the Graver's Kill so called, and 
" northwesterly by the river. Also two lots of woodland 
"in the second division of Brookland woodlands, containing 
" 10 A. each, (Nos. 60 and 61.)" The conveyance sets 
forth that he and his wife, " by and with consent of all 
" their children, by name, P>ederick Bergen, Jacob Bergen 
"Junr., Johannes Slecht, and Catrina, his wife, Gisbert 
" Bogaert Junr., and Marretje, his wife, Jan Croesen, and 
" Breckje, his wife, Hendrick Croessen, and Elsje, his wife, 
" Derick Croesen, and Cornelia, his wife, testified by their 
" being parties to the ensealing and delivery hereof^ &c.," 

^Micbkl HanalU, or Michil Huinellr, as written by himself, bought, April 
3d, 1664, of M.chid Tadens, CL>« Jansc Ruytcr's (Van Na.rden) patent, of 30th, 1645, of about zi morgens of land, on the East river, Brooklyn, 
lying between Lubbertsen's and Mange', land. Claes Janse sold this patent to 
Tadens March ,3th, ,660. U.i.rlU, in .667. was clerk of Brooklyn, and 
died pnorto 1695, "" the 17th of Juneof which year, Hendrica Strockells his 
widow, and John, hi. son. conveyed his plantation to Derek Janse Woortman. 
Naerden, or Naarden, is a fortified town in the province of North Holland, 
cont lining 2,500 inhabitants in 1841. 

136 Family History. 

which children joined in the conveyance.' In 1738, "Jacob 
Hansen Bergen's name appears on the census of Brooiclyn, 
his family consisting of one white male above ten years, one 
white female above ten, one black male under ten, and this 
is the last record of his being alive. 

The following is a fac simile of his signature : 




Issue : — 

30. I. Hans^ baptized May 12th, 1678, in Flatbush ; 
witnesses, "Theunis Gysbertsz (Bogaert), and Sara 

31. II. Frederick^ baptized Nov. 27th, 1681, in Flat- 
bush ; witnesses, " Teunis Gysbrechtz (Bogaert), and Aaltje 
P'redericks" (Lubbertsen). 

32. III. Jacob^ baptized Jan. 20th, 1683-4, in Brook- 
lyn ; witnesses, " Joris Hansz (Bergen), and Cataline 
Teunis Boogaard." 

33. IV. Sara^ baptized Aug. 5th, 1688, in Flatbush ; 
witnesses, ^^ Cornells Scbrinckse, and Fcmmetie Thcu- 






9. Catalvn or Ca'i'hi^rinI' Hanskn (a twin with 
Jacob), baptized Nov. 30th, 1653. No account of Catalyn 
beyond that of her birth, she probably dying in childhood, 

'See lib. 5, p, 160, of con., King's county rcgibtcr's oflict. 











Second Generation. 137 

for Sara, her mother, in her petition of April 4th, 1656, 
as herein set forth, to the governor and council, states that 
she is a widow, burdened with seven children, which would 
have been incorrect, having had eight by her first husband, 
Hans Hansen^ unless one had previously died. 

For the purpose of simplifying the matter and avoiding 
confusion, the descendants, or issue, of the several sons 
of Hans Hansen Bergen^ are hereinafter taken up and car- 
ried out separately. ' 

138 Third Generation. Descendants of 


Descendants in the line of JAN HANSEN BERGEN, j 

(and 'Jannetje 'rheums Denyse\ of Jamaica, Oueens I 

county, N. Y., the eldest son of Hans Hansen Bergen, j 

the first settler : — 



10. Hans or Johannes Bergen, baptized Feb. 14th, { 

1677 ; living in November, 1734 ; married Antie or Annetje 
Eldertse Lucasse^^ daughter of Eldert Lucasse Voorhies ; i 

baptized Feb. 24th, 1684, and living in 1735. Antie's 

' Antie Lucasse was a descendant of Steven Coerte or Ste-ven Koers^ as written 
by himself, from before Hees or Hies, or " Voorhies," a small neighborhood, j 

of nine houses and fifty inhabitants, near Ruinen, in the province of Drenthe, I 

in the Netherlands. The family at first subscribed themselves " Van Voorhies " ' 

or " Van Voorhyes." Stephen Coerte, the common ancestor of the Voorhies I 

family of Long Island, New Jersey, etc., with his wife and all his children, ' 

except his daughter Merghein, emigrated in April, 1660, in the ship Bontckoe " 1 

(Spotted Cow), Capt. Pieter Lucasscn. This family, like most of our early 
settlers, had no proper surname, adopting as such the name of the village or ' 

locality from whence they emigrated. By means of letters yet in existence 
they are traced back one generation in the fatherland, the only instance of the 
kind known to the writer. i 

The father of Steven was Coert Alberts, who resided in front of Hies or ' 

" Voor Hies," and who had brothers, Steven Alberts, of Voorhies ; Hendrick j 

Alberts, of Twyel, who had five children living in 1684; Luytgen Alberts, of 1 

Hackes Welt, who had one child living in 1684; Jan Alberts, of Hellelying, j 

who died prior to 1684, leaving one daughter j Hilbert Alberts, who died prior ' 1 

to 1684, leaving two sons and one daughter; and Wesvel Alberts, of Amster- j 

dam, who also died prior to 1C84, leaving a son and daughter. Coert also had I 

sisters, Gertien Alberts, of Oshaer by Veghteii, who was m. and had children ; 
and Mergin Alberts, who m. Jan Mewu.s, of the lluglit, and died prior to 
1684, leaving children. 

Slfi'rn Oierte had brotiiers who remained in Holland, Hilbert Coerte, of 
Voorhies, bum in 1634; Jan Coerte, of Voorhies, who occupied the homestead 
of liis fitliii in 16X4 ; Albert Coerte, of liethuyn, a carpenter, whom. Aeltyn, 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 139 

father bequeathed to her about X117 in his will. Resided 
on and owned a farm near the village of Jamaica. April 

and died prior to 1699; and Wesvel Coerce, of Veeninge ; also two sibters, 
who, with Wesvel, also died prior to 1699. 

Ste-ven Coerte, born 1 600, m. Willempie Roeloffse, born 1619, died 1690, 
purchased, Nov. 29, 1660, a farm of Cornells Dircksen Hoogland, in Flat- 
lands, on which he settled, and where he died Feb. i6th, 1684, his will being 
dated August 25th, 1677. His children were Mergin, Mcrghein, or Merchyn 
Stevense, who remained in the f.ithcrLind, where she died Oct. 2Xth, 1702, N. 
S., having m. (ist), Roeloti, m. (2d), Remmelt Willemse, by whom, among 
others, a son Willem Remmelts, schoolmaster of Saxum in Gronengen ; Hen- 
drickyn or Hendrickje Stevense, m. (ist), in Holland, Jan Kierstead or Kiersen, 
who died in 1705, m. (2d), Albert Albertse Terhune, of Flatlands, and after- 
wards of Hackensack ; Coert Stevense, of Flatlands, born 1637, will dated 

August 26th, 1677, ni. (ist), , m. (2d),lVIarretje Gerretsz van 

Couwenhoven j Lucas Hie-vcnsc, of Flatlands, born 1650, living in 1719, m. 
(ist), Catharine Hansen Van Noortstrand, m. (2J), Jan. 26th, 1 689, Jannetje 
Mennes ; Jan Stevense, of Flatlands, born 1652, living in 1719, m. (ist), 
March 17th, 1678, Cornelia Reiniers Wizzel-penning, who died Jan. 7th, 
1680, m. (2d)j Oct. 8th, 1680, Femmetje Aukes, daugliter of Auke Janse 
Van Nuyse; Albert Stevense, born 1654, m. April 24th, 1681, Tjelletje 
Reiniers Wizzel-jienning; Aaltje Stevense, born 1656, m. Barent Juriansz ; 
Jannetje Stevense, born 1-658, m. (ist), Jan Martense Schenck, m. (2d), Feb. 
29th, 1690, Alexander .Synison (all of the above children, except Mergin, 
having emigrated with their father) j and (supposed) Abraham Stevense, of 
Flatlands, who m. Aaltje Stryker. 

Lucas Stcveme, son of Steven Coerte and Willempe, of Haekensack in 1685, 
of Flatlands in 1687, had issue by his first wife, Eldert Lucaiz,, whose will is 
dated in 1714, proved in 1722, m. Styntje, daughter of Harman and Egbertje 
Janse, and settled in Jamaica, where he bought land as early as May igch, 
1662; Jan Lucasz, of Flatlands, baptized Feb. 19th, 1675, living in 1737, m. 
Oct. loth, 1699, Anna Van Dyckhuysen, who died Jan. 5th, 1702, m. (2d), 
May 5th, 1704, Mayke R. Schenck, who died Nov. 25th, 1736, m. (3d), 
Jan. 25th, 1737, Jannetje Remsen, who died August 24th, 1747 j Stephen 
Lucasz, baptized Sept. i6th, 1677; Hans Lucasz, baptized Sept. 7th, 1679, 
m. (supposed) May 17th, 17 1 5, Neeltje Nevius ; Jannetje Lucasz, born Oct. 
1st, i68i, died April 17th, 1758, m. May 25th, 1704, Martin R. Schenck j 
Willemetje Lucasz, baptized Nov. 19th, 1683, died young; Anna Lucasz, 
baptized April 25th, 1686, died Sept. 30th, 1774, m. June 5th, 1709, William 
Kouwenhoven, of Flatlands ; Catryntje Lucasz, m. May 3d, I712, Rocluf 
Nevius j Elsje Lucasz; (supposed) by second wife, Reinsche Lucasz, m. May 
22d, I 7 12, Johannes Noostrant ; Willmetje Lucasz, baptized Nov. ifth, 1694, 

140 Third Generation. Descendants of 

22d, 1700, " Hans Bargen " bought of Samuel Ruscoe and 
Mary, his wife, of Queen's county, "all my right of 
" division or allotment of land lying & being in the hill 
"division commonly soe called, being in number 37," etc. 
(see vol. II, p. 395, Jamaica Records). 

July 13th, 1708, " "Johayines Bergen " bought of Jonathan 
Whitehead, for ^^30, iif acres on the hill near the village 
of Jamaica (see lib. B, p. 395, of con.. Queen's county 
clerk's office). 

m. Aug. 23d, 171 5, Martin Nevius; Albeit Lucasz, burn May loth, 1698, 
died Oct. 28th, 1734, ni. (ist), May loth, 1720, Arrejcantjc Ditmarsc, who 
died April 14th, 1721, m. (2d), 1722, Catryntje Cornell, born Sept. 4th, 
1703, died Nov. 8th, 17555 Albert resided, in 1717, on the Raritan, N. J. 5 

Roelof Lucasz, m. April 26th, 1 7 14, Helena StoothofF, m. (2d), Cortelyou, 

and resided in 1717, on the Raritan, N. J., and in 1737 on Staten Island ; and 
Minna or Minne Lucasz, m. April 25th, 1717, Antje, daughter of Garret 
Pieterse Wyckoff, and settled in the vicinity of New Brunswick, where he 
owned a large tract of land on the south side of the Raritan river, being a 
member of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Brunswick in 1717. 

Elikrt Lucas'z, son of Lucas Stevcnse, settled in Jamaica, (Queen's county, 
where he bought a farm in 1682, of William Creed, and had children, Lucas 
Eldertse, of Jamaica, baptized December 25th, 1677; Rachel Eldertse, m. 
Adam Smith J Hendrickje Eldertse, baptized April 4th, 1680, died young j 
Johannes Eldertse, of Foster's meadow, baptized Dec. 26th, 1681, m. (sup- 
posed) Marretje Bergen, died prior to 1 7 14; Aniictjc Eldcrlse, baptized Feb. 
17th, 1684, m. Hans Bergen, of Jamaica ; Egbertje Eldertse, m. Abraham 
Coevert; and Hendrick Eldertse, of Jamaica, baptized March 4th, 1691, m. 
(1st), Nov. l8th, 1710, Greetje Wyckotf, m. (2d), Tryntje -—— , will dated 
Feb. 6th, 1759, proved Dec. 12th, 1760. 

The patronymic of E/dert (instead of Voorhies), derived from Eldert Lucas-z, 
has been continued by the descendants of said Lucas, who are numerous in 
(Queen's county, to this day. 

In addition to the hamlet of Hccs, near Ruinen, in Drenthe, there is a village 
named IL-es, of 700 inliiliitants in 1841, in the Kanton of Nimwcgen, and a 
iiamlet named Ilea in the province of Utrecht. 

The following is a fac simile of Steven Koers Voorhees's signature : 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 141 

May 26th, 1 71 2, William Jones, of Jamaica, conveyed 
to " Hance Bargin " land in the hills in Jamaica, containing 
by estimation 5I acres, bounded " West by y^ land of the 
"above named hance Bargin^ & East by y« land of Ebene- 
" zer Smith, and North by Flushing bounds Line, & South 
"by John Hance or highway " (see vol 11, p. 130, Jamaica 

April 20th, 1 7 14, John Ludlam, of Jamaica, conveyed 
to" Hans Bargen'^ and "Tunis Bargen," "all that piece 
"or parcel of land in Jamaica being in y-^ hill devision 
"containing by estimation twelve acres and a halfe, be y^ 
" more or less, butted and bounded as followeth that is to 
"say, on y= West by Nicholas Everit, and on y^ East by 
"y'= land of John Hansen, and bounded on y' North by 
" the line parting Flushing & Jamaica, and bounded South 
"by the land of y^ abovesaid John Hansen and Nicholas 
" Everet " (see vol. iii, p. 154, Jamaica Records). 

In 17 15, Hans Bergen subscribed £2 lOs. towards build- 
ing a Reformed Dutch Church in the village of Jamaica, 
and in 1731, X25 towards building a Reformed Dutch 
Church in Success, in which church he had a seat in 

Issue: — 

39. I. jannetje, bapt. March 30th, 1702; Jan and Jannetje 
Bergen, witnesses. 

40. u. Eldei-t, bapt. July 3d, 1 705 ; Eidcrt and Hyltie EJdertsen, 

41. ni. Jan, bapt. March 21st, 1710; Johannes Mayerick and 
Jannetje Bergen, witnesses. 

42. IV. Styntje, bapt. March 25th, 1712; Lucas and Rachel 
Eldertse, witnesses. 

43. V. Lucas, bapt. July loth, 1715; William and Aniie Jansc, 

44. VI. Jacobus, bapt. April 12th, 1719; Isaac and Catalyntie 
Van I loeck, witnesses. 


142 Third Generation. Descendants of 

45. VII. Tunis, bapt. April i6tli, 1721 ; Benjamin Teller and 
Jannctje Bergen, witnesses. 

46. VIII. Antie, bapt. May 26th, 1723; Ilendrick Eldcrtse, 

All the children of Hans Bergen and Antie Lucassen 
were baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church of Ja- 

II. Tunis Bergen, baptized April 20th, 1679; died 

in 1755 ; m. Alary or Alarretje . His will is dated 

Oct. 8th, 1755, proved Feb. 24th, 1756, recorded in lib. 
19, p. 400, in office of the surrogate, in the city of New 
York. Resided on and owned a farm near the village of 
Jamaica, and in 1715, he subscribed £2 towards building a 
Reformed Dutch Church in said village. 

April 20th, 1 7 14, John Ludlam, of Jamaica, conveyed 
to " Tunis Bargen " a lot in Jamaica, " lying and being in 
" y^ hill division being Eastward from y^ town an equall 
" halfepart of that Land which was Laid out to John Lud- 
" lam k Joseph Luder, the equall halfepart of said Land is 
" to be att y'= North End y*-" equall half part of y*-" length of 
" said Division or Lot be the same more or Less, butted 
" and bounded as followeth, that is to say, Easterly by the 
" Land of Simon Blume, and Southerly by the Land of 
" the abovenamed Simon Blume, and Westerly by the 
" land of Hance Bargen, and in the breath by y^ bounds 
"parting Jamaica and Flushing" (see vol. iii, p. 156, 
Jamaica Records). 

The following is copied from the Jamaica Town 
Records: — " 19th August, 1730 ; received of Isaac Van 
" Hook thirty-one shillings and six pence in full for what 
" he was to pay towards the maintenance of my fFather 
" till the 9th of Aprill last k also in full of all former 
" demands due to the estate of my said tf'ather."' 

The mark of Tunis Bersen. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 143 

From this it may be inferred that Jan Hansen, the father 
of Tunis, was living as late as 1730, when he would have 
been 86 years old. It is possible, however, that by " my 
ft'iUher," may have been intended his wife's father, who 
may also have beeii the father of said Isaac Van Hook. 

Issue : — 

47. I. Maria or Mary, bapt. March 2 1 st, 1710; Jan Hansen 
and janncije Bergen, witnesses. 

48. II. Jannetje, bapt. July loth, 1715; Benjamin Taylor and 
Ariacntje Bergen, witnesses. 

49. III. Derrik, b. Dec. 10th, 1 7 17. 

50. IV. Sarah, bapt. Sept. 10th, 1720; Cornclis and Sara Byer- 
son, witnesses. 

51. v. Catlyn, bapt. July 25th, 1726; Isaac and Catlyn Van 
Hoeck, witnesses. 

All the above were baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church, of 

12. Adriaantje Bergen, baptized Dec. nth, 1681 ; 
m. y<2« or yohanties Garretse. 

An " Adriana Bergen" wife of Benjamin Teller^ was 
received as a member of the Reformed Dutch Church, of 
New York, on certificate from Long Island, June 7th, 
1 74 1. It is probable that this was the widow of Johannes 
Garretse^ and that Teller was her second husband. 

Issue : — 

I. Maria Gcrrctse, bapt. April 14th, 1707; witnesses, Hans 
Bergen and Elizabeth Gurretsc. 

II. Johannes Gerretse, bapt. August i6th, 1709 ; Hans, Theunis, 
Cattalyn, and Jannetje Bergen, witnesses. 

' Lib. 8, p. 47, of con., (Queen's county clcrk'b olHcc. 

- Bcnjiimin Teller may be tlic saniL- jn.] son as the Benjamin Taylor, who, 
with Ariacntje, was u witness at baptism of Jannetje, dauyliter of Tunis 

144 Third Generation. Descendants of 

III. Adrianna Gerretse, bapt. August i6th, 1709 (twin with 
Johannes); Hans, Thcunis, Cattalyn, and Jannetje Bergen, witnesses. 

IV. Jannetje Gerretse, bapt. March 8th, 171 1 ; Hans and Jannetje 
Bergen, witnesses. 

Al] the above were baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church, of 

13. Marretje Bergen, baptized March 29th, 1685, 
m. (supposed) Johannes EldcrUe.^ the third son of Eldert 
Lucasz Voorhies, of Jamaica. 

Issue: — 

I. Crecia Eldertse, bapt. April 14th, 1707, in the Reformed 
Dutch Church, of Jamaica; Hans and Antie Bergen, witnesses. 
n. Johannes Eldertse. 
III. Grace Eldertse. 

14. Sarah Bergen, b. ; m. Jan Hebbelem. 

Issue : — 

I. Johannes Hebellem, bapt. Oct. 10th, 1697. 

15. Peter Bergen, b. ; a Peter Bergen, supposed 

to be a son of Jan Hansen Bergen, subscribed £7 towards 
building the first Reformed Dutch Church in Jamaica. 
No further trace. 

15.* Cattelyna Bergen, b. ; d. j Aug. 

1 6th, 1709, Cattelyna Bergen was a witness at baptism of 
Johannes, son, and of Adriana, daughter, of John Gerretse 
and Adriaantje Bergen (sister of said Catalyn), of Jamaica. 
No further trace. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 145 


Descendants of HANS or JOHANNES BERGEN(io), 
and Jntie Eldertie Lucassen^ of Queen's county, New 

39. Jannetje Bergen, baptized March 30th, 1702 ; 
(supposed) m. Thomas Strhigham.^ 

Issue : — 

I. Jannetje Stringham, hapt. Feb. 1st, 1727, in Reformed Dutch 
Church, of Jamaica ; Teunis and Mattjc Bergen, witnesses. 

II. Samuel Stringham. 

in. Johannes Stringham, bapt. Jan. 14th, 1732, in Reformed 
Dutch Church of Jamaica ; Teunis and Mattie Bergen, witnesses. 

40. Ei.DERT Bergen, baptized July 3d, 1705 ; no far- 
ther trace, and probably died young. 

41. Jan Bergen, baptized March 21st, 1710 ; died 
March, 1780; resided with his brother Jacobus, on a farm 
at Jamaica South ; no account of his marriage or issue. 

From Tunis Bergen being charged for a grave for his 
brother John^ March nth, 1780, by the sexton of the 
Episcopal church, it may be inferred that John was an 

42. Styntje Bergen, baptized March 25th, 1712; 
m. (supposed) Polhemius. 

Issue : — 

I. Eldert Polhemius, bapt. March 21st, 1740, in Ref D. Ch., of 
Jamaica; Johannes Bergen, witness; d. prior to Mar., 1800; m. Sarah. 

II. Mary Polhemius. 

'There was a Peter Stti„gbam in Jamaica as early as 1680, and in 168 1 li, 

as granted a home lot in that town. 

ad i.''^i f' t ">- 

14G Third Generation. Descendants of 

43. Lucas Bergen, baptized July loth, 1715; died 
March, 1803 j m. Susanna Scbenck^"^ who died Oct., 181O; 

I Susanna Schenck was a descendant of Roelof Martense Scbenck, born in 1620, 
who emigrated in 1650, settled in Flatlands, wiiere he obtained a patent, Jan. 
29th, 1661, for 23 morgens and 75 rods of land, and where he purchased, in 
1674, 200 acres of the heirs of Govert Loockermans, and in 1678, of his 
brother Jan Martense Schenck, the one-half of the mill and mill farm in said 
town. Some of his descendants claim that they are descended from the 
Schenken or Butler, of Charlemagne, but this is probably hypothetical. Roelof 
and Jan Martense Schenck, as per researches of the Rev. Garret C. Schenck, 
through Col. Vander Dussen, of Holland, were probably descendants of Peter 
Schenck, of Nydack, born at Goch, Holland, in 1547; m. May 17th, 1580, 
Johanna Scherpenzeel, which Peter was a brother of the famous Marten 
Schenck, an officer of rank and military renown, a soldier of fortune, wiio 
flourished, and whose name frequently appears in the histories of that period. 
Peter had a son Marten, born in 1584, who was probably the father of Roelof 
Martense, Jan Martense, and Annetje Martense Schenck, who all immigrated 
to this country, Annetje marrying Adrian Reyersz. 

Roclof Martense Stbenck m. (ist), in 1660, Neeltje Gerretse (daughter of 
Gerret Wolferse van Couwenhoven), who died about 1672; m. (2d), in 1665, 
Annetje Pietersej m. (3d), Oct. 30th, i688,Catrina Cregiers, widow of Stoltel 
Hooglandt, and died in 1705. His children were Marten Roelofse, of Flat- 
lands, born June 22d, 1661, died Oct. 8th, 1727, m. (1st), June 20th, 1686, 
Susanna Abrahams Brinckerhoff, who died in 169OJ m. (2d), April 11th, 
1693, Elizabeth Minne or Minner Voorhies, who died in 1703; m. (3d), 
Feb. 25th, or June 24th, 1704, Jannetje Lucasz Voorhies, born Oct. 8th, 1681, 
died April 17th 1758 : Annetje Roelofse, born about 1663, died about 1690, 
m. July 1st, 1683, Jan Albertsz Terhunen : Jannetje Roelofie, born 1665, m. 
June 22d, 1684, Pieter Nevius : Marike Roelofse, born 1667, m. Feb. 15th, 
1689, Isaac Hegeman : Jan Roelofse, born March ist, 1670, died Jan. 30th, 
1753, m. about 1692, Sara, daughter of Willem Couwenhoven, born Dec. 27th, 
1674, died Jan. 31st, 1761, emigrated to Monmouth county, N. J. : Garret 
Roelfse, born Oct. 27th, 1671, died Sept. 5th, 1745, m. about 1693, Neeltje 
Coerten van Voorhies, born June 30th, 1676, died Aug. 4th, 1750, emigrated 
to Monmouth county, N. J.; Margrietje Roelofse, born Feb. 14th, 1677, died 
Dec. i6th, 1751, m. Sept. 8th, 1700, Cornells Couwenhoven, of New Jersey : 
Neeltje Roelofse, born Jan. 3d, 1682, died July 7th, 1751, ni. Oct. 2d, 1701, 
Albert Couwenhoven, of New Jersey: Mayken Roelofse, born Jan. 14th, 
1684, died Nov. 25th, 1736, m. March 5th, 1703-4, Jan I.uykese Voorhies : 
Sara Roelfse, baptized Dec. i8tli, 1685, m. Nov. nth, 1705, Jacob van 
Cowenhovcn, of New Jersey. 

Martin Rorfe, son of Roelof M.n tense .ind Susanna, inherited the homestead 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 147 

his will is dated Nov. 1 8th, 1 802, proved May 3d, 1 803, and 
recorded in the office of the surrogate of the county of 
Queens, in lib. B, p. 156 ; owned and resided on a farm in 
the hollow near Brushville, in the town of Jamaica, and 
signed his name " Lucas Barager." 

April 2ist, 1775, Derrik Bergen, son of Tunis; Lucas 

farm in Flatlands, and had children (by liis first wife) : — Abraham Marteme, 
born May 4th, 1689, died prior to Nov., 1766, ni. April 20th, 17 1 7, Sara, 
daughter of Gysbcrt Teunisbc Bogert, born in 1690 : (by second wife), Roelof 
Martense, born Dec. 24th, 1694, died young : Roelof Martense, born Oct. 14th, 
1696, Oct. i8th, 1696, by another account, died IVIay 12th, 1777, m. Nov. 
9th, 1727, Susanna, daughter of Jan Pieterse Monfoort, who died Dec., I748 : 
Neeltje Martense, born Oct. 14th, 1696, (born Dec. 24th, 1694, by another 
account), died Sept. ist, 1743 : Minne Martense, born April 8th, 1700, died 
March 3d, J 767, m. June or July 3d, 1727, Maritje or Maria Monfoort, born 
July 24th, 1708, died July 26ih, 1756 ; Rensye Martense, born Oct. 15th, 
1702, died Sept. 26th, 1760, m. (1st), May 23d, 1723, Peter G. WyckofF; m. 

(2d), , Daniel Rapalje : (by third wife), Catelina Martense, born May 7th, 

1705, m. (ist), Stoffel Probasco ; m. (2d), Sept. 23d, 1732, Jan Jansen, of 
Jamaica, the father of Barent, and the grandfather of the late Gen. Jeremiah 
Johnson, of Brooklyn: Annatie Martense, born Nov. iith, 1706, died Jan. 
9th, 1738: Lucas Martense, born Oct. nth, 1708, died May 24th, 1718; 
Marten Martense, of Flatlands, born Oct. 9th, 1710, died Oct. 20th, 1761, 
m. Antie Rapelje, born April i8th, 1704, died — — , 1779 : Susanna Martenbe, 
born Dec. 28th, 1712, died Oct. 6th, 1773, m. April loth, 1731, Peter Nevius, 
of the Raritan, N. J. : Jannetie Martense, born June 27th, 1715, died 1782, 
m. Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah Remsen, of the Wallabout : Elizabeth Martense, 
born Oct. 10th, 1717, died Dec. lylh, 1732 : Lucas Martense, born Sept. 6th, 
1721, died about 1784, m. Lammatie Remsen, born May 20th, 1 722, and 
resided near Cranbury, N. J. : Johanna Martense, born Jan. 7th, 1724, died 
Feb. 15th, 1732: and Maria Martense, born Jan. loth, 1726, died March 
31st, 1771, m. April joth, 1748, Simon Bocrorn, of 15iuoklyn, who died July 
loth, 1775. 

Ahiaham Maitai^c iii briui, 6oii of Marten Roelofse, had issue : — Martin, 
of Cow Neck, L. I.J .'Abraham; Suiaiuia, who m. Bergen ; Adriana ; 
and probably others. 

The following is a fac simile of tiie signature of Roelof Martense Schenck : 

oy^c^ti^'^^ f^^ ,/^^0 

148 Third Generation. Descendants of 

Bergen^ Jacob Bergen, and Tunis Bergen, sons of Hans 
or Johannes, voted against forming a revolutionary com- 
mittee to oppose British aggression. Nov. 7th, 1775, said 
Derrik, Tunis, and Lucas Berge?i^ Samuel Stringham, son 
of Thomas Stringham and Jannetje Bergen, Hendrick 
Emans, who m. Sarah Bergen, Aury Ramson or Remsen, 
who m. Ann Bergen, Anthony Demott, who m. Miriam 
Bergen, and I^udlam Smith, who m. Elizabeth Bergen, all 
of Queen's county, voted against sending deputies to 
represent the county in the provincial congress. The vote 
stood 221 for, and 745 against sending deputies. 

Dec. 2 1st, 1775, the provincial congress, on information 
that a number 'of disaffected persons in Queens and Rich- 
mond counties had been supplied with arms and ammunition 
from the British ship of war Asia, had arrayed themselves 
in a military manner against the measures of the united 
colonies, and had opposed the election of delegates to con- 
gress, advised that all friendly intercourse with them be 
interdicted, as men inimical to the interests of their country. 
A list of the disaffected in Queen's county was published, 
by order of congress, in the New York Gazette and Mer- 
cury of Jan. 1st, 1776, containing several hundred names, 
apparently a large majority of the residents of the county, 
among whom appear those of Derrick Bergen, Tunis Ber- 
gen, Luke Bergen, Samuel Stringham, Hendrick Emans, 
Aury Remsen, Anthony Demott, Ludlam Smith, Joost 
Van Brunt, and Nathaniel Mills. 

January 19th, 1776, said Derrik, Tunis and Z«r«j i?^r^f«, 
Samuel Stringham, Hendrick Emans, Aury Remsen, and 
Ludlam Smith, with 462 others, signed a declaration 
promising to obey the provincial and continental congress, 
to aid in the defense of American liberty, and not to assist 
his Majesty's troops in the contest between Great Britain 
and America. This declaration set forth that it was signed 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 149 

" in order to relieve the minds of the virtuous inhabitants 
of America, and those of this county in particuhir, engaged 
in the common cause " (see vol. i, Calendar of His. Man. 
relating to the Revolution). The facts, however, were that 
the provincial government, in consequence of finding so 
large a number of the inhabitants of Queen's county 
opposed to a separation from the parent government, and 
unwilling to assist the popular movement, undertook to 
disarm them, and threatened other coercive measures, and 
this action of said provincial government was the main 
cause which induced them to sign the declaration. 

October 2ist, 1776, after the battle of Long Island, and 
the conquest of the island by the British, an address signed 
by nearly all the freeholders of Queen's county to Gen. 
Howe, the British commander, was published in the New 
York Gazette and Mercury, of that date, in which they 
congratulated the general on his success, acknowledged 
allegiance to the British government, asking " to be restored 
to the King's most gracious protection," torn from them 
" by the hand of violence." Among the signers appear the 
names of " Derrick Barragen," ^' Jacob Bargen," "Johannes 
Bergen," " Teunis Barregin," " Luke Berger," Hendrick 
P:mans, Anthony Demott, Joseph OldHeld, Nathaniel 
Mills, Waters Lambertsen, James Smith, JohnHegeman, 
John Carpenter, 16 Rapaljes, 14 Remsens, 13 Duryees, 
II Snedekers, 5 Schencks, 8 Suydams, 5 Ditmars, 5 J)e 
Jk-voises, 3 Van Duyns, 5 Lotts, 3 Polhemuses, 3 J.eHcrts, 
etc., etc. Tories abounded in King's county, but Oueen's 
county is entitled to the palm, as being the most Ic^al one 
in the colony of New York, and best entitled to the king's 
favor. In December, 1776 (with some as a matter of 
necessity, and with others as a matter of choice), the 
inhabitants of King's and Oueen's counties took the oath 
of allegiance to the crown, and remained apparently loyal 

150 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

to the end of the struggle. In many cases men are go- 
verned by their convictions, and will sacrifice their lives to 
maintain them, hut this cannot be said of the inhabitants of 
(.)uecn's county, if their wavering is taken into considera- 
tion. At this period there were many who were satisfied 
with the government, who did not feel the oppression others 
complained of, and therefore were opposed to forcible 
separation. If the colonies had failed and Britain succeeded, 
these men would have been viewed as patriots and the 
others as traitors. A single battle often determines the 
reputation of a people, the torm of their government, and 
their future prosperity. 

From Lucas Bergen being charged, Oct. nth, 1779, by 
the sexton of Grace Church, Jamaica, for the grave of a 
son, and his estate being charged, Nov. 23d, 1803, for the 
tolling of the funeral bell by said sexton, for himself, it 
may be inferred that he was an Episcopalian. 

Issue: — 

52. I. Sara, bapt. Aug 27th, 1749, in R. D. Ch., of Jamaica; 
Abraham Schcnck and Marya Folkcitsen, witnesses; d. young. 

53. 11. Johannes, bapt. Nov. 3d, 175 i, in R. D. Ch., of Jamaica; 
Johannes and Mareya Bergen, witnesses. 

54. ui. Sara, bapt. April 2d, 1754, in R. D. Ch., of Jamaica; 
Martte and Mareya Schenck, witnesses. 

55. IV. Abraham, b. May 22d, 1757; bapt. in R. D. Ch., of 

56. v. Ann, b. about 1760. 

44. Jacobus or Jacob Bergen, baptized April 12th, 
1719 ; died about 1790 \ m. Mary or Marry tje Carpenter ^i^ 

' Mary was probably a descendant of Capt. "Juhn Carpenter^ who resided in 
Jamaica prior to 1664, and who was one of the patentees of the town, on 
Uoiiyan's patent, of 1680. A John Carpenter, of Jamaici, made a will Nov. 
loth, i6i;4, proved May 23d, 161^5, recorded in lib. A, p. 98, of con., in office 
of clerk of (Queen's county, in which he names his wife Hannah, sons John, 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 151 

will dated April 2d, 1789; proved Sept. 7th, 1790, and 
recorded in the office of the surrogate of the county of 
Queens, in lib. A, p. 84. Resided on a farm of about 
150 acres, at Jamaica South, purchased by himself and his 
brothers, Tunis, Luke, and John, about 1770. 

Sept. ist, 1755, in pursuance of an order of the Mayor's 
court of New York, of the 26th of August last, on the 
petition of John Wiggins, Jacob Bergen^ and others, notice 
was given in the New York Gazette to the creditors of 
Benjamin Carpenter, butcher, of said city, to show cause 
at the Mayor's court, in the City Hall, on the 9th inst., why 
an assignment of the estate of said Carpenter, should not 
be made, and he discharged from imprisonment. This 
Benjamin Carpenter was probably a relative of the wife of 
Jacob Bergen^ and at that period a resident of Brooklyn, 
for in the New York Mercury of April 14th, 1755, is 
advertised to let " the House wherein Benjamin Carpenter 
now lives, on Long Island, within half a quarter of a Mile 
of the Ferry. Enquire of Benjamin or John Carpenter." 

Benjamin, after this, probably removed to Jamaica, for 
by the New York Mercury of Sept. 6th, 1777, it appears 
that on the 22d of the previous August, at Jamaica, " he 
"had violently assaulted and beat Joseph French, Esq., one 
"of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for said county, at 
"a time when his hands were held, and did otherwise greatly 
" abuse him when in the exercise of his office." This 

Hope, S.imuL-1, and WiHiam, and daughter Ruth Ludlam, grand-daughters 
Hannah and Abigail Roiici, and grand-son Solomon Carpenter. 

Mary^i father, Jacob Carpenter, had issue, in addition to lierself, John, Jane, 
Jacob, Melancton, Ruth, wife of Gasper Phraner, Catharine, wife of Benjamin 
Everit, and Mary, wife of Smith. 

There was a W'dUatn CarpcfUet , aged 62, and WdUam Carpenter, Jr., aged 
33, carpenters, of Horwell, with Abigail, wife of William, Jr., and their tour 
children, who emigr.ited in 1638, in the ship Bents, of Hamj'ton, England, to 
New England (Hotton's Lists of Emigrants, p. 2(y9). 

152 Fourth Generation. Descendant sof 

matter appears to have been settled, by his acknowledging 
sorrow for his offense, begging forgivensss, and for two 
weeks inserting the same in the public newspapers, reading 
his acknowledgment at the head of each militia company of 
the town at their next muster, and paying JC^ to the church 
wardens for the use of the poor. 

Issue : — 

i;7. I. John, b. 1739. 

58. n. Aiuic, bapt. Dec. 19th, 1740, in R. D. Ch., Jamaica; 
Johannes Bergen and Jannetje Suinghani, witnesses. 

59. HI. Elizabeth. 

60. IV. Mary. 

61. V. Jacob, bapt. July 25th, 1746. 

45. Tunis Bergen, baptized April i6th 1721 ; died 

July, 1802; m. Alattye ; will dated March 20th, 

1795, proved July 15th, 1802, recorded in office of surro- 
gate of Queen's county, in lib. B, p. 114. Brother's son 
Jacob Bergen, brother's grandson Jacob Bergen, and John 
Everitt, executors. Resided on a farm at Jamaica South, 
which he devised to his brother's grandsons, John Everitt 
and Tunis Bergen, and left no surviving issue. 

From Jacob Bergen being charged, July 8th, 1802, for 
the tolling of the bell of Grace Church, Jamaica, for the 
funeral of his brother 7««/V, it may be inferred he was an 

The following is a fac simile of his signature : 

cr . 

J -u^^nus VooL^^&>^, 

46. Antik Bergen, baptized May 26th, 1723; died 
May, 1803, single; will ilated March 251I1, 1803, proved 
May 21st, 1803, recorded in ollicc ol surrogate of (^)iic-eirs 
county, in lib. JJ, p. 156. I<.esided at the time of her 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 153 

death with John Everit, who m. Antie, daughter of her 
brother Jacobus. 

From Antie' s estate being charged, May lOth, 1803, by 
the sexton of Grace Church, Jamaica, with the tolling of 
the bell at her funeral, it may be inferred that she was an 

Descendants of TUNIS BERGEN (11) and Mary ox 
Marritje^ of Queen's county, N. Y. : 

47. Maria or Mary Bergen, baptized March 21st, 
171O; died prior to Oct. 8th, 1755 ; m, yohannes Harden- 
hrook or Hartenberg^^ of Jamaica. 

Issue : — 

I. Tunis Hardenbrook, bapt. Feb. iqth, 1740, in R. \). Ch., of 
Jamaica ; Tunis and Marretje Bergen, witnesses. 

u. Maria Hardenbrooli, bapt. Oct. 18th, 1747, in Flatlands, the 
name on tlie baptismal record being written Hardenbergh ; Dirck 
and Marritie Bergen, witnesses. 

48. Jannetje Bergen, baptized July loth, 1715 ; died 
prior to the death of her father ; m. yohn Hegeman^ of 
Dutchess county. 

Issue: — 

I. Sarah Hegeman ; m. John Fox, of Dutchess county, N. Y. 

II. Phebe Hegeman ; m. Peter Van Kemp, of Dutchess county. 

III. Catharine Hegeman; m. John Lambertse, of Jamaica, where 
several families of that name resided in 1775, and yet reside. 

49. Derrik Bergen, b. Dec. loth, 1717 ; died June 
1 2th, 1799 ; m. Fenm^ctje or Phebe^ daughter of Garret 
Blom,^ who died June 2d, 1779 ; resided on and owned a 

' Tlicrc was a 'Johannes Hardenbrook, of the city of New York, whose will 
was (iroved August 27th, 1714, and who, among his children, had a son 
Jolianncs, who was [irohably the Johannes Hardcnl)rook, of Jamaica. 

-■ Cartel Hlom was a descendant of Claes Barentsc 151om, who came over from 

154 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

farm near Jamaica, and March 27th, 1792, sold about 70 
acres of the easterly side of his farm for i^950, to Peter 
StoothofF, of Flatlands (see lib. P\ p. 116, of con., Queen's 
county clerk's office). 

June 1st, 1745, he bought the seat of Joseph Hegeman, 
in the Reformed J3utch Church, of Jamaica, and May 20th, 
1753, Femmetje^ his wife, bought the woman's seat in the 
same church, of her father, (jarret Blom. 

April 13th, 1776, Dcrr'ik Bergen^ and 11 of his neighbors, 
asked relief of the provincial congress for having been lately 
plundered of their cattle and effects, by order of Capt. 
Ephraim Bailey, for not appearing in arms at military drill, 
to answer to their names, when it was well known they had 
been deprived of their arms by Col. Hand (see Onderdonk's 
Queen's County, p. 50). 

Holland in tht ship Fux, Stpt. 2d, 1662, m. April 26th, 1685, ElizabL'th 
Foulis, widow of Michael Vandcrvoort, and resided in Flatbush in 1 67 5, and 
in Brooklyn in 1695. Among his cliildren were Barcnt, of" Flushing; Simon, 
of Jamaica, who died about 1722, and m. June 3d, 1703, Geertie Janse, liav- 
ing, as per his will, proved Jan. 7th, 1722-3, children, John, Isaac, Bcrnardus, 
Ann, Abraham, Jacob, George, Mary, and Eve ; and Jannetje, born Jan. i8th, 
1694, died Sept. 13th, 1779, m. Oct. 7th, 1716, Jacobus Letierts, of Bedford ; 
m. (2d), I^eter Luyster. 

Barcnt Blom, of Flushing, m. Femmetje , died about 1735, ^'^ w'" 

being dated May 27th, 1732, proved May 29th, 1735, recorded lib. 12, p. 307, 
New York surrogate's office, and had issue : — Elizabeth, bapt. May 3d, 17 19, 
m. May 5th, 1744, Andries Andricssen ; Barbara, bapt. July 7th, 1723, m. 
Dec. 2d, 1752, Casper Springsteen J Garret; John, of Flatbush, died 1733, m. 
Sarah, daughter of Cornells Van Voorhies ; Abraham, died 1761; George- 
and Isaac. 

Garret Blom, son of Barent and Femmetje, born , died , m. 

, and had issue, Femmetje or FLcbc, who m. Dcrrik Bergen. 

The following is a fac simile of tiie signature of Clacs Barentse Blom : 


Jan Hansen Bergen. 155 

September ist, 1777, after the battle of Long Island, and 
the occupation of the island by the British, 188 of the 
inhabitants of Jamaica, at the request of Gov. Tryon, 
contributed i:2i9 towards raising Col. P^anning's corps. 
Towards this sum Denik Bergen contributed 8j., Tunis 
Bergen i6j., John Bergen 8j., Jacob Bergen 28^., Abraham 
Bergen 10^., Johannes Bergen 24X., and Luke Bergen lbs. 
(see Onderdonk's Queen's County). 

From Dernch's being charged by the sexton of the Epis- 
copal Church for a grave for his wife, in June, 1779, and 
his estate being charged for his grave June 13th, 1799, it 
may be inferred he belonged to that denomination. 

Issue : — 

62. I. Mary, Mareya or Maria, bapt. June 9th, 1751, in R. D. 
Ch., of Jamaica; Teunis and Maettyc Bergen, witnesses. 

63. n. Yan or Jan, bapt. Sept. 9th, 1754, in R. D. Ch., of 
Jamaica; Mattcye Bergen, witness. 

64. HI. (Supposed) Richard. 

65. IV. (Supposed^ Peter. 

66. V. Garrett. 

The following is a fac simile of his signature : 

'^ey/^^^-i^ -i3^e(y)^-Vt -K/h-. 

50. Sarah Bkrgkn, baptized Sept. loth, 1720 ; no 
farther trace, and probably died young, not being mentioned 
ill her father's will. 

51. Catlyn Bergen, baptized July 25th, 1726; no 
farther trace, and probably died young, not being mentioned 
in her father's will. 

156 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 


Descendants of LUCAS Bf^RGEN (43) and Susanna 
Schenck^ of Queen's county, New York. 

53. Johannes Bergen, baptized Nov. 3d, 1751 j died 
Oct. nth, 1776; ni. July 12th, \-j-]\^ Magdalena Boeruin^^ 
born June 27th, 1758 ; died May ist, 1824. She m. (2d), 
Dominicus Vanderveer, of the mill in New Lotts, by whom 
she had issue, Jeromus, Elizabeth, and Charles Vanderveer, 
the latter occupying the homestead of his father, and the 
mill. Resided on and owned a farm north of the village 
of Jamaica, at Fresh iVIeadows, near Flushing, the home- 

' Mdgdalena Boerurn was a descendant of Willcm Jacohic Van Bocrum, who 
immigrated to this tountry fium Amsterdam, in 1641;, and liad a son Jncob 
}Vtllemic, who inmiigrated with his father, settled in New Lotts, at that period 
a part of the town of Flatbush, and m. June 15th, 1684, Geertruyd De Beau- 
vois, who, with her brother Carel, emigrated from Leyden, and arrived in this 
country in the ship Otter, Feb. 17th, 1659. 

'Jacob Wilkma i<an Bucrurn had issue : Johannes, wlio settled in Hempstead, 
and m. May 28th, 171 5, Femmetje Cornel; William, of Fl.ithush, who died 

in 1768, and m. Rachel ; Karel or Charles, of Flatbush, who died in 

1763, and m. Rebecca ; and Jacob, who m. Magdalena . 

Jacob Bjt-rum (supposed of Flatbush), had issue : Karel or Charles, of 
Flatbush, who died in 1803, m. 1756, Maria, daughter of Johannes Lott, of 
Flatlands, born March 7tii, 1722, died Jan. 22d, 1804. 

Karel ot Charles Boerum, of Flatbusii in 1755, had issue : J(jhn, of Newtown, 
who m. Elizabeth Duryea, and MagJalen, horn June 27th, 1758, died May 1st, 
1824, m. (ist),Johannes Bergen, of Jamaica, m. (2d), Dominicus Vanderveer, 
of the mill in New Lotts, born Jan. 17th, 1761, died July 20th, 1S14. 

Tile following is a fac simile of the signature of Willem Jacobse Van 
Boerum : 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 157 

stead of his grandfather, Abraham Schenck. June 14th, 
1784, letters of administration were granted to JVlagdalena, 
his wife, on his estate, as per records in the surrogate's 
office in the city of New York. His personal estate, as 
per inventory in book A, p. 247, of Inventories, sums up 
£241 7^ o,/ ^ 

Issue : 

(ij. I. lohannes, b. April 6th, 1775. 

68. ir. Marial or Maria, b. Jan. 9th, 1777. 

There was a Jclm Bergen, of the city of New York, 
baker, who gave notice to his creditors, in the New York 
Mercury of Feb. loth, 1775, of his intention to apply for 
the benefit of the insolvent act, but there is no evidence of its 
being this John Bergen, nor has there been any evidence 
seen of the New York John being a descendant of Hans 
Hansen Bergen. 

54. Sara Bergen, born March 28th, 1754 ; baptized 
April 2d, 1754; died Sept. 15th, 1814 , m. about Dec, 
1776, Hendrick Emans, Jr., of Jamaica South, whose will 
IS dated Dec, 1817, Proved Feb. 28th, 1822, recorded lib. 
E, p. 49, of wills, office surrogate of Queen's county. 
Sarah is buried in the old burying plot, in New Lotts. 
Issue : — 

I. Ann Emans, b. March 28th, 1780 ; died ; m. Feb. 3d, 

1803, Samuel VValJron, of Astoria, and had children : Isaac Wal- 
dron, who d. young; Hendrick E. Waldron, of Astoria, deceased 
b. Jan. .5th, 1804; ni. Mary E., dau. of Jacob and Frances Duryea' 
of Newtown, and has issue: William Henry Waldron and Sarali 
Frances Waldron; Sarah E. Waldron, b. May 2d, ,809, m. John 
R. Debevoice, of Maspeth; and Alletta Waldron, a twin with Sarah 
K, b. May 2d, 1809, sini'Je, and resides at Newtown. 

n. Luke or Lucas Enians, of Jamaica South, b. Jan. 4th. 1783- 
d. Nov. 1850; m. Oct. ,5th. 18.7. Martha or ]>atty, dau of 

158 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

Samuel and Cornelia Eldert, of Jamaica South, b. March 19th, 
1783; d. August, 1851, and had chiltlrcn : Sarah Emans, b. Aug. 
8th, 1818 ; d. April 1 Ith, 1825 ; Caroline Ditmars Emans, b. Feb. 
4th, 1821, d. May 6th, 1825. 

III. Sarah Emans, b. Feb. 14th, 1786; bapt. March 26th, 1786, 
in R. D. Ch., of Jamaica; living 1874; m. April 2d, 1805, Henry 
or Hendrick Eldert, of New Lotts, b. June 2d, 1783; d. Feb. 
27th, 1829, intestate, and had children: Henry Eldert, b. Jan. 3d, 
1806; ni. Oct. 25th, 1846, Cornelia, dau. of John and Maria \^an 
Sicklen, of New Lotts, and has issue : Sarah Emans Eldert, b. Oct. 
29th, 1848; m. Oct. 13th, 1869, Henry Lott Rapalje; and John 
Henry Eldert, b. Feb. 1st, 1853. 

Sarah Eldert, b. Dec. 11th, 1807; m. Oct. 4th, 1832, Nich- 
olas Van Dyke, of Flatlands, and has issue : Henry Eldert Van 
Dyke, b. June 9th, 1836: Albert Van Dyke, b. Sept. i8th, 1834: 
Jane Wykoff Van Dyke, b. July 16th, 1838; m. Jan. 29th, 1862, 
D. Lott Suydam : Sarah Maria Van Dyke, b. Sept. 17th, 1840; m. 
Feb. 19th, 1862, L. Harvey Smith: Peter Wyckoff Van Dyke, b. 
August 7th, 1843; m. Mary Brouer : and Cornelia Eldert Van 
Dyke, b. April i8th, 1848; m. Henry Buffet. 

Cornelia Eldert, b. Nov. 1st, 1809; m. Dec. 18th, 1839, 
Isaac Snedeker, of New Lotts, since of Jamaica, and has issue: 
Isaac R. Snedeker, who ni. Phcbe Duryea. 

Anna Eldert, b. Oct. 12th, 1811; d. July 25th, 1813. 
Abraham Eldert, b. Oct. 3d, 1813; d. August 25th, 1814. 
Abraliam Schenck Eldert, b. June 5lh, 1815; m. Sept. 12th, 
1835, Elizabeth S., dau. of John and Phcbe Allen, of Jamaica, 
and has issue : Elizabeth Eddert, deceased, m. William Hendrickscn; 
and Phebe Louisa, Eldert, m. John Hegeman. 

Ann Maria Eldert, b. April I9ih, 18 17; m. Oct. I4ih, 1840, 
Gilliam Schenck, of New Lotts, and has issue: Gertrude Cornell 
Schenck, m. A. A. W. Van Sicklen; and Sarah Emans Schenck, m. 
Simon Rapalje, s. of Williamson Rapalje, of New Lotts. 

Phebe lildert, born June 4th, 1819; m. May loth, 1842, 
Marten R. Van Sicklen, of Jamaica, and has issue: Maria Ryerson 
Van Sicklen, deceased ; Sarah Emans Van Sicklen, m. Gcrrct 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 159 

GrifFcn; Marten R. Van Sicklen, deceased; Adeline Amelia Van 
Sicklen; Martin Henry Van Sicklen; George Kissam Van Sicklen; 
Cornelia Ann Van Sicklen; and Gertrude Lott Van Sicklen. 

Martha Eldert, b. April 19th, 1821 ; single. 

Gilliam Eldert, born June 29th, 1823; m. Nov. 20th, 1856, 
Cornelia E., dau. of Abraham and Phebe Van Sicklen, of New 
Lotts, b. 1829; d. June, 1857. 

55. Abraham Bergen, born May 22d, 1757; died 
Oct. 31st, 1802 ; m. about March, 1782, Jntie Sprhigsit'in^^ 
who died June 28th, 1846, Owned and occupied a farm 
at Brush ville. Will dated Sept. 20th, 1802, proved Dec. 
3d, 1802, recorded lib. B, p. 131, in office of surrogate of 
Queen's county. His wife, Antie or Ann's will is dated 
May 17th, 1842, proved Dec. i, 1846, recorded in office 
of surrogate of Queen's county, in lib. i, p. 376. 

From Jacob Bergen being charged, Nov. 2d, 1802, by 
the sexton of Grace Church, Jamaica, for the tolling of 
the bell at the funeral of his brother Abraham^ it may be 
inferred that he was an Episcopalian. 

Issue : — 

69. 1. Susan or Susanna, b. March i6th, 1783. 

70. II. Caspart or Caspar, b. July 4th, 1784. 

' Joost Casfene Springsteen and Johannes Casperse Springsteen, with their 
motlier, Geesie Jans, immigrated to tiiis country from Groningen, in the 
Netherlands, in 1652, and in 1660 settled in Busliwick. Joost m. (jst), June 
loth, 1663, Catharine, daughter of Abraham Lothie, and widow of Pieter 
Praa, and m. (2d), Magdalena Jansen. He was living as late as 1687, and 
had issue: Caspar, who died May 21st, 1729; m. Maria, daughter of Derrick 
Storm ; resided at tirst in Westchester county, and in 1700, removed to New- 
town. Casper had issue : Joost, Derick, Abraham, Dawd, and Gertrude. 

Da'vid m. (ist), Mary, daughter of Jan Alburtus, and (supposed) m. (2d), 
Antie , and had issue : Garret, and probably other children. 

Garret's will is dated Sept. 4th, 1766, proved March 21st, 1767, recorded 
in surrog'ate's office, New York, in which he names children : Jannetie, v^/;/;>, 
and M.iria (see Riker's Newtown, p. 130). Garret resided in Oueen's county, 
New York. 

160 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

71. III. Johannes or John, b. Jan. 15th, 1786; bapt. Jan. zgth, 
1786, in R. D. Ch., of Jamaica; Susanna Schcnck, witness. 

72. IV. Phcbe. 

73. V. Gilbert or Gysbert Schcnck, bapt. June 6th, 1790, in R. 
D. Ch., of Jamaica. 

74. VI. Luke, bapt. May 6th, 1792, in R. D. Ch., of Jamaica. 

75. vii. Roclof or Roelcph Schcnck bapt. April 6th, 1794, in 
R. D. Ch., of Jamaica; d. Oct. 2isi, 1795. 

76. viii. Antyc, bapl. May 22tl, 1796, in R. D. Ch., of Jamaica. 
•j-l. IX. Abraham, bapt. May 20th, 1798 (J. young), in R. D. 

Ch., of Jamaica. 

78. X. Abraham, b. May 20th, 1800. 

79. XI. Roclof Sciicnck, bapt. June 2d, 1802, in R. D. Ch., of 

56. Ann Bergen, born about 1760 ; died July, 1846; - 
m. about June, 1781, Aurh or Aury Ratnsen ov Remsen^ 
who died Oct., 1839, aged 81. 

Issue : — 

I. Auris Remsen, b. ; d. ; m. Sarah Bennet, who d. 

Nov. 1842, aged 46. Resided at Springfield, and had issue : Higby 
Remsen, b. March 20th, 1809; John Higby Remsen, b. March 
1st, 181 I ; Dorothea Maria Remsen, b. Dec. 19th, 1812; Alletta 
Remsen, b. Jan. iith, 1820 ; Piiebe Remsen, b. Sept. 17th, 1822; 
Daniel Higby Remsen, b. Dec. 9th, 1824; Abraham Remsen, b. 
Jan. 6th, 1829; Amelia Ann Higby Remsen, b. Jan. 17th, 1832; 
and Aury Remsen, b. March 17th, 1834. 

II. Jannetic Remsen, bapt. Oct. 15th, 1786, in R. D. Ch., of 
Jamaica, Susanna Schcnck and Jili/abeth Remsen, witnesses; (sup- 
posed) m. Dec. 1 8th 1805, Anthony Smith. 

Aliie Remsen (twin with Jannetic), bapt. Oct. 15th, 1786, in 
R. D. Ch., of Jamaica, and witnesses as above; d. Oct., 1837. 

III. Rem Remscu, bap. Nov. zd, '793, "i R. D. Ch., of 

Jamaica; d. ; m. Jan. 131)1, 1813, Sarali Bennet, who d. 

Nov. 1842, aged 46. Resided at Springfield, and had issue: Anna 
Maria Remsen, b Jan. 17th, 1814; Cornelius V^oorhees Remsen, 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 161 

b. March 13th, 1816; Hendrick Emans Remsen, b. July 2d, 1818; 
John Remsen, b. Oct. 17th, 1820 ; Sarah Elizabeth Remsen, b. 
Nov. 29th, 1822; Isaac Remsen, b. Feb. 1st, 1826; Harriet Bennet 
Remsen, b. May 3d, 1828; Eliza Jane Remsen, b. Dec. 5th, 1832; 
and Charles Rem Remsen, b. Jan. 19th, 1839. 

IV. John Remsen, bapt. Nov. 9th, 1798, in R. D. Ch., of 

Jamaica; d. ; m. Jan. 25th, 1821, Aulche Hendricksen, and 

had issue: Abraham Remsen, b. June 17th, 1822; and Ann Bergen 
Remsen, b. June 7th, 1824; m. Oct. 15th, 1844, Joseph Mills, of 

Descendants of JACOBUS or JACOB BERGEN (44) 
and Marrytie Carpenter^ of Queen's county, New 

57. John Bergen, born 1739, died Jan., 1826; m.(ist), 
Alary Mills;' m. (2d), June lOth, 1798, Mary or Polly ^ 
daughter of Derrik and Femnictje Ik-rgen, by whom no 
children. Will dated March 14th, 18 15, proved Feb. 12th, 
1826, recorded in office of surrogate of Oueen's county, 
in lib. E, p. 360. Resided on and owned a farm at Brush- 
ville. Name written " John Barrager." Was a commis- 
sioner of common schools from 1797 to 180 1. 

'Among the early English settlers and freeholders of Jamaica, in 1656, was 
George Mills, and in 1660 Samuel and Nathaniel Mills. George Mills's will is 
dated March 25th, 168 1 -2, in which he names his wife Rebecca, and son 

Scimuel, as per New York Gazette of March 12th, 1726, died on the preced- 
ing Friday (having been born in this country), aged 95 years, having lived 58 
years with one wife, by whom 1 6 children, of whom at his death 9 were living, 
also 80 grandchildren and 54 great-grandcliildren living, several of whom 
marriageable. Most of the early English settlers of Jamaica came from Milford, 
in Connecticut. A Zacheriah Mills, in 1662, and a Jonathan Mills, in 1668, 
were granted house lots in said town. 

There was an Ediuard Mills, aged 30, and a Tboma-zin Mills, aged 38, who 
eaiigi.ited in the I'rinirose from London to Virginia in 1^135, and aLo a Joseph 
Ml!!'., jgcd 20, who cMiigiatcJ in the same to Virginia, in the GVo/j;*- (Tot- 
ton's List of Emigrants, i>p. 115, 116, and 125). 

162 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

April 1 8th, 1826, Jacob Bergen, John Bergen, and 
Thomas Smith, executors of "John Bergen^ sold to Philip 
Wiggins, for $550, a farm of 130 acres in Jamaica, on the 
turnpike that leads from Jamaica to the Great Plains, 
adjoining lands of Luke and Schenck Bergen ; also two 
plots of salt meadows at Jamaica South (see lib. F F, p. 
441, of con.. Queen's county clerk's office). 

In consequence of Johyi Bergeti being charged, Oct. 
1 8th, 1776, for a grave of a child, by the sexton of Grace 
Church, in Jamaica, it may be inferred that he was an 
Issue : — 

80. I. Jacob, b. July 20th (or 23d), 1770. 

81. II. Isaac, b. Oct. 1st, 1772; d. young. 

82. III. Mary or Polly, b. August 1 ith, 1774. 

83. IV. Jane, b. July 20th, 1777. 

84. V. John, b. May 4th, 1779. 

85. VI. Catharine, b. Nov. 18th, 1782. 

86. VII. Abigail, b. Jan. 8th, 1788. 

87. VIII. Isaac, b. April loth, 1791. 

58. Antie Bergen, baptized Dec. 19th, 1740 j m. John 
Issue : — 
I. John Everit. 
II. Benjamin Everit. 
III. Sarah Everit, 111. John Ludlum. 

' John Everit was [irobably a descendant of Richard Everit, one uf the early 
settlers of Jamaica, in 1656, where he had a house lot granted in tliat year, on 
the Little Plains (Thomiison's L. I., vol. 11, p. 97). A John Everit's (sup- 
posed to be a son of Richard) will is dated Nov. 24th, 1689, proved May 20th, 
1691, in which he names his wife Elizabeth, sons John, Thomas, and Jona- 
than, and daughter Elizabeth (see Queen's county con., lib. 1, p. 55). 

A NhioLii I'/vciii was gi.mted a lionie lot in Jani.iica, in 1670. 

There an W'u« Evereti, wlio emigrated from London to Viigijiia, July, 
1635, in liie i'.jtf/(Hotten's List of Emigrants, p. 104.) 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 163 

59. Elizabeth Bergen, m. Ludlarn Smith. 
Issue : — 

I. William Smith. 
II. Patience Smith, 
III. Nathaniel Smith. 

60. Mary Bergen, m. Isaac Bayles^ who, in 1775, 
joined Capt. Skidmore's company of minute men, of 
Jamaica, organized for the defence of American liberty. 

Issue: — 
I. Tabitha Baylcs. 
II. Ann Bayles. 

III. Mary Bayles. 

IV. Daniel Baylcs. 
V. Jacob Bayles. 

VI. Isaac Bayles. 

61. Jacob Bergen, born July 25th, 1746; died f'eb. 
24th, 1816; m. Mary Marsten^^ born May 25th, 1748 ; 
died Sept. 7th, 1828 ; resided on and owned a farm at 
Jamaica South, fronting the bay. A Jacob Bergen was a 
private in Van Akin's company and Pawling's regiment in 
the revolutionary war, who may have been this Jacob. 

May 1st, I'iob^ Jacob Bergen conveyed to Tunis Bergen, 
his son, for $2,112, the one-half of the farm of 80 acres, 
in Jamaica, which he bought May 15th, 1805, of Nathaniel 
Rhodes, William Smith, Jacob Jiergen, and William Everit, 

' John Baylcs was among the freeholders in the early settlement of Jamaica, 
in 1660. March Sth, 1683, he sold 20 acres of his land to Theodoras Pol- 
hemas (see hb. A, p. 67, of con., Queen's county cleric's office). 

''Mary Mantm is probably a descendant of John Maston or Marsten, one of 
the patentees of Flushing, on Gov. Kieft's patent of 1645, and Nicolls's 
patent of 1666. Tliere was a John Maston, of England, who m. Oct. 27th, 
1650, Dievertjc Jans, of North Holland, as per New York Reformed Dutch 
Church lecord, wlio had a son Jan baptized June 4tli, 1653. 

164 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

executors of John Everit, of Jamaica (see lib. G G, p. 
313, of con., Queen's county clerk's office). 

From the estate of 'Jacob being charged, Feb. 25th, 1816, 
for the tolling of the bell of Grace Church, Jamaica, at 
his funeral, it may be inferred that he was an Episcopalian. 

Will dated Jan. 6th, 1816, proved June 22d, 1816, 
recorded lib. D, p. 8, in office of surrogate of Queen's 

Issue : — 

88. I. Tunis, b. June 1st, 1772. 

89. n. Thomas, b. Oct. 1 nh, 1773. 

90. ni. Ann, b. March 15th, 1776; d. July 3d, 1795, single. 

91. IV. Jacob, b. Feb. 2d, 1782. 

92. V. David, b. Nov. 6th, 1784. 

Descendants of DERRIK BERGEN (49) and Femmetje, 
of Queen's county, New York. 

62. Mary, Mareya or A4aria Bergen, baptized June 
9th, 1751 ; d. Sept. ist, 1828 ; m. June lOth, 1798, John 
Bergen^ son of Jacobus and Marrytie. No issue. Her 
will is dated Jan. 27th, 1827, proved Sept. 2d, 1828, 
recorded in office of surrogate of Queen's county, in lib. 
F, p. 115, to which she signed her name " Mary Bargen," 
and in which she devised jGioo to her niece Maria, wife 
of Albert Doxy, and appointed Oldfield Bergen and Albert 
Doxy executors. 

63. Yan or Jan Bergen, born Sept. 9th, 1754; died 
Sept. 9th, 1828 ; nu Nov. 1 2th, 1780, Alir'uim or MarUwi^ 
daughter of Joseph Qldfield,' born Feb. i8th, 1763 ; died 

I Joitfb Oldfield was a descendant of John Oldfield, a tanner, who was among 
the early settlers of" Soutliampton, in 1640, who came principally from hynn, 
in Massachusetts, as per vol. i, p. 327, of Thompson's Lor)g hlind. Jn 1651, 
as per Southampton records, he was allotted a fifty pound lot, and his name 
appears on said records as late as 1C57. I'lom Southampton he appears to have 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 165 

June 9th, 1851. Will dated Oct. 27th, 1825, proved 
Sept. 30th, 1828, recorded lib. F, p. 133, in office of sur- 
rogate of Queen's county. His wife's will is dated August 
17th, 1849, ^""^ proved July 28th, 1851, recorded lib. 2, 
p. 15, office subrogate of Queen's county. 

Jan or John Bergen owned a farm of 70 acres on the 
turnpike road from Jamaica to the Great Plains, and within 
the boundaries of Hempsted, on which he resided, distant 
about four miles from the village of Jamaica j also a farm 
of ninety acres on the turnpike from Jamaica to Hempsted, 
about four miles from the latter place. These farms were 
advertised for sale at auction, on the 17th of Feb., 1829, 
by his son Nicholas Bergen and Michael Skidmore, his 
executors. The one on which he resided, including a plot 
of woodland at Rocky Hill, in the town of Flushing, of 
5 acres i rood and 38 perches, and a lot of salt meadows, was 
sold to Daniel Bayles for $281 1.30 ; the other, including a 
wood lot of 5 acres, to Jane Everit for $1775 (see lib. Y, 

removed to Jamaica, where in 1660 he was allotted a home lot of 20 acres, 
and of which town he was a patentee in Dongan's patent of 1685. Oldfield 
was assessed in 1683 for four oxen, eight cows and calves, and 36 acres of land. 
In 1 700 a Richard Oldfield, whose mother's name was Sarah, was ensign of the 
Jamaica militia company. A Joicpb Oldfield, supposed to be a son of John, 
tlie early settler, settled in Goshen, Orange county, N. Y., made his will May 
14th, 1741, proved Nov 4th, 1752, recorded in lib. 14, p. 360, New York 
surrogate's office, in which he names children : "Juitpb, to whom he devises his 
Jamaica properly, Elias his Goolien lands on wliich he resided, Augustus, 
Mary Smith, Martlia Drake, and listhir Il.ilsiead. 'Juicj.ho'i Jam.iica, son of 
Joseph of Goshen, made a will, dated April 30th, 1760, proved Sept. iitl), 
1765, recorded in lib. 25, p. 167, New York surrogate's uliice, in which lie 
names cliildren: John, yuic/'/j, Antiiony, deceased, Margaret, wife of John 
Rhodes, and Mary. This Jusfph, son of Joseph of Jam.iica, born IVb. 
20th, 1737, died Feb. 26th, 1X12, m. M.iriairi Burtis, born I'eb. jst, 1737, 
died May iitli, 1825, and had children : Joseph, who died young. Murium, wlio 
m. Y.m [an or Joiin Ik'rgen ; C.ilheriiie, m. James Hendrickson ; Jme, ni. 
MiJi.irl .Skidmore ; and I'lieI.e, m. Jcremiali Siiidmoie. The will of Marian, 
liurtis, wile of '/oi^/.A 0/,//)<-A/, is dated J uiie 4lh, 1X20, proved Juiie22d, 
1825, recorded lib. E, p. 309, ollice clerk Oueen's county. 

1G6 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

pp. 23 and 180, of con., Queen's county clerk's office.) 
His widow Miriam bought, May 17th, i83i,of Ann Maria 
Lambertson, for $1,400, a house and lot about 50 by 210 
feet, on the south side of the turnpike, in the village of 
Jamaica, nearly opposite to the house of Eliphalet Weeks. 
June 1st, 1835, she sold these premises to Sarah Gunn for 
$1,800 (see lib. B B, p. 3, and lib. G G, p. 486, of con., 
Queen's county clerk's office). 
Issue : — 

Phebe, b. Nov, 15 th, 1781. 





II. Miriam, b. Oct. nth, 1783. 
m. Oldfield, b. Jan. 27th, 1786. 
IV. Aletta, b. April 25th, 1788. 
V. Jane, b. Jan. 4th, 1791, d. young. 
VI. John, b. Oct. 8th, 1793. 
vu. James, b. May 28th, 1796. 
vui. Jane, b. Sept. 1 8ih, 1798. 
IX. Nicholas, b. April lotli, 1801. 

64. Richard Bergen, born ; died . His 

name appears among those who, Jan. 19th, 1776, signed a 
declaration in Queen's county, promising to aid in the 
defense of American liberty. There is a tradition of his 
having been drowned during the revolutionary war, but no 
farther trace., 

65. Peter Bergen, born ; died ; m. . 

His name also appears among those who, Jan. 19th, 1776, 
in Queen's county, signed a declaration, promising to aid in 
the defense of American liberty. There is a tradition that 
Peter died shortly after the revolution. 

Issue : — 

102. 1. Gilbert, bapt, July 27th, 1783, in the Presbyterian 
Church, in Jamaica. No lartiier trace. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 167 

66. Garret Bergen, born ; died ; m. Polly 

Box^ a daughter of Nathaniel Box." This Nathaniel Box, 
it appears, erected a house on the lands of Garret Bergen^ 
at Jamaica, which. May ist, 1807, he assigned to said 
Garret. It is said that Polly Box at one period kept a school 
near Brushville. 

In a deed of Jan. 20th, 18 10, from Lawrence Roe, of 
Flushing, to Casper Bergen, of Jamaica, of land in the 
last named town, the tract conveyed is bounded "Northerly 
" and Westerly by the woodland of Daniel Everit, till it 
" comes to the top of the hill to a stake at the South West 
" corner of the woodlot of Garrit Bergen." 

Issue : — 

103. I. Richard. 

104. n. Jeny. 

105. III. John, who had a son William M. 

106. IV. William. 

107. V. Maria. 

No farther trace of Garrit Bergen^ or of his descend- 

• There was a John Box, aged 23 years, who emigrated to Virginia in 1622, 
in the ship Truelove. (Hotten's Lists of Emigrants, p. 214.) 

168 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 


Descendants of JOHANNES BERGEN (53) and Mag- 
dalena Boerian^ of Jamaica, Queen's county, N. Y. 

67. JoHANNJ'S or John Bergkn, born April 6th, 1775; 
died Sept. i6th, 1858 j m. Sept. 2d, 1798, ''Joharma^ dau. 
of Peter Wyckoft', of Gowanus; born Sept. 2d, 1778 ; died 
Sept. 20th, 1829. A farmer in Illinois, to which state he 
emigrated in 181 7, his wife remaining on Long Island, 
where she died, a separation having taken place between 
them. He wrote his name " ''Johannes Bargen." 

Issue : — 

108. I. Lemma, b. June loth, 1800; m. (1st), Dec. 22d, i8i8, 
John Williamson, son of William, of P'latbush; m. (2d), Dec. 23d, 
1 84 1, Simon Rapalye, of New Lots, by whom no children. 

Issue : — 

I. William J. Williamson, of Brooklyn, b. Dec. 18th, 1819; d. 
March 6th, 1870. 

u. Johanna Williamson, b. May 29th, 1822; d. Nov. 6th, 1831. 
ni. Peter Wyckoft' Williamson, of Brooklyn, b. August 23d, 1825. 

109. u. John, b. Dec. 28th, 1801 ; d. April 12, 1875 ; m. March 
16, 1822, Matilda C, dau. ot Palmer' &uckbec, of Brooklyn, who d. 
Nov. 26th, 1826; m. (2d), July 15th, 1829, Phebe Wood, who d. 
April 29th, 1858. In his earlier days kept a shoe store in the city 
of Brooklyn, afterwards kept a public house in the village of Flat- 
lands ; in 1865, a farmer at Hempstead, and in 1875 a farmer in 
New Jersey. 

Issue by first wife : — 

I. John W., b. May 1 8tli, 1823; d. June 21st, 1861; m. Sept. 
17th, 1H44, Deborah W. Wood, b. Sept. 15th, 1829. 

M. Henry, b. March 15th, 1826; d. or last heard from in 1850. 

' There was an Edward Uughye, aycd 40, and Rcbecci, his wife, aged 32, 
who emigrated from lingl.ind to New liiigland in the ship I'Vancis, of Ipswii h, 
in Ajiril, 1634. (Hotten's Lists of Einigraiits, p. 279.) 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 169 

Issue by second wife : — 

III. Mary Jane, b. Jan. 8tli, 1831 ; m. Feb. 5th, 1851, Willington 
Simonson, of East New York. 

IV. Leonard M., b. Dec. 30, 1832; m. April 24, 1861, Hannah 
C. Willets, of Brooklyn. In 1863, elected major of the 89th 
regiment of national guards of the state of New York, located at 

110. III. Peter J., b. Dec. 28th, 1803; m. in Ohio, Nov. 25th, 
1827, Solace Pickering, who d. May nth, 1833. A shoemaker 
by trade, and emigrated to Cincinnad, Ohio. After the death of 
his wife, removed to Vicksburgh, on the Mississippi river, and 
engaged in the mercantile business. From Vicksburgh returned to 
Brooklyn, and for several years was in the employ of the Atlantic 
Bank, from which he has retired, and now, 1875, resides in East 
New York. 

Issue : — 
I. Emma, b. Sept. 27th, 1828; d. Feb. 25th, 1829. 
II. Leonteum, b. Dec. 20th, 1830, d. Dec. 30, 1831. 

111. Roland, b. Feb. 14th, 1833; d. June nth, 1833. 

IV. Philander (twin), b. Feb. 14th, 1833; d. March 16th, 1833. 

in. IV. Charles, b. Jan. 21st, 1806; m. Helen Maples; removed 
with his father to Illinois, where he owns and cultivates a farm near 
Lilley station, Tasewell county. 

Issue : — 

I. Solace P., b. Aug. i8th, 1835; d. Oct. 8th, 1835. 

II. Mary Elizabeth, b. August 24, 1836; d. August 30, 1836. 

III. Lodusky Ann, b. Nov. 19th, 1837. 

IV. Angclinc, b. April 28th, 1840; d. Nov. 29th, 1849. 

V. George Henry, b. Feb. 27th, 1843; d. Dec. 6th, 1849. 
VI. Cornelia, b. Feb. 14th, 1846. 

vii. Lavina, b. Nov. 1st, 1848. 

VIM. Peter J., b, April 5th, 1852; d. Oct. 20th, 1861. 
nz. V. Henry, b. July loth, 1808; m. May 24th, 1827, 
Cornelia Boerum,' his cousin, b. April 9th, 1801. At first, owned 

■ Cornelia Boerum is a descendant of William Jacobse Van Boerum, referred 
to in the foot note under Johannes Bergen and Magdalena Boerijm, the grind 

170 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

and occupied a farm in Newtown, mainly on the north side of the 
road leading to Fresh Ponds, adjoining land of Theodorus Colyer, 
deceased, and others, formerly of John Boerum, deceased, conveyed 
to him, Feb. 26th, 1830, by Jacob Boerum (see lib. A A, pp. 91 
and 92, of con.. Queen's county clerk's office). After selling his 
Newtown property, he bought a farm near Montgomery, Orange 
county, New York, to which he removed. 

Issue : — 

I. Elizabeth Helen, b. March 12th, 1829; d. Nov. 17th, 1831. 

II. Lemma Ann, b. May 14th, 1832; m. May 12th, 1852, 
Henry Suvdam, of King's county. 

III. George B., b. April 27th, 1836. 

113. VI. Magdalen, b. Jan. 20th, 181 1; m. Daniel Lawrence, 
in Illinois; removed with her father to Illinois, where she died. 

Issue : — 
I. Lemma Lawrence, b. Nov. 16, 1830; d. April 30, 1846. 

II. Johanna BergenLawrence,b. June 30, 1832; d. June 28,1844. 

III. George W. Lawrence, b. April 7th, 1834. 

IV. Peter J. Lawrence, b. Sept. 19th, 1836. 
v. Susanna Lawrence, b. Feb. 24th, 1839. 

VI. Sarah Ann Lawrence, b. Jan. 12th, 1 841. 

VII. William Lawrence, b. Feb. 20th, 1843. 

VIII. Charles Lawrence, b. Nov. 7th, 1845. 
IX. Louisa Lawrence, b. March 15 th, 1849. 

X. James Henry Lawrence, b. April 24th, 1853. 
XI. Magdalen Solas Lawrence, b.Mch. 9, 1856; d. Aug. 1 1,1856. 

114. VII. Elizabeth, b. March 20th, 1813; d. young. 

115. viii. George W.,. b. July 20th, 1814; m. July igth, 1838, 
Susan,' dau. of Thomas Carman, of Hempstead, b. June 29th, 18 18. 

parents of Henry Bergen, the husband of said Cornelia, yobn Boerum^ son of 
Karel or Charles Boerum and Maria Lott, of Newtown, referred to in said foot 
note, m. Elizabeth Duryea, and had issue : Hellen, who m. David Miller; 
Mariah, who m. Fulkert Vandervoort ; Phebe, who m. Abraham Van Wyck ; 
Ann, who m. Benjamin Burroughs ; Charles, single ; Elizabeth, who m. Wil- 
liam Storms ; Cornelia, who m. Henry Bergen; John Duryea, single; and 
Jacob, who m. Alletta Duryea. 

' iiusan is said to be a descendant of Thomas Carman, a mute, and an English 




life 'V'V^,,-.?%^ 

































Jan Hansen Bergen. 171 

In early life for a short period engaged in mercantile business, in 
Vicksburgh, on the Mississippi river; for many years past a mem- 
ber of the firm of Valentine & Bergen, engaged in the wholesale 
grocery business, in Brooklyn. In April, i 869, removed to Frecport, 
Long Island, where he at present (1875) resides, and in 1872 elected 
county treasurer of Queen's county, by about 700 majority. 

Issue : — 

1. Elizabeth C, b. Nov. 23d, 1839; m. Nov. 3d, 1857, Horace 
D. Badger. Issue: Annie Valentine Badger, b. Jan. 15th, 1871; 
d. April 1st, 1873. 

u. Charles M., b. Dec. 9th, 1842; d. Jan. i ith, 1870; m. Nov. 

2 1 st, I 867, Susie C, dau. of Fletcher, b. Feb. 9th, 1 85 i , and 

left issue: Eliza Valentine Bergen, b. September, 1868. 

III. George P., b. Sept. i8th, 1849; m. Oct. 24th, 1871, Clarissa 
E., dau. of Hiram T. Sammons. 

IV. Anna Valentine, b. Aug. 9th, 1856. 

68. Marial or Maria Bergen, born Jan. 9th, 1777 ; 
m. Reuben Decker^ of New Lots. 

Issue : — 

I. Magdalcna Decker, bapt. July 26th, 1795; d. ; m. 

George Williamson, of New Lotts. 

II. John Decker, b. ; resided on Staten Island. 

emigrant, who m. Susan Wood, settled in Queen's county, and had issue : 
Thomas, Samuel, Joseph, and Abigail. 

7'i)omds, son of Thomas and Susan, m. Ann Durland, and had issue : Thomas 
and Joseph, twins, born June 17th, 1792, and Ann, who m. Richard Carman. 

Thomas, son of Thomas and Ann, at one period a grocer in Brooklyn, at 
present, 1872, of Freeport, m. Elizabeth Smith, born Sept. 15th, 1795, died 
Oct. nth, 1858, and has issue : Ann Eliza, born Dec. 29th, 1813, died Jan. 
28th, 1871, m. Brewster Valentine, of the firm of Valentine & Bergen, 
grocers, Brooklyn j Husun, born June 29th, 1818, m. George ly. Bergen • and 
Samuel S., born Sept. 25th, 1821, m. Eliza Rayner. 

There was a Caleb Carman, of Jamaica, who, with Joseph Carpenter, of 
Musketoe Cove, contracted, in 1675, to build a corn and saw mill at Jamaica, 
where the old mill then stood. On a list of the inhabitants of Hempstead, in 
1673, in vol. I, p. 65S, of the DiRuiiient.wy History of New York, is a Jar. 
Carman, Kalep Carman, and Josia Carman. A "John Carman " was among 
the first settlers of Hempstead, in 1641 (Thompson's Long Island, vol. 11 
P- 4)- 

172 Sixth GENERATioNf. Descendants of 

in. Reuben Decker, b. , 1800 ; d. April 9th, 1874 ; m. 

Dec. 28th, 1823, Catharine, daughter of Smith Smith; resided in 

IV, Stephen Lott Decker, b. Sept. 27th, 1801; m, (ist), Sept. 
7th, 1825, Hannah Van Arsdalen, b. May 27th, 1808, d. March 
3d, 1849; m- (2d), Feb. 12th, 185 1, Letty StoothofF, and has 
issue: Sally Maria, b. Dec. 25th, 1825. 

V. Richard Decker, b. Aug. 24th, 1805. 
VI. Williamson Decker. 
VII. Jacob Decker. 

Descendants of ABRAHAM BERGEN (56) and Jntie 
Springsteen^ of Jamaica, Queen's county, New York. 

69. Susan or Susanna, born March i6th, 1783 ; living 
1863 ; m. Nathaniel Mills, 
Issue : — 

I. Nathaniel Mills, b. June 4th, 1802; d. July 27th, 1862; m. 
April 20th, 1825, Aletta or Aulche Hendrickson. Kept a leather 
store in Brooklyn, and left several children, among whom were 
Hannah Ann Mills, b. May 17th, 1826; Susanna Mills, b. March 
28th, 1828, who m. Thomas Adams, and d. about 1870; Frances 
E.Mills, b. April nth, 1830, m. Nov. 30th, 1853, Nicholas 
Schenck, of Canarise. 

II. Abraham Mills, b. March i6th, 1804; d. May 20th, 1847, 
in Brooklyn ; m. (ist), Sept. 1st, 1837, Maria Rapalye, who d. 
May, 1838 ; m. (2d), Dec. 17th, 1839, Ellen Lott. 

III. Jacob Mills, b. April 6ih, 1806; d. April ist, 1838, leaving 
Mary Long, his widow, surviving. 

IV. Isaac Mills, b. June 25th, 1808; m. (1st), Frances Rogers 
or Rudgerd; m. (2d), Mary Rogers or Rudgerd, sister of Frances. 

V. John Higby Mills, b. May 15th, 1811; m. Susan Pepper. 
VI. Cas|)er Schenck Mills, b. Nov. 2d, 1813; d. Feb. 14th, 

1832, single. 

vn. Phcbe Ann Mills, b. June 7th, 1817 ; d. July 12th, 1837 ; 
m. Nathan Hlydenburgh. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 173 

vni. Sarah Mariah Mills, b. Aug. 15th, 1822; m. Jacob Duryea, 
of Brooklyn. 

70. Casper or Caspart Bergen, born July 4th, 1784; 
died April i6th, 1828, single. In 181 2 and 13 he was a 
commissioner of highways of Jamaica. 

April 1 2th, 1808, Abraham Hendricksen, of Jamaica, 
and Elizabeth, his wife, for X875, conveyed to Isaac Hen- 
dricksen and Casper Bergen^ a house and lot on the main 
street in the village of Jamaica, bounded easterly by the barn 
and garden of Creed and Mills, northerly by land of heirs 
of James Herriman, deceased, and westerly by the house 
and garden of the Rev. George P'aitout. On the same 
date Sarah Latting, widow of John Rapalye, executed a 
deed to the same parties of the said premises, to perfect the 
title, and May 20th, 1810, Isaac Hendrickson, of Flushing, 
and Phebe, his wife, for $4,000 conveyed said premises to 
Casper Bergen (see lib. L, pp. 127 and 135, and lib. M, p. 
274, of con. in clerk's office Queen's county). 

Jan. 20th 1810, Lawrence Roe, of Flushing, and Sarah, 
his wife, for $3,625, conveyed to Casper Bergen a house 
and farm in Jamaica, of 70 acres, with a salt meadow lot ; 
said farm being bounded by the public road, and by land of 
Daniel Everit, Garret Bergen, Ludley's lot, and Tunis and 
Luke Bergen (see lib. L, p. 130, of con., office clerk 
Queen's county). 

April 14th, 1829, his brother Luke took out letters of 
administration on his estate. 

71. Johannes or John Bergen, born Jan. 15th, 1786; 
died Aug. 13th, 1828 ; m. July 30th, 1806, Matie^ Maria 
or Mary^ daughter of Isaac Hendricksen^ born Oct. llth. 

'Tlu: first IhnJriiksf,!, ur bon of Hr.ulrick, in Oiiocn'!, county, of wliicli 
the wiitui lias seen any account, is ILvmon llciuiriikien, who, Aug. 5tli, 167X, 
was granted a three acre Jiousc lot by the town meeting of Hempsted. On 


174 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

1787, died Dec 14th, 1850. Owned and occupied a farm 
of about 160 acres, in the town of Flushing (which he 
bought April ist, 1815, for $6,125, ^^ William Simonson, 
of Flushing), on the road from Black Stump to Jamaica, 
adjoining land of Albert Sncdeker and that of Samuel 
Skidmore ; also, ten acres of woodland (see lib. 69, p. 464, 
of con. (j)ueen's county clerk's office). 

July 20th, 1802, for $2,000, he bought of William 
Martin, of New York, and Frances, his wife, a farm 
bounded westerly by land of Casper Springsteen, northerly 
by land of Jacob Field, and Debora and Mary Burroughs, 
easterly in part by a public road leading from Newtown to 
Jamaica, and partly by the new lane, and southerly by the 
highway or public road ; also the one-half of nine acres of 
salt meadows (see lib. H, p. 204, of con. Queen's county 
clerk's office). 

Oct. ist, 1825, for $500, he bought of Johannes Foster, 
of (Jueen's county, and Sarah, his wife, a wood lot at 
" Rockahill," Flushing, being part of a farm formerly of 
Lawrence Roe, containing 5 acres i rood 38 perches (see 
lib. U, p. 208, of con. (Jueen's county clerk's office). 

the same date the town granted a similar lut to Hendrick HcnJrickien (see 
Hempsted town records). The will of this Harmon, in which he hails from 
Foster's Meadows, in said town of Hempsted, is dated Dec. 9th, 1700, proved 
Dec. 20th, 1 70 1, recorded lib. A, p. 156, in office of surrogate of (Queen's 
county, in which he refers to his wife and two sons. Hai man's wife was 
Margaret Sudder, and he had a sun Hcndiick baptized June 22d, 1679, in New 
Utrecht, and daughter Cornelia, baptized July 8th, 1681, in Flatbush. 

The first of the name on the records of deeds in Queen's county, is on a 
deed dated Feb. 24th, 1684, of Samuel Roscoe to Peter Hendricksen, of Flat- 
lands (see lib. B, of con. (Queen's county clerk's office, p. 27), of premises on 
the north side of the road to Brooklyn ferry, adjoining land of Richard Betts. 
Betts at this period owned the late John R. Snedcker farm on the boundary 
between King's and (Queen's counties and the Lapier farm. This Fetcr llen- 
drickicn was assessed in FLtlando in 1676, rn. Cathjrine Jones, .ind had Lliild- 
ren : Jan, baptised Sept. 30ih, 1680, Hcndiick, bapti/.ed July 23d, 1682, and 
Ad.mi, Ajiril 20th, 1684. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 175 

Feb. 24th, 1829, Maria Bergen^ widow of ^john^ took 
out letters of administration on his estate. April 21st, 
1847, ^J^^n Bergen^ widow of Johyi^ for $ 1, 1 81.81, con- 
veyed her interest in the farm he bought of William 
Simonson to Cornelius M. and Gilbert S. Bergen, Jr. (see 
lib. 71, p. 7, con. Oueen's county clerk's office). On the 
same date, Abraham Bergen, Robert Siney, and Gilbert 
Wright, committee in case of Isaac Hendrickson Bergen, 
plaintiff, and William R. Siney and Ida A. W. Ik-rgcn, 
his wife, defendants, conveyed for $600 the defendants' 
interest in the above referred to farm to Con. M. Bergen 
and G. S. Bergen, Jr. (see lib. 71, p. 78, of con. Oueen's 
county clerk's office). 

Nov. 14th, 1851, William R. Siney, administered on 
the estate of Maria or Mary, widow of John Bergen, 

Issue : — 

116. I. Abraham, b. May 17th, 1807 ; d. April 13th, 1842 ; 
m. March i4lh, 1832, Sally/ daughter of Willet Bowne, cultivated 
a farm in the town of Flushing, and had children : 

I. William B., b. April i6th, 1833 ; m. May lyth, 1854, Maria 
Louisa, dau. of Frederick Crommelin and Maria Bergen (dau. of 
Tunis T. Bergen, of Flatbush), whose children are : 

I. Sarah Maria, b. Dec. 22d, 1855. 

II. John William, b. Oct. 1st, 1858. 
HI. Hannah B., b. March 28th, 1862. 

' Sally or Sarah Boivne is probably a descendant of John and Hannah Bowne, 
a distinguished Quaker, who in 1661 erected a house in Flushing, and who, 
in consequence of his refusing to obey the requirements of Gov. Stuyvesant on 
tlie subject of religion, was transported to Holland in 1 662. The Dutch 
authorities disapproving of Stuyvesant's course, on the ground " that the con- 
" science of men ought to be free and unshackeled, so long as they continue 
" moderate and peaceable and not hostile to the government," sent Bowne 
back to his friends. 

Jcjjin Buwne and Hannah, his first wife, had issue : Jolin, b. Jan. 13th, 
1656;, b. Aug. 81)1,1658 J Mary, b. Nov. 6th, 1660; Abbigall, b. 

176 Sixth Generation, Descendants of 

117. II. Sarah, b. Feb. 9th, 1809; d. Jan. 3d, 1851, single. 
Nov. I4tli, 1851, William R. Sincy administered on her estate. 

118. in. Ida Ann Winfrcd, b. July 23d, 1812; m. Dec, I2th, 
1839, William R. Siney, s. of Robert, of Flushing, now (1866) 
of the city of New York, and the proprietor of a line of stages. 

Issue : — 

Mary Elizabeth Siney, and Jerusha Ann Siney, living; John 
Siney, and Frances Emma Siney, deceased. 

119. IV. Phebe Maria, b. May 20tli, 1814; d. Jan. 6th 1836, 

1 20. V. Isaac Hendrickson, b. July 12th, 18 16; d. Feb. loth, 

1851 ; m. Maria Mills; m. (2d), Eliza . Was engaged in 

the hay and feed business in the city of New York, in Spring, Mott, 
and other streets, from 1843 to his death. After his death, it 
appears by the New York city directory that his widow, Eliza, in 
1855, kept a confectionery store in 7th avenue. Left no issue. 

121. VI. Gilbert Schcnck, b. Oct. 2d, 1818; d. July 9th, i860; 
m. Oct. 3d, 1845, Mary I., dau. of Tunis Suydam, of Bedford, b, 
Dec. 31st, 1825, d. Nov. 2d, 1854. Was engaged in the flour 
and feed business, in partnership with Ditmas Jewell, in East New 
York. Owned 85 acres of the homestead farm on the Black Stump 
road, adjoining land of Rhodes and Skidmorc (see lib. 96, p. 251, 
of con. Queen's county clerk's oiHce). 

Issue : — 

I. John W., b. Feb, 28th, 1849; d. Aug. i6th, 1854. 
II. Anna Maria, b. July 3d, 1852. 

122. VII. Cornelius Monfort, b. Dec. 6th, 1820 ; d. Feb, 20th, 
1870 ; m. May 12th, 1852, Sarah Ann, dau. of Gilbert Wright,' 

Dec. 5th, 1662; Hannah, b. Feb. loth, 1665; Samuell, b. July 21st, 1667 j 
Dorothy, b. Jan. 29th, 1669; Martha Johannah, b. June 17th, 1673. John 
Bownc and Hannah his second wife had issue: Sarah, b. Oct. 14th, i68oj 
Sarah, b. Dec. 17th, 1681; John, b. July loth, 1683; Thomas, b. Sept. 
26th, 1684; John, b. July 9th, 1686; Abigal, b. May sth, 1688. John 
Bowne and Mary his third wife liad issue : Amy, b. Feb. 1st, 1 694 ; .md Ruth, 
b. Nov. 30th, 1695-6 (see New Vorlc (jencalotjical Record, October, 1872, 

' Tlicre was a yonatban fVright residing in Flushing as early as 1667, and 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 177 

b. Aug. 15th, 1830. Owned and cultivated a farm of 85 acres, 
part of the homestead of his father on the Black Stump road, in the 
town of Flushing (see lib. 96, p. 153, of con. Queen's county 
clerk's office). In 1864 his name appears among those who signed 
a call for a meeting to ratify the nomination of Lincoln and Johnson. 
His will is dated Dec. 13th, 1869; proved May 3d, 1870J recorded 
lib. 16, p. 228, office surrogate Queen's county. 

Issue : — 

I. Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. •23d, 1853. 

123. VIII. Phebe Maria, b. Feb. 6th, 1824; single. 

72. Phebe Bergen, died some years ago ; m. Abraham 
Hendrickson^ of Jamaica. 

Issue : — 

I. Isaac Hendrickson, b. March 15th, 1808; (supposed) m. Sept. 
28th, 1836, Charity E. Duryea, of Flushing; issue: Phebe Maria 
Ann Hendrickson, b, Aug. 24th, 1840; Isaac Cornelius Hendrick- 
son, b. Oct. 18th, 1842. 

II. Emily Ann Hendrickson, bapt. Oct. 14th, 1810; m. Dec. 
13th, 1828, Scott Hicks Bowne, of Flushing. 

HI. x'^braham Cornelius Hendrickson, bapt. June 6th, 1813. 

73. Gilbert or Gysbert Schenck Bergen, baptized 
June 6th, 1790 ; died March 7th, 1869 ; single. He and 
his brother Luke owned and cultivated a farm, consisting of 
a portion of the original tract owned and occupied by their 
ancestors, located in the hollow at Brushville, in the town 
of Jamaica. 

also a George Wright, who may have been a brother of Jonathan. Jonathan 
was among the patentees in Dongan's patent, of 1685. There were families 
of Wrights in Oysterbay, who were Quakers, and came from Massachusetts 
with the Rev. William Leverich, in 1653. 

In addition, there was a Robert IVrigbt, aged 45, who came from England 
to Virginia in the Sivan in 1608 ; Horton Wright, aged 20, in the Susan, in 
1624 J John Wright, aged 20, a resident of Virginia in 1625 ; John Wright, 
aged 21, in the A/ice, in 1635 ; Joseph Write, aged 15, in the Safety, in 1635 ; 
and William Write, in the Assurance, in 1635 (Hotten's Lists of Emigrants, 
pp. lO'j, I 12, 122, 229, 256, and 261). 

178 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

74. Luke Bergen, bapt. May 6th, 1792; died March 
7th, 1869; single. Resided with his brother, Gilbert 
Schenck, together occupying a farm at Brushville. March 
1 8th, 1869, Ann Bergen, sister of Gilbert and Luke, and 
William R. Siney, took out letters of administration on their 

Hannah Townsend, colored, and formerly a slave in the 
family, and who resided with Gilbert Schenck and Luke Ber- 
gen^ also died March 7th, 1 869, aged, it was said, 1 1 2 years, 
having, if the age is correct, been born in 1757. 

75. RoELOF Schenck Bergen, bapt. April 6th, 1794; 
died Oct. 2ist, 1795. 

76. Antye Bergen or Ann Bergen, bapt. May 22d, 
1796 ; single. Resided with her brothers Gilbert Schenck 
and Luke, at Brushville, but since their deaths in the village 
of Jamaica. 

77. Abraham Bergen, bapt. May 20th, 1798 j died 

78. Abraham Bergen, b. May 20th, 1800 ; died Dec. 
5th, 1858; m. May loth, 1820, Wine/red^ dau. of Isaac 
Hendricksen, born Dec. 20th, 1792 ; died Dec. 21st, 1846, 
while riding home with her husband from a visit to relatives, 
without any apparent suffering, and scarcely momentary 
notice. Owned and occupied a farm near the Beaver Pond, 
Jamaica. In 1819 he was a lieutenant in the 93d regiment 
of state infantry. In 1832, 1834, 1837, and '38, he was 
elected a commissioner of highways. In 1844, Isaac. 
Ludlam sued him for trespass, on a question of boundary 
between their premises, the jury bringing in a verdict for 
Bergen^ the defendant. In 1 85 1, on the sale of the com- 
mon lands of the town, known as the Beaver Pond, he 
bought lens Nos. 10 and 11, the former of nine-tcullis of 
an acre, and the latter of one acre, fur $130 each. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 179 

May 5th, 1832, Amos Denton, for $1695, conveyed to 
Nicholas Williamson and Jbraham Bergen 25 acres on the 
east side of the road leading from the Beaver Pond to 
Rockaway, adjoining land of Mrs. Berkley. Feb. 3d, 
1833, Abrahmn Bergen conveyed his interest in these prem- 
ises to Nicholas Williamson (see lib. D D, pp. 219 and 
221, of con. Queen's county clerk's office). 

Nov. 15th, 1834, yf/'r«/;«/rti56'r^^«, for $1,320.33, sold 13 
acres and 31 square rods of land to Clark Greenwood, and 
the same day the same quantity of land for the same amount 
to John W. Greenwood, located on road leading from 
James Ditmars's to Jamaica South, the two conveyances 
covering the tract which said Abraham Bergen purchased 
March 19th, 1821, of Benjamin I. Smith (see lib. G G, p. 
331, con. Queen's county clerk's office). 

His will is dated Nov. 20th, 1858, in the city of New 
York, proved Jan. 6th, 1859, ^"^ recorded in lib. 129, p. 
71, of wills, in the office of the surrogate of New York, 
from which it is evident he resided in said city at the time 
of his death. In it he devises one-quarter of his real estate 
to his son Abraham Schenck, and the balance to his dau. 
Sarah Maria and sons William K. and Rufus S. 

Issue : — 

124. I. Abraham Schenck, b. Oct. 31st, 1822; m. Sept. 25th, 
1845, Maria, dau. of Hcndrick Suydam, b. Nov. iith, 1827. 
Owns and cultivates a farm at Fresh Ponds, near Mount Olivet, in 
the town of Newtown. 

Abraham S. Bergen (supposed to be this Abraham), as per New 
York Directory, was engaged in the hay and feed business from 1843 
to 1H54, in Spring, Norfolk, Anthony, and other streets. 

Issue : — 

I. Catharine Winfred, b. Nov. 7th, 1847 ; m. Oct. 25th, 1870, 
Joseph L., son ot losej.h OlJlield bergen. 

II. Sarah Maria, b. June 6lh, 1849; 111. Oct. 23d, 1870, George 
D. M(Ui. 

180 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

III. Ida Ann, b. Sept. 29th, 1851. 

IV. Magdalin, b. Sept. 9th, 1853. 

V. Rufus Schenck, b. Oct. isc, 1855; d. Jan. zzd, 1856. 
VI. Rufus Schenck, b. Nov. i6th, 1856; d. Jan. 31st, 1858. 

VII. Gilbert Schenck, b. April 28th, i860. 
VIII. Ann, b. Jan. 15th, 1862. 

IX. Luke, b. Feb. 6th, 1864; d. July 26th, 1864. 

X. Margaret Hcndricksen, b. June 24th, 1865. 

XI. Abramella, b. Dec, ist, 1867. 

XII. William Siney, b. May 30th, 1870. 

125. II, Isaac C, b. Jan, 2d, 1825; d. March 4th, 1838. 

126. III. John Luke, b. Nov. ist, 1827; d. Nov. 1st, 1828. 

127. IV. John Luke, b. Nov. 1st, 1828; d, young. 

128. V. Rufus Schenck, b. Sept. 13th, 1829; m. Oct. 9th, 
1861, Angelique or Angeline Raymond. Employed as a clerk in the 
city of New York, and in 1851 and 1853, in the hay business in 
Jackson street. Has issue : 

I. Rufus Cameron, b, August 29th, 1862, 

II. Maria Raymond, b. Jan. 28th, 1868; d. Jan, 28th, 1869. 

129. VI. Sarah Maria, b. March 14th, 1831; m. Henry Benja- 
min, of the city of New York, 

Issue : — 
I. Abraham Benjamin, b, April 20, 1851; d. April 6, 1852, 

II. Mary Winfrcd Benjamin, b. Sept. 23d, 1853; d. April 17th, 

III. Charles Manwaring Benjamin, b. Feb, l6th, 1856; d. May 
20th, 1857, 

IV. Harriet Mary Oatman Benjamin, b. July 14th, 1858. 

130. VII. William Kissam, b. April 10th, 1835 ; m. Sarah 

79. RoELEF Schenck Bergen, bapt. June 2d, 1802 ; d. 
at Zakatecas, in South America, without issue. By the 
New York City Directory, of 1822, there was a Rufus S. 
Bergen, merchant, of 186 Chatham street, who possibly 
may have been this R. S, Bergen. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 181 

Descendants of JOHN BERGEN (57) and Mary Mills, 
of Jamaica, Queen's county, New York : 

80. Jacob Bergen, born July 20th (or 23d), 1770 ; died 
Nov. 13th, 1842 ; m. Dec. 23d, 1790, Alary Wiggins,^ 
who died March 23d, 1834, aged 60. Owned and culti- 
vated a farm at Brushville. Was appointed ensign of 
militia, March 12th, 18 10, and was a member of the Pres- 
byterian Church. May ist, 1822, Jacob Bergen and Mary, 
his wife, and William Everit and Catherine, his wife, of 
Hempstead, conveyed to Thomas Everit, of Hempstead, 
for $2,750, 40 acres lying on the north side of the turnpike 
road from Jamaica to Hempstead, with a wood lot of five 
acres, and another of two acres (see lib. Y, p. 182, of con. 
clerk's office Oueen's county). 

May 20th, 1826, Jacob Bergen bought of Philip Wiggins, 
of N. Hempstead, a farm of 130 acres of upland, and 3 
plots of salt meadow, for $5,050, the upland lying on the 
north side of the turnpike road from the village of Jamaica 
to the plains, adjoining land of Luke and Schenck Bergen, 
Elizabeth Rowland, and Jacob Carpenter (see lib. W W, 
of con. Oueen's county clerk's office). 

May loth, 1830, Jacob Bergen and Mary, his wife, and 
Thomas Smith and Catherine his wife (a sister of Jacob), 
for $1,750, sold to Stephen Mills, of Jamaica, a farm of 
90 acres at Springfield, in said town of Jamaica, adjoining 
land of Rem Nostrand, and on the easterly side of the 
Springfield road (see lib. Z, p. 399, of con. Queen's county 
clerk's office.) 

May ist, 1834, Jacob Bergen, of Jamaica, for $3,000, 

'In 1656 Thomas IViggins was granted a house lot at the Little Plains, 
in Jamaica (Thompson's Long Island, vol. 2, p. 97). 

A Thomas ff^iggi", aged 21, came to Virginia from London, in the Primrose, 
in 1635, and a Thomas f^'ggim, aged 20, to Virginia from London in the 
George, in 1635 (Hotten's Emigrants, pp. 114 and 125). 


182 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

conveyed to Gilbert Reed, a farm in Jamaica on the south 
side of the Jericho turnpike road, adjoining land of Benja- 
min Carpenter, and bounded on its westerly side by highway 
leading from Rocky Hill to Springfield, containing 36 acres 
(see lib. O O, p. 435, office of clerk Queen's county). 

May 6th, 1838, yacob Bergen, of Jamaica, conveyed to 
Benjamin Bergen, his son, a farm in Jamaica, on the north 
side of the turnpike road from the village of Jamaica to 
the plains, adjoining land of George Carpenter, Daniel 
Everit, deceased, James Bogert, Tunis Bergen, John Bergen, 
deceased, Samuel Mott, and others, containing 125 acres (see 
lib. W W, p. loi, con. Queen's county clerk's office). 

Jacob Bergen'' s will is dated May 4th, 1838, proved Dec. 
14th, 1842, recorded lib. 3, p. 93, office surrogate Queen's 

Issue : — 

131. I. John Bergen, b. Nov. iith, 1791 ; d. young. 

132. II. ijenjaniin Bergen, b. May iHth, 1794; in. May 6th, 1824, 
Phebe. dan. of John Skidniorc,' who d. Jan. llth, 1834, aged 33; 
in. (2d), Dec. 13th, 1836, Elizabeth, dau. of Abraham Jones. 
Formerly a farmer, at present residing in the village of Jamaica. 
He was a soldier in the war of 1812, a member of the Presbyterian 
Churcli in 1826, and a manager of the Jamaica temperance society 
in 1830, and for several years thereafter. In 1853, a barn on his 
farm (occupied by Mr. Suydam), at East Jamaica, was struck by 
lightning, in a part stored with salt hay, which does not easily ignite. 
Damage slight. 

Issue : — 

I. Mary Ann, b. Dec. 5th, 1825 ; m. Dec. 15th, 1846, Benjamin 
T. Bergen, son of Jacob, of Jamaica South. 

' Phcbc Skidmore was probably a descendant of John and Susanna Skidmore, 
who resided in Jamaica as early as 1662, when John was granted a home lot 
in said town. From a deed of the overseers of the estate of John Skidmore, 
deceased, of March 6th, 1681, in lib. A, p. 58, of Queen's county con., to 
Nicholas Stillwell, of Gravesend, it is evident he died previous to this date. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 183 

II. Jacob, b. April zd, 1828; m. Oct. Iltli, 1854, Aletta Maria, 
dau. of Snedeker Hendricksoii. 

III. Benjamin Alexander, b. April 22d, 1838 ; d. Dec. 8th, 1840. 

IV. Charles Henry, b. Oct, i6th, 1839 ; in. Feb. 5th, 1862, Kate 
A. Way. At one period taught a school in the village of Jamaica. 
At present (1873) a storekeeper in said village. 

133. III. Jacob Bergen, bapt. Sept. 2d, 1798; d. young. 

134. IV. Jacob Bergen, b. July 21st, 1799; m. Jan. 16th, 1821, 
Catharine Lewis.' Cultivates a firm at Briishville, which lie bought. 
May 15th, 1835, of Nathaniel Rhoadcs, Wilham Smith, Jacob 
Bergen (son of John), and William Everit, Executors ot John 
Everit, of Jamaica, for $4,225, being the farm in Jamaica on which 
said John Everit lived, bounded westerly by land of Increase Car- 
penter, northerly by woodland of Joseph Sealy and land of heirs of 
Abraham Bergen, deceased, and easterly and southerly by land of 
heirs of said Abraham Bergen, containing 80 acres (see lib. G G, 
p. 230, C2ueen's county clerk's ofiice). 

Issue : — 

Mary Elizabeth, b. Nov. 5th, 1821; m. Nov. 16th, 1841, John 
Lott Bergen, son of Tunis and Ann, of Brushville. 

135. V. Aury Bergen, b. Aug. 3d, 1800; d. Sept, 29th, 1806. 

136. VI, Mary Bergen, b. July 30th, 1806; d. April 19th, 1864; 
m. Hendrickson, and had children : 

I. John C. Hendrickson, b. . 

11. Jacob Hendrickson, b. . 

III, Catharine Hendrickson, b. , all of Jamaica, 

IV, Ruth Hendrickson, b. ; m. Hicks Skidmore, of Brook- 
lyn, and 

V, Charles Hendrickson, b. , of Philadelphia. 

Will dated Feb. 22d, 1848; proved June irth, 1864; recorded 
in lib. 3, p. 12, office surrogate Queen's county. 

' Echuard Leiuis, aged 33, Mary, his wife, aged 32, with children : John, 
aged 3, and, aged 9 iiinntlis, emigrated from England, in the E/i-.n/'rlb, 
of l|iawi(li, in 1634 (Holten's Li.ts of i;ii\i);r,inr,s, [>. 2X0). A I.esvii, 
of Oy.Uili.iy, in 1735, and a Tlionu^ Lewis, of William ihcct, in llie cily of 
New York, in 1C74. 

184 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

8i. Isaac, born Oct. i, 1772 ; died young. 

82. Mary or Polly Bergen, b. August nth, 1774; 
m. Aury Snediker, of Jamaica, born 1766, died July, 1846, 
aged 80. Living 1863, and no issue. 

83. Jane Bergen, born July 20th, 1777 ; died a young 
woman and single. 

84. John Bergen, born May 4th, 1779; died Feb. 
30th, 1865 ; single, and lived, 1863, near the village of 
Jamaica, and was a member of the Presbyterian Church. 
Owned and formerly cultivated one-half of his father's 
farm at Brushville, which he sold in 1853, ^^^ brother 
Jacob owning the remaining half. Dec. 15th, 1821, he 
manumitted his negro slave Margaret. On the morning 
of July 30th, 1832, the barn of John and Jacob Bergen, 
at Brushville, about three miles from Jamaica, was struck 
by lightning and consumed by fire, together with its con- 
tents, consisting of hay, grain, etc. Loss estimated at $800. 
His will is dated August 30th, 1854 j proved May i6th, 
1865 ; recorded lib. 5, p. 127, office surrogate Queen's 
county. Codicil dated Feb. 5th, 1861. 

85. Catharine Bergen, born Nov. i8th, 1782; m. 
Jan. 5th, 1808, Thomais Smith, of Jamaica. 

Issue : — 

I. Nicholas Smith, b. May 27th, 1809; m. Mary, dau. of Israel 
Smith; d. prior to 1854. 

II. Mary Smith, b. Jan, 19th, 181 1 ; d. young. 

ni. Judith Smith, b. Nov. 8th, 181 2 ; m. Daniel Ludlam, 

IV. John Bergen Smith, b. Oct. 15th, 1814 ; m. Phcbe ; d. 

March 8th, 1868. 

v. Tliomas Smith, Jr., b. ; (supposed) m, Feb. 23d, 1831, 

Mary Amberman. 

VI. Rachel Smith, m. John J. Rider. 

vu. Abigail Jane Smith, b. Aug. 23d, 1824; d. prior to 1854. 

vui. Catharine Smith, m. Thomas B. Rider. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 185 

86. Abagail Bergen, born Jan, 8th, 1788; died about 
1851 ; m. August 31st, 1808, Johannes Lott^ Jr. 

Issue : — 

I. Mary Lott, b. March ist, 1810; d. about 1854; m. Benjamin 
Simonson, of Brooklyn, and had children : Lott Sinionson, of New 
York ; Sarah J. Simonson; Jacob A. S. Simonson; Abagail A. Si- 
monson; George L. Simonson; Catharine Simonson; Isaac Simonson; 
Prudence A. Simonson; Benjamin Simonson; Mary E. Simonson 

(who d, prior to August, 1854), wife of Higbie; and John 

B. Simonson (who also d. prior to 1854). 

II. Margaret Lott, b. March 9th, 1812; d. about 1854; "i- 
Nov. 6th, 1827, Peter Nostrand ; issue: Amelia Nostrand, b. Sept. 
22d, 1828, m. George Higbie; John Lott Nostrand, of Brooklyn, 
b. Nov. ist, 1830; Abigail Ann Nostrand, b. Aug. nth, 1832, m. 
Andrew Debevoise; Rem Nostrand, b. Aug. 31st, 1840; James 
Nostrand, b. Jan. iith, 1842; and George Nostrand, of Jamaica. 

III. John Bergen Lott, of Flushing, b. Dec. i6th, 1813; (sup- 
posed) m. Dec. 11th, 1839, Mary Denton, of Flushing; issue: 
Phebe Ann Lott, b. March 24th, 1841 ; Mary Lott, b. July 1st, 
1843 ; and John Denton Lott, b. Nov. 7th, 1845. 

IV. James Lott, of Flushing, b. Sept. 17th, 1815; (supposed) 
m. Nov. nth, 1840, Hester Osterman, of Flushing; issue: Jane 
Eliza Lott, b. Oct. 8th, 1841 ; and Catherine Emma Lott, b. Nov. 
30th, 1843. 

v. Abagail Jane Lott, b. April 21st, 1818 ; m. Dec. 27th, 1843, 
Joseph Powell, who d. prior to 1854; issue: Sarah Lucretia Powell, 
b. Nov. 22d, 1846. 

VI. Hendrick Lott, b. April 6ch, J822; (supposed) m. Dec, 
1 6th, 1845, Catharine Eldert. 

87, Isaac Bergen, born April roth, 1791 ; died 
February i6th, 1829 ; m. September i8th, 1815, Sarah^ 
daughter of Waters Lamberson.' March 4th, 1829, 

' Surah Lamhnwn ia prub.ilily a dcbccniiaiit oF Tlioiiiaa Lainl>LTS(jn, whose 
name .i|.|j( ara on iJoiigan'ij [lattiit, oF Jamaica, in |6S6, .\[\i\ wlio may l>c tlic 
Tiionia-o Lambcrtsc of Ik-dfurd, hL-rciiilxforc rcfcrrLii tu. 

18G Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Sarah, his widow, and John B. Golden, administered on 
his estate. 
Issue : — 

137. I. John S. b. 1816; 111. (ist), Sept. 3d, 1834, Pliebe R. 

Snedeker, of Jamaica, b. ; d. Jan., 1836; m. (2d), Sarah E. 

. Became a member of the Presbyterian Church, in Jamaica, 

in 183 I, when 15 years old. Emigrated west. Had issue by 2d 
wife: Catharine Renisen, baptized Feb. 3d, 1839. No further 

138. n. David, b. ; d. May 3d, 1868 ; single and insane. 

139. III. Margaret Ann, b. ; m. July 9th, 1845, Jeremiah 

Cheshire, of Jamaica. Joined the Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, 
in 1838. 

J40. IV. Sarah Elizabeth, b. ; m. Jan. 30th, 1839, Jose or 

Joseph De Monte, a Spaniard. Living in 1863, in the village of 
Jamaica, and no issue. De Monte was born in 1806, and was 
killed in November, 1844, by the bursting of a gun, his will being 
dated Nov. 4th, and proved Nov. 28th, 1844; recorded lib. 1, 
?• 339» office surrogate Queen's county. 

Descendants of JACOB BERGEN (62), and Mary 
Marston^ of Jamaica South, Queen's county. New 

88. Tunis Bergen, born June ist, 1772 ; died July 
4th, 1847; "^' ^«« -^^^^ daughter of John Lott, of Jamaica 
South, born March 30th, 1782 j died March 26th, 1844. 
Cultivated a farm at Jamaica South, and also at Brushville. 
He joined the Presbyterian Church in 1821. Will dated 
May 28th, 1844, proved August 30th, 1847 ; recorded lib. 
4, p. 233, in office of surrogate of Queen's county. Paid 
$50, in 1 8 14, towards the erection of a new Presbyterian 
Church in the village of Jamaica, which cost $9,510.74, 
and was dedicated Jan. i8th, 18 14. 

May 6th, 181 5, Tunh Bergen bought of Simon Voris, 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 187 

of Jamaica, and Esther, his wife, for $1,300.50, a plot of 
about 21}, acres in said town, adjoining land late of Luke 
Bergen, deceased, and that of Tunis Bergen, and on the 
highway leading from Jamaica to Hempstead. This Simon 
Voris afterwards for many years kept a tavern in the village 
of Flatbush (sec lib. G G, p. 131, of con. Queen's county 
clerk's office). 

October 7th, 1824, he bought of Joseph Tuthill, of 
Jamaica, a burial plot 25 by 18 feet, in the Jamaica 

May 14th, 1838, Tunis Bergen^ Thomas Bergen, and 
Ann, widow of David Bergen, conveyed to Jacob Bergen, 
their brother, all their interest in 250 acres of land at 
Jamaica South, lying adjoining land of William R. Gracie, 
Augustus Sackett, the highway between said Sackett's land 
and land now of William Bonnet, land of Daniel Smith, 
land late of John Duryce, Jr., the Stoothoft's, meadow of 
J. Snedeker, etc., being the premises conveyed Oct. 20th, 
1 8 16, by Augustus Sackett to Tunis, Thomas, Jacob, and 
David Bergen, as recorded in lib. V, p. 509, of con. 
Queen's county clerk's office (see lib. W W, p. 61, 
of do.). 

May 2d, 1840, Tunis^ Thomas and yacob Bergen^ heiis at 
law of their brother David Bergen^ deceased, for $4,000, 
sold to Luke Eldert a farm at Jamaica South of 150 acres, 
lying on the easterly side of the road leading to the mill, 
and adjoining land of J. C. Stevens, Thomas Bergen, Jacob 
Bergen, etc. ; also, a plot of salt meadows of 6 acres, 
another of eight acres, another of 21 acres, and a piece of 
land called the l^ittlc Island, of 6 acres. May 6th, 1840, 
J)in^ widow of David Bc/gin^ for ;i>i,000, conveyed her 
interest in the above premises to said Luke ICKIert (see lib, 
52, pp. 259, 264, of cun. Oueen's county clerk's oilice). 

In August, 1840, on a Wechiesday evening, about 9 

188 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

o'clock, the barn of Tunis Bergen^ at Brushville, was struck 
by lightning and burnt, with a large quantity of hay, 
grain, etc. 

June 14th, 1842, Tunis Bergen^ for $4,500, sold to David 
Bergen, his brother, a farm near Brushville, on the turnpike 
road from Jamaica to Hempstead, adjoining land of James 
Bogert, and land of Benjamin, John, and Tunis Bergen, 
containing over 33 acres ; also a plot of upland of 10 
acres lying east of the aforesaid road, adjoining land of 
Tunis, Gilbert, and Luke Bergen, and 10 acres of salt 
meadows (see lib. 58, p. 6, of con. Queen's county clerk's 

May I St, 1848, John Gracey, Jacob L. Bergen, and 
David Bergen, executors of Tunis Bergen^ deceased, for 
$4,266, conveyed to John L. Bergen, of Jamaica, a farm 
of 56 acres in said town, on the turnpike road from Jamaica 
to Hempstead, adjoining land of Gilbert S., Luke, and 
David Bergen (see lib. 74, p. 417, of con. Queen's county 
clerk's office). 

January 3d, 1845, John Gracey, Samuel Powell, and 
John Powell, of Jamaica, administered on the estate of 
Ann Lott (Bergen), their grandmother. 

Issue : — 

141. I. Mary or Maria, b. March 3d, 1800; m. 1834, Stimer- 
son Powell, and have children : Stephen B., Samuel, Phebe Ann, 
John, and Jacob Powell. 

142. u. Ann, b. Oct, 6th 1802 ; m. Dec. 28th, 1824, John B, 
Gracy, Sen., and have children; John, Daniel, and Tunis Bergen 
Gracy, who d. May, 1837, 

143. in, John, b. Jan. 31st, 1807; d, April 3d, 1807. 

144. IV. Tunis, Jr., b. Dec, 7th, 1808; living 1863, and insane. 

145. V, Jacob L., b. Nov. 9th, 181 1 ; d. June 3d, 1849, single. 
In 1841, elected a trustee of common lands. Jan. 9th, 1849, John 
L. and David Bergen, and John Gracy, Jr., administered on his 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 189 

146. VI. John Lott, b. May 23d, 1813 ; d. Sept. 3d, 1854 ; m. 
Nov. 1 6th, 1 84 1, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Bergen and 
Catharine Lewis, b. Nov. 5th, 1821. At first a merchant in the 
village of Jamaica, and afterwards purchased his father's farm at 
Brushville, to which he removed and where he died. 

Issue : — 
I. John Wessel, b. Oct. 29th, 1843. 
II. Jacob Clark, b. June 14th, 1845. 

III. Catherine Ann, b. April 8th, 1847. 

IV. George Lott, b. Jan. iith, 1850. 
V. Mary Lethclia, b. Jan. 19th, 1852. 

VI. Sarah Adelia, b. Oct. 18th, 1854. 

147. vii. David, b. Sept. 26th, 1815 ; d. 1863; m. March 4th, 
1840, Mary Elizabeth Valentine.' In the spring of 1851, he sold 
his farm for $7,500, and engaged in the grocery business in the 
village of Jamaica. Held the office of captain in the militia ; in 
1846, '47, '48, and '49, was elected trustee of common lands. In 
1850, was elected justice of the peace for the town, which office he 
held by re-election from time to time until his death, holding, in 
addition, after the organization of a village government, at times the 
position of police justice. All, or nearly all, the minor criminal 
business and litigation of the town, appears to have been disposed of 
by justices D. Bergen and J. S. Snedeker. 

Issue : — 

I. James V., b. Dec. 4th, 1842. In 1862, treasurer of the Nep- 
tune Engine company No. 2, Jamaica. In 1873, in Clinton, Clinton 
county, Missouri, engaged in surveying. 

89. Thomas Bergen, born Oct. nth, 1773; died 
March 30th, 1842 ; 111. P'eb. 15th, X'jC^'] ^Margaret Convert^- 

' NLuy Elizuhctb f'^a/entinc is probably u descendant either of Obidiah 
Valentine, of Hempstead, who, in 16U5, to raise money to pay for Dongan's 
patent of that town, was assessed for 44 acres, or of William Valentine, who 
was assessed for 40 acres for the same purpose. 

^ Margaret Cou-veri, daughter of Dcritk and Catharine Covert, of Bushwick, 
was a descendant of Teunis Janse Coevert, who emigrated from Heemstede, 


190 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

who died January, 1848, aged 70. Owned and cultivated 
a farm at Jamaica South. Paid $()0, in 1814, towards the 
erection of a new Presbyterian Church in the village of 
Jamaica. In 1816, '17, '18, and '19, he was elected one 
of the assessors, and in 1828 and '29, a commissioner of 
common schools of the town. In Oct. 1823, he was one 
of the republican (democratic) delegates from Jamaica to j 

the convention to nominate members of assembly. April I 

7th, 1824, he bought of Joseph Tuthill and Milicant or \ 

Amelia, his wife, of Jamaica, a burial plot, 18 by 25 feet, ' 

in the village cemetery. March 30th, 1845, his daughter, 
Catharine, administered on his estate. 

May 14th, 1838, 'Jacob Bergen conveyed to Tunis and 
Thomas Bergen, his brothers, his interest in 150 acres 
at Jamaica South, adjoining land of said Thomas Bergen, 
William R. Gracie, John Sprowler, the road leading to the 
mill, land of Ludlum Frederick, and land of J. C. Stevens ; 
also a wood lot of 6 acres, another of 8 acres, and another 
of 21 acres (see lib. W W, p. 58, office clerk Queen's 

Issue : — 

148. I. Jacob T., b. Dec. 6th, 1798; d. March 19th, 1872; 
m. Dec. i6th, 1826, Alice Ann Peck, b. August 5th, 1805. In 
1823 and 1824, was elected an inspector of common schools in 
Jamaica. Was at one period a teacher of Union Hall Academy, 
of Jamaica, afterwards principal of a select English school in 
Brooklyn, and from 1827 until his death, a teacher and professor 
in the city of New York, -inJ celebrated as a linguist. 

In 1848, Jacob T. Bergen and Katharine Bergen, of Jamaica, 
for $4,600, sold to James H. Lott a farm of 25^ acres, on the 
road from Beaver Pond to Hawtrce Neck, adjoining land of Derrick 

in the Netherlands, in 1651, and settled at Bedford, in King's county, and m. 
Barbara Lucas. Catharine, the mother of" Margaret, was a daughter of Nicholas 
Wyc^kult, and a sister of the late sherirt' John Wyckofl", of New Lotts. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 191 

Coevert, Archibald McNickcr, etc. (see lib. 75, p. 459, of con., 
Queen's county clerk's office). 

Issue : — 
I. Mary, b. Dec. 16th, 1827 ; d. Jan. l6th, 1832. 

II. Thomas, b. April 29th, 1830; d. Dec. 25th, 1831. 

III. Margarite C., b. Nov. 1st, 1836; m. May 5th, i860. Rev. 
Robert H. Kelly. 

IV. David William, b. Sept. 24th, 1839; d. Oct. 23d, 1843. 
V. Phebe Catharine, b. March 13th, 1842. 

VI. Thomas, b. Oct. 28th, 1844. 

vii. David William, b. Sept. 6th, 1847; d. May i8th, 1853. 

149. II. Catharine, bapt. May 9th, 1802 ; m. May, 1849, Isaac 

90. Ann Bergen, born March 15th, 1776 ; died July 
3d, 1795; single. 

91. Jacob Bergen, born Feb. 2d, 1782; died June 
23d, 1869 ; m. April 9th, 1817, Jnn^ dau. of James Smithy 
who died August 8th, 1857, aged 63. Resided on and 
owned a farm of about 150 acres, on the bay at Jamaica 
South, which he and his brother purchased about 1820. In 
1806, was elected one of the overseers of the poor; in 
1808, '9, '10, and '11, a commissioner of highways ; and 
in 1 813, an inspector of common schools, of Jamaica. 
Was a soldier in the war of 1812; paid $50 in 1814 
towards the erection of a new Presbyterian Church in the 
village of Jamaica, 

October 20th, 1816, Augustus Sacket, for $2,712, con- 
veyed to Thomas, Jacob, and David Bergen, a farm in 
Jamaica South, adjoining the property late of their deceased 
father, and the meadows, including an island known as the 
Little Island, containing 250 acres (see lib. V, p. 509, clerk's 
oflice Oueen's county). 

Ill 1850, he was attacked by a bull, while driving the 

192 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

animal from pasture to the yard, and had his clothes torn 
from his body, and was bruised in such a shocking manner 
as to endanger his life. Will dated April i6th, 1869 ; 
proved August 30th, 1869 ; recorded lib. 15, p. 486, office 
surrogate county of Queens. 
Issue : — 

150. I. Phcbe Ann, b. Jan. 22d, 1818; single. 

151. 11. Benjamin Tluirsion, b. Dec. 17th, 1819; m, Dec, 15th, 
1846, Mary Ann, daughter of Benjamin Bergen, of the village of 
Jamaica, and has children : 

I. Anna, b. Oct. nth, 1854. 
II. Cornelius James, b. Nov. 21st, i860. 

152. III. Cornelius, b. Feb. 25th, 1823; d. Jan. 31st, 1854, by 
accidentally falling from a load of hay, on the Jamaica road, near 
John 1. Snedeker's hotel ; single. 

153. IV. David, b. March 27th, 1825 ; d. April 7th, 1826. 

154. V, Mary Elizabeth, b. May 28th, 1827. 

155. VI. Jacob James, b. March 13th, 1832; m. Feb. 25th, 
1862, Margaret M., daughter of James and Ida Van Sicklen,' of 
Jamaica, and has issue : 

I. James Milton, b. Jan. 20th, 1864. 

92. David Bergen, born Nov. 6th, 1784; died April 
23d, 1838 ; m. March 3d, 1830, Ann Marston, born July 
2d, 1795, died Dec. 23d, 1842. No issue. Cultivated a 
farm at Jamaica South. Was one of the managers of the 
Jamaica temperance society in 1830, and for several years 
thereafter ; and also one of the officers of the Jamaica 
Bible society. 

April 24th, 1827, he purchased of John Titus, for $252, 
8| acres of salt meadows. May 8th, 1838, Thomas and 
Jacob Bergen, his brothers, administered on his estate. 

^'Jamei I'au ^hkUu ia ,i son uf J.iincs V.m Siiklcn .ind M.i Roiiw, 
Ilia was liDiii May ist, 1792, and ib a dauglitcr of William Kouwcnli 
Joiiaiiiia Wyckoir, of I'lutlands. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 193 

Descendants of YAN or JAN BERGEN (63), and 
Mariam Oldfield^ of Hempstead, Queen's county, 
New York. 

93. Phebe Bergen, born Nov. 15th, 1781 ; died Nov., 
1866 ; m. Jan. 29th, 1823, John Johnson^ a native of Hull, 
in England, and a wealthy brewer, of Brooklyn, who died 
Feb. 9th, 1874, aged 83. In Johnson's obituary it is stated 
that Phebe was eccentric in her ways, and that she would 
not part with any real property she had cither inherited or 
acquired. No issue. 

94. Miriam Bergen, born Oct, nth, 1783; m. Jan. 
17th, 1810, Anthony Demott^ born Oct. 27th, 1787; died 
Oct. 26th, 1857 ' ^ farmer, who resided in Hempstead, 

Issue : — 

I. David Demote, b. Jan. 28th, 1812; d. Nov., 1874; was a 
farmer near Hempstead, and single. 

II. Bergen Demote, b, Oct. 3d, 1817; m. May i8th, 1845, 
Catharine, dau. of Benjamin Smith. Is a farmer, and resided near 
Hempstead, now at Christian Hook. 

95. Oldfield Bergen, born Jan. 27th, 1786 ; died 
Nov. 17th, 1835 ; m. (ist), Oct. 15th, 1808, Ehy^"- dau. 
of John Demott, of Hempstead, born Feb. 6th, 1792; 
died Sept. 20th, 1829; m. (2d), July 2d, 1831, Abagail 
E. Cornell,'' of South Hempstead, born July 9th, 1800 ; 

*The earliest entry of a Dc Mutt on the King's county records is that of 
Antoni De Mot, of Esopus, wiio in. Aug. 9th, 1707, Elsie Blauw, of Gowanus, 
their daughter, Antie, being baptized April 24th, 1709. In 1 693, Anica 
Hendricks, wife of " Miciiill de Mott," made a deposition in relation to a 
purchase by her husband of a tract of land from the Indians, in Ulster county. 

-Aha^aU E. Cornell is probably a descendant of John Cornell, of Hempstead, 
who, ill 1676, had iiis liabit.ition burnt by tlie Indians, and also in tiie same 
year (iiaviny built on a of lOo acies, graiUed by the yuveinor, at Cdw 
Neik), by rioters, who wire indicted and puni^iied. Oct. j8lh, 1686, John 
Coiiicll liad 100 acres laid out for him at Cow Neck. There was a Richard 

194 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

died April loth, 1850. Owned and cultivated a farm, and 
also followed the occupation of a butcher, in Hempstead. 

June 1st, 1835, Oldfield Bergen^ for $4,000, bought 
the interest of Elmira H. Wiggins, of Jamaica, a minor, 
through Jane D. Wiggins, special guardian of said 
Elmira, H. and also the interest of said Jane D. as widow 
of John Wiggins, deceased, in a farm of 35 acres on the 
north side of the turnpike road from Jamaica to Hemp- 
stead, adjoining land of Mrs. Eigenbroder, Uriah Hen- 
drickson, and others, and also 10 acres of woodland. 
June 8th, 1835, for the same consideration, Oldfield 
conveyed the same premises to his son, John D. 

May 4th, 1 84 1, Johyi D. Bergen^ of Jamaica, sold to 
Leffcrts Ik'rgen, for $3,500, the above premises (see lib. 
K K, pp. 80, 83, and lib. 54, p. 161, of con.. Queen's county 
clerk's office). 

March 1st, 1846, Lejferts Bergen^ of North Hempstead, 
for $4,000, sold the above farm to yoseph Oldfield Bergen^ 
with 5 acres of woodland (see lib. 69, p. 38, Queen's 
county clerk's office). 

April 1st, 1844, Ahagail E. Bergen^ widow of Oldfield^ 
for $6,000, bought of Isaac and William Williams, 

Cornwell, of Flushing, whose name appears on Nicholls's patent of that town, 
in 1666. Richard Cornwell, Sen., had i8o acres laid out for him March 31st, 
1675, on the south side of the Fresh Kills, on Staten Island ; 966 acres Nov. 
a5th, 1684, for him and company, adjoining the rear of Cow Neck, L. I.; 
280 acres, Aug. 26th, 1685, partly in Hempstead and Flushing, and lying to 
the south-east of the little Neck or Cornbery ; and 200 acres, Oct. i8th, 1686, 
at Cow Neck. Both John and Richard may be (although uncertain), children 
of Thomas Cornell, of Herfordshire, England, a soldier in the employment of 
the colony in 1644, 24 or 25, years of age, who was tried for desertion, and 
sentenced " to be conveyed to the place where justice is usually executed, and 
to be tied to a post and a bullet to be lired over his head as an exam[ile to 

'See lib. K K, pp. 80 and 83, of con., yuein'a county clerk's o(iice. 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 195 

executors of Eldred Cornwel), late of North Hempstead, 
a farm at said locality of 7 if acres, on the south side of the 
road from Success to Herricks, adjoining land of Joseph 
Dodge, deceased, Ebenezer Smith, and others. 

Will of Abigail E. Bergen is dated April 2d, 1 850, proved 
April 17th, 1850, and recorded in lib. 5, p. 127, of office 
of surrogate of Queen's county. Nov. 28th, 1835, John 
D. Bergen, of Jamaica, Lefferts Bergen, and Benjamin 
Wiggins, of North Hempstead, took out letters of Admin- 
istration on Oldjield's estate. 

Issue : — 

156. I. John Demott, b. July 19th, 1809; in. June iith, 1834, 
Hannah, dau. of sheriff John Simonson, b. March 19th, 1814; 
resides in the village of Jamaica. No issue. 

In 1857, '59, '62, '63, and '66, he was elected an assessor of the 
village of Jamaica, in i860, '64, and '66, was a vestryman of Grace 
Church, and in 1864, a member or trustee of the board of education 
of tlie village. 

January 22d, 1845, John Simonson, of Jamaica, and Phebc, his 
wife, for $4,500 conveyed to John D. Bergen the one-half of a 
plot on the Main street, in the village of Jamaica, adjoining land of 
Jacob Smith, Henry Modey, and Henry Onderdonk, Jr. (see lib. 
64, p. 320, Queen's county clerk's office). 

157. n. Lefferts, b. Jan. 3d. 1813; d. April 13th, 1871; m. 
Jan. 4th, 1832, Mary Ann, dau. of Philip Wiggins, b. Jan. 5th, 
1814; d. Oct. 31st, 1868. Cultivated a farm near Hempstead 

May 1st, 1833, for %i,^^o, Lefferts Bergen bought of Rhoda 
Peters, widow of John Peters, of North Hempstead, the premises 
of which said John Peters died seized, lying on both sides of the 
Jericho turnpike, containing upwards of 75 acres; also a wood lot 
of 16 acres, and 10 acres of salt meadows, at a place called Hungry 
Harbor (see lib. E E, p. 1, of con., Oueen's county clerk's office). 

May 13th, 1839, Lefferts Bergen sold to Arthur Van Dine, for 
$6,000, a farm in North licnipstead, iiichiJing tiic above dcscril)cd 
and additional premibcs, on the load that leads from Success to 

19G Sixth Generation, Descendants of 

Hempstead, adjoining land of Catherine Denton, Willet Valentine, 
and others, and on the road that leads by the dwelling house late 
of John Peters, now the Jericho turnpike, containing 65 acres and 
35 perches. Also 59 acres on the south side of said Jericho 
turnpike, opposite the dwelling house on the first mentioned tract, 
and 16 acres of woodland (see lib. 52, of con.. Queen's county 
clerk's office). 

October 17th, 1845, Lefferts Bergen, of Jamaica, for $10,000, 
bought of Robert Barney a farm of 223 i acres, in North Hemp- 
stead, lying on the cast side of the highway from Hempstead to 
Success, adjoining land of Philip Wiggins, Smith Van Wyck, Charles 
Denton, and others (see lib. G"], p. 59, of con., Queen's county 
clerk's office). 

April 25th, 1851, Lefferts Bergen and Benjamin Wiggins, for 
$3,950, bought of Robert S. Scabury, sheritF, a farm of 74 acres, 
in North Hempstead, on the Jericho turnpike, adjoining land of 
John Armstrong, the road leading from the plains to Herrick, land 
of Hiram Weeks, and others. October 24th, 1851, for $1,975, 
Lefferts Bergen, of North Hempstead, sold his interest in the above 
farm to Benjamin Wiggins (see lib. 88, p. 458, and lib. 93, p. 298, 
of con.. Queen's county clerk's office). 

On the evening of Friday, the 29th of January, 1870, Lefferts 
Bergen, about a quarter of a mile from Hyde Park, at a railroad 
station near his residence, where he had left the train on his way 
home from Jamaica, to which place he had been to exchange $2,000 
with Judge Fosdyck for a check, which he failed to effect, in conse- 
quence of the judge being very busy, was waylaid by robbers and 
assassins, who were concealed behind a large manure heap. The 
first intimation of their presence as he was leaving the track, which 
he had followed for a short distance, and going down an embank- 
ment, was a flash, a report, and a bullet grazing his head, the 
assassins being so near that the flash from the pistol burned his lips. 
On recovering from the shock and excitement of the sudden attack, 
he knocked the assailant down with his fist, and was about hitting 
him again, when anoliicr (jf the gang made his appearance and shot 
him in the leg, and a third hit iiim in the back with some hard 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 197 

instrument, disabling and doubling him up, on which he lay for 
dead, thinking it the safest way, when they robbed him of his 

After they left, Mr. Bergefi, with much exertion, and with the 
aid of the fence, managed to reach a small cottage near by. For 
some time past he had figured conspicuously as the financial agent 
of the farmers in his vicinity, of whom Mr. A. T. Stewart had 
been purchasitig land to correct and straighten the lines of Hemp- 
stead Plains, of which he had become the proprietor, consequently 
he carried with him at times large sums of money, of which the 
robbers were probably aware. It took Mr. Bergen a long time to 
recover from his wounds, the effects of which were such that he was 
never afterwards thoroughly sane, and finally in his deranged state he 
committed suicide by hanging himself in the barn of Daniel Burtis, 
one of his neighbors. For upwards of twenty years he had been a 
deacon in the Presbyterian Church, and was highly respected. 

Lefferts's will is dated Dec. 8th, 1869, proved May zad, 1871, 
recorded lib. 17, p. 388; and that of Mary Ann, his wife, October 
20th, 1868, proved Nov. 30th, 1868, recorded lib. 15, p. 229, 
office surrogate Oueen's county. 

Issue : — 

I. Amelia Ann, b. Dec. 31st, 1835; d. Oct, 9th, 1836. 

158. III. Amelia Ann, b. July 25th, 1815; d. Feb. 18th, 1836; 
m. Jan. 5th, 1831, Benjamin Wiggins, of Flushing, b. Feb. iith, 

Issue : — 

I. Benjamin Wiggins, Jr., b. April 29th, 1834; m. April 27th, 
1858, Ellen R. Pratt, b. April 1st, 1838. 

ii. Philip Wiggins, b. Dec. 3d, 1835 ; m. April 7th, 1867, Mary 
E. Allen, b. Sept. loth, 1841. 

159. IV. Joseph Oldfield, b. March 20th, 1824; m. Nov. 5th, 
1845, Sarah R.,' dau. of Cornelius H. Rhodes, of Flushing, b. Jan. 

' There was a Robert Rhodes and a yohn RooJes among the first English 
settlers of Jamaica, in 1656, and a Riibaid RLoJes on Dongan's patent of that 
town in 16S6 j also a George Roads in Virginia in I 623, as per Hotten's Libts 
of Emigr.mib, p. 183. 


198 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

ibC, 1826; d. May 27th, 1873. Is a farmer at Foster's Meadows, 
near Hyde Park, Queen's county. 

May loth, i85i,01dficld Bergen and Sarah, his wife, of Jamaica, 
for $4,500 sold to James Thompson a farm of over zgl acres, on 
the west side of the turnpike road from Jamaica to Hem|:)stcad, 
adjoining land of William Collison, late Uriah Hcndrickson, Benja- 
min Carpenter, Edward Ccdiison, late Stephen Bedell, etc. (see lib. 
89, p. 51, of con., Ouccn's county clerk's oflice). 

In 1H59, a stack ot' r) e on his farm was struck by lightning and 
consumed. 'I'akiiig the newspaper accoimis as a guide, it appears 
that the electric lluid descends more frec|uently, and more damage is 
done thereby, in Queen's county, than in any other part of the 
surrounding country. 

In 1864 he was drafted to serve against the rebels, in the southern 
states of the union. 

Issue: — 

I. Joseph Lefferts, b. March 30th, 1847; m. Oct. 25th, 1870, 
Catharine Winitred, dau. of Abraham S. Bergen, b. Nov. 7th, 
1847, and has a child, Ella Maria, b. August 2d, 1871. 

II. Cornelius R., b. Nov. 5th, 1849. 

III. Benjamin R., b. Feb. llth, 1852. 

160. V. Elsy, b. Sept. 18th, 1829; m. Nov. 12th, 1845, 
Daniel H. Burtis, farmer, of Foster's Meadow, near Hyde Park, 

Issue : — 
I. Mary .'\melia Burtis, b. May 18th, 1847; d. May 21st, 1857. 
u. Oldfield Bergen Burtis, b. March 26th, 1849. 
in. Foster Burtis, I). Sept. 4th, 1854. 

IV. William Henry Bmiis, b. July 3d, 1859. 

V. Leflert Bergen Burtis, b. Oct. 3d, 1861. 

VI. Demott Bergen Burtis, b. Sept. 19th, 1869. 

161. VI. Catharine C. (by 2d wifej, b. April 7th, 1832; m. 
June 1st, 1853, Benjamin P.Allen, tanner and coal dealer, at Tan- 
ner's Pond, North Hempstead. 

Issue : — ■ 

1. Henry Piatt Allen, b. Jime 27th, 1 85 5. 
II. Philip Allen, b. Oct. 1st, 1857. 

Jan Haistsen Bergen. 199 

III. Jane Matilda Allen, b. Nov. 14th, 1859. 

IV. Charles Benjamin Allen, b. Jan. 24th, 1862. 
V. William Oldfield Allen, b. August 27th, 1864. 

VI. John Woolly Allen, b. June 2d, 1868; d. July 18th, 1868. 
VII. George Allen, b. Dec. nth, 1869; d. Jan, 4th, 1870. 
162. VII. Jane Matilda, bapt. Oct. llth, 1835; d. August loth, 

96. Aletta Bergen, born April 25th, 1788 5 died 
about 1847; ^- (^f^f'iitophe7- Lotveree^oi Flushing; living 
1873, ^&^^ about 86. 

Issue: — 

I. Amelia Loweree, b. about 1813; m. Van Ranst. 

97. Jane Bergen, b. Jan. 4th, 1791 ; d. Nov. 4th, 

98. John Bergen, b. Oct. 8th, 1793 5 ^- ^^Y ^9^^-> 
1848 ; single. Resided in the town of Hempstead. 

May 5th, 1824, he bought of Jane Everit and Nicholas 
Bergen, administrators of Tunis Everit, deceased, of Hemp- 
stead, for $2,350, three plots ; the first containing 40 
acres, lying on the northerly side of the turnpike from 
Hempstead to Jamaica, adjoining land of John Ludlam ; 
the second 5 acres, adjoining land of Gilbert Clements and 
that of John Eldert ; and the third a small plot (see lib. Y, 
p. 177, con. clerk's office Queen's county). 

99. James Bergen, b. May 28th, 1796 ; d. suddenly, 
Feb. 9th, 1861 ; m. (ist), 1823, Naomi Denice, b. 1804, 
and d. June, 1828; m. (2d), Feb. 9th, 1852, Catharine^ 
widow of Joseph Fish, by whom no children. Was a 
farmer near Brushville, now Queens. In 1853 he broke 
one of his legs by a fall from a load of hay. By the New 
York City Directory, there was a James Bergen, notary, 
who had an office in Wall and William streets from 1834 


200 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

to 1843, From the same source there appears also to have 
been a James Bergen, lawyer, at 192 Broadway, in 1847, 
and a James Bergen, insurance broker, in William street, 
in 1846, 1852, and 1853, which parties the author has 
failed to connect with the Bergen family. Feb. 8th, 1861, 
his widow, Catharine, took out letters of administration on 
his estate. 

Issue by first wife : — 

163. I. Tunis Everit, b. Sept. 12th, 1824; d. July 29th, 1868; 
m. Dec. lyth, 1851, Phebe June, dau. of Jacob and Mary Shaw,' 
b. August 31st, 1833, who, after the death of her husband, m. 
(2dj, David Huston. In 1864, was drafted to serve as a soldier to 
suppress the rebellion in the southern states of the union. Will 
dated March 28th, 1865, proved Sept. 28th, 1868, recorded lib. 
^S> P- 133, office surrogate Queen's county. Owned and cultivated 
a farm at Christian Hook, south of Hempstead, and had 

Issue : — 
I. Naoma Emma, b. Oct. 27th, 1853 ; d. April 19th, 1858. 
II. George Everct, b. Oct. 21st, 1855. 
HI. Mary Almy, b. April 5(h, 1858. 

IV. Naoma Ann, b. Feb. 4thj i860 1 

V. Ida Emma, b. June iith, 1863, 
VI Pauline, b. August ist, 1865. 
VII. Peternelia, b. August nth, 1867; d. Dec. 23d, 1868. 

164. II. George Johnson, b. Oct. 21st, 1825; m. Sept. 10th, 
1864, Elizabeth Lowery, of Brooklyn, b, 1844; formerly engaged 
with his uncle, John Johnson, in his brewery; at present (1874), 
an engineer in Brooklyn. 

Issue : — 
I. Phebe A., b. Aug. 9th, 1865. 
II. John, b. Dec. 20tii, 1S67. 

'There a Joiepb Sha-iuf, who came to Virginia from r.iit;laii.i in May, 
1635, ill the I'/iiine Jouii, a 'JuLii Hha'we, in June, 1635, in the I'hilif', and a 
fFillium .Sl>awt,\n July, 1635, in the I'l hiiroic {\loi\K.n'i Li^ts of limigrants, 
pp. 80, v4, an.l 115). 

Jan Hansen Bergen. 201 

III. George, b. Oct. 25th, 1869. 

IV. Caty, b. July 2d, 1870. 

V. William, b. August i8th, 1872; d. August 2d, 1873. 
VI. Charles, b. May 25th, 1874. 

100. Jane Bergen, born Sept. i8th, 1798; m. (ist), 
May 1 6th, 1820, Tunis Everit^ of Hempstead, who died 
prior to July 4th, 1823, on which date letters of adminis- 
tration were granted to Jane, his widow, and Nicholas 
Bergen. May 5th, 1824, ^o'' $2,350, they sold his farm of 
40 acres on the north side of the turnpike road from Jamaica 
to Hempstead, with two other plots of land, to John Ber- 
gen, of Hempstead. J(3ne Bergen m. (2d), Amos J. Saxton, 
of Brooklyn. 

Issue : — 

I. Jane Maria Everit, b. ; m. (1st), Alonzo Wheeler; m. 

(2d), Culver Wynants, of California. 

II. Phebe Ann Everit, b. ; m. (ist), Samuel Aymar, of 


By second husband : 

III. James Saxton, b. ; m. Kennedy, of 178 Carrol 

place, Brooklyn. 

loi. Nicholas Bergen, born May loth, 1801 ; died 
July 17th, 1846 ; m. Dec. 22d, 1826, Elixa^ daughter of 
William Flowers,^ born 1806; d. Feb. 14th, 1875. Was a 
farmer, and resided about three miles east of Brushville, in 
the town of Hempstead, where he owned 60 acres, which 
he bought April i6th, 1829, of the widow Jane Everet, of 
Hempstead, for $1775." 

'There was a Thomas F/oiuer, aged 50, in 1635, emigrated from London to 
New England in the Frtclo've ; a Thomas F/oiver, aged 32, in 1635, emigrated 
from London to Virginia j and a Thomas Fiaiver, a servant, aged 22, in 1623, 
emigrated to Virginia in tlie George (Hotten'a List of Emigrants, pp. 132, 138, 
and I7V.) 

-See lib. Y, p. 184, of con., Queen's county clerk's oflice. 

202 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Issue : — 

165. I. Phebe Jane, b. Oct. 20th, 1832; d. Feb. 8th, 1866; 
m. June 15th, 1857, Charles C. Colycr, a painter in New York, 
and has children: Charles A. Colyer, b. April 6th, 1858; George 
W. Colyer, b. April 27th, 1863. 

166. II. David A., b. Oct. 15th, 1836. Resides in Williams- 
burgh (Brooklyn, eastern district), and is engaged in the feed busi- 
ness. In 1864, was drafted to serve us a soldier in the suppression 
ot the rebellion in the southern states ol the union. 

167. 111. Margaret Ann, b. Sept. 23d, 1840; d. Sept. 26th, 
1867; m. Dec. 10th, 1862, Benjamin F. Taylor, a printer in 
Williamsburgh, and had one child, Delia Taylor, b. Sept. i6th, 

168. IV. Nicholas F., b. August 28th, 1843. Resides in Wil- 
liamsburgh, or east district, Brooklyn, and is engaged in the feed 

169. V. Oliver M., b. Feb. 28th, 1846, and d. March 13th, 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 203 


Descendants in the line of MICHAEL HANSEN BER- 
GEN (5), (and Femmetje Theunise Denyse)^ of Brooklyn, 
the second son of Hans Hansen Bergen^ the first 
settler : — 


16. Sara Bergen, bapt. June 2d, 1678 ; died July 15th, 
1760 ; m. Feb. 17th, 1722, Jan ^/ryt-^^r,' of Flatbush. 

^ Jan Slryckcr, burn 1615, died prior to March, 1697, the ancestor of Jan, 
wlio married Sara, emigrated to this country from Ruinen, a village of 1,916 
inhabitants in 18+1, in the province of Drenthe, in the Netherlands, in 1652, 
and was among the iirst settlers in Flatbush, of which town he was a magis- 
trate most of the time from 1654 to 1673. 

In 1653, ^^ probably resided in New Amsterdam, and was a brother, or near 
relative of Jacob Gerritse Strycker, a schepen of said city from 1655 to 1663. 
He m. (ist), Lambertje Se.ubering in the fatherland, where probably most of 
his children were born j m. (2d), April 30th, 1679, Swantje Jans, widow of 
Cornells De Potter, of Brooklyn; m. (3d), April 22d, 1687, Teuntje Tunis, 
widow of Jacob Hellakers, or Teuntje Idens. No children by his last two 
wives. Issue by Lambertje: Altie, who m. May, 20th, 1660, Abram Jorisz 
Brinckerhoff; Jannetje, m. Cornells Janse Berrian j Garret Janse, of Flat- 
bush, m. Styntie Gerrets Dorland j Angenietje or Agnietje, m. (ist), April 
5th, 1656, Claes Tyson, who died prior to 16595 m. (2d), Jan Cornelisse 
Boomgaert or Bougert, a resident of Flatlands in 1676, afterwards of Flatbush, 
as per Hackinsack church records, to which latter place he appears to have 
removed, with his brothers and sisters, and where they have numerous descend- 
ants, who now generally use the patronymic of Bogert ; Hendrick, of Flatbush, 
died (probably) 1689, m. Feb nth, 1687, Catharine Hys, left no issue; Eytie, 
m. Stoffel Probasco, of New Lots; iV/cr, of Flatbush ; and Sarali, who m. 
Sept. 1st, 1678, Joris Hansz Bergen. 

P(r/fr, son of Jan and Lambertje, born Nov. ist, 1653, died June nth, 
1741, m. May 30tli, 1681, Annetje Bartnds or Joubten, wjio died June 17th, 
171 7. He resided in Flatbush, and was one of the patentees of the town 
named on Dongan's patent. His children were : Lamnietje, born March 

204 Third Generation. Descendants of 

Her descendants have in their possession a large folio family 
Bible (Dutch), presented to her by her father, and deemed 
of sufficient importance to be referred to in some of their 

20th, 1682, died April 9th, 1682 j Lammetje, born Feb. i6th, 1683, died 
July 26th, 1690, of small pox; 'Jan, of Flatbush ; Barent, burn Si;|)C. 3d, 
1686, died July 3d, 1690, of small pox ; Jacob, born August 24tli, 1688, m. 
(supposL-d) Dec. lytli, 1710, Annctie VaiiJcr Beck j BaicnC, born Sept. 14th, 
1690, died Oct. 27tli, 1746, m. Feb. i6th, 1717, Libertjc Hegcman, who 
died June, 1758, suppose he removed to Three Mile Run, New Jersey ; Hen- 
drick, born Dec. 3d, 1 692, died May 17th, 1694; Sytje, born Dec. 17th, 
1694, m. March 14th, 1717, Aaron or Aert Vanderbilt ; Pieter, of Flatbush, 
born Feb. I2th, 1697, died Dec. 24th, 1776, m. May i8th, 1720, Jannetie 
Martense, daughter of Martin Adrianse, born July 31st, 1702, died Jan. 1st, 
1794J Hendrick, a baker in Brooklyn, born Feb. iSth, 1699, died August 

19th, 1739, m. (supposed) Marretje or Mary — ■ ; and Lammetje, born 

Dec. 2ist, 1700, died Sept. 14th, 1763, m. (ist), Nov. 4th, 1721, Johannes 
Lott, who died in 1732, m. (2d), Christianus Lupardus, son of Dominie 

yart, son of Peter and Annetje, of Flatbush, born August 6th, 1684, died 
August 18th, 1770; m. (ist), 1705, Maragrita, daughter of Johannes Schenck, 
of Bushwick, who died August, 1721 ; m. (2d), Feb. 17th, 1722, Sara, dau. 
of Michiel Hansen Bergen ; cliildren by Maragrita : Pieter, born Sept. 14th, 
1705, emigrated to the Raritan river. New Jersey; Johannes, born Feb. 12th, 
1707, also settled on the Raritan; Annetje, born Dec. 20tli, 1708, m. Roelof 
Cowenhoven, of New Jersey ; Magdalena, born Dec. 19th, 17 10, m. Aert 
Middagh, of Brooklyn ; Maragrita, born March 24th, 17 13, died young; Abra- 
ham, born August 4th, 1715, settled on the Raritan, N. J.; Lammetje, born 
Feb. nth, 1716, m. (ist), 1739, Garret StoothotF (the father of Annetje or 
Johanna, who m. Tunis Bergen, the grandfather of Teunis G. Bergen), m. 
(2d), Joim Amermin ; Jacobus, born Sept. 29th, 1718, m. (supposed) (Jeeitje 
Duryea, settled in Somerset county, N . J. ; and Maragrita, born Dec. 17th, 
1719, m. Jacobus Cornell; children by second wife: Aliii^hie/, Femn.etje, 
Barent, and Sara. 

Mi^hicl, son of Jan and Saia, of Flatbush, born March 4th, 1723, died 
Sept. 26th, 1807, m. May 3ial, 17151, ll.iniiah, daughter of Ca)int lis Slryki-i, 
lioin Fell. 131I1, 1733, and died Oa. isi, 1S07. Had liiildiun : Jan, of 
l''l.itl)uah, bom March 1st, 1752, died Se|Jt. 26lh, 1817, ni. July l2lh, 1777, 
Jannetie Lott, and left no issue; Le/.ebet, boin Sept. aibt, 1753, died Marcli 
27111,1787, n>. D.x., 1771, Riniof l-.Hl; Sara, boin July 1 ilh, 17 s6, died 
May ijd, 1825, m. May, 177H, I'rlei Nevius or Nelus, of Flalbu.h ; Rebecca, 
born Nov. (uh, 1758, m. John Cocveit,ol Newtown; Cunicliui, of llatbush ; 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 205 

April 26th, 1737, "Jan Stryker " and Sara, his wife, 
receipted to Rachel Bergen, widow of Hans Bergen, 
deceased, and " Maghiel Bergin," son of Hans Bergen, 
deceased, for the sum of X65, current money of New 
York, "in full of the Estate of my father in law Machiel 
Hansen, deceased for my wife Sara her Portion." If this 
sum is the whole amount which Sara received from her 
father's estate, it shows that the bill of costs charged by 
her brother Hans in settling the suit against her father by 
the freeholders of Brooklyn, in the matter of the purchase 
of the Wantenaer (since Powers) farm, swallowed up, as 
hereinbefore hinted, the main portion of the patrimony of 
the daughters of the said Machiel Hansen Bergen. 

Issue : — 

I. Mighiel Strycker, b. March 4th, 1723 ; m. May 31st, 1751, 
Hanna Stryci<er; d. Sept. 26th, 1807. 

II. Femmetje Strycker, b. June 19th, 1725; m. May 251!!, 1745, 
Jacobus Vanderveer. 

in. Barent Strycker, b. Nov. 13th, 1728; d. prior to 1768. 
IV. Sara Strycker, b. June 15th, 1731 ; d. prior to 1768. 

17. Teunis Bergen, baptized May i6th, 1680. He 
probably died young, no record having been found in which 
he is named, excepting that of his birth. 

Johannes, born M.iy 1st, 1763; Femmetje, born Feb. 14th, 1765, m. David 
Springsteen, of Newtown; and Michiel, born Nov. 15th, 1771, died Oct. 
I3tii, 1777. 

Cornelius, of Flatbush, son of Mighiel and Hanna, born April 26th, 1760, 
died March 12th, 184.I, m. Jan. i6th, 178^9, Adrianna Schenck, born Aug. 
22d, 1768, died Sept. ist, 1830. Had children : Wilhclmina, born Jan. 31st, 
1791, died Feb. i6th, 1S47, insane and tingle; llannali, born Nov. 13th, 
I7<;3, died July 26th, 1794; Hannah, born May lotli, 1795, '^''^'^ August 
I2th, 1803; Ann, born August 23d, 1798, died August 5th, 1834, m. John 
Sdienck; Michael, o( Flatbush, Ijorn Feb. 8th, 1803, died Oct. 23d, 1847, 
ni. Dec. 271 1), 1827, (jitly |anr, d.iughter of (J. met Kiniwenhoven and 
Maiia licrgcn, of Fl.itiaiul!;, s.ii.l Maria beijig a daughter of Cornelius liergen, 
of Flatbubh; and Niciiulas, born June 2olh, 1805, died August 281)1, 1809. 


20G Third Generation. Descendants of 

i8. Hans Machielse or Hanse Bergen, bapt. March 
nth, 1689 ; died in 1 731 ; m. Rachel, daughter of Derick 
Beiising or Benson.' Rachel was born April 13th, 1689, 

' Derick Bcmon was a son of Dirk or Derick Bensingh, Bensick, or Benson, 
as spelled by different writers, a Netherlander, and carpenter, who was in the 
colony as early as 1649, on the 2d of August of which year he bought of 
Hendrick Egbertsen half a lot located on the north-east point of P'ort Amster- 
dam, on Manhattan Ibland, rcbiddl in Ik-vciwytk (Albany), as early as 1654, 
where he owned a ImUbe and lot an. I other property, and where he bought a 
yacht of William l''rederickbe Bout, for lyyii;/. in 1657. His wife was 
Catelyn Berg or Berex. He died Feb. I2t)i, i65<;, and Catelyn m. (2d), 
May, 1663, Harmen Thomassen Hun, of Amersfoort, in Holland. Derick 
and Catlyn had issue : Derick, born 1650; Sampson, born 1652, m. Tryntje, 
daughter of Robert Van Deusen, of Claverick, and removed to tlie city of 
New York about 1696, the late Judge Egbert Benson, of revolutionary fame, 
and the late Egbert Benson, of New York and New Utrecht, being among his 
descendants; Joiiannes, born 1655, m. Lysbeth, dau. of Theunis Matthews, 
resided at first in Albany, and in 1691, bought a farm at Harlem, known as 
the Benson farm ; Catryna, born 1657, m. (ist), Reineer Schaats, and m. (2d), 
April 23d, l6y6, Jonathan Braadhout ; and Maria, born 1659, m. Folkert 
Van Hosen. 

Derick, son of Derick and Catelyn, m. Thysie or Tytje Claessen, who died 
about 1732, he dying about June 26th, 1717. He was a member of the 
Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, in 1683; In 1684 he was master of the 
open boat " Eendragt," which sailed from Albany to New York. In 1684 or 
'5, he removed from Albany to Claverick ; from thence he removed to New 
York, where he died, residing at one period in Brooklyn. " Dirck Benson " 
petitioned, Nov. 7th, 1689, the governor and council for a patent for a tract of 
188 acres of land on Staten Island, with some meadows, lying between Long 
Neck and Daniel's Neck. 

November 26th, 1696, " Derrick Benscn," of the city of New York, for 
,£300, bought of Margaret, wid.iw of Samuel Winder, and executiix of his 
estate, and Ccifge Willoks, her hubb.ind, upw.irds of 1,000 acies of upland 
and meadows on the Raritan river, New Jersey, which jiremises he sold May 
19th, 1697, to Berne Putirn Cowilman, sawyer, of Albany. On the deed of 
s.ile lie is stiled boatman (sec lib. F, pages 129 and 323, of deeds, in oHice of 
secretary of state of New Jersey). " Derrick Bensirig," in 1701, leased the 
ferry from New York to Brooklyn for seven years, at .£130 per annum, on 
which lea^c it was said he lust money j in the same year he farmed the excise 
uf the c.uinty of Rings. 

I'eliiuaiy Sth, 1702, Johannes Messear, of Richmond county, New York, 
conveyed lo •' iJci rick Ueinuii," of the city of New York, 180 acres in the 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 207 

and died in 1752. In 1707-8, the names of " 'Johannes 
Burger " appears on a petition of Cornelis Sebering, for a 
ferry from his lands in Brookland to New York. 

It appears from the records of the court of sessions of 
Kings county, of May nth, 1708, that " Hans Jorise 
Bevgen^Hans A/achielse Bergen^ Hendrick Korse and several 
others," were tried on the 30th of April, 1708, by Justices 
Nicholas Stillwcll, Henry Filkin, and Joseph Hegeman, at 
a special sessions, held in Bedford, for a riot said to have 
been committed at the house of Sarah Knight,' a tavern- 
township of Piscataway, N. J." (see lib. 151, p. 62, of deeds, in office of sec- 
retary of state, New Jersey). 

August loth, 1703, Frederick Garretsen conveyed to " Derrick Benson," for 
jCliJo, about 41 acres of upland, and one acre of salt meadows, at Maspeth 
Kills, in the town of Newtown (see lib. B, p. 63, Queen's county clerk's office). 

March 23d, 1707, " Dcrick Benson," of "Brookland," gentleman, loaned 
on mortgage to Cornelis Vanderhove, of Bedford, <£i2i. In 1710, on an 
assignment of a mortgage, he is styled a merchant of the city of New York. 
March, 1710, " Derick Benson " petitioned the governor and council for 
a grant of 1,000 acres out of the land formerly granted to Capt. John Evans, 
in Ulster county. August 25th, 1714, '^Dcrick Sensing " petitioned the gov- 
ernor and council for a grant of 2,000 acres of land lying between the south 
limits of the land granted to Dr. Samuel Staats and the south side of the 
Dunder Bergh, on the Hudson river, on which application a warrant for the 
survey of the same was granted. Derick had children : Tryntje, who m. (ist), 
John Vandcr Meulcn, ni. (2d), John Kelly j Eva, bapt. July 3d, 1686, died 
young; Rachel, born April 13th, 1689, m. Hans Machieise Bergen; Eva, 
bapt. March 19th, 1693, m. May 4th, 1717, Anthony Duane ; Derick, bapt. 
July 5th, 1696, died 1729, single; and Thysie or Tytje, bapt. Sept. 13th, 
1699, m. James Henderson. 

The following is a copy of tlie signature of tlie ancestor of the Benson 
family : 

» Sarah Knight was the widow of 'I'iiomas Knight, an Englisliman, who, on 
the census roll of Brooklyn of 1698, is entered I \\\ji.n, 1 woman, ami 1 

208 Third Generation. Descendants of 

keeper in " Brookland j" and that Sarah Knight and Martha 
Brower were indicted by the grand jury for false swearing 
at said trial. Sarah and Martha were discharged at the 
sessions held on loth of November following, no one 
appearing against them, June 4th, 1710, '•'■ Hans Bergen " 
bought of his father for X400, the 10 acres at " Brookland " 
ferry, which he had purchased April 27th, 1709, of Garret 
Middagh (see lib. 3, p. 10, of con., King's county register's 

P'ebruary 24th, 1 712-3, Hans Bergen, and Rachel, his 
wife, on confession of faith, became communicants of the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York. 

By a deed of March 23d, 1715-6, Hans Bergen appears 
to have bought of the freeholders and inhabitants of Brook- 
lyn, for £150 lOJ., a plot or spot at the ferry, "bounded 
" Northeast by the highway leading from Brookland afore- 
" said to the ferry aforesaid ; Southeast by the highway 
" lying between the said lot of land and the ground of 
" Mr. Thomas Parmenter ; Southwest by the highway, 
" lying between the ground of the said Hans Bergen and 
" the said lot of land, leading to the River ; and on the 
" Northwest by the River ; which said lot of land is part 
" of the land belonging to the freeholders and inhabitants 
" of the said town of Brookland." (See lib. 4, p. 303, of 

child. The tavern kept by her was located on the south side of the main road 
passing through tiie village, a little north of the Protestant Reformed Dutch 
Church, and in the vicinity of the junction of the present Hoyt with Fulton 
street. The lot on which said tavern stood was conveyed May yth, 1695, by 
Jurian Hcndricksc Briez and Angeltie, his wife, to Thomas Knight for ^32, 
hounded " at the soutii side of the King's higliway, at the East side of tiie land 
" of Joris haiisen (IJcrgcn), on tlie south side of tiie land of Joiis hansen 
"(Bergen), and on tile west side of the land formerly belonging to John Evertse 
"bout deceased." (See lib. 2, p. 57, of con.. King's county register's otHce.) 
Martha Hrower may have be.-n Marretje, daughter of Mall.ys, and gi.ind 
daiigblcr (jf Adam iJiouwcr, ihe ciiiigr.uu, i^lic being burn in 16X6 ; or it may 
have been Martie, t)ie third wife of Wiilcm, wlio was aho a soji of Adam 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 209 

con., King's county register's office.) By a deed of March 
26th, 1715-6, for X150 loy., the freeholders and inhabitants 
of J^rooklyn appear to have conveyed the same premises, 
by ahnost the same description, to Hans Bergen and Johan- 
nes Sebering or Sebring, of which the following is a copy : 
" bounded Northeast by the highway leading from Brook- 
" land to the River ; Southeast by the highway lying 
" between the house and grounds of Master Parmeter and 
" said spott of land ; Southwest by the highway lying 
" between the ground of Ha7is Bergen aforesaid and said 
" spott of ground ; and Northwest by the River." (See 
lib. 4, p. 118, of con., King's county register's office.) On 
the same date Sebering executed a mortgage to Hans for 
X75, on the above premises, in which they are described 
as " bounded Northwesterly to the River ; Southwesterly 
" and Southeasterly to certain roads legally settled and laid 
" out as per records thereof appears ; and Northeasterly 
" to the King's highway leading from the Ferry to Brook- 
" land." (See lib. 4, p. 119, of con.. King's county regis- 
ter's office.) This plot covered all the land lying between 
the present Fulton street, Elizabeth street, and Doughty 
street, extended to the East river. 

May 29th, 1 715, Hans Bergen and Eva Bensing were 
witnesses in New York at baptism of Margrietje, daughter 
of Yede Meyer and Anna Ravestyn ; and June 13th, of 
the same year the same persons were witnesses in New 
York at baptism of Margrietje, daughter of Jan Kelly and 
Catelyntje Bensing. 

In I 715, ''''Hans Bergen's" name appears on the militia 
list of the town as a private in Capt. Remsen's company. 
April i6th, 1717, '■''Hans Bergen" baker, bought of 
Johannes Sebering, baker, for .^99, his interest or the one 
undivided half of the plot they purchased of the freeholders 
and inhabitants of Brookland, described as " lying to ye 

210 Third Generation. Descendants of 

" S. W. of ye ferry house, Butted and Bounded W'ly by 
"ye highway, S'ly by ye highway, E'ly by ye highway, 
'* and N'ly by ye river."' April 17th, 171 7, Hans 
Bergen and Rachael, his wife, for <£io, conveyed to 
Johannes Sebering, a portion of the plot " bounded E'ly 
" by ye highway, N'ly by ye river, W'ly by the grounds of 
" said Ha7is Bergen^ and S'ly also to said Hans Bergen^ 
" being in breadth on both ends 7 ft., to be measured from 
" ye northermost fence and soe upwards along ye highway 
" and from said fence to ye river, on both ends, and in 
" length on both sides 20ft. all English measure."^ This 
plot was evidently at the corner of the present Fulton street 
and the then shores of the East river. 

May 2d, 1717, " Hans Bergen of the ferry, baker," 
bought of Thomas Parmeter^ and Margret, his wife, of 
Flushing, for ^455, " all those several dwelling houses, 
"tenements and all that piece or parcel of land, &c., lately 
"belonging to John and Sarah Coa,4 as ye same now lyes 

' See lib. 4, p. 153, of con., King's county register's office. 

= See lib. 4, p. 151, of con,, King's county register's office. 

s Parmeter bought these premises May 17th 171 5, of William Nicholls, of 
Suffolk county, Gerrard Beekman, of Flatbush, John Coa, of Flushing, and 
Sarali Coa, of Flushing, spinster, for £475, as per lib. 4, p. 108, of con., 
King's county register's office, the conveyance setting forth as " lately belonging 
" to and in the possession of Anna Everenden deceased." (Anna's maiden 
name was Anna Smith, who, Nov. 15th, 1699, prayed the court at Flatbush 
to protect her against her husband, Robert Eveienden, an Englishman, wlio 
iiad wasted her est.ite, and was about to abandon lier ; his name appe.irs as u 
resident of Brooklyn, on the census of 1698.) 

Vanncier was a gunner in 1698, in Fort William Henry, in New York, and 
wounded in the service, which he about this period left. March llth, 1734, 
the widow of " 'rij'imiii I'urniyter " oHi:reil for sale lier farm of 20 acies at 
Wliitestone, oppobite Frog's Point, as per New Yoik Gazette of that date. 

^yubn Co<io\ Coc, of Flushing, was a son of Capt. John Coe, of Newtowrj, 
who was born in 1626, and a leader amongst those who, in 1663 and 1664, 
rebelled against the Dutcii government, and endeavored to bring tlie 
Englibh towns on the west end of tiie island under the government of 


Knsf /lU'l <'/• 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 211 

" in fence : Bounded E'ly, W'ly and N'ly to ye roads or 
*' highways, and S'iy to ye land in possession of ye wid. 
" Middagh, containing within said fence about two acres." 
This plot appears to have included the lands fronting on 
Fulton and Doughty streets, from Elizabeth street to the 
Middagh lands, north-west of Hicks street.' 

The premises purchased by Hans Bergen in the vicinity 
of Fulton ferry, are delineated on the accompanying 

In addition to these Brooklyn purchases, it is evident 
from an account in his receipt book with J. Henderson of 
May 4th, 1 73Q, in which, among other items, he is credited 
with £37 los. for his fourth part of " Greenwich land," 
that he was interested in land in that locality on Manhattan 

From a receipt dated 1 717-8, of Jan Vanderbilt, sheriff 
of King's county, for £S igs. 9^., it appears that Hans 
Bergen at that date was collector of Brooklyn. 

October 7th, 1720, Hans Bergen^ baker, and Rachel, his 
wife, conveyed to William Baker,^ of the city of New 
York, for £110, a portion of the land bought of Parmeter, 
"as in fence, containing in breadth 72 feet, 4 in. fronting 
" the road, and the same in the rear, and in the length from 
'■'■ front to rear, 152 feet, all English measure, bounded S. 
" E. by the land of the wid. Middagh, and N. W. by the 
" land of the said Hans Bergen."'^ 

April 7th, 1721, he sued Jacob Vandewater for a silver 
tankard. t Adarch 15th, 1721, '■'■Johannes Bergen" and 

' Sec lib. 4, p. 154, of con., King's county register's office. 

2 May 9th, 1724, William Baker and Hanna, his wife, of Brooklyn, con- 
veyed to Daniel Bontecou, of New York, for £200, the above premises, as per 
lib. 5, p. 39, of con., King's county register's office, 

3 See lib. 4, pp. 319 and 321, of con., King's county register's office. 
*Jaiub l-''andc'water was a son of Jacobus Vandewater, who was appointed 

212 Third Generation. Descendants of 

Rachel, his wife, heirs and executors of the estate of 
" Derick Bensing," released a mortgage to Cornelis Vander 
Hoven. April 17th, 1721, Hans Bergen^ of the ferry, and 
Jan Rapalje, complained to the grand jury of the general 
sessions of the peace of encroachments on the public 
highway, on which indictments were found.' August 21st, 
1723, Hans Bergen bought of his father his farm of one 
hundred and eighty acres, late of Albert Cornelysen, here- 
inbefore referred to, 

r^eccmber 27th, 1723, John Verkerk surveyed this farm 
for him, of which survey the following is a copy from said 
Verkerk's books : " Begins at the S. W. corner of Kerrel 
" Debefois, Runs from thence 

"S. 53° E. ji ch. N. 60° E. 6 ch. 

"N. 85° E. 6 " S. 54° E. 7 " 

" S. 9° W. 4| " S. 56° E. 3 " 

town major of New Orange (New York) in 1674, on the reconquest of the 
colony by the Dutch from the English, and who in 1689 was appointed clerlt 
of King's county. Garret G. Bergen, of Gowanus, one of the descendants of 
Hans Bergen, has in his possession an old family silver tankard, marked 
H. R. B., the initials of Hans and Rachel Bergen, probably the one here 
referred to. 

' The following is a copy of the entry on the court records : " Flatbush, 
" April 19th, 1721. John Rapalje and Hans Bergen of the ferry, desires of 
"ye grand jury that ye Commissioners now being should be presented for not 
" doing their duty in laying out ye Kings Highway according to ye law, being 
"ye Kings highway is two narrow from ye ferry to one Nitalus Cowenhoven, 
'' living at i5ruokland, and if all our neighbors will make ye road according 
" to law, then ye said John Ra|>.ilje and Hans Bergen is willing to do ye 
"same as aforesaid, being they are not willing to sull'er more tiian their 
" neighbors." 

On this complaint tiie graml jury at tlie tlicn April term of the 
sessions for the county, found indictments for encroachments on the " common 
"highway of the King leadi^ he ferry to the church at Brookland," 

against Joiin Rapalje, ' , James Harding, and others, by which 

iiidii iments it .ijipiirs 1 id have been four rods wide. Tlie^e imlict- 

nuMit, ill, iu,l app- M liicd, llie cl.-iiiil lrgi:,l.ituu- in 1724 

liaviug;d a 1. .vliig the road and its widlii as it liicn 


Michael Hansen Bergen. 213 

"S. 6o°E. 45 ch. S. i8° E. 6 ch. 60 I. 

"S. 4° W. 14 " 35 1. S. 78° E. 23^ " 
*' to the N. W. corner of the land that did formerly belong 
"to Jeromus Remsen, then N. 48° W. 13 ch., N. 24^° 
*' W. to the land of Necase Kouwenhoven, then 

" N. 66° W. 10 ch. N. 84° W. 13 ch. 

"N. 35°W. 27 " S. 49° W. 8 " 80I. 

" N. 49° W. 2I " then to the place where 

*' begun, containuig 180 acres." 

For this survey the charge was 14 shillings ; compare 
this with the present charges. John Verkerk resided in 
the old stone house on the farm on the main road from 
Flatbush to New Utrecht, formerly of John C. Van Duyn, 
and lately of the heirs of Cornelius Bennet, deceased, 
which house was demolished a few years ago. He was 
appointed surveyor by the surveyor general of the state, to 
whom, from entries in his books, he paid a percentage on 
the fees received. His books show memorandums of 
surveys in all the Long Island counties, Staten Island, and 
on the Hudson river in the vicinity of Kingston, etc. 

In 1724, " Hans Bergen was supervisor of Brookland," 

At the April term of the court of sessions of this year, 
he had a suit pending against Johannes Van Sickles, admin- 
istrator of the goods and chattels of Lambert Sickles, fate 
of Brooklyn, deceased, in which he claimed X20 to be 
due him. 

January nth, 1728, '■^ Hans Bergen" and Rachel, his 
wife, for ^£250 conveyed to Israel Horsfield' a house and 

' Ureal and Timothy Hors; eld, brother li' ' near the present Fulton ferry in 
Brooklyn, were butchers, having their h^use near their residence, 

doing business in the city of New Yorlc. ^ id of the negro plot in 

171 2, three of their slaves were accused of 'led tiiercin, and tried, 

two of whom were found guilty and se,..( . rtation. In 1735, 

Isreal and Timothy liired stalls Nos. I and 2 in the . Ip market in New 


214 Third Generation. Descendants of 

land at the ferry, " bounded S. W. on the land now in the 
" possession of the said Hans Bergen^ to the E. S. E. on the 
"land now in the possession of Gabriel Cox, to the N. E. 
" on a street or highway, and to the N. W. partly on a 
" street or highway, and partly on the land of said Israel 
" Horsflcld and Cornelia Middagh ; beginning at a street 
"or highway at the E. corner, now in the possession of 
" Gabriel Cox, and from thence running by the said street 
" or highway towards the East River, N. 60 deg. W. 226 
" feet to another street or highway leading by the East 
" Riverside; thence running by the said street, which leads 
''by the said river, S. 60 deg. W. 120 feet to the lot of 
" said Israel Horsficld ; thence running by his lot S. 30 deg. 
" E. as the said lot runs 40 feet to the rear thereof ; thence 
" running by the rear of the said Horsfield's lot S. 60 deg. 

York, paying £'22 rent. In 1737, failing to agree with a committee of the 
common council about rent, on their report the common council directed their 
clerk to commence a suit against them in the supreme court for rent due for 
their stalls in the old slip market house. Sept. 4th, 1749, Timothy Horsfieid 
gave notice in the New York Gazette to all persons having demands against 
him to present the same, and those indebted to pay, '' he designing in a few 
weeks to leave the Province." In February, 1769, Isreal Horsficld, Jr., 
advertised in the New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury, for sale, a lot of 
ground, house, slaughter house and barn, situate at Brooklyn ferry, on Long 

In addition to the occupation of butcher, it appears that Isreal Honjicld 
carried on a brewery, for Nov. 2d, 1 767, lie advertised for sale in the New 
York Mercury, liis iirew house, in.ilt house, drying kiln, dwelling house, and 
store house at Brooklyn ferry. No sale at the time- was probably eH'ected, for 
on the 11th of January, 1773, was advertised in the same paper, to be sold on 
tiie 27th inst., at public vendue, all the real estate of hrcul tlorsfald, deceased, 
at Brooklyn ferry, consisiing of several lots on the hill, on which were a 
convenient dwelling liouse, brew house, malt liousc, etc., and two lots below 
the hill, on which there was a dwelling house. Of Isreal Horsfield's property, 
a map was made by Englebert Lott, May 13th, 1763, dividing the same into 
lots, and filed in the olfice of the clerk, now register, of King's county. This 
map appears to cover the property purchased of Hans Machielse Bergen with 
some additional property. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 215 

" W. as it runs 200 feet ; thence 30 deg. W. by the said 
"lot 15 feet to said rear of the lot of Cornelia Middagh ; 
" thence S. W. as the rear of that lot runs 25 feet to the 
" S. W. bounds thereof; thence by the said Hans Bergen's 
"land S. 54 deg. E. 429 feet to the land now in possession 
"of Gabriel Cox, at the W, corner thereof; thence run- 
" ning by the said Cox's land to the N. N. E. as the said 
"land runs 397 feet to the place it first begun."' 

May 2d, 1730, '■'■Hans Machlehe Bergen" and others, 
freeholders of Brookland, conveyed to Jan Bennet, of 
Gowanus, about three acres of woodland in the rear of 
Bennet's farm. 

On the census of Brooklyn of 1738,^ '•'•Hans Bergen's 
family is entered as consisting of four white males above 
ten years, one white male under ten, six white females 
above ten, one black male under ten, and one black male 
above ten. This entry is supposed to be intended for the 
family of Hans Machielse Bergen^ although he was dead at 
the time, the number and sex of the members of the family 
agreeing more nearly with his, than that of any other Han s 

Hans Bergen carried on the bakery business in Brooklyn 
from 171 7 to about 1730, in conjunction with a store and 
stabling for the horses of the residents of the island, when 
crossing to New York, in a stone building located, as near 
as can be ascertained, on the westerly corner of Fulton 
and Elizabeth streets, a portion of the walls of which are 
supposed to form the easterly end of the building at present 
located there. There was also an ancient large stone 
building on the easterly corner of said Fulton and Elizabeth 
streets, demolished on the widening of Fulton street, about 

^Lib. 5, p. 155, of con., King's county register's office. 
= Vol. IV, p. 197, Documentary History New York. 

21G Third Generation. Descendants of 

1835, and it is possible this may have been Hanse's loca- 
tion, instead of the one before referred to. 

The following of his purchases, taken from his receipt 
book, throw light on the value of goods at that period. 

March loth, 1717, paid £16 igs. 6d. to Tho. Lurting, 
for I hogshead rum and 2 doz. quart bottles. May 14th, 
1 718, £g i^s. to James Dany, for i tierce rum. Feb. 
13th, 17 18-9, £18 lis. 3//. to Cors. Santford for I tierce 
rum. Feb. 13th, 1718-9, X5 5;. to Henry Cuyler for a 
cask of sugar. March i8th, 1718-9, X21 is. gd. to Abm. 
Lynsen, for i hhd. of rum. June 25th, 17 19, X8 3;. 3^. 
to Jos. Robinson, for two casks of sugar. Aug. 21st, 
I 719, JjiS I IX. yi. to A. D. Philipsen, for a hhd. of rum. 
Sept. 15th, 1719, X9 2s. to A. D. Philipsen for 42 bu. salt. 
Oct. 23d, 1 7 19, X6 to Jno. Rose for 4 firkins butter. 
Feb. 8th, 1719-20, £4 10s. to Anthony Byvanck for one 
barr. sugar. May 28th, 1720, £10 13^^. to Cors. Santford, 
for one hhd. rum. Oct. 20th, 1720, £S to Lancaster 
Lyons, for 1 barr, powder. June 9th, 1721, X4 11s, to 
Robt. Lurting, for i cask sugar. Jan. 26th, 1 721-2, .£4 
155. 4<^. to Thos. Lurting, for i cask of sugar. Jan. 26th, 
1 721-2, X5 Ss. to Abm. Keteltas, for 54 lb. powder. 
Oct. 27th, 1722, £1 5y. to Elias Grasillier, for i Doz. 
woolen capes. 

In his will, dated Jan. i8th 1731, proved June 20th, 
1732, he devises to Michael, his oldest son, the farm (of 
180 acres, since Powcrs's), on which he then resided, 
valued at X600, subject to the payment of a legacy of 
X200 to his daughter Femmetje, and also of uG200 to be 
paid to his son I'cunis, when 21 years of age ; to his son 
Dcrick, the dwelling house at the ferry, wherein John Rjm"* 

• Rccoiilcd 111). II, |>, 311, New York Burrog.ilc'b ollicc. 

•'Oil llic ccniju.i i)(" Uroiiltlyn, in 173X, llit- name of " yuit" li/jynt " a|)|)c.irB, 
Ilia family tijiiiiisting of fuur adults ami twu luinuru, who cvitlciilly in llic |icib()n 
licrc calk.l "John Rjin." 

^ c 

V O 








, , 











Michael Hansen Bergen. 217 

now lives, with the bolting house and the ground whereon 
Thomas Browne^ now lives, all valued at ,£250, subject to 
a legacy of ^£50, to be paid to his son Hans when 21 ; 
and to his, son Hans in addition, a lot at the ferry valued 
at X150. 

The following is a fac simile of Hans Bergen's signature : 

Issue : — 

170. I. Annetje, bapt. March 1 2th, 1 710, in New York. No 
farther trace, and probably d. young. 

171. 1!. Tiesje, b. June gch, 17 1 1, and bapt. in Brooklyn. No 
farther trace, and probably d, young. 

172. lu. Mcighiel, b. Dec. 20th, 1712, and bapt. in New York, 
Jan. 1st, 1713. 

173. IV. Femmetje, b. July 29th, 171 5. 

174. V. Derick, b. Feb. 28th, 1718, and bapt. in New York, 
March 5th, 1718. 

175. VI. Hans, b. July 12th, 1721. 

176. VII. Tunis, b. Oct. 15th, 1730. 

19. Femmetje Bergen, m. January 6th, 1695, John 
Cornelissen Vanderveer^ who was born in Flatbush, and was 
a son of Cornelius Janse Vaiiderveer, the emigrant. 

Issue : — 

I. Katryna Vanderveer, baptized March 29th, 1696, in 

II. Fcinnietje Vanderveer, ni. Jacob Sebcring, who was born in 
1697, and liad children: Cornelius J. Sebering, a merchant in New 

'On the ci-nsus of Bruolclyn, in 1738, the family of Tiomai Brviuneh 
cntcri:<l .15 coiibistiiig of two .ululta and four minors, and he may be tlie Thumai 
Bro'iuiie of London, who nailed us captain from the port of New York for m«ny 
years, about this period. 

218 Third Generation. Descendants of 

York, who died in ^JJ^', Femmetje Sebering, bapt. March 20th, 
1737, m. Reinier Suydain; Jan Sebering, bapt. Oct. 15th, 1738; 
Jacob Sebering ; Margaret Sebering ; Isaac Sebering ; Catharine 
Sebering ; and Altie Sebering. 

III. Jan Vanderveer, of Keuter's Hook, Flatbiish, b. July 7th, 
1706; d. Oct. 13th, 1779; m. April 2gth, 1732, Cornelia, dau. 
of Abraham Lott, of Flatbush, b. April 30th, 1714; d. Oct. 31st, 
1789. His will is dated Oct. 22d, 1776, proved April 8th, 1784, 
recorded lib. 34, p. 485, New York surrogate's oflice, and he had 
issue: Catrina Vanderveer, b. Dec. 3d, 1733, d. young ; Fcni- 
metie Vanderveer, b. April 4th, 1737, m. (isl), Wilhelmus 
WyckofF, m. (2d), Guiljam Cornell; Catrina Vanderveer, b. Jan. 
22d, 1740, d. April 3d, 1829, m. John Stryker; and John Van- 
derveer, of Keuter's Hook (grandfather of the late John Vander- 
veer, of Keuter's Hook, father of the late John J. and of Stephen 
L., who d. March 4th, 1861), b. Oct. 25th 1745, d. Dec. 7th, 
1779, m. May 25th, 1765, Grietje Eldert, b. August 13th, 1747, 
d. March, 1825. 

20. Mary Bergen, was unmarried August 25th, 1723. 
No farther trace. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 219 


Children of HANS MACHIELSE BERGEN (i8), 
and Rachel Bensing^ of Brooklyn, New York: 

172. Meighiel or Michaele Bergen, born Dec. 
20th, 1712, and baptized in New York, Jan. ist, 1713, 
Dirck Benscn and Jannetje Kopeman or Koxman, his wife, 
witnesses ; died prior to August, 1783, during the war of 
the revolution ; ni. Cdtelyna^ daughter of Hanse Jacobse 
Bergen, his cousin, and resided on the plantation in Brook- 
lyn which his grandfather bought of Albert Cornelyssen. 
Catelyna died 1801 or 1802, residing about the time of her 
death with her brother-in-law, Tunis Bergen, at Gowanus. 

October 17th, 1733, Rachel Bergen, widow of Hans 
Bergen, and " Meigheil Bergen" his son, executors, for 
06180 \ii. conveyed to Israel Horsfield land at the ferry, 
" bounded N. E. by the highway leading from Brookland 
"to the River; S. E, by the highway lying between the 
" house and grounds of Master Parmerter (now or late in 
"the possession of the executors of the said Hans Bergen), 
"and said spot of ground; S. W. by the highway lying 
"between the ground of the aforesaid Hans Bergen, 
" deceased (now in the possession and occupancy of Timo- 
" thy Horsfield), and said spot of ground ; N. W. by the 
" River (except and always reserving out of this present 
"bargain and sale, 7 feet in breadth on the River, and on the 
" road leading from Brookland to the river 20 feet in length, 
"heretofore sold by Hans Bergen, deceased, to Johannes 
" Sebering ;" said land being the plot conveyed to Hans 
Bergen and Johannes Sebering by the trustees of Brookland, 
and by said Sebering to said Bergen.' 

'Sec lib. 5, p. 157, of con., King's county register's oHice. 

220 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

As per the New York Gazette of April 4th, 1748, on 
the Monday previous," the Ferry House opposite this City 
"with the Barn and Stable belonging to the same, was 
" entirely consumed by fire." 

April I2,th, 1748, Rachel, widow of Hans Bergen, 
released to her son, Me'ighiel Bergen^ her right of dower in 
the farm (formerly of Albert Cornelysen), in "Brookland," 
which was devised to him by his father, said farm being 
bounded in the release " S'ly by land of Jacobus Debevoise ; 
" N'ly by land of Carl Debevoise and Israel Horslield ; 
" E'ly by the Kings highway leading from Flatbush to New 
"York ferry; and W'ly by the meadows, containing 120 
" acres ;"' also her right of dower in the meadows and 

April 30th, 1750, Meigh'iel Bergen bought a negro man 
of the estate of his father-in-law, Hanse Jacobse Bergen. 
In 1 75 1-2-3, ^^ ^'^'^ ^ member of the consistory of the 
Reformed Dutch Church, of Brooklyn. March 25th, 
1754, Sylvester Marius Groen and Femmetje, his wife 
(daughter of Hans Bergen), executed a release to Aleighiel 
Bergen for the legacy of j£200, devised to Femmetje by 
the will of her father. In 1755, he is entered on the list 
of slaves in Brookland as having one negro man named 
Tight, and one negro woman named Dine. 

April 3d, 1767, the executors of Thomas Cornell, of 
Queen's county, sold to Aleighiel Bergen for Xi,6oo, a 
house, grist mill, and farm on the south side of the town 
of Jamaica, in Queen's county, near the salt meadows, 
containing 220 acres, including uplands and bog meadows, 
and also two plots of salt meadows,'' of 40 acres, on the 

' This farm originally contained 180 acics, if the contents lure given are 

coueit, 60 aires must liavc been huM (jIT juioi totliis peiiini, of wliiili sale no 
deed lias been Been. 

"Sec lib. E, p. 32, of con., {Queen's county clerk's ollice. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 221 

hither East Neck, the mill having been lately known as 
Nostrand's mill. In November, 1776, his name appears 
among those who took British protection. 

April 15th, 1783, on Sunday night, Capt. Hyler, of New 
Brunswick, went over to Long Island {Michiel Bergen Sy 
Gowanus), and brought oft' a Hessian major, ensign, etc. 
During the war of the revolution his house was robbed, 
and in a printed placard a reward was offered for the detec- 
tion of the robbers. During those perilous times robberies 
were frequent. 

While on his death bed, Aleighlel Berge?i^ by will devised 
the use of his real estate during life to his wife Cataleyna^ 
and after her death in fee to his grandson, Michael Bergen 
Grant, who had been an inmate of his family from child- 
hood, subject to a legacy of X500 to be paid to his daughter 
Tesie, wife of Stephen Terhune. This will, during the 
troublesome times of the war of the revolution, appears to 
have been lost, and never proved. The descendants of his 
daughter Tesie charge that young Grant took advantage of 
his grandfather's infirmities, and unfairly induced him to 
devise his property in this manner, thus cutting them off^ 
from what they deemed to be a just share of the inherit- 
ance. There may be some ground for this accusation, but 
the case is far from being clear. Aleighiel in his lifetime 
had given his daughter Tesie a deed for about 30 acres of 
his farm, on the westerly side thereof, which deed in the 
time of war, she placed in the hands of her father for 
safe keeping. On his death, tiiis deed, with his other 
papers, fell into the hands of young Grant, who, in conse- 
quence of Tesie and iier descendants having no papers in 
their possession to the contrary, took and held possession 
of Meighiel's farm, the 30 acres included. It appears from 
lib. 2, p. 42, of mort., in oflice of the register (;f King's 
county, that on the 22d of June, 1772, Stcrphen Teihune, 

222 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

painter, and Tesie, his wife, of the city of New York, 
mortgaged the 30 acres for ,£500, to Jacobus Rosevelt, 
which mortgage was assigned June loth, 1784, by Isaac 
Roseveh and Augustus Van Cortlandt, the executors of 
Jacobus, for ^£555 Ss. /\.d. (no interest having been paid on 
the same), to Michael B. Grant,' and assigned by Grant 
July 1 2th, 1802, to George Powers.'' Young Grant built 
a more modern dwelling house on the farm in 1785, in 
which he resided with his grandmother. May nth, 1787, 
he sold the farm, described as containing 90 acres, and in 
addition 12 acres of woodland, to George Powers, butcher, 
for c£i,500, his grandmother Cataleyna joining in the con- 
veyance.^ On the same date. Powers executed a mortgage 
on tiie farm to Cataleyna^ Aleghiel's widow, and M. B. 
Grant, of King's county, securing the payment of X50 a 
year, during life, to Cataleyna^ £500 in one year after the 
death of said Cataleyna to Tesie, widow of Stephen Ter- 
hune, and £500, to wit : £200 thereof to said Grant, in 
one year after the death of said Catleyna^ and X300 within 
one year after said Catleytia's death, on Grant's procuring 
from the heirs of Stephen Terhune a confirmatory deed to 
said Powers for 4 acres of said farm, which said Terhune 
was reputed to be interested in at the time of his death, 
which death occurred about the same period as that of his 
father-in-law. Tesie receipted for her X500 in December, 
1802, and (jrant also rcceijned for the whole of his X500, 
Tesie thereby virtually recognizing the will. Probably 
for the purpose of strengthening the title, it appears that 
August I St, 1783, John Grant and Sarah, his wife, of 
Nova Scotia, for X150, conveyed their interest in the farm 

^Slc lil). 2, p. ^^'A, of more., ullicc n-yistcr Kind's county. 
■•' ScL- I'll). 51, 1>. 35<;, of inort,, otl'iLc register Ring's county. 
3 Sec 111). <;, p. 314, of con., utHcc reyistcr King's county. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 223 

to M. B. Grant, their son, which deed was passed to George 
Powers, and not recorded. 

P'or perfecting the title, on the advice of Samuel Jones, 
Powers's attorney (Sarah, Melghiei's daughter, not being 
named in the will being one of the defects), a fine was 
levied on the premises, in the proceedings for which they 
are described as consisting of " one messauge, one barn, 
" one garden, one orchard, go A. land, 20 A. meadows, 
"50 A. pasture, 12 A. woodland, 20 A. marsh, and 2 A. 
" covered with water." John Grant and Sarah, his wife, 
of Nova Scotia, and Michael B. Grant, were made defend- 
ants in the case. The first proclamation of the fine was 
made in the supreme court, October i8th, 1787, and the 
last and fourth, August ist, 1788. Albert Terhune, the 
oldest son and heir-at-law of Stephen Terhune, came from 
Nova Scotia about this period, for the purpose of opposing 
the will of Meighiel^ his grandfather, with which he was 
dissatisfied, resided for a while in Brooklyn, was summoned 
before the court in the matter of the fine, and on being 
paid about ^440, abandoned his opposition, as per an 
affidavit of Ralph Patchin, who for some period resided on 
the farm with Catalcyna^ after MeighiePs death. 

M. B. Grant, after his sale to Powers, emigrated to Nova 
Scotia, leaving his papers with Garret Bergen, of Gowanus, 
the deed for the 30 acres included. In 1836, the heirs of 
7'csie obtained this deed of V. (i. Bergen, in whose 
hands the papers had fallen, and commenced proceedings to 
recover the land, employing James W. Gerard, a celebrated 
lawyer of the city of New York, as their attorney, but it 
appeared their case was hopeless, and consec|uently it was 

Issue : — 

177. I. Sarah,!). Dec. iHth, 1743 ; July I 31I1, 1 743, by another 

17H, 11. Tcsic or [,etitia. 

224 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

The following is a fac simile of Meighiel Bergen's signa- 
ture : 

173. Femmetjie Bergen, born July 29th, 1715 ; died 
Oct. 31st, 1793, aged 78 years and 3 months; m. April 
1 8th, 1745, Sylvester Alarius Groen^ a widower, whose 
descendants now write their surnames "Morris," instead of 
Marius, having altogether dropped the Groen, one of whom, 
Jacob Morris, m. Leah, daughter of Simon Bergen, deceased. 
Sylvester Marius Groen was a grocer, residing in the city 
of New York, and a descendant of Pieter Jacobsen Marius 
Groen, who emigrated from Hoogwoudt, in the province 
of North Holland, and who m. Nov. 12th, 1655, Marritje 
Pieters, of Amsterdam. Pieter Jacobsen Marius Groen 
was a merchant and an alderman of New York, from 1677 
to 1682 ; his name appears among the small burgers of 
New Amsterdam in 1657 ; he resided in Pearl street in 
1665. One of his ancestors, while in command of one of 
the fleets of Holland, captured three Turkish vessels, for 
which he was authorized to add three crescents to his coat 
of arms. 

February 17th, 1746, Femmetje was received on certificate 
from Midwout (Flatbush), as a member or communicant of 
the New York Reformed Dutch Church. 

Issue, all baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church, New 
York: — 

I. Maria or Polly Marius, bapt. Jan. 29th,^i746, in New York ; 
witnesses: Jacob Marius Groen and Maria Salisbury, his wife; d. 
single, aged 86. 

II. Rachel Marius, bapt. Jan. 3d, 1747, in New York; witnesses : 
Samuel Lawrence and Maria Marius, iiis wife; d. an infant. 

ifciioH (■ 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 225 

III. Rachel Marius, bapt. Sept. 28th, 1748, in New York; 
witnesses: Samuel Lawrence and Maria Marius, his wife; d. aged 
80, and single. 

IV. Tisje or Letitia Marius, bapt. May 9th, 1750, in New York; 
witnesses: Johannes Bergen and Tryntje De Hart, his wife; d. 
single, Sept. 19th, 1835. 

V. Elizabeth Marius, bapt. May 27th, 1753, in New York ; wit. : 
Teunis Bergen and Elizabet Maris; m. Daniel Kemper, awidr.,who 
was born in New Brunswick, N. J., in 1749, where he died in 1847. 
Kcnipcr was a colonel in the revolutionary army, freely sacrificing 
his means in the struggle for national independence ; one of the 
original members of the order of the Cincinnati, and after the war 
through Gen. Washington's influence, held, for some time, an office 
in the New York custom house, to which place he removed. Daniel 
Kemper was a son of Jacob Kemper, b. at Caub, on the Rhine, the 
son of an officer in die Prince Palatine's army, who emigrated to 
America in 1741, settling, two years after coming to this country, 
on a farm at Bcekman, in Dutchess county. New York. Among 
other family reminiscences, in a memoir, printed but not published, 
is the story that while living there, his daughter Maria Sophia, about 
six years of age, was in the habit of eating her bowl of rice and 
milk, after dinner, seated on the door sill, and used to tell of" die 
schoone slang " (the beautiful snake), that came and ate her rice. 
Her mother watched to see what the child's strange words could 
mean, and to her horror, saw a large rattle snake, with its head in 
the bowl, eating with the child, who, when her visitor took more 
than its share, slapped it on the head with her spoon. When the 
meal was finished the snake went quietly away. The intimacy was 
too dangerous to be allowed to continue, and Mr. Kemper killed the 
snake. The rattle, with eleven or twelve rings, was long preserved 
in the funily. The children of Daniel Kemper and Elixahcth 
Marius were Daniel, who was an officer in Miranda's unfortunate 
expedition to South America, in 1806, in which he was taken 

' prisoner and forfeited his life ; Sylvester Marius ; Jackson, who was 
a bishop ol the i'",[)isci)[)al Cliuich ; Jane ; and I'Ji/a, holh single, 
who, since the death of their father, resided with the Ijisliop. 

22G Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

Jackson Kemper was born Dec 24th, 1789, died May 24th, 
1870, entered Columbia College, New York, and graduated in 1809, 
studied theology under Bibhop Moore, was ordained deacon by 
Bishop White in 181 1, called to the assistantship under Bishop 
White of the united parishes of Christ's Church, Saint Peters and 
Saint James in Philadelphia, which he held for twenty years, having 
been ordained priest in 1814. In 1816 he m. Jerusha Lyman, of 
Philadelphia, who lived but two years after the marriage. In Oct., 
1821, he m. Ann Relf, of Philadelphia, by whom a daughter and 
two sons. In June, 1 831, he accepted the rectorship of Saint Paul's 
Church in Norwalk, Conn., where his wife died in 1832. At the 
general convention of 1835, he was elected missionary bishop of the 
American Church. For eleven years he was literally a homeless 
man, a stranger and a pilgrim on the earth; traveling on horseback 
and on foot, scaling mountains and fording rivers; preaching in way- 
side cabins, in taverns, school houses, and upper rooms. His saddle 
bags contained his worldly goods, his robes, his communion service, 
his Bible and his prayer book. His jurisdiction comprised the 
north-west, over which he traveled, founding parishes and establish- 
ing church institutions, out of which has been formed the dioceses 
of Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. In 1837, at 
the request of Bishop Otey, who was disabled by sickness, he also 
took charge of the south-west, visiting the southern states from 
Louisiana to Florida. Until 1 844, he held his head quarters at St. 
Louis, shortly after which he removed to Wisconsin, and in 1846, 
purchased land adjoining the newly founded institution at Nashotah, 
on which he erected a cottage, where, with his children about him, 
for the first time since the breaking up of his family at Norwalk, he 
might be said to have a home. About 1838, he was elected bishop 
of Maryland, in 1847 bishop of Wisconsin, both of which he 
declined, believing his duty to be a missionary bishop to the end. 
In 1854, he was again unanimously elected bishop of Wisconsin, 
which he accepted, on its being arranged by the general convention 
that his acceptance would allow him to remain missionary bishop 
still. In 1859, in consequence of his age, he resigned his oflice of 
missionary bishop, continuing his services as bishop of Wisconsin 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 227 

until his death, being loved by all, and a father to the whole flock 
over which God set him.' 

Lewis Kemper, a son of the bishop, studied theology, was ordained 
a deacon, took the degree of doctor of divinity, and served as a 
professor in the theological seminary of Nashotah, in Wisconsin. 

VI. Jacob Marius, b. May loth, bapt. May 19th, 1755, in New 
York; witnesses : Michael Bergen and Maria Salisbury, wife of Jacob 
Marius Grocn ; d. Sept. 19th, 1799; ni. August 28th, 1785, Mary 
Van Riper, b. Nov. 2d, 1768, d. Nov. 5th, 1840, having m. after 
the death of Jacob, in 1803, William Gillespie, a second husband. 
Carried on the cooperage business in New York. Left issue : Syl- 
vester Morris, b. Jan. 22d, 1787, single, sailed from New York 
Nov. 20th, 1814, in the privateer Arrow, and never afterwards 
heard from; John Morris,^ b. March 29th, 1788, d. March 9th, 
1866, m. Dec. 13th, 1810, Catharine Cole, b. April 13th, 1787; 
Phebe Bergen Morris, b. Oct. ist, 1790, d. June 17th, 1794; Jacob 
Morris, b. Sept. 6th, 1792, d. Oct. 5th, 1872, in the city of New 
York, m. Dec. 22d, 1825, Leah, daughter of Simon Bergen, of 
Gowanus, in the war of 18 12 entered the United States navy as a 
midshipman, was sailing master when he left the service, after his 
marriage, in mercantile business in New York and Brooklyn, culti- 
vated the farm in Gowanus his wife inherited from her father, and 
afterwards a farm he purchased in Orange county. New York, from 
thence he removed to the city of New York, where he died; Peter 
Morris, b. Sept. 25th, 1794, m. Sarah Kingsland, resides (1872) in 
Paterson, New Jersey; Maria Morris, b. Nov. i8th, 1796, 
m. Daniel Niven, of Newberg; and Phebe, b. Feb. 15th, 1799, 

'Much of the above is copied from an obituary of Bishop Kemper in a 
Wisconsin Episcopal paper, including the snake story, vvhicli has the appearance 
of being mythical. 

-■ Cliildrcii of 'John and Catharine Morris : Elizabeth Cole Morris, b. Sept. 
3d, l8ll, \\\. Erastus Geiiin j Mary (iillcspie Morris, b. June lytli, 1813, m. 
Louis J. Uellonl ; Harriet Furman Morris, b. Jan. 30th, 1816, m. Abraham 
Blauvelt ; Letitia Clarissa Morris, b. Feb. 2jst, 181H, d. June 17th, 1819; 
Catliarine Letitia Morris, b. July 8th, 1820, d. August 13th, 1824J Sarah 
Kingbland Morris, b. Jan. 1st, 1824, m. Charles H. Hyne ; and John Feter 
Morris, b. Nov. 5th, 1825, d. Dec. 25tii, 1857, single. 

228 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

VII. Sylvester Marius, bapt. Dec. 25th, 1757, in New York; 
witnesses : Louwerens Louwerens and Catharine Teller, his wife; m. 
Hannah Bear, and had children : Catharine, David, Effee, Sylvester, 
Henry, and Jacob Marius, who all died without issue. Sylvester, 
like his brother Jacob, was a cooper in New York. 

174. Derick Bergen, born Feb. 28th, 1718, and bapt. 
in New York, March 5th, 1718; witnesses: "Samson 
Bensen and Catalyntje Killie ;" died Nov. 19th, 1759 ; 
m. 1749, Deborah^ daughter of Jacques Cortelyou, born 
Nov. 29th, 1720, and died Jan. 15th, 1808.' 

^Jacques Corie/jau, as written by himself, the surveyor, a Huguenot, private 
tutor of the children and agent of Mr. Cornells Van Werckhoven (said 
Cornells was a member of the privileged West India Company, one of the 
patrons of New Netherland, and the original patentee of the Nyack tract in 
New Utrecht, which tract fell in the hands of said Jacques), emigrated to this 
country in 1652, was among the first settlers of New Utrecht in 1657, and 
the common ancestor of the Cortelyou family in this country. He died about i 

1693 ; his wife, Neeltje Van Duyn, a sister of Garret Cornelisse Van Duyn, I 

dying prior to December, I 695. His children were: Jaques, born about 1662, , 

died about 1732, m. (1st), Oct. 4th, 1685, Marrctie Hendricks Smock, who i 

(supposed) died April 7th, 1705, m. (2d), January, 1706, Aaltje I. Boerman; ] 

Peter, born about 1664, died April loth, 1757, m. Deborah or Diewertje De I 

Witt, about 1 694 J Cornells, died about 1690, m. Neeltje Volckers, who, after | 

his death, m. (2d), Sept. 15th, 1692, Johannes Vander Grif, of New Utrecht; i 

Helena, died after 1726, m. (ist), August 19th, 1683, Nicholas Rutgersz Van 
Brunt, m. (2d), April 12th, 1685, Dcnys Tuenessen, and m. (3d), Hendrick I 

Hendricksen; Maria, m. William Barkeloo, as commonly written, or Van ' 

Borckelloo, as written by William Jansen, the common ancestor of the family; j 

and William, who probably died before his father, unmarried. j 

Peier, of New Utrecht, the son of Jaques, had children : Neeltje, baptized 
Nov. 15th, 1694, died young; Jaques, horn about 1698, died Oct. loth, 1757, 1 

m. April 25th, 1718, Jacomintie Van Pelt, who died Sept. 28th, 1769, aged 
72; Peter, born Sept. 25th, 1699, died 1764, m. Feb. 24th, 1720, Neeltje 
Van Pelt; Cornells, born August 17th, 1701, emigrated to Staten Island, and j 

is the ancestor of the Cortelyou family in Richmond county; Helena, born \ 

Sept. 2ist, 1703 ; William, born Sept. 27th, 1705; Maria, born August loth, 
1707 ; Dorothea or Deborah, born Nov. zotli, 1709 ; and Neeltje, born March 
20th, 1712. 

Ja(|ue;i, of New Utrecht, the son of Peter and ];)cl)()rah, had children : 
DcburuL, Loin Nov. 29tli, 1720, died Jan. 15th, i8o8, rn. 1749, Derick 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 2'29 

Der'ick resided with his brother Hans in the old stone 
house, standing near the bay or river, in the vicinity of 
55th street, Brooklyn, and late the property of the heirs of 
Theodorus Bergen, deceased, in which house he died, his 
family after his decease removing to the farm he bought, 
July 2ist, 1756, of his brother Hans in the vicinity of 15th 
street, in said city. 

April 22d, 1740, Rachel Bergen, widow of Hans Bergen, 
and Der'ick Bergen^ her son, conveyed for X340, to Samuel 
Hopson,' a plot in " Brookland," " Bounded partly E'ly 

Bergen, of Gowanus ; Fetcr, born Oct. 3d, 1722, died March 21st, 1777, m. 
]ix).. 8th, 1743, Agnes or Angenietic Ue Hart ; and Nelthe, born March 6th, 
1726, (supposed) ni. Sept. 29th, 1745, Barent Johnsen, of Gravesend. 
The following is a fac simile of the signature of Jacques Corteljau : 

' Samuel Hopson was a butcher by occupation, and in 1735 leased stall No. 4 
in the old Slip market in New York. In 1755, while captain of the west 
company of militia of " Brookland," in King's county, he took the census of 
slaves, on which he is entered as holding " one negro called Dick, one do. 
"called Prince, and one wench called Dina." In the New York Post Boy, of 
April 15th, 1762, he gives the following notice: " Whereas my son Samuel 
" Hopson, has of late behaved himself very indecently and uncharitably, and 
" now refuses to return me certain Papers relating to my Water Lot, which 
" Papers he obtained from me on certain conditions, which he has never per- 
'* formed : This is tlicrefore to warn and caution all Persons wjiatsoever not 
"to Iniy the same, or receive the b.iiiic in i'ledge on any Account whatsoever, 
" as they shall answer the same at their I'lril, he having no Right tliereto." 

" P. S. At the same Time 1 signed tlic above Papers I was in custody of 
"two Justices and one Constable, and have cut him olf in my will to one 
"Shilling." August ist, 1763, is advertised in the New York Gazette to be 
sold at public vendue on the 6th inst., at the ferry on Nassau Lland, the house 
and lot l^tc of Richard Burcloe, formerly of Samuel Hopkins (probably Hopson), 
which may be the plot conveyed to Hopson by Derick Bergen. 

There w.'.s a Thomas Hopson, aged 12, wiio emigrated from England to Vir- 
ginia in tlie Bona No-va, in 1618 (Hotten's Emigrants, p. 233). 


230 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

" upon the high road or street leading to the ferry ; partly 
" N'ly on the high road or street leading to Israel Hors- 
" fields ; partly W'ly by a back highway leading towards 
" John Middagh's ; and partly S'ly upon land now in 
"possession of William Phillips, containing about one 
" acre."' 

In 1 755, " Der'ick Bergen " is entered on the lists of slaves 
in Brookland, as possessing two negro men, named Will 
and Ccaser. 

His will is dated Oct. yth, 1759, proved May 17th, 
1760, and recorded in the office of the secretary of state, 
in Albany.^ 

Issue : — 

179. I. Rachel, b. 1753. 

180. II. Jacamyntie, b. May 4th, 1755. 

181. HI. Ticsie, b. Jan. 19th, 1758. 

182. IV. Nakie, b. March 25th, 1759; ^' ^'^^- ^^^^> 1761. 

175. Hans (John or Johannes) Bergen, born July 
I2th, 1721, and baptized in Brooklyn ; died April 28th, 
1786^ m. Catryntis or Trenthe^ daughter of Simon, and 
granddaughter of Simon Aesen De Hart, of Gowanus, born 
July 25th, 1726; died Oct. 6th, 1795, at the De Hart 
house, Gowanus, occupied at the time by Simon Bergen, 
grandson of her brother Simon De Hart, deceased. 

August 8th, 1744, Theodorus A.,Van^Wyck, of the 
city of New York, and Helen, his wife, sole daughter and 

'This is the north-westerly one-half of the plot Derkk'i father, Hans, 
purchased May ad, 1717, of Thomas Parnietcr (see lib. 5, p. 129, of con., 
King's county register's oflice), the street leading to Israel Horsfield's being 
Elizabeth street. June 26th, 1756, Samuel Hopson and Elizabeth, his wife, 
forX253, mortgaged this plot, and another in its vicinity of 30 feet front on 
the river, and same in rear, to Martlia I'red, widow of Joiin Fred (see lib. I, 
p. 5, of iiiort., in office of register of King's county). 

- Recoieli d lib. 20, p. 50, New Vork surrogate's o(Kcc. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 231 

heiress of Cornelius Sandford, late of Brooklyn, merchant, 
conveyed to " "John Bergen " for £610, the house and land 
at Yellow Hook, Brooklyn, containing 200 acres as in 
fence, and in the occupancy of Jacob Bloom and Gertrude 
Sanford, widow of said Cornelius ; bounded south-west by 
land of Hendrick Van Dyck, north-cast by land of Wouter 
Van Pelt, north-west by the river, and south-east by land 
of said Van Dyck \ also, all their right in the undivided 
woodlands, of Brooklyn.' Sandford's widow, Gertrude, 
was a daughter of Simon de Hart, of Gowanus, having ni. 
July nth, 1745, for a second husband, Jores Remsen ; 
'Joint Bergeti^ in addition to the c£6io, paid c£ioo for Ger- 
trude's dower right.-' On this farm, Hans Bergen^ after its 
purchase, resided the remainder of his life, occupying the 
old mansion, partly of stone, located near 55th street, 
between First avenue and the bay, which his grandson, 
Theodorus Bergen, lately occupied, and in which he died. 
The above premises are a part of the 930 acres purchased 
in 1636 by Jacques Bentin and Willem Arianse Bennett, 
of the Indians, of which, Dec. 26th, 1639 (vol. i, p. 179, 
Dutch Manuscripts, office secretary of state, Albany), 
Bentin sold his interest to Beimet. Sept. 5th, 1666, 
Mary Thomas (widow of said Bennet), and Paulus Van- 
derbeek, her then husband, conveyed these premises, with 
the adjoining land described as " a certain piece of wood- 
" land situate and lying on the Gauwanes over the second 

' See lib. 5, p. 170, of con., King's county register's office. Cornelius Sant- 
ford, baptized Jan. 15th, 1693, was a son of Abraham Santford and Vrouwtje 
Van Hoorn, of New York, and m. (ist), August 23d, 1719, Helena, dau. 
of David Provoost, Jr., m. (2d), Gertrude or Gertie, dau. of Simon De Hart, 
of Gowanus. Abraham, the father of Cornelius, was captain of a vessel, and 
in New York as early as 1673. Cornelius was at one period a merchant in 
New York, but afterwards of Brooklyn. His will is dated Dec. 21st, I732, 
proved Feb. 3d, 1 741. 

'■'See lib. 5, pp. 170 and 175, of con.. King's county register's office. 

232 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

" meadow (in the vicinity of the present 46th and 47th 
" streets) marked as No. 4," to Thomas Fransen, for which 
premises Gov. Nicolls had granted a confirmatory patent 
on the 25th of May, 1668. May 2d, 1674, Neltie 
Urbanus, widow of Thomas Fransen, conveyed said 
premises to " Seimen Aersen," of Gowanus, who, March 
7th, 1677, conveyed the same to " Dierck Hattum," also 
a resident of '' Gauwanes," Hattum or Haddam died 
about 1678, leaving a widow, Annatie Tileman Vander 
Meyer, who m. (2d), Hendrick Tyssen Lanen Van Pelt, 
and a daughter Gertrude, born about 1676 (see lib. 4, p. 
122, of the original, of con., King's county register's office). 
From an entry immediately following the above page in lib. 
4, it appears that Gertrude Haddum took possession of her 
father's property about August, 1695. From the map of 
the Dentin and Bennett purchase, made by Augustus 
Graham, in May, 1696, it appears that Agias Van Dyk 
at that date was in possession of all said purchase south- 
west of the second meadow. Whether he held as a tenant 
or by purchase has not been ascertained, but in i725,Claes 
or Nicholas Van Dyck, his brother's son, appears to have 
held the fee of the part purchased by Johannes Bergen, in 
1744. In what manner Claes obtained the fee, whether 
by purchase of Gertrude Haddam or otherwise, has also not 
been ascertained. 

April 6th, 1724, for JC824, Claes Van Dyck conveyed 
said 200 acres to Joseph Hegeman,' and May loth, 1734, 
for X500, said Hegeman conveyed the same to Cornelius 

'See lib. 5, p. 6, of con., King's county register's office. This Claes or 
Nicholas Van Dyck, on selling his farm, emigrated to George's hundred, 
Dflaware, and settled on a tract called Dutch Neck, which he purchased. 
His grandson, Nicholas Van Dyck, a lawyer by profession, was governor of 
Delaware after the revolution, prior to tlie adoption of the Federal constitution ; 
a delegate to the Continental congress from 1777 to 17X2; and a signer of 
the articles of confederation. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 233 

Sanford,^ This farm, located in the vicinity of 52d and 
56th streets, is the first purchase made by the Bergen 
family of the numerous farms they subsequently owned on 
the bay at Gowanus, Yellow Hook, and Bay Ridge. 

The Hendrick Van Dyck who sold 90 acres adjoining 
the south-westerly side of Sanford's farm to Johannes 
Bergen, in 1760, was probably Hendrick, son of Lambert 
and grandson of Agias Van Dyck, from which it may be 
inferred that Agias held the fee in 1696, the date of Gra- 
ham's map. 

As early as in 1749, '■'■Hans Bergen" was a member of 
the consistory of the Reformed Dutch Church of Brooklyn. 

March 7th, 1751, Christopher Scharse^ and Peter Van 
Pelt, conveyed to " Johannes Bergen" for X225, a farm at 
Gowanus, Brooklyn, " bounded S, W'ly and N. E'ly by 
land of Cornelius Van Duyn ; N. W'ly as the river runs ; 
and S, E'ly by land of Garret Cowenhoven, containing 35 
acres. "^ July 21st, 1756, '■'■Hans Bergen" conveyed the 
above farm for £227, to his brother Derick Bergen. These 
premises are in the vicinity of 15th and i6th streets, and 
designated on Butts's map as land of John Dimon and heirs 
of Rachel Berry, and as near as can be ascertained were 
originally in the occupation of Claes Cornelissen Smit, 
afterwards of Jacob Jacobsen Bergen (who m. Margaret 
Croescn), who conveyed the same, August iith, 1746, to 
Christopher Schass (Scharse) and Peter Van Pelt, This 
Claes Cornelissen was a wheelwright, and sued his neighbor, 

•Sec lib. 5, p. 79, of ion., King's county register's ollicc. 

■■' Clnibtdiilicr Si li.ii;ii.; or Sili.nTb, was u son of Joli.mni.s Christoll'cl Schacrs 
and Maria Willcnisc licnnet, wiio was a resident of Brooklyn in 1675, in 
which year liis name appears on the assessment roll. Maria Scli.irse, a sister 
of Christopher, m. March 22d, 16S6, Woiitcr 'J'imis l-.incn V.m I'llt. Tiiis 
farm wau ln.ii|;hl hy S.h.itiic and V.iii IVIl, O.t. jllh, 17.)^., of j.u.d) llii|;.ii 
ami M.iry.iict, his wile. 

'.Sic lil). 6, p. 4, of con., ill King's county regiulir'a olfuc. 

34 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

Cornells Lambertsen Cool, in 1638, for the delivery of a 

On the 24th of August, 1751, in consideration of £117, 
Isaac Sebring, of " Brookland," and Catharine, his wife, 
conveyed to Nicholas Vechte, Jurry Brouwer, Abraham 
Brouwer, Peter Staets, Cornelius Van Duyn, Jr., Wynant 
Bennet, Jacob Bennet, Wilhelmus Bennet, and Hans Ber- 
gen^ the fee of " all that certain strip or piece of meadows 
"and marshes, situate, lying and being in the township of 
" Brookland abovesaid, in the county aforesaid, butted and 
^'bounded as follows, viz : beginning at the east side of a 
" little island where John Van Dyck's long milldam is 
" bounded upon, running from thence northerly into the 
" river all over or through the meadows of said Isaac Sebring, 
"being in breadth twelve feet and a half."' As a part of 
the consideration Sebring was to make a ditch over the 
whole of this strip at least six feet deep, for the use of the 
grantees, and to allow them the use of a " foot path two 
" foot and a half wide to dragg or hall up their canoes or 
" boats," reserving to himself, among other things, the 
privilege of navigating the ditch. At this period Vechte 
owned the farms late of Adrian and Jaques Cortelyou ; the 
Brouwers the farm late of Theodorus Polhemus (separated 
from the Cortelyou's by the old Port road), and the premises 
late of Nehemiah Denton and those of John C. Freeke ; 
Staats the farm late of Adriance Van Brunt ; Van Duyn 
the farms late of Richard Berry and that late of Peter 
WyckofF, and since of his sons Peter and John. Wynant 
Bennet the farm late of Joseph Dean and that late of 
Cornelius W. Bennet ; Jacob Bennet the farm late of 
Abraham Schemerhorn : Wilhelmus Bennet the farm late 

' Tins dix-d is not recorded, but the original, with other papers, of the lieirs 
of Nicholas Vechte, was in the hands of Judge J. A., in 1862. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 235 

of Garret Bergen ; and Hans Bergen the farm late of 
Theodorus and that hue of LefFert Bergen. 

March i6th, 1744, the colonial assembly of the state 
passed an act which was approved of by Gov. Tryon, on 
the 19th, entitled " An Act to empower certain persons 
" therein named to complete a ditch that is partly dug from 
" Gowanus bay to the East river in King's county, under 
" certain restrictions.'" The preamble to this act sets 
forth that the same is enacted in consequence of the diffi- 
cult and dangerous navigation around Red Hook, and refers 
to the deed of 1751. The parties named in the act are, 
" Nicklaas Veghte, Peter Staets, Deborah Bergen (widow 
"of Derick), Anthony Hoist, John Rapalje, Winaent 
*' Bennet, Jacob Bennet, Teunis Bergen, Tuenes Tiebout, 
" and Simon Bergen." Of these, Veghte, Staets, and 
Jacob and Winaent Bennet, were among the original 
purchasers of the strip of meadows ; Deborah Bergen and 
her children owned and occupied the small farm between 
that of Peter Wyckoft'and Walter Berry ; Anthony Hoist 
the farm late of Henry Story and that of Winant Iknnct ; 
John Rapalje that late of Jacob Bergen and Jordan Coles, 
in South Brooklyn, on the north side of the mill creek ; 
Tunis Bergen that formerly of Wilhelmus Bennet and late 
of Garret Bergen ; Tuenes Tiebout that late of Theodorus 
Polhemus, lying south of the farm of Adrian Cortelyou ; 
and Simon Bergen the farms late of Leah, wife of Jacob 
Morris, that late of John S. Delaplaine, and that late of 
John S. Bergen. 

They were required to keep the bridge over the ditch or 
canal on the road leading to Van Dyck's mill in order, to 
keep up the dams along so much of the neighboring mill 

» This act is entered in full on tlic engrossed copy of the colonial laws on 
file in the office of the secretary of state, Albany. 

236 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

ponds as adjoined upon the canal, and were authorized to 
close the same when they thought proper, without detri- 
ment to their fee. A provision was also inserted, making 
such inhabitants of Gowanus as might use the ditch, liable 
to contribute towards keeping the same in repair. This 
canal or ditch is delineated on Ratzer's map of Brooklyn 
and New York, and was partially closed some 25 years 
ago, by the improvements at the Atlantic dock, persons 
being yet living, among whom is the writer, who frequently 
passed through it with their boats, in going or returning 
from New York. 

The avoidance of the difficult and dangerous navigation 
around Red Hook by row boats engaged the attention of 
the neighboring residents at a much earlier period, for we 
find that on the 29th day of May, 1664, the inhabitants of 
Gouwanus, and others, petitioned the director general and 
council of New Netherland for permission to clean out the 
kill at the end of Frederick Lubbertsen's land, and near 
Red Hook, so as to render it navigable to Gouwanus and 
the mill, and relieve them of the necessity of going around 
the Red Hook, which petition was granted.^ 

In 1755, " "John Bargay " is entered on the list of slaves 
in Brookland, as possessing five negro men, named Roger, 
Harry, Peter, Josey, and Esquire, and two negro women, 
named Mary and Pegg. This Mary, known as Mary 
Peterson, brought up in the Bergen family, resided many 
years with his descendants, and died November, 1824, in 
Brooklyn, aged 103 years, having been born in 1721. 

July 17th, 1756, " Hans Bergen " loaned Zechariah 
Seckels ^150, for which a mortgage was given on 8 acres 
of land in Brooklyn, conveyed by Hendrick and Peter 
Remsen to said Seckels May 4th, 1756 (see lib. i, p. i, of 
niort., office of register of King's county). 

' Vul. X, p. 225, Dutcli Maiiuiiiijita, scLrctary ol" state's ulHcc. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 237 

June 9th, 1760, " Johannes Bergen " bought of Hendrick 
Van Dyck, for =£950, a tract at Yellow Hook, Brooklyn, 
containing 90^^ acres, adjoining and on the south-westerly 
side of the lands he purchased of the heirs of Cornelius 
Sandford, and also a tract of woodland in the rear of the 
same, partly in Brooklyn arfd New Utrecht, containing 12 
acres and 4 perches. These parcels are located in the 
vicinity of 56th and 59th streets.' 

From 1762 to 1777, " Johannes Bergen" held the office 
of justice of the sessions and common pleas of the county 
of Kings, and assistant judge. April 21st, 1762, '■'■Johannes 
Bergen^" Wynant Bcnnet, and Peter Cortelyou, were 
presented by the grand jury for "that their nets or seines 
" were used on Sunday, the 20th of April inst., and they 
" are fined by this court each six shillings," which fines 
appear to have been paid in court. 

From 1764 to 1777, inclusive, and probably to 1784, 
" Johannes Bergen " held the office of supervisor of 
Brooklyn. There are no minutes of the year 1776, and 
of some of the years prior to 1784, and the probability is, 
that if any one acted during this period he was the person, 
and that he held the office during the war of the revolution 
and until 1784. In March, April, and May, 1775, his 
name appears among the committeemen chosen by the 
towns of the county, to protect them from British 

April 15th, 1775, he was one of the representatives from 
Brooklyn at the meeting of the several committees from 

'See lib. 6, p. 125, of con. King's county register's office. Tlie premises 
bought by Hans Bergen, in 1 744, of T. A. Van Wyck (previously of Claes 
Van Dyck), and the premises bought of Hendrick Van Dyck, in 1760, are a 
part of the tract of 930 acres purchased by Hentin and Bennet of the Indians 
in 1636. How tile title passed to the V ^i\ Dycks, or of vvliom tliey purchased, 
have been no account. 


238 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

the towns in the county to choose deputies to meet with 
the deputies from the other counties at New York to choose 
delegates to attend the continental congress at Philadelphia 
on the loth of May. In November, of the next year, 
after the conquest of the island, his name appears among 
those who took British protecti(5n and the oath of allegiance. 
The town and county committees dissolved themselves in 
December, 1776. The names of his brothers Derick, 
Tunis, and Meighiel, and that of his son Simon, also appear 
among those who took British protection and the oath of 
allegiance. In those days of trial, our forefathers who had 
rebelled against the tyranny of England, residing in the 
portion of the country conquered and held by the British 
army, were compelled either to take the oath of allegiance 
and make their submission, or else abandon their homes 
and property, and remove beyond the British lines, with a 
small prospect of being able to maintain their families. 
The sacrifice was too great for the mass of the whigs and 
patriots of Long Island. They concluded to smother their 
detestation of English rule until a more fitting season, 
preferring their old homes to banishment. During the great 
southern rebellion of our day no doubt thousands similarly 
situated have acted in the same manner. 

Understanding from Capt. Waugh, the British barrack 
master general, that the garrison at New York were in want 
of fuel, and desired to purchase the trees on woodlands for 
the purpose of cutting the same, in November, 1779, for 
£2$ New York currency per acre, to be paid on the first 
day of January, 1780, Isaac Cortelyou, of New Utrecht, 
oftered to sell 60 acres, and Justice yobn Bergen and Justice 
Nichols Couwenhoven 40 acres. Have seen no account 
of the acceptance of the proposals on the part of John 

July 17th, 1780, Hans Bergen s name appears among the 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 239 

signers of an address to the British Gov. Robertson, the 
successor of Gov. Tryon, on his accession to office. On 
the establishment of peace his name appears among the 
signers of a congratulatory address to Gen. Washington. 
He claimed after the revolution X216 2s. of the govern- 
ment for the loss of 25 cattle, 2 horses, 104 bushels wheat, 
and 136 bushels rye, caused by the American army. 

From the following entries on the records of the com- 
missioners of the land office at Albany, it appears he was 
concerned in the purchase from the Indians of large tracts 
of land in the northern part of this state. " Thomas 
" Palmer, Dericlc I>efferts, John Leake, one of the heirs of 
" Robert Leake, deceased, Simon Remsen, Abraham 
" Brinckerhoft", Rem P. Remsen, deceased, and ' "Johannes 
'■'• Berger^' having exhibited their claim by virtue of an Indian 
" purchase prior to the 14th of Oct., 1775, for a tract of 
" land lying and being on the W. side of the W. branch 
"of Hudson's river, beginning at a certain marked tree 
"about half a mile above the big island, and runs from 
" thence W. 46 chains to the N. W. corner of the patent 
"granted to Cornelius Schuyler in 1742; thence N. 30 
"deg. W. 1040 ch, ; thence N. 60 deg. E. 1400 ch. ; 
"thence S. 30 deg. E. 1400 ch. ; to the said branch of 
" Hudson's river ; thence up along the same as it runs to a 
" tract of 9000 acres conveyed to John Glen and others ; 
" thence along the E'ly, N'ly and W'ly bounds thereof to 
" the river again ; thence up along the same as it runs until 
" it meets a tract granted to Philip Livingston ; thence 
" along the W'ly and N'ly bouiuis thereof until it meets a 
" tract known by the name of Northampton ; thence along 
"the W'ly and N'ly bounds thereof to beginning, computed 
" to contain 157,000 acres, excei)ting out of the bounds 
" and limits aforesaid 24,000 acres granted to John Bergen : 
'■'• also ior another certain tract of land lying and being on 

240 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

" Sacondaga or the W. branch of Hudson's river, beginning 
"at a certain marked tree on the W, side of the W. branch 
" of Hudson's river about half a mile above the big island, 
" and running thence W. 46 ch. to the N. W. corner of 
" the patent granted to Cornelius Schuyler, in 1742 -, thence 
" N. 30 deg. W. 1040 chains ; thence N. 60 deg. E. 205 
" ch. ; thence S. 30 deg. E. to Northampton patent ; thence 
" along the different courses of said patent to the beginning, 
" containing by estimation 24,000 acres." 

The petition for the last mentioned tract of about 24,000 
acres was presented as early as the 23d day of December, 
1769, in which it was set forth that the "petitioners had 
" lately discovered a certain tract of land in the county of 
" Albany, as yet unpurchased of the native Indian proprie- 
" tors thereof."^ On the 31st day of July, 1772,=' Hen- 
drick, alias Tayahansara, Lourance alias Aggneragies, Hans 
alias Canedagaure, Hans Krine alias Anagoadhoje, native 
Indians, with the consent of the Gov. John, Earl of 
Dunmore, for Xioo, conveyed said tract of 24,000 
acres to John Bergen and his associates,^ who, it appears, 
were : — 

" Nicholas C. Lowe,* Hugh Gaine,'^ 
" Philip Livingston, 5 Timothy Wood,? 

' Vol. XX.VI, p. 62, Land Papers, office secretary of state, Albany. 
-Vol. XXXII, p. 42, Land Papers, office secretary of state, Albany. 

3 Vol. xxxii, p. 130, Land Papers, office secretary of state, Albany. 

4 N. C, Loive,'ia 1756, was one of the commissioners who made a return of 
the provisions at the dilierent forts and storehouses between Albany and Fort 
-William Henry, appointed a lieutenant in the army July lyth, 1756, and 
wounded in the battle at Ticondcroga, in July, 1758. 

5 Philip Li-vin^iiun, the second proprietor of the manor of Livingston, in 
Dutchess county, was born Jan. 5th, 1716, in Albany, at one period a merchant 
in New York, member of congress from 1774 to his death, one of the signers 
of the declaration of independence, and dieii June J2th, 1778. 

<" lluj^h Gaine was public printer in 1774, and the publisher of Gaines's 
Gazette, in New York. 

■I V. /r™./ w.ia an elder in the i'n;;l.yUrian Cliur. Ii in Gubhen, ()ran)>- co. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 241 

" Edward Smith, Peter Van Schaack,3 

" Charles Morse, Gerard Bancher, 

"Samuel Bowyer, Dirck LEFFERTs,t 

"John Grumly, Gerard G. Beeicman,^ 

" John Bowles,' Benj. J. Johnson, 

" John Bergen, Malcom VV. Isaacs, 

" Simon Remsen,^ Edmund Fanning,® 

" Rem p. Remsen, William Butler, 

" Henry Remsen, Robert Harding, 

" Simon Bergen, Isaac Low."? 

' ^. Botv/es, Dec. 24th, 1774., as agent of John Cockran, late surgeon's 
mate, advertised in H. Gaines's Gazette, in New York, relating to an applica- 
tion for 2,000 acres on the south side of the Mohawk river. 

2 Simon and Rem P. Reinsert were sons of Peter Remsen, and farmers in 
Newtown, Simon being born Dec. 22d, 1748, and m. Aletta, dau. of Daniel 
Rapalje. Rem was a bachelor. Henry or Hendrick Remsen was a son of 
Hendrick, and was born April 5th, 1736, died March 13th, 1792 j he and his 
father were both merchants in New York. 

3 P. Van Scbaatk was born at Kinderhook in 1747, was an eminent lawyer, 
practicing before the revolution in the city of New York. Being opposed to a 
separation from the mother country, he left the province, returned after the war, 
and resumed his practice at the bar at Kinderhook, where he died Sept. 27th, 
1832. ^ 

* Dirck Lefferti was a son of Abraham, and a grandson of Leffert Pieterse, 
the common ancestor of the Lefterts family, of King's county. He and his 
father were both merchants in the city of New York. 

5 G. G. Beekman, in 1760, was a merchant and ship owner in New York. 
His father, who died in 1724, was one of Gov. Hunter's and Gov. Burnet's 

' Edmund Fanning was originally an attorney in North Carolina, and m. a 
dau. of Gov. Tryon, of New York. In 1776, after the battle of Long Island, 
he enlisted a corps of loyalists, afterwards called the Associated Refugees, or 
King's American Regiment of foot, the funds for the purpose being subscribed 
in Staten Island, King's county, in the town of Jamaica, and in the city of 
New York. The regiment was disbanded in 1 78 3, in which year he was 
appointed lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia. In 1793 he became a major 
general, in 1799 lieutenant general, and in 1808, general in the British army. 
He died Feb. 2Ktli, 1X18, in liis In.iisc in upper Seymour street, London. 

7 liUM Lo'W was a in the city of New York, and in 1774 and 
1775, ,1;, a patriot elected to congress. In 1776 he was suqucted of holding 

242 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

Caveats were filed, claims and counter claims presented 
in relation to these lands, the principal portion of which 
appears to have been awarded to the heirs of Philip Living- 
ston, deceased, and others, leaving for John Bergen and his 
associates the tract of 24,000 acres. On the final survey 
by S. DeWitt, the surveyor general, and division of this 
tract, there is nothing on the records showing that any 
portion thereof was allotted to either John or Simon Bergen, 
they, probably, with many of their associates, having sold 
out their interests, but of this no evidence has been seen. 
These lands continue to be known and described as the 
'' Bergen purchase," on the tax lists of the counties in 
which they are located. 

September 23d, 1785, " Johannes Bergen" purchased of 
John Van Pelt and Jane, his wife, for X600, the southerly 
one-half of the farm late of Tunis Van Pelt, deceased, 
located in Brooklyn, and bounded north-westerly by the 
river ; north-easterly by land of Wynant Van Pelt ; south- 
easterly by the Wedge lot ; and south-westerly by land of 
said Johannes Bergen, containing fifty acres ; also one 
acre of salt meadow ^located near said farm, 2^ acres 
woodland in Brooklyn on the rear of said farm, 5 acres of 
woodland in one plot in New Utrecht, and 1 1 acres in 
another plot.' 

Johannes Bergen and his brothers and their descendants, 
used for a burial plot (until the establishment of Greenwood 
Cemetery, to which most of the remains have been removed), 
a plot on the farm, late of Simon Bergen, between 3d and 

communications with the enemy, and on the taking of the city by them 
remained within the British lines, wJiere, in 1782, he held the position of 
president of the New York chamber of commerce. On the evacuation of the 
city he went to En^jland, .uiJ in 1779, aftiT the, his property was 

' See lib. 2S, p. 175, of con., King's county re^jister's oliicc. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 243 

4th avenues, and between 39th and 40th streets, Brooklyn, 
which plot was probably used for the same purpose by the 
DeHart family, the owners of the farm previous to Simon 
Bergen. Oct. 26th, 1827, Simon Bergen and Jane, his 
wife, conveyed this plot to John S. Bergen, Garret Bergen, 
Jacob Bergen, Peter Bergen, LefFert Bergen, Thcodorus 
Bergen, Cornelius Bergen, and John T. Bergen, and to 
their descendants forever, for burying purposes, reserving 
the perpetual right of burial for himself and his descendants. 
At the time a written agreement was also entered into by 
all of the above parties to keep the burial plot in good 
repair, and the plot was enclosed by the parties with a sub- 
stantial stone wall.' 

Hans Hansen, Migguel Hansen, Jores Hansen, Jacob 
Hansen, Hans Machielse, and Meighicl Bergen, his son, were 
probably buried in the burial ground until 1872, on Fulton st. 
or avenue between Smith and Hoyt streets, attached to and 
opposite to the site of the old Dutch church in Brooklyn, 
without a stone or mark, as was customary among the early 
settlers, to designate their graves, and enable their descend- 
ants to remove their remains to a permanent resting place 
in Greenwood Cemetery, and prevent them from being 
scattered and desecrated. 

These grounds have lately been sold by said church for 

$ , and are now covered with fine brown stone front 

stores. This sale has been made by the members of the 
present congregation, who are mainly new comers, and not 
descendants of the early settlers of the locality, which 
settlers were nearly all interred in these grounds, and who 
never dreamed that their successors in the church would 
make merchandise of their remains. The march of 
improvement and tide of population, with consecjuent taxes 


244 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

and assessments, may be said to have made the sale unavoid- 
able, especially since the dense population of the locality 
forbid additional interments in the grounds. St. Ann's 
church, whose burial ground vv^as located nearer the river, 
on Fulton street, and whose interments were more modern, 
at an earlier date felt compelled, probably for the same 
reasons, to pursue a similar course. Perhaps the high price 
realized from the sales may have had some effect with both 
congregations to hasten the same. Be this as it may, pre- 
cautions were taken by the friends of the dead and by the 
church, in the first place, to remove to other cemeteries 
the remains of those who had stones to mark their graves, 
and afterwards to dig over the whole ground to the depth 
of six feet in search of the bones of those whose graves 
were without a mark to point them out. 

The early settlers of Brooklyn had numerous private 
burial grounds, scattered about in favorite localities on their 
farms, which have nearly all been obliterated by the opening 
of streets, changes of ownership, and other causes, and the 
few that are yet to be seen are in a dilapidated condition, 
resembling deserted tenements, and ere long not a vestige 
of them will remain. In grounds where interments cease, 
after a few generations the dead are forgotten, they have 
no near relatives to guard their remains, and it becomes an 
easy matter to overturn their resting places. Some even 
suppose that the time will come when Greenwood, with all 
its beauties and expensive monuments will be swept away, 
and its site covered with a dense population. 

Hans Bergen's w\\\ is dated Jan. 1 2th, 1786, proved April 
2ist, 1789, and recorded in lib. 6, p. 11, in office of surro- 
gate of King's county. He devises one-half the farm he 
then occupied, adjoining the part devised to his son Dcrick, 
to his son Michael ; the north-easterly one-half part of said 
farm to his son Derick ; to his son Tunis lOO acres of his 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 245 

farm adjoining land of James Bennet ; to his son Peter the 
farm he lately bought of John Van Pelt, containing 69 acres 
and lying adjoining the north-easterly portion of his farm 
devised to Derick, and south-westerly of the lands of 
Wynant Van Pelt ; all subject to legacies payable to his 
other children. 
Issue : — 

183. I. Ruchcl, d. young. 

184. II. Simon, b. Oct. 13th, 1746. 

185. III. Michael, b, Jan. nth, 1751. 

186. IV. Hans, d. young. 

187. V. Derick. 

188. VI. Tunis J., b. Sept., 1759. 

189. VII. Cornelius, b. Dec. 10th, 176 1. 

190. via. Agnes. 

191. IX. Peter, b. Feb. 25th, 1765. 

192. X. Jacob, b. April i6th, 1 767. 

193. XI. Rachel, d. when 12 years old. 

The following is a facsimile of the signature of Hans or Johannes 
Bergen : 

joncmyruj /3t^ 


176. Tunis Bergen, b. Oct. 15th, 1730, at 4 o'clock, 
A. M., new style, and bapt. on the 28th, at Brooklyn ; d. 
May 2d, 1807 ; m. April, 1760, Annetie or "Johcmna^^ dau. 

' Capt. Elbert Elbemen Stootbojfy " van dc Vredc," or justice of tlit peace, as 
he was commonly styled, and whogenerally signed his name "Elbert Elhertse" 
the common antestur of the Stootholf family in this country, emigrated from 
Nieukerken (a hamlet with two liouses and 20 inhabitants, in the province of 
North Brabent, in the Netherlands, attached to the congregation of Goirle), in 
1637, as per lists of oaths of allegiance taken in 1687 j in 1633 as per Van ' 
Ticnhoven's reply to the St. ilea grncral. I'rom a certificate of Claes Van 
Eslant, (jvcrseerof Wouter \ m\ Twiller's [ilantation, of May 2d, 1644, found 
among Klbcrt's pajiers, it ai)i)cars ( I'llhcn bound to serve Kilian Van 


24G Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

of Gerret Stoothoff, of Flatlands, b. P'eb. 2ist, 1743, old 
style, and d, July 23d, 1819. 

Rensselaer six years in his colony, that with Van Rensselaer's consent he had 
served Wouter Van Twiller at that date four of these years, on Bouwery No. 
I, in New Amsterdam, owing yet two years service to Van Rensselaer, which 
he probably served in his colony, near Albany. From affidavits of Elbert, of 
July 5th, 1644, and that of others, he sets forth that he is 24 years of age, 
that Govert Lookmans (Loockermans) sailed in their company, from Fort 
Orange, in the yacht Good Hope, passing by Beerin island, where Nicholas 
Coorn resides ; in the name of the patroon Rcnselaer, Coorn ordered Lookmans 
to strike his flag, who refused, when Coorn fired several times with a cannon 
at the yacht, etc. He finally settled in Flatlands, and was one of the nine 
men appointed by the principal classes of the community in 1648, 1649, and 
1650, who represented " Manhattans, Breuckelen, Amersfoort, and Pavonia," 
whose duties were to promote the honor of God, the welfare of the country, 
the preservation of the reformed religion, and to give their opinion on matters 
submitted to them by the director and council. In 1648 they remonstrated to 
the states general of the Netherlands against the acts of the director general and 
the West India Company. Van Tienhoven, in his reply in behalf of the 
company to the remonstrance, in describing the nine men (to whom he did not 
intend to be very complimentary ),says " that Elbert Elbcrtsewent to the country 
"as a farmer's boy, at about 10 or 11 years of age, in the service of Wouter 
"Van Twiller." (This would bring him over in 1633, when he was 13 years 
of age.) In 1653 he represented Amersfoort in the convention held at New 
Amsterdam, to represent the state of the country to the authorities in Holland. 
April 8th, 1654, he was sergeant of, and commandant of the militia of Am- 
ersfoort. About this period he owned property in New Amsterdam, for in 
1655 he was assessed 10 Ji. for additional fortifications to the city; and also 
about the same period he owned property in Brooklyn, for on the list of persons 
and inhabitants of •' Breuckelen, and unto the ferry^'"'' assessed Feb. 7th, 1657, 
by the director and council to pay the salary of Dominie Polhemius, appears the 
name of" Elbert Elbert^en, in the Bay" (Flatlands was generally known as the 
Bay), assessed 10 Ji., the highest being Johannes Nevius, of the ferry, i^fl-, 
from which it may be inferred that Elbertsen was the owner of considerable 
property in Brooklyn. In 1654, '56, '57, '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, and 1673, 
he was one of the magistrates of Amersfoort (Flatlands). In 1646, after his 
marriage with the widow of Gerret Wolfertse Van Couwenhoven, by an agree- 
ment with the guardian of Gerret Wolfertse's children, Elbert took the whole 
of Gerret's estate, on condition of paying the debts, and bringing up and 
educating Gerret's children to read and write. When of age or married, Elbert 
to pay said children as follows : Wilkin Gcrretsen 200 carolus guilders ; Jan 
Gerretse 300 (he being allowed 100 more than liis brotJier, because not enjoy- 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 247 

February 19th, 1763, he bought of Wilhelmus Bennet, 
for ^1,025, a farm of 70 acres at Gowanus, located on 

ing good health, and weak in his limbs) j to Neeltje Gerretse 200, andMarretje 
Gerretse 200 g/. 

From an entry in Elbert's books, it appears that on the 14th of June, 1683, 
after the death of his second wife, Altie Cornelis, he agreed to pay on the 
following 2ist of December, to said Jan Gerretse, the sum of 2,000 guilders, 
in full for his share of the said Altie, his mother's estate. 

February 27th, 1664, Elbut w.15 one of the representatives from Amcrsfoort 
in the convention held at Midwout, for the purpose of sending delegates to 
Holland to lay before the states general and West India Company tlie distressed 
state of the country. April 10th, 1664, lie was one of the delegates from the 
same town to the general assembly, held at the city hall, in New Amsterdam. 
On the 1 6th of June, 1661, he obtained a patent for eighteen morgens in 
Amersfoort. The estate which £/icr/ obtained of Gerret Wolfertse's children 
consisted of 123 morgens on the southerly end of the westernmost of the three 
flats, known by the Indian name of '' Kaskutew." 

On the 25th of November, 1665, for 125 guilders, wampum, he purchased 
of " Mactel Spieser " (probably the heir of Thomas Spicer), as endorsed on the 
back of the Indian deed hereinafter referred to, " Mcutelaer " (as per patent) 
Island, now known as Bergen's Island, in Flatlands. This island was patented 
May 14th, 1646, by Gov. Kieft, to Capt. John Underbill, a mercenary soldier 
from New England, employed by Gov. Kieft to fight the Indians, who finally 
settled in Queen's county, where he has numerous descendants. Underbill sold 
his patent to Thomas Spicer (of Gravesend), who, July 20th, 1652, extinguished 
the Indian title, the deed of which is in the English language, and sets forth 
that the island is called by the Dutch " Metler's " Island, and by the Indians 
" Wimbaccoe," and that it is given " for and in considderation of full and 
" plenarie satisfaction allready paied and deliucred unto us," and is signed by 
"Specke Jon alias Aremacus, Oranke, Quahsse, and Ohachama," in presence 
of '' Ambrose Londdon " (London), interjireter, and Jolin Lake (both of 
Gravesend), as witnesses. (Query: Is this the Major Ambrose London living 
in 16S0, at Anntniessiik, Siiiiicrsct county, Maryland, as per an allid.ivit of his 
brotlier, John London, of Windsor, near Hartford, Conn., in relation to the 
arrest of Col. William Goffe, the regicide, as sworn in New York, April 20th, 
1680 (for which see Val. Man of 1858, p. 643). The Indian deed to Spicer 
is in the possession of T. G. Bergen. Elbertse also purchased, April 27th, 
1662, of the executors of Wolfert Gerretsen van Couwenhoven and his heirs, 
for 5,000 guilders in good strong " wompom," payable in four years, one-fourth 
each year, the lands and farms, with the improvements and cattle tliereon, 
"known liy tiie name ol' Aclilervalt," whiiii said Wolfert possessed; said 
lands luirn; the premises which Aruhiis Huddcii .ind Wolfert purchased of the 
Indians, .iiid which are described .is the *' westerniost of the three fiats named 

248 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

32d and 33d streets in the 8th ward of Brooklyn, (lib. 6, p. 
531, King's county register's office), on which he resided 

•' Kaskuteuw, lying on the island named by the Indians Suanhacky, between | 

"the Bay of the North River and the East River j in breadth from a certain ' 

"meadow or valley, and stretching about westerly to and into the woods;" | 

which lands were patented to them by Gov. Wouter Van Twiller, June 1 6th, 
1636, and by a confirmatory patent of August Z4th, 1658, granted by Gov. 
Stuyvesant to said Wolfert. Elbert Elhertien obtained, Nov. 1st, 1667, from 
Gov. Nicolls, a confirmatory patent for the above premises, and as per recorded 
deeds was in possession, at the time of his death, of at least 600 acres of upland 
in Flatlands, being the largest landholder in the place. There is no patent 
for land on Long Island of an earlier date, than that to Huddcn and Van 
Couwenhoven, and from papers in the possession of the descendants of Elbert^ 
it is evident that farm buildings were erected on the premises covered by this 
patent prior to its date, showing an earlier occupation than 1636. 

From the following entry in the minutes of the court of sessions, held in 
Gravesend on the 13th of December, 1679, " Capt. Elbert Elbcrti complains 
" of Albert Albertse (Terhune), Peter Claesen (Wyckoff), and Peter Cornells 
" (Luyster), of a Trespass, That the said persons have contrary to his order 
" put their Horses upon his Island called Beam Island to his damage," it may ^ 

be inferred that at this date he was the sole owner of said island, now called 
Barren Island, which is located in what is known as Jamaica Bay, on the west 
side of Rockaway inlet. For a number of years Elbert Elbcrtic was one of the ' 

justices of the above court. 

From the account books of Elbert Elbertse, in the hands of the author, it 
appeart that Elbert, in addition to farming, was a trader, keeping a country 
store, and dealing in dry goods, groceries, hardware, liquors, grain, skins, oil, 
whalebone, etc., which business appears after his death to have been continued 
for a time by his son Gerret. 

Elbert Elbertun Stoothoff vfAS born in 1620 j died about 1 688, in November 
of which year there is an entry on Flatlands church books of i6gl. for a grave 
for Capt. Elbert ; m. (ist), August 27th, 1645, Altie Cornells, daughter of 
Cornells l.ambertsen Cool, of Gow.inus, and widow of Garret Wolfertse van 
Couwenhoven; and m. (2d), July 2ibt, 1683, Sara Roeloll'se, widow of Cornells 
Van Bossum or Borssum, of Brooklyn ferry, and daughter of Anneke Janse, of 
Trinity Church memory, by her first husband, Rocloff Jansen Van Master- 
landt. Sara RoelcjiVse, who emigrated with her parents from Amsterdam in 
I 630, was born about 1626, m.(ist), June 2yth, 1642, Hans Kierstede,surgeonj 
and after his death m. (2d), Sept. 1st, 1669, Cornells Van liossum. She sur- 
vived her last husband, Elbert Eibertsen, and died about October, 1 693, in New 
York, having been received into the membership of the Reformed Dutch 
Church of , that place Sept. 2d, 1692, on certificate from Midwout. Children 
by first wife : Elbert, bapt. Jan. 26th, 1648, in New Amsterdam, probably d. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 249 

and died, remodelling and rebuilding the old dwelling house 
in 1795. There is a probability that the first dwelling 

young; Gcrrct Elbcrtse ; Helen or Heiltie Elbertse, who m. Thomas Willet, 
Sen., of Flushing; and Aechye or Aegie Elbertse, who m. John Teunisse Van 
Dyckhuysen, who emigrated to this country in 1653, and obtained a patent for 
17 morgens in Midwout, March 17th, 1662, and resided in Flatlands, as per 
assessment rolls in 1675 and 1698 ; Aechye, died in 1703. No children by 
second wife. 

Garret Elbertse, 5. of Elbert Elbertsen and Altie Cornelis, m.(ist), Willemtie 
Pieters, probably a dau. of Pietcr Montfoort ; m. (2d), August loth, 1684, 
Johanna Nevius, dau. of Johannes Nevius (who d. about 1734), and Ariaentje 
Bleyck, of Brooklyn ferry, baptized March nth, 1668; Garret, d. about 
1734. Ariaentje Bleyck was a daughter of Cornelis de Potter and Swantje 
Jans, of Brooklyn, and after the death of Johannes Nevius, m. (2d), Jan 
Aersen Middagh. Swantje Jans, after the death of Cornelis de Potter, m. (2d), 
Jan Stryker, of Flatbush. Johannes Nevius at one period resided in New 
York, and Gtrrct Elbertse resided in Flatlands, where he died March 30th, 
1730. The following is a copy of a bill for the funeral expenses of Johanna 
Nevius, the wife of Gerret Elbertse, as paid in 1735 by her son, Wilhelmus : 
"For one Barrel old Beer, £1 41. 

" 12 gallons wine at 51. 3 O 

" 10 pair Gloves at li. (>d. o 15 

'* I lb. allspice o a 

" \ lb. cinnamon o 5 

" 1 gross Pipes o 3 6(/. 

" 3 Cause handkerchiefs at 51. o '5 

" 5 pair Gloves at zs. 6J. 0126 

" 6 Glasses 03 

" 28 lb. sugar o 10 

" 3 gall. Rum o y 

" Ferriage 0103 

"Coffin O 15 

" Burying O 12 

9 16 3" 
June 20th, 1699, John Bowne, of Monmouth county, N. J., conveyed to 
Gerret Stoothuff, Gerret Wyckoft, John WyckofF, Dirck Van Sutphen, Peter 
Covenhoven, and Jacob Tyson, of King's county, N. Y., for £550, 1,000 
acres in Monmouth county, N. J., bounded south-westerly by " Burlington 
roade " and by Spotswoods, Middlcbrook, etc. (see lib. G, p. 117, of deeds, 
odicc secretary state, New Jersey). Some uf these lands may have been occu- 
|)ied by liii sons, Joliannis, I'elrus, Cornelius or Garrel, all of wlioiii removed 
to New Jersey. 

250 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

house erected on this portion of the Bennet and Bentin 
tract was in 1662, for in that year Mary Thomas, the 

Issue: Elbert Stooihcff ; Johanna StoothuiF, who died about I73S j Alcie 
StoothofF; Johannis Stoothoff, m. March 28th, 17 14, Neeltjc Schenck, removed 
to the R.iritan, New Jersey, in 1720, and died probably before his father ; Sarah 
Stoothoff, m. March 29th, 1711, Lawrence Williamsen ; Petrus Stoothoff; 
Arinthe or Adriana Stoothoff, born August 6th, 1686, died prior to 1735; 
Helena Stoothoff, m. April 26th, 1714, Rulof Lucasse Voorhies, and died prior 
to 1729; Cornelius Stoothoff, bapt. 1698, died March, 178 i, having emigrated 

to Somerset county, N. J.; Garret Stoothoff, m. Catharine , emigrated 

to Somerset county. New Jersey, and died after 1763 ; and Wilhelmus Stoothoff, 
born May 30th, 1705, died Feb. 14th, 1783, m. Sarah . 

Elbert Stoothoff, son of Gerret Elbertse, m. March 28th, 17 14, Johanna (or 
Anna) Lupardus, born in Dortrecht or Dort, Holland, daughter of the Rev. 
Gulielmus (or William) Lupardus, minister of the Protestant Reformed Dutch 
Churches in King's county, and Cornelia Van Wessell (or Wessellen), resided 
in Somerset county, N. J., as early as 1720, where he was a deacon of the 
Reformed Dutch Church of Six Mile Run, and where he resided as late as 
1729; afterwards he resided in Flatlands, and died September 19th, 1756. 
Issue: Gerret, born August 13th, 1715; and Wilhelmus, who died Feb. 14th, 
1783, and m. Nov. 9th, 1738, Alice Coerten Voorhies, born May 3d, 1709, 
died June 4th, 1788. Cornelia, the wife of Dominie Lupardus, had four 
children by a former husband, viz: Maria, Rokus, Symon, and Cornelia, and 
three, viz: Johanna or Anna, Christian, and Adrianne, by Lupardus. ^'Lupardus, 
by his will, dated Feb. 9th, 1701-2 (see lib. 2, of con.. King's county register's 
office, and lib. 7, p. 219, New York surrogate's office), left to his wife Cornelia 
all his property, as well in Holland as in America, to be divided equally, upon 
her death, among the seven children above named. In case of her marrying 
again, however, the sum of <£ 100, New York money, was to be paid, upon her 
marriage, to each of the children. Cornelia was sole executrix, of the will, 
and Col. Gerardus Beekman and Capt. Peter Stryker were appointed overseers 
or guardians of the children. 

"In 1740, tiieir motliL-r having again married, the cliildrcn of Lu|)ardus com- 
menced a suit in chancery against their step-father, Martin Schenck, to obtain 
their share of the property left by their father, consisting, as they represented, 
of a tract of land near the city of Dort, in Holland, of the value of £1,000, 
New York money ; some lands and real estate in the province of New York ; 
and a very large personal estate, of the value of £3,000. Their complaint, 
filed the 2d of July, 1740, is signed by James Alexander and William Smith, 
of counsel for tlie conipl.iinants, etc." (see vol. 3, Ni>. 2, pp. 102, and 103, of 
the New York Genealogical and iJingr.iphical Record). 

Ci:rrtr, son of Elbert and Johanna, born August 13th, 1715, O. S. ; m. 
1739, Laninutie Stryker, dau. of Jan, of I'latbush, boin Feb. 1 llli, 1716, 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 251 

widow of William Arianse Bennet (at the time the wife of 
Poulus Vanderbek), contracted with Symen Harmens to 

resided in Flatlands, and Aug. ist, 1746, O. S., was accidentally drowned in 
Flatlands bay, in the presence of Michael Stryker, his brother-in-law. His 
widow m. Jan. 13th, 1748, John Amerman, of Flatlands, who removed to 
Staten Island, and owned and occupied a farm on the kills west of New 
Brighton ; some of his descendants residing on said island. Gerrtt had issue : 
Eitie or Margrietie, born Jan. 28th, 1740; m. Nov. 24th, 1765, William 
N.illison or Nelson, and died without issue prior to 1789 ; Annalic or 'Jubaiiiui^ 
born Feb. 21st, 1743, "^- April, 1760, Tunis Bergen, of Gowanus, died July 
23d, 1819; and Saartic or Sarah, born Sept. 6th, 1745, O. S., died Dec. 5th, 
1825, at Derek Hogcland's, her son-in-law, in Buck's county, with whom she 
resided after the death of her husband, m. June 9th, 1763, by the Rev. Jona- 
than Dubois, John Stevens, of Byberry, in the county of Philadelphia, Penn., 
and had children: Johanna, born July ist, 1764, died Oct. 31st, 1822, m. 
Dirck Hogeland, farmer j Abraham, born Jan. 3d, 1767, died Oct. 13th, 
1817, m. Maria Hogeland ; Garret, born Sept. 2d, 1768, died Jan. 5th, 181 1 ; 
Blandenah, born April 2d, 1772, died Oct. 2d, 1781, young; Benjamin, born 
Sept. 2d, 1774, died Nov. 5th, 1822, m. Sara Van Horn ; Michael, born 
August I2th, 1779, died Feb. loth, 1838, m. Anna Rhoads ; John, born 
March 31st, 1782, died March 27th, 1830, single; Sarah, born Jan. 28th, 
1784, died Feb. 12th, 1804, m. Luke Voorhies, of New Jersey; Mary, born 
May 1 2th, 1787, died Sept. 12th, of the same year; and William C, born 
March 9th, 1789, died Jan. 5th, 1819, m. Anne Irvine. Luke Voorhies and 
Sara Stevens had a dau. Sarah, who m. Dec. 9th, 1834, Nicholas Still well, for 
many years town clerk of Gravesend, and a justice of the sessions of King's 
county, N. Y. The other descendants of John Stevens and Sarah Stoothoff, 
who are very numerous, reside mainly in Philadelphia and Buck's county, 

The name of Cornelis Lambertse Cool, the father-in-law of Elbert Elbemen 
Stootbojf, first appears on the colonial records on the 24th of June, 1638, in a 
suit against Jan van Vorst for debt, in which he recovered 3 ^/. August 26th, 
1638, Claes Cornelissen Switz sued Cool for the delivery of a horse, in wliich 
judgment was given in favor of the plaintiff', provided he gave security for the 
payment of the purchase money. Nov. 25th, 1638, Cool sued Jan Seals for 
damages sustained by defendant's hogs, in which (he court ordered them to 
arrange tlie matter, and take care each of his own hogs. Seals's plantation 
being located on Manhattan Island, above the present Canal street, Cool must 
at this period have resided in that vicinity. May 17th, 1639, Thomas Beecke, 
Beets or Bescher, conveyed to Cornelis Lamliertscii Cool, a on Long, for whicli |)reniises Cool obtained a patent, April 5th, 1642. It is that Cool agreed to purchase this plantation before this date, and that 
he was compelled to complete his purchase, for April 22d, 1 638, a suit was 

252 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

build a frame house at Gowanus, 40 feet by 20 feet. If 
correct, the present building, 47 feet by 35 feet, exclusive 
of the wing, is the second one built. 

tried between "Thomas Bescher, an Englibhrnan," and Cornelia Lambertsen 
Cool, about the purchase of a certain plantation, in which Cool, the defendant, 
was condemned to pay the purchase money (see vol. 4, p. 3, of O'Callaghan's 
manuscript translation Dutch records). 

This purchase and patent, as near as can be ascertained, covered the farms 
designated on Butts's map of Brooklyn, as of Peter Wyckoff, John Wyckoft", 
Henry Story, and Winant Bennet. ; 

August Z2d, 1639, permission was given Cool by the government to remove 
his cattle and commence farming with his brother-in-law, on which he probably 
removed to his Gowanus purchase. November ist, 1640, the fiscal obtained a '-> 
judgment against Abraham Plane, Cornelis Lambertsen Cool, and George ^ 
Rapalje, for violating the ordinance regulating the maize trade. Cool died 
about November or December, 1643, ^^^ June 14th, 1645, William Breden- -1 
bent, from Coulen, who at one period owned a farm and resided in Gravesend, 
married Aeltje Brackhoengie, Cool's widow. Bredenbent, in 1657, resided in j 

Gowanus, and paid izji. towards the salary of Dominie Polhemius. • ; 

Cool had a son Lambert Cornelissen, living in 1642, and left surviving two ,i 

daughters, the one Pietersje Cornelis, m. Claes Jansen van Enden, who came * 

from Purmerent, a town about 12 miles from Amsterdam, and was sometimes j 

called Claes Jansen van Purmerent, and also known as Jan Pottagie, anglke 'I 

•' soup Johnny " (see p. 42 of Winfield's Hudson County Land Titles). Long \ 

before his death, he abandoned the name of " van Purmerent," and was known \ 

as " Kuyper," probably from his being a cooper, of which kuyper is the Dutch. 
He resided at Paulus Hook; his wife died previous to 1656 (in November of 
which year he m. again), by whom he had three children. The other dau. 
of Cool, Altie Cornelis, m. Gerret Wolfertse van Couwenhoven, and from her 
are descended the Brooklyn and New Utrecht Cowenhovens. 

Lambert Cornelissen, son of Cornelis Lambertse, may have settled in New 
Jersey, and may be the father of Peter Kool (Cool), of Hackinsack, who m. 
Jannetjc Dingemans, and had a dau. Marretie bapt. in the Hackinsack Re- 
formed Dutch Church, in 1695. After Gerret's death, Altie Cornelis m. (2d) 
prior to 1647, E/i>eit E/Oertien StoothooJ, whcrchy she became the ancestress 
of the Stoothotfs of this vicinity. Aeltje Brackhoengie and William Breden- 
bent made a joint will Jan. 22d, 1670, in which they devise their property to 
Maria or Mary Tomas Baddie, a dau. of Aeltje by a former husband. This 
Mary or Maria Baddie m. (ist), Jacob Vardon, by whom a son, Thomas 
Jacobse Vardon ; m. (2d), Willem, Arianse Bennet, wijereby she became the 
anceatrcbs oi the Gowanus and New Utrecht Benneis ; and ni. (3d), Oct. <;tli, 
1C44, I'.uilijs Vanderbek, by wliom four chlKhcn. 









Michael Hansen Bergen. 253 

April 13th, 1 78 1, Tunis Bergen bought of John Vander- 
bilt, for c£66o, by one account, X700 by another, a 
mortgage on the adjoining premises of Wilhclmus Bcnnet, 
containing 74 acres and 16 perches, as per the record in the 
register's office, and 67 acres, as per the court report.' 
Under a foreclosure of this mortgage, he purchased, Sept. 
Iith, 1784, the premises, indirectly through Michael Ber- 
gen, his nephew, and held the same during the remainder 

January 5th, 1644, an agreement was entered into between Acltje Brack- 
hoengie, widow, Gerret Wolfertsen (van Couwenhoven), and Claes Jansen (Van 
Enden), her sons-in-law, respecting the division of the estate of Cool and his 
plantation, at Gowanus. October 12th, 1645, in ^ suit by Claes Jansen (Van 
Enden) and Elbert Elbcrtan [Stooibojf), against William Bredenbent, husband 
of the widow of Cornelis Lambertsen Cool, the court decided that a will 
produced by defendant is invalid, that a certain contract made by Aeltje Brack- 
hoengie, Gerret Wolfertsen (van Couwenhoven), and Claes Jansen (Van 
Enden), on Jan. 5th, 1644, is in force; wherefore defendant is to pay the 
claim held against said Aeltje by Wolfertsen and Jansen, aforesaid, as heirs of 
Cornelis Lambertsen Cool. For the references to Cool see vol. 1, p. 156, vol. 
Ill, p. 93, vol. IV, pp. 79 and 237, of Dutch MSS., in office of secretary of 
State, New York. 

From the above it appears that from Altje Brackhoengie, is descended the 
Brooklyn and New Utrecht Cowenhovens, the Stoothoff family of this country, 
the Bennets of Gowanus and New Utrecht, and the branch of the Bergen 
family who trace back to Tunis Bergen and Johanna Stoothoff; also the Ver- 
dons, some of whom reside in the city of New York, and the Vanderbeks, 
some of whom reside in Hudson county. New Jersey. 

The following are facsimiles of the signatures of Cornelis Lambertse Cool, 
and of Elbert Elbertsen Stoothoff: 

■ The mortgage was dated April I2tli, 1776, and given to secure tlie payment 
jf a bund of .t6oo, with 5 per cent interest, [uyable one year after date. 

254 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

of his life. On the 8th of November, 1776, Wilhelmus 
Bennet died intestate, leaving his eldest son, Wilhelmus, 
then a minor 15 years of age, his heir at law, who, on the 
close of the war of the revolution, in 1783, and after the 
treaty of peace on the 3d of September, of that year, left 
the state, with other tories, and went to Nova Scotia. In 
1788 he returned, and on the 3d of February filed his bill 
in the court of chancery, and claimed the right to redeem 
the mortgaged premises, on the ground of illegality in the 
foreclosure proceedings, and " that the mortgagee was a 
"• trustee for the mortgagor, and as such could not be a 
" purchaser of the property, which he himself sold in that 
"capacity." The chancellor decided that the complainant 
ought to be permitted to redeem, from which decision 
Bergen appealed, and the court of final resort decided that 
" none of the objections raised are sufficient to justify the 
" setting aside the sale of 1784, and consequently that the 
" decree of the court of chancery ought to be reversed."' 

The sum due on the mortgage at the time of the sale 
appears to have been X924, and a Mr. Cowenhoven, a 
creditor of the mortgagor, who was present at the sale, 
refused to take the property for X700. In the court of 
errors, A. Hamilton and D. D. Tompkins were the attor- 
neys for Bennet, and Bogert, Troup, and E. Benson, for 
Bergen. Bennet, the plaintiff, in consequence of failing 
to pay the costs, was, under the then existing laws, for a 
time imprisoned, but finally, out of compassion, released 
by Bergen, the defendant. 

On the30th of July, 1834, the descendants of Wilhelmus 
Bennet, who were generally ignorant and uneducated, 
having the possession of the old title deeds, and a tradition 
that they had a good claim upon the property, and that 

' CaiiK-'s Cases in Error, vol. I, p. I. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 255 

their ancestors had been defrauded out of the same, under 
the advice of a hungry hiwyer named Thompson, took 
forcible possession of a portion of the premises, erecting 
at night a shanty thereon, from which, however, they were 
soon ejected under an action for forcible entry and detainer, 
tried on the 13th of August, 1834, and mulcted for costs 
and damages, which one of them, luckily, happened to be 
in possession of sufficient propertyto pay. 

The premises procured of the Bennets were a part of a 
tract of 930 acres purchased in 1636 by William Arianse 
Bennet (ancestor of VVilhelmus), and Jacques Bentin, 
Englishmen, of the Indians, and as near as can be ascer- 
tained were occupied by Poulus Vanderbek, who m. Mary 
Baddie or Badye, sometimes written Mary Thomas, the 
widow of said William Arianse. 

About 1764, a suit was commenced by Tunis Bergen 
and Anatie, his wife, John Stevens and Saartie, his wife, 
and William Nallison and Eitie, his wife, against John 
Stiles (a fictitious name), and Wilhelmus StoothofF, for the 
recovery of the island located in the meadows and on the 
shores of the bay in Flatlands, patented by Gov. Kieft to 
Capt. John Underbill, known as " Winpaggue," Meute- 
laers, or Omety's Island' (now Bergen's island), containing 

'The spelling of the Indian name varies on different documents; on some 
it ii " Wynpaggue," on others " Wimbaccoe." " Meutelaers or Metler's," 
" Mcutelaer's " or "Metier," as sometimes written, is derived from " Claes 
Mitalers," who resided on this island in i 671, as per an entry on the vendue 
book of Adrian Hegeman, of Flatbush. From a fragment in the New York 
Colonial MSS., iv, 158, of a deposition of ''Geertjen Nanninex, wife of Claes 
Mentelaer," on the 27th of January, 1643, lold at her house in the bay, in rela- 
tion to some corn hills in Brooklyn, it may be inferred that the island was at 
that early date, and prior to the patent of Kieft to Underbill, of May 14th, 
1646, occupied by Mentelaer, and that Mentelaer occupied it for many years as 
a tenant. The word metselaer, in Dutch, means mason or bricklayer, of whicli 
Mentelaer or Mitlaer may be a corrujition, and it may have been tlie trade of 
Claes, who occui)ied the island. "Omety's" island means Uncle's island, 

256 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

about 90 acres of upland, on the ground that their wives, 
the daughters and heirs of Garret^ Stoothoff, were entitled 
to the same by the will of Elbert' Elbertse StoothofF, their 
ancestor, dated Dec. i8th, 1686, in which he bequeathed 
said island to his eldest son Gerret,' and after his death to 
his child or children in succession, and on failure of suc- 
cession to Gerret's' two sisters, Heyltie and Aegje, and in | 
case of their death, upon their child or children, and in 
case of failure of them, then upon his nearest relations in 
blood, stating that it was his express will and desire, that 
the same should not go out of his family or generation, but 
should remain forever hereditary therein. After the decease 
of Elbert' Elbertse, Gerret' went into possession, and by j 
his (Gerret's) will devised the island (supposing he had a 
legal right), to Wilhelmus,' one of his younger sons. 
However, Elbert,"^ Gerret's' eldest son, entered on the island 
on his father's death, and put his eldest son, Gerret,^ in 
possession, who died (being .accidentally drowned in the 
bay), during his father's lifetime, leaving issue three daus., 
viz : l^itie or Margrietie, Annatie, and Saartie, plaintiffs 
together with their husbands in this suit. After the death 
of Gerret,^ Elbert^ his father put his second son Wilhelmus^ 
in possession, and on Elbert's death, Wilhelmus^ the second 
son delivered up possession to his uncle Wilhelmus,' a 
defendant in this suit, who died in 1783, during its progress. 
On the death of the uncle, Wilhelmus,' his son Peter went 
into possession. 

This suit was finally decided on the 3d of Sept., 1791 
(about 27 years after its commencerAent), in favor of the 
plaintiffs, thus declaring the entailment by Elbert' Elbertse 

probably from its being occupied by an elderly person, who it was conimon to 
call uncle. East island, in Long Island sound, and in the town of Oysterbay, 
is sometimes known as " Mutclaer " island, as per p. 496, vol. 11, of Thomp- 
son's Long Island, showing a similarity of names. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 257 

to be lawful, but before its termination, Eitie or Margretie 
died without issue, leaving her two sisters her heirs at law. 

On the 5th of September, Tunis Bergen went to the 
island, and dispossessed Peter StoothofF, who was in pos- 
session, leaving his son John Bergen in charge. On his 
claim for rent while unlawfully deprived of the use of the 
premises, the arbitrators who were selected by the parties 
awarded him, on the 25th of June, 1792, X445, which 
was paid in instalments, by William and Johannes, sons of 
Wilhelmus StoothoflF. After the termination of the suit, 
on the loth of May, 1792, Tunis Bergen^ for <£8oo, bought 
of John Stevens and Saartie, his wife, of Bybury, Penn., 
their undivided half of the island.' 

June 2d, i'j']2^ '''■ Tunis Bergen" was commissioned a 
second lieutenant of Capt. John Carpenter's company of 
foot in the regiment of militia of King's county, by Gov. 
William Tryon. November, 1776, his name appears 
among those who took liritish protection and the oath of 
allegiance. After the revolution he claimed X78 for the 
loss of eight cattle, one horse, forty bushels wheat and 
forty bushels rye, destroyed by the American army, prior 
to the battle of Long Island. These claims were founded 
on an order issued, it is said, by Gen. Washington to the 
farmers on the west end of the island on the arrival of the 
British fleet and army in the lower bay, to stack their grain 
outside their barns, so that in case of necessity it might be 
burnt without endangering the buildings (which burning 
took place) ; and their cattle, to effect the same object, 
were driven to the eastern part of the island, and never 

Some light may be gained on this subject from extracts 
from a farce entitled, "The Battle of Brooklyn, a farce in 

■See lib. 6, p. 526, con., King's county register's office. 

258 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

two acts," printed by Rivington in 1776, ridiculing the 
American army and its officers, in which Col. Clark, one 
of the " Dramatis Personae," who is styled a retailer of rum 
in Connecticut, and is represented as employed in gathering 
the cattle along Gowanus, to prevent them from falling in 
the hands of the British, 20 of which he secreted for his 
own purposes, "in the orchard of one 5^r^^«." When 
the attack commenced at Gowanus on the sentries of the 
American army, Clark is represented as fleeing to Gen. 
Sterling, to whose, numerous enquiries Clark said, " but I 
" will tell you all I know. They sent a captain to relieve 
" me : I would not be relieved by a captain, so I went to 
" sleep at one Bergen's^ from whence the out sentries were 
" relieved. This Bergen awaked me awhile ago, and said 
" there was shooting in his field," * ***** 
" I have lost the cattle that were in Bergen's orchard. 

" {Jsuk.y 

In 1784 he was supervisor of Brooklyn, and from 1784 
to 1787 inclusive, he was one of the three trustees having 
charge of the patent, common lands, town rights, etc., of 

His will is dated September 23d, 1806, proved October 
28th, 1 807,' in which he devised his Brooklyn lands (except 
some woodland to his son Tunis) to his son Garret, and 
the island in Flatlands to his son John, all subject to the 
use of his widow during life, and subject to legacies to his 
other children. 

Issue : — 

194. I. Rachel, b. August 151!), 1761. 

195. II. Lammetje, b. Oct. 13th, 1762. 

196. III. Johannes or Hans, b. Sept. 23d, 1764. 

197. IV. Johanna or Antje, b. Oct., 1766, d. March 4th, 1771. 

' Will rccuulcd in lib. 2, j). 68, oiKcc surrogate of King's county. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 259 

198. V. Femmetje, b. August 4th, 1769. 

199. VI. Garret, b. Jan. i ith, 1772. 

200. VII. Teunis, b. May 16th, 1774. 

201. viu. Johanna or Annetie, b. Oct. 2d, 1776. 

202. IX. Sarah, b. March loth, 1782. 

The following is a facsimile of the signature of Tunis Bergen : 


Children of MICHAEL BERGEN (172) and Catelyntie 
Bergen^ of Brooklyn, New York. 

177. Sarah Bergen, born Dec. i8th or July i8th, 
1743 ; died Nov. 21st, 1807 ; m. Aug. 30th, 1759, Capt. 
John Grant^ of his Majesty's 42d Highland regiment, who 
was born in 1729. According to tradition she was cele- 
brated for her beauty, which captivated the captain, April 
19th, 1762, the colonial government issued a warrant in 
favor of Capt. John Grant, for X957, bounty and enlisting 
money for 87 volunteers, of the counties of Kings and 
Queens (see vol. xc, pp. 126, 142, English Manuscripts, 
office secretary state, Albany.) At this date he appears to 
have commanded a company in the 2d New York regiment, 
and in 1764, he marchedhis company from the city of New 
York to Fort Herkimer, on the Mohawk. After their 
marriage they resided on the farm with the grist mill attached, 

260 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

which her father purchased of the executors of Thomas 
Cornell, on the south side of the village of Jamaica, in 
Queen's county. Being a loyalist, during the revolution, 
Capt. Grant, with his family (excepting Micheal Bergen 
Grant, his eldest son), emigrated to Kempt, Hants county, 
about nine miles below Windsor, on the north side of the 
Avon river, near the Bay of Fundy, in Nova Scotia, where 
for his services or losses in the war, he had a grant from 
the British government for 3,000 acres of good land in the 
then wilderness. One thousand acres of this tract, known 
as Loyal Hill, is at present (1872) owned by John N. 
Grant, one of his descendants, having on it a valuable 
plaster quarry, and the mansion erected by Michael Bergen 
Grant, the oldest son of the captain, which is occupied by 
two of J. N. Grant's brothers. 

In Nova Scotia, on the western shores of the Bay of 
Fundy, and in New Brunswick, reside the descendants of 
Long Island and New Jersey families, whose ancestors 
were tories in the revolution, and fled when this country 
achieved her independence. Those to whom the British 
government assigned lands in these localities were fortunate, 
the soil being generally good and productive. Others had 
lands assigned them on the Atlantic coast, some in the 
neighborhood .of Cape Sable, Shelburne, and Cape 
Roseway, an iron bound shore, on which the lands are 
rocky and sterile, where, bringing with them wealth, 
many of them had built fine mansions, in part of mate- 
rials which they carried with them from the states, 
which a missionary who was stationed there some 50 years 
ago informed the author, when at Windsor, were then 
deserted, dilapidated, and disappearing ; that he was informed 
that when their means were exhausted they sat on the barren 
rocks weeping over their harii tale, starvation staring them 
in tiic face, from wliic h many of them (led, and some 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 261 

returned in poverty, seeking the protection of the govern- 
ment whose establishment, from mistaicen views, they had 

The town or city of Shelburne was founded by them, 
and they filled it \<'ith about 9,000 inhabitants, exclusive of 
the Black toivn^ containing about 1,200 free negroes, who 
had served during the war, many of whose (the negroes') 
descendants, together with those who since fled from 
American slavery, are to be found in the British provinces. 
A brig bound to Shelburne in June, 1783, with 30 families 
on board, foundered at sea, and all on board perished. 
Many of the loyalists who first arrived at Shelburne, wrote 
back in August to their friends, by no means to come to 
that place. There was a settlement of loyalists at Fort 
Frontenac, at the mouth of Lake Ontario, one at the mouth 
of the St. Lawrence river, in Canada, and also another on 
the island of St. Johns. Some northern, with many 
southern loyalists, settled on the island of Albico, one of 
the Bahamas. From some accounts it appears that from 
27,000 to 30,000 refugees, men, women, and children, 
embarked from New York to Nova Scotia and New 

Most of the descendants of Capt. John Grant con- 
tinue to reside in Nova Scotia, and occupy a respectable 
position in society. 

Issue: — 

I. Michael Bergen Grant/ b. 1760; d. Nov., 1807; m. 1798, 

' De Voe's Market Book, vol. i, pp. 178, 179, and New York Corporation 
Manual of 1870. 

'■^ Issue of Michael Bergen Grant and Sophia Nutting : John Nutting Grant, 
who had children by his first wife : Sophia Elizabeth m. Monson H. Goudge, 
Mary Matilda m. John Bcnnet, Michael Bergen, Sarah Caroline, and John 
Nutting 5 by his second wife, Henry Hugh, Mary Ann, Frederick Malcom, 


2G2 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

Sophia Nutting, of the state of Maine, b. 1777, who was alive in 
1857. He held the office of ensign in the Brooklyn company of 
militia, which he resigned March 23d, 1790. He inherited from 
his grandfather, as hereinbefore stated, the Brooklyn homestead farm 
on which he erected a new and more commodious house. It is said 
that at the time he built this house he was a suitor for the hand of 
Miss Diana, daughter of John Cowenhoven, of Bedford, that a 
marriage engagement existed between them, that the house was built 
to please her taste and promote her comfort on the consummatton 
of their union. This, however, never took place ; his fair one 
proved fickle ; the cup of bliss was dashed from his lips, and in a fit 
of disappointment, on the llth of May, 1787,' for ill, 500, he sold 
his farm of 90 acres, with liis new mansion, and 12 acres of wood- 
land, to George Powers, a butcher, his grandmother, Catelyna Ber- 
gen, joining in the deed, and then followed his parents to Kempt, 
in Nova Scotia, where he married, and continued to reside until 
his death. 

The house he built was of the same pattern and style of archi- 
tecture as that of the Tunis Bergen house (an uncle of Grant), a 
view or picture whereof is hereinafter given. In the beginning of 
this century the houses built by the most wealthy farmers were of 
this style of architecture, many of which are yet standing in King's 

II. John Grant, b. Dec. 21st, 1762; probably d. young. 

HI. Rachel Grant, b. 1766; lived to an old age; d. single. 

IV. Catalina or Catharine Grant, bapt. Dec. 4th, 1767, in R. D. 
Ch., of Jamaica; d. young, in Nova Scotia. 

V. Letitia Grant, b. 1771; m. William Parker, and left issue, 5 
sons and 5 daughters. 

Peter McCuUum, and Susan : Caroline Bergen Grant, who m. John Burgess : 
Mary Ann Grant, who m. George Allison, a farmer : Sophia Mary Grant, who 
m. Joseph Allison, sheriff in 1857, of the county: Letitia Lefferti Grant, 
single : Jannctte AIcNcal Grant, who m. William Allison, a farmer : and 
Susan NuitifJir Grant, who m. Tiicodore S. H.irding, a mcrclunt. 
' Sec lil). ij, p. 314, of con., King's county register's oflice. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 263 

VI. Sarah Grant, b. April 28th, 1774; bapt. August, 1774, in 
R. D. Ch., of Jamaica; d. young, in Nova Scotia. 

VII. Stephen Grant, b. Jan. 21st, 1776; bapt. in R. D. Ch., of 
Jamaica; d. young, in Nova Scotia. 

VIII. Nancy Grant, bapt. August 4th, 1777; d. young, on Long 

IX. Ann or Nancy Grant, b. August 20th, 1778, at Brooklyn; 
d. August 23d, 1821, at Windsor, N. S.; m. Oct. 28th, 1801, 
John Smith,' of the township of Kempt, coufity of Hants, N. S., 
who d. May 23d, 1832, at Windsor, aged 56. 

X. Sarah Terhune Grant, b. Jan. 15th, 1787; m. John Parker, 
and left issue, 4 sons and 1 daughter. 

XI. Stephen Grant, b. Feb. 24th, 1789; d. poor in the city of 
New York, between 1843 and 1890; m. and left issue. 

XII. Catharine Grant, b. Nov. 12th, 1791 ; m. her cousin, Albert 
Terhune, son of Stephen, and had 3 sons and 6 daughters, the 3 
last born in Nova Scotia, the others on Long Island. 

178. Teste or Letitia Bergen, born ; died 

about 1 81 2 ; m. July 7th, 1759, Stephen Terhune^ of Haclc- 

' Issue of John Smith and Ann Grant : yobn Smithy born at Newport, 
Hants county, N. S., Sept. 15th, 1802; died June z8th, 1872 ; m. Nov. 20th, 
1833, Ann Goudge, leaving issue, Thomas, Watson, John Wesley, Edmund, 
Goudge, and Julia : fVi/liam Smith, born at Newport, May ist, 1804; m. 
Jan. 22d, 1834, Maria Godfrey, having issue, Ann, Richmond, Albert, Helen, 
Phebe, Leander, Archur, Fred, Alice, and Florence : Sophia E. Smith, born in 
Windsor, Oct. 6th, 1806, single : Bennett Smith, born in Windsor, Nov. 29th, 
1808, where he now resides, a ship builder and ship owner, the firm of which 
he is the principal partner having (1875) some seventeen ships and brigs 
at sea ; m. Dec. 27th, 1832, Rachel Harris, and has issue, Sarah, Thomas, 
Emma, Mary, Ann, Charles Dettolf, John, and Elizabeth : Sarah Smith, born 
Dec. loth, 1810, in Windsor; died May ist, 1826: Le-vi Smith, born Dec. 
15th, 1812, in Windsor j m. July 29th, 1856, Isabella Best, no issue: Mary 
Ann Smith, born April 5th, 1815, in Windsor; died April 20th, 1826: Jane 
Amelia Smith, born May 5th, 18 17, in Windsor; died Oct. 2 1st, 1817 : 
Charles Grant Smith, born August 41 li, iHlX,in Windsor; died M.iy 2d, 1826: 
and EH-j:,al)cth Smith, born August 5tli, 1821, in Windiur ; died Nov. 2ibt, 

264 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

ensack, N. J., born Sept. i8th, 1730 ; died about 1787 ; a 
great-grandson of Albeit AlbertseTerhune' and Hendrickje 
Stephense Van Voorhees, at first of Flatlands, and after- 
wards of Hackensack, and a great-great. grandson of Albert 
Albertse Terhune, ribbon weaver, the first emigrant of the 
name, who resided on the Nyack tract in New Utrecht in 
1657, at the time of the settlement of said town, and in 
1660 and 1665, purchased land of the Van Couwenhovens, 
and in 1675 of the Stoothoffs, in f'latlands, to which place 
he removed. August 26th, 1771, " Stephanus Terhune and 
Tysje Bergen" his wife, on certificate from Brooklyn, 
joined the Reformed Dutch Church, of New York. In 
1792, Teste (then a widow), on certificate, joined the first 
Reformed Dutch Church, of Hackensack. She died prior 

^ yf/i<r? ^/ifrfif Terifewne, baptized (supposed) August 13th', 1 65 1, in New 
Amsterdam; died about 1708 ; m. (ist), Hendrikje Stephense Van Voorhees; 

m. (2d), Wyntje , member of Flatlands Reformed Dutch Church, in 

1677, of Hackensack Reformed Dutch Church, in 1689. A deputy of the 
E. New Jersey assembly in 1695-6. Will dated Feb. 1 6th, 1707-8, proved 
September 7th, 1709, recorded lib. 9, p. 273, surrogate's office, city of New 

Albert Albertse Terhune, the emigrant, and Jaques Cortelyou, in behalf of 
themselves and associates, obtained from Gov. Carteret a patent for 5,000 
acres of land on the Passaic river, wliich was made void by act of the general 
assembly, with a salvo of theii right. In 1685 they petitioned the governor 
and council of East New Jersey for a patent of these lands, against which a 
caveat was entered by Major John Berry, who claimed the premises as part of 
the land granted him. Upon examination it appeared that Berry's patent was 
of a neck of land, and did not cover the lands claimed and applied for by 
Albertse and Cortelyou, for whom a patent was ordered on their paying their 
arrears of quit rent (Record of the Governor and Council of East Jersey, 
1682, 1703, p. 118). It is probable that Albert Albertse Terhune, the second 
settled on lands obtained under this patent. 

The following is a facsimile of Albert Albertse's signature : 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 265 

to 1812, at the residence of her son-in-law John N. Ro- 
maine, at Saddle River, New Jersey, and was buried in the 
grounds of the Reformed Dutch Church, in Brooklyn. 

The father of Stephen Terhune was Albert Terhune, of 
Hackensack, who m. Marietje Martesse, and who, with 
his wife, became members of the Hackensack Reformed 
Dutch Church, June 17th, 1729. Stephen was a painter 
by trade, and as per an article in the Paterson Daily Press, 
of August 17th, 1872, "was a skillful workman, and 
" handled the brush with such dexterity and taste that he 
" was tempted into higher walks of art in the use of colors 
" than mere house and ornamental sign painting, and is 
*' reported to have been rated as something of an artist. 
*' He was carrying on quite an extensive and lucrative 
"business in Liberty street, N. Y., when the Revolution 
" began, and when the city was occupied by the British he 
"was obliged to flee, leaving his shop, materials, and im- 
" plements all behind. He then bought a tract of land at 
" Polifly (now Corona, just north-east of Carlstadt and 
" Rutherford Park), Bergen co., N. J., where he spent 
*' the remainder of his life in agricultural pursuits." After 
the revolution his heirs vainly sought to get some compen- 
sation for his property destroyed in New York city. Even 
the real estate in Liberty street had passed beyond their 
reach, though they instituted legal proceedings to recover 
it. He died at Polifly, about 1784, and was buried at 
Hackensack, his will being dated April i6th, 1779, at New 
Barbadoes, N. J. 

Issue : — 

I, Albert Terhune, m. his cousin Catharine, dau. of Capt. John 
Grant, fell in love with the red coats in the revolution, whom he 
joined, and on the evacuation of the country by the British, he 
removed to the vicinity of ilic locality of liis father-in-law, near 
Windsor, on the Avon river, Nova Scotia, where he left surviving a 

266 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

number of children, one of whom, in 1857, was a judge of the 
county where he resided. He was in Brooklyn in 1788, as herein- 
before stated, and after an absence of 28 years from the date of his 
emigration from the paternal homestead, Albert revisited Polifly 
for a short time, and then returned to his new made home in Nova 
Scotia, where he died. 

II. Catharine Tcrhune, b. 1764; d. Nov., 1840; m. John N. 
Romaine, of Saddle River, N. J., afterwards of the city of New 
York, and had children, Cornelius, who was a carman in the city 
of New York ; Elizabeth, who m. Walter Lcgget, a dry goods 
merchant in said city; and Michiel Romaine, who died single. 

III. Michiel B. Terhune, b. Feb. 20th, 1765; d. Feb. 10th, 
1840; m. Maria or Mary Terhune, a widow. Resided on and 
owned for many years a tract of land and grist mill, which he pur- 
chased in 1 805, of Andrew Van Horn, at Bergen, formerly Constable 
Point, at the mouth of the kills between Staten Island and New 
Jersey, on the bay of New York, which farm he finally sold, and 
removed to the city of New York, where he died. His children 
were Stephen, b. March 21st, 1793, now (1863) of Greenville, 
near Jersey City, who m. (1st), June 1st, 1815, Eliza Vreeland, 
dau. of Cornelius, and m. (2d), Mary Van Horn; Ursula, b. June 
1st, 1791, m. Barent Van Horn; Margaret, b. June 17th, 1795, 
m. Andrew Brombush; and Ralph, b. May 19th, 1799, of Hack- 
ensack, who m. Ann BrinckerhofF. 

Among the subscribers for rebuilding the Reformed Dutch Church 
of Hackensack, in 1790, appears ^^ Michael B. Terhune, £2," 
from which it may be inferred he was then a resident of that 

IV. Elizabeth Terhune, m. John W. Berry, of Polifly, New 
Jersey, and had children, Stephen ; John, b. 1805, d. 1871 ; Wil- 
liam ; Elizabeth; Letitia, who m. John Ackerman, of Hackensack; 
Sarah, who m. Nicholas Johnson; and Polly Berry. 

V. John Terhune, of Saddle River, Bergen county. New Jersey; 
m. Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Tcrhune, of Paramus, and had child- 
ren, Stephen ; Henry; Letitia; Maria; Gertie; Ciiristine; Catharine; 
Lea; and Sarah Terhune. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 267 

VI. Stephen Terhune, of Hackensack, m. Leah Burden, of 
Slaakiip, Bergen county, New Jersey, and had issue, Guilliame or 
William Terhune, who ni. Ann Lydcker. 

vn. Jacob Terhune, of Polifly, m. Rachel Chappel, and had 
children, Stephen; John; and Jacob Terhune. 

VIII. Sarah Terhune, m. Peter Terhune, of Polifly; d. quite 
young, and had a son Stephen Terhune, who lived on the old 
homestead, at Polifly, and d. about 1842, single. 

IX. Letitia Terhune, m. Dec 15th, 1782, James Houseman, of 
Polifly, a son of James, and grandson of Charles, and had children, 
Maria, b. August 26th, 1783, d. 1793; Letitia, born August 5th, 
1785, d. 1831, m. James Goetschius, of near Passaicvillc, and had 
two children; Agnes, b. Sept. 2d, 1787, m. Williain Lee, and had 
six children; Catharine, b. Dec. 12th, 1789, m. January, 1817, 
Thomas Vreeland, and had no issue; Elizabeth, b, Feb. 17th, 1792, 
single; James, b. April 28th, 1795, '"• '826, Jane W., dau. of 
Ezekiel Wade, of Bellville, d. March 30th, 1850, childless; Stephen, 
b. Dec. 28th, 1797, m. 1820, Ann, dau. of Nicholas Cutwater, of 
Moonachie, and had five children; Abraham, b. March 15th, 1801, 
single; and Maria Houseman, b. Nov. 1st, 1803, m. April 8th, 
1828, Thomas Loyd, who d. July 3d, 1842, and had four children. 

Children of DERICK BERGEN (174) and Deborah 
Cortelyou^ of Brooklyn, New York : 

179. Rachel Bergen, born about 1753 ; died March 
loth, 1824; m. Dec. 29th, 1771, Walter Berry ^ born in 
the city of New York,' in 1755, who owned and occupied 

' The Bcrryi of this country arc probably the descendants of Jabn Berry, 
who obtained from Gov. Philip Carteret, July 20th, 1669, a patent for sundry 
parcels of land in Bergen county, N. J., in the vicinity of the Hackinsack 
river, etc., on which he settled, and in 1682 he was a member of the council 
from East New Jeesey. In 1671, he appears to have been a member of a 
company interested in the settlement of Chiepiessing, on tlie Delaware river 
(see Winfield's Hudson County Land Titles, p. 112, and vol. xx, p. 27, of 
English Manuscripts, office secretary of state, Albany). 

Theie was a John Berry, who, in 1 626, obtained a patent for 100 acres in 

2G8 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

a farm in Gowanus, in the vicinity of I2th and 14th streets, 
which he purchased of the heirs of Cornelius Van Duyn, 
and who was gored to death by a bull, Sept. 21st, 1813, 
aged 63. After the death of her husband she resided on 
her share of her father's farm. Nov. 8th, 1813, she and 
her son Richard took out letters of administration on her 
husband's estate. 
Issue : — 

I. Samuel Berry, b. Nov. 5th, 1772; d. August 3d, 1774- 
II. Jemima Berry, b. August 27th, 1774; d. March 9th, 1810; 
m. about 1790, William Barre, of New Utrecht, b. Feb. 4th, 
1768, d. Oct. 25th, 1827, and had children: Catharine Barre, b. 
Oct. 3orh, 1791, single; Samuel Barre, b. May 4th, 1797, d. 
Nov. I2th, 1852; William W. Barre, b. Sept. 26th, 1799, d. 
March 29th, 1854, single; and Walter Barre, b. June 22d, 1804, 
d. June i8th, 1871, m. Nov. 25th, 1825, Mary Hewlette Dawson, 
b. Oct, 26th, 1806, d. Sept. 23d, 1872; was a carriage maker by 
trade, and for several years carried on that business in Brooklyn, 
under the firm of Walters and Barre ; afterwards, for years, until 
his death, engaged in the coal trade in said city. Walter Barre 
had issue: William Barre, b. Nov. 19th, 1826, now (1875) 
register of King's county; (m. ( 1st), March 4th, 1847, Emily Fielder, 
who d. June 4th, 1857, by whom children, Mary, b. October 3d, 

1848, m. June 3d, 1874, Charles Scelle; William, b. about 1850; 
George, b. January 1st, 1853; m. (2d), October 20th, 1859, Marie 
Antonette Kline, by whom children, Jennie, b. Sept. 4th, 1 860 ; 
Maria Louise, b. April 22d, 1862; and Lena, b. Dec. 25 th, 1863); 
Mary Elizabeth Barre, b. about Jan. 13th, 1828, m. Sept. 28th, 

1849, Smith T. Baker; Walter Barre, b. Oct. 24th, 1831, d. Jan. 
9th, 1872, single; George Hewlette Barre, b. Sept. 3d, 1836 (m. 
Sept. 25th, 1862, Mary E. Miller, b. 1841, by whom children, 

the vicinity of the James river, in Virginia, from James city, who may be the 
above John Berry, of New Jersey (Hotten's Lists of Emigrants, p. 272). 

The father of Walter Berry was a Samuel Berry, born on 1697, who m. 
Jemima or Jatkamyntje, dau. of Wouter Tunis Van Felt, and died Jan. 17th, 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 269 

Jennie E., b. Jan. 9th, 1864; Mattie M., a twin with Jennie E., b. 
Jan. 9th, 1864; George H., b. May 2d, 1865; and Charles F., b. 
July 7th, 1868); Kate Barrc, b. April 15th, 1841, single; and 
Thomas Baylis Barrc, b. Dec. 19th, 1845. 

III. Richard Berry, b. Feb. 7th, 1777; d. June 27th, 1848 ; m. 
June 14th, 1800, Jane, dau. of John Voorhees, b. June 25th, 1783, 
d. Feb. 16th, 1856, and had children Rachel Berry, b. August i8th, 

, d. July 4th, 1820, single; John Berry, b. Sept. 20th, 1806, 

m. January, 1832, IVlaria, dau. of Cornelius W. Bcnnet, d. Nov. 
6th 1866; Walter, a twin wiih Joiin, who d. young; and Cornelia 
Berry, b. fan. 26th, 1811, m. April 12th, 1837, John L. Spader, 
of the 8th ward, Brooklyn. Owned and cultivated the homestead 
farm of his father, at Gowanus. 

IV. Deborah Berry, b.Scpt. 25th, 1780; d. March 7th, 1865; in. 
Adrian I. Muriense, farmer, of Flutbush, b. Oct. 3d, 1776 d. Sept. 

13th, 1826, and had children: Maria, b. , m. (1st), March, 

1825, Stephen Schenck, who d. Dec. 25th, 1825, m. (2), Jan. 
25tli, 1831, William W . Slory, wlio d. March 10th, 1875 a. y/; 

Rachel, b. Feb. 2d, 1801, single; Jane, b. , 1803, d. Oct. 

30th, 1828, single; and Elizabeth, b. , 1806, d. July 26th, 

1871, m. May 12th, 1846, Henry L. Crabb, of Flatbush. 

V. Mary or Polly Berry, b. April 3d, 1784; d. Dec. 5th, 1853; 
m. April 19th, 1804, James Powers, who d. July 6th, 1828, resided 
at Waterford, N. Y., and had children : Jane Ann Powers, b. July 
28th, 1805; m. Dec. 13th, 1821, John Lamb, and d. May 13th, 
1830: George William Powers, b. Dec. 20th, 1810; m. June 20th, 
1832, Ann Maria Fonda; d. June 7th, 1864: and Walter Berry 
Powers, b. August 28th, 1814. 

VI. Rachel Berry, b. May 27th, 1786; d. March 18th, 1867, 

VII. Elizabeth or Betsy Berry, b. Dec. 21st, 1792; d. Nov. 21st, 
1854; m. October, 1816, John E. Rutledge, a lawyer, of New 
York, whom she survived many years; no issue. 

180. Jacamynik or Ji:mima I5i;rgi-n, horn Aiay 4th, 
1755 ; died September, 1824; ill. September, 1769, "Joseph 

270 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

Smithy a native of New Jersey, who was born Oct. 17th, 
1739, and died March, 1829. Owned and occupied a part 
of the farm on 15th street, Gowanus, which her father 
bought of his brother, Hans Bergen. 

Issue : — 

I. Derick Bergen Smith, b. Dec. nth, 1770; d. September 8th, 

u. Samuel Smith, b. July 13th, 1772; d. an old man, and 

in. Elizabeth Smith, b. August nth, 1774; d. about 1854 or 5 ; 
m. James Seaman, and had children : Maria, Jemima, Eliza, Thomas, 
and Sarah Seaman. 

IV. Derick Bergen Smith, b. August 20th, 1778; d. Sept. loth, 

V. Johannes or John Smith, b. Sept. nth, 1780; m. (supposed) 
Maria, dau. of John Devaucne; living in 1863, and has issue. 

VI. Derick Smith, b. Jan, i6th, 1783; was mate of. a vessel, 
and poisoned, November, 1828, at sea, on board of the brig Eliza 
Ann, bound from New York to San Domingo, by the negro cook. 

VH. Jacjues Smith, b. March 17th, 1785; d. an old man in 

Queen's county; m. , and had a son Joseph, who d. April, 

1828, at sea, aged 19, on the ship Bayard. 

VIII. James Smith, b. March 12th, 1787; probably d, young. 

IX. Rachel Smith, b. Dec. 19th, 1789; living in 18635 m. (ist), 

Capt. Nicholls; (2d), Ford; and (3d), Calvin Camfield, of 

New Jersey, by whom issue. 

X. Deborah Smith, b. March 26th, 1792 ; d. March 6th, 1836; 
m. Nov. nth, 1813, Thomas Adams, of New York, by whom 
children: Thomas, William, Adeline, and Elizabeth Adams; m. 
(2d), John WyckofF, of Gowanus, by whom a son, John WyckofF, 
b. Feb. loth, 1835, who m. Catharine Maria, daughter of Lefferts 
Bergen, of Gowanus, and d. June 14th, 1865. 

XI. Joseph Smith, b. April 7th, 1795; d. Nov. 25th, 1850; 
m. March, 1829, Sarah, dau. of John Bennet, of Yellow Hook, 
New Utrecht, and widow of John Statser; had children: Anna 
Maria, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, and Eliza Smith. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 271 

i8i. TiEsiE Bergen, born Jan. 19th, 1758 ; died April 
i8th, 1826 ; m. May, 1780, Ebcnezer Carson^ an officer in 
the war of the Revolution. Owned and resided on a part 
of her father's farm, in Gowanus. 

Issue : — 

I. Deborah Carson, b. March 4th, 1781 ; d. Feb. 7th, 1863; 
single, and resided solitary and alone, after the death of her mother, 
in a house on part of her grandfather's farm, on i6th street and the 
old Gowanus road. 

II. John Carson, d. about 1829, in Trinidad, in the West 
Indies ; m. Elizabeth Easterly, and was a cooper by trade. Had 
children : John, Richard, and Edward Carson. 

III. Richard Carson, was a captain in the merchant service, and 
d. single prior to 1826, in the East Indies. 

IV. Benjamin Carson, resided with an uncle, in Philadelphia, and 
was accidentally drowned June 6th 1803, when a school boy, while 
bathing in the Schuylkill. / 

Children of HANS, JOHANNES or JOHN BER- 
GEN (175) and Catryntie De Hart : 

184. Simon Bergen, born Oct. 13th, 1746; d. Feb. 
22d, 1777; m. May i8th, 1767, in Monmouth county, 
New Jersey, Geshe or Geesye, dau. of Simon De Hart,' of 

^ Simon Acicn Tcr Iljcrt or ZJf H^rt, t-miy rated to this country in 1 664, and 
owned and occupied, prior to 1673, the farm at Gowanus, since of Simon and 
John S. Bergen, his descendants. These premises were a part of the tract of 
y30 acres purchased by William Arianse Ikiinet and Ja4ues Bentin, of the 
Indians, in 1636. 

From a deed of Simon Aaen to Diercic Hattum, of March 7th, 1677 (re- 
corded lib. 4, p. 1 22, of con., King's CO. register's office), it appears that said S'lmoti 
bought his farm, or plantation, of Thomas Fransen, the deed being dated 
March zd, 1674 (altiiough it is evident he was in possession at an earlier date), 
and that Fransen bought the same Sept. 51)1, 1666, of I'aulus Vanderhek and 
Maria Baddie or Tliomas, his wife, widow of Willem Ari.inse Bcnnet. May 
25th, iCfiX, after liis purchase, I'Van'^en obtained of Gov. Nicolls a confirma- 
tory pali.iil fnj tile same, in which it ib di^uibed as "lying between liic first 

Fifth Generation, Descendants of 

Gowaniis, b. Feb. 4th, 1744, and d. March i8th, 1781. 
Dec. I5tli, 1790, Simon Bergen, son of " Geesye," took 
out letters of administration on her estate. 



" and second meadow ground and valley," and near unto or by Gowanes, " as 
"conveyed by Ariaen Willemscn (Bennet) to Poulus Vanderbek." From the 
Flatbush town records it appears that " Tomas Fransen " leased for three years 
to Pieter Jacolisz noortbrook, Feb, yth, 1667, his plantation at Gowanus, on 
the south side of Poulus Vanderbek, Poulus at this period occupied the farm 
late of Garret Bergen, Thomas Fransen m. May 20th, 1656, Elsie Jans, 
widow, and had from April 9th, 1659, to Nov, 18th, 1696, thirteen children 
baptized, as per Reformed Dutch Church records, of New York. 

November ad, 1696, Simun./li-iC)i ( De Hart) obtained of Gov. Fletcher a 
confirmatory patent for his purchase, i/i which it is described as " a certain 
" parcell of land lying at the Gowanos within the bounds and limits of a 
"certain parcell of land, formerly purchased of the Indians by William 
" Arr.mse Hennct in the year of uur Lord 1636 and now in the seizing and 
" p,,r,:.cs;K.n of ,,iir s.iid l.isiiii; sul.jr; I Si„:,-.„ .Iiiiu-n and wlicu-nn hr lialli 
" made i. 011. id ci able imi>rovemenlo, beginning; ul a certain dies nut tree, it ami ing 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 273 

Resided in the old De Hart house, on the farm contain- 
ing about 300 acres, at Gowanus, in the vicinity of 37th 

" on the south side of a small meadow tailed the first meadow, & thence 
*' runs south-east 67 chains to the South East Bounds of the said Bennet's 
" purchase to a walnut sapling marked with 3 notches, & thence it runs west 
" 20 degrees Southerly to a black oake marked with 3 notches, & from thence 
"it runs north-west by marked trees to the second meadow, Sc thence by the 
"said meadow including one-half thereof to the Bay, & thence by the said 
" Bay to the first meadow and to the place where begun, containing 303 acres, 
" the greater part of the above said land within the limits & bounds aforesaid 
" being within fence & improved & commonly accounted <k esteemed to be the 
"limits & bounds agreed on between Faulus Vanderbek and the aforesaid 
"Simeon Arrisen," etc. In 1697, Adrian Bennet being in possession of the 
farm since of Garret Bergen and of the Schemerhorn woodland north of the 
pond known as the " binnewater," deeds were passed between him and Simon 
Acscn for the purpose of settling their boundaries, as per lib. I, p. 120, and 
lib. 2, p. II 9, of con.. King's county register's office. 

In 1677, Dierck Hattuni's farm, since of the Van Pelt's, and otliers, 
adjoined that of Simun Aticn Dc Hurt on its south-weat side. Simon Aaen m. 
(ist), Geertie CornelibSen, and m. (2d), June 19th, 1691, Annetie Andrieas 
Willjard, widow of William Huycken* or " Wyellem Ilecjcken," as written 
by himself, tailor and farmer, of Gowanus, who was living as late as 1 704. 
Had children by his first wife: Seymoii j Elyas, bapt. March 21st, 1677, m. 
Katie (supposed) Laen orLaan, and removed to New Jersey j Annetie, bapt. July 
6, 1 687, m. (supposed) John Hyer, of Monmouth county. New Jersey ; (supposed) 
Catharine, who m. Cornells Joosten, and had children : Simon, Cornells, 
Johannes, Elias, Catharine, and Kristina Joosten, bapt. in New York ; (supposed) 
Cornells, who was a witness at bapt. of Simon Joosten, son of his sister Catharine ; 
and (supposed) Dorothea, who was a witness at baptisms of Elias and Johannes, 
children of her sister Catharine Joosten. 

From 1680 to 1683 inclusive, Simon Aaen was elected one of the trustees 
and overseers of Brooklyn. 

*-lhc I'olkjwiiij; is III. Ill the accoinit hecks of l-illicrt hllitrtsc SlodthclC : 

" 1677 Octolicr iO, Willcin lliiikiii IJr. lo 52 II13 liccf, /. 11 16 

" Ndvi iiibcr 24, "• " " 1 II) I'dwJcr, S 

" i67» M.iy 8, '' " " I gall. Rum, lo 

" 1677 " '•• Cr. I day's sewing, 2 10 

" Jan. 6, " " " joo lbs tobacco, 150 

" " " " " I Jays sewing and girl 2 Jays 10 

"1678 Ocl. 24, " " " 4. lays sewing & girl 4 .l.iyb 24" 

From this it is evident that Hiiikcn was in the liahil oC plying his trade troin luuisc to 

hoyhiiiMl 111' the author. The gulilcn or llorin is ahoui 40 ccnis ol mir money, Ina u is 
pndi.ihlr ih.a the above charges svcre in scawani, a depreciated currcn.y. 

274 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

and 42d streets, Brooklyn, which his wife inherited from 
her brother, Simon De Hart. By a conveyance from S'tmon 

His son, Seymon De Hart inherited his plantation, and m. Angenietje, dau. of 
Jan Jansz Van Dyck, and had children : Scymen ; Angenietje or Annanictie, b. 
Jan. 4th, 1722, m. Jan. 8th, J743, Peter Cortelyou, of New Utrecht; Tryntje, 
bapt. August 14th, 1726, died October 6th, 1795, m. Johannes Bergen, of 
Gowanus ; Mayke, bapt. May 18th, 1729, d. young; Teuntje, d. 1757, m. 
Jacobus Lott, the ancestor of Charles Lott, of New Utrecht; Geertie, m. (ist), 
Cornelius Santford, merchant, of New York, and a widower (whose dau. and 
sole heir, Helen Santford, by his first wife, m. Theodorus A. Yin Wyck, and 
sold, August 20th, 1744, her father's tarm, at Gowanus, to Hans or Johannes 
Bergen, the husband of her step-mother's sister, Tryntje De Hart), and m. (2d), 
July nth, 1745, Jores Remsen ; and Jannetjc,m. Peter Remsen. By his will, 
dated July 13th, 1 744, proved Nov. 27th, 1 745, recorded in office of surrogate 
of New York, lib. 15, p. 478, he devised his farm to his son Scyman. 

Heyman, son of Seyman and Angennetje De Hart, owned and occupied the 
homestead, d. March, 1746-7, m. Catharine or Tryntje, dau. of Roelof Schenck 
and Geesie Hendricksen, of Middletown, N. J., bapt. May 19th, 1717, and had 

children: Simon, d. 1769, m. Mary ; and Gashe, b. Feb. 4, 1744, d. March 

i8th, 1781, m. MayiSth, 1767, Simon Bergen, of Gowanus, son of Johannes 
Bergen and Tryntje De Hart, and her cousin. Tryntje Schenck, after the death 
of Scyman De Hart, her husband, m. (2d), Peter Conover, of Middletown, 
N. J., the father of Jacob Conover, who m. Racl^el, dau. of Tunis and Johanna 
Bergen, of Gowanus, the said Tunis being the grandfather of Teunis G. 
Bergen. Scymen, by his will, dated March 5th, proved March 21st, 1746-7, 
recorded lib. 16, p. 99, in the surrogate's office. New York, devised his farm 
to his son Simon, subject to a legacy of X300 to his sister " Gesye;" appointed 
his wife " Caty," father-in-law Rulof Schenck, and brothers-in-law Peter 
Cortelyou and Johannes Bergen, executors. 

Siinun, son of Stfynien DeHart and Tryntje Schenck, and husband of Mary — , 
died in 1769, without issue, devising by his will, dated September 26th, 1769, 
j)roved Oct. 15th, 1769, recorded lib. 27, p. 103, office surrogate of New York, 
all his real estate, including his plantation at Gowanus, the homestead of the 
family, to his sister Gashe, wife of Simon Bergen. 

Elyas De Hart, son of Simon Aesen, resided in Gowanus in the beginning of 
the iSth century, m. Katie Laan, and had issue : Simon, bapt. Jan. 29th, 1703 ; 
Jannetic, bapt. May 2d, 1 705; and Elyas, bapt. Se|)tenibLr i8tli, 1709. He 
removed to Monmouth county. New Jersey, where he had a dau. Kat.ilyntie, 
bapt. Sept. Sth, 1716, a child bapt. Feb. 9tli, 171X, and another August 28tli, 
1721. Aiindie, ;.ist(:r of l)c liait, .il;,i) rcniov( 
and p. ul. ably in. John lleyer, uf ihal huality. I'lum ; 
Studcl I'ioIkisco and others, of June 1st, 1703, tc 
King's wninly, for, .imong ollici I'lols, 100 .urea in Middlesex county, N. J. 

to Monmu 



ced ui I'et.: 



Denyse Tui 


, .ill of 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 275 

and Gashe to his uncle Tunis Bergen, of June 4th, 1770, 
and a conveyance of said Tunis to Simon, the title of this 
farm was vested in Simon (see lib. 6, pp. 162 to 166, of 
con., King's county register's office). In March, 1776, 

adjoining land of " Elyas Dehartt," It is evident he also owned lands in that 
locality (see lib. 4, p. 339, of con., King's county register's office). 

There was a Balthazer, Daniel, Matthew, Jacobus, and Wlllemyntie De 
Hart, brothers and sister, residents of New York, on its early settlement. 
Balthazer was a merchant, and made his will, Jan. 4th, 1672, as per vol. i of 
wills in surrogate's office, New York, from which it appears that he was single, 
devising his property to his natural sons, Matthyas and Daniel, and to their 
mother, Margaret Stuyvesant. These De Harts may have been relatives of 
Simon, but have seen no evidence thereof. The surname of De Hart may 
have been derived from the village of Ilaart, containing 400 inhabitants in 
1841, located in the province of Gclderland, in the Netherlands. 

^^ Wydhtn Heocken" or Huycken, on whose estate "Simon and Annetie 
Aertse" or Aesen, Jan. 25th, 1694, petitioned for letters of administration, 
had six children, as per his will, dated March 27th, 1687, on file in the New 
York surrogate's office, viz : " Machtclt, Maria, Annetie, Geertruy, Catharine, 
"and Elizabeth Huycken." Of these M.itilda or Machtelt m. Jan. 4th, I 691, 
Cornelis Gerretse Van Duyn j Maria or Marretje m. Feb, 4, I 691, Denys Gerretse 
Van Duyn; Annetie or Jannetje was bapt. Jan. 28th, 1683. He also appears 
to have had a dau. Margaret bapt. July 9th, 1688, after the date of his will. 
He purchased, August 6th, 1679, of Poulus Vanderbeck, the one-half of the 
farm in Gowanus, formerly of WiUem Bredenbent, deceased, for which, in 
consequence of Poulus dying before the delivery of the deed, conveyances 
were executed by his heirs (see deed of Mary Baddie, widow of Poulus Vandcr- 
bek, deceased, to Anne Huycken, widow of William Huycken, of Feb. 28th, 
1693-4, lib. 2, p. 80, King's county register's office, in which it is set forth 
that the whole of Bradenbent's farm was patented to Cornelis Lambertsen Cool, 
April 5th, 1642). This Maria Baddie or Thomas was a daughter of Aeltie 
Brackhoengie, the wife of the above Willem Bredenbent, by a former husband, 
and their heir. Her wealth was such that she gave to the Reformed Dutch 
Church of Brooklyn a silver communion service. 

Huyken's farm was sold, after his death, to Cornelis Gerretse Van Duyn 
(see deed of Simon Aesen and Anne, his wife, late widow of Willem Huyken, 
to said Cornelis Gerretse Van Duyn, of April 30th, 1694, lib. 2, p. 12, of 
King's county register's office), and of Conradus Vanderbek and Elsie, his 
wife, to said Cornelis Gerretse Van Uuyn, of Dec. 30th, 1699 (lib. 2, j). 210, 
ol" do.). 'I'hib farm pabsed from Curnelis Gerretse to his son Cornelius, whose 
heiis boiil ihc same to I'eter Wyckolf, shortly alter the war of tlie revolution, 
who, by hij will, devised the same to hib sons I'eter and John. On Butts's 

276 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

he held the office of lieutenant in Capt, Suydam's militia 
company, of Brooklyn, organized by the provincial con- 
gress for revolutionary purposes. 

Gaines's New York Gazette and Mercury of March 
3d, 1777, says: " A few Days since, Mr. S. Bergen, of 
" Long Island, being about to purchase a Musquet from a 
" Sailor who had got it from the Rebels, neither of them 
" suspecting it to be loaded, by some accident it went off 
"and shattered the Legs of the intended Purchaser in so 
" dreadful a Manner that he died through Loss of Blood, 
" before any Assistance could be procured him." 

The accident is said to have happened close to and in 
front of the old stone house near 38th street and the bay, 
in which he resided. This house is among, if not one of 
the oldest, in the city of Brooklyn, it being laid down on a 
map of 930 acres purchased by William Arianse Bennet 
and Jacques Bentin or J^entyn, Englishmen, of the Indians, 
in 1636, made Jan. 9th, 1695-6, by Augustus Graham, 
surveyor general. This purchase covered nearly all the 
land south of 27th street, in the city of Brooklyn, and the 
house being erected prior to 1696, a view of which is herein 
given, and also in the Hon. H. C. Murphy's translation of 
Banker's and Sluyter's voyage to New York in 1679-80, 
and on page 52 of vol. i, of Stiles's Brooklyn, is older than 

map of Brooklyn said farm is designated as the lands of Peter WyckofF and 
John Wyckoff. 

The other, or soutiierly one-half of BrcJcnbent's farm, or Cool's patent, 
was sold Dec. ad, 1678, to I'uulus V.inJcrbck, Jr., as per deed of Mary 
Baddie to Anne Huycken, of Feb. 28th, 1693-4. From Vanderbek it passed 
to Thomas Verden, was afterwards owned by Anthony Huhart, whose heirs 
sold to Story and Bennet. 

The following is a facsimile of Simon AeHus De Hart's signature : 


Michael Hansen Bergen. 277 

the Cortelyou, formerly Vechte mansion, near 4th street 
and 5th avenue, the latter having been built in 1699. 
Isfiue : — 

203. I. Simon, b. April 15th, 1768. 

204. 11. John S., b. May ist, 1 777. 

185. Michael Bergen, born Jan. nth, 1751 ; died 
March 3d, 1825 ; m. (ist), Jnthe Van Wyck^ daughter of 
Theodorus Van Wyck and Sarah Martense, born July 6th, 
1752, died Nov. 24th, 1786; m. (2d), 1784, Rebecca^<^2.\x. 
of LefFert LefFerts,^ of Flatbush, born June 17th, 1754, 

• Anthe Van Wyck was a descendant of Cornells Barend Van Wyck, who 
emigrated from the Netherlands to this country in 1660, and m. (ist), Anna, 
dau. of the Rev. Theodorus Johannus Polhemius, and m. (2d), in 1684, Jan- 
netje. He had a son Theodorus, who took the oath of allegiance in 1687, 
and who was probably the grandfather of Anthe. 

Wyck is a village in the province of North Breband, of about 800 inhabitants 
in 1841. 

The following is a facsimile of the signature of Cornells Barend Van Wyck : 

2 Rebecca Lefferts was a descendant of Leffert Pletenen van or from Haugh. 
wout, Hoogwoud, or Hauwert, a village in the province of North Holland, 
near Hoorn, with about 700 inhabitants in i84i,the common ancestor of the 
Lefferts family of King's county, who emigrated in 1660, settled in. Flatbush, 
and m. Abagail, dau. of Auke Janse Van Nuyse, born about 1654; he died 
Dec. 8th, 1704, and his wife died July lyth, 1748, at a very old age. His 
children were : Aeltie, born June 2d, 1676, died July 15th, 1735; Auke, 
born April 4th, 1678, m. (ist), May 29th, 1703, Marytle ten Eyck, m. (2d), 

July 30th, 1735, Catharine, dau. of Benjamin Hegeman, and widow of 

Vonk, and settled in Monmouth county, New Jersey; Pieter, born May i8th, 
1680, died March 13th, 1774, m. Eytie or Ida Suydam, who died Sept. Z5th, 
1777; Rachel, born Jan. 17th, 1682, died prior to 1698; Jan, born Jan. 

14th, 1684, m. Margrietje j Jacob or Jacobus, of Bedford, born June 

9th, 1686, died Sept. 3d, 1768, m. Oct. 7th, 1 7 i 6, Jannetjc, dau. of Nicholas 
or ClaLS Baientse Blom, b. Jan. i8th, 1694, who, after the death of Jacobus, 
m. Peter Luysterj Isaac, born June 15th, 1688, died Oct. iStli, 1746, ni. 

278 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

died Oct. 20th, 1828. His will is dated May 28th, 1814, 
proved May 2d, 1825, recorded in lib. 3, p. 64, in office of 
surrogate Kijig's county, in which he devised his farm to 
his sons Theodorus and Leftert. 

July 29th, 1835, letters of administration were granted 
to Leftert Bergen on his mother, Rebecca's estate. 

He inherited the southerly one-half of the farm at Gow- 
anus, which his father bought of Van Wyck, to which he 
added by purchase the adjoining one-half (less 6 acres), of 
his brother Derick's portion, and resided at first in the old 
stone house occupied by his father, and afterwards in the 
house built by his brother Derick, on the land he bought 
from him. 

Issue by first marriage : — 

205. 1. Theodorus, b. March 17th, 1775. 

206. II. Johannes, b. June loth, 1776; d. July 4th, 1783. 

207. ni. Sarah, b. Sept. 13th, 1781; d. Dec. 30th, 1829 j 

Harmpiej Abraham, of New York, born Sept. 1st, 1692, died about 

1768, m. Sarah ; Madalina, born August 20th, 1694, m. Garret Mar- 
tense, of Flatbushj Ann or Antien, born March ist, 1696, died March 19th, 
1782 ; Abagail, born August 14th, 1698, died Nov. 14th, 17045 LefFert, born 
May 22d, 1701, died Sept. 27th, 1754, m. Nov. 15th, 1724, Catryntje Dor- 
landt; and Benjamin, born May 2d, 1704, died Nov. 17th, 1707. 

Isaac, son of Leftert Pieterse and Abagail, resided in Flatbush, and had 
children : Leffert, born Feb. 20th, 1723, died Sept. 24th, 1800, m. April 
i8th, 1747, Eltie or Elsie Boerum, bapt. Dec. 25th, 1721 ; Hendrick, born 
July 5th, 1725, died August 26th, 1812 ; Isaac, bapt. August 16th, 1730, m. 
April 19th, 1754 (supposed), Agnietje, dau. of Peter Lott ; and Harmpje, who 
m. October, 1766, Hendrick Suydam, of Hallet's Cove. 

Leffert, son of Isaac and Harmpie, resided in Flatbush, and had children : 
Rebecca, born June 17th, 1754, died Oct. 20th, 1828, m. 1784, Michael 

Bergen; and Elsie, b. March nth, 1761, died July 23d 1841, m. , 

Samuel Garretsen, of Flatbush, and resided on the homestead of her father. 

The following is a facsimile of the signature of Leftert Pictersen : 

-^-jj- z^^ ^^^jl4^u^C< 


Michael Hansen Bergen. 279 

208. IV. Johannes, bapt. Jan. l8th, 1784; d. May 3ISC, 1784. 
By second marriage : — 

209. V. LefFcrt, h. July loth, 1789. 

210. VI. Catharine, b. Oct. 29th, 1791. 
The following is a facsimile of his signature : 



187. Derick or Richard Bergen, born ; died 

about 1 808 J m. (1st), May, 1778, Mar'ia^ dau. of Garret 
Boerum' ; m. (2d), Elizabeth Kingsland.'^ Inherited from 
his father the northerly side of his farm at Gowanus, where 
he resided for some years, and then sold the same to his 
brothers Michael and Peter, on which he removed to New 
Jersey, where, Feb. ist, 1802, he bought of William 
Holmes, for $2750, seven acres at Bellville, Essex county, 
adjoining land of Josiah Hornblower, and land of Edward 
Leslie,3 where he kept a tavern. These premises he sold 

'This Garret Boerum resided in Flatbush, m. Marretje, widow of Johannes 
Rapalje, died about 1791, was a son of Charles or Karel (who died about 1763), 
and Rebecca Boerum, of Flatbush, a grandson of Jacob Willemse Van Boerum 
and Geertruyd Beauvois, of New Lotts, and a great-grandson of Willem 
Jacobse Van Boerum, who emigrated from Amsterdam to this country in 

= Nathaniel Kingiland, sergeant major of the island of Barbadoes, in the 
West Indicb, became interested in the grant of July ad, 1668, to Capt. William 
Sandford, of a large tract in the vicinity of the Hackensack and Passaic rivers, 
and hence the name of New Barbadoes. He never visited this country, and 
left one-third of his New Jersey lands to his nephew, Isaac Kingsland. Isaac 
resided in New Barbadoes Neck, was high sheriff of Essex county in 1683, 
commissioned a member of the council of East New Jersey in 1684, which 

post he held until his death, m. Elizabeth , and d. in January or February, 

1698, leaving children : Edmund, John, Mary, Hester, Elizabeth, Frances, and 
Isaac, from one of whom, Eli-zahclb, the wife of Derick Bergen, was probably 
descended (see Whitehead's East New Jersey). 

i Hook F, p. 106, of con., Essex county register's ofhce. 

280 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

Oct. 19th, 1804, for $2525, to Sarah Macomb.^ October 
2d, 1804, he bought at a sale under an execution, by Sheriff 
Isaac Ward, against Joseph Case, for $575, a house and 
lot on Broad street, Newark, containing 45-100 acres, to 
which he removed. On the 3d of the following November, 
for $125, he obtained a release from Isaac Case and wife 
for their interest in said house and lot.^ Oct. 23d, 1804, 
he sold for $2500, the above house and lot to his brother 
Michael Bergen, and on the nth of December, 1807, for 
$3200, Michael sold said premises to Ralph Clay, Derick 
or Richard at the time occupying the same. 3 This is the 
last record trace seen of Derick Bergen^ who is said to 
have become poor, and died shortly after the sale of his 
Issue : — 

211. I. Catharine. 

212. n. Maria, 

213. ui. Rebecca. 

214. IV. John. 

215. v. Michael. 

216. VI. Garret. 

188. Tunis J. Bergen, born September, 1759; died 
November 26th, 1826, intestate; m. Annie^ daughter of 
Cornelius Vanderveer,^ of Flatbush, born 1768, died June 

• Book I, p. 678, of con., Essex county register's office. 

2 See book I, p. 667 and p. 714, Essex county register's office. 

3 See book I, p. 929, and O, p. 476, Essex county register's office. 

4 Cornelius Vandtwecr was a descendant of Cornelis Jansse Vander Veer, or 
from the ferry, farmer, the common ancestor of the Vanderveers in this vicinity, 
who emigrated to this country from Alikmaer or Alckmaar, a fortified city of 
9,835 inhabitants, in the province of North Holland, in the Netherlands, in 
the ship Otter, in February, 1659, and settled in Flatbush, where, on the 24th 
of February, 1677-8, he purchased of Jansz a farm. He iii. 'IVyntje 

Gillis De Mundeville, and had children: Cornelis, who m. Jannetje ; 

Neeltje Cornelisscn, m. August 13th, 1685, Daniel Folhemiusj Dominicus, 








Michael Hansen Bergen. 281 

i6th, 1846. Her will is dated Sept. ist, 1845, recorded 
lib. 9, p. 442, office surrogate King's county. 

He inherited the land in Gowanus near the New Utrecht 
boundary, which his father bought of Hendrick Van Dyck, 
and resided in a dwelling house erected by or for him, and 
was commonly known as Major Bergen. Was appointed 
lieutenant of militia, appointed captain in 1786, and 2d 
major, March 19th, 1796. He bought, May ist, 1807, 
for =£5,050,' of the heirs of Casper Crapser or Cropsy, the 
common ancestor of the Cropsys of King's county, a farm 
of 109 acres on the bay at Yellow Hook, now Bay Ridge, 

bapc. Nov. 1 6th, 1679, m. (ist), Jannetje , and (supposed) m. (2d), Feb. 

7th, 1702-3, Maria Margreta Noortlyck ; Jan Cornelissen, m.Jan. 6th, 1695, 
Femmetje Bergen j (supposed) Jacobus Cornelissen ; Michiel Cornelissen, m. 

Beletje ; Maria Cornelissen, baptized July 30th, 1682 j Hendrickje 

Cornelissen, bapt. August 17th, 1684, m. (supposed) Johannes Wyck ; and 
Jakoba Cornelissen, bapt. April 29th, 1686. 

Cornells Cornelissen, son of Cornelis Janse and Tryntje, resided in Flatbush, 

m. Jannetje , and had children : Cornelius, Jr., born Dec. sth, 1731, 

died Feb. 13th, 1804, m. 1761, Leah, daughter of Jan Ver Kerk, born 
Jan. 27th, 1741, died May 23d, 1813 ; and Fetrus, bapt. Jan. 5th, 1735. 

Cornelius, Jr., son of Cornelis and Jannetje, resided in Flatbush, and had 
children: John C, born March 22d, 1762, died April 7th, 1845, m. 1787, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Adrian Van Brunt; Garret, born August 12th, 1765, died' 
Dec. 1 2th, 1847, m. Catharine Lott; Annie, born 1768, died June 1 6th, 1846, 
m. Tunis J. Bergen, of Gowanus j and Jane, born Nov. 15th, 1775, died 
Sept. 26th, 1831,01. Simon Bergen, of Gowanus. 

Tryntje Gillis was a daughter of Gillis de Mandeville, who emigrated to this 
country and had children : Hendrick, Aeltje, Jan, and Trymje. 

The following is a facsimile of the signature of Cornelis Jansse Vander 

'See lib. 23, p. I 65, of con.. King's county register's office. 

2S2 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

New Utrecht, of which he conveyed, May 2d, 1807, for 
.£2,275 10s. and 6d.^ about 47 acres to Jacobus Cropsy,* 
one of the heirs, on which part was located the old dwell- 
ing house, which accidentally burned down some years ago, 
and which is now owned by William C. Langley. 
Issue : — 

217. I. John T., b. 1786. 

218. n. Cornelius, b. Feb, 23d, 1790. 
The following is a facsimile of his signature : 





189. Cornelius Bergen, born Dec. loth, 1761 ; died { 

Oct. 9th, 1824; m. April 2d, 1785, Gertrude^ daughter of j 

Hendrick Suydam,^ of Flatbush, born Jan. 28th, 1761, i 

and died Nov. 22d, 1840. His will is dated May 15th, j 

1824, proved Dec. i8th, 1824, recorded lib. 3, p. 37, of j 
wills, office surrogate of King's county, in which he devised 

all his property to his wife Gertrude^ who, by will dated I 

'See lib. 21, p. 57, of con., King's county register's office. , 

' Hendrick Suydam was a descendant of Heyndryck Reycke, the common i 

ancestor of the Suydam family of this vicinity, who emigrated in 1663, from I 

" Suyt-dam " or " Zuyt-dam," (as appears in an indenture of Jonathan Mills 
as an apprentice to laarn the blacksmith trade with Jacob, a son of said \ 

Hendrick), in Holland, meaning south of the dam, from which the family 
derive the name of Suydam, having dropped the surname of Rycken. He 
m. Ida Jacobs, and finally settled in Flatbush, dying in 170 1. His children j 

were: yacob ^ Hendrick; Ryck ; Ida; Gertrude; and Jane. j 

Jacob, son of Hendrick Rycken and Ida, born i666, died 1738, m. Seytie 
Jacobs, resided in Flatbush, at one period in New Utrecht, and had children : 
Jacob; Hendrick, of Flatbush; Johannes, of Flushing; Jan; Ryck, of New 
Jersey; Cornelius, of Oysterbay ; Dow, of Newtown; Ida; Adriana ; Ger- 
trude; Isabella or Belitie ; Jannctje ; and Seytie. 

Hendrick, son of Jacob and Seytie, bapt. March 29th, 1696, died 1744; m. j 

Marcli i8lh, 1719, Geertie, dau. of Evert Van Wickclen, of New Lotts, liad I 


Michael Hansen Bergen. 283 

April 25th, 1838, recorded lib. 7, p. 356, of wills, office 
surrogate King's county, devised the real estate to her son, 
John C. Bergen. 

He resided on the farm in the village of Flatbush, which 
his wife inherited from her father ; was appointed sheriff 
of the county Feb. 3d, 1794, serving to 1798, and again 
appointed to the same office in 1800, serving to 1805; 
appointed captain of militia March 14th, 1797, and 
appointed one of the presidential electors in 1804, and in 

Issue : — 

219. I. JohnC, b. March 7th, 1786. 

220. II. Maria, b. Dec. 29th, 1787. 

The following is a facsimile of his signature : 

V nvtecu^ 

190. Agnes Bergen, born ; died Feb. loth, 1803 ; 

m. April, 1770, Daniel Rapalje^ farmer, of New Lots, 
who was born in 1748, and died Oct. 19th, 1795, intestate, 
his wife taking out letters of administration on his estate 
May loth, 1796. 

children : Evert, of New Utrecht ; Jacob, of Flatlands ; Hendruk, of Flatbush ; 
John 5 Seytie; Metje ; Pieternellaj and Geertje. 

Hendricky son of Hendrick and Geertie, bapt. Feb. 13th, 1732, died May 
l6th, 1791, a farmer in Flatbush ; m. Maria Amerman, born May 29th, 1735, 
died Nov. 14th, 1795, and had children : Jane, who m. Abraham Ditmers, of 
Flatbush; and Geertie, who m. Cornelius Bergen. 

The following is a facsimile of Hayndryck Reycke Suydam's signature: 



284 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

Issue : — 

I. John Rapaljc, b, Dec, 24th, 1770; m. August 21st, 1804, 
Charity, dau. of Abraham Van Sicklen, of New Lots; d. April 
19th, 1810, and had children: Cornelia, b. Jan. 15th, 1806, d. 
March 31st, 185 1, m. Dec. i8th, 1823, Stephen J. Lott; Daniel 
I., b. April i8th, 1808, d. Feb. 5th, 1840, m. Hanna VanDuyne; 
Johannes, b. Sept. 20th, 1810, d. Sept. 29th, 1810. 

II. Daniel D. Rapalje, b. August 26th, 1772; d. Dec. 25th, 
1859; m. Feb. 17th, 1799, Rensic, dau. of Joost Wickoff, b. April 
27th, 1777, '^- ^^^- 25th, 1859, and had children : Agnes, b. 
Nov. 22d, 1800, d. Dec. 5th, 1805; Daniel Luystcr, b. Feb. 2d, 
1803, m. Oct. 26th, 1843, Anna Maria, dau. of George Rapalje 
and Lydia Burroughs ; Sarah Luyster, b. August 29th, 1805, d. 
Feb. 18th, 1869, m. Dec. 14th, 1826, Benjamin F. Willets; Agnes, 
b. April 13th, 1808, single; Joanna, b. August 6th, 1810, d. Sept. 
iSth, 1810; Catharine, b. Sept. 21st, 181 1 ; m. March 12th, 1839, 
Rev. Garret I. Gcrrctsen; John D., b. July 25th, 1814, d. Feb. 
igth, 1855, m. June 19th, 1844, Ryme, dau. of Garret W. 
Kouwenhoven; George Wyckoff, b. July 19th, 1 817, d. August 
I 2th, 1819. 

Daniel Rapalje resided at Newtown, where he owned a farm and 
grist mill on Flushing creek, at the mouth of the Horse brook, for- 
merly of David Titus, and previously, for more than a century, in 
the Coe family, having been owned by Capt. John Coe prior to 
1657, and being the first grist mill erected in the town. This Capt. 
John Coe was a native of Garscon, in the county of Essex, England, 
as per a deed in the ofKce of the register of King's county. 

III. Simon Rapalje, b. Jan. 29th, 1775; d. Jan. 10th, 1849; 
m. (ist), Jan. loth, 1802, Hieltie, dau. of Nicholas Williamson, 
by whom children: Williamson, b. June 4th, 1803, m. April 9th, 
1822, Ann, dau. of John Vanderveer, of Keuter's Hook; Daniel, 
b. Feb. 16th, 1806, d. July 24th, 1835, single ; and Eliza, b. Nov. 
8th, 1808, m. Nov. 22d, 1826, Walter Bowne, of Flushing. Simon 
Rapalje, m. (2d), Dec. 23d, 1841, Lemma Bergen, dau. of John 
or Johannes, and widow of John Williamson, by whom no issue. 
Owned and occupied a farm at New Lotts. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 285 

191. Peter Bergen, born Feb. 25th, 1765 ; died Feb. 
29th, 1844; m. March 3d, 1796, Mary or Polly ^ dau. of 
the Rev. Martinus Schoonmaker,' of Flatbush, and pastor 
of the Reformed Dutch Churches in King's county ; she 
was born July 7th, 1777, and died Jan. 29th, 1854. 

Owned, resided on, and cultivated the land in Gowanus, 
his father bought of John Van Pelt, on which he erected 
a large two story house, and also the northerly one-half 

' Martinus Scboonmaker was a descendant of Joachim Schoonmaker and 
Lydia, who resided in the town of Rochester, in Ulster county New York. 
Joachim and Lydia had children : Daniel, John, Jacobus, Martinus, and 

Martinus, born March ist, 1737, m. Jan. 27th, 1761, Mary Bassett, and died 
May 20th, 1824, in Flatbush j Mary was born Feb. 23d, 1739, and died April 
27th, 18 19. He studied theology, was licensed to preach, settled first over 
the churches of Haerlem and Gravesend, and afterwards over the Collegiate 
Reformed Dutch Churches of King's county, and was the last of the pastors 
of said churches who habitu.illy preached in the language of Holland, the 
fatherland. Martinus and Mary had children: Sarah, born April l8th, 1762, 
died Dec. i8th, 1846, m. John Enians, of Gravesend; Stephen, born Jan. 
25th, 1765, died March 28th, 1842, m. Charity Vanderveer, born Nov. i8th, 
1768, died Dec. 29th, 1836; Martenus, born August 3d, 1767, m. Catharine 
Bennem ; John, born Feb. 2d, 1770, died Feb. 27th, 1824, m. Catharine Van 
Beuren, born August 28th, 1780, died Feb. 27th, 1803; Michael, born June 
2ist, 1772, died Nov. 14th, 1845, m. (ist), Susan Ludlow, born Sept. 26th, 

1791, died August 27th, 1852, m. (2d), ; Jacobus, born Sept. 3d, 

1774, died Jan. 14th, 1847, at Newtown, m. Gitty Vandervoort; Mary or 
Po//y, bapt, July 7th, 1777, m. Peter Bergen; Anne, born Sept. llth, 1779, 
died May 28th, 1780; Nicholas, born April 9th, 1781, died August 31st, 
1817, m. Margaret Masterton, was a physician; Anna, born Feb. 27th, 1784, 
died Sept. 28th, 1785; and Ellenor, born March nth, 1787, died Feb. 12th, 
1849, m. Stephen Freeland, of New Jersey. 

Joachim, the father of the Rev. Martenus Sboonmaker, was probably one of 
the sons of Jochim Shoonmaker and Aantje Hussey, of Kingston, New York 
whose will is dated Dec. 9th, 1727, proved Nov. 7th, 1730 (New York wills 
lib. 1 1, p. 52), by which she appears to have had I 5 children ; Cornells, Hen- 
drick, Frederick, Jacobus, Benjaman, John, yoachim, Daniel Tryntje, who m. 
Jacobus Bruyn ; Eltie, who m. Joseph Haasbrook ; Jacomyntic, who m. Johannes 
Miller; (Jrietje, who m. Moses Dujiuis, Jr. ; Elizabeth, who ni. Benj.miin 
Dupuis ; Aiitje, who m. Cornells Wynkoop; and Sarah, who m. jacobus 


286 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

(six acres in addition), of the land devised by his father 
Johannes, to his brother Derick, Derick having disposed 
of his lands to his brothers Michael and Peter ; Michael 
selling his interest in said lands to Peter (Lib. 78, p. 219, 
con., King's county register's office). His farm lay about 
between 49th and 52d streets, extending from the bay to 
near the patent line adjoining New Utrecht. May 17th, 
1843, his barn and out buildings were burnt, the supposed 
work of an incendiary. His will is dated Jan. 30th, 1840, 
recorded lib 9, p. 32, of wills, in surrogate's office King's 
Issue : — 

221. I. Catharine, b. June 3d, 1797; d. August 12th, 1808. 

222. II. Peter, b. July 25th, 1801. 

223. III. Martinus, b. Feb. 21st, l8ii. 
The following is a facsimile of his signature : 

192. Jacob Bergen, born April i6th, 1767 ; died July 
5th, 1845; '"• J"^y 9^h» 1800, Catherine^ dau. of Isaac 
Eldert and Maria Wyckoff, of New Lots, born Feb. 22d, 
1781, and died Jan. 21st, 1836.' Will dated April 19th, 
1 841, recorded lib. 9, p. 273, of wills, surrogate's office 
King's county. 

' Catharine Eljcrt is a descendant ot Hendrick Eldertse, of Jamaica, a son 
of EldcrC Lucasse, grandson of Lucas Stevense, and great-grandson of Steven 
Coerte, referred to in the foot note under Hans or Johannes Bergen and Antie 
Lucassen, of Jamaica. 

Hendrick Eldertse, bapt. March 4th, I 691, m.(ist), Grietje, n^. (2d), Tryntje, 
will dated Feb. 6tli, 1759, proved Dec. 12th, 1768, resided in Jam.iica, and 
had children: Grietje, bapt. May nth, 1722, in. John Stephens; Johanna, 
of New Lots, m. Fcmnietje, will proved June 8th, 1781 ; Eldert, died single j 

II W !l II 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 287 

Resided on and owned a farm of about 131 acres of 
upland and salt meadows on Court, Hoyt, Smith, Carrol, 
President, Union, and other streets in the city of Brooklyn. 
The main portion (no acres), of this farm he purchased 
Dec. 2ist, 1799, of Robert Stoddard,' for $8,750 i 16 
acres Sept. ist, 181 7, from John and Philip Reid, for 
$8,000 f and the balance, 5 acres of salt meadows, August 
23d, 1816, from Tunis T. Johnson, for $150.3 

He also purchased a large farm in Dutchess county, and 

Styntje, m. John Munny ; Margaret, m. Nov. 29th, 1761, Godfrey Heyn ; 
Ann, m. Hendrick Emans ; and Mary, m. Rem Van Cleef. 

Johanna Eldert, son of Hendrick Eldertse, had children : Hendrick, born 
July 1 6th, 1749, ^^^^ Sept. 27th, 1793, m. Cornelia, resided in Flatbush, will 
dated Sept. 17th, 1793, proved Nov. 28th, 1793; Isaac, born March 31st, 
1752, died Oct. 31st, 1795, m. April 29th, 1775, Maria Wyckoff, born April 
4th, 1758, died July 31st, 1856, in her 98th year; and Margaret, m. John 
VandervL-cr, Jr. 

haac Elilert, of New Lots, son of Johannes, had children : Phebe, b. Sept. 
30th, 1776, died Sept 30th, 181 i,m. Dec. 2d, 1793, Stephen Lott j Johannes, 
born Sept. 4th, 1778, died Dec. 8th, 1857, m. May nth, 1805, Sarah Van - 
derveer, born Feb. i6th, 1782, died May 5th, i860, no issue; Catharine, born 
Feb. 22d, 1781, died Jan. 21st, 1836, m. Jacob Bergen; and Cornelius, born 
August 30th, 1783, m. (ist), Margaret, dau. of Daniel Ryder, born Dec. 28th, 
1783, died June 30th, 1817, m. (2d), Jane Wiggins. 

' The land purchased of Stoddard (see lib. 34, p. 425, con., King's county 
register's office), was a portion of the premises patented by Gov. Kieft to 
Frederick Lubbertsen May 22d, 1641. Lubbertsen by his will, dated Nov. 
dad, 1679, bequeathed to his dau. Elsje, wife of Jacob Hansen (Bergen), a 
part of his patent. Jacob Hansen Bergen and Elsje, his wife, April 13th, 
1732 (see lib. 5, p. 160, King's county register's office), convey to their sun, 
Hans Bergen, 200 acres of the above premises. Hans Bergen, by his will, 
dated Sept. nth, 1743, bequeathed one-fifth of his estate toeath of his child- 
ren. Jacob Bergen, his only son, who probably had purchased the interest of 
his sisters in the farm, and Antic, his wife, April i8th, 1750 (see lib. 5, p. 
164, King's county register's oificc), for £700, convey to John Rapalje 139 
acres of the above named premises. John Rapalje, in 1 794, by a deed not 
reeorded, conveys the main body of the above premises to Robert Stoddard, 
having |)reviously conveyed a portion thereof to the fatlier of Jordeii Coles. 

'' Lib. 34, p. 421, con., King's county register's oflicc. 

J Lib. 34, p. 423, con., King's county register's oflice. 

288 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

a fine house in Fulton street, Brooklyn, known as the 
Willoughby Mansion. Jan. ist, 1835, for $30,000, he 
purchased of John T. Bergen' the farm which Tunis J. 
Bergen, John T. Bergen's father, bought of the Cropseys ; 
and May 31st, 1835, for$28,ooo, he purchased of Nicholas 
R. Van Brunt,^ his farm of about 70 acres, at Bay Ridge, 
New Utrecht. He was enabled to make these purchases 
in consequence of selling portions of his Brooklyn farm at 
high speculative prices, as for instance, selling in A4arch, 
1835, eight acres for $10,000 an acre. 

By his will, dated April 19th, 1841,3 he devised the farm 
he bought of John T. Bergen, to his son Michael ; the 
one he bought of N. R. Van Brunt, to his son Isaac E. ; and 
his Dutchess county farm, to his sons Eldert and John 

'Jacob Bergen was appointed captain of militia, March 
31st, 1802, and he held the office of associate judge of the 
county courts in 18 11. 

The following is a facsimile of his signature : 



Issue : — 

224. I. Maria, b. May 23d, 1801. 

225. u. Catharine, b. Feb. 16th, 1803. 

226. III. Phebe, b. Feb. 20th, 1805. 

227. IV. Agnes, b. Oct. 25th, 1806. 

228. V. Miciiacl, b. July 28th, 1809. 

'Lib. 45, p. 160, con., King's county register's office. 
'^ Lib. 51, p. 414, con., King's county register's office. 
3 Lib. y, p. 273, King's county sur/'ogatc's office. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 289 

229. VI. Isaac E., b. July 7th, 181 1. 

230. VII. Sarah E., b. April 3d, 1813, d. May 4th, 1813. 

231. VIII. John Tunis, b. April i6th, 181 5. 

232. IX. Elderl, b. May i8th, 1818. 

233. X. Sarah, b. August 22d, 1820. 

234. XI. Margaret, b. August 25th, 1822, 

Children of TUNIS BERGEN (176) and Johanna Stoot- 
hojf^ of Brooklyn, New York : 

194. Rachel Bergen, born August 15th, 1761 ; died 
June l6th, 1817; m. May lOth, 1780, Jacob Conover^^ 
born August 13th, 1750, died April 23d, 1826, of Middle- 
town, N. J. (a captain of infantry in the Revolutionary 
war), while a prisoner on parole on Long Island. Prior to 
the occupation of New York by the British army, Capt. 
Conover was sent to Sandy Hook and smashed the lamps 
of the lighthouse,^ to prevent the expected British fleet 
from having the benefit of the same ; was afterwards taken 
prisoner near Middletown Point, brought on board one of 
the enemy's vessels and threatened to be hung on the yard 
arm as a rebel, the noose even being prepared for his neck, 
and subsequently confined among the prisoners in the sugar 

■V ' Marriage license dated April 21st, 1780, as per New York Marriages, page 
ay. Jacob, bapt. August 26th, 1750, was a son of Peter Conover, born May, 
1720, and Catharine Schentk, dau. of Roelof Schcnck and Geesjc Hendrick- 
sen, and widow of Simon De Hart, of Qowanus. Peter Conover, the father 
of Jacob, was a son of Jacob Willcmse, of Middle-town, N. J., born June 
29th, 1679, and Sarah Schenck. Jacob Willemse, the grandfather of Jacob, 
was a Bun of Willoni Gcrritse and Acltjc Uirckscn. Willcm Gcrritse, the 
great-grandfather of Jacob, was a son of Gerret Wolfcrsen Van Couwenhovcn, 
the emigrant. 

= The New York Post Boy, of June 21st, 1764, states that on Monday 
evening;last, the i8th inst., tiie New York light house, erected at Sandy Hook, 
was liglited for the first time. That the building was of octagon form, 103 
feet in licight, and built of wood. 

hithfi 9' 

290 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

house in New York. After the war he resided until after 
1796 on his farm in New Jersey, and then on a small farm 
of some 16 acres, which he purchased August 13th, 1804, 
of Tunis Bergen, his father-in-law, for X1200,' located in 
the vicinity of Hamilton avenue and Court street, Brook- 
lyn. This property Tunis Bergen bought August 22d, 
1801, of the executors of Jeremiah Vanderbilt, of Hemp- 
stead, for $3,000.^ 

Issue : — 

I. Sarali Conover, b. , 1780, on Long Island ; d. Sept. 

iith, 1867; m. Dec. 5th, 1806, Pearson Dey,^ of New Jersey, 
b. Mar. 8, 1780, d. Dec. 26th, 1863; they removed to Seneca 
county, New York, and had issue: Jacob C, b. Sept. 20th, 1807, 
d. Dec. 13th, 1865, m. March 4th, 1841, Emmeline Patterson, of 
New Jersey, who d. Dec. 31st, 1872, without issue; Anthony P., 
b. August 18th, 1809; Richard, b. Oct. zd, 1810, d. April 23d, 
1827; Peter B., b. June 30th, 1812; Elizabeth or Betsey, b. Jan. 
1 6th, 1815; William, b. Feb. 15th, 1817; Catharine, b. May 8th, 
1820, d. Sept. 7th, 1839; and Henry K. Dey, b. Feb. 19th, 1824. 

u. Peter Conover, b. April 16th, 1783, in Middletown, N. J.; 
d. Jan. 4th, 1842; m. July 14th, 1819, Catharine, dau. of Joost 
and Ann Stillwell, of Gravesend, and widow of Nicholas Van Dyck, 
of Red Hook, b. Jan. gtli, 1789, d. Sept. 14th, 1846. Resided 
at one time with his cousin Garret Bergen, of Gowanus, was an 
adjutant, and appointed captain Feb. 29th, 1812, of militia, and 
served during the war of that period against Great Britain. In 

' Lib. 10, p. 141, con., King's county register's office. 

"Lib. 34, p. 50, con.. King's county register's office. 

3 Pearson Dey was a descendant of Derrick Dey, who emigrated to this 
country in 1640, from Holland, and is said to have established a mill and ferry 
at the foot of Dey street, in New York. The family of Deys appear to have 
been scattered through New Jersey, but mainly in the vicinity of Hackensack, 
Pearson being born at Preakness. Pearson had several brothers, who also 
settled in Seneca county, New York, .nnd u brotiicr Autliony, a celebrated and 
sinccs:.ful l.iwyer, in (lie city of New York. Prtirson''s father was CJen. 
Richard Dey, and his grandfather. Col. Tunis Dey, both officers of the Revo- 
lutionary army. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 291 

November, 1825, was the democratic republican candidate for 
sheriff, but was defeated by John Wyckoff, of New Lotts, by a small 
majority. On the completion of the canvass, supposing that he 
was elected, his friends calling upon him at Red Hook, where he 
then resided, to congratulate him, and partake of an oyster supper 
in honor of the victory, which to his and their great disgust turned 
out to be a defeat. Was afterwards engaged in mercantile business, 
in Brooklyn, where he d., and at one period was one of the super- 
visors of that city. Had issue: Rachacl, b. April 30th, 1820, d. 
Jan. nth, 1822; George S., b. Nov. 7th, 1824, m. (ist), Nov. 
9th, 1843, Augusta, dau. of John Joralemon, who d. June 5th, 
1852, and by whom issue: Peter, b. Nov. 24th, 1844, m. May 6th, 
1871, Ginevra Papineau; George Henry, b. Jan. 3d, 1846; 
Samuel Smith, b. March 7th, 1847, m. May 24th, 1871, Mary 
Emeline Dey ; Edward Clark, b. August i6th, 1848, d. August 
12th, 1849; and Augusta Joralemon, b. March iith, 1850, m. 
Feb. 9th, 1 870, Clarence E. Spcnce ; George S. Conover, ni. (2d), 
May 4th, 1854, Catharine Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph and Lavina 
Ganibee, of Seneca county, N. Y., by wlioni issue: Lavina Fat- 
'/inger, b. Dec. 24th, 1H55, d, Nov. 21st, 1856; James Hyatt, 
b. Sept. 27tli, 1858; and Evelyn Talmage, b. July 14th, 1861. 
George S. Conover was at first engaged in mercantile business, in 
the city of New York, afterwards in farming in Seneca county, N. 
Y., to which place he removed, and at present (1872) engaged in 
the nursery business at Geneva, N. Y. Jacob, b. May 15th, 1827, 
d. May 8th, 1847; and Ann Conover, b. Nov. 13th, 1829, m. May 
7th, 1849, Pierson W. Dey, of Seneca county, N. Y., and removed 
to Michigan. 

III. Johanna Conover, b. June 2d, 1785, in New Jersey, resided 
when she died with Garret G. Bergen, of Gowanus, and single; d. 
Sept. 28th, 1864. 

IV. Catherine Conover, b. April 14th, 1787, in New Jersey; 
d. Sept. 13th, 1833; m. William Jackson, of Orange county, N. 

Y., and left issue, a son Richard Jackson, who Jii. , and 

is employed in the United States postal service. 

V. Phebc Conover, b, March 7th, 1789, in New Jersey; died 
March 7th, 1833; m. Feb. 1st, 1816, Francis Dey, of Seneca 

292 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

county, N. Y., b, June 2d, 1786, d. March 21st, 183 i, and had 
issue: Philip Dcy, b. Sept. i6th, 18 16, single, and a carriage 
trimmer by occupation; Jacob Dcy, b. March 20th, 1818, and d. 
in infancy; Johanna Conover Dey, b. March 15th, 1827, d. April 
3d, 1852, m. Dec. T4th, 1848, Charles B. Piatt, of Norwich, 
Conn., and had issue: Allen Ely Piatt, b. May 21st 1850, d. Oct. 
26th, 1874, and Joanna Piatt, b. March, 1852, d. November, 
1852; and Peter Conover Dey, b. March 2d 1830, d. Sept. 21st, 

VI. Teunis Conover, b. Oct. 25th, 1796, and' d. when about 
three months old, 

195. Lammetie Bergen, born Oct. i-^th, 1762; died 
Oct. 17th, 1 830; m. June 20th, 1782, Rutgert Van Brunt^ 
of New Utrecht, who owned and resided on a farm of 70 

' Rutger yoesten Van Brunt, or from Brunt, the common ancestor of the 
Van Brunt family of this vicinity, emigrated from Holland, in 1653 (probably 
from a villa known by the name of Brunt), and in 1657 was among the first 
settlers in New Utrecht, where he held large tracts of land, and of which 
town he was one of the representatives in July, 1663, in the convention held 
at New Amsterdam, to engage the several Dutch towns to keep up an armed 
force for public protection. He was also, both under the Dutch and English 
governments, for several years a magistrate and justice of the peace of the 
town. He m. (ist), Tryntie Claes, born about 1 61 8, widow of Stoffel Har- 

mensen, who was living as late as 1688 ; m. (2d), Gretian , and he died 

about 1718. His children were : Nicolaes Rutgersz, who m. Helena, dau. of 
Jacques Corteljau, the surveyor, and first emigrant of the name, August 19th, 
1683, and who died in 1684; Corne/is Rutgersz, died about 1748, m. Dec. 
i8th, i685,Tryntje Adriaense Bennet, died about 1740; and Joost Rutgersz, m. 

(ist), -. , who died 1686, m. (2d), Aeltie Coerten Van Voorhies, 

April 16th, 1687, died about 1746, and his wife died Nov. 12th, 1746. 

Corne/is Rutgers-^ had issue : Rutgert, ni. Elizabeth Van Voorhies, died April 
7th, 1760 J Nicholas, m. Geesie, dau. of Hendrick Hendrickson, of the 
Narrov/s, New Utrecht, by a first wife, his second being Helena Cortelyou 5 
Geesie survived her husband, who emigrated to New Jersey, where he has 
numerous descendants; William, who probably died in 1732 j Adriaen, who 
m. Jannetje Hendricks, who also may have been a dau. of Hendrick Hen- 
drickson ; Angeniticn, bapt. June 30th, i68(;, who probably died in 1732; 
Maria or Marrytie, bapc. Dec. loth, 1674; Tryntie, ni. (1st), Jacob Van 
Dyck, of Staten Island, m. (2d), Louis Dubois, of Staten Island ; Grcticn or 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 293 

acres (now of Isaac E. Bergen), at Yellow Hook, now 
Bay Ridge. 

Issue : — 

I. Jane Van Brunt, b. July 2d, 1783; d. July 13th, 1814, 

a. Johanna Van Brunt, b. Jan. 14th, 1785; m. Morris Patter- 
son, a grocer, of New York, and d. March, 1857. Issue: Eliza 

Margaret, died 1765, in. Thomas Pollock, of New Utrecht j and Neeltie, 
ni. July I 6th, 1730, Derrick Peterson or Pieters. 

Rutgert, son of Cornells Rutgersz, had issue : Cornells, born March 6th, 
1716, about 1750 he removed to Monmouth co.,N. J., m. May ist, 1735, 
Hellltjc or Magdalena Finton or Fenton ; Sartie, b. May 4th, 17 18, died Nov. 
I2th, 1814, m. Aris or Jeremiah Vanderbilt, of Flatbush ; Albert, \>. '^o\ . i6th, 
1720, died Oct. l6th, 1781, m. Oct. 26th, 1745, his cousin, Jannetie, dau. of 
Adriaen Van Brunt; Wilhelmus or William, born July 26th, 1725, died Jan. 
25th, 1790, m. August 25th, 1750, Jannetje, dau.of Coert Van VoorJiies, born 
Sept. 7th, 1728, died Dec. l8tii, 1781 ; Catryntjc, born Feb. 14th, 1726, died 
1740; Rutgert, born Sept. 13th, 1728, died probably in 1 7 32; Joost or George, 
born March 4th, 1731, died Feb. 8th, 18 14, m. (ist), June i ith, 1757, Lydia, 
dau. of John Griggs, of Gravesend, m. (2d), Elizabeth Duryea, who died June 
3(i, 1780, aged 39 ; Rutgert, born Jan. i6th, 1733, died May i8tli, 1812, m. 
June 2Ist, 1757, Allie, dau. of Jaijues and iNlary Cortelyou, and resided in 
Gravesend ; Adrian, born Nov. 17th, 1735, died Sept. l8th, 1785, m. Jan. 
I2th, 1760, Engletie Rapalje ; Catryntje, born Jan. 29th, 1738, m. 1756, 
Daniel Hendricksen, a surveyor ; and Elizabeth, born Nov. 28th, 1740, m. 
Hendrick Jansen. 

Albert, son of Rutgert and Elizabeth, had issue : Elizabeth, born Sept. 9th, 
1747, died April, 1827, m. July, 1769, Nicholas Van Dyck, of Red Hook ; 
Nicholas, born August 27th, 1749, died Sept. 5th, 1802, m. (ist), Feb. ist, 
1780, Magdalena, dau. of Wilhelmus Van Nuyse, of New Utrecht, born June, 
r759, d. April 12th, 1780, m. (2d), March 8th, 1783, Mary WyckolF, wid. of 
Johannes Emmans, of New Utrecht, born April 2d, 1752; Rutgert, born Dec. 
22d, 1753, died Sept. 26th, 1754; Rutgert, born Nov. i8th, 1757, died Se|it. 
5th, 1830, m. Lammetie, dau. of Tunis Bergen; Cornelius, born August 21st, 
1760, died Sept. 26th, 1827, m. Dec. 5th, 1782, Jannetie, dau. of Rem 
Adrianse ; and Albert, born July 28th, 1765, died August 14th, 1776. 

The following is a facsimile of Rutger Joosten's signature : 




294 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

Patterson, John Patterson, Jane Patterson, Mary Patterson, and 
Hamilton Patterson. 

in. Albert Van Brunt, b, March 3d, 1787; d. April 28th, 1817, 

IV. Tunis B. Van Brunt, b. July 29th, 1791; d. Feb. 29th, 
1856; ni. Dec. 21st, 1815, Mary Matthews, who d. in 1861. 
At first a merchant in New York; then settled on a farm in Seneca 
county, N. Y. ; afterwards in the steam boat business in Michigan, 
where he died. Issue: Emma Ann, b. Nov. zd, 1816, d. July 16th, 
1858, single; William Matthew, b. July 14th, 1818, d. December 
7th, 1866; Mary, b. February i8th, 1820, single; Rutgert, b. 
November 14th, 1821, d. April 27th, 1863, m. September 
17th, 1850, Mary Elizabeth Tucker, was a clergyman; Sarah, 
b. June 2d, 1823, d. June 22d, 1823; Winslow, b. May iith, 
1824, d. August 29th, 1826; Nicholas, b. September 22d, 1825, 
in. September 17th, 1851, Ann Elizabeth Wright, is a farmer, 
near Adrian, in Michigan; Albert, b. September 24th, 1827, 
resides at Adrian, Michigan; Sarah, b. June 8th, 1829, m. Dec. 
14th, 1854, Seabury Kissam, of Brooklyn, a lawyer, now dead; 
Tunis Van Brunt, b. May 25th, 1831, d. Nov. 4th, 1831. 

V. Elizabeth Van Brunt, b. Oct. 1st, 1793; d. August 13th, 

VI. Phebe Van Brunt, b. August i8th, 1795 ; d. July 3rst, 1874, 
m. Oct. I 2th, 1816, John P. Dey, a farmer, of Seneca county, N. 
Y., b. June 23d, 1788, d. Jan. 15th, 1864. Issue: Rutgert Van 
Brunt Dey, b. August 8th, 1819, d. Feb. 25th, 1820; Jane Dey, b. 
Dec. i8th, 1823, d. April 12th, 1841, single; Albert Van Brunt 
Dey, b. Sept. 8th, 1825, m. Oct. 30th, 1851, Katharine Opd^yke, 
b. Oct. 17th, 1825. After the death of his father, A. Van Brunt 
Dey and family, with his mother, removed to Waukesha, Wiscon- 
sin, where he bought a farm. 

vii. Nicholas R. Van Brunt, b. August 25th, 1797; d. March 
15th, 1867; m. Dec. 7th, 1820, Ellen, dau. of Elias Hubbard, of 
Flatlands, b. Jan. 28th, 1803. At first a farmer at Bay Ridge, then 
a coal dealer in Brooklyn, where he died. From 1832 to 1836, he 
was supervisor of New Utrecht, and afterwards a supervisor in 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 295 

Brooklyn. Issue: Lemma Ann, b. Nov. 30th, 1821, d. May 1st, 
1851, m. June nth, 1844, John D. Poe; Huldah H., b. July 21st, 
1823, m. (1st), May 28th, 1840, John J. Dean; m. (2d), Sept. 
17th, 1850, Hawley D. Clapp; Ellen Elizabeth, b. May 5th, 1825, 
d. Jan. 6th, 1850, m. Dec. 8th, 1846, Edward Kissam; Rutger 
N., b. March 8th, 1827, m. March 1st, 1861, Emma Elliot, b. 
April 3d, 1829, is a merchant in San Francisco; Mary Jane, b. 
April 3d, 1829, single; Sarah Holmes, b. Oct. 29th, 1831, d. June 
4th, 1862, m. Feb. 23d, 1854, Daniel Cashman ; Elias H., b. 
Dec. 10th, 1835; Henry Clay, b. Oct. 2d, 1837, d. August 26th, 
1838; EmmeHne P., b. Dec. iirh, 1839, d. Jan. 3d, 1849; 
Nicholas R. Van Brunt, b. April 28th, 1847, d. August 23d, 1847. 
VIII. John Van Brunt, b. Feb. 17th, 1800; d. Sept. 18th, 1819, 

IX. Elizabeth Van Brunt, b. July 10th, 1802; d. Oct., 1802. 
X, Garret Van Brunt, a twin with Elizabeth, b. July 10th, 1802; 
d. Oct., 1802. 

196. Johannes or John Bergen, born Sept. 23d, 
1764; died Auf^ust 12th, 1824, of typhus fever ; m. April 
23d, 1793, Rebecca^ dau. of SLumicl Stryker/ of Graveseiid, 

^Samue/ &ryker was a descendant of yafci Gerritse Strycl^cr, a tailor by trade, 
who emigrated to this country in 1651, and as near as can be ascertained was 
a brother of Jan Strycker, who emigrated from Rhuynen, in Drenthe, Hol- 
land, in 1652, and settled in Flatbush. 'Jacob Gcrretse settled at first in New 
Amsterdam of which place he was schepen in 1655, 1656, 1658, 1660, and 
1663. In 1660, he and his wife, Ytie (Ida) Huybrechts, are entered on 
Dominie Selyn's list of old church members as removed to New Amersfoort 
(Flatlands). From his being schepen in 1663, it may be inferred that he 
returned to New Amsterdam for a time. In 1667, his name and that of his 
wife appear as of Flatlands on Dominie Van Zuuren's lists of church members. 
In 1687 he took the oath of allegiance in Flatlands, and in 1688, as per 
Dominie Van Zuuren's church books, lie died. His children were Genet, of 
Flatlands, who died in 1695, m. December, 1683, Wyntic Cornciise Boomgaert 
(afterwards written Bougaert and the ancestor of the N. S. Bogerts), who died 
in Gravesend in 1700. A Gerret Strycker, supposed to be this Gerret, ap- 
|H)ii)ied shiTillDf King's county by Gov., in 1688. Have seen no ac- 
count of other children, unless Allje Strycker, wife of Abraliam Voorhies, of 
I'l.ill.inds, whobe name appears on a deed ot 1(1X7, one. 

296 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

born Jan. 8th, 1774, died Jan. 28th, 1850. Will dated 
April 27th, 1821, proved Oct. 27th, 1825, recorded lib. 
3, p. 78, of wills, surrogate's office, King's county. Re- 
becca's will is dated April 28th, 1843, recorded lib. 12, p. 
31, of wills, surrogate's office. King's county. 

Resided on the farm which he inherited from his father. 

Gfrr/V, son of Jacob Gerritse, had issue: Gezina, bapt. Dec. 9th, 16775 
Jaiinctje, bapt. Dec. 26th, 1679,1x1. Thomas Lake ; Jacob, bapt. August 27th, 

1682, m. Martha , and settled on the Raritan, New Jersey ; Gerret, bapt. 

Nov. 23d, 16S4, settled on Stryker's bay, on the west side of" Manhattan 
Ibland ; Geesje, bapt. Jan. nth, 1685J Maria; Catharine; Corne/is, of 

Gravesend, born , 1691, died Oct. 23d, 1769, m. Rebecca Hubbard, 

(supposed) dau. of James, of Gravesend, born 1700, died Sept. 8th, 1787; 
and Gerretje, bapt. Nov. 14th, 1694, (supposed) m. Oct. nth, 1709, Jan 

Cornelis, son of Gerrit and Wintie, had issue: Garret, born March 2d, 1729, 
died Sept. 27th, 1779, m. June 26tb, 1756, Ida Van Deventer, born Nov. 
28th, 1734, died Feb. 7th, 1810, and (supposed) resided in Gravesend and 
Flatlands ; Hanna, born Feb. 13th, 1733, died Oct. ist, 1807, m. May 31st, 
1751, Mighiel Stryker, of Flatbush ; Satnuel, of Gravesend, born Oct. 20th, 
1737, died Feb. 7th, 1828, m. Nov. 27th, 1768, Maritje Schenck, dau. of 
Stc-phen Janse, born March 17th or May 29th, 1739, died May 13th, 1813; 
Cornelius, of Gravesend, born May 2d, 1739, died Feb. 6th, 1829, m. Maria 
Lake, born July 2d, 1748, died July 3d, 1837 ; and Elizabeth, born Sept. 28th, 

Samuel, of Gravesend, son of Cornelis and Rebecca, had issue : Cornelius, 
born August 21st, 1769, died Dec. 2d, 1794; Anny, born Sept. 24th, 1771 ; 
Altie (twin), bp. Oct. nth, 1771 ; Rebecca, born Jan. 8th, 1774, died Jan. 28th, 
1850, m. April 23d, 1793, John Bergen, of Flatlands; Stephen, born Dec. 
9th, 1776, died June 1st, 1851, m. March 15th, 1796, Annatic or Johanna, 
dau. of Tunis Bergen, of Gowanus; Garret, born Aug. 15th, 1781, died Feb. 
6th, l85l, m. September, 1801, Catherine Ryder, born April ist, 1783, died 
July 4tli, 1850; and Maria, born , died May 13th, 1813, single. 

The following is facsimile of Jacob Strycker, the emigrant's signature : 

,a>-^ ^4^>^C0}.ll>3o. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 297 

on what was formerly known as Meutelaer's Island, called 
by the Indians Wynpaggue, containing about 90 acres of 
upland, located in the salt marsh on the easterly side of 
the town of Flatlands, and at present known as Bergen's 

He removed to the island, Sept. 5th, 1791, the day when 
his father dispossessed Peter StoothofF, and continued to 
reside there until his death. He and his negro slave Tone 
kept bachelor's hall, until about Sept. 4th, 1792, when 
Folkert Sprung and wife returning from the bay of Chaleurs, 
in Canada (to which they had retired after the revolution,' 
in consequence of having been active tories, and from' 
which, in consequence of the rigors of the climate and 
ster.htyof the soil they were glad to remove), moved in, his 
wife performing the duties of housekeeper until May ist, 
I 793. when they left, John Bergen having married about a' 
week previous to this date. 

The bay in which this island is located at this date 
abounded with clams, terrapins, fish of various kinds, and 
wild fowl, furnishing an abundance of food easily attainable 
for the support of the residents. When the locality was 
first settled, it is said the bottom of the bay was, in many 
places, paved with hard clams, and that large quantities 
were caught, piled on the shores until the fleshy parts 
decayed, when the shells were broken up for the manufac- 
ture of wampum. As evidence of the productiveness of 
the bay at the period when John Bergen commenced to 
reside on the island, a diary kept by John Baxter, a native 
of Ireland, and schoolmaster in Flatlands, sets forth that 
January y]^ ly^j^^ said Baxter, John W. Stoothof}', Isaac 
Selover, and Hendrick Oakie, cauglit 995 turtles or terra- 
pins, mostly large ones, which they sold in the city of New 
York for $30. On the 5th of the month they tried again, 
but caught only 300, the sport being mainly over. Now' 

298 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

turtles are seldom seen in the bay. At this season of the 
year turtles were taken from the mud in the localities where 
they bedded for the winter, their position being indicated 
by marks known to the turtle hunter. Sept. 24th, 1796, 
William Kouwenhoven, John Remsen, Peter Vandervoort, 
and R. Voorhies caught 26 baskets or 13 bushels of eels, 
the largest mess ever heard of. Sept. 26th (two days 
after), John Baxter, John B. Lott, Jerry Elsworth, and 
Garret G. WyckofF, caught 6 bushels of eels. 

April 3d, 1788, "Johannes Bergen " pleaded guilty to 
being concerned in a riot in opposition to military duty at a 
training or muster on the plains, and was fined by the court 
of oyer and terminer. At this period Shays's rebellion 
took place in Massachusetts, to suppress which each regi- 
ment of militia in the country was called upon to furnish 
its quota. To obtain the required number, the officers 
proposed and undertook, instead of drafting, to pick out 
and select the men. To this Johannes or John objected, 
on account of its liability of abuse, and stepping out from 
the ranks he called upon all who agreed with him to step 
out also, and was followed by about three-fourths of the 
rank and file, which ended the picking out, and resulted in 
a draft. For this some called him Capt. Shay. 

The house on the island occupied by the StoothofFs, 
which forms part of the present dwelling, from appearances 
may have been the first erected there. In 1801, John 
Bergen added to it, for a kitchen, the wing on its easterly 
side, and afterwards, in 1819, enlarged the main building 
on its westerly side. A westerly wing, not shown on the 
accompanying view, was built by his son Cornelius, after 
the death of his father. 

While referring to an old house, it may not be amiss to 
notice another in its vicinity, the ancient house of the 
Schencks, on a small island in the salt marsh, to which 











Michael Hansen Bergen. 299 

was attached a farm, on the adjoining main land, and grist 
mill (the latter swept out of existence), now the property 
of the Hon. P. S. Crooke and family. This building, 
with frame of massive oak, each beam framed in a post, 
having large braces in the interior of each room, without 
mortar ceilings, each beam exposing its full size, with steep 
roof and peculiar-shaped rafters, is worthy of the examina- 
tion of antiquarians. 

In 1819 a difficulty occurred between him and the trustees 
of the school district in which he resided, in relation to a 
school tax, which he refused to pay. Believing that he was 
in the right, he suffered his feather bed to be levied on and 
sold on the 12th of March, testing the legality of the sale 
before a jury, in a justice's court on the 1 8th of the same 
month, when the matter was decided against him, and the 
trustees were sustained. 
Issue : — 

Tunis, b. Feb. 19th, 1794. 

Maria, b. Jan. 3d, 1796; d. Sept. 14th, 1797. 
HI. Cornelius, b. Feb, z6th, 1798. 

Maria, b. Dec. 30th, 1799. 

John, b. Dec. 19th, 1802. 

Johanna, b. Oct. 14th, 1805. 

Ann, b. Nov. 17th, 1810. 
242. viii. Garret, b. Feb. 22d, 1813. 

The following is a facsimile of his signature : 

198. Femmetje or Phehe Bergen, born August 4th, 
1769 ; died Oct. 17th, 1831 ; m. May 23d, I'jc^o^ Andrew 
EiHiiKins. of New Utrecht, where he resided and owned a 















300 Fifth Generation, Descendants of 

farm of about lOO acres. Andrew was born January 2ist, 
1771, and died Dec. ist, 1840. 
Issue : — 

I. Mary or Maria Emmans, b. May 21st, 1799 ; m. March 10th, 
1825, Jaques W. Cropsey, a farmer, of New Utrecht, b. Nov. 
15th, 1782, d. Jan. 19th, 1 833, intestate, and has children : William 
J. Cropsey, b. Feb. 28th, 1826, m. Dec. 16th, 1869, Mary V., 
dau. of James C. Church; Andrew J. Cropsey, br. Jan. 28th, 
1828, m. November 5th, 1856, Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of Tunis B. 
Dubois; Phebe Cropsey, b. Feb. 23d, 1829, d. June 30th, 1833; 
Jane Ann Cropsey, b. August 31st, 1830, d. young; Phcbc Crop- 
sey, b. June 30th, 1832, d. Nov. 7th, 1836. 

II. Johanna Emmans, b. August 28th, 1801, d. August 27th, 
1868; m. Michael Hegenian, of New Utrecht, who d. Oct. 18th, 
1863, and had children: Phebe Hegeman, b. Oct. 4th, 1823, d. 
Feb. 4th, 1824; Belinda Hegeman, b. Jan. 14th, 1825, m. Aug. 
22d, 1872, Timothy Nostrand, who m. (ist), Catharine, dau. of 
John E. Lott, of New Utrecht; Andrew Hegeman, b. Aug. 31st, 
1827, m. Oct. i8th, i860, Elizabeth, dau. of Stedman Wright, 
of New Utrecht; Thomas Hegeman, b. August 12th, 1830, m. 
Jane Wright, sister of Elizabeth; Phebe M. Hegeinan, b. Dec. 
7th, 1833, d. March 5tli, 1856; Peter A. Hegeman, b. Jan. 22d, 
1837, m. Nov. 19th, 1867, Anna Kate, dau. of Daniel Van Brunt, 
b. July 31st, 1849; and John C. Hegeman, b. Nov. 14th, 1842, 
d. August 4th, 1843. 

III. John A. Emmans, b. Sept. 12th, 1804; m. August 18th, 
1830, Betsey Williams, and has issue: Phebe, b. August 20th, 

^831, m. (1st), Andy Van Blarcum, and (2d), Nov. 7th, i860. 
Dr. Frederick C. DeMund. John A. is a farmer, owns and resides 
on the homestead of his father, in the village of New Utrecht, 
purchased of Samuel Groenendyck by Aandres Emans, great-grand- 
father of John A., Jan. 25th, 1742-3. 

199. Garret Bergen, born Jan. nth, 1772; died 
Feb. 26th, 1845 ; ni. Jan. 6th, 1806, Jaut;, dau. of Peter 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 301 

WyckcfF/ of Gowanus, born April 3d, 1787, died Feb. 
20th, 1872. He inherited, owned and resided on the tarni 
of 144 acres his father bought of the Hennets,ot Gowanus ; 

Tettr Claeun JVyckoff, the common ancestor of the Wyckoff family in this 
country, emigrated from the Netherlands in 1636, settled in Flatlands, where 
he purchased land, and where, in 1655, he superintended the bouwery and 
cattle of Director Stuyvesant. The entry on the colonial records, dated July 
loth, 1655, is; "Peter Claescn (Wyckoff) agreed to fodder and winter, 
"according to custom, all the cattle whicli Petrus Stuyvesant has at present on 
" his bouwery at Amesfoort j also sow all the land that is fit fur sowing, provided 
"that he shall deduct from the rent the grain he hath sowed thereon; for said 
" service the sum of 325 ^/- / to leave the manure of his own and the General's 
'•cattle on the bouwery." Of this town he was a magistrate in 1655, 165S, 
1662, and 1663, and in February, 1664, one of the representatives at the con- 
vention held at Midwout, for the purpose of sending a delegation to Holland, 
to lay before the states general and West India Company the distressed state 
of the country, and also one of the patentees in the town charters of 1667 
and 1686. He m. Grctic, dau. of Hendrick Van Ness, died after 1695, and 
had issue : Aiinetje Pieterse, bapt. (supposed) Nov. 27th, 1650 j Maykcn or 
Maria Pieteric, bapt. (supposed) Oct. 19th, 1653, m. Willcm WiUemse, of 
Gravesend, who emigrated to tiiis country in 1657 j Geeitie Pieterse, .ilive in 
1711, m. March I7tli, 1678, CInistoli'cl Janse Ronieyn, of I'latlands, who 
emigrated in 1^53; Claes I'ieterse, of I'l.itlands, m. Sara, dau. of Picter 
Monfoort, who (probably) died in 1704; Cornells Pieterse, of New Lotts, in 
Flatbush, died in 1746, m. Oct. 13th, 1678, Gertrude Simons, dau. of Simon 
Van Arsdalen, bought two tracts of land of 600 acres in New Jersey, one at 
Middlebush, and the other at Six Mile run ; Hendrick Pieterse, of Flatlands, 

m. Helena , died Dec. 6th, 1744, without issue, leaving by his will, dated 

July 25th, 1741, his farm in Flatlands to Johannes Willemse, a grandson by 
his sister Mayken or Maria, on condition he assumed the surname of Wyckoffj 

Garret Pieterse, of Flatlands, m. Katharine , will dated Oct. 9th, 1704, 

•proved Jan. 12th, 1707; Martin Pieterse, of Gravesend, m. May 17th or 27th, 

1683, Hannah Willemse, of Flatlands, m. (2d), (supposed) Moycah , 

who, after his death, m. Thomas Van Dyke ; he left female but no male issue; 
Pieter Pieterse, m. Willemtie — - — ; and Jan Pieterse, of Flatlands, born Feb. 
16th, 1665, m. Neltie, daughter of Willem Kouwenhoven, born Feb. 3d, 
1669, and sold his farm in Flatlands May 14th, 1702, to Cornells Coerte Van 

Willem Willemse, of Gravesend, and ALiykcn or M.tria, had issue ; F(tcr 
/Jr/7/rw.r, of (irav.-scnd, bapt. April idlli, 1(182; Manetje Willemse, bapt. 
April I2tli, 1685; and Annetje Willemse, bapt. May 291!!, 1695. 

Feicr lyUUiiae, of Gravesend, son of Willem and Mayken or M.iria, liad 


302 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

held the office of justice and associate judge of the county 
sessions from 1802 to 181 5, inclusive, and also a justice of 
the peace from 18 19 to 1823 ; was a member of, and at 

issue : Jobannei Willemie (who assumed the surname of Wyckoff, in pursuance 
of his great uncle Hendrick Pieterse Wyckoff's will), born Jan. ist, 172J, 
died Jan. 12th, 1761, m. in 1742, Johanna or Annetie, dau. of Joost Debe- 
voise, born Oct. 20th, 1720, died August 30th, 1778. 

{Jt'osi Dehcvohc was a descendant of Carel De Bcauvois, of Leyden, who 
emigrated with his wife, Sophia Van Loedsteyn, and children, in the ship 
Otter, in 1659. His children were : Jacobus, who m. June 22d, 1678, Maria, 
dau. of Joost Carelsz ; Gertrude; Catharine; and Cornelia, yacohui \\:ii child- 
ren: Carel, bapt. 1679, and died young; Carel, bapt. August ist, 1680, m. 
Margaret Meserole ; Joost, of the Wallabout, bapt. March 27th, 1683, d. 
1773, m. July 19th, 1707, Mary, dau. of Joris Remsen ; Jacobus, of Bedford, 
bapt. March 14th, 1686, m. July 23d, 1714, Sarah, dau. of Joris Remsen; 
Johannes; Johanna; and Catharine, ycoi/ and Mary had children : Jacobus, 
m. 1736, Mary or Maria Gerretsen ; Phebe, m. John Johnsen ; Mary ; Annatic, 
who m. Johannes Willemse Wyckoff; Elizabeth, m. Peter Cowenhoven ; and 
Sophia, m. Albert Nostrand.) 

Johannes Willemse JVyckoff, of Flatlands, son of Peter Willemse, had issue : 
Henry or Hendrick, of Gravesend, born Jan. 22d, 1742-3, died (supposed) 
Sept. 2d, 1819, m. Oct. 27th, 1764, Sarah Emmans, born 1752, died July 22d, 
1820; Joost or George, of Flatlands, born Nov. 20th, 1745, died Jan. 21st, 
1787, m. Dec. 15th, 1768, Sarah, dau. of Daniel Luyster, of Newtown, born 
Oct. 30th, 1748 ; Peter, of Gowanus, born May 19th, 1748, died Sept. 1st, 
1825, m. Oct. 19th, 1 77 I, Lammetie, dau. of Peter Lott,* of Flatbush, born 

* I'eier Lotl (written " Lot " by liiin^clf " LuJt " by tiis son I'ctcr, and " LotC " by his 
sons Engclbart .ind Abraham, and " Loth " and " Loot " by some contemporary writers), 
the common ancestor of the Lett family of Long Island, erroneously supposed by some to 
have been an Englishman by birth, emigrated in 1651, probably in company with Bartel 
Engelbartscn Lot, who is entered, December l6th, 1662, on the marriage records of the 
Reformed Dutch Church, of New York, as" Bartel Engelbartszen Loth, from Reynerwout " 
«^ or Ruinerwold, a village in the province of Drcnthe, in the Netherlands. They were 
probably brothers, for Bartel, in writing his name, omitted the Engelbartscn, and wrote 
simply "• Bartel Lot," the same as Peter wrote " I'eter Lot," and Peter, in naming his 
eldest son, Engelbardt, has perpetuated the name of Bartcl's, if not his own father, in the 
family. They both settled in Tlatbush, where, July z8th, i6;j, " Bartel Lott and Pictcr 
Loot " purchased of Edward Griflin 25 morgcns of land on the west side of the road, next 
to the minister's (Dominic Polhemius's) land No. 9, as conveyed to said Griffin by Garret 

Peter Lot was a magistrate of Flatbush in 1656 and 1673, and one of the patentees on 

Dongan's patent, of 1685. He m. Gertrude , who died in 1704, and had children : 

F.iiy,illuirili, of i'latbush, burn December, lCi54, died April joth, 1730, m. Oct. 27th, 1678, 
Corncli^i, <l.iu. uf Abraham Dc La Noy, of the city of New York, r< moved ta aiul resided 
for a lime .11 New Castle, on the Delaware river, but in 1681, removed b.ick to I'l.ilbush, 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 303 

times an elder and deacon of the Protestant Reformed 
Dutch Church, of Brooklyn, and of the South Church, 
Gowanus, of the same denomination. In 11^33, he was a 

April ist, 1750, died Oct. lotli, 1824; Maria or Mary, born April 2d, 1752, 
died Sept. 13th, 1802, m. (ist), May 22d, 1768, John Emmans, of New 
Utrecht, m. (2d), March 8th, 1783, Nicholas Van Brunt of New Utrecht; 
John or Johannes, of Jamaica, born March 6th, 1760, died Oct. 22d, 1831, 

and was high sheriff of the county in i6(;8 ; Catrina, m. Sept. 21J, 1687, Douwc Jaiise Van 

Ditmarsen, of Flatbush ; Peter, m. Sarah ; Abraham, m. Gertrye ; Heiidrick, 

m. Catryna ; and Johannes. 

Engethardt, son of Peter and Gertrude, had issue: Pieter, bapt. Nov. 16th, l68z, prob. 
died young ; Abraham, born Sept. 7th, 1684, died July 29th, 1754, m. Nov. ijlh, 1709, 
Catharina, dau. of Elbert Hegeman, born Nov. nth, 1691, died Nov, 19th, 1741 ; Johannes, 
died Jan. 29th, 1701, young ; Gertruy, bapt. Feb. 5th, lU)6^ died Sept. 23d, 1701 ; Cornelia, 
bapt. July }ist, 169S, died Sept, nth, 1699; Joijnns;, born July 22d, 1701, died 1732, 
m. Nov. 4th, 1721, Lammctie, dau. of Peter Strykcr, who, after the death of Johannes, m. 
Chrislianus I.upardus ; Gertruy, born Dec. 4th, 1703; and Elizabeth, bapt. March izth, 
1715, on Staten Island. 

Johannes, son of Engelbardt and Cornelia, of Flatbush, had issue : Engclbardt, born Sept. 
23d, 1721; Annetic, born Sept. 9th, 1724, m. Cornells Van Duyn, of Newtown ; Piter, of 
Flatbush, born August I4ih, 1726, died August 12th, 1775, m.(ist), July 9th, 1749, Nceltie, 
dau. of Uominicus Vandcrvccr, who died August 28th, 1767, m. (2d), April 9th, 1769, Jane 
Eldert, a widow, by whom no issue, and who died April 19th, 1801 ; Cornelia, born Sept. 
29th, 1728; and Johannes, of Klatland Neck, born Sept. 2d, 1730, died Nov. 23d, 1776, 
m. Sept. 22d, 1753, Hcndrikje, dau, of Isaac Remsen, who is said to have weighed 300 

(Nteltjc Vanderveer was a descendant of Cornelis Jami Vandtrvetr referred to in the 
foot note on Anne Vanderveer, wife of Tunis J. Bergen. Cornelli Janse^s children, as 
herein stated, were Cornelis Cornelissen, Neeltje Cornelissen, Dominicui Cornellssen, Jan 
Cornelissen, Jacobus Cornelissen, Michiel Cornelissen, Maria Cornelissen, Hendrikje Cor- 
nelissen, Jakoba Cornelissen, and Pieter Cornelissen, bapt, April 29th, 1686. 

Dcminicus Vanderveer had children, Jannetje, bapt. June 1st, 1719; Jacobus, of the 
Raritan, bapt. Dec. loth, 1721, m. May 2Sth, 1745, Femmetje Stryker; Dominicus, bapt. 
Nov. 3d, 1723, m. July 2d, 1748, Elizabeth Luqueer ; Catlyntjc, bapt. July 25th, 1725, m. 
Jacobus Lefferts ; Neeltje, bapt. July 9th, 1727, m. July 9th, 1749, Peter Lott ; Jeromus, 
bapt. March 30th, 1729 ; Antjc, bapt. Oct. 17th, 1731 ; Jan, bapt. August 19th, 1733 ; and 
also (supposed) Tunis, Cornelis, and Hendrick, of New Jersey.) 

Peter, son of Johannes, and Lammetie, had issue: Lammetje, born April 1st, 1750, died 
Oct, loth, 1824, m. Oct. 19th, 1771, Peter Wyckotf, of Gowanus; John, born Feb. 28th, 
1752, died Oct. 7th, 1776, single ; Jane, born Nov. nth, 1754, died Sept. 6th, 1828, m. July 
I2th, 1777, John Stryker, of Flatbush, no issue ; Johannes, born July 9th, 1757, died Oct. 
3d, 1776, single j Catelyne, born May 20th, 1760, died August 20th, 1767; Antie, born 
June 27th, 1763, died Jan. 19th, 1850, m. May 2d, 1781, William Williamson, of Flatbush, 
born Nov. nth, 1755, died August 26th, 1830 ; and Dominicus, born Feb. 22d, 1766, died 
August 2ist, 1767. 

The Abraham Lott, born Sept. 7th, 1684, is the great-grandfather of the late Engelbart 
Lott, of New Utrecht, Jeremiah Lott, John Lott, and Abraham Lott, of Flatbush, all 
brothers, their father, Johannes E, Lott, being a son of Engelbart, which Engelbart was a 
son of said Abraham, 

James Kykcr, Esq., the author of the Annals of Newtown, in a letter of Sept. 7th, 1847, 

304 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

member of the building committee having the supervision 
of the erection of the present Reformed Dutch Church 
edifice, on Joralemon street, Brooklyn. The other mem- 
bers of the committee were : Jeremiah Johnson, Leftert 
LefFerts, Samuel Smith, John S. Bergen, John Skillman, 
Theodorus Polhemus, and John Schenck. 

His will is dated March, 1843, recorded lib. 9, p. 176, 
of wills, surrogate's office, King's county. 

The following is a facsimile of his signature : 


m. Feb. c^th, 1 78 I, Etie or Margaret, dau. of Albert Terhune, of Gravesend, 
bom May ;d, 1764, died A[)ril i6tli, 1840; and Jolianna or Annatie, born 
July 7tii, 1761, died June loth, 1S34, ni. 1778, William Kouwenhoven, of 

thinks it " probable lliat the name of Iik; was dcrivcil Croni Lotte, a village and parish in 
" 'lccklcnburt;li, in llie uM German circle of VVcbtphalia." He says : " Ungelbart, too, 
" was a (;crniaii, rather tlian a Hollaiui name, 'rhe alBnity between the people of West- 
" phalia and the Swedes, may account for the removal of Engelbart Lott, son of I'eter, 
" sometime subsequent to the year 1674, to the Swedish community at New Castle, on the 
" Delaware. Here Engelbart Lott purchased a large tract of land on Christiana creek, 
" which he owned till 1707." Engelbart settled on the Delaware in 1674, as per New York 
RefornitJ Dutch Church Record. 

From the name of Uurul Engclh.irtsen Lot, as written by himself, hereinbefore 
referred to, the customary inference would be that Battel was the baptismal or given name, 
and F.ngilhartsen his patronymic, he being a son of Engelbart, and that Lot was 
his family name, probably derived from the place of his birth, or the old family residence. 
Tenis Gisbertsi Bogaert is an instance of this kind, Giibertse being the patronymic, and 
Bogaerl the family name, probably derived from the family at one period having resided 
in a boogaarj or orchard. It is possible, but hardly probable, that Bartel Engeltartsen Lot 
should mean Bartel, son of Engelbart, and grandson of Lodivicui or Lodewick. Bariel's 
emigrating from Reynerwout is not positive evidence of his being born there, for he may 
have removed to said village from the locality of his birth. The above arguments arc 
identical with ideas held by Mr. Riker. 

On the other hand the Hon. M. C. Murphy supposes Lott or LoJt most jirobably to be an 
abbreviation of Lo.iii'iVu J, that in the case of yVi.r i.if or /.oi/, as written by himself, and son 
Peter it meant I'ecer, son of LoJivicus, and that jiersonsof the name of Lott are frequently met 
with in the Netherlands, whose names are thus derived. In addition to Bartel and Peter, 
there apjjcars to have been a L,iiiibert Luti iji this country at .\n c.irly period, a soldier, lo 
whom, April nth, 1656, |>erinii:Uon was given lo enlist ajiothcr man in his )ilace, and leave 
was granted to return to the lalheiUnd. 

In ail.lilion lo l.atli, in ■rccklcnl)uri;li, Ihcrc is a village rianied Lottum in the province 
ol l.inilMHc, in Ihc Nrlherlands, wKli a pnpul.aion ol l.zK^ in i«4i. 

Michael Hansen Bergen, 305 

Issue : — 

243. I. Teunis G., b. Oct. 6th, 1806. 

244. n. Peter G., b. March 31st, 1808. 

245. in. Johannah, b. July 9th, 1810; d. Sept, 25th, 1813. 

246. IV, Lammetie, b. Oct. 6th, 18 12. 

247. V, John G., b, Dec, 4th, 1814, 

248. VI. Garret G., b. April 6th, 1 8 17, 

24V9. VII. Johannah, b. Aug. 30th, 1819; d, Feb. 3d, 1827, 

250. VIII. Jane Strycker, b, Nov. 4th, 1821; d. June 6th, 1823. 

251, IX, Jacob Conovcr, b. Jan. 22d, 1826; d, Feb. 3d, 1827, 

252, X, Francis Henry (a twin), b. March 3d, 1828; d. Feb. 
24th, 1844. 

253. XI. Michael Stryker (a t\vin),b. March 3d, 1828; d. Aug, 
2d, 1828. 

Peter Wyckoff^ and Lammatle Lott, of Gowanus, had issue : Nelly, born 
Dec. 3d, 1772, died May 2d, 1847, m. David Kelsey, of Suffolk county, and 
left no issue; Annatie, born April 3d, 1775, died, Sept. l6th, 1776 ; Annatie or 
Joanna, burn Sept. 2d, 1778, died Sept. 20th, 1829, m. Sept. 2d, 1798, John 
Bergen, of Queen's county ; Peter, of Gowanus, born Oct. 24th, I78l,died Oct. 
I3tli, 1845, '"• -^l'"' 9f''> 1806, Mayke, dau. of Jaques Van Brunt, of New 
Utrecht; John, of Gowanus, born Dec. 8th, 1784, died of cholera in 1835, m. 
(ist), Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen Hendricksen, she d. Dec. ist, 1824, m. (2d), 
Deborah Smith, widow of Thomas Adams; Jane, born April 3d, 1787, m. Jan, 
6ih, 1806, Garret Bergen, of Gowanus ; and Maria, born Dec. 4th, 1789, died 
Feb. nth, 1830, m. Dec. 28th, 1808, Peter Duryee, of New Utrecht. 

The following are copies of the signatures of Fieter Claesen Wyckoff, and of 
Peter Lott, the ancestors of the Wyckoff and Lott families : 

'ijfi^^^ £^f: . ///^ 

306 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

200. Teunis Bergen, born May i6th, 1774; died 
Oct. 3d, 1841 ; m. (ist), Dec. 12th, 1802, Nelly^ dau. of 
Adrian Martense,' of Flatbush, born May 23d, 1785; died 

' Adrian Martense is a descendant of Adrian Reyersz, the common ancestor 
of the Reyersen, the Adriance, and the Martense family in this country. 
Adriaen Reyeisz emigrated to this cuuntry from Amsterdam, in I 646, settled 
in Flatbush, m. July 29th, 1659, Annetje Martens, dau. of Martin Roelofse 
Schenck, of Flatlands, and died Nov. 24th, 1710. His children were : Jannetje 
Adriance, born July 25th, 1660; Elbert Adriance, born August 14th, 1663, 
m. April i8th, 1689, Catalyntie, dau. of Rem Janse Vanderbeeck, born Oct. 
4th, 1655, settled in Flushing, his descendants adopting the patronymic of 
Adriance, and constituting the Adriance family j Maratie Adriance, born Dec. 
2d, 1665, O. S.j Martin Adriance, born March 9th, l658, died Oct. 30th, 
1754, m. Sarah Remsen, born Dec. ist, 1670, who died April 30th, 1723, 
his descendants adopting nhe patronymic of Martense, and constituting the 
Martense family; Margaret or Grietje Adriance, born March 28th, 1670; 
Sarah Adriance, born June 9th, 1672, died young; Reyer Adriance, born May 
28th, 1673, died young; Neeltje Adriance, born Dec. 7th, 1675; R^ycr 
Adriance, bapt. March 31st, 1678, died young; Abraham Adriance, bapt. 
Nov. zist, 1680, (supposed) m. Oct. 19th, 1751, Femmetje Van Cleef, proba- 
bly settled at Fishkill; Sara Adriance, bapt. Nov. 21st, 1680, and a twin with 
Abraham ; Reyer Adriance, bapt. May 6th, 1683 ; and Gosen Adriance, bapt. 
April 29th, 1686, m. Femmetje Vandcrbilt. 

Martin Adriance, had issue: Rem Martense, of Flatbush, born Dec. 12th, 
1695, died June 14th, 1760, m. Susanna, born March 4th, 1693, died March 
1^7 ^nS'i Garret Martense, of Flatbush, born Oct. 24th, 1698, died 1732, 
m. Magdalena, dau. of Leffert Pieterse, born August 20th, 1694, who, after 
his death, m. John Vanderbilt ; Jannetie Martense, born July 31st, 1702, died 
Jan. 1st, 1794, m. May i8th, 1720, Pieter Stryker, of Flatbush; Antje Mar- 
tense, born Nov. 5th, 1705 ; Adriaen Martense, born Oct. 24th, 1707, died 
Sept. 17th, 1780, m. Neeltje, of Flatbush. 

Adrian Martense, of Flatbush, son of Martin Adriance, had issue : Sara 
Martense, born March 17th, 1729, m. April 17th, 1747, Theodorus Van 
Wyck; Antje Martense, b. June 4th, 173*; Susanna Martense, born Oct. 
22a, 1734, single; Joris Martense, born March 8th, 1737, died Nov. 9th, 
1804, single; Garret Martense, born Sept. 19th, 1740, died Nov. 9th, 1826, 
single; Adrian Martense, born Dec. 9th, 1742, died March 13th, 1817, m. 
(ist), Nov. 3d, 1765, Adriaentje Ryder, born Feb. 2d, 1741, died May 27th, 
1776, m. (2d), Jannetje Monfoort, born Dec. 27th, 1750, died Oct. 28th, 
1804; Nccltie Martense, born May 191)1, 1 745, dieil Oct. 3(1, I 799, m. John 
Van Duyn; Isaac Martense, burn June 9tli, 174S, died Nov. 12th, 177S, m. 
Nov. 5th, 1775, Maria Meaerole, born October 22d, 1758, died June i8lh. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 307 

Oct. 7th, 1814; m. (2d), Jane Bo'ice Stillwell^ born March 
7th, 1799, and living in 1875. 

Resided first on a farm in New Utrecht, belonging to 
Adrian Martense, his father-in-law, now (1872) owned and 
occupied by his sons Adrian and Tunis, and second on a 
farm which he owned in the village of P'latbush, of 61 
acres, lying adjoining to and on the westerly side of the 
road known as the Little Lane, which he bought May 4th, 
1812, of Michael Vandervcer, for $8,275, and which, 
after his death, was sold to Jeremiah Lott. 

March 31st, 1802, he was appointed ensign of militia, 
and in 1809, justice of the peace. His mind was disor- 
dered about the time of the death of his first wife, but he 
finally recovered. 

December 17th, 1806, Moses, a negro slave of Teunis 
Bergen, was convicted and sentenced for life to the state 
prison for an attempt to commit a rape on a Miss Ferger- 
son, in Flatlands. 

November 15th, 18 16, between 3 and 4 o'clock, p. m., 
the house of Teunis Bergen burned down, the fire origin- 

1846; and Janetie Martense, born January i6th, 1751, died October 30th, 
1828, ni. Brinckerhoti". 

Adrian Martens:, of Flatbush, son of Adrian and Neeltje, had issue by his 
first wife : Adrian, born August 17th, 1768, died Dec. 12th, 1830, m. Ger- 
trude, dau. of Jacob Suydam, born June 25th, 1770, died Jan. 9th, 1824J by 
second wife, Maria, born March loth, 1781, died Jan. ist, 17S4; and Nelly, 
born May 23d, 1785, died Oct. 7tli, 1814, m. December I2tli, 1802, Teunis 

George Martense, the only son of Adrian and Gertrude, m. January 13th, 
1818, Helen, one of the daughters of Jacob Van Brunt, of Brooklyn, a 
descendant of Jacob Hansen Bergen. 

The following is a facsimile of the signature of Adriaen Reyersz : 

^^09) ^^^j^ 


308 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

ating, as was supposed, from a spark from the oven. The 
furniture, except what was in the upper story, mostly saved. 
He died intestate, and Nov. 4th, 1841, Adrian Bergen, his 
son, took out letters of administration on his estate. 
The following is a facsimile of his signature : 

Issue by ist wife : — 

254. I. Johanna, b. June 15th, 1804. 

255. II. Adrian, b. Nov. z\\\\, 1806. 

256. III. Jane, b. Sept, 15th, 1808. 

257. ;v. Teunis, b. Dec. 25th, 1810. 

258. V. Maria, b. May, 1813. 
By 2d wife : — 

259. VI. Daniel, b. March 5tli, 1817. 

260. VII. John T., b. Oct. 4tli, 1819. 

261. VIII. Catherine J., b. July 31st, 1827. 

262. IX. Lemma Ann, b. July 3d, 1831. 

263. X. Sarah Matilda, b. July 7th, 1836. 

264. XI. Elmira Rosetta, b. May 15th, 1839. 

201. Annatie or Johanna Bergen, born October 2d, 
1776; died August 22d, 1833; m. March 15th, 1798, 
Stephen Stryker^ of Gravesend, born Dec. 2d, 1776, died 
June ist, 1851. 

She resided in Gravesend with her husband on his farm, 
now (1875) of their son, Samuel S. Stryker, located on the 
main road between the village of New Utrecht and 

Issue : — 

I. Maria Stryker, b. 1798; living in 1875 with her brother 
Samuel S., and single. 

II. Tunis Stryker, b. l^ec. 7th, 1800; d. May 14th, 1852; 111. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 309 

March 31st, 1819, Ann Hubbard, and had children: Jacobus, 
m. Gertrude Houseman; Stephen, b. Dec. 21st, 1823, m. Nov. 

2d, 1846, Dorothy Weakley; Abraham (a twin), b. , single; 

Elizabeth, (twin), b, ■ , m. John Van Dyke Emmans ; Tunis, 

m. Mary Murphy, drowned when a young man in New York bay; 
Samuel, b, , m. Houseman; Henry, b. , m. Caro- 
line Houseman ; Francis H, Dubois, d. young; and Johanna Stry- 
ker, b. m. John Houseman. 

III. Samuel S. Stryker, b. Sept. 29th, 1803; m. June 25th, 1825, 
Ellen, dau. of Jaques Stillwell, of Gravesend, b. May 12th, 1805; 
living in 1875, '" Gravesend, on the homestead he inherited from 
his father, and has children: Johanna, b. April 17th, 1826, m. 
Nov. 3d, 1848, S. Stryker Lett; Jacob Stillwell, b. Feb. 17th, 
1829, d. Oct. 25th, 1834; Stephen Schenck, b. Jan. nth, 1833, 
m. Dec. 6th, i860, Jane Ann, dau. of James W. Cropsey; Jaques 
Stillwell, b. Aug. 18th, 1836, m. June 27th, 1861, Mary Margaret, 
dau. of Charles Cook, of Illinois ; and Lena Anna Stryker, b. 
March ist, 1839. 

IV. Johanna Stryker, b July 4th, 1807; d. Oct. 15th, 1837; 
m. June 18th, 1825, Henry I. Wyckoff, of Gravesend, b. Nov. 
19th, 1804, and had children : John Dover WyckofF, b. Jan. 25th, 
1826, m. Sept. 13th, 1854, Phcbe, dau. of Samuel G. Stryker; 
Anna Maria Wyckoff, b. August 8th, 1830, m. May 15th, 1849, 
John Wyckoff, now deceased, of New Lotts; Lucretia Wyckoff, b. 
Oct. 24th, 1 832, m. September 14th, 1859, William Kouwenhoven; 
Stephen Wyckoff, b. April 29th, 1836, m. April 12th, i860, 
Joanna, daughter of Winant Bennet, of the Vlas Pond, New Utrecht. 

V Ann Stryker, b. July 15th, 1809; d. March 29th, 1869; m. 
March 1st, 1832, James A. Williamson, of Gravesend, and had 
children: Sarah E. Williamson, b. Oct. 7th, 1834, m. Oct. 14th, 
1857, Jacob Cole, auctioneer, of Brooklyn; Stephen Stryker Wil- 
liamson, b. June 24111, 1840, m. June 6th, 1861, Mary E., dau. 
of Dr. Hubbard, of Monmouth county. New Jersey. 

VI. Sarah Stryker, b. Jan. 30th, 1814; m. April 26th, 1831, 
John F. Forrath, a German, who resided in the city of New York, 

310 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

and d. Sept. loth, 1870, in the 67th year of his age, and has two 
children : Louise J. Forrath, m. December, 1859, John H. Bougc; 
and . 

202. Sarah Bergen, born March loth, 1782; died 
Jan. 22d, 1827; m. August 12th, 1805, Dr. Francis Henry 
Dubois^ born May 21st, 1783, died Dec. 27th, 1834. Dr. 
Dubois, a native of New Jersey, resided in the village of 
New Utrecht, was a skillful physician, and had an extensive 
practice in the towns of New Utrecht, Gravesend, Flatlands, 
and Flatbush, and in Gowanus, to which his son. Dr. James 
E. Dubois, succeeded. Dr. F. H. Dubois m. (2d), Oct., 
1828, Ann Brinley, now (1875), living, by whom no 

Issue : — 

I. Tunis Bergen Dubois, b. May 29lh, 1806; m. April 15th, 
1830, Eliza Williams ; a carpenter by trade, resides in New 
Utrecht, and has children: Francis Henry, b. March 9th, 1832, a 
carpenter, m. Nov. 26th, 1851, Jane Ann, dau. of William Havi- 
land, of New Utrecht; Sarah Elizabeth, b. May 31st, 1836, m. 
Nov. 5ch, 1856, Andrew J. Cropsey, of New Utrecht; James E., 
farmer, b. August 19th, 1838, m. Oct. 25th, 1866, Maria D., dau. 
of Peter Wyckoff, late of Gowanus, since of New Utrecht; Simon 
Williams, farmer, b. August 24th, 1840, m. Nov. 14th, 1867, Ida, 
dau. of Jacobus I. Voorhies, deceased, of New Utrecht; John, b. 
Oct. 6th, 1842; Anne Louisa, b. Feb. 20th, 1845, m. Nov. 26th, 
1863, Gabriel D. Costoli, a Spaniard; Phebe flmmans, b. Nov. 
19th, 1848; and Edwin Dubois, b. Oct. 12th, 1851. 

II. Margaret Dubois, b. Nov. 29th, 1807 ; d. Nov. 27th, 

III. James Dubois, b. Feb. 4th, i8og; d. Sept. 6th, 1809. 

IV. James English Dubois of New Utrecht, b. Feb. 24th, 181 i ; 
m. June 3d, 1852, I'.liza I'.llcn, dau. of Adrian Pcrgen; d. Sept. 13th, 
18^6, of yellow fever, contracted in the faithful discharge of the duties 
of l>is pr(jfession, during the iatal ravages of this fever along the 
water (luiit from Bath, in New Utrecht, to Gowanus cove, in 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 311 

Brooklyn, Dr. James E. Dubois was, like his father, a skillful 
physician, of extensive practice, popular in his profession, and his 
loss was deeply lamented, so much so, that to his memory and that 
of Dr. John L. Crane, his faithful associate, who died about the 
same time and of the same disease, his friends erected in the burial 
ground in New Utrecht an imposing and expensive granite monu- 
ment. He left children: Francis Adrian Dubois, b. Sept. 22d, 
1854; and Sarah Louisa, b. Feb. 24th, 1857. 

V. John Dubois, b. Dec. 27th, 1812; m. April 25th, 1841, 
Mary Riley, resides in Brooklyn, and has children : Henry, b. 
March 13th, 1842; Tunis, b. March 28th, 1843; Charles, b. 
Jan. 31st, 1845; Mary Ann, b. Sept. i6th, 1846; John, b. 
March 24th, 1848; Mary Jane, b. x\ugust 23d, 1850; Sarah, b. 
Jan. 28th, 1852; Francis Chester, b. Jan. 2d, 1855; and James 
Dubois, b. August 21st, 1857. 


Children of SIMON BERGEN (184) and Gashe De 
Hart^ of Brooklyn, New York : 

203. Simon Bergen, born April 15th, 1768 ; died May 
23d, 1830; m. Dec. lotli, 1795, J(ine^ dau. of Cornelius 
Vandervcer,' of Fiatbush, born Nov. 9th, IJJS* ^'^'^ 
Sept. 26th, 1831. Will dated Dec. 23d, 1829, proved 
Oct. 4th, 1830, recorded lib. 4, p. 12, office surrogate 
King's county. 

Occupied and owned (150 acres) the north-easterly one- 
half of the De Hart farm in Gowanus, which his father 

' For the ancestors of Cornelius Vandervccr, see foot note on Ann Vander- 
vcer, wife of Tunis J. Bergen. 

312 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

occupied in his lifetime. His father having died intestate, 
under the British laws of primogeniture, he being the eldest 
son, was entitled to the whole of the real estate, one-half 
of which, however, at the solicitation, it is said, of his 
grandfather, Johannes Bergen, and to secure an interest in 
his estate, and also to carry out an intention signified by his 
father before his death, he conveyed to his brother, John 
S. Bergen, by two deeds, the one dated June 22d, 1789, 
and the other April 4th, 1800.^ 

Resided at first in the old De Hart mansion, and after- 
wards in a new and more fashionable and commodious one 
which he erected on the bluff" west of the old house. The 
new mansion, some years after his death, and after that 
portion or half of his farm had been sold to John F. Dela- 
plaine, by his daughter Gashe, to whom he had devised it, 
accidentally burned down. The other half of his home- 
stead farm he devised the use of to his daughter Leah, 
during life. In 1809, he was one of the assessors of 
Brooklyn. May 13th, 181 3, he purchased of the heirs of 
Jaques Borkuloo, for $5,275, their father's farm, of 47 
acres, located on the southerly side of Bennet's lane, on 
the bay at Bay Ridge. ^ March 31st, 1828, he purchased 
of Jesper Cropsy, for $3,750, 25 1 acres^ on the bay, at 
Bay Ridge, adjoining the land he bought of the Borkuloos. 
By his will, he devised the northerly one-half of his Bay 
Ridge lands to his daughter Catharine, and the remainder 
to his daughter Jane. Simon Bergen also purchased of 
Jane Schenck two lots on Hicks street, Brooklyn,'* on 
which he built two houses, and devised the same to his 
daughter Ann. Oct. 26tl), 1827, he conveyed the burial 

■ Lib. 73, p. 150, con., King's county register's office j also, lib. 75, p. 150, 

■'Lib. 10, p. 478, con., King's county register's otlice j also, lib. ya, J). 361. 

3 Lib. i;i, p. 351;, con., King's county register's odice. 

4 Lib. i<), p. 409, con.. King's county register's ollite. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 313 

plot on his farm to the Bergens of the vicinity for burial 
purposes.' In his youth he had the misfortune accidentally 
to lose the use of one of his eyes. 
Issue : — 

265. I. Gashe, b. July 24th, 1797; m. Dec. 29th, 1817, 
Johannes H. Lott, b. August 20th, 1793, d. Feb. 26th, 1874, of 
Fladands, and has issue: Jane Bergen Lott, b. August 6th, 1819, d. 
Oct. 17th, 1873, m. May 20th, 1847, Charles Burr Ditmas ; 
Henry Dewitt Lott, b, June 21st, 1821, m. Oct. 28th, 1863, Ann, 
dau. of John C. Bennet, of New Utrecht; Mary Lott, b. Dec. 
26th, 1823, m. June 14th, 1866, John Vanderveer, son of Charles, 
of Vanderveer's mill. New Lotts, and has a son John, b. June 23d, 
1868; Catharine Ann Lott, b. Dec. 2d, 1825, m. (ist). May 
Z3d, 1849, Chauncy Drummond, m. (2d), Oct. 14th, 1854, Samuel 
L. Clapp ; Eliza Lott, b. July 17th, 1828, m. Jan. izth, 1858, 
Byron Whitcomb; Simon Bergen Lott, b. Oct. 23d, 1830, m. 
March 28th, 1861, Martha J. Van Clccf ; and Juricn Lott, b. 
March loth, 1835. 

266. 11. Leah, b. Sept. 25th, 1800; m. Dec. 22d, 1825, Jacob 
Morris, of the city of New York, a sailing master in the United 
States navy, afterwards a farmer inGowanus, and in Orange county. 
New York, b. Sept. 6th, 1792, d. Oct. 5th, 1872, in the city of 
New York, to which place he had removed from Orange county. 
Has issue: Simon B. Morris, b. July 6th, 1827, m. Dec. 23d, 
1856, Ann Gridley, b. Oct. 5th, 1829, and is a farmer in Orange 
county New York ; Mary Jane Morris, b. Sept. 30th, 1831, d. 

, m. Gridley; Silvester Jacob Morris, b. Oct. 27th, 

1832, m. Nov. 8th, 1866, Sarah Ann Russell, has issue: Fannie 
Morris, b. Sept. 2d, 1867, and Alfred Alexander Morris, b. Aug. 
3d, 1869, and is a farmer at Montgomery, Orange county, N. Y.; 
John P. Morris, b. Jan. 9th, 1835, "^- ^^^' H'^, 1863, Laura S., 
dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Sanderson, is a lawyer in Brooklyn, 
and has issue : Harry S. Morris, b. Jan. 10th, 1864; Catharine 
Letitia Morris, b. June 23d, 1841, m. April 12th, 1865, Dr. 

* Lib. 26, p. 3, con., King's county register's ofiice. 

314 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Matthew McCollum, and has issue : George Marius McCollum, b. 
Feb. 14th, 1866, and Laura McCollum, b. Nov. 19th, 1867; and 
Emma Henrietta Morris, b. Jan. 26th, 1844, single. 

267. III. Ann, b. Sept. iStli, 1804; m. June 19th, 1819, Peter 
Bergen, Jun. (219). Resided on a farm in Gowanus, and lately in 
the city of New York. Has issue : 

I. Simon. 

u. Peter. 

lu. Mary Catharine. 
IV. Jane Ann. 

V. Virginia. 
For births, etc. of the above, see children of Peter Bergen, Jun"" 

268. IV. Catharine, b. Feb. 16th, 1807; d. May 10th, 1832; 
m. Sept. 14th, 1 83 I, Teunis S. Barkcloo, of Brooklyn, and left no 

269. V. Jane, b. August 21st, 1814; d. Dec. 21st, 1869; m. 
(1st), Sept. 14th, 1835, Calvin F. Spear, a merchant in the city of 
New York, who resided after his marriage in Gowanus, and died 
Sept. 25th, 1854; issue: Elizabeth Flint Spear, b. August i6th, 
1836, d. Jan. 24th, 1842; Jane Bergen Spear, b. Dec. 3d, 1837, 
d. Feb. 9th, 1838; Austin. Flint Spear, b, Jan. 23d, 1839, d. Feb. 
9th, 1839; Austin Flint Spear, b. Feb. 13th, 1840, d. March 23d, 
1840; Calvin Flint Spear, b. June 2d, 1841, d. Sept, 27th, 1844; 
Edward Flinc Spear, b. August 17th, 1843, d. August 27th, 1843; 
Elizabeth Flint Spear, b. July 22d, 1844, d. Nov. 11th, 1844; 
Josephine Spear, b. Nov. 30th, 1846, d. Sept. 21st, 1849; Calvin 
Flint Spear, b. Feb. 27th, 1849; and Lenister Spear, b. Aug. loth, 
1852, d. Dec. 28th, 1852. She m. (2d), Feb. 16th, 1858, James 
Millward, late of Coventry, England, by whom no issue, and who 
d. April 9th, 1873, aged 67. 

204. John S. Bergen, born May ist, 1777 (baptized in 
New Utrecht, May nth, 1777)1 d. Dec. 22d, 1854; m. 
Dec. nth, 1799, Mary or Polly^ dau. of Elias Hubbard,' 

^ Elias Ilubhatii, is a dcaccnd.uit ut Henry Hubbard and Margaret, his wife, 
wiio rt'sidyd ill the town of Lanyliam, in the county of Rutland, England, and 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 315 

of Flatlands, born Nov. 28th, 1778, and died March 12th, 

Resided on and owned the south-westerly one-half (150 

had II sons and daughters, among whom were, William, John, Henry, Mar- 
garet, and yamei, who was the youngest. 

James, son of Henry and Margaret, emigrated to New England, and in 
1643, with Lady Deborah Moody, and others, on account of their peculiar 
religious views and pretensions, left the latter place and settled in Gravesend, 
Long Island, where he was known as Sergeant Hubbard. Of this town he 
was a magistrate in i 650, '51, '53, and 1663 ; he also represented the town in 
the convention held at New Amsterdam, Nov. 26th, 1653, to devise and 
recommend measures for the public security, and to put a stop to the piracies 
and robberies of one Thomas Baxter, and in the convention of the loth of 
December, 1653, held at the same place, to represent the state of the country 
to the authorities in Holland. In 1655 he had a wife named Martha. He 
m. December 31st, 1664, Elizabeth Balies or Bayles, and died prior to 1693, 

having issue : James, born Dec. loth, 1665, m. Rachel , and living as 

late as 1695; Rebecca, born April 28th, 1667; Elizabeth, born June 3d, 
1669; John, born March 20th, 1670J Elias, born April nth, 1673, m. Dec. 
15th, 1699, Jannetje, widow of Jan Barentse Van Driest j and Samuel, burn 
May 3d, 1676. 

^dTOfi, son of James and Elizabeth, had issue: James, born June 1 8th, 
1706, m. Sept., 1729, Altye Ryder, born March 8th, 1712; and Elias, died 
Dec, 1731, m. Sept. 29th, 1723, Femmetje, dau. of Laurence Ditmars, born 
May 23d, 1707. 

James, son of James and Rachel, had issue : Johanna, born August 30th, 
1730, died Nov. 24th, 1740; Bernardus, born Feb. ist, 1732, m. Nov. i8th, 
1756, Neeltie Lake J Elizabeth, born 1733, died March 21st, 1740; Ariaentje, 
born 1735, died Oct. 5th, 1735 ; Ariaentie, born Dec. 7th, 1736, m. (sup.) 
November, 1765, Jacobus Lake ; Phebe, born August ist, 1739, died Nov, 
29th, 1740; Samuel, born April 28th, 1742, died Feb. 30th, 1835, ^- -^"i 

• , who died December, 1834; Jacobus, born May 23d, 1744; J'Hias, of 

Flatlands, born Feb. 13th, 1746, died Dec. 31st, 1832, m. Margaret Lake, 
widow of Cornelius Blauw, born Feb. 28th, 1739, died Oct. 15th, 1825 j 
Johanna, born July 28ch, 1748 ; Stephen, burn May 23d, 1752, died March 
22d, 1819, m. Maria Ryder; and James, baptized March 25th, 1764, died 

Ellas, son of James and Altie, had issue : Catharine, born Dec. 4th, 1774, 
died April 22d, 1856, m. Michael Sice 5 Elias, of Flatlands, born Dec. ist, 
1776, died April I9ih, 1864, m. Jan. i4tli, 1801, Huldali Holmes, uf New 
Jersey, burn Oct. 27tli, 1779, and died April 4th, 185 i j and M.n'j or I'oUy, 
born Nov. 2Sth, 1778, died March 12th, 1866, m. John S. Beigcii. 

316 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

acres) of the De Hart farm, in Gowanus, on which he built 
a large two-story mansion. Was appointed, March I2th, 
1 8 10, ensign of militia, held the office of assessor in 
Brooklyn in the same year, was a lieutenant of a uniform 
company in the war of 1812, appointed justice of the peace 
in 1824, one of the assistant judges of the county court, 
from 1834 to 1841, an alderman of the eighth ward of 
Brooklyn, in 1835-6 and '7, and for years an elder in the 
South Reformed Dutch Church, of the same place. His 
will is dated March 8th, 1853, recorded lib. 17, p. 33, 
surrogate's office. King's county, and his wife's will is dated 
Mar 14th, 1863, recorded lib. 32, p. 9, in same office. 
Issue : — 

270. I. Gashe, b. August 14th, 1800; d. Dec. 24th, 1801. 

271. II. Simon J., b. Dec. 24th, 1802; d. Feb. 27th, 1841, m. 
November, 1834, Johanna, dau. of Timothy T. Cortelyou,' of 

There was a James Hubbard^ aged 27, who emigrated to St. Christopher's, 
in 1635, in the ship Matthew (Hotten's Lists of Emigrants, p. 80). 
The following is a facsimile of the signature of James Hubbard : 

' Joanna Cortclyou, is a descendant of Peter, son of Jaques and Jacamintie 
Cortelyou, referred to in the foot note under the head of Deborah, dau. of said 
Jaques and Jacomintie, and widow of Dtritk IJcrgen. 

Fcter, of New Utrecht, m. Agnes or Angenietje, dau. of Simon De Hart, 
Jr., and grand-dau. of Simon Aesen De Hart, and had issue : Jacques, born 
Oct. i6th, 1743, died Sept. 14th, 1815, m. (ist), Nov. ist or 15th, 1767, 
Mary Hewlet, born June 16th, 1737, died Oct. 23d, 1771, m. (2d), July 
28th, 1773, Sarah Townsend, of Queen's county, born July i6th, 1746, died 
Sept. 17th, 1829; Simon, born March nth, 1746, died August 15th, 1828, 
m. (ist), May 20th, 17C3, Sarah Van Wyck, who died March 3d, 1816, m. 
(id), Si;pt. 5th, 1817, Maria Uugert, widow of Jaques Curkuloo, who died 
Sept. vth, 1841. 

318 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

surviving issue. Was engaged as a clerk in mercantile business, in 
the city of New York, and resided in Brooklyn. 

274. V. John, Jr., b. May 6th, 1809; d. Sept. 6th, 1856, of 
yellow fever ; m. Jan. 7th, 1834, Agnes (324), dau. of Jacob 
Bergen (192), of Brooklyn, she dyingof the same disease. Resided 
on and cultivated a portion of his father's farm at Gowanus. Held 
the office of lieutenant in the militia. 

Issue : — 

I. Catharine E., b. Feb. 22d, 1835. 

II. John S., b. Nov. ist, 1837, was a captain in the United 
States army engaged in suppressing the rebellion (New York state 

III. Jacob J., b. May 13th, 1839; d. Sept. 17th, 1856, of yellow 

IV. Maria, b. Jan. 6th, 1841. 

V. Phebe Ann, b. Dec. 29th, 1842; m. Oct. ist, 1872, Abra- 
ham L. Brower. 

VI. Margaretta, b. May 9th, 1844; m. Oct. 30th, 1867, George 
W. Pool, and has children : Agnes Pool, b. July 4th, 1869 ; Eliza- 
beth C. Pool, b. May 31st, 1871 ; and George Francis Pool, b. 
May 2d, 1874, d. Jan. 28th, 1875. 

VII. Jeremiah S., b. Nov. 5th, 1845. 
VIII. Simon, b. July 25th, 1847, an idiot; d. July 30th, 1870. 

IX. Teunis Henry, b. April 26th, 1850; d. Sept. nth, 1852. 

X. Teunis Henry, b. Nov. 5th, 1852. 

Letters of administration granted Nov. 17th, 1856, on John 
Bergen Jr.'s estate, to his daughter, Catherine E., and his brother, 

275. VI. Cornelius B., b. July 30th, 181 i ; d. Oct. 21st, 1852; 
m. Dec. 20th, 1836, Catharine, dau. of Parmenus Johnson, of 
Brooklyn. Resided in the city of Brooklyn, and engaged in thfc 
grocery business. In 1H44, was one of the supervisors of the first 
seven wards of the city. 

Issue : — 
I. Eliza J., b. Feb. nth, 1838. 

II. Cornelius DcIIart, h. June 22d, 1840. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 319 

III. Parmenus J., b. April zzd, 1845. 

276. VII. Michael, b. Sept. l6th, 1813 ; d. Feb. 9th, 1817. 

277. VIII. DeHart, b. August 1st, 1816; m. Oct. 25th, 1843, 
Margaret (231), dau. of Jacob Bergen, of Brooklyn. Resided on 
and cultivated a portion of his father's farm in Gowanus until 1873, 
when he removed to the roth ward of Brooklyn. For many years 
a member of the board of education of said city. 

Issue : — 

I. Jacob DeHart, b. May 22d, 1845; m. Oct. 22d, 1868, 
Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of George Pool, of Gowanus, who d. Dec. 
20th, 1869, in her 23d year, and has issue: DeHart, b. Dec. 3d, 
1869. Is engaged in the feed business in the city of Brooklyn. 

II. Marietta, b. July 25th, 1848. 

in. Emma, b. April 12th, 1851 ; m. Oct. Z3d, 1873, J. Edgar 

278. IX. Mary Gashe, b. Dec. 9th, 1818; d. March 28th, 

279. X. Michael J., b. May 17th, 1823; m. Feb. 12th, 1854, 
Mary E., dau. of Robert C. Bell, of Brooklyn, b. Dec. 19th, 1834. 
Occupies and cultivates a farm in New Utrecht, east of the 8th 
ward of Brooklyn, composed of woodlots he purchased from variotjs 
parties, and cleared. 

Issue : — 
1. Robert C. B., b. Feb. 12th, 1855. 

II. Frank S., b. July 14th, 1857; d. May 31st, 1869, suddenly, 
in consequence of being thrown from a horse. 

III. Mary Louise, b. Sept. nth, 1859. 

IV. Ella Florence, b. August 27th, 1861. 

V. Lilly Bell, b. Dec. 5th, 1863; d. July 14th, 1865. 

VI. Thomas Hunt, b. Nov. 25th, 1865. 

VII. Phcbe Bell, b. Oct. 30th, 1868; d. August 7th, 1874. 
viii. Lizzie M., b. May 5th, 1871 ; d. July 4th, 1872. 
IX. Samuel DeHart, b. June 5th, 1873; d. August 6th, 1874. 

320 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Children of MICHAEL BERGEN (185) and AntheVan 
IFyck^h'xs first, and of Rebecca Lefferts^ his second wife, 
of Brooklyn, N. Y.: — 

205. Theodorus Bergen (by first wife), born March 
17th, 1775; died Jan. 21st, 1859; "^* Sarah Vanderb'ilt^ 
of Flatbush, born Dec. 8th, 1 785, died May i6th, 1855. 
Resided in the old mansion house of his grandfather, Jo- 

' Surah Vandcrhilt is a descendant of jfan Acrticn Varidcrbilt,oT ^:in Aertsen, 
from tlic Bild or Bilt, a manor in the province oi Friesland, in the Netherlands, 
containing 832 houses, and 6,322 inhabitants in 1841, who emigrated at an 
early period, settled in Flatbush, and is the common ancestor of the Vander- 
bilts in this vicinity. On the 12th of October, 1640, a Jan Aertsen was 
apprenticed to Feter Wolphertsen Van Couwenhoven, for three years, who may 
have been John Aertsen Vanderbilt. August 18th, 1653, a suit was brought 
against him in the burgomaster's and schepen's court, of New Amsterdam, 
v/here he then probably resided, by Adriaen Keyser. Feb. 5th, 1667, he gave 
a mortgage on his bouwery in Midwout (Flatbush) to Nicholas DeMeyer. 

Hem. (ist), Feb. 6th, l650,Anneken Hendricks, from Bergen, in Norway; 
m. (2d), Dierber Cornelis ; and he m. (3d), Dec. nth, 1681, Magdalentje 
Hansz, widow of Harman Euaardsz, and had children : Aris Janse, of Flatbush, 
who m. Oct. 6th, 1677, Hildegunde or Hilletie, dau. of Rem Janse Vander- 
butck, born Sept. I 6th, 1653, and died after 171 1 ; Jacob Janse, of Flatbush, 
m. August 13th, 1687, Marretje, daughter of Uirck Janse Vander Vliet, and 
widow of Andries Onderdonk, who died April 5th, 1722; Marritje Janse, m. 
Rem Remscn ; and Jan Janse, who in. Helena . 

Alii Jaine had children : Jan Aertse, bapt. August nth, 1678, m. Hillitie 
Remscn; Jannetje or Annetje Aertse, baptized Jan. 9th, 1681, died young; 
Jannetje Aertse, bapt. Sept. 17th, 1682; Femmetje Aertse, bapt. Sept. 14th, 
1684, m. Gosen Adrianse Ryersen ; Rem Aertse, bapt. August 29th, 1686, 

m. Margrita — ; Acrt, of Flatbush, bapt. June nth, 1693, died after 

1754, m. Marcli 14th, 1717, Seytie Stryker; Jcrcmias, of Flatbush, baptized 
Oct. 19th, 1695, m. Nov. nth, 1715, Fieternella, dau. of Cornells Fieterse 
Wyckoff, of Flatbush; Cornelius, born Jan. I ith, 1697, died Jan. 22d, 1782, 
m. Jannetie Wyckoff, b. March 31st, 1713, died Nov. 2d, 1773 ; and Hen- 
drick, m. Neeltje Van Cleef, and settled near Freehold, New Jersey. 

'Jcrcmias, son of Aris Janse and Hilletie, had children : George, bapt. Dec. 
19th, 1718 ; Hilletie, born April 19th, 1721, died Sept. 20tii, 1779, m. May 
5tii, 1745, Lulllrt Martense ; Fieteriiella, baptized March 5th, 1727; and 
ycicmias, of Flatbush, sheiilf of King's county in 1764 and '5, who ni. Sarah 
Win Brunt, born May 4th, 1728, died Marcli I2tli, 1814. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 321 

hannes Bergen (175), and owned and occupied a portion 
of his father's farm at Gowanus. Will dated Dec. 2d, 
1856, recorded lib. 21, p. 327 ; additional will dated May 
30th, 1857, recorded lib. 22d, p. 7. 

July 9th, 1856, letters of administration granted to 
Leftert T. Bergen (289), on the estate of his mother 

Issue : — 

280. I. Ann, b. March 7th, i8o<;; d. August 14th, 1856, of 
yellow fever, contracted at Gowanus, while attending upon the 
family of her brother, John V. Bergen; m. December 20th, 1827, 
Samuel G. Lott, b. April 30th, 1804, d, Oct. 11th, 1866, a farmer 
of Flatbush, and had 

Issue : — 

I. John Lott, b. August 28th, 1830; d. August 28th, 1831. 

jferemias, son of Jeremias and Pcternella, had children : Elizabeth, born 
April 1st, 1745, died April 20th, 1813, m. Nicholas Williamson; John, of 
Flatbush, born Feb. i6th, 1752, died Nov. 28th, 1812, m. 1778, Maretie 
Ditmars, born May 12th, 1758, died Sept. ist, 1830; Sarah; Catharine; 
Ida; and Elsie, bapt. May i6th, 1766. 

John, son of Jeremias and Sarah, had children : Jeremiah, of Flatbush, born 
March 19th, 1778, died Feb. 20th, 1853, m. Dec. 31st, 1805, Ann, dau. of 
John C. Vanderveer, who died Jan. 23d, 1871 ; Cataline, born March 13th, 
1780, died July 31st, 1781 ; Catalina, born August 2d, 1782, died April loth, 
1851, m. Oct. 25th, 1825, Miles Hitchcock; Johannes, born March 7th, 
1784, died May 22d, 1785; Sarah, born Dec. 8th, 1785, died May i6th, 
1855, m. Theodorus Bergen; Mary, born Dec. 9th, 1787, died Nov. 6th, 
1843, single; Ida, born Dec. 26th, 1789, died Dec. 5tli, 1791; Ida, born 
March 14th, 1792, died Dec. 24th, 1848, m. Sept. loth, 1825, Sylvester 
Earle ; John, born Feb. zd, 1794, died June 15th, 1842, m. Feb. loth, 1817, 
Sarah Lott, born Oct. loth, 1795, died Jan. 4th, 1859; and Elizabeth, born 
Feb. 2d, 1796, died Feb. 2otli, 1796. 

The following is a facsimile of Jan Aersen Vanderbilt's signature : 

322 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

II. John S. Lott, b. Feb. 7th, 1833 ; m. Oct. 20th, 1867, 
Emma, daughter of V. D. Schenck, and has issue : Bertha Lott, b. 
March 18th, 1869; is a minister of the Reformed Dutch Church. 

III. Theodore B. Lott, b. Sept. 14th, 1834, m. August 20th, 
1864, Gertrude B., daughter of Charles Smith, is engaged in the 
Brooklyn Safe Deposit Company ; and 

IV. Mary C. Lott, b. April nth, 1837; m. June 28th, 1866, 
Henry Lyles, Jr. 

281. II. John v., b. August 3d, 1806; d. July 30th, 1856, of 
yellow fever; m. Dec. 15th, 1831, Margaret H. (219), dau. of 
John S. Bergen (204), of Gowanus. Was for several years an 
alderman of the 8th ward of Brooklyn (1850, '51, '55, '56), and 
resided on and cultivated a portion of his father's farm at Gow- 
anus. Had 

Issue : — 

I. Mary Gashe, b. Sept. 28th, 1832; m. October 10th, 1866, 
William, son of James MilKvard, b. April 21st, 1833, d. August 6th, 
1872, on board the steamship Montreal, on his way to England. 
No issue. 

II. Sarah Vanderbilt, b. May loth, 1834; d. August 5th, 1856, 
of yellow fever. 

HI. Margaret Maria, b. August 15th, 1835; ^- August 13th, 
1856, of yellow fever. 

IV. Theodore, b. July 5th, 1837; d. August i6th, 1856, of 
yellow fever. 

V. John DeHart, b. August 13th, 1839; d. August 18th, 1856, 
of yellow fever. 

VI. Caroline H., b. Sept. 4th, 1841 ; d. March nth, 1843. 
VII. Miles H., b. Sept. 30th, 1843. 

VIII. Simon DeHart, b. Dec. 31st, 1845; d. July 5th, 1846. 
IX. Ida, b. Oct. 21st, 1847. 

Nov. 13th, 1856, letters of administration granted to his wife, 
Margaret, on his estate. 

282. III. Rebecca, b. Sept, 26th, 1808; m. April 28th, 1836, 
Michael Bergen (285), (son of Jacob), and has 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 323 

Issue : — 

I. Jacob M. 

II. Phebe R. 

III. Theodore V. W. 

IV. Samuel, deceased. 
V. Isaac M. 

VI. Sarah Caroline, deceased. 
VII. Charles M. 
For dates of birth, etc., see Michael Bergen. 

283. IV. Michael T., b. August 7th, 1810; d. Oct. 2d, 1844, 
single. Was engaged in the dry goods business in Pearl, Canal, and 
William streets, in the city of New York, from 1834 until his 

284. V. Jeremiah, b. Nov. 2d, 1812; m. March 5th, 1839, 
Jane Ann, dau. of Jeronius Lott,' of Flatlands, b. August 29th, 

' Jcromus Lott is a descendant of Hendrick Lott, of Flatbush, one of the 
sons of Peter Lot, the emigrant referred to in a foot note on Jane WyckofF, 
wife of Garret Bergen. Hendrick at one time resided in Jamaica, and m. 
Catrya or Katrina (supposed) DeWitt, born May loth, 1654, and living as 
' late as 1701. Had issue: Doroty, born Dec. 14th, 1686; Gertruy, born 
May 4th, 1688 ; Pieter, born March 4th, 1691 ; Johannes, born May nth, 
1692; Maria, born Oct. 30th, 1693 ; and Antic, born August 23d, 1696, m. 
Folkert Folkersen. 

Johannes, son of Hendrick and Katrina, born May nth, 1692, died April 
8th, 1775, resided in Flatlands, and had issue : Hendrick I., of New Jamaica, 
born Nov. 7th, 1715, m. Rebecca, dau. of John Van Kerk ; Joris, of New 
Utrecht, born Oct. 3d, 1717, died August 26th, 1762, m. April, 1737, Maria, 
dau. of Rutgert Van Brunt j Katrina, born Oct. 22d, 1719, died August 13th, 
1769, m. April 21st, 1744, Derick Rcmscn j Johannes, of New Lots, born 
Dec. 31st, 1721, died Jan. 25tli, 1782, m. April 6th, 1745, Jannetie Probasco; 
Maria, born March 7th, 1722, died Jan. 22d, 1804, m. 1756, Card Boerum ; 
Petrus, of Flatlands, born Nov. 20th, 1723, m. June 22d, 1745, Marretje 
Dorlandt ; Nichlaes, born May 6vli, 1726, died young; Nichlaes, born Sept. 
13th, 1728, died Jan. 24th, 1766; Nicltien, botn Nov. 13th, 1730, m. Jacob 
Snedcker; Folkert, born Oct. 5tli, 1732, died April ist, 1763; Antie, born 
March igth, 1736-7, m. 1759, Stephen Lott ; Dortie, born April 10th, 
1740, m. 1759, J'^'^'^ Yin Leuwen ; and Jcromus, of Flatlands. 

Jcromus, of Flatlands, son of Johannes, born Jan. 26th, 1742-3, died Feb. 
I9tli, 1794, m. 1763, Lamnictie Rapalje, born May 291!!, 1743, died Oct. 

324 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

1816 ; d. Jan. 27th, 1868, Owns and occupies a farm in the 
village of Flatlands, and has 

Issue : — 

I. Jerome L., b. Dec. 9th, 1841, m. Oct. 12th, 1864, Maria, 
dau. of Phcbe, widow of William P. Blagrovc, deceased, of Brook- 
lyn, and is a farmer in Flatlands. 

II. Sarah Jane, b. March 19th, 1844. 

III. Theodore, b. Feb. 1st, 1846; m. Oct. 27th, 1870, Phebe 
Jane, dau. of Henry Drew (son of John), of New Lotts; occupies 
a farm in Flatlands, and has issue: Henry Drew, b. Feb. 25th, 

IV. Edgar, b. Jan. 22d, 1848; practicing law in Brooklyn. 

V. John Vanderbilt, b. Jan. 3d, 1851 ; d. an infant. 

VI. Anna Maria, b. June 1st, 1853; m. June 6th, 1872, Benja- 
min S. Hitchings (son of Benjamin G., a lawyer and farmer, of 

VII. Irving Eugene, b. January, 1858, and d. an infant. 

In 1834, Jeremiah Bergen was elecicd lieutenant ot militia. 

1 6th, 18-25, ^"'1 had issue : Antje, born Dec. 3d, 1763, died August 22d, 
1831, single J Maria, burn Nov. 30th, 1765, died Jan. 10th, 1785, single; 
Catrina, burn May 29th, 1767, died Sept. 28th, 1831, m. Garret Vanderveer, 
of I'latbush ; Laninietie, born December 9th, 17C8, died July 15th, 1769; 
Lammetie, born April nth, 1770, m. Cornells Nagel, who died June 19th, 
1794, (supposed) m. (2d), Hendrick Suydam ; Neeltje, born Nov. 28th, 1771, 
died Jan. 14th, 1832, m. Johannes Van Nuyse, of Flatlands; Aeltje, born 
June 7th, 1773, died May 28th, 1813, m. Dec. 29th, 1792, George Yin 
Brunt, of New Utiecht ; Johannes, of Flatlands, born March, 1775, died 
July 24th, 1832, m. Elizabeth Van Sinderen ; Jeromus, of Flatlands, born 
Dec. 28th, 1776, died August 22d, 1831, m. Ann Suydam ; Joris, of Flat- 
lands, born Sept. 29th, 1778, died Jan. 15th, 1835, m. March 2id, 1814, 
Wilhelniina, dau. of I'eter Duryea, of Flatlands; Daniel, of iiedfurd, burn 
March 5th, 1780, died Oct. 25tii, 1826, m. Mari.i, dau. of Lambert Suydam, 

of Bedford ; Hendrick, born June 23d, 1782, died ; and Maria, born 

Dec. 1st, 1785, died Oct. 2d, 1811, m. Abraham Lott, father of the Hon. 
John A. Lott, of Flatbush. 

Jcomus, of Flatlands, son of Jeromus .ind Lammetie, burn Dec. 28tii, 
1776, died August 2iil, 1831, m. Ann Suydam, and iiad issue: \Liiia, i)ui n 
March 7th, 1811, died Oct. 9th, 1824; Lambert, born Dec, 5tli, 1814; and 
yiiiic yjiiii, who m. Jeremiah Bergen. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 325 

285. VI. Mary, b. Oct. 26th, 1815, single. 

286. VII. Sarah, b. May 12th, 1818; d. Jan. 12th, 1848; m. 
Jan. 13th, 1836, Isaac E. Bergen (22G), (son of Jacob), and left 

Issue : — 

I. Jacob I. 

II. Sarah Maria, and 

III. Theodore V. 

287. VIII. Caroline, b. Sept. 12th, 1820; d. May 1st, 1861; 
m. Feb. 4th, 1845, the Rev. Samuel M. Woodbridge, D. Da., 
the time pastor of the Protestant Reformed Dutch Church, of South 
Brooklyn, and in 1865, a professor in the theological seminary of 
said Protestant Reformed Church in New Brunswick. 

Issue : — 

I. Caroline Woodbridge, b. Dec. 2d, 1845. 

288. IX. Ida, b. Nov. 26th, 1822; d. August 17th, 1856, of 
yellow fever; m. Feb. 6th, 1850, Isaac E. Bergen (226), (son of 
Jacob), and left 

Issue : — 
I. George J. 

289. X. Leffert T., b. Dec. 10th, 1824; m. April 2d, 1850, his 
cousin, Mary C. Earle, dau. of Sylvester Earle and Ida Vanderbilt, 
b. March 22d, 1827. Formerly engaged in the wholesale shoe 
business, in the city of New York, now a farmer in Dutchess county. 

Issue : — 
I. Sylvester Earle, b. March i;th, 1852. 

II. De Witt, b. Oct. 4th, 1853. 

III. Irwing, b. July 13th, 1855. 

IV. Ida Vanderbilt, b. Jan. iitli, 1857. 

v. Theodore Earle, b. March i6th, 1858. 
VI. Wilham A., b. July 26th, 1861 ; d. Jan. 30th, 1862. 

290. XI. Theodore, b. Oct. i6th, 1827; d. Oct. 24th, 1828. 
206. Johannes, born June 10, 1776; d. July 4, 1783. 

206. JoHANNl-s, born June lotli 1776 ; died July 4th, 

207. Sarah Bergen, born Sept. 13th, 1781 j died 


32G Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Dec. 30th, 1829; single. June 29th, 1835, letters of 
administration were granted on her estate, to Leffert Ber- 
gen, her half brother, with whom she resided at the time 
of her death. 

208. Johannes Bergen, bapt. Jan. i8th, 1784 ; died 
May 31st, 1784. 

209. Leffert Bergen (by second wife), born July 
loth, 1789 ; died August 22d, 1856, of yellow fever ; m. 
April lOth, 1833, his cousin, Phebe (223), dau. of Jacob 
Bergen (189), of Brooklyn, born Feb. 20th, 1805, died 
July 31st, 1856, of yellow fever. Resided on and owned 
the northerly portion of his father's farm, at Gowanus, 
and died intestate. Nov. 12th, 1856, Isaac. E. Bergen, 
John Tunis Bergen, and Michael Bergen took out letters 
of administration on his estate. 

July 5th, 1844, '"^^ ^^ o'clock, A. M., the dwelling house 
of Lefl'ert Bergen accidentally took fire and burned down. 
The building had been erected by his uncle, Derick Ber- 
gen. Leffert built a new one in its place. 

Issue : — 

291. I. Michael, b. Feb. i6th, 1834; d. August 14th, 1834. 

292. n. Jacob, b. May 22, 1835 ; d. August 13th, 1836. 

293. HI. Michael, b. Oct. 4th, 1837; d. August 19th, 1856, of 
yellow fever. 

294. IV. Catharine M., b. March ) 2th, 1839; m. May 15th, 
1861, John Wyckoff, b. Feb. loth, 1835, d. June I4ch, 1865, by 
whom no issue. 

295. V. Jacob ElJert, b. Dec. 8th, 1840; d. Feb. 21st, 1853. 

296. VI. Leffert L., b. June 19th, 1842; m. May 28tli, 1874, 
Sarah E. (403), youngest daughter of John G. Bergen (247). 

297. VII. Jeremiah S., b. Dec. 4th, 1843; 'i- May i6tli, 1844. 

298. VIII. Rebecca L., b. April 9th, 1846. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 327 

210. Catharine Bergen, born Oct. 29th, 1791 ; died 
Oct. 2d, 1828; m. March nth, 1818, Garret Coivenhoven^^ 

' Garret Coivenho-ven is a descendant of Wolfert Gcrretsen Y \n Couwcnho- 
ven, the common ancestor of the Cowenhoven, Kouwenhoven or Conovcr 
family in this country, who emigrated from Amersfoort, in the province of 
Utrecht, in Holland, in 1630, with the colonists who settled Rensselaerwick, 
near Albany, where he was employed by the patroon as superintendent of 
farms. He afterwards resided on Manhattan Island, where he cultivated the 
company's bouwery or farm No. 6, and in 1657, was enrolled among the small 
burghers of New Amsterdam. 

The name is probably derived from the village or hamlet of" Couiucnho-ven^'' 
of which he may have been a native, located a little north-west of Amersfoort, 
in Holland, hence van (from) Cowenhoven. There is also a village of 
*' Kauwenhoven," about nine miles south-west of Amersfoort. 

On the i6thof June, 1636, Wolfert Gerretsen and Andries Hudden bought 
of the Indians and obtained from Gov. Van Twiller, on the 6th of June, 
1637, a patent for the westernmost of the three flats on Long Island (small 
prairies), commonly known as the little flats, and called by them Castuteeuw 
or Kaskateuw, which patent was ratified on the zad of August, 1658, to 
which premises he appears to have removed, on which they immediately 
commenced a settlement, and where he resided in 1662. " July 26th, 1638, 
" Andries Hudden sold to Gerret Wolfcrsen 50 morgens of his one-half of the 
" district of Achtervelt, fur 52 gl. Hollands he owed Gerret." August 2d, 
1639, Wolfert purchased of Hudden, his interest in a house, barrack, barn, 
and garden, on said patent, called "Achtervelt," and Sept. i6th, 1647, he 
purchased of Hudden all his interest, not previously disposed of, in the original 
patent. These buildings, erected prior to July 9th, I 638, and testified on the 
22d of March, 1639, by GiUis Fictcrsen van de Gouw to have been built by 
himself and the company's carpenters, were of the following dimensions : the 
house, 26 feet long, 22 feet wide, 40 feet deep, including a small chamber at 
the side, with the roof covered above and around with plank, and having two 
lofts above one another, and also being set around with long round palisades ; 
the barn, 40 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 24 feet deep, all Dutch' measure; a 
bcrgh with 5 posts 40 feet long. 

The following is a copy of the inventory of the chattels on the farm, July 
9th, 1638 : 

3 milch cows, I heifer of two years old, 

I yearling cow, 2 old oxen, 

I young calf, i young do., 

a old mares, 1 stallion of three years, 

I mare of one year old, i gelding of four y(rars, 

I new wagon and appurtenances, l wheel plough and appurtenances. 

I iron harrow, 

328 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

a farmer, of New Utrecht, born August 27th, 1791, died 
September 6th, 1828. 

Some farming utensils, necessary for the bouwery. 

About 16 morgens of land sowed with summer and winter wheat. 

A garden stocked with a quantity of fruit trees. 

I yawl, with appurtenances. 

Wolfert's heirs conveyed, March 25th, 1666, the main portion of these 
premises to Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff. The settlement was at first named New 
Anietsfoort, in honor of the place of Wolfert's nativity, was afterwards com- 
monly known as the Baai or Bay, and since as Flatlands. Wolfert's children, 
who all canie over with their father, were Jacob Wolfeisen, died about 1670, 
m. (ist), Hester Jansen, m. (2d), Sept. 26th, 1655, Madalena or Magdalentje 
Jacobs Rysen, settled in New Amsterdam, where he carried on a brewery, was 
one of the nine men who, from 1647 to 1650, represented the principal classes 
of the community, and in 1649, one of the agents on the part of the commu- 
nity to Holland; Gerret Wolfcncn, born 1610, died about 1645, m. Altie 
Cornells, dau. of Cornells Lambertse Cool, of Gowanus (who, after the death 
of Gerret, m. prior to 1 647, Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff), settled on a farm in 
Flatlands, of which town he was a magistrate in 1644; and Peter Wolfersen, 
living as late as 1673, m. (ist), Nov. i8th, 1640, Hester Simons (Daws), 
from " Amsterd," widow of "Jacques de Vernurs," m. (2d), Nov. 22d, 1655, 
'' Aeltje Sibrants," widow ; was also a brewer on the corner of the present 
Whitehall and Pearl streets, in New Amsterdam, where, among other offices, 
he held that of 6i hepen fur many years. About 1665, after the conquest by 
NicoUs, he removed to his farm at Elizabeth, N. J., where he resided until 
the reconquest by the Dutch, in 1673, wlien he moved back to New 

Gerrcl t'^olfenen, son of Wolfert Gerretse, had issue : Willem Gerretse, born 
1636, living as late as 1727, m. (ist), 1660, Altie, dau. of Joris Dircksen 
Brinckerhoff, widow of Mattys, who died June 3d, 1663, m. (2d), Feb. 12th, 
1665, Jannetie, dau. of Pieter Monfoort, resided at first in Brooklyn, after- 
wards on a farm in Flatlands, which he conveyed in July, 1727, to his son 
William, when he probably removed to Monmouth county, New Jersey, where, 
with the exception of those of his eon William, most of his descendants 
reside. From proceedings before the public authorities (see vol. iv, pp. 183 and 
184, of O'Callaghan's translation of Dutch Manuscripts), on the 6th of July, 
1644, in relation to an Englishman named "John Windwudt " (probably 
Wentworth), a soldier, who was accidentally shot in the house of Gerret 
Wolfcnen during an affray, by TJiomas Mabs, also a soldier, it appears that 
Gerret resided in a clapboard house, situated on the Fi.its (id.iins or prairie), 
wlierc a garrison was stationed (for |)iotcctiun against the liuliaiis), that his 
father, Wolfert, had a house near by, suircninded by a stockade, and that 
" Ambro.sius l.onnen " also had one, and there may have been others, forming 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 329 

Issue : — 

I. Rebecca Lcfferts Cowenhovcn, b, June 29th, 1820; m. June 
27th, 1838, Edward T. Backhouse, a nicrcliant in New York, 

a hamlet or village. Jan Gerretsc, of Brooklyn ferry, born I 639, m. Gerdientje, 
dau. of Nicasius De Silie, fiscaal of New Netherland j in consequence of his 
being lame, yan received more than his brothers of his father's estate : Neeltie 
Gerretse, bapt. Sept. 20th, 1641, died about 167a, m. 1660, Roelof Martense 
Schenck, of Flatlands : and Marritje Gerretse, born 1643, bapt. April loth, 
1644, m. Coert Stcphense Van Voorhees, and died prior to 1709. 

John Gerretse and Gerdientje or Godarina, had issue : Gerret Janse, died 
about 1712, m. (1st), Lysbet, m. (2d), Acltie ; Aeltie Janse, bapt. April 28th, 
1678, m. Derick Brinckerhoff j Nicasius Janse, of Brooklyn, bapt, July 8th, 
1 68 1, died about 1749, m. Elsje ; Cornelia Janse, m. Sept. 25th, 1691, Gerrit 
A. Middagh ; Nelly Janse, m. July 27th, 1694, Jores Rapalie. 

Nicasius Janse, of Brooklyn, and Elsje, had issue : Geradina, born August 
7th, 1705, m. Symon Van Wickelen ; John, bapt. Dec. 7th, 1707, died young ; 
John, of Brooklyn, died about August, 1775, m. Catharine Remsen ; Gerrer, 

of New Utrecht, died Nov. 17th, 1783, ni. Sarah ; and Peter, of Raritan, 

N. J., m. Elizabeth . 

Gerret, of New Utrecht, and Sarah, had issue : Nicholas, of New Utrecht, 
born Jan. 13th, 1742, died Oct. i8th, 1778, m. May, 1761, Nelly, dau, of 
Fetrus Van Pelt, of New Utrecht, who died Sept. 21st, 1817; Sarah, born 
Oct. 28th, 1743, m. 1760, Martin Schenck, of New Jersey; Johannes, born 
Oct. 4th, 1746, died Sept. 13th, 1823, m. (ist), Feb. 28th, 1768, Greta 
Amerman, who died Sept. 22d, 1780, m. (2d), August 3d, 1781, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Petrus Van Pelt, of New Utrecht, who died March 23d, 1786, 
m. (3d), June 24tli, 1787, Catharine Stellerwerf, who died June 30th, 1843. 

Johannes, of New Utrecht, son of Gerret and Sara, had issue : by first wife, 
Antie, born July 23d, 1769, died August i6th, 1845, m. Jacobus Van Nuyse ; 
Jannetie, born Sept. 17th, 1771, died Sept. 6th, 1774; Sara, born April 22d, 
1774, died April 21st, 1 8 54, m. John Hanse : by second wife, Gitty or Ger- 
trude, born June 1st, 1782, m. Jan. 8th, 1801, Rulef Van Brunt, of New 
Utrecht, died April 1st, 1865; Margaret or Greetie, born May 24th, 1784, m. 
Coert Gerritsen, of Somerville, N. J., died August ist, 1867; Elizabeth, born 
March 23d, 1786, single, died Feb. 15th, 1871 : by third wife, Phebe, born 
March 17th, 1789, single, died Nov. ist, 1868 ; Garret I., of New Utrecht, 
born August 27th, 1791, died Sept. 6th, 1828, m. March nth, 1818, Catha- 
rine, dau. of Michael Bergen ; Jacob, born Jan. nth, 1795, died J^'Y ^-d, 
1826, m. August 28th, 1S24, Ann, d.iu. of Roelof Van Nuyse, no issue; 
Nicholas, born Oct. 30th, 1796, died May 29th, 1841, ni. Matilda Dingee, 
born Oct. loth, 1807, died Jan. 19th, 1861. 

Amersfoort or Eemsfort, the birthplace of IFolfert Gerretsen, is an ancient 

330 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

residing in Brooklyn, and has issue : Catharine Isabella, m. John 
Mackay ; Mary Elizabeth, m. William Horwill; Rebecca; Edward; 
John Cowenhoven, died December 4th, 1866 ; George ; Augusta; 
and William Garret Backhouse. 

II. John Jacob Cowenhoven, b. Nov. 8th, 1821; d. May 2d, 
1853, single. Engaged in mercantile business in New York. 

ui. Catharine Ann Cowenhoven, b. Nov. 15th, 1824; d. Feb. 
27th, 1826. 

IV. Michael Bergen Cowenhoven, b. July 4th, 1826; d. Oct. 
27th, 1S26. 

Children of DERICK BERGEN (187) and Maria 
BoeruTTi^ of" Brooklyn, New York, and of Nevk'ark, 
New Jersey. 

211. Catharine, died about Oct. 6th, 1826 ; m. Tunis 
Van Brunt^ of Jamaica, born July 8th, 1770, died about 
1 8 19, who owned and occupied a farm and grist mill in 
(Queen's county. In 1816, in consequence of domestic 
difficulties, they separated. 

February 9th, 1827, George Van Brunt, her son, took 
out letters of administration on her estate, on which she 
is entered as of Brooklyn, from which it may be inferred 
that at the time of her death she resided with George. 

city, whose name is derived from tlie river Eem, on which it is located ; con- 
taineil, in 1841, iz.SSi; inlialiitantb, was ioiinerly .surrounded witli a w.ill, with 
20 towers, broken down in l82(;, and was tlie birtliplace of Oldenbarncveld and 
other celebrated persons. 

Tlie following is a facsimile of Wolfert Gerritse's signature : 

%\{^h9ev^ J\_Vc^e. 


Michael Hansen Bergen. 331 


I. Joost or George Brunt, b. May 5th, 1798^; d. Sept. izd, 
1850 ; ni. Oct. 27th. 1822, Jane Cornwell. Resided in Brooklyn' 
and in the tavern and omnibus business. Had children : Tunis Van 
Brunt, b. 1823, d. April 22d, 1850; George Van Brunt ; Rebecca 
Van Brunt, d. Nov. 26th, 1845 ; Catharine Van Brunt, m. July 
2d, 1852, Charles Phihps; Joseph Van Brunt, b. March 9th, 1813, 
d. March 13th, 1837; Elizabeth Van Brunt, b. Nov. 27th 1827' 
d. Nov. 13th, ,837; Thomas H. Van Brunt, b. August 28th,' 
1828, m. Charlotte C. Smith, and has children : Thomas C, who' 
m. Jan. ,6th, ,869, Maria F. Cary ; Kate A., and Madeli'ne E 
Van Brunt; Martin Van Brunt, killed in the late rebellion, while a 
member of the 14th (Brooklyn) regiment; Jane Van Brunt (sup.) 
ni.Jan. 14th, i860, Richard ,Newton ; and Cornelia Van Brunt 
(supposed) m. March 20th, 1859, Garret Strang, of Ballet's 

II. Richard Van Brunt, b. May 20th, 1800; d. May, 1830- 
m. Nov. Mth, 18.9. Maria J. Tuthill. and resided in Jamaica. ' 

III. John Van Brunt, b. Jan. 12th, 1801 ; d. July 22d, 1851 ; m. 
■ ; removed to Andover, Henry county. 111., in the fall 

of 1850, where he d. After his death his widow m., August 19th, 
1854. S. D. Barrett, of Cambridge, Henry county. 111. Had 
children: Jerry Van Brunt, m. Feb. 4th, 1862, Emily S. Payne 
and resides in Andover, 111.; Oscar Van Brunt, m. July 30th, ,866^ 
Sarah Baldwin, and resides in Cambridge, Henry county, 111. J 
Annie M. Van Brunt, m. Jan. ist, 1866, Ira A. Fosburgh of 
Chicago. 111.; and John W. Van Brunt, m. Nov. 12th, 1866 
Rcxavilla Hawlcy. and resides in Cambridge, III. 

IV. Tunis Van Brunt, b. August 25th, 1803; d. Dec. 29tli, 
1867; m. (1st), Sarah Maria Toms, who d. April nth, 1856; m.' 
(2d), February, ,858. Mary, dau. of William R. Taylor'. Resided 
in his younger days in the village of Jamaica. In July, 1840, at 
about 9 o'clock, A. M., his residence took fire in one of the upper 
rooms, from a defect in the chimney, and burned down, a part of 
the furniture being saved. At the Queen's county agricultural fair 
"I ICS44, he received the premium for the 2d best pair of matched 

332 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

horses, a similar premium at the fair in 1847, and in 1851 a pre- 
mium for fine heifers and swine. In the spring of 1851, he sold 
his farm of 50 acres for $25,000. After leaving Jamaica, he 
resided in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, etc., where he was 
a merchant engaged in the pork packing business. Issue : Sarah 
Leviser Van Brunt, b. Feb 24th, 1827, d. Oct. 24th, 1829; Louise 
Van Brunt, d. young; Joseph Toms Van Brunt, d. in California; 
Theodore F. Van Brunt, b. June 10th, 1830, d. Oct. i8th, 1866, 
m. April 30th, 1856, Jane, daughter of John Berry, formerly of 
Gowanus, and late of New Utrecht; George Francis Van Brunt, m. 
September, 1856, Isabella, dau. of Isaac Seymour; Edward Henry 
Van Brunt (a twin with George Francis), d. a young man; Ann 
Hoffman Van Brunt, m. John J. Kerr; Tunis Nelson Van Brunt; 
William Van Brunt, d. a young man; Louisa Van Brunt, m. William 
B. Fergurson, of Philadelphia ; John Henry Van Brunt, d. young; 
Augustus Herriman Van Brunt ; Cornelia Lott Van Brunt; Willet 
Combs VanBrunt; (by second wife), Robert Van Brunt; and 
Warren Van Brunt. 

V. Rutgert Van Brunt, bapt. May i3ih, 1804 (b. April 24th); 
d. Jan. 13th, 1841, single. Engaged in mercantile business, in New 

VI, Michael Cornelius Bergen Van Brunt, b. Feb. 25th, 1806. 

vn. Elizabeth Van Brunt, b. May 17th, 1808; m. April 23d, 
1833, Nicholas WyckofF, ot Jamaica, Ouecn's county. 

VIII. Jeremiah Vantlerbilt Van Brunt, b. Feb. 27th, 1810 ; m. 
Sept. 23d, 1835, Catharine Duryea, who d. Sept. 15th, 1855. 
A merchant, engaged in the provision business, in Philadelphia, 
Issue: John Rutgers Van Brunt, bapt. August 28th, 1836, d, Sept. 
28th, i860; Sarah Louisa Van Brunt, b. Dec. 28th, 1839, "^• 
(ist), March i8th, 1861, Stephen Rawlington, who d. July 23d, 
1861, m. (2d), Nov. 23d, 1864, J. Loyd Smith, a druggist, of 
Philadelphia; Josephine Van Brunt, b. Oct. 1st, 1841, m. Feb. 
i6ih, 1864, George W. Jackson, an editor, of Philadelphia; Mary 
Kli/.a Van Brunt, b. July 23d, 1843, single; and Jeremiah Van 
Brunt, b. March 9th, 1849, 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 333 

IX. Maria or Polly Van Brunt, b. March 30, 1812. 

X. Rebecca Van Brunt, b. Jan. 21, 1814, d. ; m. June, 

1836, Conway of Baltimore, and left 3 sons. 

XI. Catharine Van Brunt, b. Oct. 24, 1815; d. about 1862; 

m. Weisick. 

xu. Elsje Van Brunt, b. ; ni. Thorpe. Perished 

with her 3 children by the burning of the steamer Erie on Lake Erie. 
XIII. Garret Van Brunt, b. July 8, 1818; d about 1827, at 
Brooklyn, for Feb. 9 of that year, George, his brother, took out 
letters of administration on his estate. 

212. Maria Bbrgen, living in 1835, and single. 

213. Rebecca Bergen, living in 1835, and single. 

214. John Bergen, living in 1835. 

215. Michael Bergen, d. prior to 1835, and single. 

216. Garret Bergen, d. prior to 1835, and single. 

Children of TUNIS J. BERGEN (188), and Anne Van- 
derveer^ of Brooklyn, N. Y. : 

217. John T. Bergen, b. 1786; d. March 9th, 1855, 
m. (ist), Margaret Mc Lead (dau. of Donald McLeod' and 
Ann Masterton), who d. Oct. 1814; m. (2d), Maria F. 

McLeod^ her sister, b. , 1795J d. March 15, 1871, at 

Hempstead, L. I.; owned and occupied at first the farm at 
Bay Ridge, his father bought of the Cropsys, residing in a 
house built for him, to which farm his brother Cornelius re- 
leased all claims (see lib. 21, p. 224, of con.. Kings county 
register's office). Afterwards resided in Brooklyn, where 
he was engaged in the grocery business, and in 1837, with 

• Donald McLcod was a native of Scotland and came to this country in the 
war of the revolution, holding the office of colonel in the British service, un- 
der General Tarleton. Being disgusted with the service, he resigned his com- 
mission before the termination of the war, hired a house in Tlatlands, where 
he resided for some time, and afterwards removed to Flatbush where he died. 


334 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

some of his sons, carried on a planing mill, corner of Cherry 
and Montgomery streets, in the city of New York, and 
finally occupied a farm at Batavia, Genesee co., N. Y., 
where he died. He was appointed lieutenant of the New 
Utrecht company of militia, Feb. 29, 1812, and captain, 
April 6, 1815, serving in these capacities during the war of 
that period with great Britain.' Feb. 12, 1821, he was 
appointed sheriff of the county by the council of appoint- 
ment, and served until Nov., 1822, when, under the new 
constitution of the state, he was elected to said office for 
three years j in Nov. 1825, he was defeated for member of 
assembly by William Furman ; in 1828 he was again 
elected sheriff for three years, his opponent being Henry 
Dikeman; in 1830 he was elected member of the 22d con- 
gress, by 30 majority, for the 2d district, composed of the 
counties of Kings, Richmond and Rockland, his opponent 
being Joshua Sands of Brooklyn. 

' The New Utrecht company formed a part of the 64th regiment, 44th 
brigade and 2d division of infantry of the state, Jeremiah Johnson being the 
brigadier general during a part of the war. About 1820, the officers of this 
regiment were: Joseph Dean, col. commibsioned in 181 7; Robert Nichols, 
lieut. colonel, do. j Daniel Lott, major, do.; Adrian Van Brunt, adjutant, do. j 
Abraham Lott, quarter-master, 1820; Samuel T. Garretson, pay-master, do.} 
Francis H. Dubois, surgeon, Feb. 11, 18115 Adrian Vandervcer, surgeon's 
mate, April 24, 1818. Captains : — John I. Lott, Flatlands, June 21, 1815 ; 
Rutger Stillwell, Gravesend, do. j Cornelius Bergen, Gowanus, Aug. 26, 1817, 
Wm. R. Dean, Brooklyn, March 27, 1819; Charles Rappalye, Bushwick, 
Feb. 17, 1820; Martin Schenck, Flatlands, do. j Riley Clark, Brooklyn, do. j 
and George Hall, lieut.-com., Brooklyn, do. Lieutenants: — John Lott, 
Flatlands, June 21, 1815; Jacobus Lake, Gravesend, do. j John C. Lott, 
Flatl.ush, July 8, 1816 5 John Skillnian, Brooklyn, Aug. 21, 1817; John 
Jor.ilemon, Brooklyn, April 24, i8i8j John Lawrence, Brooklyn, Feb. 17, 
1820; James De Bevoise, Brooklyn, do.; Henry Dikeman, Brooklyn, do. ; and 
John G. Van Cott, Bushwick, do. Ensigns : — Richard Stillwell, Gravesend, 
June 21, 1815; John Van Nuysc, New Utrecht, Aug. 26, 1817; Jacob 
Wyckoll"; Flatbush, do.; Samuel Smith, Brooklyn, April 26, i8i6; Tunis 
Rapelyea, Bushwick, do.; and Simeon Beck, Brooklyn, Feb. 17, 1820. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 335 

In 1829 John T. Bergen purchased The Long Island 
Patriot, the then weekly democratic organ of the county, 
established in 1821 by George L. Birch, which he sold in 
1832 to James A. Bennet, who changed its title to The 
Brooklyn Advocate, from which sprung the present Brook- 
lyn Eagle. During a portion of the time he owned the 
paper, it was edited by Samuel E. Clements, a southerner, 
and partially edited by the Hon. H. C. Murphy, then a 
law student. At this period he was one of the leading 
democratic politicians in the county. The will of Maria F., 
wife of John T. Bergen, is dated June 17, 1870, pro. Aug. 
14, 1871 (rec. lib. 18, p. 5, office surrogate Queen's co.). 

Issue by first marriage : — 

299. I. Teunis J., b. April 4th, 18 10; d. Oct. 29, 1870; m. 
April 2d, 1834, Catharine, dau. of Hendrick I. Lott,' of Flatlands, 
b. Aug. II, 1814, who d. May 8th, 1859, by whom children; m. 
2d, July 18, 1861, his cousin, Margaret H., (316) dau. of Cornelius 

■ Ihndrick I. Lott, was a descendant of Johannes Lott, of New Lots, a great 
grandson of Peter Lott, the cummun ancestor of the Lott family referred to in 
the foot notes under the head of Jane Wyckott, wife of Garret Bergen, and of 
Jane Ann Lott, wife of Jeremiah Bergen. 

Johannes, of New Lots, s. of Johannes of Flatlands, and grandson of Hen- 
drick. of Jamaica, was b. Dec. 31st, 1721 j d. Jan. 25th, 1782, m. April 6th, 
1745, Jannetle Barrebas or Probasco, b. Jan. 24, 1782, d. Oct. 28, 1802, and 
had issue: Anne, b. April 14th 1746, d. May nth, 1746; Anne, b. Sept. 
14th, 1747, d. Feb. 25th, 1829, m. 1782, Henry Staats, of Albany; Jurrian, 
b. March loth, 1750, d. Nov. 27th, 1800, no issue; Johannes I., of Flatlands, 
b. Nov. isth, 1752, d. March 2d, 1807, (sup.) m. Itie or Margaret Van Nuyse ; 
Cataline, b. Feb. 13th, 1755, d. April 25th, 1842, m. Ulpius Van Sinderin j 
Christopher, b. Jan. 28th, 1758, d. Feb. 3d, 1803, m. Elizabeth Browiijohn ; 
Ucndntk I., of Flatlands, b. Oct. 3d, 1760, d. Feb. 24th, 1840, m. July 15th, 
1792, Mary 13rowiijohn ; Jannetie, b. May 2d, 1764, d. Oct. 28th, 1832. 

Hendrick /., of Flatlands, s. of Johannes and Jannetie, of New Lots, had is- 
sue : Johannes H., of Flatlands, b. Aug. 20th, I75>3, d. Feb. 26, 1874, m. 
Dec. 28th, 1817, Gashe, dau. of Simon Ik-rgen, of Gowanus j Elizabeth, b. 
Oct. 25th, 1796, m. M.irJi 251I1, 1X18, Dr. Adrian Vanderveer, of Flatbu. h ; 
and ChIukuu, h. Aug. nth, 1S14, d. May 8th, 1859, ni. April 2d, |X]4, 
Teunis J. Bergen, of F'latbush. 

336 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Bergen, (2 1 8) of Gowanus, by whom no issue. Resided in the village 
of Flatbush, and in i860, president of the Lafayette Insurance Com- 
pany of Brooklyn. 

From 1834 to 1837 carried on the planing mill on the corner of 
Cherry and Montgomery streets in the city of New York. Of late 
years mainly engaged as a real estate broker. In 1861, he was ap- 
pointed one of the commissioners for laying out Prospect Park in 
Brooklyn and Flatbush. Will dated Feb. 23, 1869 (rec. lib. 41, 
p. 427, ollice surrogate Kings county). 

Children by ist wife : — 

I. John L., b. June 5, 1835; m. Oct. 9, 1872, Anna, dau. of 
Peter Lott, of Flatlands. Resides in Flatlands, is a real estate broker, 
and has issue: Tunis J., b. Oct. 12, 1873; and Maria Lott, b. 
Nov. 19, 1874. 

n. Mary, b. about 1837; m. Oct. 21, 1858, George S. Prince, 
of Flatbush, since of Richmond, Va, 

III. Henry L., b. March 27, 1839. 

IV. Margaret McLeod, b. about 1 841. 

V. William, b. May 20, 1843, coal dealer in Third street, 

VI. Adrian V., born May 7, 1845; d. July 16, 1847. 
VII. Adrian, b. Dec. 3, 1847. 

vai. Eliza V., b. about 1849 ; m. May 12, 1875, W. T. 

Gray of Brooklyn. 

IX. Kate Vernon, b. about 1850; d. an infant. 

X. Cornelius J., b. Aug. 20, 1852; d. Nov. 16, 1853. 

300. II. Cornelius J., b. Oct. 22, 1814; m. Nov. 4, 1838, 
Helen N., dau. of Daniel Clarke; no issue. In early life in mer- 
cantile business, at 37 Liberty street, New York, and a resident of 
Brooklyn. Prior to i860 owned and occupied a farm in the town 
of Islip, near Babylon, Long Island. Sold his farm and at present 
(1875) a resident of Brooklyn. Has an adopted son, James C. Ber- 
gen, a lawyer. 

301. III. Alexander J., b. Oct. 22, 1814 (a twin with Cornelius 
J.); ni. June 3d, 1836, Eliza W., dau. of Daniel Clarke, who d. in 
1873. In curly life in mercantile business at 37 Liberty street. New 
York, and a rL-sident of Bruoklyn. Prior lo i860 owned and occu- 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 337 

pied a farm at Islip, Suffolk county, L. I., sold his farm and at pres- 
sent (1875) a resident of Brooklyn, In 1861 was one of the 
representatives of Suffolk county in the legislature of the state. 

Issue 6 children, among whom were: — 

1. Victor B., b. 1836 ; d. Aug. 16, 1868 ; m. Nov. 22, 1858, 
Cornelia J., dau. of Gen. Richard A. Udell, of Islip, and left issue 

Eliza, b. , Cornelia, b. and May, b. . 

n. Cornelius J., b. ; d. June 3, 1862, a young man in 

China. • 

III. Helen, b. March 15, 1839; d. March 6, 1842. 

IV. Margaret McLeod, b. Dec. 24, 1840; d. March 24, 1843. 
Two other children who d. infants. 

Issue by 2d marriage : — 

302. IV. Margaret Ann, b. 1815; m. Harry Wilber, of Batavia, 
and has children, Helen Eliza, Harry, Florence Margaret, and Julia 
Allen Wilber. 

303. V. Maria C. Prall, b. , 1816; d. Feb. 21, 1843; m. 

Robert W. Lobcr; no issue. 

304. VI. Catharine De Hart, b. , 1821; d. May, 1829. 

305. VII. Eliza McLeod, b. Dec. 27, 1822; m. Aug. 28, 1843, 
Benjamin T. Hunt, of Brooklyn, a whitelead manufacturer, and has 
children: Mary Bergen Hunt, b. June i, 1848; Joseph Gcdney 
Hunt, b. Jan. 5, 185 I, d, June 9, 1856; Eliza McLeod Hunt, b. 
June, 1, 1854, d. June 24, 1864, and Josephine Gcdney Hunt, b. 
Dec. 6, 1856. 

306. viii. Henrietta, b. ; d. young. 

307. IX. Emily Augusta, b. . Single and resides at Batavia. 

308. X. Daniel McLeod, b. ; d. an infant. 

309. XI. Charles Edward, b. . Went to California at the 

commencement of the late southern rebellion, and not since heard 

310. XII. Anna Matilda, b. ; single and (1872) resides at 


31 1. xiii, Henrietta Cornelia, b. ; m. Augustus N. Wellcr, 

at present (1875) a lawyer in New York, and d. without issue. 

312. xiv. Katharine Louisa, b. ; d. 1851, aged about 15. 

338 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

313. XV. Frances Adelaide, b. ; m. Willard N. Cross, of 

Hempstead, and has children : Willard Bergen Cross and Henrietta 
Louisa Cross. 

314. XVI. John H., b. Oct. 27, 1838; m. June 18, 1863, Susan 
N., dau. of Gen. Philip S. Crooke, of Flatbush. Resides in Flat- 
bush, practices law in Brooklyn, and has issue : — 

I. Philip Crooke, b. Sept. 9, 1864. 
n. Florence McLeod, b. Sept. 27, 1866. 
III. Charles Edwards, b. Nov. 9, 1868. 
The following is a facsimile of his signature : 

218. Cornelius Bergen, b. Feb. 22d, 179OJ d. Aug. 
26th, 1845; m. Oct. 8th, 1818, Catharine V. T. Sice,' b. 
Aug. 15th, 1798, d. Nov. 26th, 1847. 

In early life engaged in mercantile business in the city of 
New York, afterwards owned and cultivated the homestead 
farm of his father in Gowanus, which he sold to Coope and 

Jan. 23, 1827, on the division of his father's property, 
his brother John T. Bergen released to him his interest in 
the homestead (see lib. 56, p. 356, con.. Kings county re- 
gisters office). 

Was appointed April 6, 18 15 (during the last war with 
Great Britain), ensign of the Gowanus company of militia, 
March 22, 1816, lieutenant, and April 24, 1818, captain. 

« Catharine V. T. Sice was a dau. of Michael Sice, of New York, bale 
Catharine Huljliaid, the latter a 

:er, and 
if Lliab Iluiibard and Margaret Lake, of 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 339 

In 1838 and 1839 he was one of the representatives of the 
county in the state assembly. Invented a self sharpening 
plow, in use and popular for years ; also a loom for weav- 
ing silk ribbons and other articles of various figures and 
widths, valued as an important improvement. 

Issue : — 

315. I. Ann Vanderveer, b. 1821, single. 

316. 11. Margaret H., b. March 1, 1822 ; m. July 18, 1861, 
Tunis J. Bergen (299), of Flatbush, her cousin ; no issue. 

317. in. Rebecca T., b. March 12, 1824, single. 

318. IV. Elcnor E. V. B., b. 1827, single. 

319. v. Tunis C, b. Jan. 10, 1829; in. Nov. 8, 1853, Sarah 
M., dau. of F. B. Chase of Jamaica. In the insurance business, 
Brooklyn, president of the Brooklyn Insurance company, and a resi- 
dent of the 8th ward. July 9, 1856, letters of administration were 
granted to him on the estate of his mother. Has children : — 

I. Caroline L., b. Nov. 29, 1854. 
II. Emma P., b. Oct. 26, 1857. 
III. Margaret H., b. March 26, 1859. 

320. VI. Robert G. M. S., b. Oct. 8, 1832 ; d. May 14, 1870. 
Was engaged in insurance business in Brooklyn. 

321. VII. Cornelius J., b. Oct. 20, 1834 ; d. young. 

322. VIII. Cornelius Johannes, b. Feb. 16, 1837; d. March 3, 
1873 ; m. Jan. 27, 1870, Eliza, dau. of the late Ezra Lewis of 
Brooklyn. He learned the trade of a compositor in the office of the 
Long Island Star, under Mr. Spooner, and was afterwards engaged 
on the News, and still later on the Brooklyn Eagle. After this he 
was engaged in the real estate and insurance business in the 8th ward 
of Brooklyn. Nov. 25, i86i, he enlisted in the 13th regiment, 5th 
brigade and 2d division of N. Y. S, N. G., and as 1st sergeant of 
H company went with the regiment to Suffolk, Virginia, where he 
served 3 months. June 18, 1864, was commissioned as 1st lieuten- 
ant in the 56tli regiment, nth brigade and 2d division of N. Y. 8. 
N. G., and as captain commanding C company, served at Elmira, 
100 days in guarding southern prisoners. Sept. 10, 1864, was 

' VI h'lt'fRT^ 

340 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

commissioned captain in the same regiment, and April 14, 1869, 
was honorably discharged from the service. 

323. IX. Mary Ann, b. 1839; single. 

324. X. Adrian Vanderveer, b. April 8, 1841 ; m. Louisa, dau. 
of the late Colonel Perry of Brooklyn. Resides in Brooklyn, was a 
lieutenant and engaged in suppressing the southern rebellion, and 
lately an assistant assessor of U. S. revenue. 

Children of CORNELIUS BERGEN (189), and Ger- 
trude Suydam^ of FlatbUsh, N. Y. : 

219. John C. Bergen, b. March 7th, 1786; d. July 
30, 1870 ; m. Feb. 5th, 1826, Belinda^ dau. of Cornelius 
Antonides,' of Flatbush, b. Oct. 11, 1804; d. Dec. 26, 

' Cornelius Antonidcs is a descendant of the Rev. Vincentius Antonides, who 
arrived in this country, Jan. 1,1705, from Bergen, in Friesland, and who with 
his colleague, the Rev. Bernardus Freeman, were pastors of the Reformed Dutch 
Churches on Long Island for many years. He was born in 1666, and d. July 
18, 1744. His children were: — 

Jobannis, b. in the Netherlands, m. Johanna Kouwenhoven, and about 1724 
removed to Monmouth co., N. J. ; Johanna, b. Oct. 21, 1690 in Franeker, in 
Friesland, m. Aug. 17, 1711, Cornelius, s. of Jeronimus Rapalje (on the mar- 
riage record she is entered Johanna Antonides Wickant, from which it may be 
inferred that Wickant was the surname of the family) ; Barbara, m. Nov. 2, 
1719, Dirck Van Vechte (on the marriage record she is entered as b. in Bergen, 
Friesland, and as Barbara Antonides Wickant). 

Johannes Antonides, s. of Vincentius, had issue : — Vincentius, bapt. Feb. 
16, 1724, at Freehold, N. J., m. Oct. 25, 1745, Antie Bennem, resided at 
Flatbush, and had a son John, and dau. Catharine, Johanna, Aletta, and Bar- 
bara ; Petrus, bap. Aug. 26, 1726, at Freehold ; Picier, of Flatbush, b. July 31, 
1727, d. April 27, 1796, m. Nov. 10, 1750, Catharine, dau. of Michiel and 
Btletje Vanderveer, b. Aug. 1 1, 1732, d. May 8, 1796, will dated April 20, 
1796, pro. June 21, 17965 Johannis, of Freehold, N. J., bap. June 24, 1733, 

at Freehold, d. , m. Sarah Van Dorn, and had sons : Nicholas, Jacob, 

Johannes, Vincentius and William, and dau.: Maria and Anna, and Barbara, 
bap. April 23, 1737, at Freehold. 

I'ieier Antonides, son of Johannis and Johanna Kouwenhoven, resided in 
Flatbush, had issue : — Mathiel, b. Dec. 13, 1752, probably d. young; Johanna, 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 341 

1872. Owned and resided at Flatbush on the farm occu- 
pied by his father, on which he built a new mansion, and of 
which he sold a part a short time prior to his death. Will 
dated Jan. 21, 1867 (rec. lib. 41, p. 269, surrogate's office 
Kings county). 

Issue : — 

325. 1, Cornelia Lozier, b. July 14, 1827; m. May 10, 1855, 
Bush C. Brown, a matiicniarical instrument maker in the city of 
New York, now (1872) deceased and had issue: Belinda B. Brown, 
b. Feb. 25, 1856 ; d. July 7, 1856. 

326. u. Gertrude B., b. Oct. i, 1829; m. Sept. 26, 1855, 
Abraham Lott of Flatbush (son of the Hon. J. A. Lett), a lawyer, 
practicing in Brooklyn, and has issue : John Abraham Lott, b. June 
30, 1856; Maria Bergen Lott, b. Aug. 26, 1858; James Loyd 
Lott, b. Sept. 25, 1862, d. Aug. 29, 1867 ; and Katharina Lydia 
Lott, b. July 3, 1868. 

327. HI. Maria, b. Aug. 4, 1833; m. Nov. 7, 1872, William 
Story of Flatbush, a surveyor. 

328. IV. Cornelius J., b. Oct. 17, 1839 ; m. April 12, i860, 

b. Jan. 26, 1756, d. young; Beleytie, or Belinda, b. Nov. 8, 1758, d. young j 
Johannis, b. Aug. 2,7, 1760, d. prior to his father; CormrZ/ui of Flatbush; a , 
blacksmith, b. Nov. 17, 1763, d. Aug. 8, 1832, of Asiatic cholera, m. Nov. 
9, 1797, Marie Van Sicklen, b. July 20, 1773, ^- Aug. 6, 1832, of Asiatic 
cholera; Feter, b. Feb. 15, 1765, d.— — -; Belinda, b. April 22, 1770, d. Jan. 
23, 1844, m. Thomas Hegeman of New Utrecht; and Johannah, b. Aug. 
28, 1778, m. June 4, 1797, James Gronendyck of New Utrecht. 

Corru-lius ylntonides of Flatbush, s. of Fieter and Catharine, had issue ; 
Catharine, b. Oct. 15, 1798, m. Dec. 28, 1837, Cornelius Van Cleef of 
Brooklyn (Bedford) ; Jane, b. July 22, 1801, single; Belinda, h. Oct. 11,1804, 
m. Feb. 5, 1826, John C. Bergen of Flatbush; and Feter, b. Dec. 13, 1809, 
d. Aug. 12, 1832, of Asiatic cholera, single 

The following is a facsimile of the signature of the Rev. V. Antonides. 

U /[n-l^rrCu, 


342 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Anna Maria, dau. of Stephen N. Stillwell, of Gravesend, is a 
farmer in Flatbush, and has children : 

I. Lindia Lozier, b. Jan. i8, 1863. 

II. John Henry, b. Jan. 3, 1866. 

220. Maria Bergen, b. Dec. 29, 1787 ; d. July 26, 
1868, at the residence of her son C. B. Kouwenhoven ; m. 
Dec. 16, 1805, Gerret Kouxvenhoveyi a farmer of flat- 
lands, b. Sept. 5, 1778, d, Feb. 8, 1854, for many years 
supervisor of said town. 

Issue : — 

I. Peter Kouwenhoven, b. May 21, 1807 ; d. May 2, 1864, 
single. Owned and cultivated the homestead of his father, which 
after his death was purchased by his brother Cornelius B. 

II. Gitty Jane Kouwenhoven, b. Oct. 4th, 1809 ; d. Nov. i8th, 
1848 ; m. Dec. 27th, 1827, Michael Stryker of Flatbush ; had 
issue; Cornelius Stryker, b. Dec. 8, 1829, d. Feb. 18, 1831 ; 
Maria Bergen Stryker, b. July 19, 1832, d. Aug. 23, 1838; 
Cornelius Stryker, b. June 14, 1834, d, Oct. 1, 1835; Adriana 
Stryker, b. July 11, 1837 ; and Sarah Maria Stryker, b. Sept. 28, 
1839, d. March 13, 1 871, m. Henry Ditmas of Flatbush. 

in. Cornelius Bergen Kouwcphoven, b. May 13, 1813; d. 
Sept. 28th, 1813. 

IV. Cornelius Bergen Kouwenhoven, farmer, of Flatlands, b. 
March, 6th, 1818; m. Sept. 6th, 1838, Mary Ann, dau. of Peter 
Williamson, b. June 22, 1816 ; has issue: Maria Kouwenhoven, 
b. Jan. 13, 1840, m. Oct. 5, 1869, John Ditmas of Flatbush ; Peter 
Kouwenhoven b. March 2, 1842 ; Garret Kouwenhoven, b. i)ec. 
25, 1843, d. Dec. 21, 1867, single; Wiilianj W. Kouwenhoven,!). 
June 16, 1846, m. Nov. 13, 1867, Catharine, dau. of John B. 
Ilendrickson, b. Nov. 8, 1B47, of Fl.itlands ; John Kouwenhoven, 
b. Dec. ?o, 1848, d. July 20, 1871, .single ; Cornelius Kouwen- 
lioven, b. July 2, 1851, m. Dec. i, 1871, Anne J. dau. of John J. 
Werner ol h'lallnish ; and |. R. Kouwenhoven, b. Sept. 15, 1853, 
d. Jan. 16, 1857. 

v. Sarah Maria Kouwenhoven, b. Sept. 20, 1820 ; d. Dec. 20, 
1845, single. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 343 

VI. Henrietta RemsenKouwenhoven, b. Sept. 12, 1826 ; d. Nov. 
28, 1865 ; m. Aug. 3, 1847, Charles A. Clarbon of Flatbush, who 
after her death m. a Miss Schoonmakcr and d. Dec. 6, 1871. Left 
no issue. 

Children of PETER BERGEN (191), and Mary or Polly 
Schoonmaker^ of Brooklyn, N. Y. : 

221. Catharine Bergen, b. June 3, 1797 ; d. Aug. 
12, 1808. 

222. Peter Bergen, b. July 25th, 1801 ; m. June 19th, 
1819, Ann (267), dau. of Simon Bergen (203), of Gowanus. 
Commenced life in mercantile business in the city of New 
York ; afterwards owned and cultivated the northerly one-half 
of his father's farm, in Gowanus, residing in a new house he 
built on the same. Sold his farm of 61 acres, Dec. i, 1832, 
for $8000, to his brother Martinus Bergen (lib. 44, p. 277, 
con. King's county, register's office), since which engaged in 
mercantile business, in New York and Brooklyn, and in 
greenhouse cultivation in the latter place, in gardening in 
New Utrecht, &c., and in 1870 resided in the city of New 
York. Held the office of lieut. col. of horse artillery, alder- 
man of the 8th ward of Brooklyn in 1846 and 1847, and 
comptroller in 1850. Now, 1875, resides in Brooklyn. 

Issue : — 

329. I. Simon, b. May 4, 1820 ; d. Sept. 27, 1822. 

330. II. Peter, b. Jan. 15, 1823; m. Ann Philips ; emigrated 
to California, where he d. April 19, 1862, leaving no surviving issue. 

331. ni. Mary Catharine, b. Oct. 3, 1825 ; m. Henry Anscll. 

332. IV. Jane Ann, b. Sept. 8, 1830 ; d. about 1872 ; m. 
Tunis J., s. of Parmenus Johnson of Brooklyn, from whom she 
separated : ni. 2d. Francis Palnicr, and has issue : Francis Henry 
Palmer, b. Dec, 1 SC/,. 

333. V. Virginia, b. J)cc. 13, 1H32 ; m. I'Vb., 1861, George 
G. Fletcher of Brooklyn, capt. of a steamer, and has issue : Albert 

344 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Gordon Fletcher, b. April 23, 1863 ; Mary Virginia Fletcher, b. 

April 14, 1865 ; Agnes Gay Fletcher, b. Oct. 15, 1866; and j 

Jennie Bergen Fletcher, b. Feb. i^ 1869. 

223. Martenus Bergen, b. Feb. 21st, 1811 ; m. Dec. 
15th, 1835, Maria A. Lawrence^ dau. of Charles Kane Law- 
rence/ of Brooklyn, b. Sept. 25th, 1816. ] 

Cultivated several years and owned the southerly one- \ 

half of his father's farm, at Gowanus, occupying the home- \ 

stead. Removed to Port Washington or Oceanic, near 
Shrewsbury, N. J., where he owned and cultivated a farm. 
Purchased about 3000 acres at Smithfield, Isle Wight co., 
on the James river, Virginia, to which place he removed j 

in the fall of 1873. Was a capt. of horse artillery, super- | 

visor of the 8th and 9th wards of Brooklyn from 1834 to 
1840, alderman of the 8th ward of Brooklyn from 1836 to 
1846 inclusive, and president of the board a part of the time. 

Issue : — i 

334. 1. Catharine, b. Dec. 6ih, 1836; m. Feb. 27, 1871, j 

Wni. H. Snyder, artist, of N. Y. j 

' Charles Kane Laivrence, is a descendant of John Prescott Lawrence and ■ 

Abby O'Kane, of Fort Edward, N. Y., whose parents were William Lawrence ^ 

and Prudence Prescott, of Groton, Mass. I 

John Prescott Laiurente, of Fort Edward, had issue : Charles Kane ; Archi- ' 

bald Kane; William Prescott; Abbey, m. J. Hasbrouck; Maria, m. P. | 

Wethcrill; and Sarah, m. J. Willoughby. j 

Charles Kane La'zvrence, son of John Prescott, m. Feb. 6, 1 8 10, Susan Duffield, I 

dau. of Dr. John Duffield and Margaret Debevoise (which Margaret was a dau. 
of Johannes Debevoise, who was a son of Carol, grandson of Jacobus, and great j 

grandson of Carol Debevoise, the first emigrant of the name), resided in Brook- | 

l_vn and had issue: — John D., b. Dec. 4, 1810, and for many years street | 

commissioner of Brooklyn; Archibald T., b. Sept. 4, 1812 now (1875) de- 
ceased ; Ch.irles, b. Sept. 3, 1815 ; Alaria yJ.,h. Scft. 25, i8iC,m. Martenus 
Bergen ; William, b. Feb. 5, 1820; Margaret D., b. Jan. 7, 1822; Cornelia 
W., bap. Feb. 10, 1825; Adeline, bap. April 30, 1827, m. S. Walmen ; and 
Emily, m. Edgar Washburne. 

A John Lawrence, a. 18, William Lawrence, a. 12, and Maria Lawrence, a. 
9, emigr.itod in the Planter from England to New England in 1635 (Hotten's 
Emigrants, \>. 450). 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 345 

335. II. Mary, b. Feb. 24th, 1838 ; d. July 16th, 1839. 

336. III. Archibald T., b. Feb. 4th, 1840. 

337. IV. Susan L., b. Oct. 20th, 1842. 

338. V, Martenus, b. Jan. 21st, 1845. 

339. VI. Charles Lansing, b. Feb. 18th, 1848. 
340.' vn, Mary, b. Sept. 5th, 1850. 

341. VIII. John L., b. Aug. 2d, 1852. 

342. IX. Cornelius, b, Oct. 25th, 1855. 

Children of JACOB BERGEN (192) and Catharine Eldert, 
of Brooklyn, N. Y. : 

224. Maria Bergen, b. May 23d, 1801 ; m. April 
14th, 1824, Jeremiah V. Spader^ son of William, a farmer at 
the Wallabout, who d. suddenly July II, 1838, aged 42. 

Issue : — 

I, Jeremia Vanderbilt Spader, b. Sept. 25th, 1825 ; m. Nov. 

22d,l849, Margaret C. Moore ; issue: Maria B. Spader, b. ; 

m. Nov. 25th, 1873, Clarence Walsingham Lippit. 

II, Catharine Bergen Spader, b. May 2d, 1827 ; d. Aug. 26, 
1868; m. Dec. 5, 1849, C. Shafer Storms ; issue: Jeremiah Spader 

225. Catharine Bergen, b. Feb. i6th, 1803 ; m. 
Jan. 13th, 1826, Barnet Johnson^ s. of Gen. Jeremiah John- 
son, a farmer at the Wallabout, where they resided until 
1868, in the homestead mansion of the general. 

Issue : — 

I. Jeremiah Johnson, b. June 22d, 1827; m. May 25, 1848, 
Mary Ann, dau. of John Johnson, of Jamaica, b. Jan. i, 1826, who 
d. Jan. 9, 1861. 

II. Catharine Johnson, b. July 30th, 1829. 

III. Sarah Ann Johnson, b. Jan. 26th, 1832. 

IV. Susan W. Johnson,!). l'\li. 15, 1834; d. March 14, 1838. 
V. Jacob Bcrgc-n Johnson, b. May 22d, 1836. 

VI. Tunis Johnson, b. June 3d, 1839. 
VII. Maria Johnscjn, b. April, 1845; d. Oct. 23, 1846. 

346 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

226. Phebe Bergen, b. Feb. 20th, 1805 ; d. July 31st, 
1856, of yellow fever j m. April loth, 1833, her cousin^ 
Leffert Bergen (209) of Gowanus (son of Michael 185). 

Issue : — 

291. I. Michael. 

292. 11. Jacob. 

293. III. Michael. 

294. IV. Catharine M. 

295. V. Jacob Eldert. 

296. VI. LefFert L. 

297. VII. Jeremiah S. 

298. viH. Rebecca L. 

For births, 8ic., of the above, see children of LefFert Bergen. 

227. Agnes Bergen, b. Oct. 25th', 1806, d. Aug. 31st, 
1856, of yellow fever ; m. Jan. 7th, 1834, John Bergen 
Jun. (274) s. of J. S. Bergen, of Gowanus, who also d. of 
the same disease. 

Issue : — 
I. Catharine Eldert. 

II. John S. 

III. Jacob J. 

IV. Maria. 

V. Phebe Ann. 
VI. Margaret. 

VII. Jeremiah Spader. 
vui. Simon. 
IX. Tcunis Henry. 
X. Tcunis Henry. 
For births, &c., of the above, see children of John Bergen, Jun. 

228. Michael Bergen, b. July 28th, 1809, d. Jan. 12, 
1875 ; m. April 28th, 1836, Rebecca (282), dau. of Theodo- 
rus Bergen {2o6)j of (lowanus. Resided on, cultivated and 
owned the farm at Bay Ridge, New Utrecht, of about 70^ 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 347 

acres which his father bought Jan. i, 1835, for $30,000, of 
John T. Bergen (lib. 45, p. 160, con., King's county regis- 
ter's office) ; and also 17J acres his father bought March 15, 
1835, of William Kelly for $4,000, lying in the rear of the 
land purchased of John T. Bergen (lib. 49, p. 458 of con., 
King's county register's office). 

In March, 1846, his dwelling house, erected by his uncle 
Tunis Bergen for his s. John T. Bergen, accidentally burnt 
down, on the foundations of which he built a new one. In 
1873, he sold his farm (except li acres) to Abraham Wake- 
man for upwards of $200,000, and bought a house and plot 
of about 2 acres of Ann, wid. of Garret Hendricksen, on 
3d avenue near the city line in New Utrecht to which he 

Issue : — 

343- I. Jacob M., b. Sept. i, 1837 ; m. Sept. 5, 1866, Jo- 
anna N., dau. of Abraham J. Beekman' and Cath arine Schooninaker 

^Abraham J. Bcckman\% a descendant of Wilhilmus Beckman, b 1621 at 
Hasselt in the Province of Overyssel, Holland, a town with a population of 
1871 in 1841, who emigrated in 1647 with Gov. Stuyvesant to New Amster- 
dam. He m. Catharine dau. of Frederick Hendricks De Boogh or Bogh and 
d. about 1707. Held the office of schepen of New Amsterdam ; in I'eca 
bought Jacob Corker's plantation at Corlaer's Hook j in 1658 was vice director 
of the colony on the Delaware 5 in 1663, commissary of Esopus ; and in 1670 
bought Thomas Hall's plantation in the vicinity of the present Beekman and 
Ferry streets, N. Y., to which he removed and where he died. 

His children were: Maria, bap. June 26, 1650, m. May j, ,672, Wm 
Nicholas, 6. of Gov. Peter Stuyvesant ; Henry or Hendrick, bap March 9 
165^, d. about ,7,.;, m. ,6X,, Johanna Lopcrs, wid., settled at Esopus and is' 
the ancestor of the Dutche.s and Ulster co. Ikckmansj G.ranius, bap Aug 
17, 1653, d. 17^3, n». Aug. 29, 1677, Magdalen Abeel of Albany, b 1662' 
Was a physician, settled at Flatbush, L.I. j a justice of King's Co., in ,685 j col 
of miht.a, member of colonial assembly ,696 and 99, member and president of 
the council, and acting governor 1709 and 10 ; purchased some 2200 acres 
about the north branch of the Raritan and some 600 aces on the Millstone 
nver N. J. ; also lands on Pelts creek in Ulster co., N. Y. ; Cornelia, bap. 
April .., ,6ss, m. Sept. 19, ,674, Isaac Van Vleck, widower; John or 
Johannes, bap. Nov. 22, ,656, m. March 4, ,685, Aeltje Thomas j Jacobus 
bap. Aug. 2,, ,658, m. Elizabeth De Peyster, settled in Flatbush, L I • Wil 
lum of N. Y.j and (sup.) Martin of N. y., m. May 5, ,672 

348 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

of Brooklyn, b. March 5, 1839. Engaged in mercantile business 
in Brooklyn, and has issue : — 

I. Abraham Beekman, b. March 29, 1871. 

GerarJus and Magdalen of Flatbush had issue : Christopher, bap. Jan. 16, 
i58i, d. May, 1724, m. Jan. 28th, 1704, Maria Delanoy, settled at 6 mile 
run, Somerset co., N. J.; Adrian, bap. Aug. 27, 1682, m. Sept. II, 1708, 
Lucretia De Kay j William or Wilhelmus, bap. Aug. 10, 1684, m. (sup.) 

Dec. 8, 1715, Elizabeth De Peyster ; John, b. , m. ; Catharine, bap. 

June 2, 1689, m. Charles La Roux ; Gcrardus, m. Oct. 12, 17 18, Ann Mary 
Van Horn, settled in N. J. ; Abraham of N. J., d. in the state of N. Y., m. 
Sept. II, 1708, Lucretia De Kay; Henry of N. J., single, will dated Dec. 21, 
1760, pro. Jan. 15, 1770; Cornelia, m. March 6, 1724, Richard, s. of Rip 
Van Dam; Marytic, m. Aug. 26, 1726, Jacob Walton; and Martin of N. J., 
m. June 21, 1724, Elizabeth dau. of Rcsolvert Waldron. 

GerarJus and Ann Maria of N. J., had issue : Gerardus, bap. July 19, 
1719, d. young; Elizabeth, bap. Dec. 14, 1720; John, d. when 19 years old ; 
Christopher of Harlington, b. 1724, d. about 1820, a. 96; Gerardus of 6 mile 
run, b. 1735, ^- about 1821, a. 86; Abrabiim of Griggstown, b. July 27, 
1739, d. May 25, 1817, m. May 3, 1776, Ann, dau. of Garret Voorhees of 
Middlebush ; Mary, m. Thomas Skilhnan ; Ann, m. Garret Voorhees ; Catha- 
rine of Wasifington, N. Y., m. (ist) Vandervcer, m. (2d) Johnson ; Magda- 
kna, m. John Van Dyke ; and Cornelia, m. Abraham Stryker. 

Alirabam and Ann of Griggstown, N. J., had issue: Gerardus, b. July 12, 
1778, d. Feb. 20, 1805, single; Eleanor, b. Dec. 17, 1779, d. Nov. 12, 
1865, m. Oct. 3, 1805, Jacob ^uick of Ten mile run ; John A.^ b. Feb. 3, 
1782, d. Sept. 21, 1829, from the fall of a tree, m. (ist) Oct. 12, 1808, Jo- 
hanna Nevius who d. May 6, 1814, m. (2d) April 8, 1816, Alletta Rapalye : 
Abraham A., of Millstone, b. Jan. 13, 1784, d. Aug. 20, 1862, m. Oct. 
29, 1809, Matilda Nevius ; Ralph Voorhees, b. Dec. 17, 1785, d. Jan. 30, 
1S33, m. Oct. 29, 1809, Elizabeth Ten Brook, was a merchant and resided 
in Brooklyn ; Jacob of Romeo, Michigan, b. Dec. 17, 1787, d. April 7, 1837, 
m. Feb. 4, 18 13, Sarah Garretson ; Isaac of Washington, N. C, b. Sept. 14, 
1790, d. Sept. 10, 1833, single; and Catharine Ann of Brooklyn, b. Aug. 2, 
1797, d. Sept. 24, 1S28, single. 

John A., and Johaima had issue ; Ahrabam J., b. Sept. 8, 1810, m. 
Marcli 7, 1837, Catharine B., dau. of Jacobus Schoonmaker of Newtown, is 
engaged in banking business in Brooklyn ; yohn A., and Alletta had issue : 
Anna, b. April 18, 1825, d. Aug. 20, 1866, m. Rev. Goyn Talmage ; Cor- 
nelia, b. Nov. 23, 1820, m. Rev. Goyn Talmage. 

Abraham J., and Catharine B., of Brooklyn had Issue : Joanna, b. March 
5, 1839, m. Sept. 5, 1866, Jacob M. Bergen; Gertrude Aletta, b. May 7, 
1844, d. May 24, 1872; and Catharine Elizabeth, b. Dec. 31, 1847, m. 
Oct. 15, 1874, Professor John C. Smock of Rutger's College. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 319 

344. II. Phebe R., b. Aug. 15, 1840. Single. 

345. III. Theodore Van Wyck, b. Aug. 29, 1842 ; m. March 
15, 1866, Carrie L., dau. of John and Caroline Wilson, b. May 24, 
1846. Is a farmer and (1875) resides on 3d ave. at Bay Ridge. 

Issue: — ' 

I. Maria Louisa, b. Nov. 5, 1868. 
II. Rebecca C, b. May 22, 1872. 

346. IV. Samuel Woodbridge, b. Sept. 22, 1845; d. July 12, 
1871, single. Was a graduate of Rutgcr's College in July, 1867, 
and engaged in the business of an apothecary in Brooklyn at the time 
of his death. 

347. V. Isaac M., b. Oct. 7, 1847 ; d. July 29, 1850. 

348. VI. Sarah Caroline, b. Aug. 29, 1850 ; d. Dec. 6, 1 851. 

349. VII. Charles M., b. May 19, 1853. 

229. Isaac E. Bergen, b. July 7th, 181 1 ; m. (ist), Jan. 
13th, 1836, Sarah (286), dau. of Theodorus Bergen (206), 
of Gowanus, who d. Jan. 12th, 1848; m. (2d), Feb. 6th, 
1850, Ida (288), sister of Sarah, vv^ho d. Aug. 17th, 1856, 
of yellow fever; m. (3d), Dec. 4th, i860, Sarah Matilda^ 
dau. of Evert Suydam, of New Utrecht, b. Aug. 24, 1830, 
d. Jan. 19, 1864 ; m. (4th), Nov. 15th, 1866, Ann Suydam^^ 
sister of Sarah Matilda, b. Jan. 4, 1815. 

'Sarah Matilda and Ann Suydam, are descendants of E-vert SuyJam of New 
Utrecht, a descendant of Hendryck Rycke, the common ancestor of the Suydam 
family of this country referred to in the foot note under Gertrude, dau. of Hen- 
drick Suydam and wife of Cornelius Bergen of Flatbush. The dwelling house 
occupied by Evert and his ancestors and children, accidentally took fire and 
burned down July 4tli, 1872. 

E'vert Suydam of N. U., tlie great grandfather of Sarah Matilda, was b. March 
25, 1720, d. Oct. 14, 1797, m. Maria Bogert, b. March l8, 1724, d. 
March 24, 1812, and had issue : Hendrick of Bedford ; Catharine 5 Tunis of 
N. U. ; Geertie ; Evert of New Lolta ; and Anna. 

Tunis of N. {]., b. Nov. 21, 1755, ''• J"'y ('"" ^"li-) 7, »i<28, ni. March 
28, 1778, Ida Voorhies, b. Jan. ly, 1754, d. March 27, 1832, and iiud iisu*: : 


350 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Resides on and owns a part of the farm of yof acres at 
Bay Ridge, N. U., which his father bought May i, 1835, 
for $28,000, of Nicholas R. Van Brunt (lib. 51, p. 414, 
con., King's county register's office), he having sold some 
40 acres to Mary Bullocke, and H. L. Clarke. Nov. 12, 
1856, letters of administration were granted to Isaac E., on 
the estate of Ida his wife. 

Issue by 1st marriage : — 

350. I. Jacob I., b. March 15, 1837; m. Sept. 22, 1858, 
Cornelia M. Betts,' b. July 12, 1837. Practices law in Brooklyn 

Maria, who m. Harmanus Barkeloo ; Harriet, m. Evert Barkeloo ; and E'vert 
of N. U. 

E-verc of N. U., b. Dec. 12, 1784, d. Nov. 12, 1851, m. May 18, 1809, 
Sarah Van Duyn, b. Aug. 18, 1790, d. March 22, 1849, and had issue : Corne- 
lius, b. April 6, 1810, d. July 9, 1873, single; Abagail, b. Sept. 12, 1812, 
m. Jan. 27, 1835, Peter Wyckoff of Gowanus, now of N. U. 5 ^nn, b. June 
4, 1815, m. I. E. Bergen; Tunis, b. July 18, 1817, d. Jan. 14, 1865, m. 
1863, Mary Ann Welden, no issue; Ida, b. Sept. 3, 1819, m. April 25, 1861, 
John Antonides of Flatbush ; John, b. March 25, 1822, d. a young man; 
Evert, b. May II, 1825, d." Jan. 9, 1869, m. Oct. 31, 1856, Aletta, dau. of 
Jeremiah E. Lott of N. U. ; Sarah Jane, b. Aug. 31, 1827, d. Nov. 14, 1828 ; 
and Sarcjb Matilda, b. Aug. 24, 1830, d. Jan. 19, 1864, m. I. E. Bergen. 

' Cornelia M. Belts is a descendant most probably of Thomas Bctts, whose 
name with that of his brother Richard occurs among the early settlers of New- 
town as early as 1655; the name of the latter appearing on Nicolls's patent of 
said town in 1666, and both their names on Dongan's patent of 1686. In 
1675, Capt. Richard Betts laid claim to a certain piece or plot of land in New 
Lotts, for which he claimed to have obtained an Indian deed in 1663, which 
claim was disputed by the inhabitants of Flatbush, tried at the court of sessions 
in Gravesend, a verdict given in Betts's favor, an appeal taken and the verdict 
reversed by the genuial court of assizes in 1675. Tliis is as per Strong's Flat- 
bush, p. 33. Vol. XXX, p. J 39 of English manuscripts in office of secretary of 
state sets forth that about 1682 the town of Flatbush appealed from a decision of 
the court of sessions, in fivor of Richard Betts and others of New Lotts ; and Vol. 
xxxiv, p. 4, of ditto, refers to a writ of error to remove the case of John Coe, 
Richard Betts and their associates, against Thomas Barker and others, of the 
New Lotts from the court of assizes of Kings county to the court of assizes, to 
be held in New York. All these proceedings probably rel.ite to the same 
claim. Through this claim or otherwise the Ik-tts f.iniily oht.iined a i)hmtation 
on the ro.iJ, leading from Jamaica to Brooklyn ferry, on the boundary line, 
and partly in Kings and (Queens counties, and lately owned by John I. Sne- 

'jr: SVit!-*''-^ "" 

• /7 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 351 

and is a partner of John P. Rolfe. Resides in said city at 360 
Union street, on a plot on the homestead of his grandfather, Jacob 
Bergen (192). Alderman of the 10th ward from 1867 to 1872 
inclusive, and president of the board during the years 1868, 69, 
70, 71, and 72. Reelected alderman for two years under the new 
charter in Nov., 1873, by virtue of which he also holds the office 
of supervisor of the county, and on the organization of the board 
again elected president. Has children : 

I. Edward J., b. March 27, i860, 

II. Amelia Marion, b. March 7, 1863. 

III. Frederick Isaac, b. April 12, 1865; accidentally drowned 
at Gowanus, June 30, 1871. 

IV. Cornelia P., b. Oct. 11, 1873; d. Feb. 17, 1874. 

351. II. Sarah Maria, b. Dec. 18, 1838 ; m. Nov. 10, 1859, 
Benjamin S. Midgley, of Brooklyn, formerly a merchant, in (1875) 
a clerk in the office of the Police Commissioners of Brooklyn, and 
has issue: Edward Joseph Midgley, b. Nov. 1, i860, d. August i, 
1861 ; Harry Starr Midgley, b. Feb. 25, 1864; and Frank 
Midgley b. Oct. 7, 1868. 

352. III. Catharine Johnson, b. Nov. 17, 1841 ; d. June 9, 1842. 

deker. This farm (sup.) was occupied by Thomas Betts, his brother Richard 
remaining in Newtown. The Betts family also owned another farm on the 
Jamaica road, at present the Napier farm. 

Nov. 20, 1 71 3, Richard Betts was buried at the Kills, Newtown, aged 
113 years. (Onderdonk's Queens County in Olden Times, p. 17.) A Robert 
Betts was constable of Flatbush in 1730 and 1731, and a Thomas Betts's name 
appears on a list of slave holders in 1755. A Thomas supposed to be this 
Thomas Betts, April 15, 1760, took a mortgage of .£180 on the farm of John 
Lane of New Utrecht, ferryman, and administered on Lane's estate in 1766. 
This farm was afterwards owned by John and Wynant Bennet, and now by 
the Hon. H. C. Murphy, heirs of T. Sedgwick, j. Wilde and others. 

John Bats of Cypress Hills, Jamaica road, a descendant of Thomas, m. Eliza 
Louisa Ward, and had issue : fFi/iiam fFal/ace Bftts, who m. Cornelia, dau. 
of Jacob Parsell of Gowanus, b. Aug. 17, 1818; and John Sidney Betts, an 
auctioneer of the firm of Gerard and Betts, New York. fFm. IVallace Betts 
had issue: Cornelia M. Betts, who m. Jacob I. Bergen, and Stephen C. Betts. 

According to Riker's Newtown, Richard and Thomas Betts, emigrated to 
New England in 1648, from Hemel-Hempstead in Hertfordshire or its vicinity, 
stopping at first at Ipswich and then removing to Newtown. 

352 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

353. IV. Theodore Vandcrbilt, b. Sept. 8, 1843 ; m. Oct. II, 
1864, Sarah Ann, dau. of Peter and Abigail Wyckoff, of New 
Utrecht, who d. Nov. 27, 1865. Cultivates part of his father's 
farm at Bay Ridge. 

354. V. Michael T., b. Nov. 22, 1845 ; d. Aug. 27, 1847. 

Issue by 2d marriage : — 

355. VI. George T., b. Aug. 25, 1853. Cultivates part of his 
father's farm at Bay Ridge. 

Issue by 3d marriage : — 

356. VII. Tunis Suydam, b. Dec. 28, 1863. 

231. John Tunis Bergen, b. April i6th, 1815 ; single, 
and resides in the 8th ward, Brooklyn. 

232. Eldert Bergen, b. May 18th, 1818 ; m. July 
26th, 1849, Catalina^ dau. of John Johnson, of Jamaica, b. 
Oct. 22d, 1827. Resided at first on a farm devised to him 
by his father at La Grange, Dutchess co,, N. Y., which he 
sold, and then removed to a farm in Jamaica, which he 
bought May 5, 1851, for $8,350, of Whitson Oakley, it 
being the homestead farm of the late Isaac Lefterts, and 
lying between the Brooklyn and Jamaica turnpikes and the 
Williamsburgh turnpike, and on the north side of the first 
named one, containing about 62 acres. A few years ago 
he sold the main portion of his farm, on which a hamlet is 
springing up. 

Issue : — 

357. I. John Joimson, b. Jan. 17th, 1851. 

358. II. George Eldert, b. April 21st, 1853 ; d. Oct. 20th, 

359. III. Carrie Maria, b. Oct. 5th, 1856. 

360. IV. Margaret, b. Jan. 18th, 1859; d. July 23d, 1859. 

361. V, Henry Ditmars, b. Sept. 2, 1861. 

362. VI. Jacob Eldert, b. Dec. 16, 1863. 

363. vii. Agnes Ella, b. June 28, 1865 ; d. Aug. 4, 1866. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 353 

233. Sarah Bergen, b. Aug. 22d, 1820 ; m. June 
i8th, 1851, Daniel Backus Hashrouck^ for many years one of 
the clerks of the Metropolitan Police Commissioners and of 
the New York city police. Resides in the city of Brooklyn. 

Issue : — i-i 

1. Louisa Hasbrouck, b. March i8ch, 1853. 

II. Julia Hasbrouck, b. March 25th, 1856. 
111. Mary Habbrouck, b. May 5 th, 1861. 

234. Margaret Bergen, b. Aug. 25th, 1822 ; m. Oct. 
25th, 1843, ^^ Hart Bergen {I'j'j)^ of Gowanus, son of 
John S. 

Issue : — 

1. Jacob De Hart. 

II. Marietta. 
III. Emma. 
For births, &c., of the above, see children of De Hart Bergen. 

Children of JOHANNES or JOHN BERGEN (196), 
and Rebecca Stryker^ of Flatlands, N. Y. : 

235. Tunis Bergen, b. Feb, 19th, 1794 j d. March 
3d, 1831 ; m. March 19, 1818, Harriet or Adrianna^ dau. 
of Jacob Voorhces,' of Flatlands, b. Sept. 25, 1797; d. 
Aug. 2, 1864. 

' Jacob Vourhecs, was a descendant of Jan Lucassen, a grandson of Steven 
Coerte Van Voorhees, referred to in the foot note on Antie Lucassen, wife of 
Hans Bergen, of Jamaica. 

Jan Lucdssen, son of Lucas Stevense and grandson of Steven Coerte, was 
bap. Feb. 19th, 1675, m. (ist), Oct. loth, 1699, Anna Van Dyckhuysen, who 
d. Jan. sth, 1702, and resided in Flatlands j m. (2d), May 5th, 1704, Mayke 
R. Schenck, who d. Nov. 25th, 1736, and had issue : Johannes Lucasse, b. July 
19th, 1700, m. Jan. 25th, 1737, Junnetie Remsen, who d. Jan. 24th, 1747, 
emigrated about 1721, to I'iscataw.iy, Somerset county, N. J. ; Lucas, b. Sept. 

15th, 1705, m. (iBt), Altie , m, (2d), Mary , d. about 1760 j Roeloft, 

b. Aug. 19th, 1707, d. April, 1782 ; Stephen, b. March 24th, 1709, m. ((irub.) 
Oct. 231I, 1753, Maria Leakej Antie ; Fetrus ; Martenus: Isaac, 

354 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Resided on (Bergen island) his father's farm in Flatlands, 
of which he inherited the one-half, and dying intestate, his 
children after his death sold their fither's share to their un- 
cle Cornelius Bergen. May 9, 1831, letters of administra- 
tion were granted on his estate to his widow Harriet and 
uncle Garret Stryker. 

Issue: — 

364. I. Rebecca, b. Jan. 23, 1819; d. Dec. 20, 1840, single. 

365. II. Martha, b. Aug. 12, 1821, m. Dec. 15, 1845, RulofF 
Woolsey of Flatlands, b. Oct. 17, 1809, d. Feb. 6, I 860, and has 
issue: Tunis Bergen Woolsey, b. Nov. 11, 1848, a lawyer in 
Brooklyn ; Catharine Ann Woolsey, b. March 30, 1854, d. Aug. 6, 
1854; Harriet Woolsey, b. Nov. 18, 1858. 

366. Ill, Jacob Voorhees, b. March 25, 1824; m. March 27, 
1845, Mary Ann StoothofF,' is a carpenter by trade, and owns and 

of Flatlands, bap. March 23d, 1716, m. Sarah ; Catlyntie, b. June 8th, 

1718, m. (sup.) Nov. 17th, 1773, Siniun Van Arsdalenj Gerrit, of N. J., b. 
Sept. 6, 1720, who (prob.) m. Johanna Van Harlingen; Anna, b. July 15th, 
1723, m. (sup.) Oct. 3d, 1743, John Ryers, of Brooklyn; Abraham^ of Flat- 
lands, b. June 8th, 1724, d. prior to 1808, m. May 9th, 1747, Adriaantje 
Lefterts ; Sarah, b. Oct. i8th, 1727, d. Nov. 29th, 1736; and Maria, b. April 
5th, 1731. 

Abraham, son of Jan Lucassun and Anna, had issue: Marya, b. Sept, 25th, 
1749, d. Aug. I2tli, 1832, m. Hcndrick Vandcrvcerj Fitter, b. Nov. 19th, 
1751, d. March loth, 1824; Yda, b. Jan. 19th, 1754, d. March 27th, 1832, 
m. March 28ch, 1778, Tunis Suydam, of New Utrecht; Jan. of Flatlands, 
bap. Aug. 15th, 1756, d. Oct. 5th, 1828, m. Rensie Wyckoff, who d. March 
22, 1825; Abagail, bap. Feb. 8th, 1761, m. Hugh King; Abraham, b. July 
3d, 1765, d. Aug. 18th, 1827, m. Maria Lott, b. Aug. 18, 1827, d. Sept. 12, 
1830; and Jacoby of Flatlands, b. April 4th, 1766, d. May 9th, 1804, m. 
June 20th, 179s, Martha Hegenian, b. March 31st, 1776, d. Feb. 14th, 1848. 

Jacob, son of Abraham and Adriantjc, had issue ; Adrianna or Harriet, 
b. Sept. 25th, 1797, d. Aug. 2, 1864, m. March 19th, 1818, Tunis Bergen; 
Rem Hegeman, b. Dec. 25th, 1799, d. a young man, single; and Jane, b. Sept. 
1st, 1803, m. Nov. 14th, 1828, Peter Hughes, both (1873) deceased. 

' Mary Ann Stooihuff is a descendant of Come/ius Siooib'.ff and Aletta Van 
Duyn, said Cornelius being a son of Wiliii-lnuis and HeiUic, .ind a grand son of 
Wilhelnius .ind Antic Stootliolf, referred to in the foot note under John Bergen 
and Helen Slootholf of Graveseiid hereinafter iiibcrted. 

Corneltin Sioodmff and Altie or Aletta Van Duyn had issue : WiUielmus C. 

{f^t^^i/^A^<^ ^^^.^^-- 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 355 

cultivates a portion of his grandfather, Jacob Voorhecs's farm in 
Flatlands, and has issue : — 

1. Garret StoothofF, b. Sept. 20, 1845; m. June 4, 1867, Mary 
Catharine, dau. of Samuel Eldert of Jamaica, b. Sept. 20, 1843; 
issue: Jacob Voorhies, b. Sept. 17, 1867; Samuel Eldert, b, Jan. 
2, 1869, d. Sept. 5, 1869; John, b. Sept. 7, 1870. 

u. Rebecca, b. Sept. 11, 1847; m. Nov. 21, 1866, William 
H. Cornell (son of LefFert Cornell of Flatbush), b. May 26, 1846, 
a farmer in Flatlands, and has issue: Caroline Vanderveer Cornell, 
b. April 9, 1 87 1, and William Henry Cornell, b. Aug. 2, 1874, 
d. Dec. 27, 1874. 

in. Martha Maria, b. Jan. 4, 1851 ; m. May 20, 1872, William 
R. Sclover, b. April 20, 1838, and has issue: Minnie Bergen 
Selovcr, b. May 28, 1873. 

IV. Margaret Jane, b. March 16, 1858. 

367. IV. Maria, b. Oct. 2, 1829, single. Resides with her sister 
Martha in Flatlands. 

237. Cornelius Bergen, b. Feb. 20th, 1798; m. 
March loth, 1825, Fanny or Frances^ dau. of Abijah Bald- 
win/ of Flatlands, d. March 31st, 1865, of malignant ery- 

of Jamaica, b. Feb. 10, 1793, d. , m. Sarah, dau. of" Barent Wyckoff 

of Flatlands J John C, of Jamaica, bap. Dec. 26, 1794, d , m. Ca- 
tharine Spranger ; Garret C, of Flatlands, b. Jan. 25, 1797, d. Oct. 2, 1845, 

m. 1817, Jane Duryea, widow, b. Jan. 15, 17965 Cornelius C, of 

Elderts Lane, bap. June 19, 1799, single; Nelly or Ellen, b. May 12, 1801, 

d. , m. Ferdinand Van Sicklin of Gravesend, no issue ; Altie, or Aletta, 

b. Aug. 6, 181 1, d. Jan. 5, 1833, m. Dec. 6, 1830, Peter G. Wyckoff of Flat- 
lands ; Aertji:, b. Sept. 25, 181 5, d.- -; Hellitje, b. Jan. 6, d. Sept. 20, 

1822, single; Abraham C. of Flatbush, a carpenter, b. , d. , m. 

Ann, dau. of Samuel Emmans of Gravesend. 

Garret C, son of Cornelius of Flatlands, had issue: Margaret, b. Nov. 14, 
1817, d. Jan. 25, 1818 J Margaret, b. March 5, 1819, d. Sept. 26, 1859, m. 
March 16, 1840, Abraham Hegeman of I'latlands ; CornL-lius, b. May 8, 1821, 
m. March 8, 1843, Sarah Ann Baisley, and is a collector on the Main street 
ferry, Brooklyn 5 Mary ^iin, h. June 8, 1823, m. March 27, 1845, Jacob V. 
Bergen ; and Garret Duryea, b. May 12, 1S25, d. Sept. 8, 18 35. 

' The BaUkuin family is probably of English descent. The first of the name 
on tile colonial records of this state is that of John George Baldwin (sometimes 

356 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

sipelas. Owned and resided on the island, called by the 
Indians Wynpaggue, containing about 90 acres of upland, 

written Baldingh, Balden and Baldin), and Abagail his wife of Gravesend, in 
Jan. 1657. He probably removed to New Jersey, for we find on the records 
of the Reformed Dutch Church of Bergen, that Hcndrick Jansen Baldwin, d. 
Feb. 18, 1694; Cornelia Jansen Baldwin, wife of William Gessiger, d. May 
II, 16965 and Jacobus Jansen Baldwin, m. Petertje Clacs, Dec. 12, 1696. 
The Jansen in these names appears to indicate that they were children of Jan 
or John George Baldwin. Among the early settlers of Hempstead, the names 
of "Joseph Baldin" and " George Baldwin," appear in 1685, whose descend- 
ants yet reside in that locality. There was a John Baldwin Senr., who d. in 
1702, a John Baldwin Junr., and a Benjamin Baldwin, a weaver, among the 
early settlers of Newark in 1667. In 1673, John Baldwin with 3 others re- 
moved to New Barbadoes Neck, then recently purchased of the Dutch, but they 
were prevented from remaining there by a defect in the title. John Baldwin 
Junr. became a prominent man in Newark, and was chosen to the highest of- 
fices. The Newark Baldwins were men of moderate means, and from one of 
them Abijah of Flatlands is probably a descendant. (See Stearns First Church 
of Newark, p. 36.) 

Daind Baldivin (the great grandfather of Frances), b. 1720, d. 1800, m. 
Emma Dodd, b. 1720, d. 1800, probably resided at Bloomfield, N. J., and had 
issue : David, Stephen, Simeon, Silas, Jesse, Isaac, Jonathan, Ichabod, Zo- 
phoor, Sarah and Eunice. 

Da-vid Baldivin (the grandfather of Frances), b. Jan. 1, 1748, d. April 29,' 

1810, m. , Sarah, dau. of Abijah Harrison, b. Nov. 19, 1755, d. Dec. 9, 

1824, resided at Bloomfield, and had issue: yibijah, b. Nov. 28, 1772, d. 
Jan. 2, 1841, m. July 17, 1800, Mary Childs, b. Nov. 22, 1772, d. Jan. 
27, 1853. He was a master builder, residing at one period in Flatbush, and 
then in Flatlands, occupying the farm and grist mill, lately known as Crooke's 
mill. Moses, b. Nov. i, 1774, m. Betsey Loyd ; Isaac D., b. March 18, 
I777> d- Jan- ii| 1811, single; Nathaniel, b. Sept. 5, 1779, ^- yo""g 5 S'" 
meon, b. June 17, 1782, d. June 28, 1864, m. (ist), March 16, 1807, 
Naomi Pearson, b. Oct. 21, 1783, d. June 2, 1808, m, (2d), Aug. 6, 
1829, Elizabeth Ward, b. Nov. 9, 1785 j Hannah, b. Jan. 12, 1785, d. March 
26, 1806, sinyle; Abigail, b. Dec. 24, 1786, d. Sept. 17, 1807, single; Eu- 
nice, b. Nov. 24, 1788, m. Joel Dunham ; Stephen, b. March 18, 1791, single ; 
Aaron, b. July 12, 1798, m. Betsey Doremus. 

Abijah Baldivin and Mary Childs had issue : Sarah, b. May 24, 1 80 1, m. 
Garret Wyckoff of Flatlands; Mary, b. Dec. 20, 1802, single; Frances, b. Sept. 
3, 1804, n\. Corni.ruis Bergen; llekn, b. Se])t. 27, 1806, m. Kirk Wrijjht 
uf Flatlanih; Nathaniel H., b. Sept 20, 1H08, d. Feb. 15, 1X41, single; David 
B., b. Si-pt. 28, i8jo, d. April 5, 1833, single; Abijah Childs, b. Sept. 30, 
1813, d. July 24, 1839, single; and Abigail, b. Nov. 20, 1815, m. Voor- 
liies Ovcrbagh, a teacher of Flatlands. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 357 

located in the salt marshes of Flatlands, and at present 
known as Bergen's island, the one-half of which was de- 
vised to him by his father, and the remainder he purchased 
of the heirs of his brother Tiinis. Appointed ensign of the 
militia company of Flatlands, March 17, 1821, afterwards 
lieutenant and elected coroner in 1825. In 1823 he was 
appointed justice of the peace by the county judges and 
supervisors, who at that period held the appointing power. 
His will is dated June 19, 1861, rec. lib. 30, p. 41, office 
surrogate Kings county. 

Issue : — 

368. I, John C, b. Jan. 19, 1826; m. Jan. 19, 1858, Mary 
T. Brower,' of Dutchess county, N. Y. Owns Bergen's island, 
which he inherited from his father and which he cultivated after his 
death. At present resides on and cultivates a small farm on Mill 
lane, Flatlands, which he bought Nov. 1865 of his uncle Garret 

Issue : — 

I. Cornelius, b. Dec. 2, 1858, 

II. John Tallmage, b. Sept. 21, i860, 
HI. Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept 23, 1862. 
IV, Fcnwick Williams, b. Nov. 3, 1864. 

V. Ernest Childs, b. Nov. 24, 1867. 
VI. Francis Baldwin, b. Sept. 8, 1871. 
VII. Pamelia May, b. Nov. 24, 1873. 

' Mary T. Jliutver is u (lestciuiant of Conic/itis Broiuer of Dutclicss county, 
b. Nov. y, 1730, ID. Mary Aiclici, I). Ajiril 21, 1733. This Cornelius in.iy he 
a soil of the Cornelius, bap. Ai)ril 18, 1705, who waa one of the sons of Ni- 
cholas Adamsz, a son of Adam Brouwer Berckhoven or Kercklioven, from 
Ceulen, who came to this country at an early period, settled at Brooklyn, owned 
the oldest mill in tiie county, lately known as Freekc's mill, where he followed 
the occupation of farmer and miller. He probably at one period followed tlie 
occupation of brewer, Iience the name of Brouwer, the Dutcli of brewer. The 
Browcrs of Long Island and vicinity are dcsc<'ndants of this Adam Brouwer. 
Some of the family claim that Cornelius Braiucr of Dutchess county was a son 
of Jacob Brower Kerckhoven of Brooklyn, and a fjrandson of Jacob or Jaco- 


358 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

369. II. Mary C, b. March 31, 1828 ; m. Oct. n, 1847 
Daniel, son of Jaques Van Brunt of Bay Ridge, New Utrecht, b 
Feb. II, 1826, and has issue: Anna Kate Van Brunt, b. July 
31, 1849, m. Nov. 19, 1867, Peter Hegeman (son of Michael), 
farmer of New Utrecht, having children : Daniel Van Brunt Hege- 
man, b. Sept. 26, 1868, d. Oct. 3, 1868, Daniel Van Brunt He- 
geman, b, Sept. 27, 1869, and Joanna Emmons Hegeman, b. Aug. 
31, 1871 ; Mary Frances Van Brunt, b. Sept. 28, 1851, m. Oct. 
13, 1874, John Cowenhoven Junr., of New Utrecht ; Elizabeth 
Van Brunt, b. Aug. 2, 1854, m. Sept. 18, 1873, Charles Bennett 
(son of Richard R.), farmer of New Utrecht ; Jacjues Van Brunt, 
b. Feb. 2, 1857, d. Feb. 26, 1859; Rebecca B. Van Brunt, b. 
Feb. 9, i860; Rulef Van Brunt, b. June 9, 1862; Jennie Van 
Brunt, b Feb. 21, 1864 ; Cornelius B. Van Brunt, b, Feb. 21, 
1866 ; and jaques Van Brunt, b. Jan. 10, 1869, d. April 14, 1871. 

bus Adamsz of Gowanus (son of Adam Brouwer), who per Albany Church 
records m. Annetje, dau. of William Bogardus, a son of the Rev. Everardus 
Bogardus and Annetje Jans, the ancestors of the Trinity Church claimants. 

Cornelius Bruivcr of Dutchess county had issue: Elizabeth, b. Nov. 5, 1 754, 
m.— — • Van Sicklen; Anne, b. Oct., 1756, d. Jan. 2.0, 1757; Nathazeth, b. 
Oct., 1756 (twin); John, b. Sept. 12, 1758, m. Elizabeth Gans ; Mary, b. 
Aug. 24, 1761, m. Robert Swarthout ; Cornelius, b. Jan. 27, 1763; Anne, 
b. July 14, 1766, m. Andries Lawson ; Charles, b. March 16, 1769; Sarah, 
b. Aug. 30, 1771, m. Samuel Pinckney j and Jacob, b. Aug. 26, 1775. 

John Broiuer and Elizabeth Gans had issue : — John, b. , m. Ma- 
ria Lawson; and Betsy, b. , m. , John Green. 

John Brwwer and Maria Lawson had issue : Simeon; George, m. Margaret 

Ellis, d. , 1849 ; John, m. Mary Smith ; Casper, m. Nancy E. Reynolds ; 

Elizabeth Ann, m. Elias White; Mary, m. John C. Bergen; and Milly or 
Pamelia M., m. Rev. F. T. Williams. 

The following is a facsimile of the signature of Adam Brower the emigrant : 


Michael Hansen Bergen. 359 

238. Maria Bergen, b. Dec. 30th, 1799, d. Jan. 27th, 
1855 i m. Dec. 26th, 1820 Henry Lott^ b. May 29, 1801, 
a farmer, residing in Flatland Neck. Henry Lott m. (2d), 
June 6, i860, Sarah E. Hendrickson. 

Issue : — 
1. John Lott, b. Oct. 5, 1821, d. Oct. 25, 1842. 

II. Samuel Strj-ker Lott, b. Jan. 14, 1823, d. June 18, 1872; 
m. (1st), March 13, 1844, Hannah Maria Eldert of Jamaica, who 
d. Feb. 8, 1845, aged 21 ; m. (2d), Nov. 8, 1848, Johanna, dau. 
of Samuel S. Stryker of Gravesend, by whom children: Maria Ann 
Lott, b. Aug. 25, 1849, m. Aug. 3, 1869, John Randolph ; Samuel 
Stryker Lott, b. April 9, 1852, d. July 23, 1852 ; Ellen Lott, b. 
May 7, 1853 ; Catharine Ryerson Lott, b. June 28, 1855 ; Ste- 
phen Stryker Lott, b. April 17, 1859 ; Henry Lott, b. May 4, 
i860, d. Aug. 18, i860 ; Sarah Rebecca Lott, b. July 13, 1861, 
d. Aug. 5. 1861 ; Sarah Louise Lott, b. July 20; 1863, d. Sept. i, 
1863 ; Lena Lott, b. July 11, 1865, d. July 27, 1865 ; and Mi- 
nerva Lott, b. Aug. 20, 1866, d. Nov. I, 1866. 

III. Catharine Lott, b. April 19, 1824, d. Nov. 2, 1857 ; m. 
May 2, 1849, Nicholas Ryder, and had children : James Ryder, b. 
Sept. 8, 1850, d. March 6, 185 i ; Henry Lott Ryder, b. Dec. 19, 
1853, d. July 30, 1854. 

IV. Rebecca Lott, b. Sept. 5, 1827, m. Jan. 24, 1849, John 
Duryea, and had issue: Henry Duryea, b. March 27, 1851, d. 
Aug. 2, 1851. 

v. Maria Lott, b. Jan. 4, 1839, m. April 8, 1857, John T. 
Schenck, farmer of Flatbush, b. April 28, 1826, and has issue: 
Clarence Schenck, b. Jan. i, 1858 ; Mervin Ryerson Schenck, b. 
Aug. 22, 1859 ; Cornelius Stryker Schenck, b. Feb. 13, 1861, d. 
Nov. 24, 1861 ; Jesse Cornell Schenck, b. July 6, 1864; Ella 
Mescrole Schenck, b. May 5, 1866 ; and Aletta Schenck, b. May 
17, 1869. 

VI. William Henry Lott, b. March 21, 1841, d. Sept. 29, 1841. 

VII. John Bergen Lott, b. April 7, 1H44, single. 

360 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

239. John Bergen, b. Dec. 19th, 1802 ; m. Dec. 22d, 

1825, Helen Stoothoff^ dau. of Johannes W./ of Flatlands, 
b. Sept. 14, 1806. Occupied at first a house and lot on 
Mill lane, P'latlands, to which he removed in April, 1828, 

' Johannes IV. Stootbojf, was a descendant of JVilbelmus Stvotboff, the youngest 
son of Elbert, and a great grandson of Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff, referred to in 
the foot note under Tunis Bergen and Johanna Stoothoff, of Brooklyn, the 
grandparents of said John Bergen, husband of Heiltie. 

lyUbclmus Stootbvlf, son of Elbert and Johanna, resided in Flatlands, d. Feb. 
14, 17X3, m. Nov. i;, 1728, Altie Coerten Voorhies, b. May 3, 1709, d. June 
4, 1788, had issue: Garret, b. Oct. I, 1730, d. Sept. 22, 1780, ni. May, 
1762, Maria Voorhees j Albert, b. Nov. 6, 1735, d. Dec. 29, 1785, m. Sept. 

3, 1784, Phebe Adriance; Johannis, b. Jan, 4, 1738, d. June 20, 1806, m. 
March, 1759, Catharine Bogart ; Wilbelmus, b. May 3, 1741, d. Sept. 21, 
1S03, m. Dec. 1762, Heiltie, dau. of Abraham Voorhees, b. Aug. 27, 1746, 
d. Sept. 7, 1819; Petrus, b. July 7, 1745, d. Aug. 22, 1750; Abrahann, b. 
April 19, 1750, d. Aug. 13, 1786, m. Catharine Pemart ; and Petrus b. Nov. 
19, 1752, d. July 30, 1812, m. Nov. 1773, Leah Vanderbilt. 

Wilbelmus, son of Wilhelmus and Altie Coertsen Voorhies of Flatlands, had 
issue: Abraham, b. Jan. 9, 1764, d. Oct. 29, 1822, m. Oct. 1783, Eliza- 
beth Bogert; Aeltie, b. April 3, 1765, m. (ist), Jan. 23, 1793, John Mapes, 
who was drowned at Shrewsbury, Nov. 19, 1800, m. (2d), Tunis Van Pelt; 
Sara, b. March 8, 1767, m. (ist), John Van Pelt, m. (2d), Rutgert W. Van 
Brunt of New Utrecht, d. Aug. 29, 1849; Wilhelmus, b. Nov. 20, 1768, d. 
Aug. 10, 1837, m. Dec. 21, 1799, Arabella Pcttit ; Cornelius, b. Sept. 4, 1770, 
d. Dec. II, 1843, m. Jan. 7, 1793, Aletta Van Duyn ; Jubannes /^.,b. Oct. 
27, 1774, d. Dec. 23, 1830, m. Dec. 16, 1802, Rebecca, dau. of Roelof Lott, 
b. Oct. 27, 1774, d. Feb. 29, 1852; Douw, b. April 12, 1776, d. April 9, 

1826, m. June i, 1797, Cornelia Van Sinderenj Heiltie, b. April 15, 1778, 
d. Aug. 5, 1849, m. Jan. 22, 1800, George Lott; Garret, b. April i, 1780, d. 
Aug. 25, 1815, single; Antie, b. May 29, 1783, d. July 22, 1848, m. Jan. 

4, 1807, John R. Lott of Flatlands, no issue; and Jannetie, b. July 16, 1786, 
m. Jan. 17, 1806, John I. Stoothutf, farmer, her cousin, who bought a farm 
and d. at Jamaica South. 

jfubanncs IV., son of Wilhelmus and Heiltie of Flatlands, had issue : Eli- 
zabeth, b. Jan. 5, 1804, m. Dec. 22, 1825, Richard Ameiman of Brooklyn; 
Heiltie, b. Sept. 14, 1806, ni. Dec. 22, 1825, John IJergen of Flatlands and 
since of Gravesend ; William, b. Dec. 21, 1808, d. Sept. 4, 1819; Han- 
nah or Johanna, b. Nov. 6, 1810, m. May 5, 1831, James C. Rliodes, 
carpenter, of Brooklyn j Cornelius Stryker, b. June 17, 1813, d. Sr|it. 3, 
1819; and Sarah, b. Dec. 3, 1815, d. Sept. 1, 1850, ni. Feb. 11, 1835, Henry 
Harte.iu of lirooklyn. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 361 

and which he sold to his brother Garret. Next he pur- 
chased a house and lot in the village of Gravesend, where 
for some years he kept a country store and was the village 
postmaster. Again selling, he built and occupied a house 
on another lot he owned. in said village. 
Issue : — 

370. I. Rebecca Ann, b. Dec. 15, 1826, m. June 23, 1847, 
John, son of William Cole of New Utrecht, since of Staten Island, 
b. Dec. 17, 1817, and has issue: William Cole, b. July 31, 
1849, d. Feb., 1854; Helen Cole (twin), b. July 31, 1849; John 
Cole, b. Aug. 12, 1852 ; Rebecca Cole, b. Feb. 22, 1855, d. Sept. 
1857 ; Jane Cole, b. May 22, i860 ; and William Cole, b. June 
19, 1865. 

371. H. Eliza Jane, b. Dec. 2, 1827, m. Dec. 1, 1850, John 
Van Pelt WyckofFofNew Utrecht, since ofFlatlands; no children. 

372. III. John, b. June 27, 1830, a carpenter by trade, who re- 
moved in 1870 to a farm, which he and his brother Tunis bought 
at Mattatuck, Suffolk county, L. I. 

373. IV. Helen, b. Feb. 13, 1836, d. May 4, 1863. 

374. v. Johanna, b. Sept. 2, 1839, ni. Nov. 4, 1863, Richard 
Williamson, b. March 7, 1841, and has issue: Harry Williamson, 
b. June 23, 1871. 

375. VI. Tunis, b. June 7, 1842; m. 1869, Hester A. Smith, 
b. Dec. 5, 1844. Is a carpenter by trade, which occupation 
he was engaged in for several years in Gravesend and its vicinity. 
In 1870, with his brother John, removed to a farm which they pur- 
chased at Mattatuck, L. I. ; since removed to Brooklyn. 

Has issue : — 

I. Sarah Jane, b. Feb. 22, 1871. 

376. VII. Cornelius, b. Oct. 15, 1846, d. March 5, 1851. 

240. Johanna Bergkn, b. Oct. 14th, 1805; d. Aug. 
17th, 185 1 ; ni. June 17th, 1829, Stephen J. Voorhies^ of 
Gravesend, b, Oct. 7, 1805 ; d. Nov. 23, 1834. Feb. 28, 
1835, letters of administration were granted her on the 
cst.iie of her 

3G2 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Issue : — 

I. Jacobus Voorhies, b. March 27, 1830; m. Jan. 13, 1852, 
Eliza Jane, dau. of Henry Van Dyck, of Gravesend, b. Nov. 17, 
1834. Owns and cultivates a small farm in Gravesend Neck, pre- 
viously owned by his father, and has issue: Henry Van Dyck 
Voorhies, b. Feb. 4, 1856; Stephen J. Voorhies, b. April 11, 
i860; and Edmond William Voorhies, b. March 6, 1865. 

II. Rebecca Voorhies, b. July 20, 1832; d. May 31, 1836. 

241. Ann Bergen, b. Nov. 17th, 1810; d. July 5th, 
1866 ; m. Jan. iith, 1830, George Kouwenhoven^^ a farmer 
of Flatlands. 

Issue : — 

I. William G. Kouwenhoven, b. Sept. 14, 1831, m. Oct. 6, 
1853, Gertrude, dau. of Teunis G. Bergen, of Bay Ridge, New 

' Giorge Kouivenbofen, is a descendant of Willem Gerretse Van Couwen- 
hoven, a grandson of Wolfcrt Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven, referred to in the 
foot note under Catharine Bergen and Gerrit Couwenhoven, her husband. 

Willem Gerretse, son of Gerret Wolfersen, and grandson of Wolfert Gerretse, 
was b. in 1636, living as late as 1727, m. (ist), 1660, Altie, dau. of Joris 
Dircksen Brinckerhoff; m. (2d.), Feb. 12, 1665, Jannetie, dau. of Pieter 
Monfoort, resided at first in Brooklyn, where he was a deacon of the Reformed 
Dutch Church, afterwards in Flatlands, and in 1727 sold his Flatlands farm to 
his son William, and then (sup.) he removed to Monmouth county, N. J., and 

had issue: Gerret Willemse of N. J., b. Jan. 4, 1662, m. Altje of 

Flatlands; Aeltje Willemse, b. Dec. 14, 1665, d. prior to 1691, m. Cornells 
Symonse Van Arsdalen ; Neeltje, b. Feb. 7, 1669, m. John Wyckoff of N. J.; 
Peter of N. J., b. Feb. 12, 1671, m. Patience Daws; Cornells, b. Nov. 20, 
1672, m. Sept. 8, 1700, Margrieta Schenck, and settled at Mlddletown, N. J. j 
Sarah, b. Dec. 27, 1674, d. Jan. 31, 1761, m. about 1692, John L. Schenck 
of N. J.; Albert of N. J., b. Dec. 7, I 676, m. Neeltje Schenck; Jacob of N. 
J., b. Jan. 29, 1679, d. Dec. i, 1744, m. Nov. X2, 1705, Sarah Schenck ; 
John, b. April 9, 1681, m. Coba Vanderveer, and settled at Freehold, N. J.; 
Annetie, b. April 13 or 22, 1683, m. (ist), (sup.) Nov. 11, 1704, Aert Wil- 
liamson, m. (2d), (sup.) Johannes Antonides of N. J.; fVilUam of Flatlands, 
b. March 7, i586, d. Jan. 19, 1769, m. June 5, 1709, Annetie, dau. of Lucas 
S. Voorhies, b. April 25, 1686, d. Sept. 30, 1774; and Jacomlna, b. Dec. 28, 
1689, m. June 5, 1709, Elbert Williamse of N. J. 

fVilliam, of Flatlands, son of Willem Gerretse and Altie, had issue : Wil- 
liam, b. M.irch 10, d June 7, 1710; Citnlinj, b. July 27, 1711, d. July 28, 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 3G3 

Utrecht, who d. July l6, 1865, and has children: Teunis G. B., 
b. Sept. 13, 1854; and Anna, b. Dec. 28, 1855. Farmer in 

II. Rebecca Stryker Kouwenhoven, b. April 21, 1833,01. 1864, 
John Williamsen. 

1720; William, b. Jan. 22, 17 13, m. Margrieta Schenck, and settled in N. 
J. j Jannetie, b. Oct. 6, 1714, m. Nov., 1737, Gerrit Schenck, of N. J., the 
ancestor of the Rev. Garret C. Schenck, of Marlboro, N. J. ; Luke, b. June 3, 
1716, settled in N. J.; Aeltie, b. March 21, 1718, m. Cornelius Voorhees } 
Annetje, b. March 23, 1720, d. Aug. 18, 1739; Catalyna, b. April I, 1722, 
m. Albert Schenck; Neeltje, b. March 6, 1724, m. Sept. 19, 1745, Johannes 
Duryea ; Gerrit, b. Nov. n, 1726, d. Sept. 23, 1777, m. May 7, 1748, Antie 
Leflerts, who d. March 19, 1782, aged 54 years, resided in Flatlands ; Sara, b. 
July 23, 1728, d. Feb. 24, 1732 j and Jacoba, bap. Oct. 27, 1734, (sup.) d. 

Gerrct, of Flatlands, son of William and Annatie, had issue : Antje, bap. 
June 4, 1749, d. young ; Antie, b. Aug. 3, 1751, O. S., m. 1771, Peter Van- 
dervoort; Peter of Flatlands, b. Sept. 25, 1753, O. S., d. May 27, 1787, m. 
May 10, 1777, Lammetie,"dau. of John Lott, b. Jan. 25, 1756, d. Sept. II, 
1831 ; Ida, b. Jan. 17, 1756, O. S., m. 1778, Hendrick Suydam of Flatbush ; 
Wiiliam, of Flatlands, b. March 28, 1758, d. April 7, 1825, m. Dec. 12, 1778, 
Johanna, dau. of Johannes Willemse Wyckoftj b. July 7, 1761, d. June 10, 
1834; Garret, b. Feb. 21, 1761, d. July 31, 1784, single ; Seytie, b. June 30, 
1763, d. April I, 1837, m. Jeremiah Remsen, of the Wallabout 5 Luke of 
Newtown, b. June 3, 1766, d. Oct. 22, 1853, m. Ann, dau. of George Wyck- 
oft", who d. Feb. 20, 1870, aged 96 years j Abigail, b. June I, 1768, m. 1783, 
Johannes Lott of Flatlands; and Jannetie, b. April 14, 177 1, m. Abraham 
Debevoise, of Bedford. 

IVilliam, of Flatlands, son of Gerret and Ante, had issue : Gerret, b. Oct. 
24, d. Nov. 7, 1780; Johanna, b. Nov. 18, 1781, d. Aug. 7, 1847, m. Nov. 
26, 1800, Jacobus Ryder, of Gravcsend ; Garret, b. Oct. 6, 1783, d. Aug. 27, 
1823, m. Jan. 24, 1805, Cornelia, dau. of Peter Wyckoff, resided in Newtown; 
Antie, b. Nov. 5, 1785, d. Feb. 28, 1843, m. July 23, 1801, Timothy T. Cor- 
telyou, of New Utrecht; Ida, b. May 31, 1792, m. March 5, 1808, James Van 
Sicklen, of Jamaica South; John of Gravesend, b. Oct. 27, 1794, d. April 2, 
1870, m. (ist), May 29, 1817, Susan, dau. of Peter Leake, b. Nov. 17, 1795, 
d. Jan. 7, 1828, m. (2d), Altie Bennem ; Peter of Flatlands, b. June 21, 
1799, d. Jan. 3, 1875, single ; of Flatlands, b. Sept. 7, 1802, m. Oct. 
14, 1824, Phebe, dau. of Garret Suykei, of Gravesend, d. Aug. 8, 1872; 
Maria, b. Oct. 2, 1803, in. Aug 25, 1825, John Williamsen, of Flatlands ; 
and Ctu'xc-, of Flatlands, b. April 3, 1808, m. Jan. 11, 1830, Ann, dau. of 
John lieii;en. 

364 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

in. Tunis Bergen Kouwenhoven, b. March lo, 1835, d, April 
12, 1835. 

IV. Tunis Bergen Kouwenhoven, b. Oct. 28, 1836, d. May 8, 


V. Joanna Kouwenhoven, b. Dec. 12, 1838. 

VI. Anna Maria Kouwenhoven, b. April 29, 1840, d. Aug. 28, 

VII. Ida Kouwenhoven, b. April 8, 1842, d. Nov. 16, 1842. 
VIII. John Bergen Kouwenhoven, b. Sept. 5, 1843, m. Sept. 15, 

1864, Sarah, dau. of Theodore Van Wyck, of East New York. 

IX. Phebe Maria Kouwenhoven, b. Aug. 22, 1846, d. Aug. 1, 

X. Sarah Dubois Kouwenhoven, b. Oct. 10, 1848, 

XI. Peter Kouwenhoven, b. Nov. 17, 1849, in. Oct. 29, 1873, 
Maria A., dau- of Abm. Vanderveer, of New Lotts. 

XII. Theresa Kouwenhoven, b. Jan. 6, 1854, d. July 30, 1854. 

242. Garret Bergen, b. Feb. 22d, 1813; m. July 
19th, 1848, his cousin, Catharine "J. (261), dau. of Tunis 
T. Bergen (200), of Flatbush, b. July 31, 1827. Owns 
and resides on a farm in Flatlands, on Mill lane, which he 
bought May i, 1856, of Wni. J. Kouwenhoven and Aba- 
gail his wife for $6000, containing originally 30 acres, 15 
acres* of which he sold with the building Feb. 26, 1866, to 
his nephew John C. Bergen for ^10,000 (lib. 423, p. 269, 
and lib. 693, p. 213, con,, Kings county register's office). 
In his younger days followed the occupation of a carpenter, 
in 1834 was appointed ensign of the militia company of 
Flatlands, and for some period held the office of justice of 
the peace. 

Issue : — 

377. I. Rebecca Maria, b. Nov. 18, 1849; m. James Van 
Sicklen, of New Lotts ; issue : John Henry Van Sicklen. 

378. II. Jane Anna, b. May 10, 1892. 

379. HI. Gcrctta Alma, b. July 19, 1854. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 365 

380. IV. George Tunis, b. Jan. 25, 1859! d. May 17, 1861. 

381. V. John Henry, b. May 23, 1862; d. Aug. 22, 1863. 

382. VI. Edward Everett, b. Nov. 25, 1865; d. May 9, 1866. 

383. VII. Garret Stryker, b. May 22, 1868. 

384. VIII. Frederic Herbert, b. Oct. 28, 1870. 

Children of GARRET BERGEN (199), and Jane 
IVyckojf, of Brooklyn, N. Y. : — 

243. Teunis G. Bergen, b. Oct. 6th, 1806 ; m. Dec. 
19th, 1827, Elizabeth^'' dau. of Rulef Van Brunt, of Bay- 
Ridge, New Utrecht, b. July 24th, 1804. 

^Elizabeth Van Brunt is a descendant of Nicholas Rutgersz, eldest son of 
Rutger Jocsten Van Brunt, referred to in a foot note under Lammetie Bergen, 
and Rutgert Van Brunt, her husband. 

Nicholas Rutgenz, m. Aug. 19, 1683, Helena, dau. of Jacques Corteljau, the 
surveyor, and d. in 1684, leaving issue: Nicholas, hi^. Aug. 31, 1684, d. 
about 1 7 14. Helena, after the death of her ist husband, m. (2d), Denys Teu- 
nis, the common ancestor of the Denyse family, of this vicinity, and m. {3d), 
Hendrick Hendrickse, and resided on part of the Nyack tract, near Fort Ha- 

Nicholas, son of Nicholas Rutgersz, and Helena, m. Mary or Mayke, dau. of 
Roelof Jansz Verkerck of Buuren, in Guilderland, Holland, who, with his 
father, Jan Janscn Verkerck, and some of his brothers, emigrated in the ship 
Rosetree, in 1663; had issue: Nicholas, Roelef ^nd Jacques, all minors in 

Roclef, of New Utrecht, son of Nicholas and Mary, m. Elsie, bap. June 27, 
,1731, dau. of Isaac Snedeker, of New Lotts, said Isaac being a son of Garret of 
Flatbush, and a grandson of Jan Snedeker, one of the earliest settlers of Flat- 
bush, and the common ancestor of the Snedeker family of tliis country, who d. 
in 1679. Roelef d. about 1768, and issue : Mayke, bap. May 20, 1733, 
d. young; Catryna, bap. July 6, 1734, d. young; Helena, or Lena, b. 1737, 
d. Dec. 2, 1768, m. July 23, 1757, Richard Prest, schoolmaster of Gravescnd, 
an Englishman, who removed to Freehold, N. J.; Nicholas, bap. June 17, 
1739, m. about Dec. 1768, Tryntie or Catharine Neefus, or Ncvius, and re- 
inovcd to the Rarilan river, N. j.j Is:i.ic, b. Sept. iH, 1741, d. ]m\. 10, 1S08, 
ni. Ai.n.tJL- or J<,iianiU Voorlu-.;;, u\ N. j., I.. Sq.t. 4, 1740, d. Feb. 15, 1X20; 
Ja^uii, b. Sept. 24, 1746, d Aug. 20, 1811, ni. June, 1775, M.iry or Maria, 


366 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Occupies and owns a farm at Bay Ridge, New Utrecht, 
where he has resided since 1829, bought by his father, Oct. 
31, 1828, of Henry Aldworth, for $5320 (lib. 25, p. 244, 
con. Kings county register's office), containing at the time 
of the purchase about 49 acres, at present (1872), 18 acres, 
having sold the balance to Wm. Spencer and Thos. Mc 
Elrath. Mainly engaged in his profession of surveyor. 

dau. of William Johnson, and Mary Monfoort, ofGravesend, b. Dec. 27, 1754, 
d. Dec. 31, 1845; Mayke, bap. May 5, 1751, d. about 1782, m. Jan. 1769, 
George Neefus, m. (2d), Myers, or Nehemiah Coe ; Garret, b. April 25, 1754, 
settled in N. J. ; Abraham, b. April 25, 1754 (twin with Garret), d. Nov. 13, 
1828, m. Eva Wilson ; Roelef, b. 1749, d. Feb. 6, 1806, m. March 28, 1775, 
Sarah Neefus, and settled in Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. ; and Sarah, m. 
(ist), about June, 1760, Court Van Voorhees, of New Utrecht, m. (2d), Aert 
Van Pelt, of New Jersey, afterwards of Flatlands. 

Jaques, son of Roelef and Elsie, resided at Bay Ridge, New Utrecht, had 
issue: Maria, b. Dec. 23, 1775, d. Aug. 19, 1863, m. Jan. 2, 1809, Jaco- 
bus Denyse, of New Utrecht; Rulej\ b. Jan. 10-16, 1777, d. Aug. 12, 1833, 
m. Jan. 8, 1801, Geertie, or Gertrude, dau. of John Cowenhoven, of New 
Utrecht, b. June I, 1782, and d. April 1, 1865; Elsie, b. May 5, 1778, m. 
Harmanua Barkeloo, and emigrated to Butler county, Ohio, where she d., leav- 
ing several children, who have also all d., leaving no issue; Ann, or Antie, b. 
Jan. I, 1781, d. May 3, 1859, m. April 3, 1800, Cornelius W. Bennet, of 
Gowanus, afterwards ofGravesend; Jane, b. May 2, 1783, d. Jan. 20, 1832, 
m. John Bragaw, of Newtown ; Mercey, or Mayke (a twin with Jane), b. May 
2, 1783, d. an infant ;' Catharine, b. Aug. 15, 1785, d. June 20, 1856, m. May 
15, 1808, Stephen I. Voorhees, ofGravesend; Mercey or Mayke (a twin with 
Catharine), b. Aug. 15, 1785, d. May 8, 1851, m. April 9, 1806, Peter Wyck- 
oft", of Gowanus; Leena, or Helen, b. Jan. 30, 1788, d. March 4, 1875, m. 
June 3, 181 1, Winant I. Bennet, of Bay Ridge, New Utrecht, and afterwards 
of Statcn Island; and Sarah, b. Aug. 7, 1789, d. Oct. 23, 1867, m. Jacobus 
Van Nuysc, of New Utrecht. 

Rulef, of Bay Ridge, New Utrecht, son of Jaques and Mary, or Maria, had 
issue: Jacques, b. May 20, 1802, d. May 20, 1865, m. Dec. 19, 1822, Ann, 
dau. of Daniel Barre, of New Utrecht, b. Jan. 25, 1802; and Eli-zabetb, b. 
July 24, 1804, m. Tcunis G. Bergen. 

The following is a facsimile of the signature of Jan Snedeker, the emigrant. 


"^^^ <^ ^^y-kw M^" 









_L . J- S. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 367 

Held the offices of ensign, captain, adjutant and lieutenant '^^ 'V^ 
colonel in the militia, and finally that of colonel of the '<, '^^c. ^ 
241st regiment. Was supervisor of the town of New 'i 
Utrecht, from April, 1836, to April, 1859, ^3 years in /^ ' V^v 
succession, and from 1842 to 1846, chairman of the board, r-. ^'l^- 
a member of the constitutional conventions of the state in V^. ^ ^ 
1846, and 1867 and 1868, repeatedly a member of demo-^.- ^(z \ 
cratic state conventions, and a delegate to the democratic '^ /^ ^- 
convention at Charleston in i860, to nominate a candidate <i^ ^^(, 

for the presidency, where he favored the claims of Daniel ^4, ^^j 
S. Dickinson, and opposed the adoption of the resolutions <^ '^t, 

which caused the breach between the northern and south- ^ 'y <^ 
ern democracy. In 1864, he was elected representative ''^ /r- 4i^ 
in congress, for the 2d congressional district of the state, ''^ "^ 

by a majority of about 4,800. '''V S? 

The original farm he occupied, the adjoining 33 acres of ' t^ , 

J. Remsen Bennet and other adjoining land at one period ''"L 

belonged to Thomas Stillwell. In the New York Mer- 
cury of Jan. 28, 1760, is the following advertisement relat- 
ing to the same: "To be sold, a good P'arm lying in 
Kings County in the Provence of New York, at the Nar- 
rows, about seven Miles from New York Ferry, formerly 
belonging to Thomas Stillwell, who kept a very noted Ferry 
from Long Island to Staten Island, containing ninety-three 
Acres of good Land, and some very good Wood Land, 
having on the same a good House and Barn, also a great 
variety of Apple Trees : It is very pleasantly situated, 
with a Bank of Oysters very near the House, and is a very 
good Place for fishing and fowling. For Particulars en- 
quire of Denyse Denyse living near the Premises." 

Issue : — 

38;. t, Jane, b. April 24, 1830, m. April 24, 1851, Peter L. 

Cortclyou, son of Isaac and Sarah Cortclyou, of FJatbush ; they 
reside on a farm at Mount Pleasant, near Middletown Point, N. J., 

368 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

which he owns and have children: Isaac Cortelyou, b. Jan. 21, 
1852, m. June, 1870, Cornelia Woodard and has issue : Jane B. 
Cortelyou, b. Feb. 24, 1872; and Peter L. Cortelyou, b. May 28, 
1874; Teunis G. B. Cortelyou, b. Feb. 22, 1855; John Cortelyou, 
b. Dec. 12, 1857; Elizabeth Cortelyou, b. Feb. 24, 1864, d. July 
12, 1864; William Kouwenhoven Cortelyou, b. May 11, 1865, d. 
Aug, 21, 1865; Gertrude Cortelyou, b. Dec. 15, 1868. 

386. n. Gertrude, b. Oct. 9, 1831, d. July 16, 1865, of typhoid 
fever, m. Oct. 6, 1853, William G. Kouwenhoven, son of George 
Kouwenhoven, of Flatlands, at which place they resided on a farm, 
and have children: Teunis G. B. Kouwenhoven, b. Sept. 13, 1854; 
Anna Kouwenhoven, b. Dec. 28, 1855 ; and Elizabeth Bergen 
Kouwenhoven, b. May 11, 1865, d. Dec. 28, 1865. 

387. HI. Garret T., b. July 4, 1833, m. April 10, 1856, Sarah, 
dau. of Isaac^ and Sarah Cortelyou, of Flatbush, b. Jan. i, 1834; 

' haac Cortelyou was a descendant of Jacques, the eldest son of Jacques Cor- 
teljau, the surveyor, the common ancestor of the Cortelyou family in this coun- 
try, referred to In the foot note under the head of Derick Bergen, and Debora 
Cortelyou his wife. 

Jacques, son of Jacques the surveyor of New Utrecht, m. (ist), Marretie 
Hendricks Smock, and m. (2d), Altie, d. about 1732 ; issue: Altie, or Meeltje, 
b. 1691; Geertji, b. 1693, m. Hendrick Van Leauwen ; Helena, b. 1695, d. 
prior to 1726; Jacques, b. Sept. 26, 1697, d. April 4, 1705; Hendrick, b. 
1699, d. 1705 ; Neeltji, b. 1703 ; Murya, b. 1706; 'Jacques, b. 1707, d. 1765, 
m. Mary; Hendrick, b. 1711, m. (ist), Antie Voorhees, m. (2d), Catryna, 
emigrated to Somerset county, N. J., and is the common ancestor of what may 
be termed the New Jersey Cortelyous j Dyna, b. 1715; Frederick, b. Nov. 
1716; and Altie, b 17225 the three last not being mentioned in the will of 
their father, all probably d. before its date in 1726. 

Jacques, of New Utrecht, son of Jacques and Marretie, of New Utrecht, had 
issue : Jacques, b. Oct. 8, 1731, d. Sept. 20, 1747 j Antie, b. 1733, m. Colonel 
Rutgert Van Brunt, of Gravesend ; and haac, b. Aug. 11, 1736, d. Oct. 3, 
18 1 1, m. Altie Rapalje. 

Isaac, of New Utrecht, son of Jacques and Mary of New Utrecht, had issue : 
Martha, b. April 21, 1767, d. Jan. 7, 1850, single; Jacques, b. March 21, 
1768, d. April 26, 1824, insane and single; Aletta, b. July 13, 1769, m. Al- 
bert O'Blenis ; Angletie, b. Oct. 7, 1770, d. Dec. 15, 1826, m. April 12, 
1792, LelVcrt Martense, father of tiie late Garret L. Martense of Flatbush ; 
John or Johannes, of Fl.itbusli, b. Feb. 2, 1772, d. June 27, 1X55, inb.ine, m. 
July 3, 1794, Catliarine, dau. of Feter LcU'erts, of Fl.itbush; Isaac, b. Dec. 20, 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 369 

resided in i860 on a farm near Keyport, N. J., where he remained 
some two or three years, since which he has resided on his father's 
farm at Bay Ridge. Issue : — 

I. Teunis G., b. Feb. 25, 1857. 
II. John C, b. May 14, 1858. 
III. Jacques Van Brunt, b. Sept. 12, 1859. 
• IV. Francis H., b. May 7, 1862. 

388. IV. Lemma Ann, b, April 27, 1835, d. Nov. 6, 1836. 

389. V. Elizabeth C, b. April 13, 1837, m. March 28, 1867, 
Norris L. Martin Bennett, son of John I. Bennett, b. Nov. 18, 1833, 
and has children: Elizabeth Bennett, b. June 10, 1868, and John 

1. Bennet, b. 1870. 

390. VI. Johanna, b. ^'^pril i, 1839. 

391. VII. Van Brunt, b. April 29, 1841, m. Aug. 3, 1871, 
Elizabeth Emma, dau. of Cornelius Vandervccr, of Somerville, 
N. J.,' b. Oct. 22, 1844 ; graduated as a civil engineer at the Ren- 

1774, d. May 29, 1839, insane and single; Daniel, b. Sept. 13, 1777, d. Feb. 

2, 1823, single ; and Hendrick, b. March 11, 1779, '^- single. 

John or Johannii, of Flatbush, son of Isaac and Altie, of New Utrecht, had 
issue : Peter Leftt;rts, b. Feb. 15, 1796, d. Nov. 14, 1801 ; /snjf, of Flatbush, 
b. Oct. 8, 1797, d. Nov. 10, 1845, m. Nov. 22, 1819, Sarah, dau. of Timothy 
T. Cortelyou, of New Utrecht; Jacob, b. Oct. 16, 1799, d. Dec. 26, 1800; 
Aletta, b. Aug. 5, 1801, d. Aug. 16, 1822, single ; and Jane, b. Aug. 5, 1801 
(a twin with Aletta), d. Nov. 2, 1806. 

hdac of Flatbush, son of John or Johannes and Catharine, had issue : Ca- 
tharine Lefferts, b. April 12, 1821, m. Oct. 13, 1858, William K. Williamson, 
of Flatlands ; Timothy T., b. Aug. i, 1822, d. at sea; John, b. March 12, 

1824, d. March 30, 1851, single, and a lawyer by profession; Isaac, b. Dec. 10, 

1825, d. Oct. 6, 1826 ; Anna K., b. April 4, 1828, m. ]^.n. 27, 1859, Horatio 
G. Onderdunk, of Manhassct, (Queens county; I'cter L., b. Nov. 6, 1829, m. 
April 24, 1851, Jane, dau. of Teunis G. Bergen, of Bay Ridge; Isaac, b. Jan. 
II, 1S32, d. April 16, 1841 ; ^arah 2\, b. Jan. i, 1834, m. April 10, 1856, 
Garret T. Bergen, son of Teunis G. Bergen, of Bay Ridge; and Jacob Leftcrts, 
b. May 23, 1836, m. Sept. 14, 1856, Adeline Brower, d. Feb. 5, 1875. 

' Cornelius Vander'vcer is probably a descendant of Dominicus Vandcrvetr and 
Maria Margreta Noortlyck, one of the sons of Cornelius Jurist Vander'vcer, the 
first emigrant of the name, referred to in the foot note under Tunis J. Bergen 
and Annie Vanderveer. Dominicus settled on the Rarltan, New Jersey, and had 
issue : Tunis, of Freehold, who m. Acltje Schenck; Cornelius, of Shrewsbury, 
who in. Matje, Moictie or Marytje Schenck ; Hendrick, of New Jersey, who m. 

370 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

sselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy, N. Y., and at present an 
engineer in the Water Department, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Issue: — 

I. Henry Vanderveer, b. Aug. 8, 1873. 

392. VIII. Lemma, b. April 23, 1844, d. Jan. 8, 1846. 

Neeltje Van Cleef; yacobus ; Jannetje j Dominicus } Catlyntje ; Neeltje ; Je- 
remias J Antje, and Jan. 

Jjcobui Vandci'vccr^ son of Dominicus and Maria Margreta, of the Raritan, 
m. Femmetjc Stryker, and had issue : John, bap. March 13, 1739, ^- ^IT^t 

m. Maria ; Lourens, bap. May 24,1741 j Elias, of Somerset county, New 

Jersey, bap. Nov. 30, 1746, d, — — - 1778, m. Catharine Freclinghuysen ; Ja- 
cobus, of Bedminster, New Jersey, d. I777> "J^- Maria ; Ferdinandy of 

New Jersey, d. Feb. 22, 1772, m. Rebecca Ten Eyck, b. Oct. 10, 1744; Jo- 
seph, d. 1769, m. Catrina; and Femmetie. 

Ferdinand Fander'veer, son of Jacobus and Femmetie, had issue : Henry, b. 
Aug. 14, I.761, m. Eleanor Sutphen, b. June 9, 1773, d. Oct. 20, 1821, was 
a farmer and blacksmith on the Raritan near Somerville, and an officer in the 
revolutionary war; Matthew, b. March 10, 1764; John, b. July 7, 1766; 
Cornelius, b. Oct. i, 1768, was a.miller at North Branch, New Jersey, and after 
the war of 1812, a cloth manufacturer; and Ferdinand, b. Feb. 6, 1771,3 far- 
mer and for a long period a judge of the court of common pleas. 

Henry Vander-vcer, son of Ferdinand and Rebecca, had issue : Rebecca, b. 
June 8, 1796, d. about 1853, m. John G. Voorhies, of 6 mile run, and emi- 
grated to Illinois, about 1838 ; Peter, b. March 14, 1798 ; Ferdinand, b. April 
7, 1800, m. Mary Gildersleeve, and is a minister of the Protestant Reformed 
Dutch Church at Warwick in Orange county; Come/ius, b. April lo, 1802, d. 
Dec. 21, 1858, m. April 8, 1834, Elizabeth Emma Leupp, b. Oct. 4, 1809, d. 
Nov. 17, 1844, and was a farmer, occupying the old homestead ; Johanna, b. 
May 31, 1804, single and resides in New Brunswick ; Eleanor, b. July 12, 1808, 
m. Rev. Simon Westfall, of Pekin, Illinois; John Sutphen, b. Oct. i, 1810, 
m. Sarah Latourette, graduated at West Point, and served as an officer in the 
United States army, at present (1872), a resident of Kings city, Gentry county, 
Missouri; Matthew, b. Oct. 12, 18 12, studied law and emigrated to Illinois, 
where he d. ; William Teniiant, b. July 10, 1817, m. (ist), Margaret, dau. of 
Rev. Abm. Wilson, of Fairview, Illinois, m. (2d), Mary Wisiicr, is a lawyer, 
residing at Davenport, Iowa ; Henry, m. Ann Deyo, practiced medicine at 
Somerville, some years ago. 

Cornelius Vander-veer, son of Henry and Eleanor, had issue : William Leupp, 
b. March 3, 1835, m. March 2, 1861, Hannah Elizabeth, d.iu. of Job Sijuicr, 
of Somerville; John Mnuy, b. Dec. 10, 1S36, d. Sept. 15, iS66, at Oiu.ili.i, 
Neb.; M.llg.M.-l Jh)cigc, b. l\b. lU, iSj.;; .uul'Clb I'.witui, b Oi(. 22, 
1S44, ni. Aug. 3, 1H71, Brum Bergen, 


Michael Hansen Bergen. 371 

244. Peter G. Bergen, b. March 31st, 1808, d. Aug. 
2d, 1865; m. (ist), May ist, 1837, Jane^ dau. of Van 
Brunt Magaw,' of Gravesend, b. Sept. 7th, 1814, d. Jan. 

' Van Brunt Magaiu was a descendant as supposed of fFilliam Magaiv, a 
lawyer, probably of Scotch Irish descent, who as nearly as can be ascertained 
from letters from his relatives, emigrated prior to 1752 from Strabane, in the 
county of Tyrone, a few miles from Londonderry, Ireland. JVtlliam appears 
first to have settled in Maryland, and afterwards at Carlisle, among the Scotch 
Irish in the Cumberland valley, Pennsylvania, where his wife was living as late 
as 1775. He had a brother David, who settled at Shippensburg, 20 miles west 
of Carlisle. William Magaiv had issue, most probably born in Ireland : Robert, 
Samuel and William. William succeeded Mr. Rittenhouse as vice provost of 
the University of Pennsylvania. 

Robert Magaiu was a lawyer by profession, having a large practice and quite 
celebrated as early as 1772, when he traveled the circuit as lawyers then did. 
He took a prominent part in organizing resistance to British tyranny in the 
Cumberland valley, was secretary of the county committee, and on the com- 
mencement of hostilities, early in 1776, was commissioned colonel of the fifth 
Pennsylvania regiment. His regiment did not participate in the battle of Long 
Island of Aug. 27, 1776, but on the morning of the 28th, came down from 
Fort Washington, crossed the East river to the Wallabout, and on the night of 
the 29th, formed part of the rear guard and covering party of General Washing- 
ton's masterly retreat from Brooklyn. On the abandonment of Manhattan 
Island, on the 19th of October, Colonel Magaw was left in command of the 
garrison of Fort Washington on the upper end of the Island, which General 
Howe, on the 15th of Nov. invested, demanding surrender on peril of massacre, 
if not complied with. Colonel Magaw replied, that it was his intention to de- 
fend the fort to the last. He made a gallant defense with his force, which had 
been increased from 1200 to 3000 men, but was finally compelled to succumb 
to superior numbers, and on the i6th inst. surrendered. The soldiers were 
mostly confined in the Sugar House prison on Liberty street, and the other pri- 
sons in the city, and scenes of cruelty were enacted which correspond with the 
cruelties of the Libby of Richmond. Among the list of these prisoners, pub- 
lished in the Philadelphia Bulletin of Sept. 3, 15^73, appear the names of Ri- 
chard Lott, private, of Plumstead, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, and Thomas 
Stillwell, private, oi Norrington, Long Island names. Colonel Magaw remained 
a prisoner nearly four years, part of the time on parole in Kings county, where he 
came in contact with Marritie, dau. of Colonel Rutgert Van Brunt and Altie 
Cortelyou, whom he m. in April, 1779. She was b. Jan. 9, 1762, and d. Aug. 
15, 1803. Colonel Van Brunt owned and occupied the Pennoyer patent in 
Gravesend, now (1875) of the lieirs of the late judge and ex-mayor Samuel 
Smith of Brooklyn. At a meeting of the American and British commis- 
sioners of prisoners, in pursuance of the tariff or valuation adjudged reasonable, 


372 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

6th, 1854; m. (2d), Jan. 12th, 1858, Phebe Ann^ sister of 
Jane, b. March 21st, 1822, d. Feb. i6th, 1861, by whom 
no issue. 

held in Amboy, in March 1780, Brigadier General Thompson of Pennsyl- 
vania, Colonel Magavv, and Lieutenant Laurens, American prisoners of war, 
were exchanged for Major General De Ridsel or Riedesel of the Brunswick 
troops. A certificate to the above effect was signed in behalf of General Sir 
Henry Clinton, by Joshua Loring, British commissioner general of prisoners 
at New York, on the 251]! day of Oct., 1780. On his exchange, after his 
nearly four years captivity, Colonel Magaw, finding the Pennsylvania line re- 
duced to six regiments, and the number of officers more than sufficient, and not 
wishing to insist on his rank as a general officer, to which he was entitled, to 
the prejudice of others, at his request was placed on the retired list, left the 
army and returned to his profession and residence at Carlisle. He took great 
interest in military matters after his return, served in the legislature of his state, 
and d. on the 6th or 7th of Jan., 1790, his will being dated Nov. 29, 1789, 
and proved April 9, 1790, in which he appointed "Marrietta Magaw, Rutgert 
Van Brunt, George Covenhoven, Samuel Laird and James Hamilton," execu- 
tors. For much of the above information, in relation to Colonel Magaw, the 
author is indebted to the politeness of the Rev. Dr. J. A. Murray, of Carlisle, 
who rescued many important papers of the colonel from the maw of the paper 
mill. His children were: Elizabeth Magaw, b. Jan. 8, 1780, d. Aug. 14, 
1808, of yellow fever, m. Peter McCarthy; and Van Brunt Magaiu. Colonel 
Rutgert Vau Brunt, the father-in-law of Colonel Magaw, was a son of Cornells 
Rutgersz Van Brunt, referred to in the foot note under Rutgert Van Brunt and 
Lammetie Bergen, and had issue: Elizabeth, b. Nov. 9, 1758, d. Jan. 27, 
1761 J Marritie, b. Jan. 9, 1762, d. Aug. i 5, 1803, m. Colonel Robert Magaw ; 
Rutgert, b. M.irch 8, 1764, d. lYb. 14, 1768; Jacques, b. April 30, 1766, d. 
Jan. 5, 1771 J Rutgert, b. Aug. 8, 1768, d. Nov. 14, 1769; Altie, b. Nov. 9, 
1772, d. April 2, 1782; Elizabeth, b. Aug. 24, 1774, d. June 22, 1817, m. 
George Cowenhoven, of New Utrecht; Catharine, b. April 2, 1775, d. Feb. 
19, 1826, m. John Garretsen, of Gravesend ; and Ann, b. Nov. 15, 1777, d. 
Nov. 21, 1795. 

l\in Brum Mcii^a-w, b. Sept. 7, 1 78 3, d. March 18, 1831, m.Nov. 2, 1 811, 
Adii.inn.i, b. M.irtli 14, 1795, d. April I, 1831, dau. of Louwrens Voorhecs, 
of Flatbush, b. Aug. 23, 1760, and Jannetie, dau. of Samuel Gerrctsen, said 
Louwrens being a son of Arryaen Voorliees of Flatbush and Adriantje Hobbert 
(Hubbard), 'a grandson of Albert Lucassc Voorhees and Arrijeantje Ditmarse, 
and a great grandson of Lucas Stevense Voorhees and j.innctje Mcnnes. 
■ V.u: llrunr M.nurw and Adri.uma li.ui issue: I'ili/.il.cth, b. Oct. 5, 
1812, d. April 21, 1S64. at Cairo, Illinois, m. July 1 s, 1853, 1<-'V. Isaac l.a- 
b.igli, .It fiist of the Kcfonnid DulJi and aftciwards of the I' C:1hiicIi ; 
y^",-, b. Sept. 7, 1814, d. June 6, 1854, m. May I, 1837, Peter G. Ikixreii; 


Michael Hansen Bergen. 373 

Resided in a house he built on the corner of 3d avenue 
and 1 8th street, Brooklyn, and engaged in mercantile busi- 
ness in the city of New York. PVoni 1841 to 1846, was 
one of the associate judges of the county courts in Kings 
county, N. Y. ; 1841, supervisor of the 8th and 9th wards 
of the city of Brooklyn, and a member of the board of edu- 
cation of the city since it;s organization. In 1834, he was 
the whig candidate for sheriff, but defeated by John Van 
DuVn, the democratic candidate. 

Will dated July 21, 1865, rec. lib. 30, p. 420, Kings 
county surrogate's office. 

Issue by ist marriage: — 

393. I. Van Brunt Magaw, b. March 4, 1839, d. June 8, 1865. 
Shortly after the rebellion broke out, he joined the i 3th regiment of 
National Guards of Brooklyn, who at the time were stationed at 
Annapolis, Md., thence removed to Baltimore, and at the expiration 
of their three month's service, returned to Brooklyn. In the spring 
of the same year he accompanied his regiment to Suffolk, Va. Be- 
fore the three months expired, for which the regiment was engaged, 
he accepted a 1st lieutenancy in the 13151 Metropolitan regiment, of 
New York, which was mustered into service on the 9th of September, 
1862, and shortly after sailed for Annapolis, Md., where they were 
detailed to guard some ten thousand paroled rebel soldiers. P'rom 
thence with his regiment he accompanied General Banks's expedition 
to Louisiana, and arrived at New Orleans on the 15th of December. 
They were engaged in the various expeditions of General Banks's 
department at Baton Rouge, Donaldsonville, Brashear City, on the 

Robert, b. June 10, 1817, m. Feb. 24, 1844, Alice Devenport, and is a farmer 
in Flatlands; Lawrence V., b. Dec. 13, 1819, d. May 27, 1863, in New 
Utrecht, on a farm he there owned and occupied, m. May 3, 1848, Lemma, 
dau. of Feter Wyckoff of Gowanusj lie practiced as a physician fur several 
years at Bcryen, Hudson county, New Jersey; Phebe Ann, b. March 21, 1822, 
d. Feb. 16, 1861, m. Jan. 12, 1S58, Peter G. Bergen; Catharine Aletta, b. 
Oct. II, 1824, d. May 5, i860, ni. May 22, 1850, \m Brunt Wyckulf of 
Gowanus; and Abraiiani Lott, b. May 26, 1828, unniariied and resides with 
his brotlier Robert. 


374 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Teche, Franklin, Vermillion Bayou, Alexandria on the Red river, 
and Port Hudson. From the latter place, on its surrender, his regi- 
ment removed to Carrolton and Brashear City, and through nearly 
the whole of this campaign he was constantly exposed and always to 
be found where duty called him, acting as adjutant. At Brashear 
City he was post adjutant for several months and afterwards filled the 
office of assistant quarter master and assistant inspector general of the 
La Fourche military district. Wlule employed on this duty his re- 
giment was ordered north and sent to the Shenandoah valley, under 
the command of General Sheridan. He was however detained by 
General Cameron, who was in command of the La Fourche district, 
as assistant inspector general, until General Canby superseded Gene- 
ral Banks, who decided that this position should be filled by a line 
officer, and not by one of inferior rank. General Cameron then 
appointed him ordnance officer, with his head-quarters at Thiba- 
deaux, where he remained until ordered north to join his regiment 
in the Shenandoah valley; on which, after an absence of two years, 
he visited the home of his childhood, and on hearing of the battles 
of Sheridan, in which his regiment was engaged in the valley, he 
hurried off to join ihem, and participate in the laurels they were 
winning. While on his way he was detained at Harper's Ferry in 
assisting the movement to Sheridan of a provisional detachment of 
some twenty-two hundred men, of which on Colonel Kitchen (an 
old school-mate), being appointed commander, he was appointed 
ordinance officer, a responsible position, in which, together with all 
the offices he held, he performed his duty faithfully and to the satis- 
faction of his superiors. In the Shenandoah valley he contracted a 
heavy cold, which fell on his lungs, producing consumption; the 
change from the warm climate of the south being too great for his 
system; on which on the loth day of Dec, 1864, he obtained a 
furlough, and returned home to breathe his last among his sympa- 
thising tricnds. 

394. H. Garret, b. June 18, 1842, m. Sept. 3, i863,C. Louisa, 
dau. of John Morrison, of Brooklyn, b. July 17, 1841. For several 
years engaged in mercantile business in Becknian street, New York, 
is a number ot the board ut education ot Brooklyn, in 1874 treas- 
iiicr of the conunissioncrs of eiuigraiioii of the StiUe of New York, 

Michael Hansen Bergei 


at present has charge of the publication of the Brooklyn Union, and 
resides in the 8th ward of Brooklyn. In the early part of his life signed 
his name G.uix-t P. Bergen, but dropped the P., a tew years ago. 

Issuj : — 

1. Maggie Magaw, b. July 31, 1864. 

u. Van Brunt M., b. Aug. 25, 1866, d. Feb. 19, 1873. 
HI. Adrianna, b. June 30, i8^).-5. 
IV. Louisa, b. Oct. 16, ityfi 

V. Benjamin, b. Sept. 29, I873, 
VI. Frances Morrison, b. Dec. 2, 1874, d Feb. 11, 1875. 

395. HI. Adriana, b. May 30, 1845, m. july 24, 1867, George 
M. Martin, a clerk in New York, and a resident of the 8th ward, 
Brooklyn. No issue. 


245. JOHANNAH, b. July 9, 1810; d. Sept. 25, 1813. 

246. Lammetie or Lemma Bergen, b. Oct. 6th, 1812 ; 
m. Jan. "15th, 1834, Teunis 6". Barkeloo^ of Brooklyn, b. 
April 2ist, 1803, Resides on 3d avenue, near 35th street, 

Issue : — 

I. Harriet J. Barkeloo, b. Nov. 22, 1835, m. May 5, 1856, 
Charles E. Buckingham, and resided in California, from whom she 
separated. Issue; Alice Buckingham, b. Sept. 16, 1857, d. Oct;. 

^ Teunis S. Barkeloo, is a descendant of Jaques Barkeloo, referred to in a fol- 
lowing foot note under the head of John G. Bergen and Elizabeth Barkeloo his 
wife, who was a son of Harmanus and Sara, a grandson of William Williamse 
and Maria, and a great grandson of William Janse Van Borkelo, the emigrant. 

Jaques Barkeloo resided at B;iy Ridge, New Utrecht, was b. Feb. 21, 1747, 
d. April 8, 1813, m. (ist), Catharine, dau. of Hendrick Suydam, b. July 5, 
1753, d. May 24, 1788, rn. (2J), Feb, i 791, Maria Bogert, who after the death 
of Jaques m. Simon Cortelyou, of New Utrecht, and d. Sept. 9, 1 841, aged 
nearly 73. Jaques had issue by his ist wife: Sarah, bap. June 3, 1771, m. 
Johannes Ross, and emigrated to Ohio; E-veri, b. Nov. 22, 1776, d. April 26, 
1826, m. (ist), Cornelia, dau. of William Van Dyck, of Gravescnd, b. March 
1778, by whom no issue, m. (2d), Jan. 20, 1802, Adriaentie or Harriet, dau. 
of Tunis Suydam, of New Utrecht, b. Nov. 13, 1782, d. Jan. 5, 1828; Har- 

376 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

i8, 1858; Frederick Buckingham, b. July 12, i860; Louis Buck- 
ingham, b. Oct. 9, 1862, d. June 11, 1864, at San Francisco. 
u. Joanna B. Barkcloo, b. July 2, 1837. 

HI. Lemma Barkcloo, b. March 26, 1840, d. Sept. 11, 1870 at 
St. Louis, Miss., where, after attendance at the law department of the 
Washington University, she was licensed by the supreme court after 
a most creditable examination before Judge Knight, and admitted to 
practice. From the St. Louis Democrat, it appears that the mem- 
bers of the bar of that city met on the 14th instant in the probate 
court room to pay a tribute of respect to the deceased, on which 
Major Lucicn Eaton called the meeting to order, and Hon, Albert 
Todd was elected president. On taking the chair, Mr. Todd said : 

" Brothers, we have come together on an occasion of profound 
sadness. In the death of Miss Barkcloo, the bar of St. Louis loses 
a member who was the first of her sex who had received license to 
practice in the highest courts of the state. The fact is worthy of 
our attention; for, in the variety of occupations open to women, she 
chose our profession, which is regarded as the most diflicult. She 
was the first woman to undertake this herculean task; yet she was 
entirely tree from those impulses which of late have led many of her 

manus, d. 1833, m. Elsie, dau. of Jacquts Van Brunt, of New Utrecht, emi- 
grated to Ohio, had several children, who all d. without surviving issue ; Henry, 
m. Cornelia, dau. of Winant Bennet, of New Utrecht, emigrated to Ohio where 
he d., but his widow and children returned to Long Island ; Jaques I., bap. Nov. 
5, 1780, m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Parsells, of Brooklyn, emigrated to Ohio; 
John, bap. Feb. 19, 1786, d. about 1856, emigrated to Ohio; Catharine, m. 
Samuel Wiggins, and emigrated west. Issue by 2d wife : Margaret, b. Jan. 
16, 1798, m. Jacob Wardell, d. Aug. 11, 1834; and Maria, bap. July 6, 1791, 
d. at Bay Ridge, single. 

Evert, son of Jaques and Catharine, was at first a storekeeper at Bay Ridge, 
New Utrecht, at the corner of the present Bay Ridge avenue and the River road, 
and afterwards engaged in mercantile business in Brooklyn. Had issue by 2d wife : 
Tunis S., b. April 21, 1803, m. (ist), Sept. 14, 1831, Catharine, dau. of Simon 
Bergen of Gowanus, who d. May 10, 1832, m. (2d), Jan. 15, 1834, Lemma, 
dau. of Garret Bergen, of Gowanus; Cornelia, b. Oct. 8, 1805, d. Oct. 27, 
1806; Catharine, b. July 12, 1807, d. Sept. 22, 1827; Eida, b. Nuv. 29, 
1809, d. Sept. 23, 1818 : and John, b. Nov. 21, 1820, a lawyer by prufcbsioii 
who emigrated to California and resides in Sun Francisco. 

Jaijucb Barkeloo, b. in 1747, wrote liis surname Barkuloo ; liis son Evert, b. 
in 1776, wrote his Barkeloo. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 377 

sex into the arena monopolized heretofore by man, and who we 
call the advocates of women's rights. She was in the first bloom of 
womanhood, in excellent health; no one who saw her fine presence 
and open countenance could say she entered upon the profession 
from moroscncss or disappointment. She went into it as free from 
any such suspicion as any person I ever heard of. I thought it most 
remarkable. I thought it an experiment worth trying. She was 
superior to Joan d'Arc. Look at the qualities of this young woman 
for winning success. It was my privilege to fill the chair of a law 
professor of Washington University, and she was a member of the 
law class. I saw she had the talent to win success. She was mod- 
est, and had equanimity and true moral courage. She was coura- 
geous in attempting difficult tasks, and had the power of attracting 
others to her. She was of a kindly disposition, and made herself 
pleasant and agreeable to others. At the close of the last session of 
the law school, she called at my office to consult me about opening 
an office here. She said her parents lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. I 
advised her to open her office at home, where she would have the 
support of her friends. She said she had thought of that, but had 
courage to open an office anywhere if there seemed a chance for 
success. I told her I considered her chances for success as good here 
as elsewhere; that the western people were generous and liberal in 
their sentiments, and she would be better sustained here than in the 
east. She was earnest and hopeful, studious and painstaking. The 
time will come when the bar of this city will erect a monument to 
her with a broken cohmin, typical of her genius. 

During the retirement of the committee (who were appointed), 
Mr. W. H. H. Russell spoke in fitting terms of the deceased. The 
committee, upon returning, reported the following resolutions, which 
were read by Mr. Woods, and unanimously adopted. 

Resolved. That in the death of Miss Lemma Barkcloo we deplore 
the loss of the first of her sex ever admitted to the bar of Missouri. 

2. That in her erudition, industry and enterprise we have to re- 
gret the loss of one, who, in the morning of her career, bade fair to 
re-ilcct credit u[ion our profession and a new licMKjr ui'oii her .sex. 

3. That our syniputliy and condolcMce be extcndeil to the icla- 
tivLS (;l I he deceased. 

378 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

4. That copies of these resolutions be transmitted to the daily 
papers of this city, and the city of Brooklyn, N. Y, 

Mr. Woods, a classmate of the deceased, paid a tribute to her 
memory. Major Eaton, in whose office she studied and practiced, 
spoke of her as a well-read lawyer, an untiring student, and an 
agreeable and amiable friend. She was earnest, quiet, und untiring 
in her studies, and being gifted with a fine intellect and a good judg- 
ment, gave promise of great attainment. He had never known a 
student more assiduous in his studies; she wanted to become mistress 
of her profession. Hers had been an experiment, and if any woman 
could have succeeded. Miss Lemma Barkeloo was that woman. 
Her death is a calamity not to her friends alone, but to all who are 
making an effort for the enlargement of woman's sphere. Mr. Eaton 
said also that the deceased seemed to have a premonition of her 
death, for though in splendid health she had given to one of her in- 
timate friends her parents* address, and soon after, when taken sick, 
she said she felt it was her first and last illness. The chair ap- 
pointed Mr. Alexander Martin to present the resolutions of the 
meeting to the supreme court, Mr. N. M. Woods to the circuit 
court, and Mr. W. H. H. Russell to the criminal court, after which 
the meeting adjourned." 

" The remains of the deceased were taken to Brooklyn on Tues- 
day evening, accompanied by her mother, who had come on to 
attend her during her illness," and on the 15th instant interred in 
the family plot in Greenwood cemetery. 

247. John G. Bergen, b. Dec. 4th, 1814; d. July 
i8th, 1867, of cancer in the stomach ; m. Sept. 21st, 1835, 
EHxabethy dau. of Harmanus Barkeloo,' of Brooklyn, for- 
merly of New Utrecht, b. June 22d, 1813. 

' Harmanus Barkeloo was a descendant of Wyllem Janscn Van Borckelloo, as 
written by himbtlf, or from Borkuloo, anciently written Borkeloe and Burceioe, 
an extensive community near '/.utiihen, in tiie province of Gelderland, in the 
Netiierlands, containing 1361 iiouses and ^350 inliabitants, wlio 111. (ist) a lady, 
whose name has Jiot been aseeitained, ni. (2d), about 1666, Lysbeth or Eliza- 
beth Jans, a widow, who previously m. (ist), ChristolFel Jans, by whom a son, 
JohamiLs Christotl'el, and m. (2d), Jan ClatSbcn, by wiiom children : Clacs 

<y /^A, ^.^^ ^rr .:^^^^ 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 379 

Resided in a house he built on the southerly part of the 
homestead farm in Gowanus, which he owned. Was 
elected supervisor of the 8th and 9th wards of Brooklyn, 
in 1846, 1849 ^""^ 1850 (being in the last named two years 
chairman of the board), and supervisor of the 8th ward in 
1858 ; in 1854 he was elected a member of the assembly 
of the state, and since i860 until his death, was one of the 
commissioners of the metropolitan police district, composed 

Jansen and Christoffel Jansen. He emigrated to this country from Borculoo, 
in the earldom of Zutphen, Holland, residing at first in New Amsterdam, fol- 
lowing the occupation of a butchei", afterwards at Amersfoort or Flatlands, and 
d. Nov. 1683. After being in this country a short period he appears to have 
returned to Holland, where he was in Feb. 1662, returning in June of said 
year, accompanied by his brother Harman Janse, who d. prior to 1680, and 
whose son Hans Harmense resided for some years in New Utrecht and after- 
wards at Constables Point, Bergen, N. J., where he d. Oct. 26, 1700. Wyllcm 
Jamcn had issue: Jannetie Williamse, of Flatlands, m. May 18, 1679, Jan 
Barentse Van Driest, the ancestor of the Johnsons, of Gravesend, and of Gen. 
Jeremiah Johnson, of the Wallabout ; Cornelia Williamse; Jan Williamse, 
of Gravesend, who took the oath of allegiance in 1687 ; William fVilliannc, 
of Flatlands, m. Maria, dau. of Jacques Corteljau, the surveyor, took the oath 
of allegiance in 1687, will dated April 2, 1745 > Dirk, b. in Flatlands, m. Sept. 
17, 1709, Jannetje Van Aersdalen, and settled at Freehold, N. J.; David, 
bap. March 31, 1678; Coenrad, bap. Dec. 5, 1680, and settled on the Raritan, 
New Jersey J Elizabeth, who m. Jacob Laen, of Monmouth county, N. J. ; and 
(sup.) Daniel, of New York. 

William Williamie, son of William Jansen, resided in New Utrecht, on the 
portion of the Nyack tract, which liis wife inherited from her father, and had 
issue: Jaques, who emigrated to New Jersey; Wilmitien, living in 1709; Hur- 
manes, m. Sarah Terhune, and whose will is dated Sept. 8, 1752; and Helen, 
who m. Michael Blauw, and removed to New Jersey. 

JIarmaiici Barkeluo (as written by liimself ), son of Wm. Willemse and Ma- 
ria, resided in New Utrecht, and had issue: Maria, m. May 27, 1749, Casper 
Crapser, a German emigrant, sold to pay iiis passage, and the ancestor of the 
Cropsey family of Kings county; llarmanus, d. Nov. 10, 1788, at Somerville, 
N. J., of small pox, m. June 1775, Elizabeth Duryea ; Johannes, bap. Sept. I, 
I734> <1- young ; Williamtie, b. May 5, 1739, d. May 29, 1819, m. July, 1761, 
John Bennet, of New Utrecht; Sarah, b. June 14, 1741, m. Nov. 5, 1763, 
John Duryea, of the city of New York; and Jaques, b. Feb. 21, 1747, d. April 
8, 1813, ni. (ibt), Citluiiiic, d.iu. of Hendrick Suydarn, b. July 5, 1753, d. 
M ly 24, 1788, in. (2d), Feb., 1791, Maria IJogert, who after tile de.ith of 


380 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

of the cities of New York and Brooklyn and surrounding 
territory. Will dated Jan. 21, 1867; rec. lib. 34, p. 346, 
office surrogate Kings county. Since his death his execu- 
tors have sold the principal part of his real estate, but not 
his dwelling house and bay front. 

Issue : — 

396. I. Jane Wyckoff", b. June 3, 1838, d. June 26, 1838. ; 

397. II. William Henry, b. Jan. 10, 1840, d. Sept. 10, 1868, ! 

Jaques, m. Sept. 5, 18 17, Simon Cortelyou, of New Utrecht, and d. Sept. 9, 
1841, in her 73d year. 

Harmanus Barhiloo (as written by himself), son of Harmanes and Sara, re- 
sided in New Utrecht, and had issue : Sarah, bap. April i, 1766, m. Rev. 
Peter Stryker; Catharine, bap. March 6, 1768, d. an infant j Catharine, b. 
Dec. 7, 1769, d. Dec. 23, 1844, m. Nov. 21, 1793, John Van Dyck, of Red 
Hook, Brooklyn; Harmanus, bap. Aug. 16, 1772, d. an infant ; Harmanus H., 
b. Nov. 3, 1773, d. Aug. 17, 1842; tn. Maria, dau. of Tunis Suydam,of New 
Utrecht, b. June II, 1780, d. May 4, 1863;' George, b. Oct. 28, 1775, d. 

1832, m. Hannah Seward, was a minister of the Protestant Reformed 

Dutch Church, and father of the late Judge Barkeloo, of Poughkeepsie ; John 
or Johannes bap. July 26, 1778, m. Catharine Lott j William, bap. May 14, 
1780, d. young; Elizabeth, bap. May 14, 1780, probably d. young; William, 

b. Jan. 6, 1782, d. 1867, single; and Ann or Nancy, b. May 16, 1786, 

d. June 10, 1849, m. Oct. 2, 1805, Cornelius R. Duryea. 

Harmanus H., son of Harmanus and Elizabeth, resided at first in New Utrecht, 
and afterwards in Brooklyn, had issue:' Harmanus, b. Nov. 25, 1804, d. Sept. 
9, 1805; Harmanus Junr., b. June 15, 1806, d. March, ^874, m. Sept. 29, 
1829, Eliza H. Potter, of New Jersey, resided in Alabama ; Ida, b. June I, 1808, 
m. March 4, 1833, Elias H. Hubbard ; Tunis Suydam,b. May 25, i8ii,d. June 
18, 1851, single; A/;^^if//), b. June 22, 18 I 3, m. John G. Bergen ; Katharine, 
b. Aug. 28, 18 1 5, single ; Abraham, b. Sept. 24,1817, m. Aug. 10, 1844, Amelia 
M. Merrit, resides in New Jersey ; Adriana, b. June 15, 1821, m. June 24, 1847, 
Isaac P. Genung ; Sarah, b. Feb. 5, 1823, single; and William, b. Sept. 16, 1826, 
d. Feb., 1873, m. June '6, 1852, Eliza C. de Bruhl, of South Carolina, who d. 
March 30, 1853, resided south and m. (2<!), Margaret Anderson. 

The following is a faciimile of the signature of Wylleni jansen Van Borc- 
keiloo : 

Michael Hansen Bergen, ' 3'81 

m. Oct. I 5, 1863, Phebe L., dau. of William Spader, of Mattewan, 
Monmouth county, N. J. Practiced law in the city of Brooklyn, 
and had issue: John L. Spader, b. July 12, 1864., Sept. 23, 1868, 
Phebe L., his widow, took out letters of administration on his estate. 

398. in. Jane WyckolF, b. Jan. 26, 1841, single, 

399. IV. Maria Adriana, b. Nov. 15, 1842, m. Oct. 1, 1868, 
Thomas H. McGrath, a New York merchant, residing (1875), 
on Third avenue, Gowanus, and has issue : Robert Hermann Mc- 
Grath, b. Jan. 16, 1870; Dudley McGraih, b. Jan. 26, 1871; Eli- 
zabeth Barkcloo McGrath, b. Nov. 6, 1872; and Mabel McGrath, 
b. June 26, 1874. 

400. v. Frances Henrie, b. April 5, 1844, m. May 23, 1872, 
Francis F. Underhill. 

401. VI. Edward, b. Oct. 20, 1846, d. Feb. 8, 1847. 

402. VII. Herman Suydam, b. Sept. 25, 1848, engaged in the 
dry goods business in New York, m. June 5, 1873, Alice E., eldest 
dau. of Henry Hannah, of Brooklyn, and has issue: Henry Hanna, 
b. April, 1874. 

403. via. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Sept. 9, 1850, m. May 28, 1874, 
LefFcrt L. Bergen (296), of Gowanus, and has issue: Edith, b. 
June 23, 1875. 

248. Garret G. Bergen, b. April 6th, 1817; m. Oct. 
14th, 1841, Mary^ dau. of Elias Hubbard,' of Flatlands, b. 
Jan. 23d, 1819, d. Dec. 5th, 1858; m. (2d), April 17th, 

' Elia% Hubbard, of Flatlands, a descendant of Henry Hubbard, referred to in 
the foot note under John S. Bergen, and Mary or Polly Hubbard, his wife, was 
born Dec. 1, 1776, d. April ig, 1864, m. Jan. 14, 1801, Huldah Holmes, of 
Monmouth county, N. J., born Oct. 27, 1779, d. April 4, 1851; had issue : 
Ellen, b. Jan. 28, 1803, m. Dec. 7, 1820, Nicholas R. Van Brunt, of New 
Utrecht, and since of Brooklyn; Sarah, b. May 22, 1805, m. Jan. 25, 1S25, 
Garret P. Connover, of New Jersey j Elias H., b. Sept. 26, 1807, m. March 4, 
1833, Ida Barkeloo, d. Sept. 5, 1845; Asher Holmes, b. Nov. 17, 1809, m. 
Oct. 27, 1840, Catharine Anne Pearsall ; John H., b. March 28, 1812, d. 
July, 1867, at sea, on his way to Havana, single; Margaret, b. Jan. j8, 1815, 
m. May 10, 1848, Peter P. Conover, of Keyport, N. J. ; James, b. Feb. 19, 
1817, single; Mary, b. Jan. 23, 1819, d. Dec. 5, 185X, m. Oci. 14, 1841, 
Garret G. Bergen; and Catharine Holmes, b. April 8, 1821, d. Dec. 5, 1825. 

.[ iiilo{ ;: 

382 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

1 86 1, Sarah ^^ dau. of Garret P. Conover and Sarah Hub- 
bard (dau. of Elias and sister of Mary), of Middletown 
Point, N. J. 

Resides in the house occupied by his father and grand- 
father, to which his father had added a wing on the south 
westerly side (the appearance of which Garret G. changed 
by adding pediments on the front and rear, heavy cornices 
on the gables, and a colonnade on the front); and owns the 
northern part of the front of the homestead farm at Gowa- 

' Sarah Cono'ver, is a descendant of Albert fVilUmse, a son of Willem Ger- 
ritse, a grandson of Gerrit Wolfertsen, and a great grandson of Wolfert Gerritse 
van Couwenhoven, the first emigrant of the name, referred to in the foot note 
under George Kouwenhoven and Ann Bergen, of Flatlands. 

Albert Willemie, b. April 7, 1676, in Flatlands, d. Sept., 1748, m. 1701, 
Neeltje, dau. of Roelof Martense Schenck, b. Jan. 3, 1682, d. July 7, 1751, 
settled in Monmouth county, N. J., where his descendants are principally 
to be found, and was a member of the Marlborough or Freehold Reformed 
Dutch Church as early as 1709. His children were William Albertse, b. 

March 7, 1702, m. Libia Van Cleef; Roelof Albertse, b. Sept. 8, 1703, 

m. Antie Stryker j Anna or Antje Albertse, b. Aug. 21, 1705, m. 

Abraham Polhemus; Jane Albertse, b, Sept. 30, 1707, m. Joseph Coer- 

nel j Alke or Alice Albertse, b. Jan. 20, 1 709, m. — Hendrick Hendrickson; 

Margaretta Albertsen, b. Feb. 15, 17 11, m. Daniel Polhemus ; Sarah Al- 
bertse, b. June 21, 1714, m. June 14, 1739, Joseph Van Cleef j Peter Albertse, 
b. Oct. 12, 1716, in Freehold, d. Oct. 5, 1771, m. May 19, 1741, Williampie 
Voorhees, b. Jan. 5, 1722, d. Aug. 12, 1803, Hendrick, his son, administered 
on his estate March 4, 1785 (see lib. 27, p. 187, office secretary state. New Jersey); 
Neeltje Albertse, b. Feb. 7, 1719, d. April 27, 1738, single j Garret Albertse, 
b. June 16, 1721, m. Nov. 8, 1742, Sarah Voorhees j Jan Albertse, b. Feb. 18, 
1723, m, (sup.) Oct. 19, 1744, Catharine Voorhees, of Freehold; and Cornells 

Albertse, b. Oct. 28, 1728, d. Jan. 23, 1802, m. (ist), Antie Willemse, 

m. (2d), July 12, 1770, Mary Logan, b. Aug. 9, 1748, d. Aug. 21, 1831. 

I'eter Albertse, son of Albert Willemse of Freehold, N. J., had children: 
Albert, b. Oct. 24, 1743, d. March 6, 1826, m. Dec. i, 1765, Patience, dau. 
of I'cter Cowcnhovcn, b. March 29, 1742, d. March 8, 1826, resided at John- 
stown; Jannetie, b. Jan. 8, 1747, d. Sept. 13, I753; Hendrick, b. April 5, 

1750, d. , ift. March 19, 1772, Gashe, dau. of Garret Cowenhoven, b. 

Feb. 5, 1753; Neeltje, b. Oct. 30, 1754, m. Hendrick Williamson; and 

Sarah, b. Feb. 7, 1761, m. March 9, 1780, Horace de Giaw, of Albany. 

llciidrick Cuno-ver (as at present written by the family), son of Peter Albertse 
and Williampe Voorhees, had issue; Ann, b. April 16, 1776, d. , m. ; 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 383 

nus, between the Fourth avenue and the Bay, and a portion 
east of the Fourth avenue. Was supervisor of the 8th 
ward in i860, and at present president of the South Brook- 
lyn Saw Mill Company. 

Issue by ist marriage : — 

404. I. Teunis G., born May 17, 1847, graduated at Rutgers 
College, in 1867, studied theology, at New Brunswick, N. J., then 
studied law at the universities of Berlin and Heidelberg, Germany, 
and at the university of Paris, receiving the degree of doctor of phi- 
losophy in law at Heidelberg, and in May 1874, was a graduate of 
the Columbia College law school, and licensed to practice at tlie bar 
of New York, where he now follows his profession. 

405. II Huldah Holmes, b. Feb. 11, 1851. 

P^ter H., b. April 18, 1778, d. Aug. 14, 1817, m. (ist), Feb. 17, 1799, Mary 
Rue, b. Sept. 5, 1779, d. July 11, 1814, m. (2d), June 1816, Patience Scott, 

b. July 6, 1781, d. April 1845; Garret, b. , d. — — , m. Sarah 

Gorden ; Polly or Mary, d. , d. , m. Dec. 31, i8o6, James Patterson, 

whose dau. Emmeline m. Jacob C. Dey, a grandson of Jacob Covenhoven and 

Rachel Bergen, of Red Hook, Brooklyn j Williampie, b. , d. , m. 

Feb. 26, 1821, Garret Van Doren, no issue; Jacob, b. April 9, 1795, d. Feb. 
10, 1851, m. Nov. 13, 1816, Elinore Smock, b. March 10, 1799. 

Peter H., son of Hendrick and Gashe, had issue : Hendrick, b. Jan. 17, 

1800, m. (ist), Mary Holmes, m. (2d), Eliza Schenck ; John R., 

b. July 3, 1802, d. July 27, i8i8, Garret P., b. June 4, 1804, d. March 12, 
1873, m. Jan. 25, 1825, Sarah, dau. of Elias Hubbard, of Flatlands, b. March 
22, 1805, was engaged in mercantile business at Mattewan, formerly Middletown 

Point, N. J. ; Ann, b. Dec. 15, 1805, m. Garret C. Smock; Elenor, b. 

March 22, 1808, d. May 22, 1820; Margaret, b. Feb. 18, 1810, d. July 13, 

1848, m. Henry Dubois; Pheby, b. Feb. 18, 1810, d. Feb. 20, i8io ; 

Peter P., b. Jan. 23, 1812, m. (ist), Sarah Ann, dau. of Cornelius Co- 

nover, who d. , m. (2d), May 10, 1848, Margaret, dau. of Elias Hubbard, 

of Flatlands, N. Y., b. Jan. 18, 1815, engaged in mercantile business at Keyport, 
N. J.; and Mary (by 2d wife), b. May 27, 1817, m. Aaron Vandervecr,_ 

Garret P., son of Peter H., and Mary Rue, has issue : Mary Rue, b. Sept. 
24, 1825 ; Huldah H., b. Feb. 21, 1828, m. Dec. 8, 1848, Elias H. Dayton ; 
Catharine Ann, b. Sept. 28, 1830, m. June 10, 1858, William Henry John- 
son; Ellen, b. Oct. 27, 1832; Sarah, b. Jan. 25, 1835, m. April 17, 1S61, 
Garret G. Bergen; Margarctta, b. March 28, 1837, m. Dec. 2, 1857, Henry 
Wyckolf; Garret Van Dorcn, b. Nov. 11, 1844; and Willianipe (twin), b. 
Nov. II, 1844. 

384 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

406. III. Mary Jane, b. Dec. 16, 1854, d. Aug. 23, 1855. 

407. IV. Ella, b. Jan. i, 1856, d. July 19, 1856. 

408. V. Elias H., b. Nov. 17, 1858, d. Dec. 30, 1858. 

By 2d marriage : — 

409. VI. Francis Henry, b. May 14, 1863. 

410. VII. John W. Holmes, b. Nov. 6, 1864. 

249. JoHANNAH Bergen, b. Aug. 30th, 1819; d. Feb. 
3d, 1827, of scarlet fever and measels.. 

250. Jane Stryker Bergen, b. Nov. 4th, 1821; d. 
June 6th, 1823. 

251. Jacob Conover Bergen, b. Jan. 22d, 1826; d. 
Feb. 3d, 1827, of scarlet fever and measels, and buried on 
the same day and in the same grave with his sister Johannah. 

252. Francis Henry Bergen, b. March 8th, 1828; 
d. Feb. 14th, 1844, of scarlet fever, while a student at 
Erasmus Hall Academy, Flatbush. ^ 

253. Michael Stryker Bergen, b. March 8th, 1828 
(a twin with Francis Henry); d. Aug. 2d, 1828. 

Children of TEUNIS BERGEN (200), by his ist wife, 
Nelly Mcirtense^ and by his second wife, Jane B. Still- 
zvell^ of Flatbush, Long Island: — 

By I St wife : 

254. Johannah Bergen, b. June 15th, 1804; m. Dec. 
25th, 1 82 1, Nicholas WiUia?nson^ of Flatbush, b. Nov. 
1 2th, 1798; d. Aug. 23d, 1842. She resides with her son 
on the farm, purchased by her late husband, in Flatlands, 
on Mill lane. 

Issue : — 
I. Eleanor Williamson, b. Nov. 6, 1822, d. Feb. 19, 1873, 
m, Feb. 2, 1842, Joliii S. Hrown, of Flatlands, formerly of Bloom- 
field, N. J., b. Dec. 6, 1819, and had children: Nicholas W. 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 385 

Brown, of Flatlands, b. Feb. 13, 1844, m. Oct. 4, 1865, AlettaB., 
dau. of Peter Kouwenhc^ven, son of John of Gravcscnd, b. Oct. 10, 
1844, and Ellen Maria Holmes, and has issue: Ella WyckofF 
Brown, b. Dec. 30, 1873, d. Aug. 22, 1874; Simeon J. Brown, 
b. Nov. 5, 1845, m. Nov. 28, 1866, Jennie L., dau. of Abm. 
Hegeman and Margaret StoothofF, b. Jan. 26, 1841, and has issue: 
Clarence Brown, b. April 2, 1869, and Margaret Eleanor Brown, 
b. Nov. 13, 1872; John H. Brown, b, Nov. 6, 1847; Joanna B. 
Brown, b. Aug. 17, 1853; and William J. Brown, b. Dec. 17, 

II. Elizabeth Martense Williamson, b. Oct. 5, 1827, d. Sept. 
28, 1854. 

III. Jane Ann Williamson, b. July 28, 1830, d. Oct. 19, 1830. 

IV. William Williamson, b. March 20, 1835, m. June 20, 1864, 
Aletta, dau. of Lawrence Ryder, of Flatlands, b. July 19, 1835, 
and has issue: Ellen Elizabeth Williamson, b. March 9, 1867; 
Altia Ryder Williamson, b. Nov. 3, 1868; and Joanna Maria Wil- 
liamson, b. May 29, 1873, d. July 24, 1873. 

255. Adrian Bergen, b. Nov. 24th, 1806; m. May 
28th, 1828, El'rza^ dau. of John or Johannes Van Nuyse,' 
of Flatlands, b. May nth, 1807; d. Dec. 19th, 1873. 

» John or Johannes Van Nuyse was a descendant of ^ucie Jansen Van Nuys, 
commonly written on our old records, Aucke Janse, the common ancestor of 
the Van Nuyse family in this vicinity. Aucke Jansen, with his wife, Magda- 
lena Pieterse, and some of his children, emigrated about 1651, from Amster- 
dam, in Holland, to New Amsterdam, now New York, and was by trade a 
carpenter, which occupation he followed in this country. His birth place was 
probably the village of Nuis, in Groningen, containing 78 houses and 450 in- 
habitants, hence the surname of Van Nuys or Nuyse. Jan. 12, 1653, he pur- 
chased a house and lot on the west side of the great highway in New Amster- 
dam, which he sold in May of the same year. Nov. 25, i655,Sybert Claesen 
6ued him for the rent of the house he occupied in said city. In 1654, he was 
employed as master carpenter in the erection of the first church in Midwout 
(Flatbush), which was not completed until about 1 660. In 1661, he resided 
at the ferry in Brooklyn, in 1665 in FLitlands, and about 1669 finally settled 
in Flatbush, of which place he was a magistrate in 1673, and one of the repre- 
sentatives of the convention of delegates from the Dutch towns, held at New 
Orange (New York), on the 26th of March, 1674, to confer with Gov. Colve. 

386 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Resides on a farm, partly in Gravesend and New Utrecht, 
the dwelling house being in the latter town, of about 72 
acres, the one half of the farms of the heirs of Jacobus Van 
Nuyse, purchased Feb. 8, 1793, by his grandfather Adrian 
Martense of said heirs of Jacobus Van Nuyse, for £1520 
(see lib. 6, p. 521, of con. Kings county register's office), 
and that of the heirs of Joost Van Nuyse, purchased at 
auction Feb. 26, 1816, the conveyance being dated April 

On the death of his wife Magdalena Pieterse, who was from Langdendyck, and 
d. prior to Oct., 1662, and was interred in the burial ground of the Brooklyn 
Reformed Dutch Church, at present on Fulton street or avenue, he m. (2d), 
Jan. 2, 1676, Lysbet or Elizabeth. Jans, widow of Jan Clausen, and m. (3d), 

Geertic Gysbrechtsz, widow of Jan Jacobse, but had no children by his 

last two wives. The burial grounds of the Brooklyn Church, about the period 
of his ist wife's burial, in consequence of neglect and want of fencing, were 
rooted up by the hogs, of which Auke Janse complained to the consistory, on 
which they were ordered to be enclosed. Had issue by ist wife : Anneken 
Aukersz, m. (1st), Dec. 4, 1661, Winant Pieterse Van Eck, and m. (2d), Dirck 
Janse Woortman, of Brooklyn ; Gcrtruyd Aukersz, d. prior to 1695, m. Franz 
Joosten ; Janneke Aukersz, m. 1666, Rienier Arendsz, widower of Annctien 
Hcrmansz, whose will is dated in 1700; Jan Aukersz, b. in Amsterdam, re- 
sided in Flatbush, m. (ist), July 29, 1673, Barbara Provoost, m. (2d), April 4, 
1680, Eva Janse, dau. of Jan and Geartje Jacobse; Peter Aukersz, bap. Oct. 
13, 1652J Abigail Aukersz, m. Leftert Pieterse, the ancestor of the Leffert 
family of this vicinity; Jacobus Aukersz, of New Utrecht, m. April 26, 1685, 
Maria or Mary Willems ; Femmetje Aukersz, bap. March 12, 1662, m. Oct. 
8, 1680, Jan Stevense Voorhees ; and (sup.) Yda Aukersz, m. Auke Rynierse. 

Jacobus Aukersz, son of Aucke Janse, at one period resided in Flatbush, and 
afterwards in New Utrecht, had issue: WiHiam, d. Sept. 16, 1771, m. Magda- 
lena, ; Auken of New Utrecht, in 17 15, m. Dec. I, 1715, Aeltje Amer- 

man; Jan, of New Utrecht, in 171 5, m. March 17, 1716, Adriaentje WyckofF, 
and settled at New Brunswick, New Jersey, where he bought a farm in 1727; 
Isaac, of New Utrecht, in 1715, who settled at Millstone, Somerset county, 
New Jersey, about 1727; Magdalena; Maragrieta ; Elizabeth; Maria; and 
Jacobus, wlio settled near Harlington, New Jersey, and was assassinated by 
British soldiers in the war of the revolution. 

fVilliam, son of Jacobus Aukersz, resided in New Utrecht, and had issue: 
William, of New Utrecht (wiio owned the farm, late of James Arlington Ben- 
net, the rear part of which is occupied by the Washington cemetery), m. March 
30, 1751, Anna, dau. of John Vcrkcrk, d. Sept. 12, 1779; Maria, m. Ferdi- 
nand V.ui Sicklen; GV&rjrr or y^^asf, of Flatlands, bap. Sept. 16, 1716, d. aiiout 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 387 

6, for X1175 (see lib. 11, p. 481, of con., Kings county 
register's office), and devised by will, dated April 5, 18 16, to 
Adrian and his brother Tunis, and which they divided by di- 
vision deeds, bearing date the 1 2th day of May, 1 822 (lib, 32, 
p. 388 and 392 of con. Kings county register's office). Held 
for some time the office of Justice of the peace, that of cap- 
tain of the New Utrecht militia company, and on various 
occasions has served as an elder in the Protestant Reformed 

1792, m. April 26, 1744, Elizabeth Emmons, resided on and owned the farm 
(1875) of Robert Magaw ; Jacobus, of New Utrecht, m. Sarah, dau. of Tunis 
Rapalje, and resided on and owned the farm now (1872) of Adrian and Tunis 

George or jfoost, son of William and Magdalena, had issue : Margaret, m. 
Oct. 13, 1764, Johannes Lott, of Jamaica ; Sarah, bap. Aug. 19, 1750, m. 
1781, William Van Nuyse, her cousin; Wilhelmus, bap. March 8, 1752, d. 
Sept. 25, 1805, m. Nelly Hubbard, b. 1757, d. Feb. 13, 1832; Joost, m. Jane, 
dau. of Peter Vanderbilt, of New Utrecht ; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 2, 1762, d. July 
25, 1851, m. Jan. 18, 1801, Winanc Bennet, of New Utrecht, a widower, by 
whom no issue; yuhannes, b. Nov. 25, 1763, d. Oct. 16, 1826, m. Nelly 
Lott, b. Nov. 28, 1771, d. Jan. 12, 1832, resided on the homestead of his 
father, in Flatlands ; Jacobus, d. single; Maria, b. April 10, 1767, d. Nov. 10, 
1797, m. Thomas Ellsworth; and Helen, or Magdalena, m. 1764, Jacob Stel- 

Johannes., son of Joost and Elizabeth, had issue : George, of Flatlands, b. 
Sept. 10, 1802, d. Sept. 11, 1831, m. April 12, 1827, Margaret, dau. of John 
Ditmars, of Flatlands, and left surviving a dau., Cornelia D., who m. J. Holmes 
Van Brunt, of New Utrecht; Jeromus, of Flatlands, b. Jan. 2, 1805, d. Sept. 
29, 1852, m. Jan. 10, 1838, Ann Eliza Brinkerhoff, b. May 8, 1813, and 
left no issue; Elhza, b. May 11, 1807, m. May 28, 1828, Adrian Bergen, of 
New Utrecht; Lennua, b. July 24, 1 809, m. Dec. 29, 1835, Cornelius Suy- 
dam, of Flatbush; Maria, b. March 24, 1810, d. Sept. i, 1863, single; Elea- 
nor, b. Jan. 15, 1813, d. Jan. 25, 1853, m. March 4, 1833, Tunis Bergen, of 
New Utrecht; and Magdalen, b. Sej)!. 23, 1816, m. Dec. 28, 1842, Garret 
Couveniioven, of New Utrecht. 

The following is a copy of tlie signature of Aucke Jansen Van Nuyse: 

O^C(rH& ^t^i^y^-p^-^^ 


388 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Dutch Church of New Utrecht, and for some time past as 
vice-president of the Long Island Bible Society. 

Issue : — 

41 1, 1. John Van Nuyse, b. April 25, 1829, m. Dec. 23, 1852, 
Jane Ann, dau. of Charles Lott,' of New Utrecht, b. Sept. 27, 1834. 
Cultivates a part of his father's farm in New Utrecht, and has issue: 

I. Adrian John, b. July 5, 1855. 
11. Charles Lott, b. June 2, 1865. 
III. Helen Anna, b. Aug. 28, 1868. 

412, u. Eliza Ellen, b. Jan. 16, 1833, m. (ist), June 3, 1852, 
Dr. James E. Dubois, of New Utrecht, who d. Sept. 13, 1856, of 
yellow fever; m. (zd), April 16, 1867, John J, Vanderveer, a far- 
mer of Keuter's Hook, New Letts, who d. Dec. 30, 1873, aged 55, 
Issue by ist husband: Francis Adrian Dubois, b. Sept. 22, 1854, 
and Sarah Louisa Dubois, b. Feb. 24, 1857. Issue by 2d husband: 
John Henry Vanderveer, b. June 29, 1869. 

' Charles Lott, is a descendant of Abraham Lott, of Flatbush, son of Engel- 
bart, and grandson of Peter, the common ancestor of the Lott family of this 
vicinity, referred to in the foot note under Jane Wyckoff, wife of Gerrit Bergen. 

Abraham Lott, of Flatbush, b. Sept. 7, 1684, d. July 29, 1754, m. Nov. 15, 
1709, Catharine, dau. of Elbert Hegeman, b. Nov. 1 1, 1691, d. Nov. 19, 1741, 
and had issue : Jacobus, d. 1 757, m. Teuntie, dau. of Simon De Hart, of Go- 
wanus; Engelbart, b. May 7, 1719, d. Nov. 17, 1779, m. Dec. 4, 1742, Ma- 
ritie, dau. of Johannes Ditmars, b. Jan. 8, 1723, d. April 17, 1797, whose great 
grandson is the present Judge John A. Lott, of Flatbush; Abraham, who m. 
Gertrude, dau. of Andrew Coeyman, sup. m. (2d), May 9, 1750, Jane Goelet j 
and Cornelia, who m. John Vanderveer, of Keuter's Hook. 

Jacobus, son of Abraham and Catharine, had issue : Simon, of New Utrecht, 
b. Feb. 24, 1742, d. Dec. I, 1807, m. March, 1770, Annatie, dau. of Jacobus 
Van Nuyse, b. March 2, 1753, d. Aug. 24, 1832; Mayke, bap. Aug. 9, 1747; 
Jacobus, bap. July 5, 1752; Abraham, bap. Aug. 13, 1753; Angenietje; Ca- 
tharine; and Jan. 

Simon, of New Utrecht, son of Jacobus and Teuntie, had issue: Jacobus, of 
the Wallabout, b. April 2, 1771, d. Sept. 8, 1831, m. Feb. 16, 1804, Jane 
Titus, b. May 7, 1785, d. April 20, 1843; Ann, b. May 2, 1773, d. young; 
Sarah, b. July 10, 1774, d. 1853, m. Oct. 24, 1793, J^l^" Denyse, of New 
Utrecht; and Anna, bap. May 9, 1782, d, Aug. 24, 1852. 

Jac'Jms, of the Wallabout, son of Simon and Annatie, had issue : Charles, of 
New Utrecht, b. Nov. 11, 1806, d. May 20, 1874, m. Jan. 27, 1829, Helen, 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 389 

256. Jane Bergen, b. Sept. 15th, 1808 ; d. April 2, 
1875 ; m. Oct. 28th, 1827, Joseph R. Crommelin^ of Brook- 
lyn, b. Feb. 25th, 1798; d. Oct. 4th, 1858, 

Issue : — 

I. Adrian Martense Crommelin, b. Sept. 25, 1828, m. Nov. 
26, 1863, Maria, dau. of James Van Nuyse, of New Utrecht. 

II. Charles John Crommelin, b. Oct. 27, 1829, d. Jan. 13, 

in. Theodore Crommelin, b. Aug. 22, 1831, m. Sept. 11, 1862, 
Ann Eliza Downs, and has children : Susan Downs and Amelia 
Louisa Crommelin, twins, b. Aug. 6, 1863; Susan D., d. Aug. 19, 
1864, and Amelia L., d. Aug. 23, 1864. 

IV. Richard Crommelin, b. Sept. 4, 1833, d. Aug. 14, 1834. 

V. Mary Jane Crommelin, b. Feb. 24, 1835. 
VI. Amelia Ellen Crommelin, b. July 10, 1837. 

VII. Joseph R. Crommelin, b. June 22, 1840, d June 17, 1841. 
VIII. Harriet Ann Crommelin, b. Jan. 23, 1844. 
• IX. Gertrude Elizabeth Crommelin, b. Jan. 18, 1847. 
X. Maurice Dwight Crommelin, b. Jan. 25, 1851. 

257. Teunis Bergen, b. Dec. 25th, 1810; m. (ist), 
March 5th, 1833, Ellen^ dau. of John or Johannes Van 
Nuyse, of Flatlands, b. Jan. 13th, 1813, d. Jan. 25th, 
1853; "^- {'^^\ Dec. i8th, 1855, El'ixa Jrvilla^ dau. of 

dau. of John Ryder; Anne, b. Oct. 12, 1808, m. Nov. 26, 1828, Andrew 
Stockholm; Sarah, b. Feb. i, 1811, m. Dec. 5, 1832, Sylvester W. Brower; 
Catharine, b. June 4, 1814, m. May 27, 1834, John Titus ; Jane, a twin with 
Catharine, b. June 4, 1814, d. April 6, 1834, single; James, m. (ist), Aug. 
8, 1842, Augusta Rogers, m. (2d), July 3, 1850, Catharine M. Guilick ; Si- 
mon, b. Dec. 25, 1822, m. Nov. 5, i 856, Jane Waters ; Francis, m. Sept. i 5, 
1841, Amelia Van Allen; and Aaron, of New Utrecht, b. April 12, 1828, m. 
Sept. 15, 1 841, Cynthia, dau. of Jeremiah E. Lott, of New Utrecht. 

Charles, of New Utrecht, son of Jacobus and Jane, has issue : James C, b. 
Oct. 14, 1829, m. Sept. 20, 1854, Phebe M., dau. of Moses Suydam ; Aletta 
Jane, b. July 14, 1832, d. Sept. 22, 1833 ; June Ann, b. Sept 27, 1834, m. 
Dec. 23, 1852, John V. N. Bergen; Catharine Aletta, b. May 9, 1839, m. 
Nov. 17, 1858, Bernerd Larzelere, of New Utrecht; and Sar.ih Elizabctii, b. 
April 7, 1843. 


390 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Alonzo G. Hammond, of Flatbush, b. Aug. 28th, 18 14, 
d. Sept. 2ist, 1868, without issue. 

Resides in a house, he built on the New Utrecht por- 
tion of the farm, originally of 72 acres, inherited from his 
grandfather Adrian Martense, the main portion of which 
he sold in 1871. Held the office of captain of militia, and 
at times a member of the consistory of the Protestant Re- 
formed Dutch Church of New Utrecht. Sept. 5, 1854, 
letters of administration were granted him on the estate of 
his wife Ellen. 

Issue by ist wife : — 

413. I. Ellen Maria, b. Jan, 15, 1842, m. Oct. 19, 1871, John 
Suydam, son of Cornelius, of Flatbush, and has issue: Ellen Eliza-. 
beth Suydam, b. Oct. 22, 1872. 

258. Maria Bergen, b. May, 1813; d. April 29th, 
1849 ; m. May 15th, 1828, Frederick D. P. Crommelin^ of 

Issue: — 

I. Edward Augustus Crommelin, b. Aug. 25, 1829. 

II. William Frederick Crommelin, b. June 22, 1831. 

III. Maria Louisa Crommelin, b. March 30, 1833, m. May, 
1854, William B., son of Abraham and Sally Bergen, of Flushing, 
and has children : Sarah Maria, John William, and Hannah. 

IV. Oliver Heniy Crommelin, b, March 27, 1836. 
V. Sarah Margaretta Crommelin, b. Dec. 3, 1838. 

VI. Daniel Livingston Crommelin, b. May 13, 1840. # 

Children by 2d wife : — 

259. Daniel Bergen, b. March 5th, 181 7; m. Feb. 
8th, 1843, P^-'^^^ ^"" Simonson^ b. Jan. 29th, 1824. 

Owns and resides on a farm in Jamaica South, Queens 
county. In 1837, elected captain of militia, in Flatbush. 
Issue : — 

414. I. John Simonson, b. Nov. 11, 1843, m. Nov. 11, 1867, 

Michael Hansen Bergen. 391 

Josephine M. Ross, b. Jan. 29, 1846, and resides at Glen Cove, 
L. I. Issue : 

I. Harvey Ross, b. Dec. 3, 1868. 
u. Ida, b. Feb. 12, 1871. 

415. II. Jane Matilda, b. Aug. 26, 1845, m. July 12, 1866, 
Isaac Oscar Hatfield, b. July 14, 1843, resides at Cypress Hills, L. 
I., and has children: Anne Adeline Hatfield; Adrian Vanderveer 
Hatfield; Francenia Almira Hatfield (twin), b. Nov. 16, 1870, d. 
Aug. 6, 1 871; and William Adams Hatfield (twin with Francenia 
A.), b. Nov. 16, 1870, d. Aug. 1, 1 87 1. 

416. HI. Tunis Adrian, b. March 21, 1847, emigrated to San 
Francisco, California, where he is engaged in mercantile business. 

417. IV. William Frederick, b. March 7, 1849, d. Sept. 17, 

418. V. Vanderveer, b. March i, 1851. 

419. VI. Garret, b. March 2, 1853. 

420. VII. Annie Simonson, b. March 9, 1856. 

421. viii. Henrietta Palmer (a twin with Annie S.), b. March 
9, 1856. 

422. IX. Alexander, b. April 9, 1861. 

423. X. Daniel Edgar, b. Nov. 26, 1864, d. April 5, 1867. 

260. John T. Bergen, b. Oct. 4th, 1819, single: lost 
an arm by an accidental discharge of a canon at a military 
parade at the camp grounds on Hempstead Plains in Sept., 
1844, a Mr. Oliver Powell, of Jamaica, having part of his 
thumb blown ofF by the same discharge. Resides with 
his mother in Clarkson street, Flatbush, and at one time 
engaged in the hardware business in Brooklyn. 

261. Catharine J. Bergen, b. July 31st, 18275 m. 
July 19th, 1848, her cousin Garret Bergen (242), of Flat- 

Issue : — - 

I. Rebecca Maria. 

II. Jane Ann. 

392 Sixth Generation. 

III. Geretta Alma. 

IV. George Tunis. 
V. John Henry. 

VI. Edward Everett. 

VII. Garret Strykcr. 
VIII. Frederick Herbert. 

For dates of whose births, see Garret Bergen. 

262. Lemma Ann Bergen, b. July 3d, 1831 : m. July 
4th, 1849, Stephen Hahtead^ b. Feb. I St, 1828, and resides 
in Flatbush. 

Issue : — 

I. Jane Augusta Halstead, b. Aug. 4, 1851, m. July 3, 1 87 1, 
Adrian I. Vanderveer, b. June 20, 1844. 

II. Eva Malena Ilalstead, b. April 1, 1854. 

III. Charles Alva Halstead, b. March i6, 1857. 

IV. Stephen Clarence Halstead, b. Oct. 18, 1859. 

V. Le Fayette Bergen Halstead, b. Jan. 25, 1862. 

VI. Jessse Teunis Halstead, b. Jan. 21, 1864. 

vii. Lemma Annetta Halstead, b. April 30, 1866. 

VIII. Laura Halstead, b. Sept. i, 1868. 
IX. Edith Halstead, b. June 19, 1872. 

263. Sarah Matilda Bergen, b. July 7th, 1836 ; m. 
Feb. 6th, 1856, Gilbert Granger Raynor^ b. Sept. 1 2th, 

Issue : — 

I. William Harvey Raynor, b. , 1856. 

264. Elmira Rosetta Bergen, b. May 15th, 1839; 
m. July 2d, 1856, George J. Raynor^ b. Nov. 22d, 1830, 
and resides in P'latbush. 

Issue : — 
I. Francis Bergen Raynor, b. Dec. 29, 1857, d. Feb. 23, 1859. 

II. Jennie Louisa Raynor, b. Jan. 18, 1864. 

III. Bcillia Ella Raynor, b. May 16, 1867. 

IV. Gcorgy Raynor, b. Jan. 10, 1870. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 393 


Descendants in the line of JORES (GEORGE) HAN- 
SEN BERGEN (6), and Sara Stryker, of Brooklyn, 
N. Y., the third son of Hans Hansen Bergen^ the first 
settler : 


21. Lammertje Bergen, bap. Dec. 26th, 1679; m. 
yoris Remsen, of the Pond, Haverstraw, Orange county (as 
per his will dated in 1744, pro. 1748), son of Rem Rem- 
sen and Marritie Vanderbilt, a grandson of Rem Jansen 
Vanderbek and Jannetje, dau. of Joris Jansen Rapalie. 
She d. in early life ; her husband marrying about 17 10 as a 
second wife Sarah, dau. of Theodorus Polhemus. 

Issue : — 

I. Joris Remsen, b. 1706, m. Elizabeth , d. in 1 741, in 

Newtown, Queen's county, leaving surviving issue : Teunis and 
Elizabeth Remsen (as per his will dated July 16, 1741, pro. Sept. 
23, 1741, rec. lib. 14, p. 34, New York surrogate office). Joris 
Remsen, of Haverstraw, had sons : Rem and Theodorus Remsen, 
by Sarah, his 2d wife. 

22. Sarah Bergen, bap. March 13th, 1681. No 
farther trace. 

23. Aaltje Bergen, bap. Oct. 15th, 1682, d. about 
1724; m. Aug. 17th, 1707, Rem Remsen^ son of Joris 
Remsen,^ and Femmetje, dau. of Derick J. Woortman, a 

' Joris Remsen purchased Oct. 10, 1706 (see lib. 3, p. 76, of original record 
in Kings county register's office), of his father-in-law, Derick Janse VVortman, 
liis Brooklyn lands, consisting of the patents of Jan Manje, Andries Hudde and 
Claes Janse "V^i Naerden, located on the East river, with a river front extend- 
ing about from Atlantic to Clarke streets, and lying north-east of the patent 
of Frederick Lubbeitse. 

394 Third Generation. Descendants of 

grandson of Rem Jansen Vanderbek, and Jannetje, dau. 
of Joris Jansen Rapalie. Rem and Aaltje occupied the 
paternal Remsen farm, located on the East river in the 
vicinity of Atlantic street, Brooklyn, which, in consequence 
of his father dying as is supposed intestate, under the law 
of primogeniture then in force, he inherited as his Eldest 
son. From the marriage record, it appears that Rem was 
born in New Lotts, but a resident of Brooklyn, 

His will is dated Aug. i6, 1722, pro. June 7, 1724 (rec. 
lib. 9. p. 48 1 , in surrogate's office in the city of New York), 
in which he gives his mother Femmetie the use during life 
of one-half of his farm, and his wife Aaltje the use of the 
other one-half during the minority of his children subject 
to their maintenance. Finally his eldest son Joris to have 
the one-half of his farm, and in case his brother Jan died a 
minor unmarried, the whole, subject to the payment of lega- 
cies to his sisters. Although not set forth in the record of 
the will, owing probably to an error of the copyist, it is 
evident that one-half of the estate was devised to Jan, 
which subsequent conveyances indicate. His executors 
were his brothers-in-law Johannes Bergen and Joost Debe- 
vois, and /riend Cors. Clopson, of New York. 

Issue : — 
I. Femmetje Remsen, bap. May 24, 1708, in Brooklyn, Joris 
Hanse (Bergen) and Femmetje Remse, wit. 

II. Joris or George Remsen, b. , d. about 1 743, m. Jane, 

dau. of Philip Nagcl, of Flatbush. Owned and occupied a part of 
the homestead. Will dated Feb. 7, 1734, pro. Nov. 17, 1743 
(rec. lib. i 5, p. 141, New York surrogate's office). Had children : 
Rem, who it is supposed d. 1743, intestate; Philip, bap. Nov. 28, 

1 73 1, m. Helena— , and settled in Bucks county, Pennsylvania; 

Altie, who m. WyckofF Van Nostrand, and a dau,, who m. Jacobus 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 395 

III. Jan or John Remsen, b. , d. probably in 1734, m. ; 

occupied and owned a part of the homestead, and had children : 
Joris and Dorothy. 

IV. Sarah Remsen. 
V. Antje Remsen. 

The main portion of the Joris Remsen tract, portions of 
which had been previously sold to Horscficld, Picrrepont, 
Debcvois, and others, was finally from 1753 to 1764, sold 
by the descendants of Rem Remsen and Aeltie Bergen to 
Hendrick and Peter Remsen, sons "of Rem and Dorothy, a 
cousin of said Rem, who married Aeltie Bergen. 

24. Hans Jorise Bergen, bap. Aug. 31st, 1684; in 
New Utrecht, Abraham Jorisz (Brinckerhoff), Hendrick 
Strykker and Annetje Tonis Bogaard, wit. ; d. 1726; m. 
Aug. i6th, 1711, Sytje^ dau. of Evert Van Wicklen,' of 
New Lots. April 30, 1708, Hans Jorise Bergen and 
others were tried for a riot at the tavern of Sarah Knight in 
'^Brookland," as more fully appears under Hans Machielse 

April 15, 1706, a " Yan Bergen" paid Flatlands Church 
6 guilders for the use of the pall, who may have been Hans 

Jan. 28, 1722-3, Hans Jorise Bergen and " Seytie " his 
wife, for X172, conveyed to Cornelius Ewertse, of Brook- 
lyn ferry, " all the full moiety or half part of that Land, 

• Evert Van Wicklen, a carpenter by trade, emigrated from Holland in 1665, 
and m. in 1687. In 1703 he resided in Flatlands, in which year his name 
appears in the lists of those who took the oath of allegiance as "Evert Jansscn 
Van Wickalen." Some of his descendants reside in New Lots and Jamaica 
South. May 29, 1703, Gerardus Beekman, Leffert Pieterse and "Evert Van 
Wyckelyn," of Kings county, for £200 bought of Thomas Cardal, of Jamaica, 
yiiccns county, 450 acres on the R.iritan river in Middlesex county, New Jer- 
sey (see lib. I, p. 425, of deeds in oihce of secretary of state, New Jersey). 
" Kvcrt V.ui Wytkelyn's" children were : Jan, who ni. Ida, and d. prior to 
•7 34 i ^)^<^ "■■ Eylic, who m. Hans Jorise Bergen j Covert, m. Mattje ; 

396 Third Generation. Descendants of 

meadow, creek, grist mill, mill dam. Beach, of y' old 
dwelling house. Bolting house and Bolting mill, the new 
Dwelling House only excepted, all which lying, standing 
and being in the township of Brookland aboves'', at a place 
called Martys hook, and so as it is now in fence and in 
possession of s'' Hans Jorise Bergen, and was bought so by 
the s"^ Hans Jorise Bergen as per deed from Aert Aersen 
(Middagh),' bearing date the ninth day of February, Anno 
Dom. one thousand seven hundred & thirteen, may more 
and at large appear, the land containing in all twenty acres 
and two-Fifths of an acre" &c.^ 

*■'■ Hanse" [Jorise) '•*• Bergen" appears to have removed 
to Hempstead, Queen's county, where he died, as per the 

Pieternelletje, m. May 6, 1715, Rem Hegeman, of Flatbush ; Symon, m. Ge- 
radina, dau. of Nicasius Janse Couwenhoven, b. in 1705 ; Garret, m. Tryntje 

; and Geertje, m. May 18, 1719, Hendrick Suydam, of Flatbush. Evert's 

name Is on the list of those, who in 17 15 signed an agreement for the payment 
of Dominie Freeman's salary. On the census of 1698, he Is entered among 
the residents of Flatbush, i man, I woman and 3 children. 

' ^ert Aersen was a son of Jan Aersen Middagh of the ferry, which Jan was 
bap. Dec. 24, 1662, d. prior to 1710, m. (ist), Ariaantje Bleyck, dau. of Cor- 
nells de Potter and Swantje Jans, widow of Johannes Nevius, of the ferry, who 
she m. Nov. 18, 1653. Jan Aersen was a son of Aert Anthonize Middagh 
and Breckje Hansen Bergen. Aert Aersen m. Lysbeth or Elizabeth . 

De Potter bought Jan. 4, 1652, of Jan Haes, his patent of 38 morgens and 
485 rods, dated April 2, 1647 (see vol. m, p. 99, of Dutch Manuscripts, office 
secretary state, Albany). By the will of Swantje Jans, widow of de Potter 
(see lib. I, pp. 77, 208, 220, office register Kings county), it appears that 
Ariaentje Bleyck was the only child of de Potter, and from her Aert Aersen, her 
son, probably inherited his share of the mill property. Jan Haes was a cooper 
by trade, in this country, as early as Nov., I 641, served as a soldier in 1645, 
and m. the widow of Edward Fiscock, who appears to have had possession of 
the premises covered by Haes patent. ' 

This mill was probably built about 1710, for May 15, of that year, "Aert 
Arrison " and others petitioned the colonial authorities for liberty to erect a mill 
on their land, in Kings county, at or near a place called Jan Martyn's Hook or 
Wallaboght. (Land Papers, vol. v, p. 64, office secretary state, Albany.) 

^See lib. 4, pp. 309 and 336 of conveyances in Kings county register's office. 
The mill was located on the land now occupied by the United States N.ivy 
Yard. Marty's or Martyne's Hook was the point of Brooklyn formed by the 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 397 

inventory of his estate, dated Oct. i, 1726, on file in the 
office of the surrogate of the city of New York, of which 
Hendricic Hendricksen and Antony Demot were appraisers. 
The inventory was filed Feb. 3, 1726-7 by George Ber- 
gen, John Van Wicklen and Cornelius Ryersen, adminis- 
trators of his estate and that of his wife "Sylie" (Sytie), 
who at the time was also deceased. The following is a 
copy of the inventory which will illustrate the personal pro- 
perty and its value, held by a wealthy farmer at that date. 


ib. d. 

Eight cows, a Steere, a yearling Sc 6 calves. 



Nine Swine, ....... 



Two mares, ....... 


Four Cattle in y' Commons, .... 



Eleven Sheep, ....... 



A plow & Iron Teeth Harrow with the Clevis, 



A waggon & Gears, ...... 


A spade, a Harrow, ax. Two forks, three Iron Wedges, 

two hinges, ....... 


A half Bush' measure & some old Iron, . 

3 6 

A Sythe and takling, ...... 

4 6 

A piece of Indian Corn, , . . . . 


The Corn in y"^ Barrak, . . . . ' . 


The Corn on y"= ground, . . . . 


Twelve chairs, cone (small), .... 


Three Brass Kettles, ...... 


A Grind Stone, ...... 


A Tubb & Cask, 


Five old Tubbs & Casks, 


Wallabout bay, west of the Navy Yard, and opposite to Corlear's Hook in 
the city of New York. 

A natural pond in the marsh with a short dam formed the mill pond, and the 
mill was afterwards known as Rcnibcii's mill at tlie Wallabuut. The mill pond 
was tilled up in 1826, in coiisecjutncc uf its becominj; a nuisance. 


398 Third Generation. Descendants of 

A wooling whcele, ..... 

One do. , three Linnen wheels, 

A Bedstead, 

Thirteen Baggs, ...... 

Some Shceps wool, . . . . . 

A woman stove & pair of wool cards, . 

Half an ancher, a wooden measure & baking trough, 

A mean Table, ...... 

Two frying pans, a hamer, a pair of andirons, a Tram 

mell, a pair of Tongs Sc Shovel, 
Five Keelers, ...... 

A churn & four tubs, ..... 

Three pails & three earthen potts, 

An Iron Kettle & little Iron pott, 

Two Juggs, an earthen platter & pott, 

A watering pott, a Tin Kettle, a Tunnell & tinn Pott, 

A little box, a spoon Case, a Dish & 2 ladles, . 

Seven pewter Dishes, 16 plates, i bason, 2 porringers 

a Chamber pott, a Drinking pott & 18 spoons. 
Seven earthen Dishes, .... 

A looking glass & five small pictures, 
A smoothing Iron, ..... 
A parcell of Cotton yarn .... 

A gunn, a Carbine, two pistols & holsters, a sword 

belt & Cartouch box, .... 

A case of Botdes, ..... 

A Cubbard, 

A Settle bedstead & small Cubbard, 

A well bound Chest, ..... 

A bed, bedstead & furniture. . . . . 

Another bedstead & furniture with some other bedding 
A Chimney Cloath, ...... 

Another Table eight square, .... 

A hanger for Cloak, ..... 

A Cradle, 

Eleven sheets, ...... 


sh. d. 
















3 9 




















1 6 

1 6 


JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 


£ sh. d. 

Some Pillowbeers & Table Cloaths, 
Four Towels, ..... 
Their wearing Appearll, 
Some Thread, ..... 
A great Bible & some other Books, . 

A httle Trunk, 

A Saddle & bridle, .... 

Some Knives & two Combs, 

A wine pipe, a hogshead, barrels & a Tubb, 

Three Glass Bottles, .... 

A parcell of Carpenters tools, 

A seat of a waggon, . 

Due by Bond, 

A stak of hay, .... 

Sixe Sheepe, 

<t. i»;'' ; .t 


lO o 













1 6 










i7 ih 



35' '6 ih 

The George Bergen, who administered on his estate, 
was probably his brother, and the John Van Wicklen his 
brother-in-law, his son George in 1726 being a minor. 

Issue : — 

424. I. George, b. Oct. 9, 1712. . 

425. II. Evert, b. I 71 7. 

25. Jannetje Bergen, bap. May 27th, 1688; m. Jan. 
2ist, 171 1, Hendrick Vroom, of Brooklyn, a son of Hen- 
drick Corsen Vroom and Josina Pietersz Van Nest.' After 
her death, Hendrick Vroom, m. Jan. 18th, 1745, Dortie 
Demont, a widow. 

Issue : — 

I. Sarah Vroom, bap. Feb. 28, 1720. 

II. Petrus Vroom, bap. March 25, 1722. 

' Josina was a Jau. of Ficter Van Nust, and Juditii dau. of Juris Janse 

400 Third Generation. Descendants of 

26. Annetje or Angenietje Bergen, bap. March 9th, 
1689-90 ; m. March 12th, 1720, Arnond ox Armut Ahra- 
hamse. Feb. 20, 1749, he and his wife, on certificate from 
Tappan, joined the Reformed Dutch Church of New York. 

Issue : — 

1. Marry tie Abrahamse, bap. May 17, 1724. 

27. Jan Bergen, bap. May 17th, 1694. No further 
trace and probably d. young. 

28. Brechtje Bergen, bap. May 24th, 1696. No 
further trace. 

29. JoRis or Gejrge Bergen, d. prior to April 8th, 
1749 ; ni. Framyntie^ Fransyntje or Fransina . 

Feb. 26, 1727-8, George Bergen and "Francyntje" his 
wife, for .£350, conveyed to Jan Jansen of " Brookland, all 
" that certain House & lott or toft of ground, situate, 
"lying & being in the township of Brookland, Bounded 
" Westerly by the Kings Highway, which leads from ye 
" ferry to Brookland ; Southerly by land of Carel De Be- 
" voise ; Northerly by the land of John Rapalje" (since of 
Comfort and Joshua Sands) ; " Easterly by a certain Mash 
"or Meadow, all as it now lays in fence round about ye 
" aforesaid land (only excepted) a lott which lays on the 
"Northerly corner of ye aforesaid land, joyning against ye 
*' land of John Rapalje aforesaid, which lott belongs to the 
"willow hoagland " (since of Dr. John Tillary), "in ye 
"city of New York. Also except a lot which belongs to 
" Arnout Abrams, containing one acre, and he is to main- 
"tain ye said lott in fence upon his own costs & charges, 
"and ye said Abrams is to have ye privilcdge of yc well, 
" which stands at or near his house with ye promise he pays 
" half yc cost of ye said well, the before excepted lot ofyc 
" widow Hoagland must have its full breath t)f a morgen 
" along tlie aforesaid Kings Highway from thence to ye 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 401 

'' rear to run in a triangle. Also situate, lying and being 
" in ye township aforesaid, a certain lott of woodland being 
" in the Third division, number twenty on ye South by 
*■'■ number nineteen, on ye North by number twenty-one, 
*' on ye East by Wm, howards land, on ye West by ye 
" New Lotts road ; Containing about Ten Acres be it 
" more cr less all english measure according to survey." ' 
The main portion of the premises above described are de- 
signated on IJutts's map of Brooklyn as those of J. B. John- 
son, and were probably those patented, Feb. 17, 1646, to 
Pieter Cornelissen. 

June loth, 1737, for X257, ^S^-i George Bergen, of 
Brooklyn, and Framyntje,^ his wife, conveyed to Israel 
Horsefield, premises in Brooklyn, bounded N. 57 deg. W. 
9 ch. and 60 1. in breadth, by land of said George Bergen ; 
S. 39 deg. W. 90 1. ; S. 27 deg. 30 min., W. 23 ch. and 
54 1. in length, by land of Hanse Jacobse Bergen; S. 56 
deg. E. 4 ch. ; S. 19 deg. 30 min. W. 5 ch. and 9 1. ; S. 
49 '^^g- 3*-* niin- E. 3 ch. and 54 1. into the meadows at or 
near Gowanus creek ; and N. 30 deg. 30 min. E. 30 ch. 
in length by land of Carel De Bevoise, containing 25 7-10 
acres. 3 These premises were a portion of the tract his 
father bought of Maritje Gerretse. On the census of 
Brooklyn, in 1738, George Bergen's family is entered, one 
white male over ten, two vvhite males under ten, two white 
females above ten, two white females under ten, and one 
black male under ten years of age. Oct. 8th, 1742, his 
name appears on a deed containing the names of residents 
of Brooklyn, relating to a parsonage located in Flatbush. 

The name of a " George Barger," appears on the re- 
cords of the town of Hempstead in 1726, who was probably 

' I'luin p.ipcrij, in poiiSCision of Jnliiibon, nut rcconlcd. 

■' Slic si^iuil licr iiaiiii; I'laiisiiia. 

3 See lib. 5, i>. 150 of con. in Rings county register's olHce. 


402 Third Generation. Descendants of 

this George, who at this date appears to have resided there, 
perhaps with his brother Hans Jorise. The ear mark for 
the cattle of " George Barger " is recorded on the Hemp- 
stead town records in Book D, to be " a half penny under 
"■ye near ear & a nick on the fore side of ye same." This 
mark he bought of "John Dosenborow." Cattle and sheep 
appear to have been the principal productions of Hempstead 
at this period, and her town books contain numerous records 
of ear marks. The record of the ear mark indicates that 
George at that date was a farmer at Hempstead. 

Issue : — 

426. I. Abraham, bap. Sept. 2, 1726, in New Utrecht. Abra- 
ham Abrahamsc and Jacquemyntje Abrahamse, wit. Probably other 
cliildren, of whom no trace except the census. 

The following is a facsimile of his signature : 


^ (A/-^^vy,e^^^ • '^^^ 

2C)a. Catharine Bergen, b. ; d, Nov. 15, 1765 ; 

m. Sept. 21, 1726, at Flatbush by Dominie Freeman, Peter 
Ewetse^' b. April 3, bap. April 18, 1703 ; d. Sept. 6, 1776. 

Resided for some years in Kings co., probably at Brookyn, 
and then in the city of New York. Sept. i, 1738, they 

' Peter EweCie as near as can be ascertained is a grandson of Cornells Eivaude 
who came to this country on its conquest from the English on the 30th of July, 
1673, by the Dutch squadron commanded by Capt. Cornells Eucrtsen and Jacob 
Binks. On the succeeding 12th of August, when Anthony Colve was com- 
missioned by the commanders as governor of the conquered territory, Corne/is 
Eivontse was commissioned master gunner, etc. As Cupt. Eivounen he was 
ordered Nov. 16, 1673, to proceed to Nantucket to save a small Dutch craft 
there, and on the aotli of said month, the governor and council of Massa- 
cliuaetts demanded of (iov. Colvc the release of the Ketches captured by Capt. 
Ewoutien. From the similarity of names it may be inferred that the ancestor of 
Fefer Ewriu' .md the commander of the Dutch squadron were related. Curne/i 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 403 

were both received as communicants of the Reformed Dutch 
Church of New York, on certificate from Brooklyn. 
May 17, 1724, previous to her marriage, Cornells Ewetse 
(probably a brother of Peter)^ and Catharine Bergen were 
witnesses at bap. of Merritji, dau. of Arnout Abrams and 
Annetje Bergen, sister of Catharine. This Cornelis Ewetse 
and Maria Polhemius his wife were received Aug, 30, 1739, 
on certificate from Long Island, as members of the Re- 
formed Dutch Church of New York. 
Issue : — 

I. Sarah Ewitse, b. July 25, 1727, bap. July 27, by Dominie Free- 
man of Kings county; d. ; m. Josiah Crane, and had children : 

Catharine and Josiah Crane. 

II. Elizabeth Ewiste, a twin with Sarah, b. July 25, 1727, bap. 
July 27, by Dominie Freeman ; d. Dec. 18, 1731. 

ni. John Ewitse, b. March 21, 1729, bap. March 27, by Do- 
minie Freeman ; d. Dec. 15, 1731. 

IV. John Ewitse, b. Jan. 16, 1733, bap. Jan. 18, by Dominie 
Freeman; d. ; m. 

v. Elizabeth Ewiste, b. Dec. 4, 1735, ^^P- ^^"^"^ '^^Y ! ^- > 

m. June 1757, Thomas Cunningham, and had children : John, Peter, 
Thomas, Elizabeth, Catharine, James Alexander, Catharine, James 
Alexander and Sarah Cunningham. 

VI. Joris Hansen Ewitse, b. July 23, 1739, bap. July 26, by 
Dominie Dubois of the city of N. Y. ; d. Aug. 6, 1739. 

VII. Mary Ewiste, b. Dee. 2, 1740, bap. Dec. 6, by Dominie 
BocI of the city of New York ; d. Jan. 2 1 , 1 790 ; ,m. Oct. 31,1 764, 

Ewoutie (as near as can be ascertained) had issue; jfan Eivecsef Cornelis 
Ewetse who m. Mary or Maria Polhemius, resided at first at the ferry in Brooklyn, 
and in 1743 was admitted as a freeman of the city of New York; and Ewout 
Ewetse who m. April 24, 17 1 5, S.irah Tiebout, resided at first in Brooklyn, 
and 1717 was made a freeman of tiie city of New York, where he had children 
Johannes and Maria, bap. Jun Eiuctse, m. Elizabeth Plcvier, was a pot baker 
in Brooklyn, and made a freeman of the city of New York, in 1746 where his 
children were bap. who were: Anneken, bap. Oct. 16, 1689; Johannes, bap. 
Jan. 6, 1695; Elizabeth, bap. Nov. 17, 16975 Petronella, bap. Dec. 28, 
I701 ; and Pelrus or Peler^ b. April 21, and bap. May 2, 1703. 

404 Fourth Generation. Descendants of i 

Jacob Van Wagenen of the city of" New York ; and had children : 
Ann, Teuntje and Gerret Van Wagenen. Van Wagenen's first wife | 

was Neeltje dau. of Johannes Vescher and Annetje Staats. Mary 
Ewetse joined the Reformed Dutch Church in New York, Feb. 19, 
1768, on confesiion of faith. 1 

vm. Aeltje Ewitse, b. Oct. 11, 1743, bap. Oct. 14, 1743, by 
Dominic Bocl ; d. Oct. 14, 1743. 


Descendants of HANS JORISE BERGEN (24), and 
Sytje Van Wycklen, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

424. JoRis OR George Bergen, b. Oct. 9, 1712, O. 
S. ; d. Oct. 13, 1784, at five o'clock, p. M. ; m. (ist), June 

3d, 1738, Grietie , b. Jan. 24, 1715, d. Feb. n, 1743, 

O. S. at daybreak ; m. (2d), Sept. [4, 1744, A'laria , b. 

Feb. 27, 1720, O. S.,d. Sept. 14, 1770, at teno'clock, a. m. ; 
m. (3d), Aug. 22d, 1 77 1, Mareya Van Nuys widow of Abra- 
ham Van Aersdalen probably bap. June 25, 1727. There is 
a tradition that hi^ second wife was a Miss Hoagland,' per- 
haps a dau. of Christoffel Hoagland and Cathelyntje. 

George Bergen after the death of his father probably con- 
tinued to reside in Hempstead, for in the court of sessions 
of Queens county in April, 1762, Mary Van Horn, David, 

' Cornells Dircksen Hoogland, emigrated to this country at an early period, 
kept the ferry from New Amsterdam to Brooklyn, and Dec. izth, 1645, re- 
ceived a patent for a plantation on Long Island, near said ferry. He appears to 
have gone to the Fatherland on a visit, and returned again to this country, arriv- 
ing in April, 1662, in the ship Hope, with his wife, son aged 24, and dau. 
aged 2 years. He had a son Dirck Cornelise, who m. Lysbeth Jorissen, and 
they liad a son Arien Uinksc, b.ip. Sept. 22, 1670. 

Dirck Jansc Hooglant, of Mierscvecn, wiio in. Oct. Stli, 1662, Annctic 
Hans Jicigcit, wid. uf J.ui Clcrcj, also came tu thi» country at mi early period, 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 405 

Samuel, Margaret and Annie Van Horn, had a suit pending 
against George Bergen^ in which they claimed .£4 damages. 

He finally settled on a farm at New Windsor, near 
Cranberry, Middlesex county N. J. His will is dated Oct. 
7th, 1784, and recorded in lib. 26, p. 284, etc., in the 
office of the secretary of state in New Jersey, and proved 
at Princeton, Oct, 20th, 1784, his sons John and Jacob 
being executors. 

A " Jores Bergen " was a communicant of the Harlington 
Reformed Dutch Church of New Jersey at an early period ; 
and a " George Bergen " a member of the congregation of 
the Neshanic Reformed Dutch Church of New Jersey at 
its beginning in 1752, (as per the Rev. Dr. Mcssler's notes 
to his iMemorial Sermons, pp. 250, 270), who was probably 
this yores Bergen. 

On a subscription list containing ninety-five names, for 
building a new church cdilicc at ILulington or Sowcrland, 
of Jan. 15, 1749-50, amounting all together to X393. 141. 
3^/,, " Joris Bergen " subscribed X2.' 

Issue by isc wife : — 

427. I. John B., or Johannes, b. March 27, 1739. 

428. u. Peter or Peterus, h. Jan. 27, 1741. 

429. ni. George or Joris, b. Feb. 3, 1743. 

Issue by 2d wife : — 

430. IV. Jacob G., or Jacop, b. July 8, I 745. 

431. V. Margaret or Marregrietie, b. March 7, 1747. 

and from these two individuals the Hoogland's in this country are all probably 

On the Harlington church subscription list of 1749-50, is a " Jan Hoag- 
landt," " Christopher Hogeland," and " Martinus Hogeland," probably near 
relatives of the wife of Jores Bergen. 

Hoogland is a village near Amersfoort in the Province of Utrecht, Holland, 
of 2023 inhabitants, and Maerscvcen is a village in the same province of 1692 
inhabitants, in 1841, 

' Sec C. C. H Oakland's gleanings of History of I'rotcbtant Reformed Dutch 
Churth uf Harlington. 


406 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

432. VI. Maria or Mareya, b. April 1, 1749. 

433. VII. Synthe or Seytic, b. Nov. 3, 1750. 

434. VIII. Dinah or Deyna, b. Dec. 9, 1752. 

435. IX. Martha or Nettie, b. March 20, 1756, 

436. X. Lainmatie, b. April 9, 1758. 

437. XI. Eyda, b. May 20, 1760. 

438. XII. Christopher or ChristofFel, b. May 20, 1760. 

439. xin. Sarah or Sara, b. July 31, 1762. 

?>:■■ Had no issue by his 3cl wife. The second version orspeUing 
of the above names are as entered on the family record in 
the hands of John S. Bergen of Princeton Junction, New 
Jersey, from which these dates are taken. The dates pre- 
vious to I 751 are old style. 

On the records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Raritan 
is the bap. of Nettie, dau. of Jores Bergen and Marya his 
wife, on the gth of Dec, 1751. This was probably Seytie 
instead of Nettie, the latter by the above family record being 
b. in 1756. 

The following is a facsimile of his signature : 

425. Evert Bergen, b. 1717; d. Nov. 17th, 1776; 
m. Jane^ dau. of Dennyse Hegcman.' In his younger days 

' DfJinyse Hcgeman was a descendant of Adrian Hegeman, who emigrated from 
Amsterdam, Holland, in 1650 or 1 651, was b. about 1639, d. April, 1672, m. 

Catharine , who lived until near i6(;o, and settled in Flatbush, where he 

bougiu, April 15, 1 66 1, a farm of 118 acres, of which town he was clerk from 
1659 to 1661, auctioneer from 167010 1 672, and sheriffof the county in 1664. 
Adrian's children were: Joseph, b. in Holland, resided in Flatbush, m. (ist), 
Oct. 21, 1677, Fcmmctje Rems (Remsen), dau. of Rem Janse Vanderbek, of 
New Albany, b. Jan. I, 1657, m. (2d), Aug. 2,1687, Sarah Vanderbilt ; 
Hcndricus, b. in Holland, m. April 12 (or 26), 1685, Ariaentje Bloodgood, of 
Flushing; Jacobus of Flatbubh, b. in Holland, bap. March 9, 1 653, m. Oct. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 407 

resided in New Lots, which at the time was in the bounda- 
ries of the town of Flatbush, probably with his grandfather, 
Evert Van Wickelen. Purchased in 1737, and settled on 
a tract of 140 acres of land at Royceficld,' Hillsborough 
township, Somerset county, N. J., three miles from Somer- 
ville. Also purchased a farm at Whitehouse, nine miles 
from Somerville. Brought a pear tree with him from Flat- 
bush, to New Jersey, which tree bore fruit until 1861, over 
120 years, when it was blown down during a violent hail 

There is a tradition among his descendants, that at the 
time of his settlement at Roycefield, among other animals 
he brought with him a colt ; that after a time the colt was 
missing from the pasture field in which he was confined, 

14, 1683, Jannetje Ariens ; Abraham, of Flatbush, b. in this country, m. Aug. 
30, 1690, Gertruy Jans, of New Albany j Dennyse, of Flatbush, d. prior to 

1713, nm. Lucretia; in 1691, sent by the government to Fcmaquid, Nova 

Scotia, to treat with the Indians, was taken prisoner by the French and im- 
prisoned 3 years in France ; resided at one period in Canada : Isaac, of Flatbush, 
m. Feb. 15, 1687, Mayke Roelofse Schenck ; Benjamin, of Flatbush, m. April 
9, 1688 (sup.) Laventia or Barentje Janse of New Albany; Elizabeth, m. April 
27, 1684, Tobias Ten Eyck. 

Dennyic, son of Adrian and Catharine, had issue : Jacobus, who m. Jannatie 

, and settled on the Raritan; Adrian, of Brooklyn ferry, d. Aug. 1762, 

m. Sarah j Dallius, m. Gertruy , settled on the Raritan as early as 

1703 ; Joseph Denyse of Flatbush, b. in Canada, m. June 4, 17 14, Alida An- 

drieza ; Dantyie (a supposed son), bap. 1703, at Jamaica, Long Island, m. 

Mary or Maria, settled on the Raritan, and had children, Adrian, Barnett, Eli- 
zabeth, Margaret and 'Janc^ who m. Evert Bergen. 

The following is a facsimile of the signature of Adriaen Hegeman, the emi- 
grant : 

' Roycefield or Roysefield, was named after John Royse, who obtained a large 
tract of land in this locality, about 1683, and wlio, for many ycais, was a mem- 
ber of the Luuiicil of East New Jersey. 

408 Fourth Generation. Descendants of 

probably from the insecurity of the imperfect fencing of a 
new y settled locahty ; and that the colt was found at his 
old home at Flatbush, to reach which the animal musi^ave 
swam across the kills to Staten Island, and across the Nar 
rows to Long Island, the route then usually traveled. They 
say the ferryman, who carried over passengers, vehicles and 
an.mals in scows, had no knowledge of having carried back 
the CO t, which course would have been necessary, or the 
probable one, for a thief to get him back to the island. 

New Jersey m its early settlement in addition to having 
wise ar^d cunning colts, must have had a very strong and 
productive soil, even superior to California, the El Dorado 
of the west, if there is any truth in the following from 
an account of the improvement for promoting of Planting 
.n East New Jersey" (printed m vol. i, p. 66, Collections 
of New Jersey Historical Society) : " To shew how Fruit 
Trees do advance in that Country, it is credibly reported 
that about i?.,-//.,,,, /„ trest Jersey, which lies more 
^^ ^ortker/y than the greater part of this Provence, from an 
Apple tree Seed in four years (without grafting), there 
sprung a tree, that in the fourth year bore such a quantity 
of Apples, as yielded a barrel of Syder." 
Issue : — 
440- I- John, b. Sept. 26, 1746. 

R^' H n^"r.°.' '^""""' '^P- ^^'- 5, .750. in Son^erviile 
Rcfonncd Dutch Church, Joseph and Vanncjc Ilcgcnan, wi,. 

442- 111. James, b. Sept. 11, 1755. 

443- 'V- Kvert, b. 1756. 

The following is a facMinile of his signature. 


JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 409 

Descendants of JORES or GEORGE BERGEN (29), 
and Framyntie^ of Brooklyn, N. Y. : 

426. Abraham Bergen, bap. Sept. 2d, 1726; m. . 

April 8, 1749, Abraham Bergen, son and heir of George 
Bergen, and " Eransina Bergen," widow of George Bergen, 
both of Brookland, conveyed for £270, to Israel Horsfield, 
land in Brookland, bounded North by land of Leendert 
D'Grauw, and land of Carl D'Beavois ; Southeast by land 
of Carl D'Beavois ; and Northwest by the road, as now in 
fence, containing 7 acres.' 

April 9, 1749, Abraham Bergen, son and heir of George 
Bergen, and " Fransyntje Bergen," widow of said George 
Bergen deceased, both of the town of " Brookland," for 
£241, conveyed to Johannes Jansen of the same place, 
" All that certain piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and 
" being in the township of Brookland abovcsaid, butted and 
" bounded as followeth (viz.) Northeast by the burying 
" place of said town ; Southeast by the Road ; South-West 
" by Hans Bergen on or by said Road, Northwest by the 
" land of the heirs of George and John Remsen deceased ; 
" and also Northeast by the said Johannes Jansen, so as it 
" now is in fence and staked oute, being the same nine acres, 
" be the same more or less."- 

Of the names of the descendants of Abraham Bergen, 
no positive proof has been found, but from the continuation 
of the family names and other circumstances, the probability 
and almost certainty is that he had issue : % 

444. I. John. 

445. H. George. 

• Lib. 5, |). 153, Kings county register's oHicc. 

" CcijiicJ iVoni papers in posbession of Oscar Johnson. Tlic burying place was 
on Kulton avenue or street, between Smith and Hoyt streets. 

410 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 


















(suppose) Antje. 

And probe 

ibly others. 

The following is a facsimile ' 

of his 

signature : 

^ /p^f^ 


Descendants of GEORGE BERGEN (424) and Grletie 
his I St wife, and Alar'ui^ his 2d wife; of Cranberry, N.J. 

427. John B. Bergen, b. March 27th, '1739, about 3 
o'clock p. M. O. S. ; d. June 2d, 1808, of dropsy, in his 
70th year; m. June 8th, 1763, Sarah Stryker,' b. Aug. 
25th, 1745, and d. Sept. i8th, 1821. ' 

Was a farmer residing in the county of Middlesex, N. 
J., about five miles from Cranbury and six from Princeton, 

» Sarab Stryker is a descendant of Jan, son of Pieter, son of Jan Strycker re- 
ferred to in the foot note under Sara, dau. of Michael Hansen Bergen (5), and 
Jan Strycker of Flatbush. Sarah's grandfather, Jan of FLubush, m. (ist), 
Maragrita Schcnck, ni. (2d), Sara, dau. of Michael Hansen Bergen (5), and 
had among his children by Maragrita, Abraliam Strycker who emigrated May 
10, 1740, to the Raritan, N. J., was b. Auguot 4, 1715, O. S., d. Ajiril 4, 1777, 
N. S., ni. (ist), Nov. 23d, 1739, O. S., Ida Reyder, b. Nov. 9, 1719, d. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 411 

where he owned a large plantation and a femily of negroes ; 
he also owned two other farms in the same vicinity. In 
person he is said to have been nearly six feet in height, well 
proportioned, and generally in the enjoyment of good 
health ; in his habits he was pious, engaging daily in family 
worship. One of his grandsons says, he recollects his Dutch 
horse whip of many strands, very elastic, its handle wrapped 
ornamentally with brass wire, which he carried between his 
knees and seldom used, but when he did it was always with 
effect and not soon forgotten. He was among the patriots 
serving with the Jersey blues in the militia in the war of 
the Revolution, and his insignia of office was a long staff 
with a spear and slender battle axe attached, which after 
the war he preserved and kept in the garret of his house. 
As in many other cases, his old papers, books and deeds 
were preserved for many years, but at length, being in the 
way of the wife of his youngest son, who by paying legacies 
became the inheritor of the homestead, they were thrown 
into an old barrel in the garret, and became the resort of 
such as wanted waste paper. After many years a suit was 
brought against the homestead, or a part thereof, on some 
alleged old claim, in which the plaintiff recovered, for the 
very deed which guarded against that claim was found pasted 
on the inside of a window curtain of flowered paper, and in 
its tattered form was useless as evidence. 
Issue : — 

448. I. George 1., b. June i6th, 1764. 

449. n. Abram I., b. Oct. 4th, 1767. . 

450. ni. Margaret, b. Nov. 7th, 1769. 

451. IV. John I., b. June iHth, 1773. 

Nov. 12, 1753, by whom issue : Maragrita, b. April 20, 1741 ; Altye, b. Jan. 
z8, 1743 ; Sara, b. Aug. 25, 1745, m. John B. Bergen (427) ; Johannis, b. 
Oct. i8, 1747; Abraham, b. Aug. 8, 1750, d. Sept. 26, 17505 Abraham, b. 

Jan. 10, 1752, all O. S. ; m. (2d), , Catricna Cornel, b. , d. Tub. 

16, 1760, N. S., by whom issue: Ida, b. Feb. 17, 1755 j Annetjc, b. Dec. 

412 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

452. V Ida, b. Nov. 22d, 1775. 

453. VI. Peter I., b. July loth, 1779. 

454. VII. Jacob I., b. Nov. 9th, 1782. 

455. VIII. Christopher I., b. April 27th, 178J. 

428. Peter Bergen, b. Jan, 27, 1741 at 3 o'clock p. 
M., O. S. ; m. yane Van Nuyse or Nice^^ of Somerset county, 
b. March 22, 1743. 

Was a farmer residing at South Brunswick, N. J., about 
three miles from Cranbury, His will is dated in 1813, and 
proved Oct. i6th, 1824. 

Issue : — 

456. I. George, b. March 11, 1763. 

457. II. John P., b. Sept. 30th, 1765. 

458. III. Martha. 

459. IV. Margaret P. 

28, 1758 ; m. (3d), Oct. 16, 1760, Catrina Hogeland, b. , 1732, d. Nov. 

15, 1776, by whom issue: Cliristoticl, b. Sept. 28, 1761 ; Fieter, b. Dec. 6, 
1762; Catlyna, b. April 21, 1767; and Jacob, b. June 27, 1768, all N. S. ; 
Catrina Hogeland after the death of Abraham Stryker, m. in 1779 Derick 
Longstreet, who d. Dec. 4, 1795. 

' yane Van Nuyse was a descendant of Laac Van Nuyse, son of Jacobus 
Auckersz who settled at Millstone, Somerset county, N. J. about 1727 j re- 
ferred to in the foot note under Eliza dau. of John or Johannis Van Nuyse the 
wife of Adrian Bergen (255). 

Isaac, son idi Jacobus Auckersz had issue : Isaac, d. 1804, m. i2"'<^''^> 

and in 1 791 emigrated to Kentucky in which state and in Indiana he has de- 
scendants; Cornelius, who also in 1791 emigrated to Kentucky; Jacobus, d. 
1805, m, Maria Hoogland, resided in Somerset county and left nu issue ; John, 
b. 1720, d. 1763, m. 1741, Marie Van Aarsdalen and resided in Somerset 
county ; and Maria, of New Jersey. 

John, son of Isaac of New Jersey, had issue : J<i"e, b. March 22, 1743, 
m. Peter Bergen (428), of Cranbury ; Isaac, b. 1 746, m. Nelly {2"''^'^> resided 
in Somerset county; John, b. 1750, d. 1780, no issue; Jacobus, b. 1753, d. 
1836, m. Catharine Ditmas, resided on the homestead ; Cornelius, b. 1755, m. 
Maria, dau. of Isaac Van Nuyse, his cousin, and in 1791 emigrated with his 
father-in-law to Kentucky; Catliarine, b. 1759, m. Brogan Coevert of New 
Jersey ; and Maria, b. 1762, m. William Tcrhune and removed west. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 413 

460. V. Jane. 

461. VI. Peter P., b. July 28, 1783. 

429. George Bergen, b. Feb. 3d, 1743, O. S. ; about 
sunrise, or 14th N. S, ; d. Sept. 14th, 1785 ; m. Helena 
or Lena Hoogland^ b. Oct. 30th, 1743. 

Was a farmer and miller near Penn's Neck, N. J. Will 
dated Sept. 10, 1785, proved Sept. 21, 1785, recorded lib. 
27, p. 216 of wills, office secretary of state, New Jersey. 

At a meeting of the revolutionary council of safety of 
New Jersey, April i, 1778, it was " Agreed that Bartholo- 
" mew Fort a cooper employed at making casks at George 
*' Bergen's mill be excused from serving in the militia for the 
" space of one month from the date hereof." The author 
from his researches concludes that the New Jersey Bergens 
were all patriots during the trying times of the revolution, 
one of them serving as a lieutenant, who was paid by the 
council of safety *' for himself and thirteen men. Employed 
"by him as a Guard for the Council of Safety and the se- 
" curity of the prisoners, the sum of X39. 16. 4. That he 
"also be paid the sum of £28. o.. Bounty money for the 
" said Guard, and that for furnishing them with Wood, 
" Candles & Sundry other Articles the sum of .£14. 11. 6." ' 
Issue : — ■ 

Margaret, b. April 13th, 1765. 

John G., b. April 3d, 1767. 

George G., b. March 19th, 1769. 

Christopher, b. July 2d, 1771. 

Peter, b. Feb. 24th, 1774. 

Dinah, t. Sept. 30th, 1776. 

Sarah, b. July 1 6th, 1 778. 

Mary, b. May 5th, 1780. 

Ida, b Nov. 22d, 1781. 
X. Peter G., b. Aug. 30tli, 1783. 

Printed Minutes of Committee of Safety of New Jersey, pp. 178, 221. 






















414 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

430. Jacob G. Bergen, b. July 8th, 1745, O. S. at 

noon, d. Dec. 7, 1805, m. (ist), Van Arsdale; m. 

(2d), Elizabeth Cowenhoven^ dau. of Lucas, and grand dau. of 
William, of Flatlands.' 

At one period was a schoolmaster and at another kept a 
hotel at Princeton. Nov. 5, 1784, Jacob Bergen and John 
Bergen were appointed administrators of the estate of 
Lammatie Bergen late of Bergen county, N. J.^ 

Dec. 27, 1787, he advertised for sale in the New York 
Journal and Weekly Register, " a farm at Penn's Neck, four 
miles from Princeton, of 300 acres with a sufficient quantity 
of meadows on Millstone creek, about 50 acres of which 
are good timber land. On the farm is a good large dwelling 
house on an elevation from which there is a good view of 
Princeton College, with barn and outbuildings ; also an 
orchard that will produce one hundred barrels of cider a year. 
In addition to the farm, a lot of excellent woodland near 
the same of fifty-eight acres ; a lot of twelve acres near 
Princeton ; and a stone tavern and lot with necessary out- 
buildings in Princeton, known by the sign of the thirteen 
stars, an old established business stand. For terms apply 
to Jacob Bergen at the sign of the college in Princeton." 

Issue : — 

472. I Jacob, b. 1763, by ist wife. 

473. u. Cliristoplier, supposed by 2d wife. 

" Liuas Co-wcnbo-veri, son of William and grand son o( William Gerritse, re- 
ferred to in the fijot note under (Jeorgc Kouwenhoven and Ann Bergen (241), 

his wife of Flatlands, b. June 3, 1716, d. 1777, m. Elizabeth , settled on 

the Raritan, N. J. His children were : Garret of Conns Neck, N. J., who 
m. Lammatie (436), dau. of George Bergen (424), of Cranbury, and had a dau. 
Ann who m. I*eter I. Bergen (4S3)> of I'enns Neck, son of John Bergen (427), 
of Cranbury J Ann, m. William Voorhees ; Luke, of Dutch Neck, N. J., m. 
Martha or Metje (435), dau. of George Bergen (424), of Cranbury ; Elizabeth, 
m. Jacob Bergen (430), of Princeton ; Rut, and Eve. 

» Lib. 26, p. 320, of wills in office of secretary of state, N. J. ; Lammatie may 
liave lieeii their sister. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 415 

474. III. Mary or Maria. 

475. IV. Elizabeth. 

475-j. V. Margaret Ann or Peggy. 

431. Margaret Bergen (by 2d wife), b, March 7th, 

1747, O. S. at seven o'clock, p. m. ; d. j m. , 

Tunis Post.' 

Issue: — 

I. Tunis Post, b. , d. ; in. , resided probably at 

North Branch, N. J., and had a son William Post, who m. Polly or 
Mary Conover, and resided at Neshanic, N. J. 

432. Maria Bergen, b. April ist, 1749, O. S. at one 
o'clock, p. M. } m. Christopher Hogeland^ of Shanack or 
Sourland, N. J. 

Issue : — 

I. Christopher Hogeland, b. , d. , when over 60 years 

old, a bachelor. 

It. Jane Hogeland, b. , d. , m, , Kort Voorhees, 

and had issue : Garret Voorhees, b. , m. , Monfoort ; 

Christopher Voorhees, b. , m. , Maglin Salter ; Maria 

Voorhees, b, , m. , Wm. Duryea ; Ann Voorhees, b. 

, m. , Andrew Van Deripe ; John Voorhees, b. , 

m. , Polly Rynearson; and Jane Voorhees, b. , 1807, m. 

, 1822, Elbert S. Du Mont, farmer of near Farmer Village, 

Seneca county, N. Y., and has children: Samuel Dumont, b. Sept. 

' There was a Captain Adrian Post, wlio had a son Francoys, bap. in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York, March 17, 1659; an Elias Post, wi- 
dower, of New York, who m. April 25, 1674, Maritje Corn, also of New York 
or New Orange ; a Wm. Post of said city, wl>o m. May 18, 1679, Acltje Tunis 
Coevert, and had a dau. Barbara, bap. Feb. 24, 1689, on Long Island; a son 
Johannes, bap. Oct. 29, 1707; and a dau. Marya, bap. April 25, 1711, in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of the Raritan ; an Adrian Post, who, with others, 
petitioned the governor and council of East New Jersey for a general patent 
for 5520 acres near " Aquanuncke," to be divided among 14 families, which 
was gr.intcd j a Tunis Post, of North Branch, New Jersey, in 1735 and 1751 ; a 
Wm. I'ost, of Neshanic, in 1762; and a Tunis Post, of Nortli'Bi.mch, in I 764. 

416 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

•24, 1823; Jane Ann Dumont, b. Feb. 22, 1827; Mary, b. Oct. 

19, 1832; Sarah Dumont, b. Aug. 7, 1836; Benjamin Dumont, 
b. July 31, 1839; and Elbert Dumont, b. July n, 1847. 

III. Polly Hogeland, b. , d. ; m. , John Stryker. 

IV. George Hogeland, b. , d. ; m. , Van Vleet, and 

settled in Michigan. 

433. Synthe or Seytie Bergen, b. Nov. 3, 1750, O. 
S., at eleven o'clock, p. M. ; d. ; m. , Post. 

434. Dinah Bergen, b. Dec. 9, 1752, N. S., at eight 

o'clock p. M. ; d. ; m. , John Slahack^ farmer, near 

Penn's Neck. 

Issue : — 

I. John Slaback. 

II. Abel Slaback. 

III. George Slaback. 

IV. Margaret Slaback. " " ^ '' 

V. David Slaback. 

435. Nettie, Martha or Metje Bergen, b. March 

20, 1756, at two o'clock, p. M. ; d. ; m. , Luke 

Cowenhoven^ farmer of Dutch Neck. 

Issue : — 

I. Elizabeth Cowenhoven. 

II. William Cowenhoven. 
III. George Cowenhoven. 

436. Lammetie Bergen, b. April 9th, 1758, at eleven 
o'clock, p. M. ; d. about 1784; m. (ist), Garret Cowen- 
hoven^ of Dutch Neck, son of Lucas, and grandson of 
William, of Flatlands ; m. (2d), fVaters Smithy farmer of 
Lawrence, N. J., by whom lio issue. 

Issue : — 

I. Bciby or Eli'/.ahcth Cowenhoven, b. , ni. Henjamin Baker, 

farmer of Lawrenceville, N. J., and has children: Maria Baker, 

'\ ««!TH>' 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 417 

Lematie Baker, Joseph Baker, Margaret Baker, Garret Baker, Eliza 
Baker, Matilda Baker, Benjamin Baker, Isaac Baker. 

II. Polly Cowenhoven, b. , m. William Post, farmer of Dutch 

Neck, and has children : Garret Post, Jacob Post, William Post, 
George Post, Margaret Post, Luke Post, Smith Post, Israel Post, Le- 
matie Post, Ann Post, and David Post. 

III. Ann Cowenhoven or Conover, b, Nov. 17, 1782, d. Jan. 
18, 1855 ; m. May 27, 1802, Peter I. Bergen (453), of Penn's 
Neck. Issue : Garret, John C, Lammatta, Sarah, and George. 

IV. Peggy Cowenhoven, b. , m. Asa Fish, farmer, at Birming- 
ham, near Trenton, N. J. ; no issue. 

437. Eyda Bergen, b. May 20, 1760, about midnight. 
Probably d. young. 

438. Christopher Bergen, b. May 20, 1760, a twin 
with Eyda. His name is in his father's will, but no farther 

439. Sarah Bergen, b. July 31, 1762, at sun rise; d. 

; m. , 'John Hogeland^ of Shanack or Sourland., 

some 13 miles west of Princeton, N. J., and living in 1812. 

Issue : — 
I. Martin Hogeland. 
II. Bergen Hogeland. 

III. George Hogeland. 

IV. Polly Hogeland. 

Descendants of EVERT BERGEN (425), and Jane 
Hegeman^ of Roycefield, Somerset county, N. J. : — 

440. John Bergen, b. Sept. 26th, 1746 ; d. June 6th, 
1828, in his 8 2d year ; m. Alche or Alte Rapalye^ b. Jan. 

• Alche or Alu Rapalye was a dL-scendant of Jeronimus, one of the sons of 
Joris Janson Rapalie, tlie first emigrant of the name, whose dau. Sarah, m. 
Hans Hansen llcrgen. Jeronimui, b. Jan. 27, 1643, living as late as 1690, 

418 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

6th, 1744, and d. April 17th, 1815. She joined the First 
Reformed Dutch Church of New Brunswick, Oct. 21st, 

Inherited from his father and occupied the Whitehouse 
farm of 318 acres, in Somerset county, N. J. 

Issue : — 

476. I. Jane, b, 1770. 

477. II. Evert, b. June 23, 1771. 

478. III. Maria, b. 1772. 

479. IV. Cornelius, b. April 29, 1775. 

480. V. Syche, b. April 17, 1784. 

441. Jane Bergen, bap. Aug. 5, 1750 ; d. March 20, 
18 12; m. (ist), George Rapalye ; m. (2d), Abraham Voor- 
hees ; m. (3d), Jeromus Rapalye. No issue. Oct. 3, 
1795, she and her husband George Rapalye became mem- 

m. Anne dau. of Teunis Nyssen or Denyse, resided on the ancestral farm at 
tlie Wallabout, and had issue : Jores of Bedford, b. Nov. 5, 1668, d. 1697, m. 
July 27, 1694, Nelly, dau. of John Cowcnhoven ; Teunis of Brooklyn, b. May 
5, 1671, d. 1723, m. Sarah Van Vechten ; Jan of Brooklyn, b. Dec. 14, 
1673, d. 1733, m. Annatie, dau. of Coert Van Voorhees; Femitie, b. Oct. 5, 
1676, m. John Bennet; Jacob, of the Raritan, N. J., b. June 25, 1679, m. 
(ist) Gretian, m. (2d), Sarah Brinckerhoft"; Jeronimus, who occupied and 
owned the ancestral farm, b. March 21st, 1682, d. (sup.) Feb. 8, 1762, m. 
Helletie dau. of Hendrick Vechten; Catelina, b. March 25, 1685, m. Feb. I, 
1707, Peter Demond of Raritan, N. J. j Sarah, b. Nov. 4, 1687, m. Dec. 14, 
1707, Hans Jacobse Bergen (30)5 and Cornelius of New Jersey, b. Oct. 21, 
1690, m. Johanna dau. of Dominie Vincentius Antonides. 

Teunis son of Jeronimus and Anna, had issue ; Jeronimus of New Brunswick, 
N. J., who d. in 1775, m. Sept. 19, 1719, Altie, dau. of Cornelius Van Ars- 
dalen j George, of Bedford, Long Island, who, d. in 1732, m. Elizabeth dau. 
of Jores Remsen ; Anna Maria, m. Jacob Casjouw ; Derick, of near New 
Brunswick in Somerset county, N. J., bap. May 14, 1702, d. 1777 ; Teunis of 
Bushwick who d. in 1734; Folkert of Cripplebush, Brooklyn, b. Jan. i, 1720, 
d. Oct. 25, 1801, m. Oct. 19, 1742, Matilda dau. of Cornelis Polhemusj Jane, 
m. Remsen; and Sarah, m. Jacobus Van Nuyse. 

Jeronimus son of Teunis and Sara had issue : Cornelis of New Jersey who d. 
1777; Teunis of New Jersey, ni. Aiitie Dorlantj Sarah of New Jersey; aii.i 
Aliie or AUhe of New Jersey, who m. John Bergen (440). 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 419 

bers of the First Reformed Dutch Church of New Bruns- 

442. James Bergen, b. Sept. nth, 1755 ; d. Jan, 30th, 
1830 ; m. May 20th, 1779, ^nn or Annache^ dau. of Za- 
cheus Van Voorhees,^ b. Feb. 20th, 1761, and d. Jan. 
nth, 1852, in her 91st year. 

Inherited from his father and occupied the homestead 
farm in Roycefield, N. J., to which he added by purchase 

' The names of officers and members of the First Reformed Dutch Church of 
New Brunswick are taken from the Rev. Dr. Steele's Historical Discourse. 

2 Zacheus Van Voorhees, is a descendant of Coert Stevense Van Voorhees, re- 
ferred to in the foot note under Hans Bergen (lo), and Antie Lucassen, of 
Jamaica, L. I. 

Coert St!-vense Van Voorhees, b. in I 637, emigrated with his father in 1660, 
from Holland, and m. Marretje Garretse Van Couwenhoven, his will being 
dated Aug. 26, 1677. He settled in Flatlands, L. I., and had children; Ste- 
phen Coerte, of Flatlands and Gravesend, who m. Eagje or Achai Jans, and d. 
Feb. 16, 1723-4; ^/ifrr Coirrir, of Flatlands and New Utrecht, d. about 1748, 
his will being proved April 14, of that year, m. (ist), Sarah Williamsen, m. 

(2d), Margrietje , m. (3d), May 15, 1743, Willemptje Suydam, and also, 

supposed to have m. Ida Vanderbilt; Garret Coerte, of Flatlands and New 
Utrecht, d. 1703, will proved Sept. 23, 1704, m. (ist), Mcnsje Jans, m. (2d), 
April 26th, 1685, WiUemtje Pieters ; Altie Coerte,' m April i6th, 1687, 
Joost Rutgerse Van Brunt, of New Utrecht; Neltje Coerte, b. June 30, 1676, 
d. Aug. 4, 1750, m. about 1693, Garret R. Schenck of New Jersey; Cornells 

Coerte, of Flatlands, bap. Jan. 23d, 1678, m. Altje ; Annatie Coerte, 

bap. Dec. 6th, 1680; and Johannes Coerte, bap. April 22d, 1863, m. Barbara 
Van Dyck, and settled in East New Jersey, and afterwards in Dutchess county, 

N. y. 

Albert Coerte, of Flatlands and New Utrecht, and son of Coert Stevense, had 

children : Coert, d. May 31st, 1757, m. Annatie , who d. Jan. 30th, 1760 ; 

Elizabeth, bap. Dec. loth, 1695, m. Rutgert Van Brunt of New Utrecht; 
Mary, m. John Van Nostrand ; Margaret, m. (ist), Petrus Stoothoff, m. (2d), 
David Nevius ; Altie m. Wilhelmus Stoothoff, and d. Feb. 2<;th, 1743 ; Ann, 
m. Hendrick Cortelyou, of New Jersey ; and Neeltie, m. Christopher Hoogland. 

Coert, son of Albert Coerte of Flatlands and New Utrecht, had children : 
Coert of New Utrecht, and afterwards of New Jersey, d. about 1762, m. 1760, 
Sarah Van Brunt ; Albert Coerten of Gravesend and New Utrecht, and after- 
wards of New Jersey, b. Aug. i, 1716, d. Sept. 26, 1784, m. (ist), Nov. 22, 
1737, Katrina Doremus, b. Aug. 28, 1716, d. April i, 1775, m. (2d), Nelly 
Van Nustiand ; Zacbcui, b. , d. 1 770, m. , resided in Somerset 

420 Fifth Generation. Descendants of 

220 acres. Dying intestate, his land was equally divided 
among his children. 
Issue : — 

481. I. Evert J., b. Oct. 30, 1780. 

482. II. Mary, b. May 5, 1786, 

483. III. John, b. Feb. 19, 1790. 

484. IV. Zacheus, b. Oct. 1, 1792. 

485. V. Jane, b. March 15, 1794, d. Oct. 10, 1795. 

486. VI. Jane, b. April 12, 1797. 

487. VII. James, b. Aug, 30, 1799. 

443. Evert Bergen, b. 1756; d. Dec. 6th, 1778, of 
small pox. Single. Was a soldier in the American army, 
and engaged in the battle of Monmouth, in the war of the 

DescendantsofABRAHAN BERGEN, (426)of Brooklyn, 
N. Y. :— 

444. John Bergen ; a John Bergen, m. in the city of 
New York, Feb. 20th, 1760, Margaret Van Deursen^ as 
per New York Reformed Dutch Church records, who was 
probably John, son of Abraham j he also m. a 2d wife, re- 
sided in the city of New York, and was a soldier in the war 
of the revolution. On the i8th of Jan., 1771, he was 
appointed a freeman of the East Ward. 

Issue: — 
, 4H8. I. Rachel, bap. Jan. 25, 1761, in the Reformed Dutch 
Church of New York ; wit. Eliaza Tore! and Rachel Van Duersen. 

county, New Jersey; Bcrnardus, of Gravesend, b. March i, 1725, d. Dec. 10, 
1769, his will being proved Dec. aoth, of that year, nti. 1762, Fammatie Latter, 
who d. Nov. 4, 1768 J Jannetje, b. Sept. 7, 1728, d. Dec. 18, 1781, m. Aug. 
25, 1750, Willielnius Van Bruntj and Annatie who d. in 1789, and m John 
Rapalje J Zatheus, of New Jersey, son of Coert and Annatie, had children : 
j^niiatic, who m. James Bergen of Roysfield, N. J. j Coert, John and Mary. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 421 

4-88/7. II. Fransyntje, bap. Aug. 29, 1762, in New York ; wit. 
Petrus Ewouts and Fransyntje Abrams, wid. of Jnris Bergen. 

489. Ill, Joris, bap. Dec. 30, 1764, in New York ; wi:., Andries 
Abramse and Jacomyntje Bergen wife of Robert Corson. 

490. IV. Abraham (twin with Joris), bap. Dec. 30th, 1764 in 
New York ; wit. Robert Corsen and Jannctje Van Deursen, spinster. 

445. George Bergen ; a George Bergen, of New York, 
blacksmith, in. March 25th, \']^6^ Alagdalena Bratt^^ as per 
New York Reformed Dutch Church records. He probably 
d. shortly after his marriage, for May 9th, 1759, by same 
records, Magdalena Bergen, widow, m. Ebenezer Turrell. 
No farther trace. 

446. Sara Bergen ; a Sara Bergen, as per above records, 
m. Sept. 20th, 1750, Johji IVendell. No farther trace. 

447. Simon Bergen, b. , d, . Dec. 15, 1790, 

Smion Bergen^ son of George Bergen late of Brooklyn, ad- 
ministered on the estate of Gasye Bergen, as per lib. i, 
p. 15, of records of administration in King's county surro- 
gate's office. This Gasye Bergen may have been a sister 
or mother of Simon. No further trace. 

447^. Jacomyntje Bergen, b. ; d. ; m, 

Robert Carson. 

447^. Rachel Bergen, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Isaac Van Deursen of New York. 
Issue : — 
I. Rachel Van Deursen, bap. May 18, 1766, in New York. 
II. Lea Van Deursen, bap. July 10, 1768, in New York, 
III. Sarah Van Deursen, bap. Jan. 29, 1775, '" New York. 

' The Braits were among the early settlers of Schenectady. There was a 
" Jacob Brat " of New York, in 1700, whose wife Aeltje Wessils in that year 
joined th(,- Reformed Dutch Church of New York j also an Isaac Bratt, who m, 
Aujj. I, 1700, Duvertje Wessels. 


422 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

447^. Marta Bergen, b. ; d. ; m. , 

Phillippus Steenbag of New York, and had 

Issue : — 

I. Elizabeth Steenbag, bap. Nov. 4, 1764, in New York. 

447^. Antje Bergen, b. ; d. ; m. , William 

Dey. Their names appear in 1764 on the records of the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New York. 


Descendants of JOHN B. BERGEN (427), and Sarah 
Stryker^ of near Cranbury, N. J. : — 

448. George I. Bergen, b. June i6th, 1764, bap. 
Oct. 4, 1767, by the Rev. Mr. Van Harlingen ; d. Feb., 
1825 ; m. 1789, Rebecca^ dau. of Judge Jonathan Combs,' 
of Middlesex county, N. J. His widow two years after 
his decease m. the Rev. Mr. Kenner, a Baptist preacher 
from Virginia, and d. in 1846. He was near six feet in 
height, energetic, persevering, religious, and with his wife, 
members of the church from early youth, training their 
children to serve their Creator. The ancestor of Jonathan 

'In 1679, Francis Combs, a cooper was granted lands in Newtown, Long Is- 
land, to induce him to settle there and ply his trade for the convenience of the 
settlement. He d. in 1700, and his two sons, Francis and Thomas, settled in 
Hopewell, N. J. In 1729, Thomas Combs, of Freehold, N. J., for £50, con- 
veyed lands in Hempstead to Join Combs of Madnans neck of said town, as 
per Hempstead records. 

There was a yuhn Combs of East Hampton, N. Y., as early as 1675, ^ Daniel 
Combs in Hempstead in 1708, a Richard Combs in Hempstead in 1709, and a 
Richard Combs in Jamaica in 17 18. 

In 1777, John Combs was a member of the revolutionary committee of 
safety of New Jersey, and at the same period a Soloman Combs was a resident of 
Monmouili county. 

There was a Joseph Combs among the early settlers of Brookhaven in 1655. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 423 

Combs, it is said, came from Scotland, in the old ship Cale- 
donia, which brought the first emigrants from the land of 
stern Presbyterianism ; they seeking a home in the wild 
country away from the intolerance of Papal and Episcopal 
power and persecution. 

When George I. approached manhood, in consequence 
of his health not being considered good enough for a farmer, 
he taught school for several years. After he was married 
he became a country merchant, and established the first 
store at Hightstown, Mercer county, N. J., two miles south 
of Cranbury and ten east of Princeton. Here he prospered 
for eight years, having no competitors. Then he rented his 
property at Hightstown for three years, and with his brother 
Abram, joined in the purchase of a farm two miles distant, 
on which were grist and saw mills, cider works and distillery, 
tan yards and store. To this place he expected to carry his 
customers with him, but he was disappointed, three new 
stores being started in Hightstown when he left. On the 
termination of his lease he sold out his interest in the farm 
and distilleries, and returned to his old location, but he never 
recovered his old stand point in trade. Consequently three 
years afterwards he sold out, and bought at Pluckermine, in 
Somerset county, eighteen miles west of New Brunswick, 
a farm of seventy acres, with good improvements and a 
capacious store. Here he carried on a large and prosperous 
business, several stores in the country around closed, and to 
prevent competition he set up another small store four miles 
distant. He dealt largely in pork and other produce, our 
country at the time supplying Napoleon's, and the other 
European armies with food. Money was plenty and prices 
high. Down came the embargo in 1808, followed bv the 
non-intercourse act ; then in 181 2 the war, and in 18 15 the 
sudden peace, on which the whole country was flooded with 
British goods. The result was, that he, together with his 

424 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

son, David, who at the time was a merchant in New Bruns- 
wick, with many others who were engaged in business, failed. 
To retrieve their fortunes, George I., his son David, and 
two married sisters, with their families left New Jersey in 
June, 1818, for Kentucky, where his sister Margaret and 
her husband John Voorhees, and two sisters of his wife, 
Rebecca Combs, with their husbands, Peter Conover and 
Peter Cox, then resided ; they having emigrated in 1790, 
to settle at Red Stone, near the present Wheeling, then the 
ultima thule. There they tarried less than a year. Peter 
Conover ' and Peter Cox ^ were among the first who made 
their boats and rafts to go down the Ohio river. 

At the time George I, emigrated, they resided in Wood- 
ford county, Kentucky, within twelve miles of Lexington. 

' Peter Conoiier, was a son of John Conover, said John being one of the sons 
of William Gerretse and Altie lirinckerhotf, a grandson of Gerret Wolfersen 
and Altie Cornelise Cool, and a great grandson of Wolfert Gerretse Van Cou- 
wenlioven, the common ancestor of the family in this country, referred to in 
the foot notes under Catharine Bergen (210), and Gerrit Couwenhoven, and 
Ann Bergen (241), and George Kouwenhoven, descendants of Michael Hansen 
Bergen (5). 

yohn Cono'ver, son of William Gerretse, was b. April 9, 1681, m. (sup.) 
Coba or Jacoba Vanderveer, and settled on a farm in Monmouth county, N. J., 
in 1705, on which a I'cter Conover now (1866) resides, and was a member of 
the Reformed Dutch Church of Freehold m i 709. Juhn had children : William 
who m. Sicha Lane j Tryntje, bap. Oct. 30, 1 709 ; Cornells, bap. April 6, 1 7 1 2 ; 
Peier, bap. Dec. 5, 1714, m. Rebecca, dau. of Judge Jonathan Combs; Jan, 
bap. April I2, 1719, d. young; Jan, bap. June 7, 1724; Jacob; Dominicus, 
m. Mary Updike ; and Garret of New Jersey, m. ( 1st), Nelly Van Mater, (2d), 
Ann, dau. of I'eter Schenck. 

yobri Cuiw-vo's children, except Tryntje and Garret, appear to have at first 
resided at Peiin's Neck, and then to have removed to Kentucky, and subse- 
quently some of them to Illinois ; Garret and his descendants remaining in New 

Feter, son of John Conover and Jacoba, finally settled in Illinois, and had 
children, Jonathan Combs who m. Sept. 16, 1818, Martlia (496), dau. of George 
I. Bergen (448); Mary Ann, wlio m. Dec. l, 1 8 19, Jonathan Combs Bergen 
(495); and probably others. 

" DtuiicI Coxe, one of the proprietors of East New Jersey, in 1687, purchased 
the intcicst of the heirs of Edward Byllings in the land and government, and 
administered the latter by deputy until 1690, wlien lie disposed of his interest 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 425 

Within a year these families intermarried. Old Major 
Conover was a large landholder and reputed to be rich, but 
in the troublesome times then in Kentucky, and by old 
Virginia land claims, the result was his castle fell, and he 
determined in 1824, to sell his homestead, and all his, and 
George I.'s family decided to make their home in Indiana. 
The old major, his son Jonathan Combs Conover, who had 
married Martha, a daughter of George I., and Jonathan 
Combs Bergen (son of George I.), who had married Mary 
Ann, a daughter of the major, and George I., constituted the 
exploring party. They parched corn, ground it in their hand 
mills and mixed it with plenty of maple sugar, filled their 
saddle bags with it and other food, and set out on their ex- 
pedition. They made a stand near where Indianapolis, the 
seat of government now is. One night, while they were 
around the fire, where they were making their claim, they 
were suddenly roused by the cry of " who's here," — hoosier^ — ■ 
and from this has come the name of the Indianians — Hoo- 
siers. The lone traveler on horseback spent the night with 
them. Said he, "What are you doing here ?" " Making a 
claim for settlement." " Why will you do it in this tower- 
ing forest, where the trees are so tall and thick on the 
ground that the sun can never penetrate to the earth ; where 

to a company. This Peter may be one of his descendants. (See p. 1 54 of 
Whiteheads East New Jersey.) There was a Col. John Cox of New Jersey, in 
the American army of the revolutiun. A Juiefih Cox of Hunterdon, in 1777 was 
tonfwicd in liuriinytoii jail for dia-ilRction to the American cause, and after- 
wards rele.iscd on taking tlic oath of allegiance. In I 674, ^nna Cox, of Dutch 
descent, owned a first class house and lot on Broadway, between Battery place 
and Rector street, and was estimated to be worth ,'15000 (Valentine's History 
City New York, p. 323.) A John Cox was one of the twelve men and twenty- 
four associates who purchased of the Indians in 1667, Middletown, Monmouth 
county. New Jersey. (Historical Collection New Jersey, by J. W. Barber, p. 
355.) This John Cox was one of the freeholders of Gravesend in 1656. Tliere 
was a fyil/iaiN Coxa aged 26, who came to Virginia from England in tlie 
Godipced in l6lo, and a Fruruis Cox, a ticket of leave man, who came to New 
England in the John & Jamti, from Barbadoes in li>-]<-). (llottcn's Lists of 
Emigrants, pp. 255 and 360.) 

426 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

before you can open a farm you will all be gray among the 
stumps, when by going 150 miles west you will find the 
most beautiful prairie land all ready for the plough ? " Said 
one in reply, " We have heard of the Sangamy country, by 
the rangers from the Indian war, but we have heard it is 
very wet and sickly," " Go and see for yourselves, I have 
just come from there." The result was, that next morn- 
ing they mounted their horses, and by their pocket compass 
steered due west, and in one year from that time, they and 
their families were settled on a beautiful prairie, about 30 
miles west of Springfield, Illinois, which they named Jersey 
prairie. Such is a brief detail of the circumstances which 
led one branch of the Bergen family, as given by the Rev. 
John G. Bergen, son of George I., to the great west. 
Issue: — (All b. in New Jersey.) 

491. I. John G., b. Nov. 27, 1790. 

492. II. Catharine Conover, b. July 8, 1792. 

493. in. David Combs, b. Jan. 2, 1795. 

494. IV. Margaret, b. 1796. 

495. V. Jonathan Combs, b. May 20, 1799. 

496. VI. Martha D., b. June 14, 1801. 

497. VII. Abram Stryker, b. Aug. 17, 1804. 

498. VIII. Sarah Baldwin, b. Jan. 26, 1807. 

499. IX. George SpafFord Woodhull, b. July 6, 1809. 

500. X. Ida Van Ness, b. Oct. 14, 1811. 

501. XI. Anna Henderson, b. 1815. 

449. Ann AM I. Bergen, b. Oct. 4th, 1767; bap. by 
the Rev. J. M. Van Harlingen, in Sourland Meeting 
House, d. April 13th, 1826; m. (rst), April 17th, 1778, 
Catharine Voorhees^ who d. May 4th, 1792 ; m. (2d), April 
7th, 1796, Hannah^ dau. of Jacob Fisher,' b. Feb. 28th, 
1772; d. Sept. nth, 1849. 

» There were several Fishers who settled in Virfjinia. Among them a Rubt. 
Fisher, who came over in the Elizabeth, in i6li, and Katharine, his wife, and 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 427 

years a 



a farmer near Cranbury, New Jersey, and for many 
trustee and elder in the Presbyterian Church in said 

I. Sarah (by ist wife), b. Jan. 15, 1789. 

n. Mary (by 2d wife), b. Jan. 19, 1797. 
in, John A., b. Sept. 21, 1799. 
IV. Jacob F., b. May 27, 1802. 

V. Margaret, b. Sept. 5, 1805. 

VI. Caroline, b. Sept. 16, 1808. 

VII. David F., b. Dec. 12, 181 3, d. March 
VIII. Hannah Virginia, b. Jan. 25, 181 5. 

450. Margaret Bergen, b. Nov. 7th, 1769; bap. by 
Rev. J. M. Van Harlingen in Sourland Church ; d. 
March 20th, 1805; m. John Voorhees^ and emigrated to 
Kentucky ; no issue. 

451. John I. Bergen, b. June i8th, 1773; ^^P- '" 
Cranbury, by the Rev. Mr. Tennent, d. Aug. 8th, 1840; 
m. Mary Mershon^' b. July 17th, 1775; d. Oct. i8th, 

Sisly, his daughter, in 1621 ; Edward Fisbcr and Henry Fisher, who resided in 
Virginia, in 1623; j^obn Fisher, who resided on the Eastern shore in 1623; 
Ed. Fisher, aged 35 years, and Robert Fisher, aged 34 years, from London in 
the Bonaiienture in 1634; Gabriel Fisher, from London in the Safety, in 1635 j 
and fVm. Fisher, aged 25 years, in the Abraham in the same year. (See Hot- 
ten's Lists of Emigrants, pp. 36, 122, 138, 171, 177, 188, 210, and 218.) 

There was a 'Johannes Fisher, residing at six mile run in 1703, and a Hen- 
drick Fisher, deacon of the Reformed Dutcli Churcli of New Brunswick in 
1722, and an elder 'in 1727, 35, 42, 53, 57 and 65. (See Rev. Dr. Steele's 
Historic Discourse, p. 206.) 

' A " Hendrick Marsban " or Alersbon had a son Andries, bap. in the Raritan 
Reformed Dutch Church, Aug. 6, 1706. A Henry Mersbon was among the 
grand jurors at the first court, held in Trenton in 171 9. A Mary " Morshan," 
widow oi Aaron Alorshan, who lately belonged to Captain B. Van Clcve's Com- 
pany of militia, and was killed in the battle of Long Ibland, Aug. I, 1776, and 
left with three small cliildren, was allowed by the revolutionary committee of 
Safety X15. (See Minutes of Council of Safety of New Jersey, p. i8i.) 

428 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

1824, sister of Samuel Mershon, who m. Margaret (475), 
dau. of Jacob Bergen (430), and Elizabeth Cowenhoven. 

Was a farmer at Scott's corner, Middlesex county, New 
Jersey, about four miles from Cranbury. 

Issue : — 

510. I. Maria Schenck, b. Sept. 27, 1797. 

511. II. Enoch, b. Feb. 28, 1801. 

512. III. Christopher, b. June 2, 1803. 

513. IV. Samuel Mershon, b. Nov. 16, 1805. 

514. V. Ellas, b. Sept. 8, 1808. 

515. VI. Sarah Strykcr, b. Sept. 29, 1810. 

516. VII. John Schenck, b. , 1814, d. , i8i6. 

517. viu. William Elwood, b, Nov. 13, 1816. 

452. Idah Bergen, b, Nov. 22d, 1775 ; bap. in Cran- 
bury, by the Rev. Mr. Smith; d. Oct. 12th, 1852; m. 
March 13th, 1794, "John Van Nest^ of Cranbury, N. J., 
who d. Oct. 28th, 1821. 

Issue : — 

I. Elias Van Nest, of Dutch Neck, blacksmith, b. Dec. 27, 1794, 
d. Jan. 5, 1826, m. , Sarah Schenck, and had children: Ma- 
tilda Van Nest, John Van Nest, George Van Nest, and Elias Van 
Nest, who have removed from the place of their birth. 

' Victer Van Neis or " Van Nest " (as written by himself), came to this coun- 
try from the Netherlands, in 1647, m. Judith, dau. of Joris Janse Rapalie, who 
was b. July 5, 1635, and settled in Brooklyn, where his name appears among 
those who took the oath of allegiance in 1687. His son Fitter Van Nest, Jun., 
m. April 13, 1684, Margaretje Chrocheron, from Flanders, and a resident of 
Staten Island. He left Brooklyn, settled on the Raritan previous to his mar- 
riage with Margaretje, was a deputy for Somerset in the assembly of East New 
Jersey, in 1698, and from him and his brotjier Hironimus, who had a dau. 
Judith, bap. in the Reformed Dutch Church of the Raritans, March 8, 1699, 
are probably descended tiie New Jersey family of Van Ness or Neste. 

Tliere also emigrated to this country fron) Embcrlandt, a Hendrick Gerritzen 
Van Ness, who m. April 19, 1654, Annekcn Wcsscls of Colen, as jh-T Mar- 
riage Records of Reformed Dutch Church of New York. 

Nes is a village of 150 inhabitants in 1841, in Friesland, in the Netherlands. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 429 

II. John Bergen Van Nest, of Dutch Neck, b. March i, 1797, 
d. May 29, 1873, m. (ist), March 26, 1834, Lamniatie Baker, b. 
May 27, 1800, m. (2d), Feb. 10, 1847, Mary Sncdiker. Issue 
by 1st wife: Edward Van Nest, b. March 5, 1838 ; by 2d wife: 

John C.Van Nest, b. , m. , Ahna K. Morris, and has two 

children: Emma Van Nest, b. April 21, 1850, m. Dec. 20, 1871, 
Charles S. Rogers; Lydia C. Van Nest, b. March 20, 1853, m. 
Dec. 29, 1870, James Wyckoff; Lyorah Van Nest, b. Oct. 5, 
1858; Catharine Van Nesst b. Feb. 28, i860; and Sallie E. Van 
Nest, b. fan. 21, 1862. 

III. Abraham Van Nest, farmer of Heightstown, b. Nov. 27, 

1799, d. Feb, 8, 1871, m. , Harriet Dye, and had children: 

Bergen Van Nest, and Vincent Van Nest. 

IV. George Van Nest, blacksmith of West Windsor, b. March 
19, 1802, d. Dec. 31, 1848, m. , Jane, dau. of Peter D. Ber- 
gen, who d. April 15, 1874. Removed to Illinois. 

V. Dina Van Nest, b. July 23, 1804, d. March 22, 1841 ; m. 
Jan. 25, 1825, Isaac J. Snedaker, a farmer of Dutch Neck, and had 
children: John V. Snedaker, b. Jan. 29, 1826 ; Cornelia Snedaker, 
b. March 23, 1827, m. Dec. 18, 1851, Hiram Mount, and has 
issue: John Wesly Mount, b. Nov. 3, 1854, Hiram Mount, b. Dec. 
2, 1862; Anna Maria Snedaker, b. Oct. 7, 1828, d. Oct. 20, 1853, 
single; Sarah Snedaker, b. x^pril 17, 1830, d. July 28, 1853, single ; 
Jacob Snedaker, b. Sept. 15, 1832, m. Jan. 1859, Catharine Hill 
and has issue, Cornelia Snedaker, b. March 11, i860, Cornelius 
Snedaker, b. Oct. 22, 1862, Erleni Snedaker, b, Jan. 1866, and 
Adilaide Snedaker, b. Nov., 1871 ; Catharine Snedaker, b. Sept. 
21, 1834, d. Nov. 12, 1856; Elizabeth Snedaker, b. Sept. 23, 
1836, m. Nov. 2, 1864, William H. Hill, and has issue: David 
Brearly Hill, b. Oct. 2, 1865 ; Maria S. Hill, b. Sept. 14, 1867 ; 
Lilian Hill, b. Dec. 19, 1868 ; and Henry Raymond Hill, b. Aug, 
8,1871; Cecilia Snedaker, b. Feb. 22, 1839, d. June 7, 1862; and 
Ida Bergen Snedaker, b. March 14, 1841, d. Sept. 10, 1841. 

VI. Christopher Van Nest, b. Sept. 21, 1806, d, Aug. 15, 1821. 

VII. Sarah Van Nest, b. Jan. 25, 1808 ; m. Markoo Creechee 
or Creekjce, a Frenchman ; both dead. 


430 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

VIII. Peter Bergen Van Nest, farmer, b. March ii, 1812 ; m. 
Dec. 21, 1842, Nancy Olds, b. Aug. 19, 1824; resides near the 
village of Albany, Whiteside county, III., and has children: George 

D. Van Nest, b. Oct. 26, 1843 ; Henry B. Van Nest, b. Dec. 2, 
1845; Mary Emma Van Nest, b. Feb. 3, 1848, d. March 26, 
1848 ; Emma Ida Van Nest, b. April 2, 1849 ; Chester O. Van 
Nest, b. Oct. 2, 1851, d. Jan. 7, 1853 ; Lovicio Van Nest, b. Jan. 
4, 1854; Sarah E. Van Nest, b. Aug. 3, 1856.; Walter C. Van 
Nest, b. June 17, 1859; Willis W. Van Nest, b. Oct. 2, 1862 ; 
and John F. Van Nest, b. April 29, 1865, 

IX. Maria Van Nest, b. June 8, 1814; m. Nov. 9, 1841, after the 
death of her sister Dina, Isaac J. Snedaker, and has children : George 

E. Snedaker, b. Oct. 23, 1843; Mary E. Snedaker, b. July 31, 
184^ ; and Amanda Bergen Snedaker, b. March 22, 1850, d. June 
22, 1853. 

X Catharine Van Nest, b. July 19, 18 18, d. Dec. 17, 1851, m. 
Jan. 26, 1843, William Perrine, of Dutch Neck, b. Dec. 2, 1 814, 
d. May 19, 1 87 1, and had children, Vincent Perrine, b. Nov. 7, 
1843 ; Margaret Perrine, b. Oct, 12, 1845 ; John V. Perrine, b. 
Dec. 25, 1847 ; and William Winfield Perrine, b. Sept. 8, 1850, 
d. July 30, 1853. 

453. Peter I. Bergen, b. July 10, 1779, bap. in Cran- 
bury, by the Rev. Mr. Smith; d. Aug. 10, 1855; "^' 
May 27, 1802, Anna Co)iovcr^ dau. of Garret Conover' and 
Lammatie Bergen (436) of Dutch Neck, b. Nov. 17, 1782, 
d. Jan. 18, 1855. 

Was a farmer at Dutch Neck, N. J. ; a short, fleshy, 
and active man, and an elder and the principal support of 
the church at that place. 

Issue : — 

518. I. Garret, b. May 21, 1804. 

519. u, John C, b. Oct. 10, 1807. 

520. 111. Laminatta, b. Jan. 31, 1812. 

'Sec foot note unilcr Jacob Hcrgen (430), (of the 5th generation), and Eli/a- 
bctli Conover, dau. of Lucas, and granddaughter of William, of Flatlands. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 431 

521. IV. Sarah, b. Dec. 16, 1814. 

522. V. George, b. April 2, 18 18. 

454. Jacob I. Bergen, b. Nov. g, 1782 ; bap. in Cran- 
bury, by the Rev. Mr. Smith ; d. April 13, 1836 ; m. Feb. 
4, 1806, Syche (^So)^ dau, of John Bergen (440), of White- 
house, N. J., b. April 17, 1784, d. about 1868. 

Was a portion of his life a farmer near Cranbury, N. J., 
inheriting and occupying the farm on which his father re- 
sided, afterwards removed to Milltocon near New Bruns- 
wick, and a number of years a member of the consistory of 
the Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of said city, of which 
he and his wife became members Oct. 20, 1810. 

Issue : — 

523. I. Cornelia, b. Dec. 13th, 1806. 

524. n, John W., b. June 28th, 1808. 

525. ni. Abram, b. July 12th, 1810. 

526. IV. Matthew Egerton, b. Dec. 25th, 1813. 

527. v. Simon Hillyer, b. June 13th, 1816. 

528. VI. Sara Maria, b. Oct. 6th, 1821. 

455. Christopher I. Bergen, b. April 27th, 1785, 
bap. in Cranbury, by the Rev. Mr. Smith ; d. Dec. 24th, 
1844 ; m. Aug. 25th, 1808, Mary Disbrow^' dau. of Samuel 

» An Isaac Disbrough, husbandman, aged 18 years, emigrated to New England 
from Eltisley, a parish in the Hundred of Longstow, England, in April, 1635. 
(Hutten's Lists of Emigrants, p. 46.) 

A Henry Dhboruiu, Dcsbiu, or Vesbrovj, resided in Hempstead, L. I., as 
early as 1680. 

A Henry Dhbroiu for " uttering words tending to depreciate the continental 
money," was on the 1st of June, 1778, in consequence of being considered too 
dangerous to go at large, committed by order of the governor and council to 
Trenton jail, which, on his request, was changed to Somerset jail. July i, 1778, 
the council agreed on Disbrow's paying a fine of £6 to Justice Van Nest for 
refusing to take continental currency, "and on his taking the oaths of abjura- 
tion and allegiance," and "entering into recognizance with two sureties in £300 
cash for his good behaviour during the war," he be discharged from jail. (Mi- 
nutes of Council of Safety of New Jersey, pp. 264 and z66.) 

432 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Disbrow and Ann Sutphen, b. Oct. nth, 1789, d. April 
8th, 1846. 

Was a farmer at Cranbury Neck, N. J., occupying the 
homestead of his father. 

Has issue : — 

529. I. Samuel Disbrow, b. Aug. 25th, 1809. 

53 + 

II. Sarah A., b. Feb. ist, 1811, 

III. Ida Van Nest, b. Jan. 25th, 1813. 

IV. Alfred, b. Sept. 2d, 1815. 

V. John Stryker, b. Oct. 21st, 1819. 

VI. James Williamsen, b. Jan. 16th, 1823. 

VII. Symmes Henry, b. July 15th, 1826. 
VIII. Mary, b. Jan. 20th, 1828. 

IX. Elizabeth Voorhees, b. Jan. 2d, 1830. 


Descendants of PETER BERGEN (428), and Jane Vc 
Nuyse^ of near Cranbury, Somerset county, N. J. ; — 

456. George Bergen, b. March 11, 1763; d. Sept. 
30, 1804; m. 1785, y^/(vr^(7;'^/ (462), dau. of George Bergen 
(429), and Lena Hoogland, of Penn's Neck,' b. April 13, 
1765, d. Feb. 22, 1853. 

About 1790, emigrated to Kentucky, stopping at first at 
Limestone, now Maysville, then to the central part of the 
state settling at Cove Spring, Mercer county. From thence 
in 1799, he removed to Henry county in said state. About 
this period he went back to New Jersey on a visit, where 
he died. There is a flourishing pear tree on his old firm 
in Kentucky of his grafting, bearing an abundance of fruit. 

Issue : — 

538. I. George, b. Sept 2, 1786. 

539. II. Peter, b. Nov. 21, 1788. 

• I'ciiii's Neck ia a sort of pcniiisul.i in Sali.'in county, between the- Delaware 
on the west and Salem creek un tlie buuth and east, the name being derived 

9Ti<f* li 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 433 

540. in. Garret Conover, b. July 17, 1792. 

541. IV. John, b. Jan. 23, 1795. 

542. V. Christopher, b. Feb. 18, 1798. 

543. VI. Jacob, b. Aug. i, 1801. 

457. John P. Bergen, b. Sept. 30th, 1765; d. Jan. 
nth, 1850; m. Jan. lOth, 1788, Anna Conover^ dau. of 
William of Cranbury Neck, b. June 10, 1770, d. Nov. 
24, i860. (William Conover, d. May 10, 1803.) Was 
a farmer at Cranbury Neck, Middlesex county, N. J., two 
miles from the village of Cranbury. 

Issue : — 

544. I. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 31, 1789. 

545. II. Peter C, b. Aug. 21, 1792. 

458. Martha Bergen, b. ; m. John Bayley or 

Baily^ now deceased. 

Issue : — 
I. Samuel Bayley. 
u. Enoch Bayley. 

III. William Bayley. ' ■' 

IV. John Bayley. 

V. Isabel Bayley. 

VI. Peter Bayley. 
VII. Anna Bayley. 

VIM. Garret Bayley, m. Elizabeth Smith. 

459. Margaret P. Bergen, b. ; m. John Duncan. 

Issue : — 

I. Peter Duncan, farmer in the vicinity of Cranbury. 
II. John Duncan, farmer in the vicinity of Cranbury. 

from Wm. Penn in consequence of that strip of land being given to him to 
occupy .md settle witii people. Some of the land is low and maraliy, and other 
portions sandy and naturally poor. 

434 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

460. Jane Bergen, b. ; m. Henry Davis, and d. 

prior to 1813, the date of her father's will, leaving surviving 
issue, of whom no trace. 

461. Peter P. Bergen, b. July 28th, 1783 ; d. Jan. 
15th, 1837 ; m. (ist), March 30th, 1803, Nancy Dey,' b. 
Dec. 30th, 1785, d. Anarch loth, 1820 ; m. (2d), March 
19th, 1821, Theodosia Hulei, w'ld. of Vincent Dey, b. Aug. 
2rst, 1788, d. March 10th, 1835; m. (3d), April 20, 1836, 
E/L-n lP^yckolf\ who d. Aug., 1848. 

issue by ist wife : — 

546. I. Catharine, b. April 2d, 1805. 

547. II. Jane, b. June ip^th, 1807. 

548. in, Elizabeth, b. Nov. 17th, 18 10. 

549. IV. John, b. April 23d, 1812. 

550. V. William, b. Dec. 28th, 1814. 

551. VI. Henry D., b. July 23d, 1817. 

552. vn. Ann, b. Feb. i8ch, 1820 ; d. June 20th, 1820. 

Children by 2d wife : — 

553. VIII. Vincent D., b. Dec. 29th, 1821. 

554. IX. Peter T., b. Sept. 29th, 1824. 

555. X. Caroline, b. May 9th, 1829 

Descendants of GEORGE BERGEN (429), and Lena 
Hoogland, of near Penn's Neck, N. J. : — 

462. Margaret Bergen, b. April 13th, 1765; d. 
Feb. 22, 1853; '^- ^7^5i George {\c^^\ son of Peter 

' The common ancestor of the Dey family of this country was Derrick Dcy, 
whose widow Greetje Langendyck resided in 1686 in William street, below 
Wall, in New York. His son Teunis Dey, of New Amsterdam, m. Feb. 4, 
1685, Anneken Schouten, and had children; Derrick, bap. March 27, 1687, 
and Sara, bap. June 10, 1688. One of his descendants appears to have removed 
to the Raritans, for April 12, 1716, William, son of William Dcy, and July 
31, I7>7> Maria, dau. of said William, were bap. in the Reformed Dutch 
Church of the Raritans, from one of whom Nancy Dey was probably descended. 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 435 

Bergen and Jane Van Nuyse, and emigrated west. For, 
issue, see George Bergen (456). 

463. John G. Bergen, b. April 3d, 1767; d. April 
24th, 1812; m. Dec. 23, I jSg^ Elizabeth Comver^h. Feb. 
21, 1773. Was a miller and farmer at Dutch Neck, after- 
wards a distiller and storekeeper at Hightstown. 

Issue : — 

556. I. Lammetie, b. Sept. 3, 1792. 

557. II Helena, b. May 3, 1794- 

558. HI, Rutes, b. Sept. 17, 1796. 

464. George G. Bergen, b. March 19, 1769 ; d. Sept. 

21, 1851 ; m. (ist), , Marshia Scudder^ who d. Sept. 

8, 1809 ; m. (2d), — ^— , 1 8 10, Elizabeth Scudder^ b. Nov. 

19, 1776, d. Nov. 30, 1824 ; m. (3d), , Polly or 

Mary Conover^ wid. of Gerret Schenck, and dau. of Mahlon 
Conover, farmer of near Princeton, b. Feb. 8, 1766, d. 
March 22, 1855, by whom no issue. George C, was a farmer 
at Dutch Neck until the latter part of his life, when he 
kept a store at said place. 

Issue by ist wife : — 

759. I. Joseph S., b. Aug. 12, 1793. 

' The Seudderi in this country are probably all descendants of John Scuddcr, 
b. 1619, came from London to New England in 1635 (Rikers Newtown, p. 94), 
thence to Brookhaven, Long Island, where his name appears among the first 
settlers in 1655 (Thompson's Long Island, vol. i, p. 409), and thence to Mes- 
pat Kils, Newtown. He d. about 1700, and had sons: Samuel and John. 
Samuel m. Fhebe, dau. of Edward Titus, of Westbury, L. I., d. Aug. 31, 1764, 
having issue: Samuel, Mary, Sarah, and Deborah. John, m. 1669, Joanna, 
dau. of Capt. Richard Betts, of Jamaica, d. in 1732, having issue : John, who 
d. in 1739, settled at Elizabethtown, N. J., and had sons: John, Thomas, and 
Richard, and probably other children. 

There was a Richard Scuddcr, in Trenton, N. J., in 1700, and in 1719 he 
was one of the grand jurors of the first court, held there. 

A Nathaniel Scuddcr was one of the members of the revolutionary council of 
New Jcibcy, in 1777, and May i of said year it was ordered that he be paid for 
40 days attendance at meetings of the board. 

436 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

560. II. Lydia, b. Sept. 10, 1794. 

561. III. Elijah v., b. Oct. i, 1796, d. Nov. 20, 1798. 

562. IV. Sarah, b. Nov. 22, 1798. 

563. V. Elijah, b. April 9, 1800. 

564. VI. Israel, b. Jan. 25, 1804, d. May 16, 1805. 

565. VII. I'llcnor, b. July 22, 1806. 

566. viii. Mary, b. F'cb. 23, 1 808. 

567. IX. Richard, b. Aug. 9, 1809 ; d. Nov. 8, 1809. 

By 2d wife : — 

568. X. Hannah, b. Dec. 24, 1810. 

569. XI. Eliza or Elizabeth, b. March 19, 1813. I 

570. XII. William G., b. Sept. 3, 181 5. | 

571. XIII. Isaac H., b. Feb. 23, 1819. i 

465. Christopher G. Bergen, b. July 2, 1771, d. 
Aug. 20, 1833 ; m. about 1796, Anna Vanarsdall^"- b. Dec. 
23, 1779, d. June 17, 1835. Emigrated at first to Ken- 
tucky, afterwards to Indiana where he was a farmer in 
Jefferson county, near Hanover or Madison. 

Issue : — 

572. I. George, b. July 21, 1797. 

573. II. Rachel R., b. Dec. 22, 1799. 

574. III. Elenor, b. Feb. 4, 1802; m. (1st), S. S. Riker ; m. 
(2d), Nov. 25, 1856, Garret Conovcr Bergen (540), by whom no 

575. IV. Mary, b. June 14, 1804. 

576. V. Simeon, b. March 24, 1806. 

577. VI Margaret, b. Feb. 12, 1808. 

'■ Hymen 'Jansc/j Van ArsdciUn, the common ancestor of the Van Arsdalen 
family of this country, emigrated in 1653, m. Fietertje Claasen Wyckoff (a sis- 
ter of Pieter Claesen Wyckoff, the common ancestor of the Wyckoff family), 
and settled in Flatlands, where he owned a farm. None of his descendants at 
present reside in the country towns of Kings county, but they are to be found in 
New Jersey. Ajiril 7, 1737, WillK-lnius, son of Abraliam Arsdale and 
C.itcleyiiti-, and June 25, 1738, I'iiiliims, sun of I'liilippua V.m Arsd.ilc and 
Janetje, weie bap. in the Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of tiic Raritans. 




JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 437 

VII. Sarah, b Sept. 27, 1810, d. Oct. 10, 1810. 
vin. Anna H., b. July 12, 1812. 

IX John, b. March i, 18 15. 

X. Theodorus W., b. July 20, 1817. 

XI. Rachel, b. Feb. 6, 1821, d. same day. 

466. Peter Bergen, b. Feb. 24th, 1774; d. young. 

467. Dinah Bergen, b. Sept. 30, 1775; d. ; m. 

Aug. 8, 1792, Elijah Foorhies^ son of Coert of Dutch Neck, 
who m. (2d), Sarah Van Nest, and d. Dec. 21, 1848. 

Issue : — 
I. Eli Voorhies, b. ; d. single, Jan. 3, 1836 

II. Catharine Voorhies, b. ; d. April 11, 1832 ; m. Vin- 
cent Perrine wiiose son Elijah V. Pcrrine, m. Mary Ann, dau. of 
John A. Bergen. 

III. Margaret Voorhies ; m. Joseph Mount. 

IV. Dinah Voorhies (by 2d wife). 

468. Sarah Bergen, b. July 16, 1778. 

469. Mary Bergen, b. May 5th, 1780 ; m. Nathan 
Davis^ m. (2d), John Voorhees, of Kentucky, by whom no 

Issue by 1st husband: — 

1. Ida Davis, b. June 18, 1798 ; m. Humphrey Mount, brother 
of Joseph Mount. 

II. isiiac Davis, b. Fob. 12, 1800. 
III. George Davis, b. Feb. 23, 1802. 

' May 18, 171 5, " Tam'mes Da-vits" an adult, was bap. on confession of faith, 
and Oct. 15, 1738, Petrus, son of Jores Da-viJsc and Judick, was bap. in the 
Reformed Dutch Church of the Raritans. In 1717, Thomas Da-vidts and 
Annatie his wife ("of the river and Lawrence Brook,") were members of the 
Reformed Dutch Church of New Brunsuick. M.iy 22, 1730, Mo«es, son of 
Thomas Davidts, was bap. in the Reformed Dutch Church of Freehold, of 
which chinch Thomas was a deacon in 1725. 


on flnodw yd ^^i-juKia^ ': 


438 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

IV. Gertrude Davis, b. July 5, 1804. j 

V. John W.Davis, b. Oct. 14, 1806 ; m. (ist), Feb. 14, 1828, 
Mary McCabe who d. Sept. 14, 1852; m. (2d), Anna Perrine, 
resides at Hightstown. Issue by 1st wife : Elizabeth Davis, b. Feb. 
4, 1829, m. Charles Yard ; Lydia Ann Davis, b. Dec. 14, 1831, 
m. George Voorhies ; Mary Jane Davis, b. April 4, 1833, d. Jan. 
26, 1838 ; George Davis, b. Oct. 14, 1835, ni. Charlotte Holcomb, 
is a farmer in Middlesex county ; Caroline Davis, b. May 14, 
1838 ; Sarah Davis, b. June 28, 1841 ; Mary Davis, b. Nov. 22, 
1842, d. Oct. 16, 1847 ; Voorhecs Davis, b. Dec. 27, 1845 ; and 
Adeline Davis, b. Sept. 22, 1848. 

VI. Lewis Davis, b. Feb. 24, i8og. 

vii. Dinah Davis, b. Marcii 17, 18 ii ; m. John EvcrcJ. 

VIII. Eli Davis, b. March 10, 1813. 

IX. Margaret Davis, m. Edward Holcum. 

470. Ida Bergen, b. Nov. 22d, 1781 ; d. Aug. 25, 
1847; "^' •^P'"'^ i» 1802, Lewis Riggs^ b. Aug. 22, 1778. 
Issue . — 

I. John Riggs, b. Nov. 12, 1802. 
II. Joseph Riggs, b. Aug. 22, 1804. 

III. Helena Riggs, b. Sept. 15, 1806. 

IV. Maria Riggs, b. July 18, i8c8 ; m. John Chamberlin, and 
emigrated to Ohio. 

v. Elias Riggs, b. Sept. 15, 1811 ; m. Rachel Baird. 
VI. Catharine Riggs, b. Nov. 4, 18 13. 

VII. Joseph Riggs, b. June 6, 1816. 

VIII. George Riggs, b. Aug. 27, 1818 ; m. (ist), Lydia Hampton; 
m. (2d), Sarah A. Perrine. Has children : Lidia M. Riggs, b. Feb. 
19, 1856, and Charles W. Riggs, b. June 10, 1859. 

IX. William Riggs, b. March 17, 1821 ; m. Catharine Ann 
Mount. Issue: Henry H. Riggs, b. Oct. 16, 1842; Mary E. 
Riggs, b. Aug 29, 1845 ; Marsena Riggs, b June 4, 1849 ; Adaline 
E. Riggs, b. Sept. 15, i85i,d. March 13, 1853; William M. 
Riggs, b. March 3, 1855 ; and Adaline Riggs, b. Dec. 6, i860. 

The sons of Ida Bergen and Lewis Riggs are all farmers. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 439 

471. Peter G. Bergen, b. Aug. 30th, 1783 ; d. Dec. 
1st 1856; m. Susan Mershon^ who d. April 23d, 1846. 
Was a blacksmith at Perrinesville. 




I. Alice, b. Nov. 9, 1806. 
II George, b. Nov. 9, 1807. 

III. Margaret, b. Oct. 8, 1809 ; d. July 10, 18 12. 

IV. Catharine, b. Nov. 6, 1811 ; d. Feb. 24, 1827. 
V. James M., b. March 3d, 1814; d. . 

VI. Ellen, b. March 10th, 1816. 
VII. John M., b. May 25, 1818. 
vm. Emily, b. Oct. 3d, 1S22. 

IX. William Mount, b. Oct. 7th, 1824. 
X. Gertrude Ann, b. Feb. 23d, 1827. 

XI. Jane Elizabeth, b. May loth, 1829. 

Descendants of JACOB G. BERGEN (430), and 

Van Jrsdale and Elizabeth Conover^ of New Jersey. 

472. Jacob Bergen, b. , 1763 ; d. May 17th, 1851, 

in his 88th year ; m Mary McClow^ widow of Simon Bro- 
kaw, who d. Sept. 12th, 1838, in her 84th year. Simon's 
father, Burgan Brokaw, his descendants say, came from 
Holland, and purchased iioo acres of land in Som- 
erset county, N. J. About 1804, Jacob Bergen purchased 
a farm at Branchville, near the head of the Raritan river, to 
which he removed and on which his son Cornelius (597), now 
(1865) resides. On the baptism of his son Jacob, in the 
Reformed Dutch Church at Somerville, his wife's name is 
entered on the record as Mary Brokaw, and on that of his 
son Cornelius, in the same church, as Mary Mallom. 

Issue : — 

594. I. Jacob, b. Oct. 3, 1794. 

595. II. Simon, b. April 22, 1797. 

440 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

596. III. Mary, b. March 9, 1800. 

597. IV. Cornelius, b. Sept. 12, 1802. 

473. Christopher Bergen, b. . 

According to a tradition, Christopher^ son of Jacob Ber- 
gen (430), had a large family oi children, and settled in one 
of the western states ; there were Bergens, according to the 
Rev. J. G. Bergen (491), residing in Kentucky, not traced, 
who may have been his descendants. 

One of the Iowa Bergens states, he met a man in India- 
napolis, Ind., who said he used to know some years ago 
some Bergens in Decatur county, Ind., two brothers and 
their families, who emigrated first to Iowa, then further 
west, perhaps to Oregon. One of the sons of these men 
was a school mate of his, and always expressed a great de- 
sire to kill an Indian, and true to his impulsive or belligerent 
nature, killed one on the first favorable opportunity. The 
tribe discovering their loss, overtook the train and compelled 
them to deliver the boy, whom they immediately proceeded 
to skin alive, after which performance they let him go. 
With great difficulty he succeeded in overtaking the com- 
pany, but died shortly after. This boy may have been a 
descendant of these Kentucky Bergens, but the story is 
apocryphal, and like most traditions, unreliable. 

474. Mary, Polly or Maria, m. Dr. John Hughes^ 
of Warren county, N. J. 

475. Elizabeth, m. 6'^wW A/tTy/;o«, a brother of Mary 
Mershon, who m. John I. Bergen, (451), and resided in 
Sussex county, N. J. 

475(7. Margaret Ann or Peggy, b. Jan. ist, 1788; 
d. March 22d, 1825; n\. Jan. 13th, 1810, Cocrt A. p'oor- 
hces^ son of Abraham, b. at or near Dutch Neck, whose 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 441 i 

grandfather, Coert Voorhees, was one of the first settlers 
of that place. 

Issue : — 

I. Eliza Voorhees, b. Jan. 25, 181 1, m. May 23, 1830, Samuel 
F. Conover, a farmer and resident of Illinois, and has children : 
John F. Conover, b. April 16, 1833, a printer of Harrisburg, 111., 
and publisher of the Harrisburg Chronicle ; Voorhees Conover, b. 
Feb. 22, 1835, a shoemaker by trade ; Ann Conover, b. Dec. 1 1, 
1837, d. Oct. 22, 1844 ; Fannie M. Conover, b. April 4, 1843, 
resides in Harrisburg, 111., her husband being a carriagemaker; Ber- 
gen Voorhees Conover, b. Jan. 27, 1849,^ d. Sept. 17, 1850. 

II. Jacob Bergen Voorhees, b. Jan. 25, 1813. 

III. Catharine Voorhees, b. March 25, 18 15. 

IV. Abram Voorhees, b. May H* 1817, d. Dec. 14, 1830. 
V. Margaret Voorhees, b. March 4, 1820. 

VI. Jonathan Voorhees,' b. Sept. 8, 1822. 
VII. Maria Voorhees, b. March 15, 1825, d. Sept, 3, 1835. 

Descendants of JOHN BERGEN (440), and Jltie Ra- 
palye^ of Whitehouse, N. J. : 

476. Jane Bergen, b. , 1770 ; d. April 23d, 1851, 

in her 8ist year; m. , Simon Hilly er. 

Issue : — 

I. John B. Hillyer, , m. Hannah Heyer.' 

II. Maria Hillyer, , m. Stephen Emmans, of Gravesend. , 

' Among the early baptisms in the Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of 
Freehold, appear, Oct. 5, 1732, Gylbert, son of John Heyer and Ante de Hart : 
March 25, 1733, Thys; June 27, 1740, Maria; and Oct. 17, 1742, Walter, 
children of Wilm or fVi/Iiam Heyer and Maria van de Ryk : Sept. 11, 1737, 
Thomas; Sept. 21, 1740, Johannes; Oct. 16, 1743, Gerard; and Dec. 25, 
1749, Annatie, children of Johannes Heyer and Elizabeth Van Dyk : and June 
1, 1740, Anatie; June 2, 1745, Walter ; and Nov. 3, 1746, Antye, children of 
Peter Heyer and Aaltje Van Pelt. There was also an Abraham Heyer of the 
New Brunswick Reformed Dutch Cliurch in 1732. 

442 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

III. William Hillyer, , m. x\nn Davis, and resides at Bound- 
brook, N. J. 

477. Evert Bergen, b. June 23d, 1771; d. March 3d, 
1856; m. Jan. 5th, 1793, Nancy or Ann Van Deursen^ b. 
March 21st, 1769; d. July i6th, 1861. Was a farmer at 
Whitehouse, N. J., near Somerville. 

According to the historical sermon of the Rev. W. W. 
Blauvelt, Evert Bergen became an attendant of the Presby- 
terian church of Bcdminster or Lamington in 1798, during 
the administration of. the Rev. Wm. Boyd. In 1841, he 
was a deacon in the Reformed Dutch Church of Hills- 

Issue : — 

598. I. John, b. Dec. 3, 1793. 

599. n. William, b. Sept. i 1, 1795. 

600. HI. Ann, b. Sept. 16, 1797. 

601. IV. James, b. Nov. 27, 1799. t*. ziU, »i>ij. 

602. V. Maria, b. Nov. 20, 1801. 

603. VI. Alctta, b. May 9, 1804. 

604. VII. Staats, b. July 15, 1806. 

^ Ann Van Deunen was a dau. of William Van Deursen and Ann Stryker. 
William Van Deursen was b. April, 1736, d. Oct. 17, 1816, m. March 28, 
1766, Ann Stryker, b. May 4, 1745, and had children: Henry, b. Dec. 30, 
1767 j Ann, b. March 21, 1769 ; and Staats, b. June I, 1773. Ann Stryker 
may have been a dau. of Peter Stryker, b. Sept. 14,1705, and Antie Doremer,who 
settled on the Raritan at an early period. The names of Wm. Van Deursen 
and Ann Stryker appear on a list of communicants of the First Reformed Dutch 
Church of New Brunswick of May i, 1794. There w.13 a " Pictcr Abrahamsen 
Van Duurscn," of New York, who m. Sept. 19, 1666, Hester Webbers, and 
who had a dau. Wyntje, bap. there, Se|)t. 21, 1669; also a Mattheus Abra- 
hamse Van Deusen, at Fort Oranye, in 1657, who had brothers : Metgert and 
Jacob. There was a Hendrick and Abraham Van Deursen on the list of fami- 
lies in the congregation of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Brunswick, in 
1732-35, having settled tliere about 1730. (Steele's Historical Discourse, p. 

Deursen is a hamlet in Noord Braband, in the Netherlands, of 410 inhabi- 
tants in 1841. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 443 

605. VIII. Jane, b. May 6, 1808. 

606. IX. George, b. May 13, 1810. 

478. Maria Bergen, b. , 1772; d. July 30th, 

1856, in her 84th year ; m. , Matthew Egerton. Joined 

the First Reformed Dutch church of New Brunswick, 
Oct. 20, 1822. 

Issue: — 

I. John Egerton. 

II. Evert Egerton. 
HI. William Egerton. 

479. Cornelius Bergen, b. April 29th, 1775 ; d. Jan, 
31st, 1831 ; m. Nov. 5th, 181 1, Nancy Hart^ She be- 
came a member of the First Reformed Dutch Church of 
New Brunswick, Nov. 7, 1818. Was a farmer near Som- 
erville, N. J. 

Issue : — 

607. 1. Alche or Aleita Rapalje, b. Feb. 23d, 1813. 

608. II. Susanna, b. Aug. 13th, 1816. 

609. HI. John C, b. Dec. 15th, 1820. 

610. IV. Cornelius, b. Nov. 1st, 1822. 

611. V. James, b. Nov. loth, 1823. 
6i2. VI. Maria E., b. Oct. 27th, 1825. 
613. VII. Abagail, b. Oct. 13th, 1828. 

'A John Hart emigrated from England to New England, in 1 63 1; yo. 
Hart^ shoemaker, aged 40 years, and Mary his wife, aged 31 years, in the 
James, from London, in 1635 j John Hart, aged 24 years, servant of Jolin 
Browne in the Defense, from London, in 1635 ; and hucke Hunt, aged 22 years, 
servant of Richard Carucar, from England, in 1637, all to New England. 
(Hottcn's Emigrants, pp. 91, 94, 108, 137, 149, and 291.) 

There was a Casper Hart, in New York, in 1686, who was naturalized with 
liberty to trade and traffic. A Thomas Hart, was one of the proprietors of East 
New Jersey. A John Hart was a member of the revolutionary council of 
safety of New Jersey, and May I, 1777 was allowed £9 12. s for twenty-six 
days attendance. A Nathaniel Hart, in 1777, was charged before the council 
of safety, with being a tory, and an Ebenezcr Hart, of Monmouth county, was 
among the patriots. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 443 

605. VIII. Jane, b. May 6, 1808. 

606. IX. George, b. May 13, 1810. 

478. Maria Bergen, b. , 1772; d. July 30th, 

1856, in her 84th year ; m. , Matthew Egerton. Joined 

the First Reformed Dutch church of New Brunswick, 
Oct. 20, 1822. 

Issue : — 

I. John Egerton. 

n. Evert Egerton. 
III. William Egerton. 

479. Cornelius Bergen, b. April 29th, 1775 ; d. Jan. 
31st, 1831 ; m. Nov. 5th, 181 1, Nayicy Hart."^ She be- 
came a member of the First Reformed Dutch Church of 
New Brunswick, Nov. 7, 1818. Was a farmer near Som- 
erville, N. J. 

Issue : — 

607. I, Alche or Aletta Rapalje, b. Feb. 23d, 1813. 

608. II. Susanna, b. Aug. I3tli, 1816. 

609. III. John C, b. Dec. 15th, 1820. 

610. IV. Cornelius, b. Nov. ist, 1822. 

611. V. James, b. Nov. loth, 1823. 

612. VI. Maria E., b. Oct. 27th, 1825. 

613. VII. Abagail, b. Oct. 13th, 1828. 

'A John Hart emigrated from England to New England, in 163 1; Jo. 
Hart, shoemaker, aged 40 years, and Mary his wife, aged 31 years, in the 
James, from London, in 1635; John Hart, aged 24 years, servant of John 
Browne in the Dcfcmc, from London, in 1635 ; and hacke Hunt, aged 22 years, 
servant of Richard Carucar, from England, in 1637, all to New England. 
(Hotten's Emigrants, pp. 91, 94, 108, 137, 149, and 291.) 

There was a Casper Hart, in New York, in 1686, who was naturalized with 
liberty to trade and traffic. A Thomas Hart, was one of the proprietors of East 
New Jersey. A John Hart was a member of the revolutionary council of 
safety of New Jersey, and May I, 1777 was allowed X.<) 12. j for twenty-six 
days attendance. A Nathaniel Hart, in IJ'J'J, was charged before tlie council 
of safety, with being a tory, and an Ebenezer Hart, of Monmouth county, was 
among the patriots. 

444 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

480. Syche Bergen, b. April 17th, 1784; d. about 
1868 ; m. Feb. 26th, 1 806, Jacob I. Bergen (454), son of 
John of Cranbury, N. J. Residing, i860, with her dau., 
Sarah Maria, wife of Charles Webber, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Has six children, whose names are given under that of her 

Descendants of JAMES BERGEN (442), and Ann Van 
Foorhees^ of Roycefield, N.J. : — 

481. Evert J. Bergen, b. Oct. 30th, 1780, m. Sept. 
14th, 1804, Jane Stryker^ dau. of John, and grand dau. of 
Peter Stryker,' of Flatbush. Jane d. Feb. 28th, 1845. 

' Pietcr Stryker, is a descendant of Pieter, son of Jan, the first settler of the 
Stryker family in Flatbush, Kings county, N. Y., referred to in the foot note 
under Sarah (i6), dau. of Michael Hansen Bergen (5), who m. Jan Stryker of 
Flatbush in 1722. 

Pietcr, son of Jan, m. Annetje Barends or Joosten, and had issue : Lamma- 
tie; Jan; Barent; Jacob; Barent ; Hendrick; Scytie j P/iri'fr, of Flatbush, b. 
Feb. 12, 1697, d. Dec. 24, 1776, m. May 18, 1720, Jjnnetie Martens, dau. of 
Marten Adrianse, b. July 31, 1702, d. Jan. i, 1794; Hendrick; and Lammetje. 

Pieter, of Flatbush, son of Pieter and Annetje, had issue : Annetie, b. March 
20, and d. April 13, 1721 ; Sara, b. July 3, 1722, m. (sup.), Dec. 10, 1743, 
Cornelius CornL-ll ; Antje, b. Oct. 5, 1724, d. April 17, 1725; Jannetje, b. 
Oct. 5, 1724, m. Oct. 5, 1745, Jacob Mcsrole ; Pietcr, of Flatbush, b. Dec. 
22, 1730, d. Dec. 14, 1814, m. May 23, 1752, Jannetie, dau. of John Ver 
Kerk, who d. Feb. 21, 1761, m. (2d), June 23, 1764, Ftmmetie Schenck, b. 
July 29, 1740, d. Dec. 14, 1814; Gerrit, b. Oct. 13, 1733, '*• M-r^h 26, 
1783 ; and Jan, b. Feb. 15, 1739, d, March 15, 1742. 

Pieter, oi Flatbush, son of Pieter and Jannetie, had issue : John, of Somerset 
county, N. J., b. Sept. i, 1753, d. July 1 3, 1794, m. , Phebe j Jan- 
netie, b. Dec. 31, 1756, d. July 8, 1840, m. March 6, 1791, John Fish; Peter, 
of Flatbush, b. April 20, 1766, d. Aug. 3, 1832, m. Polly or Maria Cornell, 
b. June I, 1778, d. June 24, 1829, and had no issue; and Garret, of Flatbush, 
b. July 12, 1776, d. July 8, 1819, m. Feb. 2, 1804, Anne, dau. of Jacob Pol- 
hemus, b. Dec. 27, 1788, d. Jan. 10, 1855. 

John, of New Jersey, son of l^ietcr and Jannetje, had issue : Jane, b. , 

d. , m. Sept. 14, 1804, Evert J. Bergen; Saraii, b. , d. , 1830^ 

m. , Joseph Bennett; and Peter, b. , d. April 17, 1827. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 445 

Evert y., in i860, owned and cultivated a farm at Hills- 
borough, Somerset county, N. J. 

Issue : — 

614. I. James E., b. Sept. I4ch, 1805. 

615. II. John E., b. March 12th, 1808. 

616. III. Jane Fish, b. June 7th, 1810. 

617. IV. Ann or Joanna Voorhces, b. June 7th, 1813. 

618. V. Mariah, b. April 18th, 181 5. 

619. VI. Peter S., b. March 25th, 1818. 

620. VII. Phebe, b. March 25th, 1819. 

482. Mary Bergen, b. May 5th, 1786 ; d. March 12th, 
1 86 1 J m. Nov. 1 6th, 1802, Abraham I. Staats^ who d. in 
1840. (The date of the marriage is Dec. 22, 1801, on 
Somerville Church Records.) 

Resided on a farm near Roysefield, N. J. In 18 19, an 
Abraham I. Staats, was an elder in the Reformed Dutch 
Church of Millstone. Mary joined the Reformed Dutch 
Church of Hillsborough in 1816. 

Issue : — 
I. John A. Staats, of Plainfield, N. J. 
II. James B. Staats, of Brooklyn. • 

III. Evart B. Staats, of New York. 

483. John Bergen, b. Feb. 19th, 1790; m. May 29th, 
1830, by the Rev. Jacob Schoonmaker, of Jamaica, Phebe^ 
dau. of Joseph Totten, of Newtown, L. I., who d. Aug. 
29th, 1850.' 

' There was a Richard Totton in Hempstead as early as 1670, who was living 
in 1703, and had sons : Peter, William, Benjamin and Joseph, all residents of 

yoicfih Totton bouyiu March 7, 1 797, of J. Duryec, a farm in Newtown, of 
100 acres, fronting on the East river. His heirs, Wm. M. Totton of Fluihing, 
James Hcrriman and Mary his wife, of Jamaica, John S. Totton, of Newtown, 


446 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 

Is a merchant at New Brunswick, N. J., and resides at 
No. 148 George street. Oct. 10, 1800, he joined the First 
Reformed Dutch Church of New Brunswick, of which 
organization he has been a deacon and elder. 

Issue : — 

621. I. Ann Eliza, b. March 3d, 1831. 

622. 11. Mary Louisa, b. Oct. 4th, 1832. 

623. in. James Augustus, b. Oct. 22d, 1836, 

624. IV. Catherine T., b. April 28th, 1838. 

484. Zacheus Bergen, b. Oct. ist, 1792; m. Jan. 
1 8th, 1 8 16, Mary Shnonson^ b. April 29th, 1 790. 

Is a farmer at Roysefield, Somerset county, N, J., occu- 
pying and owning about one hundred and forty acres, the 
original homestead tract of his grandfather, Evert Bergen. 

Issue : — 

625. I. Johanna Voorhees, b. Sept. 4th, 18 17. 

626. II. Elizabeths., b. Aug. 14th, 1819. 

627. III. Mary Staats, b. May 5th, 1822. 

628. IV. Gertrude Voorhees, b. June 19th, 1825, 

629. V. James, b. Dec. 19th, 1827. 

486. Jane Bergen, b, April 12th, 1797; m. Oct. 4th, 
18 17, IFilliayn M. JVihon.^ Owns and resides on a portion 

and John Bergen and Phebe his wife, of New Brunswick, sold Aug. 6, 1830, 
for $10,000, this farm to the mayor, alderman and commonalty of the city of 
New York. (See lib. C. C. of con. Queen's county clerk's office.) A family 
of Tottons resided on the west end of Statcn Island, from whom the village of 
Tottonville in that locality was named. 

'Sept. 15, 1732, Jannetje, dau. of Jan fFilsun and Antie Van Cleef, was 
bap. in the Reformed Dutch Ciiurch of Freehold. A Samuel JVilson was one 
of the justices of the quorum in Essex county, in 1683, and a Peter Wilson of 
Monmouth county in the same year. 

There was also a tVilliam Wihon^ of New Brunswick, who ran a stage be- 
tween that place and Trenton, twice a week, in 1744, and a James ff^ihon, of 
Perth Aniboy, who, in 175 i, was engaged in running stages between said loca- 
lity and I'hiladclphia. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 447 

of her father's farm at Roysefield, N. J. Jane joined the 
First Reformed Dutch Church of New Brunswick, Oct. 
21, 1826, on certificate. In 1817, they both joined the 
Reformed Dutch church of Hillsborough. 

Issue : — 
I. Minard W. Wilson, b. Nov. i8th, 1818, m. July 31st, 1841, 
Elizabeth White. Is a professor of music, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
II. Martha V. Wilson, b. Feb. 7th, 1820 ; single. 

III. Henry W. Wilson, b. March 2d, 1822 ; m. Nov. 23d, 1847, 
Rebecca Hood. Is an architect at Newark. 

IV. James B. Wilson, b. Fee. 14th, 1824 ; m. April 17th, 1857, 
Mary E. Porter. Is a clergyman at Long Branch. 

V. Jolm B. Wilson, b. May 26th, 1826; m. Sept. 6ch, 1835, 
Caroline Van Duyn. Is a mechanic in Newark, N. J. 

VI. Mary Jane Wilson, b. Dec. 21st, 1828; m.Jan. 25th, i860, 
David D. Munson. 

VII. Peter G. Quick Wilson, b. Sept. 18th, 1830,13 a clergyman at 
East Greenbush, near Albany, N. Y. ; single. 

VIII. Frederick F. Wilson, b. Sept. 1 8th, 1830, is a clergyman at 
Schenectady, N. Y. ; single. 

IX. Eliza E. Wilson, b. March 27th, 1833; m. Aug. 8th, i860, 
Harvey H. Barrett, an Engineer in the United States Navy. 

X. Anna V. Wilson, b. July nth, 1835; d. March i6th, 


XI. Louisa Wilson, b. Jan. 3d, 1838 ; single. 

487. James Bergen, b. Aug*. 30th, 1799; d. Aug. 
1 8th, 1855 ; m. Feb. 17th, 1820, Phebe Peterson^ b. Sept. 
8th, 1801. 

Was a farmer at Roysefield, owning about one hundred 
and forty acres of the homestead farm. 

Issue : — 

630. I. Garret P., b. Nov, 20th, 1820. 

631. II John J., b. June 27th, 1823. 

632. III. James, b. Sept. 19th, 1825. 

448 Sixth Generation. Descendants of 




IV. Henry Vandcrveer, b. Sept. 26th, 1827. 

V. Zacheus, b. Sept. ist, 1829. 

VI. Elizabeth, b. Oct. i 2th, 1831. 

vii. Evert, b. June 24th, 1834. 

VIII. Cornelius, b. Jan. 31st, 1838. 

IX. William, b. Aug 10th, 1840. 

X. Ann, b. Aug. 6th, 1846. 

Descendants of JOHN BERGEN (444), and Margaret 
Van Deursen^ of the city of New York : — 

488. George Bergen ; d. about 1835 ; m. Elizabeth 
Shocker^ who d. about 1837. Was a shoemaker, and re- 
sided in the city of New York, his name appearing on the 
Directory from 1823 to 1 835, as residing in Catharine, 
Harman, Allen, Division, Broome, and other streets. In 
1835, his wid. resided in Washington street. 

Issue: — •. 



John, b. about 1797. 



Frances, b. about i 800. 



Abraham, b. about 1802. 



Jane, b. about 1804. ■!'' 



George, b. June 20th, 1806. 









James, b. Jan. 20th, 1814. 






Maria Louisa, b. Dec. 18th, 1819. 

489. Abraham Bergen ; d. many years ago ; m. . 

Was a farmer near Bloomfield, N. J., where he owned a 
small farm. Repurchased, Dec. loth, 1790, of Halamah 
Joraliman, for Xio, two acres in the township of Newark, 
at a place called Newtown, adjoining other land of said 


JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 449 

Joraliman. May 20th, 1787, for Xi2, he purchased from 
said Joraliman one half of an acre of adjoining land. Aug. 
5th, 1801, for<£i,he purchasedof said Joraliman an adjoining 
plot on the south side of the road leading from Bloomfield 
to Bellville, containing twenty-four one hundreds of an acre. 
May 14th, 1802, he purchased of said Joraliman for £12, 
halfan acre of adjoining land. And Aug. 25th, 1802, for £25 
he purchased of said Joraliman an acre of adjoining land.' 

Issue : — 

650. I. Sarah. 

651. 11. Hetty. 

652. in. Margaret. 

490. Frances Bergen ; d. single. 


Descendants of George I. Bergen (448), and Rebecca 
Combs^ of Jersey Prairie, Illinois : — 

491. John G. Bergen, b. Nov. 27th, 1790, in New 
Jersey; d. Jan. 17th, 1872, of paralysis; m. Nov. lOth, 
1812, Margaretta Matilda^ dau. of Dr. Thomas Henderson, 
of PVeehold, Monmouth county, N. J., an elder and trustee 
of the old Tennent Church, in said county, and a judge and 
member of congress. She d. Oct. i8th, 1853. 

In consequence of the pious instruction and example of 
both his parents, his early impressions were of a religious 
character, and in his 13th year, he became a member of 

'See book H, pp. 107, 109, III, 113 and 121, of con., in register's oHice 
Essex county, New Jersey. 

Yr\i'T f, t; 

450 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

the church. In the Academy at Baskingridge, under the 
care of the Rev. Dr. Finley, he was prepared for college, 
entered the junior class at Princeton, and graduated when 
but 17 years old. He immediately commenced studying 
for the ministry with the Rev. Dr. John WoodhuU, of Mon- 
mouth county, who, prior to the establishment of a Theolo- 
gical Seminary, had been appointed by the Synod of New 
York and New Jersey, professor of theology, and had 
trained a large number of young ministers ; and at the 
age of twenty, he was licensed to preach the Gospel. It 
was his purpose, as soon as licensed, to mount a horse, and 
go to the West, which he had chosen as his field of labor ; 
religion and the West having been early impressed on his 
mind, from letters which his parents had received from their 
sisters in Kentucky, giving an account of the wonderful re- 
vival of religion in all that region, about the year 1800. In 
the spring of 1810, he was appointed one of the tutors of 
Princeton College, which position, although at first declining, 
he was finally, on the solicitation of Dr. Stanhope Smith, 
and other friends, induced to accept, and which he held for 
two and one-half years, the two last as senior tutor. 

In September, 1812, he resigned the tutorship, and in 
October accepted a call as pastor of the church of Madison, 
Morris county, N. J., about twenty miles from the city of 
New York, and took charge on the ist of December, having 
married Miss Henderson in November. This church, 
during his ministry, was blessed with several revivals, on 
one occasion as many as sixty-nine members being added to 
the communion in one day. In 18 17, a revival, with a 
lesser ingathering, took place. In 182 1-2 a great revival 
took place in East Jersey, commencing with the church at 
Madison, continuing for more than fifteen months, in which 
more than one hundred communicants were added to his 
church. In 1826, twenty-six were added. In 1828, his 

nt hn: , 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 451 

parents being on a visit to him from the West, he concluded 
that his work in the East was about completed, and that a 
door was opened for him in the West, to which place his 
early aspirations had been directed. On the lOth of Sep- 
tember, 1828, he resigned his charge, and on the 22d, with 
his parents and family, started on wheels for his new desti- 
nation. They traveled some one thousand five hundred 
miles, averaging thirty-three miles a day, deviating from the 
nearest route to visit Lexington and Frankfort, in Kentucky, 
and arrived at Illinois in November ; Springfield, in Sanga- 
mon county, being the end of their journey. Springfield, at 
the time, was composed of about thirty-five log cabins and 
two or three small frame houses, without a place of Divine 
worship other than a log school house, just built. At the 
time there were no churches in those regions, except those 
built of logs, like the cabins everybody lived in, only larger 
and generally rougher, some with the bark on, and others 
hewed. All were covered with what are now called clap- 
boards j these boards were kept on the roof, not with nails, 
for these were very scarce and expensive, but with weight 
poles, and these were separated from each other by knees, 
as they were called. The floors were laid of puncheons, 
being logs split, and of the same the scats were made : these 
were supported by wooden legs in augur holes. On the 
second Sabbath after his arrival, he gave notice to the people 
that he came to Springfield, not to make an experiment, or 
to tarry a few months, as had been often done by others, 
but to live, labor and die on the field with his armor on : 
he said, " come, let us rise up and build a house for God." 
A meeting was held, a building committee organized, funds 
raised, and ere long was built and dedicated the first frame 
or brick meeting house in the state, known as the Sangamon 
church ; the Methodists of Springfield, who had been 
aroused by his exertions, completing one a few weeks later. 

452 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

When he came to the town there was but six members of 
the Presbyterian church in it : during his ministry about five 
hundred were added to his church, about one-half on con- 
fession of faith, and the balance on certificate from other 
churches. At the time it was the only Presbyterian church 
in the county, some of the members living forty miles apart. 
Out of it he has since organized six other Presbyterian 
churches, two of them in the city, colonies from the first, 
the others in the surrounding country. At the time he 
commenced laboring in the state, there was but seven Pres- 
byterian ministers in it, he making the eighth, and now, 
1865, the only survivor. He helped form the first Presby- 
tery, and afterwards the first Synod in the state, and was the 
first moderator of the same. At that time there were only 
twenty-five Presbyterian churches in the state, and no Con- 
gregational or New School ones, although numerous Metho- 
dist, Baptist, Cambelite, Cumberland, &c. Now there are 
in connection with the Old School Presbyterian General 
Assembly, two Synods and twelve Presbyteries, embracing 
nearly two hundred ministers, and about two hundred and 
fifty churches, the New School Presbyterians having about 
the same number, and the same may be said of the Con- 
gregationalists. What an amazing progress is thirty-three 
years ! from eight ministers to four hundred ; from twenty- 
five to seven hundred churches, other denominations ad- 
vancing in proportion. At the time, Illinois had but 150,000 
inhabitants ; now it has 1,750,000. Springfield, from being 
a log house town, has become a stately city of 12,000 peo- 
ple, having many fine churches and buildings, and one 
private mansion which cost about ^200,000. It is the seat 
of government, having a magnificent State House, built of 
hard stone of various colors, quarried about six miles south 
of the place. In 1848 he lesigned his pastoral charge, and 
retired from the city to his farm in the vicinity, from which 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 453 

time he has devoted himself gratuitously to writing, mostly 
for religious periodicals, endeavoring to preach the gospel to 
the tens of thousands by the press ; also to organize new 
churches, occasionally preaching in them. Many of his 
articles are over the sobriquet of " The Old Man of the 
Prairies." In 1854, without solicitation or knowledge on 
his part, the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity was 
conferred on him by the College of Danville, Kentucky. 
His wife having died in October, 1853, '" November, 1857, 
he married, as a second wife, Susan Ann Lewh^ widow of 
Henry Vanhof, who had been an elder in his church, and 
for whom he had performed the marriage ceremony twenty 
years before, she being a native of Baskingridge, N. J. In 
1853, he was brought to death's door by dysentery, the same 
disease which removed his first wife, but since his recovery 
his system has been renovated ; he weighs fifty pounds more 
than when he resigned his charge, and his ability to endure 
fatigue, study, and preaching, is now, 1862, greater than it 
then was.^ 

Issue by 1st marriage, all born in New Jersey: — 

653. I. Jane Eliza, b. , 1813, d. March , 1857; m. 

April , 1833, Robert Allen, of Kentucky, a merchant in Spring- 
field, and during the Mexican war a major in the quartermaster's 

department, who d. Dec. , 1854. Had children, two sons ; 

one d. in infancy, and the other was a captain in an Illinois regiment, 
and took part in the battle of Bcllcmont, was for a time provost 
marshal of Columbus, and was in the thickest of the fight at Fort 
Donelson, in the late great rebellion. 

654. II. Catharine Henderson, b. Sept. , 18 16; m. Nov. 

, 1836, Edward Jones, a lawyer of the district of Columbia, 

son of Walter Jones, an attache of the treasury department of the 
United States since the days of Alexander Hamilton. He was with 

'The materials for this sketcli of the Rev. J. G. Bergen, were furnished by 
himself, also much that relates to his branch of the Bergen family. 


454 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

General Scott in the Mexican war, in General Shield's brigade at 
the taking of Vera Cruz, and at the scaling of Cerra Gorda. He 
d. in 1857, of disease contracted in Mexico. She had issue: five 
children ; the first three dying when about twelve months old; John 
G. Bergen Jones, b. , 1855 ; and a daughter, Matilda Jones. 

655. III. Amelia Matilda, b. July , 1818; m. ,1840, 

Joshua G. Lamb, of Pennsylvania, a commission merchant at Alton, 
Illinois; no issue. 

656. IV, Thomas Henderson, b. Dec. , 1820; m. April 

, 1849, Mary Green, dau. of C. F. Cooly, D.D., and Catha- 
rine Henderson, of New Jersey. Resides on a farm one mile east 
of Springfield ; has no issue. 

657. V. George, b. April , 1824, single, and resides on a 

farm adjoining his brother. 

492. Catharine Conover Bergen, b. July 8th, 1792; 
m. Nov. 2, 1808, at Pluckermin, N. J., Joseph T. Leonard^ 
who d. Nov. 2, 1841; m. (2d), Aug. 20, 1845, Rev. Jo- 
seph Rucker^ by whom no children. 

Catharine Conover Bergen and J. T. Leonard, her hus- 
band, emigrated in 1818, to near Lexington, Kentucky, and 
in 1822, removed to Jersey Prairie, Illinois, where she and 
her 2d husband now (1866) reside. 

Issue by ist marriage: — 

I. Matilda Henderson Leonard, b. Aug. 25, 18 10, d. Feb. 
, 1832. 

11. Elizabeth Baldwin Leonard, b. July I, 1814. 

HI. James Cox Leonard, b. March 15, 1818; is a wealthy lawyer 
at Beardstown, 111. 

IV. Ebenezer B. Leonard, b. March 26, 1826; is a merchant at 
Beardstown, 111. 

V. George Bergen Leonard, b. July 4, 1834; is a merchant at 
Beardstown, 111. 

493. David Combs Bergen, b. Jan. 2d, 1795, d. July 
— , 1834, in Kentucky; m. , 1813, Nancy^ dau. of 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 455 

Judge Boyce,' of New Brunswick, N, J. He was educatd 
to be a physician, which profession he never followed, com- 
mencing actual life in the commercial establishment of John 
Pool, in New Brunswick. When his father's family re- 
moved from Kentucky, he remained in that state, and en- 
gaged in teaching until his death. Nancy Boyce was born 
Nov. 4th, 1788, and d. Dec. 4th, 1854. 

Issue : — 

658. I. Mary R., b. July 3, 1814, m. March 27, 1837, Jacob 
Dubois, a farmer of Warren county, Ohio, and has children : Ann 
Elizabeth Dubois, b. May 16, 1838 ; Nelson Rue Dubois, b. Jan. 
15, 1840, m. June 14, i860, Joanna Chase; Louisa B. Dubois, b. 
March i, 1844, m. May 1, 1862, Joseph Hendrickson, a carpenter; 
Jacob Dubois, b. Aug. 29, l 849 ; and Mary Margaret Dubois, b. 
Jan. I, 1855. 

659. II. John B., b. Jan, 27, 1815, m. July 25, 1842, Jane 
Maria Stelle. Cultivates a farm at Dayton, Ohio, and has children : 
Edward Stelle, b. Jan. 22, 1845; Mary Frances, b. Oct. 2, 1846; 
Moses Barkaiow, b. Oct. 31, 1848; George Boyce, b. Sept. 3, 
1850, d. aged ii months ; Anna Jane, b. Jan. 3, 1852; and Cor- 
nelia Barkaiow, b. Aug. 19, 1854. 

660. III. Louisa, b. Feb. 3, 1818; m. April 9, 1839, George 
L. Dcnise, of Franklin, Ohio, a smith and farmer, and has children : 
Ira Condit Denise, b. Feb. 29, 1840; Obediah Homes Denisc, b. 
Jan. 4, 1842; Cornelia Ann Denise, b. Feb. 25, 1844, d. OcL 
24, 1844; Charles Edgar Denise, b. Nov. 4, 1845; Julia Hines 
Denise, b. May 28, 1848; Sallie Belle Denise, b. Oct. 14, 1851; 
Henrietta Boyce Denise, b. Oct. 21, 1857; and Carrie Stryker 
Denise, b. June 11, i860. 

661. IV. George P., b. Jan. i, 1820, m. Aug. 25, 1857, Mary 

' Luke Boyse aged 44, came to Virginia from England in the Edivard, May, 
1619, and Ann his wife in the Bona Noua in April, 1622, residing in Charles 
city. Humphrey Boyse resided at James city in Virginia, in 1623; Chrii. Boysi 
aged 38, came to Virginia from England in the Comtance in 1635. (Hotten's 
Lists of Emigrants, pp. 137, 191 and 502.) There were familiet of the name 
of Boyce in Middlesex county, in 1777. 

456 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

E. Bentley/ of Albany. Is a graduate of Danville College, and 
studied divinity at Princeton. At first settled for a number of years | 

in the ministry near Cincinnati ; then accepted an appointment in i 

the field of Domestic Missions at Omaha, Nebraska. After remain- 
ing two years, his health failing, he returned to Ohio, and accepted j 
a call as pastor of the Presbyterian church at Bcllefontaine, in that { 
state. Has children: Paul David, b. July 19, i860; and George | 
Bentley, b. June 1 1, 1862. I 

662. V. Syche, b. March 12, 1822, m. May j o, 1842, Adonijah 
Francis, a farmer in Warren county, Ohio, and has children : Ri- 
chard Francis, b. May 2, 1844; Mary A. Francis, b. June 28, 
1847; Cornelia Francis, b. May 10, 1849; Otho Evans Francis, 
b. Aug. 30, 1851; Deborah Francis, b. June 12, 1853, d. Sept. 10, 
1853; George Bergen Francis, b. July 20, 1856; and Sally K. 
Francis, b. July 8, i860. 

663. VI. Cornelia Ann, b. Oct. 22, 1826, m. Dec. 31, 1844, 
Moses V. Barkaloo, oil merchant, Franklin, Ohio, and has children: 
William V. Barkaloo, b. Jan. 25, 1846; Elizabeth E. Barkaloo, 
b. Sept. 15, 1847; Emma R. Barkaloo, b. May 12, 1850; Anna E. 
Barkaloo, b. Sept. 14, 1852 ; Jennie B. Barkaloo, b. Aug. 4, 1854, 
d. Oct. 29, 1859 ; and Louisa Denise Barkaloo, b. June 16, 1861. 

664. vu. Elizabeth Light, b. June 29, 1830, m. July 2, 1850, 
Dr. R. P. Evans, of Franklin, Ohio, and has children : Forman 
Richard Evans, b. Aug. 29, 1851; John Newton Evans, b. May 
19, 18^5, d. July 6, 1856; Cornelia B. Evans, b. April 16, 1857; 
and Jennie Evans, b. March 31, 1861, d. May 24, 1861. 

665. vm. Susan B., b. Dec. 13, 1823, d. Aug. 27, 1854; m. 

, 1843, Joseph Denise, a farmer in Warren county, Ohio. 

Has children: George Bergen Denise, b. June 19, 1848, d. Aug. 
12, 1849; Clara Denise, b. Nov. 10, 1849; Elizabeth Evans 
Denise, b. Oct. 30, 18523 Susan B. Denise, b. Aug. 27, 1854, d. 

' In 1708, a yohn Bendy was introduced by letter to George Clarke, secretary 
of New York, and recommended for ajipointment to a clerkship in his office. 
In 1635a Juhn Bcntly, aged 17, emigrated from England to New England, and 
,n llie b.inic year a I'y'iUhim liciilly aged 47, in the eliip Tiin/oTc. (ilottcn's 
Listi of Eini^rantB, p. 132.) 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 457 

494. Margaret Bergen, b. , 1796; d. about 

1837; m, , 1815, Nathan or Nathaniel Compton^"- at 

first a merchant in New Brunswick, and afterwards a 
farmer in Illinois. She joined the First Reformed Dutch 
Church of New Brunswick, Oct. 25, 1816, on certificate. 

Issue : — 
I. James Compton, a merchant in Augusta, Ohio. 

II. John B. Compton, a merchant in Augusta, Ohio. 

III. Thomas Henderson Compton, a resident of Indiana. 

IV. Rebecca Compton, m. William Lewis, of Pennsylvania, a 
lawyer and a merchant. 

495. Jonathan Combs Bergen, b: May 20th, 1799 ; 
d. Dec. 15th, 1848 ; m. Dec. ist, 18 19, his cousin, Mary 
Ann^ dau. of Peter Conover. Was a farmer and carpenter 
at Princeton, Cass county, Illinois, and with his wife, a 
member of the Baptist Church, and for many years an officer 
in the same. 

Issue : — 

666. I. David Combs, b. May 17, 1824, d. Feb. 26, 1847. 

667. II Hannah Rebecca, b. May 2, 1827, d. Aug. 6, 1850. 

668. III. Catharine, b. Jan. 24, 1831, d. March ic, 1832. 

669. IV. Peter A., b. July 4, 1837, m. , 1862, Dollie Co- 
nover, and has a dau. Addie. By occupation a farmer. 

670. V. Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 27, 1840, d. Nov. 7, 1840. 

496. Martha D. Bergen, b. June 14th, 1801 : d. Sept. 
9th, 1838; m. Sept. l6th, 1818, her cousin, Jonathan Cornbs^ 
son of Peter Conover, a farmer in Illinois. They were both 
members of the Baptist Church, and had several children. 

* fVilliam Compton's name appears among the freeholders of Gravesend, in 
1656. Among the twelve men and twenty-four associates who purchased 
Middletown, Monmouth county, N. J., of the Indians in 1667 was William 
Comptun, no duubt this William of Gravesend. (Historical Collection of New 
Jersey, by J. W. Barber, p. 355.) A William and Mary Compton were among 
the early settlers and patentees of Woodbridge, his patent covering one hundred 

458 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

497. Abram Stryker Bergen, b. Aug. 17th, 1804; 
d. Feb. 26th, 1848 ; m. (ist), Nov. ist, 1824, Elizabeth^ 
dau. of James White,' of Kentucky, b. Dec. i, 1805, d. 
July 2d, 1832 ; m. (2d), May 17th, 1833, Fidelia A. El- 

dridge^ widow of Sturtevant, of Vermont, b. May 17th, 

1809, d. Nov., 1869. I 

Intending to enter the gospel ministry, he commenced his 
preparatory studies for that purpose, but in consequence of j 

the family removing west, the design was frustrated. Was | 

at first a farmer in Illinois, then a merchant, afterwards a j 

successful land speculator, so that in 1837, he was reputed ' 

to be wealthy, but the sudden crash of that period swept j 

away all his property like dew before the morning sun. 

and seventy-four acres, and his dau. Mary being the first white child born in 
the place. (Whitehead's East New Jersey, p. 356.) A Richard Compton was 
a grand juryman at the first court held at Trenton in 1719- In addition to 
these parties there was a Francis Compton who resided in Virginia in 1623, and 
a jfoiepb Compton who emigrated from London to Virginia in the ship Expedi- 
tion, in 1635. (Hotten's Lists of Emigrants, p. 178.) 

' In 1630 a John White was at Lynn, Mass., and in 1644 he appears at 
Southampton, L. 1., of which place he was chosen a freeman, and where he was 
as late as 1660. In 1683 this John White, John Royse and four others had 
each a large tract of land ordered by the governor and council to be laid out 
and patents issued, which tracts they had purchased of the proprietors on the ^ 

Raritan river adjoining Piscataway. In 1688 and '93, John White v/a elected 
a deputy to the assembly of East New Jersey, from the out plantations on the 
Raritan. (Records of Governor and Council of East New Jersey, also vol. i, of 
Collections of New Jersey Historical Society.) In i 693, yoi)n /^ixVi; was collector 
of Somerset county. There was also a Christopher White and Wm. Whitte among 
the early settlers of West New Jersey, us early as 1676 ; a Joseph White in 1685, 
and a Robert a^nA Dennis White among the associates of Elizabethtown, N. J., on 
the Nicolls patent of said locality. (Hatfield's History of Elizabethtown, p. 57.) 
A John White signed the Charter of Privileges of West New Jersey, in 1676. 

In addition to the above named persons, there emigrated from England to 
New England, Anthony White, aged 27, in the Francis in 1634; Ed. White, 
husbandman, aged 42, Martha, his wife aged 39, Martha, aged 10, and Mary, 
aged 8, his children, in the yibbiguH, in 1635; Francis White, aged 24, 
in the Elizabeth, in 1635 j Richard White, carpenter, aged 30, in the Eli-zabetb 
jinn, in 1635; and William White, aged 14, in the Increase, in 1635. 
(Hotten's Lists of Emigrants, pp. 65, 68, 77, 91 and 279.) 

• <ii-»^<.a, ({1(1 « a^ 

J..0 t- ■ 

K !A^■^ f 

'-^^ .^K^ 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 459 

From that time until his death, he devoted himself to the 
work which his conscience had so often upraided him for 
forsaking, and was intent upon redeeming the lost time, if 
it were possible. As an agent of the Bible and Tract So- 
cieties, he visited from house to house throughout the state 
of Illinois, carrying with him the word of God, and many, 
very many, can testify to the good work wrought within 
them through his instrumentality. His last sickness of 
sixteen weeks was characterised by a Christian fortitude and 
patience seldom exhibited by mortal man. The influence 
exerted upon his neighbors and friends during that period, 
will never, while they survive, be forgotten. 
Issue by isc wife: — 

671. I. Mary Jane, b. Nov. i, 1825, d. Aug. 22, 1834. 

672. II. George I., b. Dec. 31, 1827, d. Feb. 28, 1870, m. 
(ist), Oct. 9, 1849, Sylvia Maria Field, of Vermont, b. Sept. 15, 
1826, d. Nov. 15. 1867; m. (2d), Aug. 31, 1869, Susan W. 
Heaton, of Maria, N. Y., and has children : George A., b, Nov. 
4, 1852, d. Aug. 22, 1854; Frank Delong, b. March 13, 1856, d. 
Oct. 18, 1856; Mary Lincoln, b. May 13, 1859; and Loyal 
Harry, b. July 12, 1861. 

George I. Bergen carried on a carriage and wagon manufactory 
at Galesburg, Illinois, was the inventor of a valuable corn and seed 
planter, was in 1864 a member of the common council of Galesburg, 
has held many important trusts, and in 1862 was the defeated 
union candidate for state senator, for the district in which he resides, 
and ran 400 ahead of the regular ticket. In 1869, he was U. S. 
assessor of internal revenue in the district in which he resided, hav- 
ing been appointed by President A. Johnson. 

673. III. James W., b. Dec. 13, 1829, m. March 28, 1853, 
Lucretia Curry, of Illinois, b. May 6, 1834, and has children: 
Abraham G., b. Sept. 13, 1854; and George I., b. July 12, 1859. 

By 2d wife : — 

674. IV. Margaret M., b. Feb. 24, 1834, ^- June 30, 1835. 

675. v. Wells G., b. May 25, 1835, d. Feb. 21, 1837. 

676. VI. Edward H., b. Jan. 3, 1837, d. Aug. 14, 1837. 

460 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

(ill. VII. Susan A., b. Aug. 17, 1838, m. June 21, 1861, Rev. 
Rufus B. Guild, and has issue: George A. Guild, b. April 28, 1863. 

678. viii. Frances Louisa, b. Sept. 5, 1841, d. Dec. 3, 1844. 

679- IX. Elizabeth B., b. Feb. 1, 1844, m. Nov. 7. 1867, Ed- 
ward Knowles. 

680. X. J. P. Willision, b. Feb. i, 1847, m. Dec. 28, 1870, 
Sarah ]. McHerchen, and resides in Quincy, Illinois. 

498. Sarah Baldwin Bergen, b. at Pluckatnine, N. 
J., Jan. 26th, 1807; m. (ist), Dec. 24th, I'iii, Hezekiah 
Smithy who kept a public house at Beardstown, on the Illi- 
nois river, and who d. Aug. 6th, 1834; m. (2d), March 
25th, 1835, Moses Perkins, of New Hampshire, a hotel 
keeper at Burlington, Iowa. 

Issue by 1st husband ; eight children, five of whom d. under the 
age of eight years, the survivors being: 

Desdemonia E. Smith, who m. May 7, 1848. John S. Mc- 
Clure, an attorney, who d. April .854; she d. in June, 1861. 
Hezekiah Smith, who d. Aug. 6, 1834. 

Issue by 2d husband: eight children, six of whom d. under the 
age of six years, the survivors being: 

John L. Perkins, b. May 9, ,837, m. June 19, 186., Laura 
J. Renshaw. Entered the army as captain of company D, 25th 
regiment Iowa infantry, in Sept. 1862, and was promoted to major 
of said regiment on the 9th day of May, 1863. Served with his 
regiment until Dec, 1864, when he was detached by Major General 
C. R. Woods, commanding 1st division 15th army corps, as chief 
of staff. Was with General Sherman in all his campaigns until the 
end of the war, when his regiment was mustered out of the service 
at Washington, D. C. 

Albert A. Perkins, b. Jan. 22, 1840. Entered the armv as 
2d lieutenant, of company D., 25th regiment, Iowa infantry, in 
September, 1862, was promoted to 1st lieutenant in Feb. 1863 to 
captain on the 9th of May, 1863, served with his company and 
regiment until January, 1864, when he was detached as acting assist- 
ant inspector general of 1st division 15th army corps, and in Nov., 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 461 

1864, was detached by Major General P. Jos. Osterhause, com- 
manding 15th army corps, as acting assistant inspector general of 
said corps. Was with General Sherman in all his campaigns 
up to Jan., 1865, when he was detached as aid-de-camp to Major 
General Osterhause, and was with the general at the capture of 
Mobile, and carried despatches under a flag of truce from General 
Canby to General Taylor (rebel), concerning terms of Taylor's 
surrender, and then accompanied General Osterhause to Jackson, 
Miss., where he left the general and reported to his regiment to be 
mustered out, on the expiration of the term of service. 

499. George Spafford Woodhull Bergen, b. July 
6th, 1809 ; m. Feb. i6th, 1829, Ein'tly IVyatt^^ whose father 
with a large family emigrated from Kentucky to Illinois. 
Is a farmer near Petersburg, Minard county, Illinois, twenty 
miles west of Springfield, and himself and wife members of 
the Presbyterian church. Was named after the Rev. 
George Spaftord Woodhull, pastor of the Presbyterian 
church of Cranbury, N. J. 

Issue : — 

681. 1. Walter, b. Feb. i8, 1830, d. Aug. il, 1852, when he 
completed his college course. 

682. II. Lucy Ann, b. Dec. 3, 1832, d. Feb. 29, 1833. 

683. III. John Milton, b. July 10, 1834, m. Feb. 26, 1856, 
Malina Jane Moore.^ Is a farmer near Petersburg, Illinois, his farm 

'Gov. Sir Francis fVyatt, and his wife Margaret, emigrated in the ship 
George, to Virginia, in 162 1, where he had a patent for 500 acres, and of 
which colony he was governor. There was also a Rev. Hant Wyatt, in Vir- 
ginia, at this period, probably a relative of the governor. (Hotten's Lists of 
Emigrants, pp. 173, 221 and 273.) 

^ There were several emigrants to this country of the name of Moore or More. 
Among them a John Moore, aged 36 years, came over in the Bona No-va to 
Virginia, in 1620; a Roht. More, servant, resided in Virginia, in 1622J a Leo- 
nard Moore came over in the Bona No-va in 1645 ; a fym. More, living in Vir- 
ginia, in 1623 ; a yobn Alore, laborer, aged 24 years, came over in the Planter, 
from London to New England, in J635; i Ruben Mvie, aged ly years, to Vir- 
ginia, in tlic Buna'uenlure, in 1634J a Ihnrie ALre, aged 20 years, to Virginia, 


462 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

adjoining his father's, and has children : Cordelia, b. May 20, 1857, 
d. July I, 1857; Edward Franklin, b. Sept. 19, 1858; Henry 
Monroe, b. Nov. 2,1860 ; and Thomas Henderson, b. June 10,1863. 

684. IV. Susan Olive, b. March 22, 1836, d. March 6, 1859; 
in. June 6, 1856, Milton Tate Moore, and had a son, George 
Allen Moore, b. Feb. 27, 1859, and d. Aug., 1859. 

685. V. Benjamin Franklin, b, June 28, 1838, m. (ist), Jan. 
26, 1859, Dulcene Moore, by whom issue: George Franklin, b. 
Aug, 26, i860, d. Dec. 3, 1862 ; in. (2d), Oct. 24, 1861, Eliza- 
beth Clark, by whom issue: Annie, b. March 3, 1863. Is a dry 
goods merchant at Petersburg, Illinois. 

686. VI. James Monroe, b. May i, 1840. Studying law near 

687. VII. Abram Samuel, b. April 13, 1842. 

688. viii. Jacob Fisher, b. April 23, 1844. 

689. IX. Jonathan Combs, b. April 2, 1846. 

690. X. Sarah Emily, b. Dec. 11, 1848, d. March 25, 1857. 

691. XI. Charles Henry, b. Dec. 19, 1851. 

The following article, in relation to Susan Olive Bergen, 
written by the Rev. John G. Bergen (491), was published 
in the St. Louis Presbyterian, together with the accompany- 
ing stanzas, composed by her a short time before her last 
sickness : 

" Hope in Death." 

** Having just returned from visiting some of our feeble 
churches and desolate places ; having had the privilege of 
preaching to tire destitute, holding prayer meetings, com- 

in the Cotislance, in 1635 ; a John More, a servant, aged 41 years, in the Susan 
& Ellen, from London to New England, in 1635 ; a Richard More, aged 20 
years, in the Blessing, from London to New England, in 1635; a Geo. Alore, 
aged 25 years, in the G/ube, to Virginia, in 1635 ; three Ttos. Moore's, aged 18, 
19 and 26 years, to Virginia, in 1636 j and a IVm. More, to New England, the 
same year. (Hottcn's Lists of Emigrants, i>p. 43, 62,93, '°3> >". "S» '20, 
136, 137, 160, 183, Kjl, 202, 259 .\nJ 260.) Tlicre was a 'ihcwcis and A'(- 
cbard Moor, in Monmoutli county, N. J , as e.uly as 1670, and a Siimuel Moor 
in 1679. (See Lib. 1 of Conveyances, Monmouth county clerk's office.) 

l) firfol^ .V3>I Old ^c 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen, 463 

munion seasons, and Sunday school enjoyments ; having es- 
pecially visited many of the grand children and other relics 
of my departed venerable friend, John Moore, on whom the 
sweet savor of his spirit and prayers rests with an unction 
blessed and blessing to the praise of our covenant keeping 
God ; and having found the following touching incident and 
stanzas in a young family composed of his household and 
mine, I send them to you, hoping that these tender memen- 
tos of God's grace — this conjugal eftusion of a young wife 
and mother's calm, peaceful and heavenly desires, counsels, 
suggestions and anticipations, may alleviate some drooping 
spirit — point some wanderer to a better world — soothe 
some aching heart — encourage some child of affliction to 
look up — some earth-bound soul to come away from fash- 
ion and form to a throne of grace to. receive the spirit of 
adoption, and to breathe the life of Christ in the soul amidst 
bodily agonies, present or to come. These children of God 
had been wedded two years — to them short years and full 
of promise. Blooming in youth and health, in the midst of 
a large circle of relatives and friends, their home beautified 
by the family altar, enlightened by the lamp of Heaven, re- 
sounding with the songs of redeeming love, gave them their 
sweetest seasons of communion at the throne of grace with 
the light of His countenance and the joy of His salvation. 

"The last four months of her life — apparently without 
a cause other than her delicate condition — were months in 
which she felt and allowed the presentiment that she would 
not survive to be a living mother. Her spirits meantime 
were cheerful, but her conversation savored of the presenti- 
ment she indulged. I cannot but think wrongfully — 
though with a " lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus 
Christ from the dead." She survived the event, in which 
she was greatly sustained, but a few days, and sweetly fell 
asleep in Jesus, leaving a living pledge of love to tender 

464 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

hearts and willing hands. A few days after her burial the 
following stanzas — full of tenderness and delicacy, as if 
touched by an angel's wing — were found in her escritoir. 
So far as we know they are original. Be it so or not, unless 
I am much mistaken, they will move the feelings of every 
reader to kindlier, holier sentiments, by their vein of gene- 
rous nature, grace and wisdom, and well deserve a place in 
every heart, therefore I send them. 

" Come near mc, let me lay my hand 
Once more upon thy brow — 
And let me whisper in thy ear 
Love's last and fondest vow. 

" Perchance the hour may come, 
When thou wilt win another form 
To sootlie thy heart and home, 
When thou wilt welcome to thy board, 
A younger, fairer face — 
And bid thy child smile on her 
Who takes its mother's place. 

" But think not, could I speak to thee. 

That I would frown or blame 

That it should love the stranger one, 

And call her by my name. 

For it may speak to thee of me — 

My memory is its trust, 

A word, a smile, a look like mine 

Will call me from the dust. 

" Yet make my grave no place of tears, 

But let the dear one bring, 

To cheer its mother's lonely home 

The blossoms of the spring} 

And ever there, thou mayest kneel. 

And softly press the earth. 

That covers her whose face once gave 

A brightness to thy hearth. 

"Then will the form of early years 
Steal softly to thy side. 
And for the hour thou canst forget 
Thou hast another bride. 

She may be all thy heart canst ask, 
So dear, so true to thee ! 
But oh ! the spring time of love! 
Its freshness was for me. 

" May she be blessed who comforts thee, 
And with a gentle hand 
Of such there be, the trembling one 
That would make a household band ; 
She cannot know the tenderness 
That would fill its mother's breast, 
But she can love it for thy sake, 
And make it more than blessed. 

" Yet keep one place, one little place. 
From all the rest apart — 
One spot — which I will call a home 
Within thy faithful heart — 
And in the holy hour of dreams, 
When spirits fill the air — 
With tender eye and folded wing 
I'll gently rest me there. 

" May God forgive this erring love 

That is to mortals given : 

It almost moves my soul back 

From happiness and Heaven. 

And yet I feel it will not die 

When this frail life is o'er, 

But watch till my loved ones come 

To meet to part no more." 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 465 

500. Ida Van Ness Bergen, b. Oct. 14th, 181 1 ; m. 
(ist), Sept. 2d, 1828, James G. Kenner^ of Virginia, a son 
of her step-father, vyho d. a sudden death in 1837; m. (2d), 
John W. Skidmore^ who d, Jan. 5th, 1863, at St. Louis, 
Missouri, where they had resided for many years. Resides 
at present at Chillicothe, Peoria county. 111., and is a mem- 
ber of the Baptist church. No children by 2d marriage. 

Issue by ist marriage : — 

I. John Lewis Kenner, b. Nov. 14, 1829, at Princeton, 111.; m. 
Dec. 31, 1850, Caroline Cornelia Smith, of New York. Resides 
on the Illinois river, twenty miles west of Peoria, and has living two 
sons, John Lewis and Henry Burton Kenner. 

501. Ann Henderson Bergen, b. 1815; d. prior to 
1862; m. 1832, Williayn Mallory^ of Ohio, who settled 
on Jersey prairie, Illinois, and at first kept a small store, 
then a farmer, and afterwards removed to Cincinnati. 

Issue : — 

I. William Ma,llory, m. a Virginian, and kept a bookstore in 
Cincinnati, sold out in the winter of i860, and removed to the city 
of New York. 

n. Eliza Mallory, m. 1857, W. McMullen, a stationer in the city 
of New York. 

Descendants of ABRAM I. BERGEN (449), and Catha- 
rine Voorhees and Hannah Fisher^ of Cranbury, N. J. : — 

502. Sarah Bergen (by ist wife), b. Jan. 15th, 1789; 
m. Samuel C. Jones. 

Issue : — 
I. Bergen Jones, 
u. David Jones. 

466 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

503. Mary Bergen (by 2d wife), b. Jan. 19th, 1797; 
d. May 15th, 1867; m. Dec. 12th, 1814, Joseph I. Rue^ a 
farmer of Mercer county, N. J. 

Issue: — 

I. John Rue, b. Dec. 4, 181 5; m. Dec. 15, 1 841, Catharine A., 
dau. of Win. R. and Cornelia Mount, b. Jan. 13, 1821, and has 
children: Sarah E. Rue, b. Sept. 5, 1847, d. Feb. 26, 1848; Wil- 
liam M. Rue, b. Dec. 19, 1848; and Maria B. Rue, b. Jan. 24, 

II. Hannah Rue, b Dec. 8, 1817, d. June 8, 1832. 
HI. Rebecca Rue, b. ; m. Wm. Scudder. 

IV. Abram Rue, b. ; m. Mary Voorliees. 

V. Jacob B. Rue, b. ; in. , Conovcr of Freehold. 

VI. Peter Rue, b. May 9, 1829, at Freehold, is a storekeeper, 
married and has two children. 

504. John A. Bergen, b. Sept. 21st, 1799; d. Aug. 
25th, 1865 ; m. 1822, Eli-z^a or Elizabeth Duncan.'' 

Owned and cultivated a farm between Cranbury and 
Hightstown, N. J. 

Issue : — 

692. I. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 30, 1823; m. March 6, 1850, 
Elijah Voorhees Perrine, of Dutch Neck, Mercer county, a grand- 
son of Elijah Voorhees and Sarah Bergen, and has children: Eliza- 
beth Perrine, Jane Perrine, and Jacob Bergen Perrine. 

693. II. Abram, b. April 23, 1826, d. Jan. 23, 1828. 

694. III. Isabella, b. Oct. 24, 1828 ; m. March 3, i853,Dcrick 
Perrine, and has children : John Bergen Perrine and Samuel Perrine. 

'There was a Captain George Duncan, elected to the 5th assembly of N. J., 
which met at Burlington, Nov. 1, 1709, who, Jan. 5, 1710, was accused by 
Mr. Sharp, a fellow member, of calling him out privately while unarmed, and 
making at him with a drawn sword, so tliat he had to flee to save his life. For 
this the captain was suspended until the i ith instant, when on his acknowledg- 
ing his oiVense and begging pardon of the house, his suspension was rcmoYcd 
and he was permitted to take his seat. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 467 

695. IV. Jacob, b. Sept. 23, 1830 ; m. Nov. 14, 1854, Sarah 
Emma Griggs/ and has children: Charles Morgen. 

696. V. Charles Morgen, b. March i, 1833, d. Aug. 15, 1849. 

697. VI. Peter, b. Aug. 16, 1835; m, Dec. 2, 1857, Rebecca 
Hibberts, and has children : Sarah Ann and Eliza Jane. 

698. VII. Samuel Jones, b. Oct. 31, 1837. 

699. VIII. John Scudder, b. Jan. 5, 1848, d. Aug. 3, 1848. 

505. Jacob F. Bergen, b. May 27th, 1802; m. Dec. 
1 6th, 1833, -^^'2:« "Jane Montgomery^ b. Jan. 3d, 1817. 
Emigrated west and settled on a farm at Princeton, Jersey- 
prairie, Cass county, thirty miles west of Springfield, 111. 

Issue : — 

700. I. Abram, b. March 11, 1836; m. Sept., 1863, L. C. 
Thompson, and has a son George, b. Dec. 26, 1864. Is an attor- 
ney and resided at Pekin, 111., from whence he removed to Wis- 
consin, where he was elected in 1868 to the state senate. In April, 
1870, he was appointed by President Grant one of tlie associate jus- 
tices of the supreme court in New Mexico. 

701. II. John I., b. Sept. 5, 1842; m. Dec. 2, 1862, S. C Ste- 
venson, and has a dau. Louisa Mildred, b. Nov. 2, 1864. Is a 
farmer and cattle dealer, and resides two miles south of Virginia, 
Cass county, 111. 

701^. III. George SpafFord, b. Nov. 1, 1844. Is a minister of 
the Gospel, unmarried. Sailed as a foreign missionary from Boston 
for India, July 20, 1865, and is connected with the Old Presbyterian 

' George Griggs, of Lavenden, England, aged 42 years, and Alice hib wife, 
aged 42 years, came to New England in April, 1635, in the Hopeiuell, with his 
children : Thomas, aged 15, William, aged 14, Elisa, aged 10, Mary, aged 6, 
and James, aged 2 years. (Hotten's Emigrants, p. 44.) 

John Griggs settled at an early period in Graveseiid, where he owned a plan- 
tation, and d. about 1737. He m. Elizabeth , and had children : John, 

Daniel, Thomas, Benjamin and Samuel, most of whom settled in New Jersey. 
There was a Daniel Griggs, of Monmouth county, who favored tlie American 
cause in the revolutionary war. John Griggs's descendants probably removed 
witli other early settlers of Gravesend to Monmouth county, N. J. 

4G8 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

506. Margaret Bergen, b. Sept. 5th, 1805 ; m. John 
C. Morris^ who resided at Plainsboro, near Princeton, at 
present (1874), at Trenton, N. J. 

Issue : — 

I. Hannah Virginia Morris, b. ; m. , Dr. Sutphin, of 


II. Caroline IVIorris. 

III. Jane Morris. » 

IV. Ann Morris. 

V. George Morris, b. ; m.— — , Hatfield, of Cranbury, 

New Jersey. 

507. Caroline Bergen, b. Sept. i6th, 1808; m. Feb. 
29th, 1829, Cornelius IVyckoff^ a farmer at Cranbury Neck, 
who d. Jan. 17th, 1872. 

Issue : — 

I. Jacob Fisher WyckofF, b. March 14, 1830; m. Oct. 30, 1862, 
Emily F. Hinton,' b. May 4, 1839, in New Lebanon, North Caro- 
lina, dau. of Thomas Prince Hinton, of North Carolina (who d. 
March 4, 1842), and Caroline. Jacob F. WyckofF is a merchant 
in Fulton street, in the city of New York. 

II Abraham Bergen WyckofF, b. Dec. 16, 1833; m. Oct. 29, 
1873, Elizabeth Hunt, is a farmer and manufacturer of agricultural 
implements in Hightstown, N. J. 

lu. Hannah Virginia WyckofF, b, Oct. 14, 1837; m. June 12, 
i860, Tracy Hyde Harris, a merchant in the city of New York 
and a native of New Hampshire, who d. in Paris, Jan. 17, 1869. 
Issue : Edward WyckofF Harris, b, Oct. 5, 1861, at Cranbury, N. 
J.; Tracy Hyde Harris, Junr., b. July 5, 1864, in the city of New 
York; m. (2d), April 2, 1874, Dr. Charles F. Deshlcr, of Hight- 

'There was a John Hinton in Virginia, in 1623; an Elias Hinton on the 
James river in Virginia, in the same year; a ^Fm. Hynion, aged 25 years, came 
to Virginia, in tiic Sptedtrdl, in 1635, and aniither fVm. Hinton, aged 20 years 
in the Tbur/his fcj" 'John, in the same year. (Hotten's Emigrants, pp. 83, S4 
175 and ij'j.) 

^ U:j<J Ml 

JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 469 

IV. Kenneth Applegate WyckofF, b. Jan. i, 1847; m. April 19, 
1871, Mary Emma Pike, of" the city of New York, b. Feb. 17, 
1847, and has issue: Walter Cornelius WyckofF, b. Feb. l, 1872. 
Kenneth A. is a mercliant in the city of New York. 

509. Hannah Virginia Bergen, b. Jan. 25th, 1815; 
m. Dr. "John V. D. ticudder^ of Cranbury Neck, since of 
Trenton, N. J. 

Issue : — 
I. Johannah V. Scudder. 
II. Sarah C. Scudder, 
III. Edwin L. Scudder. 

Descendants of JOHN I. BERGEN (451), and Mary 
Alershon^ of Scott's Corners, near Cranbury, N. J. : — 

510. Maria Schenck Bergen, b. Sept. 27th, 1797; d. 
Oct. 26th, 1824, m. Sept., 18 1 6, David IV. Griggs, h. 
May loth, 1792; d. 1819, a farmer near the cross-roads, 
Middlesex county, N. J. 

Issue : — 

I. Mary Ann Griggs, b. July 5, 1817, d. Nov. 15, 1842; m. 
April 22, 1840, Martin Ryerson of the Wallabout, Brooklyn, son of 
John and Ellen Ryerson, b. July 27, 1817; d. Nov. 24, 1841, with- 
out issue. 

II. John W. Griggs, b. Oct. 20, 18 18; m. Phebe Walter, and is 
a farmer near Janiesburgh, on the Camden and Amboy rail road. 

511. Enoch Bergen, b. Feb. 28th, 1801 ; d. Oct. 27th, 
1824, single. 

512. Christopher I. Bergen, b. June 2d, 1803; d. 
Oct. 8th, 1870; m. Nov. 19th, J828, A/rnyJ^ur.h. Dec. 
I 2th, 1801 ; who d. July 17th, 1864, dan. of IV'tcr Rue 


470 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

and Ann Jewel, of iMiddletown Point, now Mattewan, N. 
J. Was a farmer and resided in the villageof Cranbury,N. J. 

Issue : — 

702. I. Enoch, b. July 25, 1830; m. Nov. 21, 1855, Catharine 
Ann Davison, b. Oct. 11, 1837, dau. of George Davison and Mary 
Hoagland, farmer of near Cranbury. Is a carpenter, resides at 
Jamesburgh, Middlesex county, N. J., and has children: Emaline, 
b. Oct. II, 1857; Adison, b. Aug. 24, 1859; Mary Louisa, b. 
Feb. 15, 1S61; Christopher I., b. March 10, 1863; Rosa Amanda, 
b. Nov. 18, 1864; Alonzo, b. July 12, 1867; Sarah Scudder, b. 
Sept. 20, 1869; and Tillie Griggs, b. Sept. i, 1872. 

703. II. Peter R., b. Oct. 11, 1832; m. Feb. 21, 1856, Corne- 
lia Forman, b. Aug. 18, 1834, dau. of Nelson L. Forman' and Ann 
Conover, farmer of Cranbury Neck. Is a carriagemaker at Cran- 
bury and has children : Kate F., b. Nov. 9, 1859, d. Dec. 5, 1859; 
Snella C, b. Aug. 23, 1869; and Florence, b. Nov. 13, 1872. 

704. III. Sarah Stryker, b. April 8, 1835; m. Nov, I, 1855, 
Howard C. Scudder, farmer of near Scotts Corner, Middlesex 
county, N. J., and has children: Cordelia B. Scudder, b. Oct. 19, 
1857; Christopher B. Scudder, b. June 11, i860; Mary Ann Scud- 
der, b. May 8, 1862; Kelsy Rowly Scudder, b. June 25, 1864; 
Henry S, Scudder, b. May 24, 1868; Laurah Scudder, b. Sept. 
24, 1870; Julia A. Scudder, b. Nov. 8, 1872, d. July 21, 1873; 
and Julia A. Scudder, b. April 21, 1874. 

705. IV. Anna Wilson, b. Sept. 9, 1837, unmarried and resides 
with her brother-in-law Howard C. Scudder. 

706. v. William E., b. Feb. 4, 1842; m. Jan. 3, 1866, Cornelia 
Mount, dau. of Vincent W. Mount and Rebecca Applegate, a hotel- 
keeper at Jamesburgh. Is a carriagemaker at Trenton, and has 
children: Sidney R., b. Dec. 27, 1867; Willie G., b. July 16, 
1869; Snella G., b. Feb. 5, 1872; and Howard C, b. Dec. 8, 
1873, d. July 1 1, 1874. 

• The Formam settled at ^in early period and are very numerous in Monmouth 
county, N. J. Feb. 8, 1712, Nell^ej l"eb. i 3, 1714, San>uel ; April 28, 1716, 
Jauj and May 8, 1718, l\ter, eliildrcn ol Jonathan Forman and Margaret 
Wyckoll, were bap. in tlie I'roteitant llelornied DutcJi Ciiurtii of Freehold. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 471 

513. Samuel Mershon Bergen, b. Nov. i6th, 1805; 
d. about March, 1856, single. A hatter by trade. 

514. Elias Bergen, b. Sept. 8th, 1808 ; m. Phebe Rue.^ 
Was a farmer at Dutch Neck, N. J. Resides (1873) ^" 
Hanover street, Trenton. 

Issue : — 

707. I. Henry, b. May 16, 1835; m. Anna Aminda Laird. 

708. II. Rebecca, b. July 5, 1838. 

709. III. Gilbert, b. Dec. 19, 1844. 

710. IV. Edgar, b. May 21, 1847. 

515. Sarah Stryker Bergen, b. Sept. 29th, 1810; 
m. Oct. 9th, 1829, Thomas S. Snedeker^ farmer of James- 
burg, N. J., who d. Acig. 3d, 1868. 

Issue : — 

I. Mary Ann Snedeker, b. April 1, 1832; in. Oct. 5, 1864, 
Austin I. Richardson, of Brattleboro, Vermont, at present residing 
on a farm near Jamesbiirg, N. J.; had a dan., b. March 16, 1866, 
who d. in infancy. ^ 

II. Sarah Elizabeth Snedeker, b. June 7, 1841 ; m. Dec. 6, 1865, 
R. Baxter Conover, son of Richard, and grandson of Wm. Cono- 
ver, of Pcnn's Neck; they reside near Trenton and he is superinten- 
dent of Fashion Stud Farm, and have issue : D. Anna Salter Cono- 
ver, b. July I, 1869; and S. Willard Snedeker Conover, b. July 22, 

III. Emmeline Snedeker, b. July 12, 1844; m. Feb. 22, 1866, 
Abijah E. Chambcrlin, son of Randolph Chamberlin, of Cranbury 
Neck; owns and cultivates part of the homestead farm, and have 
issue: Isaac Snedeker Chambcrlin, b. June 28, 1867; and Grace 
Randolph Chamberlin, b. Sept. 29, 1872. 

IV. Isaac S. Snedeker, b. June 21, 1847, single, attends to the 

»A Sumufl Rue, m. Sept. 20, 1753, C.itlurinc BiccstcJe, in New York. 
Ihiiiy Uuc jiid Mattbciu Rue of Monmouth county, favored the patriot eause in 
the war ot tlie revolution, and also a John Rue. 

472 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

homestead farm, and is a dealer in grain, hay, straw and coal, a 
Dayton and Plainsboroiigh, N. J. 

V. William Snedcker, b. Dec. 22, 1850; d. Sept. 11, 1859. I 

517. William Ellwood Bergen, b. Nov. 30th, 1816; I 

m. March 9th, 1843, EriuntUne^ dau. of Joseph and Susan 
Chamberlin,' of Monroe, Middlesex county N, J., b. Nov. 
II, 1820. Is a farmer at Cranbury, N. J. 

Issue : — 

711. I. Hannah Virginia, b. Aug. 25, 1844. 

712. II. Mary E., b. May 18, 1846. 

713. m. Sarah Stryker, b. Aug. 18, 1848, d. Aug. 1, 1849. 

714. IV. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 13, 1850, d. Sept. 1, 1856. 

715. V. William Elmer, b. Dec. 10, 1851. 

716. VI. Sarah Stryker, b. July 17, 1853. 

717. VII. Ella Morris, b. June 4, 1857. 

718. VIII. John I., b. March 7, i860. 

Descendants of PETER I. BERGEN (453), and Anna 
Conove)\ of Dutch Neck, N. J. 

518. Garret Bergen, b. May 21st, 1804; d. Feb. 
22d, 1830 J m. Nov, 23d, 1825, Mary^ dau, of Peter 
Hooper,- b. Oct. loth, 1805. Was a farmer at Dutch 

'A if'^m. Cbambcrlin emigrated in 1635 in the ship Tliomas from England 
to Virginia, and a Thomas Cbainhcilyiic was transported in 1685 from the same 
place Co North America for being engaged in Monmouth's rebellion. Francis 
Chamherlin came to Virginia from England in i62i,in the Marmaiiuke, znd his 
wife Rebecca in the Buna No-va in 1622. (Hotten's Lists of Emigrants, pp. 
127, 186 and 254.) 

"A Daniel lloupcr emigrated in ]unc, 1679, in the Ketch Joseph from the 
Island of Barbadoes to New York. (Hotten's Emigrants, p. 377.) 

There was a Mr. Hooprr, residing in Newark as early as 17S0, and a Ro/'eri 
Hooper of Trenton was chief justice of New Jersey in 1728. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 473 

Issue : — 

719. I. Margaret, b. Jan. 14, 1827; m. Dec, 29, 1843, Charles 
D. Stonaker, of Trenton, and lias children : Mary Elizabeth Ston- 
akcr, b. Oct. 3, 1845, d. Sept. 1, 1864; William Stonaker, b. 
Sept. 5, 1847, d. Sept. 5, 1852; Henry Martin Stonaker, b. Aug. 
22, 1850; Charles Bergen Stonaker, b. June 24, 1853; Anna Ston- 
aker, b. April 28, 1856; Aniasa A. Stonaker, b. July 10, 1859, d. 
July 17, 1859; Emily Stonaker, b. July 31, 1861 ; and Viola E. 
Stonaker, b. Nov. 24, 1863. 

519. John C. Bergen, b. Oct. loth, 1807; m. March 
28th, 1827, Gertrude C. Davidson^ b. Dec. 7th, 1806; d. 
Nov. 19th, 1852. At first a farmer, afterwards a teacher 
residing at one time at Dutch Neck, at present (1873), ^' 
Dayton, Middlesex county, N. J. 

Issue : — 

720. I. Ann, b. Dec. 16, 1827; m. Dec. 20, 1849, John P. 
Brown, of Cranbury, b. Dec. 28, 1824, and has children : William 
Parker Brown, b. June 16, 1842 ; and Walter Brown, b. Dec. i, 

721. II. Caroline, b. July 31, 1829; m. March 17, 1850, Peter 
S. Stout, of Somerset county, N. J , and has children: John Bergen 
Stout, b. Feb. r, 1851; Anna Bergen Stout, b. Sept. 25, 1854. 

722. III. Sarah, b. Jan. 23, 1831; m. Dec. 6, 1853, John R. 
Stults, of Cranbury, b. March 10, 1832, and has children: Peter 
F. Stults, b. Aug. 26, 1854; John B. Stults, b. May 12, 1856; 
Gertrude Stults, b. Aug. 24, 1858; George S. Stults, b. May 8, 
1864; and Anna Stults, b. May 31, 1867, 

723. IV. Peter D., of Trenton, b. March 10, 1833; m. Jan. 24, 
1854, Adeline or Adelia Applegate, b. March 22, 1833, and has 
children: Mary S., b. April 26, 1855, d. June 19, 1855; Estella, 
b. May 25, 1857; Julia D., b. Feb. 19, 1859; and George, b. 
Feb. 19, 1862, d. Feb. 22, 18O4. 

724. V. Eli/.abeth, b. Feb. 5, 1835; m. I'Vb. 25, 1853, Simeon 
Even It, b. July 25, 1830, and has cliiKlrcu : Smith l'"verctt, b. Jan. 

rfoisM .in i^^o^. 
ia til,- 1; }■-•-''■ 

474 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

14, 1855; Susan Bergen Everett, b. Sept. 5, 1856; Carrie Stout 
Everett, b. Aug. 3, i860; and Edward Everett, b. July 22, 1863. 

725. VI. Susan, b. Dec. 19, 1837; m. , Abraham M. Skil- 

man, farmer, of Somerset county, and has children : Gertrude Skil- 
man, b. March 30, 1858; and Augustus B. Skilman, b. Feb. 10, 

726. VII. Lammatta or Lematie, b. July 22, 1840; m. Feb. 24, 
1858, Daniel Dcuidson, farmer, of Dayton, Middlesex county, b. 
Feb. 15, 1835, and has children : Mary A. Davidson, b. Dec. 24, 
1859 ; Rosetta W. Davidson, b. Feb. 10, 1863; John A. Davidson, 
b. Feb. 13, 1865; Minnie L. Davidson, b. Sept. 11, 1868; and 
Kate E. Davidson, b. Jan. 26, 1871. 

727. VIII. George D., b. April i, 1842; m. April 26, 1871, 
Emma L Doty,' b. Feb. 5, 1842. Is a butcher at Spotswood. 

728. IX. Joseph H., b. March 25, 1845; m. June 24, 1868, 
Catharine E Scott," b. July 10, 1845. Is a farmer. 

729. X. Asa F., b. March 26, 1847, d. Oct. 15, 1851. 

520. Lammatta Bergen, b. Jan. 31st, 1812 ; m. 

1828, Elias Updike^ of East Windsor, Mercer county, N. 
J., b. May 3d, 1807, and have children : — 

I. Mary Updike, b. July 2, 1829; m. Enoch South. 
11. Anna Updike, b. March 20, 1831, d. May 20, 1857. 

III. Elizabeth Updike, b. Aug. 29, 1839, d. Aug. 12, 1852. 

IV. Maggie Updike, b. June 18, 1843; m. Wm. Hulse, d. about 
Oct. 1873, and left issue: Lamatie Bergen Hulse. 

521. Sarah Bergen, b. Dec. i6th, 1814; d. Jan. 12th, 

1855 ; ni. , Abraham Tcrhiinc^ of Princeton, wlio after 

her death removed. 

Issue : — 

I. Albert Terhune, of Dutch Neck, bap. May 29, 1847. 

'The Dotys settled in Piscataway, about 1678. 

" Anion p; tlie si(;ncrs to the cliaitir of piivilcycs of West New Jersey, in 
1676, W.13 Hi-njiiiiiin .Sc.'fl. 

A Waller &ott emigrated from England to Virginia, as early as if) 18. Ilciry 
Scoitj in 1623, fyH/iiim and yobii &u(t in 1636; Thomas Scott, .iged 40 ye.irs, 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 475 

522. George Bergen, b. April 2d, 1818; m. Feb. 
'28th, 1849, Matilda^ dau, of Henry and Rebecca Dey, b. 
May 2ist, 1823. Is a farmer at Dutch Neck, Mercer 
county, N. J. 
Issue : — 

730. I. Rebecca A., b. Aug. 12, 1850. 

731. II. David D., b. Jan. 11,1853. 

732. in. Rachel M., b. Dec. 30, 1858. 

733. IV. Mary E., b- Jan. 5, 1865. 

Descendants of JACOB I. BERGEN (454), znA Syche 
Bergeti^ of Cranbury, N. J. : — 

523. Cornelia Bergen, b. Dec. 13th, 1806; d. Feb. 
4th, 1851 ; m. Feb. 22d, l^lb^ Deuyse Thompson^ of Free- 
hold, N. J., son of Wm. J. Thompson and Margaret De- 
nyse, and great grandson of Tunis Denyse of New Jersey. 
He d. June 12th, 1872, and was a farmer. 

Issue : — 

I. Jacob Bergen Thompson, b. Dec. 7, 1826, d. Dec. 23, 

II. William I. Thompson, b. June 7, 1828; m. May 30, 1854, 
Elizabeth Smock. Is a farmer at Freehold. 

III. John Bergen Thompson, b. May 4, 1830; m. Jan. 11, 
1853, Evelyn Risler. Is a dairyman at South Amboy. 

IV. Joseph Conovcr Thompson, b. Dec. 27, 1832. 

V. Cornelia D. Thompson, b. Feb. 15, 1834, d. May 30, 

VI. Stephen Emmans Thompson, b, Oct. 27, 1836; m. Jan., 
1872, Mary E. Rue. Is a farmer at Freehold. 

Elizabeth his wife, aged 40 years, Elizabeth his dau., a^-ed 9 years, Abigail, ai;cd 
7 ycais, and 'rhumas iiis sun, a|^ed (> yi-ar:;, tiiiigratid fruiii Ipswiili, Eiit;laiid, 
to New I'liiglaiid, ill 16-54. (li.)tten\ LislsoC J'lnii^iaiils, i.|,. 105, 1 2'j, 1^5, 
17C., iS.j, etc.) A William Scott resi<led in Moninmith county, N. J., in 
l6(yl. (See Lib. I, of Conveyances in clerk's oiHce of said county.) 

W :iMau t ,■■ 

476 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

VII Tunis D. Thompson, b. Oct. 13, 1839, d. June 20, 1872 
vui. Charles H. Thompson, b. Aug. 23, 1843; m. Rhoda 
Holmes. Is a doctor and resides at Stockton, Hunterdon county, 

524. John W. Bergen, b, June 28th, 1808 j m. Oct. 
22d, 1 83 1, Catharine V. Vanderbilt^ b. March 22d, 1807J 
d. Dec. 15th, 1844 ; m. (2d), March 3d, 1846, Mary Hunt^ 
who d. July 20th, 1858 ; m. (3d), May i6th, i860, Susan 
P. Large. Was a merchant at Lambertsville, N. J., on 
the Delaware river. Joined the Reformed Dutch Church 
of New Brunswick, Sept. 5th, 1835, and Feb. 4th, 1839, 
became a deacon thereof. She joined the same church. 
May 28th, 1842. 

Issue : — 

734. I. Helena v., b. Aug. 4, 1832 ; m. April 4, i860, Henry 
D. (55 I )» son of Peter P. Bergen (461). She joined the First Re- 
formed Dutch Church of New Brunswick, Aug. 31, 1861, on cer- 

735. II. Jacob, b. Jan. 5, 1834, d. April 28, 1863. 

736. III. Dennis v., b. May 24, 1837; m. Oct. 115, 1863, 
Julia Bergen. (Not traced.) 

737. IV. John Henry, b. Aug. 13, 1839, ^- J""^ ^°» 1858. 

738. V. Syche Mariah, b. Oct. 31, 184I; m. July 23, 1865, 
James Oliver. 

■jy). VI. Catharine Jane, b. April 3, 1844, d. Aug. 20, 1845. 

By 3d wife : — 

740. VII. Charles Emae, b. Jan. 21, 1862. 

741. VIM. William Earnest, b. Sej)!. 14, 1864. 

525. Ahram Bergen, b. July 12th, 1810; m. Elizabeth 

Abram Bergen is supposed to have d. Nov. nth, 1867, 
at Roluhburg, Pcnn., to which place he removed about 
i860, iiaving resided at Saddle river, N. J. He joined the 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 477 

First Reformed Dutch Church of New Brunswick, Dec. 
8th, 1832, and had no issue. 

526. Matthew Egerton Bergen, b. Dec. 25th, 
1813 ; m. Dec. 25th, 1830, Sarah Dehart^"- who d. March 
17th, 1841 ; m. (2d), Nov. 9th, 1844, Gitty A. H. Manly. 
Late a farmer j in 1862, resided in George street. New 
Brunswick, N. J. He joined the First Reformed Dutch 
Church of New Brunswick, Sept. 5th, 1835, and his wife 
Sarah Dehart, Sept, 20th, 1834. 

Issue by ist wife : — 

742. I. Henrietta, b. , 1831, d. Oct. 1, 1855; m. 1852, 

Conover Cortelyou, and had children: Sarah Jane Cortelyou, b. 
1853, and Henrietta Cortelyou, b. 1855. 

743. n. Jacob I., b. Sept. 26, 1833, d. Oct. i, 1855. 

744. ni. Hannah Maria, b. Nov. 21, 1836, d. Aug. 25, 1838. 

By 2d wife : — 

745. IV. Aaron M., b. , 1845. 

746. V. Sarah S., b. Aug. 23,1848. Joined the First Reformed 
Dutch Church of New Brunswick, June 1, 1865. 

747. VI. Charles D., b. Aug. 20, 1850, d. Aug. 8, 1851. 

527. Simon Hillyer Bergen, b. June 13th, 1816} m. 
June r3th, 1836, Mary Voorhies^ b. Dec. 13th, 1820. 
Late a manufacturer; in 1862, resided in George street, 
New Brunswick, N. J. Joined the First Reformed Dutch 
Church of New Brunswick, Sept. 5th, 1835. 

Issue : — 

748. I. William Voorhies, b. July 28, 1837; m. Oct. 12, 1859, 
Clorisa Felter, b. Aug. 14, 1839, and has issue: Isora P., b. April 
16, 1864, and Alice H., b. July 15, 1866. 

' Sarah with the Debar ts, of Monmouth county, arc prob.ibly all descendants 
of Elym, son of Simun ^aeii Dc Hurt, referred to In the foot note under Simon 
Berjjen .uid Geshe Dc Hart, hia wife. 


478 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

749. 11. Jacob I., b. April 17, 1839; m. Sept. 27, 1863, Maria 
Stevens/ b. July 2, 1846, and has issue: Edward Stevens, b. Oct. 
18, 1864. 

750. ni. Mary Ellen, b. June 21, 1846; m. March 26, 1865, 
James H. Cornel, and has issue: Mary E. Cornell, b. April 28, 1866. 

751. IV. Cornelia, b. Feb. 22, 1849. 

752. V. John Hillyer, b. May 21, 1852. 

753. VI. Peter Voorhies, b. June 18, 1856. 

528. Sarah Maria Bergen, b. Oct. 6th, 1821; m. 
Sept. 7th, 1857, Charles Webber^ of Brooklyn, N. Y. No 

Descendants of CHRISTOPHER I. BERGEN (455), 
and Mary Dhbroiv^ of Cranbury Neck, N. J. : — 

529. Samuel Disbrow Bergen, b. Aug. 25th, 1809; 
m. Nov. 25th, 1835, Charity Voorhees^ b. Sept. 22d, 18 14. 
Is a storekeeper at Princeton, N. J. 

Issue : — 

754. I. Mary D., b. Nov. 2, 1836. Resides at Princeton. 

755. II. Martin Voorhecs, b, Feb. 12, 1839. Is (1873), a 
lawyer at 110 Market street, Camden, N. J., in partnership with 
his brother Christopher A., and of the firm of Bergen and Bergen. 

I Thomas Stc'vefis, aged 12 years, came from London to New England in the 
Abigail, and Henry Stevens, mason, aged 24 years, in the Dcfcmcy \n 1635. 
Nathaniel ISu-vem came from Barbadoes to New York, in the lieco-voy, in April, 
1679, and Syl'vester Sle-vens, in the ketch Nicholas & Rebecca, in May, 1 679, 
both ticket of leave men. (Hotten's Lists of Emigrants, pp. 73, 99, 405 and 

* Charity Voorhees is a great granddau. of Peter Voorhees, who m. (1st), a 

Neviuss and ni. (2d), , who d. at Blaunburg, N. J., and a granddau. of 

Mailiii, bon of said I'eter, b. Aug. 28, 1763, d. July 31, 1825, m. May 2, 
17X6, Alice Van Dyke, b. June 10, 1761, d. Dec. 27, 1818, and liad issue : 
Peter, b. May 27, 1787, d. July 4, 1853, m. Jane Schenck ; Garrettie, b. 


JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 479 

756. HI. Christopher A., b. Aug. 2, 1841; m. Aug. 5, 1869, 
Harriet J., dau. of Thomas D. and Augusta S. James,' of Morris- 
town, N. J. Is a lawyer in partnership with his brother Martin V., 
and has children: George J., b. May 27, 1870; and Martin V., 
Junr., b. Jan. 29, 1872. 

757. IV. Peter Voorhees, b. Feb. 1, 1844. Is a merchant at 
Princeton, N. J. 

758. V. Jennie S., b. Nov. 28, 1847, d. June 16, 1848. 

759. VI. Samuel D., b, Oct. 3, 1850, d. Feb. 26, 1851. 

760. VII. Samuel D., Junr., b. April 9, 1852. Is a law student 
with his brothers at Camden, N. J. 

530. Sarah A. Bergen, b. Feb. ist, 181 1; d. Oct. 
17th, 1844; m. Feb. 5th, 1834, David Perrine^ farmer, of 
near Cranbury, N. J., who, after the death of Sarah, mar- 
ried a 2d wife. 

Issue : — 
I. James Henry Perrine, b. 1835, d. young. 
II. Christopher Perrine, b. Nov., 1 841, d. Dec. 3, i860. 
m. Mary Bergen Perrine, b. July, 1843; m. John David Perrine, 
and has 3 children. 

531. Ida Van Nest Bergen, b. Jan. 25th, 1813 ; d. 
Sept. 2d, 1851 ; m. Feb. 5th, 1834, George A. Hutchinsen^ 
b. Jan. 2ist, 1810, who, after the death of Ida, m. April 

May 29, 1790,(1. Dec. 3, 18145 Ji'l'i, !>■ May 18, 1792, d. June 25, 1794; 
John V.m Dyke, b. Sept. 15, 1794, d. April 28, 1822; Leah, b. Oct. 3, 1796, 
d. June 22, 1857; Erederick Van Dyke, b. Dec. 18,1798, d. July 5, 1854,01. 
Nov. 22, 1821, Cornelia Polhemus, b. Feb. 3, 1803 ; and Sarah, b. Sept. 28, 
1802, d. Dec. 25, 1828. Peter, son of Martin, farmer, resided at Blaunburg, in 
Somerset county and had issue: Charity, b. Sept. 22, 1804, m. Nov. 25, 1825, 
Samuel Disbrow Bergen, 

• A fVilliam Jama emigrated -from England to New England, in 1632; and 
a Rhhitid Jiiinfi, a servant of Colonel Samuel Newton, in the Joitph, to New 
York, in 1635, from the Ibland of Barbadoes. (llotteii's Lists of Emitjraiita, 
pp. island 382.) 

.uftii^"^! LiviQaii6\_ .tu 

480 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

2oth, 1854, Julia Smith. Is a farmer, and resides near 
Trenton, N. J. 

- i(. A ■icrt it- 

Issue : — 

1. Marianna Hutchinsen, b. Dec. 27, 1834, single. 

II. Thirza Anderson Hutchinsen, b. Aug. 17, 1836, d. June 

17, 1864; m. May 22, 1861, H. Harrison Woolsey, who d. June 

19, 1864. No issue. \ 

III. Emma Hutchinsen, b. July 13, 1838. 

IV. Alfred Bergen Hutchinsen, b. April i, 1840 ; m. Oct. 30, 
1872, Calista E., dau. of Bela Dunbar, of Monroe county, N. Y. 
Is a merchant and resides at Titusvillc, Pa., and has issue: Alfred 
Dunbar Hutchinsen. ' 

V. Sarah M. Hutchinsen, b. Jan. 31, 1842. 
VI. Elizabeth Bergen Hutchinsen, b. March 13, 1844, d. July 
6, 1846. . 

vii. Lewis E. Hutchinsen, b. March 12, 1846, d. Dec. 21, 

VIII. George Augustus Hutchinsen, b. March 26, 1848. Mer- 
chant at Titusville, Pa. 

IX. Symmes Bergen Hutchinsen, b. Sept. 2, 185 i, now (1874), 
a student in Princeton College. 

532. Alfred Bergen, b. Sept. 2d, 1815 ; d. Sept. 6th, 
1849; m. Feb. 2d, 1842, Mary T. IVard,^ b. March 1st, 

Was a physician and emigrated west, from whence he 
removed to Freehold, N. J., where he died. In 1871, his 
widow resided in Newark. 

Issue : — 

761. I. Alfred Ward, b. Oct. 29, 1842; m. March 28, 1864, 

'A John Ward, of Newark, Essex county, N. J., was appointed March 24, 
1682-3, a justice of the quorum of said county, and commissioned lieutenant, 
Dec. 3, 1683. (See Records of Gov. and Council of New Jersey, p. 35, etc.) 
In 1675, lieutenant John Ward was a deputy from Newark in the assen)bly 
and his name appears among the residents of Newark, as early as I 666. There 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 481 

M. Virginia Lowell; is an accountant and resided at Paterson, N. J.; 
in 1871 resided in Newark. 

762 11. Henry Williamson, b. March 13, 1846; is a clerk, and 
resides at Newark, N. J. 

533. John Stryker Bergen, b. Oct. 21st, 1819; m. 
Dec. 6th, 1843, Lydia Wyckoff^ dau. of Peter and Elizabeth 
WyckofF, of WyckofF's mills, Middlesex county, N. J., 

b. , 1821 J d, Aug. nth, 1845; m. (2d), Sept. , 

1848, C. Atnanda Hunt^ dau. of Joseph and Anna Hunt, 
b. Sept. 6th, 1829. Is a farmer at Cranbury Neck, and 
no children by ist wife. In 1873 °^ Princeton Junction. 

Issue : — 

763. I. Symmes, b. Aug. 9, 1849; m. Dec. 12, 1872, Margaret 
A., dau. of Andrew J. and Lydia Duncan, of near Cranbury, b. 
Dec. 9, 1851. 

764. n. Elston Hunt, b. Oct. 15, 1852, single, and a medical 

534. James Williamson Bergen, b. Jan. i6th, 1823 ; 
m. Nov. 3d, 1847, Ahb'ie or Abagael W. Scudder^ b. April 
26th, 1830 J d. April 4th, 1873, dau. of Isaac Scudder and 
Juliann Beakes of Middlesex county, N. J., -and a grand- 
was a Marmaduke Ward in Monmouth county, N. J., as early as 1670. (See 
lib, I, p. 29 of con., Monmouth county cleric's office.) 

' A John Hunt, aged 21 years, emigrated from the Island of Barbadoes in the 
Pro'vidence to Boston, in 1679; and a Lulce Hunt, \n tht hd^rU. uid-vcnturCy 
from England to New England, in 1679. (Hotten's Lists of Emigrants, pp. 377 
and 379.) 

A Thomas Hunt settled at Stillwater in Sussex county, N. J., was captured 
by the Indians in the French war, carried captive to Canada, and after 3 years 
exchanged. John Hunt was a member of the common council of Trenton on 
the incorporation of said place in 1746. Ralph Hunt took the oath of allegiance 
to the American cause in 1777, before the revolutionary board of safety of New 



















482 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

dau. of Colonel Wm. Scudder, of the revolutionary war. 
Is a farmer at Scott's Corners, near Cranbury, N. J. 

Issue : — 

I. Isaac Scudder, b. Jan. 26, 1849; farmer. 
Elizabeth Ward, b. Oct. 4, 1851. 
John Stryker, b. July 4, 1854. 
Howard Scudder, b. March 28, 1857. 
Disbrow, b. May 5, 1859. 
Julia Scudder, b. Dec. i, 1861. 
Mary Disbrow, b. Sept. 2, 1864. 
William Scudder, b. April 5, 1867. 
Abbie S., b. March 27, 1873, d. . 

535. Symmes Henry Bergen, b. July 15th, 1826; m. 
Nov. 28th, i860, Mary S. Lalor^ dau. of Jeremiah Lalor 
and Elizabeth S. Smith, of Trenton, b. May 24th, 1834. 

Is a physician, emigrated west, resides at Toledo, Ohio, 
and has no issue. 

536. Mary Bergen, b. Jan. 20th, 1828; d. Feb. nth, 
1849; m. Nov. 4th, 1847, ^^illi(ifn Hooper^ farmer, of 
Dutch Neck, Mercer county, N. J. 

Issue : — 

I. Mary Hooper, b. Jan. 23, 1849 ; m. . 

537. Elizabeth Voorhees Bergen, b. Jan. 2d, 1830; 
m. April 2d, 1850, Caleb Condit Ward^ b. Dec. 7th, 1798, 
d. April 30th, i860, a merchant in Newark, N. J. In 
1873, she resided at No. 27 Lombardy street, in said city. 

Issue : — 

I. Caleb Condit Ward, b. Oct. 2, 1851; d. young. 

II. John Condit Ward, b. April 24, 1855. Is studying medi- 
cine, and resides in Newark. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 483 

Descendants of GEORGE BERGEN (456), and Marga- 
ret Bergen (462), of Kentucky. 

538. George Bergen, b. Sept. 2d, 1786 j d. Oct. lOth, 
1869; m. (ist), May 26th, 1808, Magdalena Voorhees^ b. 
Nov. 2ist, 1787 J d. April ist, 1854; m. (2d), Oct. 9th, 
1856, Mildred Obanon^ by whom no issue. Was a farmer, 
residing in Shelby county, Kentucky, and also engaged in 
surveying and locating land claims. Held the office of colo- 
nel in the state militia, and that of a magistrate for thirty 
years. Was an elder in the Presbyterian church for nearly 
forty years, and a delegate to the general assembly, which 
met in Philadelphia about 1857, on which occasion he 
visited the homestead of his father in New Jersey. 

Issue : — 

774. I. Margaret, b. April ii, 1809, d. Sept. 11, 1809. 

775. II. Annie, b. May 7, i8io, d. April 29, 1820, 

776. m. George W., b. Feb. i, 1812, d. Oct. 17, 1859; m. 
May 28, 1833, Margaret Maria Morten.' Was a farmer, residing 
in Johnson county, Indiana, where he settled in 1834, and had 
children: Mary E., b. June 23, 1837, d. May 23, 1854, single ; 
and Elisabeth Margret, b. March 17, 1839, m. Jan. i, 1861, John 
B. Demaree, a farmer, b. May 5, 1833, and has issue: Flora May 
Demaree, b. Dec. 13, 1861; Carrie Edie Demaree, b. Aug. 11, 
1867; and Walter Edwin Demaree, b. Dec. 18, 1869. 

777. IV. Mary, b. March 29, 1814, d. Oct. 18, 1850; m. Sept. 
20, 1832, John C. Monfort, b. Oct. 8, 1804, at first a merchant, 
elected Aug. 1858, judge of the county court of Henry county, 
Ky., reelected in Aug. 1862, serving two terms or eight years, and 
at present (1872), practicing law. Issue: Caroline Monfort, b. 

■ A WM'iam Murton, aged 20 years, emijjrutcd to Virginia in the Margett 
& 'JoLri, in 1620, and a Nkholui Morton, aged 17 yeari, in tlic Safety, in 1635. 
(Huttcn's Lists of Emigrants, pp. 122 and 24c;.) 

484 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

Aug. 12, 1833 ; m. June 10, 1855, Dr. Thomas A. Sparks; War- 
ren Monfort, b. Oct. 2, 1834; m. , 1858, Mary Murphy, and 

is an attorney; and Tiney Monfort, b. March 2, 1836, m. , 

i860, Spencer Claxon. 

778. V. John, b. May 26, 1816, d. April 23, 1852; m. Aug. 
5, 184I, Amanda Fallis. Was a farmer in Shelby county, Ken- 
tucky, and has children : Mary E., b. July 19, 184.2, m. (ist), Fleet 
G. Yount, and m. (2d), Elijah Threldrela, having issue by both 
husbands ; Erasmus F., b. March 28, 1846, m. March 29, 1866, 
Susan Yount; is a farmer in Shelby county, Kentucky, and has issue : 
Lamry, b. Jan. 3, 1868 ; Annie, b. Oct. 14, 1869 ; Calvin, b. 
March 13, 1871; and John W., b. Oct. 16, 1851. 

779. VI. Henry, b. Oct. 18, 1818, d. July 5, 1822. 

780. vu. Albert, b. Sept. 22, 1820, m. March 23, 1843, Mary 
J. Gibson.' Resides in Pleasureville, in Shelby county, Kentucky, 
is a farmer and an elder in the Presbyterian church, and has children : 
George W., b. Feb. 15, 1844, d. Dec. 28, 1872, m. Katie Hollo- 
way,'' and has issue : Mary S., b. Aug. 22, 1871, and George A., 
b. Oct. 31, 1872; John S., b. May 18, 1846, m. Dec. 8, 1869, 
Mary R. Holloway, is a blacksmith, resides in Shelby county, Ken- 
tucky, and has issue: Lorenzo G., b. Nov. 10, 1870, and Curtis 
Hansen, b. Sept. 18, 1872; Annie R., b. Aug. 28, 1848, m. Oct. 
24, 1867, John C. Morris, and has no issue; Albert N., b. May 
21, 1851; Joseph W,, b. Aug. 26, 1853; Samuel C, b. Oct. 26, 
1856, d. April 18, 1869; Robert G., b. Nov. 6, 185H; and Minne 
W., b. Jan. 21, 1861. 

781. viii. Jacob, b. Feb. 25, 1826, d. Aug. 1, 1828. 

782. IX. David, b. June 26, 1827, d. an infant. 

• Yeoman Gibson, aged 1 6 years, came over to Virginia, in the E/izabctb, in 
1635; Nicholas Gibson, aged 22 years, in the Assurance; John Gibson, aged 
30 years, in the Safely ; Richard Gibson, aged 25 years, and ff-'illiam Gibson, 
aged 19 years, in the Expedition, all to Virginia, in 1635. (Hotten's Lists of 
Emigrants, pp. II2, 118, 122, 139 and 141.) 

^ John Holloiuay, aged 21 years, came from London to New England in the 
Elizabeth & Ann, in 1635; and Eedie Holloivay, aged 22 years, from London 
to Virginia, in the Assurance, in I 635. (Hotten's Lists of Emigrants, pp. 72 
and 113.) 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 485 

539. Peter Bergen, b. Nov. 21st, 1788 ; d. July 12th, 
1868; m. Aug. 25th, 1814, Anna Bice^ who d. Jan. 28th, 
1854. He was a saddler by trade and resided in Hopewell, 
Johnson county, Indiana, where he settled in 1830. 

Issue : — 

783. I. Margaret, b Sept. 19, 1815 ; m. Feb. 20, 1834, Wil- 
liam V. Covert, b. April 5, 1810, d. Oct. 24, 1859. They were 
members of the Presbyterian church, Covert being a farmer, and 
resided near Hopewell church, Ind. This locality is settled by Co- 
verts, Van Nuyses, Lists, Demarees, and other New Jersey families. 
Issue: John Thomas Covert, b. March rg, 1835; Sarah Ann 
Covert, b. Aug l, 1837; Peter Gazley Covert, b. Nov. 20, 1840; 
William Duane Covert, b. July 19, 1843. 

784. 11. Samuel, b. March 21, 1830; m. April 3, l85i,Delila 
Kerlin, b. March 19, 1823, d. Nov. 17, 1868. Is a farmer, resid- 
ing near Hopewell church on the old homestead of his father, paying 
considerable attention to the raising of blooded stock, and in addition 
carrying on a tile factory on his farm. Issue : James Sylvester, b. 
Dec. 26, 1851; Harriet Ann, b. Feb. 18, 1855 ; Joseph Edgar, b. 
April 20, 1857; Rachel Margaret, b. Jan. 3, 1862; and Laura Bell, 
b. Aug. 16, 1865. 

540. Garret Conover Bergen, b. July 17th, 1792; 
d. Sept. 22d, 1872; m. (ist), Jan. 13th, 1814, Mary 
Banta^ b. March 4th, 1794 ; d. Aug. 23d, 1855, while on 
a visit to her children, residing at Vinton, Benton county, 
Iowa; m. (2d), Nov. 25, 1856, Elenor (574), widow of 
S. S. Ryker, and dau. of Christopher G. Bergen (465), and 
Anna Vanarsdall, of Jefferson county, Ind., by whom no 

' Garret C. Bergen was a farmer, residing until about 
1 83 1, in Henry county, Kentucky, wiiere all his children, 

' Vdikcrt Bania and Cartie Albcitsc were members of tlie Reformed Dutch 
Church of Hackensack iji 1686, whose descendants reside in that locality. 


,u.a , 

486 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

except Harvey L,, were born. From thence he removed 
to one-fourth of a mile from Franklin, Johnson county, 
Ind., of which county he was one of the first settlers. 
He served in the Indian war of 1812, under General Har- 
rison. In addition to farming he carried on a successful 
tannery on his premises. 

Issue : — 

785. I. Margaret, b. Jan. 13, 1815; d. about 1845; m. March 
16, 1842, A. C. Scull, of Bush county, Ind., and had issue : Ada 
Scull, who d. Aug., 1864, when about 21 years old, at Delhi, on 
the Ohio river, single. 

786. II. Rachel, b. Sept. 5, 1816; m. March 10, 1842, W. A. 
Gwinn, son of Andrew Gwinn, a carpenter, b. Nov. 16, 1819. 
Resides at present at Vinton, in Benton county, Iowa, and Rachel 
is a member of the Presbyterian church. Issue: Mary M. Gwinn, 
b. Dec. 17, 1843, in Indiana, m. Dec. 18, 1866, Wm. P. Rhoda- 
beck, and resides in Ophir city, Utah, and has issue : Harry Rho- 
dabcck, b. Oct. 7, 1867; and Johanna Willard Rhodabeck, b. 
Dec. 8, 1868, d. Feb. 8, 1869; Garrett George Gwinn, b. Dec. 
23, 1845, in Indiana, m. Jan. 17, 1871, Rebccka Winkins, and has 
issue : Maud Mariah Gwinn, b. Oct. 21, 1872; Samantha C. Gwinn, 
b. Oct. 23, 1849, in Indiana, m. Sept. 27, 1870, Jerry Alcorn, has 
issue: Gabriella Alcorn, b. Oct. 19, 1872, and they reside near 
Vinton, Benton county, Ind.; Malinda Jane Gwinn, b. Aug. 26, 
1854, in Benton county, Iowa; and Emily S. B. Gwinn, b. March 
29, 1856, in Benton county, Iowa. 

787. ui. Abram, b. Sept. 7, 1818; m. March 15, 1842, Sarah 
A. E. Henderson, b. March 7, 1824. Abrain Bergen was born in 
Henry county, Kentucky, removed with his father to Franklin, 
Jolinson county, Indiana, when he was 13 years old, and helped 
clear up and subdue the forest on the old homestead in the north 
part of Franklin. He drove a four horse team and hauled the first 
cord of wood that was sold in Franklin, for which he received fifty 
cents. After learning with his father the tanner's trade, he pur- 
chased his taimery, carried on the business, and when 26 years old. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 487 

he and his brother George left the old yard and removed twenty- 
miles south-west to Brown county, and rented a large tannery for 
five years, at the same time carrying on a currying shop in Franklin. 
When 31, he dissolved partnership with his brother, and bought 500 
acres of land, one mile east of Georgetown, on Beenblossem creek, in 
Brown county, on which he resided eleven years. Sold the farm for 
$5000, intending to emigrate to Iowa, but his father requesting him 
to remain with him while he lived, he stopped with him at Franklin, 
and for three years took charge of his farm. At this period, when 
45 years old, he entered into partnership with Wm. C. Wheat, and 
started a tannery in Franklin. After four years, his son Alonzo N. 
purchased Wheat's interest, forming the firm of A. Bergen & Son, 
which has been continued to the present (1872) time. Abram Ber- 
gen joined the Presbyterian church of Franklin, when 19 years old, 
and when 22 was selected and made a deacon in the church, and 
served until he removed to Brown county. When 30 years old he 
was ordained a ruling elder in the Georgetown church in Brown 
county, in which capacity he served until he removed back to Franklin. 
For ten years he was superintendent of the Georgetown Sunday school, 
and for a portion of the time had charge o{^ another school three miles 
off. Lately he has been conducting a successful missionary Sunday 
school at Franklin. In 1869 he superintended the mission school, an 
African school, and taught a class in the Presbyterian school, in the 
performance of which services he states he had more real enjoyment 
than at any other period of his life. 

Issue: Alonzo Newton, b. Sept. 29, 1843; m. (ist), April 19, 
1866, Amanda F. Martin, who d. April 6, 1867; m. (2d), Feb. 24, 
1869, Martha E. Crawford, b. Oct. 25, 1846. Resides in Frank- 
lin, Indiana, engaged in the tanning and currying business with his 
father, the firm being known as A. Bergen & Son. Served as a 
private 34 months in the 7th infantry regiment, Indiana volunteers, 
1st brigade, 3d division, 20th A. C, which accompanied General 
Sherman from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Raleigh, North Carolina. 
Was mustered out at Washington and discharged at Indianapolis, 
June, 1865. Issue: Cora l'~,va, b. July 30, i87i;Sanford Martin, 
b. Sept. 18, 1845, d. July 16, 1846 ; Sylvester Scovil, b. May 7, 

488 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

1847. He graduated at Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana, in 
1870, studied theology two terms at Danville Theological Seminary, 
Danville, Kentucky, and a part of a term at Union Theological 
Seminary, New York city, and was licensed to preach. Left the 
Seminary in the fall of 1872 as a tlome Missionary to Texas, and 
is at present (1873) at Hearne, Robertson county, in said state; 
Cornelius, b. June 2, 1849; d. Sept. 29, 1864, single, of disease 
contracted in the army during the rebellion, serving in the 100 day 
reserves as drummer in the i27tli regiment Indiana volunteers draft. 
788. IV. George, b. April 25, 1820; m. April 25, 1846, Mar- 
garet Jane EotF, b. in Westmorland county, Pennsylvania, Feb. 20, 
1820. From Johnson county, Indiana, he removed to Brown 
county, Indiana ; in the spring of 1853 he removed to Benton 
county, Iowa, and in the spring of 1872, he removed to Pottawat- 
tamie county, Iowa. With his elder brother Abram he carried on 
a tannery until he removed to Iowa, then farming until his removal 
to Pottawattamie county, when he bought a hotel in the town of 
Avoca, in said county, and is keeping the same. Joined the Pres- 
byterian church, when 19 years old, and has been an acting ruling 
elder for the past twenty years, to which office he has been chosen 
in three diiTcrcnt churches. Issue: Garrett C, b. Oct. 24, 1847, 
in Johnson county, Indiana, m. Dec. 18, 1857, Rachel C, dau. of 
Joseph Voorhees, is a farmer, residing in Pottawattamie county, 
Iowa, where he removed with his father in 1872, and joined the 
Presbyterian church in 1865; Mary E., b. June 23, 1849, in 
Brown county, Indiana, moved with her father to Pottawattamie 
covmty, Iowa, and joined the Presbyterian chinch in spring of 1863; 
Archibald M., b. Feb. 28, 1851, in Brown county, Ind,, d. July 
22, 1864, in Benton county, Iowa; Louisianna W., b. May 20, 
1853, in Johnson county, Ind., resides with her father, and joined 
the Presbyterian church in 1867; Sarah Ann, b. Sept. 21, 1855 in 
Benton county, loua, resides wiih lier father, and joined the Pres- 
byterian church in 1869; George W. L., b. April 17, 1857, joined 
the Presbyterian church in 1869; Margaret Jane, b. Oct. 12, 1859; 
Laura E., b. June 19, 1862, d. Sept. 12, 1866; Vcrgal A., b. Nov. 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 489 

3, 1868; and Joseph A., b. Oct. i, 1870, all born in Benton 
county, Iowa. 

789. V. Malindy, b. April 10, 1822; d. May 12, 1822. 

790. VI. Mary (twin with Joanna), b. April 29, 1824; d. Sept. 
25, 1855 > "''■ O"^^' 25, 1849, James Franklin Young, b. April 26, 
1825, and removed to Benton county, Iowa. Issue: Joseph Co- 
nover Young, b. Sept 24, 1850, in Iowa ; and Mary Clara Young, 
b. Oct. 13, 1853. 

791. VII. Joanna (twin), b. April 29, 1824; m. Jan. 6, 1848, 
John P. Chinn, b. June 23, 1814, a farmer. In the summer of 
1850^ they removed to near Vinton, Benton county, Iowa, and have 
issue: Isaac L. Chinn, b. Sept. 15, 185 1; Garrett C. Chinn, b. 
April II, 1853 ; John T. Chinn, b. May 21, 1857; and Eddie 
Dunning Chinn, b. March 21, 1863, all members of the Presbyte- 
rian church, except Eddie. 

792. VIM. Peter G. (twin with .-^nnie), b. Aug. 4, 1826, m. (1st), 

March 28, 1848, Emily S. B, dau. of Andrew Gwinn, b. , 

1830, d. Avig. 26, 1855; m. (2d), Aug. 24, 1856, Martha A. 
Fleming,' b. Aug. 29, 1832, in Scott county, Ind. Is a farmer and 
resides near Wild Cat or Shcllsburg, in Benton county, Iowa, to 
which place he removed from Johnson county, Ind., in 1852. He 
and his 1st wife Emily S. B., were both members of the Presbyterian 
church. Issue: Andrew Conovcr, b. Feb. 3, 1849, in Johnson 
CO., Ind., received the degree cjf Doctor of Medicine from the Long 
Island College Hospital, June 29, 1870, and at first practiced me- 
dicine in Shellsburg, Iowa, then entered the U. S. army as assistant 
surgeon, and was with General Custer in his Black Hills expedition 
in Dakota in 1874, and since stationed at Fort Stevenson; Winfield 
Scott, b. Feb. 19, 185 i, in Johnson county, Ind., and d. Sept. 8, 
1852 ; Kirk James, by 2d wife, b. July 14, i860, in Benton county, 
Iowa, d. April 30, 1861; Oscar jClarence, b. Aug. 20, 1862 ; Willie 

^ Ah ram Flemini^, husbandman, aged 40 years, came from London to New 
Engl.ind in the Lurease, in 1635, and Richard Flimii:}^, aged 24 ye.irs, came 
from Lonilon to Virginia, in 1635, in tlie Pluinc Juan. (Hottcn's Lists of 
Emigrants, pp. 65 and 7<;.) 

490 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

Sherman, b. March 29, 1866; and Alice, b. Sept. 22, 1868, all in 
Benton county, Iowa. 

793. IX. Annie (twin with Peter), b. Aug. 4, 1826, d, Aug. 25, 

794. X. Isaac, b. Sept. 3, 1828 ; m. Oct. 25, 1853, Martha H., 
dau. of Joseph Voorhees, b. March 25, I 831, in Johnson county, 
Ind. Is a farmer, joined the Presbyterian church at the age of 25 
years, and elected a ruling elder at Franklin, Ind. Removed to Big 
Grove, near Vinton, Benton county, Iowa, in 1859. Issue: Jo- 
seph Conover, b. Aug. 19, 1854, '" Johnson county, Ind. ; Emer- 
rett, b. June 13, 1857, in Johnson county, Ind.; Jane Mary, b. 
June 2, 1859, in Benton county, Iowa, and d. Jan. 9, 1864; Rachel 
Matilda, b. Jan. 12, 1862; Martha Jane, b. March 23, 1864; 
Evertt Dunning, b. Dec. 2, 1866 ; and James Thadeus, b. July 6, 
1869, all in Benton county, Iowa. 

795. XI. Archibald, b. Dec. i, 1830, d. May 17, 1837. 

796. XII. Harvey L., b. Jan. 30, 1833, d. June 20, 1866, single, 
and resided in Big Grove, Benton county, Iowa. 

541. John Bergen, b. Jan. 23d, 1795 ; d. Feb. 10th, 
1842; m. , 1818, Susanna Dernaree^^ h. April, 1802; 

■ The Dtmarees settled in Bergen county, New Jersey, at an early period. 
"Davit De Maree Junr." had a dau. Susanna, bap. April 7, 1679J Sannuel De 
Maree, a son Davit, bap. Oct. 3, i68i j and Jan De Maree, a dau. Lea, bap. 
April 18, 1682, in the Reformed Dutch Church in said county and town. 

March 23, 1683, " Da-vid Dc Maraii" petitioned the governor and council 
of East New Jersey, for leave to cut the timber for his saw mill on a tract of 
land, six miles in length and two in width, and to have the same surveyed and 
patented to him and his sons. In 1684, one Korough, an Indian, complained 
against " David De Mare," Senr., for purchasing a certain parcel of land on the 
west side of the Hackinsack river of one Mumshaw, an Indian sachem, who 
had no right to sell the same to the injury of the said Korough. Also of the 
said David and his son John, selling tRem strong drink. For selling the In- 
dians rum and making them drunk, the " De Marees " were required to give 
security for their good behaviour for one year. As to the land, a committee 
was app(jintcd to meet the '' De Marcts " and the Indians, hear them, examine 
the land and report to the next meeting of the governor and council. (See 
Record of Governor and Council of East New Jersey, pp. 30 and 114.) 

JoREs (George) Hansen Bergen. 491 

d. July 30th, 1839. Was a blacksmith and farmer, in the 
neighborhood of Hopewell, Johnson county, Ind. 

Issue : — 

797. I. Rachel, b. June 15, 1821; m. , G. W. List, and 

has issue: Susan Amanda List, m. Thomas Michael, Junr., far- 
mer, of near Franklin, Ind. 

798. II. Margaret Jane, b. April 14, 1823; d. April 2, 1840, 

799. III. Susan Amanda, b. Nov. 29, 1824; m. March 14, 
1844, Barney V. Covert, b. June 10, 1820, and has children : 
David S. Covert, b. Jan. g, 1845, d. Aug. 5, 1851; John B. Co- 
vert, b. May 12, 1848 ; William W. Covert, b. Aug. 3, 1850; 
Cordelia A. Covert, b. Sept. 25, 1854; Oscar A. Covert, b. May 
23, 1858; Sarah E. Covert, b. April 1, 1&62; and Elzora Covert, 
b. Nov. 15, 1864. 

800. IV. George, b. Oct. 2, 1826; d. Aug. 9, 1828. 

801. V. Mary Ann, b. Nov. 18, 1828, d. Oct. 9, 1851; m. 
J. C. Covert, and had no issue. 

802. VI. David Dcmaree, b. April 23, 1831 ;m. March 2, 1871, 
Sarah Carmine, b. Nov. 21, 1839. Is a contractor and builder, 
residing at Franklin, Ind., and has issue : Mary, b. March 1 1, 1872. 

803. VII, John Thomas, b. Sept. 10, 1833; m. Nov. 2, 1858, 
Mary Jane Vandiver, b. March 9, 1835. Is a blacksmith, residing 
near Hopewell church, Johnson county, Ind., and has issue : Electa 
Alpha, b. Nov. 24, 1859; Riland Dillard, b. Oct. 24, 1861, d. 
July 17, 1864; Margaret Ettie, b. Dec. 26, 1864; Estare Victor, 
b. Nov. 26, 1867; Charles Vandiver, b. Dec. 20, 1869; and 
Emma, b. Jan. 23, 1872. 

804. VIII. Sarah Elizabeth, b. July 3, 1836; m. Dec. 1, 1857, 
Joseph Kerlin, farmer, near Franklin, Ind., b. Oct. 27, 1828, 
and has issue: Ward Kerlin, b. Sept. 9, 1858; George Kerlin, b. 
Feb. 22, 1863; Charles Kerlin, b. May 26, 1865; and Viola Ker- 
lin, b. Jan. 27, 1868. 

542. Christopher Bergbn, b. Feb. i8th, 1798. Went 
south, where it is said he died. 

492 Seventh Generation. Descendants of 

543. Jacob Bergen, b. Aug. ist, 1801; m. April 21st, 
1825, Sarah Hartford. Is a farmer, residing in Shelby 
county, Kentucky. 

Issue : — 

805. I. Wiuey A., b. March 14, 1826; d. Feb. 17, 1862; m. 
Feb. 17, 1842, Bushrod W. Braroner, and has children : Emini V. 
Biaroncr, b. Jan. 4, 1845 ; John H. Braroner, b. May 5, 1847; 
George W. Braroner, b. July 4, 1850; Sarah Braroner, b. Sept. 
13, 1852; and Benny Braroner, b. March 27, i860, d. April 17, 

806. H. Benjamin H., b. April 26, 1829. Is a ticket agent for 
the Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington rail road at Louisville, 
Kentucky; single, and owns a -homestead in Shelby county, Kent. 

807. III. Christopher, b. Dec. 21, 1834; m. (1st), May 26, 
1857, Alfora Gill ;' m. (2d), Nov. 29, 1872, Susan Dcmaree, and 
is a farmer in Shelby county, Kentucky, having children : Melven 
O., b. Nov. 21, 1858 ; Ben E., b. April 21, 1861; Ethrie F., b. 
Sept. 8, 1864. 

808. IV. John T., b. July 10, 1840; single. 

Descendants of JOHN P. BERGEN (457), and Anna 
Conover^ of Cranbury Neck, N. J. : — 

544. Elizabeth Bergen, b. Jan. 31st, 1789 ; d. March 
5th, 1869; m. Jan. 8th, 1806, Judge /f<