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Full text of "The best reading; hints on the selection of books; on the formation of libraries, public and private; on courses of reading, etc. with a classified bibliography for easy reference"

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^ 1 ' 


A Manual for the Housekeeper ; giving a Bill of Fare for every day in the year. 12mo, 
paper, 40 cts. Cloth, 60 cts. 






By George H. Hope, M,D. 


*#*A popular guide in all cases of accident and sudden illness. 12mo, paper, 30 cts. 
Cloth, 60 cts. 



Medically, Philosophically, and Morally Considered. 

By George M. Beard, M.D. 

12mo, paper, 50 cts. Cloth, 75 cts. 




By George M. Beard, M.D. 
12mo, paper, Cloth, (In Press.) 



By PAUii Beeves. 

A Manual of Oratory, comprising new selections, Patriotic, Pathetic, Grave, and 
Humorous, for home use and for schools. 12mo, boards, 75 cts. Cloth, 90 cts. 






J^" Any of the above will be sent prepaid by mail on receipt of price. 

*** Putnam's new Catalogue for Fall of 1871 now ready. Sent by mail on application. 

a, p. PUTNAM & SONS, 

9i$socialio7t Suiidittff, Z-ih Avenue and 23d Streetf JV. T. 

■ G-.. 



AINSLIE. The Pilgrim and the Shrine. By Herbert Ainslie. 
i2mo, cloth, $1.75. 
*** Containing a vivid picture of early lil'e in California and Austmlia. 

AUDUBON. The Life and Journals of John J. Audubon, the 
Naturalist. Comprising Narratives of his Expeditions in the American 
Forests, &c. i2mo, cloth, gilt top, $2.50; half calf, $4.50. 

BELL. New Tracks in North America. Comprising an elaborate 
and comprehensive account of the wild regions of " The Great West," the 
Surveys of the Pacific Railroad, &c. With twenty lithographic plates, ten botani- 
cal plates, twenty-five wood-cuts and map. Complete in one vol. 8vo, cloth, $6. 

BRACE. The New West ; or, California in 1867 and '68. By 
Charles L. Brace, author of the " Races of the Old World," " Home- 
Life in Germany," " Hungary in 1851," etc. i2mo, cloth, $1.75. 

" We recommend it as the most readable and comprehensive book published on the general 
theme of California." — N. Y. Times. 

BRYANT Letters of a Traveller. By William Cullen Bryant. With 
steel portrait. New edition. i2mo, cloth, $2. 

Letters from the East. Notes of a Visit to Egypt and Palestine. 

i2mo, cloth, $1.50. 

The Same. Illustrated edition. With fine engravings on steel. 

i2mo, cloth extra, $2.50. 

FARRAGUT. Admiral Farragut's Visit to the Courts of Europe 
in the U. S. Frigate Franklin. By J. E. Montgomery. With forty 
illustrations by Nast, Perkins, and Warren. Royal 8vo. (Published for Sub- 
scribers.) Cloth extra, gilt, $7. 

*:-.* A very few copies of this handsome volume remain for sale. 

HAWTHORNE. Notes on England and Italy. By Mrs. Haw- 
thorne (wife of the Novelist). Third edition, i2mo, cloth, $2; half 
calf, $4. 

Of Mrs. Hawthorne's charming "Notes on England and Italy" both English and American 
critics have said much in praise. We quote 6i)ecimens : — 

"The author exhibits a freshness in manner, a pure simplicity of style, a thoughtful observa- 
tion of facts, and a graphic power of description." — Philadelphia Press. 

" It is evident that the spirit of Hawthome*3 genius has in some measure enshrouded his wife, 
and lent a bright lustre to her own thoughts." — Syracuse yournal. 

" One of the most delightful books of travel that have come under our notice." — IVorcester 

"The grace and tendemef^s of the author of the ' Scarlet Letter' is disoemable in its pages."— 
Lofttioti Saturday Revitw. 

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C|e %i%i lieairing. 






9 ^ , M . 3 3 




// 1 ' Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1872, 
By G. p. PUTNAM & SONS, 
In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. 


Printers, Stereotypers, and Electrotypere, 
lOS to 114 Wooster Street. 


One of the most obvious conclusions of the intelli- 
gent reader who glances over any manual of this sort, 
will be that it is incomplete — ^that it certainly does not 
exhaust the subject. 

This little book claims no exemption from the inevita- 
ble imperfections of all attempts of this class. Perhaps 
one of its merits may be its comparative brevity ; and 
its sins of omission — numerous as they may be — will 
probably be more excusable, in the judgment of most 
readers, than would be the error of burdening such a 
manual with an inordinate collection of titles, indiscrim- 
inately copied from the enormous mass of publications 
which crowd the market. 

We have aimed at a middle course between a meagre 
catalogue of a bookseller's collection, and the elaborate 
comprehensiveness of a general bibliography. Under 
some four hundred different themes or topics, we have 
quoted briefly the titles of such books on each subject as 
are best known, and most surely acceptable either in 
American or English editions. We have included in 
these selections only those works which are likely to be 
consulted by the general reader ; and we have omitted 
(excepting a few leading specimens) : I. Law Books. 
II. Theological and Religious Treatises. III. Sunday- 
School Books. IV. Technical works in Science and 
Art. V. School Text-Books. VI. Many anonymous 
and doubtful Novels. 


Doubtless there are also accidental omissions of good 
books under the several departments which we have 
undertaken to fill : but this is inevitable in the present 
crude state of all sources of information as to recent 
publications. We have expended many months of patient 
labor in collating catalogues, both English and American, 
and we trust that a large proportion, at least, of all the 
best accessible books, relating to each subject indicated, 
will be found chronicled in our lists, under their respect- 
ive heads. 

Editions — Reprints, etc. In all cases where En- 
glish books have been reprinted in the United States, 
the American editions have been quoted, rather than 
the original. In some instances, however, the English 
editions being also supplied in this market, and usually 
being superior to the Reprint, ihey are also mentioned. 

Prices quoted are, usually, the nominal retail prices 
of the publisher, for copies bound in cloth. These are 
frequently changed and modified ; and, in most cases, 
libraries can be furnished at a considerable reduction 
from the published price, especially when many books 
are purchased. Many English publications have been 
largely reduced in price since their first publication ; and 
the reduced price has been quoted in this volume, rather 
than the original price.* Such European books as can 
be readily purchased in the American market are priced 
in American currency ; others, imported only occasion- 
ally, are priced in sterling. The ordinary cost in cur- 

* After most of these pages* were stenjotyped, the prices of Bohn's Libraries, 
for instance, have been reduced to $2.00 and $1.40 per volume. 


rency, at present (January, 18'72), when duty and 
expenses are added, is about 40 cents per shilling ster- 
ling, or $8 per pound sterling ; but this rate is variable. 
The present tariff, practically, adds about 40 per cent, 
to the cost of all European books except those more 
than twenty years old, which are now admitted free of 
duty. The exemption from duty can be claimed on all 
books when they are specially imported for incorporated 
institutions ; but all purchasers are now exempted from 
paying duty on books printed prior to 1851. 

In several instances we have mentioned works in their 
proper places that are now out of print, or that have not 
been found in booksellers' lists, and these are, therefore, 
not priced. Most of them may be found in some shape, 
or may be consulted in the older libraries. The 
Addenda, beginning on page 194, include titles of 
the latest publications, and also several which were 
omitted in their proper places. At the end of this list is 
a select catalogue of Books for Young Persons, fol- 
lowed by a list of the leading literary Periodicals. 

The task of indicating in any adequate manner " the 
best" books on any one topic is obviously a delicate and 
difficult one. Any such comparisons are "odious," as 
well as arbitrary. In some departments we do not 
attempt it at all. But in others we have endeavored to 
give some aid in making selections, by marking those 
books which are presumed to be best, on the whole, for 
those who are making partial selections, according to 
their needs and their means. Thus : 

a. means simply that the book indicated is probably 


the safest, on the whole, for those who want the 
best of the smaller works on the subject, at mode- 
rate cost. 

b. means the best of the more important, elaborate, and 
more costly books on the same themes. 

c. (used in a few instances) indicates a further choice 
for those who may require more than one book on 
the same subject. In many instances works of 
high character have not been marked at all ; the 
choice will be made by the reader. 

Works of Fiction are marked by a double sign, indi- 
cating, to some extent, the relative estimation of the 
best (recent) critics, as to each work, and as to the gene- 
ral position of each author. 

In the plan and arrangement of this work, and the 
selection and classification of titles, we are largely in- 
debted to the valuable aid of Mr. Frederick B. Perkins, 
whose suggestions in regard to *' The Owning of Books," 
*' Book Clubs," and " Courses of Reading," are given at 
the end of the Bibliographical list. 

If, as will surely be the case, the judgment of others 
should differ from ours, and our suggestions of relative 
values should be in some instances reversed, we may still 
presume that our classification will prove to be con- 
venient and useful. The excellent works of Bishop 
Potter, Pycroft, Prof Porter, and others, will still be 
consulted for general counsel on the methods of select- 
ing books, and of reading them to the best advantage ; 
but we believe the present classified list of modern pub- 
lications is more comprehensive, for its purpose, than 
any other now in print. 


The difficulty, in some cases, of assigning a book to its 
proper heading, is partly obviated by a repetition of the 
title in the places where it may be sought, or by cross 

This tabular record of books now in the market is 
supplemented by a brief selection from the wise words 
of good men, on the general subject of books, libraries, 
and systematic reading — which are better worthy of 
consideration than any suggestions of our own could be. 

The PKICES quoted are, in nearly every instance, those for the 
books in cloth binding. The additional net cost of binding in 
" half calf extra" (the library style usually preferred) is for duo- 
decimos from 75 cents to $3 per volume ; for octavog from $1.50 
to $3.50 per volume. 

The SIZES of books are usually indicated thus : 

" 4to" (or Quarto). — The sheet folded in 4 leaves. 

" r. 8vo," or " imp. 8vo," (large size Octavo,) } Sheet folded in 8 

" 8vo," Octavo ; " cr. 8vo," Crown Octavo, ) or 16 leaves. 

" 12mo," Duodecimo. — Sheet folded in 13 or 24 leaves. 

" 18mo," Sheet folded into 18 or 36 leaves. 

"24mo," and «32mo," Sheet folded into 24 and 33 leaves. 



Abyssinia 13, 194 

Acoustics 13 

Afghanistan, etc 13 

Africa— generally 13, 194 

Central and East 14 

North 14 

South 14 

West 15 

Agriculture 15, 194 

Alabama 16 

Alaska 16 

Albigenses 16 

Algiers 16 

Alps 16 

America— Discovery, etc 17, 194 

Anecdotes 18 

Angling 18 

Anglican Church 18, 194 

Anglo-Saxons 18, 194 

Animal Magnetism 19 

Antiquities 19 

Apparitions 19 

Aquarium 20 

Arabia 20 

Architecture 20, 194 

Arctic Regions 21 

Argentine Republic 22 

Arizona 22 

Armenia 22 

Arms, Armor 22 

Art, Arts 22 

Asia 23 

Asia Minor 23 

Assassins 23 

Assaying 23 

Astrology 23 

Astronomy 23, 194 

Athens 24 

Athletic Sports 24 

Atlases 24 

Australia 25 

Austria 25 

Autographic 25, 194 

Ballads 25 


Ballooning 26 

Banks 26 

Battles 26 

Bible-its History 27, 195 

Studyof 27 

Aspects of 29 

Bibliography 29, 195 

Billiards 29 

Biography 29, 195 

(11 divisions) 29 

Bookbinding 46 

Book-keeping 46, 196 

Borneo 46 

Botany 47, 196 

Brazil, etc 47 

British America 47 

Columbia 47 

Buccaneers 48 

Buddhism 46 

Buenos Ayres 48 

Burmah 48 

Business 48, 196 

Cage-Birds 48 

California 48 

Canada 49 

Capital Punishment. 49 

Cards, Playing 49 

Caricatures 50, 197 

Carthage 50 

Caucasus 50, 197 

Celibacy 50 

Ceylon 50 

Charities 50 

Chemistry 50, 197 

Chess 51 

Chili 52 

China 52 

Chivalry > 53 

Christ 53, 197 

Christianity 53, 197 

Chronology 54 

Church History 54. 197 

Civilization.. 53 

Classics, Greek and Latin 56 

Climatology 56 



Clocks and Watches 56 

Coal 56, 198 

Collections, entertaining 56 

Composition 56 

Conchology 57, 198 

Concordance 57 

Connecticut 58 

Constitution of U. S 58, 19S 

of England 58 

Conundrums... 58 

Cookery and Food .58, 198 

Co-operation of Labor 59 

Copyright 59 

Corporal Punishment — 59 

Correspondence 59, 198 

Corsica 60, 198 

Cosmology 60 

Costume 60 

Cotton— 3Ianufact's 61 

Crete 61 

Cricket 61 

Crimea 61 

Crimes and Punishments 61 

Criticism— Literary 62 

Croquet 62 

Crusades 62 

Cuba 62 

Dancing 62 

Darwinism 63, 198 

Decorative Art .....63, 198 

Demonology and Witchcraft 63 

Denmark 64 

Devotion 64, 198 

Dictionaries 65, 198 

Dogs 66, 198 

Domestic Animals 66, 198 

Domestic Economy 66, 198 

Drama (6 sections) 67, 198 

Draughts 69 

Drawing-Books 69, 198 

Dreams 70 

Duelling 70 

East (The) 70, 198 

East Indies 71 

Education 71 

Egj'pt 71 

Electricity 72 

Elocution 72 

Emblems 78 

Emigration 73 


Encyclopedias 73 

England— History 73 

Travels in 74, 202 

English Language 75, 202 

English Literature 137, 202 

Engraving 76 

Epigrams 76 

Essays 76,202 

Ethnology .80, 202 

Etiquette 80 

Etruria 81 

Evidences of Christianity 81, 203 

Europe— History 81, 203 

Travels in 82, 203 

Fables 82 

Fairy Tales 83 

Fiction— History of 83 

Novels, etc aS, 203 

Field Sports 105 

Fiji Islands 105 

Fine Arts— History and Theo ... ins 
Dlustrated Works. 107, 203 

Fish— Fish Culture Ill, 203 

Florida Ill 

France— History Ill, 204 

Travels in 113 

French Language 113 

Free Trade 114 

Furniture 114 

Future State 114 

Galvanism 114 

Gambling 114 

Games and Amusements 115 

Gardening 115 

Gas 116 

Gazetteers 116 

Gems 116 

Genealogy 116 

Geography 116 

Geology, etc 117 

Georgia 118 

Gennauy 118 

(Jerman Language 118 

Gift Books 118,204- 

Glass-Making 120 

Gold 120, 205 

Government 120 

Grammar 120 

Greece 121 

Gjrmnastics, etc 122 



Gypsies 122 

Health 122, 205 

Heat... 123 

Heathenism 123 

Heraldry 123 

History— Philosophy of 123 

Universal 124 

Ancient 124» 2iJ5 

Modem 125 

Holland and Belgium 125 

Holy Land : Jerasalem 125, 205 

Horse. The 126 

Huguenots 126,205 

Humorous Works 126, 205 

Hungary 127 

Hunting and Shooting 128 

Hydraulics 128 

Hydropathy 128 

Iceland 128 

Iconography 128 

India 129 

Indiana 129 

Indians 129 

Infidelity 130 

Inventions 130 

Insanity 130 

Inspiration of Bible 130 

International Law 130 

Inter-Oceanic 131 

Inquisitions 131 

Iowa 131 

Ireland 131 

Iron and steel 131, 205 

Italy 131, 205 

Jamaica 132 

Japan 132 

Java 133 

Jesuits 133 

Jews 133 

Kentucky 133 

Kindergarten 133 

Labor 133 

Landscape Gardening 134, 205 

Language 134 

Language of Flowers 134 

Law 134, 205 

Legends 135 

Levees 135 

Liberty 135 

Libraries and Collections 135 


Light Houses 136 

Literature 136 

History. 136 

Classical 136 

Various 137 

Logic 138 

London 138 

Louisiana 139 

Machinery 139 

Madagascar 139 

Madeira 139 

Magic 139 

Magnetism. 139 

Maine 140 

Malta 140 

Mammoth Cave . . 140 

Manufactures, etc 140 

Marriage and Divorce 140 

Martyrs 141 

Maryland 141 

Massachusetts 141 

Maternity 141 

Mathematics 141 

Mauritius 141 

Maxims 141 

Mechanics 141 

Mediterranean 142 

Metallurgy 142 

Metaphysics 142 

Meteorology 144 

Metric System 144 

Mexico 144 

Michigan 144 

Microscope 144 

Middle Ages 145 

Military 145 

Mind and Body 145 

Mineralogy 145 

Mines 146 

Minnesota 146 

Missions .... 146 

Mississippi 146 

Missouri 146 

Mohammedanism 146 

Money 147 

Monograms 147 

Moral Science 147 

Mormons '. 147 

Municipal Government 147 

Music 147 




Mysticism 148 

Mythology 148 

Names 148 

Narcotics 148 

Natural History 148 

Natural Sciences 150 

Natural Theology 152 

Navigation 162 

Needlework 152 

Nestorians 152 

New England 152 

Newfoundland 152 

New Grenada -. 152 

New Hampshire 152 

New Jersey 152 

Newspapers 152 

New York 152 

New Zealand 152 

Nineveh 152 

North Carolina. 154 

Norway 154 

Notabilia 154 

Nova Scotia.. 154 

Nubia 154 

Numismatics 154 

Object Lessons 154 

Ocean 154 

Ohio 154 

Optics , 155 

Oratory 155 

Oregon 156 

Ornithology . . 156 

Pacific Ocean 156 

Painting 156, 205 

Paper-Making 157 

Paraguay 157 

Parliamentary Law 157 

Patagonians 205 

Patent Law 157 

Pauperism 157 

Peace and War '. 157 

Peninsular War 157 

Pennsylvania 157 

Perfumery 158 

Perpetual Motion 158 

Persia 168 

Peru 158 

Petroleum 168 

Phonography 158 

Photography 158 


Phrenology 158 

Physical Geography 159 

Physiognomy 159, 205 

Physiology, etc 159, 205 

Poetry 160, 206 

Humorous 167, 206 

Poisons ' 167 

Poland 167 

Political Economy. » 167 

Science 168 

Polynesia 168 

Pompeii 168 

Popular Science 1(18 

Porcelain and Pottery If.S 

Portraits 169 

Positivism 169 

Poultry 169 

Preaching and Preachers 169 

Printing. 169 

Protoplasm 169 

Proverbs 170 

Prussia 170 

Punctuation 170 

Puritans 170 

Pyrotechnist 170 

Quotations 170 

Railroads 170 

Reading 171 

Religion 171 

Rhetoric 171 

Rhode Island 171 

Romanism 171 

Rome (5 divisions) 172, 206 

Rural Sports 173 

Russia 173 

St. Domingo 174 

Sandwich Mands... 174 

Sardinia 174 

Scandina\ia 174 

School Architecture 174 

Schleswig-Holstein 174 

Science and Religion 174 

Scotland 1 75 

Secret Societies 175 

Selections 176 

Sermons 176 

Servia 176 

Sewing Machine 176 

Sheep 177 

Shetland 177 




Shipwrecks 177 

Siam 177 

Siberia 177 

Sicily 177 

Skating... 177 

Singing 177 

Sleep 178 

Social Science 178 

South America . 178 

South Carolina 178 

Spain and Portugal 178, 200 

Spectroscope 179 

Spiritualism 179 

Stammering 180 

Statistics 180 

Steam Engine 180 

Stereoscope 180 

Submarine 180 

Sugar 180 

Sumatra 181 

Supernaturalism 186, 208 

Superstition 186 

Sweden 186 

Swedenborgianism 186 

Swimming 182 

Switzerland 182 

Synonymes 182 

Syria 182 


Table-Talk 1S2 

Tartary 182 

Taxidermy 183 

Technology 183 

Telegraphing 183 

Temperance 183 

Tennessee 183 

Texas 183 

Theology 183, 206 

Travels 184 

Trees 185 

Turkey 186, 206 

Turning 186 

United States (6 divisions)., .186, 206 

Virginia 191 

Volcanoes 191 

West Indies 191 

Whist 191 

White Mountains 191 

Wines 191 

Wisconsin 192 

Women 192 

ADDENDA to the above 194 

Collected Works 207 

Periodicals 214, 215 

Young People's Books 209 







Alb. — Albany. 

Bolin. — Bobn's Libraries (pub- 
lished in London). 
Bost. — Boston. 
Camb. — Cambridge 
Chic. — Chicago. 
Cin., or Cincin. — Cincinnati. 
Ed.— Edited. 
Edinb. — Edinburgh. 
Glasg. — Glasgow. 
Ill,, or Illus. — Illustrated. 
L., or Lond. — London. 

L. & N. — London and New York. 
L. & B. — London and Boston. 
L. & P. — London and Phila- 
[The three preceding lines indicate 
books usually printed in London, and 
imported in quantities and issued by 

gublishers in New York. Boston, or 
hiladelphia, usually with their im 

Trans. — Translated. 
Vol., or V. — Volume. 
Wash. — Washington. 






Not including technical works on Law, Medicine, Controversial Theology — and 
exclusive, also, of most of the School text books— Sunday School Books. Popular 
Jieligious Books, anonymous and doubtful Works of Fiction, and merely tempor- 
ary or occasional publications. 

Abyssinia and Ethiopia. — \_See also Africa.'] 

b. Baker, S. W. Albert Nyanza, 8vo Pliil. $3 00 

b. Nile Tributaries of A 8vo Phil. 2 75 

Hotten, J. C. Abyssinia and its People, 

London, 12mo 7s. 6d. 

Hutchinson. Ten Years among Ethiopians, 

London,. . , . 8vo 14s. 

Lepsius, R. Letters from Ethiopia, 12mo Lond. 3 35 

Markham. Abys'n Exped'n, 1869. .Lond. 8vo 14s. 

Parkyns. Life in Abyssinia, 12mo Lond. 3 75 

a. Russell. Nubia and Abyssinia, 18mo N, Y. 75 

a. Taylor, Bayard. Central Africa, 12mo N. Y. 1 50 


Macdonald. Sound and Color Lond. 8vo 3s. 6d. 

a. Rudan. Wonders of Acoustics, 13mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Tyndall. On Sound, 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Aeronautics. — [See Ballooning. ] 
iEsthetics. — [See Criticism ; Taste.] 
Aflfghanistan, Beloochistan, Cabul. 

Burnes, Sir A. Residence in Cabul, 1843. 

London, 8vo 18s. 

Elphinstone. Kingdom of Cabul, 3 vols. 

1819. London, 8vo 28s 

Sale, Lady. Disasters in Aff. 1843. Lon., 8vo 2s. 6d. 

Africa. — For Ancient History of, see History, Ancient. 
[See also names of each country.] 
Grant, J. A. Walk across Africa. 1863. 

London 8vo 15s. 

Hunting Scenes in the Wilds of Africa,. .12mo Phil. 1 75 
Kingston. In the Wilds of Africa (for 

Boys) 12mo Lond. 2 50 

Merriara. Home Life in Africa. 


Murray, Hugh. Discovery and Adventures 

in Africa. London, 12mo 5s. 

Africa — Central and Eastern. 

b. Barth. Travels in N. and C. Africa, 3 vols. 8vo N. Y. $12 00 

a. The same. Abridged, 12mo Phil. 1 75 

a. Burton. Lake Regions of Central Africa, 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

b. Du Chaillu. Explorations in Equat'l Af., 8vo N. Y. 5 00 
ft. Journey to Ashango Land,. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

My Apingi Kingdom 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. WildLifeundertheEquat'r,12moN. Y. 175 

Krupf , Dr. Travels in East. Africa. Lond. 8vo 
a. Park, Mungo. Travels and Life, 18mo N. Y. 75 

Petherick, Mr. & Mrs. Cent'l Africa. Lond, 8vo 16s. 
ft. Speke and Grant. Discovery of Source of 

the Nile,. ... 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Africa— North.— [^ee also Egypt, etc.] 

Barth. [See Afi'ica, Central^ 

6. Bartlett. The Nile Boat. Illustrated, ... 8vo N. Y. 400 
Cooke. Conquest and Civilization in North Africa. 

Edinburgh, 12mo 5s. 

Ditson. The Crescent and French Cru- 
sades. 1859, 12mo N. Y. 

a. Naphegyi. Ghardaia; 90 Days in the 

Desert of Sahara, 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Richardson. Travels in the Sahara. 1848. 8vo 30s. 

a. Russell. History of Barbary States, 18mo N. Y. 75 

St. John. Adventures in Lybian Desert, . 12mo N. Y. 
Tristam. The Great Sahara, 2 vols. Lond. 8vo 15s. 

Africa — South. 

Alexander. Exp'n into So. Africa, 2 vols. 

London, 8vo 21s. 

Anderson. Lake Ngami, 8vo N. Y. 1 75 

Okavango River, 8vo N. Y. 3 25 

South West Africa, 12mo Phil. 1 75 

Baldwin. South African Hunting, 8vo N. Y. 1 50 

Chapman, J. Travels in So. Af Lond., 8vo Lond. 

Cumming. Five years of Hunter in S. A. 

2 vols.,. ... 8vo N. Y. 3 00 
ft. Livingstone, Dr. Missionary Travels in 

South Africa,. ... 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

ft. Exped'nto Zambesi, 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

a. Popular Ace. of Missionary Travels in 

S. A 8vo Lond. and N. Y. 3 00 

a. So. Africa : Popular Ed., 12mo Phil. 1 75 

Moffatt. Missionary Adventures in S. A. . 

London, 8vo 12s. 

Pringle, T. South Africa,. . .London, 8vo 3s. 6d. 

Walmsley. Ruined Cities of Zulu Land. 

London, 2 vols. 8vo 18s. 


Wilmot & Chase. Hist, of Cape Colony. 

London, 8vo 15s. 

Africa— Western. 

Allen. Expedition to the Niger, 2 vols. 

London, 8vo 32s. 

Burton, R. F. Aheskuta and the Camer- 

oons, 2 vols. Lond 8vo 25s. 

Forbes. Missions to Dahomey, 2 vols. 

London, 8vo 21s. 

a. Lander. Travels in Africa, 2 vols 18mo N. Y. $1 50 

Poole. Sierre Leone and the Gambia, 2 

vols, London, . . . 8vo 21s. 

&. Reade, W. W. Savage Africa 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Valdez. Six Years in Western Africa . . . 8vo Lond. 5 00 
a. Wilson, J. L. Western Africa 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Agricultiure. — [See also names of Crops, Animals, etc. 
Also Gardening, Botany, etc.] 

a. Allen. New Amer. Farm Book 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Bentz. Elements of Agriculture (Saxton). N. Y. 

Buel. Farmer's Companion 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Farmer's Instructor, 2 vols 18mo N. Y. 1 50 

Boussingault. Rural Economy 8vo N. Y. 1 60 

Clift. Tim Bunker Papers 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

6. Copeland, W. T. Country Life. Illus. . . 8vo Bost. 5 00 
Darlington. American Weeds and Useful 

Plants, 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Emerson, G. B. Manual of Agriculture. .12mo Bost. 

Enfield, On Indian Corn 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

French, Farm Drainage 12mo N. Y, 

a. Farming for Boys, by author of Ten Acres.l2mo Bost. 1 50 

Flagg. European Vineyards 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Gaylord & Tucker. Amer. Husbandry, 2 

vols....l8moN. Y. 1 50 

Grant. On Beet Root Sugar 12mo 1 25 

Greeley. What I know about Farming. .12mo N, Y. 1 50 

a. Henderson, Gardening for Profit 12mo N. Y. 150 

b. Johnson, C. W. Farmers' and Planters' 

Cyclope....R. 8vo Phil. 6 00 

b. Johnson, S. W. How Crops Grow 12mo N, Y. 2 00 

b. How Crops Feed 12mo N, Y. 2 00 

a. Johnston, J, F, W. Agricultl. Chemistry. 12mo N, Y. 1 75 

a. Liebig. Agricultural Chemistry .12mo N. Y. 100 

Liebig, Natl. Laws of Husbandry 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Loudon. Cyclop, of Agriculture. Lond, 8vo 31s, 6d. 
Meade, Grape Culture and Wine Making. 8vo 3 00 
Mitchell, D, G, My Farm at Edgewood, .12mo N, Y, 1 75 

a. Rural Studies 12mo N, Y. 1 75 

Morrell, The American Shepherd 12mo N, Y. 1 75 

a. Norton. Scientific Agriculture 12mo N. Y. 75 

a. Our Farm of Four Acres 16mo N. Y. 60 


Stephens. Book of the Farm, 2 vols. R. 8vo Lond. 

Thaer. Practical Agriculture 8vo N. Y. 

Todd. Apple Cultivator 12mo N. T. $1 50 

Amer. Wheat Cultivator 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Waring. Elements of Agriculture 12mo N. Y., 1 00 

Draining for Health and Profit.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

6. Handy Book of Husbandry 8vo N, Y. 3 50 

Watson. American Home Garden 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

White, J. J. Cranberry Culture 12mo N, Y. 


Pickett. History of Alabama, 2 vols Bvo Chariest. 3 00 

Alaska (Recently Russian America.) 

h. Dall, Alaska and its Resources R. Svo Bost. 7 50 

a. Whymper. Alaska. Illustrated Svo N. Y. 2 50 


Faber. Ancient Valleuses and A. Lond. Svo 12s. 
Sismondi. Crusades against the A. Lond. Svo 8s. 

Alchemy. — [^8ee Demonology — Magic.'] 

Hitchcock, E. A. Alchemy & the Alchemists. 

1857.... 12mo Bost. 

Algiers. — \_See Africa.'] 

Girard. Lion Hunting in Algeria. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Morell. Algeria — Topo. and His. of . Lond. Svo 6s. 

Naphegyi. Among the Arabs 12mo Phil. 1 75 

Shaler. Sketches of Algiers, o. p Svo Bost. 

Walmsley. Algeria during Kabyle War. 

London, 12mo 10s, 6d. 


Ball. Guide to West'n Alps, 1863. Lond.l2mo 7s. 6d. 
&. Brockedon. Passes of the Alps, 2 vols. 

London,. . . . 4to 150s. 

Berlepsch. The Alps. 1861. Lond Svo 10s. 

Forbes. Tour of Mt. Blanc and Mt. Rosa.l6mo Lond. 1 50 

Freshfield. The Grisons, etc. '62. Lond.l2nio 10s. 6d. 

Gridlestone. High Alps without Guides. 

1870. London, Svo 7s. 6d. 

a. Jones. The Regular Swiss Round-. Lond. Svo 7s. 6d. 

Peaks, Passes and Glaciers, 2 vols. R. Svo Lond. 15 00 
a. The same, cheap ed.l2mo Lond. 2 00 

Smith, Albert. Story of Mt. Blanc. 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Tyndall, J. Glaciers of the Alps. Lond, Svo 14s. 

Mountaineering in the Alps. Lond. Svo 7s. 6d, 

Hours of Exercise in the Alps Svo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Whymper. Scrambles among the Alps. 

London,. . . . Svo 21s. 

America. — [See Arctic Regions, Smith America, and sepa- 
rate Countries, tfnited States, etc.] 


American Biography. — [See under Biography.] 


Squier & Davis. Amer. Antiq. and Discoveries in the 

West. 4to. Smith. Inst $10 00 

America — Discovery of. 
a. Abbott, J. Discovery of America, 3 vols , 16mo N. Y. 2 25 

Cabeca de Vaca. Trans, by Smith 8vo Alb'y. 

Da Costa, B. F. Pre-Columb. Discov. of A.12mo Alb'y. 
a. Irving. Columbus and his Companions. 

3 vols 12moN. Y. 6 75 

3 vols. 18mo, |3 75 ; abridged, 1 50 

h. Irving T. De Soto in Florida *. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Kohl. Discov. of Amer., 2 vols. Lond... 8vo 16s. 
Smith, J. T. Discovery of America by Northmen. 

London. . . . 8vo 
America. — Early and General History. 

Grahame, Jas. Hist, of the U. S. North x\merica to 

the Revol,, 4 vols. o. p 8vo Phila. 

a. Helps. Spanish. Conquests in A. 4 vols..l2mo N. Y. 6 00 

a. Parkman, F, Discovery of the Gr't West, 8vo Bost. 2 50 
6. Jesuits in North America 8vo Bost. 2 50 

b. Pion'rs of France in the N. World, 8vo Bost. 2 50 

b. Prescott. Conquest of Mexico. 3 vols... 8vo Phil. 7 50 
6. Peru. 2 vols 8vo Phil. 5 00 

Robertson. History of America 8vo N. Y. 2 25 

Willson. American History. 3 vol N. Y. 2 00 

America. — Revolut'n and Independ'ce of U. S. of N. A. 
[See Biography: — Ircing's Washington, Gen. Greene, etc. 
See also United States.] 

America — South. — Generally. 

Bishop. 1,000 Miles Walk across S. Amer.l2mo Bost. 1 50 
Humbolt. Equinoc. Regions of South Amer. 

3 vols. . . . Bohn. 5 25 

Paez. Travels in So. and Cent. Amer 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

America — Central. 

Froebel, J. Seven Years in Cent. Amer. 

London. . . . 8vo 18s. 
Morelet. Travels in Central America. 1871. 

8vo N. Y. 2 00 
Norman. Ruined Cities of Yucatan. 1843. 8vo N. Y. 
Patterson, W. Seven Years in Cent. America. 

London 8vo 2s. 6d. 

b. Squier, E. G. Notes on Central America. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Nicaraugua 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Honduras 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Mrs. Travels in Cent. Amer. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Stephens, J. S. Cent. Amer., etc., 2 vols. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 
b, Yucatan, 2 vols. Svo N. Y. 6 00 


Wells. Honduras. Illustrated 8vo N. Y. $3 50 

Amusements — [See Games and Amusements.] 

Anatomy. — [See Physiology and Anatomy.] 

Ancient Biography, and History. [See History: Biography.] 


Anecdotes of Clergy in America 12mo PMl. 1 50 

a. Arvine. Cyclopedia of Lit. Anecdotes 8vo Bost. 4 00 

a. Moral and Religious Anecdotes . . 8vo Bost. 5 00 

a. Bigelow. Anecdotes of Bench and Bar. . .12mo N. Y. 150 
Gronow. Celebrities of London and Paris, 

2 vols.l2mo Lond. 3 00 

b. Hood, E. P. The World of Anecdote; large 12mo Lond. 4 50 
b. World of Moral and Relig. Anec.l2mo Lond. 4 50 

Jackson. Curiosities of the Pulpit 8vo Lond. 3 00 

Jay, Cyrus. The Law — What I have 

Seen, &c 12mo Lond. 

Jeaflfreson. Book about Lawyers, 2 vols. 

London,. . . . Svo 24s. 

Doctors, 2 vols. Lond. Svo 30s. 

Clergy, 2 vols. Lond. Svo 30s. 

b. Kirkland. Cyclop.of Commerc. A.,2 vols. 8vo N. Y. 8 00 
Neal, J. Great Mysteries and Little 

Plagues 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Nimmo, Anecdote Library, 6 vols. Lond.lSmo ea. 1 25 

a. Percy Anecdotes, 1 vol. Svo. N. Y. $2 ; 2 vols. 12mo Lond. 3 50 

b. Proctor. Bench and the Bar of N. Y 12mo N. Y. 5 00 

Spence, Jas. Anecdo. of Books and Men.l2mo Lond. 3 00 

Angling. — [See Fish, Fishing.] 

a. Davy, Sir H. Salmonia, 16mo Bost. 1 50 

b. Herbert, H.W. Fish and Fishing in N. Y. Svo N. Y. 5 00 
Moffatt. Secrets of Angling 12mo Lond. 3 00 

a. Norris, T. American Angler's Book 12mo Phil. 3 00 

b. Roosevelt, R. B. Game Fish of N. Amer.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 
Superior Fishing 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Scott, G.C. Fish and Fishing in Amer.. Svo N. Y. 3 50 

a. Walton & Cotton's Angler by Bethune.. . .12mo N. Y. 3 00 
Illust. by Major. .12mo Bost. 2 50 

Anglican Church. — [See also Church History.] 
Miall. British Churches and Brit. People. 

London, Svo 4s. 

Macdonald, Geo. England's Antiphon. . .12mo Lond. 2 00 

b. Perry, G. G. Hist, of Ch. of England, 2 vols. Svo 

Lond., 428 12 50 

Short, T, V. History of Anglican Church.l6mo Lond. 
a. Southey. Book of the Church Svo Lond. 5 00 

Anglo-Saxons. — [See also England ; History.] 

Anglo-Saxon Derivitives 12mo 1 50 


Anglo-Saxon Root Words 12mo $1 25 

b. Bosworth. Anglo-Saxon Dictionary. . 8vo Lond. & P. 4 50 

Earle, J. Two Saxon Chronicles 8vo Oxf'd. 

Kemble, J. M. Saxons in England, 2 vols. 

London, 8vo 28s. 

a. Klipstein. Anglo-Saxon Grammar 12mo N. Y. 150 

Analecta Anglo-Saxonica, 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 3 50 

a. Marsh, F. A. Anglo-Saxon Grammar 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

a. Miller. History of Anglo-Saxons 12mo Lond. 2 50 

- a. Palgrave. Hist, of the Anglo-Saxons. I11.12mo Lond. 2 50 
Shute. Man'l of Anglo-Saxon for Begin'rs . 12mo N. Y. 
Thorpe. Anglo-Saxon Vers, of the Gospel, 8vo 

London and P 3 00 

Animal Magnetism : — Mesmerism. 

Ashburner. Anim'l Mag. and Spiritualism. 8vo Lond. 
Esdaile. Mesmerism in India. Lond. . . 8vo 6s. 6d. 

Lee E. Animal Magnetism 16mo Lond. 

Reichenbach. Physico-Physiol. Research. 

London, 8vo 6s. 6d. 

Townshend. On Mesmerism 12mo 1 25 

Animals. — [See Natural History, JDarmnism, etc.] 
Antarctic Regions. — [See Arctic, etc.] 
Anthropology. — [See Darwinism, EtKnology.] 
Antiquities. — [See also under names of Countries ; Pompeii, etc.] 

Brande. Popular Antiquities, 3 vols 12mo Bohn. 7 50 

a. Bucke. Ruins of Ancient Cities, 2 vols. 18mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Chambers. Book of Days, 2 vole R . 8vo Lond. 

and Phila 9 00 

Fosbrooke. Encyclo. of Antiqts, 2 vols. 

Lond. 1843. . . .R. 8vo 35s. 
King, C. W. Antique Gems. Lond 8vo 42s. 

Hand Book of Engraved 

Gems. London, 3 vols 8vo 63s, 

Palisser. Historic Devices, Badges, &c. 

London 8vo 28b. 

a. Pompeii and the Pompeiians 12moN. Y. 1 50 

Stephens. Monuments of Scandinavian 

England. 2 vols, fol Lond. 100s. 

Temples, Tombs and Monuments. Illus . 12mo Edinb. 1 50 

b. Westropp. Hand Book of Archaeology. 

Egyptian, Greek, Roman, &c Svo Lond. 7 50 

Apparitions. — [See also Demonology and Witchcraft, Spir- 
itualism, Dreams^ 
a. Crowe, Mrs. The Night Side of Nature.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
Hibbert, S. Philosophy of Apparitions. 

Edinburgh 8vo 128. 

Jung-Stilling. Theory of Pneumatology.l2mo N. Y. 75 
a. Owen, R. D. Footfalls on the Bounda- 
ries of another World 12mo Phil. 1 75 

(New work) 12mo N.Y. 



a. Butler. Family Aquarium 16mo N. Y. % 75 

Hibberd. Book of the Aquarium ; Marine. 

London 16mo 2s. 

Freshwater. 16mo 3s. 

Edwards. Life Beneath the Waters 

Gosse. The Aquarium. London 8vo 17s. 

James, (Prof.). Aquarium Naturalist. . . . 

Wood, J. G. Common Objects by Seashore.lGmo Lond. 50, 


Blackburn, J. Artists and Arabs. Lond. 8vo 7s. 
Burckhardt. Travels in Arabia (1835) 2 

vols. Lond 8vo 24s. 

Burton, Lieut. Pilgrimage to Mecca, &c.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Crichton, A. History of Arabia, 2 vols. .18mo N. Y. 1 50 
Laborde. Journ. thro' Arabia, 1836. Lond. 8vo 18s. 
Lowth, G. P. Wanderer in Arabia, 2 vols. Lond. 21s. 

h. Palgrave. Journey through Arabia 12mo N. Y» 4 50 

Archaeology. — \^8ee Antiquities.] 


Essays on. Illustrated 8vo Lond. 4 50 

Arboriculture. — [See Trees.] 

Archipelago. — [See Greece.] 

Architecture — History of. 

Architecture of the Victorian Age, 3^ mor. 4to Lond. 12 00 
Agincourt, d'. History of Art (and Arch.) 

by its Monuments, folio. . . .Lond. 
h. Fergusson. Hist, of Architecture, 3 vols. 8vo 

London,. ... £4 14s. Od. 

b. — JSIodern Stylesof Arcliitec. .8voLon. 3. 6d. 

Gallhibaud. Hist. d'Architecture, 4 vols. 4to Paris. 

b. Lafevre. Beauties of Mod. Architec. . . R. 8vo N. Y. 
a. Lafevre. Architec. Instructor, Hist., etc. 4to N. Y. 

a. Lefebre. Wonders of Architecture 12mo N. Y. 

a. Ruskin. Seven Lamps of Architecture. . . 12mo N. Y. 

Illus R . 8vo Lond. 

a. Lectures on Architecture 12mo N. Y. 

6. Stones of Venice, 3 vols 12mo N. Y. 

Illus., 3 vols. R. 8vo Lond. 

Sharpe. Seven Periods of Christian Arch. 

London 8vo 10s. 

Architecture^DiCTiONAKiES, Glossaries, etc. 

a. Downing's Wight wick's Hints to Arch. . . 8vo N. Y. 2 00 
Ferguson. Hand Book. [See Hist, of A.] 

b. Gwilt. Cyclopedia of Architect. Lond. 8vo 42s. 

6 00 

16 00 

1 50 

1 75 

1 50 

7 00 

4 00 

6 00 

6 00 

2 00 

2 50 

9 00 

5 00 

16 00 


Hand Books to tlie Cathedrals of Eng.,&c., 

4 vols. Lond. 
a. Hatfield. American House Carpenter 8vo N. Y. $3 50 

Nicholson. Principles of Architecture .. . 8vo Lond. 
a. Parker. Glossary of Terms in Architec. .12mo Lond. 3 75 
a. Intro, to Study of Gothic Arch . 8vo Lond. 2 50 

Pugin. Gloss, of Eccles. Ornament. Lond. 4to 147s. 

Examples of Gothic Arch., 3 vols. 4to Lond. 

Pointed or Christ. Arch. Lond. 4to 15s. 

Designs for Churches, Residences, etc. 

6. Cleveland & Backus. Cottage & Farm Arch. Svo N. Y. 

a. Downing. Arch, of Country Houses Svo N. Y. 

a, Rural Arch. & Lands. Garden. Svo N. Y. 

Field. City Architecture R. Svo N. Y. 

Grammar of House Planning 12mo Lond. 

&. Hibberd. Rustic Adornments for Homes 

of 'Taste Svo Lond. 

Holly. Designs for Country Seats Svo N. Y. 

6. Lafever. Architectural Instructor 4to N. Y. 

6. Loudon. Ency. of Cottage, Farm, and 

Villa Architecture. Lond. Svo 25s. 

Nicholson. Carpenters' & Builders' Guide. 4to Phila. 4 50 

Riddell. Designs for Model Country Res., folio. Phila. 

h. Sloane. Constructive Architecture 4to Phila, 

6. City and Suburban Architecture. 4to Phila. 

&. Homestead Architecture Svo Phila. 

a. Todd, S. E. Country Homes 12mo N. Y, 

a. Vaux, Villas and Cottages Svo N. Y. 

a. Wheeler, Homes for the People 12mo N, Y, 

Wheeler. Rural Homes .- 12mo N. Y. 

Weidenmann. Beautifying Country Homes. 

Illustrated 4to N. Y. 

Woodward. National Architect 4to N. Y. 

a. Suburban and Country Homes, 

3 works, each 12mo N, Y. 1 50 

Arctic and Antarctic Regions. 

a. Barrow. Voyages in Arctic Regions ISmo N. Y. 1 00 

Back. Journey to Polar Sea. 1836. Lond. Svo 30s. 
Franklin. Voyages to Polar Sea, 4 vols. 

London, . . iSmo 208, 
Hall, C, F. Explorations and Adventures 

in Arctic Seas , , , Svo N. Y. 5 00 

&, Hartwig. Polar World. Illustrated Svo N. Y, 3 75 

a. Hayes, J. J. Open Polar Sea Svo N. Y. 3 75 

a. Arctic Boat Journey 12mo Bost. 2 50 

a. Kane. Expd. in Pursuit of Franklin Svo N. Y, 3 00 

a, Second Arctic Expedition, 2 vols, Svo Phila, 5 00 

a. Leslie, Sir J. Discovery and Adventures 

in Polar Regions,, ISmo N. Y, 75 

9 00 

15 00 

4 50 

1 50 

3 00 

3 00 

3 00 

15 00 

12 00 


McClintock. Fate of Sir J. Franklin 

London. . . . 8vo 16s. 

Discovery of N. W. Passage. 

Morrell, B. Voyages. 1845 8vo N. Y. $1 50 

Osborne. Discovery of N. W. Passage by 

McClure 12mo Lond. 

a. Parry. Voyages to Polar Seas, 3 vols 18mo N. Y. 150 

a. Richardson. Arctic Expedition 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

The Polar Regions, 3 vols. 8vo Lond. 4 00 

Ross. Voy. to Baffin's Bay. 1818. 3 vols. 8vo Lond. 

Second Voyage. 1839 4to Lond. 

Antarctic Voyage. 1839. 3 vols. 8vo Lond. 

Scoresby. The Franklin Exped. 1850. 

London, 8vo 6s. 

Thirty Years in Arctic Regions 13mo Phila. 1 75 

Weddell. Voyage to South Pole. 1835. 8vo Lond. 

Wilkes. U. S. Exploring Expedition round the World. 

5 vols. 4to ; 5 vols. R. 8vo Phila. 

The same, condensed in 1 vol. 8vo 

a. Mangell. Expedn. to Polar Sea. 1820.18mo N. Y. 75 

[Note.— The larger works of Back, Franklin, Parry, Mackenzie, Roes 
Wilkes, &c., published in quarto, are now out of prim and scarce.] 

Argentine Republic. 

King, J. D. Twenty-Four Years in Ar- 
gentine Republic 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Page. La Plata and Argentine Confedn. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 
a Sarmiento. Life in Argentine Repub. 1848. 8vo N. Y. 3 50 


Maury, S. Arizona. 1871 13mo N. Y. 1 50 


a. Curzon, R. Armenia and Erzeroom 13mo N. Y. 1 35 

Dwight, H. G. 0. Reformation in Armenia. 

London. 1854 8vo 5s. 

Southgate. Tour through Armenia and 

Kurdistan, 3 vols. London 8vo 15s. 

Arms — Armor. 

Hewitt. Anct. Armor & Weapons, 3 vols. 

Oxford 8vo 50s. 

Jervis. Engines of War. London 8vo 6s. 

a. Lacombe. Arms and Armor 13mo N. Y. 1 50 

Meyrick Ancient Armor, (expensive.) 

London. 3 vols. folio. 

Art, Arts. — \_8e6 Fine Arts, Meclianies; aim names of sepor 
rate Arts.l 

Bigelow. The Useful Arts, 3 vols i3mo N. Y. 3 00 

Burty. Chefs d'oeuvre of Indus. Arts. 111. 8vo Lond. 5 00 
Five Black Arte : Printing, Gas, Glass, etc.l2mo N. Y. 3 35 


Lacroix. The Arts in tlie Middle Ages. 

Illus R. 8vo Lond. $12 00 

Artillery. — [See Ordnance.] 

-[See also East; also names of Countries.] 
Heeren. Asiatic Nations, 2 vols. Lond.. 8vo 24s. 
Hue. Travels in Tartary and Thibet. . 

Knox, T. W. Overland through Asia 8vo N. Y. 

Malcolm. Mission. Travels in S. E. Asia. 

1835. 2 vols 12mo 

a. Marco Polo, Voyages and Travels 18mo N. Y. 75 

a. Pumpelly. Across America and Asia. . . . 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

a. Taylor, Bayard. India, China and Japan. 12mo N. Y. 150 

b. Vambery. Travels in Central Asia 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

Asia Minor. 

Fellowes. Excursion in Asia Minor. Lond.l2mo 9s. 
Hamilton. Researches in Asia Minor, 2 

vols. 1842. London, 8vo 38s. 

Leake. Travels in Asia Minor. 1834. Lond. 8vo 18s. 
Van Lennep, H. J. Travels in Asia Minor. 

2 vols. 1870. London, 8vo 24s. 


Hammer-Purgstall. Hist, of the Assassins. 

1835. London,. . . .12mo 7s. 6d. 
Walpole, F. Ausayrii and Assassins, 3 

vols. 1852. London, 8vo 42s. 

Assaying. — [See Dictionaries of Arts, Manufact., Mines, etc.] 

Bodeman. Treatise on Assaying 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Astrology. — 

Astrology as it is. 1856 12mo Lond. 

a. Lilly, introduction to Astrology 12mo Lond. 2 25 

Zadkiel. Grammar of Astrology. 2 vols. 

London, 12mo 7s. 

Hand Book of Astrology, 1 vol . 3s. 6d. 

Astronomy. — [See also Cosmology.] 

Airy, G. B. Lectures on Astronomy 16mo Lond, 1 50 

Arago, F. Astronomy, 2 vols. London.. 8vo 45s. 

6. Bouvier, Manual of Astronomy 8vo Phila. 3 00 

Brewster, Sir D. More Worlds than One. l6mo N. Y. 1 00 
a. Burritt, Geography of the Heavens, and 

Atlas, 2 vols. ... N. Y. 2 50 
a. Dick, Thos. Celestial Scenery ; Sidereal 

Heavens ; ea. . . 12mo N. Y. 75 

a. Dick. Practical Astronomer 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

6. Dunkin. Tho Midnight Sky. R. 8vo, Lond. & N. Y. 3 75 

a. Denison. Astronomy without Mathematics. 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Ennis. Origin of the Stars 12mo N. Y. 2 00 


a. Guillemin. The Heavens. Illustrated. . . 8vo N. Y. $4 50 

a. Fay, T, S. System of Astronomy (in press). 

a. Flammarion. Wonders of the Heavens. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Herschel, J. F. W. Outlines of Astron. . .12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Hind. Solar System 12mo N. Y. 50 

On Comets Lond 8vo 5s. 6d. 

a. Lockyer. Astronomy , . . . 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. Mitchell, O. M. Popular Astronomy 12mo N. Y. 175 

&. PlanetaryandStellarWorlds.l2moN. Y. 175 

&. Astronomy of the Bible 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Nichol, J. P. Architecture of the Heavens. 8vo 16s. 

Stellar Universe. Lond 8vo 5s. 6d. 

Solar System. Lond 8vo IDs. 6d. 

System of the World. Lond. 8vo IDs. 6d. 

&. Norton. Treatise on Astronomy 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

h. Olmsted, Prof. Introduc. to Astronomy. . 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Plurality of Worlds 12mo Bost. 1 50 

&. Proctor, R. A. Saturn and his System . . . 8vo Lond. 6 00 
The Sun 8vo Lond. 5 50 

&. Other Worlds than Ours 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Hand Book of the Stars 12mo Lond. 2 00 

Half H'rs with the Telescope.l6mo Phila. 1 25 

Stars 4to Lond. 2 50 

Watson, LC. Theoretical Astronomy. . R. 8vo Phila. 10 00 

Whewell. Astronomy and Physics 12mo Lond. 1 50 

Whitall. Planisphere of Heavens, 2 parts, each, 3 00 

Atheism.. — \8ee Infidelity.'] 

Athens. — \^See also in works on Greece.'] 

Boeck. Pub. Econ. of Athens. London. 8vo 18s. 

b. Leake. Topog. of Athens, 2 vols. Lond. 8vo 30s. 

a. Stuart & Revett. Antiquities of Athens.l2mo Lond. 2 50 

Athletic Sports. — [See also Gymnastics — Physical Training.] 

a. Depping. Wonders of Bodily Strength.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

Maclaren. Training, in Theory & Practice. 

Physical Education 

Peverell. American Pastimes 

a. Walker. Manly Exercises 12mo Lond. 2 25 

Defensive Exercises 12mo Lond. 2 00 

Wilkinson. Modern Athletics. London. . 6s. 

Wood, W. Manual of Physical Exercise.l2mo N. Y. 

Atlases. — {Geographical, not including School Atlases.] 

a. Black. Atlas of the World folio Lond. 25 00 

a. Chambers. Cyclopedia Atlas R. 8vo Lond. 5 00 

h. Colton. General Atlas folio N. Y. 20 00 

a. Fay. " Great Outline" Atlas 4to N. Y. 2 00 

a. Globe Atlas of Europe, half bound .■12mo Lond. 4 50 

Johnston. School Classical Atlas Lond. 

Royal Atlas of Mod. Geog.. folio Lond. 50 00 


Lowry. Universal Atlas 4to N. Y. $6 00 

a. Macmillan. Globe Atlas of the World. .12mo Lond. 3 00 

5. Mitchell. New General Atlas 4to Phila. 20 00 

(smaller). 4to Phila. 10 00 

Atlases. — Physical Geography. 

6. Berghaus. Physical Atlas folio Leips. 40 00 

Collins. Physical Atlas. 1870. Lond... 4to 5s. 
Johnston, A. Keith. Atlas of Physical 

Geography. Edinburgh 8vo 7s 6d. 

Larger work. . . .Folio. 85 00 

Atlases.— Historical. 

a. Gage. Modern Historical Atlas 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

h. Koeppen. Atlas of the Middle Ages 4to N. Y. 4 50 

Spriiner. Atlas Antiquus Leips. 11 00 

to Hist. Europe Leips. 26 00 

Asia, Africa, 

America & Australia Leips. 10 00 

Australia & Tasmania. 

Kennedy. Four Years in Queensland 

London,. . . .16mo 5s. 6d. 

Stuart, J. M. Explorations in Australia. 

1858-62.... 8vo Lond. 3 75 


Abbott, J. S. C. Empire of Austria 8vo N. Y. 

&, Coxe. Hist, of House of Austria, 3 vols. . Lond, 5 25 

Dignomitry. Bohemia under Aus. Despot.l2mo N. Y. 
Hosier. Seven Weeks' War. 1867. 2 

vols. London. . . . 8vo 28s. 

Kohl. Travels in Austria. Lond 8vo 3s. 6d. 

Michiels. Secret Hist, of Austrian Gov't. 

London. . . . 8vo 10s. 6d. 
Newman, F. W. Crimes of the House of 

Austria. London, 8vo Is. 

Vehse. Memoirs of Court of Austria. 2 

vols r. 8vo Lond, 

Ward, A. W. House of Austria 12mo Lond. 1 00 

Autobiography. — [See Biography.'] 

Autographic — Fac-Similes. 

Autographic Album — 470 Fac-Similes 4to Lond. 6 00 

Autographic Mirror, 2 vols. Folio Lond. 21 00 

Smith's Literary and Historical Curiosities. 4to Lond. 14 00 

Babylon. — {See MneveJi.] 

Ballads. — [See also Poetry.'] 

Aytoun. Bon Gaultier's Ballads N. Y. 150 

Lays of Scottish Cavaliers 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Bab Ballads (Comic). Illustrated 4to Phila. 2 00 


Book of Roxburgh Ballads, ed, by Collier. 4to Lond. 

Book of Brave Old Ballads. Loud 12mo 5s. 

Beunett. Ballad Hist, of Englaud. Loud.l2mo 5s. 

a. Child, Prof. English and Scottish Ballads, 

Collection of, 8 vols 18mo Bost. $10 00 

b. Hall, S. C. Book of British Ballads. Blus. 

mor r. Svo Lond. 13 50 

Hayes. Ballads of Ireland 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

a, Macaulay. Lays of Ancient Rome 12mo Bost. 1 00 

Moore. F. Songs of American Revolution.l2mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. Personal and Political Ballads.32mo N. Y. 1 00 

a. Lvrics of Loyalty 32mo N. Y. 1 00 

Songs of the Soldiers .32mo N. Y. 1 00 

Rebel Rhymes and Rhapsodies.32mo N. Y. 1 00 

a. Palgrave. Golden Treas. of Songs and B.16mo Camb. 1 55 
6. Percy. Reliques of Old Eng. Poetry. 1vol. Svo Phila. 3 00 

3 vols ISmo Lond. 

Roberts, J. S. Legendary Ballads. Lond. Svo 7s. 6s. 

Rimbault. Book of Songs and B. Loud.l2mo 5s. 

Scott. Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border.l2mo Edinb. 

Wilkins. Political Ballads Svo Lond. 5 00 


Glaisher. Travels in the Air r. Svo Phila. 10 00 

a. Marion. Wonderful Balloon Ascents. .. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Verne, Five Weeks in a Bal. (imaginary). 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Banks.— Banking. 

Francis. History of Bank of England Svo N. Y. 3 00 

Gibbons, J. S. Banks of New York, &c.. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Gilbart. History of Banking. I^ondon. . . .Svo 9s. 
Gilbart. Treatise on Banking, 2 v. Lond. Svo 16s. 

Hankey. Principles of Banking Svo Lond. 

a. — 1 vol. . . . Svo Phila. 

Logic of Banking. London 12mo 12s. 6d. 

Lawson. Hist, of Banks in Gt. Brit. Lond. Svo 7s. 6d. 
Martin. Stories of Banks and Bankers. 

London 16mo 7s. 6d. 

McCulloch. Money and Banks. Ijond. 4to 5s. 


Battles of America, by Sea and Land. HI. 4to N. Y. 13 50 
a. Creasy. Fifteen Decisive Battles of World.l2mo N. Y. 150 

Jomini. Campaign of Waterloo 12mo N. Y, 

Persse. Battle Record Svo N. Y. 

Belgium. — [See Holland and B.] 
Belles-Letters. — [See Literature.] 

Bee Keeping. By " the Times' " Bee Master. 

London 12mo 2s. 6d. 


a. Huber. Nat. Hist, of Honey Bee. Lond.l2mo 6s. 

a. Langstroth. The Honey Bee 12rao Pliila. $2 00 

Pettigrew, Handy Book of Bees. Lond.l2mo 2s. 6d. 

Richardson. Hive & Honey Bees (Saxton).12mo N. Y. 

Weeks. Management of Bees (Saxton). .12mo N, Y. 
Bible (The). — Its History. — \8ee also Church History, etc.] 

Anderson. Annals of the English Bible, 2 

vols. London,. . . . 8vo 15s. 
a. The same, abridged by Prime, 8vo N, Y. 2 50 

Baker. Manual of Bible History. Lond,12mo 2s, 6d, 

Blunt. Plain Account of the Eug. Bible. 12mo X. Y. 1 50 

a. Gleig. History of the Bible, 2 vols 18mo N. Y. 1 50 

Kitto. History of Palestine 12mo Bost. 1 75 

b. Kitto. Biblical Encyclopedia, 3 vols .. R . Svo Lond. 24 00 

a. Popular Cyclopedia of Bible Lit. . Svo Bost. 4 00 

a. Ravelinson. Historical Evidences of Truth 

of Bible 12mo Bost. 1 75 

a. Ramsard, Mrs. The Book and its Story. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Smith, W, History of the Old and New 

Testament, each Svo N. Y. 2 50 

b. Dictionary of the Bible. [See Dictionaries.'] 

Stuart, Moses. Hist, of Old Test. Canon. Svo Andov. 1 75 
Tischendorf. Discovery of Siuaitic Mss. . 

Westcott. History of English Bible 

Walden. Hist, of English Bible and its seven Ances- 
tors. 12mo Lond. 1 25 
Bible. — Aids to the Study of the. — \_8ee Holy Land.] 
Abbott, Lyman. Old Testa. Shadows of New Testa. 

Truths....l2moN. Y. 3 50 
Alford. How to Study the New Testam't, 

3 vols. London,. . . .ISmo 10s. 6d. 

b. New Test. Commentary, 4 vols. . Svo Lond. 16 00 

b, Alexander, J. A. The Psalms; 2 vols, $5; Isaiah, 

2 vols., $4 ; Matthew and Mark, each.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

Angus. Bible Hand Book. Lond 12mo 10s. 

Ayre, J. Treasurv of Bible Knowledge. 

Lond. and N. Y ISmo 4 00 

Bengel. Gnomen of the New Testament, 

2 vols R. Svo N. Y. 9 00 

a. Barnes. Notes on Isaiah, 2 vols N. Y. 3 00 

a. Psalms, 3 vols N. Y. 4 50 

a. On New Test., 11 vols. N. Y. 16 50 

b. Bible Comment (" The Speaker's"). Ed. by 

Canon Cook, per vol r. Svo N. Y. 5 00 

a. Blunt, J. J. Kev to the Knowledge and 

Use of Bible 12mo Phila. 100 

Boardman, H. A. The Bible in the Family.l2mo Phila. 1 00 

Bible in Count'g House. 12mo 1 00 

a. Bush. Notes on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deut. 

Joshua, 4 vols 12mo N. Y. en. 1 25 

Clarke. Bible Atlas 4to Lond. 15 00 


b. Conybeare & Howison. Life and Epistles 

of St. Paul, 2 vols, in one 8vo N. Y. $3 00 

Critical and Expl. Pocket Bible, with conit.l2mo Bost. 6 50 

a. Cruden. Concordance to the Bible r. 8vo Lond. 2 75 

6. Crosby, Howard. New Test, with Notes. 12mo N. Y. 150 

6. Dunn. The Study of the Bible 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

6. Eadie. Analytical Concordance to Bible. 8vo Bost. 4 00 

Hackett, Prof. H. B. Comment, on the 

Acts 8vo Bost. 3 00 

Illustrations of Scripture . 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Hunt, E. M. Bible Notes for Daily 

Readers, 2 vols r. 8vo N. Y. 7 00 

b. Home. Introduc. to the Bible, 2 vols. . r. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

New edition, 4 vols 8vo Lond. 20 00 

Inglis. The Bible Text Cyclopedia 8vo Phila. 3 00 

b. Kitto. Daily Bible Illustrations. 8 vols.l2mo N. Y. 14 00 
b. Kip, Bp. The Unnoticed Things of Scrip- 
ture 12moN. Y. 1 50 

b. Lange. Biblical Commentarv, 13 vols. . . 8vo N. Y, ea. 5 00 
b. McClintock & Strong. Bibli. and Theol. 

Cyclopedia, 4 vols r. 8vo N. Y. 20 00 

a. Malcom. Bible Dictionary 18mo Bost. 1 25 

b. Maunder. Treasury of Bible Knowledge.l8mo N. Y. 4 00 
Olshausen. Comment, on New Testament, 

6 vols... 8vo N. Y. 18 00 
Owen, Prof. J. J. Commentary on Mark, 

Luke and John, each 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Portable Comment, on Old and New Test. 

By Jamieson, etc., 2 vols. . . . 8vo Bost. 6 00 
Ripley, Prof. Notes on Gospels ; Acts, 

Rom. and Heb., 4 vols 12mo Bost. 5 75 

Ritter. Geogr. of Palestine, for Biblical Students. 

Trans, by Gage, 4 vols 8vo N. Y. 14 00 

Robinson. Calmet's Die. of the Bible. . . r. 8vo Bost. 6 00 

& Smith. Biblical Researches 

in Palestine, 4 vols 8vo Bost. 10 00 

^ Physical Geogr. of Palestine. 8vo Bost. 3 50 

&. Smith, W. Dictionary of the Bible. Ed. by Prof. 

Hackett, etc., 4 vols. 8vo N. Y. 26 00 

Abridged in 1 vol N. Y. 5 00 

London edition, 3 vols . 8vo 18 00 

a, Concise Diet. Lond. & N. Y. 8vo 4 00 

Smaller Die. 8vo Lond. 3 00 

Another ed. Appleton. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

" Speaker's", (The) Commentary on the Bible. Pub- 
lishing in large 8vo. vols., each. N. Y. 5 00 
Tholuck. Comment, on Gospel of St. John. 8vo N. Y. 3 00 
Trench, R. C. Studies on the Gospels . . . 12mo N. Y. 1 25 
Tyng, S. H. Light in the Dwelling : Com- 
mentary on Gospels "8vo N. Y. 2 50 

Wood, J. G. Bible Animals 8vo N. Y. 5 00 


Bible. — General Aspects op. 

Halsey. The Literary Attractions of the 

Bible....l2moX. Y. |1 75 
Liber Librorum : Its Structure, Limita 

tion and Purpose 18mo N. Y, 1 50 

Matthews, J. M. The Bible, and Men of 

Culture 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Spring, Gardiner. The Obligations of the 

World to the Bible. ... 8vo N. Y. 2 00 


&. Allibone. Dictionary of Authors in English 

Language. 3 vols r. 8vo 22 50 

b. Brunet. Manuel de Libraire, — vols 8vo Paris. 

Collier. Bibl, Act. of Rare Books in Eng. 

Literature, 4 vols 8vo N. Y. 12 00 

Darling. Cycle, of Biblical and General 

Literature, 3 vols r. 8vo Lond. 

a. Lowndes. Bibliographer s Manual, 6 vols.l2mo Lond. 13 50 

c. Malcom, H. Index to Religious Litera. 8vo Phila. 4 00 

Bible and Science. — \^8ee Science and Religion.'] 

Crawley. The Billiard Book 8vo Lond. 7 50 

Phelan. Hand Book of Billiards 16mo N. Y. 1 50 

Biography. — Dictionaries. 

Allen, American Biog. Diet, (o, p.) 8vo Bost. 

Beeton. Diet, of Universal Biography. 8vo L, & N. 3 50 

a. Godwin. Cyclo. of Biog. By Shepard.. .12mo N. Y. 3 50 

h. Haydn, Index of Biography 8vo Lond. 7 50 

Hawks. Biographical Dictionary 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Hole & Wheeler. Brief Biog, Dictionary,12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Imperial Diet, of Biography, 3 vols, . . .r. 8vo Lond. 18 00 

a. Men of the Time (contemporary biog.) 8vo Lond. 6 00 

Maunder. Biographical Treasury 18mo N. Y. 4 00 

I. Smith. Diet, of Greek and Rom. B., 3 vols. 8vo Lond. 22 50 

a. abridg.l2mo N. Y. 2 50 

b. Thomas. Cyclo. of Biography (Lippin- 

cott), 2 vols r. 8vo Phila, 22 00 

Valpereau. Diet, des Contemporaines . . . 8vo Paris. 12 50 

Biography. — Collected Works; American. 

Barrett. The Old Merchants of New York, 

4vols....l2moN. Y. 7 00 
Belknap. American Biography, 3 vols. , .18mo N. Y. 2 25 
Cooper, J, F. Dist, Naval Officers, 2 vols,12mo Phila. 
b. EUett, Mrs, Women of the Revolution, 

3 vols. . . .12mo N. Y. 5 25 
Eminent Individuals in Amer. Hist., 3 vols.l2mo N. Y. 4 50 


Flanders. Lives of Chief Justices of Sup. 

Court of U. S., 2 vols. ... 8vo N. Y. $5 00 

Hamersly. Living Officers of U. S. Navy. 8vo Phila. 5 00 
Headley. Washington and his Generals, 

2 vols....l2moN. Y. 3 50 

Lanman. Diet, of Congress 8vo Hartf 'd 4 00 

&. Lossing. Eminent Americans Svo N. Y. 

Pioneer Biography : Ohio Svo Cincin. 3 50 

Parker, Theo, Historic Americans Svo Bost. 1 50 

Sabine. Loyalists of Amer. Revol., 2 vols. Bost. 7 00 

h. Sparks. American Biogr. Library of. 

1st Series, 10 vols .* 12mo N. Y. 12 50 

&. 2d Series, 15 vols 12mo Bost. 15 00 

Sprague. Annals of American Pulpit, 9 v. Svo N. Y. 30 00 

Thatcher. Indian Biography, 2 vols ISmo N. Y. 1 50 

Raymond. Women of the South, 2 vols . Phila. 6 00 

Biography. — Collected Works ; Women. 

Adams. Cyclopedia of Female Biography.l2mo 1 75 

Balfour, C. L. Working- Women of Last 

Century. London.... Svo 3s. 6d. 

a. Child, Mrs. Celebrated Women 12mo N. Y. 75 

Good Wives 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Mad. de Stael & Roland . . . 12mo N. Y. 75 

Noble Deeds of Am. Women.l2mo Bost. 1 50 

a. Crossland (Mrs.) Memorable Women ISmo N. Y. 1 50 

Ellett, Mrs. Pioneer Women of the West.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

■ Queens of Society .12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Women Artists 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

h. Hale, Mrs. Woman's Record r. Svo N. Y. 5 00 

a. Jameson, Mrs. Femaje Sovereigns, 1 vol.l2mo Phila. 1 50 

2 vols.lSmo N. Y. 1 50 
Kavanagh. English Women of Letters, 

2 vols. London.... Svo 21s. 

Exemplary Women of Christ'y. Svo Lond. 

French Women of Letters, 2 

vols. London... Svo 21s. 

a. St. Beuve. Portraits of Celebr'd Women. lOmo Bost. 2 00 

b. Strickland, Agnes. Queens of England, 

6 vols Lond. 13 50 

Abridged, 1 vol. N. Y. 2 50 

Queens of Scotland, S vols.l2mo N. Y. 12 00 

Trollope, T. A. Decade of Ital. Women, 

2 vols. Loudon Svo 22s. 

Warton ; The Queens of Society 12mo L. & N. 2 50 

Women of Plistory. By eminent Writers.lSmo Lond. 2 00 

Biography. — Collected; Scientific. 

Arago. Distingu. Scientific Men. Lond. Svo 18s. 
a. Brewster, Sir D. Martyrs of Science. .. .ISmo N. Y. 75 

Dirclis. Inventors and Inventions. Lond. Svo 4s. 
Milzia. Celebrated Architects Svo Lond. 4 50 


Smiles. Lives of the Engineers, 3 vols. . . Lond. 

Stepliensons 12mo N. Y. $1 50 

a. Industrial Biog 13mo Bost. 150 

Biography. — Collected ; Literary. 

Brougham. Men of Letters and Science. 

Time of George III. London 8vo 5s. 

Curwen. Successful Booksellers. 1871.. Bvo Lond. 

a. De Quincey. Biographical Essays 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Fenelon. Ancient Philosophers IBmo N. Y. 75 

French Authors at Home, 3 vols Lond. 2 00 

Hall, S. C. Book of Memories of Great 

Men and Women of the Age Bvo Lond. 10 00 

b. Homes of American Authors Bvo N. Y. 5 00 

h. Howitt, W. Homes and Haunts of British 

Authors, 2 vols Bvo N. Y. 3 50 

Jeaflfreson. Lives of British Novelists. 

London, 2 vols. . . . 21s. 

a. Johnson, Dr. Lives of the Poets, 2 vols.l2mo Phila. 3 00 
Montgomery. Authors of Italy, Spain and 

Portugal (E. C. L.), 3 vols Lond. 

Morley. English Writers, 3 vols Bvo 15 00 

Russell. Book of Authors 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Scott, Sir W. Lives of Eminent Novelists 

(In his Prose Works). . . . 

Shelley, Mrs. Authors of France (Ed.Cab. 

Lib.) 2 vols 12mo Edinb. 

Stebbins. Lives of Italian Poets 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Biography. — Collected ; Artists. 

Bryan. Dictionary of Painters (chiefly 

included in Spooner) r. Bvo Lond. 

h. Supplement to do. Li v. Artists. .?•. Bvo Lond. 4 50 

Cunningham. Lives of Brit. Paint, and 

Sculpt. 6 vols. IBmo. Lond. ; or 5 vols.lBmo N. Y. 3 75 
a. Jameson. Mrs. Lives of Italian Painters.lGmo Bost. 2 00 
h. Lanzi. History of Painting, &c., 5 vols. Bohn. 8 75 

Perkins, Ch. C. Tuscan Sculptors ; their 

Lives and Works, 2 vols 4to Bost. 22 50 

Italian Sculptors ; their Lives 

and Works. Imp Bvo Bost. 16 00 

h. Spooner. Diet, of Painters, Sculptors, etc. 

2 vols r. Bvo 10 00 

a. Tuckerman, H. T. Book of the Artists ; 

American Artist Life Bvo N. Y. 5 00 

must. Ed.. -r. Bvo N. Y. 30 00 

Urbino, Mrs. The Princes of Art, Painters, 

etc 12moBost. 2 00 

h. Vasari. Lives of the Painters, 5 vols 12mo Bohn. 8 75 

Biography. — Collected ; Political, Legal, Military, 
Barrow. Naval Worthies of Reign of Qu'n 

Elizabeth. (1845.) London Bvo 14s. 


31s. 6d. 

Lond. 6 00 

Lond. 20 00 


N. Y. 2 25 

L. & B. 6 50 


17s. 6d. 


Lond. 7 50 

N. Y. 75 

N. Y. 


5 00 

6 00 

1 50 

Brougham. Statesmen of Time of Geo. 

IIL, 3 vols. Lond 8vo 

& Lyndhurst, Lives of. By 

Campbell 8vo 

6. Campbell. Lives of the Lord Chancellors. 

10 vols 8vo 

Chief Justices. 3 

vols. London Bvo 

Cust, Sir E, Lives of the Warriors 12mo 

b. Foster, John, Statesmen of Common- 
wealth Bvo 

Foss. Biog. Diet, of Judges of England. Bvo 
Gleig. Lives of Brit. Commanders, 3 vols.l6mo 
James. Foreign Statesmen. (1B37.) 5 v. Lond, 

Great Commanders. Lond 12mo 

Kaye. Lives of Indian Officers, 3 vols. . . . 
Lives of Drake, Cavendish and Dampier. . IBmo 
Mitchell, Gen. Eminent Soldiers of last 

four Centuries 

Proctor. The Bench and Bar of New York. Bvo 
Pettigrew. Biogr. Mem's of Physicians. . . r. Bvo 
Shiel. Sketches of the Irish Bar, 2 vols. 

London . . . 12mo 
a. Smith, Goldwin. Three Eng. Statesmen.l2mo 
Biography. — Collected ; Self-T aught Men. 
a. Craik. Pursuit of Knowledge under Diffi- 
culties, 2 vols IBmo 

Davenport. Lives of Self Made Men. 

London IBmo 

Seymour. Self-Made Men l2mo 

a. Smiles, Self-Help 12mo 

Biography. — CoiiLECTED ; Miscellaneous. 
a. Abbott, J. Biog. of Illustrious Men and 

Women, 29 vols 16mo 

Bourne. Famous London Merchants 16mo 

a. Book of Golden Deeds (Golden Treasury). 16mo 
Bulwer, H. L. Histor. Characters. Lond. Bvo 
Chambers, W. Lives Eminent Scotsmen, 
4 vols. Edinburgh. 
Cornelius, Nepos. Roman Biographies. . .12mo 
Coleridge, S. T. Notes on Eng. Divines. 

2 vols. . . .12mo 

a. Edgar. Boyhood of Great Men 16mo 

Sea Kings and Naval Heroes.. 16mo 

Farrar. Seekers after God : Seneca, &c . . 12mo 
Fuller. Worthies of England, etc., 3 vols. 

London Bvo 

b. Grote. Plato and the Companions of Soc- 

rates, 3 vols. ..." 
Houssaye. Men and Women of 18th Cen- 
tury, 2 vols 

N. Y. 1 50 

3s. 6d. 

N. Y. 1 75 

Bost. 1 50 

N. Y. ea. 1 20 
N. Y. 1 00 
Lond. 1 25 


N. Y. 


1 50 

1 20 
1 20 

1 75 


Lond. 16 50 

N. Y. 3 00 


Houssaye. Philosophers and Actresses, 2 vols. N. Y. $3 00 

James, Gt. P. R. Lives of De Retz, Col- 
bert, etc 8vo Lond. 

b. Jesse. Lives of the Pretenders 12mo Lond. 2 50 

Jones, J. W. Boyhood of Great Men 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

b. Lodge, Portraits of Illustrious Persons. 

8 vols . . .12mo Lond. 18 00 

Martin. Contemporary Biography 

Macaulay. Biographies, from Ency. Brit.l2mo 3s. 6d. 
b. Martineau, Harriet. Biographl. Sketches. 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

Middleton. Evangel. Biography, 4 vols. . 8vo Lond. 

Montalembert. Monks of the West 8vo Edinb. 

a. Plutarch. Lives of Famous Men. Edited 

by A. H. Clough, 5 vols 8vo Bost. 15 00 

(or) by Langhorn. 4 vols.l2mo N. Y. 5 00 

1 vol. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Russell. Eccentric Persons 12mo N. Y. 

Redding. Remarkable Misers, 2 vols. 

London. . . . 8vo 21s. 

a. Smiles. Brief Biographies 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Stebbings. Lives of the Italian Poets. . .12mo Lond. 1 25 

St. John. Celebrated Travels, 3 vols 18mo N. Y. 2 25 

Taylor. Modern British Plutarch 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Thatcher. Indian Biography, 2 vols 18mo N. Y. 1 50 

American Medical Biog. .o. p. 8vo 

a. Thackeray. The Four Georges 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Timbs. School Days of Eminent Men. 

English Eccentricities 

London 12mo 5s. 

Ware. American Unitarian Biog. 2 vols.l2mo Bost. 3 00 

b. Walton. Lives of Hooker, Doune, etc. . .12mo N. Y. 2 25 

Wharton. The Queens of Society 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Wits and Beaux of Society. . .12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Wilson. Wonderful Characters 12mo Lond. 

Biography — Individual. — (Alphabeted by names of sub- 
jects, not authors.) 

Abernethy. By Macllwain 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Abrantes, Duchess d'. Memoirs, 8 vols. 

/ London 8vo 112s. 

Adams. Saml., Life. By Wells, 3 vols. . . 8vo Bost. 12 00 
b. John. By J. Q. Adams & Ch. F. A. 8vo Phila. 3 00 

John Quincy. By Ch. Fr. Adams. 12mo Phila. 

Addison. By Lucy Aikin. 1834. 2 vols. Lond. 

Agrippa, Cornelius. By Henrv Morley. . , .12mo Lond. 

Albert, Prince, Early Years. * By Grey. . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Allibone, Susan. By Rev. A. Lee 8vo Phila. 2 25 

b. Alexander, Rev. Dr. Bv H. C. Alexander, 

2 vols....l2raoN. Y. 5 00 

Alfieri, Count, Autobiography, 2 v. Lond . 8vo 18s. 

a. Alfred the Great. Bv Thos. Hughes 18mo Bost. 1 50 

a. Alexander the Great. Bv J. Abbott 16mo N. Y. 1 20 


$1 75 

2 50 

5 00 

6 00 

2 25 

7 50 


2 00 

1 50 

2 00 

Ames, Fisher. By Kirkland 

a. Andersen, Hans. Story of my Life 12mo N. Y. 

&. Andre, Major. By Winthrop Sargent 8vo N. Y. 

Angelo, Michel. By Grimm, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 

By Harford, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 

& Raphael. By Duppa 12mo Lond. 

Anne of Austria. By Freer, 2 vols. . : 8vo Lond. 

Aquinas, Thos., Life of. By Hampden. . .16mo Lond. 

Arminius. By Bangs 18mo N. Y. 

h. Arnold, Dr. By Dean Stanley, 2 vols, in 1 . 12mo Bost. 

Arnold, Thos. By Worbaise 8vo Lond. 

Ars, Cure of. By Grimm 12mo Bait. 

a. Audubon, J. J., Life and Journals. By his 

widow 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

a. Augustine, St., Life. By Schoff. 

Austen, Jane. By Austen-Leigh. Lond..l2mo 12s. 

Bacon, Lord. By W. H. Dixon o. p.l2mo Phila. 1 50 

By Macaulay (in his works). 

Balboa, Cortes and Pizzaro 18mo N. Y. 75 

Barante. By Guizot, Translated by 

M. Craik 8vo Lond. 2 00 

Barham, Rev. R. H. By R. D. Bach, 2 vols. 

London 8vo 21s. 

Barnum, P. T. Struggles and Triumphs.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

Barrington, Sir J. Sketches of his Own 

Times, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 6 00 

Bayard, Chevalier. By W. G. Simms. . . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

By Walford 16mo Lond. 125 

Beaumarchais and his Times. By Lomeire. 

4 vols. London 8vo 42s. 

Becket, Thos. a. By Millman 

Beecher, Lyman. Autobiography. Ed. bv 

Chas. B. 2 vols. . . ^ 12mo N. Y. 5 00 
h. Beethoven. By Moschelles 16mo Bost. 2 00 

By Schindler 

Belisarius. By Lord Mahon 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Bentham. By Bo wring (in his Works). . 

Beranger, Autobiography, 2 vols. Lond. 8vo 14s. 

Bethune, Mrs. By her Son 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Bismarck. By Hesekiel 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Blake, Admiral. By W. H. Dixon 12mo Lond. 

Blake, Wm. (Painter). By Gilchrist, 2 v. 8vo Lond. 8 00 

Blessington, Lady. By Madden, 2 vols. . . 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Boardman, G. D. (Missionarv). By Dr. 

Williams 12mo Bost. 125 

Boone, Daniel. By Bogart L2mo Bost. 1 50 

Borgia, Lucrezia. By Gilbert, 2 vols. Lond.l2mo 21s. 

Boarbon Prince (Louis XVII.). By Tomes. 18mo N. Y. 75 

Brainerd, Rev. T. Bv M. Brainerd l"2mo Phila. 2 50 

Brant (Indian Chief). ' W. L. Stone, 2 vols." 8vo Albany. 5 00 
I. Bremer. Fredrika and Post.Wks. By Stone.l2mo N. Y. 175 

Bright, John. By McGilchrist 16mo N. Y. 50 


a. Bronte, Charlotte. By Mrs. Gaskell 16ino L. & P. $1 25 

Brougham, Lord. By Lord Campbell. Lon. 8vo 16s. 

h. By himself, 2 vols 12mo X. Y. 4 00 

Browii John. By Redpath 12mo Bost. 1 00 

Brunei, Sir I. By I. K. Brunei 

Bruce (Traveller). By Sir F. B. Head 18mo N. Y. 75 

Buckingham, Duke of. By Mrs. Thompson. 

London. 3 vols 12mo 30s. 

6. Bunson, Baron. Bv his Widow, 2 vols.. ,12mo Lon&P. 7 50 

&. Burke, Edmund. *By Prior, 2 vols 12mo Bost. 3 00 

By John Morley 8vo Lond. 2 50 

Burns, Robt. Bv Carlyle ISmo N. Y. 1 00 

h. ■ By Chambers, 4 vols 12mo N. Y. 6 GO 

a. '- By Lockhart ISmo N. Y. 75 

Burr, Aaron. Bv M. L. Davis. 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

a. By Jas. Parton, 2 vols 8vo Bost. 6 00 

Buxton, Sir Fowell. By C. Buxton. Lond.l2mo 2s. 6. 

I. Byron, Lord. By Moore, 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

By Guiccioli 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Cabot, Sebastian. Bv Biddle. 1831 8vo Pliila. 

6. C^sar, Julius. Bv Napoleon III., 2 vols. 8vo N. Y. 7 00 

Canning, Geo. Bf Bell 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Calderon. By French Lond. . . .12mo 7s. 6d. 

Calhoun,J.C.*, Life and Writings, 6 vols.. . 8vo N. Y. 15 00 

Carson, Kit. By Burdett 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Cart Wright, Inventor of power loom 12mo Lond. 2 50 

Calvin, John. By Dyer 8vo, Lond. ; 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Campbell, Thos. By Beattie, 3 vols. 8vo, 

Loudon ; 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 

Alex. By Richardson, 2 vols. . 8vo 3 50 

Carlyle, Dr. A. Memoirs Lond. . . 8vo 14s. 

Catherine II. of Russia. By herself 8vo N. Y. 1 25 

Cavour, Count. By Botta 8vo N. Y. 1 25 

Bv Dicev 8vo Lond, 

By De la Rive 8vo Lond. 2 50 

a. Cellini, Benvenuto. By herself 12mo Loud. 175 

Cervantes. Bv Roscoe 12nio Lond. 1 75 

h. Chalmers, Dr. Thos. Bv Hanna, 4 vols.. .12mo N. Y. 6 00 

By Dr. Wa viand 12mo Bost. 1 00 

Bv J. Dodds 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

h. Channing, Rev. *Dr. W. E. By W. H. 

Channing, 1 vol, $1 ; 3 vols. .12mo Boat. 2 50 

a. Charlemagne. By G. P. R. James .18mo N. Y. 75 

Charles V. Cloister Life. By Stirling. Lon. 8vo 83. 

Autobiography. Trans, by Clay- 

ton. London. . . . 8vo 6s. 6d. 

h. By Robertson. Ed. by Prescott, 

3 vols. 8vo Phila. 7 50 

a. Charles I. and II. By J. Abbott, each.. . .16mo N. Y. 1 20 

b. Charles XII., Sweden. By Voltaire 12mo N. Y. 2 25 

Chatterton. By Dix. 1845 12mo Bost. 

Bv Prof. Wilson 12mo Loud. 2 00 


h. Choate, Ruf US. By Brown 8vo Bost. $2 50 

Chopin (Musician). By Liszt 16mo N. Y. 1 50 

h. Cicero. By Forsyth, 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

Clay, Henry. By Colton, 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

By Smucker 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Clinton, Dewitt. By Campbell. 1849.... 8vo N. Y. 
Clive, Lord. ByGleig. [See also Macaulay.] 

London .... 12mo 6s. 

Cobden, Richard. By McGilchrist 16mo N. Y. 50 

Cochrane, Lord. By himself and his son, 

8 vols 8vo Lond, 

Coligny. By D. D. Scott 16mo Edinb. 

a. Columbus. By Irving, 3 vols. 3 75. 3 v.l2mo N. Y. 6 75 
h. By Arthur Helps 12mo Lon&P. 2 00 

b. Coleridge. BiographiaLiteraria. Lon. 1 75. 

2 vols....l2moN. Y. 3 00 

By Gillman 

Colonna Vittoria. By Mrs. Roscoe 12mo Lond. 

Conde (" the Great"). By Lord Mahon. . .12mo N. Y. 

Confucius. By Jas. Legge, D. D 8vo Phila. 4 00 

Constable (the Painter). By C. R. Leslie. 4to Lond. 6 00 
a. Cortes, Hernando. By Arthur Helps. . . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

(3orneille and his Times. By Guizot 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Cowper. By Hayley. London 8vo 12s. 

(with his Works). By Southey. 

Cranmer, Archbishop. By Le Bas, 2 vols.l8mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. .Cromwell. By Carlyle, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

4 vols 16mo 3 60 

By Guizot, 2 vols o.p. 8vo Phila. 

By Headley 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

By Southey 18mo N. Y. 1 00 

Cumberland (Dramatist). By himself. '56. 8vo Phila. 
Curwen (American Loyalist) Journal and 

Letters. . . .o.p. 8vo N. Y. 
Curran (Irish Orator). By Phillips. Lond. 8vo 7s. 6d. 

Cuvier (Naturalist). By Mrs. Lee 12mo N. Y. 75 

Dante ; Life and Times. By Balbo, '52, 2 v. 

London 12mo 21s. 

By Prof. Botta 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Davis, Jefferson. By Pollard 8vo Phila 3 00 

Davy, Sir H. By Dr. J. Davy. 1835. 2 v. Lon. 28s. 

De Foe, By Chadwick. London 8vo 10s. 6d. 

De Genlis, Madame. Memoirs, Illust. of 

18th and 19th Cent., 2 vols. Lon.. 8vo 18s. 
a. De Quincey. Autobiographical Sketches. 12mo Bost. 1 50 
a. — Literary Reminiscences, 2 v.l2mo Bost. 3 00 

De Soto (Discov.). By F. A. Willmott. '58. 8vo Phila. 

Dickens, Chas. By F. B. Perkins 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

By R. S. Mackenzie 12mo Phila. 2 00 

Story of his Life (Hotten).12mo Lond. 

a. By John Forster. 1871-2. L. & P. 

Disraeli, Benj. By McGilchrist 16mo N. Y, 50 


Douglas, Stephen A. By H. M. Flint. . . .12mo Phila. $1 75 
a. Drake, Admiral. By Barron 18mo jS. Y. 75 

Dryden. By Scott (in his Works) 

Diirer, Albert. By Mrs. Heaton. Illust...8vo Lond. 13 00 

By W. B Scott. London. 8vo IGs. 

Eldon, Lord Chancellor. By Twiss, 2 vols, 

London.... Svo 21s. 

Eliot, John (Missionary). By N. Adams. .12mo Bost. 

Eliot, Sir John. By Forster, 2 v. Lond. Svo 30s. 

Edward IIL, of England. By W. Longman 

2 vols. London. . . . Svo 2Ss. 
a. Evelyn, John. (Diary and Corres.) By Bray.l2mo N. Y. 2 50 

Fairfax, Lord. By Markham. 1871 Svo Lond. 5 00 

Faraday (Chemist). By Bence Jones, 2 v. Svo Phila. 10 00 
a. as Discoverer. By Tyndall. . . .12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Farragut, Admiral. By Headley 12mo X. Y. 1 50 

Fechter,J. a. Bv W. Smith. 1865. Lon.l2mo 4s. 

Fitch, John (Inventor). By Westcott 12mo Phila. 1 25 

Foster, John ; Life and Correspondence. 

By Ryland 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Fox, Chas. J. By Lord John Russell, 2 v. Lond. 6 00 

Francis of Assisi. By Mrs. Olyphant 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Francis, Sir Philip ; Memoirs of, 2 v. Lon. Svo 30s. 

Fourier, Chas. By E. Pellarin. Lond.l2mo 2s. 
a. Franklin, Benj. Autobiog. Ed. by Bigelow. Svo Phila. 2 50 
6. Life. By Parton, 2 vols. 8vo Bost. 6 00 

Illust. By Chapman. Svo N. Y. 4 00 

a. (for Boys). By Mayhew.l8mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Life and Writings, 2 vols.lSmo N. Y. 1 50 

h. By Sparks Svo Phila. 3 00 

6. Frederick the Great. By Carlyle, 6 vols.l2mo N. Y. 12 00 

— new ed. 10 vs.l6mo Lond. 9 00 

6. By J. S. C. Abbott. II. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

By Lord Dover, 2 v.lSmo Lond. 1 50 

By Macaulay ISmo N. Y. 1 00 

Fry, Mrs. (Philanthr(^ist). By Mrs. Cres- 

well. London.... 8vo 8s. 6d. 

Fuller, Margaret. (See Ossoli.) 

Fulton, Robt. By Colden. 1817 Svo N. Y. 

Fuseli (Artist). By Knowles, 3 vols. Lond. Svo 21s. 
a. Galileo (Astronomer) ; Private Life of . . . .12mo Bost. 1 50 

Life of. L. & N. Y. . 12mo 

Garibaldi. By T. Dwight 12mo N. Y. 

By himself 12mo Lond. 

Garrick. By Fitzgerald, 2 vols Svo Lond. 15 00 

George IV. of England. By Croly ISmo N. Y. 75 

Gibbon ; Autobiographv and Correspond. 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Life. Bv Lord Sheffield. '37. Lon. 8vo 14s. 

Gifford, W. (Critic); Autobiog. Lond. . . 18mo 3s. 6d. 

Gladstone. AV. E. By McGilchrist 16mo N. Y. 50 

Goethe ; Characteristics of. By Mrs. Aus- 
ten, 3 vols.. , . .12mo Lond. 


Life. By G. H. Lewes 8vo Lond. $8 00 

Autobiography. Translated by 

Godwin, etc., 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 

Trans, by Oxeuford, 2 v. Lond. 3 50 

h. Goldsmitli. By John Forster. Illus. 2 v. 8vo Lond. 5 00 
a. Bv Irving. 16mo, 11.25 & $1.75.12mo N. Y. 2 25 

By Prior, 2 vols. 1837. Lond. 8vo 21s. 

Goodrich, S. G. (Peter Parley) Recollec- 
tions, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

Gough, J. B. (Autobiography) 8 vo Lond. 3 25 

Grammont, Count. By Hamilton 12mo Lond. 1 75 

6. Grant, U. S., Prest. By Gen. Badeau, 1 v. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

By Richardson 8vo N. Y. 

Grattan, Henry (Irish Orator). By his son. 

5 vols. London .... 8vo 70s. 
Greeley, Horace. RecoUec. of Busy Life. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

b. Life. By Parton 8vo Bost. 3 00 

b. Greene, Gen. Nath'l. B}^ G. W. Greene, 

3 vols.... 8vo N. Y. 12 00 

By Johnson and by Caldwell, o.p. 

Greenough, Horatio. By Tuckerman, 1853.12mo N. Y. 
Gresham, Sir Thos. ByMcParland. Lon.l2mo Is. 6d. 
Gustavus Adolphus. By Chapman. Lon. 8vo 5s. 

ByHarte. 17G7. 2 vols. 8vo Lond. 

Guyon, Madame. By Upham. 2 vols. . .12mo N. Y. 8 00 
Guizot. Memoirs of a Minister of State. 

London .... 8vo 14s, 
b. Hall, Rev. Robt. By Dr. Gregory 12mo.Lond. 1 75 

Hamilton, Alex. By J. C. Hamilton. 1-840. 

2 vols 8vo N. Y. 

• — By Renwick 18mo N. Y. 75 

Rev. J. * By Arnot <> 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Sir Wm. By Veitch 8vo Edinb. 

: Life and Remains, 2 vols. 

London 12mo 10s. 

b. Hampden and his Times. By Lord ]^«^ugent.l2mo Lond. 2 25 

Handel (musician). Bv Schoelcher. 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

a. Hannibal. By Arnold (?) Bv J. Abbott.. .16mo N. Y. 120 

Harrison, Prest., W. H. 1840 18mo N. Y. 

Hastings, Warren. By Gleig. 3 vols. Lon. 8vo 30s. 

By Macauiay. [See Ms Essays.'] 

Hatton, Sir Christ. By H. Nicolas. Lond. 8vo 15s. 
a. Havelock, Gen. Bv Brock . . .18mo N. Y. 75 

By ileadley 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Haydon, R. B. (artist.) Autobiography. 

1853. 2 vols. . . . 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Hazlitt,Wm. (Essayist.) By his son. 2vols. 8vo Lond. C 00 

Literary Remains, 2 vols. Lon. 8vo 13s. 6d. 

Heber, Bishop. Bv'his widow. 1830. ^vols. 4to Lond. 

a. Henrv, Patrick. 'By Wirt 8vo Phila. 1 50 

Henry V. of England. By Towle 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

b. Henry IV. of France. By James. 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 


b. Henrj IV, Memoirs. By Sully , 4 vols . . 12mo Lond. $7 00 
Hill, Rowland. By Jones Lond 12mo 4s. 

b. HoodjTlios. Memorials. By his son, 2 vols.l2mo Bost. 3 00 
Hook, Theo, By Barliam, 2 vols. Lond. 8vo 21s. 
Howard, J. (Philanthropist.) By W. H. 

Dixon. Lond 16mo 2s. 6d. 

Holbein, Hans (Painter). By Wornum. 

nius. R. 8vo Lond. 9 00 

Hughes, Archb. of N. Y. By Hassard 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Hugo, Victor. By his son 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

6. Humboldt, Baron Alex. By Stoddard . . . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

A. & W. By Klincke & Schlesier.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

Hume, David. Autobiography. Lond. . .ISmo 3s. 6d. 

b. Hunt, Leigh. Autobiography, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

16mo Phila. 1 25 

Huntington, Lady. Life and Times, 2 vols. 

Loud Svo 14s. 

b. Hutchinson, Col. By his wife 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Huss, John. By E. H. Gillett, 2 vols Svo Bost. 7 00 

Inchbald, Mrs. (Dramatist.) Mem. & Corr., 

2 vols. Lond. . . . Svo 28s. 
Irving, Washington, By his nephew, 4 vols.l2mo N. Y. 9 00 

a. Condensed, 3 vols., $3.75 ; 3 vols.l2mo 6 75 

b. Irving, Edward, Rev. By Mrs. Olyphant, 

2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

Jackson, Andrew. By Cobbett 18mo N. Y, 75 

By Walker 12mo Phila, 1 75 

b. By Pai-ton, 3 vols 8vo N, Y, 9 00 

Jackson, " Stonewall." By J. E. Cooke. , , 8vo N, Y, 

By Dabnev Svo N, Y. 

Jay, John (Ch'f Justice). ' By W, Jay, 2 vols. Svo N. Y, 

By Hamilton and Renwick 18mo N. Y. 75 

Jefferson, Thos. Autobiog. 1830. 4 vols. Svo Bost. 

Life. By Randall, 3 vols. Svo Phila. 10 00 

Bv Tucker. 1853. 2 vols. Svo Phila. 

a. By Randolph Svo N. Y. 2 50 

Domestic Life, lllus Svo N. Y. 2 50 

Character of. By Dwight. Svo X. Y, 2 50 

Observations on. Bv Lee. 1833. 

Jeffrey, Lord (Critic). Bv Cocklniru.' 1853. 

2 vols. Svo Phila. ; 2 vols., Loud., 25s, 
Jerdan, W. Autobiography. 4 vols. Lond. 12mo 20s. 

Jerrold, Douglas. By W. B, Jerrold Svo Lond. 12 00 

Jewell, Bishoj). Bv Le Bas, Lond 12mo 6s. 

Joan of Arc. By Michelet ISmo N. Y, 1 00 

Johnson, Dr. By Boswell. 2 vols Svo X. Y. 4 00 

b. 4 vols 12mo Lond, 5 00 

a. Globe ed. 1 vol.l2mo Lond. 1 75 

Jones, John Paul. By Mackenzie. 2 vols.lSmo X. Y. 2 00 
Jones, Sir Wm. Bv Lord Teignmouth, 

2 vols. Lond 10s. 6d. 

a. Josephine (Empress). By Abbott ..16moN. Y. 120 


|1 25 

1 75 

2 25 

1 75 


1 50 

1 75 
4 00 

Josephine, Empress. ' By Headley 12mo N. Y. 

By Le Normand . . . 12mo Phila. 

b. Judson, Dr. A. By Dr. Way land 12mo N. Y. 

The Three Mrs. Judsons. By 

Hartley 12mo Phila. 

Jung-Stilling. Autobiography 8vo N. Y. 

Keats, the Poet. By Milnes 12mo N. Y. 

b. Kane, E. K. By Dr. Elder 8vo Phila. 

By Smucker 12ino Phila. 

Keble, J. By Sir J. T. Coleridge, 2 vols. .12mo N. Y. 

Knox, John. By McCrie 

Kossuth 12mo Bohn. 1 75 

La Fayette. Mem. and Corresp. 3 v. Lon. 8vo 42s. 

Lamb, Chas. By " Barry Cornwall.". .. .16mo Bost. 1 75 

a. Life and Works. By Tal- 

fourd, 2 vols.... N. Y. 3 00 

6. Landor, W. Savage. By Forster 8vo Bost. 3 50 

Larochejacquelin. Memoirs 18mo Lond. 

Latimer, Hugh Relig. Tract Soc. 

Laud, Archb. By Le Bas Lond.o. ^.12mo 6s. 

Law, John. By Thiers (?) 

b. Lawrence, Amos. Diary and Correspon. .12mo Bost. 1 75 

Las Casas, Apostle to Indies. By Helps . . 12mo Lond. 2 75 

Ledyard (the Traveller). By Sparks 12mo 

(In American Biography.) 

Lee, Gen. Chas ; Memoirs. 

Leibnitz. By Mackie 18mo Bost. 

a. Leo X. (Pope). By Roscoe, 2 v. 12mo $3.50. 8vo Lond. 

b. Leslie, Chas. R. (Artist). By his sister.. .12mo Bost. 
Lessing, G. E. ; Life and Works. By E. 

P. Evans, 2 vols 8vo Bost. 

Lincoln, Abm. By Raymond 8vo N. Y. 

b. By Arnold 8vo Chicag. 

Six Months at White House. By 

Carpenter 18mo N. Y. 

Livingston, EdAv. By C. H. Hunt 8vo N. Y. 

Livingston, Wm. By Sedgwick o.p. 8vo N. Y. 

Locke, John. By Lord King. 12mo Lond. 

Longueville, Mad. de. By Cousin 16mo N. Y. 

b. Louis XIV. By James 12mo Lond. 

By Miss Pardoe, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 

XVII. By Beauchesne, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 

Loyola and Jesuitism. By J. Taylor. Lon.l2mo 5s. 
Luther. By Bunsen 18mo N. Y. 

By Mrs. Lee. 1839 16mo Bost. 

b. By Michelet 12mo Lond. 

By Worsley, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 

Lyndhurst, Lord,& Brougham. By Camp- 
bell 8vo Lond. 

McClellan, Gen. By Geo. S. Hillard 12mo Phila. 

Madison, Jas. By W. G. Rives, 3 vols 8vo Bost. 

b. Mann, Horace. By Mrs. Mann Bvo Bost. 

6 00 
2 00 

5 00 
1 50 
3 00 

1 50 
4 00 

1 75 
1 25 
1 75 
4 00 
4 00 

1 00 

1 75 
6 00 

1 25 
LO 50 
3 00 

a 20 

1 75 

1 50 

1 75 

1 75 

5 25 

1 50 

1 75 


a. Marie Antoinette. By Abbott 16mo N. Y. 

By Madam Campan. . . 12mo Phila. 

Marion, Gen. By W. G. Simms 12mo N. Y. 

By Hartley 12mo Phila. 

Marlborough, Duke of. By Alison 12mo N. Y. 

By Coxe, 3 vols. . 12mo Lond. 

Duchess of. By Mrs. Thomp- 
son, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 

Mary, Queen of Scots. By Miss Benger, 2 v.l2mo Phila. 

a, By Bell. 2 vols 18mo N. Y, 

By Meline 8vo Lond. 

By Mignet, 2 vols. . 

London Svo 6s. 

— - By 

Mary de Medici. By Miss Pardoe. 

Mathew, Father. By McGuire 12mo N. Y. 

Matthias, the Impostor. ByW. L. Stone. '34.18mo N. Y. 
Mathews, Charles (Actor). By Mrs. 

Mathews, 4 vols 12mo Phila. 

By Yates 12mo Lond. 1 25 

a. Medici, Lorenzo de. By Roscoe 12mo Lond. 1 75 

— fine ed 8vo Lond. 3 50 

Marie de. By Miss Pardoe, 3 vols. 8 vo Lond. 

Mendelssohn (Composer). By Lampading.l2mo Lond. 1 75 
By Devrient. London. Svo 10s. 6d. 

— — ■■ By Polko 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Michel Angelo & Raphael. By Duppa, &c.l2mo Lond. 2 50 

(see Angelo). 

Millburn, Rev. W. H. ; Ten Years of 

Preacher's Life 12mo N. Y. 

Milton, John. By Ivimey. London 8vo 10s. 

By Keightley. London. . 8vo 10s. 6d. 

h. By Masson, 1 vol 8vo Bost. 3 50 

By Todd 8vo Lond. 3 00 

Mirabeau. By Dumont. London 8vo 10s. 6d. 

Memoirs. 1838, 4 vols 8vo Lond. 

h. Mitford, Mary ; Recollections of Lit. Life.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

Memoirs. By L'Estrange, 2v.l2mo N. Y. 3 50 

a. Miller, Hugh; My Schools and School Mast.l2mo Bost. 175 

Life. By 

Mohammed. By Geo. Bush 18mo N. Y. 75 

a. By Irving, 2 v. 16mo $2.50, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 4 50 

By Muir, 4 vols. London. . . . 8vo 42s. 

Monk, Gen. By Guizot 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Montrose, Marquis of. By Napier, 2 vols. 

London 8vo 36s. 

Montaigne. By St. John, 2 vols. London.l2mo 21s. 

More, Sir Thomas. By Roper 8vo Lond. 

More. Hannah. By Knight 12mo X. Y. 

6. Life and Corresp. 2 vols. . . 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

Moore, Thomas (Poet). By Russell, 1 vol. Svo Lond. 

Montgomery, James. By Holland, etc. 2 v. Lond. 


1 00 

2 75 

10 00 

5 00 

5 00 

1 50 

3 75 

25 00 

6 00 

4 00 

3 00 

5 00 

2 00 



1 50 

Montgomery, James. By Mrs. Knight 12mo Bost. $1 50 

Mowatt, Anna Cora ; Autobiography 12mo Bost. 

Mozart, Anna, By Ran 12mo N. Y. 

By Holmes 12mo N. Y. 

Munden (Actor) ; Memoirs 8vo Lond, 

Napier, Sir C. J. By his son, 4 vols. Lond, 48s. 

h. Napoleon I. By J. S, C. Abbott, 2 vols. . . Svo N. Y. 

at St. Helena. By Abbott. Hlus. Svo N. Y 

By Duchess d'Abrantes, 2 vols. Svo N. Y. 

a. By Lockhart, 2 vols ISmo N. Y. 

By Antomarchi, 2 vols . . Lond. Svo 16s. 

By Bourrienne, 4 vols. Edinb.lGmo 14s. 

By Hazlitt, 4 vols., Lond ; 3 v.l2mo Phila. 

By Jomini (Militarv), 4 vols Svo N. Y. 

&. By Sir Walter Scott, 5 v. Load. Svo 20s. 

&. at St. Helena. ByLasCasas. 4v.l2mo N. Y. 

Voice from St. Helena. By 

O'Meara, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 

Life, By Laurent del 'Ardeche . Svo N. Y. 

Napoleon IIL By J. S. C. Abbott Svo Hart.f. 

Neal, Jno. Autobiography 12mo N. Y, 

a. Nelson, Lord. By Southey ISmo N, Y. 

a. Newton, Sir Isaac. By Brewster ISmo N. Y. 

Niebuhr (Historian). By Chev. Bunsen.l2mo N. Y. 

Nollekens (Sculptor), By Smith, .o.j?. 2 v. Svo Lond. 

Northcote (Painter). By Hazlitt., do. Svo Lond. 

O'Connell, Daniel. By Daunt 2 vols. Svo Lond. 

Oglethorpe, Gen. By Rob. Wright 12mo Lond. 3 50 

Ossoli, Margaret Fuller, March, d'. By 

Emerson, 2 vols .... 12mo Bost. 

Otis, James. By Tudor. 1S23 Svo Bost. 

Opie, Amelia, By Bright well. Lond. . . .12mo 2s. 6d. 

Palissy, B. (" The Potter.") By Morlev. . . 12mo Lond. 2 25 

Palmerston, Lord. By Bulwer, 2 vols Svo L, & P. 5 00 

Bv McGilchrist ISmo N. Y. 50 

Paine, Thos. By G. Vail Svo N. Y. 

Parker, Theo. By Weiss, 2 vols Svo N. Y. 6 00 

Paulding, J. K. Bv his son 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Paul, St, By Renan 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

h. By Conybeare & Howison Svo N. Y. 3 00 

Pascal, Blaise. Convent Life at Port Royal,12mo N, Y. 
h. Pellico, Silvio, Imprisonments, By Sar- 
gent 12mo Bost. 175 

Penn, Wm. By W. H, Dixon 12mo Phila. 

By Macaulay (in his works). 

By Janney . , . , Svo Phila, 

a. Pepys, Sam'l. Diary and Correspondence. 12mo L. & N. 2 50 

Peel, Sir Robt. Life and Times. By Tay- 
lor, 4 vols. Lond. . , . 42s. 

Perceval, J. G. (Poet.) By Ward, 2 vols. ..12mo Bost. 3 00 

Perry, Commodore. Bv Mackenzie, 2 vols.lSmo N, Y. 1 50 

Perthes, Fred'k. By C.*F. Perthes. Edinb.l2mo 6s, 


a. Peter the Great. By Barrow 18mo N. Y. $ 75 

— By Voltaire. Lond 13mo 6s. 

Petrarch. By Thos. Campbell. Lond 8vo 16s. 

Petigru, J. L., Life of. By W. J. Grayson.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
Pfeiffer, Ida. Autobiography and Travels.l2mo N. Y. 150 

Phillidor (Chess Player). By Allen 8vo Phila. 

Philip n. (of Spain.) By Chas. Gayarre. Bvo N. Y. 3 00 

&. Philip IL (of Spain). By Prescott, 3 vols. Bvo Phila. 7 50 

in. Bv Watson. Lond. 8vo 8s. 

Pickering, Timothy. By 1 vol. 8vo Bost. 3 50 

Pierce, F. (Prest.). By Hawthorne 12mo Bost. 75 

Pinckney, Wm. By Wheaton (Sparks, 

American Biography) 

Pitt, Wm. By Macaulay 18mo N. Y. 1 00 

By Earl Stanhope, 4 v. Lond. Bvo 42s. 

Pizarro. By Arthur Helps Bvo L. & P. 2 75 

Pocahontas.' By Rev. E. D. Neill 12mo Alb. 1 00 

Porson, Rich'd. By Watson 8vo Lond. 3 75 

Prentiss, S. S. By G. L. Prentiss, 2 vols..l2mo N. Y. 3 50 

6. Prescott, Wra.H. (Historian). ByTicknor.l2mo Bost. 2 00 
Pugin, A. W. & A. M. ; Recollections. By 

Ferry. London. . . . Bvo 7s. 6d. 
Pulzskv, Theresa. By herself, 2 vols. Lond.l2mo 12s. 
Potter,*A. (Bp. of Pa.). By Rev. Dr. Howe. Bvo Phila. 3 00 

&. Quincy, Josiah. By Edmund Quincey. . . . Bvo Bost. 3 00 

Quitman, Gen. By Claiborne, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

Raikes, T. ; Journal, 2 vols. London Bvo 12s. 

Raleigh, Sir Walter. By Edwards, 2 vols. Bvo Lond. 9 00 

By Kingaley 12mo Bost. 1 75 

By St. John, 2 vols. 

London. . . .16mo 10s. 6d. 

By Mrs. Thompson. 

London 12mo 23. 6d. 

Randolph, John. By Garland, 2 vols Bvo N. Y. 3 00 

Raphael & Michel Angelo. By Duppa 12mo Lond. 2 50 

Red Jacket (Indian Chief). By W. L. Stone. Bvo Alb'y. 5 00 

h. Recamier, Madame. By Luyster 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Reed, Joseph, Gen. (Sparks' Amer. Biog.) 
Rembrandt. By John Burnet. Lond . . . 4to 12s. 

Retz, Cardinal de. Memoirs, 4 vols 12mo Lond. 

Reynolds, Sir Joshua. By Leslie Bvo Lond. 

By Northcote, 2 v. Lond. Bvo 21s. 

Richelieu, Cardinal. By Robsou. Lond. . 12mo 5s. 
Richter, Jean Paul. By himself. Lond. .12mo 7s. 6d. 

By Lee 12mo Bost. 

Riedesel, Baroness. By W. L. Stone Bvo Alb'y. 3 00 

Ritter, Carl. By W. L. Gage 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

6. Robertson, F. W. Life and Letters 12mo Bost. 2 00 

12mo X. Y. 1 50 

Robespierre. By Lewes Lond 12mo Os. 

h. Robinson, H. Crabbe. Diary, 2 vols 12mo Bost. 4 00 

Rogers, Samuel (Poet). Recollections 12mo N. Y. 150 


Roland, Madame. By Abbott 16mo N. Y. $1 20 

By Mrs. Child 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Romilly, Sir J. Autobiograpliy, 3 v. Lon.l2mo 12s. 

Rossini (Composer). By Edwards 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Rosseau. Confessions. Abridged. Lond.l2mo 2s. 3d. 

Rosseau. Confessions. Illustrated 12mo Lond. 3 00 

Rubens, Peter Paul. By Waagen. Lond.l2mo 6s. 
Russell, Lord Wm. By Earl Russell. Lond.l2mo 5s. 

Salvator Rosa. By Lady Morgan 8vo Lond. 1 25 

Savanorola. Life and Times. 1843. Lond.l2mo 6s. 6d. 
Scliaeflfer, Ary. By Mrs. Grote. Lond. . . Svo 8s. 6d. 
Schiller. By Carlyle. 16mo . Lond., 90cts.l2mo Bost. 
Schimmelpenick, Mrs. Life and Letters. 

London 12mo 10s. 6d. 

Schleirmacker. Reminiscences, 2 vols . 12mo Edinb. 21s. 
Scott, Sir Walter. By Chambers, 2 vols. Svo 21s. 

By Gilfillan 12mo Lond. 1 25 

By Lockhart, 9 vols. .12mo Bost. 11 25 

By McLeod 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

By Mackenzie 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Scott, Gen. Winfield. Autobiography, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 4 00 

By Headley 12mo N. Y. 100 

By Mansfield 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Schuyler, Gen. Philip. By Lossing 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Seaton, W. W. By his Daughter 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Seward, W. H. By G. E. Baker 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Sedgewick, Miss C. M. By Mary E. Dewey.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 
Shakespeare. By Chas. Knight 8vo Lond. 

By Grant White 8vo Bost. 2 50 

and his times. By Guizot . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Shaftesbury, Earl of . By Martin, 2 v. Lond. 8vo 28s. 

Shelley ; Memorials of. London 12mo 5s. 

Life and Works. By Rosetti... .12mo Lond. 1 75 

Sheridan, R. Brinsley. By Moore, 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 
Siddons, Mrs. By Tlios. Campbell. • 1834.12mo N. Y. 
Sidney, Sir Philip ; Life and times 12mo Bost. 

H. F. Bourne 8vo Lond. 3 50 

Algernon. By VanSantvoord 12mo N, Y. 1 00 

Silliman, Benj. Bv Geo. P. Fisher, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 5 00 
Smith, Capt. John. " By G. S. Hillard. . . 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

By Simms 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Sidney. By Lady Holland, 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 

Sol. ; Thirty Years' Theatricals. . . 8vo N. Y. 

Sobieski, J. By Palmer. 

Socrates. By Grote 18mo N. Y. 1 00 

Southey, Robt. ; and Correspondence 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Spring, Gardiner; Personal Reminis., 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 4 00 

St. Augustine. By Bailey 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

St. Paul; Continuous History. By Tait. .12mo Lond. 3 00 
St. Simon, Duke de. Memoirs, 4 v. Lond.l2mo 42s, 

Sterling, John. By Carlyle 16mo Lond. 90 

Stephenson George. By Smiles. 12mo Bost. 1 50 


Story, Judge. By W. W. Story, 2 vols... . 8vo Bost. $5 00 

Steuben, Baron. By Fredk. Kapp 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

(Sparks' American Biography), 

Stirling, Lord. By Duer 8vo N. Y. 

Swetchine," Madame. Bv Falloux 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Swedenborg, E. By White 8vo L. & P. 5 00 

12moPhila. 150 

Swift, Jona. By Scott (see his Works). 

Talleyrand. By McHarg. 1857 12mo N. Y 

Tasso. By Millman, 2 vols. London 12mo 12s. 

Tappan, Arthur. By L. Tappan 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Telford, Thos. (Engineer). By Smiles .... 12mo L. & P. 3 00 

Thackeray, Wm. M. By Yates 8vo N. Y. 

— By Theo. Taylor... 12moN. Y. 100 

Titian. By Northcote, 2 vols. London . . Svo 21s. 
Tocqueville, A de. By Beaumont, 2 vols.l2mo Bost. 3 00 
Toussaint I'Ouverture. By Redpath. 12mo Bost. 

Thorwaldsen. By J. N. Tliiele 12mo N. Y. 

Trenck, Baron. London 12mo 6s. 

Trumbull, John ; Reminiscences 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Jona. By Stuart 8vo Bost. 

Turner, J. W. M. By W. Thornbury, 2 v. 

London 8vo 30s. 

Velasquez. By Sterling. London 12mo 5s. 

Vespuccius, Americus. By Sartorius. . . .16mo Bost. 
Vidocq ; Memoirs. By himself, 4 vols. .16mo Lond. 

Vittoria Colonna. By Roscoe 12mo Lond. 3 00 

Voltaire. By Bungener. Edinburgh 12mo 5s, 

Warren, Gen. Jos. ; Life and Times. By 

Frothingham Svo Bost. 3 50 

Walpole, Horace. By Coxe, 2 v. Lond. 8vo 25s. 
Ware J. By H. Ware, Jr. 

Washington, Geo. By Irving, 5 vols 12mo N. Y. 11 25 

5 V. $6.25, 1 V. r. Svo N. Y. 5 00 

Condensed, 1 vol.1 2mo N. Y. 2 50 

By Everett 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

By Guizot. 1S40 16mo Bost. 

BvMarshall, 3 vols.. Svo Phila. 

By Paulding, 2 vols.-lSmo N. Y. 1 50 

and Writings. By 

Sparks, 12 vols. Svo Bost. 24 00 
Wayland, Dr. F. Life and Labors. By 

his sons, 2 vols. N. Y. 

Watt. Jas. By Muirhead 12mo N. Y. 

Svo Lond. 

Webster, Daniel. By G. T. Curtis, 2 vols. Svo N. Y. 

By his son, 2 vols Svo Bost. 

Bv Lanman 12mo N. Y. 

By C. W. Marsh 12mo N. Y. 

Wedgewood, " the Potter." By Meteyard, 

2 vols Svo Lond. 

By Jewett. . . Svo Lond. 

4 00 

2 00 

3 00 

10 00 

7 50 

1 25 

1 60 

12 00 

8 00 


Wellington, Duke of. By Brialmont & 

Gleig. Lend 8vo 15s. 

By Maxwell, 3 vols. Lon. 8vo 27s. 

By Stocqueler, 2 v. Lon. 8vo 12s. 

a. Wesley, Chas. By Southey, 2 vols 12mo N. T. $2 50 

By Janes 12mo N. Y. 150 

By Wakeley 12nio N. T. 1 25 

By Watson 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

By Jackson Svo N. Y. 2 70 

Whately, Archb. By Miss Whately, 2 v.Lon. 15s. 

Life and Correspond. . Svo Lond. 3 75 

Whitefield, Rev. Geo. By Gillies. Lon. Svo 7s. 

By Gledstone Svo Lond. 

By Harsha 

a. Wiclif. By Le Bas ISmo N. Y. 75 

Wilberforce, Wm. By his sons, 5 v. Lon. Svo 21s. 

abridged. ISmo N. Y. 75 

Wilkie, Sir David. By Cunningham, 3 v. Svo Lond. 7 50 
Williams, Roger. By Prof. Gammell. . . .12mo Bost. 125 
Wilson, Alex. (Sparks' Amer. Biography.) 

&. Wirt, Wm. By John P. Kennedy, 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 4 00 
Wordsworth, Wm. By Rev. C. Words- 
worth, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Worcester, Marquis of. By H. Dircks. . . Svo Lond. 4 50 
Wraxall, Sir Nath. Memoirs of his own 

Times . . . .o. p. Svo Phila. 
Xavier, F., (" Apostle to the Indies,") By 

H. Venn. Lond Svo 7s. 

Ximenes, Cardinal. By B. Barrett. Lond. Svo 9s. 

Birds. — {^See Cage Birds : Ornitliology.'] 

Bokhara and the Indus. By A. Burnes. Lon. Svo ISs. 

Book Binding. 

a. Art of Book Binding. By J. B. Xicholson. 12mo Phila. 2 25 
Art of Book Binding. By J. Hannett. Lon.l2mo 6s. 
Ornamental Book Binding. By Jos. Cun- 

dall. Lond. . . . 4to 15s. 
Book Keeping. 

Bryant & Stratton. Counting-house Book 

Keeping. ... Svo N. Y. 3 75 

Crittenden, S.W\ Induct. & Practical Svo Phila. 2 75 

Duff, P. Book Keeping Svo N. Y. 3 75 

Marsh, C. C. Theory and Practice of Book 

Keeping Svo N. Y. 6 00 

Jones. Practical Book Keeping Svo N. Y. 2 50 


Brooke. Rajah: Narrative of Events in 

Borneo, 2 vols. Lond. . . . 32s. 

Ten Years in Sarawak, 2 vols. .12mo Lond. 

a. Keppel. Expedition to Borneo. 1S46. . .12mo N. Y. 100 



Chapman. Flora of Southern U. S. Illus. 8vo N. Y. 
b. Figuier. The Vegetable World. Illus. . 8vo Lond. 
a. Gray, Prof. Asa. Botanical Text Book . . . 8vo N. Y. 
a. First Lessons in Botany 12mo N. Y. 

Genera of Plants of North 

America, 2 vols., o. p. Svo N. Y. 
a, How Plants Grow 13mo N. Y. 

a. — Man'l of Botany of N. States . Svo N. Y. 

with Mosses, etc. Svo N. Y. 

b. Structural and Syst. Botany . Svo N. Y. 

Grindon, L. H. Phenomena of Plant Life. 12mo Bost. 
Karr, Alph. Tour round my Garden. . . . Svo Lond. 

b. Lindley, Prof. J. Vegetable Kingdom .. . Svo Lon. 36s 
& Moore. Treasury of Botany,2 v.lSmo N. Y. 

b. Loudon. Enclyclo. of Plants. Lond.... Svo. 73s. 6d. 

Cyclo. of Shrubs and Trees, thick Svo Lond. 

Mrs., Gardening for Ladies 12mo N. Y. 

b. Maunder. Treasury of Botany ISmo N. Y. 

b. Michaux & Nuttall. N. Amer. Sylva, 6 v. r. Svo Phila. 

Rliind. Hist, of the Vegetable Kingdom . Svo Lond. 
a. Younian, Miss. First Book of Botany. . .12mo N. Y. 

Brazil — and the Amazon. 
a. Agassiz, Prof. & Mrs. Journey in Brazil . Svo Bost. 
Bates. 11 Years of a Naturalist on Amaz. Svo Lond. 
Burton, Capt. Explor. of the Highlands 

of Brazil, 2 vols .... Svo Loud. 
Codman, J. Ten Months in Brazil, Lond.l2mo 5s. 
6. Ewbank. Brazil. Illustrated Svo N. Y. 

a. Fletcher & Kidder. Hist, of Brazil Svo Bost. 

Gardner. Travels in Interior of Brazil.. . Svo Lond. 

b. Hartt, C. F, Geology and Phys. Geog. of 

Brazil Svo Bost. 

Herndon & Gibbon. Exploration of the 

Amazon, 3 vols. . . . Svo Wash. 

Orton. The Andes and the Amazon Svo N. Y. 

Southey. Hist, of Brazil. 1810. 3 v. Lon. 4to 155s. 
Wallace, A. R. The Amazon and Rio 

Negro. 1870. Lond. Svo 12s. 

British America. — [See Canada, J^ova Scotia, British 
Waddington, A. Overland Route through 

British America. Lond. Svo Is. 

British Columbia. 

Leonard. Travels in Brit. Columbia. Lon. Svo 14s. 
Macfie. Vancouver's Island and British 

Columbia, 1865.... Svo Lond. 
Rattray. Vancouver's Island and British 

Columbia. Lond Svo 62s. 

$3 60 
4 50 
3 50 
1 30 

1 12 

2 25 

3 75 
3 50 

1 00 

2 50 

7 00 

15 00 
2 00 
4 00 

75 00 
4 50 
1 00 

5 00 

6 00 

15 00 

3 00 

4 50 
3 75 

5 00 

2 50 
2 00 



Burney, Admiral. Hist, of the Buccaneers. 4to Lond. 
Tliornbury. Monarchs of the Main. Lon. 8vo 5s. 


Hardy, R. S. ; Legends and Theories of 

Buddhists 16mo Lond. 

Modern Buddhist. By a Siamese. Lond.l2mo 3s. 6d. 
Schlagintweit, Evan. Buddhism in Thibet. Svo Leips. 
Upham. History and Doctrines of Budd- 
hism. London. . . . Svo 21s. 

Buenos Ayres. 

Hutchenson. Buenos Ayres, etc. 1865... Svo Lond. ♦ 
Random Sketches of Buenos Ayres, 1865. Svo Lond. 


Crawford. Embassy to Court of Ava. '34. 

2 vols. London Svo 32s. 

Cox. Residence in Burmah. 

Gouger, H. Two Years' Imprisonment in 

Burmah. London 12mo 13s. 

Palmer, J. W. Up and down the Irawaddy.l2mo N. Y. 
Symes, Maj. Embassy to Ava. 1827. 2 v. Svo Lond. 

Business. — Morals of — Principles, etc. 

Chalmers, Thos. Christianity ap. to Com.l2mo N. Y. 

Dewey, Orville. Morals of Trade .12mo N. Y. 

a. Freedley. Treatise on Business 12mo Phila. $1 25 

Hillard, Geo. S. Dangers and Duties of 

Mercantile Pursuits 12mo Bost. 25 

h. Medberry, J. R, Men and Manners of 

Wall Street . . . 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Business. — Manuals of — Commercial Statistics, etc. 

a. Anderson. Prac. Merc. Letter Writer.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 
Colwell, J. Ways and Means of Payment ; 

Credit, etc Svo Phila. 5 00 

Commercial Code of France. 

De Veitelle. Mercantile Dictionary 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Francis. History of the Stock Exchange. Svo N. Y. 

History of the Bank of England. Svo N. Y. 3 00 

6. Homans. Cyclo. of Commerce Svo N. Y. 7 50 

&. McCulloch, J. R. Dicty. of Commerce. 

New Edition Svo Loud. 25 00 

Treatise on Commerce. 

1838. London Svo Is. Sd, 

Simmonds. Commercial Dictionary 12mo L. & N. 2 00 

Oabul. — l^See Affghanistan.] 
Cage Birds. 

American Bird Fancier (Saxton)., ISmo N. Y. 


Avis. The Canary 16mo N. Y. $ 50 

b. Beckstein. Nat'l History of Cage" Birds.l2mo Lond. 2 50 

(Colored, |3.75.) 

Annals of San Francisco. By Soulege 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

a. Brace, C. L. The New West : California 

in 1869.... 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Capron. History of California 12mo Bost. 1 00 

Colton, W. 3 Years in California. 1850.12mo N. Y. 150 
Farnham, T. J. Early Days of California. 12mo Phil. 175 
Forbes, Alex. History of California. 1839. 

London 8vo 14s. 

Qreenhow, Kobt. History of Oregon and 

California. 1848 8vo Bost. 2 50 

a. Hittett. Resources of California. 1867. .12mo San F. 150 
a. Taylor, Bavard. Eldorado : Mexico and 

California. 1849-59. . . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Wood, D. B. Gold Diggings of California.l2mo N. Y. 1 00 
Geology of ; Publicat. of Geol. Survey, 7 vols., r. 8vo Bost. 

Calisthenics. — [See Gymnastics.] 

Cliesshyre. Canada in 1864. Lond 12mo 2s. 6d. 

Copplestone, Mrs. Canada ; Whv we live 

there. Lond 8vo 2s. 6d. 

Head, F. B. Forest Scenes in Canada 

Emigrant in Canada. Lond. 8vo 2s. 6d. 

Hogau. Prize Essay on Canada. Mont.. 8vo 5s. 
King. Sportsman and Naturalist in Can . 8vo Lond. 

Kohl, J. G. Travels in Canada 8vo Lond. 2 50 

h. McMuUen, J. History of Canada to 1867. 8vo L. & P. 3 50 
Moodie, Mrs. Roughing it in the Bush. .12mo X. Y. 1 25 

Life in the Clearings. 1853. Lou.l2mo 10s. 6d. 

Morris, A. Canada and her Resources. ■* 

1855 8vo Montr. 

a. Murray. Hist. Acc't of Brit. America, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
Patterson, W. J. Home and Foreign Trade 

of Canada. Montreal. . . , 8vo 7s. 

a. Thoreau./ A Yankee in Canada 12mo Bost. 2 00 

a. Warburton, E. Conquest of Canada, 2 v. 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Capital Punishment. 
a. Bovee, M. H. Christ and the Gallows. .12mo X. Y. 

Cheever, Geo. B. Defence of Cap. Punish.l2mo N. Y. ' 5Q 
Lewis, Tayler. Penalty of Death 12mo X. Y. 

Cape Colony. — [See Africa — Sout/i.] 
Carbonari.- -[See Secret Societies.] 
Cards, Playing. 

Chatto. History of Playing-Cards. Lon. Svo 21s. 

Taylor. History of Playing-Cards 16mo Lond. 



Gilray. Caricatures, Political, lilf . moroc.folio Lond. $60 00 

Leech, Sketclies of Life and Character, 3 v.f olio Lond. 30 00 

Malcolm. History of Caricaturing 

Napoleon IIL ; Story of, as told by Popular 

Caricatures of 25 years.... 8vo Lond. 3 50 

Punch, London. 30 vols Lond. 4to 210s. 

Tenniel. Cartoons from Punch 4to Lond. 10 50 

Wrig-ht. Caricature Hist, of the Georges.l2mo Lond. 3 50 


Davis, Carthage and its Remains 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Cattle. — [See Domestic Animals.] 
Caucasus. — {See Circassia.] 

Haxthausen. Trans-Caucasia, 1854. Lond. 8vo 18s. 

Tribes of the Caucasus. Ln.l2mo 5s. 

a, Kennan, Geo. Georgia and the Caucasus.l2mo N. Y. 

Spencer. Travels in Western Caucasus. . 

2 vols. London .... 8 vo 28s. 
a. Lea, H. C. History of Sacerdotal Celibacy. 8vo Phila. 3 75 

Baker, S. W. Eight years in Ceylon. Lon, 8vo 15s. 

Forbes. Eleven years in Ceylon, 2 v, Lon. 8vo 21s, 

Hoflfmeister, Travels in Ceylon, Edinb.l2mo 10s. 

Pridham. Hist, of Ceylon, 1849. 2 v. Lon. 8vo 28s. 

Rifle and Hound in Ceylon. 1869 12mo Phila. 

Tennent,J.E. History of Ceylon, 2 v. Lon. 8vo 50s. 


Camman and Camp. Charities of N.Y.'G8. 8vo N. Y. 
a. Church, P. Philoso. of Benevolence, .. .12moN. Y. 1 25 

De Liefde. Charities of Europe. 1865. 2v.l2mo Lond. 

Howson. Deaconesses 16mo Lond. 

Jameson, Mrs. Sisters of Charity 12mo Bost. 

Jerrold, W. B. Signals of Distress. Lond.l2mo 7s. 6d. 

Kirkland, Mrs. The Helping Hand 12mo N. Y. 

a. Low, Charities of London, Lond 16mo 3s, 6d, 

Mayhew, Lond, Labor and Lond. Poor, 3 v, 8vo Lond. 7 50 

Sieveking. Principles of Charitable Work. 

London 12mo 4s, 

Stephens, Miss. Service' of the Poor, Sis- 
terhoods, etc. . . .12mo Lond. 2 25 

Stollard, J. H. London Pauperism. Lon, 8vo 12s, 

Chemistry. — General Works, 

Day, Chem. in its Rela, to Physiology, etc. 8vo Lond. 3 75 
Elliot & Storer, Manual of Inorganic Ch, 8vo N, Y, 2 75 
Fownes, Manual of Chemistrv. Lond,, .12m6 12s. 6d. 
Gmelin. Hand Bk. of Chem., 15 v. Lond. 8vo £818s.Gd. 


Graliara. Elements of Cliemistry, 2 vols, 8vo Lond. $10 00 

Hoffman. Introduction to Chemistry. 

Miller. Chemical Physics 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Organ, and Inorgan.Chem., 2 vols. 8vo N. Y. 16 00 

6. Muspratt,S. Cliemistry; Theoretical, Prac- 
tical and Analytical, 2 vols r. Bvo Lond. 20 00 

Normandy. Cheni. Atlas and Die. Lond. 4to 28s. 
Pynchon. The Chemical Forces, Heat, etc.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 

Stockhart. Agricultural Chemistry 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Principles of Chemistry 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Stocquard. Manual of Chemistry 12mo Phila. 2 75 

Silliman. Chemistry 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Topham. Chem. Made Easy, for Farmers . Lond. 12mo, 2s. 
h. Watt. Dictionary of Chemistry, 5 vols. . . Bvo Lond. 65 00 

a. Wells. Principles of Chemistry 12mo N. Y. 1 60 

a. Youmans. Class Book of Chemistrv 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Chart of Chemistry, on roller. N. Y. 8 00 

Correlation of Forces 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

%* Many School Text Books, not included in this list. 

Chemistry. — Analysis. 

Apjohn. Manual of Metalloids 

Bloxam. Laboratory Teaching. Lond . . . 8vo 5s. 6d. 
Bolley & Paul. Manual of Technical 

Analysis. London. .. .12mo 5s. 
a. Fresenius. Qualitative Anal, (by Johnson). 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

a. Quantitative Bvo N. Y. 6 00 

Noad. Qual. and Quantitative Analysis. . Bvo N. Y. 6 00 
Perkins. Qualitative Chemical Analysis. 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Chemistry* — Applied. 

Farraday, Lect. on Forces of Matter. Lon.l6mo 3s. 6d. 

a. Chemistry of a Candle 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Hassall. Food and its Adulterations. 

Sanitary Report. 1857. Lon. 28s. 
a. Johnston. Chemistry of Common Life, 2 v.l2mo N. Y, 3 00 
a. Mace. History of a Mouthful of Bread. .12mo N. Y. 175 
Muspratt. Chemistry applied to Manu- 
factures, 2 vols r. Bvo Lond. 20 00 

Shaw. Chemistry of Pottery. 1837 r. Bvo Lond. 

a. Youmans. Household Science. 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Chequers. —[See Draughts.'] . 

a. Agnell. Book of Chess ; a complete Guide. 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

American Chess Player's Hand Book 

Hazeltine. Brevity & Brilliancy in Chess . 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Healy. Collection of Chess Problems 12mo 2 00 

Jaenirich, C. F. Chess Preceinor Bvo Lond. 3 00 

Kenny. Manual of Chess for Beginners. 18mo N. Y. 50 
Loweuthal. Morphy's Games of Chess. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Morphy. Exploits and Triumphs in Eu- 
rope in Chess 12mo X. Y. 1 25 


a. Staunton. Chess Player's Hand Book ... 12mo Bohn. $250 
Chess Player's Companion 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Chess Praxis 12mo Bohn. 3 00 

Chessplayer's Tournament. .12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Children's Health. — {See Maternity i] 

Gardiner. Chili Indians. 1841. Lond. .12mo 6s. 

Hunter, D. J. Chili. 1866 8vo N. Y. 

Molini. History of Chili 12mo N. Y. 

Strain, J. G. Journey in Chili, etc. 1853.12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Smith, E. R. Auracanians : Travels in Chili. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

China — History, etc. 

China and Japan, Treaty Ports, Guide to. 8vo Lond, 
h. Confucius and the Chinese Classics. By 

Rev. A. W. Loomis.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 
a. Davis, J. F. History of China, 2 vols 18mo N. Y. 1 50 

China during and after the War, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 

h. Doolittle, Rev. J. Social Customs of the 

Chinese, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 5 00 

Fortune. Tea Countries of China 8vo Lond. 

Gutzlaflf, Chinese History, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 

China Opened, 2 vols Lond., 24s. 

Martin, R. M. China, Political, etc., 2 v. Lon. 8vo 14s. 
Medhurst. The Interior of China. Lond. 8vo 5s. 6d. 
Olyphant. Mission of Lord Elgin to China. 

2 vols. Lond 8vo 21s, 

Thornton. Plistory of China, Lond. ... 8vo 16s. 
a. Williams, S. W. The Middle Kingdom ; 

History, etc., 2 vols. . . .12mo 4 00 

Williamson, Rev. A. Journeys in North 

Cliina, 2 vols. Lond 8vo 21s. 

China — Travels in. 

Con well. Why the Chinese Emigrate. . .12mo Bost. 1 50 
Downing. Stranger in China, 3 v, Lond. 8vo 21s. 
Elgin, Lord. Mission to China & Japan, 2 v. 8vo Lond. 
Forbes. Five Years in China. Lond. . . . 8vo 15s. 

a. Hue. Journej^ through the Chinese Em- 

pire, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 4 00 

Loch. Personal Narrative 

Macaulay. Kathay. 1854 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Nevins. China and the Chinese 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Olyphant, Lawrence. China and Japan. . 8vo N. Y. 3 50 
Rennie. Pekin and the Pekinses, 2 vols. Lond. 

a. Smith, Rev. G. The Consular Cities of Ch.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
Williams, Mrs. Year in China 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Chinese Rebellionj etc. 

Gallery & Yvan. Insurrection in China.'. 12mo N. Y. 75 
Meadows. ■ The Chinese and their Rebel- 
lion. Lond Svo 18s. 


h. Tai Ping. The Chinese Rebellion. Illus. 

2 vols r. 8vo Lond. $8 00 

Webster, G. J. War with China in 1860. 8vo Lond. 


Addison. History of Knights Templars. . 8vo Lond. 2 50 

a. Bulfinch. The Age of Chivalry 12mo Bost. 3 00 

a. James, G. P. R. Chivalry and the Crusades.lSmo N, Y. 75 

h. Mill. History of Chivalry, scarce, 2 vols. 8vo Lond, 
Vance. Romantic Episodes of Chivalric 

and Mediaeval France 12mo Lond. 


a. Abbott, Lyman. Life of Christ. Hlus... 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Andrews, S. J. Life of our Lord 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

a. Beecher, H. W. Life of Christ 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Bushnell. Horace. Character of Jesus. . .12mo N. Y. 1 00 

b. Crosby, Howard. Life of Jesus 8vo N. Y. 

Ecce Deus Homo. The Work and King- 
dom of Christ 12mo Phil. 1 50 

Ellicott, C. J. Life of our Lord, Historical . 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Fleetwood, Rev. J. Life of Christ 12mo Phil. 1 75 

Hanna. Our Lord's Life on Earth, 6 v. in 3 . 12mo N. Y. 4 50 

Liddon. The Divinity of our Lord 12mo Lond. 2 50 

Neander. Life of Christ 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

a. Parker, Jos. Ecce Deus: the Life and 

Doctrine of Christ. . . .18mo Bost. 1 50 
Pressense. Jesus Christ: His Life and 

Work. Lond 12mo 5s. 

Renan. Life of Jesus 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Seeley, Prof. Ecce Homo 18mo Bost. 1 50 

Strauss. New Life of Jesus, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 

Schaff, Ph. The Person of Christ— Reply 

to Renan, etc 12mo N. 1. 1 25 

Schleiermacher. Lectures on Life of Christ. 8vo 
Schenkel. Character of Jesus Portrayed. 

Trans, by Furness, 2 vols. 8vo Bost. 4 50 
Townsend, Rev. L. T. The Divine Man. Lond. 

Ulhorn. Mod. Represent, of Life of Jesus. l6mo Bost. 100 

Christianity. — [^See also Church Histori/, Devotion, Evi- 
dences of Christianity, Natural Theology, 
Science and Religion.'] 

Cocker. Christianity & Greek Philosophy. 8vo Lond. 2 75 

Coleman, L. Ancient Christi. Exemplified. 8vo Phila. 2 50 
Dollinger, Prof . First Age of Cliristianity 

and the Church. . .'. 8vo Lond. 6 25 

Elliot. History of Early Christians 8vo Lond. 4 25 

Farrar. Crit. History of Free Thought 

in reference to Christianity. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 
Fisher, G. P. Supernatural Origin of 

Christ ianitv . . . 8vo X. Y. 3 00 


$1 25 
1 00 
1 50 

1 75 

2 00 

1 50 

2 00 

1 75 

1 75 

2 00 

5 00 
2 50 

, 9 00 
5 00 

3 50 
2 00 
8 00 

Grayson, True Theory of Christianity.lOmo N. Y. 

James. Cliristianity, the Logic of Creation. 12mo 

Keith. Demonstration of Truth of Christ.l2mo N. Y. 

McCosh, Lectures on Christianity and 

Positivism 8vo N. Y. 

Marcy, E. E. Christi. and its Conflicts . . . 12mo N. Y. 

Miall. Memorials of Early Christianity.12mo Bost. 
a. Millman. Hist, of Christianity. [/Seejp. 55.] Svo N. Y. 
a. Pressense. Early Christi. : Apostolic Era . 12mo N. Y. 

The Apostles and 

Martyrs 12mo N. Y. 

Thompson, J. P. Theology of Christ 12mo N. Y. 


Blair. Chronological Tables 12mo Bohn 

Haines, S. Synchronology Svo Bost. 

&. Haydn. Dictionary of Dates with Ameri- 
can Supplement . . . Svo L. & N, 

Condensed Svo N. Y, 

Nicolas, Sir H. Chronology of History. . . 16mo Lond. 

a. Putnam. The World's Progress, a Dic- 
tionary of Dates 12mo N. Y. 

Tegg. Dictionary of Chronology 12mo Lond. 

Townsend. Manual of Dates Svo Lond. 

Church History. — \^8ee also Christianity, Missions, Monastic 
Orders, Reformation, Romanism.'] 
a. Aubigne, J. H. Merle d'. History of the Reformation 

in the 16th Century. Hlus .... 4to N. Y. 10 00 

The same, cheap edition.... Svo Phila. 6 00 

5 vols....l2moN. Y. 6 00 
Bede. Ecclesiastical History. Trans. .. ,12mo Bohn. 2 50 
Bingham. Antiquities of the Christian 

Church, 2 vols r. Svo Lond. 11 00 

Blunt. The Reformation of the Church 

of England Svo Lond. 5 00 

Bungener. Rome and the Council in the 

19th Century. Lond ISmo 5s. 

History of Council of Trent. . .12mo Lond. 3 00 

The Priest and Huguenot — Per- 
secutions time Louis XV. .12mo Bost. 3 00 
6, Burnet, Bp. History of the Reform., 7 v. Svo S4s. 
Butler, CM. Ecclesiastical History. 1868. 8vo Phila. 
Chillingworth. Religion of Protestants. .12mo Bohn. 175 
Coleman, L. The Apostolic and Primitive 

Church Svo Phila. 2 00 

Dollinger, J. J. Heathenism and Judaism. 8vo Lond. 
Dorner. Hist, of Protest. Theology, 2 v. Svo Lond. 10 00 
Elliot. Hist, of the Early Christians, 2 v. Svo Lond. 4 50 

Eusebius. Ecclesiastical History ]12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Pelt, J. B. Ecclesiastical History of New- 
England, 2 vols Svo Bost. 


Giesler. Ecclesiastical History, 4 vols. . 8vo N. Y. $9 00 
Hagenbach. History of Doctrines, 2 vols . 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

^ History of the Churcli, 2 vols. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

Hardwick. History of Christ. Church, 2 v. Svo Lond. 5 00 

Hase. History of Christian Church Svo N. Y. 3 50 

Janus. The Pope and the Council ISmo Bost. 1 50 

Jones. History of the Church during 

Revolution Svo N. Y. 3 50 

King, C. W. The Gnostics 

Krauth. The Conservative Reformation 

anditsTheol Svo Phil. 

Lea, H. C. Studies in Church History. . . Svo Phil. 

b. Merivale. Conversion of the Northern 

Nations. 1866. ... Svo N. Y. 

b. Conversion of Roman Empire. Svo N. Y. 

a. Mosheim. Eccles. History, 2 vols Svo N. Y. 

a. Millman. History of Christianity, 3 vols . Svo N. Y. 
a. History of Latin Christ., 8 vols. Svo N. Y. 

b. Neander. History of Christ. Church, 6 v. Svo Bost. 
b. First Planting of Christ. Ch. . Svo N. Y. 

Hist, of Christian Dogmas, 2 v.l2mo Bolin. 

b. Pressense. The Early years of the Chris- 
tian Church, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 

Prideaux. Connection of Sacred and Pro- 
fane History, 2 vols Svo Lond. 

b. Ranke. History of the Popes, 3 .vols 12mo Bohn. 

Riddell. History of the Papacy at Period 

of Reformation. . . . Svo Lond. 
Schaff, Philip. Hist, of Apostolic Church. Svo N. Y. 

b. History of Christian Church, 2 v. Svo N. Y. 

b. Shedd, W. G. T. Hist, of Christ. Doctrine. 

2 vols.... Svo N. Y. 
Smedley. Reformed Religion in France. 

3 vols 18mo N. Y. 

Smith, Henry B., Prof. History of Church 

of Christ in Chron. Tables . . folio N. Y. 

Socrates. Ecclesiastical History 12mo Bohn. 

Soames. Anglo-Saxon Church 12mo Lond. 

Sozomen. Ecclesiastical History 1 2mo Bohn. 

b. Stanley Dean. History of Jewish Church. 

2 vols Svo N.Y., 

b. History of Eastern Church. Svo N. Y. 

Stevens History of Methodism, 3 vols. . . Svo N. Y. 
Stoughton, J. Ecclesiastical History of 

England, 2 vols. 1870. Lond.. Svo 25s. 
Theodoret & Evagrius. Eccles. History. .12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Church of England.— [See Anglican Church.'] 

Stanley, Dean, on Church and State. Lon. Svo 15s. 

Oivilization. — [See Ethnology.'] 
b. Buckle. History of Civilization, 2 vols.. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

5 00 
3 00 

1 50 
1 50 

4 00 

5 25 
14 00 
24 00 

4 00 
3 50 

3 50 

5 00 
5 25 

4 00 
3 75 

7 50 

5 00 

2 25 

6 75 
2 50 
2 00 
2 50 

l2 50 
2 50 
5 25 


b. Guizot. History of Civilization, 4 vols.. .13mo N, Y. $6 00 

abridged, 1 vol.lSmo N. Y. 1 50 

Ozanom. Civiliza. intlie 5tli Century, 2 v.l2mo Lond. 
Tytler. Early History of Mankind 

Classics — Greek & Latin; Collected Translations. 

b. Bolin. Classical Library, 90 vols., 12mo, London. 

Average per vol., about 2 25 

Collins, W. L. Anct. Classics for English 

Readers, — vols. ... L. & P. ea. 1 00 
a. Harpers. Classical Library, 22 vols 12iao eacJi 1 50 

Climatology. — [See also Health.] 

Blodgett. Climatology of tlie U. States, r. 8vo Phila. 5 00 
Clocks and Watches. 

a. Booth, Mary L. Clock and Watch Makers' 

Manual 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Denison, E. B. Clock and Watch Making.l6mo Lond. 175 
Reid, T. Clock and Watch Making. 1847. Bvo Glasg. 
Wood. Curiosities of Clocks and Watches 

from Earliest Times Bvo Lond. 5 00 

Coal — Coal Mining. 

Amer. Coals Applica. to Steam Navi., etc. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

Daddow & Baunan. Coal, Iron and Oil . . . Bvo Pottsv, 7 50 

Lesley, J. P. Coal and its Topog. lB56.12mo Phila. 1 00 
Phillips. System of Mining Coal. 1858.12mo Phila. 

Smyth, W. W. Coal and Coal Mining. '67.12mo Lond. 4 00 

a. Taylor. Statistics of Coal Bvo Phila. 5 00 

Coins. — [See Numismatics.'] 

Collections of Useful Knowledge. — [See Addenda.] 
Collections — Entertaining. 
a. Chambers. Miscellany of Eut. Tracts, 10 v.l2mo E.& P. 

b. Papers for the People, 6 vols.T2mo E. & P. 

b. Pocket Miscellany, 12 vols. . . IBmo E. & P. 

b. Book of Days, 2 vols r. 8vo E. & P. 

a. D'Israeli. Curiosities of Literature, 4 vols. 12mo X. Y. 

b. Amenities of Literature, 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 

b. Literary Character, 1 vol 12mo N. Y. 

Dodd,H. P. Epigrammatic Literature. Lon. Bvo 10s. 6d. 

6. Doran, Dr. Table Traits : Bvo N. Y. 

Habits and Men Bvo N. Y. 

Knights and their Days Bvo N. Y. 

b. Monarchs Retired from Busi- 
ness, 2 vols . . . Bvo N. Y. .-3 50 

a. Holmes, O. W. Autocrat of the Breakfast 

Table. . . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Professor at Breakfast. ;12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Hone, W. Every Day Book, 4 vols Bvo Lond. 18 00 

King. 10,000 Wonderful Things, 2 vols. .Lond. 7s. 6d. 

12 50 

9 00 

9 00 

9 00 

7 00 

3 50 

1 75 

1 75 

1 75 

1 75 


Maginn, W. Miscellanies, 5 vols 12mo N. Y. $11 25 

a. Thackeray. Miscellanies, 5 vols 12mo Bost. 6 25 

6. Wilson, John. Noctes Ambrosiana, 5 v. . 12mo N. Y. 8 75 

Colleges. — {See also Education.'] 

Blake, Sophia Jex. Amer. Cols. & Schools.l2nio Lond. 1 75 
Bristed. Five Yrs. in an Eng. Univer. o.p.\2n\o N. Y. 

Four Years in Yale. 1871 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

a. Porter, Noah. American Colleges 12mo N. Hav. 1 50 

a. Schaff, Ph. Universities of Germany. .. .12mo Phila. 125 

Colomzation. — {See Binigration.] 

Taylor, Bayard. Colorado ; a Sum'r Trip.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
Comedies. — [See Drama.'] 

Comic Prose and Poetry. — [See Humorous Works.] 
Commerce. — [See Business.] 
Common Schools. — [See Education.] 
Complete Works— Miscellaneous.— [5«e Addenda.] 
Composition.— [^ee also Rhetoric.] 

Bain, A. Composition and Rhetoric 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Day, H. A. English Composition 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Parker. Aids to English Composition. . .12mo N, Y. 1 25 

Communism. — [See Co-operation.] 

Oonchology — Molluscs. 

Adams, H. G. Beautiful Shells 12mo Lond. 160 

Agassiz. Seaside Studies 8vo Bost. 3 00 

Brown, Thos. Elements of Conchol. Lon. 8vo 8s. 
Catton. Popular Conchology. Lond. . . . 8vo 14s. 
Crouch. Introduction to Lamarik's Conchology. 
Fleming. Moluscous Animals. Lond... 8vo 6s. 

Jay, I. C. Catalogue of Shells 4to N. Y. 

Johnston. Introduc. to Conchology. Lon. 8vo 2l8. 
Roberts, Mary, Popular Hist, of Mollusca. 

London . . , 12mo 7s. 6d 
Sowerby. Pop. British Conchology. Lon.l2mo 79. 6d. 
Conchological Manual" (colored, 

30s.) Lond ... 8vo 18s. 
Conchological Illustrations, 6 

vols. Lond 8vo 150s. 

Swainson. Exotic Conchology. Lond.,.. 4to o2s. 6d. 


To Bible. [See binder Bible ] 

To Shakespeare. [See under Shakespeare.] 

To Milton. By Cleaveland. 

To Tennyson. * By Brightwell. 8vo Lond. 8 00 



Barber. Historical Collections of Conn. . 8vo N.Hav. 

Bacon, L, Historical Discourses Svo N, Hav. $1 50 

Blue Laws of Connecticut 12mo Hartf. 

Carpenter. History of Connecticut ISmo Phila. 

Hoadley, C. J. N. Haven Colonial Records. Svo N. Hav. 
Trumbull, B. History of Connecticut .... Svo 
Trumbull, J. H. Conn. Historical Records. Svo 

Constitution of the United States. 

Bayard. On the Constitution, U. S 13mo Phila. 75 

Bowen, F. Documents on the Constitu.. .12mo 

Conkling. Young Citizens' Manual ISmo Phila. 

Curtis, G. T. On the Constitu. U. S., 2 v. Svo N. Y. 6 00 

Cutts, J. M. Constit'l & Party Questions. 12moN. Y. 125 

Elliot. Debates on the Federal Const., 5 v. Svo Phila. 20 00 

a. Farrar. Manual of the Const. U. S Svo Bost. 3 50 

Federalist, The. Edited by Dawson Svo N. Y. 3 00 

I. Ed. by J. C. Hamilton... Svo Phila. 3 50 

Hickey. Manual of the Const. U. S .12mo Phila. 

a. Prince, L. B. E Pluribus li^num : Articles 

of Confederation 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

&. Story, Jos. Judge. Coment. on the Cons. 2 v. Svo Bost. 10 00 

a. abridged.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Towle. Hist, and Analysis of Const. U. S. Svo Bost. 2 00 

Whiting, Wm. Powers of the President. Svo Bost. 2 50 

Constitution of England. 

Bagehart. Hist, of English Constitution, . 16mo Lond. 9s. 

Creasy. Rise and Progress of English 

Constitution. Lond. . . .12mo 9s. 6d. 
a. De Lolme. On the Constitution of Eng. .12mo Bohn. 1 75 
6. Hallam. Constitutional Historv of Eng. . Svo N. Y. 2 00 

Hallam & May. Consti. Hist, of Eng., 3 v. 12mo N. Y. 5 25 
Conundrums — Puzzles, etc. — [See also Games, etcJ] 

Book of 500 Curious Puzzles 16mo N, Y. 50 

Howard. Conundrums and Puzzles 16mo N. Y. 50 

One Hundred Double Acrostics. Lond. . .12mo 2s. 6d. 

Puniana 12mo Lond. 6s. 

Cookery and Food. — [See also Chemistry {applied). Health.'] 

Beecher, Cath. E. Receipt Book 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Bellows, Dr. F. W. Philosophy of Eating.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
a. Beard, G. M. Food and Diet in Health and 

Disease 12mo N. Y. 75 

a. Blot, P. Hand Book of Cookery 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Breakfast, Dinner and Tea * 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Brillat-Savarin. Hand Book of Dining. . .12mo N. Y. 100 

Physiology of Taste.... 16mo Phila. 100 

a. Cornelius, Mrs. Young H'keeper's Friend.l2mo Bost. 1 50 
Delamere. Wholesome Fare : the Doctor 

and the Cook. . . . Svo Lond. 4 50 


Francatelli, C. E. Modern Cook. Illus... 8vo Phila. $5 00 

6. Gouflfe. Royal Cookery Book. Illus r. 8vo Lond. 2100 

a. " Harland, Marion." Common Sense in the 

Household. . . .12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Lankester, Dr. On Food 12mo Lond. 1 50 

Leatherby. Lectures on Food 12mo Lond. 

Leslie, Miss. Receipt Book. Cookery. .ea.l2mo Phila, 1 75 
Mann, Mrs. Christianity in the Kitchen. 12mo Bost. 1 25 

a. Putnam, Mrs. Receipt Book 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Soyer. Culinary Campaign in Crimean 

War. Lond .... 8vo 5s. 

Cookery Lond. . . , Svo 15s. 

b. Wame. Model Cookery and Housekeeping.l2mo Lond. 3 75 
a. Cheap edition . . . 12mo Lond. 75 

Oo-operation of Labor. 

Constitu., etc. of Co-operative Build. Asso.l6mo N. Y. 15 

Co-operative Stores 16mo N. 1'. 50 

Grant, E. P. Co-operation: Attractv. Indus.lGmo N. Y. 50 

Thurlow. Trades' Unions Abroad. 1870. 8vo Lond. 


Carey, H. C. Let. on Internat'l Copyright. 8vo N. Y. 50 

Inter. Copyright, Inter. Copyright Asso., 

Speeches and Letter.s. . . . 8vo N. Y. 

Corporal Punishment. 

Cobb, Lyman. On Corporal Punishment.l2mo N. Y. 1 00 
Cooper. Hist, of the Rod in all Countries. 8vo Lond, 5 00 

Correspondence — Collections of Letters, etc?. [See 
also Biography.'] 

Ellis. Letters Illustrative of Eng. Hist. 8 series, 11 vols. 

Letters of Eminent Literary Men. 

Hale, Mrs. Library of Standard Letters. 

a. Hoi combe. Literature in Letters 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Knight. Half Hours with the Best Letter 

Writers, 2 vols, 8vo Lond, 6 00 
W^allace. Lady, Let. of Disting. Musicians.] 2mo Lond. 
Willmot, R, A. Gems of Correspondence. 12mo Lond. 
Let. of Emi. Persons. Lon,12mo 4s, 

Correspondence — Individual, [For rrmch Correspond- 
ence seethe Biographies of the WHtera 
— as Byroii ; Life & Letters, etc.] 

Abelard & Heloise Letters 18mo Lond. 

Adams, Mrs. Letters of Mr, John Adams, 

2 vols. . . .12mo Bost. 
Beethoven, Letters. Translated bv Lady 

Wallace, 2 vols...*. 16moN. Y. 2 00 
Cicero, Letters and Life, (3 vols, Lond, 

1854, 16s,) Lond ..,r. 8vo 16s, 


Qoetlie. Correspondence with Schiller. . .12mo N. Y. $1 00 

with Leipsic Friends. 12mo Lond. 

with a Child.. 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Gray (the Poet), Letters to Mason. 1853. 8vo Lond. 

Guerin, Mad. de. Letters 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Humboldt, A. Von. Letters to Von Ense.l2mo N, Y. 1 25 

Wm. Letters to Female Friend.lGmo N.'Y. 1 25 

Hunt, Leigh. Correspondence, 2 vols. . . .12mo Lond. 5 00 

a Junius, Letters of, 2 vols 12mo Lond. 3 50 

Lewis, Sir Geo. C. Letters to various 

Friends. Lond. . . . 8vo 14s. 
Mendelssohn. Letters, 2 vols 16mo N. Y. 3 50 

a. Montagu, Lady Mary W. Letters 12mo Bost. 2 00 

(2 vols. 8vo, Lond., 18s.) 

b. Mozart. Letters, 2 vols 16mo N. Y. 3 50 

Napoleon. Correspond, with Josephine . . 12mo N. Y, 

Confidential Correspondence 

with Josephine, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Sevigne, Madame de. Letters 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Southey, Robert. Letters, 4 vols. Lond. 12mo 48s. 
h. Walpoie, Horace. Letters, 9 vols. Lond.. 8vo 81s. 

Wellington. Select, from Correspon. Lon. 8vo 18s. 


Campbell, F. E, Notes on Corsica. 18G8. 

London 16mo 2s. 6d. 

Cosmology — The Creation ; System of the Earth. 

\See also Astronomy, Geology, Phys. Geography. \ 
Anderson, J. Course of Creation. Lond . 12mo 7s. 6d. 

Buchner. Force and Matter. Lond 8vo 7s. 6d. 

Higgins. The Earth : Popular Phys. Geog. 

London .... 18mo 5s. 
Humboldt. Aspects of Nature, 2 v. Lon . 12mo 7s. 

h. Cosmos. (5vols. Bohn.),5 vols.l2mo N. Y. 6 25 

Jones, H. B. Matter and Force. 1868. Lon.l2mo 5s. 

McCosh. Typical Forms in Creation 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

a. Pouchet. The Universe ; the Infinitely Great and 
Infinitely Little. Illus. r. 8vo Lond. 

Ramsay, G. M. Cosmology 12mo Bost. 

a, Reclus. The Earth : Phenomena of the Life of the 

Globe. Illus. 2 vols 8vo L.&N. 

Vestiges of the Natural Hist, of Creation . 12mo N. Y. 

Warrington. G. The Week of Creation . 12mo Lond. 

a. Winchell. D. S. Sketches of Creation 12mo N. Y. 


Book of Costume. By a Lady of Rank. Lon. 8vo 21s. 
Cooley. The Toilet in Anct. & Mod. Times.l2mo Lond. X 75 
Corset and Crinoline ; Hist. of. By a Lady. 

London. . ; . 4to 7s. 6d. 
&. Fairholt. History of Costume in England. 

Illustrated 8vo Lond. 6 00 

12 00 

2 GO 

10 00 

1 50 

1 50 

2 00 


Fosbrooke. Synopsis of Anct. Cost. liOn. 4to 8s. 

Hinton, H..L. Historical Costume 8vo N. Y. 

b. Hope. Costumes of the Ancients, 2 v. Lon. 8vo 45s. 
Martin. Civil Costume of England (col'd). 

London 4to 53s. 6d. 

Modes et Cost, Historiques, colored plates. 4to Paris. $20 00 
Shaw. Dresses and Decorations of Middle 

Ages, 2 vols. London 4to 115s. 6d. 

Ootton— Cotton Manufacture. 

b. Baines. History of the Cotton Manufac. . 8vo Lond. 15s. 

a. Baird. American Cotton Spinners' Guide. 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Cassel. Cotton and its Culture r.8vo Bombay. 

Ellison. Hand Book of the Cotton Trade. 

1858. Lond 8vo 7s. 6d. 

a. Geldart. Hand Book of Cotton Manufact.l2mo N. Y. 2 50 
Hyde. Science of Cotton Spinning. 18G7. 8vo Manch. 5 25 
Loring & Atkinson. Cotton Culture at the 

South. 1869 12mo Bost. 50 

Montgomery. On Cotton Spinning. Glasg. 8vo 9s. 6d. 
Turner. Cotton Planters' Manual. 1857. 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

b. Ure. Cotton Manufactures of Great 

Britain. 2 vols 12mo Lond. 4 50 

Watts. Facts of the Cotton Famine. '66. 8vo Lond. 2 50 
Wheeler. Madras vs. America. 1866.. . .12mo L. &N. 1 00 


Howe, S. G. Cretan Refugees and Ameri- 
can Helpers .... 12mo Bost. 1 00 
Pashley. Travels in Crete. '37. 2 v. Camb. 8vo 42s. 
Skinner. Roughing it in Crete. '67. Lond.l2mo 10s. 6d, 
Spratt. Travels in Crete. 1865. 2 vols. 8vo Lond. 

Cricket. — [See also under Games and Sports OeneraUi/.] 

Pycroft, Jr. Cricket Field 16mo L. & B. 

Crimea — Crimean War. 
b. Chambers. History of the Russian War. r. 8vo Edinb. 6 00 
a. Kinglake. Invasion of the Crimea, vols. 1 & 2. N. Y. 4 00 
Koch, J. G. Crimea and Odessa. Lond. 8vo 10s. 6d. 
Olyphant, L. Rus. Shores of Black Sea.l2mo N. Y. 75 

Russell. Todleben's Def. of Sebastopol.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 
Slade. Turkey & the Crimean War. Lon. 8vo 12s. 

Crimes and Pimishments. — [See also Capital Punishment.] 
Beaumont & De Tocqueville. Beccaria. o.j9. 

Carpenter. Reformed Schools o.p. 

Dix, Miss. On Prisons o.p. 

Hill. On Suppression of Crime. Lond. . 8vo 16s. 

On Juvenile Delinquents. Lond...8vo 6s. 

Mayhew. Crim. Prisons of Lond. Lond. 8vo 10s. 6d. 
Pierce. Half Centu. with Juven'lDelinq.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 
Woods, Mrs. C. Woman iu Prison 16mo N. Y. 1 25 


Criticism — Literary, — {For Art Criticism see Mnc Arts, 
Architecture, Painting, etc. — 
Also Essays — Also Literature. 

a. Arnold, Matthew. Essays in Criticism.. .12mo Bost. $2 00 
Austin, Alfred. Poetry of tlie Period. Lon. 8vo 7s. 6d. 

h. Coleridge. Biograpliia Literaria, 2 vols. .12mo N. Y. 3 00 
See Shakespeare (Drama) 

h. Dallas, E. J. The Gay Science, 2 v. Lon. 8vo 28s. 

h. De Quincey. Hist. & Critical Essays, 2 v.l2mo Bost. 3 00 
Fitzgerald, P. Comedy & Dramatic Effect. 

London. . . . 8vo 12s. 

h. Godwin, Parke. Critical Essays 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Hazlitt. Lectures on Eng. Poets, etc.,4v.l2mo Phila, 
Jeaffreson. Novels and Novelists Lond. 

a. Kaimes. Elements of Criticism 8vo N. Y. 

a. Lowell, J. R. Among my Books 12mo Bost. 2 00 

h. My Study Windows 12mo Bost. 2 00 

— Fable for Critics 12mo Bost. 75 

Masson. Brit. Novelists and their Styles. J 2mo Bost. 1 25 
Ossoli (Marg. Fuller). PapersonLit. & Art.l2mo Bost. 1 50 
Poe, E. A. Literati and Marginalia 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

& Schlegel. Dramatic Art and Literature.l2mo Bohn. 1 75 
St. Beuve. Celebrated Women . .16mo Bost. 2 00 

6. Taine. English Literature, 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 10 00 

Wallace, H. B. Literary Criticisms 12mo Phila. 2 00 

h. Whipple, E. P. Essays and Reviews, 2 v.i2mo Bost. 3 00 
Crochet.— {See Needk-WorTc.] 

Fellow, R. Croquet 12mo N. Y. 50 

Routledge. Game of Croquet 16mo Lond. 

Crusades. — {See Chivalry ?\ 

Edgar. Crusades and Crusaders 18mo Bost. 75 

a. Gray. Children's Crusade in 13th Cent. . .12mo N.-Y. 1 00 
Michaud. History of Cfrusades (New York 

Edition, o.p.). 3 vols. London. . . .12mo 15s. 
h. Mill. Hist, of the Crusades (scarce), 2 v. 8vo Lond. 
Proctor. History of the Crusades. 1854. 8vo Phila. 
Sybel, H. Von. History and Literature of 

the Crusades. London 8vo 10s. 6d. 


Carleton, G. W\ Our Artist in Cuba. .... .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Cuba and the Cubans (1850) 12mo N. Y. 

a. Dana, R. H., Jr. Trip to Cuba 16mo Bost. 1 25 

Howe, Mrs. S. G. Trip to Cuba 16mo Bost. 1 25 

Humbolt,A. Von. Island of Cuba. Lond.l2mo 7s. 6d. 
Currency. — {See Banks — Mon ey.] 
Cyclopedias. — {See Encyclopedias.] 

De Walden. Ball Room Companion 12mo N. Y. 50 


a. Ferrero. Art of Dancing (D. & F.) 12mo N. Y. $1 50 

Hillgrove. Ball Room Companion 12mo N. Y. 75 

a. Wilkinson, \V. C. Dance of Mod. Society.l2mo X. Y. 75 

Dark Ages.— [-8ee Middle Ages.l 
Darwinism. — [^Sce also Natural History.'] 

b. Darwin, 4"^^^^!^ and Plajits under Do- 

mestication, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 6 00 

Origin of Species 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Descent of Man, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 4 00 

Homo vs. Darwin. A Refutation of Darwin.l2mo Phila. 1 00 

a. Huxley, Prof. Man's Place in Nature 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

b. Mivart. Genesis of Species 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Moms, F. V. Difficulties of Darwinism. 

Muller, F. Facts and Arguments for Dar- 
win. London. . . .12mo 6s. 

Stebbing. Essays on Darwinism 12mo Lond. 

a. Wallace, A. R. Natural Selection 12mo Lond. 2 00 

Review of Descent of Man 

Decorative Art — Illuminati"ng, etc. 

Copley. Alphabets oblong 4to N. Y. 3 00 

a. Dunlevy, Alice. Art of Illuminating 4to N. Y. 3 0^ 

Dresser, C. Decorative Design. Lond. . . 8vo 21s. 

6. Eastlake. Hints on Household Taste, in 

Furniture and Decoration. Lond. 8to 18s. 
Gruner. Fresco Decorations in Italy. Lon. . folio, 168s. 
Illuminated Crest Book. Lond 4to 21s. 

b. Jones, Owen. Grammar of Ornament. .. .folio Lond. 40 00 
Lillie. Alphabet of Monograms. Lond.. folio 5s. 6d. 
Shaw. Decorative Arts of the Middle 

Ages. Lond. . . . 4to 42s. 

Encyclo. of Ornament. Lond.... 4to 25s. 

Hand Book of Illuminating r. 8vo Lond. 15 00 

Medieval Alphabets, etc r. 8vo Lond. 7 50 

Illuminated Ornaments, 6th to 

17th Century. Lond 4to 36s. 

Standard Sign Writer 4to N. Y. 

Treasury of Ornamental Art r. 8vo Lond. 

Tymms & Wyatt. Art of Illuminating. . . 8vo Lond. 3 50 
Whitlock. Decorative Painter's and Gla- 
cier's Guide , . . 4to Lond. 
a. Womum. Analysis of Ornament. Lond. . 8vo 8s. 

Democracy. — [See Qodernment.] 

Demonology and Witchcraft — The Supernatural, Etc. 
Craik. Modern Palmistrv ; Book of the 

Hand....l2moN.Y. 1 75 

a. Dendy, W. C. Philosophy of Mystery. . .12mo N. Y. 1 00 
Drake, S. G. Mather's Wonders of Invisi- 
ble World, &c., 3 vols Bost. 

b. Ennemoser. Historv of Maufic 12mo Bohn. 2 25 


Godwin, W. Lives of the Necromancers . 12mo N. Y. $ 75 

Gould, S. B. Book of Were Wolves 12ino Lond. 1 75 

Howitt, Wm. History of the Superna- 
tural, 2 vols 12mo 3 00 

Michelet. La Sorcier (in English). Lon.l2mo 7s. 
a. Salverte. Philosophy of Magic, 2 vols. . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 
6. Scott, Sir W. Letters on Denionology and 

Witchcraft 18mo N. Y; 75 

t. Upham. Hist', of Salem Witchcraft, 2 V. 8vo Bost. 7 50 
Whittier, J. G. Supernaturalism of New 

England 16mo Bost. 


Dunham, S. A. Hist, of Denmark, Sweden, 

etc., 3 vols. 12mo ; 3 vols. 18mo N. Y. 2 25 
Gallenga, A. Invasion of Denmark in 1864, 

2 vols. Lond. . . . 21s. 
Laing. Social and Political State of Den- 
mark. Lond 8vo os. 

Syndig. History of Scandinavia 8vo Lond. 

Wlieaton. History of the Northmen, .o.-p. 8vo N. Y. 

Devotion. — \S&e also Poetry ; Religion. — This list may be 
largely extended.] 

Angel Voices 16mo Bost. 1 25 

a. Baxter. Saints' Rest 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

h. Beecher, H. W. Pravers from Plymouth 

Pulpit.... 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Morning and Even'g Exercises.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

6. Boyd, Graver Thoughts (of Country Pas- 
tor) 12mo Bost. 1 75 

a. Bunyan. Pilgrim's Progress: Golden 

Treas. Series 16mo Lond. 1 50' 

Various other plain and illustrated editions. 

h. Child, G. C. Benedicite : the Power and 

Wisdom of God. . . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 
Devotional Libraries, several collections, published by 

Randolph, N. Y. ; Lothrop, Bost., etc. . . 
Doddridge, Rise and Progress of Religion 

in the Soul 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

6. Fuller, Thos. Good Thoughts in Bad 

Times 16mo Bost. 2 00 

&, Holy and Profane State. .16mo Bost. 1 50 

Gasparin, Madame. The Near and Heaven- 
ly Horizons . . . 12mo N 
a. Goulburn. Thoughts on Personal Religion. 16mo N 
Greenwell, Dora. The Patience of Hope.l6mo N 

Present Heaven. ... .16mo N 

Two Friends 16mo N. Y. 

Hare, J. C. The Mission of the Comforter.l2mo Bo 
a. Jay, Morning and Evening Exercises. . '. .12mo N. 
a. Keble, J. The Christian Year. .24mo and 18mo N. Y. 
a. Kempis, Thos. a Imitation of Christ. .. .18mo Bost. 1 25 


1 75 


1 00 


1 25 


1 25 


1 25 


1 75 


2 00 


Kempis, Thos. a. Lond ed., 2s. 6d. to 9s. . .18mo Cost. $1 25 
Larcom, Lucy. Breathings of a Better Life. 4to Bost. 2 50 
Martineau, Jas. Endeavors after a Chris- 
tian Life 12mo Bost. 1 00 

b. Pascal, Blaise. Thoughts on Religion. . .12mo N. Y. 2 25 

a. Prentiss, E. Stepping Heavenward 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

b. Pravers of the Ages , 12mo Bost. 2 50 

b. Robertson, F. W. Sermons 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Scougal. Life of God in the Soul of Man.lSmo N. Y. 

Swetchine, Mad. de. Writings 16mo Bost. I 50 

Taylor, Jeremy. The Golden Grove. Lon.lSmo 2s. Od. 

a. Holy Living and Dying, 2 vols . 12mo Bost. 2 50 

Tholuck, A. Hours of Christian Devotion.l2mo Bost. 2 00 
b. Thompson, Jos. P. Book of Fam. Worship. 4to Bost. 

Zschokke. Hours of Meditation, 2 vols.lGmo Bost. ea. 1 50 

b. ISIedita. on Death and Eter.l2mo Bost. 1 50 

on Life and its Duties. 

(by Rowan) 12mo Bost. 150 

'DisLriea:—[See under Biography.^ 

Dictionaries. — \^See also Encyclopedias ; and for Technical 
Dictionaries, as of Biography, Chemistry, 
<S:c., see names of subjects. 
Dictionary. — English Language. 
b. Bartlett. Dictionary of Americanisms . . . 8vo Bost. 2 50 
Craik. Universal Eugli^ Dictionary, 2 v. 8vo L.&N. 15 00 
Johnson. English Diet, (by Latham) ..... 
Richardson. English Dictionary, 2 v. Lon. 4to 94s. 6d. 
b. Webster. Unabridged Dictionary. Hlust. 4to Spring. 12 00 
National Pictorial Dictionary. r.Svo Spring. 5 00 

a. Royal Octavo ; Imperial Svo N.Y. ea. 5 00 

Count. House & Fam. Die. Imp.l2mo N. Y. 3 50 

School & Pocket Die. (various). 

b. Worcester. Diet, of English Language. 4to Bost. 10 CO 
a. Abridged, 4 r. Svo Bost. 5 00 

— Comprehensive Dictionary . . Svo Bost. 1 80 

Dictionary — Latin. 

b, Andrews. Lat. Eng. and Eng. Lat r. Svo N, Y. 7 50 

Ainsworth. Svo Phila. 

Anthon. 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Leverett. Svo Phila. 6 25 

a. Riddell & Arnold. Svo N.Y. 5 00 

White. Svo Phila. 4 50 

Dictionary — Greek. 

a. Drisler. Greek & Eng. and Eng. Greek D. r. Svo N. Y. 7 00 

b. Liddell & Scott r. Svo N. Y. 7 50. 

Pickering. r. Svo Phila. 6 25 

— ■_ Abridged Svo Oxfo. 4 50 

Dictionary — French. 

Mole, Fr. & Eng.— Eng. Fr. Dictionary. . Svo L.&N. 2 00 


b. Spier & Surenne. Fr. Eng. & Eng. Fr.. .r. 8vo N. Y. $6 00 

a. Students' ed.l2mo N. Y. 2 50 

Surenne. 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

Weller. French and English Dictionary. 8vo Phila. 4 00 
Dictionary — German. 

b. Adler. Ger. Eng. & Eng. Ger r. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

James 8vo L. & N. 2 00 

a. Oehlschlager 18mo Phila. 

Dictionary — Spanish. 

De Veitelle, Merc. Diet. Eng. Sp. Fr 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Neuman & Barretti. 12mo Phila. 1 88 

b. Seoane. Sp. Eng. & Eng. Span r. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

a. abridged 12mo N. Y. 175 

Dictionary — Italian. 

Graglia. Eng. Ital. & Ital. Eng 18mo L. &N. 1 50 

a. Meadows. 16mo N. Y. 2 50 

b. Millhouse. 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

I^iet—[See Health.] 

Prescott. Diplomacy of the Revolution. .12mo N. Y. 175 
Divorce — \_See Marriage and Divorce.] 
a. Dinks, Mavhew & Hutchinson. On the Dog.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 

Herbert, H. W. The Dog .12mo N. Y. 

Hutchinson. On Dog Breaking. Lond.. . 12mo 9s. 

a. Jesse. Anecdotes of Dogs. Illust 12mo Lond. 2 25 

Richardson. On the Dog 12mo N. Y. 60 

Taylor. On the Dog 

Walsh, J. H. (" Stonehenge.") The Dog, 

in Health and Dis. Lond. . 8vo 15s. 

The Greyhound. Loud 8vo 21s. 

a. Youatt. On the Dog Svo Phila. 1 50 

Domestic Animals. — [See also sejmrate names.] 

Allen, Diseases of Domestic Animalf? 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Cole. The Veterinarian 12mo N. Y. 75 

Dun. Veterinary Svo Edinb. 

Gamgee. Our Domestic Animals, 4 v. Edin.l2mo 6s. 
McClure. On Diseases of Horses, Cattle and Sheep. 
Morton. Manual of Veterinary Pharmacy. 

London 8vo 10s. 

Richardson. On the Hog 12mo N. Y. 60 

Youatt. On the Hog 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Domestic Economy. — [See also Cookery, Furniture, etc.] 

Beecher, Miss C. E. Domestic Economy. . 12mo X. Y. 1 50 

Receipt Book . . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. and Mrs. Stowe. Amer. Woman's 

Home. Illus. . . . 8vo N. Y. 2 50- 


Beeclier. Principles of Domestic Science. 12mo N. Y. $3 00 
Beeton. Book of Household Management. 12mo Lond. 3 75 

b. Db Voe. The Market Assistant 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Draper & Croflfut. Helping Hand, for Town 

and Country 8vo Cinci. 4 25 

Eastlake, C. L. Hints on Household Taste. 

London 12mo 18s. 

Ellett, Mrs. Practical Housekeeping. '69. 8vo N. Y. 

Haskell. Housekeeper's Cyclopedia 8vo N. Y. 1 75 

Stowe, Mrs. House and Home Papers. . .16mo Bost. 1 75 

Six Hundred Dollars a Year ,16mo Bost. 75 

Warren, Mrs. How to Live on £200 a Year.l2mo Bost. 50 

Comfort for Small Incomes . 12mo Bost. 50 

• How to Furnish a House on 

small means 12mo N. Y. 50 

h. Webster. Cyclopedia of Domes. Economy. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

a. Youmans. Household Science 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Drainage. — [See under Agriculture.'] 
Drama — History of the. — [For Criticism, see under 

Blake. History of the Providence Stage . 12mo Prov. '68. 
Brown, T. A. Hist, of the American Stage. 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

a. Doran. Annals of the English Stage, 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 3 50 
Donaldson. Theatre of the Greeks. Lon. 8vo 143. 
Dunlap. Historv of American Stage, 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 
Ireland. Record of the N. Y. Stage, 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 
Wemyss. Chronology of Amer. Stage.'o2.12mo N. Y. 
Wilson, H. H. Theatre of the Hindus, 2 v. 8vo Lon. 21s, 

Drama — Shakespeare ; editions edited by 

b. Clarke, Mr. & Mrs. Cowden, 4 vols 8vo Lond. 12 00 

1 vol r. 8vo Lond. 8 00 

b. Dyce (large type), 9 vols 8vo Lond. 24 00 

Furness. Variorum ed. I. Romeo & Juliet.' 71. 8vo Phila. 7 50 

a. Globe edition, 1 vol 13mo Phila. 1 50 

a. Handy Volume ed., 12 vols 82mo Loud. 10 00 

a. Hudson, Rev. W. N., 11 vols 12mo Bost. 16 50 

Keightley, Thos., 6 vols 18mo Bost. 12 00 

h. Knight, Chas. Pictorial ed., 8 vols r. 8vo Lond. 40 00 

Stratford cd., 6 vols 12mo Lond. 10 00 

a. White, Richard Grant, with Life, 12 vols.l2mo Bost. 18 00 

b. fine ed., 12 vols Bost. 36 00 

Also some 20 editions in 1 vol from 50 cts. to 15 00 

Drama — Commentaries, etc. on Shakespeare. 

Abbott, E. A. Shakespearian Grammar Lond. 

Bible Truths with Shakespeare Parallers.l2mo Lond. 2 00 

b. Clarke, Mrs. Concordance to Shakesp r. 8voBost. 10 00 

Coleridge. Lectures on Shakesp. Lond. 8vo 3s. 6d. 
Craik, G. L. The English of Shakespeare.l2mo Lond. 5s. 
Gervinus, Commentaries on Shakespeare. 

2 vols. London 8vo 24s. 


Giles. C. Human Life in Shakespeare 12mo Bost. $3 00 

Guizot, Shakespeare and his Times. . . .13mo N. Y. 1 50 
Halliwell, J. O. List of Works Illust. 

Shakespeare 16mo Lond. 

Hazlitt, W. C. Characters of Shakes 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Hudson, H. N. Lectures on Shakesp., 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 
Holmes, N. Authorship of Shakespeare.l2mo N. Y. 2 25 
Jameson, Mrs. Female Characters of Sh. 8vo N. Y. 
Jervis. Diet, of the Language of S. Lon. 4to 12s. 
Keightley. Shakespeare Expositor. Lon,12mo 7s. 6d. 
Rolfe. Some of the Plays of Shakespeare, 

with Notes 16mo N. Y. ca. 90 

Ruggles. Shakespeare's Method as an 

Artist.... 12moN.Y. 1 75 

a. Stearns, C. W. Shakespeare's Treasury of 

Wisdom, etc. . . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. White, R. G. Shakespeare's Scholar. ... 8vo N. Y. 2 50 
Wordsworth, B. Shakespeare's Know- 
ledge of Bible. Lond 12mo 6s. 

Drama — Collections op Plays. 

Bell. British Theatre ] 

Cumberland's do. AS vols. ISnio. ..[ Out of print, 

Dodsley's Old Plays j and scarce. 

Inchbald's British Theatre j 

French. Standard and Minor Drama. ... N. Y. ea. 15 

De Witt. Acting Plays (100) N. Y. ^a. 15 

Lacy. Acting Plays "N.Y.ea. 25 

Sargent (Epes). Acting Plays 

Lamb, Chas. Specimens of Dramatic Poets.l2mo N. Y. 
Kettie. Works of Brit. Dramatists. Edinb. 8vo 5s. 

Drama — Parlor Dramas. 

a. Baker, G. M. The Social Stage 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Amateur Drama 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Mimic Stage IGmo Bost, 1 50 

Fowle. Parlor Dramas 12mo Bost. 1 25 

Gill. Parlor Tableaux 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Hudson & Howard. Private Theatricals. 16mo N. Y. 1 50 

Steele, J. S. Drawing-Room Plays 

Spirit of '78. By Mrs. Curtis \ 12mo Bost. 1 00 

Drama — Dramatic Works. 

a. ^schylus. Literal Trans. N. Y., $1.50. .12mo Bohn. 175 
By Potter. ISmo, 75c. N. Y. By 

Coppleston 12mo 100 

Aristophanes. Translated, 2 vols Bolin. 5 00 

Baillie, Joanna. Lond Svo 21s. 

b. Beaumont & Fletcher, 2 vols Svo Lond. 10 00 

Selections by Leigh Hunt.l2mo Bohn. 1 75 

Boker, Geo. H. (with Poems), 2 vols 12mo Bost. 

Bulwer, Lytton, (with Poems). 16mo Bost. 1 25 


Calderon (Spanish). 1853. Lond 12mo 4s. 6d. 

Gibber, 5 vols. ; Colman, 4 vols. ; (both scarce.) 

Congreve (with Farquhar, etc.) 8vo Lond. $5 00 

Corneille. Translated (?) 

Dryden. (In his works.) 2 vols Svo N. Y. 4 00 

5 vols ISmo Bost. 6 25 

b. Euripides. Trans. 2 v., Bohn., $5; 3 v.lSmo N. Y. 2 25 

Farquhar (with Congreve, etc) 8vo Lond. 5 00 

Fielding. (In his works) 8vo Lond. 5 00 

Ford, (With Massinger) Svo Lond. 5 00 

b. Goethe (Bohn) 12mo Lond. 175 

Goldsmith. (In his Works) 12mo Lond. 2 00 

Guarini Lond 12mo 7s. 6d. 

Hertz. (King Rene) ICrao X. Y. 1 25 

6. Jonson, Ben. Complete Works 8vo Lond. 5 00 

Knowles, Sheridan, 2 vols. Lond 12mo 12s. 

Lessing. Nathan the Wise 16mo N. Y. 1 50 

Lytton, Bulwer Lond 12mo 12s. 

Marlowe 8vo Lond. 4 50 

6. Massinger. (With Ford, $5). 12mo Lond. 3 50 

Metastasio. Trans, by Hoole, 3 vols. ... Svo Lond. 
Millman. (With Poems.) 3 vols. Lond.lSmo ISs. 

Otway. Rowe. Both scarce 

Plautus. Trans, by 2 v.l2mo Bohn. 5 00 

Racine (in French) 12mo Paris. 1 25 

The Suitors, Trans, by Browne.. .12mo N. Y. 1 00 

b. Schiller. Trans, b}- various hands, 3 vols.l2mo. Bohn. 5 25 

6. Sheridan. Dramatic Works 12mo Lond. 1 75 

a. Sophocles. Trans, bv 

12mo N. Y. $1.00. 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Talfourd Lond.l2mo 6s. 

Taylor, Henry. Edward the Fair, Ph. Van 

Artevolde. 2 vols. Lond. ea. 5s. 

Terence & Phaedrus. Trans 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Vega, Lopez de. By Wiffen. Lond l2mo 12s. 

wySeV — ^^'' —-.::::::[ svo l. & n, 5 oo 

Draughts — Game of. 

Scattergood. Game of Draughts 18mo N. Y. 50 

a. Spayth. Game of Draughts 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Amer. Draught Players l2mo N. Y. 3 00 

Draughts for Beginners 12mo N. Y. 75 

Sturges. Guide to Draughts 12mo Phila. 

Drawing Books — Perspective, etc. 

b. Appleton. Cvclo. of Drawing (Mechan.) r. Svo N. Y. 10 00 

Burn. Illust. 'Drawine: Book L. & N. 1 50 

Illust. Arch. ^ Engin. & Mech. D. Bk. L. & N. 1 50 

Ornamental & Architectural D. Bk. L. &N. 1 50 

Figure & Perspective Drawing Bk. L. &N. 6 00 

a. Cave. New Method of Learning to Draw,12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Metz. Drawing Book of Human Figure.l2mo N. Y. 7 50 


Minifee, W. Geometrical Drawing 8vo N.Y. $4 00 

Chapman. Amer. Drawing Book 4to N. Y. 6 00 


Dendy. Phenomena of Dreams. Lond.. .12mo 4s. 

Seafield. Lit. and Curios, of Dreams, 2 v.l2mo Lond. 5 00 


Millengen, History of Duelling, 2 v. Lond. 8vo 9s. 

a. Sabine. History of Duelling 8vo Bost. 1 75 

b. Steinmetz. History of Duelling, 2 vols. . 8vo Lond. 8 00 

Dutch Republic. — [See Holland.] 

Earth. — [See Astronomy, Cosmology, Physical Geography, 

Earthquakes. — [See Volcanoes.] 

East (The) — Gtenerally. — [See also Asia, Asia Minor.] 
Addison, C. G. Journey from Malta to 

Palmyra, etc., 2 v. . . .Lond. 32s. 
Bartlett. Forty Days in the Desert. Lon. 8vo 7s. 6d. 
Burder. Oriental Customs. Illus. Script. 8vo Lond. 9s. 
Browne, J. Ross. Yusef: A Crusade in 

East....l2moN. Y. 1 75 
a. Bryant, W. Cullen. Letters from the East.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

Chateaubriand. Travels } o- P- «^^ 

Clarke. E. D. Travels ) scarce. 

Dicey, E. The Morning liand, 2 vols 12mo Lond. 5 00 

Heeren. Carthage, Egypt, Ethiopia, etc. . 8vo Lond. 8s. 
Keppel — Travels. Kinnear — Journey. Both o. p. 
a. Kinglake,Eothen. Traces of Travel in East.l2mo N. Y. 125 

&. Kitto. Scripture Lands (col'd Maps) Lond. 3 75 

Lamartine. Travels in the East, 2 vols . . Lond. os. 
Lenormant & Chevalier. Travels, 2 vols. Lond. 

Lenormant, F. Students' Manual of Orien- 
tal History, 2 vols .... 8vo Lond. 5 50 
Lindsay, Lord. Egypt, Edom and Holy 

Land, 2 vols. . . , Lond. 6s. 

Madden. Travels. — Morier. Journey. Botli o. p. 
Maundeville. Travels from Aleppo to 

Jerusalem. Lond , . . 8vo 8s. 
Marco Polo, Book of. By Col. H. Yule, 2 

vols. Lond 8vo 42s. 

Olin, Stephen. Egypt, Arabia, &c., 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 
Prime, S. I. Europe and the East, 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 
Richardson, Fredrika. The Iliad of the 

East. Lond 7s. 6d. 

Smith, Ph. Students' Ancient History of 

the East 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Stephens, J. L. Egypt, Arabia and Holy 

Land, 2 vols.... N. Y. 3 00 

a. Warburton. The Crescent and the Cross. 2 v. 8vo, Lon. 
(12mo N. Y., 0. p.) 


East Indies— AND Islands. 

a. Bickmore, A, S. East Indian Archipelago. 8vo N. Y. $3 50 
Earl. Voyages to Eastern Seas. Lond. . 8vo 12s. 

Native Races of Indian Arcliipel. . 8vo Lond. 3 00 

Lukes. Voyage in Eastern Archipelago. 

2 vols. Lond Svo 36s. 

Marryatt. Borneo. — Marsden. Sumatra. Both o. p. 
Munday. Borneo. — Newbold. Malacca. Both o. p. 
Raffles. History of Java. 1830. Lond. . 8vo 18s. 
St. John. Indian Archipelago. 1853. 2 v.l2mo Lond. 

b. Wallace, A. R. Eastern Archipelago. . . . 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Eating. — [See Cookery, Health.] 
Ecclesiastical History. — [See Church History.] 
Education and Instruction. — [See also names of Studies, 
etc. ; Colleges, Corporeal Punishment, School Archi- 
tecture, Object Teaching.] 
Bryce. Native Education in India. Lond. 8vo 9s. 6d. 
Burton, W. The Dist. School as it was. . . 12mo N. Y. 

Farrar. Essays on Liberal Education Svo Lond. 2 50 

Kay. J. S. Social Condition of Ed, in Eng.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
Lowell, A. C. J. Theory of Teaching. 
a. Mann, Horace. Lectures on Educa., 2 v. 8vo Bost. 6 00 

a. Page, D. P. Theory & Pract. of Teaching.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Randall, S.S. Com. School System of N.Y. Svo N. Y. 5 00 

Richter, Jean Paul. Levana 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Rogers, J. C. T. Educa. at Oxford. Lond.l6mo 6s. 

a. Schermerhorn, Library of Education, 6v.l8mo paper, ea, 25 
viz. : Locke. On Education 

Locke. On Study and Reading 

Milton. On Education 

Mann. On Physiology in Schools 

Scottish Univer. Addresses. By Mill, &c. 

Bible in Public Schools 

a. Spencer, Herbert. On Education 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Staunton. The Great Schools of Eng. Lon.l6mo 7s. 6d. 

Taylor, Orville. The District School 12mo N. Y. 

Wyse, Thos. Education Reform. Lond. Svo 15s. 

a. Youmans. Cult. Demand, by Modern Life.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 
Egypt — The Nile; Pyramids. — [See also Abyssinia; 

East; Mediterranean; Ledant.] 
Adams, W. H. D. The Land of the Nile, 

Past and Present. . . .ISmo Lond. 1 50 
Baker, S. W. See Abyssinia 

b. Bartlett. The Nile Boat Illust Svo Lond. 4 00 

Belzoni. Travels in Egypt and Nubia, 2 v. 

London. . . . Svo 28s. 
Bruce. Travels to Discover the Source of 

the Nile. London ISmo 3s. 6d. 

&. Bunsen, Chev. Egypt's Place in Univer- 
sal History, 5 vols. London Svo 171s. 


a. Curtis, G. W. Nile Notes 12mo N. Y. $1 50 

a. Dall, Mrs. C. H. Egypt's Place in History.l2mo Lond. 1 50 

Day, St. J. Great Pyramid folio, Edinb. 38s. 

Eden, Fr. The Nile without a Dragoman. 

London 12mo 7s. 6d, 

Farr. Hist, of Egypt, Assyria, &c., 4 vols.l2mo Lond. 
Hawks, F. L. Monuments of Egypt ; or, 

Egypt a Witness for the Bible Igmo N. Y. 

Kenrick, J. Ancient Egypt. 1852. 2 vols. 8vo Lon. SOs. 

b Lane, E. W. Modern Egyptians, 2 vols."8vo Lon. 18s. 
Lanoye, F. de. Egypt 3,000 Years Ago. . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Lepsius. Egypt 12mo Bohn 2 50 

Lindsay, Lord. Letters from Egypt 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Palmer, W. Egyptian Chronicles, 2 vols. 8vo Loud. 7 50 

a. Prime, W. C. Boat Life in Egypt 12mo N'. Y. 2 00 

a. Russell, M. History of Egypt 18mo N. Y. 75 

' Sliarpe. History of Egypt to the Conquest 

by the Arabs, 2 vols. London 8vo 18s. 

Smyth, C. Piazzi. Life and Work at 

Great Pyramid, 3 vols. Edinburgh 8vo 56s. 

Smyth, C. Piazzi. Our Inheritance in 

the Great Pyramid 8vo Lond. 5 00 

b. Speke. Discov. of the Source of the Nile. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 
Wilkinson, J. G. Ancient Egyptians, 5 v. 8vo Lon. 84s. 

a. Egvptians of Time of 

* Pharaoh, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 50 


b. Bake well, F. C. Manual of Electricity. . .12mo Lond. 2 50 
b. Farraday, M. Researches in Electricity. 

3 vols. London. . . . Svo 45s. 

6. Ferguson, R. M. Electricity. Illus 16mo Lond. 1 75 

a. Fonvielle. Thunder and Lightning 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Harris, W. Snow. Elect. Magnet. & Gal van.l2mo Lond. 75 

Frictional Electricity 8vo Lond. 7 00 

Miller. Electricity and Magnetism 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

Noad. Text Book of Electricity Svo Lon. 24s. 

Introduction to Electricity 16mo Lond. 1 50 

Elocution. — [See also Oratory.] 

Bantain. Art of Extempore Speaking. . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Day, H. N. Elocution 12mo Cincin. 1 50 

Frobisher. The Force of Action 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Mcllvaine, J. H. Elocution 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Monroe, L. P. Physical & Vocal Training.l2mo Phila. 1 00 

Murdock & Russell. Vocal Culture 12mo Bost. 

Randall. Elocution 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

6. Rush, Jas. Philoso. of the Human Voice. 8vo Phila. 3 75 

a. Reeves. Students' Own Speaker and 

Guide to Oratory: . . .12mo N. Y. 75 

a. Vandenhoff, G. Elocution 12mo N. Y. 

Eloquence. — [See Oratory.] 



Bunyan. Emblems 16mo Lond. $1 50 

Green. Shakespeare & Emblem Writers. 

liondon 8vo 31s. 6d. 

a. Quarles. Emblems. 16mo Lond. 4s 18mo N. Y. 75 

h. Whitney. Choice of Emblems 4to Lond. 12 50 

Emigration — Colonization. 

Bromwell. Immigration into U. S. '19-'55. 8vo N. T. 

Brougham, Lord. Colonial Policy, 3 vols. o. p. 

Bury, Lord. Exodus of West. Nations, 2 v. 8vo Lon. 32s. 

Chickering. On Emigration. 1848 8vo Bost. 

Dufiferin, Lord. Irish Emigration and Ten- 
ure of Land 8vo 10s. 6d. 

Goddard. Where to Emigrate and Why. 8vo N. Y. 3 00 
Union Colony of Colorado, with Map 12mo N. Y, 75 

Encyclopedias. — [See also under names of Subjects, as 
Agiieulture, Bible, Chemistry, Me- 
cJumics, etc.] 

h. Appleton. American Encyclopedia, 16 v. r. 8vo X. Y. 80 00 

Annual Cyclo., 9 vols. pub. r. 8vo N. Y, 45 00 

. Brande. Cyclo. of Lit. Science & Art, 3 v. 8vo Lon. 60s. 
a. Cliambers. Cyclopedia, new ed., 10 v. r. 8vo Edinb. 45 00 
6. Encyclopedia Britannica, with Steel Plates. 

8th edition, 21 volumes 4to Edinb. 125 00 

English Cyclopedia, 22 vols r. 8vo Lon. £12 

&. Iconographic Cyclopedia. Illus., 6 vols. 8vo&4to, N. Y. 50 00 
Imperial Jour, of Lit. Arts & Sciences, 2 v. 4to Lond. 35 00 
c. Maunder. Treasury of Knowledge ; His- 
tory, Bible, Botany, &c., 8 vols.lSmo Lond. 32 00 

National Cyclopedia. 13 vols 8vo Lond. 00 00 

c. Zell. Popular Encyclopedia, 2 vols 4to Phila. 

For Kitto'8 Bible Encyclopedia, Smith's Diet., Die. of Engineer- 
ing, etc, see those subjects. 

England. — [See also Anglo-Saxons, Ireland, Scotland. Also 
Biography, such as Cromtcell, etc.] 

General Histories. 

c. Cassell. Pictorial History of England, 8 

vols. Imp 8vo Lond. 24 00 

Creasy. History of England, 5 vols. Lon. 8vo 52s. 6d. 
Half Hours of English History, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 6 00 

a. Hume. History of England to 3 vols.l2mo N. Y. 7 50 

or b. The same, 6 v. 12mo, $9 ; 6 v. 8vo Bost. 15 00 

Smollett & Miller 4 vols. 8vo Phila. 16 00 

8 vols. 8vo Lon. 63s. 

Smollett & Hughes, to Vict., 21 v.l2mo Lond. 26 00 

Knight. Pictorial Hist, of England, 8 v.r. 8vo Lond. 

b. Popular History of England, 8. v. 3vo Lond. 25 00 


Lingard. Hist, of England (R. Cath), 13 v.l2mo Lon. 54s. 

Mackintosh, 3 vols 16mo N. Y. 3 00 

{8e6 England : partial Histories.) 
England — Condensed and Abridged General Histories. 

a. Dickens. Child's History of England, 2 v.lGmo N. Y. $3 00 

The same, 1 vol 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Freeman. Early Hist, of Eng., for Child. 16mo N. Y. 1 50 
Goldsmith. Hist, of England by Pinnock.l2mo Phila. 1 75 
Goodrich, S. G. Pict. Hist, of England. . . 12mo Phila. 1 75 

h. Hume. Smith's " Student's" ed. of Hume.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Keightley. History of England, 5 vols. . .12mo N. Y. 3 75 
a. Lossing. History of England, with maps. 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Lingard. History of England, abridged. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Markham. History of England 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Smith, Wm. Smaller Hist, of England. .12mo N. Y. 1 00 
Yonge, Chr. Parallel Hist, of England and 

France. Lond. . . 12mo 7s. 6d. 
England — Partial Histories — Special Periods. 
a. Aikin, Lucy. Court & Times of Elizabeth.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

James I., 2 v. Charles, 2 v. Scarce. 

Brodie. Constitutional Hist, from Charles 

I., 3 vols 8vo Lond. 12 00 

c. Burnet, Bp. Hist, of his own Time. Lon. r. 8vo 10s. 6d. 
Carlyle. Cromwell's Life and Letters, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 3 50 

h. Clarendon. History of the Rebellion, 7 v.lSmo Lon. 25s. 
Court and Society. Elizabeth to Anne, 2 

vols. Lond 8vo 30s. 

Croly. Life of Geoj-ge IV ISmo N. Y. 75 

Ellis. Original Letters, Illustrative of 

English History, 11 vols. Lond. 
Freeman. Hist, of Norman Conquest, 3 v. 8vo Oxf . 54s. 
a. Froude. History of England from Henry 

VIII. to Eliz., inclusive, 12 vols.l2mo N. Y. 15 00 
c. Forster, Jno. Statesmen of the Common- 
wealth 8vo N. Y. 2 25 

c. Guizot. Revolution of 1640 12mo Bohn. 1 75 

Life of Gen. Monk 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Revolution of 1G88 

« Halliwell. Letters of the Kings of Eng. . 8vo Lond. 12s. 

Halsted, Caroline. Reign of Rich. III. 2 v. 8vo Lon. 30s. 

James. Naval History of England, 6 vols.l2mo Lon. 36s. 

c. Jesse. Lives of the Pretenders 12mo Bohn. 225 

c. '■ — Court of Eng. under Stuarts, 3 vols.l2mo Bohn. 6 75 

Memoirs of Reign of Geo. III., 3 v. Lond. 42s. 

a. Macaulay. Hist, of England, Jas. II. to 

Wm. III., inclusive, 8 volumes 12mo N. Y. 18 00 

Cheap Ed. 4 vols. $8 00. 5 v. 8vo Phila. 7 50 
Mackintosh, Sir. J. Revolution of 1688.. . 

-' History of England to 

Geo. IIL, 2 V. 8vo $6.00. 3 v. . . .12mo N. Y. 3 00 
Mahon, Lord. England, under. 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 


Massey. Hist. Eng. 1745-1801. 4 vols.... 8vo Lon. 48s. 
&. Martineau, Harriet, History of England 

during tlie Peaco, 4 vots 8vo Bost. $10 00 

Martin. Hist. British Colonies, 6 v. Lond. 8vo 84s. 
Olypliant, Mrs. Reign of George III., 2 v. 8vo Lon. 21s. 
Pearson. Hist, of Eng. Early & Mid. Ages. 8vo Lon. 12s. 
Roberts, Emma. Houses of York and Lan- 
caster, 2 volumes 8vo 26s. 

Stanhope, Earl. History of England from 

Anne to Peace of Utrecht. . . . 8vo Lond. 8 00 
6. Strickland. Queensof Eng.,1 v. $2.25. 8v.l2mo Bolin. 18 00 

Towle, G. M. Hist, of Henry V 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

h. Thierry. Hist, of the Norman Conq't., 2 v.l2mo Bohn. 3 50 

c. Thackeray. The Four Georges 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Walpole. Reign of George IL and IH., 5 v. 8vo Lon. 78s. 
Yonge. Hist, of the British Navy, 2 vols. 8vo 42s. 
England — Illustrative Works on English History. 
Blanc, Louis, Letters on Eng., 2 v. Lond, 16s. 

Dixon, W, H. Her Majesty's Tower ; Hist. 

Study, 2 volumes 12mo Phila, 3 00 

Donne, W. B. Correspondence of George 

III. and Lord North, 2 v. 1867. Lon. 32s, 

a. Evelyn, Diaryof Timesof CliarlesII,,etc.l2mo N. Y, 2 50 
a. "Mary Powell." Maiden & Married Life. 16mo N. Y. 175 

Pauli. Alfred the Great 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

a. Pepys, Diary of Charles II, and James II,12mo N. Y. 2 50 
England — Travels in; Residence there, 
Burritt, Elihu. Walks in the Black Coun- 
try, London 12mo 6s. 

From Land's End to Johnny Groat's. 12mo Lon. 6s. 

Coxe, A. C. Bishop, Impressions of Engl.l2mo Phila. 1 25 

a. Emerson. English Traits 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Felton, C. C. Letters from Europe 12mo Bost. 1 50 

a. Hawthorne. Our Old Home 12mo Bost. 2 00 

a. English Note Books, 2 vols.l2mo Bost, 4 00 

b. Hoppin, J. M. Old England 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Howitt, Rural Life in England, Lond,. 8vo 12s. 
Visits to Remarkable Places. 

2 volumes. London,.,. 8vo 12s. 6d. 

h. Homes & Haunts of Brit. Poets, 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

b. Miller, Hugh. First Impressions of Engl.l2mo Bost. 1 75 
Murray. Hand Books of England, 6 vols. Lond. 47s. 6d. 
Olmsted, F. L, Walks & Talks of Ameri- 
can Farmer. 1854 12mo N. Y, 1 25 

Sen, Keshub CHiunder. English Visit 

*#* The earlier Travels of Carter, Colton, Humphrey, Lester, 
Kohl, and many others, are now out of print. 

English Language. — [See also Compontion, Dictiorinrics, 
Grammar, Literature, Philology '.\ 
Abbott, F. & J. R. Seeley. English Lessons 

for English People 16mo Bost. 1 50 


Alford, Dean. The Queen's English 16mo Lond. $1 25 

a. Bartlett, J. R. Dictionary of Americanisms. 8vo Bost. 2 50 
Chambers. History of English Language.lGmo Edinb. 1 25 

Clark. Outlines of English Language 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

h. Crabbe. English Synonymes 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

6. Craik. Hist. Eng. Language and Lit., 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 7 50 

a. De Vere. ■ Studies in English 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Americanisms 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Donald. Etymologl. Diet, of Eng. Lang.l2mo Phila. 2 50 
Ehener & Green way. Words and Deriv. Svo Phila. 

Fowler. English Language : Elements, &c. Svo N. Y. 2 50 

Gould, E.S. Good English 12mo N. Y. 150 

Johnson. Meaning of Words 12mo . 1 25 

Latham, Hand Book of English Language. Svo Lon, 7s.6d, 

h. Marsh. Lectures on English Language . . Svo N. Y. 3 00 

6. Origin and Hist. Eng. Language, Svo N. Y. 3 00 

Moon. The Dean's English .12mo Lond. 1 75 

Bad English. London 12mo 3s. 6. 

Smith. English Synonymes Explained. . . Svo Lond. 6 50 

Soule, R. Diet, of English Synonymes. . . Svo Bost. 2 00 
Strattman. Diet, of Old Eng. Language 

12th and 15th Centuries, .. . Svo Lond, 

Taine. Hist, English Literature, 2 vols , , Svo N. Y. 10 00 

Trench. English Past and Present 12mo Lond. 4s. 

a. Study of Words 12mo N. Y. 125 

Deficiencies in Eng. Dictionaries. 12mo Lond. 3s. 

Underwood, F. U. Hand Book Eng Lit.l2mo Bost. 2 50 

c. Wedgeji^ood. Eng. Etymologv, new ed. 2 v. Svo Lond, 

h. White R. Grant. Words and their Uses.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

English Literature. — \_8ee LUerature.} 


a. Duplessis. Wonders of Engraving ISmo N. Y. 1 50 

Hamerton. Etchers and Etching. Lond.r. Svo 31s. 6d. 

h. Jackson. Treatise on Wood Engraving, r. Svo Lond, 21 00 
Sharpe. On Etching. Edinburgh 4to 63s 


Martial. Epigrams. Trans 12mo Bohn. 3 75 

Essays — Literary ; Collections of. — [See also Natural 
a. British Essayists. Viz. : Tatler, 4 v. ; Spec- 
tator, 8 V. ; Guardian, 3 v. ; Idler, 1 v. ; 
Rambler, 3 v. ; Observer, 3 v. ; Adventu- 
rer, 3 V. ; World, 3 v. ; Looker On, 3 v. ; 
Mirror, 2 v. ; Connoisseur. 2 v. ; Lounger, 

2 V. 38 volumes 16mo Bost. ea. 1 25 

*:(:* Either work may be had separately. 
a. Modern British Essayists. Viz. ; Macaulay, 
1 V. ; Carlyle, 1 v. ; Alison, 1 v. ; Jeffrey, 
1 V. ; Sydney Smith, 1 v. ; Macintosh, 


1 V. ; Wilson, 1 v. ; Talfourd & Stephen. 

1 V 8 volumes.. . 8vo N.Y. ea. |2 00 

*»* Either Work may be had separately. 
a. Addison. Works, including part of " Spec- 
tator," 6 volumes 12mo Pliila. 9 00 

Alford, H. Essays and Addre"sses. 1869 . 8vo Lond. 
Alger, W. R. Solitude of Nature and Man. 


J). Alison, Arcli. Essays and Reviews, 1 vol. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 
Arnold, M. Culture and Anarchy. 1869. 8vo L. 10s. 6d. 

Ascliam, R. Works IGmo Lond. 

Bacon, Lord. Advancement of Learning. 12mo Lon. os. 

a. Bacon. Essays ; Golden Treasury Series.lGmo Lond. 1 25 

or &, Annotated (by Heard). . . 8vo Bost. 3 50 

c. Beecher, H. W. Star Papers, 2 series 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

c. Boyd, A. K. H. " Country Parson" Books, viz. : 

Autumn Holidays 16mo Bost. 1 75 

Counsel & Comfort l6mo Bost. 1 75 

Every Day Philosoplier 16mo Bost. 1 75 

Leisure Hours in Town 16mo Bost. 1 75 

c. Recreations, 2 volumes ]6mo Bost. 3 50 

a. Brown, John, M. D. Spare Hours, 2 series.l6mo Bost. 4 00 

h. Browne, Sir Thos. Religio Medici, etc., 3 v.lGmo Bost, 7 50 

Buckle, H.T. Essays 12mo N. Y. 100 

6. Burke, Edmund. Works, 12 volumes 12mo Bost. 18 00 

h. Buruand. Happy Thoughts, 2 vols 16mo Bost. 2 00 

a. Carlyle, Thos. Essavs,Criti. andMisc.,4v.l2mo N. Y. 9 00 

'- '- 8 V.lGmo Lond. 7 20 

1 V. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Sartor Resartus, 12mo N. Y.lGmo Lond, 90 

c. Channing, W. E. Essays and Works, 

1 vol. $1.00. 3 vols 12mo Bost. 3 00 

Congdon, C. G. " Tribune Essays." 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

c. Cliesterfield, Lord. Essays, Maxims, etc.KJmo Lond, 1 25 

Cobbe, Frances P. Hours of Work & Play.l2rao Phila. 1 50 

Essays on Ethical and Soc. Subj. 8vo Lond. 

Cowley. Essays IGmo Bost. 1 25 

Crit. and Social Essays from " The Nation'M6mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Curtis, G. W. Potiphar Papers 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Prue&I 12moN. Y. 150 

Daw, Sir. Consolations in Travel 16mo Bost. 1 50 

h. De Quincey. Works, 22 vols 12mo Bost. 33 00 

*#* Any work separate. 

6. D'Israeli, I. " Amenities" and Curiosities. 

\See Literature.'] 

c Dodge, Miss. "Gail Hamilton." Works, viz.: 

Country Living 16mo Bost. 2 00 

Gala Days IGmo Bost. 2 00 

New Atmosphere IGmo Bost. 2 00 

Skirmishes and Sketches 16mo Bost. 2 00 

Stumbling Blocks IGmo Bpst. 2 00 

a Emerson, R.W. Works in prose, 2 vols. .12mo Bost, 5 00 


Emerson's separate Works, viz. : 

Bepresentative Men $2 00 

Conduct of Life 2 00 

Society and Solitude 2 00 

b. Epictetus. Works ed. by Higginson 8vo Bost. 2 50 

Essays from London " Times" 16mo N. Y, 50 

Ficlite, J. G. Works, 2 vols 12mo Lon. 20s. 

6. Freeman, E. A. Hist'l Essays. 1871. Lon. Bvo 10s. 6d. 

&, Foster, Jolm, Decision of Character 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Popular Ignorance, etc 12mo N. Y, 1 25 

c. Franklin, Benj. Essays and Letters, 2 v.lSmo N. Y. 1 50 
c. Friswell, J. H. The Gentle Life 12mo Lond. 3 00 

Other Essays, 6 vols 12mo Lond. ea. 3 00 

a. Froude. Short Essays on Great Subjects, 2 series.N. Y. ea. 1 50 

Giles, Henry. Lectures and Essays, 2 vols.l2mo Bost. 3 00 
a. Godwin, Parke. Out of the Past, Crit. 

and Misc. Essays 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Goldsmith, Oliver. Miscellaneous Works. 

" The Bee," etc., 4 vols. . . 12mo Phila. 6 00 

c. Hall, Rev. John. Papers for Home Read'g. Bvo N. Y. 1 75 

c. Hare, J. & C. Guesses at Truth 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Hamilton, Gail. [See Dodge.] 

a. Hawthorne. American Note Books, 2 vs. Bost. 4 00 

&. Hazlitt, W. Essays and other Works, 6 v.l2mo Phila. 9 0) 

The same, 5 vols 12mo Bohn. 9 50 

a. Round Table 16mo Lond. 1 25 

c. Helps. Friends in Council, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 4 00 

Essays. Organization in War. . .16mo Bost. 1 50 

c. in Intervals of Business . . 1 6mo Bost. 1 50 

Short Essays and Aphorisms 16mo Bost. 1 50 

h. Higginson, T. W. Out of Door Papers. . .12mo Bost. 1 50 

Holmes, O.W. Sound'gsfromthe Atlantic. 12mo Bost. 1 75 

a. " Autocrat" and "^Professor" 12mo Bost. ea. 1 75 

a. Holland, J. G. " Timothy Titcomb". . . .16mo N. Y. 1 50 

c. Gold Foil, $1.75; Plain Talk.. 16moN. Y. 175 

Lessons in Life 16mo N. Y. 1 75 

Letters to Jones 16mo N. Y. 1 75 

&. Hunt, Leigh. Works (Miscell.) 4 vols 12mo Phila. 6 00 

h. A Day by the Fire 16mo Bost. 1 50 

h. The Seer, 2 vols 16mo Bost. 3 00 

a. Irving, W. Sketch Book and other Essays. 

4 vols. 16mo, ea. ^1.25 ; 12mo N. Y. 2 25 

c. Jameson, Mrs. EssaysonLitera. &Art,10 v.lOmo Lond, 20 00 
[See Fine Arts for separate Works.] 

c. Jeffrey, F. Essays and Rieviews Bvo . N. Y. 2 00 

c. Jerrold, Douglas. Complete Works, 4 v.. 12mo Lond. 11 00 

a. Lamb, Chas. Complete Works, 5 vols. . .12mo N. Y. 9 00 

a. Elia, separate 12mo N. Y. 2 25 

c. Landor, W. Savage. Complete Works, 2 v.r. Bvo Lond. 9 00 

a. Selections from, by Hillard.lGmo Bost. 1 25 

b. Pericles and Aspasia 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Imaginary Conversations. . .12mo Lond. 5s. 


a. Lowell, J. R. Among my Books 12mo Bost. $2 00 

a. My Study Windows 12mo Bost. 3 00 

6. Maistre, Xavier de. Journey Round my 

Room....l2moN. Y. 1 50 
a. Macaulay, Lord. Essays; best ed,, 6 vols. 12mo N. Y. 13 50 

Cheaper ed., 5 v., $6.25 ; 1 v. ed. . 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

c. Mackintosh. Essays and Miscellanies .... 8 vo N. Y. 2 00 

Martineau, Jas. Essays, 2 vols 12mo Bost. 5 00 

c. Maginn. Reliques of Father Prout 12mo Lond. 3 00 

MlUman, H. H. Savanarola and other 

Essays. Lond Svo 15s. 

&. Mill, John Stuart. Dissertations and Dis- 
cussions, 4 vols Svo Bost. 9 00 

&. Mitchell, D. G. Dream Life and other 

Works, 4 vols.... N. Y. 7 00 

c. More, Hannah. Works (2 v. Svo, $4;) 7 v. Svo N. Y. 8 75 

c. Montaigne. Essays; best ed., 4 vols Svo N. Y. 9 00 

1 vol. Svo ; Gentle Life ed.l2mo Lond. 3 00 

Morte d'Arthur 12mo Lond. 3 00 

Newman, J. Henry. Essays. Hist.&Crit.,2 v. Svo Lon. 12s. 
&. Salmagundi. ByWm. Irving, Washington 

Irving and Paulding. 16mo $1.25 & $1.75.13mo N. Y. 3 25 
c. Seeley, Prof. Roman Imperialism, etc. . .12mo Bost. 1 50 
Senior, N. W. Hist. & Philos. Essays, 2 v. Svo Lond. 
Shaftesbury, Lord. Characteristics, 3 vs. 

London Svo $5.00 to 10 00 

New Ed. (by Hatch). 

1 vol. London Svo 14s. 

Small Books on Great Subjects, 32 vols. 

London. . . .16mo ea. 3s. 6d. 
c. Smith, Sydney. Essays, etc., from Edin- 
burgh Review, . . .12mo Lond. 4 00 
1 vol. Svo, N. Y. $2.00. 4 vols. Lond. Svo 30s. 
Southev. Common Place Book, 4 v. Lond. Svo 30s, 

c. 2 vols Svo N. Y. 3 00 

The Doctor, a part 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

London Svo 12s. 6d. 

Essays, 2 vols. London 12s. 

a. Spectator, The. S v. ISmo Bost. $10. 6 v. Svo N. Y 16 00 

complete in 1 volume Svo N, Y. 2 00 

c. Stephen, Sir J. &Talfourd. Essays, etc. 1 v. Svo N. Y. 2 00 
c. Swift, Dean. Works; carefully selected. Svo Lond. 2 50 

c. Stowe, Mrs. The Chimney Corner 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Tattler ; Observer ; Idler, etc. See British Essayists. 
a. Thackeray. Miscellanie.:! and Essays, 5 v.l2mo Bost. 6 25 

Early and Late Papers 12mo Bost. 2 00 

a. Thoreau. Walden, or Life in the Woods. 12mo Bost. 2 00 

— Week on tlie Concord, etc 12mo Bost. 2 00 

c. Warner. My Summer in a Garden 12mo Bost. t 00 

6. Whipple, E. P. Essays and Reviews, 2 v.l2mo Bost. 3 00 

Success and its Conditions 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Literature and Life 12mo Bost. 1 50 


Whipple. Cliarac, and Characteristic Men.l2ino Bost. $175 
c. Works complete, 6 vols 12mo Bost. 8 00 

a. Wilson, Prof. John. Essays, 1 vol 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

c. Noctes Ambrosiana, G vols. . . Bvo N. Y. 10 50 

Recreations of Christ. North, 2 v. Lon. 12s. 

Willis, N. P. Rural Essays & other Works, 

12 vols. . . .12mo N. Y. ea, 1 75 
Etching. — [See Engraving.'] 
Ethics. — [See Moral Science.] 

Ethnology. — [See also Darwinism, Geography, Natural 

b. Argyll, Duke of. Primaeval Man 12mo Lond. 1 50 

Baldwin, J. D. Pre-historic Nations 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

1). Brace, C. L. The Races of Men Bvo N. Y. 2 50 

Cobbell,Prof.J.L. The Unity of Mankind . 8vo N. Y. 1 25 

Denison, W. The Antiquity of Man 8vo Lond. 

Earle. Races of Indian Archipelago. Lon. 8vo 10s. Cd. 

a. Figuier. Primitive Man. Illustrated. . . Bvo N. Y. 4 00 
6. Guyot. Earth and Man 12mo Bost, 1 75 

b. Huxley, Prof. Man's place in Nature Bvo N. Y. 1 50 

Origin of Species Bvo N. Y. 1 25 

Knox. The Races of Men Bvo Lond. 4 00 

Latham. Native Races of Russian Empire. Bvo Lond. 3 00 

Natural Hist, of Varieties of Man. Bvo Lon. 21s. 

c. Lesley, J. P. Man's Origin & Destiny Bvo Phila. 4 00 

a. Marsh, G. P. Man and Nature Bvo N. Y. 3 00 

c. Moore, G. D. The First Man and his place 

in Creation. 1866. , . . Bvo Lond. 

Nott «Si Gliddon. Indigenous Races r. Bvo Phila, 5 00 

c. ■■ Types of Mankind r. Bvo Phila. 5 00 

Page,W. Man : Where,Wlience,Whither? 

Edinburgh 12mo 3s. 6d. 

Pickering. The Races of Man 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Colored 12mo Bohn. 3 75 

b. Prichard. Natural History of Man. Illus. 

2 volumes r. 8vo Lond. 11 50 

Six Ethnographical Maps folio Lond. 6 00 

Physical History of Mankind. 

5 vols. London Bvo 82s. 

Thorns, W. J. The Longevity of Man... Bvo Lond. 

a. Tylor.E.B. Early Hist, of Mankind. Lon. Bvo 12s. 

b. Primitive Culture, 2 vols Bvo Lond. 12 00 

Wilson, Dr. D. Pre-historic Man Bvo Lond. 5 00 

Woad, J. G. Uncivilized Races Svo Lond, 

b. Natural Hist, of Man, 2 vols. r. Svo Lond. 14 00 

Etiquette — Social Life and Customs. 

Art of Conversation , , . . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Bazaar. Book of Decorum 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

Calvert, Geo. H. The Gentleman 16mo Bost. 1 25 

b. Chesterfield. Letters to his Son, etc 12mo Phila. 1 50 


Etiquette for Gentlemen, 75c. ; for Ladies.lSmo N. Y, $ 75 

a. Habits of Good Society 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Hartley, Flor. Ladies' Book of Etiquette, 

Hand i3ook of Etiquette 18mo N. Y. 75 

Hervey. Principles of Courtesy 12mo N. Y. 150 

Rhetoric of Conversation 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

&. Lieber, Dr. The Character of the Gentle- 
man 12mo Phila. 75 


Dennis, Geo. Cities and Cemeteries of 

Etruria, 2 vols 8vo Lon. 42s. 

Gray, Mrs. History of Etruria, 2 vols 12mo Lon. 24s. 

Tour to the Sepulchres of Etruria.l2mo Lon. 21s. 

Evidences of Christianity. 

6. Barnes, Rev. Albert. Evidences of Cliristi.l2mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. Butler, Bp. Analogy of Religion 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

5. Chalmers, Thos. Evidences of Christ'y, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 2 50 

Dodge, E. Evidences of Christianity 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Gregory, Olinthus. Evidences of Christ'y. 12mo Bohn. 1 75 

a. Keith, Evidences of Christianity 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Lardner. Credibility of the Gospel Hist,, 2 v,12mo Lon, 7s, 
Lord, Rev, C. E. Evidences of Natural and 

Revealed Religion 8vo Phila. 3 50 

Paley, Evidences of Christianity 18mo N, Y. 75 

5. Potter, Bp, A. Evidences of Christianity. 8vo Phila. 2 50 
5. Rawlinson, Historic Truth of the Sacred 

Records 12mo Bost. 175 

Watson. Apology for the Bible 18rao N. Y. 60 

VVhately, Archb, Evidences of Christ'y, .12mo N, Y. 
Europe — Generally — Its History, — \8ee also GJdvalry, 
Crusades. Middle Ages : names of Countries, 
as England, France, etc.] 

b. Alison, Hist, of Europe. 1789-1815, 20 v,12mo Lond, 30 00 
a. The same, 4 vols : 8vo N, Y, 8 00 

Hist, of Europe. 1815-1852. 8 v. Lon. 27s, 

The same, 4 vols , . . . 8vo N. Y. 8 00 

History to 1815, abridged 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

a. Arnold, T, Lectures on Modern History. 8vo N. Y. 1 75 
Bury, Viscount, Exodus of the Western 

Nations, 2 vols 8vo Lon, 32s, 

b. Draper, J. W. Intellectual Development 

of Europe 8vo N, Y, 5 00 

b. Dyer. History of Modern Europe, 4 vols . 8vo Lon. 42s. 

The same, condensed 12mo N. Y. 

a. Greene. History of Middle Ages 12mo N, Y, 1 75 

Heeren, Political System of Europe, Lon, 8vo 14s, 
Michelet, Element." Mod. Hist, of Europe.l8mo N, Y. 75 

Raumer, F. Von, History of 16th and 17th 

Centuries, 2 vols. London, . . . 8vo 21s. 

a. Russell. History of Modern Europe, 3 vs. 8vo N. Y. 6 CO 
4 vs. 8vo Lond. 10 CO 


&, ScUegel, Lectures on Modern History. . . 12mo Bolin. $1 75 
Sewell & Yonge. European Hist., v. 1 & 2.13mo Lon. ea. 1 75 

b. Smyth. Lectures on Modern Hist., 2 vols. Bohn. 3 50 

Steinmetz, Hist. Mod. Europe, for Scliools.l2mo Lon. 5s. 

6. Taylor, W. C. Manual of Mod. History. 8vo N. Y. 2 25 

Europe — Travels in. — [See also England, France, etc.] 

a. Bellows, H. W. The Old World in a New 

Face, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

Colman, H. European Life and Manners. 

1850. 2 vols Bvo Bost. 

b. Darley, F. 0. C. Sketches Abroad Bvo N. Y. 3 50 

Durbin, J. J* Observations in Europe. 

1844. 2 vols. . . .12mo N. Y. 3 00 

b. Guild, Curtis. Over the Sea. TourinEu. 8vo Bost. 2 50 

c. Harper. Hand Book for Europe and East.l2mo N. Y. 5 00 

a. Longfellow. Outre Mer 12mo Bost. 1 50 

c. MacGregor. 1000 Miles in Rob Roy Canoe.lOmo Bost. 1 25 

Latrobe. Hints for Six Months in Europe.l2mo Phil. 1 50 
» Murray. Hand Books for Travellers, viz, : 
The Continent ; Northern Europe, 2 v., 
20s. 6d. ; Holland and Belgium ; North- 
ern Italy, 12s. ; Central Italy, 10s. ; 
Southern Italy, 10s. ; France, 12s. ; Sicily, 
12s. ; Switzerland, 10s. ; Turkey, 10s. ; 
Greece, 15s.; Spain, 2 v., 24s.; Portugal, 9s.l2mo Lond, 
a. Stephens, J. L. Greece, Turkey, Russia, 

etc., 2 volumes. . . .12mo N. Y. 3 00 

a. Taylor, Bayard. Views Afoot 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Greece and Russia 12rao N, Y. 1 50 

b. Northern Europe 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. By- Ways of Europe. . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Wallace, H. B. Art and Scenery in Europe. 12mo Phila. 2 00 
Ware, Wm. European Capitals. 1851. .12mo Bost. 100 
*:|.* Many other books of Travel, now o. p. 

Exercises. — [See Athletic Sports, Gymnastics, etc.] 

Extravaganciiss and Superstitions. — [See Superstitions, 

Demonology, etc.] 
Extracts. — [See Quotations.] 


Fables. Illustrated, 8vo, |2 ; do. N. Y. 3 00 

Illustrated by Griset 4to 5 00 

a. Bewick. Fables, with his own wood-cuts . 8vo L. & N. 3 00 

Bidpai, Fables of . By Knatchbull Bvo Lond. 3 50 

Gay, John. Fables. Illustrated. Lond.lGmo 4s. 6d. 

Krilof and his Fables '. Bvo L. & N. 2 50 

a. La Fontaine. Fables. Trans, by Wright. Bvo N. Y. 3 00 

b. Illustrated by Dor^. ....... 4to Lond. 15 00 

Northcote. Artists' Book of Fables. Lon.l2mo 6s. 

a. Pilpay. Fables. Illustrated. .., 12mo N. Y. 1 50 


Facetiae. — [See Humorous Works.] 

Fairy Tales and Legends. — [See also Juveniles.] 

a. Andersen, Hans C. Fairy Storv B'ks, 4 v. (Miller) ca. $1 25 
a. Wonder Stories 12mo N. Y. 3 35 

Croker. Fairy Legends of South Ireland.l2mo Lon. 5s. 
Frere. Old Deccan Days (Hindoo Fairy L.)12ino Phil. 1 50 

b. Grimm, Bros. German Popular Stories. .12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Household Stories 12rao N. Y. 2 75 

Hamilton, Count. Fairy Tales 12mo Bohn. 1 75 

a. Hawthorne N. The Wonder Book 16mo Bost. 150 

b. Keightley. Fairy Mythology 12mo Lond. 2 25 

Kingslev. Greek Fairy Tales 12mo Lond. 1 50 

a. Kingsley. The Water Babies 12mo Bost. 1 75 

b. Laboulaye. Fairy Tales of all Nations.. .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Family. — [See Marriage.] 

Farming. — [See Agriculture.] 

Female Education. — [See Education.] 

Fiction. — [See also Fables, Fairy Tales, Juvenile Legends.] 

History of Fiction. 

a. Dunlop, J. History of Fiction 8vo Lond. 3 50 

Forsyth. Novels and Novelists of 18th Cent. L. 10s. 6d. N. 1 50 
Jeaffreson. Novels & Novelists, 2 v. Lon.l2mo 2 Is. 

b. Masson. British Novelists . 8vo Lond. 2 00 

Fiction — Novels, — [Author's names arranged alphabetically,] 

[This classification of Fiction is naturally made on a some- 
what different basis from that of the remainder of the list. Any 
classification is necessarily arbitrary and incomplete, and we sub- 
mit this as merely suggestive, and without ainy claims to finality 
or infallibility. No standard can be adopted which, however 
true for the larger portion of the works classified, will not be 
open to criticism for its arrangement of many books, concerning 
which opinions are divided, or whose position in the scale is 
naturally doubtful. We have endeavored in our distribution to 
follow the opinions of the best critics, and the judgment of the 
better class of readers. The number of works of fiction is so 
enormous, and is increasing so rapidly from year to year, that it 
would be hardly possible to compile any catalogue without omis- 
sions and deficiencies. We trust, however, that in our list, these 
may not be found numerous or important. 

In our classification we have divided Avorks of Fiction into three 
classes. The first class contains those which, from their acknowl- 
edged literary merit, or from their value in representing some 


important historical period, social movement, or phase of thought, 
have come to be regarded as belonging to standard literature. 

The second contains the books that come under the designation 
of good novels, and which can be recommended to the readers of 
fiction ; and in the third we have inserted those that we consider 
less desirable, but which may, in most cases, be added without 
detriment to an extended collection of fiction. It is bj no means 
certain, however, that all of these are even worth reading ; pos- 
sibly some may be positively mischievous. 

The names of the authors, the majority of whose works belong 
to the first class, are marked a. The authors of the second class 
& ; and those of the third, c. As in many cases, however, the 
works of one author are of varying merit and value, and would 
naturally come under different classes, we have used a further 
designation for the books themselves. Those in the first class 
are marked with two " stars ;" those in the second with one, and 
those in the third have been inserted without " star." 

When it is considered that the English press alone turns out 
some three hundred novels every year ; and on our side, includ- 
iilg the " yellow-covered," we manufacture nearly as many more, 
it is obvious that even the long list which we give here is merely 
a selection from the vast mass of " fiction " now afloat, and indi- 
cates only those books which have been most generally recog- 
nized as (more or less) worth reading. But even this list com- 
prises a great deal more than any library, private or public (less 
than the British Museum), is likely to want. Those who select 
the books indicated by ** in this list will be reasonably secure of 
having the best works of fiction now in the market.] 

fc. About. (French.) 

The Fellah. Translated 12mo Lond. 9s. 

* King of tlie Mountains 16mo Lond. Is. 

Man with Broken Ear 16mo N. Y. $1 25 

* Tolla 12mo Edinb. 2s. 

Germaine ; Nose of a Notary 

&. Aguilar, Grace. 

Days of Bruce, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

* Home Influence 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Home Scenes and Heart Studies 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Mother's Recompense .12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Vale of Cedars 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Woman's Friendship l2mo N. Y. 1 00 

Women of Israel, 2 vols ". . . 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

c. Aimard, G. ('* Sensational " Novels.) 

Gold Seekers, Indian Chief & 6 others . . 12mo Phila. ea. 75 


c. Ainsworth, W. H. (Sensational ?) 

Flitch of Bacon, Jack Shepliard, *Jas. ^ 

II., Lancashire Witches, Merwyn ip j e. m 

Clithero, * Rookwod, Spendthrift, \ ^^'^^ ^«^- ^«- ^ ^^ 
* The Tower ; 8 vols J 

His Novels, 16 vols, bound in 8 vols. . .16mo Lond. 13 00 

a. Alcott, Louisa M. 

* Hospital Sketches 12mo Bost. 1 50 

* Little Men, $1.50. * * Little Women, 2 v.lOmo Boat. 3 00 

* Moods ; 13mo Bost. 1 50 

* Old Fashioned Girl 12mo Bost. 1 50 

* Three I'roverb Stories 16mo Bost. 75 

* Morning Glories 16mo N. Y. 1 50 

AUston, Washington. 

Monaldi 12mo Bost. 1 50 

b. Ames, Mary Clemmer. 

* Eirene ; A Story of New England 8vo N. Y. 1 25 

a. Andersen, H. C. 

** Improvisatore 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

* OnlvaFiddler 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

* 0. F 12moN. Y. 1 75 

* Two Baronesses 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Appleton's Library of Romance, 17 vols. . 8vo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

Library of Choice Novels, 23 v., paper. ea. 60 

** Arabian Nights Entertainments, Lane's 

Translation, 2 vols. . . 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

c. Arthur, T. S. Forty-two Works Phila. 

a. Auerbach, Berthold. 

* Barefooted Maiden 12mo Lond. 6s. 

** Black Forest Stories 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

* German Tales 16mo Bost. 1 00 

** On the Heights 16mo Bost. 2 00 

* Professor's Wife Lond 12mo 2s. 6d. 

* Villa on the Rhine, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

* Villa Eden (same as above) l^mo Bost. 2 00 

* Edelweiss 16mo Bost. 1 00 

a. Austen, Jane. 

** Emma ; ** Mansfield Park ) 

** Pride and Prejudice [• 12mo Bost. ea. 1 75 

** Sense and Sensibility, 4 vols ) 

c. Austen, Mrs. J. G. 

Cipher, 8vo, N. Y., $1.50 ; Moloch Mount. 8vo N. Y. 1 50 
Azeglio, M. d'Ettore. Fieramosca 16mo Bost. 

b. Baker, W. M. * The New Timothy 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Balzac, H. De. 

** Alchemist, The 

* Caesar Birotteau 

* Petty Annoyances of MaiTied Life. . . . 

(And others.) 

c. Banim, J. Works. (Sadlier). 12 vols.. .12mo N. Y.ea. 1 50 

b. Baring-Gould. * In Exitu Israel 12mo L. & N. 1 50 

a. Beckford, W. Vathek, an Oriental Tale. .16mo N. Y. 125 


&. Beecher, H. W. * Norwood 12mo N. Y. $1 50 

c. Bird, R. M. {Out ofpHnt) 

Calavar, 12mo, $2 ; Nick of Woods 12mo Phila. 2 00 

Hawk Hollow, Peter Pilgrim, Infidel. . 12mo Pliila. 
a. Bjornsen, B. (Swedish Novelist). 

**Arne, 12mo, $1.00. Fislier Maiden 16mo N. Y. 125 

* Happy Boy 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Love and Life in Norway 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

h. Black, W. 

* In Silk Attire, * Kilmeny, * Love and^ 

Marriage, *Mincing Lane, *Daugli- >■ 8vo N. Y. ea. 50 

ter of Heth, paper ) 

c. Blessington, Lady. 5 Novels (now passe). 

**Blindpits. A Story of Scottish Life. . .12mo N. Y. 1 75 
a. Boccacio. **Tlie Decameron. 10 days Ent.l2mo Bohn. 1 75 
h. Bolte, Amely (German). Mad. De Stael . . 12mo N. Y. 150 
h. Borrow, Geo. 

* Lavengro, * Romany Rye 8vo N. Y. ea. 50 

Bound to John Company, paper 8vo N. Y. 75 

c. Braddon, Miss. (Sensational ?) 

* Aurora Floyd, Black Band, Birds of Prey, ~ 

Markham, Diavolo, Doctor's Wife, Elea- 
nor, H. Dunbar, Marchmont, * Lady each 
Audley's Secret, Lady Lisle, Only a Clod, J-Svo N. Y. 75 
Rupert Godwin, Sir Jasper, Lovells of (paper.) 
Arden (1871), and some others not re- 


I. Bradley (" Cuthbert Bede"). 

* Adventures of Verdant Green 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Bremer, Fredrika. 

* Fathers and Daughters, * Four Sis-) -,o,v,^ t)^,?i .^ i ka 

ters, ** Home, ** The Neighbors. \ ^^^"^ ^^^^^ ^^- ^ ^^ 

The same, 4 vols 12mo Bohn. 7 00 

4 vols., paper 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

* President's Daughter, Every Dav Life, / o ^ -vr v />/y ^yK 

* Parsonage of Mora, Midnight Sun. . f ®^° ^- ^- ^^'- ^^ 

* H. Family, 50c.; Nina, 50c 8vo N. Y. 

c. Brewster, Anne M. H. (Phila.) 

Compensation 12mo Phila. 1 75 

St. Martin's Summer 

a. Bronte, Charlotte (" Currer Bell '). 

**Jane Eyre, ** Professor, ** Shirley, ) io^,^ xr v „^ i ka 

**Villette f ^^^^^ ^- ^- ^^' ^ ^^ 

h. Bronte, Anne.' " TenanVof WiidfellHaii. . . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Bronte, Emily. 

Agnes Grey and Wuthering Heights. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

c. Brooke, H. (An old writer.) 

Fool of Quality, 2 vols 12mo Lon. 21s. 

b. Brooks, Shirley. 

* Aspen Court, paper, 50c.;* Silver Cord. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

* Gordian Knot, 50c.; * Sooner or Later. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 


c. Broughton, Rhoda. 

Red as a Rose is She paper. 8vo N. Y. $ 60 

* Cometh up as a Flower paper. Svo N. Y. 60 

c. Brown, Chas. Brockedon. (Early American writer.) 

Arthur Merwyn, Edgar Huntley J io«,^ t5i ;i„ a i^n 

Jane Talbot, OrmondTwieland, 6 v! \ ^^mo Phila. 6 00 

a. Brown, John, M. D. ** Marjorie Fleming. . IGmo Bost. 25 

Brunton, Mary. (Early English Writer.) 

Discipline, Self Control ea.\2nio o. p. 

Bulwer. — \^See Li/tton.] 

a. Burney, Miss. ** Evelina 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

* Cecilia, * The Wanderer, o. p 

b. Carlen, Emilie (Swedish). 

* Brothers, 25c. ; Home in Valley, 50c. ; "] 

* Ivar, 50c. ; John, 25c. ; Lovers' [ r, -vr v 
Stratagem, 50c.; Woman's Life, [ ®^'° ^^- ^• 
75c. ; Seven more o. p., paper J 

6. Carleton, Wm. 

* Traits & Stories of Irish Peasantry, 2 v. Svo L. & N. 6 00 

a. Carlyle, T. 

**Specim's of German Romance. Trans.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 

b. Cary, Alice. 

* Clovernook, * Married Not Mated, .cm. 12mo N. Y. 

The Bishop's Son 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. Cervantes. 

**Don Quixote, 1 vol. $1.50. 4 vols 12mo Bost. 5 00 

Illustrated. Various editions. 4to Lond. 3 75 

c. Chamier, Capt. Ben Brace. Life of Sailor. Lon. ea. 80 

a. Chamisso, A. Von. ** Peter Schlemihl. 

b. Charles, Mrs. 

**Chroniclesof Schonberg Cotta Family. . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

* Diary of Kitty Trevelyan 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

* Davenants and Draytons 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

* Early Dawn 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

* Both Sides of the Sea 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

* Winfred Bertram 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Victory of the Vanquished 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Cripple of Antioch 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

Martyrs of Spain. 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

Sketches of Christianity 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

Two Vacations 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

c. Charlotte, Elizabeth. Works, 12 vols. . . N. Y. 

a. Chateaubriand. 

* Atala, * Aben Uamet, ^"^ The Martyrs. . Lond. 
6. Chesebro, Caroline. 

* Foe in the Household 12mo Bost. 

* Beautiful Gate, Dreamland, Isa, Philly \ 

and Kit, Victoria, Amy Carr \ 

Peter Carradine 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

b. Chubbock, Emily (Fanny Forrester). 

Alderbrook, 2 vols 


Church, Mrs. Ross (Florence "Marryatt). 

* For Ever and Ever, Girls of Feversliam, ) each 

Love's Conflict, Too Good for Him, >• 8vo Bost. 75 
Woman agst. Woman, Veronique. . ) paper. 

* Prey of the Gods, Poison of Asps., ea. 8vo N.Y.&P. 30 
Her Lord and Master, Gerald Estcourt, ) t ^ 

Petronel, Temper [ ^^^^• 

Clarke, C. 

* Mademoiselle Mori 12mo Bost. 1 50 

* On the Edge of the Storm 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Clarke, Mary Cowden. 

■'^ The Iron Cousin Lond . 12mo 80c. and 1 50 

Clemens, J, 

The Rivals, Bernard Lile, and others, 4 v,12mo Phila. 5 50 
Cockton, Henry. Valentine Vox .. Lon. 80c. 8vo Phila. 2 00 

(And six others.) 
Collins, Mortimer. 

* Marquis 'and Merchant ; Vivian 8vo N. Y. ea. 50 

Collins, Wilkie. 

* After Dark, 8vo, |1 ; *Armadale, 8vo, |2 ; *Antonina, 

8vo, 50c.; * Basil, 16mo, 60c.; *"=<- Dead Secret, 
12mo, $1.75; *Hide and Seek, 8vo, $1; *Man 
and Wife, 8vo, $1.50 ; * Moonstone, 8vo, $2 ; ** No 
Name, 8vo, $2; * Queen of Hearts, 8vo, $1.50; 

* Sister Rose, 8vo, 25c. ; * Stolen Mask, 8vo, 25c. ; 
** Woman in White, 8vo, $2; •^- Yellow Mask, 
8vo, 25c. N. Y. 

Constance Aylmer, a Tale of 17th Century.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
Conscience, Hendrick. (Flemish Novelist). 

* Tales of Flemish Life (and 8 others). .16mo Bost. • 75 
Cooke, J. Esten (of Va.). 

Henry St. John and other Novels, 4 vs.l2mo N.Y. ea. 1 50 
Cooper, Fenimore. 

Novels, complete, 32 vols., fine ed., $72.12mo N. Y. 40 00 
Each Work separate (fine ed., $2.25). .12mo N. Y. 1 25 
Viz. : "" Spy, Crater, Pilot, Red Rover, Precaution, 
Lincoln, Mohicans, Pathfinder, Deerslayer, Mer- 
cedes, Admirals, Wing and Wing, Wyandotte, 
Afloat and Ashore, Prairie, Pioneers, Wishton- 
wish. Homeward Bound, Home as Found, Water- 
witch, Bravo, Heidenmauer, Headsman, Monikins, 
Wallingford, Chainbearer, Satanstoe, Red-skins, - 
Jack Tier, Sea Lions, Oak-Openings, Ways of 

the Hour 

**The Sea Tales (separately) 10 vols, (fine ed., $22.50.) 12 50 
**Leather Stocking Tales, 5 vols, (fine ed., $11.25.) 6 25 

Cottin. * Elizabeth, or Exiles of Siberia. .32mo N. Y. 50 

Craik, Mrs. (Dinah Muloch.) 

* Agatha's Husband, paper, 50c. ; ** ABrave^ 

Lady, $1.50 ; * Christian's Mistake, $1.50 ; ! ^ ^ 

* Head of Family, 75c. ; ^* John Halifax, [ ^ ' ^ ' 
$1.50 ; * Life for Life, $1.50. J 


a. Craik, Mrs. (Dinah Muloch.) 

* Mistress and Maid, 50c.; **Noble Life, $1.50 ; ^ 

**Ogilvies, 50c.; * Olive, 50c.; * Two 

Marriages, $1.50 ; * Unkind Word, $1.50 ; 

** Woman's Kingdom, $1 ; * Faith Un- \ N. Y. 

win, 60c. ; * Leslie Tyrrell, 60c. ; * Lost 

and Won, 60c. ; * Mildred, 50c. ; * Ester 

Hill ; Hannah (1871), 8vo , , 

1). Craven, Mrs. A. 

* Anne Severin, $1.25 ; ** Sister's Story. . . 12mo N. Y. $2 50 

a. Croly, Rev. Geo. * Salathiel, 3 vols 12mo Lond. 

c. Crouch, Julia. * Three Successful Girls.. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 
6. Cummings, Miss M. S. 

* El Fureidis, $1.75; -"'Haunted Hearts,) ^o^^ -r,-_x 

* Lamp Lighter, $1.75 ; Mabel Vaughan. [ ^'^^^ ^^^^' 

b. Curtis, G.W. [See JSsmys.] * Trumps. .12rao N. Y. 2 00 

c. Dasent, G. W. 

* Gisle, the Outlaw Bvo L. & P. 3 50 

* Popular Tales from the Norse 12mo L. & P. 1 50 

b. Davis, L. C. (Phila.) * The Stranded Ship. . 16mo N. Y. 75 

b. Davis, Mrs. R. H. (Phila.) 

* Dallas Galbraith 8vo Phila. 2 00 

**Margaret Howth 12mo Bost. 1 25 

* Waiting for the Verdict 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

a. De Foe. ** Robinson Crusoe (16mo, $1.50) . 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

b. De Forest, J. W. SeaclifF 12mo Bost. 

* Miss Ravenel's Conversion 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Kate Beaumont : Southern Society 12mo Bost. 

De la Rame, Julia. The " Ouida" Novels. (Sensational.) 

Beatrice Boville, $1.75; Rand. Gordon. 12mo Phila. 175 

Granville de Vigne, Puck, Strath-^ i2mo Pbil Pr, 2 00 

more, Tricotrin, Under Two Flags, j: ^^"^"^ Phil. e«.. ^ 00 

c. DeMille. J. 

Crvptogram 8vo N. Y. 2 Od 

Cord and Cheese 8vo N. Y. 75 

* Lady of the Ice 8vo N. Y. 1 25 

c. De Leon, T. C. Askaros Kassis, the Copt . 12mo Phila. 150 

a. De Stael, Madame. 

**Corinne,12mo N. Y., $1.75; **Delphine.l2mo N. Y. 

b. De Witt, Madame. 

* French Country Family. *Motherless.l2mo N, Y. ea. 1 50 

c. De Vere. The Great Empress, a portrait. . 12mo Phila. 1 75 
a. Dickens, 

**Complete Works, Globe edition, 15vols.l2mo N. Y. 22 00 

Household ed., 55 vs.l2mo N. Y. 54 00 

— Riverside, ed., 28 vs.l2mo N. Y. 54 00 
Chas. Dickens ed., 15 v.l2mo Bost. 22 00 
Diamond ed., 15 vols. 16mo Bost. 22 00 
Plum Pudding ed., 6 v.l2mo N. Y. 10 50 

Separate Works, in cloth ea. 1 50 

in paper ea. abt. 30 

Viz. : Nickleby, Old Curiosity and Part 1 Sketches, 


a. Dickens, Separate works, in paper ea. abt. % 80 

Barnaby Rudge, Sketches, Chuzzlewit, Dombey, 
Oliver Twist & Great Expectations, Copperfield, 
Two Cities and Hard Times, Bleak-House, Little 
Dorrit, Christmas Stories, American Notes and 
Italy, Mutual Friend, Pickwick, Uncommercial 
and Humphrey's Clock, Nickleby, Edwin Drood. 

c. Dickinson, Anna E. What Answer? 12mo Bost, 150 

&. Dinglestedt. ** The Amazon. Trans.. .12mo N, Y. 100 

a. D'Israeli, Novels Complete, 6 vols 12mo Lond. 15 00 

**Coningsby,*Cont. Fleming, Henrietta ") 

Temple. * Sybil, ** Tancred, * Ve- I ^""J^ ^ ^^ 

netia, *Vivian Grey, *Alroy, Young f ^- ®^^ ^' ^- ^^' ^" 
Duke J 

* Lothair 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

**Dorothy Fox. (By Mrs. Parr.) 12mo N. Y. 

c. Douglas, Amanda. 

* With Fate against Him 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

(Four others.) 
a. Droz, Gustave. 

** Around a Spring 8vo N. Y. 75 

c. Drury, Ann H. Eastbury 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Misrepresentation 8vo N. Y. 1 00 

h. Dumas, Alex. Count of Monte Cristo, 2 v.l2mo Lond. 1 50 
Three Musketeers ; 20 Years After. . .12mo Lond. ea. 1 00 

Margaret de Valois 12mo Lond. 1 00 

Brageloue, 2 vols Lond. 2 50 

(48 stories in all — chiefly in 8vo, paper, Phila.) 
&. Ebers. The Daughter of an Egyptian 

King. Trans, by Reed 12mo Phila. 1 75 

h. Eden, Emily. * Semi-Detached House . . 

* Semi- Attached Couple 12mo Bost. 1 25 

a. Edgeworth, Maria 

**Tales and Novels, 20 vols, in 10 12mo N. Y. 15 00 

The same, 10 vols 12mo L.&B. 15 00 

J). Edwards, Amelia B. * Barbara's Hist. 

* Debenham's Vow, 75c. ; *Half a Mil- 

lion, 75c. ; *Hand and Glove, 50c. ; i q xr v 
* Ladders of Life, 50c.; * Miss [ ^^^ ^^' ^• 
Carew, 50c. ; * My Brother's Wife, | 

50c. ; * The Sylvestres j 

&. Edwards, Mrs. Annie. 

**Archie Lovell (Lond. 12mo, $1) 8vo N. Y. 1 75 

* Stephen Lawrence, ** Susan Fielding . 8vo N. Y. «a. 2 00 

* Ought We to Visit Her 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

h. Edwards, Miss M. Betham. 

* Doctor Jacobs, ICmo, $1 ; Kitty. ..... 8vo N. Y. 50 

* The Outcasts. Illustrated 8vo Phila. 

Eiloart, Mrs. Cris. Faiilie's Boyhood. . 

Curate's Discipline, 50c ; From ThistlBS. 8vo N. Y. 50 

Eliot, Geo. {See Lewes, Mrs.l 
Elliott, C. W. Wind and Whirlwind. . . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 


c. Ellis, Mrs. 

Hearts and Homes 12mo N. Y. $1 50 

Home or Iron Ri4le 13mo N. Y. 1 50 

Look at the End paper. 8vo N. Y. 50 

(8 other Works, not reprinted.) 

* Episodes in an Obscure Life. . .paper. . 8vo Phila. 75 
a. Erckmann — Chatrian. (Frencli authors, trans.) 

**Blockade, ** Conscript, * Madame j 

Therese. ** Waterloo, * Plebiscite, i 16mo N. Y. ea. 90 

Invasion of France ) 

Evans, Augusta J. [See Wilson, Mrs.] 

Fair Harvard ; a story of College Life 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Farjeon, B, L. 

*^rif, 30c. ; * Joshua Marvel, paper. ... 8vo N. Y. 40 

c. Fay, Theo. S. * Norman Leslie 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Countess Ida ; Hoboken, o. p. 

a. Fenelon. *Telemachus 13mo N. Y. 2 00 

c. Ferrier, Miss. Marriage, 80c. Inheritance.l2mo Lond. 60 

&. Feuillet, A. 

* Romance of a Poor Young Man 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Fielding. Whole works 1 v. 8vo, $5 ; or 10 v. 8vo Lond. 40 00 

** Amelia, 12mo $1.50. * Tom Jones, 2v.l2mo N. Y. 2 75 

* Joseph Andrews 16mo Lond. 80 


Wild Love, 12mo ; ** Aslauga's ^ 
Knight, 5s. 6d. ; * Minstrel Love, I i a 

4s. ; *Magic Ring, 43. : *Sir Elidve, f ^°^^- 

'J's J 

* Theodolph, $1.50 ; **Undine & Sintram.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 
c. Eraser, J, B. Kuzzilbash (and two others).o.p. Lond. 

c. " Foxton, E." Agnes Wentworth 12mo Phila. 1 50 

a, Freytag. 

**I)ebit & Credit, $1.50 ; Lost MSS., pa.^YO N. Y. 75 

* Friends and Acquaintances. By Author 

of Episodes of Obscure Life 8vo Phila. 

6. Fullerton, Lady Georgiana. 

Constance Sherwood, 2 vols. ; * Ellen ) h p_ x • .^ ». en 
Middleton; * Lady Bird, 2 v., paper, j" ^^^'^ Leip.m.^. 60 

* Mrs. Gerald's Niece, paper 8vo N. Y. 60 

* Stormy Life, 8vo $1.50 ; Too Strange. 8vo N. Y. 1 50 
&. Gait, John (Scotch Novelist). 

* Annals of the Parish, * Provost, The ) t ^ o ra 

Entail, Sir A. Wylie \ ^°^^- *^- ^^' ^^' 

Laurie Todd 12mo Lond. 3s. 6d. 

c. Garibaldi (Italian Patriot). 

The Rule of the Monk, paper 8vo N. Y. 50 

a. Garrett, Edward. 

**The Crust of the Cake 12mo Lond. 1 75 

**Occupations of a Retired Life 12mo Lond. 1 75 

&. Garrett, Edw. & Ruth. 

* White as Snow 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

* Quiet Miss Godolphin 16mo Phila. 75 


a. Gaskell, Mrs. 

**Cranford, 1.25 ; *Dark Night, paper, 

50c. ; ** Mary Barton, paper, oOc. ; 

*Lady Ludlow, 25c. ; **Nortli and 

South, 50c. ; *Right at Last, $1.50; 1- 8vo N. T. 

*-^-Ruth,2 v.(Tauch.), $1.20; **Syl- 

via and Lovers, 75c. ; ** Wives and 

Daughters, Illust., $2 00 ^ 

&. Gautier, T. Romance of the Mummy.' . 8vo N. T. 
&. Gerstaecker, F. (German.) 

Feathered Arrow, 2s. 6d. ; Two Convicts.l2mo Lond, 2s. 

* Frank Wildmew 18mo Bost. 

* How a Bride was Won Svo N. Y. $1 50 

c. Gilbert, W. De Profundis, 2 v., 12s. Dr. \ 

Austin, 6s. ; Golds worthy Family, 2 >• Lond. 

v., 21s. ; The Wizard, 21s ) 

* King George's Middy 12mo Bost. 2 50 

Monomaniac 9 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

* Struggle in Ferrara Svo Phila. 1 50 

&. Girardin, Madame (French). 

* Marguerite ; Stories of Old Maid 

&. Godwin, Wm. * Caleb Williams 16mo N. Y. 37 

c. Gleig, Rev. L. 

* The Subaltern ; The Hussar (2 others) . 12mo Lond. 80 
a. Goethe. * Elective Affinities ) io^«t^ a 1 nK 

* Sorrows of Werter \ ^^^^^ ^^^^- ^ ^^ 

**Wilhelm Meister, 2 vols 12mo Bost. 3 50 

a. Goldsmith. The Vicar of Wakefield 12mo Phila. 1 00 

c. Gore, Mrs. Abednego, the Money Lender. Svo Phil, 50 

(28 more novels, Svo, paper, Phila.) 
c. Grant, Jag. Scottish Cavalier (15 more). ,12mo Lond. ea. 80 
c. Grattan, T. C. Heiress of Bruges (and 3 more), o.p. 

b. Greek Romances of Heliodorus, Longus, 

* Achilles Tatius, 1 vol 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

c. Grey, Mrs. The Gambler's Wife (17 more), 

paper Svo N. & P. 

b. Griffin, Gerald. Works, 10 vols 12mo N. Y. 12 GO 

a. Grimm (German). Household Stories 12mo Bost. 2 50 

b. Guerazzi, F. D. * Beatrice Cenci 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

* Isabella 12mo N. Y. 

b. Gutzkow, Karl (Russian), 

* Through Night to Light 12mo Lond. 3s. 6d. 

b. Hacklander. * Clara 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

* Enchanting and Enchanted 12mo Phila. 1 25 

a. Hale, E. E. 

* If, Yes, and Perhaps, **Sybaris,*Ten) ^q -r^ . ,„ . ^a 

m- r\ Y-v. T 1 n r 12mo Bost. ea. 1 oO 

Times One, ** Ingham Papers. . . . ) 

Halifax, Jno., Author of, [Sec Craik.] 

a. Haliburton, T, C. 

**The Clockmaker, or Sam Slick, ...... .12mo N. Y. 1 25 

* Old Judge, paper Svo N. Y. 75 

* Nature and Human Nature. ... 


b. Hall, Mrs. S. C. 

Tales of Woman's Trials, paper 8vo N. Y. $ 75 

Midsummer's Eve, Whiteboy, paper. . 8vo N, Y. ea. 50 

* Sketches of Irish Character r. 8vo Lond. 8s. 

* Stories of Irish Peasantry 12mo Lond. 2s. 6d. 

Uncle Horace, 8s. ; Marian 12mo Lond. 2s. 

Can Wron^ be Right ? 2 vols 12mo Lond. 21s, 

Groves of Blarney, Harry O'Reardon. . Lond. 

c. Hannay, D. Ned Allen, paper 8vo N. Y. 50 

c. Hamilton, Capt. Cyril Thornton.. . ro. p.. 12mo N. Y. 

b. Hamley, E. B. 

**Lady Lee's Widowhood, paper 8vo N. Y. 50 

b. Hardy, Lady. * Daisy Nichol, paper 8vo N. Y. 50 

" Harland, Marion." [See Terhune, Mrs.] 
b. Harrington, F. 

* Inside ; a Chronicle of Secession 12mo X. Y. 1 75 

b. Harris, Miriam, Mrs. 

" Rutledge" Novels, viz. : * Rutledgetl 

*St. Philip, *Sutherlands, *Frank I .;>^^ T^. ,. ^^ . -,^ 
Warrington,*Roundliearts, Louie's p"'"^^"^- ^-^^^ •■■ '^ 

Last Term, * Vandermarcke J 

Hartman, Last Days of a King 12mo Pliila. 1 25 

b. Harte, Bret. * Condensed Novels 12mo Bost. 150 

**Luck of Roaring Camp 12mo Bost. 1 50 

c. Hatton, Jos. * Christopher Kenrick 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Hawthorne. ** Blithedale Romance 12mo Bost. 1 50 

**House of Seven Gables 12mo Bost. 2 00 

**Marble Fawn ; Mosses 12mo Bost. ea. 2 00 

**Scarlet Letter and Blithedale, 2 v. in 1 . 12mo Bost. 2 00 

**Twice Told Tales. 2 vols, in 1 12mo Bost. 2 00 

(Posthumous work) 12mo Bost. 

b. Helps, Arthur. **Realmah 16mo Bost. 2 00 

c. Hentz, Caroline Lee. 

Planter's Northern Bride 12mo Phila. 1 75 

(Twelve others, each |1.75.) 

c. Herbert, H. W. Roman Traitor 12mo Phila. 1 75 

( " Brothers" and six others o. p.) 

b. Heyse, P. **Arabiata, etc., paper 16mo Leips. 60 

b. Higginson, T. W. Malbone ]2mo Bost. 1 50 

b. Hillorn, W. *Only a Girl 12mo Phila. 2 00 

b. Hoef er, E. * The Old Countess 12mo 1 00 

b. Hoffman, C. F. * Greyslaer, 1849,(d.p.) 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 
b. Hofland, Mrs, (Author of Juveniles also.) 

* Czarina, *Dan'l Denison, Unloved One. 8vo N. Y. pa. 50 

b. Hogg, James (" The Ettrick Shepherd"). 

* Brownie of Bodsbeck, paper 8vo N. Y. 

(Six other novels, Edinb. and Lond.) 

c. Holmes, Maria J. 

* Lena Rivers, Millbank, *Ethelyn's^ 

Mistake, Dora Deane, Darkness and V 12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Daylight, Tempest and Sunshine. . ) 
(And 8 others, same price.) 


b. Holmes, Oliver Wendell. 

* Elsie Venner, * Guardian Angel 12mo Bost.ea.$2 00 

b. Hood, Thos., * Tylney Hall 12mo Bost. 2 00 

c. Holland, J. G., * The Bay Patli 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Hook, Theo. 

Gilbert Gurney, Gurney Married, } t ^ j ^^ Oa 

* Sayings and Doings, Maxwell.. . \ ^^^^' ^^- '^^• 

All in Wrong, Widow and Marquis. . . Lon. ea. 1 00 

c. Hope, Thos. Anastasius 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

c. Howard, Edward. Old Commodore 8vo N, Y. 

Jack Ashore, Outward Bound, * Ratt- ) NY 

liu the Reefer, Sir H. Morgan f ^^ ' ^ ' 

b. Howitt, Mary. 

* Author's Daughter, paper 8vo N. Y. 25 

* Heir of West Wayland N. Y. 1 50 

* Peasant and Landlord N. Y. 1 50 

[See also Juveniles.^ 
b. Howitt, Wm. 

* Jack of the Mill, paper 8vo N. Y. 25 

Hall & Hamlet ; Woodburn Grange. . . Lond. 

a. Hughes, Thos. 

* Scouring of the White Horse 16mo Lond. 1 25 

**Tom Brown at Oxford & Rugby, 3 vols.l2mo Bost. 4 25 

pa. 2 vols. 8vo N. Y. 1 25 

a. Hugo Victor. 

Claude Gueux 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

**Hunchback of Notre Dame, paper. . . . 8vo N. Y. 75 

Man who Laughs 8vo N. Y. 1 50 

**Le3 Miserables 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

* Toilers of the Sea. Illust 8vo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Inchbald, Mrs. * Simple Story, paper. . . 8vo N. Y. 50 

c. Ingraham, J. H. La Fitte, Monterama, etc., 4 vols., o.p. 

* Prince of House of David 12mo Bost. 2 00 

* Throne of David 12mo Bost. 2 00 

* Pillar of Fire 12mo Bost. 2 00 

a. Irving, Washington. 

„ fw » f'-B ♦ '° "^ \ 12mo $3.33, or 2 50 

eller, -^ Wolf ert s Roost ) ' ^ ' 

b. James, G. P. R. 

Attila, Agnes Sorrel, Agincourt, Anah ^ 

Neil, A Whim, Arabella Stuart, ! 12mo bds. Lon. 50 
Beauchamp, Convict, Forest Days, [or 8vo pa. N. Y. 50 
Russell, Margaret Graham. . . .ea.j 

(25 other novels, 8vo., pa., N. Y., ea. 50c.) 

Club Book, De Lorme, Old School,^ 

* Gypsey, * Henry of Guise, * H. 
Masterton, Man at Arms, Chs. 
Tyrell, Jacquerie, Morley Ernstein, V 12mo N. Y. ea. 1 50 
One in a Thousand, * Phil. Augus- 
tus, Coeur de Lion, Ancient Re- 
gime, Robber, * Richelieu. 


h. James, G. P. R. 

* Huguenot, King's Highway, String of ') 

Pearls, Mary Burgundy, * Darnley, j- 13mo N. Y.ea.$l 50 

* Marst. Hall, Desultory Man J 

These can be had also in 16mo Leip., or 13mo bds, Lon. ea. 50 
c. Jeaffreson, I. C, 

* Olive Blake's Good Work, paper N. Y. 75 

Isabel, 12mo.,N.Y., $1.50; Live it Down. 8vo N. Y. 100 
Not Dead Yet 8vo N. Y. 1 75 

b. Jenkin, Mrs. C. * Madame de Beaupre. .16mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Two Fr. Marriages ;* Who Breaks Pays.l6mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Within an Ace 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

b. Jerrold, Douglas. Works, 4 vols 12mo Lond. 11 00 

c. Jewsbury, Miss. 

Constance Herbert; Zoe, paper 8vo N. Y. ««. 50 

Half Sisters, Adopted Child 16mo N. Y. ea. 1 00 

a. Johnson, Dr., * Rasselas. 32mo N. Y. 37 

b. Judd, S. * Margaret 16mo Bost. 1 50 

b. Kavanagh, Julia. 

Adele, Beatrice, *Daisy Burns, *Dora, ) 

* Grace Lee i" 13mo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

Madeleine, $1 ; Nathalie, Queen Mab.l3mo N. Y. ea. 1 00 
Rachael Gray, $1; *Seven Years, ''^Sybil.lSmo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

a. Kennedy, John P. 

**Horse Shoe Robinson 13mo NY. 3 00 

* Rob of Bowl, $2.00. * Swallow Barn.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 
Quodlibet 13mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Kimball, R.B. 

* St. Leger, To-Day, * Undercurrents, ) ^n ^ xt -v ^r, i r,K 

Was he Successful, * Student Life! \ ^^"^^ ^- ^- '^' ^ ^^ 

a. Kingsley, Charles. '^^ Alton Locke 12mo N. Y. 150 

* Hereward,**Hypatia,** Two Years j. ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^ .5 

Ago, * Amvas Leigh ) 

**Yeast .....' ;.12mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Kingsley, Henry. Austin Elliot 12mo Bost. 1 75 

* Hetty, paper Svo N. Y. 25 

* Silcotes, paper, Svo., 75c. Stretton,pa. Svo N. Y. 40 
The Harveys, 12mo Lon.; The Lost Child. 4to Lond. 1 50 

6. Laboulaye, E. * Abdallah 16mo Lond. 1 25 

b. Lamartine, A. * Genevieve, paper Svo N. Y. 25 

* My Youth, paper, 25c. Raphael 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

* Stone Mason of St. Point 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

c. Landon, Miss ( " L. E. L.") 

Ethel Churchill (and 4 others.) Lond. 

c, Lawrence, Geo. A. Anteros, 1 50. paper, Svo N. Y. 50 

Brakspeare, paper Svo N. Y. 50 

Breaking a Butterfly Svo Phila. 35 

Guy Livingstone, 12mo., Lond.,. $1.. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Maurice Dering, 50c. Sans Merci, pa. N. Y. 50 

Sword & Gown, paper N. Y. 35 


Lee, Holme. \8ee Parr, Harriet.'] 
Lee, Sophia k Harriet. 

**Canterbury Tales, 3 vols 12mo N. Y $6 75 

Le Fanu, S. 

All in tlie Dark, Guy Deverell, Lost ) q -vr v ka 

Name, * Tenants of Mallorj, paper, j" »vo JN . 1 . 5U 

* Uncle Silas, paper 8vo N. Y. 75 

LeSage. ** Gil Bias 12mo N. Y. 150 

Best Edition, 3 vols.l6mo Bost. 3 75 

Lever, Clias. Arthur O'Leary 12mo Lond 1 00 

**Charles O'Malley. 2 v. ; * Con Cregan.l2mo Lond. 1 00 

Barrington ; * H. Lorrequer 12mo Lond. 1 00 

Daltons, 2 v. $2.00. or 1 vol 12mo Lond. 1 50 

Dodd Family, $1.25 ; *Jack Hinton. ..12mo Lond. 1 00 
Kniglit ot Gwynne 12mo Lond. 2 00 

* Maurice Tierney 12mo Lond. 1 00 

* That Boy of Norcott's, paper 8vo N. Y, 25 

(And several others.) 
Lever. Works complete. Illus. 21 vols.l2mo L. & N. 50 00 
Lewes, Mrs. G. H. (George Elliot.) 

** Adam Bede, ** Felix Holt, **Mill on ) .^^^ t^ ^ .^ ryr. 
Floss, ** Romola, ** Silas Marner. \ ^'^^^ ^' ^- ^^- *^ 

Works, including above, 5 vols 12mo Bost. 5 00 

Lippard, Geo. Quaker City (and several 

others) Phila. 

Lockhart, J. G. Matthew Wald, etc 12mo Lond, 4s. 

Reginald Dalton, * Valerius ea. 12mo Lond. 4s. 

Longfellow, H. W. ** Hyperion 12mo Bost. 1 50 

**Kavanagh 12mo Bost. 1 25 

Lover, Samuel. 

* Handy Andy, 2 v., |2 ; * Rory O'Moore . 12mo Lond. 1 00 
Treasure Trove 

Lowell, R. T. S. 

* New Priest.of Conception Bay, 2 vols.l2mo Bost. 1 75 
Lytton, Lord (Bulwer). Novels complete 

in 22 vols. . . .12mo Phila. 33 00 
Or separately, viz. : 

**Caxtons 12mo., N. Y., $1.00. 12mo Phila. 1 50 

**My Novel, 2 vols. . . 12mo., N. Y., $3.50 . 12mo Phila. 3 00 

* What will he do with it ? N. Y., $2.00.2 v. Phila. 3 00 

* Devereux, ** Pompeii, Leila, etc., 

* Rienzi, * The Barons, * Harold, 

* Eugene Aram, * Zanoni, **Pel- ! 12moLon. ea. 1 50 
ham, Disowned, Paul Clifford, Mai- f 8vo N. Y. pa. 50 
travers, '' Godolphin, *Alice, *Night j 

and M. ; *Lucretia, *Strange Story. J 
McCarthy, Justin. 

* My Enemy's Daughter Svo N. Y. 50 

* Lady Judith (and 3 others) Svo N. Y. ea. 75 

Macdonald Geo. Adela Cathcart. . . .' 12mo Bost. 175 

**Alec Forbes. . . : 12mo Bost. 1 75 

** Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood 12mo N. Y. 1 75 


**David Elginbrod, $1.75 ; Guild Court. . N. Y.6a.$ 50 

**Phantastes, $1.50 ; ** Portent 1 75 

**Bannerinan's Boyhood, $1.50 ; Robert 

Falconer, $1.75 ; Seaboard Parish. . . 1 75 

b. Mackenzie, H. * Man of Feeling, etc. .. .13mo N. Y. 150 

b. Mackenzie, Shelton. 

* Tressillian and Friends Phila. 

b. Mackinstosh. Miss M. J. 

Charms and Counter Charms 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Lofty & Lowly, 2 v. $2.50. Two Lives. . 12mo N. Y. 1 25 
(And also Juveniles.) 

b. Malory, Sir T. * Morte d' Arthur 12mo Lond. 2 00 

b. Manning. Miss Anne. ** Mary Powell. . ICmo N. Y. 1 75 

* Cherry & Violet, $1.; Sir Thos. Moore.l6nio N. Y. 1 00 

* Fair Gospeller, $1. ; Jacques Bonneval.l6mo N. Y. 1 00 

(And other works ; Essays, etc.) 
b. Manzoni (Italian). * The Betrothed. Lon.l2mo 3s. 6d. 

a. " Marlitt, E." 

^Countess Gisela. $1.75 ; **Gold Elsie.l2mo Phila. 1 75 
**01d Mam'selle's Secret 12mo Phila. 1 50 

* Over Yonder, pa., 35c. ; *Magdalena,^a. 8vo Phila. 30 
Marryatt, Miss. [See Church, Mrs.] 

b. Marryatt, Capt. Works complete, 12 v.. .12mo N. Y. 12 00 

Or Cheap ed. separately, paper 12mo N. Y. ea. 50 

Viz: * Jacob Faithful, Japhet, * Peter 

Simple, ** Midshipman Easy, Pacha, 

Snarleyow, etc. 

c. Mrs. Marsh. Adelaide Lindsay, paper 8vo N. Y. 50 

Angelo, 12mo., $1.50; Aubrey, pa/ 
75c. ; Castle Avon, 50c. ; E.Wynd- 
ham, 75c. ; E. Marston, 50c. ; Father 
Darcy, 75c. ; (and 9 others) each 

50c , 

6. Martineau, Harriet. Deerbrook. Lond. .12mo Is. 6d. 

* Hour and the Man. Lond 12mo Is. 6d. 

(Also Juveniles.) 

b. Maxwell, W. H. Brian O'Linn 12mo Lond. 75 

Hector O'Halloran, 12mo., 80c. ; * Sto- ] 

ries of Waterloo, 12mo., 75c. ; Capt. I wo j , 
Blake, 2s. ; Bivouac, 2s. ; Captain f ^^^^^ ^°^^* 
O'Sullivan, Is. 6d J 

c. Mayhew, H. Mr. & Mrs. Sandboy 12mo Lond. 6s. 

Greatest Plague of Life 12mo Lond. 2s. 

b. Mayo, W. S. ** Kaloolah 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

* The Berber 12mo N. Y. 

(New Work). 


Meinhold, Dr. The Amber Witch 12mo Lond. 2s. 

Sidonia the Sorceress 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Melville, G. Whyte. * Cerise 12mo Phila. 1 50 

**Interpreter, 8vo ; M or N 8vo N. Y. ea. 75 

* White Rose, $1.50 ; The Gladiator. . .12mo N. Y. 1 00 


$1 50 
1 75 
1 50 
1 50 

1 50 

1 00 
1 75 

1 75 

2 25 

b. Melville. Herman. ** Typee 12mo N. Y. 

* Mardi, 2 vols, $3 ; ** Mobv Dick 12mo N. Y. 

* Pierre, 2 v., $1.50 ; * Omob 12ino N. Y. 

* Redburn, 2 vols., $1.50; * White Jacket. 12mo N. Y. 
**Israel Potter 12mo N. Y. 

** Member for Paris, The, paper 8vo N. Y. 

c. Meredith, Geo. Evan Harrington 12mo N. Y, 

Ordeal (and 3 others) Lond. 

* Miss Van Kortlandt Bvo N. Y. 

b. Mitchell, D. G. ** Dream Life 12mo N. Y. 

•=^ Doctor Johns, 2 vols., $3 ; ** Bachelor. 12mo N. Y. 
b. Mitford, Mary Russel. ** Our Village, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 

* Belford Regis Lond. . . .12mo 3s. 6s. 

&. Moore, Dr. John. ** Zelucco Lond. 

b. Moore, Thomas. **The Epicurean 12mo 1 50 

b. :More, Hannah. **Ccfilebs in Search of Wif e.l2mo Phila. 1 50 

c. Morford, Henry. Shoulder Straps (2 oth's).12mo Phil. ea. 1 50 
c. Morgan, Lady.* Florence Macarthy 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Wild Irish Girl 12mo Lond. 2s. 

b. Morier, J. Ayesha, 2s. ; * Haji Baba. .Lon.l2mo Is. 6d. 

Zohrab, the Hostage 12mo Lond. 2s. 

Miigge, Theo. Afraja Lond.l2mo 10s. 6d. 

c. "Muhlbach," Louisa. Novels, 17 vols. . . Bvo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

A. Hofer, Old Fritz, Napoleon, Josephine," 
Life Paths, Q. of Prussia, Prince Eugene, 
Daughter of p]mpress, Marie Antoinette, 
Joseph II., Henry VIII., Frederick the }- 
Great, Frederick and Family, Berlin and 
Sans Souci, Merchant of Berlin, Louisa 
of Prussia ^ 

Muloch, Miss. [See Craik, Mrsi] 

Murray, Chas. A. The Prairie Bird 8vo N. Y. 1 00 

* My Daughter Elinor Bvo N. Y. 1 75 

c. Newby, Mrs. C. J. 

Margaret Hamilton, ^ja.; Right and Left. Bvo N. Y, ea. 50 
(3 others, not reprinted.) 
Nichols, Mrs. [See Bronte, Charlotte.'] 

Norton, Hon. Mrs. Lost and Saved 12mo Phila. 1 25 

Old Sir Douglas 12mo Phila. 1 50 

6. Oliphant, Mrs. 

* Agnes, *Atheling, * Brownlows 8vo N. Y. ea. 75 

**Carlingford, (paper, $1.25) Bvo N. Y. 1 75 

* Days of Life, * House on Moor 12mo N.Y. ea. 1 50 

**John, Bvo, oOc. ; * Katie Stewart Bvo N. Y. 75 

* Laird of Norlaw, * Last of Mortimers . . 12mo ea. 1 50 

* Lost Love, $1.75 ; *Lucy Crofton, ea. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

^ Madonna Mary Bvo N. Y. 50 

**Margaret Maitland 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Minister's Wife Bvo N. Y. 75 

* Miss Majoribanks Bvo N. Y. 50 

**Perpetual Curate, * Son of the Soil . . ea. Bvo N. Y. 1 50 

* Lilliesleaf, * Three Brothers, **Zaidee. 


b. Opie, Mrs. Tales; eiglit in 1 vol 8vo 

" Ouida." [See de la Bame.] 

b. Owen, Robt. Dale. * Beyond the Breakers. 8vo Pliila. $2 00 

c. Pardee, Julia. 

Adopted Heir, $1.75; Pretty Woman. . 8vo Pliila. 1 75 
Jealous Wife, 8vo, 50c. ; Life Struggle. 12mo Phila. 1 75 
Rival Beauties, paper 8vo Pliila. 75 

* Wife's Trials 12mo Phil. ea. 1 75 

.Reginald Lyle, Romance of Harem. . . 8vo Phil. ea. 1 75 

Speculation, Earl's Secret . .12mo Phila. 1 7a 

b. Parr, Miss Harriet " Holme Lee." 

* Against Wind and Tide, paper 8vo N. Y. 75 

* Annie Wardleigh, paper 8vo N. Y. 75 

* Mrs. Wynyaw, 50c. ; ** Sylvan Holt. , . 8vo pa. N. Y. 

b. Parr, Louisa. ** Dorothy Fox, paper 8vo N. Y. 75 

6. Paulding, J. K. Works and Life, 5 vols...l2mo N. Y. 12 50 
Dutchman's Fireside, $2.50 ; Bulls and 

Jonathans 2 50 

b. Peacock, T. L. 

**Headlong Hall, |1 ; * Melincourt .12mo Lond 2a. 

a. Phelps, E. S. ** Gates Ajar 12ino Bost. 1 50 

* Hedged In, $1.50 ; * Silent Partner 12mo Bost. 1 50 

c. Pickering, Ellen. Sixteen novels, paper. . 8vo N. & P. 

(Nine published by Peterson, Phil., 8vo, paper.) 

c. Ploennies, Louise Von. Princess Hse IGmoBost. 125 

a. Po^ E. A. ** Tales, 2 vols 16mo N. Y. 3 50 

6. Poole, John. * Little Pedlington 12mo 

a. Porter, Jane. ** Thaddeus of Warsaw. . . 12mo Phila, 1 25 
**Scottish Chiefs 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

* Pastor's Fireside 12mo Lond. 80 

" Powell, Mary," author of. [See Manrdng.] 

a. Prentiss, E. ** Stepping Heavenward. . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

* Aunt Jane's Hero 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

(Also Juveniles.) 

b. Preston, Louisa. * Aspendale 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Prescott, Harriet E. [See Spofford.^ 

* Quiet Heart 8vo N. Y. 25 

a. Rabelais. Works, 2 vols 12mo Bohn. 3 50 

6. RadclitFe, Mrs. ** Mysteries of Udolpho.l2mo Phila. 125 

Romance of the Forest 12mo Phila. 1 25 

a. Reade, Chas. Novels. 10 vols 12mo Bost. ea. 1 00 

Or separate, viz. : 
**Cloister and Hearth; ^Course of True Love; *Foun 
Play; * Good Fight, etc.; * Griffith Gaunt; Terri- | 
ble Temptation ; ** Christie Johnson, etc., 1 vol. ; V 
-^* Never too Late ; ** Love me Little ; * Put | 
Yourself; * Hard Cash ; * White Lies J 

c. Reid, Mayne. Novels, 16 vols 12mo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

[See Juveniles.] 
Regester, S. [See Victor, Mrs.] 
c. Reynolds, G. W. M. 

" Sensational" novels, 40 vols. (!) 8vo Phila. 


6. Ricliardson, Saml. ** Clarissa Harlowe. .12mo Lond. $125 

* Pamela, ** Sir Clias. Grandison 

a. Ricliter, Jean Paul. 

* Hesperus, 2 vols; *Titan, 2 vols 12mo Bost. ea. 4 00 

* Walt and Vult, 2 vols 12mo Bost. 

**Fruit, Flower and Thorn Pieces, 2 vols.l2mo Bost. 

h. Renter. ** In the Year '13 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

c. Riddell, Mrs. J. H. * Race for Wealth.. . 8vo N. Y. 75 

* Far above Rubies ; Rich Husband 

Life's Assize ; Phemie Keller, each pa. 8vo N. Y. ' 50 

6. Robertson, Margaret M. * Christie 

**Janet's Love and Service 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

c. Robinson, Mrs. Edw. 

Heloise ; Life's Discipline 12nio N. Y. 

h. Robinson, F. W. * Anne Judge, paper. . . 8vo N. Y. 75 

* Stern Necessity, Sweet Nineteen, ) q -nt v ^« ka 

True to Herself, Poor Humanity.^ ^^^ ^^ ^- ^^- ^^ 
For Her Sake, Carry's Confession,) o ^ at v .^ hk 

Mattie, No Man's Friend ; pvo N. Y. ea. 75 

I. Roche, Anna M. Children of the Abbey.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
c. Roe, A. S. Cloud on the Heart, Long] 

Look Ahead, To Love and be Loved, [ 

Time and Tide, I've been Thinking, j- 12mo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

Star and Cloud, True to the Last, 

(and six others) J 

h. Rosetti, C. G. ** Common Places and 

other stories. .. .12mo Bost. 1 50 
T). Rulfini. ** Doctor Antonio, * Lavinia, ) ^ o at v -i r,K 

* Vincenzo \ .] l^moN.Y.ea.l 75 

* Carlino, 8vo, paper, 35c. ; ** Lorenzo \ at y 

Benoni ; * Paragreens ; *Quiet Nook. \ ' ' 

" Rutledge," Author of (Miss Coles). [See Harris.] 

c, Rydberg, V. Last Athenian 12mo Phila. 2 00 

a. St. Pierre. ** Paul & Virginia 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

«. Saintine, X. B. *-;^ Picciola, best ed 16mo N. Y. 125 

a. " Sand, Geo." (Madame Dudevant). 

* Antonia, 16mo ; **Consuelo (P.), 12rao; ") 

* Countess Rudolf (P.) ; ** Fadette ; | Bost. 

* Indiana (P.) ; * Jealousy (P.) ; J- and ^ ea. 1 50 
**Mauprat; *Miller; *M. Sylvestre; 
*-^Snow Man j 

* Handsome Lawrence 1 00 

*** Those marked (P.) pub. by Peterson, Phila., with 15 
more, in paper, Others by Roberts, Boston. 
(Several others not repiinted.) 

b. Sartoris, Mrs. A, Kemble. 

**Week in a French Country House .... 8vo Bost. 

c. Saunders, J. Abel Drake's Wife, paper. . 8vo N. Y. 75 

Bound to Wheel, 75c. ; *Hirell, paper. 8vo N. Y. 50 

Martin Pole 50 

6. Savage, M. * Bachelor of the Albany 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Falcon Family. 12mo, London, $1.00. 8vo ' 75 

5; I 

! ; I Bost. ) 

; y and > 

- I Phila. ) 


h. Savage, M, 

* Woman of Business, paper 8vo N, Y. % 75 

Reuben Medlicott, paper 8vo N. Y. 1 00 

6. Schmid, Hr. * The Habenneister 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

h. Scott, Michael. Cruise of the Midge 12mo Lond,4s. 

* Tom Cringle's Log 8vo N. Y. 6s. 

h. Schwartz, Marie S. * Birth and Education. 8vo Bost. 1 50 

* Gold and Name ; * The Right One 8vo Bost. ea. 1 50 

* Quilt and Innocence; * Two Family. . 

a. Scott, Sir Walter. Novels, 27 vols 12mo Phila. 33 50 

— 25 vols 12mo Bost. 37 50 

— centen. ed. 25 vols.l2mo Lond. 43 75 

6 vols 12moN. Y. 10 50 

Separate Novels, paper 8vo or 12mo E. & N.ea. 25 

h. Sedgwick, Cath. M. ** Hope Leslie, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 

* Linwoods, 2 v., $3.00; * Redwood,! v. N. Y. 1 50 

* Clarence, 1 v., ; * N. Eng. Tale, 1 v N. Y. ea. 1 ' 50 

[iSfee Juveniles.'] 

b. Seemiiller, Mrs. A. M. C. * Emily Chester . 12mo Bost. 2 00 
* Opportunity, 12mo; - Reginald Archer. 12mo Bost. ea. 2 00 

b. Sewell, Miss E. M. Amv Herbert 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Cleve Hall, $1.00 ; Earl's Daughter. . .12mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Experience of Life, $1.00 ; Gertrude. .12mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Glimpse of World, $1.00 ; * Hawkstone.l2mo N. Y. 1 00 
Ivors. 2 v., $3.00 ; * Kate Asliton, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

* Laneton Parsonage, $2.00 ; * Margaret 

Percival, 2 vols 12nio N. Y. 2 00 

Ursula, 2 v., $2.00 ; Walter Lorimer, 1 v.l2mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Home Life, 1 vol 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

b. Shelley, Mrs. * Frankenstein 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Perkin Warbeck. 12mo Lond. 80 

b. Sheppard, Elizabeth, *Chas. Auchester. . 8vo N. Y. 75 

**Counterparts, 8vo, 1.25 ; * Rumour 8vo N. Y. 1 25 

c. Sinims, W. G. Works (paper 75c.) 17 vols . 12mo N. Y. 30 00 

The separately, viz. : Beau- ) 

champe, Guy Rivers, Martin Faber. [■ 12mo N. Y. ea. 1 75 
Mellicharape, Partizan, Yemasee. ) 
e. Sinclair, Catherine. Modern Flirtations. .12mo Phila. 1 75 

Beatrice, Jane Bouverie, Lord and Lady ) 

Harcoui-t, Sir E. Graham. Modern Ac-|- 12mo Lond. 

complishments ) 

c. Sisters of Orleans i2mo N. Y. 1 50 

c. Smart, H. * Breezie Langton, paper 8vo N. Y. 75 

Race for a Wife 8vo N. Y. 50 

b. Smedley, Frank E. - Frank Fairleigh . , . 12mo Lond. 1 25 

Harrv Coverdale, $1.25 ; Lew. Arundel. Lond. 1 50 

b. Smith, Albert.* Mr. Ledbury (3 others). .12mo N. Y. ea. 80 
b. Smith, Alex. Alfred Hagart'a Household.l2mo N. Y. 1 00 

Dreamthorpe 16mo N . Y. 1 50 

b. Smith, Horace. Brambletye House 12mo Lond. 

(And others not reprinted.) 


a. Smollett, Tobias. Novels, 3 vols 16mo Lond. $3 75 

* Count Fathom, **Humplirey Clinker J io^^t^,, .^ i ka 

11 • T>' ^ ^ *T> T 1 T> A r l/smo Lon. ea. 1 50 

Peregrine Pickle, '^Rod rk Random. ) 

Cheaper editions of above 12mo Lon. ea. 80 

c. South worth, Mrs. E. D. E. N. 37 Novels.l2mo Phila.ea.l 75 

a. Souvestre, E. ** Attic Philosopher 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

* Lake Shore, *Family Journal 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

* Legends of Brittany 

c. Spindler. The Jew 

&. Spielhagen, F. **Problemat'l Characters.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

* Hammer & Anvil, $2.00; *Hohenstein's.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

* Through Night to Light 12mo N. Y. 2 -00 

&. Spofford, Mrs. Harriet Prescott. 

**Amber Gods, $1.75 ; *Azarian 12mo Bost. 1 50 

* Sir Rohan's Ghost 12mo Bost. 

a. Stael, Madame de. **Corinne 12mo N. Y. 150 

* Delphine 

c. Stephens, Mrs. A. 14 Novels 12mo Phil. ea. 1 75 

* Fashion and Famine ]2mo Phila. 1 75 

c. Sterling, John. Onyx Ring 16mo Bost. 

a. Sterne, Laurence. **Tristam Shandy 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Stowe, Mrs. **Uncle Tom's Cabin, *Ag-' 

nes of Sorrento, * May Flower, 

**Minister's Wooing, **01d Town 

Folk, *Nina Godwin, *Pink and 

White Tyranny 

* My Wife and I '. .12mo N. Y. 1 75 

6. Sue, Eugene. * Mysteries of Paris . .12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Wandering Jew 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Martin, the Foundling- Phila. 2 00 

12mo Bost. 2 CO 

Swift, Jona. ** Gulliver's Travels 12mo Phila. 1 00 

Tales from Blackwood. 12 vols in 6 18mo Edin. 15 00 

Tales from the German. By Oxenford,&c. Svo Lond. 

Tautphoeus, Baroness. ** At Odds 12mo Phila. 1 75 

**Initials, $1.75 ; ** Quits 12mo Phila. 1 75 

* Cyrilla, paper Svo Phila. 75 

Taylor, Bayard. 

* Hannah Thurston, *John Godfrey,) ^o ^ ^r v ,^ i ka 

**Story of Kennett,^ Joseph &Friend:f ^^^^ ^- ^■'^- ^ ^^ 

Terhune, Mrs. V. (" Marion Harland "). 

* Alone, * Hidden Path, Moss Side," 

Nemesis, Miriam, At Last, He- 
len Gardener, Sunnybank, Hus- 
band and Home, Ruby's Husband, 
Phemie's Temptation, Emptylleart 
Thackeray, W. M. Novels, complete, 6 v. 12mo Bost. 7 50 

3 V. Svo N. Y. 6 50 

Works, complete, bested., 22 V. Svo Lond. 66 00 

now publishing in 11 V. Svo Lond. 33 00 

Separate, viz : ** Vanity Fair, ** Pen- \ 

dennis,**TheNewcomes,**Philip, - 12moBost.ea. 1 25 
**Esmond & Lovel, **Virginians . ) 

12mo N. Y. ea. 1 50 



a. Thackeray, W. M. 

Novels Complete in paper. . 8vo N. Y. $4 00 

* Miscellanies, Short Tales, &c., 5 v 12mo Bost. 6 25 

a. Thackeray, Miss, ** Tales, &c., 2 vols 12mo Bost. 2 00 

c. Thomas, Annie. 

Called to Account, Only Herself, paper 8vo N. Y. ea. 50 

Dennis Donne, Played Out, paper 8vo N. Y. ea. 50 

Dower House, 50c. ; High Stakes. . .pa. 8vo N, Y. 25 

False Colors, Theo. Leigh, paper 8vo N. Y. ea. 50 

On Guard, Walter Goring, paper 8vo N. Y. ea. 50 

I. Townsend, Virginia F. * The Hollands. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Max Meredith 12mo N. Y. 

Janet Strong, * Mills of Tuxbury 12mo 

}). Trollope, Anthony. 

**Barchester Towers, paper, 75c. ;* Lottie" 

Schmidt, 2 v., ^2.50; *Belton Estate, 

pa., 50c. ; *Miss Mackenzie, pa., 50c. ; 

^Bertrams, 12mo, $1.50; *Oiley Farm, 

cloth, $2.00 ; *Castle Richmond, 12mo, 

$1.50; *Phineas Finn, cloth, $1.75; 

*Can you Forgive Her, 8vo, $2.00, 12mo, 

$1.00*; "Rachel Rav,j9«., 50c. ; *Claver- 

ings„8vo, $1.00 ; *Ralph the Heir, cloth, 

$1.75; **Doctor Thorne, 12mo, $1.50;)^ N. Y. 

*Sir H. Hotspur, pa., 50c. ; *Framley 

Parsonage, 12mo, $1.75 ; *Small House, 

cloth, $2.00 ; *He Knew he was Right, 

12mo, $1.50 ; *Struggles of Brown, etc., 

pa., 50c.; *Kellvs & O'Kellys, 12mo, 

$1.25; *Three Clerks, 12mo, cloth, 

$1.50; ^Chronicle of Barset, 8vo, $2.00 ; 

*Vicar of Bulhampton, cloth, $1.75 ; 

*Warden (with Barchester Towers). 
h. Trollope, T. A. 

* Beppo the Conscript, Dream Num-] 

bers, *Garstang Grange, Gemma, ^ 12mo Phila. tfa. 1 76 

Leonora J 

Lindisfarn, 8vo, N. Y., $2. A Siren. 8vo pa. 50 

Tucker, B. Geo. Balcombe; Partisan Leader {p.p.) 

b. Turgeneff (Russian). *Fathers & Sons..l6nio N. Y. 125 


e. Tupper, M. F. 

Crock of Gold ; Hearts and Twins. m.l2mo N. Y. 
a. Tytler, Sarah. **Citoyenne Jacqueline. . 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

* Days of Yore ; *Dianiond Rose 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

**Huguenot Family 8vo 2 50 

c. Verne. Five Weeks in a Balloon 18mo N. Y. 1 25 

Centre of the Earth ; The North Pole.l2mo Lond. 

Vigny, Alfred de. Cinq Mars, paper 12mo Bost. 50 

c. Victor, Mrs. M. 

Dead Letter, 12mo, $1.50; Too True..l2mo N. Y. 1 25 
Figure Eight ; Who Was He ? m.l2mo N. Y. 



h. Walpole, Horace. The Castle of Otranto. . 12ino Phila. 

Warburton, Eliot. Darien 

Reginald Hastings 

c. Walworth, M. T. Hotspur; Lulu ; ) ^ o,v,o N Y ^/y Stl 7^ 

Storm Cliff, Warwick \ ^'^^^ ^- ^ '^^'^^ ^^ 

Ward, R. Tremaine (and 5 others) o. p.. . 
a. Ware, Wm. 

**Aiirelian ; **Zenobia ; *JuIian, 3 vols. . N. Y. ca. 2 00 

Warfield, Mrs. C. 

Romance of Beausaincourt 

h. Warner, Misses Anna and Susan. (" S. Wetherell.") 

**Wide World, ** Queechy ea. 12mo Phila. 1 75 

* Daisy, $1.75 ; * Say and Seal, 2 vols. . .12mo N. Y. 3 00 

* Dollars and Cents ]2mo Phila. 1 75 

* Hills of the Shatemuck 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

* Old Helmet 12mo N. Y. 2 25 

* Melbourne House.. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

* What she Could, * Opportunities, .ea. 12mo N. Y. 1 25 
House in Town 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

[See also Juxeniles.\ 
a. Warren, Saml. **Diary of a Physician, 3 v.lSmo N. Y. 2 25 

* Ten Thousand a Year 12mo Phila. 2 00 

Now and Then ; Merchant's Clerk. . . . 

Works, fine edition, 5 vols 12mo Lond. 12 00 

Webber, C. W. Old Hicks, the Guide. . . 8vo 

Tales of Southern Border 8vo Phila. 2 00 

What the World Made Them 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

a. Whitney, Mrs. A. D. T. **Faith Gartney .16mo Bost. 1 50 

**Gayworthys, $1.75 ; **Hitherto 12mo Bost. 2 00 

*5^Leslie Goldthwaite 12mo Bost. 1 75 

* Patience Strong ; ** We Girls 12mo Bost. ea. 1 50 

* Zerub Throop ]2mo Bost. 1 75 

b. Whittier, J. G. * Marg't Smith's Journal . 12mo Bost. 1 50 

b. Wilson, Prof. Jno. * Margaret Lindsay. .12mo Edin. 

Tales of Borders. (3 others.) 

c. Wilson, Mrs. (Augusta J. Evans.) 

* Beulah, Inez, Macaria 12mo N. Y. en. 1 75 

St. Elmo, Vashti 12mo N. Y. ea. 2 00 

Wise, Henry A. Captain Brand 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

c. Wood, Mrs. Henry, 

Xovels, 13 vols 12mo Fhila.ea. 1 75 

Novels, (add'n'l to above,) 10 vols, paper. 8vo Phila.m. 50 
The Channings ; Roland Yorke ea. 8vo Phila. 1 50 

b. Wormeley, Miss. Amabel o. p.l2mo N. Y. 

b. Yates, Edmund. * Black Sheep, paper. . . 8vo N. Y. 50 

* Broken to Harness .12mo Bost. 2 00 

I K^f T' ^^^^: "^'"™'§' CJ^^^^^tlet, J^ ^2ino Lond.6«. 1 00 

* Nobody s Fortune ) 

* Kissing the Rod, ^- Wrecked in Port', I paper, 

* Land at Last ) 8vo N. Y. ea. 50 

Yelverton, Mrs. Zanita 12mo N. Y. 1 50 


b. Yonge, Miss C. M. ** Daisy Chain, 2 vols . 12mo N. Y. $2 00 

* Dynevor Terrace, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

* Beechcroft 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

* Clever Woman, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

**Heir of Redcliffe, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

* Heartsease, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

* Hopes and Fears, 2 vols 12ino N. Y. 3 00 

* Kenneth, $1.50 ; * Lin wood 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

* Young Stepmother, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

6. Zsehokke, H. * The Dead Guest, paper. . 8vo N. Y. 50 

**Goldsmitli'3 Village 

'^ Labor on Golden Feet 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

* Select Tales, * Social Life Tales 12mo N. Y. 

* Veronica paper .... 8vo N. Y. 50 

Field Sports. — [See also Angling ; Hunting.] 

Carlton, J. \V. Sporting Sketch Book. . .12nio Lon. 16s. 

Greenwood, J. Wild Sports of the World. 8vo L. 7s. 6d. 

Herbert, H. W. Field Sports, 2 vols Svo N. Y. 

Trollope, A, British Field Sports 12mo Lond. 

Walsh, J. H. (Stonehenge.) Cyclopedia of 

Rural Sports Svo Lon. 15s. 

Fiji Islands. 

Smyth, Mrs. Ten Months in Fiji Islands. Svo Oxf. 10s. 

Williams, T., & Calvert, J. Fiji and the 

Fijian s. 1S59 Svo N. Y. 

Finance. — [See Banking, Money, Political Economy, Taxation.] 

Fine Arts. — [See also Architecture, Decorative Art, Draicing, 
Music, Painting, Sculpture.] 

(1 .) History, Theory, Practice. 

Allston, W. Lectures on Fine Arts 

Art of Illuminating (col'd ed., $14) r. Svo Lond. 3 50 

Art Union Journal, 31 annual vols ea. 4to Lon. 30s. 

h. Artj Pictorial and Industrial (monthly), 

annual vols folio L.& N. 16 00 

• Art Workmanship, Choice Examples of .r. Svo Lon. 25s. 

Barnard. On Landscape Painting r. Svo Lond, 

h. Bell. Anatomy of Expression r. Svo Lond. 6 00 

Blanc, Ch. Hist, of Painters of all Nations.folio Lond. 6 00 
b. Burnet. Treat, on Color, Perspective, etc. 4to Lond. 22 00 

Bryan. Dictionary of Painters r Svo Lon. 42s. 

a. Supplement to Dictionary of Liv- 
ing Artists. ., .r. Svo Lond. 4 75 
h. Chaffer's Hist, of Pottery & Porcelain. 111. Svo Lond. 9 25 
Chevreul. Laws of Contrasts in Color. . . Svo Lond, 2 00 
a. Clement, C. C. Legendary Art. Illus. . .12mo N. Y. 3 25 
Cleghorn. Ancient & Modern Art, 2 vols.l6mo Edn. 12s. 
Cunningham. Lives of Painters & Sculp- 
tors, 6 v.. 16mo, Lond. 21s. ; or 3 v.. .ISmo N. Y. 2 25 
Curamings. Hist, of Nat. Acad, of Design. Bvo N. Y. 2 00 


D' Agincourt, Hist, of Art by its Monum'ts. folio Lon, 105s. 

Delamotte. Art of Sketching from Nature.folio Lon. 63s. 

Dwight, M. A. Introd'n to Study of Art. .12mo N. Y. $1 25 

Dunlap, W. History of Arts of Design in 

United States, 2 vols o. p. 8vo N. Y. 

Eastlake, C. L. Lit. of Fine Arts, 2 vols. 8vo Lon. 24s. 

Falkner, E. Ancient Art r. 8vo Lon. 42s. 

Fairholt. Dictionary of Terms in Art. . . . Svo L. 10s. 6d. 
c. History oi Costume in England. Svo L. 31s. 6d. 

General View of Fine Arts. By a Lady. 

Introduction by Huntington .... 12mo N. Y. 1 75 
a. Hamerton. Thoughts about Art 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Contem. French Painters, HI . 4to Lond. 10 00 

a. Hand Books on Art, (Windsor &l Newton's) 
viz. : on Figures, Oil, Water Colors, etc. 

niusirated, 27 vols ea. 12mo Lon. 44s. 

&. Harding, J. D. Lessons on Art folio Lon. 15s. 

c. Guide and Companion to above.r. Svo Lond. 4 50 

c. Principles and Practice of Art . . . folio Lon. 63s. 

Harris, G. Theory of the Arts, 2 vols Svo Lond. 10 50 

Hazlitt, W. C. Essays on Fine Arts 12mo Edin. 5s. 

c. Hobbes' Picture Collector's Manual, 2 v . . Svo Lon. 32s. 4 50 

Howard, R. On Color as a Means of Art . . Svo Lon. 8s. 

Howitt, Miss. Art Student in Munich, 2 v . 12mo Lon. I4s. 
h. Jackson. History of Wood Engraving .. r. 8vo Lond. 21 00 
a. Jarves, J. J. The Art Idea 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. Art Thoughts ^ 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

&. Jameson, Mrs. Legends of the Madonna "] « , yn 

i Monastic Orders... I ^ """^i'^rJ-e 

of our Lord f o t ^ j a(\ (\i\ 

Sacred and Legend. Art. J 8vo Lond. 40 00 

a. Writings on Art,&c., 6 v. .18mo Bost, 12 00 

blue & gold . 32mo Bost. 9 00 

Jones, Owen. Grammar of Ornament, 111 . folio Lond. 50 00 
Keramic Gallery. History and Examples of 

Porcelain, 2 vols Svo Lond, 28 00 

b. Kiighler. Hand Books of Painting : Italian 

School, 2 V ... Svo Lon. 30s. 

&. Flem. & Dutch Schools, 2 v. Svo Lon. 24s. 

1). Lacroix. Arts of the Middle Ages, Illus.r. Svo Lond. 12 00 
Long, S. P. Art ; Its Laws, and Reasons 

for them 12mo Bost. 3 00 

Lubke. Hist, of Art, Illus., 2 vols r. 8vo L. &P. 18 00 

— Hist, of Sculpture, Illus., 2 vols .7% Svo Lond. 

Muller, C. O. Ancient Art & its Remains . Svo Lond, 5 00 

Palgrave, F. T. Essays on Art 16mo Lond. 1 50 

Reynolds, Sir J. Works on Art, 2 vols. . .12mo Bohn. 3 50 

Rochette. Lectures on Ancient Art Svo Lond, 5s. 

Rosetti, W, M, Fine Art, chiefly Contemp.l2mo L, 10s. 6d, 

a. Ruskin. Lectures on Art 12mo N. Y, 1 50 

h. Modern Painters, 5 vols 12mo N. Y. 18 00 


Ruskin. Miscellaneous Works on Art and 

kindred themes, 6 vols.lSmo N. Y. $15 00 

Stones of Venice. 111., 3 v., Lon.r. 8vo £5 15s. 6d. 

Modern Painters. lll.,o v., Lon.r. 8vo £8 3s. 

Lectures on Sculpture, lllust.. 8vo Lond. 

Samson, G. W. Elements of Art Criticism.l2rao Phila. 3 50 

Same, abridged 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Simmons. Sculptor's Manual 

Stanley. Dutch and Flemish Painters. . .13mo Bohn. 2 50 
b. Spooner. Dictionary of Fine Arts, 2 v., r. 8vo N. Y. 10 00 
*** With the Supplement to Bryan ($4.75), this work is the best. 
Shaw. Decorative Arts of Middle Ages. . 4to Lon. 423. 
Dresses and Decorations of Mid- 
dle Ages 4to Lon. 147s. 

Hand Book of Alphabets .folio Lon. 15s. 

Illuminated Ornaments 4to Lon. 105s. 

a. Taine, H. The Ideal in Art 12mo X. Y. 1 25 

Philosophy of Art 16mo Lond. 6s. 

Art in (xreece 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

Art in the Netherlands 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

b. Italy, Florence and Venice 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

b. Naples and Rome 8vo N, Y. 2 50 

Taylor, W. B. S. Hist, of Fine Arts in Great 

Britain, 2 vols. . . . Lon. 7s. 6d. 

Tymnes, R. Art of Illuminating. 12mo Lond. 2 50 

Thornbury, W. British Artists, Hogarth 

to Turner, 2 vols. . . .12mo Lon. 21s. 
a. Tuckerman, H. T, Book of the Artists ; 

American Artist Life. . 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

The same. Illus. (Various cost.) 

Turner, J. W. M. Life by Thornbury, 

Illustrated, 2 vols. . . 8vo Lon. 30r. 
Waagen. Art Treasures in Gt. B., 4 vols. 8vo Lon. 72s. 
Walker. Analysis of Beauty in Women.?*. 8vo Lon. 42s. 
Walpole. Anecd. of Painting in Eng., 3 v. 8vo Lon. 27s. 

The same, cheap edition 12mo L. & N. 2 00 

Westmacott. Schools of Sculpture, Ancient 

and Modern .... 8vo Lond. 3 75 
Wedgewood (the Potter), Life of. 111., 2 v. 8vo Lond. 12 00 
6. Winckelmann. Hist, of Ancient Art, 3 v. r. 8vo Bost. 

Ancient Art among Greeks. . 8vo Lond. 3 00 

Wornum. Life and Works of Holbein. .?•. 8vo Lond. 8 00 

Epochs of Paint'g from Early Ages. 8vo Lond. 5 00 

Analysis of Ornament. lllust... 8vo Lond. 2 50 

Wyatt, M. D. Fine Art ; a Course of Lect. 8vo Lond. 3 00 

Fine Arts — Illustrated Books. 

*** No attempt is made to classify these in the order of value 
or importance. 

Art Publications, Illustrated with Autotpj)es, Heliotypes, 

Woodbarytypes, etc., all published. in Loudon. 

Hogarth. Works, 150 photographs, 2 v. . 4to 105a. 


Landseer. Great Works 4to 43s. 

Mulready's Great Works 4to 42s. 

Raphael. Great Works 4to 42s. 

Rembrandt Etchings 4to 42s. 

Rembrandt Gallery 4to 63s. 

Reynolds, Sir Josliua. English Children . 4to 42s. 

Titian. Portraits, 17 photographs 4to 105s. 

Turner. Landscapes, 16 autotypes 4to 42s. 

Velasquez. Works, 17 photographs 4to 105s. 

Wilkie. Great Works 4to 63s. 

Contemporary French Painters 4to 42s. 

Gems of the Dutch and Flemish Schools. . 4to 25s. 

Gems of Modern Belgian Art 4to 42s. 

Masterpieces of English Art 4to 42s. 

Italian Art .... 4to 42s. 

Flemish Art 4to 42s. 

Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland 4to 42s. 

Shakespeare Gallery, from Boydell. . 4to 42s. 

Sheepshank's Gallery 4to 42s. 

Wonders of Sculpture. By Viardot 4to 3 2s. 6d. 

Wonders of European Art. 4to 12s. 6d. 

Wonders of Italian Art. 4to 12s. 6d. 

World-Noted Pictures. 15 photographs . . 4to 21s. 

Art and Song. 111. with Vignettes on Steel. 4to Lon. 21s. 
Baronial Halls, etc., of Eng. By Hall, 2 v. folio L. (147s.)$30 00 
Beautiful Women, with 16 photos, from 

Reynolds, etc.... folio Lond. 20 00 
Beautiful Pic. by Eng. Artists, eng. on steel. 4to Lon. 21s. 

Berlin and its Art Treasures, mor 4to Lond. 25 00 

Booth. Characters in Trag. and Come. 111. 8vo Bost. 

Boissere Gallery at Munich, photog folio Lond. 50 00 

The same (original copy, folio, £105), 125 00 

British Schools of Art, 2 vols, in 1 4to Lond. 40 00 

Canova's Works in Sculi)ture, 3 v. Lond.n Svo (120s.) 13 50 
Chamberlaine's Imitations of Drawings, 

etc. Lond., folio. (£12 12s.) 30 00 
Claude. Liber Veritatis, ^ mor., 3 vols., 

Lond., folio. (£31 10s.) 54 00 
Claude, Beauties of; 24 plates. Lon., folio. (£3 12s.) 7 50 
Coesvelt. Picture Gallery. By Mrs. Jame- 
son. Lond.... 4to (105s.) 12 75 

Constable. Graphic Works, ^i mor folio Lond. 16 50 

Cooper Vignettes. By Darley, mor 4to N. Y. 40 00 

Cruikshank. Complete Catalogue of his 

Works. Illust., 3 vols. Lon. 4to £12 12s. 
Cutts. Scenes and Characters in Middle 

Ages, Illustrated Lond. 

Dell, C. H. Nature Pictures. 30 111. on wood.folio L. 73s. 6d. 

Dor6. Illustrated Bible, 2 vols folio Lond. 64 00 

Illus. Dante Inferno to Paradiso,2v. folio Lond. 50 00 

• Milton's Paradise Lost folio Lond. 40 00 



Dore. lUus. Don Quixote 4to Lond. $15 00 

La Fontaine's Fables 4to Lond. 15 00 

Baron Muncliausen 4to Lond. 6 00 

Fairy Realm 4to Lond. 9 00 

Croquemitaine 4to Lond. 8 50 

Tennyson's Idyls folio Lon. 75s. 

Fairholt. Homes, Haunts, and Works of 

Rubens, Illustrated 4to Lon. 42s, 

Flaxman. Classical Compositions com- 
plete, 3^ mor folio Lond. 

Compositions from Dante. . . .folio Lond. 

Folk Songs ; Illustrated on wood 4to N. Y. 

Foster, Birket. Pictures of Eng. Landscape, 4to Lond, 

Gal. of Landscape Painters, Amer. Scenery. 4to N. Y. 


Berlin Gallery, morocco 4to Lond. 25 00 

Dresden Gallery, mor 4to Lond. 25 00 

Dusseldorf Gallery (plio.), mor folio N. Y. 30 00 

Leuclitenberg Gallery (Munich), J^ mor. 4to Lond, 18 00 

Munich Gallery, mor 4to Lond 25 00 

New York Galleries (pho.), mor folio M. Y. 40 00 

Turner Gallery, 2 vols. London folio £10. 10s. 

Vernon Gallery, 4 vols. London folio £8 8s. 

Vienna Galleries, mor 4to Lond. 25 00 

Wilkie Gallery, mor. London folio 503 

35 00 
16 00 
15 00 
10 00 
18 00 

Gems of European Art (from Art Journal.) 

half mor., 2 vols 4to Lond. 50 00 

Gems of English Poetry. Illustrated by 

Millais, Gilbert, etc 4to Lond. 

Goethe Gallery (photographs), mor 4to Stutt. 20 00 

Female Characters by Kaulbach) . folio Stutt. 36 00 

Faust ; with Silhouettes by Ko- 

newka 4to 

Gems of Art, 36, in portfolio 

Gruner. Italian Frescoes, with Text, 2 v, folio 

Specimens of Ornamental Art. .folio 

Hamerton. The Unknown River. lUus. 

with etchings. . . . 4to 
Hogarth's Works, 150 lUust. in Photo. 2 v. 4to 
Hood. Poems, Wanstead edition lUus. .?•. 8vo 
Homely Scenes from Great Painters, 24 111. 4to 
Hope. Costume of the Ancients, 2 vols.r. 8vo 

Irving. Sketch Book, artist's edition r. 8vo 

Italian School of Design Lond. 4to 

Japanese Manners and Customs r. 8vo 

Joseph and his Brethren, Illuminated. . .r. 8vo 
Lacroix. Arts of Middle Ages, lUust r. 8vo 

Moeurs, Usages et Costumes 

de Moyen Age, Illustrated. . .r. 8vo 
Leslie, C. R. Pictures from his Works.. . 4to 

Bost. 4 00 

N. Y. 9 00 

Lond. 35 00 

Lond. 60 00 

L. & B. 6 00 
Lon. 105s 

N. Y. 

N. Y. 



8 00 
6 00 

13 50 
10 00 
16 00 

9 00 
12 50 
12 00 

15 00 
15 00 



Life of Man Symbolized, Illast. mor r. 8vo N. Y. $20 00 

Lossing. The Hudson River, must r. 8vo N. Y. 10 00 

Maclise Gallery of Illust. Lit. Portraits. . . 4to Lon. 31s, 
Mantz. Chefs d'CEuvre de la Peinture 

Italionue, Illustrated. . . .folio Paris. 30 00 

Martin. Civil Costumes in England 4to Lond. 16 00 

Michel Angelo, 60 Outlines from Works of . folio Lond. 7 50 
Michelet. The Mountain, Illustrated... .r. 8 vo Lond. 
Millais. The Parables of our Lord, Illus. folio L & N. 10 00 
Modes et Costumes Historiques, col. pits. 4to Paris. 18 50 

Moses' Antique Vases, &c 4to Lon. 63s. 

New York Central Park, Illustrated 8vo N. Y. 10 00 

Ottley. Florentine School, i^ mor folio Lond. 28 00 

Italian School of Design folio Lond. 30 00 

Palgrave. Gems of Engl. Art in 19th cent . folio L. & N. 10 00 
Penley. Sketches from Nature, in Water 

colors. . . . folio Lond. 10 50 
Pictures and Painters. Gems of Mod. Art, (from Art 

Journal) with text by T. A. Richards, .folio Lond. 30 00 
Portfolio of Cabinet Pictures, after Turner, 

Constable, &c folio Lon. 42s. 

Raphael, Great Works of, (Photog.) folio Lond. 15 00 

Raphael of Urbino & his Father, with 111. folio L. 31s. 6d. 
Reynard, the Fox, with Kaulbach's des'ns. 4to Lond. 20 00 
Roberts. Views in Holy Land, Egypt, &c., 

4 vols imp. 8vo Lond. 30 00 

Royal Victoria Gallery, half bound 4to Lon.84s. 7 00 

Ruskin and Turner. Harbors of England, folio Lond. 10 00 
Selected Pictures from Galleries of Great 

Britain, eng. on steel, proofs. 2 v.folio Lond. 275 00 
Shakspeare. Midsummer's Night Dream 

Illustrated by Konewka r. 8vo Bost. 5 00 

Merchant of Venice, Illus. 

on wood. . . .r. 8vo Lond. 6 00 
Schiller. Song of the Bell, 111. by Retsch.. 4to Stutt. 7 50 
Sculpture Gallery, (from Art Journal). .. . 4to Lond. 42 00 
Sirutt. Dresses & Habits of the English . 4to Lond. 19 00 
Sun Pictures. 20 Heliotype lUustations of 

Ancient and Modern Art. . . . 4to Lon. 21s. 
Sheepshanks, Turner, Vernon, Wilkie. [See Galleries.] 
Tennyson's Idylls, Illustrated by Dore. . . .folio Lond. 35 00 
Turner. Liber Flu viorum: Rivers of Fr . r. 8 vo Lond. 16 00 

Liber Studiorum, autotyped. . . . 4to Lond. 50 00 

Southern Coast of England 4to Lond. 18 00 

Harbors of England folio Lond, 3 75 

Waverlev Gallerv r. 8vo N, Y. 10 00 

Walton, E. Coastbf Norw'v,12col'dplates.folio L. & B. 30 00 
Walton & Cotton s Angler, Illust., 2 vols.r. 8vo Lond. 20 00 
Waring. Masterpieces of Industrial Art, 

richlv illuminated, etc. Lond. folio (£37) 100 00 
Werner, Carl. Nile Sketches, 6 col'd plates.folio L. & B. 28 00 
Wightwick. Palace of Architecture, 111. r. 8vo Lond. 5 00 


Wvatt. Industrial Arts of 19tli century, 

2 vols., Lond., folio (£21) $50 00 

Fish— Fish Culture. — [See also Angling, Aquarimn.] 

Bertram. Harvest of the Sea : Brit. Fishes. 8vo Lond, 9 00 

b. Figuier. The Ocean. Trans. «Se Illust 8vo Lond. 4 50 

Fry. Artificial Fish Breeding . . 12mo Lond. 4s. 

Herbert (" Frank Forrester"). Fish and 

Fishing. Illus 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Green, Seth, Trout Culture.. .IGmo, Caledonia, N. Y. 125 

&. Hartwig. The Sea and its Living Wonders. Bvo Lond. 3 75 

b. Mangin. Mysteries of the Ocean. Illust.?*. 8vo Lond. 6 00 

a. Norris, Thad. Fish Culture. 18G8 8vo Phila. 6 00 


a. Bill, L. Winter in Florida 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Brinton, D. G. Notes on Florida. 1859. .12mo Phila. 100 

K Fairbank, G. R. Hist, of Florida to 1842. 12mo Phila. 2 50 

Fairbank. Spaniards in Florida ,12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Irving, Theo. Conquest of Flor. by DeSoto.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

Yelverton, Mrs. St. Augustine, etc 12mo N. Y. 75 

Flowers. — [See Botany, Gardening, etc.] 

Language of. [See Language of Flowers.'} 

Food. — [See Cooker?/ and Food ; Health.] 

Fossils. — [See Geology.] 

France— General History of. 

Bonnechose. Hist, of France, new ed 12mo Lond. 5s. 

Calcott. Lady. Hist, of France. London. 18mo 2s. 6d. 

a. Chambers R. France and its Revolutions.l2mo Edn. 3s. 6d. 
Crowe, E. E. Hist, of France, 5 vols 12mo Lon. 18s. 

b. Godwin, Purke. Hist, of France, vol. 1.. . 8vo N. Y. 3 00 
b. Guizot. Hist, of France. Illustrated...?*. 8vo Lond. 

(Now in progress, Nov. 18TL) 
Martin H. Hist, of France to 1789, 17 v. 8vo Paris. 

c. Trans. by M.L. Booth, land 2 V. 8vo Bost. 8 00 

Markham, Mrs. Hist, of France 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. Michelet. Hist, of France. Trans., 2 v.. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 
Stephen. Lects. on Hist. France, 2 vols. . 8vo Lond. 24s. 

a. Student's Hist, of France 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. White, Jas. Hist, of Franco 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Yonge, C. D. Hist, of France, 1867, 4 vols. 8vo Lond. 30s. 

France — Early History. 

Commines. Memoirs of F.& Burgundy, 2 v.l2mo Bohn. 3 50 
Cousin, V. Secret History of the Court 

under Richelieu & Mazarin . . .12mo X. Y. 1 25 

Duclos. Hist, of Louis XI 

h. Froissart. Chronicler. 2 vols ?'. 8vo Lond. 12 00 


Freer, Mrs. W. Henry III., Henry IV., 

Mary de Medici, 6 vols. . . .16mo Lond. 63s. 

Married Life & Regency of 

Anne of Austria, 8 vols. . . . 8vo Lon. 42s. 
h. James, G. P. R. Hist of Henry IV., 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. $3 00 

a. Hist, of Charlemagne. . .18mo N. Y. 75 

Hist, of Louis XIV., 2 v. Bolin. 3 50 

4 vols 8vo Lond. 10 00 

&. Kirk. Hist, of Charles the Bold, 3 vols.. . 8vo Phila. 9 00 
Monstrelet. Chronicles (continuing Frois- 

sart), 2 vols r. 8vo L. &. N. 9 00 

Pardoe, Miss. Hist, of Francis I Lon. 36s. 

&. Hist, of Louis XIV., 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 4 00 

Thierry. The Third Estate 12mo Lond. 2 25 

The Merovingian Era 12mo Lon. 4s. 6d. 

Tocqueville, A. de. The Old Regime 12mo N. Y. 

Voltaire. Age of Louis XIV 12mo 

France — The Revolution of 1789. 

Abbott. History of French Revolution.. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Alison. Europe during French Rev. 4 v. 8vo N. Y. 8 09 

a. Carlyle. Hist. French Revolution, 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 3 50 

The same, 3 v., 8vo, Lon., $10.50 ; 3 v.l6mo Lond. 2 70 

h. Lamartine. Hist, of Girondists, 3 vols . . .12mo N. Y. 4 50 

Landon, M. D. Franco-Prussian War 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Michelet. French Revolution 12mo Lond. 1 75 

a. Mignet. French Revolution 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Smvth. Lectures on French Revolution. 8vo Lond. 7s. 
h, Sybel, H. Von. The French Revolu., 4 v. 8vo Lon.48s. 

h. Thiers. Hist, of French Revolution, 5 v. 8vo Lond. 10 00 

4 V. 8vo N. Y. 8 00 

France — The Consulate and Empire ; Napoleon I. — 
[^See also Biography of Napoleon.l 
Alison. [^See Europe.^ 
Jomini. Hist, of Campaign of Waterloo.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 

Military Life of Napoleon. 4 v. . 8vo N. Y. 25 00 

a. Lanfrey, P. Hist, of Napoleon I., vol. 1 . 8vo Lond. 3 50 

Segur. The Expedition to Russia, 2 vols. 8vo Lond. 7s. 

Siborne. War in France & Belgium in 1815. 8vo Lon. 12s. 

The Battle of Waterloo 

Thiers. The Consulate k Empire, hf . calf. 

20 vols, in 10 8vo Lond. 35 00 

The same, 5 vols 8vo Phila. 11 25 

Wilson, Sir R The Invasion of Russia. . 8vo Lon. 15s. 

France — Recent History ; 1815-1870. 

Blanc, Louis. History of Ten Years, 2 v. 8vo Lon. 26s. 
Fr. under Louis Philippe . , 

Histor'l Revelations. Lon.l2mo 10s. 6d. 

Guizot. Memoirs of my own Time 8vo Lond. 3 00 

Last Days of Louis Philippe.... 8vo Lond. 18s. 

Democracv in France 12mo Lon. 3s. 6d. 


Hozier. History of Seven Weeks' War 

(with Austria), 2 v 8vo Lon. 28s. 

a. Lamartine. Tlie Restoration, 4v. 12mo., 

N. Y. $6.00. . . . Bohn. $7 00 

a. Revolution of 1848 12mo Bolan. 1 75 

Michelet. France before Europe 12mo Bost. 1 00 

Mitcliell, D. G. The Battle Summer, 1848.12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Renan, E. ConstitutionalMonarchy inFr.lGmo Bost. 75 

a. Tenot E. Paris in 1851 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

France. — War with Prussia, 1870-1. 

Adams, W. D. Franco-Prussian War : its 

Causes, «&c., — vols 4to Lond. 

Bowles. Defence of Paris — As it was seen, 8vo Lon. 1 6s. 
Guizot de Witt, Mad. Book ab't the War . 12mo N. Y. 
Hozier, Capt. Franco-Prussian War, 3 v. 

London 4to ea. 8s. 6d. 

Pictures from Paris in War and Siege. 

By an American Ladv. . . . 8vo L. 7s. 6d. 
Rueston. Col. W. War for the Rhine Front'r 8vo Lond. 8 00 
a. War Correspondene of Daily News 8vo Lon. 6s. 

France. — The Commune of 1871. 

*** French works on this theme are very numeroub. 
Brock ett, L. P. Paris under the Commune.l2mo Hartf . 1 25 
a. Fetridge, W. P. Hist, of the Commune. .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Labouchere, H. Diary in Paris, 1871 12mo Lond. 

h. Leigh ton. Paris and the Commune 12mo Lond. 4 00 

France. — Travels in. Geography of, etc. 

American Family in Paris 16mo N. Y. 1 50 

American (The) in Paris, summer and win- 
ter, 2 vols 8vo Lon. 18s. 

Bulwer, H. L. France, Literarv, Social 

and Political, 2 vols N. Y. 3 00 

Buffum, E. G. Sights and Sensations in 

France. . . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Craik. Fair France. By author of John 

Halifax 12mo Lond. 

Head, Sir F. Faggot of French Sticks. . .12mo N. Y. 
a. Jarves, J. J. Parisian Sights and French 

Principles, 2 vols N. Y. 3 00 

a. Murray. Hand-Book for France 12mo Lond. 4 00 

Musgrave, G. Nooks and Corners of Old 

France, 2 vols Lon, 24s. 

By- Ways in Picardy 12mo Lond. 

Robinson. Parks and Gardens of Paris. . 8vo L.'&B. 7 50 
Tomes, R. The Champagne Country. . . .12mo N. Y, 1 50 
Tuckerman, H, T, Papers about Paris. . . 18mo N. Y. 1 00 

French Language. — \See also DidionaHes.'] 

Bolmar. French Course of Study, 4 vols.l2mo N. Y. 5 00 
Collot. French Course, 5 vols 12mo N. Y. 5 00 


De Fivas. French Course, 3 vols 12mo N. Y. $3 50 

De Vere. Frencli Course, 3 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 25 

Fasquelle. Frencli Course, 7 vols 12mo N. Y. 9 00 

Girard. Frencli Course, 5 vols 12mo PMla. 4 40 

Ollendorf . Frencli Course, 3 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 25 

Robertson. Frencli Course, 3 vols 12mo N. Y. 5 00 

French Literature. — [See Literature.] 

Free Masons. — [See Secret Societies.] 

Free Trade — [See also Political Economy.] 

Bastiat. Sophisms of Protective Policy. .16mo N. Y. 30 

Essays on Political Economy. . . . 12mo Chica. 2 00 

Cobden, R. Political Writings, 2 vols. ... 8vo Lond. 24s. 
b. Grosvenor,W. M. Does Protection Protect ? 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

a. What is Free Trade? "By Emile Walter."12mo N. Y. 100 

Fruits — [See Agriculture.] 

Fuel — [See Warming and Ventilation.] 


b. Eastlake, C. L. Hints on Household Taste 

in Furnishing . . . 4to Lond. 7 50 
Hibberd. Rustic Adornments of Homes of 

Taste 8vo Lond. 10 50 

King. Cabinet Maker's Guide 4to Lon. 21s. 

Shaw. Ancient Furniture. lUust 4to Lon. 42s. 

Future State. 

a. Alger. Critical Hist, of Doctrine of Fu- 
ture Life Svo N. Y. 3 50 

Constable, H. The Duration of Future 

Punishment. 1868 Svo Lond. 

George, M. D. Annihilation not of the 

Bible.... 12moBost. 1 50 

Harbaugh. Heaven, 3 vols 12mo Pliila. 4 25 

Hudson. Human Destiny 12mo N. Y. 

Kimball, J. W. Heaven 12mo Bost. 1 50 

a. Phelps, E. S. The Gates Ajar 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Randolph, R. B. After Death. 1868 8vo Bost. 150 

Wood. The Gates Wide Open 12mo Bost. 1 60 

GalvanLsm. — [See also Electricity ; Magnetism.] 

Hare. Galvanism & Electro Magnetism. Svo Phila. 
Harris, W. S. Rudimentary Galvanism. .16mo Lon. Is. 6d. 
Animal Galvanism 12mo Lon. Is, 6d. 


Green, J. H. Arts & Mysteries of Gam'lg. 

Gambling Unmasked. 1844. 

Steinmetz. The Gaming Table. 1870, 2 v. Svo Lon. 30a. 


Games and Amusements. — [See also Athletic Sports, Gym- 
nastics, Chess, Draughts, etc., and Juveniles. 

Art of Amusing ^ 12mo N. Y. $1 50 

a. Boys' own Book 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

b. Boys' Treasury of Sports and Pastimes. . . 8vo Lond. 1 75 
Cheney, Mrs. Social Games with Cards, .24mo Bost. 1 00 

a. Dodge, M. E. A few Friends, and How 

they Amased themselves 12mo Phila. 1 25 

Evening Amusements. Konewka'8Des'ns.l2mo Bost. 1 50 

a. Girls' Own Book 16mo N. Y. 150 

b. Girls' Own Treasury 8vo Lond. 2 50 

How to Amuse an Evening Party 18mo Phila. 1 25 

b. Home Book of Pleasure and Instruction. . 8vo Lond. 4 00 

Hoyle's Games, 18mo., London 18mo Phila, 1 00 

Magician's Own Book 12mo Phila. 1 50 

6. Mental Photographs 4to N. Y. 1 50 

Sociable : or, 1001 Amusements 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Secret Out : 1000 Tricks with Cards 8vo Lond. 3 00 

Oaxdening.-^[Sefi also Agriculture, Botany, Landscape 

Abell, L. G. Rose Culturalist, (Saxton). . 

Barnard, Chas. Simple Flower Garden . . . 8vo Bost. 25 

Beecher, H. W. Fruits, Flowers & F'm'g. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Breck. New Book of Flowers 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. Bridgman. Youug Gardener's Assistant. 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Buist. Amer, Flower Garden Directory. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Family Kitchen Gardener '. . .12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Fessenden. American Kitchen Gardener. 12mo N. Y. 

Fulton. On Peach Culture 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Field. Green Houses, and Green House 

Plants. . . .12mo X. Y. 75 

a. Henderson. Gardening for Profit 12mo N. Y. 150 

Practical Floriculture 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Hibberd, S. Fern Garden 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Johnson, L. Every Lady her own Flower 

Gardener 12mo N. Y. 

a. Lindley. Horticulture. Ed. by Downing. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Loudon. Encyclo. of Gardening 8vo Lon. 21s. 

Mrs. Gardening for Ladies 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Parkman, F, Book of the Rose 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Parsons, S. B. On the Rose 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Quin. Pear Culture for Profit 12mo Tribune 1 00 

Money in the Garden 12mo Tribune 1 00 

Rand, E. S. Bulbs, Hardy and Tender. . .12mo Bost. 3 00 

b. Flowers for Parlor & Garden... 12nio Bost. 3 00 

Seventy-five Popular Flowers. .12mo Bost. 150 

Robinson. Gleanings from Fr. Gardens. 12mo Lond. 3 00 

b. Thomas, J. J. Amer. Fruit Culturalist. .12mo N. Y. 3 00 

a. Watson, A. American Home Garden 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

White, Gardening for the South 12mo N. Y. 2 00 


Gas— Gas Works. 

Bowditcli, W. R. Analysis of Coal Gas. . 8vo Lon.l2s.6d. 
Clegg. Treatise on Goal Gas, London. . 4to 31s. 6d. 

Gas Consumers' Guide 12nio Bost. $1 00 

Hughes. Treatise on Gas Works IGmo Lond. 1 50 

Moore, A. The Gas Consumer's Guide. . .12mo 1 00 

Newbigging. Gas Managers' Hand Book. 8vo Lond. 3 75 
Perkins, E. E. On Gas and Ventilation. .12mo 1 25 

Sugg. On Gas Manipulation 8vo Lond. 7 00 


Beeton. Dictionary of Geography 8vo Lond. 3 50 

Blackie's Imperial Gazetteer, 4 v.Imp.8vo Glasg. £4 15s. 

Harpers' Statistical Gazetteer 8vo N. Y. 5 75 

a. Lippincott's Pronouncing Gazetteer 8vo Phila. 10 00 

&. McCuUoch's Geographical Dictionary, 2 V. 8vo Lond. 14 00 

4 V. 8vo N. Y. 10 00 

Maunder's Treasury Gazetteer 16mo Lond. 4 00 

*** There are Gazetteers of several of the States of the Union. 

a. Billing. Scienceof Gems, Jewels, etc., 111. 4to Lond. 15 75 
Emanuel, H. Diamonds and Precious 

Stones. . . .16mo Lond. 3 25 

Feucht wanger. Treatise on Gems, 1859 . . 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Jeffries on Diamonds 8vo Lond. 4 00 

King, C. W. Nat. Hist, of Gems, 1867. . .12mo L. 10s. 6d. 

^- Nat. Hist, of Precious Stones,12mo Lond. 

Hand-B'k of Eng'd Gems,'66.12mo Lond. 


New Engl. Hist. — Geneal. Register, 18 v. . Bost. 

6. Savage. Genealogical History of Settlers 

of New England, 4 vols Bost. 12 00 

a. Whitmore. Hand-Book of Am. Genealog. 4to Alb. 3 00 

*^* Family Genealogies are numerous, but copies for sale arc not 

Geography. — [See also Atlases, Bible Geography, Gazetteers, 
Physical Geography, Travels, and names of 
each country.] 

Ansted. D. T. Science of Phys. Geog 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

World we Live in ; First 

Lessons in Geography. ... N. Y. 75 

Anthon, C. Ancient Geography 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Beeton. Dictionary of Geography 8vo Lond. 3 50 

Bevan, W. L. Ancient Geog. (by Smith). 12mo Lond. 

Student's Mod. Geography.l2mo Loud. 

Fay, T. S. Great Outline of Geography 

and Atlas, 2 vols.. ... N. Y. 2 50 

a. Guyot. Earth and Man 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Johnston, A. K. Dictionary of Geography . 8vo Lon. 30s. 
Malte Brun & Balbi. Geography 8vo Lon. 15s. 


Milner, Rev. T. Gallery of Geography 

Pictures and Designs, 2 vols. . .?•. 8vo Lond. $10 50 
a. Reclus, E. The Earth ; Phenomena of the 

Life of the Globe, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 10 00 

&. Ritter. Comparative Geography, 4 vols. . 8vo Edinb. 

Geographical Studies 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Schmitz. Ancient Geography 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Student's Manual of Ancient and Modern 

Geography eaA^vao Lond. 3 75 

Woodbridge & Willard. Universal Geog- 
raphy and Atlas, 2 vols N. Y. 2 75 

Geology and Paleontology. 

Agassiz. Geological Sketches 12mo Bost. 2 25 

Ansted. The Earth's History ; First Les- 
sons in Geologv. . . .12mo Phil a. 1 25 

Great Stone Book. 1863. .* 12mo Phila. 

Blake, W. P. Geol. Report of California. 4to N. Y. 8 00 
Buckland. Geology and Mineralogy Text. 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

plates. 5 00 

Catlin. Subsidized Rocks of America. liOn. 8vo 7s. 6d. 
Cotta. Rocks Classified and Described. . .12mo Lond. 

a. Dana, J. D. Manual of Geology 8vo Phila. 

Text Book of Geology 8vo Phila. 

On Corals 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

h. Figuier. The World Before the Flood.. 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

Geike. Story of a Boulder. 1858 12mo Lond. 5s. 

Gray. Elementary Geology 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

h. Hartwig. The Subterranean World 8vo Lond, 8 50 

Hitchcock. Elementary Geology 12mo N. Y. 1 60 

Kobell. The Mineral kingdom 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Loomis, J. R. Elements of Geology 12mo Bost. 1 25 

a. Lyell. Elements of Geology (Lond. 9s.). . 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

a. Principles of Geology 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Principles of Geolog}* lOth ed., 2 V. 8vo Lond. 16 00 

Mantell. The Medals of Creation, 2 vols. 12mo Bohn. 6 00 

Wonders of Geology, 2 vols. . . .12mo Bohn. 6 00 

a. Miller, Hugh. Footprints of the Creator Trimo B. & L. 1 75 

a. Old Red Sandstone 12mo B. & L. 175 

a. Testimony of the Rocks. .12mo B. & L. 1 75 

a. Molloy. Geology and Revelation 12mo N. Y. 2 25 

Murchison, R. Siluria. 1854 8vo Lon. 18s. 

Nicholson, H. A. Text Book of Geology . 12rao N. Y. 1 50 

Owen, R. Palaeontology Edinb. 8vo 7s. 6d. 

6. Page, D, Geology for General Readers. .12mo N. Y. 3 00 
Hand Book of Geol. Terms . Edin.l6mo Is. 6d. 

Intro. Text Book of Geol. .Edin. 8vo 7s. 6d. 

Text Book of Geology Edin. 8vo 7s. 6d. 

Past and Present of the Globe. 

Edinburgh. . . .12mo 7s. 6d. 
Smith, Dr. J. Pye. Geology and Scripture. 12mo Bohn. 2 50 
h. St. John. Elements of Geology 12mo N. Y. 1 50 


Thouglits on a Pebble 18mo 

*** There are also extensive Official Reports on the Geology of 
Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, 
California, and several other States, published (usually) 
in quarto volumes, illustrated. 


Carpenter. Hist, of Georgia ISmo Phila. $ 63 

Stevens. Hist, of Georgia, 2 vols 8vo Phila. 3 75 

Germany. — [See also Austria, Prussia, and names of 
separate States ; also France.'] 

~ Brjce. The Holv Roman Empire 12mo Lon. 7s.6(i. 

Carlyle. Hist, of Frederick the Great, 6v.l2mo N. Y. 12 00 

or 10 vols 16mo Lond. 9 00 

a. Hozier. The Seven Weeks' War (Austria 

and Prussia), 2 vols Svo Lon. 28s. 

a. Kolrausch. History of Germany 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

Markliam, Mrs. History of Germany 12mo Lon. 4s. 

6. Menzel. History of Germany, 3 vols 12mo- Bohn. 5 25 

h. Schiller. History of Thirty Years' War. .12mo Bohn. 175 

12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Turner, D. W. Analysis of Hist. Germ. .16mo Lond. 

Germany — Travels in. 

a. Brace, C. L. Home Life in Germany 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. Browne, J. R. Amer, Family in Germany 12mo N. Y. 2 00 
Head, Sir F. B. Bubbles from the Brunnen.l2mo N. Y. 75 

HoAvitt, W. Student Life in Germany. . . 8vo L. 10s. 6d, 

Rural & Domes. Life in Ger, Svo L. 7s. 6d. 

Kohl. Travels in Germany 8vo Lond. 

Spencer, E. Ger. from Baltic to Adriatic. 8vo Lon. 7s. 6d. 

h. Stael, Mme. de. Germany, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

German Language. 

a. Adler. Germ. & Eng. Dict.,abg'd. $2.50... r. Svo N. Y. 6 00 

German Reader 12nio N. Y. 1 00 

b. Comfort's German Course, 3 vols 12mo N. Y. 6 00 

Ollendorf's Method of Teaching German. 12mo N. Y. 1 25 
Otto's German Grammar 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. Preu. German Primer, $1 ; First Steps. . Svo N. Y. 125 

b. Whitney. Ger. Reader, $1.25 ; Grammar.l2mo N. Y. 1 75 

*** And many others. 

German Literature. — [See Literature.'] 
Ghosts. — [See Apparitions, Bemonology.] 

Gift Books. — [See Fine Arts, Illustrated Books, Juveniles, 
Natural History, Poetry, etc.] 
The following are some of those not otherwise classified. 
Among the Trees. By Mary liorimer. 111. 4to X. Y. 1 75 
Art and Song. Hlus. by Painters and Poets. 4to L. & P. 10 00 
Aubigne, J. H. Merle d'. History of Refor- 
mation, must 4to N. Y. 10 00 


Barbauld. Hymns in Prose. Illust. . : . 4to L. & N. $3 00 
Bewick. Fables, with Illustrations from 

original blocks 18mo L. & N. 2 50 

Book of Rubies ; a Collection of Poems. . . 8vo N. Y. 7 GO 

Browning. Lady Geraldine. Illust 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Bryant. Song of the Sower. Illust 4to N. Y. 5 00 

Story of the Fountain 4to N. Y. 5 00 

Christmas Poems and Pictures. Illust. . . 4to N. Y. 2 50 

Christian Lyrics, from Mod. Authors. 111. 8vo L. & N. 6 00 

Cooper Vignettes. By Darley,eng. on steel. 4to N. Y. 40 00 

Cotter's Saturday Night. Illustrated 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Cowper. John Gilpin, Illust 4to L. & N. 2 50 

Dickens. Christmas Carol, Illust 8vo Bost. 5 00 

Dunkin. Midnight Sky, Illust r. 8vo L. & N. 3 75 

Favorite Authors, with Portraits 8vo Bost. 2 50 

Forest Scenes, drawn by Hows 4to N. Y. 7 00 

Folk Songs, edited by Palmer, Illust r. 8vo N. Y. 15 00 

Foster, Birket. Illustrated Poets, for Gifts, 

12 vols ea.. 8vo L. & N. 2 50 

Good Company, with Portraits 8vo Bost. 2 50 

Golden Thoughts from Golden Fountains . ?•. 8vo L. & N. 12 00 

Holland ' Katrina,'— Bitter Sweet, IlL e« . 8vo N. Y. 9 00 

Household Friends, Illustrated 8vo Bost. 2 50 

Home-Book of Pleasure and Instruc, Illust. 8vo L. &N. 3 75 

Irving. Sketch-Book, Artist's ed., Illust. r.8vo N. Y. 10 00 

Rip Van Winkle, Illust r. 8vo N. Y. 1 50 

Sleepy Hollow, Illust. r. 8vo N. Y. 1 25 

Knickerbocker, Illus. by Darley . r. 8vo N. Y. 9 00 

Konewka. Silhouette Ilustrations 

Goethe's Faust 4to Bost. 4 00 

Falstaff, etc 4to Bost. 4 00 

Shakespeare. Midsum. Nt. Dm. 4to Bost. 5 00 

Legend of St. Gwendoline, Illustrated by 

Ehninger 4to N. Y. 10 00 

Light of the World and other Poems, etc.. 

Illustrated. . . . 4to Lond. 5 00 

New York Central Park, Illustrated 4to N. Y. 10 00 

Picture Gallerv of all Nations, Illust 4to L. & N. 2 50 

Poet and Painter; English Poets, Illust. .r. 8 vo N. Y. 12 00 

Poet's Gallery ; 36 Ideals f'm Eng. Poetry .r. 8vo L. & N. 7 50 
Queens of England; 29 Portraits; text 

from Strickland r. 8vo L.& N. 15 00 

Republican Court in days of Washington, 

Illustrated r. 8vo N. Y. 15 00 

Songs of Life ; Songs of Home ; Songs of 

the Heart, Illustrated ea. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Spirit of Praise ; Hymns Old & New, Illus . 8vo L. & N. 3 75 

Stratford Gall'y; Shakespeare Sisterhood . r. 8vo N. Y. 15 00 
Sunnyside Book, by popular Authors and 

Artists r. 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

Swiss Pictures ; Spanish Pictures, ea. Ill . r. 8vo L. & N. 3 75 

Tuckerman. Bookof the Artists, (111. $30). 8vo N. Y. 5 00 


Watts. Divine and Moral Songs, Illust . . 4to L.&N. $3 00 

Waverley Gallery ; Female Portraits. . .r.8vo N, Y. 7 50 

Willmott's Poets of 19tli Century, Illust.. 4to N. Y. 3 75 
Winter Poems ; Longfellow, Whittier, etc.. 

Illustrated 4to Bost. 5 00 

World-Noted Women; steel portraits. . .r. 8vo N. Y. 15 00 

Glaciers. — [See Alps.] 

Sauzany. Marvels of Glass-Making 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Gold. — [See Finance, Mineralogy.'] 

Jukes. Lectures on Gold. 1853 12mo Lond. 

Phillips. Mining in Gold and Silver. Lon. 8vo 12s. 6d. 
Scotfern. Chemistry of Gold 16mo Lond. Is. 

Government. — [See also Constitution, Internaf I Laic, Law.] 

a. Alden, Science of Government 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Citizen's Manual 12mo N. Y. 50 

Bristed, C. A. Interference Theory of Gov't.l2moN. Y. 100 

h. De Tocqueville. Democracy in Amer., 2 v. 8vo Camb. 5 00 

Gillett, R. H. Democracy in the U. S 12mo 1 50 

Guizot. Hist, of Constitutional Gov't. . . .12mo Bohn, 1 75 

. Holmes. Parties and their Principles. . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Humboldt, Wm. Sphere and Duties of 

Government 8vo Lond. 5s. 

Jennings. Eighty Years of Republican 

Gov't in U. S . 12mo 1 75 
Lewis, Sir G. C. Administration of Eng- 
land. 1783-1880. ... 8vo Lon. 15s. 

6. Lieber. On Civil Liberty and Self Gov't. 8vo Phila. 3 25 

Louis Napoleon. Napoleonic Ideas 8vo Lond. 4s. 

Maine, H. S. Village Communities 8vo Lond. 9s. 

a. Mill, J. S. On Liberty IGmo Bost. 1 50 

&. Representative Government. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Montesquieu. Spirit of Laws. 2 v., scarce. 8vo Lond. 

6. Mulford, E. The Nation 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Munroe, Jas. The People the Sover'ns, etc.l2mo Phila. 1 75 

Seaman. Amer. System of Government. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Stern. Representative Government 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Tileston. Hand Book of the Administrat.l2mo Bost, 

Wedgewood, W. B. Gov't and Laws of U.S. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Yeaman, Geo. Study of Government. . . . 8vo Bost. 5 00 

Grammar — English. — [See also Languages, separate.] 
a. Brown, Gould. Grammar of Grammars. . 8vo N. Y. 5 00 
*** Also about 30 other Elementary Grammars, used as text-books. 
Grapes — Wine — [See Agriculture.] 

Grasses. — Flint. Grasses and Forage Plants . . 8vo Bost. 
Great Britain. — [See England, Ireland and Scotland.] 


Greece — Ancient. — [See alsoAtJiens; History, Ancti] 

Arnold, Rev. F. History of Greece. lUus.lSmo Lond. 
h. Becker. Charicles: Manners, etc. of (ir. . 8vo Lond. $3 50 

Boeck. Public Economy of Athens 8vo Lond. 18s. 

Bonner. Child's History of Greece, 2 vols.lSmo N. Y. 2 50 

BuUver, Sir E. L. Athens, its Rise and 

Fall, 2 vols 8vo L. 31s. 6d. 

a. Curtius, History of Greece, — vols 8vo N.Y. ea. 3 00 

Elton. Speci, of Greek Classic Poets, 3 v. 8vo Lond. G 00 
h. Felton, Prof. Greece, Ancient & Modern. 8vo Bost. 5 00 

Finlay. G. History of Greece, 5 vols 8vo Edn. 66s. 

Gladstone, W. E. Ancient Greece in Provi- 
dential order of the World. . . . 8vo Lond. 
h. Gladstone. Juventus Mundi 8vo Bost. 2 50 

Homer & the Homeric Age, 3 v. 8vo Oxfo. 33s. 

a. Grote. History of Greece, 12 vols 12mo X. Y. 18 00 

12 vols 12mo Lond. 24 00 

Heeren. Politics of Ancient Greece 8vo Lond. 3 75 

Keightley. History of Greece, (element.). 12mo Lon. Gs. 6s. 

Mitford. History of Greece, 10 vols 12mo Bohn. 40s. 

Muller, C. O. Athens and Attica 8vo Lon. 6s. 

St. John. Manners and Customs of Ancient 

Greece, 3 vols . . . 8vo Lon. 21s. 

Schmitz. History of Greece 12mo L. 7s. 6d. 

Smith, W. Smaller History of Greece . . . 12mo N. Y. 
a. Students' History of Greece. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Thirl wall. Hist, of Greece (8 v. 60s.), 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Thucydides. Hist. Trans, by Smith, 2 v. N. Y. 1 50 

h. Dale 12nio N. Y. 1 50 

Wacksmuth. Polit. Antiq's of Greece, 2v. 8vo Oxfo. 30s. 

Xenophon. WholeWorks. Trans, by Smith. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Anabasis, by Smith. . * 12mo Bohn. 2 25 

2 vols 18moN. Y. 150 

h. Literally trans, by Watson .. 12rao N. Y. 1 50 

Greece — Mode rx . 

Baird, H. M. Modern Greece 12nio N. Y. 1 50 

Gordon. Hist. Greek Revolution, 2 vols. .8vo Edn. 10s. 6. 
Keightley. Greek War of Independence. Lon. 7s. 

Leake. Topography of Athens, 2 vols 8vo Lon. 30s. 

Travels in Morea, 3 vols 8vo Lond. 

Northern Greece, 4 v. 8v^o L. 60s. 

a. Murray. Hand Book for Greece 12mo Lon. 15s. 

a. Rangabe. Greece, Prog, and Pres. Condi. 4to N. Y. 75 

6. Wordsworth, C. Tour in Greece. Rich. ill. n 8vo Lond. 10 50 

Greek Literature. — [See Literature.'] 
Green Houses. — [See Gardening.'] 
Greenland. — [See Arctic Regions.] 
Guatemala. — [See America, Central.'] 


Guide Books.— [/S^ge names of Countries.] 

Gun — Gunnery ; Gunpowder. — [See Ordnance.'] 

Gymnastics and Calisthenics. 

Beeclier, Miss. Physiolo. & Calistlieiiics. . 1 2mo N. Y. $ 75 
a. Dcpping. Wonders of Bodily Strength. .12mo N. Y. 150 
Howard, J. H. Gymnasts and Gymnastics.lGmo L. 7s. 6d. 

Kelioe, S. D. Indian Club Exercise 4to N. Y. 2 00 

a. Lewis, Dio, New Gymnastics 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Larpee, H. de. Calisthenics 8vo Lond. 3 75 

Maclaren, Arch. Training in Theory and 

Practice .... 8vo Lond. 

Syst. of Physical Educa. 8vo Oxfo. 

Ravenstein & Hulley, Hand Book of Gym- 
nastics, etc 8vo London.7s. 6d. & 2s. 6d. 

Trail, R. F. Family Gymnasium 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

"Watson. Hand Book of Calisthenics & G.. 8vo Lon. 8s. 

Wilkinson. Modern Athletes 12mo Lond. 50 

Woods. Manual of Physical Training. . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Borrow, Geo. Romany Rye, paper 8vo N. Y. 75 

h. Zincali, or Gypsies of Spain. 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Lavengro, paper 8vo N. Y. 75 

a. Simson, W. History of the Gypsies 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Hayti. — [See St. Domingo.] 

Health..— [See also Cookery, Food, Maternity & Physiology.] 
Anstie. L^se of Wines in Health and 

Disease. .. .12mo Lond. 50 

Banting. Letter on Corpulence 8vo N. Y. 25 

a. Bellows, A. J. How Not to be Sick 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Philosophy of Eating 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Bill, L. Winter in Florida 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Brown, Jno., M. D. Plain Words about 

Health. . . .12mo Lon. 6s. 
Cliavasse. Advice to a Mother on Health. 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Chambers, T. K. The Indigestions 8vo L. 10s. 6d. 

L'ombe, A. Physiology app. to Health, etc . 12mo Ed. 3s. 6d. 
Clark, Sir J. Sanative Infl'nce of Climate. 8vo L. 10s.6d. 
Eyre, Sir J. The Stomach & its Difficulties . 12mo Phila. 75 

First Help in Accidents and Sickness 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Good Health ; the Laws of Correct Living. 8vo Bost. 2 50 

Hall, W. W. Coughs and Colds 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Health and Disease \2\v.o N. Y. 1 50 

a. Health by Good Living 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

On Sleep 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Haviland. Infiu. of Climate on Health, etc. 8vo Lon. 7s. 

a. Hinton. Health and its Conditions 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Hope. Till the Doctor Comes ". . . . .12mo N. Y. 60 

Lee, Dr. Influence of Climate on Pulmo- 
nary Disease. . . .12mo L. 4s. 6d. 


Lev/is, Dio. Our Girls 12nio X. Y. |1 50 

Talks ab't People's Stomachs. 12mo Bost. 1 50 

— Weak Lungs, and How to be 

Strong 12mo Bost. 1 50 

a. Mace. Hist, of a Mouthful of Bread 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Servants of the Stomach 12mo N. Y, 1 75 

Macpherson. Baths «fe Wells of Europe. .12mo L. 6s. 6d. 
Mitchell, S. W. Wear and Tear: the 

Overworked. . . .18mo Phila. 
Murray, W. H. H. The Adirondacks — for 

Invalids 12mo Bost. 150 

Nightingale, Florence. Notes on Nursing.l2nio N. Y, 75 

Ordronaux. The Code of Health of School 

of Salernum . . . 8vo Phila. 5 00 
Pereira. On Food and Diet, edited by C. 

A. Lee....l2moN. Y. 1 75 

Ray. Mental Hygiene. . . . 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Smith, South. Philosophy of Health. . . . 8vo Lond. 5s. 
Sweetser. Human Life and its Duration. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 
W^inslow. Influence of Light on Health. 12mo N. Y. 1 75 


a. x\bbott, Jacob. On Heat 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Metcalfe. Caloric : its Mechanical, &c.. 

Agencies Svo Phila. 5 00 

Stewart, B. Elementary Treatise on Heat.lOmo L. & N. 3 50 

a. Tyndall. Heat as Mode of Motion .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

h. VVonders of Heat 12mo N. Y. 1 50 


Chinese Classics, ed. by Legge, 3 vols r. Svo 

a. ^Rev. A. W. Loomis.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

Dollinger. Heathenism and Judaism, 2 v. Svo Lon. 21s. 
Fergusson. Tree and Serpent W^orship . . 4to Lon. lOos. 
Gould, Baring. Heathenism and Mosaism, 

vol. 1 of Hist, of Religions. . Svo Lon. 15s, 


h. Burke. Encyclopedia of Heraldry r. Svo Lon. 21s. 

Boutwell. Heraldrv ; Hist, and Popular.r. Svo Lond. 7 50 
a. Clark. Manual of Heraldry (col'd $7.50). .12mo Bohn. 2 25 

Cussons. Hand- Book of Heraldry 12mo Lond. 3 75 

Fairbairn, Crests of Families of Great 

Britain, 2 vols r. Svo Lond. 15 00 

Millingtou, E. J. Heraldry; its History, 

Poetry, etc Ifimo L. 7s 6d. 

Whitmore. Elements of Heraldry r. 8vc Camb. 6 00 

Hindostan. — \8ee India.] 

History — (General) Philosophy of, 

Bissett, A. Essays on Historical Truth. .Svo Lon, 14s. 

Bolinbroke. Letters on Study of History . 


Bunsen. God in History 8vo Lon. 12s. 

Pbilosopliy of Univ'l Hist.,2v. . 8vo Lon. 33s. 

Hegel. Philosophy of History 12mo Bohn. $2 50 

Knight, Chas. Historical Parallels, 3 v. .18mo L. 4s. 6d. 
Miller. Philosophy of History, 4 vols.. . .12mo Bohn. 7 00 

a. Schlegel. Philosophy of History 12rao Bohn. 1 75 

a. Smith, (Goldwin). On Study of History. . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Taylor, W. C. Nat. Hist, of Society, 2 v. . 12mo Lon. 21s. 

Volney. Ruins; Revolutions of Empires. 16mo N. Y. 125 

History. — Universal. — [See, also Chronology.'] 

6. Buckle. History of Civilization, 2 vols.. . 8vo N. Y. 6 00 
a. Creasy. Fifteen Decisive Battles of the 

World. .. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Dean, A. History of Civilization, 7 vols . . 8vo Alb. 28 00 

Dew. Digest of Anc. & Mod. History. . . . 

Lieber, Dr. F. Great Events by Great 

Historians 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Muller. Universal History, 4 vols 12mo N. Y. 

a. Putnam. The World's Progress 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

Robson. Great Sieges of History, Hlust. .12mo L. & N. 2 00 

Smith. Turner. [^Hee Ancient History^ 
a. Ty tier. Elements of Univ'l Hist., 6 vols . . . 18mo N. Y. 4 50 

Willard, Emma. Univ'l Hist, in Perspec. 8vo N. Y. 2 25 

Woodward, etc. Histor. & Chron. Cyclo. . 8vo Lond. 

History. — Ancient. \_See also, Greece, Borne, etc^ 

Baldwin. Pre-Historic Nations 12rao N. Y. 1 75 

Baker. Aryan Civilization 12mo Lond, 3 00 

&. Caesar. Trans, by Anth. Trollope 12mo Phila. 1 00 

Heeren. Hist, of Ancient Nations, 6 vols. 8vo Lon. 45s. 

&. Herodotus. Rawlinson,(best)4v. 8vo Lon. 48s. 

Trans, by Beloe, 3 vols., $2.25 

by Swayne 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Literal Trans, by Cary 12mo Bohn. 1 75 

&. Le Normand & Chevalier. Ancient His- 
tory of the East, 2 vols. . . . 8vo Lond. 5 50 
a. Lord, John. Ancient States and Empires. 8vo N. Y. 3 00 
Morris, J. W. Students' Chart of Ancient 

History. . . 4to Lond. 5s. 
Niebuhr. Lectures on Anct. Hist., 3 v. . . 8vo Phil. 5 00 
h. Plutarch's Lives of Anc. Greeks & Romans, 

trans, by Clough,be3t ed., 5 vols. . . . 8vo Bost. 15 00 

or a. by Langhorne, 4 V. $5 ; 1 V. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Putz & Arnold. Manual of Ancient Geog- 
raphy and History 12rao N. Y. 1 50 

Prideaux. Connection of Old and New 

Testament, 2 vols 8vo. N. Y. 5 00 

h. Rawlinson. Five Great Monarchies of the 

Ancient World, 3 vols .... 8vo Lond. 15 00 

The same cond. for Students.l2mo Bost. 

a. Manual of Ancient History 12mo N. Y. 2 50 


Rollin. Ancient History, 2 vols r. 8vo N. Y. $4 50 

The same, 4 vols 8vo Pliila. 8 00 

Arts and Sciences of the Ancients. 

h. Smith, Ph. Ancient Hist, of the World, 3 v. 8vo N. Y. 10 50 

a. Students' Ancient History. . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. New Test, and Old Test. Hist.l2mo N. \.ea2 00 

Turner, Sharon. Sacred Hist, of World, Sv.lSmo N. Y. 2 25 

Thucydides. Translated by Smith, 2 vols.lSmo N. Y. 1 50 

a. (literally) by Dale.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

Wheeler. Life and Travels of Herodotus. 

2 vols....l2moN. Y. 3 50 

Xenophon. Trans, by Spelman, 2 vols. . .ISmo N. Y. 1 50 

a. (literally) by Watson. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

by Sir A. Grant 12mo 1 00 

History — Modern : General Works. [See Europe.] 

b. Alison. Europe during French Revolu- 

tion and to 1830, 8 vols. . N. Y. 16 00 

a. Arnold. Lectures on Modern Historv. .. .12mo N. Y. 150 

b. Gage, W. L. Modern Historical Atlas. . .12mo N. Y. 3 50 
Gervinus. Intro, to Hist. 19th Century. , . 8vo Lond. Is. 

c. Merivale. Conversion of North. Nations. 8vo N, Y. 1 50 
b. Schlegel. Lectures on Modern History.. .12mo Bohn. 175 
b. Schlosser. History of 18th Century, 8 vols. 8vo Lond. 16 00 

a. Smith, Gold win. Lectures on Mod. Hist . 12mo N. Y. 1 75 
Smyth, Wm. Lectures on Mod. Hist., 2 v. Bohn. 3 50 

b. Von Sybel. Europe during French Revo- 

lution, 4 vols 8vo Lon. 48s. 

Yonge, C. D. 3 Centuries of Mod. Hist. . . 8vo Lond. 

History of Literature. — [See Literature.'] 
Holland and Belgium. 

Davies. History of Holland, 3 vols 8vo Lon. 36s. 

Esquiros. The Dutch at Home 12mo Lon. 18s. 

Grattan. Historv of the Netlicrlands. Lon.l2mo 3s. 6d. 
a. Motley. Rise of Dutch Republic, 3 vols. 8vo N. Y. 10 50 

Murray's Hand Book for Holl'd & Belgium . 12mo Lon. 9s. 

a. The United Netherlands, 4 vols. &vo N. Y 14 00 

b. Schiller. The Revolt of the Netherlands. 12mo Bohn. 175 
Tennent, J. E. Belgium, 2 vols 12mo Lond. 7s. 

Holy Land. — [See also the EaM.] 

Barrows. Sac. Geography and Antiquities. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Bartlett. Walks about Jerusalem. 111. r. 8vo Lond. 6 00 

Footsteps of our Lord, Illus. r. 8vo Lond. 6 00 

Forty Days in the Desert. 111. r. 8vo Lond. 6 00 

Burt, Rev. Dr. The Land and its Story, 

Illust r. 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Dixon, W. H. The Holy Land; a Record 

of Travel 12rao Lond. 2 50 

Early Travels in Palestine 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Kitto. Physical Geography of Palestine. 18mo Lond. 125 

a. Historv of Palestine 12mo Lond. 175 


a. Kitto. Bible Hist, of tlie Holy Land, 111.. 8vo L. & N. $3 00 
Lynch. Exploration of Dead *Sea, 1849.. . 8 vo Pliila. 8 00 
Macleod, Norman. Eastward ; Travels in 

Holy Land 8vo L. & N. 5 00 

Macgregor, The Rob Roy on tlie Jordan . . 8vo N. Y. 2 50 
Newman, Rev. J. P. Dan to Beersheba 12mo N, Y. 1 75 
Porter, J. L. The Giant Cities of Bashan, 

etc., 2 vols. . . .12mo Lond. ea.l 50 

a. Prime, W. C. Tent Life in Syria and Holy 

Land. ...12moN. Y. 2 00 

b. Robinson & Smith. Biblical Researches in 

Palestine, in all 4 vols 8vo Bost. 12 00 

&. Robinson, E. Phys. Geog. of Holy Land. 8vo Bost. 3 50 
Spencer, J. L. The East ; Egypt and 

Holy Land. . . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Stanley, (Dean). Sinai and Palestine 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

a. Thompson,W. M. The Land and the Book, 

2 vols....l2moN. Y. 5 00 
a. Warburton, E. The Crescent «& the Cross. 12mo. Phila. 2 00 
Wilson & Warren. The Recovery of Je- 
rusalem 8vo Lon.21s. 

Honduras. — [See Central America.] 

Horse. — Horsemanship. 

Bruce. American Stud Book, vol. 1 8vo Chica. 

Fleming. Horseshoes and Horseshoeing. 8vo Lon. 21s. 

a. Herbert, H. W. Hints to Horsekeepers . .12mo N. Y. 1 75 
I). Herbert, H. W. Horse and Horsemanship 

2 vols.... 8vo N. Y. 15 00 

Herschberger. The Horseman 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Jennings. Horse Training made Easy. . .12mo N. Y. 125 

Mayhew. Horse Management, Illust 12mo N, Y. 3 00 

McClnng. The Gentleman's Stable Guide. 

Miles. The Horse's Foot r. 8vo L.12s.6d. 

Ryle, J. S. On Taming the Horse 

Stewart. Stable Book 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Wallace. American Stud Book, Hlust.. .r. 8vo N. Y. 10 00 

b. Walsh, J. H. (" Stonehenge "). The Horse. 12mo N. Y. 2 50 
Whvte. Hist, of the Brit. Turf, 2 vols... 8vo Lon. 12s. 
Woodruif. Trotting Horse of America. . .12mo N. Y. 2 25 

a. Youatt. On the Horse, by Spooner 8vo Phil. 1 50 

Horticulture. — [See Oardeinug, Agriculture.'] 


Blackburn. Coligny and the Huguenots. 
Martyn, W. C. History of the Huguenots. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Maury. Memoirs of Huguenot Family . . . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 
a. Smiles. Huguenots in Engl'd & Ireland.. 8vo N. Y. 1 50 

Humorous Works. [See also Poetry, Comic] 

A'Becket, Comic History of England 8vo Lond. 5 GO 

Comic History of Rome 8vo Lond. 5 00 


•• Awful," and other Jingles. By P. R. S.12mo N. Y. $1 25 

Anier. Tour of Browne, Jones & Robinson. 4to N. Y, 5 00 

a. Bede, Cuthbert. Adven. of Verdant Green. 12mo N. Y, 1 50 
Brown, C. F. (Artemus Ward.) Humorous 

Books, 4 vols 12mo N. Y. 6 00 

a. Burton. Cyclopedia of Wit and Humor. 

niustrated, 2 vols. r. 8vo N. Y. 8 00 

Comic Blackstone. Hlustrated 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Comic Englisli Grammar. Hlustrated. . .ISmo Lond. Is. 
Latin Grammar. Illust. Lond. . .12mo Is. Cd. 

a. Combe. Dr. Syntax's Tours. Hlust 12mo Lond. 3 00 

Cozzens. The Sparrowgrass Papers 12mo N. Y. 1'75 

Cruikshank. Omnibus. Illus Lond. 8vo 10s. 6d. 

DeMille, Jas. The Dodge Club. Illust. 8vo N. Y. 125 

Derby, G. H. Phoenixiana 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Erasmus. Praise of Folly 16mo Lond. 3 00 

Father Tom and the Pope 18mo Phila. 75 

Haliburton, T. C. Sam Slick's Sayings, 2 v.l2mo N. Y: 1 50 

Harte, Bret. Condensed Novels. ....... 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Luck of Roaring Camp. . . .12mo Bost. 1 50 

Sketches 12mo Bost, 1 50 

Hood, Thos. Prose Works. Illus., 3 vols.l2mo N. Y. 7 50 

Up the Hhine ; Whims and 

Oddities, etc., 3 vols 12mo N. Y. 4 50 

ComicWorks, cheaper ed. 4 v.l2mo Phila. 

Irving. Knickerbocker's N. Y. 16mo$1.25.12mo N. Y. 2 25 

Jerrold. Mrs. Caudle's Lectures 12mo N. Y. . 1 25 

" Joe Miller's" Jest Book 16mo Lond. 1 25 

"Josh Billings." Humorous Works, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 

Leland, C. G. " Hans Breitman's Ballads". 12mo Phila. 2 00 
Locke, D. R. " Petroleum C. Nasby." 

Works, 2 vols. .'. .12mo Bost. 3 00 

" Miles O'Reilly." Book of Adventures. .12mo X. Y. 1 50 

New Gospel of Peace 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Newell. "Orpheus C. Kerr" Papers, 3 v.l2mo N. Y. 4 50 

" Phenix." The Squibob Papers 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Poraeroy (" Brick"). Seuse, Nonsense, 

etc., 3 volumes 12mo NY. 4 50 

Prentice. Prenticeana 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Punch (Lond.), — vols, repub. (2 yrs. in 1 v.) 4to L. ea. 21s. 

Rabelais. Works, 2 vols 12mo Bohn. 3 50 

with Dore Illustrations.l2mo L. 7s. 6d. 

Scheffel. Gaudeamus. Trans, by C. G. 

Leland. . . .12mo Lond. 

Shaw, H. W. Sayings of Josh Billings. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Sherwood. Comic History of U. States. .12mo Bost. 2 00 

Shillaber. Mrs. Partington's Sayings 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Smith, Seba. Jack Downing's Letters 12mo N. Y. 

Swift. Gulliver's Travels 12mo Phila. 1 50 


Brace. C. L. Plungary in 1851 12mo N. Y. 1 75 


a. Hungary and Its Relations 12mo Bohn. $2 25 

Klapka. War of Independ. in Hung'y, 2 v . 12nio L. 10s. 6d, 
Paget. Hungary and Transylvania, 2 v. . 12mo Phil. 2 00 
Pardee, Miss J. City of tlie Magyars, 3 v . 12mo L. 10s. 6d. 

Pragay. Hungarian Struggle, 1850 12mo N. Y. 1 GO 

Sclilesinger. Hungary, 1850, 2 vols 12mo Lon. 21s. 

Tefft, B. F. Hungary and Kossuth 12mo Phila. 

Winkstein Hist, of War in '48 and '49. . 

Hunting and Shooting. 

Browning, M. 44 Years of Hunter's Life.l2mo Phila. 1 50 
Bumstead. On the Wing; Book for 

Sportsmen 12mo Bost, 2 25 

Dead Shot ; or. Sportsman's Guide 

Gumming. Wild Men and Wild Beasts. .12mo N. Y. 150 

Gillmore, P. Hunter's Adventures 12mo Lon. 15s. 

Herbert, H. W. Hints for Young Sports'n . 12mo N. Y. 

Hooper, J. J. Dog and Gun 

Lewis. American Sportsman 8vo Phila. 2 75 

a. Meunier, V. Great Hunts of the World . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Newhouse, S. Trapper's Guide 8vo N. Y. 1 25 

Walsh, J. H. Shot-Gun and Rifle 12mo L. 10s. 6d. 


Box. Practical Hvdraulics 12mo Lond. 2 00 

Bresse. Hydraulic Motors 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Downing. Practical Hydraulics 8vo Lond. 4 00 

a. Ewbank. History of Hydraulics, etc. . . . 8vo N. Y. 6 00 
Hughes. Water Works for Cities and 

.Towns ISmo Lond, 1 50 

Humber. Water Supply of Cities and 

Towns 4to Lond. 40 00 


Johnson. Domestic Hydropathy 12mo Lond. 6s. 

Trail. Hydropathic Encyclopaedia 12mo N. Y. 4 50 

Hygiene. — \See HeaUh.l 

Chambers, R. Iceland and Faroe Islands . 12mo Lond 5s. 

a. Dvifferin, Lord, Yacht Voy, to Iceland 12mo Lond. 9s. 

Gould, Sir Baring. Iceland ; its Scenes 

and Passes 8vo Lond. 28s. 

Henderson. Residence in Iceland, o. p. 2 v. Edinb. 

Pfeiflfer, Ida. Iceland ; translated by C. 

F. Cooper 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

6. Paijkull. A Summer in Iceland, Illust. . 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Ichthyology. [See FlsJies.'] 

Didron. Christian Iconography, vol. 1. . .12mo Bohn. 2 50 



Carpenter. History of Illinois 18mo Phila. $ 63 

Ford. History of Illinois, 1854 12mo Chic. 

Illuminating. [See Decorative Art.] 

Illustrated Books. [See Fine Arts, Illustrated Books.] 

Immigration. [See Emigration^ 

Immortality. [See Future Life.] 

IndexRenimjorlndexof Subjects, by J. Todd. 4to North. 3 00 


Allen. India, Ancient and Modem r. Svo Lon. 14s. 

Chunder, B. Travels of a Hindoo in Ben- 
gal and Upper India, 3 v. Svo Lond. 10 50 

Erskine. History of India, 2 vols Svo Lond. 6 00 

h. Hunter. Annals'of Rural Bengal Svo N. Y. 4 00 

India — Pictorial and Descriptive 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Malcolm. Hist, of British India 

Marshman. Hist, of Brit. India, 3 v. Lon. 22s. 6d. 

b. Martin. The Indian Empire, 3 v. .. .imp. Svo Lond. 12 00 

Minturn, R. B. New York to Delhi 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Murray, Wilson, etc. British India, 3 v. .ISmo N. Y. 2 25 
Nolan, E. H. History of British Empire 

in East, 2 vols Lond. 10 00 

h. Taylor, Bayard. India, China and Japan . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Thornton, Ed \v. Hist, of British India, 6 v. Svo Lon. 48s. 
Wheeler, J. T. History of India, 2 vols. . Svo Lon. 42s. 


Dillon, J. B. Hist, of Indiana, vol. 1 Svo Ind. 

Smith, O. H. Early Indiana Trials, etc. . Svo Cine. 
Indians — North Amertcax. 

Beck worth G. Life. 185G 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Browne, J. R. Advent in Apache Count ry.l2mo N. Y. , 2 00 
b. Catlin. North American Indians, 2 vols. . Svo 30s. 

Cop way. Hist, of Ojibway Nation 12mo Bost. 

Domeneeh, Abbe. Seven Years in Desert 

of North America, 2 vols. . . . Lon. 369. 

Eastman, Mrs. Dakotah. 1849 Svo N. Y. 

Morgan, L.F. League of the Iroquois. '51. Svo Roch. 
a. Parkman, F. Couspiracv of Pontiac, 2 v. Svo Bost. 5 00 
Schoolcraft, H. R. Algie Researches. 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

Indian Tribes ; Archives 

of Aborigi. Knowledge, 7 v. 4to Phila. 90 00 

Notes on the Iroquois.'47. Svo Albany. 3 00 

Oneota, 1845 Svo N. Y. 1 50 

Personal Mem. of Resi- 
dence among Indians. . . . Svo Phila. 3 00 

a. Thatcher. Indian Biography, 2 vols ISmo N. Y. 1 50 

Indigestion.— [S^f Health.'] 






$2 00 



3 50 



4 00 


7s. 6d. 




Infidelity — Rationalism. — [See also Evidences of 

Faber, G. S. Difficulties of Infidelity. . .12mo N. 

Farrar. History of Free Thought 8vo 

Hurst. History of Rationalism 8vo 

a. Lecky, Hist, of Rationalism in Europe, 2 v. 8vo 
Morel, C. Authority and Conscience ; a 

free Debate, etc. . . . 8vo 
Modern Skepticism ; Course of Lectures. . 8vo 
Morgan, R. W. Christianity and Modern 

Infidelity. . . ,16mo Lond. 

Trench, R. C. Shipwrecks of Faith 16mo L. 2s. 6d 

Vaughan, C. J. Foes of Faith 16mo Lond. 


Limborch. History of the Inquisition .... 

Llorente. History of Spanish Inquisition. 8vo Lond. 

Mackenna, Inquisition of America 8vo L. 7s. 6d. 

Rule, W. H. History of Inquisition 8vo L. 8s. 6d. 


Behind the Bars; Retrospect of Insane 

Asylums l6mo Bost. 2 00 

a. Burton. Anatomy of Melancholy, 3 vols. .12mo N. Y. 6 75 
Mayo. On Insanity 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

a. Monro, H. Insanity ; its Nature & Treatm't.l2mo Lond. 6s. 
Pritchard. Insanity inCriminal Cases. . . 8vo Lond. 

Ray, I. Mental Hygiene 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Storer, H. R. Reflex Insanity in Women. 12mo Bost. 150 
Winslow. Anatomy of Suicide. Lond... 8vo 10s. 6d. 

Insects. — [See Entomology.'] 
Instinct. — [See Natural History.] 
Instruction. — [See Education.] 
Intemperance. — [See Temperance.] 
Inspiration of the Bible. — [See also Bible.] 
a. Curtis, T. F. The Human Element in In- 
spiration of Scripture 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Gaussen. On Plenary Inspiration of Scrip- 
ture, 1850. . . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Leifchild. Remarkable Facts on Inspira- 

ration of Scripture 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

International Law. — [See also Copyright.] 

Bernard. The Neutrality of Great Britain 

during American Civil War 8vo Lon. 16s. 

Boynton, C. B. The Four Great Powers . . 12mo Cincin. 3 00 
De Burgh. Maritime International Law. 8vo L. 10s. 6d. 
Wheaton. Internat'l Law, by Lawrence.. Svo Bost. 

h, The same, ed. by R.H.Dana, Jr. 8vo Bost. 7 50 

a. Woolsev, T. D. Introd'n to Intern'l Law.l2mo N. Y. 2 50 


Inter-Oceanic Communication. 

Xoiirse, J. G. The Suez Canal, paper. ., . 8vo Wasli, $ 75 

Otis, F. N. Hist, of Panama Railroad 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Stephens, H. Tehuantepec, 1869 8vo N. Y. 

Stuckle. Inter-Oceanic Canals 8vo N. Y. 2 00 


Beckmann. History of Inventions, etc., 2 v.l2mo Bolin. 3 50 

BakeAvell, F. C. Inventions in 19th Cent. 12mo N. Y. 100 

History of Wonderful Inventions 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Timbs, John. Hist, of Wonderful Inven.l2mo N. Y. 2 50 


Parker, N. II. Iowa as It is 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Ireland. — [See also Biography, Ciirran, etc.'] 

Barrington, Sir J. The Irish Nation 8vo Lon. 12s. 

Brett, J. Irish People and Irish Landlord. 8vo Lond. 

Cusack, M. F. Student's Man'l Hist. Irel'd. Lond. 6s. 

Godkin, J. The Land War in Ireland. . . . 8vo Lond. 6s. 

Jervis, Lt. Col. Ireland under Brit. Rule. 8vo Lon. 12s. 

Leeky, W. E. H. Leaders of Opinion in 

Ireland.... 8vo Lond. 

Madden, R. R. The United Irishmen, 2 v.t2mo Lon. 12s. 

McGee, T. D. Historv of Ireland, 2 vols. . 12mo N. Y. 3 00 
6. Moore, Thos. Hist, of 'irel'd (4 V. Lond.), 2 V. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Smith, Goldwin. IrishHist.& Irish Churcli.l2mo Oxf. 5s. 
a. Taylor, W. C. History of Ireland, 2 vols.l8mo N. Y. 1 50 

Thackeray. The Irish Sketch Book . .12mo Bost. 1 00 

a. Trench. Realities of Irish Life 16mo Bost. 1 00 

Iron and Steel. 

Bauerman. Treatise on Metallic Iron. . . .12mo Lond. 2 50 

Fairbairn. Iron ; its Hist, and Properties. 8vo L. & B. 4 50 

Application of Iron to Building. 8vo Lond. 8 00 

Francis, J. B. On Strength of Cast Iron 

Pillars.... 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Hewitt, A. S. Rep. on Production of Iron. 8vo Wash. 2 00 

Kohn. Iron and Steel Manufacture 4to L. & N. 15 00 

Landrin. Treat, on Steel & its Properties. 12mo Phila. 3 00 

Osborn. Metallurgy of Iron and Steel. . , 8vo Phil. 10 00 
Tredgold. On Strength of Cast Iron and 

other Metals 8vo Lond. 6 00 

Truran, W. Iron Manuf. of Gt. Britain. ?'.8vo Lond. 10 00 

Turner. On Manufacture of Iron, 2 vols. 8vo N. Y. 10 00 

Italy. — {^See also Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice, etc.] 
Adams, W. H. Queen of the Adriatic, 

(Venice) . . .ISnio L. & N. 2 00 

Buried Cities of Campania. 12mo L. & N, 1 50 

Butt, I. History of Italy, 18G0, 2 vols ... 8vo Lon. 3Us. 
Eustace. Classical Tour in Italy, 3. vols. .16mo L. 10s. 6d. 
Gould, W. M. Letters from Italy & Sicily. 12mo N. Y. 100 


Guicciardini. Civil Wars in Italy, trans.. 

a. Hawthorne, Mrs. England and Italy 12mo N. Y. $2 00 

a. Hillard, Geo. J. Six Months in Italy 12mo Bost. 2 00 

a. Howell, W. D. Italian Journeys 12rao N. Y. 2 00 

a. Venetian Life 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Jarves, J. J. Italian Lights and Papal 

Principles 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Machiavelli. History of Florence 12ino Bohn. 1 75 

Mariotti. Italy, Past and Present, 2 v. Lon . 12mo 10s. 6d. 

Italy in 1848 12mo Lon. 12s. 

Scenes from Italian Life. Lond.l2mo 10s. 6d. 

Murray. Hand Book of Northern Italy.. 12mo Lon. 10s. 

Central Italy and Rome 1 2mo Lon. i2s. 

Southern Italy and Naples 12mo Lon. 10s. 

Napier. Florentine History, 6 vols 12mo Lond. 7 50 

Norton, C. E. Travel and Study in Italy . 12mo Bost. 125 
Proctor, G. History of Italy. 1844. 8vo Lond. 6s. 

&. Ranke. History of tlie Popes, 3 vols 12mo Bohn. 5 25 

a. Sismondi. Italian Republics 12mo Lond. 5s. 

Literat. of So. of Europe, 2 v. .12mo Bohn. 3 50 

Spalding. History of Italy and Italian 

Islands, 3 vols. Edinb 18mo 7s.6d. 

h. Story, W. W. Roba di Roma, 2 vols 12mo Phila. 5 50 

Graffiti d'ltalia Lond . 16mo 7s. 6d. 

a. Taine. Florence and Venice ; Rome and 

Naples ea. 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

h. Trollope, T. A. Hist, of Florence, 4 vols. 8vo Lond. 10 00 

Italian Revolution 12mo Lond. 

Trinity (The) of Italy. Pope, Bourbon and 

Victor. . . . 8vo Lon. 14s. 

Fiction, illustrative of History of Italy : 
Bulwer. Rienzi ; Last of Tribunes ; Pompeii. 
" Geo. Elliot ;" " Roniola," etc. [See Fiction.] 


Bigelow, John. Jamaica in 1850 18mo N. Y. 1 50 


Alcocke. The Capitol of the Tycoon 8vo liOnd. 3 50 

Foublanque. Two Years in Japan and N. 

China. . . . 
Hoffman, Dr. Japanese Grammar in Eng. 

b. Japanese Manners and Cust., col'd plates. folio 

Jephson «fe Elmhurst. Life in Japan 8vo 

Perry, Com. \J. S. Exped. to Japan, 3 v. . 4to 

Conden. & ed. by Dr. Hawks, r. 8vo 

Siebold, P. von. Japan and the Japanese. 8vo 

b. Taylor, Bayard. India, China and Japan. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Japan in our Day (a compilation). 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Tomes, R. The Americans in Japan 12mo N. Y 


2 00 


7 50 


9 00 



N. Y. 

5 00 





Raffles' History of Java. 1830. 2 vols. . 8vo Lond. 
Jerusalem. — [See Holy Land.] 
Jests. — [See Humorous Works.] 

Niccolini. History of the Jesuits 12mo Lond. $3 25 

a. Parkman, F. The Jesuits in N. America. 8vo Bost. 2 50 

Pascal, Blaise. Provincial Letters 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Steinmetz. History of the Jesuits, 2 vols. 8vo Lon. 24s. 

Jesus. — [See Christ.'] 

JevTB. — [See also Holy Land; History, Ancient, etc.] 
h. Ewald. History of Israel. Translated by 

Carpenter, 3 vols. . . . 8vo Lon. 63s. 
Edeisbeirn. History of Jewish Nation . . . Sv^o Lon. 6s. 
Finn. The Sephardria ; Jews of Spain 

and Portugal 12mo L. 8s. 6d. 

Geiger, A. Judaism and its History, v. 1. 8vo N. Y. 
Herder. Spirit of Hebrew Poetry, 2 vols.l2mo Andover. 

Jahn. Hebrew Commonwealth ... 8vo Andover. 

Jennings. Jewish Antiquities 8vo lOs. 6d. 

a. Josephus. Works. Whiston's trans.,4 v. 8vo Pliila. 8 00 

Illustra. edition r. 8vo L. &. N. 12 00 

Lewis. Antiquities of Hebrew Republic. 

a. Milman. History of the Jews, 3 vols 18mo N. Y. 2 25 

best ed., 3 v.l2mo N. Y. 5 25 

Raphall. Post Bible Hist, of the Jews, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 4 00 
Rule, W. H. History of Karaite Jews. . .12mo L. Is. 6d. 
Smith, Geo. The Hebrew People, 2 vols . 8vo Lon. 12s. 
Smucker, S. M. History of Modern Jews.l2mo Phila. 1 75 
Strauss, F. Helen's Pilgrimage ; Glory of 
House of Israel .... 
Wines, E. C. Hebrew Commonwealth. . . 8vo Phila, 3 00 

Jurisprudence. — [See Law.] 

Juvenile Books. — [See Appendix.] 

Kaleidoscope. — [See Optics.] 


Collins, L. Historical Sketches of Ken'y . 8vo Maysv. 6 00 


Adler. Kindergarten Occupations 50c. to 2 50 

Peabody, Miss. Kindergarten Guide 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Kitchen Garden. — [See Agriculture, Gardening.] 
Knighthood. — [See Chivalry.] 

Ziabor. — [See Co-operation, Political Economy, Sociology.] 
Carey, H. C. On the Rate of Wages 8vo Phila, 


Cassagnac. History of Working and Bur- 
gher Classes 8vo Phila. $2 50 

Fawcett. Economical Position of British 

Laborer 16mo Lond, 150 

Le Play. Organization of Labor, translated 

by Emerson 12mo Phila. 3 00 

Mayhew. Lond. Labor & Lond. Poor, 3 v . r. 8vo L. 22s. 6d. 

Landscape Gardening. 

Copeland, W. T. Country Life, etc 8vo Bost. 6 00 

Downing. Lands. Gardening & Rural Orn. Svo N. Y. 6 50 

Remp. Landscape Gardening 12mo N. Y, 

Weidenmann. Beautifying Country Homes 4to N. Y. 15 00 

Language. — [See Dictionaries, English Langiiage, Oram- 
7nar, Synonymes.'] 
Beames. Compar. Grammar of Modern 

Aryan Languages. . . . Svo Lond. 
Blake. Comp. Grammar of South African 

Languages, vol. 1 . . . . Svo Lon, 16s. 

Origin of Language 8vo N. Y, 50 

h. Bopp. Comp. Grammar of Sanscrit (and 

9 other) Languages, 3 vols 8vo Lond. 15 75 

De Vere. Comparative Pliilol. (1854, (?.j9.).12mo N. Y. 

Americanisms 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Dwight,B.W. Modern Philology, 2 vols. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 
Earle. Philology of the English Tongue . 12mo Lond. 6s. 
Edkins. China, Place in Modern Philol . . 8vo Lond. 
Farrar, F. W. Families of Speech. Lon.l2mo 53. 6d. 
Kavanagh, M. Origin of Language and 

Myths 12mo Lond. 10 50 

Kraitsir. Language of Nature and Nature 

of Language 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Marcel, The Study of Languages : True 

Principles 12mo N. Y. 1 35 

a. Muller, Max. Lect. on Language, 2 vols. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Stratification of Language. Lon.. 8vo 2s. Od. . 

Wedgewood, H. Origin of Language. '66.18mo Lond. 
Whitney, W. D, On Language Svo N. Y. 2 50 

Language of Flowers. 

Hale, Mrs. S. J. Flora's Interpreter 12mo Phila. 

Ildrewe, Mrs. Language of Flowers 12mo Bost. 3 00 

Language of Flowers. Ed. by H. G. Adams.l2mo Phila. 1 50 
Tyas. Language of Flowers 4to Lond. 5 00 

Law. — [See also Constitution, Government, International 
Law and Municipal Government.'] 
*A* Technical Treatises. Reports, etc., not included. 

Anthon, J. The Law Student •. . . 8vo N. Y. 8 50 

Austin, J. Lectures on Jurisprudence, 3 v. 8vo Lon. 348. 
Bigelow, L. J. The Bench and the Bar ; 

Anecdotes Svo N. Y. 2 00 


Blackstone, Commentaries. Ed. by Chitty, 

Christian, &c., 2 vols 8vo Phila. $7 00 

Bouvier, J. Law Dictionary, 2 vols 8vo Pliila. 12 00 

Butler, W. A. Lawyer and Client 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Dumpily & Cummins. Remarkable Trials. 8vo Lon, IBs. 
Gaius. Commentaries on Roman Law, 2 v . . Bvo Lon. 52s. 
Grotius. Rights of War and Peace, by 

Whewell Bvo Lond. 12 00 

Kent. Commentaries on Amer. Law, 4 v, 8vo Bost. 20 CO 
Mackenzie, A. Studies* in Roman Law. . . 8vo Lon. 12s. 

Maine. Ancient Law 8vo Lon. 12s. 

Ortolan. History of Roman Law. Trans. 

by Pritchard & Nasmith, . 8vo Lond. 
Phillimore, J. G. Principles and Maxims 

of Jurisprudence. . . . 8vo Lon. 12s. 
Short. Law relating to Literature and Art. 8vo Lond. 12 50 

Student's Blackstone (The) 12mo Lond. 3 75- 

Warren, Samuel, Duties of Attorneys. . .ICmo Edin. 9s. 
Woolsey. Introduc. to International Law.l2mo N. Y. 2 50 

Iiegends. — [See also Fables, Fairy Stories, Demonology, 
Mythology, etc.] 
Brinton, D. G. Mvthsof the New World. 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Bulfinch, T. The Age of Fable 12mo Bost. 3 00 

x\geof Chivalry ; Charlemagne. e<x.l2mo Bost. 3 00 

Burton, R. F. Vikran and the Vampire. . 8vo Lond. 9s. 
Gould, S. Baring. Book of Were-Wolves.l2mo Lond. 6s. 

Curious Myths of Mid. Ages.l2mo L. 9s. 6d. 

Kennedy. Legendary Fie. of Irish Celts. 12mo Lond. 

Letters. — [See Correspondence.'] 
Levant. — [See Mediterranean.] 

Hewson on Embanking Lands Bvo N. Y. 2 00 

Lexicons. — [See Dictionaries.] 

Elliot, SamueL History of Liberty, 4 vols. Bvo N. Y. 6 00 
Mill, J. Stuart. On Liberty 12mo Bost. 1 60 

Libraries and Collections. 

Ancient Classics for English Readers, ed. 

by Collins, now publishing 12mo L. &P.m.l 00 

Arbor's Reprints of Old Eng. Literature. .18mo L. & N. var. 

Bohn's Antiquarian Library, 27 vols 12mo Lon. ea. 2 00 

British Classics, 21 vols. . . 12mo Lon. ea. 1 40 

Classical Library. 90 vols 12mo Lon. ea. 2 00 

. Ecclesiastical Library, 8 vols 12mo Lon. ea. 2 00 

Historical Library, 19 vols 12mo Lon. ea. 2 00 

—- Illustrated Libra rj-, 74 vols 12mo Lon. ea. 2 00 

— French Memoirs, 6 vols 12mo Lon. ea. 1 40 


Bolm's Pliilolog'l and Philos., 16 vols 12mo Lon. ea.^2 00 

Scientific Library, 67 vols 12mo Lon. ea. 2 00 

Standard Library, 167 vols 12mo Lon. ea. 1 40 

Extra volumes, 7 vols 12mo Lon. ea. 1 40 

Brit. Essayists, (Spectator, Tattler, etc.) 38 vl8mo Bost. ea. 1 25 
Modern, 8 vols 8vo N. Y. 16 00 

Poets, edited by Child, 130 vols. . .18mo Bost. ea. 1 25 

Aldine edition, 52 vols 18mo Lond.e<». 75 

Golden Treasury Series, — vols 16mo C&mb.ea.l 25 

Eng. ed.,' — vols.l6mo Lond.ea.l 25 

Harper's Classical Library, 37 vols 18mo N. Y. ea. 75 

New do., (literal trans.) 22 vols. .12mo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

Family Library, (about) 150 vols . 18mo N. Y. ea. 75 

School Library, 25 vols 12mo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

New Miscellany, 26 vols 12mo N. Y. ea. 1 00 

Select Library, (includ'g Family) 

300 vols .... 18mo N. Y. ea. 75 
Library of Entertaining Knowledge, o. p . 18mo Lond. 

of Wonders, published by Scribner 

& Co., 20 vols. . . .16mo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

of Travel and Adventure, edited 

by Bayard Taylor 16mo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

Tauchnitz. Collection of British Authors, 

now comprising about 1100 vols.l6mo Leipsic.^a. 60 

Collection of German Authors, 

translated, about 20 vols 16mo Leipsic. ««. 60 

*** These two series are bound in paper. Price of binding 
them in half roan, 60 cents to $1 00 per vol. In most 
instances 2 vols, can be bomid in one. Full lists 
printed separately. 

Weale's Series of Rudimentary Works on 

Engineering, Build'g, Drawing, etc., 148v.l6mo L. &N. 
*** Prices from 40 cents to 90 cents. 

Light. — [See Optics.] 

Adams. Light-Houses and Light-Ships. .16mo N. Y. 150 

Literatiire — History and Outlines of. — [For Drama, 
Fiction and Poetry, see those titles; also 
names of Countries ; also Langiuige.] 

Literature — History, General. 

Botta, Mrs. Hand Book of Universal Lit.l2mo Bost. 2 50 
Schlegel, A. W. History of Literature. . . 12mo Bohn. 1 75 

Literature — History of — Sanskrit. 

Muller, Max. Anc't Sanskrit Literature. Svo Lon. 21s. 
Literature — Classical. 

Anthon. Greek Literature •. . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Browne, R. W. Hist, of Greek Classical 

Literature, 2 vols Svo Lon. 12s, 

Hist, of Roman Literature. Svo Lon. 129. 


Cleveland. Compend. of Class. Literat. , 12mo Phila. 
Donaldson. Lit. of Ancient Greece, 2 vols. 8vo Lond. $6 00 
Dunlop. Hist, of Roman Literature, 3 v. 8vo Lond. 
Hamilton & Clark. Interlinear Transla. 

of Caesar, Ovid, Sallust, Cicero, etc., 6 v.l2mo Phila.ea.3 25 
Mills, Abm. Poets & Poetry of Greece, o. p. 8vo Bost. 3 50 
Mure. Literature of Ancient Greece, 3 v. 8vo Lond. 12 GO 

Literature— Scandinavian. 

HoAvitt, W. & M. Literature and Romance 

of Northern Europe, 2 v 12mo Lon. 128. 

Ijiterature — Slavic. 

Robinson. Mrs. Language and Literature 

of the Slavit Nations o.^.l2mo N. Y 

Literature — European. 

Cleveland. Litera. of the 19th Century. .12mo Phila. 2 50 

Foster. Hand Book of Mod. Europ, Liter. 12mo Bohn 2 50 

Hallam. Literature of Europe, 4 vols. . .12mo N. Y. 7 00 

Students' ed . 12mo Lond. 2 50 

Sismondi. Lit. of South of Europe, 2 v.l2mo Bohn 3 50 

Literature — Italian. 

Chambers. Italian Literature Edinb.l6mo 3s. 6d. 

Mariotti. Italy, its Hist, and Liter., 2 v. .12mo Lon. 24s 

Literature — French. 

Agell, J. R. Introduc. to French Litera. 12mo Phila. 

Half Hours with best French Authors Svo Lon. 14s. 

Vericour. Course of French Literature. . Svo Lond. 2s. 

Literature — Spanish and Portuguese. 

Bouterwek. Span, and Portug. Lit 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Ticknor. Hist, of Spanish Litera., 3 vols. 12mo Bost. 10 00 

Literature — G erm an. 

Austen, Mrs. Fragments from Ger. Lit. .12mo Lon. 10s. 
Chambers. Course of German Literature . 16mo Ed. 2s. 6d. 

Hedge. Prose Writers of Germany r. Svo Phila. 5 00 

Menzel. History of German Litera., 4 v.l2mo Oxf.40s. 
Metcalfe. History of German Literature . 12mo L. 7s. 6d. 

Literature — English. 

[Botta, Cleveland, etc. See European.'] 

AUibone. Dictionary of Authors, 3 vols. ?•. Svo Phila. 22 50 
Angus. Hand Book of English Literature.KSmo Lond, 2 00 

Specimens of English Literature . 16mo Lond. 

Arnold, Thos. Manual of English Litera. Svo L. 10s. Gd. 
Chambers. Cyclo. of English Litera., 2 v. Svo L. & P. 8 00 

Readings in English Litera. ,16mo L. & P. 1 75 

Craik. Hist, of the English Language, 2 v, Svo N. Y. 7 50 

Outlines of IGmo L. 2s. 6d. 

Day, H. N. Introd. to Eng. Literature. . , 12mo N. Y. 2 25 


D'lsraeli. Curiosities of Literature, 4 vols.l2mo N. Y. $7 00 
Five Centuries of Eng. Language and Lit . 16mo Lond. 1 25 
Gilman. First Steps in Englisli Litera. .12mo N. Y. 1 00 
Hannay, Course of English Literature. .12mo Lond. 
Hunt. Literature of Englisli Language.. 12mo N. Y. 2 50 
Hazlitt, W. C. Hand Book to Litera, of 

Great Britain (Bibliography) . . 8vo L. 31s.6d. 
Knight. Half Hours with Best Authors, 6 v.l2nio Lond. 9 00 
6 vols., Phila, $9 ; 2 vols. 8vo Lond, 6 00 
Mills, Abm. Litera. of Gt. Britain, 2 vols. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 
Morley. Tables of English Literature. . .folio Lon. 12s. 
Shaw. Manual of English Literature. . . 12mo N. Y, 3 50 
Smith. English Synonyms Explained . . . Svo Lond. 6 50 

Spaulding. Hist. English Literature l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

Taine. Hist, of Engl. Literature, 2 vols. . Svo N. Y. 10 00 
Townsend. Every Day Book of Modern 

Literature, . . . Svo L. & N. 3 75 

Literature, Celtic. 

Arnold, M. Study of Celtic Lit'ture, 1867. Svo L. 8s. 6d. 
Literature, American. 

Allibone. [See Lit., English BibUography.] 

Cleveland. Compendium of Amer. Liter , 12mo Phila. 2 00 

Duyckinck. Cyclo. of Amer. Liter., 2 v.r.Svo N. Y. 10 00 

Supplement to same r. Svo N . Y. 2 50 

Griswold. Prose Writers of America. . . . Svo Phila. 5 00 

Poets and Poetry of America. Svo Phila. 5 00 

Hart. Female Prose Writers of America . Svo Phila. 5 00 

Raymond, Ida. Southland Writers, 2 v. Svo Phila. 6 00 


Bain, A. System of Logic Lond. .12mo 10s. 6d. 

Everett, C. C. Science of Thought : Sys- 
tem of Logic 12mo 2 00 

Hamilton, Sir W, Lectures on Logic Svo Best. 3 50 

Lectures, ab'd by Day. . 1 2mo Bost. 1 00 

McCosh, James. Logic 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Mill, J. Stuart. System of Logic Svo N. Y. 2 00 

Tappan, H. P. Elements of Logic 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Ueberweg. System of Logic, and System 

of Logical Doctrines . . . Svo Lon. 16s. 

Whately, R. Elements of Logic 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Lessons in Reason 

Hist'c Doubts on Napoleon. Svo N. Y. 50 

Wilson. Elementary Treatise on Logic. .12mo ISI. Y. 150 


Dixon, W. H. Her Majesty's Tower Svo Phila. 1 50 

Greenwood. Seven Curses of London.,. . .12mo Bost. 1 50 
Jesse, J. H. London ; its Celebrated Char- 
acters and Places, 3 vols Svo L.31s.6d. 

Knight, Chas. London, Dlust., 3 vols. . .r. Svo Lon. SSp. 


Loudon : a Pilgrimage. By Gustave Dore 

and Blancli. Jerrold folio Lon. 60s. 

Mayliew. Tlie Great World of London, .r. 8vo Lond. 

London Labor & London Poor, 

4 vols 8vo Lon. 33s. 

Meteyard. Hallowed Ppots of Ancient 

London 4to L. 10s. 6d. 

Murray's Hand Book of London 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

London, Past and Present 12mo L. 16s. 

Ritchie, J. E. Night Side of London 12mo L. 7s. 6d. 

Thornbury. Haunted London 8vo Lon. 21s. 

Timbs, J. Curiosities of London Svo Lon. 21s. 

Walks and Talks ab't London . 16mo Lond. 6s. 

London & Westminster, 2 vols . 12mo Lon. 21s. 


French Hist'l Collections of Louisiana Svo N. Y. 4 00 

Gayarre. Hist, of Louisiana, 3 vols Svo N. Y. $12 00 

Machinery. — [See also Inventions, Mechanics, Railroads, 
Steam Engines,etc.] 
Abel. Rudimentary Construct, of Mach. 16mo Lond. 75 
Appleton's Dictionary of Mechanics, Ma- 
chines and Engineerings, etc., 2 v. ... r. Svo N. Y. 21 00 
Appleby. Illus. Hand Book of Machinery. Svo L.12s. 6d. 
Baker. Practical Mecli. & Machine Tools.l2mo Lond. 1 25 
Browne. 507 Mechanical Movements. . . .12mo N. Y. 1 25 
Burn, R. S. Self Aid Cyclopedia. Hlust. Svo Lond. 4 00 
Fontain, W. Mills and Mill Work, 2 v. Lon. 32s. 

Fitzgerald. The Boston Machinist ISmo Bost. 75 

Johnson. Cyclo. of Machinery, half mor. 4to Lon. 50 00 

Joynson. Construction of Gearing Svo Edinb. 2 00 

Tomlinson, Cyclo. See Manufactures. 

Watson. Modern Practice of Am. Maclis.l2mo Phila. 2 50 


Ellis, Rev. W. Hist, of Madagascar, 2v. . Svo Lon. 25s. 

Three Visits to Madagascar. Svo Lon. 16s. 

a. Sibree. Madagascar and its People 12mo Lond. 2 75 

Madeira. ^ 

Dix, John A. Winter in Madeira & Spain. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Magazines.— Literary. — [See Appendix.'] 

Magic. — [See Demonology.'] 

Sargent. Planchette; the Despair of Scien.l2mo Bost. 125 
Magician's Own Book, with Illust 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Magnetism. — [See also Electricity. 1 

Harris, W. S. Exposition of Magnetism. 16mo Lond. 175 

Reichenbach. Physiological Researches 

on Magnetism Svo Lond. 3 50 
Mahomet. — [See Mohammed.'] 


Maine. — United States. 

Sullivan. History of Maine, 1795 o.p. 8vo Best. 

Thoreau. Maine Woods 12mo Bost. $3 00 

Williamson. History of Maine, 1839, 2 v. 8vo 

Maine Law. — [See Temperance.'] 

Malta.— [/S'^e Mediterranean.'] 

Porter. Hist, of tlie Knights of Malta, 2 v. 8vo Lon. 24s. 
Vertot. Achievements of Kn'ts of Malta. 

Mammoth Cave. 

Binkherd. Mammoth Cave, 1869 8vo Cincin. 

Forward. Mammoth Cave, 1870 12mo Phila. 2 00 

Man. — [See Ethnology, Mental PMlos., Morals, P'hysiology.'] 

Manners. — [See Etiquette.] 

Manufactures and Mechanics. — [See Machinery, etc.] 

Amateur Mechanics' Workshop 8vo Lond. 3 00 

Bishop, J L. Hist, of Am. Manufact.,3v, 8vo Phil. 12 00 
Bischoff. Hist, of Woolen and Worsted 

Manufactures, 2 vols. . . 8vo Lon. 26s. 

Byrne, Oliver. Practical Mechanics 12mo Phila. 3 50 

Dodd. Dictionary of Manufactures, Mining 

and Mechanics 12mo L. & N. 2 00 

England's Workshops. By G. L. M 12mo Lond. 1 50 

Geldard. Hand Book on Cotton Manf, 1867.12mo N. T. 2 50 

Gilroy, C. G. Art of Weaving, Hist'l & Prl . 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Goodeve. Elements of Mechanism 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Harrison. Mechanics' Tool Book 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Hist, of Silk, Cotton, Linen, and Woolen 

Manufactures 8vo N. Y. 3 GO 

Hyde. Science of Cotton Spinning, 1867. 8vo Lond. 5 25 

Mason. On Art Manufactures, Hlust 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

Tomlinson. Cyclopaedia of Useful Arts ; 
Mechanical, Chemical, Manufactur- 
ing, Mining, etc., 3 vols., imp. 8vo Lond. 40 00 

Timbs, Jno. Year Book of Facts, (in 

Mechanics, &c.,) 20 vols 12mo Lon. ea. 2 50 

Ure. Cotton Manufac. of Gt. Britain, 2 V. 8vo Bolm. 4 50 

Diet, of Arts, Manuf. & Mines, 3 v.r. 8vo N. Y. 15 00 

Philosophy of Manufactures 12mo Lond. 3 75 

Watson. Memoirs of the Hand Lathe. . .12mo Phila. 1 50 
Willis. Principles of Mechanism, 1871.. 8vo Lond. 6 50 

Maritime Adventure. — [See Travels.] 

Marriage and Divorce. — [See also Woman j Woman's Rights.] 

McLennan, J. Primitive Marriage 12mo Edinb. 

Pendleton, Mrs. H. Parents' Guide ; Hu- 
man Development 12mo N. Y. 1 50 


Wells, S. R. Wedlock ; or. Relations of 

Sexes 12mo N. Y. $1 50 

Wood, E. J. The Wedding Day in all 

Countries 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Woolsey, T. D. Essay on Divorce 12mo N. Y. 1 75 


Fox. Book of Martyrs. Several editions . . L. 5s. to 96s. 
Tayler, C. B. Memorials of Eng. Martyrs.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 


McSherry. History of Maryland 8vo Bait. 1 25 

Onderdonk. History of Maryland 8vo 

Masonry. — [See Secret Societies.] 

Massachusetts. — [See also New England, Puritans and 
United States. 

Carpenter. History of Massachusetts 18mo Phila. 63 

Massachusetts in the Rebellion. ByHeadly. 8vo Bost. 4 50 
Minot. History of Massachusetts Bay . . . 8vo Bost. 
Thoreau. Cape Cod ; The Merrimack. ea.\2viio Bost. 1 50 
Winthrop, R. C. Early History of Massa. 8vo Bost. 
Young. Chroni. of the Pilgrim Fathers. 8vo Bost. 

Maternity. — [See Health.] 

Combe. On Management of Infancy 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

■ Chevasse. Counsel to a Mother. ICmo Phila. 1 00 

Advice to a Mother 16mo Phila. 1 50 

To a Wife IGmo Phila. 150 

Physical Training of Children. 

Storer. On Nurses and Nursing, & 4 others.l2mo Bost. ea. 1 00 
Verdi, T. S. Maternity (Homoeopathic). .12mo N. Y. 2 25 

Mathematics. — [Wot including Elementarg Text-Books.] 

Bledsoe. Philosophy of Mathematics 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Compte. Philosophy of Mathematics 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Davies. Mathematical Dictionary 8vo Bost. 5 00 

Logic of Mathematics 8vo N. Y. 1 50 

Young. Advantages Mathematical Study.l2mo L. 4s. 6d. 


Boyle, C. I. Far Away ; Sketches in 

" Mauritius. 1867 12mo Lond. 9s. 

Maxims, etc. — [See also Table Talk.] 

Colton, C. C. Lacon ; or Many Things in 

Few Words 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

La Rochefouc^ult. Maxims Lond.l2mo 4s. 6d. 

Napoleon I. Maxims 16mo L. & N. 1 25 

Mechanics — Engineering. — [See also Machinery , Inven- 
tions, and Steam Engines.] 

Ball, R. S. Experimental Mechanics Svo L. & N. 6 00 

Hamson. Mechanics' Tool Book 12mo 2 50 


Haswell. Engineer's and Mec. Pocket B'k.lSmo N. Y. $3 00 
Knight. The Mechanician and Construc- 
tor, for Engineers 4to Lond. 20 00 

Lardner. On Mechanics 12mo Lond. os. 

Mahan, D. H. Civil Engineering 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Morin. Prac. Treatise on Mech. Trans . . 8vo 3 00 
Moseley. Mechanical Principles of Civil 

Engineering. By Mahan. . 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Overman. Mechanics for Engineers, etc. 12mo Phila, 1 50 

Rankin, W. J. M. Applied Mechanics . . . Svo Lond. 6 25 

Trautwine, J. C. Civil Engin. Pocket Bk.l2mo Phila. 5 00 

Wiesbach. Mechanics of Engineering. . . Svo Lond. 10 00 

Young Mechanic, The. 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Medals. — [See Numismatica^ 

Medicine. — [See Health, Maternity.'] 

Meditations. — [See BevotiGn.} 

Mediterranean. — [See Levant.] 

Mediterranean and Islands. — [See also Malta, Crete, tfec] 

Adams, A. The Nile and Malta Svo Lond. 

Bennet*, H. J. Winter and Spring on the 

Shores of the Mediterranean 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

Cox, S. S. Search for Winter Sunbeams. Svo N. Y. 3 00 

Newton, C. F. In the Levant, 2 vols r. Svo Lond. 7 00 

Memoirs. — [See Biography.] 

Mental Philosophy. — [See Metaphysics.] 

Mercantile. — [See Business.] 

Mesmerism. — [See Animal Magnetism.] 

Metallurgy. — [See Iron Mining, Precious Metals, etc.] 

Blake, W. P. Report on Precious Metals. Svo Wash. 2 00 
Bloxam. On Metals — their Properties, etc. 12mo Lond. 1 75 
Kerl. Practical Treatise on Metallurgy, 3 v. Svo Lond. 30 00 

Lamborn. Metal lurgv of Copper 12mo L. & N. 1 00 

'- — Silver and Lead.l2mo L. & N. 1 00 

Watt, A. Electro-Metallurgy 12mo Lond. 2s. 

Metaphysics. — [See also Mind and Body.] 

Abercrombie. The Intellectual Powers. .ISmo N. Y. 75 

Moral Feelings ISmo N. Y. 75 

Aristotle. Works Translated, 7 vols 12mo Bohn. 16 00 

Bacon, Lord. Novum Organum 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

■■ Whole works, 15 vols. . . . .12mo N. Y. 33 75 

Bain, P. Mental and Moral Science. . .ca.l2mo Bost. 1 75 

Boethius. Consolations of Philosophy, . .12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Burton. Anatomy of Melancholy, 3 v6ls.l2mo N. Y. 5 25 

— \ - The same, new edition, 1 vol. . . Svo Lond. 4 25 

Brown. Philosophy of Human Mind, 4 v. Svo Lond. 18 00 


Clark. Mind in Nature 8vo Lond. $3 50 

Combe, Geo. Moral Pbilosopliy 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Comte. General View of Positivism 8vo Lond. 4 50 

Philosophy of the Sciences. By 

Lewes, 2 vols . . .12mo Bohn. 5 00 

Cousin, Victor. Psychology 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Courseof Mod.Philos.,2v. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Cudworth, Intellectual System of the 

Universe, 3 vols Svo Lon. 24s. 

Fichte. Science of Knowledge 12mo Lond. 2 00 

Science of Right 12mo Lond. 2 00 

Fleming. Vocabulary of Philosophy 12mo L. 4s. 6d. 

Grote. Plato and Compan's of Socrates, 3 v. Svo Lon. 45s. 

Hamilton, Sir W. Metaphysics Svo Bost. 3 50 

Same, edit, by Bowen. Svo Bost. 2 00 

Philos. of. By O. W. Wight, Svo N. Y. 2 00 

Outlines of. Murray & McCosh.l2mo Bost. 1 50 

Haven. Mental Philosophy 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Moral Philosophy 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Hazard. Freedom of the' Will 12mo 2 00 

Henry, C. S. History of Philosophy, 2 v. ISmo N. Y. 1 50 

Hickok. EmpiricarPsychology 12mo N. Y. 1 60 

Hopkins, Mark. Moral Science 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Love as a Law 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Lewes, G. H. Biograph'l Hist, of Philos. Svo N. Y. 3 50 
Locke. Philosophical Works, 2 vols 12mo Bohu. 3 50 

On the Understanding • Svo N. Y. 2 00 

Maudsley, H. Physiology and Pathology 

of the Mind Svo Lon. 16s. 

Masson. Recent British Philosophy. . . . .12mo Lond. 1 25 
McCosh. Metaphysics Svo Lon. 12s. 

Outlines of Moral Philosophy. .12mo Lond. 

Examination of Mill's Philos. .12mo Lond. 

Intuitions of the Mind Svo Lond. 12s. 

Philosophical Papers Svo L. 3s. 6d. 

Laws of Discursive Thought. . Svo Lond. 12s. 

Melancholy Anatomized, (from Burton). . . Svo 2 50 

Mill, J. Stuajt. Comte and Positivism ... 12mo Phila. 150 
Paley. Moral and Political Philosophy. .12mo Bost. 150 
Plato. Dialogues, translated and edited by 

Jowett, 4 vols Svo N. Y. 12 00 

Translated by Cary 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Works, translated, 6 vols 12mo Bohn. 15 00 

Porter, Noah. The Human Intellect Svo N. Y. 5 00 

Reid, T. Essays on the Intellect! Powers . Svo Lond. 5s. 

Collected Works, by Hamilton.. Svo Lond. 25s. 

Ritter. Hist, of Ancient Philosophy. 4 v. . Oxf . 42s. 

Rush, Jas., M. D. Anal, of Human Intel't. Svo Phila. 7 50 
Smith, Sydney. Sketches of Mor. Philos. Svo Lond. 7s. 

Spencer, Herbert. Psychology, vol. 1 Svo N. Y. 2 50 

Stewart, Dugald. Philos., ed. by Bowen . 12mo Bost. 1 50 
Taylor, Isaac. Nat. Hist, of Enthusiasm . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 


Taine. On Intelligence, trans, by Haye. . 8vo N. Y. $5 00 
Ueberweg. History of Pbilosopliy, trans. 

by Morris 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Upham. Mental Philosophy, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

The same, abridged 13nio N. Y. 1 50 

Watts. On the Mind 18mo N. Y. 50 

Wayland. Moral Science 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Whateley, R. Lessons on the Mind 12mo 90 


Arago. Meteorological Essays 8vo Lond. 9 00 

Brocklesby. Meteorology 12mo Lond. 5s. 

Buchan. Hand Book of Meteorology. . . . 8vo Lond. 4 50 

Butler, T. B. Atmospheric System 12mo Norw'k 

Lackland. Meteors and Aerolites 16mo N. Y. 1 50 

Zurcher & Margolle. Meteors, &c 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Methodism. — [See Church History^] 

Metric System. 

Da vies. Report on Metric Syst. (against) . 12mo N. Y. 
Lamotte. Metric System ^f or) 16mo Phila. 40 


Abbott, G. D. Mexico and the U. S 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Bartlett,J. R. Explora, in Mex. and Texas. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 
Bernal-Diaz. True Hist, of Conquest of Mex. 
Calderon de la Barca, Madame. Life in 

Mexico 8vo Lond. - 3 00 

Cortes, Hernan. Life of. By Helps 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Letters and Despatches. ByFolsom. 8vo N. Y. 

Elten, J. E. With the French iii Mexico. 8vo N. & P. 2 75 

Hall, F. Maximilian I. 1868 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Keratry. Maximilian ; His Rise and Fall. 8vo 
Mansfield. The Mexican War with U. S. 8vo N. Y. 1 50 
Mayer, Brantz. Mexico as it Was and Is . 8vo N. Y. 
Prescott. Hist, of Conquest of Mexico, 3 v. 8vo Phila. 7 50 
Ripley, R. S. The War (of U. S.) with 

Mexico, 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Ruxton. Mexico and the Rocky Mount. .12mo L. 3s, 6d. 
Salm-Salm, Prince. Diary in Mexico, 2 v. 8vo Lond. 24s. 
Taylor, Bay. Eldorado: Mex. and Calif or.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

Thompson, Waddy. Life in Mexico 12mo N. Y. 

Wilson, R. A. New Hist, of Conq. of Mex, 8vo Phila, 

Mexico and its Religions . , 12mo N. Y. 

Wise, H. A. Los Gringos : Mex. and Cal.l2mo N. Y. 


Lanman. History of Michigan 16mo N. Y. 75 

1). Beale. How to Work with the Microscope. 8vo liond. 7 50 

Brocklesby, J. Views of Microsc. World . 8vo ^. Y. 125 


6. Carpenter, W, B, The Microscope and its 

Revelations 8vo Lend. $o 25 

Clarke, L. L. Objects for the Microscope. 12mo Lond. 1 75 
Davies, Thos. Preparations, etc., of Micro- 
scopic Objects 12mo Lond. 1 50 

Griffith & Henfrev. Micrographical Diet. 8vo Lond. 22 50 

Element. Text B'k of Micro. 12mo Lond. 3 75 

Hogg, Jas. Hist., etc., of the Microscope . 8vo Lond. 3 50 

Josse, P. H. Evenings with the Micro. . .12mo Lond. 1 50 

Lankester. Half Hours with the Micro. .ISmo Lond. 2 50 

Martin, J. H. Microscopic Objects Bvo Lond. 

a. Quekett. Use of the Microscope Bvo Lond. 2 25 

Slack, H. J. Marvels of Pond Life (Inf uso.).12mo Lond. 2 50 

Somerville, Mary. Microsco. Science, 2 v. 8vo Lond. 10 00 

Ward, Mrs. The Microscope 8vo Lond. 1 75 

Wood, J. G. Objects for the Microscope. 12mo Lond. 1 25 

Wood, Han., Mrs. Microscopic Teachings. 4to Lond. 5 00 

*' Middle Ages" — of Europe. 

Baring, Gould. Myths of the Mid. Ages, 2 v.l2mo L. & P. 2 50 

h. Froissart. Chronicles. Illustrated, 2 v. r. 8vo Lond. 12 00 

h. Hallam. Europe during Mid. Ages, 3 v.l2mo N. Y. 5 25 

a. Cheap ed., 1 v.l2mo Lond. 2 50 

Koeppen . The World in the Mid. Ages, 2 v. N. Y. 7 50 

Maitland. The Dark Ages 8vo Lon. 12s. 

Putz & Arnold. Mediaeval History 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Schmitz. The Middle Ages, 2 vols 8vo L. 7s. 6d. 

Wright. The Homes of the Mid. Ages. 111. 8vo Lon. 21s. 

12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Mction : Illustrative of Middle Ages , viz : 

Scott's Ivanhoe, Talisman, Quentin Dur- 

ward and Anne of Gierstein : Tasso's 

Jerusalem, etc. See Fiction and Poetry. 

Military Dictionary. By H. L. Scott 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Mind and Body. — \_See also Metaphys-ics.] 

a. Gal ton, F. Hereditary Genius 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Holland, Sir H. Chapts. on Ment. Physiol.l2mo Lond. 3 00 
Holmes, O. W. Mechanism in Thought 

and Morals. . . ,12mo Bost. 50 

Lay cock. The Mind and Brain, 2 vols. . . 8vo Edin.21s. 
6. Maudsley. Physiology and Pathology of 

the Mind.... 8vo N. Y. 3 ^0 

a. Moore, Geo. The Body and Mind 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

The Soul and Body 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Mineralogy. — [See also Gems.] 

b. Dana, J. D. System of Mineralogy 8vo N. Y. 10 00 

a. Manual of Mineralogy 12mo Phila. 2 00 

Corals and Coral Islands 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

Hooker. Mineralogy and Geology 12mo N. Y. 1 50 


Overman, F. Mineralogy, Assaying and 

Mining 12mo Phila. $1 00 

Ramsay. Rudiments of Mineralogy 18mo 1 50 

Woliler. Hand Book of Mineral Analysis. . 13mo Phila 3 00 

Mines, Mining. — [See also Coal, Iron, etc.] 

Crustell. Metallurgy 8vo 5 00 

Hollister, O. J. Mines of Colorado 12mo Spring. 2 00 

Overman. (See above.) 

Phillips. Mining and Metallurgy of Gold 

and Silver ?*. 8vo Lond. 10 50 

Raymond. Statist, of Mines west of Rocky 
Mountains, (Bvo N. Y. $1.75) 3^mor.'70. Svo Wash. 4 50 

Rickard. Practical Mining l2mo Lond. 1 25 

Simonin. Underground Life ; or Mines 

and Miners r. Svo L. & N. 16 00 

Ure. Dictionary. [See Manufactures.] 

Whitney. Metallic Wealth of the U. S. . Svo Phila. 3 50 

Bond, J. W. Minnesota and its Resources. 12mo Phila. 1 50 

McClung. Minnesota in 1870 12mo St. Paul 

Minnesota ; its Advantages to Settlers Svo St. Paul 

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Claims, etc. . . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

History of American Board of 

Com. Foreign Missions.. Svo 
Mailen. Christian Miss, in Middle Ages. 

Camb 12mol0s.6d. 

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Newcomb, H. Cyclopedia of Missions. . . Svo 

Mississippi — River and Valley. 
a. Foster, J. W. The Mississippi Valley .. . Svo Chica. 

Gale. The Upper Mississippi 12mo Chica. 

Humphries & Abbott. Report on Missi. Riv. 4to Phila. 15 00 
Monette. Hist, of the Mississippi Val., 2 v. Svo N, Y. 
Shea, J. G. Discov, of the Mississippi Val . Svo N. Y. 
Early Voyages on the Missi. . 4to Alb'y 

Missouri — State of. 

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Green, S, Life of Mahomet ISmo Lond. 

a. Irving. Mohammed & his Successors, 2 v. 12mo N. Y. 4 50 

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Taylor, W. C. Hist, of Mohammodauism . 12mo Lon. 43. 


Molluscs.— [^See Gonchology.'] 
Money.— [5ee also Banks, Business.'] 

Bageliot. A Universal Money 8vo Lond. 

McCulloch, J. R. Money and Banks .... 8vo Edin. 5s. 

Spaulding. History of Legal Tender 8vo Buffalo. 1 50 

Monograms. — [^See Decorative Art^ 

A Book of Monograms. (Sabin's) r, 8vo N. Y. $7 50 

Moral Science. — {See also Meta/physies^ 

Abercrombie, Philos. of Moral Feelings. 18mo N. Y. 75 

Alden. Christian Ethics 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

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The Friend, (3 v. Lond) 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

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and True, trans, by Wright 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

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Law of Love 12mo Bost. 1 75 

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a. Way land, F. Moral Science 12mo Bost. 1 75 

The Same, abridged 16mo Bost. 70 

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Mormons and Utah. 

Burton, R. F. The City of the Saints, '62. 8vo N. Y. 3 50 
Dixon, W. H. New America, $2.75 ; Spir- 
itual Wives Svo Phila. 2 50 

Ferris, Mrs. Mormons at Home, 1856, . , .12mo N. Y. 
Gunnison, J. W, The Mormons. 
Tucker, Origin, Rise and Progress of 

Mormonism 12mo 1 25 

Morocco. — [See Afnca, Northern^ 

Municipal Government. 

Herrick, W. A, Town & Parish Officers. . Svo Bost. 3 00 
Maine, H. S. The Village, East & West. Svo Lon.9s. 
Pomeroy, M. Introd. to Municipal I^aw. . 8vo N. Y. 3 50 


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(1854), 2 vols 16rao Lon. 21 s. 

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Zundel, J. Harmony and Composition. . . 8vo N. Y. 

Mysticism. — \Se6 Supernaturalism.] 

Hours with the Mystics 

Keble. Mysticism of the Fathers 

Mythology. — [See Classical Dictionaries, Fables, <fec.] 

Adams. Roman Antiquities 8vo Phila. $3 50 

Bulfinch. (See Fable.) 

Cox. G. W. Hand Book of Mythology 16mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Mythology of the Aryan Na- 

tions, 2 vols Lon. 38s. 

D wight, M A. Ancient Mythology 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

b. Gladstone, W. E. Juventis Mundi ; Gods 

and Men 8vo Bost. 2 50 

a. Keightley. Fairy Mythology 12mo Bohn. 3 50 

a. Ancient Mythology 8vo N. Y. 3 35 

Pritchard. Egyptian Mythology 

Thorpe. Northern Mythology, 3 vols 8vo Lon. 34s. 

White. Student's Manual of Mythology. 13moN. Y. 125 


b. Lower. Dictionary of Family Names 8vo Lon. 35s. 

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Thomas, R. Hand Book of Fict's Names. 8vo Lond. 

a. Wheeler. Diet, of Noted Names of Fiction.l2mo Bost. 2 50 
Yonge, C. M. Hist, of Christian Names, 2 v. 8vo Lon. 21s. 

Naples. — [See Italy.] 

Napoleon. — [See Biography ; France.] 

Narcotics — Opium. 

a. Beard. Stimulants and Narcotics 12mo N. Y. 75 

Calkins. Opium and the Opium Habit . . . 12mo Phila. 1 75 
Cooke, M. C. Seven Sisters of Sleep. . . .12mo L. 7s. 6d, 

6. Fiske. Tobacco and Alcohol 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

Lizars. Use and Abuse of Tobacco 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Opium Habit : with suggest'ns as to Reme.l2mo N. Y. 1 75 

b. Parton. Smoking and Drinking 16mo Bost. 1 00 

Natural History. — [See also Names of its Departments ; 

Botany, Ornithology, etc.] 
Adams, H. G. Hum. Birds Described I11.16mo Lon. 1 60 

W. H. Picturesque Objects of 

Natural History 8vo Lond. 3 00 

a. Agassiz, L. Structure of Animal Life 8vo Bost. 2 50 

Mrs. Actoea; First Lessons in 

Natural History. . . .12mo Bost, 

a. L. Methods of Study in Natural 

History 12mo Bost. 175 

Contributions to the Nat. Hist. 

of the U. States, vols. 1 to 4. . . . 4to Bos. ea. 12 00 


b. Agassiz, E. C. & A. Seaside Studies in 

Natural History 8vo Bost. $3 00 

& Gould. Principles of Zoology .. 12mo Bost. 1 50 

b. Audubon. Quadrupeds of America, 3 v. r. 8vo N. Y. 60 00 

with fol. plates, 5 V. N. Y. 300 00 

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Biart. Adventures of a Young Naturalist.l2mo N. Y. 1 75 
Broderip. Leaves from Note Book of a 

Naturalist 12mo L. 10s. 6d. 

Buckland, F. Curiosities of Nat. History, 

3 series ea.l2mo Lon. 5s. 

Burroughs, John. Wake Robin 16mo N. Y. 1 50 

b. Carpenter, W. B. Zoology. Hlust. 2 v.l2mo Bohn 6 00 
Cassel's Popular Natural History, 2 vols. r. Svo N. Y. 12 00 
Chadbourne, P. A. Lectures on Nat. Hist.l2mo N. Y. 1 00 
Cassin. Birds of West Coast of North 

America. Illust r.Svo Phila. 13 00 

Mammology and Ornithology of 

U. S. Explor. Exped., 2 v. folio Phila. 50 00 
Coan, T. Curious Facts in Hist, of Insects.l2mo Phila. 
Cooper, Miss. Rural Hours (Naturalists). 12mo N. Y. 2 50 
Darwin. Voyages of a Naturalist. Lon.l2mo 8s. 6d. 

a. Naturalist's Researches in the 

Voyage of the Beagle 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. De Vere. Leaves of the Book of Nature . 12mo N. Y. 1 50 
b. Wonders of the Deep (111., $2).12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Dulcken. Animal Life the World over. . 4to L. & N. 4 00 
Duncan. Sacred Philos. of Seasons, 4 v. .12mo N. Y. 6 00 

Transformations of Insects. . . . 4to Lond. 7 50 

Edwards, H. M. Zoologv. Trans, by Knox. 16mo L. 8s. 6d. 

b. Figuier. The Ocean World. Illustrated. 8vo L. & N. 4 50 

b. Earth and Sea. Trans, by Adams, 8vo L. & N. 8 00 

b. Mammalia. Illustrated 8vo L. & N. 4 50 

b. Reptiles and Birds. Illustrated. 8vo L. & N. 4 50 

b. Insect World 8vo L.&N. 4 50 

Garrett, G. Marvels of Instinct. Lond . . 12mo 3s. 6d. 
Girard. Herpetology of U. S. Exploring 

Expedition, 2 vols. 4to Phila. 30 00 
Goldsmith. Earth and Animated Nat., 2 v. 8vo Phila. 5 00 

Good, J. Mason. The Book of Nature 8vo Hartf. 3 00 

Gosse. Romance of Natural History 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Gould's Descript. of Shells & Mollusks,2 v. folio Bost. 55 00 
Hartung. The Sea and its Li v'g Wonders. 8vo Lond. 

Hartwig. The Subterranean World 8vo Lond. 8 00 

Harmonies of Nature Svo Lond. 10 00 

Hooker, W. Child's Book of Nature 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Natural History 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Huxley, T. Classification of Animals 8vo Lon. Gs. 

Jaeger. North American Insects 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Jesse. Gleanings in Natural History 12mo LorfT 6s. 

Jones. The Broad Ocean and its Inhabit. 12mo L. & N, 3 50 
Journal of a Naturalist 12mo 


a. Kirby. The Sea and its Wonders 4to L. & N. $3 00 

Kingsley,C. Glaucus: Wond, of Sea Shore,12mo Bost. 

Lannoy , The Sublime in Nature 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Leroy. The Intelligence of Animals (1870). 8vo L. 7s.6d. 

Lewes, G. H. Sea Side Studies Svo L. 6s. 6d. 

Studies in Animal Life 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Mangin. The Desert World. Illust 8vo L. & N. 8 00 

Martin. Natural History, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 4 00 

Maunder. Treasury of Natural History. .18mo L. & N. 4 00 
Maynard, C. J. Naturalist's Guide, Illust. 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Menault, Intelligence of Animals 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Milne — Edwards. Manual of Zoology 8vo Lond. 5 00 

a. Milner. The Gallery of Nature. Illust. .r. 8vo Lond. 8 00 
Natural Hist, of the State of N. Y., 21 v. . 4to Alb. 126 00 
Nicholson. Adv. Text Book of Zoology. .12mo N. Y. 1 75 

6. Pouchet. The Universe ; the Infinitely 

Great and Infinitely Little, Illust r. 8vo L.&N. 12 00 

Eeeve. Pop. Nat. Histories, Illust., 16 v.lOmo Lond.€a,2 75 
Siebold, C. T. Von. Comparative Anatomy 

of the Animal Kingdom 8vo Bost. 3 50 

Tenney. Manual of Natural History 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Elements of Zoology 12mo N. Y. 

Warterton. Wanderings of a Naturalist . . 12mo Lond. 5s. 
Watson. Reasoning Power of Animals. 12mo Lon. 9s. 
Westwood, J. O. Modern Classification of 

Insects, 2 vols 8vo Lon. 18s. 

White, Gilbert. Nat. Hist, of Selbourne.l2mo Lond. 2 25 

[And various other editions.] 
Wood, J. G. Houses without Hands 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

6. Natural History, 3 vols. . .r.8vo L. & N. 21 00 

a. abridged.. .12mo L.&N. 1 50 

Bible Animals 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Insects at Home. Illust ... 8vo N. Y. 500 

Natural Science — generally. — Including Natural Phi- 
losophy. [See also Astronomy, Cosmology, Mechanics, 
Optics, Geology, etc., etc.] 

a. Annual of Scientific Discovery, edited by 

Wells and others, vols t to 20 12mo Bost. ea. 2 00 

Arnott, N. Elements of Physics 12mo L.& N. 

Box. Treatise on Heat 12mo Lond. 4 25 

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new edition . . Lond. 

Brewster, Sir D. Natural Magic 18mo N. Y. 75 

new ed 8vo Lond. 3 75 

Bilchner. Force and Matter 12mo Lond. 4 00 

Correlation and Conservation of Forces, ed. 

Youmans 12rao N. Y. 2 00 

Dircks, H. Nature Study Lond. Svo 12s. 6d. 

Euler. Natural Philosophy, 2 vols 18mo N. Y. 1 50 

Faraday. The Various Forces of Matter. 12mo N. Y. 1 00 


Frost and Fire, or Natural Engines — Chips 

and Tool Marks, 2 vols. . 8vo Lond. $12 00 
a. Ganot. Elements of Physics, by Atkinson. 12mo L.&N. 6 00 

ed.'by Peck.. .12mo N. Y. 

Grove, W. R. Correlation of Phys. Forces. 

1867.... Svo Lond. 

Half Hours with Modern Scientists 12mo N. Ha v. 

Hardwicke. Science Gossip 

Hart wig, G. Harmonies of Nature. 111.. Svo L.&N. 7 50 
" Haydn Series" — Dictionary of Science. . Svo Lon, 18s. 

Henry. Glossary of Scientific Terms Svo 

Herschel. Familiar Lect. on Scien. Subj.l2mo L. lOs. 6d. 

Natural Philosophy 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Preliminary Disc, on Nat. Phil. Svo Lon. ISs. 

Manual of Scientific Enquiry. . Svo Lond. 4 50 

h. Humboldt, A. von. Cosmos, 5 vols 12mo N, Y. 6 25 

Aspects of Nature . . . 

Hunt, R. Researches on Light Svo Lond, 2 50 

a. Huxley, T. H. Lay Serm. and Addresses. Svo N. Y. 1 75 

Organic Nature (63) Svo Lond. 

Lardner, D. Hand Book of Nat. Phil., 4 v. Lond. 10 00 

h. Library of Wonders. Scribner's, v. 1 to 22 . ISmo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

Mayhew, H. Wonders of Familiar Things.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 

Olmsted, D. Natural Philosophy Svo N. Y. 4 00 

Pepper, J. H. Play Book of Metals. Lon. Svo 7s. 6d. 

Scientific Amusements Svo Lon. 2s. 

Cyclopedic Science Simplified. . .12mo 9s. 

Proctor. Light Science for Leisure Hours.l2mo N. Y. 1 75 
Schonn. Earth, Plants and Minerals. . . 16mo Lond. 5s. 

a. Somerville, Mrs. Connexion of Phy. Sci.l2mo Lond. 9s. 
Spencer, H. Principles of Biology, 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 5 00 
Timbs, J. Things not generally Known, 2v.l6mo Lou. 5s. 

Things to be remembered in 

Daily Life 16mo L. 3s. 6d. 

a. Tyndall, J. Fragments of Science 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Imagination and Science. . . .ISmo Lon. 3s. 

See Acoustics, Alps, Heat, Light. 

Vestiges of Natural History of Creation. .12mo N. Y. 75 

Whewell. History of the Inductive 

Sciences, 2 vols Svo N. Y. 5 00 

Warns. Series of Books for the Country, 
viz.: Shells, Seaweeds, Ferns, Micro- 
scope, etc ea.lSmo L. & N. 50 

Wells, D. A. Science of Common Thing3.12mo N. Y. 

Winslow, C. F. Force of Nature Svo Phila. 5 00 

Year Book of Facts. Edited by John 

Timbs. J 839-71 . . . .ea.. 12mo Lon. 5s. 
Youmans, E. L. Correlation and Conserva- 
tion of Forces 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Natural Selection. — [See'] 


Natural Theology. — [See also Beligion & Science.'] 

b. Bascom. Science, Philosophy & Religion.l2mp N. Y. $1 50 

Bushuell, H. Nature &, Supernatural 8vo N. Y. 2 25 

b. Butler. Analogy of Religion l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Chadbourne. P. A. Natural Theology 12mo N. Y. 150 

Bridgwater Treatises on Power and Wis- 
dom of God in Creation, 5 v. .12mo Bohn. 23s. 

Chalmers, T. Adaptation of Nature to Man. 8vo Phila. 2 50 

Natural Theology, 2 vols. . .12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Child. Benedicite : Power, Wisdom and 

Benevolence of the Creator. .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

McMillan. Bible Teaching in Nature 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Paley, W. Natural Theology 16mo Bost. 1 75 


Adams, W. H. D. Liglit-Houses and Light- 
Ships. .. .18mo N. Y. 150 

Bowditch. American Navigator 8vo N. Y. 

Dana, R. H., Jr. The Seaman's Friend. . .13mo Bost. 1 50 

Folkard. The Sailing Boat Lond . . 12mo 12s. 6d. 

Totten, C. J. U. S. Naval Text Book. ... 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Navy. — [See under England, Pi^ance, United States, etc.] 


Hand-Book of Needlework (Murray) 8vo L. 7s. 6d. 

Plain Needlework 18mo Lond. 

Palliser, Mrs. B. History of Lace ... 8vo Lond. 

Stephens, Mrs. Ladies' Guide to F'cy W'k.l2mo N. Y. 

Warren, Mrs. Treasures in Needlework. 12mo L, 7s. 6d. 


Grant, A. The Nestorians: The Lost 

Tribes. 1845. . . .12mo N. Y. 
Laurie, T. Dr. Grant and Nestorians. . . .12mo Bost. 1 75 
Perkins, J. Residence among Nestorians. 8vo Andov. 

Netherlands. — [See Holland.'] 

New England. — [See also Puritans.] 

Hubbard, W. History of Indian Wars in 

New England, 2 vols 4to Roxb. 

Oliver, Peter. Hist.of Pur.Commonw'lth. 8vo Bost. 3 00 
Martyn, W. C. The Pilgrim Fathers of 

New England 12mo N, Y. 1 25 

b. Palfrey, J. G. Hist, of N. England, 3 vols. 8vo Bost. 10 00 
a. The same, condens.,2 vols.l3mo N. Y. 5 00 

Savage. Geneal. Hist, of N. Eng., 4 vols. 8vo Bost. 13 00 

Uhden. New England Theocracy. 13mo Bost. 


Bonnycastle. Newfoundland in 1842,2 v. 8vo Lon. 21s. 
New Grenada. 

Holmes. New Grenada Svo 8 00 


New Hampshire. 

Barstow. Hist, of New Hamp. to 1818. . . 

Belknap, J. Hist, of New Hamp., 3 vols. 8vo Bost. 

Chase, F. E. Early Hist, of New Hamp. .12mo Claremt. 

New Jersey. 

Carpenter & Arthur. Hist, of N. Jersey. .ISmo Phila. $ 63 

Gordon. History of New Jersey 

Mulford. History of New Jersey 

Sypher & Apgar. Hist, of New Jersey. . .12mo Phila. 1 25 


Andrews. British Journalism, 2 vols 8vo Lon. 21s. 

Grant, Jas. Hist, of Newspapers, '71, 2 v. 8vo Lon. 24s. 

Hunt. The Fourth Estate 8vo Lon. 21s. 

New York — State of. 
b. Brodhead. History of New York, 2 vols . 8vo N. Y. 6 00 
Duulap. History of New York. 1840, 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 

. Same, abridged 12mo N. Y. 

Hammond. Political Hist, of N. York, 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 
Macauley. Hist, of New York. 1829, 3 v. 8vo N. Y. 
O'Callaghan. History of New Nether- 
lands, 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

a. Randall. Hist, of New York, for Schools.l2mo N. Y. 1 75 

New York City. 

Booth, Mary L. Hist, of N. York City, 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 
Valentine. Hist, of N. York City. 1853. 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

New Zealand. 
a. Barker, Lady. Station Life in N. Zealand.l2rao L. &. N. 2 50 

Fox. The Maori War. 1866 8vo Lond. 

Swainson, W, New Zealand. 1859 8vo Lon. 18s. 

Thompson. Story of New Zealand. 

Nicaragua.— [5(66 Central America.] 

Nile, The.— [See E-/yvt.\ 


Bonomi. Nineveh and its Palaces 12mo Bohn. 3 50 

Fergusson, J. Nineveh and its Palaces. . 8vo Lon. 16s. 
Layard, A. H. Nineveh and its Remains, 

2 vols 8vo Lon. 32s. 

The same, abridged (12mo N. Y., 

$1.75). Lond 12mo 7s. 6d. 

Nineveh and Bab vlon; 2d Visit. 8vo Lond. 5 00 

8vo N. Y. 4 00 

The same, abridged Lond. . 12mo 7s. 6d. 

The same, abridged i . .12mo N. Y. 1 75 

North America. — [See America.] 


North Carolina. 

Hawks. History of North Carolina 8vo N. Y. 

Wheeler. Hist. Sketch of North Carolina. 8vo Phila. $3 00 

Williamson. Hist, of N. Carolina. 1813. 2 v. 8vo Phila. 

Norway. — [See Scandinavia.] 

Browne, J. R. The Land of Thor 13mo N. Y. 2 00 

Laing, S. Residence in Norway. Lond. .13mo 3s. 6d. 

Chroniclesof Kingsof Nor.,3 V. 8vo Lon. 36s. 

Mugge. Afraja ; Life & Love in Norway . 13mo L. 10s. 6d. 
Norway and its Scenery, lUust 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Notabilia. — Facts, Statistics, Miscellanies. 
Timbs, J. Notabilia ; or. Curious and 

Amusing Facts 13mo L. & N. 3 00 

Things not generally known, 

edited by Wells. . . .13mo N. Y. 1 75 
Popular Errors Explained. .13mo Lond. 

Year Book of Facts in Science 

and Art, 1839-70 13mo L. ea. 5s. 

Nova Scotia. 

Haliburton. Hist, of Nova Scotia, 3 vols . 8vo Halif . 
Martin. Colonial Library, [vol. vi.] 13mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Novels. — [See Fiction.] 

Nvibia,—[Se6 also Africa, Egypt.] 

Burckhardt. Travels in Nubia, 1819 4to Lond. 


Ackerman, J. V. Anc. and Mod. Coins. . .16mo Lon. 6s. 

Dickerson, M. W. Numismatic Manual . . 4to Phila. 10 00 

Mickley . Hist, of United States Coins ... 

Snowden, J. R. Anc. and Mod. Coins 8vo Phila. 3 50 

Nursing. — [See Health.] 

Object Lessons. 

Calkins, N. A. New Prim. Object Lessons. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Sheldon. Object Lessons 13mo N. Y. 1 75 

Ocean. — [See Natural History.] 

De-Vere. Wonders of the Deep. Hlus. .13mo N. Y. 3 00 

Gosse, P. H. The Ocean 13mo L.4s.6d. 

Kirby. The Sea, and its Living Wonders . 4to L. & N. 8 00 
Maury. Physical Geography of the Sea . . 8vo N. Y. 4 00 
Mangin. Mysteries of the Ocean, Illust. . 8vo L.&N. 6 00 

Michelet, J. The Ocean, Illust 13mo N. Y. 1 50 

Moquiu — Tandon ; World of the Sea 

Sorrel, L. The Bottom of the Sea 18mo N. Y. 1 50 

Oceanica. — [See Islands.] 


Atwater. History of Ohio ..^ . . . . 8vo Cine. 


Carpenter & Arthur. History of Ohio 18mo Phila. $ 63 

Lossing, B. J. Pictorial Description of 

Ohio. (1850). ... 8vo N. Y. 

Opium. — [See Ifarcotics.] 
Optics. — [See also Spectroscope.] 

Airy, G. B. Undulatory Theory of Optics.l2mo Lond. 2 50 

Brewster, Sir D. Treatise on Optics 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Kaleidoscope 12mo L. Ss. 6d. 

Goblet, H. F. Theory of Sight 8vo Lond. 

Hunt, R. Researches on Light 8vo Lond. 5s. 

Nugent, E. Treatise on Optics 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Tyndall, J. On Radiation 12mo N. Y. 50 

Wonders of Optics (Lib. of Wonders.). . .18mo N. Y. 1 50 

Oratory. — [See also Elocution.] 

American Oratory ; P. Henry, Ames, Pink- 

ney, etc 8vo Phila. 2 75 

American Eloquence, Cyclop, of, 2 vols. . 8vo N. Y. 7 00 

Ames, Fisher. Works (Speeches, &c,). . . 8vo Bost. 2 00 

Bantain. Extempore Speaking 12mo N. Y. 1 20 

Bright, John. Speeches. Bv Thor. Rogers. 8vo Lou. 2os. 

— 16mo, 2s. lOmo L. 3s. 6d. 

Burke. Works (Speeches, etc.), 12 vols. . 8vo Bost. 30 00 

Calhoun, J. C. Speeches and Works, 6 v. 8vo N. Y. 15 00 

Cicero. Orations, etc., 4 vols 12mo Bolin 10 00 

Oratory & Orators 12mo Bohn 2 50 

Chatham, Burke & Erskine's Speeches, 1 v. 8vo Phila. 2 75 

Clay, Henry. Speeches & Life, by Colton, 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

Demosthenes. Orations. Trans., 5 vols. .12mo Bohn 11 75 

Trans, by Leland, 2 v.lSmo N. Y. 1 50 

Literal trans. 2 vols.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 

Dix, John A. Speeches, etc., 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Dickinson. D. J. Speeches, 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Erskine, Lord. Speeches & Life, 2 vols. .. 8vo Lond. 8 00 

Everett, Ed w. Works, chiefly Orations, 3 v. 8vo Bost. 9 00 

Gladstone. Speeches on Pari. Reform . . . 16mo Lond. 1 00 

Goodrich. Select British Eloquence 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Household Book of Irish Eloquence. Dl. 8vo N. Y, 5 00 

Kirkland, Mrs. Patriotic Eloquence 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Macaulay. Speeches, 2 vols 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

Magoon. Living Orators in America 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Orators of the Revolution 12mo X. Y. 1 50 

Marshall. First Book of Oratory 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Maury. Principles of Eloquence 18mo N. Y. 75 

Peel, Sir Robert. Speeches, 4 vols 8vo Lon. 42s. 

Phillips, W*. Speeches 16mo Bost. 2 50 

Phillips, Curran & Grattan. Speeches.. 8vo Phila. 2 00 

Quintillian Institutes of Oratory, trans., 2 v.l2mo Bohn. 5 00 

Sargeant. Standard Speaker 8vo Phila. 2 50 

Sheil. Speeches and Life 12mo Dub. 4s. 


Sumner, Charles. Speeclies and Works, 

now publishing, 10 vols 8vo Bost. $30 00 

Webster, Daniel. Speeches, 6 vois 8vo Bost. 18 00 

Winthrop, R. C. Speeches it Addresses . . 8vo Bost. 3 50 

Ordnance. — [See Arms and Armor.] 

(Professional Works omitted.) 

Bulfinch, F. Oregon and Eldorado 12mo Bost. 2 50 

Origin of Species. — [See Darwinism.] 

Ornithology. — [See also Cage Birds, Natural History, etc.] 

Audubon. Birds of America, Illust., 8 v . r. 8vo N. Y. 165 00 

— with folio plates, 5 v.r. 8vo N. Y. 250 00 

Bailey. Our Own Birds 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Baird, S. F. and others. Birds of North 

America, 2 vols 4to Phila. 

Cassin. Birds of Western Coast of North 

America r. 8vo Phila. 13 00 

Figuier. Birds and Reptiles, Illust 8vo Lond. 4 50 

Michelet. The Bird, Illust r. 8vo L. & N. 6 00 

Nichols. Ornithology and Oology of New 

England. . . . 4to Bost. 

Samuels, E. A. Birds of New England. . 8vo Bost. 4 00 

larger ed.col'd. Bost. 4to $9 to 25 00 

Stanley, E. History of Birds 12mo L. 5s. 6d. 

Wilson. American Ornithology, 3 vols. r.8vo Phila. 75 00 

Pacific Ocean. 

Beechey. Voyage to the Pacific. 1828. . 4to Lond. 
Jones. Adventures in So. Pacific Ocean. .12mo 1 50 
Melville. Typee ; Mardi ; Omoo ; etc. {See Fiction.) 
Pritchard. Polynesian Reminiscences... 8vo Lond. 
Reynolds & Ruschenberger's Voyages, o. p. 
Wilkes. U. S. Exploring Exped., 5 vols. r. 8vo Phila. 25 00 
abridg., 1 vol. 8vo Phila. 3 50 

Paganism. — [See Heathenism^ 

Painting— Treatises on. — [See also Fine Arts^ 

Barnard, Geo. Landscape Painting r. 8vo Lond. 8 00 

Benson. On the Science of Color 4to Lond. 15 00 

Burnet. Treatises on Painting 4to Lond. 22 50 

Cave, Madame. Du Color 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Chevreul. On Color 12mo Lond. os. 

Eastlake. History of Oil Painting 8vo Lon. 16s. 

Field. Rudiments of Color 12mo Lond. 2 00 

Fuseli. Lectures on Painting, 3 vols., o. p. Lond. 

Gulick & Timbs. Painting, Popularly Ex- 
plained. . . .12mo Lond. 2 50 

Hamerton. The Painter's Camj) ... .16mo Bost. 1 50 

Painting in France. 1869... 4to Lond. 

Thoughts about Art. 16mo Bost. 1 50 


Havdou. Lectures on Painting, 2 vols. . . 8vo Lon. los. 
Hand B'k on Oil Paint., for Young Artists 12mo N. Y. $3 00 
Hazlitt, Criticisms on Art. [See Fine Arts.] 

Howard. On Color as Meafis of Art 12mo Lond. 

Jameson, Mrs. Works. [See Fine Arts.] 
Kugler. Hand Books. Trans, by Eastlake. 
[See Fine Arts.] 

O'Neill. Lectures on Painting 12mo Lond, 2 50 

Penley. English School of Painting in 

Water Colors folio Lond. 43 00 

Paleontology — [See Geology.] 

Palestine. — [See Holy Land.] 

Paper Making. 

Herring. Paper and Paper Making, Anc't 

and Modern. . . , 8vo Lond. 5 00 

Guide to Varieties and Value 

of Paper 4to Lond. 10 00 


Burton, R.F. Battle-Fields of Paraguay. 8vo Lon. 18s. 
Masterman. Seven Years in Paraguay. . 8vo Lon. 5s. 
Washburn, C. C. Hist, of Paraguay, 2 v. 8vo Bost. 7 50 

'Paxis,^[See France.] 

Parliamentary Law. 

Cushing. Law & Pract. of Legisl, Assem. N. Y. 75 

Jefferson. Manual of Pari. Practice 18mo N. Y. 

Parodies. — [See Poetry arid Humorous Works.] 

Patent Law. 

Curtis, Q. T. The Law of Patents 8vo 

Law, S. D. Patent and Copyright Laws- . 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

Pauperism. — [See also Chanties.] 

Fawcett. Pauperism ; its Causes and 

Remedies ...12mo L.&N. 2 25 
Ginx's Baby ; (satire on English Poor 

Laws, etc.) 12mo N. Y. 50 

Pieace and War. 

Dymond, J. War and Christianity 12mo Phila. 

Upham, T. C. Manual of Peace 8vo N. Y. 

Peninsular War. 

Napier. Hist, of the Peninsular War, 5 v. N. Y. 12 50 

Southey. Hist, of the Penins. War, 6 v. . 8vo Lon. 63s. 

.'Pennsylvania — Philadelphia. 

Bo wen. Pictorial Sketch Book of Penn'a. 8vo Phila. 
Gordon. History of Pennsylvania. 1829. 8vo Phila. 
Sypher.. School History of Penn3ylvania.l2mo Phila. 1 50 


Watson. Annals of Philadelphia, 2 vols . 8vo Phila. $7 50 

Dugsance. Treatise on Perfumery 8vo 7 50 

Pease, The Art of Perfumery 12rao 1 25 

Periodicals. — [See Appendix.] 

Perpetu£d Motion. 

Dircks. Perpetuum Mobile, 2 vols 12mo Lond. 


Eastwick,E. P. Three Years in Persia, 2 v. 8vo Lon. 18s. 

Frazer. History of Persia 18mo N. Y. , 75 

Watson, R. Q. History of Persia to 1858. 8vo Lond. 

Perspective. — [See Drawing; Mne Artsi] 


Hill, S. S. Travels in Peru and Mexico, 2 v. 8vo Lon. 21s. 
Prescott. History of Conquest of Peru, 2 v. 8vo Phila. 5 00 
Tschudi. Travels in Peru 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Petroleum — and Oil Wells. 

Cone & Johns. Petrolia (in Pa.) 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Wright. The Oil Regions of Pa 12mo Phila. 150 

Philology. — [See Language.] 
Philosophy— Mental. — [See Metaphysics.] 
Philosophy — Natural. — [See Natural Philosophy.] 

Graham. Outline of Standard Phonog. . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Hand Book of Phonography. . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Phonographic Dictionary 12mo N. Y. 4 00 

a. Munson, J. E, Complete Phonographer.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 
Pittman. Manual of Phonography 12mo L. & N. 1 00 

Reporter's Manual Lond.l8mo 2s. 6d. 


Ay res. How to Paint Photographs 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Delamott. Photographic Practice 12mo N. Y. 50 

Hunt, R. Photographic Manual 8vO Lon. 6s. 

Lea, H. C. Manual of Photography 8vo Phila. 3 00 

Price. Manual of Photographic Manipu-l'3mo Lond. 3 25 

Sutton & Dawson. Diet, of Photography. 12 mo Lond. 3 00 

Fowler, J. The Silver Sunbeam ... .12mo N. Y. 2 50 


Boardman. Defence of Phrenology. ... .12mo 1 50 

Browne, J. P. Phrenology ; its application, 

etc., to Education 12mo L. 12s. 6d. 


Combe. Lectures on Phrenology 13mo N. Y. $1 50 

Phrenology ; Proved, lUust, and Applied . 13mo N. Y. 1 50 

Physics. — [See Natural Science.] 

Physical Education. — [See Galistheiiics, Gymnast., etc.] 

Physical Geography.— [/See also Ocean, Volcanoes, etc.] 

a. Ansted, D. T. Physical Geography 16mo Lond. 3 00 

World We Live in 16mo N. Y. 75 

Figuier. The Earth and the Sea. Illus. 8vo Lond. 4 50 
Hartwig, G. The Tropical World. 1863. 8vo Lon. 21s. 
Herschell, J. W. F. Physical Geography.l2mo Ed. 7s. 6d. 

Mangin. The Desert World Lond. 8vo 12s. 6d. 

Marsh, G. P. Man and Nature 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Pouchet. The Universe r. 8vo L. & N. 12 00 

h. Reclus. The Earth : Physical Phenomena 

of Life of the Globe, 2 v. . 8vo L. & N. 10 00 

Cheap edition 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Somerville, Mrs. Physical Geography. .12mo Lond. 9s. 

— American edition (o. />.). .12mo Phila. 


Lavater. Essays on Physiognomy 8vo Lon. 12s. 

Redfield, J. W. Comparative Physiogno. 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Physiology and Anatomy — Popular. — [See Protoplasm.'] 

Beecher, Miss. Physiology and Calis- 
thenics 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Brinton & Napheys. Personal Beauty. . .12mo Spring. 2 00 

h. Carpenter, W. B. Human Physiology... 8vo Phila. 5 50 

Comparative Physiolo. 8vo Phila, 5 00 

a. Combe, Geo. The Constitution of Man. .12mo N. Y. 100 

Dalton, J. C. Human Physiology 8vo N. Y. 5 25 

Physiology and Hygiene. . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Draper, J. W. Anato., Phys. & Hygiene. 8vo N. Y. 3 75 

Physiology' f. . 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

The same abridged 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Huxley & Youmans. Elementary Physi- 
ology and Hygiene 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

a. Lewes, G. H. Phys. of Common Life, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 8 00 

Loomis. Elements of Anatomy & Physiol. 12mo N. Y. 125 
Marshall, J. Outlines of Physiology, 3 v. 16mo Lon, 82s. 
Morgan, J. E. Deterioration of the Race 

in Great Cities. '6(3 16mo Lond, 

Napheys, G, H. Physical Life of Woman, 12mo Phila. 1 50 
Roget, Ph. Animal and Vegetable Physi- 
ology, 2 vols.*. . .12mo Bohn. 5 00 
Wonders of the Human Body.' 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Plays. — [See Drama.] 

Plurality of Worlds. — [See Astronomy.] 



Poetry. — Divided into : I. History of Poetry, etc. ; 2. Col- 
lections ; III. Poetical Works ; IV. Humorous 
and Satirical Poetry. {See also Ballads.'] 

History and Criticism. 

Everett, Erastus. 



Englisli Prosody and 

Versification 12mo N 

Hist, of Provencal Poetry, trans. 

by Adler. ... 8vo N. Y. 
Johnson, Dr. Lives of the British Poets, 

2 vols 12mo Phila. 

Lowth. Lectures on Hebrew Poetry 8vo L. 3s. 6d 

Reed, Henry. Lectures on Brit. Poets, 2v. 12mo Phila. 

Tuckerman. Thoughts on the Poets 12mo N. Y. 

Walker, J. Rhyming Dictionary 12mo Lond. 

Warton. History of English Poetry i2nio L. & N. 

- (2) Collections of Poetry. 

Alger, W. R. Poetry of the East 12mo Bost. 

British Poets, from Chaucer to Wordsworth. 
Edited by Prof. Child, 130 vols. 

* Akenside, 1 vol, ; Ballads. 8 vols 

* Beattie,* 1 vol. 

* Burns, 3 vols. 
Campbell, 1 vol ; Chatterton, 1 vol. 

* Churchill, 1 vol, ; Coleridge, 3 vols. ; 

* Collins, 1 vol. ; * Cowper, 3 vols. ; 
Donne, 1 vol. ; * Dryden, 5 vols. ; 

* Falconer, 1 vol. ; Gay, 2 vols. ; 

* Goldsmith, 1 vol. ; * Gray, 1 vol. ; 
Herbert, 1 vol. ; Herrick, 2 vols. ; 
Hood, 5 vols. ; Keats, 1 vol. ; Marvell, 

1 vol. ; * Milton, 3 vols, ; Montgomery, 
5 vols. ; Moore, 6 vols, ; * Parnell, 
etc., 1 vol. ; * Pope, 3 vols. ; * Prior, 

2 vols. ; Scott, 9 vols, ; * Shakespeare, 
Shelley, 4 vols,; Skelton, 3 

Southey, 10 vols. ; * Spencer, 
; * Surrey, 1 vol. ; * Swift, 3 
* Thompson, 2 vols, ; Vaughan, 

$3 00 
3 00 

3 50 
1 50 
8 00 

4 25 

2 00 

* Butler, 1 vol. ; 
Byron, 10 vols. ; 

1 vol. 
vols. ; 
5 vols, 

ea. ISmo Bost. 1 25 

1 vol. ; Watts, 1 vol, ; * White, 1 vol. : 
Wordsworth, 7 vols, ; * Wyatt, 1 vol, : 

* Young, 2 vols 

British Poets; Aldine ed'n (reprint), 53 v.l6mo L. &P. ea. 75 
(This set contains the authors in previous set marked * and, in 
addition, Chaucer, in 6 vols., edited by Morris ; the other works 
are edited by Milford, Dyce, Collier, Hannay and Sir H. Nicolas. 
Beeton. Book of English Poetry, 2 vols. r. 8vo Lond, 10 00 
Book of Gems, Ed, by S, C, Hall, 111. 2v, 8vo L, & P. 7 50 
Brooks, C. T. Lays, etc., from Uhland, 

Korner, etc. .'. .12mo X. Y. 1 00 

Bowman & Dana. Household B'k of Songs. 4to N. Y. 2 50 

a. Bryant, Library of Poetry and Song 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

POETRY. 161 

Campbell, Thos. Speci. of British Poets. 8vo L. & P. $3 75 

Carter, P. Scotia's Bards. Illustrated... 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

Companion Poets. Illustrated, 2 vols 12mo Bost. 5 00 

a. Dana, C. A. Household Book of Poetry, 

half morocco r. 8vo N, Y. 7 CO 

Illustrated ed., morocco 4to N. Y. 20 00 

Duffy. Poetry of Ireland 

Ellis. Metrical Romances 12mo Bohn 2 50 

Griswold, R. W. Poets & Poetry of Amer. 8vo Phila. 5 00 
Female Poets of America. 8vo Phila. 5 00 

a. Golden Treasury Series, 7 vols ^<i. ] 6mo Camb. 125 

Hymns of the Ages, 3 vols 8vo Bost. 7 50 

Kendrick, A. C. Our Poetical Favorites . 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

b. Longfellow. Poets and Poetry of Europe, r 8vo Phila. 6 00 

Lyra Americana 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Lyra Anglicana 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Lyra Germanica 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

. Christ, year : Christ, Life ; ea, 4to Lon. 10 50 

Mackay, Chas. Book of English Songs. .12mo Lond. 5s. 

Illus. Book of Scottish Song. . .16mo L. 3s. 6d. 

1001 Gems of English Poetry. . 8vo Lond. 5 00 

Home Affections Portrayed by 

Poets, lUust 8vo L. & N. 9 00 

Morgan, Hymns of the Latin Church ., . 8vo Lond. 

J. A. Macaronic Poetry 12mo N. Y. 2 75 

Motherwell. Minstrelsy, Anct. and Mod . 12mo 

Palmer, J. W. Folk Songs. 111., mor., r. 8vo N. Y. 15 00 

Poetry of Compliment and 

Courtship 12mo Bost. 4 00 

16mo Bost. 1 50 

Palmer, Roundell. Book of Praise (8vo L.)16mo Camb. 1 25 

Parton, J. Humor. Poetry of Eng. Lang. 8vo Bost. 3 00 
Parnassus : a Poetical Hand Book. Notes 

by Emerson 12mo Bost. 

a. Percy, Reliques of Old English Poetry . 8vo Phila. 3 50 

The same, 3 vols IGmo Lond. 3 75 

Read, T, B. Female Poets of America. . . 8vo Phila, 3 00 

Schaff; P, Christ in Song 12mo N, Y. 2 25 

Somers. Selections from Modern French 

Poets L. 10s. 6d. 

Universal Songster. Illustrated, 3 vols. 8vo Lond. 9 00 

Willmott. Sacred Poets of the 19th Cent, 4to L. & P. 3 75 

English Sacred Poetry 4to L. & N. 9 00 

Poetry. — Works op Individual Poets. 

Akenside. Poetical Works 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Akers, Elizabeth, Poetical Works lOmo Bost. 1 50 

Allingham, W. Poetical Works 16mo Bost, 1 50 

Aldrich, T. B, Poetical Works lOmo Bost, 1 50 

Allston, Wash, Poetical Works 12mo N, Y, 

Ariosto, Trans, by Hoole, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 

Trans, bv Rose, 2 vols 12mo Bohn. 3 50 


Aristoplianes. Trans., 2 vols Bolin. $5 00 

Arnold, Matthew. Poetical Works 12mo Bost. 2 00 

George. Poetical Works 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Aytoun, Prof. Bothwell ; a Poem. 12mo Bost. 1 25 

liays of the Cavaliers 82mo N. Y. 

Bailey, P. J. Festus ; a Poem 12mo Bost. 1 00 

The Mystic 12mo Bost. 1 00 

Barnes, William. Poems 16mo Bost. 1 00 

Barnes. Poems in the Dorset Dialect 12mo Bost. 2 50 

Beattie. The Minstrel, and other Poems . 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Beranger. Poems. Trans, by Young. . . 12mo N. Y. 160 
Bickersteth, E. H. " The Rock of Ages." 

Poems 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Yesterday, To-Day and Forever. l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

Brownell, H. H. War Lyrics 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Browning, Robert. Poetical Works, 2 v.l6mo Bost. 3 00 

Mrs. Poems, 2 vols 16mo N. Y. 5 00 

(Dia. ed., 24mo. 1.50) . 12mo N. Y. 4 50 

Bryant. Poetical Works, 3 vols 12mo N. Y. 5 25 

Red line ed. 16mo $4.50. 

blue and gold. . . N. Y. 1 50 

must, ed., calf r. 8vo N. Y. 12 00 

Bulwer, R. L. (" Owen Meredith.") Poems .24mo N. Y. 1 50 

Burns. Poetical Works, 3 vols. 18mo Bost. 3 75 

Several editions in 1 vol Svo N.Y.&P. 

Several editions in 12mo N.Y.&P. 

Several Illust. editions . . L. & N. 

Butler, Wm. Allen. Poems ; Nothing to 

W^ear, etc IGmo Bost. 2 00 

Byron. Poetical Works, 10 vols 18mo Bost, 12 50 

1 vol. 8vo, N. Y. $3 ; Illustrated. 8vo Phila. 2 00 

1 vol. 12mo, L. & P. $2 ; Globe Ed.l6mo L. & P. 1 50 

8 vols. 16mo Lond. $10; 16 vols.lGmo Lond.£4. 

Camoens. Lusiad. Trans, by Quilliman.l2mo Lond. 
Campbell, Thos. Poems, with Life bv 

Sargent. . .'.12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Poems, 18mo, Bost. $1.25. . . 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

Poems Illustrated. Svo Phila. 

Gary, Alice. Ballads, Hymns, etc. 12mo N. Y. 2 25 

^ — Phoebe. Poems of Faith, Hope and 

Love. . . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Catullus. Translated 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Chatterton. Poems 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Chaucer. Poet'l Works, ed. by Morris, 6 v.lGmo L, & P. 4 50 

1 vol. 8vo, Lond. $5.00 ; edited 

by Bell, 8 vols 16mo 6 00 

Churchill. Poetical Works, 8 vols .18mo Bost. 3 75 

Clough, A. H. Poems * 12mo L. & N. 2 00 

Coleridge. Poetical Works, 1 v. $1.50 ; 3 v.l8mo Bost. 3 75 

Collins. Poetical Works ... 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Collins, Gray & Goldsmith, by Sargent. . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Crowlev. Poetical Works, 3 vols 18mo Lond. 3 75 

POETRT. 163 

Cowper. Poetical Works, (1 vol. |1.50) 3 v.lSmo Bost. $3 75 


by Cowper, 8 vols. . . ,12mo Lon. 25s. 
Crabbe. Poetical Works, (1 vol. 8s 6d) 8 v . 16mo Lon. 40s 

Dana, R. H. Poems, 2 vols o. p.l2nio N. Y. 

Dante. Trans, by Cary 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Inferno. Trans, by Parsons 8vo Bost. 5 00 

Complete. By Longfellow, 3 vols., 

r, 8vo.. $15.00 ; 3 vols 16mo Bost. 6 00 

De Vere, Aubrey. Poems, 3 vols 16mo Lon. 16s. 

Dies Irae. With various translations 12mo N. Y. 

Dobell, Sydney. Poems 32mo Bost. 1 50 

Donne. IPoetical Works 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Drake, J. R. The Culprit Fay, lllust 18mo N. Y. 1 00 

Drummond of Hawthornden, Poems. . . .ICmo Lond. 

Dryden. Poetical Works, 5 vols 18mo Bost. 6 25 

Works, 1.8vo, Lond. $5.00; 2 V. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Elliott, E. Corn Law Rhymes, etc r. 8vo Lond. 3s. 

Emerson, R. W. Poems 32mo Bost. 1 50 

Faber, F. W. Hymns, lllust 12mo North. 2 00 

Falconer. Shipwreck, and other Poems. .ISmo Bost. 125 

Frenau, Ph. Poems of the Revolution. . ,12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Gay. Poetical Works, 2 vols l8mo Bost. 2 50 

Goethe. Reynard, the Fox, trans N. Y. 2 00 

— Faust. Trans, bv Bavard Taylor, 

"2vols....r. 8vo Bost. 10 00 
cheaper ed., 2 vols 16mo Bost 5 00 

First part, trans, by Hay ward. .12mo Bost. 1 50 

trans, by Brooks 12mo Bost. 150 

Goldsmith. Poetical Works' 18mo Bost. 1 25 

lllust. 8vo Lond. & 8vo L. & P. 2 75 

With Gray and Collins 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

With his Prose W'ks, Globe 

edition 12mo L. & P. 1 50 

Gray. Poetical Works 18mo Bost. 1 25 

lllust 24mo L. & N. 1 25 

lllust 8vo Phila. 

With Collins and Goldsmith 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Elegv. Various lllust. editions. . 

Grun. The Last Knight. Trans, bv Sargent. 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

Halleck. Poetical Works (32mo* $1) 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Harte, Bret. Poems, 2 vols ea.l2mo Bost. 1 50 

Heber. Poems 18mo Lond. 6s. 

with Crabbe, &c 8vo Phila. 1 50 

Heine, H, Poems. Trans, bv Leland 12mo Phila. 2 50 

Hemans, Mrs. Poems (1 vol.' $1.50), 2 v.l6mo N. Y. 3 00 

Herbert. Poetical Works (Lon., $1.50). . .18mo Bost. 1 25 

Herrick. Poetical Works, 2 v 18mo Bost. 2 50 

Hervey, T. K. Poems 32mo Bost. 1 50 

Hesiod. Callimachus and Theognis, Trans. 12nio Bohn. 2 25 
Hoi^^g, Jas. Poet. W'ks (2 v. r. 8vo) 5 v.Glas.lOmo 1 7s. 6d. 

Holmes, O. W. Poems (33mo, $1.50). . . .16mo Bost. 2 00 


Holland, J. G. Bitter Sweet ; Katrina . . €a.l2mo N. Y. $1 50 

Homer. Trans, by Cowper, 2 vols 12mo Bolin. 3 50 

by Pope, 8 vols 16mo N. Y. 2 25 

2 vols 12mo Bohn. 5 00 

literally translated, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Iliad. Trans, by Bryant, 2 v.. .r. 8vo Bost. 10 00 

small ed.,2 v.lOmo Bost. 5 00 

Odyssey. By the same, 2 vols . . r. 8 vo Bost. ea. 5 00 

Hood, Thos. Poetical Works, 3 vols 12mo N. Y. 7 50 

Chief Poems, -2 vols, in 1 . . . 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Poems, niustrated edition. 4to N. Y. 8 00 

Poems, 5 vols 18mo Bost. 6 25 

Horace. Literally trans, by Smart 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Odes, trans, by Martin 32mo Bost. 1 50 

Hunt, Mrs. (" H. H.") Poems 16mo Bost. 1 25 

Hunt, Leigh. Poems, 2 vols 32mo Bost. 3 00 

Book of the Sonnet, 2 vols. 16mo Bost. 3 00 

Ingelow, Jean. Poems (1 vol., |2.25), 2 v.lGmo Bost. 3 50 

" Jerningham," Mrs. Journal (in verse). .12mo N. Y. 75 

Juvenal and Persius. Trans, literally. . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Landor, W. S. (In his Works.) 

Larcom, Lucy. Poems 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Lessing. Nathan the Wise, a Poem 16mo N. Y. 1 50 

Lockyer. Land Lyrics 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Lockhart. Anc't Spanish Ballads 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

Longfellow. Poetical Works, fine ed., 4 v.lOmo Bost. 10 00 

Cabinet ed., 2 v.lGmo Bost. 4 00 

Red line ed, 1 v.l6mo Bost. 4 50 

Diamond ed . . . 32mo Bost. 1 50 

niust. ed 8vo Bost. 12 00 

Separate Poems ; do lUust. . . . Bost. 

Lowell, Poetical Works, 2 v 16mo Bost. 4 00 

Red line ed 16mo Bost. 4 50 

Blue & gold ed., 2 v . 32mo Bost. 3 00 

Lucan, Pharsalia. Trans. . . ^ 12mo Bohn. 2 25 

Lucretius. Trans 12mo Bohn. 2 25 

Lytton, Lord Bulwer. King Arthur, 12mo Lond. 1 50 

NewTimon. Lost Tales of Miletus.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

Macaulay. Lays of Ancient Rome 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Marvell, A. Poetical Works 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Massey, Gerald. Poetical Works, (32mo 

$1.50,) 2 vols 16mo Bost. 4 00 

Meredith, Owen. (Bulwer.) Poems. (32mo 

$7.50,) 5 vols ISmo Bost. 10 00 

Miller, Joaquin. Poems 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Millman, H, H. Poetical Works, 3 vols. .ISmo Lon. IBs. 

Milton. (18mo, $1.50) 3 vols 18mo Bost. 3 75 

Fine ed'n, ed. by Brydes, 6 vols. . 8vo JiOn. oOs. 

by Mitford, 2 vols. 8vo Lon. 21s. 

Montgomery, Jas. (Br. P.) 5 vols. ...... 18mo Lond. 6 25 

Moore, Thos. Poetical Works, 6 vols 18mo Bost. 7 50 

1 vol. 8voN.Y.$3.00.12mo Lond. 50 

POETRY. 165 

Moore, Thos. Poetical Works, Globe ed. .12mo L. & P. $1 50 

Morris, (Wm.) The Earthly Paradise, 3 v.l6mo Bost. 4 50 

Life and Death of Jason. .16mo Bost. 1 50 

Loves of Gudrun 16mo Bost. 1 00 

Motherwell. Poems 32mo Bost. 1 50 

Muloch, Dinah. Poems, (32rao, $1.50) 18mo Bost. 2 00 

Ossian. Poems 18mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Ovid. Translated, 3 vols 12mo Bohn. 6 75 • 

Palgravc, F. T. Lvrical Poems 12mo L. & N. 1 75 

Parnell. Poetical Works. (B. P.) 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Parsons, T. W. Poems t6mo Bost. 1 25 

Petrarch. Trans, by Campbell 12mo Bohn. 2 25 

Pindar. Translated 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Poe. Poetical Works, (Illust. $6.00) 16mo N. Y. 1 75 

Pollok. Course of Time, (24mo 75c.) 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

Pope. Poetical Works, 3 vols ISmo Bost. 3 75 

(lvol.l6mo|1.25; Illus.$1.50)4 v.lGmo Lon. lOs.- 

Praed, W. M. Poetical Works, 2 vols. . . . 12mo N. Y. 3 50 

Prior. Poetical Works, (B. P.,) 2 vols. . . . ISmo Bost. 2 50 
Proctor. (" Barry Cornwall.") Poems. . . 12rao Bost. 

Adelaide. Poems, (32mo |1.50). .16mo Bost. 2 00 

Propertius, Petronius and Secundus Timo Bohn. 2 25 

Ramsav, Allan. Edited bv Mackav, 2 v. .4to 32 00 

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Rogers, Samuel. Poetical Works, edited 

by Sargent 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Illustrated 4to Phila. 

Rosetti, Chris. G. Poems 16mo Bost. 1 75 

Dante G. Poems 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Saadi. Rose Garden of Persia. Trans.. . l6mo Bost. 2 50 

Sargent, Epes. " The Woman who Dared."12mo Bost. 1 50 

Saxe, J. G. Poems. 32mo, $1.50 ; 16mo, |2.16mo Bost. 2 50 

Schiller. Poems and Plays. Trans., 2 v.l2mo Bohn 3 50 

The same, trans, bv various persons, 2v. r 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

Schiller. Poems & Ballads. Lvtton.l6mo N. Y. 160 

Scott, Sir W. Poetical Works. 9' vols 18mo Bost. 11 25 

1 vol. 8vo, $3.00 ; 6 vols 12mo N. Y. 7 50 

Red line ed., 16nio, $4.50 ; Globe ed.l6mo Lond. 1 50 

Shakespeare. Poems and Sonnets 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Shelley. Poetical Works, 4 vols 18mo Bost. 5 00 

Poems. Edited by Rosetti 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Shenstone. Poetical Works 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Sigoiirnev, Mrs. Poems 12mo 

Skelton. ' Poetical Works (B. P.), 3 vols. .18mo Bost. 3 75 
Smith, Horace & Jas. Rejected Addresses, 

etc....l2moN. Y. 2 00 

Somerville. The Chase 

Southey. Poetical Works (B. P.), 10 vols.l8moBost. 12 50 

— complete in 1 v. Svo N. Y. 3 00 

Spenser. Poetical Works (B. P.), 5 vols . 18mo Bost. 6 25 

Select,18mo,$1.50;complete, Iv.r. Svo L.&N. 4 00 

Sprague. Chas. Poems 12mo Bost. 1 25 


Stedman, E. C. Poems, 3 v 12mo Bost. $4 50 

Stoddard. Poems, 12mo, $1 ; new Poems, 

3 vols 12moBost. 2 50 

Stowe, Mrs. Religious Poems 16mo Bost. 2 00 

Surrey, Earl of. Poems (B. P.) 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Swain, Clias. Poems 16mo Bost. 1 50 

Swift. Poetical Works (B. P.), 3 vols 18mo Bost. 3 75 

Swinburne. Atlanta in Calydon, etc., 2 v.l2mo Bost. 4 00 

Tasso Translated by Fairfax 12mo N. Y, 

Wiffen 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

Taylor, Bayard. Poems, 32rao, $1.50 16mo Bost. 2 00 

Taylor, H. Philip Van Artevelde 18mo Bost. 1 50 

Tegner (Swedish). Frithiof's Saga, ed. bv 

Bayard Taylor. . .'.16mo N. Y. 1 50 

Tennyson. Poetical Works, 2 vols 16mo Bost, 4 00 

Fireside ed., 10 v.l6mo Bost. 10 00 

12mo, $1.75;2 v.32moBost. 3 00 

Cheap ed.,8vo,N.Y.|1.25.24mo Bost. 150 

Various Illustrated ed's. 

The Last Tournament. .12mo Bost. 1 25 

Separate Works, 6/2. $1. to 1 50 

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Thackeray. Poems 12mo Bost. 1 25 

Theocritus. Trans, bv Chapman lOmo Lond. . 

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Tickell. Poems 

Trowbridge. TheVagabond & other Poems.lBmo Bost. 1 50 

Tuckerman, H. T. Poems 12mo Bost. 1 25 

Tupper. Proverbial Philosophy, various 

editions N. & P. 75c. to 6 00 

Vaughan. Poems (B. P.) 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Virgil. Trans, by Dryden, etc., 2 vols 18mo N. Y. 1 50 

Literal translation 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Waller. Poems, ed. by Bell IGmo L. 2s. 6d. 

Watson. Beautiful Snow & other Poems . 12mo Phila. 2 00 

Watts. Poetical Works (B. P.) 18mo Bost. 1 25 

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White, H. K. Poetical Works (B. P.) 18mo Bost. 1 25 

Whitman, Walt. Poems (Leaves of Grrass), 

2 vols....l2moN. Y. 2 50 

Whittier. Poetical Works (2 v., $5), 2 v.l6mo Bost. 4 00 

Red line edition. .16mo Bost. 4 50 

: Blue and gilt, 2 v.lOmo Bost. 3 00 

various Illus. ed. 

Separate works e«.Bost. $1 to 1 50 

Wieland. Oberon. Trans, by Sotheby. . 

Willis, N. P. Poems (Illust. *ed., $0). . . .16mo N. Y. 1 60 

Wilson, John. Poems (in his works) 12mo Lond. 6s. 

Wordsworth. Poetical Works, 7 vols 18mo Bost. 8 7-) 

Ivol 8vo Phila. 4 00 

Choice Poems 12mo Lond. 1 75 

Wyatt, Sir Thos. Poetical Works (B. P.).18mo 1 25 


Young. Night Thoughts, and other Poems, 

2 vols 18mo Best. $2 50 

Poetry. — Humorous, Comic, Satirical, etc. 

\ytoun, W. E. Fermillian 12mo 

Bon Gaultier's Ballads. . .12mo L. 8s. 6d, 

"Awful" and other Jingles. By P. R. S.12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Barham. Ingoldsby Legends 12mo N. Y. 2 25 

Butler, (Saml). Hudibras,(16mo$1.25)2 v.lSmo Bost. 2 50 

various Eng. ed's . 

Gilbert, W. S. The Bab Ballads 12mo Phil. 1 75 

Harte, (Bret.) Poems (in dialect), 2 vols. .12rao Bost. 3 00 

Ked line ed. Illust.lGmo Bost. 4 50 

Hay, John. Pike County Ballads 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Juvenal and Persius. Satires, trans 12mo Bohn. 2 25 

Lear. A Book of Nonsense, Illust 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Leland,C. G. Hans Breitmann Ballads, etc.l2mo Phil. 2 00 

Lowell, J. R. Fable for Critics 12mo Bost. 75 

Bigelow Papers, 2 vols 12mo Bost. 3 00 

Parton. Humorous Poet, of the Eng. Lang. Svo Bost. 3 00 

Trumbull, J. McFingal, an Epic 16mo N. Y. 1 50 


Christisson. Treatise on Poisons Svo Lon. 10s. 

Horsley. Toxicologists' Guide 12mo Lond. 3s. 6d. 


Corner. History of Poland and Russia . . ISmo L. 3s. 6d. 
Day. Russian Gov't in Poland. 1867 . . . 8vo Lond. 

Dunham. History of Poland Lond.lGmo 3s. 6d. 

Edwards. Polish lusurrec. of 1863, 2 vols.l6mo Lond. 

Fletcher. History of Poland 18mo N. Y. 75 

Van Zandt. History of Poland 

Polar Regions. — [See Arctic] 

Political Economy. — [See also Banking, Free Trade, Money, 
Protection, Taxation.'] 

Bentham, Jer. Works, 11 vols 8vo Edinb. 28 00 

Bo wen, F. Political Economy 8vo Bost. 2 50 

Carey. Political Economy, 3 vols 8vo Phila. 10 00 

Cairnes, J. E. Political Economy 8vo Lond. 6s. 

Champlin. Political Economy 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Colton, C. C. Public Economy of U. S. . . 8vo N. Y. 2 25 
De Quincey. Logic of Political Economy. 12mo Bost. 1 50 
Elder, Wm. Questionsof Pub. Policv.etc. Svo Phila. 
Gevons, W. S. Theory of Polit.Econ.' 1871.12rao Lon. 9s. 
Greeley. Science of Political Economy. .12mo Bost. 1 50 

Malthus, T. Political Economy Lond . 12mo 3s. 6d. 

On Population, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 

McCuUoch. Literature of Political Econ . Svo Lon. 143. 

Indust'l Hist, of Free Trade . Svo Lond. 

Political Econorav 12rao Lond. 175 


Mill, J. S. System of Political Econ.,2 v. 8vo. N. Y. $5 00 

Principles of Polit. Economy . 8vo L. & B. 2 50 

Moran. On Money 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Perry, A. L. Elements of Political Econ.l2mo N. Y. 2 50 

Say, J. B. Political Economy 8vo Phila. 2 50 

Seaman. Progress of Nations, etc., 2 vols. Svo 5 00 

Smith, Adam. Wealth of Nations 12mo L. & N. 2 50 

Edited by Rogers, 2 V. Svo Lon.21s. 

■ Edited by McCulloch. Svo Lond. 5 50 

Walker, Amasa. Science of Wealth Svo Bost. 3 00 

Wayland. Elements of Political Economy.ll2mo N. Y. 175 
Political Science — Politics. 

Blakey, R, Hist, of Political Litera.,2v.. Svo Lon. Ss. 
Brougham. Political Philosophy, 3 vols. Svo Lond. 5 00 
Greg, W. R. Political Science, 3 vols ... . Svo Lon. 24s. 
Leslie, T. E. C. Land Systems of England 

and Ireland. . . . Svo Lon. 12s. 
Lieber, F. Civil Liberty and Government. Svo Phila. 3 35 

Political Ethics, 2 vols Svo Bost. 

MacPhersou, E. Political Manual Svo Wash. 

McClusky. Politician's Hand Book 

Political Cyclopedia, 4 vols 12mo Bohn. 7 00 

Polynesia. — [See also Pacific, and names of Islands.] 

Ellis. Polynesian Researches, 4 vols 12mo Bohn. 14s. 

Pritchard, W. T. Polynesian Researches. Svo Lond. 

Russell. History of Polynesia .ISmo N. Y. 75 

Smythe, Mrs. Ten Years in Fiji Islands. Svo Oxf. 15s. 


Dyer, T. H. Pompeii, its History, etc Svo Lond. 7 00 

Gell & Gandy. Pompeiana to 1819. 111. r. Svo Lon. 15s. 
Monier, M. Wonders of Pompeii ISmo N. Y. 1 50 

Poor — Pauperism. — [See CTiarities.] 

Popes. — [See Church History.'] 

Population. — [See Political Economy.] 

Popular Science. — [See Natural Science, and names of 
" Reason Why" Series ($1.25 to $5 m.), 18 v.l2mo L. & P. 

Scribner's Wonder Library, 22 vols 18mo N. Y. ea. 1 50 

Wells. Things not Gem^rally Known 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Porcelain and Pottery. 

Bohn, H. G. Guide to Pot'ry, Porcel'n, etc. 12mo Bohn. 2 50 
ChatFer. Pot'ry and PorceFn, Marks, etc. r. Svo Lond. 9 25 
Keramic Gallery, with 600 Illustrations of 

Pottery, etc., photographed,.2 V. Svo Lond. 32 00 
Marryatt, Jas. History of Mediaeval Pot- 
tery, etc. . . . Svo Lond. 21 00 
Wedgewf-^, Life of. Fully Illust., 2 v. . >•. 8vo Loud. 12 00 


Portraits. — 

Gallery of Portraits. Edited by Charles 

Knight, 7 vols. . . r. 8vo Lond. 
National Portrait Gallery (Amer.). Edited 

by Duyckinck, 2 v. . . 4to N. Y. 
(English) 5 vols. . . .r. 8vo L. £8. 

Portugal. — [See Spain.] 

Positivism. — [See Metaphysics.] 

Comte, A. Positive Philosophy 8vo N. Y. 

Mill, J. S. Comte and Positivism 12mo Lond. 

Poultry. — [See also Agriculture.] 

Bement. Poulterer's Companion 12mo N. Y. $2 00 

Cooper, J. W. Game Fowls 

Doyle. Illust. Book of Poultry, col. plates. 8vo Lond. 2 50 

Piper, H. Profita. & Ornamental Poultry.l2mo Lond. 1 75 

Poultry Yard ISmo Lond. 50 

Richardson. Domestic Poultry 18mo N. Y. 

Saunders. Domestic Poultry l2mo N. Y. 75 

Tegetmeir, W. B. Poultry Book col'd.. .r.8vo Lond. 9 00 

Wright L. Practical Poultry Keeper 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Prayers. — [See Devotian.] 

Preaching and Preachers. — [See also Sei'mons.] 

Gould, S. B. Post Mediaeval Preachers. .16mo Lond. 
Hood, E. P. Lamps, Pitchers & Trumpets.l2mo L. 10s. 6d. 
Hoppin, J. M. Office & Work of Christian 

Ministry. . . .12mo N. Y. 3 50 
Jackson. Curiosities of Pulpit Literature.l2mo Lond. 2 00 
Pulpit Themes & Preacher's Assistant. . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Ramsay, E. B. Pulpit Table Talk 16mo L. 3s 6d. 

Zincke. Extempore Preaching 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Precious Stones. — [See Gems.] 


Humphrey. History of Printing. Illust. folio Lond. 26 00 

Mackellar, T. American Printer 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Pearson, E. C. Guttenberg & the Art of 

Printing . . .12mo Bost. 2 00 
Ringwalt. American Cyclo. of Printing. . 8vo N. Y. 10 00 
Savage. Dictionary of Printing 8vo Lon. 12s. 

Prisons. — [See Crimes and Punishments.] 


Beale, L. S. Protoplasm ; Life, Force, etc.l2mo L.6s. 6d. 

Mystery of Life 

Sterling, J. H. As Regards Protoplasm. . 

Tyson, Jas. The Cell Doctrine 12mo Phila. 2 00 



Fielding. Proverbs of all Nations 16mo Lend. $1 25 

Hand Book of English Proverbs 12mo Bohn. 2 50 

Kelly, W. K. Proverbs of all Nations, 

Exp'd, etc. . . .12mo Andov. 1 25 

Polyglott of Foreign Proverbs 12mo Bohn 2 50 

Proverbs of Solomon, in Eng.,Fren. &Ital.l6mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Prussia. — [See Germany.] 

Carlyle. Frederick the Great, 6 vols 12mo N. Y. 12 00 

History of Prussia. By M. A. D 16mo Lond, 

Ranke. Memoirs of House of Branden- 
burg, 3 vols. . . . 8vo Lon. 36s. 
Vehse. Memoirs of Court of Prussia 12mo L. 6s. 6d. 

Psychology. — [See Metaphysics.] 


Wilson, J. Punctuation 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Puritans. — [See also New England.] 

Felt, J. Ecclesiast.Hist. of N.England, 2 V. 8vo 

Hall. The Puritans & their Principles. . 8vo N. Y. 2 50 

Martyn, W. C. Hist, of English Puritans.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 

Pilgrim Fathers of N. E.12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Neal, History of the Puritans, 2 v 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Puzzles. — [See Conundrums, etc.] 

Pyramids. — [See Egypt.] 

Pyrotechnist's Compan. By G. W. Mortimer.l2mo 1 25 

Quotations. — [See also Extracts, Selections.] 

a. Bartlett. Dictionary of Quotations 12mo Bost. 3 00 

Ballou, M. M. Treasury of Thought ; En- 
cyclopedia of Quotations . . . 8vo Bost. 

Dictionary of Latin Quotations .12mo Bohn 2 50 

a. Great Truths from Great Authors 8vo Phila. 2 00 

Ramage. Beautiful Thoughts from Greek, 
Lat.,Fren.,Ger., Span. & Ital. authors, 

with orig. text, 4 vols 12mo Lond. 12-00 

Southgate. Many Thoughts of Many 

Minds 8vo L. 10s. 6d. 

Second Series 8vo L. 12s. 6d. 

Thompson. Sentences f'm Gr'k Dramatists.l6nio Edinb. 
Things Old and New, or Storehouse of 

Similes 8vo Lond. 7 00 


Chambers, W. About Railways 12mo Lond. 

Dodd,G.W. Railways, Steamers &Teieg8.12mo Lond. 

Poor, H. V. Manual of Railroads in U. S. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Rationalism. — [See Infidelity.] 


Reading. — [See also Bibliography and Literature.] 

Moore, C.H. What to Read & How toRead.lGmo N Y. $ 75 

Porter, Noah. Books and Reading 12mo N. Y, 2 00 

Potter, Bishop. Hand Book for Students 

and Readers 18mo N. Y. 75 

Poole, W. F. Index to Periodicals 8vo Bost. 

Pycroft. Course of Reading (by Spencer).12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Todd, John. The Student's Manual 12mo North. 1 50 

Willmot, R. A. Pleasures of Literature. Lond. 5s. 

Rebellion. — [See under England & United States.] 

Reference Books. — [See Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and 
under names of Subjects.] 

Reform. — [See Sociology, Temperance & Women's Rights ] 
Reformation. — [See Church History.] 
Religion. — [See also Bible, Christianity, Church History, 
Devotion, Evidences of Christianity, Heathen- 
ism, Science & Religion.] 
Beard, J. R. Progress of Relig. Thought. 8vo Bost. 1 75 
Beecher, H. W. Lecture Room Talks. . .12mo N. Y. 2 50 
Clarke, J. F. Ten Great Religious Beliefs.l2mo Bost. 3 00 
Goulburn, E. M. Thoughts on Personal 

Religion . .12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Pursuit of Holiness. .12mo N. Y. 75 

Gould, S. B. Origin of Religious Belief, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 4 00 
Hunt, J. Relig. Thought in Englaud, 2 v. Svo L. 42s. 
Moflfatt. Comparative Hist, of Religions . 12mo N, Y. 1 75 

Revenue. — [See Free Trade, Polit^al Economy, Protection, 
and Taxation.] 

Revolution. — [See under France and United States.] 

Rhetoric. — [See also Elocution and Oratory.] 

a. Bain. Composition and Rhetoric 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Bascom. Philosophy of Rhetoric 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Blair. Treatise on Rhetoric Svo N. Y. 3 00 

Edited by A. Mills.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

Campbell. Philosophy of Rhetoric Svo N. Y. 1 50 

Coppee. Elements of Rhetoric 12mo Phila. ] 60 

Kerl. Composition and Rhetoric 12mo N, Y. 1 25 

Whately. Elements of Rhetoric 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Rhode Island. 

Arnold, S. G. History of Rhode Island, 2 v. Svo N. Y. 6 00 
Peterson. History of Rhode Island Svo N, Y. 

Romance. — [See Fiction.] 

Romanism. — [See also Church History.] 

Burk. Mediaeval Popes, 4 vols Svo Lon. 42s. 


Dollinger. Fables about Popes of Middle 

Ages 8vo Lon. 14s. 

Dowling, J. History of Romanism 8vo N. Y. 

Moehler, J. A. Symbolism 8vo N. Y. $4 00 

Pressense, Rome and Italy ; Opening of 

Council 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Ranke. History of the Popes, 3 vols 13mo Bohn 5 25 

Rome and tbe Popes. From the German 

of Brandes 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Spalding. (Roman Catholic) History of 

the Reformation 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Review of D'Aubigne's Refor.l2mo Lon. 3s. Gs. 

Lect. on Evid. of Catholicity. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Wiseman, Cardinal. Mem'ls of Four Popes. 8vo N. Y. 1 50 
Doctrines ot the Cath.Ch'h.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

Rome — (Ancient) — Roman Empire. 

(1.) Ancient Writers. 

Livy. History. Trans., 4 vols 12mo Bohn 9 00 

Plutarch. Civil Wars of Rome. Trans, 
by Long. . . . 

Polybius. General History 

Sallust. Trans, by Rose 12mo Bohn 2 25 

Suetonius. Trans, by Thompson 12mo Bohn 2 25 

Tacitus. Literally translated 2v.l2moBohD. 4 50 

Trans, by Murphy .1 v. 8vo N. Y. 

(2.) Modern Writers. 
a. Arnold, Thomas. History of Rome 8vo N. Y. 4 50 

Later Rom. Com'nwealth, 2 v. 8vo Lon. 24s. 

Bonner. Child's History of Rome, 2 v. . .16mo N. Y. 2 50 

De Quincey. The Caesars. .• 16mo Bost. 1 25 

6. Dyer, T. H. History of Kings of Rome. . 8vo Lond. 5 00 

History of the City of Rome . 8vo Lond. 

&. Gibbon. Decline & Fallof Rom.Emp., 8v. 8vo Lon. 60s. 

The same, 6 vols I2mo N. Y. 9 00 

a. The same, complete in 3 vols. . .12mo N. Y. 7 50 

The Student's edition, condensed.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

Goodrich. Pictorial History of Rome. . . i2mo Phila. 1 75 

Liddell. Student's History of Rome 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Long. Decline of Roman Republic 

Lord, John. The Old Roman World 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Merivale. Hist, of Roman Empire, 7 v. . 8vo I^. Y. 14 00 

Conversion of Roman Empire. 8vo N. Y. 1 50 

Michelet. History of Roman Republic. . .12mo Bohn 175 

&. Mommsen. History of Rome, 4 vols 12mo N. Y. 8 00 

Niebuhr. History of Rome, 3 vols 8vo Lon. 36s. 

Lectures on Hist, of Rome, 3 v.l2mo Phila. 5 00 

Pictorial History of Rome, 3 vols. . : 12mo Glasg. 9 00 

Schmitz. Roman History 8vo L. 7s. 6d. 

Sewell. Child's History of Rome 16mo N. Y. 75 

6, Sismondi. Fall of the Roman Empire, 2 v. Lond. 4 00 


Smith. Smaller History of Rome 16mo N. Y. $1 00 

a. Student's Gibbon 12mo N. Y. 3 00 

Rome. — (3) Manners and Customs. 

Arnoy , M. d'. Private Life of the Romans . 

a. Becker. Gallus; or Life among the Romans.lSmo N. Y. 3 50 
Forsyth. Life of Cicero, &c. [^See Biog.] 

Knight. Social Life of the Romans 

Novels Illustrating Roman Life, viz : 

Croly— Salathiel. De Mille— Helena's Household. Kingsley's 
Uypatia. Lockhart's Valerius. Wai-e's Probus or Aurelian. [dee 

Modern (City). 

Butler, C. M. Inner Rome 12mo Phila, 1 75 

St. Paul in Rome 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Eaton. Rome in the 19th Century, 2 vols.l2mo Bohn 5 00 
Eustace. Classical Tour in Italy, 3 vols.lCmo L. 10s. 6d. 

b. Gell. Topography of Rome, new ed., 2 V . 8vo Lond. 4 50 
h. Hawthorne, Mrs. England and Italy . . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 
a. Hare. Walks in Rome. 1871 12mo Lond. 3 50 

Kip, Bishop. Christmas Holidays in R.12mo N. Y. 1 75 

The Catacombs of Rome 18mo N. Y. 

Murray. Hand Book to Rome 12mo Lond. 9s. 

Roma Sotteranea. Trans, by Northcote. 8vo L. 31s. 6. 
a. Story, W. W. Roba di Roma 8vo L. & P. 4 00 

a. Taine. Rome and Naples Bvo N. Y. 2 50 

Rural Sports. — [See also Hunting, Angling, etc.'] 

Blaine. Encyclopedia of Rural Sports.. . 8vo Lon. 42s. 
Strutt. Sports and Pastimes of People of 

England Bvo Lond. 3 00 

Walsh (" Stonehenge"). Cyclo. of Rural 

Sports 8vo Lond. 7 00 

White. History of British Turf, 2 vols... 8vo Lond. 6 00 

Russia. — [See also Crimean War, Siberia.'] 

b. Bell, R. History of Russia, 3 vols. Lond.l8mo 10s. 6d. 
Bremner, R. Interior of Russia, 2 vols. . Lon. 21s. 
Bush. Reindeer Dogs and Snow Shoes . . . 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Dixon, W. H. Free Russia 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Gurowski, A de. Russia as it Is 12mo N, Y. 1 00 

Jermann. Pictures from St. Petersburg. 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

a. Kelly, W. R. History of Russia, 2 vols. .12mo Bohn. 3 50 

Kohl, J. G. Russia and the Russians 8vo Lou. 5s. 

Maxwell. The Czar, his Court and People . 12mo N. Y. 
Morley, H. Sketches of Russian Life ('t)f3).16mo Lond. 
Oliphant, L. Russian Shores of the Black 

Sea. . . 8vo Lon. 14s. 

Proctor, Edna D. A Russian Journey 12mo Bost. 125 

Schmitzler. Secret History of the Court 

of Russia, 2 vols 8vo Lon. 28s. 

Schmucker. Life of Catherine II 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Life of Nicholas 1 12mo Phila. 1 75 


Stephens, J. L. Greece, Russia, Poland, 

etc., 2 vols 12mo N. Y. $3 00 

a. Taylor, Bayard. Greece and Russia 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Sacred History. — [^See Bible, Christianity, Church History, 
Religion, Romanism, Monastic Orders.^ 

Sacred Poetry. — [^See under Poetry.'] 

St. Domingo. 

Cliazotte. Insurrection in St. Domingo. . . 

Franklin. Present State of Hayti 

Sandwich Islands. 

Cheever, H. T. Life in Sandwich Islands.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
Jarves, J. J. Hist, of Sandwich Islands. . 8vo L. 3s. 6d. 
Simpson, A. Sandwich Islands 8vo Lond. 4s. 

Saracens. — \^See Arabia, Arabs, Africa, and 

Mohammed {Biography).] 

Murray. Hand-B'k for Sardinia, Genoa, etc.l2mo Lond. 9s. 

Tyndale, J. W. Island of Sardinia, 3 vols. 8vo L. 31s. 6d. 

Satire. — \_8ee under Comic Poetry, Humorous Works.] 
Scandinavia. — [See also Denmark, Norway, Sweden.] 

Browne, J. Ross. The Land of Thor. I11.12mo N. Y. 2 00 
Crichton, A., & Wheaton, H. History of 

Scandinavia, 2 vols ISmo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Mallett. Northern Antiquities 12mo Lond. 2 50 

Sinding, Paul. History of Scandinavia. .12mo N. Y. 
a. Taylor, Bayard. Northern Travel : Den- 
mark, etc 12mo N. Y. 150 

&. Wheaton, H. History of the Northmen . . 8vo Phila 

Schools. — \_See Education^ 
School Architecture. 

Johannot, Jas. School Houses 8vo N. Y. 


Bunsen, C. C. J. von. Schleswig and Hol- 

stein. Lond. . . . 8vo 3s. 6d. 

Dicey, E. The Schleswig-Holstein War, 2 v.l6mo Lond. 

Science. — \^See Natural History, Natural Philosophy, 
Natural Science, Natural Theology, and names 
of Sciences.] 

Science and Religion. — \^See also Natural Theology.] 

Adams. Elements of Christ. Science '50. . Phila. 

a. Argyll, Duke of. The Reign of Law 12mo L. & N. 2 00 

Babbage, C. Ninth Bridgewater Treatise. 8vo L. 9s. 6d. 
a. Bascom, John. Science, Philosophy and 

Religion....l2moN. Y. 1 75 


Bremer, Rev. Dr. Theology in Science.. .12mo L. & N. $2 00 
a. Cliadbourne, P. A. Natural Theology. . .12mo N. Y. 1 75 
h. Child, G.C. Benedicite: The Power, Wis- 
dom, etc., of God in Creation. .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Cooke, J. Religion and Chemistry 12mo Lond. 1 00 

Excelsior. Helps to Prog, in Relig., 6 v.l2mo Lon. 14s. 

Hitchcock, E. Religion and Geology 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Morris, Rev. H. W. Science and the Bible. 8vo Phila. 3 75 
Pater Mundi, or Modern Science and a 

Heavenly Father 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Porter, Noah. Tlie Sciences of Nature vs. 

The Science of Man 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

h. Rawlinson. Historical Evidences of Scrip- 
ture Records 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Sidney, Rev. Conversations on the Bible 

and Science 12mo L. & N. 2 00 

Sutton, G. Faith and Science 8vo Lond. 9s. 

Thompson, J. P. Man in Genesis and Geol.l2mo N. Y. 1 00 
Walker, J. B. God Revealed in Nature 

and Christ 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Scotland. — [See Biography, Mary Queen of Scots, etc.] 

Abbott, Jacob. A Summer in Scotland. . .12nio N. Y. 1 75 

Bos well, J. A Tour to the Hebrides 12mo L. 8s. 6d. 

Buchanan (and others). Hist, of Scotland. 8vo Glasg. 15s. 

b. Burton, J. H. History of Scotland, 2 v.. Svo L. 26s. 
Chambers. Hist, of Rebellions in Scot. . .IBmo Edin. 4s. 

Hunnewell. The Lands of Scott 12mo Bost. 2 50 

Laing. History of Scotland, 4 vols Svo. Lond. 

Mackenzie. History of Scotland Svo L. & N. 3 50 

Maxwell. The Battle Hist, of Scotland. .12mo L. & N. 2 50 
Mignet. Hist, of Mary Queen of Scots. . . Svo Lon. 6s. 
Ramsay. Scottish Life and Character. . . .16mo Bost. 1 50 

a. Robertson. Hist, of Scotland under Mary . Svo N. Y. 2 00 
Rogers, C. Scotland, Social & Domestic. Svo Lon. 21s. 

a. Scott, Sir. Hist, of Scotland, 2 vols 12mo Lon. 7s. 

Tales of a Grandfather, 6 vols. Bost. 7 50 

The same, 4 vols Phila. 5 00 

Sinclair. Scotland and the Scotch 12mo Ed. 2s. 6d. 

b. Strickland, Miss. Lives of the Queens of 

Scotland, S vols 12mo N. Y. 12 00 

Stuart, G. Scotland under Mary 

Tytler. History of Scotland, 4 vols in 2. . Svo Edn. 9s. 

Scriptures. — [See Bible.] 

Sculpture.— [5ee Fine Arts.] 

Secession. — [See Rebellion — under United States.] 

Secret Societies. 

Findell. History of Freemasonry Svo L. 10s. 6d. 

Fox, T. L. Freemasonry in England 16mo Lond. 


Greene, S. D. Broken Seal, or the Morgan 

Abduction 13mo Bost. $150 

James, G. P. R. History of Secret Societies 

of the Middle Ages 

Jennings, H. The Rosicrucians 12mo Lond. 

Rehold, E. Freemasonry in Europe 8vo Cincin. 

Stearns, J. G. Inquiry into Freemas. 1858.18mo Utica 
Letters on Freemasonry. 1860. 12mo Utica 

Selections — Extracts. — [See also Quotations.] 

a. Knight. Half Hours with best Authors, 

etc. [See Literature and History.\ 

Laconics ; or, the best Words of the best 

Authors, 3 vols. . . .16mo L. 7s. 6d. 
fc. Landor. Selections from. ByHillard... 8vo Bost. 3 50 
Milton. Treasures from Prose Writings of .18mo Bost. 3 50 
Montagu, Basil. Selections from Taylor, 

Hooker, Barrow, etc. .13mo N. Y. 1 50 
Parton. The Words of Washington, se- 
lected, etc. . . 16mo Bost. 1 00 

Saunders. Salad for the Solitary, etc 12nio N. Y. 4 00 

Selections from Jeremy Taylor l(3mo Bost. 1 35 

a. Smith, Sydney. Wit and Wisdom of. 

Edited by Duyckinck . . 13mo N. Y. 3 35 
Southgate. Noble Thoughts in Noble 

Language. . . . 8vo Lond. 

Many Thoughts of Many Many 

Minds, 3 series, ea. 8vo L. 13s. 6d, 
Townsend. Everyday Book of Mod. Lit. sq. 8vo Lond, 4 00 

Sermons. — [See also Preaching and Preachers.'] 
*** This selection is obviously meagre. 

Arnold, Thos. Serms. on Christ. Life, 3 v . 13mo N. Y. 4 00 

Beecher, H. W. Sermons, 4 vols 8vo N. Y. ea. 3 50 

Blair, Hugh. Sermons 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Burns. Cyclopedia of Sermons 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Bushnell. Sermons for the New Life. . . .13mo N. Y. 3 00 

Butler, Bp. Sermons 13mo Bohn. 3 50 

Colly er, Robert. Nature and Life 13mo Bost. 1 50 

Hall, Newman. Sermons 13mo N. Y. 1 75 

Melville, Henry. Sermons, 3 vols r. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Murray, W. H. H. Music Hall Sermons. .13mo Bost. 1 50 

Pulpit Cyclopedia & Ministers' Companion. 8vo N. Y. 3 50 

Robertson, F. W. Sermons, 4 vols, in 1 . . 8vo Bost. 3 00 

South, Bishop. Sermons, 5 vols 8vo N. Y. 30 00 

Spurgeon. Sermons, 8 series ea.Viuio N. Y. 1 50 

Sketches and Skeletons of 500 Sermons. . 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Taylor, Jeremy. Sermons (select) 13mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Servia. Ranke. History of Servia '...ISmoBohn 1 75 

Sewing Machine. 

Green. History of Sewing Machines, '64. 8vo Lond. 3 75 


Shakespeare. — [See under Drama.] 

Jennings, Sheep, Swine and Poultry 12mo N. Y, $1 75 

Morrell. American Shepherd 12mo N, Y. 1 75 

Randall. Sheep Husbandry 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Fine Wool Husbandry 12mo N. Y. 1 (JO 

Youatt. On Sheep 12mo Phila. 1 00 

Shetland — The Orkneys, etc. 

Sinclair, Cath, Shetland and Shetlanders.l2mo L. 2s. 6d. 
Weld, C. R. Highlands, Orcadia and Skye. 8vo L. 12s. 6d. 

Ships. — [See Nati<jation.'\ 
Shipwrecks, etc. 

Barrow. The Mutiny of the Bounty 18mo N. Y. 75 

Belcher, Lady. Mutiny of the Bounty . , . 8vo L. 13a. 

Goodrich. Man upon the Sea Svo Phila. 2 25 

Perils of the Sea ISmo N. Y, 75 

Redding, C. Shipwrecks and Disasters at 

Sea, 4 vols 16mo Lon. 14s. 

Shooting. — [See Hunting.'] 

Short Hand. — [See Phonography.] 


Bowring, Sir J. People and Kingdom of 

Siam, 2 vols Svo Lon. 82s. 

Leonowens, Mrs. A. H. English Governess 

at the Court of Siam 12mo Bost. 3 00 

Mouhot, H. Trav. inSiam. 1858-60. 2 v. 8vo Lon. 32s. 


Atkinson, T.W. Orien. and West. Siberia. Svo N. Y. 3 50 

The same 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Amoor River r. 8vo Lon. 42s. 

Bush. Reindeer Dogs and Snow Shoes. . 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Erman. Travels in Siberia, 2 vols 8vo L. 31s. 6d. 

Kennan. Tent Life in Siberia 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

MuUer & Pallas. Conquest of Siberia... 
Pallas. Travels in Siberia 

Sicily. — [See also Italy ^ 

Amari. Hist, of the Sicilian Vespers, 3 v.l2mo L. 31s. 6d. 
Tuckerman, H. T. Sicily : a Pilgrimage. .12mo N. Y. 75 


Anderson, G. Art of Skating 12mo L. 2s. Cd. 

Vandervell & Witham. System of Fig are 

Skating l2mo Lond. 68. 


Seller. The Voice in Singing, from the 

German 12mo Phila. 1 50 


Skepticism. — {^See Infidelity?^ 

Sketches. — \_See Essays.'] 

Sleep. — \_8ee also Dreams.] 

Hall, W. W. On Sleep 12mo N. Y. $150 

Macnisli. Philosophy of Sleep , . 12mo Glasg. Is. 

Social Science — " Sociology." — {^See also Charities, Cooperor- 

tion, Labor, Political Economy, Women's Rights.] 

Booth, A. T. St. Simon and St. Simonians. 8vo L. 7s. 6d. 

Carey, H. C. Past, Present and Future . . Svo Phila. 

Princip. of Soc. Science, 3 v. Svo Phila. 

The same, ab'd by McKean . Svo Phila. 

Coxe, A. C. Moral Reforms Suggested. .12mo Phila. 
('hapin, E. H. Moral Aspects of City Life.l2mo N. Y. 
Dall, C. H. The College, Market and Court.l2mo Bost. 
Elder, Wm. Questions of the Day, Econ- 
omic and Social Svo Phila. 

Foote, E. B. Social Life Analyzed and I11.12mo N. Y. 
Galton, P. Heredit'y Genius, its Laws, etc. Svo N. Y. 
Ginx's Baby : His Birth and other Misfortunes. (Satire 

on London Charities, by Jenkins). .12mo N. Y. 
Greenwood, J. The Seven Curses of Lond.l2mo Bost. 
Hamley, Col. Our Poor Relations. Lon . 12mo 3s. 6d. 
Lord Bantam. By the Author of Ginx's 

Baby 12mo L. & N. 

Mackinnon, W. A. Hist.of Civilization, 2 v. Svo Lond. 
Spencer, Herbert, Social Statics 12mo N. Y. 

Solar System. — [See Astronomy.] 
Songs. — [See Ballads, Poetry.] 
Soimd. — [See Acoustics.] 

South America. — [See America, South, and names of 
each Country.] 
Grimshaw, History of South America .. 12mo Phila. 1 00 
Hassaurek. Four Years among Spanish 

Americans .... 12mo N. Y. 1 75 
Head. Journey across the Pampas & Andes.l2nio L. 2s. 
Paez,R. Travs. in So.&Cent'lAm.p?a^e5. Svo N. Y. 3 00 
Waterston. Travels in South America. .12mo L. 5s. 

South Seas. — [See East Indies, Pacific, Polynesia, etc.] 
Southern States. — [See United States and Separate States.] 
South Carolina. 

Ramsay. Hist, of Revolution in S. Caro. Svo 

Simms, W. G. Hist, of South Carolina. . 

Spain and Portugal. — [See also Peninsular War.] 

Abbott, J. S. C. Romance of Spanish Hist.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 
Andersen, Hans C. In Spain. 12mo N. Y. 2 25 

2 50 

10 50 

2 50 

1 00 

1 00 

2 50 

3 00 
3 25 
2 00 

1 50 
1 50 

7 50 
2 50 


Attache at Madrid ; Court of Isabella II..12mo N. Y. $1 00 
Byrne, Mrs.W. P. Cosas de Espana, 111. 2v. 8vo Lond. 7 50 
Baxter, W. E. Portugal, Spain & Italy, 2 v. 8vo L. 21s. 
Callcott, Mrs. History of Spain & Port., 2v.l2rao L. 12s. 

Conde. The Arabs in Spain, 3 vols 12mo Bohn 5 25 

Dunham. Hist, of Spain & Portugal, 5 v.l2mo L. 17s. 6d. 

Florian. The Moors in Spain 18mo 

Ford, R. The Spaniards & their Country. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Hand Book for Spain, 2 vols. . .12mo L. 30s. 

Qautier. Wanderings in Spain. 1853. . .12mo Lond. 

Hay, John. Castilian Days .'. . .12mo Bost. 2 00 

Herbert, Lady. Impressions of Spain... 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Historical Sketches of Portugal 12mo L. 5s. 

Irving, Wash. The Conquest of Granada.l2mo N. Y. 2 25 

Same, cheaper ed'n, $1.25 and 1 75 

Alhambra, |1 . 25, $1 . 75 . . 12mo N. Y. 2 25 

Mackenzie, A. Slidell. A Yearin Spain, 3v.l2mo N. Y, 3 75 

Spain Revisited, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 3 50 

Mahon,Lord. War of Succession in Spain. 8vo L. 15s. 

Spain under Charles II 8vo L, 6s, 

March, C. W. Madeira & Portugal 12mo N. Y. 

Murray. Hand Book for Portugal 12mo L. 7s. 6d. 

Prescott, W. H. Reign of Ferdinand and 

Isabella, 3 vols 8vo Phila. 7 50 

Phillip IL, 3 vols 8vo Phila. 7 50 

Ed. of Robertson's Chas. v., 3v. 8vo Phila. 7 50 

Spanish Pictures, drawn with Pen and 

Pencil r. 8vo Lond. 3 75 

Thornbury. Life in Spain, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Ticknor. Hist, of Spanish Literature, 3 v. 12mo Bost. 10 00 

Wallis, S. T. Glimpses of Spain 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Spain, her Institutions, &c.l2mo Bost. 1 50 

Wells, N. A. Picturesque Antiqs. of S. r. 8vo L. 8s. 6d. 


Huggins. Spectrum Analysis 12mo Lond. 

Roscoe, W. E. Spectrum Analysis 12mo L. 21s. 

Schellen. Spectrum Analysis. Notes by 

Huggins 8vo Lon. 28s. 

Speeches. — [See Oratory.] 

Spiritualism. — [See also Demonology and WitcTicraft, Super- 
Ashburner, J. Animal Magnetism and 

Spiritualism 12mo L. 12s. 6d. 

Brittan, S. B. Man and his Relations 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Davis, J. Death and After Life 12mo Bost. 75 

Other works, 7 vols 12mo Bost. 8 00 

Hammond, W. A. Phvsics & Physiology 

of Spirituafisra 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Hardinge, Emma. Modern American 

Spiritualism 8vo N. Y. 3 50 


Owen. R. D. Footfalls on tlie Boundary 

of another World 12mo Pliila. $3 00 

The Debatable Land between 

this World and the Next. . 12mo N. Y. 2 00 
Report on Spiritualism, of the London 

Dialectic Society 8vo L. 15s. 

Sports. — [See Rural Sports.'] 

Stammering and Stuttering. By James Hunt.l2mo L. 5s. 


American Year Book. 1869 Svo Hart. 3 50 

American Almanac. 1831 to 1861. scarctl^rao Bost. 
British Almanac & Companion. 1828to'70.12mo L. ea. 4s. 
Romans. Bankers' Magazine. [See Periodicals.'] 
Martin. Statesman's Year Book, '67/68/70. c«. L.lOs. 6d. 

a. Macculloch. Dictionary of Commerce... 8vo L. 50s. 

Stat'l acct. of Brit. Empire, 2 v. Svo L. 42s. 

Nat'l Hand Book of Facts and Figures. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Tribune Almanacs, 1843-1870, Reprint, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 10 00 

United States Blue Book Annual 12mo Wash. 

U. S. Commercial Reports — Annual 8vo Wash. 

Steam Engine. — [Many Technical Works not included.] 

Bourne. Catechism of the Steam Engine.l8mo Phila. 2 00 

Hand Book of Steam Engine... 18mo Phila. 2 00 

Treatise on Steam Engine 4to Lond. 21 00 

King, W. H. Pract. Notes on Steam Eng. Svo 2 00 

Marten. Rec. of Steam Boiler Explosions. Svo Lond. 2 50 

Robinson. On Explosion of Steam Boilers. 12mo Bost. 1 25 

Wallace. On Constructing Steam Engines. 16mo Pittsb. 5 00 

Young. Econ. of Steam on Com. Roads. 12mo Lond. 2 50 

Stenography. — [See Phonography.] 


Brewster, Sir D. On the Stereoscope 

Stimulants. — [See Temperance.] 

Storms. — [See Meteorology.] 

Submarine Warfare. 

Barnes, J. S. Submarine Warfare 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Scheliber, Col. von. Coast Defence r. Svo Lond. 15 00 

Suez Canal. — [See Inter-Oceanic Communication.] 

Grant, E. B. Beet Root Sugar and Culti- 
vation of Beet 12mo Bost. 1 25 

Reed, W. The Hist, of Sugar and Sugar 

Plants 12moLond. 2 75 

Porter. History of the Sugar Cane Svo Lond. 4 50 



Marsden. History of Sumatra 4to L. 31s. 6d. 

Supematuralism. — [See also Spintualism.^ 

a. Bushnell. Nature and the Supernatural. 8vo N, Y. $3 25 

Dendy. Philosophy of Mystery 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Elliott. Mysteries, or Glimpses of the 

Supernatural 12mo X. Y. 1 00 

Howitt, Wm. Hist, of the Supernat'l, 2 v.l2mo Phila. 3 00 
h. Owen, R. D. The Debatable Land between 

this world and the next 12mo X. Y. 2 00 

Superstition and Extravagances. — \_See Demonology and 


Dixon, W. H. Spiritual Wives 12mo Phila. 2 50 

a. Gould, J. B. Curious Myths of Mid. Ages.l2mo Bost. 2 50 

Gould, S. Baring. Book of Were-Wolves.l2mo Lond. 1 50 

Gray, G. Z. The Children's Crusade 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

6. Lea, H. C. Superstition and Force 12rao Phila. 2 75 

Mackay Chs. Popular Delusions, 2 vols.l2mo Lond. 5s. 

Madden, R. R. Phantasmagoria, 2 vols . . 8 vo Lond. 28s. 

Sweden. — [See also Scandinavia.] 

a. Andersen, Hans C. Pictures of Travel in S.12mo N. Y. 175 

Fryxell, A. History of Sweden. Trans. 

by M. Howitt, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 21s. 

6. Laing. Tour in Sweden 8vo Lond. 5s. 

Lloyd, Peasant Life in Sweden 8vo Lond. 

Vertot. Revolutions in Sweden 8vo L. 2s. 6d. 

a. Voltaire. Hist, of Charles XII 12mo Phila. 1 00 


Ferrold. New Age of the New Church. '60. Bost. 

Giles, H. The Nature and Spirit of Man.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 

-^ Man as a Spiritual Being 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

James, H. Substance and Shadow 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Swedenborg. Angelic Wisdom ; Divine 

Love 8vo Phila. 2 00 

— Concerning Providence . 8vo Phila. 2 25 

Doct. of Life for New Jerus.l2mo Phila. 75 

Heaven and Hell 8vo Phila. 2 50 

The Divine Attributes 8vo Phila. 2 00 

The True Christian Re- 
ligion, 2 vols 8vo Phila. 5 00 

Economy of the Animal 

Kingdom, 2 vols 8vo Bost. G 00 

Doctrines of the New Jeru- 

salem Church 12mo Bost. 60 

Gems from Writings of. By 

Heller, 2 vols 12rao Bost. 2 00 

Heaven Opened 12mo Bost. 1 25 



Frost, Art of Swimming 

Switzerland. — [See also Alps; Gkcciers.] 

Agassiz, L. Tours in Switzerland. 1833. Lond. 

h. Berlepscli. The Alps ; Sketches of Life 

and Nature 8vo Lon. 15s. 

History of Switzerland (Lardner) 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Jones, Rev. H. The Regular Swiss Round. 8vo L. & N. $1 75 

Morell, J. R. Scientific Guide to Switz'ld.l2mo L. 10s. 6d. 

Muller. History of Switzerland 

Murray. Hand Book for Switzerland. .. .12mo Lon. 9s. 

a. Swiss Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. 

Illustrated. . . .folio Lond. 3 75 
Vieusseux. Hist, of Switzerland, S. U. K. Svo L. 7s. 6d. 
Zschokke. History of Switzerland 12mo N. Y. 


b. Crabbe, Geo. English Synonymes ..... . 8vo N. Y. 250 

Doederlein. Hand-Book Latin Synonymes.l2mo Lond. 4s. 

Graham. English Synonymes 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Ramshorn. Latin Synonymes 12mo L. 4s. 6d. 

a. Roget, P. M. Thesaurus of Eng. Words. 12mo Bost. 2 00 

b. Smith. Synonymes Discriminated 8vo L. & N. 6 00 

Soule. English Synonymes 

Trench, R. C. Synonymes of N. Testam't.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 
b. Wedgewood. Diet, of English Synonymes. Svo Lond. 
Whately, R. English Synonymes 12mo Lond, 3s. 

Syria. — [See also Holy Land.] 

a. Curtis, G. W. The Howadji in Syria . . .12mo N. Y. 1 50 
Kelly, W, K, Syria and the Holy Land.. Svo L. Ss. 6d. 
Porter, J. L. Five Years in Damascus, 2 v. Svo Lon. 21s. 

b. Prime, S. J. Trav. in Syria, Egypt, etc., 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 

Table Talk. 

a. Coleridge, S. T, Table Talk 12mo Lond, 6s. 

Doran. Table Traits Svo N, Y, 1 75 

b. Hazlitt, W. C, Table Talk, 2 vols 12mo Lon. 10s. 

Luther. Table Talk 12mo Bohn, 1 75 

Rogers, Samuel. Table Talk 12mo N, Y. 1 00 

Selden. Table Talk 12mo Lond, 1 50 

Tales and Novels. — [See Fiction.] 
Tariff. — [See Free Trade, Protection.] 
Tartary. — [See China. See also Asia : Purripelly, etc.] 
a. Hue, Travels in Tartary and China, 2 v.]2mo N, Y, 3 00 

Tartary and Thibet 12mo L. 2s. 6d, 

Shaw. Explor, Journey in High Tartary. Svo Lon, 16s. 

Tasmania. — [See Australia.] 
Taste. — [See Criticism.] 


Taxation. — [See Finance, Betenue, Protection, 
Political Economy!] 


Brown. Taxidermist's Manual 12mo Glasg. $1 25 

Swainson. Taxidermy Lond. 12mo 3s. 6d. 

Teachers — Teaching. — [See Bditcation.] 
Technology. — [See Inventions, Mechanic Arts, etc ] 

Bigelow, Jacob. Technology, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 

Craig. Technol. Dictionary, 2 vols. .Glasg. 4to 42s. 

Hazen. Popular Teclinol. : Trades, etc., 2 v.lSmo N. Y. 1 50 

Tehuantepec. — [See Inter-Oceanic.] 


Bright, E. B. Electric Telegraph 16mo Lond. 

a. Cooke, W.F. Electric Telegraph. . .Lond. 8vo 3s. 6d. 

Field, H. M. Hist, of Atlantic Telegraph.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 
Prescott, G. B. Hist, of Elect. Telegraph. 12mo Bost. 2 50 
Pope. Mod. Practice of Elect. Telegraph.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 
Russell, W. H. Hist, of Atlantic Teleg. .folio Lond. 15 00 
Sabine. Hist, and Progress of Elect. Tel . 12mo Lond. 1 75 
Van Choate. Ocean Telegraphing 

Temperance — Intemperance. 

Beech er, Lyman. On Intemperance 

a. Beard, G. fe. Stimulants and Narcotics . 12mo N. Y. 75 

Carpenter. Use and Abuse of Alcohol. . .12mo Phila. 60 

Dav, A. Methomania; Alco. Poison 16mo Bost. 75 

&. Fis'ke. J. Tobacco and Alcohol 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

Lear, F. R. Text Book of Intemp. (U.T.S.).12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Macnish. Anatomy of Drunkenness 12mo N. Y. 

Miner and Andrew. Discussion on Svo Bost. 

Miller, Jas. Alcohol ; its Place and Power.l2mo Phila. 1 00 

Alcohol. (U. T. Soc ) 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Parton, J. Smoking and Drinking 16mo Bost. 1 00 


Carpenter. History of Tennessee 16mo Phila, 63 

Ramsay. History of Tennessee 


Maillard. History of Texas. 1842 8vo Lon. 15s. 

Olmstead, F. L. Tour in Texas 

Yoakum. History of Texas. 1856 N. Y. 

Theatre. — [See Drama.] 

Theism. — [See Infidelity.] 

Theology. — [See Bible, Church History, Devotion, Religian.] 

Aids to Faith : Theological Essays 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Blunt, J. H. Dictionary of Doctrinal and 

Historical Theology . . imp. 8 vo Lon. 42s. 


Dagg. Manual of Theology 8vo N. Y. $4 00 

Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, .r. 8 vo Pliila. 6 00 

b. Hodge. System of Theology 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Knapp. Christian Theology 8vo Andov. 

Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation 12mo Bost. 1 25 

Pond, E. Pastoral Theology 12nio Andov. 1 75 

Theologia Germanica, ed. by Prof. Stowe. . 12mo Andov. 1 50 

Tyler, Prof. W. S. Theol. of Greek Poets.l2mo Andov. 1 75 

Venema. Institutes of Theology 8vo Andov. 2 50 

Vinet. Outlines of Theology 8vo L. & N. 3 00 

Tobacco. — [See Narcotics.'] 


Toxicology. — [See Poiso7is.] 

Trade and Commerce. — [See Business.] 

Tragedy. — [See Drama.] 

Trade Unions. — [See Go-operation.] 

Travels and Voyages — Generally. 

(For those in particular Countries, see their names.) 

(1.) Art of Travel. 

a. Galton. The Art of Travel Lond. .ISmo 7s. 6d. 

Heine. Pictures of Travel, by Leland. . .12mo Phila. 1 50 
Lord & Baines. Shifts and Expedients of 

Camp Life. 1871 r. 8vo Lond. 

Marcy, R. B. Instruc. for Prairie Travel. 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

(2.) Guide Books, etc. 

Appleton's Hand-Books for Travellers : 

Northern States. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Middle States. . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 

'■ Southern States. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Hand-Book for Europe 12mo N. Y. 6 00 

Harper. Hand-Book for Europe 12mo N. Y. 5 00 

Murray's Hand-Books for Europe and the East, 
each 12mo, London, viz. : Berks, Bucks, etc., 
7s. Gd.; Bombay and Madras, 2 volumes, 24s.; 
Continent (Europe), 10s. ; Devon and Cornwall, 7s. 
6d. ; France, 10s. ; Germany, North, 10s. ; Germany, 
South, 10s.; Greece, 15s.; Italy, Northern, 12s.; 
Italy, Central, 10s. ; Italy, Southern, 10s. ; Kent 
and Sussex, 10s. ; London, Modern, 3s. Gd. ; London, 
Past, etc., 16s. ; Malta, Turkey, etc., 15s. ; Norway, 
Sweden, etc., 15s. ; Portugal, 9s. ; Rome, etc., 9s. ; 
Russia, Iceland, etc., 12s. ; Spain, 2 vols., 30s. ; 
Surrey, Hants, etc., 7s. Gd. ; Syria and Palestine, 
2 vols., 24s. ; Turkey, Asia, etc., 10s. ; Wales, 2 v., 
12s. ; Wilts, Dorset, etc., 7s. Gd. 
Sargent, H. W. Skeleton Tours 18mo N. Y. 1 00 


Travels and Voyages— Generally. 

(3.) Collections of Adventures, etc. 

Adventures of Hunters and Travellers. . .12mo Phila. $1 75 
Cleveland. Voyages and Com. Enterprises.l2mo Camb. 
Illustrated Travels ; Record of Disco v. and 

Adventure. Ed. by Bates, 3 v. .r. 4to L. & N. ea. 

Library of Travel, 2 vols 8vo L. 17s. 6d. 

a. Taylor, Bayard. Cyclopedia of Mod. Trav. 8vo Cincin. 5 00 

Library of Travel (edited 

by B. T.), — vols ea.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Travels in Europe, Asia, 

Africa & America, 10 v.l2mo N. Y. 15 00 

(4.) Circumnavigations and Journeys. 

Abbott. Rollo Books \ 8ee 

Marco Polo Books ) JwcenUes. 

Browne, J. Ross. Etchings on a Whaling 

Cruise. . . . Svo N. Y. 

Crusoe's Island, Cal., 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 1 75 

Clemens (Mark Twain). The Innocents 

Abroad (Europe and Palestine) Svo Hartf. 3 50 

6. Coffin, C. C. Our New Way Round the 

World Svo Bost. 3 00 

Cook's Voyages round the World, 2 vols.r. Svo Lon. 24s. 
abridged. Illust 12mo Lond. 2 00 

a. Dana, R.H., Jr. Two Years Before the Mast.l2mo Bost. 1 50 

b. Dilke, C. W. Greater Britain 12mo Phila. 3 00 

DufFerin, Lord. Let'rs from High Latitud . Svo Lond. 9s. 
Earth CThe) ; Delineated with Pen and 

Pencil. By W. F. Ainsworth. Plates 

by Dore 4to Lon. 21s. 

Goodrich, F. B. Man upon the Sea ; Hist. 

of Maritime Adventure. . Svo Phila. 2 25 

Macgregor. The Rob Roy on Baltic 12mo Bost. 2 50 

a. 1,000 Miles in the Rob Roy . 12mo Bost. 1 25 

Minturn. New York to Delhi, by Rio, 

Australia and China 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Mountain Adventures in various Lands .12mo Bost. 2 50 
Pfeiflfer, Ida. 2d Jour, round the World. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 
a. Pumpelly, R. Across America and Asia . . Svo N. Y. 2 50 
Smiles. A Boy's Journey round the World.l2mo N. Y. 1 50 
Wanderings in every Clime ; Vovages, etc. 
Edited by W. F. Ainsworth. 'illust. by 

Dore 4to Lond. 21s. 

Wilkes. U. S. Exploring Expedition 

Round the World, 5 vols. .r. Svo Pliila. 20 00 

The same, condensed in 1 vol. .r. Svo Phila. 3 00 


Brovme. The Forester 

Browne, D. J. The Trees of America Svo N. Y. 5 50 

Flagg. Wood Scenery of New England . . 


Fuller. Forest Tree Culturalist 12mo N. Y. 

a. Hooper. Book of Evergreens 12mo N. Y. $3 00 

London. Encyclo. of Trees and Shrubs. . 8vo Lond. 15 00 
&. Michaux & Nuttall. North Amer. Sylva, 

colored plates, 6 vols. .r. 8vo Phila. 65 00 

Meehan. Hand -Book of Ornamen. Trees. 

Warder. Hedges and Evergreens. 1858. 8vo N. Y. 

Trials. — \8ee Law.^ 
Tripoli. — {See Africa, North.] 
Tunis. — [See Africa, North.'] 

Benjamin, S. G. W. The Turk & the Greek.l2mo N. Y. 1 75 
a. Creasy. History of the Ottoman Empire . 8vo L. 7s. 6d. 
Jacob & others. Hist, of Ottoman Empire.l2mo L. 7s. 6d. 

Lamartine. History of Turkey 

6. Macfarlane. Turkey and its Destiny 12mo Phila. 2 00 

Mavor. Ottoman Empire in Asia 

Mackenzie and Irby. The Turks, Greeks 

and Slavons 8vo Lon. S4s. 

Ranke. Ottoman and Spanish Empire in 

10th and 17th Centuries 8vo Lond. 2s. 

Smyth, W. W. A Year with the Turks. . 8vo Lond. 8s. 

Toser. Highlands of Turkey, 2 vols 8vo Lon. 24s. 

Turkish Empire ; Annals of. (Oriental 

Fund).... 4to L.31s. 6d. 

&. Urquhart. Turkey and its Resources 8vo L. 9s. 6d. 

Wise. Scampavias ; Gebeltarek to Stam- 

boul....l2mo Phila. 1 75 


Campin. Hand Turning 12mo Phila. 3 00 

Turner's Companion 12mo Phila. 1 50 

a. The Lathe and its Uses 8vo Lond. 6 00 

Watson. Manual of the Hand Lathe 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Tuscany. — {See Italy.] 
Typography. — {See Printing.] 
Tyrol. — {See Switzerland.] 

United States. — {See also America, North ; Mexico ; New 
England; and Names of States.] 
The Sub-divisions below are : 
(1.) General History, (3.) Revolution, (3.) War of 
1812, (4.) Rebellion, (5.) Travels, etc. 

(1.) General History. 

Adams, John. Works, Letters, etc., 10 v. 8vo Bost. 30 00 

Life by J. Q. & C. F. Adams, 2 v.l2mo Phila. 3 00 

Adams, John Q. Diary and Memoirs 8vo Phila. 3 00 

Adams, Samuel. Works and Life, 3 vols. 8vo Bost. 12 00 


b. Bancroft. Hist, of the United States, 9 v . 8vo Bost. |27 00 
Bartlett & Woodward. History of U. S. 

niustrated, 3 vols. . . . 4to L.& N. 17 50 

Benton. Debates in the U. S. Senate, 16 v. Svo N. Y. 80 00 

30 Years' View of Pub. Affairs, 2 V. Svo N. Y. 10 00 

Bowen, J. Child's History of U. S., 3 v. .18mo N. Y. 3 75 

Cooper, J. F. Hist, of the Navy of U. S. . 8vo N. Y. 3 75 

Cooke, W. A. Constitutional Hist, of U. S. Svo Phila. 2 50 

Draper. J. W. American Civil Policy... Svo N. Y. 2 50 

Franklin, B. Writings, 10 vols Svo Phila. 30 00 

Gibbs, Geo. Administrations of Washing- 
ton and Adams ('46), 2 v. . 8vo N. Y, 5 00 

Goodrich, S. G. Hist, of the United States.l2mo Phila. 1 75 
Hamilton. Republic of the United States ; 

Writings of Hamilton, 7 v. . Svo Phila. 24 50 

&. Hildreth,R. Hist, of the United States, 6 v. Svo N. Y. 18 00 

Howitt, Mary. American History, 2 v. . .12mo N. Y. 3 50 

Jefferson. Writings, 9 vols Svo Phila. 27 00 

Jennings, L. J. 80 Years of Rep. Gov. ('6S).12mo N. Y. 

b. Lossing. Pictorial History of U. S 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Common School Hist.l2mo X. Y. 1 75 

McPherson, E. Polit. Hist, of the U. S. . Svo Wash. 3 00 

Madison, Jas. Papers, Letters, etc., 4 v. . 8vo Phila. 16 00 

Madison. Writings Svo Bost. 3 00 

National Hand- Book of Facts and Figures. 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

a. Parkman, F. Conspiracy of Pontiac Svo Bost. 3 00 

a. Jesuits in North America. . Svo Bost. 3 00 

Patton. History of the United States. . .r. Svo N. Y. 3 00 

Quackenboss. Hist, of the United States. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Smith & Watson. Historical and Literary 

Curiosities 4to Phila. 7 00 

Sargent, W. Hist, of the Braddock Exped. 8vo Phila. 5 00 

a. Swinton, Wm. Hist, of the United States.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 

a. Tocqueville. Democracy in America, 2 v. Svo Camb. 5 00 

Tomes, Robt. Battles of America by Sea 

and Land. Dlust., 3 v 4to N. Y. 24 00 

Van Buren, M. Polit. Parties in the U. S. Svo N. Y. 3 00 

Washington's Writings. By Sparks, 12 v. Svo Bost. 24 00 

Life & Times. By Irving, 5v.l2mo N. Y. 11 25 

Various other ed'ns . 

1 V. $5.00 ; cond'nsd.l2mo N. Y. 2 50 

Willard, Jas. Hist, of Repub. of Amer. . Svo N. Y. 2 25 

Willson, M. Am. Hist, (chiefly U. S.). . . .12mo N. Y. 2 00 
Wise, Henry A. Seven Decades of Am. Hist. Svo Phila. 

(2.) The American Revolution. 

Bancroft. [See United States General History.'] 
Botta, C. History of Amer. Revolu., 2 v. Svo 
Campbell, W. W. Annals of Tryon County. Svo N. Y. 

Ellett, Mrs. Women of the Am. Rev., 3 v . 12mo N. Y. 5 25 

Domestic Hist, of Am. Rev. .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Garden, Anecdotes of the Revo!., 2 vols. 4to Brook. 


Greene, G. W. Hist. View of Amer. Rev. 12ino N. Y. $150 
Life of General Greene, 3 v. Svo N. Y. 12 00 

a. Irving. Washington ; Life and Times ; 

the Revolution, 5 vols. . . 12nio N. Y. 11 25 
Lee. War in the Southern Department. . Svo Phila. 

&. Lossing. Field-Book of Amer. Rev.,2v. r. Svo N. Y. 14 00 

Lives of Signers of Decl. Inde. .12mo Phila. 1 50 

Moore, G. H. Treason of Gen. Lee Svo N. Y. 

Riedesel, Mrs. Gen. Letters and Journals ; 

American Revolution Svo Alb. 3 00 

Rhoads. Battle-Fields of the Revolution. 12mo Phila. 175 
Sabine, L. American Loyalists, 2 vols. . . Svo Bost. 7 00 

* Sparks. Diplomatic Correspondence of 

the Amer. Revolu. 1S24, 12 v. Svo Bost. 

Washington and his Generals .12mo Phila. 2 50 

Watson. Men & Times of the Revolution.l2mo Phila. 150 
Camp Fires of the Revolution. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

(3.) War of 1812-14, and with Mexico, 1847. 

* Armstrong. General Notices of War of 

1812, 2 vols. lS36....12moN. Y. . 

* Brackenbridge. War of 1812 

* Dwight. Hist, of the Hartford Convention. Svo 

* Ingersoll, C. J. Second War between 

United States and Great Britain Svo 

a. Lossing. Field-Book of War of 1812, 111. r. Svo N. Y. 7 00 

* Porter. Cruise in the Pacific Svo 

Ripley. History of War with Mexico, 2v. Svo N. Y. 

(4.) Rebellion— OF 1861-5.— [5^6 also Neutrality, 

International Law.} 
(«.) Abbott, J. S. C. History of the Rebellion. Svo Hart. 

Appleton's History of the Rebellion r. Svo N. Y. 4 00 

Adams, F. C. Story of a Trooper ; Siege 

'of Washington ea. N. Y. 2 00 

Bartlett, J. R. Bibliography of the Re- 
bellion apd of Slavery. 1866 r. Svo Bost. 

*** This volume contains no less than 6,073 titles of books 
and pamphlets, published on this subject, up to 1866. 

Boutwell, G. S. Speeches, etc., on the 

Rebellion .... Svo Bost. 
Botts, J. Minor. The Great Rebellion. . .12mo N. Y. 
Boynton, C. B. American Navy during 

Rebellion, 2 vols Svo N. Y. 

Buchanan, J. Hist, of his Administration. Svo N. Y. 
Calhoun, J. C. Political Writings, 6 vols. Svo N. Y. 
Coffin, C. C. My Days and Nights on the 

Battle-Field 12mo Bost. 1 50 

a. Draper, J. W. History of the American 

Civil War, 3 vols. ... Svo N. Y. 10 50 

* Out of print and scarce. (5.) Subscription books. 

2 50 
2 50 

8 00 

1 50 

15 00 


5 00 
1 50 

3 00 

60 00 

1 00 

5 00 

6 75 
3 50 

4 00 
3 50 

Foote, H. S. War of the Rebellion 12mo N, Y. $2 50 

(s.) Greelev, H. Hist, of the Amer. Conflict, 2 v. 8vo Hartf . 10 00 

Harper's Pictorial Hist, of Rebellion, 2 v. folio N. Y. 12 00 

(s.) Headley, J. T. History of Rebellion 8vo Hartf. 5 00 

(8.) Lossing. Pictorial Hist, of the Civil War 

of the United States, 3 vols. . 8vo Hartf. 15 00 

Lunt, G. Origin of the Late War 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

McPherson, E. Political History of U, S. 

during Reconstruction. 1871 . 8vo Wash. 

Nichols, G. W. Story of the Great March.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

Pollard, E. A. Southern Hist, of the War, 

4 vols, in 2 N. Y. 

(s.) The Lost Cause 8vo N. Y. 

(s.) Lost Cause Regained 12mo N. Y. 

(.s.) Life of Jeff. Davis, and Se- 
cret History. . , . 8vo Phila. 
b. Rebel'n Record, ed. by Frank Moore, 12 v . r. 8vo N. Y. 

Russell, W. H. Diary in America 8vo N. Y, 

Semmes, R. Service Afloat. 1809 8vo Bait. 

(«.) Stephens, A. H. History of the War be- 
tween the States, 2 v. . 8vo Phila. 

Stille. History of the Sanitary Commiss . 8vo Phila. 
(a.) Swinton, W. History of the Army of the 

Potomac. . . . 8vo N. Y. 

a. Twelve Decisive Battles. . . 8vo N. Y. 

(s.) Tomes & Smith. The War with the South. 

Illustrated, 3 vols ... 4to N. Y. 45 00 
- — (5.) Tkavels, etc., in U. S. ; Geography, Statistics, 

Agassiz, L. Tour to Lake Superior 8vo Bost. 3 50 

Bowles, Sam. Across the Continent 12mo Spring. 1 50 

Bremer, Fred'a. Homes of the New World. 

2 vols....l2moN. Y. 3 00 

Butler, Mrs. F. Kemble. Journal in Amer. 

1835 12mo Phila. 

Chevalier, M. The United States. 1839. 8vo Bost. 
b. Coffin, C. C. The Seat of Empire 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Dickens, Chas. American Notes 12mo N. Y. 

Dilke, C. W. Greater Britain 12mo N . Y. 1 00 

Dixon, W. H. New America 8vo Phila. 2 00 

Hall, Rev. N. Liverpool to St. Louis 12mo L. & N. 1 75 

a. Irving. Bonneville's Adven. in Far West.l2mo N. Y. 2 25 

a. Astoria — Enterprise bevond Rocky 

Mountains 12mo N. Y. 2 25 

Jennings. United States 1 75 

Kohl, J. G. Travels in the United States. 

Laboulaye, E. Paris in America .12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Lewis & Clarke. Trav. in Rocky Mts., 2 v.l8mo N. Y. 1 50 

Lyell, Chas. Travels in the U. S. 1841 . . 

Second Visit to U. S. 1849. 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 3 00 

McCrea,D. Americans at Home. '71. 2 v.l'Jmo Lond. 

* Out of print and scarce. (s.) Subscription books. 


Marcy, R, B. Thirty Years' Army Life on 

the Border 8vo N. Y. $2 00 

Marryatt, F. Diary in America. 1839 . . 12mo N. Y. 
Martineau, H. Society in America. 1837. 12mo N. Y. 
Murray, C. A. Travels in America. 1839. 
Murray, Hon. Miss. Letters from U. S. .12mo N. Y. 1 00 
Olmsted, F. L. The Back Country. 1860.12mo N. Y. 1 50 

The Cotton Kingdom, 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 2 00 

The Slave States. 1861.12mo N. Y. 

Parkman, F. The California and Oregon 

Trail. 1849 ...12moN. Y. 
Peto, Sir S. M. Resources and Prospects 

of America 12mo L. & N. 2 00 

Poussin, G. T. The United States. 1851 . 8vo Phila. 
Ruxton. Life in the Far West. 1851 . . . 12mo N. Y. 
Rae. Westward by Rail ; the New Route 

to East 12mo L. & N. 

Sala, G. A. Diary in America, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 

Shaw, J. Twelve Years in America. . . .12mo Lon. 5s. 
Towle, G. M. Society in America, 2 vols. Lon. 21s. 
Tuckerman, H. T. America and her Com- 
mentators 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Universities. — [See Colleges.] 

Usefiil Arts. — [See Mechanics, Technology, anU Names of 

Usury. Murray, B. C. History of Usury. . . . 8vo Phila. 2 00 

Utah. — [See Mormons.'] 


Flagg, E. Venice. 1853, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

a. Howell, W. D. Venetian Life 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Smedley. Sketches of Venetian Hist., 2 v.l8mo N. Y. 1 50 

Ventilation and Warming. 

a. Ainslee, A. C. Smoking Fires. 1869 Lond. 33. 

Edwards. Our Domestic Fire-Places. .?'. 8vo Lon. 12s. 

Gouge, H. A. New Syst. of Ventilat'n. 70. 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Hood, C. Warming by Hot Water, etc. . 8vo Lond. 5 25 

Leavitt, T. H. Facts abqut Peat 12mo 1 75 

a. Leeds, F. W. Treatise on Ventilation... 8vo Lond. 2 50 

Reed, D. B. Theory and Pract. of Ventil. 8vo Lond. 3 00 
h. Ruttan. On Ventilation of Buildings, R. W. 

Cars, etc r. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Tomlinson, C. Warming and Ventilation.lGmo Lon. 3s. 

Wyman, M. On Ventilation. 1846. . 12mo Bost. 


Carpenter & Arthur. Hist, of Vermont . . 18mo Phila. 63 

Hall, H. History of Vermont. 1868 8vo Alb'y 4 00 

Thompson. Hist, of Vermont. 1S42 Burl'g. 

Williams. Hist of Vermont. 1809 Burl'g. 



Campbell, Ch. Hist, of Virginia. 1860. . 8vo Phila. $2 50 

Dabney, R. L. Defence of Virginia 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Dodge, J. R. Western Virginia, its Farms, 

etc., 3 vols.... N. Y. 150 

Foote. Sketches of Va. Hist, and Biogr. . Svo Phila. 3 00 

Pollard, E. A. Virginia Transit 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Howison. History of Virginia . . . Svo ) 

Smith. do. do. ... Svo [• o. p. and scarce. 

Stith. do. do. ...Svo) 

Virginia Illustrated. By " Porte Crayon." Svo N. Y. 3 50 

Volcanoes and Earthquakes. — [See Natural 
Science, Oeology.'] 
Daubeny, C. Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Svo Lon. 91s. 

Pouton. Earthquakes and Volcanoes ISmo L. 3s. 6d. 

Truche & Margolle. Earthq. and Vole. ,13mo Lond. 6g. 

Voyages. — [See Travels.] 

Wages. — [See Labor, Political Economy.] 

Wars. — [See each Country.] 

Warming. — [See Ventilation.] 

Watches. — [See Clocks.] 

Weather. — [See Meteorology.] 

Weights and Measures. — [See Metric System.] 

West Indies. — [See also Cuba, Jamaica, etc.] 

Baird. West Indies and North America . 13mo Phila. 75 
Kingsley, C. At Last ; Christmas in West 

Indies.... 13moN.Y. 1 50 

Trollope, A. The W. Indies & Span. Main.l3mo N. Y. 1 50 


Baldwin. On Short Whist 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

Cavendish. On Whist ISmo N. Y. 75 

Matthews. On Whist ISmo N. Y. 

Poole. Modern Game of Whist 

Routledge. Hand-Book of Whvst ISmo L. & N. 30 

White Mountains. 

King, T. Starr. The White Mount's. 111. Svo Bost. 3 50 
Wines. — [See also Agriculture^ 

Flagg. European Vineyards 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Haraszthy. Grape Cult, and Wine-Making. Svo N. Y. 5 00 

Meade, P. B. American Grape Culture and 

Wine-Making Svo N. Y. 3 00 

Mulder. Chemistry of Wine, translated 

by Jones 13mo Lond. 6s. 

Redding, C. Hist, and Descrip. Mod. Wines.lSmo Bohn. 2 25 


Reemelin. Wine Maker's Manual 12mo Cincin. $1 2o 

Thudiclium. Treatise on Wines 8vo Lond. 


Ritchie, J. S. Wisconsin and its Resources. 

1857. . . .12mo Pliila 1 25 
Smith, W. R, History of Wisconsin, 2 v. Svo Mad., W. 

Witchcraft. — [See Demonology.'] 
Wit. — [See Humorous Works.'] 
Women — Women's Rights — Suffrage, etc. 
Bliss, W. W. Woman ; her 30 Years' Pil- 
grimage 12mo Bost. 2 00 

Br«ckett, L. P. Woman; her Rights, 

Wrongs, etc 12mo Hart. 2 00 

— -: Woman's Work in the 

Civil War. ... Svo Phil. 3 75 
h. Bushnell, H. Woman's SuflPrage ; against 

Nature 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Butler, Josephine, Woman's Work and 

Culture Svo L. & N. 3 50 

a. Cobbe, F. P. The Pursuits of Women. . . Svo L. 3s. 6d. 
h. Craik, Mrs. (Muloch). Woman's Thoughts 

about Women 12mo Lond. 5s. 

Dall, Mrs. C. H. College, Market & Court. Svo Bost. 2 50 
a. Dodge, Miss (Gail Hamilton). Woman's 

Wrongs 12mo Bost. 150 

Woman's Worth and 

Worthlessness 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Hale, Mrs. Woman's Record Svo N. Y. 5 00 

Linton. Ourselves; Essays on Women. .12mo L.& N. 1 50 

Logan, Olive. Women and Theatres 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Lowell, Mrs. A. C. The Educat'n of Girls.lGmo Bost. 
Ludlow, J. M. Woman's Work in the 

Church .... 12mo L. & N. 1 75 
Marryatt, Florence. Woman against 

Woman. . . . Svo Bost. 75 

a. Mill, J. S. The Subjection of Women. . .12mo Phila. 1 00 
Modern Women ; What is said of them . 

[From Saturday Review], 2 v.l2mo N. Y. 4 00 
Ossoli, March, d'. Woman in the 19th 

Cent. [See Margaret Fuller's Works]. 6 v.l2mo N. Y. 10 50 
Parks, Bessie. Essayson Woman's Work. 16mo L. & N. 150 
J>. Penny, V. 500 Employments for Women.l2mo Phila. 1 75 
Saunders, F. Woman, Love & Marriage. 12mo N. Y. 150 
Social & Political Dependence of Women . 'Svo L. 3s. 6d. 
Southgate, H. What Men have said about 

Women, . . .12mo L. & N. 2 50 
Sprague, W. B. The Excellent Woman 

in Proverbs 12mo Bost. 150 

Todd, J. Woman's Rights 1 Smo Bost. 15 

WOMEN— women's RIGHTS, ETC. 193 

Wade, J. Woman, Past and Present 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

. Weaver, Rev. G. S. Aims and Aids for 

Girls and Women 13mo N. Y. $1 50 

Women of the Bible. By Mrs. T. S. Martyn.l2mo N. Y. 3 50 
Women of the Gospels. By author of 

Schonberg Cotta 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Women's Rights Tracts. By Phillips, 

Parker, Higginson, and others Bost. 

Woods, C. H. Woman in Prison 16mo N. Y. 1 25 

Wright. Womankind in Western Europe. 

Illustrated 8vo Lond. 10 00 

Wood Engraving. — [See Bngraving.] 

Zoology. — [See Darmnism, Cage Birds, Natural History, 

7achting. — [See Navigation.'] 
Tucatan. — [See Central America.] 


(Including recent puWications, and others accidentally omitted in their 
proper place.) 


Plowden, W. C. Travels in Abyssinia . . . 8vo Lon. 18s. 
Africa — North. 

Du ChaiUu, The Country of the Dwarfs. 12mo N. Y. $1 75 
Hodgkin, T. Journey to Morocco. 1865. 8vo Lond. 


Copeland, S. Agricul., Anc, and Mod., 2 v.r. 8vo Lond. 
America— North and South— Early History. 
Beamish. Discovery of America by North- 
men in 10th Century 8vo Lond. 1 75 

Charlevoix. History of New France ; 

translated by Shea, 3 v. . 8vo N. T. 15 00 
Davis, W. H. Span. Conquest of New Mex. 8vo Doylest. 3 00 

America — South. 

Baxby. Wliat I saw on W. Coast S. Am. 8vo N. Y. 3 50 
Myers. Life and Nature in the Tropics of 

South America 13mo N. Y. 2 00 

Anglican Church. 

Vaughan, R. Ritualism in Church of Eng.lGmo Lond. 

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, ed. by B. Thorpe . 8vo Lond. 

2 vols. r. 8vo Lon. 17s. 


Eastlake,C. L. Hist, of the Gothic Revival. 8vo Lond. 

Otis, C. N. Sacred and Constructive Art.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 

Woodward, G. E. National Architect . . . 4to N. Y. 12 00 

F. W. Landscape Gard. and 

Rural Architecture 12mo N. Y. 1 00 


Leach. God's Glory in the Heavens ('67).16mo Lond. 

Lyle. What are the Stars ? Illust 4to Lond. 5s. 

Rosser, W. H. The Stars ; How to Know 

Them, etc. ; . .r. 8vo Lond. 
Autograph — Fac-Similes. 

Book of Signers of Declarat. of Independ. 4to Phila. 5 00 


Bible— Its History. 

Conant, W. C. History of English Bible. 12mo N. Y. 
Hengstenberg. Genuineness of the Penta- 
teuch, 2 vols 8vo Edin. 21s. 

Scott, W. A. Moses and the Pentateuch ; 

Reply to Colenso 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Stowe, C. E. Origin and History of Books 

of the Bible 8vo Hartf. $3 50 

Tischendorf. Origin of Four Gospels 16mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Bible— Aids to Study op. 

Cowles. Notes on the Prophets, 5 vols. . N. Y. II 00 

Fairbairn, W. Imp. Bible Dictionary, 2 v.r. 8vo Lond. 
Girdlestone. Synonymes of the Old Test. Svo Lon. 15s. 
King. Concordance to the Bible 12mo Bost. 1 75 


Bartlett. Literature of the Rebellion 

(6,065 titles). , . .r Svo Provid. 

Berjeau. Early Printers' Marks Svo Lond. 

Kelly. American Catalogue of Books, 

original and reprint. 1866-1871.. Svo N. Y. 7 50 
Sabin, J. Dictionary of Books relating to 

America — part 1 to 21. .ea. N. Y. 2 00 
American Bibliopolist, 2 vols. . Svo N. Y. 6 00 

Biography — Collected — American. 

American Medi. Biography. By Williams. 8vo Greenfi. 

Drake. Dictionary of Amer. Biography. . Svo Bost. 

■* Homes of American Authors Svo N, Y. 5 00 

Homes of American Statesmen Svo Hartf. 5 00 

Sanderson. Biography of Signers of Dec- 
laration of Independence . . 4to Phila. 
Stowe, C. E. Men of our Times Svo Hartf. 3 50 

Biography — Collected Works — Women. 

Female Sovereigns. By Mrs. Jameson .. . 8vo L. & N. 2 50 

Good Women. By C. M. Yonge 16mo Lon. 6s. 

Heroic Women of History. By Watson. .12mo Phila. 1 75 

Queens of France. By Mrs. Bush 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Queens of England. By Lancelot, 2 vols. 8vo L, & N. 5 00 

Biography — Collected — Scientific. 

Distinguished Men of Science. By Walker.l6mo L. Ss. 6d. 
Biography — Collected — Miscellaneous. 

Archbishops of Canterbury. By Hook, 5 v, Svo L. 78s. 

Character ; a Companion to Self-Help. By 

Smiles 12mo Lon. 65». 

Early Italian Poets. By D. G. Rosetti. . .12mo Lon. 12s. 

English Merchants. By Bourne, 2 vols. 16mo Lond. 

Essays in Biography and Criticism. By 

P. Bayne 12mo Bo}?t. 175 

196 THE BEST READING: Addenda. 

Extraordinary Men. By W. H. Russell. .12mo L. & N. $1 25 
Extraordinary Women. By W. H. Russell.l2mo L. & N. 1 25 
Great Men ; Last Hours of. By Karnes. . 8vo L. »& N. 2 00 
French Academy ; Biog. Hist. of. By 

Edwards. . . . 8vo Lon. 6s. 

Men of Our Day. By L. P. Brockett 8vo Phila. 3 00 

Twelve Judges of England. By Town- 
send, 2 vols 8vo L. 28s. 

Biography — Individual. 

Aikin, Lucy. Memoirs and Miscellanies. 8vo L. 8s. 6d. 
Cicero. Life and Letters. By Abeken. 

Trans 12mo L. 9s. 6d. 

Franklin. By O. L. Holley 12mo Pliila. 1 75 

Guerin, Mad. de. Life. By St. Beuve. . .12mo N. Y. 1 25 
Horner, Francis. By his Brother, 2 vols. 8vo Lond. 4 50 

Huss, John. By E. H. Gillette 12mo Bost. 1 75 

Jackson, Geo. T. J. By Dabney 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Jefferson. By Schmucker 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Knox, John, and his Times. By Miss 

Warren 16mo Lond. 

Lacordaire, Abbe. By Count Montalembert. 8vo Lon. 12s. 

Lee, Gen. R. E. By John E. C^ooke 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Louis Napoleon. By Schmucker 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Mackintosh, Sir James. By his Son, 2 v. 8vo L. & B. 4 50 

Mazzini. Life and Writings, 6 vols 12mo Lon. 54s. 

Mather, Cotton. By S. G. Drake 8vo Bost. 

Miller, Rev. S. By S. Miller, 2 vols 12mo Phila. 4 50 

Milton. Life and Times. By W. C. Martin . 12mo N. Y. 1 25 
Nicholas I. of Russia. By Schmucker. . .12mo Phila. 1*75 

Richard I. By Aytoun 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

St. Chrysostom. Life and Times. By Rev. 

W. R. Stephens 8vo Lon. 16s. 

St. Paul. Life and Work of . By A. Roberts.l6mo Lond. 5s. 

Voltaire. By F. Espinasse 8vo Lond. 

By Morley 8vo Lon. 14?. 

Warburton, Bp. By J. S. Watson 8vo Lon. 18s 

Watt, Jas. By Muirhead 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Weber, C. M. Von. By C. L. Von Weber. 

2 vols 12mo Lond. 

Webster, Daniel. By Lyman 12mo Phila. 1 75 

Wellington, Duke of. By C, D. Yonge, 2 v. 8vo Lon. 42s. 
Wilberforce. By his Son. New ed., cond. 8vo Lond. 6s. 


Haswell, C. H, Book-Keeping by Double- 
Entry, 4 vols N. Y. 5 50 


Wooster. Alpine Plants, with col'd Hlus.r. 8vo L. & N. 10 00 

Business — Commerce. 

Levi, Leone. History of Brit. Commerce. 8vo Lond. 
Lewing. History of Savings Banks 8vo 5 00 


Martin. Commercial Hand-Book of France.l2mo L. 7s. 6d. 
Moran. On Money. 12mo N. Y. $1 25 


Wright. History of Caricature and Gro- 
tesque, etc 8vo Lond. 9 00 


Freshfield, D. W. Caucasus and Baslian. 8vo Lon. 18s. 


Bloxam. Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. 8vo Lon. 16s. 

Bowman. Practical Chemistry 12mo Phila. 2 25 

Brande & Taylor. Chemistry 8vo L. 12s. 6d. 

Farraday, M. Researches in Chemistry. . 8vo Lon. los. 

Graham. Inorganic Chemistry 8vo Phila, 5 50 

Knapp. Chemical Technology, 2 vols. .. . 8vo Phila. 6 00 
Pelouze & Ferny. Gen'l Notions of Chem.l2mo Phila. 175 
Wagner. Hand-Book of Chemical Tech- 
nology 12mo N. Y, 


Gethsemane ; the Last Hours of Christ. . .12mo Bost. 1 25 

Krummacher. The Suffering Saviour . . 12mo Bost, 1 75 

Lange, J. P. Life of Jesus, 6 vols 8vo Edin. 35r. 

March, D. Walks and Homes of Jesus. . . 12mo Phila. 2 50 
Plumptree, E. H. Christ and Christen- 
dom ('66) 8vo Lond. 

Scott, W. A. The Christ of the Apos. Creed. 8vo N. Y. 3 00 
Stier, R. The Words of the Lord Jesus, 8 v. 8vo Edin. 84s. 
Stroud. Physical Cause of the Death of 

Christ....l2moN. Y. 2 00 

Vaughan. Christ the Light of the World. 16mo L. & N. 1 50 

Charac. of Christ's Teachings. 16mo L. &N. 1 50 

Young, J. The Christ of History 12mo L. & N. 2 00 


Blunt. Christ'n View of Christ'n History.l6mo Lond. 
Bryant, J. H. Christ'y & the Stoic School. 12mo Lond. 
Guizot. Christ'y in relation to Society. . .12mo N. Y. 1 75 
Essence of Christianity ^ .12mo 1 75 

Church History. 

Collier, J. Ecclesiast'l Hist, of Gt. Brit., 4 v. 8voL. 94s.6d. 
Jervis, Rev. W. H. History of Church of 

Fra'nce, 2 vols 8vo Lond. 

Jones, Rev. C. C. Hist, of Church of God. 8vo N. Y. 3 50 
Macduff, Rev. J. R. St. Paul in Rome, etc.l2mo L. 4s, 6d, 
Neale, J. M. Hist, of East'n Church. 4 v. 8vo L. £4. 
Pressense, E. de. The Church during the 

French Revolution 16mo Lond. 

Skeats. Hist, of Free Churches of Engl'd. 8vo Lou. 16s. 

198 THE BEST READING: Addenda. 


Adams, H. G. Beautiful Shells 12mo L. & N. $1 60 

Say, J. B. Concliology of the Uni. States. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

Constitution — United States. 

Pomeroj, J. N. Constitu'l Law of U. S. . Svo N. Y. 3 50 


Francatelli. Royal Confectioner 12mo Lond. 1 50 


Lesley, J. P. Manual of Coal & its Topog.l2mo Phila. 1 50 

Berry, M. Jour, and Correspondence, 3 v. Svo Lond. 

Morris, E. J, Corsica and Early Life of 

Napoleon 12mo Phila. 1 75 


Darwinian Theory Examined Svo L. 10s. 6d. 

Huxley. More Criticisms on Darwin 12mo N. Y. 

Decorative Art. 

Art of Illumination Svo N. Y. 3 00 


Bayne, P. The Christian Life .12mo Bost. 1 75 

Christian Daily Treasury 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Cowles, Miss M. Rosary for Lent 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Fletcher. Guide to Family Devotion. . , . 4to Lond. 10 00 

Muller. Life of Trust 12mo Bost. 1 75 


Chinese amd 'English. By Morrison Svo Lond. 

Japanese &nd English, By Hepburn. . .r. Svo Lond. 


Morris. Dogs and their Doings. Illust. . 4to N. Y. 1 75 
Domestic Animals. 

Ross, C. H. Book of Cats 12mo L. 4s. 6d. 

Domestic Economy. 

Cooley, A, J. Cyclopedia of Receipts. .. . Svo N. Y. 15) 

Ford, Dramatic Works by Gifford, 3 v. . Svo Lon, 36s. 

Shakespeare. Edited by H. G. Bell, 6 v. .12mo L. & N. 9 00 


Metz. Drawing-Book of Human Figure . . folio Phila. 7 50 
East (The). 

McLeod, Norman. Peeps at the Far East.l2mo L. & N. 3 00 



Abbott, J. Gentle Measures for Training 

of the Young. . . .12mo N. Y. $1 75 

Sewell. Principles of Education 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Virchow. Injurious Influence of Schools. 

Trans, from German. . . . 8vo 

Gordon, Lady Duif. Letters from Egypt. 16mo Lond. 

Hengstenberg, Egypt and Books of Moses.l2mo Andov. 

Hill, S. S. Travels in Egypt and Syria. . 8vo Lond. 

Lane, E. W. Modern Egyptians. Illus. 

New edition, 2 vols. . . .12mo Lon. 12s. 

Osburn. Monumental Hist, of Egypt. . . . 8vo Lond. 

Thompson, J. P. Egypt, Past and Present . 

Wilkinson. Anct. Egyptians, new ed., 2 v.l2mo Lon. 12s. 

Zincke. Egypt of Pharaohs & the Khedive. Svo Lon, IBs. 

England — History of. 

Lancelot. Queens of England and their 

Times, 2 vols Svo L. & N. 5 00 

Molesworth, W. N. History of England 

from 1830, vol. 1 Svo Lon. 15s. 

England— Special Periods. 

Burton. Cromwellian Diary. 4 vols Svo Lond. 

Hall, Mrs. Queens of England before the 

Conquest Svo L. & N. 2 50 

Hallam. Constitutional Hist, of England, 

with May's Continuation, 5 v.l2rao N. Y. 8 75 
Pearson, C. H. History of England ; Early 

and Middle Ages, 2 v. . Svo Lon. 30s. 
Turner, Sharon. Hist, of Anglo-Saxons, 3 v. Svo Lond. 
Vaughan. Revolutions of English Hist. 3 v, Svo Lon. 4os. 
England under the Stuarts . . . 

English History — Illustrative Works. 

Browne, N. Chaucer's England, 2 vols,. Svo Lon. 24s. 

Bulwer. Last of the Barons 12mo Phila. 1 50 

Charles, Mrs. Daytons and Davenants. . .12mo N. Y, 1 75 

Both Sides of the Sea 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Diary of Lady Willoughby, etc 

Kingsley. Hereward ; Westward, Ho!. . 

Scott. Ivanhoe, Kenilworth, Woodstock, See 

Nigel, Peveril, Old Mortality, etc. )■ Fiction, 
Thackeray. Henry Esmond, Virginians, 
Youth of Shakespeare, etc. (3 works) 

English Language. 

Morris, R. Specimens of Early English. 16mo Oxfd. 
English Literature. 

Yonge, C. D. Three Centuries of English 

* Literature. . . . 8vo Lond. 

200 THE BEST READING: Addenda. 

Essays — Miscellaneous. 

Buckle. Posthumous Works, 3 vols 8vo Lond. 

Frere, J. Hookliam. Works in Prose and 

Verse, 2 vols 8vo Lon. 38s. 

Goldsmith. Works. Edited by Cunning- 
ham, 4 vols 8vo Lond. 30s. 

Osgood, Sam'l. Milestones in our Life's 

Journey 12mo N. Y. $1 25 

The Hearthstone 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Rogers, H. Essays from " Good Words". 12mo L. & N. 1 75 
Rosetti, M. F. The Shadow of Dante. . . 8vo L. 10s. 6d. 
Sidney, Sir Ph. MisceL Works and Life. 8vo Bost. 2 50 
Spencer, Herbert. Essays 12mo N. Y. 2 50 


Harris, J. Man Primeval 12mo Bost. 1 50 

The Pre- Adamite Earth 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Heyworth, L. The Origin, Mission and 

Destiny of Man 8vo Lond. 

Moore, J. S. Pre-Glacial Man 8vo Dubl. 6s. 

Smith, C. H. Natural History of Human 

Species 12mo L. 7s. 6d. 

Thompson, J. P. Moral Unity of Human 

Race 12moN. Y. 

Europe — Histoky. 

Koch. Revolutions in Europe (tables). . . 
Europe— Travels. 

Calvert, G. H. First Year in Europe 16mo Bost. 1 75 

Evidences of Christianity. 

Cooper, T. Bridge of History ; Evidences \ 

of Christianity 16mo Lond. 1 25 


Baring-Gould. Gabrielle Andre ; Histor. 

Novel, paper 8vo N. Y. 60 

Blanche, A. The Bandit, from Swedish. 

By S. Borg 8vo N. Y. 

Douglas, Amanda. Lucia ; her Problem. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 
" Dorothy Fox" (Author of). John Thomp- 
son, Blockhead 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

The Blue Bell. . . .16mo N. Y. 1 25 

Erckman-Chatrain. Story of the Peasant.l2mo L. 3s. 6d. 
Five Hundred Majority. A Tale of the 

Times 8vo N. Y. 

Hey wood, J. C. How will it End ? a ro- 
mance 12mo Phila. 2 00 

Higher Law ; a Romance. By author, of 

Pilgrim and Shrine 12mo N. Y. 175 

Howells, W. D. Their Wedding Journey.l2mo Bost. 2 00 
« Lyndon." Margaret ..*.... 12mo N. Y. 1 50 



Macdonald, Geo. The Princess and the 

Goblin. Illust . . 12mo Phila. 
Melville, G. J. W. Sarchedon ; a Legend. 8vo N. Y. 
Morton House. B7 Author of Valerie 

Aylmer. ... 8vo N. Y. $1 60 
Muhlbach. Mohammed Ali and his House. 8vo N. Y. 1 50 

Myself ; a Romance 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Prentiss, Mrs. E. Fred, Maria and Me. . .16mo N. Y. 1 20 

Aunt Jane's Hero 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Whitney, Mrs. Real Folks 12mo Bost. 1 50 

Pine Arts — Illustrated Works. 

Art Studies from Nature. Illust 4to Lon. 12s. 

Cabinet Pictures. By Turner, Calcott, etc. 

6 engravings, in folio Lond. 

Chef d'CEuvres of Art; Masterpieces of 

Engraving, reproduced in photog. 4to Lond. 
Crowe & Cavalcasselle. Paint'g in N. Italy : 

1st Series, 2d to 14th Century, 3 vols. . Svo Lon. 63s. 
2d Series, 14th to 16th Century, 2 vols . Svo Lon. 42s. 
Cruikshank. 82 lUustra. from his Works. 4to Lond. 5 00 

2 parts Lond. folio 8s. 6d. ea. 

Dore Gallery — 250 Drawings selected from 

his Works. . . .folio L. & N. 60 00 

Atala. Illustrated folio L. & N. 18 00 

• Wandering Jew folio L. & N. 6 50 

Durer,- Albert. Life and Works. By Mrs. 

Heaton. Illust r. 8vo Lond. 10 00 

Passio Christi, reproduced in fac- 
simile, ed. by W. C. Prime. 4to N. Y. 15 GO 
English School of Painting in Water 

Colors folio Lond. 40 00 

Etchings and Engrs. from Old Masters, 20 

plates .... folio Lon. 70?. 
Finden's Gallery of Mod. Art., 31 engrs. .folio Lon. 2l8. 
Hoppin, Augustus. Ups and Downs, by 

Land and Water. '.folio Bost. 10 00 
Landseer, T. Life and Letters of Wm. 

Bewick, Artist, 2 vols 8vo Lon. 24s. 

Maclise. Pict. from his Works, on steel. 4to Lon. los. 
Nash. Mansions of England in Olden Time 

tinted plates, new ed., 3 v. Loud . folio ea. 31s. 6d. 
New Test. Illust. with engrs. on wood, 

from old Masters 4to Lond. 50 00 

New Test. Edited bv Churton, etc., 115 

Illust., 2 vols 8vo Lond. 12 00 

Scott. W. B. British School of Sculpture, 

steel plates. . . , 4to Lon. 25s. 
Turner. His Celebrated Landscapes, 16 

Autotypes. . . . 4to Lon. 42s. 
Woltman. Holbein and his Times, 60 111. 4to Lond. 
World's Pictures (The), 15 photographs. . 4to Lon. 2l3. 

5203 THE BEST READING: Addenda. 

Fish Culture. 

Francis. Fish Culture 12mo Lond. $2 00 

France — Revolution ; and War op 1870. 

Abbott. Hist, of French Revol. of 1789. . 8vo N. Y. 
Loudon, M. D. Franco-Prussian War . . .13mo N. Y. 2 00 

France — The Commune. 

Vesinier. History of the Commune 8vo L. 7s. 6d. 


Encyclopedia of Geography, by Murray 

and others. 3 vols. . . r. 8vo Phila. 5 00 

Gift Books. 

Andersen. Fairy Tales, 12 designs in color.folio Lond. 10 00 

Bailey. Festus. Illust. by Billings 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Beauties of Waverley , 45 steel plates 8vo Phila. 5 00 

Bickersteth. Yesterday, To-day, etc., large 

paper 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Bryant. Forest Hymn. Hlust. by Hows. 4to N. Y. 4 00 
Century of Queens. Litera. and Art. Illus. 4to N. Y. 6 00 

Christian Lyrics. Illust., new edition 12mo L. 7s. 6d. 

Coles. Dies Irae ; 13 versions, with plates. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 
Festival of Song. Hlust. Ed. by Saunders.r 8vo N. Y. 
Gallery of Fine and Useful Arts. By 

Knight, 2 vols folio Lon. 35s. 

Gallery of English and American Famous 
Poets. Illus. with Vignettes on steel. 

Edit, by Prof. Coppee r. 8vo Phila. 15 00 

Goethe Gallery, 50 plates on steel 4to li. & N. 20 00 

Harte, Bret. Sketches. Illust. by Eytinge. 4to Bost. 10 00 

Herbert, Geo. Poems. Illust 4to L. & N. 6 00 

Ho wells. Their Wedding Journey 12mo Bost. 2 00 

In the Woods, with Bryant, &c. Illustrated 

by Hows 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Kneeland. Wonders of Yosemite Valley. 4to Bost. 4 00 
Macaulay. Lays of Anc't Rome, red line 

edition. Illust 18mo N. Y. 3 50 

Michelet. The Mountain ; Nature, its 

Poetry, etc., each illust 8vo L. & N. 6 00 

Mighty Works of Jesus Christ. Illustra. 

with Photo's from Great Artists 8vo L. «& N. 6 00 

Ministering Children and Sequel. Illust. 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Parables of our Lord. Illust. on Steel folio L. & P. 10 00 

Pictorial Sunday Book (Knight's). Illust. folio Lon. 2os. 
Pictures from English Literature. Illust. 4to L. &N. 10 00 
Proverbs of Solomon. Illustrated ...... 8vo Lond. 

Retzsch. Outlines to Shakespeare folio Bost. 9 00 

Saunders. Salad for the Social & Solitary. 13mo N. Y. 4 00 
Schiller Gallery. 50 Illustrations. ....'.. L. & N. 20 00 

Sermon on the Mount. Illustrated folio L.«&B. 12 00 

Warner. Summer in a Garden, Illust. .16mo Bost. 8 00 
Wood, L.V. West Point Scrap-Book. Illus. 8vo N. Y. o 00 



Chevalier. On Prob. fall in val. of Gold. .12mo N, Y, $ 50 


Helps, Arthur, Thoughts on Government. 8vo Lond. 


Arnold, Rev, F, History of Greece, with 

Maps. . . .12mo Lon. 6s. 


Gardner, A. R. Our Children : their Physi- 
cal and Mental Development 12mo Hartf. 

Howe, J. W., M. D. Emergencies, and 

How to Treat Them 8vo N. Y. 3 00 

Maudsley. Body and Mind ; Mutual In- 
fluence, etc 16mo N. Y. 1 00 

History— Ancient. 

Niebuhr. Lectures on Roman Hist. 3 v. 8vo Phila. 5 00 

Holy Land. 

Besant & Palmer. Jerusalem ; the city of 

Herod and Saladin Svo L. Ts. 6d. 

Hughes. Outline of Scripture Geography 

and History ISmo Phila. 1 00 

Palmer. The Desert of the Exodus, 2 v. Svo Lon. 28a. 
Ritter. Comparative Geog. of Palestine 

(by Gage), 4 vols 8vo L. & N. 14 00 


Marsh, Mrs. Hist, of the Huguenots, 2 v.l2mo Phila. 2 00 

Humorous Works. 

Cruikshank. Comic Almanac. 1835-43, 2v.l2mo Lond. 7 00 

Halliburton's Sam Slick 12mo N. Y. 1 25 

Maginn. Reliques of Father Prout. Ill . 12mo Lond. 2 50 
Munchausen's Travels, Illustrated by 

Cruikshank 12mo L. & N. 1 75 

Wit and Wisdom of Don Quixote 


Butler, Rev. W. Land of the Veda 8vo N. Y. 4 00 


Modern Scepticism. Lectures. By English 

Clergymen Svo L. 7s. 6d. 


Lesley, J. P. The Iron Manufacturer's 

Guide Svo N. Y. 

204 THE BEST READING: Addenda. 


Elliott, Mrs. Diary of Idle Woman in Italy.l2mo Lond. 
Gruner. Terra Cotta Architecture of 

North Italy folio L. lOos. 

Hawthorne. Passages from Italian and 

French Note Books, 2 vols. 12mo Bost. $4 00 

Rothschild, C. & A. de. History and Litera- 
ture of the Israelites 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Wilberforce, Sam'l. Heroes of Hebrew 

History. ... 8vo L. & N. 2 50 

Landscape Gardening. 

Scott, F. J. Suburban Home and Grounds.r. 8vo N. Y. 8 00 

Bryant & Stratton. Commer. Law for Busi- 
ness Men 8vo N. Y. 4 00 

Handy Book of Property Law, by Lord & 

Leonards 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

Smith. Compend, of Mercantile Law. . . . 8vo N. Y. 6 00 
Tracy, W. Hand-Book of Law . . . 8vo N. Y. 5 50 


Baring-Gould, S. Legends of Old Test. 

Characters, from the Talmud, &c., 2 v.l2mo Lon. 16s. 


Brown, H. T. 507 Mechan'l Movements. .18mo N. Y. 1 00 
Ny Strom. Pocket-Book of Mechanics and 

Engineering 12mo Phila. 2 50 


Mansell, Dean. Metaphysics 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Munsell, Rev. O. S. Psychology, 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Payne, Martin. Physiology of the Soui 

and Instinct 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Potter, Alonzo. Religious Philosophy. . . 8vo Phila. 3 00 

Ueberweg. History of Philosophy, 2 v. . 8vo N. Y. 7 00 


Kustell, E. Metallurgy of Silver Ores . . . Svo San Fr. 

Concentration of Ores Svo San Fr. 7 50 

Overman, F. Treatise on Metallurgy. . . . Svo N. Y. 

Lieber, O. M. Assayer's Guide 12mo Phila. 1 25 

Pigott, A. S. Chemistry and Metallurgy 

of Copper 12mo Phila. 1 50 


Moran,C. Money ..12moN.Y. 125 


Warner. Rudimental Lessons in Music. .12mo N. Y. 1 00 


Natural History. 

Cassell. Book of Birds. By T. R. Jones. 

Illustrated, 2 vols folio L. & N. 

Chadbourne, P. A. Lect's on Instinct. '71.12mo N. Y. $150 

Dana, J. D. On Zoophytes 8vo Phila. 4 00 

Darwin. Origin of Species cloth. 12mo N. Y. 2 00 

Descent of Man, 2 vols 12mo N. Y. 4 00 

Huxley. Manual of Anatomy of Verte- 

brated Animals. 8vo N. Y. 
Jardine. Naturalist's Library. Illustrated 

with col'd plates, 40 vols . . 12mo Lond. £9 
Kirby & Spence. Introd. to Entomology, 

7th edition 8vo Lond. 5s 

Mivart. Genesis of Species 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Morris. Brit. Moths, 4,000 col'd plates, 4 v. Svo Lond. 
Museum of Natural History, with Illus. 

on wood, 2 vols folio Lon. 34s. 

Nicholson, H. A. Text-Book of Zoology, 

for Colleges, etc 12mo N. Y. 1 75 

Natural Sciences. 

Arnott. Elements of Physics Svo Phila. 2 25 

Clark. Mind in Nature ; Origin of Life, etc. Svo N. Y. 3 50 
Deschanel. Natural Philosophy, Trans. 

4 vols Svo N. Y. 8 00 

Ganot. Elementary Treatise on Physics. 8vo Lon. 15s. 

Maxwell, J. C. Theory of Heat 12mo L. 3s. 6d. 

Muller. Physics and Meteorology 8vo Phila. 4 50 

Schoedler & Medlock. Wonders of Nature. 8vo Phila, 3 00 
Small Books on Great Subjects, 3 vols. . .18mo Phila. 1 50 
Wonders of Water. Wonder Library. . .18mo N. Y. 1 50 
Wonders of Vegetation. Wonder Lib'y.l8mo N. Y. 1 50 
Wonders of Electricity. Wonder Lib'y.lSmo N, Y. 1 50 

New England. 

Elliott, C.-W. Hist, of New England, 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 5 00 

Milledulcia ; 1000 Pleasant Things 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Ten Thousand Wonderful Things 12mo N. Y. 1 50 

Wells. Things Not Generally Known. . .12mo N. Y. 1 75 


Kauffman, T. Amer. Painting Book 4to Bost. 5 OJ 


Musters. At Home with the Patagonians. Svo Lou. 1 6s 

Lavater. Physiognomy. Condensed ed.l2mo N. Y. 1 25 

Brillat-Savarin . Hand-Book of Dining, 

Corpulence, etc 12mo N. Y. 1 00 

306 THE BEST READING: Addenda. 

Poetry — Collections. 

Poets of the 19tli Century; edited by 

Willmott and Duyckinck. Illust 4to N. Y. $5 00 

[*** This is erroneously called " Sacred Poets," on page 161.] 

Randolpli, A. D. F. Hopefully Waiting, etc.lSmo N. Y. 1 50 
Poetry — Humorous, etc. 

Combe. Dr. Syntax's Three Tours 12mo L. & N. 2 00 


Ranke. History of the Reformation .... 8vo Phila. 2 00 
Rome — The Modern City. 

Burn. Rome and the Campagna ; History 

and Topography. . . . 4to Lon. 63s. 

Street, G. R. Gothic Architecture in Spain, 8vo Lon. 30s. 
Supernaturalism — Demonology. 

Burton. R. T. Vikram, and the Vampire : 

Hindoo Deviltry 8vo Lond. 2 50 

Credo; a Supernatural Book 12mo Lon. 5s. 

McRae, Rev. Th. Lectures on Satan 12mo N. Y, 


Hodge, Chas. Systematic Theology, 2 v. 8vo N. Y. 10 00 

Harney, Mrs. Turkish Harems and Cir- 
cassian Homes 8vo Lon. 15s. 

United States — Travels in. 

Todd, John. The Sunset Land ; the Pacific 

Slope.... 12mo.N.Y. 1 50 




(Embracing only uniform editions of works of leading Authors who have 
written in more than one department.) 

Adams. John. Collected Works, 10 vols. 8vo Bost. $30 00 
Addison. Works. Ed. by Greene, 6 vols.l2mo Phila. 9 00 

Works, 6 vols 12mo Bohn. 8 40 

Bacon, Lord. Complete Works, 15 vols. .12mo N. Y. 33 75 

Bentham, Jer. Works, 11 vols Svo I.ond. 

Brougham, Lord. Works, 11 vols 13mo Glas. 55s. 

British Essayists, 38 vols 18mo Bost. 47 50 

Modern, 6 vols 8vo N. Y. 12 00 

Burke, Edmund. Works, 12 vols Svo Bost. 30 00 

Burns — Byron. [See Poetry.'] 

Calhoun, J. C. Works, 6 vols Svo N. Y. 15 00 

Channing, W\ E. Works, 3 vols 12mo Bost. 3 00 

Chesterfield, Lord. Works 12mo N. Y. 2 50 

Coleridge, S. T. Works, 7 vols 12mo N. Y. 10 50 

Cowper. Works. (Poems and Corresp.) 

By Southey, 15 vols.l2mo Lon. 75s. 

ByGrimshaw, 8vols.l2mo Lond. 11 20 

De Foe. Works, 7 vols 12mo Bohn. 9 80 

De Quincey. Works, 22 vols 12mo Bost. 33 00 

16 vols 12mo Lon. 72s. 

Dickens. Works. Household edit., 56 v. 12mo N. Y, 56 00 

Riverside edit., 111., 28 v.l2mo N. Y. 56 00 

Globeedit., Illust., 15 v.l2moN. Y. 22 00 

Illust. Library ed., 29 v.l2mo Bost. 58 00 

Household ed., 15 vols. .12mo Bost. 22 50 

Chas. Dickens' ed., 15 v.l2mo Bost. 22 50 

The same, bound in 8 v.l2mo Bost. 14 00 

Diamond edit., 14 vols.. 18mo Bost. 2100 

Plum Pudding edit., 6 v.l2mo N. Y. 10 50 

Handy vol. edit., 14 vols.l2mo N. Y. 10 50 

Dryden. Complete Works, 2 vols Svo N. Y. 4 00 

Edgeworth, Miss. Complete Works, 10 v.l2mo N. Y. 15 00 

10 v.l2mo L. & B. 15 00 

Fielding. Complete Works, fine ed., 10 v. Svo L. & B. 30 00 

cheap ed., 1 V.?*. Svo Lon. 18s. 

Franklin, Benj. Writings, 10 vols Svo Phila. 25 00 

Goethe. Poetical and Prose Works, 5 v. .12mo Bohn. 7 00 
Goldsmith. Poetical and Prose Works. 

By Prior, 4 vols 12mo Phila. 6 00 

The same, 4 vols Svo Lon. 30s. 

Hamilton, Alex. Political Works, 7 vols. Svo Phila. 22 50 
Hazlitt, W. Writings, 5 vols 12mo Phila. 7 50 

208 THE BEST READING: Collccted Works. 

Hood, Thos. Prose and Poet'l Works, 6 v. 12mo N. Y. $15 00 
Irving. Works. Knickerbocker ed., 27 v.l2mo N. & P. 67 50 

Sunnysideed., 28 vols.l2mo N.&P. 63 00 

Riverside edit., 26 vols. 18mo N. Y. 45 50 

People's edit., 26 vols.. 18moN. Y. 32 50 

Jefferson. Works. Edit, by H. A. Wash- 
ington, 9 vols 8vo Phila. 27 00 

Jerrold, Douglas. Works and Life. 5 v. . 8vo L. &P. 12 50 

Jolmson, Dr. Sam. Works 

Lamb, Chas. Works. Best Edition, 5 v. 8vo N. Y. 9 00 

Landor, W. S. Whole Works, 2 v r. 8vo Lond. 10 00 

Locke, Jno. Philosophical Works, 2 v. . Bohn 2 80 

Longfellow. Prose & Poetical Works, 7 v.l2mo Bost. 17 50 

Macaulay. Complete Works, 16 vols 12mo N. Y. 36 00 

Milman, Dean. Prose Works, 14 vols. .12mo N. Y. 24 50 
Milton. Prose and Poetical Works, 7 v. .12mo Bohn. 9 80 
Montaigne. Works. Edited by Wright, 4v. 8vo N. Y. 9 00 

More, Hannah. Works, 7 vols 12mo N. Y. 8 75 

Poe, Edgar A. Prose and Poet'l Works, 4 v.l2mo N. Y. 9 00 
Pope. Prose and Poetical Works. By 

Elwin, 6 vols. . .*. 8vo Lon. 63s. 

Rabelais. Works, 2 vols 12mo Bohn. 2 80 

Schiller. Prose and Poetical Works, 4 v. 12mo Bohn. 5 60 

2 V. r. 8vo N. Y. 6 00 

Schlegel. Works, 6 vols 12mo Bohn. 8 40 

Scott, Sir W. Whole Works, 100 vols . . . 12mo Edn. £20 

*** See also Fiction. 

Seward, W.H. Works (chiefly Polit'l) 4 v. 8vo N. Y. 16 00 
Smith, Sydney. Works and Life. New ed. 

2 vols 12mo Lon. 12s. 

1 vol. . . . 8vo N. Y. 2 00 

Smollett. Works, 1 vol r. 8vo Lon. 18s. 

Sterne. Works (2 vols., Phila., |3), 1 vol. 8vo Lond. 175 

Swift. Works, 2 vols r. 8vo Lond. 24s. 

19 vols, (scarce) 8vo Lond. 

Thackeray. Works. Illust., 22 vols 8vo L.&P. 66 00 

New ed.. 11 vols.. 8vo L.&P. 33 00 

— 1 1 vols 12mo Bost. 13 75 

Washington. Writings, 12 vols 8vo Bost. 24 00 

Webster, Dan'l. Works (Speeches) 6 v. . 8vo Bost. 18 00 
Whittier. Prose and Poetical, 4 vols . . .18mo Bost. 10 00 
Wilson, John. Works (Essays) 8vo, N. Y. 2 00 

Yo-ang Feople's Books, 

(See also Fairy Tales, Gaines, etc.) 

(More than 1,000 different volumes of Juvenile and Sunday-School books may 
be selected from the Catalogues of the American S. S. Union, Tract Society, 
Methodist Book Concern, and numerous other " Publication Societies ;" and 
from those of H. Hoyt, Lee & Shepard, Lothrop & Co., Boston ; Randolph, 
Pott, Young & Co , Dutton, Sheldon, Dodd & Mead, Nelson, Leavitt «fc Allen, 
Hurd & Houghton, and others, New York, and many other publishers— we 
mention a few only.) 

a. A. L. O. E. (Miss Charlotte 
Tucker) Juvenile Library 

in a wood case $28 00 

6. Abbott, J. 

The RoUo Books, 14 vols., 

16mo 12 60 

The Rollo Story Books, 12 

vol?., IGrno 

Rollo's Tour in Europe, 10 

vols., 16mo 

Franconia Stories, 10 vols., 

16mo, each 

Little Learner Series, 10 

_vols, 16mo, each 

Marco Polo Series, 10 v., 

16mo, each 

Rainbow & Lncky Series, 

10 vols.. 16mo, each 

Story Books, 12mo, each. . 
August Stories, 18mo, N. 

Y., each 

Florence StorieSj 6 vols.. 
Science for the Young, ea. 
American Hist., 8 vols. . . 
6. Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic.) 
Young America Stries; 

No. 1 and No. 2, 12 vols., 

16mo, each 

Soldier Boy Series, 3 v., ea. 
Sailor Boy Series, 3 v., ea. 
Woodville Stories. 6 v., ea. 
Boat Club Series, 6 v., ea. 
Riverdale Stories, 12 v., ea. 
Starry Flag Series, fi vols., 


a. Aikin, Dr. J. & Mrs. Barbauld 
Evenings at Home, 12mo, 

N. Y 

a. Alcotr, Miss L. M. 

Little Women, 2 vols 3 00 

Little Men, 1 vol 1 50 

Old Fashioned Girl 1 50 

3 75 
9 00 



1 75 

1 50 
6 00 
1 50 
10 00 

1 50 
1 50 
1 50 
1 25 
1 25 

1 25 

1 50 

a. Alcott, Miss L. M. 

Aunt Jo.'s Scrap Book, 


Moraine Glories, N. Y 

a. Aldrich, T. B. 

Story of a Bad Boy, 16mo, 

b. Alger, H., Jr. 

Juveniles, 13 vols., per vol. 
Strong and Steady, 16mo. . 
a. Andersen, Hans C. 

Fairy Tales, 5 v., 16mo, ea. 

Wonder Stories, 12mo 

Stories and Tales, lUust'd. 

a. Arabian Nights (and various 

other editions) 12mo 

Aunt Fanny. 

[See Mrs. Barrow.] 
Aunt Louisa. 
Nursery Books, with large 

colored plates, each 

Aunt Mattie's Library, 4 v. 


b. Baker, S. W. 

Cast up by the Sea, 12mo. . 
b. Ballantyne, R. M. 

Away in the Wilderness, 


Chasing the Sun, 12mo. . . 

Coral Islands, 12mo 

Dog Crusoe, 12mo 

Floating Light, 16mo 

Gascoygne, 12mo 

Gorilla Hunters, 12mo 

Fast in the Ice, 12mo 

Fighting the Whales, ]2mo. 
Freaks on the Fells, 12mo. 

Martin Rattler, 12mo 

Red Eric, 12ino 

Shifting Winds, 12mo 

Ungava, l'2mo 

Wild Man of the Weflt,12mo 

$1 00 

1 50 

1 50 

1 25 

1 50 

1 25 

2 25 

2 25 

1 75 

2 50 

3 60 

1 50 



1 25 

1 25 

1 .50 

1 25 

1 25 

1 25 

1 25 

1 25 

1 25 

1 2.5 

1 25 

1 25 

1 25 



a. Alcott, iVTiss L. M, 

a. Dana. R. H. 

World of Ice (The) 12mo. . 

$1 25 

Two Years before the Mast, 

Youn^ Fur Traders, 12mo. 

1 25 


$1 50 

BarbauTd, Mrs. 

a. Day, Thos. 

Things by their Right 

Sandford & Merton, lOmo. 

1 25 

Names, 18mo 


a. De Foe. 

a. Barrows, Mrs. F. 

Robinson Crasoe, 18mo... 

1 50 

Aunt Fanny's Stories, 6 v. 


(And various other edit.) 

Night Cap Stories, 6 vols. . 


De Mille, J. 

Barrows, Rev. W. 

B. 0. W. C, l«mo, Bost... 

1 50 

Twelve Nights in the Hunt- 

Boys of the Grand Pr<S 

ers' Camp, 12mo 

1 25 

School, 16moBost 

1 50 

b. Beckoning Series, 3 vols — 

3 75 

Lost in the Fog, 16mo Bost. 
a. Diaz, Mrs. A. M. 

1 50 

Belmont Series, 5 v., Bost. . 

6 25 

a. Biart, L. 

William Henry Letters, 

Young Naturalist, 12mo.. 

1 75 

16mo Bost 

1 50 

Boy's Globe Library, 3 series. 

King's Lily and Rosebud. . 

1 50 

each 4 vol., Phdla., per vol. 

1 50 

a. Dickens. Child Pictures 

b. Brehart, A de. 


1 5!) 

Adventures of a Little 

Child's Hist, of Eng., 2v... 

1 50 

French Boy 

Same in 1 vol 

1 00 

Busch, W. 

a. Dodge, M. E. 

Max and Maurice, 12mo.. 

1 50 

Hans Brinker's Skates, 

a. Carroll, Louis. 

12moN. Y 

2 00 

Alice's Adventures 

1 50 

Irvington Stories, 12mo 

Behind Looking-Glass . . . . 

1 50 


1 50 

Castlemon, H. 

b. Dn Chaillu, P. 

Frank on a Gunboat 

1 25 

Travels and Adventures, 4 

" on the Lower Missis. 

1 25 

vols., each 

1 75 

" on the Prairies 

1 25 

Country of Dwarfs, 12rao. . 

1 75 

" in the Woods 

1 25 

a.Edgeworth, Miss M. 

Frank, 2 vols., 18mo 

" the Young Natur'list 
" before Vicksburg... 

1 25 

1 50 

1 25 

Harry & Lucy, 2 v., 12mo. 

3 00 

Go Ahead; No Moss, each. 

1 25 

Moral Tales, 2 vols., 18mo. 

1 .^0 

Tom Newcombe 

1 25 

Parents' Assistant, 12mo.. 

1 .50 

Cecil and His Dog, 16mo... 

1 25 

Popular Tales, 2 v., 18mo. 

1 50 

Chambers' Libr'y for Young 

Rosamond, 12mo 

1 50 

People, 20 vols. ; 2d series, 

Works complete, 10 vols. . 

15 00 

7 vols., each 



a. Chavlesworth, Miss. 

Books for Bovs, 5 v., each. 

1 20 

Minister'g Children, 12mo. 

1 75 

Everett, Wm. ' 

Sequel to Ministering Chil- 

Changing Base, 16mo 

Double Plav. 16mo. ....... 

1 25 

dren. 12mo 

1 75 

1 25 

Both vols, in 1, red line ed. 

4 00 

Fairy Book. Illnst., 12mo. . 

1 50 

England's Yeoman, 12mo. 
Charlotte Elizabeth. 

1 75 

Froiich. Picture Book, 4to . 

2 00 

Farming for Boys, IGmo, 

[See Tonna, Mrs.] 


1 50 

Child, Lydia Maria. 

Frontier Series. 

Rainbows for Children. . . . 

1 50 

Hunter's Camp, etc., 5 v.. 

Children's Album, etc 


1 25 

Child's Book of Song and 

Gatty, Mrs. 

Praise, with Music 

3 50 

Alice and Adolphus, 16mo. 


a. Clarke, R. S. (Sophie May). 

Aunt Judy's Tale^, 1-Kmo. . 


Dotty Dimple Books, 7 v., 

Parable from Nature, Kinio 




Girl's Own Treasury, Illust, 

Prudy Books, 7 vols., each. 



2 50 

b. Conant, Mrs. 

Girl s Own Book, 16mo.... 

1 00 

Butterfly Hunters, 16mo.. 

1 50 

a. Golden Treasury Series. 

Crossland, Mrs. 

Book of Golden Deeds 

1 •>5 

Memorable Women, lUus. 

1 50 

Fairy Book 

1 2.> 

Call, Mrs. C. H. 

Robinson Crusoe 

1 25 

Patty Gray's Journey to the 

Goulding, F. R. 

Cotton Islands, 3 v., each 

1 25 

Marooner's Island ' 

Daltou, W. 


Lost among the Wild Men, 
8vo 3s. ed. 


Sapelo ■ 

3 50 

Tiger Prince, 16mo 

1 50 

Young Marooncrs 

Wolf Boy of China, 12mo. 

1 25 

In set, 3 vols ^ 



Goodwin, Mrs. 
Bri'jrht Side Series, 6 vols. $3 00 
a. Grace Greenwood. 

History of My Pets.. . . 100 
Recollections of Childh'd. 100 
Stories from Ballads 1 00 

Grimm's Goblins 1 50 

Greenwood, Jas. 
Little Ragamuffin, 8vo pa. 50 
Reuben Davidger, Svo 1 75 

Gray, G. Z. 
The Children's Crusade in 
13th Century 100 

Hale, Rev. E. E. 
John Whopper's Adven- 
tures, 16mo 75 

How to Do It, 12mo 125 

a. Hawthorne, N. 

Tanglewood Tales, 16mo.. 1 50 

True Stories, Kirao 1 50 

Wonder Book, l«)mo 1 50 

Hai-per's Story Books. By 
Abbott, lllust., 12yo1s., 

each 90c. and 1 75 

Haven, Alice B. 
Juveniles, 8 vols., 12mo. . . 8 00 

b. Hayes, I. I. 

Cast away in the Cold,16mo 1 50 

Heroes of Europe, lllust 1 50 

Hofland, Mrs. 
Affectionate Bros., 18mo.. 75 

The Young Crusoe, 18mo. 75 
b. Hooker. 

Child's Book of Nature, 1 v. 2 00 

Natural History 1 50 

Science for Family, 3 v., ea. 150 

Hope, A. R. 
A Book about Boys, IGmo, 1 25 

Howitt, Mary. 
Birds and their Nests, 111., 2 00 
Juveniles, 14 vols. (App.).. 7 00 

Howitt, Wni. 
Boy's Advent, in Australia, 1 50 

a. Ingeiow, Jean. 

Mopsa the Fairy, 16mo, 
Bost 125 

Poor Matt, or the Clouded 
Intellect 60 

Sister's Bve Hours, 16mo.. 1 25 

Stories told to a Child, 

16mo , 1 25 

Jack the Conqueror, 4to 2 00 

b. Kellogg, E. 

Ark of Elm Island, IHmo. . 1 25 

Arthur Brown, 16mo 1 25 

Boy Fanners, 16mo ] 25 

Chariie Bell, 16mo 1 25 

Hard Scrabble, l«mo 1 25 

Lion Ben, Himo 1 25 

Young Deliverers, 16mo... 1 25 
Young Shipbuilders, 16rao. 125 
Kingsley, H. 

The Lost Child 1 50 

b. Kingston, W. H. G. 

Adrift in a Boat, 16mo ... 1 25 
Advent, of Dick Onslow.. 
Among the Islands of the 
Pacific, 12mo 2.50 

b. Kingston, W. H. Q. 

Anthony Waymouth 

At the South Pole, Svo, 58 
Cruise of the Frolic, Svo, 4s. 

Dick Onslow 

Fred. Markham in Russia, 

small 4to $ 75 

Foxholmet Hall, 12mo, Ss. 6d. 
Harry Shipwith, 12mo, Ss. 6d. 
In the Eastern Seas, 12mo. 2 50 
In the. Wilds of Africa, 

12mo 2 50 

My First Voyage, Svo 2 00 

OfftoSea,4to 1 50 

Old Jack, Svo 2 00 

On the Banks of the Ama- 
zon, 12mo 2 50 

Peter the Whaler, 12mo, 28. 
Pirate's Treas., 12mo, 38. 6d. 
Round the World, 12mo. . . 2 50 
Schoolboy Days, Svo, 5s. 
Washed Ashore, 16mo, 28. 6d. 
Kirby, M. «fc E. 
Sea and itsWonders. lllust. 3 00 
The Worid at Home. do. 3 00 
a. KnatchbuU— Hugessen . 
Crackers lor Christmas, 

12mo 1 25 

Puss Cat Mew, I2mo 1 26 

Moonshine (Fairy Stories). 1 50 
Kuntze, E. J. 

Mystic Bell, 16mo . 100 

Lander, Miss S. W. 
Spectacle Series for Young 

Eyes, 8 vols., 16mo 8 00 

Ledgeside Series, 6 volumes, 

16mo 7 50 

Library of Adventure. 

Holiday Adventures 1 75 

Adventures on Ice 1 50 

Pioneers of Civilization... 1 50 
Library of Wonders (Scribner) 
[See Natural Science.] 

Lilliput Levee 50 


Little Lucy 'sWond'ful Globe. 2 00 
Little Rosy's Travels, sm. 4to 2 50 
Little Rosy's Voyage of Dis- 
covery, sm. 4to 2 50 

Luyster, Miss. 
Miss Lily's Voyage round 

the World 3 50 

The Little Gipsey 1 50 

a. Macdonald, Geo. 

Ranald Bannerman's Boy- 
hood : 175 

At the Back of the North 

Wind 2 00 

Princess and Goblin 2 00 

Dealings with the Fairies.. 1 25 
ft. Mace. 

Home Fairy Tales 175 

Mouthful of Bread 1 75 

Servants of the Stomach. . 1 75 



Mackamen, Mrs. M. A. 

Men who have Made Them- 

Cloud with Silver Lining" 

selves. Illust 

$1 50 

Dream Chintz 

"Men who have Risen," 

Home on the Rock 

Library, each 

1 50 

Merry Christmas 


Men who have Risen 

Small Beginnings 

Steady Aim 

Sequel to Old Jolliffe. . . . 
Only a Shilling 

London Merchants 

Star in the Desert 

"Ministering Children" 

Above in set, 4 vols. , 16m 

$4 25 

Series, 4 vols . . 

5 00 

Sibert's Wold , .. 

Miller, Thos. 

Sunbeam Stories 

Boys' Book of the Seasons. 

2 00 

McKeever, Harriet B. 


Breakers Ahead 

Dogs and their Doings .... 

2 00 

Edith's Ministry, Kimo.. 


Munchausen, Baron, Kjmo.. 

1 25 

Eleanor's Three Birthdays, 

Mupset, Paul de. 


. 1 00 

Mr. Wind and Madame 

Flounced Robe 

Rain, square 4to 


Lucy Forester's Triumph? 


Oliver Optic's Books. 


. 1 00 

[See Adams.] 

Mary Leslie's Trials, 16mc 

. 1 00 

Opie, Mrs., Works. 

Silver Threads, 12rao. . . . 

. 1 50 

a. Our Young Folks (monthly) 

Westnook Parsonage 


per vol 

Paul Preston's Voyages, etc., 

3 00 

Woodcliff Children 

Mackintosh, Miss M. J. 


1 25 

Conquest and Self -Con 

Pepper. Boy's Play Book of 

quest, 18mo 



2 00 

b. Magnet Stories, 4 v., 16mo. 

5 00 

Boy's Play Book of Metals. 

2 25 

Mann, Mrs. 

Popular Fairy Tales, Kimo. 
Peiiniman, Maj. The Tan- 

1 25 

The Flower People 

1 00 

b. Maunering, May. 

ner Boy, Life of Grant, 

Billy Grimes' Favorite 



1 50 


1 00 

Pictures of Eng. Hist., 4to. . 

2 50 

Climbing the Rope, 16mo 

. 1 00 

Pleasure Book of the Year, 

Cruise of the Dashaway, 


2 50 


. 1 00 

a. Phelps, Miss E. S. 

Little Maid of Oxbow, IGmo 1 00 

Gypsey Breynton Series, 4 

Little Spaniard, 16mo.... 

. 1 00 

vols., 16mo 

5 00 

Salt Water Dick, 16mo. . . 

. 1 00 

Trotty Book, 4to 

1 50 

Martineau, Harriet. 

Philip Quarll's Emblems... 

Crofton Boys, etc., 4 vols 


a. Picture Gallery of all Na- 


tions, Illustrated, 4to 

2 50 

a. Marryatt, Capt. F. 

Children of the New Foi 

a. Prentiss, E. 


FloweroftheFamilv. Kimo 

1 25 

est, 12mo 

. 1 25 

Tiie Little Susy Library, 3 

Masterman Ready. Scenes ) 

vols., 16mo 

2 60 

in Africa. Settlers in >- 2 25 

The Percys, 16mo 

1 25 

Canada, 3 vols., 16mo. . 

. ) 

Nidworth & Magic Wands, 



1 25 

Home Chat with our Young 

b. Reid, Mayne. 


. 2 50 

Tales for Boys...., 

Max and Maurice. Trans 


First Series, U\ols, each 

1 50 

by Brooks 

.' 1 50 

Second Series, 4 v. each. 

1 75 

May, Sophie. 

[See Clarke, R. S.] 

Riverside Magazine, Illustra- 

ted, 4 vols., each 


Mayhew Bros. 

Rosetti. Sing Song (for 

Good Genius that Turned 


2 00 

Everything to Gold 


Samuels, Mrs. P. C. 

Magic of Kindness 


Eric; or, Little by Little, 

a. Mayhew, Hy. 


1 25 

Boyhood of Martin Luther, 

St. Winifreds, 12mo 

1 2.5 


1 25 

Springdale Stories, tivols. 
Saxe, J. G. 

4 50 

Peasant Boy Pliilosopher 


.' 1 26 

Clever Stories of Many Na- 

Wonders of Science, 16mo 

. 1 25 


3 50 

Young Benjamin Frank 

Scudder, H. E. 

lin, 16mo 

.' 1 25 

Dream Children, etc., 3 v. . 


The same, fine ed , gilt edg 

. 1 50 

Seven Little Sisters, 12mo.. 

1 25 



a. Sedgwick, Miss C. M. 

Boy of Mount Rhlgi, 18mo. $1 25 
Live and Let Live, 18mo. . 75 
Poor Rich Man and Rich 

Poor Man, ]8mo 75 

Love Token 75 

Means and Ends, Self- 
Training 75 

Stories for Youth 75 

Sherwood, Mrs. 

Whole Works, 1(5 vols 24 00 

Choice Works,Lady Manor, 

etc., 11 vols 16 50 

Smith, Mrs. C. 
American Home Book, In- 
door Games 1 50 


Adventures in Fairy Land. 1 25 
Stolz, Mad. de. 

House on Wheels 1 25 

Story Without an End, 16mo 

(Mrs. Austen) 

a. Stowe, Mrs. H. B. 

Rissey Willow, small 4to. 150 
Queer Little People, small 

4to 1 50 

Sunshine Series. 6 v., 18mo. 3 00 
rt. Swiss Family Robinson, 

16mo 1 50 

Thayer, Wm. 

Tanner Boy (Lincoln) 

Printer Boy (Franklin). . . . 

Tale of a Nest, l-2mo 1 50 

Things Worth Knowing 1 00 

Thurston, Miss Louise M. 

Forest Mills, 16mo 80 

Tonna, Mrs. 
The Chariotte Elizabeth 
Stories, 8 vols., 16mo ... 7 20 
Treasury of Fairy Stories, 

must. (H. & H.) 1 75 

a. Trowbridge, J. T. 

L a w r e n c e's Adventures 
among the Ice-Cutters, 

Glass-Makers, etc 1 60 

The Brighthope Series, 5 

vols., IBrao 4 00 

Jack Hazard, 16mo l 50 

Tuthill, Mrs. L. C. 
Tip-top Story Book for 

Boys, Kimo, 3 vols., ea.. $1 25 
Tip-top Story Book for 
Girls, 3 vols., 16mo, ea., 1 25 

Tyng, Rev. S. H. 
The Spencers 1 25 

Tytler, Miss. 
Sweet Counsel for Girls. . . 1 50 

Uncle Sam Series, 4 vols., 

paper, col'd, each 60 

Vieux Moustache. 
That Good Old Time, ICmo. 1 25 
Two Lives in One, ICmo.. 1 25 
a. Warner, Miss. 

Carl Krinken, 16mo 1 00 

Casper, ]6mo 100 

Hard Maple, 16mo 100 

Rutherford Children, 16mo. 1 GO 
Sybil and Chryssa, 16mo.. 1 00 

Waste Not, Want Not,Series, 

8 vols., 16mo 2 50 

Watts' Songs for Children, 

Hlustrated 2 50 

Wells, Mrs. Kate G. 

In the Clearings, Ifimo 80 

Winter Evening Library (D. 

A. & Co.), 8 vols 8 00 

Wood. Tl)e Modern Play- 
mate. Illust Lond. 4 50 

What Makes me Grow, 16mo. 1 00 
a. Whitney, Mrs. 

Leslie Goldthwaite 1 75 

We Giris, 12mo 1 50 

Real Folks. 12mo 1 50 

Women of Worth Library, 

4 vols., each 1 50 

Whittier, J. G. Child Life, 

Hlustrated 3 00 

Yonge, Miss C. M, 

Caged Lion. 12mo 1 25 

Castle Builders, 12mo 1 00 

Countess Kate 

Richard the Fearless. Idrao. 75 

Six Cushions, Ifimo 1 00 

Book of Golden Deeds .... 1 25 
Young American's Library, 

9 vols 4 50 


[We refer only to the leading Periodicals of high class, literary, popularly 
scientific, or artistic ; and we do not include theological, religious, medical, or 
technical publications.] 

QUARTERLIES.— American. 

Per Annum. 

North American Review 8vo Bost. |6 00 


British Quarteriy (Liberal) 8vo Lond. 9 00 

Edinburgh Review, " (reprint, $4).- 8vo Lond. 9 GO 

London Quarteriy (Lit., Theol., Sci.) Svo Lond. 12 00 

Quarterly Review (Conservative), reprint, $4. . Svo Lond. 9 00 
Westminster and For. Quart. (Liberal), reprint, 

$4 Svo Lond. 9 00 

MAGAZINES.— American. 

" Aldine," The. (Illustrated Literary) folio N. Y. 5 00 

Atlantic Monthly (Literary) Svo Bost. 4 00 

Bookseller's Guide, Am. News Co. (Literary).. Svo N. Y. 1 00 

City, The. (Literary) Svo N. Y. 4 00 

Galaxy (Literary) Svo N. Y. 4 00 

Harper's Magazine (Literary, Illustrated) Svo N. Y. 4 00 

Lippincott's Magazine (Literary) 8vo Phila. 4 00 

Literary Bulletin, Leypoldt's Svo N. Y. 1 00 

Old and New (Literary) Svo Bost. 4 00 

Publisher's Circular, Child's (Lit.) semi-month. Svo Phila. 3 00 

Scribuer's Magazine (Literary, Illustrated) . . . Svo N. Y. 4 00 


Blackwood's Magazine Svo N. Y. 3 00 

Good Words Svo L.& P. 3 75 

Sunday Magazine Svo L. & P. 3 50 

Eclectic Magazine (Literary and Scientific). . . . Svo N. Y. 5 00 

Every Saturday (Literary Weekly) . . Svo Bost. 4 00 

Living Age (Literary Weekly) Svo Bost. 8 00 


Academy, The. (Scientific) 4to Lond. 3 00 

Art. Pictorial and Industrial (Illustrated) 4to L. & N. 13 50 

Art Journal (Illustrated) 4to L. & N. 15 00 

Athenaeum (monthly parts) 4to Lond. 9 00 

Bookseller, The. (Literary News) Svo Lond. 4 00 

Chambers' Journal (for families) r. Svo Lond. 4 00 

* The present high duty and expenses of exchange, etc., add largely to the 
cost of imported periodicals. January, 1872. 



Cornhill Magazine (Literary) 8vo Lond. 

English Society (light Literature). 8vo Lond. 

*' Fortnightly" Review (Radical), pub. monthly. 8vo Lond. 

Gentleman's Magazine (Literary) 8vo Lond. 

Journal of Travel and Natural History 8vo Lond. 

London Society (light Literature) 8vo Lond. 

Macmillan's Magazine (Literature) 8vo Lond, 

Portfolio, edited by Hamerton (Artistic, lUust.). 4to Lond. 

Punch (monthly parts) 4to Lond. 

St. James' Magazine (Literary) 8vo Lond. 

St. Paul's Magazine " 8vo Lond. 

Tinsley's Magazine " 8vo Lond. 


Appleton's Journal. Illustrated 4to N. Y. 

Christian Union (Beecher's) folio N. Y. 

Harper's Bazar. Illus. (Lit. and Fashions.), .folio N. Y, 

Harper's Weekly. Illustrated folio N. Y. 

Hearth and Home. Illustrated folio N. Y. 

Independent (Literary and Religious) folio N. Y. 

Literary World 4to Boat. 

The Nation (Literary, Critical, Political) 4to N. Y. 


Athenaeum (Literary and Sci.). . . 4to Lond. 

Examiner (Literary) folio Lond. 

Field (Sporting), folio Lond. 

Fun (Comic) 4to liond. 

Graphic (Artistic). Illustrated folio Lond. 

Illustrated London News folio Lond. 

Illustrated Times folio Lond. 

Nature (Scientific) r. 8vo Lond. 

Notes and Queries (Liter, and Antiquarian). . . 4to Lond. 

Pall Mall Budget (Liter, and Polit.) folio Lond. 

Punch (Comic). Illustrated 4to liond. 

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I. READINGS ON READING.— Selections of wise words. 



I. The Duty op Owning Books. 


We form judgments of men from little things about their 
houses, of which the owner, perhaps, never thinks. In earlier 
years, when travelling in the West, where taverns were scarce, 
and in some places unknown, and every settler's house was a 
house of entertainment, it was a matter of some importance and 
some experience to select wisely where you would put up. And 
we always looked for flowers. If there were no trees for shade, 
no patch of flowers in the yard, we were suspicious of the place. 
But, no matter how rude the cabin or rough the surroundings, if 
we saw that the window held a little trough for flowers, and that 
some vines twined about strings let down from the eaves, we 
were confident that there was some taste and carefulness in the 
log cabin. In a new country, where people have to tug for a 
living, no one will take the trouble to rear flowers unless the love 
of them is pretty strong ; and this taste, blossoming out of plain 
and uncultivated people, is itself like a clump of harebells grow- 
ing out of the seams of a rock. We ^ere seldom misled. A 
patch of flowers came to signify kind people, clean beds, and 
good bread. 

But in other states of society other signs are more significant. 
Flowers about a rich man's house may signify only that he has 



a good gardener, or that he has refined neighbors, and does what 
he sees them do. But men are not accustomed to buy hooka, unless 
»they want them. If, on visiting the dwelling of a man of slender 
means, we find that he contents himself with cheap carpets and 
very plain furniture, in order that he may purchase books, he 
rises at once in our esteem. Books are not made for furniture, 
but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house. 
The plainest row of books that cloth or paper ever 
covered is more significant of refinement than the 


Give us a house furnished with books rather than furniture ! 
Both, if you can, but books at any rate ! To spend several days 
in a friend's house, and hunger for something to read, while you 
are treading on costly carpets, and sitting upon luxurious chairs, 
and sleeping upon down, is as if one were bribing your body for 
the sake of cheating your mind. 

Is it not pitiable to see a man growing rich, augmenting the 
comforts of home, and lavishing money on ostentatious uphol- 
stery, upon the table, upon everything but what the soul needs ? 
We know of many and many a rich man's house where it would 
not be safe to ask for the commonest English classics. A few 
garish anmjals on the table, a few pictorial monstrosities, together 
with the stock religious books of his " persuasion," and that is 
all ! No poets, no essayists, no historians, no travels or biogra- 
phies, no select fictions, or curious legendary lore. But the wall- 
paper cost three dollars a roll, and the carpets four dollars a yard ! 

Books are the windows through which the soul looks out. A 
home without books is like a room without windows. No man 
has a right to bring up his children without surrounding them 
with books, if he has the means to buy them. It is a wrong to 
his family. He cheats them ! Children learn to read by being in 
the presence of books. The love of knowledge conies with 
reading and grows upon it. And the love of knowledge, in a 
young mind, is almost a warrant against the inferior excitement 
of passions and vices. 

Let us pity these poor rich men who live barrenly in great, 
bookless houses ! Let us congratulate the poor that, in our day, 
books are so cheap that a man may every year add a hundred 
volumes to his library for the price of what his tobacco and his 
beer would cost him. Among the earliest ambitions to be excited 
in clerks, workmen, journeymen, and, indeed, among all that are 


struggling up in life from notliing to something, is that of own- 
ing, and constantly adding to, a library of good books. A little 
library growing larger every year, is an honorable part of a 
young man's history. It is a man's duty to have books. A 
library is not a luxury, but one of the necessaries of life. — " Eyes 
and Ears:' 12mo. Boston, 1863. 

II. Value and Pleasure of Books and Reading. 

Books are the food of youth, the delight of old age ; the orna- 
ment of prosperity ; the refuge and comfort of adversity ; a 
delight at home, and no hindrance abroad ; companions by night, 
in travelling, in the country, — Cicero. 

Books are a guide in youth and an entertainment for age. 
They support us under solitude, and keep us from becoming a 
burden to ourselves. They help us to forget the crossness of 
men and things, compose our cares and our passions, and lay our 
disappointments asleep. When we are weary of the living, we 
may repair to the dead, who have nothing of peevishness, pride, 
or design in their conversation. It is chietiy through books that 
we enjoy intercourse with superior minds ; " and these invaluable 
communications are within the reach of all." — Madame de Oenlis. 

" the great minds of former ages. The debt which he 

owes to them is incalculable. They have guided him to truth. 
They have filled his mind with noble and graceful images. They 
have stood by him in all vicissitudes ; comforters in sorrow, nurses 
in sickness, companions in solitude. Their friendships are 
exposed to no danger from the occurrences by which other attach- 
ments are weakened or dissolved ; time glides on ; fortune is 
inconstant ; tempers are soured ; bonds which seemed indissolu- 
ble are daily sundered by interest, by emulation, or by caprice. 
But no such cause can affect the silent converse which we hold with 
the highest of human intellects. That placid intercourse is 
disturbed by no jealousies or resentments. There are the old 
friends who are never seen with new facep, who are the same in 
wealth and in poverty, in glory and in obscurity. With the dead 
there is no rivalry. In the dead there is no change. Plato is 
never sullen. Cervantes is never petulant. Demosthenes never 
comes unseasonably. Dante never stays too long. No difference 


of political opinion can alienate Cicero. No heresy can excite the 
horror of Bossuet," — Lord Macaulay: Remew of Montagu's Bacon. 

Books 1 The only bodies are they, for noble spirits, that have 
no ailments or annoyances. Books talk to you, not through the 
ear, but another way. They shout their silent meaning" at the 
soul through the eye. They never importune, and are never 
reluctant. They are always full without eating. They are still, 
but never sleep. They grow old without infirmity. They are 
neither sick nor weary ; they outwatch the watcher, and greet 
the morning, and wait for the stars at evening. For every other 
guest we make a couch and spread a table. But strange are the 
manners of books and pictures, that bring rest to our perturba- 
tions, and are guests that perform all the offices of hospitality 
for the host.— ^. W. Beecher, " Eyes and Ears" page 397. 

[Note the coincidence of expression, as well as thought, in the above four 

It is nearly an axiom, that people will not be better than the 
books they read. — Dr. A. Potter. 

It is as important that we should have good books as that we 
should keep good company, as the one will make the other. — 
" An Old Bookseller." 

We cannot linger in the beautiful creations of inventive genius, 
or pursue the splendid discoveries of modern science, without a 
new sense of the capacities and dignity of human nature, which 
naturally leads to a sterner self-respect, to manlier resolves, and 
higher aspirations. We cannot read the ways of God to man as 
revealed in the history of nations, of sublime virtues as exempli- 
fied in the lives of great and good men, without falling into that 
mood of thoughtful admiration, which, though it be but a tran- 
sient glow, is a purifying and elevating influence while it lasts. 
The study of history is especially valuable as an antidote to self- 
exaggeration. It teaches lessons of humility, patience, and sub- 
mission. When we read of realms smitten with the scourge of 
famine or pestilence, or strewn with the bloody ashes of war ; of 
fjrass growing in the streets of great cities ; of ships rotting at 
the wharves ; of fathers burying their sons ; of strong men beg- 
ging their bread ; of fields untilled, and silent workshops, and 
despairing countenances, — we hear a voice of rebuke to our own 


clamorous sorrows and peevish complaints. We learn that pain 
and suifering and disappointment are a part of God's providence, 
and that no contract was ever yet made with man by which virtue 
should secure to him temporal happiness. 

In books, be it remembered, we have the best products of the 
best minds. We should any of us esteem it a great privilege to 
pass an evening with Shakespeare or Bacon, were such a thing 
possible. But, were we admitted to the presence of one of these 
illustrious men, we might find him touched with infirmity, or op- 
pressed with weariness, or darkened with the shadow of a recent 
trouble, or absorbed by intrusive and tyrannous thoughts. To 
us the oracle might be dumb, and the light eclipsed. But, when 
we take down one of their volumes, we run no such risk. Here 
we have their best thoughts embalmed in their best words ; im- 
mortal flowers of poetry, wet with Castalian dews, and the golden 
fruit of wisdom that had long ripened on the bough before it was 
gathered. Here we find the growth of the choicest seasons of the 
mind, when mortal cares were forgotten, and mortal weaknesses 
were subdued ; and the soul, stripped of its vanities and its pas- 
sions, lay bare to the finest effluences of truth and beauty. We 
may be sure that Shakespeare never out-talked his Hamlet, nor 
Bacon his Essays. Great writers are indeed best known through 
their books. How little, for instance, do we know of the life of 
Shakespeare ; but how much do we know of him ! . . . . 

For the knowledge that comes from books, I would claim no 
more than it is fairly entitled to. I am well aware that there is 
no inevitable connection between intellectual cultivation, on the 
one hand, and individual virtue or social well-being, on the other. 
*' The tree of knowledge is not the tree of life." I admit that 
genius and learning are sometimes found in combination with 
gross vices, and not unf requently with contemptible weaknesses ; 
and that a community at once cultivated and corrupt is no impos- 
sible monster. But it is no overstatement to say, that, other things 
being equal, the man who has the greatest amount of intellectual 
resources is in the least danger from inferior temptations, — if for 
no other reason, because he has fewer idle moments. The ruin 
of most men dates from some vacant hour. Occupation is the 
armor of the soul ; and the train of Idleness is borne up by all 
the vices. I remember a satirical poem, in which the Devil is 
represented as fishing for men, and adapting his baits to the taste 
and temperament of his prey ; but the idler, he said, pleased him 
most, because he bit the naked hook. To a young man away 


from home, friendless and forlorn in a great city, tlje hours of 
peril are those between sunset and bedtime ; for the moon and 
stars see more of evil in a single hour than the su* in his whole 
day's circuit. The poet's visions of evening are all compact of 
tender and soothing images. It brings the wanderer to his home, 
the child to his mother's arms, the ox to his stall, and the weary 
laborer to his rest. But to the gentle-hearted youth who is thrown 
upon the rocks of a pitiless city, and stands, " homeless amid a 
thousand homes," the approach of evening brings with it an ach- 
ing sense of loneliness and desolation, which comes down upon the 
spirit like darkness upon the earth. In this mood his best im- 
pulses become a snare to him ; and he is led astray because he is 
social, affectionate, sympathetic, and warm-hearted. If there be 
a young man thus circumstanced within the sound of my voice, 
let me say to him, that books are the friends of the friendless, 
and that a library is the home of the homeless. A taste for read- 
ing will always carry you into the best possible company, and 
enable you to converse with men who will instruct you by their 
wisdom, and charm you by their wit ; who will soothe you when 
fretted, refresh you when weary, counsel you when perplexed, 
and sympathize with you at all times. — George S. Hillard. 

If I were to pray for a taste which should stand me in stead 
under every variety of circumstances, and be a source of happi- 
ness and cheerfulness to me through life, and a shield against its 
ills, however things might go amiss, and the world frown upon 
me, it would be a taste for reading. . . . Give a man this 
taste, and the means of gratifying it, and you can hardly fail of 
making a happy man, unless, indeed, you put into his hands a 
most perverse selection of books. You place him in contact with 
the best society in every period of history — with the wisest, the 
wittiest, the tenderest, the bravest, and the purest characters who 
have adorned humanity. You make him a denizen of all nations, 
a cotemporary of all ages. — Sir J. Herschel. 

Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's docu- 
ments ; so shall you come easily by what others have labored 
hard for. Prefer knowledge to wealth; for the one is transitory, 
the other perpetual. — Socrates. 

He that will inquire out the best books in every science, and 
inform himself of the most material authors of the several acts 


of philosophy and religion, will not find it an infinite work to 
acquaint himself with the sentiments of mankind concerning the 
most weighty and comprehensive subjects. — Locke. 

Reading maketh a full man. — Bacon. 

Bead, and you will know, — Mrs. Jones. 


My days among the dead are passed ; 

Around me I behold, 
Where'er these casual eyes are cast. 

The mighty minds of old : 
My never-failing friends are they. 
With whom I converse day by day 

With them I take delight in weal. 

And seek relief in woe ; 
And while I understand and feel 

How much to them I owe. 
My cheeks have often been bedewed 
With tears of thoughtful gratitude. 

My thoughts are with the dead ; with them 

I live in long-past years ; 
Their virtues love, their faults condemn. 

Partake their hopes and fears. 
And from their lessons seek and find 
Instruction with a humble mind. 

My hopes are with the dead ; anon 

My place with them will be, 
And I with them shall travel on 

Through all futurity ; 
Yet leaving here a name, I trust, 
That will not perish in the dust. — Southey. 

I no sooner come into the library, but I bolt the door to me, ex- 
cluding Lust, Ambition, Avarice, and all such vices, whose nurse 
is Idleness, the mother of Ignorance and Melancholy. In the very 
lap of eternity, among so many divine souls, I take my seat with 
so lofty a spirit, and sweet content, that I pity all that know not 
this happiness. — Heinsius. .- x • 


A book is good company. It is full of conversation without 
loquacity. It comes to your longing witli full instruction, but 
pursues you never. It is not offended at your absent-mindedness, 
nor jealous if you turn to other pleasures, of leaf, or dress, or 
mineral, or even of books. It silently serves the soul without 
recompense, not even for the hire of love, x\nd yet more noble, 
it seems to pass from itself, and to enter the memory and to 
hover in a silvery transformation there, until the outward book 
is but a body and its soul and spirit are flown to you, and possess 
your memory like a spirit. And while some books, like steps, are 
left behind us by the very help which they yield us, and serve 
only our childhood or early life, some others go with us, in mute 
fidelity, to the end of life, a recreation for fatigue, an instruction 
for our sober hours, and a solace for our sickness or sorrow. Ex- 
cept the great out-doors, nothing that has no life of its own gives 
so much life to you. — H* W. Beecher, " Eyes and Ears," p. 292, 3. 

No such treasure as a library. — Whitlock. 

Books are yours. 

Within whose silent chambers treasure lies 
Preserved from age to age ; more precious far 
Than that accumulated store of gold 
And orient gems, which, for a day of need. 
The Sultan hides deep in ancestral tombs. 
These hoards of truth you can unlock at will. 

— Wordsioorth. 

Dreams, books, are each a world ; and books, we know. 
Are a substantial world, both pure and good ; 
Round these, with tendrils strong as flesh and blood. 

Our pastime and our happiness will grow. 

— Wordsworth: Personal Talk, 56. 1. 

Books make up no small part of human happiness. — Frederic 
the Great, in youth. 

My latest passion will be for literature. — Frederic the Great, 
in old age. 

For books are not absolutely dead things, but do contain 
a progeny of life in them as active as that soul whose progeny 


tliey are ; nay, tliey do preserve, as in a vial, the purest efficacy 
and extraction of that living intellect that bred them. — Milton : 
Arcopagitka. * 

As good almost kill a man as kill a good book : who kills a 
man kills a reasonable creature, God's image ; but he who 
destroys a good book kills reason itself, kills the image of God, 
as it were, in the eye. — Same. 

Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much ; 
Wisdom is humble that he knows no more. 
Books are not seldom talismans and spells. 

— Covyper : Task, bk. vi. line 96. 

Of the things which man can do or make here below, by far 
the most momentous, wonderful, and worthy, are the things we 
call books. — Carlyle. 

Every great book is an action, and every great action is 
book. — Luther. 

Nothing can supply the place of books. — Ghanning. 

A book's a book although there's nothing in't. — Lord Byron. 

Nothing is more delightful than to lie under a tree, in the 
summer, with a book, except to lie under a tree, in the summer, 
without a book. — G. J. Fox. 

III. How TO Read Books. 

The substance of Bishop Potter's "Cautions and Coun- 
sels," FROM HIS " Handbook for Readers and Students," 
New York, 1843. 

1. Always have some useful and pleasant book ready to take 
up in " odd ends " of time. 

2. Be not alanned because so many books are recommended. 

3. Do not attempt to read much or fast. 

4. Do not be so enslaved by any system or course of study, as 
to think it may not be altered. 

5. Beware, on the other hand, of frequent changes in your 
plan of study. 


6. Read always the best and most recent book on the subject 
which you wish to investigate. 

7. Study subjects rather than books. 

8. Seek opportunities to write and converse on subjects about 
which you read. 

9. Refer what you read to the general head under which it 
belongs ; if a fact, to the principle involved ; if a principle, to 
the facts which follow. 

10. Try to use your knowledge in practice. 

11. Keep your knowledge at command, by reviewing it as 
much as you can. 

13. Dare to be ignorant of many things. 

There is no business, no avocation whatever, which will not 
permit a man, who has an inclination, to give a little time, every 
day, to the studies of his youth. — Wyttenbach. 

Nothing, in truth, has such a tendency to weaken, not only 
the powers of invention, but the intellectual powers in general, 
as a habit of extensive and various reading without reflection. 
The activity and force of mind are gradually impaired in conse- 
quence of disuse ; and, not unf requently, all our principles and 
opinions come to be lost in the infinite multiplicity and discor- 
dancy of our acquired ideas. — Dugald Stewart. 

Books have brought some men to knowledge, and some to 
madness. As fullness sometimes hurteth the stomach more than 
hunger, so fareth it with wits, and, as of meats, so, likewise, of 
books, the use ought to be limited according to the quality of him 
that useth X\iem.— Petrarch : Twyne's tr., 1579,/. 63. 

Books cannot always please, however good ; 
Minds are not ever craving for their food. 

Crahhe : The Borough, Letter xxiv. : Schools. 

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some 
few to be chewed and digested ; that is, some books are to be 
read only in parts ; others to be read, but not curiously ; and 
some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention. — 
Lord Bacon. 


Histories make men wise ; poets, witty ; the mathematics, sub- 
tile ; natural philosophy, deep ; morals, grave ; logic and rhetoric, 
able to contend. — Same. 

Read, not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for 
granted, nor find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider. 
— Same. 

How should we read ? First, thoughtfully and critically ; 
secondly, in company with a friend, or your family ; thirdly, re- 
peatedly ; fourthly, with pen in hand. — Dr. A. Potter. 

Study subjects rather than books : therefore, compare different 
authors on the same subjects ; the statements of authors, with 
information collected from other sources ; and the conclusions 
drawn by a writer, with the rules of sound logic. — Same. 

All who would study with advantage, in any art whatsoever, 
ought to betake themselves to the reading of some sure and cer- 
tain books oftentimes over ; for to read many books produceth 
confusion, rather than learning, like as those who dwell every- 
where are not anywhere at home. — Luther : Tahle-TaZk. 

Those who have read of everything are thought to understand 
everything too ; but it is not always so. Reading furnishes the 
mind only with materials of knowledge ; it is thinking that 
makes what we read ours. We are of the ruminating kind, and 
it is not enough to cram ourselves with a great load of collections ; 
unless we chew them over again, they will not give us strength 
and nourishment. — Locke. 

The thoughts of our deliberation are most accurate ; these we 
vent into our papers. What a happiness it is, that without all 
offence of necromancy, I may here call up any of the ancient 
worthies of learning, whether human or divine, and confer with 
them of all my doubts ! that I can at pleasure summon whole 
synods of reverend Fathers and acute doctors from all the coasts 
of the earth, to give their well-studied judgments in all points of 
question which I propose ! Neither can I cast my eye casually 
upon any of these silent masters but I must learn somewhat. No 
law binds us to read all ; but the more we can take in and digest, 
the better-liking must the mind needs be. — BisTwp Hail. 


— who reads 
Incessantly, and to his reading brings not 
A spirit and judgment equal or superior. 
Uncertain and unsettled still remains. 
Deep versed in books, but shallow in himself. 

— Milton : Paradise Regained. 

To call him well read who reads many autliors is improper. 

As concerns the quantity of what is to be read there is a single 
rule, — Read much, but not many works (multum non multa). — Sir 
W. Hamilton. 

Multum legendum esse non multa. — Quintilian. 

In reading authors, when you find 

Bright passages that strike your mind, 

And which, perhaps, you may have reason 

To think on at another season, 

Be not contented with the sight. 

But take them down in black and white. 

Such a respect is wisely shown 

As makes another's sense one's own. 

IV. How 10 Choose Books. 

Under our present enormous accumulation of books, I do affirm 
that a most miserable distraction of choice must be very generally 
incident to the times; that the symptoms of it are in fact very 
prevalent, and that one of the chief symptoms is an enormous 
" gluttonism" for books. — De Quincey. 

A wise man can sooner gather gold out of the drossiest vol- 
ume than a fool Avisdom out of Scripture. — Milton. 

Non refert quam multos libros sed quam honor habeas. 


For out of the old fieldes, as men saithe, 
Cometh al this new come fro yere to yere. 
And out of old bookes, in good faithe, 
Cometh al this new science that men lere. 

— Chaucer : Assembly of Foules, 1. 22. 

Old wood to burn ! Old wine to drink ! 
Old friends to trust ! Old books to read ! 

— Alonzo ofAragon. 

Books that you may carry to the fire and hold readily in your 
hand are the most useful, after all. — Johnson. 

We ought to regard books as we do sweetmeats, not wholly to 
aim at the pleasantest, but chiefly to respect the wholesomest ; 
not forbidding either, but approving the latter most. — Plutarch, 
a^ quoted ly FeUtham. 

A love of books can be acquired only by those who find pleasure 
in using them; and hence, whoever would cultivate in himself or 
others this most desirable taste, should select, especially at first, 
such works as can be read with sustained and quickened attention. 
—Dr. Potter. 

Blessings be with them, and eternal praise, 
Who gave us nobler loves, and nobler cares. 
The Poets, who on earth have made us heirs 
Of truth and pure delight by heavenly lays ! 
(See further of it.) — Wordsicarth : Personal Talk, st. 4. 

The novel, in its best form, I regard as one of the most power- 
ful engines of civilization ever invented. — Sir J. Herschel. 

Novels are sweets. All people with healthy literary appetites 
love them — almost all women ; a vast number of clever, hard- 
headed men. Judges, bishops, chancellors, mathematicians, are 
notorious novel-readers, as well as young boys and sweet girls, 
and their kind, tender mothers. — Thackeray : Roundabout 



In starting a library, select from the accompanying list fifty, 
or a hundred, or more, volumes, and take your list to some re- 
sponsible bookseller, and he will fill it for you at a fair discount 
from the retail prices ; he can, of course, and will, furnish the 
whole list cheaper than he could by a single volume at a time. 
Then, by all means, keep an open account with him, and in the 
course of your reading, when you come across some volume you 
want, or some fact that should be hunted up, make a note of it, 
and procure the volume. A book read at the time your interest 
is excited will possess not only double its interest, but the facts 
it contains will be much more firmly impressed upon the mind. 
An account at your bookseller's is one that you should take pride 
in maintaining, in making it as large as your means will allow, 
and in paying promptly and willingly when due. 

Never buy books published in numbers; it is the most ex- 
pensive form, because the same book can generally be had bound, 
when finished, for the same price as published at in numbers ; be- 
cause, also, numbers will get lost and have to be replaced, at the 
additional cost ; or they will get torn or soiled ; and often, when 
sent to the binder's, they are returned bound in an unsatisfactory 
manner. — " An Old Bookseller." Phila. : Porter & Coates. 

[The " Old Bookseller " also puts in a warning against buying 
books at Auction, and of " Canvassing Agents ;" but as the evils 
and dangers of these are not wholly unmixed with advantage in 
some cases, we do not quote his advice on these points. — Ed.] 





Twenty thousand editions of books had issued from 
the press before the year 1600. In one public library 
(the Bibliotheque Imperiale of Paris) there were, in 1858, 
it was claimed, only 142,000 volumes short of two million 
printed books, besides 86,000 MSS. A single separate 
collection of pamphlets in the British Museum about the 
English Rebellion only, contains 40,000 publications. 
Probably not less than 25,000 new books appear every 
year now. This does not include periodicals or news- 

Now, an able and experienced old reader of the hard- 
going sort, Lenglet du Fresnoy, made a calculation that 
convinced him that nobody could read more than 900 
folio volumes in a life-time. Roughly, this would allow 
2,700 quartos, 8,100 octavos, and about 16,000 duodeci- 
mos — so that your life is gone in reading eight months' 
books — two-thirds the present annual reinforcement to 
literature of books alone. To keep up, alone, would 
require the reading of about sixty-eight volumes a day, 
without allowing for reading up such arrears as the 
classics, etc. 

It is obvious enough, therefore, that any one who 
desires to read, or to buy books to the best advantage, 
will need to select with all the care and judgment he 
can muster, both within himself, or from friends, or paid 

Is reading your most useful mental employment, after 
all? There are speakers to hear; conversation and de- 


bate to maintain ; thinking of your own to elaborate. 
Are not there more real and profitable mental activities ; 
and is not reading rather to be made a last resort, when 
these are not practicable ? 

Plausible arguments may be found in favor of those 
suggestions, but weighty ones against them. Careful 
and thorough thinking to the utmost of our ability 
should underlie and accompany the hearing of a speaker, 
conversation, debate and reading. Thinking — that is, 
the pursuit and attainment of truth on whatever subjects 
are before us — is indeed the object of them all. They 
are all useless without it, and entirely subordinate to it 
(except, of course, the care of mere amusement). 

Now, Reading is the best means of nourishing Thought. 
Oratory, on the other hand, is the worst, since it depends 
on moving the feelings, which disturbs the reason. And 
even if the hearer can keep his feelings untouched, yet 
he may not object nor question. He is to sit unresisting, 
and drink in whatever is put down his throat. This is 
well enough for young robins and babies, but it is a 
ludicrous way of dieting for a grown man — for an en- 
lightened mind. Debating and conversation are better 
discipline than oratory, since they allow a comparison of 
views. Conversation especially, and most of all that 
form of it so highly prized by open minds, where one can 
resort to some wise friend and ask questions, and discuss 
them, is extremely useful. It is greatly superior to de- 
bate in this, that it is not so liable to excitements of the 
external sort, such as anger, desire to win, or desire to 
show oif. 

But if only one of these kinds of mental exercise 
might be had, it should be books, books, books, a thou- 
sand times to one. Compared with books, public speak- 
ing is a war-dance, conversation a beating bushes for 
wild fruit ; well enough for savages and strays, but hav- 


iug small place or power in the discipliiie«of a cultured 
mind. And accordingly we find that they have been 
valued most when there were few books or no books, 
and that as books have multiplied and reading has 
become general, they have fallen from the rank of great 
civic and philosophic engineers, to mere accomplishments 
and public shows. To-day, it is Reading that furnishes 
both news and knowledge to the people at large, and 
that determines their opinions and their action. Con- 
versation is a meagre appendix to the use of books, 
periodicals, and newspapers, and seldom much besides a 
retailing of what they have furnished. Oratory exists 
only in the sermon, which is substantially assented to 
beforehand ; the political speech, which is more for 
amusement than for instruction; and the lecture, which 
is for nothing: but amusement.* 

What shall I read ? Shall I pursue a general course ? 
Or shall I work at some department of knowledge ex- 
clusively ? What book shall I begin with? What 
books shall I go on with ? 

Answer: Do you want to read as work or as relax- 
ation ? for accomplishment, or for knowledge ? What 
do you know already ? What have you read already ? 

The answer is only another question, for the questions 
supposed — they are the usual ones — could not be an- 
swered otherwise. They are like the well-known queries : 
How long is a string ? IIow much does a horse cost ? 
There are a great many people for whom the profundities 
of Tupper and Tompkins are the solidesi reading that can 
be endured, and Southworth is splendid ! Tiiere are 
others who want Plato in the Greek and Kant in the 
German ; who, like Queen Caroline, take Butler's Analogy 
for their light reading. I beg pardon ; that is not abreast 

* Mr. Perkins' poeition in this may be questioned.— Ed. 


with the Spirit of the Age. I ought to say, who read 
the Vedic hymns in the original Sanscrit for amusement, 
and decipher inscriptions in the arrow-headed character 
when they have five minutes' leisure, and as they ride in 
the street-cars. 

Among the gayly variegated mosaic stuff that con- 
stitutes a certain well-known pavement, I suppose there 
are as many Courses of Reading as good resolutions of 
any other kind Perhaps as good a rule as any to begin 
reading with is : 

Don't pursue a course of reading. Or, rather, don't 
try to ; there's very little danger that you will. 

And yet it is very agreeable to sit down and plan out 
a full and rounded series of noble books, which shall 
train the mind into strength and swiftness and beauty. 
There is something extremely attractive, for instance, in 
the conception of a series of masterpieces, or monumental 
Course of Reading, which shall acquaint the student with 
the great thoughts of the great men in historic order, 
and thus set before him a history of mankind in its 
noblest representations. Thus, for instance : 

[Filled out with a few titles in parentheses, as being 
either out of chronological order, or as connectives, etc. 
Translations are always meant, of non-English books. 
Epithets and estimates are taken for granted.] 

First seize a few pictures of the pre-historic civiliza- 
tions, executed in the modern manner ; by reading Raw- 
linson's Five Great Monarchies and Wilkinson's Ancient 
Egyptians. This background laid in, read Bryant's 
Homer, and, along with it, dictionary-wise, Gladstone's 
Juventus Mundi. Follow with Greek historians: Hero- 
dotus (Rawlinson's), Thucydides, Xenophon^s Anabasis. 
Now add the leading Greek philosophies of mind and 
action ; the Ethics and Politics of Aristotle, Plato's Dia- 
logues (Jowett's), and Xenophon's Memorabilia (Supple- 


iiient with Grote's Plato, and his Companions of Socra- 
tes). Add the greatest Greek dramatists and an orator: 
^schylus, Sophocles, Euripides ; Aristophanes, most 
wonderful of all; and Demosthenes. Then read Plu- 
larcli's Lives. Lastly, round up and vivify your knowl- 
edge of the Greek nation and spirit by reading Grote's 
magnificent History of Greece. 

Next comes Rome. Read of the historians, Livy, Sal- 
lust, Caesar, Tacitus; of poets, Yirgil (Conington's), 
Horace (Francis' is as good as any) ; for oratory, philoso- 
phy, and belles-lettres, Cicero's writings. (Supplement 
Greek and Roman antiquity together with Becker's 
Charicles, and his Gallus ; then revise and solidify your 
Rome by reading Mommsen, as Grote for Greece. But 
you will find it, though good, far inferior to Grote.) 

Xow comes the transition from heathen to Christian 
history. Read Gibbon's Decline and Fall. To keep 
your balance against the often denounced innuendoes of 
Mr. Gibbon, don't quiddle with the goody little notes to 
Gibbon, by Mil man and others, but having let Gibbon 
poison you as much as he can — he won't hurt you if you 
have much intellect of your own — turn away and master 
at once the right side of the main question of Christ in 
History, by a thorough study and mental appropriation 
of Home's Introduction to the study of the Sacred Scrip- 
tures. I mean not the obsolete old edition, still obsti- 
nately and improperly kept in the American market to 
the exclusion of the proper one, but the last edition, with 
Home's own latest revisions, and with the addition, by 
first-class evangelical English scholars, of all the recent 
learning on the subject. No man of sound mind, having 
mastered Home, will ever be materially troubled by such 
little snips and sneers as Gibbon's, or by any other 
attempt to destroy the historical argument for the sub- 
stantial truth of the Bible. 


To further familiarize yourself with this great turning- 
point in the history of mankind, read Augustine's Con- 
fessions, and his City of God, as specimens of the best 
effects of the new religion upon a fervid, and powerful, 
and noble nature. (Add for completeness Milman's First 
Three Centuries of the Christian Church, Merivale's 
Conversion of the Roman Empire, and his Conversion of 
the Northern Nations.) 

Now, grasp at once the beginnings of modern history, 
by reading carefully Hallara's Middle Ages and Guizot's 
History of Civilization. Turn back a moment and sur- 
render yourself to one of the latest phases of heathen 
romance, in reading the Nibelungen Lied. (If you like 
to add a prose romance of the same key, but having also 
the transition to Christianity in it, read Fouque's Thio- 
dolf the Icelander.) Now, for two narrower pictures, 
yet full of bright, sharp drawing and character, read 
Thierry's Merovingians, and his Norman Conquest, 
Add Froissart ; for the chivalric romances, read Morte 
d' Arthur and Araadis de Gaul ; and for the times of the 
Crusades, take (history quite as much as romance) Ivan- 
hoe, The Talisman, and Quentin Durward. 

Next comes the Great Awakening of the 15th Century. 
Yet Dante belongs earlier. Read, then, Dante (Long- 
fellow's) ; after him Ariosto (Rose's), and Tasso (Wif- 
fen's). (Now take d'Aubigne's spirited and graphic 
History of the Reformation, and follow it with Schiller's 
Thirty Years' War, and you have the transition from 
Catholic Europe to the Catholic-Protestant Europe of 
to-day. For glimpses into ways of thought and speech, 
read Luther's Table-Talk ; and to fill out the whole with 
its immense and indispensable Fine Art portion, read 
Eastlake's and Kugler's Hand-Books.) As the Nibelun- 
gen Lied marked in some sense a close of heathen 
national epics, so now read Don Quixote, to mark the 


extinction of the romance of chivalry. Follow it with 
Gil Bias, which establishes the transition to the earliest 
period of modern Fiction Proper, viz., the string-of-ad- 
ventures and character novel. (To till out the historical 
impressions of that imperial time, read Prescott's Fer- 
dinand and Isabella, Philip TL, Mexico and Peru, and 
Motley's Dutch Republic and United Netherlands.) 

Cross the channel, and come into the splendid blaze of 
the Elizabethan period. Bat it will bear, and, indeed, 
requires, ample introduction. This is the place to ascer- 
tain your views of English History ; you may come down 
well past it in that department, and then, returning, set 
your Elizabethan jewels all the more distinctly in the 
middle of the broad field. Read, therefore, Hume and 
Macaulay. Then take Hallam and May's Constitutional 
History ; add Blackstone's Commentaries, and De Lolme 
on the Constitution, because English history and Englisli 
law are peculiarly interwoven. (To give breadth to your 
views, add also, here, Maine's two valuable works on 
Ancient Law, and on Municipal or Village Law in the 
East and West.) Xow return to Queen Elizabeth. 
Specimens must do. So read Shakespeare (White's, if 
you can aiford it; if not, any you can. Shakespeare can 
be bought almost as cheap as the Bible) ; Spenser, and 
Bacon, and Montaigne. Miss Aikin's Court and Times 
of Queen Elizabeth is picturesque and comprehensive 
for the general reader. ' 

Step forward two generations. Read Clarendon's His- 
tory of the Rebellion, Carlyle's Cromwell, Milton's Prose 
Works, and Forster's Statesmen of the Commonwealth. 
The Diaries of Evelyn and Pepys are instructive pictures 
of the times of Charles H. Then read Milton's Poetry, 
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, and Holy War ; Sir Thomas 
Browne's Religio Medici and Urn-Burial, and (if you can) 
Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy. Selden's Table-Talk 


also belongs here ; you can read that^ or else you have 
no business with this list. (For the state of things on 
the Continent, read Schiller's Thirty Years' War.) 

The Restoration and the Revolution of 1688 have been 
dealt with already in your historical reading, prefatory 
to the Elizabethan period. Omit, therefore, the war and 
politics of that stirring time, and consider next the lit- 
erary activity of the reign of Louis XIY. in France, and 
of Queen Anne in England. Read Corneille, Racine, 
and Moliere; the Thoughts and Provincial Letters of 
Pascal ; the Letters of Madame de Sevigne ; and — though 
he belongs a little later — the Maxims of La Rochefou- 
cauld. Read also the philosophical works of Locke, and 
those of Descartes. Then, for Queen Anne's time, read 
Swift, Addison, and Pope. (The writings of Bolingbroko 
might be added, and a notion of Marlborough may be 
obtained from Alison's Life.) 

We rapidly approach the modernest times, and to-day. 
After the wars of Queen Anne, the next historical epoch 
is that of the wars of Frederic the Great, of whom read 
Oarlyle's Life. In the latter half of the century a slow, 
silent victory, yet greater than Prague or Rosbach, was 
won by Kant, whose Critique of Pure Reason and Meta- 
physics of Ethics should be read. Read also the first of 
human biographies, written by one of the last of men, 
BoswelPs Johnson ; and Burke's Speeches, and Sheri- 
dan's Comedies, and Goldsmith's Works. Continue the 
philosophical strand of your cord, with Stewart, Brown, 
and Reid. 

Now prepare for the splitting off of the American Col- 
onies into an independent historical career. Read the 
Federalist, to show w^hat the men meant who founded 
our polity, and De Tocqueville's Democracy in America, 
for a marvellous and only not prophetic exposition of 
what their purpose turned out to be. (While you are 


about it, shape our own history at once by reading Ban- 
croft's mammoth preparation to begin our history, and 
Hildreth's dense and full annals.) 

Make a backward step for France. Read De Tocque- 
ville's Ancient Regime, to show you why the French Rev- 
olution broke out ; and then Thiers and Carlyle, to show 
what it did. Follow with Thiers' Consulate and Empire ; 
read Napier's Peninsular War, a wonderfully clear and 
vigorous narrative of the military achievements which 
were the real entering wedge toward Napoleon's down- 
fall ; and avoid Scott's Life and Abbot's Life of Napo- 
leon. For German literature in these days, read Goethe 
(Taylor's Faust, the rest of his works as you can get 
them) ; Schiller — I mean both the Works and the Life 
of both. 

Then take up the literary harvest of England in the 
first part of this century. Read Scott's Works, and Lock- 
hart's Scott ; Byron, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, and 
Shelley ; and read after the writings of each a biography 
of each. Read also Lamb's Writings, and those of 
Thomas de Quincey. 

Then opens out the vast arena of the present epoch, 
with its innumerable writers and its numerous entirely 
new departments of investigation. There is a sufficient 
conventional excuse for not venturing to even attempt to 
blaze out a path through such a crowded and luxuriant 
forest. Yet, let the notice be ventured that the present 
age is notable most of all for advances in science, and 
what is closely related thereto : and in belles-lettres, for 
prose fiction. I barely name Humboldt's Cosmos, Dar- 
win's Origin of Species and Descent of Man, Sir William 
Hamilton's Metaphysics and Logic, the writings of Her- 
bert Spencer, Charles Dickens, W. M. Thackeray, and 
Nathaniel Hawthorne. As for all the rest, any one who 
has read according to this series down to this point, or 


half-way down to it, with fair abilities and steady, care- 
ful attention, is by that time better able to choose both 
departments and authors for himself than I or any other 

Then please to consider what a store of deep and 
broad and noble and beautiful thoughts, what a wide 
range of classes of literature, what a vast mass of facts, 
the knowledge of that series of books implies ; and yet 
it is a pretty short " Course of Reading," as courses of 
reading go. 

But I will not say I recommend it. I will say that I 
would dearly love to begin at the beginning of it this 
very day, and go straight through to the end. 

Now I shall steal a little from Mr. Hale's '' How to 
Do it." His suggestion about courses of reading is, to 
know, first, the Bible (I take that for granted, observe). 
Second, the history of your own country, pretty well ; 
of your own State, better ; of your own town best of 
all. Third (for Americans), "a clear knowledge of the 
general features of the history of England." Fourth, 
most of Shakespeare's plays. Beyond this, says Mr. 
Hale, to begin with, make up your mind what you want 
to read about : Mary Queen of Scots, fly-fishing, hiero- 
glyphics, the Tenure of Office Bill, anything. Having 
reached this point, Mr. Hale's doctrine becomes both a 
Course of Reading and a Method of Reading. Take a 
blank book, he says, note down the chief significant 
words in the passage that you have read, on your chosen 
subject (he takes it for granted that you have read some- 
thing) ; and then rummage and search for more reading 
about the subject itself, or about the collateral subjects 
named by the entries in your blank-book. If any of 
these are debated subjects, read on both sides. Use 
Poole's Index to follow your subjects into the periodicals 


from 1802 to 1852, where that work ends. As fast as 
you determine dates or other facts about your subjects, 
note them each under its proper word in your blank- 
book. Note there, also, any authorities you find named. 
This way of searching and recording will branch out as 
fast and as far as anybody will pursue it. 

Some of Dr. Potter's shrewd " Cautions and Counsels" 
are quoted in our "Readings on Reading." Here are 
Mr. Emerson's three rules. They are not rules for select- 
ing a course of reading, but rules for not reading some 
kinds of books. 

1. Never read any book that is not a year old. 

2. Never read any but famed books. 

3. Never read any books but what you like. 

Now I have not one word to say against those rules ; 
indeed, with a trifling addition, I adopt them as part of 
my system. This addition consists in appending to each 
rule the words " unless you choose." 

And last of all, Mr. Horace Greeley, in the New York 
Ledger^ comes and tells us what he knows about reading. 
First, he says, be where there are good books ; though 
how he reconciles this with his other advice to go west and 
buy a farm, I do not know. But if there are none, he 
says, ten dollars a year will get them. Begin with 
Chemistry, Greology, and Botany, and devote a year to 
each. *' Obtain the best text-book of each as a founda- 
tion." Read slowly and thoughtfully ; if you do not 
master the book at the first time, read it again, and so on. 
If puzzled, stop and work at the place till you under- 
stand it. Next, give a little time to Geography and 
Astronomy. After Science, read History ; then Biogra- 
phy. Poetry and Philosophy come last. 

Well — that course, also, I recommend not to pursue. 
If anything could be more hopeless, or more totally out 
of sight of the present methods of learning the physical 


sciences, than to read one year in books, I don't know 
what it is. Mr. Greeley might just as well recommend 
his customers to learn editing, or farming, by reading 
one year in a book, and stopping short at every puzzle 
until it is solved. It would not be very long before his 
constituency of readers would be every mother's son of 
them hanging motionless each at his puzzle, " silent, 
upon a peak in Darien," or just as far off from anything 

I shall close this " Course of Reading" discussion by 
one more outline of a course. It will at once be objected 
to, that it is not literature at all. So be it ; but it has 
the merit of recommending reading that will not do 
harm, and that will do good ; and that does not require 
Mr. Greeley's $10 a year, though it would admit of the 
use of much more ; and lastly, it affords a great breadth 
of reading that people will read, and more people, too, 
than can be induced to read anything else. 


1. Subscribe for a year, paying each in advance, to a 
weekly paper, secular rather than religious, which gives 
a great and varied breadth of news. If you absolutely 
must have stories, take also^ not ijistead, a weekly story 
paper. The two which I recommend for this purpose 

are, I'he JVew York Weekly Tribune^ and 

. . . Take others if you prefer. 

2. Read the former of these regularly and carefully ; 
keep up with the current of events, so as to observe the 
succession of causes and effects, and new discoveries and 
suggestions in the history that every day is bringing to 
pass before you. In this age of telegraphs and steam, 
we may know the world as well as the village. 

3. When you come to anything that puzzles you, don't 
stop and work at it — that is, more than a little while ; 
but go and find somebody or something that will explain 


it. Whether it is the name of some public man whose 
previous career you want to know, or the name of a 
country, or of a metal, or a machine, or a party, or a 
philosophy, or a principle that you are not sufficiently 
well informed about, makes little diiference. Fix deliber- 
ately on it, whatever it is, and then set to work to find 
out about it. Ask your father and mother. Get them 
to tell you about the person or thing, or to tell you where 
to read about it. Ask your employer ; ask other people 
in the shop ; I mean, always, so far as your acquaintance 
justifies you in asking. Ask the school-master or the 
school-mistress ; ask the minister. If you find that there 
is a book to be read, and that you can with propriety 
borrow it, borrow ; get it from a library if you can. And 
always, if there is a circulating library, or anything of 
that sort, belong to it. You will find, a little further on, 
how to make one that will do very well. If you find 
that there is nothing to be had about that subject, take 

4. Having begun thus, there is no end. Before you 
have acquainted yourself with one thing, a hundred more 
will turn up. Your difficulty will be to exclude things 
that you want to read about. For this 1 recommend a 
moderate degree of persistence, but not too exclusive de- 
votion to any one subject. That is, unless you come 
upon one that you particularly enjoy. Devote yourself 
to just as complete an acquaintance with that as you 
please. If you should even plan to master all that is 
known of it and then to carry human knowledge further 
in that direction, it is a noble and hopeful ambition. 
But you will be astonished to find how much has been 
put in books about most things. 

5. For recording your knowledge, Mr. Hale's plan will 
do very well. Begin with a small blank-book. You 
are much more likely to fill first a small one and then a 


large one, than a large one first. And if you fill neither, 
the small one wastes less. I do not recommend Todd's 
Index Rerum. 

Now comes the question, How to read ? I refer again 
to Bishop Potter's " Cautions and Counsels," for hints. 
Mr. Hale says the first rules are : " Do not read too 
much at a time ; stop when you are tired ; and, in what- 
ever way, make some review of what you read, even as 
you go along." The handiest way to do this is, when 
you have got through with any separate step in the argu- 
ment or separate statement or division of the book, to 
look off it and say over to yourself in careful words — not 
mere indistinct thoughts, but framed sentences — the sub- 
stance of that step or statement or division. Do the 
same for the chapters or larger divisions. And do the 
same with the book itself at last. If the book belongs 
to you (this is a suggestion of Mr. Hale's, and a habit of 
my own, too), whenever you come to something whose 
place you want to remember, note the page in pencil on 
a blank leaf at the end of the book, and one or two words 
to remind you what the subject is. . Choose these words 

These are plain hints; they are better than a more 
complex system ; if any peculiar modes of your own sug- 
gest themselves, try them ; one's own devices are often 
the best for such things. 

It is very often useful to read what the printers call 
the "front matter;" that is, the title-page, preface, or 
introduction, and table of contents. In reading the lat- 
ter take, first, the main divisions, and if you have a few 
minutes to spare, and they are clear, commit them to 
memory ; they will make a convenient frame on which to 
hang the contents of the book, and perhaps of other 
books, too. You will very likely forget them after a 


time; but some neat classification or statement of 
thoughts will stick by you. 

When a new question comes before you, read both 
sides of it as well as you can, so as to preserve the judge's 
habit of mind rather than the lawyei-'s. Thus, for in- 
stance, on free-trade and protection, read, on the latter 
side, Mr. Greeley's book, and, if you can, the works of 
H. C. Carey; on the former, read Bastiat, Perry, and 
Mill. On the woman suffrage question, read Dr. Bush- 
nell's " Woman Suffrage" against, and J. S. Mill's " Sub- 
jection of Woman" for, and so on. This method, prop- 
erly followed, gives great soundness and good sense to 
one's habits of mind. 

A number of very good and nourishing books can be 
had in pocket editions, such as Bacon's Essays, Locke on 
the Understanding, etc. If you once get into the habit 
of having such a book about you, to use at odd times, 
you will be very likely to keep it up ; it is a capital 
method of economizing time and thought. Sometimes 
a larger book can be managed by buying a copy in sheets, 
and carrying it about, a sheet at a time. 

It is of the first importance to have as many good 
reference books at hand, while you are reading, as pos- 
sible. If you can have but one, have Webster's Diction- 
ary — the unabridged pictorial, if possible ; and, if not, 
the next largest edition you can afford. They range 
from that imperial quarto, down to a square 16mo, at 
about 50 cents. The second should be an atlas. Black's, 
Colton's, or Mitchell's. There are others, but being sold 
by subscription, they are practically not to be had. For 
three other reference books to come next, I recommend : 

1. Bartlett's Dictionary of Quotations. 

2. Hole and Wheeler's Brief Biographical Dictionary ; 
or Godwin's Cyclopedia of Biography. 

3. Haydn's Dictionary of Dates; or Putnam's " World's 


Use these reference books as often as you can find an 
occasion to ; get into the habit of constantly using them. 
And use as many more reference books as you can 

The physiology of reading includes a few hints about 
the USE OF THE EYES, timcs and seasons, and other ques- 
tions of a physical nature. There is no room for a trea- 
tise, hardly for a paragraph. 

Do not use your eyes before breakfast until you are 
twenty years old. All the system is relaxed then, and 
any exertion is unnatural and injurious. 

Do not read in a dim light, nor by a flickering light, 
nor by a light that shines into the eyes. The best light 
comes from above and behind the left shoulder. 

For those who have to read much a green shade over 
the eyes is a great economy of sight. Gas-light is of a 
harsh quality, and very hot. Besides, it is better not to 
deal with an irresponsible monopoly when you can help 
it. A far better light to read and study by is the still, 
soft, white light of the " German Student's Lamp.'* This 
lamp can be had for either kerosene or the finer vege- 
table oils. 

Learn to read whole words by their collective diagram 
or physiognomy on the paper. This is an immense relief 
to the eyes. One who has to read a great deal can read 
a good many books, not the hardest though — if printed 
in double columns or in a narrow page, not only by 
whole words, but a whole line at a time ; so that the eye, 
instead of skipping backward and forward thirty or forty 
times a page, moves, deliberately, straight down it. 
This is an additional economy of the eyes. Look no 
harder at the words than is necessary. By straining 
with an intense stare, one can tire out one's eyes very 
soon over the clearest print; while careful practice of 


these rules will enable any one with a reasonably good 
pair of eyes, to read in the railroad cars all day long, 
without harm. In this case, however, two other pre- 
cautions are necessary : sit erect and free from the back 
of the seat, and do not let the arm that holds the book 
touch anything else. This keeps the book at the end of 
a long spring, viz. : the length of the body and arm 
together, which reduces the jar of the cars to a minimum. 
Here are three rules for reading, which Professor 
Whitaker, of Cambridge, gave to John Boyce, one of 
the translators of King James' Bible : 

1. Study, chiefly, standing or walking. / 

2. Never study at a window. L^ 

3. Never go to bed with cold feet. 

Those are sensible rules, in part. Variety of posture 
gives great relief, but I should say a sitting posture was 
best for the most part, with standing or walking for a 
variety. The second rule is against drafts of cold air. 
The third is an excellent rule for those who do not read, 
as well as those who do. 

Another notion which will be convenient for 'a great 
many people, is, to have two or three books going at the 
same time; one for hard work, perhaps, another for 
another kind of hard work, and a second (or a third) for 
amusement. But this will not do for everybody. Some 
would be in danger of devoting all their reading-time to 
the amusing book. Others are not of the sort that can 
change readily from subject to subject, and this method 
might bother them more than it helped them. It should 
not, therefore, be followed unless it is found to succeed 
well in practice. 

Owning Books. 
As with reading, so with owning books. Nobody 
can own them all. An English nobleman once offered 


more than 111,000 for one volume, and he was rich 
enough to be able to afford it. But he set out to make 
a complete collection of the editions of the writings of 
Martial. In spite of his wealth, and his steady pursuit, 
he was thirty years in doing it. So, you may imagine — 
or figure up, if you prefer arithmetic — how many hun- 
dred years it would take to collect all the works that 
have been published. Hardly anybody can expect to 
own more than a very few. That is all the more reason 
why they should be wisely chosen. Fifty volumes of 
good books is no bad library. A certain learned man 
of ancient times, owned but four books. The famous 
I^eibnitz is said to have asserted that his library con- 
tained only these nine authors : Plato, Aristotle, Archime- 
des, Euclid, Plutarch, Sextus Empiricus, Pliny, Cicero, 
and Seneca. There is a ludicrous remark in one of 
Thackeray's novels, I believe, about some person whose 
library "consisted, chiefly, of old boots." Robert 
Southey's " List of a Gentleman's Necessary Library" has 
four more items than Leibnitz's ; does not include a single 
one of Leibnitz's ; and the old boots would make almost 
as good a library, for a good many "gentlemen," as 
either of them. This is Southey's list : Bible, Shakes- 
peare, Spenser's Faerie Queene, Sidney's Arcadia, Works 
of Sir Thos. Browne, Works of Rev. Cyril Jackson, 
Walton's Complete Angler, Clarendon's History, Milton, 
Chaucer, Jeremy Taylor, South's Sermon's, Fuller's 
Church History. Nearly all those are good books, no 
doubt ; but it is a fitter list for a superannuated clergy- 
man than for a man engaged in the work of the world. 

Private collections range all the way from the afore- 
said four volumes ; or, indeed, from one book up to a 
hundred thousand, or more. It is a strong scholar who 
can make full practical use of as many as twenty thou- 
sand volumes. For fifty thousand there must be a sepa- 


rate building, and a librarian to take care of them. Five 
hundred volumes is as many as could well be accommo- 
dated in the majority of American families. Fifty books 
is a good deal more than American families will average. 
Probably they are as many as would be read in half of 
such families. A person with a Itirn for literature, and 
who can spend a little money in it, can get great comfort 
and advantage from a thousand or fifteen hundred well- 
chosen volumes. But it is best to read most of your 
books — except the strictly reference books, of course — or 
they make you ridiculous rather than respectable. 

It is impossible to go very far with a list of books of 
which the first shall be absolutely the best one book to 
own, the second the next best, and so on. After a very 
few items it becomes necessary to consider the prefer- 
ences of the owner; and, therefore, books of very differ- 
ent sorts are equally good. However, let us begin. It 
will be very safe to procure books as follows : 

1. The Bible. 2. Webster's Dictionary (the pictorial 
unabridged, if possible; if not, the largest edition you 
can afford). 3. Shakespeare. 

Thus far it is reasonably plain sailing, but now our 
troubles begin. 4. Cruden's Concordance is perhaps as 
good as any ; it is the best single help to Bible reading. 
Suppose that you have the means of borrowing a good 
deal of miscellaneous reading, from a public library or 
otherwise ; here is a short list of capital reference books, 
which are the best books to own in such a case : Haydn's 
Dictionary of Dates (or Putnam's World's Progress), Bart- 
lett's Dictionary of Quotations, Hole and Wheeler's Brief 
Biographies, Wheeler's Noted Names of Fiction, Walford's 
Men of the Time (pretty good for living foreign celebri- 
ties, but very poor for this country). That set of volumes 
contains, packed into a wonderfully small compass, a won- 
derful breadth of information, usually very correct. 


If you have no access to libraries, however, you may 
feel unable to own so many reference books, having, in- 
stead, to own books for reading or study, rather than 
books for reference. It is in selecting these that no uni- 
versal list can be made out. I shall, however, add three 
books to the four already fixed on, viz. : Bible, Webster, 
Shakespeare, Cruden. These are: 5. A history of the 
United States (Hildreth's, 6 vols., 8vo, is the best ; if you 
cannot aiford that, buy Willard's, in 1 vol., 8vo) ; and 
6. "Smith's Student's Hume," or Lossing's History of Eng- 
land, for the history of England. It would be very useful 
to own, besides, and to know thoroughly. V. Taylor's 
Manual of (ancient and modern) History. For 8, add 
Dana's excellent Household Book of Poetry ; and for 
additions to your poetical department, procure the com- 
plete poetical works of one or another of the poets whose 
writings you find that you enjoy in Dana's specimens. 

But if, instead of Poetry, you enjoy most researches 
and conclusions in Natural Science, get Humboldt's Cos- 
mos, and study that, through and through. 

Or, if you prefer, instead, political philosophy, get 
De Tocqueville's Democracy in America, and study it 

If prose fiction is your passion, by all means get a set 
of the Waverley Novels, and learn to enjoy them fully. 
They are the best English series of novels ; masterly in 
their kind ; and, moreover, they afford a thorough and 
decisive training in novel-reading. The reader who has 
intellect enough to enjoy Scott's novels, may rely safely 
on his judgment in that department. A novel that he 
likes, he may be certain has merit ; one that he dislikes, 
he may be sure is a poor novel. 

If Mental Philosophy be your passion, it will be safest 
— in my opinion, it is necessary — to read two books, at 
least, to begin with. One should be a master of one of 


the later schools of metaphysical mental philosophy — Du- 
gald Stewart will do very well ; Brown is unsafe ; Reid 
is better than either; take Mill if you prefer him, or 
McCosh, or Noah Porter, though this last is not nearly so 
strong a specimen of the religious metaphysician as 
McCosh, who is a very keen and clear thinker. But 
whichever of these you select, read, after it, either Spurz- 
heim's Phrenology or Combe's Phrenology. You may 
or may not see cause to believe in their doctrine, that the 
head corresponds to the mind inside of it. But you will 
hardly care to reject their singularly clear and practical 
classification of the mental faculties. This can pei-fectly 
well be used in mental philosophy without the other. It 
is so obviously based on a congenital correspondence be- 
tween the mind of man and all the rest of the universe, 
that very few minds that once comprehend it will ever let 
it go. After your two first books, read in mental philoso- 
phy exactly what you wish ; but a good series to come 
next is the whole of Herbert Spencer, to be read, and 
clearly understood, and set down in brief abstracts of 
complete, carefully- worded sentences (not hints and half- 
spelled memorandums). The best general review of Phi- 
losophy is Lewes' Biographical History. 

But I am sliding back into Courses and Methods of 
Reading. I have said enough to show how difficult it 
must be — how out of the question, in fact, to give one 
single lot of even a dozen books which are the best dozen 
for everybody, because, long before the dozen is com- 
pleted, the preferences of the individual require to be 
considered. For the gratification of those, I must refer 
to the remainder of this little volume. I shall only say, 
in closing this chapter : 

Own all the books you can. 

Use all the books you own, and as many more as you 
can get. 


See the hints about buying books, quoted at the end 
of the " Extracts," from " An Old Bookseller." They are 
very shrewd. 

Book Clubs.* 

In small towns, or large ones either, where there are no 
public libraries, or where there are libraries which (as is 
often the case) cannot satisfy the demand for books, a very 
fair substitute can be found in the establishment of a Book 
Chib. This is a set of about twenty persons (that is the 
most convenient number, and it is better to have two 
chibs of twenty than one of forty), who are organized for 
the purpose of obtaining good reading, somewhat as fol- 
lows : 

Somebody starts the club. This somebody must be 
willing to do a quantity of running about and enlistment 
work — a hateful job, but often necessary. Suppose it is 
a lady ; she had better begin — perhaps with the help of 
her minister, or any well-acquainted friend — by making j% 
list of thirty or forty people who will, perhaps, join. 
Most likely, half will refuse. If every one she asks con- 
sents, she stops at twenty or twenty-two. 

What does she say to her constituents ? She says — but 
in her own graceful and insinuating manner — in sub- 
stance, these things ; We want a book club. We can 
get a great many new books with very little trouble and 
expense. We put in four dollars apiece to begin with. 
That will serve us for a year ; for the next year,- we can 
pay another four dollars each, and add what our old books 
sell for, or we can keep down to thit figure and deduct 
from our payments what they sell for. I will be secretary, 
unless you prefer somebody else. We will meet and con- 
sult what magazines to take, if any ; ^r each may send 
me a list and I will consolidate it ; and, in like manner, 

* Most of the directions under this head are shaped from a paper of the 
same name, in a recent number of '• Old aid New." 


we will decide what books to buy at once, and how much 
money to keep for new books as they appear ; or we can 
have a book committee to manage these matters. Then 
I will write to my booksellers, ordering the books, 
and they will come. I will put them in order for use, and 
will set them going among you. Books (each magazine 
number counts as a book) are to be given out and to go 
round in the order of the residences of the members. 
This order might be called the Club Round ; and should 
be so laid out that the secretary can start a book to mem- 
ber No. 1, who will keep it five days, according to law, and 
carry it to No. 2, who will do the same for No. 3, and so 
on, in such a manner that each shall have the shortest 
distance possible to go. The whole should lie in a sort 
of ring, so that the last can conveniently hand the book 
back to the secretary. Twenty members at five days 
apiece; it is evident that the club will be through with 
each book in a hundred days. It then remains with the 
secretary (unless some member wants it for a second 
reading) until the time comes for disposing of the old 
books, in readiness for the second year's business, or as 
the club may prefer. 

Twenty members at four dollars each will give eighty 
dollars to begin with. Suppose you decide (Miss Secre- 
tary) to " club" for ten of the best monthly and quarterly 
magazines, American and English. This will take half 
your money, or thereabouts. Allow ten dollars for print- 
ing lists (of which shortly), cover-paper, etc. ; and order 
fifteen dollars' worth of books. This will give you, as 
books run, perhaps ten volumes. When these books 
and magazines reach you, take stout brown paper and 
cover the books in a serviceable manner. Make paste- 
board covers, as neat as time and skill permit, for the 
magazines; without them, they will be but a ragged 
regiment when they have gone the rounds. These paste- 



board covers can of course be used for successive num- 
bers. Then you paste inside of the cover of each book, 
a copy of the book-list, of which you have had a supply 
printed — say two hundred and fifty. The Putnams or 
others will do it for you, and send you the printed lists 

all ready, by mail, prepaid, for • for the 250 

copies, if you can't get it done any nearer home. This 
list has the rules at the top, and below a column for the 
names of the members, one for dates of books received 
by each, and one for dates of passing the books to the 
next in order. It will be as follows, except that instead 
of five names, there will be room for twenty-two, besides 
a little margin at foot : 

This book may be kept five days. Each member 
will enter date of receiving and passing. Two cents 
fine for each day's detention beyond the time allowed. 
Those wishing a second reading will enter their 
names at the foot of the list. 




Mary Arthur 

George Barnard 

Mrs. C. Chauncy 

Edw. Depew 

Dr. Jas. Farnsworth . 

Feb. 1,187 
" 6, 
" 11, 
" 16, 
" 21, 

Feb. 6,187 
" 11, 
" 16, 
" 21, 
" 26, 

2d Reading : Mary Arthur ; E. Depew. 
This list, filled as above, means that Miss Arthur got 
the book from the Secretary on Feb. 1st, the Secretary 
entering that date. Miss Arthur read it and passed it 
to Mr. Barnard, entering Feb. 6 opposite her name. Mr. 
Barnard in turn enters date of receipt, and then of 
passing to Mrs. Chauncy, and so on ; so that when the 
book gets round to the Secretary, each member has writ- 
ten in a date, or dates. Miss Arthur is to have it for a 


second reading, and E, Depew after her ; then it goes to 
the Secretary for safe keeping until further orders. 

At the end of the year, sell the books and magazines 
by auction to the members, or to outsiders ; or dispose of 
them as the club may direct; collect the subscription 
for the new year, or more, if you can ; also the fines, of 
which you have kept a record ; renew your subscriptions, 
and begin again. And success attend^you. 

Newspapers and periodicals usually print lists of new 
publications, but they are not to be relied upon as being 
complete, as they often include only such books as have 
been advertised in each particular paper. 

There are, however, two or three bibliographical peri- 
odicals, which give full lists of new publications in the 
United States, and partial lists of those in Great Britain, 
besides advertisements, book notices, and miscellaneous 
literary matter of considerable service to librarians and 

The oldest of these, Childs' Publisher's Circular, is 
now united with Leypoldt's Literary Bulletin, and issued 
weekly in New York, under the title of the Weekly 
Trade Circular. The American Bookseller's Guide, pub- 
lished monthly in New York, also gives lists of pub- 
lications and literary items. In addition to the above, 
G. P. Putnam & Sons, and many other booksellers, pub- 
lish a " Monthly Bulletin of New Publications," which 
contains the same lists of publications, and the most im- 
portant of the advertisements, and literary items. 

This Bulletin can be obtained without charge, or for 
payment of the postage only, by writing to the pub- 



CHILD'S BENEDICITE; or, Illustrations of the Power, Wis- 
dom, and Goodness of God, as manifested in His Works. By 
G. Chaplin Child, M.D. From the London edition of John Murray. With an 
Introduction by Henry G. Weston, D. D. One vol. i2mo. Elegantly printed 
on tinted paper, cloth extra, bevelled, $2.00 ; half calf, $4. 


Intxoduction. The Stars. Lightning and Clouds. The Winds. 

The Heavens. Winter and Summer. Showers and Dew. Fire and Heat. 

The Sun and Moon. Nights and Days. Wells. Frost and Snow. 

The Planets. Light and Darkness. Seas and Floods. Etc., etc. 

"The most admirable popular treatise of natural theology. It is no extravagance to say that 
we have never read a more charming book, or one which we can recommend more confidently to 
oui readers with the assurance that it will aid them, as none that we know of can do, to 

' Look through Nature up to Nature's God.' 
Every clergjrman would do well particularly to study this book. For the rest, the handsome volume 
is delightful in appearance, and is one of the most creditable specimens of American book-making 
that has come from the Riverside Press." — Round Table, N. V, 

COOPER. Rural Hours. By a Lady. (Miss Susan Fen imore Cooper.) 
New edition, with additions. One vol. i2mo, $2.50. 

"One of the most interesting volumes of the day, displaying powers of mind of a high order." 
—Mrs. Hale's Wonten^s Record. 

"An admirable portraiture of American out-door life, just as it is." — Prof. Hart. 

DENISON. Astronomy without Mathematics. By Edmund Beckett 
Denison, LL.D., Q.C., F.R.A.S. From the fourth London edition. 
Edited, with corrections and notes, by Pliny E. Chase, A.M. i2mo, cloth, $1.75. 


E VERE. Wonders of the Deep. By M. Scheie de Vere, Professor 
in the University of Virguiia. Third edition, i2mo, cloth, $1.50. 

Pearls. Corals. Facts and Fables. Mercury. Oysters. Lighthouses. Odd Fish, Knight 
in Armor. A Pinch of Salt. A Grain of Sand. The Earth in Trouble. 

" One of the freshest, most scientific, and at the same time most popular and delightful books 
of the kind we have ever read." — St. John's TelegraJ>h. 

Stray Leaves from the Book of Nature. New edition, illustrated. 

i2mo, cloth, $1.25. 

FAY. A New System of Geography. By Hon. Theo. S. Fay. With 
finely executed maps. For Families and for Students. i2mo, vnth Atlas, 
quarto. Tliird edition, cloth extra, $3.50. School edition, $2. 75. [See sepa- 
rate Circular.] 

These volumes have been prepared with the greatest oare, and have cost several years of labor, 
under the suggestions and supervisions of Humboldt, Rilter, and the most eminent Geographers 






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Acme Library Card Pocket 

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The Church — Six Comeicnuo, .'j>cc^..itT a.:. .^ . ,iv.,-. 
Introduction. By Hon. John Bigelow. i2mo, $1.50. 

N. K. — Both books are published under Father Hyadnthe's sanction, and he receives a copy- 
right on the sales. 

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