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Dictionary, Hindustani-English and Englisli- 


Second edition, greatly enlarged, and revised througliout. By D. Forbes, LL.D. 
In one volume, royal 8vo., price in cloth, £2 2s., or half-bound, £2 58. 6d. 
*#* This edition of Dr. Forbes's Dictionary, contains a greater number of 
words, with their explanations, than are to be fonnd in any other dictionary in 
the language, and here for the first time, the whole of the Hindee words have 
been printed in the Devanagari as well as the Persian characters. 

£ti«fiininai* af tbp HiTifliififiini l^msms^Brt^ in ih^ 


Inlrhm |iisttttite, (Pffortr. 




January, 1885. 








•y «" 

*4i* Cadets and Assistant Surgeons have to pass an examination m the Bakoi Pachisi 
(Devaiiagari Character) in India, 

Tota-Kahani ; 

Or Tales of a Parrot. In Hindustani. A new edition, with the vowel points, &c., 
carefully marked, and accompanied by a Vocabulary of all the words, 
occurring in the text. By Duncan Forbes, LL.D., Royal 8vo., cloth, 8s. 

Grammar of the Persian Language; 

With Reading Lessons and a Vocabulary. By Duncan Forbes, LL.D., Roya 
8vo., 128. 6d. 




lo.^ 7, Leadenhall Street. 

•, »N . ' » -Nv ^ 

















** Kbata gar kahm ho, to rakhyo mu*af ; 
Ei phulon men poshida rahta hai fchar." 






The Bagh o Bahar is universally allowed to be the best 
work that has been yet composed in the Hindustani Lan- 
guage. For upwards of half a century it has maintained its 
pre-eminence as a text-book for the examination of the Com- 
pany's junior servants respecting their knowledge of the most 
useful and essential of the dialects spoken in India. 

The tale itself contains a pleasing description of the 
manners and customs of the Asiatic people written in an 
easy and familiar style. The present edition in the Roman 
character^ has been undertaken by the Editor out of defe- 
rence to the opinions of several gentlemen who have served 
in India. These maintain, from their own experience, that 
it is quite practicable to acquire a very fair knowledge of 
the Hindustani language through the medium of our plain 
English Alphabet ; that by this means much time and 
expense may be saved in the acquisition, a point of great 
importance, more especially to our non-commissioned officers 
and soldiers. 

The Editor does not entirely agree with these opinions, 
for he still entertains a sort of prejudice in favour of the 
Oriental characters ; but candour compels him to admit that 
the thing is possible. He himself acquired his knowledge of 
Hindustani and Persian, in the first place, by means of Dr. 
Oilchrist^s books, and he has no doubt that there are many 


still living both here and in India who remember with grati- 
tude that eccentric gentleman's valuable instructions through 
the medium of the Roman character alone. 

Be it remembered, however, that Dr. Gilchrist's system 
never lost sight of the genuine oriental character to which 
it was intended to serve as an introduction : and this object 
has been strictly kept in view in the following work. Every 
word and sentence of it can be readily and unerringly trans- 
ferred into the Persian character, according to a fixed plan 
adopted in my " Hindustani Manual, &c.,'' lately published. 
Through'the Manual and the Bagh o Bahar alone, every one 
proceeding to India has now the means of acquiring, at a 
very moderate expense, a knowledge of the most useful 
language of that country. 


August^ 1859. 



Sub^an-allah kja ^ani* hai, ki jis ne ek muthl kbSk se kyS 
kya ^urateu, aur mitti kl muraten paida klfi ! BS wujud do rang ke, 
ek gora, ek ksla ; aur yihi nak, kan, hath pauw sab ko dije haifi ; 
tispar, rang ba rang kl shaklen judi judi banayin, ki ek ki siy 
dhaj se dusre ka <}il 4^ul milta nahin; ka^oron khillffit met, jis 
ko chahiye pahchan-lije. Asm an us ke darya i \va];Ldat kS ek bul 
bula hai, aur zamin pan! ka batasha; lekin yih tamasha hai, ki 
samundar hazaron lahren marts hai, par us ka bal bika nahln kar 
sakta. Jis ki yih j^udrat aur sakat ho, us kl J^iamd o gana men, 
zaban insan ki goya gungi hai. Kahe, to ^ya kahe ? bihtar yufi 
liai, ki jis bat men dam na mar-sake, chupka ho-rahe. 

*Arsh se le farsh tak, jis ka, ki yih samSn hai, 
Hamd us ki gar likha chShuii, to kya imkan hai ! 
Jab Payambar ne kaha ho " Maifi ne pahchanS nahin,** 
Phir jo ko,i daVa kare is kS, ba^a nadan hai. 
Est din, yih mihr o mah phirte haifi ^an'at dekhte, 
Par har-ek wa^dd ki ^urat dlda i ^airan hai. 
Jis kS gani our mu]^bil hai, na howega kabhu, 
Aise ekta ko Khuda,i sab Jara]^ sbSyan hai. 
Lekin itnS jantS-hun Khalik o EaziJ^ hai wuh ; 
Har .t&ra^ se mujh par us ka luff aur if^san hai. 

Mansha is talif ka yih hai, ki San i Ek HazSr Do Sau pandrah 
baras Hijri, aur Atharah sau Ek sal Isavl mutabi^ Ek HazSr Do 
Sau Sat san Fa^li ke, *ahd men Ashrafu-l-ashrkf Markwis Walzali 
Gavamar Janril Lar4 Mamingtan Sa^ib ke, (jin ki ta'rif men *al^l 
tairan aur fahm sar-gardan hai ; jitne wa^f sardaron ko chahiyen, 
un kizat men Khuda ne jama' kiye hain ; ghara?,ysmat ki kbubi is 
mulk ki thi, jo aisa ^aldm tashnf laya, jis ke j^adam ke faiz se ek 


alam ne aram pSja ; majal nabln, ki ko,i kisu par zabar-dasti kar- 
sake ; sher aar bakri ek gbat pan! pite baii^ ; sare gharib o 
ghurba du'a dete bain, aur jite bain,) cbarcba 'ilm kS phailS 
SaVban i zi-shSn ko sbaul^ bu,a, ki Urdu ki zabSn se vrSHfii bokar 
Hindustaniyon se guft o sbunud karefi, aur mulki kam ko ba-SgabI 
tSmam anjam den ; is wasje kitni kitabefi isl sal bamujib farma^ish 
ke, talif bujn. 

Jo $ablb dSnS, aur Hindustan kl zaban bolne-wale bai&, un kl 
kbidmat men guzarisb karta hnii, ki jib Ip^^a Gbar darwesb kS 
ibtida men, Amir Kbusrau Diblawi ne, is ti^^b se kaba, ki Hai^t 
Nizamuddin Aulija Zan Zarbakbsb. jo un ke pir tbe, aur dargSb 
un kl Dibli men ]fiVe se tin kos, Lai darwaze ke babar, Mifiya 
darwaze se age, Lai Bangle ke pas bai ; un ki tabi at mandi bu,i, 
tab Mursbid ^a dil bablane ke wasj^e Amir Kbusrau jib ^$$a 
bamesba kabte, aur bimar-dari mefi ^zir rabte, Allab ne clmid roz 
men sbifa dl. Tab unboii ne ghusl i ^i^^t ke din 7& du*S dl, ki 
" Jo ko,I is ^i^^e ko sunega, Kbuda ke fa?l se, tandunist rabegS.** 
Jab se yib ^i^^a Farsi men murawwaj bu,a. 

Ab Kbudawand i ni'mat, Ssl^ib i muruWSftt, Najibon ke l:adrdan 
Jan Giikristi Sa];iib ne (ki bamesba i^frbSl un ka zijada rabe jab 
tak Ganga JamunS babe,) ]u^ we farmayS, ki Is l^ii^^e ko tbentb 
Hindustani guftgu meh, J0 tSrdu ke log Hind o MusaJman *aurat, 
mard, larke-bale ]^a§9 o 'amm, apas men bolte cbalte bain, tarjuma 
karo. Muwafik: i ^ukm Huzur ke, maifi ne bbi isi mu^aware se 
likbna sburu* Juf S* jaise koi baten karta bai. 

Fable, a|miS atiwSl yib *asi, gunahgar Mir Amman Dibllwala 
bayari kairta bai, Id Mere buzurg, Humayun Badsbaib ke 'abd se, 
bar^k Badsbab kl rikSb men, pusbt-ba-pusbt, jSn-fisbanI bnja-late 
labe; aur we bbl parwarish ki nazar se, ^dr-danl jitni cbabiye, 
farmate rabe. Jagir o man^ab, aur kbidmSt ki inayat se, sarfaraz 
karkar, malamal aur nibsl kar diya ; aur hhrniorzad i maurusl, aur 
munmhddr i kadiml zaban i mubarak se farmayS : cbunancbi, yib la^b 
Badsbabi daftar men dakhil bu,a. Jab aise gbar ki (ki sSre gbar, is 
gbar ke sabab, abSd tbe) yib naubat pabuncbi, ki zabir bai, ( ayan 
rS cbi bayan ?) tab Surajmal Jat i^e jagir ko ^b^ kar-liya, aur A^imad 
SbSb Durrani ne gbarbar taraj kiya. Aisi aisi tabSbi kbakar waise 
sbabr se, ki watan aur janam-bhum mera bai, aur aAwal-nal wabin 
gafS bai, jila-waj^n bu,a. Aur aisa jahaz, kl jis ka Nakbudg 
BSdsbab tba, gbarat bu,S, main bekasi ke samundar men gbo.te 
kbane laga. Dubte ko tinke ka asra babut bai. Kitne baras balda i 
'AzImabSd men dam liya ; kuchb baui, kucbb bigji. Akhir, waban 
se bbi panw ukbare; rozgar ne muwa^l^t na ki; 'iyal o atfal 
ko cbbofkar tan i tanba kisbti pur sawar bu,a. Asbrafu l-bilad 
Kalkatte men, ab o daue ke zor se, S-pabuncbS. Cbande bekarl se 



guzrf. Ittifal^n, Nauwab Dilawar Jang ne bulwSkar apne chhot;e 
bha,T, Mir Mu];iammad KSzim Khan kl atali]^ ke wS8.te mu]j:arrar 
kiva. Karib do sal ke Tivahan rahna hu,a, lekin nibah apnS na 
dekhcu Tab MunshI Mir Bahadur 'All Jl ke wasile se Huzur tak 

a • 

Jan Gilkrist Sat^iib Bahadur (dam iljLbaluhu), ke, rasa,! hu,L BSre, tali', 
kl madad se, aise jawan-mard ka daman hath laga hai, chShiye ki 
din kuchh bhale aweii ; nahiu to, yih bhi ghanlmat hai, ki ek fuk^S 
khSlkar, panw phailakar, so rahta bun ; aur ghar meh, das admi, 
chhofe bape, parwarish pakar, du*aus ^adrdan ko kartehain ; KhudS 
l^bul kare. 

Ha]jl|j:at Urdu ki zaban ki, bozurgofi ke munh se, jun suni hai ; 
ki Dihli shabr, Hindu,on ke nazdlk, chaujugi hai ; unhin ke EajS 
parja l^dim se rahte the, aur apnl bhakha bolte the. Hazar baras 
se Musalmanon ka 'amal hu,a ; Sultan Ma^^mud QJb&znavi ayS ; phir 
Ghori aur LodI Badsbah hu,e. Is amad o raft ke ba'is kuchh 
zabSnon ne Hind o Musalman k! amezish payi. Akhir. Amir Taimur 
ne, jin ke gharane men ab talak nam-nihSd i?a].tanat ka ch&la jata 
hai, Hindustan ko liya. Un ke Sne aur rahne se lashkar ka bazar 
shahr men dakhil hu,a; is wasje shahr ka bazar Urdu kahlaja. 
Phir Humayun Badsbah Patlianon ke hath se Ijiairan hokar, wiluyat 
gaye. Akhir. wahan se ankar» pasmandofi ko goshmall di. Ko^ 
mufsid ba^ na raha, ki fitna o fasad bar-pa kare. 

Jab Akbar Badshah takht par baifhe,. tab charon j^raf ke mulkon 
se, sab ^um, ]^adr-dani aur fai^-rasanl is kl^dan i lagani Id sunkar,. 
Hu^ur men dsar jam'a hu,e; lekin harek ki goya,i aur bo]I judi judi 
hu,i. Ikafi^e hone se apas mei^ len-den,. sauda solaf^ sawSl jawab 
karte, ek zaban Urdu mu^rrar huj. Jab Haip-at Shah i jahSn 
Sa^ib i ^ran i sani ne KiFa i mubarak auf Jami' masjid, aur 
Shahr-panah ta'mir karwaya, aur Takht i .ta,u» me& jawShir japirSya,. 
auT' dalbSdal sa khaima choboii par istada kar j^nabo^ se khiuch- 
wayS; aur NauwSb 'All Mardan Khaii nahr ko lekar SjS^ taU 
Bsdshah ne khush hokar jashh farmaya, aur shahr ko apna dSru-1- 
khilafat banaya; tab se Shahjabanabad raashhur hu,a, (agarchi 
Dihli judi hai» wuh purana shahtr aur yih naya shahr kablStS hai),. 
aur wahan ke bazar ko Urdu i mu'alla khijSb diya. 

Amir Taimur ke 'ahd se^ Mu^mmad Shah ki padshahat, balki 
A^mad Shah aur 'Alam^r i sani ke wal^t tak, pirhl ba pliphl,. 
sa1.tanat eksan chali ayi: nidan, zaban Urdu ki manjte manjter 
aisi manji, ki kisu shahr ki boll us se t^kar nahii^ khatL Lekin 
|[adr-dan mun^if chahiye, jo tajwiz kare; so, ab khuda ne ba^di 
miiddat ke» Jan Gilkrist Sa^ib sa dana nukta-ras paida kiya,. ki 
jinhon ne apne gyan aur ukat se^ aur talasb o mij^^nat se, ]jjk'idau 
kl kitaben ta^nli' klfi. Is Sabab se Hindustan ki zaban kat 
mulkon mefi riwaj hu,a, aur naye sir se raunaJ^ ziyada huj ; nablfk 


to apnl dastar, o guftar o raftar ko koj bura nahiu jSnta ; agar ek, 
ganwar se puchhiye, to shahr-wale ko nam rakhts; hai, aur apne 
tajfi sab se bihtar samajhtl hai. Khair ! 'al^ilSfi khud midanand. 

Jab Alimad Sh^ AbdSli Kabul se ajS, aur shahr ko lufwayS, 
ShSh i *Alam pHrab ki taraf the ; ko,I \7arig aur malik mulk ka na 
rahs; shahr besir ho gaja. Sach hai, padshShat ke i^bal se shahr 
ki rauna]^ thi, ekbargi tabShi pap. Ea,is wahafi ke, main kahln 
turn kahln hokar, jahafi jis ke sing samaje, wahan nikal-gaje : jis 
mulk men pahunche, wahan ke ^mijoii ki sath sangat se bat- 
chit men far^ aja ; aur bahut aise haiii, ki das panch baras, kisDL 
sabab se, Dihli men gaye aur rahe, we bhi kaha^i talak bol sakefige ; 
kahln na kaliifi chuk hi jayenge. Aur jo shakhg. sab afaten sahkar, 
Dihll ka rora hokar raha, aur das pa&ch pushten usi shahr men 
guzrin, aur us ne darbar umra,on ke aur mele thele, 'urs chhanyan, 
sair tamasha, aur kucha-gardi us shahr kl muddat tak ki hogi, 
aur wahai^ se nikalne ke bad apni zaban ko li^^^ men rakha 
hoga, us ka bolna albatta thik hai. Yih 'Sjiz bhi harek shahr ki 
sair karta, aur tamSsha dekhtS yahan talak pahunchS ha. 


Ab aghSz 1^996 ka kartS huii ; zanra kan dharkar suno, aor 
\nun$ifi karo. Sair men Char Darwesh kl yun likha hai, aur 
k^bnewile ne kaha hai, ki Age Rum ke mulk met. ko,I Shahanshah 
tha^ ki Naushlrwau kl Bi 'adidat, aur Hajpm ki si sakhawat us kl 
zat meu thi. NSm us kS Azadbakht. aur shahr ]^u8.tuntunija, 
jis ko Istambol kahte bain, us ka pcLe-takht tba. Us ke wa|^t men, 
ralyat abad, kbazana ma'mur, lashkar muraffah, gbaiib ghurba 
asuda, aise chain se gugran karte, aur khush! se rahte, ki harek 
ke ghar met din 'id, aur r9t sbab i barSt tbi. Aur jitne chor 
chakkar, jeb-katre, 9ubl;i-kheze. utha,i-glre, daghabSz the, sab ko 
nlst nabud karkar, nam o nishan un ka apne mulk bhar mefi 
na rakha tha- SSn rat darwaze gharofi ke band na bote, aur 
dukanefi bazar kl khull rahtin ; rahi musSfir jangal maidSn meii 
sona uchhalte chale jate ; ko,I na puchhta, ki ** TumhSre munh meA 
ka,i dant haifi aur kahSn jate ho.'* 

Us Badshah ki 'amal meii hazaron shahr the, aur ka,i sul.tSn 
na'lbandi dete. Aisi bafi salj^anat par ek sS'at apne dil ko KhudS 
kl yad aur bandagi se ghafil na kartS ; aram dunya ka, jo chshe. 
sab maujud tha: lekin farzand, ki zindagSni ka phal hai, us ki 
l^mat ke bagh men na tha. Is khaj^ir aksar fikrmand rahta, 
aur pancho^ wakt ki namaz ke ba'd apne Karim se kahta ki, ** Ai 
Allah ! mujh 'ajiz ko Tu ne apni 'inayat se sab kuchh diyS ; lekin ek 
is andhere gharkadiyfl nadiyg. Yihi armSn ji men baki hai, ki mera 
nam*lewa, aur panl-dewa ko,I nahin Aur tere khazana i ghoib men 
sab kuchh maujud hai ; ek beta jita jSgtS mujhe de, to merS nam, 
aur is sal.tanat kfi nishan kS,im rahe." 

Is! ummed men Badshah ki 'umr chSlIs haras Id ho-gayi. Ek din 
shlsh ma^^all men namaz ada karke, wazlfa pa^h rahe the ; ekbargT, 
a,ine ki j(araf klliyal jo karte haifi, to ek sufed bSQ muchho^ met. nas^ar 
aya, ki manind tar i mukkush ke chamak-rahS hai. BSdshah dekhkar 
ab-dida hu,e, aur tbancjUii-BSns bhaii. Phir dil mefi apne soch kiys;> ki 
" Afsos ! Tu ne itni *umr nS J^akk barbSd di, aur is dunyS ki t^ir? meA 
ek 'alam ko zer o zabr kiya. Itna mulk jo liyS, ab tere kis kam 
awega ? Akbii*) yih sarS mSl asbab ko,i dilsrS urS-degS. Tujhe to 
paigham maut kS a-chukS ; agar ko,i din jiye bhi, to badan ki JSk^t 
kam hog^ ; is se yih ma'lum hota hai, ki meri ta]|^dirme& nahlfilikhS, 

6 BaGH BAHaR. 

ki waris chhatr aur ta^it kS paida ho. Akhir. ek roz marna hai, 
aur sab kuchh chho^-jana hai ; is se yihi bihtar hai, ki mai&-hi ise 
chhof-dun, aur halp. zindagi apne Khalik ki jad meh katun. 

Yih bat apne dil men t^^i'Sl^A^f pajn bfigh men jakar sab 
mujra,ijofi ko jawab dekar, farmaya, ki " Ko.I aj se mere |>a8 na 
awe ; sab diwan i'amm mej^ ay a jay a karefi, aur apne kam men 
mustaldd rahen* Yih kahkar, ap ek makan men ja baifhe, aur 
mu^alla bichhakar, 'ibadat mefi mashghul hu,e : siwa,e rone aur ah 
bhame ke kuchh kam nn tha. Isi taratt Badshah Azadbakht ko ka,i 
din guzre ; sham ko, roza kholne ke wa]^t, ek chhuhara-khate, aur tm 
ghunt pani pite, aur tamam din rat ja-e-namaz par pare rahte. Is 
bat ka bahar charcha phaila; rafta lufta tamam mulk men khabar 
gayi, ki BadshSh ne padshahat se hath khenchkar, gosha-nashlni 
i^htiyar kl. Charon Jaraf se ghanimon aur mufsidon ne sir uthayS, 
aur ]|^dam apni ^add se barhaya ; jis ne chahS mulk daba-liya, aur 
saranjam sarkashl ka kiya; jahan kahin ^akim the, un ke Jt^ukm 
men khalal i'aam wati' hu,a ; harek Sube se 'ar^i bad 'amali kl Huzur 
men pahunchi; darbaii umra, jitne the, jama' hu,e aur i^alaJt^ 
ma$la]|;Lat kame lage. 

Akhir. yih tajwiz thahn, ki Nauwab Wazir 'gfeil aur dana hai, 
aur Badshah ka mu|j:arrib aur mu'tamad hai, aur daije men blii sab 
se ba^a hai ; us ki khidmat mefi chalen, dekhen wuh kya munasib 
jankar kahta hai. Sab 'umda amir WazIr ke pas aye, aur kaha, 
"Badshah ki yih i^urat, aur mulk ki wuh Jtiiat^^t; agar chande 
ta^aful hu,a, to is miJ|^iat ka mulk liya-hu,a, muft men jata-rahega ; 
phir hath 'aina bahut mushkil hai." Wazir puranS, ^dim, namak- 
^al, aur 'a^mand, nam bhi Khiradmand ism bamusamma thS, 
bola " Agarchi BadshSh ne Itiiuzur meh Sne ko man'a kiya hai, 
lekin tum chalo, main bhi chalta bun Ehuda kare Badshah ki 
mar^ 'Swe jo rubaru bulawe." Yih kahkar, sab apne sath diwan 
i *amm tak laya ; un ko wahan chhorkar, *ap diwan i kha^g meh SyS, 
aur Badshah ki khidmat men ma^lli ke hath kahla-bheja, ki " Yih 
pir ghulam l^azir hai ; kal dinon se jamal i jahan-ara nahin dekha ; 
ummedwar bun ki ek nazar dekhkar j^dam-bosl karuii, to khatir 
jama^ho.*' Yih *ar:^ Wazir ki Badshah ne suni ; az has ki j^adamat, 
aur khair-khwahi. aur tadbir, aur jan-nisaii us ki jante the, aur aksar 
us kl bat mante the, ba'd ta,ammul ke farmaya, *' Khiradmand ko 
bula-lo." Bare, jab parwanagi hu,I, Wazir Hu?ur men ay a, adab 
baja-laya, aur dast-basta kha|*a raha. Dekha to Bsdshah ki 'ajab 
i^urat ban-rahl hai, ki zarbazar rone aur dublape se ankhon men 
}^]l^e pa^-gaye hain, aur chihra zard ho-gaya hai. 

Khiradmand ko tab na rahi ; be-ikhtiyar daui^kar Ij^amofi par 
ja gira. Badshah ne hath se sir us ks u^hSya, aur farmaya, " Lo ! 
mujhe dekha; kba^ir jama' hu,i? Abja,o ziyada mujhe na 8ata,o; 


turn 8al.taDat karo.** Khiradmand sunkar, 4^h markar roya, aur 
*ar9 ki. '* Qbulam ko, ap ke ta^adda]^ aur salamati se, hamesha 
badshahat mujassar hai ; lekin Jahan-panah ki ekba,ek is tarah, ki 
gosha-giii se tamam mulk men tahluka pa^-gaya hai, aur anjam 
is kS aehchha nahln. Yih kya khiyal mizaj i mubarak men ay a? 
agar is l^hana-zad i maurusi ko bhi marram is raz ka kljiye, tx) 
bihtar hai. Jo kuchh *a]^l i nal^is men awe, iltimas kare. Ghulamoii 
ko, jo ye saifaraziyan bakhshi hain, isl din ke wasj^, ki Badshah 
'aish o aram karen, aur namak-parwarde tadbir men mulk ki rabeii. 
Khuda na khwasta. jab fiikr mizaj i 'all ke lalbd]^ hu,i, to bandaha i 
Badshahi kis din kam awenge ?" Badshah ne kaha, " Such kahta 
hai ; par jo fikr mere ji ke andar hai, so tadbir se bahar hai." 

** Sun, Ai Khiradmand ! merl sari 'umr is! mulk-glri ke dardsir 
men kati; ab yih sin o sal hu,a; Sge maut ba]p hai ; so us ka bbl 
paigham ay a, ki siyah bal sufed ho-chale. Wuh masal hai, *' Sari 
rat soye, ab ^ub^ ko bhI na jagen?" Abtak ek beta paid a na 
hu,a, jo meri khatirjam*a hoti ; is liye dil sakht udas hu,a, aur main 
sab kuchh chhof' baitha ; jis ka jl chahe, mulk le, ya mal ; mujhe 
kuchh kam nahin. Balki ko,i din men yih irada rakhta huu, ki sab 
chhor-chharkar, jangal aur pahapon men nikal-ja,un, aur munh 
apna kisu ko na diliha,un ; isl i^rsJ^ yih chand roz kl zindagi basar 
karufi. Agar kol makan khush aya, to wahan bai^hkar bandagi apne 
Ma'bud kl baja la,uiiga ; shayad 'atpbat bakhair ho ; aur dunya ko to 
khub dekha, kuchh maza na pay a." Itni bat bolkar, aur ek ah 
bharkar, Badshah chup hue. 

Khiradmand un ke bap ka -wazlr tha ; jab ye Shahzade the, tab 
se mutiabbat rakhta tha; 'alawa wuh dan a aur nek-andesh tha ; 
kahne laga, ** Khuda ki janab se na-ummed bona hargiz munasib 
nahin ; jis ne hezhdah bazar 'alam ko, ek l^ukm men paida kiya, 
tumhen aulad deni us ke nazdik kyS ba^i bat hai ? Kibla i 'alam, is 
ta^awwur i baj^il ko dil se dur karo ; nahin to tamam *alam darham 
barham ho jawega, aur yih salj^anat, kis kis mi^nat aur masha]|d|^t 
se, tumhare buzurgofi ne aur tum ne paida ki hai, ek zarre mefi 
hath se nikal jayegi, aur bekhabari se mulk wairan ho jawega ; 
Khuda na khwasta badnami Jt^a^il hogf. Is par bhI bazpurs roz-i- 
)pyamat ki hu,a chahe, ki *' Tujhe Badshah banakar, apne liandoi^ 
ko tere liawale kiya tha ; tu hamari raljimat se mayus hu,a, aur ratyat 
ko ]^ran pareshan kiya." Is sawal ka kya jawab doge? Pas, 
'ibadat bhI us roz kam na awega, is was.te ki adml ka dil Khuda ka 
ghar hai ; aur Badshah fa]^t 'adl ke wasj^ puchhe jae,nge, Ghulam 
kl be-adabi mu*af ho; ghar se nikal-jana, aur jangal phima kam 
Jogiyon aur Fakiron ka hai, na ki Badshahon ka. Tum apne joga 
kam karo, Khuda kl yad aur bandagi jangal paha^p par mau^uf nahin. 
Ap ne yih bait sun! hogi. 


'* KhudS is pas, yib (jlhun^be jangal met. ; 
phan^hora sliahr men, lai^ka ba^bal me&." 

Agar mun$if[ farmaiye, aur is Fidwi ki 'ar? If&hvl kijiye, to 
bihtar yuu bai, ki Jaban-panSb, bar dam aor bar sa'at 'dbyan 
apna Khuda ki taraf lagakar, du a manga karen ; uski dargab se 
ko,i malt^^ nabifi raba. Din ko bandobast mulk ka, aur in^ 
'adSlat gbaiSb gbburaba ki fiormSwefi, to bande Kbuda ke daman i 
daulat ke sSye mefi amn o Sman kbnab-gazran raben; aur rat 
ko Ibadat kijiye, aur durud Payambar ki ru]|^-pSk ko niyaz kar- 
kar, darwesb gosba-nasbin mutawakkilon se madad ll^ije, aur roz 
ratib yatim, asir, lyaldSroA, muhtajoA, aur ra&4, bewS,on ko kar- 
dljiye ; aise acbcbbe kSmon aur nek niyaton ki barakat se, Kbuda 
cbSbe, to ummed i ^uwi bai, ki tumbare dil ke ma^^ad aur matlab 
sab pure bofi. Aur jis waste mizaj i *Sli mukaddar bo rabS 
bai, wub arzu bar-awe, aur kbusbi khatir i sbaiif ko bo-jawe. 
ParwardigSr ki 'inayat par nai^r rakbiye, ki wub ek dam men, 
jo cbabta bai, so karta bai." Bare Kbiradmand Wazir ki aisi aisi 
'arz m'aruz kame se AzSdbakbt ke dil ko ^ha^as bandbi ; fiBainaya, 
'' Acbcbba ; tu jo kabta bai, bbala ; yib bbi kar-dekben ; fige, jo 
AllSb ki marzi bai, so boga." 

Jab Badsbab ke dil ko tasalli bu,I, tab Wazir se puchba, ki, ** Aur 
sab Amir o Dabir kyS karte baifi, aur kis tara^ bain ? " Us ne 'arz 
ki, ki " Sab arkSn i daulat ^bla i 'Slam ke jan o mal ko du'S 
karte bain. Ap ki fikr se sab Jbiairan o paresban bo-rabe bain ; 
jamal i mubarak apna dikbSiye, to sab ki khatir jama' bowe. 
Cbunancbi is wa^it diwan i *amm me6 Ibia^r bain " Yib sunkar 
Badsbab ne bukm kiya, " InsbS Allab Ta'Sla kal darbar kariinga ; 
sab ko kab-do ta?ir rahe6." Kbiradmand yib wa*da sunkar 
kbusb bii,a, aur donofi batb u^bakar du a di, ki " Jab tak yib zamin 
asman barpa bain, tumbarS tig o takbt ]^,im rabe." Aur Hui^r 
se rukb9at bokar, kbusbi kbusbi babar nikla, aur yib kbusb-khabari 
Umra,ofi se kabi. Sab Amir hahsi kbusbi gbar ko gaye, Sare sbabr 
meii anond bo-gay e. Haiyat parja magan bu,e, ki Kal Badsbab 
bSri 'amm karega. Sub)^ ko sab kbana-zad, a*la adna, aur arkan i 
daulat, cbbofe bare, apne pa,e aur martabe par akar, kba^ bu,e» 
aur muntazir jalwa i Badsbabi ke tbe. 

Jab pabar din cba^ba, ekhargi parda ufba, aur Badsbab ne bara- 
mad bokar, takbt i mubarak par julus farmaya ; naubat-kbane men 
sbadiyane bajne lage ; sabbon ne nazrefi mubarak badi ki guzranin, 
Rur mujre-gab mefi taslimat o komisbat baja-laye ; muwafilt ]^dr 
manzilat ke bar ek ko sarfarazi bu,i ; sab ke dil ko kbusbi aur 
cbain bu,a. Jab do pabar bu,i, barkbast bokar, andarun i maliall 
dakbil bu,e ; kba^^ nosb i jan farmakar, kb^Sb-gab meii Sram kiyS^ 

SHURU* b:is§e Ka. 9 

Us din 86 BadshSh ne yihi mu|uirrar kiyS, ki hamesha ^nhl^ Ifo 
darbar kama, aur tisre pabar kitab ka shughl. ya wird wasafa 
pa^bna; aur Khuda ki dargSb mefi tauba istighfar karkar, apiie 
matlab ki da 'a mangni. 

£k roz kitab meu bhi b'khS dekbS, ki *' Agar kisi sbakhg 
ko gham ya fikr aisi lat^i^: bo, ki us ka 'ilaj tadblr se na ho 
sake, to cbabiye, ki ta]}:dlr ke ttawale kare, aur, Sp goristSn ki 
taraf ruju* kare. durud, .tufail Paighambar ki ru|i ke, un ko 
bakhsbe, aur apne ta,ifL nist o nabud samajbkar, dil ko is ghaflat i 
dunjawi se bosbyar rakbe, aur 'ibrat se rowe ; aur Kbuda ki 
l^udrat ko dekbe, ki mujb se age kaise kaise ^afjiib i mulk o khazSna 
is zamin par paida bu,e ; lekin asman ne sab ko apne gardish mefi 
ISkar, khak men mila diyS, Yih kabawat bai. 



Cbalti cbakki dekbkar diya KabirS ro ; 
Do patan ke bich a, gSbit gaya na ko.'* 

Ab jo dekhiye, siwa,e ek mitti ke 4her ke, in ka kucbh nisbSn ba]|jl 
nabin raba ; aur sab daulat dunya, gbar bar, al aulad, Ssbna dost, 
naukar cbakar, batbi gbo^e cbbofkar akele pai^e bain ; yih sab in ke 
kucbb kam na SyS ; baiki ab ko,i nSm bbl nabifi jSnta, ki ye kaun the ; 
aur ^br ke andar kS aJt^wal ma'lilm nabifi, ki klfe mako^e, cbyufite, 
sSmp, un ko kha-gaye, yS un par kyS biti, aur KhudS se kaisi bani. 
Ye baton apne dil mefi socbkar, san dunya ko pekbue kg kbel jSne ; 
tab us ke dil ka ghuncha hamesha shigufta rahega ; kisu (iSlat me^ 
pazhmurda na hoga.'' Yih na^i^iat jab kitab men mutfila'a ki, 
BadsbSh ko Khiradmand Wazir kS kahnS ySd ayS, aur dono ko 
muj^biJj: paya ; yih shmif, hu,S, ki Is par *amal karufi : lekin sawfir 
hokar, aur bhif-bba^ lekar, badshshon ki iflialf. se jSnS aur phimS 
munasib nabin ; bihtar yih bai, ki libas badalkar, rSt ko akele 
ma]^baron me&, yS kisi mard i Khuda goshanishlh ki khidmat mefi 
jSyS-karuA, aur shab-bedar rahufi. 8hSyad in mardoi^ ke wasile 
se dunyS ki murSd, aur 'fif^bat ki najst muyassar ho, 

Yih bat dil meh mu^rrar karkar, ek roz rSt ko mote jhhote 
kapre pahinkar, kucbb rupai ashraA lekar, chupke }pVe se bShar 
nikle, aur maidSn ki rah li. Jate jSte ek gohstfin met. pahunche ; 
nihayat §(id^ i dil se durud pa^b-rahe the. Aur us wa^^t bsd i tund 
chal-rahi tbi : balki Sndhi kahS chahiye. EkbSrgI BsdshSh ko dur 
se ek shu'ala sS nazar fiyS, ki manind 9ub^ ke tare ke roshan 
hai. Dil mefi apne kbijal kiya, ki Is Sndhi aur andhere me£i yih 
roshni khali f^iikmat se nabin ; yS yih j^ism bai, ki agar phifkiil 
aur gandhak ko chiragh mefi batti ke Ss pas chharak dijiye, to 
kaisi-hi hawa chale, chiragh gul na hoga ; ya kisu Wali ka chirS^ 
hai, ki jaltS hai ; jo kucbh ho, so ho ; chal, dekha chShiye. Shayad 

10 BaGH BAHaR. 

is shama* ke nur se mere bhi gbar ka chiragh roshan ho, aur dil 
kl murad mile. Yih nljat karke, us .taraf ko chale ; jab nazdik 
pabunche, dekba to char Fakiri benawa kafnijan gale men dale, aur 
sir zanu par dhare, 'alam i behosbl men khamosh baithe hain. Aur 
un kS yih 'Slam hai, jaiee ko,i musafir apne mulk aur ]^um se 
bichharkar, bekasi aur muflisi ke ranj o gh^m men giriftar hokar, 
j^airan rah-jata hai ; is! tara^ se je charon nsJfBh. i dlwar ho- 
rahe hain ; aur ek chiragh patthar par dhara (imtima raha hai ; 
hargiz hawa us ko nahlfi lagtl ; goja finus us kl asman bana hai, ki 
bekhaj^e jalta hai. 

Azadbakht ko dekhte-hi^yalpn aya, ki Mul^rrar teri firzu in 
mardan i Khuda ke ]^adam kl barakat se bar awegi, aur teii 
ummed ka sukha darakht in kl tiiwajjuh se hara hokar phalega ; 
in Id khidmat men chalkar, apna al^wal kah, aur majlis ka sbaiik 
ho. Shayad tujh par ratim kha du*a karen, jo Beniyaz ke yahan 
l^abul ho. Yih irSda karkar chaha ki ^j^adam age dhare. Wuhin 
*a^l ne samjhaya, ki Ai bewu]^uf ! jaldl na kar ; ^arra dekh le. Tujhe 
kyS malum hai, ki ye kaun hain, aur kahafi se aye hain, aur kidhar 
jate hain ; kya janefi ye deo hain. ya ghul i bayabani hain, ki 
adml l$x ^urat bankar baham mil baithe haifi. Ba bar ^urat jald 
kama, aur in ke darmiyan jakar mukhill honS, khub nahin ; abhl ek 
goshe men chhipkar ]jia^]^t in darweshon kl jana chahiye. Akhir. 
Bad shah ne yihi kiyS, ki ek kone men us makSn ke chupka ja baifha, 
ki kisu ko us ke ane kl khabar na hu,I ; apna dhyan un ki .taraf 
lagaya, ki Dekhiye Spas men kya bat-chit karte hain. 

Ittifal^an ek fajpr ko chhlnk ayi ; shukr Khuda ka kiya, wo tinon 
l^alandar us la. awSz se chonk-pare ; chiragh ko uksayS; thip to roshan 
Uia ; apne apne bistaron par ];^u]^e bharkar pme lage. Ek un azadon 
men se bola, ''Ai YSran i hamdard o nit^Sn i jahan-gard, ham 
chSron ^uraten AsmSn ki gardish se aur Lail o Nihar ke in|plab 
se. dar ba dar, khak ba sar, ek muddat phiren. Alljiamdu-lillah, j^li* 
kl madad aur ]psmat kl ySwari se, aj is ma]j:am par baham mulaib^at 
hu,I ; aur kal kS alyivsl kuchh malum nahin, ki kya pesh Swe ; ek 
gamat rahen, ya juda juda ho-jawen. RSt ba^ paha^ hot! hai ; 
abhi se paf paf rahnS khub nahin ; is se yih bihtar hai, ki apnl 
apni sarguzasht, jo is dunyS men jis par bit! ho, (basharje ki 
jhufh is men kau^ bhar na ho), bayan kare, to baton men rat katr 
jae. Jab thop shab bslp rahe, tab lot P^t raheuge." Sabhon ne 
kaha " yS Hsdi ! jo kuchh irsbad hota hai, ham ne ]^abul kiyS. 
Fable aphi apna aj^wal, jo dekha hai, shuru* kljiye ; to ham 
mustafld hon." 



Pabla Darwesb dozanil ho baitiha, aur apnl sair ka l^i^^a is ifixsiji 
86 kahne lagS. Ya Ma'budi Allah ! zarra idhar mutawajjih ho, aur 
majarS is besaropa ka suno. 

Tih sarguzasht roerl ^ftntt kSn dhar suno. 
Mujh ko falak ne kar dija zer o zabar suno. 
Jo kuchh ki pesh Sji hai shiddat mere tsi,ih, 
Us ka bay an karta bun, turn sarbasar suno. 

Ai Yaran ! meri paida,ish aur wajan buzurgon ka mulk i Yamati 
hai. Walid is 'Ajiz ka Maliku-t-tajjar, Khwaja A^Lmad nam, ba^a 
saudagar tba. Us wa^t men koi mahajan ya baipari un ke barabar 
na tha. Akgar shahron met. kothiyafi aur gumashte kharid o 
farokht ke waste mukarrar the ; aur lakbon rupai na|^d, aur jins 
mulk mulk ki ghar men maujud thi. Uu ke yahan do la^ke paidS 
hu,e. Ek to yil5 fajjir, jo kafhi saili pahne hu,e murshidofi ki biu^ur-hi 
mefi hazir, aur bolta hai. Dusri ek bahin, jis ko ]^iblagah ne, apne 
jite-ji, aur shahr ke saudagar-bachche se shad! kar di thi ; wuh apnl 
susral men rahti thi. Ghara^^ jis ke ghar men itni daulat aur ek 
lai'ka ho, us ke la^ pyar ka kya fhikana hai. Mujh fa^r ne bafe 
cha o choz se ma bap ke sSye men parwarish pay! ; aur pa^'bnS, 
likhna, sipahgan ka kasab o faim, saudagaii ka bah!-khata roznama 
sikhne lagS. Chaudah haras tak nihayat khushi aur befikri meh 
guzri ; kuchh dunyS kS andesha dil men na aya. Ekbaek ekhl 
sal men walidain |ca^ i IlShi se mar-gaye. 

'Ajab .tarah ka gham hu,S, jis kS bay an nahiii kar saktS ; ekbSrgi 
jatim ho-gaya. Koi sir par bu^hS ba^ na raha. Is mu^ibat i nagahani 
se rat din roya kartS ; khanS pinS sab chhut-gaya ; chalis din jaufi- 
tauA-kar kafie, Chihlum men apne begSne chhote ba^^e jama' hu,e ; jab 
fatitta se faraghat hu,I, sab ne Fa]pr ko bap ki pagrf bandhwayi, aur 
samjhSya, " Dunya met. sab ke ma bSp marte aye haifi, aur apne tBtSt 
bhi ek roz mama hai : pas ^abr karo ; apne ghar ko dekho ; ab bap ki 
jagah turn sardar hu,e; apne karobar, len den se hoshyar raho. 
Tasalli dekar we rukhgat hu,e. Gumashte karobari, naukar chakar, 
jitne the, ankar hazir hu,e, na^efi difi, aur bole ** Eothi naj^d o jins 
ki apni nazar i mubarak se dekh-l!jiye." Ekbargi jo us daulat i be 
intiba par nigSh pap, ankhefi khul-gayl&. Di wan-khan e ki taiySri 
ko l^ukm kiya. Farrashofi ne farsh furush bichhakar, chhat, parde, 


12 BaGH BAHaR. 

chilwanen takalluf kl laga-din, aar acbchhe achchhe kbidmatgar i 
dIdSr naukar rakhe. Sarkar se zailf. bar|}L kl poshSken ban\^'S- 
din. Fafpr masDad par takiya lagakar baitba. Waisebl admi 
ghunijLe. pbafikre, muft par khane pinewale, jhutbe, khiishamadi 
akar aahna bu,e, aur mu^aut^b bane. Un se atJi pahar i^u^bat rahne 
lag!; har-kahin kl bSten aur zaflen wabi tabahi idhar udbar ki 
karte, aur kahte " Is jawani ke S'lam mefi ketaki ki sbarab jS gul i 
gulab khincbwaiye ; naznln ma'sbuJ|}:on ko bulwakar un ke sStb pijiye, 
aur 'aish kljiye." 

Ghara?. admi ka sbaij^Sn admi hai ; bar dam ke kabne sunne se 
apna bbi mizaj babak-gaya. Sbarab nScb aur ju,e ka charcba 
shurti' hu,a. Pbir tx) pb naubat pabuncbi, ki saudagari bbulkar 
tamasb-blnl ka aur dene lene ka sauds bu,a. Apne naukar aur 
rafil^on ne, jab yib ghaflat dekbi, jo jis ke batb pa^S alag kiya ; 
goya lut macba di. Kucbb kbabar na tbi kitna rupiya kbarcb 
botS bai, kaban se Sya, aur kidbar jfita bai. " Mai i muft diliberabm ;" 
is darkbarcbi ke age, agar ganj J^anin ka botS tau bbl wafa na 
karta. Ka,I baras ke 'ar^e men ekbargi yib It^at bu,i, ki faj^t fopl 
aur langoti bSfp rabl. Dost Ssbna, jo dant-ksti roti kbSte tbe, aur 
cbamcha bhar khun apnS bar bat men zaban se nigSr karte tbe, 
kafur bogaye; balki rSb baf men agar kabifi bbent miilat^t bo jati, 
to ankben cburakar mufib pber-lete ; aur naukar cbakar, kbidmat- 
gar, babaliye, ^balait, khagigbardgr, sSbitkbani sab cbbo^kar kinSre 
lage ; kol bat ka pucbbnewala na rSba, jo kabe, ** Yib kya tumbara 
t^ bu,S ? ** Siwa,e gham aur afsos ke ko J rafi^ na tbabra. 

Ab dam^ ki tbu^^^yafi. muyassar nabin jo cbabakar pani piyun ; 
do tin iS^e ka^ake kbencbe tab bbukb ki na la-saka ; lachar bebayaj 
ka bur]^ mufib par 4Slkar yib ]^d kiya, ki bahiu ke pas cbaliye ; 
lekin yib sbarm dil men atl Uii, ki l^bla-gab ki widSt ke ba*d, na 
babin se kucbb suluk kiya, na kbSii kb ajt likba ; balki us ne do ek 
j^Siti kbupj^ matam-pursi aur isbtiya]^ ke jo likbe, un ka jawab is 
kiiwab i khargosb men na bb^a. Is sbarmindagi se ji to na cbabta 
tba, par siwS,e us gbar ke aur koi {bikanfi na^r meh na thabra. 
Jauii-taun, pa piySda, kbali-bstb, girtS pa^la, bazar mitmat se we ka,i 
manzilen kafkar, bamsbir ke sbabr men jakar, us ke makSn par 
pabuncbS. Wub mSjS,i mera yib ]fSl dekbkar, bala,en le, aur ^e 
milkar babut royi. Tel masb aur kale take mujb par se ^ad^jLe kiye, 
kabne lagi; '*Agarcbi mulaf^t se dil babut kbusb bu,a, lekin 
Bbaiya ! teri yib kyS ^urat bani ?" Us ka jawSb maifi kucbb na de 
saka. Ankbofi men ansu ^bdabakar cbupka bo-raba Babin ne 
jaldi khaggi posbak silwiikar jj^mmam met. bbeja ; naba dbokar, wo 
kap^ pabne ; ek makan apne pas babut acbcbba takalluf ka mere 
rabne ko muj}:arrar kiya. Sub$ ko sbarbat aur lauziyat, ^Iwasoban 
pista, magbze nasbte ko ; aur tisre pahr mewe khushk o tar, pbal 


phalan ; aar rat din donon wa|^t pulS,o, nSn-l^liye, kabab toiflk taHfia. 
mazedar mangwSkar, apne rubaru kbilakar jati ; sab fflra]^ khajtirdari 
karti. MaifL ne waisi tasdf ke ba'd, jo jih SrSm paya, Khuda ki 
dargab men bazar sbukr baja layfi. Ka,I mabine is fara^at se 
guzre, ki panw us khalwat se babar na rakba. 

Ek din wub babin, jo baja,e walida ke meri khajir rakbti thi, 
kalme lag! ** Ai Biran ! tu meri ankbon ki pudi, aur ma bSp ki muj 
mitti ki nisbani bai. Tere ane se mera kieilija fban^bS bu,a. Jab 
tujbe dekbtl bun bagh bagh boti bu6. Tu ne mujbe nibal kiya ; 
lekin mardon ko Kbuda ne kamane ke liye banayfi bai : gbar met 
baitbe rabna un ko lazim nabiu. Jo mard nikbaftu bokar gbar-sita 
bai, us ko dunya ke log ta*na mibnS dete baifi ; khu$u$an is sbabr ke 
admi cbbote bare besabab tumbfire rabne par kabenge, *' Apne bfip 
ki daulad dunya kbo kbakar, babnuj ke tukpfi par-a-papa." Yib 
nibayat begbairati. auv meri tumbSri bansa,i, aur mS bap ke nSm 
ko sabab laj lagne ka bai : nabiii to main apne cbam|« ki jutiyan 
banakar tujbe pabna,un, aur kalije men dal rakbun. Ab yib ^ala})L 
bai, ki safar ka ]^§d karo. Kbuda cbabe to din pbiren, aur is 
Ijiairani aur muflisi be badle U^atir-jaml aur khusbi ^^il bo." Yib 
bat snnkar mujbe bbi ghairat ayi ; us ki na^illjuit pajsand ki ; jawab 
diya, "• Achcbba ; ab tum Ma-^ jagab bo ; jo kabo so karun." 

Yib meri mar^i pakar, gbar men jake, pacbas tope asbrafi ke a^il 
laun4iyon ke batbon met. liwakar, mere age la-rakbe, aur boll '* Ek 
^fila saudagaroi;^ ka Dimasb^ ko jata bai ; tum in rupaiyon se jins 
tijarat ki Ij^arid karo. Ek tajir i imandar ke IbiawSle karke dastawez 
pakki likbwa lo, aur ap bbi ^^d Dimasb^: ka karo. Wahan jab 
khair-iyat se ja-pabnncbo, apna mal ma* munafi' samajb bujb lijo, 
ya ap becbiyo." Maifi wub nal^d lekar bazar me& gay a, asbab 
saudagari ka kbarid karkar, ek bape saudagar ke supurd kiyfi; 
nawisht-kbwand se kha^ir jama' kar-li. Wub tajir darya ki rab se 
jabaz par sawar bokar rawana bu,S. Fa^r ne kbusbki ki rab cbalne 
ki taiyari ki. Jab rukb^at bone laga, babin ne ek sirepao bbSri 
aur ek gbo^ jura,o sfiz se tawS^' kiyS, aur mi^bS,! pakwan ek 
kbaggdan mefi bbarkar bame se lafka-diya, aur cbbS^ pani ki 
sbikkrband men bandbwa di. Imam ^min ka rupiya mere bSzu par 
b&ndba ; dabi ka tika mStbe par lagSkar, S&su pikar boll, ** SidbSro ; 
tumhe& Kbuda ko sompa ; pitb dikbaiye jste bo, isi .tarab jald apna 
mxxth dikbaiyo." Main ne ^d^ia khair pa^kbar, kaibfi, '* TumbarS 
bbi Allab l^fis; bai ; main ne ^faJbvl kiya." WabSn se nikalkar gbo^e 
par sawar buS, aur Kbuda ke tawakkul par bbarosa karke, do manzil 
ki ek manzil karta bu,a, Dimasbli^ ke pas jS pabuncba. 

Ghara^ jab sbabr ke darwaze par gaya, babut rat ja-cbuki tbi. 
Darban aur nigabbanofi ne darwaza band kiyS tba. Main ne 
babut minnat ki, ^'Musafir bun ; dur se dbawa-mare ata bufi ; agar 

14 BaGH O BAHaE. 

kiwSr khol do, shabr men jakar dane ghas kS aram pa,un." Andar 
86 ghurak-kar bole, ** Is yvakt darwaza kholne ka Ijiukm nahlfi ; kjfth 
itni rat gaye turn aye ? " Jab main ne jawab $af un se suna, shahr- 
panSb ki dlwar ke tale, gho^e par se utar, zinposb bicbhakar 
baitba ; jague kl kbaj^r idbar udbar {abalne laga. Jis wal^t adbi rSt 
idbar aur adbi rat udbar bu,i smisSn bo gayS, dekbta kya bun ki 
ek ^andiilj: ]pl'e ki diwar par se nicbe cbala atS bai. Yib dekbkar, 
main acbambbe men bu,a, ki Yib kya .tilism bai ! sbayad Kbuda ne 
meri ^airanl o sar-gardani par ra^im kbakar kbazana i gbaib se 
'inSyat kiya. Jab wub ^anduk zamin par tbabra, ^^rte ^rte, maifn 
pas gayS. DekbS to ka^b ka ^andulj: bai. Lslacb se use kbolS. Ek 
ma'sbu)}: i kbub-gurat^ kamini si *aurat (jis ke dekbne se bosb jatS 
rabe), gbSyal, labu men tarbatar, ankbe& band kiye kulbulSti bai ; 
Sbista abista boi^tb bilte bain, aur yib awaz munb se nikalti bai, 
*' Ai kambakbt i bewafa ! Ai zalim i pur jaia. Badla is bbala,! aur 
mu^abbat ka yibi tba jo tu ne kiyS. Bbala ! ek zakbni aur bbi laga ; 
maifi ne apna tera in^af Khuda ko sompa/' Yib kabkar usi bebosbl 
ke 'alam men dopatte ka ancbal munb par le liya ; men .faraf dbyan 
na kiya. 

FaJpr us ko dekbkar, aur yib bat sunkar, sun bu,S. Jl meh SyS 
KisI belbiaya zalim ne kyun aise nSznm ^anam ko zakbml kiya? 
EyS us ke dil men Sya, aur batb is par kyunkar cbalaya ? Is ke 
dil mefi to mu^abbat ab-talak bal^ bai, jo is jan-kandani ki lialat mefi 
us ko yad karti bai. Main apbl ap yib kab-raba tbS ; awaz us ke 
kan men gayi ; ek martaba kapre munb se sarkakar mujb ko dekba ; 
jis wa^t us kl nigaben meri nazrofi se laren, mujbe gbasb ane 
aur jl sunsuuane laga; ba zor apne ta,m tbamba; karke 
pucbba, *' Sacb kabo tum kaun bo ? Aur yib kya majara bai ? Agar 
bayan karo, to mere dil ko tasalli bo/* Yib sunkar, agarcbi tSf^at 
bolne kl na tbi, abiste se kaba, *^ Sbukr bai, meri lialat zakbmoA ke 
mare yib kucbb bo rabi bai ; kya kbak bolun ; koj dam ki mibman 
huh ; jab meri jan nikal-jawe, to Khuda ke waste jawan-mardi kar- 
ke mujb bad-bakbt ko isi $andu^ met. kisl jagab gar-dijo, to maiii 
bbale bure ki zaban se najst pa^ufi, aur tu dskbil sawab ke bo." 
Itna bolkar cbup bu,I. 

Rat ko mujb se kucbb tadbir na bo-saki ; wub ^andu^ apne pSs 
utha-laya, aur gbariyan ginne laga, ki kab itm-rat tamam bo, to 
fajr ko, sbabr men jakar, jo kucbb 'ilaj is ka bo -sake, bama]^dur 
apne karun. Wub tbori-si rat aisi pabai* bogayi ki dil gbabra-gaya. 
Bare, Kbuda Kbuda kar, ^ubb jab nazdik bu,i, murgh bola, admiyoA 
kl awaz ane lag! ; maifi ne fajr ki namaz pa^bkar i^andul^ ko kbuiji 
men kasa ; jonbin darwaza sbabr ka kbula, main sbabr men dakbil 
bu,a ; barek adm! aur dukandar se |;iaweli kiraye ki talasb karne 
laga. Dhundbte ^bun^bte ek makau i khusb-^t*a naya, faragbat 




ka bhare lekar, ja utra. Pahle us tna'shu^ ko ^andul;: se nikiQkar 
ruj ke pahalon par mula,im bichhaunS karke, ek goshe men lifSyS, 
aur ad ml i'tbaii wahan chhofkar, fa|^ir jarrS^ kl talSsh men niklS. 
Har ek se puchhta phirta tha ki *' Is shahr me6 jarra];i kangar 
ka[un hai, aur kahSn rahta hai ? " £k shakhs ne kaha, " Ek ];Lajjapi 
jarrSliI ke kasab aur l^akimi ke fann men ekkS hai, aur is kam mefi 
nipat pakka hai ; agar murde ko us pSs lejS,o, IQiuda ke ];Lukm se 
aisi tadbir kare, ki ekbar wuh bhi ji-uthe. Wuh is ma^alle me& 
rahtS hai aur Isa nam hai. 

MaifL yih muzhda sunkar be-ikbtiySr chala; talash karte karte 
pate se uske darwaze par pahuncha. Ek mard sufed-nsh ko dahliz 
par baithe dekha, aur kaa Sdml marham ki taiySri ke liye kuchh pis 
pas rahe the. Fa]pr ne mSre khushamad ke adab se salam kiya aur 
kaha '* Mai:& tumhSrS nfim aur khubiya& sunkar ay a hui^ ; majarSyih 
hai, ki main apne mulk se tijSrat ke liye chalS : ]^abile ko basabab 
muljiabbat ke sath liya. Jab nazdik is shahr ke aya, thopi si dTEr 
raha tha jo sham paf-gayi ; andekhe mulk mefi rat ko chalna muna- 
sib na jSnS ; maidan men ek darakht ke tale utar-pa^a ; pichhle 
pahar ^^kS aya; jo kuchh mal asbab pay a, lutrliya; gahne ke 
lalach se is Bibi ko bhi ghayal kiya. Mujh se kuchh na ho-saka ; 
rat jo bSl^i thi, jon-ton kar kali ; fajr-hi shahr mefi Snkar ek makan 
kirSye liya ; un ko ^ahan rakhkar main tumhare pas dau^ aya hufi. 
Khuda ne tumhefi yih kamol diyS hai, is musSfir par mihrbani 
karo ; gharib-khane tashrif le-cbalo ; us ko dekho ; agar us ki zindagi 
huj, to tumhefi ba{^ jas hoga, aur main sSri 'umr ghulSmi karungS." 
IsS Jarralj-bahut ra^Lm-dil aur Khuda-parast tha ; men gharibi ki 
baton par tars khakar mere sath u? Jtjiaweli tak aya ; zakhmon ko 
dekhte-hi meri tasalll ki ; bola, ki '* KhudS ke karam se is Bibi ke 
zakhm chalis din mefi bhar-awenge ; ghusal shifa ka karwa-dunga." 

Gharaz. us mard i Khuda ne sab zakhmon ko mm ke pan! se dho 
dhakar ^af kiyS; jo 1s,i^ t^i^kon ke paye, unhen siya; ba|^ ghao,n 
par apne khise se ek ^biya nikalkar kitnon mefi patfl rakhl : aur 
kitnon par phahe chafhakar pattJ se bandh diya, aur nihayat 
8haf]^t se kaha, " Maifi donoii wa]^t aya-karunga ; tu khabardar 
rahiyo ; aisi ^arakat na kare, jo t^nke tut-jayen. Mnr^ ka shorba 
baja,e ^iza us ke t^al^ men chu,s;iyo, aur aksar 'ar|^ i bed-mushk 
gulab ke sath diya kljo, jo l^uwat rahe." Yih kahkar rnkhgat chahi 
main ne bahut minnat ki. aur hath jo^kar kaha, " Tumhan tashafli 
dene se, meri bhi zindagi hu,i ; nahifi to siwS,e mame ke, kuchh 
sujhtS na tha; Khuda tumhen salamat rakhe." *Atr pan dekar 
nikhgat kiya; main rat din khidmat mefi us pari ki ]^azir rahta, 
aram apne upar haram kiya ; Khuda ki dargah se, roz roz us ke 
change hone ki du'a mangta. 

Ittiifal^n wuh saudagar bhi a pahuncha, aur mera mal amanat 


mere l^wSle kiya; mai^ ne use aune-paune bech 4^1 &« ^^^ dam- 
darman men kharch karne laga. Wuh mard i jarraJbi hamesha ata 
jata ; thoxe 'ari^e me& sab zakhm bhar kor angur kar laje. B*ad ka,i 
din ke, ghusal shifa ka kiya ; 'ajab .tarab kl kbusbl ^a^il hu,i ; khil'at 
aur asbrafijan IsS Hajjam ke age dbanfi, aur us pari ko mukallaf 
farsh bichhfikar, masnad par baithayS. Fa|pr ghatibon ko bahut 
81 khair khairat ki. Us din goya BSdshahat baft i]j:lim ki, is Fa]^r 
ke bath lag! ; aur us pan ka shifa pane se rang nikbrS ki mukh^a 
Suraj kl manind charoakne, aur kundan kl .taral;^ damakne laga. 
Najsar ki msySl na thi, jo us ke jamal par fhabre ; Fa^j^ir ba sar 
o chashm us ke (lukm men l^a^r rahta ; jo farmati« so baja lata. 
Wuh apne l^uan ke ghurur. aur sardSri ke dimagh men jo meri 
jtaraf kabhu dekhta, to farmati '' Khabardar. agar tujhe hamaii 
k^jj^r manzur hai, hargiz haman bat mefi dam na mariyo; jo 
bam kahefi, so bila *uzr kiye-jaiyo; apna kisi bat men dakhl na 
kariyo ; nahin to pachtSwega " Us ki waza' se yih malum hota thS, 
ki }^a^ meri khidmat-gu^ri aur farman-bardari ka, use albatta 
manzur hai. FeJ^r bhi us ki be mar^i ek kam na kartS ; us ka 
farmana basar o chashm baja lata. 

Ek muddat isi raz o niyaz men kafa; jo us ne farma.ish kl, 
wo&hin main ne Iskar ]^a^ ki. Is Fa|pr pas jo kuchh jins aur 
na]^d a^l o nafa* ka thS, sab §iaif hu,S. Us begane mulk met. kaun 
i'tibar kare, jo-t^ar;^ wgm se kam chale. Akhir. taklif rozmarre ke 
kharch ki hone lagi ; is se dil bahut ghabraya ; fikr se dubla hota 
chala ; chihre kS rang kaljhawan ho gayfi ; lekin kis se kahun ; jo 
kuchh dil par guzre so gu^re ; " j^ahr i Darwesh bar jan i Darwesh.'* 
Ek din us pari ne apne shu ur se daryaft karke kaha, " Ai fulane ! 
teri khidmaton ka fyeJfif. hamare ji men na|^h kaUtigar hai, par us 
ka *iwa9 bilfil ham se nahifi ho saktS ; agar wasje kharch i i^aruri 
ke, kudih darkar ho, to apne dil men andesha na kar; ek tukra 
kaghaz aur dawat t:alam j^azir kar." Main ne tab malum kiyfi, 
kisi mulk ki BadshahzSdi hai, jo is dil o dimagh se guftgu karti hai* 
Filfaur ]|}:alamdan age rakh-diya ; us nSznin ne ek shu^^ dast-kb&JK 
i Ifhasa se likhkar mere l;^awale kiya, aur kaha. *' KiFe ke pSs 
tirpoliya hai ; wahan us kuche mefi ek ^weli ba;l-sl hai ; us makan 
ke malik k5 nam Sidi-bahar hai ; tu jakar, is rul^'e ko us talak 

Fakir muwfifi]^ farmane us ke, usi nSm o nishan par manzil i 
ma^ud tak pahuncha. Darban ki zabani kaifiyat khajft ki kahla- 
bheji; wonhin suntehi ek Habshi jawan, khubgurat ek phenta 
j^ara^dar saje hu,e bahar nikal-aya. Agarchi rang sanwla tha, par 
goya tamam namak bhara hu,a ; inere hath se khatt leliya ; na bola 
na kuchh puchhS; unhifi V^damon phir andar chala gayS; tho^i, 
der men gyarah kishtiyafi sar bamuhr zarbaft ke topiposh pa^e hue 


ghulgmoA. ke sir par dhare bahar aya, kahl, ** Is jawSn ke sSt|^ jSkar 
chaugoshe pahuncha do." Main bhi sal am kar rukhgat ha,S, apne 
makan men laja; admiyou ko darwaze ke bahar se rukhgat kiyS; 
wo kishtijan amanat }jL\x:pJi men us Pan ke guzrSniyafi. Dekhkar 
fjEurmaya, *' Ye gyarah badre ashrafiyofi ke le, aur kharch men IS ; 
Khuda razzal^ hai.'* Fa^r us na]^d ko lekar ^ruriyat mefi kharch 
kame laga. Agarchi khajir jama' hu,i, par dil men yih khalish 
rahi, ya Ilahi ! yih kya i^urat hai ? baghair puchbe gachhe itna mSl 
na-ashnS i^urat ajnabi ne ek purze kaghaz j>ar mere ^awale kiya; 
agar us pari se yih bhed puchhun» to us ne pable-hi mana' kar-rakha 
tha. Mare 4^ ke, dam nahlii mar saktS tha. 

Ba'd ath din ke, wuh ma'shufca mujh se mukhatib hu,i, ki ** Ha]^ 
ta ala ne admi ko insaniyat ka jama 'inay^t kiyS hai, ki na phaje, na 
maila ho ; agarchi purane kapre se us kl admiyat mcfi fara]^ nahin 
ata, par ^hir men ^haltL-ullSh ki nas^arofi men i'tibar nahm pata ; do 
tofe ashraf 1 ke sath lekar chauk ke chaurahe par Yusuf saudagar 
kl dukan men ja, aur kuchh Ts^f&m jawShir ke besh-^mat, aur do 
Jdiil'aten zarl^ haxlf. ki mol le a.*' FeJpr wonhin sawar hokar, us ki 
dukSn par gayS ; dekha to ek jawan i shakil, zaYaranl jot's pahne, gaddl 
par baitlia hai ; aur us ka yih 'Slam hai, ki ek 'Slam dekhne ke liye 
dukan se bSzSr tak kha^a hai. FalyTr kamSl shau^ se nazdik jakar 
salSmun 'alaik^ karkar, baifhs, aur jo jo chiz matlub thi, talab kL 
Meri batchit us shahr ke bashindon ki si na thi ; us jawan ne garm- 
joshi se kahS, '' Jo Sa^siib ko chshiye sab maujud hai ; lekin yih 
farma,iye, kis mulk se Sna hu,a, aur is ajnabi shahr men rahne ka 
kya ba'is hai ? Agar is ha)^]^t se mattair kljiye, to mihrbSni se 
bald nahln.*' Mere ta,In apnS a^wSl zahir karna manj^r na tha ; 
kuchh bat banSkar, aur jawahir poshak lekar, aur t^mat us ki 
dekar, rukhgat chshi. Us jawan ne rukhe-phike hokar kaha." Ai 
^Sbiib, agar tum ko aisi-hl na-SshnS,i kami thI, to pahle dosti itnl 
garmi se kanu kya ?arur thI ? Bhale Sdmiyofi meii ^a^iib salSmat 
ka pas bafS hota hai. Yih bSt is maze aur andSz se kahi, be 
ikhtiyar dil ko bhS,I, aur be-murilwat hokar wahSfi sa u^a 
insaniyat ke munasib na jana. Us ki khajjir phir baiths, aur bolS> 
" TumhSra farmana sir aiikhofi par ; maiA ^a?ir hun." 

Itne kahne se, bahut khush hu,a ; haiiskar kahne lagS, " Agar Sj 
ke din, gharib-khane mefi karam kijiye, to tumhSri badaulat, miylis 
khnshi ki jamSkar, do chSr gha|i dil bahlSwen, aur kuchh khSn0 
pine kS shughl bSham baithkar karefi." Falpr ne us pari ko 
kabhu akela na chho|^ tha ; us ki tanhS,i yad karkar, chand dor 
chand 'ugr kiye, par us jawan ne hargiz na manS. Akhir. wa'da un 
chizon ko pahuuchakar mere phir Sne kS lekar aur ]^am khilakar 
rukh^at dl. Main dukan se uthkar jawShir aur khila'ten us pari ]^ 
khidmat men laya. Us ne ^mat jawShir ki, aur ha]|jl]j:at jauhari kl 

18 BaGH BAHaR. 

puchhi. Maifi ne sSra abiwal mol-tol ka, aur mibmSDi ke bajidd 
hone ka kah-sunSja. Farmane lag!, "Admi ko apaS ]f&u\ ]^bt 
pura karnS wSjib hai, hamefi Khuda' kl nigahbSni met. chho^kar, 
apne lya'de ko wafa kar ; ^jSfat ^bul karul sunnat Rasul AllSh Id 
hai." Tab main ne kaba; "Mera dil cbShta nabifi ki tumheii 
akelS cbbopkar ja,ufi ; aur t^ukm ytin hota hai, lachar jsta hnt ; jab 
talak a,unga, dil yahifi laga rahegS." Yib kabkar, phir us jaubari 
ki dukan par gaya ; wub moncjUie par baitli3 mera intizSr kbe^ch 
raba tha. Dekbtebl bola. A,o mibrbSn ; bari rah dikbayi.*' 

Wubin utbkar, merS bath pakar-liySf aur cbalS. JSte jSte, ek bagh 
mefi le gaya ; wub ba^i babSr ka bagh tha ; ^u:^ aur nabro& men 
fauware dihutte the ; mewe .tara^i ba .tara^i ke phal-rahe the ; bar ek 
darakht mare bojh ke, jhi^n-raba tha ; rang ba rang ke j an war un 
par baitbe, chhahchabe kar-rabe the ; aur bar makan i 'alisban meh 
farsh suthra bichba tha. Wahan lab i nahr ek bangle men j&kar 
baitiha ; ek dam ke ba'd ap u^bkar chala gayS ; phir dusri poshak i 
ma't:ul pahinkar aya ; maifi ne dekhkar kabS, " Sub^n Allah ! 
chashm .i bad dur." Sunkar muskuraya, aur bola; "MunSsibyih 
hai, ki Saljiib bhi apna libas badal-^alefi." Us kl khajir. maifi ne bbl 
dusre kapre pahne. Us jawan ne ba^ t^p-t^p se, taiyari ziyafstt kl 
kl ; aur samSn ^ushi ka, jaisa chahiye maujud kiya ; aur Fa]^r se, 
^u^bat bahut garm kar, maze ki batefi kame laga, Itne men sal^. 
9ural^ piyala billaur ka lekar, }^a:^T bu,a, aur gazak ka,i ]^ism kl la 
rakhl ; namakdan chun-diye : daur sharab kS shuru* hu,S. Jab do 
char jam ki naubat pahunchi, char la^pke amrad ^aljiib i jamal zulfen 
khole hu,e majlis mefL aye ; gane-bajane lage ; yib 'Slam hu,a, aur 
aisa sama bandha, agar Tan Sen us ghari hota, to apni tan bhul-jata, 
aur Baijuba,ora sunkar ba,o]a ho-jSta. Is maze mefi ekbargi wuli 
jawSn ansu bhar-laya; do char ]^tre be ikhtiyar nikal-pare, aur 
Fa|pr se bolS, " Ab hamare tumbare dosti jani hu,i ; pas dil kS 
bbed dostofL se cbhipana kisu mazhab meh durust nabin. Ek bat 
betakalluf Sshna,i ke bharose kahta huh ; agar }^ukm karo, to apni 
ma*sbu]^ ko bulwakar, is majlis met. tasalli apne dil ki karun ; us kl 
juda,i se ji nabifi lagta." 

Yib bat aise ishtiySlj: se kahi, ki baghair dekhe bhale Fa^ ka dil 
bhi mushta]}: hu,a. Main ne kabS, " Mujhe tumhari khushi darkar 
bai ; is se kya bihtar? Der na kijiye ; sach hai, ma'sbuj^-bin kuchh 
achchha nabin lagtS." Us jawan ne cbilwan k[ j(araf isharat ki ; 
wuhiii ek 'aurat kali, kaluti, bhutni si, (jis ke dekhne se insan be 
ajal mar-jSwe ;) jawan ke pas an bai^. Fa]jir us ke dekhne se 
jar-gay a ; dil men kaba, " Yibi bala, maljibuba aise jawan paiizSd 
ki hai. jis ki itni taVif aur ishtiya]^ zahir kiya!*' Maifi la-]|^ul pa^h- 
kar chup ho raha. Usi 'alam mefi tin din rSt majlis sharab aur rag 
rang ki jami rahi. Chauthi shah ko gbalba nashe aur nind kS 


hu,a ; main khwSb i ^aflat met. be-ikhtiy5r so-gayS ; jab $ub^ hu,I, 
us jawan ne jagaja ; ka,i piySle kbumar-shikanl ke pilakar, apnl 
ma'shnl^ se kabS, *< Ab ziyada taklif mihmSn ko deni kbub nahi&.'* 

Donofi hSth pakarke utibe : maih ne rukhgat mangi ; kbusbi 
bakhnshi ijazat di ; tab maiA ne jald apne t^adimi kap^e pahin-liye, 
apne gbar kl rSh li, aur us pan ki khidmat men jS ]|^a^r hu,S ; magar 
aisa ittif^ kabhu na bu,a tlia, ki use tanbS cbhofkar sbab-bSsh 
kabifL hufa bun. Is tin din ki ghair-^iaziri se, nibSyat kl^ ajal bokar. 
'uzr kiya aur ki^^a ^iyafat ka, aur us ke na rakhsat kame kS sSrS 
W^ kiya. Wub ek dana zamane kl tbi ; tabassum karke boll, " Eya 
rnuzB.,!^ agar ek dost ki khatir rabnS hu,a : bam ne mu*af kiyS ; 
teri kya talj^^ir bai ; jab admi kisu ke gbar jata bai, tab us ki marzi 
Be pbir ata bai ; lekin yibmuft ki mibmaniyan kbS pikar, cbupke bo 
raboge, ya is ka badla bbi utaroge? Ab yib lazim bai, ki jdsar us 
saudagar-bacbcbe ko apne satb le a,o, aur us se do cband ziyafat 
karo ; aur asbab ka kucbb andesba nabin^ Kbuda ke karam se ek 
dam men sab lawazima taiyar bo-jawega, aur bakbubi majlis :^iyafat 
kl rauua^ pawegi." Fal^r muwafil^ ^ukm ke jaubari pas gaya, aur 
kaba, '' Tumbara farmana main to sir ankbon se baja laya ; ab turn 
bbi mibrbani ki raib se, men 'ar;^ l^bul karo.*' Us ne kaba, *' Jan o 
dil se }fAzir buii." 

Tab main ne kaba, *' Agar is bande ke gbar tasbrif le cbalo, *ain! 
^arib-nawazl bai." Us jawan ne babut *uzr aur }fi\e kiye, par maii^ 
ne pin4 na cbbora, jabtalak wub razi bu,a. Satb-bi-satb us ko apne 
makan par le-cbala ; lekin rab meii yihi fikr karta Sta tbS, ki agar 
Sj apne ta,in ma|^dur beta, to aisi tawazu' karta, ki yib bbi kbusb 
beta ; ab main ise liye jatS bun ; dekbiye kya ittifal^ bota bai. Isi 
bais-bai? mefi gbar ke nazdik pahuncba; to kya dekbtS hvA, ki 
darwaze par dbum-dbam bo-rabi bai ; galiyare mefi jhSiH dekar 
cbhirka,o kiya bai ; yasawal aur 'a^e-bardar kbarebaifi. Maiia ^lairSn 
bu,a, lekin apna gbar jankar, ]|^adam andar rakhS; dekba to tamSm 
|]iaweli mefi farsb i mukallaf, la,ilj: bar makSn ke, jabfiyS bicbbS bai, 
aur masnadefi la^ bain ; pandan gulab-pasb, 'atrdan, pikdan, eban- 
garen, nargisdan l^rme se dbare baiii ; tS|j:on par rangtare, kanwale,. 
narangiyan aur gulabiyan rang barang ki cbuni bai£L ; ek taraf ranga- 
mez abrak ki tattiyon men cbiragbon kl babar bai ; ekj^ajratf jbaf aur 
sarv-kanwal ke rosban bain, aur tamam dalan aur sbah-nisbinofL meit 
tila,i sbama'-danon par kafurl sbama'en ebafbi haiA; aur jafa,o 
fanusen upar dbari bain ; sab admi apne apne *ubdon par musta'idd 
bain. Bawarcbi-khane meh deg&h tbantlianS rabM bain: Sbdar- 
kbane ki waisibi taiyari bai ; kori korT tbiMyaft. rape ki gbaro&cbiyoil 
par ^afiyon se bandbifi, aur bujahrofi se ^haki rakbl baifi ; age 
cbauki par (jionge kafore bama' tb^i sarposb dbare ; barf ke abkhore 
lag-rabe bain, aur sbore ki §iiira^yan-bil rabi bain. 


Qbaraz gab asbab i BsdshSliSna maujud hai, aur kanchnijiUi, 
bhan^i bhakte, kalawant, ^uwal acbchhl posbSk pabne saz ke sur 
milaje ^jiai^r bain. Fatar ne us jawaQ ko le jakar, masnad par 
baitbSya, aur dil men fjudran tba ki ja Ilabi ! itne 'ar^e men yib sab 
taij&ii kyunkar bu,i? Har .faraf dekbta pbirta tba, lekin us pari kS 
nisban kabin na payS ; is! justju men ek martaba bawarcbi-kbane ki 
.taraf jS nikla ; dekbta bun to wub naznin ek makan men, gale met. 
kurti» paJLw men tabposbl, sir par sufed rumSlI ufbe bu^e, sfidi 
U^uzSc^ bin gabne pate ban! bu,L Bait. 

Nabl& mu^itaj zewar ka, jise kbnbi KbudS ne df ; 

Ki jaise t[busbnuma lagtS bai, dekbo cband bin gabne. 

Khabar-giri men :^yafat kl lag rabi bai, aur tSlud bar ek kbane kl 
kar-rabi bai, ki *' Ebabardar, ba-maza bo, aur ab o namak bu-bas 
durust rabe.*' Is milmat se wub gulab sa badan sara pasine paslne 
raba bai. Main pas jakar, ta^addulj: bu,a, aur is shu ur o liyai^t 
ko sarah kar du'aefi dene laga. Yib khusbamad sunkar, tewar! 
cba^bakar boll. ** Admi se aise aise kam bote bain, ki Firisbte kX 
majal nabin ; main ne aisa kya kiya bai, jo tu itna })iairan bo rabS 
bai ? Bas, babut baten bananl^ mujbe khusb nabin atXn. Bbala, 
kab to yib kaun admlyat bai, ki mihman ko akela bitbskar idbar- 
udbar pa^e pbire ? Wub apne ji men kya kabta bogS ? Jaid ja, 
majlis mefi baitbkar, mibman kl kbatirdari kar, aur us ki ma'sbul^ 
ko bbl bulwakar, us ke pas bitbla." Fakir wolM ui? jawan ke pas 
gay a, aur garmjosbi karue laga. Itne men do ghulam ^eH^h i 
jamaL i^uralja aur jam i jara,o bath mefi liye rubaru aye, sbarab 
pilane lage ; is men main ne us jawan se kaba, ** Main sab jtara]|ji 
mukhlig aur khadim bun ; bihtar yib bai, ki wub §g^b i jSm^, la 
jis kl taraf dil Sai^b ka ma,il bai, tasbrif lawe, to ba^i bat bai; 
agar fieLrma,o, to admi bulane ki khatir jawe." Yib suntebi khusb 
bokar bola, " Babut acbchha; is wa|^t turn ne mere dil ki bat 
kabi.'* Main ne ek Khoje ko bbeja ; jab adhi rat gayl, wub cbu^ail, 
kjm$9e cbau^ol par sawar bokar, bala,e nagabani si a pabuncbl. 
^Fa^ ne lacbar khatir se mibman ki isti^bal kieurkar nibayat 
tapak se barabar us jawan ke la bitbaya. Jawan us ke dekbtebi 
aisa khusb bu,a, jaisi dunya kl ni'mat mill ; wub bbutni bbl us 
jawan parlzad ke gale lipatrgayl. Sach macb, yib tamasbS bu,a, 
jaise cbaudbawlfi rat ke chand ko gaban lagta bai. Jitne majlis 
men admi the, apnl apni ungliyan danton meh dSbne lage, ki kya 
ko,I bala is jawan par musallaj^ bu,i ; sab Isl nigah usi j^araf thl ; 
tamasha majlis ka bhulkar us ka tamasba dekbne lage. Ek.shakhg 
kinare se bola. " Yaro ! %h\f. aur *a]^ men izidd ba,i ; jo kucbh 'aJ|ji 


meii na Swe, jih kafir ^ish);: kar-dikhSwe. Laila ko Majnun ki 
Snkhon se dekho." Sabho]& ue kaha *' AmannS ; jihl bat hai." 

Yih Fa]pr bamuiib liukin ke, mihmSndari meJi ]fS^ thS ; bar* 
chand jawan ham-piyala, ham-niwSla hone ko mejauwiz hota tha, 
par main hargiz us pail ke khaaf ke mare, apni cQl khSne pme ya 
sair tamashe ki .taraf mjii' na kartS tha, aur *uzr mihmandarl ka 
karke, us ke sliSmil na hota. Is! kaifiyat se tin shabanaroz guzre ; 
chauthi rat wah jawan nihSyat joshish se mujhe bulSkar kahne 
lags, ** Ab ham bhi rukh^at honge ; tumhan khSjir, apnS sab 
karobar cbhoi'-chhSfkar) tin din se tumhari khidmat mefi ll^a^r hain ; 
turn bhl to hamare pSJs ek dam bai^hkar hamarS dil khush karo.^ 
Main ne apne jl met. khiyal kiya, agar is wa^t kahnS is ka nahl& 
manta, to azurda hogS ; pas naye dost aur mihmSn kl khSJir rakhnl 
^rur hai ; tab yih kaha, ** S^b ka Ijiukm baja lanS mans^ur, ki 
alamar fatiqu'lradab" Suntehl is ko, jawan ne piySla tawa^u' kiyS, 
aur maiJL ne liya ; phir to aisS paiham daur chala, ki tho^ der mefi 
sab adml majlis ke, kaif I hokar, bej^bar hogaye ; aur maifi bhi 
behosh ho gaya. 

Jab $ubj^ hu,I, aur aftab do neze buland hu,S tab merl Snkh 
khuli; to dekha maifi ne, na wuh taiyari hai, na wuh majlis, na 
wuh pari, iaifSii khall ^awell pari hai, magar ek kone men kammal 
lapetia hu,a dhara hai. Jo us ko kholkar dekha, to wuh jawan aur 
us kl ran<i[i, donon sir kate pa|*e hain. Yih ];)Lalat dekhtehi ]|^awass 
jSte rahe ; 'a^l kuchh kam nahifi karti, ki yih kyS tha, aur kyS ho- 
gayS ; ])iairanl se har j^araf tak rahS tha. Itne mefi ek ^hwaja-sara, 
jise, ^iySfat ke kam kaj men dekha tha, nazar parS. Fa]pr ko us 
ke dekhne se, kuchh tasalU hu,i ; a];Lwal la waridat kS puchha ; us 
ne juwab diya, ** Tujhe is bat ke taJ|;iljl^ kame se kya f^a^il, jo tu 
puchhtS hai?*' Maifi ne bhi apne dil meii ghaur kl, ki sach to 
kahta hai. Phir ek zarra ta,ammul karke main bola, " Khair, na 
kaho ; bhala, yih to bata,o, wuh ma*shu]^a kis makan mefi hai.*' 
Tab us ne kaha, '* Albatta; jo main jSnta hufi so kah-dtinga; lekin 
tujh sa Sdml a^lmand, be marzi ^uzur ke, do din kl dosti par, be 
ma^iSbS, be takalluf hokar, ^ul^^bat mai-noshi kl bSham garm kare, 
yih kya ma'nl rakhtS hai?" 

Fa^r apnl (tarakat, aur us kl na^ltiat se, bahut nSdim hii,3;; 
siwS,e is bat ke, zaban se kuchh na nikla. ** Fi'\-}}^a\filfa.t ; ab to 
tal^9ir hu,I, mu'af kljiye." Bare, mabialll ne mihrbfin hokar, us pari 
ke makln ka nishSn batayS, aur mujhe rukh§iat kiya. Ap un donofi 
zakhmiyoA ke gapie dabne kl fikr mefi rahS. Main tuhmat se us 
fasad M alag hu,a, aur ishtiyalj: men us pari ke milne ke liye 
ghabrayS hi[,S ; girtS-pa^tS, ^hun^hta, sham ke wa^t us kuche mefi 
usi pate par ja pahuncha, aur nazdik darwSze ke, ek goshe mefi sSrI 
rat talaphte kafi ; kisu kl amad o raft kl ahat na mill, aur kol a^wal- 


porsan mera na hu,S. Usi bekasi ki ^filat meh 9ub];i ho gaji ; jab 
suraj nikla, us makSn ke bsla-khane kl ek khifki se, wuh m^rtt 
meri taraf dekhne lag! ; us wat:t 'alam khushi ka jo miyh par guzrfi» 
dil-hi jSnta hai ; shukr Khuda ka kija. 

Itne men, ek Khoje ne mere pas akar kahS ; ** Is masjid mefi tG 
jakar baifh ; shSyad, tera matlab is jagah bar-awe, aur apne dil ki 
murad pa we." Fa^pr farmane se us ke, wahan se uthkar usi masjid 
men ja raha; lekin aiikhen darwaze kl .taraf lag rahi thin, ki 
dekhiye, parda i ^afi^ih se kya zahir hotS hai. Tamam din jaise 
rozadar sham hone ka inti^r khefichta hai, main ne bhi wah roz 
waisilu belpirari men kata. Bare, jis tis jfira]^ se shSm hu,i, aur din 
paharsa chhati par se talS ; ekbargi wahi Khwaja-sara jin ne us pail 
ke makan ka pata dija thS, masjid mefi Sja. Ba*d i faraghat i 
namaz maghrib ke, mere pas Skar, us shafll^ ne (ki sab raz o niyaz 
ka maJtjtram tha) nihSyat tasalli dekar hath pakaf-liya, aur apne 
sSth le-chala. Eafta rafta ek baghche meh mujhe bifhakar, kaha, 
"Yahan raho, jabtak tumhari arzu bar-awe." Aur ap rukhyit 
hokar, shayad, meri hal^I^t l^uzar men kahne gaya. Main us bSgh 
ke phulon ki bahar, aur chandnl ka alam, aur ^u? nahron meA 
fiauware Sawan Bhado& ke uchhalne ka tamasha dekh-raha thS; 
lekin jab phulo^ ko dekhta, tab us gul-badau kS khiyal atS; jab 
chand par nazar pa|ti, tab us mShru ka mukh^ yad karta ; yih sab 
bahar us ke baghair, meri Snkhon meJi khar thl 

Bare, Khuda ne us ke dil ko mihrban kiyS; ek dam ke ba*d wuh 
pari darwaze se, jaise chaudhwin rSt ka chand, bana,o kiye, gale meft 
peshwaz badle Id sanjaf ki, motiyon ka dardaman taka hu,a aur sir 
par ufhni jis men anchal pallu-lahar, gokhru taka hu,a, sir se pa&w 
tak motiyon men jap, rawish par akar khap hu,i. Us ke ane se, tar 
tazagi naye sir se us bagh ko aur is Fa]^ ke dil ko ho-gayi. £k 
dam idhar udhar sair karkar, shah-nishin men mu|^barra]^ masnad 
par takiya lagakar bai^hi. Main daufkar, parwane kl tara^ (jaise 
shama' ke gird phirtS hai,) ta^addu^ hu,a, aur ghulam ki manind, 
donon hath joTkar khap[ hu,a. Is met. wuh Khoja meri khStir, 
ba-Jaur sifarish ke *ar? kame laga. Mai& ne us mat^illi se kaha> 
** Banda gunahgar tal^^irwar hai ; jo kuchh saza mere la,i]^ t^hre, 
80 ho.*' Wuh pari, az has ki nakhush thi, bad-dimaghi se boll, ki 
** Ab is ke haHfUf. men yihi bhala hai, ki sau tope ashrafi ke lewe ; 
apnS asbab durust karke, watan ko sidhare." 

Main yih bat suntehl ksth hogaya, aur sukh gaya, ki agar kol 
mere badan ko ka^ to ek bund lahu ki na nikle ; aur tamam dunyS 
aiikhon ke age andheri lagne la^; aur ek Ah na-muradi ki be* 
ikhtiyar jigar se nikll; afisu bhi tapakne lage; siwa.e Khuda ke. us 
wa^t kisu ki tawa]^u* na rahi; mayus malji? hokar, itna bola, 
<* Bha]a, tvik apne dil mefi gh&ur farm&,iye ; agar mujh kam-na.^ib 



ko danya ka Islach hota, to apna jSn o mal tu^pHr men na khota ; 
kya ekbargi b^^ khidmat-gazgri aur jan-nisarl ka *alam se uth- 
gaya, jo mujh kam-bakht par itni bemihrl farma,! ? Khair, ab mere 
ta,m bhi zindagl se kucbh kam nahin ; ma'shu^oii ki bewafa,! se 
bechare 'asbiilp Dim-jan ka nibah nahih hota." 

Yih sunkar tikhi ho te,oii chafhakar khafagi se boll, '* Chi kbush ! 
Ap hamare ^ashi]^ hain ? Mendki ko bhI zukam hua? Ai bewut:uf ! 
apne Ijutu^ile se ziyada baten bananm, khiyal i k]^am hai ; chhota 
munh ba^ bat ? bas, chup rah, yih nikammi batchit mat kar ; agar 
kisi aur ne yih ^larakati bema'ni kl hoti, Farwardigar ki suzii us kl 
botiyan ka^wa chilon ko bafittl ; par kya karun ? ten khidmatyid. atl 
hai. Ab isi men bhalaj hai, ki apui rah le ; ten ]^ismat ka dSna 
panl haman sarkar men yahin talak tha." Phir main ne rote bisurte 
kaha, '' Agar meri taljidlr men yihi likha hai, ki apne dil ke ma]}:9ad 
ko na pui]2ichun, aur jangal pahar* men sir takratS phirun, to lachar 
hun." Is bat se bhi di]^ ho kahne lagi, '* Mere tajn yih phusahinde, 
chochle aur ramz ki bateA pasand nahub Stm ; is ishare ki guftgu ke 
jo la,ij^ ho, us se jakar kar." Phir usi khafa^ ke *alam mefii u^hkar, 
apne daulat-khane ko chali; main ne bahutera sir patkfi; mutwajjili 
ca hu,i; lachar main bhi us makan se udas aur na-ummed bokar 

Gbara^ chalis din tak yihi naubat rahi ; jab shahr ki kucha-gardi 
se uktata, jangal men nikal-jata ; jab wahan se ghabrata, phir shahr 
ki galiyoA men diwana-sa ata. Na din ko khata, na rat ko so jata ; 
jaise " dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka, na ghat ka ;" zindagi insan ki 
khane pine se hai ; admi anaj kS kq*a hai ; j^lj^at badan men muj^la^ 
na rahi. Apahaj hokar, usi masjid ki diwSr ke tale jS pa^ra ; ki ek roz 
wahi Khwaja-sara jum*e ki namaz pa^hne aya ; mere pas se hokar 
chala ; main yih shi'ar alnsta nS-ta]^ti se pa^h-raha tha. 

'* Is dard i dil se maut ho, yS dil ko tab ho. 
** I^mat men jo likha ho, Ilahi shitSb ho." 

Agarchi ;zShir mefi . ^urat meri bilkul tabdil hogayi thi, chihre la. 
yih shakal bani thi, ki jin ne mujhe pahle dekha thS, wuh bhi na 
pahchan sakta, ki yih wahi admi hai ; lekin wuh Mat)talli awaz dard 
ki sunkar mutawajjih hu,a. Mere tajfi ba-^^aur dekhkai* afsos kiya, 
aur 8haf]j:at se mukhS^ib hu,a ki *' Akhir yih l^alat apni pahunchayi." 
Main ne kaha, '*Ab to jo hu,a so hu,S; mal se bhi ]^a:^ir thS ; jan 
bhi ta^dut: ki ; us ki khushi yunhi hu,i, to kya karun.** 

Yih sunkar, ek khidmatgar mere pas chhorkar, masjid men gaya ; 
namaz aur khutbe se farS^at karkar, jab bahar nikla Fat:ir ko ek 
miyane men <lSlkar, apne sath khidmat men us paii beparwa ki 
lejSkar, chi]^ ke bahar bai^haya. Agarchi meri ruhaf kuchh ba^ na 



rah! thf, par nmddat talak shab o roz us pan ke pas ittiflE!^ rabne ka 
bu,a tha ; jSn biyhkar begSne bokar, Kboje se pucbbn€ lag! " Yib 
kaun bai ?'* Us mard-Sdmi ne kaba, ** Yib wabi kam-bakbt i bad 
na^Ib bai, jo l^u^ur ki kbafigi aur 'itab men para tba ; usi sabab se 
is ki jib i^urat ban! bai ; 'isbl^ kl Sg se jala jSta bai ; barcband 
afisUjOn ke pani se bujbSta bai, par wub duni bha|«kti bai ; kucbh 
la,ida nabln bota; 'alawa, apni ta^$ir kl kbijalat se mu,S jata 
baij' Par! ne tbatboli se farmSya, " Kyun jbutb bakta bai? 
Babut din bu,e, us ki kbabar watan pabuncbne kl, mujbe khabar- 
daron ne dl bai ; wa AUabu alamu, yib kaun bai, aur tu kis ka zikr 
karta bai?*' Us dam Kbwgjarsara ne batb jorkar iltimas kiyS; 
** Agar jan ki amSn pa,ufL ; to 'arz karuu. FarmayS, " Kab ; ten 
jan tujbe bakbsbi.'* Khoja bola **Ap ki zat ^dr-dSn bai; wSste 
Kbuda ke, cbilwan ko darmiyan se ufbwgkar pabcbaniye, aur is kl 
bekasi ki ^at par raJ^ kijiye. Na-^k^sbinasi kbub nabin ; ab is 
ke aJbiwal par jo kucbb tars kba,iye, baja bai, aur ja,e sawab bai ; 
age ijiadd i adab ; jo mizSj i mubSrak men awe, sobi bibtar bai." 

Itne kabne par, muskurakar farmaya, *' Bbala ; ko,i bo, isd 
daru-sb-sbifa men rakbo ; jab bbalS cbanga boga, tab us ke al^wSl ki 
pursish ki ja,egi." Kboje ne kabS, *' Agar apne dast i kba§9 se 
gulab is par cbha^kiye, aur zaban se kucbh farma^iye, to is ko apne 
jine ka bbarosS bandbe. Na-ummedi buri cbiz bai; dunya ba- 
umraed 4^aam bai." Is par bbi, us pari ne kucbb na kaba. Yib 
sawal jawab sunkar, main bbi apne ji se ugta raha tba ; nidbarak 
bol-utba, ki ** Is taur ki zindagi ko dil nablfi cbabta ; pai^wofi to 
gor men latka-cbuka bun : ek roz maroa bai, aur *ilaj mera Badsbah- 
zadi ke bStb mefi bai; karen ya na karen, wo janen." Bare, 
Mu^libu-1-^ulQb ne us sang-dil ke dil ko narm kiya; mihrbSn 
bokar farmaya, " Jald padsbabi Hakimon ko ^lazir karo," WoiihiA 
Tabib akar jama' bu,e; nabz ]^ura dekbkar babut gbaur ki; 
^birasb, taabkhig men fbabra, ki yib shakb? kabin 'asbil^ bu,a bai ; 
siwa,e wa^l ma'sbu]^ ke, is ka kucbb 'ilaj nabin : jis wal^t wub mile, 
yib (^il^Jj^t pawe. Jab Hakimon ki bbi zabani yihi marz mera 
gSbit bu,a, $ukm kiya. ** Is jawSn ko garmabe men leja,o, nablakar, 
kbaggi posbak pabnakar, ^uzur mefi le-ao.** Wonbiii mujbe babar 
le-gaye, };iammam karwa, acbcbbe kapre pabna, kbidmat men pari ki 
tita^r kiya. Tab wub naznin tapak se boli, " Tu ne mujbe baitbe- 
bitbSye na-]^a^^ bad-nam aur ruswa kiya; ab aur kyS kiya-cbahta 
bai ? Jo tere dil men bai. ^af i^f bayan kar." 

Ya Ful^a ! us wat:t yib 'Slam bu,a, sbadi marg bo ja,un ; kbusbi 
ke mare, aisa pbulS, ki jame men na samSta tba, aur ^urat sbakl 
badal gayi ; sbukr Kbuda ka kiya, aur us se kaba, ** Is dam sSri 
Imikimi ap par kbatm bu,i, ki mujb se murde ko ek bat men zinda 
kiyS ; dekbo to ! us waf^t se is wa^t tak, mere abwal men kya farlj: 



ho-gayS ?** Yih kahkar, tin bSr gird phira, aur sSmhne Skar kha;^ 
hu,S, aur kahS ; " Huijsur se yuh ^ukm hota hai, ki jo tere ji meh 
ho, so kah ; bande ko haft i^im kl sal](anat se zijada jih hai, ki 
gbarib-nawazi karkar, is *Sjiz ko ]^bul kijije, aur apne ]^dam-bo8i 
se sar-farazi dijiye." Ek lam^^ to sunkar ghote meix gayi ; phir kan- 
ankhofi se dekhkar kahS, " Baifho ; turn ne khidmat aur waf)S;-dSil 
aisl-hl k! hai, jo kuchh kaho so phabti hai ; aur apne bhi dil par 
nal^h hai ; khair. ham ne ^bUl kiyS. 

Usi din achchhi sa'at, subh-lagan men, chupke chupke, ^a^ ne 
nikS^ parh-diya. Ba*d itnl mihsAt aur afat ke, KhudS ne yih din 
dikhSya, ki mai& ne apne dil ka mudd a paya ; lekin jais! dil meia 
Srzu us pail se ham-bistar hone ki thl, waisi-hi ji men bekali us 
wSridat i 'ajib ke malum kame ki thi, ki aj tak maifi ne kuchh na 
samjhS, ki yih pari kaun hai, aur wuh Habshi sa&wla sajila (jis ne ek 
purze kaghaz par itni ashrafiyoA ke badre mere If&^sAe kiye) kaun 
tha, aur taiyari ^[dyafat ki BSdshShofi ke la,i^ ek pahar men kyiinkar 
huj, aur we donofi begunah us majlis men kis liye mare gaye, aur 
sabab khafagi aur bemuruwati ka, bawajud khidmat-gnzSri aur nSz- 
bardari ke, mujh par kya hu,S, aur phir ekbargi is 'ajiz ko yufi 
sar-buland kiya. Gharaz. isi waste, ba'd rasm rusumSt 'al^d ke, Sfh 
din talak, ba-wa^f is ishtiySI^ ke, rSt ko sSth sotS, din ko yu&hin ufh 
khara hota. 

Ek din maifme bedha^k hokar kahS, '* Ai jSni! munsifisharj^ hai ; 
Sdmi ko chahiye, ki in^Sf se na chiike." Boli, " Ab kyS in^Sf rah- 
gaya hai ? Jo kuchh bona thS, so ho chukS,*' FaiUpi ne kaha, "WS^jdl, 
hajfi. arzu aur murSd meri yihi thi, so miyhe mili : lekin dil merS 
dubdhe men hai, aur dodU admi ki kha^ir pareshSn rahti hai ; us se 
kuchh ho nahin sakta ; insSniyat se khSrij ho jata hai. MaiA ne 
apne dil met. yih Iptul kiya th3, ki ba'd is nikaj^ ke, (ki 'ain dil ki 
shadi hai) ba':^ ba'zi batefi (jo khiyal mefi nahii^ RiSn, aur nahift 
khultafi) Hu:^r men puchhunga; ki zabSn i raubSrak se us kS 
baySn sunufi, to ji ko taskin ho.'' Us pari ne chin ba jabin hokar 
kaha, " EyS khub ? abhi se bhul-gaye ? Yad karo ; barhS ham ne 
kaha hai, ki hamSre kam meii hargiz dakhl na kijiyo ; aur kisi bst 
ke muta'rri? na hojiyo ; khilaf i ma'mul yih be-adabi kami kya lazim 
hai ?" Fa]^ ne hanskar kahS, " Jaisi aur be-adabiySA mu'Sf kame 
ka ^ukm hai, ek yih bhi ^a^il^." Wuh pari namreh badalkar, tehe 
mefi akar, ag kS bagilla ban-gayi, aur boli, ** Ab tti bahut sar-charhg ; 
jS ; apna kam kar ; in baton se tujhe kyS fa,ida hoga ?* Maiii ne 
kahS, " Dunya men apne badan ki sharm sab se ziyada hoti hai, 
lekin ek dusre ka walpf i kar hota hai ; pas jab aisi chiz dil par 
rawa rakhi, to aur kaun sa bhed chhipSne ke la,i^ hai ?'* 

Meri is raniz ko wuh pari waljiuf se daryaft karkai*, kahne lagT, 
** Yih bst sach hai ; par ji meii yih soch fita hai, ki agar mujh nigorl 


ka raz iSsh ho, to ba^ tdyamat mache." Main bola, "Yih kya 
mazkur bai? Bande kl j^araf se jih khiyal dil men oa la,o, aur 
khuabi 86 sari kaifijat, jo bit! bai, fjEuina,o ; bargiz bargiz main dil se 
zabaa tak na la,unga ; kisu ke kan papia kja imkan bai.'' Jab us ne 
dekba ki ab siwa,e kabne ke is 'aziz se cbbutkara nabin, nachar 
bokar boll, " In baton ke kabne mefi babut-si )^arabijan bain ; tu 
kbwab-na-kbwah darpai bu«a ; kbair ! ten kbajir 'aziz bai, is liye 
apni sarguzasbt bajan karti bun; tujbe bbl us ka posbida rakbna 
zarur bai ; kbabar sbarj^." 

Gbaraz babutsi takid karkar, kabne lagi, ki '* Main badbakbt 
mulk Dimasb]^ ke Sultan kl beta bun, aur wub salatmon se bapa 
Badsbab bai ; siwa,e mere ko,I lai'ka-bala us ke yabau nabln hu,a ; 
jis din se main paida bu,i, ma bap ke saye men naz o nimat, aur 
kbusbi kburrami se pall Jab bosb aya, tab apne dil ko khub suraton 
aur nazninon ke, satb lagaya ; cbunancbi sutbri sutbri pari-zad bam- 
joli Umra-zadiya£L mu9a|;iibat men, aur acbcbbi j^bul-surat bam'-umr 
kbawaggen saheliyan khidmat men rabti tbin. Tamasba nacb aur 
rag rang ka bamesba dekba kartI; dunya ke bbale bure se kucbb 
sarokar na tba ; apni befikri ke 'alam ko dekbkar siwa,e Kbuda ke 
sbukr ke, kucbb muiib se na nikalta tba. 

Ittifa]^an j^abi at ]ibud ba khud aisi bemaza bu,I, ki na mu$a];iibat 
kisu ki bbawe, na majlis kbusbi ki kbusb awe ; sauda,i sa mizaj ho 
gaya ; dil udas aur i^rSn ; na kisu ki §;urat acbcbbi lage, na bat 
kabne sunne ko ji cbabe. Men yih ^lalat dehkar, da,i, dada, chho- 
ebbo, anga sab ki sab mutafakkir bu,in ; aur ]^dam par gime lagin. 
Yibi Khwaja-sara namak-lialal, l^dim se mera ma];^ram aur hamraz 
hai ; is se ko,i bat makhfi nabin ; men wa^ishat deklikar bola, 
** Agar Badsbabzadi tho]^ sS sharbat waral^u-1- khiyal ka, nosh i jan 
farmawen, to aghlab bai, ki Jtabi at bat^ bo jawe, aur isLrlfat mizaj 
me£i awe." Us ke is tarati ke kabne se, mujbe bhi shau^ hu^a ; tab 
main ne farmaya, '* Jald ]|^ir kar/' 

Maballi babar gaya ; ek ^urai^ usi sharbat ki takalluf se banSkar, 
barf men lagSkar, lafke ke bath liwakar aya. Main ne piya ; jo 
kucbb us ka fa,ida bayan kiya tba, waisabi dekba ; us vfSLift, us 
khidmat ke in am men ek bhari kbilat Khoje ko 'inayat ki, aur 
l^ukm kiya ki '* Ek ^ura]^ bamesba bila-nagha isi wat:t liazir kiya 
kar." Us din se yih mu^arrar hii,a, ki Khwaja-sara ^ura]^ us 
chhokre ke bath liwa-lawe ; aur bandi pi-jawe. Jab us ka nasha 
$ulu' hota, to us ki labr men us la^ke, se thattha mazakh karkar dil 
bahlati tbi; wub blii jab 4^th hu,S, tab acbcbbi acbcbbi mifbi 
mithi batefL karne laga ; aur achambbe ki na|0en lane ; balki ab-obi 
bhi bhame, aur siskiyan lene ; $urat to us ki j^araJbidar, la,i^ dekhne 
ke tbi ; be-ikhtiyar ji chahne laga; main, dil ke shau^: se aurathkbe- 
lijot ke ^u^: se, bar roz in am bakhshish dene lagi, par wub 


kambakht, waise kapron se, jaise bamesha pahne rahta tba, ]^uzur 
men ata ; baiki wub libas bbi mails kucbaila bo-jata. 

Ek din pucbba, " Tujbe sarkar se itna kucbb mils, par tu ne apnl 
9urat ^aisl ki waisl-bi pareshSn banS rakbi ; kyS sabab bai ? We 
rupai kabSn ? kbarch kiye, yS jama' kar-rakbe ?" Lafke ne ye 
kbatir-dari kl baten jo sunlfi, aur mujbe apnS alLwSl'pursSn pSya, 
ansu dabdabakar kabne laga, ** Jo kucbb ap ne is ^ulam ko *inSyat 
kiyS, sab ustad ne le-liyS ; mujbe ek paisS nabin diya ; kahan se 
dusre kap^e bana,un, jo paban^u: ]^uzur mefi S,un? 'is men meil 
i&^lr nSbIn ; main lacbSr bufi." Is gh&nbi ke kabne par us ke, 
tars ayS ; "wonbm KbwSja-sara ko farmSya, " Aj se is larke ko apni 
i^uJt^bat men tarbiyat kar» aur libSs acbcbbS taiyar karwSkar pabna, 
aur laun^on men befa,ida kbelne kudne na de : balki apni khusbi 
yib bai, ki Sdab la,i]^ Hu^ur kl k^idmat ke sikbe, aur l^Szir rabe." 
Khwaja-sara muwSfi]^ farmSne ke bajS ISya, aur meri mar?I jo udbar 
deklii, nibayat us ki khabar-giri karne lagS. Tbo^e dinon men fa- 
raghat aur khush-khuri ke sabab se, us kS rang raughan kucbb ka 
kucbb bo-gaya, aur kencbll si 4^-di. Main apne dil ko barcband 
sambbalti, par us kSfir ki $urat jl men aisi kbub-gayi thi ; yibi jl 
cbabta, ki mSre pySr ke, use kalije mefi 4^1-rakbufL, aur apni Snkbofi 
se ek pal juds na karun. 

Akhir. us ko mu^S^^ibat mefi dakhil kiyS, aur kbil'&tefi tara^ i^n}). 
ki, aur jawSbir rang barang ke pahnSkar, dekbS-karti. BSre, us ke 
nazdik rabne se Snkbon ko sukb, kalije ko (ban^bak bu,i. Har darn 
us ki khatirdan karti ; eH^j^ ko, meri yib ^lat pabuncbi, ki agar ek 
dam kucbb zaruri kam ko, mere sStnbne se jStS, to mujbko cbain na 
ata. £a*d ka,i baras ke, wub bSligh bu,S, masefi bbigne la^, cbbab 
takbti durust bu,i; tab us kS cbarcbS bSbar darbSriyofi men bone 
lags. DarbSn aur rawanne, mew^e, baridar aur yasawal, cbobdar 
us ko ma];Lall ke andar ane-jSne se mana' karne lage. Akhir. us ka 
ana mau^uf bu,S. Mujbe to us baghair kal na pa^ti tbi ; ek dam 
pobaf tba. Jab yib a^wSl na-ummidi ka sunS, aisi bad l^awass bo 
gayi, goya, mujb par t:iyamat tnjfl. ; aur yib l^alat bu,i, ki na kucbb 
kab-sakti bufi, na us bin rab-sakH bun ; kucbb bas nabin cbal-saktS. 
Ilabi kyS karun? 'Ajab .taraJt^ ka ]^la^ bu,a; mare beJ^rSri ke, usi 
nia|;ialli ko (jo merS bbedu thS) bulSkar kaba, ki ** Mujbe ghaur aur 
pardSkht is larke ki man.i^ur bai ; bilfi'al 9a1a|^ i wa]^t yib bai, ki bazSr 
asbrafi punji dekar, cbauk ke cbaurabe mefi, dnkSn jaubari Id karwS 
do ; to tijSrat karke, us ke nafa* se apni gugran faraghSt se kiyS 
kare ; aur mere ma];^dl ke ^lib ek (laweli acbcbhe na]j:she ki, rabne 
ke liye banwa-do. Laun$ ghulSm. naukar cbakar jo i^arur bon, mol 
lekar, aur darmabS mu^an^ karkar, us pas rakbwS-do ; ki kisH 
ffiLTS^ be-arSm na bo.*' ^bwi^a-sara ne us ki bud-o bash ki, aur 
jauhan-pane aur tijarat ki/sab taiySri kar-di. Tho^e 'ar^e men, us kl 




dukan aisi chamki, aur namud hu,i, ki jo khirate& fakhira, aur 
jawahir i besh-|pmat sarkSr men, Badshah ki, aur Amiron ki darkSr 
maj^ub hote, usi ki yahan baham pahunchte. JLhista abista yih 
dtikaa jami, ki jo tu^a bar -ek mulk ka cbahe, wabin mile ; sab 
jaubarijon ka io:^-gar us ke age mundS bo-gaya. Ghara?^ us sbabr 
men ko,i barabari us ki na kar-sakta, balki kisi mulk mefi waisS ko,i 
na thS. 

Isi karobar men us ne to iSkbon rupai kamaye ; par judS,i us ki 
roz ba roz nu)^an mere tan badan kfi kame lagi ; ko,I tadbir na ban- 
ayi, ki us ko dekbkar apne dil ki tasalli karufi. Nidan, ^Siji ki 
hbStir, usi wS^^f i kar M^iialli ko bulSya, aur kaba, " Ko,i aisi ^urat 
ban nahin ati, ki garS us ki ^Hrat maifi dekbun, aur apni jan ko ^abr 
dun ? Magar yih jfiialjL bai, ki ek surang us ki l^weli se kbudwakar 
maliall mefi mila-do."* Hukm kartebi, ka,i dinon meh aisi naljiab 
taiyar bu,i, ki jab sabi sSfyb boti, cbupke-bi wub Khwaja-sara us 
jawan ko usi rSb se le-ata. Tamam sbab sbarab, kabsb, 'aish o 
*isbrat men katti ; maia us ke milne se arSm pati ; wub mere dekbne 
se khush bota. Jab fajr kg tSrS nikalta, aur muwazzin azSn detS, 
Malj^Ul USI rab se, us jawan ko us ke ghar pabuncha-deta. In 
baton se 8iwa,e us Khoje ke, aur do daiyofi ke (jinbo^ ne mujbe 
dudb pilaya aur pala tba,) cbautba admi koi walpf na tba. 

Ek muddat is .tarati se gu^ri. Ek roz kfi yib zikr bai ; muwafi^: 
ma'mtil ke, Kboja, jo us ko bulane gayS, dekbe to wub jawan 
fikrmandsa cbupka bai^bs: bai. Ma^alll ne puchha, *' Aj kbair bai *? 
Kyun aise dilgir bo rahe-bo ? Chalo Huzur men, yad farmayS bai ** 
Us ne bargiz kucbh jawab na diya, zabSn na bilayi. KhwSja-sara 
apna sa munb lekar, akela pbir ayS ; a^iwal us ka *arz kiya ; mere 
ta,in sbai.tan jo kbarab kare, is par bbi mu^abbat us ki dil se na 
bbuli. Agar yib janti, ki 'isbl;: aur chab aise namak-l^aram bewail 
ki, akllir ko badnam aur ruswa karegi, aur nang o namUs sab tbikSne 
lagega, to usi dam us kam se baz ati, aur tauba karti ; pbir us kS 
nSm na led ; na apna dil us be];LayS ko deti. Par bonS to yun tbfi ; 
is liye ^larakat bejS us ki ^atir men na layi, aur us ke na ane ko, 
ma'sbu]^on ka cbocbla aur naz samjba ; us kS natija yib dekba, ki is 
sarguzasbt se, baghair dekbe bbale, tu bbi wSkif bH,a; naMh to, 
main kaban aur tu kaban? Kbair, jo bu,a so bu,S. Is kbar- 
dimagbi par us gadbe ki kbiy&l na kar; dobara Kboje ke bath 
paigham bbeja, ki " Agar tu is wal^t nabifi awega, to main kisu na 
kisu 4bab se wobiji ati bnn. Lekin mere fine men, bail l^babat 
bai ; agar yib raz fasb bo, to tere l^a^]^ men babut bura bai ; aisS 
kam na kar, jis men, siwa,e ru8wS,i ke, aur kuchb pbal na mile ; 
bibtar yibi bai, jald chale; a ; nahifi to, mujbe pahuncha jSn." Jab 
yib sandesa gaya, aur ishtiyfik mera nipat dekba, bbundi si ^lirat 
banaye bu,e, naz nakhre se Sya. 





Jab mere pas baitiba, tab main ne us se puchhS, ki " Aj rukfiwaf 
aur ^bafagi kk kya ba'ig bai ? Itni sbokl^i aor gustakhl tu ne kabbu 
na ki tbi; bamesba bila-'uzr l^S^ bota tba." Tab us ne kaba, ki 
*' Main gum-nam gbarib. Hu^ur kl tawajjub se, aur dSman i daulatke 
ba'is, is ma]^dur ko pabuncba ; babut aram se zindagi ka^tl bai ; ap 
ke jSn o mcQ ko du'S karta bun ; yib tatj:§ir Badsb^-zadl ke mu*^ 
kame ke bbarose, is gunabgar se sarzad bu,i; ummedwar *afu ka 
bufi." Main to jan o dil se use cb&bti tbl ; us ki banawaj; ki baton 
ko man-liya, aur sbararat par nazar ua kl; balki pbir dildari se 
pucbba, '* Kya tujb ko aisi musbkil kafbin pesb ayi, jo aisa muta- 
fiakkir bo raba bai ? Us ko *ar? kar ; us ki bbi tadblr ho-jS,egI." 

QbaraZf us ne apni khaksari kl rab se, yibi kaba ki " Mujb ko sab 
musbkil bai, aur ap ke rubaru sab SsSn bai." Akbir, us ke fiELt|iwa,e 
kalam, aur bat kaba,u se, yib kbula, ki ** Ek bagb nibayat sarsabz, 
aur 'imarat i *aili, l^au?, tslab, ku,e pukbta samet gbulSm kl (laweli 
ke nazdik naf i sbabr men bika,u bai ; aur us h&gj^ ke sStb ek 
Laun^i bbi gS,in, ki ilm i musi]^ men kbnb salll^ rakbtl bai ; lekin 
je donon bSiam bikte baifi, na akels bSgb. *' jaise Viiit ke gale meii 
biUl ;" jo ko,I wub bs^ lewe, us kaniz kl bbi Jpm&t dewe ; aur 
tamasba yib bai, b&gb kS mol bazar rupai, aur us bSndl ka baba 
pSncb lakb. Fidwi se itne rupai bilfi*! saranjam nabm bo sakte." 
Maifi ne us kS diL babut be-ikbtiySr sbau]): meh un kl kbaridfirl ke 
paya; isl wSste dil ba^ran, aur jtbafa paresban tbfi; bawajudeki 
rUbarn mere pSs baitba tbS, tab bbi us kS cbibra mallu aur jl udSs 
ihS,, Mujbe to kbatir*dari us kl, bar gluqfl aur bar pal mangur tbi ; 
osl wa^t Kbwaja-sara ko ^ukm kiya, ki *' Kal ^ub^ ko, ^mat us 
bggb Isi, laun^i samet cbuksikar, ]^bsla bagb ka, aur kbatt kanlzak 
ka Ukbwakar, is sbaJkb? ke liawale karo, aur malik ko zar i ]pmat 
Jibazana i amira se dilwa do.** 

Is parwanagi ke suntebi, adsb baja layS, aur mu&b par robat Syl ; 
sSri rat usi l^,ide se (jaise bamesba guzarti tbi,) bafisi kbusbl se 
kata; fajr botebl wub rukbi^t bu,a. Khoje ne muwafi]^ farmaue ke 
us bagb ko aur laun^ ko kbarid kar-diya, pbir wub jawan rat ko 
muwafi]^ ma^mul ke aya jaya kartS. Ek roz babar ke mausim mefL» 
ki makan bbi dil-cbasp tba ; badli gbaman^-rabl tbi ; pbufibiySn pa^ 
rabi& tbin; bijll bbi kaundb rabi tbi; aur bawa narm narm babtX 
^tbi ; gbara?. ajab kaif iyat us dam tbi. Jonbin rangbarang ke ^ubab 
aur gulabiyan i^ot, par cbuni bu,in na^r pafin ; dil lalcbayS, ki ek 
gbufit lun. Jab do tin piySlon ki naubat pabuncbi, wonbifi kbiy al 
us bagb i nau-kbarid ka guzrS ; kamSl sbau]}: bu,a. ki ek dam is 
'alam men waban ki sair kiya cbabiye. " Eam-bajjJiti jo awe, unt 
cba^be, kutta kate, acbcbi taral^ baithe baitbaye." Ek Da,i ko satb. 
lekar, surang ki rab se, us jawan ke makan mei^ gayi ; waban se 
bSgb ki taiuf cbali. Dekba to (bik us bagh ki babar bibisbt ki 




barSbari kar rahi hai. Kajre mefih ke darkhton ke sabz-sabz pattoA 
par jo pare faain, gojS zumomid ki patriyo A par moti jap haih ; aur 
surl^ phulofi ]u us abr mefi aisi cbuhcbuhi lagti hai, jaise shim ko 
shafal^ phule hai ; aur nahreA labslab mfinind fiBursh i a,ine ke nazar 
Sti hai JL, aur maujefi larhrStl haifi. 

Ghara?. us bagh met. bar .faraf sair karti phirti thi, ki din ho 
chuka; siyahi sham kl namud hu4. Itne men wuh jawan, ek 
rawish par nazar ajS, aur mujhe dekh, bahut adab aur garm-joshi 
se Sge barhke, merS hath apne hath par dharkar, bSrah-daiT ki 
j^raf le-chala. Jab wahSfi main gajl, to wahSn ke 'alam ne, sSre 
bagh kl kaiflyat ko dil se bhulS-dijS, yih roshni ka thafh tha; 
jabaj% l^umt^ume, sarvi chirSghSn, kanwal, aur fanus i khijal, 
majlis-ibairan, aur fanusefi roshan thifi ; ki Shab i barat, bawujud 
chandni aur chiraghan ke, us ke Sge andheri lagtl. £k taraf 
atash-bazi, phul-jhari, anar, da,udl, bhuchampS marwarid mahtabi, 
hawa,i, charkhi. hathphul, jshl, johl, pa^akhe. sitare chhute the. 
Is 'ar§e men badal phat-gaya, aur chSnd nikal-aya, bi-'ainihi jaise 
nafarmani jora pahue hu,e, ko,i ma'shul^ nazar a-jata hai; barl 
kaiflyat hu,I. Ohandni chhitaktehl, jawan ne kahS, '' Ab chalkar 
bagh ke bala-khane par baithiye." Main aisi altima]^ hogayi thi, ki 
jo wuh nigo|u kahta, so maifi maa-letl; ab yih nach nachaya, ki 
mujh ko upar le gaya. Wuh kofha aisa buland tha, ki tamam 
shahr ke makan aur bazar ke chiraghan, goya us ke pa,m-bagh the. 
Main us jawan ke gale men hath (jUQe hu,e, khushi ke alam meia 
baithi thi; itne men ek ran^i nihayat bhun^i-si, ^urat na-shakl^ 
chulhe men se nikal, sharab ka shisha hath men liye hu,e, 
a-pahunchl. Mujhe us walbit us kS anS nipat bura laga, aur us ki 
9urat dekhne se dil mefi haul uthi. 

Tab main ne ghabrSkar, jawan se ptichha, " Yih tuhfa i *illat kaun 
hai? Tu ne kahan se paida ki hai?" Wuh jawan hath bandhkar, 
kahne laga, " Yih wahi laun^ hai, jo is bagh ke sath Huzur ki 
InSyat se kharid hu,!.'' Maifi ne maltEm kiya, ki is a^ml^ ne ban 
khwShish se is ko liya hai ; shayad is ka cQl us par ma,il hai ; isi 
khatir se, pechtab khakar, main chupki ho-rahl ; lekin dil usi wa^t 
se mukaddar hu,a, aur nakhushi mizaj par chha-gayi. Tis par 
Ijiyamat us aisetaise ne yih kl, ki Saki usi chhinal ko banaya ; us 
wal^t maift apna lahu piti tlii ; aur jaise tui^ ko ko,i kawwe ke sath 
ek pinjre men band karta hai, na jane kl fur§iat pati thI, aur na 
baithne ko Ji chahta tha. Ki^^a mukhtagar. wuh sharab buM k! 
bund thI, jis ke pine se admi ^a^wan ho ja,e. Do char jam pai- 
dar-pai usi te^ab ke jawan ko diye, aur adha piyala jawan ki minnat 
se, mai& ne bhi zahr-mar kiya. Akhir, wuh pilisht be];Laya bhi 
badmast hokar, us mardud se behuda ada,en kame lagi. 

Mujhe yih gbairat ayi, agar us wal^t zamin phafe, tau main 


sama-ja,un ; lekin us kl dosti ke ba'ig main bOalli is par bhi chnp 
ho-rahi ; par wuh to a^l ka psjl tha ; mere is darguzar kame ko na 
samjha. Nashe kl laliar men aur bhi do piyale chafhS gaya; ki 
rahta sahta hosh jo thS, wuh bhi gum hu,a; aur meil .taraf se 
mui^^ dhai^ka ji se uthS diya. Na is bewafa men wafa, na us behayS 
men haya; *' jaisi Rult^ waise Firishte ;" meri us wa]^t yih l^Slat thi, 
jaisi ausar-chauki domni gawe tal betsl, apne upar la nat karti thI ; 
ki kyun tu yahan ayi, jis kl yih saza payl? Akhir, kaha& tak 
sahun ; mere sir se pS,on tak ag lag-gayi, aur angaron par lo^ne 
lag^. Is ghu^^e aur Jaish men, yih kahawat " Bail na kudS, kudS 
gon ; yih tamasha dekhe kaun " kahti hu,I, wahafi se uthi. 

Wuh sharabi apnl kharabi dil men socha, ki agar Badshah-zadI is 
wakt nakhush hii,i, tau kal mera kya l^al hoga, aur ^ubli ko kyS 
J^yamat machegi? ab yih bihtar hal ki is ka kam tamam kar-4alun. 
Yih irada us ghaibani kl i^alat^i se, ji men thahrakar, gale mefi pafkS 
<jial, mere pS,on akar para ; aur pagri sir se utarkar, minnat i darazX 
kame laga. Mera dil to us par latp ho raha tha ; jidhar liye phirtS 
tha, phirti thi ; aur chakki ki .tara];L main us ke iMitiyar men thi ; 
jo kcdita tha so j^rti thi. Jon tofi mujhe phusla pan^hlakar, phir 
baithlaya, aur usi sharab i do-atasha ke, do char piyale bhar bhar- 
kar, ap bhi piye, aur mujhe bhi diye. Ek to ghu?ge ke mare, jal 
bhunkar, kabab ho rahi thi; dusre aisi sharab pi, jald behosh ho 
gayi ; kuchh ^wass bal^ na rahe. Tab us beraljim namak-f^iaram 
katar sang-dil ne talwar se, mujhe ghayal kiya; balki apni danist 
mefL mar-chuka. Us dam meri afikh khuli ; tau munh se yihi niklS, 
" Khair, jaisa ham ne kiya, waisS paya ; lekin tu apne ta,in is mere 
khun i nat)LaJ||d{j: se bacha,iyo. 

MabSda ho ko,i zSlim terS gireban-gir, 
Mere lahu ko tii dSman se dho ; hu,a so hu,a. 

Kisi se yih bhed ^ahir nakijiyo, aur ham ne to tujh se jSn tak 
bhi dar guzar na ki." Phir us ko Khuda ke ]^wale karkar, merS 
jl dub-gaya ; mujhe apni sudh budh na rahi ; shayad us |^i?a,i ne 
mujhe murda khiyal kar, us ^andul^ mefi 4^kar, ]fiVe ki diwar ke 
tale latka-diya; so tune deka. Main kisi ka bura na chahti thi; 
lekin yih kharabiyan l^ismat met. likhti thin ; " mitti nahin karam 
ki rekha." In ankhon ke sabab yih kuchh dekhS; agar khub- 
9uratofi ke dekhne ka shaulj: dil men na hota, tau wuh bad-bakht 
mere gale ka .tau^ na hota. Allah ne yih kam kiya, ki tujh ko 
wahan pahuncha-diya, aur sabab meri zindagi ka kiya. Ab Jl;^iya ji 
men Sti hai, ki ye ruswaiyafi khainchkar, apne ta,i£i jitS na rakhun, 
ya kisu ko muiih na dikha,un ; par kyS karun ; mame kS ikhtiyar 
apne hath men nahin ; Khuda ne markar, phir jilayS ; age dekhiye 


kya l^mat meh bada hai. ZShir mefi to, teil dauf-dhOp aur Ujidmat 
kam Syi, jo waise zakhmon se shif2 p2yi. Tu ne jSn o mal se meri 
khajtir ki, aur jo kuchh apni bisaf thi ^j^a^ir ki. Un dinon tujhe 
bekbarch aur dodila dekhkar, woh shu^^a Sidi Bahar ko, jo mera 
kltazanchi hai, likha ; us men yihi majpmun tha, ki main khair o' 
*gfiiyat se, ab fulane makan men hun; mujh bad-.tali' ki khabar» 
Walida sharifa kl kbidmat mefi, pahunchSjyo. 

Us ne tere sSth wo kishtiyan nat^d ki, kl^Eurch kl kh^tir bhej din ; 
aur jab tujhe khil'at aur jawahir ke kharid kame ko, Yusuf saudSgar- 
bachche ki dukan par bheja, mujhe yih bharosS thS, ki wuh kam- 
]^usila harek se jald ashna ho baithtS hai ; tujhe bhi ajnabi jankar, 
aghlab hai, ki dosti kame ke liye, itrakar daVat aur ?iySfat karega. 
So mera man^uba thik bai^hS ; jo kuchh mere dil men khiyal aya 
tha, us ne waisa hi kiyS. Tu jab us se t^ual-k^uraf pbir ane kS 
karkar, mere pas aya, aur mihmani ki haki^t, aur us ka bajidd 
bona, mujh se kaha, main diJ men khush hu,i, ki jab tu us ke ghar 
men jakar khawe piwegS, wuh dau^a chala awegS ; is liye tujhe jald 
rukhgat kiyS. 

Tin din ke pichhe, jab tu wahSfi se farSgbat karke aya, aur 
mere rubaru *uzr ^piir-ljia^ri ka, sharmindagi se laya, main ne 
teri tashaffi ke liye, farmaya '* Kuchh muza,ika nahiii, jab us ne 
razS; di, tab tu aya ; lekin besharmi khub nahin, ki dusre ka i]^san 
apne sir par rakhiye, aur uska badla na kijiye ; ab tu bhi jakar, 
uski istid'a kar, aur apne sath le S." Jab tu us ke ghar gay a, tab 
maifL ne dekha, ki yahan kuchh asbsb mihman-dfiri kfi taiyar nahi& ; 
agar wuh a-jawe, to kya karufi ; lekin yih fur§At pSyi, ki is mulk 
men kadim se Badshahon ka yih ma'mul hai, ki a^ mahine kar o 
bar i mulki aur mali ke waste, mulk-giri men bahar rahte haifi, aur 
char mahine mausim barsfit lf.e, ]fjl'e mubarak met julns farmate 
hain. Un dinon do char mahine se BsdshSh, ya ne wali i ni'mat 
mujh bad-bakht ke, bandobast ki khajtir, mulk-^ri ko tashrif le 
gaye the. 

Jabtak tu us jawan ko sSth lekar Swe, Sidi Bahar ne mera a]|^wfil 
khidmat men Bsdshah begam ki (ki waLida mujh napak ki hain) 
'ar? kiyS ; phir main apni tak^ir aur gunSh se khajil hokar, unke 
rubarti jakar khap hu,i, aur jo sargu^afiht thi, sab bayan ki. Harchand 
unhon ne mere gha,ib hone ki kaif iyat, dur-andeshi aur mihr i madii 
se chhipa rakhi thi, ki Khuda jane, us kS anjam kya ho ; abhi yih 
ruswa,i zShir kami khub nahin ; mere badle mere 'aibon ko, apne 
pet men rakh-chhorS tha ; lekin men talash men thin. Jab tnujhe 
is tiSlat mefi dekha, aur sab majarS suna; ansu bhar-la,ift aur 
farmaya, '* Ai kam-bakht na-shudani ! Tu ne jan bujhkar, nam o 
mshau Badshaliat ka sara khoya ; bazar afsos ! Aur apni zinda^ 
se bhi hath dhoya. Eash ki teri 'iwaz main patthar janti, tau ^abr 


ata. Ab bbi tauba kar; ]psinat mefi thS so hi!,S. Ab fige kvil 
karegi; jiwegi; yS maregT?" Maih ne nihayat sharmindagT se 
kahS, '* Mujh be^ayS ke na^IboA mefi bhi likha tbS, jo is bad-nSml 
aur kharabi men, aisi aisi afatofi 86 bacbkar, jitl rahun ; is se mamS- 
hi bhala tha ; agarcbi kalank kS fikS mere mfithe par lagS, par aisS 
k£m nahin kiya, jis meh mfi bSp ke nSm ko 'aib lage. 

Ab yih ba^^S dukh hai, ki we donoii be^ya mere hSth se bach- 
jSweii, aur Spas men rang raliyfifi manawe^, aur maiii un ke hSthofi 
66 yih kuchh dukh dekhuft. Haif hai ! ki mujh se kuchh na ho 
sake. Yih ummedwSr hnfi, ki khansfiman ko parwSnagl ho, tau 
asbSb ^yafioLt ka, bakhtibi tamSm, is kam-bakht ke makan meh 
taiySr kare ; tau maifi da*wat ke bahSne se, un donoii bad-bakhtoA 
ko bulwSkar, un ke 'amalofi kl sazS dUh, aur apnS Iwaij^ ItUi. Jis 
j^araJIji us ne mujh par hath chho|^, aur ghSyal kiyS, maift bhi dono& 
ke purze karUfi, tab merfi kalljS thanks ho : nahlii to, is ghugge ki 
3g men, phuk-rahi him ; sy^ir jal balkar bhnbhal ho jS,Gngi." 

Yih sunkar ammS ne fitmS ke dard se mihrbSn hokar, meil 'aib- 
posh! ki, aur sSrS lawSzima fiySfat kS usi Khiya«sara ke sSth (jtf 
merS marram hai) kar-diyS. Sab apne apne kSr khfine mefi Skar 
1^3^ ha,6. Shfim ke wa]^t ta us mii,e ko lekar SyS. Mujhe us 
\fa})ha. bandi kS bhi ana man^ thS. 

Ohunafichi phir tujhko ta^aiyud karkar use bhi bulwSyS. Jab 
wuh bhi ayl, aur majlis jami, sharSb pi pikar, sab badmast aur 
behosh hu,e, aur un ke sSth ta bhi kaif I hokar murdfi sS pafS, 
Main ne ]^ilmfi|^ani ko ])Lukm kiyS, ki un donoft kfi sir talwSr se 
kS^4Sl* Us ne wofihlfi ek dam mefi shamsher nikfil, donoA ke sir 
kaji, badan ISl kar-diye ; aur tujh par ghu^^e kS yih bSlg thS, ki 
maifL ne ijSzat ;0y5fat kl di thi, na do din ki dosti par i*timSd karke, 
sharik mai-kburi kfi ho. Albatta yih terl ^imSfpit apne ta,lfi pasand 
na Syi; it-wfisje ki jab tn pipfikar behosh hu,fi, tab tawa]}:^' rif^t 
ki tujh se kyfi rahi par teri khidmat ke IfSis^ aise merl gardan par 
haiA, ki jau tujh se abi l^Ars^t hoti hai, tau mu'af karti huft. 
" Le ; maifi ne apni hal^Ili^at ibtidfi se intihS tak, kah-sunfiyi ; ab bhi 
dil mefi kuchh aur (lawass bS]p hai? Jaise maiii ne teri khSj^ir 
karke tere kahne ko sab tara)^ ]pibQl kiya, tu bhi mera farmfinfi isi 
9tirat se 'amal met, Ifi. $ala^ i wa]^t yih hai, ki ab is shahr mefi 
rahnfi mere aur tere ]^a^ mefi, bhalfi nahlfi ; Sge tn mukbtfir hai.'* 

Yfi Ma' bud i Allfih I ShahzadI itnS farmSkar, chup-rahl. F&lflx 
to dil o jan se us ke (lukm ko, sab chiz par mu]^dam jSnta thfi, 
aur us ke mu^bbat ke jfil me& phafisa tha, bolfi, "Jo mar^i i 
mubarak mefi Swe so bihtar hai ; yih fidwi be-*uzr bajS lawegS.*' 
Jab ShfihzSdi ne mere taifi farman-bardfir o khidmatgfir apnS pHrS 
san\jh3, fSfirmSyS, '* Do gho^e chfilak aur jfinbaz, (ki chcdne mefi 
haw5 86 bStefL karefi,) Bsdsh^ ke khfi?? a^j^bal se mangwfikar, 


taiySr rakh.*' Maiii no waisehi parizad chSr gurde ke ghofe, 
chunkar, zin bandhwakar mangwaye. Jab thofi si rSt ba]}I rahl^ 
BSdshazSdi mardana libas pahfin, aur pancho& hatjar bandhkar, 
ek gbof e par sawSr hu J ; dusre markab par main musalk^ bokar 
charb-baitbS ; aur ek taraf ki rah li. 

Jab sbab tatnam bu,i, aur parcbha hone lagS, tab ek pokhar ka 
kinSre pahunche ; utarkar mu^ hfith dho,e jaldl jaldl kuchh nSshtS 
karke, phir sa^Sr bokar chale. E[abhu Malika kuchh kuchh h&teii 
karti, aur yun kahtl, ki '^ Ham ne terl khgjtir sharm ^yS, mulk, 
mal» mS bap sab chbofa ; aisS na ho, ki tu bhi us jsSlim i bewafa ki 
tara^ suluk kare." Kadhu main kuchh a(^wSl idhar udhar kS r£h 
kStne ke liye kahtS, aur us kS bhI jawab detS, ki *' B9dshSh-zSdi! sab 
Sdml ekse nahm bote ; us paji ke nuj^e meh kuchh khalal hoga, jo 
us se aisi ];iarakat wa)^' hu,I ; aur maifi ne to jan o mal turn par 
ta^ddulf: kiyS, aur turn ne mujhe bar .taraJt^ scurfarazi bakhshi ; ab 
main banda baghair damoii ka hufi. Mere chamre ki agar jutiyafi 
banwakar, pahno, to maxh ah na karufi.** Aisi aisi baton bSham 
hot! thin, aur rat din chalne se kSm thS ; kabhu jau mandagi ke 
sabab, kahlA utarte, to jangal ke charand o parand shikar karte ; 
l^Sl karke namak-dSn se Ion nikSl, chakmak se fig jhfir, bhun 
bhankar kha lete; aur ghopon ko dihof-dete; we apne mufih se 
ghSs pat char chugkar, apna pet bhar-lete. 

Ek roz aise kaf L dast maidfin men ja nikle, ki jah3& basti kS nam 
na tha, aur admi ki ^urat na^^r na fiti thi ; is par bhi Badshfih-zadi 
ki rifa^t ke sabab se, din Id our rat Shab i barat malum bote the. 
Jate jate, anuchit ek darya, (ki jis ke dekhne se kalijS pan! ho), rah 
men mila ; kinare par kha^e bokar, jau dekhS tau jahfi& talak nigSh 
ne kam kiya, pSni-hi tha. Euchh thai be^a na paya ; ya IlShi ! ab 
is samufidar se kyufikar par utreii ; ek dam isi soch mefi khafe 
rahe : akhir. yih chl men lahar a,i, ki Malika ko yahlA bithfikiur, 
maifi talSsh mefi nfi,o niwSre ki jS,un ; jab talak asbab guzSre kS 
hSth awe, tab talak, wuh naznin bhi SrSm pSwe ; tab main ne kahS 
** Ai Malika! agar ^lukm ho, to ghSt-bSt i& darya kS dekhun." 
Farmane lagi, ** Main bahut thak-gayi huA ; aur bhukhi pyasi ho- 
rahi bun ; maifi zara dam le-lun, jab tain tn pSr chalne ki kuchh 
tadbir kar. 

Us jagah ek darakht pipal ka thfi, ba^ chhatar bandhe hu,e, ki 
agar bazar sawar awen, tau dhup aur menh men, us ke tale firam 
pawefi ; wahan us ko bitliakar, mai& chala, aur cbarofi taraf dekhta 
tha, ki kahifi bhi zamui par, ya darya men, nishan insSn ka pS,ufi. 
BahuterS sir mara, par kahifi na paya ; Skhir, mayus bokar, waha& 
se phir aya; tau us pari ko pe^ ke niche na payg. Us we^t ki 
ll^alat kya kahun ? Ki surt jati rahi, diwana ba,ola ho-gaya ; kabhtl 
darakht par cha^h-jata, aur 4^1 (jial pat pat phlrta; kabhu hfith 


pS,o£L chhorkar, zamm par girtS ; aur us darakbt kl jar ke Sspas 
ta^addu^ hota. Eadhu chinghSr markar apnl bebasi par rotS ; aur 
kabhu pach chham se purab ko dau^S jata ; kadhu uttar se dakban 
ko phir ata. Qhaxsi^, bahuteri \fhSk cbhani, lekin us gauhar i 
na-yab ki nishanl na pa,i. Jab merS kuchh bas na chalS, tab rotS 
aur kbak sir par urStS hu,a, talash har-kaliifi kame lagS. 

Di] meh yih kbiyal Sya, ki shSyad koj jin us pari ko ufihStkac 
le-gaja, aur mujh ko yih dggh de-gaya ; ya us ke mulk se ko J us ke 
pichhe laga chala ata tha, us wa!^t akela pakar, mana-munukar, pbir 
Sbam kl taraf le ubhra. Isi kbiyglo& mefi gbabrakar, kapf e-wapi'e 
phenk'phank diye ; nangS-manga Fa^ bankar, ShSm ke mulk 
men, i^ub^ se sham tak dhufit^bta phirS; aur rSt ko kahii^ pap 
rahta. Sara jahan raund mSra, par apni, Badsbk-zadI ka nSm o 
nisban kisi se na suna ; na sabab ^S,ib hone ka malum hu,a. Tab 
dil men yih aya, ki jab us jSn kS tu ne kuchh patS na pSyS, tau ab 
jinS (laif hai. Kisi jangal meijL ek pahSf nazar SyS ; tab us par 
chaifh-gaya, aur yih irada kiya, ki apne ta^ifi girS-dufi ; ki ek dam 
men sir munh paththroii se takrSte takrSte phut-jawegS ; tau aisi 
mu^ibat se ji chhut-jawegS. 

Yih dil me& kahkar, chahta huii ki apne tajfi girS,u£i, balki 
pS,on bhi utb-chuke the ; ki kisu ne mera hath paka|^-liya ; itne 
mefi bosh a-gaya ; dekhtS hufi to ek sawSr i sabz-posh, munh par 
nal^b ^e, mujhe farmSta hai, ki '* Eyufi tu apne mame ka l^^d 
kartS hai ? Khuda ke fa?l se nS-ummed hona kufr hai, jab talak 
sans hai, tab talak as hai; ab tho^e dinofi meii Rum ke mulk 
men, tin Darwesh tujh-sar rakhe, aisl-hl mu^Ibat mefi phase hu^ey 
aur aise-hi tamSshe dekhe hu,e, tujh se mula^^t karenge ; aur 
\7ahafL ke BadshSh kS Azad-bakht nSm hai; us ko bhi ek barl 
mushkil dar-pesh hai; jab wuh bhi tum charoii Fa|profi ke sath 
milega, tau harek ke dil ka maj^ab aur murSd jo hai ba-khubi Ij&^i] 

Maifi ne rikab pakapkar bosa diya, aur kahS, ''Ai KhudS ke 
Wall ! Tumhare itne-hi farmSne se, mere dil pur-i^j^irSr ko tasalll 
hu,i ; lekin KhudS ke was.te yih farma^ye, ki Sp kaun haifi ; Aur 
ism i shanf kyS hai ?" Tab unhofi ne farmfiyS, ki " Murta^S *Ali 
mera nam hai« aur mera yihl kam hai, ki jis ko jo mushkil kafhin 
pesh awe, tau maifi us ko Ssan kar-dufi." Itna farmayfi, ki nazarofi 
se poshlda ho gaye. Bare, is Fa|jir ne apne maula i mushkil-kusha 
kl basharat se, khatir jama'kar, l$&^d Kustuntamya ka kiyS. Rah 
men jo kuchh mu^Ibaten Ijismat meii likhln, thi, khenchtS hu,a us 
Badsbah-zadiklmulal^atke bharose, yahafi tak a pahuncha ; aur apnl 
khush-nagibi se, tumhari khidmat met. musharraf hu,a* Hamare 
tumhare apas meii mulaljiat to hu,!, baham $u^bat aur batchit 
muyassar S,i; ab chahiye, ki Badshah Xzad-bakht se bh! ru-shiuas 

D 2 


aar jSn-pahchSn ho* Ba*d ub ke mu|^arraf ham panchon apne mal^- 
^ad i dill \o pahunchenge ; tarn bhi du'S mfingo, aur fimin kaho. 
YS Hadi ! Is ll^urSn sar-gardfin Id sar-gosasht jih thi, jo l^u^ui mefi 
DarweshofL ke kah-sunfiyi; ab Sge dekhiye, ki kab yih mihnat aur 
gham hamSrS, BadshSzSdi ke mibie se, kboshl o khuirami ae badal 
ho.*' Azfid-baUit ek kone met, chipS hu,5, chapka dhySn lagaye, 
pahle Darwesh k5 mlQarS sankar, khush htt,5 ; phir dusre Darwesh 
ki ]bia!^I1|:at ko sunne lagS. 



Jab dttsre Darwesh ke kalme ki naubat pahonchl, wuh ohSr-zfintX 
ho baitihS, aor bolfi. 

" Ai ySro ! Is Fa^ kS fok migarS suno. 
Mai& ibtidS se kahtfi htift, tS intihS suno. 
Jis kS *ill3 kar nahifi saktS ko,I Hak&n, 
HaigS hamSrS dard nipat Ifi^wS suno. 

Ai dalj^-posho ! Tih *Sjiz Bsashaih-zSda FSrs ke mulk kfi hai ; bar 
&im ke adml wahSA paidS bote bain; cbungftcbi " I^fiabfin ni^f i 
jabSn" masbbnr bai ; Imft i^Jim met. us i^llm kX barSbar ko4 willyat 
nabiji ; kl wabiEft kS sitSra fiftSib bai, aur wuh sStoft kawSkib met. 
naiyir i a*j;am bai ; Sb o bawS wabS& ki kbusb, aur log rosban-Jaba*, 
aur ^Stiib i saltHfB, bote baiii. Mere IfCibla-gitb ne, (jo BSdsbfib us 
mulk ke tbe) lafakpan se, ]^,ide aur t^Snun sal.tanat ke tarbijat 
kame ke wfis.te, ba^e bare dSnfi ustSd barek *ilm o kasab ke, 
cbunkar, meil at§3l|^ ke lije muVarrar kije tbe, tau tal&n i kfimil 
bar nau* ki p2£kar, i&hjl bon. KhudS ke fa?l se cbaudab baras ke 
sin sltl me&, sab 'ilm se mSbir h%& ; guftgQ i mal^nl nisbast o 
barkbfist i pasandida, aur jo kucbb Bfidsbfiho^ ko lS,it: aur darkSr 
bai, sab ^il kiyS; aor yibi sbau|f: sbab o roz tbS ki ^bilo& kl 
9tt^bat me& Ip^^e barek mulk ke, aur a^wlQ ullil*azm BSdsbfihofi aur 
nfim-Swaroft kS, sunS^kaTuik. 

£k roz ek ^fit^b i dSnS ne kbnb tawfir^-dfin aur jahiSa-dida tbS, 
inagkur kiyS Id '* Agarcbi Sdmi ki zinda^ ka kucbb bbarosS nablfi ; 
lekin akgar wa^f aise baifi, ki unke sabab se insfin k5 nSm ]pjamat 
tak, zabSnoii par bakbubi cbalfi ja,egS.** Main ne kabS, " Agar 
tbofS sS a^wSl us kS mufiA99al bajSn karo, tau mai& bbi sunnA, aur 
us par 'amal kartlA.** Tab wuh sba^b? Qstim J,^ kS migarfi, is 
j^BiXBijL se kabne lagfi ki "Hfitim ke inraf^t met ek BSdsbSb 'Arab 
is. ifwaSl nfim tbS ; us ko Hfitim ke sSth basabab nSm-awari ke, 
dusbmani kamid bn,I. Babut-sfi lasbkar fauj jama* karkar, larS,i ki 
kb£j^r cbafb-SyS. HStim to KbudS-tars aur nekmard tbS; yib 
san^bS, ki agar maiii bbi jang ki taijSri karuft, tau IQpxdS kebande 
mSre jSense, aur ba^i kb^n-rezi bo^ ; us kfi 'azSb mere nfim likbfi 
ja,egfi. TSi bst socbkar, tan i tanbfi apfii jfin lekar, ek pabfif ki 
kbob mefi jfi-cbbipS. 


Jab Hatim ke ghaib hone ki khabar Naufil ko malum hu,i, 8ab 
asbab ghar-bSr Hatim ka ^ur^ kiyS ; aur manadi karwfi-dl ki jo 
koi 4bun4'4ban4kar paka^-lawe, pan-sai ashrafi Badshah ki sarkir 
86 in*&m pawe. Yih sunkar, sab ko Islach ayS, aur justju Hatim ki 
karoe lage. Ek roz ek BurbS aur us ki Bu^^ya, do tin bachche 
chhote chhote sath liye bu,e, lakpySxi topie ke wasje us ghar ke 
pas, jahafL Hatim posbida thS, pahunche ; aur lakpySn us jangal se 
chunne lage. Bufhiya boli, ki *' Agar hamSre din kucbh bbale ate, 
tau Hatim ko kahifi bam dekb-pate, aur us ko pakaykar Naufil ke 
pSs le-jate ; tau wuh pancb sau ashraft deta ; biun aram se kbate ; 
is dukb-dhande se chbutrjate.** Bu^be ne kahS, " Kya tartar karti 
bai ? Hamare tSli' men yibi likha bai, ki roz lakpyM to^peii, aur sir 
par dbarkar bazSr men becbefi, tab Ion rofi muyassar awe ; ya ek 
roz jangal se bagb le-jSwe. Le, apnS kSm kiur ; hamare bath Hstim 
kaheko awega ; aur Badshah itne rupai dilawega." 'Aurat ne 
thandbi safis bhari, aur chupkl ho-rahl. 

Ye donon ki bate& Hstim ne sunin ; mardnmi aur muruwat se 
batd jana, ki apne tajn chhipaiye, aur jan ko bacbaiye, aur in dono& 
becbSi'on ko majlab tak na pahunchsiye. Sach bai, agar admi men 
rahm nabin tau wuh insan nahl& ; aur jis ke ji meh daxd nahin wuh 
]|}:asa,i bai. 

Dard i dil ke was.te paida kyS insan ko ; 

Wama Ja*at ke bye kuchh kam na the karrubiyafu 

Gharaz. Hatim ki jawan-mardi ne na ]{^bul kiya, ki apne kSno]a se 
sunkar, cbupkS ho rahe. Woiibin babar nikal-ayS, aur us Bufhe se 
kaha, ki '* Ai *azizt Hatim main-hi bun; mere ta,in Naufil ke pas 
le-cbal ; wuh mujhe dekbegS ; jo kuchh rupai dene ka Ifanir kiya 
bai, tujhe dewega.'* Fir mard ne kahS, *' Sach bai ; is ^urat men 
bhalS,i aur bib-budi men albatta bai; lekin wuh kya janiye, tujb 
se kya suluk kare ; agar mSr-^Sle, tau maifi kya, karun ? Yih m^jh 
se hargiz na ho-sakega, ki tujh-se insan ko, apni .tama* ki kbB#ra 
dushman ke ^wSle karun. Wuh mSl kai din kha,unga, aur kab 
talak ji,unga. Akhir mar-ja,unga ; tab Shuda ko kya jawab dui^a ?" 

Hatim ne babuteri minnat ki, ki ** Mujhe le-chal; maxh. apni 
kbusbl se kabta hun, aur hamesha isl arzu men rahta hun, ki mera 
jSn o mal kisu ke kam awe ; tau bihtar bai.'* Lekin wuh Bu^bS 
MsI taral^ rS^ na hu,a, ki Hadm ko le-jawe, aur in'am pawe. *Akhir, 
nScbar hokar, Hatim ne kaha, '* Agar tu mujhe yun nahi& le-jata, 
tau main ap se ap Badshah pas jskar kabta hu&, ki " Is Bu^be ne 
mujhe jangal meii ek pabap ki kboh men chhipa rakha tha." Wuh 
Bufha bansa.aur bola, *' Bbala,i ke badle burS,i mill, to ya na^Ib !'* 
Is radd o badal ke sawSl o jawab men, Sdml aur bbl afi-pahuncbe ; 


bhir lag-gayi. Unbo& ne maliim kiya, ki HStim yihi hai ; turt 
pakar-li}^ liya, aur Hatim ko le-chale. Wuh Bufha bhi afsos karta, 
hii,S, picbbe pichhe sSth ho-liya. Jab Naufil ke rubaru le-gaye, us 
ne ptEchba, ki ** Is ko kaun pakaf'-laya?" Ek bad-zat sang-dil bola, 
ki. " Aisa kam siwS,e hamSre kaun kar-sakta hai ? Yih fat|i hamare 
nam hai ; ham ne 'arsh par jhan4a gS^a hai." Ek aur lantarani- 
i^alS €ling mame la^, ki " Main kaj din se daur-dhup kar, jangal 
se pakar-laya hun ; meri mi^nat par nazar kQiye, aur jo l^arar hai so 
d^iye." Is tara]^ ashrafiyon ke Islach se, bar ko,i kahta tha, ki 
** Yih kam mujb se hu,S«" Wuh BurbS chupkS ek kone men lagS- 
hii,a, sab kl shai|^iySfi sun-raha tha ; aur Hfitim ki kbaj^ir kba|^ 
rota tha. Jab apnl apni dilawaii aur mardanagi sab kah-chuke, tab 
Ilatim ne Badsbah se kaba, "Agar sach bat puchbo, tau yih hai, 
ki wuh Bui*bS, jo alag sab se khaj[B. hai, mujb ko lay a haL Agar 
Ipjaia, pabchan jante bo, tau daryaft karo, aur mere pakapie k! 
khaijir jo l^bul kiya hai, pura karu ; ki sare (}il mefi zabSn ^lalal hai, 
mard ko chahiye jo kabe so kare ; nahifi-to jlbh |;^dwan ko bhi 
Kbuda ne di hai ; phir ]|^wSn aur insSn men kya taf^wat hai?" 

Nau£l ne us lakarfaare Bufbe ko pas bulSkar, puchbS, ki *' Sach 
kah, a^l kyS hai ? Hatim ko kaun paka^layS ?" Us becbare ne sir 
se pa,on tak jo guzrS tha, rast kah-sunSya, aur kahS, " Hfitim merl 
khatir ap se ap cbala Sya hai.'* Naufil yih bimmat Hstim ki 
sunkar, muta*ajjib hu,a, ki ** Balbe ! Ten sakhSwat, apnl jan ka bhi 
khajra na kiya. Jitne jbuth daVe Hatim ke paka^-lSne ke karte 
the, ^ukm kiyS, ki ** Un kl tun^iyan kaskar, pSn sau ashrafi ke 
badle, pan pSn sai jutiyan un ke sir par lagfi,o ; ki un ki bhi jan 
nikal-pare." WoAbiA ta^pta^ paizfirefi papie lag^fi, ki ek dam met. 
sir un ke ganje ho-gaye. Sach hai, jhuth bolnfi aisS*hI gunab hai, 
ki ko,i gunSh us ko nabin pahuncbta ; KhudS sab ko is bala, se 
malifuz rakhe, aur jbuth bolne ka chaskfi na de ; babut adml jbuth* 
muth bake jate baifi, lekin azma,lsh ke wa)^t saza pate bain. 

Qliara:^, un sab ko muwafi]^ un ke in*3m dekar, Naufil ne apne 
dil meii kbiyal kiya, ki Hatim-se shakbg se (ki ek 'Slam ko us se 
fai:^ pahuncbta hai, aur muhtfijoA kl khSJir jfin apnl daregh nahin 
karta, aur Kbuda ki rah met sir tfi pa ))S^r hai) dushmani rakhni, 
aur us ka muddat honS, mard-Sdmiyat aur jawfin-mardi se batd hai. 
Wonhm Hfitim kfi bfith ba^-dostl aur garm-joshi se paluq* liya, aur 
kabfi, " Kyn& na ho ; jab aise ho, tab aise ho." Tawa^u* ta*^Im 
karkar pas baitblayS, aur Hatim ka mulk o amlfik, fiur mfil asbfib, 
jo kuchh 9abt kiyS tbfi, wofibin chhof diyS ; naye sir se sardfirT 
Kabila i Tai Id use di ; aur us Bnrbe ko paficb sau asbrafiyan apne 
Uiazane se dilwfi-di ; wuh du'fi detfi hn,fi cbalfi gayS. 

Jab yih mfijara Hatim kfi, maifi ne tarafim sunfi ; ji meh ghairat 
fi,i ; aur yih l^ijel gugra, ki Hatim apni ]^um kfi fBL^aj^ ra,is tha, jin 


ne ek sakbSwat ke bS*ig, jih nam paida kijS, ki IQ talak mashhi^' 
hai ; main Khuda ke ^ukm se, BadshSh tamSm TrSn ka hut ; agar 
is ni'mat se malnirum rahun, tau ba^S afsos hai ; filwa^* dunyS meh 
kol kam bafS dsd o dihish se nahin ; is wSsJe ki admi jo kucbh dunyS 
met detS bai, us ka 'iwa^ S]}ibat men lets baa ; agar koj ek dSna beta 
bai, tau us se kitnS kucbh paida beta bai. Yib bst dil met tbah- 
rakar, mir i Imanit ko bulwakar ^ukm kiya, ki ** £k makSn i 
*allsban, jis ke cbalis darwSze buland, aur bahut kusbada bon bShar 
sbabr ke, jald banwa,o." Tbo^e 'ar^e men, waisl-bi 'imarat i wasf , 
jaisS dil chabta tba, bankar taiyar bu,i ; aur us makan met bar 70s 
har-wa]^t, fajar se sbSm tSk, mu])itajon aur bekasoA keta,in, rupai 
ashrafiyan detS, aur jo ko,i jis chiz kfi sawal karta, main use mSlSmSl 

Qbara?, cbalisofi darwSze se t^jat-mand ate, aur jo cbabte so 
le-jSte. Ek roz ka yib zikr bai, ki ek Fa||& sSmhne ke darwSze se 
aya, aur sawSl kiya ; main ne use ek asbrafi di ; pbir wabi dusre dar- 
wSze se bokar aya, do asbrafiySfi manglii ; main ne pabchankar, dar- 
guzar kl aur din Isi .tara}^ un ne barek durwSze se anS, aur ek ek 
asbraft ba^banS sburu* kiyS ; aur main bbl jSn-bnjbkar, anjSn bQ^a ; 
aur uske sawal ke muwSfi^^ diyS-kiyS. AUiir, cbsllswe^ darwSze k! 
rah se akar, chSlIs asbrafiySfi mSngin ; wub bbi main te dilwanb. 
Itna kucbb lekar, wub Darwesb pbir pable darwSze se gbus-aya, aur 
sawal kiyS ; mujbe babut burS ma'lum bu,S ; maii^ ne kabs, " Sun 
ai ISlachi ! Tu kaisa Fa^ajr bai ? Ki bargiz Fs3fir ke tinon l^arfon se 
bbl wa]jLif nabln; FaJpi kS *amal un par cbSbiye.** Fa^Ir bolS, 
'' BhalS dStS ! Tum-bi batS,o/* Maifi ne kabS, " f^ se, faj^, K se, 
kanS at, R se, riyS^at nikalti bai ; jis mefi ye bSten na hot, wuh 
Fa]pr nabin ; itnS jo tujbe mils bai, is ko kbS pikar, pbir S,iyo ; aur 
jo mSngegS lejSjyo ; yib kbairSt i^tiyiy rafa* kame ke waste hai, ua 
jama' kame ke liye. Ai ^lari^ ! Cbalis darwSzofi se, tu ne ek asbrafi 
se cbalis asbra^yon tak lifi, usks ^sSb to kar, ki rewp ke pher kl 
.tarab kitni asbrafiySn bu«in ; aur is par bbi ti^jbe ^r? pbir pable 
darwSze se le-S,i. ItnS mSl jama* karkar, kyS karegS ? Fa]^ kb 
cbsbiye, ki ek roz ki fikr kare ; dusre roz pbir nayi rozl RasszS^ 
denewSlS maujnd hai. Ab tiayS sharm ipakax, aur ^abr ]^anS'at 
ko kam farmS. Yib kaisi ia^n hai, jo tujbe Murshid ne batS,! 

Yib meri bSt sunkar, khafS aur bad-dimSgh htE,S, aur jitna mujh 
se lekar, jama* kiyS thS, sab zamin met ^1-diyS, aur bola, " Bas, 
baba! Itne garm mat bo; apni kS,iDSt lekar, rakb-cbhoro; pbir 
sakhawat kS nSm na lijiyo. Sakbl honS bahut mushkil hai ; turn 
sakhawat kS bojb nablfi uj^bS sakte ; us manzil ko kab pabunchoge? 
Abbi, ** Dilli dur hai." Sakbi ke bbi tin Jfaxf haifk ; pable unpar 
*amal karo, tab Sakhl kahlS,o.** Tab to msiit (}arS, aur kahci, 


** BhalS dSna ! Uske ma'ne mujhe samjhS,o.'' Kahne lagS, ** S se, 
8ama,i; aur £h se, kbauf i Ilahl; aur Y se, jad rakhha paidS^ish 
aur marne ko. Jab talak itnS na ho-le, taa sakhawat ka nSm na le ; 
aur Saklii ka 3dh daija hai, ki agar bad-kar ho, tau-bhi dost ^udS 
ka hai Is Fa(^ ne bahut mulkon ki sair ki hai; lekin siwfi^e 
Ba^re ke Badshfih-zSdi ke, ko,i Sakhi dekhne meh na Sya. Sakhawfit 
ka jama, Khuda ne us *aurat par ^ata* kiya hai ; aur sab nSm chShte 
hain, par waisa kSm nahin karte. Yih sunkar, maih ne bahut 
minnat ki, aur jpisameA diA, ki ** Men taj^^ir mu'Sf karo, aur jo 
chahiye, so lo." Mera diya hargiz na liyS, aur jih bat kahtS hn,S 
chala. " Ab agar apni sari badshShat mi\jhe de, tau us par bhX na 
thukufi ; aur na dhar-mattln." Wuh to chala gaya, par Ba^re ki 
Badshah-zSdi ki yih ta'nf sunne se, dil bekal hu,a; kisi .tara^ kal 
na thi. Ab yih arzu hu,i, ki kisi furat se, Ba^re chalkar, us ko 
dekhS chShiye. 

Is *arse men BSdshah ne waftt pS]^; aur takbt par maiii baifhS, 
salj^anat mili, par wuh khiygl na giayS; Wazir aur Amiron se (jo 
pa,e-takht salj^anat ke, aur arkSn muinlakat ke the) mashwarat ki, ki 
safar Ba^re ka kiyS chahtS hliii; tum apne kfim meA mustaldd 
raho ; agar zinda^ hai, tau safar ki *umr kotSh hoti hai ; jald phir 
Sta hui^. Ko,i meri jane par lEsfi na hUfi ; nSchSr dil to udas ho 
raha tha; ek din bagbair sab ke kahe sunne, chupke Wazir i 
ba-tadbir ko bulakar, mukhtSr aur wakil i muj^la^ apnS l^yS, aur 
sal.tanat ka madaru-l-mahSmm banSyS ; phir maifi ne geru,S bastar 
pahan, FeJfSri bhes kar akele rSh Ba$re ki li. Tho^e dmoA mei^, us 
ki sar-]^d mefi ja-pehuncha ; tab se yih tamSshfi dekhne lagS, ki 
jahafi rSt ko jskar makSm kartS, naukar chskar usi Malika ke, 
isti^bSl karkar, ek mak&n i ma^Ql mefi utSrte ; aur jitnS lawazima 
^ji&Lt kS hots hai, balihnbi maujild karte ; aur khidmat men dast- 
basta tamam rSt Jt^S^ir rahte ; dUsre din dflsil manzil mefi yihi ^urat 
pesh-Sti; is arSm se, mahinofi ki rSh ^ai ki. Akhir, Ba^re mefi 
dSkhil ku,a ; woiihifi ek jawSu i shakil, khush-libSs. nek-kho, $a!bdb 
i munlwat (ki danS,i uske J^ySfe se ^ir thi) mere pas aya, aur 
nipat shirin-zabani se, kahne lagS, ki " Maifi Fa^Irofi ka khadim 
hufi ; hamesha isi talash mefi ndita huA, ki jo ko^I musafir, Fa]^, 
ya dunyadar is shahr met. awe, mere ghar meh tiadam-rai^a 
farmawe; siwa,e ek makSn ke yahaii aur bidesi ke rahne ki jagah 
nahiii hai ; fip tashiif le chaliye, aur us makSn ko zinat bakhshiye ; 
aur mujhe sarfaraz kyiye.** 

Fa^^r ne puchhS, ** ^a^ib kS ism i sharif kyS hai?" BolS, '' Is 
gum-nSn ka nSm BedSr-bakht kahte haifi." Us kX kh^bi aur 
tamallu]^ dekhkar, yih 'Sjiz us ke sSth chala, aur us ke makfin meii 
gayS. Dekha to ek 'imarat i 'fili lawSzim i shfihSna se taiyfir hai ; 
ek dalan men us ne lejakar bithSyS, aur garm pSni mangwSkar, 


hSth pSfLW dhalwa,e; aur dastar-Icbwan bichhwakar, mujh tan i 
taaha ke rubaru bakSwal ne ek tore ka tora chun-diya; chSr 
mush^ab, ek me& yakhni pulS,o, diisre meh ]^ormS pula,o, tlisre me& 
mutanjau pula,o, chauthe met. kuku palS,o ; aur ek }fSb zarde ki, 
aur kaj j^araJlji ke ^aliye, dopiyaza, nargisi, badami, raughanjosh : 
aur rotdyafi ka,i Ipsm kl, bS^r-i:hfini, tunki, sbirmfil, gSw-dlda, gSw- 
zaban, nSn i ni'mat, parafhe ; aur kabsb kofte ke tikke ke» mur^ 
ke khaginay malgbuba, shabdeg, dampukht. It^m, haiisa, samose, 
war]ja, ]j:ubuli, firui, shlr-biranj, ma]a,i, ^alwfi, faluda, pan-bhatta, 
nimash, ab i shora, sa];: i *urus, lauziyat, murabba, ach^an, dahi 
kl tjLulfiiyafL ; ye ni'maten dekhkar, ru^ bhar-gayi. Jab ek ek niwalS 
bar ek se liya, pet bhi bhar-gaya ; tab hStb khane se khincha. 

Wuh sbaJih? mujauwiz hu,a, ki " SSt|db ne kyS kbaya ? Khana 
to sab amanat dhara hai, betakalluf aur nosh i jSn farmaiye.*' Maifi 
ne kaha, " Sharm kya hai ? KbudS tumhara khSna Sbad rakbe ; jo 
kuchh mere pet men samaya, so mslL ne khaya ; aur z34l^e kl us ke 
kya ta'rif karun ! ki abtak zabSn chattS bun ; aur jo 4&kar Sti hai, 
so mu'attar. Lo, ab mazid karo." Jab dastar-khwgn u^hS, zerandaz 
Eashani makhmaJ ka mu^^shl bichhakar, chilamchi, aftaba i jpa,! 
lakar, besandan mej^ se khush-bu besan dekar, garm pani se mere 
hath dhulaye. Phir pandan i ja^So mefi gilauriySn sone ii pakhrauto& 
men bandhi hu,in, aur chaugharo& meA khilauriySfi, chiknl supariya]&, 
aur laung ilachiyan rupe ke wara|:on men ma^hi hu,m lakar rakhin. 
Jab main pSnl pme ko mangtS, tab ^rS^ii barf men lag! hu4 abdSr 
le ata. Jab sham hu,i, fanusofi men kafuri sham'eii roshan hu,m. 
Wuh 'aziz baitha hu,a batefi karta raha; jab pahar rat gayl, bola, 
"Ab is chhaparkhat meji (ki jiske age daldS-peshgir kha^a hai) 
aram kijiye." Falp[r ne kaha, " Ai Satiib ! Ham Falpx)n ko ek 
bony a, ya mirg-chhala bistar ke liye bahut hai ; yih Khuda ne tum 
dunyadarofi ke waste banSya hai.** 

Kahne lags, '^Yih sab asbab Darweshofi kl khatir hai; kuchh 
mera mal nahin.*' Us ke bajidd hone se, un bichhaunon par (ki 
phulon ki sej se bhi narm the) jakar, leta. Donon pattayofi ki 
j^raf guldan, aur changarefi phuloii ki chuni hu,ifL, aur *udsoz aur 
lakhlakhe roshan the ; jidhar ki karwat lets, dima^ mu'attar ho- 
jata ; is *alam men so laha. Jab f ub^ hu,i, nashte ko bhi badam, 
piste, angur, anjir, nashpati, anar, kishmish, chuhare, aur mewe ka 
sharbat Is, ^a^ kiyS. Isi taur se tin difi rat raha. Chauthe roz, 
main ne rukhgat mangi ; hath jorkar kahne lagS, " Shayad is 
gunahgar se, $a^ib ki khidmat-gari men kuchh IjLu^ur hu,a, ki jiske 
baig, mizaj tumhara mukaddar hu,a. ** Maiii ne ^airan hokar, kahS, 
*' Bara,e Khuda ! yih kya mazkur hai ? Lekin mihmani ki sharj^ 
tin din talak hai, so main raha; ziyada rahna khub nahin; aur 
*alawa yih Fal^r wSsj^ sair ke nikla hai ; agar ekhi jagah rah jawe, 




tau munasib nahifi ; is liye ijSzat chahtS hai ; nahiii to, tumharl 
^Lbubijan aisi nahifi, ki juda hone ko ji chahe." 

Tab wuh bolS, " Jaisi mam ; lekin ek sS'at tawa]^|pif kyijo, ki 
Badshah-zadI kl liuzur jakar, *ar? karun ; aur turn jo jajS chghte ho, 
tau jo-kuchh asbab o^rhne bichhane ka, aur khane ke basan sone 
rupe ke, aur jara,o ke, is mihman-khane met. haifi, yih sab tumhara 
mkL hai; is ke sath lejane kl khatir, jo farma,o tadbir kl-jae." 
Main ne kaha, ** La-haul pafho ! Ham Falpr na hu,e, Bhat hu,e ! 
Agar yihl bir? dil men hoti, tau Fa^ir kaheko bote ? Dunjadari 
kja buri thi ?^' Us 'azlz ne kaha, " Agar yih at^wS^ Malika sune, 
tau IGiuda jgne, mujhe is kbidmat se ta^ir karkar, kyS suluk kare; 
agar tumhefi aisl-hi beparwa,! hai, tau in sab ko ek kothri mefi, 
.amanat band karkar, darwaze ko sarbamuhr kaido ; phir io chaho, 
,80 kijiyo. 

Main na ]pihvl kartS tha, aur ivuh bhi na mantS tha; nachSr 
yihi 9alab t^hahri, ki sab asbab ko band karkar, }fu& kar diya, aur 
muntazir rukb^at kS hu,a. Itne met. ek Khw^a-sarS i mu*tabar, 
sir par sirpech, aur goshpech, aur kamar met bandl bandhe, ek 
*a$a sone ka ja^,o hath mei^, aur sath uske ka,I khidmatggr i ma'^ul, 
^uhde liye-hu,e, is shan o shaukat se mere nozdik Sya, aisi sial 
mihrbangi aur mulayamat se, guftgu kame lagS, ki jiska bayan 
nahin kar sakta; phir bolS ki **Ai MiySn! Agar tawajjuh aur 
karam karkar, is mushtfilj: ke gharib-khSne ko, apne t^dam ki 
barakat se rauna]^ bajsbsho, to banda-nawfizl aur gharib-parwari se 
batd nahifi. 

Shayad ShShzadi sune, ki ko,i musSBr yahSft SyS thS, us ki 
tawa^u' mudarat kisu ne na ki ; wuh yufihi chala gayS ; is wasje, 
Wa AUahu alamu, mi:yh par kya Sfat ISwe. Sur kaisi Ipyamat 
uthawe; balki i^rf zindagi par hai." Maifi ne in bato& ko na 
xnana; tab khwah-meJdiwah minnate& karkar, mere ta,in aur ek 
^weli mei^, ki pahle makan se bihtar thi, legaya. Usne pahle 
mezban ki manind tin din rSt, donofi wa^t waise-hl khSne, aur i^ub^ 
aur Usre pahar sharbat, aur tafannun ki khSfir mewe khilaye, aur 
bSsan i nu]pra,i o .tilS,i, aur farsh o furush, aur asbab jo kuchh wahafi 
tha, mujb se kahne lagS, ki *' In sab ke turn mfilik mukhtSr ho ; jo 
ehaho so karo/' 

Main ye bate& sunkar, l^airSn hu,a, aur chSihS, ki kisi na kisi 
Jarall^, yahafi se, nil^hgat hokar, bhagun. Meri bashare ko dekhkar, 
wah Ma^li bola, " Ai khuda ke bande ! Jo tera maj^lab ya arzu 
ho, so mujh se kah, tau l^n^r men Malika ke jskar, 'ar? karuA." 
Maifi ne kaha, "Maifi Fa|pri ke libas mefi dunya kS mal kya 
mSngun? ki turn baghair mange dete ho, aur maifi inkar karta 
bun.'' Tab wuh kahne lagS, ki ** Hir? dunyS ki kisi ke ji se nahifi 
gayi f chunSnchi kisu kab ne yih kabit kaha hai. 


'' Nakh bin kafS dekhe ; siis bhSrI jat& dekhe ^ 
Jogi kan pafhS dekhe ; chhfir laje tan meh ; 
Mauni anbol dekhe; sewrS sir chhol dekhe; 
Eiurat kalol dekhe, ban khan^ ban meh ; 
Bir dekhe, but dekhe ; sab guni aar kufh dekhe ; 
Maya ke pHr dekhe ; bhul rahe dhan met. ; 
Adant sukhl dekhe ; janamhl ke dukhi dekhe ; 
Par we na dekhe, jin ke lobh nfifih man met.,** 

Mai& ne yih sunkar, jawab dija, ki " Yih sach hai ; par maiii 
kuchh nahin chShtS ; agar fiarmS,o, tau ek ru^^ sar-ba-muhr apne 
majtlab kS likhkar du&, jo }fxi^ Malika ke pahunchS-do ; tau bafi 
mihrbani hai; goyfi tamam dunyS kfi mSl mujh ko diya." Bola, 
"Ba sar chashm; kya muifSjiilfB.?" Maih ne ek ni]^ likhS, 
pahle shokr Khudg kS, phir a^wSl, ki '* Yih banda Khnda kS, ka,£ 
roz se, shahr met wSrid hai, aur sarkSr se sab .tarait^ ki ]jdiabar-giri 
hot! hai ; jaisi khSbiyaA aur neknSmiyS& Malika ki sunkar, ishtiya^ 
dekhne kS hu,a thS, us se chSr-chand pSya. Ab ^u^r ke arkan i 
daulat yufL kahte haih, ki "Jo maj^b aur tamanna teri ho, so 
gahir kar.*' Iswasj^ be ^\jSbSna jo dil ki SrzG hai, so *ar? kartS 
hun, ki " Maiii dunya ke mal ka mu^tSj nahiA ; apne mulk kS maiii 
bhi Badshah huA ; iaJf&t yahfi& talak Sofi, aur mi^nat u^fina, Sp ke 
ishtiya!!}: ke sabab se hu,S ; jo tan i tanhS is furat se a pahunchS 
hun. Ab ummed hai, ki $u^ ki tawanuh se, yih khik-naabin 
maj^b i dili ko pahaunche, to la,i|j: hai. Age jo mar?i i mubarak ; 
lekin agar yih iltimas khSksSr kS ^bul na hogS, tau isi tflxah 
khSk-chhanta phirega, aur is jSn i belfArar ko, Sp ke 'ish|^ men nigar 
karegS ; Majnun aur Farhad ki mSnind jangal mefi ya pahai; par 

Yihi mudd^a likhkar, us IQioje ko diyS ; us ne Bsdshah-zadi talak 
pahunchayS. Ba*d ek dam ke, phir ayS aur mere ta,ifL bulaya, aur 
apne sath ma^^ ki de,o^ par legaya. WahSfi jakar, dekha to ek 
Bufhi-si 'aurat, i^Sl^b i liya^at, sunahri kursi par gahnS patS pahne 
hu,e baithi hai ; aur kS, Khoje khidmatgar takalluf ke libas pahne 
hu,e, hath-bandhe samne kha^re haih. Mai& use mukhtar i kar 
jankar, aur deilna samajhkar, dast ba sar hu,a. Us mamS ne bahut 
mihrbani se salam kiya, aur ^ukm kiyS, ki '* A,o, baitho, khtib hu,S 
turn aye^* tumhifi ne Malika ke ishtiya|^ ka ru^^'a likha •tha?*' 
Mai& sharm khakar, chup ho-raba, aur sir nicha kar baifha. 

Ek sS'at ke ba'd boll, ki. " Ai jawSn ! Badshazadi ne salSm 
kaha hai, aur farmSyS hai, ki "Mujh ko khSwind kame se 'aib 
nahi& ; tum ne meri darkhwSst ki ; lekin apni badshahat ka bayan 
kama, aur is fajpri mefi apne ta,ifL Badshah samajhna, aur us kS 
ghurur kamS nipaf bejS hai ; is wasj^ ki sab admi Spas meii fi-I- 


lia^Il^t ek haih, lekin fa^Ilat din i islfim kl albatta hai ; aur maift 
bhi ek muddat se shSdi kame ki arzumand bnn ; aur jaise turn 
daulat i dunyS se beparwS bo, mere tajh bbl Ha^^ ta*lQS ne itnS 
mSl diya bai, ki jis kS kucbb l^isSb nabln ; par ek sbarj bai, ki pable 
mabr adS kar-lo ; aur mabr Sbab-zSdl kS ek bat bai, jo turn se bo 
sake.*' Mai& ne kabS, ** Msah sab .faralt^ Ifi^ huh, jSn o mSl se 
iaregh nabIA kame kS ; wub bSt kyS bai ? Eabo, tau main sunuft.*' 
Tab us ne kabS, '*Aj ke din rab'i'fi,o; kal tumbefi kab-dungL" 
Mai& ne kbusbi se t:abul kiyfi, aur rukbgat bokar, biQiar Syfi. 

Din to gugrS ; jab sbSm bi[,I, mujbe ek EhwSja-sarS matiuill meh 
bulSkar legayS. JSkar, dekbfi to akSbir, *Slim, aur fiC?il, ^Sll^ib i 
sbara* ^iS^r bain. MaifL bbl usi jalse men jSkar bai^bfi : ki itne 
mefi dastar-kbwfin bicbbSyS gayfi, aur kbSne ajjpsfim a^sibn ke, 
sbirin, aur namkin cbune gaye. We sab kbiSne lage, aur mcgbe bbl 
tawfi^* karkar, sbarfk kiyS. Jab kbSne se farggnat h%lf ek D5,I 
andar sa S,I, aur boll, ki *' Bibroz kahfifi bai? Use bulS,o." YasS- 
walofL ne wo&blfi ^:^r kiyS ; us kl ^Hrat babut mard-Sdmi kl si, aur 
babut SI kui:\iiySfi rHpe sone ki, kamar meii latkifi b!i,&i ; salSmun- 
'alaika kar, mere pSs Skar baitibS. WabI Dfi,i kabne lagi, ki " Ai 
Bibroz ! Tn ne jo kucbb dekblE bai, mufa^^al us kS baySn kar.** 

Bibroz ne yib dSstSn kabne sbmH* kl, aur migb se mukb&jtib bo- 
kar bola " Ai 'aziz ! HamSrI BSdsbSbzSdl ki sarkSr mefi bazfirofi 
ghulgm baifL, ki saudSgari ke kSm mefi muta*aiyin haih ; un mefi se 
ek maift bbl adnS kb3na-zfid bufi. Harek mulk kl Janif likkboft 
rupai ka asbSb aur jins dekar, rukbyit farmfiti baifi. Jab wub 
widiaft se pbir StS bai, tab us se us des kfi a^wlQ apne ^u^ mefi 
pficbbtit baiii, aur sHntl baifi. Ek bfir yib ittifl^^ btI,S, ki yib kamtaiin 
tijSrat kl kbS$br cbalS, aur sbabr i Nimroz meA pabuncbS. WabS& 
ke basbindofi ko dekbS, to sab kfi libSs siyfib bai, aur bar-dam nfila 
fil) bai ; aisfi malHm botfi tbfi, ki in par kucbb hajfi mu^Ibat pa^ 
baL Is kS sabab jis se maifi pHcbbtS, ko,I merS jawSb na detS. 
Isl jfslnt meh ka,i roz gu^re. Ek din joftblA ^^ji bn,I, tamfim 
fidml cbbofe bare, lafke bu^fae, j^iarlb ghuii sbabr ke, bfibar cbale. 
Ek maidan meh jSkar, jama' bn,e, aur us mulk kfi Bsdsbfih bbl, sab 
AmiroA ko sfitb lekar, sawfir bu,a, aur wSbfi& gayS ; tab sab barSbar 
Vaj^r bSndbkar, kba^e ba,e. 

Maifi un ke darmiyfin kba^, tamSsbS dekbtfi tbfi ; par yib ma'ltim 
botfi tbfi, ki we sab kisii kfi inti^ kbeAcb-rabefi baifi. Ek gbaifl 
ke 'ar^e mefi, diir se ek jawfin i pari-zSd, 95t^ib i kam£l, aur ^H^h i 
jamfi], pandrab solab baias kfi sinn o sSl, ghul aur sbor kartfi bli,fi, 
aur kaf mufib se jfirf , zard bail ki sawail, ek bfith meii kucbb liye, 
mu^bil kballl^-Ullfib ke fiyfi, aur apne bail par se utar, ek bfith 
mefi nStb, aur ek bfith mefi nangi talwfir lekar, do-zfintl baifbS. Ek 
gul-andfim, pail-cbibra us ke bamrSh tbfi ; us jawfin ne wuh cluz 


jo hSth me& ihl, di ; wuh yatim lekar, ek sire se ha rek ko dikhStX 
jata tha; lekin yih t^Qat thi, ki jo ko,i dekhtS thS, be-ikbtiyfir dfiyh 
markar rota thS. Isl jtara]^ sab ko dikhstfi aur rulSta hu»& sab ke 
sSmhne se hokar, apne kbSwind ke pas phir gaya. Us ke jstehl 
wuh jawan uthS, aur as ghulSm kS sir shamsber se kStkar aur sawar 
bokar, jidhar se Sya thS, udhar ko chalfi. Sab kba^e dekbS kiye i 
jab na^arofi se ghsib bu,S, log ^hahr ki .taraf phire. 

Main ba-rek se is mlQare ki bakik&t pucbbta th9, balki rupaiofi kS 
Islach detS aur kbusb-Smad minnat kartS, ki ** Migbe gara bata-do» 
ki " Yib jawSn kaun hai? aur is ne yih ky3 ^^unkat ki? aur kahsft 
se ayS, aur kaban gayS?" Hargiz kisi ne na batlfiyS; aur na kncbh 
mere kbiy&l me& Syfi. Yih ta*(\uub dekbkar, jab maiii yahSn fiyS, 
aur Malika ke rubaru i^hSr kiyS, tab se Bfidshah-zSdi bhi It^airan ho 
rahl hai, aur us ke ta^l^ kame ki khStir, do-diU ho-rahi hai ; lihasa 
mahr apnS yahi mul^arrar kiyS hai, ki Jo shakb? us *ajube ki kamS* 
laj^tnhu khabar lawe, us ko pa sand farmawe, aur wahi Malik sSra 
mSl mulk k£, aur Malika ka howe. 

Yih m^arS turn ne sab suna : apne dil met ghaur karo, agar turn 
US. jawSn ki khabr IS sako, tab ^i^d mulk i Nimroz kS karo, aur jald 
rawSna ho ; nahui to inkar karkar, apne ghar ki rah lo." Main ne 
jawab diya, ki '* Agar Khuda chShe, tab jald us kS a]^wal sir se pa^oi^ 
tak daryaft karkar, BadshSh-zSdi ke pSs S-pahunchtS huii, aur kam- 
yab hots bun ; aur jau meri Ipsmat bad hai, tau is kS kuchh *ilaj 
nahi& ; lekin Malika is ka \slu1 ^arar kare&, ki apne kahne se na 
phiren ; aur bi-l-fil ek andesha i mushkil mere dil men khalish kar- 
raha hai ; agar Malika gharib-nawazi, aur musafir-parwari se JyoL^ 
met bulSwen, aur parde ke bshar bitblawe&, aur mera iltimas apne 
kSnon sune, us kS jawab apni zabSn se farmSweii, tau meii khajir 
jama' ho; aur mujh se sab kuchh ho sake." Yih mere maj^b ki 
bat us mamS ne rubaru us pan-paikar ke, *ar9 la. Bare, t^adr-4fini 
ki rah se, Ifxikm kiya, ki '* tJnhen bula-lo.** 

DS,i phir bahar a,i, mujhe apne sath jis maludl meii BadshSh-zadi 
thi, legayi. Eya dekhta bun, ki do-ruya §usif bandhe, dast-basta 
saheliyafi aur khawagf^ettf aur urda-beganiyafi, kilma^iyan, Turkan- 
iya&, HabshniySfi, Uzbakniyan, EashmimiySfL jawShir mefi jafi, 
'uhde Hye kha^i haifi. Indra kS akhSfS kahufi, yS pariyo& kS 
utSrS! Be-ikh-tiygr ek ah bekhudi se zabfin tak a,i, aur kalijS 
thalakne lagS ; par bazor apne ta,in thSmbS. Un ko dekhta-bhslta, 
aur sair karta hu,a age chalS ; lekin pSnw sau sau man ke ho-gaye ; 
jis ko dekhun, phir yih na ji chshe ki Sge ja,uii. Ek taraf chUwan 
pari thi, aur months jara,o bichhwS rakkha tha, aur ek chauki bhl 
^andal ki bichhi Ihl. I)a,i ne mujhe baithne k[ isharat ki ; maiii 
mon^he par baith-gaya, aur wuh chauki par; kahne lagi, <* Lo, ab jo 
kahna hai, so ji bhar kar kaho." 


Mai& ne Malika ki ([bubijofi ki, aur 'adal o in^af dSd dibisb kl, 
pable ta*rlf ki ; pbir kabne la^, *' Jab se main is mulk ki sar-^^d 
met Sya, barek manzil men yibi dekbS, ki jabaja mu8Sfir-kbfine» aur 
ImSrateA 'all ban! bu,i& baifi ; aur Sdmi barek *ubde ke ta'-nat baift, 
ki khabargiii musSfiron aur mu]|^tigo& kl karte baifi ; mi]gbe bbi tia 
tin din barek ma]^m me& guzre. Ghautbe roz jab rukhgat hone 
lagfi, tab bbi kisti ne kbnsbi se na kabS, ki " JS,o." Aur jitnS 
asbSb us makSn met. tbfi, sbatrai^i, cbfindni, ^S^oA, sital-patS, 
mangal-koti, diwSr-gin, cbbat-parde, cbilwaneA, sSyabSn, nam-gire» 
cbbapar-kbat ma*i f^ilgf. ada^^cba, toshak, bSlS-posb, sejband, cbSdar^ 
takye, takini, gal-takye, masnad, gSw-takye, deg, degcbe, patile, 
tabSk, rikabi, bsdiye, tasbtarl,chamcbe, bakSwali, kafgir, ta'fim bakbsb, 
sar-posb, sini, kbwSn-posb. tora-posh, gb-khore^ bujbare, $urS|}I, 
lagan, pfindan, cbaugbare, cbanger» gulfib-pSsb, 'udsoz, SftSba, cbilam- 
cbi, sab mere l^wale kiye, ki *'Yih tumbSrS mal hai; cbSho ab 
]ejS,o, nabin to ek kotbn met. band karkar, apni muhr karo ; jab 
tumbari kbusbi bogi, pbire bu,e liye-j&»iyo.'* Main ne yufibifL kiya ; 
par yib ^airat bai, ki jab mujb se Fa^ i tanbS se aise suluk bu,a, to 
aise gbarib bazSroii tumbSre mulkon me& ate jSte bonge ; pas agar 
barek se yibi nubmandari kfi Jaur rabtS hoga, tau mablagh i be 
]^isab kbarcb bote bonge. Pas itni daulat ii jis kfi yib $arf hai, 
kabfiii se S,i ? Aur kaisi bai ? Agar ganj i Karun bo, tau bbi waft 
na kare ; aur ^ir men, agar Malika ki saij^anat par nigab kijiye^ 
tau is ki amad faifat bawarcbl-khane ke kbarcb ko bbi kiftyat na 
karti bogi ; aur kbarcbofi kfi kyfi ^ikr bai ? Agar is kfi baySn Malika 
ki zabfin se sunufi, tau khajtir jama' bo» l^d mulk i Nimroz kfi 
karuii ; aur jo&*to& wabfin pabuncbufi ; pbir sab aJtl^wfil daryaft karke^ 
Malika kl kbidmat me&, basbarj^ i zindagi bfir-i-digr Ij^fi^ bo, apne 
dil ki murfid pa,t[fL.** 

Yib sunkar, Malika ne apni zabfin se kabfi ki '^ Ai jawSn ! Agar 
tujbe arzu kamSl bai, ki yib mSbiyat daryaft kare, tau fij ke din bbS 
mal^fim kar, sbfim ko tujbe ^lu^r meii .falab karkar, jo kncbb a^wal 
is daulat i be zawal ka bai, be kam o kast kaba jaega." Maii^ yib 
tasalli pfikar, apni istil^imat ke makfin par fikar, muntazir tba, ki kab 
sbfim bo, jo merS maj^b tamfim bo. Itne mefi Kbfija-sarfi: ka,i cbau- 
gosbe, torS-posb paf'e, bboiyofi ke sir par dbare, akar maujud bu,fi, 
aur bolS, ki " Hu:^r se ulasb i kbagg *inayat bu,fi bai ; is ko tanfiwid 
karo." Jis wa^^t mere sambne kbole ; bu bSs se dimfi^ mu'ajtar bn,ay 
aur t^ bbar-gayi. Jitnfi kbfi saka, kbfi-liyfi ; ba^ un sabbon ko 
ufbfi diya,aur sbukr i ni*mat kab bbijfiyfi. Bare, jab fiftab tamam din 
kfi musSfir tbakS bu,a, girtfi-pa|tfi, apne maf^l meii dakbil bu,S, aur 
mfibtfib diwfin-kbane mefi apne mu^alniibofL ko satb lekar nikal- 
baitba, us wakt DfiJ a,i, aur mujbe kabne lagl, ki '* Obalo, Badsbab- 
zadi ne yad farmaya bai." 


Mai]& U6 ke hamrSli ho-livS; U^ilwat i Isbwfif^ met. legayl, Tih 
roshani kS *Slam thS, ki shab i Ifadr ko wahSfi Ifodr na thi ; aur 
PSdshShi fBtrsh par masnad i mui^^rm^ bichhi, mura^^a* kS takja 
lags ha,fi, aur us par ek shamiySna motijoA kl jhSlar kfi, jaira,o 
istado&, par kharS hu,S ; aur sSmhne masnad ke, jawahir ke danikht,. 
phul pSt lage hli,e, (gojS 'ain men ]pidratl haih. ;) sone kl kiyarijoii 
mefi jame hu,e ; aur donofi .taraf, dast i rSst, aur dast i chap, shS- 
cird-peshe, aur mujrS,i dast-basta, bS-adab Snkhefi nichi kije hu,e, 
l^a^ the ; aur .tawa,if, aur gSyanefi sSzoft ke sur banSye munta^. 
Yih samSn aur yih taiyail karr o fiirr k! dekhkar, *a^ t^ikSne na 
rahi ; DS,i se puchbfi, la " Din kS wuh zebS,i8h, aur rSt ko yih 
Sr&ash, ki din 'id, aur rSt shab i barfit kahS chfihiye ; baUd dunyS 
mefi BsdshSh i haft i^Jim ko yih 'aish muyassar na hogS ; hamesha 
yihi 9urat rah! hai?*' DSJ kahne la^ ki "HamSri Malika ka 
jitna kar-khgna turn ne dekhS, yih sab is! dastHr se jfirl hai ; is men 
hargiz kb&lal nahi&, balki a£sun hai. Turn yahafi baitiho, Malika 
dnsre makSn mefi tashrlf rakhtl hai& ; jfikar khftbar karu&.** 

Da,I yih kahkar gayl, aur woiihifi pS,ofL phir fi,it kl '* Chalo liu?ur 
mefi." Ba mujanud us makSn mefi jStehl bhaichak rah-gayS, na 
malnm hn,S, ki darwaza kahSi&, dlwfir kidhar hai ; is wSsJe ki HalabI 
S,m6 t^add i Sdam chSrofi .taraf lage, aur un kl pardSzoA mefi, hire 
aur moti ja^ hii,e the ; ek kS *aks ek met na^sar fits, tau yih malHrn 
hots, ki jawahir kS sSrS makSn hai. £k jtaraf parda pa^fi tha ; us 
ke pichhe Malika baithi thl&. Wuh Ds,! parde se lagkar baiflil, aur 
mujhe bhi baifhue ko kaha. Tab DS,I Malika ke farmSne se is .faur 
baySn kame lagi, ki '* Sun, ai Jawfin i dSnfi 1 Suljfin is iJ^lIm kfi 
ba^S BSdshah ths ; us ke ghar me& sSt betiyS& paida hu,I&. Ek roz 
BSdshSh ne jashn farmSya; ye sStofi larlaySft solah-singSr bSrah- 
abhran bSl bal gajmoti pirokar, BSdshfih ke IjLU^Vut khafib thifL 
SulJSh ke kuchh ji meiL SyS, tau befiyofi ki Jaraf dekhkar, farmSyS, 
" Agar tumharS bSp BadshSh na hotS, aur kisi ^larlb ke ghar turn 
paida hotih, tau tumheii BsdshShzSdl aur Mdika kaun kahtS? 
KhudS kS shukr karo, ki ShahzShdiya& kahlSH ho. Tumhfiii kbu- 
biyan mere dam se hain.'* 

Ohha lairkiySA ek zabSn hokar, boM ki " JahSn-panah jo fSarmfite 
hain, bajS hai, aur Sp-hi kl salSmfi se hamSrI bhala,! hai." Lekin 
yih Malika i jahfin sab bahinoft se chhoti thifi ; par 'a^ o shu'ur 
met. us 'umr mefi bhI goyS sab se hafi ihit ; chup& khafi rahi& ; is 
guftgu meJi bahinofi ki shaiik na hil,i£i, is wSsj^, ki yih kalima kufr 
kS hai. BadshSh ne na^ i ^ia?ab se, un kl j^araf dekhS, aur kaha 
" Kym BibI, tum kuchh na boim ; is kS kyS bS^ig hai ?" Tab 
Malika ne donoii hSth apne rtlmSl se bandhkar, *ar? kl, ki *' Agar 
jan kl aman pa,i!Q, aur tal^^Ir mu'af ho, tau yih laun$ apne dil kl 
bst gu^Srish kare." 



Hukm hu,a, ki *' Kah, kya kahti hai ?*' Tab Malika ne kaha, ki 
Kibla i 'Slam ! Ap ne suna hai, ki, '* sachchi bat karwl lagti hai ;" so 
is wa|j:t main apni zindagi se hath dhok'ar, 'arz karti hun ; aur jo 
kuchh men ]j:ismat mefi likhne-wale ne likha hai, us ka mitane-wala 
kol nahin ; kisu taral^ nahln tialne ka. 

Khwah tum panw ghiso, ya ki rakho sir ba sajud, 
Bat peshanl ki jo kuchh hai, so pesh ati hai. 

Jis Badshah i ala-ul-itla|^ ne Sp ko Badshah banaya, unhiii ne 
miyhe bhi Badshah-zadI kahwaya. Us kl kudrat ke karkhane men 
kisu ka ikhtiyar nahln chalta. Ap kl zat haman wall i ni mat aur 
]^bla ka'ba hai. Ha^at ke ]|^am i mubarak kl khak ko, agar 
surma karun, tau baja hai ; magar na^ib harek ke, harek ke sath 
hain." Badshah yih sunkar, j^aish men aye, aur yih jawab dil par 
sakht giran malum hu,a; bezar hokar farmaya **Chhota munh, 
bap bat ! Ab is kl yih saza hai, ki gahna pata jo kuchh is ke hath 
gale mefL hai, utar-lo, aur ek miyane men charhakar, aise jangal 
meh, ki jahan nam o nishan admi i adam-zad ka na ho, phenk-ao ; 
dekhen is ke nai^Ibon men kya likha hai ?'* 

Bamujib i ])[ukm Badshah ke, us adhi rat men, ki *ain andher! thi, 
Malika ko, (jo jaunre bhaunre men pali thin, aur siwa,e apne maJ^all 
ke, dusri jagah na dekhi thi,j bho,i le-jakar, ek maidan men, (ki 
wahan paranda par na mar-sakta ; insan ka to kya zikr hai ?) chho^- 
kar, chale-aye. Malika ke dil par 'ajab ^alat guzarH thi ; ki ek dam 
men kya tha, aur kya ho-gaya. Phir apne Khuda ki janab men 
shukr kartin aur kahtin. " Tu aisa-hl beniyaz hai, jo chaha so kiya, 
aur jo chahta hai so karta hai, aur jo chahega so karega ; jab talak 
nathnon men dam hai, tujh se na-ummed nahln hotl." Isi andeshe 
men ankh lag-gayi, jis wa]^t ^\ih}^ hone lagi, Malika ki ankh khul- 
gayi, pukarifi, £ '* Wazu ko pani lana." Phir ek bargi rat ki batchit 
yad a,i ki " Tu kahafi ? Aur yih bat kahan ?" Yih kahkar, ujhkar 
tayammum kiya, aur dogana shukr ka parha. Ai 'aziz ! Malika ki 
yih lialat sunne se, chhati paftl hai ; us bhole bhale ji se puchha 
chShiye, ki kya kahta hoga! Ghara^^ us miyane men baithl hu,i, 
JKhuda se lau lagaye rahi thifi, aur yih kabit us dam paphtl ^oHi 

y Jab dant na the, tab dudh diyau, jab dant diye, kaha ann na 

day hai? 
Jo jal mefL, thai men, panchhi pashu ki sudh let, so teriblu lay hai. 
Kaheko soch kare, man-murakh soch kare, kuchh hath na ay hai ; 
JSn ko det, ejan ko det, jahan ko det, so tu ko bhi day hai." 

Sach hai, jab kuchh ban nahln ata, tab Khuda-hi yad ata hai ; 



nahiji to apnl apnl tadbir meh har ek, LaVtnSn aur Bn 'All SihS liai. 
Ab Khttdg ke kar-kbSne kS tamasha suno. Isi tara^ tin din rfit ^af 
guzar-gaye, ki Malika ke munh men ek khil bhi nfkar na gaji ; wuh 
phul-sS badan sukhkar, kSn^a ho-gayS, anr wuh rang jo kundan-sa 
damaktS thS, haldi-sS ban-gajS. Mufih meh. pbepbfi bandh-gaji ; 
finkheii pathra gayin ; magar ek dam atak rahS tha, ki wuh ata jatS 
tha. '* Jab talak sSAis, tab taiak as.** Chaathe roz $ub^ ko, ek Dar- 
wesh Khizr kl si ^urat, ntbr&nl-cfa&rtt, roshan-dil Skar paida hu,a, 
Malika ko is ^alat meh dekhkar, bola, " Al befi ! Agarchi tera bSp 
BSdshah hai, lekin teii ^mat mefi yibi badS tba. Ab is Fal^ 
bufhe ko apna khSdim isamajh, apne Paida karne-wale ka rat din 
dhyan rakh, Khuda kh5b karegS." Aur Fakir ke kachkol me& jo 
tokre hbsk ke, maujud the, Malika ke rubani rakhe, aur panl Id 
taladh men phhme lagS; dekhe to ek ku,a to hai, par ^o^ rassl 
kaha:^, jis se pan! bhare? Thofe patte darakbt se torkar, daunS 
banayS, aur apne sell khoB^ar, tis mefi bSi&dhkar niksla, aur Malika 
ko kuchh khilaya pilSyS. BSCre pdk bosh Sya ; us Mard i Khuda ne 
bekas aur bebas jankar, bahut-si tasalli di, khatir-jaina* ki, aur ap bbi 
rone laga. Malika ye jab gham-khwail aur dil-dari is ki be l^add 
dekhl, tab un ke bhI mizaj ko isti^Sl hu,&. Us roz se us pir mard ne 
yih mukarrar kiya, ki subh ko bhikh mSnprtle ke liye shahr meh 
Ul.ja« ; jo tira pSi^ha pfita. Malika ke fss le.ata.V khilata. 

Is taur se there roz guzre. Ek din Malika he tel sir men 4^ii6 
aur kanghi cho^ kame ka Jka^d kryS. Jonhin mubaf khola, chutJe 
me& Be ek moti kS dana gol abdSr nikal-paiu ; Malika ne ps Darwesh 
ko diyS, aur kaha, " Shahr mefi ja is ko bech-la,o." Wuh Fa|jir us 
gauhar ko bechkar, us kl V^mat BSdshah-zSdl ke pas le-aya; tab 
Malika ne Ij^ukm kiya, ki '* £k makan muwSfi^ guzran ke, is jagah 
bana,o.'' FaVTr he kaha, " Ai beta ! nev dTwSr & khodkar, thori si 
mitta jama' karo ; ek din main pan! lakar, gara karkar, ghar ki bun- 
yad durust kar-dtinga^'* Malika ne us ke kahne se mitta khodni 
shuru* kl. Jab ek gaz 'am!^ ga^hfi khods gdyS, zamin ke niche se 
ek darw§[za namud hu,a ; Malika ne us &r ko §Sf kiya ; ek bara 
gha^ jawShir aur aihraiiyofi se ma*mur nazar Sya ; Malika ne panch 
char lap ashrafiyofi ke lekar, phir band kiya, aur mitta dekar upar se 
hamwSr kar-diyS. Ttne'mefi Fa^ SyS. Malika ne farmayS, id 
" Kaj aur mi'mar, karigar, apne kam ke ustad aur mazdur i jald-dast 
bula,o, jo is makan par ek 'imarat i Badshahana, ki ta]j: i Kisri ka 
juft ho, aur ^§r i Ni'man se sabj^t le-jaye, aur shahr-panah, aur 
yra, aur bS^, aur ba,olI, aur ek musafir-khana. ki lasani ho, jald 
taiyar karen ; lekin pahle nal^ha un ka, ek kaghaz par durust karke 
^uizur men lawen, jo pasand kiya ja,e." 

Fa^ ne aise-hl kar-kun kar-karda a-hosh lakar, Jiazir kiye; 
muwafil^ farmane ke, ta'mir Imarat kl hone lagl, aur naukar ch^d^ar 




harek kSr-lsbantyat kl kliSj^, ehun chunkar fahmlda aur bS-dijaua 
mulazim hone lage. Us Imarat i 'allshan ki taiyan ki khabar, rafta 
rafta, Badshah i s^ll i Subtiani ko, jo ]^la-gah Malika ke the, 
pahuncbl. Sunkar bahut muta'ajjib hu,e, aur bar ^k se puchh^, ki 
'* Yih kaun shakb? bai, jin ne jih maltuillat banaae sburu' kiyehaiu? 
Us kl kaifiyat se <ko,i waljif na th^, jo *ar? kare. :Sabhon fie kpixoii 
par bSth i»kkhe ki " Ko,i ^ulam nabln janta, ki us ka bani ^un 
hai.*' Tab Badshah ne ek Amir ko bhejs, aur paigham diy^, ki 
Hain un makanofi ke dekhne ko Sya cb&hta hnh; aur yih 
bhi malum nahin, ki turn ,kahan ki Badshah-zSjI ho, aiir kis 
khandan se ho. Yih oab kaifiyat d^aft kame, .ig^ne taiifi man^ 

JojQhi]^ Malika ne yih k)iush-kbft^>^ vSuni, ^ me£i bahut shad 
hokar, 'arzl likhl, ki "JahanpanSh salamat! .^u^ ke ta8hi:!f 
ISne ki khabar, jtaraf ghanb- l^b ane ki, sunk^, nihSyat ^mshi \fii^il 
huj, aur sabab ^urmat aur 'izzat is kamtarin ka hu«a ; ^^e j^ali' us 
makan ke, ki jahafi kadam i mubarak ka nishan jpape, aur wahSn ke 
rahne-walon par daman i daulat saya kare, aur na;^ i tawajjuh se 
we donon sar-fisuraz howe&. Yih laund^ uixuaiedwar hai, ki kal roz i 
panjshamba roz i mubarak hai, aur mere nazdik bihtar roz i qauroz 
se hai. Ap ki gat mushabih aftsb ke hai ; tashnf farmakar, ^pne nur 
se is garra i bemil^dar ko kadr o manzilat b afch sbiye ; aur jo kuchh 
is 'ajiza se muyassar bo sake, nosh i jan &rmgiye ; yih 'ain gharib- 
nawazi aur musafir-parwari hai. Ziyada b(uld i adab." Aur us 'umde 
rko bhi tawazu' karkar, rukhi^at kiyS. 

Badshah ne 'ar:^ parbi, aur kahla-bhejS, ki *<Ham ne tumhari 
da Vat Vubul ki; albatta awenge." Malika ne naukarQfi aur sab 
.karbariyon ko ^ukm kiya, ki '^ Lawazima ^yafiat kS aise salike se 
taiyar ho, ki Badshah dekhkar, aur khakar bahut mal^^^ hon aur 
.adna a'la jo BadsbSh ki rikgb mefi awefi, sab kha pikar kbush 
hokar, jawen." Malika ke farmane aur takid kame se, sab Ipsm ke 
khane, salone, aur mi^he is za'ik^ ke taiyar .hu,e, ki agar Bahman ki 
beti khati, tau kalima parhti. Jab sham hu^i Badshah mun^e 
tahht par sawar hokar. Malika ke makan ki .taraf tashiif laye. 
Malika apni ^an kbawa^? saheliyon ko lek^ur, istiljLbal ke wasjte 
chalin. Jaun Badshpih ke takht par nazar pap, is adab se mujra i 
fihabana kiya, ki yih ka^ida dekhkax, Badshah ko aur bhi ludrat ne 
liya, aur usi andaz se jalwa karkar, Badshah ko tali^t i mura?^* 
par la-bithayS. Malika ne sawa l^kh rupai ka chabutara taiyar 
karwa nUiha tha ; aur ek sau ek kishtl jawahir, aur ashrafi, aur 
pashmina, aur nur-bafi, aur reshmi, aur tila-bafi, aur zar-dozi ki laga 
rakhi thi ; our do zanjir i fil, aur das ras i asp i 'Ira]p, aur Yamani, 
mura^^a* ke saz se, taiyar kar rakhe the ; nazar guzrane, aur ap 
donon. hath bandhe, rubaru khaii rahin, Badshah ne bahut mihrbani 

E d 


se fiarmajS, ki *<Tam kis mulk kl Shah-zadl ho; aur yahan kis 
$urat 86 ana hu,a ?*' 

Malika ne adab baja-lakar, iltimas kijS, ki " Yih laun^ wahi 
ganahgar hai, jo gha?ab i sultan! ke ba'ig, is jangal men pahunchi ; 
aur ye sab tamashe Khuda ke hain, jo ap dekhte hain." Yih suntehi, 
Badshah ke lahu ne josh marS ; u^hkar muliabbat se gale laga-liya ; 
aur hath paka^ ke, apne takht ke pas kursi bichhwakar, ^ukm baithne 
ka kiya. Lekin Bsdshah luiiran aur muta'ajjib baithe the ; farmaya 
*' Badshali Begam ko kaho, ki Badshah-zadiyon ko apne sath lekar, 
jald awen.** Jab we a,in, ma bahinoti ne pahchana, aur gale milkar 
ro,in aur shukr kiya. Malika ne apnl walida aur chhahofi hamshiroii 
ke rubaru itna kuchh nal^d aur jawahir rakha, ki khazana 'alam ka 
us ke pa-sang men na charhe. Phir Badshah ne sab ko sSth 
bifhakar, khagsa nosh i jSn farmaya. 

Jab talak Jahan-pandi jite rahe, isi tarali guzri; kabhu kabhu 
ap ate, aur kabhi Malika ko bhi apne sath ma^lon men lejate. 
Jab Badshah ne hl^ilat fiarmaj, saltanat us ii^im ki Malika ko 
pahunchi ; ki un ke siwa dusra ko,I la,i^ is ke na tha. Ai *aziz ! 
Sarguzasht yih hai, jo tu ne sum ; pas daulat i Khuda-dad ko hargiz 
zawal nahin hota ; magar admi ki niyat durust chahiye ; balki jitnl 
kharch karo, us men utnlhi barakat hot! hai. Khuda ki j^udrat mefi 
ta'ajjub kama, kisi mazhab men rawa nahln." Da,i ne yih bat 
kahkar, kaha, ki ** Ab agar t:asd wahafi ke jane ka, aur us khabar 
lane ka, dil men mu^arrar rakhte ho, tau jald rawana ho." Maiii 
ne kaha *' Isi wa^t main jata hun, aur Khuda chahe tau jald phir 
ata hufi." Akhir, rukhgat hokar, aur fa^l i II ah! par nazar rakhkar, 
us simt ko chala. 

Baras din ke 'ar§e men, haij marj khenchta hu,a, shahr i Nim- 
roz men, ja pahuncha. Jitne wahan ke admi hazan aur bazan, 
nazr pare ; siyah-posh the. Jaisa a^wSl suna tha, apni ankhon se 
dekha. Ka,i dinon ke ba'd, chaiid-rat hu,! ; pahll tarfeh sare log us 
shahr ke, chhote bare, lapke bale, umra Badshah, 'aurat mard, ek 
maidan men jama* hu,e ; main bhI apni j^jialat men J^iairSn, sargardSn, 
us kasrat ke sath apne mal mulk se juda, Faljir k! ^urat bana hu,S, 
khara dekhta tha; ki dekhiye, parda i ghaib se, kya zahir hota 
hai ? Itne men ek jawan i ga,o-sawar, munh men Issf bhare, josh 
kharosh karta hu,a, jangal men se bahar nikla. Yih 'ajiz, jo itni 
mi^nat karke, us ke aljLwal daryaft kame ki khatir gaya tha, 
dekhtehi use, tiawass-bakhta hokar, liairan khara rah-gaya. Wuh 
jawan-mard, ^adim ka ^a'ide par jo jo kam karta tha, karkar, phir 
gaya; aur khill^t shahr ki shahr ki taraf mutawajjih hu,i. Jab 
mujhe hosh ay a, tab maifi pachtaya ; Id " Yih kya tujh se tarakat 
hu,i? Ab mahine bhar phir rah dekhni pan.*' Na-char sab ke 
sath chala aya, aur us mahine ko mah i Eamazau ki manind ek ek 


din ginkar kata. Bare, dusri chand-rat a,T, mujhe goya Id buj. 
££burre ko, phir Badsbah kbilkat saroet wobin jakar ikattbe bu,e ; 
tab main ne dil men musammam irada kiya, ki ab kl bSr, jo bo so 
ho, 8pne tajn sambbalkar, is majara,e 'ajib ko malum kija cbahiye. 

Nagah jawan badastur, zard bail par zin bandbe, sawar bo, 
S-pabuncba, aur utarkar, do-zanu bai^ba; ek batb mefi nangi saif, 
aur ek batb men bail kl natb pakre, aur martaban gbulSm ko diya ; 
ghulam barek ko dikblakar, le-gaya ; admi dekbkar, rone lage ; us 
jawan ne martaban pbo^a, aur ghulam ko ek talwSr aisi mari, ki sir 
juda bo-gaya ; aur ap sawar bokar mu^S. Main us ke picbbe jald 
\sLAam utbakar, cbalne lagS ; sbabr ke admiyon ne mera batb palq^ 
aur liaba, " Yib kyS karta bai ? Kyun jan bujbkar, marta bai ? 
Agar aisa-bi tera dam nak mefi aya bai, tau babuteri Jara];^en marne 
kl bain; mar-rabiyo." Harcband main ne minnat kl, aur zor bbl 
kiya, ki kisu ^urat se un ke bath se cbbutu^, cbbutkarS na hu,a ; 
do char admi lipaf-gaye, aur pakfe bu,e basti ki j^af le-aye. 'Ajab 
Jarah ka ]^ala^ pbir mabine bhar gugra. 

Jab wuh bbl mabina tamam bu,a, aur salakb kS din aya ; ^ubl;^ ko 
usi ^urat se, sare 'alam wahafi ka, izdihSm hu,a. Main alag sab se 
namaz ke wal^t utbkar, age-hi jangal mefi, (jo 'aln us jawan ki rSh 
par tbS) gbuskar, chbip-raba; ki yaban ko,i mera muza]^im na 
hoga. Wub sbakbg usi ka'ide se Sya, aur wabi ^jiarakaten kar-kar, 
sawar hu,a, aur cbala. Main bhi us ka picbba kiya, aur dauftS 
dhupta, satb bo-liya. Us 'aziz ne Sbat se malum kiya, ki ko,I 
chala ata bai; ekbargi bag morkar, ek naVa mara, aur ghurkS; 
talwar khenchkar, mere sir par a pahuncha ; chShta tba, ki |;iamla 
kare; main ne nibayat adab se niburkar, salam kiya, aur donofi 
hath bandbkar, kbara rab-gaya. Wub ]^aida-dan mutakallim bu,a, 
ki "Ai Fatir! Tu nataklj: mara gay 5 bota, par bach gay a; teri 
Ijiayat kuchh ba]^ bai. Ja; Kahan StS bai?" Aur jara,o khanjar 
motiyon ka, aur aweza laga hu,a, kamar se nikalkar, mere age 
pbenka, aur kaha, '' Is waljit mere pas kuchh nal^d maujud nabin, 
jo tujhe dun ; is ko Badsbah pSs leja ; jo tu mangega, so milega. 
Aisi hedbat aur aisa ru'ab us ka, mujh par ghalib ht!,s; ; ki na bolne 
ki ^udrat, na cbalne ki jfii^t ; munh met. gbighi bandh-gayi ; pafion 
bhari ho gaye. 

Itna kahkar, wuh ghazi mard, na*ra bhartS hu,a chalS ; main ne 
dil men kaha, '' Harchi bada badSi; ab rah-jSna tere t^l^ men bura 
hai; phir aisa wal^t na milega." Apni jan se hath dhokar main 
bhi rawana hu,a; pbir wuh phira, aur ba^e ghu^^e se 4^n\S.j aur 
mu^arrar irada mere l^al^l ka kiya. Main ne sir jbuka-diya, aur 
saugand di, ki " Ai Rustam wa^t ke ! Aisi-hi ek saif mar, ki §af 
do tukre ho ja,un, ek tasma bal^ na rabe, aur is Ij^drani aur tababi 
se chhuti»ja,un ; main ne apna khun mu'af kiya ! " Wuh bola, ki 


'* Ai shai.tan ki ^ttrat ! Ejt[ii apn3 ^un nS-t^i]}:^ meii gaifdan par 
eha^rbatS hai, aur mujhe gunabgar banatS hai? JS; apn! rSh le; 
kya jan bhSri pa^ hai?" Mai& ne as kS kahfi na mSna, axat 
^adam age dbara ; phir us ne dida o dfinista anSkSni di, aur maifk 
pichhe lag-liya; jste jSte, do kos yfmh. jbSf jangal pa. kiya. Ek 
cbar diwaii nazar S J ; wuh jawan darwSze par gayS, aur ek na'ra I 
mubib mara; wub dar Sp se Sp khul-gayS; wub andar paitbS; 
main baliar kS bsbar kba^a lab-gayS. IlSbi ab kyS karlin ! t»,irS!n 
tbS. Bare, ek dam ke ba'd, ^uJa^ S,ysi, aur pai^^Sm layS, ki 
" Cbal, tujbe rubaru bulaya bai ; shayad tere sir par ajal kS firisbta 
SyS bai. Kya tujbe kambakbtl lag! tbi?" Maiii ne kahS, " zahe 
na^ib ! '* Aut bedbapik us ke sitb andaf bggh ke gaya. 

Akhiff ek makan men le-gaya, jaba& wub bai^S tbS ; maih nd 
use dekbkar, fkrrasbl sdam kiya; us ne isbarat baifbue kl ki; 
maifi adab se do-zfinu baitihS. EyS d^eyita buiii, ki wuh mard akelS 
ek masnad par baitha! hai, aur hatbySir zargarf ke Sge dbare£i hain ; 
aur ek jba^^ zumurrad kS taiySr karcbukS hai. Jab us ke utbne kS 
vr&^t sya, jitne ghulam us sbah-nashln ke gird pesh ]^;^r the, 
];)tujt^n men chbip-gaye ; maiA bbi mare waswSs ke, ek kothri mefi 
ja ghusa. Wuh jawan utbkar, sab makSnofi kl kun^iySA charhSkar,- 
bagh ke kone ki taraf cbalS ; aur apni sawSrl ke bail ko mame lagS. 
Us ke cbillane kl awSz mere kSn meik R,l ; kalija kampne la^ ; 
lekin is majare ko daiySft kame kl khatir. yib sab afaten saMh th£&. 
parte darte, darwSza kholkar, ek darakht ke tunne ki sDr men jSkar, 
kbara bu,a, aur dekhne lagsi, JawSn ne wuh sonfa jis se mSrta thS, 
hath se 4^1-diya ; aur ek makan ka \xifL kunji se khola, aur andar 
gaya ; pbir wonhifi bahar nikalkar, nar^,o kl pifh par hath pherS* 
aur muiih chilama, aui^ dana ghas khilakar, idbar ko chala. Maifi 
dekhtebi jald daurkar, phir kofbii ineii jit cbJiipa. 

Us jawan ne zanjirei^ sab darwazo& ki khol di&; sSre ghulam 
bahar nikle ; zerandaz, aur saJapcbl, aftSba lekar, |;^r hu,e. Wuh 
wu^ karkaf, namaz kl kbajdr, kha^a hn,a; jab namaz ada kar- 
chuka, pukaiu, ki '* Wuh Darwesh kahSii hai?'' Apna nam suntebi, 
main daurkar rubaru ja kha^a hu,a. Fapnaya, '* Baith." MmA 
tasllm-kar, baitha ; kba?^ aya, us ne tanawul farmaya, mt^he bht 
'inayat farmaya; main ne bbi khaya. Jab dastar-khwgn barhaya, 
aur hath dhoye, ghulamoA ko ni^i^at di, ki " Jakar so raho " Jab 
koj us makan mefi na raba, tab mujh se ham-kalam hu,a, ki ** Ai 
'aziz ! Tujh par kya aisi afat aj hai, jo tH apni maut ko dhufL^ta 
phirta hai ? " Maifi ne apna a^iwal aghaz Se anjam tak, jo kuchh 
guzra tha, taf^ilwar bayan kiya, aur kaba, '* Ap ki tawajjuh se 
ummed hai, ki apni murad ko pabunchufi. Us ne yi sunte hi, 
ek fhandi safis bhari, aur behosh hu,a, aur kahne laga, " Bar i 
Khudaya ! Ish^ ke dard se tere siwa kaun wa^df hai ; " jis ke na 



pb^t^ bo bi\\a,I, kya jane pir para,!;" is dard ki |^dr dardmand ho» 

" Afaton ko 'isb^ ki, 'asbi^ se pucbba cbabije. 
Kya lUl&bar i5^ ko bai ; i^di]^ sp pupbba cbabije.*' 

Ba'd ek lam^jie ke, bosb met akar, ek ab i jigar-sog bbail ; sSrS 
makan gunj-gaya; tab mujbe ya^n bu,a, ki yih bbi is Isb]^ Id bala 
men ginftar bai, aur isl mar? ka bimar bai. Tab to main ne dil 
cbalakar kaba, ki "Main apnS a^Lwal sab *ar? kija; ap tawajjub 
farmakar, apni sargu^asbt se bande ko muttali* farmaaje, tau 
bamaJ^dur apne, pable tumbare waste sal karui^, aur dil ka maj^ab 
kosbisb karkar, batb men la,ufi." Al^i^^ia, wub 'asbij^ i ^adHf. mujh 
ko apna bamraz o bamdard jankar, apna majara is ^urat se bajSn 
kame laga. 

** Sun, ai 'aziz ! Main Badsbab-zada i jigarsoz, is i)^llm i Nimroz 
ka bun. Badsbab, ya*ne ]pblagab ne, mere paida bone ke ba'd, 
najumi, aur rammal, aur panc^it jama* kiye, aur farmaya, ki " Abwal 
Sbab-zade ke iali'pn ka aekbo, aur jSncbo, aur janam-patri durust 
^aro, aur jo jo kucbb bona bai, ]^a^|juit pal pal, gba^i gluql, aur 
pabar pabar, din din, mablne mabine, aur baras baras ke, mufa^^al 
l^u^ur men *ar? karo." Bamujib i ];Lukm Badsbab ke sab ne muttafi^ 
}io, apne apne 'ilm ke ru se tbabra, aur sadb kar iltimas kiyS. . 
'* Kbuda ke fa?l se, aisi nek sa*at, aur subb It^an meA, Sbab-zSde 
^a tawallud aur janam bu,S bai, ki cbabiye Sikaudar kl si badsbabat 
l^re, aur Nausbirwan sa adil bo ; aur jitne *ilm aur bunar bain, un 
men kamil bo ; aur jis kam ki .faraf dil us ka ma,il ho, wub bakbubl 
JtlLa^il bo. Sakbawat o sbaja*at men aisa nam paida kare, ki Hatim 
^ur Rustam ko log bbul-jawen ; lekiji cbaudab baras talak, suraj aur 
cbSnd ke dekbne se, ek bara kMtar nazar ata bai ; balki yib waswa^ 
bai, ki januni aur saudaj bokar, babut admiyon ka kl^un kare, aur 
bastl se gbabrawe, jangal mefi nikal-jawe, aur cbarand parand ke 
sath dil bablawe. Is kS ta^yud rabe, ki rat din aftab mabtSb ko 
na dekbe, balki asman kl taraf bbl nigab na karne pSwe ; jau itnl 
muddat kbair o 'afiyat se ka^e, tau pbir sSrf 'umr sukb aur chain se 
§al.tanat kare. 

Yib sunkar, Badsbab ne isi liye us bS|^ k! binS 4ali, aur makSa 
i mutaWdid barek na]j:sbe ke banwaye. Mere ta,in tah-I^ane meh 
palne ka bukm kiya, aur upar ek burj namde ka taiyar karwSyS, 
tau dhup aur cbandnl us men se na cbbane. Maifi, da,i dudb-pils,i, 
aur anga, cbbocbho, aur ka,I kbawa^^on ke s3tb, is ma^tafi^sat se, us 
makan i 'allsban men parwarish pane laga; aur ek ustaiid i dSnS 
kar-azmuda, waste meri tarbiyat ke, muta*aiyin kiya, tau ta'lim bar 
'il^i aur bunar Isi, aur mash]^ baft-V&lam likbne ki kare ; aur Jaban- 


panah hamedha kbabar-fflran rahte; dam-ba-dam ki kaifiyat ro2- 
marra tiu^ men 'ar;^ hotl. Main us makan-hl ko 'alam dunja 
jankar, khilaunofi aor rang barang phulofi se, khela-karta; aur 
tamam jahan ki ni'matefi khkne ke wSsj(e maujud rahin ; jo ehahtS 
so khsta. Das baras kl 'umr tak jitni ^an'atefi, aur {^abilijatefi thin, 
tal;^?!! klfi. 

Ek roz us gumbaz ke niche rosbandan se ek phul achambhe k£ 
nazar pa^'a, ki dekhte dekhte ba^ hota jata tha ; maih ne chaha ki 
hath se pakar-lun; jaun jaun maiA hath lambS karta tha, wuh 
uncha ho jata tha. Main, itl^iran hokar, use tak-raha tha ; wonhTfi 
ek awaz l^h^he ki mere kan men a,I ; maifi ne us ke dekhne ko 
gardan utha,i. Dekha to namda chlrkar, ek mukhra chand ka sa 
nikal-raha hai; dekhte hi us ke, mere 'al^^ o hosh baja na rahe; 
phir apne ta,I£L sambhalkar, dekha ek mura^^a* ka takht pari-zadon 
ke kandhe par mualla^ khara hai, aur ek Takht-nishin, taj jawahir 
kS sir par, aur khiVat i jhalabor badan mefi pahne, hath men ya^t 
kS piySa liye, aur sharab piye hu,6 bai^hi hai. Wuh takht bulandi 
se ahista ahista niche utarkar, us buij mei!i aya. Tab pan ne mujhe 
bulaya, aur apne nazdik bifhaya ; baten piyar kl karne lagl, aur 
munh se munh lagakar, ek jam sharab i gul i gulab ka mere ta,m 
pilaya, aur kaha, ** Admi-zad bewafa hota hai, lekin dil hamara tujhe 
chahta hai." Ekdam men aisi aisi andaz o naz kl baten kin, ki dil 
mat^v ho-gaya; aur aisi khuahl l^a^il hu,i, ki zindagSnl ka maza 
paya ; aur yih samjha, ki aj to dunya men ayS. 

Ha^il yih hai, ki main to kya hufi ? kisi, ne yih 'alam na dekbS 
hoga, na suna hoga. Us maze men khajdr-jama* se ham donoA 
baithe the, ki, '* kuryal men ghulela laga.*' Ab us (ladisa i nSgahani 
ka majara sun ; ki wonhin char pari-zSd ne, asman par se utarkar, 
kuchh us ma shul^ ke kan meii kaha ; suntehl us ka chihra taghir 
ho-gaya, aur mujh se boli, ki ** Ai pyare ! Dil to yih chahta tha, 
ki ko,I dam tere sath bai^hkar, dil bahla,un, aur isi taral^ hamesha 
a,un ; ya tujhe apne sath le ja,un ; par yih Asman do shakh^f ko ek 
jagah aram se, aur khushi se rahne nahlfi deta. Le ; janan ! Tera 
Khuda nigahban hai.'* Yih sunkar mere ^lawass jate rahe, aur tuti 
hath kl urgayi. Main ne kaha, ki ** A ji ! Ab phir kab mulal^at 
hogi ? Yih kya tum ne ghazab kl bat suna,i ? Agar jald a,ogi, tau 
mujhe jita pa,ogi, nahin to pachta,ogi. Ya apna fhikana aur nam 
nishan bata,o, ki main-hl us pate par dhun^he-dhuudhe, apne 
ta,ifi tumhare pas pahuncha,un.'** Yih sunkar, boli, ** Dur par ! 
shaitan ke kan bahre ; tumhari ^ad o bist sala ki 'umr howe ; agar 
zindagi hai, tau phir mulal^at ho-rahegi. Main Jinnon kl BSdshah 
kl bep hun, aur koh i ^Caf men rahtl bun." Yih kahkar, takht 
uthaya, aur jis tara^ utra tha, buland hone laga. 

Jab talak samhne tha, men aur us kl chSr Snkhefi ho rahifi thl&. 


Jab nazarofi se glia.ib hu,a, jih Italat ho-gayl, jaise pari kS saya hotS 
liai. *Ajab tarab ki udasi dil par chha-gayi ; 'a^ o hosh rukhgat 
hu,a ; dunja ankhon ke tale andheri ho-gayi Hairan pareshan zar 
zar rota, aur sir par khak ufata, kappe phafta, na khSne kl sudb, na 
bbale bu^e kl budh. 

" Is *ish^ ki ba daulat kya kya kharSbiyaA haih ; 
Dil men udasiySn haifi, aur i^ij^biyan haifi.*' 

"Is kbarabi se da,i aur mu^aJlim khabardar hu,e; ^arte ^rte 
Badsbab ke rubaru gaye, aur 'ar^ Id, ki ** Badsbab-zada i 'alamiyau 
ka yih ^l hai ; malum nabifi, khud ba khnd yih kya gba?ab (utS, jo 
un ka aram aur kbana pma sab chbuta." Badsbab, Wazir Umara i 
^at^ib i tadbir, aur Hak]^ i ^jiadi^, Munajjim i ^di]^ MullS i siyane 
khuby darwesh i salik aur majzub, apne sStb lekar, us bagh mefi 
raunal^ afzS bu,e. Meri be]j:arari aur nala o zari dekbkar, un ki bh! 
];)ialat izj^rab ki bo-gayi ; ab-dida bokar, be-ikbtiySr gale se laga-liya; 
aur us ki tadbir ki khaj^ lyakm kiya. Hakimon ne ^uwat i dil, aur 
khaJal i dimagh ke wSs.fe, nuskbe likhe, aur Mulla,ofL ne na^iBb o 
ta'wiz pilSne aur pas rakbne ko diye : du a,en parb pa];'h-kar, pbunkne 
lage ; aur Najumi bole, ki ** Sitaron ki gardisb ke sabab, yib ^urat 
pesb a,i hai, us ka $ad^ dijiye.** 

Ghara?. bar ko,i apne apne 'ilm ki batefi kabtS tba; par mujh par 
jo guzarti tbi, mera dil-bi sabta tha. Kisu ki sat aur tadbir, meif 
taJ^dir i bad ke kam na a,i. Din ba din diwanagi ka zor bu,S, aur 
mera badan be ab o dane ke, kam-zor ho chala ; rat din chillana, aur 
sir patakna-hi hsUp. raha. Us ^lalat men tin sal guzre. Chauthe 
baras, ek Saudagar sair o safar kartS hu,a aya, aur harek mulk ke 
tu|;ife talLa,if i 'ajib o gharib Jahan-panah ke (u?ur men laya; mula- 
zamat lljiL^il ki. Badshah ne bahut tawajjuh farma,i, aur a^wal-pursl 
us kl karke, puchha, ki " Tum ne bahut mulk dekhe ; koi kahifi 
Hakim i kamil bhi nazar para, yS kisu se mazkur us ka suna ?'* Us 
ne iltimas kiya, ki " Kibla i 'alam ! Ql^ulam ne babut sair ki« lekin 
Hindustan men darya ke bich ek pahafi hai ; wahan ek Gusa,ifi jata- 
dhari ne, bapa man<)[ap Mahadey ka, aur sangat, aur bagh bafi bahar 
ka banaya hai; us mefi rahta hai; aur us ka yih l^aida hai, ki 
barsawin din, shivrat ke roz, apne asthan se nikalkar, daryS me£i 
pairta hai, aur khushi karta hai ; ashnan ke ba'd, jab apne asan par 
jane lagta hai, tab bimar aur dardmand des des aur mulk mulk ke, 
jo dur dur se ate hain, darwaze par jama* bote haifi ; un ki ba^f 
bhiy hoti hai. 

" Wuh Mahant (jise is zamSne ka Aflatun kahS chahiye) ^LSrura 
aur nab^ dekhta hu,a, aur harek ko nuskhe likhkar detS hu,S, chala 
jata hai. Khuda ne aisa dast i shifa us ko diya hai, ki dawS pite-hl 


agar hots hai, aur wuh mar^ bilkul jStS rahta hai. Tih miyarS main 
ne ba chashm i kbud dekha, aur £t)udS ki J^udrat ko yad kija ki 
aise aise bande paida kiye haiiu Agar ^okm ho tau Shah-zada 1 
'alamiyaii ko, us pas le jawen ; us ko ek na^ijar dikhawefi ; ummedL 
}fam hai, ki jald shi^e kamil ho ; aur ^ahir men bhi yih tadblr 
achchhl hai, ki harek mulk ki hawS khane se, aur ja bS ja ke ab o 
dane se, mtz^y men hrlaat aU hai.'* BadshSh ko bhi us ki ^ala^ 
pasand a,I, aur khush hokar, farmayil^, " Bahut bihtar ; shajad us kS 
hath ras awe, aur mere farzand ke dil se wa^hat jawe." Ek Amir 
i mu'tabar jahaa-dida kar azmuda ko» aiur us Tajir ko men rikab me& 
ta'inat kija, aur asbab i ^aruii aSth kar-diyS. Niware, bajre, mor- 
pankhl, palwSr, lachke, khehie, ula)^ pateliyoi^ par ma'i sara^am 
sawar keurkar, rukhi^at kiyS. Manzil manzil, chalte chalte, ua 
thikSoe par ja-pahunohe. Nay! bawfi aur naya dana panl kbSne 
pine se, kuchh mizig thahra ; lekin kbamoshi ka wahi 'aUm tha, aur 
rone se kaou Dambadam yiSd m pari kl» dil se bhulti na thi; aga; 
kabhu bolta, to yih bait parhUi. 

" Na janun kb paii-ru k! oa^sar hu,i ; 
Abhl to tha bhala chaoga mera dil.** 

Bare, jab do tin mahine guzre, us pahaf par, ^arib char hazar 
mari^ ke, jama' hu,e, lekio sab yihi kahte the, ki *' Ab I^i uda chahe, 
to Gusa,In apne miath se niklenge, aur sab ko un ke farmape se 
9hijfa,e kuUl hogi." Alki?9ft« ji9 din wuh din aya, ^ub]^ ko jo^ manind 
fftab ke nikal-aya, aur darya men nahaya, aur paira ; par jakar phir 
jLya, aur bhabhut bhasam tamam badan men lagaya ; m^ gora badan 
manind angare ki rakh men chipaya, aur mathe par malagir ka 
tika diya; langot bandhkar, angochha kandhe par <^a, balon ka 
ju^a baadha, muchhon par ta,o dekar, chafhwan juta i^ya ; ya us ke 
cbihre se yih malum hota tha, ki sari duuya us ke nazdik kuchh 
j|^r nahin rakhti. £k ^alam-dan i jara,o baghal men lekar, ek ek 
ki iaraf dekhta, aur nusj^bft deta hu,a, mere nazdik a pahuncha. 
Jab men aur us ki chSr nagaren hu,in kha^a rahkar, ghaur men 
gaya ; aur miyh se kahne laga^ ** Hamiffe sath a,o.*' Main hauiraib 
ho liyff. 

Jab sab ki naubat ho chuki, mere ta,in bagh men le-gaya, aur 
«k mu]^ita' kjiuBh-nakshe kb&lw&t-U)ane men mujhe farmaya, Ip. 
** Yahan turn raha karo ;" Aur ap apne asthan n^en gayS. Jab ek 
(Bhilla gugra tau mere pas aya, aur age ki nisbat mujhe khush pi^a; 
tab muskarakar farmaya, ki "Is baghche men sair kiya-karo; jis 
mewe par ji chal<», khaya-karo." Aur ek Ipilfi chini ki, ma'jun bharl 
hu,I di, ki ** Is men se cbhah mashe hamesha bila nagjia i nahar, 
^08h i jan farmayS-karo," Yih kahk^, wuh chala gaya, aur main ne 


lis ke kahne par 'amal kiya ; har roz Ijulwat badan meii, wax hrlfaX 
dil ko, malum hone lagl; lekin Ha^rat i *ish]^ ko kuchh agar na 
kiya ; us pan ki 9urat na^rofi ke age phirH thi. 

£k roz jjSHf. men ek jild kitSb ki na:^ a4 ; utarkar, dekhS to aSn 
'ilm din dunya ke, us men jama* kiye the ; goya daryS ko kiXze met 
bhar-diyS tha; har-ghafi us ka mutSla'a kiya-karti; 'ilm, ]|^kmat, 
aur taskbir mei^ nihSyat t^uwat baham pahunchs,!. Is 'ar^e meA 
baras din gu^ar-gaya ; phir wahl kboBbi kS din SyS. Jog! qine Ssan 
par se ufibkar, bshar niklS. Main ne salam kiyS. Un ne ]^am*dan 
miyhe dekar, kaha, *' Sath chalo." Main bbi sSth ho liya. Jab 
darwaze se bshar nikla, ek 'Slam du*a dene ]agS ; wuh Amir aor 
Saudagar mtyhe sSth dekhkar, Gusa^fi ke ]|^adamo& par gire, aur 
ada^e sbukr kame lage, ki " Ap ki tawajjuh se, bfire, itna to hu^." 
Wuh apni 'Sdat par darya ke ghat ^ g<^yS» &ur ashnan pujS jis 
tara]^ har-s3L kartS tha, ki ; phirti-bSr bimSiaa ka dekhta bhaltl^ 
chala ata tha. 

Ittifatpm saudaiyoA ke ghol mefi ek jawan i khCb^^umt shakil, ki 
pii se khare hone ki Jal^t us mefi na thI, nas^ pafS ; mujh ko 
kaha, ki '*Us ko sSth le S,o.*' Sab ki daru darman karke, jab 
khalwat-khSne mefi gaya, tho|^ si khopri us jawan ki tarash keur, 
chaha, ki kankhe^ura jo maghz par bai^ha thfi, zambur se utha-lewe. 
Mere Uiiyal met gu^ra, aur bol-utha, ki " Agar dast-panSh 5g met 
garm karkar, us ki pith par rakhiye» to khub hai ; Sp se ap nika] 
Swega ; aur jo yun khifichiyegar tau magh? ke gude ko na chhorega ; 
phir khauf zindagi ko hai.'* Yih sunkar, meif .taraf dekha, aur 
chupka ufh bagh ke kone mefi, ek darakht kaule met pakar* jatS ki 
lat ki gale men phaf^si la^kar, rah-gaya. Meah ne pSs jSkar, jo 
dekha, to wah-wSh, yih to mtirgaya ! Yih achambhS dekhkar, nihSyat 
afisos bn,S. Nachar ji mefi aya, use gaf-dun. Jaun darakht se jadi 
kame lags, do kunjiyan us ki laton men se gir-pari£i. Maifi ne un ko 
utha-liya, aur us gaiy i khubi ko zamin met dafb kiya. We donoii 
kunjiya& lekar, sab ^uflofi men lagfine lagS. Ittif^n do it^ujroii ke 
tsle un taliyoA se khde. Dekha to zamin se chhat taJak, jawShir 
bhara hu,a hai, aur ek peti maximal se ma^hi, sone ke pattar la^ 
IfxA di hu,i, ek .taraf dharl hai. Us ko jau kholS, to ek kitSb dekhi, 
ki us men ism i a*;;am, aur ]^a^rat jinn o pail kl» aur rtlt^on ki 
mulaj^t, aur taskhir aftSb ki, taflab Uldii hSi. 

Aisi daulat ke hsth lagne se, nihayat khushi JfS:^ hCJ, aur un par 
'amal kama shuru* kiyS, Darwaza bggh ka kbol-diyS apne us Amir 
ko, aur sath-wSloti ko kaha, ki "Kiahtiyai^ mangwakar, yih sab 
jawahir o na|j:d o jins aur kitaben bar-kar-lo." Aur ek niwSre par ap 
sawar hokar, waha& se ba^u: ko rawana kiya. Ate Ste, jab nazd^ 
apne mulk ke pahuncha, Jahan-panSh ko khabar hu,i. SawSr hokar 
isti^Lbal kiya, aur ishtiyS^ se belj:arar hokar kaljye se laga liyfi ! Main 


ne ^am-bo8l karkar» kahS ki ''Is khaksar ko i:adlm bagh mefk 
rabne ka }yakm ho.** Bole, ki *' Ai Bar-khurdfir ! Wuh makan 
mere nazdik man^jius thahrfi, lihazS as kl marammat aur taijarl 
mau^uf kl ; ab wuh makSn lS,i^ insSu ke rabne ke nahifi raha ; aar 
jis mait^dl met. ji chahe, utro. Bihtar yufi hai, ki ^I'e men kol 
jagah pasand karke, meri Snkhofi ke rubaru raho, aur pa^Ifi bSgh^ 
jaisa cbaho, taijar karwSkar, sair tamSsha dekha-karo." Main ne 
bahut zidd o hat karkar, us bggh ko naye sir se ta'mir karwSya, aur 
bihisht ki manind arasta kar, dakhil hu,a ; phir farSghat se jinnon 
kl taskhir kl khgj^ chille bai^ha, aur tark i ^iwanat karkar, l^irat 
kame laga. 

Jab challs din pure hu,e, tab fidhi rat ko, ek aisi andhi a,i, ki 
bai^, bafl ImSraten gir-pafiA; aur darakht ja^ per se ukha^kar, 
kahin se kahifi ja-pa^e ; aur parizadofi ka lashkar namud hu,a. Ek 
takht hawa se utrfi, us par ek shakhg i shSndar, motijofi ka taj aur 
khil'at pahne hu,e, bai^ha tha. Maifi ne dekhtehi bahut mu,addab 
hokar, salam kiyS. Us ne mera salam liya, aur kaha, ** Ai 'aziz ! 
Yih kya tu ne na];LaUj: dund machayS ? Ham se tujhe kya mudda'a 
hai ?" Main ne iltimas kiya, ki *' Yih 'ajiz bahut muddat se, turn- 
hari be^ par 'Sshi]^ hai ; aur isl liye kahan se kahan kharab o khasta 
hu,a, aur jite ji mu,a, ab zindagi se ba tang aya hun, aur apni jan 
par khela huA, jo yih kam kiya hai ; ab ap ki ^at se ummedwSr 
hun, ki mij^h f^iran sar-gardan ko, apni tawajjuh se, sar-faraz karo, 
aur us ke didar se zindagi aur aram bakhsho ; tau bafu gawab hoga." 
Yih meri arzu sunkar, bola, ki *' Adml khaki, aur ham atashi, in 
donon met. muwafal^t Sni, mushkil hai." Mai& ne ]^am kha,i, ki 
'' Main un ke dekhne ka mushtal^ hun ; aur kuchh maj^lab nahin." 
Phir us Takht-niahin ne jawab diya, ki ** Insan apne ^ul \faxai par 
nahin rahta ; ghara^ ke wal^t sab kuchh kahta hai, lekin yad nahin 
rakhta. Yih bat main tere bhale ke liye kah-sunata hmi ; ki agar tn 
ne, kabhu, l^^d kuchh aur kiya, to wuh bhi aur tu bhi donon kharab 
khasta hoge ; balki khauf jSn ka hai." Main ne phir dobara sau- 
gand yad ki, ki *' Jis mefi .tarfain ki bura,i howe, waisa kam hargiz 
na luurunga ; magar ek na^ar dekhta rahunga." Ye batefi hotiyafi 
thin, ki anchit wuh Pari, ki jis ka raazkur tha, nihSyat thase se 
bana,o kiye hu,e, a-pahunchi, aur Badshah ka takht wdiian se chala 
gaya. Tab^main ne be-ikhtiyar us Pan ko jan ki ifiraijL baghal mefi 

'* Kaman-abru mere gbar kyun na 5we, 
Ki jis ke waste khinche haifi chille.'* 

Usi I^ushi ke 'alam men, baham is bagh men rahne lage ; mare 
4ar ke kuchh aur khiySl na karta ; bala,i maze leta, aur fal^t dekha- 


karta. Wuh Pari mere ^ul Ijarar ke nibahne par, dil meu tairan 
rahti, aur ba'ze wal^t kahti, ki " Pyare ! Turn bhi apni bat ke, ba^re 
sachche ho, lekin ek na^ifjiat main dosti ki rab se karti hun ; apni 
kitab se khabardar raliiyo, ki Jinn kisl na kisi din tumben ghkfil 
pakar, chura la jaenge.*' Maifi ne kaba, ** Ise maifi apni jan ke 
barabar rakbta bun." 

Ittifal^an ek roz rat ko sbaitan ne warghalana; shahwat ki ^alat 
men yih dil men ay a, ki jo kucbh ho, sa ho ; kahan talak apne t&Sh 
thambun ? Use chhati se lagS liya, aur Jpi^d jima' ka kiya. Won- 
hln ek awaz a,i, *' Yih kitab mujh ko de, ki us mefi ism i a'zam hai ; 
be-adabi na kar." Us mast! ke 'alam men kuchh bosh na raha; 
kitab baghal se nikcilkar, baghair jane pahchane, tiawale kar-di, aur 
apne kam men laga. Wuh naznin yih meri nadanl kl ^jiarakat 
dekhkar, boll, ki ** Hai Zalim ! Akhir cbuka, aur na^iliat bhula T* 

Yih kahkar, behosh ho-gayi, aur main us ke sirhane ek Dew 
dekha, ki kitab liye kha^a hai ; chaha ki pakaj^kar, khub marHn aur 
kitab chhin-lun ; itne met us ke hath se kitab dusra le-bhaga. 

Main ne jo afsun yad kiye the, payhne shuru' kiye ; wuh jinn jo 
khara tha, bail ban -gay a ; lekin afsos ! ki paii zara bhl hosh men na 
a,i, aur wahl tialat bekhudi kl rahi. Tab mera dil ghabraya ; sSrS 
'aish talkh ho-gaya. Us roz se admiyon se nafrat hu,i ; is bagh ke 
goshe mefi pararahta hufi ; aur dil ke bhalane ki khatir. yih martaban 
zumurrud ka jhar-dar banaya-karta bun ; aur bar mahlne us maidan 
men isi bail par sawar hokar jaya-karta hun ; martaban ko tofkar, 
ghulam ko mar-(^lta hun is ummed par, ki sab meii yih IjjLalat dekben, 
aur afsos «khawen; shayad ko,i, aisa Khuda ka banda mihrban ho, ki 
mere 1;^^: men du a kare, tau maifi bhi apne majlab ko pahunchun. 

Ai rafi^ ! Mere junun aur sauda ki yih ^lal^I^t hai, jo main ne 
kah-suna,i." Main sunkar, abdida hu,a, aur bola, ki '< Ai shah-zade ! 
Tu ne wal^^i 'ishl^ ki ba^ mi^mat uthS,i ! Lekin ]^asam Khuda kl 
khSta hun, ki maifi apne maj^lab se dar guzra ; ab teri khatir jangal 
pahar men phirunga; aur jo mujh se ho sakega, so karunga." Yih 
wa'da karkar, main us jawan se rukhsat hu,a, aur panch baras tak 
sauda,! sa, wairane men khak chhantS phira, suragh na mila. 
&khir, uktakar ek pahar par charh-gayS, aur chaha, ki apne ta,in 
gira-dtin, ki ha4<}I pasli kuchh sabit na rahe. Wohln ek sawar i 
burVa-posh a-pahunchS, aur bola, ki ** Apni jan mat kho ; tho^e 
dinon ke ba'd tu apne ma^^i^ad se kam-yab hoga. Ya Sa,ifi i Allah ! 
Tumhare didar to muyassar hu,e ; ab Khuda ke fa^l se ummedwar 
hun, ki khushi aur khurrami lLa§il ho, aur sab namurad apni murad 
ko pahunchei^." 



Jab dosi^ Dan^esh bhi apnl sair kS |p99a kah chuk£, rSX aJiliir 
ho gajl, aor wa|^t ^abibi ka shuru* hone par Sya. Badshlh Azad- 
bakht chupkS apne daulatkbSne kl .taraf rawana hti^ ; ma^all, met 
pahunchkar, namaz ada ki. Fhir ghasalkhane men jS, khil'at i 
fakhira pahankar, dlwSn i 'amm men takht par nikal baitha, aur 
li^ukm kiya, ki '* Yasawal jSwe, char Fa^ fulfine makan par wSrid 
haiii, un ko bS *izzat apne sSth ^azur men le Swe." Bamujib lijxikm 
ke, chobdSr waha& gaja ; dekhS to charon Benawa, jha^ jhatkS 
phir, hath muiah dhokar, chshte hain, ki disa karefi, aur apni apnl 
rah len. Ohele ne kaha, ** Shah jl ! Badshfih ne charon ^uratofi 
ko .tftlab farmSyS hai: mere eUth chaliye." ObSro^ Dorwesh Spas 
men ek ek ko takne lage, aur cfaobdar se kaha, '* Baba ! Ham apne 
dil ke Badshah hai& ; hameii dunyS ke Badshlth se kya kam hai ?" 
Us ne kaha, " Miyan i AllSh ! Muza,i]^ nahin ; agar ohalo to 
achchha hai." Itne meii charon ko yad aya, ki MaulS i Murta:^ ne 
jo farmaya tha, so ab pesh aya. Khush hu,e, aur yasSwal ke hamrah 
ohale. Jab ^iVe meh pahunche, aur rubaru BSdshSh ke gaye, 
chSrofi Kalandaron ne du*S di, ki '*BabS! Tera bhala ho.'* 
BadshSh diwan i khagg men ja bai^e, aur do char kha^? Amiroii 
ko bulwaya, aur farmaya, ki " ChSron Gudpposhoii ko bula,o/' 
Jab wahSn gaye, hukm bai^ne ka kiya; a^wSlpursi farma,!, ki 
"Tumhara kahSfi se anS hu,a, aur kahSn ka irSda hai? Makan 
Mnruhidon ka kahSn hai ?*' Unhofi ne kaha, ki " Bad^iSh ki *umr 
daulat ziy9da rahe. Ham Fa^r hain ; ek muddat se khanabadosh 
isl .taral^ sair o-safar karte phirte haifi. Wuh masal hai, ** Falpi ko 
jahafi sham hu,i, wonhin ghar hai." Aur jo kuchh is dunyS,e na 
pa,idar men dekha hai, kahSfi tak bayan kareii ? 

Azgdbakht ne bahut tasalli aur tashaffi kl, aur khSne ko mang- 
wSkar, apne rubaru nashta karwayS. Jab fSrigh^ hu,e, phir &rmaya, 
ki '< Apna majara tamSm be kam o kast mujh se kaho. Jo mujh se 
tumhari khidmat ho sakegl, ^u^ur na kai^ga.** FaljJrofi ne jaimb 
diya, ki '< Ham par jo kuchh bits hai, na hame^ bayan kame k! 
ta^t hai, aur na BadshSh ko sunne se far^at hogi. Us ko mu*af 
kijiye." Tab Badshah ne tabassum kiya, aur l^a, '' Shab ko jahSfi 
tum bistaron par bai^he, apna aliwal kah-rahe the, wahan main bhi 
maujud tha. Chunanchi do darwesh ka ahwal sun chukS hun. Ab 
chahta hun, ki donon jo ba^jLl hain, we bhi kahefi, aur chand roz ba 


khatir jama* mere pas rahefi, ki ^dam i Darwesban, radd i balS 
hai." Badshah se yih bat simte bi, mare ^a.\ii ke kSmpne lage, 
aur sir nicbe karke, cbup bo rabe ; tal^t goya,i ki na rabi. 

Azadbakbt ne jab dekba, ki ab in men mSre ru*ab ke, l^a^^Sss 
liabin rabe, jo kucbb bolen, farm ay a, ki " Is jS&Sn mefi ko,i sbakb? 
aisa na boga, jis par ek na ek waridSt i 'iiyib o giiarib na bu,I bog! ; 
bawajudeki main Bsdsbab bun, lekin main ne bbi aisa tamasba 
dekba bai, ki pable mainbl us ka bayan karta bun ; turn ba kbatir- 
jaita' suno. Darwesbon ne kaba, " Badsbab salSmat ! Ap \S. &\tM 
Fa^oii ke VI P^ aisabi hai; irsbad &rmaiye." Azadbakbt ne 
apna a^^'wSl sburu* kiya, aur kabS, 

^' Ai SbSho BSdsbSb ka ! Ab majara stmo, 
Jo kucbb ki maifi ne dekba bai aur bai suna, suno. 
EabtS buti maiii FaJ^ou ki kbidmat men sar ba sar, 
AJt^wal mera kbnb taral^ dil laga suno.'* 

'< Mere j^blagah ne jab wafat pa,i, aur mai& is takfat par boitbS, 
'ain 'alam sbabab kS tba, aur sara yib mulk Rum kS mere }).ukm 
men tba. Ittifal^n ek sSil ko,i saudagar Badakbsban ke mulk se 
aya, aur asbab tijSrat ka babutsS layS. KbabardSron ne mere fyi'4llr 
meh kbabar k!, ki '* Aisa bara tsjn: aj tak sbabr mei^ nabin aya !** 
Main ne us ko talab farmSya. 

Wub.tutfe bar ek mulk ke, 1S,H^ meri nasiar ke, lekar gySp 
FilwSl^i', bar ek jins i bebabS nazar S,i. Obunmicbi ek $biya men 
ek lal tba, nibayat khusbratig aur abdar, \&d o ^Smat durust, aur 
wazan men pancb miskal ka. Maifi ne bawajQd saltanat ke, aisS 
jawabir kabbu na dekba tba, aUr nft'kisu se suna tba. Pasand 
kiya ; satidagar ko babut sa in-Sm o ikrSm diyS, aur sanad rSbdSri 
ki likbdi, 'ki ** Use batnSre tamSm j^lamrau met, ko,I muza^iim 
ma^^ul ka na bo, aur jabSfi jSwe, us ko arSm se rakhefi, cbauki 
pabre men ^eizii raben; us ka nul^an apna nul^sSn samjbefi." 
Wub tajir tuzur mefi darbar ke wat:t l^&zir rabta, aur adab i 
8al.tanat se kbub y^a^f tba; atlr ta^jjir o kbusbgo,! us kl la,i|j: 
sunne ke tbl ; auf thain us lal ko bar roz jawabirkbSne se mang- 
wSkar, sar i darbar dekbS kartS." 

" Ek Toz diwSn i 'Stnm kiye baitbIC, aur UmrS, arkSn i daulat» 
^pne apne paye par kbare tbe, aur bar Mulk ke BSdshSbofi ke 
Elcbi mubarakbadi ki kbatir jo aye tbe, vre bbl sab V?i^ the. Us 
■Wakit maifi ne muTvafil^ ma'mul ke, us la*l ko mangwaya ; jawabir- 
khane ka DSrogba lekar ayS, main bStb mefi lekar tarif kame 
laga, aur Farang ke Elcbi ko diyfi.*' " Un ne dekbkar tabassum 
kiya, aur zamanasazi se ^ifat ki. Usi tara^ batbon bsCtb, bar ek ne 
liya, aur dekba, aur ekzaban bokar, bole, ki *' i^bla 1 *alam ke il^bal 

64 BaOH BAHaR. 

ke ba*ig, yih muyassar hu,a hai, o illana kisu Badshah ke hath aj 
talak aisa ra]^m i bebaba nahin laga." Us wa]^t mere ]pblagah ka 
Wazir, ki mard i dan a tha, aur usi khidmat par sarfaraz tba, wizarat 
ki chauki par kbara tha ; adab bajalayS, aur ilitmas kiya, ki " Kuchh 
"ar^ kiya chahta hun, agar janbakhshi ho." Main ne Ij^ukm kiya, ki 
" Kah." 

Wuh bola, " Kibla i *alam ! Ap Badshah hain, aur Badshahou 
se bahut ba'Id hai, ki ek pathar ki itnl taVlf karen. Agarchi rang 
^ang sang men lasani hai, lekin sang hai ; aur is dam sab mulkon 
ke ElchI darbar men l^azir hain ; jab apne apne shahr men jawenge, 
albatta yih na^ karenge, ki " *Ajab Badshah hai, ki ek lal kahin se 
paya hai, use aisa tvibh. banaya hai, ki bar roz rubaru mangSta hai, 
aur ap us kl ta'rif karkar, sab ko dikhata hai. Pas jo Badshah ya 
Rajs yih sJ^wal simega, apni majlis men ha^sega. Khudawand ! 
Ek adna saudagar Naishapur men hai ; us ne bSrah dane lal ke, ki 
harek sat sat mig]^al ka hai, pat4« meh na^ab karkar, kutte ke gale 
mefi (}al diye hain.*' Mujhe suntehi, ghugyt cha^h aya, aur khisyane 
hokar, farmaya, ki " Is Wazir ki gardan maro." Jalladon ne wonhin 
us ka hath pakaf liya, aur chaha, ki bahar lejawen. 

Farang ke Badshah ka ElchI, dastbasta rubaru a kha^ hu,S. 
Main ne puchha, ki " Tera kya majlab hai?"* Us ne 'arz ki, " Umme- 
dwar hufi ki ta]^ir se Wazir kl \va]^if hun." Main ne farmaya, ki 
'* Jhuth bolne se aur ba]*a gunah kaunsa hai ? Khususan BadshShon 
ke rubaru." Un ne kaha, " Us ka darogh sabit nahin hli,a ; shayad 
jo kuchh ki 'ar? ki hai, sach ho ; abhi begunah ka l^tl kama durust 
nahin." Us ka main ne yih jawab diya, ki ** Hargiz 'aUfi men 
nahin ata ; ek tajir, ki nafa* ke wasj^, shahr ba shahr aur mulk ba 
mulk kharab hota phirta hai, aur kaup[ kau^ jama' karta hai, barah 
dane lal ke, jo wazn men sat sat migl^ ke hon, kutte ke patte men 
lagawe. Us ne kaba, Khuda ki ]^udrat se ta^ajjub nahin. Shayad 
ki bashad. Aise tuhfe akgar saudagarofi aur Fa]|jJron ke hath ate 
hain, is waste ki, ye donon bar ek mulk men jate hain, aur jahan 
se jo kuchh pate hain, le ate hain. ^alaf^ i daulat yih hai, ki.agar 
Wazir aissihi ta^^irwar hai, to {lukm ]faid ka ho ; is liye ki Wazir 
Bsdshahofi, kl 'aJ^l bote haifi, aur yih l^raksit Salafinon se badnuma 
hai, ki aisi bat par, ki jhuth sach is ka bhi sabit nahin hil,a, ^ukm 
]^atl ka farmSyen; aur us ki tamam 'umr kl khidmat aur namak- 
ialali bhnl jayeii." 

'' Badshah salamat ! Agle ShahrySron ne bandikhana isi sabab 
ijad kiya hai, ki badshah ya sardar, agar kisu par gbazab hofi, to 
use ^aid karen ; ka,i din men ghu^^a jata rahega, aur beta^iri us 
kl zahir hogi ; badshah khun i naha]^]^ se maljifuz rahenge ; kal ko 
roz i ^iyamat men makhiiz na howenge." Main ne jitna us ]f.e ]^,il 
kame ko chaha, us ne aisI ma'l^ul guftgu ki, ki mujhe lajawab kiya ; 


tab maifi ne kaha, ki *' Khair ; terS kahnS pa^ira hu,a. Maifi khun 
se us ke darguzra ; lekin zindan men mu]^yad rahega ; agar ek sSl 
ke 'ar^e men us ka sukbun rast hu,a, ki aise la'l kutte ke gale mefi 
faain, to us kl nijat hogl, aur nabin to ba^e 'azab se mara jawega." 
Fannaya, ki " Wa:^ir ko pan^itkhane men le ja,o Yih j^iukm sunkar, 
Elcbl ne zamin kbidmat kl cbumi, aur taslimat ki. 

Jab yih k^abar Wazir ke ghar men gayi, Sh wawaila macha, aur 
matam sara bogaya. Us WazIr kl ek befl thi, baras cbaudab 
pandrab ki, nibayat kbubggrat aur ^abil, nawisbtkbwgnd men durust. 
WazIr us ko nipat pyar karta tb3, aur ^asaz rakbtS tba. CbunSncbi 
apne dlwankbane ke picbbware ek rangma|;tall, us kl kbajir, banwa 
diya tba; aur lafkiySu *umdon ki, us kl mu9at^bat men, aur 
kbawa^^en sbakll kliidmat met rabtiJ^ ; un se bans! kbusbi kbela 
kuda karti. 

Ittifal^n, jis dio Wazir ko ma^buskbane met. bbejS, wub lark! 
apm barajoliyofi men baitbi tbi» aur kbusbi se gu^a ka bySb racbaya 
tba ; aur ^bolak pakbawaj liye bu,e, ratjage ki taiyari kar rabi tbi ; 
aur kafSbi cbarbakar, gulgule aur ra|;^m taltl aur banS rabi tbi ; ki 
ek bargi us ki ma roti aur pifitii sir kbule panw nange, betl ke gbar 
men gayi, aur do battar us la^lu ke sir par mari, aur kabne lagi, 
'* Kash ki tere badle Kbuda andbS beta deta» to mera kalijS 
tban^bs; bota aur bSp ka rafi]^ botS!'* Wazir-zSdl ne pucbba, 
*'Andba beta tumbare kis kam ata? Jo kucbb beta karta, maifi 
bhi kar sakti bun." AmmS ne jawab diyfi, " Khak tere sir par ; bap 
par yib bipta biti bai, ki BadsbSb ke rubaru kucbb aisi bat kabT, ki 
'' bandikbane men Ifaid bu,a." (Is ne pucbbS, '* Wub kya bat tbi ? 
ZarS main bbi sunun." Tab Wazir ke ]^abile ne kaba, ki " Tere 
bSp ne sbayad yib kabS, ki Naisbapur me& ko J saudagar bai ; us 
ne barab 'adad ia*l i bebaha, kutte ke patte mefi tanke baifi. Badsbah 
ko bawar na bu^S ; use jbutbS samjbk* aur asir kiya ; agar Sj ke din 
bets bota, to bar .taral;^ se kosbisb karkar, is bst ko tal^l^l]^ kartS, aur 
apne bap ka uprlQa kartS, aur Badsbab se ar:^ ma'ru:; karke, mere 
Ith awind ko pancjLit-kbaiie se mukbla^i dilwata." 

Wazirzadi boli, " AmmS jSn ! Taljuiir se lara nahifi jata ; cbfibiye, 
insan balS,e nagabani mefL ^abr kare, aur ummedwar fa^l i Ilabi ka 
rabe ; wub Karim bai ; musbkil kisu ki atki nabin rakbta ; aur rona 
dbonS khub nabi&. Mabada, dusbman aur .faraf^ se Badsbab ke 
pSs lagSwen, aur lutre cbughli kbawen, ki ba'is ziyada kbafgi ka bo ; 
balki Jaban-panSb ke tialk]^ men du'a karo ; bam us ke khanazad 
haifi, wub bamara khudawand bai; wabi gha:^b bu,a bai, wabi 
mibrban boga.*' Us la^ki ne 'aklmandi se aiei aisi j^rab ma ko 
samjhaya, ki kucbb us ko ^abr o l^rar aya ; tab apne maJi^all men 
gayl, aar cbupki bo rabi. Jab rat bu,i, Wazirzadi ne dada ko bulaya ; 
us ke batb pa,on paipi, babut si minnat ki, aur rone lagi, aur kaba, 



'' Main yih irSda rakhti hufi, ki amma jan ka ta'na majh par na 
rahe, aur mera bap ma^^lasi pawe. Jo tu merS rafi\^ bo, to main 
Naisbapur ko cbalun, aur us tajir ko, jis ke kutte ke gale men aise 
lal bain, dekbkar, jo ban awe, kar S,un, aur apne bap ko cbbura,un/* 

Fable to us mard ne inkar kiya; akbir, babut kabne sunne se 
razi bu,a. Tab Wazlrzadi ne farmaja, " Obupke cbupke asbab 
safar ka durust kar, aur jins ti;arat ki la,il^ i nazar PadsbSbon ke 
kharid kar, aur ghulam o naukar cbakar, jitne ?arur hofi, satb le ; 
lekin yib bat kisu par na kbule." Dada ne l^abul kiya, aur us ke 
taiyari men laga. Jab sab asbab mubaiya kiyii, untofi aur kbacb- 
cbaron par bar karkar, rawana bu,a ; aur WazIrzSdl bbi libas i 
mardana pabankar, satb ja mill ; bargiz kisu ko gbar men kbabar 
na bu,i. Jab ^ublji bu,i, Wazir ke ma^l men cbarcba bu,a, ki 
Wazlrzadi gba,ib bai ; malum nabln kya bu,i. 

Akbir. badnami ke iax se, ma ne beti ka gum bona cbhipaya; 
aur waban Wazlrzadi ne apna nam saudagarbacbcba rakba. Manzil 
ba manzil cbalte, cbalte, Naisbapur meii pabuncbi. Khusbi ba 
kbusbi KarwansarS men ja utri, aur sab apna asbab utara, rat ko 
rabl. Fajr ko Jjiammam men gayi, aur posbak i pakiza, jaise Hum 
ke basbinde pabante bain, pabnl ; aur sbabr ki sair ke waste nikll. 
Ate ate, cbauk men pabuncbi; cbaurabe par kbap bu,i; ek taraf 
dukan jaubari ki nazar pap, ki babut se jawabir ka 4ber lag rab3 
bai ; aur ghulam libas i fakhira pabne bu,e, dastbasta kba^e bain ; 
aur ek sbakbs, jo sardar bai, baras pacbas ek ki us ki 'umr bai, 
tali mandon ki si kbil'at, aur mma,a3tin pabne bue, aur ka,i mu^aJt^ib 
ba waza nazdik us ke kursiyon par baithe bain, aur apas men batefi 
kar rabe bain. Wub Wazlrzadi, jis ne apne ta,in saudagarbacbcba 
masbhur kiya tba, use dekbkar, muta'ajjib bu,i, aur dil men samajb- 
kar kbusb bu,i, ki Khuda jbutb na kare, jis saudagar ka mere bap 
ne Padsbab se mazkur kiya bai, aghlab bai, ki yibi bo. Bar i 
Khudava ! Is ka alt^wal mujh par zabir kar. 

Jttifal^n ek taraf jo dekba, to ek dukan bai, us men do pinjre 
ahani latakte baifi ; aur un donon mefi do admi ^d bain. Un ki 
majnufi ki si ^urat bo rabi bai, ki charm o ustakhwan ba]p hai, aur 
sir ke bai aur nakhun barb gaye bain ; sir aundha,e baithe bain ; 
aur do Habshi i bad hai,at musallah donon taraf khare bain. SaudS- 
garbachche ko acbambha aya, lahaul parbkar, 4usri taraf jo dekba, to 
ek dukSn men ]^licbe bichbe bain; un par ek chauki, hathidant 
ki ; us par gadela makhmal ka para hu,a ; ek kutta jawahir ka paft^ 
gale men, aur sone kl zinjir se bandba hu,a baitha bai, aur do 
ghulam i amrad, khubgurat us ki khidmat kar rabe hain ; ek to 
murchhal i jara,o daste ka liye, jbalta hai ; aur dusra rumal tarkashi 
ka, hath men lekar, munh aur pa,on us ka punchh raha bai. 
Saudagarbachche ne khub ghaur karkar, jo dekha^^ to pa^e men kutte 



ke, barahofL dSne lal ke jaise sune the, maujud hai&. Shiikr Khuda 
kS kija, aur ^Ifi met gaja, ki kis §iurat se in la'lon, ko Padshah paa 
leja^ufi, aur dikhskar, apne bap ko chho]ra,ufi. Yih to us ^jaii^ 
men tha ; aur tamSm kliill^t chauk aur raste kl, us kfi iusn o jamal 
dekhkar ^rSn thi, aur hakka bakka ho rahl thi. Sab admi apas meh 
yih charcha karte the, ki '* Aj talak is ^urat o shablh kS insan nai^r 
nahifL ayS.'* Us KhwSja ne bhi dekha; ek ghnlam ko b];|Leja, ki 

Tu jskar, ba minnat us saudagarbachche ko mere pas bula la." 

Wuh ^ulSm aya, aur Khawaja ka payam laya, ki '* Agar mihr- 
bani farma,iye, to hamara khudawand ^sifih ka mushtS]^ hai ; chal- 
kar, mulakfit kijiye.'* SaudSgarbachcha to yih chShta hi thS. Bola, 
** Kya mu^il^ ?* Jofdufi Khwlga ke nazdik ayS, aur us par 
Khawja ki na^r pafi, ek barchhi 'ish^ kl sine mefi gaff. Ta'^m ki 
khatir sarw l^JgAd utha, lekin ^lawassbSkhta. Saudagarbachche ne 
daiyaft kiya, ki ab yih dam men Sya. Apas meik baghalgirl hu^. 
Khawajjane SaudSgarbachche ki peshSni ko bosS diya, aur apne barS- 
bar baithaya; bahut sa tamallul^ karke puchhS, ki ''Apne nam o 
nasab se mujhe agah karo ; kaban se Sna hu,a» aur kahaft ka irada 
hai?** Saudagarbacha bola, ki '*Is kamtarin ka wajan Bum hai,. 
aur ]^adim se Istambol zadbum hai. Mere l^blagah Saudagar haiiu 
Ab basabab pin ke, .ta|^t sair o safar kl nahin rahi : is was.te mujhe 
rukhgat kiya hai, ki karbar, tijarat ka sikhufi. Aj talak mait ne 
^adam gha^r se bahar na nikSla tha ; yih pahla hi safar darpesh hu,a^ 
darya Id rah hiwa,o na pa^a, khushki kl taraf se ]fBj^ kiya ; lekin 
is 'Ajam ke mulk meh ap ke akhla^: aur khubiyofi ka jo shor hai^ 
mat^9 ^al^ib kl mula^t kl arzu mefi yahafi tidk aya huiL Bare^ 
iscfi i Ilahl se, khidmat i sharif men musharraf hu,a, aur us se^ 
ziyada paya; tamanna dil kl bar a^. Khuda salamat rakhe; ab 
yahan se kuch karunga. 

Yih suntehl Khw^a ke *a}fl o hosh jate rahe» Bola^ ki " Ai 
Farzand ! AisI bat mujhe na suna,o ; koi din g^Laribkbane men 
karam farma,o. Bhala, yih to bata,o, ki tumhara asbab aur naukar 
chakar kaha& haifi 7^* Saudagarbachche ne kaha, ki '' Musafir ka ghar 
sara hai ; unhefi wahaA chhofkar, main ap ke pas aya huii ! Khwqja 
ne kaha, ki '* Bhathiyarkhane men rahna munasib nahlft ; mera is 
shahr meni*tibar hai, aur ba^a nam hai; jald unheft bulwa lo. Maifi 
ek makan tumhare asbab ke liye, khali kar deta huh ; jo kuchh jins 
laye ho, maifi dekhu& ; aisl tadblr karunsa.kiyahiii tumhefi bahutsa 
lu^a' mile ; turn bhI khush hoge, aur safir ke haij maij se bachoge ; 
aur mujhe bhI chand roz rahne se apna iJl^anmand karoge." Sauda- 
garbachche ne upndil se 'ugr kiya ; lekin Khwaja ne pajlra na kiya 
aur apne gumashte ko farmaya, ki " Barbardar jald bhejo, aur 
karawansara se in ka asbab mangwakar,fulane makan men rakhwa.o." 

Saudagarbachche ne ek Zangi ghulam ko un ke sath kar diya, ki 

68 BaGH BAHiR. 

** Sab mal mata* ladwSkar, k a,** auir Sp sham tak Khw3ja ke sath 
baifhS rahS. Jab gugn ka wal^t bocbuki, aur dOkSn bafhSJ, Khwaja 
gbar ko cbalS * tab donoii gbulgmofi met se ek ne kutte ko bagbal 
mefi lij5, dHsre ne kursl aur l^licba utbS liyS; aar un dcmoft 
Habsbl ghulamofi ne un pinjroii ko mazduron ke sir par dhar dija, 
aur Sp pSncbofL hathiySr bandbe eath hn,e. Kfaw^a SaudSgar- 
bacbcbe kS hSth hStb men lije, bStefi kartS ht[,5, ^weli men aja. 
Saudagarbacfache ne dekha, ki makan i 'allsbSn, lS,i]^ PadshShofi yS 
Amiroft ke hai. Lab i nahr farsh cbandnl k5 bicbbs bai, aur 
masnad ke mbaiH, asbSb 'aieb ka cbuna hai. Kutte k! Randall bhi 
usi jagab biehba.I ; aur Khawaja Saudagarbacbcbe ko lekar, baitba. 
Betakalluf tawa^u' sbarab kl kl ; donon pine lage. Jab earkhush 
bn,e, tab Kh waja ne khana manga. Dastarkb^an bichba, aur 
dunya kl ni'mat chuni gay!. Pahle ek langri meii khana lekar, 
sarposh i j^la,! <}hampkar, kutte ke vrSsifi legaye ; aur ek dastarkh- 
wan zarbaft ka bichbl^r, us ke age dhar dl. Kutte ne ^andaJi se 
niche utar, jitna chaha utna khSya, aur sone ki lagan men pan! piya ; 
phir chauld par ja baifha. Ghuiamoft ne rQmSl se hath mufih us 
ka pak kiya ; phir us Jaba^ aur lagan ko. ^ulam pinjron ke nazdik 
le gaye, aur ^waja se kunjiyan mangkar, (jiufl J^'ason ke khole. 

Un donofi insanoji ko bahar nikalkar, ka,i sonfe markar, kutte ka 
jhuta unheJi khilaya, aur wahl pani pilaya ; phir tale bandkarkar, 
taliyaJi khwaja ke V^^it^l^ kin. Jab yih sab ho chuka, tab Khwaja 
ne ap khana shurQ* kiya. Saudagarbachche ko yih ^rakat pasand 
na a,i ; ghin khakar, hath khane men na 4^a. Harchand Khwaja 
ne minnat ki, par us ne inkar hi kiya. Tab Khwaja ne sabab us ka 
pHchha, ki " Turn kyiin nahlfi khate ? *' Saudagarbachche ne kaha, 
** Yih harakat tumhSrI apne ta,iA bednuma malum hU,i, is liye, ki 
insan ashrafu-l-makhluj^t hai, aur kuttanajisu-l-'ain hai, pasKhuda ke 
do bando& ko kutte ka jhu^a khilana kis mazhab o millat mefi rawa 
hai ? Fal^at yih ghanimat nahin jante, ki we tumhari If^id meh haifi ? 
Nahin to tum aur we barabar ho. Ab mere tajn shakka,! ki tum Musal* 
man nahi£L. Kya janun kaun ho, ki kutte ko pujte ho. Mujhe tumhara 
khana khana makrtOi hai, jab talak yih shuUia dil se dnr na ho.** 

Khwaja ne kaha, '* Ai Baba ! Jo kuchh tU kahta hai, maiii yih 
sab samajhta h^ix^ aur is! khajir badnam hnfi, ki is shahr kl khil^t 
ne mera nam Khwaja i sa^arast rakha hai ; isl tara^ pukarte hai&, 
aur mashhiir kiya hai. Lekin Khuda ki la'nat kafiron aur mushri-' 
koiL par hujiyo." Kalima parha, aur Saudagarbaohche k! khatir^ 
jama* ki. Tab Saudagarbachche ne puchha, ki ** Agar Musulman 
ba dil ho, to is ka kya ba'is hai, ki aisi ^larakat karke apne ta,iJL 
badnam kiya hai ? " Khwaja ne kaha, " Ai farzand ! Nam mera 
badnam hai, aur dugna maJt^^ul is shahr meh bharta hHil, isl wasj^ 
ki yih bhed kisu par ^ahir na ho. 'Ajab jih miyara hai, ki jo ko,! 


8Un6, siwS,e |^am nur ghugye ke, us-se kuchh aur Ifi^il na ho, Tli 
bhi mujhe mu'fif rakh, ki ua mujh men Jl^udrat kahne kl, aur na tujh 
men j(^t sunne ki, rahegi/* Saudagarbachche ne apne dil meft 
ghaur ki, ki majhe apne kSm se kam hai ; kyS ^rilr hai, jo nS(^aU|L 
main ziyada mujauwiz hnfi. BolS, ** Khair ! agar laji^ kahne k6 
iiahlii to na kahiye.** EhSne mefi hath i&% aur niwSla ufihSkar 
khane laga. Do mahine talak is hoshyaii aur 'a^^mandi 8^, SaudS* 
garbachche ne Khwaja ke sSth gu^rSn Id, ki kisu par hargiz na 
khulS, ki ** Yih 'aurat hoi." 3ab yahi jfinte the, ki mard hai, aar 
Khwffja 89 roa ba roz aisi muluibbat ziySda hu,i, ki ek dam apnl 
2£Lkhofl se juda na karti. 

Ek din 'ain mainoshi ki ^u^jibat mei^' saud&garbochohe ne ronS 
flhuril' kiya. KhwSja ne dekhtehi khSj^irdgri ki, aur rumlQ se fiiisll 
ptUiehhne lags, aur sabab giriya ki puohhs. Saudagarbaohche nd 
kahS, *' Ai j^ibla I EyS kahufi ? Kash ki tamhari kbidmat mefL 
boadagi paidk na k! hott, aur yih shaf^t, jo Satdb mere ]^a^ meA 
karte haiii, na karte 1 Ab do mushkileii mere pesh a,iii haifi, na 
tumhirl khidmat se jndS hone ko ji chahta hai ; aur na nihne ki 
ittifak yahSfi ho sakta hai. Ab jfinS farOr hli,a ; lekin Sp ki judfi,! 
se ummed zindag^ ki naajBLr nahiii ati." 

Yih bat sunkar, Khwi^a beikhtiygr ais5 rone lagS, ki hichk! 
bandh gayi, aur bolS, ki. ** Ai nnr i cbashm ! isi jaldi is apne bufhe 
khadim se ser hil,e, ki ise dilg^ kiye jate ho ? fCa^d rawana hone ka, 
dU se dur karo. Jab talak meri zindagi hai, raho. Tumhail judij 
86 ek dam maiii jita na rahHnga ; ba^iiiair lyal ke, mar ja,unga ; aur 
is mulk i Fars ki ab o hawa bahut khub, aur muwafi!^ hai ; bihtar to 
ynft hai) ki ek admi i mu^tabar bhejkar, apne walidain ko ma*i asbab 
yahift bulwS lo. Jo kuchh sawan aur barbardari darkar ho, maiii 
maujud katiin. Jab ma bap tumhare aur gharbar sab aya, apnl 
kbttshi 86 karbar tijarat ka kiya kariyo. Maifi ne bhi is 'umr men^ 
zamane ki bahut sakhtiyan khe&ch£& haifi, aur mulk mulk philfT 
hQft. Ab btXrha hn,a ; farzand nahiii rakhta. Maiii tiyhe bihtar 
i^ne bete se janta hufi, aur apna wall'ahd o mukhtar lutrta hufi. 
Mere karkhane se bhi hoshyar aur khabardar ho. Jabtalak jita hufi, 
ek tttk^a khane ko apne hath se do ; jab mar ja,^ ga^-dab d^o, aur 
Bab mal mata* mera lijo." 

Tab Saudagai'bachche ne jawab diya, ki '*Wa^1; Sal^b ne 
siyada bap se meii ghamkhwari aur kbai^arl ki, ki mujhe ma bap 
bhnl gaye ; lekin is 'asi ke walid ne, ek sal ki rukh^at Si thi ; agar 
der laga,nnga, to we is piri mefi rote rote maijaenge* Pas, ra:^* 
mandi pidar ki khushnlidl Khuda ki hai, aur agar wuh mijyh se 
tiaraz honge, to maifi iaxt& hun, ki shayad du'a,e bad kareii, ki 
donoib jahan meh Khuda ki ra^^mat se mal^rum rahu]&, " Ab ap ki 
yahl shaf^t hai, ki bande ko It^ukm klje, ki Ceurmana ^blagah ka 


baja ISwe, aur tal^ pidri se adS howe, aur Satdb ki tawajjuh kS ada,e 
shukr, jab talak dam met dam hai, meri gardan par hai ; agar apne 
muik men bhi jS,ungS, to bar dam dil o jan se jad kijS karunga. 
Khudg musabbibulasbab hai; sbajad phir ko,i aisa sabab ho, ki 
l^adambosl t^^il kanin.'* 

Gharaz saudagarbachche ne, aisi aisi bStefi lot. mirchen lagakar, 
Khwaja ko sunajin, ki wuh bechara nSchar hokar, hont chatne laga. 
Azbaski us par shefta aur farefta ho raha tha, kahne laga. " Achcha ; 
agar turn nahifi rahte, to mai&hi tumhSre sath chalta hun. Main 
tujh ko apni jan ke barabar jSntS bun ; pas, jab jan chali j5we, to 
khali badan kis kam awe ? Agar tu is! men ra^amand hai, to chal, 
aur mujhe bhi le chal." Saudagarbachche se jih kahkar, apni bhi^ 
taijSri safar ki kame laga, aur gamashtofi ko !|^ukm kija, ki *' Bar- 
bardari ki fikr jaldi karo." Jab Khwgja ke chain e ki khabar mashhur 
hu,i, wahan ke saudagaro& ne sunkar, sab ne tahiya safar ka kija. 
Khwaja* i sagparast ne ganj aur jawahir i beshumar, naukar aur 
ghulgm anginat, tu^e aur asbab i shahana bahutsa sath lekar, 
shahr ke bahar tambu, aur l^ianat, aur bechobe, aur saraparde, aur 
kundle khare, karwakar, un men dakhU hu,a. Jitne tujjar the, apni 
apni bisajl^ ke muwafi]^ mSl saudSgari ka lekar hamrah hu,e ; bara,e 
khud ek lashkar ho gaya. 

Ek din jogini ko pith dekar, wahan se kuch kiya. HazSrofi 
Gntofi par slialite asbab ke« khachharofi par ^nduj^ na^d o jawahir 
ke ladkar, panch sau ghulam Dasht Kabchalb^ aur Zang o Bum ke, 
musallal^ ^i}^ih i shamsher, Taa aur Turki o 'Irallp o 'Arabi ghofon 
par chaiiikar, chale. Sab ke pichhe Khwaja aur Saudagarbacha 
khirat i fakhira pahne, sukhpSl par sawar, aur ek takht i Baghdadi 
QnJ par kasa, us par kuttS masnad par soya hu,S ; aur un donofi 
Vaidiyon ke ]^afas, ek shutur par latkaye hu^ey rawana hu,e* Jis 
manzil mefi pahunchte, sab saudagar Khwaja ki bargah men akar, 
hSzir bote, aur dastarkhwan par khana khate, aur sharab pite. 
Khwaja SaudSgarbache ke sath hone ki kbushi meiL, shukr Khuda 
kS karta, aur kuch dar kuch chala jata tha. 

Bare, bakhair o 'afiyat nazdik ]^us.tunjumya ke, apahunche. 
Bshar ^hr ke ma|^m kiya. Saudagarbache ne kaha, " Ai ^bla 1 
Agar rukhgat dije, to maiii jakar, ma bap ko dekhuii, aur makan 
$s]|^ib ke wasje kbkli karun. Jab mizSj i sami meh awe, shahr meii 
dgkhil hujiye.'' Khwaja ne kaha, ** Tumhari kb^tir to main yahan 
SyS. Achchha, jald miljulkar, mere pSs a,o, aur apne nazdik mere 
utame ko makSn do." Saudagarbachcha rukhgat hokar, apne ghar 
men ayS. Sab Wazir ke maJj^all ke admi f^Airan hu,e, ki ** Yih 
mardu,a kaun ghus aya ! *' SaudSgarbachcha, ya'ne beta Wazir ki apni 
ma ke pa,otL par ja giii, aur ro,i, aur boli, ii '* Main tumhaii ja,X 
hufi.'* Suntehi Wazir ki Begam galiyfifi dene la^ ki " Ai tatri! 



Tu ba|i shattS ho nikli. ApnS munb tu ne kala kijS, aur khgndgn 
ko ruswa kiya. Ham to teri jan ko ro pitkar, ^abar karke, tujb se 
batb dho bai^be the ; Ja, dafa* ho." Tab Wazlrzadi ne sir par se 
pagfl utarkar, pheiik di, aur boll, ** Ai Amma jan ! Main burl 
jagah nahln gayi; kuchh bad! nahlii kl; magar tumhari bamujib 
farmane ke, Baba ko ] se chhui'ane kl khaj^ir, yih sab fikr kl« 
Al hamdu lillahi, ki tumhari du a kl barakat se, aur Allah ke fa:^l se, 
pura kam karke a,i bun ; ki Naishapur se us saudagar ko ba mat 
kutte, jis ke gale men we lal pafe bain, apne sStb la,! bun ; aur 
tumhari amanat meh bhi khiyanat nahin ki, safar ke liye mardana 
bhes kiya hai. Ab ek roz ka kam ba]^ hai ; wuh karkar, ]j:iblagah 
ko panjitkhane se chhu^atl bun, aur apne ghar men ati hvch. Agar 
l^ukm ho to phir ja,un, aur ek roz bahar rahkar, kllidmat mefi 

Ma ne jab khub ma'lum kiya, ki meri befi ne mardofi ka kam 
kiya, aur apne ta,in sab taral^ salamat o ma];Lfuz rakha kai, Khuda 
ki dargah met. nakghisni ki, aur khush hokar, beta ko chhati se 
laga liya, aur munh chuma, bala.en lin, duXen diii, aur rukhgat 
kiya, ki *' Tu jo munasib jan, so kar ; meri khaj^ir jama' hu,i.** 
Wazirzadi phir Saudagarbachcha bankar, Khwaja i sagparast pas chali. 
Wahan Khwaja ko juda,! us kl azbaski shal^ hu,i, beikhtiyar hokar, 
kuch kiya. Ittifal^n nazdik shahr ke, idhar se Saudagarbachcha jata 
tha, aur udhar se Khwaja Sta tha, 'ain rah met. mula]j:at hu.i. 
Khwaja ne dekhtehi, kahS, ** Baba ! Mujh bufhe ko akela chhofkar, 
kahan gaya thS ?*' Saudagarbachcha bola, " Ap se ijazat lekar, apne 
ghar gaya tha; Skhir. mulazamat ke ishtiya^^ ne wahafi rahne na 
diya, akar, ^a^ir hu,a.'* Shahr ke darwaze ke upar, daryS ke 
kinare, ek bagh i sayadSr dekhkar, khi*ma istad kiyS, aur wahifi utre. 
Khwaja aur Saudagarbachcha baham bai^h-kar, sharab o kabab pine 
khane lage. Jab 'a^r kS waJ{^t hu,a, sair tamashe ki khaj^r, ktome 
se nikalkar, sandaliyofi par baithe. 

Ittifa^an ek Ij^arawal i bsdshshi, udhar a nikla, un kS lashkar, aur 
nishast barkhast dekhkar, achambbe ho raha, aur dil met kahS, 
** Shayad Elchi kisu Padshah kl aya hai." KhafS tamSshS dekbtS 
thS, kl Khwaja ke shaj^ir ne us ko age bulSya, aur puchhS, ki " TU 
kaun hai ?" Us ne kSha, *' Main Badshah kS Mir i shikSr hUt,** 
Shatir ne Khwaja se us kS ajt^wal kaha. Khwaja ne ek ghulam i 
Kafiri ko kaha, ki " Jakar, bazdar se kah, ki ham musfiiir haifi; 
agar ji chahe to S,o, baitho; l^ahwa ]^aliyan l)iagdr hai." Jab Mir i 
shikar ne nam saudagar kS suna, ziySda muta*ajjib hu,a, aur yatim 
ke sSth, KhwSja ki majlis men Syi. Lawazim, aur shan o shaukat, 
aur sipSh o ghulam dekhe. Khwaja aur Saudagarbachche ko salam 
kiya, aur martaba sag ka nigah kiyS; hosh us ke jatc rahe; hak- 
ka-bakka-sa ho gaya. 

72 BHan o bahXr 

Khwc^a ne xwe bitiUakar }fsihvre kl gdySfat ki. !^arawal ire nSm o 
Dishan Khwaja ka puchha. Jab nikhgat mangl, Khwiga ne ka,i 
thSn aur kuchh tu];^e use dekar, ijSzat dL Stib^ ko, jab Badshah 
ke darbar men It^aj^r hli^, darbarijon se Khwaja saudagar kS zikr 
karne laga. Rafta rafta, mujh ko khabar huj. Mir i shikar ko 
main ne i^baiti .talab kiya, aar saudagar kS at^al puchha. Us ne 
jo kuchh dekha thfi, *ar? kijS. 9unne se kutte ke tcgammul ke, aur 
do admiyoii ke pinjre men ]^d hone ke, migh ko khafffl a,i ; Main 
ne lEurmgjS, ^ Wuh mardud tajir wigibull^tl hai.** Nasa^hijoft ko 
l^ukm kija, ki ** Jald j3,o, us bedin kl ait kSt 1^-^ ^ayiikary wahl 
ElchI FaraQg ka darbar men if&s^ thfi; muskurlya. Mujhe a«r 
bhi gha?ab ziyfida hiMt, &rmayS, ki " Ai beadab I PSdshahoft ke 
l^us^ me6 be sabab d9nt kholne, adab se bahar hain ; bemal^l 
hansne se, rona bihtar hai." Us ne iltimas kija, ** Jahanpanah f 
Ka,i bSteft khiyfil men gnzrlft, lihazS fidwf matabasenm ht^a. Pahle 
yih, \fi Wazir sachcha hai, ab ^dkbSne se rihSJ pSwega; dIXsm 
yih, ki PSdshah khun i na ^a]^ se us WazIr ke baehe ; ISsre yih, ki 
Ipbla i 'Slam ne besabab aur beta^r us saudd^ ko Ifukm ]^tl k5 
kiya ; in tpamkatoi^ se ta'ajjub Sya, ki betait^^ ^^ bewa^uf ke kahne 
se, Sp har kisu ko ^ukm ^tl kk har bai^hte haiii. Khuda jSne, 
fil^a^tjAt us Khwaja kS ai^wal kyS bai. Use b°?ur men j^ab 
kljiye, aur us ki wariddt puchhiye; agar ta^^rwSr thahfe tab 
mukhtfir ho, jo mar0 meh Swe, us se solllk kijiye.'' 

Jab Elchi ne is .farat^ se samjhayS, mujhe bhi Wazir kS kahnS 
yad SyS ; farmayS, *' Jald Saudagar ko us ke befe ke sath, aur wub 
sag aur l^as "^^r karo.*' Korchi us ka bulane ko daufSye ; we ek 
dam me& sab ko ^u^r meii le Sye. BubarQ j^akb kiya ; pahle 
KhwSja aur us k£ pisar iyS, dono!6 HbSs i Jakhira pahne hu,e, 
Saudagarbachche kS jamSl dekhne se, sab adna alS V^rSn aur 
bhechak hUfS^ Ek khwitn i j^la,! jawSbir se bhara hu,a, ki har ek 
ra|}:am ki chhut ne, sai-e makan ko roshan kar diya, saudagarbaebcha 
hSth me& hye Siya, aur mere takbt ke age nichhfiwar kiyS; Sdab 
komishat baja lakar, khara hu,3. 

Khwcga ne bhi zanmi chumi, aur du*9 kame lagS. I& goyS,| se 
bdta tha, ki goyS bulbul i hazSrdastan hai ! Mmit ne us ^ liyS^t 
ko bahut pasand kiya, lekin 'itab ke rH se kabS. *' Ai shaij^n admf 
ki 9urat I Tu ne yih kyS jal phailayS hai, aur apnf rSh meA ka,SJk 
khodS hai ? TerS kya din hai, aur yih kaun S,in hai ? Kis Ptfgb^ 
ambar ki ummat hai? Agar kafir hai, tau bhi yih kaisi mat hai? 
Aur terS kyS nSm hai, ki tera yih kam hai ?" Un ne kaha, *' Kibla 
i "Slam ki *umr o daulat barhti fbhe ! (zbulSm ka din yih hai, ki 
Khuda wai^d hai ; us ka ko,i shank nahin, aur Ma];nmmad Mu^taf^ 
(sallallah *alaihi o filhi o sallam,) ka kalima pafhtS huh, aur us ke b'ad, 
barah Imam ko peshwa janta hvLh ; aur a,in merS yih hai, ki pafi* 


choii wa^ kl namSiz parhtS hun, aur roza rakhtS hSn. Hajj bhi 
kar aja hufi ; aur apne mal se IsJbums zakSt deta huA, aur Musal- 
mSn kahlata hun ; lekin 2;Shir met yih sare 'aib jo mujh mefi bhard 
bain, jin ke sabab se ap naj^ush bu,e baifi, aur ^hall^ullSh met 
badnSm bo raha bun, is ka ek ba*ig bai, ki ;i;abir nahlA kar saktS. 
Harcband sagparast masbbur bun, aur mu^'af mati^lll detS bSi^^ 
yib sab ]$abui. kiyS bai ; par dil ka bbed kisH se nabifi kahS.*' 

Is babaue se mera ^u^^a ziyada bu,a, aur kahS, " Mojbe ttl 
bato& mefi pbuslata bai; maiii nabifi manne kS, jabtalak is apid 
gnmrab! ki dalil i mal^ul 'ara'^ na kare, ki mere dilnasl^ ho ; tab 
tu jSn se bacbegS, nablfL to us ke lfi$S;^ me&, terfi pet chsk kar« 
i97S,unga ; to sab ko Ibrat bo, ki bSrdigar ko,i din i Mu{^ammadi mei^ 
rakbna na kare. Kbwaja ne kabS, " Ai FSdsbSb 1 Mujb kamba^ 
ke kbun se darguzar kar, aur jitnS mSl mora bai, ki ginti aor 
sbumar se bsbar bai, sab ko ^bj kar le, aur mujbe aur mere beta 
ko apne takbt ke ta^addul^: karkar, chbof de, aur jgnbakhshi kar.** 
Main ne tabassum karke, kabS, ** Ai bewul^uf ! Apne mSl ki tama' 
mujbe dikbStS bai ; siwS,e sacb bolne ke, ab teil makblaijg nahl&." 
Yib suntebi, KhwSja ki Sfikofi se, beikbtiygr Snsu tapakne lage, aur 
apne bete ki .taraf dekbkar, ek Sb bban, aur bolS^ ''Maifi to 
PadsbSb ke rubaru gunabgar tbabrS ; marS jS,t[ngS, ab kya karun I 
Tujbe kis ko sompun !" Maifi ne ^n^, ki '* Ai makkSr ! Baa, ab 
'uzr babut kiye : jo kabna bai jald kali !'* 

Tab to us mard ne ^adam ba^iiSkar, takbt ke pSs £kar, pa,e ko 
bosa diya, aur ^ifat o ganS karne laga, aur bolfi, ** Ai Sbikhan- 
sbSb 1 Agar ^ukm }f&t\ kS mere ba|^ mefl na botS, to sab siyS- 
satefi sabta, aur apnS mSjarS na kabta ; lekin j5n sab se *azlz bai ; 
ko,i ap se ktt,e meii nabifi girtS. Pas jSn kl mu^^a^t wigib hai, 
aur tark wSjib ka kbilaf i ^ukm Khuda ke bai. Kliair. jo manp i 
mubarak yaiil bai, to sarguzasbt is pir i ^atf la suniye." '* Pable 
l^iakm bo, ki we donon ]^as, jin meh do Sdml ]faid baiA, ||tu^ meA 
lakar rakbeii ; maifi apnS a^wSl kabta htEn. Agar kabi& jbuth 
kabufi, to un se pucbbkar, miybe ^,il k^iye, aur in^af fEtrma^ye." 
Mujbe yib bSt us ki pasand S,i ; pinjroA ko mangwSkar, un donoft 
ko niklwakar, Kbwaja ke pas kba^ luyS. 

E^wSja ne kabS, ** Ai Fadsbfib I Yib mard jo dSbni .faraf bai, 
QbulSm ka ba^fE bba,i bai, aur jo bSyeii ko kba^S bai, majbla birSdar 
hai. Mai& in donofi se cbbotS bufi. Mora bfip mulk i FSrs me£i 
saudagar tbS. Jab maiii cbaudab baras kS hu,3, tpihlagah ne lij^lat 
ki. Jab tajblz o takf ifi se farS^Qiat hu,i, aur pbal uthchuki, ek roz 
in donofi bba,iyofi ne mujbe kabS, Jd " Ab bSp k3 m§i jo kucbh hai, 
tai:sim kar leh ; jis ka dil jo cbSbe, so kSm kare." Medh ne sunkar 
kaba, *' Ai bba,iyo ! Yib kya bSt bai ? Mai& tumbSrS gbnlam 
bun, bba,Tchari ka daVa nabifi rakbtS ; ek bfip mar gaya, tum donofi 


mere pidar ki jagah, mere sir par ^.a^im ^o; ek nan i khuslik 
chahta hun, jis men zindagi basar karun, aur tumlian k^idmat men 
^a^r rahun. Mujhe ^i^^e bakhre se kja kam hai ? Tumhare age 
ke jhute se apna pet bhar lunga, aur tumhare pas rahunga. Main 
lafka hun, kuchh pai'ha likkha bhi nahin ; mujh se kya ho sakega ? 
Abhl turn mujhe tarbiyat karo." 

Yih sunkar jawab diya, ki " Tu chShtS hai, apne sath hamen bhi 
kharab aur miutitaj kare/' Main chupka ek goshe meh jakar, rone 
laga, Phir dil ko samjhaya, ki " Bha,i akhir buzurg hain ; men 
tallm ki khaj^ir chashmnuma,! karte hain, ki kuchh sikhe." Isi 
fikr men so gaya. Sub}), ko, ek piyada Ka^ ka aya, aur mujhe 
dSrushshara* men legaya. Wahan dekha, to yahl donon bhaj 
^^r hain. Kazi ne kahS, " Eyufi apne bap ka yfaisa. bant 
chont nahlfi leta?'' Main ne ghar men jo kaha tha, waLan bhi 
jawab diya. 

Bhaiyon ne kaha, " Agar yih bat apne dil se kahta hai, to hamefi 
lada'wa likh de, ki "Bap ke mal o asbab se, mujhe kuchh *alaka 
nahin." Tab bhi main ne yahi samjha, ki ye donon mere buzurg 
hain ; meri na^ilt^t l^e wssjije kahte hain, ki bap ka mSl lekar, beja 
ta§arruf na kare." Bamujib in ki mari^i ke, farigb-khatti, ba muhr 
i Kazi, main ne likh di. Ye ra?i hu,e. Main ghar men aya. 
Dusre din mujh se kahne lage, ** Ai bha,i ! Yih makan jis men tu 
rahta hai, hamen darkar hai ; tu apni bud o bash ki khatir aur jagah 
lekar, jS rah." Tab main ne daryaft kiya, ki ye bap ki ^aweli men 
bhi rahne se khush nahin. Nachar irada uthjane ka kiya. Jahan- 
panah ! Jab mera bap jita tha, to jis wa]^t safar se ata, har ek mulk 
kS tu^fa ba tan]^ saughat ke lata, aur mujhe deta, is waste, ki chhote 
bete ko har ko,i ziyada pyar karta hai. Main ne un ko bech bechkar, 
thopsi apni nij ki punji baham pahuncha,i thi ; usi se kuchh kharid 
farokht karta. Ek bar laun(Ji meri kh^jtir Turkistan se mera bap 
laya, aur ek daf a gho^e lekar aya. Un men se ek bachhera nakand, 
ki honhar tha, wuh mujhe diyS. Main apne pas se dana ghas us kS 
karta thS. 

Akhir. in ki bemuruwati dekh, befichkar, ek liaweJi kharid ki ; 
wahan ja raha ; yih kutta bhi mere sath chala aya. Waste zaru- 
riyat ke asbab khanadari ka jama' kiya, aur do ghulam khidmat ki 
khatir mol liye, aur bajp punji se ek dukan bazzazi ki karke, Khuda 
ki tawakkul par baitha ; apni Ijiismat par razi tha. Agarchi bhaiyoA 
ne badkhuU^ ki, par Khuda jo mihrban hu,a, tin baras ke 'ar§e men 
aisi dukan jami, ki main $a|;Lib i 'itibar hu,a. Sab sarkaron men jo 
tul^a chahta, merihi dukSn se jata. Us men bahutse rupai kamaye, 
aur nihayat faraghat se guzame lagi. Hardam Janab i Bari met. 
shukrana karta, aur Sram se rahta, yih kabit aksar apne a^wal par 


« Hrn 

Ruthe kjttfi na Riya ; waten kuch nShai& kSjS, ek Tu se MahS 

Raja, aur kaun ko sarahiye ? 
Ruthe kyun na bhaj, wSte& kuchhu na basaj, ek Tuhi hai sahS,!, 

aur kaun pas jaiye ? 
Ruthe kyun na mitra satru, Sfhon jSm ek Ra,ore charan ke neh 

ko nibhSiye. 
SansSr hai rutha, ek Tu hai anuthS, sab chumenge augutha, ek 

Tu na ruiha chahiye." 

Ittifaf^n Jnm^e ke roz, raaiii apne ghar bai^hS thS, ki ek ghulgm 
mera saudesuluf ko, bazar, gayS tha ; ba*d ek dam ke, rota hu,a fiyS. 
Main ne sabab puchha, ki ** Tujhe kyS hu,a ?" Khafi[ hokar bolS, 
ki " Tumhen kyS kam hai ? Turn khushi mana,o ; lekin tiyamat 
met kya jawab doge ?" Maiii ne ^ahS, *' Ai HabshI ! Aisi kyS bala 
tujh par nazil hu,I ?" Us ne kaha, ** Yih gha^b hai, ki tumhSre, 
ba^e bhaiyon kl, chauk ke chaurShe mefi, ek YahudI ne mushkeA 
bandhin hain, aur ]^amchiya£L mSrtS hai, aur hafistS hai, ki '* Agar 
mere rupai na doge, to mfirte marte mSrhi 4ftlungS ; bhala mighe 
sawSb to hogg." Pas tumhSre bhaiyo& ki yih naubat, aur tum befikr 
ho. Yih bat achchhi hai ? Log kya kahenge ?" 

Yih bat ghulam se suntehl lahu ne josh kiya ; nange pa&w bSzSr 
kl taraf dau^a, aur ghulamoA ko kahS, *'Ja]d rupai lekar a,o/* 
Jofihin wahan gaya, dekhS to jo kuchh ghulam ne kaha tha, sach 
hai ; in par mar pa^rahi hai. Hakim ke piyadoA ko kaha, '' Wasj^ 
Khuda ke, zara rah jao; maifi Yahudi se puchhufi, ki '* AisI kya 
ta^^Ir kl hai, jis ke badle yih ta'zir kl hai ?'* 

Yih kahkar, maiii Yahudi ke nazdlk gaya, aur kaha, ', Aj roz i 
Adina hai ; in ko kyun ^arb i shalal;: kar raha hai ?* Us ne jawab 
diya, '* Agar ];^mayat karte ho, to pHn karo. In ke 'iwa? rupai 
^wale karo, nahin to apne ghar ki rih lo.'* Maiti ne kaha, ** Kaise 
rupai ? Dastawez nikal ; maifi rupai gin deta hufi." Un ne kaha, 
" Tamassuk l^akim ke pas de aya hufi." Is mefi mere donon ghulam 
do badra rupai lekar aye ; hazar rupai maifi ne Yahudi ko diye, aur 
bhaiyofi ko chhu^aya. In ki yih $urat ho rahi thi, ki badan se 
nange, aur bhukhe pyase, apne hamrah ghar men lay a; wonhiA 
tiammam men nahalwaya, nal poshak pahna,i, khana khilaya. Har- 
giz in se yih na kaha, ki '' Itna mal bap ka, tum ne kya kiya ?*' 
Shayad sharminda hon. 

Ai Padshah ! Ye donofi maujud haifi ; puchhiye, ki sach kahtS 
huA, ya ko,i bat jhufli bhi hai ? Khair jab ka,i din men mar ki koft 
se hai}&\ hu,e. Ek roz maih ne kaha, ki " Ai bhaiyo ! Ab is shahr 
meh tum be-i'tibar hogaye ho ; bittar yih hai, ki chand roz safar 
karo.** Yih sunkar chup ho rahe. Maifi ne malum kiya, ki ra?i 
haifi ; safiEtr ki taiyari kame laga, pal partal, barbardan, aur sawari 

^■ v 


ki fikr karke, bis ha^ar rupai ki jins t^jSrat kl ^hartd ki. £k ^afila 
saudSgaron ka Bukhare ko jata thei, un ke sath kar dija. 

Ba*d ek s§l ke, wuh karwan phir Sja; in ki khair kbabar knchh 
na pa,i. Akhlr. ek ashna se l^asamefi dekar, puchba ; us ne kaha, 
^* Jab Bukhare men gaye, ek ne ju.ekhane men apna tamam mal bar 
diya ; waban ki janibkasbl karta bai, aur pbar ko leptfi potta bai ; 
jHyaif jo jama* bote haih, un hi khidmat kartS bai ; we ba tari^ 
kbairat ke kucbb dete bain ; waban gurga banfi para rabta bai. Aur 
dusra, Bozafarosb kl lafkl-par *asbii^ bo apna mSl sara ^arf kiya. 
Ab wuh bozekhane ki tabal kija karta bai. ^afile ke adml is lij6 
nabtn kabte, ki ta sbarminda bogS.*' 

Yib atLwfil us sbakb? se sunkar, meri 'lyab Ifslat bu,i ; mare fikr 
ke xi!nd bbSkh jati rahi. ZSd i rab lekar, ]wd Bukbfire ka kiyS. 
Jab wahSfi pabiincbS, donon ko ^un4b<}bandbkar, apne makaa men 
lays ; ghusal karwakar nal poshik pabnaj ; aur un kl kbijalat k^ 
4ar 86, ek bat munb par na rakbl. Pbir mfil saudajgaii ka, in ke 
wSsj^ kharida. aur iri^a gbar kS kiya. Jab nazdik Naisbapur ke 
aya, ek ganw me& bama*i mal asbSb, in ko cbbofkaf, gbar men aya, 
is liye, ki mere Sne kl kisl! ko kbabar na bo. Ba*d do din ke, 
masbbtir kiya, ki " Mere bba»i safar se Sye bain ; kal un ke istl^bal 
ki khatir jajnngS.** Sub)^ ko cbSbS, ki cbalufii ; ek girbist usi 
mau^* kS mere pSs Sya, aur flEuryad kame kgS. Main us ki awaz 
sunkar, babar nikla, use rotS dekbkar pucbbS, ki " Eyufi zari kart9 
bai? Wub bola, '*Tumbare bbSiyon ke sabab se, bamare gbar 
lute gaye ! Eash ki un ko turn waban na cbboi* ate !" 

Main ne pucbba, ** KyS mu^ibat gugri?** Bola, ki " Bat ko i^kSi 
aya, in ka m§l o asbab lutS, aur bamare gbar bbi lut legaye." Maiii 
ne afsos kiyS, aur pucbbl^ ki " Ab we donon kabafi bain ?' KabS 
'* Shabr ke bSbar nange mange kbarab khasta baitbe bain." Wot.- 
bin do jo^ kapfo& ke sStb lekar gaya, pabnakar gbar mefi laya. 
Log sui&ar, unke dekbne ko Ste tbe, aur ye mare sbarmandagi ke 
hShar na nikalte tbe. Tin mablne isl tara^ guzre, Tab main ne> 
apne dil men ghaur ki, kab talakye kone men dabke baitbe rabenge ; 
bane to in ko apne satb safar men le jSiln. Bbalon se kabfi, ^' Agar 
fiarmaiye, to yib fidwi Sp ke satb cbale." Ye khamosb borabe ; pbir 
lawlEzima safar ka, aur jins saudagari ki taiySr karke, cbala, aur un 
ko satb UyS. 

Jis wa]^t mSl ki zakat dekar, asbab kisbti par cbafbaya, aur langar 
utbayS ; n9,o cbali ; yib kutta kinare par so raba tba. Jab cbaunka, 
aur jahSz ko manjb dbar men dekbg, l^airan hokar bbaufika, aur 
daryS men kud pa^ a, aur paime lagS. Main ne ek panso,i dau^adi ; 
bare sag ko lekar kisbti meh pabuncbaya. Eb mabina khair o 
*ii£[yat se daryfi met. guzra. Eabift manjhla bba,i meri laun^ par 
'fishi^ bG,8. £k din ha;fe bbS,i se kabne lagS, ki *' Cbbote bba,i ki 


minnat ufbSne se, ba^I BharmaD4&g^ hSj^il hn»I ; is kfi tadarak kyS 
kareA ?" Bare ne jawSb dijS, ki '* Ek ^alS^ dil met fbahra,! hai ; 
agar ban 5we, to bafi bSt bai." Akb ir donoA ne maflabat karke 
tajwiz kl, ki iae mSr^SleA, aor sSre mal asbab ke V^bi:^ muta^arrif 

Ek din mai& jahfiz ki kofbif mefi sotS thi, anr lann^ p5Aw 
dabrabi tbi, ki manjbls bbS,I SjS, aor jaldl se mujhe jagSjS. Maift 
barbaifSkar cbaunka, aur bsbar niklS ; yih kuttfi bbl mere sStb bo 
liyS. Dekb!i& to ba^S bba,I jabSz kl bSf par bSth teke, nibmrS bn,S, 
tamfisbS daryfi k£ dekbrabfi bai, aor mujbe pukfirts hai. MtaA ne 
pfis jSkar, kabS, ** Kbair to hai." BolS, ** *Ajab ifijniji kS tamSshS bo 
rabfi bai, ki darjS,! fidml mod kl slpiySii aur mange ke darakbt 
b&tb mefi liye hu,e, nScbte haiii.** Agar aur ko,i aisi biSt Ubilfif 
IfijSs kahtS, to main na mfinta ; bape bbfi,I ke kabne ko rSst jfinS ; 
dekhne ko sir jhukSyfi. Haroband nigSb kl, kucbh na^^ir na SyiE ; 
aur wub yabi kahtS raba, ** Ab dekbS, lekim kucbh ho, to dekhlUi." 
Is meJL mujhe gbafil pakar, manjhle ne achSnak pichhe Skffir, aisS 
^bakelSy ki beikbtiyar pfini mef^ gir pai^, aur we rone dhone lage, ki 
^*Daupyo, hamSra bbS,I daryS me& 4^ba! Itne me6 nS,o bafh 
gayl, aur daiyS Id labr mujbe kahi& legayT* 

Gbote par |^ote kbsts thfi, aur maujoft meA chalSjfitS tbS. 
Akbir, tbak gaya ; Q^ada ko ySd kartS thS ; kucbh has na chaltS. 
Ekbfirgi kisii cbiz par bath pa^S, finkh kbolkar, dekba, to yahl 
kutta hai ; sbSyad jis dam mujhe daryS men 4slS, mere sStb yih bhi 
knda, aur pairta hu,S mere s3th lipfifi chal3 jsta thS. Maift ne us 
kl dum pakar ^^ ; AllSb ne us ko meil zindag! kS sabab kiy|[. Sfit 
din aur rSt yah! ^Hrat gugrl. Afhwln din kinSre jS lage ; fjB^t 
muilal^ na tbi ; lete lete karwafen kbfikar, joti to& apne ta,^ kbusbld 
mefi 49^lS. Ek din behosh pfirS rabS ; dHsre din kutte kl SwSz kSn 
met gayl ; hosh mefi SyS ; Khudg kS shukr bajS ISyS. Idbar udhar 
dekhne lags, Dilr se sawad shabr kS naj^ir iyS ; lekin ]|^uwat kabfifk, 
ki irSda karCLti. NficbSr do IfsAaxa chaltS, phir bi^tS, isl bSlat se 
sbSm tak kos bhar rSh kSfS. 

Bich met ek pahSf mils ; rSt ko wahSb gir rabS ; ^ub]^ ko shabr 
me& dakbil bUS. Jab bSzSr meii gayS. nanbS,! aur ]|^lwS,iyoft kl 
d!!kSne& na^ar 5,!fL ; dil tarasne laga ; na pSs paisS jo kbarld karfifi, 
na jl chabe ki muft mangufi. Is! jtaral;^ apne dil ko tasalll detS hn,S, 
ki agli dukin se lungS, cbalS jSta tbS. Akbir, jjSifAt na nJfi, aur pei 
meft ag lagl ; nazdik tbS ki rnlt^ badan se nikle. NagSb do jawSn 
ko dekhs, libSs *Ajam kS pahne, aur bStb pakre chale ate haifi. In 
ko dekbkar kbusb hiI,S, ki ye apne mulk ke insSn baifi ; shSyad 
Ssbna furat hoii ; in se apnS a]^wSl kabtingS. Jab nazdik Sye, to 
mere donofi birSdar i ];^^^ the ; dekbkar nipaf shad hn,a ; shukr 
KbttdS kS kiyS, ki ** Kbuda ne SbrH rakb li ; ^iair ke Sge bSth nS 


pasSrS." Nazdik jakar salam kiyS, aur bare bhSJ ka hSth chumS 
Inhon ne mujhe dekhtehi ghol o shor kija; manjhle bha,i ne 
tamancha marS, ki main la^^kha^akar gir para ; bafe bha,i ka daman 
pakfS ki shajad yih lipmSjaX, karega ; is ne lat man ! 

Ghara? donofi ne mujhe khub khurdkham kiya, aur Ha^rat Tusuf 
ke bha,iyon kS sa kam kija. Haruband main ne Khuda ke was.te 
dije, aur gbigbija, hargiz r&t^m na khaja. Ek khilf^t ikatt;hi hu,i. 
Sab ne pucbhS, ''Is ka kya gunah hai?'* Tab bha,iyofL ne kaba, 
'* Yih (laramzada hamare bha,i k£ naukar tha, so us ko daryS met. 
<}al diyg, aur mal asbab sab le liyS ; ham muddat se talash mefi the ; 
aj is 9urat se naj^r aya. Aur mujh se puchhte the, ki *' Ai ^lim ! 
Yih kya tera dil meii Sya, ki hamare bha,i ko mar khapaya! Kya 
un ne teii ta]j:9lr ki thi ! Un ne tujh se kyS burS suluk kiya thS, ki 
apna mukhtSr banayfi tha? Phir in donoi^ ne apne gireban chSk 
kartjsle, aur beikhtiyar jhuth mu^h bha,i ki khajir rote the, aur lat 
mukki mujh par karte the ! 

Is men ^lakim ke piyade aye, in ko iSn\^ ki ** Eiytin marte ho ?" 
Aur mera hath paka^kar, Kotwal ke pas legaye. Ye donofi bhi sath 
chale, aur Hakim se bhi yahi kaha, aur ba taur rishwat ke kuchh 
dekar, apna in^af chSha, aur khun i nal^U^ ka da*wa kiya. Hakim 
ne mujh se puchha ; meri yih t^alat thi ; ki mare bhukh aur marpif 
ke, j^at goya,i ki na thi ; sir niche kiya kha;^ tha ; kuchh munh 
se jawSb na nikla. Hakim ko bhi ya|pn hu,a, ki yih muj^rar 
khuni hai. FarmSya, ki ''Ise maidan men le jakar, suli do." 
JahanpanSh ! Main ne rupai dekar, in ko Yahudi ki ^sld se chhuf- 
ayS tha, us ke 'iwa? inhon ne yahi rupai khar) karke, meri jan kS 
]^^d kiya ; ye donon l^ia^ bain, in se puchbiye, main is men sar i 
mu tafaw&t kahta bun ? Khair, mujhe le gaye. Jab dar ko dekha, 
hSth zindagi se dho,e ; siwa,e is kutte ke ko,i mera ronewala na tha ! 
Is ki yih (talat thi, ki l^tafek admi ke pS,on men lottfii, aur chillata 
tha ! Ko,i lakfi, ko,i patthar se marta, lekin yih us jagah se na 
sarakta ; aur main ru ba Kibla, khafa ho. Khuda ko kahta tha, ki 
** Is wai^t men teri zat ke siwa, mera ko,i nahin jo Sjce awe, aur 
begunah ko bachawe; ab Tuhi bachawe to bachtS hufil Yih 
]^hkar, kalima shahadat ka parhkar, te,orakar gir papa. 

Khuda ki ^ikmat se us shahr ke Badshah ko l^ulinj ki bimari hii,i ; 
Umra aur Hakim jama' hu,e ; jo *ilaj karte the fa,idamand na hota 
tha. Ek Buzurg ne kahS, la '* Sab se bihtar yih dawa hai, ki 
mu^tajon ko kuchh khairat karo, aur bandiwanofi ko azad karo; 
dawa se du^a mefi ba^a agar hai.'* Wonhin Badshahi Chele pan- 
^itkhanon ki taraf daure. Ittifaf^n ek us maidan men a nikla, 
izdiham dekhkar, malum kiya, ki kisu ko suli charhate hain. Yih 
suntehi, ghofe ko dar ke nazdik lakar, talwar se j^aben kafdin ; 
Hakim ke piyadofi ko i&n^ aur tambih ki, ki " Aise wa|{:t mefi ki 


BSdshSh kl yih ^iQat hai, turn Khudg ke bande ko ^tl karte ho ?" 
Aur mujhe chbun^S diya. Tab ye donon bha,i Hakim ke pas gaye, 
aor mere l^a.^ ke wSste kahS. Sbahna ne to rishwat kbS,i thi; jo 
ye kahte the, so kartS tba. 

KotwSl ne in se kaha, ki **Khg^ir jama' rakbo ; ab maift ise SisS 
Ifaid karta bun, ki ap se ap mSre bbukbofi ke, be Sb o dana mar- 
jawe ; kisu ko khabar na howe. Mujhe pakaf ISye, aur ek goshe 
men rakha. Us shahr se bShar kosek par ek pahaf thS, ki (ta^rat 
Sulaiman ke wa|}:t mefi, dewoii ne ek ku,a tang o tarik us meh 
khoda tha ; us kS nSm zindan i SulaimSn kahte the. Jis par ba^S 
^ha^b i Badshahi hota, use wahafi ma^bus karte ; wuh khud ba 
khud marjata. 

Al|p99a, rat ko chupke ye donoft bhaj aur KotwSl ke Dan^e 
mighe us pahaf' par legaye, aur us ^ar meii (iS^kar, apnl khg^ir 
jama* karke phire. Ai Bsdshah ! Yih kutta mere sath chalS gaya : 
jah mujhe ku,e mefi girayS, tab yih us ke men^ par let raha! 
Maiii andar behosh pa^ tha; zara surt a,i, to mait. apne ta,ii!i 
murda khiyal kiya, aur us makSn ko gor samjha. Is men do 
shakhgon il Swaz kan meA pap, ki kuchh Spas meii batefi karte 
hai&. Yahl malum kiya, ki <*Nakir Munkir haifi; tujh se sawSl 
kame 5ye bain. Sursurahat rassi ki suni, jaise kisu ne wahSfi 
Iatka,i. Main ^rat meh tha; zamin t^toltS, to ha4<}iyafL hath 
men atm. 

Ba*d ek sS'at ke, awSz chapa^hapap, muiih chalane kl, mere 
kan mefi a,i, jaise ko,I kuchh khata hai. Main ne puchha, ki *' Ai 
Khuda ke bando I Tum kaun ho ? Khuda ke wasj^ bata,o ! We 
hanse aur bole, ** Yih zindan Mihtar Sulaiman ka hai, aur ham 
l^di haifL MaifL ne un se puchha, '* Kya maifi jitS huh ? Phir 
khilkhilakar hafise, aur kaha, '* Ab talak tu zinda hai, par ab 
marega/' Maifi ne kaha. ** Tum kya khate ho ? Jo ho, mujhe 
bhi thofasa do.*' Tab jhunjhlSkar khali jawSb diya, aur kuchh na 
diya. We kha pikar so rahe. Mai& mare zu'af o natawani ke, 
^tash meii para rota tha, aur Khuda ko yad karta tha ! Kibla 
i *alam ! Sat din darya mefi, aur itne din bhaiyoii ke buhtan ke 
sabab dana na muyassar ayS ; 'alawa khane ke badle, marpit; kha,i, 
aur aise zindan men phansa, ki ^urat rihS,i ki muj^a^ Uuyal meii 
bhi na ati thi ! 

Akhir, jankandani kl naubat pahunchi; kabhu dam Sta, kabhii 
nikal jatS tha ! Lekin kabhu kabhu adhi rat ko, ek shakh? ata, aur 
mmal meii rotiyan aur pani kl i^ura)^ 4orI men bandhkar, latkS 
deta, aur pukarta. We donon admi jo mere pas ma^iibus the, 
lelete, aur khate pite. Upar se kutte ne hamesha yih a];Lwal 
dekhte dekhte, 'alj:! daura,!, ** jis tarah yih shakh? ab o nan ku,e mefi 
latka deta hai, tu bhi aisi fikr kar, ki kuchh us bekas ko, jo merS 


kh&wind hai, azulfB, pahunche, to us ka dam bacfae.** Yih l ^hi yfl 
karke, shahr men gaya. NanbaJ ki dukan men, mez par girde 
ehune hu,e dhare the ; jaat markar, ek kullcha munh met. liya aur 
bhaga. Log pichhe daure, (}hele marte the, lekin us ne nan ko 
na chhorS. Admi thakkar phire ; shahr ke kutte pichhe lage. Un 
fte la^ta bhi^ta roti ko bachaye us chah par aya, nan ko a^dar <jUd 
diya. Roz roshan tha ; main ne rofi ko apne pas pafS dekha ; aur 
kutte ki awaz sunl. Kullche ko uthfi liya, aur yih kutta rot$ 
phefikkar pan! kl talash men gaya. 

Eisi ganw ke ki9are ek bu^hiya kl jhopri thi; t^iliya aur 
badhnS pani se bhara hu,a dharS tha, aur wuh pir zan, cha rkji a 
kafti thi. Kutta kuze ke nazdik gaya ; chaha ki lote ko uthawe ; 
*aurat ne iSn% lota us ke munh se ehhutS; gha^e par gira, gharS 
phuta ; bS)p basan lu^h gaye ; pani bah duda. BurMya lakii lekar 
marue ko uthi ; yih sag us ke daman men lipat gaya, phir us ke 
pa;o9 par mufih malne aur dum hilane laga : aur pahaj* ki .taraf 
dauf gaya; phir us ke pSs akar kabhu rassi uthata, kabhu 4oi 
munh men pakafkar dikhata, aur munh us ke ^4amo& par ragafta, 
aur anchal chadar ka paka^kar khe&ehta. ipiuda ne us 'aurat ke 
dil men rafjim diya, ki 4ol rassi ko lekar, us ke hamrah chali. Yih 
us ka anchal pak^e ghar se bahar hokar, age age ho liya. 

Akhir, us ko pahfifhi par le aya. Aurat ke ji men kutte ki us 
liarakat se ilham hu,a, ki is kS Miyan mu^rrar is gjsjSx men 
giriftar hai ; shayad us ki khajir, pani chahta hai. Qljara^, pIr zan 
ko liye hu,e, ghar ke munh par Sy5. 'Aurat ne lota pan! k^ bharkar 
rassi se lafkayS; maifi ne wuh basan le liyS, aur nan ka (uk^S 
khaya, do tin ghunt pani piya; is pet ke kutte ko ra0 kiya. 
Khuda ka shukr karkar, ek kinSre baitlia, aur EJbuda ki ra^imat kS 
munta^ tha, ki dekhiye, ab kya hota hai. Yih j^aiwan i bezaban 
usi taur se nan le atS, aur bujiiiya ke hath pani pilwata. Jab 
bhatJ^iyaroii ne dekhS, ki kuttS hamesha rofi lejSta hai, tars khakar, 
mulpUTftr kiya, ki jab ise dekhte, ek gir4a us ke age phenk dete ; 
aur agar wuh 'aurat pani na lati, to yih us ke basan pho{'4^tS» 
lachar wuh bhi bar roz ek ^uraj^i pSni ki dejati. Is rafilj: ne ab o 
nSn se men khatirjama* ki, aur ap zindan ke mufih par pa^fa rahta. 
Is j^ra^ chha mahine gugre ; lekin jo admi aise zindan men rahe» 
ki dunya ki hawa us ko na lage, us ka kya hai ho 1 Nira post o 
nstukhwan mujh men ba^ raha. Zindagi wabal hu,i ; ji men awe, 
ki " Ya Ilahi ! Yih dam nikal jfiwe to bihtar hai ! " 

Ek roz rat ko we donon ]faidi sote the^ mera dil uman^aya ; be- 
ikhtiySr rone laga, aur Khuda ki dargah men nakghisni kame. 
Pichhle-pahar gaya. Dekhta hun, ki Khuda ki |}:udrat se ek rassi 
ghSr met. lafkl, aur awaz sahaj men suni, ** Ai kambakht badna^ib ! 
Dori ka sir apne hath men ma^buj^ bandh, aur yahan se nikal.*' 


Maiii ne sunkar, yib khiyal kiya, ki gkhir bhaj mujh par mihrbSn 
hokar, lahii ke josh se aphi nikalne Sje. Nihajat khushi se lis 
.tanab ko kamar men kbub kasa; kisu ne mujbe upar kbliicbS. 
Bat aisi andheri tbi, ki jin ne mujbe nikala» us ko main ne na 
pabcbana, ki kaun bai. Jab main babar Sya, tab us ne kabS, 
" Jald a, yaban kha^e bone kl jagah nabifi." Mujb men jta||:at to na 
tbi ; par mare (jiar ke, lufbta paf ta pabaf se nlcbe aja. Dekbufi to 
do gbo:re zin bandbe bu,e kba^e bain. Us sbakbg, ne ek par mujbe 
sawar kiya, aur ek par ap cba^b lijS, aur Sge bu,S. JSte jate, 
darya ke kinare par pabuncba. 

Sub^ bogayi. Us sbabr se das barab kos nikal aye ; us jawan 
ko dekba, ki opcbi bana bUiS. zirah baktar pabne, cbar &,ma bandbe, 
gbo^e par pakbar ^e, meri .taraf gh&?ab kl naj^-ofi se gburkar, 
aur bStb apna danton se kS^kar, talwar miyan se kbeficbi, aur 
gbo^e ko jast karkar, miyb par cbaJSJ. Main ne apne tajfi gbo^e 
par se nicbe gira diya, aur gbigbiyane laga, ki *< Maifi beta^^Ir bnfi, 
mujbe kyun ^tl kartS bai ? Ai Salfih i muruwat ! Waise zindan 
se mere ta,in tu ne nikalS; ab yib bemuruwati kyS bai?" Us ne 
kaba, ** Sacb kab, tu kaun bai ?** Main ne jawab diya, ki " MusSfir 
bufi, naf^a^: ki bala men giriftar bo gayS tba, tumbare ta^addu^ se 
bSre jita nikla bun." Aur babut baton kbusbamad kl kifi. 

Kbuda ne us ke dil mefi rabm diya, sbamsber ko gbilaf kiyS, 
aur bola' " Khair. Kbuda jo cbabe so kare* Ja, teri jgnbakbsbi ki. 
Jald sawar bo, yaban tawa^uf kS makan nabifi." Gbofon ko jald 
kiya, aur cbale. Rab mefi afsos kbata, aur pacbtata jatS tba. 
Zubr ke wa^t tak, ek jazure men ja pabuncbe. WabSfi gbo^e se 
utrS, mujbe bbi utarS ; 2an kbo^ markaboji kl pith se kbola, aur 
cbame ko cbbofdiya; apni bbi kamar se batbyar kbol iSle, aur 
baitba; mujb se bolS, ** Ai badna^ib! Ab apnS a^^wSl kab, to 
malum bo, ki tu kaun bai ?** Main ne apnS nam nisban batayS, 
aur jo jo kucbb bipta biti tbi, us se akbir tak kabi. 

Us jawSn ne jab meri sarguzasbt sab suni, rone lagS, aur 
mukbatib bu,a, ki *' Ai jawSn ! Ab merS mfijarS sun. Maifi kanyS 
JZerbad ke des ke Bsja ki bu&; aur wub gabru jo zindSn i Sulaimfin 
meii Ifsad bai, us kfi nam Babramand bai ; mere pita ke Mant^ kS 
beta bai. Ek pz Maba Raj ne aggyS di, ki " Jitne Raja aur kufiwar 
haiii, maidan men zer jbarokbe nikalkar, tirandSzi aur cbaugSnbazI 
karefi ; to gbu^cbafbi aur kasab bar ek kS ^sabir bo. Maifi Rani 
ke nere jo meri mats tbifi, atari par ojbal mefi baitbi tbi, aur 
da,iyan aur sabeliyafi tia^ tbin ; tamasba dekbti tbi. Yib Diwan 
ka put sab men sundar tba ; aur gbore ko kSwe dekar, kasab kar 
raha tba ; mujb ko bbaya, aur dil se us par lujbi ; muddat talak yib 
bSt gupat rakbl. 

AkhiTy jab babut byakul hu,i, tab da,i se kaba, aur 4bersa iu'Sm 


dijS. Wuh us jaw3n ko kisu na kistl 41iab se posbida men dihrShar 
meii le 3,i ; tab yih bhi mujhe chshne lagS. Bahut din is 'ish^j: i 
musbk meJL kate. £k raz chaukidaro^ ne gdhi rat ko hathjar 
bSndhe, aur mal^all men ana dekbkar, use pakrS, anr Eaja se kahS. 
Use bakm l^tl ka kiyfi: sab arkan i daulat ne kab sunkar jan 
bakhsfai karw9,T ; tab farmayS, ki " Is ko zindSn i Sulaiman mefi 
(^1 do.'* Aur dusrS jawSn jo us ke bamrSh asir bai, us ka bhagnS 
hai ; us rain ko wub bbi us ke sath tbS ; donofi ko us ku,e me& 
cbbor diya. Aj tin baras bu,e, ki we phaAse bain, magar kisu ne 
nabin daryaft kiya, ki yib jawan B^jS ke gbar men kyun ayS thSL 
BbagwSn ne merl pat rakbi ; us ke sbukrSne ke badle, msah ne apne 
Ctpar ISzim kiya bai, ki ann aur jal us ke pabunchayS karu£i. Jab 
se atbwSre mefi elf. din atl bUn, aur S^b din kS SzH^ ikfiba dejati buA. 

Kal kr rat sapne meii dekba, ki ko,I mSnus kalits hai, ki 
** Sbitabi uth, aur gborS, jot's aur kamand aur kucbb na^d kbarch 
ke waste lekar, us ^ar par jS, aur us beobSre ko waban se niksl." 
Yib sunkar main chaui&k pari, aur magan bokar, mardana bbes 
kiyS, aur ek |and!I]^ha jawSbir o asbrafi se bbar liya, aur yib gborS 
aur kapfa jofa lekar, wahSn ga,T, ki kamand se use ]diefLcbu&. 
Karam men tere tba, ki waisi ^d se is .tara];i cbbufkara pa we; 
aur mere is kartab se maJ|^ram ko,i nabIn ; sbayad wub ko4 de,otS 
tba, ki terl makbla^i kl kbfitir mujbe bbejwSyfi. Kbair, jo mere 
bbag me& tbs> so bu,a." Yib kaths kabk£ur, puri kacbaun mas kS 
sSlan angochbe se kbolS ; pable t^and niksl ek kafore mefi gholS^ 
aur 'ara^ bedmashk ka us men ^Slkar mujbe diya. Main ne us 
ke bath se lekar piyg, phir thofSsS nasbtS kiya. Ba'd ek sa'at ke 
mere ta,m lungl bandbwakar daryS men le ga,i. Kaincbi se mer« 
sir ke bal katre, nakbun liye, nabla dhulSkar, kap^-e pahnSye, naye 
sir se Sdml banaya. Main dogSna sbukrane ka, ru ba Kibla hokar, 
parbne lagS. Wub nSznin is men ti^rakat ko dektl rahi. 

Jab namaz se farigb bu,a, pucbbne lagl, ki '< Yib tti ne kya kam 
kiya?** Main ne kaba, *' Jis' Kliglik ne sari kMl]^t ko paida kiya, 
aur tujhsi ma^buba se merl kbidmat karwa,!, aur tere dil ko mujb 
par mibrban kiyS, aur waise zindan se kbala^ karwSya* Us kl ZSt 
msbank bai, Us ki main ne 'ibadat kl, aur bandagi baja laya, aur 
ada,e sbukr kiya." Yib bst sunkar kabne lag[, ^' Turn Musalman 
bo ?' Mai6 ne kaba, " Sbukr,albamdu lillabi.** Boli, " Mera dil 
tumhSri batofi se kbusb bn,a, mere ta,ifL bbi sikba^o, aur kalima 
pa7ba,o." Mai^ ne dil meh kaba '* Al^amdu lillabi, ki yib bamare 
din kl sbarik bti,i. Gharaz^ maifi ne '' La IlSba illallabu Mu^mmad- 
urrasulullsbi" parba, aur us se pa^bwaya. Pbir wahafi se gbo{t>n 
par sawar bokar, bam donon cbale. Eat ko utarte, to wub zikr din 
Iman ka karti, aur suntl, aur kbusb boti. Isl j^rali do mablne talak 
paiham sbabanaroz cbale gaye. 


ikhir, ek wilSyat meh pahunche, ki darmiyan sarbadd mulk i 
Zerbad aur Sarandip ke thi ; ek shabr nazar Sja, ki abScti meii 
Istambol se ba^S, aur ab o hawS bahut khush aur muwSfi^. BfidshSh 
us shabr ka KisrS se ziySda 'Sdil aur ralyatparwar dekhkar, dil 
nipat shad hu,a. Ek tiaweli kharidkarke, bud o bSsh mu^arrar kT. 
Jab ka,i din met, rauj i safar se Ssuda hu,e, kucbh asbab i ^arOrl 
durust karke, us bibi se muwafit: shara* i Mul^mmadi ke nikall^ 
kiya, aur rahne lags. Tin sal meh wahSn ke akabir o aggghir se 
miljulkar, i'tibSr bfiham pahunchaya, aur tijSrat kS t^Sth phailayS;. 
Akhir, wahaA ke sab saudSgarofi se sab^at le gayS. Ek roz Wdizir i 
a\zam ki khidmat meJi salam ke liye chalS ; ek maidan met. kasrat 
khalknllah ki dekl^; kisu se puchhs, ki " Eyun itnS izdibSm hai?'* 
Ma*lum hu,S, ki do sha]^soii ]fo zmS. aur chori karte pak^ hai, 
aur shayad khun bhi kiyS hai ; un ko sangsSr l^Arne ko laye hain. 

Mujhe suntehl apna afaiwal yad Sya, ki ek din mujhe bhI isl .tara^ 
suli charhane le gaye the ; Khuda ne bachS liya ; SyS ! Te kaun 
hainge, ki aisi bals rnefn giriftSr hu,e haifi. Maltlm nahifi, ki rast 
hai, yS men tara^ tuhmat meii giriftar hti,e haiii. Bhif ko chirkar 
andar ghusa ; dekha to yahl mere donofi bhS,! haifi, ki fun^iyaii 
kase, sir o pa barhana, un ko liye jSte haifi. Un ki ^urat dekhtehi 
khun ne josh kiya, aur kalija jalS ; mu^a^^il ko ek mutthi ashiafiy3f!i 
dm, aur kahS, ki ** Ek sa'at tawak^uf karo, aur wahSn se gho^e ko 
sarpat; phenkkar Hakim ke ghar gaya ; ek dana yalpit i bebahS kS 
nazar guzrana, aur in kl shafk'at kl. Hakim ne kaha, " Ek shakh^; 
in ka muddal hai, aur in ke gunSh sabit hu,e hain, aur BSdshSh 
ka ]^ukm ho chukS hai ; maifi lachSr hufi." Bare bahut minnat o 
zSn se Hakim ne mudda*i ko bulwakar, panch hazSr rupai par rS^ 
kiyg, ki wu daVa khun ka mu'af kare. Main ne rupai gin diye» 
aur lada'wa likhwS liya, aur aisi bala se makhla^i dilwa,!. Jahafi- 
panah ! In se puchhiye ki *' Sach kahtS huh yS jhufh bakta bun?"* 
We dofion bha,i sir niche kiye sharmindase kha^e the. Khair. in 
ko chhurwakar ghar men laya; l^mmam karwdcar, libas pahan- 
waya ; diwankhane men makan rahne ko diyS. Us martabe apne 
labile ko in ke rubaru na kiya ; in ki khidmat mefi ]^a^r rahta, aur 
in ke sath khSna khata, sone ke WBi^t ghar mefi jata. Tin baras tak 
in ki khatirdari mefi guzri; aur in se bhi ko,i ]^arakat i bad wS)p* na 
hu,i, ki ba'is ranjldag! ka howe. Jau main sawSr hokar kahifi jata, 
to ye ghar mefi rahte. 

Ittifafean wuh bibi i nekbakht ek din iammam ko ga,i thi, jab 
diwankhane met a,i, koi mard nazar na para ; us ne hurlfe^'a utara, 
shSyad yih manjhla bha,i leta hu,5 jagta tha ; dekhtehi 'fishi^: hu,a. 
Bare bha,i se kaha ; donon ne mere margialne ki baham ^a^ ki. 
Main is ^larakat se mutlal^ khabar na rakhta tha ; balki dil men 
kahta thS ki *' AJJ^tamdu-lillahi, is martabe abtak inhofi ne kuchh 

Q 2 


aisi bat nalufL ki ; ab in ki wa^a' durust hu J ; shayad ghairat ko 
kam farmaja." Ek roz ba'd kbSne ke, ba^e bha,i $a^b abdida hu^e, 
aur apne wa^aii ki ta'rif aar IrSn kl khubiyan bayan kame lage. 
Yib sunkar dusre bbl bisume lage. Maifi ne kaha, *' Agar irada 
watan kS hai, to bibtar ; main tabi' mar^ ke bun ; meri bbi yabi 
Srzu bai ; ab, inshai AllSha Ta'ala, main bhi ap ki rikab mefi cbaltS 
bun." Us bibl se donon bbS^iyofi ki udasi ka mazkur kiya, aur apna 
irada bbi kaba. Wub 'al^a boll, ki " Tum jano, lekin pbir kuchh 
da|^a kiya cbalite bai& ; ye tumbari jan ke dusbman bain ; tum ne 
sSmp astin men pale bain ; aur in ki dosti ka bharosa rakbte bo, jo 
ji cbalie so karo ; lekin muziyon se khabardar rabo." Babar tal^dir^ 
tbofe 'ar^e men taiyari safar kl karke, kbima maidan men istad 
kiya. BapS lfS£il& jama' huA aur meri sardari aur ^afilabasbi par 
ra;^ bu,e. Acbcbbi sa*at dekbkar, rawana bu,a ; lekin in ki .faraf se 
apni janib men bosbyar rabta, aur sab $urat se farmanbardari aur 
diljo,i in ki karta. 

Ek roz ek manzil mefi manjble bba,i ne mazkur kiya, ki " Ek 
farsakh is makan se, ek cbasbma jari bai, manind Salsabll ke ; aur 
maidan mefi khudro koson talak lala o nafarman aur nargis o gulab 
pbula bai; 'wa^'i, 'ajab makan sair ka bai; agar apna ikhtiyar 
beta, to kal wabafi jakar tafri])^ tabi*at ki karte aur mandagi bbi rafa' 
boti." MaifL bola, ki *' Sa^iib mu^tar bain, farma,o to kal ke din 
mal^Sm karefi, aur waban cbalkar sair karte pbiren." Ye bole, '' Az 
in obi bibtar !" Maifi ne Jt^ukm kiya, ki '* Sare l^le men pukar 
do, ki kal mal^m bai." Aur bakawaJ ko kaba, ki *' Hazri Ipsm ba 
]psm ki taiyarkar, kal sair ko cbalenge." Jab ^\ih}^ bu,i, in dono^ 
biradaron ne kapre paban, kamar bandbkar, mujbe yad dilSya, ki 
" Jald tban^be tiban(Jhe cbaliye, aur sair kijiye.'* Main ne sawarl 
mangi ; bole, ki 'Tapiyada jo luj^f sair ka bota bai, so sawari men 
malum ? nafaron ko kab do, gbore ko 4uryakar, le awefi." 

DonofL i^ulamon ne ]^liyan aur l^wadan le liyS, aur satb bu,e, 
Eab men tirandazi karte bu,e cbale jate tbe. Jab ^file se dur 
nilgai gaye, ek |^ulam ko inbofi ne kisi kam ko bbeja. Tbori dur 
age barhkar, dusre ko bbi us ke bulane ko rukb^at kiya. Kamba^ti 
jo a,i, mere munb men jai^e kisu ne mubr de di ; jo we cbabte tbe, 
so karte tbe, aur mujbe baton men parcbaye liye jate tbe ; magar 
yib kutta satb rab gaya. Babut dur nikal gaye, na cbasbma nazar 
Sya, na gulzar ; magar ek maidan purkbar tba ; waban mujbe 
pesbab laga, main baul karne ko baitba. Apne picbbe cbamak 
talwar kl si dekbi ; mu^fkar dekbufi to manjble bba,i Sa^ib ne mujh 
par talwar mari, ki sir do para bo gaya Jab talak bolun ki *' Ai zalim ! 
Mujbe kyu& marta bai ?'' Baye bba,i ne sbane par laga,i. Donon 
zakhmkari lage; teorakar gira; tab in donon ne ba kbatirjama* 
mere ta,m cbur zakbmi kiya, aur lubuluban kar diya. Yib kuttS 


mera a]^wal dekhkar in par bhapka ; is ko bhi ghayal kiya. Ba*d 
as ke apne hathon se apne badanon men zakhmofi ke nishan kije ; 
aur sir o pa barhana J^Sfile men gaye, aur gahir kiya, ki " HarSmiyofi 
ne us maidan mefi hamare bha,i ko shahid kiya, aur ham bh! 
lafbhafkar zakhmi hu,e. Jaldl kuch karo, nahlfi to ab karwan par 
girkar, sab ko nangiyS lenge." Kafile ke logofi ne Badu,on ka nam 
jo suna, wofihlfL bad];^wass hu,e aur ghabrSkar kuch kiya aur chal 

Mere ^b!le ne suluk aur khubiySft in k! sun rakhlfi thi&, jo 
jo mujh se daghSyefi kifi thiA; ye KaridSt in ki zabanofi se 
sunkar, jald Utianjar se apne ta,i& halak kiyS, aur jSn baJt^a]^ 
taslun hu J.*' Ai Darwesho ! Us Khwiga i sagparast ne jab apnl 
kaifiyat aur mu^ibat is j^arah se yah&h. ttlak kahl, suntehl mujhe 
beikhtiySr rona aya." Wuh Saudagar dekhkar kahne lags, ki 
*' Kibla i 'alam ! Agar beadabi na hoti, to barhana h^kar, maifi apnS 
sSra bada& kholkar dikhsta.** Tis par bhi apni rastj par girebSn 
mon^he talak chirkar dikhSyS. W3]^'i, ch£r ungal tan us kS bazaar 
zakhm ke gabit na tha. Mere l^u^wt sir se 'ammama utarS, khopii 
men aisS ba^ ga^hS pa^S tha, ki ek anSr samucha us men samawe. 
Arkan i daulat jitne I^sl^ the, sab ne apni ankhe& band karM ; 
jbS]^t dekhne ki na rahi.'* 

Fhir Khwgja bolS, ki "BSdshSh salamat! Jab ye bha,i apni 
danist men merS kSm tamSm karke, chale gaye, ek taraf maifi aur 
ek j^araf yih sag mere nazdik zakhmi pap[ tha ; lahtt itnS badan se 
gayS, ki muj^la^}: .takat aur hosh kuchh ba^ na thS ; Kya jfintin, dam 
kahan ajak raha thS, ki jItS thS. Jis jagah mefi para tha, wilSyat i 
Sarandlp ki sar];)Ladd thi, aur ek shahr bdiut SbSd, us ke ^juib thS. 
Us shahr mefi ba^a Butkhcuia thS, aur wahSfi ke BadshSh ki ek 
beji thi, nihayat Vftbul^urat aur ^aliib i jamSl. 

Akgar BSdshSh aur Shahzade us ke 'iaWfi meh kharffb the. 
WahaiL rasm Ijiijab ki nathi; is se wuh la^ki tamSm din hamjoliyoA 
ke sath sair shikSr karti-phirtl. Ham se nazdik ek bSdshShi bSgh tha ; 
us roz Badshah se ijSzat lekar, usi ba^ meii S,i thi. Sair ki 
khatir us maidan met. phirti phirti S nikli ; ka,i khawaggeA. bhi sSth 
sawar thifi. Jahafi main pa)*a tha, S,i£i. MerS t^arabna sunkar, 
pas kha^i })xi,ih. Mujhe is l^Slat mefi dekhkar, we bha^n, aur 
Shahzadi se kaha, ** Ek mardu,a aur ek kuttS lahu men shorbor 
•pars hai." Un se yih sunkar ap Malika mere sir par a,i; afsos 
khakar kahS, *' Dekho to kuchh jan hsUfi hai ?" Do char daiyon ne 
utarkar dekha, aur *ar:;^ ki *' Ab talak to jitS hai." Turt farmSyS, ki 
" Amanat Cliche par litakar, bagh meh lechalo.** 

WabSfi lejakar, Jarral;! sarkar kS bulakar, mere aur mere kutte 
ke *ilSj ki khatir bahut takid ki, aur ummedwar m'am o bakhshish 
ka kiyS. Us Hajjam ne sSrS badan mera ponchhpanchhkar khsk 



Isbun 86 pSk kija, aur sbarab se dhodhSkar, zakhmoA ko tSnke 
dekar, marham lagaja, aur bedmushk ka bx\^ p5ni ke badle mere 
})allf. men chulaya. Malika ap mere sirhane baitlil rabti aur merl 
kbidmat karwati, aur tamam din rat meii do cbar bar kucbb sborba 
ya sharbat apne hatb se pilati. BSre, mujhe bosb ajS, to dekba, ki 
Malika nibayat afsoe se kabtl bai " Kisi ^Slim i kbunkbwar ne tujb 
paryib sitam kiya; bare But se bbl na ^^ra!" Ba'd das roz ke 
'arai^ aur sbarbat aur ma'junon kl IfuweX se, main ne ankb kboll ; 
dekba to Indar ka akbar? mere fispSs jama* bai, aur Malika sirbfine 
Ish&fi bai. Ek ab bbari, cbaba ki kucbb ^^urakat karun, .fS^t na 
pa,i I Badsbabzadi mihrbanl se boll, ki *' Ai *Ajami ! Kl^atirjama* 
rakb, kui'b mat ; agarchi kisu ^Slim ne tera yib a]^wal kiya, lekiQ 
bare But ne mujb ko tvyb par mibrban kiya bai ; ab cbangS bo 

^iisam OS Kh uda ki jo wa]^id aur lasbarik bai, main use dekbkar, 
pbir bebosb bo^ya. Malika ne bbi darySft kiya, aur gulabpasb se 
gulab apne batb se cbbifka. Bis din ke 'ar^e mefi zakbo)^ bbar Sye, 
aur angurkar la,e. Malika bamesba rat ko, jab sab so jate, mere pas 
fiti, aur kbila pila jati. Gbaraz ek cbille men gbusl kiya ; Badsbab« 
zadi nibayat kbusb bu,I ; Hajjam ko in am babutsa diya, aur mujb 
ko posbak pakanwa,!. £buda ke fa:^l se, aur kbabargiri aur sa,i se 
Malika kX, kbub cba]|^cbauband huJS,, aur badan nibayat taiyar bu,a, 
aur kutta bbi farbih bogaya. Har roz mujbe sbiurab pilati, aur 
baten sunti, aur kbusb boti. Main blii ek adb naf^l ya kabani 
anu^bi kabkar, us ke dil ko bablata, 

Ek din pucbbne lagi, ki *' Apna afywSJi to baySn karo, ki turn 
kaun bo, aur yib waridat tum par kyunkar bu,i?" Main ne sara 
majara apna, auwal se akbir tak kab sunaya. Wub sunkar rone 
lagi, aur boli, ki " Ab main tujb se aisa suluk karungi, ki apni sfin 
mu^ibat bbnl jawega/* Main ne kab3. ** Khuda tumben salamat 
rakhe I Tum ne naye sir se meri janbakbsbi ki bai ; ab main tum* 
bara bo raba btin ; was.te Khuda ke, isi jtaral^ bamesba mujb par 
apni mibrbani ki na.^ rakbiyo." Qbara;?, tamam rat akeli mere pas 
baitbi rabt^, aur ^u^ibat rakbti. Ba*ze din da,i us ki bbi sat rabti ; 
bar ek taur ka ^kr mazkur sunti, aur kabti. Jab Malika utb jatI, 
aur main tanba bota, jt&barat kar, kone men cbbipkar namaz pafb 

Ek bar aisa ittifaJ^ bu,a ,ki Malika apne ba^ ke pas ga,i tbi, mai& 
kbct.tir jama* se wasjiu karke namaz pa^b raha tba, ki achanak Shah* 
zadi da,i se bolti hu,i a,i, ki '' Dekbefi *Ajami is wal^t kya karta bai, 
sots bai yS jagta bai.** Mujbe makan par jau na dekba, ta*ajjub meh 
bu,i, ki Ain ! yih kahan gaya bai ! Kisu se kucbb lagga to nabin 
lagaya? Koiia kuthra dekhne lagi, aur talSsb kame lagi. Akhir. 
jaha& main namaz tamam karke, du*a ke liye bath u^baye, aur sijde 


men gaja, beikhtiyar khilkbilakar haiiul, aur boli, " KyS yih 5dml 
sauda,! ho gaya, yih kaisi kaisi l^arakatefi kar raha hai T 

Main bansne kl awaz sunkar dil mefi ^^S, Malika, age ifkar 
puchbne lagi, ki ** Ai 'Ajami I Yih tu kya karta thS ?** Main kuchh 
jawab na de saka. Is men da,i boll. ** Bala liIJi ! Tere 9adke gaj, 
mujhe yun malum hota hai» ki yih shakhg Musalman hai, aur Lst 
Manat ka dushman hai ; andekhe Khuda ko piy ta hai ? Malika ne 
yih suntehl, hath hath par marS, babut ghu^ge hn,i, ki '* Main kyS 
janti thi, ki yih Turk hai, aur hamSre Khuda.on se munkir hai; 
tabhi, hamare But ke ghayib men pa{u thS. Maifi ne natut^i^ is kX 
parwarish kl, aur apne ghar men rakha.** Yih kahti hu,i chall gS,u 
Main suntehl bad];^wass hu,3, ki dekhiye, ab kya suluk kare. MSre 
jthauf ke nlnd uchat ho ga,i; 9ub];i tak be-ikbtiyar royS kiya aof 
ansu,on se munh dhoya kiya . 

Tin din rat isi ^^uf o raja mefi rote gugre ; hargiz ankh na 
jhapki. Tisrl shab Malika sharab ke nashe mefi makhmur, aur dfi,I 
8ath liye mere makan par a,I ; ghufi^a mefi bhari hu,I, aur \xt kamSa 
hath men liye, bahar chaman ke kinSre baithi. Da,i se piySla shari^b 
ka manga ; pikar kahS, '* Daiya !** Wuh 'Ajaml, jo hamare bare But 
ke \ah.r men giriftar hai, mu,a, ya abtak jita hai ?" Da,i ne kahS, 
*' Balaiya lui^ ! Kuchh dam baki hai." Boli, ki *' Ab wuh haman 
nazaron se girS, lekin kah, ki bShar Swe/* Da,i ne miyhe pukSra ; 
main dauf a. Dekhufi to, Malika ka chihra mSre ghugge ke, tam-tama 
raba hai, aur surkh ho gaya hai. Ru]^ t^Slib msh. na rahi ; salam 
kiya, aur hath bandhkar, khapfi hu,S. Qba^ab kl nigSh se mujhe 
dekhkar, da,I se boli, " Agar maifi is din ke dushman ko tir se marufi, 
to men kb^lS ba^a But mu*af karega yS nabin ? Yih mujh se ba^a 
gunah hu,a had, ki main ne use apne ghar men rakhkar khSJir- 
dari ki." 

Da,i ne kaha *' BadshahzSdi ki kya tal^^ir hai, ki kuohh dushman 
jankar nahin rakha ; tum ne us par tars khayS ; tum ko neki ke 
iwaz neki milegi, aur yih apni badi ka gamra ba^e But se parahega.'* 
Yih sunkar kaha, " Da,i 1 Ise bai^hne ko kah," Da,i ne mujhe 
isharat ki, ki *' Baifh ja," Main baith gaya. Malika ne aur jSm 
sharab ka piya, aur da,i se kaha, ki *^ Is kambakht ko bhi ek piySia 
de, to asani se mara jawe." Da,I ne jam diya ; maifi ne be'ugr piyS, 
aur sal am kiya ; hargiz meri Jaitif nigSh na ki, magar kan ankhiyoA 
ne chori choii dekhtl thi. Jab mujhe surur hu,a, kuchh shi*r pa^hne 
laga ; az an jumla ek bait yih bhi pafhi. 

'* Kabu men huA maifi tere, go ab jiya to phir kyS? 
Khanjar tale kisu ne tuk dam liya, to phir kyS ?'* 

Sunkar muskurSi, aur da,i kl j^raf dekhkar boli, '' £ya tujhe nind 



ati hai f Da,i ne mar?? pSkar kaha, ki " Hafi, mujh par khwab ne 
ghalba kiya hai." Wuh to rulih^at hokar Jahannam wa^il hu,r. 
Ba'd ek dam ke, Malika ne piyala mujh se manga, main jald bhar- 
kar rilbarii legaya. Ek ada se, mere hath se lekar pi lija ; tab main 
i^adamon par gira. Malika ne hath mujh par jhara, aur kahne la^, 
" Ai jahil ! hamare bare But men kya bura,i dekhi, jo ghaab Khnda 
ki parastish kame laga ?" Mai& ne kaha, " In^Sf sbarf; hai, tuk 
ghaur farmljiye, ki bandagf ke la,i)^ wuh Khuda hai, ki jis ne ek 
l^tre pan! se tumsar kS ma^tbub paida kiya, aur yih l^uan o jamal 
diyS, ki ek an meh hazaron insSta ke dil ko diwSna kar(?alo. But 
kya chiz hai, ki ko,i us ki puja kare. Ek paththar ko sangtarashofi 
ne ga^hkar ?urat bana,i, aur dam aJt^ma^oii ke wSste bichhaya. Jin 
ko shaitan ne warghalana hai, we mai^u' ko i^ni* jante hain ; jaise 
apne hathon se banate hai&, us ke age sir jhukate hain. Aur ham 
Musalman hain ; jis ne hamen banaya hai, ham use mante hai& ; un 
ke waste Dozakh, hamare liye Bihisht banaya hai. Agar Badshah- 
zadi im9n KhudS par lawe, tab us ka maza pawe, our l^a^ o batil 
mefi fara^ kare, aur apne i'ti|^ad ko ghalat samjhe.'* 

Bare aisi aisi na^I^atefi sunkar, us sangdil ka dil mula^m hu,a. 
Khuda ke fa?l o karam se rone lagi, aur boll, " Achchha, mujhe bhi, 
apna din sikha,o." Maifi ne kalima tall^n kiya ; un ne ba $id^ i dil 
pafha, aur tauba istighfar karkar, Musalman hu,i. Tab main us ke 
pa£io£i pars ; ^uhl^ tak kalima pafhti, aur isti^far karti rahi ; phir 
kahne lag!, '* Bhala, main ne to tumhara din j^bul kiya, lekin ma 
bap Kafir hain, un ka kya 'ilaj ?** Main ne kaha, " TumharT bala 
se jo jaisa karega, waisa pawega." Boll, ki " Mujhe chacha ke bete 
se mansub kiya hai, aur wuh Butparast hai ; kal ko Khuda nakhwsata 
bySh ho, aur wuh Kafir mujh se mile, aur us ka nutfa mere pet me& 
thahar jawe, to ban lja.batiat hai. Is ki fikr abhi se kiya chabiye, ki 
is bala se najat pa,un." Maifi ne kaha, " Tum bat to ma*kul kahti 
ho ; jo mizaj men awe, so karo." Boli, ki " Main ab yahau na 
rahungi ; kahin nikal ja,ungi. 

Main ne puchha, " Kis gurat se bhagne pa,ogT, aur kahan ja,ogi ?" 
Jawab diya, ki " Pahle turn mere pas se ja,o. Musalmanon ke sath 
sara men ja raho, to sab admi sunen, aur tum par guman na le 
jawen ; tum wahan kishtiyon ki talash men raho ; jo jahaz 'Ajam kl 
taraf chale, mujhe khabar kijo." Main is waste da,i ko tumhare 
pas aksar bheja karungi; jab tum kahla bhejoge, main nikalkar 
a,ungi, aur kishti par sawar hokar chali ja.ungi ; in kambakht bedinofi 
ke hath se makhlagi pa,ungi." Main ne kaha, " Tumhare jan o 
iman ke turban hu,a ; da,i ko kya karogi?** Boli " Is ki fikr sahl 
hai ; ek piyale men zahr halahal pila dungi." Yahi ^alah mukarrar 
hu,i. Jab din hu,a, main karwansara men gaya ; ek hujra kiraye 
liya, aur ja raha. Us juda,i men fa4:at wa§al "ki taway^u' par jita 


tha. Jab do mahine men saudagar Hum o Sham o Isfahan ke jama' 
liu,e; irada kuch ka tari ki rah se kija, aur apna asbab jahaz par 
cha^hane lage. Ek jagah rahne se ak^ar ashna i ^urat ho gaje the; 
mujh se kahne lage, *'Kyun Satib, turn bhi chalo na; yahafi 
Kufristan men kabtalak rahoge?" Main ne jawab diyS, ki "Mere 
pas kya hai, jo apne waj^n ko ja^ufi ? Yah! ek laun<}I, ek kutta, ek 
$andn]^ bisat men rakhta huh ; agar thop si jagah baith rahne ko do, 
aur us ka naul muljLarrar karo, to men khatirjama' ho, niaxti hba. 
sawar hun. 

Saudagaro^ ne ek kothri mere ta^t mefi kardi ; maiii ne us ke 
naul ka rupai bhar diya ; diljamat karkar, kisu bahane se da,i ke 
ghar gaya, aur kahS, ** Ai amma ! Tujh se rukhgat hone aya hufi ; 
ab waj^ ko jSta hun ; agar teri tawajjuh se ek nazar Malika ko 
dekh luh, to bcql bat hai." Bare da,i ne If&hvl kiya, Main ne kaha, 
''Main rat ko a,unga, fulane makan par kha^a rahunga/' Boll, 
'* Achchha." Maifi kahkar, sara mefi aya ; i^andu]^ aur bichhaune 
uthakar jahaz men laya, aur nakhuda ko sompkar, kaha, " Eal fajr 
ko apni kaniz ko lekar a,unga." Nakhuda bola, '* Jald S,iyo ; Qub^i 
ham langar uthawenge.** Main ne kaha, " Bahut khub." jab rat 
huj, usi makan par, jahan da J se wa'da kiya tha, jakar kha^a raha. 
Pahar rat gaye ma];iall ka darwaza khula, aur Malika maile kuchele 
kap]*e pahne, ek peti jawahir ki liye, bahar nikli ; wuh pitari mere 
Jt^awSle kl, aur sath chali. Sub^ bote kinare darya ke ham pahunche. 
£k lanbot par sawar hokar, jahaz men ja utre ; yih wafiSdar kuttS 
bhI sath tha. Jab ^uW). khub roshan hu,i, langar uthaya, aur rawana 
hu,e. Ba khatirjama* chale jate the. Ek bandar se awaz topofi kl 
shalak ki a,I. Sab Ijiairan aur fikrmand hu,e ; jahaz ko langar kiyS, 
aur apas meii charcha hone laga, ki ** Kya Shah i bandar kuchh 
da^a karega ; top chhorne ka kya sabab hai ?** 

Ittifaljian sab saudagarofi ke pas khub^urat laun(}iya& thm ; Shah 
i bandar ke khauf se, ki mubSda chhin le, sab ne kanlzakon ko 
^andu^on men band kiya ; main ne bhi aisahi kiya, ki apni Sh&hzadi 
ka ^andulj: men baifhakar, ]|^ufl kardij'S,. Is 'ari^e met. Shah i bandar 
ek ghurab par, ba ma' naukar chakar baifha hu,S, nazar aya. Ate 
ate, jahaz par a charha; shayad us ke Sne kS yih sabab tha, ki 
Badshah ko da,i ke mame ki, aur Malika ke glia.ib hone ki jab 
khabar malum hu,I, mare ghairat ke us ka to nam na liya, magar 
Shah i bandar ko tukm kiya, ki ** Maifi ne suna hai, 'Ajami sauda- 
garon ke pas laun^iyafi khub khub haifi ; so maifi ShShzadI ke was.te 
liyS chahta hun. Tum un ko rokkar jitni laundiySfL jahSz met. hot. 
i.uzui me& hazir karoge. Unhefi dekhkar, jo pasand awe^, un ki 
]pmat dl ja,egi; nahin to wapas hongi." 

Ba mujib i hukm Badshah ke, yih ShSh i bandar is liye ap jahSz 
par Sya, aur mere nazdik ek aur shakhg tha, us ke pas bhi ek band! 




kabaUurat ^m men bandt hL ShSh i bandar nsi ^anduj par 
Sar baithS.\ur launOiyoi ko nikalwane lagiL Mam ne K^uda^ 
abukar kiva, ki " Bhala ; BSdsbazadi ka mazkur nahin. izUara?, 

jilni ]^nk^ P5,ift, Shab i bandar ^c f^f^y^^ ^?, J^5\^^T^ 
UlA, aar kbudSbab i bandar, jis ^andi* par baitha tba, us ke j 
nSaik ae bb? haiiste baAste pucbba, ki " Tere pas bin to biun^ 
tbi.** Us abma^ ne kaba, " Ip ke Jjidamoft Id saugand ! Main ne 
bl Tib kirn nSbHi kijfi ; aabboA ne tnmbare 4ar se laun*yan ^andu^ 
mA obbipa,iA bain." Sbab i bandar ne yib bat funkaj% sab 
sandHkoA k& ibict lena sboru' kiya- Mera bbi gandi* khola, am- 
Malika ko nikfilkar sab ke aatb legaya. 'Ajab tarab ki m^usihu,!, 
ki yib aisi l^^^lr^^t pesb a^ ki ten jan to mull ga^ a»r MaJika se 
dekbiye^ kvS auluk kare ! « j- -* 

Us ki &kr meA i^ne bbl jan ka jar bbul g^ya. Sare din mt 
ShttdS ae dtt^ mingti raba. Jab ba|i fiijr bu^, sab launOiyon ko 
ki^tl par sa^i«r kaike pbir layc ; sandagar ^uah hu,e ; apni apm 
kanlxakeik liA. sab I,iya£i, magar ek Malika un men na thi. Main 
tte pOebbS* ki «* Men lannji nahin 54, is ka kya sabab hai .' 
rubi>fii ne jawSb diyS, ki Ham «kif nabin. abayad Badsbah ne 
paaand kl bo«^." Sab saudagar mujbe tasalli anr dilasa dene lage, 
ki *- Kbair. )o bli.i so bu,a; takii|H mat; us ki l^mat bam sab 
bibrt karkar tHJibe denge.^ Mere b^*^^ bl^ta bogaye ; main ne 
k^^ kl ^* Ab mai£i Ajam nabiik jane ka,"" Kishtiwalon se kaba. 
** Y«n>! Mnjbe bbi apoe s5ib lecbalo; kinaro par utw- dgo" We 
r^ bK.^ Maiik jHdiSx se utarkar, ^uiiO) men a bai^; yib kutta 
bbi ittf!4ri» $jab cbalS St^ 

Jab lUudar meik pabuiicbS» ek ^andokcba jawiOiir kS, jo Malika 
apiK^ ajltb l^i tbi. u^ to lakb lija. anr ab «^nb Sbab i bands^ ke 
iMukaw>i\ kti» dij^; aurmaiii jSsusi men bar kabln pbime laga, ki 
abj^l kbd^bar Malika kl pi.uik; lekin baigiz snra^ na mila, anr 
ua b bftt k« patK pj^ Ek rSt ka kisu makar se Badsbah ke bhi 
maV^l UM^ ^i(. anr ^liu^O^ kuebb ytabar na milL Kaiib ek 
wabtu^ k^^ aliMbr k« kiK^ aur ma|jAlle chhan mare, anr us ^bam 
^ i^^iM' laxtt^k Vuib bal^lkat ke pihancliaTa, anr sandaJ-sa pbime 
bys^ .\y|ir.aptt^ dil m^iV klpyil kiy^ ki ^S^£b bai. Sbah i bandar 
k^ I^Wr WHNi^ wi<^rt Bid$bilucidK bom« to hove, nahin to anr kahm 
«^u\. ^v^ i battdar ki ^irali k» ^idpesh dekhta pbirta tha, ki 
kabiA ^ bbl)j(«^ ki i^ p^m. to andbur jS^vLn. 

Kk basUMcaiii iMm«r pa|l ki mam^a)^ adnu ti Smad o raft ke liai, 
^^Mar >^\ ;MMa^\ ^ k^ d^dOki^ par ja|i liai. Tib ^a^d kija, ki is 
^Ur v^^ k^ rsOi ;Si^ <^:^ii^; kap(« badan se ntaie, aur us najis 
^ ^ ^^^^^ ^^'** ^ ^Vfc5^ aabx^t » tts ji:^ ko tofa, aur san^ ki rah 
*^ v^VM^fc^WU ai^^)\ ^>ri ; '««iatw\ik ki s£ Hbfe banakar, bar taraf 
^^bM^ \>4^;^ ),,^ ^^ iHOdKa $^ Sa& m«e kan men pari, jaise 


ko,r munSjat kar nhS, hai. Age jskar dekhufi to Malika hai, ki 
'ajab ItM^lat se rot! hai, aur nakghisni kar rah! hai, aur jC^uda se du'a 
mangU hai, ki " $ad]^e apne Rasul ke, aur us ki Al i pSk ke. mujhe 
is Kufnstan se niyat de, aur jis shakhg ne mujhe Islam ki rfih bata,i 
hai, use ekbar khairiyat se mila ! " MSih dekhtehi daufkar, pa,ofL 
par gir papa ; Malika ne mujhe gale lagalija ; ham donoi^ par ek 
dam behoshi kS 'Slam hogaya. Jab ];^w9ss baja hu,e, maifi ne 
kaifiyat Malika se puchhi. Boli, '* Jab Shah i bandar sab laundiyon 
ko kinare par legaya, main j^uda se yahi du,a mangti thi, ki 
'* Eahin mera raz fash na ho, aur main pahchani na ja,un, aur ten 
jSn par afat na awe." Wuh aisa Sattai* hai, ki hargiz kisu ne na 
daryaft kiya, ki yih Malika hai I Shah i bandar har ek ko ba nassar 
i kb^<i^ dekhta tha. Jab mer! barl hu,i, mujhe pasand karkar, 
apne ghar men chupke bhqj diya, auron ko Badshah ke ^u^ur 

" Mere bap ne jab un me^ mujhe na dekhfi, sab ko rukhgat kiya. 
Yih sab par pech mere viSsjfi kiya tha, ab yun mashhur kiya hai, ki 
'* BadshShzSdi bahut bimar hai." Agar rxmh ^ahir na hu,i, to ko,i 
din meh mere mame ki khabar, sare mulk mefi uregi, to badnSmi 
Badshah ki na howe ; lekin ab main is 'a^Sb men hu£i, ki Shah i 
bandar mujh se aur irada dil met rakhta hai, aur hamesha sath sone 
ko bulata hai, main ra^ nahln hot! ; az has ki chahta hai, abtak 
meri ra^amandl manjsQr hai, lihSza ehup ho rahta hai. Par ]^urSn 
hun, is iarah kahai^ tak nibhegi. So maifi ne bhi ji men yih 
thahraya hai, ki jab mujh se kuchh aur k^^d haregS, to maih apnl 
jSn dungi, aur mar rahungL Lekin tere milne se ek aur tadbir dil 
men sHjliI hai. Khuda chfihe to siwS,e is fikr ke, dusri ko,I jtarab 
makhla^i ki na:^ nahlA ati." 

Main ne kaha, "Farma,o to wuh kaunsi tadbir hai?" Kahne 
lagi, " Agar tu sal aur miit^nat kare, to hosake." Main ne kaha, 
" Maifi farmSnbardSr hHn ; agar l^ukm karo, to jalU Sg met. kud 
papiii ; aur sifhl pa,u&, to tumhan khaj^ SsmSn par chala ja.un ; 
jo kuchh £GLnna,o so bajS la.ufi." Malika ne kaha, *' Tu bare But 
ke butkhane men jS, aur jis jagah jutiyafi utSrte hain, wahan ek 
siySh tat paj^ rahta hai. Is muU^ kl rasm hai, ki jo ko,i muflis aur 
mu^taj ho jata hai, us jagah wuh tat u^bkar baithta hai : yahSii ke 
log jo ziySrat ko jate hain, muwafik apne apne makdur ke, use dete 
hain. Jab do char din men mal jama* hota hai, Pan^e ek khiVat 
bare But ki sark3r se dekar, use rukhi^at karte hain ; wuh tawangar 
hokar chalajata hai. Ko,i nahin malum kartS, ki yih kaun tha. 
Tu bhi jakar, us palSs ke niche baith, aur hath munh apnS khub 
tara)^ chhipS le, aur kisu se na bol. 

Ba'd tin din ke BShman aur Butparast harchand tujhe khirat 
dekar rukl^igat karefi, tu wahafi se hargiz na uth. Jab nihayat 

92 BaGH BAHaR. 

minnat karefi, tab to boliyo, ki ** Mujhe rupai paisS kuchh darkar 
nahiii ; main mal ka bhukha nahin ; main mazlum hun, farySd ko 
aja bun. Agar Brabmanou ki Mata, meri dad de, to bibtar; 
nabin bapi But merS in^Sf karega, aur us ^alim se bbl bara But 
men farjad ko pabunchega.** Jab tak wub mata Brabmanon ki, ap 
tere pas na awe, babutera ko,i manlEwe, tu ra^ na bojiyo. Akbir, 
lacbar bokar, wub kbud tere nazdik awegi ; wub babut burbi bai ; 
do sau cbalis baras ki 'umr bai, aur cbbattis bete us ke jane bu,e, 
Butkbane ke sardar bain ; aur us ka bape but ke pas ba^a darja bai» 
is sabab us ka itna hsufi ^ukm bai, ki jitne cbbofie bare is mulk ke 
bain, us ke kabne ko apni sa'adat jante bain ; jo wub flEumati bad, 
ba sar o cbashm mante bain. Us ka daman paka^kar kabiyo, " Ai 
ma J ! agar mujb mazlum musSfir ka in^af zalim se na kare^, to 
main bare but ki kbidmat men takkaren marunga." 

** Akbir wub ra^m kbakar, tujb se meri sifarisb karega. Jab wuh 
tera a^iwal pucbbe, to kabiyo, ki ** Main *Ajam ka rabnewSla bun ; 
bare But ki ziyarat ki kbajir aur tumbari 'acUQat sunkar, kale koson 
se yahaft aya bufi ; ka,i dinofi Sram se raba. Meri bibi bbi mere 
satb a,i tbi ; wub jawan bai, aur $urat sbakl bbi acbcbbi bai, aur 
ankb nak se durust bai ; malum nabin ki Sbab i bandar ne use 
kyunkar dekba ; bazor mujb se cbbinkar, apne gbar men isl diya. 
Aur bam Musalmanon ka yib t^a'ida bai, ki jo namaJ^iram aurat ko in 
ki dekbe, ya cbbin le, to wajib bai, ki us ko jis taralji bo, mar^efi, 
aur apni joru ko le len, aur nabin to kbana pina cbbor den, kyun 
ki jab talak wub jita rabe, wub 'aurat kbawind par l^am bai. Ab 
yaban lacbar bo aya bufi ; dekbiye turn kya in^af karti bo,'* Jab 
Malika ne mujbe yib sab sikba pa^ba diya, main rukb^iat bo, usi 
tabdan ki rab se niklS, aur wub jali abani pbir lagadi. 

Sub^ bote, Butkbane men gaya, aur wub siyab palas urbkar 
baitba. Tin roz Itna rupiya aur asbrafi aur kapra mere nazdik 
jama* bu,a, ki ambar lag gaya. Gbauthe din Pan^e bbajan karte 
aur gate bajate kbil'at liye mere pas aye, aur rukbgat kame lage. 
Main ra^i na bu,a, aur duba,i bare But ki di, ki ** Main gada,i 
kame nabin aya, balki in^af ke liye ! Bare But aur Brabmanofi Id 
mata ke pas aya bun ; jab talak apni dad na pa,unga, yaban se na 
ja,unga.** We sunkar, us pir zal ke rubaru gaye, aur mora a^iwal 
bayan kiya. Ba'd us ke ek cbaube aya, aur mere ta,in kabne laga, 
ki " Cbal, mata bulati bai." Maifi wonhin tat kala sir se pa,on tak 
urbe bu,e dibre men gaya. Dekbta bun ki ek jbara.o singbasan 
par, jis met. la*l almas aur moti munga lagS bu,a bai, bara But 
baitba bai, aur ek kursi i zarrln par farsb i ma']j:ul bicbba bai, us 
par ek Burbiya siyabposb masnad takiye lagaye, aur do larke das 
barab baras ke, ek dabne ek bayen Shan o sbaukat aur tajammul se 
baitbi bai ; mujbe Sge bulayS. Main adab se age gaya, aur takbt 


ke paje ko bosa diya ; phir us ka daman pakaf liyS. Us ne inerS 
a!^wal puchha; mai& ne usi ^nif., jis j^ur se Malika ne talim 
kardiya tha, zahir kiya. 

Sunkar boll, ki *' Kja, Musalman apnl istriyoA ko ojhal meA 
rakhte haifi I Mai£i ne kaha, *' Han, tumhare bachchon ki khair 
ho, yih hamari rasm i t:adim hai.'' Boll, ki " Terfi achchha mazhab 
hai ;" Main abhi t^ukm karti hun, ki Shah i bSndar ba ma' teri joni 
aftkar liazir hotS hai, aur us gidi ko aisi sijasat karun, ki bardilgar 
aisi Jtiiarakat na kare, aur sab ke kan kha^e hon, aur (jaren.'* Apne 
logon se puchhne lagi, ki " Shah i bandar kaun hai ? Us ki yih 
majal hu,i, ki begaui tirya ko ba zor chhin lets hai ?" Logoi^ ne 
kaha, ki '* Fulane shakh? hai." Yih sunkar un donofi la^kofi ko, 
jo pSs baithe the, farmaya, ki '' Jaldi us mSnus ko sath lekar, Bad- 
shah ke pas ja,o, aur kaho, ki *' MStS farmati hai, ki ^ukm bare 
But ka yih (lai, ki Shah i bandar admiyon par zor ziySdatI kartS 
hai ; chuna&chi is gharib ki 'aurat ko chhin liya hai ; us ki ta]^ir 
ba{f sabit hu,i. Jald us gumrSh ke mSl ka tSli^ia karkar, is Turk 
ke, ki hamara manziir i najrax hai, l^tw&le kar, nahin to Sg rSt ko tu 
satySnas hoga, aur hamare gh^^ftb mefi pa^ega.** We donoft .fifl 
ttthkar, man(}ali se bahar aye, aur sawar hu,e. Sab Pan^e sankh 
bajate aur arti gate, jilau met. ho liye. 

(zhara?, wahan ke ba^e chhotie, jahSii un larko& ka pS,ofL paftS 
tha, wahifi ke mitti tabarruk jankar ufha lete, aur ankhoii se lagate. 
Usi .tarab BadshSh ke IpPe tak gaye. Badshah ko khabar hu^ ; 
nange pa,on isti]^bal ki khajir nikid ayS, aur un ko ba^e man mahat 
se lejakar, apne pas takl^t par bai^aya, aur puchhS, *' Aj kjunkar 
tashrif farmana hu,a?" tJn donon Brahman bachchon ne ma ki 
jtaraf se, jo kuchh sun aye the, kaha, aur ba^e But ki khafagi se 
4araya. Badshah ne suntehi farmaya, " Bahut kbub." Aur apne 
naukaron ko ^ukm kiya, ki ** Mu^^^il jawefi, aur Shah i bandar ko 
ba ma' us 'aurat ke, jald ^u?ur mefi Ifi^ karefi, to maiii tal^^ir us 
kl tajwiz karke, sazS duh.** 

Yih sunkar, maifi apne dil mefi ghabrSyS, ki yih bat to achchhi 
na hu,i ; agar Shah i bandar ke ^ath Malika ko bhi lawefi, to parda 
fash hoga, aur mera kya a]|jiwal hogS." Dil mefi nihayat khanfzada 
hokar, Khudg ki taraf ruju' ki, lekin mere mu&h par hawSiyan upie 
lagifi, aur badan kampne laga. La^kofi ne yih merS rang dekh» 
sbayad daryaft kiya, ki yih ^ukm is ki mar^i ke muwafilj^ na hu,a. 
Wo&hin khafa o barham ho uthe, aur Badshah ko jha^uk kar bole, 
*' Ai mardak ! Tu diwana hu,a hai, jo farmSn-bardari se bare But 
ki nikla, aur hamare bachan ko jhuth samjha, jo donoii ko bulwakar, 
ta\i)^ kiya chahta hai. Ab khabardar. tu ^a^ab men bare But 
ke para ; ham ne tujhe J^ukm pahuncha diya ; ab tu jan aur bars 
But jane." 


94 BaGH BAHiR. 

Is kahne se Badshah ki 'ajab j^jialat huj, ki hath jo^kar khara bo 
gayS aur sir se pa^ofi talak ra sha hogaya. Minnat karke manane 
laga ; ye donon hargiz na bai^he, lekin kha^ luhe. Is men jitne 
Amir Umra wahSfi $azir the, ek mu^ hokar, badge,! ShSh i bandar 
ki kame lage, ki " Wuh aisShI ^aramzSda, badyur, aur pspi hai ; 
aisi aisi liarakateft karta hai, ki ^^u^ur men Bfidshah ke kyS kyS 
'ar? karefi ; jo kuchh Brahmano^ ki mitS ne kahlS bheja hai, 
durust hai ; Is w9s.1^ ki j^^ukm bare But kS hai, yih darogh kyHJikMr 
hoga ?'* BfidshSh ne jab sab ki zabSni ekhi bSt snni, apne kahne se 
bahut makhajjal aur nSdim htl^a. Jald ek khiUat i paklza mujhe dl» 
aur liukmnama apne hsth likh, us par dasti muhr karkar, mere 
liawSle kiya, aur ek ru]|}:'a madar i BndimanSn ko likhS, aur jawahir 
ashrafiyofi ke khwSn lafkofi l^e rubaru peshkash rakhkar, rukh^at 
kiyS. Mai& khushi ba khush! Butkhfine meii aya, aur us Bu^hiyS 
ke pas gays. 

BadshSh ka khatj jo SyS thS, us ka yih ma^un thfi ; al^b ko 
ba'd bandagi o 'ajz o niySz Hkhkar, likha tha, ki "MuwIQI^ )^ukm i 
^u^tir ke, is mard i Musalmfin ko khidmat Shah i bandar ki mu- 
^rrar hu,i, aur khilSIt di ga,i. Ab yih us ke Ij^tl kame ki mukhtSr 
hai. aur sara mSl aur amwSl us ks, is Turk ka hu,S, jo chlQie so 
kare; ummedwar hufi, ki meil tal^^Ir mu*af ho." BrahmanoA kl 
mS ne khush hokar, fannSyS, ki '* Naubat-khane mefi Butkhane ke 
naubat baje.*' Aur pSnch sau sipahi, barl^ndSz, jo bal bandhi kofi 
marefi, musallaJ^i mere hamrah kar diye ; aur j^ukm kiya, ki " Ban* 
dar me^ jakar, ShSh i bandar ko dastgir karke, is Musalman ke 
^awSie karen ; jis tarati ke 'azab se us ka ji chahe, use mare ; aur 
khabardar, siwa^e is 'aziz ke, ko,i malh^llsara men dakhil na howe ; 
aur us ke mal o khazSne ko amSnat us ko supurd karen. Jab yih 
ba khushi rukhgat kare, rasid aur safinSma us se lekar, phir awefi.'* 
Aur ek sarepa,o But i buzurg la sarkar se, mere ta,iii dekar sawSr 
karwakar wida' kiya. 

Jab main bandar mefi pahunchS, ek admi ne barhkar ShSh i 
bandar ko khabar ki. Wuh (lairSn sS baithS tha, ki maiii jS 
pabunchS. Ghugga to dil mefi bhar hi raha tiiS ; dekhtehi ShSh i 
'bandar ko, talwar khainchkar, ai^ gardan mefi laga,i, ki us ka sir 
alag bhat^^a sa urgaya ; aur wahSn ke gumashte, khazSnchi. mush- 
arnf daroghoA 1^ pakarvvakar, sab daftar ^abj kiye, aur maifi 
matiall men dakhil hu,a. Malika se mulSl^t ki ; Spas met. gale 
lagkar ro,e, aur shukr KTiudS kS Mya. Main ne us ke, us ne mere, 
ansu ponchhe; phir bahar masnad par baithkar, ahl i kSron ko 
khiraten difi, aur apni apni khidmatofi par sab ko haijial kiyS; 
naukar ghulSmon ko sarfarazi di. Wuh log jo mandap se mere 
sSth muta'aiyin hu,e the, har ek ko 'inSm o bakhshish dekar, aur un 
ke jama'dar risaladar ko jo^e pahnakar, rukh^t kiya, aur jawahar i 



besh]0mat, aur tbSn i nurbafi, aar shSlbSft, aur zardozl, aur jins o 
tii^e barek mulk ke, aur nal^d babutsS BadsbSb kl nazar ki khajir, 
aur muwafi^ bar ek umrS,on ke daija ba darja, aur Pau^iySjan ke 
lije, aur sab Pan^on ke ta|pim keume ki kbatir, apne satb lekar, 
ba'd ek bafte ke maih Butkade met. SyS» aur us MstS ke age baj^^ 
bbent ke rakba. 

Us ne ek aur kbil*at sarfEirfisa kl mujbe bakbsh!. aar khitfib divS. 
Pbir Badsbah ke darbSr met. jSkar, pesbkasb guzrani, aur jo jo 
^m o fasSd SbSb i bandar ne ijSd kij3 tbS, us ke mauf^nf kame 
kl kJiaj^r ^ar^ ki. Is sabab se BSdsbSh, aur Amir, saudSgar, sab 
mujb se ra;^i bu,e; bahut nawSzish mujb par farms,!, aur khiFat 
aur gbof$ dekar, mansab, jSgfr *inayat kl, aur Sbru t^urmat bakbabL 
Jab BSdsbSh ke ^u^r se bibar Sjfi, sbSgirdpesbofi ko aur abl i 
kSroA ko, itnS kucbb dekar ra^ kija, ki sab me)iS kalima paibne 
lage. Qh araz. maiA babut muraffa'ultiSl bo gajS, aur nibiyat cbain 
aram se us mulk met Malika se 'a^d bsndbkar rahne lags, aur 
KbudS kl bandag! kame lagS. Mere in^Sf ke balg, ratyat parjS 
sab kbusb tbe. Mabine men ek bar ButkbSne met, aur BSdsbSb 
ke t^uznlr StS jStS ; BfidsbSb roz ba roz ziyada sarfarSzi farmStS. 

Akbir, mu^a^bat me6 mujbe dSkhil kiya, mei^ be^alal^^ ko,I kam 
na kajrtS. Nibayat befikii se zindagf guzame lag! ; magar Khudabi 
janta bai, aksar andesba in donon b^a,iyo& kS dil meii StS, ki we 
kabafi bonge, aur kis tara];i bonge. Ba*d i muddat do baras ke> ek 
^afila saudagaro& ka, mulk i Zerbad se, us bandar met Sya; we 
sab ka^d'Ajam kSrakbte the ; unbo& ne yib cbSbS, ki daryS ki rah 
se apne mulk ko jaweti. WabSn ]^'ida yib tba, ki jo karwan StS, 
us ka sardSr saugbat o tuJi^fa bar ek mulk ka, mere pSs lata, aur 
nazar guzrantS ; dusre roz mai& us ke makSn par jStS, dab eki ba 
tarl^ mal^^ul ke, us ke mSl se leta, aur parwanag! kuch kl detS. 
Isi tarati wuh saudSgar Zerbad ke bbl men mulSl^St ko aye, aur 
bahS i peshkash ISye; dUsre din maift unke kbime men gaya. 
Dekba to do Sdmi pbat» purane kap^e pahne, gat^ri bul^chi sir par 
ufbakar, mere rubturu iSte baiA ; ba'd mulS^za kame ke, pbir uth£E 
lejate baifi, aur bar! mibmat se khidmat kar rahe baifi. * 

Main ne kbub nijhSkar jo dekhS, to yibi mere dono& bbaj haifi. 
Us wa^t ghairat aur Itl^amiyat ne na cbabS, ki un ko is taral^L khid« 
matgSri men dekhiln. Jab mait apne gbar ko cbalS, Sdmiyoib ko 
kaha, ki ** Un donofi sbakhgoA ko liye a,o." Jab un ko laye, pbir 
libas posbak banwadi, aur apne pSs rakbS ; un badzSton ne pbir 
mere mSme ka man^uba karkar, ek roz adbi rSt men sab ko ghafil 
pakar, chofafi ki tarali mere sirhSne S pabuncbe. Main ne apni 
jan ke (jlar se, cbaukidaron ko darwSze par rak^S tbS, aur yih kuttS 
wafadar meti cbSrpa,! ki patti tale sota tba ; jaun inl^on ne talwarefi 
miyan se kbaincbi^, pahle kutte ne bbaunkkar, un par 'fysLmk, kiya ; 


us kl awSz se sab jag pare, main bhi halbaldcar chaunka. Ad- 
miyofi ne un ko pakra ; ma lum hu,I, ki aphi haih. Sab la'natijan 
dene lage, ki ** Bawajud is khatirdari ke, jib kja Ibiarakat un se 
gahur men a,i." 

Badshab salamat ! Tab to msHi bbi<}ara; masal mashbur hai, 
** Ek khata. do kbata, tisri khaja. madar ba khata." Dil mefi yibi 
^aif. tbahri, ki ab in ko mu]^yad karun, lekin agar bandi-khane 
men rakbun, to in ko kaun kbabargiran rabega; bbukb pjas se 
marjayenge, ya ko J aur swang layenge ; is waste ]fa£as men rakba 
bai, ki bamesba meri na^saron ke tale raben, to meri kbajirjama* 
rabe ; mabada ankbon se ojbal bokar, kucbb aur makr karen. Aur 
is kutte kl 'izzat aur l^^urmat us kl namakbalall aur wafadan ka 
sabab hai SubbSnullab ! ** Adml i bewafa badtar Ijiaiwan i bawaf^ 
se hai. Meri yih sarguzusbt tbi, jo f^u^ men Wz ki ; ab khwah 
IfAtl farma,iye, ya janbakhsbi kijiye, ^ukm Badsbab ka bai. 

Main ne sunkar us jawan i ba-imSn par afrin ki, aur kaha, ki 
^ Teri muruwat men kucbb khalal nablii, aur in ki bebaya^i aur 
^aramzadagi men bargiz ]fu^}xr nabin ; sacb bai, kutte ki dum ko 
barab baras garo tau bbi te^bi rabe. Us ke ba'd maifi ne balpl^at 
un barabon lal kl (ki us kutte ke patfe men the) pucbbi ; Khwaja 
bola, ki " Badsbab ki ^ad o bist sal ki 'umr bo ! Us bandar men, 
jaban maifi hakim tha, ba*d tin char sal ke, ek roz balakbane par 
ma];Lall ke (ki buland tba) waste sair aur tamSsbe darya o i^a^Lra 
ke, main baitba tba ; nagab ek j^araf jangal mefi, ki waban sbabrab 
na tbi, do admi ki ta^wir si nazar a,i, ki chale jate baifi. Durbin 
lekar dekba, to 'ajab hai,at ke insan dikha,i diye. Obobdaro^ ko un 
ke bulane ke waste dauraya. 

Jab we aye, malum hu,a, ki ek *Aurat aur ek mard hai. Ean^i 
ko ma^all sara men, Malika ke pas bbej diya, aur mard ko rubaru 
bulaya. Dekba to ek jawan baras bis ba,is ka, darbi mucbb a^az 
hai ; lekin dbup ki garmi se us ke cbihre ka rang kSle tawe ka sa 
horabS bai, aur sir ke bai am: hatho^ ke nakhunon barhkar, ban- 
manus ki ^urat ban raha hai; aurek la^'ka baras tin cbarek ka, 
kandhe par ; aur do a^tin kurte ki bhan bu,in, haikal ki .taraJ^^ gale 
men 4st\e ; 'cyab ^urat aur 'ajab waza' us ki dekhi. Maifi ne nihayat 
tiairan bokar puchhS, ** Ai 'aziz ! Tu kaun bai, aur kis mulk ka 
basbinda hai, aur yih kya teri lialat hai ?" Wuh jawan be-ikhtiyar 
rone laga, aur wuh hamyani kbolkar, mere age zamin par rakhi, aur 
bola, " Alju' alju' ! Waste Khuda ke, kucbb kbane ko do. Muddat 
se gba§f aur bans-pattiyan khata chalS ata bun ; ek zara kuwat mujb 
men balp nahin rahi.*^ Wonhin nan o kabab, aur sharab main ne 
mangwadi ; wuh jawan kbane laga. 

Itne men Khwajasara ma^Lall se ka,i tbailiyati aur us ke labile ke 
pas se le aya. Main ne un sab ko khulwaya, bar ek ^m ke Jawahir 


dekhe, ki ek ek dana un ka ^irSj saltanat ka kabS chShije. Ek 
86 ek anmol, 4au1 mefi, aur tol men, aur abdari meh, aar un kl 
cbbut pa^ne se sara makan bu|^mun ho gaja. Jab us ne tuk^a 
khaya, aur ek jSm dSru ka piya, aur dam liya, j^awass baja hu,e, tab 
main ne puchha, " Ye paththar tujhe kahan hsth lage ? " Jawab 
diya, ki '* Mera watan wilajat i AzarbaJjSn hai ; la^akpan meil ghar 
bSr, mS bap se juda hokar, bahut sakhtiyg& khefichifi, aur ek 
muddat talak maifi zinda dargor tha, aur ka,i bar Malikulmaut ke 
panje se bacha bun.** Maifi ne kaha, " Ai mardadml ! Mufai^^al 
kah, to malum ho.** Tab wuh apna a];iwSl bay an karne laga, ki 
*' Mera bap saudagarpesba thS, hamesha safar Hindu^ltan, o Rum, 
o Ghln, Khata, o Firang ka kartS. Jab maiii das baras ka hu,a, 
bSp Hindustan ko chala; mujhe apue sath lejane ko chaha; 
harchand walida ne aur khalg. mumani, phuphi ne kaha, ki ** Abhi 
yih la^ka hai, la,i]^ safar ke nahifi hu,a»'* walid ne na mSnS, aur 
kaha, ki <* Maifi bu^ha hn,a, agar yih mere rubaru tarbiyat na hoga, 
to yih l^asrat gor mei^ leja,ungS ; mardbachcha hai, ab na sikhega to 
kab sikhega?" 

Yih kahkar, mujhe khwShmakhwah sath liyS, aur rawana hu,S, 
Khair o *afiiyat se rSh kati. Jab HindustSn men pahunche, kuchh 
jins wahafL ki saughat lekar, Zerbad ke mulk ko gaye ; yih bhi safar 
ba khubi hu,S ; wahafi se bhi kharid farokht karke, jahaz par sawar 
hu,e, ki jaldi watan men pahunchefi. Ba'd ek mahine ke, ek roz 
Sndhi aur ^aSSn aya, aur menh musladhar barasne laga ; sarS zamin 
o asmSn dhu,andhSr hogaya, aur patwar jahaz ki (ut ga,i ; Mu*allim 
Nakhuda sir pltne lage. Das din talak hawS aur mauj jidhar chShti 
thi, liye jati thi. Gayarahmfi roz ek pahaf se takkar khake, jahSz 
purze purze hogayS; na malum, ki bap, aur naukar, aur asbab 
kahSfL gayS. 

Maifi ne apne ta,i& ek takhte par dekha ; shabanSroz wuh patrS 
be-ikhtyar chalagaya ; chauthe din kinSre par jS lagS ; mujh me£i 
fal^tjanbS]^ thi; us par se utarkar, ghutniyoii chalkar, bfire kisu 
na kisu jtara(^ zamin par pahuncha. Dur se khet na^r Sye, aur 
balbut se Sdml wahSfi jama' the ; lekin maifi ne un ki zabSn mujlalf: 
na samjhi. Wuh khet chanofi ka thS wuh Sdmi Sg ka alS,o jalakar, 
buto& ke hole karte the, aur khste the, aur wohi]& baste the ; mujhe 
bhi isharat karne lage, ki *' Tu bhi khS.** Maifi ne bhi ek muthi, 
ukhSf kar, bhunne aur phSnkne laga ; thofS sS pSni pikar, ek goshe 
meh soraha. 

Ba'd der ke jab jaga, un mei^ se ek shakh? mere nazdik SyS, aur 
tsh dikhane laga. Main ne tho^e se chane aur ukher liye, aur us 
rah par chala. Ek kaf i dast maidan tha, goya ^a^jira i ]pyamat ka 
namuna kaha cbshiye ; wahi bufit khata hu,a, chalajata tha. Ba'd 
char din ke ek l^ila' nazar ayS ; jab pas gaya, to ek kof dekha, bahut 


buland, tamam patibar ka, aur barek alang us kE do do koB kl, aor 
darwaza ek sang ka tarashS hu,S, ek IfoA ba^S sS ja^a tha, lekin 
wahau insan ka nishan nagar na pa^a. Wahan se age chaia; ek 
tlla dekhs, ki us ki khsk surme ke rang k! msCnind siyah thL Jab 
us tall ke par hu,a, to ek shahr na^sar pa^a, bahut bafa, gird shahr- 
panah aur ja ba ja ek Jbaraf shahr ke darya tba ba^e pSt ka. Jfite 
jate darwaze par gaya, aur Bismillah kahkar, ]fadBim andar rakhi. 
£k shakll? ko dekha, poshak ahl i Firang kl pahne hu,e, kursf par 
baitha. hai. Jaufi un ne miighe ajnabi musSfir, dekha, aur mare 
muuh se Bismillah sum, pukara ki " Age M-" Mau^ ne jskar 
salStn kiyS, nihayat mihrbani se salam ka jawab diya; turt mez per 
pa,orotl, aur maska, aur mUrgb ka kabsb, aur sharab rakhkar, kahS, 
** Pet bharkar, kha,o." Main ne thoi*a sa khaya, aur piya, aur 
bekbabar hokar soya. Jab rat hoga,i Snkh khull, hath mu]^h dhoyi» 
phir m^he khana khilayS, aur IsaiuL > " Ai beta ! a^na a]^wal kak** 
Jo kuchh mujh par gugra tha, sab kah suni^a. Tab bola, ki ** Yaha6 
tU kyUnkar aya ?" Main ne di]^ hokar, kah5» '* Shayad tn dTwana 
hai ; main ne ba'd muddat ki milmat ke, ab basti ki ^tlrat dekhi hai. 
Khnda ne yahan talak pahundigya, aur tH kahta hai kyiln SjS ?'* 
Kahne laga, *' Ab tu aram kar, kal jo kahna hoga, kahungS." 

Jab^iub]^ hujiybola, "Kothn meiLphawfa aur ohhalni aurtob^abai, 
bahar le a." Mai& ne dil meh kaha, ki '* Khuda jane. n>ti kh^akar, 
kya xni]^iat mujh se karwS,egS;'" Laohar wuh sab nik&lkar, us ke 
rubaru ISya ; tab us ne farmfiyS, ki ** Us ^e par Ja, aur ek gaz ke 
muwafil^ g^hJS. khod ; wahan se jo kuchh nikle, is chhalni men 
chh^ ; jo na chhansake, us tobf'e men bharkar mere pas la.** Mmt 
wuh sab chizen lekar, wahan gaya, aur utnahi khod dihanchhunkar, 
tobpe men iS\&. Dekha to sab jawihir rang ba rang ke the, un ki 
jot se ankhefi chaundhiya ga,m. Isi .tarah tiiaile ko monha monb 
bharkar, us *asaz ke pas legaya; dekhkar bola, kl " Jo is met bharS 
hai, tu le, aur yiahSn se ja, la tera rahnS is shahr men khub nahio.'* 

Mai6 ne jawSb diya, ki " ^a^ib ne apnl janib mefi bail mihjs 
bina^ ki, ki itna kuohh kankar paththto diya, lekin mere kis kgm 
ka ; jab bhukhS hunga, to na in ko chaba sukunga, na pet bharega ; 
pas agar aur bhi do, mere kis kam Syenge ?" Wuh mard hansa, aur 
kahne laga, ki *' Mi;gh ko ti^h par a&os ata hai, ki tU bhi hainSri 
mfinind Mulk i 'Ajam ka mutawaj^t^^ hai, is liye main mana' kartfi 
hun ; nahin to jan, agar khwah na khwSh yihi ^^i^d hai, ki shahr 
men ja,un, to meri anguthi leta ja. Jab bazar ke chauk men jawe, 
to ek 8haJdl9 i sufeddish wahfin baitha boga, aur us ki §urat shakl 
mi^h se mushSbih hai ; mora bara bba,i hai ; us ko yih chhap dijo, 
wuh teri khabargiri karegS, aur jo kuchh wuh kahe, usi muwafik kSm 
kijo, nahin to muft marS ja,ega ; aur mora ^ukm yahifi talak hai, 
shahr mefi merS dakhl nahin." 


Madii ne wah kbStim us se ll, aar salam karkar niUi^ftt hi3,a ; 
sbahr men gaja ; bafaut kbS^^a shahr dekha, kUcha o bSzar ^Sf, aur 
zan mard betiiijab apas men khaifd £arokbt karte; sab khnsh* 
libas. Main sair karta, aur tamasba dekhta, jab chtok ke cbiarShe 
mefi puhancha, aisfi izdUtam tha, ki tbSli pbenkiye, to Sdmijon k# 
sir par ohali jS,e. ^ili^ kfi yih ^af band laha, ki idmS ko rah 
chains mushkil tha. Jab kuchh bhif chhuta^ maii& bh! dhakkam- 
dhakkS karta hu,S, age gayS. Bare, us ko dekhS, ki ek chaukE par 
bai^a hai, aur ek ja]ra,o chuma]^ rubaru dhara hai. Maiix ne jSkar 
salam kiya, aur wuh muhr di. Najjar i ghazab se meri taraf dekh3» 
aur bola, ** Kyuti tu SyS, aur iqpne ta,Iii bala men 4^lS ? Magar 
mere bewu|^uf bba,i ne tighe mana* na kiya tha ?" 
. MaiA. ne kaha, *' Unhofi ne to kahS, lekin maiiCk ne na m3n£." 
Aur tamam kaifiyat apnl, iUidfi se intihS tak, kah sunaj. Wuh 
sha|[h9 utha, aur mujhe sath lekar apne ghar ki |araf chalS. Us kS 
makan Badshahon kS sa dekhne meii aya; aur bahut se naukar 
chakar us ke the. Jab khalwat men jfikar baithS, b5 mulMmal 
bola, ki '* Ai farzand ! Yih kya tu ne |oimil)^tt ki, ki apne pSfkon se 
gor men Sya ; ko4 bhi is kambakht j^mati shahr mei^ ata hai ?'* 
Main ne kaha, ''Maifi apnS at^wal peshtar kahchuka hnA; ab to 
j^smat le a,i, lekin shafia^at farmSkar, yahafi la rSh o rasm se mut- 
tali' kljiyei to malUm k«ru£t, ki kis wSsj^ turn ne, aur tumhSre bhaj 
ne mujhe mana' kiya." Tab wuh jawanmard bols, ki " BSdshSh 
aur tamSm ra,is is shahr ke, rSnde hu,e haih ; 'ajab j^raJi). ka un kS 
lawiya aur ma^hab had; yahafi Butkhane mefi ek But hai, ki 
Shaipn us ke pet meti se, nam aur zSt aur din bar kisu kS bayfin 
kartS hai ; pas jo kol gh^nb musafir Sta hai, Bsdshah ko Ishabar 

Use man^p mefi lejata hai, aur But ko sijda karwStS hai ; agar 
jan^wat ki, to bihtar, nahin to bechare ko daiya men ^bodetS hai. 
Agar wuh chfihe, ki darya se nikalkar bh^, to alot aur khnsye u& 
ke lambe hojste hain aise, ki zamin men ghasitte haifi ; mare bhoj 
ke wuh liargiz chal naMa saktS ; aisa kuchh j^lism is shahr men 
banaya hai. Mujh ko teri jawaoi par ra|^m Sta hai, magar teri 
khaj^ ek tadbir karta hufi, lu bhala, ko,i diB to tu jSta rahe^ aur ia 
agab se bache. " Main ne puehha, wuh kya Qurat tajwiz kl hai^ 
irshad ho.'* Kahne laga, *'Tujh6 katkhuda karun, aur Wazir ki 
layki teri Ishatir bySh la,ufi.'* Main n© jawab diya, ki " Wazir apni 
beti mujh se miiflis ko kab dega? Magar jab un ka din ^buL 
karun, so yih mujh se na hosakega.^' Kahne laga *' Is shahr ki 
yih rasm hid, ki jo ko,i is But ko sijda kare, agar Fa]^ ho aur Bsd- 
shah kl beti ko mange, to us ki khushi kl khatir |;Lawale karefi aur 
use ranjida nakaren aur mera bhi Badshah ke nazdik i'tibar hai, aur 
*azlz n^ta hai, liha^a sab arkan aur akabir yahafi ke, meri ^adv 


karte haiu, aur darmijan ek hafte ke, do din Butkade mefi zijrSrat 
ko jste haiii, aur *ibSdat bajS late haifi, chunaAchi kal sab jama* 
howeoge, maifi tujhe le jS,ungS." 

Yih kahkar, khilSpilakar sulfi rakhS. Jab ^ub]^ huj, mujbe sath 
lekar Butkhane kl J^raf chala. WahXA jSkar jo dekha, to Sdmi 
ate jste haifi, aur parastish karte hain ; Badsbah aur Amir But ke 
sSmhne Pan4ofi ke pSs sir nange kije, adab se dozSnu baifihe the, 
aur nffkatkhudg la^kijafL aur la^ke khubigurat. jaise Hur o Ghilman 
chSrofi taraf ^af bSodhe kbare the. Tab wuh *azlz mujh Re mukh* 
aj^ib hu,a, ki " Ab main jo kahun, so kar.** Maifi ne t:abul kijS, ki 
'*Jo farma,o> so bajSla,uii." Bo]S, ki *' Pahle BfidshSh ke hkth 
pS,ofi ko bosa de, ba*d us ke Wazir kS daman pakar." Main ne 
waisahl kijS. BSdshSh ne puchhS, ki *' Yih kaun hai, aur kja kahta 
hai ?** Us mard ne kahS, yih jawan mere rishte mefi hai, BadshSh 
kl kadambosi ki Srzu meii dGr se aySh ai is ta wa|^u* par, ki Wazir, 
us ko apni ghulSmi meii sarbuland kare, agar ^ukm But i kalSn ka 
aur mar0 (lui^r ki ho." BSdshSh ne puchha, ki <* HamarS mazhab, 
aur din o £un ^bul karega, to mubarak hai." Wo&hifi But^JiSne kS 
na^Lar^^ana bajne laga, aur bhSil khiVat mujhe pahnS,!, aur ek rassi 
i sijSh mere gale meh ^Slkar, khenchte hu,e But ki singhasan ke age 
lejSkar, sijda karwSkar, kha^S kiyS. 

But se awSz nikll, ki '* Ai KhwSjazade ! Khub hu,S ki tu 
hamari bandagi men fiyS; Ab hamSri ra^mat aur 'inSyat kS 
ummedwSr rah." Yih sunkar, sab khiHat ne sijda kiya, aur zamm 
mefi lofaie lage, aur pukare, '* Dhan hai, kyufi na ho, tum aisehi 
thSkur ho !" Jab sham hu,I BSdshah aur Wazir sawSr hokar, Wazir 
ke ma];iall mefi da^hil hu,e, aur Wazir kl betl ko apne .faur ki rit 
rasm karke, mere ^awSlo kiya, aur bahutsa dan dihez diya, aur 
bahut minnatwSr hu,e, ki " Ba miyib i ^ukm bare But ke, ise 
tumbari k^idmat men diyS hai." Ek makan mefi ham dono& ko 
rakha ; us nazDlfi ko jo maifi ne dekha, to filwallj: i, us ka *alam pai^ 
ka sa tha, nakh sikh se durust jo jo khubiyafi padman! kl suni jsti 
haifi, so sab us met. maujud thifi. Bafara^at i tamam maiii ne 
^uljibat kl, aur It^azz uthayS. Sub(i ko ghusl karke, Badshfih ke 
mujre meh Jjiazir hu,a. Badshah ne khil*at damSdl k! 'inayat ki, aur 
Ipikm farmSya, ki '* Hamesha darbSr met la&zii rahS kare." k]^^ 
ko, ba*d chand roz ke Badshah kl mu^alt^ibat men dSkhil hn,S. 

BSdshah men ^ult^bat se nihayat ma^izuz bote, aur aksar khirat 
aur *inam 'inSyat karte, agarchi duuyS ke mil se msit gbflxii tha, is 
was.te ki mere labile ke pas Itna na^d o jins aur jawahir tha, ki jis 
kl Ijiadd nihayat na thi. Do sal tak bahut 'aish o aram se guzil. 
Ittifat^an Wazlrzadi ko pet raha ; jab satwansS hu,S, aur anginama- 
hma guzarkar, pure din hu,e, plre& laglfi ; da,i i jana,I a,I, to mu,S 
lafkS pet men se nikla, tis ka bis jacha ko chafhS, \nih bhi margati 


Main mare gbam ke, dlwana bogayS, ki jih kja a£ELt tuti ; us ke 
sirhane baitha rota tba; ekbargi rone kl awaz sare mdt^all mei^ 
buland bu,i, aur cbarofi taraf se 'auratefi ane lagin ; jo ati tbi ek 
dubattar mere sir par marti, mere muiib ke mu]^abil kbap rabti, aur 
rona sburu' karti. Itnl ran^ijafi ikajbl bu^in, ki main un men cbbip 
gay a nazdik tba ki jan nikal jawe. 

Itne mefi kisu ne picbbe se gireban mera kbT&cbkar gbasItS 
Dekbun to, wabi mard i 'AjamI hai, jis ne mujbe byabS tba ; kabne . 
laga, ki ** A^^mal^ ! Tu kis liye rota bai T Maifi ne kabS, '* Ai 
Z&m! Tu ne yib kya bat kabi; meri Badsbabat luf ga,i ; aram 
khanadari ka gaya gu^ra; tu kabtS bai, kyun gbam kartS bai!*' 
Tabassum karke bola, ki " Ab apni maut ki kbajir ro ; main ne 
pablebl tujbe kaba tba, ki sbayad is sbabr mei^ teri ajal le a,i bai, 
sobi bu,a; ab 8iwa,e mame ke, teri ribaj nablfi," Akbir, log mujbe 
paka^kar, Butkbane mefi legaye. DekbS to Badsbab aur umra aur 
ebbattis firl^ ralyat paija, wabafi par jama' bain, aur Wazirzadi kS 
mal amwal, sab dbara bai. Jo cbiz jis ka jl cbabta bai, lets bai, aur 
us kl Ipmat ke rupai dbar detS bai. 

Gbara?. sab asbSb ke na|^d rupai bu,e ; un rupiyofi kS jawabir 
kbarida gaya; aur ek 9andu]}:cbe mei^ nan, ]^ilwa, aur gosbt ke 
kabab, aur mewa i kbusbk o tar, aur kbSne ki cblzefi lekar bbarin, 
aur lasb us bibi ki ek ^andu];: men rakb ; i^ndu]^ azuke ka ek unt 
par ladwaya, aur mujbe sawar kiyS, aur ^anduljicba jawabir ka meri 
bagbal men diyS, aur sare BSbman age age bbajan karte, aur sankb 
bajate cbale, aur picbbe ek jcb illjiat mubarakbad kabti bu,i satb boli. 
Is j^ur se usi darwaze se, ki maii^ pable roz aya, tba, sbabr ke 
babar nikla. Jofiblfi daro^ia ki nigab mujb par pafl, rone lagS, aur 
bola, " Ai kambakbt ajalgirifta ! Meri bSt na suni, aur us sbabr 
mefi jakar, muft apni jan di ; meri tal^^ir nabiii, maifi ne mana* 
kiya dia." Yib bat kabi, lekin main to bakkSbakkS borabS tba, na 
zaban yari deti tbi, ki jawab dufi, na ausan baja tbe, ki dekbiye 
anjam mera kya boti bai. 

Akbir, usi j^il'e ke pas, jis ka main ne pable roz darwSza band 
dekba tba, legaye, aur babutse admiyon ne milkar, l^ufl ko kbola, 
aur tabut ^andul;: ko andar le cbale. Ek Pandit mere nazdik aya, 
aur samjbane laga, ki ** Manus ek did janam pata bai, aur ek roz 
nas bota bai, dunya ka yibi augun bai. Ab yib teri istri, aur put, 
aur dban, aur cbalis din ka asbab bbojan ka maujud bai ; is ko le, 
aur yabafi rab, jab tak ba^a But tujb par mibrban bowe." Maiil ne 
gbug?e men cbkba, ki us But par, aur waba& ke rabnewSlofi par, 
aur is rit rasm par, la'nat karun, aur us Babman ko dbaulcbbakap 
karun ; wabi mard i 'Ajami apni zaban men mani' bu,S, ki <* Kba- 
bardar, bargiz dam mat mar ; agar kucbb bbi bola, to usi wal^t tujbe 
jala denge. Kbair. jo teri ^smat meh tba, so bu,S ; ab Khuda ke 


102 BaOH BAHaR. 

karam se ummedwar rah; shSjad AllSh tajhe jahSh. se jitS 

Akhir, sab mnjhe tan i tanhS chhorkar, us l^^Sr se bahar nikle, 
aar darwaza phir mu|caffal kardijS. Us vraUft maifi, apni tanha,! our 
bebasi par beikhtiygr roya, anr as 'aurat kl loth par, lateA mime 
laga, ki '* Ai murdar ! Agar tujbe jantebi marjanS tha, to bySh 
kdieko kiyS thS, aur pet se kyuii hu,I thi ?" Marmorkar, phir 
chupka baithS ; is meA din chafha, aur <Uiup garm hu,i, sir ka bhejS 
pakne lagS, aur ta'a£fun ke mSre rSh nikalne lagl. Jidhar dekhtS 
hu6, murdoA kl ha44iyan aur ^andu]^ jaw&hir ke ^er lage haih. 
Tab ka,i ^andOJ^ purane lekar, niche Spar rakhe, ki din ko dhup se 
aur rat ko os se bacha,o, ho ; ap pSnl ii talfish kame laga» ek taraf 
jhama sS dekhs, ki ]|;:ire ke dlwar meii patthar ka tarasha hu,a 
ghare ke munh ke muwSfi|}: hai. Bfire, ka,I din us pan! aur khane 
se zinda^ hu,i. 

Akhir, Szub^ tamfim hn,5 ; maifi ghabrSyS, aur Khnda ki janab 
men farySd ki. Wuh ais5 Eaifm hai, ki darwSza kot ka khula; 
aur ek murde ko laye ; us ke sath ek pir mard 3yS. Jab use bhi 
chofkar gaye, yih dU mefi ayfi, ki is bn^he ko markar, us ke khane 
kS ^andul^ sab kS sab lele. Ek ^andulf: kS paya hath met. lekar, us 
ke pSs gayS; wuh bechara sir zSnupar dhare, t^dran baifha tha; 
main ne pichhe se Skar, us ke sir meh ais9 mSra, ki sir phaf gayS, 
aur maghz nikal parS» aur filfaur fin ba Ha^ tasilm hu,a. Us ka 
Szu^ lekar, maifi khSne lagS. Muddat tak yihi mera kam tha, ki 
jo zinda murde ke sath ats use maifi marcjalts, aur khane kS asbab 
lekar ba fia.ra^b^t khStS. 

Ba*d kitnl muddat ke, ek martaba ek larld tsbtit ke hamrah S J, 
nihayat ^bul-§iurat ; mere dil ne na chshfi, ki use bhi marun. Un 
ne mujhe dekhfi aur mfire liar ke behosh ho ga,L Main us k£ \M 
azul^ ufhSkar, apne pas le,Sya, lekin akel9 na khata ; jab bhukh 
lagt! khanS us ke nazdik lejatS, aur sSth milkar khi^a. Jab us 
'aurat ne dekha, ki mujhe yih sbakh? nahifi satatS, din ba din us ki 
wahshat kam hn,I, aur ram hoti chali ; mere makSn man ane jShe 
lagl. Ek roz us kS a^wal pQchhS, ki *'TiI kaun hai?*' Us ne 
jaw£b diya, ki Main BsdshSh ke Wakil i muj^lal}: ki be^i hun ; apne 
chacha ke befie se mansiib hu,i thi ; shab 'urusi ke din use Vulii\) 
h\I,fi, aisa dard se tarapne lagS, ki ek Sn ki Sn meii margaya ; mujhe 
us ke tsbut ke sath lakar, yahfin chhof gaye hain.'' Tab us ne 
merS a^wal puchhS ; maiii ne bhi tamSm o kamal bayan kiya, aur 
kahS, ** Khuda ne tujhe merl khaijir yahati bheja hai.'* Wuh 
muskurakar, chupki horahi. 

Usl .tara]^ ka,i din me& apas men muhabbat ziySda hoga,L Main 
ne use arkan Musa!m3ni ke sikhSkar, kalima pafhaya, aur mut'a 
karkar, §fu]^bat M ; wuh bhi ifjifimila hii,i ; ek beta paidS hu,a. ^axih 


^ baras ke, is! 9urat se guzii. Jab lai»ke k5 dnd ba^hSya, ek roz 
b!bi 86 kaha, ki " Yahafi kabtak rahenge, aur kis jtara)^ se yahan se 
niklenge ?*' Wuh boll, '* Khwia niksle to nikleii, nabi& to ek roz 
ytl&hi]!i maijS,enge." Mujhe ujs ke kahne par, aur apne zahne par 
kamSl nifJi^t a,I; rote rote so gajS. Ek shakh? ko kbwab men 
dekha, Isi kahta hai. "Pamfile ki rSb se nikalnS hai, to nikal." 
Mai& mare k^ushi ke chaunk pafS, aur joru ko kahfi, ki Lobe ki 
mekben aur si^eii, jo porSne ^andut^ofi xD/eik hsdk, jama' karkarke 
le,a,o, to is ko kusbsda karufi." Gbara?, maiii us raori ke vmiih 
par mekb rakbkar, pattbaron se aisa tbonktS, ki thak jata ; ek baras 
ki mi^uat mefL» wub sOrSkb itna ba^S, h%S^ ki idmi nika]: sake. 

Ba'd us kOy murdofi kl astinofi meii acbcbbe achcbbe jawabir 
cbunkar bbare, aur sSth lekar, us! rSb se ham tlnoii babar mkle. 
Kbudg k5 shukr kiyS, aur befe ko kandbe par bi^ liya. Ek 
mahiua faS,S hai, ki sar i rfih ohhorkar, mare dar ke jangal pahSfon 
Id rSh se cbalS Sta hli&. Jab gursinagi hofi hai, gbas pat kbata 
bib^; ^Hwat bSt kahne kl mujh mefi nahlfi. Yih mexi |^a]p]fat 
hai, jo tum ne suni/' Badsbah salamat! Maiii ne us ki ^lat par 
tars khSyS, aur ]^ammSm karwakar, aehcbbS libia pahnwSya, aur 
apui nS,ib banayS ; aur mere gbar meii Malika se ka,i kqfke paida 
h\l,e, lekin khurdsgH men mar mar gaye ; ek be|g pSnch baras ka 
hokar m€,a; us ke gham met. MaSika ne bhi wa&t p5,i; mcybe 
kamSl gham bt[,a ; aur wuh mulk baghair us ke kSfue lAg5> dil udSa 
hogaya; irada *Ajam ka kiyS Badsbah se 'arz karkar, khidmat 
Shah i bandar ki us jaw9n ko dilwSdi ; is 'ar^e meft Badsbah bbl 
mar gayS. Maift is waflblSr kutte ko, aur sab mfil, khazSna, jawShxr 
ftSth lekar, NaishapHr mei!k a rahS, is wfisje ki mere bhsiyofi k6 
a^wSl se ko,I wd^pf na howe. Main KhwSja i sagparast mashhSr 
bll,3, aur is badnSmi meii dugna maf^^ni aj tak BSdshah i IrSn ki 
sarkSr meji bhartS hufi. 

Ittifa^an yih Saudagarbacheha wah&& gayS, us ke wasi^e se *' Jahfn- 
panSh ]ii ^ambosl kiyS." Mai& ne puchS, '* Ey3 yih tumhara 
faizand nahiii ?\ £hw8ja ne javdO) diyS, " jj^ibla i *Slam ! Yih 
mora beta nabifi, SphI kl ralyat hai ; lekin ab mera mfllik aur wari^ 
jo kuchh kahiye, so yibi hai." Yih sunkar, Saudagarbachche se main 
ne puchha, ki " Tu kis tajir kS la^ka hai, aur tore ma bap kahafi 
rahte baiji?" Us lafke ne zamin chumi, aur jan ki aman man^, 
aur bola, ki yih laundi sarkar ke Wazir ki betl hai ; mera bap }^u^ut 
ke 'itab me£i, ba sabab isi Khw^ ke lalon ke pa^S, aur ^ukm yuii 
hu,S, ki " Agar ek sal tak us ki bat kursinishin na hogi, to jan se 
mSra ja,ega." Maifi ne sunkar, yih bhes banaya, aur apne ta,i& 
Naishapur pahunchayS. Khuda ne Khwaja ko, ba ma* kutte aur 
aloi^ ke, l^u^vir meh lia^r kardiya; Sp ne tamam slfmSl sunliya; 
ummdwar bun, ki mere bu^he bap ki makhla?! ho." 



Yih bayan WazirzadI se sunkar, Khwaja ne ek ah ki, beaUitiySr 
gir pa^a. Julab us par chhi^kS gaya, tab bosh aya, aur bolSki 
** Hai kambakbti ! Itui dur se yih rai^j o mi^nat khai&chkar, main 
is tawaU^u' par ayS tha, ki is Saudagarbache ko mutabanna karkar, 
apna farzand kardungS, aur apne mal mats' kS is ko hibanama 
likhdunga, to mera nam rahega, aur sara alam ise Khwajazada 
kahega, so mera khiyal khSm hu^S) aur bila*ks kam hu,a. In ne 
*aurat hokar, mujh mard i pur ko kharab kiya ; main ran$ ke charitr 
men pa^i ; ab meri wuh kahawat hu J. 

** Ghar mefi rahe na tirath gaye ; mun4 mun^a fa^lt^t bhaye." 

Al]pssa, mujbe us k[ be^rari, aur nala o zari par niyoa aya; 
Khwaja ko nazdik bulaya, aur kSn mefi muzhda us ke wa^l kS 
sunaya, ki *' (Ibamgio mat ho, isi se teri shadi kardenge ; Khuda 
chshe to aulad teri hogi, aur yihl teri mSlik hogi." I» khush- 
kbabari ke sunne se, filjumla us ko tasalll hu^i ; tab main ne kaha, 
ki ** Wazirzadi ko maJbiall men lejS,o; aur Wazir ko panditkhane se 
le a,o, aur ^mmam meii nahla,o, aur khil'at sarfEurazi ki pahna,o, 
aur jaldi mere pas la,o." Jis wallet Wa^r aya, lab i fSarsh tak us kS 
istil^bal farmaya, aur apnS buzurg jankar, gale lagaya, aur naye sir 
se Valamdan T^izSrat ka 'inSyat &rmaya, aur Khwaja ko bhi jagir o 
mansab diya, aur sa,at i satd dekhkar, wazirzadi se niksh pa^hwakar 
mansub kiya. 

Kal sal mefi do befe aur ek befl us ke ghar met paida hu,a ; 
chunanchi ba{S malikuttujar hai, aur chhota hamarl sarkar ka 
mukhtar hai. Ai Darwesho! Maifi ne is liye yih naj^l tumhare 
samhne ki, ki rat do Falcon ki sarguzasht main ne suni thi, ab turn 
donon bhi, jo ba^ rahe ho, yih samjho, ki ham usi makan meix 
baitlie haifi, aur mujhe apnS khadim aur is ghar ko apna takiya 
jano ; bewaswSs apnl apni sair kS a^wal kaho, aur chande mere pas 
raho." Jab Fa]jLDx)£L ne Badshah ki .taraf se ; bahut khatirdari 
dekhl kahne lage, *' Khair jab tum ne Gada,on se. ulfisit kl, to ham 
donon bhI apna majara bayan karte haifi ; suniye.'* 



Tisra Danvesh kof bandh bai^ha, aur apni sair kS bayfia is j^ara^ 
86 kame la^S. 

" A^iwSl is Fa]^r kfi, Ai dostfin suno, 
Ya'ne jo mujh par bitl hai, wuh dastan snno. 
Jo kuchh ki Shah i 'ish]^ ne mujh se kiya soluk, 
Taf^ilwar karta hufi, us kS bayan suno." 

" Ei yih kamtaixn BadshShzada *Ajam kS hai ; mere wallni'mat 
wahafi Badshah the, aur siwS,e mere, ko,I farzand na rakhte the. 
Main jawani ke 'Slam men mu^a^bofi ke sSth chaupaf, ganjifa, 
shatranj, takhtanard khels karta, ya sawar hokar, sair o shikar mefi 
mashghul rahta." Ek din k£ yih miyara hai, ki sawan taiySr 
karwakar, aur sab ySr gshna,ofL ko lekar maidan ki .taraf niklS ; bSz, 
bahri, jurra, basha, surkhSb aur titarofi par ui^Sta hu,a, dur nikal 
gaya. 'Ajab taraJt^ ka ek If&i^* bahar ka na^^ SyS, ki jidhar nigSh 
jati thi, kosofi talak sabz aur phulo& se la*l zamin na^ar Sti thi. 
Yih sama dekhkar, gho^n ki bSgefi ^SJi diyan, aur j^adam |^am 
sair karte hu,e, chalejate the. Nagah us ^a^a men dekhfi, ki ek 
kala hiran, us par zarbaft ki jhtil aur bha^warkali mura^^e ki, aur 
ghunghru sone ke zardozi patit^ mefi take hu,e gale meh pape ; 
khadrjama' se, us maidan mefi, ki jahSfi insan kS dakhl nahifi, aur 
parinda par nahifi mSrta, charts phirtS hai; hamare gho^o^ ke 
sum ki ahat pSkar chaukanna hu,S, aur sir uthakar dekha, aur 
ahista chala. 

Mujhe us ke dekhne se, yih shaxi)^ hu,S, ki rafit:o& se kahS, ki 
" Tum yahin khafe raho, main use jitS paka^ungS ; khabardSr. turn 
l^iadam Sge na barhS,iyo, aur mere pichhe na S,iyo." Aur gho^a 
meii ranon tale aisa parand tha, ki bSrha hiranofi ke upar dau^akar, 
un ki kurchhalofi ko bhulakar hatlt^on se paka^ paka)^ liye the ; us 
ke 'a^b dau^ayS. Wuh dekhkar, chhalangefi bhame lags, aur 
hawa hu«S, aur gho|^ bhi ba,o se bstefi kartS thS; lekin us Isl gard 
ko na pahunchS. Wuh rahwar bhi pasine pasine hogaya, aur merl 
bhi jibh mare pyas ke, chatakhne lagi, par kuchh has na chalS ; sham 
hone lagi, aur main kyS jSnufi kahSfi se kahan nikal ayS. LSchSr 
hokar, use bhulawS diyS, aur tukkash mefi se tir nikslkar, aur 
l^iirban se kaman sambhslkar, chille mefi jo^kar, kashish kSn talak 


bagh O bahar. 

IS^, ran ko us ki tltk, Allahu Akbar kahkar, mara. BSre, paUalii 
tir us ke pfi,on men tarazu hu,a, tab lang^ata hu,a paha^ ke daman 
kl simt chalS. Fa|pr bhi ghofe par se utarpafS, aur papijada us ke 
pichhe laga ; us ne kofa kS irSda kiyS, am mait ne bhi us ka sath 
dija. Ka,i utar cha]*ha,o ke ba'd, ek gumba^ nazar ayS ; jab pSs 
pahuncha, ek baghcha aur ek chashma dekha. Wuh hiran to 
naj^aron se chhalawa hogayS ; maih nihajat thaka thS, hath pano& 
dhone lags. 

Ekbargi awaz rone kl, us buij ke andar se mere kSa ma& a4, 
jaise ko,i kahta hai. " Ai bachche ! Jis ne tir mara, meri ah kS 
tir us ke kalije meia lagijo ; wuh apnl jawSnl ne phal ne pawe, aur 
Khuda us ko mera ea dukhiyft banSwe ! " Maifi yih sunkar wahaji 
gaya; dekhS to ek buzurg ifsh sufed* achohhi poshSk pahne ek 
masnad par baifha hai» aur hiran Sg^ lets hai ; us kl jangh se tir 
khenchta hai, aur bad du*a deta hai. Maifi ne salam kiya, aur hath ^ 
jorkar kahS, ki *' Ha^rat salSmat I Yih ta)^ nSdSnista is ghulSm 
se hu,i; maiii yih na jSntS thS; KhQdS ke wa^ mu*Sf karo/' 
BolS, ki " Bezaban ko U! ne satayS hai ; agar anjSn yih l^ara^t 
ta}h se hG,I, Allah mu'Sf karega.'* Mai& pSs ja baifhS^ aur tir 
rnkSloe meii sharik hu,9. Bapl dit^At se tir ko nikSlS, aur zakhnl 
met marham bharkar chhor diya; phir hsth dhodhskar, us pur 
mard ne kuchh t^S^iii jo us wa^t manjud thl, mujhe khil5,I. MaiA 
ne khS pikar, ek charpS,! par Iambi tSnI. 

MSndag[ ke sabab khub pet bharkar soya; us nind med. Sw3z 
nau^^a o zSri ki, kSn men fi,I ; Snkheft malkiu: jo dekhtS hun, to us 
makSn meh na wuh bQrhS hai, na ko.i aur hai ; akelS maiii palang 
par lets huA, aur wuh dSiSn khali pa^a haL Charon taraf bhaySnak 
hokar, dekhne laga; ek kone mei^ parda para na;^ Syfi; waha& 
jSkar use uthaya, dekhfi to ek takht bichhs hai, aur us par ek 
parizSd 'aurat haras chaudahek ki, mShtab kl ^urat, aur zulfei^ 
donc^ taraf chhnt[& hll,ii!i, hanstS chihra, Firangi libaa pahne hu»e, 
*iiyab ada se dekhti hai, aur baithi hai ; aur wuh buzurg apnft sir 
us ke pS,oi& par dhare, beikhtiySr rorahs hai, aur hosh ^wSss 
khorahS hai. 

Maifi us pir mard ka yih St^wSl, aur us nfiznin kS ]jiusn o jamSl 
dekhkar, murchS gayS, aur morde kl Jarah bejan hokar, girpafS. 
Wuh mard i buzurg yih mera ^ dekhkar, shisha gulSb ka le ayS, 
aur mujh par chhirakhe lagS. Jab maifi jita uthkar, us ma'shO]^ ke 
mu^^abil jSkar salSm kiyS; us ne hargiz na hSth uthSyS, aur na 
honth hilSyS. Maib ne kahS, '' Ai gulbadan 1 ItnS ghurur kami, 
aur jawSb salSm kfi na denS, kis mazhab xaeii durust hai?'* 

*' Earn bolnS adS hai harchand, par na itnS, 

Mund jS,e chashm i 'ashi^f:, tau bhi wuh mufJi na khole«'* ' 



" WSsJe us KhodS ke, jis ne tujhe banajS hai, kuchh to mafih se 
bol ; ham bhi ittifa|^an jnhRii 3 nikle hain ; mlhrnSn lu khgjtir ^r& 
hai." Main ne bahuteri bSten bana,in, lekin kucbh kfim na SJA ; 
wuh chupki bat kl .tara^i baithi sunS kl. Tab nudn ne bhi fige 
bafbkar, hath pafion par chalSjS ; jab pfinon ko chhefS, to aakht 
malum hu,S. Akhir. yih daiyaft kija, ki patthar se is lal ko 
tarashS hai, aur Azar ne is But ko banSya hai. Tab us pir mard i 
butparast se puchha, ki *' Maifi ne tere hiran ki \Sng men khap^S 
mSrS, tG ne is Ish^ ke nSwak se, merS kal^ga chhedkar, wSrpar kijS ; 
ten du'a l^bul hu,I ; ab is kl kaifijat mufa^^al bajfin kiur, ki jih 
.tilism kyun banSyS hai, aur tn basti ko chho^kar, jangal pahSf kjuii 
sets hai? Tujh par jo kuchh bita hai, mujh se kah." 

Jab us ^S bahnt plchha kijS, tab us ne jawab dijS, ki ** Is bfft ne 
mujhe to kharab kija, kyS tn bhi sunkar halak hu,a chfihtS hai ?'* 
Maiii ne kahfi, '* Lo, ab bahut makar chakar kijS ; matlab kl bSt 
kaho, nahi& to mar ^S^unga," Mujhe nihayat darpai dekhkar bolS, 
*'Ai jawSn? Ha]^ Ta*alS harek ins3n ko *ish]^ Id Stoch se mal^fti^ 
rakhe ; dekh to is 'isWf. ne kyS kya afaten barpfi kl hain ; 'ishl^hi ke 
mSre *aurat kh^wind ke sSth sati hoti hai, aur apnl jSn khoti hai ; 
aur FarhSd o Majnun k3 Ifi^^ sab ko malum hai. Tu us ke sunne 
Be kyS phal p3wega? n3|^a]^i^ gharbSr, daulat, dunyS chho^kar, nikal 
iSwega?" Maifi ne jawfib diyS, " Bas, ab apni dosti tabkar rakho ; 
IS wa^t mujhe apnS dushman samjho; agar jSn 'aziz hai, to sSf 
kaho." L3chSr hokar Snsti bharlayS, aiir kahne lags, ki **Mujh 
j^h Sna-kharab kl yih |^a^]pit hai, ki bande kS nSm Ni'mSn SaiyS^ 
hai ; main barS saudSgar thS ; is sinn men djarat ke sabab halt i^im 
k[ sair kl, aur sab BsdshShoii kl khidmat men rasS,! h1i,I.** 

Ek bSr yih khiySl ji men SyS, ki chSrofi dSng i mulk to phirS, 
lekin jazira i Farang kl taraf na gayS, aur wShSii ke BsdshSh ko aur 
laliyat o sipSh ko na dekhS, aur rasm o rah wahSn ki kuchh na 
darySft hHJ ; ek dafa' wahSft bhi chala chshiye. Bafil^ofi aur shaftli^oA 
se 9al3(i lekar, irSda musammam kiyS, aur tu^^a hadSyS jahafi tahaft 
kS, jo wahSn ke IS'i]^ thS, liyS, aur ek ]^Sfila saudsgaroii kS ikat^hS 
karkar, jahaz par sawar hokar rawSna hn,S. HawS jo muwSfi^ pSyl, 
ka,i mahlnofi met mulk meft j3 dSj^il hil,3 ; shahr meh iJerS kiyS. 
'Ajab shahr dekhS, ki ko,i shahr us shahr ki khnbi ko nahlii 
pahunchta ; harek bazar o kuche men pukhta sa^efi ban! hn,ift, 
aur chhirkS,o kiyS bn,S, 9afl[,i aisi, ki ek tinkS kabifk pa^S naj^ na 
SyS, kufe kS to kyS gikr hai : aur ImSratefi rang ba rang ki; aur 
rSt ko rastofi mefi dorasta ]^am ba |^dam roshni ; aur shahr ke 
bahar bSgh^t, ki jin mefi *igS,ib gul bunte aur mewe naj^ Sye» 
ki shSyad siwS,e Bihisht ke, kahift aur na honge; jo wahSn kl ta*rif 
karun, so bajS hai. 

Gharaz. saudSgarofi ke Sue kS, charchS hu,S ; ek KhwSjasarS i 



mu'tabar sawar hokar, ka,I kbidmatgSr sath lekar lfS£\e me& ajS, 
aur baipariyon se puchha, ki *' TumharS sardar kaunsa hai?" Sab- 
bon ne men .taraf ishSrat kl ; wuh Mal^dli mere makan mefi Sja ; 
main ta zim bajSlajS, baham salSmun'alaika hu,i ; us ko sozni par 
bi^Sja, takije ki tawfi^* ki. Ba'd us ke main ne puchha, ki 
'* $a^ib ke tashrif ISne ka kjS bal^ hai, farma,ije ?" Jawab diya, 
ki '* Shabzadi ne sunS hai, ki saudagar Sje hain, aur bahut jins laye 
haifi, lihSza mujb ho ^ukm kiya, ki "Jakar, un ko ^u^ meJi 
le S,o." Pas tum, jo kuchh asbab \S^i\f. BadshShon ki sarka^ ke ho, 
sath lekar chalo, aur sa'adat astanabosi ki |^il karo." 

Mai& ne jawSb diya, ki *' Aj to mSndag^ ke ba*ig l^ir huA, kal 
jSn mfil se l^a^r hun ; jo kuchh is 'ajiz ke pas maiyud hai, nazar 
guzrSnungS ; jo pasand awe, mal sarkar ka hai." Yih wa^da karkar, 
aur *atar pan dekar, Khwajasara ko rukbsat kiyS ; aur sab sauda- 
garoA ko apne pas bulakar, jo tu]|^ jis ke pas thS, le lekar jama' 
kiyS, aur jo mere ghar mefi tha Ymh bhi Uya, aur 9ub]^ ke Yf&^t 
darwaze par badshahi ma^l ke ))&s^ hu,a. BSre, darwan ne meri 
khabar 'arz ki, (lukm hu,a, ki "Hu^ men la,o." Wahi Khwajasarg 
nikla, aur mera hSth hath men lekar, dosti ki rSh se batefi karta 
hu,a lechalfi. Pahle khawaggpure se hokar, ek makSn i 'alishafi me& 
legaya. Ai *aziz ! Tu bSwar na karegS, yih 'Slam na^ijar aya, goya 
par ka^kar, pariyofi ko chho^f diya hai ; jis .t&raf dekhta tha, nigah 
gafjsti thi; panofi zamin se.ukhare jate Ibe. Ba zor apne ta,in 
sambhaltS hu,S, rubaru pahuncha. Jonhin Badshahzadi par nazar 
pap, ghash ki naubat hu,i, aur hath pSnoiL men ra'sha ho gaya. 

Ba bar §iurat salam kiya ; donon j^araf dast i rast aur dast i chap 
9af ba [^ nSzninan i parichihra dastbasta kharin thin. Main jo 
kuchh ^sm jawfihir, aur parcha i poshaki, aur tul;^a apne sath 
leffayS tha, ka,i kishtiySn t^ui^r meii chunifi gain. Azbaski sab jina 
la,i]}: pasand ke thI, khush hokar, Khansaman ke l;^iwale hu,e, aur 
farmaya, ki " Kimat is ki ba mujib faxd ke, kal dija,egi." Maift 
taslimat bajSlSyS, aur dil meh khush hu,a;, ki is bahane se, bhala, kal 
bhi ana hoga. Jab rukh^ftt hokar, bShar ayS, to 8auda,i ki .tara^ 
kahtS kuchh thS, aur munh se kuchh nikalta tha. U» .tara^i sara 
mefi Sya, lekin ^uiwass biya na the. Sab ashna dost puchhne lage, 
ki " Tumhari kya ^Slat hai ?"* Maifi ne kaha, *' Itni amad o raft so 
garmi dimSgh mefi, cha^h ga,i hai." 

Ghara? wuh rat talaphte kati. Fajr ko phir jakar, (lai^ir hu,a, aur 
usi Khwajasara ke sath phir ma]|;iall men pahuncha ; wahi 'alam jo kal 
dekha tha dekha ; BadshShzSdi ne mujhe dekha, aur harek ko apne 
apne kam par rukhgat kiyS. Jab parchhS hu,a, khalwat men ujh ga,in, 
aur mujhe .t&lab kiya* Jab main wahan gaya, baijhne kS jiukm 
kiyS ; main SdSb bajalakar baifha ; farmaya, ki " Yahafi jo tu aya, 
aur yih asbab ISyS, is mefi munafa' kitna man^ur hai?" Maifi ne 


'an; ki, ki " Ap ke ^dam dekhne ki ba^ khwahish thi, so KhudS ne 
muyassar ki ; ab maifi ne sab kuchh bhar pSyS, aor donofi jahfin ki 
sa^Sdat IfS^il hti J, aur ]pmat jo kuchh fihrist meh hai, m9f ki k^and 
hai, our ni^f nafa' hai." Farmaya, ** Nahi&, jo }fiaia,t tu ne likkhi 
hai, "wahl 'inayat hogi, balk! aur bhi in'Sm diySjS,egS, ba sharjeki ok 
kam tujh se ho sake, to ^ukm karun.** 

Main ne kahS, ki " QliulSm ka jan o mSl agar sarkar ke kSm 
Swe, to maifi apne taliyon ki khubi samjhufi, aur afikhoA se karufi." 
Yih sunkar, l^alamdgn ySd farmaya : ek shu]^ likhS, aur motiyoii 
ke dulmiyan meii rakhkar, ek rumal shabnam kS upar lape^kar, 
mere ];^wale kiyS, aur ek anguthi nishSn ke wSs.te ungli se utardi, 
aur kaha, ki us Jaraf ko ek ba^a bagb hai, DilkushS us kS nam hai ; 
waha& tu jSkar, ek shakh? Kaikhusraw nSm Dfirogha hai, us ke hSth 
men yih angushtari dijo, aur ham&i Jaraf se du'S kahiyo, aur is 
Tuif!eL kS jawSb mSngiyo; lekin jald S,iyo; agar khSna wahafi 
kha,iyo pani yahafi pijo ; is kfim ka in'fim tujhe aisfi dunj^, ki tu 

Main rukh^at hn,3, aur pHchhtS pHchhtS ehalS ; ^anb do kos ke 
jab gaya, wuh bSgh nai^ pa^ ; jab pSs pahunchS, ek 'aziz musalla^L 
mujh ko pakafke, darwaze mefi bfi^ ke legayS. Dekhufi to ek 
jawan sher ki si 9urat, sone ki kursi par, zirah i DS,udI pahne, 
chara,ina bSiidhe, fCQSdi khod sir par dhare, nihSyat shSn shaukat 
se, baithS hai, aur pan sai jawiSn taiyar 4hSl talwfir hSth mei^ liye, 
aur tarkash kamSn bSndhe kha^e haifi. Maih ne salfim kiyS, mujhe 
nazdik bulayS ; maifi ne wuh khatim di, aur khushgmad In bateii 
karkar, wuh rUmal dikhSya, aur shu^e ke bhi ISne kS af^wSl kaha. 
Us ne suntehi ungU dSntoA se kafi, aur sir dhunkar bolS, ki 
" ShSyad teri ajal tujh ko le S,i hai. Khair bfi^ ke andar ja ; sarw 
ke darakht met. ek Shani pinjra lafakta hai, us mefi ek jawSn ]faid 
faai, us ko yih khajtj dekar, jawSb lekar jaldi phir S." 

Maifi shitab bfi^ met ghusS ; bS^ kyfi thS, goyfi jaise bihisht 
mefi gayS; har ek chaman rang ba rang kS phni raha thS; aur 
fauware chhnt rahe the ; jSnwar chahchahe mSr rahe the. MaiA 
itidha chalS gayS, aur us diarakht me& ]fBiaa dekhS ; us mefi ek jawSn 
i l^in nazar fiyS ; maiii ne adab se sir nihufSyS, aur salam kiyS ; 
aur wuh k£a|ita sar ba muhr pinjre Id tiliyofi ki rkh se diyS. Wuh 
*azi^ ru]^*a kholkar paj-hne laga, aur mijyh se mushtfit^wfir atjiwfil 
Malika ka puchhne lagfi. 

Ab hi bsten tamam na hu,in thin, ki ek &UJ Zangiyofi ki, namud 
hu,i, aur charofi j^araf se mujh par a ^% aur betatisshi barchhi o 
talwar mame lage. Ek admi nihatthe ki bisSJ kya ? Ek dam meA 
churzakhmi kar diya, Mujhe kuchh apni sudh budh na rahi; phir 
jo hosh aya, apne ta,in chSrpa,i par paya, ki do piySde ufliaye liye 
jate hain, aur Spas mefi ba(iyate haiii. Ek ne kahS, ** Is murde ki 

110 BaGH BAHAR. 

loth ko maidSn meik phenk do, kutte kauwe khlyS^enge.'^ DOsrS 
ho^ agar Badshah ti^]p]^ kare, aur jih Jdtabar pahonche. to jItS 
gapeSde, aur b£l bachchoA ko koihlL meh pifwade. Kj5 hameii apal 
j&n bhan paii hai, jo aisi nama'ljLal l^arakat karen ?' 

Mai& 06 jih guftgu sunkar, donofi Yi^uj Majuj so kaha, ki 
" W&sj^e KhudS ke, mujh par raJfxa karo I AbbI mujh men ek xamaHf, 
jan bS|p hai; jab maqa^uiigS, jo tombara ji cbsbt^a so kijo! 
** Murda^ ba dasti sdnda; lekin jih to kabo, miyh par jib kya 
tia^IJI^ biti ; luiyhe kjuii mara, aur tarn kaun bo ; bbala itna to 
kah 6vna»o?" Tab imbo^L ne rajjim kbakar, kaba, ki *' Wuh jawaxg 
jo l^afas meh. band hai, is Badsbah kl bbatija bai, aur pable i& ka 
bSp taUitmsbin thfi ; ri^tlat ke ^sJft yib wa$Iyat apoe bb£,I ko Id, ki 
" Abbi mora beta jo wirig is saljanat kS hai, lapka aur beshu'ur hai ; 
karbSr badsbahat ka, khairkhwfihi aur hosbjan se turn kija ki^o ; 
jab yib baligh ho, ajmi beti se sbadi is k! kar dljo, aur ouikhtar 
tamam mulk aur khazane kS kijo.'* 

Yib kahkar, unhofi ne wafat paj aur saltanat ki naubat cbhote 
bbaJ par a4; us ne "wa^iyat par 'amal na kiya, balki dlwgna aur 
sauda,! masbhur karke, piiyre meh d^diyS, aur cbauki gafbl cbaroii 
taraf bggh ke rakhi hai, ki paranda par nabin mar saktS, aur ka,i 
martabe zabr halihal dija hai, lekin zinda§^ zabardast hai, agar 
nabin kiyi. Ab ^uh Shahzadi aur yih Sha(uzada donon 'ashi^ 
ma'shol}: ban rahe bain ; wuh ghar meii talaj^e hai, aur yih Ifshs met 
tafaphe hai. Tere hath shau)^ ka nama us ne bbeja, yih khabar 
hajrkarofi ne logins BadsbSh ko pahuochhM; Habshiyon ka dasta 
muta'aiyin hu,fi; tsrS yih a|^wSl kiya, aur as jawSu i ]^di ke k&tl ki 
Wazir se tadbir puchhi. Us namakljaram ne Malika ko 'ra^i kiya hai, 
ki us begunSh ko, Bfidshah ke l^xjtijpjii, apne hath se Sbahzadi mar^ale." 

Main ne kaha» '' Chalo, marte marte yih bbl tamasha dekh len,*^ 
Akhir, ra^ hokar, wuh donon aur xoaiii zakhml chupke ek goshe 
met jSkar, kba^e hn,e, Dekha to tajsht par BadshSh bai^ha hai, aur 
Malika ke hath meii nangi talwitr hai, aur Shahzade ko pinjre se 
bahar nikalkar, rubaru kh^ra kiya. Malika, jallad bankar, shamsher 
i baiahna liye hu,e, apne 'aahi^ ke \aJd ]^me ko aj. Jab nazdik 
pahunclu, tidwar phenk di, aur gale men chimat ga,i; tab wuh 
*ttshi^ bola, ki ** Aise nkame par maiii ra^ hufi ; yaban bhi teri arzu 
hai, wahiJi bba teri tamanna rahegi !" Malika boli, ki '^ Is bahane 
se main tere dakhne ko a,i thi!" Badshah yih ]^arakat dekhkar, 
sakht barfaam ha,S, aur Wajdr ko dantS, ki " Tu yih tamasha miyhe 
dikhlane ko layi tha ; Ma^ialli Malika ko juda karke, ma^all mefi 
legaye, aur Wazir i^ iJiafcC hokar,, talwar uths,i, aur BadshShzade 
ke upar dau^a, ki ekhi w&r men k&m us bechare kS tamam kare ; 
jaufL chfihta hai ki teghS chalawe, ghaib se ek tir nagahaul us kl 
peshSni par baithS, ki dosar hogaya, aur wuh gir pa^a. 


BSdshSh yih wSridSt dekfakar, ma]^11 men gbu8 gaye, jawSn ko 
phir }fjBi&s men band karkar, bS^ met. legaye ; main bhi waban se 
nikla. Rsb mefi se ek Sdml mujbe bulskar, Malika ke IfxvfSr 
legaya ; mojbe gbSyal dekbkar, ek Jarra|^ ko bulwSjS, aur nihajat 
ta^jud se farmaja, ki '* Is jawSn ko jald changa karke, ghual 
6hiffk k5 de ; yifai terS mcgris; hai ; is ke Spar jitnl mi^at tu karega, 
iraisfibi in*Sm aur sarfaraa pfiwegS.'* Qliara:; wab Jarral^ ba mujib 
i irsbid Malika ke, tag<Hlaa karke, ek cbille mefi nabla dbulS, 
mujbe t^u^ur meh legayS. Malika ne pucbbS, ki <*Ab to kucbh 
^asut b£|p nabin rabi?" Maift ne kabS, **kp kl tawajjuh se ab 
bats katS bu&," Tab Malika ne ek kbil'at aur babut se rupai jo 
fannaye tbe, balki us se bbi docband 'aj^ kiye, aur rul^b^at kiya. 

Maki ne wabaA se sab rafi|^ aur naukar diSkaron ko lekar, kncb 
kiya. Jab is mal^Sm par pabuncba, sab ko kaba, '* Turn apne waj^ 
ko ja^o, aur maiii ne is pabSf par yib makSn aur us kl ^urat banakar, 
apnS raibil mu^purrar kiya, aur naukaron aur gbulamofi ko muwafi^ 
barek ki |:adr ke, rupai dekar azad kiyfi, aur yib kab diya, ki ** Jab 
talak maifi jitS rabun, mere }plt ki kbabargirl tumbeii j^rur bai, 
Age mukbtar bo." Ab wabi apni namak^all se mere kbSne ki 
jAabar lete baifi, aur main ba kbatiijama* is but ki parastisb kartS 
hGh ; jabtalak jitS hWx, mera yibi kam bai. Yib meri sargugasbt 
bai, jo tu ne suni." YS Fujpira ! Maifi ne ba mujarrad sunne is 
Ifi^^e ke, kafni gale meit 4ali, aur Fa!|IlK>£L ka libas kiyS, aur isbtiyfi^ 
men Farang ke mulk ke dekbne ke rawana bu,S. Eitne ek 'ar^e 
met jangal pabSfoA ki sair karta bu,fi, MajnGn aur FarbSd Isi $urat 

iKjprj mere sbaul^ ne us sbabr talak pabuncbSyS. Gali kucbe 
meii bfi,olS sa pbime laga ; akgar Malika ke ma)^l ke Ss pas laba 
karta, Iddn ko,i ^bb aisa na beta, jo wabSii talak rasa,! bo. 'Ajab 
llAirani tbi, ki jis wasje yib miit^na^uisbi karkar gaya, wub ma.i^b 
batb na ayS. Ek din bazar men kbapa tba, ki ekbSr^ admi bbfigne 
lage, aur dOkSndSr dukaneii band karke cbalegaye ; ya wub rauna^: 
tb^ yS sunsan bogayS ; ek ^araf se ek jawSn Rustam ks sS kalla 
jabrS, sber ki manind gui^jtS, aur talwar dodasti jbafta bu,a, zirab 
baktar gale meft, aur top jbilam ka sir par, aur tamancbe ki jofl 
kamar met, kaifi ki tarab baktS jbaktS, najsar SyS, aur us ke picfabe 
do ghnlfim banat ki posbSk pabne, ek tSbut ^fthb""*^ i Efisbaui se 
mafbi bu,a, sir par liye, cbale ate baiA. 

Mai^L ne yib tamfiisha d^dikar, satb cbalne k£ ^d kiya. Jo ko,i 
Sdml meri na^ pafta, mujbe mana' kartS; main kab sunta bun, 
Rafta rafta, ymh jawanmard ek 'allsbSn makan men cbala, main bbl 
aatb bu,S. Us ne pbirtebi cbSbS, ki ek batb mare, aur mujbe do 
fukre kare; maiii ne use ]^am di, ki *^ Main bbi yibi cbabta bun ; 
maifi ne apna kbuii mu'af kiya; kisu iara];L mujbe is zindagi ke 

112 BaGH BAHAR. 

a zSb se cbhufade, ki nihayat ba tang aya hun. Maifi jfin bnjhkar 
tere samhne aya hu£i ; der mat kar !" Mujhe marne par gabitl^am 
dekhkar, Khuda ne us ke dil meh ra}fm <}a]S, aur ghuggabhi tlian^ba 
bu^S ; bahut tawajjuh aur mihrbani se puchhi, ki '* Tu kaun hai, 
aur kyun apni zindagi se bezar hu^a bai ?" 

Main ne kabS, *' ZarS bai^biye to kahQ£i ; mera ]p99a babut dur 
flarSz bai, aur 'isb^ ke panje men giriftar bo, is sabab lacbar bufi.** 
Yih sunkar, us ne apni kamar kboli, aur batb munb dbodbakar, 
kucbb nasbtfi kiyS, mujbe bbl bS*ig bn,S. Jab faraghat karke baitibS, 
bolS, " Kab, tujb par kya guzn ?** Maifi ne sab wSridSt us pir mard 
kl, aur Malika ki, aur iwaban apne jane ki kab sunS,!." Pable 
sunkar roya, aur yib kabS, ki ** Is kambakht ne kis kis ka gbar 
gbSla ; lekin bbala, terS 'ilaj mere b£tb men bai ; aghlab bai, ki is 
'a^i ke sabab se tn apni murSd ko pabuncbe ; aur tu andesba na 
kar, aur kbStiijama* rakb.** Hajjam ko farmayS, ki " Is ki ^Jjamat 
karke, t^mmSm karwSde." Ek jofS kSp^a us ke gbulam ne lakar, 
pabnaya, tab mujh se kabne lags, ki '* Yib tabut, jo tu ne dekbS, 
usi SbabzSda i mar^um ka bai, jo ]^ag men mu]^yad tba ; us ko 
dusre Wazir ne akbir makr se marS ; us ki nigat bu,i, ki mazlum 
mSragaya. Main us ka kokS bu&, maifi ne bbi us Wazir ko ba 
zarb i sbamsber mSrS, aur BSdsbah ke mame kS irada kiya ; Bad- 
sbab gii'gif'aya, aur saugand kbane lagS, ki ** Main begunSb bufi." 
Main ne use namard jankar cbbof diya. Jab se merS kam yibi bai, 
ki bar mabine ki naucbandi Juma'rat ko, maifi is tabut ko usi ffinif, 
liye pbirta bun, aur is ka mStam kartS bun.'* 

Us ki zabSni yib attwSl sunne se, mujbe tasalli bu,I, ki agar yib 
cbSbega, to merS malji^ad barSwega ; lOiuda ne bara it^sfin kiyS, jo 
aise jununi ko miyb par mibrban kiyS ; sacb bai, ki " Khuda mibr- 
bSn bo, to kull mibrban." Jab sbfim hu,i, aur aftab ghurub bu,a, 
us jawan ne tabut ko nikda, aur ek gbulSm ke Iwa?, wub tSbut 
mere sir par dhar, aur apne sath lekar cbalS. FarmSne laga ki 
** Malika ke nazdik jatS bufi, teri sifarisb t5 ba majj^dur karungS ; 
tu hargiz dam na mariyo ; cbupka baifbS sunS kTjo." Msit ne kabS, 
''Jo kucbb ^at^ib fSannate huii, sobi karungS. KhudS tum ko 
salSmat rakbe, jo mere a^wfil par tars kbSte bo." Us jawSn ne Ij^a^d 
badsbabi bSgh ka kiya ; jab andar dSjiibil bu,S> ek cbabutara sang i 
marmar ka basbtpahlu bagb ke ^afaian me£i tbS, aur us par ek nam* 
girS sufed badle ka motiyo6 ki jbklar lagi bu,i, almSis ke istadoi^ par 
kba^a tbS, aur ek masnad i mugharral?: bicbbi tbi, g&otakiya aur 
bagUi takiye zarbaft ke lage bu,e, wub tabut wabSfi rakhwayS, aur 
ham donon ko farmaya, ki '* Us ke pas baitho." 

Ba*d ek sa'at ke, mash'al ki roshni naj^r a,i ; Malika ap ka,i kha^ 
wS^^en pas o pesh ihtimam karti hu,i]& tashrif la,in, lekin udasi aur 
y^afgi chihre par ^Shir tbi, Skar masnad par baitbi& ; yih koka adab 



se dastbasta khara raha ; phir adab se dur farsh ke kinare muaddab 
baitha ; fati^ia parhi, aur kuchh baten karne laga ; main kan lagaye 
sun raha tha. Akhir, us jawan ne kaha, ki *' Malika i jab an sala- 
mat ! Mulk i 'Ajam ka Shabzada ap ki khubiyan aur mahbubiyan 
glia,ibana sunkar, apul saltanat ko barbad de, Fa]pr ban, manind 
Ibrahim Adham ke tabah ho, aur bap mi^^nat khenchkar yahan 
talak a pahuncha hal. 

** Sa,in tere kSr ne chhora shahr Balkh." 

Aur is shahr men bahut dinon se liairan pareshan phirta hai 
Akhir. wuh ^a^d mame ka karke, mere sath lagcbala, main ne 
talwar se 4a ray a, us ne gardan age dhardi, aur ^am di, ki " Ab 
main yihi chahta bun, der mat kar." 

Ghara? tnmhare 'ishl^ men .sabit hai ; main ne khub azmaya, sab 
tara^ pura paya; is sabab se is ka mazkur main darmiyan laya; 
agar liuzur se us ke a^iwal par, musSfir jankar, tawajjuh ho, to 
Khudatarsi aur Hal^lpsbinasi se dur nahln." Yih zikr Malika ne 
sunkar farmaya, '' Kahau hai ? Agar Shabzada hai, to kya mu^,i]j:a ; 
rubaru awe." Wuh koka wahan se utlikar aya, aur mujhe sath 
lekar gaya. Main Malika ke dekhne se nihayat shad hu,a, lekin 
'a^l bosh barbad hu,e; 'alam sukut ka hogaya; yih hiwa,o na 
pa^a, ki kuchh kahun. Ek dam met. malika sidhari, aur koka apne 
makan ko chala; ghar akar bola, ki "Main ne teri sab ^1p]|j:at 
awwal se akhir talak Malika ko kah suna,!, aur sifarish bhi kl ; ab 
tu hamesha rat ko bilanagha jayakar, aur 'aish, khushi manaya kar." 
Main us ke l^dam par girpara, us ne gale lagaliya. Tamam din 
ghariyafi ginta raha, ki kab sanjh ho, jo maifL ja,un. Jab rSt hu,i, 
maifi us jawan se rukh^at hokar chala, aur pa^iAbagh men Malika 
ke, chabutare par takiya lagake baitha. 

6a'd ek ghari ke, Malika tan i tanha ek khawSg? ko sath lekar, 
abista ahista akar masnad par baithin. Khushtalai se yih din 
muyassar hu,a ; main «ne l^dambos kiya, unhon ne sir mera utha 
liya, aur gale se laga liya, aur bolin, ki ** Is furgat ko ghanimat jan, 
aur mera kaha man ; mujhe yahan se le nikal, kisu aur mulk chal." 
Main ne kaha, *• Chaliye." Yih kahkar, ham donon bagh ke bahar 
to hu,e, par ^airat 8e aur khushi se, hath panofi pbtilgaye, aur rah 
bhulgaye, aur ek taraf ko chale jate the, par kuchh thikana nahin 
pate the. Malika barham hokar boli, ki " Ab maifi thak gayi, tera 
makan ^ahan hai ; jald chalkar pahunch, nahin to kya kiya chahta 
hai? Mere panon men phaphole par gay e hain; raste men kahin 

Main ne kaha, ki ** Mere ghulam ki baweli nazdik hai, ab 
apunhche ; khatiijama' rakho, aur kadam utha,o." Jhuth to bola, 
par dil men feairan tha, ki kahaii leja,un. 'Ain rah par ek darwaza 


114 BAGH O BAHaR. 

mu^a£Eal nazjar porS; jaldl se l^ufl ko to^ar, makSn ke bhltar gsje. 
Achchhl l^weli, farsh bichha hu,a, sharab ke shishe bhare t^anne se 
ijS}f. met. dbare, aur bawarchl-kbane men nan kabab taijar the. 
MandagI kamal ho rahl thi, ek ek gulabi shSrab par tikka li ki, us 
guzak ke sath li, aur sari rat ba^am khushi ki. Jab is chain se 
^ub^ hu^, shahr men gbul macha, ki ** ShahzSdi ^ha^ib hu,i.*' 
Ma)^a, ma^lla, kucha kucha, manadl phime lagi, aur kutnijan 
aur harkare chhut«, ki jahan se hsth awe, paida karen, aur sab 
darwazon par shahr ke, Badshalu ghulamon ki chauki a baifhi. 
Guzarbanon ko l^ukm hu,a, ki " Baghair parwanagi chyunti bShar 
shahr ke na nikal sake ; jo ko,i surS^ Malika kS lawega, hazar 
ashraft aur ]}:hirat in*am pSwegif. Tamam &hahr men kutnijan 
phime, aur ghar ghar me£i ghusne lagin. 

Mujhe ko kambakhti lagi, darwaza band na kiyS. Ek burhiya 
shaijtSn ki khSla, tis ka KhudS kare munh kala, hSth met. tasbi^ 
latkSye, bur^ ufhe, durwSze khula pakar, nidhafak chali a,i, aur 
samhne Malika ke kha^^ hokar, hath uthakar du'a dene lagi, ki 
'* Ilahi ! Teii nath eho^i suhag ki salSmaU rahe, aur kama,o ki pag^ 
^,im rahe ! Maiii gharib ran^ya Fa^pmi hui& ; ek befi meri hai, 
ki wuh doji se pitre dinoA dard i zih mei& mart! hai, aur mujh 
ko itni was'at nahin, ki fidhi kfi tel chiragh men jala,un, khane pine 
ko to kahSi^ se la,un ; marga,i to gor kafan kyunkar karungi, aur 
jani to da,r i janS,i ko kya dungi, aur jachchS ko satho^a achhwani 
kahan se pila,un^ ; aj do din hii,e bain ki bhukhi pyasi pari hai. 
Ai ^a^jLibzSdi ! Apni kbair kuchh pjikfi parcha dila,o, to us ko pani 
pine ka adhSr ho.*" 

Malika ne tars khSkar, apne nazdik bulskar, char nan aur kabab 
aur ek anguthi chhungliya se utarkar (lawale ki, ki *' Is ko be&ch 
banchkar, gahna pata bana dijo, &ur khatirjama* se guzran kljo, aur 
kabhu aya kijo, tera ghar hai." Us ne apne dil ka mudda a, jis ki 
talash mefi a,i thi, ba jins paya, khushi se du'a,en deti, aur bala,efL 
leti dafa* hu,!; deo^'hi men nan kabab phenk diye, magar anguthi ko 
muthi men le liyci, ki pata Malika ke hath ka mere hath Sja. 
Khuda us afat se jo bachSyS chahe, us makan ka malik, jawanmard 
sipahi, Tazi gho^e par charha hu,3;, neza hath men liye, shikarband 
se ek hiran lafkaye a papuncha. Apni ha well ka tala tuta aur 
kiwSf khule paye ; us dallala ko nikalte dekha, mare ^u^^e ke ek 
hsth se us ke jhonte pakarkar, latka liya, aur ghar men aya ; us ke 
donofi panoii men rassi bandhkar, ek darakht kf tahni men lafkaya, 
sir tale panofi upar kiye; ek dam men taraph taraphkar marga^. 
Us mard Jp ^urat dekhkar, yih haibat ghalib hii,i, ki t^waiyan 
munh par urne lagi&, aur mare iax ke ^leja kampne laga. Us 
'aziz ne ham donon ko badf^awass dekhkar, tasalli dl, ki *' Bap 
nadani tum ne ki, ki aisa kam kiya, aur darwaza khol diya." 


Malika ne muskurSkar fiinnSyS, ki " ShahzSda apne i^iilam ki 
l^aweli kahkar, mujhe le,&y5, aur mujh ko bhulSya. Us ne iltimas 
kiya, ki *' ShahzSde ne bayfin wS)^*! kahS ; jitni khaH^ullgh hai, 
fiadsh£Lhoi& ke launijl ghulSm hain ; unhi kl barakat aur {ai:^ se sab 
ki parwarish aur nibSh hai Yib ghulam be d&n diram zarkliaiida 
tumharS hai, lekin bhed chhipanS 'aJ^ kS mu^ta^S hai. ** Ai Shah- 
zSde ! Tumhara aur Malika kS is ^iianbkbSne met. tawajjuh&rmana 
aur tashnf lana, men sa'adat donoii jahSn kl hai, aur apne fidwi ko 
sarfaraz kiya; maiii nigar hone ko taiyar hu& ; kisu ^urat mefi jan 
mSl se daregh na kartingS : Sp shaull^ se arSm farma,iye, ab kau{i 
bhar khhj^ra nahi& ; yih murdSr kutni agar salamat jSti, to afat 
Istl ; ab jab talak mizSj i sharif chSkhe, baifhe rahiye, aur jo kuchh 
darkar ho, is khgnazfid ko kahiye, ab ^S^ir karega ; aur BadshSh to 
kyS chiz hai,, tumhSil khabar firishte ko bhi na hogi." Us jawSn- 
mard ne aisi aisi bStefi tasalll ki kahM, ki tuk kha^iijama* hu,i ; tab 
maifi ne kaha, " ShSbSsh ! turn ba^e mard ho ; is muruwat kS Iwa^ 
ham se bhi jab ho sakega, tab jsuhur meA SwegS; tumhSrS nSm kya 
hai?" Us ne kahS, " Gihulam kfi ism BihzSd KhSn hai.'* QheiXB^^, 
ohha mahine tak jitnl sharj( Jthidmat ki thi, ba jfin o dil bajSlayS ; 
jchub aram se guzrf . 

Ek din mujhe apnS mulk aur ma bSp ySd aye, is liya, nihayat 
mutafakkir baifhS thS ; merS chihra makn dekhkar, Bihzad Khan 
rubaru hath jo^kar khafS hu,fi, aur kahne lags, '* Is fidwi se agar 
kuchh ta]^ charanbardSi^ me& wa]p* hu,i ho, to irshad ho.'* Maiii 
ne kahS, " Az barS,e Khuda ! Yih kyS maskur hai ! Turn ne 
aisS suluk kiyS, ki is shahr mefi aise Sram se rahe, jaise apni ma 
ke pet mefi ko,i rahtS hai, nahi& to yih aisi t^arakat ham se hu,i 
thi, ki tinka tinka hamSra dushman thS, aisS dost hamara kaun 
tha, ki zara dam lete ; KhudS tumhen khush rakhe, ba^e mard ho !'* 
Tab us ne kahS, ** Agar yahati se dil bardSshta hu,e ho, to jahafi 
tiukm ho, wahafL khair o 'afiyat se pahuncha dun." Fcl^ bolS, 
ki ** Agar apne waj^an tak pahunchufi, to wSlidain ko dekhu]!i ; 
men to yih ^urat hu,i, Khuda jane, un ki kya Itialat hu,i hogl. 
Main jis waste jalawatan hu,a thS, meri to Srzu barS,i, ab un ke bhi 
]j[adambosi wajib hai. Meri khabar un ko kuchh nahin, ki mu,a 
yajitS hai; un ke dil par kya Ifslaif. guzartS hogS!'* Wuh jawan- 
mard bola, ki " Bahut mubarak had, chaliye.*' Yih kahke, ek ras 
ghofS Turki sau kos chalnewSla, aur ek gofl jald, jis ke par 
nahin kat;e the, lekin shayasta, Malika ki l^atir ISya, aur ham 
donofi ko sawar karwayS, phir zirah baktar psJiin, silal^ bandh, 
opchi ban, apne markab par charh baitha, aur kahne laga, '* GhnlSm 
age holeta hai, Saljidb khaj^iijama* se ghore daba.e hu,e chale awefi.'* 

Jab shahr ke darwaze par aya, ek na'ra mSrS ; aur tabar se IpjtO. 
ko toipa, aur nigahbSnon ko 4Ssi\ ^pafkar lalkara, ki *' Bufchodo, 

I d 


ap&e khawind ko jakar, kaho, ki *' BihzSd Khan Malika i mihr- 
nigar, anr ShahzSda i kSmgar ko, jo tumharS dSmad hai, hanke 
puk^e lije jSta hai ; agar mardumi ka kuchh nasha hai, to bahar 
niklo, aai Malika ko chhin lo ; yih na kahiyo, ki chap chap legaya ; 
nahifi to IpVe mefi bai^e Sram kiyS karo." Yih khabar Badshah ko 
jald ja pahunchi, Wazir aiir Mirbakhsta ko liukm hu,a. '* Un 
UnoJL badzat ma&idofi ko bSndhkar lS,o, yS un ke sir kafkar ^lu;^ 
jaeii pahuncha,o." Ek dam ke ba'd, ghaf fauj ka namud hu,a, aur 
tamam zamin o asmafi gardbad hogaya. Bihzad khan ne Malika 
aur is Fa^ ko dar met. pul ke, ki barah pule aur Jaunpur ke 
barabar tha, kha^S kiya, aur ap ghope ko jangiyakar, us fauj kl 
taraf phirS, aur sher ki manind gunjkstr, markab ko ^ap&t^ai' fciuj 
ke darmiyan ghusS; tamam lashkar ka,i sa phaf gaya, aur yih 
donoJL sardaro^ talak ja pahuncha; donon ke sir kkt Hye. Jab 
sardar mSxe gaye, lashkar titar bitar ho gayS; wuh kahawat hai, 
" Sir se sirwaha, jab bel phafl, ra,i rS,! ho ga,!." Wofihin ap Bad- 
shah kitni fauj baktarposhoA ki sath lekar, kumak ko Sye ; un kJ 
bhi lara,i us yakka jawan ne mgrdi, shikast fSsh khs,i. 

Badshah paspa hu,e; sach hai fatltidad IlShI hai, lekin BihzSd 
Khan ne aisi jawanmardi ki, ki shayad Eustam se bhi na ho saktit. 
Jab BihzSd Khan ne dekha, ki majda* i^Sf hti,S, ab kaun ba^ raha 
hai, jo hamara pichhS IjiaregS, bewaswas hokar, khatirjama' se jahSdi 
ham kha^e the, aya, aur Malika ko aur mujh, ko sSth lekar chala. 
Safstr kl 'umr kotSh hoti hai ; tho|^ 'ar^e me& apne mulk kl sarJIjiadd 
met jg pahunche. 

Ek *ar2a ^a}fiif. salSmat Sne M. BSdshSh ke Ij^uzur meii jo 
Viblagah mujh FaJ^Ir ke the, likhkar rawana ki. JahSnpan^ 
pa^hkar shad hu,e, dogana shukr kS adS kiyS; jause sukhe dhan 
mefi pani pa^, khush hokar, sab Amiron ko jilau men lekar is 'ajiz 
ko istL^bal Id khatir lab i darya akar khape h1i,e, aur niwaron ke 
wSste Mir i bafair ko Ijiukm hTi,a. Main ne dusre kinare par sawan 
BadshSh ki khari dekhi; j^xidambosi ki Srzu men ghore ko darya 
men dSldiya, hela markar It^uzur mefi ]|^a:zir hu,a; mujhe mare 
ishtiyal^ ke kaleje se lagaUya. Ab ek aur afat nagahani pesh a,i; 
jis gho^e par maifi sawar tha, shayad wuh bachcha usi madiyan 
ka tha, jis par Malika sawar thi ; jinsiyat ke ba,is mere markab ko 
dekhkar, gho^i ne bhi jaldi karkar apne ta,in Malika samet mere 
pichhe darya men ^adiya, aur paime lagi ; Malika ne ghabrake 
bag khenchi, wuh mxihh ki narm thi, ulat ga,i; Malika ^ote 
khakar, ba ma' gho^ darya men 4ub ga,i, ki phir un donon ka nishan 
nazar na aya. 

Bihzad Khan ne yih halat dekhkar, apne ta,in ghore samet 
Malika ki madad ki khatir, darya mefi pahunchaya ; wuh bhi us 
bhanwar men agaya, phir na nikal saka ; bahutere hath panofi 



mare, kuchh bas na chala, inh gaya. Jahanpanah ne yih \7aridat 
dekhkar, maha jal mangwakar phikwaja, aur mallal^ion aur |^o.ta- 
khoron ka f£u:maya. Unhon ne sara darya chhan mara, thah ki 
mitti lele aye, par we donon hath na aye. Ya Fu|j:ara ! Yih tiadiga 
aisa hu,a, ki main sauda,! aur jununi hogaya, aur Fa]^r bankar, yihi 
kahta phirta tha " In tinon ka yihi bisekh, wuh bhi dekha, yih bhi 
dekh." Agar MaUka kahin gha.ib hojati, ya maqati, to dil ko 
tasaUl atJ, phir talash ko nikalta, ya $abr karta, lekin jab nazaron 
ke rubaru gJMLrif, hoga,i, to kuchh bas na chala. Akhir. jl meh 
yihi lahar a,i, ki darya men 4ub ja,un, shayad apne mal^bub ko 
markar pa,ufL. 

Ek roz rat ko usi darya men paitha, aur (jLubne ka irada karkar, 
gale tak pani men gaya; chahta hun ki age p§XLoii rakhufi, aur 
^oja kha,un, wahi Sawar i bur^^aposh, jinhon ne tum ko basharat 
dl hai, a pahunch, mera hath pakar Uya, aur dilasa diya, ki " Ehatir 
jama' rakh ; Malika aur Bihz^ Khan jite hain ; tu apni jan naf^a^ 
kyun khots hai ? Dunya men aisa bhi hota hai ; Khuda kl dargah 
se mayus mat ho ; agar jita rahega, to ten mulal^t un donon se ek 
na ek roz horahegi." Ab tu Rum kl .faraf ja, aur bhi do Darwesh i 
dilresh wahan gaye hain; un se tu jab milega, apnl murad ko 
pahunchega. Ya Fulj^ara! Ba mujib i ^ukm apne HadI ke, main 
bhi khidmat i sharif mefi akar ^a:^ hu,a hun ; ummed l^wl hai, ki 
harek apne apne matlab ko pahunche. Is t\xk&^ Gad£ ka yih ajiwal 
tha, jo tamam kamal kah sunaya." 



Chautha Fa^ apnl sair kl ^l^il^t rorokar, is i^Bixak dabrane laga. 

** Ki^^a hamaii besar o pa,i ka ab suno ; 
Tuk apna dbjan rakbke, mera ^^Sl sab suno. 
Kis waste main aja bun jahantak tabab bo, 
Sara bajan karta bun is ka sabab suno." 

«« Vs 

Ya Mursbid i Allab ! ZarS mutawajjib bo. Yib Falpr, jo is 
lialat mefi giriftar bai, Cbin ke Badsbab ka beta bai ; naz o ni'mat 
se parwarisb pa,i' aur ba kbubi tarbiyat bu,a. Zamane ke bbale 
bure 86 kucbb wa^ na tba ; jantS tba, ki*3iinbin bamesba nibbegi* 
'Ain befikri ine&, yib Ij^Sdisa rubakar bu,a, ki Kibla i 'alam jo walid 
is yatim ke tbe, unbofi ne ri^lat farma J ; jankandani ke waj^t apne 
cbbote bba,i ko, jo mere cbacba bain, bulaya, aur farmaya, ki ** Ham 
ne to sab mal mulk cbbo^kar, irSda kiicb ka kiya, lekin yib wa^Iyat 
meri, turn baja la,iyo, aur buzurgi ko kam fiEurma^iyo ; Jab talak 
Sbabzada, jo malik is takbt o cbbattar ka bad, jawan bo, aur sbu'ur 
sambbale, aur apnS gbar dekbe bbale, tum is kl niyabat kijo, aur 
sipab ra'Iyat ko, kharab na bone dijo, ; jab wub bSligb bo, us ko 
sab kucbb samjbS bujbakar takbt ])a.yfSle kama, aur Eosbanakbtar. 
jo tumbari beti bai, us se sbadi karke, tum saltanat se kinara 
paka^na ; is suluk se Badsbabat bamari kbandan men ]^,im rabegi, 
kucbb kbalal na awega.** 

Yib kabkar, ap to jan ba Ha^|^ taslun bu,e ; cbacba Badsbab bu,a, 
aur band o bast mulk ka kame laga ; mujbe })XLhm. kiya, ki " Zanaue 
malj^all men raba kare ; jabtak jawan na bo, babar na nikle." Yib 
Fa]^r cbaudab baras ki umr tak Begamat aur kbawa^gon men pala 
kiya, aur kbela kuda kiya. Cbacba ki befi se sbadi ki kbabar 
sunkar sbad tba, aur is ummed par befikr rabta, aur dil mefi kabta, 
ki *'Ab ko,i din mefL Badsbabat bbi batb lagegi, aur kadkbudO 
bbl bogi ; dunya ba ummed ka,im bai." Ek Habsbl Mubarak nam, 
ki walid i mar^um ki kbidmat men tarbiyat bu,a tba, aur us ka bafS 
i'tibar tba, aur $a];;iib i sbu ur aur namak^lal tba ; main aksar us ke 
nazdik ja baitbta, wub bbi mujbe babut pyar karta, aur meri jawani 
dekbkar kbusb bota, aur kabta, ki '' All^amdulillabi, Ai Sbabzade ! 
Ab tum jawan bu^e ; insba AUabu Ta'ala, *an]^arlb tumbara 'ammu 



Zill i Sab^^ani kl na^i^^at par *amal karega, apnl beta aur tumhare 
wali(ji ^ takht tumben dega." 

Ek roz yih ittifa^ bu,a, ki ek adnl sabeli no begunSh mere ta,ifL 
aisa tamancha kbencbkar mara, ki mere gal par pancbon unglijon ka 
nisban ukba^ja ; main rota bu,a Mubarak ke pas gaya ; un ne 
mujbe gale se lagaliya, aur afisu astli^ se poncbbe, aur kaba, ki 
'* Cbalo, 6^ tumbefi Badsbab pas lecbalun ; sbajad dekbkar mibrban 
bo, aur la,i|^ samajbkar, tumbara t^U^ tumbefi de." Usi wal^t 
cbacba, ke t^iu^ur mefi legaja; cbacbS ne darbar men nibayat 
sbaf]^t ki, aur pucbbS, ki ** Kyun dilgir bo, aur aj yabafi kyufikar 
aye ?" Muban^ bola, ki *' Eucbb *ar? kame aye baifi." Yib sun- 
kar, khud ba kbud kabne laga, ki *' Ab miyan ka bySb kar dete 
bain." Mubarak ne kaba, " Babut mubarak bai." WofiblfL NajumI 
aur Rammalo& ko rubaru jtalab kiyS, aur upari dil se pucbbS, ki " Is 
sal kaunsa mabina, aur kaunsa din, aur gba^ muburat mubarak bai, 
ki saranjam sbadi kS karun.* Unbon ne mar^i pakar, gin ginakar, 
'arz kl, ki ^bla i ^aPam 1 Yih baras sara na)^ bai ; is cband me6 
ko,I tarikb i sa'd nabiA ^aharti; agar yib sal tamSm ba Jsjjair o 
*afiyat ka^e, to Syanda kar i kb&ir ke liye bibtar bai.'* 

Badsbab ne Mubarak ki j^araf dekhS, aur kafaS, ** Shabzade ko 
maJtl^all met Iqja ; KbudS cbabe to is sal ke guzame se, us klamSnat 
us ke ]^wale kardunga ; kh^iiiJAK&a* rakbe, aur pafbe likbe.*' Mu- 
barak ne salam kiya, aur mujbe satb le, ma];iall meA pabuncbadiya. 
Do tm din ke ba'd main Mubarak ke pas ga3'a ; mujbe dektebl rone 
laga ; main ]^rSn bu,S aur pucbba, kL " Dada ! Khair to bai, turn- 
bare rone kS kyS bfilg bai ?" Tab wub kbairkhwab. ki mujbe dil o jan 
se cbabta tha, bola, ki *' Maifi us roz tumbeii us ^lim ke pas legaya, 
kasbki agar yih jant£, to ne lajata !'* Maifi ne gbabrakar kaha, 
'^ Mere jane mefi kya aisi ]^ba!t;At hu,I? Kaho to ^a^i^." Tab us 
ne kaha, ki '* Sab Amir, Wazir, Arkan i daulat, cbhote bare, tum- 
hare bap ke wa|^t ke, tumbeii dekbkar kbush hu,e, aur Khuda ka 
skukr kame lage, ki *' Ab bamara ^a^ibzada jawan bu,a, aur 
saltanat ke la,i^ bu,S, ab ko,i din men ^f^ ^a|^dar ko milega, tab 
faaman ^^adrdSnl karega, aur khgnazad i mauruglyofi ki '^adr sam- 
jbega." Yih kbabar us be,Iman ko pabunchi ; us ki cbbati par samp 
lotne lags, mujbe kbalwat mefi bulakar kaha, " Ai Mubai'ak ! Ab 
aba kam kar ki Shabzade ko kisu fareb se mar^al, aur us kbatra 
mere ji se, nikal, jo meri khaj^iijama* ho." Tab se maifi be^^wa^^ 
horaha bun, ki tera chacha, teri jan ka dusbman bu.a." Jonbl^ 
Mubarak se yih kbabar i namubarak main ne suni, baghair mare 
margaya, aur jan ke <}ar se us ke panon par gir pa^a, ki *' Wasje 
Khuda ke! Main saljanat se guzra, kisu larati mera.ji bache.*' 
Us ghulam i bawafa ne mera sir uthakar, cbbati se lagaliya, aur 
jawab diya, ki '* Kuchh khajra nahin ; ek tadbir mujbe sujbi bai ; 

120 BaGH O bahar. 

agar rSst SJ, to kuchh parwS oabin ; zindagi hai, to sab kuchb 

Aghlab hai ki is fikr se ten jan bbi bacbe, aur apne matlab se 
kSmjab bo." Yib bbarosS dekar, mujhe satb lekar, us jagab, jaha& 
Badsbab i magbfur, ya ne walid is Falpr ke, sote bai^bte tbe, gaya, 
aur men babut kbatirjama* kl. Waban ek karsi bicbbi tbi; ek 
j(araf mujbe kaha, aur ek taraf ap paka^kar, i^andali ko sarkaya, aur 
kursi ke tale ka farsb utbaya, aur zamin ko kbodne laga. Ekbargi 
ek kbif ki namud bu,i, ki zanjir aur ^ufl us men lagS bai ; mujbe 
bulayS, maifi apne dil men mukarrar yib samjba, ki mere zab^ 
kame, aur gapdene ko yib garba is ne kboda bai ; maut ankbonke 
age pbirga^i ; IScbar, cbupke cbupke, kalimS parbta bu,a, nazdik 
gaya. Dekbta bun to us dailcbe ke andar, 'imarat bai, aur cbSr 
makan baifi; barek dalan men das das kbnmcA sone 1^ zanjiron 
jakap bu,i latakti baifi, aur barek goll ke mufJi par ek sone kl in( 
aur ek bandar i ja^a^o bana bil,a bai^a bai. Untalls goHyan cbSron 
makSn mefi ginin, aur ek kbum ko dekba, ki munbamui^b asbrafiyaft 
bbari baifi, us par na maimun bai, na kbisbt bai; aur ek ]|j[au^ 
jawabir se labalab bbara bu,S dekba. Maifi ne Mubarak se pucbba, 
ki " Ai DSda! Yib kyS j^sm bai, aur kis ka makan bai, aur yib 
kis kSm ke bain ?" BolS, ki *' Ye bozne, jo dekbte bo, in kS yib 
majara bai, ki tumbare bSp ne jawSni ke wakt se, Malik i SSdi^, jo 
BsdsbSb Jinnofi kS bai, us ke sStb dosti aur Smad o raft paida ki tbL 

Cbunancbi bar sal mefi ek dafa* ka4 .tara^ ke tuli^e, khnsbbu,eA. 
aur is mulk ki saugbateA lejste, aur ek mabine ke t^rib us kl 
kbidmat mei^ rabte. Jab rukb^t bote, to Malik i Sadi^ ek bandar 
zumurrud kS deta; bamarS BadsbSb use ISkar is tabkbane mefi 
rakbta; is bat se, siwa,e mere ko,i dusra mutj^i' na tba. Ek 
martaba gbulam ne 'ar? ki, ki ^^JabSnpanSb ! Lakboft rupai ke 
tu^fe lejate baifi, aur wabS& se, ek Bozna pattbar ka murda ap 
)e,ate laaih, is kS akbir faida kyS bai?" Jawab meri is bat ka» 
muskurakar farmaya, "Kbabardar, kabiA ^»bir na kijo, kliabar 
sbart bai. Yib sab Maimun i bejan, jo tu dekbta bai, barek ke 
bazSr deo i zabardast tSbi* aur farmanbardar bain, lekin jabtalak 
mere pas cbalison bandar pure jama' na bowe&, tab tak yib sab 
nikamme baifi, kucbb kam na awenge." So ek bandar ki kami tbi, 
ki is baras Badsbab ne waf^t pa,i." 

*' Itnl miljnat kucbb nek na lagT ; us k5 f£[,ida rahir na hu,a. Ai 
Sbabzade ! Teri yib ^a^at bekasi Id dekbkar, mujbe yad aya, aur 
yib ji men tbabraya, kisu Jarat tujbko Malik i Ssidi^ ke p5s lecbalun, 
aur tere cbacba kS zulm bayau karun; gbaUb bai, ki \7ub dosti 
tumbare bap ki yad karkar, ek bozna, jo ba^ bai, tujbe de, tab un 
ki madad se, terS raulk tere hatb awe, aur cbain se saltanat tu ba 
U^al^iQama' kare, aur bilfil is ^rakat se teri jan bacbti bai ; agar 



attr kuchh na hu,a, to is zSlim ke bath se siwa,e is tadbir ke, aur 
ko,i i^urat makhlagi ki nazar nahlfi Sti." Main ne us ki zabani yih 
sab kaifijat sunkar, kaba ki " Dada jan ! Ab tu mere jan ka 
mukbtar bai ; jo mere ba)^ men bbala bo, so kar.'' Meri tasalli 
karke, ap 'atr aur bukbur aur jo kucbb ^^abSfi ke lejane ki khaffr 
munasib jana, kbarid karne bazar men gaya. 

Dusre din mere us kafir cbacba ke pas, (jo baja,e Abujabl ke tlia) 
gaya, aur kaba, * ^ Jabanpanab ! Sbabzade ke mar^lalne ki ek i^urat 
main ne dil men tbabra,! bai ; £^ar t;iukm bo, to *arz karun.*' Wub 
kambakbt kbusb bokar bola, " Wub kya tadbir bai ?" Tab Muba- 
rak ne kaba, ki " Is ke mardalne meii sab tara];^ ap ki badnami bai, 
magar main ise babar jangal met. lejakar, tbikane laga,un, aur ga^ 
dabkar cbala a,un ; bargiz koi ma^am na bogS, ki kya bu,S." Yih 
bandisb Mubarak se sunkar, bola, ki ''Babut Mubarak; maiA yib 
cbabta bun, ki wub salamat na rabe ; us kS daghdagha mere dil 
men bai ; agar mujbe is fikr se tu cbburSwega, to is kbidmat ke 
*iwa? babut kucbb pawegS ; jaban tera ji cbabe lejakar kbapade, aur 
mujbe yib kbusbkhabari lade." 

Mubarak ne Badsbab kl taraf se apni diljama*! karke, mujbe sSth 
liya, aur we tul^e lekar, adbirSt ko shabr se kucb kiya, aur uttar ki 
simt cbala. Ek mabine talak paibam cbalSgaya. Ek roz rSt ko 
cbale jate tbe, jo Mubarak bolS, ki " Sbukr Kbuda kS, ab manzil i 
ma]^9ud ko pabuncbe." Main ne sunkar kabS, ki " DSdS I Yib tu 
ne kya kaba." Kabne laga, " Ai Sbabzade ! Tu Jinnon kS lasb- 
kar kya nabm dekbta?*' Maifi ne kaba, '* Mujbe tere siwS aur 
kucbb nazar nabin atS." Mubarak ne ek surmadani nikalkar, 
Sulaimam surme kl sala,iya£L meri dono& SnkbofL met. pber din. 
Wonbm Jinnon ki kbili^t aur lasbkar ke tambu l^anSt nazar Sne 
lage ; lekin sab kbusbru aur kbusblibSs, Mubarak ko pabcbankar, 
barek asbna,i ki rab se gale milta, aur mazakbeA karta. 

Akbir jate jate, badsbabi saracbon ke nazdik gaye, aur bSrgSh 
met dakhil bu,e. DekbtS bun to, rosbni Marine se rosban bai, aur 
^andaliySn .tara|^ ba .tara^i ki doruya bicbbi bain, aur 'Alim, Ffii^l, 
JDarwesb, aur Amir, Wazir, Mirbakbsbi. Diwan un par baitbe baiA, 
aur Yasawai, Guzarbardar 'ubde liye cbupke aur batb bandbe kba^e 
bain, our darmiyan men ek takbt murai^^a* ka bicbbfi bai, us par 
Malik i Sadi^ taj aur cbSrlj^ab motiyon ki pabne bu,e, masnad par 
takiye lagaye, bari sbaukat se baifba bai. Maifi ne nazdik jakar 
salam kiya ; mibrbanagi se baitbne ka t^ukm kiyS ; pbir kbSne ka 
cbarcba bu,a. Ba*d &r?gbat ke, dastarkbwSn barbSyS gaya, tab 
Mubarak ki taraf mutawajjib bokar, aljiwa] mera pucbba. Mubarak 
ne kaba, ki " Ab in ke bap ki jagab par cbacba in ka BadsbSbat 
karta bai, aur in ka dusbman i jani bu,a bai ; is liye maiii inben 
wabaA so le bbagkar, ap lu kbidmat men laya bufi, ki yatEm baiii, 



aur saltanat in ka li^sHpf. hai, lekin bagbair murabbi kisu se kuchh 
nabin ho sakta. Hu^ur ki dastgiri ke balg is ma^lum ki parwarish 
hot! hai ; in ke bap ki khidmat ka ^la]^ yad kariye ; in ki madad 
£Eirma,iye, aur wuh cballswan bandar 'inayat kijiye, jo chSlison 
pure hon, aur yih apne Ijia^ ko pahunchkar, tumhare jan o mal 
ko du'a den ; siwa,e Sa]^b kl panah ke, ko»i in ka (hikkna nazar 
nahifi ata." 

Yih tamam kaifiyat sunkar, Sadi]^ ne ta,ammul karke kaha, ki 
** Wal^at, ^^u^^uIl k£idmat aur dosti Badshah i ma^^ur kl, ^mare 
upar bahut the, aur yih bechara tabah hokar, apni saltanat i 
maurusi chho^rkflr, jan bachane ke liye yahan talak ay a hai ; aur 
hamare daman i daulat met. panah ll hai, ta ma]j:dur kisu tara^ ham 
se kami na hogi, aur dargu^r na karunga ; lekin ek kam hamara 
hai, agar wuh is se ho saka, aur khiyanat na ki, aur ba khubl aujam 
diya, aur is imti^an men pura utra, to main Ifsxl ]^rar karta hun, 
ki *' ziyada BadshSh se suluk karunga, aur jo yih chahega, so 
dunga." Main ne hath bandhkar iltimas kiya, ki ** Is fidwi se ta ba 
ma|}:dur jo khidmat sarkar ki ho sakegi, ba sar o chashm baja 
lawega, aur us ko ba khub! o diyanatdan aur hoshyari se karega, 
aur donon jahan ki sa'adat samjhega/' Farmaya, ki '* Tu abhi 
larka ]|^ai, is 'was.te barbar takid karta hun, mubada, khiyanat 
kare, aur afat men pare." Main ne kaha " Khuda Badshidi ke 
Ufbsil se SsSn karega, aur main ^ttalma]|j:dur koshish karunga, aur 
amanat ^u^ tak le a,nnga." 

Yih sunkar, Malik i Sadil^ ne mujh ko ]faxih bulaya, aur ek 
kaghaz dastaki se nikalkar, mere ta,in dikhlaya, aur kaha, ** Yih jis 
shakhg ki shabih hai use jahan se jane talash karke meri khatir 
paida karke la, aur jis ghafl tu us ka nam o nishan pawe, aur 
sSmhne jawe, meri taraf se bahut ishtiya^ ^ahir kijo. Agar yih 
khidmat tujh se saranjam hu,i, to jitni tawal^u' tujhe manzur hai, 
us se ziyada ^aurpardakbt ki ja,egi, o illana jaisa karega waisa 
pawega." Main ne us kaghaz ko jo dekha, ek ta§iwlr nazar pan, ki 
ghash sa ane laga ; ba zor mare <}ar ke, apne ta,in sambhala, aur 
kaha, '' Bahut khub ; main rukh^at hota hun ; agar Khuda ko mora 
bhala kama hai, to ba mujib i l^ukm ];^u?ur ke, mujh se 'amal men 
awega." Yih kahkar, Mubarak ko hamrah lekar jangal ki rah li. 
Ganw ga&w, basti bastJ, shahr shahr, mulk mulk phime laga, aur 
harek se us ka nam o nishan ta];L]jJ^ karte ; kisu ne na kaha, ki 
*' HazL, main janta hun, ya kisi se mazkur suna hai.*' Sat haras 
tak usi 'alam men l^airaui o pareshaiii sahta hu,a, ek nagar men 
wand hu,a ; imarat i 'ali aur abad, lekin waljiaJL ka harek mutanaffis 
iam i Ajsam pa^^hta tha, aur Khuda ki 'ibadat bandagi karta tha. 

Ek andha Hindustani Fsi^ir bhik mangta, nazar aya, lekin kisu 
ne ek kaup ya niwala na diya; mujhe ta'ajjub aya, aur us ke upar 


ratm khSya; jeb men se ek a^liraft nikfflkar, us ke hath di; wuh 
lekar bola, ki " Ai data ! Khuda tera bhala kare ; tu shajad 
musafir hai, is shahr kl bashinda nahifi.** Main ne kahS, " Fil- 
walp', sat haras se main tahah hn,a hun; jis kam ko niklS hun, 
ns ka suragh nahin milta ; Sj is halde mefi apahuncha h\Sjb." Wuh 
burha dna efi dekar chalS ; us ke pichhe lagliyS. BShar shahr ke 
ek makan i alishan nazar Sja; wuh us ke andar gayS, maih bhi 
chala. Dekha to ja ba ja 'imarat gir pajl hai, aur bemarammat ho 
rahi hai. 

MaiA ne dil men kahS, ki " Tih ma^Miill Ig^i^ BadshShoA ke hai ; 
jis wa|j:t taiyan is ki hog!, kyS hi makan i dilchasp bana hoga, aur 
ab to wairani se kya ^urat ban rahi hai ; par malum nahin, ki lyaf 
kyun para hai, aur yih nabinS is maj^l mefi kyuA basts hai." 
Wuh kor lathi tektS hu,a chalSjatS thS, ki ek fiwSz a,i, jaise ko,i 
kahta hai, ki '* Ai bap ! khair to hai, Sj sawere kyGfi phire Ste ho." 
Pir mard ne sunkar jawab diya, ki '* Befi I Khuda ne ek jawan i 
musafir ko mere a^wal par mihrbSn kiyS ; us ne ek muhr mujh ko 
di. Bahut dino& se pet bharkar achchhS khSnS na khSyS ths, so 
gosht, ma^alat, ghi, tel, StS, Ion mol liyS, aur teii khatir kap^a jo 
^rur tha, kharid kiyS; ab is ko ^ta' kar aur sikar pahin, aur 
khana pakS, to khS pikar, us sakhi ke ha]^ meA du'S deh ; agarchi 
majlab us ke dil kS ma'lum nahin, par KhudS dSnS binS bai ; ham 
bekasofi ki du'S ^bnl kare." 

Main ne yih ai^wel us ki f^t^akashi kS jo sunS, be,ikhtiySr ji meft 
Sya, ki bis ashrafiySn aur, is ko dufi, lekin SwSz kf .taraf dhySn jo 
gayS, to ek *aurat dekhi, ki fhik wahi ta^wir usi ma'shu)^ ii thi ; 
ta^wir ko nikcQkar mu]^Sbil kiyS, sar i mtx tafawat na dekha ; ek 
na'rS dil se nikla, aur behosh hu,S. MubSrak mere ta,i]& baglial 
meJi lekar baitha, aur pankhS kame lagS ; mi\jh mefi zara sS hosh 
aya ; us ki .taraf tak raha tha, jo Mub^bak ne pHchhS, ki ** Tum ko 

kvS h'^ «*OTro 9** AVkViT mi-iriVi CA lOtvVK noViTA milrlS i\iS mt\% nnnnTn 

boli, '. 

taya . • . s. ^ • 

us ki $urat aur sirat par msJiyr ho gaya. Mubarak men kha]^dari[ 

bahut si kame laga, lekin dil ki tslat ki us ko kya khabar thi. 

Lachar hokar, maiii ne pukarS, ki '* Ai KhudS ke bando, aur is 

makan ke rahnewSlo! Main gharib musafir hu&; agar apne pas 

mujhe bulS,o, aur rahne ko jagah do, to bari bst hai." Us andhe 

ne nazdik bulayS, aur awaz pahchankar, gale lagSya, aur jahSn wuh 

gulbadan baithi thi, us makSn mefi legayS. Wuh ek kone men 

chhipga,i ; us bu^he ne mujh se pilchhS, ki '* ApnS majara kah, ki 

kyufi gharbar chhofkar, akelS pa^S phirtS hai, aur tujhe kis ki 

talash hai ?" Main ne Malik i ^adi$: kS nSm na liya, aur wahs& 

ka kuchh zikr magkur na kiyS ; is Jaur se kaha, ki '* Yih bekas 



Shahzada Chin o Machin ka hai; chunanchi mere wall i nimat 
hanoz Badshah hain ; ek saudagar se lakhon rupai dekar, yih 
ta^wir mol li thi ; is ke dekhne se sab hosh aram jata raha ; aur 
Fa^r ka bhes karkar, tamam dunja chhan man; ab yahan mera 
mal^lab mil a hai, so tumhara ikhtiyar hai."* 

Yih sunkar, andhe ne ek ah man, aur bola, ** Ai 'aziz ! Men 
larki bari mu^ibat men giriftar hai ; kisu bashar ki majal nahin, ki 
is se nika)^ kare, aur phal pawe.'' Main ne kaha, '* tJmmedwar 
hun, ki mufa^i^ial bayan karo." Tab us mard i 'Ajami ne apna 
majara is taur se ^Shir kiya, ki " Sun ai Badshafazade ! Main Hajs 
aur Akabir is kambakht shahr ka bun ; mere buzurg namawar aur 'all 
khandan the. Hal^ Ta'ala ne yih beta mujhe 'inayat kl ; jab baligh 
hu,I, to is kl khubgurati aur nazakat aur saline ka sbor hu,a, aur 
sare mulk men mashhur huyS, ki ** Fulane ke ghar men aisi la^ki 
hai, ki us ke l^usn ke mu^bil h.Wc pai^ sharminda hai ; insan ka to 
kya munh hai, ki barabari kare." Yihta'rif is shahr ke Shahzade 
ne suni; ghaibana baghair dekhe bhale 'ashiJ^ hu,a; khana pina 
chhox diya, afhwatl khafwatl lekar para. 

Akhir. Bsdsha^ ko yih bSt ma'lum hu,i, mere ta,m rat ko khal- 
wat men bulaya, aur yih magkur darmiyan men laya, aur mujhe 
bSton meh phuslaya, ki nisbat nata kame met. ra^i kiya ; main bhi 
samjha, ki jab betl ghar men paida hu,i, to kisu na kisu se byaha hi 
chabiye, pas is se kya bihtar hai, ki Badshahzade se mansub kardun, 
is men Badshah bhi minnatwSr hota hai. Main ^bul karke 
rukhgat hu,a. UsI din se donon taraf taiyan byah kl hone lagi; 
ek roz achchhi sa'at met. JfRzi, Mufti, 'Alim, Fazil, Akabir sab jama' 
hu,e; nika!t;L bandha gaya, aur mahr mu'aiyan hu,a. Dulhan ko 
ban dhum se legaye ; sab rasm rusumat karke farigh hu,e. Naushah 
ne rat ko jab l^^d jima' ka kiyS, us makan men ek shor o ghul aisa 
hu,a, ki jo bahar log chauki men the, ^lairan huye ; darwaza kothri 
ka kholkar chaha, dekhefi ki yih kya afiat hai ; andar se aisa band 
tha, ki kiwar khol na sake. £k dam men wuh rone ki $waz bhi 
kam hu,I ; pat ki chul ukharkar, dekha to dulha sir kafa hu,a pa^a 
taraphta l^y aur dulhan ke munh se kaf chala jata hai, aur usi 
mitti lahu men lithri hu,i bel^awSss pari lotta hai. 

Yih ]pyamat dekhkar, sab ke hosh jate rahe ; aisi khushi men yih 
gham z^ir hu,a. Badshah ko khabar pahunchi; sir pitta hu,a 
daura ; tamam Arkan saltanat ke jama' hu,e, par kisu ki 'aj^l l^m 
nahin karti, ki is ahwal ko daryaft kare ; nihayat ko Badshah ne is 
^1a^ ki Ijialat men Ibukm kiyS, ki '' Is kambakht bhan^pairi dulhan 
ka bhi sir kat 4alo." Yih bat Badshah ki-zaban se jonhin nikli, 
phir waisahi hangama barpa hu,a. Badshah ^a.ra, aur apni jSn ke 
khatre se nikal bhaga, aur farmaya, ki ** Ise maljiall se bahar nikal 
do. ^awa§9on ne is Larki ko mere ghar men pahunchadiya. Yih 


charcha dunyS men mashhur hu,a ; jis ne suna It^rSn hu,a, aur 
^haJtizade ke mare-jane ke sabab se, khud Badshah aur jitne bash- 
inde is shahr ke hain, mere dushman i jam hu,e. 

Jab matamdari se faraghat huj, aur chihlum hochuka, Bsdshah 
ne ArkSn i daulat se gala^ puchhi, ki "Ab kya kiya chahiye.'* 
Sabhon ne kaha, " Aur to kuchh ho nahin' sakta, par zahir men 
dil ki tasalli, aur ^abr ke waste us lapkl ko us ke bap samet marwa- 
dSliye, aurgharbar ?abj karlijiye." Jab men yih sazS mukarrar kl, 
Kotwal ko (ukm hu,S ; us ne akar, charofi taraf se men ]^awe1i ko 
gher liya, aur narsinga darwaze par bajSya, aur chsha ki andar 
ghusefi, aur Badshah ka f^ukm baj^awen ; ghaib se mt patthar aise 
barasne lage, ki tamSm fauj tsb na l£saki, apna sir munh bachakar 
jidhar tidhar bhage ; aur ek Swaz i muhib Badshflih ne ma^iall men 
apne kanon sunt, ki '* Kytin kambakhti a,i hai« kya Shaitan laga 
hai ? Bhala chshta hai to us nSznin ke aljiwal ka muta'arriz na ho, 
nahifi to jo kuchh tere befe ne us se shSdi karkar dekha, tu 
bhi us ]si dushman! se dekhega ; ab agar un ko satawega, to saza 

BadshSh ko mare dahshat ke, tap charhi ; wofihiill ]^ukm kiya, ki 
** In badbakhton se ko,i muza];^im na ho, kuchh kaho, na suno ; 
liaweli men para rahne do, zor zulm in par na karo." CJs din se 
'amil ba,obatas jankar, du'a ta'wiz aur siyani jantar man tar karte 
hain ; aur sab bashinde is shahr ke ism i A'zam aur KurSn i majid 
paiphe haifi. Muddat se yih tamfisha ho raha hai, lekin abtak kuchh 
asrSr malum nahrfi, aur mujhe bhI hargiz 'itJilS nahin, magar is 
larla se ek bSr puchha, ki Tum ne aphi ankhofi se kya dekha tha?" 
3rih boll, ki *' Aur to kuchh maifi nahin janti, lekin yih nazar ayS, 
ki jis wal^t mere khawind ne Ij^^d mubasharat kS kiya, chhat phat- 
kar ek takht muraigisa' kS nikla; us par ek jawSn i khubgurat 
shahana libas pahne baithS tha, aur sath bahut se Sdm! ihtimam 
karte hu,e, us makan men aye, aur Shahzade ke ^tl ke musta'idd 
hu,e ; wuh shakhg sardar mere nazdik aya, bola, '' Kywb. jani, ab 
ham se kahan bhagogi?'' Unki ^uratefi admi ki si thin, lekin 
panon bakriyon ke se nazar aye ; mera kaleja dharakne laga, aur 
khauf se ^^h men a ga,i ; phir mujhe kuchh sudh nahlfi, ki akhir 
kya hu,a.*' 

Tab se mera yih a^iwal hai, ki is phute makan mefi ham donofi ji 
pare rahte hain ; Badshah ke ghugge ke ba'is apne rafl]^ sab juda ho 
gaye ; aur main gada,i kame jo nikaJta hun, to koi kau^ nahin deta, 
balki dukan par khare rahne ke rawadar nahm. Is kambakht larki 
ke badan par latta nahin, ki sarr chhipawe, aur khane ko muyassar 
nahin, jo petbhar khawe; Khuda se yih chahta hun, ki maut 
hamari awe, ya zamin phat^ aur yih nashudani samawe ; is jine se 
mama bhala hai. Khuda ne shayad hamare hi wasj^ tujhe bhejS 


hai, jo tune ra^m khakar, ek muhr di; khanS mazed3r pakskar 
khSyS, aur befi ki khatir kaprS bhi baoSja ; Khuda ki dargah meh 
shukr kiya, aur tujhe du*a dl. Agar is par asib Jin ya Fan kS na 
hots, ten khidmat men laon^ ki jagab deta, aur apni sa'adat janta. 
Yib at^wal is 'Sjiz ka hai, tu us ke daipai mat ho, aur is |^a$d 
se darguzar." 

Yih sab majara sunkar, maifi ne bahut minnat o zaii kl, ki 
'' Mujhe apnl £a.rzandl men l^abul kar, jo men Ipsmat men bada 
hoga, so hogS." Wuh pir mard hargiz ra^ na hu,a. Sham jab 
hu,i, us se rukh^t hokar, sara men Sya. Mubarak ne kahS, *' Lo 
Shahzade, mubSrak ho ; Ehudfi :&e asbab to durust kiya hai ; bare 
yih miJt^nat akarat na gaj/' Maifi ne kaha, *' Aj kitni khushamad 
ki, par wuh andha be,iman ra^ nahlii hota, KhudS jSne dewega, 
ya nahln." Par mere dil ki yih (ifilat thi, ki rat katni mushkil 
hu,i, ki kab 9ub|ji ho, to phir jfikar, Ifija^ hufu Kabhu yih khiyal 
fits tha, " Agar wuh mihrbfin ho, aur ^bul kare, to Mubarak Malik 
i ^Sdi^ ki khfttir lejSwega.** Phir kahtS, '*BhalS hSth to awe; 
MubSrak ko manawanSkar, maifi 'aish karunga." Phir ji meh. yih 
kh^tra Sta, ki '* Agar MubSrak bhi ^bul kare, Jinnofi ke hSth se 
wahi naubat metl hogi, jo BSdshShzade ki hu,i ; aur is shahr kS 
BSdshah* kab chahegS, ki us kfi be^fi mSra jS,e, aur dusra kjiuahi 

TamSm rSt nind uchSt ho gaj, aur isi man^ube ke uljhere mefi 
kata. Jab roz roshan hu,S, maifi chalS; chauk mefi se achchhe ' 
achchhe thSn i poshSM, aur mewa kbushk o tar kharfd karke, us 
buzurg ki khidmat mefi IjiS^ir hil,a. NihSyat khush hokar bolS, ki 
" Sab ko apni jSn se ziySda kuch ^aziz nahifi, par agar meri jSn 
bhi tere kSm Swe, to dare^ na karufi, aur apni beti abhi tere 
^awSle karun, lekin yihi khanf Sta hai, ki is $arakat se teri jSn 
ko khatra na ho, ki yih dSgh lanat ka mere upar tS Ikiyamat 
rahe." Main ne kahS, *'Ab is basti mefi bekas wS|p' hun, aur 
turn mere din dunyS ke bSp ho ; main is Srzu men muddat se kya 
kya tabahi aur pareshani kheiichta hu,a, aur kaise kaise i^adme 
uthata hu,S, yahan tak aya, aur matlab kS bbi sura^ paya ; Khuda 
ne tumhen bhi mihrbSn kiyS, jo byah dene par razamand hu,e, 
lekin mere waste Sga pichhS karte ho ; zarS mun^if hokar, ghaur 
farms, 0, to Ish^: ki talwar se sir bachaha, aur apni jan ko chhipanS 
kis mazhab men durust hai ? Harchi bSdS bSd, maifi ne sab tara||i 
apne ta,in barbsd diyS hai; ma'shu^ ke wi^Sl ko main zinda^ 
samajhta hufi ; apne mame jine ki kucbh parwa nahifi, balki agar 
na,ummed hunga, to bin ajal marja,ungS, aur tumharS l^ySmat mefi 
dSmangir hunga.'* 

Gharaz, is guft o shanid aur hafi nS&h men ^^b ek mahine ke, 
Uiauf raja men gugrS. Har roz us buzurg ki ^idmat men dau^a 


jSta, aur Uiushamad barSmad kiyS kartS. IttiDS^an wuh bu^hS 
kshila hu,a ; maiii us ki bimardari met IfS:^ raha, hameshS ^Srura 
Hakim pas lejatS, jo nuskha likh detS, use tarklb se banakar pilStS, 
aur shola aur ghiza apne hath se pakakar, ko,i niwala kliilata. Ek 
din mihrban hokar kahne laga, *' Ai jawSn I Tu bai^a ^ddl hai ; 
maifi ne harchand saxi t^bal)iaten kah sunS,m, aur mana' karta hut, 
ki is kam se bSz a, jl hai to jahan had, par kbwSh makhwah ku,e 
men gira chShta hai. Achchha, apni lafkl se tera mazkur karungS; 
dekhun wuh kjS kahti hai.'* Ys Fu^ara i AUSh ! Yih kbusbkha- 
bari sunkar, maiii aisa phula, ki kaprofL me£i na samaja ; adsb bajS 
lava, aur kahS, ki "Ab ap ne mere jine ki fikr kl." Eukh^at 
hokar makSn par aya, aur tamam shab Mubfirak se yihi zikr mazkur 
raha ; kahSn ki nind aur kahab ki bhukh. $ub^ ko nHr ke waljLt 
phir jSkar maujud hu,S ; salSm kiya ; farmSne laga, ki ^* Lo, apnl 
betl ham ne tum ko dl, KhudS MubSiak kare ; tum donoii ko KhudS 
ki ^ifg aman mefi sompa ; jab tak mere dam met dam hai, meri 
finkhon ke samhne raho ; jab men Snkh mund ja,e, jo tumhare ji 
mefi awega, so kljo ; mukhtgr ho.** 

Eitne <}in pichhe wuh mard i buzurg jSn ba Ha^ taslim hu,a ; 
ropitkar tajhiz takfm kiya. Bad t^e ke, us nSznin ko Mubarak 4o1r 
karkar, karwansara mefi le,SyS, aur mujh se kahS, ki *' Yih amanat 
Malik i Sadi^ ki hai ; khabm-dar. khiyanat. na kljo, aur yih mi|;^nat 
mashal^t barbad na dijo.** Maifi ne kahS, "Ai kaka! Malik i 
Sadi^ yahan kahSfi hai? Dil nahin manta; maiii kyuj^kar ^abr 
karufi? Jo kuchh ho so ho; ji,ufi, y5 maruii, ab to *aish 
karufi.** Mubarak ne di^^ hokar dSntS, ki *' La^pakpan na karo ; 
abhi ek dam met kuehh kS kuchh ho j5t3 hai ; Malik i Sadi|^ ko 
dnr jante ho, jo us ka farmSna nahin mante ho ; us ne chalte wal^t 
pahlehi ainch pench sab samjhadi hai ; agar as ke kahne par rahoge» 
aur 9a]t^t!t salamat us ko wahan tak le chaloge, to wuh bhi Badshah 
hai, shayad tumhari mi];|tnat par tawajjuli^ karke, tumhifi ko bakhsh 
de, to kya achhi bSt howe ; pit ki pit rahe, aur mit ka mit hath 

Us ke ^ane aur samjhane se, maiA t^rfin hokar chupka ho 
raha ; do san^niyaii kharid kifi, aur kajSwo^ par sawar hokar Malik 
i SSdi)^ ke mulk ki rah li. Chalte chalte, ek maidafi men awaz 
ghul shor ki ane lagi. Mubarak ne kSha, '* Shukr Khuda ka, 
hamari mi]|;^nat nag lag! ; yih lashkar Jinnofi k5 apahuncha.** Bare, 
Mubarak ne un se mil jul kar, puchha ki *' KaljiSfi ka irada kiya 
hai ?** We bole, ki " Bsdshah ne tumhare istil^bsl ke waste hamea 
ta*inat kiya hai ; ab tumhare farmanbarbar bain ; agar kaho to ek 
dam mefi rubaru lechalen.'* Mubarak ne kaha, ** Dekho, kis 
mi]^natofi se Khuda ne Badshah ke }^u'4\ji men hamen surkhru 
kiya; ab jaldi kya ?arur hai; agar Khuda na khwasta^ kuchh U^alftl 


hojawe, to haman milttnat akarat ho, aur Jahanpanah ke ^u^fie 
men paren." Sabhon ne kaha, ki ** Is ke turn mukhtar ho ; jis 
tflxa}). jl chahe cbalo." Agarchi sab Jtaral^ ka aram tha^ par rat din 
chalne se kam tha. 

Jab nazdik ja pahuncha, main Mubarak ko sota dekhkar, us 
nSznin ke ]^damon par sir rakhkar apne dil kl be]^rari aur Malik i 
Sadilj: ke sabab se lachari nihayat minnat o zan se kahne laga, ki 
*^ Jis roz se tumhari ta^wlr dekhl hai ; ^wab o khurish aur aram 
main ne apne upar ]|;Laram kiya hai, ab jo Khuda ne yih din dikhaya, 
to ma^9 begana ho raha hun." Farmane lagi, ki " Mera bhi dil 
tumhari Jaraf ma,il hai, ki tum ne men khatir kya kya harj maij 
uthaya, aur kis kis ma8ha|^]p,ton se le aye ho ; Khuda ko yad karo, 
aur mujhe bhul na ja,iyo; dekho to parda i ghaib se kya s^ir hota 
hai." Yih kahkar, aisi beakhtiyar ^^hmarkar ro,i, ki hichki lag 
gaj ; idhar mera yih ]|^al, udhar us ka wuh aJbwal. Is men Mubarak 
kl nind pit ga4 ; wuh donon mushtal^on ka rona dekhkar, rone laga, 
aur bola, *' Khatir jama* rakho ; ek raughan mere pas hai, us gul- 
badan men mal dunga, us kl bu se Malik i §adi|^ kk jl hat j^^^ga ; 
ghalib hai ki tumhln ko b al^h shde." 

Mubarak se yih tadbir sunkar, dil ko dhafas hoga^i ; us ke gale 
se lagkar lar kiya, aur kaha, " Ai dada ! Ab tu mere bap ki jagah 
hai ; tore balg men jan bachi ; ab bhi aisa kam kar, jis men meri 
zindagani ho, nahifi to is gham men marja,unga ! " Us ne 4hersJ 
tasalll di. Jab roz roshan hu«a, awaz Jinnon kl malum hone la^. 
DekhS to ka,i Khawass Malik i Sadi^ ke aye hain, aur dosarepa,o 
bhari hamare hye laye hain, aur ek chau^ol motiyon ki tor pa^fi hu,i, 
un ke sath hai. Mubarak ne us naznin ko tel mal diys;, aur poshak 
pahina ; bana,okar Malik i §adi]^ ke pas lechala. Badshah ne 
dekhkar mujhe bahut sarfaraz kiya, aur 'izzat o Jt^urmat se bithaya, 
aur farmane laga, ki " Tujh se main aisa suluk karunga, ki kisu se 
na kiya hoga ; badshahat to tere bap kl maujud hai ; 'alawa ab tu 
mere bet^e ki jagah hu,a." Ye tawajjuh ki baten karraha tha; itne 
men wuh naznin bhi rubaru a,i. Us raughan ki bu «e ek ba ek 
dimagh paraganda hu,a, aur l^ial beljial hogaya ; tab us bas ki na 
lasaka ; uthkar bahar chala gaya, aur ham donpn ko bulwaya, aur 
Mubarak ki taraf mutawajjSi hokar farmaya, ki " Kyun ji, khub 
shart baja laye. Maifi ne khabardar kardiya tha, ki agar kbiyanat 
karoge, to khafgi men pa^oge ; yih bu kaisi hai ? Ab dekho, tum- 
hara kya lial karta bun.*' Bahut jizbiz hu,a; Mubarak ne mare 
4ar ke, apna izarband kholkar dikha diya, ki "Badshah salamat! 
Jab IjLuzur ke Ijiukm se us kam ke ham muta'aiyin hu,e the, ghulam 
ne pahle hi apnl 'alamat katkar, dibiya men band-karke, sar ba 
muhr sarkar ke Khazanchi ke supurd kardi thi, aur marham i 
Sulaimani lagakar rawana hu,a tha." 



Mubarak se yih jawab sunkar, men Jaraf ankhen nikSlke, gburS, 
aur kahne laga. " To yih tera kam hai, aur iflish men akar, mufih 
8e bura bhala bakne laga ; us ke batkaha,o se yun malum hota thS, 
ki shayad jan se mujhe marwS^^^gS- J&b main ne us ke bashre se 
yih daryaft kiya, apne ji se hath dhokar, aur jan khokar sir i ghilaf 
Mubarak kl kamar se khenchkar, Malik i Sadi]|^ Id tofid men mSri ; 
chhuii ke lagte hi nihu^a, aur jhunna ; maifi ne l^airan hokar janS, 
ki mu]^arrar margayS ; phir apne dil men kbiyfil kiyS, ki zakhm to 
aisa kail nahifi lagS, yih kya sabab hu,S. Main khara dekhtS tha« 
ki wuh zamln par loj; Ist gend ki ^urat bankar, asman kl \a.Tai 
ufchala ; aisa buland hu,S, ki Skhir najsarofi se ghaJb hogaya, phir 
ek pal ke ba'd bijli ki .tara^i kai'akta aur ghu99e met. kuohh bema*ni 
bakta hu,a, niche Sya, aur mujhe ek 1st mari, ki maifi te,orSkar 
charo^ shane chit gir pafS, aur ji (}ub gayS. Khuda jane kitni der 
meh hosh mefi aya. Ankhefi kholkar jo dekhS to ek aise jangal 
men papa hun, ki jahafi siwS,e kikaf aur nets aur jhafberi ke 
darakhtofi ke kuohh aur najsar nahin atS ; ab us ghafi 'at^ kuchh 
kam nahifi karti, ki kya karlifi, aur kahSfi ja,ufL ! Na,ummedi se 
ek Sh bharkar, ek Jaraf ki rfih li. Agar kahifi ko,i admi ki ^urat 
na^r pafti, to Malik i SSdi|^ ka nam puchhta ; wuh ^wona jankar 
jawab deta, ki '* Ham ne to us kS nam bhi nahlfi suna.** 

Ek roz pahar par jSkar, maiii ne bhi irada kiyS, ki apne ta,iii 
girSkar ^Sya karOfi. Jaufi musta'idd gime ka hu,a, wahi SawSr 
Satiib i Zulfil^ar bur]^'posh a pahuncha, aur bolS, ki ** KyiUi jan 
khota hai ; fidmi par dukh dard sab hota hai ; ab tere bure ^in gaye, 
aur bhale din aye ; jaldl Rum ko ja ; tin shakh? aisehi Sge gaye 
baifi ; un se mula]j:at kar, aur wahafi ke sul.tan se mil ; tum pSnchofi 
ka maj^lab ek hi jagah mefi milegS." Is Fa]j:ir ki sair ka yih majara 
hai, jo 'ar? kiya. Bfire basharat se apne Maula i MushkilkushS ki, 
Murshidofi ki ibiu^ri mefi Spahuhcha hufi, aur Badshah i ZillullSh 
ki bhi mulazamat ii^a^il hu,i chahiye ki ab sab ki Uiadr jama' bo." 




Yih bSteJL chSrofi Darwesh aur BSdshSh IzSdba^t met ho lahUi 
thlft, ki itne meh ek Ma^^alll BadshSh ke malmill man se dau|i[ hu^ 
fiya, aar mubSrakbad kl, taslimed BfidshSh ke )ji\u(ai bigSlSyS, aur 
'ar? kl, ki " Is waf^t ShShzSda paidS hn,S, ki Sftab o mabtSb us ke 
^usn ke rubaru sbarminda hai&.** Bsdsbah ne muta'ajjib hokar 
pTIchhS, ki *' Zshir meh to kisu ko l^aanl na tha,- yih aftSb kis ke 
Durj i ^amal se namud hu,S ?** Us ne iltimas kijS, ki ^ Mfihru 
UiawS99, jo babut dinofi se ^la^b i BadshShl men pafi tbi, 
nikammoA ki manind ek kone men rahtl thi, aur m3re <}ar ke us ke 
nazdik ko,i na jata, na a^wSl pHcbbtS tha, us par yih fcugd i IlShi 
hu,S, ki chSnd sS beta us ke pet se paidS hu,S.*' 

BsdshSh ko ais! khushi JljiS^il huj, ki shajad shSdl marg hojE^e^ 
Charon Fa|^ ne bhi du*S di, ki " Bhala bSbS ! Tera ghar abSd 
rahe, aur us ka ^adam mubarak ho, tere saje ke tale b€fhS bapi 
ho !" BsdshSh ne kahS, ** Yih tumhSre ^adam kl barakat hai, o 
ills na apue to shSn gumSn mefi bhI yih bat na thi ; ijSzat ho to 
jskar dekhuA." Darweshoi^ ne kahS, *' BismillSh, sidhSriye.*' Bsd- 
shSh ma^jiall men tashnf legaye ; Shahzade ko god men liyS, aur 
shukr ParwardigSr kl janSb men kiyS ; kaleja tan^hS hn,S. Wo&him 
chhsti se lagSye hu,e, lakar, Fakiron ke ^^amoii par 4slS. Dar- 
weshofL ne du'S,en parhkar jhS^^ phunk diya. BSdshSh ne jashn ki 
taiySri ki ; dohri naubatefi jhapie lagln ; khazSne kS mufih kh(^ 
diyS, dSd o dihish se ek kauri ke mu]|^taj ko lakhpatl kar diyS, 
Arkan i daulat jitne the, sab ko dochand jagir o mansab ke farman 
hogaye ; jitna lashkar thS, unhen panch baras ki talab in'am hu,i ; 
MashS,ikh, aur Akabir ko madadma'ash aur altamgha 'inayat hu,S ; 
bewS,oii ke mete aur (ukai^gadon ke chamle ashrafi aur rupai,on ki 
khichp se bhar diye; aur tin baras ka khazana raiyat ko mu'af 
kiya, ki ** Jo kuchh bowefi juten, donon tii^^e apne gharofi men 
uthS lejS,<3fL/' 

Tamam shahr mefi hazari bazari ke gharon men jahan dekho, 
wahafi tha,i tha,i uach horahS hai ; mare khushi ke harek adna ala 
Badshali i wa|j[t ban baitha. 'Ain shadi men ekbargi andarun 1 
malt^all se rone pitne ka ghul utha, khawag^en aur Turkauiyafi aur 
Urdabeganiyan aur Ma^ialli Kliojesara sir men khak dalt;e hu,e, 
bahar nikalaye, aur Badshah se kaha, ki ** Jis YfsJft Shahzade ko 


nahla dhulakar da,! ki god men diya, ek abr ka tukra Sja, aur daj 
ko gher liya ; ba*d ek dam ke dekhen to anga behosh paji hai, aur 
Slu^ada gha,ib ho gaja; yih kyakiyamat tut!!*' Bsdshah yih 
ta'ajjabSt sunkar, ];^airan ho raha, aur tamam molk mefi wgwaila 
pa^; do din talak kisu ke, ghar han^i na chafhi; Shahzade kS 
^biam khate, aur lahu apna pite the. 

Ghara^ zindagani se lachar the, jo is taral^ jite the. Jab tisrS 
din hu,S, wahi bSdal phir ayS, aur ek piDghura jara,o motiyon kl tof 
pan hu,I lays, use ma^ll mefi rakhkar, ap hawa hu,a. Logon ne 
Shahzade ko us mefi angutha chuste hu,e payS ; BadshSh Begam 
ne jaldi bala,efL lekar, hathoji men uthakar chha^ se laga liyS. 
DekhS to kurtS abrawan ka, motiyofi ka dardaman takS hu,a gale 
men hai ; aur us par shalukS tamSmi ka pahnaya hai, aur hath 
pa&ofi men kharwe mura^^a' ke aur gale met. haikal nauratan kl 
^^ap. hai, aur jhunjhuna, chusnl, chabne patite jara,o dhare hain. Sab 
mare khushi ke waripheri hone lagiii aur du*&,en dene lagin, ki 
'< Teri ma k£ pet thanda rahe, aur tu bufha a^ha ho !'* 

Badshah ne ek ba^a ma]^all nayS ta*mir karwSkar, aur farsh 
bichhwa, us men Darweshofi ko rakhS. Jab salj^anat ke kam se 
faraghat hotl, tab abaithte, aur sab tara^i se khidmat aur khabarfflE 
karte, lekin har chand ki nauchandi Jum*arat ko wahl pSra i abr SUE, 
aur Shahzade ko lejata, ba'd do din ke tull^e, khilaune, aur saughatei^ 
harek mulk ki, aur harek Jpsm kl Shahzade ke sSth le ata, jin ke 
dekhne se 'a^ insSn ki }^an hojati. Isl ^*ide se BadshahzSde ne 
khairiyat se satwefi baras meh pafion diya. 'Ain salgirih ke roz 
BadshSh Azadbakht ne Fa]^ron se kaha, ki " Sa,I6 A11& ! Kuchh 
ma'um nahifi hota, ki Shahzade ko kaun lejsta hai, aur phir dejatS 
hai; ba^a ta'ajjub hai; dekhiye anjam is ka kya hotS hai." £>ar- 
weshoA ne kaha, " Ek shu]^ i shau|pya is mazmun kS likhkar, 
Shahzade ke gahware men rakh do, ki " Tumhari mihrbSnagi aur 
mu^tabbat dekhkar, apna bhi dil mushtaff: mula]^ ka hu,a hai ; 
agar dosti ki rah se apne ely/fal ki ittila' dijiye, to khatir jama' 
ho, aur t^Airani bilkull dafa' ho." Badshali ne muwafi];: i ^alati 
Darweshon ke, afshani kaghaz par ek ru^' isi 'ibfirat ka tar^m 
kiya, aur mahd i zarrin mefi rakh diya. 

Shahzada ba mujib ^'ida i Ij^dim ke ^tiaib hu,S. Jab shSm hn,i 
Azadbakht Darweshon ke bistaron par Skar baifhe, aur kalimakalam 
hone laga. Ek kaghaz lipta hu,a, Badshah ke pSs a pa^'S ; kholkar 
pa^ha, to jawab usi shul^e ka tha ; yihi do saj^ren likhi thi&, ki 
" Hamefi bhi apna mushtaf^ janiye ; sawari ke liye takhtjatg hai ; is 
wa^t agar tashrif la,iye, to bihtar hai ; baham mulSl^t ho ; sab asbab 
*aish ojtarab ka muhaiya hai ; §a)^ibhi ki jagah khali hai." Badshah 
Azadbakht Darwesho& ko, hamrah lekar, takht baithe ; wuh tokht 
^a^t Sulaiman ke tak^t ki manind hawa par chalfi. Eafta 


rafta aise makan jS utre, ki 'imarat i 'Slisban aar taiyarl ka samS^ 
nazar ata hai, lekin yih malum nahln hotS, ki yahan ko,I hai ja 
nahin. Itne men kisu ne ek ek salSJ Salaimani surme kl un 
panchon k! ankhijoA men pherdi ; do bundeii ansu ki tapak pafin ; 
Pariyon kS akhafS dekha, ^ isti|j:bal kl khatir gulabpai^efi lije bu,e, 
aur rang ba rang ke jofe pahne hu,e khafa bai. 

Azadbakbt age cbale, to doruja hazaron Panzad mu,addab kbare 
baifi, aur ^adar mefi ek takht zumumid kS dbara bai ; us par Malik 
i Sbabbal Shabrukh ka betS, takije lagfije ba^e tuzuk se baitba bai, 
aur ek Parizad la^ki rubaru baithi, Sbabzada i Bakbtyar ke satb 
kbel rabi bai, aur dono baghal mefi kursiyan aur ^andaliyan (Larine 
se bicbbi bain, un par 'umda Parizad bai^be bain. Malik i Sbabbal 
Badsbab ko dekbtebi, sarv^dd ufba, aur takbt se utarkar bagbalglr 
bu,S, aur batb mefi bath pak^e, apne barabar takbt par lakar 
bitbaya, aur ba^e tapak aur garmjosbl se babam guftgu hone lag!. 
Tamam roz bansi, khushi khane, aur mewe aur kbusbbu^on ki 
^yafat rahl, aur rag rang suna kiye. Dusre din jab pbir dono 
BadsbSh jama' bu,e, Sbabbal ne Badshab se Darwesbon ke sath 
ISne kl kaifiyat puchhi. 

Badsbab ne cbaroii benawa,on ka majara, jo suna tbS, mufa$?al 
bayan kiya, aur sifarisb ki, aur madad cbSbl, ki **Inbon ne itnl 
mi^nat aur mu^bat khaifLcbi bai, ab Salfib ki tawajjub se, agar 
apne apne mal^^ad ko pabuncbefi, to gawab i *a^m hai, aur yih 
mukhli? bhi tamSm 'umr shukrguzar rahega; ap ki na^sar i tawajjub 
se un sab ka berS pSr bota hai." Malik i Sbabbal ne sunkar kaba, 
** Ba sur o chashm, maiii tumbSre farmane se l^a^ir nahin." Yih 
kahkar nigab i garm se Dewo& aur Pariyon kl Jaraf dekha, aur bapa 
ba^e Jin, jo jaban sardar the, un ko name Ukhe, ki ** Is farman ke 
dekbtebi, apne ta,i6 ^u:^ i pumur met ^a^r karo ; agar kisi ke 
ane met. tawal^uf boga, to apni saza pawega: aur pakpS bu,a 
awega, aur Adamzad, jkhwab 'aurat, khwah mard, jis ke pas bo, use 
apne sath liye awe ; agar ko,i posbida kar rakbega, aur §aniyull;ifll 
zahir boga, to us kS zan o bachcha kolhu men peraja,ega, aur us ka 
nam o nisban ba]p na rahega." 

Yih ]t)iukmnama lekar, Deo charofi taraf muta'aiyin hu,e. Yaban 
donofi Badsbabon men i^u^bat garm bu,i, aur baten ikhtilat kl bone 
lagi^ ; us mefi Malik Sbabbal Darwesbon se mukbaj^b hokar bola, 
ki " Apne ta,i£L bhi barf arzu La^ke hone ki thi, aur dil men yih 
*ahd kiya tha, ki agar beta de ya befi, to us ki sbSdi bani i Adam ke 
Bsdshab ke yahaii jo lafka paida boga, us se karunga; is niyat 
kame ke ba'd malum bu,a, ki Badsbab Begam pet se bain. Bare 
din aur ghafiyan aur mabiue ginte ginte pure din hu,e, aur yih 
larki paida hu,i. Muwafi^ wa de ke talasb kame ke was.te, 'alam i 
Jinniyat ko maifi ne ];^ukm kiya, '' Cbardang i dunya men justju 



karo ; jis Badshah ya ShShanshSh ke jahan farzand paida hu,a ho, 
us ko bajins ihtiyat se jald uthakar l6,a,o." Wofibi^ ba mujib 
farman ke Panzad charon simt paraganda hu,e; ba*d der ke is 
Shah^ade ko mere pas le,aje. 

Main ne shukr Khuda ka kiyS, aur apni god. men leliya ; apni 
beta se ziyada us ki multiiabbat mere dil me& paida hu,i ; ji nahm 
chahtS, ki ek dam nazarofi se juda karHii, lekin is khaj^ir bhejdeta 
hun, ki agar us ke ma bap na dekhenge, un kS kya a^wal hoga, 
lihaza bar mahlne men ek bar manga lets bun, ka,i din apne nazdik 
rakhkar phir bbc^deta bu&, InsbS Allahu Ta*alS» ab bamari mula- 
kat bu,i, is Isi katkhndaJ kardeta bufi : maut liayat sab ko lag! pa^i 
hai ; bbala jite ji in ka sihra dekblei^" 

BadsbSh Azs^bakht ye batefi Malik i Sbahbal ki sunkar aur is Id 
l^ubiyan dekhkar, nibayat ma^zus; h%e, aur bole, " Pable bam ko 
Shahzade ke gbS4b bojane aur pbir ane se *ajab tara];i ke khatre dil 
mofi Ste the, lekin ab ^aJtiib ki guftgu se tasalli hu,i ; yib beta ab 
tumhSrS hai; jis met ab tumh^ khushi ho, so kijiye." Gharaz, 
dono& BSdshahofi ki ^al^bat maniud shakr o shir ke rahti, aur 'aish 
karte. Das panch ddn ke *ar$e mefi bai*e ba^e BadshSh gulistan i 
Iram ke, aur kohistSn ke aur jazirofi ke, jin ki talab ki khatir log 
tatnat hu,e the, sab akar tiu^ur men ^a^ hn,e. Pahle Malik i 
Sadilj: se farmayS, ki " Tere pas jo AdamzSd hai, (ta^dr kar ; us ne 
nipat ^am aur ghugga khakar, la char us gul'izar ko t^azir kiya ; 
aur wilayat i 'Umman ke BadshSh se Shahzadi Jinn ki (jis ke 
waste Shahzada Mulk i Nimroz kS, ga,osawar hokar, sauds,i banS 
tha,) mangi ; us ne bhi bahut si 'uzr ma'zarat karke i^ai^ir ki. Jab 
BSdshSh i Farang ki befi aur Bihzad Khan ko j^ab kiya, sab 
munkir pak hu,e, aur Ha^rat SulaimSn ki ]^am khane lage. 

Akhir. darya,e Kulzum ke Badshah se jab puchhne ki naubat S,i, 
to wuh sir nichS karke, chup horahS; Malik i Bhahbal ne us ki 
khatir ki, aur l^^asam di, aur ummedwSr sarfarSzi kS kiya, aur kuchh 
dhauils dhafkS bhi diya ; tab wuh bhi hath jo^kar 'ar^ kame laga, 
ki ** BadshSh salSmat ! Hal^il^t yih hai, ki jab BSdshSh apne bete 
ke istil^bal ki khStir daryS par Sya, aur Shahzade ne mSre jaldi ke 
ghopa daryS men 4Sla, ittifal^an maifi us roz sair o shikar ki khai^ir 
nikla tha; us jagah mera guzar hu,a; sawari khap karke yih 
tamasha dekraha thS. Is met. Shahzadi ko bhi gho^i daryS met. 
lega,i ; meri nigah jo us par pa^i, dil be,ikbtiyar hu,a ; ParizSdoi'i 
ko Ijiukm kiyS, ki '* Shahzadi ko ba ma* gho^i le,S,o.*' Us ke 
pichhe Bihzad Khan ne ghofS phenkS ; jab wuh bhi ghote khSne 
laga, us ki, dilSwari aur mardSnagi pasand a,i; us ko bhi hathofi 
hSth pakarliya ; un donon ko lekar maifi ne sawari pheri, so we 
dono& ^aifilif. salSmat mere pas maujud bain." 

Yih a]|^wSl kahkar, dono& ko rubaru bulSyS, aur Sultan i ShSm 



ki ShahzSdi ki talash bahut ki, aur sabhoA se basakbti o iiitila,imtft 
istifsSr kija, lekin kisu ne ^aml na bhaii, aur na nam o nishan 
bataya. Tab Malik Shahb&l ne farmaya, ki "Eo,I BadsbSh y& 
sardar ghair ]fi^r bhi hai, ya sab achuke?** Jinnofi ne 'ar? ki, 
** JahSnpanah sab t^uzur men aye bain, magar ek Musalsal Jadu, 
jis ne koh i Kaf ke parde met. ek ^ila' jadu ke *ilm se banaya bad, 
wub apne gbarur se naJufi aya hai, aur ham ghulamon ko jbal^ 
nahln, jo ba zor us ko pakap lawefi ; wuh bafS \aXb makan hai, aur 
wub ^ud bb! ba|u sbaij^an bai. 

£^ih suukar Malik i Sbabbal ko taisb aya, aur lai^tki fauj Jinno& 
aur 'Ifritofi aur PanzSdon ki, tatnSt ki, aur farmaya. ^*Agar 
rasti men us Sbabzadi ko satb lekar, Ijia^ bo, fabiha; o ilia na, us 
ko zer o zabar karke, musbkefi bSMbkar le,a,o, aur us ka garb aur 
mulk ko nest nabud karke, gadbe ka baJ pbirwado.'* Wo£ihi& 
(lukm hotehi aisi kitni £giuj rawana bu,I, ki ek adh din ke 'ari^e mefi, 
waise joehkharosbwale scurkasb ko liall^bagosb karke, paka^ laye, 
aur ];iu:zur me& dastbasta kharS kiya Malik i Sbahbal ne barchand 
sarzanisb karke pucbba, lekin us maghrur ne siwa^e nafib ke, hS& 
na kl, Nibayat ko, ghugge bokar farmSya, ki '* Is mardud ke 
band band juda karo, aur khal khainchkar, bbus bbar do." Aur 
Parfzad ke lasbkar ko ta'aiyun kiya, ki ** Kob i Kaf men jSkar 
4bun<}b 4ban4bkar paida karo." Wub lasbkar i muta'aiyana Sbab- 
zadi ko bhi talash karke le,aya, aur bu^ur men pahunchaya. Un 
sab asaroii ne aur cbaro£i Fa^ron ne Malik i ShabbSl ka Jjiukm aur 
in^Sf dekhkar, du'a;,e& din, aur shad hu,e ; BadshSh Azadbakbt bhi 
bahut khush hu,a. Tab Malik i Sbabbal ne farmaya, ki " MardoA 
^0 (tiwan i khag? men, aur Auratofi ko Badshahi ma^udl mefi 
dakhil karo, aur shahr meii a,inabandi ka ^ukm karo, aur shadi ki 
taiySii jaldi ho.'* Goya ^ukm ki deri thi. 

Ek roz nek sa'at aur mubarak mahurat dekhkar Shahzada i 
Bakhtyar ka 'a^d aphi beti Rosbanakhtar se bandha ; aur Khwaja- 
zada i Yaman ko DamishJ^ ki Shah:^adi se byaha ; aur mulk i Fars 
ke Shahzade ka nikali Ba^re ki Sbabzadi se kardiya ; aur *Ajam ke 
Badshahzade ko Farang kl Malika se mansub kiya ; aur Nimroz ke 
Badshah ki befi ko Bihzad Khan ko diya, aur Shahzada i Nimroz 
ko Jinn ki Sbabzadi l^iawale ki; aur Chin ke Shahzade ko us 
pirmard i Ajami ki beti se (jo Malik i Sadi^ ke ^b^e men thi,) 
katkhuda kiya. Harek namurad, ba daulat Malik i Shahbal ki, 
apne apne mal^^ad aur murad ko pahunchha. Ba'd us ke chslls din 
jashn &rmayS, aur *aish o 'ishrat men rat din mashghul rahe. 

Akhir. Malik i Shahbal ne harek Badshahzade ko tuf^e aur 
saughaten. aur mal asbab de dekar, apne apne watan ko rukh^at 
kiya ; wuh sab ba khushi o khatirjama' rawana hu,e, aur kbair o 
'fifiyat se ja pahunche, aur BadshShat kame lage. Magar ek 

b:i9se ke ikhtitam men. 135 

Bihzad Khan aur Khwajazada Taman ka, apni k^ushi se Badshah 
Azadbakht k! rifaj^at meh rahe. Akhir. Yaman ke Khwgjazade 
ko Khansaman. aur Bihzad Khan ko MirbakhshL Shahzade $at^b 
i il^bal, yane Bakhtyar. k! fauj ka kijS. Jab talak jite rahe, 'aish 
karte rahe. " Uahi ! Jis JaraJti yih chSron Darwesh aur pSnchwafi 
Badshah JLzadba^t apne murSd ko pahunche, isi .tara$ bar ek 
namurad }fS, mal^^ad i dili apne karam aur fa?l se barla, ba .(ufail 
Panjtan i pak, duwazda ImSm, chahardah Ma'§um *alaihimusaalat 
wassalam ; Amin ya IlShul 'Alamin! 

*' Murattab hu,a jab yih B&gjix o BahSr,^ 

the San barah sau satrah dar shamlSr* 

Karo sair ab is kl turn rSt din, 

ki hai nSm o tailkb Bl^ o BahSr. 

Khizan ka nahlfi is meh fiseb kuchh, 

hamesha tar o taza hai yih bahSr. 

Mere khun i dil se yih serSb hai, 

aur lakht jigar ke hain barg o bSr. 

Mujhe bhul jawenge sab ba'd i maig, 

rahega magar yih sakhun ySdgar. 

Ise jo pa^be yad mujh ko kare, 

yihi tLariyo^ se merS hai ^ar&r. 

Khat a gar kahifi ho to rakhiyo mu*fif, 

ki phulon men poshida rahta hai kbSr ; 

Hai insaJL mukarrab zi sahw o kha$S, 

yih chukega harchand ho hoshySr ; 

Main is ke siwa chahta kuchh nahifi, 

yihi hai du'a, meri ai Kirdigar ! 

Ten yad mefi maiii rahufi dam ba dam^ 

kafe is iflxsif. mera lail o nahar; 

Na pursish ki sakhti ho mujh par kabhtl^ 

Na shab i gor ki, aur na roz i shumar. 

Tu kaunain men luff par lu^f rakh, 

KhudSya ba hs^ iBastd i KibSr!" 


•I ''^ 


Ma^ftddama 1 

Shuru* l^^^e kS ........ 5 

Sair pahle Daxwesh ki 11 

Sair dusre Darwesh ki 37 

Sarguzasht Azadbakbt BfidshSh kl • • • • .62 

Sair tisre Darwesh ki ....... 105 

Sair chauthe Darwesh kl . • . • • • .118 

Ki^^e ke IkhtitSm meh • • 130 




I7.B. — ^To iave space, the following oontractions are used : — ^m. masouline— 
f. feminine-Hi. active verb— n. neuter verb. The following initials stand for 
certain verbs frequently used in forming compounds ; viz. d. dend — h. hond — 
k. — ha/md^ and I, — lend. Such other verbs as may occasionally occur in compo- 
sition are written in fulL The letters a, |), «, A at the end of the definitions 
denote the word to be of Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, or Hindu origin respec- 
tively. A few words marlced ^ are of Turk! or Tartar descent. 


ahy now, presently, just now. K 

ab^ m. water ; lustre (in gems), p, 

abd, m. pL fiitthers. a, 

ctbabil^ m. a swallow. 

abady m. eternity (without end) ; 
(ibadif eternal (without end), a. 

dbdd or dbdddnf cultivated, inhabited, 
populous, prosperous ; dbdd* or 
dbdddm, f. a habitation, a pleasant 
place ; population, cultivation, 
abundance, p, 

ahoTf m. a cloud, the sky. p. 

dbddly m. a religious person, a devotee, 
an enthusiast ; AbdaU, surname of 
Ahmad, grandfather of the late 
Shah Shuja* of £abul. a. 

db'ddr, m. the person entrusted with 
Hie charge of water for drinking j 
adj. clear, sharp ; dbddr'!^na, the 
house or cellar where water is kept. 


dh'ddriy f. the brilliiuicy (of gems), 
temper (of steel) ; sharpness ; of- 
fice of ab-dar. p, 

db-dida^ tearful, in tears; SbdHa-'h^ 
to weep. p. [9, 

dhharany m. jewels, finery, decoration. 

dbhiy just now, exactly now, inunedi* 

«K, watery, aquatic, p, [atdy. *. 

^dbidy m. an adorer, a devotee, a. 

dbi-haydty m. the water of immortality, 
fountain of life. p. a. 

dbi^awdn^ m. running water j a sort 
of very fine muslin, p, 

dbi-8hor€ty m. water cooled with ice 
or saltpetre, p. 

abkdf present (time), now. h, [p, 

db-thoray m. avessel for cooling water. 

ahldky piebald, a. 

cibnd, m. pL of tdf*, sons, children; ab- 
nd-e-jinsy those of the same quality 
or rank ; comrades, equals* a. 


( 2 ) 


dh o Jutwd^ water and air, dimate. jp. 

ckbrdk^ m. talc, mica. «. 

abresham^ m. silk, sewing fdlk, raw 
silk. p. 

abru^ f. the eyebrow, p. 

abru, f. honour, reputation ; abru 
utdmdy to disgrace; abru-d.y to 
give another honour, or lose one's 
own ; abr^l.^ to take away a per- 
son s character ; abru bafhnd, to 
increase in reputation, p, 

db-shaTf f. a waterfall p. 

db'tak or db-talak^ till now, hitherto, 
yet, as yet. s. 

abu, £either ; much used in the names 
of men, as Abu-jaM (the £&ther of 
ignorance), name of an unde of 
Muhammad, a, 

aehaiimdy n. to rise up. h, 

achambhdt wonderful, astonishing, h, 

aehdnctky suddenly, unexpectedly. A. 

ttchdr or dchdri m. pickles, h, 

(tehdr-ddn, m. a jar, &o., for contain- 
ing pickles, h. 

€U!hchhd, excellent, well; ttchchhd'h, 
to recoyer from illness, s. 

achhaiy imperishable, a. 

achhwantf f. caudle, h. 

add, f. performance, coquetry ; bland- 
ishment; payment; add-Jc, to per- 
form, to pay. a,p, 

adabf m. institute ; politeness, a. 

dddb, m. pi. addbf ceremonies, eti- 
quette ; dddb bn-jd Idnd, to pay one's 
respects to another, a. 

adakchay m. a sort of covering, h. 

'addlat, f. a court of justice ; law, 
justice, a, 

Adam, m. Adam, the first man ; man ; 
ddam-zddf one of the human race. a. 

^adam, m. non-existence, want, priva- 
tion, a. 

*Adan, f. Eden, Paradise ; name of a 
town in the south of Arabia, a. 

*ada9y f. lentils, a, 

*ddatf f. habit, custom, usage, a. 

^addwaty f. enmity, hatred, strife, a. 

dddhit half a " damri " (a small coin), 
half a piece of cloth. «. 

ddhdf half. s. 

ddhoTf m. food, support, s, 

adhef, middle-aged,just past prime, h. 

adhitfdnd, to halve, h, 

adh-Jald, hal^bumt. s, 

adh-mUjdy half-dead. s. 

{tdhotoTf f. a fine kind of cloth. A, 

ddi, beginning, first; ddi-ant, from 
beginning to end, till now. i, 

*ddU, just ; f. *ddila, a. 

^adtm, destitute, void of. a. 

adkhUdy adkhold, half-blown. A. 

*adl, m. justice, equity, a. 

ddnuy m. f . a descendant of Adam, a 
himian being (man or woman), an 
individual, people, a. 

ddmiifa6f £ humanity, civility, a, 

adnd or adng, inferior, lowest, mean. 

*aduy m. an enemy, a. [a, 

dfat, f. calamity, eviL a, [a. 

afdiy pL calamities, misf ortimes, evils. 

4/^?, m. a serpent, a. 

o/Sm, afifun, f. opium, a. 

dfiyaty f. health, safety (v. ^air). a. 

afldjc, pL m. the heavens, heavenly 

Afidtun, m. Plato, a. [bodies, a. 

Afrdsiydby m. name of an ancient 
king, who was slain by Bustam. p, 

dfrin, f. praise; inteaj. bravo! well 
done ! 4/H»-it, to admire, approve 
of. p, 

afsdna, m. a fiction, tale, story, ro- 
mance, p, 

(if^ar, m. f. a crown or diadem. p» 

afihwrda^ pressed, filtered. p% 


( 8 ) 


aftos^ m. Borrow, concern, rezation; 
inter), ah ! alas ! aftos'h. to lament ; 
afsos hoi, it is a pity. p. 

afsun^ incantation, sorcery, p, 

afswrda, frozen, faded, sad. p, 

afiah^ m. the sun, sunshine, p, 

dftdba, m. a ewer, a bason, p. 

^afu^ pardon, forgiveness ; *q/%-A. or 
hojd/nd^ to be pardoned, a. 

afia (in composition) increasing, ex- 
pan ding (vide raunal^, p, 

afzuny increasing, p. 

ag, f. fire ; dg-d, or lagan&y to set on 
fire. 8, 

aga, m. the front or foie part ; agS 
pwhhd-ky to waver, to act without 
decision, 9. 

igdh, informed ; f. intelligence, p. 

agoTy i£, when, p, 

agarc^, although, p. 

ctgdriy before, in front, forward, the 
fore part. t. 

dgcy before, in front, formerly; for- 
wards, henceforth, in future; ra- 
ther, sooner, s, 

ig^d, m. a lord, master, i, 

dghathta, moistened, mixed, p, 

«j[i^«, beginning; dgbdz-k, to begin. 

ctgjilohy superior, stronger, most like- 
ly, a, 

agldy prior, first, chief, principal ; an- 
cestor, ancient ; other, next. «. 

dggd or agydy f. command, order, be- 
hest. 8. 

^dkdy m. compact, treaty, covenant ; 
time, season ; ^ dhd-ahikany adj. co- 
venant-breaking ; *(ihd'8hikamy f. 
the breaking of a covenant, a. 

ahdiy m.r a soldier. a»p, 

Afymctdy a man*s name. a. 

ahmaky very foolish, a fool $ ahmakt, 
f. folly, a* 

ahwdly pL m. conditions, circumstances, 
events, account ; ahwdl-pur8 or 
-pursdriy one who inquires into, or 
takes an interest in, another's af- 
fiurs; ahwdl-purny attention from 
another person, a, 

*aiby m. fault, blame; *aih'po8h, le- 
nient, one who conceals another's 
faults ; *aih-poshi, indulgence, leni- 
ency; *aib-Jo, one who seeks out 
fitults. a, [how? a, 

aifty an interrogative particle, where ? 

a-f», m. law : regulation, p, 

*ainy f. the eye ; a fountain ; the es- 
sence of anything, as, *€nn 8hddi^ 
the height or essence of joy ; *am 
rah men, in the very path or road. a. 

d^nay m. glass, a mirror; dytna-hcmdi^ 
ornamenting (a city) with mirrors 
on festival occasions, p, 

*aindky f. a pair of spectacles, a. 

aine^mdy to draw, attract, h, 

aisdy so, like this ; aisd-taUdy so so, 
indifferent; good for nothing. K 

*ai8hy m. pleasure, delight, a. 

OM/dmy pi. otf/aumy days, times, sea- 
sons, weather, a. 

aiydny conspicuous ; ^aiydn rd cM 
IcMfdny Why explain what is self- 
orident? a, 

AigdZy a proper name, p, 

djy to-day ; dJ-M, this very day ; dj- 
tak or -taldky till this day. '8. 

*a/a5, m. -wonder, admiration; adj. 
wonderful, rare. a. 

^ajdyiby pi. m. wonders, curiosities, a. 

CQaly t death, fate j ajalrgiriftay over- 
taken by fate, doomed, a. 

*AJamy Persia; *Ajaimy Persian; a 
stranger, a foreigner, a. 

^d^dfMy n. to come suddenly, h^ 

ajliy an inteijection to call or bespeak 


( 4 ) 


attentionv such as, '*Hark you!" 
"Isayl" Ac. *. 

'<f;15, wonderful, rare; 'tfih'gharih, 
or *itfib gj^fiMTibt wonderful and 
strange, a. 

^c^iba^ wonderfuL a. [stranger, a. 

afnaib^ ajndbif foreign, strange; a 

'4;», in^otent. weak, hmnUe, de- 
jected; 'o^MMi, 1 a frail woman; 
*afizi, t weakness, dejection. <k. 

qfr, m. reward, retribution, hire, a. 

qjtam^ m. (pi. oijism), bodies, a. 

*ajyha^ wonderful, a strange thing, a. 

aA^o, m. master, owner. a.p, 

*akahf m. rear; prepos. in pursuit 
o( after, a, 

dkabir^ pi. grandees, people of rank ; 
akabUro etfagkir, the high and low. 

ttkdlf fiimine, bad season. «. 

oXrar, f. crookedness, h. 

akdratf akartU, also akdrath ineffec- 
tiye, useless, s, 

AJcbar^ greater, Yerj great, greatest ; 
name of one of the Mogul empe- 
rors, a, 

*akd, m. a knot, a compact, a. 

ctkelOf alone, unattended. «. 

dkhdrd, m. the court of Indra. A. 

a]^aa, £ taking; a^, an objec- 
tion, a, 

dJshgar, f. Utc ashes ; a spark, p, 

dl^ir, last, at lastj «£|^A, to be 
ended. a» 

dMkiraahf at length, finallj. «. [a, 

aSkir<d, f. futurity, the future state. 

atisJaky m. the good properties of 
mankind, yirtues : ethics. a» 

ai&o^i f. re^e, oiSals. jp. 

aMrof, m. a walnut. h» 

alitor, m. a star, a good omen. p. 

*d^ai^ f. end, fiituritj, the future, a. 

'a|i^, m. a oomelian. a, 

*d^, wise, sensible ; f. dkUa, a. 

'airifli, barren, a, 

*a^^, £ wisdom, opinion, sense ; etkl" 
mand, wise , *a^^jiiaiM&, £ wisdom ; 
'oA^, reasonable ; relating to intel- 
lect, a. 

akraibd, m. kindred, friends, allies, a. 

oAraji, m. periods of jean. a. [a. 

'oiv, m. reflection, shadow, opposite. 

aksdm, (pL of ^fism) £ sorts, kinds, 
yarious kinds, a, 

dfcxar, most, many such; for the 
most part. 0. 

aJutr, £ alchemy, chemistry; the 
philosopher's stone, a. 

02, £ progeny, race. a. 

a'2^, higher, highest. 

^aZd-aJritldk, absolute, supreme, a. 

ato^9 separate, apart, distinct; alag-k^ 
to set aside, to appropriate, s, 

dldyish, £ pollution, contamination, 
filth, p, 

*dlam, m. the world, unirerse; time ; 
regions; beauty, people; *dlami' 
ajsam, m. world of bodies, material 
world; 'aZamt-orwaA, m. immate- 
rial world, world of spirits ; aUmif 
dsbdb^ m. material world; *dlami' 
hdkdf m. eternal world; *alami- 
firaty m. ideal world: 'tf^oMt-fna'ai, 
m. real world, a. 

^mUmat, sign, token, mark (of yiri- 
lity). a. 

*alam^ (pL ^alamiUfin), people^ man- 
kind, a. 

al-amru fa/iAii'lrcidahi (Arab prorerb), 
the command (of a guest) is para- 
mount to ceremony, a. 

along, £ side-way. h, 

dkmg, £ intrenchments. p, 

ald^o, m. a fire a bonfire, h. 


( 5 ) 


dtaf-halafy £ trifling talk or employ- 

ment. h, 
dlaty f. a tool or instrument. <k 
*aZawa, conj. besides, a, 
MaUOy certainly, indeed, a. 
AlrhamdvhUUahi^ God be praised! a. 
'0^, higb, sublime, grand, eminent ; 

*dU-shSn, magnificent, of high dig^ 

nity; aR'himmatt of high temper 

or spirit, a, 
aH^he, f. the alphabet, p, 
^aUlf sick, weak, a, 
^dUmf learned, knowing, a. 
^cUim^ learned, wise, a, 
al-jif m. hunger, stanration. a. 
alkab (pi. of lakah)^ titles, forms of 

address, a, 
all^dldk^ f. a coat or garment, a. 
alrkiffOf in short, in a word. a. 
AUdhf m. Gk>d. a, 
alnuu^ a diamond, p, 
alolf £ gambol; cUol-kalol, playing 

and gamboling. 
alfafi pL kindness, courtesy. a» 
aUamgl^ a royal grant, a diploma, i, 
dlu, a potato, or yam. k. 
dludoj defiled, stained, smeared, 

soiled; immersed, coyered. p, 
dm^ amangoe. «. 
dmady t arriyal, income, coming ; also 

dmad'dmadf approach, and dmad- 

skud or dmad'0'»kud, thorough&re, 

passage ; dmo/drraft or dmad-ihmft, 

intercourse, coming and going, p, 
*4xmal, m. action, practice, rule; 

*amaUf artificial, practioaL a. 
a*mdl, pi. m. actions, acts, deeds, a. 
amdn^ f . safety, security, quarter, a, 
amdnaif t deposit, charge; futh, 

religion, a. 
amdni, £ security, deposit, a. 
dmcmndf it is true, Ut, we belieye it. dk 

amdfoat, m. the inspissated juice of 
the mangoe. h, 

ambdr^ m. a store, a magazine, p, 

ambkfd^ £ a small unripe mangoe. h, 

ambijfd (pL of uaii)y prophets, a. 

ambohy m. a crowd, multitude, mob, 
concourse, p, [ways. p. 

dmdcuii, £ import, income, revenue, 

'omtir, deep, profound, a. 

*dmU, an agent, fiictor. a. 

omtn, faithful, true ; dmen. Amen, a, 

amir, m. a commander, a nobleman, a 
grandee, a lord; amiru-l-ldJk^ m. 
soTereign lord. a. 

*dnura, royal, imperial; inhabited, a. 

cumrdna, lordly, princely, p, 

Amir-^iUfii, a celebrated poet of 
Delhi: he was the original author of 
the tales of the four fiikirs, or EHf^a 
€ oh(»hdr dartoeth in Persian, p, 

dmz or dmes, mingled, mixed, p. 

dmzish, £ mixture, mixing; inter- 
course, temperament, p, [a. 

amldk (pL oimUk\ goods, chattels,&o. 

*dmmy common, public, plebeian; the 
oonmion people, a. 

€mmd, also ommaii, £ mother ; offima* 
^091, dear mother ; coig. but. il.a. 

*amnuimay m. aturband. 0. 

'ofnffitf, a paternal uncle, a. 

ofiui, m. safety, security ; oiiiM-o-aflMM, 
safe and secure ; Amman, name of 
the author of the Bdf^'O'Bahdr, a. 

'omr, m. an order, a command, aa 
affair, a. 

amrad, youthful, beardless. «. 

amrd^, m. sicknesses, diseases, a. 

amriU, nectarious ; £ a kind of sweet- 
meat ; a small vessel for drinking 
out of; a kind of cloth. 9, 

amndl (pi. of maj(a/), proverbs, pa- 
rables, a. 


( 6 ) 


^am&m^ common, a, 

an, f. time, a. ; p, affected gait. 

an, a particle, denoting piiyation, 

prefixed to nouns, participlee, &c. ; 

as, andekha, unseen : aam^ m. food, 

victuals, t, 
and, n. to come; 0;;aiM, to come sud- 
denly : m. the sixteenth part of a ru- 
*and, f. distress, a. [pee. «. 

andjf m. grain, com. «. 
dndkdni'd,j to connire at. h. 
dnand, jojful, happy ; also J07, &o. t. 
anamndsy m. a pine apple, h, 
andTy m. a pomegranate, p. 
dn-hdn, f. spirit, pride. A. 
an-hol, dumb, without speaking. K 
dnch, t heat, blaze, h. 
dnchal, m. border, comer. «. 
an^cMt, suddenly, unexpectedly. «. 
andd, m. an egg. «. 
andak, a little, a few. p, 
'andaRbf f. a nightingale, a. 
anddm, m. body, person, p, 
andar, prep, within, inside, p, 
andarun, inside, inward, within ; on- 

darufUf intemaL p, 
anddz, m. measure, weighing ; tbIua- 

tion, manner, p, 
anddza^ m. manner, mode, p, 
cmdesha, m. thought, suspicion, anxi- 
andhd, emdhld, blind, dark. s. [ety. p. 
andheri, £ darkness. <. 
dndhi, f. a storm, tempest, h, 
andhffdrd, andherd, blind, dark. s. 
andohf m. grief; wndoh-gin or ^ndk, 

grieved, sorrowM. p, 
(Mffd, f. a kind of nurse. A. 

anffdr, m. t. ( embers, live coals ; 

i angdron par lofnd, to 

anffdra,m. *• v. be agitated, tortured. 

angez, exciting; angezi^ f. excite- 

ment. p. 

OM-ffinat, oonntleBS, incalculable. #. 

anyiifdf t bodice, stays, h. 

anguchhd, m. a. doth, towel, hand* 
kerchieC [healing sore. p. 

(Mffir, m. a grape ; granulations in a 

anguthi, £ a finger, p, 

angiuJddma, a ring; a thimble. j>. 

anguiktoH, a finger ring, p, 

cmffufhd, SL the finger. #. 

angiifhif a ling worn on the fingec 9. 

at^dm, m. end, result, p. 

an-jdn, imwitting, unintentional, not 
knowing ; a stranger. «. 

a«;'fr, m. a fig. p, 

anfuman, £ assembly, banquet, p. 

*an^df m. thephoBuix; adj. rare, won- 
derful, a. 

^arUianb, shortly, soon, near, a, 

ankh, £ the eye; dnkh hachdnd, to 
steal privately; dakk pkemd, to 
shew aversion; dnkh dinurdnd, to 
avoid seeing, to cut one. For nume- 
rous phrases relating to this word, 
vide my Hind. Dictionary, p. 47. «. 

avHnol^ above price, invaluable, a. 

dna, £ fibrous part of anything, h, 

dnsu, m. a tear ; dnau-hahdnd or •&<»- 
hnd, or 'fapaknd, or 4^ib4dbdndy 
to shed tears; dnau-hhar-ldnd^ to 
shed a flood of tears. «. 

awty mu end, termination. #. 

amlfhdf rare, wonderfiiL s, 

amoS (pL of nati'), m. sorts, kindSt 
varieties ; diverse, various, a. 

amMblrnaL^ the navel-string (of a nevf 
bom infant). ». 

dp, self, selves ; dp-Ju-dp or dp^ae-dp^ 
spontaneously, of one's own free 
will. The word dp is also used re- 
spectfully in the sense of Your 
Honour, Your Highness. «. 

apaha;\ or apdhaf, indifferent, indo- 


( 7 ) 


lent, apathetic, averse to society, 
hypochondriac, s. 

a-^ahwnchndy n. to arriye at. h, 

ap<Uf themselves, one another j kin- 
dred, s, 

apnd, belonging to self^ own. It is 
sometimes used substantively, in 
the sense of " one's own relations," 
" own people," &c. ; thus, in p. 11, 
apne hegdne^ "my own relations," 
and also "strangers." v. Hind. 
Ghrammar. 9. 

ar^ f. a goad, a ladle. K 

dr, £ a skreen, shelter, protection; 
contention. 9. 

^Arah, m. Arabia; an Arabian; 
*Ardbi^ Arabian, Arabic, a. 

drdyish, f. ornament, preparation, 
equipage, p. 

arak, m. essence, spirit, a. 

urdm, m. ease, health, comfort ; drain' 
gaht f. a resting-place, a bed cham- 
ber, jp. 

dramida^ at ease, reposing, p, 

arang, i. a manufacturing town, h, 

drdata^ adorned, jp. 

arhdhy m. lords, possessors, masters. 

arghjowodniy purple, a. [a. 

dfhd, aged; burhd-drhd^ of mature 
old age. h. 

*an, naked, void of. a, 

*drif, wise, sagacious, pious, devout; 
a holy man. a. 

drif'h, n. to befal, to happen, a. A. 

'arifi, accidental, a. 

arfmand, beloved ; happy, p, 

arJcdn^ pL m. pillars, props, princi- 
ples ; arkdm dauUd, the pillars of 
state, nobles, courtiers, a, 

armdnf m. wish, longing, p. 

dmdf a. to prop, shelter, protect. 9, 

OffOj m. area, space, time, while. 

interval; *arfa-gdhf f. a field, a 
plain* a. 
*ar9ht a roof, a throne, a. 
drH, t a religious ceremony. 9. 
*aruf, f. versification, a, 
arwdfy, (pL of ruh), spirits, souls, a. 
arf^ f. the earth, a, 
*ar^j f. a petition, request, represen» 
tation ; *arf'k^ to represent, to 
offer, a. 
artciky blue. a. 
arzauy cheap, p. 
*ar^, f. petition, complaint, a, 
arsAz, f. tin. p. 
drzuy f. wish, desire, want ; drt&mandf 

desirous, longing, p, 
d9y f. hope, desire ; reliance. 9. 
*a9d, m. a club, stick, staff; ^ate-bar- 
ddTf staff-bearers, mace-bearers, a. 
(xtdghift the poor people, a. 
d9d,iehf t rest, ease, tranquillity, p, 
d9any m. a seat, a carpet to pray 

upon. 9, 
d9dny a. easy, convenient, commodi- 
ous ; d9dm, feicility, conveniency. p. 
(moTf m. a mark, impression, effect ; 
ojnar-h, to affect ; agar-h, or -j, to 
become affected, a, 
dfidr (pi.), marks, signs, vestiges ; a 
certain weight about two pounds, a, 
0909, f. a foundation, a pedestaL a, 
aahdb, m. causes, goods and chattels, 

affairs, a. 
d9eb or dnh, m. a misfortune, trouble, 

calamity, p. 
d9h/iidy m. f. an. acquaintance, lover, 
friend; cuknofy f. acquaintance, 
friendship, p. 
(uknon, washing, ablution. «. 
*d9hik, m. a lover ; d9h%k-h, to be in 

love, a, 
d9higdna, m. a bird's nest, p. 


( 8 ) 


tuhkdlf t, lortDSf ugnres, app6ttnuioe8. 

MhJeirdf clear, kaown. p. [a. 

a^af, most noble ; ashrcffit-l-amb^d, 
the prophet MuhammAd ; cu^qfu* 
hmd^lukit^ the noblest of created 
beings, man ; athrc^fk-l-bUad, the 
noblest of cities, applied in p. 2 to 
Calcutta, the city of palaces, a. 

athraf, pL noblee, grandees, a. 

ashrafi, £ a gold coin called The 
Calcutta ashrafi is worth as nearly 
as may bC) a guinea and a half, a, 

dshufUiy distracted, p, 

'd^, sinning, a sinner, sinful, a. 

Ofily noble as to origin or blood ; in 
p. 22, s. £. a maid-senrant. a. 

cuir, a oaptiye, prisoner, a. 

dHifdf t a mill ; iti^d^anyy a mill- 
stone, p. 

aaUfona^ a whetstone, p. 

Of I, f. root, origin ; race, lineage $ 
capital, original stock; ofl i mdl, 
the principal (in money), afU, ori- 
ginal, noble (as to lineage), a. 

Of 2an, by no means, nerer, not at all. a, 

aslub m. manner, mode, method 9 
order; atHb-ddrf symmetrical, a. 

asman^ m. the sky, the flrmament, 
heaven, p, 

smndni, hearenly, celestial, sky co- 
loured, azure, p, 

4HPM, m. the middle, interstice, inter- 
yal, folds ; dar in ojfnd, or dor 
tufnde in, in the meanwhile, during 
this, or that, a, 

tup, m. a horse. p» 

as-pat, m. yicinity, oircamference ; 
ad. around on all sides. s» 

*afry m. the time of prayer, about 
sunset, a, 

dard, m. trust, reliance: asylmn 
retreat, abode. #< 

atfahal or Htahal, m. a stable, a, 

dHdnOy m. a threshold, a fair's resi- 
dence ; dsidnchhotij f. act of kissing 
the threshold, paying one's V9» 
spects. p, 

asthdn, m. a place, abode. 9, 

dgtin, f. a sleere. p, 

dmda, at rest, quiet, happy, p, 

dfd, m. flour, meal, h, 

i^tdy f. a gift, a favour; 'Aid Mh 
Khdn, a man's name ; y. ncm fjorti 
fimraf9a\ a, 

afaknd, n. to remain, to be left., s, 

atoRki, f. instruction^ tuition, t. 

atari, £ a thatched upper room. «. 

dtcuh or dtUhy f. fire; (metaphori- 
cally) anger, rage. p. 

dtashi or dUuMn, &ery, of fire, p, 

dtculhistdn, t region of fire. p. 

*aff, m. favour, kiadness. a. 

affdl (pi. of fifl), children, a, 

^tK eight; dfh-pahar, constantly, 
incessantly. 3, 

aihkheUy f. playfulness, wantonness. #. 
dthwdn, the eighth. «. 
afhwdrd, m. a week. 9, 
a^kwdfi-khafwdfi, f . confinement to 

bed from sickness. A. 
*dfir, odoriferous, fragrant, a, 
a(kal, f. guess, opmion ; afkalpach' 

chu, by guess, at random. A. 
aikalnd, to guess, h, 
aikheU, f. playfuhaess, wantonness, c 
a^Las, m. satin, a. 
dtmd, f. the soul, heart, mind. <. 
atrdf, m. sides, environs, confines, 

districts, a, 
*aUdr, m. a perfumer, druggist. «. 
awfdr, m. manner, behaviour, a. 
aukdi^ f. times ; circumstances, a* 
auli^dj m. saints, holy men. a. 
aundhdnd, to overturn to spilL h» 


( 9 ) 


aun&'pauney more or less, as needed, h, 

awTy conj. and, also; adj. more, 
other, h, 

*aurai, i. a woman, a wife. a. 

antfof, m. praises, qualities, endow- 
ments; descriptions, a. 

amfou, m. sense, courage, h. 

cMsar, m. time (in singing), opportu- 
nity ; cMsar ehuknd , to be out of 
time (iu singing). 9. 

auwalf first, best, in the first place, a, 

av<Uar (vulgarly autdr), m. birth, de- 
scent, incarnation of the Deity, s, 

amoagawany m. transmigration. «. 

^cmavum^ m. the vulgar, the populace ; 
'<n9«im»«*n-fia«, m. the conunon 
people, a. 

anDoray m. vagabond, wanderer ; 0100- 
ragi^ f. a state of vagrancy, or 
bewilderment; wma/rork, to ha- 
rass, jp. * 

awaZf f. voice, sound, report, fiime, 
echo, a whisper, p. 

avaezay pendent. j>. 

^o, an interrogative partidLe, like the 
Latin cm or nwm. p. 

a^dl^ f. a horse's mane, p, 

<£yan^ f. eyes ; grandees, nobles. 0. 

4ifcmda^ m. future, in future, p, 

agatf f. a sign or mark ; a verse of 
the Koran, a. 

ayat^ (verses of the Koran), a, 

dz, f. avarioe, desire : az, from^ by. p. 

^ctzd, f. mourning, a, 

€tfdy m. members, limbs, a. 

'azdby m. pain, misfortune^ martyr- 
dom, punishment; *azdbi'jahannamf 
m. the torments of hell; *axdbi- 
Jftdbr, n[L torment of the grave, a, 

dzdd, a. free, liberated; solitary; a 

. kind of &Kif or devotee, p. 

dzddagi^ or dzddt, f. fireedom, inde- 
pendence, release, p, 
Azdd'haJ^ty a man's name, the prin* 
dpal character in the tales of the 
af*a/J very weak, a, 
azalf t eternity (without beginning) $ 
az<iR, eternal (without b^inning). 
a^^am^ the highest, supreme, a, [a. 
az-dn^ thence; az-dn-junUa, £rom aH 
these, among others; az-dn^d-Jci^ 
inasmuch as. j?. ' 
azm, t Bummons to prayer, a. 
dzdr, afflicted, sick ; sickness, pain ; 
dzdri, annoyance, injury ; grieved, p, 
€tz-baS'Jciy since, forasmuch, as. p. 
azhdahdy m. a large serpent, a dragon. 
*dzim, resolved, determined, a, [p. 
*d^mf great ; ^A^im-dhad, the city of 
Fatna, so called by the Musalmans. 
cuhin^ hence, therefore, p, [a. 

anyaty f. oppression, distress, a, 
*(unZf dear, worthy, respected, pre- 
cious ; *aziZf Jdimd, or rakhnd, to 
love, to hold dear. a. 
of^o*, m. ribs, sides ; districts, a, 
dzmd,ish, trial, experiment, p, 
dzmdnd, to try, to prove, p, 
azroTy m. injuries, losses, a, 
az'sari-nau, afresh, over again, p, 
*a^u, m. member, limb, joint, a, 
dzuJca or dzuka, m. food, provision, p, 
dzuka, m. food, nourishment, a. 
dzur, the name of Abraham's father, 
who, according to the Musalmans, 
was a statuary and an idolator. jp. 
Azurhdfifdnf a province of Persia to 

the west of the Caspian Sea. p, 
dzurdOf afflicted, dispirited, weary, p, 
dzurdoffiy f. affliction, displeasure^ 
vexation, p. 



( 10 ) 


ba^ prefixed to Persian words denotes 
"by/* " with," "in," &c. It may 
be united with the word it governs, 
or it may be prefixed as a distinct 
particle ; hald^ubi, thoroughly, lit. 
in propriety or perfection. In 
Arabic phrases a similar particle 
sometimes occurs, but sounded biy 
as hi'lrJVti in fact, 
fta, with, possessed of; used in Per- 
sian compounds, as h&'mazay taste- 
fiiL This participle is the oppo- 
site of de, ' without,' ' deprived o^' 
both much used in composition, p, 
ho'dgahiy intelligently, p, 
hd'onarf effectual, with efi'ect. p, 
habt a chapter ; a subject, a, 
haba^ father, sir, child; baba jdn, 

dear father, father, my life, h, 
babar, m. a lion, a tiger, p, 
baehan, m. speech, word. s. 
bachdnd, a. to save, to preserve; to 

spare, to leave, h, 
bcichdfi^ m. protection, shelter, h, 
bchcTuuhm^ willing, punctually, lit. 
"by my eye" (I swear or guarantee 
being understood), p, 
bachcha, m. an infant, a child, the 
young of any creature ; used in 
composition, as sauddgar'bachcha^ 
a merchant's son. p, 
bachefd, m. a foal, cal^ &c. s, 
bachnd n. to be saved, to escape, h, 
badf evil, bad ; much used in form- 
ing compounds ; as bad-go^ an evil 
speaker, &o. p. 
ba^d, after, afterwards, subsequent, a, 
bad, f. wind ; badrraftdr, swift as the 
wind, p. 

bdda, m, wine, spirits, p, 

badd, fated, predestined, A. 

bad-^ahd, fiuthless treacherous | bad' 
^ahdij f. treachery, p, 

badaj^hdn, name of a country near 
the source of the Oxus. p. 

badalj m. exchange, substitution. 

bddal, m. a cloud. #. 

bdddm, an almond, p. 

bad'^amcUi, f. misgovemment, mal- 
administration, a, 

bdddmi, f. a kind of dish, p, 

badan, m. the body. a. 

badar^au, f. a drain or sewer, p, 

bchdaulaiy by fiivour o^ by means or 
virtue of. a. 

badawi, of the country or desert, an 
Arab of the desert, a, 

bddbdn, m. a saiL p. 

bad-baMitf unfortunate, p, 

b(td-ehdl, flagitious, p, s, 

bad-chcuhm, malignant, evil-eyed. p» 

bctd-dUf suspicious, p. 

badrdimdghi f* malignant, harsh ; bctd^ 
dimdghij asperity, p, 

bad-go, a calumniator; badrgojL, ca- 
lumny, slander, p, 

badhndf m. a kind of pot. h, 

badrhawdgs, melancholy, stupified. p, 

bad-hazam, f. indigestion, bad diges- 

badt, £ badness, wickedness, p, 

bdd^, flatulent. p» 

bad^, novel, rare, strange, a, 

badhfa, m. a cup, bowL p. 

bad-kdr, of bad conduct; btuj^kofif 
f. wickedness, p, 

bddrJcash, m. a fan. p, 

bad-MkuVA, malignity, p, 

badld, m. exchange, a substitute, re- 
compense, revenge, a. 


( 11 ) 


hddld or hadla^ m. gold or Bilver 
thread, brocade, p, 

bctdli, £ cloudiness; hadle^ in ex- 
change, in return, instead of. a. 

had-ndm, infamous ; hadrndim, f. in- 
famy, disgrace, p, 

had-numd, unseemly, improper, p. 

hadra^ m. a bag of money, j?. 

Iddshdh^ m. a king ; hddshahi, royal, 
princely; f. sovereignty, office of 
king, p, 

hadshdhat, f. a kingdom, goyemment, 
soTereignty. p, 

had'shakly ill«shaped, ill-looking, p. 

bddshdh-zdda, a prince ; bddshdh-zddi, 
a princess, p, 

bad-9uluk, ill-mannered, wicked ; bcut- 
suluki^ f. maltreatment, jp. 

bad'idWy ill-starred, unfortunate, a. 

bad-toTf worse, p, 

badu^d^ m. a robber, ruffian, a, 

bad-zabdny abusiye; bad-zabdni, £ 
abuse, p. [f. rascality, p, 

bad-zatj wicked, a rascal; bad-zdU^ 

bafdy f. scurf of the head, p, 

bdff, f. a rein, a bridle, h, 

bagior^ f. a long rein to lead horses. A. 

bdgh, m. a tiger. 9. 

bdgh^ m. a garden, orchard, grove ; 
bdgh-bdgh-h. to be greatly rejoiced ; 
JBdgh'O-Bahdr^ "The Ghurden and 
Spring," the title given by Mir 
Amman of Delhi to his Hindustani 
translation of the Persian tale, en- 
titled " Kissa-e-char Darwesh, or 
" the Tale of the Four Holy Men." 
Vid€ Preface, p, 
bagh.cnr^ without, besides, except, a. 
baghal, f. the armpit ; embrace ; &a- 

ghalgirj embracing, p, 
baghdwaty £ rebellion, a, 
bdghJbdn^ m. a gardener, p. 

bdghfihoy also bdgt^ha^ a small gar- 
den, p, 
Baghdad^ name of a city. a. 
baghH^ o^ or belonging to the arm- 
pit, p, [*. 
bagld^ m. name of a species of heron. 
baguldy m. a tempest, a whirlwind, h, 
bdh, £ an arm; virility, p, 
bdhd^ m. price, value, p, 
bahddwy brave. It is generally used 
as a title, denoting the Most 
Honourable, Worshii^al, &o. p, 
bahd,im, m. beasts of prey. a. 
b<ihakndf n. to be led astray, to be- 
come relaxed, h, [a, 
bii-hakk, on account of, with regard to. 
bahalf £ a carriage, h. 
ba-fydlf restored, reinstated, a. 
bahalufd, m. a servant armed with 

bow and arrows, a hunstman. h, 
baham, together, one with another, 
one against another ; bahcun piikiM- 
ehnd^ n. to be procured, p, 
bdham, together, one with another, p, 
bahdna^ m. pretence, evasion, con- 
trivance, excuse, pretext, p, 
bahdr, £ spring, prime, bloom, 
beauty, delight ; bahdri, vernal, re- 
lating to spring, p, 
bahiUf £ a sister. #. 
bdhir or bdhar^ ad. without. «. 
bahkdndy a, to balk, to mislead, h. 
bahldndf a. to regale, entertain, h, 
Bdhfnan, a Brahmin, p, 
bakndy n. to flow, to glide, to float ; 

to blow ; to pass, s, 
bahnuwi, a brother-in-law, a sister's 

husband. «. 
bahr or bcihri, for the sake of. p. 
bahr, £ a fleet ; metre ; m. a bay or 

sea ; 5aAri, maritime, a, 
bdhra^ m. fortune, portion ; profit, p. 


( 12 ) 


hakrd or bcAird, deaf, h, 

bahramand, blessed, prosperous, pro- 
fitable ; a man's name. jp. 

Sakraioctry a man's name. p. 

bahn, f. a falcon, a female hawk. 

baht, f. argument, a. 

bc^kiUf much, many^ «. 

bahuierdy many, yery much. 9, 

bai^^ £ buying and selling, com- 
merce, a. 

banana, earnest money, a. 

ba^idy far, distant, absent, remote, a. 

baijuybdyordy an ancient Hindu mu- 
sician. A. 

baUy m. a bullock, a bulL h. 

bdyin, left, to the left. h. 

baiyOnty m. cutting out of clothes, h, 

baipdriy m. a merchant, s, 

bd-iny m. cause, motive $ bd-ig-h, to in- 
duce, to urge, a, 

bd'iSy twenty-two. h. 

baitdly m. a demon, an evil spi- 
rit. «. 

baifhndy n. to sit or remain, h. 

baiihc^^ f. a seat, a sitting-place. A. 

ba-*izzaty with respect, courteously, a, 

b^'y a tax, a tribute, p, 

borjdy in place, proper ; bd-jd-ldndy a. 
to perform, to accomplish, to exe- 
cute, to obey ; ba-jd-h. to be re- 
stored, to be proper ; ba-jde^ in 
place o^ by way of. p, 

bajdndy a. to sound, to play on a 
musical instrument, s, 

borjiddrhy to be pressing, urgent. A. 

borjinsy in a way, in some sort. a. 

bafndy n. to be sounded, to sound. «. 

bdjndy a. to sound, to play on an in- 
strument, h, 

bafrdf m. a boat for trayelling. h. 

bdky m. fear, dread, p, 

bdky or bak-bakf f. pratUo* A* 

ba^y f. duration, immortaUty eter- 
nity, a, 

bakoMy f. sappan-wood. a. 

bakdwaly a head servant, steward, 
cook, p, 

bakdwaUy f. cooking materials, p, 

ba-l^air, f. well, in safety, p. 

balmily a miser, a niggard j bal^ilty f. 
stinginess, niggardliness, a, 

bdl^rdy m. share, portion, p, 

bai^hy m. a share or gift. p. 

baMfhiy m. a general, a commander- 
in-chiefl p, 

bal^hUhy f. gift, grant, forgiveness, p, 

bal^hnd or bai^h-d. or baT^ahish'k, 
a. to give, to bestow, p, 

bahhif m. fortune; bal^t'beddr or 
bal^t-mandy fortunate, p. [p. 

Baf^UydTy fortunate ; a man's name. 

bdkiy remaining, permanent ; m. ba- 
lance ; bdki'hy or -rahndy to remain, 
to be left, to be saved, a. 

ba-kiblay towards the Kiblay q. v. p, a. 

bdkiray f. a virgin, a, 

bdkir-l^dniy f. a kind of bread or 
cake mixed with butter and milk, p, 

bak^dly m. a grain-merchant, a shop- 
keeper, a, 

bakndy n. to prate, to clatter. 

bakriy f. a goat, a she-goat. 9. 

bttktoTy m. a coat of mail, a cuirass | 
baktar-posht a cuirassier, ff, 

baly m. a coil, h. ; strength, sacrifice. 

bdly m. hair; bdl-hikd-k, to injure, 
to derange or disturb. 9,h. Ear of 
com. p, wing ; bdl bdndhi kofi 
tndmdy to shoot without missing. 

bdldyBdr, above, up,high,p. ; s, a child. 

baldy f. calamity, an incarnation of 
evil ; bald-l. or balOyen-L to take or 
invoke another^s misfortunes on 
one*s self. a. 

BAN ( 18 

hdld't, Buperior, superficial, external. 
balaiyd'lu%y t., balden, 1. under 

bala, A. [balcony, p, 

bdla-iidna, m. an upper story, a 
bold-foahy m. a coyering, a quilt, p, 
bdlrbobohcha^ m. children. «. 
bal-be, bravo 1 weU done ! », 
balg^am^ phlegm, a. 
baUghi eloquent, abundant, o^ 
bdlig^ m. a youth just arriyed at 

maturity, an adult, a, 
bdlUh, m. a pillow, p, 
baUsht, t a span. p» 
ball^ a fiunouB city q{ Baotriana. p, 
baUkij conj. but, moreover, on the 

contrary, on the other hand. p. 
bdlu, f. sand. #. 
bam, t a spring of water, a &thom ; 

a deep tone in music, h. p, 
bdm, {. an eeL p. 
bdmddd, f. aurora, mommg. p, 
ba-maH or ba-ma*a, with, along with. 
bcMimjib, by reason of. a, 
bd-^urikoat, manly, p, 
bd-maza, delicious, p. 
ban, a son. a. 
ban, a kind of wood, a forest ; Ban- 

khan4h or Ban-Ii;han4f name of a 

celebrated forest in India, t. 
ban, (incomp.) denotee agency or pos- 
session, as dar'bdn, door-keeper, p, 
banafaha, f. a violet, p. 
banana, a. to make, to prepare, to 

build, to compose, to adjust. K 
boMnd, n. to be made, to become, to 

succeed, h, 
band,o, m. dressing, ornamenting, h, 
banda^at%l,ot patM, f. forest leaves. «. 
ba/ndt, f . woollen cloth, h, 
bandvoai, f. artifice, a made-up story. A. 
band, m. f. a fiistening ; a bond ; also 

bandh, p. 



banda, m. a slave or servant; (pL 
bandahd) ; bandct-nawda^, condes- 
cension, p, [tion. p, 

bandoffi, f. slavery, service, devo- 

bandar, m. a port, a harbour, a sea- 
port town, p, 

bandar, m. a monkey, an ape. #. 

bdndhnd, a. to bind, to shut up. p, 

bandhnd, n. to be tied. 9. 

bandhwdnd, a. to accuse, to cause to be 
bound, h. 

band*, (fem. of ^anc2a),a female slave 
or servant ; a state of bondage, p, 

band*, f. an ornament, a kind of 
dress, h, 

bdndi, f. a female slave, h, 

bandt-ibdna, m. a prison, p, 

band*wdn, a captive, p, 

band-^bcui, m. settlement, regula- 
tion, an agreement, p. 

bandof, a female slave* s, 

bcmduk, t a musket, h. 

bang, f. anintoxicatiDg drug, hemp. jp. 

bdng, t voice, crying out, crowing of 
acock, p. [tage. h, 

bdngld, m. a thatched house, a cot- 

ba'Ah, f. the arm. «. 

bdm, m. builder, an architect, a. 

bdm, (in comp.) abstract of ban, q.v. p, 

bam Adam, m. sons of Adam, the 
human race, a, 

banHfd, also banUfdA, m. a shop- 
keeper, a merchant. 9. 

banfar, f. waste land, h, 

bdnfh, barren, s, 

bdnk, t ornament for the arm; a 

bdns, m. a bambu. s» 

bans, m. a bambu ; lineage, race. 9, 

bansi, f. a flute, fishing rod. 9, 

bdnf, m. a share, a weight. #* 

bdnfndf a. to share, to distribute, to 


( 14 ) 


divide; lanf-lend^ to divide and 
take. s. 
hdnUf f. a lady, mistrees. p, 
hamoa-d,^ to oause to be made, h, 
^aJcrdy a he-goat. 8, 
bdfOldf or hdwaldj mad, cnxy, s. 
hdyoU, f. a large well, with steps lead- 
ing down into it. jp. 
hdo-Jxxtds, t calamity, affliction (from 

evil spirits), h, 
hdpf m. father, h, 
bdph, f. steam, vaponr. 
bar, f. bosom ; produce ; prep. upon.^^. 
bdr, f. edge. «. 
bar, m. load, frxdt; time, once; a 

court, p, 
bardy large, great, elder. «. 
bdrah, twelve ; bdrahimdmy the twelve 
imams, or immediate successors of 
Muhammad, h, 
lardbar, levels equal: bardhan, f. 

equality; competition, p, 
barddaTf brother ; barddari or bard- 
dardna, brotherly, becoming a bro- 
ther, p. 
barah-darif f. a summer-house, p, 
bardie J for the sake of, on account of ; 
bar dye Jdiydf for their own benefit, p, 
barakna or barhanOf naked, bare, p, 
bard,lf £ greatness, excellence^ boast- 
ing, s. 
barakat, f. blessing, auspiciousness. a, 
bar-dmad-hondy to ascend, to appear, 

to come forth, p, h, 
bar-dndy n. to succeed, to prosper. p.h. 
bdrdfUy rainy, from bdrdn, rain. p. 
bdrah-ptUd, of twelve arches or suc- 
cessive bridges, p. 
barasy m. a year. s. 
bdrah-singdy m. a stag of 12 tyne. s. 
barasndy n. to rain. s. 
baraswdtiy annual, yearly, s. 

boT'dwc^dy f. estimating expense, h. 
barbdd'k, or -<2., a. to destroy, cast 

away, p, «. 
bafbafy f. muttering or speaking as 

in a delirium. «. 
bdr'barddry m. lit. a burden-bearer, 

a porter, a coolie; bdr-barddrly f. 

the means of conveyance, beasts of 

burden ; porterage or coolie hire. p. 
betrbat,, t a harp, a lute. p. 
barehhdy m. a spear; barcAhs'bar'' 

ddTy a spear-bearer, h. 
bcvrchhiy f. a dart, a small spear, h. 
bdr-ddTy one who bears, carries ; bdr- 

ddriy carriage, bearing, (used in 

oomp). p. 
bdrey once, at length ; bdfiy f. turn, 

time, p, 
barfy m., snow. p. [snowy, _p. 
barfiy f. kind of sweetmeat ; icy, 
barffy m. a leaf, verdure, p. [p. 

bdr^gahy f. a court, a place of audience. 
bar-ffuziday chosen, approved of. p. 
bdrhy f. a flood, a stream. A. 
barhayty m. a carpenter. 8, 
bar-Jialcky very true ; for the sake of, 

on account of. p, 
bcMrhamy confrised ; angry ; barham'h. 

to be confrised or angry, p. 
bofhdndy to increase, promote, stretch 

forth : " to shut up shop." h, 
bafh-jdnd, n. to increase. «. 
barhndy n. to increase, to be advanced, 

to proceed. 8, 
bariy f. a dish made of pulse. 8. 
bdfiy God, the Creator ; bdri l^uddyd- 

bdn Udhly Gtreat God I a. 
ba/r-i'dmmy m. public hall of audience. 
bart'ddTy a kind of servant, d, [p. 
bwnky fine, subtle, minute, p. 
bark, f. lightiung ; bark-a»daZy a mus- 
keteer, a. 



har-M^t f> rising up ; remoying firom 
office ; barlAaMt-h, to rise ; bctr- 
l^dat'k. to remove from offioe. p. 
har-Miyrdy £ enjoyment, suooess. p. 
hwr-l^^darj happj, enjoying long 
life and prosperity, an epithet ap- 
plied to a son. y. 
har-lana^ a. to produce, fulfil, accom- 
plish, yield. p»k, 
harmdnd, a. to hore. h, 
har'pa, on foot ; har^pa-h. to excite, 

stir up. p, 
harran&y to talk in one's sleep, h, 
harsaty f. the rainy season, the rains. 
8, [A. 

hartany m. a dish, plate, yessel, utensil. 
har-iarafy aside, dismissed; bar- 
taraf'k, to dismiss ; har-iaraf'h, 
to be dismissed or laid aside, p.a. 
hartaHy f. excellence, superiority, p, 
haSy adv. enough, plenty ; haa-ana or 
hat'ohalnOy to succeed, to prosper ; 
hctS'hy n. to be sufficient ; hat'k, to 
stop, to haye done. p. 
hdiy f. scent, fragrance. «. 
hct-aahcbby an account of. p.a, 
ha^aaibltty with harshness, p, 
hataUky f. the great yein in the arm. g, 
hatan, m. a basin, plate, dish, goblet, 

pot, &c. h, 
hatdndy a. to people, to colonize. », 
hct'saT'k, a. to make an end, to finish, 
bcnoT'O'chcuhmy with head and 
eyes, without fisdl. p, 
hofaraty f. sight, seeing, perceiying. a, 
haserdy m. a bird's roost. «. 
hdshy m. being, residence, p, 
Idthdy m. a kind of fisdcon. p. 
bdshcmda or bdsMnday a resident or 
native, an inhabitant, p. [a. 

bcuhoTy m. a man, mankind, mortals, 
basharay m. the hce, features, a. 

15 ) BAT 

beuhdraty f. glad tidings, a. 

bcuharffi'kiy on condition that, so 
that. a.p, [ture. a, 

basiriyat, f. humanity, human na* 

ba^raiy f. sight, circumspection, pru- 
dence ; bofiratly circumspect, a. 

biuifj simple, uncompounded. a. 

baskiy conj. although, p, 

biundy to abide, dwell; to be built, a, 

bdsndy to perfume, to scent. «. 

Bofra, m. the dty of Basra or 
Bassorah. a. 

bcutoTy m. a garment, clothes. 9, 

bcudy t an abode, a village, a. 

baauldy m. an axe. h. 

baty f. a word ; an affair, matter, or 
circumstance; bdt-chity style of 
speech, chit chat; bdt-bandndy to 
make up a story ; baten-k., to out- 
strip, h. 

bdty m. rheumatism, a. 

bafy m. tripe, twist, a wrinkle, a, 

baf,y f. a goose, a duck, a, 

bdfy f. a road, path ; m. a weight, a. 

bd-tadbHry prudent, p, 

bd'tamlZy judicious, p. 

batdndy a. to point out, to explain, to 
teach, h. 

ba'faWy by way of, as, for. p,a. 

batdahdy m. a bubble, a, 

bdtily false, vain, absurd, ignorant; 
abolished, a. [a. 

bdftn, m. the inward part, the heart. 

batiydndy a. to discourse, talk, a, 

bat-kahdyOy m. conversation, dis- 
course, h. 

batldndy a. to shew, to explain, to 
point out, to teach, h, 

bafamdy to gather up, to collect, h, 

baf-pdfy m. highwayman, villain, h, 

balfdy m. deficiency, exchange; in- 
jury. *. 


( 16 ) 


hat^ t the wick of an oil lamp, a 
candle, s. 

bdtunty talkative, h, 

hauchhary f. driving rain. h» 

bd-w€pfa^ fiuthfiiL p, 

hdioar^ m. credit, £uth ; hafoa^'k. to 
believe ; hmoar'h, to be credible, p, 

bdwarchiy m. a cook; bdwctrcM' 
ishana, a cook'house or kitchen, p. 

bd'Warf, notwithstanding. p,a, 

bd-ioujud or hd-w^ude^ notwithstand- 
ing, lit. ''with the existence of^" 
bj means of. a, 

hayabdn, m. a desert, a wilderness ; 
baydbdm, o( or belonging to, the 
wilderness, p, 

hitydn^ m. explanation, relation, a, 

haydZy £ whiteness ; an album, a. 

hdz^ m. a hawk, a female fSalcon ; adv. 
again, back ; haz-dnd or hdz^ahnd^ 
to decline to leave off, to refuse; 
hds^pwrSy m. inquiry, account. In 
composition, hdz denotes playing, 
practising; as hila-bdZf one who 
practices stratagem, p. 

ha*Zf some, certain ones. a. 

hO'gahiry in appearance, outwardly, a, 

bdzdr, m. a market, p, 

bazdn, belonging to the market, mer- 
cantile ; properly bdzdri, p. 

bdxddTy a falconer, p. 

bd^^e or ba^ziy some, certain, a. 

bdan^ t play, sport ; bdn-k, to sport, 
to engage in a game ; hda»-pdnd 
or 'lefdnd, to win at play ; bdzi' 
khondy to lose; bdsa^ lagdnd^ to 
wager. p» 

bazm, f. an assembly, p, 

ba-zoTy forcibly, perforce, p, 

bdziiy m. the arm. p, 

bazzdzy m. a mercer, haberdasher: 
bazzdzif haberdashery, a. 

be, a particle denoting privation ; 
much used in compounds, thus, 
both denotes sense, sensation ; be- 
hoshy sense-less, where the prefix be 
has the same effect as the termina- 
tion lete ui English. Every com- 
pound thus formed may again take 
the additional termination t, which 
is equivalent to the addition of the 
EngUsh syllable nest, as be-haeh't, 
sense-less-ness. p. 

be-adab, rude, presumptuous, impu- 
dent; be-adabi, £ rudeness, pre- 
sumptousness. p, [fiited time. 

be-ajal, in spite of &te, before one's 

be-drdm, sick, restless, p, 

be-bahd, beyond price, invaluable, p. 

be-bdky fearless, reckless; be-bdki, £ 
fearlessness, p. 

be-bcUf without power or authority ; 
be-b<m, £ helplessness, p, 

be-bofirat, imprudent ; be^ictfiral^, £ 
imprudence, a. 

be'chdra, helpless, p, [a pole. p. 

be-ehoba, m. a kind of tent without 

beehnd, a. to selL h, 

bedy £ a willow ; a cane ; bed-^ntuhk, 
a sort of odoriferous willow, p, 

be'^Lddy unjust, lawless; be-dddt, £ 
injustice, lawlessness, p. 

be-^tdr, wakefbl; Beddt'JSaW, a 
man*s name, p, 

be'dctrd, unfeeling, p, 

be'dharaky without fear or doubt, 
fearless, h, 

bedhndy to perforate, s, 

be-dUj heartless, miserable. p» 

be-cRn, impious, an infidel, p. 

be-fdyida, useless, unprofitable, p. 

be-fikty careless ; be-fikn, indifference, 
carelessness, security; p. 

begam, £ a lady ; (pL begamutC), ^ 

BEK ( 

be^atMy strange, undomestic, foreign. 
p. [&c. h, 

hegdn^ f. the act of preBsing to work, 

he'^i(wraty without emulation, spirit- 
less; be-ghairatiy want of proper 
spirit or pride, p. 

he-ghamf without anxiety, p, 

hB-^ndh, fraltlesB; he-gunaki, inno- 
cence, p. 

he-hwmt&i incomparable; ht^kcHmtd'i, 
£ incomparableness. p* 

he-harakatf motionless, p, 

ha^haya, shameless, immodest, impu- 
dent ; behayd-i, f. shamelessness. p, 

be-hosh, senseless, stupified, intoxi- 
cated ; be^hoshif f. senselessness, xq- 
sensibility. p, 

beh&da^ absurd. Tain, idle, fruitiest ; 
behudcgif absurdity, p, 

b&^^ydU inoautiou», improTident, 
imprudent, p. 

be-il^Uydr, inroluntary, idthout 
choice, p, 

be-lmdn^ faithless, treaoheit>us ; be- 
imdnij treaehery. p» [p. 

be^jS, ill-timed, ill-placed, improper. 

be^dfiy Mfeless. p, 

be-kadary worthless ; -i, -ness. p, 

he'kaly restless, uneasy ; be-kaliy ami- 
ety, restlessness, p. 

be'kam'O-kdst, without diminution, 
unreservedly, p. 

be-kdr^ unemployed ; be-kdri, f. want 
of employment, p, 

be-kardr, inconstant, unsettled, dis- 
tracted; be'kardrif f. instability, 
inconstancy, restlessness, p, 

be'JcaSy friendless ; beJcoHA^ f, forlorn 
state, friendlessness. p, 

beMi f> root, or^in. p, 

be-Miahary careless, indifferent, p, 

be-JOiafxay secure, without danger, p. 

17 ) BES 

be-m^d^ literally, « out of one's self,* 

insane ; be-M^di, f. insanity, dis- 

be-kiyds, inconceivablcw p. 
bel, name of a flower and frtut; a 

spade, a mattock, p. [^k, 

be-UhdZy without regard, indifferent. 
be-maza^ Toid erf relish, apathetic, p. 
be-mikrij t uokindness, hamhness. p. 
be-muruwaty unkind, cruel ;. be-mwru- 

watiy cruelty, jp. 
be-nawdy indigent, mendicant, p. 
benehndy a. to sell: beHeh-bdnch-kary 

having sold. A. 
be-mydzy without want ; He who is 

in want of nothing, the Almighty. 
ben^y m. a handle, h, 
be-parwdy fearless, unooneemed ; ba- 

pemodyt^ f. Mcklessnes^. p. 
beTy m. a kind of fruit, the jujube ; 

time, turn ; delay, s, 
befdy m. a raft, or flout; befi-fdr-'hy 

to succeed, be propitious h, 
be-rahmy unkind, eroelj b&-r€thmiy 

cruelty, ruthlessness. «* 
berhndy to enclose. A. 
beriy f. fetters ; the ba^ets used to 

irrigate fields with. A. 
be-sahahy without cause, p, 
besany m. a sort of flour for washing 

the hands, soap. k. 
be-sar-o-pdy Utevally, "without h^ 

and feet," i.e. utterly helpless, or 

indigent; be-sar'O'pdyiy f. helpless- 
ness, indigence. 
beshy good, more ; betk-bahd or besh- 

Hmaty of great price or value; 

besh-ktmaUy f. costliness, p. 
be-shakky doubtless, certain, p. 
be-sharmy shameless, impudent; be- 

ah€nrmiy shamelessness. p. 
beshiy f. excess, surplus, jp. 



( 18 ) 


he^shumar^ ooimtless, nmnberleBS, 
much or many. p. [hovme, a. 

betf m. a cane, s. ; baU^ a oouplet, a 

hefdf m. a son, a child, h, 

h€'ta*alUMy f. unconnectedness. a, 

he-takfir, innocent; be-tak^ri^ £ 
innocence, p, 

be-ta,amm»lf without reflection, con- 
sideration ; be'tayammuRf £ incon- 
siderateness. p, 

bew&y f. a widow, p, 

bewa, also bewd^ f. a widow, p. [p. 

5e-«pafa, faithless; ie-wo/S-^ treachery. 

be-^afjan, without country, an exile, 

be-toukuff ignorant, inexpert, stupid ; 
be-fpukufif f. stupidity, p, 

be-zoTf disgusted ; bezdri^ t disgust, h, 

be-zabdHf speechless, dumb ; an irra- 
tional animal, p, 

bhabhcikf f. bursting forth of water, 
fire, &c. ; bhahhakndt n. to burst 
forth, h, 

bhabhutf £. ashes of cow dung, which 
the ascetics among the Hindus rub 
oyer their body. . s. 

Shadan, name of a,pionth, August, h. 

bhoyB (Braj. for ku^e), became, h. 

bhdfff m. destiny, fate. «. 

bhoffdndf a. to cause to flee. h. 

bhoffndy m. brother. ». 

bhdffTM or bhdg-jdnSt n. to flee, to 
run away, h, 

hJMgUyd^ m. a dancing boy. #. 

bhagwdn^ m. the Deity, a god. «. 

bhdji m. brother ; bha^cMfi^ f. fra- 
ternity, relationship of brothers ; 
bhdyl-bcmdf m. brothers, relations 
friends. «. 

bhaichakf astonished, amased. «. 

bhedy m. a secret| secrecy; Bepara- 
tion. s. 

bhaigfd^ brother, friend. #. 
bhafan, m. worship, adoration. #. 
bhdkhd, £ a language, dialect, s. 
bhdl^ £ point of a spear, forehead; 

m. (for bhdlu)^ a bear, h, 
baMd, good, excellent; m. welfrre^ 

safety. «. 
bhiUd,if kindness, goodness, weLGure. «. 
bkdlndf a. to see, perceive, k, 
bhanU^hoptd, to worry, to bite, k, 
bhdndf a. and n to please, to win oyer, 

to be agreeable, h. 
bhanakf £ a low or distant sound. «• 
bhdnd, m. a mimic, buffoon, actor. «• 
bhoMdsdr, £ provisions laid up for 

years. «. 
bhanff, £ hemp ; a drug made of the 

hemp plant ; breakage. «. 
bhdnkf'df m. a fop, a parasite, h. 
bhanwar^ m. a whirlpool, gulf; bhan- 

tocur-kaU, £ a kind of halter for 

horses, dogs, &c. s. 
bhapcJcndy ul to rush furiously at 

one. h. 
bhoTy m. crowd, tumult, h. 
bkar abo {bhara)^ full ; bhar^^ a. to 

pay ; to fill ; to reimburse ; to dam ; 

bhar-pdnd^ to be satisfied. Added 

to words denoting time or space ; 

it signifies all, the whole, as dm- 

bhar^ all day. 
bkdrdf m. hire, fare, h, [up. h, 
bkafttknd, n. to be inflamed, to flare 
bhdfi, heavy ; of importance ; trou- 
blesome. «. 
bhafkdnd, a. to inflame, kindle. A. 
bhamd^ a. to fill to satisfy ; hence, 

to pay; dh-bhamd^ or mdrnd^ to 

heave sighs. «. 
bkmrosdy m. hope, dependence, faith. 9. 
bhcuam, £ ashes, s, 

f, m. a bard, a minstreL h. 



hhafakna, n. to go astray, to wander, 
to miss the right path, h, 

hha^kUfdra^ ) an innkeeper ; hha^h- 

hhatiydrd, m. jiydr'J^dnaf an inn, 
a house for travellers, s. 

hhaitjdy m. a nephew (brother*8 son ;) 
hhct^ji, a brother^s daughter. «. 

hhaun^ f. the eje-brow. s, 

hhaunkndf n. to bark. 9. 

hhaydnahy terrible, frightful. 9. 

bheduy m. a confidant. 9. 

hhejdy m. the brain, h, [mit. h, 

hhefnd or hhtj-d.^ a. to send, to trans- 

hhehy m. a toad, a frog. 9, 

hhenfy f. an interview ; a present, h, 

hhefy f. a sheep, an ewe. f. 

hhefif f. an ewe, a sheep. #. 

hheriifdy m. a wolf. 9* 

hhe9y m. guise, garb, dress. t . 

hhe^y f. a meeting, a present, h, 

hhiy eren, also, indeed ; both, h, 

bhtgndy n. to be wet, to sprout forth, h, 

hhifdnd, a. to oonyej, to send. 

hMjtodnd, a. to cause to send. h. 

bhikhy f. begging ; also hhik, 9, 

iAIf, f. a multitude; &A?r-5Aar, a 
great crowd of attendants. 9. 

hhirnd, n. to close with, stixiggle. h, 

hhitar^ inside, within. 9, 

hhOyty a bearer, porter, h, 

hhojan^ m. food, eating. 9, 

hhoTy f. the dawn of day. h. 

hhuhhaly m. hot ashes, live coal or 
embers. A. 

lihucham^dy a kind of fireworks, re- 
sembling a tree called the bhu- 
champa. «. 

hhuhhy f. hunger, starvation. «. 

hhukhd, hungry. 9. 

hhul, f . forgetfulness. «. [s. 

Ihuld-hAdldf innocent, inexperienced. 

bhtUd-d.^ a. to deceive, mislead. «• 

19 ) BIG 

bhuldndy a. to cause to forget, or be 

deceived, to mislead. 9. 
bhuldwdf m. deception, stratagem. 
bhuldwd-d.f to deceive. 9. 
bhalnd, n. to forget, to mistake. «. 
bhum^ or bhumy f. land, country. 9. 
bk«ndnd, to exchange money, h. 
bhun4dy ill-shaped, ugly, deformed, h, 
bhund-paird, unlucky, h. 
biunndf a. to parch, to broiL «. 
bhunndy n. to be parched, gnlled ; to 

be changed as money, h, 
bhur, £ charity, alms. h. 
bhiUy m. bran, chaff. 9. 
bhuty m. a demon, an ogre. 9. 
bhuffd, m. Indian com, any large 

bunch, like the hisad of a thistle, 

&o. h, 
bhwim (fem. of bhii^y an ogress, a 

she-demon. 9, 
bi-^aini-hiy even as, exactly as. a, 
bibiy f. a lady, (vulgarly) a wife, h, 
bichy prep, in, into, among, between, 

during, h. 
bichdrdy helpless, wretched. j». 
biohdmdy a. to consider, examine. 9^ 
bichchhuy m. a scorpion. «. 
bichhalnd, to slip, to separate. A. 
biehhindy a. to spread; sub. m. a 

bed. «. rated from. A. 

bicKkapidy n. to be parted or sepa^ 
bicAhattnd or bichhonoy vl a bed, bed-^ 

ding, carpetting. «. 
biehhndy to be spread, laid down, h^ 
bichhwdnfi^ to cause to be spread. 9» 
bid^aty f. heresy, schism, oppression, a. 
bide9y abroad, a foreign country ^ 

bidcMy a foreigner, stranger. «. 
biffdndy strange, foreign, p. [ling. 9, 
btgdVy m. violation; difference, quarrel- 
bigdrndy a. to spoil, to cause misun- 
derstanding among friends. 9^. 



( ^ ) 


higofnd^ n. to be spoiled, h* 
biffhd, a knd measure of twenty 
ktrffhdSf at a square of land, whose 
side is 120 feet, s, 
hih-budi, f. welfare, well-being, p, 
HkUM, f. paradise; hiAUMi, of or 

belonging to paradise; an angel; 
(in India) a water carrier. p» 
hihri, f. a subscription, contribution, k, 
hihtctr, good, excellent, wdl, better, p, 
Sihzdd'Khan, a man's name, p, 
bij, m. seed, sperm, p, 
hijR, f. lightning, a thunderbolt* 0, 
Jnkd^iiy saleable, for sale. «• 
liknd, n. to be sold, to selL t. 
hikty £ virginity, a. 
^7, m. a hole, a burrow. 9. 
ht-VakSy on the contrary, eontrari- 

wise. a, 
hilalldt foolish, silly. ^ 
hild-ndghat without ikil. •. 
hila-ioasitjit^ without iuterrention or 

mediator, a, [ed a, 

H-l-farz, with the supposition, grant- 
In-l-JVlf in fact, Terily. a, 
hi-l-kvlly entirely, wholly. <i. 
hiUaur, crystal, p, 
hiUdy m. a male cat. #. 
hUtiy f. a cat. A. 
InmoTy sick, indisposed; Hmar-dany 

attendance on the sick ; himdriy f. 

sickness, disease, p. 
Inn, f. a stringed instrument, i. 
bin or hina^ without, except. Bin 

may be affixed, like a common past 

position to the word it governs, a&, 

m/ujh-hin^ without me. s. 
htnAy clear-sighted, discerning, p^ 
hin&y f. a foundation ; origin, a. 
Innd-i, f. sight, vision, p* 
hindSy m. death, destruction. $. 
hipatd, f. calamity, misfortune. •. 

hir, a hero, a bntre man« #. 
hiraUy a brother. A. 
JBirbtU^ a man's name, p, 
bimi, f. a wasp, a small grain, k, 
birtd, m. purpose, tubstanee, power. 
bis, m. venom, poison. «. [«. 

biSy twenty. 9, 
hisahan, f. offiansivte smell, h. 
bisdl, f. bedding, goods in general, 

power, means, a, 
hisekh, m. atate, fiite, occurrence. #. 
bisiydr, many, much, p, 
bismU'k., to sacrifice, to slay an animal 
according to the mode prescribed by 
the Muhammadan law. aJL 
bism-illdhy in the name of €k>d. a, 
bisomdy n. to cry, weepi sob* 
but, twenty, p. 
hifdnd, to scatter, k, 
bisioTf m. oouch, bed, p, 
bifhdna^ a. to cause to sit. A. 
bifhldHd, to cause to sit. A. 
hitnd, n. to pass over, to ooour. A. 
hi'trfah\ byaatiipe. a. 
bvuod^ f. a chilblain. «. 
biyahnS, to marry.. A^ 
ho also bA, £ small, fragrance.. p» 
hojh, m. a load, a weight. A. 
hcjhnd, a. to load, to weigh. A. 
hoi, myrrh ; speech ; hcwl, m. urines 
hol-chdl, £ conversation. A. [9ji,a» 
hoU, £ speech, talk. A. 
holnd, n. to speak, to tell, to Orow. A* 
bond, n. to sow. s, 
bar, m. noise, uproar, h, 
boriyd, m. a kind of mat. p^ 
hosa, m. a kiss, p, 
hofi, £ a small bit of flesh.' A. 
boza, m. a kind of ale or beer ; boea^ 
JAdna, an ale-house, a boosting-Jesn ; 
boza-faroah, an ale-seller, p, 
bomM^ m» an ape, a monkey, p. 



( 21 ) 


JSu^^oR-nnd, the philosopher AtI- 

cemuL p. 
bu*d, f. distance, remoteness, a. 
iiM^o-^tf^A., or bud'bdshf L residmoe, 

dwelling, a home. |>. 
huhdran, f. sweepings. A. 
ft«A«rfM, a. to sweep together, A. 
huhtdn^ m. calmnnj, fiiise imputa- 
hujhail, laden, loaded. #. [tion. o^ 
hujh or bujh, f.und««t«ciding,fleiiBe. t, 
ht^fahrdy m. a vessel for holding warm 

wat^. k, [guish, to explain. 

hvjhdndy to put an end to, to eztin- 
Utjhndy a. to understMidy to coxnpx^ 

hend, to think. «. 
hujhndf to be extinguished. K 
hu-halcmun^ the cameleon % adj. Tari»> 

gated, of many coloin% a. 
d«l;c^ m. a bundle of clothes, &c. i* 
bu&dr, nau steam ; glowing beat. a. 
JSui^rd, name of a <Hty or country 

to the north east of P^rsiis near 

the Oxus. p, 
^i^l, m, avarioo, stinj^ess, parai- 

mony. a. 
Imknd^ a. to grind to powder. K, 
hujskvr^ nou perfiime, frankinoenid. a. 
buldndf a. to call, inviteu A. 
hvUmly f. a nightingale, a sbnke. i>« 
hulbuld^ m. a bubble. ^« 
bulday UL. a city, towq« at 
iif^eotftttf, a. to cause to be called, or 

to be sent for. A. 
bufhy f. a baeifl, root, p, 
Hnd^ t a drop ; hund Jci hmdf dou* 

bly distilled, of first rate strength. $, 
hundiyd^ f. sweetmeats Ulce drops. 9, 
bunnd, a. to weave, to intertwino. h. 
hunt, m. a stalk, s, 
bunfaf m. a plant, shrub, flower« t« 
hurd, bad, worse, wicked. A. 
burd^f t bftdneis, wickedness, A. 

hurdm, f. food, consisting of the fruit 
of the egg-plant fried in sour milk, p, 

b^feAod^ m. a scoundrel, a rascal, h, 

hurd, £ winning (at chess) j opporw. 
tunity of gain. p. 

bw^d-bdr, patient ; burd-bdrit f. bear* 
ing of a burden, forbearanoe, pa* 
tience. p. 

hur^ or burhd, old, an old man. h, 

itil^pd, m. old a^ h, [wife, h, 

burhii/dy an old woman, an old man's 

buri, £ badness, eril. h, 

burj\ m, a bastion ; a sign of the so* 
diaci tower: dome, a, 

Uir^0^ xn. a veil. a. 

bufftdn, m. a flower garden* €t, 

buft m. a kind of pulse, h, 

but, m. an idol, a beloved object, a 
oistreas; bmi-Mdna or bui-kada^ 
an idol temple; but-paratty an 
idolator, a pagan; bwl^arag^ f. 
idolatry, p, 

hmfdy m. a plant, a shrub. #. 

bufldn, t abortion, folly, a, 

bwBurg, great ; a grandee ; ancestors ; 
(Lat. majores); buzwrg^fdr^ supe- 
rior, ancestor ; buswrgi, £ greatness, 
exaltation; buzvrgUfdi^ noble ao* 
tions, groat merits, p, 

bydhy m. marriage. «. 

bgdkuly perplexed, distressed. #. 

byopdriy m. a trader, merchant. #. 

byordy m. difference, history, account. 



chdy f. tea ; ehd-bcmdndy to make tea. p, 
chabdnd, a. to chew, to masticate, t. 
chdbndy a. to chew. «. 
chdbuky m. a horsewhip; ehdhuk 
mdmd, to whip. j?.. 


( 22 ) 


ehctbutarOf m. a terrace or platform 
to sit on. h, [A. 

chiichdf or chctchchd, a paternal uncle. 

chadar or chddar, a sheet, a reil. j?. 

ohdhj f. deBiie, love, choice, s. 

chaAakndy n. to whistle (birds), t. 

chahdr, four ; chahar-dah^ fourteen ; 

chc^r-dahumy the fourteenth, p. 

chahchahd, m. the song or warbling 
of a bird ; chcthchahe-mdrnd^ to war- 
ble as birds, p, 

chahchahdnd, m. to sing, to warble, p, 

chdhkary f. singing of birds, h. 

chdhiye, it is necessary, it is fit. s, 

ehdhndf a. to love, to like, to desire, 
to wish for, to choose. 9,p, 

chain, in. ease, relief repose. h,p. 

chaind, m. a kind of com. s. 

choky m. a rent, a slip ; adj. rent, 
torn ; chak'k, to rend, slit, tear, p, 

ehdkj actiye, vigorous ; chak-chauband^ 
active and strong, p. 

ehakdchdk or chakdehdk, f. sound of 
the stroke of a dagger, p.t. 

chakar, m. a servant ; chdkari, f. ser- 
vice, p, 

chai^ f. quarrel, strife, p. 

chakhn&y to taste, a, 

chakkdr, a thief, a robber, h. 

chakkiy £ a millstone. 9, 

chahmaky also chakmcilf, also ehakmdk, 
the whole apparatus of flint, steel) 
&c., for striking fire, t, 

chaly f. motion. «. 

chdly f. gait, pace, habit, custom: 
chdldhdly f. gait, motion, manners, s. 

chaldchaly the bustle of setting out 
on a journey, &o. 9, [p. 

chdldky laborious, active, alert, dever. 

chdldkiy f. cleverness, p, 

chcdcmy m. habit, custom, conduct, 
behaviour ; a current. «. 

chalany f. dearanoe. *. [cise. a 

chalandy a. to cause to move, to ezer- 

ohoRsy forty. 9, [rantine. 9, 

chdlU&y a period of forty days ; qua- 

ehalnay n. to move, to gOy proceed, 
go o£r, to pass (as coin), to be dis- 
charged (as a gun). «. 

chdlnay a. to sift, h, 

chamaky f. splendour, glitter, h, 

chamaknoy n. to shine, to flash, h. 

chamany m. bed in a garden, p. 

chamcha or ohamchay m. a spoon, p, 

chamchd'bhaTy adv. by the spoonfed, jr. 

chamldy m. a begging dish or cup. h. 

ehampy f. lock of a gun ; the stocks, h. 

chamfay m. leather, a hide. «. 

chandy m. vetches, t. 

chand or chdndy m. the moon. h. 

chandy some, several ; chcmd dor ehandy 
several : after numerals, it signifies 
fold, time, or times, as do-chandy 
two times ; dah'chandy tenfold, p, 

chandcy for some time. p. 

chdndiy f. silver (pure), plate, the 
orown of the head. 9, 

dhdndniy f. the moonbeams ; name of 
a flower ; a cloth spread over a oar- 
pet ; any thing white and shining. 9, 

ohdndrrdty f. the night of the new 
moon. 9,h, 

changy f. a daw ; a harp, p, 

chcmffdy healthy, cured; ehanffd-ha- 
nana, to correct, to chastise ; lAangd 
kamdy to cure, to heal, h, 

changes or ohangery f. a flower-pot. K 

changuly m. claw, talon, hand, dutch, 
grasp, hook. p. [ment. hp, 

6hdf(hch(>Zy m. tenderness, endear- 

chapar^hapafy noise made by the 
mouth &c., in eating, h. 

ehapkany f. a kind of coat. h. 

chdplun^ f. flattery, wheedKng. p» 


( 28 ) 


ehaf-^yroHy unsteadiness, jp. 

ehcyftrdSf f. a buckle, badge, h, 

oha^idf f . flattened, h, 

char, four ; ehdr a,ina, iron armour 
consisting of four plates. 

char, f. a knock, h. 

ckdra, m. remedy, help, cure ; forage, 
food for cattle, bait. p,h. 

cha/rd-gdh, i, a pasture, a meadow, p. 

eharan, m. the foot. «. 

charand, a. to graze, to pasture, a, 

t^ofo^j (also charanda), m. a beast 
that grazes, p, 

charcm-barddri, f. humble service, s, 

chaT'omkhen, choT'chathm, or char- 
naaiaren, an interview between two 
people, each having two eyes. 

chart*, f. &t, grease, p. 

eharchd, gossip, report, discourse; 
pursuit, practice, s. 

choT'dtDdri, £ an inclosure, a court- 

chargh, m. a kind of hawk, h, 

charh, ascending, mounting, h, 

chafhnd, n. to ascend, mount ; also 
chafhjand, h. 

eharhdfO, m. a height, eminence, h, 

charhwdn, mounting, a kind of shoe, h* 

charitr, or charUrci, m. conduct, man- 
ner. «. 

charl^, m. a spinning wheeL 

charMd-kdtnd, to spin, p, 

ehdr-J^dna, chequered ; m. a kind of 
doth. «. [p, 

charihh f* ft spinning-wheel, fireworks. 

chdr-kuh, a sort of vest or tunic, p, 

chamd, n. to graze, to feed, s, 

chdr-pdyd, m. a quadruped. 

chdr-pdti, f. a bedstead, h, 

chdfzdnu, a mode or posture of sit- 
ting, common with Asiatics. 

ohda, t plowing ; ehdmd, to plow, k. 

ehashak, f. a tasting, p, 
chashm, f. the eye; hope, expecta- 
tion; ehasknU bad dur, ** remote 
be the evil eye ;" cha8hm-mtmd,i, f. 
view, inclination, p, 
chaahma, m. spectades ; a foimtain ; 
chaahma-v^aUahil, m. name of a 
fountain in Paradise, p, 
chathmak, f. spectacles, p, 
chdshm, f. flavour, relish, p, 
chcukd, m. custom, habit, relish. K 
chafak^ £ crash ; glitter, h, 
chafaj^nd, for chafaknd, to split or 
crack as the tongue from thirst ; to 
crack as a whip, or as wood on 
fire, h, 
chafdn, £ rocky ground; block cf 

ston9. h. 
chdfi, £ licking, kissing, h, 
ehdtn», a. to lick, to lap. h, 
chair, m. an umbrella, a canopy, p, 
chaffd-baffd, a plaything or rattle 

for a child, h, 
chauband, vigorous (v. chdk), p, 
chavbe, a Brahman learned in the 

four beds or vedcu, s, 
chawiahwdn (fem. in), the 14th. h, 
chaudol, m. a kind of sedan, h, 
chaugdn, a kind of game played with 
a ball and crooked stick by mounted 
chak-ghard, m. a box for holding 
betel, perfumes, &c., in four com- 
partments. «. 
eihau-gotha, m. a four cornered or 

rectangular tray. p.h, 
cJumgund, a. fourfold. «. 
chaiU'jvgi, of vast antiquity; lite- 
rally, through the whole of the four 
yugaa or ages (of the Hindiis), 
amounting to some four millions of 
years, more or less. a» 

CHH ( 24 

chmi'ky m. ft sqnaare, or open market 

place, h, [spect, ily. h, 

chaukanndy cautiouf, alert, curoum- 
ehoMkas^ oleTer, cantioug. A. 
chaukhatf frame of a door. 0, 
chauki, f . a &ame to sit on, a stool $ 

guard or v«l;ch. k, [h. 

chauki-ddr, a wat<diman; a sentinel. 
chcmndhiyand, n. to be dazzled, to be 

amazed. K 
ekawtk, t the act of starting, h, 
chawnknd, n. to start, to boggle, to 

start Txp from sleep $ also ^cwnh- 

chaufiri^ £ a flj-flopper. #. [«. 

chaupavy f. a game with oblong dice. 

ehimray wide, broad, A. 

ehcmrdyi width, breadth, h, 

chaurd-^hakld, extensive, h, 

chan-rahM^ m. a cross road. j». 

ehavo'diMf a. to widen. K 

ekamtMy the fourth. 9, 

ehela^ m. a disciple, a slare. «. 

ci^^, UL memoij, thought, percep- 
tion ; circumspection ; chaU^ name 
of a month. «. 

ehha (also eiihe) six. 9, 

chhah, f. shape, figure, beantj-. «. 

chhagalj f. a leathern bottle, a goat's 
skin ; m. a goat. «. 

cAAaArAraf, f. a slap, a blow. K 

ehhdly also c^dld, skin, bark. A. 

ehheldng^ i. a bound, spring. A. 

ehhaldwdy m. ignis fatuus. A. 

ehh<dd¥>d-h-jy to elude one's search, h, 

ehhalni, f. a sieve. 9. 

ehhalwd-ho^dnd^ n. to escape, to be 
lost sight of. 9. 

ehhdn, f. a roof, a frame thatch. A. 

chhdnd, a. to cover over. 9, 

cAhdn'chhun'karf having thoroughly 
sifted. A. 

) CHH 

chhdnd, f. tether, net. h, £%h 

chhdn-mdmd, to search, to rummage* 
chharuid, n. to penetrate, to be 

strained $ m. a sieve, h. 
chhdnnd, a. to strain, to nft, to 

search, h. 
ehhdnfan, f. a chip, catting, h. 
chhdnw, f. a shadow, 9, 
^hdyOii, £ a shadow. 9, 
ehhdp, £ stamp, fHrint, seal, s^el, 

ring. A. 
ehhdpd, m. edition, print, seal, &e. A. 
chhetpar khaf, a bedstead with cur- 
tains, h, 
ekhdpnd, a. to prmt, stamp. A. [A. 
cAAaf, £ pole of a spear ; spikinaard. 
cAAar , £ bank of a river. A. 
cAAtfr, £ ashes, a clod of earth. #• 
oAAopf f- <^ switch, a wand } a pn>* 

cession in honour of a saint SMoaed 

Shahmadir, A, 
cAA«f fM, a. to give up, abandon. A. 
cAAa^, £ a roof. #. [A. 

ehhaidnky £ a weight of two ounces. 
cAAa^A<0«!h the sixth. ^. [A. 

cAAo^f, £ breast, dug; an umbrella. 
ekhdti-pifnd, to beat the bi»ast, to 

lament greatly. A. [A. 

fihhatndy n. to separate, be dispersed* 
chhaftd (for chhatha)^ the sixth. 9, 
chhaitar^ m- an umbrella, a canopy. «. 
cAAo^^M, thirty-six. A. [A. 

fihhaiUndy to scrape, shave (the head). 
0hhe, six (commonly cAAa). A. 
ehhedy m. a hole^ an ori&oe, «, 
ohhednd, a. to pierce, to bore. «• 
chhendy mlUet. A, 
cAAer, f. act of irritating or vexing. A* 
chherndy a. to irritate, vex ; to touch, 

leei* fft 
ehhilanf £ parings. A. 
ehiUndf to peel, to scrgpet A^ 


( 25 ) 


MUnd, n. to be excoriated; also 

ckhil'jdnd. h. 
ohhin^ (root of chh^und), taking away, 
regaiaing; chhin'lem to get back, 
to recover, h, 
ehhindlt f. a harlot, a strumpet, h* 
ehhtnk, f. sneesingj ehkenJe^ con&s^ 

cation, h, 
chMnkndy n. to saeeze. 9, 
chhipd, dose, hidden, concealed, k, 
ehhipdnay a. to conceal, to hide, k, 
ehh^pnd, n. to be concealed, to lie hid, 
to disappear^ to lurk ; chhip-rahnt^ 
to remain concealed, h* [kle, h, 
ehhifakndf or chhirak'd,^ %, to ppvin- 
chhifkdfOf m. a sprinkling, k, 
chhi(aJi:ndf n. to spread forth, to buift 

out to view. A, 
^Undf to scatter, to sprinkle, h. 
ehkUrdndy to spread, to scatter. #, 
ckhochhOy f. a kind of nurse. A, 
cMhOfndy also ehJiof'd, or -y., a. to ^ban- 
don, let go, omit, release ; pMofv 
chhdf-kar^ having oompl^telj ftbant 
doned. #, 
ehhokrdf m. a boy, a youth, h, 
ohhoki% a girl, a virgin, il. 
chhofd, little, small, inferior, f . 
chhuchundar, f. a mole, a musk-rat. # , 
chkifffndf n. to pick up food; to 

select. A, 
ehhuhdrd, m. a d4te (fruit). &. 
chhungliydy f. the little finger, «. 
chhwa^ m. a large knife, a raaor. «, 
chh/ttrdnd^ ». to s^t free, to deliver, 

dismiss, separate. «. 
ehhwri^ £ a knife. 9. 
chhuf^ f. |;)rilliaiicy (of gems)! 9* 
chhufkdrd, m. vpcape, release, get- 
ting off. h, 
^ikMfnd, n. to escape, as water from 
jet d'eau ; to depart, to get loote. 9, 

chhufnOf n. to go off, as fire<worka or 

fire-arms. h. 
ehiy what, how ? p, 
chibilldf base, foolish. A. 
chihlum, the fortieth day (of rnomn^ 

ing, &c.). p. 
chihroy m. the face, p, 
chikf f. pain in the loins. &. 
cklk^ or chikaf, f. mud. A. 
cAa/b, f. a kind of screen to keep oul^ 

the glare, t. 
chikan, m. f. embroidered work« p^ 
cMiip f. a scream, a roar. p. 
cMkhnd, to taste. 9, [j?« 

ohiii}^hf how fine ! (said ironically), 
cMkkan, clean, polished, h, 
chiJcnd^ dean, polished, beautiful, 

greasy, oily, incontinent. *. 
ciikndndf a. to smooth, to dean. 9, 
chily cMlh^ f. a kite, «. 
c^^^ma, n. to glitter. 9, 
chilam^ f. top part of the hokka. h, 
chUamchi^ wash-hand basin, h, 
chilldy a period of forty days, p, 
cMlld-htnfhnd^ to £Mt and meditate 

for forty days, p, 
chilldndf n. to scream, to shriek, h* 
ehilld or cMlla^ the string of a bow. p, 
chUmanf f. a screen, h, 
chimfd, in. tongs. A, [A, 

chUwan^ f. a screen or Yenetian blind. 
qhimafnd^ n. to cling or stick to. h. 
chin^ a fold or wrinkle ; name of a 

country, China; chin bajabin-h^ 

to be wrinkled on the forehead, to 

frown, to become angry, p, 
cMn^dri, f. a spark, h. 
chinghdfy t a scream, a shriek. K [«. 
ehinghdrnd^ n. to scream, to screech. 
cJul^nd^ n. to roar, to scream, p, 
efunif made of chinaware, Chinese, h, 
cHVi chifh^ f. vexation. h» 


( 26 ) 


ohirdgky m. a lamp, a light ; ehirdghdny 

a display of lamps, an illumination, p, 

ohirdnd, t smell of burning leather, 

hair, &c. h, 
chirkat, dirt, filth, p, 
chijrUfd, f. a bird. h. 
eMrHd, to tear, to rend, h, 
eMmd^ n. to be torn or split, h, 
okU, flat (on one's feuse or back), h, 
cMtOy m. a leopard, a panther. 9, 
cAiffhi, f. a note, a letter, h, 
ckUwcM, f. sight, a look, h, \jf, 

ciiz, t thing, oommoditj ; an affair. 
ehOfdny f. a dropping, h, 
ehOfdnd, a. to distil, cause to drop, h, 
ehohy f. wood, post, dub; ehob-ddr, 

a mace'bearer. p. 
ehohak, f. a drum-stick, p. 
chocMd, m. blandishment, toying, h, 
ekoneh^ f. beak, bill, a point. #. 
ehori, t theft, roguery, stealth. «. 
ehofi'chari, stealthily. 9. 
char'tna-hally an apartment for con- 
cubines. ». 
chofj a hurt, a blow, damage, fsJl. h. 
ohofi, a lock of hair; cho(i-k^ to 

dress the hair, h, 
ohoifd^ m. a thiet h, 
ehUfdn, a cistern, h. 
chndd8^ f. lust, lasdyiousness. h, 
ckughfll-tikor, m. a tell-tale, back- 
biter; dwg^al-J^iQriy f. the act of 
back-biting , ohmgli!R% talebearing, 
slander, p, 
ohAhdy m. a rat, a mouse, p, 
chtthcdf f. merriment; cheer, jollity, 

mirth, h. 
ehtihal^ahctl, merriment, &c, h, 
i^uhchahd, bright, deeply-coloured, h, 
ohAhemdr, m. a sparrow-hawk, a 

mouser. h, 
ehiik, £ an error, fault, blunder. A, 

chukkar, m. a shallow hole with 

water in it. A. 
ehukndy n. to blunder, mistake, err. h. 
chmJcndy to hare finished, to have 

done, h. Vide Hind. Ghram. 
chvly f. itch, h, 
cAulj f. a hinge, a pivot, h, 
ehulhd, m. a fire*place. s. 
chuldhuldndy n. to itch. A. 
chumdy m. kissing ; ehumd'chd^, f. 

kissing and embracing, amorous, 

dalliance, f. 
ehumdky or chmMndk^ m. a baton, a 

badge of office, p. 
ehmkkdTj £ sound made in calling 

dogs and horses, h, 
ehvmkdmd, to coax, h, 
chumnd, to kiss, t, 
chundy n. to leak, to be distilled, to 

drop from the tree when ripe, s, 
chundnchi, oonj. so that, in such 

manner that, accordingly, p, 
chunkiy because, since, p, 
eh&nmnd (y. chMmna)^ to kiss. 8. 
cAunna, to gather, to collect, h, 
ehUnlndf a. to gather, collect, h, 
ehupf silent, silently, stealthily, h, 
ckvpkdf silent, not speaking, silently. 
ehupnd, to be silent, h, [A. 

ekHr, bruised, broken to pieces. «. 
cAurajfnd, n. to chirp, h. 
ehuraU, £ a hag, a frightfully ugly 

woman, h, 
churdnd, a. to steal ; dnkhe^'chwrdna^ 

to withdraw one's eyes from an 

old acquaintance, to " cut him." «. 
chufiy £ rings made of glass, &c., 

and worn on the wrist, h, 
ehurkuff powder, h, 
chusnd, to suck. «. 
chwnif £ any thing to suck, a child's 

ooraL #. 


( 27 ) 


os&v^af, m. the back, the hip. h, 
chufld^ m. a lock of hair worn be- 
hind. », 
ekuwdndf a. todisti], oaofletodrop. h, 
dkgfunfi^ f. black ant. k. 


daband, a. to oppress, encroach upon j 
to press down, h, [tears, h, 

4ah4abana^ to shed tears, or fill with 

dabity m. a secretaiy, a counseUor. p, 

dabnd, to be pressed down, to crouch. 

ddhndy to press down, h, [h, 

dad, m. f. a gift; justice, rerenge; 
ddd-d, to make reparation; ddd-L 
to take revenge; dad-Mnodhy de- 
manding justice; a plaintiff; ddd- 
dihith, £ liberalify. p, 

daddy f. a nurse, a female servant, p, 

daddy m. paternal grandfather; elder 
brother, h, 

dafy m. a tambourine, p, 

daf^ay f. time, one time. a. 

dafany m. interment, buriaL a. 

daf^lyay m. repulsion, a, 

daf*'k, a. to turn back, to prerent, 
repulse ; daf*hy n. to depart, to be 
averted, a. h, 

daftoTy m. a book, a journal, register ; 
daftar-ULdtMy an office, counting- 
house, p. 

4dgy f. a place, step or measure. A. 

ddghy m. a spot or stain, a wound, a 
sore ; ddgh'd. to brand or wound ; 
ddgb'lagdndy or 'chafhdndy to vili- 
fy, p. 

daghdi f. deceit, imposture; dagtA- 
hdZy deceitful ; m. a cheat, impos- 
tor; daghd'hdziy £ deoeitfitlness, 
cheating, p. 

dagkiof^a^ m. fear, anxiety, p, 
diAy a. ten; i{aA-cAaiM{, tenfold ; dah» 

y<»kiy one-tenth, p. 
dahcMy m. the mouth, entrance, p. 
dahdnoy that which covers the mouth, 

or top of a pit, well, &c. p. 
daJuy m. thick sour miLk, coagulated 

milk, s, 
doMndy or dahindy right, opposite to 

left, the right hand. A. 
ddhUxy f. a portico, p. 
ddhndy right, opposite to left. «. 
ddkndy the right hand. A. 
ddhshaty f. fear, aversion, a. 
ddyty f. a milk-nurse, a midwife, pa, 
dainy m. a debt, a, 
ddiroy m. a circle, a. 
daUfdy f. a mother, h, 
deadly m. an impostor, a, 
4dky f. post-office; constant vomit- 
ing ; also, m. a postmaster, h, 
^dkdy m. a robber, dacoit. h, 
4cikdry t a belch, eructation. A. 
4akdmdy to belch, to bellow, h. 
dakhany or detkkhany m. the south, t, 
ddj^ily entering, entered; ddl^Uh, 

n. to enter, to arrive at. a. 
dalhlt ni. entrance, intrusion, distm> 

bance; ddthl-k. to meddle, take 

possession, a. 
dai^uly m. entrance, a, 
ddly f. pulse, a kind of split pea. 9, 
4dly f. a branch, a bough. A. 
daldyily f. proofs, arguments, a. [a.A. 
daldlai'k, a. to direct, to demonstrate. 
ddldny m. a hall ; also dar^ddldn, p, 
dal'bddaly m. a mass of clouds ; dal' 

bddcU'Sd-li^aimay a royal pavilion, 

daidaly f. a quagmire. K 
dtddd-peshpTy m. a screen in front of 

a bed. h,p. 


( 28 ) 


4SSt f. a present of fniit, basket of 
fruit ; a branch, a bough* h, 
aHl, f. argument, proof; a guide, 
director, a. 

dal^f m. a ragged and patched gar« 
ment worn hj darweshesi dUUk' 
po^f a darwesh. a. 

dalldl, m. a broker, an agent, a, 

daUala^ an old bawd, procuress, f, 

dalldUy f. brokerage, a. 

4alnd, a. to throw down, to drop, to 
push, to shake, submit, destroy; 
ddl-d, to throw away. A. 

dam^ m. breath, life ; boasting, pride ; 
• moment ; dam-d, to ooax, to de- 
oeiye; dam-ha-^Utm, from time to 
time, with short interraU; dam* 
puJ^tf a kind of dish ; dami-marff, 
or dami §odp(m», m. the moment 
of dying, last breath. p» 

ddmt m. a net, a snare ; a denomina- 
tion of money, p. 

ddmat may it endure I dSma ikhaluhu 
or ikbdluium, may his or their dig- 
nity be perpetual 1 a, 

damdd, m. a son-in-law ; dama^^ »- 
lationship of son-in-law, p, 

damakndf n. to shine, glitter, h, 

daman^ m. skirts ; ddmat^giry depen- 
dent on, attached tOt an accu- 
ser, p, 

damfi, a small denomination of 
money, i of a paisa. s, 

ddn, m. a gift, a present; in comp. 
it denotes a box, or whatever holds 
any substance, as nds-ddn, a snuff- 
box: it may also denote knowing 
(from ddtUHan), as tdri^'ddn, con- 
yersant with history, s, 

ddna, a grain, seed; speck, pimple, p, 

dand, wise, learned; ddnd^i, t wis- 
dom, p. 

ddnd (for ddna)^ grain, food; dam 
pdnif nourishment. p.h, 

4dnd, m. retaliation, punishment, re- 
yenge; an oar; the back-bone; » 
stick ; 4^ji4 lendf to take revenge. 9, 

4anddy m. a staff (of office) ; metaph. 
staff-bearers or attendants. 9. 

4an4€noaty f. obeisance, salutation. «. 

dang, astonished, foolish, p. 

dang, f . the fourth part of a dram ; 
the side or quarter (of a city, &c.). 

idng, t a club ; summit, h, [p, 

dangalf m, a crowd, p, 

dani, mean, base, a, 

dam, used in composition like ddn^ 
q. y. ; as turma-ddm, a smiUl \)o%. 
for holding surma, p. 

ddnisk, t knowledge, science, p, 

ddnishmand, wise, p, 

ddnisi, f. knowledge, opinion^ p. 

4a/nk, m. the sting of a reptile ; ^(znJfir- 
mdmdf to sting, h, 

dimt, m. a tooth ; ddwt-Jcholne, laugh- 
ter; <2in^j»Mitf, to gnash the teeth. #• 

4dntnd, a. to daunt, to threaten^ inti- 
midate, k, 

dapafnd, to shout out, call, h, 

dor, mu fear. 4*xmd, n. to fear. 9/ 

dor, m* a door, press ; prep, in, p, 

dor, m. a gibbet, an impaling stake; 
dor par lehainchnd, to impale ; iu 
comp. it denotes holding, having, 
as kiffa-ddr, a shareliolder. p, 

dor, m, a house, dwelling; ddr-uU 
hukumat or ddr-ui-j^ldfdt, tho 
seat of sovereignty, a metropolis ; 
ddrfish'9hifd, the hospital ; ddr'tUr 
*addlat, or ddr-ush-shar*, m. court 
of justice; ddr-ulrlfardr, the man' 
sion of rest, t. e, the grave ; (2^r- 
ulriMKttakin, m. houfie of the tem- 
perate ; one of the seven heavens ; 

DAB ( 29 

dar-ul-makam^ m. house of reti' 
denoe; also on* of the seyen hea- 
TexiB. a. 

SUird, f. a wife> «. ; Darius, p. 

daratb^i m. a tree; dara]^i-4^^d^ 
m. name of a tree in Paradise* jp. 

doT'ona^ to enter. K 

ddwandy or darandOi rapacionSj^fierae; 
m. a rayenous heast. p* 

dardZy long ; dardzt, f. length, p. 

darhdn, m. a doorkeeper, a porter. p» 

darhdrf m. dwelling, court,, hall of 
audience ; darhdr'h, to gire audi* 
ence, to hold a levee ; darhariy m. 
a courtier ; adj. of or belonginf to 
the court, p, 

dardy m. pain, affliction, pity, sympa- 
thy ; dard'dndy to he affected with 
pity; dard i nk^ pangs of ohil^ 
hirthf dardrraty afflicted; dard" 
mamdy afflicted^ sympathising* p, 

doT'ddman, m« ornamented^ boarder 
of a gown, &o. p. 

dat$i^ m, a sigh, sorrow, dkinolin»« 
tion; xuteij. alas I dctnf^k, to 
withhold, p* [door, shrine, p, 

darffdh, f. a {dace^ court, threshold, 

ddr-ffir, m. seizing, tumult, conflict, p. 

dar-guzanUty n. to decline, to past 
from ; da^'gwa/T'h, to overlook, 
neglect, forgiye. p^ 

ddfhf t or 4^rhj m. a jaw-tooth, • 
grinder; 4^fh'mdmdy to gnash or 
grind the teeth iu anger, &c. «r 

da/rham harhamhona, n. to be in con- 
fusion, p, 

ddrMy f. a beard. «» [p, 

darichay m. a window, a small door. 

darinday rapacious, fierce; m. a ra- 
yenous beast, p. 

da/rjay m. step, stair, gradation, rank; 
darja-ha-darjoy of all ranks, a. 

) DAS 

dmrjaTy nedestary, wanting, p, 

doT'liharehiy expenditure, eztraya- 
ganoe. p, 

darl^wdtty t application, request, 
wish, desire, petition. p» 

dar-mdhdy m. monthly psty, salary, p, 

darma»y or damUtBf nir medictne, 
remedy, p, 

darmdnda^ helpless, p. 

darmiydny interyal, in the midst, p. 

darogkt m. a lie ; darogh'^o^ f* the 
telling of a lie, from dar^glt^gOf ^ 
liar. p» [superintendent. p» 

ddroghOf the head man of an office^ a 

darned Aondy n. to be in pursuit of | 
to be urgent. h*p» 

dar-peth handy n. to be iu frtmt, to 
be neoessary, or inoombent. k.p, 

ddruy f. medicine, p, ; spirituous li- 
quot; gunpowder* A. 

dcurud^ £ oongratulationy blessing* p. 

darwdny m. a porter, janitor, p. 

darwdga^ m. door, threshold. p», 

dar¥fe8\ m. a dervis, a beggar, a 
religioos msmdieaat. p* 

da/rydf m. the sea, a riyer; daryd-iy 
of the sea, marine* p. 

darydft-Tc, a. to conceiye, understand. 

darzoflHy f. a needle. p» \]^P* 

dofniy m. a tailor, pm 

doty ten. «. 

dashiy m. a desert, p. 

dasty m. hand, a cubit; dast-boT' 
ddr^h, XL to declme, desert; datt' 
har-ddfiy f. desertion ; detH-ho' 
girehdn-K to seize by the collar, to 
engage in contest; daat-iiafly >c^ 
signature, manuscript ; dast-bar- 
soT'h, to be unable, distressed, or 
weak; dast-ba-tar-h. to salute with 
the hand to the head ; dcut-botd-h, 
to kiss hands, to salute ; dottt^ 


( 80 ) 


pandhf a forceps, a pair of tongs; 
datt'^aa-h, to be able, to aifordj 
daat-doT'ffirehdn-h, to engage in 
combat; datt-dwez, a note of 
band ; dcut'hcutct, having the hands 
clasped in token of respect or 
submission; dtui-gtr^ patronising; 
taking prisoner; dcut-gir-Je, to 
capture ; dagt'ffiri, aid, protection, 
imprisonment, p, [p. 

doHa^ m. a handle, a troop or party. 

(kutakf f. clapping hands ; rapping ; 

doHdkiy f.apocket-book. p, [a pass, p, 

ddsian, a stoiy, fitble, tale, p, 

tUutana, m. a glove, a gauntlet, p, 

dcutdTf £ a turband. p, 

tkutar-Miiodn, m. a table-cloth ; dag' 
tdT'l^wdn'bafhdHdf to remove or 
take away dinner, &o. p, 

doittf of or relating to the hand; 
dcuR muhoTf the sign manual, p, 

dcut pcmdhf m. tongs, forceps, p, 

dagtur^ m. custom, Cushion, model, 
regulation; daMtur-nlramdly m. a 
rule of conduct, model ; doHuri, f. 
perquisites paid to servants by one 
who sells to their master, custom, 
discount. p,a» 

daawdn, tenth. «. [«. 

data, m. a benefiictor, giver, liberaL 

4dfndf a. to daunt) to threaten, inti- 
midate, h. 

ddfUdif t a kind of armour, a. 

daulf m. manner, method, mode, 
shape, h, 

daulat, £ happiness, riches, wealth, 
fortune; daulai'i^naf m. royal 
residence, a palace; daulctt-MkUfdh^ 
wishing wealth or prosperity to an- 
other; daulai'inandy rich; datUat- 
war, wealthy ; dtmlat-wan, £ weal- 
thiness. a. 

damui, m. an artificial dish for hold- 
ing rice, &c., made by folding up a 
large leaf of a tree. K 

dauft £ attack, endeavour, race, la- 
bour; dauf'dMp, strenuous exer- 
tion ; dcmfdhup-k. a. to use gieat 
labour and exertion in accomplish- 
ing an object. «. 

dour, m. circulation, revolution of 
time, vidssitude. a. 

damrdnf m. time, age, fortune, vicis- 
situde, a. 

dofUfdndf a. to cause to run, to drive, 
to actuate, to exercise. #. 

daufndf n. to run. #. 

dated, £ medicine, a remedy ; dawd-k. 
to administer mediciile. a. 

da^tod, m. a law-suit, claim, a, 

ddiody m. foster father, nurse's hus- 
band, h, 

daw'd'dau, f, labour, fatigue, p. 

dawd,i, £ medicine, cure, p, 

dawdt, £ an inkstand, a. 

da*ioat, £ a fisast, an entertainment, 
invitation, benediction ; pretension. 

dc^m, m. a law-suit, claim, a, [a, 

dawlai'l^wdki, £ the wishing of wealth, 
&c. a. 

dehd, m. brocade, gold, tissue, p. 

deg, £ a cauldron, pot. p, 

degcha, m. a small cauldron, a pot. p. 

dekhnd, a. to see, perceive, experience^ 
to look at, to behold. «. 

^l or deld, a dod. h, 

dend, a. to give, grant, yield ; cfsfM- 
lend, or den-lsn, traffic, pecuniary 
transaptions, gaming. «. 

4e,orhi, £ a door, threshold. A. 

de,otd, m. a heathen god. s. 

der, f. delay, late, a long while, p. 

4erd, m. a dwelling, a tent; adj. 
squint-eyed, h. 


( 81 ) 


denna^ ancient, yenerable, the head 

matron of a female establishment, 

late, of late. jp. 
deg or desk, m. country, region. 9. 
devoid^ m. a heathen god. #. [p. 
dew^ m. a demon, a malignant spirit. 
devoa^ one who may giye. 8, 
dewar (t. dlwdr^ a wall, p, 
4ewfhif £ a door, threshold, h, 
4habf m. shape, maimer, means, h, 
dh(if, f. attitude , appearance. «. 
dhdie, f. pomp, £Bmie j fear. h. 
dhakelnd or 4hakeU^ a. to push, to 

shove, h. 
dhaJeham-dMkJca^ m. pushing, jost- 

Kng. K [h. 

fkciknay to coyer ; sub. m« a oorerlid. 
4hal^ m. dediyity ; a shield, target, h, 
dhalait^ m. a sort of follower, a 

targetter. h. 
4hdlnd^ a. to cast (metals), to pour ; 

to do mischief to mar. h, 
dhanMk, f. noise of footsteps oyer- 

head. h. 
dhamki, f. threatening, h. 
dhan, m. fortune, wealth ; dhan hat, 

inteij. brayo ! well ! s, 
dhdnj m. the rice-plant. «. 
dJumd, a. to wash, cleanse, h, 
dhandy n. to be demolished, razed, 

destroyed, h. 
dhanakf lace, h, 
c^ndhdf m. work, labour, h. 
dhdndhal^ £ wrangling, trick ; dhdnd- 

hal-pcmd, m. trickery, p. 
^hcM^hora^ m. a proclamation, pub- 
lic search, hue and cry. A. 
dhanfff m. quality, mode, k, 
4hdnkndf to coyer, h. 
4hawpnay to conceal, to coyer, h, 
dhanuk, £ a bow. s, 

I, £ a foot measure; a space or 

distance ; as &r as a man can run 
without taking breath, s, 
dhdr^ £ edge, a line ; a stream, s. 
dhof, m. the body, carcase, h. 
dkofokf m. palpitation, fear. h. 
dhafctkndy to palpitate, h. 
4hdraSf m. firmness of mind : ^kdra9 

hcmdhnd^ to be cheered. «. 
dkafkdf m. fear, awe, doubt. A. 
dharm, m. justice, yirtue. «. 
dhamd, a. to place, put down, put 

on; to seize, to catch, to giye in 

charge. », 
dhdma^ to cry out or roar. K 
dhavl, £ a thump, s. 
dhauttk, £ panting, the asthma, h. 
dhaunst m. a threat, h, 
dhdwd-mdrey making a run, expedi- 
tiously. 8. 
4h€ldf m. a clod of ea^th, a lump of 

day. h, 
4Aer, m. a heap ; much, many, h, 
4hily £ looseness, laziness, h, 
dhimy m. slowness, h, 
4^(h^ forward, impudent, bold, h, 
dhchi, m. a washerman, s* 
dhokhd^ m. deceit, deception, h, 
dho-dhd-kar, haying thoroughly 

washed, cleansed, t, 
dhol, £ a stump, s, 
4holak, £ a small drum, h, 
dhondf to wash. «. 
dhUfdn, m. smoke, yapour. s. 
dhu^dn-dhdr^ coyered with smoke. «• 
4hwkndy to enter, h, 
dhul, £ dust. «. 
dhuldnd, a. to cause, to wash, s, 
dhulwdnd, a. to cause to be washed, s, 
dhumf £ bustle, tumult, smoke; dhum" 

dhdtn, bustle, noise, h, 
dhuuy £ propensity, application, 

sound. 8, 


( 32 ) 


^htindkni^ a. to seek, to search ibf . t, 

dhutmd, a. to beat (the head) ; to 
ffhake. s. 

diAp, £ sunshine, h. 

dhupnd, to scorch one's self m the 
sun, to sweat, h, 

dhyan^ m. meditation, attention* t. 

4^iyay {. a small box. A. 

didf m. £. sight, shew, p, 

didoy seen ; m. the eye; an impudent 
eye; impudence; sight; tUda o 
ddnUt(ty thoroughly aware^ know- 
ingly, p. 

didaitf m. seeing, p, 

tUdanif fit to be seen. p. 

diddTy m. interriew, sight, p. 

c^ddru, oomeiy, respectable, p, 

4iffn^y to move ; to shake $ to slip, h, 

dih, a village, p, [p. 

dihexy m. a maniage portion, a dowzy, 

dihish, f. Uberality, generoeity. p. 

dihltdn^ m. a oomxtiyinan, a tillagerr 

Dim, the city of Ddhi ; Dihlami, of 
or belonging to Delhi, h, 

dihrdy m. a temple for an id^. #. 

dihrdhar, f. apartment, chamber, k, 

difla, m. a lake, the lirer Tigris, a, 

dikhdnd, also dikhldndf to shew, to 
exhibit; dikhd-i- or dikhldyhd,, to 
appear, to present one's s^. 4. 

dikky m. a hectic fever, teasing, trou- 
ble ; dikk-k.y to perplex, to fdague ; 
dikk'h., to be annoyed, a, 

dily m. heart, mind, soul; dUni., to 
give the heart, to be in love j dil* 
lagndj to be attentive to ; dilrjama% 
f. ease of mind, content ; dil-chdhndy 
a. to desire ; dil-resh, wounded in 
heart; dil-doz, penetrating the 
heart ; dil-nawdzi, f. blandishment, 
kindness; dil-nisMnf that which 

impresses the heart; dU^tihikaski^ 

broken-hearted ; dm, hearty, of the 

heart, sincere, p, 
dil, m. stature, body, k, 
dUindf a. to cause to gxre^ to oon^ 

sign, assign. «. 
dildsd, m. consolation, p, 
dildwar, brave ; dUdwartf braveiy* p, 
dU-ehcup, charming, heart-aUuring. p, 
dUefy bold, brave, resolute, p. [p, 
diUgiry melancholy, grieved, afflicted. 
DURy the city of Delhi; DilU-vfdldy 

a native or resident of Delhi ; diU 

(from dil)y of or relatmg to the 

heart, sinceiis, real h,p. 
dUiodndy a. to cause to giTe,-or pi^. «. 
dimdghi m- the brain, pride, oonoeit. 
dimaky t white aiit« p. [a, 

DvMhcuhky the dty of Daniilscui. «> 
di»y m. a day. s. 
dUf^ ttL fiiith, religion. «. 
dindTy m. the name of a eoin» a chieait, 

nearly half a gmnea. ch 
din^ddTy religious, virtuous* p* 
dingy m. boast i dm§ «Mim4, to make 

a boast. K [peaoa p» 

diramy m. a small coin, aboat six- 
ditUy aged. s. 
disdy f. side^ quarter, region ; di9d'k,y 

to proceed on a journey. «. 
ditoaky f. a white ant. p» 
diwdny m. a tribunal ; a minister of 

state; diwdiU'l^dtfy a private haU 

of audience ; diwdni'*dinmy m. pub-' 

lie hall of audience, p* 
difodnay mad; inspired, influenced 

by a i^irit. p, 
diwdnoffiy f. insanity, p, 
dtwdTy f. a wall ; also diwdl ; divodr* 

girdy m. a kind of tapestry, p, 
diydy past tense of dend, gave; m. a 

lamp ; a gift or offering, h. 


( 83 ) 


diyanat, f. consoienoe, honeety, pietj: ; 

diydnat-dary honest, just ; diyanat' 

ddrif f. conscientiousness, a, 
dOf two ; contracted for de,Of give, 

or you may give, h, 
dOfOl, f. a strap, a belt, p, 
dfhdtcuihay strong (liquor), doubly 

distilled. p» 
dihhdra, a second time, once more. p. 
dihchand, twice as much, p, 
doohar^ £ mterriew, meeting, jp. 
dthdcuUy two-handed, p. 
dO'dUa, or do-dild, double-minded; 

perplexed, uncertain, p. 
do-ffdna, m. a kind of prayer, in 

which two inoUnations of the body 

are made, p, 
do^hatfoTf m« a buffet with both 

hands, h, 
dohrd, double ; m. a eouplet. A. 
dafif pregnancy, h, [h. 

4olf m. a bucket for drawing water. 
4oU^ f. a woman's sedan-chair. «. 
4olndy to shake, to agitate, h. 
donUni^ t a female musician, h, 
4ongd^ m. a spoon, h. 
do-paf(df m. a kind of Tcil in which 

there are two breadths, h. 
do^iifdxa, m. a kind of dish. p. [h, 
4ofy or 4ofii a string, cord, small rope. 
ioriydy m. striped muslin; a dog- 
keeper, h, \jp, 
da-rHyet, double, having two fronts. 
dosh, m. the shoulder, p, 
do-ahalat m. two shawls, or, rather, 

a double shawL s. 
dosty m. a friend, lover: dtOfA, £ 

affection, friendship. p» 
doza!^, m. heQ (met.), belly, p. 
dozdnu haiihnaf to sit with the knees 

on the ground, p, 
du*df f. benediction, prayer, wish; 

du*d'd, to bless; du^dHiUmffna, to 
ask a blessing for one's self; dm*d'k, 
to pray for another, a. 

dubdndy a. to cause to sink, to de- 
molish, to ruin, destroy, h. 

dtibdhdf m. doubt, perplexity. «• 

dubldy thin, lean, poor, barren, s. 

dubldpd, m. leanness. #. 

dubndy n. to dive, to be immerged, to 
sink, to be drowned; tobeabsorbed 
in business or study. A. 

dudhy m. mUk ; the juices of certain 
bushes, i. 

dugndy double, twofold, p, 

duhdyif {. a cry for justice, a com* 
plaint. #. 

duhrdndf a. to double, to repeat, h. 

dukdn^ or dukdn^ f. a shop, ware* 
house; dulMm-dir^ ot dukdt^ddr^ 
a. s.iopkeeper. p, 

dukky m. adie, pain, labour, fiitigue, 
annoyance, t. 

dukhiy or dukMyd, suffering pain, 
grieved, afflicted. «. 

duldnd, to shake, to toss. 9, 

dulhdy or duthd, m. a bridegroom, h, 

dulhcM, f. a bride, h, 

dulmijfdny m. a small bag or purse, h, 

dum, f. tail, end, extremity, p^ 

dmmbdly m. a tail, the sterii. p, 

dwif base, mean, poor; dun-himmat, 
cowardly, mean-spirited, a. 

dundy double, twofold. «. 

d^ndy m. large kettle-drum, an up- 
roar, a commotion. «. 

dunyd, f. the world, people; dumfd- 
dor, worldly; dunyd'ddri, f. eco- 
nomy, worldliness. a. 

dunyaieiy worldly, transitory, a, 

duTf f. distance, far, remote; dur- 
andethy provident, foreseeing ; dur- 
ondetM^ £ foresight, penetration; 


( 34 ) 


diT'dardz or dur^datif fiu* distant, 
long $ durif t distance, separation, 
absence, p, 

duraj, m. a partridge, a. 

dwdndf a. to hide, oonceaL h. 

dvrd^ f. sediment, dregs, lees. p. 

4urwfdndf a. to lead by the bridle, h. 

dwroghy m. a lie ; adj. fi&Ise. j>. 

dUr-pary ayaunt! off! away! p^, 

duTTy m. a pearL a, [harshness, p, 

durushtf rough, fierce ; dumsMif 

dwrutty right, proper, just, well, safe, 
straight, accurate; dunuU, i, rec- 
titude, propriety, reformation, p. 

dushman, m. an enemy ; dushmam, t 
hatred, enmity; duthmcm^ jam, a 
mortal foe. p, 

dmhndmf m. abuse. 9.p. 

diuhwar, difficult, arduous ; duih- 
warif f. difficulty, p, 

dusrdf second, other, next. «. 

ditwdzdah^ twelye. p. 


ek, one ; eh-a-ek, all at onee ; ek na 

ekf one or other, s, 
eJc'hargly all at once. p. 
ekthdy eJeafhOy collected together. «. 
eUshl, m. an ambassador, envoy, i. 
tfy f. spurring, h. 


fa-U-hdy well and good, yery well. a. 
fahim, intelligent, a. 
fakmd, f, understanding, p, 
fahmdoy intelligent, p, 
fafywa e leaUm, the drift or tenor of 
a discourse, a. 

fdyida, m. profit, gain, adyantage, 
utility ; fd,ida-mand, profitable. a« 

frnfcUOf m. judicial decree, a. 

faifol'k, to settle, to decide, a. 

faiifdfy liberaL a. 

faiff m. boimty, £a.YOur ; faiz-rasdn, 
bountiful ; fcdZ'Tcudmf diffusion of 
bounty, liberality, a. [early, a, 

fojr, £ morning, dawn of day ; ady« 

/a;«r, adulterous, wicked, a. 

faky £ notch of an arrow, a, 

fdha^ fiisting, want; fdha-kash, one 
who endures a fast; fdkc^kashi^ 
endurance of futing ; Jakti-mamd^ 
to starye, to die of hunger, a. 

fdkc4, ady. merely, simply, only, 
solely ; no more. a. 

f&Mff^, ftlso fdt^a, excellent, sump- 
tuous, durable, a, [pride, a. 

fatikv, m. gloiy, ornament, boasting, 

fakiry m. a beggar, a holy man ; adj. 
poor, indigent ; faJnri, f. the pro- 
fession of a/oAir, poverty ; fakirm, 
a female beggar, a poor woman, a. 

fo^% m. poverty, a. 

fdly £ an omen. a. 

falafi, £ prosperity, refoge. a. 

faUkky m. the heavens, sky, firma- 
ment ; &te, fortune, a. 

fald1^'iin, £ a sling, p, 

fdUnd, a certain one, such a one. a. 

faUzy £ a field of melons, p. 

fdl^y m. the palsy, a. 

faUtdcty m. a kind of flummery, a. 

fdm, colour (used in comp.). p, 

fomdy £ mortality; fa/nd-h. or Ao- 
jdndy to become mortal, to die. a. 

f&m, frail, tranaitoiy. p. 

fcutm, m. skill, science, a, 

fdnusy £ a glass shade; famsi ^i- 
ydl, a sort of revolving lanthom. |?. 

fwdy £ a bough, a branch, a. 


( 86 ) 


faraghceii oesBation, rest, ease. a. 

fardh^ joyful; also joy. a, 

farajy f. cheerfulness, joy. a. 

fardk, m. difference, separation ; fa- 
rak'k, a. to separate, a. 

fardJ^, wide, ample, p. 

fctrdmoshy forgotten, p. 

Farang, Europe, Christendom; JFo- 
ranffiy European, p. 

fardz, high, exalted, p, 

farhihy fiit, corpulent, p. 

fardf f. a sheet, a rolL p. 

fareh, a snare, deceit ; fardhJe. a. to 
deceiye ; fareh'khdnOf n. to be de- 
ceived, p, 

fareftaf deceived, enamoured, p, 

fargliulf f. a wrapper, a cloak. p» 

JFarhdd, name of a hero of romance, 
the lover of the fiedr Shirm. p, 

farhanffy f. wisdom ; a vocabulary, p, 

farhaty f. joy, cheerfulness, a, 

F<mdun^ m. an ancient king of Per- 
sia, p, 

firighi free, at leisure ; farigh-tMJJ, 
f. a discharge^ a deed of release, a. 

fSris, m. a horseman, a cavalier, a, 

farmSjish ot farmdyishy f. command, 
order, summons, p, 

fa/rmany m. a mandate, command; 
royal patent ; farmdna^ a. to order, 
command ; fa/rmdn-harddry subject 
to orders, obedient: foermdi^hcvr- 
ddriy f. obedience, subjection, p. 

farOy farody down, low ; fctroiany a. 
humble; faro-iamy humility ifarod 
dndy to descend ',far<Mndnday tired, 
dejected, p. 

farofOdy act of selling (v. Jdaom^. a, 

faroshy a. selling, seller, p, 

farrdshy m. a servant whose business 
is to spread the carpets ; (vulgarly 
frosh), a. 

farrdshiy carpeting, low as the carpet. 

fcvrruj^y happy, p, [a, 

FdrSy Persia, p. 

farsaMk and fancmgy a measure of 
distance, a league, p, 

fa/nhy m. carpeting, bedding, a mat, 
carpet, any thing spread; forth' 
JkiTUthy carpets, a. 

Fdrtiy a Persian, the Persian lan- 
guage, p, [a, 

Fof^uny m. Pharaoh, any cruel tyrant. 

faryddy f. complaint, lamentation; 
fturyddrroiy m. a redresser of griev- 
ances; faryddrrcaiy f. the redress- 
ing of grievances ; faryddiy m. a 
plaintiff, p, 

farzandy m. a child, p, 

fanf-h, a. to consider as a positive 
indispensable duty, to admit. a.h, 

foiddy m. depravity, violence, war, 
rebellion, a. 

fofdfyxty f. eloquence, a. 

fdshy public, divulged, decisive, p. 

fdsidy vicious, perverse, noxious, bad. 

fofihy eloquent, a, [a. 

fdsiky m. a fornicator, an adulterer, a 
sinner, a worthless fellow, a, 

/dfiUty m. intermediate space, a, 

fofly f. separation, a section, chapter ; 
time, season, harvest ; Fofiliy name 
of a recent sera connected with the 
revenue, instituted in the reign of 
Akbar, to avoid the confusion aris- 
ing from the lunar calculation of 
the Musalmans. a. 

fathy i, opening, victory, conquest; 
fath-mandy or fath-ydhy victorious j 
fath'tnandly f. victoriousness. a, 

fdti^y f. prayer, benediction, the 
opening chapter of the Koran, a. 

foMay m. a match, a, 

fatvody m. a judicial decree, a. 


FIL ( 36 

fcMJy f. army, a multitude; favj'dar, 
m. an officer of the poUoe, a magis- 
trate, a, [above, a, 

fcmky m. superiority, loftmess. ady. 

fcmkdm^ adj. aboye. a. 

faukiycstf f. ezoellenoe, preferenoe. a. 

faulid^ i, steeL p. 

faulad^j made of steel, p. 

fawr^ m. celerity, haste, a. 

fa/urany ady. quickly, instantly, a, 

fcmDwrOy m. an artificial fountain, a 
jet d*eau. a, 

faxa^ t an open space or field, a. 

fazih, infeonous, disgracefuL a. 

fazihaif f. disgrace; fazihat bha^ 
you (or they) haye been dis- 
graced, a. 

fSzUj excellent, learaed* yirtuous, 
abundant, a, 

fazilaty f . excellence, superiority, a. 

fazly m. excellence, yirtue, increase, 
gain, &your, grace, a. 

fa^ul^ exuberant, a. 

fi^ in ; used only with a few Arabic 
words, as fl-l-wakC^ in truth, in 
reaUty; fi-t-jumUt^ in short ; fi-l- 
hakikae, in truth, yerily 5 fi-l-fomr^ 
ady. immediately, a. 

fida^ £ sacrifice, ransom, a. 

fidvAy deyoted, a fiuthful subject, a, 

Jigha»y m. f. lamentation, jp, 

fihrist, f. a list, index, p, 

Jikh, f. knowledge of religion and 

law. a. 
filcTy m. f. thought, reflection, adyice, 
solicitude ;yMT-4»aiK2,thoughtfuL a, 

fUy m. an elephant ; /l^&ifs m. an 
elephant-driyer ; fiUpd, having a 
swelling in the legs, having elephan- 
tiasis ; fit-paya^ m. a pillar. 
JCl, m. action work ; a verb. a. 
JUfil^ f. pepper. a» 



findmkf f. filbert-nut. a. 

firdaua, m. a garden. Paradise ; JVr- 
dausi^ name of a Persian poet, the 
Homer of that country, p, 

flrhiy m. a sect, tribe, class, company, 
society, a. 

firiahUk^ m. one sent, a messenger, an 
angeL p, [ding, p, 

firm, f . a dish resembling hasty-pud- 

firoz, tlso firozHnand, fortunate, vic- 
torious, p. 

fiskj m. adultery, iniquity, a, 

fistna, m. calamity, perfidy, sin, seduc- 
tion, a, 

fiiJeara (pL of falnr\ mendicants, 
holy men. a. [p, 

fulad, steel ; fcmLadk^ made of steel. 

fiUana^ a certain one^ such a one. a, 

fitrral^ happy, p, 

fiirfaiy £ leisure, ease, opportunity, a. 

fiiriuh^ pL carpets, a. 


ydbhm, £ pregnant, with young. 9, 
ffobrUf m. a clown, an un&rmed 

youth ; a bridegroom, h. 
gcuiihha, inquiry, examination, h. 
gad, £ sediment (of foul water, &c.) h, 
gada, m. a beggar ; gadd^^ £ beggary, 

mendicity. [a throne. K 

gaddi, £ a cushion, a couch or sofii, 
gadela, m. a soft thick bedding. K 
gcidhd, m. an ass ; (met.) stupid, s, 
gafiy £ a cow. %. 
gdgar, £ a pot for holding water, b, 
gdh, £ a handle ; gah-k. or gahna, to 

lay hold of. «. 
gah, £ place ; time ; gSh ha gSk, firom 

place to place, from time to time. 
gahan, m. an eclipse, h, [p. 


{ 87 ) 


^h-gihy in different places or times. 
^ahnd^ m. an ornament. h% [p. 

gdknodroy m. a child's cradle, or 

swing, p, 
g&yin^ a female musician, t. 
gain4'^i i^* ^ rhinoceros. «. 
gajoTy or ^'tr, f. a carrot. «. 
gaj-motiy m. a fine species of pearL 
gal^ m. the cheek. #. [«. 

yo^, m. the throat, neck, voioe % rot- 

ten, wasted, t, 
gdUlagnd^ to embrace. «. 
gaU^ t a lane, a narrow street. K 
gdU, f. abuse. «. 
gaUgdrdy m. a street or lane, k, 
gaUoy m. a flock, a herd. p. 
gcUndy to melt, to be dissolred. A. 
gatrtcikiga^ m. a small pillow for the 

neck, p, 
gamvty m. company, road. «. 
gdiMy a. to sing j to sound Ibrth. t. 
^offd!^ £ stink, filth. 9, 
gamdoy fetid, stinking ; gamcUhhadam, 

haying a stinking bodys ganda- 

dcAan^ a. having a fetid mouth or 

foul breath, p, 
gamtUi, f. scent, odour. #. 
gcmdhaky t brimstone. •• 
Gangd, t the river Ganges, t. 
gcmfy m. a granary ; treasure, p, 
gcmfdf bald-headed. A. 
gofn^foy m. cards, a game at cards. 

gawjigoy f. a wallet, h, 
gwMMy m. sugar-cane. A. 
gan\hy m. a knot, a bundle, f. 
ganfh'kaffdy m. a out-purse, h* 
ganWy m. a village. 9, 
ganwdndf a. to lose, to squander, h, 
ganwoTf a villager, rustic «. 
^dp, or g<xp'9hapy chit-chat. h. 
gardmiy dear, precious, p. 

gard, f. dust ; (in comp.) going 
round, traversing, wandering over. 

gar-df a. to bury, to set, to fix. «. [p. 

gardcMf m. or f. the neck; gardan- 
mdmd or -kdfnd, to behead; gcur^ 
dan'ka9ky haughty, stubborn. p» 

g<xrddn, £ revolution $ conjugation, p, 

garddnaky f. the pointers in the con* 
steUation of the Great Bear, p, 

gardishy f. revolution, revolving, jp. 

gargafdndy to gargle, to roar. A. 

gafhy a fort, stronghold, il. 

gdfhy f. a difficulty. «. 

garhd, m. a hole^ cavity, k^ 

gdfhdy strong, thick. 9, 

gdfhtMf a. to shape with a hammer, h, 

garhndy n. to be buried, sunk, dug ; 
a. to drive in (as a stake into the 
ground), h, 

gdf% t a cart, a carriage; gari-hdm 
or -wdn, m. a carter, a coachman, 

gaty^ f. a bellowing, thunder. «. [«. 

garmy hot, ^ent, choleric, thronged; 
garm^a, m. a hot bath; garm' 
J09hS, f. ardent delight, heartiness ; 
garmij f. warmth, ardour ; throng; 
the venereal disease, p, 

gofndy to penetrate^ to sink, to be 
buried. A, 

gdrndy a. to buiy, to set, to fix. «. 

gdfthopf f . burial. «. 

garwdnd, to cause to be buried, h, 

g€tfhigdy £ a sack ; pain in the joints ; 
a bump. 9, 

ga^Uyd'hdyOy £ rheumatism. #. 

gatkfiy £ a bundle, parcel; crew, 

gcMthoTy m. a jewel, agem. jp. [peck. 9, 

gcnmf opportunity, h^ 

gdw, £ a cow. p, 

gawdky m^ a witness; gawdhi, testi- 
mony, evidence, p. [during. A- 

gawdrd, agreeable, digestible^ en 


( 88 ) 


ffdw-dida, m. a kind of bread, p, 
gdw-takiya^ m. a kind of pillow, p, 
ffdw-zahdn, f. name of a kind of 

bread; bugloss. p. 
gayan^ a female musician, b, 
gaz^ a measure of length, about 

thirty-three inches, p, 
gazahy f. a relish, eaten with wine, p, 
gazand^ m. t misfortune, loss, p, 
gehuAf m. wheat. «. 
gend, f. a ball, hiand-balL «. 
geru, m. a kind of red earth, ochre ; 
geru^a, of the colour of ochre, s. 
ghdbra^ confused, perplexed, h, 
ghabrana^ n. to be confused, per- 
plexed, embarrassed. h» 
ghqfll, senseless, negligent; ghafll^h, 
ghqflatf t carelessness, neglect, a, 
ghafiiTt clement, forgiving, a, 
jS&otd, concealed, absent, inyisible; 
g^oaXhddi^ skilled in mysteries, a 
diyiner, omniscient; ghfnb'ddm^ f. 
knowledge of mysteries, a, 
gh4tSfi absent ; g^yib'h. n. to be ab- 
sent, inyisible. a. [a, 
ghatibdnet, privately, in one's absence. 
ghfubamj a strumpet, an impudent 
gbidA wounded, h, [woman, a, 
f^txur^ other, different, foreign, a 
stranger; prep, besides, without, 
except; ghair-mundsib, unfit, im- 
proper; glkair-1id:(%r, absent, not 
attending ; ghfi^'hapgi^ £ absence, 
non-attendance, a. 
gkionraf et csBtera^ and so forth, a, 
g^cUrai, £ pride, jealousy; ghairai' 

mand, jealous, emulouB. a, 
ghalatf 'wrong, erroneous ; m. error, 

mistake, a, 
gbfitUt^^ f. an error, mistake, a. 
j^Ma, m. superiority, conquest, as- 
sault, a. 

ghflUbf victorious ; gkaUb'dna or 
-AoM^ n. to be victonooa. a. 

ghfl^i A- cl^> filthy, gross, rude, 
coarse; £ 

ghcUla, m. the produce of the earth, 
grain, com. a. [h^ 

ghdUtd, a. to render desolate, to ruin. 

ghalf.d^ rolling; ghalfjdn peclum^ m. 
wallowing, rolling, p. 

g^fim, m. grie^ sorrow ; ghant ufhdnd^ 
a. to suffer grief; gham hhdnd^ to 
have patience; ghfitfi^lA^dr^ sym- 
pathizing; ^am-i[^«70ri, sympathy, 
feeling another^s woe ; ghfl^rn-gin^ 
sorrowfid. a. 

ghdm^ £ heat, sweat, a. 

ghamdgham, thick, crowded, h, 

ghaman4t t^^ pride, h. 

ghamoriy £ prickly heat. «. 

ghan^ m. gathering, an assemblage. «. 

ghdn^ £ as much as is thrown into a 
mill at once. A. 

gkcmd, £ riches, wealth, a. 

ghanghcm, £ an imitative sound, k, 

ghf»m, independent, rich, wealthy, a. 

ghamm, m. an enemy, a plunderer, a. 

ghfimhncftjdnndf a. to regard as prey, 
or as what costs nothing ; to con- 
sider as a boon. a.A. 

ghdyOf mu a wound, a gash. h. 

ghar, m. house, dwelling, compart- 
ment, groove; ghar-hdr, family, 
household. «. 

ghdTf m. a cavern, pile. a. 

ghafdf nu a water-pot, a pitcher. «. 

ghardna^ m. a fimiily, household, s, 

ghdrat, m. rapine^ plunder; glid' 
rat-h, to plunder, ravage, spoil; 
g^at-gdr or ^ar^ m. a plun- 
derer, a. 

ghafaunohi^ £ a stand for water- 
pots, h. 


{ 89 ) 


gl^az, £ design, business, meaning; 

ady. in short, in fine, a, 
ghifi, f. an hour, a clock, s, 
ghimh, poor, humble, meek, strange, 
foreign; t^arib'ghwabdf the poor 
in general; gliarih'M^na, m. an 
humble mansion ; gharib'naiodZj 
cherisher of the poor ; gfiafih" 
nawazi, f. condescension; fftoriit, 
f. hunility, poverty, a. 
ghafiAfa, f. a crucible ; a honey-comb. 
gbark, simk, drowned. Ji. [h, 

gjaarury a. pride, vain-glory, a. 
ghaSy f. gnss, straw. 9. 
gtiMob-k, t. to oppress. Chh, 
ghasan^ ttctof rubbing. «. 
ghfiuhf m. a fainting; ghfiuth-ama^ to 

fsdnt, to svoon. a. 
ghanloy gnmy, full of grass. «. 
ghcuifndf n. o be dragged along, h, 
ghcuUfnaf a. o drag, to trail along. 
ghcuna^ to rub, to beat. «. [A. 

^Atf^, £ aim, design ; snare, oppor* 
tunity. h, [ner, want. #. 

^A«^, m. alandng-place,quay; man- 
jtfta^, m. a troo}, a host, a number. A. 
ghafndf n. to a>ate, to decrease, h, 
g^aur, f. deep !;hought ; ghflur^k. a. 

to reflect, to onsider. a. 
ghdgal, woundei. h. 
ghenyuTy jealous, bigh-minded. a* 
f^ab, m. and g^ctzaln, t violence, 
compulsion, passion, vengeance, 
curse ; adj. anjry. a. 
t^iozalf f. an od^ a poem, a, 
ghflzi or gha^'f^trd, a hero, a cham- 
pion, a. 
QJuutncm. adj. residing at, or be- 
longing to GhsnL p, 
Ohazni, m. nami of a city, p, 
gherdy round, sirrounded ; gierd- 
4dlnay to surromd. A. 

ghemdt or gher-ghar'k. to surround. 
gkiy m. clarified butter. 8. [h, 

ghihy f. a tertian ague, a, 
ghigi handh-jdnd, to stammer. A. 
gkiffigdndf to falter, to implore. A. 
gtkUdfy m. a case, covering, sheath; 

gJvUaf-h, to sheath, p. 
ghUmdny youths who wait on good 

Musalmans in Paradise, a. 
gMny f. disgust, hatred. «. 
gbJMOy t a song, singing, a. 
gbJirhdly f. a sieve, a. 
ghimd, to be surrounded. A. 
gbiffdfiy f. redressing wrongs. a» 
glvizd or g^dy t aliment, diet, food, 

provisions, a. 
gholy m. butter-milk. 9, 
gholf m. a crowd, a number, p. 
ghfitfl or gbQid, m. a dip, a dive; 

profound thought; ghQtfl-likv^i a 

diver ; ghQie-^neiiy in deep thought, 

pondering, a. 
gholndy a. to dilute^ to mix. Ak 
ghoray a horse. «. 
Ohqriy name of a dynasty that 

reigned at Delhi, p, 
gJkvly m. noise, tumult. p» 
ghulf an ogre, a kind of demon, p, 
g^iddmy m. a slave ; ghuU/my slavery, 

service, a. 
ghiUely £ a pellet-bow. p, 
ghfUeldy a pellet, interruption, p, 
ghulndy n. to melt, to be dissolved. 9. 
ghwncm4ndy n. to gather (as douds 

do before a shower). A^ 
ghumndy n. to go round, to turn. »• 
^«ii, m. an anvil, sledge-hammer. 9, 
ghunohcty m. bud, blossom, p, 
gku»4dy m. a fop, a worthless fel^ 

low. p. 
ghungrii, abelL A. 
ghm»(y m. a gulp, draught. A« 


( 40 ) 


ghfiTj m. a hone, generallj used in 
comp. as ghuf'chafh^ a honeman, 
ehafhiy horsemauBhip ; ghuf-damfy 
laoe-coone. h. 

j^urab, m. a kind of Arab sliip, com- 
monly called a grab. a. 

gH^iirabdy m. Btrangers, the poor. a. 

ghurakndj a. to chide, threaten, h, 

ghumdf a. to stare, to look with 
anger, h. [a. 

gtiurra^ m. the first day of the moon. 

gikwrubf the west, setting of the sun. a. 

g^lt m. bailing, ablution ; gl^tuil-i- 
fihh(xt or gbr^l-i-titfd, the ablation 
of cure, a, 

ghutnd, to enter or be thrast in. A. 

ghua^cdfhy f. access, entrance, h, 

^ifffo, m. anger, angry, a. 

ghufniy f. the knee; ghufmjfoii'ChdltM, 
to crawl on one's knees, h. 

giddtff m. a jackal, h, 

giddh, m. a ynlture. s. 

gidif a dolt, blockhead, h, 

gila^ m. complaint, lamentation, p. 

giUmrif f. betel-leaf prepared for 
chewing, h. 

ginnd, a. to count, to reckon, s, 

ginfiy f. oounting, calculation. ». 

gir, seizing $ used in composition, as 
mulk-gtr^ seizing a country. p» 

giran^ heavy, important, precious, 
dear. jp. 

girdnd, a. to cause to fall, to abase, 
to spill, to drop, to strike; abo 
gvrd'd, 9- [portance. p, 

girdni, f . scarcity, dearth, weight, im- 

girflf prep, around, about; gird ba 
girdy all around ; gird-bddy a whirl- 
wind ; gird^abf a whirpool, abyss ; 
gird-nawdhy enyirons, yioinity ; ^(2- 
-pesh, on all sides, circumference, p, 

girdd, m. a circle ; a round loaf, p. 

girthinf m, a collar, a cap, a poo- 
ket. p, [gw. p, 

girebdn-girf m. an accuser, an avea- 

gireZf f. flight, escape, p. 

girgirdnd, to beseech, k, 

girgiff m. a lizard ; a cameleon. h, 

girMH, m. a householder, peaeaat. #. 

giriftdTf captiye, taken prisoner, p. 

Sfirihf t a knot, knuckle, joiyt, arti- 
culation ; a measure of tbree fin- 
gers' breadth, p. 

giriga^ m. weeping, lamentltion. p* 

gimd, n. to fall, to drop, ^nk, to be 

gir-papid, to fall down, h, [split, h, 

girtd-pc^ftdy with great tql and diffi* 
culty. h, 

ghUndf to rub^ to beat. «. 

gity m. a song, melody, s. 

gigdhf f. grass, straw, herbage, jp. 

gigdrahy eleven ; gigdrabfodUy or -tm% 
the elerenth. h, 

god or godi, f. the lap, ^he bosom, h^ 

godnd^ to prick, to puipture. ft. 

go, or go^, m. a baU. jp, 

go^y speaking, p, 

goJchru, m. an omamjmt, romid the 
ankles, h, [«. 

goly round, globular | a ball, a circle. 

golak, t a tUl, a driver, p. 

golt, f. a ball ; a jarw jp. 

gon, f. a bag, a sackn f. 

gond, f.gum. ». [A. 

gophoH, gophndy andj^o^ftni, 1 a sling. 

gor, f. a tomb, a gr^e , gortHdn^ m. 
a burying-ground. p. 

gord, fair oomplexio^ed. #. 

gosh, m. the ear ; g^h-peishy an orna- 
ment worn in tl^ turban; goth* 
mdlj one who oha^ises ; goak-mdU, 
f. chastisement, f. 

goakoy m. a comer, <ioBet, retirement ; 
gosha-gtr, retiredia hermit ; gothn^ 




41 ) 


fftrif f. state of retirement, seclu- 
sion ; ffosha-mshinf m. a hermit, 
solitary; ffosha^msMniy f. the life 
of a hermit, p, 

goshtf m. meat, flesh, p. 

goapand^ f. a sheep, a goat. p» 

goia^ m. a kind of lacing, h, 

gofif f. the small-pox. h, 

gwfa^ conj. saying, as you would say, 
as if one should say, thus; adj. 
capable of speaking, p, 

goy&ih ^ conversation, eloquence, jy. 

gadd, m. brain, marrow, kernel, 
crumb. #. 

gudaXf melted, dissolved ; mild, gen« 
tie ; m. melting, liquefisotion ; 
guddxif f. melting, p, 

gudiiy f. a beggar's pallet, bedding, h* 

gudfi^ f. a quilt, h, 

gu4n*poth, a beggar, k, 

guftdr^ t speech, dialect, idiom, p. 

gvft-gUt f. conversation; guft-O'shanid^ 
or gufl-o^hwmd^ f. discourse, guft' 
gu-k.f to convene^ to chat, p, 

guly m. a rose, a flower ; gul-k., to 
extinguish; gvl'K^ to be extin- 
guished; gutriswry having cheeks 
like the rose. jp. 

gulaby m. rose-water, (Hind.) arose. 

guldbiy t a phial, a kind of sweet- 
meat ; adj. rosy. p. 

guUh-pashy a bottle for holding roee< 
water, p. 

guloTy f. a wild fig. h, 

gulrhadany m. silk doth ; adj. hand- 
some, p, 

gul'hdngy f. warbling ; ftme. p» 

gulddn^ m. a flower-stand, p. 

gulguldf m. a kind of sweet cake. s. 

gnUstdn^ a rose garden; guUHdn i 
Inxm, a &bulous Paradise in Ara- 
bia, p. 

gut'ZdTy or 'Zdr^ a flower-bed. p. 

gum, lost ; gum'shudci, that which 
has been lost, p, 

gumdn, thought, fancy, opinion, p, 

gumdahtOy m. a person commissioned, 
an agent, a factor, p, 

gmtUMgy m. a vault, a dome, p, 

gum-^Mm, nameless, humble, p. 

gum^dh, erring, depraved ; gum-ri^ 
error, heterodoxy, p, 

gundgun, variegated, various, p, 

gundh^ m. fault, crime, sin; gmndk' 
gdtf a sinner ; gundh^gdri, sinning. 
p» I S^ffff^i dumb, speechless. A. 

ywfit, possessed of good quaUtieSg 
wise. #. 

gui^\ f. echo, buzzing. «. 

guwfndy to resound, make a noise. 

gupty or gupta, hidden, private, #• 

gwrdoy m. kidney ; courage, p. 

gurezy f. flight, escape, p. 

gwrgdy m. a scullion, a low servant 
to do the dirty work. A. 

gufgufdndy to rumble, as the boweIa« 

guriyay t a doll. A. [h, 

gnrigdy f. a bead of a rosazy. «. 

gurohy m. a band, troop, company, 
crew, sect. p. 

guninay hungry; guraiiuigty 1 hun- 
ger, appetite, p. 

gutdyHy m. a sort of devotee, an 
ascetic, h, 

gtutdMiy arrogant, uncivil, rade. p. 

guttd&y f. arrogance, rudeness, cru- 
elty. j>. 

gu^hUy f. a kernel, stone, seed. K 

guzdf^ f. a falsehood, rash speech, jp. 
' guzoTy passing; y«^ar-5an(2ir,akind 
of attendant ; guiar-gahy f. a pas- 
sage, ford, ferry ; guzar»bdny one 
who guards a pass, ferry, &o. p> 


gui&r, m. a feny, a passage; (in 
oomp.) passing, performing, pay- 
ing ; g^^rii £• passing, crossing (a 
riyer, &c.). p, 
ffuzdrisk, t forwarding, paying; ^fm- 

xdrUh-Je, to represent, p, 
guzamd, n. to pass, to go, to pass 

by or over, p, 
guzathta^ past, the past. p. 
guzida, chosen, p, [hood, p, 

gurrdn, t life, employment, liyeli- 
guzranndj a. to present, to offer, p, 
guari, f. passing, traffic, p, 
ggdn, m. knowledge, information. «. 
gyirah^ eleven ; (com. ^ara,) gywrah- 
wa% or -miif the eleventh, h, 


hailnh, m. a lover, a, 

J^ahaM^ m. Abyssinian, Oaffiw ; ^ah- 
shanty a female of Abyssinia, a. 

hadSyd^ presents, varieties, a. 

fyiddy £ boundary, extremity, a. 

ha44*i ^ a bone. 9, 

hddi^ leader, guide, a. 

Ifddik^ ingenious, skilful, a. 

^dM^M, m.£ tradition, a, 

i^ddiiOy m. a novelty, incident^ event, 
misfortune, cu 

l^fiz^ a protector, preserver; name 
of a celebrated Persian poet. a. 

hcfl, seven; heeff-kalamy seven spe- 
cies of penmanship; hceft^kUm, 
m. the seven dimes, t. e, the whole 
earth, according to oriental geo- 
graphers, p, 

ilat, (pros, tense) is, art. h. 

Aat,a/, £ form, appearance, a, 

kaibaiy £ fright, awe. a, 

^oj^, iuteij. ah! alas! m. misery, a 
pity ; ]^aif'k, or -hhdnd, to sigh. a. 

( 42 ) HAE 

haigd (used in verse), for hoi, is, 

exists. A. 
haikal, £ figure, ornament; a tem- 
ple, a palace, p. 

hairdn, astonished, fatigued ; ^kot- 
rdni, perplexity, fiitigiie. a, 

hairat, £ stupor and perturbation of 
mind, astonishment; hcUrai'Zciday 
struck with astonishment, a. 

fytM'baif, £ hesitation, perplexity, 
suspense, a, 

haiwdn, m. an animal; plur. Aat- 
wdndt, living creatures, mortals, in 
opposition to spirits, £Euries, &c. a, 

haiguld, m. matter, as opposed to 
spirit, a. 

haiftty m. the cholera; hcdzthk. to 
produce a cholera, a. 

^dmat, (properly, hajjdmaty) £ the 
act of shaving ; ]kqjdmat-k, to 
shave, *' £ure la barbe." a. 

hdfcftf £ need, want, necessity, po- 
verty, hope, wish; J^Jat-mand^ 
destitute, in want. a. 

hafi, m. a pilgrim to Mecca, a, 

hdfiby m. a porter; a chamberlain; 
a screen ; an eyebrow, a. 

ftc^y m, pilgrimage to Mecca, a, 

hajjjdmf m. a barber, also a surgeon, 
a phlebotomist. a. 

liajm, £ thickness, bigness, a. 

hafoy £ satire, a lampoon, a pas- 
quinade, a. 

haktkatf £ account, narration, state, 
explanation, truth, sincerity, a. 

hakikiy real, true. a. 

J^ktmy or hdkimt m. a ruler, magis- 
trate, a sage, a philosopher, a phy- 
sician, a. 

^o^rimt, £ the science of physic, phi- 
losophy, a, [a. 

^^r, contemptible, thin, lean, vile. 


( 43 ) 


^kky jiubi, trne; the Peitj, justioe, 
lot, portion, equity; ^kk meny 
with respect to ; hak^'sMnds, con- 
Tersant with what ib right and pro- 
per, grateful ; J^k'shmaaif t eeaiae 
of propriety, gratitude, a. 

JkakJka'hakkd, confused, astonished, h, 

Ikakk-dar, an owner, protector, a. 

Ifakk-guzar, one who does what is 
just and right, p, 

^kk'tordldy m. the Ahnighty. a, 

J^ m. state, affair, present time. a. 

holy zn. a plough; hal-jota^ m. a 
ploughman; hal^'ottui, to plough. 

^aldb, the city of Aleppo ; J^cUaii, 
of or belonging to Aleppo, a. 

haldhal, m. deadly poison. «. 

halaky m. perdition, destruction, ruin; 
halah'h, to perish, be tired, a. 

halaJn, f. perdition, ruin. a. 

J^alaly legal, allowable, lawful, right ; 
Jfalalrk, to slay an animal accord- 
ing to the ordinances of the Mu- 
^i^ynmAiliLTi religion ; to marry, a. 

^o^, f. state, condition, circum- 
stance, posture of affairs, case. a. 

halhMnct, to be confounded, to be 
hurried. A. [mony. «. 

kcddif turmeric, a marriage oere- 

halvn or hdUm, m. cress, a water- 
cress, a. [a. 

^Zim, mild, affable ; a kind of food. 

Jkalk, m. the throat, windpipe, a, 

fydka, m. a circle, ring, knocker, a 
kind of firework ; halka ha goth, 
a slaye. a. 

halka, light, debased, mean, silly, 
soft, h, 

halkapan, m. lightness, despicable- 
ness. h. 

^ahoa, a sweetmeat made of flour, 

ghi, and sugar ; l^aUoo'whain^ m. a 
kind of sweetmeat, a. 

hahod^i, m. a confectioner, a, 

halwdn, m. a kid. a. 

ham, pi. of moiii; we. ». 

ham, a particle prefixed to nouns, to 
denote union, equality ; thus, ham- 
htHar, of one bed, sleeping toge- 
ther ; ham-piffoUt, m. a boon com- 
panion; ham^i$u, consubstantial, 
of the same species ; ham^jinsi, i, 
homogeneousness ; ham^oU, equal, 
peer, coeval; ham-dard, partici- 
pating in adversity, sympathetica! ; 
ham-dam, m. a friend, intimate; 
ham-^dx, a confidant, confidential; 
hamrrSh, m. a fiaUow-traveller ; 
ham^dhi, f. travelling together ; 
ham-9dya, m. a neighbour, neigh- 
bouring ; ham'tdyagi, neighbour- 
hood; ham^sabak, m. a class-fel- 
low ; ham-aan, of equal age, a play- 
fellow; ham-ahaJel, like in appear- 
ance; ham-thir, a sister; ham- 
*umr, of the same age ; ham^ka- 
Idm, conversing; tite'd'tiie, fiuni- 
liar ; ham'-wUhin, m. a companion ; 
ham-^Uthini, f. companionship ; 
Aam-fO0r, even, level; ham-wdrtt, 
always, constantly ; ham-waian, m. 
a fellow-countryman; hdm-watam, 
t the being of the same country. 

J^amal, the sign Ariee. a, [p, 

ikamd, f. praise (of Gk>d). a. 

hameaha, always, ever, perpetually. 

hameahoffi, f. eternity, p. [p. 

]^dmi, m. a protector, a defender, a. 

J^dmi hhamd, a. to confirm, to in- 
form. a.a. 

hamada, praised, commendable, a. 

l^dmil, m, a carrier, porter, bearer. 

hdmila, f. pregnant, a. [a. 


( ^ ) 


hamyat^ pride, sense of honour, a. 

Jiandf m. pregnancy, a, 

ikamla, m. an attack, an assault, a. 

hammam^ m. a bath. a. 

hampna^ to pant. h. 

kamid, equal, alike ; hamtdfi^ 1 equal- 
ity, likeness, p, 

hamydiUf f. a purse. p» 

ha/ndasoy m. geometry, arithmetic, a. 

hdndi, f. a pot, a small cauldron. «. 

AoM^ama, m. an assembly, tumult, p. 

hdnk-ndnh, yea and nay, refusal and 
acquiescence, h. 

idnkf £ a bawling ; driying. h. 

hankdmoy a. to driye away $ to calL A. 

hinknd^ a. to drive ; to bawl oat. h, 

ianoZf yet, hitherto, still, p. 

hantd-i^ laughter, ridicule. 9, 

kanH, t laughter, mirth, fun. #. 

kantndy n. to smile, to laugh. #. 

hansof, facetious, jocose, h. 

hoTy every, each ; Aar-tf A:, every one j 
har^ehandy although, howmuohso- 
ever t haT'chi^ whatsoever ; har^hi 
hddd hddy happen what will (or 
may) ; har-fydlf howsoever ; har^oz, 
every day; har-^dl, yearly, every 
year; har-fjaraf, every side; hoT' 
kdra, m. a messenger, a kind of 
servant, p, 

hcM'd, green, fresh verdant, s. 

haramf sacred, forbidden, a, 

hardm, unlawful, excluded; wrong; 
sacred ; hcbrdm-zdday unlawfully be- 
gotten, a wicked rogue; licMfdm- 
zddagif rascality, wickedness ; Aar- 
am'k. to defile, to deem unlawful ; 
hardndf a robber, plunderer, a. 

harany subtraction, plunder, s, 

hardratf f. heat, burning heat, warmth, 
zeaL a, 

]^b, f. war, battle, a. 

harhafdndy n. to be confused, h, 

harfy m. a letter of the alphabet, a, 

hargiz, ever, at all. p» 

Sarif m. a name of Yishnu. #. 

l^ariff clever, cunning, pleasant, &c&* 
tious ; a rival ; an associate, a, 

harin, m. a deer. «. 

harirf m. silk-cloth, a. [a. 

Jictris, a. covetous, greedy, gluttonouA. 

haritd, m. a kind of pudding, p, 

harjmarjy m. confusion, uproar, a. 

Ifarhaty f. motion, action ; harm. a. 

har^lcih^cty momentarily, every mo- 
ment. a,p» 

hamd^ m. the pommel of a saddle, h, ; 
a stag ; a. to carry off by violence. «. 

Sdriin rashid, m. the fifth khalifia of 
the house of *Abhds. a. 

l^ady f. envy, malice, emulation, 
ambition, a. 

hcubu'l'hukmf according to orders, a. 

Ijiashardtf t the buzzing noise of a 
crowd ; reptiles, insects ; hathardt' 
td^ar^f m. reptiles, a. 

]kcuhr, m. a meeting, congregation, 
the great day of resurrection, a. 

hathty eight, k, 

harM-pahliy eight-sided, p, 

hdndf envious, an enemy, a. 

hdfil, m. produce^ result ; benefit. 4. 

htutn, ffdr, beautiful, a. 

hofin, strong, fortified, a* 

hatrat, f. r^ret, desire, grief, a, 

hcutiy f. existence, entity, world, p, 

hastty m. an elephant, a, 

hafy f. (v. hafh)y obstinacy. A. [9. 

hafhy £ violence ; teasing ; obstinacy. 

hdthy m. the hand, a cubit ; possession, 
power ; hdih-dndy or pahunchndy to 
come into one's power, to be obtain- 
ed ; used as a post-position, it signi- 
fies ** through,'* " by means o£*' s. 


( 45 ) 


AoMt, m. an elephant. «. 

kath-kariy t a handcuff, fetter. #. 

hafh-phulf a kind of fire-work. f. 

Ao^Ayor, m. a tool, arms, weapons. #. 

^o^m, name of an Arab chie^ famed 
for his liberality, a, 

hafndf to go or be driven back. A. 

haffd-kiifiaf strong, yigorons. #. 

haitq-l-makdury to the best of one's 
abilities, a. 

•katiar^ or hattaf^ a blow or bnffet. «. 

htul^ m. terror ; kamlrnSk^ frightful, 
terrible, a, 

J^vfilay m. the stomach; oapaoitj, 
desire, resolution, a. 

i^auf, m. a reservoir, a tank. a. 

hawd, f. lust, love ; wind, air ; hamd- 
ho^dnd, to scamper o£E^ to disap- 
pear; hawd^arcuif vain, volatile; 
hawd'l^wdhf m. a friend; hawd- 
i^nufdhif f. friendship; AacM-<2ar, 
airy, a, 

hawdti, f. a kind of firework, sky- 
rocket, p. 

^vtdUt^ m. custody, care, possession, 
hdwdle-k» to deUver in charge. a,p, 

haw€Uf t desire, lust; ambition, 
curiosity, a. 

^awdu^ m. the senses ; ^^a<o«tf-ial^a, 
deprived of one's senses, a. 

lfawd89-hd}sbJtay out of one's senses. 

l^aweU^ f. house, mansion, a. [a.|>. 

Atffnya, m. one of the seven hells, a. 

Hatofody f. Eve. a. 

Aoy^, f. modesty, shame, a. 

Aoyo^, f. life, existence, a. 

hazdt, a thousand ; hazoT'ddttdn^ m. 
a kind of nightingale, p. 

hazdrif military, soldiers, p, 

i^ziik, ingenious, a. [tive. a, 

hdpm^ loose, languid, gentle ; diges- 

hdzma^ m. the digestive power, a. 

/ka«««, sorrowful, h, 

hdztTi present, willing, content ; i^ofir- 
jawabiy ready wit; fydzirdtf f. the 
power of raising the devil, a, 

hdifiri, f. breakfast, dessert, a, 

hotly m. a jest, joke, a, 

htufmy m. digestion; ha^m-k, (met.) 
to embezzle, a, 

hcufraiy f. presence^ dignity, majesty, 
highness, a. 

^as^siy m. pleasura, delight, flavour, 
good fortune, a, 

hela-mdmdy to rush into the water, h. 

hezamy f. firewood, p. 

kezkdaky eighteen; hezhdah kcuuHr 
*dlamy " the eighteen thousand spe- 
cies of animated creatures," such 
being the number according to 
Asiatic naturalists, p. 

My (an emphatic affix), indeed, verily, 
very, h, 

Mbchndma, m. a deed of gift. a. 

hichakndy to draw back from, ik 

hiehkdndy to jolt, h, 

Mchkiy f. hiccough. #. 

hidd^aty f. guidance in the way of 
righteousness, salvation, a. 

h^dioiy f. preservation, memoiy; 
l^ifS^at'k^ to preserve, to keep in 
memory, a, [ct* 

hifay m. memoiy, custody, protection. 

hijaby m. a veil, modesty, conceal- 
ment; J^ijdbdfM, m. reserve, con- 
cealment ; ]^jdbit f. concealment, a. 

hijra or hijrai f. flight, a. 

Sifriy of or belonging to the flight of 
Muhammad from Mecca, at which 
period the era of the Musalmans 
began (v. Hind Ghram. p. 146). a. 

fyikdrcUy t contempt, disgrace^ base- 
ness, a. [a. 

J^kdjfotf f. a histoiy, tale, narration. 


( 4^ ) 


hikmat, f. wisdom, knowledge, skiU, 
contrivance, philosophy; ^kmoH 
haUghdn profound wisdom, a. 
hila, m. stratagem, pretence; AsZo- 
haz, artful: J^Up-bazi^ t artful- 
ness, a, 
hUdnd, a. to more, to tame, to cause 
to swim, h, [a. 

hUm, m. gentleness, wisdom, grayity. 

Mind, n. to shake ; also hU^. h, 

himdkat, f. folly, stupidity, a, 

Hmdyaly £a sword-belt hungfirom the 
shoulder ; necklace of flowers, a, 

^mdyat, f. protecting, aid. a, 

himmat, or MmmaMf spirit, bravery, 
design, a. 

Sind, m. India, an Indian. a.p. 

Sindiy Indian, relating to India, a. 

Sindu, a Ejndu, or one who follows 
the religion of Brahma, h, 

Sindii-i, or Sindumt of or belonging 
to the Hindus, h. 

Sindugidn, India; Sindtutdm^ In- 
dian, relating to India, p. 

Mnhindndy to neigh. A. 

Mrdf m. a diamond, h, 

hiran, m. a deer. 0. [a. 

Mrdacfty f. care, watching, guarding. 

Mrsy f. greediness, covetousness, am- 
bitiousness. a. 

Iwrfiy greedy, a. 

Jiisaby m. computation, calculation, 
accounts, a. 

hifdr, fortress, house, palace, a, 

hissy m. sense, sentiment, feeling, a. 

hiffOy m. share, lot, portion, division. 

hiwdyOy m. courage {Jdydyo), «. [a. 

ho-jdndyy to become. 8, 

holdy m. a pod of peas parched. 8, 

hondy n. to be, become, have. 8. 

honhdTy about to be, or happen, h, 

hot^hy m. the lip. 8, 

ho8hy m. understanding, judgmenly 
mind, soul. jp. [tious. 0. 

hoshjfdry intelligent, attentive, cau^ 
hoshydriy f. sobriety, carefulness, p, 

^ubdhy m. jars, bottles, a, 

fyibhy f. love, affection, friendship ; a 
kind of grain, a. [a» 

hudSdy f. pi. boundaries, extremities. 

fyt^aty f. an argument, proo^ reason, 
altercation, disputation, a, 

l^ufrety m. a cell, closet, retirement, a. 

k»jutny m. a crowd, mob, assault, tw- 
mult ; hufum-k.y to assault, a, 

huky f. ache, stitch, h, 

J^kkOy m. a well-known machine for 
smoking, a. 

JUtkm, m. order, command, decree; 
J^ukm-ndma^ a decree, a written 
order, a. [claims, a. 

hukiiky (pi. of haJek)f m. rights, dues, 

hukiimaiy f. dominion, sovereignty^ 
jurisdiction, a. 

huly f. a thrust, p, 

k&lndy to goad, to push. A. 

Sumdyuny a man's name, adj. fortu- 
nate, p, 

hunoTy m. art, skill, ingenuity, virtue ; 
htmar-mcmd or -wary skilfuL p» 

hufy f. wrangling, h, 

hur f. a virgin of Paradise, a black- 
eyed nymph, a, 

hurmaty f. dignity, character, chastity, 
honour, reverence, a. 

hu8dmy f. a sharp sword, a. [p. 

hushiydry careful, attentive, watcdifuL 

husn, m. beauty, elegance, goodness ; 
HasoMy a man's name. a. 

hu^ly advantage, a, 

huzuTy m. presence, appearance, court, 
majesty; hii^iiriy f. presence; adj. 
of or relating to the court, a oour* 
tier, a. 


ibdj refusal, denial, a, 

*ibdd(xty f. divine wonMp, adoration ; 
*ibadat-ffdhf f. a temple, plaoe of 
worship, a, [a, 

*ibaraty f. style^ Bpeech, dialect, idiom. 

ibtUy m. the deviL a, 

Ibrahim Adham^ name of a pious 
king of Ball^, a. 

*Ihramy Hebrew, a, 

*ibrat, £. example, warning, a. 

ibtiddy f . beginning ; ibtidit-k^ to begin. 

*tdi t a festiyal ; a holiday, a. 

idbar^ £ calamity, ridssitude. a. 

idha/Ty or tdhar, or idMr^ on this side, 
on the one hand, in this direction $ 
hither or hitherwards. A. 

ifoy f. performing, paying, a. 

Hffaty t purity, chastity, yirtue, mo- 
desty, a, 

ffrdt^ m. f. excess, superfluity, a, 

't/H^, anything frightful, a spectre, 
an ogre. a. 

ifkhdy m. divnlging, publishing, a. 

ifUJ^ar, m. glory, honour; elegance, a. 

ihtimdm^ f. diligence, solicitude, a. 

iftvrdy f. fiction, calumny, a. 

ighldm, m. inflaming with desire, a, 

ihdta» f. an indosure. a, 

ihadn, m. beneficence, favour, cour- 
tesy; ihsdn-k.j to oblige; ihsdn- 
mandj obliged, grateful. — f . grati- 
tude, a, 

ihUmdly m. act of bearing; imoer- 
tainty ; probability, a. 

ilUvrdZy m. abstinence; taking care; 
controlling the passions, a, 

ifytiydjy f. necessity, want, occasion, 
need, a. 

( 47 ) ILH 

tA%J^4 f. caution, circumspection, 
care. a. 

tjdd^ invention; tjddrJe*^ to cootme^ 
to perpetrate. 

ijdzaif f. permission, leave, a, 

ijlds, f. act of sitting, a. 

'ikdhf m. chastisement, a. [place. «. 

ikafhd or ikaffhd, together in one 

ikbdlf m, prosperity, dignity, good 
fortune, a. 

ikbdl'^nandy fortunate, a. 

ikddmy m. eflbrt, spirit, resolution, a. 

ikhafhOf together, assembled, s. 

ii^l^y (same as ika^hdy q. v.) m. 
sincerity, affection, friendship, a. 

iM^Udf^ m. intercourse, friendship ; 
iMi^ldft'k^ to mix with. a. 

flsft^'^, opposition, a. 

il^tiidm^ end, conclusion, a. 

iM^itfOTf m. choice, authority; i^^i- 
^tfr-iEr. to approve o^ to adopt, to 
choose, a. 

Ueid, unique, only, singular, s, 

iklcmtd, single, alone, unique. A. 

ikrak^ f. abhorrence, aversion, a. 

ihrdmy m. honour, respect, a. 

ikroTy mu confession, confirmation, 
promise, agreement; ikrdr-k, to 
promise, confess, a. 

iktiddTy power, authority. 

ikiifdy f. sufficiency ; ikH/d-k, to suf- 
fice, a. 

UdcM, f. cardamums. «. 

tZiA?, divine ; the Deity, or the Qreat 
Divine Being ; IldM, or yd Jldhi^ 
OGod! a, 

*ildjt m. f. remedy ; a cure. a. 

UdkOf m. connection, business, a, 
i^ldm^ m. proclaiming, indicating, an- 
nouncing, a notification, a warrant. 
a. [tunity. a, 

U^dJ^ f. solicitation, urgencr^, impor- 


( 48 ) 


Ukdm, m. inspiration, revelation, 
thought, a, 

^illdy conj. if not, i^ besides, except, 
otherwise, but, unless, a, 

^iUat^ t dirt, disease, a. 

'•^ m. science, knowledge; *Umi- 
kupirlt m. pure, mathematical or 
physical science ; ^Umi-himdiaoky m. 
geometry, a. 

ilHfdt, f. friendship, kindness, obli- 
gation, courtesy, respect; Utifat-k, 

. to respect, to notice, a. 

UHjAy £. request, refuge, a. 

UHmaty m. f. beseeching, petitioning. 

imoy f. sign, wink, a, 

imam, m. a leader in religion ; a pre- 
late, priest ; Imam ^dmin, name of 
a saint ; Imam J^dmin ka ruptjfo, a 

• piece of coin dedicated to the above- 
-mentioned saint, and fiwtened on 
the arm of a person about to travel, 
&a, to avert evils. Vide Herk- 
lotts, 276. a, 

imdnf m. &ith, belief^ religion, con- 
science ; imd»-ldmdy to believe, a, 

trndnddTf futhful, honest, p, 

*imdratf t a building, a. 

im^dfj, f. gladness, mirth, a. 

imdddy i. help, succour, a. 

imkdn, m. possibility, a. 

im»dl, likeness, resemblance, a. 

vmtihd% m. proo( trial, examination, 
experiment; temptation, a. 

imtiydz, m. discrimination ; pre-emi- 
nence, a. 

in*dm, m. a present, a gift, ot, 

*ind»t f. reins, bridle, a. 

*indyatf f. favour, gift, present; pL 
*indydt, favours, a. 

Jndar or Indra, a Hindu deity. 9, 

indrdjfany oolocynth. «. 

inJCily m. shame, modesty, the being 
abashed, a. 

infifdly m. division, settling, a. 

injllf f. the GospeL a, 

inkdry m. denial, refnsaL a. 

iiMldb, vicissitude, revolution, a. 

fw^, m. decision (of a cause or ques- 
tion), equity, justice, a. [kind. a. 

itudn, m. man, a human being, man- 

intdmyaty f. humanity, kindness, a. 

inthdf f. creation, composition, a. 

i»'shd Allah or in-shd'Alldh-ta*dldy 
if it please Gk>d the Most High. a. 

infirdmy m. cutting off; finishing, 
completing, o^ 

tnfy f. a brick. 

ifUihd, f. end, summit, a. 

iwtikdmy m. revenge, retaliation, a. 

tn^M^i selection, a. 

intigdm, m. arrangement, order, a. 

iniigdr, m. expectation ; inHndr-k. or 
-it^offieAM^ to expect, to look out 
for. a. 

irddf f. bringing, producing, a. 

irdda, m. desire, plan, intention, a, 

*Irdkt m. ancient Chaldea; ^Ird^i, 
produced in Irak ; a Parthian, of 
or belonging to Chaldea. a. 

tram, m, a Bsbbulous paradise in Ara- 
bia, a. 

Iran, Persia; Irdnl, Persian, p, 

ifdnd, a. to fasten on. h, 

irthad, ul direction, command, or- 
der. Om 

ir^dsh, nL trepidation a. 

*/«a, a man*s name, a, 

*Isawi, Christian, a, 

Irfahdn, m. name of a district and 
city in Persia, Ispahan; irfdhdn 
fUffi jahdn, a Persian proverb, de- 
noting that Isfahan alone is equal 
to half the world, p. 


( 49 ) 


itfa'ndiyary m. name of a king of 
ancient Persia, a, [a, 

^iahd^ f. first watch ; evening prayers. 

Uhdly m. loosening, opening, purg- 
ing, flux. a. 

itikara or Uharaty m. sign, wink, sig- 
nal, hint; ishdra-k, to give a sig- 
nal, to signify, a. 

wAAr, m. love, pleasure; ^ishk-bati^ 
playfulness; ishk-muthk^ love in- 
tenriewB. a* 

iskkdlf m. difficulty^ auspicioni pain- 
fulness, a. 

*ithraty £ &miliar OQUversation, plei^ 
sure, mirth, a. 

UMCdlf m. f. inflaming, burning. 

isMM, f. appetite, desire, hunger. 

ithUhdr^ m. a public proclamation, a, 

itkUifdkf desire, interest, longing. 

i^ldh^ f. correction, amendment, a. 

isldm, the Musalman religion, a. 

inn, a name; a noun; itm-hd mu- 
sammq, a significant name, denot- 
ing the qualities of the person 
named ; as, in Persian, l^iradmand; 
in English, '*Mr. Wissman;*' or 
in French, ** Monsieur le Sage." 
These are all significant, though 
not necessarily applicable; isnU 
ihcmfy a noble name ; ismi a^^am^ 
the highest of names, the utter- 
ance of which giyes power oyer all 
spirits, &c. a. 

itpdt, m. steeL h, 

ifrdf, m. prodigality, dissipation, 
ruin, a, 

ifrdf, m. expenditure, waste, a, 

Jxrd^il, m. Israel a. 

itrdr, m. secrecy, a. 

ifrdTy m. persisting, persererance. a. 

utdd, erected; ittdd^k. to erect, set 
up. p. 

istdda, UL a pole, anything erected, p, 

tttdda (t. ittdd), standing, &c. p, 

Istamboly Constantinople. 

ittCdfuUy t asking aid, help, a, 

is'fjarai^ in this manner, thus, a^, 

istiyd, asking forgiveness, deprecat- 
ing, .a. 

itiifhdm, inquiring, interrogation, a. 

isH/sdr, m. searching for informa- 
tion, inquiry, interrogation, a. 

Utigbfdr, asking mercy (of Gk)d). a, 

istigtndf m. content, independence, 

adj. independent, contented, a, 

M%ftra^, m. sinking, overwhelming ; 
tiSj, immersed in thought, sleep, 
&o, a, 

uHd^Sy £ request, desire, a. 

istCddd^ t readiness ; ability, a. 

istikbdl, futurity ; ceremony of meet- 
ing; ceremonious reception of a 
guest or visitor, a. 

iHihkd]k, m. demanding justice, claim, 

uHkdnKMt, £ residence, dwelling, a. 

itHkldlf m. vigour, resolution, a, 

utikrdh, £ aversion, reluctance, a. 

isfildik, £ phrase, idiom, a. 

uHmdddy £ begging assistance, a. 

ifiCmdlf m. custom, daily practice, 
use. a. 

Mrfd, £ desire to please, alacrity, a. 

istriy a woman, a female. #. 

it-fodsffif for this reason. a.h. 

iifiCaty £ subjection, submission, obe- 
dience, a. [a, 

*Hdhy m. anger, reproof, displeasure, 

fHbdTy m. confidence, faith, credit, 
respect; i^iibdr'k,, to believe or 
confide in : *Uibdr^akhnd^ to give 
credit to. d. 

i^Uddly m. evenness, moderation, tem- 
perature, rectitude, a. 


( 50 ) 


9Hkady XXL tnut, faith, belief. a» 

i^Umid^ m. reUanoe, trast, faith, con- 
fidence. a. 

i^Hfu^ L care, labour, a. 

i^Uraf^ f. opposition, refusing assent, 

ifjnhum^ £ tranquillity, content, a. 

i^M, so much, this invch, or niany ; 
utna, that much, or many, h, 

*ilr, XXL perfame, fragrance; ^ifr-dan, 
any thing for holding perfumes, a. 

ffrma, a. to giro one's self airs, to 
act from affectation, h, 

ittifih^ m. agreement; accident, op* 
portunity ; itHfdfe^h,^ to happen, to 
be agreed ; UtifSJjUy aocidentaL a. 

UHfSkcM^ accidentally, by chance, a. 

if^mt^ f. manifesting, declaring ; in- 
yestigatioxi, knowledge, a. 

'fUKur, m. reward, retaliation; sHb- 
stitute, instead c/L a, 

^iyadcsl^ f. visiting the sick. a. 

'•yMi^ ehildren, finnfly; ^wfal'dir^ 
haTing a family, a xnan burdened 
with many diildren. a.p. 

^iydr^ m. mark, proo^ standard, a. 

izd, f. pain, trouble, vexation^ dis- 
tress, affliction. «. 

iedr, f. drawers; ixar-hand, the string 
with which drawers are fastened, p, 

igdiham or izdff^im, m. a crowd, con- 
course of people, tumult, a, 

ighoTf m. maniliBstation, damoxkstra- 
tion, publication, a, 

iffirabf m. perpleiity, anguish, trou- 
ble ; f^triftt, anxious, troubled, a. 

isf^oTy m. yiolence, coxistraint, agi- 
tation; i^fjirany agitated. 

*vBzaty 1 grandeur, power, honour, 
respect^ glory, a. 


joy f.apl8oa p, 

ja hthja^ every where* pm 

jalnny f. the forehead, a. 

jabTy m. oppression, Tiolence, forces a» 

jabfa, m. the lower part of the fieuse. 

jabrany oppressiyely, by Tiolence. a, 

jachd, f. oxie who bears, a lying-ixk 
woxnan. jp. 

Jc^df t a ringlet. A. 

jddad, £, a place ; senrice ; an assign- 
ment of land. p. [a. 

jadalf iiL fighting, battle, altercation. 

j(sdd, m. a grand&ther ; jculd o aba, 
m. ancestors; dignity, prosperity, 
happiness ; jaddi a^liy m. suprein& 
dignity, gloiy of GK>d. a. 

jaduy xiL enchantment, conjuring, 
juggling; jSdu-gaTy m. an en- 
chanter, juggler, magician ; jadih^ 
ffofiy L xnagic, necromancy. j9. 

jcidwdly f. ruled Hues, a, 

jOyBy a case or instance o^ room for» 
tAJa^ ftaiadb, a case of salyation ; 
jOye'ddd {T,jSddd)y place, &c. p^ 

jde-phal, m. nutmeg, s. 

jaftty t, oppression, yiolence, injua- 
tice; jaJMcoT or jafd^esha, an 
(^pressor, tyrant ; jafd-JcdHy f. op- 
pression. j>. \h- 

jagahy £ place, quarter, rooxxi, steady 

jagdndy a. to waken, to rouse up. &. 

jagiTy f. a pension in land, p, 

jd-gimdy xl to f&ll, to drop down. 9^ 

jagmagdy glittering, h, 

jagmagdndy to glitter. K 

jdgndy n. to awake, to be awake. «.. 

jagnuy xxLafire'fly. K 


( 61 ) 


jagta^ awake, all alive. 9, 

jdh, t dignity, rank, grandeur, p, 

jahaUxt^ f. ignorance, brutality, a. 

jahdn, m. the world; jahdn'Ord^ 
world-adorning ; jdhan-pamak^ m. 
refuge of the world, Qt>d; (also 
applied to kings) Your Majesty, 
Your Highness; jahdi^^da^ one 
who has seen theworld, experienced : 
jahan-gard^ traversing the world, 
a wanderer, p, 

jahai^^ adv. where, in which place, h, 

Jahcmnam, m. hell ; JahawMm, hell- 
ish ; an inmate of helL a. 

jahdz, m. a ship. a. 

jdMf name of a flower, a kind of 
firework. A. 

jdhUt ignorant, barbarous, brutal a. 

jahtm, m. name of one of the hells. 

jahlf m. ignorance, brutality, a, [a. 

jd'i^ f. a daughter. «. 

jaisdf in the manner which, as. #• 

jdfiz, fit, proper, incumbent. d(. 

Jdjamj f. a doth thrown over the 
carpet to sit on. h. 

Jakarnd, to tighten, &sten. h, 

jdly m. a net, a sash. a. 

Jdld, m. a cobweb, a pellicle; ajar. «. 

jd'lagndf n. to arrive at, to hit. s. 

jaldl, m. dignity, state, majesty, 
power. a» [flame. $. 

jaldndf a. to bum, to kindle, to in- 

jalasa, m. an assembly, a sitting, a. 

jald, expeditious, quick; jald-datt^ 
active, expert of hand; jaldi^ t 
quickness, quickly, p, 

jaUm^ f . a kind of sweetmeat. K 

jalU, glorious, illustrious, a, 

jallddy m. an executioner, a, 

jalnd, n. to bum, to be kindled ; to 
get into a passion. «. [did. a. 

jalwa^ m. splendour ;^'aZtoa-^ar,splen- 

jam\ £ a congregation, oollectiony 

number : adj. collected, comforted ; 

jam*'ddrf an officer, collector. 0. 
jdm^ m. a watch of the day or night. «. 
Jdm^ m. a goblet, oup, glass^ bowl, 

drinking-vesseL p, 
jdma, m. a garment, robe, vest, p, 
jamakf t state of success or glory, k, 
jamalf m. beauty, eleganoe. a» 
jdman^ f. a kind of fruit, h, 
jaiiMnd^ a. to collect, make up. t . 
jdmddniy t a kind of doth in which 

flowers are worked; a^. flowered.. 

jamffhaf, m. a crowd, multitude. 9, 
jdmffy collector; a mosque; univer* 
sal ; jdmP-mcujidf the grand mosque* 
jaml, beautiful, degant ; also Jam- 
ila, t beautiful, elegant, a. [a, 
janCiyaiy f. collection, coUectedness* 
jamnd, n. to be collected, assembled* 
#. [p. 

JamahAd, m. name of a Persian king» 
Jam/und^ m. the river Jumna. «» 
jdn^ t life, soul, q>ir]t; adj. dearr 
bdoved| jdn-mfiifi^ devotednees^ 
sacrificing one's life ; jdn par'dnd, 
to be in immineBt danger ; fdn^ddrp 
m. an animal^ adj. powerful, ac- 
tive, spirited; jd^-kandam, £ the- 
agonies of death, torture ; Jdn-war,. 
m. an animal, a bird ; JJm-hdz, spi- 
rited, fearless ; jdn^hdm, loyalty,, 
devotedness ; jdmrpaihehtb^ inti- 
mate, friendly ; jdn ha hakk tat- 
UfH'h, to depart this life; jd^ 
bal^ht, sparing or saving of an* 
other's life, p, 
jdnd, n. to go, to be, to pass, to 

reach, to continue. «• 
janabf £ side ; majesty, a. 



janam^ m. birth, bodily state; jcmam- 

bhum or hhum^ birth-place, t. 
janam^aMf t horoscope^ calculation 

of one's nativity. «. 
jandn, abeloredone. jp. 
Jdnchna, to examine^ to try. k, 
jamgy battle. p> 

jangal^ m. a forest, a wood ; jangaU^ 

wild, savage; a barbarian, clown, 

jangh^ I the thigh. #. [boor. s. 

jam, dearly beloved, of or relating to 

the sooL p, 
jamby t a part or side, direction, p. 
janna, a. to produce young, to be 

delivered of a child. 9, 
jSaMo, a. to know, to understand, to 

comprehend, to consider. «• 
Jcmnaty £ Paradise; JannaH*adan, 
f. Garden of Eden ; JannaH mdwd^ 
£ Paradise of rest or abode ; Jan^ 
fkxhhihwCmf f. Paradise of plea- 
sure, a. [*. 
Janiar-mantar, m.]ncantation,channs. 
jdnwar, m. an animal, a bird. 
Jar, t a root, origin; jar-per, root 
and branch, utterly. *. [*. 
Jdfd, m. cold, coldness, the winter. 
jofd^Oy studded with gems, h, 
Jarawal, £ winter dress, h. 
Jdrif running, flowing, proceeding, 

current, customary, a. 
jarib, t a sort of stick ; a measure, a. 
jtmda, alone, solitaiy, unattended, a. 
jarimdna, m. penalty, forfeit, fine, a, 
jarndf to shake 0% to join ; to stud 

with gems, h, 
jarrdh, m. a surgeon; jarrdJ^, f. 
surgery, profession of a surgeon, a. 
jdrub, m. a besom, mop ; jdrub-kashf 
a sweeper ; , jdrub-kashif the em- 
ployment of sweeping, p, 
J€Uf m. fame, renown, f • 

52 ) JHl 

jcuhn, m. a feast, banquet, p, 

jcuty a leap, a jump ijatt-k, or -mdma^ 
to leap, spring up. p. 

jdsiis, m, a spy; jdtiisi, spying, es- 
pionage, a. 

jaid, f. matted hair ; jc^d-dhdn^ hav- 
ing matted hair. «. 

yon, m. barley, p, 

jcmhar m. a gem, pearl ; skiU, know- 
ledge ; matter, essence, a. 

juuhcm^ a jeweller, a. 

jaun, as when; Jaun-taun, anyhow, 
somehow or other; as before, in 
9tatu quo, s. 
Janm-pwr^ name of a city, h, 

jaunrd^hauwrdf m, retirement, pri^ 
vacy. *. 

Jaur, m, violence, oppression, a. 

jawdb, in» an answer, anything an- 
swering to another ; jawab-d, to be 
accountable for, to reply; to dis* 
miss from one's presence or ser- 
vice, a. 

jawdhir^ f. (pL of javha/r), gems, 
jewels, essences, substances; also 
jawdhirdt^ jewels, &c. a. 

jawdn^ young, a youth, lad, map, 
adult; jawdn'^nard^ brave^ gene- 
rous, manly ; a hero ; jawdn^nardi, 
f. manlineas, generosity; jawdni^ 
f. youth. p» 

jawdriy m. ii gambler ; 9 threful in a 
musical instrument, s, 

jagd, retaliation, retnni, reward, a. 

JazirOi m. an island, a peniusula, a, 

jazi^cif m. tribute, poll-tax. a. 

jeb, f. a pocket ; jeb-katrd^ m. a pick- 
pocket, t, 

jehar, f. a pile of pots filled with 
water, h, 

jhahbdy m. a tasseL K 

jhagafnd^ n. to wrangle. K 


( S3 ) 


jhagrAy ra. wrangling, qnarrelling. h, 

jhakf f. absurd conduct ; passion, h. 

jhaJcna^ to chatter incoherentlj. A. 

jhalSbor^ splendid, covered with Jew- 

jhalak, f. splendour. h» [els. f . 

Jhdlar^ t fringe, h, 

jhalmdf a. to flap, to fim. k, 

Jkamdky t glitter, h, 

jhamak otjhankdr^ f. tinkling. K 

jhamda^ m. a flag, a banner. K 

jhamk^ £ cymbals ; passion. K 

jhdnkf t peeping, h, 

jhdiikndf a. to peep, to spy. h, 

jhofokni^ n. to wink (the eye) $ to 
spring (as a tiger). K 

jhapc^nd, to pounce upon* A. 

jhof^ t hea^y rain ; kind of lock, h, 

jhAr% in. bushes ; continued rain ; a 
kind of firework; jhdjr^hink, a 
kind of incantation, juggling, exor- 
cising, h. 

jhafO'jha^karphirna^ to go about 
among the bushes, t . e. to obey the 
calls of nature; jhdfd'lendf to 
search, searching. h» 

Jhdfon^ £ sweepings, a coarse doth, k, 

jhariapy t fieryness, aerimony. A. 

jhar^hen^ f. a wild her* tree> jujube. A. 

jhamOf m. a skimmer, a oaso&de ; n« 
to spring, to flow. «. 

jhaptOf n. to &11 off, to emit, to 
drop, to pour, to strain ; to emit 
sound, h, 

Jhdrna, a. to sweep, to dean; to 
knock of^ to strike fire. h. 

jharokhd^ m. a lattice, a window, t « 

jharUf m. a besom, a broom, k. 

jhafak, t a twitch, throw* A. 

jhifhakf t. a start, h, 

jhifhaknaf n. to startle. A* 

jiil^ lakke. A. 

Jhilam, f. armour. A. 

jkUnUly m. a kind of gauze ; a shut' 
ter, a Venetian blind. A. 

jhilmildndf xL to undulate^ to twin- 
kle. A. 

jUngd^ ft a shrimp. K 

jhifoky t threat. A. [A. 

jhifokna^ a. to browbeat, to threaten. 

^'AoA, f. a jolt. A. 

jhompfi, t, a cottage, a hut. A. 

jhtmky f. a shore a blast. A. 

jhonfdy m. the hair of the head. A» 

Jhopf% t a cottage, hut. A. 

jhofSf soiled, old. A. 

Jkukdnd, a. to bend, to cause to stoop, 
to bend down. A. 

jAmkndf n. to nod, to bow, to bend. A. 

jhtU, t body-dothea of cattle; a 
bag. A. 

jMilndf to swing. A« 

jhAmak^ t an assembly, battle. A. 

jhimna^ n. to bend down, to stoop. A. 

jhm^hanay m. a child's toy. A. 

jhtmfhUmdf to reprove; n. to be 
vexed ; to become furious. A. 

jhunmndf to bend, to stoop. A. 

jhurmaff m. crowd. A. 

jhufOf m. leavings, what one leaves 
after eating. A. 

yAii^A^ fSUse,alie; falsdiood. #• 

jhufkdt a liar, fiJse ; m. leavings of 
food. t. 

jhufldnSf a. to fiidsify. A« 

fi^ m. life, soul, spirit. «• 

jihh^ f. the tongue. «• 

ji (AdknOf a. to desire. 

jiddf m. effort, exertion ; Jidd o kadd^ 
m. exertion, earnest, entreaty, a. 

jidJkar OTJidkar^ where or whitherso- 
ever. A. 

y^or, m. the liver, yitals, hearty mind ; 
jiffar-90»f heart-burning ; Ji^oT' 
hand^ a son. p. 


Jihaty f. aocount, cause; side, form, 

sur&oe. a. 
jUdy f. splendour ; Jild ivatan, an 

exile, leaying one's native land ; jUd- 

waiflm^ f. state of exile, a. 
fi4agndy to love. s. 
jiUm^ f. a rein, retinue, equipage, a. 
jUdy £ skin of a book, a Tolume. a, 
jimSy m. union, coition, a. 
fin&y n. to liye. 9, 
jindhf {, a pinion or wing. a. 
jiim, m. a genius, spirit, demon, one 

of the genii ; jin^ inflected plural of 

the relatiye^'o, who, &c, a. 
Jinndif (pL of) m. genii, a. 
jinm, t an eorial spirit, one of the 

genii; •pha jinnMf at, a. 
jinsy t genus, goods, gear, sort, 

£unil7, race. a. 
jinsiyat^ t kindred, xiature^ homo- 

geneousnesB. a, 
jirmt m. any inanimate bodj. a. 
jxBy inflection of jo^ who or whoso- 
ever. #. 
jisdmcftf f. corpulencj. a. 
jitm, m. body of any being, a. 
jiamdm^ corporeal, bodily, a. 
jii'iarahy in what manner; bJjh} jU' 

tour, in what mode, way or man* 

ner. a.A. 
jitd, alive, living i fitd^jagtoy alive and 

frisky, or, as ^e vi^^ hath it 

*' alive and kicking." s, 
fitC'fiy alive; during life. «. [A. 
^ji^ndy how many soever, so many as. 
jiz-biz, angiy, offended, p, 
jOy he^ who, &c. j>.«. 
yo,ir, f. flood-tide ; Indian com. h* 
jogdy fit, appropriate, peculiar. «. 
jogiy a devotee, an ascetic, a, 
joffUdf a female devotee, a kind of 

female deity: jogim'ko pHlird, to 

( 64 ) JON 

fix on a lucky moment for depar- 
ture. 8. 
joiif as, when ; jon^ton, any how, some- 
how or other; as before, in staiu 
quo, «. 
janhin, as soon as, when. h. 
jonky f. a leech, h, 
jor, m. junction, joint, seam, society. 9, 
jordy m. a suit of clothes, a joining, 

a pair, a couple. 9, 
joriy f. a pair, a couple. 9, [#. 

Jomdf a. to join, todasp (the hands). 
joriiy f. a wife, h, 
josh, heat, uproar, rage, anger, p. 
joshishy f. ardour, zeaL p, 
jotndy to till, cultivate (land). «. 
juy (in comp,) seeking, searching, p, 
ju\ f. hunger, starvation, a, 
Juydf m. a yoke ; a die. h, 
juddy separate, apart ; juddyi, f. sepa- 
ration, absence, p. 
juye-ttdnoy m. a gambling-house, h, 
jufty a pair, equal, the counterpart, p. 
jftgdlndy to chew the cud. h, 
jugSndy a. to be careful of; to lend 

labour, h, 
juhty a certain flower, a kind of fire- 
work, h, 
ju,iy seeking, searching for. p, 
julndy n. (probably for^ttriM), to meet, 

to unite, h, 
Julti9, m. sitting on a throne; 

jfdu9'farmdndy to reign, a. 
Jum^a, m. Friday, the Musalman 
Sabbath ; JwaCe^dt, the eve of Fri- 
day i,e, Thursday, a, [p. 
jwmhisJ^ £. moving vibration, gesture. 
jwng, t collection (of books, &c.); 

emotion, h, 
juMtn, m. insanity; phrensy. a, 
jimOni, insane, affected by an evil 
spirit or jinn, a. 


( 65 ) 


jufS, m. the hair done up in a knot 

behind, s, 
jvf&iOf studded with gems ; jwt&fi sdz, 

jewelled harness, h, 
jur^at, f. boldness, courage, h, 
jurmf m. a crime, a fault, a sin. a. 
jwrmdnoy m. a fine, penalty, a, 
jumd, to unite, to be joined, h, 
jurrct, m. a kind of fSiJcon. jp. 
jtut-juy also jugt-o-jUf £ searching, 
< seeking; Jut^ihk^ to seek dili- 
gently, p. 
jutd, m, a shoe^ a pair of shoes, h, 
ju^ £ a slipper, a blow with the 

slipper, h, 
jufna, to unite^ to join in battle. «. 
jtmdf adv. young, k. 


kabf adr. when? m. (for kahi or 
Jkavi) a poet, generally applied to 
those who write in the Bng or 
Hindi dialect, t. 

^a&, t a large dish for kneading 
dough ; a measure, a, [a. 

Ka^ba, m. the sacred temple of Mecca. 

kdbdf t a garment (quilted), a jacket. 

kctbdb, m. roasted meat, p, 

Jcahahy m. a bird of the partridge 
tribe, p. [a. 

kabtUOf m. a deed, writing, agreement. 

leahoT'd^ to bury. a. 

^^ahehdlsy also hapehaJe^ name of a 
desert, t, . 

hahhi, e7er,at anytime ; habU-habK^ 
sometimes, now and then, s, 

hahhuy ever, sometime or other, at 
any time; kahhu'kdbhA^ occasion- 
ally. «. 

kdlnhy Tile, in&mous. a. 

JeiibUy worthy, fit, skilful, sufficient, 
able. a. 

kMlOy m. a wife, a tribe. «. 

kabinyat^ I talent^ skill, abiUty, fit- 
ness, a. 

kaHry great, large, a. 

JTodtr, or Kaiira, a celebrated samt, 
who flourished in India about 850 
years ago, claimed by both Hindus 
and Mosalmans. a. 

kMtf m. Hin<£ or Bng poetry. «. 

kabiZy receiyer, possessor, a. 

kabky m. a bird of the partridge 
tribe^ jp. 

kabl^ m. the anterior part, the front ; 
prep, before, previous to. a, 

^oir, £ a grare, tomb. a. 

kabu, m. power, command, opportu- 
nity, possession, t, 

kabuky £ a pigeon-house, p, 

Kabul, the town and province of Ka- 
bul in Afghanistan, p. 

kabiUf m, consent, approbation ; adj. 
accepted, consented; JkabtU-turcti, 
handsome, of elegant form ; ^obHli^ 
£ a kind of food : ^edbulm^ a. to 
agree, consent, a, 

kabutar, m. a pigeon, p, 

kab^f £ contraction, receipt, tax; 
kabf'k.f to seize, to appropriate, a, 

^odfo, m. (grasp of the hand), pos- 
session; handle, a, 

kaehaiUdy dirty, soiled, h. 

kachaun, £ a kind of pastry, h, 

kachchdf crude, raw, unripe, il. 

kaehela, dirty, soiled. A. 

kcteHM^a, m. a tortoise^ a turtle. «. 

kaehkolf £ a cup, a beggar's wallet, p, 

kaohnoTf £ a tree (Bauhinia varie' 
Sfota), i, 

kadf adv. when? what time? «. 


( 5« ) 


Jeada, m. mud. s, 

^adam^ m. a pace, footatep ; the sole 
of the foot ; kadam-Tcmf'k^ to take 
the trouble of walking; ^adan^hosy 
one who kisses another's feet ; ^o- 
dam'hoti^ kissing one's £Bet^ an 
humble salutation, a. 

hadar^ f. worth, price, quantify, sise^ 
destiny, feite ; JcadoT'ddn^ an appre- 
ciator of merit, a patron; kadat' 
dam, appreciation of merit, patron- 
age, a. 

kaddy t search, labour, a, 

iadd^ m. stature, person, a, 

kadhif ever, some time. #. 

kadhuj sometime, at one time. «• 

^eadim^ ancient, old ; former, a. 

kadimi^ old, customary, a. 

iadSr^ powerful, mighty, a, 

Jeaduj m. a pumpkin ; Jcadu'kash^ m. 
an instrument for catting pump- 
kins, jp. 

h<tf^ t foam. a,p, 

idfy a fabulous mountain, the abode 
of the Jinns. a. 

fqfdf t back of the neck. a. 

k<tfakf £ a part of the hand stained, a, 

kttfan, m. a shroud, a, 

Ijeafcu^ m. a cage. «. 

kaffy £, palm of the hand. a,p» [p, 

kaf-gir, m. a large spoon, a skimmer. 

kifly sufficient, enough, a. 

kafidaait level and eren (as the palm 
of the hand), a desert, p, 

kafiUi^ m. a body of trayellers, a cara- 
van, a, 

k&fity m. infidel; impious man; a 
mistress ; itro/frt, an infidel slave ; 
vulg. a Cofi<3ry. a. 

kafM £ a darwesVs garment, a, 

kafar^ m. camphor; kafur-h., to disap- 
pear s kqpiri^ made of camphor, a. 

kaghfl*y m. paper, p* 

kdh, f. grass, straw. p» 

kaha, how? whyP m. a word, com- 
mand, k, 

IroAtfii, adr. where? whither? A. 

kahim^ f. a story, a talei, a fiible. #. 

kahawatf i, a proverb, a saying, 
adage. «. 

kahba^ t a cough j an <M woman, » 
bawd, a prostitute; h» 

kahe-ko, Ibr what ? why ? how ? ^ 

kdhil^ or kaJ^Ua, or kakild^ slow, 
indolent, lacy; ailing, sick, indis- 
posed, a, 

kdhiliy 1 indolence, sickness. «. 

AroAtn, adv. somewhere^ anywhere, g, 

kahkakd^ m. laughter. «• 

AraA2a»«, a. to cause to say s «. to be 
called. 8, 

kakla-biefna, to send a verbal mea* 
sage. «. 

kahna, a. to teU, say, bid, order, call, 
affirm, acquaint, advise, speak. #. 

kahr, wrath, anger; fBohr i d<Mmeih^ 
harjdn i darwesh, ** the poor man'a 
wrath (or aiBicticn) affects only 
himself.*' m, [pot. a. 

kdhway m. coffee $ kaikwo'dany coffee* 

JcahwtmA^ to cause, to be called. «• 

kor-ty or k&'i'ek, some, several. A. 

Ar0,t, f. the great scum on stagnant 
water* ik 

kaidf f. fetter, imprisonment ; adj. 
imprisoned; kaid-bmndy m. impri- 
sonment ; kaid-i^MM, m. a piieon ; 
kak^y m. a prisoner, a. 

kd^ida or kd,iday m. mode, manner, 
rule; km^da-drnty conversaiDt with 
manners, dec. a. 

kaifiy intoxicated, stupified. sr« 

^at/ljfa^, f. quality, mode, states ao» 
count, relation, story, a* 

KAL ( 

^ai-Wttrif ft proper name. p. 
idyilf subdued (in argument). a« 
^djim, standing, firm; kdpWM'akitd 
OT 'hondf n. to be firm or penna-i 
nent. a. [verse, a. 

idyindtf m. effects, wealth; the nni^ 
JroMicAi, f. a pair of scissors. «. 
kaiadf how? what sort of? #. 
kaj\ crooked, p. 
kdj\ abo kafdf m. bnsiness. #. 
kctfakf £ iron for driving elephants. 
itd[;tfaoa, thesaddleofaoameL ji. [p. 
kdky m. a orowj a raven, s* 
Jkdkdf a hereditary slave, p, 
kdkulf £ a curl, a lock. p. 
kalf 1 rest, comfort, ease, p, 
half adv. to-morrow, yesterdaj. #. 
kdl, m. time ; death ; &te. 9, 
iald, a digit of the moon. #. 
kald, black, dark complexioned. «• 
kaldyt^ f. wrist, A. ; pulse. «• 
kcUak^ m. anxiety, trouble, a. 
kaldm^ m. a word, speech, discourse^ 

conversation, a. 
^oZom, m. a reed, a pen, handwrit- 
ing ; f. cuttings of trees ; Jkalam^ 
ddn^ an inkstand; ^a/am«raff, m. 
empire, sovereignty, a, 
kctldn, great, supreme, elder, p, 
falandar, m. a darwesh, a holy man. a, 
kalcmkf m. in&my, degradation. 9, 
kaldwamt^ m. a minstrel, musician. 

kalb^ m. the heart, mind, soul, ker- 
nel, marrow; adj. strong, impreg- 
nable ; inverted ; JcaXtH^ of the 
heart, a. 
kalejdf m. (v. kaRJa) the liver, h. 
kaleloy or koRla, m. name of a fox. p, 
kaUy f. a bud, quicklime, s. 
kdUby m. a mould, model, the body. 
IkdUcha^ m. a small carpet, p* [a. 

57 ) 


kaMJdy m. the liver; courage, spirit^ 
magnanimity ; kaHjd'phafndf to 
grieve ; to be jealous ; koRjd fhtm* 
dhd'h. to be cheered or refreshed. A. 

k<tUl, little, moderate, rare. a. 

kaUma^ m. a word or sentence, the 
Musalman confession of fiuth ; ka" 
Uma pafhnSy to embrace the Mti- 
Salman &ith ; kttUina parhdnd, m« 
to make one embrace Islamisnu 
kaUmo'kcUdm, conversation. a« 

kdltn, £ a carpet, tapesky. p, 

JjuUigfct, name of a dish. a. 

^tf%0», m. a kind of hukka. p, 

kaykwdn^ sallow complexion, h, 

KaUeatta^ the city of OaLoutta* #. 

kaUa^ m. the head, p, 

kaUdy m. a cabbages the head; 
noise. p» 

kalol, t play, sport. 9, 

kalofd, black (in complexion). #. 

Irom, deficient, less, little, rarely ; in 
composition it denotes negation, as 
ham-haj^iy unfortunate, graceless, 
wicked ; Jtom-ftaj^^, misfortune ; 
kam-l^cMfUa, unaspiring, irresolute ; 
kamtiffoaby m. brocade ; kam-rMtt^ 
of low degree or estate ; kam^xor^ 
weak ; kam-toriy f. weakness ; kctni' 
himmaty spiritless, mean-spirited; 
kam-kimmaUy f. mean-spiritedness ; 
kam^Marcht parsimonious ; ibam- 
Ikadar, worthless; kam-nofihf of 
evil destiny, wretched; kam, £ I 
deficiency, loss, abatement; kam* 
yaby scarce, improcurable. p, 

kdm, m. business, affsir ; desire, love ; 
kdm^dn, prosperous ; kdm^^dr, one 
who efibcts his purpose ; a man's 
name; kdm-ifdh, successful, pros* 
perous ; kdm-rdnty f. good fortune, 
prosperity, success. 9,p, 



( 58 ) 


kaind-hakku'h»f adv. as it trulj is, 
aright, justlj. a. 

kamdlf perfection, excellenoe^ com- 
pletion, punctuality, p, 

kamdn, m. a bow. p. 

kamdnd^ to earn one's liyelihoods 
aUo, to lessen, h, 

kamandf f. a scaling ladder, p, 

hamoTy £ the loins, the waist, a gir- 
dle^ xonej JcamoT'handJMay a. to 
gird up the loins ; to get ready, to 
resolve, p, 

kamoTf m. the moon. a. 

kamari, m. a chamber, a room, p, 

lumatf f. sixe, bulk. a. 

kamd^u^ m. one who earns a lireli- 
hood, a husband, or father of a 
family. A. 

^officiU, £ a whip or bambu rattan, t, 

kamhldnd, to wither, to decay. «. 

kdmily perfect, complete, a. 

kamin, f. ambush, a, 

kanAnOt base, mean. p. 

kdnUniy beautiful, lovely, h, 

kftmUf f. a small blanket. «. 

kammalf m. a blanket, s. 

kamina^ n. to dimimsh, to grow less, h, 

kdmpndf n. to shiver, quake, shake. «. 

kamtarinj least, most humble, p. 

kan^ m. the ear. », 

kdn, m. the ear ; kan dhama^ to in- 
cline one's ear, to attend to. #• 

kai^ i, a mine, a receptacle, p. 

}fa$^at^ t content, tranquillity, ab- 
stinence, a, [wink. «.A. 

kcM-^nkhif t a side glance, a sly 

IroiM^, £ a kind of tent, screen, a. 

kaneham^ £ attemale dancer, a harlot. 

^amdf nL sugar, sugar-candy, a. [t. 

kanda»f m. a digging up. p, 

kandam, £ extirpation, agony, p, 

kdttdhdf m. the shoulder. #. 

kdnc^MOf a. to assist, to protect. «• 

kandilf £ a candle, lanthom, chan- 
delier, a, 

kangMy a comb ; karngJil-k. to comb. 

koMgura^ m. a pinnacle, p, [«. 

kanh^ f. substance^ quality, a. 

hdnPy a. contented, satisfied, a. 

kamz or kamzak^ a female slave or 
servant, p, 

kanfigd^ £ a small sty, or stithe. h, 

kankoTf m. stone, graveL s. 

kankhc^urdy m. a centipede, s. 

kdnsct, m. a cup or goblet. 9. 

kdnfd^ m. a thorn, a fork, a spur. «. 

^dimn, m. rule, regulations, g, 

kamoaly m. the lotus ; a kind of light 
or firework. «. 

kanwald, m. a kind of orange, h, 

kcmgdy £ a daughter, a girl. 9. 

kapdSy £ cotton, cotton tree. s. [#. 

kapfOj m. doth, clothes, dress, habit. 

koTf m. business, work, an action, 
affair, profession; kdr-dzmiida, ex- 
perienced in business ; kdr^hdr and 
kdr-o-bdr, administration, occupa- 
tion, business; kdr-hdriy servants, 
attendants ; kdr^curddz, m. a man- 
ager, one who carries on business ; 
kdr-ddn, expert ; kdr-rawdy useful ; 
kar-JAdna^ m. a workhouse, or 
place allotted for any occupation ; 
pL kdr-Mdnojfdtf different depart- 
ments of a work ; kdr-kun^ a su- 
perintendant ; kdr-karda^ expert, 
experienced; kdfi, effective, p, 

kdrad, £ a knife, p. 

kafdhiy £ a firying-pan. «. 

kardhndy n. to groan, sigh, h, 

kafokf £ a crash, thunder, k, 

kardkOf m. a rigid £wt. A. 

kafoknd, to crack, to crash. A. 

karamf m. grace, mercy, tk 

K^ Atf. 


kardmaty t generosity, noblenees, ex- 
oellenoe; a miracle, a. 

Uran, m. a cause, reason. #. 

fardm^ near. a. 

learar, m. rest, firmness, agreement ; 
karSr-gah^ t house of rest, the 
grare. a, \t, 

^ardwal, m. a sentinel, a gamekeeper. 

kdrawdny m. a caravan, a oompanj of 
merchants trayelUng in a body; ita- 
rawdn'sardy a caravanserai, a halt- 
ing-place for the caravan, p. 

karchhdly f. the bound or spring of a 
deer, &c. h, 

karda-kdr, skilful in work or deed, p, 

IcdreZy t a canal for watering gar- 

itorA, f. ayersion. a, [dens. a. 

ifdriy effective; kdn-tagnd, to take 
effect. p» 

kafi, t a rafter, a beam; a ring to 
manacle with, h, 

kdn,y B.retAssT, a, 

ka/nhy Tisiery nigh, almost, relative, a. 

kdriffOTy effective, efficient, skilful. p» 

kofim, bountiful, gracious, an epithet 
of God. o. 

kofinOf m. order, context, oomiec- 

karUfo^ m. a village, a, [tion. a. 

ktifyn or karmOf m. &te, destiny. «. 

kamy m. conjunction of the planets, a. 

kamdy a. to do, to make, to perform, 
to effect, to act. », 

karor or ifcafOf, an aggregate number 
of ten millions ; vulg. crore. », 

karr-O'farrt pomp and splendour, a. 

karrubi (pi. kamibiifdn)^ a cherub; 
the cherubim, a. 

kartdf m. a doer, an agent* t. 

kart<Mb^ m. action, deed ; duty, s, 

JgTonin, name of a rich old miser who 
had forty large houses fiiU of 
wealth, a. 

59 ) KAS 

kdrurety m. a small glass, an urinal 
(seat to physicians for inspection). 

karwd, bitter, virulent. «• [a. 

kartodndf a. to cause to be made. «. 

karwaU f. turning (in bed); Aror- 
waiten kkdnd, to toss about, s. 

karfy m. a loan, a debt, money bor- 
rowed at interest, a. 

katy a person, any one. h,p, 

kdty f. a kind of grass ; a oough. jp. 

kcudd, m. want of currency, the not 
being in demand, a flat sale, penury, 
destitution, a. 

kofdyiy m. a butcher ; a ruffian ; acQ. 
cruel, hard-hearted, a, 

kataky £ pain, stitch, h, 

katal^mandy sick, relaxed, p. 

^cuamy f. an oath ; Jf^Mom-'k, or -khdnM^ 
to swear; IkMam^khildnd, to put 
one on oath. a. 

kcudyUy astringent, strong. #. 

katawaty f. hardness of heart, grie( 
anguish, chagrin, a, 

kathy m. trade, profession, gain. a. 

keufhiy £ a courtesan, a harlot, a. 

ka^dy m. desire, attempt, project, 
design, purpose, a. 

^dsky m. an eyebrow ; a bit. t, 

Kd^hdmy of or belonging to thedty 
of Kashan. p, 

kaaMdtiy drawn; sullen, jp. 

kathithy £ drawing, attraction, al- 
lurement. j>. [that. *.|». 

kdgh-ke or kdth-ki^ would to Qod 

jCidfAfliir, m. the proyinoe of Cash- 
mir. p. 

Kcuhmmiy a woman of Caahmir. p, 

kdtidy nL a courier, messenger, post- 
man, a, 

kagify a. thick, dense, opaque. 0. 

kofflry many, much. a. 

^onr, defectiye, tired, a* 

ItAT ( 60 

Jkcund, a. to tie up, tighten, h, 

hasr^ f. loss, affliction, a. 

hc^r^ m. an edifice, palace; Kafr i 
fM*iN04», the palace of the kings of 
Hira in Arabia, a, 

kai^rat, £ abundance, exoess, prac- 
tice, mode. a. 

koffdbj m. a butcher, a. 

kdst, t diminution, loss. p« 

kcuturd, t an oyster, h. 

kaia\ t out, shape; haia^'h. a. to 
perform a journey ; to shape out (as 
a tailor does a garment). «• 

kafoTf m. caiti^ crueL s, 

Jca^ar^ m. a dagger. «. 

jtajfar, f. row, string of animals; 
hatar handhna^ to draw up in ranks. 

katamd, to clip, to cut out. #. [a, 

kathy m. an astringent vegetable ex- 
tract. 9, 

kafh, wood, timber; hafh-h* to be- 
come dry or dead as a stick, s, 

hatha, f. a tale, a narration, a story. 

halhint difficult, painfuL «• Jj» 

kathrd, a tray, plate. 9* 

Jt&tC^ cutting, a. 

ledtiby m. a writer, scribe, a. 

kdtil, m. a murderer, homicide ; adj. 
mortal, deadly, a, 

kat'l^udd, master of a house; kat- 
Mkudd'k, to marry ; kat-l^sttdd,i, 
matrimony, p. 

Ikcstly m. slaughter, killing, murder, a. 

ha{na, n. to pass, to elapse, to be 
out. A. 

Jc&ind, a. to cut, to dip, to bite, to 
reap; to pass away time; ha^^ 
^ndy or 'lend, a. to cut off. «. 

kctford, m. a brass bowl, a goblet, h, 

Jeatfa, m. a drop. a. 

Jcaircm, f. parings. «• 

Jcafr^n, m. tar, pitch. «> 



ka^dnd, to out out, to go round 

about. 9. 
kafwdndi a. to cause to be cut. h* 
Jtauly m. a word, saying; agreement| 

promise; a kind of song; Jfeml* 

kardr^ word of honour, firm pro* 

nuse. a. 
kauldy m, embrace, grasp, h* 
kcmldy m. a kind of orange. «. 
kaumy f. tribe, sect, caste, fimiily. <u 
kanmy pron. who P which ? what ? h, 
kaunain, the two worlds, this and 

the next. a. [h» 

kcMndhna, n. to flash (as lightning). 
itafMi-«0, pron. which? what? of 

what sort ? K [«# 

k<mfi^ f. a small shell used as money* 
kaua, f. a bow ; Jfom9^1puM^ the 

rainbow, a, 
ka/u9hy f. a kind of slipper, p. 
kauwdy m. a crow. h. 
ftawd^idy rules, customs, roles of 

grammar, a, 
kawdkib^ pL stars, planets, oonstella* 

tions. a. * 

kdwe-dendy to display one's horse* 

manship ; to make one's horse 

caracole, h, 
katciy strong, solid, yigorous. a. 
Jkawtodly m. a singer, a storyteller, a. 
^cizdy f. fate, death; feazd^dy }sazd^ 

kdr, by chance, a. 
Ikda^y m. a judge, a. * 
kdziby a liar ; adj. deceitful, a. 
kaziyay m. declaration ; a quarrel, a. 
kenchal ot kenehUy slough of a snake. 
keaa, m. a pocket, a purse, jp. [«. 
kesoTy f. saffiron ; yellow. «. 
ketaJciy f. name of a sweet scented 

flower. 9, 
i^odor, f. news, information, report, 

care; Maha/fk. or -<2. to appri^e^ 

H I i< 


( 61 ) 

inform ; t^abat'l, to look after, to 
acoommodate ; i&aiar-<20r, m. an 
intelligenoer, a Boout | adj. careful, 
watchful; t^arddrif £ caution, 
information ; iifiibar'ffir or £|a5ar- 
giran^ taking care, attentive; £^- 
ftor-^ff , £ ipying, informing, car- 

£&ai«r, knowing, wise. a. [ing. a. 
Ijiqchchar^ m.f. amule. K 

Jehadeff t pursuit, h. 

i^fldimf m, a servant, a, 

J2q/S-A. to be angry, p. 

ifta/3^t, t displeasure, anger, p, 

tbqfV, light, of no weight, of light 
character; Ihc^-h^ to be vilified, 
to be put to shame, a. [a, 

Hcffiy also tt^fyti, secret, concealed. 

Mt^s/tnOf m. fined ^gs, an omelet, p. 

il&atZ, £ an armed multitude^ p, 

Miflimcif also HfimOf m. a tent. a» 

khainch, f. pulling, h, 

khaii^oknd^ a. to piill, tighten, endmnp^ 
experienoe* hp 

jlftotr, good, best well : m. goodness, 
health ; ^a»f^ttt0iA, a well-wisher ; 
Hioir'Mlwdhi^ £ well-wishing, good- 
will; IMr o *qfyai §e^ sa& and 
sound, a, 

^airaij £ alms, charity, a. 

libairiifaif £ wel&re, safety. A, 

l^al or WffH ashamed, modest, 
bashful, a. 

Mnetk, £ dust, earth; 1ihaJI>iA^aitna, 
to labour fruitlessly ; Hfik'S/STf de- 
voted, humble; liaiK>«tfrt, humi- 
Uty; iftolr-iMfAtii, a suppliant, hum- 
ble; jti&0iH, dusty, earthen, made 
of earth, p, 

W^Mar^ £ ashes. j>. 

i&a2, £ skin, hide. «. 

li/Sla^ a maternal aunt. a. [tion. a. 

ft|a20,tjr, m« men, people^ the crea« 

HaUUf m. interruption, defect, dan- 
ger, ruin, a, 

tialaf, free, liberated; ^aldf-f.^ to 
release, a. 

Aft^, empty, vacant; pure^ mere^ 
only, unmixed, a. 

aaRfa, m. a sovereign, a successor. 0. 

iftift'^, m. the Creator, a. 

l;&^Z»f, pure ; m. a friend, a, 

I^aZmA, m. interruption, solicitude, 
suspicion, p, 

j^o^, m. the creation, world, people ; 
iMk uUdhi, God's creatures, man- 
kind, the people, a. 

I^alwatf £ xetirement^ solitude^ a 
doset. a, 

ttam, twisted, crooked, bowed ; m. a 
coil, fold, ringlet, crookedness, a. 

Ham, raw, rude; absurd, p, 

Ikomidagi, £ crookedness, fiK>m ifta- 
flstdo, crooked, bent, curved. p» 

Hamoiht silent ; J^amoihi, £ silence.9 

fiia, m. a lord, a grandee, p, 

khan (v. ^in,), £ a mine, h, 

tiana, m. house^ plaoe^ dwelling- 
room, compartment : much used in 
composition, as kniub'tk^ma, a book- 
house or library ; f^dno'ssdd^ bom 
in one*s house or family ^amt' 
dart, housekeeping ; l^^tma'ha'doth, 
one who has his house on his 
shoulders, a beggar, or a person 
utterly destitute. p» 

kJkdnOf a, to eat, to embeszle ; to get, 
to suffer; m. food; dinner, any 
thing eatable. 9. 

iiSnamt a lady, wife of a Khan, p, 

Handnr, (pi. of &ftifM;«r),m. swine, a. 

AftofM^ m. laughter, a laughing- 
stock ; Man<2a-ni, having a laugh- 
ing fiice. p, 

MifiMdak, m. a ditch, moat, fosse, a. 


( 62 ) 


i^nddn^ m. hoiueliold. p, 

• Khain^ii name of a forest. «. 

^i»;ar, m. a dagger, a. . 

Hankdh, t a moiiastery. a. 

^antdman, m. a houBehold steward, p, 

khdnsi, t a oongh. «. 

hhdnsna, to cough. », 

khapdchy t a splinter. A. \h. 

khapdnd, a. to slay, make away with. 

khapndt n. to be dried up ; to sell, to 
go off, be expended. A. 

Jchaprd^ m. an arrow, k, 

khapraU, f. a tiled house, h. 

i^r, m. an ass ; J^iar-dirndghy foolish, 
absurd; l^flr^imdgbfi, f* folly» ab- 
surdity, p, 

ipr, m. a thorn, spine, thistle, bram- 
ble, a spur, p, 

khard^ erect ; khafd-rahndf to stand ; 
khafd'k,^ to raise, place, erect; 
l;Aar0-^, to stand up, to be erect, h, 

Ibdrd, m. a hard stone* p. 

tiardb, bad, deprayed, ruined, de- 
populated ; ^iordbi, t badness, de- 
pravity, ruin, mischief, a, 

khardhand, f. stalk of burnt grass, h. 

Mardff m. rent, revenue, a. 

I^arehf m. expenditure, expense, p. 

l^argoahy m. a hare, a rabbit, p. 

l^ofidy £. purchase; t^artd-farol^^ 
or i^and-^farol^f buying and sell- 
ing, traffic, commerce, p, 

l^ariddrif f. purchasing, p. 

^arif^ f. autumn, or its harvest, a. 

Hflrijf out o^ void of, without, a. 

h^arigtan, m. place of thorns, jp. 

Hkcmfiif m. a bag, a purse, a. 

khafkhafdndf to creak. A. 

l^arosh^ m. crash, a tumult, p, 

Mof, f. a kind of grass, p, 

J^fi^^Uy m. qualities, virtues, a. 

iiflfam^ m. an enemy, a. 

i&<i#Aj^arA, m, poppy-seed. p. 

liaflat, t habit, quaUty, mode, talent, 
virtue, disposition, nature, a. 

iftofm, a husband, a, 

l^dffy excellent, pure, unmixed ; pri- 
vate, princely; iMff-k,, to appro- 
priate to one's sel4 confiscate; 
ItOft'd^ A canteen, portmanteau, 

l^dfffh excellent, elegant; a mea], 
refreshment, a. 

adfpy excellent, prinoely. a, 

thmisfca^ t quality, innate property, 
natural disposition, a. 

U^uta^ wounded, broken, sick, sor- 
rowful; i&a«<a-A0;, afflicted; Uflt' 
ta-^Uy t affliction, distress, p. 

khdtdf m. the art of book-keeping. K 

Mafjdy f. a mistake, fitult, crime ; name 
of a country, Cathay, or northern 
China, a. 

filajfa,?, erring; belonging to Khafd 
or Cathay, a, 

l^ata^t m. recollection, thought; dan> 
ger, risk; Mc^ar-ndk^ finghtful, 
dangerous, a, 

MKt^i m. a preacher, a. 

MdHm^ £ a ring, a seal, a, 

l^idtima, conclusion, sealing up. a, 

ihd^i f. the heart, soul, inclination, 
memory ; as a post-position fem. it 
means "for the sake of;" i^aHr- 
jama^'h.f to be collected, to be tran* 
quil; J^fir-rakknaf to conciliate; 
^dfjir'k,, to fondle, to comfort; 
ihd^-jama% f. comfort, confi* 
denoe; Mtdfj^r^ddri^ f. encourage- 
ment, comfort, a. 

khct^khafdndy to knock, h. 

Ihattny seal, end ; adj. finished ; com- 
pleted, a. 

ifto^jia, m. circumcision, a. 

( 68 ) 

Siajgri^ m. danger, fear, riak, Tenture. 

Maff^ m. a letter, a line, writing, 

handwriting; moustaches, beard; 

U^-kitahai^ letter^writiug ; &ftajt]t- 

mkcd%&^ to haye a beard; Ihfit^r 

VM^A letters, epistolary ooire- 

spondenoe. a. 
hhaU&y m. a cajity in whieh grain 

is kept. 9, 
ihaffOf acid, sour, k, 
Ma(i-h%9tiwa, m, the eqnator. a. 
Wftiin, a lady, p, 
Mtf^f m« fear; tAavf-zada^ terror- 

■tmck, frightened, a. 
M<M?> m. consideration, refleotiony 

thought, a, 
Hawdfif m. the place behind a great 

man on an elephant, a. 
ttawffff, m. a page, an attendant, a, 
Hawindf m. lord, master, husband; 

iifiunnd'k,^ to marry , iM*nndanaf 

like a lord. j». 
^azdnchi, treasurer, storekeeper, p, 
l&azz^ t coarse silk doth. a. 
kkel^, game, sport, fun, s, 
hkelna^ n. to play, to sport. «. 
i^lni^ m. a kind of boat. h» 
khety m. a field ; kheti, f . husbandry ; 

crop ; adj. arable, h, 
khichfi, t a dish of rice, dal, &c. ; 

mixed heap of gold and silver 

coins, s, 
Mnidmai, f. serrioe, presence, employ- 
ment, office, duty ; J^jidmai-gar^ m. 

a butler, a servant; Hbjidmai'gdfiy 

i, service, attendance; J^jid-mat' 

gnzariy f. service, devotedness. a, 
J^^dmdt^ pL situations, offices, a, 
i&ifff, f. concealment, a secret, a. 
iftt^af, f. lightness of weight, levity 

of conduct, affiront, disgrace, a. 

l^jdUxty f. shame, a. 

^/, £ parched grain. #. 

Wlqfy m. opposition^ contrariety; 
fiilsehood ; tUtU^-i-ki^as, absurd, 
improbable, a. 

khUandy a. to feed ; to cause to suf- 
fer; to cause to play; to make 
blossom. «. 

l^aty m.£ a dress, robe of honour, a. 

khUawriy f. v. h, 

ti^lkat^ t the creation, people^ ^^ 
world, a. 

kMlkUldndy to laugh heartily, to 

giggle. *. 
khilnd, n. to blow (as a flower^ to be 

delighted, to laugh, h. 
khUondf m. a plaything, a toy. «. 
£^j m. one of the lour humours of 

the body. a. 
U^hoaiy f. retirement, solitude, a 

doset; Whoat-I^nay a private 

apartment, a. 
Ugima^ m. a tent. a. 
khhuAwdndf a. to cause to be plucked 

(as a flower), h, 
liiiicfr, m. a hog, a sow. a. 
kMr, £ rice-milk, a kind of dish. «. 
Wrad, f. wisdom, p, [p. 

^Mradmand, wise ; also a man's name. 
l^rdmt f. pace, gait, strut, p. 
khifki, f. a window, h, 
/^trffkm, m. harvest, heap of un- 

thrashed com ; bam. p» [A. 

khUa^ m. (for Hfo,) a pocket, a purse. 
khualndf to slip. h. 
lHuikt^ f. a brick or tile, p, 
l^sigtcik, f. lower garment, p, 
kkuyandf >^gi7> fretful, h, 
Wfflb, a title. h» 
Wydl^ m. imagination, fancy, thought, 

consideration ; phantom, vision ; 

J^ydU^ fancifiiL a. 


( 64 ) 


t^yinat, f. perfidj, txeachery, em- 
bezzlement, a. 

&!Mfdf,f f. a needle. 

i^L^, m. tincture, tingeing the hair, 
nails, and beard, a. 

tliuffn, £ autumn, the falling of the 
leayes. p. 

aizdna or tAazdna^ m. a treasury, 
treasure ; l^zdna^e ghaib, the hid- 
den treasury (of Providence), a, 

i^ar or ^tfr, m. name of a cele- 
brated prophet among the Musal- 
mane. a. [nature, p. 

^, f. habit, custom, disposition, 

£&0(£, m. a helmet. p» [after, t. 

khodndf a. to dig, to hollow, to search 

l^a-ffir, m. a pack-saddle, p. 

khoh, m. a cavern, pit. h. 

J^a or W>jdf a eunuch, p, 

khofnd, to seek for, to inquire after, h, 

kholnd, a. to open, to loosen, to 
shine ; expand ; ujitie ; to set saiL s, 

khondf a. to lose, to waste ; kho-dend^ 
to squander away. s. 

khonfdy deficient, deceitful. A. 

khopriy f. the skull, pate ; a shelL s, 

J^flsha^ m. an ear of corn ; bunch of 
grapes ; an earring, a spike, h, 

£^9 good, excellent, weU, beautiful, 
amiable; J^uhtoTy better; l^ub-ru^ 
beautiful, fair-fiaced ; ]^uh-9urid^ 
beautiful; ^t^ft-ftfra^t, £ beauty: 
^n5«, f. virtue, beauty, goodness, 
perfection, p* 

khuJma or khubhnd, n. to penetrate, 
stick into, hp, 

thudy m. a helmet, p. 

f^^dy self; MMd-ha-l^^, spontane* 
ously, of one's self; M'^pcuand, 
self-complacent ; i^'^id-pascmdif self- 
oomplaoency ; J^^d-riif growing 
epontaneously. p. 

Kkudd, m, Ood; KAudd'^Mhl^iiiodgta, 
God forbid ! Khudd-tars, one who 
fears God; Kkudd-tarsi, the act of 
fearing GK)d, godliness; Khudd-ddd, 

given by God, sacred; Kkudd' 
parast^ worshipping Gt>d, righte- 
ous. p» [providence, p. 

i^uddyty f. godhead, divinity, divine 

^ttddwandj m. possessor, master, 
husband ; Miuddfoand4^maif m. 
beneficent lord, p, 

khudwdndy to cause to be dug. A. 

^t^istoy happy, fortunate, p. 

khufldndy to itch, to scratch. «. 

khufUy f. the itch. *. 

^ky m. a hog, a wild hog. p. 

khtUdy open, expanded. A. 

l^iddfay m. essence, the best part of 
anything; abstract, conclusion, in- 
ference, moral : adj. spacious, a. 

khulndf n. to be opened, revealed, 
dispersed; to dear up (as the 

. sky). *, 

Mkum, i, a large jar. a. 

l^umdVy m. sickness arising from in- 
toxication; l^umoT'shikcm^ t, any 
beverage, such as tea, soda-water, 
&c., used as a restorative after in- 
toxication, p. 

l^umsy a fifth part, a, 

llMn> blood, murder ; i&f<n-Ar., to as- 
sassinate, to kill ; M^iMvZy a mur- 
derer ; Miim^ezi, bloodshed. 

Winiy a murderer ; adj. sanguinaiy. p» 

l^i$«6y m. a comer ; ear-wax. h, 

Mmrdky t food, victuals, daily food, 
one meal, one dose, p, 

Isliitrdy small; &^ri-@am-A., tobruise, 
beat to atoms, p, [p> 

^t<r(2an, eating, drinking ; suffering. 

l^urd'Midm, bruised, broken to 
pieces, jp. 


( 66 ) 


MMfd-sdlf of a tender age; H^rd' 

sdRf childhood, p, 
Mprishy f. eating and drinking, p, 
ibAiy*9 £• A large wallet, portinanteao. 


tftflffTOfM, pleasant, delightful, cheer- 
ful, pleased ; fiifrrami, t pleasure, 

- enjoyment, p. 

l^KTMondf contented, p. 

l&^sh, pleased, excelleiit, cheerful, 
healthy, elegant; it is frequently 

> used in composition with the fol- 
lowing word, as, t^^k-uslUb, well 
formed ; jApsk-dmad, t flattery ; 
iftfMA-^aMi{, flattering, grateful, 
pleasing, charming s jj^fitA-io, fra- 
grant; f. fragrance, odour; ih¥sk- 
raii^,- weIl-C(doured I ^ftfA-^^iuran, 
liying happily or luxuriously; 
j£|i«A-^ie^«»», f. state of living hap- 
pily; lAuth-ffwodTy sweety easy of 
digestion ; ^^h^numd, beautiful, 
neat, pretty; l^h-mid, pleased, 
satisfied; l^^h'^wdif pleasure, sa- 
tis&ction; i^9c#^tta5r», good news, 
pleasant tidings; tidings; H^sk- 

. £||fr», f. good diet; i^h-kaf, weU 
laid out, beautiful; ^fM^-p^**, of 
lucky destiny ; Hi^h-iaWi^ f. good 
fortune ; Wn^h-ri^ beautiful in ap- 
pearance; tb^»h-go^ t, eloquence^ 
pleasant conversation ; f^ytMh-Ubaty 
finely clad ; ^fMA^nofiftt, good for- 
tune, from &&)(«A-«a^5, fortunate ; 

' JslttfA-na^wAo, finely decorated, p. 

]^imhumadi^ m. a flatterar, a para- 
site, p. 

iifMAi^ £ joy, delight; fifwiU-fta- 
Jshv^hiy extremely delighted, p, 

^^uahk, dry, wiiheifed ; fiiwAAt, t dry- 
ness, dearth, di^ land; adv. by 
land, p. 

i^uihnudf pleased, content; liiwA- 
nmdi, pleasure, satis&ction. j>. 

ikttfijfa, m. the testicle, a. 

l^ufu^, m. an affair, business, thingi 
doing any thing particularly, a. 

i&ufufa^ particularly especially, a. 

lAiufufi^ca, f. peculiarity, aingnlarity, 
attachment, a, 

i&tf]t&a, m. a sermon delivered every 
Friday, in which the preacher 
blesses Muhammad, his soocessors, 
and the rsigning sovereign ; IMio- 
parknd, to read the tttfK&o. a, 

Miv^f^ pL letters, epistlss. a, 

t^Mtdda^ plain, unadorned. jp« 

iftw05, m. sleep, a dream; Hwab-i- 
ttor^aiA^ tuptiihj, carelessness; 
i^dbffAor, m. deeping and eat- 
ing; Uiiodh-gakf t bed-room, p, 

a^Mk, whet^her; or ^ittodh na-i^dk 
or liiwdk'mchiiwdky willingly or 
unwillingly, p, 

l^^odhdn, desiring, p, 

&wahiah^ {, desire, inquest, p. 

I^dja^ m. a man of distinctioii, a 
rich merchant ; Hiwdja^ard, a 
eunuch ; i^dfcHMti, a young 
merchant, p. 

ikipd», m. a tray; H^dm-potk^ xa. 
covering for a tray, a tray-lid. p, 

ikufdr, a. poor, distressed, friendless, 
contemptible^ p, 

It^dHa^ desired, p, 

&&«P09A, sel( own; a tm«iff *T ^^ son- 
in-law; family, p, 

kibdr, great, the grandees, dk 

kibla^ m. the place to which Mnsal- 
mans turn their fiioe at prayer, 
Mecca, any sacred place, an altar j 
kibla-ffdk, a &ther; ^la 4 *ditm^ 
Your Majesty, Sire. a. 

kibr, m. grandeur, prid^ tk 



kibnt, m. Bnlpliur. p. 
kich^ f. mud, dirt, p, [inflect, t. 
kichar, m. dirt, mud, slime, h, an 
kiehpich^ f. mud, mire, h, 
kidamaty f. worth, excellence, a. 
Jcifiyat'Je, a. to save, to answer, to 

serre, to suffice, a* 
Inkaf^ m. the acacia tree. A. 
m or htla^ f. a small nail or peg. «. 
kUCa^ m. a fort, a, 
kilid, f. a key. jp. 
M*, f. a reed, a pen. p. 
kUmdkam. an armed female Oalmuc 

in attendance on princesses, t 
himat^ f. price, value} ^maU^ valu- 
able, costly, a. 
htna^ m. malice, spite, rancour 5 hinor 

woTf malicious, rancorous. p» 
kinoTt f. bosom, embrace, p. 
kinara, m. side, limit, boundary, 
edge; kinara-k. to abstain, to re- 
frain, p, 
kindri, laced border. p» 
kirdy m. a worm, insecti reptile, 

snake. «. 
kiran, f. a ray of the sun. s. 
^dn, m. conjunction of the planets, 

propinquity, a., 
kirdya^ m. hire, fiire, rent ; kvrdya^ 
ddr^ m. a tenant ; kiruya-L to hire, 
to rent: Urdyark, or dend^ to let 
for hire or rent. a. 
kirddr^ m. action, deed, conduct, p, 
kirichy f. a splinter; a sword. A. 
kis, inflec. of kaun, who? 
kisa, m. a pocket, a purse, p. 
kitd»y m. a husbandman, fanner, 

peasant. «. 
hUdSy m. the law of retaliation, a. 
kiskmiahy f. raisins, currants, p. 
kisMy m. f. a sown field; kisht-kdn^ 
f. husbandry, p. 

66 ) KOL 

kithti, f. a boat, ship; a tray; a 
beggar's plate or pot. p» 

Kiam, t kind, species, sort. «< 

kiamat, t fiite, lot, share, distribu- 
tion, portion, a. 

Kisrdy a king, title of the Persian 
kings; Choaroes. p. 

kiffa, m. a tale, story; a dispute, 
quarreL a, 

kisi, £ a portion, a. 

kiti m. dregs of a lamp or hukka. 

kUdby f. a book, writing, despatch, a. 

kitdbat, f. writing, inscription, motto, 
oon'cepondence. a. 

kUdhydy £ a small book, a, 

ki-tayin, to, up to ; generally written 
ke-ta^ns vide tajin, h, 

leUdly f. battle, slaughter, a. 

kitndy how much, or many ? 

kifrdn, m. tar, pitch, a. 

kkodfy m. a gate, a door, h, 

Hydfay m. appearance^ manner, a. 

Jdydmaty f. the general resurrection ; 
calamity, uproar, a. [A. 

kiydriy f. a frame, a bed in a garden. 

kiydSy m. measuring, judgment, opi- 
nion, guess ; kiyds-k, to guess, 
think, suppose, a. 

koy for kOyiy some one, any one. A. 

kobiy f. a cabbage. A. 

kOyeldy m. charcoal. #. 

kofty t bruising, beating, p, [>. 

kofta, m. pounded or minced meat, 

JboA, m. a mountain, hiU, hillock; 
kofUstdny a mountainous region^ 
h^hlands. jx 

kotiy pron. any, some one. 8, 

kokdy m. a fost«>brother, a nurse's 
son. A. 

koUiMt ^' <u^ (Hlman*8 press; kolhA 
men pafwd-d, to destroy. A. 
1 kolii^y m. cholic. a. 


( 67 ) 


hm, proxLwlio? which? what? k, 
kona or kondy m, a comer, angle. «. 
koTt t a cotton rope, tape, twist, a, 
har^ blind ; kor% f. bliudnese. p. 
kofd, m. a whip. h» 
^orehi, m. an officer who takes charge 
of the royal wardrobe, an attend- 
hori, a score, twenty, h, [ant. p, 
^ormOf m. a kind of dish. ^. 
komishy f. salutation, adoration i 

plur. komiihdt. p, 
ho9^ m. a measure of about two 

miles ; a cuff. «. 

iosMsh^ f. endeayour, effort, study, p. 

hoU m. a fort, stronghold; hot" 

bdndh-baUhndf expresses a posture 

of sitting cross-legged common 

among Asiatics ; to sit at ease. «. 

koic^ or koidhf short, small, mean $ 

koiah-andethf improvident ; kotahi^ 

Ismallness, meanness, deAciency. p, 

ho^hdy m. a house built of burnt 

bricks, a story floor. 9. 
kofhif f. a warehouse, iaetory, #. 
Jeofhrt^ f. a room, a chamber. «. 
leoUodl, m. the chief officer of police 

in a town. p. 
koyaly f. the cuckoo (of India). «. 
lrN,0, m. a well, a pit. «. 
kUfdn^ m. a pit, a well. «• 
kubba, m. a vault or arch. a. 
kubuTf pL tombs, a. 
kmok, m. £ the bosom. «. [ing. p. 
kuohf m. marching, march, decamp- 
kiiohay m. a lane, a street; kueho' 
^ar^, wandering about the streets. 
huohaUdf dirty, soiled, h, [p, 

kuohalnd, to brmse, to crush. A. 
kuoheld^ dirty, soiled, h, 
kuchhf also kachhn^ any, some, some- 
thing, a little ; kuchh ka knchh^ in 
some degree, h. 

kudf t a leap. A. 

kudaknd^ to frisk, h. 

kudndy to leap, to jump, h, 

^tudrat, L power, authority, omni- 
potence, a. 

^iMiri, holy ; m. the angel GhtbrieL a. 

kudai^Of holy, celestiaL a. 

^w/f, m. a lock, a bolt a. 

kufr, m. f. idolatry, infidelity, im- 
piety; KuJHtidf^ the country of 
idolators. a. 

kyhwi^ old; A^kAom-mZ, old, advanced 
in years, p, 

kuhatdy m. fog. «. 

kuky t sighing, sobbing. «. 

kuknd^ to cry, to sob. h» 

kuku or kuku-puldyOy an omelet. iSu 

itwZaZ^ m. a potter. «. 

itv^noA, f. a bound, a leap, h, 

kulcmff m. a cholic. a. 

kuldh, f. a cap, a hat. p, 

kulbuldnd, to writhe. A. 

kulcha, m. a kind of cake, bread. p» 

^Ifif t a small glass for holding 

kulhdf% f. an axe. «. [iocs, &c. a. 

kulhUfdy f. a cup. A. 

A^t, m. a labourer, a porter, i. 

kuUchay m. a kind of bread, biscuit. 

TniUi^ or kuU»f\ m, cholic a. [p. 

Aff^A»2, f. gurgling, a, 

kttUf all, entire, the whole. €U 

kuUif universal, entire, total sum. a. 

kulzMmy the sea, particularly the Bed 

kumaUf m. a bay horse, a, [Sea. a. 

kumakf f. aid, assistance, jp. 

ibcmoiEr?, auxiliary, p. 

kumdshf m. manners, trifles, goods, a, 

kumkuma, m. a lanthom, shade^ jar. 

Ijeumrif f. a turtle dove. a. [a, 

MH, podex, pars posterior, h, 

kundan, m. gold of the purest sort. A. 

kun^if f. a chain for &st6ning doors., h. 



kumUd, m. a kind of tent. A. 

kumsht^ m. a ChriBtian church | an 
idolatrous temple, p, 

inmfashk^ t a fpairow. JK 

kunji^ f. a key. «. 

■kuiiwar^ m, a son, a young prinoe. «. 

ibfrO) m. a globe, any thing spherical, 

ibl,r^ m. dirt, filth. A. 

J|ri«r,ai>, name of a book, the Scrip- 
ture of the Musalm&ns. a. 

3hfr,Ail, relating to the Kur,aa. «. 

kWydn-ufhdna^ to swear, a, 

furhf m. propinquity, proximity, 
kindled^ relationship. a» 

^ftiiS m. a sacrifice^ rictim; a 
• quirer. iati 

Ifwrbaiy f. nearness, propinquity, a. 

kajrh^ fbolish, stupid ; a simpleton, h, 

kufukf t chuckling, h, 

kuf-hndf n. to fret, be yexed, to 
mourn. -#. 

^k^ m. confiscation, embargo, t, 

kvfkurana, to chick, to murmur. A. 

kurH^ t a seat, chair, throne ; kurn- 
nUMnf literally, seated in the chair ; 
established, proved, a. 

hwriSf m. tk shttt, a coat, p, 

Jtwt% £ a waiscoat^ or shir^ a sol- 
dier's jacket, a coat, jp* 

iwrffol^ t ease, comfort, happinese. k* 

ku9f m. vuhafoMnktea. p. 

kiuhd, opening, solving, clearing, p, 

kushdda, open, p, 

hushajuh^ £ an opening, p. 

kushtOf killed, dain. p. 

i«wAto% m. kilfing ; kutkkmf deserve 
ing of death; p. 

kuBhudf £ an opening, p, 

KugiwUunfya, Constantinople, g. 

AKfwr, m. want, fiiult, defect, a, 

kuii m. a survey ; a task ; a guess, h. 

«8 ) XAB 

kut, t food, livelihood. A 
k«^y m. axis } polar star. a. 
kufharif m. private apartment^ pri* 

▼acy. Ab 
kuikd^ m. a short stiok withwhieh 

bhang is ground, t. 
km^m, a proe u res i, bawd. K 
kuttdf m. a dog. «^ 
kutfam, a proeuiMB, bawd» A. 
kmUoUf m. a magistrate, a pdfM 

officer, p, 
^mowaii f. power, vvtue^ vigour; 

kmowoH-hazimaf t digesHan. o. 
kusM, m. a gogglet, a sort of long^ 

necked bottle, p, 
kydf pron. whatP howP why? whether 

or not. », 
kj^n, adv. whyp wherefore? how? 

weUP what? tiien, because* A* 

Idf a negative artiole prefixed to many 
words which will appear in their 
order, a. 

lab, m. the lip, the maigin of a riv«r ; 
IttlhO'lab^ brimfoL p, 

labdda, m. a wrapper, a great ooat <k 

Id'chdr^ helpless^ foriorai laokdrii 
helpkssnesSb p, 

lackka, m. a baige. A» 

lid, £aload. A, 

U4% m. fondness, oaresaing, A. 

Uhdawd, inemediaUe. a 

Uhdt^wS, m. lit. no claim, an acquit- 
tance in ftilL a, 

la44^i ^* ^ kmd oi eweeCmeat. A* 

2a<to^ n. to be loaded. A» 

2m^ a. to load, to lade. A. 

lidm, fit to carty a load. A. 

ladtodnd, to cause to be loaded. A( 



( 69 ) 


taft t boasting, Tai^ty ; laf-tan^ m. a 
boaster ; laf-tam^ t boostixig. p» 

laffa^i eloquent* a. 

lig^ t. hitting : enmitj ; lore, «» 

la^am^ • bridle, bit, p. 

lagana^ a. to apply, inflict, to fix. «» 

laglnSm (y. Zof^om), t a bridle» fiw 

itfjlftari, f. leanness. p*a, 

lagtir, thin, lean, a thin person, p^ 

lagnd, n. to begin, to suit, to toaohi 
to be applied, to be affixed. «, 

li^ffNi, m. a moment ; akind of bason i 
iulh-lagna^ a lucky moment. #. 

l(tggay attachment, affection. «. 

Uhad, t niche of a aepulchve. a. 

lakdk^ f. glitter, h, 

lahar, f. a wave i a whim ; a waving 
pattern in embroidery. «. 

iA-haplf unpitodnetiye, profitless. a» 

id h€mlf the beginning of an Arabio 
phrase, **li haul wa Id kuwwaia 
iUd h4lldJU;' meaning that <<thero 
b no power nor strength bat in 
Ood,'* uttered in case of any un« 
looked for eyent^ or any calamity, a. 

idhik, preyalent, pressing, a. 

lahn, t a sornid, melody, a. 

Idhrdndy n. to sport, as waves do* *. 

lahd^ m. blood ; lahd-lahdA, coyeied 
with blood. «. 

{oAjpa, m. a glance, a moment, a. 

(0i,Ar, worthy, adapted, proper, able, 
qualified, a. [day. a. 

laUf f. night ; laU o nahdr^ night and 

id'^U^f irremediable, a, 

Lailly name of a heroine of romance, 
the mistress of Majniln. The loves 
of Laili and Majnun are favourite 
themes with the Persian poets. «. 

la^m^ reprehensible, miserly, a. 

Za'»», accursed, detested, a. 

Idj^ f. shame, basjifulness. «• 

U^dm^ m. a bridle, a bit. p* 
Id-jawab^ silent, without reply. On 
Idkab^ m. a title^ surname, a. 
lakad^ f. a kick, p, [a,p* 

Id'kaldm, silent, Bpeechless, taciturn. 
lakar-l^d^ m. a wood-cutter, or 

seller of wood. A. 
hikh OT Idhhy a lack or a hundred 

thousand) Idkko^ hundreds of 

thousands. «. [perfume, p^ 

Idl^jLdt^ UL a censer for burning 
lakh-pad^ possessor of a lack. «• 
2aj;ft<, m. a bit, or piece, p. 
Idkfi^ t wood, a staff, stick, h, 
lakipOf m. a spasmodic distortion of 

the face. a. 
la% m. a ruby, any bright genu a. 
Idly a, red, inflamed, a ruby, jp« 
Idla, mu the tulip, p, 
IdlaeAf m, longing, oovetousness, 

greediness, f. 
IcUchdndf a. to charm, attract* h, 
Idlchlf covetous, selfish. «. 
kUkdr^ t a call, a challenge, h, 
IMdmd^ to shout out, to challenge, k, 
Idm^ m. a ringlets m* crooked^ 

curled, a. 
lamhd^ long, taU. «• 
lamh4md, to lengthen, «. 
lamii'tdwiii reposing, to repose. #, 
lamboty a boat, a long-boat, h, 
UuB'chhaf, f . a long musket k, 
lami^ m. an instant, a moment, o* 
le^n, f. cursing, imprecation, a. 
^ofki, to bring, to breed, produce, 

make. «. 
la*n«t or la*nafi^ f. curee. a. 
langar^ m. an anchor ; lanffar^fhdi^d 

to weigh anchor ; JoAas Aro lanffor^i^ 

to bring the ship to an anchor, a. 
lanffoff m. a cloth worn round the 

middle to cover one's nakedness. A, 



( 70 ) 


langofiy £ a ooTering wrapped round 
the loins. K 

Icmgr&y lame, limping. J9.A. 

langrana^ to limp, to walk lame. h. 

langrif a kind of large sluJlow pan 
for kneading, h, 

la*n'tfl*n^ m. cursing and taunting, a. 

lan'tard'ni^ boasting, a. 

lapy f. a handful of water, h, 

lapefan^ f. a roUer on which doth is 
wound, h, 

lapefnd, a. to wrap up, to enclose, to 
pack, to roll, h, [tiger, &o. A. 

lapakf f. a flash; the spring of a 

lapdkna^ n. to flash, to rush forth, to 
attack, h, 

lar^ f. a string of pearls, a row. K 

I4r^ TEL, fondness, caressing. A. 

lardyt^ f. battle, quarrel, war. *. 

Id-raih, doubtless, unquestionable, a, 

lardh or lardka, quarrelsome, pug- 
nacious. «. 

lafakpan, m. childhood* «. 

lardna, to fight, to encounter. 9, 

larazndf to shake, to tremble. p.h, 

lafka^ m. a boy, child, babe. #. 

lafJchafdnd^ n. to stagger, reel; to 
stammer, h. 

lafna^ a. to fight, to quarreL #. 

Uhtnanif unequalled; without a se- 
cond, a. 

Idsht f. a corpse, p. [«. 

la-shahJcy doubtless, unquestionable. 

la-shanhy without an equal or com- 
panion, a. 

lasMcoTt m. an army, p, 

Id-sul^an, silent, speechless, tad- 
turn, a.p, 

W, m. an Arabian idol; Idi-manai, 
an idol worshipped by the ancient 
Hindus, t. 

IM^ t a kick ; IM-mdma^ to kick, h. 

ld(, f. an obelisk^ «. 
laff f. a lock of hair (clotted), h, 
latak, f. dangling, coquetry, ft. 
latahna, n. to be suspended, to dan- 
la^h^ £ an obelisk, s, [gle. ft. 

Id^hly a staff. 8. 

latkigfdnd, to bdabour, to cudgel, ft. 
Utfify degant, kind, courteous, fine. 
lafiydna^ to kick. ft. [a, 

Ic^JednOy a. to hang, to suspend, ft. 
lattd, m. a shred, rag (of clothes). jp« 
lal^a-hondf n. to be &scinated, ena* 

moured. ft. 
lau, f. flame of a ciuidle. ». 
Umhy f. a plank, a table, a board, a 

tablet, a. 
latfloffdndt to pray fervently. «• 
l€ntn4dy m. a boy, a slaye boy. ft. 
kmiufiy a female slave or servant, ft. 
laung, f. a dove. «. [meat. a. 

lauzy m. an almond ; a kind of sweet- 
la/uxiydty f. sweetmeats in which al- 
monds are mixed, a. [a. 
lamdzvmoy m. requisites, necessaries. 
lihzahdn^ silent, speechless, tadtum. 

a.p. [«• 

Uzim^ necessary, urgent, important. 
laztZy ddidous, pleasant, sweet, a, 
lag^df m. one of the seven hells, a, 
lazzaty £ pleasure, flavour, taste, a. 
20, inter), there) behold 1 postpos. 

from, as fat as. ft. 
U'ohaUM, n. to go away with. ft. 
2e,«, £ paste, ft. 
l^dndy n. to take away, to carry 0S9 

to run away with. ft. 
Uhin^ conj. but, yet, however, a. 
Undy a. to take, accept, set, hold, 

pick, win, reodve, buy. s, 
len-den^ m. trade, traffic, gambling. ». 
lepndy to plaster. 9, [rest. ft. 

U^na^ n. to repose, to lie down, to 


( Tl ) 


Uwa, taking or hwiding down. <. 

lexam^ f. s kind of bow made for 
exerdBe. jp. 

libdSy m. clothes, dress, a yeil. a» 

Udy f. dung of horses. A. 

lihdsi, m. a look, sense, regard, a. 

lihdzdy therefore, on this account, a. 

Ukdy f. meeting ; death ; the face. a. 

likh, f. a nit, small egg. K 

Ukhndy a. to write, delineate •« 

UkhwSna, to cause to write. «. 

Upa^na^ n. to ding, to adhere toge- 
ther, to stick, h. 

iisdn, f. the tongue, language, a. 

U(dnd (from le^na)^ to lay down, to 

. make one lie down, s. 

lUhamdf n. to be dragged, h, 

li(wdiM, to cause to be laid down. 9, 

liwdnd, to cause to be brought. «# 

Uyakat^ f. ability, skill, worth, a. 

%0, for the sake o^ on aoconnt of. A. 

2o, interj. there! behold! also, im- 
peratiye of lend^ to take. h» 

lobhf m. avarice, desire. «. 

LocRy name of a dynasty that reigned 

loff, m. people. «. [at DelhL p» 

lohdy m. iron. «• 

lohdrj m. a blacksmith. «. 

ZoA-tftfT, f. an iron mine. #. 

lohUf m. blood. A. 

lombri or Zomrt, f. a fox. «• 

^li, m. salt ; lon-mirohf literally, 
"salt and pepper," used figura- 
tively to denote appropriate or per- 
suasive language. #. 

lond, salt, brackish, barren or salt 

lotd, m. apot. h, [(land). «. 

Joth, f. a corpse. K 

lo^nd^ n. to lie down ; to wallow, a 

^t'PoU lying down, resting; lof- 
poi'Tohnd^ to compose one's self to 
rest. A. 

/n'aft, m. sliminess, spittle, muons, 
saliva, a, 

Uibhdnd^ a. to excite desire, to tan- 

luchdmi, f. libertinism. A. [talise. •• 

lug^y f. a dictionary, a. 

luh, f. a hot wind. A, 

/«Ai, m. blood. «. 

2iiAr^ m. sparks, flying cinders. «• 

^itAma, m. a morsel, a mouthfuL a. 

Lukmdny m. a famous eastern fabu- 
list and philosopher, a, 

laid, lame in the hands. A. 

lunffi, t a kind of cloth worn be- 
tween the legs. A. 

Imnf or lunja or lu»fd, lame, p, 

iHfdndf a. to squander, cause to plun- 
der ; to cause to roll or wallow. «• 

lurhndy n. to roll, stumble. A. 

tuitj", m. courtesy, elegance^ delicacy, 
gratification, a. 

Uttiydy f. a small pot A. 

lut'jdnd, n. to be plundered. A. 

/fli^ntf, a. to plunder, to squander. «. 

UUrd, a slanderer, tale-bearer, back- 
biter. A. 

lufwdndf to cause to plunder, give up 

. to pillage. «. 

ffitf , f. a mother ; fnd-hdp, parents. «. 

ma* or mt^ay with, along with, a, 

ma*dd, m. place of return, resurrec- 
tion, the life to come, a, 

ma^dly m. end, consequence, issue; 
maydl'Ondeshf reflecting on conse- 
quences, a. 

ma*dfUf f. meaning, mystical mean- 
ing, elegance of language, a, 

ma*driff m. known sciences or yir* 
tues. a. 


( 72 ) 


me^M, f. meainB or plaoe of Imng, 
life. a. [a. 

wa 0fi, m. s mmor; tfwisgrBssions* 

mabada. Be it not, bj no means! 
Qod forind ! lest. p. 

mahtUf m. a fofmclation. a* 

Jfa'^jki, the Adored, God ; Mc^hmd- 
tUlahi, is lued sereral times bj 
Mir Amman for Ma'bmUi'aUMhif 
Bcnrants of the Ahni^htj. a* 

machSnSf a. to exeite, commit, pro- 
duce. h» 

maeheMar, m. a mnsqidto, a gnat. #. 

maehhU, f. a fish. «. 

Jfa-<!ifti»» name of a country,C9iiDa. h, 

macknO, n. to be raised, excited, h 

madad, t help; mctdad-gar, m. an 
assistant, ally ; madiul'^mif M, 
assistanook a. 

nuMy f. extension, inoreaseu a. 

flMi'iofi, m. f. a mine. a. [p* 

mddar, a mother ; moiori, maternal. 

mad^rthlnnahSmmf the oentre of af> 
&irs, a minister, a. 

madhy 1 pnuse, eulogjium. a. 

fimk2%f «f»» a mare, a she ass, mule, fto* 

flMK^oMy m. a college, sohooL a. [p. 

mafimf^ paralytic, a. 

ma^ar^ but, only, unless, except; 
sometimes a mere particle of inter* 
rogation. p» 

magcu^ f. aflj; aireeUe. jk 

maghfir^ pardofaed, applied to a per* 
son deceased, hence eqaiyalent to 
our term ^ the kte.** a. 

mctgl^nb^ conquered, orercome. a» 

mojE&mwfs griered, sorrowful, a. 

maghribf the west, the eyening. «. 

maj{&riir, proud, fastidious} ma^- 
rwn^ f. pride, a. 

ffia^, m. the brain, marrow, ker- 
nel pith; pride, p. 

mctghzif f. a kind of sweetmeat, p*' 
mmffn^ sunk in joy, delighted. «. 
mah or mah^ m. the moon, a month, 
mahad, a cradle, a, [jx 

JfaA«(20V, literally, the Cbeat Ood, • 

name of fiRtira. #. 
mahmjM^ m. a large flshkig net. #. 
makitfam, m. a money dealer, a rich 

merchant, s* 
mdkak, f. odour, perftmisb h, 
mahaUf m. plaee, building, distrioty 

quarter; time, occasioii, a, 
mahaUi, a eonuch. a.. 
maJ^imid, nu prrised, worthy or 

kudaUe actions, a.. 
mahmmn^ pi. important basiness^ af* 

iairs of oonsequenoe. a, 
mahamjfa^ ^MBt^ high-priced* #r 
makangit^ f. a dearth, famine. «• 
mdhani^ m. a saint, a chief of de> 

Totees* «. [tuie. a* 

maAor, m. a marriage portion, join* 
mah&r^ f . reins, wood in the nose of 

a cameL p. [Sire. »• 

Maharmj^ or Mahirmjm, Chreat King, 
flkiAflra^, f. sisbtility, acuteness, ge* 

nius excellence, skill, a. 
mahai^ f. honour, greatness. 9, 
mahhuhf beloved ; ma^Mftt, loreli* 

ness, amiable qualities, a. 
ttoA^M, imprisoned ( wejiMt jjiaa^ 

a prison. «• 
meA/12, place of meeting, assembijr. 9» 
moj/fiz, i»eeerved, committed to me* 

mory. a. 
moAtii, fine» subtle thin i gtsat, great* 

est, elder-bom. j»i 
f»aAf»e, m. a month, montldypay. jr.. 
MoAtr, acute, ingenious. «. 
mahiyai^ f. nature, peculiarity. «. 
mahkama^ m. a tribunal, oourt of 

justice, a. 


^No^ihSffi, subject', under oommand. a. 

Mahmud^ worthy, laudable ; a man's 
name. a. [a, 

mahmudif f. a fine sort of muslin. 

makr, m. a marriage portion, join- 
ture, a, 

wtal^ram, a confident, oonfidentiaL a, 

moAromJ-rdW} m. one entrusted with a 
seeret. a. 

mahrUf or mdh^rt^ moon^fiftoed, a 
beautiful woman, p. 

mahrum^ prohibited, excluded ; dis- 
appointed, a. 

mahahart f. place of assembly i the 
last judgment, a. 

mahful, m. tax, produce, custom* 0« 

mahniSj peroeired, felt. a. 

mahtab, or mdhtdb^ m. the mooiii, 
moonshine, p, 

maJUdii, f. a kind of firework, p, 

ma*hUf with, along with. a. 

makur<U^ f. space of time, nearly an 
hour, applied chiefly in astrology. «« 

ffioAtp, effaced, obliterated, a. 

ffMh^, pure, unmixed, merely, .en- 
tirely, a. 

MoA^ttii, grieved, afflicted, a, 

moAj^, delighted, a. 

mat, f . wine, spirits of any sort ; men- 
notMf or mai'tiuri, wine drinking ; 

' mai-ihana or •kcidd, a tavern, p, 

ma\ with, along with. a. 

nunddn^ m. a plain, an open field, a 
field of battle, p, 

maUf m, dirt, filth, rust, scum. «. 

md,ily inclined, bent, inclined to- 
wards, fond, addicted to. a, 

maila^ dirty, defiled. «. 

motmiiA, happy; m. an ape, a mon- 
key, a. 

ffMJn, I. h, 

mainOf t a kind of jay, a starling, h. 

{ 73 ) MA£ 

fiMi'MAaf, f. subsistence, Hving, way 
of life, a, [#• 

mdjdj^ a sister by the same mothsr* 

mafdlf f. power, ability, a. 

fnd-jard, m. state, circumstance, in- 
cident, adventure, a. [a, 

fliq;5iir, constrained, helpless, forced* 

fiMfid, glorious, a, 

mqjlis^ f. an assembly, convention, a. 

me^mffa^ m. crowd, assembly. «. 

M<ynA%^ insane, in love ; name of a 
hero of romance, whose mistrass's 
name was Laili. a. 

MdjUJf m. proper name, Magog, a. 

uiayilft, an electuary, medioiite in ge« 
nenl} confection, a. 

mafiUf m. the magi, p, 

majtub, abstracted, solitaiy. a, [a, 

mak^adf f. a place to sit on } the hips. 

makamt m. a place; makdm-k.^ tq 
stay in a place; makdm-h.^ to 
halt. a. 

makdn, m. a pUoe, dwelling} plur, 
mdkdndt^ a, 

maJsbaray m. mausoleum, tomb, bury- 
ing-ground. a, [a. 

mal^l^ agreed, agreeable, acceptable. 

makduTj m. power, ability, possibi- 
lity ; hcMndlfdiir^ according to one's 
power. 0. 

mdti^f m. source, origin, a. 

maikfii secret, hidden, a. 

maUfa^ an asylum, a. 

ma^mur^ intoxicated, a. 

mak^jibf betrothed, a, 

ma^M^, taken up, accused, a. 

ma^izanf ja, a magazine, a. [a, 

maJckdr^ cheating, deceitful, insidious. 

mdkhhi^ f. a fly ; the sight of a gun. 

maJcofa^ m. a large ant. h, [t, 

makr^ m. fraud deceit ; mahr-ohair^ 
fraud and stratagem, a. 

T— r— J 



maJeriy £, a spider. 9, 

makruhf detested, abominable, a. 

fnakfodf m. intention, meaning, wish. 

makfudj intended, purposed, a. [a. 

maktahf m. a schooL a. 

nia*kul, sensible, proper, becoming, a, 

malf m. property, wealth, merchan- 
dise, goods ; mdl-d-mdl, replete, full, 
abounding; mdUf connected with 
the treasure or reyenue; mdl-mat^, 
m. goods, property, a. 

maly m, dirt, filth. #. 

maldffir^ m. sandal-wood of a supe- 
rior kind. 8. 

ntaldjiy t cream, a dish made of 
cream, h, 

maldjik^ ^ m. angels, the angelic 

mtUdfika,) world, a, [a, 

maldl, m. sadness, languor, vexation. 

maldmatf f. reproach, rebuke, a, 

malat, m. a worn rupee, h. 

malghuha, m. a kind of dish, h, 

malAugy seen, considered, a. 

mdHf m. a gardener, a florist, s, 

fnalik, m. a king; MaUk % fddik, 
name of the king of the genii; 
9naliktht-tu0dr, the chief of mer- 
chants, the head merchant of a 
city, a, 

fitdlik, m. master, lord, possessor, 
proprietor, a. 

maUka^ f. a queen, princess, a, 

maZiM^ sad, yexed, disturbed, fouL 9, 

malkiyai, t property, possession, a, 

mall^ a hero, wrestler. «. 

maUdh^ m. a waterman, sailor, a. 

maUnal, m. muslin, h, \h, 

malndf to rub, to tread on, to anoint. 

ma*lum, known, distinguished, appa- 
rent, evident, a, 

mdmdy a matron, mother. 9, 

indmi-pind, to shew partiality. 9, 

74 ) MAN 

mamluk, possessed, in one's power; 

a purchased slave, a mamluc. a, 
fnandukcfty f. empire, dominion, sove- 
reignty, a. 
mamnun^ obliged, &voured. a, 
mdmUf m. an uncle (maternal). #. 
ma^muly m. custom, rule, established 

usage, a. 
flia'm«r, filled, well supplied, a, 
man, m. honour, reverence, respect. 9, 
man, a mother ; fnan-b^y parents. 9, 
man, m. mind, heart, soul, spirit, s. ; 

m. name of a weight nearly 80 lbs. ; 

vidgarly mound. 9, 
mana*-k,, a. to forbid; mana^-kar' 

netodld, m. a forbidder. a.A. [a, 
mcmddi, f. proclamation ; m. a crier. 
mand/Vy m, profit, gain, advantage, a, 
mand-manu-har, by persuasion. 9, 
mandndy also mandwandy a. to soothe, 

to persuade. #. [a den. K 

mdndy f. a faded colour ; a dunghill ; 
mdnday a. remained, left, tired, weary, 

fiitigued. p. 
mdndctgly f. weariness, fiitigue. jp. 
mandaly a circle, space, or area. 9. 
man4hap, m. a small temple, cell, 

shrine. 9, 
ma^ne, f. meaning, reality, a, 
mcmfoC (tt-k.y to gain, to profit. a,K 
mdnffy f. division of the hair ; a prow ; 

mdng-nikalndy to divide the hair on 

the head. h. 
mangal-koiiy f. a sort of carpet. 9, 
mdngndy a. to ask for, require, de- 
mand, beg, pray. 9, 
mangfodndy a. to send for. to ask for, 

to call for. 9, 
manku9y tmfortunate. a. 
ffta'm, f. meaning, reaUty. a, 
mdnCy m. an obstacle, impediment; 

a forbidder. a. 



prep. m. f. resembling, like 

(y. Hind. Grammar), p. 
mnnjan^ m. tooth powder, a, 
ffhinjhf m. middle; manjh'dhar, the 

middle of the stream, s, 
mar^'M, m. the master of a yessel, a 

steersman, a pilot. «. 
manjIUa^ middle, second. 9, 
manjnd, to become poUshed. «. 
nuinn»y a. to respect, beliere, regard, 

accept, acknowledge, reoeiye, allow, 

admit. «. 
manfah, m. office, dignity; manfob' 

ddr, an office holder, a, 
manshOf m, origin, source, design, a. 
matuiib, allied, betrothed, a, 
manfubOf m. project, plan. a. 
flMmn^ abolished, a. 
manicw, m. a spell, a charm, t, 
manfik, m. logic, a, [a, 

manfikit logical, dialectic ; a logician. 
fnaiMf-oAiAor, heayenlj-fiiced; 

of an ancient chief, p, 
fiMiMtf, man, uidiyiduaL 9, 
mcmzilf £ a da/s journey ; an inn, a 
• dwelling, a, [honour, a. 

tnatunkft, £ dignity, rank, post of 
mangtir, expected, agreeable, intend- 
r ed ; manxur i nagr, comely to the 
mapf m. measure. «. [sight, a, 
mar, t. beating, battle, a blow, t. ; 

m. a snake, p, ; mar'4^Und, a. to 

smite, to kill ; mar-pity f. a yiolent 

beating, an assault, t. 
mourdf m. a male, a man, a hero; 

mard'baehehdf and mardaky a little 

man; marduadmi^ a gentleman; 

mardi'ttdam/kfaif courtesy, bra- 

rery. p, [liness. p, 

vktrddna, manly; mardanoffij man- 
mardiy f. manliness, humanity, p, 
mardUydf a contemptible fellow, p. 

75 ) MAS 

mardUdy rejected, excluded, repro- 
bated; an apostate, a. 

mardnmakf f. the pupil of the eye. p, 

mdref prep. m. by reason o^ in con- 
sequence of, through. A. 

mor^, f. death; marg-i'muf&fatf f. 
sudden death, p. 

mar£ihafy m. the place where Hindus 
bum their dead. «. 

marhamy m. a plaster, a salye. a, 

marhamaty f. pity, compassion; a 
present, a, 

mofhndy a. to coyer, gild, line. 9. 

ma*rifaty f. knowledge ; prep, on 
account of, by reason of. a. 

mtnif, sick, diseased, a patient, a. 

mar-Jandy n. to die. #. 

markaby a horse, or any animal for 
riding, a. 

markady f. a bed, a graye. a. 

markaty m. an emerald. #. 

markady a monkey. «. 

marmoTy m. marble, g. 

mamdy n. to die, to expiro; aUo 
ma^ana, 9, 

mamdy a. to smite, strike, beat, driye, 
punish, to mar. This yerb is fre- 
quently used in a yery general 
sense, as, laf-mdmdy to boast ; dam- 
mamdy to speak; ghpf^a-mdrndy to 
diye, &c. ; mdf'mor-kary haying 
thoroughly beaten. 9. 

maror, f. a twist, a turn. h. 

martahcky m. a step, degree, dignity, 
office ; one time or turn. a. 

martabdHy m. ajar, yase. a. [a. 

ma*r«^y represented, a representation. 

marwdridy pearls; a sort of fire- 
work, p, 

marfy m. sickness, disease, a. 

manpiy f. pleasure, will, a, [lips. #. 

ifkw, f. down or small hair on the 


( 76 ) 


mot, m. a month ; meat, flesli, &, 

masa, f. erening. a. 

mafetf, t a field of battle, the ranks 

of war. a. 
ma$€thri, t musquito^curtainji. 9, 
moiali m. a &ble, proTerb j nUtl^ t 

similitude, a. 
mofdUhf m. spices, sauees« a, 
math, m. a kind of vetch, t. 
UMi&o, a small weight of eight ratis. #. 
m€uhdhad(if m. sight, inspection, a, 
wkuhdji^j m. elders, holy men. a. 
nuuhakiat, £ trouble, labour, a. 
«MwA*a2, f. a torch; math^tUeU^ a 

torch-bearer, a. 
nuvhd^af t a waiting-maid. a. 
mashgkul, engaged in, occupied or 
busy in; ma<Aj|&«22, f. employment, 
office, a. 
mashhUr^ published, celebrated ; well 

known ; also mashhiiri. a, 
maahkf f. a leathern water-bag for 

holding water, p* 
mtuhlfa, m. practice, use, exercise, a, 
nuuhrik, the east. a. [a, 

maskru\ explained, above mentioned. 
ma^shHk, a beloved person; /. 
ma^shuiOf a mistress or sweet- 
heart, a. [a. 
mashwaratf f. counsel, consultation. 
masjidf £. a mosque, a Mussulman 
place of worship, a. [a. 
masJca, m. butter (especially fresh). 
mctakan, m. a place, dwelling, a, 
mas-kcumd, a. to toudi. a.h. 
masla, m. a question, a problem, a, 
moflahat, f. a proper line of conduct, 

occupation ; counsel, advice, a. 
nuutnu\ heard, audible, a, 
nuunad, f. a throne, a cushion, o. 
mafnu\ workmanship, performance, a, 
mofruf, expended, returned, a. 

nuut, drunk; lustful, lecherous i 

matBy intoxication, lust. jp. 
ma*fum, the Innocents, vix. the clul* 

dren of Hasan and j^usaiu. a. 
mat, a negative particle used with 

imperatives; don't, h, 
mat or mali, f. the mind, opinion. ». 
mai^a, f« enjoyment, advantage, a, 
matff, f, merchandise, goods, ef* 

fects. a. 
ma^ak, f. coquetry, ogling, k. 
matam, m. grie( mourning; matam^ 

pwrtA, condolence, sympathy; ma^om* 

ddri, public or state mourning i 

mdtam'sara, or HM^am-^iJna, m. 

house of mourning, p, 
matanjan, m. a kind of pula,o. p, 
mafar, m. peas, h, 
mathy m. a Hindu temple. «. 
mdfkd, mi the forehead, h, 
mafkd, m. a large earthen jar. A, 
ma^iiraA, £ coquetry, ogling. A, 
matla\ the east ; a field of battle. 0. 
majf^, m. a desired object, petitioxii 

purpose, meaning, a. 
mafjiuh, wanted, requisite, a* [>.A. 
mat'wala, intoxicated; a drunkard* 
ffiotf;, f. a wave ; a whim. a. 
f»a«yM<2, present, existing ; moMtjUdf^h,^ 

to be at hand, a, [a* 

maukuf, stopped, settled, dependent, 
mould, m. a spiritual guide ; mauld,e 

mtuhkiUkushd, a guide who clears 

away difficulties, a. 
maulavi, m. a learned man. a, 
mauni, m. a class of devotees who 

maintain silence, f. 
maurdnd, to blossom (themangoe). h, 
maurufi, hereditary, a. [a, 

mausam, or mautim, m. season, time^ 
maupif, described, praised; before* 

mentioned, a. 



maui, t death, a, 

mau^a\ m. a place, a. 

mawA, f. Bubstanee; starohj m. f. 

dwdling. h.a, 
mayut^ hopeless, desperate; mayfiH, 

despair, wretchedness. «• 
maza^ m. taste, flaTour, a delicacy to 

the palate or mind, p, 
maedf taste; met. punishment. p» 
mazar^ m. £ a place of Tisitation ; a 

grave, a tomb. a. 
Mo^orra^, t detriment, damage, in- 
jury, a. [a. 
mazhii^ strong, possessed, restrained. 
mazhih^ m. a place of saorifloe, an 

altur. a. 
mcuduri^ f. price of labour, wages ; 

firom ma»dur^ a labourer, p, 
maze-dar delicious, saronry. jp. 
mazjkaby m. religious sect or creed; 

mode, way. . a, 
mandf increase ; mazid-k,^ to take 

away the dinner or eatables, o, 
ma^hur^ statement; adj. aboy»-men- 

tioned ; mctzhur'Jc,^ to mention, a. 
mazlumt injured, oppressed ; magUtm^ 

naufdz, one who pities the op- 

pressed, a, 
mazmana, of long duration, chronic, 

(illness or diBease)^ m, 
moj^nuMit, scorned^ despicable. a% 
mazmun, m, substance meaning (of 

a letter, &e.)« a, 
ma:^,aribdnf a. like one diBtraoted* a. 
mc^fur^ excused, excusable, a. 
meit^f ^ * banlt, a border, h, 
men4ak^ m. a frog ; also msnfaki, $. 
melAt ^ <^ nttil, a tent-pia ; m»ti^ 

counterfeit, adulterated (rupi). p, 
mel^ m. connection, relationship, p. 
melOf m. afeir. «. 
meld'theUtf a c(mcoune of people, t. 

77 ) MIL 

HMn, in. h. 

mmt^hA^ m. a ram ; the swell of the 
tide called the bore. «• 

fiMnA, m. nan. s, 

fMM A, m. a sheep, a ram. zp, 

meta, m. a cup, dish. A. 

mewa^ m. fruit; mewchdar, fruit- 
bearing, p. 

mewrSf a kind of attendant, h. 

mez, f. a table, p. 

mez-bdn, m. an entertainer, p. 

midnfi, a mediator ; Sir, Master, p. 

ndblaj^, m. a sum (of money), a, 

mihakf f. a touchstone^ a test, a, 

mihmdn, m. a stranger, a guest; 
mihnUhhi^aiM^ m. a hall for eating, 
a house for entertaining strangers ; 
mihmdi^-4Sry one who entertains ia 
guest ; mihman-dSri, hospitality ; 
mthmdnit f. entertainment, hospi- 
tality, p. 

nUhnat, f. labour, misfortune, temp- 
tation, sorrow; mihnat-keuh, one 
who endures affliction; nUhnat' 
kashi, endurance of aifliotioQ. a. 

mihnd, m. sarcasm, reproach. A. 

mihr, f. lore, friendship; the snni 
Mihr^niffdr, name of a prmoess: 
mihr mdh, sun and moon. p. 

mihrdb, f. the pulpit, or chief place 
in a mosque, a, 

mihrbdn^ friendly, kind ; a friend, p, 

mhrbdfii, also mihrbdnaff^ f. friend- 
liness, kindness, p. 

mihtar, a prince; Miliar Bukdmdn, 
King Solomon, p, 

mkddr^ m. quantity, magnitude, 
space^ number, a. 

mi^nuUiZf m. the magnet ^. 

flit^af, i scissors, a. 

mily f. aneedle, a skewer; a mile, p, 

mUdndf a. to mix, to make meet. A. 



nUlapy t agreement, recondliatian. 9, 

mUlat^ t a religious sect, creed, 
faith, a. 

mUna^ n. to be mixed, confounded ; 
to meet, to agree, suit, be united. 9, 

mUwdndf a. to cause to mix, or 
meet. 9, 

mffmdr^ m. an architect, a builder; 
m)Cmany building, architecture, a, 

nUmbar^ m. a pulpit, a side table, or 
dais. a. [turban, a. 

nUndil^ t a table-cloth, a towel; a 

tMnkoTf t a bird's bill or beak. a. 

ffUnl^iflr, f. the nostriL a. 

niinnat, £ obligation, entreaty ; fm»- 
tuU-wdrf under obligation, obliged. 

mtr, m. a chief, a leader, a title of the 
Saiyids; mir^haJ^f superintendant 
of ports and rirers ; Mir'Amnuin^ 
name of the translator of the Bagh 
o Bahar; mtr-«Atiirar, chief hunts- 
man; nur^haiiishif m. the pay- 
master-general, the commander-in* 
chief, p, 

mPraff m. f . a ladder, a. 

nurdHi t heritage, patrimony, a* 

nUrehf t pepper ; smart sayings. 9. 

mirdcMfft t a kind of drum. 9, 

mire^ my or mine, h, 

mirfff m. a deer ; nUr^'Chhdld a deer- 
skin. 9» 

mirxd, m. a prince ; a scribe, p, 

mifbdhf £ a lamp. a. 

misdeal, m. a weight nearly equal to 
63 grains (troy weight), a, 

mUktnf poor, miserable, wretched, a. 

Mifr, m. Egypt ; abo Grand Cairo, a. 

mifri, f. sugar-candy; m. an Egyp- 
tian, a, 

mitfoTi f . a ruler, a line. a. 

nUswdk, £ a tooth-brush. a» 

78 ) MU 

mt^ m. a friend ; affection. 9, 
mifdjM, a. to efface, extinguish. «. 
mlfhdf sweet, tender, kind. 9. 
nUfhdyif £ a sweetmeat, sweetness. «» 
mifhds, m. £ sweetness. 9, 
mi^nd, n. to expire, to be effaced. 9, 
miir, or mUrct^ m. a friend, compa- 
nion. 9, 
mi(th ^* earth ; nUifl-d^ to bury ; 

mitfi'4dlndf to conceal another's 

faults, p. 
mUfdny £ a scabbard, the middle, p ; 

m. Sir, Master, h. [jf. 

nUydna, m. medium, a kind of palki. 
nUzdhy m. jesting, irony, a. [a. 
ndzdj, m. temperament, constitution. 
mizdi^y m. jesting, sporting. <u 
mzdn, £ a balance, a scale, a. 
mizha, £ the eyelash, p, 
mizrdby £ a quill with which a musi> 

cal instrument is struck, a, 
moly m. price, purchase; mot-tol^ 

bargaining, traffic #. 
molndy a. to buy, to purchase ; also 

moJrleiMt, 9. 
fftoin, m. wax; mom^dma^ oU-cloth 

(lit. wax-doth), p, [der. A. 

m(m4fi'dy m. a seat, stool ; the shoul- 
morchdly £ an intrenchmeut. p, 
morchang, £ a Jew's harp. A. 
morchhcily m. a &n or brush for 

driving away flies. 9. 
mof% £ a passage under ground, a 

drain, p. 
mofndy a. to twist, turn, bend, p* 
mor-pankhij £ a kind of barge, t. 
mofd, fat, thick, coarse, large ; moid^ 

tdza^ &t, well-conditionfid. h* 
mofhy £ bundle, load, h, 
motif m. a pearL #« 
moza, m. a stocking, a boot. p» 
f»«, m. the hair, p. 


( 79 ) 


miiydf dead ; dull, senseless. •• 
iMi^afy absolved, forgiyen, excused, a. 
fMCdfiy f. exempt from tax $ pardon, a. 
mn*aMfa%y fixed; HMt'otyati-A;., a. to 

fix, to appoint, a. 
muCaUdt supreme, high. a. 
mu*aUakf suspended, leaning on. a. 
mu^alUmf m, an instructor, a pilot, a. 
muCamala^ m. treaty, affair, business. 

a. [a. 

miCamm&t m. an enigma^ an acrostic. 

mu*aflary perfumed, fragrant, a. 

muCcutzaZt honoured, rewarded, a. 

nuMfOTziny a public crier, whose duty 
it is to proclaim the houzt of 
prayer, a, 

mubdf, or mu-hqff m. a plait of hair, 
a ribbon for tying the hair, p, 

mu'bchmii, hair by hair, minutely, p. 

mtihdrctk, Itappy ; a man*s name, 
Felix; mvbdrak-hddf or muhdrak' 
&0it,f.congratulation,benediction. a. 

muhdsharat, f. sexual intercourse, a. 

mublag^ m. a sum (of money), a, 

mMadd^ t, commencement, a. 

mubtaldy afflicted, affected, unfortu- 
nate, enamoured, a, 

michang, f. a jew's-harp. A. 

nmohh, f. whiskers, h, 

fMiddrdij f. afbbility, courtesy, a, 

mmdauwar^ round, circular, a. [a. 

mmdda^d^ m. desire, meaning ; object. 

mudda\ m. a plaintiff, claimant, pro- 
secutor ; an enemy ; tnudda^i aiaihi^ 
m. a defendant in a law plea. 0. 

muddat^ t a space of time ; a long 
time ; fmtddatU'Ufimr^ £ length of 
one's lite. a. [absence, a. 

mufdrdkiUy f. separation, alienation, 

mufctffal^ distinct, full, detailed ; the 
country (in opposition to the town), 

mufid^ profitable, useful, a, 

muJUs^ poor, wretched, a. 

muflm, f. poverty, want. a. 

mmfHd^ malignant, a rebel. 0» 

wuft^ ady. gratuitous, without la- 
bour. |». 

vmftiy m. a Muhammadan officer of 
law, the Chief Justice, a. 

fMij!ftaiTa^, immersed in, plated with 
(gold or silver), a. 

nmf^/Um^ libidinous, a psDderast. a. 

nmJ^d^ m. respect ; be-muhaba, with- 
out respect (of person), a. 

muJ^abbai^ friendship, love, a, [a, 

vmf^qftmal^ f. preservation, custody. 

muhaUfd^ ready, prepared, a. 

muiialla, m. quarter, district, a. 

Jft(i^amfna(2, a man's name ; the pro- 
phet of the Musalmans. a. 

MuJ^mmtidiy of or belonging to 
Muhammad, a. 

muharramf sacred, excluded, m. ; the 
first Muhammedan months, a. 

muhdsah<i, m. computation, aocouiit. 
a. [bailiff, a, 

muhanU^ an officer of justice, a 

muhdwara^ m. idiom, usage, phrase- 
ology, a. 

muh-chanff, f. a jew*s-harp. h. 

nmkibf formidable, awful, grave, re* 
verend. a. 

mMmmf t an important business; 
an affair of consequence, a. 

ma^ijt, surrounding, comprehending, a. 

flHi^^jom, strong, firm, fortified ; adv. 
strenously, firmly, a. 

mttAms7, negligent, a. 

muhr^ f. a seal, a gold coin, p, 

muhrat m. a shell ; a rubber ; m 
chessman, p, 

muhsm, benefitting, obliging; m. a 
benefiactor. a. 


( 80 ) 


muhtajj neeossitouii, in want of. a. 

mvhmrt, f. a space of time, nearly an 
hour, applied chiefly in astrology. «. 

mvjadala^ contention, conflict, a, 

mujarrad^ Bolitary, only, nnmarried ; 
ba-miy'arradf instantly, immedi- 
ately, a. [a. 

mufarrib, tried, expert, experienced. 

mmfawmig, pressing, reeommending. a. 

iimjib^ m. cause, reason, account, a. 

mu;ri, bl audience -haU, visiting; 
imt^re-ffSkf place of audience; 
nmfrm^iy m. t visitor, attendant, a, 

tHnjfiih, a« wounded, lacerated, a. 
mukibaht, m. comparison, opposi- 
tion^ presence, a, [fronting, a, 

mukibil, opposite, resembling, equal, 

mmJuMam^ prior, paramount; m»- 
kaddam^k^ Cft •jSnna^ to place be- 
fore, to deem paramount, a. 

mukaddama, m. the first part, a pre- 
face, introduction, a. 

mukaddar, troubled, disturbed, a. 

•mukcMar, predestined ; umderstood ; 
m. fate. a. 

mukaffal^ looked, made ftst. a, 

mukafyad, imprisoned, confined. K 

mukallqf, splendid, elaborate, a. 

mukalUby He tiiat turns or converts ; 
mukailibu'l'lndiibt He who can turn 
^he hearts, GK>d. a. 

mukarrtfb, approximated, admitted; 
m. intimate friend, attendant, a. 

mttkarrar^ certain, fixed, certainly; 
mu^€6rrar-h,f to be certain or fixed ; 
nmkarrar'k,, to appoint, allot, a. 

mmharrar^ repeated, re-spoken, a. 

mukc^fcCy well cut out, beantifuL a. 

mMt^alldy empty, dismissed, set free : 
nMU^^aUa hU-iab\ unceremonious, a. 

•MfiM^, opposite, dissentient ; m. 
an opponent, enemy, a. 

mul^£lif\aty t opposition, repugnance, 
variance, a, [dite. a. 

muHatmafiy efibminate, a hermaphro- 

muW^t addressing ; m«@^f»d-A., to 
address, to speak to. a, [a, 

m«&iU, m. an intruder, a disturber. 

mui^afif £ liberation, ddivteranoe. a. 

mui^iff m. a sincere IHend. a. 

mammal, m. velvet, a, 

mukkrdf m. the fiice, mouth. «. 

muih^9 absolute, invested with faU 
power. A. 

mul^tafar, abridged ; ^a-m«M* 
tafefr, in short, a. 

mukkaish, m. brocade; fiiukkaithi^ 
covered with brocade, t, 

nnukkhi or mukin^ f. a blow with the 
fist. «. 

muktofa, m. a thing requisite^ neces- 
sary, a, 

m«Z, m. wine, p, 

mulaliaga, m. contemplating, view, 
notice, regard, a, 

iHula^im^ soft, tender, mild. a. 

mula^f f. interview, oonversatioii* 

tmUdzmitaty f: assiduity, respect. «. 

muldzm, assiduous; a servant, at- 
tendant, a. 

nmll^f m. infidel, one who disbe- 
lieves in the resurrection ; an 
atheist, a, 

mult, t a radish. «. 

niulkf m. a country; nrnthfin, t 
-administration, political affairs ; 
conquest, a. 

mulHf relating to the country or 
kingdom* a* 

muUd, m. a master, a doctor, a 
learned man. a, 

mwrndm, an aunt, a maternal undent 
wife. 9, 


( SI ) 


wmmkinf possible, practicable, a. 

mumtaz^ a. cUstinguished, chosen, a. 

m»nafik^ m. a hypocrite, infidel, 
atheist, a. 

minn&jitt f. petition, prayer, a. 

mmmsahat^ f. suitableness, relation, a. 

«iwii««i6, suitable, proper, fit. a. 

mttiMKjFora, m. disputation, contest, a. 

mindy m. the head. [«. 

fn«fi^ unooTcred ; m. a sort of palkL 

mmndnd^ n. to be shut, to be duni- 
nished or restricted, f. 

mwndnd^ to be shayed. «. 

munff, f. a kind of pulse. «. 

mitnffdy bare, naked, h, 

munffdf m. coral, h, 

munh, m. mouth, fiioe^ countenance $ 
munh-zor, headstrong. #. 

mnnhdn^'munh, brimfiil; also fM«fi- 
hd-'munh, h, 

munj\ f. a grass of which ropes are 
made. «• 

nwnkir, denying, rejecting; munkir 
naktr, m. two angels who examine 
the spirits of the deceased, a* 

mtnuhif m. a teacher of language, a 
secretary, a, 

^^^fift equitable $ m. a judge^ arbi- 
trator, a. [a. 

nutntifi, f. judgment, just criticism. 

mutUiuhar, published ; nrnnicuhar'k, 
to divulge, to scatter, a. 

muntaaitr^ waiting for, expectant of. 
a. [a. 

murabhdy m. a kind of preserve, jam. 

murabVa, being four in number, 
square, a. 

murabbt, m. a tutor, guardian, pa- 
tron, a. [tion. a. 

murdd, f. desire, intention, inolina- 

muraffah^ prosperous, contented ; 
mitraffxihu-l'hdly pleased, satiBfied.a. 

m«raja*aif f. return, recourse. iS. 

mmrakkixb, composed o^ compounded. 

muroffa^ set with jewels, a. \a. 

mmratf £ a form, figure, body. «. 

murtUtabf arranged, finished, a. 

m«ra«€Pa/, current, a, 

murchanff f. a jew's-harp. h, 

murehhd^ &int, fiunting. «. 

murday adj. dead; m. a corpse, p, 

mHrddr^ polluted, profane; m. car- 
rion, a. 

mnrjzjl, m, a fowl, bird, cock, p, 

murghaldy £ a water-fowl. p. 

muridf m. a spiritual scholar, a dis- 
ciple, a. 

mumdf to turn away. h. 

murff m. myrrh, a, 

nmrahidf m. a spiritual teacher or 
guide, a. 

muriakibf mounted; murte^kib-h^ to 
perpetrate, to commit, a, 

Mftrtctfd *alif name of a saiat, and 
KhaUfa or Caliph, a. 

mwruwaif f. manliness, generosity, a. 

Mtuabbibt^l-cufhabf the Ghreat First 
Cause, the Almighty, a. 

mmeaddaat composed of six ; a kind 
of verse of six feet, a, 

muaafir^ m. a traveller, passenger, 
stranger; musaflr-parwariy enter- 
taining of strangers, courtesy, hos- 
pitality, a, 

fnusafirat, £ travelling, a, 

mufdJ^f m. a companion, friemd, 
aide-de-camp. a. 

mu^dhibaif £ companionship, a, 

musal^il^ary subjected, subdued, a, 

mufaUdf m. a carpet to pray upon. a. 

mwaUahf equipped in armour, 
armed, a, 

ntusalUifj overcoming ; m. a ruler, a. 

Jf««a/m0»,afollowerofMuhammad. a, 



( 82 ) 


Musdlsal Jadn^ name of a great de- 
mon and magician, a. 

mmfammamf determined, fixed, a. 

mufauwir, forming, figuring; m. a 
painter, sculptor, a. 

musdwi^ equal, parallel, a. 

mush^ m. a mouse; mush-glr (lit. 
mouse^catcher), a sparrow-hawk. p. 

mushabahat^ f. similitude; probabi- 
lity, a, 

miuhaUh, m. picture, likeness, like. a. 

mushdrakatf f. society, community, a, 

musharrqf, honoured, ennobled ; 
musharrif, a kind of official per- 
son, a, 

mushky m. musk, ambergris, p. 

mushken-bdndkna, or -chdrhdna, to 
pinion, to tie the hands behind the 
back, p, 

mushkdb, f. a large Tessel in which 
rice is served, a. 

muahkiy dark bay. p, 

mushkilf difficult, painful; mushkil- 
ktuhdf Bolyer of difficulties, a. 

mushrikf m. an infidel, an idolater, 
an atheist, a. [ful. p» 

mufhif m. the fist ; a blow ; a hand- 

mushidkf full of desire, longing, a. 

mufihaif f. a misfortune, affliction, a. 

musikiy music, adj. musical, p, 

muskurdndf to smile, h. 

mmld-dhdr-bcMrasndy to rain in tor- 
rents. «. 

MusUmy m. a Musalman. a. 

^^flfdy the Elected, the Chosen, 
an epithet of Muhammad, a. 

mustafidy benefitted, edified, a. 

mwtaghr^t immersed, drowned, a. 

mwtahikkf worthy, having a right to. 

mustahily impossible, a. [a. 

musta^iddy prepared, occupied, ready, 
fit. a. 

muttakiUy stable, absolute, despotic, a 

muty m. pis8» urine. A. 

nmfoy m. a temporary marriage. 0. 

muta*addidy prepared, numbered, a. 

mutc^aiyin or fnuta*ai^nay engaged, 
appointed ; -iSr., appoint, consti- 
tute, depute, a. 

nmtc^ajjiby wonderful, wondering, 
astonished, a, 

muta'etrriZy opposing, resisting, a, 

fimfjobakaty f. conformity, analogy, a, 

nuUa^banndy adopted (son), a. 

muHabary trusty, confidentiaL a. 

mtUabassimy smiling, laughing, a. 

mufdhiky prep, conformable, according 

mu*tddy f. custom, use. a. [to. a. 

mu*tadily tolerable, temperate, a. 

mutafakhiTy contemplative, pensive, 
thoi%htfuL a, 

nrntagkaiyaTy changed, perplexed, a, 

nHUakabbiTy proud, arrogant, a. 

mutakaliimy speaking to, or address- 
ing another, a. 

mutakiy abstinent, temperate, a, 

tnutdWa-k,y to read, peruse, a. 

m^iamady trustworthy, a, 

mnAa/nafflry averse, detesting, a, 

mutanafflgy a living (breathing) crea- 
ture, a, 

mutanfany a kind of dish, a pulao. p, 

mutctsarrify possessed of^ occupying, a, 

ftmtawa^ihy turning towards, atten- 
tive to. a. [a. 

mutawdkkUy resigned to God, devout. 

mtftawattWy m. resident, native of, 
bom in. a. 

miifhy a handle, a falsehood, h. 

fnutlaky in the least, at all; (as an 
adjective) supreme, absolute, a. 

ffmUafiky agreeing, united, a. 

muttal^y perceiving, inspected, ac- 
quainted, a. 

N^C ( 83 ) NATT 

muffhi^ t a handful, the fist. h» 

naddmaif £ repentance, contrition, 

mutiyd, m. bearer of burdens, a por- 

regret, a. 

ter, s. 

nd-ddn^ ignorant^ simple, silly; nd* 

mmoaddcUf, respeotful, respectfully, a. 

ddnif f. ignorance, p. 

muwafik, f. conformable, congruous, 

nd-ddmtta, without knowing, unwit- 

like, fiiYOurable. a. 

tingly, p. 

muwaflkat, conformity, analogy, agree- 

nd^dtdam, invisible, not to be seen, p. 

ment, a. 

nddimy penitent, contrit<e. o. 

muuxizzinf a public crier, who pro- 

nti^ sir M, afresh, over again, once 

claims the hours of prayer, a. 

more. «. 

wmycusctr, attained, attainable, a* 

ndfy f. the naveL p. 

muzitaf, double, twofold, a. 

nafy m. profit, interest, a. 

muzcSfar^ m. a kind of dish, safiVoned 

nafaty an attendant, a person, a. 

pula,o. a. 

%d-f<Mrmd%y disobedient ; name of a 

flHtfoAtm, interrupting, prerenting. a. 

flower of a purple colour; nd-far* 

mmj^aydka^ m. difficulty ; moment, 

mdf^harddry disobedient ; nd-far^ 

consequence, a. 

mint, disobedience; adj. of the 

mvkzkday m. good news. ^. 

colour of the flower nd-farmdm. p. 

mAziy one who hurts, a tormentor, a. 

nafcuy m. the breath, a. 

mufirr, pernicious, hurtfuL a. 

ndJVy profitable, salutary, a. 

muztnin^ of long duration, duoni- 

nafiVy f. a brazen trumpet, p. 

oal. a. 

nafUy precious, delicate, exquisite, a. 

mu^iarUfy agitated, distracted, cha- 

nafnny t detestation ; a curse, a. 

grined, a. 

fio/Va^, t fright, aversion, a. 

nafsy the soul, life^ spirit; desire. 

sensuality ; naft^kaahy one who re- 


tains his desires, temperate; no/Sr- 

kashiy f. temperance, self-restraint. 

tuty not, no, nay. 9.p.h. 

ndgdhy suddenly, unawares, p. [a. 

fw, a negative particle, prefixed to 

nd-ffahan, sudden, suddenly; nd-ga- 

nouns, adjectives, &c. p. 

hdtii, suddenness, p. 

n&'dahnSy uuj6amiliar, strange, p. 

nagar, m. a city, a town, s. 

ndbiy m. a prophet, a. 

nd-gaiodr, indigested, unpalatable, p. 

nd'hudj non-exiitent, destroyed, p. 

naghmay m. melody, song, a musical 

nahiiwaty t prophesy, a. 

note, a sweet voice; nof^mo'sardy 

nabz, f. the pulse, a. 

m. a singer, a. 

ndchy m. dance; nachdndy or ndeh- 

nd-haJcky unjust, improper, illegal; 

naehdndy a. to make dance^ to lead 

nd-hakk-shindSy ungrateful ; «*■ 

one a^dance. h. 

hakk-shindsiy ingratitude, p. 

nd-chdr, remediless, p. 

nd-hamwdTy uneven, urregular, capri- 

nd-chiZy trifling ; of no worth, p. 

cious ; nd'kamwdriy 1 irregularity^ 

ndchndy a. to dance, s. 

caprice, p. 


( 84 ) 



nakldnOf a. to cause to wash, h, 

imJkalwaiM, b. to caase to be bathed. 

nahdndi to bathe, vrash. h, [h, 

ndhdr^ m. the day. a, 

ikiAImi no, not, nay. «. 

noAr, f. a stream, riynlet. a, 

«a^, inauspioioitsneBS, bad Inok ; 
the opposite of sc^d^ q. v. a* 

ndfyAactt^ t a bad presage, bad Inok ; 
an eril omen. a. 

ndhw^ f. syntax, way, path, tract, 
manner, mode. 0. 

flkit, t a reed, a cane. #. 

fM,(d, m. a deputy:* a, 

tuA-^JkakoTy f. sugar-cane. p. 

J^cdakapur^ name of a city in Khura- 
san, once the most populous in 
Persia, now a heap of ruins, p, 

naijfH^d^^am^ m. the greater lumi- 
nary, the sun. a» 

nc^at^ t freedom, pardon, salvstioB, 
escape, flight, a. 

natfibf noble^ worthy, a, 

nc^fiif impure, unclean ; najitu-l-^t^ 
naturally impure, a. 

n^m, m. a star, planet^ fortune, a 
horoscope, a. 

iMJum^ pL stars, &o. } ne^ibm^ nu an 
astrologer* a. 

nak or nak^ £ the nose; nak^ghianl^ 
rubbing the nose on the earth, by 
way of prostration. $, 

naka^ f. purity, a, 

nd-kdm, disappointed. p» 

fuhkandf m. a young colt, a foal. p. 

na-kara^ useless, unserriceable. k, 

nd-^kardct-kaTf inexperienced, p, 

nakh, £ a burrow, a mine. a. 

nakd^ m. ready money, a. 

nakh, m. the nail of a finger or toe ; 
nakh sikh se^ from toe to top, alto- 
gether. «. 

naMif'a, m. coquetry, coyness, deeeit. 
ndkkuddf a ship captain, p, [p. 

ndl^tmf m. nail, claw, p, 
m-MmA^ displeased, p. 
na&nDcstj t pride, pomp. a. 
NainTf name of an angeL Nakir 

and Munkir are two angels who are 

supposed to attend for a person's 

souL a. 
ndkiff imperfect^ inexpert, a. 
nakkar-tk^nOf m. the part of a pa» 

lace or mansion where drums, &c^ 

are beaten* 0. 
nt^kashy m. a painter^ sculptor ; 

na^kas^, £ painting, sculpture, a, 
nakl, £ a histGry^ tale ; copying, a, 
nakU, a narrator ; adj. traditional, a, 
flk»|»A, m. painting, a map, a pm* 

trait; a charm, or talisman; iMfsft 

kc^Jr^ar^ i^fielible. a. [a« 

naJctikck^ m^ a mod^l, plan, map, chart, 
nakwasa^ m^ a disease of the nose, s, 
td^ m. a tube^ spooti joint of • 

bamboo. 9. 
nalOf lamentation, weeping; mala o 

xari^ crying and weeping, p, 
nd-ld^ikf unworthy,Anfit. p, 
nalanf lamenting, weeping, p. 
na*l^andif £ tribute, tax. p, 
nc^ £ a tube, spout, the wind-pip«^ 

ureter. 9. 
ndlith, £ plaint, complaint, lamenta^ 

tion ; ndlishtf complaining, a com** 

plainant. p. 
nam, moist, wet ; also nam-nak 

moist, p, 
nam, m. name, fame, reputation; 

ndm-rahnd^ or ndm'nishdn^ahna^ 

to be, or continue renowned ; nan^ 

auxxTy renowned ; ndm-dwari, &me ; 

ndmty or namwar^ celebrated, re» 

nowned. «• 


( 85 ) 


mama^ m. a letter, a book. p. 

namadt m. coarse woollen doth, p, 

na-ma^am^ one who is not priyi- 
leged (to enter the harem), a. 

%amak^ m. salt, (met) spirit, anima- 
tion; bread, subsistence; namctk' 
J^alalf loyal, grateful; namcik'J^ldli, 
loyalty, devotedness ; ncunak-l^ 
rdtHy ungrateful; nanutk^ddny m. 
a saltcellar, p, [per. a, 

noffna^^ly stupid, unseemly, impro- 

mihmardf unmanly, a coward, impo- 
tent: fUMnardif t unmanliness, 
cowardliness, p. 

namath^ m. a kind of food made 
with milk, p, 

namaf;, t way, manner, a, 

mamazt t prayer; namdz-k, a. to 
read or repeat prayers, p, 

namcha, m. letter, writing, a small 
book, p, 

namdd^ m. coarse woollen cloth, p, 

mam'dida^ suffused with tears, p, 

nam-gira^ m. an awning, canopy, p. 

namud, t index, guide; adj. appa- 
rent, public p, 

mamudar^ m. an exemplar, proof; 
adj. noted, Tisible; naamdari^ t 
publicity, notoriety, p, 

nammfM^ m. an example, model p. 

nd^muradf unsuccessful, disappointed, 
r. namiis^ nu reputation, fione, renown, 
disgrace, a, 

nan, £ bread, a loaf; Hom-^maf^ a 
kind of fine bread, p. 

ndn-ha,i, m. a baker, p, 

ndnd, t a lai^ earthen pan. a. 

nangy m. honour, reputation, dis- 
grace, p, 

na/ngdf naked, shameless; nangd' 
mungdf stark naked, s. 

nang-dharanffy quite naked, s, 

nangiga-Ly to seize and plunder. 8, 

ndnh, no, negation, refusal, denial, h. 

ndnhJny no, not. h. 

ndnhigdly f. maternal grandfather's 

&mily. h. 
nop, f. a measure, s, 

nd-pdyedoTy unstable, frail, p, 

nd^dk, polluted, dirty, impure, p, 

nd-pasand, disapproved of. p, 

ndpndy to measure, a, 

noTy man, a male, p, 

ndr, f. fire, helL a, 

na*r<if m. a cry, a shout, a, 

ndrangiy f. an orange. «. 

nd-rdfiy dissatisfied, discontent, a, 

nard, f. a counter, a chess man; 
back-gammon, p, 

nar-gdw, a bulL p. 

nargisy t a narcissus ; nargit'ddny m. 
a place for holding the narcissus. 

nargitfi^ narcissus-like; a kind of 
dish, p, 

narmf soft, tender, easy, gentle, silly ; 
norm, f. softness, p. 

tKxrsingdf m. a trumpet of horn, &c. «. 

ndtf pL human beings, mankind, a, 

naSf f. a yein, a sinew, a. 

nds, death, dead ; snuffl «. 

4uwa5, m. genealogy, lineage, a. [a, 

nofoby m. fixing, setting, establishing. 

nd^fdbTf impatient, p. 

nata^Uy a kind of military officer, a. 

fUhadZf discordant, p, 

nd'tazd^ unmerited, impertinent, p, 

na'ah, m. a bier. a. 

uasha or nashd, m. excitement, intox- 
ication also. a. 

ndshpdiiy f. a piear. p. 

ndsMOy m. break&at, eating, p, 

nasMar, t a lancet, p, 

nd-thudaruy unfit to liye. p» 


{ 86 ) 


nd-shukr, ungratefdl. p. 

nafib, m. fortune, lot, portion, des- 
tiny, a, 

nofihat^ f. counsel, instruction, admo- 
nition, a. 

nanm, m. f. a gentle breeze, a. 

nd^tipaSf ungrateful, p, 

nasi, f. race, pedigree, genealogy, 
breed, caste, f&mily. a. 

fMwr, f. prose, a. 

nasyOf m. a thing forgotten, of no 
account, a. 

na% m. eulogy (of tlie Fropliet)^ a. 

natd, affinity, alliance. 8, 

nd-fakoHy non-endurance, misery, a. 

na-^tamdm, unfinished, p. 

nathf m. £ ring worn in the nose. s. 

n^h, m. the string or halter of a 
bullock, s. 

naihndf m. thenostriL «. 

nattj<i, m. result, fruit, a. 

ndfik, speaking, a speaker ; a rational 
being, a. 

naf'khaff roguish, trickish. h, 

tMU, new, recent, fresh, p^, [a, 

ncni\ m. kind, species, manner, mode. 

nanbatf f. time; occasion; naubat' 
l^dna, the house for relieving guard. 

Ncwfal^ name of a king of Arabia, a, 

nauha, lamentation, a, 

naukoTf a servant, p, 

nau'l^iarid, newly-purchased, p, 

natd, m. hire, passage-money, a. j 

naum, £ sleep, a. 

nd-wnmedy hopeless, despairing, p, 

fMiM'cfian, f. ornament of nine gems 
for the wrist, s, 

nau-roZf m. a new year's day. p, 

ncM-ahah, a bridegroom, p, 

Nmuihtrwdny name of a king of Per- 
sia^ fiuned for his equity, p. 

Ifau iarz % Muroffa*, the title of a 
Hindustani version of the tale oi 
the Four Darwesh, by 'Ata Husain 
Khan. The style of it, though 
much admired by native scholars, 
is considered to be too learned for 
ordinary readers, a, 

nava-ratnaf f. ornament of nine gems 
for the wrist. «. 

ndWf f. a boat, ship. #. 

natody f. voioe^ wealth, p* 

ndtoaky f. an arrow, dart, p, 

nawdzish, f . caressing, kindness ; • nawa- 
ziahrfarmdy bestowing kindness, p. 

nawdzndy a. to cherish, to comfort. 

nawardy f. a ply, a fold. p. [A.^. 

nawisht-l^iDdndf writing and reading. 

ndwnoshy m. banqueting, p. p. 

nawwdb, a ruler, viceroy, his Big- 
ness, a. 

naydy new, fresh, young. #. 

nd-yahy scarce, improcurable. p, 

ndZy m. blandishments, coquetry, ele- 
gance, fondling, pride, consequen- 
tial airs, p, 

nas^f m. the last breath, gasping in 
death, a. 

nagoTf t sight, vision ; the eye. a* 

ndZ'hardar, one who bears another's 
whims, a toady, a flatterer ;'iias- 
barddriy flattery, p, 

nazdikf prep, near, close to, almost, 
(about; idiomatically) in the opi- 
nion of. p. 

ndzil, descending; ndzil-h,, n. to de- 
scend, to be&l. a, 

na^my f . verse, order ; a string, a. 

ndzmn, fair, beloved, p. 

nazTy f. a gift or present ; a vow. a. 

ndzttk, thin, light ; flicetious. p, 

neg, f. marriage presents, h, 

nehy m. aflection, love, s. 



( 87 ) 


fieXr, good, yirtuous ; nek^andeth, well 
meaning, judging well; nel>bal^y 
yirtuouB, of good disposition, 
happy; nel>hai^^ i, yirtue, feli- 
citj ; nek'iiiaflat, of good disposi- 
tion, of sound principles ; nek-kdr, 
▼irtuous ; nek-ndrnj renowned ; nek' 
nam, £ reputation, fiime; nek- 
nihddf of good disposition; nek» 
nihddiy t goodness of disposition; 
nek-mffoty weU meaning ; mhO' 
kar, of good conduct, beneficent ; 
neko-kari, f. goodness, Tirtuous 
conduct ; fitfiH, £ goodness, yirtue. 
p, [*. 

nere, in the shelter of^ near, beside. 

neah, m. sting, puncture; nefA-^sofi, 
m. an incendiary, a tell-tale ; umA- 

, %am, t exciting of quarreb. p, 

new, i, a foundation. A. 

neza, m. a spear, javelin, p, 

nibSht m. preservation, guarding. «. 

nihdknd, a. to preserve, keep one's 

■ fi&ith. #. [keep. «. 

nibhdnd, a. to perform; maintain, 

fdbhnd, n, to serve, to succeed, to 
pass. h. 

vioh, low, down, miserable. #. 

nichd, low, down, humble.. «• 

mehe, below, underneath, e. 

niehhawar, f. sacrifice, a victim, h. 

niehofnd, a. to wring, to squeese, 
strain, extort. A. 

md, f. sleep. «. 

nidd, t sound, voiee. a, 

niddn, at last, after all, altogether. «. 

mdhafok, bold, boldly ; without 
£9ar. «• 

niffoh or ni^dhy f. a look, observation, 
care ; ni^ah-bdn or m^^-J^aM, m. a 
guard, a keeper; mgdh'hdtii or 
uigdh-ldfu, t watching, guarding; 

niffoh or nigak-k, a. to watch, to 
guard, p, [js. 

nigalnd, a. to swallow, to gulp down. 

niffofd, miserable, wretched. A. 

nihdd, m. nature, form, habit, sta- 
ture, mind, heart; family, race, p, 

nihdl, exalted, pleased, h. 

nihdl, m. a young plant, jp. 

nihemg, m. a crocodile, p. 

nihar, m. the day. a. 

nihaUhd, unarmed, e. 

nihdg<U, f. the extremity, adj. and 
adv. excessive, vezy much ; mhdjf<it 
ko, at last, in fine. a. 

mU^rnd, a. to bend, to bow. h. 

mhurnd or niknrnd, to bend, to stoop. 

nif, own, belongbig to one's sel£ «. 

nijhdnd, to observe, look. h. 

nikdh, £ a veil. a. [concubinage, a. 

nikdh, m. mairiage; (in Bengal), 

nikaUM, a. to cause to issue, to take 
out, take off, exhibit; nikdlrdend, 
to cashier, to turn out; mka^^^na, 
to deduct, strike out; nikal'lend, 
to dig up, to take out. «. 

nika^, n. to issue, be extracted, to 
result, come out, be taken off, 
escape ; also nikalrjdnd, or 'Chdtind, 
to issue forth, to escape, e, 

nikalwdnd, a. to canae to be brought 
out. «. 

nikammd, useless, valueless, h, 

nikde-k, a. to put out, to adjust, 
terminate, e, 

nikaf, near, close by, with. 9, 

nikhama, n. to become bright, or of 
a healthy colour. A. 

nikhalfit, idle, lazy, useless, h, 

niko, goodj excellent, beautii^ p, 

nil, m. indigo; the river Nile; adj. 
blue. p. 



mm^ hal( midcDa ; mm^an, Iialf dead ; 

nim^o*h, coddkd, half boiled, p. 

nim, m. name ot a large tree, the 

leaTes of whidtt are yerj bitter, and 

used as a decoction in the case of 

wounds, contusions, &o. «. 
fuma, m. a kind of gannent ; niMo* 

Mtin, a jacket, p, 
2^ man Saij^h, a man^s name, a, 
mmash, m. a kind of food made of 

milk. p. 
Ntnhrois, mid-do^ ; name of a coun- 
try or city. p. 
nfmatf f. £iToinr, benefit, delight, 

affluence, a. 
iwmJ, f. sleeps drowsineM. #. 
nipaff ady. very, exceedingly* A, 
fttrtf, mere, pure, only, h, 
nirl^ m. market price, p, 
nifibf f. root, dignity ; capifcaL «• 
mgar^ m. f. scattering money; m- 

l^r-k^ to lavish, give away. a. 
mthaif £ relation, affinity, regarding. 

reference, a, [by halves, a. 

nifff hal^ middle-aged; mffS-nitfi, 
nisha»f m. a mark, image, trace or 

remnant, fiimily arms, flag. jp« 
mshana, m. a mark, butt ; nUham, f. 

a mark, sign, token, a keepsake, p, 
mshcui, f. sitting ; nUheut-k. to sit ; 

ftMAof^-dar-^of^, or mah€ui o bar' 

i^aHy f. manners, good breeding, p, 
ffwAoffto, m. starch, p, 
mH»k^ a. to abolish, to annihilate ; 

mst'h^ to perish. h,p. 
niwmUty m. a morsel, a monthfuL p. 
mwdr, f. tape; h, 
fUwafdf m, a boat, h, 
mjfalxUy f. deputyship, lieutenancy, a, 
mjfat, f. wish, intention, blessing. a» 
WMfaty f. a petition; poverty; a thing 

dedicated, p. 

88 ) or 

ms&mat^ f. administrstioB. a^ 
fiofi&fu^ a. to pinch, to daw. h, 
nok, t a beak or bill ; also noL p, 
not, f. beak or biU of a bird ; spoaf 

of a teapot, &c. p, 
noshg m. a draught > a present ; 
noshi-jdn farauma or ha^rnm^ to eat 
and drink; applied only in a re- 
speetful sense to smperiorB. p. 
mMf&B^ m. souls, spirits. «. 
mf/mM, pi. stars, heavenly bodies, a^ 
mt/wmt, m. an astrologer, a fortune 
~ teller, a. [hones), a, 

milra, m* sHrer, a white oolour (in 
mk^av^ m. loss, defect, detriment, a. 
mJekky m. a subtlefy ; nnkioHTM or 
•4Mm^ one conversant with subtle- 
ties ; adj. acute, sagaeious. a. 
imr^ m. light, splendour; mtrmii^ 
serene, clear, bright; nwrt-oAotAMi 
m. (sight of the eyes); a son; 
fWMmr^ lit. iuU of light, lUu^ 
trious. a. 
«Nr-i«^, f. weaving, a kind of fine 

doth. p. 
iMW&fta, m. a note^ a prescription, a. 
mffro^, f. victory, assistanoeii a. 
MffK/o, m. seed, origin^ miKard nap 

ture. a. 


oAtf or oAt, (Hi, alas ? a sigh. 
ojhaly f . privacy, private. A. 
oA, f. sickness at the stomach, il. 
opeU, a man dad in armour, amailed 

warrior. A. 
ofh/My a. to put on dress ; m. a sheet, 

cloak, or mantle, b. 
Of Ami, f. a veil, a sheet, a covering. #. 
M, f. dew. il. 
of, f. proteotion, shade, shelter. #. 



( 89 ) 


pSf foot, p, 

paohehar, f. aweclgs; h, 

pachchham^ m. the west, f • 

paehhart f. a &U ; a wixmowmg. A. 

paokhma^ a. to inoculate. A. [A. 

pachhtdndt n. to be sony, to regret' 

paehiSf twent^'ftre. «. 

paehnoy to be digested, to rot. $. 

paehtdndf n. to regret, to grieve, h. 

padar^ m. a father ; padarit paternal. 

pddoiki m. retaliation, revenge, p. [p. 

padmmuy f. a woman of the highest 
or best olass of Hindus. «. 

padshahy m. a king ; pddahahi, royal, 
also royalty ; padtkdhaiy t kingdom, 
sovereign power, p, [p, 

padahahdnay kingly, becoming a king. 

pd^y foot, basis, foundation. 

pd^e-ddr, firm, steady, durable, per- 
manent; pd^'ddnyt, permanency. J). 

pd^e-Mdnoy m. a necessary, p. 

pdyB^mdl-If,, to trample on, to de- 
stroy, jp. 

pdyB'talstfy m. a royal residence ; lite- 
rally, the foot or the support of 
the throne, p» 

pdg^ £ a turban, head-dress, "h, 

pagdhy f. dawn of day. p» 

p(t^dy or pagriy la turban. A. 

pahal, m. a flock of cotton, h, 

pahanndy a. to put on, to wear, h, 

pcihoTy m. a watch of the day or night, 
about three hours. p» 

pcthdVy m. a mountain; used a^jeo- 
tively to denote heavy, tedious, as 
in p. 19. h» 

pahdpt ^ ^ ^ull or small soUtaiy 
mountain, an isolated rock in the 
sea or river ; adj. mountainous, h. 

pahchdn, £ acquaintance, kaowledgd^t* 

pahchdnndf a. to know, to recognise, c 

pahUdy or paMdf first, before, rather, 
soon, h, 

paMm, m. the side^ the wing of ap 
army. p. [p, 

pakndf broad, wide ; pahndyi, width. 

ptAndndy to cause to dress or wear. ^ 

pahrdy m. a watch, sentinel, station, p, 

pahunehy £arrivaL h, 

pahvmcJmdy n. to arrive, to reach. K 

pcd, m, a foot ; afterwards ; pai dor 
paiy in succession* jp. 

paiddy bom, produced ; paidd-k^ a. 
to produce, to procure ; paidd'h.y to 
be bom, created, to be found, jp. 

paiddyiaky f. creation, birth, jp. 

paigkdmy m. a message^ order, jp. 

paigl^aimba^y m. a messenger, a pro* 
phet. p, 

paihamy in succession, p, 

paihLdy first, before, rather, soon. K 

paikdny f. head of an anrow. p, 

paikdTy £ war, contest, p. 

paimdny m. a promise, an oath, a com- 
pact, p, 

pamdnoy m. a measure. 

payidy lower, beneath, p, 

pairdhemy m. a long robe, a shirt or 
shift, p, 

pairdky m. a swimmer, h, 

ptn^cM CfT pai^avy a follower ; pat- 
ran-iy £ following, imitation, conse- 
quence, p, 

paimdy n. to swim. h. [^. 

paifdy m. a copper coin, money, cash. 

paifhndy n. to rush in, to penetrate. «• 

pakfomy m. a message, p, 

patsfOTy £ a slipper or shoe. p. 

pdjiy mean, base, a villain, p, 

poky pure, clean, holy, p, [«, 

pahdndy a. to ripen, to cook victuals. 


( 90 ) 


pahoTy f. act of seizure, h* 

pdkarna, a. to catdi or seise. K 

pakarwana^ to cause to be seized. A. 

pakhoTf f. iron ooyering for the de- 
fence of a horse, &o. h. [breL s. 

pakhdwqff f. a kind of drum, a tim- 

paJchrcMid^ m. a bit of gold leaf to 
wrap the betel in. 9, 

pukiza^ dean, pure, neat, chaste ; pa- 
Jnzagi^ f. cleanliness, purity, neat- 
ness, chastity, p, 

paJekAy ripe, full, in full, perfect. 9. 

paknd, to be ripe, to be cooked. 9, 

pakwdnn, cooked food. 9, 

polf amomrait. 9, 

paly £ m. a sail, a small tent, h, 

palahy f. the eyelid ; palak mdmoy 
to wink, p, 

paiomffy m. a bed, a bedstead, 9, ; a 
tiger; palang'po9hy m. a oounter- 

paUuy coarse canvas, p. [pane. jp. 

paldw, m. a dish mixed with fowl, 
fish, &o., and rice, commonly called 
pilou. p, 

paUd^ unclean, polluted, p, 

pdUty m. a ghost. «. 

paliz^ t a field of melons, p. 

pdlkif f. a litter, a sedan, vulgarly a 
palanquin, h, [h, 

pahUiy n. to be brought up or reared. 

paUtd^ a. to bring up, to nourish, to 
educate ; m. a cradle. 9. 

paltcm, f. a battalion, regiment. 0, 

paUu , m. the hem or border of a 
robe, h, 

pahodTy m. a kind of boat, h, 

pan, (v. pand) a termination added to 
nouns, h. 

pan, m. betel-leaf; a composition 
made of the same, which people 
chew ; pdn-ddn, m. a box for hold- 
ing betel for chewing. 9. 

pdndy a. to get, acquire, find, overteke* 
reach, accept, obtain. 9, 

pand or pan, a termination added to 
nouns, to denote trade or condition, 
aayjai^karv-pand, a jeweller's trade* 

pani^ t shade, shelter, refuge, p, 

pan-bhaffd, m. a betel-box. h, 

pdneh, five. 9, 

panehdyat, f. a meeting for inquiry ; 
an inquest. 9, 

panchhi, m. a bird. 9. 

pdnchhnd, < a. to wipe, to cleanse, h, 

pdnchwdn, m. panchwiny f. the fifth. 9. 

pandy m. advice ; pandrpazlfy advised, 
taking advice, p, 

pan4dy the priest of an idoL «. 

pan4hldndy a. to wheedle, ensnare. 9. 

pandit, m. wise, learned, a learned 
Brahman ; pandit-Midnd, jxl a pri- 
son, supposed to be a corruption of 
bandi ftiaiM. 9, 

panfydyan, the wife of a pan4d^ q. v. 


pandrah, fifteen, h, 

pdni, m. water, lustre, sperm. 9. 

pani^dnd, to irrigate, h, 

panfa, m. a hand or claw, p, 

pa»j-9hamba, m. Thursday, p. 

panftanipdk, m. the five holy person- 
ages, f .0. Muhammad, Fatima, *A1T, 
and his two sons, Hasan and 
Husain. p, 

pankhd, m. a fom. 9, 

pdnon, m. (v. pdnw), the foot. h. 

pdn-9ai, five hundred. A. 

paiuo-t, t a kind of small boat, a 
paunchway. h, 

pdnw, m. leg, foot. «. 

pdnw-ro^ a sort of bread, a loafl 9. 

pdfOn {for pdnwon), oblique plural of 
pdnw, q. V. 9, 


(91 ) 


papf m. crime, sin ; papt, a sinner, 

cnminal. «. 
pd-pas^ trampled under foot, p, 
pd'piydda, on foot, p, 
papoth^ f. a slipper, p. 
par, on, upon; but; adj. another, 

fordgn. h, [beyond. 8. 

par^ m. the opposite bank ; adv. over, 
par^ m. a feather, a quill, a wing. , p, 
par, f. a scaffold, h, 
para, m. file of troops, a company, h, 
para, m. a piece, part, morsel, p, 
pardganda, dispersed, scattered, p. 
pard,ly of or belonging to another. «. 
parakh, f. examination, trial, s. 
parand, or paranda, m. a bird ; adj. 

swifb. p, 
pard-p7iimd, to loiter or lounge from 

place to place, s, 
parat, m. a fold, a stratum, h, 
pardfhdy m. bread made in layers, h, 
pdrcha, m. a morsel, fragment ; a 

garment, p, 
parohdnd, to converse. «. 
parchhd (v. pharchd), dear^ cleared 

up, as the weather, dispersed, h, 
parchhd,tn, f. shadow. «. 
parda, m. a curtain, a screen, secrecy, 

privacy, p, 
pardafd^, fearing for, patronizing, p, 
parddz, finishing, setting off. p. 
pare, beyond, yonder; pare hhagnd, 

n. to flee beyond, to escape, a, 
pareshdn, dispersed, perplexed, ndned. 

pareehdni, t, dispersion, confusion, 

distress, p, 
parffona, m. a division of country 

less than a zila*. p, 
parffdr, m. f. a pair of compasses, p, 
pdfhd, m. a hog-deer. s. 
pafhoii^ f. the act of reading, t. 

parhdnd, a. to teach one to read, to 
instruct ; to teach to sing or speak 
(as birds), e. 

parhez, m. abstinence, forbearance, 
continence^ control of the passions, 

parhezgdr, abstinent; one who con- 

trolb his passions ; parhezgari, f. 

abstinence, p, 

parhnd, a. to read, recite, h, 

pafhwdndy a. to cause to read or re- 
cite. A. 

pari, f. a fairy ; pari-paikar, angelic, 
fiairy-like; pari-ru or pari'Ohihrai 
fiury-faoed, beautiful, elegant ; pari' 
zdd, fiury-bom, beautiful, p, 

parjd, subjects, people, s, 

papid, n. to fall, to lie down, to drop, 
to be confined to bed by sickness, 
to happen, to befall, s, [passage, s, 

pamdla, m. a drain, subterranean 

pafon, m. a neighbour, s, 

parpanch, m. fraud, imposition, s. 

paf-paf-rahnd, to continue prattling 
or chattering, h. 

pdrsdt abstemious, chaste, watchful, a 
holy man ; pdr8d,i, f. chastity, pu- 
rity, holiness, p, 

poT'Sdl, last year, p, [h, 

partal, f. the baggage of a horseman. 

parwd, or parwdh, fear, anxiety, p, 

parwdna, m. parwdnagl, f. an order 
or licence ; permission ; a moth. p» 

pafwdnd, a. to cause to fall, s, 

parwarda, cherished ; used in com- 
position, as namak-parvjorda, che- 
rished by one's salt; domestic. 

parwardiffdr, God the Cherisher. p, 

parwarish, f. breeding, nourishment, 
maintenance, education, protec- 
tion, p, 

parwdz, f. the act of fiying. p. 


( 92 ) 


JMM^ henoe, after, behind ; p<u o peth, 
behind and before, p, 

pas, m. a rope, a noose ; prep, at the 
nde, near, about, at, in possession 
of. #. ; observance ; preservation, p. 

p€uand, f. choice, approbation, ap- 
proved o£ p. 

pasandida, chosen, approved o^ 
agreed to. p. 

pa»ang, m. a make weight, a ba- 
Linoe. jp. 

pasdmd, a. to hold out, to stretch 
out, to extend. h, 

pdS'bdn, m, a sentinel, a watch, a 
guard, a shepherd; pas-ham, £ 
watch, guard, protection, keeping ; 
pds-dari, t watching, guardian- 
ship, p. 

pcuha, m. a gnat, a musquito. p, 

pasheman, penitent, ashamed, abashed, 
disgraced: pathemdnt, f. repent- 
ance, regret, shame, p. 

pashm, t wool, hair, a thing of no 
moment, p, 

pashmina, m. woollen stuflBs, adj. made 
of wool, woollen, p. 

pashu, m. a beast, an animaL «. 

pasijnd, n. to perspire, to melt. h. 

pasina orpasindy m. perspiration, p, 

pasltt f. a rib. A. 

pas-mdnda, remaining behind, a sur- 
vivor, p, 

pdsnd, to grind, to pound, h, 

pas^d, defeated, p. 

past, low, mean, vile. p. 

pcutt, m. a beast, an animal. «• 

pdf, m. a mill-stone, in poetij pdfan 
(the old oblique pi.) is used for 
pdfon) I breadth (of cloth or a ri- 
ver); tow, h. [*. 

pai, f. good name, reputation, honour. 

pafd, m. a dog-collar, a lock of hair, h. 

paf, m. a shutter ; doth, h, 

pat m. a leaf; an ornament worn in 
the upper part of the ear. s, 

patdy m. a sign or mark, an address. 

pdtd, m. finely, trinket, s, [h. 

pafal^, m. a cracker, a squib, h. 

pafaknd or pafak-d., a. to dash 
against any thing, to throw on the 
ground, to knock, s, 

pafelnd, m. a kind of boat. h. 

pafhiyd, f. a young full-grown ani- 
mal, h, 

pathrdndy to be petrified, s. 

paHy m. a lord or husband, s, 

pattldy m. a kind of pot, pan. K 

paHl'SOZy £ a lamp-stand, p. 

pat^dy m. a doth worn round the 
waist, s, 

pa^kan, f. a knock or fall. A. 

patldy fine, thin, lean, meagre, deli- 
cate, h. [h, 

paffdy m. a dog-collar, a lock of hair. 

pattaTy m. a leaf^ letter; plate or 
clamp of metaL s* 

patthaTy m. a stone, s, 

pattiy m. a leai ; hemp. s. 

palfiy f. a bandage; the side pieces 
of the frame of a bedstead, s. 

pa^rd, m. a plank, aboard, s, 

patwdl or patwdr, i. a rudder. A. 

paUy f. ace on dice ; dawn of day. A. 

pay a or pdydy m. a step ; rank, dig- 
nity; the foot of a table, trunk, 
&c. p. 

paydly f. straw, s, \jp» 

payamhoTy m. a prophet, an apostle. 

pdyily f. ornament of the feet. 

pazdwdy f. a brick-kibi. p. 

pazhmurday withered, decayed, p, 

pazir, taking, admitting, being poB* 
sessed with. jp. 

pa^ra, or paprd, acceptable!. p» 


( 93 ) 


peehak^ £ m ball of thread, p, 

peohan^ twisted, twistix^. p, 

peehuh, t inflectioiiy twiajting, trou- 
ble^ paiiL Pa 

peektab^ m. alarm, anxietj. p^ 

pekhnd, m. plaji faroe, comedy, h, 

pen^hf t a market, h, 

pef^ t a tree, a plant, h, 

pefi^ m. a kind of sweetmeat made 
with curds. «. 

perndf a. to press (oil in a mill) ; to 
squeese, to rack. «. 

peghy m. front ; prep^ before, in front, 
a-head. p. 

pethoy m. trade* profession, costomy 
practice ; added to nouns, in com- 
position, it denotes practice or 
agency, as, taudi-ga/r-ptMiha^ a mer- 
^chanit, or « man of mercantile pur- 
suits, p, 

peMhdby m. urine. «• [front. p» 

peshdnOf m. peshdfUf £ forehead, 

peth-<Uut, proi^minent. p> 

pesh'gir^ nu a towel, napkin, p, 

peshin^ anterior, prior ; m. the after- 
noon, p, 

pesh-kaahj a tribute, a present, p. 

petktar, before, formerly, previous, p, 

peskwdf m. guide, leader, chief; 
peahwdyiy dignity of chief, p, 

peshwaZy f. a gown, a woman's dress. 

peff m. the belly, the womb. «. [p. 

pefif a box, casket. «. 

pKah^pKdban^ f. ornament, h. 

phahndf n. to become, to be fit. A. 

phahtdf pertinent, fit. h, 

phdhdy m. a flock of cotton wet with 
scented water ; a plaster, a pledget. 

phaildna, a. to spread, to divulge, h, 

phailndy n. to be spread, to become 
public, h. 

phainchna^ to rinse, to squeese. A. 
phaly m. fruit, etBoct, advantage^ pro- 
geny ; phaJrlagndy to bear fruit. 9. 
phdly t ploughshare, s. [frnit. t. 
phtUdrif t fruit, or a preparation of 
phalndy to bear fruit, to produce. «• 
phandS, m, a noose, perplexity, «. 
phandndy n. to be entrapped or im- 
prisoned. 9. [«. 
phdndndy to jump over ; to imprison. 
phdnky t a slice or piece of fruit. A. 
phdnkndy a. to toss into the mouth, 

as one does peas, Ac. h, 
pkdnti, t a noose^ a loop, strangula- 
tion ; phdnn-d,y to hang. 9, 
phaiUndf n« to be entangled, to stick, 

to hang. «. 
phaphold^ m. a blister. 9, 
phar, f. a gambling house, h, 
phafcikndy n. to flutter, to throb, to 
palpitate, to writhe (the shoulders). 
pharchdy wu dearing away, or dis- 
persion, clear weather ; pharehd-h,^ 
to be £ur or clear ; to become day- 
light, h, 
phafkdnd, a. to cause to flutter, to 
cause oonyulsire motion in the 
muscles, &c. ; to shew, h, 
phdfndy a. to tear, to rend. #. 
pha9Hdy n. to be entangled, h. 
phaf-jdnd, or phafnd, n. to be torn, 
split, rent, burst, broken, cracked. 
phduHifd, m. a spade, mattock, h, [9. 
phdya, or phdyd, m. a plaster, h, 
phenky t a throw, a cast, h, 
phenknd, a. to throw, to fling. 9, 
phenfd, a sort of turban, h, 
pher, m. turn, change, back, again, h, 
phemdy or pher-d.y a. to turn back, to 
invert ; p?ier-lend^ a. to withdraw, 
turn away, h. 



pWcoy tasteless, indifferent, insipid. 
pMnkvoana or phinkiod'd,^ a. to cause 

to fling or throw, s. 
phtphajif f. a state of weakness, so 

as not to be able to moye. h, 
phUr^ again, afterwards. K 
phirrtd, n. to turn, to return. «. 
phitkdr, f. curse, remoyal. h, 
pkifkariy f. alum, saltpetre. #. 
phonhdTf f. small drops of rain ; 

drizzling. 9. 
pJionky notch of an arrow, h, 
phophiy f. a fi&ther's sister, h, 
phor&y m. a boil, a sore. 9, 
phorniy a. to break, to shatter, h. 
phukiMy n. to be blown into a flame. 9, 
phuly m. a flower or blossom. 9, 
pkula-phald, expanded, full-blown. 9. 
phalndf n. to blossom, to be pleased ; 

to swell, to be puffed up with 

pride. 9, 
phunhif f. small drops of rain ; driz« 

zling. 9, 
phunky £ act of blowing, h, 
phunkndy a. to blow. 9» 
phwuiy t a pimple, h. 
phufijfd, f. a sore, a pimple, h, [h. 
phmdhinddy disgusting, abominable, 
phiuldndy a. to coax, to wheedle. A. 
pha8phM9dndy n. to whisper, h, 
phufndy n. to be broken, to burst, to 

be made public. 9, [«. 

pickd, m. (v. ^fcAAi) the rear, pursuit. 
picfihy f. rice-gruel. A. 
ptchhdy m. the rear, the after part ; 

pursuit; piohhd'Jcy to pursue, to 

insist on. 9, 
pichhaUpdyty a spectre or ghost of a 

woman, a hag. h, 
pichhdriy f. the rear; the ropes by 

which a horse's hind legs are tied. 
pichhey after, in the rear. 9, [9. 

94 ) PIS 

pichhld, a. hindermost, latter, last, 

modem. 9, 
pieAhwdfd, m. the rear, the back part. 
pidoTf a father, h, [9, 

pihf f. grease, tallow, p, 
pik, f. betel spittle, h, 
pik'ddn, m. a spittoon, used by those 

who chew betel, h. 
pU { m. an elephant, p. 
pildndy a. to give or cause to drink. #. 
pUUht, £ a strumpet, harlot, p, 
pUtodndf to cause to drink. 9, 
pindy a. to drink, to smoke (tobacco) ; 

m. an oil-cake. 9, 
pUndky £ intoxication or drowsinew 

from opium. K 
pin4, m. a ball. 9. 
pm4-chhorndf to glye up the point. 9. 
pi^t £ exertion made in swinging, h. 
pinghuldy m. a cradle (also written 

pinffurdy pinguid^ or pinghdra^ A. 
pinfrdy m. a cage. 9, 
pipal, m. a species of fig-tree. «. 
jpir, or pir, £ pain, pang; piren 

lagnd^ the coming on of the pangs 

of childbirth. 9, 
ptty old, aged; an aged man, a priestly 

guide ; ptr-mardy an old man ; pHr- 

zdl, or pir-zan, an old woman, p. 
pirhi, a race, generation; pirhi ha^ 

pirhi, for successive generations. 9, 
piri, £ old age. p, 
pirondy a. to string (as pearls) ; to 

thread (a needle). h» 
pi9ar, m. a boy, a son. p, 
piahwdZy £ a gown, a woman's robe, p, 
pisnd, n. to be ground, h, 
pisndy a> to grind; to gnash the 

teeth ; m. com for grinding. 9, 
pi9'pds-k.f a. to grind down, to pound 

pista, m. a pibt>achio-nut. p. 


( 96 ) 


pUicm, m. breast, pap or dog. p. 

pit^ lore, friendship. #. 

pita^ a father. 9. 

pitdHy f. a small box, portmanteau. «. 

jpt^A, £ the back. #. 

jTffiM, a. to strike, beat (one's self), f. 

jpif**^! to be beaten. 

pUta^ m. bile ; gall-bladder ; anger. #. 

piydda, m. a footman, a foot soldier ; 
piyada-pa^ on foot. p. 

piydla, m. a glass, a oup. p, 

piSfor, m. f. We. s, 

piyaZf £ an onion, p, 

pokhar, m. a lake, pond, tank. #. 

ponchkndf to wipe, ik 

popld, toothless. A. 

jpor, f. a joint. #. 

pashdky f. yestments, dress, habits, 
garments ; poshdkif relating to dress. 

pashida, oonoealed, hidden, p. [p. 

poshithf f. clothing, oonoeaUng. p, 

posty m. crust, shell, skin, capsule, p, 

poi&y m. an unfledged bird ; the eye- 
lid; the crop or craw; stomach; 
mucus, h, 

potndf a. to plaster, besmear. A. 

prcvjd, subjects, people. «. 

puohhy £ inquiry, interrogation, s. 

puohhna^ a. to ask, to inquire ; 
puchAne-wdldf asker, inquirer. 9. 

pujdf m. worship, adoration. 9. 

piLjnd, a. to worship, to adore (gene- 
rally), to idolatrize. 9, 

pukdmd, a. to call aloud, to bawl, to 
cry out. h, 

puj^a, cooked, ripe, polished, p. 

pul, m. a bridge, p, 

puldyOy a dish mixed with fowl or 
fish, &c., and rice, commonly caUed 
a pilou. jp. 

pumba, m. cotton. p» 

punchh^ £ a taiL «. 

punekhnoy to wipe. K 

punfif £ capital in trade, stock, prin- 
cipal sum. p. 

pWf or pur, full, complete, loaded, 
charged ; used as the first member 
of a compound, as, pur-jafd, fiill of 
iniquity, most wicked, p^, 

purdy m. a town, Tillage, an apart- 
ment. 9. 

pirdj entire^ accomplished. #. 

purabf m. the east. 9, 

purdndf old, aged. «. 

pwreJutky £ deceit, trick. A. 

pufhndy u. to stagger, stumble. K 

pun, £ a kind of fresh cake, h, 

pur9 (used only in composition), also 
purn and pur9dn, inquiring, ask- 

pur9i9h, £ inquiry, questioning, p. 

PurtdkaU, or FurtagdU^ Portu- 
guese, of Portugal 9. 

purza, m. a scrap of paper, piece, bit. 

pu9ht, £ ancestry, generation, p, \_p, 

put, m. a son, a boy. 

putU, £ the pupil of the eye ; an 
image, an idol. 

pmodl, £ straw. 9. 

pydr, m. £ lore ; pydrd^ beloyed. 9. 

pyd9, £ thirst ; pifd9d, m. thirsty. 9. 


rah, £ syrup, h. [of God. a. 

rahb, m. a lord, protector ; a name 

rahhdnl, godly, divine, a. 

rachdnd, n. to make, perform, cele- 
brate. 9. 

rachnd, n. to be celebrated. 9. 

ra*d, m. thunder, a. 

radd, m. rejection ; vomiting ; radd 
o hadalf argument, discussion, a. 


( 96 ) 


Ta^, m. a SRndA prince. #. 

ra,0, £ wisdom, opinion, thought, a. 

rq/*, xn. eloTation, finishing, repel- 
luig I raf'h,^ to elerate ; to repeL a. 

rafdh^ f. repose, a. 

rafahiyat^ £, content, affloenoe^ re- 
pose, a. 

rq^^, m. pL rqfikiny a firiend, allj. a. 

raftchraftOf going bj degrees, gra- 
dually, jp. 

rqftat^ m. going, departing, leaTing 
this world. j>. 

rcfftdr^ t gait, pace. j». 

raff, t a vein, a fibre, p. 

raff, m. a mode in music, song ; an- 
ger, passion, love; rdff-ffdnd, to 
sing a song ; rag-ratiff, musio and 
mirth. «. 

roffafy f. attrition, rubbing, i. 

raffaifn&y a. to rub upon or against. K 

raffedy f. pursuit, chase. K 

ragb^at, f. wish, curiosity, esteem, 
affection, pleasure, a. 

roA, f. road, way, manner; rahhat, 
the highway; rah^khM, to wait 
for ; rak-^ikhd/na, to keep one wait- 
ing ; rah-dary m. a collector of du- 
ties on the highway ; rak-dariy f. 
the privilege of collecting duties, 
&o., on the highway ; rak^^asty t 
the right way; rah-l^ or apm 
rah-Lf to go away, to depart, p. 

roAdf, m. a wheel for drawing water. 

rdhaty f. quiet, ease, a, \h, 

rahS, m. a trareller, wayfarer, p, 

rdhm, m. mercy, kindness ; a sort of 
cake ; rahm-^Ul, tender hearted, 
kind. a. 

rahmdn, merciful, compassionate, a. 

raJimaiy f. mercy, kindness; rah- 
mat'k., or 'Jchdnd, to pity, to sym- 
pathize, a. 

raAmc, n. to stay, stop, be, exist, 
last, live, h, 

rc^netodldf an inhabitant, h. Qp. 

roA-towr, ul a roadster, horse, steed. 

rak-zan, m. a highwayman; rak^ 
9am, highway robbeiy. p. 

ra,i, £, a kind of mustard seed. #. 

rotii, £ the night, night time. #. 

ra,i9, m. prince, president, chie^ 
captain, a. 

rc^lffot, £ a subject, tenant, a. 

raj, m. a mason, a bricklayer, p, 

raja, m. a king. #. 

ra^*, m. return, turning towerdii 
reference; r<^u*'k., to haTe re- 
course to, to apply to. a. 

rakam, £ kind, writing. «• 

rdkh, f. ashes. #. 

raiiiKs m. a fracture, a bieaeh. p. 

rakhttd, a. to keep, pnt^ place; to 
posses^ own; to save, reserve, or 
leave existing ; rakk^, to put 
down, to place ; rakM,, to take in 
charge, f. . 

rai^ m. goods and ehattels. p, 

rdl, £ saliva ; pitch, rosin. «. 

rdm, tame, sodabku p, 

ramak, m. the last dying breath, a. 

rammdlf m. a fortune-teller, pro- 
phet, a. 

rama, £ a wink or sign, hint. a. 

ramfdm, the Musalman fiut. a. 

rd», £ the thigh, p. 

rdnd, £ a widow. «. 

rifM^a, m. rejected, abandoned of 
CK>d. p, 

randi, or randUfd, £ a woman. #. 

raii^, £ pewter; tin. «. 

ranff, m. colour, manner, method, hue, 
amusement, merriment ; ranff'k.^ 
to paint ; to lead a li£B of pleasure $ 
ranff'raU, blandishment, pleasure | 



rang-A'Tamg and rang-ha-rang^ ma- 
il j-ooloured, various, of many kinds ; 
rang-aiiket^ of various hues, beau- 
tiful, p. 

rangin^ coloured, beautifuL f, 

rangtar&y a kind of orange, jp. 

ramy i. a queen, princess. «. 

rainjy m. grief, affliction, offence, dis- 
gust, jp. 

ranjaky f. priming powder. A. 

ran^idOy afflicted, displeased; ran- 
jidagiy displeasure, vexation, p, 

rOjOrd, your, of you. A. 

rds, f. reins of a bridle ; m. the head ; 
rM'dnd, to succeed; used idi ma- 
tically as an individual (animal), 
as, ek ras ghofd^ a horse. h.a, 

rasady f. stores for an army, &c. p, 

rcudjif f. acoesB, comprehension. #. 

ra^shaj trembling, quaking, a, 

rashky m. malice, spite, emulation. p» 

randy f. a receipt;* p. 

raamy f. custom, mode, manner, a. 

r€tssi, £ string, cord. «. 

tasty right, good, sincere, right (op- 
posed to left), straight, even, ac- 
tually, certainly; rdH-dndy to re- 
gain one's temper, to be set right ; 
rdst'bdt, fisdthful, to be depended 
on; rdst'bdzi, f. fidelity; rdst-go, 
veracious, one who speaks truth; 
rdst-goyly f. the speaking of the 
truth ; rdaftiy f. fidelity, justice, loy- 
alty, rectitude, p, 

rctstay or rattdy m. a road, p, 

rasul, m. a messenger, Muhammad, a. 

rdty f. night ; rdt'din^ night and day. 

rathy f. a carriage. «. [«. 

ratty f. the Yenus of the Hindiis ; a 
weightormeasureofS barleycorns, a. 

rdtiby m. a daily allowance of food 
(to the poor, &c.) ; a portion. a» 

97 ) KEG 

rat'jagdy m. a sort of marriage cere- 
mony, a kind of play among chil- 
dren. 8. 

rafly m. a pound, twelve ounces, a. 

ratuhdty m. green herbage, vegetables, 
pi. of rafubaty f. humidity^ mois- 
ture, freshness, a. 

rau'd-raUy f. travelling, p. 

raugtaiiy m. grease, oil, varnish ; 
sleek, smooth ; raughan-joshy a kind 
of dish. p. 

raunaky f. splendour, beauty; rau- 
nak'qfzdh. lit. to be diffusing 
splendour, i. e.y to honour a place 
by one's presence, applied to great 
personages, a, 

raundhndy or raundndy to trample on, 
to traverse. «. 

rawdy right, fit, proper; ratod-ddTy 
approving, p. 

rawdndy ol going, departed, moving. 
p, [apartments, h, 

rawoMMy an attendant at the women's 

rdwardy your, of you. A. 

rawishy f. going ; also a walk, path. p. 

ratngay m. custom, mode, institu- 
tion, p. 

rdgaty m. a standard, a. 

raZy f, a vmeyard, a grape, a, 

rdZy m. a secret, mystery ; rdz omgdZy 
secret love; rdz-ddty faithful (in 
secrets). p» 

rofdy f. consent, permission ; razd 
jOy seeking consent or content; 
ra^a-jOyly gratification ; ra^d-mandy 
consenting, willing ; ra^d-mandi, 
satisfaction, consent, a. 

rdifly a. satisfied, content, a. 

rdziky bountifU, cherisher. a. 

razzdky most bountiful, the Great 
Giver, God. a. 

reg^ sand. p. 



( 98 ) 


rekhd, f. a murk, a streak. 9, 

relsbl^ scattered; the Urdu, dialect. 

relrpely f. abundance ; crowd, h, [p. 

renky braying of an ass. 9, 

r^tdend^ n. to bray. 9, 

re9hf m. a wound, matter, p. 

rethct, m. flbre^ stringiness of a 
mango, p, 

r«9ham^ m. silk ; r^f Ami, re9hmn or 
r«9&miaa, silken stuff, made of silk. 

rMfndn, f. string, cord, p, [j7. 

ret, f. sand, filings. «. 

rewcutdf f. rhubarb, p, 

rewfi kapheff arithmetioal progres- 
sion, h, 

reza, m. a piece, a bit. p, 

ri^a^fa, m. subjects, tenants, a. 

rCSffot, f. respect, kindness, guard- 
ing i r€affat4c» to observe, a. 

ridSf £ a cloak, a, 

rifSkatf f. society, companionship, 
friendship, a. 

rti^ t wind, a breeae. a. 

riha,i, 1 deliyerance, eso^ie^ rescue. 

ri^, £ support for a book. a. [p. 

rii^laii f. departure, death, a. 

r»;a, f. hope, expectation, a, 

rijh, f. love, desire. «. 

HArod, f. a stirrup, equipage, train, 
a.; rMroft, a dish, a plate; rikab' 
dor, m. a companion, keeper of the 
dishes, p, 

rikdhit t a small dish, a plate, p, 

rik^at, f. pity, sympaUiy, weeping, a, 

rim, f. matter, pus. p, 

rindkndy to cook. «. 

rinffndf to creep. A. 

rirh, f. the back-lxme. A. 

ritalay m. a small tract or treatise ; a 
troop of horse ; ri9akHUk', captain 
of a troop, a. [tie. 9, 

r%9alaty f. office or rank of an apos- 

HM, the beard, p. 

ri9hia, m. thread, relation, sect, p, 

mAtPO^ £ a bribe; rUhwai'd.f to 
bribe ; ri9hwat-l^ to take bribes, a. 

ritf custom, rite. 9. 

riwdff current, used, currency, a. 

rUfd, m. hypocrisy, evasion, a, 

rigfMot, 1 government, command, a. 

riydfotf £ abstinence, a. 

rifd, £ (v. roftf), consent, a. 

ritJkf m. food, wealth, support, al« 
lowanoe. a, 

ro^M, £ inclination to cry. #. 

roioA^ £ a Ibx. p, 

roAflf, £ name of a fish. «. 

rohaf, £ weeping, tears, h 

rok, or roAon^ £ prevention. «. 

rolrar, £ ready money. «. 

roNtf, n. to weep, to be melancholy ; 
m. lamentation, grie£ p, 

rorS^ m. a stone, a fragment of stone 
or brick. «. 

ro9han^ lights manifest, conspicuous i 
ro9han-tdb\ of enlightened dispo- 
sition; Modum'Ai^airy a lad/a 
name ; ro9haii^-4an, a hole for ad- 
mitting light; ro9ham^ £ light, 
splendour, p, 

rofiy £ bread, a loaf. 9, 

rozy m. a day ; roz-marra, m. daOy 
subsistence, livelihood; rost-^Mma, 
or •ndmcha, m. a journal ; roz-gar, 
daily, subsistence, livelihood, p, 

rota, m. a fast ; rosKhddr, one who 
keeps a fast, p, 

rozi, £ daily food, p, 

ru, m. fidce, surface; sake, cause, 
reason ; ru-d^ to attend to, to re- 
gard, p. 

ru*b, m. fear, awe, terror, a. 

ru-ha-kdr-h^f n. to happen, to oocor 


( 99 ) 


ff«-5»TW, in the preMoaoe, fitoe- to 
fiboe. jp. 

rudddf m, namtiTe^ inddmit. ji. 

rnkf f. the soul, the vital spirit, a. 

ruMamy spiritiuL p, 

rukaff f. weeping, teen. h. 

rUfiy t cotton. A. 

r&kf to boot, over and above. «. 

mA'a^ m.« bit, a piece; a note, a 
letter, a. 

ruhan^ to boot, over and above. #. 

mkdwaf, f, backwardnoaB, hindzanoe, 
delay, h. 

m^ m. the cheek, fiMM^ side, quarter; 
the castle at chess, p, [g, 

rukJkdy dry, piain, pare, rough, harsh. 

rukhi, t a sqnineL #. 

rul^dr, m. the cheek, p, 

ne^o^, t leave, license^ discharge, 
indulgence ; rv^yo^ir^ to disnuss; 
m&fot-h^ to depaci; rvjUfo^/., to 
take leave, to come away. a. 

rulfy€t^ t any thing given at part- 
ing, a. 

mihii UL. a pillar, prop, aid ; a gran- 
dee ; foot of verse, a. 

rukndy to be stopped or hindred ; to 
be angry, h, 

rulamd, to cause to weep. «. 

J2«m, m. the Turkish empire ; nfmt, 
Turkish, a. 

ru-mdl, m. a handkerchief, a toweL p. 

rumdUf t a handkerohief worn about 
the head, p, 

ripa, m. silver. 9, 

rupa^e, rupees, money. 9, 

rupiya, m. a rupee, s, 

ru'sMnaa, intimate, familiar, p, 

ru'sitfdh, black-faced, p, 

rugtagar, m. a saviour ; ruHoffdri, f. 
salvation, p, [pions of Persia, p, 

Mustam, m. one of the twelve oham- 

r%uum, (and superfluously) rutumtti^ 
pi. of rdwift, manners, cast<HnB. a. 

ruswdy in&mous, dishonoured; m. 
opprobrium; nwiod^t, £ diBhonour^ 
infamy, p, [step. a. 

ruiha, m. rank, dignity, degree, stair, 

rifhikdy n. to have a misunderstand- 
ing with a friend, to be cool, to 
quarrel 9* 


9&y a particle, denotuigsmulitiide^&c., 

added to substantives and acyec 

tives. VUe Hind. Gv. p. 108c. K 
9(iaiaty f. felicity, happiness; 9a*ad<U' 

mamdy fortunate happy; sa'ac^od- 

mofuS, f. proepevity. a. 
9itaty f. a moxnent, minute, honr. a. 
9aby all, every, the whole ; eod-ibioAA, 

every, all; M& iiy Kod, oneandall, 

the whole; M&*Ai^ aU. s. 
#a*i, hard, difficulty a. 
foi^ f. a gentle breeae. ik 
Mftoft, m. causey reason^ motive; 

prep, on account ofl a. 
fofta^, m. a lesson, lecture, a. 
gabik, former, preceding, past times» 

of yore, a, 
9abily f. a way, a road. a. 
fabtTf patient, enduring, a. 
8db1fat'k,t or lefsnd, a. to surpass, to 

exceL a.A. 
fair, f. patiencei endurance, a. 
fa5«r, patient, long-suffering, a. 
«ais, green, flourishing, verdure; 

tabz-posh, clad in green. |>. 
sabza, m. verdure, herbage, incipient 

beard, an ear ornament, p, 
saoh, m. true, truth ; adv. indeed, in 

earnest, actually ; gach^nmchy the 

real truth. «. 


( 100 ) 

sachchd, true, genuine, sure. t. 

9a*df m. propitious, good luok. a. 

fai, a hundred, p, 

soda, always, erer. «. 

faddy f. a sound, a, 

sddOf a. plain, white, simple, beard- 
less, stupid; sddct'la^y a. artless, 
simple, stupid ; sada-lauM, f. art- 
lessness, stupidity, p, 

fodqfy f. a shell, a pearl, a. 

saddy f. a wall, a barrier, a. 

tadhnd, a. to fix, to practice. «. 

fddiki just, sincere ; name of the lung 
of the Jinns. a, 

fodka^ m. alms, proprietary offerings, 

fodmaf m. a blow, a dash upon, a, 

faff f. series, line^ rank ; a mat; fqf 
bafqff in ranks, a. 

faff dean, dear, pure, candid, inno- 
cent ; fdf-dilf pure in heart, a. 

f<rfd, f. purity, rectitude, a. 

fc^dfif f. purity, integrity, p, 

aqfar, m. a journey, yoyage. p. 

fafff f. series, line, rank; a mat; 
Mt^'boMdhndf to form a line or 
row. a. 

fof^f m. a page ; surface, fstce. a. 

fofi, f. a filter, a strainer ; fi^-ndtnct, 
an acquittance in full, a certifi- 
cate, a, 

fafiy pure, righteous, a. 

fadr, chie^ supreme ; £ the breast, a, 

sagy ID., a dog ; sag-parastf one who 
worships the dog. p, 

sdff, m. greens, edible yegetables; 
sag-paty m. greens, ff. 

fctghjiry small, little, a. 

sdguny f. teak wood. A. 

sahajy easy, not difficult, easily, s. 

saheli, f. a handmaid, a female at- 
tendant, s. 

fdJ^, m. a lord, master, companion ; 
(in comp.) possessed o^ endowed 
with; fdJ^ihi'hafirtU, possessed ot 
sight; circumspect; fdhibi-li^dma, 
master of the house; fohih'aaldmat^ 
a firiendly greeting; fa^-zada^ 
master's son, a young gentleman; 
faljib'dUy pious, a philosopher, a. 

fd^hf accurate^ pure, perfect sound, 

toMf easy, simple, trifling, easily, a. 

f Of&Jt, m. a courtyard ; a cup or gob- 
let, a dish or plate, a. 

aahn&f a. to bear, to endure, to en- 
counter. «. 

folfmikf t a platter, a. 
' aahoy or tafwDf f. an error, a. 

sahulatf fSsusility, ease. a. 

fiifyr&f m. a desert, a plain, a. 

Bohiujf f. an error, a. 

#a», a hundred, t. 

8a% m. effort, exertion ; sc^i-k^ a. to 
endeavour, attempt, p, 

foidf £ game, prey, hunting, chase, a. 

«0'm2, f. the fore-arm, wrist, a. 

sa^idf fortunate, propitious, a. 

tcdff f. a sword, a. 

faikal, polishing ; a file, &c. a. 

8aiUf f. a flood; a cold; 8<dJrdby 
abounding with water ; m. a flood, 
deluge, stream, a.9, 

S&yHf m. Lord, Master, God; a 
holy man. 9, 

acnTf f. perambulation, ramble, adyen- 
ture, a walk; used figurativdy in 
the sense of yiewing scenery, 
&c. a. 

aUfiSf m. a groom, a horse-keeper, a. 

saUnd, to take care of. h. 

saiyadf or aaigidf m. a lord. a. 

fcUyddf m. a hunter, fowler, fisher- 
man, a. 


( 101 ) 




«q;', f. shape, appearance ; st^j'dhaj, 

shape and form, s, [t, 

9tytli, handsome, comely, well-shaped. 
9afndf n. to be prepared ; act. to put 

on, wear, s, 
9dkj t the leg, the tnink of a tree, 

stalk of an herb ; sdk i ^wrua, a 

kind of sweetmeat, a, 
sak<xry m. hell. a. 
9dkaty f. ability, strength. 
taJcf^ f. a roof, a canopy. 

*a1iSwat, j f- libe~lity- 

tal^t, liberal, a generous person, a. 

•oii^, hard, strong, difficult, stingy, 
▼eiy ; aaUbJtl^ f. hardness, intense- 
ness, stinginess, distress, p, 

adkif m. a cup-bearer, page. a. 

MiUn, quiet^ quiescent, a. 

sdkitf silent, quiet, a, 

Mokndf n. to be able, s, 

iokutf silence, a. 

sdl^ name of a wood, «. ; a year, p, 

sala, of or belonging to a year, p, 

foldhf f. peace, deliberation, rectitude ; 
advice; advisable, a. 

foUUianj peaceably, advisably, a, 

folai^ f . the day preceding the first 
day of the new moon. a. 

taldm^ salutation, greeting ; saldm-k,, 
a. to salute, to give up, bid adieu, a. 

4aldmatf f. safe, safety ; adv. safely ; 
aaldma^f f. health, safety ; aeddtnun 
*alaikumf peace on you! saldmun 
^aiUUkety peace (be) upon thee ! a. 

idla% m. meat or fish, &c., eaten 
with bread or rice. h. 

Mldfiu (pL) kings, a. 

idl'ffirih, anniversary of one's birth- 
day, p. 

falikf good, apt, proper; a man of 
probity, a. 

tdlik, m. going, a traveller, adevotee.a. 

soRka, m. knowledge, skill, genius, a, 

tdlim^ safe, few, perfect, a. 

foUtn^ mild, pacific, a, 

saRSf easy, simple, a. 

folld, (lit. he blessed). May He bless ! 

foUd alldhu *alaihi toa dlihi, voa taU 

lamOf *' May GK>d bless and protect 

him and his race !** a, 
salondy salted, salt. 9. 
salsMlf £ name of a fountain in 

Paradise ; limpid, sweet water, a, 
9(dfanaty f. empire, reign, a. 
folwdtf prayers, benedictions, a. 
tfowM,!, t endurance, long-suffering, s. 
samd'jdnd, n. to be contained in, to 

go into, s, 
aamajhy t comprehension, knowledge; 

m. opinion. 9, [stand. 9, 

9amcyh»dy a. to comprehend, under- 
9am<ijhwdr, prudent, considerate. 9, 
9aman^ m. a jasmine, p, 
9dmdn, m. time, state^ condition; 

like, equal. 9, 
9amdny m. furniture, apparatus, tools, 

means. p» [into. «. 

9amdnd, n. to be cont<ained in, to go 
9ambhdlndi a. (v. 9aimhdikM\ to sup< 

port. 9. 
sametf with, together with. 9. 
9afnhdlHdi a. to support, sustain, to 

shield, protect, repress. 9, 
9dmhndf facing, fronting; 9dmhnef 

prep, in front, before. 9, 
Mint, sublime, exalted, a. 
9an^'hdnd, a. to admonish, to make 

one understand. 9, 
9ammy m. poison, a. 
9ama9a^ m. a kind of pastry, p, 
9dmp^ m. a snake, a serpent. 9, 
fomfdm, f. a sharp sword, a. 
9amundarj m. the sea, the ocean, p. 


(102 ) 


tamur, m. a ireaael, a martin, a sable. 

fan, f. a vheUtone. p. [a. 

9anadf f. signature, deed, grant, war- 
rant, a prop. a. 

fanam^ m. an idol, a loyely woman, a. 

foiCaty f. profession, trade, art, mys- 
tery, mirade. a, 

tandalf m. sandal wood. a. 

fandali, made of sandal; £ a kind 
of chair, a. 

tan4^7 m« a sink, a necessary, h. 

tandetet, nL a message, t. 

sdndm, ashe-camd. A. 

sanduk, m. £ a box, a trunk, a. 

sanduJkehOf m. a small box, a casket, a. 

sanfff m. a stone, a weight ; Mcmg^dJil^ 
hard-hearted ; «a»^«ir-iEr.,a.tostone 
to death; 9€Mg*taira^^ a stone- 
cutter, p. 

ganffcft, f. a place of Hindu or Sikh 
worship ; sodetj, intercourse. «. 

sangtn, stony ; f. a bayonet, p, 

sdn-ffumany f. thought, mind, p, 

eanCy m. artificer, maker, creator, a. 

aanjt^y f . a border, jp. 

adnjhf f. evening. «. 

sanfida, weighty, grave, p. 

aankh, nu a conch, shell, f . 

gdns, f. breath, a sigh. s. 

sansdr, m. the world, mankind. «. 

tanwdmdy a. to prepare ; to repair. A. 

tdnwldf sallow, of a dark complexion. 

gapnd, m. a dream, sleep, s. [«, 

sar, the head; it ought to be pro- 
nounced sar in all Persian com- 
pounds ; thus, 9ar-ba-muhr, sealed 
upon the top ; aar'txfrdz, or sar- 
bulandf haying the head exalted, 
promoted; $ar i ruh, the main 
road. p. 

9dr, a particle denoting equality or 
resemblance ; used, in composition. 

as ffMn-MT, like yon, literally, of 

your equaUty. h,p, 
sard, £ a eararansary, a house of eo- 

tertainment, a mansion ; a coTer of 

a pot. p, 
»afd, rotten, musty, h, 
9drdy all, the whole. A. 
tardby m. a vapour resembling the sea 

at a distance, the mirage. 0. 
sardcAa, m. a tent (with inclosure). p. 
sardhy £ praise, commendation, h, 
tafdhindy £ a disagreeable smelL K 
iardhndy to praise, h, 
tafdk, £ a path, road. A. 
aaraknd, to move, to get out of the 
Mifois, £ rottenness. «. [way. k, 
Sardndip, the island of CSeylon. p, 
»ard»fdmy m. apparatus, goods, end, 

accomplishment; sardt^dm-k^ to 

accomplish, p, 
sardpdy from head to foot, entirely, p^ 
sardparda, a curtain, a royal tent, p, 
soT'dtiimay amazed, p. 
tarhardhy f. supply, cash. p. 
aar-ha^aTy from, end to end. j». 
aar-hvloindy exalted. j>. 
Bwrdy cold ; »ardiy £ coldness, p, 
soT'ddry m. a chief, a captain ; tar- 

ddtiy £ chiofship ; suT'ddri-k^ to 

act as chief, p, 
sar-dawdly £ reins, headstalL p, 
aareshy m. glue. p. 
Borfy or farfy expenditure, extrava- 
gance; forf'k^ to spend, to pass. 

aoT'fwrdZy £ exalted, eminent; also 

aofr-afrdti aarfiurdzly £ exaltation, 

promotion, p, 
aar-ga/rmy intent on, earnest, p, 
aar-garddny bewildered, afflicted ; aar^ 

garddnly affliction, p, 
aar-gaahtay afflicted, astonished, jp. 


( 103 ) 


9ar»pug<uikt, t histoiy, adyentuiw. p, 

aar-i^add, f. a boundary, territory. a.p, 

sariry m. a throne, a, 

Bari-go9hy m. the ear. p, 

sarisht, f. nature, constitution, in- 
tellect, p. 

tarkdndy a. to remore, throw aside. A. 

Borkdr^ m. f. the king's court, go- 
Temmnit, estate ; a superintendent ; 
scwkdfiy belonging to, or connected 
with the court, p, 

tar-kashy rebellious; BOT'hatkA^ re- 
bellion, disobedience, p, 

ear-Hi^hy cheered, merry, p. 

9arody m. a song, melody, p, 

tarokdr^ m. business, care, p* 

mroshy m. an angel; a heavenly 
sound, p. 

^wrpaiy galloping; 9arpa{-p\milmd^ 
to put to a gallop. K 

MOT'peeky an oruament in a turban, p, 

tar-potihy m. a cover, p. 

"farrafy m. a banker, a money- 
changer, a. 

sar-gahz, firesh, flourishing, p. 

Mndm, m. delirium, frency; adj. 
fitupified, astounded, p. 

forfar^ t a cold boisterous wind. a. 

earshdrf brimful, redundant, intoxi- 
cated, p, 

sargan, f . a kind of mustard seed. «. 

getrWf m. the cypress tree, a kind of 
firework; sarw-kadd^ ,tall and 
graceful, as a cypress, p. 

sarwdh, m. head or chief (of an army, 
&c.). p. 

8wr-x<id-h, n. to appear, to be pro- 
duced. h.p, 

sar-za/mi^y f. borders, empire, p, 

sar-zanishy f. rebuke, reproof^ pun- 
ishment, p, 

sdsy f. a mother in law ; m. a bug. «. 

Munr, m. fiither in law. 9. 

teuuT'dl, m. a Cipher in law*s house 
or fiunily. t. 

aaiflf^ f. a platform, a surface, a, 

satdud^ a. to oppose, tease, rex, fret, 
interrupt. #. 

aafjOTy t a line, row, series; deli- 
neating, a. 

sdthy prep, with, in company pf. «» 

»dtM^ m. a companion, comrade^ ally. 
*. [*. 

sdfiiy m. rice produced in thA rains. 

sathwdrd, m. a kind of sweetmeat, h, 

sa^ f. a true and chaste woman, one 
who sacrifices herself on her hus- 
band's funeral pile ; Tulgarly, £M>- 

saiokf t distress, p, [tee» «. 

taiTf m concealing, veiling; pri-vity. 

9(Mirak^ seventeen. A. [a. 

eetiriy (for tiri, q. v.) t a woman, fe- 

saiiiirf a. seventy. 4. [male. «. 

sattdty one who conceals, an epithet 
of the Deity, who oonoeals the 
fiuihs of mortals, a. 

aaUarahy or taUharaky seventeen, h. 

taiwdiiy seventh; 8<Uwdik'Sdj a child 
bom in the seventh month of preg- 
nancy, h, 

sdtwdnt the seventh. «. 

satydfiday ruined, destroyed. «• 

toK, a hundred. «. 

Bouddf trade, traffic; sarndd-jfar, m. 
a merchant ; sauddffar'baohehOf a 
merchant's son; a designation as- 
sumed by one of the female charao- 
tem in the tale of Azad Bakht. 
aamddgoHy f. merchandise, trade, 
traffic, p. 

soMddy or sauddyiy melancholy, love^ 
ambition, desire, madness, a. 

saut, f. rival wi&, contemporary wi£9. 


( 104 ) 


sauteld hhdti, m. step brother; iau- 
teU haMn^ f. step sister; sautel* 
md, f. step mother, s. 

MUgfandf f. an oath. p. 

$augyu, f. a rarity, present, curiositj. 

towo, one and a quarter. #. [jf. 

fowdb^ m. rectitude, a Tirtuous ac- 
tion, suocess. a. 

tawdd, m. the enyirons of a city. a. 

sawdl, m. interrogation, request, beg- 
ging, a, 

Sdwan^ name of a month, July. h. 

gawoTf mounted, ridings embarked; 
a rider; sawdrl^ f. riding, equip- 
age, p. 

sawerdf m. morning, dawn of day. #. 

taya, m. shadow, protection; an 
apparition ; adya-ddr, shady, p, 

9dya-hdn^ m. a ooYering, awnmg, 
canopy, p, 

sdz, hamets, accoutrements; con- 
cord in music ; adx-gdr^ consonant, 
proper ; in comp. it denotes mak- 
ing, forming, as hUa'Sdz, making 
stratagem; artful, cunning, p, 

»azd, f. punishment, one's desert; 
gazd-wdr, worthy, fit, descrying of. 

M, from, with, than, h, [j>. 

sef, f. a bed, bedding; sef-band, m. 

a cord for fastening bedding. «. 
sell, f. a necklace of thread worn by 
fakirs, h, 


gendf to hatch young as birds, to 
brood, to lounge idly. #. 

sendhnd, to mine, to undermine for 
the purpose of stealing ; elaostndh- 
dend or mdmd, to make a hole in 
the wall for the purpose of steal- 

senk, m. fomentation. A. [ing. A. 

senkhnd, or aenkndy to toast. A. 

ter, a weight about 21b. English, 
commonly pronounced Beer, K. 

#«r, full, satiated; ser-dbf watered, 
iirigated ; »eri, satiety, repletion, j[», 

eevfdf m. a mode of dcTotioii. h, 

skabf f. night ; shab-bdahf passing the 
night; Shahi hardt, name of a 
Mubammadan festiyal ; shah-deg^ fl 
a dish of meat and turnips kept on 
the fire all night ; thah % kadr, (in 
Arabic laUaiu l-kadr, lit. the night 
of power ;) a solemn festival amon^ 
the Musulmans, which is held on 
the 27th of the month Bamazan ; 
thah-nam, dew; also a species of 
fine linen, p. 

»habdb, m. the prime of youth, a, 

thabdna^oZf night and day in suo 
cession, t. e, 24 hours, p, 

shdbdsh, interj. brayo ; well done I f. 

thahihf aUke ; f. a picture, likeness. «. 

ghddf pleased, delighted, exulting ; 
ehdd'dhf fresh, yerdant, pleasant, 
succulent; thdd'mdn, pleased, de« 
lighted ; shdd'mdm^ f. pleasure, de- 
light, joy, rejoicing ; ghdd-dU^ 
cheerful; «il«(2-l:«m, joyous; ahidiy 
f. pleasure, gladness ; marriage, p. 

shadid, extreme, yiolent. a. 

ahddifiAna. m. rejoicing, festiyity. ji. 

thafdf f. cure, recoyery. a. 

tihafSat^ f. intercession, pity, recom- 
mendation, a. 

ehafalty m. the evening twih'ght. a. 

thafakaiy f. compassion, kindness, a. 

ehaftky m. a friend, afieotionate. a. 

shdyird, m. a scholar, disciple, ap- 
prentice, a servant : shdgird-pesha^ 
an attendant, disciple, novice ; shd- 
ffirdit ^* learning, studying, appren- 
ticeship, p. 

ahdht m. a king, prince; excellent, 
principal ; Shdh-jahdn^ an emperor 
of Delhi, grandson of Akbar ; Skdh- 


jahat^dbSd, the city of Delhi, so 
called after Shah-jahan ; shdhi ban' 
doTy Buperintendent of a sea-port 
town or harbour ; shdhi handari^ 
the situation of superintendent of 
a sea-port town ; Mhdh-zdda, a 
prince; thdh-zadit a princess ; Shah' 
m^ name of a king ; «AaA-t-«nar- 
ddn, m. a great or brave king, lit. 
'* King of men ;*' Shdk'nama, name 
of a famous poem by Firdausi, the 
Homer of Persia ; «A^Af , f. reign, 
sorereignty ; a follower of the sect 
of * All ; adj. royaL p, 

thahddatf f. testimony, declaration of 
one's belief in the Musalman faith. 
a [kings, p, 

shahan'ghahf m. a great king, king of 

Shahhaly name of a king. jp. 

MhaMy m. honey, p, 

Mhahidf a martyr, a. 

thahna^ m. a deputy, under magis- 
trate of police, a, [cony, p, 

shah'tushinf m. a royal seat, a bal- 

thahTf m. a city ; Mhahr-bttsdna, to 
cause a city to be built or inha- 
bited ; sh€ihr-panah, the protection 
of a city, a fortification, p, 

thah-ragy f. the great vein in the 
arm. p, 

ihah-wdr, kingly, princely, p, 

shahwatf f. sensuality, lust, desire; 
ihahwaiiy lasciyious. a. 

shahr-ydrif f. friendship for the city ; 
goremment. p. 

»hah-zddd or •zdda^ m. a prinee; 
shah-zddif a princess, p, 

shaiddf mad, in love, p, 

»hail^ m. an old man, a chief, an 
elder, a. [a. 

shail^f f. haughtiness, domineering. 

Shaiidn^ m. Satan, the deyiL 0. 

( 105 ) SHA 

tkakaTy f. sugar, p. 

ghakebf f. patience^ endurance, p, 

shdMtf f. a bough, a horn. p. 

ghajdisdry f. a garden, p. 

shaWifj m. a person, indiyidual. a, 

shdkit complaining, querulous, a com* 
plainer, backbiter, a. 

shakily comely, handsome, a, 

ahdkiry grateful, thankfoL a, 

fhakkf m. doubt, suspense, a, 

thdkky difficult, severe, hard to en- 
dure, a. 

thakJIny doubtful, suspicious, a. 

shakly f. shape, form, appearance ; 
shakl i mwaddiu, hexagonal, a. 

9haJlnoa-k,f a. to complain. a,h, 

ahdl, f. a shawl. #. 

thdlaky f. a discharge of firearms, a. 

shalgkamy m. a turnip. p» 

shdHy m. rice, paddy. 9, 

thaUtay m. a coarse kind of sack for 
holding baggage, &c. A. 

ghalhy f. a discharge of firearms, a. 

thalldhy f. a flogging, a. 

ahalukdy m. a child's bib. h, 

sham\ f. a lamp, candle, wax ; tham** 
ddUy m. a candlestick, a. 

Shdm^ VOL, evening; the country of 
Syria, a. 

shamdly m. the north, a, 

shdmaty f. bad fortune, adversity, a, 

shdmUy united with, containing, a, 

shatiumy f. odour, a, 

shamiydnaf m. a canopy, an awning, p. 

nhammay m. an atom ; perfume ; a 
habit, a. 

thamsh^y f. a scimitar, sword, p, 

shamn, solar, from thamsy the sun. a, 

shdn^ f. dignity, state, condition, con- 
stitution, nature, business, affair; 
shdnddr, dignified, stately. a» 

shdna^ m. the shoulder ; a comb, p. 


( 106 ) 


ghamd, f. aet of hearing, p, 

thar'f m. the precepts of Mahammad, 
law, equity; a high road; skar'i, 
lawful, religious, a. 

tkarab, f. wine, spirituous liquor; 
shardbif m. a drunkard, a, 

thardfat, f. nobility, a. 

shardraty t wickedness, depravity, a. 

sharbat, m. beverage, sherbet, a. 

sharhj f. explanation, commentary ; 
allowanoe, pay; sharh'Wdr, expli- 
citly, explanatory, a, 

fhdri^, t a high road, a path. a. 

ehofi^ai, f. law. a. 

9h€uif, noble^ eminent ; also $har{fa, 
t noble, &0. a. 

Mhofikj m. a partner, a friend, a, 

9harir^ vicious, wicked, malignant, a. 

fAorm, fbashfulness, modesty, shame; 
«^rm-a»a, to be ashamed ; sha/rm' 
sdr, abashed, ashamed, p. 

iharmanda^if f. bashfiilness, shame, 
disgrace ; from «AarmafK^, asham- 
ed, bashful, p, 

sharTf f. wickedness, depravity, ma- 
lignancy, a, 

thmi,, f. condition, stipulation, wager ; 
sign, mark, signal a. 

shash, six. p, 

thaaty aim, ahoH'l^ to take aim. p, 

shdfJMT, a messenger ; adj. clever, a. 

shafremff f. chess; shatromji, f. a 
kind of carpet, chequered, a, 

shairUf m. a foe, an enemy, s, 

shcUidy f. a harlot, a strumpet, h, 

shauhar, m. a husband, p, 

ghauky m. desire, love, a, 

shaukat^ f. dignity, state, a, 

^haukiya, expressive of affection, a. 

shdycult adv. possibly, probably, per- 
haps ; ghdyad ki bdthad, perhaps it 
may be so. p. 

thdyan^ fitting, becoming, p, 

shaydfin, (pi. of shaifctn) devils, a. 

sheftOf £ucinated, charmed, p. 

sheTy m. a tiger, a Uon; sherSna^ 
tiger-like. p. [affliction, a, 

shiddaty t, violence, force, adversity, 

ihtfdy £ cure, recovery, a. 

tiMgqfy m. split, rent, fissure, crack, 
crevice ; in oomp. splitting, &c. p. 

Mhigufay m. a flower, a bud. p, 

thiguftcty expanded, blossoming, p, 

shiktuny (in compos.) breaking, p, 

skikamy m. the belly; siikam-par" 
ufOTy m. a glutton, p. 

sUkdr^ m. hunting, prey, game; 
shikdr-bcmdy cords wherewith to tie 
game, &c. ; shikdr-gdh, f. place for 
hunting in; 9hikan, relating to 
hunting ; m. a fowler, hunter, p, 

ghikcuty also shikcuta^ £ defeat, dia* 
persion. p, 

shikatta, broken, defeated, p, 

sAikoh, £ dignity, state, p, 

thimdl, m. the north, a, 

shindSy (in oomp.) knowing, p, 

thiTy m. milk; 9hir-bari»;\ m. rice- 
milk ; sMr-mdly £ bread made with 
milk. p. 

ahCry m. poetry, verse, a, 

shira, m. syrup ; new wine, p, 

shiriydUy £ an artery, a. 

ahirJcy m. company, society ; pagan- 
ism, infidelity, a, 

shirkat, £ partnership, society, a. 

shirydny £ an arteiy. a, 

ahUha^ m. glass bottle, a glass, p, 

shishamy £ a kind of wood, sissoo. «. 

thUh-goTy m. a glass-maker; «AwA- 
gaHy £ glass-making, p, 

aJAthiy £ a small glass ; a phifd. p* 

shish-mahalli m. a palace fitted up 
with mirrors, p. 


( 107 ) 


skirmf sweet, pleasant, gentle ; name i sidhdmdf n. to depart, set out. h, 
of a heroine of eastern romance; 
shlriiUf f. sweetness, eloquence, p, 

ahitdb, m. haste ; adv. quickly, speed- 
ily ; ghitdbi, t quickness, haste, p. 

Shh-rdt, f. a certain night observed 
as a festival by the Hindus. «. 

shohoTf m. a husband, p. 

shoiiy mischicYous, wanton, inso- 
lent ; shoihh ^' mischief, pertness, 
humour, coquetry, p. [tients. p. 

tholdt a kind of dish giren to pa- 

9hor^ m. Cfy, noise, distiurbanoe ; 
adj. salt, yery bitter; ahordxtr^ all 
drenched, weltering, p. 

9hora^ m. saltpetre; marshy, banren 

thorbd^ m. broth, p, [ground, p, 

sh^Of f. light, sfdendour, sunshine, a. 

8kubha4:,f a. to doubt, suspect ; 
skubha-h^ to be in doubt. a.A. 

ahughalt occupation, pernsaL a. 

ihuhrai, f. renown, &me, report, a. 

thmijetai, f. brayery. a. 

ihukr^ m. thanks, gratitude; tMc- 
ranay thanksgiving ; thukr'guxar^ 
grateful; ahukr-^usofi, f. gratitude. 

ahmkka^ m. an order, a letter, a, [a. 

ahu^Uky a flame, a, 

shumf black, unfortunate, stingy, a, 

shwndr^ number, calculation, p, 

shurbdf m. broth, p. 

ahwru\ m. beginning, a. 

ahuahy m. the lungs ; six. p, 

ahuaht^ washing, scouring ; ahuat-ahu^ 
or ahuat o aku^ f. washing, p, 

ahutuTf m. a camel; ahuturirhe'^nahdrf 
without restraint, refractory; Ute- 
rally, a camel without a rope in its 
nose. j>. 

ahm^ur^ m. wisdom, intelligence, know- 
ledge, a. [a, 

aidhd^ straight, opposite, simple, fair. 

SicR Bcthar, a man's name. a. 

^A, m. truth, sincerity, a. 

aifdriahy f. introduction, recommen- 
dation, p, 

fifaty f. fifStf pi. praise, quality, man- 
ner ; an adjective ; fifat-k., to 

a^laf ignoble, mean. a. [praise, p. 

aikr, m. enchantment; aifyr-adz^ an 
enchanter, a, [™!P7* ^* 

fihhaty f. health, soundness, accu- 

a^dot^ m. bowing in adoration to God; 
aijda Jeamd^ to worship, a, 

Sikandar, m. Alexander the Qreat. p. 

nM, t a spit. 

aikhdndf a. to teach, to chastise, a, 

aikMdndy a. to teaoh. a, 

sUrAno, a. to learn, to acquire, s^ 

mZ, £ a grinding stone. «. 

aUqfehif f. (v. ailapchi) a ewer, p, 

aildh, f. armour, anna. a. 

aildyi^ a pencil or needle for applying 
eoUyrium to the eyes. «. 

aUdndf a. to cause to sew. a» 

aUapdkl^ f. a wash-hand bason, p. 

ailwdndf to cause to be sewn, a, 

sim, m. silver; atmi or aimin^ made 
of silver, |). ; f. a flat bean. h. 

aimt^ f. direction, side (of the com- 
pass, a. 

atna^ m. breast, bosom; «iiia-cor, 
robust, athletic j aina^oZf tor- 

aindj a. to stitch, sew. r [mented. p. 

aindn, f. point of a spear, &o. a. 

MftoAno, a. to irrigate, a. 

ai$iddn^ f. an anvil, p, 

SUndhf m. sea, ocean ; the name of a 
province ; a hole, a, 

finff species, kind. a» 

aing^ m. a horn, a, 

aingdr^ m. ornament, embellishment, a, 

aingki m. a horn. t. 


( 108 ) 


nn^hasan, m. a throne. #. 

«ciw, f. a tray, salver, p, 

sink, f. the culm of the grass of which 

hrooms are made, h, 
mmi, time, age, year (of the Hijra) ; 

titm o saly age, period of life. a. 
«t^, a shell, h, 
tipdhy an army ; soldiers ; tipdhi, m. 

a soldier j adj. military ; tvpah-gari^ 

f. the military science, the art of 

war. p, 
tipdhTy m. the sphere, celestial globe, 

sky; fortune, world, p. 
npahrif t afternoon, p, 
ttpoTy f. a shield, a target, p, 
sipds, £ praise, thanksgiying. p, 
sipiy f. a shell, h, 
sipurdy f. charge, trust ; tipurd'k.^ to 

give in charge, to consign. p» 
nr, m. the head, the top. «. 
«tr, f. madness, h, 
sird, m. extremity, the end. t. 
nraty {, disposition, nature, a. 
firajt, f. a road. a. 
Hre^dyOy m. a dress of honour, h, 
fitf, merely, only, a, 
sirhdnd, m. the head part of any 

thing, the pillow, s, 
nrhiy f. a staircase, step, ladder. A. 
tirka, m. vinegar, p. 
sifTf m. a secret, a mystery, a. 
m, m. the head, the summit, s, 
giski, f. sobbing, sighing, h, 
sUady f. a taking, p, 
ntal-pa(if f. a kind of cool mat. #. 
siiam, m. oppression, p. [p. 

aitdroy m. a star, a kind of firework. 
#tf A, f. dregs of betel, t, 
dwdy except, besides, also. a. 
siwdyBy except, besides, a, 
si^dhy black, unfortunate, bad ; nydh- 

wicked ; rigd-gosh, m. a species of 
lynx ; ti^dhrmtuty dead drunk. 

tiydndy wise, skilful. #. 

sty dray m. a planet, a. 

sigdsaty f. goyemment, punishment, 
pain, a, 

sochy m. consideration, reflection, s, 

soehndy to consider, to meditate, s. 

sog^wdTy grieved, afflicted, p. 

sohany f. a file; a whetstone, p.; a 
sort of sweetmeat, h, 

scjhy straightness. A. 

solay or soUihy f. sixteen. A. 

sompndy a. to deliver over, give in 
charge, consign, s, 

sofiy f. an oath ; postp. from, h, 

sondy n. to sleep ; to die ; m. gold. #• 

son^dy m. a club, mace, pestle. A. 

son^hy f. dry ginger. «« 

soty a spring, s. 

soxcMy f. a needle, p, 

sozatUy t a seat of state; a smaJU 
throne ; a kind of coverlet or quilt- 

striy f. a woman, a wife, s, [ii^g* P* 

striy f. a woman, female, s, 

suy f. a side, direction, p, 

sUtOTy m. a hog. s, 

fuhay m. a province, a. 

subhy lucky, auspicious, s, . 

fubhy f. morning dawn ; fUbh-fobdh^ 
f. dawn of day ; fvkbh'lhfizay a sneak- 
ing kind of thief, who steals in the 
morning ere people are awake, a. 

subkdny m. praising (God) ; a title of 
the Deity; suhhdna-l'ldhy O holy 
GK>d! suhhdniy divine, a, 

subhitdy m. leisure, &vourable time 
or place, s, 

subuky light, frivolous, p. 

sidy m. profit, interest, usury, advan- 
tage : sudmandy profitable, advan* 

bai^y unfortunate; siydh'kdr, \ tageous. p. 


iudaiil or sudaul^ well-shaped, hand- 
sotoe, graoefuL A. 

niddk or 9udh^ t care, attention, re- 
collection ; sudh'budh^ f. sense, vi- 
tality. 9. 

wfaid, white , aufaicMshf of a white 
beard, p. 

9u/dr, m. f. the notch of an arrow ; 
needle's eye. p. 

wfarishf f. introduction, recommenda- 
tion, p, 

tufedy also tufid or tufaid^ White, p. 

fnfiy m. a wise man ; a Sofi. p. 

suhdfff m. good fortune. «. 

fufybatf f. society, an assembly ; p^ 
bat'k,, to cohabit, a. 

«N,t, f. a needle. «. 

fw;, f . a swelling. «. 

ttf/A, £ sight, k, 

fujhndy n. to be risible, to be seen. A. 

Mujndy n. to swell, to rise. #. 

9»fudf (v. n;<2a), adoration, &o. a. 

Mf^o, m. quarter of a rupee, or 4 
anna piece, h, 

$ukht m. ease, oomfort, happiness; 
mikhiy happy, at ease. «. 

gukhdy dry, withered. *. 

sul^t^ m. speech, language ; aul^an- 
dan or M»^a»-^o, eloquent, an 
orator ; n(l^afi-^o,i, t eloquence, 
oratory, p, 

auJchn&y n. to dry up, to wither. «. 

ntkh-pdlf m. a kind of palki. «. 

suloffnd, to be kindled. «. 

Sulaimdny m. Solomon; Sulaimdni, 
of or belonging to Solomon, a. 

wldnd, a. to put to sleep, to kill. «. 

sulfy m. purcLase, business, a. 

9ulhj f. peace, reconciliation, treaty, 
truce, a. 

•wfi, f. a stake for impaling ; guR' 

( 109 ) SXTB 

M«Ur, m. intercourse, traffic, a, 
ftdfidny m. a prince^ a sovereign; 

9uUdm, regal, right of Sultan; a 

kind of broad cloth, a, 
suluk, m. way, manner $ treatment, 

civility ; suluk^k. to treat, a. 
turn, m. a hoof. p. 
tumsum, t noise of wood burning, 

simmering, h. 
tumumy f. hot pestilential winds, a,- 
sunahrd, golden, made of gold. §, 
sundry m. a goldsmith. «. 
nind, f. proboscis of an elephant, s. 
mtndary £ &ir, handsome. #. 
9unghy t a smelL #. 
MunffhcMy L a thing to smell, snu£El «. 
sun^hndy a. to smell, inhale, s. 
MM'A., to become insensible, h, 
wnndy a. to hear, to listen, s, 
sumuxiy f. a religious injunction, a 

precept; circumcision, a, 
Muntdn, silent, dreary. «. 
suntundndy n. to faint, h, 
8upy m. a winnowing basket. «. 
iupi^dHy f. betel-nut prepared for 

chewing. A. 
supurdy f. charge, trust; supurd'k.y 

to give in charge, to consign, jp. 
«Kr, m. melody, harmony ; sur-nUldndf 

to sing in unison, s, 
tuvy m. a hog. «. 
tuTy a hero, brave. «. 
ntrdghi m. a track, path, p, 
furdlfiy f. a goblet, a flagon, a. 


m. the sun. s. 

aurdik* m. a hole, orifice, passage, p, 

aurangy f. a mine, subtununeous pas- 
sage, a. 

turanjdny f. a medicine, a. 

piraty f. form, iaoe, person, portrait, 
manner, state, a. 

cihdnd or wfi-c^., to impale. 9, | fni^a, £ expense, profusion, a. 

TAJl ( 

Mtrtis f. the hipa, the thighs, p, 

Mrtt, red; Mril-ni, of a mddj 
oonntenanoe ; pleMed« satufied ; 
surihh TedamB^ hrHhamoy. p. 

9wrl±flb^ a kind of water*fo.wL p, 

MfffiMS m. ooUyrium ; mrmcMtanf and 
awrma-dam^ a small box for hold- 
ing surma, p, 

surawrdAaff f. a soft noise like that 
of a rope drawn along, g, 

9urt^ t sense, recollection. # . 

iurur, m. joy, mirth, a. 

sutty lasy, slow, languid ; tust-andy n. 
to rest; swii, Isriness, dilatoriness. 

suty thread. A. 

mUhrdy good, fine^ pure, h 
nodnfff m. evil ; twMff'limdj to com- 
mit enL «. 


ta^ad^ f. extortion, tyranny, cmelty 

ta^affkn, m. stink, fetor, foul, exhala- 
tion, a. 

^a'atyufi, m. mani^Mtation, appoint- 
ment, a. 

ta*<ijjuby m. wonder, wondering ; pL 
ta^ajjvhdty marvellous things, a. 

ta*dldf m. the Most High, a, 

ta*alluky f. relationship, connexi<»i, 
dependence, a, 

icHoMy m. yictuals, eating; jta'om- 
^ffi^A, m. a ladle or large spoon 
for serring out food. a. 

ta,ammul, m. meditation, reflection, 
purpose, a. 

titm-tamdndy n. to become red in the 
fiioe from anger, &c. h, 

tafarrufy m. resistance, a. 

110 ) TAP 

tOyOtat^y m. pining, lamentisg. a, 

td^aty £ obedience, devotion, a. 

^od, adv. then, at that time^ after- 
wards. «. 

tflVy m. nature^ genius, quality, dis- 
position ; iaViy natural, innate, a. 

tdby f. heat ; light ; power; endurance ; 
rage; fdb-dd»y a sky-light; tab- 
ld»dy to endure, sustain. j». 

iabdbaty f. practice of physic, a, 

tahahy ruined, wrecked ; bad, wicked, 
deprayed ; tabdhi, f. ruin, wicked- 
ness, depravity, p, 

iahaky nu a coyer ; a plate, a leaf^ a 
dish ; story of a house, a, 

tflbaky m. a vessel for kneading, a. 

tahaty m. a hatchet, an axe. p, 

tabarmky m. a sacred relic, a benedic- 
tion, a. 

jSoi^tiir, f. sugar of the bamboo, a. 

iabeusumy m. a smile, a. 

takdUy f. change, alteration, a. 

iabhdky t sound made by dropping | 
pain, h, 

idbCy a. dependent, follower, subject ; 
^0&t'{2ar,dependent,following; tab€' 
ddriy f. dependence, a. 

tabCaty t genius, nature^ disposition^ 

iahib, m. a physician ; iahihiy the 
science of physic, a, 

tflhtly natural, innate. 0. 

fjahly m. a drum; iablaky f. a litti» 
drum, a, 

tdbuty m. a coffin, a bier. a. 

ta^dddy i, number, computation, a. 

taddruky m. search for what is ab- 
sent, remedy, a, 

tadarw, m. a pheasant, p. 

tadbiry f. deliberation, counsel, ma- 
nagement, a, [a^ 

tafammi^ m. refreshment, amusement. 

TAH ( 

ictfSwuty m. distance, difference $ ta^. 
distant, a, 

taflrih, f. rejoicing, exhi]anting,aniiise- 
ment. a. 

taftil, f. explanation, analysis ; taf- 
fH-wfitf full detail, explanation, a. 

tttfnry f. explanation, commentary, a, 

iagwpu^ taffda/u^ f. bustle, fatigue, p, 

taghdjklf m. negligence, careLessness. 

taghir, t alteration, change; Bdj, 
changed, discharged, dismissed } 
<aj2ia»yi«r, m. change, alteration, 
remoyed. a. 

toffna^ to thread. A. 

tah, f. fold; the bottom; tah-HiStM, 
a yault or cellar under ground ; iah* 
kar rakhOf lay aside^ keep it to 
yourself (lit.) haying folded up, 
Uy by. p, 

tdh, f. a plait, p, 

tahd,ify m. (pL of te4fa)» raiitietf, 
curiosities, presents^ o. 

fakakf f. pain in the joints, h, 

fakalf t housewifery, a job, attend- 
ance, k. 

fahalnHf n. to more backward and for- 
ward, h, 

tahdrati f. purity, cleanliness, a. 

tahathd or tdhashi^ fear, dread, a, 

tahiTf pure, chaste, sincere, a. 

ipMya or ^oAiyo^ m. preparation, ar- 
rangement, a. 

tah-Mtdna, m. lower part of a house, 
a cellar imder gpround. p, 

tahktkf f. inyestigation, ascertainment, 

ioMukOi m. destruction, ruin, a, 

fahnif f. a branch of a trre. h, 

takrpotJd, f . a kind of drawers worn 
by women, jp. 

taJj^rik^ f. agitation, incitement, a* 

111 ) TAX 

^o^, m. lower part, beneath ; posses- 
sion, use. a. 

it^dntf t lower part, bottom, a. 
Taiy perambulation, folding; tuii'k^ 

to fold; totrayel. a. 
TdJ, name of a tribe of Arabs ; ^y* 

to,tn, up to, unto. I belieye the ge- 
neral meaning of this particle is 
'* sel^" as apne tct^in, one's own self 
(the particle ko understood), h, 

ta*indi, duty, business : ta^-inH-h^ to 
be occupied, appointed; ia^indt-k.., 
a. to post, to appoint, a. 

j(a,fr, flying ; m, a bird. a. 

tflk^ n. to fly ; also iatr-h, aX 

iaigk or iai^^ m. rage^ anger ; fo}ly. 

imydr^ ready, prepared, finished, com- 
plete; taigfdrif readiness, prepara- 
tion, a. 

tfl^dr^ flying, ready, a. 

tc^y abandoning or forsaking. «. 

tdj\ m. a diadem, a cap, a crest* p, 

tajammulf m. dignity, pomp. a. 

id^amtdy m, solitude, celibacy, a. 

tajasifUy 1 spyingt search, a. 

tajdumst^ m. transgression, error, a. 

tajUz, f. burial, interment, a. 

^'ir, m. a merchant (pL ^;£;ar). 

tajriboy m. experiment, probation; 
tc^ribo'hdri expert, a. 

tc^vnz^ t» consideration, inyestigation, 
decision, a. 

idjfy m. an arch, cupola ; a recess in 
a wall; a window; a fold; adj. 
unique, odd; ffilS'par rakhnd, to 
lay on the shelf, to neglect ; tdk-i- 
kisrdf the palace of Cyrus, a, 

takf up to, as &r as; f. a scale ^ 
looking, staring, h, 

tdkj f. a glance; a yine. ij>. 


( 112 ) 


fcrfr0, m. a copper coin equal to two 
paisa. h, [pride, a. 

takabhmr^ m. arrogance, haughtiness, 

ietkai^udy m. care, injunction, a. 

takaUMf^ ceremony, profusion, a. 

iukat^ t strength, power, force, a. 

ta^dzd^ m. dunning, exacting, a. 

t(t(sd4r, f. arrangement, fate. a. 

takftti, burying, interment, a, 

td^r^ f. delay, procrastination, a. 

^a^, m. a throne ; tdtil^'gah^ t the 
royal residence, metropolis ; to&ft^- 
nwAifi, the occupant of a throne, a 
sorereigu. p, 

tatita, m. a plank, a stool ; a bier ; 
a bed of flowers, &c., tati^Uhnard, 
a sort of game, backgammon, 
draughts, p, 

tai^iy f. a small plank ; the breast, p, 

takid, £ strict injunction, a. 

tctHnnif f. a small pillow, p, 

tdkiyciy m. pillow, (y. takya) ; takigf€h 
lagana^ to sit down, p, 

fakkar, comparison; iakkof hhama^ 
to bear comparison. 

ftikkaTy ii. a blow, knock; iakkair- 
mdmd, to knock one*s self ; to pray, 
invoke, h, 

taklify £ ceremony, trouble, a. . 

faknd, n. to be fastened or stitched, h. 

takndj n. to be looked at ; also tdknd, 
a. to look at, to watch, to stare, a. 

fakrdnd, a. to knock (the head) 
against any thing, to grope one's 
way. h. • 

iakrdry £ repetition ; altercation, a. 

takriby £ occasion, motiye, approach. 

takriTy ' £ assertion, narration, talk, a 

faksdl^ m. a mint, coining-house. «. 

taktim, £ dividing, division (in arith- 
metic), a. 

takfir^ f . fault, crime, blame ; tcLknr^ 
¥)dr, blameable, guilty, a. 

<<Mwif», £ an almanack, a* 

tdkya^ m. a pillow, the reserve of an 
army, reliance, p. 

fdlf £ a heap ; evasion ; pU^nutfol^ or 
fdl'foli subterfuge, k. 

tdlf m. musical tune ; tdl be tdl^ out 
of tune or time. «• 

tdld^ m. a lock of a door, Ac. «• 

ialdb^ m. a pond, a tank. p. 

talaby £ pay, wages ; desire^ demand ; 
ialab'-ddr^ or fjcUalhgdr^ desirous, 
seeking, a. 

talaf^ m. ruin, destruction, loss, pro- 
digality ; tak^'k,^ to waste^ to con- 
sume, a. 

taidfiy £ compensation, recompense^ 
amends, a. 

tdUak^ during, up to, as &r as. h^ 

taldk, £ a divorce, a. 

talaphnd^ or talapna^ n. to flutter, 
to be agitated. A. 

ialdsh, £ search, investigation, p. 

taUt adv. below, down, underneath. #. 

IMP, rising, appearing; m. fortune, 
prosperity, destiny; the dawn; 
idW-mamdy or fjaW'tooTf fortunate ; 
fdW-mandif good fortune, a. 

idRf £ a key. «. 

fdliby asking, seeking; fjoHbt-dutufd^ 
worldly-minded; fdlib uV Hm^ or 
idlib i'ttm^ a student, seeker of 
knowledge, a. 

tdlif, £ production, composition, a. 

tdlika, m. a list, inventory, a. 

taHim^ £ teaching, copying, a. 

tallAt &• bitter, malicious, sorrowful ; 
talkU^ £ bitterness, p, 

talkin, £ instructing, teaching, a. 

tiUlf m. a hill, hillock, a. 

fcUndf n. to disappear, pass away. «. 


( 113 ) 


Mnd^ a. to frj (as cakes, &o.). K 

iiUwarf f. a sword, s, 

tam\ f. ayarice, greediness. •• 

iamalluhf m. courtesy, oareesing, cere- 
mony, a. 

tamdm, entire, perfect, complete ; t€h 
mdmif L completion; a kind of 
brocade, entireness. a. 

^iBmancha, or amanohOf zo. a slap, a 
blow ; a pistol. p,t, 

tamanna, f. request, wish, prayer, in- 
clination, a. 

tamdruff m. feigning sickness. a» 

tamdshd, m. an entertainment, show, 
spectacle; ^omMAa-lr.f tomakefim. 
In composition it is sometimes con- 
tracted into tamash, as in the word 
iamath'bim, sight-seeing, spectacle- 
haunting, from tamath'lnnf one who 
frequents spectacles, &c. a, 

iamaMuky m. not-e of hand, bond, 
receipt, a. 

tamauwul, f. riches, growing rich. a. 

tambih, f. admonition, correction, a. 

iambUf m. a tent. k. 

iambwr^ at fcmbuTf m. a Turkish 
guitar, a drum. a,p, 

lam€^ covetous, greedy, a. 

idmxr^ f. building, constructing, a, 

tamz, £ discernment, judgment, dis- 
cretion, a, [ble. a. 

tamf^l, f. comparison, allegovy, paxa- 

tdn^ f. note, tune, melody, p, 

tan^ m. the body, person ; ta» itanhi, 
ail alone, p, 

ic^n, or f.a*naf m. blame, reproach, a. 

fandh, f. a rope, tent-rope. is. 

tandwulf m. eating; ianauml'k», to 
eat. h, 

tan-durtui, soimd in body, healthy ;. 
tan-durusHf f. healtib. p^ 

f Stiff f f. the leg. h. 

tanffy strait, tight, narrow, distressecfj 
sad; fta-tofi^-ano, to come into 
distress, to be wearied or dis* 
gusted; ta/ng-dasHy f. parsimony, 
poverty, inability; tangt^ £ strait* 
ness, narrowness, poverty, p* 
^angnd^ to hang up by a string, h 
tanhdj alone, solitary, single; iattf 

ha,iy £ loneliness, solitude, p* 
tamnt m. a dragon, a. 
fankf £ a stitch, tai iron pin. K 
fdnkdy m. a stitch, solder, h, 
^ditJlMdf to stitch, to solder. A* 
tcmiiitDdhf £ wages. p> 
tdnndf a. to draw, pulL i^ 
tanndy n. to 8tret<di, to sit upright. a». 
tdn-^eHf a celebrated musician of the 

time of Akbar. h, 
tdMy £ m. £ cat-gut, sinew. «w 
icmkma^ m» sound; pomp. o. 
Umwr^ m» an oven, a stove. p„ 
ianXy £ mirth ; ridiculing, a. 
id^ m. twist ; ^o-(2^ to twist up. a. 
^op, £ fever, jp. 
tdp^ £ pawing of a horse K 
tapSky m. afibction, esteem, ardour, pu, 
fapaky £ sound made by dropping ;^ 

pain. A. 
iapakndy n. to drop when r^; to^ 

drop, to distil ;> to throb, h*. 
tdTf m. £ thread ; wire ; tdr-kask, a 
wiredrawer; tdtr-kathif a kind of' 
needlework, p. 
toTy a^ moist, wet, fresh^ green; a 
' parti<de of comparison, as hadrtar^ 
worse, from had, bad. p, 
tdfy £ understanding, h^ 
tdrdf m. a star.. 9*^ 
tarab, £ a musical tone^ p,. 
iqrah, £ cheerfulness, joy. a« [9^ 
tar^iddttd, m. irresolution, hesitation^ 
|[ar<2f, £ side, quarter, direction, ok 



( 114 ) 


fara^ t maimer, mode; jforaA-fto- 
farahy in TariooB way^, of yariouB 
sorte ; fjorak^dar^ handsome, grace- 
fuL a. 

tariff m. tacking, plunder, a. 

tarakt m. abandoning, kaving. a, 

iarakijfi, t promotion, adTancement. 

tarangt f. a waye ; whim ; dignity. «. 

tafop^ f. agitation, haste ; a leap. h. 

tafophnoy or iafopna^ to flutter, to 
palpitate, h, 

taraskndf a. to oat or dip, to shave^ 
to shape out. p^. v^ 

tarcunOf n. to tremble, be afraid, p, 

tardzu, f. a scale, balance; tardzu' 

• ko-jdnoy to hit thoroughly (an ar- 
row), p, [ing. p. 

tar-hchtar^ completely wet, welter- 

tarhiyat, f. education, instruction, a. 

tan^ f. moistmre, freshness ; sugar ; 
ady. by water, p, 

tc^iiff £ explanation, praise, asser- 
tion, a. 

tdriky dark ; idrihiy f. darkness, p, 

ticmk, f. way, road ; manner, custom ; 
rite, religion, a. 

f^arika, m. way, path ; manner, mode ; 
religion* a. 

tdriUki £ Bn 8Bra ; the date of a lus-^ 
torical eyent ; time, a, 

iarig, f. a piece of doth cut trans- 
yersely. j>. 

ta/rjumOf m. translation, interpreta- 
tion; tarjumm^ a translator, an 
interpreter, a. 

iarkdrif f. esculent yegetables. h, 

iarkMhf m. a quiyer. p, 

iarhe^ ady. in the morning, early, h, 

tarkiby f. composition, mixture, me- 

tarlnmf f. writing, a. [chanism. a, 

idrndf to miderstand. h* 

tar-O'tdxa^ freshness, tigour, from 
toT'O'tdza^ moist and fresh, p, 

targf m. mercy, compassion ; fear ^ 
iarsdn, £Hurful, afraid j iarnMk^ 
timid, cowardly. h,p, 

tartar, f. chattering, prattle. 9, 

iaf'iaf, an imitatiye sound, such as 
rap-rap, or whack-whadE. A. 

tartardrndf to chatter, to prattle. «. 

fjartf f. form, manner, a. 

ta^adduk, bounty, alms, sacrifice; 
iofodduk'h,, to become a sacrifice^ 
to express one*s deyotedness. a, 

tasak, i, stitch, throb, h^ 

tcueUU, f. consolation, comfort, a. 

toforruf, m. possession, expenditure, 
extrayaganoe. a, [a. 

tofauMwr, m. imagination, reflection. 

teuhi^ t the act of praising God ; 
a rosary, a. 

tofd^, f. affliction, trouble, a. [A. 

tofdtk, f . yerifying, attesting ; appeaL 

tdah, m. doth of gold, brocade. A. 

tashaffij t comfort^ consolation, a. 

tashhih, f. simile, or comparison, a. 

taahMd9, f. distinguishing, ascertain- 
ing (a disease), a, 

Uuhrify f . honouring, exalting ; iaak- 
rif'ldndf to come, or honour by 
coming; iathnf'le-chalnd, or 20- 
Jdnd, to go, or honour by going, a. 

tjcuM, su a large bason, ewer, or cup. 

tashtari, f. a salyer, a small plate, h, 

tdoTy t effect, impression, a. 

taa^ur, f. subduing, charming (of 
spirits), a. 

taskin, f. consolation, comfort, a. 

tasUm, f. deliyery, consignment, sa 
luting respectfully; pL tasUmat, 
salutations, a, [A. 

tatma^ m. a thong or strap of leather. 


( lis ) 


iofmff i, composition, authonhip. 

iofmftU^ written works, a. 

tapeir^ £ a picture, an image, a. 

f«f, m. canyas, sackdoth. h, 

iaffif f. a frame for holding lamps, a 

t^iydy f. a screen. A. [screen, h, 

iafolnd^ to feel for, to touch, h, 

tatriy f. a wanton girl, a strumpet, h. 

iattOy heated, hot. «. 

toicfta, f. penitence, conversion, a. 

taufikf £ the completion of one's 
ishes, the fisTOur of God. a. 

tam^ m. a ooUar, yoke; necklace, 
ring. a. 

Umlnr, t honouring, respecting, treat- 
ing with ceremony, a. 

tauly m. weight, weighing. 9, 

fjomr^ m. mode, manner, way. a. 

]ti,fM^ m. a peacock, a. 

tawif m. a flat piece of iron on which 
they make bread; SeoiUoe^ a gir- 
dle, p, [flf. 

iawaf^ t encompassing, pilgrimage. 

iatDo^if, people, bands, a. 

tamc^uh^ i. regarding, attending to, 
kindness, favour, a. 

tawakk»\ f. expectation, hope, desire, 
request, a. [a. 

tawakkufy m. delay, pause, hesitation. 

tamakknly m. trust in 6h>d, reliance, 
faith, a, [be bom. a. 

tavHtUitdf m. birth; tawaUnd-h,^ to 

tavmna^ powerful ; tawma^l^ t power. 

tauxtn^arf or tanoSnffar, rich, power^ 

tai: tanoanffonj f. wealth, power; 

being rich, p, 
tawdfi^ (pL of tiriMi)i chronicles, 

histories ; <atoan^-<2i», one who is 

conversant with hUtory. a. 
t(xwSlzu\ f. humility, attention ; tawd- 
' 9H*'k., to present a. 

icmxtffu, f. ablution ; arriving at pu- 
berty, a, 

tawelOf a stable, a stslL a, 

lawily long, lengthy, a. 

jjamla^ m. a tether, foot-band. a. 

ta*imz, m. an amulet, a charm, a. 

tayamimim, m. purification before 
prayer ; where there is no water it 
is done with sand. a. 

Arms, fresh, new, &t, green, young, 
happy, p, 

taf<irr%\ m. supplication, lamenta- 
tion, a, [a. 

tazhik^ f. mocking, derision, ridicule. 

tdzi, of or belonging to Arabia, a. 

ta^^m^ t reverence, honouring, po- 
liteness, a. 

to'«tr, £ chastisement, whipping, a. 

^os^oiia, m. a whip ; flogging, p* 

teg^ f. a scimitar ; also Uf^, p, 

teha^ m. rage, vehemence ; iehe men 
and, to be greatly enraged, h. 

^kni, a. to support, to prop. h. 

telf m. oil ; teUf m. an oilman. #. 

fem, f. snufP of a candle, h. 

fenf, ripe fruit of the Earfl; speck 
on the eye. h, 

tenfi^ f. a kind of fruit, k, 

te^orJn (also fo,ori), f. a frown ; UorM^ 
ehofkandy to frown in anger. A. 

ie^tn ehafhdnd, a. to frown, h, 

tefhd, or fefhd, crooked, bent, wry. k, 

tesha, f. a carpenter's axe. p, 

tezy sharp, pungent, strong ; ^s-ra«, 
fut-going; tezraiU'*, t rapidity 
iez'hothy or tez-fahm, intelligent, 
quick of apprehension, jp. 

tezdb, m. any strong spirituous Up 
quor. p, 

ikag, m. a robber, a cheat. A. 

^kagnd, to cheat, h, 

ihdhf ■ bottom, ford. h. 


( 116 ) 


Ihahama, n. to* be stopped, to be 
fixed, to stop, stay, be settled, h. 
thakrana^ a. to settle, deterovne^ ap- 
point, h, 
thttUdf m. a bag, sack. ^» 
thaiUy f. a purse tied round the 

waisti a bag. h. 
tha-i'thci^, mirth, merriment, h, 
thaktt^ tired, wearied, exhausted. K 
ihakna^ n. to be wearied, to tire^ 
ihah'jana^ to be quite wearied. «. 
fhak'ihakf m.f. hard work ; a sound. 

fhakar, m. an idol, a heathen diyi- 
nitj; a raj-put title, like Lord, 
Excellenoy. h. 
thai, m. dry land ; thal-hera, means 

o attaining one's end. «• 
ihaldkna, n. to beat, flutter, palpi- 
tate, h, 
thali, f. a platter, a tray, h, 
thdmbndy a. to support, to prop, to 
than, m. udder. «. [protect. «. 
than, m. a piece of doth, a coin, k, 
ihan4d, also ihandha, cool, cold. K 
ihan4ak, or tha/n^k, f. ooldness, 

freshness. h» 
thannd, n. to be fixed, asoertained. h. 
ihdnnd, a. to resolye, determine, be 

intent on, to settle, perform, h, 
ihanfhandna, m. to jingle, h, 
thdp, f. a tap, a paw. K 
tharthardna, to quiyer, to tremble, h, 
fhasd, m. pride, pomp, h, 
fhasaky f. state, dignity, h, 
thdf, the frame on which thatch is 
thafh, m. a crowd, h, [put. h, 
thdfh, m. abundance, dignity, h. 
fhafhd, m. fun, sport, jest. h. 
fhafhol, jocose ; a jester ; thathoU, t 

fun, humour, sport, joking, h, 
(hcmr, £ place, spot, station. A. 

thek, f. support, h, 

fheldy m. shoying, pushing, h, 

ihelnd, to push or shoye. h, 

fhenfh, pure, genuine, h, 

f Am, f. a knock, a blow. h. 

thik, exact, eren, accurate, oompletOi 
just, fit, right, h, 

^hikdnd, m. limit, bounds, settle- 
ment; fhikdne lagnd, to be de- 
stroyed, terminated. A. 

ihilMfd, i, a water-pot. K, 

fhlp, t a small lamp. h. 

fhi^hakf £ standing amazed, h, 

ihifhar, t numbness, h. 

ihokar, f. a blow, a tripping; ^hokar" 
khdndy to stumble; fhokar-mdnid, 
a. to beat, h, 

thon^^ t striking with the ^finger or 
beak, h, 

fhonkndf a, to knock or driye in. A. 

thord, little, small, scarce, seldom, 
less, h, 

thm44h parched grain, h. 

thukndy to spit ; thuk-chd^nd, to break 
one's promise; thuk-dend, to giye 
up. h, 

^humak, walking gracefully, h, 

tCdddf f. number, computation, a. 

jti/f, m. an infant, a child, a young 
animal; jt{/lf, fliufuicy. a. 

tjibhj £ medicine, a. 

ti4ddf m. ti44*9 £ a locust, h, 

tihdlf £ spleen, a. 

HJd, m. rites performed for the dead 
on the third day after interment. «• 

tijdratf £ trade, commerce, a. 

fikd, m. a mark made on the lore- 
head (of Hindus), h. 

tikhd, pungent, angry. «. 

tikijfd, £ a wafer ; small cake of <Aar- 
coaL h. [h, 

tikkd^ m. a piece of meat, steak, chop. 


( 117 ) 


hlSy m. a riBing ground, a hillock, a 

ridge, h, 
ijUd, m. gold ; tjUa-h^f f. embroidered 

cloth ; jfi^-i, golden, made of gold, p, 
UlaJe^ f. a gown; a mark made on 

the forehead bj Hindus. h.p, 
HR^ £ abar (of a railing, cage, &o.). h, 
t^Utm^ m. a talinman, a spell, magic ; 

ffUitmat, enchantments; fjilumMi^ 

enchanted, a, 
HUdf m. coyness, ooqnetij. A. 
iMHfa/, £ resemblance, a, 
fim(imand^ to flicker, glimmer. #• 
Un, thxee; Hn'terah, confused. «. 
finettf t a piece of daj ; nature^ dis- 
position, a, 
tmkd, m. a straw, a stalk of grass, h. 
(^9 £ a note of hand ; drawing a 

cord; ftp-tap^ ornament; act of 
fyna^ to press, h, [pressing. K 
itr^ m. an arrow, a beam ; iir'omdazy 

an archer; ftr'OMddu^ archery, 

arrow-shooting, jp. 
Uriffi^ f. a female, a woman. 9, 
HrpoMUyd, m. a building or gate with 

three arches in front. «. 
UHk, m. pilgrimage, penance. #. 
tiSf thirty ; iuwdn, thirtieth. «. 
^if, £ a throb, a shooting pain. A. 
^iliMi, thirsty; tithna^^ £ thirst; 

temptation, p, 
Hard (fern. H»n)i the third, f . 
Uiar^ m. a kind of partridge, p, 
tutor hiHar^ scattered, dispersed, h, 
I0A t » feeling, groping; fo,0-fo,t, 

groping and searching. A. 
iohrd^ or tobf(i, m. a wallet, a bag. A. 
todit, m. a mound, a heap. p. 
foky £ hindrance, stoppage, h, 
fokndf a. to interrogate, to prerent, 

to challenge ; to look with an evil 

tol or told^ m. a denomination o\ 
weight. #. 

tolmd^ a, to weigh, to balance, to con- 
front, i. 

tond^ £ the belly, paunch, h, 

top, £ a cannon, a gun ; top cihofnd^ 
to fire a cannon or gun. t. 

fop^ m. a head-piece^ helmet, h, 

topdk^ £ a musket, t, 

fopif £ a hat, a cap. A. 

topndy to cover, to bury. A. 

tof, £ a kind of net-work thrown 
oyer an infant's cradle, &c. h, 

tora, m. a tray for carrying various 
dishes, p, 

tofd^ m. a purie containing 1000 ru- 
pees t it also signifies **want,*' 
"scarcity." h, 

tora-poA^ m. a covering for a tra^ or 
dish. p. 

tofHd, a. to break, to change (a8 
coia). #. 

*osha^ m. provision for a journey, p. 

tothakf £ a quHt, a mattress, p, 

fpidt ni.a parrot, p^ 

totldf stammering, a stutterer. A. 

tuda^ m. a mound, a heap, p, 

jt^/^ m. a deluge, the general de 
luge ; a storm of wind andrain. a 

twftMg^ £ a musket ; a tube, p* 

trfdlt for the sake o£ a. 

tuhfa, m. a curiosity, a present ; acy. 
rare, excellent, wonderful, a. 

tuhmatf £ suspicion, accusation, a. 

tuj\ f. the bay-tree^ or its bark. 9, 

ttyjjdr^ (plur. of tdfir)^ merchants. <h 

tuk, £ a moment. A. 

fuhf a little, somewhat. K 

fnkaft a crumb ; fHJcaf-g<idd^ one who 
begs for crumbs, h, 

tul^m^ m. seed, an egg. p. 

tukka9hf m. a quiver. |>. 


( 118 ) 


fukfOf m. a piece, a diTision, a bit, a 
monel. s. 

Kv^, m. length, extension, a, 

Mndy to be weighed, h, 

fulu\ aacending, rising, a. 

tttm^ you (plural of tu). A. 

fu^md, victuals, bait, dinner, a. 

tftnd; active, hot, spirited, fierce, 
acrid ; tund'imizdjy hot-headed, pas- 
sionate; tuHdi, f. fierceness, acti- 
vity, p. 

tundiydik-kasnd, or -handkna^ to tie 
the hands behind the back. g.h, 

funffj iungdr^ f. pecking or nibbling 
fruit, h, [A. 

fungiifdndt a. to urge on (a horse, &c). 

tunki, f. a kind of very thin bread, a. 

tunnd, m. a kind of tree. 9. 

tupaJcy f. a musket, t, 

Turk, m. a soldier, a Musalman; 

' 2WH, of or belonging to Turkistan. 

turkaniy a female of Turkistan. p. 

Turkiftdn, name of a country, p, 

tursk, sour, harsh; tttrsh-ru, stem 
of countenance ; turshif f. sourness, 
sternness, p. 

turtf instantly, quickly. 8. 

tuty m. a mulberry, a. [|7.A. 

^ff^o, m. tuti, f. a parrot, a parroquet. 

tutldnd, to lisp, h, 

iutU, f. lisping, h, 

iufna, n. to be broken, to fiul, to 
* break forth upon. ». 

tu!Bukf m. pomp, splendour, t. 

"ijforandy to be giddy, to stagger, h. 


ubhamd^n. to rise up, depart, set 
forth, h. 

mdhakh&t m. a thief, a pickpocket. &• 
uckhaZnd^ n. to bound, to spring up. 

uehhalndf s. to throw up a thing (as 

a ball, &c,f for amusement), and 

catch it in the hand as it falls. A. 
uchdftuif a. to disperse. 9, 
*udt m. wood of aloes ; *ud'SOZf a 

censer for burning *«d. a. 
uddtj sorrowful, dejected ; ttiMt, sor- 

rowj dejection. «. [way. h. 

udhar^ or udhar or udhir, thither, that 
^<*^» production, producing. «. 
uffnd, to grow. h. 
*uhdaf m. office, rank, occupation, a. 
vjdf, desert, ruinous; also descda- 

tion. A. [ruined. A. 

ujdrndy to become desolate, to be 
ufdfndy a. to lay waste, to injure. 
ujhalndy n. to pour quickly from one 

vessel into another. A. 
'«Aad, m. an eagle, a, 
uhhy f. sugar-cane. A. 
ukharnd^ n. to be rooted up. A. 
ukhdrndy a. to root up, to break, or 

pluck up. s, 
ukhernd, a. (v. ukhdffid), to root up. 8, 
uksdnd, a. to excite, stir up, move. «• 
uktdnd, n. to be vexed, tired. 8, 
uldk, f. a kind of small boat. t. 
ulcuh, m. the food left uneaten by a 

superior, t, 
ulafnd, a. and n. to pervert, subvert, 

thwart; to be reversed, turned 

over. A. [tion. p. 

ulfatf t friendship, familiarity, afiec- 
nljhan, f. involution, complication, h* 
lUjhdndy t^ to entangle. A^ 
ulfherd, m. entanglement, intricacy. A. 
tilfd, turned over, opposite. 
ultdndj a. to upset. A. 
ulUf £ grass, used for thatoh. A» 



( 119 ) 


uim-riizm, (properly ulU'Vazm\ reso- 
lute, endowed with constancy, a, 

wiian4na, to orerflow, to be poured 
out. h, 

nmanfff f. transport, joj. h. [a. 

mmara^ (pLofomtr), nobles, grandees. 

umarO'Zdda, m. miMra-zadi, f. son 
or daughter of a grandee. a.p, 

*umda, noble, a grandee, a. 

ummaidf £ (▼. vmmed), hope, p* 

ummaty f. sect, followers, a. 

ummedf f. hope, expectation ; ummed' 
wdr, hopeful, an expectant ; ummed' 
iodrif f. expectation, p, 

*umr, f. age, life-time. a. 

*umukf m. depth, profiindity. a. 

'ftfnriin, common, a, [9. 

Unehd, high, tall ; abore, steep ; loud. 

unchds (also unehdyt), f. height ; the 
numerical forty-nine. «. 

unghf f. nodding, sleepiness, h, 

unghna^ to nod, to doze. A. 

w^U^ f. a finger. «. 

tf»^, m. a camel. «. 

tt^'o;, £. the chorus of a song, h, 

upar^ above, over, up. 8, 

uparif upper, innermost, s. 

upafndt n. to be rooted up. A. 

upas, f. offensive smell, rottenness, h, 

uprdld'k.f to back, to take one*s part. 

urdnf f. act of flying, h, [«. 

ufdnd, a. to cause to fly, to squander ; 
Ufd'd., to waste ; ufdfhchlm-^h,^ or 
ufdn-ehhu hd^'dndf n. to fly away, 
to disappear, s, 

urddheganif an armed female atten- 
dant, h. 

Urdu, m. an army camp, market; 
wrdu e mu^alld, the royal camp, p, 

urebf f. complication, h, 

ufAnd, a. to put on clothes, &c. 8, 

vr-jdndf n. to fly away, h. 

urnd, n. to fly, to flee away. #• 
W«, a marriage procession or feast, a. 
'urusi, nuptial, a marriage feast, a. 
wydn, naked, bare. a. 
mlub, m. manner, mode, method, 

order ; ualub'ddr, symmetricaL a. 
ustddf m. a teacher, preceptor, mas> 

ter. a. 
u8-iarahf in that manner. a.h, 
«9f,arldb, f. an astrolabe, g. 
wtuMiipdnf m. a bone ; the stone of 

a firuit. a. 
us-wdgte, for that reason. a.A. 
utdr, m. descent. «. []A. 

utdran, f. a fragment ; cast-off dothes. 
utamd, n. to descend, to alight, to 

subside, to decrease, to pass over. 8. 
ufdmdy a. to cause, to alight, or de- 
scend ; to discharge. «. 
utdwal, f. quickness, h, 
ufhdn, f. act of appearing. 
ufhdnd, a. to lift or raise up, to take 

away. 8, 
ufhdfi-fftrdf a thief, depredator, h, 
ufh-baifh, f. restlessness. A. 
u(h-Jdnd, n. to depart, h, 
ufh-khard'h,, n. to stand up. h. 
ufhndf n. to rise up ; to be abolished, 

to go away. «. 
ufhwdnd, a. to cause to be raised. «« 
uttoTf m. the north ; an answer. «. 
^uzr, m. excuse; bild *«fr, without 

hesitation or apology ; *uzr-Mtwdh^ 

apologizing; ^uzT'tAwdhi, the act 

of apologizing, a, 
uzbc^ni^ a female Uzbek, p. 


wd (old inflection of wah), him, her, 
it ; wd'ten, with him, &c. h. 


( 120 ) 


wabd, f. the plague or peetilenoe. a. 

wabalf m. a fault, plague ; painfuL a. 

wj^doy m. a promiae, TOW, bargain, a. 

loo/S, £ performing a promiae, sin- 
oerity ; waphdar^ sincere, fiuthfnl ; 
foafS^ddti^ f. sinoerity, fidelity; 
wafo'k.y to suffices tvo/S,?, t fide- 
lity, sincerity, a. 

wcfat^ f. death, decease, a. 

w4/{r, abundant, a. 

wa-gltairay et cetera, and so forth, a* 

ipmA, £ bra¥o ! alas I p. 

wahdn^ there, thither, yonder, k, 

Wiifydai^ f. unity or oneness (of GK)d). 
a, [surdity, a. 

iD^t, weak, silly; waM tahdkif ab- 

iPoAi, pron, he^ himself that very 
(person), h, 

waJtid^ or tod^idf one^ sole^ alone^ in- 
dividual, single, dk 

iPoAfii, m. imagination, idea, opinion. 
a, [a. 

fPo^kMo^, £ gi^ sorrow, aversion. 

wai^My wild, savage ; a wild beast, a. 

wa*i(^ £ threatening, promising, tk 

wainehhnd^ to skin, h, 

wairany desolated, depopulated, p. 

waitdf in that manner, so, like that, 
such ; waita ka waUdy the same as 
ever, h, [a, 

wff%z,y m. a monitor, preacher, adviser. 

too; A, £ cause, mode, face. a. 

wajvby necessary, proper, just; 100- 
jibu-lrlcatly worthy of death, a, 

voakaTy m. dignity, estimation ; steadi- 
ness, constancy j modesty, honour. 

wakify knowing, experienced; wakif- 
kar, acquainted with matters ; ido- 
kif-h,, n. to be acquainted with. a. 

wd^ hondy n. to be&l, happen, ap- 
pear. #.a. 

wdki^iy verily, of a certainty, a. 

wakily m. an agent, a counsellor, a. 

foa^, m. dignity, honour, diaracter; 
adj. mild, modest ; wa^cr-waldy dig- 
nified, a. 

wa^y m, iimey season, opportunity; 
wa^'kdfndy to pass time, a, 

wdkffy nL a oontingenoy, event, hap- 
pening, a. 

waloy a termination added to nouns 
to denote possession, as fopt'Wdloy 
the man with a hat; added to infi- 
nitives, it denotes agency, as ketine' 
wdldy the narrator or speaker (v. 
Hind. Gh»m.). h, 

wUd^hdny of high dignity, a. 

waR or wdRy m. a prince^ master, 
saint ; a servant, slave; waU-n^maiy 
a fiftther; weUi *ahady an heir, a 
successor. a» 

ufdlidy a fitther ; wHidoy a mother; 
fodUdam (dual), both parents, a.. 

w-alldh d'lamy but God knows, a. 

wdmy m. lending or borrowing, p, 

todpasy back, returned ; wdpcu'd.y or 
-Ar., a. to return, give bock. p» 

wapfdy m. cloth, dbthes. A. 

tDdr, on this side (of a river) : war*- 
pdr'k.y to pierce right through. «. 

wdTy m. (for bdir) time, instant, p. 

wara\ m. £ timidity ; fear of Gbd ;. 
temperance, a. 

warctky m. a leaf (of a book), a card ; 
warak-id-J^ydly m. a kind of in- 
toxicating drink ; noarctkly like a 
leaf, a kind of pastry, a. [p. 

warghflldwndy to deceive^ to inveigle. 

wdridy coming, arriving, being pre- 
sent ; plur. wdridMy events, occur- 
rences, a, 

wdrt-pheri'h^ to be transported 
(with joy), h. 


( 121 ) 


warifi^ UL an heir, master, lord, owner. 

wama (for wa'gar'^M)^ and if not, 

otherwise, p, 
fo^mtf, to snrronnd; to offer sacri- 
* ' fice. h, 
warta^ m. heritage. a» 
ioasai^ m. f. the middle, centre, a, 
wa^at^ f. space, extent, power, means ; 

leisure, opportimity. a, 
wcttft ni. praise, encomium, yirtne^ 

worth, a. 
todshudy f. opening, dispersing, p, 
toa«r, extensire, large, spacious, a. 
wofif m. an executor. a» 
woflik, firm, steady, confident, a, 
wofil, arriyed, connected with, a, 
wofila, m. affinity ; cause, support ; 

means, a. 
ioofiyat, t last will and testament ; 

precept, a, 
wanpdSf m. temptation, doubt, per* 

plexity; wanpan, doubtful a, 
wMffi, prep, on account o^ for the 

purpose, of, because ofl a, 
vxxtady m. a peg or pin. a, 
ioatjcmy m. natire coimtry, home, 

abode, a. [a. 

wdwaild, alas! sorrow, lamentation. 
foa*z, m. preaching, admonition, a, 
imzifa, m. salary, allowance ; a 

daily task or lesson (from the 

Kur,an). a, 
wdnh, evident, clear, a. 
waxiTf m. a minister ; wazir-zada^ 

wazir-zadi, son or daughter of a 

focuiir, a* 
ioaz»f m. weight, heayiness. a. 
too^fi, m. ablution, a. 
we, they, those (pi.) *. 
wid^t m. adieu, farewell; widff-Jc^ 

to dismiss, a. 

wildyatf f. an inhabited country, 

dominion, a foreign country ; Eu« 

rope, a, 
w4Ud, w-illd na, otherfdse, except, a 
vriranaf m. desert, wilderness, p, 
wirdf m. daily practice ; wird'^iaa^fa 

parhnoy to perform one's daily 

tasks of derotion. h, 
vfifdlf meeting, union, a. 
wizdraty f. office of icat*r, a. 
wo, (v. we,) they, those, h, 
wonhiiiy that instant, in that same 

way. h, 
wuhy pron. he, she, that, it; some* 

times used for the plural tew (v. 

Hind. Gram. 114). h, 
wuMy pron. he, himself that yery 

(person), h. 
wuMn, (y. toonhin,) immediately. A. 
vju]^h, m. (pi.) wild beasts, a. 
vfufud, m. invention, existence, body j 

adj. existing, found, a. 
wukufy understanding, experience } 

wu^f-ddr, informed o^ experi- 

enced. a. 


yi, oonj. or, either. p,h, 

yd, inter}. O ! OhX yd Ildhi, O D£. 

yine (Being), a, 
yddy f. memory, recollection ; ydd-Je. 

to remember ; ydd-farmdnd, to call 

for, to send for. p. 
yddgdTy m. a memorial, a souvenir, j?. 
yoffdna, kindred, single, sole, incom* 

parable; unanimous, p, 
yoffSnoffi, f. unanimity, p, 
yahdn, here, in this place, h. 
yoMy this same, this yery. A. 
yaMny m this very place, here. only. A. 


( 122 ) 


TahiuSy aJefw. a, [Magog, a. 

^"*;> Ck)g ; Tajuj Mdjij, Gog and 

yak, one, a, an; ffak-d-ifok, or tfah- 
'hehjfoky all at onoe^ suddenlj ; yak- 
karlam, consistent as a writer ; ifak- 
dU, of the same mind; yak-ruy 
unanimous ; yak-siny equal, alike.^. 

jro^pii, £ gn.Yjy stew, a kind of 
pu]a,o. p, 

yakin, m. certainty ; certain, true. a. 

yakkoy unique, unrivalled, p. 

jfoktd, single, unique ; yakti^y £, sin- 
gleness, p, 

yakuty m. a ruby, a gem. a. 

yaly t a horse's mane. p. 

Yamany name of a country, Arabia 
Felix, a. 

ya*fUy thatis to say, namely, a. 

yoTy m. a friend, loyer, an assistant ; 
ydriy f. aid, assistance, p. 

yarhdahy sensuaL p, 

yarkdny m. the yellow jaundice, a. 

ydSy f. despair, a. 

yasdwaly m. an attendant, p, 

ydaminy m. a jasmine, p. 

ya^auhy m. the king of the bees, a, 

yattmy m. an orphan, a slave, a. 

ydwariy £ aid, assistance, p, 

yihy pron. this, he, she, it ; used oc- 
casionally for the plural ye, they. 

yifdy this same, this yery. h. [h. 

yutnuy m. felicity, a, 

yuHy thus, as follows, so. h. 

Yusvft Joseph, a man's name ; haZ' 
rat Tuwfy the patriarch Joseph, a. 


gabdHy f. the tongue, language, dia- 
lect, flame of a candle, p, 

zabdniy by the tongue, that is, ver- 
bally, p. 

xaboTy orer, aboTC^ snpcrior; mAor 
dtuty YigorouB, violent, oppressive; 
tabartUutiy f. oppression, a. 

zahhy m. a sacrifice, slaughter, a. 

^i'k^ to take possession ; to con- 
trol, a, 

gddy bom ; used in oompontion, as, 
Mauthzdd^ house-bom slave, &c ; 
zid-btimy land of one's birth. p» 

tidy m. food, provision for travel- 
ling, a. 

xddoy m. in oomp. a son, duld; £ 
zd(&. p, 

zdfardnky £ saflQron; xt^fardMy yel- 
low, of a saffiron colour, a* 

^d^, m. victory, a. 

zagba»i £ a kite. p. 

zagkflndy £ sally, flight, levity, p,i 
also nt'm. a. 

zaksy or zdkiy bravo! well done! p» 

zdhid, m. a monk, a recluse, a. 

xahtny sagacious, a. 

p.dhiry evident, perspicuous, a. 

zahTy m. poison; zakr mdr kamd, 
to do anything by force, or unwil- 
lingly ; zakr-ddry poisonous ; mAr- 
mukrOy m. the bezoar, an antidote 
to poison, p. 

zakTy £ the back, tt, 

zdyiky lost, destroyed, firuitless. a. 

zdyidy redundant, beyond, a. 

za^ify weak, impotent, a, 

zdyikay m. relish, taste, flavour, a. 

zdyily deficient, failing, a. 

zal^ra, m. treasure, provisions, vic- 
tuals, a. 

zal^my m. a wound, sore, scar. jp. 

zaMimiy wounded ; zaiAmi-k.^ to 
wound, p. 

zakiy acute, fiery, a. 

zakwny thorny tree so called, a. 

zakwdty £ alms. a. 

ZAJH ( 123 ) ZEB 

zak, zikf f. injuring, disappointing, a. 

za/Ty m. gold, riches, wealth, money ; 

za!, f. an old woman, p. 

zarrtny or zarrty made of gold. p. 

?aldl, m. error, faiUt, ruin, a. 

za/ra/Ty m. injury, damage, affliction. 

zalilf abject, contemptible, base. a. 

anguish, a. [a. 

sidlimf an oppressor, a tyrant, a. 

zarray or zarrdy m. an atom, a little. 

zaluy f. a leech, p. 

zairhy f, a blow, stamping, a. 

za^my m. thinking, opinion, presump- 

zar-hdfiy embroidered, embroidery, p. 


zoT-hdfty m. brocade, p. 

sfamddy f. a bandage, a plaster, a. 

zdr ha zdty lamentation, p. 

1 sofftaffi, m. f. a rein, bridle, a. 

za^y yellow, pale, livid; zard*^ 1 

zamm^ m. time, an age, the world ; 

paleness, p. 

fortune; the heavens; tense; za- 

zarday m. a kind of pulao. p» 

mdna^ m. time, &c. ; zamdna-sazy 

zard'dhy m. pus, matter. p» 

time-server; zamdna-sdziy f. time- 

zardaky f. a carrot, p. 

serving, flattery, a. 

zar-dozi, f. embroidery, p. 

zambaiy f. a basket, purse, jp. 

garfy m. a large vase. a. 

zambury m. a hornet, a bee, a vice, 

zar-goTy a goldsmith; zar-gariy pro- 

forceps, a. 

fession of a goldsmith, p. 

zambwraky f. a small gnn. j>. 

zdtiy f. lamentation; zdri'k,y n. to 

zamhariry m. cold, intense cold. a. 

lament, to sigh, p. 

zamitty f. the earth, ground, soil, 

zdriby beating, a. 

country; zamin-daTy m. the re- 

Sarify ingenioiis, witty, a. 

ceiver of the revenues arising from 

zark'barky m. a showy sort of dress. 

land ; zami»-ddriy an allotment in 

flammes d^enfer, p. 

land, or, rather, of the revenue of 

zaruTy necessary, expedient, a. 

such land. jp. 

ixaruraty f. force, compulsion ; want. 

zammy f. blame, reproach, a. 

indigence, a. 

zany f. a woman, p. 

ifa/rurty necessary, requisite; pi. fa- 

gcMy m. opinion ; suspicion, a. 

ruriydty necessaries, requisites, a. 

zandnay m. a seraglio, the women's 

zdty f. nature; essence, soul; body. 

apartment in an oriental establish- 

caste; self, person, a. 

ment, p. 

zafaly f. quibbling, chattering, h. 

zanffy m. rust ; a small beU ; name of 

zauky m. pleasure, relish, a. 

a country in Africa, jp. 

^awdy f. light, splendour, a. 

zanffdriy rusty, p. 

zawdly m. decay, diminution, a. 

Zangty a native of Zangy a negro, a 

zeTy prep, under, below, inferior; 

black, p. 

zerdatty a subject, vassal; power- 

zdniy m. an adulterer, a whoremonger. 

less ; zer zahaTy topsy-turvy, p. 

zavjahtly f. dry ginger, a, [a. 

zer-anddzy m. a carpet whereupon to 

zanfiTy t a chain, p. 

place the hukka. p. 

zanuy m. opinion, suspicion, a. 

zehy f. ornament ; zeb-d,y to suit, to 

zdnuy m. the Lnee. p. 

become, p. 


( 124 ) 


veha, adorned, betatiibL p, 

iehayiah^ £ beauty, splendour, p, 

Zer-bady name of a country, now the 
Burmese Empire, p. [p, 

stW'hiryan^ m. a kind of dish or food. 

zetoar, m. a jewel, an ornament, p. 

zewardtf pi. jewels, p, 

zi, possessed o^ aa ^-shdn, possessed 
of dignity, tt, 

ziddf £ opposition, contrariety ; pddi^ 
one who opposes ; adj. obstinate, a, 

eih, f . a bow-string, throes of child- 
birth., p, 

zikTf m. remembrance, mention, a. 

sal, f. the treble (in music), p. 

zila\ m. a side, a part ; a district ; a 
column (of a book), a. 

gillf m. shadow; ^ll-i-subl^mf the 
shadow of Omnipotence, a king; 
giUruUihi, the shadow of God. a, 

zillaty t baseness, meanness, a. 

ziuy m. a saddle ; ztn-pash, m. a cloth 

. fastened oyer the saddle; houa* 
ings. p. 

zindf f. adultery, fornication, a. 

ztnat, f. ornament, beauty, elegance. 

zinday alire, liying. p, [a. 

zinddn, m. a prison, p, 

zindoffdniy or zindoffiy {, life, ezist- 

zinjify f. fringe, p. [enoe. p, 

zvTy f. the treble (in music), p, 

zircty f iron armour ; sira-poshf dad 
in iron armour, p, 

zira^aiy f. agriculture^ sown field. a» 

ztrdky ingenious; HroJtt, f. inge- 
nuity, p, 

gUiif ugly, unbecoming, p. 

zltty alire, life. p. 
ziydy t light, splendour, a, 
ziyddcty m. addition, increase; ady. 
more; ziyddo'lcy to augment, to 
increase ; (met.) to take away the 
dinner and table-cloth. a» 
zijfdcUiHy increase, abundance, p, 
f^afaty f. a feast, a banquet ; hospi- 
tality, inyitation. a, 
ztydUy m. loss, damage, deficiency; 
ttydn^kdry destmctiye, dangerous; 
giydn-hdrty f. destructiyeness. p, 
tiydraty t pilgrimage, a. 
zor, m. force, strength, yiolence, 
yigour, effort, weight; zor-dwary 
powerful, strong ; zar-dwan^ & 
power, force, p. 
zuy a lord, (in compos, endowed with, 
as, snt'l-raJ^a^ a possessor of notea 
or scraps of paper with writing on 
them, a, 
zudy quick, quickly ; zndly f. speed, p, 
^fy m. weakness, frailty, a. 
Zui^y m. name of a king, a, 
zuhdf m. continence, deyotion. a* 
guhTy m. mid-day, or a little after, 

when the heat is most intense, a. 
guMry appearance, existence; guhUr 

meii dndy to take place, /x. 
zukdMy m. a cold, a catarrh, a, 
zu'l'/akdry nameof a famous sword, a. 
zu^y f. a curling lock, a ringlet. p» 
Sulm^ m. oppression ; injustice, a, 
Hulmaty f. darkness; pL gnlmdiy re- 
gions of darkness, a. 
zumurrudy m. an emerald, p, [a. 
zmMOTf f. a belt or girdle ; a rosary. 

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