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#^HTT TfrniiTi1i»M Q OMC8Eoi!DooiicccQB»Bao«p >ii»i;acQC8fl''''°°''°«°0»P'°°°*''''''°'''QtJ"'^<°°''°''°''''"^ 
- „ j^^ _^-^-^^. „™_. ._.^__,__._^ __ _ _ - „ 

f E VI . Q S I ^^ gj2i^J,E.^X^ ^ '"^' v^^ii^S^f l^'TER I AMES .^ Q 


G A^ D 


Tranilated according to the EbrcW 

andGreci>e, and conferred with the bcfttra(>(la. 

tioiis in diuei'j languages. Witli moft profit.ib!e Jiino- 

taeions vpon .il! the hard places, and other things 

of great importance . as may appears in 

theEpiftleto the Reader. 

^»d alfa a fft',/i profitable Cencordancftr the 

readie fiitding <^wt of any thing in 

the f4'nt cavtaited 

Q.PHI LIP . Qk\i 



^Imprinted AtLondos 
byRoBiRT Bafkbr, Printer 
^ -v to the Kings moft excel- 

■^ ^ lentMaieftie. 

1 6 o6. 


rff3^'^'il OM AT H EAVE.Q 


17 1. 

"* 5^^ ^ "p. 


I -'I — ^ V 


t i T HTAS I V I > F 


s^O P 

^Alivx o N ■ ■;u ;: c r r [1 c r r [ G F n r r r f c i r r c f r D t r <j t r ^ r ^ r r n f r r r r r r c c f : f ; ■: .- 

r (O s I >i o :,' . W 









le incomparable treafure of 
the holy Scriptures ^with a prayer 

for the true vfe of the fame. 
Efai.ii,3 &49 T"TEre is the Spring where waters flow, 
anduT''^" -^ to quench ourhcatoffinne ; 
lerem.j/i J. ^^'"^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ where tructh doih grow, 
Dral.119.160. toleade our lilies therein: 
rcue.1.7 and Kerc is the ludge that (lints theUrife, 
ai.r.pfal.! 19. when mens deuices faile ;,.- ' "* " 
141,144. r^gp^ jg ^^^ Bread that feeds the life, 

that death can noraflajle. 
Luk€».io. The tidings of Saluationdcere, 

conies to our cares from hciicc : 
Epher.(?.i6. The forttefTe ofour Faith is heeie, 

and iliieid rf our defence, 
Matth.7.^. Then be not hke the hogge,thac hath 

a.Pet.i.ii. Andcakesmorepleaftsreoffhe trough 

and wallowing in the mire. 
Matth.6.2t. aiiycale, 

butwichafingle eye: 
Pfal.n9.i7, Readenotjbutfirrtdefire Gods grace, 
73. tovnderftand thereby, 

ludc ao. Pray ftill in faith, with this refpef^, 

to fru6^ine therein, 
Plal.r 19.11. That knowledge may bring this cfte6^, 

to mortifie thy finne. 
lofhuax.S, Then happythoujin all thy hfc, 
PIal.i.1,1. vvhatloto theebcfalles: 

Pra!.94 li.ij. Yea, doublehappy (halt thou be, 

when God by death thee calles, 

rNGracious God and moft merciful! Father , which haft vouehfafed vs the rich 
^^and precious icwell of ihy holy Word , afl'ift vs with thy Spirit , that it may be 
written m our hearts to our cucrlafting comfort, to reformcvs, torcnew vs ac- 
cording to thine ownc image, to build vs vp, and cdific v$ into the perfeft buildmg 
ofthyChrift fandifyingandincreafinginvsallheauenly veitues. Grant this, O 
hcauenly Father , for IcfusChriftesfake. Amen. 

^ To rhe Cliriftian Reader, 

Efides the manifold and continual bcnf fits which Almighty GodbcRoweth vpon \'s,bo!h corpora!! and ff 
ruualljwe are especially boundeCdeare brethren) wgiiichim tbankesvvithoctccancqfdrhisgrcar grace an 
vnr.^calisble mcrciesin tbst it hath pica fed him tucall vs vnto this n arueilous light ct his Goipel,and roe 
ciftlllyro regard vs after fo horrible backdidng 3c falling away from Chri!> to Anrichrilt,ft6 light to dark 
Hes.from the liuing God todumme and d^ad idoI<s,and tkat after fo cruel! murther of Gods Sa'ots,as alasi 

hath bene among v»,we are notaltogethei caft oSjas «<re the irraeli!es,& many other, for the like, or no^ 

fo manjfeft wick^dnes, bat receiued againc to grace ^vith mofl cuident fignes and tokens of Gods efpcciall louear.d fauoub 
Tothe intent therefore that wteniay not bee rnmindefull of :hde great mercies, bs^tfeckcby all meanes (according t<J 
our duetie) to be thankefuU for the fame, it belioueth vs fo to walkc m his fezte and loue, t hat ail the days ^ ot our life wee 
tnay ptocureilie glory of his holy Name, NowforaJiiiuch as this thing chiefly is attained by the knowledge and pra&ifing^ 
of t!-.5 rtoide ot God, (wihich is the light to our pathes, the ke>' cf the kingdome of hcauen, our comfort in atflidlion, ou^ 
fliield and fword againft Sacan, the fchoole of all wifidome, tbc glafle wherein we bthoide Gods face, the teflimonieof his 
fauout, and the onelyfoode and nourifhment of our foults) we thought that we could beftoi\e our lahouisand ftudieiaj 
nothing which could bee more acceptable to God and comfortable tohisChwch, then in the tranflating of the bov 
Scriptures into our natiue tongue : the which thing, albeit that diuers heretofore hauc indcuourtd to atchitue : \ et confid/ 
rin" the infanoe of thoie times and imp*rfc^ knowledge of the tongues, in ter|:<ct of this ripe agesndcle4rc light whi^ 
God hath now reueiied, the tranflations required greatly to bepcruled and reformed. Nor thatwe vendicate anything to 
our feluesaboue the lealt ot our brethren(for God knowtth with ivhatfearc & trcmblng wehauc bene for the fpaceof two 
yeeres and and night occupied herein) but being eartfeilly defircd, and by diuers, « hofc learning and podlines wee 
reucrence, exhorted, and alio incouraged by thcreadywillcsolfuch, whole hearts Godlikewiie tou;hed, not toiparetmy 
charges for the furtheranccof fuch a benefit &faaor of God lowardhis Church(thoagh the time then was inoff dangercu-^, 
and the perfecution (harpe & furious) we fubmittedour lelues at length to their godly iudgements, and feeing the great op- 
porttinitieand occafions, which God ptcfented vnto vsin his resfon of (o many godly and learned men, and fucb 
dinetfitiesof tranflations in diuers toaj;ues : we vndcrtookethis great & wonderful worke (withall teuerence, as in the pre- 
(enccofGod.aMntfcating the word ofGod,whereunto wcthir.keourfeluesvnfufncient) which now God.according to his 
diuine prouidence & niercy,ha!h directed to a molt profpcrous end. And this we may wiih good confcicHce proteil, that we 
haue m euety point & word.accoidingto the mtafure of that knowledge which it pleafed Almigf>ry God to giue vs, faith- 
fully rendred the text,and in a'l hard places moil fyncerely expounded the fame. Fo; God is our wit neile.tbat wee haue by all 
meanes endeuoured tofct foorthtbeputitieot the word and right fenfcotthchoiy Ghoft,for the edifying of the brethren 
in faith and charitie, . . ; . ' 

Now as wcbaue chiefly obferued the fenfe, andlaboured alvway«s to refloreit toall iotegrKie : fo haue we mofi reurrent- 
ly kept the proprietie ot the words', conlidering that the Apoftles who fpake and wroteto the Gentilei in theGretke 
tongue, rather conlirained them to the liuely phrafeof the EoreWe, then emcrpriteti farie by mollifyng thtir Iaiig;;a£c to 
fpcakc as the Gentiies did. And lor this ?i oiliti cauies we haa? in m^ny places reletueJt he Ebrew phrates, notwithUanding 
that they mjy feemelomewhat hard in their earestlwt are not well prai^iled, andali^i delight in;hefweetfbundingphr3fes 
ofthe holy Scriptures. Yet led either the fimplcliould be diicouraged, or the malicious haue any occafTon of iuftcza^lla- 
tion, feeing Ibme tranflations reade, after one rort,»nd fome after another, wbete'as all may ferue to good pui pole Si edifica- 
tion, we haue in the margeit noted that diucrfitK of fpeech ov reading which may ai'offeme agrteabic to the mindeof the 
holy Ghoft,and proper lor our language with this markc |l. Againe,-where»j ikc Ebrcwe ipeech ftemed hatuly to agree 
with oun,we haue note I it in the margcntalttrthw'fort^:, vfingthatwbich was mote intelligible. And ilbtit that miny of 
the Ebrew i«mes be altered from the old te.Nt ,and reftored to the tiue wisting & firft otig hrI', whereof they haue their l:g- 
nificarion,yetinthevrcallnamfsl:tle:s changed for f care of troubling the (impic readers. Moreouer, wt-ereas ihenecefhtic 
of the lentence required any thing to be added (for fuchis the grace and proptietie of the Ebrewe and Greeke tongues that 
it cannot but either bye rcumlqcution,or by adding the veibc or Ibme word, bcvndctfloodof them that are not well pra- 
dife I therein ) wee haue put ic in the t^vt w ith an otbrr kindeol Utter , that i: may e afily bee difcernrd from the ccmrron 
letter. A touching the diuifion oi the v£rfe£,wehauc folowed the bb.ew examples, which hi'ue fo euenfrom the beginning 
diftinguiilicd tbem. Which tiling as it is mofi profitable tor memot:c,/o doth it agre? xvith tbc befl tranflations, and is moft 
fafietjfindeout both by the befi Concorjanc<;s, and alio byjhequoatiors which we haue diligently herein perulcd and 
fcrforthby this*. Befiues this, the ptincpall matters are noted and ciftmguifheJ by this marke^. Yeaandthe a-^gn- 
nwnts both for the booke at\d for the chaptets with the number of the verie aie added, that by all meanes the reader might 
be holpcn . For the which caufe r.lfo wee haue !ec oner the head of cuery page fome notable worde or ftnrence r hich mr.y 
greatly further alwcU for mcmoricas for thechiefe point of the page. And confidering how hard a thing it is to vndci (land 
the holy Scriptuies.and what errors, fcSs and hercfies gro»v dayly forlackcof the trie knowkdge tnercof.and how many are 
difcouragrtJ (a- they preteiid) bccauie they cannot attaine to the t-ue and fimple miatiing of the tar5ic,we haneaHo indeuou< 
red both by the diligent reading cf the beff comm«ntaries,8nd olfo by the conference with the godly andlcamed 
gather brisfe annotations vpon all th; hatd places,alwel for tbc rnder-landing of fucb words ss are obrcurG,ar.d for the de. 
clara<ion ofthetext,asfot theap.iicatioaofthefamCjasmay-fconai^pertaine toGodsglorv& ibeediticationofhisChnrcb. 
Filially, that nothing might lacke vhtch niighr b^ bought by labours, for the increale of knowledge and lUrtherance of 
Gods glary,there are adioyned two mod picHljb'e Table<,the one feruing for|^ interpretation of t'ne Ebrewe names : &nd 
the other conramingall the chiefeand principal matrersof tl e whole Bible: fo that npthing(as wc rrurt;that anr could iuflly 
delTre, is omi'.ted. ThererotCias brtthrcn that ate patt.ikers of the fame hope and faluation v.ith vs,we befrech you.that this 
rich pearle and nieftinsabU :re:;liire may notbeottrrii in vaine, but asfent from God tothe pC'-ple cf God, foi their.'-tcaft 
ofhiikingdome, the com!o;t of his Church, and dil'cliarge of of.rcoafcience, whom it hath pleafcd himtorai'evpfor this 
purpoffjfo you would willingly 'eceiue the vvoide of Go.-l,?arn£{t!y fludicit, andinallvouriifeprsiSifeit, that yeemayntnv 
appeare in dccde to be the people of God,nat walkir.g any more according to this world, but in the fruits of the Spirit, tb?* 
Codia vs may be fully gloiified^tbrou^h Chiiillefiu ourLord^wholiuethand reigneth for e utr. A.T.en> 

T 3 



How to take profit by reading of the holy Scriptures. 

{Teach the way ofhis ftatuus. 
Giuc vnderftanding. 
Direft in the path ofhis commaundements. ^ 
Attheleaftjtwifc euery dayc this exercift \ _ 
bekcpt. ^Deu.ii.v.1^ 

Hie time once appointed hereimto after a good i . . 

cntrie,be no otha-wife employed. ^Lulcc.p.v.«». 

Siipaftition be anoydcd. . p/- 

At one other time that be done,vrhich is left vn- ^ j, \_^^' ^'^^j 

done at any time. *^ Ephe.5.v.iiJ, 
Tcachc,tbat we may learne trueth. _. 

Improue,that we may be kept from errouij ^* " M^-J • '"'• 

Corredjthat we may be driuen from vice. ^ ' * 
Inftruft , that wee may be fetled in the way of 

well doing. 

Diligently keepe futh order of reading the fcrip- 
tiares and prayer as may (land with his callin 
and ftaee of hie, So due 

Vnderftani to wtut ende and purpefe dio Soip- 
cura fecucwfakfa were wiittonito 

i6.Sc 17. 

Comfort, that in ttoublc we Biay be confirmed ^R(,m « c v <t, 
in patient hope. r *' "^ 


L HolyGhoft. C i. Creation, 
of manKinde, by ^ 2. fall and finne. 
C ?j-egenerationir 

Remember that Scrip- 
tures oontdne nutter 

■ Faith in 
one God 


5 j-egeneration in ChrifL 

{ Before ChrifL 
Since Chrift. 




^ri^P^Sp^ng \ TTiCwotdofGod written in the TeflameRt 

{ Before Chrift. 
Since Chrift. 


Common wealthec and gouernments of people, by« 

Familiei and things 
that belong to houR: 
holdjin which are 

V Children. 
, Seruants. 

I Godly ble(Ted. 

/Peace and waire. 
^Prolperiticand plagues. 




Tte ptiuflte life and doings of euery man in" 

Riches, pouerde. 




j Wifedome and follic. 
Loue and hatred. 
SobernefTeand incontinende 
Mirth and forroive. 
Spcnch and filence. 
Pride anti humiliric. 
Couetouihef^ and lihcrali^ie 

Tlie common life of) 
all tnen,as ^ 

CLahour and idlenefTe. 

Articles of Chriftian faith,conteincd in the common Creedc. 

Firftand ftcond tabic of Gods commandements. 

ii.Coherenceof the text, how it hangeth together. 

j.Courfe of times and ages, with fucf 1 things as belong vnto them. 

j.Maner of fpeacli proper to the Saipturcs. 
J 4.Agreement that oncplace of Scripture hath ^^•ith an other, whereby that v-Mch 
^ fecmech darke in one is made eafie is an other. 

{Reade interpreters, if he be .ible. 
Confcrre vo^ fuch as cin open the Scriptures. A fls.S.v.j 0,5 : .3,'c 
Heai'C p*eaching,and to proue by the Scriptures that which is tai:g!it . A <2s. 1 - .v. 7 1 . 


Refiife all Icnfc of Scripture eon- \ 
trarytothe f^ 

Matke and condd v the< 

Morning prayer. 

b 8lIi?cfcul?((cift5f«??e,6Ieflregei^elL9fti!pJa?fe pHate, toa<trrtin'firli,re8D, atm^utfco, T'< tf fttwrra 

|{m,anD matjirffe t)im r'o? cu«t. into fccll, tljc t()(rB oaj Ije reCc agaiHi from t!)c DcaD,t< 

O all ?c Luads anD catre|,bleffe petije EojU :p;aife afccnccD hue Ijea-jcti , ant Gttt ti;fn a;-; rigl;t cf 

|Hin,ano magaiSc {ji n fu? CHct. ©oo tijc f ailjtr a:itug!;tp : frf m flji » I;f come 

® pe c?uljj€n et mrn,lilelie js t^e lU^D: p^aife Km, tc iucgc rljr qtticl^c anu tlje c eao J rtlceuc in tbc fcoIj» 

anDmagntecljiinfojeiier. <S(joR,tljeI)olpCitl;oUf5cCl);itc6, t|)ecomimu;icnof , 

(D let jCtatl fcUffc t(je£ojBtp?ajfe litm,anD mapf - %aint!!, tiji fBjgiufnelTe oi (inntu. t!,T tcliitKCtiot: of 

BC Uiin fo; «ucc. tJ): borp,anB tf)e life eiictliifiitig. amm. 

SD H« p^telia of ^ e to^D, bklTc pe tl&c £ojD J p»ajfe f And nhtet tliat, thefe pi ayei s following, as well at 
8im,aiia megiUfie^ttnto^eutr. Kueiiingpr.iyer,asat Moiningpr.iyer,all<leuoHtly 

S) i.!* Iir«aiit(5,«uije Lo^a.liltffc pe t^c JLojb: pjapOs kneeling, Tht MiinlU-r fiift proaounang witJj « 
6fM,aun magniSc Urn fof uxtt. Iwncie voyce. 

O pc ftif cuji aim follies of i5)c ngSteoitg.&Itflc pe rte ^U ILoiD l>e toW) jott 
i,o;B : jjtaprc f):!ti,ann tnaijuific Um tl? euct. Aufwew. 

©pceijolf anoOHittOlemenof Oca t, bkffepeetle auDtoit^ttpfpirtt. 
Iflii) : pjfi?fc Ijim.miD magntfic Ijim t' ,! I'licc. Minlfter . 

© anantas , 9janas, ana ®i(aei, blclTe p«etOe Let vs pray. 

JLoia : piagCe [j(nj,aaD n.aptSc i,tm fo; cwi. I- nzft 5atic meii p bpon W, 

(5Io>p tcts tfje jFajfier.ant) to tyc ;fc. C!!:iitbaitcmc;cpbpoii m. 

as i: iBa3 t'l tfie brffri.iimgyf c ilc ja Ijaue merVp'upon bs!. 

If And after ihefecond LtJibn, ftal be vfed and fayd ^ Then the Minifter Clc; kes,3Tid peopleftallTiy Ae 

5> nedictiu 'Dormniu Dcm Ifraelixx Engliftjj as tol- 

EUtfrcD {le tT)e lo?B ^eB of .^fracl ; fo' Ije^at^ btfi* 
tto ann rcDefincc W {I'l pit; 

art fjati) rai*"rt; tip a ir.igi'ip laliietfan fo?b0: in tIjc 
Itotitc of feist fit lantDaHiD. 

Sii J)fe ipafeebp tbc moutbefbtsfiolpjpjep^et^: 
fotiilj bafe brti'' Cnicc t^J ino^iD began. 

tSliattoif^onlBbc faiJCD from out eiiemtftl: dtftaiti 
tTjc 1,8110s of all tbat (jareb?. 

G^opcr.bjmctljcmercp i^jonufcoto outfo;cf3t5fW; 
ana to rcm.-mbs:t !;is liclp r oucnant. 

QTopctfuzme tIjc otbe to^iicf) (je fbjave to our fo^icfa 
t\zt 2.>iii'mm : tSat Ik toouto giue bs. 

C^Iiatljjce, being celiuctcBoiiteftOclanDjioreut 
enanif s : mi:ic[;t Geaie bimtoitboiit feare. 

3i» Ijo'mcfle a:o rigcteeurncKc befojj: l;ini : all tjc 
. -Sa^i'Sofoiitlife. 

Snn tijou c'ilnc RjaltBe taneo tTjcJI^'opTjftoftBe 
ligbefl: fo? i[)o{i {^.ilt goe before ttietace of tbt JLo^se, 
to prepare 'lie tospeg. 

Lords prayer ii. Eiiglifh.with aloud voycc. 
fiDur JFatljrr tobici) art in beawn,'^ c. 

The Minifter tht- n ftanding vp,(hall fa/. 

® JLajo ftcio t|)p metcpupenas. 

anB graunt bfit';p 'al.iatton. 




anc mcrcifnnp r;carc ug to^tn toe calt bpcn t!5ef» 


CEntue tijp ^ir.iRcriS ^aitl) rtgiteeulHefife. 

anB mafet t!&p cricfrn peeplc tcpfuH» 

® JLs'BfauctDpp'cpie, 

anBbTcflctlJfneii!' ititan;c. 

©iiicpfacciM oticttinf.'D !U?B. 

tlo E;i!t fenatoleogc of falaation bnto \\^ people j foj TSfcaufe tlicre is notij otter tOat %rjttt5 ft? b0 , 6ttt 

JubiliU De0. 


® ©oB mafrt rlcatic cur Ic&rtibiitW bg. 

SnB tafeenct tijp brJp fpiritfrotn b?. 
f Then ftall follow three Colleds. The fiiftoftlie 
djyjwHich ffialhe the lame that is,''ppoiniert ac t!'e 
CommunioH. Tlie fecond,for peace. The thii t!,t' r 
grace to liuc well And the two laft Colleds fliaJl 
neiieralt-er, butdaylybe laid at Morniig prayer, 
throughout all the y eere as followeth. 
^ The fecon'd C oiled for peace. 

0©cB iuljict) art aurlia? ct p ace, an^ louer offon* 
_ co?D, intKctalctige eftubm BavBrtl; out (terra!! 
life, H'ofc fenu'ce it perfect fret Braie : Btfrnc b? tbp 
]&umI)leCi'r::aHt£!in ailalfaiil'gofeurfncmice, tbat 
annfitte 1)10 coKrt6i\j'tt'.p:ap[ie:bctbanfefiii bnto f;ini, teeeaucl^trufiiJigintbpD'ffn.e, nap net frarc t^c 
anc fpeekr ggc* of iji? Jl5ame. paiacr of anp aDiierfan'c^, tli^OHgJj tiiCmigljt of JiC[u0 

5Fo? tbr Lo;!! i3 gi-nrieii6,f)is mtxcvis eiieclaCtttg j ^{jjiJI our Lr.^D. SmfR. 
ann bis tructbeHOutetb from generatic to generation. f The third ("oiled for gt ace. 

vStep be to die 3ratber,anB sotl&e $c. f^ 5,o?B ourbf-futnlp Jratbe'-, nlal gfjrr mc fiierla* 

as it teas in tl)ebrg!nni.'g,g;c. VvningcSiciCjiijbicIibaft fafelvb^migljt b« fc tbe lie» 

f Then fhalbe Ctydtlie Creede by the Minifter and ginning oftbieBap, Bcfer.p fcft in .'be famefri'btb? 
the peopIe,ftanding. nitgijtp potoet,** grant t!:?.t fbt'iSBap Inc fel' tiito na 

ITBcIcciie in<5flBtb? f atber aimtgWe , mater of ftfine. neitberrunitc flitoan)) kime of Sanger, but ibac 
beaitcn ann cartb. anB in Jcftis CbuRbisonelp pIlourBotiig(«mapbeco;rittrBbptf)pgoitcrtia're, to 
%on!ie oiir JLojti , to^ic^ baas conccincB bp tfiebolp ict atoapr s tbat ig rigbtrcas m xDh fifiOtj t(j!oiig§ 
<S:)^,iciut of tlie ^rgin ^ar^^iufftes bnBtt jiponte ^eii$ €i}iii cur Jlo^i}, anten. 

a a tfAa 

t^i vemtffion of tljeir Cmmi 

C{)?oiip:I) tbc ten- ti- ine rep of ottr ©aB: toljerebp tic 
Bap 'pifliigfwT; aw IjigljOatb biGtsB ba. 

^0 giiie liffljt to t^eni tbat (it in BsckencETe , anB in 
t^e (^anabi of Bcatig: aaB togiiioe outfeeteintittlic 
toap of peace. 

®lo?p bf to tbc jF6tber,anB ta t^e j<r. 

as it Isas i« tbe be ginniHg,lg noto.a*. 
OrthisC.Pfalme lubtlate. 

GTSe iovfiill in tf)e ILozn , all pec lanBsi t Ctritc tlje 
]Lo?B Isitl) glaBnefle, £KD come bcfo^tid pie* 
fence bjitb a fong. 

TSe pceriirc tbattl;e ILe;iB li tg ®oB! it ig bee tl&at 
|at]^ niaoe bd, anB nctlue our felue?, toe arcljic peo' 
ple.aHB tbc ffjeepc ofbiPpaRure. 
2) goe pout Loap into bt>< gates! hjitli tf ankcgtuingi 


^ An order for Euening prayer 

throughout the yeere. 


The Minifter (hall fay. 

dit jFatlxt tof)tcb art in beauen,9fc 

Then likewife he fhall fay. 
,® 2.0^ opent()oti mt Hpp. 

ane ottr moiitlj £E)ai djdnf^^tt; fj? j^jaiTe 


£> (S) jo male ^etw to I'aue 1]{l. 

$D SrOjn tna&e ^aSe to ^elpe i)f>. 


©lojp De to rtje f atl)ct,anD to tfse ^omtc,?c. 
SL^ it uia0 m tbc beginning;,!^ iio)»,$<. 

^ Then Pfalmes in order, as they be appointed in the 
Table for Pfalmes, except there be proper P&lmes 
appointed for thac'day. Then a J eflon of the olde 
Teftanient , as is appointed hkewife in the Kalen- 
der, except tliere bee proper Leffons appointed for 
that day. After that ( Magnificat ) in Enghni,as 
folio weth. 

MJi CoLiIeCoerljmnpiSct^elLojBt anBitijfptcit 
tiatlj tetopc.-tj in ® oo mp •S>au:eur. 
Sfoi lj« :)ati) rfgatDeD: |lc<to!iite0 of fjiiell&ainimattiEn. 
iro'. (ubol3 ffmn ftenccfuojct) : allgcneratuJwC&'iU 

jf o; be ti;at t^ ttiijjbip W^) mapifiea mt : aiio Ijolg 

ano Ijt5 metcp iss on tlbcm t^at fr arc 6tin ; tlj?e«g]&- 

t)t (jatlj fbetoeti flrcngtlj toit!) I)t!Ei arme : T;e IjatI) '^(St' 
tct.D t\)t p,:cu3 i:i t^e imagination of tbctr^tart?. 

t)t feat!) p It nolune tbe mtgtitp ftsm tfteir feat i anu 
|atf) eialtf D t^c IjiimbU erd intebe. 

Oc I)a:lj fi.len tljc Ijitngr? toit^ gooD tljiflgiS: anD tit 
rid) Ijc (jat^ itwt fmptte atoap. 

J^e tcmeinbjing f)i« mercp, i&at]& ^olpen Ijis fmtant 
^frael: a;^ be p:oini!J(li to out fo^efattiec^, 3b;a{)am, 
(Sle^p I c to tbe father , auiJ to t!je ^onne ; ann t» 

tlje f;elp ©fjoff. 
S0 it tansi in tlje begfnningUs nolu atio titer ^a%( ; 
too^lB toitl)0'it eiia. flmm. 
Or the <>S.Pfalme. 

O^ingbnto tfjelLczc aneUjfongtfo^l!C§at6tione 
manicifouj! f()ing3. 

taitlj ijia otone tigfit Sann.aHDtoitfj W^Bolpacftie: 
Oati) 6c gotten ihimrtlfe fa bittoiie. 

■©[^elLoiio ceriarco bis faliiationi^iarigbteourHefii! 
i&ati) be openip fl)£tij«) in t6< figbt of tbc beatbcn. 

JhccbaibrtrJicm^^eti %ie mercp anu ttuctb totoani 
tbcbo«reof3!Crael! aim alltbeencgofti&etuo^lDbatie 
liene ttjc faliiatim oFonr ®oa. 

^bcto pour Oelttea iopfu! Dnto tl>8 ILo?D all pe lans^t 
ihiflt,tcfppfe,anii giitc tlankfi, 
-^^japOe tlicILoja by on tbe barpe: Gng to tbe^arpc 
fiitb a pfalme oftbankEfgiaing. 

GUitbG^nurpet? alfo ana ^batome^! ® S&ctB pout 
{el lejt iopfiill befozs tbc iLcjo tlic SxiHg. 

JLet tbe fca mahe a noifcnno all tijat tbecein iff : tie 
loitiw toojtD,anD tbep tbat Otodl tbercin. . 

JLct tf)c flooa 3 clap tbctr banD3,afflj let tbc billee be 
topfiil togctbetbefo^ t^e )I.o;d; fo; Dc i^ come to itiSge 

CiSitlj rigbteouTneis C&al be iutge tbe tjtojla: atm tie 
people toitb tguitie. 
(3loi9 be to tijc jFat^et , anD to t^e ^o«ne j aue t$ 

9si it toajei in tfie begtnniRg,i;3nob} ano euet S^atbe; 
toojlo toitboitt eno, amen. 
^Then a Ltilbn of the BewTeftament,and after that. 
Nunc dimtttu in Fngh(h,asfollowcth. 

L2D?o note letted tt)on tbp fetiiam oepart in peace s xr„„, j. 
accojDingtotbptoajD. «»m 

jFo? mine cpc0 baue feenc : tbp falnation. , /"* 

aSLtbicb tboit OaR p.Jepareo; befo?c tbc face ofaB ^""*'*^ 

Co be a ligbt ta ligbten tDe ©entile^: anB to be t5c 
glo?p of tijp people 3[i"rael. 
®l(jjpbe to tbe JFatber.ann to tbc 9fc. 
Sfi it iuag in tbe bcginning.iti noto,?ic. 


G®Dbemcciifiintintoi-3, annblclfeb^: anulbcto Deusmifere- 
bis tbe Ijgbt of btiJ countenance, ann be mcrtitiiil aturKal.tfy. 
bRto "an. 

Cbattbptoapmai'bec fenotuftibpontbceartb : tb? 
faaing bea'tb among all nnttans. 

JLft tbe people p?aplctbce, ® ©on: pea, let all tbe 
people p^apetbee, 

SD icttf:enation«(rftopceanti6eglaD:fo?tboitlba& 
iuogetbefolkc rigueoiiUp , anagoiicme tbenatiung 
Upon eartb- ^ 

£ct ibc people pjapfe tbcc, ®®cD: letantbcpcc 

^benlball tbe eartb Iving foo^bberetifreafe: ana 
<SoB, cuin vm otone ©an fijiil giuc fta bi« bleffing. 

©00 djall blelleD9 : ano all t\}t (R3is of t!;e bio^Io 

©lo?ic be to tbe Fatber, anH to tbe %onne : ant t6 

Sd it toad in tbe becimting,!^ nol0,ano euct Cgaibet 
tuojlo toitbotu eno. amen. 

^ Then (hal follow the Creede with other 
is before appointed at Moi ning prayer after Bene' 
di&ta^znA w. th three Collefts. Firft of the day. Se- 
condjof peace. Third,fo! ayde againftall perils,a5 
hereafter folowethjwhich two laft Collefts ftiaibe 
dayly fayd at Euening prayer vtithout alteration, 
^ The fecond Colleft ac Euening prayer. 

0®eD from toboTi aHbolpBefitsis, aflgoecrotm* 
fel0, ant) all iiift fejo?kt0 doc pjoceeue j gfiit tjtrte 
t\yo feruant^ tbatpeact tobirb tbetoo^to cannot giiie, 
tbat botb our beartfi mapbeftttoobeptbpconjman. 
nenientjs.anti alfo tbat bp tr)cc,tBe being BcfenoeD ftom 
tbe fcarc of our enemic!3,map paffe our time in reS anp 
qnictnefle, tb?o:!gD tbe meriteis of 3!ef'i!3€b?i8w« 

% The third Colleftfor aydeagainft all perils. 

Ligbten our uarfecncfOr, toee beteccb tbf e,® ILo?u. 
ant) bptbp great mercieuefeiiB bs fromafl periljf 

ana oangcrsf of tbiff ntgbt, fo? tbe toae oftbponelg 

^onnc our %aotout 3Iefii£f Cbjifi. flmen. 

^ In the feafts of Ohriftn)as,theEpiphanie,S Matthj. 
as,Ea{ler,the Afcenfion,Penteco(i,S.Tohn Baptift, 
S lames ,S Bartholomew,S Matthew,S Simon and 
ludejS. Andrew,& Trinitie Sunday, (halbe fiing or, 
faid ininiediatly after i5e»e«<<flf«»,this confeffion of 

. ourChiiiUanfaitii. 


Slukuntut \ X /^^oCbcuet WHte faticTJ t befojf all tbtn^si it id 
*-«/». V V nicctracj tt)8t ()C I)olD tljc Catljoltfecfairf). 

CCIlitcl) fatil) . trccyteuerponc aue beeyeMpann 
bnoeStro ; inic()eut Doubt ^eil)eil peitllj eiierlaQing)?. 

3.iJtoe(£acl;o{ifiefattij ifitljis : tiiat 1»ee luojl^ip 
Oiie©sD ituSIrmitif.anDfrunuM: tn atnitte. 

}i5citl)cr confouHDiug tljepcifonp ! no; DiuiDing t^e 

JFo? t^ere is one pciTen of ttjc JFat^er, anotlici of tie 
$^onnc : ana annbcr cf tUc (joIp t£6ofl. 

T3ut tlje ©oClieaB ofttje JFatiier, ef tlje Somtf, aim 
«iftbel& Ij) (5i)cfl,i0alone : tije giojp cpall, ttjcma* 
(elite coetcrnall. 

<feuclj 30 tge jFat'&et ig.CucTj iff t?)e ^cjtne : a«ii fiic| 

CSt jFatftet uncreatCjttc ^onne bJicwatc ; ano tie 
M? ®boli bnrtcate. 

C!;e f atOct tncomp;!eftenfi'iIe,tIie © irccmp?c= 
Senltble; aunt'je ijolr? ©^oK tncomjjjefjtnlii Ic. 

©fje jFat&er eternaU , ttje S^onne etecnall ; anu tOe 
iolp ©^oft ctetnall. 


as alfo tftfce be not tl)?ee incomp?£6J»i5bIefi,no? tljjce 
bncreateD ; Imt one uncteateo , $ ■ ne incompjtljt rfitle . 

^0 (iUclMife tf;c Faf^ev ta almigifjt?, tl)e 'fecnne al» 
tnigOt?: ano t6cIjol|) @i;8Q alinigOtp. 

awj pet tl;ep ate not tUjec almigfitteS : bat one al* 

^0 tfte 5Fatl)er iu ©o0,t6c©onne is ©oo : aim t^c 


Ann pet tijep ate not tl'jce ©oBe : tint one ©cu. 

%fl lifeetutie tl;c|FatI)er t? Lo^B, tlje ^onne IL ojO : 

ami pet not tftjf e JLo?d0 ! Imt one leju, 

Sfoi li&e agi toe be coye feD bp tfie €&?tllian territp! to 
acfenotolcDge cuerp pcnon bp'btmfcif to bt ®oti $ Lo?D 

^0 areu)efo?binocnbpti)i'(£atIjolfecttligion; to 
fftgtljere be tl;?ee©oC0,e?tb^eeiLo2D0. 

<S;6e jFat^er is mane of none : neitljct createo no? 

<S:t)e %onne ii of t()e f atjiet alone ; not maee, no^ 
ctcateti,but begetten. 

€Ije to!? ifibea l3 of tl&e jFatTjet,? of tfie ^on ; nei= 
tlber rrcatcn.noj be gotten,but p.'ocectimg. 

©0 tbcte 10 one Jpatl)cr,nct ttjje" ^on, 
not tb?ee ^ongtene boip vSfjoa.not t()iee Ijolp ^SioH^, 

Sno ill t{)t0 ^rinttfc none i? afoje o?aftet otSec: 
none t« greater o? leCTe tfjen apotiift. 

ann coeqiall. 

^e ti)at in sK tljingg a0 i0 afo^efain : tlje CHnttic in 
^tinitie,? tlje ©rinitic in Onitie is to be toe;fljtppefl. 

l^e therefore tfjat tottl be faueo ; muft tljtt^ ttjinke of 
t^c ^rinitle. 

jFattljermojc , it i^necclfatp to eiictlaHing fafuati- 
on : tljat bee aUo bcltctic tigljtlg in tje incarnation of 

JFe? t^c rigbt faitb i0,tbat toe feeleenc anti confeflc; 
tljat otir IlojB 3JeCu9 GEbfiQjt^c ^onne of (SoD,i0 ©ob 

©00 of tlje fitbdance of tlje jFatljct. begotten before 
tfte too!lo0 : anti man of tfie fubftance of i&i0 motfjer, 

P crfect ® M anB jjftff ct man:of a tcafonable foule, 
anB Imniane firlb 'iibfifling. 

(gqiiul to tl)e jFatlfeer a0 toticbing lji0 ©oBTjcaB tann 

Ba^o alttjougTj]beebc©oBanBman •. petljeei^not 

® ne , not b^ coimetScn of t^e ®oBl&eaD into fleC^ : 
fiut It takiuis of tliemani^ooB into ®oo. 

€)ne altogether, not bpeonfttftonefrumancc ; tut 

jFo; n0 tlie realonable Tottle ans fiefij i0 one matt : fs 
©c:) ar.ti man i0 rne (2Ll);tII. 

CBljo fnffctcc foj ciitlaiuaticn, DrrcenDeC intojcflj 
tofc agsi •£ tljc tl)iiBCaj|fvcmtl)cCfaD. 

^t a ccnceD t"tc ljeBiiei.,i;e futf tb on tl)e tiglii TjanB 
of tU jFfitber , <25oB aliiiigljttc : from Uifteiicc lee CjaS 
come to iuBge il)f quiike-aiiB tlje tJcaB 

at toljoie roming all men fljall tife ngair.e iuitfj t^efc 
boatc0: ariB Qja'.lgtuc acrountfo?tljctrotone tooj^^s- 

anB ttjcptijdt ijaue BonegooB, {ball goemto Itfe 
f itetlatling : anB t^ep tljat Ijauc Bone ettld, tnto euctia- 
Ring fire. 

@:bf0 i0t]&e(^at^eli6efaitlg : tjlgtclj ejcct^t a matt 
belecne faitljtiiHt'.fje fanr.ot bclatteB. 

tSle?y be to tlje ^atljet,ajtB to tljc efC. 

£10 it toag in tlje bcginntng,t0 noto jc, 
^Tliusemiedi the order ot Morning anciEuenir-j 

prayer throughout the whole yeere. 

^ Here followeth the Letanie,to be vied 

vpon Suiidayes,Wednefdayes,and Friday es, 

aad at other cimes, when it /hall be 

commanded by che Ordinarie. 

®oTrt'&e father of bcauen : l&ane metfj 
upon 1)0 mitirable finnerg. 

O God the Father otheauen : hauc 
mercy vpon ys miferable finners, 

® tiSoDtlje^onne rccecmct of tlje 
tBO!la : tauemcicg Upon b!3 miferable {inn«0. 

O God the Sonne redeemer &c. 

i) (Sod tbe tofp ffiljoft p?oceeDitig from tT;e Father 
anB tbe ^onne: liatie mercp bpon b0 mtfetable GnneW. 

O Gf>d the holy Ghoft &c. 

® Ijflip , b!c(reB,anB gloa'otis tirinitie, tlj^ee perfonj 
ana one (^od : bane incrrpbpon bfl mtrerablc (tnncrs. 

O holy ,bIeiTed,and glorious Trinitie,&c, 

IXenteinbet not £o?B our effirncc? , noji tljc offcncee 
of fo^cfatbtrg, neitbrt take tboM beiigeance of our 
Cnne t ipare b0 gooD JLojB , fpart tbr people iti^em 
tbati ball veBeemrt) toitb tfjp moli pjecieup blooB , «na 
lie not sngtp tuitb b& foJ euer. 

Spaie vs good Lord . 

^rom all euill ano mtfr'jiefe , from Gnne , from tlBt 
crafts ane affatiltpof fbe oetiill, fromtljPiujat't) ana 
from euetlaRing camratt^n. 

Good Lord deluier vs. 
jFrom alHsIinDaelVe ofl)ea'.t,frompfiBe,batnegJo?i», 
anB ljppocnfie,ft0m cnuie, i^atceD, ano malice, anB all 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 
jFrom fornication, anBaHetbetBeatlpRnne, anti 
from all tljc Deceit? of t^e teojlee, tiyefltf^ anntfie 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 
JFvomlifc'DtniiiganBtempeft, from plague , pe5f» 
lence, anB"famine,from battell, auB macBtr, anofrem 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 

57rom allfcBiticin snopjiuic ren^iratte, from aff 
falCc Bccrrinc ann bcrcfic, from batcueffr of Ijeatt, afia 
contempt ot tljp iBOfB avic cemmflnccmciit. 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 

TS i» tbe mpfieric of tbp fjolp incamat'on, bp t6p Ijolg 
ratiiiitieaiitictrctimciCn, bptbpbaptiOnt, fafting, 
anB temptation. 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 
IBptbtne agonic anBblooBic ftof ate , tpibpctpfTe 
anB paltion, iig t&j pjecion0 Dcaty anc buriaU, bp tb? 
a i glcjioii?; 

v, ■ 




gTojIoHiJ tsftirrection finn aCcenCjn , ann b? t^e cent* 

Good Lord deliuer vs. 
3!ii alt tim; cf mc tubiilatian, in all time of one 
tocaittj, in tOc goitre of DeatU, afiD in tljc oap of iutigc* 

Goad Lord deliiier vs. 
UUtt amicrj! cee b cfcccf) tljre to $£«« b;3 (© JLo^B 
©PD) ant! tl)at it inapplrafe ti^ce to luic ana gotietne 
tijg Ijob €!;iiri^ iiiu^cvfaU^ in t(jc rigl)t toap. 

We befeech thse ro heave vs gno<l Lord. 
Sliat itmapt)!caleti!eeto ktcpranDiiirengHieniH 
tlje true toojljtppiUij of rigfjieauiuea'c aHa &e» 
lineifc of Itti-, t!)? Certt.umt jlamcfij out inoli gracioujS 

\,Ve btU'ecli thee to hearc vs good Lord, 
CSat it m.i^ plrafc tTj -c to tdh fjtsiljeatt in t^? faitl^, 
fc/i' a it) !o::e anu tljut l)i map caeniio^e Ijane aSiance 
i ycc,;".n3 f Iter I'tekt t!)p fjonour ann gl.^p. 
We befsecli thee to hearc vs good Lord. 

fJT&at it mai' vIcaTc tljce to bee tia DtfcnUir nm fieg. 
ji£r,s;i"i''B binitbt iiiito^isoueraJljisenemiest. 

We btfeecli thee Co Iie:ire vs good Lord. 

^ITIjat it map p!eaCet|}ce tobkioc anDpjfferne out 
gtacioiisSl-.icfncaiiiif, prince I^cntp, anDt^etefi 
pftfjcEinj ana janitcfncsEopaliiCTtic. 

, Webt-ftfechclieecohearevsgood Lord. 

'E'-nt it ma? plcafe tl)ec to intinit'nate all TBiSjopSj 
p ..ftojs ana iniiufffrg of tljc COmc^ , toitb true knoUj* 
UDge aaabittifrliaiinitijoftbptoo^De, ant) tbat boti^ 
jhp tlji'ir !t»?i'acl;i!w anti fuKng , tljej map fet it foojtti, 
ana iljeia it accU(!Ft!ui:Ip. 

We btfeech thee to heare vs good lord, 
. '^im tt mav vkik tbre to cnouc tlje ILojB^ of tTj« 
C8itiirrf,ana all tyc nebtlitie;toitb grace,&jifeDom«,aiiii 

We befeech thee to heare vs good Lord. 
CEIjarit niappdafe tfjee tobleffie ana ketpetTjf (^a« 
gidrates! , giimig tljtm grace to ticfcutc iiifiicc, anoto 
jiLiimainf tnirtl). 

We bePeedi thee to heare good Lord. 

fSTbat it map pUaCc t()ee to ble^e ano kc^pe &ti tijp 

We befeech thee to heare v< good Lord, 
^fjat it map picafe tTjec to giiw to all nations; bnitp,'D conco^D. 

We befeech thee to heare vs good Loid. 
^Ijat it map plcafc tTice te giiie 1)3 an fjeatt to loiic 
ant) a^iean tliee , ann Diltgcutlp to liuc after tijp com- 

Wee befeech thee to heare vs good Lord, 
^bat itm.ippfcaretOec to gic.etc all t':p people in« 
treaCeofga e, tobeai«mff5.ifptI)i'U)o?e, ..nntotc. 
ceiiie it tottb piue affection , anD to bjing fooitij tlje 

We befeech thee to heare vs good Lord 
fSE^at it mip plcafc tbeetobjino: into the toapof 
trHClb^an fntb as Ijasc ciretj ana ^te oecf iuc D. 

Wt befeech thee to heare vs good Lord, 
^bat it map picafe tbee tj Brcngtben fac]& a0 floe 
fians.ani) to comfon ant) be^pe tbe bicake bearteti, ano 
ro raiCe Dp tbem tbat fail , ano 6nal(p to beate Do\une 
^atanbno.r our feet. 

We befeech thee to heire vs good Lord, 
^bititmapplcafetbeeiefu coiir, belpe, anf com» 
foxtail tbu be inBangcc,nftcirittf .ano tribulation. 
We befeech thee to hcaie vs good Lord. 
<Ibat itmapplcafetrice top;errriiea'Ub..t traucl 
Ip lann pz bp Iwater, all usom. n laboatint\' ofcbilBe, all 
Rtkc perionss anf «ciig cbilrtcn , ant) to C[)C\u t() J gltje 
bpon all pjiConei^ ano capuucjU. 

We befeech thee to heare V J good Lord 
<E5at it map plea e tW to sefcno ana ^^ottitie fi^ 
ibi fatbctlelTe cijilD^cn ano luiootoeis , ano all tbat be 
CeColate ana opp,2cfrcD. 

We befeech thee to heare vs good Lord. 
tS^bat it map pleaCe tljee to bane )nercp i^on all nteti. 

Wee befeech thee to hesre vs good lord 
CCbat it map plcafc tbec to fajgiuc our tnemiejJjpec* 
fccutctis ana ITsnBcrersi.ana to tutnc tbctt ficart?. 

We befeech thee to heare vs good Lord. 

'iZlm it map plcale tbee to gtne ana pjcferiic to oHt 
bfe tbc feinci? fruitjs of tb« «attb, fo as in one time iuet 

We befeech thee to heare vs good Lord. 

^'m itmappleaOetbcctoginc Dstruciepentiinw, 
to fo.igine u^ ali of"" finned, negligences ana igno^an* 
ce{!,anD to enaue'us toitb tfje grace of tfjp bolp S^iri8, 
to ame na oitr lines accozaing to tljp Ijolp fcoojB. 

We befeech thee to he.ire vs good Lord. 

%onne of (5od : loe befeecb tbee to Ijeare w. 

Sonne of God : we befeech tbee to heare vs. 
t> !Lambe of ®od tljattakeiiabiaptbc iaautf of 
tbe tno^la, 

Graimtvs tiiy peace 
© Jlambeof ®od tbat takett atoap tl&c Bujicj $f 
tl;e too^la. 

Haue me)cy vpo)i vs. 

O Chrift heare vs. 
]Le;a Ifiw m(tcp.i)poni)$. 

Lord haue mercy vpon vs, 
Cbjill baue mcrcp upon D0. 

Chriil haue mercy vpo)i vs. 

3Lo?B banc mercp iipon tiiS. 

Lord haue mercy vpon vs. 
SDiit jFatber tubicb art in bea'.ien.^c. 
ana leaae W not into temp! atlon.gfc. 
TSut ccliucr D5 from ciiill.ain<n. 

The Verficle- 

ffl) ILo^^a Deale not toitb b? after our tinned. 


JSeitljcr tctoaia ns after outiniqKiticjj. 

0©oB me-cifull jFatber, tbat ucfpifcfl net tit BgJ. 
ing of a contrite be art, no? tbe acfite of fuel nf Je 
fojrolBftilf, mcrcifullp atfifi our pjapcr-J tl)at toee ma&e 
bcfojc ti'ce in alloiir ttoujfcia ana aDue rfitieieljto&enlijej 
ner tbepoppjcltc M ; anagiaciouapbearcliiei, tbat 
tb-'fe etnlg^tobicb t{)i craft ana fiibtiltie of tbe aeii!lf,o? 
man to??'Kftb afainU fas be i ;otigbt to nflugbt,anB bg 
tbe pioiiiaencc of tbp gooaneife tbep map be aitpetfea, 
that toee tbp feruants being biut bp ho pecfci ution$, 
map eiiermojc gme tbaskts fanto tbet ixi tbj bolp 
Cfnircf'.tbjojigb ^'fn*! Cb?i<^ otit!Lo;B 
O Lordarife, helpevs, and deliuer vs for thy Names 


baueaeclareB MiroBiS tbe noble bwikcgtljat tf)ouaiB» 
BeR m tbeir BapciS,anB iH tbe olD time bcfoje ihcm. 
OLoidaiife,hclpevs,& deliuer vs for thine honour* 

®lo;pbeto tbe jFatbft.ana totbc (tc. 

Ejf it to.iis intbebegtimiug,i!Jnoto,jc. 
5Frp)n our rnrriiet! Befena bs,® CbJili. 

Gracioufly looke vpon ouraffliJiions. 

Mercifully forgiue the (tones of thy people. 
jFauotir.U'lptoitb mcrcp Scare otirpziper?. 

O Sonne of D.iuid haue mercy vpon vs- 
'B-itf) nob) ana ciict ijoneljfafe to T care hi 3D C6?i2, 

Gracioufly heare vs^O Chiift, g: acioufly heare vs, 


The Letanie. 



The verficle. 
® ]l«^ Itt t(? ntEtc; be fl^ebiei] tpon t)0. 

The Anfwere, 

9{i toe I9t put onr ttiid in t^it. 

W(S ?;«m{)li) Iieftecb t^ec, © jFat]&ft,mtrclfunp 
to Icoitt ijyonour jtifiirmitits, nnn fa; tljc gIo,:p 
of tl;^ jl^amrs iike, tittne ftem b9 ali t|)olc cut($, i|)ac 
toe nioft cigbttculT? t'aue OclVrutc ; ann paunt tOat m 
a([ out tioiiiilf^ toe map put or.r tcljelf trufi auu co; ft* 
tetict in tijp mttcp.anD eiittmo^e Ceriie t! cc in lofifif lie 
alio piimieife of liutng, to ti;pl;oiiout 9 gIo?p, tl,7uiiu,i) 
oiii' oiul^ i^eciatout ano ^ouocate Jlclue dj;tQ one 

A prayer for the Kings Maieftie. 

Oilaji! 8iif l;caM£nIp jFatljer, ijijlj $ migOtp H&tng 
ot kingg,fi,cjO oflo^Dsijteoneip riileta. pjinces, 
to^icJ) aoclffiom t^ptljwietcljolDaU iljeDiut litre up* 
on eatt'ij , mail ^eattilp iite Irfcccl) tljre toil) tijpfa- 
uottr ta i-eljolDe oitc mofi gtacious fettctaigne iLe;De 
JKingJamc?, ana fo tejjlei til) &im irttft t()e grace of 
tfep Uolp ??pitit, t Ijar ije map altoa? iv.cline to tli? toill, 
BtiD toal&e m t!)p tBap cTiDiJC [jtm ptetit f etiSi' totti) i&fft' 
ueiilp giff , grau; t Ijim in IjCoItl) an3 icealtlj long to 
liise, lircngttfnljimjtljat iicmagta^qiti^f oiercome 
e!1 6!3 enenitcC , attti ft!ial!p after tUs life, \i( ma? at« 
tafne eiiftTalling top euD felititp,ttjuug6 iStdiiSCtJjitt 

A prayer for the Queene zvA Prince, and other 
the Kings and Queenes children. 

AHmigljtp ® oD , l»I) ; cf) {) Jli p:onitfeD to 6e a fatlec 
oft^.ne elect anc of tficir Cecce , toee t)i!niylp fee- 
Ceetlj ti;cc t9 li's-iTe our gracious ©.ufcne Anne,}9;lnce 
Henry , atiD all tlje Eing ano ©iicetirg Uofall Pjo» 
gcnfe: tnDuetl)fmtoit!)ti)pIjolp<^'itiit, ti,tic{)tljem 
lyit!) tljp ijeaitcnlfl grace, p:ofpe"t tijetn tuitl) all Ijappt" 
ittffe , ano bjing tiem to tijine f iittlafttig kingiome, 
A iLmigtjtp ana nierlaSing <5oX), iolid) cndp iJ9j» 
/* fee fi Areat matufife?,reni) DoUin «pcn our TBiCbopa 
ann Ctirate^ anr nl rcmgrr gatteng ccmmtrtrii to tijeir 
cOarge, the (jealtbfull 'piit of tftp grace, ana tbat tijep 
tnap tnielp pU a'e tl)ce poajie lipon them tfje continuall 
De'^e of thp (^leiTing: graiint rljid (0 jG.o.28) fo; tI]t^o< 
Rout of ouc aoiiocate anD@e6tatoiit3Ieiu^Ct);tQ. 

A prayer of Chryioftome. 

AiLntfgTitp (Sod, I»0ic6ba3 giiunba grae c at tTjid 
tiinc toil h em accojD,f<i mtbe cur common ftipptt» 
caiioiigbnto ttee, ana Dorfipjomtfctiiatttfjeu tico oi 
£t;«e bfegatbcrcD togctl)erintI;p J?5ame, tfioit totit 
gtaunt tl}f it req-;r ris : fulfill neto, © Up, the crGtes 
ana nf tttipne ot rijp fettint, t?, as map be moli cEpettct 
fojtijcin, 5ramina;l)0in f^is toojia fenotolepge of t^p 
ttiift'&,anain tfjetooilD to come life etierlaHtiig. 

^ The grace of onr Lord lefus Chrift,and the loiie 
of Ood, & the fellowfhip of the holy Ghoft,be with 
vs all eueimore. Amen. 

^ For 1 aine if the time require. 

O^oB lb? auenli' jFatfjcr, luljirii bp tftp fenne Je'ii^ 
Clitil'l fi -.fl piomifea to all tlje tljat fcf he tijpfeitig. 
Berne f i)t rigT)t£ouiies tljevenfailti) Rgjsiieccffavp to 
rijeit 6p5ilp fii!"tcnaHce,&no bsJ tee befcccl) tLi? 
map ti cine tl)c fcuite of tl)c eartO f o our cemfeit, ana 
totijp onoiit,tf??m!gl) ScriijsCfenfloiitLojO.amcn. 
I ^Forfaire weather. 

OJfczn (?oa, toi't'c^ fojtfielinncafmantlanoiue 
Djtune allHie tooi!B,ci;cept fiixTnpetronsf.anD af= 
tcrtoai^oftfip great mcrcp BiaacH pjomifeneiierto 
iieOi'i: (b agalne : 1»ti (jumblg bcfecclg tfjee, t^at al> 

tlboitgO tocefcjoitt {n!«[uitt($i Tjsue fa)02tlEiiI;CfrerueB 
tljie plague of raitie 9 toatcr? .f ct Upon our true trptn* 
tanre tl;eu totlt fetiD Us fi:ct) fai(att;er,tejljritbp \x>t na^. 
ticciuc tljcfruiCe cfttit ta i^ m etuCrarcn, ana katne 
liot^ bp ttp puni{{)iticiu to amiKa o;it !iue!3,afia fc ^ t bg 
ciemencie to giiie iljec piapl'e anc glc^'p, tlx:eu£,l) Sjcl'ud 

^ In the time of dearth and famine. 

O®otljfauinlp jFctljcCj taTicUgiftittj!t'5attle 
raiiic recti. failjtijc ea tljtsfniitt'tiil . leafless tn« 
eteafcana filets oor inultiplp ;tt! clc teeleretil) t6ce» 
tte afflictionia 0. tljp pccplv, a\it.graE^ttl;attlcfcatc{* 
tie fiBS ccf.ttij (totitl) toe Coc ncto mcfl iuftlp Ci.ffcr fo| 
cur iniquitte) map t!);oun.lj th? gooarf (fc be niercifu'.lg 
turnea into ciieapciitfle ana pUnrp, fc? tl)e I.nt of Ie« 
fus (<ri),:ift cur LojB , ta toOoni toitlj il;f e iai.0 tUc Ijoljj 

^ Inthetinieofwarre. 

OaimigljtP (SoD.iUtna; ei all kings,? goticrtiotlt of 
a I tttngi, toljofe potoer no creature te able to re» 
Cfi, to tofjom It belcngetfj iuBlp to punitlj HnnctiB, $ to 
bcmercifiilbuto tljcm tljattruelpreptTif.'^auesBclitet 
b0 (ire ^umb!p lefcic'g tbtejfrcm tljc Ijana^ cfout me* 
miiB.aliaie tteirpjiDe^afftoagc tljcir nial.ce, ?conf tla 
t. firceu.ctig, t&attoeebcing atmea toitlj tljpaetrace, 
map bee pKferaco euem'o^cfrom all pcrilg, to glo?ifie 
ti;ee toijicii art t!;e on'p gtact ef all t)ict«i?p,trj;oi!gl! t&e 
roctitg of tl)p i nt!p %orne leiup Cfj;in ctn: ILifl. 
^ In the time of any common plague 
or fickenelTe. ' 

OSIm<gf}jp ©OS, tofn (i in t{)9 to'stf) fn t^t tt'menf 
king Daut:,aiDt tfi tlap toirb it)e plague of pcQi* 
mrrcie.aiCDtfiTaue tbc icll: ijaaepitp bpon iJis mtfica* 
ble lim;ci0,ttatnoto ate uiftteo iiiljgrrat G incgar.o 
mo;ta!itp, tT)atIiKeaat{iHt;tr:Dcfit5;£ncomaKaibinc 
a^'grl to ceafi from punif^ing : To itmapnotopleaie 
tbee to tottljB?ato from 1)9 1! is plague autigrteueKtf 
fiifent[fe,tl-7ougI) Jcfus oLij^ifleur £o?D. amen. 

O©0D , toi.fc nature ana pzcpe rtie is cucr to f;8H« 
merer ann to fo;n;i :e , trceiiie our Ijanillc pctiti* 
one anoirjoughtoebftieaanabsuratoitOtljecfjaint 
of our finncs, prt let tljepitifiilncflV o' tT,p great nutcg 
lco&i)5,fo?tljel)«nour of JcfusC&eiflSfaiie, outmt* 
Ctatoueana aauoca c Sinen. 

^ A thankifgiiiiiig for raine. 

O©oa ourljeaatj-l ' Jnilj-r. taljolp tfjpgraciott)* 
pjoainmce, Dotff lau'ttlje former anb tljr fatec 
raine to aeCrrns i)pontliefftt(i,t]&c.t it niapbjingfoufr 
fruite ^or tbr Ufc r f mail : to: gtiie tljce in nMc tl;ai'fe?," 
tljat it I) atljplfaCcB tTjceinr.iivjrrcatrfl ncccCfitie, to 
fena.- bs at tdc laff a iorf' li rame bp n tf)ineinl;tri» 
tancf, f na to rcfrcfl) it to&cn it toap B;p, to the gtrat 
rtmifoK ofijs tf'p untooitlij (eruaiif s , ana to tfic eiioiv 
of till' Tjefp jSa-Df ,t{j^oii2ij t&p mercies in^tfug Cfjjill 
oiitJlc^o. airrn, 

^ A thankefgiuing for faire weather, 

OiLoia 03?,fe)I;o"ijr.ft iiat^ tumblca bs bp ifip fate 
p'accue cfimmocerate raine ana toaters - FtB i« 
tljptncrcie i)ali re.icufB ano comfojfro cut feulrs b? 
ttts frafnr.abff an^i bleiTiB cfjanp.cef beatf:cr, iote 
p?si^c ara g^cjiff;: tb;' f^olr f5?.ine fa;! tbis tbp wurrcie, 
aiiBlril.' attoapes tedare tT?? Uniing ktr.tnclfc from' 
genci-atiou tu generation , tljjougO j-efu? dlj^ift one 
JLojB. Siren. 

^ A thankefgiuing for plentie. 

©oRmetcifuIl jFatbftj'bLiljicli ef tijp grsftotisf 

goocnrffe , fjalf beata tlje nenonte pjapers of t bp 

Cb'.itcf), ana turner, our ccanb gtfrarcitp irto c'^etiit-' 

ncile ana plentie*. tCTee giurr{;ccb»n-.lile tbanScsfo? 

t^i? tl'H elpectall tioumte , bet'r ccl;it;g ttcc to coniirKe 

a 4 , ^W 



The Collects. 

tbi«t;!? Ia«ftiff 6in!incC£t)«tot)«r, ttiatcatlanBrnap 
pceloeUiSOct trmtEiSoftiicreti:?, to t{)j)glojpanDoui: 
comroit^tljjoug^ Jefiwi €\)iiti out Loib. atien. 
^ A thaiikergiuiug for peace and viftory, 

OaiiitjiLtp ^00 , tafjtci) arc a Siong taiuet ofDC. 
fftif J mtto tfjp fcrrtanta , agSinS t^e cacfoft&eic 
enemies : tue p.clje t.iec p^apic ana tf)a!i&e'.gt.iiug foj 
our neliueraiice fcom ttjofc great ano ayparant ijan'» 
gerfl, to'jerelutt!) loee uieiccoinpalTeDt toee acfenobj. 
lenge it tdp gjoDiteCTe, tijat toe ttif re twt DcliiietciJ oner 
80 a p:3^';tJ.-.:o tijein, Iie.eecijtitgtfjce Sill to cotitiime 
fjc!) t5pmercic3 toicarBsitjs , tfataHtOc toojlD mag 
fenoin, tf)att[jou art out ^auioiira'itimtgljticDeliue' 
«r,tD^ougf; 3It'f;j3 Cii^iS ot.r iLojn.amen. 
^ A thaiikeigiuing for deliuerancc 
from the plague. 

OILojB ©oi3,HjOirb {jaff mdimocBfts fo! out B'lnc?) 
ann confmnen bfl fo? out ttanlgrclTion? bp tlip l<>te 
|if ame ano c?cat)f ill Diluatton , ano noto in tl)e'min> 
iseSoftmigmieiu rcmcmbiing mettie, OaK reocemen 

out fotileu ftom tfte tah)e0 of Be ttft j feee offer too t^g 
jFat^etlp goe&Reflik , out relitesjoui Coated anc tiooieg, 
biliclj t^oit ()all DeltuereD . tobealiittno: iact(6cet)n> 
to tljee, alttapfsi p^a^llng atiU magnifping t^p metctci 
iutiiemiDDeaof tfje (2E:onffr«ga£ , ttj^ougO i^eiufi 
C^UQoutLojB. atncn. 

Or this. 

W(5Ee fymblyi acknotoleuge bcfojf tijee ( ® mcli 
mercifiill JFatfjtt ) tl^at all t ,c punifljmentU 
i»Dtc^aie tljjratncB w tfip Jlato, migl)t iuSfpijatte 
fallen fapon UiS , b? tea' on of out mantfola tranCgreffU 
on? ana IjatDneCfe of Ijeatt : ^it feting it bad) plealea 
tI)teoftl3ptent!crmetiie, biionouc lueafee ann bnU)o?» 
tib? Ijiimiliation , to aflbaa.e tijc nojlome pefiilencc, 
toSercbJitljlDctlatelp&aucbenctbjeafflicteD, ana to 
refte^ctljebopceoftoV anu ftealtii inro out Dto. Uingp, 
CKcc ottet bnto tf)t> miune ©ateliie tt)e lacriSce of 
P?ap"e ano tOanfeefgiuing; , lauuing ano msgnifping 
tijp glojioufl i'iame fo? lucbtljppieteruarion anDp?o» 
atUcBceouct U!3,t0joug§ 3!efiiS3^5?i8outJli,o^D.anu« 

The end of the LeUBie. 

T^he QoUeBs, mth the order how to find the 

beginning and end of die Epiftles and Gofpels in die 

New Teltament by the Chapter and Verle^as it is appoin- 
ted in the Books of Common prayer. 

Thefirft Sunday in Aduent. 

The CoUeft. 

^v<\'r^'>^ Umig^tte ®oiJ , giueljsi grace tTjathJCe 
mapcaRatoaptijc bsojfccjs ofDa-^fecHelTt, 
aBD put upon us tfee armour of Iig[it,notu 
m rbc time of tlsis! m8?ral( (if« , ( in tlje 
to&icS tl)3 ^onne 31e n0€f)?iRcajmto 
Sjiittebs! ingteat Ijumilitte) tfiat in tlje faft Dap to'ien {»e 
ll^all Come agatne m()i«glojiotiieimaiffiEie, to mDge 
boti tin qiiide ann t&t cean , luce map rife to life im» 
mo?taH tS'-PUgl) fti.n, tofjo liuetfi ana reignttli UJit(j 
tt)ee ana t^e l(iol^ @Iie(i,nob) ano eucr.amen. 

The Epiftle. 
SP'OJCtiot^injteanpman. 3Rom.ij 


The Gofpel. 
Stto to'Bett.t^ev 0?ctB neere. ^att5. 2 1 


The fecond Sunday in Adaent. 

BJletfeD 2,o?n, toljie?) fiaii rauOtn aHljoTp^crip. 
tiirestobc tuiittcnfojoiir learnina:, (jrart tJjatlue 
map in b(\) toifebcare tfjcm, re3Be,matke,lcarne, ann 
iti&artilp Dt-gcR t^em, tl)at bp patience ann com''o?t of 
tf)pl)oIp too'.s, toe mau embzace ano eact fjoloc fait tbe 
l)leCfeaf)opcofeuktIa(!ingfife, toljieOtbouIjall ciuen 
i>0 in out '^auiour Jefug €0?iQ,3m<n. 

JFe»toTiaifofUtrtf)ing8. 3Roin.i5 

bet{ie4 tontobrrfe 14. 

The Gofpel. 

BTOf n t^erc l!)albe figneg in tije. ILufee 2 1 

ftf tfe 2 J unto bcrfe j 4. 

The third Sund.iy in Adiienc. 
TIk Collea 

L®zTi tof c bcfccr!) tftcf giiie care to our p:awj*, ano 
bptftpgtacioucUiBtation, lisfittntlicoarknclfiof 
'itt ^eart^>b2 OHt £.bj& "SsM CiijiR.Stnetu 

Tlie Epiftl«. 
)L(t !i man Co eBeemeof twi. i.(£o^4 


The Gofpel, 

ano tolicn 3Io^n Ijearo in ttie. ©3tt]&. 1 1 


The fouith Sunday in AdueiJt . 
The CoWiOt. 

LSD jo rapfe bp, toee r? ap ti)ce,t6p potojr, ano came 
amona: bst, ano toir() great m!gt}t (iKcoutbs, t^sc 
bJticrfa«!d)?oug^out(tniie!! ano to;c6concs t&e be fo:e 
let 9 ijsnoerf a,i Ijp bomnifull grace ano mctcp(t!j?oHr(,& 
tf)e latiffartion ottI;p feline out L02O ; map fpf toUp 
Bcfiuct b0, to toljom toitfe tbee ane tfie ijolp i5()oS, b« 
lioncucano gIo;p to ;(ri toitljoutenD.amen. 


JRetopce in tlje iLo?o altoap. p&il 4 


The Gofpel, 

STljeB t]&i!Sfdtfteteco?D of JoFjn. Jo^B j 

berfeii) bntoberfe 2i>. 

On Chriftmas day. 
The Colleft. 

AJLmfgi^tic 000, tofjic!) Oafi BiHenb^t&j»*ne!plic« 
gattelt feoime te take oat natiitc Upon (j/m,? tfiirf 
nap to be bo?ne of a pure C3trgm, grant tfjat to? .being 
tfger.crate.ano maaetbp rbilojen i)i» aooptinn t grace, 
map-oa^pbe rcnctoco b? tijp belp ^pitit, it?oiig5) t&c 
fame our Lo^o Jeiua Cbi(!,toljoIiueiti ?«• 

The Epiftle. 

at fiino?p times! ano in oiutti*. J&fl»?,» 

bale i.bntobcr'e i j. 

The Gofpel, 
3In tfje beginning toaS ti;c. Jojn i' 

bcttiei.bntobeii'e 1 j. 

Saint Sreuensdav. 
The Colleft. ' 

GlSaunt b0,O Eojo, to Jr amc toletx our flemie^, 


The CoIIc6ls. 

p»peD fo; hi9 ^etUmoi^ , to tlte WM Ku^Q ana 

f Then ftial follow a Colleft of th« Natiuitie.wlnch 
/halbefaydcoiitinually vutilNew yeeresday. 
The Hpiftle. 
'515iit]&eImnKful!eftfjeljoli>. actcj!7 


The Gofpel. 


Sainc lohti Eiiangelifts d.iy. 

MQEtciftill 2,020, iuee lieffMli tftecto caff tS? WgTit 

uang,1irt ioiiH , miipattamc to tfipcaetbSinggictg, 
«l)?oiigf) 3!eUi0 C{j2i!t our LojD.amtn. 

The Epiftle. 

tir^attoBtcBtoacf'omt^e. i.3I«^jni 

berfe i.biuatljeeuo. 

The Gofpcl. 
I^c fatti to Ijfm, f olleito nij. Sio'&n s i 


Innocents day. 
The Coliedt 

A!LmtgTjtUi ©OB . tDl^aff p?c?p& t&tts Ba^ tlje ^ong; 
Jnnoctmstf)? UjitnEffeis i)-iueconftlTfOl^ BietoeD 
foo?tfi,iiot in fpeaStiiff, but in Dpiiig : niojttfic ant) fciU 
alloiccg in us, tfjat in sue conuerfation out lift mapE]c» 
p^cffie tljp fatff), toOtff) tott^ our ungui$]»ic Doc cen« 
ftffc.tlijougTj 3i£Ui« Cf)?ifi oiic S.OJB. 
The Epiaie. 

®!)cn JIoo&fD.atia loe.a ILamlie. ]a£MC.T4 

Uetft i.l)ntoti)c cnti. 

The Gofpel. 

®6e angel of t()e 5.o?n appearO; ©att^. a 

Sttft 1 3 bntoserie 19- 

Sunday after Chriftmas day. 
The Collect. 

A!LmtgT)tf( ©oti, toliiff) Dafi gtwn b0 t^P oneIpfic« 
gcttcn %oMnc tota&e aur nature Upon liim, ft tl)t0 
Bap ;o be bcp\t of a pure aiirgtH.gvast tfjat tocbe ing 
teg'enerate.aiiD maof tftp clnfaici up ^^aoptioii? grace, 
map BapiP be tenetacs by tfip Iiolp %pirft, t6?0Hgb t^c 
tatne our ILo?n 3If fus* CttJtfV.SuIjo liuctl) $c. 

The Epiftle. 

trfien 3lfa"i,t^at tiif Ijf ire. (Satat.4 



^fiebooil^eoft!;e generation. ©8tt6-i 


The Circumcifion of Chrift. 
The Col left. 

AlinigTitte ©eti, to^tcf) magefi tTip ftlefTeB ^snne 
to be circumrifeD ann obcoienttct^je fatufozman, 
grfiiiTitb«tT)EtruccirciimfiQ«ti oftfec fpfritc, tljatour 
Seane ann affo'ir mj-mberis lietngmoMiSeufroma'I 
6jo3lr:lp ann cam^ll lulies , msv i" a(f tlnnge olicp t|D 
liJefffti toill.ti&?ougf) tSe&mc t^p '&onBe3ef««»Ct)ji8 
« '.I HofO. 

The Epiftle. 
•B^fffi D f«< tlie man to toftom. 3R9m.4 

berfe8.b«obcvfe ly. 

' The Gofpel. 

Stnt it came to paff? toljen tijc.' Unit i 

tjerCeij.lnitoft-tfe 22. 
€■ Iftherebea Sunday between? thc^piphanie 8c the 

€ii'Ciinicifioii,thtn (hall be vfed the fame Colleft, 

Epiftle,and Gospel at the Communion, which was 

vfed vponthe day of Ciicumcinon. 

The Qollea:. 

0(Soii,toT)icTj bp tfjc feamng of a ffarte BlT^ttl! ma^ 
nifcfl ti)p oaelpbf gotten ^onne to tije iBtntiU^, 
merctfuHp grant , tljatujeeluibtclifenoto thet notoij? 
fatth, map after tbis Ufc baae tliefruitien of tig gloji* 
ou$^oBl);ougO Cb^iSom £,«!0. 

The Epiftle. 
jFoj tbt'a caufc 31 Paul. Cpfic- j 

Uetl'e i.bntoUertir 1 j. 

Ca^en HefiiS t5en voa0 bo?ue. ^atttj.i 

Uccfei bntoberfe i j. 

The fii ft Sunday alter the Epiphanie. 
The Colka:. 

L©?B-lDc befcecl) tliee meicifitllp to reccti« iTjc p?ap* 
erg ot'tl)!» p eple tobici) rr.H upon tljee, anB graHtit 
tbat tl)fp map both perceiuc ano fenoto hiljat tfjtug* 
tljep oiigbt to Boe,ano alio fjatie grace $ potorr fattliJui* 
Ip to fuiaU t\)i fame,tl)?oiigb Slel'u^ €\)li& out JLo^B. 
The Epiftle, 

31 befcf c§ pou tberefo^c b^tb.^n. 3Xom. 1 s 

The Gofpel. 

attti toben be Iras tbwbte pcere. JLufee s 

Ucrre4z bntot^etiiD. 

The i J.Sunday after the Epiphanie. 
The Cwlka. 

AEmigbtic ann eucriafitng ®8B , luFiicb Boeffgo* 
uerne antl)tnfl:fiinbfa«en anoeartl), mercifuilp 
Jjeatetbe fupplicatione of tOp people, anB grauntbg 
tbpp^ace all ttie Bapes of oKt life. 

The Epiftle 
€«efng tben tbat toe Ijaue giftsf- l^om. i a 

toerfie 6. cud in Uerfe i ij. at, TBe Hot toifc ?c 


anB tbc tbirB Bap toag tbere a. 5Io^tt * 

bctOei bnto^'crfe 1 2. 

The iij Sunday after the Epiphanie. 
The Colled. 

A5LmtgT)tteatiB euetlaffjng (Son, merrifullp Tooftc 
bDon our tnSrmitfe^ , ano in ail our Bangers ann 
tieceiritjee,Qretc5} forb tbP ri'glit Ijmxi to fielpe anB D«» 
fenD jj?,t!);oug5 Cfiiift our !LojB. 

The Epiftle. 
ISeMtWidinvo'MftUKQ. £(om.i2 


The Gofpel. 

JI5 oto toben be b33g come ooiww. ^attFj.S 

berfe i.bntoberfe 14. 

Theiiij. Sunday aftc iheEpipbanie. 
The Colleft. 

GSDb tobtcb '^nobJi 8 bs to be fet tntfje miBBe?) of ft 
manp anB great oancccr^i.tbitfoj inaMufrahenefle 
toec cannot altoapfianDbpjtgbttv: graunt to bs tbe 
bealtbeffioBp anD|?mfe . .bat alItbofetljiHgs!tofuc& 
toe Cuffer fojfiimPjbp tbp belp? toemaptBtltpafl? atiB 
ouerconu jtb^otigb Cbziff our 2.o;d. 

The Epiftle. 
ILeteuerptbtileberubiect. Horn ij 

bectei.bntoberfe >{. 

The Gofpel. 
anB toben be toas entteB into. ©attt-S 

betCe 2 ? bnto t^ chb. 

The V.Sunday after the Epiphanie. 
The Collea. 

I ©IB, hje befeecb t!-;ee to feecpe ibv Cbi'wfi ^ bou&* 
-^bolDe ceMttniiflni» in tl'p true re%ton , tbattbe? 
tobtf () noe Icanc onip fepon bopc of tbp beauenlp grace, 
map eiifrmoje bee DefcnneB bp t^B migijtiepoiMrrs. 

tl)jo«20 3l«f»P Cf;^ifl out JLojD, _ 



Jfik. ^O^'i 


jaoto t6erefe?c a^ \^t elect. 
mU i3.bnt6berrei8. 

The GofpeL 
C^De^tngUftticof teaiten 10. 

Jjfi:rei4tjntoS):rfe ji. 
f ThefixcSunJay (iftherebefomany) (hall haue the 
fame CoHeftjEpiflle and Go<peI,thac was vpon the 
jEft Sunday. 

Septuagefinia Sunday. 
The Celka. 

OILfljn , toeebeftfc^ :])ct fauetttatlp tofieaterte 
pjapcre of t^p people , tfcat tote ioUcl) are iwfHg 
|)tmiOf>[B fu? out effeuct0, ntap bee mecctfuH^ celtiicitn 
lip tiiv ocooBncffe, foi ttje glo^f of tTjp 5i3ami!, tftioug^ 
31ffii3 "<£()ji8 out ©auioui, iu^o UaetO eno reig' 

5Knoto ft not tTjat tiieg UoIjitO, i .Coj.^ 

S3etfe2 4.totl)ceni>. 

The GofpeL 
Jfo^tTjeRtngtomeof&eatteit. ^attl&.jo 


Sexageiima Sunday. 
The CoUea 

L®?t! ®oB, Wj{cfj Cecil t?)at ire put not otic tvuS m 
any tljing tijat toeeone, meccifHn?gtaunttl;ar b^ 
tftp po^et toee m^j? fie Ecfentieii agalnU all aBtutgtte, 
ti&?ougI) 31eCu^ <£&jifi one JLc?n. 

The Epiftle. 
jFo?pe fiifFetfeoTesf glaelg. a.Coj, 1 1 

ijeiCe i^.unioberfe jz. 

fBotute^enntHcI) people bJ(te. ilu'^tS 


Quinquagefima Sunday. 

03Lo?n, to^iicTi Bofff teacij bji tljatarioiitBofnfriS 
toitljotit cljart'tJe are uotljing luojtlj, Cenn tljp (j. f? 
<!3to3, ano poto^e into 0!'.t fjfattjs tint meff tvcellent 
^tftof cOavit?, tfeeScrpboiiD ef peace auQ ailDctfiirtf, 
toitijomtlKto'DidjbJljofocuetliuetlj, 10 coiancaDcau 
lufojetljce : graunt tl)t0 fo? ti^g oneig ©omie ae'iist 
CL0?tlI.9 tafee. 

The Epiftle, 
©fiougTj 31 Cpeafec tott^ t^c. 1 .Co?, i j 

betfc i.iantotljeftiu. 

The Gofpel. 
©{Ien3(cCu3t«o^vctllltoft^ln. Eime 18 


The firffdayofLent. 
• TheCollea:. 

Al^mightieaiw euerlan.rg (PoO, tofitcT) l^ated no^ 
t'iingtiiattljou fjart maoe, anliCo£life,2ginet'6e 
fi'.mcsf of aiJ tijrm rfjat be peiutciits GErcote auD malie 
In 13 snebjran3 contrite fteartai, tJjat Inc lso,:rr;iIpIanii-ii' 
ting out fitmcs, anu fenfltotecging otir lu.utiOeoneffe, 
nifip oturtnc of t'iCf tlje <5o0 of a!f merci? , pivfect tc« 
miffion auu to^giaini(fi',tO;otigI) 31cm0 <3^l)}i[i. 

The Epiftle. 
tS^titne po!i bnto me toitf) al(. 3Iocl 2 

lietfe i2.biitotirrfe \f. 

The Gi^fpeli 

©8jcoHttb3l:enp3fu(i,loofee. ^att^-tf 

uetCex^.bntaiiftrf II. 

The firft Sunday in Lent. 
The Colka. 

0!Lo?U , to^irb fo^aut falscss cin^ffifag fouttte 
Dapc^anti foutticnfgdtEf: giuc lijcl grace to bl'e 
fuel) n^iRintnce , tbat out flell^ being tab is ucu foifje 
fpirit, \Uiimi euetolicetlbi^ gaalg motions in tig^jU' 

ouCnefle mrti mie^oTftiff&, to i5b JWlOHt UttB fiIo?f, 
b)t)iel) liued ano reigncfl^i^c. 
The Epiftle. 
^rotuetTjerefojea^tio^brr^, i.Co?.< 

berfe i.bntotierfen. 

The Gofpel. 
©ten toaiS 3? fug len of t(;e. @8tt|.4 


The ij Sunday in Lent. 
The Colleft. 

AiLm{g!&tic ©OB, toljhO Doell fee tSat tuce r;aHcr« 
potoer ofgiitfc{uc0tei;e(peoutfdiie£l, kr<petI)ou 
H both outboatBfg in out bocpe? , ana iniuatDl? in ejic 
fetileiEi , tSat tocema?beBefencecftomallBDuer(itiest 
tuhicS niapl&appcnto tljeboBp, ano ftem ali mill 
t6ougiit3,tDl)iclj mafalTauUif Jtttttlje&ule, tbjOHgJ 


The Epiftle. 
anti futt^ermoje toe befeccSi x.CSefl'4 


The Gofpel, 

anB 3[crti0 temt tl&cnce. ©att| 4 

btif« 2i.fiHfoDetfe2i?. 

The iij.Sunday in Lent, 

T ;\ 7(!£{iefcect)t|eea'migbtie(SoB, foolebpont5« 
V V leartie ccStesi of tljp fjumtle teruantp, ana 
fitctcIjfoo:tbtI:crigti tannoftljpmaftais, tobeouc 
Bcfcnccagainfiansurenemtcg, tt^ouglj ieCuiS CtJjiii 
<iiira.ojj amen. 

The Epiftle. 
TB c ?c tT) tre fo?e fcllctoersi of. Cplef. J 

beds i.bntoBecCeij. 

The Gofpel. 
©fjcn i&e can out a cctul. JiaUit 

berfei4Untobcrfe ip. 

The iiij. Sunday in lent. 

G Haunt t3jeebefeec!itl)eea[niigt)tte(SeB,tBatfee« 
to&icl) fo2 cimcuilIteeDfgflrc lMnn()iIppuniil3co, 
tip ti&e comfojt of fbp gtace map meccifullf bctiUcHtD, 
tti^-ittgl) cur Jlo^B 31tfu3 €!)?tft. 

The Epiftle. 
tirenmr.^etTiattoilbeunBec, 0alat.4 

bcife ii.bmotljecna. 

The Gofpel. 
3(efu«f totnt 5ii8 toap ouer t6e. 31e6n 6 

Deii'ci.uirtobcrfe 1 5 

1 he V Sunday in Leut. 
The Colleft. 

W(JEcIiereecIi tijre almigfjtp ©eo , mcrctfiiffp to 
looftc bpen rljp people , tbat bp tbp great gPcD< 
neffe , tljcp map bee gouanco au'. pjefcrncD cu(mu;c 
boti) in I OD J aHB fei-ile,tIj?o;ig|j Sel'u^ Ci'jiR out JlejD, 

The Epiftle- 
TS:»t Cfjiifi being rcnie an ijie. ^^Hf 


The Gofpel. 
IGbtcF) of pon ran re'oufee inc of. 31o()n 8 


The Sunday next before Eafter, 
; The*;:ollca. 

A2,m!g';ffc anD ccetlanirg (Ssd, toljftl) of tTip ten* 
ret fone fotontDj man, IjaRlVnt onr ^'fitiioiir le* 
fug Cbjiff, to take upjn (jim our flcfl), * to fuiFft ceatO 
bpcn tTje ctofte , tl)at all inanliinDc EjolId fullolu tljc 
citample of bis great buinilitp j mcrcitnt'p graunt tIjat 
toce bctl; folloto tlje rj,aniple of fjis patience , anB bee 
niacepartaltetsofbig refuttcctton, t|)?oiigf)t5ffani6 




Tlio Epiflls, 
Let tl&e (ememinnc be in peit. 

The Gofpel. 
anu ft came to pa(re,ta|;f «. 
betfe i.untaCbap iyuerfe jr. 

Munjay next befoie Eafter. 
The F.piftle. 

CE!'&o{0tl&tiSt^atcDmiim|). ^MalCj 


Tiie Gorpel. 
flita ttoo Daje0 aftet f , lIotoD. ©atifte 1 4 


TiiefJ.iy before Eaflcr. 
The BpilUc. 
tEtJt ILs^a ®oB fjati; op.-ncQ. JfaiaTj 50 


The GofpeL 
awj anon in tBc oatunirg. i^atSt 15 


W'ednerday before Eafter. 
The Epiftle. 
^0? to^cte n tS^eRamcnt isi. f^tfi? y 

bitie id.butottjeeRB. 

The Gofpel. 
j^otutliefeaSoftjnleattenciib^ali. ILu^ciz 

tterCe i.bntotljeeng. 

Thurlday next before Eafter, 
facto tnt^i)? tfjat 3i 0£c!at«. i.Co^« i 


The Gofpel, 
CTTjeii tlDe iBl'ofe mult tttitie. JLnkt t j 


On good Friday. 
The Collets. 

AJLmtQi'Ejtp <S5oti , toe btfccctj t^ce gracfouflj to be» 
hclo t!)ifl tlip fdtiHlic , fo? tfjc toWct) our Ji.o;iB 3ie« 
C(t^ CijziQ b><^^ conrcnttD to be betTap(D,anD giucnbp 
tmo tlje [)ano0 ori»tcke6 men , ana to fuf(tc ueati) bp> 
en t{)c crotre,UjIjo liuetl) ana retsnct?),$c. 

AJLnugljtp anD ciierlnBfng ©cO , bp tnliofe %>pir{t 
tlje tofjoU boopof tl)e€6iitc6 isgotiemcD ann 
faiictifieB.ccceiuc outruppltcationiei ana psapersJ tnticft 
Uiee oifdbefojetljec , foj nifcHatcs of men in tlip Ijolj 
CTougKgation , tbat euer? member of tlie Came in ^10 
b.cation ana miniQetie , n.agtruelp ana ffoolp ftiue 
tJjee.tDpagO our Hm 3!e'u0,?c. 

M(£rrtfHll <0oti, toljo ^iiff maDe nil men,anD liateS 
Hotlitng tljat tt'ou daHinatie, no^ tuonlDeS tijt 
Beats of a finnrr , but rat Jjct tliat be (Ijoiilo becouuec 
fen ana lute, Ijatie m?rc['tjpon all SclTjefi,'?!rut&e^,31n- 
fiuete ana fij^retiqucs ," ana take from tfjcm ail tgno. 
ranee, bariareCfcofljcart, anaceutcmptof tljptuo?'o, 
e fo fetcTi tijem borne (bleflfcB ILojc) to tfj? flochc, tbat 
t^ep map be faiica among tl;e rr mnaut of tljc true jf. 
raeliteg, nnabrcmateoiiefofaiinaetoiie ^^epfjearo, 
3!e(u£i Cr)?iRouc]lLc:a,to!)o liuctO ana reignttlj.sf, 

jro?tbe5Lsto batting tfte. l^e5,io 


The Gofpel. 
IHTicn Jefus 6a6 fpofefn rt rfc. ^o'fin 1 8 

wtCe 1 .bmo tide eno of Cfjap. r ^. 

Eafter Euen. 

jFo? (t{g|ietfer(tffotT;etoinof, i-Pct.j 


The Gofpel. 
flna bsTjen tlSe Cntn toa3 coinc ^attfe 17 



Eafter day. 

^ AtMorniijgprayer,infteadof tliePfalme, 0«»»f, 

/ftT/i,c5!-c.we'b Anthemes Oialbefungorfaid. 

Ci^jiS tiflng agatue from tfje Dcaa,noUj aicti; not, 
acatb from I'clirerop^tlj I;atb no potott bpca feiitt, 
fo; in tijat be ateti , Ijc tiea but once to put atoapfinne, 
hat in tOat bt liut tb,I)e liuetb biito (Soo. Slun to {(&e> 
toiCe count pour fefue^ oeaD bnie fttine, but liuirg bnto 
©oD.tti €9?iil Jtftis iiur ILo?D. 

CS);iU i$ I jCen agntne , tbc Srftfruitp of tbem tbat 
ftcepe, fe;fe(ttig tljatbpmai came cratl), bpmau 
alfo commet^ tbc tsiurrection of tbr oeaa: to^ as bp a» 
aam all men tot Die, fo bp Cb?iQ all men ^albc lefto' 
reD to life. 

The Colled, 
ImigBtic (5oa,iB&tcb tbjongT) t5p oncfp begotten 
i %on jlcr»0 €b?iG baft oiicrcoine aeatb, 9 cpeneo 
into b0 tbe gate ofeiictlaStng life, toe biimblp be lee r$ 
tbee, tbat ac bp tbp fpcciall grace pjciienting bs?, tbou 
Cocft put in our minesigooo aefirc^jlo bp tfjp continual 
belpc, b:ema;)b?ingtbe fame to gooB effect, tbjoug^ 
3!efu0 €W^ out }lo;a,tobo liuetb iinb teipetOi^c. 

The Epiftle. 

3If pe be tben tiCcn toitb Cb?ill CoIoC. j 


The Gofpel. 
jBoto tOe&cQuapoft'ge. IJotin 20 

bette t.bntobcrfe 1 1. 

Monday in Fafterweeke. 


aiinfg^tp ©OC.JC. As vpon Eafter day. 

The Epiftle. 
^^en Peter openeiibijl. SictejJio 


The Gofpel. 
9nQ be^olB,ttoo of tbemtoent. f.ukt 24 

btt£ejj.bntoberfe j(J. 

Tuefday in Eafter weeke. 
The Collet. 

AHmig'^tp f atbet'.toliicb baft ffttien tb? onelp ^m 
to tie fo? out ftnneist, ana to rife againe fo? out iu' 
fitfication t graunt bu Co to put atoap tbe Icaiien of ma» 
lice ana toickecncfte , tbat toe map altoap &iite tbee in 
purenetfeof tiiiir.ganauuctli, t^jotig^ 31cfii0Cbji8 

Semen ana !)jctb?fn,t5i'iBjen of. actsSij 


The Gofpel. 
SlefiiH bimfelfc ftooa in tbe. Jlulie 1 4 

bci'fe 3 (J.bnto betfe 49. 

The firft Sunday after Eafter. 


aimig^tp ©OBjjc, As vpon Eafter day. 

^0} alltbat is( bo?nc of @od. i.3Iobn j 

berfe ^.bmoberfei?. 

The Gofpel. 
tjbe fame D ap tijen at r {gtjt. 3!o^n 2 o 

btrfe«i>.bntobtrfe2 4. 

Thefecond Sunday afterFafter. 

Almt'gb' p (l?oD,to';trb baft gitten tbi' onclp ©orne 
tobebiitobsbotb a factifiir fbjfintie, ano alfb an 
fjrampfcof geoalifc, gfriebj! tbc grace tbat tore maj 
altoapes mefttbanEeftiflprcceiuetfjat bisti'ieftitnabfe 
bemff-e, avBaf.ocavlpeticeiioureutCelue^ lofollota 
t^e bleffcB ftcp0 of bis moft belp lifg. 

jFo? tT)i^ 10 tbanle toortbp, 3 .}Pet.*. 





The Gofpel 
31 am tit gooB E&cpbcaro . Tfi^n t o 

fiettc i 1 .tinto oerCe 17. 

The iij Sunday after Eaftcr. 
The CoIUa:. 

AILmfgTjtie ®oD, toljtcIjfljetoeS to aTl»ticH tljat lie 
til ert Jiit.tjEli jftt of tf5p ttueth, to t\)e hitcnt tbat 
e6»? maj rctiitne into tbc toap of tigOteonlhtft'c, grant 
Snto all tijem t^iat be aDmitteo into t^e ftlloul^ip of 
<£f'^iff60 religion , tl)at t^ep map c'djeto t^oCe tl;i«5!3 
tljat be contcatp to t^eit p?efe(Tnm, anB foUoto all fuc^ 
things a$( bt agteealU tu t\)t lame, t^^oug^ OHt JtojQ 

J)earIpbe(oiieD,T Icfeccfe pou. 

ueifeii.bnte&ette 18. 

8 little b]^ileantipe{^ai( not. 3Io$ni^ 


The iiJj.Suiiday after Eafter. 
The Colled. 

A%misfit{e ©BB , tof)k^ DocS ma6ctl6e mi«Be0 of 
nil faitlifull men to be of cHe boill.grannt tinto tijp 
people , t^Dat t^ep map lone t^e tiling ta^icfj tfteu com* 
maHtiefi,$ DcRre tliat tol)ic6 tf)ou Dotff p?Tmife,t5at a* 
mong tijc CimDip ann manifelo cfiange? of tljtg too?lD, 
•tit ftca'tp mapuircfptijcte Icefivea, tol)cteas! true 
iopc0 ate to lie feiinD,t()jougO ^U|tft cut Jlo;D,amen. 

<2^(ictp goot gtulng.ana c«etg. 3Iam«0 1 


The Golpel, 
'BittnoiuSffoemptoap. 3Io5tti<J 

bccfej.untobevGe 16, 

The V.Sunday after Eafter. 
The Colled. 

L©zD,ftom toliom all goon tljtngiS Doe came, gratint 
bs t^p fiumlitc fftuantjf, tljatliptfipi^olp ui$irati» 
on Ujcc map tfjinfte tljole things tliat be geoD , ano bp 
tip metrifiiH guietiig map petfcjme fbe fame, tji^ougft 
PtttlLo^D 3Iefuf! Cl)?ifi,amen. 

Snti bepe fioerd of tbe Uiojo. 3[amc{l i 

berfeii.bntotf)f eno. 

The Cofpel. 
Qetflp.bcrelp J Cap Dtito pou. Join 16 


Afcenfion day. 
The Collea. 

Gl^aimt toe brfet c^ tljee aiu'.ig'&tp i^oD , tT;at Idke 
a? luec tec belcene tf)p onelp begotten ^enne one 
JLojB to Ibaue afcenctO into t^e {jeauctig, fo toe map al« 
fo in Drart ana minn t^itljcr afceuD, auc tout) l)im cou» 
tinuftllp otocn. 

31 l3atie maBc tfie fanner. Scteii 1 

faccfc i.Jjntobeifeii. 

The Goipel. 
IfinaTfpTjfappearctbnto, ^arfeCKf 

iiecle i4tot{}e(no. 

The Stindav after Afcenfion day. 
The Colled 

O©oti tTic Einp; of ghp, tubicf) fiali eraTteli tl'fne 
o'.IlIv %on Jli'diS Cf)2tlt ioid) atrat ttiui-pi) intu 
t^e feitignomf of firaiien : ine be Ct t'lj tlice Icaue 1)0 net 
comfojt!eirc,biit G nD to bs thine Vtd^&beQ to comfort 
60 , ann rt.ift b^bmo tie fameplace luliitfjcrout %n* 
uiout C&jifi 10 go e befi ?f ,h)bo liuet][j,(3fr. 
The Epiftle. 

SJotat'^f two of all tOing3t0at, ».J?«t.4 


The Gofpel. 
TStttto^entOecIomfojierftaH. ToTjitij 

betfe26.tnD(it)ap 16,anBtlj£fe, 

V\ hitfunday. 
The Colled. 

C-> O D , teTjic!) as tpon tf!t0 bap, laBtaiig^f f&e 
J Ijrattj of tijp fattbtull people , b ; t^e frnoing to 
c^t m ttie Itg&t cf tf)p &;.lp %pitit, grant 110 b'g tlje fame 
spirit to tauc a rtgbt iucgtinent in all tbing0, atiB e» 
nermojc to reiopie in lji0 ^olp conifot.t&zoiigt rl;emf« 
tite0 of 3Icfu0 Ci}?trt out %aiiiout , n^o Itiietfi ann 
teignctft toitft ttee intiE»eunitieoftl,efame©piiit,oHe 
<3oa tooclo tottloiit enB,3mett. 
2notoT3entTjeii3pf0o:pentecoll, "*" flttejlt 

The GoljaeL 
3!f peloue me,feeepe mp. 31o^n 14 

betfc I j.bnto tije mn. 

Muiiday in VV'hitfun weeke. 

The Colled. 

60b Ssl^tt^ aH.^C. As vpon Whitfunday. 

The Epiftle. 
CTjen ).9eter opeHec his mout§. acte^ lo 

betCe j4'bntotl^cettii. 

The GofpeL 
jTo? ©oti fo leneb t%e too^Io. 3I0511 i 

txtit i <:.bnto betfe 2 2. 

Tuefday in Whicfun weeke. 

The Colled. 

©oOte^tcf)a0,$C. AivponWhitfundiy, 

jaototo^cntkapoR{e0,to^tc{i, acte0t 

betle i4.bncoberfc 18. 

The Golpcl. 
Serelp.berelp 31 fap bKto pou. 3Jo5n i o 

betfe ibntoberftii. 

Trinicie Simday. 
The Colled. 

AHmtg^tle anb eneriaRmg ©oD. teljicTj ftaff giuen 
bnto b0 t!)p feritflnt0 grace bp t'oe crnfeflion ef a 
true faitb , to acfenotolebge tOe glp?p of tfje etemaH 
tS'ttnitie,3E in tljc pobjer oftlje Diutnc ^aieftte to too^» 
0)ip ti)t dinitie: toe befeec^ tf)ce t^at tijiotigli tje fieo« 
faiineffc of t^ts faitb , toe map euermo?e bee befeBbtn 
from all aBuctntie,fa3^ic|litttIi anbcetgneSj^c. 

The Epiftle. 

after tiii0 S lookeb.anD beljolo, 3RetKl4 

betfe i.bntotlbeenD. 

The Gofpel. 
fZhite toa0 note a man of t^e. J^oln j 

betfe i.bntoberfe 16 

The firft Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Colled. 

G®3? (Ibearcngtfeof alltbcm tT;attruR tnt'&ee, 
mtrcifalip accept o;:r p:apcr0 : anc brcatifc tbe 
incaKeneire of our mp^tall natc.te can ooe no gooV 
tTjtngtottfioKt tljct . graiiHt bs tte Iielpeef tbp grace, 
tl'at iu kcryin J of tbp cpmmfnonncntf.,toc map pieafe 
tiKe botO lu toill ann OceBe, t[;jougI) 3!tii»0 Cl;?jft out 

■Bpfaitebilctbg loae one. i.5o> 4 


CTfiete lBa0 a c ertaine ticfi man, S.ule 1 tf 

betfe I ^.bntp t^e enb. 

The ij.Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Colled. 

L2Dfti ma^c be to banc a prrpetuanfcare anb lone 
of t^H l)ol2 JBlaratjfo? tijau neuei fatleR to f;elp ann 


i'he Coiled 

mitme tl^cm , to^om tT;ou docS Bjiitg bjn in i^i QeQ> 

^attwile not m? 6?£tIj^n,tJ)oiig6- « Jofiff i 


The Golpel. 

The QofpeL 
JntBoCe tapes tolKn tfjeretoajt. 
bccCe I .tnto brrfe lo. 

The viij.Sunday after Trinitie. 
The ColUa. 


attrtainemanmaueagKat. S,ulei4 ^©DtofioftpjoHioenceisnciiertfctwtD, totfium* 

bttli i6.i)ntot3erfe2 5. VJblpbefcccbttiee.tfjatrtJotttoiltvitttattiapttomb* 

The iij. Sunday after Trinitie. aHl&uttfMHtljttiPia , anD gitte tfjofe tttngS toOub bee 

TheColltft. l)jofitalilcfo?lip:tl)?OBgft|efti!S(JI;{)jtaourJLo?n. 

LSD^Ufets b<feecl)t()«emetciftrtIpto'5earc W, anu The Epiftle. 

bnto iBbome tbOM ^afl gium aitljearrieuriirero ^6ettfo?8b?et5?en,toeartp£ttet0. iRom.8 

pzap. graimt tbat bp tJj;* migOtic apoe, toemapbc DC' Berfe i i.unto hetfe 1 8. 

6sDCu,tt)joiig& Je-uP CJiAid out ^Qfl, The GofpeL 

TheEpiille. TSctsjarccffalfep.iop'dctjs. 


SrUle 1 5 

ann fiilmift pout fduciS cMcrp. 

The Gofpel, 

f!rficnietb;ttii btico ^im all dje. 
ijeriji.iintoSjerCf II. 

The iiij Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Colled. 

G©D rte pjotectoiit cf alltljat trufi in t^ee.toit^out 
toiiom notljtng is RronffiKot^ing is (jclp, f ncteafe 
OTB multip'p Dpon t53 tijp mctcte, ffist tljou 6dng 
our nikr ann giiirr , iuee map fo paffe tfijotigl) tilings 
tcmpe^all, tljat W finaftp lofe not tlje tl'tngs itcniad : 

gtaunt tlji0 ^eauentp jFat^ct , fi'j 3I«fii? CfjjiSsi fafte ann 5c fain alfo btito W, 

wr(e isJjmoljetfc :a. 

1 he ix.S'unday after Trinitie. 
The Colleft. 

GKaimt i3$ £ojD, tDcekGe£c6t&rt, t^efpfritcto 
tijinkt anu Doe atoaveufuc^ tilings as be rigOt* 
full, t^at mt toljiclj cannot bcc toitljout ti&cc, mav bp 
ti)cc be able to line acc9^o(ng ta t^p Soill, tijjoiiglj ^e» 

^p?coHetb?et]&?tn,3 tooulo. i.Co^io 

becCei.lJntobtrfc 14. 

The Gofpel. 

out S.o;d. 

Tlie T^piftle. 
jFo? 3 count tl&at t^t afflicticH?. J£l»m, 8 

betfe i8.untoi)etre2 4. 

The Gofpel. 
ISe pe t^erefo^ Ett&e 6 

betOe J«bntei)et^e4^ 
The V.Sunday after Trinitici 
The Colleft, 

GlRaimt Eo?ii , toce befeecb tijce, tl^at tlfee coiicfe of 312oto coHcetning fpitttuall gifts, 
tljis too?lD map bee fo peacea&Ip ojsereti bp tbp betft i.bnto Uerfe 12. 
geiietnance, tl&at tip copgregaiion map inpfiirip fetiie The Gofpel. 

tOee in all goDip qiuttnctre, tljjougb JletUp (^IJinR otic anu fe'Sen Tjc Iwas come ticci e. 


ijerie i.UHtoueffc 10. 

Thex Siind.iy after Trinitie. 
The Colleft 

L(£t tfjp mcrdfull cares , 2D 2,o?t!e , 6ee open to 
tt)e pjapctB of tljp Tmmiile fcitiants : anu tbat t^ep 
mapobtcme tbcit petition^, makctljtmto attefudi 
things as fijallpleafttiee, tijjougt) ^tiiifi €Ij^iftouc 

The Epiille. 



jfftiaT(p,6epeanofonemiBDe. ».Pct j 

becCe 8. ena in betre 1 $. at, 3nii 6e tea^g. 
The Gofpel. 
iSi^m it came to polfe as t^e. %.uie 5 


The vj. Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Coiled. 

G®o toT)t<T) baQ pjcpatf D to tbrm tl&at lotie tfiee, 

fudfj gooD tOfngg as pafle all mans bnBccllan. ®ojeouet,b?et]&|en,31 oeciate. 

*tt!g : potj:e into our be arts fuel) loue tohjaro tfitt, berfe 1 .bnto bcrfr 1 2 . 

t^attoelomngtbecinp.ntbmgs.mapo&tainetbppjci. The Gofpel. 

itiifrs. hsbid) f fceenc ali tljat tee crni htQxe , t^joagO l^e fpafec aiCo tijis p'araMc bnto. 

Utile 19 

btrtc 4 1, enc in betfe 47' at , anu tDe 5tgi& P^efl? 

The jcj.Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Colled. 


JStwlB pe not.tfiat aK toe bJtifcij, 
bcrCe j.bnteherfc 1 2. 

The Gofpel. 
ff 92 !?! fau bttto pou/rtcpt poiBL 
lJctfe2o.b"to'j'-r<'£ 2 7. 

The vij Sunday after Trinitie. 
The Colled 

GSDD to^tc^DccIartfitfjpalmigTitppotoct, mott 
cljitflfiniljetotngmttcic anDptitc. giitcbntobs 
aboimtiantip tbp gtarr ,tljat b3C running to tjjp p?omi« 
ffS, map bccmaDcparta&crsoft^jptfauenlpttcafure, 
tl)?ougl) Slefus dfiiifl our lojD. 

I. Co?. IS 


berfe p.bntojKrfe i j. 

TWhfij. Sunday after Trinitie. The Colled. 

AiLmfgI]tte ft euctlafting ®bt>, \xi^k\i art altsapetf- 
mo?p tcatip to I)carc t^^en toe to p;ap. anD art toont 
^attfi.J to glut mo:£ t!)en cirljct base Btiirc oj teUrrue : potn/c 
Dotonf bpon b0 tTjc abunnance of t( p mercp, fo;gtumg 
bsrhofe tljingsbttfjcveofourconrdcnteisafralri, atjo 
gf uing bnto lis tbat , ibat out pzaper Dare not pjtftun* 

Y ®?B of an poteer ano mig!)t,to1}f cfi art tfje aut^our to 8S:k,tl)?0Hgl) 3!f fnB Cbjifl out JLojn. 

l-«anDguifrofangooBtf)ings, grafftin ourf)carts 
tlieleitcoftlipname, cncttafcin bs true tcligton,RoU' 
tiS) bs luitl) angaoDnftfe.anD of tip great mcrcpfeecpe 
IS in tte fame, tljjoug^ ii tftis €()^itt mx JLo^u. 
The Epiftle. 

3[^,(a&e dSim'^i manci of man, J8im 6 

The Epiftle. 
anQ ftidj ttuff bane toe ti&jong^ 
bctfc4.bnto berfe 10. 

anb be Bcparteb againe. 





The Collets. 

The Kjl) SunAiy after Trini(ic< 

AHmtgljtp sno RuuifuIliScQ , ofto&i&ottelpt^ift 
it coinioi tij,ff)at tl;p faitljfull per gic cac kntc tut 
Kucar.D lauOdl'li^.emicc: (^rau-^c laec Iielcci!} d^ee, 
tWtoemd^forumuto tljgjtaufrli'^iomitf?, ttat 
toe tdtle not gsta.lp to accame tbe l'&im,t|;pHgb i^e.uis 

jQoto to a^?a^am anc ^:«( fccee. , ©^latf j 


TheGofpeL ■•'lAi ^'-j" 

TSIrfTeB aret'Sc ercarl'at lee. ^ . .^ ^^.f.-:^vMi lo 

Thesuiij Sunday afc£r Trinkie. 

The C.liea. 

A!Lm'5':tu ano e«ttidfin:g ©oD, c^42tlltto t)3 tl^e 
inc'cafi- o: fattlj, Iiopr, aiiD cljariti.-, ana tlat utc 
ina? obratne tbat b3^(;:{; tOot'. t:e'Quiom:tit.mak: S}3 to 
kite tfjac bJij'cl] ti^DU GciQ lommanti , t^^eugi^ ^cfud 

. TheEpiftle. 
trS 3 3! raj».,'ccaS&« ti; t^ Cyiiiu ©alat. j 

Dcrre i6.\jtitoS)erie2 5. 

The Go(pel. 
ana fc it teas toSen Iji tocnt. 3Lali< 1 7 

Jicrlcii Ijntobcrii JO. 

The XV. ^undav after Triniae. - 


K(2;cpf tdc t<ii.£&ti)te, © Cf;Krc5,taftft 
tV.pfe vetti^Iini.rcp, anc Iirca;!fs tlje ftailtic of 
man toiiijcur tt'.ecannet but falf, tfcpc W tucrb? tf;p 
(jtipe, aiiD Uaaclisto aUtljinppjolttaHe tuoie;ral» 
natton,tcjuusI; J eCap CbjiQ tut io^o. 


^e &c ftoto Tatff? a icttct. ©alat. (J 

Ijcifeii umot>;f tno. 

.-- . The Gofpel. 

SlomdrtcannftaetbjimattftA. @aft^.5 


• The xvj Sunday after Triniric. 
The Collea. 

L' ®?3 toe It'teili tlire ,fct tlip continualT {'ftp denfc $ 
ntfenB tfip cargrfjation: * brcaHi tt cannot cotrti" 
Itue in t'attrie toitlitiat tbp fiiccour. i)«rftiif it cKetmojc 
hy t\)t 'jfty 3t goocn'. si,tt?oiiB& Selitp €5)ji£ uta ILojB. 


BUtctefojf 3 Dfdre tfjat pc. Cl^e.} 

berlc> j.tocljeen3. 

The Gofpel. 
anB it c jmt to pa Ve tlie B20 after. 3Lii&e f 

betie I J hnre ncrCe 1 8, 

Thsxvi;.'^iindny after Trinitle. 
Tn^ GoHea. 

L2)i!i totpjap t5cc,tliattI)V5tacf ma? all»a?c^p;e» 
unit ^foUiiMbs. ail' makf D^ coarfuiiallpto fie (r.U 
um to all goua b)o;ig,r-5uj'.igi] Jeliif CojiU out Loju. 

Tile Epiftle. 

3!t]6ttrfo;ebfingp:!fcn«. ^VC4 

iKtfc i.fantoliDCcy. 

. . T'-e GofpeJ. 

SuQ it came : c p -fu .tijat luIjciL Jlafee 1 4 

Dtcft • .brio ucrU ii. 

The xviij. Sunday after Trinitie. 
The -Jollecl. 

L©jr 'ueliefefri) tbce graunt t'Sp peoplr jracs to a. 
iiovat t!jf tHrecfionsoftlifPru.ii, ano toifljyurc 
Jen't <'iin 1= i^ae te follolu tOee i^c eutij (SoB, if)?o«!l& 

_ TheF.piftJe. 

5 tOaiiTiC m2 U)03 alwBi;c?» ^.Co^t 



- - The Gofpel. 
15ut to^nt tDe pijaritit? dftO. 

'ihexix.SundavafterTrinide. ' "- 


O<2>ot), fo;armarij as teittout tfif e te£ ate not aUt 
to tifcalc tbef,grant tl;at t^r Iwoittng of t6p meri 
tic map tn ad tljing^ctttct ot cuIeoi«;ge«U0, tlijOttg& 

tHThi's 2 f >? (tettfo^e.aa:) tcBiSe. <2p6e.^ 


^icn Ijc cntrcB into a Itip. ©S:t5.^ 

Uciii i.M ober Ci;. 

Thexx.^uuday afrer Trinitie, 

AJLmigtt'c aitB n;erfifulJ SicD , of tfjp 5a:.aitiMl 
g otwfle.feefptbefrcmrKcljtngtJtljetmspiurt 
1)0, toat luce, being rraDv b f m ijoup ano .'ourr , ma? 
b3itlj Cue tirartg accom'phSj iljofc tbtpge tfat t^jsn 
bJeulDfli taut- Done, t(;jong?j Jefiig (J^nji em JLcja. 

^Talc tiffBe t[!f rtfa2e,tl;at pe . CiJ'^e J 

. bctleij.bntobetffzi. 

The Gofpel, 
lH;!jetingBcmcrff;ea}i(n!^. ^attSiiW 

' 'Bene i.bntcbeiic 15, • 

The xxj Sundav after Tjiuicic, 
TheCo'lIea. ' 

GSaunttoEckirctl-, t(;ce, merctfitHJLcp, totf;^ 
faitljfi'.llpfcplf parr.f.n anc })racf , tlat tier map 
be tknfer. from a: I : oat (tj:«t6 , ano fcnu t^ \oH]i a 
qaicr mmae, tl;?ouglj Jcfus Ct^ifi eut 2,o;3. 

fiBtinpmrI-?ftn2fn,beiiro:"g. CpSti 

Uirleio.bnio.brrre 21. 

The Gofpel. 
Sfnctfifretjaisafettainenilet, 30^4 

Jjeife 4(J to t{}£ enB. 

The xxi J.Sunday aftier Triiiiticr 
The Coliea. 

L©tB tdce Dcfeedj ilice tofceevc tBp touf&clDe tlje 
<S,\imc\) in centiniiall e«>6IinefiiE , tljat tiTougO tOp 
pjotf ctian it map lie frrt from ell aDucrlitif 3 , anb Be» 
iiottaf giucn to fftne tin e in gotB tucjfecs. to t\)t gle^f 
of t9p fiamcjtjjougl) Jrfiig ^lj;ift otiiJlojC.amtu. 

Tlis Epiftle, 
31 t&anfef mp ©OB hauing. JPluTi 

bctCej.bmoucrfe 12. 

The GofpeL 
tPcn rmnc l^etcr to ^im. ©altft. 1 i, 

btcft tl)c enB. 

Thcxxiij Sunday afteiTiinin'e. 
The Collea. 

G£b onr refuge anB (ItcngtD, tDbtcfi art tfje autTjaj 
of all gopBiies, be rtiBp to licarc tlje Bruont p;af • 
ere pf t^r (£l;artl),anB graimt tljat tIiofrtl;irgs ivljici 
tjc nffef f^itbfulli>.i»e map el^tainr tffktuaHg.ttj^ougb 
31efu0Clj?tnourJLo.2B. ,,. ^ 

TheEpiftle, ;■ ''-''^-^ 

^zet!i!en,bcfollo'a>crg(ifmc. J^O?.J'erficenB. 

The (jofpeL 
^cn toent ffje piinitftp' ana. ©atf^. i a, 

Uftfe 1 5 bnro ber& ij. 

The xxiiij Sunday after Trinitle. 
the Collea. 

LOiB toe6efeec6tft<e, af&tfetl&p people from tTjeft 
oSiMip, tdat ti[i?oiig^ t^^bounti&illguidneirt bie 
« wag 

The Collets. 

Caegiuttfiaiikr(ito<0oa. CdoCi 

Uctlc J toiite Dctfe I J . 

The Gofpel, 

The xxv.Sunday afcer Trinitic. 

The Colled, 

SfKixte ijp.tDee befecclj ttiec® JLe?o,t|« toitd cfrtp 
faitbtui: people.iljac t^tp plenieoua? l)?«![iing fojtl) 
rte fruit of gocB iuojkcsi , ma? of tbii l>e plejUtJHQg 
tetsarDcti^t^dugl) JjrCuii Cl)!tQ ohc ILo^d. 


15d)oIo^6e oapei* come. Setf.ij 


The GoJpcL 
C:^cn3!e!"tiiS lift t?p his tje?. JoljtKS 

ff I f there be any mo Sundaics before Adaent Sunday, 
tolopply the fame, fti;ilbe taken the Colle<ft,Epiftle 
and GuJpel of Ibme of thofe Sundaics which were 
omitted betweeiethe Epiphanie& Septuagdinu. 
i•t■^l7p!J| Saint Andrewes day. 

*^-^^^'*"- TheColleft. 

AJLmlt^H^ ®oB, iubict) biDB«5 gfHf Hiclb ffracebni. 
to tl)j) &.I? aiJofl(e ^.aBD?tbJ , tl)at Oe ccaDilp o« 
. teieo tl)e calltng of tl;p ^ci'.tw JcIhu Ci)MK,ettiDloii3£n 
, \m iBttbouc ceJap : graaiit unto i)0 al(, t^at l»c bttng 
calleD bp t()? Tjolp loe^a, ira^ foeitfibii;!} giuc oucr our 
l(lue0 obffiieiulp to tdllob} tfjp ijolp coinmaniiemet-.t|}j 
tljjoiig^ tl;efame Jcfiifi Cb?tfioiit Lojb. 
, jToMfi^un&altconfefli. Somio 

' Dei:fe<;.l«uotI;e«tTi. 

The Golpel. 
aimMustoaKtngbptJje. ^aK6.* 


Saint Thomas the Apoftfe. 
The Colled. 

AJLmffx'btf* ana eiierliJing e5ot),toI;tcT)foj tht ttw?c 
.conSrma: (oh of tlje faitb, iiitDtft fitffer tfip Ijoij a» 
poRte ^I)0"n3d to fac Boulnful in tDp S*' ncg rcCurrec* 
ti'jn : tyrant be To pctftal?, ai-.o ioittio;!t al! Coubt to 
|if leeiic fn t^? *»oa Jefiisi C'.jift, tijat otir faltjj in t6p 
figljrtictterbcrfy;ooiieQ. ^ei\( l>s, O JLo^D, tfijotig^ 
ti)cfame 31tfu{i ^i3?tR,totij(jomU};t& 3!c, 

The Epiftle. 
fI33tofOcrtfo?carepe«o. <^16«f!i 

wrCe i5>.l'ntotIjcenu. 

The Go/pel. 
TStii ^oRia^ one of tfje, 3I«5n 2 o 


CoDueifion of S PauL 
The Colleft. 

GS)TJ, hiTiicft fjafl tatis';t alf tijc b)9?Tti. tTjotigfttfte 
pKadnng of t^FblitTtli Sp' Qle ^. Poiil : grant, 
tetbelcfdj tOec , tfjattoe InlsciHiartcfjis toon^cttiiU 
tonitetSon in rcmc!rili;ari0,mayfoUii!B »fu!al tOj> I;oIg 
irocKine v De tau^Jit, tljioiiglj |cfiis( (2;5^tft eur ilojo. 

awj^aiilpttbjcatljingout, Sicttfi.9 

fiertci.butobeifci J. 

The GofpeL 
^Pra anrtocreti ^e tr r,atiB. ©«t5. ts 

iKife 27 to tilt eiio. 

Puiification of S Mary the Virgin. 

A!lm:gT)tp mw ^ acrlafiing 0»D , We l&umbfp be* 
ft«5 t^2i^fti«aiej t|at |is tpg ontlgLrpttea 

*o»ne toii tW tiap?;efHitnjfn tic tS'cmjjfc in rte 
fubSame of out flelti: lo giant ttjat toe map lie p,u tien* 
t(B bnto tliee iDtt^ ptiTt anD (leaceminotfi » b; ItrK^ 


dte !amc C jtftk ap^^ftttcB t^t S>tmiiap before. 

Tlie Gofpel. 
attBtofjcnt^ecapeiSpfbet. iiuUx 

ua(e»2.c»D(nt)ctfe anobi^cnttie. 
Saint Matthias day. 

TheColle<ft. 'jOJ 

AEmigl^tic ©oD, Vobid) iii tbr place of t{iettaitcitit 
3!uDa0 tiioO cdUce ti)P faittifuii reniaiit ^atti:ia;S 
tobeoftOe number of t^cttoelucapoUten.grainttliat 
tbpCditrc^, being allDappjctetiicDfrcmtalii: 9p9» 
H!ei3 , map be o;i) cteD ano ituiriCQ bv faiibfiiil anB true 
]^aa«nt$(.tb^Hgl; IS.clu-s ^i^^tS ouic Ho^ 

Thetpiftle. ;: -j ;"".;t":;if it 

2ni>int]bcCetiape0l3rtfr, .ait^i 


, The GofpeL 

Sct1jattinie7!crtV0annucreQ. ^attb.11 

Uetie js btitotHecnu. 

Annunciation of the Virgin Marie. 
The Collea:. 

WCEe bercecb tI)ee£ejD . ^otoje tTjp grace txto 
tut l:tRrt3 , tIjat tg tat ijatie knobien ^iin({ 
tbp bonnes! in; atnatisn bp l^e nierVage of an angcli 
fs bp Ins riof j ane paffion , to e map be l'?oiigtit biuo 
tl)c g!o?p of {jis refurrection , t&jougb tfce fame CijjiH 
out 3Lo^o,amtn. 

anBtT)eILe2Drpalfeeagaiuebnt». 5tai.7 

. betfe 1 o.ijnto ijstfe j 5, -..,,, 

TheGoipel, ..; 

ancintTjeiSmonetih iLilfeei 

ftetfeafi.bnrobcr'e J?. 

Saint Markcsdav. 
The Colled. 

AEmigbtte 0oB, teljidj 6a8 inOrflcfct t5p5elg 
Cbnrcb hjitb tbc Ijeaucnlp eoftrn? of tfip <£ lan* 
gdiQ S).®aifee : giuc U0 grace , tfeat l«rr be net tike 
ctjilajcn , catirD aiuap toitli euetpbiaft cf bdne ioc« 
trine, biitficmclpto betflabllRjeamtrjctuieiljof tijf ■ 
](iolp ©ofpeljtljjoKgl) licini €t)^ia<mtiI,oiD,ani£H. 

15titbt?t8euerpcnccfli3i0. CjD<f-4 

bcrCtj.untoDetfe 17. 

The Gi)(pel. 

2 am i^c tn.'e 2IiHc,anD mg. SJol^n i 5^ 

Uerie i.bttotierff 12. 

Saint Philip and lames day. 
The Colled. ■ 

AJLrnlgTjtie ®oB , toljom. trttrlp to fertte «^cncrla< 
Ring life 1 grauiit tjg perfertfjKo lino'a) ttp ^rnne 
Slefiis €{)2iQ tc be tl c CHap,; (ic ^riietl), t^t JL ife, 
za tb«u finfl taugf)t^.}9f)ilip ano otyer apofife^s 
t^^oiigd 31f fi'S Ctiiti^ out iLojo. 
The Epiftle. 
3Ianie« a f-ruant of ©iiB. SfaroCiS i 

jjftfe i.bmobcriVij. 

The Gofpel. 
Sim it fafB to Vis Birciple^. jolEiit 14: 


Saint K>arnabe Apoftk. 
The Colled. 

LflDjn aimig!&tp, tobicO t ali ennneB tfjp Mf apoJift 
TBamabaj! , teit'^ Rngiilar gtfrg ef tbe lolp ©fioGF, . 
fet l)« Hi t,bc Dcffttutc of tly marifolB gifti*, no? pet of 
grace, to >jfc tbpm altoaj to tt)j ^wwsK anBgiofPt 




Tlie Go(peI. 
^i0 {)$ mp commancxment. Jo^tt 1 5 

U«tftiz.SMUotoerCei7. * 

il lohn Baptift. 
The Colled. 

AEmigl)tie 0OIJ , liptoljeiepjBuftitrKtfijrfnisnt 
3i3i)HT3aptili teas iuonuctfHH? bo^nc, aiiBfcnt 
to t??fpare tOe toap af t1)? ^onne out ^3Hioiir,b| p?ca« 
; cijtng of pcH&nct: make te fo to ftloto ^isi Bflctrtnc ann 
■fidpUfe, t^atloectnapmitlpteptnc attoicmgtei W 
pj«acl)i!;g, ano after fjig cjramplc conBantlprpeafee rte 
ttuct^, faoiDi? rebiifee biw, ano patiewtf? fnffttfof t^ 
tru£t^i<i rakr,t));oiig() Mw €\i(itt otic Co^. 

The Epiftle. 
Comfort ?e,comfo?t pemg. Jf8l.4o 

bsdJe i.bntobetfei:. 

TheGofpel. ■ 

Bobj lo^en Cli^at^etb time tna^^ HB&e i 


Sjint Peters day. 
The Colled. 

AHmtgljtv ®on,\nl)tc() bv tljp %onne JeliusC&jiff 
liatl gtucn to tljp ayoRIe %aint peter manp ejc* 
Cdletit gtft0 , anH commanccoft Ijim eartr flip to ftecc 
■ eb? fiocfee s raalie , toe beicerij tl&f c , ati TBtli^ops ano 
Paftourj! ciligentlp to p?eac() tbp ftolp too^D , ano tlje 
peupIeoljeBientlpto folloto tpefame, tOat tijepmaptc« 
cttue tijc cfotoHe of eiurlaOi; g glo^p , t{ljOiig^ Jlclii^ 

jQoto aboHt tT;at time.Jl^croD. SLct^ > i 


J!38toto]&eit31ef"0camc CJQatt^.itf 

tierii I j.DntoUcrfezo. 

Saint fames the Apofile. 

C*> ISawt, S) mttfifuU (Sod, tljat at! t^inc Mf 3po» 
J nie ^aint James leauing i&ie fatljer,ano all tftat 
^efjao , toitljotrt oelfij) teas oTitDfent bntot&e calling 
-oftiiv^onnc 3Ieft«siCi&?iQ,anti fo'otoefi^imii.btocfo?- 
Csttng al! tooiTclf anB catnall 8ffectioii0, map 6e rucr» 
HicjcteaDptofoloto tbp commanBtmcnti(,tJ}^ugl} a<. 

Jn t^off aaref alfo came. Sctei i r 

berfe 27. cno C()ap 1 1. in berfc j. at, fS^\iw totre 
t^ccapcitf. ; 

The Gofpel. . 
^[;encameto]&fmtl)e. @at-t^.io 

tinCe2o.bnte berfe 29, , 

Saint Bartholomew Apoftle. 
The Colled. 

OaimigTjrp anu eticclaBina; 0oB,b3T!ic!j TiaB giiic n 
grace to tOp Jlportlc 'Kartljolometu, ttiieJp tobe^ 
lecue a\V3 to ],i?encl) t()p too?u , rttaimt toe tiefeeclj cl;cf, 
bnto tbv Cft'.ird), boti) to lod? tljat ^c beiecticD, auD to 
p^eaclj tl;at: Ijc tauTfitjtljjoiig!) C&;iQ our 3lc?3. 

tSnjKSl>p tljc fiance pf tf)e. , flct? 5 

berCe n.bnto berfc 17. 

The Gofpel, 
aa^ tl)crc arofr alfo a liitfe, Jiukc 2 2 


Saint MatthVw the Apoftle. 
The Colled. 

AJLmigfjtp <SeD, tojielj bp tfip blefletJ ^on BfotKB 
call i^attfeeto from t^c rcccfpt ef cufiome to be an 
apofilc ano CuanacIiB , gt8«t UjS grace to fojfaljc all 
coueio;i0 DeftteS,* iiiojotnatc lone of r;£ljc0,$ to foHoto 
tl)p fato ^on lietiig dd^tft.fobo ImetO j reignct^j.jc. 


tJfjctcfoje,6eeingt]&attoe. a.Co?.4 


anu as Mus! paflcB fe?t6. @att^ 9 

httie j>.bnto Dctfe 1 4. 

&aint Michael and all Angels. 
. The Colled. 
P CJjrlalling ©oD, toWclj Oaff ojtfinen f cwHitute* 
Utile IJEtuiLc^ of all angel? one men in a bBouBetfuC 
c?Bcr, metcifullp grant, tJjat tticp toljiiO altoap ro t()ee 
fenite in 5eau£n,map bp tljP af pointmtttt.ftucottranB 
BffeiiD i>& in eartU,tS?ouglj ^efms Clj^tS cut JLoju. 

The EpiWe. 
antit^ecetaaiJa&attclltH. ]£leueLi» 

t)£tft7.bntobccfe« J. 

The Gofpel. 
defame time t§eBifciple9. ©att'&ii* 

betej.Untobcrft n. 

Saint luke the Etiangelift. 

A!LmfgT)tp ©OB, tofrfcl) calliofl l«6c tie JPpCti' 
nn,to?)ofc pzaife ie in the iS'cfpcI,to k a JPOpfitia« 
of tfje fcinlc, it map plcafc tijee bp tfie totoletomc mcBi* 
ctnes of bis Doctrine , to Ijcalc all tf)e aifrarcs of out 
(8ule,tlj;otig% tbp ^onre Jeftig CtjiS oar JLo^o. 

The Epiftle, 
TSuttoatc^tfjoufnalltljiiigS. j.trnii.4 

ftecfe 5.bnto berfe i<>. 

The OofpeL 
after tTjcfc t6ing?,tl;c Lo?ri. In^r i o 

betfe I .enD in bette 7 at, ®ee not from Ijouft. 
6aint Simon and lude Apofties. 
The Colled. 

AEmfgljtp ©OB , toijicfj l)a8 btu'Ineo tT;p Congrc* 
gation bpon die founbatton of tljc apoQlcs; $ 19^e. 
pljftg.Jefup C&?:n Ijimlelfe bring p OeaB f o^ncr ftone: 
grant bs (8 to bee inpncBtogctUtin biiticeflpititbp 
tlif ir bcctrine , tl)at toe map be mate an liolp temple 
acccptablebntotljee, tlijounfi 31cfup €1)0 our Jlo?D. 


2tiDe a fernant of Jcfus dljiiSt. June 

feerfe i.toitobetfc^. 

^fjeff tijtngs comm Ann. JoBn « S 

WtDr ly.totliecnD, 

All Saints day. The Colled. 

Al.mfgb(t» ®oB, toljicb fiafi fenit toge tf)er tfiv rfert 
in one communion anofelfouftipin tbenipfiicall 
bobpof tfip^-on^ie JcfusCbiiii our JlojD : gtaimt bil 
grace fotefeliotottpljol 'faints in nnbcrtiiongann 
goDfp lining , tbat tor map come to tbolJe tin^pca&cable 
Ip lone tlcejfDjougl) Tcfiis (lOufl our ILojD.amen. 

_. ,, TheEpiftle. 

anti y fato anotTier angrl cone. Scttel.7 

lactfe z-bntoberlp I J. 

ant) Ui!)tn lie fato tljf . (a^attj. S 

torCe I Jjntobcrfe jj» 

The end of the Colle(fis. 

<^i The 

^ The order for the adminifiration of 

the Lords Supper,or holy Communion, 

O nunyK tntenctto bet pertaken of the holy Communion , ftiall fionific ihcirnamcs to the 
Curare oucr night , or ch in the morning before the beginning of Morning prayer , or 
I diaccly after, 

' Ami if any of thofe be an open and notorious euill Ihier, (bthatthe Congrrgarion by him is 
ofiended, orhaue done any wrong to hisneghbours byvord ordccdc: the Curate having knowledge 
thereof, Oiallcallhim, and aduectifehim in anywifenottoprerume to the Lords TaNc, vncill he haue o- 
penly declared himfelfeto hauccraely repented and amended his former naughty life , that the Corgregad- 
on mav thereby beiatisfied, whicharare were offended , and that bee haue iccompcnfed the panics whom 
be hacfa done wrong vnco , or at the leafi i declare bimfelfe co l^e in full purpofc fb to doe, as {bene as he con< 
ueniently may. 

1 be fame order (hall the Qvrate vft with tbofe betwixt whom heepereciuetb mahcMHid hatred to reiprc, 
aot fuSt'curtg them to be partaker; of the Lords Table , vntill be know them to be reconciled. And if one of 
the parties foat variance, be content to forgiue from the bottome of his heart , all that the other hath trcf* 
pafled againf\ him, and to make amends for t nai he bimfelfe bath ctfrnc^ed , and the othet panit will not bee 
petfwaded to a godly vnitie , but temaine dill in his f^cv^ ardncfle and malice: the MiniAct in that cafe ought 
to admit the penitent pcrlbn to the holy Comn Hnion.and not him that is obfiinate. 

The Table at the Communion ume, hauirga faire white linntn cloth vponJt, fliall fiand inthebodieof the 
Church, or in the Chancell, where Morning prayer and Eucning prayer he ap( ointcd to be fayd. An d the Pticfl 
fianding atthe North fide of the Table,(hall fay the Lords ( rayer with rhis C0U1& following. 

^ITjThe Communion. 

X.mlfit;tl» <5oU , biito to^em all ttatttf 
bee ovm, all Cdrifji Icctocn, at?D 
from tDfiom roUmtPBrefciP, clranCe 
tbe tljoiifflj(0 of out U&v^ bp tie fn» 
fpitatfou of til ftdf spirit, tiat toee 
map pttftctip lotir tiee , enn ixsofthi' 

Iv magntfie t^p tiolp JQame, t\}ioui\) €\)H& cut 

llc^O. flttun. 

f Then (h.-»ll the Minifter rthearfe diflinfilyall the 
ten Commandenicnts , and the people kneeling, 
(hall after euery Corrmaundemcnt , aske Gods 
tnetcie for their tranfgrefCon of the fame, af- 
ter this fort. 


C"> ffl) D fpaSe tljcfe too2t)f ^ , onti fapB , 31 ant tBe 
JiB.o;Dt|)p«&oo i t|)ouQ)aU Igaiienoneot^n goD(t 
but ntee. 

ILoMi l^aiiemmte \xgen ^0 , ano enclitte out \mt9 to 

fS^fivi. fijalt not mate to tf)p Wfe anr grautn imagt, 
r»i t^e Ukrtiet'f pf anp tfjirg t|a: (g iii ^ra'im atcuc, 
oj in the tatt^ btrtart,*? in tte bDaiet btiorttfte eatt^. 
Clmtt ftalt not botxj Dotene to tbfm,no? teo?fi)tp tbem j 
fo! 3 t^e f.9}M tip ®oc am a tdoue ®oQ,anfi ^lUtt t|( 
fitineof diefat^r^ bpon t^e tI)ifD2tn bnto t^t^fro 
MO fwrnlj gf nfration of tl& em that bate me, ann f^r to 
mr rdt bnto t%oufaniK!,in ttiem t^iat hwt. mtjsm fccepe 
nci tommsnuemfntg. 

S.«;B \wt mtxtxt upon bi^,9f . 
C^ou ftalt not take tfic JQame af rte Icjti tit <?oB 
In bafne : fe: tt)( S.o;D totU not (olo %m ettikk^et^at 


Etrnfoitfr tfjat tfjou tfrjjelboIptJt^aWatjBif, 
%ire caprii ft alt t |)ru labout ano tee ail ti(jat rlioti |afi 
to Doe : bttt tlje fJeiitni^ oa-j f? tl^c^abbatl of tige 
Lo^ti tfjp ®oc. 3 n it tion fijalt Co nomanctof tDOjkr, 
tJ)CH Ett ti>p Ootme.ani) tip BaHgljtc t,tl)p manfetuant, 
antitlip maicefcttiant , t^^rattell, anotlie Qtanget 
tlat i{S tottMn ttp gatc0 t fo? in foe eaprd tI;eS.o;Q 
nittCe licaudi anD f artlb,tlj( fr8,atiD all tbat in t^rm \f, 
ano tclift) t!;e ftmntib rap, b^jbetcfo^c ((it £o?d tUflicB 
t^e feuentl) tiap,ent> JbalotuiD it. 

ilo^ti %mt mcTcit bpm b?,$c. 


I^onout tl^pfatltr aPDtl)pitictl6er, tOattfipBapti* 
map bee long m tl^e lano tebic^ t^je ILojli t^E ®oB0U 
tutt t\tt. 

JloiB ^autmttcleiipon t«i,gtc. 
(Efiou £^it Bor no muttltt. 
HojB laut mttcie bpon bif,9(. 
tEtou Qialt not commit sBuItetk. 
People. tiutt metcie t^oti b^. 
I,o;b l^aut mttcie bpon bf ,^ 


^;«tt {gait not bearefafle toitne^agalnStl^igle 

I.o;B dsur metcie bpon b0,9e. 


^Ij8u l^alttiot (oiiet t^p Mi^Hxi |ourf,t|»uf|a{t 

nottottettfirnetglibo^ftoife, nr^Of^fertiant, Ro;i)i9 

inapB,no; ^9 ort,no; W a^f ^no; mi ttiing tgat ie W* 

"B People. 


The Communion, 

in 91IC ^eact(3 lue be&ecl} tlac, 

f Then iTiillfoHaw chs Cillea of the diy, with one 

of there Civi C j.iect.foilowiiig tor the King , the 
Miaiiterftaaiiug vp,J.iJ Tayiii j. , . , 

A3L*n:Jf|tp ©j3 , supfz fclitgD3;ne titf eiiecIaSinj, 
aia ,j(ja):c i:i3:iite , &aue :n:tcie b^jii tfje jjjole 
Cj.titigjtw.t,* to C4[; tfji t):a:t o: ctj? c^i^leu iVcuitt 
3a ne0, oa; l£t:iijj a lu ja izraaac, cija; ^a Jjaj jjinj 
to&jfe imn.aec ^g« fa) aup al).'.ie all t[)>nga leefe? tg? 
feoitjat a ;q gb/j, a;ia tjac" 09. (>i3 iubtectg (oue p coti= 
Cjeniij uBija'e aittio!;!? i)-: ijatij; ni? catcacLiIl? lerlie, 
tonjiic, 330 iyM\bi) oU:^ fjttii in rtee aiia toj t^'a, ac» 
co^satHj; to ci)P lilelej Saj;a ana o^jainaiKc,tl)ijujf& 3I> 
fu3 Cijjifl Jic JLo?D, 'jotjo »:£l) cljie jtlje oolp 3\)M, 
Itueto ana cetgiut^j euecont t^aa, U)j;!d iuitjoiu cno, 

Ai^mt's^tie jeiierlaliltis SfjB, to: lie taught b^tfj? 
l)8lp a)j?o,tl;attI)c Ijearcsaf fuii^d arc la tij JCitU 
ana gutucnance. jt^at t!)ou noefl 3t:po;« $ tljem 
Si> ft t'esinctl) beff to tU? gaalg laiica nn; : wee (jii.nlil^ 
fccJeccfj tfjee, Co to oitpjle anagouc.iie t'jc ftca:t of 
Samefft'd^rcrajntauriAtHg awguacntJitc, t^utn 
all f)i3 cOotijr)ts,lB02D3 aii3 ajajk;^, fjc map fiicc lieke 
lljp Oanjui: ana glejg, ana K^aie tapjerctactfjepcogle 
com nitten tj W cljac^e, ta toe ilcij, peace, ana gi33li. 
neffe: (Siaijiit t6t3, ® mercituH jFa'ljer, fo;i tljpneare 
bonnes! Iake,31efii0 CO.uil our ILo^b, amen. 
^ IiBiiediacly alter the Colled , the Minifter ihall 

reade the tpiftle,beginning thus 
C;f)e CpiBle iujitten in tOe Chapter ef. 

^AnJ theEpiftle ended,he /hal fay the Gofpeljbegin- 

ning thus, 
^Ije ©ofpd iB,!it;cn h t^e C'japter of. 

^And the tpiftle andGofpel being ended,(li3lbe faid 

the Creed. 

TSeUciie in one ©oa tTje JFatfter ai!ntffT)t?,m3]lcr of 

5ea;ieit ana eartfj, ana of all tOingg uUtblc ano tfmt> 
Oblc ; ano in mz iLo^o i!cfu3 <£'3?ili tOe onelp bcjottcn 
fe8n:ie of (SaD , lifgJttcn of iiig jFitijet bffojc ail 
U)a?ln^, 3.-0 i.f ©jD, ligljt of lighr, Dec? ©oD af tietp 
(Son, i'cgotten, not inaoc, being of one i"itbftatKc iuttf) 
tIjCiFatOer,bj'to^.im all djingf^cuere mane \a'.)ofo: us 
men, ano toj oar fa'iiatt^'n, ca;ne totone from Itcaucn, 
ann te.i3 incarnate b^ tl]z f)ol? ©ijoflE if tfte (Ilitgine 
^atp, ann iaa3 mint man, atio to30 ctaci6;n atlb fo| 
bd tjntfcr J0ontt;iS 13ilate. C^e fuitcea ann tolas butt* 
W, a:iti tlie t'jiro oapfjecroreagaine accozoing ta t^e 
^cviyticcs , ano affenoea into Ijcatien , ann Stcpt^ at 
rte rigljr bmo of t!je j?atI)cr.anB !)e Rial! came ajaine 
iBttb glo;p . to taDje botb tte quicke ano t6e Beat) ! 
toljole ktiijtiomj £^iU baienone em. anti 3i betceue 
in tfie {jalp ©^jott, toe IL02D ana giucr of lifr , tuOo y.:o» 
cceBet^ffomt 'C jFatli£ranotbe^onnc,\)BbotDitl)tIw 
jFatljft ano tbe ^on toocrtbct is 'aio,!'l)ip?en ano gla-- 
ti6cD,tol)ort>.TfeebptlieJ3;opf)et«. SnD jbcIeeueoMC 
Catl^a'iiie am aooMike COtitcf). 31 acftncitolenoce 
ene TB ipttfme fo? tbc remiffion of finned, fltta 3 laofee 
foi tl)e rf furtection of tlje BeaD,atu tOe life of tyc toojlo 
to come.3men. 

After theCreede, if there be no Sermon,(Tial follow 
one of the Homilies already fet foorth , or hereafter to 
be fet forth by common authoritie. 

After fuch Sermon, Homilie, or exhortation,the Cu- 
rate fliall declare vnto the people, whether there beany 
holy daycs or faft ng dayes tlic vvceke following, and 
carneftly exhort tbcm to rcmcnbct the poorc, faying 


one or m? of thele fentenees rollomng,as he thmlieth 

moit coiHi^niencby hisdifcretioti. 

* Let potti: lig&t Co ^iie before men, rtat fftcp ma? 
fee ^aM gooo \oi}k(9, angglajitte pant j?i:^ec u)bu5 

* Xa? not op fo! pane CeUies trcarure bjsn t|(c eattl&, 
fio'^}ctetbe ta3 $:natt) Dott) co.zrup:, a.ia jjijere cgceue^, 
t);cake t();oug() a.ia lieale : but Up up fo; lei ti 
tcea itce ii ^ca.i>'ii , is jece ne;ti}ct ruit no; mati; sot^ 
co;c ipt, ana uaijeiet^.'cue^ ooe nor b^mki toopjn ano' 

* cal) ittbetier pee tooirfo t'jat men J^aalo noe tjnto 
p i[t,e4eii (a aaettncu t^em, foz timi$ cje Jiiuj ano t()e 

* ji3 It euet^ one t^at CaitJi ^rtto me, !L8jti,JLo,:D,fl&aM 
cntcc into t&o fetipamj of ijcanw t bnt ije tljat Doet& 
tt)c tBiK of mp Jr atij:: torfjicb tu in ijeauen. 

* pacftifto D foftb ana fkio tonto t(je iLo?D, TSe^oIo, 
JLo;D,tije balfc of m? gooos il gt.;e to tf)e poo.e, ann if 
31 baue none anp iajong to anpmas, a reao^etoutc 

* Carjo goctT) atoa'-fare at anp time of Ijie o*ne 
coG? njijoptantft&abtnepacD, anoeatet^nciaftfie 
fr:iit tljecest f ®; bjljo ferOvtO a Rucke, ano eatet^ not 

* 3['"Sje Ijaue Joiaen tonta po:« fptrituan tWg«, ii It 
a great matter if to: fijall reaps pour laoHoIp tuniggf 

♦Due pciiotknott tijatrl)c?ajf)icuintu5et about 
ftrip tijlnjg, liuc of tlie faccifice:' ano tljcp toljtc:) hiaite 
of t&e altar, arc psrcaktr<i initb t&e dltart'^ucit fo Ijatfi 
tht fl,ozaaIo;o?DetiieD, tOat tbep Uijictj p^ac^ t^t 
©o'pel.^onlD liite of tlje ©erpcl. 

* ^ee tijat fo^aetb lictle , l!j.iHrcape little ; atmOet: 
t'^atfoioctfipleut-oiia?, fl^allrcap-'plfmecingp. iLcte>. 
Kerp man Doe accc;tit ;s as fje i^ ei^ofto in oiis lieacf, 
not griiQging .-; of neceOTitie , fa; ©oD lowetl) a c&tacc 
fullgfncc. * 

* He: btm tftat ia taugibt in tTje toojB, mtniRer bnto 
fiim tfiat tcadjitf) in aH goon tbmgs TSc not Dcceiiieo, 
•Son iisnot moikcti : JFo; totjacfoeaet amaH'tectO, 
tl)W ft.ill l)e leapf .- , '">^: 

* lUlilt Uje banc tfme,lctlt£! Co gboc O^awf men,? 
fpecialii' bnto tijcm ic^icb are of tbs bcnl^ft) of fottlj. 

* ®i)Clineffe is great ricfjf s , if a man bee coRtrnt 
tottb tbat Met fjatlj ; fo; boce b;o.igbr nothing into ttie 
iD jMd HCitljet ma? toe carte a; p tbmg out. 

' Siiargetbcm inOicbarericfHntijiiS toojia, t^at 
tfjepbe teaup to gitiesans glao to tiifiribuis, lading up 
in 8o;efo; tOemLclurs agoocfjuitDation 'gaiufttfjc 
time to comr,tbat tbep map attaine eterna'I life. 

* ©00 ig not vmrigbteous , tl;at fjc toill fo,ig;et poitt 
too.kcs,ana labour tbat p;aieetiet^ of lotte ; ioljut) lone 
p-; ba:ie f^ejcco to; bis JSiamcs fake, toljic^ bane mini> 
Greo tJfJto tbe %aints ,ant) pet Boe miniBcr. 

* ^0 uoe gooB, ann to ciffribute foiget not, fo; feritlB 
fuc6 facnfices ©oa is pleaCr n. 

* (M\)a Oa batb tlue toojloi* gooD , ana fcetl) iis b;n. 
tbetbaue nectie , ana tljuttctb Up bif.-onipaffionfrom 

* <Siue almes of tbp goociS,snD turnc nciicr tT)p face 
from aiip ponze man : ano then tlje face of t^e iLo;u 
H^allnot be turnea atojap from tijec. 

* T5e mercifiill afti r tbp p^iiict. 3If tfion OaS imicl), 
giite plentcoiifli'. JIf tf-on baft little, toe tiip Oiligcnee 
glaolT* to gitie of tbat little : fo; fo gatnctdl tvOtttOg 
felfc a gooD trtoaro fn tbc Dap of ntcsffitir^. 

* ]|)f fbat batb pit jc Dpcn tfjc pon;c,(t:nt)e&bnta tbc 
!Lo;n • anal9okete5)at 05 laP't'o o"f > 't £baU bcjaEeO; 

* "BlcSen if( tlie man tr it pzaiiitct^fot flje CcTje ana 
nceapulj^ J1o;d biill Ddiiut gim in (De tini&of trou jle., 

^ Then 

Matth 5.1^.^ 

Luke I p. 8 


i.Cor.y li 


Gal. tf. I o 
I.Tim. ^.7 i7j 
i8,and i^ 


i.Iohn j.17 

Tobit 4.7 

Tobit4 S,^, 

Prou. ip ly 
Pfal4i.s ■ 

The Communion. 


f Then fhall the Chatch-waicJens.or foir.e othet ty btctaic ttir^ fcaB tftlfilt a jFetnif , CJ fcf uTB np l\)C\xl \ ' 

tfHmtfpomted,gatherth£<ltuotior.oJthepeop!e,Er.d pcbic cteuil , c^lcctufi tttj-tiett iranuli,teficr:Ot\\ \ 

put the fame into the poorc ni;jiibcxc,ar.d vftnilie lo fifuifC , but tfUVtrO t»tM>t()P of t!c J)t£mrilf \\ 

rftring daytsappomttd, eucr> mm and won^an (1 eU Ueft 3 fc^ trp part am \)m p^fftnt, anC atcc^Dfrg to >^ 

payto thtCurjtc the cue and nunctfTnf , 3 llCfOim ilj rf.nect (tcCji. talifpu ^ 

Aft« which done, the Iriifi flalJ fay. iJi <S, ?ili6 tth f.IiE,5i tllojt ) cu £« feu Ictir rciir cb.n« 

laiuf.tun , t^nr ptfc 1 1 bi pcuatfts ot tfiiis Ijo'j; ^cir. 

C!Letb?p?6pfc?tliflB0<ile8st£ofCl;p6ie€tnK?) muniiw. Ci;d es tu^ci.titof S'cccicb.uilfafito 

Wilitant 1 cte m catt^. pu 6f ! p Up fciilc li? ccatl; lijcn jIjc trcfff fo? jcar 

A ImigfetpanBfUtt'niiWfiOfCtorjir^bptljpljc"? Ualib: nun fo it i$ jcut t)i;critteratmtt(!tCciivi 

xi0j3(flle bsfl taiig^jt W tomalepjaperpanclip' tmun.r!ogttI;frint{)ttiir.ittil)?a>ict of ^igcrBdj,a« 

pl:fatitrPjHBtcig!urtl}(iife?fi[i?BHirei;:b3tl)in5tip litimftltcitiimarOD. JBito, ifpeubjtHiuvoblQs 

beitccf) tfcn nioflnHTCifullv(to accept cur, and) tli;$i!fe, ctrCtetUit^jcf.rfielKre Ictogrtatmiutie 

tortcfiUEttrCeeutpjarfre, h\)i^ be oftrt iwotb? Ton Em twc ®cD , ai;C6ctofo? tar.fttj 

Diuitie ©aiiRle. beUf ttlfg tUc re infpire cciitinuerp ci:a ptw {jraiBft? tUf< mr. arc bsljiKEg poi. cfatrn 

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to fomfe^t at D ftsr -"oi t all tlnr to' itb ir ttjig rranfif o« JLc?os table, pet Cf part frcm potii I-^t tl^cn. rnr fnm 

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out ontif miDtatoi.t are i cuccate. flnitn. 

^ Tlien Qiall follow this exhorfation , at certaire 
tures,when the Curate rtiallftetlie people negligent 
to come to the hcly O'rr.n. union, 

WC£ bf rome tegrtlKt attf.tfi tiine(BfartIpbtIe= 
uec bzfiftjm) tofrtrf attteJIrjcg :iipprr,bn« 
to tfte ttljicb in ©cos brfif.Ife J bic pru al tbar 1 1 l:<r< 
p/fffHt. ^ bffcfflj pou fo? tije Eo?c Jcfiig (S^^-.flg 'alf, 
tbat pe toill not trfnfe to rorr c ttnco, being fc feuii g. 

to a better miice jFc^'tljt cferainirc tefiTtrf,toi £&8ll 
tnafteiurtimblcpttiticng, bisifetct il)&\imim\U 
lolp C«nimunion. 

^ And fcir tt rr.e frail this be faid airo,at the di/creti* 
00 of the Cuiate. 

t^ Cateir bt leiicU, fcjarnuitb bh fur turf p ifi f c rtfl* 
>terio2'migltp Cco cm beatstrlp /Tatter ireS 
fcf f rip itcrbf f, fo2 tliat lit ^nt^ giut n (jig § cm c cut 
% Bf.tciir Jf fi.g c[f;2iff , not cne ip to tie fo? t?, b itt al'o 

IpcalicD a«D 1 tPCen of (SrC l;irt fr'fp. ^ee fait to ljt\o to i e oiii fpirituth 'tree atic iarrrante, es it ig tetla 

Btic!!0Ug 5 i'nfeiKt) a tl?ing it ig, totin a man t ati pgf« rec int o tg, eCu el' bp (ff rcc li8?D, 60 bp tbr bo!p ^a» 

parfCattc^ftcR, retltiii ^is table toitfcal'.kinrcrf ctEmmref bi0 bltffcobftpBr.tli'orii, tl;£te|i£lj{e» 

|)?riii(ior , 'o tfjat ttcre lacks tb ipifirff [ ttt tf;t gbt fig n g 'e lofonable a tb-ng f p tbim to! teb retriue it tor?* 

tcGtEob3w,incpetff;eTl»I)itf){erflHtC('toiibiutarp tVilp, arri focargtrct'g toittmtbatteinpjfftmtto 

raiife.jroBbntbanbeftnprefiifc te renir.tEIncb of pcM rer fitif it Ittof jtf iln mp r urtp ig to fttoit pcu tr tott* 

tJi fucb a cafe toouic not be rrrourc i tlvbc fc-ouic net fiter tfce Cfr»niip of i fee bclp miHfnf,Br,o tbe prrct pe» 

t^infee « great iBftitlcstojorgrpncbrtclji'mrCllUre' rill of tie bttonttprertiuingitrtfcf, cnciotofrattS 

fojemoQccartlpbefnitBir. ^I)2ifi, tafccp(gocrI;e;Ce, rno rranjne pnu ctone crnftifnres, a£ pcu Cjcuia 

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prt-pjcuofec©ots ifcigration Egait pru Jtigan frf5, fo ijat innototiprntcn-f but intttniBrricge 

taCe matifr fc2 a men to fap, J toilrji^ etmiriirirFte, garmtnt rrqutrec of (StC inbdr ^tiiptnrr, 9 fo rcme 

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liffo?e€oii. Jfanp man fep, Jam egriet!rufni;ntr, ninepot.t lines EnCtinHcrCBtierbrtlin.ff rf®ccg 

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p<ncfrepfrta!iB£trerli? rClttn®oCf?flrif;ptit,Ie poitrCrittrptobeitf cffinrt^. fHtrlptciU.tor;tf,tj 

jioti not f ftamcD ta 'ep, pre toill 1 ot crjr.:r" iOliUt p<ii 1 1 r Cr , ttrre f tfeaplf pour t fcrr f nft fl lit rj;, rrc rm* 

ftitlnretttmetoC^cli, toirprfterrufepcurfflfc, arf fftft pent (eh.egff aht'gVt; ©c. foitbfi'.rpi'Tpeft 

lap tbat pou be "ft reacp :' (CorCter ramtfifp tetib of an rnTtttrtcnire fvcifprr rt)rlpf<rffrrrri.Tcf. 

j^out rdt!f«; fptulitfc'tibfrirtcrtrMirf fballrtieiic ffrffefebf'*wcb,egfePtt(rrtprpc.iiP^ 

UU>ii^i. ^liKrt^ttefuIctttfc.Qici^ Refill, egainQpfumt^^Uit;: tl^xi ptCjeilrtnr.alrvont 

"35 » lii'sitfi 

The Communion. 

rd.te^URtot^em, uannonu^e reSftution ansratif. 
factioit,aci:a|Di 1$ to tfte utc^cmoli ef ^ouc ^abo^-td, (of 
«:{ iit:itrus3 ano u},:a igj qmc tig ?j:i to m^ otgec, a iQ 
iiltebat.e bem j ccaQp to u.'scie ec^ect^atljaaeofkiii 
Deo gju, 30 ?d I U)j.(i3 Oaii tbtj^tieneXeof ^oiii i]tfm> 
«3at ^030)3 10! JFj^otljecjauetijeKcuMiagot'tfjc 
^oli (JCa-n n jnioii, ooetfj njtijtni ede l« it iticccafe pane 
Oainitatiiia. 3ria oca.iieitisvici^iii.t ci)at no mtn 
0)3410 coineto t!]e .)ob(;£3.iu:UJ.i,i).ic latC'j a fiilt tc.iGE 
M ^oosi mirc?,d.iD aitlj a .j.ii:: wiifcietice : tftecetoje 
if t[;ere be an? of go4, taljtc:) 1»? t!)e mean?!* afoiet'apb, 
taitiiot quiet utaonne confctence, biir req itc.t& ciittftjc 
cffnt's.tojicjiiiiuU, cfj2ii(etI)iincoit;cotn2, ozlxi.iie 
Ou)(CDtCcceete aiiQ leatiieo tnintdcc ofSoai a)oio,ano 
^en Old sciefe. ttiac ^e mip tutm fiic^ gijodiD coitn. 
(ieU, aatitce, ano C9 nfo^tt , ai l)ii con^tience ma? be re* 
Ue:ie9, i<.\i3 t^at bi t^c minifler^ ot'<0oS0 taa;Q ij; mag 
ceceiuecamfo;tt, aiiat^eijeiiefiteofabfoftuUn, totft^ 
quUttiis of ()i3 ca-afcieace , a:iD auj^otus ofall Cccu^Ie 
ana 9ou5tfu!neile. 

f Then (hall the Minifter fay this 

D(£are!p IielaueU in tfte Hojd , ^e t^at mftne ta 
come ta t^e tuli) '£o it'ttiittaii oftOeboo? f bbao 
ofoiic=S)auiout Cjuft. milicmflietto'^at^ 53a;i( 
to:>tet[) CO the C'ltr.tfjiana, Om !)ee cj; )j:tet!j at! ^ t» 
(b.ja Dilisentlp to ttp a.ia ecam: ic ti)e:n.eliK0 , l>et:c>e 
rtep p^euim: t3 ea'e of ti)at,? D^tnkcof tljat Cii}». 
JFoj as tl)e bem-fic is gcat, if tot;f) a truf penitent 
|eactsliii£li»ta:t& toe rcceiiie tliuliolj -S)acranciut 
(JFo;tIjcn to: lytricualbcate t';e fle?!) 'of (JLvid , aiiD 
B^tnUe (its blOJQ , tijen toe otodi in (t')2i!i, ana C.)2t:i 
in bs, tot be one toitlj CiiiS.a'iti iOuS to^tOba.-) %o 
is tOe Da ig ?: s cat , tc we ccceiue tfce fame bnto32t!)i= 
Ip. JFo2 toeii im be giiiltie of ti)e boDp auD bloaa ijf 
C'jJift one ^i«,to: eat ano ozin^e otir otoneDam. 
nation , B:it conlticrinj t&e ILojdo boDt> ; CEIee kinufe 
00118 tomtlj asjamft us: toe p^uofee btm to pl.iatic UiS 
tottbDii«-'sat'eaif3,jftna!p&inDf0ofDeat!). 9;(iere« 
fojeifan?ofp ubeablaiy^emetof^SoD , antiincicrct 
Ojsaiimoererof l)t3too?i,a-.t aoit'tcrct, 0,2 heia malice, 
ojemtie, e; anpotljet jtteHotisrrtme, b(\unvlt -pent 
finnes, an D comt not to tbis {jalp ^abte, left after tbe 
taking of tbatOafp^aeramtnt', tbeceutH enter mo 
poti.agOetntteDin'o Juoas, anofftlwufuilof afi int« 
q:iitie3 , auti bjing pn ta Deftniction botfj of boop artn 
nattuogeo iftbe 1Lo?d. Slfp ntpoutmeru fo: voik 
ftnncspaft: bane a liuclpang ffcBfifl f utb in (Jbiid 
our ^aniour amem be in perfect ifia. 
ritic toitb all men , ro"{^a!I pee bemeftepactafettsof 
tSofeboIprnpUcties. a;io aboiieafl tbmgft, pemurt 
gt.iemaffbrtmbfeanDfteattictJjanfeeatocSoB tfic5Fa' 
tl»er,tT)e !&onne,anD tfie bolp i^ tbe rr cemptton 
of the toozlD, bp tbe oeatb ann pafftan of our <g>aiiiouc 
C5?ta botf) ©00 atiD man , to'io oie bumfile bimrrlfe 
euen to t^e oeat^ tjpoHtbectolTefoitb^mi&tablcOn. 
nergitoTjicblapinDarfeneffeflgaBotoarDeafb, tbati^e 
migbt inafte b3 tbe cbilojen of iSoo, gt ecalt Sg to eiiet> 
lallinglife. Zm totfje eno tbat toe ffyoiila aftoap tcme« 
bet tbe etceeuing trreat lone of out maRc t * ont'lp ^a- 
iiioar Jefus C!)2tiT,teits opint^ fo; be,* tbe lnrn(meta= 
blcbtncRttStebicbbp btsi p,'.cctond HootjRjeOBingTie 
i&atftobtatnet) to tig : be batb tnRfttiten g? oijoaineo bofp 
ftianceaf bid enr great tcnolelfe comfozr. CTo 
hin tbctefo?e, toitb tl&e JFatbcr ana t\)c bolp ©fiof!. let 
bsgt le (83 toe aremeaboimsen ) continttall tfiantd, 
ftdjmtoins etn felue? tolionp to W^-l M mt g lea* 

fute , onD Ono^uis to Uxiti %lm In tme boKmOft sn 
ctgOtea.ifRelSe ail tde Qogeii of oir life. amen. 

f Then (hall the Minider fay to them that cone to 

receiue the holy Conimuiuon. 
w Qu t^at Doe tpil^ ana cataedl? repent poj of p«at 
I ll :ne3,a;iD be tn (one ana cjacitp teitfj pour :ieig^ 
bo itd,ttiiten3 to leaDea ncto life, tbe CMtt* 
man:icmtnt0of(5o3 , a.i3 toalkmg fcom bence.-"oojt| 
ini):$ )i)l?toaj;0:B!aiijncete,3nj ta&etDi3bJip=Sa« 
crament to pour cctt^'o^t, make gour ou wAe concelHoa 
to 3('ntg^tie (^JQ , before tOts long egjtton bere ga> 
tgeceo togetber in \}i$ ^olg ji^amt , ma^ili katdmi 
bpon ijout kttiifi. 

^ Then fhall this generall confeflian be made, in the 
naiiieof ail chale that are minded co leceiue the 
holy Commu.uoii, eithei by one of them, or els by 
the Miniver .liinfelte, all kneeling humbly vpoa 
their knees. 

AILmtgbt? <SioB,Jra:&«t of cnrlLoiD %dm C';iuS, 
mak:c ofall t^tiigd, iuQge of ali men , tekiiam* 
Iccigc anobt'Juai'leiiucma'JifdiDdnnes $to:cke9nei&, 
ti» iclj toettjm,t!me t9 am; ijtieii3i(lpba.;e com* 
mi teD,bpt;!o;ig;;t,toaja,anD oceDe.a2;aiiiihb?£iiuin« 
® itcli^.piouostng moft luu: ' tb ' to.:aty aan in tgna. 
tianagainli'jfi: tosD.eeat lelljii r:pcii:.aaDbet;tarti« 
Ig'.auefo^tbelcoiir mtfooigj, tljc c.matib:2nce of 
t'-)cin tiS jrtenxis unto U!S- tbebiii-icn 0' tben is intol* 
letali'c. iJaif iHeccp t)po:U)S , bane imtcp bpcm W, 
mo'.r m rctf;iH jFrUbft , (of xnv ^mncout Jloja i;e;"us 
(Jf;?ift3 fa'ir.fojgme ds alltb t is pait, ana gta;t tbat 
to mapcuetbereaftft ftrue $plcife tbcc in netoneBt 
otli^e, to tbf bonout ano giojpotiijj Jliame , tlijjugfc 
3ICUI0 (£b?tS otic lle;d. 3meil. - 

^ Then (hall the Minifter or the Bifhop ( being pre- 
f enc ) ftand vp,3nd turning hinifelfe ti> die people^ 
fay thus, 

AEmtgfjtp ®oD Kir Tjeauenb jfatlb't , to^a of Ijfs ^ 

gceat inercie rjatbpzomiieo fozgiuencltt of finned 
to all tbem uibicb totrb beattp Dpentance ano true 
faitbtiimepi^tobim: ^auemercieupiinpon, partion 
ana oeliucr pou from all pour (Innes, coRftrmc anfr 
lltrnjtbeu ponin al(ff8aQweCrc,8tit) bitpg pou to euet* 
laSing Iife,t^;ougb 3lefiis €l)ii(i 01:1 ]Lo;9. antcn. 

Then fl^all the Minifter alfo fay. 

fait!) to all tbem t!iat truclp tume to bim. 

*(Iomcpntomca!lpctl^atttanaile, awn be beanie iS 
latif n , ana J toll reftcflj pou. * %o ©oa IoucH tbe j^j^j .\^' 
too^lD, tbat bcgaiie fits orelpbeaottenfeonne, to tfte ^' * 

enij tb ^.t an tbat beleenc in ?iim fl&oiilo not petifl) , but 

COeae alfo toftat %aint 33au( faptfi. 

•Cbtstc a true Taping, ^nolwijtbpofallmentob* j.Tim.i.i5,' 
reif itieD,tbat ^lefuS €b2iQ came into tbe toozlD to faue 

l^are al'o tobat ^tnt Jotn faptFj. 

*3|fflnpmanfinne, toecbauc an atmocate toi'tf; tT« i,lob.2.i^ 
jfatberje&is CbziStberigbteoai}, anode (0ti)ep|o* 

€ After which the Minifler fliall proceede/aying^ 
Hifr Dp pout hearts. 

UHt lift t^nti bp'jnto tbe £o?B. 

ILttbfi giuc tlgan&^^tfuo m i,oiz ®«B. 

The Communion. 


It libera mc(t, tigljt,atiti our 6oti«tJen BiirttV, tl-at 
tocdj3u!Datantt>n[9, ane in alli)1a£r0gtuetl)an!;e0 
1j it9 t\}(e, O jBrO^a, ijtilg jfatijtt, alititgljtj nictlaftmg 
^ Heere (hall follow the proper Preface , according 

CO the^cinie,if there be any fpecijily appointtd : or 

eli's ininiediacly (hall follow, IZ^Xteioft IfUil 3H» 

geig ant) ai'c!,'angel?,?c. 


Proper Prcfa,ccs«i:jv,:,.,,^ 

Vpon Cliriftrras day , and (euen dayefs rft<r. 

B(!£i.Hifctl;o:j DtcOtQ gme jitfa^Cljjili tfjiiie oneTg 
^OVBf to fccbojllf B3 tljt!5Ca^fO!i50, SJ^abptljc 

tipcrsJitm oi: tht Ijpfp tSbofi IragtnaBe fetg man , •!:" 
tv;f fttbRatKe of t^c Qirginc £?3arpl)ig motUfc , ano 
t[)at ii<tI.'oi;tipct tiffitine , tonia;:e Dj» (leant from all 
Cnne. tESereioj c iuttl) angel0,tjc 

••;''. - Vpon Eafter d3y,and feuen dayes after. 
■'fj'Ot c'.isfli.' itrc tne brnmo to yjatfe ttcf,fo?tbe5!ojl» 
XJtiusJ tsQitttctioii of tO;'%'on!ie JeruS Cljtft cut 
iLojB J fo; ^c 10 ti)c betp J^afdjaU ILamlie,to^Kft toaiS 
ollsree fs,: tis . ano Ijatij ttfecn eiuai' tl;i* liiwc oc tljie 
tD0,:lD, toljo bp Ijif! tcatf) ^ati) flrftvopcB pf aij), aiis I p 
IjtgtilisTjtclifc ag.iinc, fjatfj rcftoiCDtoUs tucrUfiing 
lite. tS.(!£:cfojeiuiclj 9ngel0,,»c.;'' -'"';•■.» ' ••';;'- 

Vpon Afcei?fionday,andTeiiend.Ty€s.-.fter. ' ' 

TJ^^ougf) t^i' mort care feriouen «S>cnit< H'fuj! 
C;;2ili out ILo,;l3,'.ii) 1 aftfttijS mofi g! lioiie tcJi t> 
tcction mar.'.f III? Pf yeawD to all ; is ^poKUp, arc in 
tOeir iigfct afcrnDcD \^ into bsatun , to p:i iiart .- ^I'are 
fojM, ttiath.=l)crc^cis r^ tt'&cr mig^t fe-f af'b arcttiO, 
a«fl rcfgn^Uiitlj'tiiintngliiJjg.'^riinitwetoitlKff. • 

Vpon VVhitrunday and fixe dnyes aftet. •' ' 

T©2oitg'.) J«fii0 ^O.'ifl out jB^cjia . acrojBfrg to 
tD'oole mcfl triK jjjjmt'.c ti)C !jo:p <SIj(i9 caiHie 
tPtontljis t!8?ftoin!)eaiitn,UMMb a iuBtifn grjatrDtiao, 
80 it bao bene a mtgbtp 1b tfje UTsi-iielTe of 6fti« 
ttng'if lighting -jpon tbc 3po5lci8,to tear!) tI)cm;aHn 
to {caDitbemtc all trHetbgutr'gtlitmboiijtfje gift ef 
ttutta la"g:ia5rd,ano alfo bolrnfflr^iiljfcrticnt ^e?.le 
tpnffaiitl? Mp:ta(l) tljeSof^fldnto alnation^.iBlKrf' 
by toe are b^ottgljr out of a^ikiu ffc &m etroi!r, t^e 
rieate lig!jt , ann true knolnlrcge of tfcpe , anq of tijg 
©onnc 3Ierus €b}i&. (Il&crefpje teit^ Sngei^i^c. 

Vpon the Feaft of Trinicie onely. 

IfZ fiStcrvm-rte. tigfjt,anD ourboinnen Dttetp, tfiat 
toe flj iilD at all tiinee,aiiD in o\n place c giuc tljankcs 
to tfice,® I,o;B,a!migIjtp,ami€(ictlaSitig ©oti,tof)ic6 
.art one ^^o?, out iLop, not one enelp petiop, but ti;?ce 
Actions in one fubQmtce, jF«? tl).tt biljtcl) toe b^leetie of 
tlje gloTpof tfjeJFatocr, tljcfimttocc tekciir of tijj 
^■anr.e . auD rf tljr bolp ;5f)tR, toitlioiit ai.g stflTertnce 
p; incq:ia!itir llTftrrcfcjetoii) ai:\Tels,gf;. 
^ Afrer vhirh Prefaces ftiall h'llow irnmediady, 

tal)ercfj?£ totti) Sugtls aim arciiaHgd^ , attti toitO 
a'l t^e ronipanp of lKaueii,l38ee laiitje ano ntasnifie tljp 
g'cjiou?- Jl3imr, ntetmo?ep?iitrtngtI)cc, anft facing, 
^)oI}).''Oip,f)elp.S.P!D ©30 cf bofig. J^eaitrn ann rarrli 
are fall of t'op glo?j. (Qim^t to tdte , 2D JLp^D nioH 

^Then rtiall tlie Minifter kneeling downc at Gods 
boavd,fay in the name of all them that flial leceiue 
sh«Communion,thi5 prayer following. 

^€ uec net ^jeOme to rmttttW t^ptfaMt 
. . (9D mtrt ifHll jLo?ti ) truRing in oiit otonc i ig^. 
teoiifiiefle.biit in tljg nianifolD a; D gicat mctcitiS. Wie 
benottoojtbplomudj aptngatOtcuptljc crumUpim* 
fict tlsp ^able.T5iit tt«- art tljc lame lLoja,ttt)olc pjo- 
pertie in altoap to tauewen j; grant i» t{)i«fc?egta« 
ctoue HflJD, 10 to rate t()e fltfij oi t(jp De at e ^cnnt it« 
fag €Ij;ill"anD to ejinkttig . Iood, tJjat on antiillba* 
ti(& map be ntaoe tU ane ip Lie tec? , ano i ut foiilrs 
to-^(l)eQ tb;ctigl) M^ttitQpuciaisliooD, aiist(jatlB( 
m&i eucnnt'^e ototil m tim,anD ije in U;3. anun. 

^Tlien the Minifter ftanding vp,(bal fay as folcweth. 

AUnngbr? ®oD ow beaumlp Ji^atfjir, toijic!) of t&g 
rttioet nutcic tisjift giise ttunc cneip ^cnne je* 
fu^ €!);ilU to fU"tc t£«ty tJpt" tl;e C'tlTc fi? oik 
reccmnton , toljo mace t(xre (bf Ij one eblation trtf 
(limletff mice offi ten) afiili.pettcct, anofi!iricir.tfaN» 
a Ifttc, ollatlon , ans fetttfacticnfcji tteftines of t&5 
teljolctoo^lD, enu tie inftiiute, atiD tn ^is Ijo'p (ff-cfp^t 
roi!imantibgito£cntinue aptcpetucl: ir.emojte of ti;3t 
Ijip pzecious! Pead^ bmtU ijtjs cemmmg aga,T!« ; $)tat< 
•top, CD mctcifiil JFatte r,toe btftcelj tl;cc,fiD4i'ar!t ti;Bt 
Vcee tctciuing tfetie tljp oeaturce of t?eeD.anDto{i'f, 
acrojtiiigto tUptfeonneouc^aittoHC Jiefu^CljjifiesJ 
{jofpiitlltatioii, in rcmenib^^auce of Iji^ itatb atibpal^ 
Uon , map bee parta&u^ of hie mctt blcAlD betip ano 
blfioo , luljo ia tbe lemc rjglt tljat tc bitrafeti, 
tooti-e bjeaB, ani)iul;ai6eb..cgi;'.tntl'aiil!es, IjebjciRe 
it.ano ga«?it to! feiCirc!pl;S,'.aring, fSafee.eate, ti)i$ 
(^ m^> bcftpi tol}tcl) is; giiicn fo; poii, coc tljis lu temem* 
6?a; ccof me. il iketoife after !hi, per Jc tw)6e t^li ctip, 
aKD tolKU 6e ftao gincji tDanJi^djc gatte it to tbfmJap* 
ii-g , D;inke pe ail of f i'i0 , (oi tljie ift ntj Mr oD of tl^e 
ncla Gcfii'.mcnt , tntf c!j is fljco fo: pou fltib foz msng 
fo-j tf;e rerptfTior ofitniej! : Ct-e tl^ig a^ift a^ gee Q^iU 
B;Hik«it,lnreincmb?anccofjne. *' 

if Tlien ftvall the Minifter firft recerae rhe Commiiniw 
on iuboth kinds hiniftlfe.andncxtdeliuerittocf" 
ther Minifters (if any be there pre(et) thjt they may 
iwlpe the chiefs Minifter,a.nd after, to the people in 
their hands, kneeling. And when hedeliuertth the 

Ctie botip, (imx J. o;rs "Sttm C6?iB, tobicf) toa^ g{- 
life ; siKt take attlf eat tl)ie in rtmemb?anre t^at Cfi^ift 
ctrD lof. ;\)tc , snu fecce on Ijim in ttiRC (jeart bp f aitft 
toitl) ttanfefgiuiiig, 

^ And the Ivlinifter that deliuereih the Clip, fliallfjy, 
tE:bc bfooscf ^rr JLo^D JeliigCb.nft. toijiclj toa^ 
ffiflj fi'» leer , p7?rertic tlir booie cm feule into ette rla» 
fitnglife: anc DiinSetbie in tcmeiKlvanct tljat €in^fi 
Wood teas fficc fo.ul'ee,.''.nB betbaKhfiiH, 
^Then ftal the Miaillerfay the Lords praier,the peo- 
ple repeating afrer hi* eiiery petition. After /halbe 

O£o,:li i;n9 i rattt nip f at^^er , toee il[ip 5ti'm! Ic ft r* 
itanfff entire!? crftte tbp iFr.ti;er!i' gooDn!{re>trEr« 
rtfnlfp to acftpr t8i€ otn- faeriffr e rf p.^aifc mm tOanfef* 
fittiii'g, mofll9i;mliIp6efi-fcTjingtlcefetgrat;nt, tbac 
bp tl-e mtrtte .inn temi; ef iljp ^-onre Jeiue Cbiiff, 
eiiD tOicHgii faitC in IjipMooti, toce(anB &lltl;r tofioje 
Cljf:rtO) !^ap ebtafnc fnii'^fon of eitrCtirisi.anD al! o< 
tbcr ['cn»fit;3 iif Iji--. paffif n. ana bcre toe cffif an? p;e< 
fentbiitotijee. ©Hc^a, oiitfeTiteji, eurfou(risanDbo« 
tm to ! f a rea!"craMe , help, ant !i«eip fr crifire bnts 
tliecbiniblpberci fb!ngtliec,tbata!(to': tobirb bt pat. 
tafecrfl of tliiS bolp Cominndion, mar Ic fu!£;!ft; toit^ 
tTr'graeeano l;eaHetil?bcnftiiction.- anij iktjtm^t 
Ut butoo^ttiC) tfejougljciinttanirolour.iicpj toufec 
15 3 |»U», 

^ Collets to befaid afcer the Offertorie, when there 
is no Comniuiiio.euery fuch day one And the fani« 
may be laid olio as oft as occalion (hall ferue, after 
the Collets either of Morning or Eueiiing prayer. 
Communion^ or Lecaiiie, by the diicretion of the 

A^fefifitJiSmctctfunp, O i.m, mtiic&otitfuppK* 
, cation? ane p,!apei'9,anQ ui\}ox i\)e ioap ofii^p let* 
ttanigtolflaiD tbe ftttiiinment cfmcrla{i;ng"la(aatton, 
tijat among all tlje cljaufjtiS ano cljanceg cftOi? mortal 
Itfe , t!)cp mag tcict be DcfcnocD b? tljj mnft gracious 
anD»aii;0<:lpe>t()2oug'] C();iS ouclLD;ii,ainiH. 

Oaimifffttic !LozD ann cuctliiiing; 0or\ , boiirtfafc 
toe hel'eccl) t^ee, toDitect> lanctiSe auo goiteme 
boci) cue !)eart!3 auc boDiCit in tlje baapes ef tljplainc^, 
anD in rOeluojkiSottlipcommanDeiucntpjtljatt^-njb 
t'jp mod migOt^ puitccnan , both Iji-cc ano cuer , iuee 
map bcpic'ieriieD ni baop ano loule , tljjo«g{) our ILo^ 
8nD^auJcmr3|(fii0 CI);tH,Smcn. 

GiRaimt )M befeecO tbee aimigttp @oc , t^at t^c 
U)o;oes ii)^tcb l»ee laue TjcacD tljid ca; tuit^ out 
onttoatD eait0,mnp tf),2owgl) tCp grace befo gra&ci in* 
to.irclp in out ^tm$, iljat tljcpniap bnug foojt'j in M 
t^e fruit of gooc ituing, to tlie {jonour aiiti p.zatlc of t{}g 
Batne,t|);oug^ Jle(u$C^;ili out ]lo;t),am(n. 

PEetient i)^, €>£.o;o, in all out ooingd , tott^tTj; 
m9i) graciouisfauotit, ano ftirtf^ei bd tsitf) t^p con> 
tinuall 6c[pc. tftat in ail our toejkes begun, continufD, 
anc cnneo in tl)ee,toc map glojifie tfp l;o'? J3ame, anB. 
Snallpbptljpmrccpobtaine euetlallinglife, tjjjoHgl) 
3leiu!; Ct);i8 out )lejB,Slmea. 

A JLmig^ip ©oDjt'&f fountain? of a{(t8tTnome,iD^!£6 
fenoujcft oitc necetfttieg before toce afke , ann auc 
ignojance in affeing, toe befccclj tOee to baue compafTt* 
on upon our inamiit ie0,anD (bed tliingg lufjic^ fo; oitt 
t)ntDo,:t()ine(fe toe Date not , awB foj out blinDnrife toce 
cannot ar6e,\)0Hd;fafe to gitte wjo} tbe tuo.jt^iiufle of 
tt)P ^onue jlefus CWQ out lLo?D,amen. 

AJlmigfjtp @oa , itif)icl)().i8p,!6mtrfiJto|earc tdr 
pnitioiis of tf)cm tbat afke in tt)P ^onnejB Jl3amf, 
toe bt^stc'^ tOee metcifullp to encliKe"tT;inc eareste bs, 
tljat ^aae mauc note aiir pjaperg 3^ fiifplifatiunji iint* 
tbft,an5 grant tDat tljofe tilings toi&ifb toe bauc fait]&« 
fiiflp aifeeo acco:i!ing to t!)p toil, map effectualfp be ob» 
tcineO, to tlie celiefe of our neccffitie , aiin to tfee Cctting 
fojEti) of t^?g(o;;,ti);otig^ Sefu^ £^^18 out ILo^Q. 

Vpon the holy dayes (if there be no CommunionJ fhall bcfaid all that is appointed at the Communion, vntiH 

the endc of the Homilie, concluding with the general! prayer (for the "hole ftate of Chrifls Church militant 

here in earth) and one or moeof thefc CoIIefts before rehe2rffd,as occafion fhall ferue. 
And there (hall be no celebration of the Lords Supper, except there be a good numbci to communicate with 

the, according to his difcreii'^n. , 

Andifthere be notabouetwentyperforsintheparifli,ofdifcrerion toreeeiue the Communion, yet there flball 

be no Communion, except fourcor three at the leaft communicate wi.h the I^inifl er. 
And in Cathedral & Co llegiat Churches, where be many Minifters& Deaconijthev ftiall all receiue the Com* 

munion with the Minifter euery Sunday at the leaft, except they haue a reafonable caufe tothe contrary. 
And to take away the fuperftition , which any prrfon hath or might haue in the bread a nd wine : it (ball (iiSice 

that the bread be fuch as is vfujllto be eaten at ihe table witfi ocber meatcs, but the bell and pureft wheat^ 

bread that conueniently may b« gotten. And if any of the bread and wine remaine , the Curjte fliall haue it 

The bread and wine for the Communion, fhalbe prouidcd by the Curate and Church wardenSja? the charge of 

the Parilli, and the Parirh(halbedirchargcdofruchfiimmesofmoney, or other duetiesjvvbict) hitherto they 

hauepayed for the fame by order of their houfe J euery Sunday. 
And nate, thnt euery Parifliioncr (lialcomunicatcat the leaft three times in the yere,of which Eafter to be one» 

and (hall alfo receiue the Sacraments, and other rites , acconling ro the order in this booke appointed. And 

yerely at Eafter.euery PariOiioner (liall reckon with bis Parftw,Vicar,Curate,or his or theirDeputieor Depu. 

de(,aadpay to them oi him all EccleflalUcall duetics^ accullomably due tbco and at obat time to bepayeJ. 

bma^tW M^facttltce t ^et tKtbt^ttc^ timto accept 
t^i9 one b ounaeu ouctp ano (ienitce , not toe^EjtiigAuc 
mmt0 , but pacDouing.out offence? , tt)?oug& 3efu0 
COutl eiit Loj3 , bpto^om , ano toifj toljom , ai tlje 
bntcic of t^e Ijdp ^$oS , aU Ijonaiir ano glozp be Unto 
t|ee,® JFatbcc alinigi)tp,too;lo toitt)jutenD,amcn. 

Or this. 

AHmigTitp ano euecliuing (£Fjog, toee moQ ^eattfl^ 
tf}anke t^ee , foi tljat tbouDoeR tiotic^lafe to feeoe 
h0, toljtcl) Ijaue ouelp teceiuea t^tie l)elpmpllette0, 
toit{) tlje ipiritiiall fooDc of tte mefi p?ccttud boDg ano 
6I00D of ti)p ©aunc out «S)a«totic 31el'usi lib.JiS , ano 
DoeS aOfure" biJ t()erebp of tljpfaiioar ano goonnefletO" 
toato bis , ano ttiat toe be beep mcmbct!3 tnco.>?o;ate tn 
tdpmpQtcallboop, tobtcb is t^cblelTeo compan^of all 
fattbfulipcople, ano be alfo leireis tu?o«g|) Bope of tfjp 
euitloKing feingoome , bp tlje mtritjs of t()c moS p^e> 
cioug ocatb ana paCfton of tbp oeatc %onne : toe neto 
m,iS ^uinblpbeCecclj tfjce, © tjcauenlj jFat()cr,to to al* 
GS us ttJitb tbp graie,ibat toe mav continue in tljat bo-- 
Ip fclIi)toI^ip,ano ooe all Cucb gooo too.iked a$ tbon baQ 
pjepareo foi US to toalke ia, t&^ougb JeCug GibjiG oin: 
Jlo?a,te totjem toitO tljee anD tbt Ijolv ©bolt,D« all Jo* 
tijuv ano glo;p,too:(D tottfeoiit eno , amen. 
<i Then fhall be laid gr fung. 

G!Lo;tp Be to ©00 on fjtgf), ano in eartO pc8cc,gooa 
toill totoaco men. Olc piaiCc tbee,toe blelVe tljce , 
jbsetoo^g)!^ tljcci toe glo^iSe tijce, toegiuetbanhe^to 
tljec foi! tbp great glojp, ® jLozo ® oo beauenlp Sing, 
«PoD tbe jFatfjer almigbtt), ® LozB tbe onclpbegttten 
%on!je3ielu0C():i2, dD'lLojO (3oo, Lambeof(5aD, 
%onne of tbe JFatbet , ri&at ta&cli atoap tbe (hinca of 
rtetoo?lD, baiiemercie bponb.S. ®(]ou tljat tafeefi a« 
toap tlje S:mc0 of the tosilo.lbaiie meccpupon bu.^ibou 
rtat ta&cli atoap tbc Gnnc^ ct tfee teo^'lo, recctue out 
p?apet. Cl)ou that ttttcR at tlje tt'gljt tann of ® 00 tlje 
^atf)er , haue n'ercic bpon W : fo? thou onelp art bolt>, 
t^ou onelp art tbe Lo?D,tbo'a anelp,© (£1)0, teii-lj t!Je 
ho\2 *Sboft , act moll Ijiglj in t^e glo?p of <Sdd tlje jra* 

^ Then the Minifter or the Rilhop , if he? be prefent, 
Oiall let them depart with this bleiling, 

Tl^r prarc of ©oo tobtcb paffetl; all unoetQanOing, 
feecpcpourljeatrs ano mm3f0 in the krotolecge 
ann Line of ©oa , ?.rio of Ijis ^onnc Jlcfug CbiiK out 
Hoa ! ano tbe bWifng of tf on almigljtic, tbe fatter, 
tfie i^onHcanB t5 c bolp (SboR, bee amang8 gou, ano 
tematne toftfj pou altoapc0,amcn. 

f*5 The miniftration ofBaptifme to be 

vfed in the Church. 

T afpf arcth by ancient writers , that the Sacrammt ofBaptifme in the old time was net com- 
monly miniftred , but at two times in the yeerc : Ac Eaftcrand Whjtfuntidc. At which times 
it was openly miniftrcd in theptelcncc ofall the Congregation. Which cuftemc now being 
growen outoFvfc ( although it cannot for many confidcrations be well rdtored againe) it ts 
thought good t«> follow the fame, as nctrcascomjcnientlymay be. Wherefore the people are 
to be admoniflied , thjt it is moft conucnient that Baptilme fhcald not be minifttcd but vpon 
Sundayes and other Holy day es.when the moft number of people may come well for that the Con- 
gregation there preftnt may teftifie t4ic rccetuing of them that bee newly baprired -into ibe number of Cbriftcs 
^.hurch, as alfobecaulc in the Baptifmeo {Infants, euerv man pretent may beputinitmcn branceof hisownc 
profcflion made to Go<i in his Bnptifmc. For which caofe alfo ii is expedient that Baptifme be niiniftrcd in ibc 
Englifti tongue, ^euetthcle(^e ( ifneceffitiefo require ) children may at all times be Up.ized at home. 

When there arc children to he baptized vpon the-Sunday or Holy day , the Parents fliall giue know ledge ouec 
night , orintheMorning afore the beginning of Motning prayer , tothcCurate. And then the Godfathers, 
Godmothers aad people, with the children, muft be ready at the Font, cither immediatly after the laftLeffon 
at Mornina prayer , or elfe inimediatly after the laft Leflbn at tuening prayer , a? the C urate by his difcretion 
(hall appoint. And then ftanding there, the Minifler fhallasfcc whctfact the children be baptixed, oriro. If 
theyanfwere.No: then fliall the Minifter fay thus. , 

(£arelp btlotieu , fojafmutlj 
83 all men bet ctmctfuco ant 
l)o?neinfinne, atio tljat out 
feauioiitCli^ififaptf), Bene 
' cm enter into tbe feingoome 
of®oD, txc(ptl)ebtrei(nt' 
trtteauBliOf'nc anriueftoattt 
anD tlbc l&oi^ i£^f)efi: 31 btkctJi 
poll to call bpan (Son tfje jFa» 
tOer,ctj?eng,0 out Lojc Jc'.ug dfijiB, tl^at of l)islioun« 
tfoue mercte ^se tot'H greimt to tl;cf« c^jtlDjcn tfiat 
tftt'ng;, toljfctjl)? nature tfiep cannot Ifeatic, t^at tUn 
map be baptijeD ioitB toatcr anu ttc fjofp ®I)ofi , a«D 
teceiueo into (£i);i(f e Oolg <l\inttJ}, ano be tnacc liud^ 
mcrolietKcftfjerame. ■ 

<f Then flialltte Minifter fay . 


AHmtg^tr mm fBetlaffing ©o^-jtufttrlbort^p great 
merrie Ctbtien fane j?3oe anB l&is familie in tl)t 
StliC front prndjinff fiptoattt, ani?alfoBtiitic(trafeIp 
lcaoct6eci;ilD«nof3]fraeItI)p people tlj^oti&O tljertn 
tif'ncoft^»lueIlidoucD%orne Sefios <I^;iff, ciDCtS 
fanctiffetfjc flnoo lojoan, anu all otbcr luater^, to tlje 
mpRicalf Uiafi^ing atoap of fmne : UXe Ocfce cfi t (ice faf 
tHne infinite mercie?), tftat tboit toilt mt rrifullp loete 
bpon tljcfr cT)tlD;en,fancttfie tr)cm,anti toafj) tT;t'm iBitb 
ti&e 6olp ®t)oa , tbat tbep being uefiuerEtJ from tl>p 
tojatft , map bee rereiiicB into t'^e Stfec of <S.h0t& 
<S()«tc^, ant! beinj GeBfafiinfaitft, tanfull tj)?otigT) 
Jepc, anu toBtcc in rfiarttte, maprop.''.trct()etoauesof 
rtts traubkrome IbojIo , tl)at finaflp tfjcp map come ta 
f fte lann of eiicrlafling life , tijere to rctgne luitb t^ee 
hjt)?lBiott]5oiitenB , tlj^ougfj JeCuiS dOjiUewtJlojn. 

A1Lmtg!)t^ ann fmmezf an (Bofi, tfit apUe ofall tBat 
ne«De,t'()e !)fIpcT ofall tbat flee to tftre fo? furrotrc, 
rte lff« of tbcm tlint licleette.anti tbc rtfutrcction of tl)e 
Beati: bseecallbpnHtbfrfoztljcre Infants, tbattlifp 
rommino: to tbp liolp teceiiie rcmiffion 
ef tDcic (iBnefi bp fpiritttal regencratten. l^ctciuf rt em 
(®iLo?ti) a0tfiou 6iR pjomircn bp tlip toe thriouen 
<&onnc,ra jing, an«,anij pin J^H "^aueiftjlsejantr i<m 

ftaH Rnte, ]&Bocfte, tra it f^mlttf ope neu btito pou. %• 
giucttcte unto bs tbat aCte : let b? tfjat ferfsc , finbt t 
optn tl)c i:> ate bnto w that hvotke. tl;at t^rfc jlif autg 
map cniop tljc euerialling bcncBicttcn of tbp Ijeauenij 
toafl5tng, ann map come to tie etccrall feingncme, 
tuDic() t^ou l^aQ ^;amiUB i<p (2L(;;ia cut 3Lo;o. amen. 


^ Then ft\all the Minifter fay. 

C^E'f^re tfie iuojBcis of ifjc fforpeltoM'ttciiBg 
&. ^atke f:u])s tentlj €l)aptcc. 

AtS; acettaine timctiDcpb?cugl)ttl)i!B?entoC8?iII 
tbat \)e fljoulD te-ct tbcm. ann Uf bifciple^ rcbu* 
6eB tbofe that b?r ugf}t tliein. TStit ijjljen 31; fits fab) tt, 
|e hjagcifpIeafcB, anofarn bntotfjcm, 4)ifftrlittl< 
rtiiBjcn to come bnto mce.anti fo?btri tijrm not , foj ta 
fuc{) belongetl) tie bingccme of ©on. (Hcrelp 3I fap 
bnto poH, to^ofoeuettottl&notreceiticfi&t kinpecmeof 
<S)oo a0 a little rbilce, dee IJ^allnet enter tljrrctn 9nn 
tabcti Ije tan tal;cn t^tm bp in \)if &mt0 , \)t put j&i0 
i^atiSjibpon tl)cm,anD blcGcB tlicm. 

^ After the Gofpel is read, the Miniiler fhall make this 
bricfe exhortation vpon the vrordsof the Cofpelt 

FJJienD0,peu Ijeare in tbfji ®ofpe( tit iatflse of om£ 
^aiiiom <i,l;0,t\M be commfincec tlje cbilojtn to 
le brought bnto bim : bctD fclilamec tfetr tf;at bJottln 
baue kept tbem from Inm, beto he ej:l;o;tcti ail men to 
foilabj ttieir i\".ncrettrfc. ^cepercciiie lieto bp W out* 
toatb gcSiirc anb Been, tec crtlarec btegoobhJill to* 
bjarb tbent- jFo? Ijee emb^acet tfirm tn tis armre, Iste 
lapB bis l&anbp bpon tlxm , anc b!clfer. tljem. Doubt 
pc not tljettfo??, but earnefilp belernc tbet It toiil like* 
boifefauotitablprecfiuctteff p?cfent infants tl)atl)e« 
bjin embrace tbem iuitlj tbe armrg ef W mere c, tbnt 
bcetoill gitte bnto tlicm tbe blcIHitg of etemalf life, 
anB make t(i em partaker^ of biseuetlaSingkingcnm. 
tatercfo?e,toe being tl)u0 perftoaBec of tlse gooD toiS 
ofourb'anenlpjFatljrr tctoaro tljefc 3!nfatif r, bcrla* 
reb bv hi$ ^onne Jefti^ Gri)jjfl,finr notljinr Df tibtin.^ 
but tliatTie fauourallp alloUn tb tbis' cljaritablf faio?k> 
of ours, inb;itngingtl)cre cliilDjcn to tis Ijo'p TBap' 
tifme jlctbefait^fuHj ann Btuoutlp giue t^ankc^bntii 

•B 4 aimig5tB 

Publilce Baptifine. 

AJLml^We atra mctlafffttg=(5oB,T)e«««r.Ij f attjer, t^ip itiern',0 HcflcBllsiB (S6VMoiit1i\iuttantto» 
toce L'.i'K tljtcljiimble tljanke^, fo.: tliat tlioa 6aft iicmf a'.lt^issis to-jlo bjirfjont niD. ameii. 
fcoutOiaFcu to call 1)9 la t^c kiwtu'fDse of tl;? grace,auD k L'mijlitp eiietUutiig ^!5bD, iX!i&o[c iiwiliitardglie* 
fait!) i;uljee : JlncreafctijisfenoiMlerge, anoconfinnc O Inuju igjojin.' SIs'AJe (£i;jift, to; t^efojitttenciTcof 
t!;isfaitlj in bs euermojc; giue t!)p I)<rip Spirit to iftcfe eiir finnr jS , vin fljcD eiit ot ^ts r?iofi pjecipus Goc bot"^ 
infants!, tijat tl)c?mat>be bo?nc again:, ann lie mane teatcr a^o lil.ou, anD gauc commanfimtcnt to Jjig DiU 
ijciKSSef cuerlaSiagialHation, tljioiigljourilo^Die' ciplcgttaixljepftoulogocttacsjallnations, aiiDbap. 
rii3 Cf)?iff , tubo Iiu£t(} anc rcignetTj toitij tt« ana t^e tife t^*«m in tl;e rjameof tlje jFatticr, tfte %oiine,anB 
Jole^intit.nolMaRDfojcuer.amcn. , . cft^e!;ti:-^t5i}o2:ccgarl),,tDrbeCrec^tfece,r6«Ciirg'f< 

. . , cacioHgoftfcpcongrcrtatien, aim grawrftat all tf) j;ct' 

If Then the Minifter <}iall fy^eakevnto the Qodfa- itantsW-icI) gjailuuaptifrtiint&tyiuater.maprfcctiie 

thers and Godmothei son thiswise. ,' tbemlHctteoftfeggrace, ano ci!£ttfm.iiMeinrt)enuin« 

I)£tofti;pfaitl)WlanD dcttcJjilDjctJj tJjjctigJ jcUi? 

WCHielotjciJ fritmj^, pc 53aeli?migr)t ttjefc cTjif. CojtR our £,c?b awn. 
Djeii Ijcte to lice IiaptijcD, pc ijaac piapta tijat 
cur 3Lo;DC 3}efiiC €'-?ifi i^jeulti UnucIHafc to rcrct:ie, . f then flial the Minifter take the childe in his batnifc, 
rtcm, to lap IjiS banti5 tip 5H t& MifTc t6fm,te re-' ' .and aske the name: And naming the child,(}).il dip 
IcaiJct^fmof tf)(ir£itinc0, togiuc tfjcmtOffeingOtvpe it in thewa:er,roicbed.faettly andwanJydone, 

of^caucii, aita fiurlafiing life. ^eeliauebeiKO i^Io 
tijat oiit iLofD Jlcfusi (2Dlj?tlr ^art pzoiniiti in \-i$ Oo& 


pel, togtauitt all thffctijingstOat pel'auepjnpeatliiz; 

iDljicb p:n:ni'"e fiee fo: Ijis pavt luiK moK fiirclp fecrpc 

3115 prrforne. G3bcrcfo?e after tfiic pzomifemarclip 

(Jf)h2, tl)C."c fnfaats mufi al "n fnttlSfiillpTe;! tl)f ir jjart f An^ if the childe be weake, it /hal f uffice topowrc 

p;o:nirt Iv pcu tljat bee tlKit fdtctie^ , tfjat tljcp toll ' wit«r'vf on it,{ay ing the ibrefjyd words. 

fo^fakt dye ti£ui!la«!)aHbisibJC^&:s, aua c«i^»!l^ 

jbelcfuf ^orsJ IjrfptoojDg, aim oknientlg' letgc ^iji 


^ Then ftial the Minifter demaund of the Godfathers 

and Godmothers thefe queftions following. 

P jfft t^oii fc^fafee tlj'e Deuill ano all i}i$ teOil;^, tTje 
bainc po«ipe ano glojp of t&e tBoMf, tuiti) a'l coiietaus 

N2 6a{itijetBc£itttf!ef3ameof tFjc jFatfjer, atiB 
.oftDc '^cnHe,aiiiJ oftUlj.lp (S{)oS. anicti. 

N3I iapt J?c tijcc in tit Bame of th jFatl^fr , m% 
.of tt)c *onne,Eita oft&e |)o!p ©(jeS. aineti. 

il'Tlien tlie Minifter Ciall make a croflevpcn the 

childes foi ying. 
\;V,7<£ rectiiie tljtf clilflc trto tl&c CKJgrftratfon 
V V of CfjjiRf fiickc, ani) Doe Cgne Ijim toitb tiu 

teftres of tljefame,' tlje catiull ceSrcs of tl&e fljf^ , Co fiju'c of ttje token ti&at fterfaBcrljefijalnof fij 

tljatt^ouiniltnotfdllototto? bekUbEt^jro? af^aijieBtoconfcffetlje fait^ of Cftitia ctucigco , ana^ 

Anfwere. ma fuH? to figljt Daoer f>t0 liaviter, asratnn Qniie, t^e 

SfojCaltctgeman iaojlD,ant)t{)cDe!iil(, anjtocont'.nKf^ljzinsfait'ofalit 

Minifter. {bulotecaiiDfet'iaiitlJHroljijgluie^enti Omen. 
t)«a tTjoubelecue in®3DtT)eiFat]5ct aimig'fctie, f Then (hall the Minifter Ciy. 

Btaker cf Ijeaa'eii ana eattb :: anO in Sefug Ci),un W C ^ffna: nolu , cearelp IifToucD li^etfju'si , t^at tljeft 

onlp begotten ^onne out LoitDf Sub tbat l;e toas: ccn> - ' rbila^ivifcc reptnerate aito grafirD in: o tie how of 

te'mn bp ibt l)olp ©Soli, bam oUl}t glitgin ^ irtc, Cb^iGis CotTgre gation.k t lis giue tl&atArsbnto ©oD 

tliat l)c fiiffereD iinoet 39onti[is ptlatc, tuag c tucifien, f"? tficfe btneSts, ano tojty one rfro?n malie our p.iatv 

Beacanti buriec.tljat I;c totnttictenctnto fccll,nr.B a'Xo cs bnto aimigfiti» ©oo , tljat tl;ep ir.ap leaoetlje a(J 

tia rife againc tfif tljiro aap.tfjat tc^afcenoen into l)ea« of t^eii: life accojtiing to tBi3 beginning. 

urn, sBttetfjattSengljtfianBofiSoB tbe J?atl)tr ai= 
nugfitp. ana from tdence Cjall cpme ag.ninc at tie enac 
«f tiie UJo?lo tn iu"gc tfir quicSe ana tbe acaa r 0na 
Doeg tfioii beleeiie in t6e bolp ©ftoR , t^e hot? Catbo* 
likcC?;irtl&, tljeclcm'niinicnof&'flintfl, t'^e remifff. 
en of (Tmics, trjerefittcectioacff tfiificl^*, anDCHetla* 
fimglife after aeatlf 


SR tW 31 RtDfaRlp ic'ecwe. 


"; CUilttl^otibebaptijea int15ii^fa{t§ f 

tS^at f iJmp fcfi-e. 

^ Then Oi.ill the Minifter fay. 

€ ©tjr JFatljct toticl) au in Ijeantn.ic, 

f Then flijll the Minifter fay. 

W(£eT)celreil)«cf;cattiet6anke£f, moSmerciniH 
jf atl et. tbat ir Ijatliplearec tljre to regenerate 
tfits iBfanttottfj tbpCoIi'fpifit, to tcctiut [jimf..; tbroe 
ctoiiccljilrelip , ana to infe;!pojate tim into 
tbp Ijolp congregation: ana 6ir.nlvp U)c fcc.eee^ tbf e to 
gf aunt, tfjat tic being ceao bBto ilniie, ana liuing imto 
rtgrjteotirne ?, ? being btiriea tottfj COiiS h bts aeatfj, 
map crucidc il^r o!a ma;», ana bt! cvlp <i'.o!i& tlje toTiole 
fcoapnfftnne, tdat ago: i'i inaceuaf-'aker of theoeat!^ 
cftl'p *onRc, fe fie ma:i be partafjer of bis tc"iirrecti» 
on,f"otf)flt finaflu, tuitf; t^e tcGnie of tb? 6oip Congre* 

OQ? t-it'iifl ©oD.gra'nt tbat tbe ola aaam in rtc^'e g'^tion,l)e ma? be -nberitour of tljine euetlaHmg king* 
c;)t!rzfn map be fi btiticu, I'oattlif ne'oj man raap Kime,tI)JOtiglj (JSjifi our IIjjb. amrn. 

^ Ac the bfterd the Minifter callino the Godfathers 
and Godmothers togerhej^ftial Ciy this exhortati- 
on following. 

I map 

fccrai'Vabp in tbem. amni. 

©ran: tliat alT caniiill sSfctions'map pie intbein, 
ana tlj-U all things belonging tctlje fpirtt , map lute 
anng-cto;nt!icm am n. 

©rant tl)at tbcp map baue p.torr anfl Unflatl fo 
Jaitebletoiie, mn to triimp:; a2ainfttBell«U;U;'tT)e rOj^rmncT) a^ tTjefe cMairn ^atte pi?mren brpau 
bwi'aanbtbffl-ffr amen, i rofozCaftetUricainanBaillii^lBcjkctitcbel cue ta 

©t^'Utbat itiTiooni.ri^bctc aeP!:at''B to fTjecb? ©oo,t to fcnicbim; pan ntunremcinbcttUat ft iopottt 
put rff;ce am mfmRerp. map r.l b Ik enoufD toitb ^ea^ VM& ana Diietir? to fe ttia: tljeU infant? I- f r.-i^bt. 


rponc a^ tltcs l|}d^j^«t){( to liuVK, V)i&i u ioliniM 


Prluate Baptlfme^ 

b6bj,pMml *e,(jp?ofeffi6U tl&ev 5atie watte bp poH. ann" fllj^Gia lifcKnttm! ?wg altoapf jj tiat "I^aptKmt 6ct6 

tbat tljcp map Usoto tfjcfe tOings tlje tf fi)all call itp? tUm nmo t)» cur p^cttKicH, tol;tcl) is,»> fiollHD ibe 

DpcH t6j;iitolb«ate^cimoi.iS,5c{)itfli'ppuajaIp!oiiii)£ mirpkcf our*^at«tiut€5ii'fi , ^tebt maDtlifi; toto 

tljat t6ep map Icatne tbe Ctccef/be lojog p^apet^ano Wu tfeat ap &rc Cico aim rote c gaiw; fe? top , to ftct'.ft 

tl!f ten CommatiCiroentfi in ttje (2EngliiI) tongue, ano tote luljicb ate l>aptl?ec,iiieftcm ttiHc^aivBtifc againe 

a'l ctf)f t tljtng^ toljicft a CO'iftian man engljt to fenoto btito tig^tceufntae,centtnu8l!p nic^tifphY eli our euifll 

aao feclccite to I;i« fciKf s I}f altS.amj tljat tljelc djiloicn ant) ci?rupt affe ctiens. aim naplp ^jcctec Jrg in all let* 

map lieeijcttHeiUlp b^ocigl&t up , to Uace agocJp ana a tut auD gooluuKe tf liuing. 

^ The Minifltt (1)311 commaund that the cHildren bee brought to the Bifliop, to bee confitreed of him. To foonc 
as tbey can fay in their valvar tonj;ue,thc Aitieles of the fdich,the Lords prayer,and the ttn Conr)manden>ciit$, 
and be furchcr inibuded in the Catechifise fet forth for thatpurpofe,accordii>gas it is there cxpreffedi 

5v Of them that are to be baptized inpriuate 

houfes in time of necelsitie, by die Miniller 

* of the PariflijOr any other lawfull Mmifter 

t^^rjmja>-^ He Paftours and Curates fhall often admonifli the people , that they defcire not the Baptifine 
?7^ fif^ ofinfantsanylongci then the Sunday or ether holy day next after the childe be borne, VBleflf: 
r<dri 'tf^' vpon a grest and reafonablecaufc declared to the Curate , and by him approoued. 
^ g And alfo they (hall vtarne them , that without great caufe and nccillitie , tlicy proci e noC 

P their children to be baptized at home in rheir hcufes. And when {^tedt neede (liall con.peli thttM 
^ (brodoc,thcnBaptiimefhalbcadn-.ifliliredonthisfa(hion. 
Firft,ktthelivvfull Minif1cr,and them that be prefent,call vponGod for his grace, andfjy the Lordspraycr, 
if the time willfutfer. And then thechilde teing named by fomconetbaiisprefent, the laid Lwfuli Miniflct 
(liall dip it in rtater,orpot>ire water vpon it/aying thcfe words. 


Jliapljf f&ff t-n tliejaamcof tr;ejFatr;er, brD 
•of t9€ ^cnne,aHD of ttie i)oIp <S^oit Siticn. 

And let them not doubt but that the childe fo bapti- 
led,ii UvvfoUy and rofficientlybaptited,aHd ought not 
to bee Uapiii-cd againe, Eut ytt neuerthekffe , if 
the childe which is after this fort iraptixed , doe afrcr- 
T!s7d IiHC, it is expedient that it bee brought into 
the Church, totheintentthatif thePriellor Miniflcr 
of the (ame Parifl» did himfelfe baptize that childe, the 
Cor.pregation may lee cetiifien of the true forme of 
Baptifme by him priuately before vfed. Or if thechilde 
were baptized by any other lawfull Minifter , that then 
the Minifterofthe Fjrifh, whc-re the childe was borne 
or chriflenedjfliall examine and trie, whether the child 
be lawfully bapriied or no. In which cafe if thofe that 
bring any childe to the Church , dee anfwere that the 
fame childe ts already baptized, then (hall the MiniAer 
examine them further,faving, 


£53()o toas p2cftnt IwTjcn tfje cljilEc bsafltaptfjcl'? 

ann becaiife feme things , cffcr.tiaK to tin? ^acra. 

ment , map happen ta liee omt'tttD tf)?ottgl3 fcate o? 

taSc to ftid) tinier of ectremitie t t^crefoje Jl oc< 

Wttl) toljat iBojDs to3« tl;c c!)ilDc bapti jeuf 
CSljetljcr thr\kt pautfte cWDe te be latofiiHp ann pet* 


^ And if theMinificr flrall finde by the anfWeres of 
fuchas bring the chihk , that all things were done as 
they ought to l^e: then fliall he not cbriften the childe 
againe, but fliall recdue him as one of the flocks of 
the true Chriftian pcoplc,(aying tlius. 

ICcttlSe pou, tijat in iW cafe all t^ hJclOf tone , ann 
sccojDtng Ditto title c?Det , cenccmfng tte ibaptijing 
pUW i^ii^tiW^ ^tie ^9;n( in o^tginall Knne, mn 

in tfie tojatTj of ®oB , ii ncbj bp tje laatt ef te grafts* 
tion iiiTSaptirnie.teceiueD tntotfienamlrtoftljc i^il* 
B?cn8f©oD, ano l)cirt0 of eurtlafting life. jTsjcuc 
JLo?D JicQig(£;'o?ift Doetl)notien!el;i6i;tacea..omcr» 
(it btito fuel) tnfaiits/jut mcfi lomncli' foctb calltliein 
knto gim, a? tbe golp if'ofpel Dotlj IsitKcOe to out com* 

All accttaftJC timet]6cpIi?(iugT)t rtj(!5?etito(2r8jt{! 
ti)at 6e fijoulc t8:;ct ttcm. ann tif Difciplcfi telm. 
feeo tf)oCe ttjat bjougljt tfiem. TStir toljcn 31 Jus falu ir, 
bt iDascifjt'lcsfeB , anDfapE sntotbem, ^irffet little 
c&i!B?en to come brto mtc, aim fojhiD t\)cm not, foj to 
fuel) belonged) tlje kingccm? of <3t\x>. fflettip 31 fr.p 
bnto pou, toljoleeuetrott^notrtceiuetlji. feingBonitof 
©oBasaltttletljilDe, Ijce Rjall not enter tl;cretn ana 
to'gai^e IjaB taken tfjimipfr. ^t? armcf!, ()cput U^ 
liaHB^bpon t^(m,anB bldVeB tlicni. 

^ After the Gofpe! is read , the Minifier fliall make this 
exhortation vpon the words of the Gofpe!, 

F Stent! <!, pfliiT)earc in tW ®ofpe' tl5c toejtg cf oat 
featiiotii C!;?int, tljat be commnnccB tbt cIjdDjf n t» 
be brought bntoljiin ; botoleliamcBtb^etbat toottlB 
lane kept tbcm from btm , Ijeto be cj;!)£i;teB all men to 
fo'dotu ibcir iimoccniie. ^ecptrcciiteljetobpbt^oi'.t* 
toatB geUttre ant bccb , tee Bcclatec bus gooB fcotll to- 
inarB tbctn- S^o} bee embwccB tbtiti m bis arn'fis, be« 
lapB \)i& Ijancc bpcrn fbcm , ana bleffca tbem. Dctibt 
T^e np.t tberefo?^ , b ot catutfllg beleetie tbat be batb !ifee» 
iDi'e faaotirablp reccincB tbiP p?efent infant , tiBat bee 
batb embjacfB \)lm tottb ibc atme ^ st Iji:-. ine;c;e , tb^t 
i)tt ^atbguicn.biitolim tbe blcE'ing cf eienudl life, 
p.nBmaBc biin pattakec of IBiiS eiietlatting feingBcmc. 
C0bfrcfo?e ince being t'&u0pcrfis)aBtB of tf: e gocB totll 
of otit bcaneiiU' jFatber, Berlaret bp W %omt Slefii? 
crb^ift totoatB tljts infant, let bis fattbfnilp f,nB Be- 
HPHtlp Sine tDan^eg btito btin,ana fag tie pjapet b»b:c& 
13 J tl)« 


Priuate Baptiiliie. 

tit iL»!Ti Ijlmfelft titig^t, » {« uedatatlon of out t'ait^, 
letDji recite t^e ^ctkUe conumea in oiuCteeD. 

f Here the Minider with the Godfathers and Gedmo- 
tbers IhalMay, 

€ SDtit jFatftet to'jfcTj art in 5«uen,9ic. 

5 Then lliall the Prieft demaund the name of the child, 
which being by the GodLtheis and Godmothers 
pionounccd,the MiniRei (hall fay. 

D jell (fiaw in tfje name oUW cfifluc fo?rafec tl&e De» 
HiU ano all W \x>aM,t\)t Datne pompe ano gIo;p of t^e 
^' tjlo , b)it() a'.i tl;e coiietouiS oeftrcis at' tl^e fame , tOe 

j;:ial[ ttCixfi of t'iic 90) > ano not tofollots anD bee 




Docll tl&otiin t'lenamcof tfiticliflDe yjofeSe tlji^ 
faitO, tobcleeiie in (Sjd tTjt JFatficc SLim^gtstie, mahtr 
if Oraitcn Ma cartO:" ana in ilefuji C&uft Iji? ondj be* 
:otten*)oniieoii!;ILoJOr Jlao ti)at Ijee luas concdiicn 
'■i> tlje Ijol2 ^Sijort, bojne of tlje £Iitgt;i ^arie, t()at U 

iffcreu V)nnet pontuis Ptiatc , toasi critci6:D , Be ao, 
tnn butteo , tijat U inentDJtoneinto titll, aiiu alfo uta 
.tfe aga;n£ t(K tljtrti cap, tljat Ije afccnoea into (jcauen, 
gtittttl; at tlje rigljt Ijano of (Sod tlje jFatljcr almigljtp, 
anu frem tijeuce ije fijall come againe at tljc tm of t^e 
tojojln to iungc tijcquickeanBtlje ticaof anacoepon 
inljiisnamebeleeuetntdeljolp iSboH, t^e Ijolp Catbo- 
Ufee Cf)!ircT;, tJeCominimionof^aintg, tlj^rcmilTi' 
on of Qnue?, terurccctio;^ , ano eueilaQin^i; life aftet 

an tW 3! UeofaHIg beleeiic. 

Let vs prayt 

AiLmigJitie ano citcrlaHing ©oS, Ijeaitenlp Fatlicr, 
luce gtue tijte btinible tl)anke0 , fo; tljat tbou baft 
BoiicTifafcD to call 09 to tljclinolulcoge of ibp State, ano 
fattb tu tfjee : 3IticrcaictbiS fenotulengc , ano conScme 
tljiefaitO in Jjsi eaennoje , gtiie tb? bdp 't>yirit to tbi0 
infant , tbat lie betns bojnc againe , ano being maoe 

l&riie of cuetlaCftng&laatJott trjiougTjourEojuyeru* 
Cb?ifl, majantinue tbpfetuaunt, ano attaitit tbP 
pjomtfe , tb?ougb tbe fame our ILo,jd Scfug <2Eb?irt t^? 
^onne,tobo liuetb ano reignctb luitb tbcc m t^e bniti* 
of tbc fame ^olg ^jjirit nietlaflitiglp,amen. 

^ Then (hall the Minifler make this exhortation to the 
Godfathers and Godmothers. 

F©;aCmucb a& tbts cbiinc batb pjfimt'io bp pou to 
fo^ifa&c tte ccnill ano all bijs irojkc? , to belf cue in 
(SuO, ano to ftrite bim : poit mufi remember tbat it id 
pour part ano cnetie to fee tbaitljis infant bfctaisgbt, 
fo foonc as be Hjall bee able to Icatnc , U'bat a [blemne 
bobjjpjomife, ano pjofelVton Ije IjatO maoe bp pon. ana 
tbat ije map fenoU) tbeie tljingg tbcbettet, pee fiball call 
upon bim to Ijcacc ^ctmoiig , ano t bi flp pc feall p;!oniBe 
tbat bee map learne tfje CrccBc, tbe Jlo?c0 p?apet, ano 
tbc ten C'^nmanocmeittis in tbc egngiiflj tiingue , ano 
ail otljer tbingd tsbtcb a Cb^tflian man ciigbt to fcnoa 
ano belceueto bis Unlf? bca'tb , nno tbat t&ig tbiloe 
map bcefiettuoiiflp b^ougOt bp , to leaoe a goolp ano a 
CijitiStan life, tcmemb^ing a(U).ip t(;at "Baptifmc Doe t& 
vcii?i:fent bnto bg ear i,7off (ficn, \>j\M) is to rdloto tbe 
trample of our Saiiioiit CijjiR, ano bee maoe liftc onto 
Ijim, tbatasbecieDanorofeagaincfojijs, foJijoitia 
U3ccta;icb are bap:i?cD, oie from finnc, ano rife againe 
l)ntortgbtcinriielTc,ronttniianp moitifping aHouf eiiitt 
ano co?nipt affcitions , nnooajlppjocecoiiig inallb£r= 
tiie ano goolincire of lining. 

ano Co fojt{) &» in publifee TSaptirine. 

^ But if tliey which bring the Infants to the Church, 
doe make fuch vnccrtainc anfwcrcs to the Ptitfts 
quefiions, as thnt it cannot appeare that the childe 
was b.iptixed with water, In the Name of the Fathtrt 
mad of the Sonne, and of the holy Ghofi , (which are 
cflential! parts of Baptifme) then lee the Prieft hap- 
tire it in forme aboue written , concerning publike 
Baptifine ,rauingthat at the dipping of the childeio 
the Font, he (liall vfe this forme of words. 

3If fT!oubenotalrfaopDaptijcD,J!3. 3|bapt/jct5fe 
(ntbeBameoftbejfatbet, ano of t&e ©onne, ano of 

^ The order of Confirmation^or laying 

on of hands vpon children baptizedjand able to 

render an account of their faith, according 
to the Catechifme following. 

TO the end that confirmation maybe minifired tothe more edifying of furhas (hallreceiueit (according to 
S. Pauls iloflrine, who teacheth that all thing? rtiould bee done in the Church to the edification of the fame) 
it is thought good that none hereafter (lial be confirmed , but fuch as Can fay in their mother tongue the Ai tides 
ofthclaith,theLordsprayer, andthetcnCommmJements, andcanalfo.inlweretodichqucliionsofthis fliort 
Catechifme, as the Bifliop ( or fuch as he (liall appoint) (hall by his difcretion appofe them in. And this ordci is 
raoft conuenientto beobfcruedj for diuersconfidcrations- 

Firft, bccaufe that when children come to the yecrcs of di(cretion,and haue learned what their Godfathers and' 
Ccd nothcrs promifed for them in Baptifme, ihey may then thcmfeiues with their owne mouth , and with their 
own-'Confcnt, openly before the Church , ratifieandconfirme the fame, and alfo promife that by the grace oF 
Cod, they will ciicrmore endrunur themfelues faithfully to obferue and keepe fuch things, as they by their owne 
mouth and confeflion haueaflcnted vnto. 

Secondly, forafmuch as confirmation is miniflrcd to them that be baptised, that by impofition ofhandes and 
pravcr,thcy may rccciuc flrcngth & defence againft al temptations to finne , and theaflaults of the world and the 
cleuil!,irismoft mceretobcmiuiUred when children come to thatasc, that partly by the frailty of their ownc 
Befli,partly by the afTiults of the world and thedciiiil, they begin to be in danger to fall into fundry kinds of fin. 

Thirdly ,for that it is ngrecable with the vlagc of the Church in times pail , whereby it was ordeined that Ton* 
Ermation (hould be minillrcd to them that were of perfeft age , that they beeing inliruflcd in Chrifls religion, 
ihould openly prefeHe cheic owne faich^and promife to be obedient vnto the will of God. 

TheCatechirme. *" 

fini that no ipan fhall thinke that any detriment fliall come to chiMrenby deferring of their Confinnationj 
hefliallknow forcruetb, that it iscercaineby Gods woid, that children being baptized, haue all things neccffary 
lor theii raluation,and b« vndoubteiily faucd. 

^ A Catecliifme, that is to fay. An in- 

ftmdion to be learned of euery childe,before 

he be bi ought to be confirmed by the Bifhop. 

l^at 10 pour name? 
■^ Anlwere. . 

rg^ Queftion. 

^ CaiSoptiepoutSl^namef 


09? €iot)fatTjet0 ano^Somnotljer^inrnvliaptlfme, 
taljccein il Voas maDc a mcmbci: of C{3!tit,tt)e cljilDC of 
(0oD,anii antitOe'.itciuroftgektiigDome of ijeauen. 


mim ctngoutcSoofatOer^ ann ^oQmot^etji t^en 


^)cp Cin pzomife anii Ijoto ttjjcc tl&ings in mp name. 
jFiiB.tljat 31 fi^oulD foU'afec tbe Dciiil ann ail fjts too?lfe£f, 
t!)egompf0, antJt)a".ttic3efti;etoul«cDluo?(Q, anoali 
t^eftafiiU luRiS of tljefleflj. <a)\.concIp,tl)at 31 fljoiilD Iie» 
fceiic an tl)e atttdca of t&c CLOMHtaii f.ittf). ann tljtni= 
ip, tbat 31 nj;)iila feeepe ©o^s Ijolp toill ann co!nmanDe» 
ment0,anD ivalke in i be fame all tlje xm^es of mg life. 

Docfi f&oii not if)ii-feE tfjat tI)ou art bounn to 6e« 
Ueue,anQ to coe as tljep (jaue pjomifcis fo; tljee^ 


^esbftelp ; ann l»p ©josfielpe fo Sltoill. Snn 3( 
?)£aiti(vtl)anf>eoiitOcaHcnlpJFatOet, t&at]&ef;atftcal- 
tometot(K!3fiatcof faliiatton , t&?uugl) 3l«fw^€Ij?tft 
out <l5atiioE»t. ano 31 p?ap ®oti to giue me l)i0 grace, 
tfjat 31 'nap conrtniie in the fame iinto mp \mfi enQ« 


He^eatfe tlje article? of t^p DeMe. 


ITScleette in ©on te jfatTjeraimtgTjtie, mafeerof 
(jeaiien ann cartb. ano in ilefus CO?iQ fi»s ondp 
^oHiieontlLojtie, toljitf) toag conceineubptbeljoCp 
©{jo(i,bojne of tlje Dirgin ©ane, fiiffercD bntiet Pon» 
tius pilate, toad ctact6en,tJcao,aiilj butico, ^c Defceu= 
Deo into bell, the tl^irc Bap (re roCe agame fro tf)c ccan, ' 
be afcenoco into f)eaucn,anD Gttetfj at tlje right Ijano of 
(Son tlie JF.ulict ainiiLXljtp : tromtljencf Ijcc f[)all tome 
to itiegetlie qstriic anb tl)c ticaD. 31 1'clccucin tf)cf)olp 
<S{;oil, toe Oolp CatboliqticCOurct, tlje commimion of 
©aints, tijc fo^giiienelTc nf dnneis , tlje tefucrection of 
tl)e baQp.ans tljc life eurrlaQing. amen. 


mW nocQ tl)Gu cljicflp leacnein t'tKfe articles^ of 


jFirS, 31 f^arnetalieieeiic in ©oDt^e fatter, to^o 
iati) maue me ann aK cSeIdojId. 

^ecflnnlp, in ©od tlje ^onne, toTjo ^atlb tcucemco 

^tiirDlp,iii (Sod theTjofp ©Ooli, tol&o fauctifietlD me, 
BUD all tl)e elect people of (£foti. 


J^m Capa tfjat pour ®ocfathcr«! ann (Sonmotfjerg 
Bin pzomife fo; mi , that poii (Ijoiila Eerpe ®oDg tom» 
manoeinent^. EcU m {jo!?} maue tliece be ^ 




T!&f fame toljiclj ®oB fpal&f tntT)c RC. CTjapter of 
Cronus, fapmg, 31 am tlje JLo^n tbp ©an, tol):c6 
Ijatie b?o([gljt tyce out of tlje (ann vf Cgppt , out of tde 
Ijoiile of boncagc. 

i. tiTbouC^a'.tfjattenoneetDet^onsibutme. 
it. tlljou fljalt not mafec to tfjp feifc anp graiien fmage, 
no?tbelifecncireof atiptljtng that is in Ijrancn aboiic, 
0? in tbe eariljbeneatlj, oj, in tfjc toatrt bnner the eartb : 
thoti fljalt not boiB noiune to tfjcm , no? U)r?tl)tp them : 
jFoj 3! tljc jLojD tl)p ffipn am a telou^ ®oD,aBnj3tfit ttc 
finnes of the fathers bpon the chil'j?En, bntothethtrn 
ann fourth generation ot them tljat hate me, ann Hjcto 
metcic bnto thoulannji in iiitm that Johc me, ann ketpe 
mp commannemcnt0. 

iir. ^Tjou fljalt not tafee the jGlame of t^c S,o?De tl|p 
©on in baine : fliz the E,o?D toill not (join Ijim guiltleCfe ' 
that tafteth his J3ame in baine. 

iiii. ISemenihcr thnt thoti fecepe "^olp tlje ^a6!'3f]& 
nap. feijcenapegflialt thou labour, aim 3oe all that 
thoaljatitonoe: but the fcutnthnapiiJthe'SiaMiatft 
oftljeJLc^ntljp ©03. 3IiHt thou fljalt noe no manor of 
too^fee, thou,ann thp (bi;nc,ann thp caughtcr, tijp man 
feruant, ann thp main fcntant,thp cattcl,ann tT;c ITran* 
gcr that is5 toithin thp gates : fo? in Cj:e napr0 the JLo?o 
nianc l&caiicn ann earth , the fca . ann all that in tbent 

a, ann reflen tljc Ceuenth nap, Hherefojethc ILo^n ble& 
fen the Ceuenth nap,ann halotuen it. 

b. JDanotit thp fatkr ann thp mother , that thp DapeS 
map bee long in tl)c lanntohic^tljeHo^D thp ©oo gip 

bi. ^rhoii fljalt Doenomurtljer. 

bit. trhou flialt not commit anultetie. 

bii^ tJhoi! fljalt net Reale. 

ijt. ^ou fljalt not beare fa'^e tDitnefle againi! tfjg. 


It. ^hpu fljalt not cowct thp ncighbo^j! houre,t]&ou B^ialt 

not couet thpneighbourg toife, no? his feruant, no?hi!S 

maiD,ne?{)ij ojce, no? hi0 alTcnc? anp tljingt^iat i? hi^. 


Qahati(ieQ tljoucljieflp leattte {)ptIjefecommanDe< 


31 learne tto'o things : ® p nuetie toluatDS 0eD,anfi 
mp auetp totoatns mp neighbour. 


cahat i)S thp nuctp totoarns ©on { 


©p nuetie tobjaris ©on (0, tobeTeene in him, te 
fearehim, ann to lone htm toitlj all mp heart, toithall 
mpminne.baithallmpfotile, anntoith allmpftrei gth. 
fSLo tDo?fl)ip hiin, to gitie him thanfecs, to put mp Mjsit 
trull m him to call bpon him, to honour lie help Bame 
ann his ijjojij , ann to Ctwe ifeim ttiul? all the nape^ of 



UXht 10 ^n Duetic to^ms tit tteigl^bfiuc i , 


(^)» mietie totBatog mp neigWimtr ijj, to lone 6fm aH 
m^ I'dfe , atiD ta Bee to nil men as 3 toculo tbt^ ftonln 
Boc inito me. tS^o loticjjonout., $ liiccoKt mp father ann 
matljer. Co Bwour ana obi^ ttcEing aim Otsmiin» 
fler3 iSTo fabmit m? fclfc to al! nip goKtrncj^.teacljcn*, 
fpttitttall j)3ffa?si an3 mafifrs. ®o o^cet nip fdCE leb-lp 
at'.n rci!2rt«tli) to a!l mp betrciiS. fto Ourt no bcnplip 
bjafn 0? Bf cue. tlo hte true anc iuR in all mp ncalmg. 
fEo b^are no malice no? Iiatrec in mp ^cart ©e ferrpc 
jnp Ij8nti0 from pickttig; aim fipaiiRg , aiiBmp tongue 
from eHtll (peaking , (pmg ant) (lanBcring. ®o kecpe 
mp&oDpintempccance, folierneile ana cUaHittc. JItJot 
to coiUt no? DcTite otijct mens gootij;, but to leame anu 
lalioii? truclp to get mine etone liutvig , anB to tioc mj) 
suetp in tl)at Qace of life , U^^to t\)eb)^ic{) it C^all plealc 


^v gooB c^ilBe, feneto tOtS, t'bat t^cts art not able to 
toet^cletljing^oftljpfclfe, koj to tnalfec in tljc cent' 
inanDementS of <SoB , ann to fenieljim , Uvtljout 6ig 
l^f cinfl grace , hul&icd tijou muG leatae at all time to 
caHfojb^'Biliffentpjaper. JLct mce &eatc tlievcfoje if 
t&ou canG lap ti}t Ilojij^pjapct. 


OOc jrat^cr tofttcS art in Imicn , Tjalotoea hee t^v 
jQame. 'Sfjp ktnguciwe come. €lp toill &s Bone in 
tmf) , as t£ tjj m 5caucn ©iue DS tljiji Bap out B?plp 
• IjeaB. ana fo^cciiic fcis onr tretpaiTcS , a^ tuec fo;igiiic 
tiem tljat trefp'alTe agatnll b&. Sne Icace \i$ not into 
temptatioti: bat BcUner bis from eulU.^mcn. 
©UJat DcfircSt^ou of ©oB in tfitSpjc^er^ 


a Bcltremf JLo^B c5ob ourTKatienlp jTatTjechiljo {0 
fte giacr of all gaotmefTe , to ftnD \)i0 grace bmo mtc, 
sub to aHpecpIe, t^at toemapluo^lljip l)tm, fmictjim, 
anB obep i,tm ag irrc oiigljt to Boe. 9nB 31 P?ap bnto 
©oa , tlat^ee toil! tenant alltl&ingiStljatlicenceBfiia' 
Iiotljfoz oHrfotilcu anBlioBiciS, SnBtljat beeiuttlbfc 
mcreifiinwitofis, anflfo-'gineb^otirGnncg, anctftat 
it toill pleafe fjim to fauc ana sefenti bs in al! aangcrij, 
gT)oliii> anB '. oailp, ana tijat T)f e tutlTke cpc tjs from all 
finnc anntoicfe-cBncire, ana from ottr gl)ofiIp enrmic, 
anB from Eticrl^iRinoiBcatli. anBtljij! 31 triiGtctoillao 
of Hi mcrcp anB gooBnetfc , tl)?t ugl) our S,ojB 31eCuf( 
C&fiS. ana tljerefo?e 3 fag amen, ^0 be it. 


H®^ manp ^acramcnt^ 16atf) C^?ifi cjceincB in 


tJTtoo onclp as grncrallp nrcefTarp to 'altiattpn, t^at 
JiStofap,TSaptifme,anB tl)c "Stappct cf tJclLo^B. 

CElj3tmeancrttf)8«bpt5t0i3DO?B Sacrament? 


31 meane ancuttoam anabtfll^lefigne , of as mtoarn 
aiffi Ipitininll grace o^'ticn buto W , ojar incn bp ChjiG 
5tinCelfe,a0 a mrancs tuTiercbp toerecciue ttieiamc,ann 
apIeBgc alio to afliirc bs tficteof. 


iSpoto mnnp parts ore tfxre in a ©acrament? 


tlTtoa; tlje^iittoara bifibleGgne, ana t'fec 3Intosta 
%»piritiiell ©race. 


m'ont iiJtfie^uttoarobifiJkiSiipe, ei fojmein 

f J3atfr : W6ctein tbe perfen BaptijcBfiSttppeB, oj 
fp?iiifeleB U)it6 (t, In the Name of the Father , and of 
the Sonne,and of the holy Ghoft, 
mW (s t^c antt)arB ana ^ftihiell ^t&cti 


a Beat^ bmo ftme , ana a JBcto Krtljbntorfgfjte* 
otifneffc : jFo? being bp jBatttte bo?ne in tone, ntiU t^c 
rljiia^en of tajjat^ , iaee are Ijercbp msec tftc cl&ilajen 


JHfiat i0 tequitcB ofpetfor jt to lie bapttjca i 


Ecpentance,lu'&«rcbp t5epfo?fakc &ine : ana jfait^, 
iBlierebp tijcp lleBfa&lp bilettie tJ^e p^omtfe^ott^oa, 
rnaBe totljeniintliat^actamcnt. 


G35p tfjen are 3!nfffrt0 baptijcB , to^fn &p realbnof 
tl&eic tcnacc 8ge,tl)f p cannot perfo^nic t Ijcm i 


3*eff : t'&cp Boeprrfo?me t6cm bp tijcir ® titcf ici*,l»5o 
pzomife ana bobs tljem betlj , in t&eir names : iuljic 
bj^entte^comctoage, t^cmCeUte^ are DouHOtoptc* 


tn^P fc>80 tBe ©acrament ef t|jc I.o?Bfi Puppet 

5Fe?t6c continual! remcmlJjBnce of tSc ©acrtCceof 
t^e Beat!} of C^^iR, auB tbe beneSt^ ^s^^ toce icceiue 

mr)ati^tT;eoittu>atapatt, o^Hgneeftl^e JLoiif 


TB^raa ana caineMicfj t^c EojB Dat5 wmiaanBcD 
to be ceceiuea- 

Jin^at i? tOc inuoatD part.o? ti&irg GgniScB i 


tPc TBoBp ana TSloi'B of CO?irt, ^^ki arcbmlp 
ana in BeeBe taken ana teceiiuBoftlefaitljfiiUintl^e 
)lo^a<3 Supper, 


taftat ate tie 'Benefits , to^ercof toe are partaicti* 
t^etebp f 


Oe HrcngtljiniHg anB rcfrff&ingof cutfonlciSlip 
tbeTBoBpanaTSlooBpfC^jiS, a^ out boDicj; atebu 
tlje T5?eaB ana Wine. 


Oldat i& rcgntteB of tijent, tol^'cTj come to t^c Hoja^ 


tfofitamfne tfeenjCeliirs lalSftl^ertfieplRcpenttliem 
fwelp of tlieir former finncg , ficDfaftip puvpoting to 
Uma JB'tulife! l^niie a liticlp faitl) in i?8D0 mfrc^f 
tb?oiigl) dfjjiii , toitft a tbankrfnn remembrance of ^i^ 
Beato.auB be in Cljaritietottl) nil men. 

^ So foone as the children can lay in their mother 
tongue the Articles of the faith , the Lords pray^ 
cr/thetcnCommaundements, and alfo can an- 
fwere to fuch queftions ofthi<i (liort Catcthifire, 
asthcBifiiop ( orruch.ishcniallr.ppoynt)|}>3ll 
by his difcretion appofe them in : then fliall they 
be brought to the Bifliop by one that fliall be hij 
Godfath<r or Godmother , that euerychildc may 
haue a tvitneffe of his confirmnion. And the Bi- 
shop Qiall coofitmc thciQ on this wile. 


(^ Confirmation, or laying on 

of hands. 

I oa^tcO Ijat^ mace licaucn atiB cart^. 


; oleffcB b£ i1)s ISaiiw of t^e HojD. 

CoencefojtO b)a;lQ biit'bout ctiD. 



SnD let oar tw come bnto tj 'e. 

AS,t«i5^£(e ano cuttltmrg (S»oB, bj^ofiafttwacS' 
tafcB to rcffcnera'e t^cr« tOp Ceruant? bv Juattc 
SB'S tfjc M» SsoS, ano ftall gium tono tftem foigiuc- 
neffsof all tOetcrmncg: Ohre'gtOen tbeiti JuebfUecft 
t&ce, © IL8jt).to!tf)tbeIjolp(5t)ofi tfje (£3!nfo;tet,an3 
tapt^ {ncrcale intfjemtljjmanifolDcgtfte^of grace, 
tljcfpintoftaiffDoire ano tnuetS anting, tfje'pirit 
ef^o:mfai[caHDgl)£iHIpBrctigt(), t^efptdrofSno'oj" 
fcDg« aiiD true gotiltncfie, ann fuifisl riKm ( 2) Jlojo) 
Jpirft t!)c fgirit of tlif ficlp ft are. amm. 
Then the Bifhop fh al lay his hand vpon euery child 

2MeiiB, {Diojoe, t^if cJ)Hne^itht^^^tiimlv 
grace, t'jatl)em3PrnBtiiirtct!;r.iefo?cacr, atiUDarlp 
inctcfllJchuhP Oelp Spirit moieancmize, trntflltjej 
wme iJitUi tlip eitctlafiing I;Jng^ome. ameH. 
Then (hill the Bi(hop fay. 

Ailmtg'&tie ann citccUuing ®oB , toTjfc^ tns'&rStiS 
botfi to toill , anB ts Boe tijofe tilings tl)at be goon 
aitB acceptable bnto t!)p ^JQzkdie , bae ma'-c our Oiiin« 
file ripplications Wtta tbre foj tiicSe c()if?;c',i , bp.iH 
fcifjom ( after t!ic f lampfe of tfjc Ijclp apofile^) uiee 
iiaiic la»B our banns, to certifie tbem (bp tbis %ipr) 
9ti\2 fsuauc aim gtacious gooOiieite toU;&tD tljem; let 

tT)? JFftt^etlp bauB, toee IiefeccT) tljcf, etiet btt oitet 
tbem: let ttipbol? Spirit etict bee to; ;b il)em,aHDli» 
Icane tbtm in tlje fenotokcge aiiD cbcoiCHrc of tbg 
CiloDe . tbat in tbc ente t!;e? map cbtaine tljf (S"er» 
IaftingIife,tf);ougf)otirIlo?D Jfttis Cli;:ift, tobotoitft 
tOce ano tfce l;ol^ 01)oft,ltuctft ann reigi'ietti one ©eo, 
b>o'-lD bjttljoat cnn. amtn. 
Thsn the Bifhop (hallblelTe the children, %ing 

Tl^ebleffiingef ®oli ainig^tfe, t^c jTatlSet, tbe 
%otine, anu tbc h:>\^ ;Si;o5, be bpcn ?ou, ami M« 
mainc teltli poii fo; eHct. Smen. 

The Curate of entry Parifh, or fomeother at his ap- 
pointment , (halldili[i;fnt!y vpon Sundayes and Holy 
dayes, halfcanhourebefeie Eucnin^ prayer, openly in 
the Church, inftrud and examine fo many children of 
his Pari(hfentvntohim,asthetiraevvilfeiue, and as he 
ftiali thinkc conuenicnt, in fomc part of this Carc- 

And all Fathers, Mothers, Matters, and Dames, (hall 
csufc their children, fettunts andprentifcsCwhichhaue 
Rot learned thcK Catcchifme ) to come to the Church 
at the timcappointedjandobedieiitly to hcare, and bee 
ordered by the Curate , vntill fuch time as they hauc 
learned all that is here appointed for them to Icarnc. 
and whervfoeuer the Bifhopfliall giue knowlcdj^efor 
children to he brought before him to anr conuenicnt 
place for their Confirmation , then fhall the Curate of 
cuerv Parif]) , either bring or fend in writing the names 
ex) all thofc children of his Parilli, which can dy the 
Articles of the faith, the Lords pray er,& the ten Com* 
mandements, and alfo how many of them can anfwere 
to the o"her qucftions conttined in thisCatcch.ifir.e. 

And there fliall none be admitted to the holy Com- 
munion, vmil! fuch time as he can fay the CatecbifVnO) 
and be confiim^d. 

^ The forme of folemni^dtion 


FIrR, the Banes mufl be asked three feuerali Sundayes, or Holy dayes, in the time ofSeraicc, the people being 
prcrcnr,3fterthe accudomed maner. 
And ifthcpcrfomthatlhouidhc maried,divcll in dwersParirhes,th5 Banes n^ufl be asked in both Parilbes : and 
the Curate oftbe one pari h, fliall not folenanixe Matrimony betwixt them,wi hout a Certificate of the Banes 
hein;; titrifc a^ked/rom the Curare of the other PariHi. 
Atthetlay appointed forrolerotaizationofMatriiionie, rheperfons to be married, (liaUcoine into the body of 
tbeChurc^ijwith their friendsand neighbours,ami there the Minifler (l^allfay thiB. 

(faccb §it!otiei5fttcnt)0 , tue a'e gaf!ie= Btttretiercinfp,Bffcrfetel?,aDt«f&Mp,fofcetI?,8nc in (5« 

•en to^ctficr bete in tljeligbtofCoa, feareofSoD, Citcl)) confioctinj t!)craure0fojto!;tc6 

an^intfjefacf ofbfisc.^ngtfaation, to CBatrimonietoaeozccincD. 0;ieto35t()tpwcri-atjoti 

iopne toarcttjfr tf)i<J man ana rbts iuo- of cfjilDien , to be b??ug':t bp intl-e fearc anB minute 

^QciriBifc, ill tbc time c? mans tn 'ecenctc , tmutping taticm, tfjat fu. <i prrfore as baue not tfie g.l 

bnto b3 t!ie mpRicall bnion tbatts' ettoirt jTbjtftana ncncie,mig;:tmarTi?, ano ^^eepc tbrmftlueiSlmrffileii 

litsiCb-irt!) toVcbfioli'cBateC^u.iaBojnet! ?tbeatitt= members of (^^^iBsfboOP. CbirrIi>,fo?rIiemiut(3Uro« 

fca \i3it') bi? picfcnce, ? 6tS miracle tt<at be toiotigljt tietic, 6' fpe ami co :iif.i?t tbnt ilje one omj \x to batie of 

inCin-iof^Siltfee, antJidtommenueBof^ IBaulto tT;cot^ft.tlo;0inp!o'■pfr:tP9taDttrt^lp,mtofI)ctnf)icS 

t>e ^jnourabte amo?.g all ren . ann tbere'^ozeisaot to bdp effare rbtfe ttijc ptrfohs p^efcKr ncwb bee 

!)e tnt-tiJiiCea no? takni in batK^ b!13l);^t'"r^!p , ligi tit». hirncD. IKbcrffojc tf anr man can CieVo aRp {!;ft ca^le 

t\ I'Hntanlp , to fatiCfic mens ra nall'tiReartippp", bJbrtljepmapnot{atoritI!pbefo))re?itcicretbr%(ff ijim 

lite?, l&«I)iuUebtii8e?t^at6auemiV;i5«;a«K)jng, wite^«ale,PZ«l^|)<Raft«f«)fti«t6cilceiii?pfafc. . 

■ f And 


f An^ alfo rpeaklng to the perfons that flialbe mar- 
riedjhe (hall lay. 

ITSitqnin ano ciiarge Hou.CaiS pou toiTI anitocre at tijc 
njeaDtullnap oif luugtment . tolicn tlje i'tcreta of aU 
li-artet^albeutfcIofeD) tOattf eitftrrof pouOoebnotu 
anfitngfCimcnt UiDn*"" map Hot be latofullp topuea 
togttl)ertH®attiitianie, tl;at pc renfcffc (t. ^oiUi^i 
toeUffureD,tbat to manp a^ be coujjleo togetftcc otDtt' 
tutfe tl)cn (^oB0 1do;d Dotlj aUobj, are not iopnco toge* 
tfjec bp ©oD.neitijer (S tlicir ^ laucfKlI. 

^ At which day of raacriagc, ilany man dotalleJgc 
and declare any impediment, why they may not bee 
coupled together in Mattimonie by Gods Law, or the 
Lawes of this Realmc, and will be bound, and fufficient 
fijrctics with him to the parties, or els put in a caution 
to the full value of (iich charg<:s as the perfons to bee 
matied doe fulteine,toprooue his allegation ; then the 
fblemnixation muft bee deferred vntofnch time as the 
trueth be tried. If no impediment bee alledged, then 
(hall the Curate fay vnto the man , 

NCEKlt tfiou lane t'Dffltooman to tT)p tocMen teifc, 
. to Ittic togcttxT after (Sobs e?Bmance, in tOc fto* 
h eQate of ^actimonie i Wtit tl)ouloiie^er,comfii;t 
(j'et, f)onoin: , ano feccpe Tjer in Rcfeneflx ann in Ijealtfc i 
ana fo^faktug aKotber, ktepe ti^ceonelgimtolgecifo 
long a!clgcui)ot^{{)ar( line e 

The man Ihall anfwere, 

Then (hall the Minifter Qy t® the woman. 

NUXi\t tl;ou Oaue tU& man to tijp toetoeB ()U& 
.lianD, to line tngcclicraftet(SoB£io?uiiiance, in 
tit Wt eflatc of SQattfnioHie f CClilt tljoii ebrp t)tin, 
ano ferue Ijim, loue, {)o«o!ir,ant) kccjsc Urn in ficfmrtTe 
aRQ in bea!tib,anD fe;fakiirg all ott)er, beeye t^ee onelH 
&nto {)im,(b Isng a pan botd {l^all Itne f 
The woman ihall anfwere. 

31 ton. 

Then (hall the Minifter fay. 
KI^o giaetl& tIjiiS tooman to be martten to tW mmf 
^And the Minifter reeeiuingtbe woman at her father 
or friends hand<:,fhall caufe the man to take the wo- 
man by the right hand, and fo either to giue their 
troth to theother,ihe man fir(t faying. 

3 iI2. take tfice Hi. to in? tocBDcD toifc, to tjanc ana to 

l)o{De,ft8mt^it; nap fo?bja«),ffl? bettet,foj teojffjfoi tU 

cbcr,fo^ poojer, tnfickncire ana tw f;ealtl), to (otir, ann 

to cl)ctt(^,tin neatO bs Bepatt,aCiO?Qing to ®oD^ {jol? 

ojBtnancf : anBtljcrcto J Vltgf)ttf)ccmpttoti&. 

^ Then (hall they loofe their hands , and the woman 

taking againe the man by the i ight hand, (hal fay. 

31 115 tafee t^cc mp bjcaneti T)nninnti,t8 bane ann 

to l]olne,ftom tinis napfajiuarD, fo? too?(j?,fc? 

itcfict,fo?poo!cr,in (tcftncCTe anti tn Ijealtl), to Ionr,cI)E« 

ttfi),f toobep,tinBeatIjb0ticpart, accoiDtng to (SoBjt 

fiolp o^Btnancc s anB tbcreto j gine tficc mp trotft. 

5 Then fhil they againe loofe their hands,and the man 

(hall giue vntf> the woman a Ring, laying thef-ime 

vpon the booke , with the accuftomf d duetie -o the 

Minifter anil Gierke. And the MiniHer taking the 

Ring, (hall deliueritvntothcmantovut it vpon the 

fourth finder ofthewomans left hand. Andthcmjn 

taught bv the Minifter,(hanray. 

Cattf) tljtg Eing 3! tbce tocBCc , tott'& mp 6oBp 31 
tTiec tocijITiip , anu tott'i all mpboo^lnlp gooBs 3 tfiee 
tnnotu 1 3!ti tbe name of tTje jf at^er,anB of tl;t ^onne, 
am of t&c Ijolp ®boR. amen 
^Tlien the man leauinj> theRingvpo the fourth fin- 
ger of the womans left hand,the Minifter (hal fay. 

O^f email ©oB, .irrato! anB p?erctuft ef all man* 
feinoe, giutc ofalirpitititallgcacr, tl)eaut][)o;of 

ciietlafilng life, TetiD tl)? McCffitg bpontSefct^ret' 
uantjS , tljts man anti ti^is tooinan, tuoom bie bleife in 
t^pBanie, tijat as Jia^ac ano Ecbccca litieo fattlj« 
kf epe tijc boto $ coueiiont bettotjct tbtni rraoc (tobere- 
pf tl)i9 jRtng gtnen ann teceiiun t0 a teken anc pleBgc) 
ano map euer remapne in perfect (ouc anB peace toge» 
tI)et>ano line aciozDing to i\)2 Hatuc?, tbjougd jleiutt | 

Cb^itt f nr I,o?B. 9mcn. . \ 

^ Then (hall the Minifter ioy ne tkeir right hands to- 
getlier,and fay. 

tJtbole <2JoD J)at\) topnen together, Ut jto man 
))ut adinotc. 

^ Then (liall the Minifter fpeake vnto the peopJe. 

jFejaGnucb as JS. anB JS. bane coHfenttB togttbec 
mticlpiufClecke, anobaue toitneffeotlje fame before 
(§oD aiiB tb(0ccmpanp, anBtberetoliaue ginrnann 
plengen t^eic trotb cither to otljet , ane bane BccIareB 
tbe (amc bp gitiing anB recetiiing of a Hing , ann bg 
iopflingofbann0, 3 pjoneuHcc tbat tljep be man ana 
toifctogetber. Jn tbc f3ame of tljc JFatber.ann oftjje 
%«ime,anBoftbeljo{p®{jofi. Smen. 

G€ And the Minifter (hall addethisblelfing, 
®B ttefatbct, Oontlje^ornc, ©ontbeliol? 
®bon,bIr(fe,p?flmie, annkeepepeii, tbeILo?n 
merrifuHp UJttb IM fattour loeke bpon pbii , ann i'o bJl 
)!0!itottI)nnrpfcttuanbeneBtctlon ann grace, tbatpou 
map To Ittte togctber ta ibis life, tbatin t()et)]o^lQto 
come pc map \)me life eiierJr.5ing. amen. 
^ Then the Minifter orClerkes going to thcLords Ta- 
bic, (hall fay f>r (ing this Pfiilme following. 
Bentiomnes. Pfal.Cxxviij. 

BUf QeB are aiirOep t^atfeare tbe jLo;d : ann toal&c 

jFo? tboti J^alt eaf f tlje labour eftfjp l&annu : © toeU 
i? tbee,ann bapppQjalt tboube. 

tEbp Unfc (ball bee a£i tiit ftuitfull bine: l^en t^e 

t!rb? cbilD;en like tHe ©Itue li;ancr;e0 : tounn about 
t^P table. 

Sloe, tW Iljall tlge man be MeHen : t^at featetb tige 

®bciLo!ne from out of %{on l^all fobleffctbcc: 
tl^at tljou £^att fee i^tetufalem m p;ofperttte all tbp life 

^ea, tbatt&ou(^alt(eetT;pcOt{o;eni3 d^iin^cn: anB 

peace bp(.»33fracl 
©lo?pbe to tbe jFat5er,anB fo tfjc «. 
as!itto«!3intbcbcgtnntng,ipnoto,?c. ' ^ 

OrthisPfalme. n 'f 

G®nbemmifnnsntoV0, annblctTcb^s annlTjetD Deujmifere- 
bs tbc ItgSt of Ijtsi countenance, ana be merciRiH aturJ>faL«7, 
bnto bs(. 

Cbat tbp toap map bee knofocn bpon tattS ; tbp. f«* 
King beaftb among an nntion?. 

mn tbe pt-ople p^aplc tbee, Q ©on : pra, let all tTjc 

SD let tbe nations rciovcc ann Be glan : fo» tboii l]&alt 
iunccctlgefoike rigUeonQp, anBgoucmc tljenattonH 
bpoii tbe eai tb- 

Let tbe pcopIep?ap(e t^ee, ® ©on : let all tbepeo- 

tffbcn fljall tbe eartb bjt'ng foo?tb berencteafet 
ann ©on , eucn out cbme ©on (^all gitte bsi W I)le(« 

©on ajatllilctfebjf : ann all tl5e ennsi of tbctoojiB 
©Io?te be to tbe JFatbcr, ann to tbe S^onne i anB ta 

as it ions in tbebeccinning,t5( notB,8nD euct l|[ialbei 
l^ojlo toiidout enn. Smen. 

f The 

Of Matnmomcr •• "'•''" * ^ '^'"-vn-ni,- — 

^ The Pialme ended , andthercan andchewomaa 
^aceling afore the Lords Table, che Miniiter ftan - 
ding at the Table , and luiiiing his face cowaid 
theni,fh all fay. 

3Lo;d (lauemercp bpoit b0. 


JLa;D fjane mercp u,nen to?. 
£)ut Jfatljer lui&lci; art in ^eauen,?c. 
2im Unas \)fi not ttuo tinij)tdtion,$c 
15Ht Oeliiuc 1:0 from ctitli amen. 


© E,o?B fatie tl)g Cetttant,anB t^p ^anomaiD, 


CQ^tcf) pntt^ctr truli in t^ce. 

S) Jlojii Cenu tl)em tjeipe from tl)^ (ol^ piace« 


SnD euetmo;ctiefcn?i t()em. 


^etimo tl)tm a toiajc of ficcngtj. 


jFrom tie faceoftttir enemic 


Sno let ottc ctic come bnto t^te. 

OOoD of a!)?a|iam,(Syoti of 3ira'&ac,©oB of Slacob, 
fclePTe tfjeft tljp fctiiant?, ano feffi t'«c fccD of etet» 
Ball life in thcttminBcs , tf)at tobatfocitcr in tbp Ijele 
tod?D tl)ev f^all p;rfitalilp learnc, tljep map in ceeo fuU 
SII tDe fame. ILaobc, © LoiS, Hiercifullp ii)Jon tf)rm 
from bfatttn,anDbIcHc tijcm. 3.nD as; t^oH DiDDetl ftuo 
tl)? bleCTmg bpon afe?al)am, ann ^ara, to ifjeit great 
comfo?t ; ^0 Uoutbfafc to fcna t!)p bleffing I'pun tljcfe 
tijp fetiiaHtg, tTjat tljep obepiRg tljp toill, anD aliuapcis 
beina: in fafetiebnort tljf protection, map abinr in tb? 
lout tjmotJ&eitUuc^ence, tOzougl; 31efi*s CU^ft out 

^ This prayer next following (halbe omitted, where 
tke woman is paft chiidbircli. 

O^erctftin JLojC, ano fjcaucn!)? jFat^ier, bp tJjTjore 
gtariouti gift manliiiiB is increatifD t taee befcccfi 
rtee affiQ toitf) tljpblclTing tbefc tujo per.'ong,t6at t&cp 
mag botlb be fruitfiill m pjcictcation of rMio?en,anD al» 
ft line together fo long in gotilp life anD ijoneitte, tljat 
tftfp map Gee tbetr cljilc^enc cDilojen, fanto t6etl«tD 
ano r»:rt6 gcut-ration , \mto tljp piapfc ano i^onour, 
lo?o'Jg?) 3!efn:S (fb^tS out iLo?o,anicn. 

OOeli , tuljicl) bp x'bv miglitp pohjcr IjaG mare all 
tljing!? ef noiigin , teiritc^ alfo (after ot^ct il)ing« 
ftt in o?scr) pinneS appoint tftat ont of man (rteateo 
after tfeinc otone image ano fitnilituce) iuoman l^eiilD 
tf ac^ , tljat it (IpulD nrucr bee latofull to put afunDjr 
t^off ,fa)'bom tlioii bp £B9atrtmoHte Ijaft mane one. 

® (SoB, to^icb bail fonfcrratcB tlje Bate <»f i^attt- 
monie to ftirb an crccUfnt mpScrie , tljat in it i$ fignt 


BHD grant t|i«m to inlftetite tljp wetTaStng KngBottu 
t();ottgl) ilefiie (£tj;iS our LoiD. flmen. 

Then fhall the Minifter fay. \^ 

AJLmigbtp <Soo,tol;icb .it tbe btrgtnning CiD create 
ottcSrft parents asam ano (£iie, ano BiD fanctt&e 
ano iopne tljem togetljcr in mariiage, patojebpon pen 
tlje nci>e0 of big gtaccfancttfic ano blelTe pou, tljat pe 
map plcafe l^im botlj in b jop ano loule , ano liwe tese» 
tbet »i bolp lo;;e unto pour liitc0 cnn. Jlmew, 
^ Then be^.iathe Communion. And after the Go- 
(pel Iha'befaid a Sermon, wherein ordinarily (lb oft 
a$ there is any raariage) the office of man and wife 
fliail be dcclarod, according to holy Scripture. Or if 
there be no Sernion,'he Minifter Qiall leade this thac 

A ill pciobtc^bemarrtcD, o^bBbtcBtntcnDtotake 
tbe Ijol? Rate of i59atrlm jnie lipon voit,ljeart tolat 
Ijelp Scripture Botb fap aetoucljiHg tlje mietieof tjni* 
banD0 totoatB tOeit toiiieiJ , anD ))imfi totoam tljeic 

^. }3aul in big CpiBlefo tbc CpbcRan^ tljcffftlj 
Cf)aptcr, DOftbgtuctbi0commanDementtoailmat> &«. 
neD men. i^te buftiauBU, lone pour toiuc3 , ciicu a^ 
dij^ifi loneB tbc Cbutcb , ano batb giuen bimi'clfe foj 
it, to fanttiSe it, purging it in tbe fountaine of luatcr, 
tb?oug(j tbe lioo?B, tbat be migbt make it bnto bimlelfe- 
a glo?iou6 c8ngrcga!ion,not baiiingfpot o? tojinfele , oj 
anp Uicb tbmg , but tljat it Oboulo bee l;o!p ano blame* 
le(&. ^ominartboiina tolouetifcirotone toitiegaiJ 
tbcir oUiue beDtcs i^t t^at loiictlj W olup.e toife , le« 
nctib bfinilfe : jFoineutt BiB anp man bate bt^otDne 
fiedj, but noiirif^etl) ana cberiSietb it ,ciien as( tbc Lo?o. 
Doctb tlic Congtf gation,fo^ toe are me mlicru of biis bo» 
Dp,o: bis fttib-anD of bis boncp. jFor tbis raufe I^al! s 
man leant fatber ans motber, anc (Im'ibe topneo bnto 
bis toife.anD tbcp ttoo fb^lbe ene flcfl). tSbiiS mp(f ere 
is great, but 31 fpeakc of Clj?iQ,atiD of tbeCongrc ga» 
tion. jaeuertljeleffe , let cuetp one of pau fo lone iiff 
otone toife,cuen as btmfelfe, 

JLihetoiietbefamc^.paultojitingtotbeColoffi' ^o' h^9o 
ans,rpcakctb tbns to all men tbat be marieo 1 2Je men, 
louepotit toi!ic0,anB be not bittfrbtKo tbem. 

Create alio tobat^. peter tbeapofile of CbjiB, ^.Pet.j.j. 
tobicb teas IjimCcIfc a matieD man , laitb bnto all men 
tbat ace matieti i ^ebafbanDU.tiBelltoitljpourtoiueiJ 
acco.'BtngtobnfltolcDg?, g uingbotiourbuto tbc toife, 
as bnto tbe tneakerbfflet, anD as beirrs tegerberef iljt 
grace of tbat pour p^apers be not binDjcfi. 

l^tberto pe bane beatD tbe Duetie of tbe bufbani to« 
toatD tbe toife. Jl5oto lifectoife pee toiues , l;care ana 
leame pour DuetiestotoarBponrbufbanDjS, eiien ai3 
it is plainelp fet fojtb in bolp ©rrtptiire 

^. Paul (in tbe fo?enameB (JpiBfe to tbc <Jl=pbeS» Epfiefj. sjk 
ans) teacbetb pou tbus ; Sf bsomcn.rii'imit pour fclties to verfe 2 5,. 
bnto pout otone bufbanrs, as bnto tbe Eojd. jF o; tbe 
of tbc (il)urc6,anDbe iS alfotbefeaut'out of tlje tofiole 

tibetefojc sfitbeCburcb 02 Congregation tsfiit>« 
left bnto CEbjilT: folikctoire Icttbe toitm^alfobcein 

, , . _ p... ftibifcttonbnto tbeir otone bviftanns in adtbinrts ann 

fieB ana rcpjc'enteti tbc fpiritualt marriage anBbnitlc againebefattb- ILct tbe toife ratcrenccbrrbiifbana. ^ , » 
liettotttCb?t8anDbis€butcb:lool{emcrcifu!l?bpon anii(inbf6€piffletotbcCo'efftan0)© p-ulgtuetft ^* 
tbefe tbp fcruantjf , t^at tetb tbiSman map loite biiS pon thh Ibait Mfon: ^ctoiucs/'ibmit pour febics bnto. 

pouv ctone bufbai cs,as it is cctincnifiu in tlic E02D. 
^. Piter alfo ooctb ii-Oructpou uprpgnOlMbuii 
faping, !Lcttoiiie!3beatbi?cttotbcir''toiTCbi(fbanD)S, ,^-p^ j.,. 
rotbatt'fanpoIcvnnttljctJIojD, tfeepmapbeetoonnc toveife?, 
toitboiit tbe cao2B ,bp tbe comrfrfationef tbe tojues, 
tobil: tbepbfTiGlne pour cbalic conu«rf.ition coiipJen 
bJitb fcftte. caijoOe appa«2 let tt oot be (!«ttearo,i>i(t^ 


toife , accoiBing to tbp SUo^a , aS Cb;in Die Icue bis 
fpourp tbe Cburtb tob? ganebimfilft foj it,Iouing aiiB 
cbcriibing ft cum as bis otone fieft) : ans alfo tbat tbiiJ 
toomanmapfjclouirg ana amiable to bcrbufbann n^ 
Sacbcl, toife as Ucbf era, faitljfull 3t ebeticnt as ^3-- 
ta,aiin in all quietnes,feb?ierif ana pcarcbc a foHctopr 
»f {)elg ano go^Ip matron^. ® JLo^D blefCe t^em batf), 


The vifitatlon ofthc ITcka^ 

6?atti«t^!iai'r«, anntrhttttifiigBBetttfoirt grin, tttTier 
in piittitig on sf gojgrouc apparel ; Init let tbe tin man 
ijjljic'o i>5 in ttie Ijeart.lie toitljout all co?riiptt(in,l"o tl;at 
tl)C Iptritbe milDc ano qtiiet,tuf)ic& tg a piiaetiiS tljing 
in tfee ftg^t of (Sod. jFo; after tfecem^nfr (in tl)e oloe 
ttmO BtD ti^e {]olg booincn tD&tc() uiiQeD in ^oD, appa> 

tril tfjcmftlijf0, bcirg fuDiertto ttrlr otrttt I)!tft(mc^ 
as^ip.rapbq'to 3bja6nin, calling feim iLc;D , to oti 
{)aug()tcr!c( pe are inaoc, Boing tocil, eiiB not liting ti(& 
ir aire toitliaupff ate. 

^ The new tDaried per fons (the fame day of their aia- 
tiage) nmft tectiue the holy Comaiunion, 

^ The order for the vijitation oftheJicJ^. 

^heMinifter entiing thefickperfonshcufe,nial fay, 
peace be to t|)t0 OouCc.anc to a{{ tfjar Btodl in ft. 

^ VVheii he coisimeth into the ficke mans pi efence,he 
ft-iallfjy,kneeling dowac. 

(f member net Eojii oar iniquities, «o? 
i tbeiniqHitiejtofoiirfo^efetfjciis. ^pare 
bs gooD JLojD, Ipare tbp pet pic . iuljom 
J tfjoii tfiti rtCccmcD tot^ t6p moB ^7eci» 
^ ettsblocD , ano bee noiangtjsiit^ b? 
foj ettf t. 
JLejD 5 aiic m( rc); upon biS. 
Cb?ilt baue mctcg b^on us. 
©ut JFatl)er toljxij art in ()ea((8n,?c, 
aiio lease b? not into temptation, 
TSut OEltuttb^ from eHtlI.ameJ% 

© llo?ii faue tl;p fcittsnt. 

CSSljicl^ puttetl^ bis tniS tn tfiee. 

^cnD Tjim lieipe from tcp^olp |ilace« 

Anfweie. .^ 

aB3 etiern oje ntig';tti)) Dcfeno %m, 

3ict t^eencmtc tatte ncne aouantage of Jim. 


jaoj tljf ioicfecn avpicrb to 6urt(;i«. 


TDcbntu ISim,® JLe;c,a Srcrg toto^e* 

JFtom tbc faceofbis estmic, 


ans let out crie come bnt'tbee. 


/^\ JLo^n loolietiotonc frem T;eaucn, !icT;cISc,biCt ana 
V v'rclteiie t\M tbp lirnant-Loohc upon bim toitb tbc 
c?c5oftbi;mErep,giite Ijim ct>mfo?tariD 'tirecoKSoencc 
in tljefjWfenD bm from tbf Banger cftiecncinifjciia 
Ifcpe btm in pcrpftuali peace anniafctiejtbjouijb 31e« 
iwp CijtiS eiir {i.ojg.amen. 

H<$ar2 u? abnigljtie anu nsaQ inttcifnll ©on ana 
Sjiauioiit, ertent) tbp afCiiftcmcD goaPiiefic to tfii^ 
tbp femaRt,b3l)ifb iifsricttcc bjttf) Qcbncfl^t yiftt bim, 
SD £.0JD , as t()oiit!iBDpnS)iSrt petttgiBiurSniotber, 
ano tl)c rnpraine? Ceruant. ^o biGte aim tefioie ftnto 
tbis (icbe pitxn \m tojmet btaUb cif it be tfcp issill) c? 
cire giuc lim frrare To to tafee tbp btdtaticw . tbat after 
tTjie pMicftili life encea , b«emaf DUicU bsitb tl&eein 

^ Then (Tiahhe Minifter exhort the ficke perfon after 
this formCjOr other hke. • ; 

Digardybiioiitu, knototbiS, tbata?migbtp<Sati 
i0 tb: 2,o?D of life $ ce atb , anc oiirr all tbings te 
t^cnt t£i;tftiRi«ja;,ap go w^i^tf n£;tb,!jealt]b,ac;e,tocake» 

iielTc ann CcftnciS. CKbetefo^e.tDbatfoeiier pour Cclittetf 
i?,bno\ii fon ccttairdptbe; it t0 ©oDPSilitattoti. ana 
fo? Ubatcaufefoeuer tbt'S GcknelTe tpfcjit witepow, 
totetbtr it be to ttp vourfattincefo? ttc rjramiiie of 
ctbtt , ant. tbat pout faitli map be friino in tiie Dap of 
tbeJLo2D,laiiDabJe, glorious, anii bonwtrabic, tstbe 
incrcafeof gfo??anD ciiDlcirefjluitie, o^elft it fcefcnt 
I'nto pou to correct anti amtrti in poii tobatror uec cct& 
oSino tbe f icu of pout b«aucnlp jFatI)er;jftnoit3 ^u cer* 
taine(p,tbatifpoutruelp repent pcu of pout r:r;nesi,atiB 
beare pout ficbndfc pat cntip , ttafiing in ©oDC met* 
cie,for!;i«i ccatt ^otine "S^t^v,^ (D)i\^i fake, ant) rc«» 
Dtr imte bim biw^blc ttanhce fo? ijig l^atijEtlp ijiEtati* 
on.ftibn'itting pour feife Uibollp to bi5 tojil,it fijai turnt 
to pout p?oftte,anD bf'^t poufi^toata intbe tin (jttoag 

^ If the fjerfon vifited be very ficke , then the Curate 
may end his exhorcation in this place, 

<!rafee tb?refo!e in geon toojtb tbe cbaGEiCemcHt of 
tbe Lo^D. Jfo? UJborn tbe Jlo?6 iouet&, \itt cbafttfetb: 
?ca, nfi^aitit Paulfaitb, fceefcoutgetbeuerpfonnc 
Jobicb be rtctiuctb. Jf pee tncure cljaRifeimnt , bee 
sffctttb bimfelfeunto po«, a? bnto bii^ otone djclDjen, 
catat ffliittf iis bt tfcat tbe tfltbcttbaRi&tb not i 3lfpe 
bee nst Snccr collection (tDbitfof ail true cb^Iojen are 
pattabcrs) tben arc rce taflavi-s eJto not ciilD^en. 
^bctcf£i;f,ffeingtf;at tot'fn ctii catrall fatt^r^co co?» 
tect H , toe vttt^ei'tlp ebrp tf em ; (ball tote net noSl 
mucbratbcrliecbnicnt teoKtfpitititallJFutf^er, ann 
I'eliuc r an!)ti;ep fo? a fcto Bapr^cce rbafiilr w, aftet 
tbeiroixneplfalurc: 15ut be Ecctbcbafii e bgfeirtit 
p?c.&tc, to tbe intent be map make b6p;nttifecrp of bi0 
tolinrffc. f befc toe ;irg(g(ioc biotOcOnrc (55?t g too;?.;?, 
jotB toHitcn in bolp Scripture fr? our comfoat anB in« 
Rructton , tbat toe (bosilB vafirntlr anti "oiiit tbat^cf* 
giiting, beare our bea;!Ci'.!p f atf:er^ cr.?mt!<in, tobcn* 
fcetifr bp anp mapct of aButrOtte it Rjan plcafe btS 
gracious goocnelTe io bifitf tif. anD there fl) tilDbe 
so greater romfajtto c£!i; V'«rli*«i«f. tiirn to be 
in?Dc lite 1)nto CIuiG , bp fuffetirg patirrt Ip acucr& 
tf eb-,troiible!S,an? ficlimffeis, jFo? U Uioifclfr toent not 
ii].! to iop, but fitit be ftiffcrec p«inc, fe entreB net ititii 
big 5i92i», before be to?fi iriicifif B j ^o ijur [p our toa? 
to etc rnall lift ijt, to fufftr bterr toiib Cnft , atiB out 
torn to enter into ctenial! lifeig, glaflptoBietoitfi 
CbJiS,tft3t toe map rife egaRefrcm Beetb. anB Bhcl! 
U.itb bim in cue'Tafiing life. li3oto tbercfoje tti.kfng 
rottrficKnefl'ctobicb i?tbtis(p?c8tahicfo?pou patient* 
ip, J ctboit pou in tbe JiBame of troB,to rrmrmlier tSj8 
piofelfion toliirb po'i mnot Sntn (SoB in rour bapt irmt, 
2na fotafmurb aei after tbis life tbere ifi a rcimt tobee 
giitenbrtotbfrigbteeu03[ucgr, oftobomnllmnnbce 
ittf geB toitboiit re'prct of perfniitt : 31 reqtUre vm tt 
Cjcairinepoutfrlfe, ann pntir ff ate , bntb fotoarB (£>oa 
anr man , fo tbat actufiiig anc eonremning pet>r fclfc 
fo: pour otone faults, von map fince merrie at out 
br auerlP jFatbtr? bant fo2 €b2i(iea fafee . artB rot bee 
arfuieB ann conrrmntD in tbst foHrefuK iuBgmient.- 
ebe'"«f«3« 31 ^all ^n^k wJjtatre i\% article? of oiit 

The vi/itation of the /icke. 

f ricrc the Minifttr (hall rchearfc the Atticlrs of the tljcr0 tuembc,mpp^a(fe fjjallbe alioap of t^ce. 

faith,rayingthus. ^^ , ^ , ., ■ , ^ 3 <iui (ifcume asutocteamoHanunrom'angjBue 

^oefi thou beleeue iH God tbe Father *AlmtghtK f IJip lure truft i0 in tl)er. 

(And fo forch as it is in Baptifme.) _ kt mp inouti) lie ftTIcil toit^ t|p D'apfcj ( tfiatjl 

f Thenfhall the Minilkr tx mine whether hee be in map fiilg of tOp gfoitp) .iBD Ooncur all ti)e Dap lottff. 

charity w all the world , exhortjng him to forgiue from CaGE me npt nloap in tfje time of agej fojfake XM Jtat 

ihebottomeof hisheartallperfonsthathaueotfendtd toyeninpfftengtljfailctbitie. 

hi™, & ifhehwe offended other.toaske them forgiuc JFo^mticctiEimcg^eakcagainame, anu tl^cp tl5at 

then make hb will, and alfo declare his debts, what he <Soe not fattefiom me 
owech,and what is owing vnto him , fvirdilchargingof tO bilpcme. 

(SoO: RiH^^oDbaSetlgee 

iLett^fnibe canrmmceBanapctiflEt.tbat ateaffaftifll 
mp foule; fet U)cffl be coturen JjJitlj ^amt anD DiD&o» 
tJoiir,tl)ar ieffee to Doe me eutil. 

aafojmc, StoiripattcmlpabiDcatoag: anDtoiH 
pjapfc thee mn?e ano mo^e. 

05p m.'ut^ OirtHoap'p fpeafee of ttjp tijljtcwirnelft 

hi« confciencc.andquiecnesofhistxtcurou^s.Bucmen 
niuft be oft admonilhed that they fet an order tor their 
temporail goods and lands, when they be in health. 

Thefe wordcs before rehcarlcd , maybe fayd before 
tbe Vliniftcr begin his prayer,as he (liall fee caufe. 

TheMiniUcrmaynotlotget, noromittomoue the 

fickepetron (and thatmorteainctUy)tolberalitieco* WD Taluatien : fo? 31 fenotu no enD tIjfVf of, 

ward the poore. S tomgpefoo;jttMntb?fireiigtftof tfjelLojD ©oDt 

_ Here IhjllthclickcperfonmaKearpetialconrcnion BH'^ ituntr'ske mention jftljprtgbteiiCi.eQconcIp. 

ifhee feele his confcicnce troubled with any weightic ^Ijo ',© >g)OD, baft taticcljt meftomp p u f) W tJtt* 

matter Artcr which confeffion, the Muiilter (hail -b- tilltloUj : tfjcrefajc Ivtl! 3| telloft&p tuoHCetous tDojfefl, 

folue him after this fott. jFo^fafec me not, ® ©j'', in mine olDe age, tobc'n 31* 

O^Ir !Lo^!a SlefusCfju'l!, bj&o fiatlileft potuerto amgrapfjeaciQ: unitij 31 baucfij^iDeo tbi» RrengtS 

\)i$ ClmrcS ti abfoUtc kII Gnne s mine-; rtiie ip re. bnta tbis gencwtion , aHD tljppotuet to ail tbciii tbat 

p^nt » bckciie fn bim, of isiiS ^tcut men p fojgtue t!)f e are pit fo} to rome. 

tljinc eg. mcs, ana bp bis antljejitie commitccc to me, tTbP rigf;teo;ifhcflc,® (5oD ip l»n-pT:igb : m:D great 

31 abfalae tbec from all tbpGiinc>j,t!it(icJamieot tbe tbtngBaterbrptliattboubaflDone, €) iSoli.bljoi^ 

JF.:t!icr,anaofti)c%onne.anooftbebo!p©t)oH.amfn. lifceuntotbcer" 

Aad then tiie Minifter (hal fay th;s Coiled loluwiug. 

^ € 'Let 1)31)251'. 

OC559S merdfiifl 3oc ,\b ;tc:i accoiDini; to tfjemiiN 
tituDe of tb ' iiit-rrfe6,r;oe{i fo put au-ap tbe Cnnea 
oftfjofeuj'jicbtrcilp repent, ibattbo:irememb?cQEtbcm 

© tnliat g eat troubfess ano aoierlt fes l&aS tboji 
JI)eto.D me. ann pet tiancf? tbod tiitne ano cefteK) me J 
Pf3, anobjoi.gbtcametromtbeDecpEof tbceariOa* 

®boubaRb,jmiffbtmes to great honour : ana rem* 

tjo mjjr,npcn tbine tvc of mercp Upon tfjtjs! ti\'? "eruant, fo,2teD me on ciirrp 't? 

tobo moGE eatneSh feitretb parson a,D f«gtHcnc1te. iS:b?refo« Ujtd JI p.-aiie tbre wn tbp faitbfuItifiS {® 

Scnea) i\\ him (moH (ouing ifatber) Islj -.t.'ecuer bati) ® (i'^)D(aping; upon an inlirumenr of muRdse: linto tbec 

bene Beca^'en bp tbe fradDe ana malice of tb^ Dcaill, oj tuid j giig tipoTj tbe Oarpe © tboii bolp one oijlraef. 

bp bt0 ohjiie crcnafl luill ano frailencffe t pzefcnc ano £Qv lips lu I( be fiiine lobfii j) Gng onto tbte: anD fo 

C8ntinuet!)i0(iclu' member in tbe Ijnitp of tbrCburcb, fcailmpfa.ilj tobom tfiotibaRPrbucrcB 

conQoet bi« cninritton, accept bis tentciS, aflinagre bis ©p tonync alfo (Iiab tafke of tbp rfgbtf«tifneKf aH; 

paiae , as ^al! be feme to tdee moS ctprDient foj \)m. tbe cap long ; fo? tbrp are c mfoiiuBeo anc b?oiigIjt b»». 

anD fojalmiich as be -jtittetb biiS full triift ont(p in tbp toftame tbat '>'ttht to Doe me cicll. 

mercp, tniprite not tiniso bim bia tojmec flnncs.tnitta^e <3lope be to tbe JFatbcr, ano te tbe f ft 

bi II tjitro tbp fauPiir, tb.'otigfitbcmftttfeeftbgmofi 30 tilB«0intbebciTinnit!rt,tsinoto.#c.. 

BcatelpbeloneB^onMeJlehsCbziff. Smen. AJding'thiy. 

Then fhill the Minifter fay thisPl;ilme. ^^^ailtotjr offb?too:[D.f.Ulfbd,lBTricbti9fbprro(!c 

I fi tbee, ® Coin, 3! pttt mp tniH, let me netier v y nno pjr rrotig blooB ball reDeemtB 1)0, bciip« Us tot 
ibcputtocanfulTcn: butri: me. ettcliijcr me intbp beGeecbt(;c\® (Sob. 
tigbtcotilnes.cudtnetbineeareuntome.anDfiiiirme. ^ Then (hail the Minifter fnv. 

'BetboiimpflrongbolDe, tobrreunto 3! map altoap "Trl^eaJmigbtpILe^D, lobtrb t«am.ff f!rott«Ttoto:e 
reGjjtt tbodbaSpzi'mtfcD tibcfpenie,fo?tl)ouartmg I toaKtbrmtbatptirtbeittniStnbiintotobomaH 
^w'f of Defencc,anD mp taRle. tbings in bcaticn , in earth , ano hntict tbe rartb Doe 

2>fliuet mee, {D mp ®> ■'D, out of tbe banti of tbe bn= bote ana obep, be iiotu an; etiermcise t6p arfenr e , ana 
goolp: out of tbe Oannoftbc uarigbteou0anD cruell make tbee knoin ano feek, tb<it tbere tanone otbct 
wan. na:TielinBcrbf alien g-iuen to man, iittobom, 9 t'-itKis^t 

jFoj tfioii, ® jL«2ti ®«D , art tbe tbfng tOat 31 toi'S lubom tbou mapcil rcc tnc fie altlt dna fa'iiation . but 
M^ : tboa art mp bcpc eueii from mp potttb. oneip tbe Bame of ant £e;D 3lefus Cbjia.2inett, 

<^ The Communion of the fickc. 

Orafmiich as all mortal! men befnbiea^ tomany fudden perilx,di<eafes,andficknefres, antlener 
vncert.jine what time they fh all depart out of this life : therefore to the intent tlicy may be aJ- 
wayes in a readiiiei!e to die whenfoeuer it ih.illpleafe Almighty God to call then*, the Curates • 
(hal diligently from time to time,biit Specially in the plagHetinie,exhort their P.irifhioners tn 
tbi oftreceuiing(in die.Chuich^ord]ehul^ Coiomunion-of the body &i)Ioo(itif our Satii'>ur> 



lohn J. 
verfe 24. 

John 1 1. 2 J, 

lob 15.15, 

lob I. IX. 


At the buriall of the dead. 

ChriR: wHch if they Joe,t5if y fliall h, uf ro c. oft in their (ndcicn vidtrtior to I e vnquit t for hd( of the ratre. 
But ifthc ficke pctfon I c oot at )e to cotrie to tht C htirch,cnrl j 1 1 i: dtf.rots to :c«iuc ttit Con nwi Jcn t. bis 
boufc, thenhe n uft g;u£kBOwle«!geoUirni{,lit, 01 els early in :ht Morrirg,to theCorate, fignifyirgslfohow 
many be appointed tocim unicnte withhim -. Anal auii ga corutnicnt pl?ccinthi(ickc manil cile, where 
the curate may reutrcntiy mir^i(»<r,srd .^ Jjood nun bcr to rect tie the Co ma union with the fickcf crfon, wjdj 
all things neceifary !oi the Lmc,hi ft;all there nnnillcr the holx C-^mn union, 

^ Put if a mm either by reafcn of extrtm'tieof flckc- 
Tt'dc, Of for want of warnipg in due time to the Cu- 
rate, or f()r lacke of company to rectiue with him, 
or by any other iiift in-.pedio'.ent, doc not recciue the 
Sacr mint of Chiifks body ^nd blooH : then the 
OKr«te fhrllinflriidi him, that it hee doe trutly re- 
pent f.imol his finnct, rndfkdfafllybeleeue that 
Jerus( hriil hath (ufltred death vpontficCroffe for 
him, and (lied his blood orhisredemytionjeameft- 
ly rcmtm' ring the bcnefiteshe hith thereby, and 
giuinghimheaitie thankcs therefore, hedottheatc 
anddiinke tie Ixid^ & blood of ourSauiourChrift 
profitably to hi< foulcs health.althoiij^h be doe not 
receiue the Sncramcnt with n outh. 

^ Vv he n the ficke petfon is vifited , and recciueth the 
holy Comnrtsnion all a tone time, then the Pried for 
more expedition, fliall cut ofTthe forme of the vifi- 
tation at the Pfalme , ( Jd thee,0 Lord^hatie I put 
my truft) and gi>e Ihaigtit to the Communion. 

^ In the ritfs of Phgut,Svvcar,orfuch other like con- 
ta"iou^ times of (icknt-fTes , ordifwfes, whennone 
of the Parifh or ne'ghbciirs can ! e gottenf^ com- 
mimicare with the ficke in their homes, tot fearc of 
rhc in'eflion , vpon fpcciill requdf of the d.fetfcd, 
the Minilter may alonely corrmunicate with him. 

LttiicIjticft:ct(tiiirg©o!i, tra-;cr cfman. 
\ feintic, tol)!Cl) coefi coatct tloCc Utl om tf oti 
DccaieKe, ann c^afifflt tiittp o>utet)om 
tbciiDosfttertiiic: tocbcffed; tl;te to fiatie 
metcic tiipon tfiiu tftp fmiant , btCtcD totil) tljp t.atir, 
anB tograimttljattetiiaptalif tie rirfciicfff patttrt'p, 
aniimoinrlisl'ol)tIp!;caH)(i{itlicil)retacio! ftoii) 
awt toifn^ocuer^i^ rou'e(5alltiip8rtfrcmfl)ctolip,tt 
map be tDitl)out fpot p^elieiitcli bnto tl)«, tt^eug^ 3It" 


M^ (bmif, tffpife net tlje ceM-fctfoti of f fie JLojlWi 
nntl'ftfaint bfefnifjcuattrcbiitroof^m. JFo? 
iu^om i\]t iLcfU louctl), feim ftf cojicrtetlj : jca, ar.D l;c 
fcoutgctli oxixi fojinJ kifiom Sa ttwiiittfj. 

The Gofpel. 

VCkI?. bfrclp 31 fapJjntj pott,Il^e rtat 'Dfatttfi m? 
ttio?tw , anB bEfentetfi cnljim tliat ttnt n\tt, t)at6 
cuctlaBingltfc, anD ^a!l rot come unto Danmatton, 
|)ut l;e pafff tt) from Bfatl) Unto life, 
ff At the time of the dilhibutioB of the boly?^acra- 
ment, the Prieft fliail F.rif recciue the Communion 
bimfclfe^ and after minifler vnto them that beeap- 
pointcd to communicate with the fic^ce. 

^The order for the buriall of the dead. 

»^Tbe Minifler meeting the corp? at the Chtitth f}ile, 

(hallfay.&rthc Minifterand Cleikesfhall fing, and 

fo er>eciihcr into the Church, or tow. rds the graue. 

fOlmt^c relurrfrtton anr tJfce Uft ( fapet!) Hjc 

'|5i.o?t))lictI)at klcfuttf; in me, pfa,tfeoue,I) 

,';eiB£tcDcaD, pet fljj'lljeliue. Ilnti toljolc 

teuetlttt(it) , aril) lideeuct() in me , (^aUnot 


ISuoto tbat mp rrtc emrt Hur Hj.nmi tTjat J dbafl ti'e 
out of tfjeea tljintljelaftcap, anDfljaniierotimn 
agaftif toitftnipfUniif, aiiDflianfeeOoBin mpfld!): 
pea , ans 21 mp Gelfc n)all beljcU ^im, nottottlj otWr« 
cut tettfit|)rf. lame rpeg. 

WCc bKimfit p.etfcing finot!ietoo?!n, neitlKt 
map tec carp anp tl;ing o«t of tbis tDojIo. titfje 
ILo?D gtuctlj . anD tTje S,o?B taijciS abiap (Juin aa it 
t'lcaOftli tfie lLp?P,fo r ommctft tUr g3 to paflc; •BIitTcB 
letlir J! oitf;clo?a. 

^ When rfiey come to tb* graue , while the corps is 
made ready to be J avd into the earth , the Minifler 
(bail fav,ot the Mini(?er and Clerics fliall (ipg. 

> i« 9n tijat tji lc?nc of a tooiann , {jatfi but a Riojt 
IVl tiait to I(uc,at:t) iss fiifl of mirr m Ipc conimctlj Vp 
ans ie cut colane Iifte a fl»to?e : ftc fljcib ee if \rcre a 
l^atioto, ana neuer ccntinuf tl) in r ne fisp. Jn ilje mit!» 
BcS of fife, toe be in Bcatb: of toiioin map ire fcefe fp? 
ruccotir,^n!t of tfiec,® 1 o^B,tPtirl) to? orir fiiinr g -unip 
ar: Birjj'esliDt f IJirt © JLojf, ©oB mt.H hof^ , CD Jl'-?B 
rroS m;ghtp,© 1 elp f mofl mrrcifull <&atitonr,tf liucc 
bf not i'ltc t^e bitter paines of ctrrnall Beatf). tjr()ott 
totorft JLq?B tfic fcn:«iE of out i)cart6,fttit »'ot lip tip 
irttrift'.H tfii to owt piarrrc: TSiit fpatc lip JLo^B nirft 
iolp,® <3ot! me mf ftfitp,® bcfp ano merdruf ^.tui. 
out, tljoti mpft tro?t!: p 3I«itgc tttrsalf, fii&ii bp r.ot at 
ou( lad \,9\w fo; anp pain($t of Deati) to faUfiPnt tljcc. 


^ Then while the earth (h albe call vpon the body,bjr 
foii.e i\anding by, the Minifler fhaii fay. 

FSDjafniuci) a? it fiat!) plealEC aimtgl)tp (Pot of 6f|J 
great nierrp , to take ui to Jfeinifritc tfje (uik of euc 
Deere Ivottier fecte tij'aneB , ttc t^ereft.?? roirmit IjfiJ 
botp to tijc gtDimD, eatif) to eartlj, aRjee fo aftjes, ctift 
tjDuR. in fine ant certaitie bnpc of rcfin-rciffcnte 
cten all U^;cng6 cur S,t?c 3lt ii'6 GC^jifi, to! fl;aH 
cfjange rut hilt i oop , tIjat it map be il^f to his g|c?t» 
oiiebocp, acco?Bingt»tf)rnifgbtpteo?ltfrg, luletel^j 
^e is able to fuiBiic all t^ingo to \ims' rife. 
Then ftallbefaidor fiii'g. 

Il^eatB a Dopcc from fieatKn.faping, imtr me tnETrftc, PeueL 
JFrom{)enfifoo;tI)b'(ffrli are tbe OeeClufildjBif in 
tl^e £o;b Cuen fo faic^ tlje fpfcit, tlat ti>cp teU ttoni 
t|eic labcuris. 

^Then (Tial foiow thisleflo raVcn ou? f f the kv chap* 
tcf to the Ccrinrhians,the fiiff Epi/ile. 

Cl^itli i$ ri ni ftom tl;e ceaB , £«B I f rmtte tte f!-0 j.^br, 
fnilfes of tfjcm tijat Qeepe Jo? t p a mar c£me 
Beatb.anc bp a man e amc ilje leQitretttisn of ifte ceaD. 
JFo? a« bp SBem rH tie , turn fi- bp ^(jiifl Cjen iV. 6e 
mane al»ue,but enrrr mail in tiBrlMu o?Bn.S'^r grll 
ie Cli?tff, tfccn tiier t'at are Cb?iff? ct |is ron;mjj;g. 
Cri)en crmmttf) tteriiFt, Witnliet f;ntf) IrfdseieCtJp 
tfeftineBcme te<?cBt|if jFc'ltr, hjjfnUctetO put 
trhJtie all rule, ontiailaiitto^tti fntiptferr. JFejbee 
n»tifttctfri?etiH!:ecl&atirpiit aHfiiBO'.en'irjl brteil'fiS 
fecte tJJelftl^rncmietfntfi)nflrDtf!rrp<r. fr':eat|j, 
fo; l)< I)a:b put BHtljirgp ijiiBrt It? feete. "Bist ^Im 
licfapet^, ailtlj;i:ie srepHfUt let Jjftn, it fpniRniftff 
that fje is r rript tB tof;li to BiB put all t^ttigp Uuret \m» 
CEljen al''lii''getiircfubB(!ettJiitobfm. ttcrfljriltiie 
^utie alui \,ixxMii. U \xS)ini kute ^int f iftit cllttfngit 

AttKcburiall of the dead. 

^ber ^iui,t^at (Son mav&eal in an (2£($i is^at no tlQe? 
iDytc^ areiiaptifeij eitet i^e tieaD,tf ti^e Deao rtCe not at 
an? catjpare tbep tl)cnbaptij:D OHcttftemi^a.tlJJjp 
fia'.iD iDce altuap t&en in jcoyarDie i 13? out tctog cinj 
totiict) 3 fiaue in £I)?ift ittii^ out JLoiB, 3 Dieoaplp. 
frOat il tjaHC feugljt Snit^ brafi? at oEpIjtfus after tye 
wanct ofmen, toijat aiiiantajctO ittne.iftlje Dean life 
not agiini: Jltt xt» eate $ a^ to invoin toe i^ai 
tie. TScnot peBccEiHeD, MifltBo^rif! rojtiipt gooD ma» 
Oatjc im tl;e iinoto'lccge ofiico. 31 1'pta'a tlji? to pout 
ftame.'Sut fomc man toi' fajji^oao aril'- p acacf CQttlj 
tBijat bouse J|antI)CPcomef tjljoiifoole ^ tDl)ir^ t!joa 
CDlueiljtiS not qtiirfecnro iTff pt it oic/ fliia toijat '.biiji-(i 
rtoiirtfconfelije-inotp boDp tOat fljalbe,! at i)arcM;nc, 
tifi of Ijj&eat o; fane otder: but \5oD giaetO it a 1»odp at 
ijHEfpIeaCiiv, to EiittpfteDc Ijis ctone botig, 3nflc(lj 10 
not one mantr of fleS.: but tljc e i^ one mantc of fkB) of 
wen, anct&Et mane t of fl::fl) of bcaffi?, nnctljer of S(lj£0, 
WctioBic? tertefttiaU. TSut t|jc g'ojp of t|)e celcfiial i0 
one.gtt^jegU'ipoftfjetertcRttan iganotljer. CTIjtrcts, 
one matict gIo;!t' ot the Cum, anotljcr gIo?p of t^e moonc, 
annanntljcc glojppftfacRarg. JFo^oncRarrecitferet^ 
fro anotbcc in gir.^p; <g)o is tfeerefutrection of tljecrat. 
at igfotucn in corruption , it rifetlj againe in info?t:ip» 
tie»: it is folBCH inei(!)OHsar,tt rifetl) againe in Ijonoiit: 
it is fctoen intociikmlff.itti&rrrj againe in potoer: it is 
feto.n a natural i o9p,it tifct^ againe n fpitiinatl bof p. 
©fjcre i0 anafttrr.lbiJOr>"nD il;etf is a fpfrifiiall lioop 
as it i0 alio uvltten , ^be litit man ac^iii lung mu:e 
alitiiflij Cpitlc,$t^e laft atjam toap mate a quiifemiiig 
fpttit. ^oto'.eit^ljat is not 6rR Xvthid) is fpirieiiall.bat 
tbat \oiid) <«nati',ral,anDt(Kn tfjnrujiiici; i^ifptntiial. 
<ti)e ficB man i^ of tljc eartfj eattfjie ; ^f;c ;'rcoio man, 
ifi tfje Jlo3D from Ijeatunjieaueiip. 3^3 i0 tlje e lUtljie, , 
fucfj are tfjep tftat be cart(>fc. Snti a» ii" tf;e ijiaurvilp, 
fuel) aretljep tftat ateOeaujuIi'. Sno as toe ;;*ii;c ''ei::? 
tbe image of tbe earthie, 'o (Ijal? toe tcarc tfje in tngc ef 
tlbc i)eauc''S!)i0 3 Tap bjetli!en,tiiat fleflj ? nc biooo 
titprioiitiii;critcin-c?rtip'ion. "BeTjorDs JflKLipjiia 
mpRertciElE djal not till fle c;.te,but iae fi)^ a!i '.i? rrian= 
get) ant) ttiat in a tlje ttoincidiiig of an tre, 
6p t^f lafitrtirnpe f oi the trumpet f^.itl oIotUja'iD tlje 
peap (Ijallrir- incojtiiptiMf,aiiti ^'C fl)allif cftangei;; tojt 
tbiSfoirtipttble mtiiip it on inc»?riiprien . *t!'tg n\cy 
tafitTtiifi put on i;ini:ci'.taltttc. CC- en t!)i:? eercptibfe 
iiBthpat cti inc3?r( priotijiEtbiS mr-t^'l^.nli pnt e;; tin= 
n-iojtalirie, tficn Hi- fje tcotigfjE t»pa(fe.f ijg farrt'ti -; dnt 
ij{ to?'tt:n D^itfi is Cto.nctoet tp ivts\iKtt>v:'£)(?ifi 
aa!v?re is tbpltingf !iel txil;cre is thr lirtfl!i):t?;"bc f?i;;g 
of 0eatbtSfiiine,tt&enreT!grI;5fft'!nr(3tIi! r?.b: but 
tT)anfee bcbiito 'i^oB, to' i:{i batb kiucii 1)6 niaoj.) tfiD« 
wiigri CHt 2.0J3 Sleftts C&zfR.CTbcre'i'jf nipBeatc^ze. 
ifi^fn, tc pc fieof.iS snt ImtiKonrable.aitoapee rici) (n 
t'lie \xi(\f&< of tbf IL o'.i! .fc!aC•r:tlc^ .^g pe ftnoto i)oD3 t^iaf 
jour la' ■••nr is not in li.iint in tbe JLoip . 

^ Tiie LtfTjn ended, che Minifter flsall /ay. 
ILoJT) Ijnue mcrcp bpon bS. 

ChriA iiaiie n-jeicy vpcn vs. 
5,020 b rue mercpbponb^. ; 
, C®iii:jF*itI)er/:c. an^ Iea3« fc? jiot.^c, 


'j3utiif!iufrb)S fism cuif{>anien» 

xMiniiler. _ . . , ,. '■■.-. 

A Emtgl'tt? © ^t), luitb toTioin Cor ii'tVtS? fptn'Mo'f 

/ifbfin t^'-nt aeiiart bnne ui f§c Hoia, nnc tii ta?)om 

- tie ronieftif f()f in tijat b" i (''■t?G,r'.ftet: ibep btvDrliu^ . 

ten Tram the [»tir?rn pf tbt S (!) fee in iop ana fclicitic jj 

Churching of womeni 

tht t« Bc'fiiert^iti a. out I)?otj6ct, out of t^e m{ftrfrtf 
of t^ts Gnfuil tj)e;lg, befeecliing; tbce tbat it map yiea^ 
t6f e of tljp gtairtoua goouneire , ft)o?tlp to accompliflj 
t&e number of tdine elect, anQ to IjaOen ttjp Eingoome, 

t&at toe Witt) ttis out biotbet, anDallotijcr Departea 
intbe ttucfaitljoftbpbolpJBamc, trap ijaiie out pet- 
tcct confiimmation ana blitTt botij in bocp anB foaU,in 
tip ettcnaU anB enerlafitng 6lo^«n, 
Tlie CoUear 

O^^erctfiil ©OB p jFatber of oin: 1Lo?d SfefueCbiiS, 
tobo IS tie reCiirrection % tlje Jtfe, in tobom tobefo. 
eitet beteeHetb,fijaH (iue ,tIjotigb be Cte,5e toboieiur It- 
iicti),ubeleeuttb in bim.Eb.lnot Die ctcrnaI!i',toto alfo 
tangtt Di3 bp biS bi'lp ?.i«lHe ^ aiil) not to be fo,'ie,atf 
men toitijout^ tfeem ribatfl ep inbim: toe meek* 
I? bcfcccb tbe£, © jFat!)er, te rairc bs f; oui tbe Dcatlj of 
fiane bnto tbf life of rigbtE0ufnclVe,tb8t bibtn toe f^n 
Depart tbis life toe map reff in j(;im, ao cut Ijspe is tfcitf 
our bzotbcr Bcetb : 9 tHt at tlje trcncral reittrrecticnitt 
tljclad oar toe map be feunD acaptablei t tbpQgbt, 9- 
rcceitte tbat blcffing te^iicfi tlip tooRielo .cB ^omie fl^af 
tfjen pjonoutice to ali tbat Icue ana featetbet , fapmg, 
€eme ve blrffeo cb'Iozen of mp jFatbcr,teceiue § king. 
Sefus Cfjjtfi cut meDiatout ano reBecmct.amen. 

^ The thankcfgiuing of women, after chil4c<. 
bircbjCQrnxor.K called th«Churching ; 

of wpmen. ' t 

^ The w'omanfhall come inro the Church , and there 

(hall knceledoM ne in fom: conuenient place , nigh 

vnco the piaci vvhere the Table flandetlj , and the 

J'ricfl Handing by her , (}iall fay thctc vvoidcs or fath- 

Jike a- checaielh-dl require. , 

P®w'.mutb as it ^atlj pleafr D sfmt'gbti? ©oB of ^ii* 

A pcPDnnTe ta giue pon fafc Deftat ranee , anDbatfj" 

u;e:cnifQp.jrt in tbe great Danger of cbiloetittb , pee 

lljallrbercfo^e !;cartie tbanb0bnfo ©eB,anB p;ap. 

^ Then fhail the Prieft fay. 

\ I^3iieItf£etbpmineepepbntott)cbil3ifromtol&eiw on 
i rom,-tietb mp belpe. , . . •^'^* * ^ 

(!9p fccrpc commcti; rjicn ftcmtbe 2,o?B j toljtci6l&ati&. 
mate fie-ccn r no eartb. 

trrpe Jl) tbee.totll net (i?f pe. 

TSeboIa^bce tiiat Itcepetl; I&acl : fl&airneitl)£r0um' 
l<x no; tie epe. 

<Zhc ILa;:D iim't'fe f^ tgp l^ecpet J t^e Jlo?B i/S iim ? * -t*-' 
iefcntc l;pon tO? rig!;£ fj -nD,. 

^0 tb.t rTie 4>unne ^allnot btirite tl&cc bp Bap : no?. 
tl5er9ccne,b?nigbt. , 

^bc Ila;D 15 •.!( p^eintr tht from ail euid ; pea,it4* 
earn be tbs( CnH ftce pe ibi' fotile. 

^i}e 3Q,o?ijfl)a!I pztft tar rfip going out,flrB tjp com" 
mii!g in ; from rbis t imr fcKbfo; euermi-/c. 

cPIcjp be tn f be jFatbfr,anD re tbe *> f iinfjjc. 

CbJtft bane mrftp i)pon bs. 
3Lr;D bane me^fp bpon bS. 
©iir jFn:ber tebttb art iti beauen.ffc. 

anB leaBt bS not into terngtittmiiflW. 
; — .. Anfv,*re ,,' 

TSatCeliiicr bs frrt-^t CMil/, a nen, 


2) lLo?B fsiie tU-5 to-man t';? fert'.sttt', 

OSfiUl[) puitctbll'n: trail iai^ef* 

V.hi}.' . ■ 


A Commlnation, 


fltto let ovx ctic come SBtottce. 
■ Prieft. 


Oaimfg^tp ® eu^VD'bi'-l} ijaS cdiUfMB rtfe feoman 
tfjp feruancfcpm tjje gtcat pa(ne 9 p«tiH et c()ilo» 
fcirtfj 5 graimt toe be&ccij djec,moft mctcifu I iFatber, 
rt at S^e t\nou£\) tl)p l;dpE,map Sotf) fatibtuflp UHe,anB 
ftiaKc in ^ct uocatton, acc»,!Di»i(j to tfjp totif in tfjt0 life 
p^etoit , f alio map lie pattafecr of euerladtng g(o?p in 
ttt lift to conK,tl)?(iug^ Je-wP €lj^iftout JLo^D.Emen. 

^ The woman that commeth to giuc feer chankes, 
inuft offer accuttomcd otfe rings : and if there bee a 
Conmiunion , it is canuenienc chat (hec recciue the 
holy Communion. 

f A Commination againft finncrs, with cer- 
caiiie prayers CO bee vijl^diuets timu 
in the ycwti 
^ After Morning prayer, the pij^bpU bring called toge- 
ther by the ringing of a Bell , and afltmbled in the 
Church.thc Englilh Letanie Oulbefaid after the ac- 
ciiftomcd maner: which cnded,thc Minilkilhallgo 
' Into the Pulpit,andfay thus. 

Biactl)?eii,in t6c Pjimitiuc (JEImvcTj tlbf tc toac a gcB" 
(one 80 tocre rotejtiouc ftimevB , toetr put to opf n f e= 
nanccj^fpuniCbeo int!3tgtMo?lt!,tVat tljfirlbiilfiJmiglit 
bt I'auec m ttc cap of t^c II o;iti: anti t!}at ot^et aumcni' 
f^ b? tljtit ej:ample,migr)t it p mo^c aftam to offH o, 
3n tSe Beau toljcrcof , tinrill tljt fate DiCLipIine map 
bt rcftojen agaiiic (teljif I& tijing 10 mucfj to be toi^ec) 
ft ia t^oug^t gooli, tl&3t at tW nme(tn pour pjefcnre) 
^ou(n he rcao tl>f gentranfrnttncesof igoDo ciirflng 
agaiiiQ impcnttntCnncre. gat!icrctioutoftljf|iTfii. 
C&apter of JDetitei onomte, 'itic etftcr placed cf §ictip» 
taw t ano t^at pe C^oulD anftof re to eiterp fenrmcc, St. 
men : to tlje intent that poit lie ftig acmoniffjcD of t^e 
great mofpation of ®ro againft Gnncrs?, map tfee ra- 
tftcr be callcD to eameB ann true repentance, anli map 
Jjjalfee moje toari!p in tfieft oangeroK^ capes! , Seeing 
from titdb bice^ , fo? t^e toljic^ pee affiime teitd pour 
otone moHtljeiS tfte curfe of v:?oD to be Me. 
Deut 17 I s <C«^1*B if^ fllf "i™ t^8t mafcrt^ anp carttcD 0? mol. 
tenimage, anabominaftontotlieiLoza, ti&ftooifeeof 
the tano0 oftlic ctaftefnan , anc piutetf) it in a frcret 

^ And the people fliall anfwerc and lay. 

Minifter. /^ 

Dtuc 27. 1 6 Cut&ti ii 6e t^at cttrfetib Hfifntltt ans m«(itt. 


De«. J7.1 7 Curffti {« he tftaftemootietb atoaptfie marfet of Ws» 
n«igi)boiit0lanD., ' 


Deut. 17. 1 1 €ux&n {0 Ic p mahetii tbe blino to go wt of\)ifi l»3p. 


Deut.j7.1p CurftB (0 lit tlm lettetT) t'ti (ucgjemfflt tlft rfgbt of 
tOe teangetjOf t^c»« t^at be fatietltCDf,* of totDoljK0. 

amou '' 

Cur&D {0 ^e tbat fmitet^ (i^tttis^^tic Gecrtf!^. Deut.};. 1 4 


CttrftB i0 (e t^at lietb ioit'^ llnmU^tiM ioife. Leuit 10. i| 
Anfwere. I 

antctr. 1 


CuT&ti 10 Tje ttiat tabetb cttvms ta Qa; t^e dpult of Dent. 27. s ; 


CurCcD ig (e t^at puttet^ W truS i« maN,atni talef^ lerem. 1 7.5 
man Co; ()i0 Dtfetice^ in (i0 (leact geet^from ilie Sr0;D« 


Cutfen are tic bHmrrcifun : t^efo^nfcatotitd, «iD Matt if. 41 
st)ulteter0, 8nDt^ecoiittou»pert8n0,tf)eirin?Bjtppf'0- i.Cor.6.^, 
pnmage?,QauDerrr0,D;unbatc^,anDejtto;tioiiet:0. i o. 

Anlwere, Gal.j.ij^ 

amen. io,2i« 


N®to fcrfng t! at all tbep be arciitOtB (a0 tit T^pf 
pI)et2)auiDbc3tetbb3i!ncll*)U)f)iri) DMcrreat?*^ Pfol.ii^.ii 
go afirapfromdje commcnDcmnitP of ®oD, let b0 (i«« 
membjlng tljc ojcacfuU iuDgtma:t 1 augmg outr our 
^eaU0 , anD beiug allrapep at (janti) rctume mito cue 
JrO?t) (SioB,toitti all contrition $ merkneffe of feeart, be- 
toai'ing ^ lamenting out Gnfill life, knouileBging ano 
confctfing our offence?, 9- Ceeliing to lining fo^fl; tooltip 
ftuit? of p'na^ce • JFc? note ietlje aveput u: to ti)t X5a:th.j.i» 
roote of tlje trei0,fo tbat enerp tue tuljicb b^irjctlj XM 
fojtt) gooD ftult, 10 bf toen 6ou-nc ann ctd intuit fire. 

*3!t i0 a fcarcfun tiling to fall into tbebaiiti0 of tde Kebr.iajt 
lining «SoB: fjelM(pfh)?r eotoneraiiebpontljeftii' 
net0. *liiare0, fire ano t^iniBtncftojme anc tempeff, Pfal. ii< 
tbipfl&altttbetr portion to c^infee. jfo;l8e,*t{jeiojB lla.:6ai 
i0 conimr n out ot f)i0 place, to bifite tbe toicfeeCRc fl"e of 
fuel; aectucllipontl'ceartb- Tl3tit'toI)omapabiceibe Malac, j.* 
liap(ifbi0commingf JJGbi'Q(2ll)eBbIetoenottrch)bfn 
beappearetb? *15iflfannei9lnf)i0banc,anBktoiU Mattj.i* 
purge t)i0 f!ao;e,anD gatlxr !;i0 b)i[jeate inro lji0 barnet 
bur bre toill Imtne tte cbaffc toitf; bJiqiirncbable &f. 
♦ ®l)c Dap of tlje JLo?B comtrct^) 80 a tijitfr i:i | nfgf;t: > .Th«i;5. 
ann tobcn men djallCap.peact.anc allttingi? are fafr, »)}• 
tijf n fljall fuDCcn crflruction come bpon tf)em,a« fejjto 
cnmmctb bpon a iDoman traiiailing bJitb ctiTBe, ? tbep 
fl>al(i',-otcrcape.<E^en*£&al appear* tbeto^atbef ©OB Rom.i.^.j 
in p c ap of uengeaBce.iBbldj obilinate GnHer^^j^oiigb 
tbc Qiibburmir «i of tfeeir be art fj&ut Ijcapcc bnto tf,rm« 
fcli«#bJl;tcb cefpiCeb tjc giioBne(rc,patirPcc,atic long 
fufferance of <SoD , tobm b r calico tbe m cmtinannp to 
repentance. ' ^bcn^alltbep call upon me (faitbtf,« Pro.i.j8 j 
I.o|t))biit3!bjf!notbfatc,tl;epft)anrcelrcmre8rir,biit ' ' 

tbcp Qiall not fince mee , ano tbat be raufe tbf p batea 
bnotolrtige, anc rcreinec not tbe feare of tbc ILojC, but 
abbozreo mp counfclanc DeCpiCro mp correction. tEbcn 
ftnfl it bt toe late to • feUi cfee, tobtn tbc Doojr (ball bee Matt, a j. 10 
fbut, anDtoolatetonpfc?mcr i>,t3b'nitistbf time 11,1 a. 
of iuilice. terrible bopce of moB inQ iiicgcment, 
tobicb (lall be pjonomiccc bpon tbem, tabcn it feell be 
faicbntotbem, *0o pectnrfec into tbc fire eiietlaning. Matt jj. 41 
tobicb 10 prepare D foj tbe DCHill anc if0 argri0. 

♦{jberefoiebjctbjen, take toce beece bettme, tolHc a.Cor tf.i 
fbeBapoflaluationlaSctb.fp?tbenigbt comttii, \bhn 
no trail can bjojfee : luflrt b0 tobile toe bane tbe Ifgbti lohn y 4, ;. 
bpfecHe hi tbe ligbt , anc toallte 80 ttc cbi{C?eti of tfje 
I<&^>t6atti}elicnotcaQtmatl)eUtftB«tl(nt0/b<(iere Matt.a5.jt 

A Comminatlon, 

h W*ifiK wiU ptthfr-S •fttrtiEit l«( rot aliife t5e fSlcu ffjaft r gtn mp Hrr(£' loitt) fn? mciiti l^aR 
goecrtcficf^oCjtolicJjCfintrijbjimercifuUptoatrcnii' I^itottpivsjrf; , ^ : ; ;^ 

mait, siitef ii0ciiriIcatfttic,p:rmt;{tt;tjefo'giiif' J?f? ctfitfBrofEi-tiffcf , rife fcculi, 3f gtu« ft 
nefTccf ttft ^at,;W!^Ppa0jifi,^it!) atoto'j n;ii B etruc t{)rr: but tUn Ct'iBt!£(j not tp. butm cffering. 
6eatt)toc«Jurn£bntcf)im. ♦jrculjciio,l;o:tnii; bca3 Ctrfacn&rr c{ (goC i^atrciibUofpirit : ab-clcn 
reo as ftarl<f,tlcp Bjall be as h*r:r &s fticto, &■ tliPiigft ar.o a rcrttiic Ijr trt (© (£cr,} UiiU tdou not Ccfyife . 
tl;cpbk'l{iei;uri)le,5tt(l)a;itUcf b'taBttlurerstoeoil. ' ® brfffiicmalikanrigtacictiiF imtofeien : luilB 
.-...ttSwrncEcu tUaiic(l«t;6 lit Jl,o?6)ft6a« pout U?ic» tloir tU toalg efUpittiileiiii. 
fcetnefle, arc jout (^all tt t bf vf t;t rennicttoR. C^tn Hjait t^ou be ylcdcn irt'tl; iljcJafrifirtofrfgrj* 

» dafi ateap from jouail pcur.inigcUiJ-;irc libat re tfciif«eirr,toul)ti[;£l)utnteffMiigeaiJJobIaticnfr»t^ 
latic Cone , mafee rou netograns, atm a tic to fpirir. {balHttpsSetfongfitilfcftstportljineaUat. 
Ca'omfoie totll pe cie , ■© rtfteufe of 31ft£el , fi etr g ©li.?ic be to th- fatter, ar.d te tfcc »c. 
tljat J i&aue no vlcafute in tijt iieatf) of fjtnt t!:at tie tb, 9s tr tusic in il;el)r(tir,ni»ig,isi nciB,8tCi 
fattf) tkc E.c;d ©olf df iitne ro" cljcr.anti ?e C&all Jitte. JLe^o IjaiK mr icp Dpcn dh. 

♦aitI)ou66JMe5aii«rmneD, petijaiKfajeanScuO' Ct,!iBljauenictcpiiiionj)ji, 
catetejtbtje jFst&«t,3!(fn0^t!?iStf'crig|itecuj5,atin iLo?ii fjaiie metrp bgon bu. 
6e it I'fitljatolitainEtl^ grace fojcttrCBnep. S)ttt jrat{jcttoOitf)aitiHC«iicB,?c 

* jFe; te t»a£i tsettniieD fo; out oiTetice^, ^Qnittrn fo; 2nii leaoe b^ not ttito temptattcn. 
ouriutcfeeBnf0lLetb0tI)CKfbjerefuntefantol'tm5tot9 Anfwere. 

i$ tfte mercifull tti tint t of all true penitent litin£t«,a[» T5ut DcIiMcr b^from e tiiliamen. 
fiiting out CelucS) tijat Ic if tcac p to recct'ite bs, 9 tnoQ Minifter. 

biiltngtopatconbji, iflaecomttohmWuifaitljMl 2)S.o;i]rauet^p(etuamj$, 
tepfUtaiicf, ifh3efa3tnfuIinitteiitfcIiieBbntctilm,ano Anfwere. 

ftombencefeuT) b}aI6e in (it^tuare(i,''trb)ctoi{ta^c bi0 W-W^ putt^eictruQ in t^ce. 
«ffiepofec?ltgl)tburDenbponb0,tofrlIotof)iminIoto» Miniiler. 

ltne(re,p3ttfHcc9fcljatitic,anDlieP!r!frcbbpt6fgcuei-. feenb two tlcml&elpe from afiow. 
rancf ofbiisMpfptntjrfefcfngaltoapeiJljiSglojp.anD Anfwere. 

fetiuHg I'tm Duilp in oiirboration.bjiiO ttatfertftuing. 9nD euetmojcmigbtilp EcfttiB ttew. 
Crf)i0iftoccoe,Ci};l(iteintitltiurt)f(.frcmt5f furfeof Mimfter. 

tI)filah),ai'lifiromtIjer]ctremcmaIftiictioMtoI)ictftaI '^E'^eb^jJ)©oDour*atiiour, 

ligbt b?on tlw m tl)at (l&al fee fct en tde If ft t anti ,8ni3 te 
wn fet W on Istfi * tigfit ^am,9 giuc be tlje llefrcb be« 
ncDiction of W jFattf r , commanting bg te tafee po& 
fefffon of 6i«glo?iom3 feingutmc, b«totf)e totiiiiie 
toaclifsfe to b^ng bs allfoj bie infinite mertv.atrcn. 
^ Then fhal chey nil kneele vpon their knees.and the 

9t]ti to; tBc gIo;p of tbp ^amr^ fa^e teltuetb^ , Itt 
metcifuK bnto bf Cnnet^ fo? tbp ©amc^ ial<. 



Minifter and Clerks kneeling (where they wereac- 2nil fet Otir ctie Come bRto tfitt. 

cuftomed to fay theLetaBie)ftiall fay thisPfalme. 
<(■ Miferere mei Deus. 

HSue mercte bpon met , © <SeD , after tfjp fpcm 
goornefle : acco?Ding to t^e rniiltitube «f t|)p met' 
cfeecoe alsap mine oSetice^. 

caa^ mtt tlijoHgfilp from mp toiclcuneffe : tm 
eleani ire from tr.p Bnne. 

SFo; S^nobilecgenipfanltis : aiiBmpCnRctfietKT 


03Lo?B, toe fiefcett tijee mfrcifullp Ijmt tm p?ap» 
ft0,iiBB Iparc an tljofe Mict) ccnfeffej^m finned 
bnte t^ee, tl;at t?)tp (tebrfe eenfriencr p I p (mne are ac» 
tuUn ) bf t&p mcrcifuH pacDcn , ma; bee ibfoImB 
tt?eug6 (il)?ifiotir £o^D amen. 

Oil^sfi migttp ® 00 ? mevcifun ^at{}ttMlicJ) |aS 
compaffieii of all men, ij tatrS nottir.g tjjat tiou 
liaQmaBc, bofjiclj IroiilDeBnottfeeliratlj C'fafiJiner, 

agatad tlice cttelprjaiie 3 finnen.anii none tW tail but tIjat be fijcii'.D ratbetttitnefrrm GnHC,BPD be laHeB: 

In tbpfig'&t t tfeat tljoti migbtefl be iufiifien in ttp fap* mctf ifiillp fc^giuc bg our trefpaftcjs , tecciiie 9 tomfoH 

iRg,ann cleare taT>en rboii an turgeb. bg.tuUtt be grietirB 9 bicatieti biitb tbeburtien of cat 

TPeSolB, T hja? fiiapen in tcicfeebnefli : anb fn finne C'-ne^ : tbF pzrpe rtie iff to baue niercfe,to tbce orelp it 

JatS rwmttlietcmifpiuftme. appertainett tofo?giiie firnts. %parc biS tbtrefo?«, 

"But loe, t'lOHtequittS trtt't^ in tbe intoarb parts j gccB JLo?D,(paie tijp pcepl( tobom tboii IjeQ rtEemitt t 

»UD ftalc tnake mt to lmcer(!anc UiifeOome frctetlp. tntrr tiot intu iiiCgrn-.tnt toitb tijp fttuarte. tobiib bl 

■ tS;baufta{tpurgemetoitbbpfopc,s3!(!)allietieanE: bilf eattb,en6 mtttrarii Iinrerc:biitfottnnetbineir« 

t^eiilftalt biail n'e,arc'3! fl&albr to?)iter thtK litoto. fiom b?,tol)it5 mreWp tnotoftrge our btlcHt 0, f iruelf 

: CTbPwfb ItPiffeemefieateofioparibglatwg; t^at repent bs< of cut faiilteig! fomaiebaBetobefpc win 

IbebineetaljicbtboiibaQbJoferflmaprelcpfe. tbis tootle, tbat tore map rurtiiuc toitbtbee intbt 

fEavK tbp facefiom m? Bunesi : acD pwt out allmp irojlo to come,tb2otigb Jefus CbjiB cut JLfti, 2n'.tv. 

ttttfticel"*. f Then (hall the people fay this that follow eih,after 

@afe«meadean«]6eart,®®eti!anDtttwtoarigIjt the Minifter. 

I^irittottbinmf. "T-CIiretbcubf, © gocblrjb, frBfcfdanireefee 

CaHmenotatoapFromttppK&f'Ce J •Wtafefitot J tiirncn: tefaucurabJr.^tc?!), Icfauciirableto 

ftp Mp Spirit frcmmr. tbppecp!e , to'ifb furnetc tbrr ;n icftpiro:, fcHiiig, 

® giueitie tb? romfojt of tbp IVft againe J anu B8« anc popping : fni tbcu att e men ifnlH ® up fui) rf c m^ 

6Ii8i me tottb tbpfif c Spirit. P«Sicn,!ong ■"uBftirg.r nc of grt £t tiiif ^ i^r u fp-rc8 

^ben ffiflH J tCi-fb tbP iomfi bnto th: tulcfieu ano teben toe Oeft rut pirrilbn-tr.t . tvh ii tip li jatt tbin* 

finncTSthalt' fefflbpcnmetcie. ^VEretlrprrptc.fOft^rris.fpaw 

^e!iuftmeft:mb!oot;gK:ltir.f[rc,©0oT',tbfttfb8t tiKnt, Ictnottbineberitanc frljoualit focor.fu(TctJ, 

ttttbe i^cD of mpteaU^: a»C WE tongue ftcnCngcf i&earcbs, SDlLtJt', toztlnnirri.'f ipVrrar, anCf.ft(t 

Ulti^iUcuSMGi. tlemuItituC(ott!)pm(tcici!ooi^rbpoht^. 


^ The Pfalmes of Dauid,of that tranfla- 

don, which is commonly vfcd in the Church. 


fieatu$ vir qui non abijt. Pfal. i . 

; llrScD in t\)tmm t^ bat^not taial* 
feeo in tl)t counCfH of tfec bngotl? , not 
Hiantitttt6?tDa?of ftnnctg : ana(jat5 
• not fit in tfic fra c eitht Cro^ncfuB, 

: 'But W ocUg^t 10 III ti)t Lflb) 
i of tlie Lu;t)i anQ tii iji0 ILato toil ()r eic^ 
ercift Ijimftlfe Da? ano nigftt. 

J ano fje £^al( be like a ttrt planteB bf t^ toatn 
Que : t^at milt b;tng fo;t^ ^ns ftatt in one feaTon. 

4 1^1^ leafe alfo Cbalt nottuicbet : ana loske to^at* 
(peuec ^ Siallp^Q^c. 

$ 30 fo; t^e bngoDlp, it t0 not (b tot'tb tDcin t fiiit 
ti^e? are lihi tbe ctiaile tuljtcfj t(e Hme fcatttcetd a* 
toajfrem tijc face of t^c eactft. 

(S fZbmUfie t^c bnsaDlp {^a'l not be alie to Qano 
in tie Jiitigcmeiit : ne.tljet tfee (imwr0 in t^ ^engte. 

7 13 lit tf)e Lo^D knolBet'B tie iuap of t|e tig|t«ou0: 
«no tletoa; of tde imgoDlp Cbonpertfi^. 

Qdarc freraHci unt? Pfal.i. 

W]^p Doe t()c ()f atljen fp fitriouflp rage togetrn-t : 
ano to6p Boe tlie pesplf tmaccine a^aine tbingf 

a ®je fetngg of t(jc earti) ff itn^bp. ano the rii(et8 
take coiinl'atIet6get|ct: agafnS tie S,o^,an9agatRfi 
|i0 £lnetntes. 

} Let tifs b:i-ake tieic bonD0 aGinOti : ana caS a* 
tea? ttieit ctins from b0. 

4 i^e t^at Dbstiietb in fatten t^aW faugl; tOem to 
tico^me t tOe &o:d C^aUbauet^etn m Dcrtlion. 

$ tElen^albeiJpeakebntotijctnin jjistejatfi: anQ 
bcice tbern in {jisfo^e eifpleaiiice. 

6 ^etlatie ilfetmpking:bpomT>6olp|iIof%ton. 

7 31 tmTl p?e8c| rfte £atp , to';eteof ttje llo|0 ^at| 
Cspn bnto me: ttjeu art mp ronne,t|ji0 Dag |aue S b«« 
gotten tliee. 

9 DeSteofme, aflBSCSjaRsiuetbretlelcatlien 
Cp; tijine inheritance : oWJ tte DttetmoS parte0 of tie 

9 ^^oii{l)altb?ui4t^emtolt|ar«Dofif?on:ann 
fcjeake tbcrn in pieces IiTte a potttw tjeffell. 

« o T3e hJife m\u t()etefo2f , 2D 5e ktng0 : beTeattwD 
p» flat are tuDf!:e0 of tlje eart^ 

11 ^nne tie 9,0^ in feate: anDcrtopcc bnto lint 
totti reuerencc 

1 2 IBtiffetle ^jonne, Icff |«I>e aneT?,a«n & ^e po- 
tift from tie rffflttoap: If|i0 tastlbtkirDkD (pea 
lint atole) bUQJsDareantle]; t|atpntt|eic uhS in 

Domino quid? PTal j- 

L!3D^ bote are tie? increafeD t|at tceiAIc me -. man? 
arc tlep tiat rifeagamQ me. 
z 09 anp one tirte be t|at tap of uip foult: t|«te i0 
Witipe fo? bim in |i0 vPoD. 

J TSut t|oH,® fi.e2B,attmpDefcHBet: tloaattmp 
tBoj^ip.ans tic liftet bp o^mpleaD. 

4 3! nio con tpon tfic £ojo toiti mpljopce t ano |« 
learB me out of lialololitj. 

5 31 faio me Qotone' ana Sept , mil C0& i$ ts^tbni 
foi tie ioin tUHrtncti me. 

6 31 ajill not be afraio fo? ten t|oHfa»i30 ofpeaple : 
flat lane fet tlfmreliirs againtt mctoani) about. 

7 33plLoiD, aiiD lelpcmce,® m> ®6D : ft? tlou 
rmited ail mine enemies bpon the c|e(k< bone , t|ou 
iaft b?often tie ttcti of t&e bngofilp. 

i Valuation belonsetl) unto tleHo^D ; txatjji 

blf^Ting i^bpon dge people. 

Cum inuocarem. Kr^.4 . 

H<$«K metDlen 31 call , (D ®oB«f n^tigltepiif. 
neift : &; t|ou|aft Cn mt at Ubettif t»|cn j toaX 
in trouble, |n»m(ccpbponiti(e, n»|eatfccn bnto 


2 ^ pe {«nne0>of meffilota long tejf! fe-i!a&|etne 
mine lonouc > «no |<ue atc|ple«(we in banitte , miQ 
Ce^eaftet leafing If 

J I&ne»et|iX^iI(b,t|att|elo,uj|at|ri&oftnto ■■,^ 

llmfeSc de man tl)«t 10 goolp : tolen ii call boon t|< 
ilo;Q,|eb)iUljcaretw. *- 

4 ^tano in at»e , ano Gmtc not : eommtme fa)it| 
jwut otnne |eatt,anD in pour cf;ambet,ami be fliH. 

5 SDtfet tleCutifice of rigOteouaieSe : mt ftti 

6 deoet)ocntanpc|«tra;:ii^UUII%ftob0anf 


7 Loj» Uft t|ou bp I tTje ligBt of t|p eoumsnanci 

JJ ^riou lag pitt glannefle in mp Deatt ; Bnee f^ 
timet|att|eitco;iic ana bsinc atiD rpic men afeb. 

9 31 toiU lapmc Doteine inpcacc.anD take mp teflt 
fo;c it i0 t|ouilo;Bc onclp t|at niakcS mee DtoeU in 

Verba mea nuribus. Pfal. 5 1 
■r)®nBetniptoo?B0,£ijLpjD : confiectmpmeBltB* 

1 tiOH 

2 ffl,|earfeen<|out)ntot|cbepfe(«fmpr8Titng,n» 
JBLing t mp «©0B : foiiinte t^jce&il 3i make mp pjapct» 

J ©pboice fljait timi t.earebettmc0,O lLe?D«ar« 
Ip4n tie nwinmg twii 5 9itea xt^ pjapet, bmo t^u 

4 f 0? t|ou art tie <St^ tiat |a(! ro pleaCice in 
totekeDiitllie : neit|erl|a!l anp eiiifl F'ujcli la^jth t|ee. 

5 %>ut^ 80 be feodS) Jlall rot Rano in tip fig|t % 
foj t|ou|atcB all tljcm djat tooibc banjtie. 

6 SIcH ^rlt befirop tl)cm tIat fpeaifee Itafing 1 t|e 
]Io;d iutll ablo^ce bot| t|e blooBtlicfiie a^D Deceitful 

7 TSut 80 fo? me, 31 tJiJl come into f |p lotiff, eiun 
fcpen tIemultituBc oftbp tic t ano in tipfeaw totS . 
31 bw^ittjip totoaro tbp lolv tlcmple. 

8 LeeDeme,® Lojein tip tJg|traiifiTf0,f«catt& 
of mine cnemte? : make tip toap pUine before mv 

9 jTe? tiere f «o faitl&dnrffir IkW mu(b ; t|eix 
Inlsate patt0 are berp tBickeDReOe. 

10 tS:|eict|j»atei0«nofenEtptdc|je:t|epf«ttit 

1 1 DeStop t|eu tTjem', © ©oB , let t|em perils 
t|;»ug| tfjtir atone imaginati8n0 : raStltm out in t|t 
nttdtiniBe of t^ett bngoBlineffe , U^ t|ep |aue tebtlkti . 

1 2 ana let Ol t|em tIat pni ticic ttuS (n t|ee , re* 
iepce : t|epfii)eneuerbfegiiiingof tlanle^, beco^ 
tlott De&nivl! e^, tlep flat lane tip lEtone f^ixt ■. 
topfull in t|pe. 

I } jFo;: t|ou !L«fD ttilt slut tlpbleefing bnt* t|e 
r{g|teoH0 : ano Uiitl tlpfaaearsiiie bimiR^t taiit 
t|oH Be&nB Iim,a0 boiti a ftidn. 

Doniine ne in furore. PfoJ S, 

Olo?b ttl'wke tne«et tn tline iRBignationt flef. Buooing , 
.|er Aafien me in tip nKpreafnre. prayer. 

2 I^auemccciebponme,®]lojtB,fo23[«Nt 
JwtaM ; ® X.0JQ |e«U me/o; m^lmp m bcjccB. 



iMis&iiK tl^u p(iniS> >tit ; 

4 tJlHrne tb«,£-^ te??, «ra Btfuier mpfoule : ®^ 

$ jFoz in ocatf} no man rnndtib^tlg ttet: anti id^o 
iBtll S'tu t6cetibank» in tfit pit f 

<j J «m totsr? ef mp grening.euetp ntgftttDetb J 
n; 6eO : ano tamt m^ couc^ &» tfj mp ttitto. 

7 ©pbcautp is goiwfb^tjcrj' trouble :aMDtM?tte 
«tua? Niaufe of afl mine enemirg. 

5 Stsapfremme a!(petIjatbKi:i]keban(tte:fo;tt)C 
Hofl i}Bt6 teatD ci)(t)o^ce ef mpturrpfng. 

9 Cr^ ILo?D 6atl^ t^ene m; petition : ibt Ho^ 

$ ^^on matifd %fm totort t^ t^e SrgtUi : 
crotaviC Ijim toil I) g:o^p anu tooii^ip 

a tjrijott mafeelt(j'mtoI)auct:cttnili(otief(l^ciM«?lil 
of tlip Tjaicis: diiG (Ijoii taQ ^ut sii t|)irg(ii inlubiection 
fawBtt i)te fctte. 

7 aif fl)f epc » crfr: f <8,am) t^t bef Rji of tlje fitUj. 

8 tf ftefotolf » ef iljc a^je, anc ttir fiftr^of flie Tea i 
anB toliafccuit toaifceiijttojPtotrjf pafticof tfte fta?'. 

S» © Jlo;D otir KoiKtnoHt : toJ* ejxellnit ifi t\)f 

Confitebor tibi Pfal j. 

ItXfill gtuetljanbgbnto tdee ,© ILo;o, it mp to^ole Morning 
Seatt: 3ItoilIfprafe«cfaIItf)pmariieitoiipb»;fef0. prayer. 
2 ItoilteglaBafrftoprcinttefjpta.mprongfl 

lo ail mine enemifii (JaUie confeuncet) f fb?cbe)C« toill J wafer of tl'p jaanw.ff) t^ioB mofi l|)is?)fS 

CD : ttep (lalbe tumeo bat^cfpHt <. ^ t^smt (uiiQcnl;. 
DomiBcDeiunieiij Pfa!.7. 

OS,o?T) m? ®oD, tn tOre featie 3! put mv ttuR : fane 
me ftom ail tfiem t^at pcrScute me, t oeiiue r me. 
1 JLett ^e Deueurc mp leisle likt a ILien, ano tcaw 
it in pieced : tobile tbete is none to 6f Ipe. 

J ffi !Lo?D mp ®oti,if J haite Oenc anp fuc]& t^inj ! 
o; ift^ete be anp toicfeemf E& inmr ijanna. 

4 Sf 31 baue teiaarBeu euill bnto ijim tist Br alt 
friend; Wth me : ^ea, 3) daae Deliueteo \>m tdat 
bit^out anp eaufe t9 mine enemte. 

5 ^bc« let miitc enemte perfe cute mp fcaTe , ann 

} Qafiiirmitte ettemie(!SrcD;iiHtibac&t:t]tic^(|a{ 

fan ano pcrifi^ at t!)p pjeltnce. 

4 jFoj tfteu ^'aR maintfinrD mp rfg&t,f mp tmStt 
ttiou art Cft in t|)e tbjone ti) at ititgta ngljt. 

5 tlfieu 6aS rel'uktD t\it iDcatfem,ano oeSropec i^ 
tjiigoBlp '. tliou ^aS yiit out rijtir name fo;i euet 9 eiier. 

6 0ti)eii enemp.BiQrnrtieniB are rome to a perpe» 
tuan enc : cum as t^e citte e tubfcfi t|ou ^aS CeCrc^eD, 
ttetr memo^iafl ig peridjcc biit^ t&rm. 

7 13m (be Eo;D ^all enoiice fo; euer:|e Igat^ aUii 
prepare Hi feate fo? iHtigf ment 

8 JFo? be (JjalinOBe tbc toe:lD in rigbteott^ne^: attO 

teikt me : vea , let ijim treaac mp life cotone l)jon tije oiiniSer true iHUffcmrnt bnto tbf people, 

«attb,anT) lap mint boiioat inrbeDuS. 9 tEbef,f?t!a!(btoilbcaDffeiicefo?tJcoppjefl"rt; 

6 %tant)ip,2) JLort.intbp tojatb, ant liftbptlji» <««" a ttfu^t in tiiie time of trouble. 

ftlfet becaufeoftljeinnignatioBofminecnemieMriije "^ anutbeptbatfinototbp ja^me, tutllptittWc 

bp fo| me in «be iucgcment tftat tboit liaS commanuec. trtiS in tite: &? tijou !Lo?B ftaJI neiitt faileD ttcro tijat 

7 ano To ftal tljecongrcganon of tl;e people come ftefeptbee. 

about t^ J fc^ tben: fakes? tbcrefo^ lift bp tbj tlfe «• • « ® P?«if< tbf JLo?ti toTjicfj ttocnetl^ in %ten; l|tto 

gatne. tlie people of bt0Doing(>. 

8 fKhe lo^B l^ll tuT^ge tbe people, giue fentence • » .IFoz hiben lie mafe.tb inquiGtton fo; bloep,'&e te^ 
toitb me,® JLoio: actojBing to mp ngbteoMfne£fe,anD mftjeth ttjem : 9 fo^gettetS not tfjc cCplaint off pceje. 
acco^Dinc? to tbe imioceneie tbat is in me. « 3 l^aue mercp bpon me,© ILp?B,con(TDer r|e trou^ 

9 ®b let tbetoicfeeBncire oftbebngoulpcometo bletot)icf)31fufffr oftbcmtbatbateme:t|i8Utb«tli& 
<n enn ; but guioe tbou tOe (nB, tcS mt bp from tbc asted ofne atb. 

10 jfojtberigbteou«'©oD5 tttctj ttKberj^catt^ »4 tSbat 31 map (Ijcto sIl tbp pjatfesi 5xiint|epo5t0 
gnu teineik of tl<e Daughter of ^ion : 31 toill reiopce in t^ falua* 

11 S0pbe!pecommetbof0on: t8!;lcbp?erftaet5 tion. 

rtcm tbat ate tnie of beart. 1 j QTbe Seatben arc Ctinlc Dotonc in t5e pit tbat 

1 1 (Son ia a rigbteouiS 3|irtige,ft;ong ano patient : tbe^ mane : in tbe fame net W&{c{i tjep bit p^iuilp , if 

gno <3oXi i0p?ouobeD euerp sap. rbeir faote tnlicn. 

1} 3IfamantotlHottiime,betDtTto6ettiiSftoo?l>; '6 €be!Lo!Bie6notocttt«ejtCBtetnBgemenf:f5e 

(c batb bent W bolu, ann mace it reafl^. bngoBlp i(( trappeu in tbe too?fee0 of big otoHc banB0. 

14 l^eebai^j pjepareii f«2 fitm tbctnf!rumenttfof 17 tibc toicfeediljalbetutneB into Jell; ano ah tjt 
teatb : beo|Belnetl) W arrotoet! againftf perfec.itoid. people tbat forget ®oB. 

1 5 TSfbolD , be trauaitctbtoitb mifibiefe ; Ije ^at^ » 8 jfo? tbe pooje tijallnot altoap be fojgotfen! t5e 
tonceiufiifoirtito.anBlvflunibtfoitbbngoDlinefre.' _ patient nbiring of tbe mfffeeff)al!iiotperil^fo?f«rr, 

1 6 i?t bat!) grauf « ann OtoigeB bp a pit: ano ifl fal« 
len bi'ntelfe into tbe Beflnjct ion tbat be maoe fez atbei. 

1 7 5Foi bit! trauaife t!i,i! come byon bie otone bean: 
mtW hj'cfeebneg Cfiall fall on bis otorep.ite. 

1 8 31 toill gtite tbanfees bnto tbc ILo?D,arco?Bing to 
m rij^teoufneffe ! anB toill pjapCe tbe J^ameoftfje 

DomineDominiis. Pfal.8. 

1 9 (Up JLo?B,anD let not man baue t^c bppet 5anB; 
let tbe fieatben be itiBgeo in tbp figbt- 

20 jpiittbcm infratf (SDfio?D:)t5att5c5fat5ai 
map fototo t{>em(el(ie<9 to tie but men. 

Vt quid Domine. 

W]^p flajJBtB tbcu (ifatrc off(® HomymVH* 
Befltbp face in rljr neecf full time of trouble i 
2 tSTbe bngoblp fo? b s otone lull Coetbperfecftfe 

0!LozB our goHemour. bote r rcellent i0 tTip Jf5ame tbc peo?e : let tbem be talcu in tlje craftp toiliniflit ttat 
in all t^e too?lD: tbou t^at ba5 fet tbp glo^ aboue tbep baue imagineD. 
tiebeaufitg ! j foi tbe bngoBlp ba'b maBeboanof^ijSotmw 

t ©ut of tbe moutb of betp ^ab«« » fucWing^ ball bcartg neCre; anB Ipcakctb gooB of tlje couetou? toljem 
tbou ojBcinetj Rrengtb,becau&of tbine enemies j tbat ©oB a^bo?retb. 
tboumigbtefl fii I tbe enemie anfl tbe auenget. 4 ^TbebngocTp l» To p;»uB , tbat tie catetj not R? 

J jFojt3ItoilfoiifiBertbcbe3umB,fuentbcto9jfcd ©oBineitfjer i)»®oBinanbfi»tbcHgbt!». 
aftb^fingeto: tbe®eoneanBt|)e8atrcgto5icbtbott y l^i^bBapegarealinavccrieuougttbpfHrgfmrtifij 
(aQoiiBeineB. atefarreal^eueotitofbilitCigbt) anu tberefo;e tifietl 

4 (ZIbatidmantbattbeuartmtnBfuIof{rim:ano (e all bits encmfe«. 
t]^c(i>im(a!mant|att|ouli(Qte&()im^ jro;((^atKaib{R|idbearr,^u£[),3<G[)aIIneuet 

C 2 U 





bt caS Bot«« t t^«f i^aH no fismt '^ap^flt bmo iirt . 

7 !^i0 moatt is full cf Ciitttnj, cc ecu, ano tcaiiDt ; 
fenoci %ii} tongue ist unsovItaefTc anc bauitte. 

8 pc Gi.i:t\j liirking (n tljc tbieuil^ co?n*ecS of t]6e 
Gtcetee: $p!!i ijteliirktag ceiine? oodj Ue miiE* 
tijct t&e mnoc£iit,tji0 ej»e0 are fct agaiufi tije poojc 

9 fto} \)t !ut() toattinj f£n:ctlc\Siicn a0 a i.i8ii lui:« 
fot() b« in 1)10 D2nne •. tljat fie niaj rauif^ tye paeic. , 

10 i[^eDoct6cjiut(^c^«|^09;c:Lu^{n^cgectetf)$im 

11 i)e fanet^Dotoneano ftiimbletTjIiimfclfs: tftat 

7 t^Oe toortiiJ of rte E«?d mpm toajBtf': rtun a0 
tte (tliieciuOicfifromtbeeait^isttset), ano pmtfia 

8 (Jljou fi;ult kccpct^em,® iLojD: tfiouC^altp^ 
ftcuc {limttom ctjiis generation fej eitec 

i> (SIk unnoDlp leal&eoH ewerp Goe{S»l'tnt5t|aw. 
^epaUeB,t^c cljilo^en Oi'mcn are pur te rci^u&e. 

VfquequoDomine, Pfilij, 

H®U) longtuiit tl)m forget me <®. ILojn) fo: fuert 
ball) Ions bjifttl)ou tjtoe tOgfece from ms r " 
l^otu long l^al 3 ueke coanfadeiH mp leu'f,anB 

t'&e congregation of fee pooje mag fall into tbitano of 6£roUe?:£iiiH mj ijearf: totolong^aliintneentraieji 

fti? captamesi. 

1 a J^ liatt) faia in bis Ijeatt, (S:ul][),!0efl IjatO bu» 
gotten ; Ije bioctb ntoar W face,? Ije laail! nciut fee it. 

1.3 acirt(iDi,o;Di3oD)auDliftt)pt!;inct)anD:foj» 
get not tl)c paaje. 

1 4 CK&eteto?c fljoiilo tlje toicltcD Ma'pljeme (5oD : 
hj'Oile 5£ Doett fap in (>is5cart,i2rii'^,ti5ou ©jd cartli 

. I $ ^iirct? t^ou baft Cee^e if. (01 t'tioalieljoIocQ tin* 

i(J iJbat tljoumaV'ft take tt)C matter into tbpijanD: 
tl&e poozc committetbbimteifewuoHjcc, fo^tljouart 
. t^e (jelperof tljt ftifnotelK;. 

1 7 T5 '.f slie t&ou tljc p JWet of tfje ijngoDlp j malici' 
tit0: take atosp^i? UngoofinclTe,? t&ou li^altSnB none, 

li '^f)e 3loj3 is SmgfcjeucranoMer: auDtbe 
.^eat^cn are prriilicti out ot tOclano. 

1 9 iLo^!ti,t0i5u^aH BearD tfjc xitCux of ttje poajc:' t5o» 

20 do Ijelpe t&e fat^^rleffe ano pcojs I)nt; tbeir 
rtg^t J tljat tlje man of ti&e cahfj U no moic ejralteD a> 

In Domino confido. 1 1, 

I 13- t5e Hojn p .-t 31 mp tmS : 6o\a fap ve tljen to m? 
t(iu(e,tbat f^e ^mIb flee a0 abim unto !;)el)!ll f 
s f 0? loe, trjebiigjDl)' licno tljeit boin , annmake 
teatip tJietr atrotoe© toitbi'n t^c q!ii'.:er : tljat t (jep map 
pjiuilp (]^3ote at ttjen toljitlj ate true of Seart. .' 

J jFaj rtie fetraoattcniS totUIjeetafiDoUjne: «n5 
lusjat l)atl) tftf rigOteaua Done f 

4 W)e la^n i J! in i^ig !joIp temple ; tTjt llojDe^ 
Xeatci0ial)eauen. , 

5 l^isfprsJronCDcrtlbepoo^c; anoljt^peliiiaetf 
tr?ct6 the fljilDjcn of men. 

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mine epe^.ttiat ^Ifieepe not m Dcatli. 

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I ta;tK?nteco;riiptavtD become abominable in 
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cl)iii>?en of men; to feeiftljecetotreanj tftatiuouia 
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tongues Sane tbcpoeceiuto ; t^t pcplon of afpcs ijim* 

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li[iute,tbat fte fl&bulfi flee 30 abiru unto tl)e5)ill f 6 Cfjeir moutli i^lM of curfing ano bittewcEet 

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anti tljetoa? of peace fjauc ttjcp not hnoioeii : tfjcte itf 
no fearc of (5oc bcfojc t!)eir ens. 

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iDojfecrsof miCrljtefc: eating up mp people ais it toere 
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. prayer, 
peafectO tljfl 

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"uaile: loe arctbej tljat«ns()t tolpeake, iMJjo ipJLo^o 


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jteetip: ant) tiecanfeoftlie t)«pefigbingoftl!cpoa,:e. 

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one from bimtV4Lft»ti;£t(j egainftlJftn, aiUiJjjaifct 

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aiouoetbtbetbingtuOic{jigtig{)t, ana fpeafectOtlj 
tructbfcombif 5;art. 

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tranr cuiK to OijSncigbbour. ano-ijatfj not Ibncereo (Jiil 

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oto'icepi?; $nM6ctI) miicb if tbtm tbatfcaretbelLo^p. 

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tctb Iji"' not : tbotuT;!) it totreto bis oltme bniDrr.inces 

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no^ talccnrctoatD againfitbc innocent. 

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Confe-na me. Pfal.Kf. 

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The hi. day* 

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ea«& : anB t^w fo't as f.tC' H tn btttue. 

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great ttouMe, 

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Rett{|et trratte mention oht)rit namt$ b)iti;iB mp 1(^8- 

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titance.atffi of mp cHp : tl^cufiialtMieir.taine mplct. 

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U (jaite a gooclp I,eiit?ge. 

' Eueving 

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pjaifcc : fo fijan J It faff from mine m^ mif 0. 

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Httflcibuigs cf WigctUrifCft maUt mt afraiB. 

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of oeat^ountookcme. 

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ccniplaire ferte mp eon. 

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pie ! one mp complairt itj&li come bf fejc bim,u fljal tn» 

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ftncc iiS tlje fulncGi of icp : ans at ttp tigljt lant ittte 

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tame firing bpm ttic fringe ef il)f ttince. 

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trilicti toiibS atC'Ut Im, lx)it{) catbc toatti, enc ti^tdit 

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ann Ijearfteu tinto tU Kapct t|]at goctlj i>ot out cf ttmacufC : IiailtfiortB nrt coRfet ef fin- 
faincB lip0. 1 } Iftt JLo?6 bICo ttfirjEC out ef tfanrn-S tf<t feig^. 

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tt< b]o?D0 of mp lip^ : 31 l&ue ^tvt me ftem tlje b)ap(0 
of tf)e titfiropcT, 

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< 31 5<<(ie calleB i^pon tBet C ®fit), fc? tBou Q)alt 
((are me : encUne t^ine eate to mc, ant) teatien bnto 

ant) ^Bil tafef mc oi'it of mart loatciis. 

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a«B from tIjeroUiticlj l«tc me : ft? tlep ate too mig^n? 

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tut tU ln?i toaemp ipljelDcr. 

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art t'Be ^aiiionr ef tbcm toljict pHt tijctt ttuQ in t^tt : l}:itc me. 

from C«cl) as rcfiQ tTjp tigljt IianD. 

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rtf (Ijacphj of tiip toingg. 

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compafe me counc talse atuap mp foulc. 

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hioutb rped6ctt)p;cuD tlmgs. 

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nittg tbcir cpeg D8ta;c to tl}c grcimn. 

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80 it tocrr a tiong tubtlpr lurking in fecrct places. 

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Beliuec mp loule from t^e tngoC!p,b}!jic!) t^ a Itoo?!! of 

1 4 ITrom tfic men of tbp T>anli. © ILozr, frem tU 
Wen, J faj»,auD from tlic cuiHtoojlD ; t-feirTj ^ar,e tlictr 
po?tion intl)i3life, teljofebcliicf t^etifiI!{StBitf)t|p 
lie trcafirtc. 

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rte rcS of tf)f it fubnance fo? tbci'- br.fcrg. 

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Bealir.g : acco?t)tng te ti^e tlcacnclTc ofmpljancf Hjali 
t)c rccorrpcnft m.c. 

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ano fjaiic Kot fejftfeen mp ®o!. as tit kickiti ccetlj. 

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not caB out l&ici ten m<.rtKmcntE frmi nic. 

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mine f tone taicfecBncfle. 

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rigljtcouc ticaling ; arr ac ro^Blng bnto tje cU emitfle 
ofrop l&v.vS m ih rpligfit. 

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perfect fi-ali be pcrfrtt. 

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Btie : $ fbili b?inp refa'Rt tfic fctrcl; looferp ef tfif pn iiD. 

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mpGenfcrotfecfiBDmpBeffnce : mr^aiiiour,mp j« fejfcboisePrBbtittbrJ.e.'Ctejto'bol'Rtljatip 

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IWjtIje ^'cBe alfo of mp CBJuaricn,6iit mp refuge, j 2" 3It ifi 0o8 ttat gtrtttTi mc fettb firjrjr tb of 

<( J toarre: 




pray iff 

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^itl ti.eik£ euen a bo Ji anie:le. 

} ; Coo-1 03^ g;'ien m: t^e Defence of t&^ TaluatU 
ait: till) ctpt Di ID alu lljtii I) dlo me Uj),ans tlj^ («utng 
tajcectio ' lijill ms'ic inc gtiac. 

go : t^at ;n; faotaeps itjaU wot fltoe. 

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t^em: luit^ecuiil il till 31 oa le Deiiragea 

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0iiuo ; but tall Uitccc m^ tf et. 

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tell ; t|)oit^d(t tujoUt Dototie mine enemicg unoei me. 

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tl)ea-li.\cl{(0 iipeiinu : ano 31 l^all oelicog ttiem tijat 
late me. 

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tljem : pea > citen unto tlje JLo^g Qjall tije^ cc^i, ixit ije 

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toiiiBe: 31 totll cafi tljeiti out as cla^ in tbe ftrrcteg. 

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jtople : $ tl)ou fi)>iit make me tfte fei'aB Oitl;e Ijeatlun. 

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imt tOe lirangc cfiiloitn ftiail PitTeiiiblc ioitl) me. 

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•;it if t^eit psilonu. 

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ger : anc pjaiCeo be ibe ©od 0; m^laluation. 

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ant) fH'dDHetU tlje pteplc unto me. 
' 49 31t is 'c)e ti)ac eimec^c 1 mee fro n m? (criirll) 
Ctiemieii . avistettrtOmeebpaboiiemineaDiicciattef!: 
t^ou flbalt tiome Sromt'oetoicfecD man. 

s o jFaj t!)i3 taule toU 31 jme t'janks bnto tljee (© 
JLop) anoiig :Ije ©eiialetf : ano fi.iff pjaile^timo tl)g 

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fbciBitli Ijuing kinmicflc untc Dauis ftist anno^utcD, 
ana bnta ijig lecn fo?eiMrrmo?e. 

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)el)ca«cn3 ceclaretTjeg(v?pof(5oti : anBti^e 
d:mamfiufi)cto:tbl)t3!jan!pb)0j:ke. Da; telletO aitotl;ect aimoneniglit 
cettitictB another. 

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l)opce9 ace ftearD amsng t^em. 

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birxm in'o tl)€ tmi of t{)c\B.>2l3. 

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tobicb commft;if(?tlj attab^Begi-omeoiitof bi^^ctam* 
fe«r,an3 rctopcctl) a^ a giant to rim biis cotitCe. 

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iten, am riitmetb aliout imte tlje enTi of it againe ; ana 
tljcce is ^f.tbhg bio from tbe b^ate t1)crenf. 

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ttcrting tl); foule : tbr tctlimoiiie of t()e 1L«?B (0 fute, 
ana (jiu«tb wife jam- \3nt0 tbe (Inplc. 

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Iljebeatt! tbecem nauoemcm otilji fi,o?oiiSp3te,anD 
gt'.tctb ('S^t toito tlie rvf i». 

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foT twt : t^z ■jOtrgp'm>nt)Jot' tbe JLcp atetnie,. ano 

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in keeping rtl}em tbect i0 great retoacB. 

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t^ott me ttitm mp fcctec fault 3. 

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(iniu0,iea ti)ep ga tbe Dominijn oiut me: lo (^all 3j be 
bnDeftleB.aivo mnocent from tbe grtat offiiict. 

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of m? teart : be slMV acccptabl: in top figljt. 

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fixaudiatreDojiiiiius. Pfal 20^ 

T^t Hop ijeare tbee in t^e nap of trouble : tli 
Jljlame oj t^e (Son of 3Iai8b BefeiiB^ee. 
s ^eno tbee ftclpe from tfte ^aiicmritg j ana 
Qrnigtb tijee out of ^len. 

J iUemember all tOg ofifringpjanB accept tjp btont 

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tljc Jt3ame of tl)( JLo;B out (Sod: tiji JLc?B petfo^mc aa 
ti)p petittoi 0. 

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tea, anntuillbtarebimfrom {jj0O^ipb^'auen : sum 
Uiitb t^i' tobok-bm; ftctngd) ?f tiffrigljt lianB. 

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bojfec s but toe luillicmrmber itci!3amcof tOeJLo^o 
our ®>>D. 

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riRn^auB flann Dpjigbt. 

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itfjcn toe eall Open t6«e. 

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tecBtngta BnjaKbcbfoftbpfaluatton. 

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not Beiiiec bim tbe rcquctt of b;fi lips. 

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gaoDtHire '■ ana Ibalt let a aotone of putc gelo ^pon 
iji0 beas. 

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life ! fiicn fo? eiicr anD euer. 

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great U)0!(l)tp S^alt tbittlap tpon him. 

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make I-im glao \ritb tbe iop of tbf cotintcnance. 

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tbeHojD: anB in t^e mercp of tl>e mofi i^igljcftjlje (Ijd 
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tj rco;ne of m«n,aiiD ti;t OKtcaft ot tlj£ pfcpte. 

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Qaote out tOcic Iip9,anf C^ake t{;(tt tcatp.rapin^. 

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(et Qim oeltiin dtm.if iie tsill ^aue \iim. 

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1 1 gee not from me,fo; trouble ie ^atB at tano: 
CUD t^ere ts none to tirfpe me. 

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"Ba^an clofe me m cii ctierp Gee. 

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totte a ramping ano roaring ]lton. 

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(0 eucn like mrltlng U'ate. 

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tongue iteauetTi to nip gummc$i : ano tl^pii (^alt bjitig 
meintot^e BuR of Deatft. 

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ftcm t^e potoet of tfte cottffe. 

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me alfo from among tlje Ijomej! cf tb< Omrojrfg. 

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rte miO'^efl of the d-mgre g'tiow toill 31 p?apfc tf ee. 

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(im 3ltpeeo't^eUetieof3Iai-eb, ano feate f)im ad pee 
feeUe of 3!fi;ael. 

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(ffate of tbepoeze, ]&ebatl} not biBbii^face from bim ; 
fcitt toben be c allca into beam bim. 

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totof « toil J pcrf.-2mc in tbc 2gbt of tbrm p frate bim. 

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(eeJ;e after tbe ILo^c ftall p/apCc bim , pouv Ijeart fi&all 


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fe!He«, fintidetumeDbiuotbelLoJDt awtiaUtbcltin* 

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gouettiour among tfe people. 

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fcntetbeio!^ fo? a generation. 

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tbe patl'e ot tigttteufr.eut io^ bip Bcme g lake. 

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tbemtlat trouble niee: tf;ou t&fi erppnttCiripbeaB 
Ittib epIf.anD mp tup fbelbe full. 

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me an tbe cepeg ct mp life: ano 31 biil titcel in tb^ IjoutJt 

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icmpafleofibtteo^lti gftbcpttatctetlttjtttir, P"yer. 
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p^tpareD ti bpcn t|( Sootf. 

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iflboCiail tifctp in biebclp p'acrf 

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euen of tb'm tbat fctfee tb? face,0 3lacob. 

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bp pee euerlaflmg ceojtu : ano tbe JSitig of glojp ^ail 
come in. 

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ano migfctp,eu(n tkc JLo^ti migbtp in batttli. 

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hp pee tiietlafling coojts ; ano tu King of gl«?p ftall 
ceme in. 

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AdteDomine. P&L25. 

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3 baue put mp tttiO in tbet : © (n mc not l.e ron« 
f8untee,Beitijet let mine enemicg triutr pb cuet me. 

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men i butfurb ae nanrgrertc toitifuta cauCe, ^ailbt 

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tbcu art tbe 6;t) of mp raiHation,!n tbte batb bene mg 

J Call to remembrance,© J.010, tbp Jerctr wer» 
cic0: ano ttp louinglinceneiGtbibicb batb bene cuet 

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poutb : but acto?ctngto tbp mtttp ibinte tbca tpoti 
me (0 J,«?i)) foi tbp goetncffe. 

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toill bf teatb fiiiKetg in tf;e toap. 

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ano fufb as be gentlejlem i|ftll te Jtatne bistoap. 

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to mp ( it is greor 

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GiiV be tracb in tf'e tear tbat be fb»i> thife. 

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feerc bim: ano be toillfljitBtf-fm tie (ffruirart. 

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\i ^C pliuM mi Uttt oi't of (be net. 

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foj 3 >i:n Tiefolate ano in mifet^ 

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ti^iiiiiu out of m^ troubled. 

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t^pbeare a tpwntioinj fiate dplBft me. 

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«onfomiiiea,foj ji 6atie put m;> ttuS iiitljee. 

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i^onme: fai m? t)ope6aiIj lie; e in tljee. 
SI Deltucc ilCrael,3 (Sastout o^alirjiiStwuOleict. 
ludicameDomine, Pfal i5. 

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nocentlpj inp truli ^atO bene alCb in t()c JLo^D.tOece- 
fo^et^allii not fall 

2 €,tamine me,® ILojB,anti p?ouc me; trp oiit ra? 

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e^t&'. ano3l U3tn\xialt:eint()pttuet(). 

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tl^e ctg^c ajjptbecattU of mine txtemiei. 

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farter : f .1; t^ete ae falfe initnelled ciCen bp againS tnt,, 
an9 (uc6 as ipeake toiong. 

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leeueberelptaCcetbegooDneHTeof t^cJLo;oin tgelano 
of tijc Ittifng. . 

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Ige (tjall comfort t'^iiuc i^eatt , ano put tgou tO? ttud ivt 


AdteDomine. Pfal. 2 8. 

Vjato tl&ee toiU a crp,!3D ILo^b mp Qrengtl; • thinit 
v.o fco^ne of me , k ft if tfjou make ag tljouglj tliou 
beared not, 3| become (ike t^em (|)ar goe eoi»ne tRiS' 

J iheare tl&e tjotcc of mp «Hmlifc petiaoas tolir n 3 
tvf bnto tbcc : iB'otH 31 !)oIo up mp Ijanas toteatD t()t 
i^ettie featccf tbp IjoIj ^Temple. 

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tottO tfie WigotiFp ain UjickeO fioers ; toljic^ Ipcakr 

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ano toili not fit among tbc bngonlp. 

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anu to ijjtll a goe to tbin? attar. 

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Jinn tcH of all tbp tuonpetoiij! too?ke£f. 

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ann tbe place toljere tbine bonour DtBellctb 

tbtir brartd. 

4 E. toartj tbetn accoiliing to thtlx Oeeoc? : ai-D ac» 
cojBing to tbclBcUDnencoftbcic aivnc imtemions. 

5 lS.ccom;;enfe tl;em after | Ujojfee oftj)fir banc? i 
paptbemtljattbep ba.tenereturo. 

6 jFo^tUpcegarD not in t&sir minus tbe b)o;kd of 
tbe ILo?D,Koji tbe operation of his ^anor: tberefo?? I^al 
l;e bjeake tbem cotone.anB nof buifo tbem bp. 

7 1.9?ap.1eo be tbe ilo,:li: foj ye fjatb bentf t5e boic« 

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life taitb tbe blooctbtrlite. 8 ^Ebc ILo^Q id m? firengtf) ana beart 

batb triiUca in bim,* J am Ccrpen ; tbercfoie mp ijeart 
uancetbfo? ii'P.anB in m? long vctH apjapfcbim 

9 ^be £,'o?D !0 mp Hcengtb : ana i;c tui tbe fculjolc* 
fome Dcfrnce of bid anorntet). 

I o ® fauctbp peopfc,* gfiic tf)? b!effing imtotbtRe 
tnbctitancc : fectic tbcm,ano fet tbem Dp foj euer. 

AtferteDominoi Pfal.ip. 

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rammc£(bntotbe2.ojiKafcribc sihto t^s ILo?ab)o?a 
ffjip ann Stengtb. 

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tos?R)lp tfjC Eojo bJttb bolp iro^ibip. 

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ifi tbe gIo?i8US ®0D tbar makctd tbe ibunoer. 

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tbe S,o?t) iff migbtp in operation! f&cl»tce of tbe iLojo 

5 xJIbeboiceeftbe Lo2iib?eaketb tbe Cfl1.1t trees! s 
pea.fbe ILo^D b?ea&ctb tijf Ceuars of Hibanns. 

6 {^e maee tbetn alfu t-o Ckfp like a CalfeiJlibann^ 
alfts atto ^p?ion like a pongiKnicome. 

7 ®bcb9'.'ce of tbe E02D Biafnetb tbe Ramceof 
&:e,tbcbo)?ce of tbe ILo?n (b3Jcetbtbe^i{aetneac;gca» 
tbe ILojd ffjakctb tbe b»ilDeme{fe of (Sane e. 

8 Cbe bopce of tbe !Lo?0 make tb tbe pinVt0 1» 
bjbig fo^tb pong. ann uifc oueretb tbe tfiicke boibee : in 
bid ^empie Doetb f net? man fpcake of bis bonont. 

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Eeioremainetba lSiiifffo?ciier. 

10 tJTbe Eojb (b.iff'gitie Srengtb bnto bid people J 
tbe iLojD (ball gine bisp? op'e tbe blelfing of peace, 


I o Jn toborebanpd id iMieketmeffc? ann tbcic tigbt 

I I TSiitsdfoziMjSltoiltoalkeitmoccmJjj.ffilLojii 
teliiier tne,anli be mercifuHbnta me. 

1 2 ©)j footc ftanBetb riffbt: 3 teifl pjaife t^c Eo;B 
in tiie cosvgtrgationd. 

Dominus illuminatio. Pfal. 27. 

T)c 1.0J5 Id mp ligbt ano mp firluatioti, h)!)em 
tOcnUjanjlfearejtbelojD is tbeOringtbof 
mp life,of to!)em t (jen fljan 31 be afraio i 
^ vEXbfntOetoickcD (euenminccncmiedanDmp 
feed) rame bpon me to eate bp mp fle(]& : tt;ep ttimibleo 
anu felt 

J Cbotigb an boSe of men bjere latu againff me, 
pet II)3H not mrbcact be afraid : ano tbo::gb tbere rofe 
bp laarre againB me,pet toil! ]! pat mp ttiifl in bim. 

4 ©'« tbingbiUie 3 befiteb of tbe £o?D,lB!)icb SI 
toil! rcff: i e ! euentbat Jlmapntoflintbebouieoftbe 
ILo!? ailt'iecapesofmp bebolDtbefaitcbeantp 
of t?:e ^-fl^o.anii to btfit bid temple. 

5 JFn; in tbe time of trouble be Cj^n bine me in W 
tabernacle: pfa,in tbe fecret place of bis bluelb'tigfliall 
\tt bine !r!e,anii 'et me bp bpon a rockc of fJone. 

6 ano nob) tb .-ill be lift bp mine bcaD i aboue mine 
«nemfe=i rosmg about me. 

7 ^bfrefo;c toil 31 offer in W Bteelfing an oTilatf. 
on itiitb g'-eat glaonelTe: 31 boil fing ano fpeake pjapfed 
fintj t'e JLflin, 

8 Kj^eavken bnt<5 mp bopce,® !Lo2?,feben 31 cr^ bn« 
to tbee : bauc me-cp iipdn me^ anti be 're me, 

9 95p hem batb tatiseo of tbce, fceke pe mp face ; 

I o ® i)tcie not tbotj tbp face from me : «9? call tbp 
fetuant atoap in turpleafure 

I I Wiau baflf licnc mv Tncconr : leaneme not, ntU 
tbetfosfakeme,^ '^nrj ofinpfaliiation. 

• 1 2 imm 'IIP fatb:r gnu m^ nwt&e; fo^fakmc; tje 

IiaiUmagnigetbec, ® thou ball fcf me Momn^ 
bp : nno not maoe mi» foed to triiimpb oner me. prayer. 
2 ® Hon mp ©00,31 tjpeobuto-tbce: ano tben 
ball b^'aleo mr, 

J trijou ILaiBbarfD!oiiffbtmpfbMlcoiitpfr;eI:tb0«. 
daft kept mp life ftoiu tljcia-tfiat ao«^ Doiwie to tbi pit- 

4 ^m 



4 %ing pfiite^ into tltHofi (® tt fdntd ofW) 
im giue t6ank(0 to ^iinfo; a lemembjance of §10 \)<f 

5 jFo? W to^art ewDuietT) Imt tl&c ttottttfelmg of an 
e^e, ana in hiepltntunig hie : ^(amncfCe mag enQute 
fo; a nigl)t,but top commetO in tljc momtiig. 

6 ana iii mp pjofpetitie 31 tapo, 31 fljaH nciterBe 
Kmoiieo : ifjou JLo^s of tljp goeDfuffc baoft mane mg 

7 ®!)oii BtBDeJl tiirw t^p face (from me: ) sun 31 
isa0 troubfcD. 

8 tSLben crren 31 bwte ifiet , SD JLcjo: ann gate mc 
bnto mp i,o;li tigOt (jumbfp. 

5) Ctlljat ^;ogte i^ tOete in m; blooo : biigen H g$e 
bolune to tl)e pit f 

I o %5an tlje BttCf gtue t^anfees bnto tB«e s oj flja'I 

I I I^eaw ,® lio,!D,amj (jaut mercp bj)o« m«:I,ojn 
ht tijoii mp helper. 

1 2 tEb'ouljafl fttttieB mp IjeatiincfTe into tap: tTjou 

1 i tKjfretOf'E (Ijal eucrpgooD man Bug ef tijp pjatfc 
faitb-'tit cca0ng: ® mp ©00, 31 totllgme tijanfeg bato 

In te Domine fperaui. Pfal. j i. 

1JJ3 t]6f e, ® ILo?B,I)aut 31 put mp tciiB, let met nnin 
be put to confiiiian : cdtuec me in tfjp tfg{j ■ eca hcffc. 

2 T5o)a Dcb)ne tfrfne earc to me t inske tafie to 
teliuec me. 

J ann bctBoumpftroHjrocSejSnutDeOoiifeof 
Defence : tfjat t?)ou mape H l^ite me. 

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t&ou aifo mp gtitDr,ano Icatie mt fo? tl;p Banico difec. 

5 Djato me out of tlje net tf!at tljjp §auc laiD ^iji* 
wlpfojme: fcuOciiattmpQtfngfft. 

S 3intotijp Ijanos 31 commciio mprpfrit 1 fo? t^oii 
finU reBeenieu me,® IcjD.tcou ®ot! of tnittfi. 

7 31 !)aue ?)ateo tfiem t^at Wo cf CHpctgitioUj3ba» 
ttttie? : ano mp trurt ratb bene (n t!)c iLo;lj. 

8 31 'oiilbc g'a3,anti rriopcc hi tbp mercptfti? tfiott 
^aQ conlxseceti mp tcouDIe , ans 5sli kiio'j^en mp^Ibttle 
in aQuerftriesi. 

9 tirbouliaR not B)uf mrr bp into tficftautj of il^e 
jnemte: but Oafiitt mp fceteiii a large reomc 

1 o i^aue mtrcp upon mee, ® Ln^ia , foz 3f am in 
trouble! ann mine cpe is coiilumcti foj berp Ijeauin.fle, 
jea ,mp fou'e anti mp bcDp. 

IS jfojmpIifeisiaijtenolBetoitftOeauincire: anD 
mp rcere^i bJt't!) mourning. 

1 2 n9p Scengtf) faiferO m?,becaufc ofmlne tniqui' 
tie: anu mpboneji arc cnn''tim<a. 

I ? 31 bfcame a repzoofta-nongaftinfKeenejJiier;, 
Butcijftiafipantongmp neigliboiiru: aHntfeepofmine 
gcqiiatntame toere afraio of me , anu tf-,ep ti^at Btc fee 
me iuitliout.contKpcu tTjcmftfiteiB from me. 

14 31 am cleane foigottcn, as a cean man out of 
minne • 5 am become Irfte a bjefcen be ffef. 

5 Fo? 31 baue lieato tOr blal'pfiemp of p itiu'titiitie! 


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]&afilapDe up toj tbem t^jat fcare ttiee : ans tbat tbou 
JbaSp^epateBfo^ tijem tbat putt()eitttuSintt)«<,«uen 
before tOe iomus of men ! 

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fence, f. cm tl)e pjouoking of all men : tljou fl)alt fee^e 
tfiem lecrctlp in tep tabernacs ft5 tbe fitife of tongue 0. 

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mainci oug areat ktntinf Ue m a Qrong cup. 

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Vjaper : inljen 3! crpeb into tibee. 

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HofQ pjeleruEtb tijem tbat arc taitbfuU , ami plcme« 
ougp retoarnet^ t[je p;ouBe cocr. 

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tfeat put pcut trufl in tije JLo;d. 

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nsbil^olennneiereueTCD. pnytt. 

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tiiijtrutctb no fiane ; (t in toljofc fpirit t^ere i» no guile. 
} jFo? tofjile 31 be!B mp tongue : mp boncp confa» 
m:o sbsap tI)?oagl3 mp tapfp complapning. 

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ana mp mopOurc is like t!;cB,;aiig6t in fummct. 

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bnrig^tccurneprc ba:c jl not ^ to. 

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8113 & tbou fo;Egaiielt ti;e toi: feetneflJe of mp fiime. 

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p?aierbnto tbce in attmetoi&entfisumapi'abe feunDj 
but in tbe great toatet flooBjS t&cpHjallnot come nigl 

8 tlTfjoH art a p!ace ta btD? me in , tfjoii (Tialt pze- 
ferue me from trouble : tijou fijaU compaifcme abont 
tuirb fongB of Deiiiierance. 

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in tIjou Bjair got: ana 31 luiI guiBf tim tcitb mine cpe. 

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bnBcrCanBing: irbofe mout!iei3munbecl^lBeiih)it6 
bitte anD b?iiile,(clltbep fallbpcn tijee. 

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tobo fo puttctli bis ttuft in tht ILojD.mcttp emb)acct& 

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£o;D J anD be iopfitll all pe tijar arc trae of (jcart. 

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mc;btec{ltbriiifitofer tfianhefHll. 

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to him teitf) f-!)C Lute an? iR-aiument of"? en {iringt!. 

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Iufiitp(ontof)im)imtbagnDB coiirKge. 

4 jFci? ttie h3o?rie of tbe £0?B t0 true : anD alt fjiiS 
too?fec3 arefaitljfull, 

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agniaRme.ijtafertfiarcouBfclIfotnkcatoapmpfife. ' <«»>.. r.... rs.>. -.. 

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l^aue fapTi, ^bou art mp (09D. 

1 7 £Qv time is in tb^^ ijnnu.r clincr mcfro f^e '^anD 
ef mineentmi;6; miDfrom tVm tlt^.tj^frfrcutc me. 

18 ^Ijete tbp 'frnanttli'ffigbt of tljp countenance: 
anD faue me fo' tT;p mtnic?? fnkc. 

1 9 !Let menot be cjnfaunBei,® iLojD/o? 31 bane 
ealfcB byon tbee : let the imgaofp be pr.t ta confuCon, 
anD 6: put te fiicn c in tl)c grane. 

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sa^.-.U5i;fanp,9f. Del^ttefMliE fgcafee agiiuB | rig^teou^. 

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ano all thV bofffS nf tbvm bp tbebjeatbef Ijiemoutb. 

7 J^e gatberctb tbe teaterg of tbe ff a toactbcr. aa 
ittorctipon an beape : aiiD Iapet§ bp tbcBccpeactir 

s Let a!l tfic ear b ff ate tbe iLopie : fianD in atot 
of bim aTIpe tbat nxvei in tbe Suojia. 

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anD ft (JooB faff. 

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nongbt : anD maketb tbe Deuirrs! oft^epcrplr to ' e of 
ncn«tgij«3,aiiD caljctb outti^ecaunffl? 01 Jpiimcfi. 




1 1 fSfft wtmfell of tt e lLa?ti f^afl cntjarc Fo^ eiitt i 
eno t?;e tf)oug^c0 9i \)i9\)iiititain snumten cogc^ 

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31?fioua: aHObUiTeQ ittt^efolktt^atljt l^at^tW-tn 
to OiiTt to be fctp mljeritancf. 

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iciD al! tlje cfiilBjzn nf men *. from tbe jja. itaticn f Ijid 
ttoilling i)e conCioctrt^ al tljtm tljat ouitl in tfee catcft. 

1 4 i^s fa!I)ionetlj a'.I t^e tMtts of ti;em; auD baott* 
iiaitDecb alt tijetr too^bc^;. 

1 5 ttljeie is no king tijatcan be faucB bp ti&e mxh 
tituoe of an IjoSc : nettijec i^ anp misttie man Dtl(ue> 

1 5 3 !)o;U is coisntCD bttt a batne fljtuj to faac a 
man : neither ^aU ^ee ccliuer mvi man l-; Oi^ gtcat 

1 7 l3ebolD,tT)e epc of t^e 3Lo?b tiS bppn t^cm f Teate 
|tm ; am bpon t6em tiftat pat tljeir tmff in Us mtrcp. 

1 3 ^0 Dcliucr tT;cit fouler from Dratij: axa tc feese 
^tiem IntOcttme ofocaitb. 

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" tciisoiirbtlpeantiourttMrfiJ 

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taue (jopeD in U^^h ilame. 

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ifi : ItEc 30 toe Doe put our triili in tt;ee. 

Benedicam Domino. Pfjl j 4. 

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Q)a(( enec be in mi> moutb. 
4 e©^ fflule {^all niafec Oct boaS of tje ILojti : tOe 
5nm!)Ie fl&'all beate tbectof anti {-e ginp, 

] ^':aiQ: tbe £.o;9 toii{) uie: ano let bd ntapiGe 

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uereti ntf oat of ail mp fcaie 

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anu f^eitficestoere not aRjatneO. 

6 l,oe,t'iepoo?e!) tl)c iLoju ^eatet^ btm ; 
jea,anT) fauetb btm o!it of ad !ji«f treti'jleg. 

7 ^(jc angel of tbc IL023 tatietbrodnc about t^em 
tjatffatebim : anu Dcliuerctb tbcm. 

8 O tafte ano fee boto graciou? tbe ILo;ti 10 : bkC' 
fen f ? the man tbat tnifletb in bim 

i> ® fenrc tbe £o;n pe tbat be Ibid faint ji: fo? tbc? 
t'^at fcare fjim lackc notbinff. 

10 €:i!c fi^ioniS DOC laclie , antjfuffftbunjet! but 
t!i£? iA''.)ich fcefee tbe ILo?D,(5al toaat no manet of tfeing 


1 1 (Siome pe cl^il02en,an!i 'Scarken bniomc ; 31 todl 
teacb pou tbe fcare of tbe !LojD. . 

1 X "CT'^at man is be tbat Itilctb to Itiie,8n!> tooutli 
faine&e grnou aares : feecpc tbP tongue ftom eaill.ana 
ftp lips tliat tbe? fpea&e no gtulc. 

I J 5£fibeto euil.if DOC (tsiflt fte&e peace,* cnfue it. 

14 tlbcepe^ of tbe fi,opatcouertberigbttouUj 
anti W eartS are open unto tb?tr D'.apcts. 

1 y CSe countenance of tbe lLo?D is ajainlT tbcm 
t!)St im rKH: to toote out tbc remembrance of tijem 
ftom tbe eattb. 

1 6 tibc n'gbteattK ct?,an!i tbe !Lo rt be aretb t^tm : 
ant) Briiuctetfi tbem OHt of all tficir ttoiiiilcs. 

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trite be ~tt: auo toilfaue litcb asbeofanbiimM? fpirit. 

1 8 <Steat ate tbe treubfea of t(j<ttgbteou{(: blU tbc 
JLojBUtliuetetbbimoHt of afl. 

I p !l^e kee^etb a(( ^i«rboncf$: ft tbat not one of t^em 

10 TSiit mtftbjf tme ffistt (lap tTie bngoDlj : antt t^e^ 
t^at bate tbc risbteo-is,(i) \\lit ocfolate. 

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eno al tTje j t^ct pttt t'6rit ttttl! fn ^iitt , f^iH net be Be« 


lutl'camcDoKiine. Pial.jj. 

P Urate tVoii mp cauCe. O Lo^U , to^rbtbcmtfflt Morning 
Jtiuctoitbme: an3figbctl)ouaga:nlItiitnit|at P"y«, 
2 jlap ba;;ti bp^n t^e ^itla aRD bticl&^er: ann Qatiti 
bp to i;e(pe me. 

J T5/!ing ro?t| tbc fpeatcanc Sop tbetoap agatnU 
tl-em tbat perlrcttte wc t fag bnto mp ibule, | am ttg 

4 S,et tbem bee confounbcu ano put tc fl^ tl&at 
ff eke after mp foiile : let tbf m bee tumeo baclse , ano 
bjougbt to confuQon, tbat imagine mifcbtefefo^i roe. 

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tbe Sngclof tee tojofcattering tbcm- 

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angel of tbe ILo.jd pcrCcctite tl;em. 

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toitbout a cauCe : ve.<, eucn toitbeut a caute baiie t^tg 
maoea pitfojmpfoulc. 

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toarcs, aiU bis net tbat be batb laio piiiutlp catclj bim» 
fdfe : tbat be map fall tnto bts otone mi.cbiefe. 

9 2m mp foiile,i e if jfiill in t|c JLojn ; it (Ijall re* 
toHce in bis faluation. 

10 911m? bones fljall Tap, JLo?t),toT;oisli6tb;!to 
tbee, tobicb Cdiuereli tbe pooje ftom bim tbat is too 
Crong fo? l:m 1 pea, tl;e poo;c ano tim tbat is in roife* 
ne,ftom bim tl at fpopUtlj bim. 

1 1 jfalfc toitneffc Bio rife bp: tijep lapte to mp 
cT;arge tbitigstbatilfenetoHot. 

1 2 tSbep rctoatueo me ruin fo? ffooU : to tte great 

1? jaeHeitbcli'ITe , toben tbep tocre(5cfee3lputoii 
fackdotb, an .< bumbteb mp Cniilc tottb faffing : anb mf 
p^aptr il]an tume in to mine otone boCome. 

14 31 btbaurb mpltlfe astbotigbit babbcnemp 
fticRO , o;t mpbjotbet t J tocnt beauilp, Bjonet^at 
mfliiwetbfo: bisniotber. 

15 T5ut in mine otuf rCtte t^ep reiopceb , anu gi» 
tbrreb tbem togetbet i pea , tbc berp abittts came to* 
getber agaii (i me bnatoares > making motoeiei at melt 
ano reafcD not. 

16 cnitb tbe flatterers tocrebuScmocfeersJtobic^ 
gnaC^fb bpon me toitl) tbcir tcctb 

1 7 JLor , boto Ions toik tbou fot^c bpon tbtd : © 
Be liuer mp foiilc from tbe calamities tobicb l|)tp bging 
en me.ann mp bearling from tbc ILions. 

1 8 ^0 toil 31 piuf tbee tbanks in tbe great c«!gM« 
gation: 31 toillpjapii tbee among mucb people. 

1 5j ©let not tbem tbat are mine enemies tritimpfi 
oner me bngoBlp : ncitbcr let tbem toinkc toiti& t^eit 
epes tbat bate me toitbout a canre, 

10 anotobpi? tbett communirgis rot fo? peace j 
but tbep imaAfnecccettfuH UiojDtS agair.ft tbem t^flt 
are q-'let in tfje lane. 

J « <jr{)cp5c.iptDonmctoftbtbeirmoutbeS,anBta{l» 
/Fie on tbccffe on tbee,toe frto if iaitl out cpc s- 

2 1 tSliiS tbon bait feme , ©a-.irn-: bolEcnotttp 
tongue fben.goe not farreftom me,® Hoji}, 

3 ) atoafte ant) Gfanb bp to tuT<ge mp quarcl: auettgc 
tboti mp caHfe,mp ®.iti anb mp !Lo?a. 

24 3Intige mee, flD Lf Jb mp (So3, actn?B(rg to t^p 
tigbtcoulhf ffe : anb let tbcm not trii.'mpb oner mr . 

15 Eet tbcm not fap in tbcir hearts, t5r()ere,tbete, 
fo tooulo toc^aueit: neiibcr iettTj(nitap,Oa((aueBC> 
u.mrt fifm. 

16 let tbem be put to ronftiQcn 9 £l&an'Cfrr«Tjtt 
tbat reiopre at mp trouble: let tbem I e c!etbtc totib re* 
lu^ Ans bi^otuut t^at boafi tiiemCUut^ againfi me. 

37 3L(( 







17 Ect rtcinbe glacmitiitftjer rtatfauourm? tfjnt great tlcti^ji of fBebtigotlp. 
CiStteouu cealins : ^ta.iet tljem fa? aitoa^j'BitfleD be 1 7 JFo; tige armep ot'ti^e bngoolp f^alie&joletii aRB 
ttie S.o;q, bJ^icij ^ar:t) ylcafiiu en tbe pjpryetUie ef ()t0 (lie &o;o b]<^olD(tlj tl)e rig%tcou0. 
tttuMt. > ^ ^Oc ilo;!) itnoUieti) t^ Dapetf of tic bttgoDlst 

a8 an3as(fo?mp tongue, (tffjalifietaTfttngoftljj anBtlKittnhiritancelljaricneuiefci^tutt. 
lig^teoufncCTe : anu of ttjp p.apfe aK tiie Dag iDiig- 1 9 ^<)ep (liail n^ t bee ccntounceD in t^t petrkiutf 

Dixie inii.ftus. Pfal. ; 6. time : * III t[)C tapcpof tcatt!) tdcp (Ijal! Ijaue enough, 

[ S §«art l^toet!) me tbe totifeccntfre cf ttie bngtta> j o de fp? tije hngoDly,tl}ep ftall pnil^onD tOe enc- 

n>ie0 ef tl)e IL9?D fldallconrtime 80 tt;c fdt of ILambf^ J 
pea.cueji a? tljt imokc il)ali tljep conrititif atoap. 

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fctittlje ttg!)teeus tg mernfiill ano Iibtrall. 

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ano tijep tljat be ctitCe of Ijfm.fljalbercotec out. 

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mafeetb lji0 teap arcfjjtablc to t;tmftlfe. 

2 4 SfjougJ) I e fai(,l)f Oiai not be caR al»af. fo^t5« 
JLo;!ti bpfjolcet^ l;tm toitli biPfcaitD. 

2 5 31 hatie beiir pomig , ann neto am oJnc : aim pet 
faio 31 nf net tlje riglitetfuis t«f falicn , ho; t)«0 (frtJc beg* 

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auB 1)10 Utl is hleflV ti. 
»7 jFIrefromeuiU, anBi)oettettlngtf;att0gortJt 

lip: tl)3t tljerc i0 iw feace of (Sod bf fo e Iji0 tpj?. 

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ttn ^(0 abominable iittne bt founo out;. 

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fuK af ceceit : ^e 'Qatlj left eS'to beljaiie titmlelfe \3iMf, 

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CetljimielfeinHo geootoap ; ncitljct Doet^ ic abtiojre 

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«Wti tl)P fattl)fiilnclic unto ifjc clotiOeiS. 

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taine.5 : tfip Jnegtmsnte au iifee tlje great nccpe. 

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wctlcnt jg tljp merrp,© ® od: an; tV cljilojcn of men 
C^.J: p; ttfjeir treiR ua er tlif i]&aco\» oUbP Inings. 

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tbp beiiie : ano tboii (IjbK giuc tljtm D^mfee of tO? pita* J 8 JFo? tfie ILo?d loiietfi t|e tSing tfiat 10 tfgftt : Igc 
fwtf0,ae cHt of the riuer. fo^faSct!) not W tijJt be goaip, but t^bcp arc pjefttueD 

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aretrufflfiieatt. therein foi eatr. 

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let nor ti^r ftanuof tlje Dngoclpraflmr Doume. tome : an? lie tongue toHbe talking of tunaimtnt. 

1 3 ^! ere arc tbr p fallen (all) tbat Juejftt toicIjeB» j » ^V.t ILato o( J)it <3or> ig in t«0 ttart : ano iifi 

mr&s tbep are cannotoncano fijal not lie able to Cana. goings f^alf not flrac. 

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F:Jrt not tl)p Iclff jbecauCc of t!jc bngoclp : neitf;rt otcaaon to flap bim. 
betftoucnuioiis againftib£enilit)ofr0. }4 ^OelLs^Bbjillnotlfaucfiiin inl|i05nv.ti: noj 

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grulfe : ano be toitbcrco cttfn ao ti;c grccne (jtrbe. J5 i^epc tboti m tbe i,02B.anB fefcpV fiigtoar, aiiB 

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BijjcII tn t{)c lanB.aiiD Dcreli' tboit R;atr be frti. luljen tbc ungotilp Rjall pcrifi),f 6011 C^alt Cc e it. 

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(it Ijim.aniJ fjc SpH b?iris it to |!a(fe. 

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ligtjt ? ant tbp iufi rcalina sstlicnoovc aap. 

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ftiin : bia: grictte not t:lii> fclfc at btm tefeofp toap recti) 

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l)tm,bitt Ws pfnrc coiiln no luljc re be fo tiva. 

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tbat i( rigljt : fo^ tlwt fljail b;iii& a man prat e at t]}Z 

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pfo per,^ i> man tT)3t cmrtf) afrer eiiifroimfails. tljer : ano rfee emj of tfcc ungaBip iP,tt)fp fljail I't vccteO 

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p.lti Kttp aH5e tie S.ojti.tfio'c R)':^n inljfrif tfie lawn. trouble 

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tjtre (S no tololtpart tn mp bocp, 

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tt)e 5)£tp Odquictneniof mp Iifait. 

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ning i& net l)iu frcm tljce. 

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ium tl)e ftgln of mtue c?es 10 gone from me. 

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bpon mp trouble : ans nip femCcmrn Roao afatre cff". 

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fo? me: ann t'lcp tljat tof nt about te Bo mc em I,talfecD 
of bJitkfDntlTcanD tmagfncD ceccit ailtftc cap long. 

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t^il: anCiuere fo;i mc,® ILojc mp ®oD. 

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fi^mlo not triumph oncrmee : fe; is'oea mpfoou Qipt, 
It^p retojiCD grcatlp againlime- 

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uincffe ie eitcr (n mp figljt. ^ , 

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fojmpCnne. ■ '• 'i 

1 9 TSut mine enemfeiS line, ? aretr4gfit|tf>atiB tlje? 

2 o ®f)ep alfo tbat teusaro cuili fsz gooD,are againfl 
tiie:bctau!e JfellotDttif tt!ina;tI)afg90D ii 

7 1 jFoifafee me not, © JIo^q mp ®eB 1 be not i^ou 

it l^aHe tjte to ^elye mc : 2D Hcfi ®oB mpfal' 

Dixi, Pfal J5, 

I^afo, J tDill take ijeeB to mp Uiapcp ; tl^at J off^nB 
wot h mp oingtic. 

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torjtlctije bngoBlp i& in mp ligbt. 

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1euce,pea euen from gooB iBo^Dg, but it U\0 pame ano 

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.^jiiiSmttrmg,t'^efirekinDleD : anBBttt)ela(}3l^pa!tc 
tcitb mp tongue, 

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taieg:tl)at 31 map be cettiRefi feobj leng 31 fcaac to Kuc. 

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tpan long ; anti mine age is etien aS in xtfytct 
of tfice.flt bcrelp ei«CP man liuinf is alrogrt!:c; 

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tetl) bimfelfc in baine : be beapctl) top ticbep, anc ian< 
pot tcK toho f[)all gatbrr tbf m. 

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5 Dcliv.k't me f -om aK mine offiuces: am; make me 
not a re' Ilk bnto tljefuolifl). 

I o 3i became cumbe,ant! fpencBnotrnprnoiit^: fo? 

I I (ffelfee tbp plagne ateap from me t 31 am ctien 

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rinnc,!{B bis bcautie to confume abiaplifee ad 
itlBcre a motl) fretting a gamicnt 1 entrpmatitteit. 

1 1 t^iitc \vv pjaver.® JLo'.B,aiiB toitbtbitte tntt 
ConC?ermF railing ; bole not tbp peace at mp tear««. 

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8i! all mrfatt'ers fern, 

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Bttngtl) : tefo?e J ge fcetice.atiB be iiu mo?c I'tene. 

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I K'aitco patiuitip fc? tbe tcjB : anB be ep,tIineB btt« 
1 to mc,apc t^arti mp 

» i^e b?ougl)t me alio out of tbc bo^rtblc p{t,oiit of 
tlje mite anB clap : aiiB let nip feete t>pon ti^e taike, ana 

} gnB De batlj pnt a ncto fong in m? moutib t mm 
a t^anMgtutngbntcoiu ®oo. 

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trttQ in tbe JLo^B. 

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£,o;tB : ar.Bttim(Dnot&mot|ep;ctiO,&nB(Oliu;ba?gf 
about xnitfy Uc{i. 

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tobicbtljau ball Bene : Ike as! bee alio tbptljougbt^ 
bJ^iib are to biS-biarB, ant pet t'jcre i^ no man tljat oj« 

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tbcp I^oiilB be mo tbcn 31 am able to rjip.'eUe. 

s Sacrifice anB n.eate o;ieriiig tbou UiomIbiS not 
lane ; but mine faret- b^C tl;eu f pcreo. 

ji TSiinit offerings ano facrince foj Qnne l)a8 t^oil 
rotrfq!>ir«B:tbfnr8iB3lXoe,3l come. 

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tbat 31 fl^oulD fulfi! ti;p toil © nip (SoB : Jh am cometit 
to Boe it ,rea. tl p Lato ig toitbin mp be>.rt. 

1 1 3i baue BeclareB tijp rigbreouftirflr in tbc great 
congregation: loe 31 toil not refraine mp lipsj© £0^ 

I i 31 ba;!e not biBBc thv rfgl^teeufneirf Uittbin ni? 
Tjcart tmptalfciug&atblicncoftljpttuetO, anfioftbj 

« J 31 baue net kept bac6e tbp loiiing mercj'e ana 
tmctb ! from tbe great congregattoii. 

14 JDltitbDzato not tboutbp mcrcttfrom mee, © 
Hem : In tBp louing kinCReffe anB tbp truetb alb;a; 
pzcferue me. • 

1 ? jpo;t innumerable troublcX are come about tw, 
mp finnes baue taken fucb bolBe bpen me , tb"t 31 am 
not able to loake bp : pea, tlicp arc moc in mim'cr t6e« 
tbe baires of mine be B.aiiB mp fieart batb faileii mc. 

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bailee© Ilo!ii)tobeIpeme. 

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tJj?.rfeckei.ftetmpfouletD ceflropit : lfttIjcmbeBjj« 
Tten I acktoarB ansput to ic" tike tbat kuilb me euill, 

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tbatfapbntomf : jFiebpsntbee.ficbpon tbee. 

1 9 JLet all tbole tbat Ccr ke thrr be fopfiiU anB glali 
in tbee : ana let ftub as lout tbi: faluation, fap altoap, 

2 o 3 c fo2 me,31 am poote antJ necBp: bat tbc S.o?i> 
carctb fo: me. 

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longtarpitiiT,© mp 'Sen. 

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B'S.cffcB t6beetbatronrtD:rftbtbcpoo2e(ann-nef> Euening 
lie:) tbe L:3;BBj.vtt iclmcr Ijlmin tbc time of prayer. 
1 i^it fl,o2B pie'Vruc bim anB kcepc bfm almt, 
tbat be map bebleirVD upon eartf : anB Btliuet not t^ou 
bwn into rbetnillef bis nirmii'S. 

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bis ben : make tbou nil bis beB m bis lufenr (Te. 

4 3Ifa',bemfrcifuH)mcme:bciIcmpfoufe, 
fbt 31 bene fmneo nptnfi tbee. 

9 CBtne enemies fpeake euill of me ; b>(icn ff)t.filt 

6 Sub 

ifiii. day. 



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%\S ()f Btc coctittctb falfljQoB tDtttin gimUIfe, anB l3)l)cn t!)a',i(;r0 , U]i)icij tjS tOe D^Ipe of nig couRtenetKe, ano 
5ecorametl)ftjttlj,!)ete«eti)tt. m^Oou. 

7 911 mine enemies Ujljirpettojet^ctagalnSim; Deusauribns. Pfal.44. 

»yen againft mc Doe tie? imagine t:)i6 cmll. "\ 7^ 7*"^* ^^"* ''^^'■'' ^''^ "'"^ ^ 3'^^^> ® ^"B, 

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6im: an3n£iU)tljat!bcfi8tI),lctl;iinrtrekii)nomo;e. T V- Bonfintfjtirtimeofotc*. 

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tI)«UflieDi)aijdine,anD 3 t^rtlltetsarD tf)em. tWcitom: fiuo.Duidt^ettoaiS ittjjctt clBue arraettat 

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cnemieaoctljnottriumpiiagaitiSme. 4 'Biittbprfglitfjan5anDtTjineatmf,anDt6engBt 

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we : ano ff)aft I'tt me Inrfaie tb^ face fojs tiier. 

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ann f n tt)? fjanie toil toe tteao i&cm iinDer t&at nfe bu 

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tting'©e3"; to!)cn lljaU iitome to apgearc before t^c f»>o?at!jat{ljal(!jc!pfmc, 

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•no tofiP art t^on fo Bi"q:tieteti toitbin me ? 

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rtsnfeco fof t(ie Ijelpe olW ceuntenance. 

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liaQ ItattercBbs among t{)t J^eatben. 

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toin Jlrememtiertbcf, concerning tbelano of jle^Bati, boutd: tobeelatigbeptafcojiifj anBDaoinDerificnof 

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rtoii forgotten me : toijp goc 31 tiiH5 ticaiijip, toi^rie tljc Kot fojgct tljce: nojbcssue out iVliics frobjaralg iH tljj 

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tbo:j foBifqiiietco toirbtfl me i 

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of S>J3goHiJ; ana ce.tcreB be luit!> tU RjaDetuc of 

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ra;i'"e agatnfr i\) : u;ip5lp people : Beliuec mee 
fr cm tfe? ccctitful! am toiiftc?. ma;i, 

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!J)o« pat mc fceni tbcc: anf tobp goe 41 Co bzaailpjbjJjile out mtrerp ant troiille f 

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aiiB are fomitea as HKf i e appoint' o to be (i-iin?. 

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t^p BbJcSiinr;. 

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tntn tbe .Sou ormp iop Of glannzs; ana Upon tije iparpe 
luiltji n:tiietbi"mfefSbatothee^O (?oB,mp ©oB. 

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XM^^htext is inDittngcf a 5ooBni.Ui> r : 3f rpeafee 9f 
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mod intgljt^ t accopins to c^p tB.i^njtp ano renouimc. 

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OH,&«siireof tyelBojDtof ttiutt) , ofmcfhtiut&.ana 
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titiU t^ingit. 

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^a(be riibQuec Dnco tOrc : (utn in t\K miDQefi among 
t^e kings f'lemiejl. 

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ttttff tbj'bingDome i0 a rigljt icepter. 

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tie : is^rtt:fo;e ®es(cuen t^p ® oD) tatO anoiiitcB t()ec 
totiO t\)e oplc of glaoiicCCe aboite tbp feltotoftf . 

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Ca^ta : outaf t|je31uo;iepalacc0, lutctebp tbep ^aiie 
naoe the e glaQ- 

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tooiiien : bysn tl? rtgljt ^ans oiQ Qano ttie ^Hcenc in 
« ueOiirt of golae (te^ongtjt about t»a\) Diuttjs co< 

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eare: fo;gct alfot{)iiieob)nc pecpU, anect^p facbet^ 

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{b; ()f i& tijp &o;d (*9og; ano teo;ll)ty tljon 6itn 

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gift! liU as t\)t hcb ado among ct)e pet pit (^all matu 
t^fitfiipplicatjon fiefrie t^e. 

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flotfiing ifl of tozougljt golDe 

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•fneeDletoojfeci tOe UtrgnisttohefjetfriictBcg^ali 
6eate b<c compan;>,ant> (Ijalbe b;ougU bmo t^ee. 

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tno lljan trtrr tnto tfjt fetngg piface. 

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toltom tIjOH mapefi malie princes in all lancfi. 

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linta anetbec : Aetdo:t (i^ali t^ peopU gtiie tijan^e^ 
btttt t^ec b)«;iD totcbour mo. 

Deus nofter lefugium. PCal.^6. 

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in trouble. 
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Wiiueti : ano t.;ougb tit b:I{S be cacicb into tjic mtOBeS 
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t^ougb tI)C mo-intaine^ fi^a&e at tt)e tempcl) oiv lame. 

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tit cttie of (?oB : ^t (olp place of tlit tabernacle of tbe 
0ioS ^tglieS. 

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(art& S)ail me(t atuap. 

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ill out refuge. 

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WatPtflructtmi {je batb b?oiigT)t Upon tbe rartb. 

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6?eaket^ tbc botoe, ano knappetb tlje fpeare mfunBer, 
«nB biirrietb tbe clmU>ta in tbf fire. 

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tie etafteo among tbe )^eatbcn,anD J toil be ipalteli in 
t(e eattb. 

i I €be £e;D of (joQtjt i{( i))it()b{!: tit 0oD ofSa* 

Omn«ge»tBpl.i«<Jie«, P/aI.47. 

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liigunto vi^oo toitb tbt tto^ceofmciuOic. 
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be ii> tOf great l^ingupon all ttie tartb- 

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tso^l^ip «f ^arob tubom fit ieuft. 

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\iiiiit tiit to HUB of tOc trumpe. 

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Qng piapfegjluig p^a^fcs biito eitr £(ing, 

7 jFo; ®oB 16 tbe Siing of all tte eattb : ing {( 
p;ap{c0 toicb imoerfiaRCing, 

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9 ^be p^inceis of tbe peoplt ate iepnes bnto (^ 
people of tbe <doi of flb^abam: fe; ®oO(t)il;icb i^betp 
btgtj eraluB) Doet^ sefenB tbe eattb a^ it iuete toitO 1 

Magnus Dominus. Plal.48. 

GlEleat 1$ tbe ]lo:o,anB bis^ipt» lepmpltB: tnt^c 
citp of our ©oo.eiif n bpon bte f;oIp tiU. 
2 i£be bill of<^ten tea faire place, anB tbe iop of 
tbe lubolp eattb t bponifje i^o'tblioe Ipetl; tb*fitptf 
tbe great Sting , @oB us tpell laioiDeii in bet palace^ 

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at!onies,ano (iiDoeiilp caQ ooUine. 

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on a bJoman in ^it trauatle 

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tbe CaQluinDe. 

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citp of tbe JLoto of boQc^.in ttecitp of out (Sob : iSoB 
bpljoloetb tbe fame fe; eucr. 

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tbemtDDc0 of tb? Cfrnple. 

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tonto tbe tDo^lDU cRBt i (bp tigbt banB ifi full of cigbte* 

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of 3lu0a be glat} : betanCe of tbp iuo^enient^. 

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ano ten tbe totoieu tTjeteef. 

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tbat pe map tell cbem tbat rome aftet. 

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(t)aK be out guioe bnto beatb. 

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tares all pe tbat Ointll in tbe bK);ilD. 
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} (^p meutb Sial fpeake of biiCcomt: anB mp beart 

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ttip Batte fpcacb bpon tbe S^arpe. 

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(etineffe: anotoben tbe teickcBneffcofmpbetle; com* 
paSetb merouno aboiit:^ 

6 tPere be feme tbat put tbeir truR in tbeir gPOBj; 
ano boaQ tbtmiilueB in tbe mtiltituoe of tf;etr ricbeP. 

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agreement bnto ®oB hi bim. 

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fit muH let tbat alone fo; euer. 

» ^eajtiiouglb t)C liiu long : ani (let not t(e graur. 

10 jFo; 


The X. day. 




toggtits : «0 tael au tde ipo;snt ano &olii^,anB leauc toitb tl)p tongut t|eu (jafi i^t to^tii ttttit. 

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«ae ft: euct t ann tftat t^tlt otueHmg places fifjall en. 2 1 ^Oefe tl ing0 fiaft tljm Bone , ano 3 fjtlot m 

Date from one generation to an(itt)ec,aiiBt8Bt{|«IanBj( tongue, anot&oiubougtiieatoicfeeiilptbata am tiuH 

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tog ()e map btt compateii unto t&e beafi«i ttjatjpttift, » » 2) tonfian tUia pe t;:at fo:gct <SoD: leii 3 p^iwk 

t\)lt is tlje toap of tljem. pon atoap,anD tljere be none tc BiH,.ct pen. 

1 ? Cfiis i9 tWrrooliB&nefTe : anB t^ir poBeritk » 3 ^aOo Ca cffttetlj me tljankcg ano pzaprr Je fyi* 
p^apit^f it raping. nf^Kt^me: anotoSimtbatogBeretljtipctntwtfatirt 

1 4 ^li'^i? Itc in t6e 5ril hit Riccpe , ttati gnateft!i Ks{)t,tofll J ^>b tjje faluatten of ©00. 

ipon tOcm,? tfje tigbteens C&ail ^laite Botntnation oner Miferere mei Deus. PCil. j i . 

tiiicm in t^e morning : t^ett beautle J&ail conTiime in TJ flue mercie bpon mee , 2) <3ga , after tl&p great 

ti&efcpirtct'EoiitoftOeirBQ)eUiiig. '^ffwonefG:: acco,:Dingtot&emii[titaBe«ftl)pmet» 

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» 8 jFo? toWlc Ije liucB,De ceunten IjimfcSe a ftappp eniH in tbp Gg6t : t^at tljou tnigbteli be tuBi&D m tto 

man ; anufolong ad tftou ootfl toeiJ unto tbp relfe,meu fsping.anB cle art bBljcn t|oti an int-geD. 

toil! fpe ake gooD ef tbee. J TBr^olD, J fcoas BjiaptR in totcfeeBne£fe : ano fjs 

19 l?)ef&»lfcH{ototf)fgentratic«or6t0fat^:aHB Bnnt^ttinpmutbetconceiutDme. 
^Uneiictf«lig5t. 6 TBut lot, tbou tequiieS trimO in t^e fntoattt 

20 (©anl'tinginfttmouTjfiatllnotimjetBaHDing: parts : auB ftabmaftemteto bnctrSanB &i&Borojf 
finr 10 comparer tmto t^e bta&s that periS&. fcccctlp. 

Deus deomni. Pfal 50. 7 ^bou 5ialt purge mt toitf) ^pfope,anTi 31 C&alBe 

T!?c ILejB, etwn tljt mcB migf)tp ®tiB fiatlS fpo« ckane: tl&oa l^alt iuall mtt,anB 3 ^ail be iD&iiettJtB 

ken: anBfaHetitf)ctoo?(c,fromti)cri{ing5)pof fiwto. 

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t!»t Ije map iuage W pecple. 

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Jjaut mace a covenant Iwit!) me.toitl) farrifice. 

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fo? ®oB 10 31"Cge UmCtlff . 

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net t%p fedp %pii it from me. 

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Sablift me tuitb tljp free Spirit 

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ano finners gjalbe coRuetteH bnto tf;te. 

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ci fo: tbp binmt off. inge : btcaufe ttep Sutrt not attoa? moutft ISan (Jjcto tl)p piapfe. 

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goatuout of tbtitolrp. 17 C6«racriBceof (Sod ie atroKbirU ipitittabjc* • 

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ate tl&e cattrisrtjpon a tfjoiifanB bils. » 8 ©tefnumnabfc anugradaug imro^iondmiaj 

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t^ totlBc beafliS of tlj? fi-io arc in mp Ggf)t. 1 9 ?rhen fliMt tboti be pleaCrB toitt tT)f farrifice of 

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ij ^tnkentf!ont&at3Itoineate'BnF«fle(I):atiB' Q.iiiJ_glorijris? Vialsi. 

B?lnfee tlje bl.oD of ®aatB? 

1 4 Sifct bnto (Sob t^anSfeiaing; 9 pap t5?1)ot»e3 
bmo t&e mo8C?tisbcR. 

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^carc tbce.ani) tljou ll).^,lt pzapfe me. 

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tbou tanft Po miCc^ieftf 
a Cnfjtreas ^gooruteof ®oB:enB«^tt?|pftBffi?^• 
? tS"!)? tongue iinaQ;inetrjiDttfeetn£St: anB-SoUl 
iiee tfioii cuttf R Iif;e a ftiatpe rafoj. 
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tI)OK.pjcaci) mpIaiJJtft, ano tafecff ntp ccJienant in tljp ntflc : ann to talke of lies mo« tijen rrglrteoutneffe, 

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^afimptooiMbt^tuB tliec. 

1 8 OJljtn tfiou Cfltoeli a ttf eft,t^au confenteca bn^ 
«»$iot&aB^a!lbtne ^actaEe(%(£^t^aca!»Kt^v 

5 fT^ufjaRrouet) to fpc3kraHteo?B0itat mapBS 
anB l&afi ijwit tO tbcu fari tongue; 

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tafeettiecam pfurke tlitc mt oftl)prtwlIing,atiBro« 
t^Kwitpf t^Ians (S^^iimSiu 

7 -^^' 



The \i\dzf% 


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fhoiiTtt) ; but ttufico trnio tfjt nniliimcc rf^is tii-Oef j 
ano nrcr.gtliniet! liimrelfe in 1)10 li)jckrDnif[<. 

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lieufccf iS'ta : m^ tculi id in t'gt tenoa menp ci oS^O 
fo^ ei'.ct anD cttcr. 

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llcii f)s5 oojie : ano 31 ioill Ijrjjf in iljj Qtmc, &>? tlj 

Dixit infipiens. Pfal jj. 

T"5c foolify boDic ^atU Ca^o in Ijis jr art : t^crcijl 
naigoB. , 

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ftk in tt)f i: toicktctitp : tlurc ts nine ti&at Boetlj gocD. 
J (joufoofeco tioiineftom Ijeaurn bpentrjCiljil-- 
Bjen of mm : tofcr if tl:ric tore an? tbat IjjpuId bncec= 
Ganu anti Cccfee afr ct ®oi). 

4 Taiit ilKp ate all gone out of tijc Snap , tljc? are 
^togfcttiecfiecomc abominaHe: t'^ete iu al(bnoncil)at 

5 ate not tljcp toitT)OHt brDeiffanoir g tDat h3o?fte 
bicfeecnce; : eating lip mp people as if tijep tooulD eate 
bjean f tfiep fjaiie not caller Upon ®od, 

6 StjeptoereafraictDl.etcnofeatebjad: fojcPoD 
iatb broken t^e boneis of lixm tliat h> llegrD t])K, t^oa 
tad put t^em ta conf uGeu, lecaute (^^oSlbatlj celpiCeQ 

. 7 ®B flat t^e faliiatien toercgiuen bnto Sl^^ael 
•Kt of %ion : ol; tl/at tl;c Lc?D tooiUD Dtltuct tig peo- 
ple out of csptiHitte. 
8 QTtni f&oulD 3Iacoti reiopce; anc 3IfraeI£&;«lB be 

ligfit glaD. 

Deus in Nomine. Pral.54. 

Sattc me O ®oti,fi'f ttp JSaiBfs fafec : ana anetige 
me iH tl)p flrcngt^. 

I locate mppzajer,® ©oB: anc ^eatlten ijHte tlje 
lDe;li{iofmpmout^. . 

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(toijicl) Ijaue not @ol>lufo;et(itiege^) (etkeafta nip 

4 "BetolD , <58D is m? Ijtipet : t^c jG.9?B ig Iritlj 
rtem tlia: tipbc U nip foule. 

$ l^e fljallceloatceiiil unto mine enemiej!i:De{ltog 

6 an dSetinc: cf a freclcart tot'l 31 gtue tijee, anB 
p^aife III ^ J3amc(0 i;?li;)l)ccat:le it is is i-omfo:tal)Ie. 

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tns mine cpeljat'o'.'fentbf? teritriiponmincencmieg. 

F.xjudi Deus. Pfal.jj. 

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ftoinmpfetitien. _ . . ^ 

1 CTahc Itca b«to me, f liearc me 1 teto 31 mounte elofe : ann tnatRe mp Btps.iuljen tliep (ap inaite fc^ mj 
in mp pMper,arD am be tep. foule. 

J ^be tr.emie rrietl) fe, anB tT)C fcngonip lemmr tfi 
•n lb fan : fo2 t()cp ate mir.BCB to Co mc I'ome miCc^itfe, 
(b malictouflp ate tijep fet agaitiS me. 

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of neatl) ie falltn bpon me. 

5 jf eattfulKriTe ana trembling are ccmc bpan mc : 
anD an bo?rible d^jo fjatb oufttol.elmtD me. 

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tltn tooKlB J flee atoap,anD be at telf. 

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temaine in ti)c toilnnntfTe. 

a 31 bwiilD make lifSe to elcape : becauGe of ttie 
Bo^mfetointie anfl ten pfR. 

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fo; 31 ^■'"f rpteDlrttigbtfoiifncfic cnn Dtife in tlje ritie. 

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t^^Eteoft miHIjicfe alfo atiB (b^chJ ate in tit mictt r of ir. 

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rot ctitccititir fltetrtfi. j 

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tbif Bift-iioiir : fpj tljut J coi;lD l'«{;e leint it. 

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n;'Sc' lyiin.tifEpgr.ii'.Rnic': foulitn(,ptraimntiue; 5 
bicnU) ijaue Oie mp ieltefrcm {;im. 

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F.rD mint cbJfiefdmtiiatftifnD, 

1 5 CiLie tccke Cusecte couiifdltegetliet: auBttiat^eB 
in i\). Ijonff of C5oD 60 ftient0. 

1 6 Let Deatl) come JaEilp Djfion tlftem, arB let t^em 
gee cotune quicke into ^ell : fo; UiitbrBntCre us in tl;<ic 
Btoellmgg aiB among t&em. 

17 3)3 fo; me,2 tbin call bpon €^oo : acB i^t HojB 

• 8 In tfje euening $mo?ning,6r.B atnoone Bap h)S 
31 p;ap,anc tbat infianilp: ano Ijc ^allbeate mp uopcc. 

"5 3Ir igljetljatlail) DelineteBmptititeinpeace, 
from tbe battaik tO^t \»a9 agaicA nic': fo; tijerc baect 

2^ Sra.etien ©oB tbatenButet5 fo?e«et,{{)al6fare 
me.aiiis b^ing t^cm cotoie : fc^ t^ep toili not tiiriie,no^ 
fearc ®ob. 

: I l^ee la?B Iji0 banB0 bpon fuc^ aj* bee at peace 
is it^ tim : at» be b^ale bits covenant. 

21 tlTbe bcojnsof biamoutb bjerefoftettben but* 
ter, batting luam in bi0 beatt -. Tji5 b}o;tB0 tccte (boo* 
ti)it tbf n opte.arD ptt tbep be betp fiDii?B0. 

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tiouri^ tljce : ano (()a'.( not &>Sct tbe rigljteou? to faQ 

2 4 anB aefoi tT;em : tTjoii © ©oD,0jaItb?ing t^em 
into tbe pit efBcRniftion, 

15 ttte liloombirBtc anB ccctitfulmrr Rjr.l not (fat 
cut baife tbeit Bapeg :«euettbelc(re,mp ttuft fljaQbe in 
tbee,0 JLo;D, 

Miifei ere niei Deus. Pfal jtf. 

BiJE mercifullbnto mce, © (£>oB, fo,: man goctlb «• Mom?** 
bout to Btuoute 10 Baiip Rjbting ano trctj. l!:„"r* 
oltngme. prayer. 

1 ®ir.c enemies are BapTp inbanB toftoalfctome 
bp ; fcjtbtrbemanptbatggbtagainBmec, Otdoii 

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put 31 mp truE in tbec. 

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put mp triiQ in (SoB, ana tDtllnotfcare bibat flefi^ can 
DOC bmo mc. 

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gine,f0 to Doc me eutil. 

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rte (£=oD tbat fijall pctfsjmt tOe caufc liaoicb i' Ijaue in 

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tf p^oofe of Ijim ttiat tootilo rate uic bp. 

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foule 10 among !Lf cn0. 

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att (ft Ml fire : ) brOofe tecrlj Etc fyf ate!? anB atrciuj^, 
anD t^etc tongi;f a rgarpf GuojtB. 

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ana t(jj gto^p aboite alt tlie cait^. 

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Botunc mp fottJe : t&e? Jjaue cfggeD a pit befojc inc,aJta 
are fallen into tl&e mirccfi of it t&emlclues. 

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toili Gng ann gitie pzapie. 

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tnp Cclfe tuilt aioa&e riglit tatlp. 

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t^e people: anD 31 toil fing v nts tttc among tl)e nations. 

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t\t 6f auf TI3 •. anB r]&? tnirtfj irnto tfee clouBefl. 

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ana ttlp gf ?? a .;oue ad tfje eartlj. 

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gtf gation; anB Co gf iucge t^e ttiing tftat ig rigljt, 

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(ttlt eatfo ! ana peitr Jjancs ticalctoit!; toic&etneiie. 

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tfjeris too.tilie : alTjons as! tlieg be I)o?ne,tbt? go afttap, 

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prnt : eiien ,Jifee tlje Beafe3QDet tW QoppetU .let 

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Wet ; d&amte i&e nciiec Ob toi''tlp. 

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finite the cliato tones of tOr JLpoiie,® lloiB : let tfjrm 
fan atoaphfec toatcr tijat runnetl) ayaie, anato^en 
t^ep I!)02t tfjeir arrotjjee,Iet tibcm be t. otcD out. 

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lifeetTjeimtiuelpfruitof aluoman : anDlcttljcmt^ot 
fee t^c fimne. 

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fofct incignation Jjciceljim, ciieii ag atbing t{jat ii 

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benaicancc : 5e Sjail toaflj W footliepg in tljetiaoB of 
tijc bngoBlp. 

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to.^tn fo! t\)e rigljtcou^; DoabtlcCfe tljece ig a (SoB tl;5t 

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' Vnc mc from tfjem tfiat rife lip againC nic. 
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fane inc from tbc blcoctlitfi? men. 

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tie men ate gatTictf D egainli me , teit^out anp offence 
c? fault of mc,©2,ojB. 

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tnp fault ; mU t^iou t^iEccfo^ to ^elj^emce, tm be 


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JiCrael, toijilitcallttefceatljcn: anabenotmctcifttgl 
tmto tlem t^at offtna et luaitr icnsB b>i(bicvc^. 

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Itfee a Scg.sHj nm about t^icjoiii t^c cuie. 

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lkJ.;Bs arc ,u ti;eir dps : fp? tolio Boitb I'catef 

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ana tV^ti Rja t laugb all tf)c Ijt utftcn to fro;nf . 

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att tl'c (i'oT of mp refuge. 

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©cB 0)a!! let inr fee mp tcBtt bpoH mme rnrmiesJ. 

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fcattet tlifm alzoaa among t^e piople > aire put c^cm 
Bftonc.O Lojn.out Defence. 

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of tb«triipg, tbepftiall bee taken in tceir jJ^iBc : ana 
to^pf tleit p.icadjir.g tiB of cuifing etiB liru. 

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tlicp map periQ): anc fercto tljat it tg (Poc toltclj ruletft- 
in iiflceb,av.B liuto i^e twia o[tT;e kio^Ia. 

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like a iog,anB ge ebont tljc citie. 

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gniBge if t JjEP be not fa; il'fieB. 

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ttpmrttpberimecintt'einoiuing : fo^'.ljoutafibtHc 
mpBtfrncc mxi refuge in tbccapofmptteublc. 

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tI)0ii,O ©or,art mp rcfuge,anti mj- mettlfuil (SoO. 
Deus repulifti nof. Ptil 60. 

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b?oaB : tbo« baB alfo bene at pieaCta , ® tutjw 
ttee Unto UiS againe. 

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tl'e fojce tbctf of,fo; it (tjafee tb- 

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liaKgiuen w a D?iii6e of Deaolp irtre. 

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t^at tbep map ttiiimpb bee aiife ef tfjc t rnetb. 

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toitf) tbprigbt banB,anD Ijearcme. 

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ana afuiae %iel)em : ana mete ont tbe tialUp o; ^ii* 

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alio t0 tbe Brengtb of mp be aa,3Iuca is mp Ia*rgtt:cr. 

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cuf mpfljoce ; piittiSia It tben glaa of me, 

9 cab" ^il Icacc me into tbe Srcng citie: toSo toil 

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© (SoB.go o!it toitb o:ir bods? 

It ©be tljou our '^ci^t In trouble : fo: batne [0 tIDe 
5dpe of man. 

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lit tbat l^jall treaB aoume our ei'emrctf. 
Exaiidi Dens. 

H(£3rc mp ctping , ® ©oD : giue care bnte mf 

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lobcn mp beatt is in bciu ntffe. 

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31 : fo; rfjoti baft bine mp bope , ana a ftrong'toto^efo? 

4 31 "JiTl titoeil in tl);' tabernacle fo? cue r : ana nig 
ttiiR I^afb;- tnrrr tbc coufting of tlptoings. 

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giiien an beritageUnto tbote t bat fcnre tbp f5ame. 

6 Siioti ^alt grant t^e Sttrg a long life ; tb^t tiJ« 
D jcerc5 

The xi. day. 

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loiiinj rnercn ana fait ijfulntffe , tijattljeg ij;ajp;e> 
(tiuc tint 

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t!)at 31 mag oaplp jieifojine mi; \)OU3C0. 

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j^ ioulc tmelg toaitetft flill Upan ©oD ; fa? of 
Ijimc mmetl) nipfalnatimi. 

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tioH ; fje 19 «ip ticfcnce,fo tfcat jl %tX\ not arcatlp fjll. 

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t^man; jefijaUbEHuiicalItI)efi)^tofpou, pra, as a 
tottering S»cill 8)all jc bf.aua like a li^oiicn licugc. 

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® 03 toil! f. rait : tOeirDcliglK is in licSi tljcp giiic gooa 
bjojDp JMitij tljctr nimitl3,but citrfe toit^ tfecirOearr. 

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foj mp l)oi5e is m Ijiin. 

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mp Bcfcncc.'ii tbat 3! Hjall not fall, 

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mp mi5f!t,ana in (Sod is nip triifi. 

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mi pour hearts I'cfoje tim.foj tSoD iiB our Ijope 

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X\jZ cl)i!B?cH of men are or ceitfu'.l bpi.n tlje tacigljtg, 
tftrp arc8!tc.gcti)cilig[jtett5)enl)anitic it fdfe. 

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aSixti Unto banitie : if ricljeiei incccaCe, iVt not peuc 

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tijc fatnf ,tl)at pabjer b^Iongetft unto €5co. 

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JyatoeS euecp man acco^cing to tie luo^lte. 

Dciis Deus nieos. Pfal 6 j . 

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2 (^pjiiule tfiirftctfi fo? ti)ef,nipflcllj altblPH-- 
getTj after tgee : inabatccn ano D^ielanQ , tetjeicno 

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mig{)t bcljetti tlj); potoct anti glr?p. 

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it fflfe } mv lips ftall pjaife tliee. 

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matter : anc lift top mp fianniB in tl)p ^ame. 

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marroto antifatn(£(e -. totien mpmnutl^ p^apfet^t^ee 
]]>it!) iopfull lip«i. 

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ipo'.i tbcc toljen 3i toass leaking? 

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Bet tfif fijanoto ef tbp inings tuill | reiopce. 

9 <S^) foiU ^angetl) byon t^cestljp ri&tt Ijana IjatI; 
fcp^olaen me. 

10 ^ficfc al'e tfiat Teeke ti^e liiirt of mp fouls : tljep 

1 1 ILet tbcm fall bpon tbe eoge of tftc ftoo^a : tl^at 
t"6f P map be a po;it{on fo? t"o]Ccs(. 

12 TBiit rlie King 5I)aH reiopce in ©oe.all ilje p alfo 
tl&at Ctoeare bp bmi ilall be commenteB : foj tlje mcntj 
ef tUem tDat fptakc lit s,I]&albr Roi'pea. 

fixaiuliDeus. Pf.1i.64. 

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mp life from frae of tbe numtt. 

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bJiW : anofreii rbc iiifurreition if bouken cocrs. 

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J][)oot tlietr atcoVufa.encn bitter tooja^. 

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feet : Iii6C«n(g D« tijcp \\x 5im,x;a feate Wtf , 

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mime ainona tTjemCcliv l:oto tbep nwp iap ihattjt, ana 
Cap tijat no man (!)al( fee tdcm. 

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tl;cp krcpe ccrct aiiioKg tljcmuiwfp, ewirpman intye 
aeipeof (jiaiijrart. 

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in fo muclj tfcat tobo to feeeti tljcm^Cjall laiigl) tijem to 

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Bene ; fc^ tf)fp fljall pcrctiue tij.u it ig f ic ii)o.ike. 

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T;i0 triiG in liin : anc all c(icp tut .;rc true of t£6vt,^a( 
be glao. 

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mercifiill into our fmreg. 

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ccitiefi unto i I;«t : l;e Hjal Dtod in tbp cotirt,aHC l^ali be 
fatifficD U3itl3 tljf pleafuttgof t()p l&wtUc.enen of ttp |jo» 
Ip temple. 

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teoafncfff , ® ©pB if our inliiation : tfjou t';at art t'je 
IlpcofalliljeencEioftljteait!), anB ofti;£mtt)atre» 

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taine^ : ann is gitcea aboat toitb potosr. 

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of (jissbjam 5,anu ti;e!rfitre:,cof(jiep£rp!e 

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emb.fljaibe afiaic at tip tfkei'g?ti,ou tUt makfft tfte 
outgoings cf t:;e mo.aitng nsc eueuiitg to p^avfc tl tu 

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reft Wydi co^ fo tboti pwiiiBeD fo? tl;e e attb. 

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into tlje little Ualfepstbtreof: tbo;!maktQitfofttoit6 
tljea?cps of raine ana Mcfftfi tbe incre^le of it. 

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ana tbp dmiccs B?o? fat-mflc. 

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Berncife j ar B tlje bttlr ]&ils lljall teiorcr on cue r^ CDt. 

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S)all RancfotbiifeeU)itl;cn?ne,tU8tt&cp0j-Uaiigl) ana 

lubihteDeo. Vbl 66. 

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tiji! Ijonour of ijig JSame , make ijtg p^api to b« 

I *ap bnto ©ra, ® boba tuonaftfulf art tljon iti 
tbpujojtf^ : tl)?0!igb tlje gr'^f tneffcof tbp poUjtt lijaH 
tljine enemirc be founa bnto t^iee. 

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lioto itoncerfull Ijc '\$ in f)i J Doing totoaro \\t eljilDjcn 
of men. 

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to nt tbjonjO ttje Ujattt on fgcte, tljere Bin toe reiovte 

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bo'B tbep.tptc ; anafiicO a^toillnotl dccae, I^jailnot 
lie atlc t3 1 yalt tbeinUlHed. 

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our ittte to fliy. 

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ttiec b0 {tkc a; fjf.Kc is rrtee. 

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ttOBbklipoB 0;ir !ov>nr{). 

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iBtnt t'jjougO firt asa JuaKr, anoiOoubieug^jctSw 

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toilpap tfjcempUobjeetoijtdjJ; yjomirrctualj mplips, 
ana fpake isirife nip inoiit& Uifcf n 3 toas tn trouMe. 

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t\}t mcrnff of raiTimes: .T tot! offer Imlloifefg •? gostess. 

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anc 31 twit tcif re;i toljat (jc batb Eone foj m!) fotre. 

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t^f £.820 Satll not ^ratc me- 

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1 8 J3?apfcti'bfe (SoB tofit'cT) ftatft not caB cut mp 
pjaprr ; no; r umrB Iji<? mercp from mt . 

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bg tl;c Iigljt of f)i0 countmanrc , anQ be mcrcttiill 
bnto bs. 

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feHsng l)ea!tl) aracrg aliHattcns- 

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tljc people p;2pitljce. 

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(^alt iuDge tfie foKse rtgjcouQp , ans gojetne t^e iia« 
tiuns bpon rartO. 

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people piar&rtf^ 

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^05, eu'.n rur ctotic vJocCball giiic bs Ijie bicffing. 

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Exiirgat Deus. Pfal 6i. 

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let tljciii alh tbat (jatc Um,S.te hdw \}im. 
1 Like as tlje Drot: bani5)etlj,C8 O^alt tftou 
6::iie tfjcm aUjat': anc like as tuare inclttt^ at tie Sre, 
lb let tie bngo jlp prr.Qj at tlje p.'cfcnre of ©oO. 

J "Slit let t^c t:5l;tc;;isbc glaB ana teiopce J:efo;e 
(BoD : let tljtni alii be mctp anc iopfuIL 

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J33mc: magnig.' l;im ttat ritrtb kpon t^eljeaiicns a0 
itbjcrcbponan f;ojfc, p2a?fe5imtn^is33sme, pea, 
ano teiopce ! efoje [jim. 

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make no long tarping. 

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to tbt ground. 

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tebit^ea : ano ^0^ toe t'otiii^ people {)ac:j blafy'jenuo 

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to tlj i miiltttiiae of t?;e cncmtc jt: ana fojijet HJt tlje ton« 
gtegatioH of tl): p.o:et« tutr. 

2 1 iLooke upon tlje €0 icnaiu 1 fo ? all t^t «a«'& l^ 
foil of oatkne'If ,ana crucU Ija'.HtatiflH?. 

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let tft« ?o3je anB iieeog giuepjaiCe unto tb? JBiine. 

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msmbecijaiutrjffooliiTj m.iu bla^jijcinctl) t\)te Daplp. 

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fumption ot tljem t'4atrj8t«t{)ee,.HitccaretO eiutmoje 
ano nio,:e. 

Confittbimur tibi. Pfal.7 J. 


Voce niea ad Doiuinunt, Plal. 77. 

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toiil Jl erg ijoitb m? uogce , ano Ije fl&all ijearken bn- 
to nie. 

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loiile refiiCeo coititejt. 

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(3o3 : toi)cn mptjeart 13 u<jceD,3! Inill compiaine. 

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blet5at 3 cannot fvcakc. 

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31 commune luitl) nune mm icatt, anu ft atcij out nig 

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Ho?fto:n tlje'^CTeS: ko; pet from fije %o :tv). 

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•fie,aHO fettct^ up anotBcc. 

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call to miKBe tfcpburBersi ofoio time. 

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liingSIjalbe of tlip acinus. 

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Jafi ocxlariDtljppo'jBtE among tljc people. 

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tlie.fonnee-of 3Iaiob ano 3[orfp5. 

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bout: tljeligb'niiiglTjoueUponttegronnD, tOewrtfi. 
tDss! mcoijjti^anD lljjolt&iaii^an.. 

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gcf at taatcrf! ; ano ilij^footRcpd are not feiiolu; a. 

1'^ €1)011 leamliti)? people like tljefpe;bgt{)e5anD 

Aitenjirepopule. Plal. 7 S. 

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faregUntotf.ctoo^OSief'iipmoutf). prayer, 

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Declare !)at9fcutenccs tfolb. 

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our fathers ftniirtoInViS. 

4 'S'l)at lu: Hjiiiitn not Tifne tl;em from tIje. cTjilo^cn 
of tl'e gftier^ticnsJ to come t but to (or to tf)c Iioiour of , 
tlie Hojo, ^i^migttpano tocnaerfull too^keg tl;8t lira 
iatl) Bane. 

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8HB t5e f)9^xit$ of tfte tigbtcoug fbalbecpaltea. 
Not'isin Iiidsj. Plal. 7 6. 

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i 2t talent i^ IjisJ IJIaieriia-dej ana W otodling 
la S)i;B. 

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n)i£la,tl}c l'a)o,iB,an9 tbe battel!. 

4 S6ott art of mo^e Ijonouc ana mig^t : t^ew i^z 

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ttcepe : mm all tfje men (loi)o:e ijanos to^rc migljtie) 

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ana 'boife arc fallen. 

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fi;0m.(/cau(n>t&eeart^jtte>nbU9.dha ^a^mtl.. cl)U3^nl)}|)tc^]»(;cH(t^n'jo^ne,, 

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migl't QjctB t^ir djilDzcn tbe funf. 

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net te fo;g« ttie toojkep of ew : but to feccpc \)ii CMn> 

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ano fiiibtiiitnc grntratlen : a g.netaiion tijat fcti;ot 
tbfit ijcart artsljt, anu to^oft Ipirtt tUau«tnotfi<D> 

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JatnefffC anti catptrg bob)c{!,tiiitub i^avJxhm batbc 
in t^eQap of batten. 

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ftin boo^ke tliat gc gao tletoeti fc^ t^mt 

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fatlierg in t6e larD of (ggppt: eixen in tiit SelD of Joan. 

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&e maot t^e Waters to Bant on an ^cape. 

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ant) alf tlje iiig'^t tfjicugl; tolt^ a liglt of fire. 

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tljem winke tterof,as it fiao tineiit oftlji gteatueptlj. 

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(t gn3)eB out itke tfe e rinerj. 

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Win pjeuekeo tljc mofl l^igljeS in tbe toilDcrnefle. 

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ttO meatj foi t^cir luff. 

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purpart a table in tfjt tailQetnefO; :> 

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uit Dtl^Iearutc againff J frar f- 

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net ttif coo?f of beauen. 

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eate : anti gauc tfecm fooce from tiraucn. 

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mtate enougb. 

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beS tbtntie. 

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featbetcD fouled like as tbe fanti of tbe Tea. 

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men tbat toctt in 3Itracl 

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tf;at tbc^luere eiun a \xii\.te t^at paOeti) aloap, ano 
commat net again e. 

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trtntffc: ans giKKetbim in tt^eccfrtt. 

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niigl;t not l)?!nfce et"ti;e tiners. 

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tbcir miiibetp tret g Iritlj tbefroO. 

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anger,BiIplca;iirc, anc ttoaWe : ano CEKtr.ifli angelis a« 
mong tbem. 

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not tbtir foule from Bratb : but gaiit tteit life ouet to 

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p^incii'allanc migtti fi in tbe tlBfilirggcf tpam. 

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tbeit lano to bee Ciuitrc amorgtbttr fo? en bcritage, 
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p?onotet) bim to Cifplearure toitb tbeit imegef . 

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ro?e cifp'ea^urr at Jfraef. 

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ttie tent r^iat be ijaB pitcbeD among tbem. 

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t§eit beautp into tbe enemies banc. 

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put tbrm to fi pel pr f tmll fijeme. 

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not tbe frit c cf Cpbtaim- 

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LtQ the founastio.! of it (ike tijc S'ouiia toljtct) (je (jati) 
tai^c nn'ttuidHp. 

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Btoi? fioin tde fljsfpt'folDji. 

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9le,3.to3] raclOt0inI)ecitance. 

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am Kiilee t'jrm pnicentlp tuict) all IjiepjUKC. 

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uentobe mrat ti'itotfic tomes cf tljc apje:anD t()eflel| 
of t!jp latflvfi ii:-to tl)e braft? of tl]e lanti. 

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fioe l^temfa(ein:$ torte ouiEt 110 man toburie ti)em. 

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a\)ctp(cojne ano cerino;iUiuet^efnti}acareTounoa> 

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Io«Se i'unie life, fire fiv ener f 

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rtat^ane not knolBcntljtf: anstopontljckiitgooincp 
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finneis foj tlip JI3im js fake. 

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before tf;cet arcotoingto tye gcreatneC^ eft^piiobaet 
^^ctcntetboit tbofe tbat are apponneD to tie. 

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bom0 Jjaiie blafpOemfii t!)ee 1 retoaru tljou tl)cm (2) 
JLo?D)reum folD into iljeit bofeme . 

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fta!l giuc tljee tljanks fo? eiier. ano tail atoap be a)et«' 
ingfo|tftt[)p p?apre fton gcneratioii to generation. 

H(£are. 2D t^oii ftj-pbearn of Jfrad, tfieii tTiat lea» 
ticS 3Iofep?) like nllbefpt: (^etotljpfelfeaHotSott 
tljat StteiJbpon tl)c Cberitbims. 

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bp tfjp flrcngttj.ano come ano Ijf (pt bs. 

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ewnitcnance.aiic toe Rjolbe tobole. 

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gngtp toitl) tbp people tijat pjapetfi? 

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giiieff tbem plentt'oufneffc of teare to ti^nke. 

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fcounst ann our enemies latigbb 8 to fcojne. 

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iigT)t of ffip countenance,ano toe (Ijiilbc tobole. 

8 tlCfjoii I)a(l b?o:ig]()t a 'o.'ne out of (£gppt t t$ou 
Jafl caQ mtt the l^e.ul)CR, ano planten it. 

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Jen too'e,it ftHrtj tfte l(inn. 

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tietboug^ bnto tl^ethuc. 

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tljat all tgep tbat goe bp,p(ucke offset Stapes ^ 

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bp: anDtbe toiteebealiesioftbegeloDeuonteit. 

14 ^ur»e tdee againe, tbou0oDofi)oiie0t loo&e 
OobNiefcoRi 6caum : bcDi)lo,anD))tftteti)i{i trine. 

1 5 anD tOe place of ti)e binepato t^attbprigbt 
{jana ba:& plaiueo: ano ti^e b;anc() tl;at tijou maoea (0 

16 3It to bacnt Uiitl 6ce,anD cut botone : anB tie; 
fi)al! pect({) at tlje rebuke of tDp ceuntenancc 

1 7 ILet tbp Ijano be tipon tte man of tbp rtgi^t l^anoi 
ano bpontlbefonne uf man to^otn tbou maocQ iotttonjp 

1 8 ano To teii not toe goe backe from t^te: © iet b^ 
liticanD toe ^all caii bpon tbf Jaame. 

I V tSurne bji againe,© JLcjd ©od of Sofiefl: O&ebi 
t|>e (igbc of tl^p countenance,anD toe (Ijalbe totjole. 
ExultateD.o. PfalSi. 

S3ng toee mertlp nnta «f5cD out Brcngtfi t make 8 
cbecrcfuIlnopfebHtotljfOoD of Jacob. 
2 €akc tie pralmcb^tngbitijcr t^e ^ab^et: tH 
merit' I^.upe,toitli tlje Hute. 

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in tijetimo apt'ointeti, ana upon mirfole^nncfcaftcap. 

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latooftSt (Sob of Jacob. 

5 ^IjiiS bee o^ocineo in Jlofcp?) fo;t a tcRtmonfe: 
tolien lie came out of t^c lanDof ^gppt.ann Ijao bearo 
a fitange language. 

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7 Q[t)oa caUecG pon me in t'-oiibleiB,$ 3| ocFfejereB 
t^ce: Jbcaro tl)cc Mjat time as § finjme fell bpon tbee. 

8 31 pjciteD tfjee atfo : at the toaterg of (Itifc. 

9 Create, © mp people, ano J toiil a(rMrct|)ee,2& 
3iCraeI : tf tljoii toilt bcatken bnto me. 

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I^alt tbou too?n3ip anp otijcr goD. 

11 S am tbc JLojo tbp ® 00 , te^jitift b^ongbt tice 
out oftbe lano of Cgpptt open tDp moutlj toiiie,anD J 
ajali fill it. 

12 "But mp people toonln not tent mp bopcc ; ann 
Sifraeltaoulsnot obepme. 

I J ^0 3 gaue tbcmbp bnte tl&eir otone Tjeart^ Iiifls 
ana let tbemfolfoto tbeir otone imagitiationd. 

1 4 © tliat mp people tooulD bane Ijeatkeseo ttan 
me ; fo? if Jfrael bao yralkcD in mp toapes. 

1 5 31 ffj u'.D foiue Ijaue put cotoiictbeir enemies? 
ano tumeo mp liano againft tbeir aoiierfarieg. 

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Itara: btittI:eittimef^o«lD (jatieenoureDfa; eucc. 

1 7 i^ec lljoulB batie feboe tbem atfo toitb tfeefinrfll 
taibeate finure: ann to'tb bonp out of ti^e Qonie cocfce 
fljoulo 31 daue fatiiiSeo tlbee. 

Deusftetit. Pfal.81. 


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■ a tubge among goOfl. prajsi; 

Upoto I0H5 toiif pc giuctoiwng iuDgcinent: 
ano accept tlit perfone of tfie ungoolp i 

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80 be in nerte ano nece(fttp,baue rigbt. 

4 JD I uec tlje oHtcaQ ano poo;e : faue ti^em frain< 

5 CThcp toill not be learned , tioj b'<incrflatn), bat 
bialke Oil flili in tiavkenetTc t all tl^c foimoation^ eftgc 

f 3( banc 'nij.r^ arc sm : anB ?? bH ate t^ilc?m 
7 iji;ww;l&v*l5i«U!«iu«m|&I£likcntof|p?jn«ft.' 


8 Stitt.O ^otj,aM lunge tljon e^t (trrtl: fo; tDou 
IlKiIt ta^t ali fjeat^m to t^inc m^ehtance. 
DeusquisfJmilis? Pfal.Sj. 

H^IB not t^^ tongtie,® *3on,1uegt not Sill (Hmte : 
refrain E not tjj? lilft,® 0oD. 
1 f9;l9e,tI;tnectt»ntt0maftcamutmutinQ:: ano 
tlie? t^ac Ijate rlKeJjaiie Itu bp cbcir geao. 

} ^be? bsue imagHieo craftily againQ ((^people; 
tm tafeeii coiinftll againSttip ;ecret ontfi. 
4 ®&tp t] aue fapo , €omc, ano let H rootr t6mt 

BenedlxIlliDomiBe. Tfaltj. 

LCD/!D,ti)ou artbecome gractoti^bnto Hjp {aitS ; t|oit 
ijaR tiimeD atoap tljc capttuitp of Jacob. 
J ^hon Jjail fojgtHcn tUe tSmct of t^jpcoplet 
ano cotiercD all c&cit Unnes. 

J 5[(jou baR taken atoap atlt^ptiitpleaQt'e J aiiB 
tutneo tfjp ftlfe from thp toiathtuH mtifpatioH. . 

4 tlumc Hi! tlitn, ® ©00 cut fauiout : 9 leetiftH 
anger cealie from W. 

5 _C2liIt tt(«u be Dil^fe^Gtn at fag fe? «tet: ana teift 

otu,t6atttepbeiiomo?eapeiiiJle:anDt()attb<nameof ttjouChretcljOMttfjptDjatfe from one gcnetation toM 
— - ■ ctbetf 

6 mat tjoii not tutnc againe ann quickm W: tfiat 
tdp pecple map relopce in rljrt f 

7 ^t<toWtl;Bmncp,©jD.o?B:ani)gra«bt(tto 

8 a toiI6<3i*fnh3l>attficiLe?o Sfati hjillfaproH* 
certilngme: foj^£n)alI fpeake peace bnto^ifipet^lef 
auD to D(6 fatntSjttat t&t p tume not again*. 

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3ircacl map be no moft in temrm'^ance. 

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cntlent : ano are confcoerate agatnll ttiee. 

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madt'ce: ri;e SQoahim ant i^agarenes. 

7 (SebaI,anD antmon. j amal£C^:t^e pJjfliSJmA 
Ipit^ tbem tljat DtecH at CTp'-e. 

8 aHutako is lojncD iMuotljem: anD^jaiu^olptn 

TSat we tljotKo t%em aiSfamo tTw ©acfam'test tlW' Bio?? map Dtoellin our ienu. 

tmto %iCeta,an8 Vint« Ja' tl;« b?oofee of CtifoB, 

10 dlbfcl) pecti^D at CuDo;: ano became a<;tlje 

1 1 £Qike ti)tm anti trjetr piliece !i!ie ®:f& ann 
^eb : ^a,ma&e all tljett pu'nccfi itlte as ^eba ano ^a^ 

12 VSLWMiP, fi^b^tikctautrrefuc^rt'EierjoU' 
Cejt of ©bd fn pofTcffion. 

I J ® mp (So:i,mafeetbem Itfeebnto a toDcele: ann 
80^tDc S'lbble befe;e tbe tuinue. 

1 4 Like 30 tbc fire tbat burnei b b? tbe toooa t anii 
Bit ibz fi^me rbat conUinietf) tijc m3;iinaine«. 

1 5 Pftfecute tbeni ciun fo tBttfj t%2 tcmpeS ; ano 
wabetbemBfraiD britbtt/pflojire 

1 6 ©afeetbeirfare? afljameD,® LojD ; tftat t^ep 

1 7 Let tbem bet confou -'fcfO anu Uetcti fuerme?e 
«nti Rwje ; let cbem bepiit to djame ano periRj 

1 8 am tbepf%.i» fenoiD tbai t&au ( tofjofe name ii 
3Jet)o«at)0art enlp tbe m ft i^iahcfi oiiet all tbe eartlj. 

Quamdilefta Pfal 84. 

Ol!?obJ amiabk are ibp Dtoell;nss : t^ou Eojn of 
Ijoftes t 
a ^p route ^atb a ceRre ane Jenn;ing to enter Jnto 
tljc courts of tfteHf^D; mpbeatt anb mpfU^reifce 
{n tbe liuing ®oO. 

10 ©trcp<.n:t'(iftb ate met together: tlg^tcoofr 
nriTeano peace bene tifTo rtbotber. 
. 1 1 ^riieib lt:iiflj;ifl) out of ti'ic cact^: anB tfgtte- 
oufn Cl' batb lookcD CPtore from beauen. 

» 2 ^i-a, tbf £,cjD B.pi> 8).tolouiKg6wi!ntire : an! 
out lanri Rjall g'tic ber inctcaCe. 

I J 3&j£btrou0icfKn)3lgoe before liira: am* Jt^all 
Ctcecc bis going; i'.itl;cteap. 

Jn:linaDomine Pfdl.Stf. 

B®'aj Dotonc tbine cm, 2) S. ojt, anD 6cate met Morning 
:;j J am poe^e ana in mifene. pravw, 

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V^oo fauf tfep f;rii3nt ibat ptittctb bis tiuR in t4)f e. 

} Ti3c mrtci.ijJl biito me , SD JLo^a : to; 31 i»iH call 

4 €mi cjt tOe foii'e of tBp feruant ; foj bnto tTj ee 
(© JLoito) Die 31 lift up iiip feale. 

5 jFo; tf;oii £0:3 arr r.oaD grarfous : anBof 
great mcrcp unto all tbcjn t;>at call bpon tbee- 

6 . i5ii\z care ILojo unto mp pjtaper; aHD ponder t^ 

7 31ti tbrtime ofmp tr^ulle 31 toill caHbpontl&ee : 

8 among tbegoCistfeere tisnone lilcbntotbce c© 
ILo?d:) tftereisnotpnettjatcanDocaBtbeuijocR. 

5 2V n-ti*iiB tcb'.m tboii bafi manr.fb il i-nine ana 

J J^f a, tbe fy arrohJ batb fou'.ra !icr an boiife , ann tooj^ tbee €> Hoid : an-^^ (Tjal! ctle^iG? tbp J>5ame. 

tbcfi3)3Tloto a neS, tobcrc Rk man hv berpoung ; eiitn 10 jf o?tI;o:i art great, ano Docft tuonuercup tbing^Sj 

t^ine altars,® JL-"It)or!)oflfcf!,mp Sing ano mp^B. t?|puatc^505 alone. 

4 TBIeffeti arctbeptbatDtoefintbpljoiifeubfptoil « • tilearbmf tbPteapf®iLe2D)8n3 3(toinb>8!l{< 
be al'jjap piapRng tbee. in tdp trttct b : O knit mp bcnrt bnto tljec , t^at 3 mag 

5 'BfcfreDt«tbeman,tiJborefircngtI)(jf in tbee: in fearet'T^awe. 
h9T)o!!ebeartaretbpb3aPc0. 12 31 baiH rbanfee tbee , ® lojD mp (Srrc, inftb all 

€ CCTbtcbgeing tbjoJigbtftettaIeofmiffrie,1jCc{t mpbcart:anDte:Kp?apfctbp^am?fo?riicrnio,2e. 

fo? a te?ll: ano tbe nodes arcfifncD toirb toatcr. 1 j jFa? great ts tbp mercp totoaru meei auti tbott 

7 tEhep toil go from Srergtb to ffreiigtb'.antJ bnto CaftocliirercDmpfouIe from tbe netbeminQbCi. 

tV <5oB of goDS sppearetb euerp one of tbcm in %ion. 1 4 2) ®03,ti]f p?<it;ti are rifen againfi me ■ aiiB tT?e 

a ® lLo;ti ® oa of OoRSjbeare mp-p?apct . (jf arkea, cwigregation* of naugbtp mm bane roKgbt after mg 

2) ®o8of Jacob. foalc.anribatie not fctiliee before tbeir f pre. 

- 9 T3ebMB,©®(ra,8KrBtfeBOetranDtoofeeI>poTi 15 TSuttboii'©1Lo2S®oo)artfu!ofctT)aff;oniitia 

tbe face pf tbinc anopnteo. mercp : long fiijfcring,ylfnttouflin gocuncffe j tmrjb. 

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fanu. onmt: gttictbpft e^FibbiuotbpCeruanr, etb^fpetfte 

n 31 b3!!rat':er^re a fioozrEeepetfntfiefiwt&of fonne of tbine b-nsmaia, 

mpcSoD: tbcr-^ffCtofKmtbetentsofungoiilinfge. 17 'feMftofomcgooStcfefnbponnicfozgojti', (bt't 

" fi jToj tbe JLojftiSatisal'gbrana Defence: tbe tbepto?jifbbatcnic,mapleeit,$b?afi)anuB: bccauif<^ 

2.8;T! Un!f gi'.re grne? ann VoozPfvp, mxo to gooo tbing t9on HojD baft bdpcn me,anlJ lomfojtep m< 

■^ir6elMi>')?K:rrit"'-b'ntbfmtbntlitJeag0i:!p(trp. FanJ.menra eius, Pfa! 87 

I J O Jim ®oB of boSe^; tUl&8 iHtiitmmt^ arc upon tbrbf Ip l;il!ec:tf;c2.f:& 

^tstijWtXuHtat^'ifU JTlleust^tijcgatEjief.^Um.mpjctjenaiUteEtJiffa 


The Pfalnics. 



I Ger? c«cHcm tUns^me f)^altctioft5cc! ttoit 

J S iMtl! tljinlit bpon Sa'bali mi T5al>!;Iefl : toitft 

: 4 'Bcliola pc t!)£ 395J^t2incg al'o; ano tte? of (S^pje, 
toitlj the i^onai'ieMe.ihat^xia^ f)t lv?ne. " 
' 5 aHD Qffeton it fljail be rfpoffH . tliaf ^t iua^ 
l)o:ne in dec ; niiD tbc mcK lOtglj fbdl RabliR) Ijer. 
• <f tSTfcc L3?2 Qjsllttljfaifett hjljculjetontft'iji'P 
t^f iif op c '. tt)at f)c toag I r?nc i^rte. 

7 ^[je fmffcTS alio anc trimpftterfl Il^a;H)Cte= 
ieatfe ; ali nipftcfti fpiinffe fi&ail ht m tl)£c. 

Doniiti'D-us. l-fal 88: 

OJLo?lJ ©00 of ni? faliiation, X tauecrptB fap sni) 
nigltbcfo?? rt;cc; QK-tiiipp;apfrtntfCiHtetf)p 
fjcltnccmdinr tijii £ rare tnte mv celKt-g. 
' J ^o; mp foitie tf ftiH tf treble: ano mp life DjalM* 
et'& nifli) iwto ^tH. 

: J 3 am countcB aji onr of ri;em tfjat (fo rotone tn» 
lotTiepit: anD Sibaiietenceucnai! amait tl)ati)atg 
Hofirenjt'i. ' 

4 JFrcf among t^c ceaU , TiSe httto tfiem ttjat bee 
hjounocD ano lie in tbe graue: fajljicl) be out of tcnicm- 
l)?antc,aHji are ciitatoapfromtlpbaim. 

! 5 fUsoH ijaR lapro itic in t^e lototH pit ; fn a place 
cfDartinrtff.ani! in tl)e tefpc. 
: 6 tlEfjme inDipaiicn IpctS Fjarc tpon me: aim tljou 
tan bcrct) nic li.it6 ad tf;p R«?mci8. 

7 ®()ca IjaR put atoap mincacqaaimarccfiirrc 
from me •. an^i mate me to be abbr^rcD of rtem. 

5 3 am fo fail in pjifon ; tlj^t 31 cann t get fon^. 
9 S5r Cgljt failctlE) fo; Dcrp tretible : JLe?D,3I f;aiie 

taHeiJiiapIpbponttee, J\ Datielirjtcljecoiitmptarw 
iinto t\)ct. 

I o DoeR t^ou ffjeto teotictrs among t^c Bf ao : oj 
(|^ all tlje teal) rife bp againe zun paapfc tijee i 

I I ^Ijall tl)p lattino: kinCRrlTc bee (^'.iutD intTje 
gtanc t 0? tl)p faitbfuIiK fie in ntRructicn f 

I i ^l}al! t^p iuonccreiie luoiRra be fenctDcn in tT)C 
Uarfec: am tOp ngOtcouGicflc in t&e laiiD Sa^ctc all 

1 3 Clvito tbce fiatie J ctieDjC JLojD.* anu catlp C&al 
Wp p!ap:t rome befe;c tfjec. 

14 l,o2D,tof)pabl)o?iifitTjo!improaIe: anB^ioeOE 

I J 31 am in mtff n'c,anD f i6e Imr o Turn tfiat is at tTje 
point to xsit : (cueH from mp p;utb bp) t\}i terrors Ijaiie 
3i fiiffercti toitf) a troitbff c minac. 

I <j Crf)P tojatljfull nifplcaliirf goetlj oiset me » ano 
rte fcate of tljee batb UHticnc me. 

17 ^l)(V came rouuD about mEDaplpIifectuatet; 
ano tompaCicli me totretirr on enctp fioc. 

18 QBplouccsanDfcienliBfiafitijoiiytitabiapftom 
me *. ane jjin miiie acquaintance cut of mp Gg^t. Drimiiij. Pfal Up. 

S long (^3ll be altoav of rlje .'onina; fein^neffe 
oftfielLoiD: Uiitn m? mctitb iuill Sleaetlc 



."IjeSBing t^ptruett) , from one generation to 

1 IPoJ 31 bane faio. CQ-tcr l!)af!bf frtbp fo? eucr : 
rtp truetf) (IialttbouBaMifF) intl;cbeaiiew«. 

J J ban? mane 3 eou:mant iBitb mp c^oCen: 31 liauc 
fto3?n?lmtoDaiiiD mprcr itint. 

4 tTbv Ccecie toid j QnMiIb foz cnet: ant fet fap tl;p 
tt)?cne from one generation to anetfcrt. 

5 O ILojD.tlfec iictp Ijf aliens I^all p'apfe tbp ^mn 

7 aRBbJT)stj0^awonfft'<eor0;t5atfl&il{-eIiSe 
tntotbcilo?D? 1 

s ®od 10 betp grentlp f be fearcc in tbc toitnCeil 
cf ibe feaintg : tc-M tj be l;at) in rcirctei:cE cf all tijtm 

9 © JLo^D ^PB of ^oSg,U)bc 10 b'le biito tjee: t5p 
tntitb (moll mtgbtp ILo?' ) te un eutip fine. 

10 tStjotnulffittcragirgoftte feajttotiRtiltft 
tlctoaiiest&ftroftulbfnti'tf atifc. 

1 1 Sboii ball CiibDurc <£tPpt , ant teffrcj-cB it: 
tlmi boQ TcatteteB tbtnc eiumit^ al;catie b)u^ t^g 
migbtp atme. 

1 2 tJTl/e beauettu ate tijine. tit tmlf alfo ijt tljit-.e : 
ttou IjaR (apD tie feunsattcn of t^e rcuuB ivo^o, ano 

I J ©ijeii t.aS maBe tie JlBoitb aiiB t^e^out^: 
^al 0^ ant ^ermcn E^all reiopre in tl^ JSame. 

14 CbsiibaSanugUparmc: fitongi^tbplianB, 
anobigi) is tbp tigbt bane. 

1 5 JRfgbtcouiJi: (fc ani) rqnitp t^ tte babitstion of 
tb? featf : ntertp anB tnictbifjaH gee befojrtlipfacc. 

1 6 TBlelfcB is tlif people (® Jicp) tbat ran rtinpce 
in tljf t: tl:cp l^al iBfllfce m tlje ligbt of tbp rounirnanee. 

1 7 ®bf ir ce.'iftbt Jbal eeaplp in thy J3amc: anB in 

1 8 jFo; tbou art tbe glo?p of tbeitfitcngtb : ant in 
tbp loiiing femEnefif tbou JIjbU lift bp our bo?nc0, 

*ii fc?tbe!lo?i3i0ourBefcncc: tbe |)oIp otif of 

JO tSI&ou fpakcii Ciimetimeis in bifione bnto tftj 
^alnte, ancfapBcft : J bauelaio belpcbpon one tbat 
is migbtp.J bane eraiteB one cboftn oat of tbepecple. 

J I 31'atu-foimBDauiDmpfeiuantJ toitljmpboij 
opie bane 3 anopmeti bim. 

2 2 ^p banc Q)a1 bole bim faC; anB mp atme fljaQ 
Rrcngtbcn bim. 

2 } ^be ennrie Irian n>t bee able (oBoe bim bio> 
lence : the fonne of tsickeBnefle fi)aU not I urt bim. 

J 4 3i Ibal imitc cotone bip foeg before \)ifi fate cnB 
plague tbem tbat bate bim. 

ly ©ptruetba'foaBOmpmetrp ftalbetoitbftim; 
anci in mp J^ime f^all bis bpme bt etalteB 

7 6 3!toiin>t bi6 rominfon alto tn tbe Tea: mTi%it 

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anB mp (frong faluation. 

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The iix.clay« 


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p;rparee : t(jou art ttom euct'alitng. 

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life b? tljdc bo^ce : c^ fioeoe lift t^ tbeir to.iuee. 

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ttfil; : but ;et cije JIo;d tW oUKlktt tn\}i£\) is tnis^ 

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fcecommf t| tl)tne ftoufc fa? euer. 

Deus vltionum. Pfal 54. 

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®oOte toUom denseance tielongetb, Qt^to ttip 

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pjouB afttr ttrit DcCcruing. 

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ttcUngoDlp ttiumpl):' 

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fiainefun? : ane make fuct; piouD bpaQing:* 

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bit tf}a\t iient^ge- 

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^ttt t^e fititJedeiTc ro Brat^ 

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tteit^et [IjaU t^e ©otj uf Jacob rrgam it. 

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fpole^itu^cn trill ^e tonTtcrQaitD:!' 

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flat maoc tije cpe.^all be not fcc^ 

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teacSetb man f;notDlccgp,£^allnot (je puiiif^^ 

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t^ep ate bnt baine. 

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ItijD ; ) ant) tsacWl Um in tbp II sto. 

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betb;e tUc llojB eiir maker. 

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people sf t)tf paQutr,anc t^e Sietpe of biie (anDjg. 

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peitr |eatt(3 : iS in tie pioneration, ano as in (t( caf 
»f temptation in tfce tBiiDfrneffe. 

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g(n(ration,anD (aie : it 10 a perp'e tbat Bo rtte tn t^eit 
bcart0,fo2 t!)tp (jaiw not fenotom mp Ujapeg. 

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£gouIfi not cntci into m? teS. 

Canute Domino. Pfal.^tf, 

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I %iiig unto tte i,m, ar.ti p:8p(e bi^ J9ame : be 
ttliiBgefbiefalnatienfrom cap to nap. 

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tDoncerp I'nto all pr opie. 

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p;aplJcD : U ifi moie to be fcareo ttcn all gofiji. 

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iDcIee : but it iis tf)e £0711 tdat mane t^eleautne. 

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(jonour ace in ti«> ^S ai-rtuarp. 

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pk: ) afrribebnto tbe )lo;ti bso/^tp antpctoct. 

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jaame ; b?tng p?eCmt)?,arB tome ;flto %ie tenm. 

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let tlie fa)I)oIe cartb fiano m ntoc of fcim. 

J o ^tll it out among tie (je atlett.ttat tbe t o;D ii 
Sting : anbtljatit ie^ee boljicbbatimaretberomiB 
b!o?lD Co faQ tbat {tcannot be moueo , ar.D boSs ti^at be 

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ebucrScie : bntUtte pit be ciggcb tp f,: tbe ungoblp, 

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WUbe foifafee W inberttfiiice, 

I J Qutill rigbtfoufR'ff: turne again? btito fuBgf » 
Hum : £ll focb ae be true in Ijeart %all foilote it. 

i 6 CQbe tm( rife bp baitb me againd tbc t»ic6el»o; 
k^ toill tale mp part ag>'inft tl;e eiiill Poet?? 

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6ut mpfoiile bao bene put to (flenre. 

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wercp (© Lo;t)) bt lo me bp. 

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■tpbtartt tbPtomfoitsbauc trfttfbfC mpCmile. 

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(ftotrteBneCTe: tubtci' imapiurtb milchi fc as a (atoe 

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tb(tigbreoa0 : anB consemne tl]e innocmt blroo. 

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fccflgtb cf mp tonfioencf . ' 

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BeOrop tbem tn tbetr obsne malice : pea, tbe JLojB out 
®eD ^aH ceflrap tbem. 

Vcnitetxultcmui. Pfal^j. 
C«m:,let be Gng bnto tbe fi. m ■ let b< beartf. 
I Ip teiooct in tbe Rtengtl) of otit faluat ion. 

Let b« rome bcfo;e btO piiercnrc ta)itb 
tbankigfuing : anB Gbrto out ftluejt glafi tn bimtaitb 


I,f t tlie beaacnfl re iopre , anB let tbe eattb be 
glao : let tbe fra mafte a nsplt, anB all ttat tbere in ii. 

\ I JLet tbe fielo be fo; ful, anB all tbat is in it : tbea 
f^aH an tbe tree« ef tbe bu«oD reiopce befcje tbc lojD. 

« i jFo.i b« eommetb , foj be commetb tv iuBge tb« 
eattb t ano toitb rigbjeourne(& tt iuBge tbc ls«;lB,ino 
tb< puple isitb biis ttiietb. 

Dorr.JRujregnattit. Pfal^y, 

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pe8,tb« miiititttceof tb< 3Itei»map be gl^^n tberf»f. 

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rigbteott&cfCt anB iungemtnt are tbe babitatton cfiig 

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bi6eneniie«on eiwrpftce. 

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eattb (atD it,anB iuae afi-aiB. 

J Cbe bilfi mriteo like toate at tbe p?erence of i^ 
JLo?B J at tbe ptefenre of tbf LoiBof tbe tofiofe eartb. 

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anB an tbe people bane feene bis g lom. 

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gec! , ano tbat celigljt in baitu gob^ : taw^^ip Qtm afl 
pe goO0. 

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ttti of 3uDa taiere glao, beeaufe sf tbp ittEgemem^^fl) 

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} f 0! tbe ILozB in a great ^oD : ano a great fiing rartb : t&ou art rtalteo farre aboue all gee^. 
sboutaHgoBir. 10 petbatloue tbeILd;B. ftetljat pe bate tbe 

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tbel!rengtboftbebili3t0bi{iairo. bi0 ^»int0, be (^neclitintlitni from t(tebanb of tie 

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The Pfalmes. 


aiiD iojfiii! glaDiicift f : ? I'uc;) as be true {jeatte o. 

li JRrtopce in tt)e llo?ii?cr righteous : anogiuc 
tjankep foj a ccmemlviance of (jts (jolinefle. 
Cant.ite Domino. PlhL^S 

a)ing unto tf>e JLcio a ntlu fong : fo? {le ^at^ 
one inatiif lions things. 

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IjoJp acme : f)ati) fte gotten f)iin'."clt"c tbe Ijittojte. 

J .^Ije LoJD tccTarca l)i6 'aliiatii'tJ : Ijiis rijjfifcouf' 
nefe bat^ !)e ot'cnip ftnueD in the figljt of tlje beatTjcn. 

4 ft;el)8!^ tcRiem'&jtD lii? inftrp anc trua?) to= 
taati) tl)e Ijouie of Jiratl ; am all t?)e enus of t|)e ius^lo 
i)aue fcenetliefattaticn orourcSoB. 

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l3tiC0:Sng,retovc^auti giue t^RHi^s. 

<? JSjapfe t' e Iloju Dpjii tlje l)arpc ; Gng to tlje 
!^arpetott?) a ]9Cnirm oftijaiifee''gittinff. 

7 CQiti) S'^ alCo ano ^[jatemcg : O Rjete 
pout fel les iovf.dl befojc t'lc ILaia tTjc KitiiT. 

8 JLct t!)e fea maisc a no{fc,anii all tfiat tijctciu ii3: 
tl;c totmt) too2ilD.3iiB tbep tl'at Dtuilt tJ)crrti?. 

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icio!;fuiItogetl)CiiJcfojeif)cJLojD; fojOct iscoincto 
iucge tl)c eartfi. 

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time 10 come. 

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all tbe kings of tic eartb tbp f©atiffie. 

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OieglejTfban appetite. 

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poo?e Beditate : ann Desire tl) not tTJCit Bcfire. " 

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tl&epl^aHbci1)angeD: but tl;oH art t(je lame, miotDp 

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Ijtjto toe ciiiUiJcn of Jiftad. 

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Ciiffi:ring,8nB of great geomifiTc. 

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tjeti) t()at toe arc but tmii. 

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tell in f!rf ngtfi : pt' tOat fu'fi!l f.i£f commanDcmcnt,3nD 

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thin totliinai'Jfc ann fioiitur. 
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a garment ; auo ip^eaDcCrut cljcleautn^Itfieacac* 

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tnatfta ; ann in.fjctO tht iloux>e$ W claret, ano iBaI= 
fat6 W'''' titr tuiiics cif ffip toine. 

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aff'tiriiia, Rrc 

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garment: ttetoatrtSflanp in tljf 61^0. 

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ter t()ep ate afrara, 

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tlje ballcpr g ItcneatD : ciien cnto i^e place toljicb tljoii 
baS appomten foj t'yem, 

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not pafiV ; neither tutnc ajjainc te com t tijc tau&. 

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tiinne ameng tljr IjiliS. 

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toilDc affes qutiuij tferit tliitft. 

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tljcirljabiiation; nnMiPg amri!gt})cli;aniI;E9. 

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SHcD toitlj tlie fruit cftljp teo^ ke,e. 

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I6erbe to; tlje feruicc otiren, 

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toiuc tljat ma.ka\) glac ti;c tcart ef tiu-n , anB ople ta 
iralic Urn a cfteereftiH roui.tenr.iicc, 5 6jeao to fitcng« 

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tbe Cftats ot 1 1! anus,tt>l)ifl) Ije Ijafd pI.'ntiD. 

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JTicte trees a.e a : isilling fo? tf;e %toj:;c. 

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ann tljcftunuE Jtiiotect!? I;f0 going cotone. 

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tocfrein all tt;e lieaiie of tOc fo^rcll loe mccue. 

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t^ficmeatcar ©cb 

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gft^cr: ana lap t&cmcolune in tfecir tcHnrjs. 

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botnttrntilltljccueniiig. \ 

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iwu'eljafl tljoumancticntall , tfeeeattbipftillef tDg 

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tfeingg creeping mmuncrabfe, betljfmali ana great 

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toljom tT;cn haft maae to . afee his patiimc tljercin. 

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ginc tijcm mcatein DHcfearoti. 

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toljen t&tu opencft tli? l;anD,tI)Eparf fillca toisb n;eoD. 

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toljen tljoii takeft atuap tficir bjeatb, tljep Die , ana are 
turncD agair.etotOeirDun. 

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(Ijalbe maoe : $ tCoK fljair renctu tljf face of tlje cartfi. 

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faj cue r : ttc JLo^P fta'l rciopic in [)ie hjojkiS. 

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Doe buttoriil) t'jci;il£!,tliep I! Kllfmcke, 

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tat !p?a?fc mp ©oD,luOile 3! hatirmp bdv^s- 

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cartIi,anD tI:ei)na:otiIp !Ti£ll come to an cna; pialfe tio\H 
t\)e Hep, © mi' foiile, pzapfe il;e 3Ln!D. 

Coiihtemini Domino. P(nl i o y. 
f^iuc tl;anltr ijiito tlje HefO, ana call bpen W Morning 
'^smc: tell t]^esco])Ie toljat ti^ing^ije Ijati^ prayer, 

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let pour talking lie ef alibis ttetujtteitstopjkg. 

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teiag.e tyat ftefee t^ic iLo?D, 

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floite : fiiu toanntts, ano tljr iitogemePts of (jjiS mott:&, 

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•f Jacob J3t3 cTjofcn. 

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ane piomiie : that Ije maDe to a tftoufann gtntratiouiS. 

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aaatiK atljf tljat Ijc Ctuatc fanto Jfa!;ac. 

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«3 to S'raelfoj a« cuctlafiuig tfcfiament. 

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nam; t^f lot cf "nurinfjeritancf. 

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ctljer : fran one MngiiBnie to arotOe r people. 

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pfoouEC f ucn fctrg0 fo? tijeii- lakcfl. 

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»to Ijarme. 

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anta leSropea alltljepjorifion cffejrati. 

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(ep!} U)tiicb teastulD to bt a bonnreriinnt. 

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«nttes iKto !)ig fbd'e, 

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tic toojD of the JLo;D ttpiD Ijim. 

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t^f people let t)tm go free. 

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an i)ii aibflfancc. 

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toiil : a«t) tearl) fi:s %eiMt£>;?^irfCoiiic. 

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Erangcr i:\ tfec i^no of Oain. 

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WaDctlimi SrcngcttfK" tlir !r rnrmieg. 

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|l£ ! anp Dealt tntnirl)' l»ttFj ()isi feniaHtfi. 

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iMliam !)c ban cW.c.u 

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teanners tn tlic la D of Oam. 

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Jorrcnot obcct'ent i)«to Ijic U^e 0. 

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fiieg : atiB H: r in al! tlieir ^tiartrcS 

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tdhoocn t!ic trees tJ)a: lucre in tteir coaRs, 

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taterpnar« i:inumeTa1,ik : av.D tsi^ eat lip a!T tlje graifc 

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dicfeerai; tljfrr ll'-cngtb. 

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to giiK IisIJt in tlje nigtt frafon. 

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ttem tot:. ti;e bjeaD of Ijiaiun. 
. 40 t)z opencB tbc rockc of Oirnc , anB tbe toatettf 
SoiorD out : (a t: at ri'.:ecst^nin B;p places. 

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^ig ^i)«u-n tcitij glacntfle. 

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t&Ci» toofee tfie lab:ur» of t^jepecple in pofitifion. 

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Ccnfitemini DoBiino. Plal. 106. 

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nDlj.?niercg<nD(iretbf8i!riitr. piajer, 

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lltju :o.' tljcte fcfti) al! i.ig pj-^pfs :■ 

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ano cof rig^tcoulreffe. 

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amiiTe.ann Dealt toiclurlp. 

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ntitljst kept tljep tl;p gr; at gooDncllE in rtmembmncej 
but iufre Ei'.obtBient at tlje ir a eiien a tfjc te D Cra. 

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fafec : tl^at be mig'jt make \)\% pototc to be knctuen. 

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fo be IcB tlem tljc^obj ttc ccepe , ag t^'.-joiD a tuilocK 

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sun Beluierca tijcni from tlje banB of t^e encniie. 

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uttbolicimfs tfjcin : tljerc Usagnot om ofttcmLft. 

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beoiils net a'licci^ip c. unfaile. 

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tit? terj'ptcD <So3 fn tbe nefart. 

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bBttbailinte tbcitfoiile. 

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tlje 'Saint of tl;c3Le?ti. 

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tijan : ana courr>B tfec cmigrcgettou of abiram. 

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flame bitrnt I'p tbcbngocilp. 

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tlje ttoltcn image. 

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tiiBc of a calfc ttat ei'.te.ftbap. 

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Done fo ^rcat tfjingp in (Egppt. 

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fcarefu!ltbtr.g0bp tl e rcD Cta. 

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KOt (©e!xg bie Cbo^en ftano bsfti?c bim rn tbf gap : to 
titrne ato^pljiiStojat'bfullncisnaticnjUtiEbc RjoiilBDj* 
drop tijrm. 

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ano ga'.it no cieotncs mo t)i^ tcojD, 

2 5 Bit: 

The Pfalmcs.* 


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rot iinte tlje uojct oftlje iLoixi. 

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j^joiB tfjem ill tlje toilOrtnellV. 

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to Icatfec tijetn in tljc Janas, 

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aUtfjc offenngg of tlje DcaD. 

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cUme imienticn^ t anDcye^lagae toajs great among 

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plagjie ccaCifl. 

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ntlfe: arnei'g an^olienttciJfo,: cuetrnoje. 

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rtiat Vt puntdjiD ^c(e0 foj tdnv CafeeiS, 

J i T5ecau4 if;ep p:ouofeeD OJf Ipictt: Co ttat Ije (pafe« 
irtiacuifrclp toitl) (jiis liy^. 

J 4 Jl^ettljec DeSroieo tOf B tfte ^cat^n: a^ t^e Eoui 
wmmaiiDeD t^cm. 
' ; 5 "But Wte minglcD among tte beatl^en: attB Uat< 

tlCD tfjcit t»O?fe0. 

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to'gicj tiirneis to ificic oUiiie ijtrap : pr a , tljcf cftVren 
t^cic&nneiSanD Daugfjtcrs into Qctiilft. 

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fotttCB ano of tOcic Bangl^trts ; icliiim tacp offfrtD buto 
t!ie icoieis of C^anaan, ano tOe ians tcais ctfilea iuitij 

J 8 C()cs! f8£te tT;cpf!ati!£a toitTj t|eir obJtieiu??fejS: 
anB tocnt atoljojtng teftit tOrirohJ.ic inumttong. 

J 9 tjfjctffoze tuag tl)e toiatb of tlj« ilo^D ktnoIcD 
againft Otfi people : tn(iomuc(i tl^at l;ee abljo^ceD ()t0 
ciune in^ei iraace. 

40 ano ])et gaHe tfiar otter intotfje Tjannof tlje 
jgeat^eti : ans t^ep t^at Oaten t][)cm , kueicIo^D^ouet; 

4« tSTdeit enemies oppjctfientrjem : ano Ijao tTjem 

42 i® anp a time ii{D De Be liue c tfjcm ; but tl&f p rf» 
tf llcD againff iitm toitft tijcir otone imienttonis, $ lijere 
fcjoiigljt Gnluuf tit tfiett toickeDHellf . 
" 4j j;5ciicrtf)cfEiTr,to]&cnSefatBt6cir aBttfr(itic:?|e 
^eatDt{)cir complaint. 

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te:Ding to the umltituUf of!)t0 mercies : pea, 6ce mace 
M t^ou; t^at Tjati !cti tficm atoap captiue.toptitctfKm. 

45 D :lf (ler t6 :© 3E,ojP ouv (goc)* gatfje r i;0 from 
amonixr?icT)catf)rn: tl^attoecmapffftietfiaiiljes bnco 
tt;p (jclp rjamcsriD make our ba (I of t!)p p.'aife. 

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I&iliuj;, atic ii}o;lB UJttbout eiiB t anb let aHt^epfopie 

Confitemini Domino, Pfil 107. 
no I)is! niftcv ei!Otn*«tfi foj Eiicr. 
1 JLfttijcm tfianke.Vutom p ILci?B T)a:!i 
tcBceiHjn : ans Dc{tncveb t'l-f.m tl)t hai'D of the rrctnif, 
■ ^ anogat&etfbthemontoftlicfanBe.from^fS.TS 
5. from tbe cWetl ; from t()c Bj;tl), 9 from t^c ^oiitT). 
' 4 ^f^ep totnt afirav tfi ti c irilcenuRf out of tOe 
toap : fliiti foiiiiD no rti fr to thicH ir. 
' 5 C):sn(i:n'auDtI)!tJ!tf:tT!eitfoitIcfaintcBtRtT)fm. 
, 6 aJot'icpcrictibntotljelLnz?; i>u^£irttO!ilIc:aiiB 
l&C tetiurrc:! tljcm from tlieic pifirctfe . 
'7 J^e lea tljem fointlj bp tOe riRtit iuap : tfiat il&cp 
inliTfit (TO to t\)e ritif bi^'crr tI;rTJ rtof !t. 

8 © tfiat men luotila tfjercfoze pjarfc ; I)f KLojB fci 
fiis gofl-irc !te : run Declare t^i teoHDcrf t{;at (e eeetl) 


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^iingrp U)ul«; icitlj gooniiclTe. 

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Bcat^ : Letng t'aQ lioiino iii mileric cud pjr ti. 

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3D,ojB : $ !ig!;tJp regarBcb tljc ceunid oc tijc iKoli l?ig&. 

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unude ; tijep tdl Dotunc, anotljtrcuiu^nor.etoOript 

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We : Oe ccliueteBtbun out o'tbeit ciOrclK. 

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6f tU l^iaooto of ceatlj : $ b?akf ttcir botipp lU iuimer. 

1 5 ii) tbat mCit iBo:;lc tfjtrtfoic p^atie tfce Jlo^Bfo^ 
ItjS geoDticfVe : ano Brciare tije uionoecp t! at bee loct^ 

1 6 jFoj^e broken tTje gateeofbjaCfc: anDlh«t= 
ten tke batrcjEi of p;oti in Center. 

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fcceauft ot icidjc cH4Ve. 

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ttiep toeie tucii fjaroat Dcatl)? Doo?e. 

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blc : \}s BcIii'.etcB tijrm out oftteirDiRrefle. 

20 ^ee ftm ftiss 1b:.?d ano \iea\et t()tm : atiB tl&c? 
toeie faticB fcom tl)n. lefiir I'Ction, 

XI !3D t6at ineii bjoiile tbtrefujc p?apGe t!}c I.ojD foj 
biiE goocne^e : atiB Dtclaie t&e teouBet^ttiatlje Bott^ 

2 2 QtljBt tljep toeiiiB offer bnto Ijfm tIjc facrifice ef 
tbankef^itiing t ana tell out ^i6 inoiks t)>tt^ glacnede. 

2 ] ^f)ep tljar got nctoiie to tbe ka in Ritp0 : anB 
ccctipic tljeir buiincji in great bjatcrp. 

24 (Ebefe men fee'tlge teoj&ei;! of tte Ho^B t snB ^it 

J y f 0? at W lDo?B t!)t (f ojmp loinB atiCet^ t toTjfcS 
liftctf) Dp t\)t bjauc0rt)erfof. 

2 4 ^^t^ ate carieB lip to tTjelieauen, anBBoUjm 
agatnetotDebecpe : tigcicfjuUmeltetbatuapbecauCe 
of ttie trouble. 

2 7 ^l:ep reele to anB fro, anB Hagget Ifte a B?Hn« 
feen man: ano arc at tyetrtoltiS ttiB. 

2 8^0 Wm\ tbcp cttc bnto tbe JLojB in tTjeir trou* 
We : tcBcliiictet^ tbtm oiitof tljfitcifircfle. 

19 Jf 0? be maketl) tbe ftojmc to tcaic : fo t^iat tte 
toaiic^ tbtreof are fit'l. 

?o tlTben are tl!ep gTaB , bccaitle tijep bee at red j 
annfo bee b^tngetb tfjem bmo tbeljatien toljere tfteg 

J I © tlmt men IbokId tbcrtfoic p^afetbe fi.o?BFoi 
l&ts gooBncflJf : atic fitriarc tbe booncttp tOat Ije Boctft 

J 2 'Sfjat tbep toOiilB f rait btm ?\?e in tit Congre* 
gation of tlje people : ana p?apie bim in tl^e ieatc of tde 

n cubic?] tmnctbtbe 60010 into atoflBcrneiTe! 
m> Dneti' "ov tbr r fpn'ng^. 

J 4 a itiiitfiiil latin inaketb be barren : Toj tlje \aic* 

J s anain? brcm.krfb tbe toilrerncffe aCatiBing 
toatcr; miB bjatcrfpjing? of a Cjp groiinB. 

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httiD rbcm a ritic to ctofll i» 

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pavi'tt ; fo pedn tbfm frutti? of incrtarc 

58 r;c MefTftbtbrm, fo tbat tbrp nntltiylie ercee* 
Birglp '■ anb fiiff. rttb not tbr ir cattrll to f re rr afr. 

J 9 anb roiainc, tvbentbfp are mintfiKb 9 b?oi!gbt 
lobjc : tb^ciigb oipjtffirn, tb^oiigbani' plague o^tto* 

40 ^iKius^ tcefiiffer t^mto beeeuflletitteateB 


The Pfalmes., 

t&!ettgT} t^ium '. am kt tlitm toan^et out of t'oe toag toot out tie »icmei;{ar «f t^cm from offtte tartfe. 
(Utt)£)2}ili)criuire. 1 5 SiiDttactiaaufcfjii^minocUjaeH tteDcgcoD: 

41 get [;cl;:!ct6 l&e t^e peejc out of mif«(e : aBD mO' I«t getfccMtiC t!;c pct^e otljfcletU niaa , tjjat (j£ ir.igjjt 

feei&f)t u!?Pu(^8lD£!li{te aflsckeofttjcfpe. flaj>t>tmtUatbJasDrAtDatH)et)carr. 

4i €5e rig!:;tcoii0tolHccnSt>ectf)i0, nntirciopccj '^ I^i? ceJ'gkt U)?.ji in cmfing, anoitl^anB<''PPtK 

.aiJB tlie mairtl) of ali toivkeDneae loalbe GoipcB. iJnto Ijim: Ijec i^KtO not t-Uffitig , tJjirctojc UioU u bie 

4j CQoo.oi^'ffltft, toillpoaocc tijc.cttiigs: arn fane from t)tm. 
ttcj ftsil unBecaaiiD t(e lotiiivg kmoineffe of tU "7 i^? dot: f d f>tm&irc hJtiUi'rfiHg like as tet't^a 

LdjS. capmeut : aHau{i)anromctatoiii9l/itjje:0H^eu.acer, 
Paiacnnjcormeum. PfaL io8. 

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31 toillfttig atJB gittcpiaife tettlj tljs I'cQ m£m> 
; 1 Zmkt tIjoH iLuu anD !!?arpe : 3 mp fdf^e toifl 

} 31 toill giiie t'lankcH bnto tl;tt. ® 1o;b, ait'ong foale, 

ami like opiemro tji^ ben^i}. 

18 £ct it be bnto l;iin as tic c'p". « r(;at 6« Ijat^ tip* 
en ym : ana a^ ri^e girlie tUt ^ce t? aliuav giccia 

ly JLct tt t5:!S iiappen from tl)e Lejo bnto m(ne 
mcmit^ : enB to tvolc tljat ipcake lUiU againd m; 

rtt prcplc : a toill ling pja^fep Di'.to t|Ke among tUe 

4 f i» tTip mcrcp t0 greater tfcen tl&c ^ewers ; ano 
Cljp trwtO rciic^ct'QbHto t^E cloitncg. 

s 'fe'ct Dp t^p Jelcc (2) ®uD) alwix t^ieljcatiens: 
anu t()p gloj p aboiie all tOe eartft. 

6 ^tjat t^p bclouea raa:p be DcIHictcD ; let t^p rfg^t 
5at«i fwie tbciiijann Ijcarc t^ou me, 

7 (Sod 6atl) pok « in ^t3 dalineflj : ;5 toiflreiopre 

o TS'.it Dfa^e t^ou teJtT; mc (S EojD (Son) arco?» 
ting unto tljpjQame : fejfsoiet 

z I O Deliuer mc,f£ij 2 am ijelpcltfte ami pooje : etta 
mp ^carc it iDOimottilji.tlnnine. 

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am B^iui n auiap ati tte graUioppcr 

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i? B^PfD top fo; teatit of fatncfle. 

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tTjetefoje anfl amiuc ^iifecm , ar.D mete owtttie tiallep lookee »pou mc^t^akcD tl&cir feeatg 


8 0i!eaD id mint, aiio ©anattcs t0 mine : Cp^.ia- 
tm sIOd !g t&c flrcBgt^ of mp brao. 

5 Siioa t3 inp latogiiifr , ©cab li mp boafiipot : a» 
Oft (S'^ointoill 31 ca2 oat mj ftoe,ttpon tlj« J^^tliQ;Bf? 
6hII 31 triumph. 

10 CDf)o all IcaTiemee intotl&etfrong citie, anD 
iii\j$ tsili bxtPg mz into iJgDomi' 

1 1 tpaBn it tbou fo?iakent>sf O <SeD: aWD farilt not 
l^oa,@ot),go foitlj biirb our ted^:' 

1 1 © ^Elpe i30 againli tOe cncmie : fo^baine iitlt 

1 J tJ[I):ottg^ ®oa toe Rja!I eoe great actji : ano it it 
i}e t^at ^all rteao cobsnc our cncmteif. 

Deus laudeni. Pfal. i op. 

i ©lue not tbp tongue. © ®oQ of mp pjapfc : fo; t5e 

15 itpelpE mc (© LojB mp ©oO : ) o^&faue mcac» 
co?inng to tOp infttp. 

z 6 ana thrp i^all kroto Ijoio t^at tW ie tljp 6amif 
anD tl>at tbou ilr^o bad Don< it. 

1 7 Sijougfj tDep c.irfc, pet blelTe tljou r rniD let tfjtai 
If confonHBcB :{jat tile bp agaiiiR mte, but let ti,p lit* 

28 I,et mine acuer'atied DfecIetT;eD toftljRjamet 
ane let tijcm couer ttcmCclurg toitb tfccir elune confu* 

19 asf()?mcK, JItofllgtuegreattljanhffJbrtotlje 
JLo?D biitb mp mouti) : ano pjapie ^im among tit mni- 

J o jFo; !■ c f&aflSanB af tbe rtgTjt Dann of tDe poojet 
t6faue^i0roale fromtinrtgI}tcou$; JiiDgeg. 
Dixit Dominus, 

H©lDe not tbp tongue. ©®0Q of mpp;aprc:fOM5e Dixit Dominus. Pral.iio. 

motuljof tJcbngoDlp, pea, auB tfee moutj) of t^e t' t '^')^ ILoiOfapoc bntompLo^n : Gttljoutmnij Morning 
Bic«tfHlli0cpcnecbpc!imt. I rigtt IjanD , bntiUi make tljineeiiemicp tl;g prayer. 

z anD t^ep fjaue fpaken agninR mee teftb falTe X fjotRooIe. 
tongacj: tljtp compaffeD mccahoiit aUo luitfi toojc^ of 2 Cbe lLo.:D I^all frnD tl"e roD cf tfip polcet out of fsngljt againfi me taitI)out a catife ©ion ; lie t^ott ruler eucn in tijc miDs amcrg tl)tu« 

J jfot tfte leue tbat 31 lian unto tbem,l9e,tf)cp tafte enemies, 
note mp contratp part; b.t 31 giue mpCelfcbiito pjapcr. j 3!ti tbeBap of tfip pofcjer l^al tTc pccplc rffcr tl^ee 
4 ^fiusl)aueti)eprcU)arteDmecuiDfo?gceD:anB free toill oJferirp toitljaBicIpiBe^fijip: tlje Briaeif 

tjjp birrfi iss of tOe ii-onibe of tijema.ming 

4 ^f)e S.0J2 fiuare , aim iii!I net irgnit • r^ou art 
a 33?ien fo2 cuer.efter t^r o:ccrflf (^clrijrfecri,!?. 

"5 ^(je IloiBtjpoRtfep tigbtljar.D :(|)aItoo«r.Bcuni 
JSuigs in t^e Dap of ijig to?atl). 

6 i?i fifeaniuDgenmongtijcbcsffjni.l&ellallfflrrjc 
places iBtti) the Bran bcDtr0 : auD Dmte in lunccr tijc 
ilcaBj; ouft Biuer0 countrepess. 

7 l^e C^all D;iiHkc of tljebjoofic in tie tnap : t[)cte« 
fejeCjalHicU'ftbp ftits bfaD. 

Confitebor tibi. Pfal 111. 

6atreBfo|mpgcoD trill 

5 ^et t&ou an bngoDlp man to be tulct ouet Ijfm : 
«t!D let ^atan fiano at i]f^ rio.^ baiB. 

6 cafccn fratenccig giuen tipon b(m, Ictl&iml'Ce 
twoemneD : auB let fei^ piavct be tumtB into Gnne. 

7 Lctl^igDapc-sleefeto: analet another take ti^ 

8 Ett W c5ttD?en be fatljetlclfe ; anD W boife a 

9 JLct li$ cfiiiDjen be bagabencs , ans brg t^ic 
fcjeaB : lettlemCieekc it atfooutof Dtfclatepiacejo. 

10 I,fttbecrtojttoncrceiifumeatlibat5el)at]&: ana y Klilt giue tfiankf? bnto tte Hoib toit^ mp feljole 
let t^e QcrRger fpoifc bis (abotir. { brart : fecretlp among i()e faitbf»U> av.B in tbe Coiu 

Let tbete bee no manjo pitie fiim ; noj to l&aue gregation 

contpafuon bpen bis fatljcrleffe cl)ilc?cn 

12 ILtt bispoReritiebe ncflropeD? anD in tijeneict 
generation let bis name be clernc put out. 

I J tettbe toicke^Hcffeef bisfatbcrsbcbaBfnre' 
wembjancc in tbe Cs^t C'f f^f ^"t^ ' ^Mt" "ft not tlje 
Onne of bis motbcr be Done atoap, 

12 ]l,ett^emaltt]agbebefojet^eSrO;D:t(4t]^emae ccmeml^ance. 

iSlit teojkiJ of tTjf £9?B srre great .- fought oiit cf 
an tljcm tbat baue pteafure tbcrein. 

J l?is boo2fce is tooubp to be pjapfcg ano ^ao in 
Concur : ano fjierigltcouQicHe cnttire.'I: f»? eiic r. 

4 (Tbe merdfuU ano graricus JLo^b batb fo Dene 
las itiarueilouS S»ojk(^ : lt)Btti^epoug^ttoi-( baoin 

The Pfalmes. 


5 $5? W'^ gl lejt meatc Ijnto tgem tbat fear* &im : 
le iljati eiicr be in.noftjl; cf fjifs Co.-isnant. 

6 JDS feat!) Bj.-lBcn fjts pc cpi: ^ psLoecof 5te bJo^Jt^: 
tibat i)i iiidj) gius djcnt ttjc lytntazc of :t>e Ocac&en. 

7 QTO? ujojhp of l)i0 &iinB3 are uedtte ani iaDgc^ 
mtnt ; ail tjis lominanceinnirsf are true. 

!5 'Sfjcp ffAiia fdS fo^j cue; a:!ti m'.i ; anti aic Bene 

i» i?e Cent veocmiitifn tmto Iji^ peoyle : 5: ^at^ 
C3:nmauoeD tj s Coiu.iantfo; euet , Ijelj ano rriicrent 
i»> Ijis J3amc 

1 o ®0i tcacc of tOe Eoja B tlje bejin-nns of iaiff = 
torn : a gojQ Uivacdianains Oaue all tbtu t^at Do tljcte-- 
ftitfr.tijE fiAiie t'f it f n:tiru;j fo; met. 

Beaciisvir, Pfal 1 1 z. 

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Siui ntli^U in t'ts comitv.'snDttnfntg. 

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Bu.Df Sis iiwjDs tuit^ Difaetion. 

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ftjulbe l)aQ in a -Eiicrlanin^ rememb^anc;*, 

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lliS;Hieti) fn(!,aiiB beleetictli in tloc JLoju. 

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niSreof t.)c bnjoBl? ffjalipcrillj, 

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time fOf'tij fo2 fUfrmoje. 

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of tOc ^^uBi'.e omo tfee going botonr of t.he fame. 

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Its Btoe.ling {"o ^iglj : artpc: fj.imblLtl) ijijnuiifctobe' 
Ic-lo tlje tijmga tl]at are'in ijcauen ana eattibi' 

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teil& tljc poo:c o^t of tlje mke, 

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iDitfi t^e p?!i:ce£( of {lignr opie. 

8 i^c mal^eth tljc barren tuoman to Retpe Ooiu : 
ano t« be a iopM m?tl;er of dilDjtn. 


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X^en Sfiaelcame out «f (Sgppt! anatfif 
fedJU of ilacob from among tlie Grange 
^Si'.iaa Uia^ Iji<t ^ancti'iatie : anttJIfracl W do< 

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anatljoH i!o!Dar.,.!)attl)Qjiran3M!ic:iI'aik£i' 

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ano 2« 'iuie '«! j li's^ vzny. fljf cpcr 

7 tir»inui( t!)»u'eac(^ at tl)t ]?:erence of t{)e Jlo^B : 

at t6e pjermire of tlbe ©oB of 3I«C8^J. 

8 uHijici) titmen tbe (jaua tocfec into a QanBing 
ieatec s ana tlje flint Cone into a Cp^inging toed. 
.Noll nobis Domine. PfaLii5. 

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j3ame giiietbtpjaifc : fojtDglo'singmercp.aHn 

a CUijerefo^ze fijal H;e l^eatijen fap : m\)ttt i$ noia 
tijdr tSoaf 

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of mcng ban:0. 

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tljep,an5 fee n^c. 

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tbep, CHO baalfee not : neit&e r fpealsc tticp tljzcug , tbttc 

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fo ace a I Uic.i as put tijeir tiufl in tljem. 

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ye ts( tij; ir fiicroar ana cefencc. 

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5c is tijfir ijc'pfr aiiB Pefniacr. 

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fLo}^ i be is ti)ctt bclper ann pefenaer. 

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bletle '3 ^: cum be fl)all blciTt tijc Ijoiii of 31ira£l,lje Q}d\ 
blelTe the binile of flaron. 

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Cmailanc great. 

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ja:: arte pour cT)ilD?en. 

I J i^t arc tbe bleifeo of t^e EojO : to^icS ma3e 
Jeaiien ana eattli. 

I tf ail tbe to&ilc beatieng are (In !Lo?2^ ; tJerartD 
fjutb fee giiien to tbe cbilDjeii of mm. 

1 7 'Sf^f Bcaa pmiCe not tf:ec , O fi,op ; neither aU 
tt'c? tljat 5a coloHf into tbe lileiice. 

I's "But toe toiJIp?at;e tbeEoja : ftomtTjiji time 
fo?t]^ fo» eiutmo,!e. JP^eife t6e JLojO. 

Dilexi quoniam. PCiI. 1 1 6. 

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sfiiip pjdpct. prayer. 

t STbat bee bat!) enrJineo bi^ rare bnto mce: 
t!)trcl:o?e bii'I J call bpon bim as long a0 J line. 

J CTbe fnarcg of aeatb compafiVa me toiHiB about t 
ana tbe patnea of btH gate fjolo fpon me. 

4 3 fijsll Sme trouble ana bra-ni!'el& » ana 31 Han 
call lp.->ii tbcBimeof t^cEojB : © Ileio 3 brfeccft 
t^ce Bcliiictmpfoti'f, 

5 (5racio;i£( i0 tIjcEojB ana riglttcMjs : pea, out 
©00 13 mrrrifuH, 

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rfcano be belpeo me. 

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foi tbeiojabatbretDarccBtbee. 

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Beatlj { mine c^c0 from te ate , ano mp fecre from fa J» 

*<s 3! toCJ tualfee before tbe ILo^B ; in tbe lano of ti&e 

'o Slb'Tccuea, anntbtrcfoze toillJfpeaJte, hut 
T liiasi loii troalilcD : 3 fapB in mp 6aiie , ?.ll men ait 

I I Cafwt retaarti ^ iH J giiic Imto tbe lojo ; fo| 
alltbebfH'fi^tb?"- U' batb cone unto mef 

12 31b)tIii:>^''itKtOec>jpvfCa;uatloii;a»DraI{bpo)i 


n 3 toi'Ipap ni? tatoe^ ncfo in t^c pje'ence cf all 
l)tepfoi)!e: t;gfjtDeaictnt?)£(is;Ucf tljeiLojO, ifftlt 
BcstOof OtgfaiHra. 

1 4 13cfcoiD (£) S.0,213) Set!) tijat 31 am i|f ftruant t 
3!amtfj)»fen;ant, arorlje lotiKC of tijtneljanomagce, 
t^oH liaflbzohcn trip boms in itrnDer. 

" 5 J toil offi t to rijer t^« fartiBce ef t^anfecfgiiiiK^; 
ana toil; call bpsr. tijs iSamc ef tlji Hsjd. 

1 6 3 totll pap mp DoU £g bnto ttc LoiP, ia tifee Cg'tt 
cfaldjis perf (c ; tu t!)e coi;trt3 of ti e Jlo^BCPfjoB'ie, 
HKn in t9£ mjCBcjt of t&ee, © tjicrufalcm. P^apff tt(« 

L.iuJateDonunum. Pfaliiy. 

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tctoatDU?: ano iljt tcuct^ cf t()€ Lo^ec enciirct^ foj 
«iicr. JPzaifetFjeLoitB. 

Conlitemini Domino. Pfal.tiS. 

0©iuf t^afifef 0btito tl'E JLoju. foj f;cc i$i gractou^: 
bccaitlcl)!^- nietc? cnti'.trtli fo? cijcr. 
» Let 3'*rael «wis ccnfcfie tftat {;e i0 gracioii^-.anu 
t^at \)i^ tr.ttcp rncum') fc? ciic r. 

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m.'i cv ent!utct[) fe? cufr. 

4 ^ea , Ift tbnn note tl&at feate t^f )B.o:D cmfcae : 
tl;at l)i£ trcrrr cnciirctfj frj rucr. 

5 J< csV.a tpon tlje LojD m tt&ulk : ani: t^e HajB 
Dtarsiw at large. 

<J sj^e iLe^D id on mp fic« : 3! totll not ff ate ta|«t 

7 t^fje Jlo?D te&ctB mp p 'rt toitl) (Bern rt at Be Ipc 
tncj : tl;mfe^£ f^all ii Cc«' mp DeQte bpon mine cne> 

s ^t is better fo tniS in t5e 3te?? : tl&cn to psit atip 

9 Jt 16 feeuft to ttud in tt)c£oja! t^cn so pat anp 

10 9U nati Hg comyafff B me rosnn about ; but in 
tie fimz ef iFjc U,o:Ji iuill 3! ceRtep t&nn. 

I I ttftep kept me in mi riifrp fiec , tftep feept me in 
(S fap) or. cuerp dte : lutt in t^c JSame of tOe Jlo?o toil 

12 ^Oepcjme about me like "BefSi, anu ate ejrt inrt 
f Ken as tfi^Sre ainoTigtfce t!;o?K£3: foj in tte J3ame of 
tfee Lp,'B 31 ia-n BtQrep ttcm. 

I ; ^()fl« 6 itt tfjKifl "oje at me J tfjat 31 migl^t fall : 
but tfjc Hozn to.?6 m? Ije!pe. 

• 4 S^e S.o;;d is mp (ircngtTj anu mp Cong t an3 i$ 
6erome mp faliiation. 

1 5 S^lie l3opce of iojt aim Ualifi ts iu tf;e ttofHingg 
«f tfje rigTiteoiis t the tigfjt tano ef t^e JLoiB b;tni];e"tS 

Iff CEOf rigfct fjrnt) of t^e Hojnljatlitfif pzccmi' 
jser.ce: tbe rigtt fjauB of t^c £o?n bfingctljmigbtie 

17 3! ioin not Cie.Datliue? ano Declare tTjetoojfce? 
cf tfje 3Loj3. 

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le hati) not giiieii me rucr bntc cr ati&. 

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goeinto tljesijanc giiic tijanfts tntotlje JLojd. 

2 ^is isi t[ie gate oftlje !lo;B: tt}£ n'g^tccaiS 

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art bcc'^me mv faluatton. 

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Become tbc Tk aD G-nc in tlje to-net. 

3 ; €f)i^ t^ t\)e JLojQ^ Bsing : ans it i$ iratiuilpiift 

J 4 ^f)ifSiU tie nap toTjid&t^rHo^Blat^ mane: toe 
toill reiene ano be glan in it. 

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26 Tol (Tec be Tie tljat commttb in tl: J9nme oUle 
JLojfi ; toe fjaue loii^eD poii goon ttatbcoftle 

27 ©on i0ti)e Jlo?B tol;iib &stf;e&f53JfC^*%^-ti 
bfnrc tl): facrifice toitij coiDg, pea.cucn ^nts t^c ttznc* 
cftlje altar. 

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art mp (SrCnnD 3] aili pjaple tOi e. 

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ott0 : anDU^metiptacuvcttjfej eucc. 

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:nDtoa!!?cintl)elato ofttclLojO. prayet, 

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Bjig ; anDfesfeeSimtoitl) tteittofiolc fecait. 

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to -'pes. 

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tb? ccmmanDcmcnts. 

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^iCtbnto uil tip tcnunanDeineHt0. 

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3! i^ali 6auc IcameD tie iuDgemert^ of t&? ricljtecuf' 

8 3! toiJf keepc i§p cctcmcnic? : Q fo?£ak« roc Mt 

In quo corriget. 

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fucn Ip ruling fiimfclfe after tI;ptooJD. 

2 JUitl] mj- IicIjgIc I)rart tiauc Si Iccigbi tTjCc:© let 
me rot goetoJongout oftijprommaiiDemEKre. 

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(^oulD not finne againB ffee . 

4 'BIcfrcDarttUoajOiLojB: D tf ac'D me t5p 5a» 

J caitt mp Iippc^ taue 31 bene iclling : of all tU 
iHtgemtnte of;?)? moutb. 

6 31 Ijaue feacas great telig^t int^etoapof tijj 
teftimonieg : as in all maicr efticftes, 

7 31tDil talf;eoft|pcommanCkmcnts: atiDljaite 
rcfpectbntf tliptoapes. 

8 ©PBdigljtt^albc intlipliatutc0;anD 31 tuifnot 
forget tfipteojB. 


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fecrpetif li)02D. 
2 ©pen tijiMi mine epes ; iTjat 31 map fr r ttetoon* 

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tljat it betlj niteap Imto tljp ictgcmcrts, 

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tljep tljat pceerrrfrctn ihv ecmirr.ntrmrrt^. 

6 O tiirnc from mt Hjame anD rt ]^v.^e : fo^ 31 t&tx 

7 Piipcfs alfo DiD fit ancfpta^f egainfi me ; but 
tcp feruanr ie cicupifD in tt'p fir tiitcp. 

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^ MMzkM\»ht)^en ji-.pfcapf0,anDt$««ljegtDfli 
^ z m«: . 

The XXV. day. 


The XXV. day. 


roe : ® tf acT) mc t'&p Bs.wxg. 

i i^&ht me t9 bnaerftann t^e toap of tlbp Cflmman^ 
aemetits :aiiD to ff)aII3I ralfec ff tijp iuaiioctoua toejfe^. 

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fo,2t tfjiii .TC accojDins biito :i)P luo^D. 

5 STake from me'tOf toap ef Ijing : anB taiift tl'ou 
ttie to make miicl) ef tijp Lauj. 

<t 3 l)aue cIjoftB the toap of (tuetS J asQ tDp ittcgt* 

7 31 Ijaite fi.cfeen Unto t^jg tcSimem'f 0: 1,e?D con« 

8 2 iuSn r:;nns tlje toapef tljp cotnmaHBemcntjJi 
tolicn tOou Ija5 i"tt mp fjeau at Iibe rtp. 

Legem pone. 

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31 {^MI kfSi'f it teito tfjc cm. 
2 &v.\tmt tmnerRautJingmiB 31 S)»T k«fp« 
ll)v iLatu ; pe.i,S (fj'^niiefpe if luitfj inptaljoleljeart. 

"j Cj3aU£ mee ro pe (n t^cpat^ of i6p cominanDe» 
mci!t0 •■ f. ? therein tfl mn uefire. 

4 3!f!c!tnc mp (jcact Unte tl; j tcfifmonie^ : atiB not 
to coiictoulneff-. 

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tie ; ann q'l cIjch tftou mc in t!;? toap. 

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7 tSa'ie atoap tbe rebufec t&at 31 am aftaiD of: fo? 
tl&p ii!Bg£m.-iU5 are t^oo^. 

s TScIjolD, mpcclig^tisintTivcommaniJenwm^: 
© quicken me intljprijOteoutJufle, 

Et vetiiatfupcrnic. 

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eiicii tbj» ra!tatio;:,acc0;oina; fanto t5? Suoja. 
2 ^0 C^al jl make aKfiaac unto mp l)Iaip6eirer{( : 
fbj m? ttHfl is in tOp toojn. 

J O take not tnc too?ci of tlj^ trttctfi biterlg out of 
wip moutO : fo: mpljope ig in tl)pintigemct?ts. 

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ana eiicr. 

5 anD 31 tuill toafke at liliettie : &? 31 fceke tljp 

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Singsi J antJ toil! not be aHjamcD. 

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teljic'd J Ijaue foiieo. 

8 (^ fiantis alfo toill 31 lifttptjnto tljp comman« 
i<cmcnr0,tx^ic]b!^ ^aueioiieo: antinipiiuoie^aUbem 

Memor efto veibi -ui. 

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toheran tlou iiafi eaisrcD me to put mp truB. 
2 ^fte fame i0 mp comfojt in nip trciible : fo? t^p 
103«f)at!i quickcneBme. 

? tJIbe p;o;re fiatie ftau me f icecBing?p in DeriGon : 
fit haw 3 not ffjiinfeeB fromtfjp Lata 

4 jFo2 31 leme mi\!f s t^ine ettedaStng iuBgemertj), 
® £o;iB '. ant) recciuf D romfon. 

5 T\ an !iPjtril)ip sftato; fo,z tIjcbHgoUlp t^at fo?» 

£ COpiiatnte^^auebenempfongj!: (ntbeticule 

7 " 31 fiai!eti)0!it5t)tlipon t]6pS33mc,0 ILojBjntte 
B:gl;t fesfon : ano Ijanc kept tt)p ILato 

8 Qri;i0 3 ^ao : be cauCe 31 keut tljp comantiemflit^. 
Piirtio me.i Doniine. 

TV)w art mv portion, ® fi,ojD : 31 (jauc pjwiifcD tj» 
I 31 mareniph'tirHejeittfrn fHt!)ppj«ffnretoitIj 
«iv tofjole tcait ; © k raetcifuU bnto nu accojfling to 
tDp toJin. 
} 3 caKen min; o!»ne toapc^ to remtmlTancc; ara 

tuttut mp feef ebnto t5p tcCffmoBiejj. 

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t^P eomrnanDemcntiJ. 

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me; but 31 &auc not fojgotten tijp Lata. 

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bccaufc of t&p tigljteoueiutgemtm^, 

7 31 am a companion of ali t3)tm t^at fearc tliee : 
anokecpe tijp commanDemcctd. 

8 ^^ cartlj .0 i.o^M fuUof t^p racrcg : SD tcac^ 
mt t^p Qatute^ 

Bonitatem fecifti. 

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2 O leaine me ttiie teiQetSanning ano knohjIfBgf : 
fo? 31 liaie beleeuen t^p eommanDcment^. 

J T3cfo?e3l toas troubleD,3 t»cntto?«ng:DntB:t> 
lane 3! kept tiip tvo?D. 

4 ^(>ou art gooo anB gcation^ : © teaci) mee t^g 

5 €5e pjoiiB Ijatie imagineB a Ipe agat'nS me : but 
31 toil kecpe tf)p commanaemcn ts toirf) mp ujfjolc tcirt. 

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7 3It is gooB fo2 meeti&at 3 Ijatie bene introiil Jcj 
t6at 31 map (e arse tijp Batiitc^. 

8 '^\)e Lato of tfip moutft iiS Bcatet bnto me : tiiett 
t^orifanDO of golo ano liluer. 

Manus tux fecemns me. 

T^p5anBi3f)auc mabe mc ano fafl^iorsb mee : ® Eusnaig 
cincmebnceiflauBing, t^at il map learne ttj? prayer. 

1 Q[f;Cp tfjat fearc t^ee fain be glaB fcaTjen t^cp r«« 
mc : bee aufe 'I fiaiie put mp trufi in tO? boozB. 

J 31 kneU) (© Hojo) that t5ip iiirgemrntsare tigf)!: 
anB tfeat tljoti of berp faititfiilnefle ijaucaufeo me to be 

4 © let t^p mcrcifiin kinDntCTe be mp comfojt : sc« 

5 © let t&p (suing mjrciess roine b»Ko mee, t^at 3^ 
map Itue : foj tij? Laui id mr> Bel got. 

6 Utt t&e p?o.!D bee confounoeB , fo? t^f p gee tote 
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command cmente. 

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but 31 J»iU cetifiBcr rijr tciiimciiifg. Mirabilia. 

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commantifmcnts 6 ® cdtHcr me from tlje tojoRgfuK Bealiiigjj of 

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RiejJ ; f«^ all mp taape? ate before tljec. 

Appropinquet deprecatio. 

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ineSiiDi-rSancing; accojoing to tljj to jd. 
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am in tbp lata is mp ueligbt. 

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tlj? fetuantjfoz 31 Bo not lo?get tlip commaiioemtnt^. 

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£o^j : aim be Ijcato me. 

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fng Iip3 : ann from a rtreitfiil! tongue. 

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^creclj: ans to Ijaue mine bal>itarion among tie tcittis 

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cntmieg 'dm peace. 

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comming in : from tbi? time fojib fo? eutniioje. 

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fnare of tbe fouler ; tbe (hate i|3 broken, aiiO toe are Oe^ 

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tobicb batb maoebeauen ano ear'b. 

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tl)c mount ^ion : tobicb ntapi;ot be remceueOj 
but Banoctb fall fo; cuer. 

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Bctb tbe Hm rounc about biis people , frem tbi^ time- 
fojtb foj euetmo;e. 

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let of tbe rtgbteoiijj : lell t\it rigbteou;. put tt;eit bans 
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CoeriJjbut peace fijall be tip-n 3I'-rael. 

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tie of <i. ion ; tben toetc toe libe Wite tbtm 
tbat pjcame. 
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buketb Init m bame. 

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If, ana fo latetaRcttn, ana catetliebiiEaB of cateful> 
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euenfo ate tfcpong rijilcjcn. 

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Item; t6ep Ojall n«t be affjamsD tobcn t^tf (^cafee luitfj 
t^eir eneinic0 in tbe gate. 

Befltiomnes. Pijl.128. 

BJLeffcB are all tt)ep t^at fea« t|)c 3B,o?a { ana taaffi« 

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© todi is rl)ee,nna Tjappp (bait tbou be. 

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tsaHcg of rljine bstire. 

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■6oiit tlj? table. 

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tlje Eo?o. 

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VtB peace bpon 3jlrael. 

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poittb bp: (map Jftael nott lap.) 
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poutlj bp : but tljep bane not pjcuatfca agc-.tnfl me. 

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tftbebnjoi^lp in pieces!. 

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m manp as baite euill fasill at %ioH. 

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t5e Jouft top?'- tobtcb baitberetb afo?e itbcplnrScB ijp. 

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tbe I,o?B pjoCier pou : \i}(c 'OJi£& potJ gooo lucfee in the 

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cone araiSe; ob iLo?D,tebo map abiae it f 

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tberc i0 mere p t ana lultfi l&im fiJ p!cntC8UiS tear mp ion. 
8 ana be I^al tcDceme Jlftarl : fiom all bi9 iinHe^. 

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L®^Be , 31 am not (jiffb minaca : a iaue ro p^c«a« 

z 31 Boe not ercrcifc mp lilfe in great matttwj 
toljicb arc too bigli fo? me. 

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fcule is cum aff a toeanec clilBf. 

4 O SftaeltruC in tlje JlojCsfrom tl)!0ttmefc^tS 

Memento Domine. Pfal 1 3 2. 
® jB rcmcmbec DauiB : ana all bis troulile. 

i^oto bcftoare bnto tbc HojB : ano Uetott Mommj »* 
J botob«to tU almigbtp ©CB of Jacob, prjyer. 

J 31 toin not come \)iit\}m tie tabanatleofmg 
^oiifc ; tiaj ilimbe bp into inp bcB . 

4 SlDil not fu&rr mine epf to fif rpp,iio?tniiie cpe 
lias to fiumbet: neitbet tbe temples of mpbtao to tafee 
anp rrS. 

5 C2ntfll 3f finac out a place fo? tbe tiTf mplc of t^e 
ILogB r an balutatiMtfo.! tbe migb^p ©ca of Jacob. 

6 lo,toe Ijeata of iljc fame at Cpb?nta: ana foiinB tl 

7 Ctic toil goe into bis tabertiacfe ana fall Icbj o« 
onrftnecisbcfoie bisfootcKo le. 

8 aciCe, ® I,e?B, into tbP rtfling place: tfcoa a»0 

s> Het tlip JPjieHiBbf ctotbrBteitb rigTjteotifeeiTct 
ana let tbp faints dv.g Iritb iopftiliitlfe. 

10 JFo? tOpfetKantDauiDsrafec: tucncnotatoag 
tbe pjcfcHce of tf^inc ani-pr.(ea. 

11 Sbe JLojD barl) mate a faitlrfun ot^e bnto Da* 
Mia : ana be Ponfi not (bzinfeefrom it. 

li OftOcftuiteof tl'pbocp: Jljall 31Cetbpo«i5g 

1 i 3lf tbp cbilDjen toill Rcrpe mp ro'terant ana mp 
tf fiimoiu'es tbat 2 fliai leatne tbem: tljcir cbilBjcn alfo 
HjallGt Dpoti thv featc fo^ euen:io;e. 

14 5Foj tbe JL^'ja batb cbofr n §ion to be sn balfta* 
tion fo? Oimfilfe : be batb loiioicc fo? bcr. 

1 5 ts:bis fhalf'e mp rcrt fo; euct: fete taill 3[ attelT, 
fo2 31 iaue a Bebgbt tberein. 

1 6 3! totll bleife bcr bitatTcs bjftb fncreafe; ana toil 
fatifSe bet poojc tottb b?eaB. 

17 3Itoin BrcfecbetJPjieSsiuttl&rjeartO: ana Set 
faints Bjall niopcc ana (trig. 

1 8 QTbfrc (ball 3! mnke tfje bo?neof JDauia tofia* 
tiD&: S Satic ciBcinea a Lintcrne fo? mineanopiitcB. 

19 asfojWseHcmies, 31 (ball cictbe tbem toitg 
lliame : but bpon bimfclfe (Tif.n Ijitf crotontfl[8?Ul|. 

Ecceqiiam boiium. Pfal. i j j. 

BCbo'n bote gooB ana iepfull a tijing "it i?: b?et5?m 
to Btoelt rogetber in bnitie. 

2 3It is liljc tbe p?ectoi;0 opntment bpon t^.e beau, 
tbat ranne Bitone b.itJ tbcbeata: cuenjjntoaatcn^ 
beatB,anB tocnt Bntene to tbeCbitts of fiis clotbing. 

J T^fbc as tlje Bcato of l^crmon ! tobicb tc^tbi/oR 

4 jFo?tbcte tbe JLojapjomifeaSt^bklftngi ana 
life fo? euermo?e. 

EccenaBc, Pfal.ij4. 

BCMg (noto)p?apfctbcLo?Bj anpefeniaM^oP 

2 getfj at bpm'gbtdanBintbfboufc of tbe JIo?b: 
euen in tic courts of tbe boufe of out ©oa. 

J 5Lift bp ponrbantei* iutbe^anctuarp: ana 

4 ^fie JL<j?a tbat maae beauett ana saitb : giiie 

(!£ 4 laudace 





Lnu jate nomen, PHil i j 5. 

O]^ japfe ti)z Lo jii,l3i«i£ pc tlje B ante of t';e iLo?i3s 
g'.aple it, -J ?e Cctaants of tlje JLo?i] 

3 ^"ce t^at Banc in t 'oe fjoii 1 0: tfjc JLo^B : in t^ 
£Oixt0 of ttc Ijoit't of our G5cB. 

J © y;sp'reti3C JLo?o,fojtl3e3Lo!ti tiS gtaciou^;© 
{cij ptapfea imta ijig it !$ loiielp. 

4 jr.'j fe^lj?:" tl)c JLi>;a batl) cljoitn 31acob l):UoI)i!n« 
fclfei cna 31tViic'. foji tisi oIdhe peffefTioH. 

5 jr 0; j| litiotD tljat tlje jQ^o.ja iis great: ann tijat ouc 
JLojB id aiioiis all Eo33. 

5 ^^^atfajucr tfte ilejO plea'f ii,tT)at niu fje is T'ea» 
Ui.i aitt! ill eartl;! zm in c!;« tea.anc in all Offpe places. 

7 !;>« I'jingf i:^ fofliiB tfec cloioe 3 from tlje cnos of 
tT]e bjojh: anD fcnrittl) fo^tlj Usttnin js iuit& tljeraine, 
lu'n^inijtOe bsinacs out ef 0'3 trenfarcfi. 
" 8 C;e Imotg tl)e fi.fl bo^ne of oEup^t : botlj of man 

9 llpe Rati) fctit tolscnd am tooncerg into tf e mins 
of t^tCi© tijou lann of (£g;Fyt ' ^V''^ JS&atao^ ann ali 

I o i^efmote iJtucrEiiiatfang: ge (leto miailitp kinjs. 

I I ^eljon fetng o^ t^e amaiites, aiis sIDs tl;e feing 
of 'Bafau; an^ all rfje king2o:ne0 of C'lanaan. 

1 2 ^]\j jaiic tTjcirlanato bean ijcr-tngc: ciicnan 
heritage imto Ifrael iiie people. 

1 ? tfljp B vrc,3 ILojD,cnr;tiretlj io: ctter; Co noetfj 
tI)pme!noj!al,©Lo:o,froino:te generation to anctfjer. 

14 jFoitijeilo^Diuinauenge Iji^ people: anabcc 

1 5- ag fo'. tlje imagC!! of ttje lieatljen , t^cp are but 
Cliicr ana golD : ilje toojiteof mcnsTjanCi!!. 

1 6 tlij-pljaue ntoutIjcf!,ano'pfafe«not! cpc^i^'W 

1 7 ^f)c? I) aue eares , arnj pet tl&ep Ijeare not : nc{« 
t^bcr is t^ei-e an? bjeatlj in tijeit moiitljcs. • 

1 8 €fie;i tliat malu tbem, ate like bnto t^em : ann 
Caare alltbrp tljat puttticirtnitl m tbcm, 

1 9 pisii tbi ilojo pe Doufe of aCrael : pzatfc t^e 
iLoJS pe boufeof aaron. 

2 o p jai'.e tbc 3liVD pe ^onfe of JLcttt: pc tl&at feare 
tl)c JLo?;i,iJ2atfc tlje li o;3, 

2 1 }1?:3{ 'eD be tlje JLo?a out cf %ion : to^trl) atocl> 

Confitemifij- Pfal. i ^ ^. 
I IH3 bis merrp enBiivetljfi'? eiicr. 
_ 1 ©gtuftOanrjEHmtotbe^jDofallgos^: 
fo^ifeis mercp entiiirctb fo.2 ttirr. 

J © tbankc t^e ILojcefaiflfo^as: fc? Tji0 mcrcp 

. 4 aili)ic& onc'pueetT; great toonier^i; fojfji^ mcrcp 

5 dJijiib brTj-sJciTrnrmtoiieBomemaietrjeljea' 
tien s ; foi bi f mcrr p en!) iiretlj fez eiier. 

(5 JXItjicf) lain out ibe cavtfj aioue iJje toaterg'.fo? 
5i0 mercp euoi!vetf^)fojcaer. 

7 (SLitncb Tjatlj maBe great ligbti* ; fo?^i!^ mcrcp 
tnniitet!) t:; ciiet. 

8 ^be S)Knnc to rule tbe uap: fa? W nwrcp encu^ 

<? 'STiif (©JMe ant) tTie ft)tarrcj!togouerneibe 
uigbt : fo? I;i?( ncrcp ennurctb fa? titer. 

I o OTbicI; frnot'e (2E jijpt Uiitij tOeic Srli bo?nc : fo; 
5f0 mercp cnT)utetb t'oi e net. 

I I 9ii9 bjoiigbt out Jfraclfrom among tbcm ! foj 
|)id mcrcf enTmrftb foj c uer. 

r i iSHttf) a mijbtp baitn ana Qctcbeooatatme! 
ft; ftiel mere p cnt)irctb fo? cuer. 

1 J sabicbciuiaeg ttc reD &4 (ti ti»o yart^jfo? W 
mercp enoucciKj; tucti 


1 4 ann ma!)e 31ftacl te goc rtzoiiglj t-Dc micneis of 
it i fo? bis metcp enBurctb fo! met. 

1 5 Ti?:it a£i fcij 5^baraob ana bis Ij3S,5e otiertb?!li) 
t^tmintfee rec Cea: fa?bi0 inetcv'enDurctbto? eiier. 

1 6 OTbicb leo f)i? people ti;?c!Ugij tl)e toilDenieffej 
fa? 5f? m- rep rn'ttri:tii fr? eucr. 

1 7 JUbicb fmote great kings : Ui W mercp eniiu« 
retb fo? ewec. 

1 3 ijea, ana fleUjmigljtp Sings : fo?rji0 mercp en? 

1 9 ^ebon kingof tlje amojitr^ t fo?](it0 mercp en* 

io ano OgtbcJiingofTSafan: fo? ]&(!Smcttpe»> 

2 1 ann gaue aSoap tijctr laiiD fo? an levitage : fej 
5i0 mercp sn^uretlj fo? euer. 

2 2 (Suen fc; an beiitagc ijnto JCracI Tj(3 fetuant: 
fo? bin mercp cnnuretb fo? euer. 

2 5 aibtcb rcmemb?et) us iuOcn toe hjeie in troub'ej 
fo? \n^ mercp enaurctl; fc? euer. 

2 4 anobatb 3f liiieteD bjafrom out enemies : fo?5i}» 
mercp cnsurett; fo? euct. 

25 liibicb giuctlE) footietoanSedj: fo?l)i^mercg 
cnearccb fo? euer. 

2 6 © giuc tban&«! bnto t5e ©oB of ti^aiien : fo? W 
mctcp cnnuretb for euer 

27 © giiic tbankf ;3 tnto t5eIL9?aono,iD0: Tc}W 
mercp ennuretb fo? euer. 

Super Humina. Pfal 157. 

BJi tbe toaters of "BabploH toe fate ooUjtie ana iergtj 
luben toe renicinb?rD Ct&ec) © ^ion. 
2 3,0 fo? our baipSjioe bangen tbem up -. bpou tljc 

J jFo? tlKp tbat len W atu.?p captiue , rrq-.iirea of 
bstben aCbng ann melocie in our tjeauineUe: itngb^ 
one of tbe fongs of'SjioK. 

4 I^l» fbal iue Qiig p ilo.its fo;ig: in a (Trangc lanof 

5 If J. fojgst tbce, © {^ierufalem; tec nip rigOt 

6 Jlf .<! Do not remeinbtrtbce,letm? tongue cTcaue 
to rbe rcofe of mu mout?) : pea.if 31 li?cf£rre not i^if iu= 

7 JKcnember tlyt cl)ib?eu of (f Dom, © £o2D , in 
tftc Dap of J^if cu'a'em : bou) tbcp faiD, Dotone toitij it, 
Cotoue bairlj it.ciioi t^ tbe grfiunu. 

8 ©naajbt';!"et"'Bnbjlon,h]anei)iximiferp:pea,tap* 
pp fball be be pr? laaroetl) tbec as tboii baR fenitB bj». 

y TB.'cdea fljafl be be t&at ta&etb tbp cbilo?cn: ano 
t^?otoet{j tbf m acainfi tbe Roiirs 

Confirebortibi. Pl.ii.ijS. 
I CKill glue tbanfes unto tSee.O lLo?ti,tuitT) mp luMg 

2 S ftJtl iP025)tp toiufito tbi> i)o!p tcniplf,^ piaifc tbp 
baiH tn-g,i;ftD t!-p jQcimi',^ tbp ix'ojD aboae al things, 

} Kfben JI rnlka bpcH rljee ,tbau biarceli me; ann 
CRD::cti({ mv foutc toitb tnmb n!:i'rgtT). 

4 aif tb'- Eings oftriee.irtb fljaK niap'etTjfe , © 
JLojc; fo? tb'-p b'Mie bravo tbe tvojts of tbp mmiib. 

5 S 'ajtbrp fl)a'i ftng; in tbe luapcs of tbe 3LB?i3: tfjat 
great is the Plo?p of tbe Lc?3. 

6 fcj tbaiigb tbe 2.oiB be bf{rT\rct batb be refpfct 
bHfo tbe loiulp; aiSfc? ilje p?oulif,be kboloetb tbcn'..a» 
ferre off 

7 ^bon^^b 3HnflW^ctn tbe mfcoeRrf trouble, rit 
fb^It tbou rffiffl) me: tbou [I)alt fttcic^ fw?tb tbtncbano 
l\i.m tbe furiotiG)fffc of mine encmiciS, anOit-prigijt 

8 ^be ]io?ti ilMnmn&e ntflcti bis 'oiiing Wnorcfl* 
toteira me; rei»,tbpfnfrcp,© £o?D ciiDiiri'tbfe?eucr> 
Dcfj^ift not t1}ia i^cwM^ of ttinc otoK Ums. 




Pomnie prob.ifti Pfal.rj^. 

O1.0J0, tijou laK fcarcI;cD meo:tt, ano EnulBCit 
:ic: ttjoii knoteil m.' Dotonc runHg,an8 tnin* 
ui)j5fi!ig,t^ciiU3.iDan[a:iD«K ing t\)9UgIjtsi long 

s Ctioit art- about mp patO.ans alieiit mflico: aaD 
^ieCt out all mj 1oj>^? sj, 

J ^0? laCjtljrre t3 not a bJ^ice in mj tensttc: hut 
tl^oi!,© ?Lo?B,Uuo>yta it nit. getljT 

4 lEi)ou i)ant'anjior.ea me&;&ai3e ann before: anu 

J ^ncl) tjnoa ItOge isftoa hjonucrful anBttcelknt 
foj me : 3! cannot attamebuto it. 

6 CUlitfijerfljaU 31 gac tijeit from t!;^ Spirit: t} 
toljit^ri ^all j3 goe rljcn t'tont tO? p?clence r" 

7 Jlf (I rltnUie up into Ijeatieii.tljaii art t^txi i if 31 
gcieoaaiiieto &-clI,tljoii art t^ecc alio. 

8 i!f3i take tije iuingg ot tlje mojmngtauB remainc 

9 (£i;tii tberc alio fijal tljp fjairt leauc me: am tl;? 
ligOt^ana lij all IjcJa n;e. 

10 Jifjifap, pera^tttnttirctTjeDarSneflefljaH co- 
wer me : t\szn ibaS m^ nlgi/t be tmneo to aap. 

1 1 jjca, tlje Du:itcneU> is no parkenetfe toiti) tdee, 
ftuttSerigljt is a cleave as lijeOapjtDeDarfiiupana 
ttfitjt (to t^it) are l^tl) altfee. 

12 Jro? msrcinesarei&ine! t^fliiljaficouerearoc 
in mp motters toombe. 

1 3 3 Wl gi'.ie tljan&fiS bnto tfje--, fo? 31 am feare* 
fuIlp$toonBertiill>MTiane: iiiaciniloiis at£t|)2U)o;k0, 
ana tljat inp foale kii;&)£t() ngljt tojlt. 

14 ®p bones are not IjiD ttoiHtSeet t^oii5tJ31bc 

I J ^()incfpf?liiDtecmpftitirt3nc«, petbeing'jn:> 
perfect: $ intfepbooke tore allmf mfiiiliet0'u);ittEn. 

1(5 cai)td)Da?b?oapu-crefaiJjioneD: w^tnaspct 
tijcre teas none of tljcm 

1 7 i^clu aeare arc tfjp coimffls unto me, SD *So9 : 
2D IjoIb great is tfje fiimnie of tfjf m ? 

i8 iif a tell tljem.tbcp ate moi- in number tbentlje 
famj;h)f)cn J aluskel)U,31 ain pjeftnt hjitbt&ee. 

19 CCJiUtljuino; flj'^tljctoickeD, SO©aD:D^'att 
from me '^e blooD tfjirfiiemcn. 

J jpo? t f)f g fptake bnrijfjteoiifl? 8gain2 tjcc; ana 
iTjiiie enemies! take t bp JQame in tiaiae. 

2 1 Doe not 3i ijate tljcm, S) £o2D, tbat bate tbcc : 
jmt) am net 31 gttcuto iuitD tl)o.e t{)at rife bp againfl 

»i 3|e'i, KIjatetfiemrio;^t(i)?eJ eutna^tljoiigO 
tl^ep toite mineeifmies. 

ij Ct:^ mi', ® ififaq , ann fr eke tf\c gwunc of mp 
Heart : pzoae me,aua examine mp tbofiitbts. 

2 4 ILocke ttell if tbete be aap lu iv of teickcDHdfc 
fetme : ann (eaBe mo in tbe hjap etserlafiing. 
Eripe me Domine. Pral.140. 

D(£'ii(ftiT!p,® (LoiDjfromtbeeiuIlmanj aticpje^ 
feme me from ;l)c Irickeu man. 
z Cfljicbimiffinsmircl-iefeintteirOeartsJ: ano 
Rirrc &B iTlrtte alt tf)e cap tonij. 

J K'm hnm fl[)?iTpfneii tbe'r tcinguejj like a fer» 
jjent : aaoers pop:nn i9U:i5ertbeir lipo. 

4 S -^ic ne. © ILa^, fro:n tfie bant)^ oftbebit' 
gBBfp! piefeciie mec from tbctuickeomcnfajbicTj are 
piirpofcg to otiertbioto nip goings. 

5 Cue y !isi«5 bate lapo 3 fnare foj me , nm fp'.esD 
anet a'^oaa tottO co^Oifi : pea , auD fct trappcs in rap 

6 31 favti bnto tbe HojT!, tbou act mp ©oa : Beare 
tbc bopce of mpy!.ipcrs,€) iojD. 

7 !D JLora © jn, tboti Sren^tb of mu IjeaWj ! t^&ou 
i^all coiteceo m^ Ijeao m i^i da^cf botctli. 

8 3lct v.ot trjcbngoBlp^attc W teGrc,© I.f?D : let 
not ]&i3 mil "cbieuoHg tmagnation ijo jjer , kStt'epbee 

9 let tfjc mi&biefe of tbct- otone lips fall bpon 
tfjc fjeaQ oftljem uljat ccm|i?.fle me abt-iit 

10 let botte biitiiins coales f.-,ii Dpontbtm? let 
tbem be call into tbe fi:ejSaDtntotljcp(t,tI;ettbcpue< 
Iter rile Dp agame. 

1 1 a man full of lBc?Bcg, tball not trtsfpcr bpoit tbs 
eartlj : emll fljall bunt tlje bwckee pertoij to outnb;ola 
i)i'n . 

1 7 ^ure % am tbat tbe Ho^ti toil aiitngc tbe pco^es 
ana matntatne tijc catue ef rb : telpdcfle. 

1} ^be rig'oteoiiis alfcllj.iilgiuctbankjjJtintetSg 
3!2.im8 : auu tbe itifl fljall continue in tb (iijljt. 
Doniiiie clamaui. Pfal. 141, 

Li3D,:D,3I call Upon tiiee,ba2e thee Dato me ; ana coa» 
finer mptopcctobenil rrp untn tbee. 

2 JLet mp pja'^et be fct fo^b in tbp ligbt,as tbe in» 
cenfc: ano let tije lifting top ef mp ()anEg be an eutningj 

J ^et « iL'atib (® Jlo?D)befo;e mp mowtbt 5 keepe 

4 ©let not mine beart bee cnclineti to anp enilf 
tMna; : let me nut 'JcocctipieD in imgoclp icojl-cjj, Ujitb 
the men tbat toojke totckeDHcflc, lefi 31 rate of Incfj 
tijitig^ as plcafe tbem, 

5 £et tbe tigbtcoHS ratter fmitc me fcienolp: ana 
re pj»oue me. 

(J TSut let not tbcicp?rctott'J balmtab.zeakcmfnc 
bean: rraj tail! p:ap pet againfi tbcie iMieketnicff?. 

7 JLct tb-'ic jiiagep beoucttbjobjen tn Ren? pla* 
ce0: tba t tbcp map beare mp toojtssjfo;! tbcp are ftoeete. 

8 Oiit bones lie fcattetca before tbf pit : like afi 
tobeit one b^eaksib ano betoetb toooD tipnn the eavtb. 

9 T5;it mine m^ laokebnto thee,© llOc'D ©oD:itt 
tbee is mp truli,® cad not out mi' foiile. 

I o £\eEpe me from tfje fnare tebtd; tbcp baneLipB 
fo! me : ano from tbe trap^of tbe bJieksB CoerS. 

I I LcttOe bngoDlp fall tMtotbeicohine nets tcge» 
tb:r : ano let mcciicr elcapp tbem. 

Voce raea ad Domiiumi. Pfal. 142, 

ICrpfO unto tbe JLojd Suitb mpboice; pea.eiicn bnto Euenmg 
tbe JLoiH DtD 31 make mp fiipplication. prayer, 

2 31 pctuiea out m? complaintji befojc bbiv. ana 
fycfeoenbim pfmpttPtible. 

J. CCIijen mp fpii-it Soatf in beatiinclTe.tbon knetorff 
mp patb :tn tfu- !« pboijcrein 31 toiVkeu.batieibepp^t* 
uilp liiptiafnarefozme. 

4 J looken alto upon mp rigbt bano: ami fabJ tbete 
teas no m«n tbat ibouId knoto me. 

5 3i ban no p!ace to flee bnto j ana Ho man careB 
fo^mp route. 

<> ' 3! cn'eu bntn tbee,® ILo?»,an3 fapti : ?rbon art 
mp bope aiig nipponinn in tbe lano of tbe fitiirg. 

7 Catiiicer mp coniglaint : fc^ 31 am b^eugbt berg 

8 CD Deltucr me from mp per&cutojiS : fo> tbep are 

<j T3;tng mp foitfe out of puTcn, tbat 31 map giuc 
tT).in!?3tj!ito tbp fBnme: iatkh tf:i.'ig iftboiiteiltarant 
mtstbew Sjal tbe rigbteons refon unto mp compahp. 
Domineexiudi. Prnl.i4j. 

Hgare mp pjsper, © Hois, ana roriffDet mptielire t 
bearken bntomefojtbP tcuetlj ana rigbteoui«eR"e 

1 ana enter ;iot into iangementtuitb tbpfetuantj 
fo; in tl)i' figbt ib ill no mati Ii.itiig be taHift'eb. 

3 jFo? tt)e enemp batb perfemteB mp foule be baf^ 
Gnifttn mp life Dotone to tbe grouno : be batb tape mc 
ia tlje Dai;kneXe,80 c^e inea c^at ^aue bene two: bi ,ia. 

4 (Jijetelojc 

The XXX. day. 


The XXX. day. 

4 C^crefoie it mp IpfrU bt%ii isitWme : eno mg titilou^ ma : Wb 3 told al'o tell jf t5 j flitcatnciTe. 
I^eart toitljin me 10 nelolate. 7 €l)e niemo?tall of tijme abimosnt yncncCft fl)al 

5 ijct Doe 3 remrmlier t&e time paH,3I mt»re bpon hi 8&eUj-D t ano mrn Cjall ttng ot'tljp lig JtcoHrncfTe. 

aH ri)p ui«j!;E3: geaj cjiecciCe mp ftlfe in tljc too.;fees( of 
tijj fjaiiDS. 

<; 31 fttftcTjfo?tTjmp0ai«JS!tj:«et6«:tn2fo[iIegar' 
jjctlj tinto ti)rf ati a tfeirlhe lawD. 

7 ii)£at£ me, ® ILc?c, ana tfjat foane,fo? mv fpictt 
bjaveti) taint : Ijtoe i;ot ttjp face from rtic, leS JH be Ukt 
h uto t^tm iliat gor t o5uiic into tlje pit. 

8 ©l)e Lo?e i$ gncioiic a;iD metcifiill, long Cuffe:. 
ring, ana ef great gooancffc. 

9 ClTOe Lo!D is (ouiiig bnto cttetp man; anis 5t^ 
mctcp IS oner all 6is icojkfg. 

I o ail tUp iBJ^Ucs gjapic t^fe s ® Ho^n : ar.D tlBg 
faint? gin: t!jant0S3nt0tI;ce. 

^ijtp fi&tiD tUc glfljp cft^H Kirtgcome: anc tal&e 

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toat 3i fijoulD toalac in,fii? 31 iift cy nip foiilc bnto tljee. tijr fcingD. ine ; nitg'ot be knotuen imto men. 

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fleebnto tfjcc to Sioemc. tTjPDomtnionmDurctl) tfjii-ngljoiit ail agcjs. 

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fo'tOm artm? (5oa:lct tlipicmngipttitleaoe me fo^tO iip aiUijofc tOat be cotone 

into tl;c lanti of riglKcoHfeeCfe. i 5 CTlje cpes of all toatte bpon tlKC ® JLojli : anQ 

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tl)j-rigfitcourii£i&fafjcli;ingmpfouleotitoftrouMe. " «<> Cl)oiaipcnefitl)intl)awi : anD Slk 6 all tliingfj 

9iiB cf iljp gnotmeili flap n.? enemies : anu tie» lining toitlj plcntcoufncllj. 

Kteg all cl)em tfiat tjticc mp foai«,fo^ 31 am tijp fcruant. 

Bsnedictiif Dominus, Plal 144. 
, KLclTcB betteJLo?!) mplirengtj:ta^(rf)tear5ci6 
. 'lip l;anE»i to toatte.ana mp fingcrg to fig[)t. 
' 2 @pl)opcsnnmpfo!{reae, mpcaSfeanD 

Iicitiiercr,mpDcfen3et,inli3l)em 31, trnrt: S)i)ic§ fubtiu- 

etl) mp people tijat is ijnticr me- 


1 7 S6« 3Lo?t) is tigljteou^ in all W ioape^ : ant 

I « ©fje JLo?ti is nigl) bnto all tTjcm tl&at callbpon 
Ijim ; pea.all fticlj as Lallbpon !}i:nfaitl)fullp. 

19 f^ctoillfiilSl tljccdiceof tjemtljatfearelim J 
fjc alTo toiil I^earetljeir crp.anB biill fjtlpc ti&eni. 

20 Cl;e iojc pzrreructi! al! tiKm iljat Icuc ^im; lut 

i 3lojD,i3u')at ie man tljat tjon IjaS ftjcS rerprctbtt. fcatteietlj ab^oafi all tfte Imgoclp. 

to btm: 0? tlje Conne of m3n,t^at t^ou fa regatoeS fjimf 1 « ©p moutlj fiiall fpeafec tlje pjapfe of tbt Hoi's t 

4 ^(in is lifec a t&ing of nongibt: 6i0 time pafliti^ aRfl let all flefij giuc t^janfec^ bnto IjtjS Jclp Jijame fof 

atoap like a fi&aticta. cuer anB tHec 

J "iSoto tr)el)f attend, ®!Lo2n, BUD come Dotene; Laudaanimamea. Vfa\.i^6. 

ttiiic&tl)emountainc^.anDtl;epf^,illfmofee. "QlSlapCftljeLo.zB, ® mpfoiilc, iDl)ile31Iiueiui[(3| 

6 Caftfo:tI)t^plig[)tntng,anDtcaret6cm;fl&ootc A p2apfctlieLo?c:pe8,B0forga£!31Jjanc8npbcing, 
ontt^ine arrotoe?,anD conCtime tOem. 31 bJiHtogpiaptesbntPmp.Ooo. 

7 ^cntiDcfajrietljinefjaniiftomatiottetticliuetmc 2 ©putnntpoutttufiin^S^iKce^.nejinanjcfiilBe 
ann tafee me ow ef t^c gteat fcoatcriJ, from tlje ijane of of man : fo? tfjece id no ficfpc in t-iem, 

nrange cljiinjen. j fo,jto0i'nt6e!)?eatt)efmanAoctBfo?f'b,6en)a!I 

8 C.U(iofcmottt6ta1[!etr)oft3anitic:anDt5(trrfg0t furne againe toljisieattlj; atJBt^cnalli&igtljowgOtjj 

5anB is a rit^ljt IjatiD of toirtenelTe, 

9 31 tol ftng a nclu 'nng unto t[)ec,9D ©otj; antj Eng 
piapLcs! iinto tliee bpen a ten flrinKcfi "Lute, 

10 ^fioiiftad ginrn biitozpbnto Sintr^: ana TjaR 
fielincreb Dauia tftp ffriiant fto t&e perill of trie fuoeio. 

1*1 ^aucnic jccIiuecmefromtfjefianoeffiiaPi^e 
rfiilo^cn: tubofc montl) talfeftOofbanitic, anotOtlr 
tigljt fjav^B is a rigfit fjanti ofiniquitic. 

I i ^6at Oitr fonnes map grote bp aiS t^e pouttg 
plants: aHD tfjatrinctiaugljtersmap be as tl^epali^cn 
cojncrs oftljeCeniple. 

I ? Cljat onr fcamerS map bee funanbplfnteous 
toitl) all mancc of lie?c: tl)at out fbeqjc map lijingfojtO 
tIjoufanrs,anii teti ttioiifanr-s tK oitv tliref cs. ' 

1 4 Sif) 3t onr orcn map be ficong to labr^ tfiat tficte 
Jeenocecap: no leaning into captitiitie, aniJnocom« 
ptapjiino; in ri:c(!reetes. 

1 s $),ippp are tbc peopTe tTjat be in fucb a care: re(r, 
LlcffeD ate tbc people loShict bane § Hojo fe? tfjeir ©on. 

ExjlraboteDeti5. PHil f45. 

ICniH magntEe tbr e, O 0pu, mp iliing : atiB 31 toiH 
piapfc tOp .llamc foi euer ant> cner. 

2 C iitrp nap b3in 31 gine tbanfecs bnto tijce t ann 
p^ap'e tbp ?[5ame fci eiier anii etier. 

i (Sr'eat t<! tbc Eom.nnb marite ilonS toojtTjp to be 
pwpfen ; trjjrc is no tnti oF!)i3 ccreatneCfe. 

4 ©ne iCf neratio'.i ft M( pzaife rljp toc^lfes bnto ano« 
tl&er : ann beclare thf pobarr. 

? 3s fo?me,3! biiH be tnlttmr af tbp bjo^f^ip : tbp 
{;lojp,tf)p p;ap e,an?i iur;iicc-on!3 baozftrs. 

6 ©0 t&at inen Rjal ^ealje of tt)« migtjt ef ttip mac 

pcriil) . 

4 TBlfCfen is be tbat batb tbc ©oU of 3Iacob foj biS 
l&elpe : anu hsbofc bopc i^ in tb« fi- o?b bis ©05, 

5 GKbirf) mane beanen ant) eartb, tbe Cea anu aH 
tfjnt tbn etn i= : b/jicT? kiepetlj bis p.zomife foj r Her. 

a cafjicb feelpctb tbem to tigOt tljat fufet fcujong : 
iabicb fccoeib tbe bimgrp. ' 

7 cube ILezo loofetb men out of pjifcn : tOc 3LejB 

8 trtje Lojb belpetbtUeni iyat are fallen; t5e£o?n 

9 ^be HojD catetb fo! ibe ( uefcnuetft 
tTjefatbeilcGe cm teibolijias fo? tbe'laap ofibebngoD* 
lp,betunctlutbp[tcc coitinc. 

10 QTbe JLo?b tbp ©en, © ^ion,(balbe Sting fej 
cuermojc: anstbJOHgbont alt generaf ions. 

Laiidate Doniiiium, Pfal. 147. 

Opjapfe ti)e Lo?c , fe? it is a gco? tbing to Bng ^^tnins 
pjapCcs bnto onr (Fob : pea,a iopfull anu pleafant prayer, 
tbing iris to be tbanfvcfiiTf. ^ 

2 t!rbelLo?tiDoctblHiiltibpf>iernfatfnt! anoga- 
tber tPtretber tl)* ontrafls of 3ifi'ael. 

J t)«e bealf tb tbofc tbat are b.'olen in lieart j anD 
giuctb metiieine to b^ale tbf ir fie ficnr (fc. 

4 l7f tflktbtbf number of tbefi3tte^:nmicnnct]& 
tbein all bptbeir names. 

5 ©re.1t isonrlLozD.ami great fSbi0poto«;pea, 
an? r;ictJ3t!Jetiomc t<? rrStiite- 

6 tEbc Heio ff ttf tb bp tbe mcc^e : 9 b?ingetb t^e 
bnTotfp potoneto tbc (rrmniti. 

7 a> fingbntettieJlejBUJtS tlianlefginingtfinjf 


The XXX. day. 


}}mttg tpo» tie ^it^e bnto out ^on. i five tint W^t ■> (Hotoe ann baj^attrd : toinue ana 

» Ga&tcfj couctertj tOe fieauen U;tt6 doiiiic^ , atm ffojme •mfiluns dtsi toojD. 
$>c]^act tij catne fa,: (he ta^tlj : ano maftttt) tde svaiTe 9 ^ountatiie!) ano all ^Usf ; fmitfuU tt(e0,anD all 
togToto bpon itje mouutaine?, ano ^ctbe f«; t^t Ufe ef Ceoar?. 
men. I o 'BeoiljS ann an cattefl : Isejme^, attD f^at^eceO 

9 KI^tcIjgtuciI)f8ai!erbntotT)erattcI:aHBfee!iet§ fouleis. 

tl)£ pons raiienjBtbatcaU upon liim. »' ffitiiigiSoft]&eeart]&,sniJ all people ! p?mcc?,aHO 

10 ilpcfcatSne plealntc in tfic ttrengtlj of an ^o^fe : allJiuDgtgoftfjetoojlD. 
neiti^ccoelig^tctlj^etitanp mans tegs. 12 2^:^^ men anti maicens; , oIomcnanticOils.ieR, 

11 'But t'jc S,o;iti3 fieiigljtis m t^cm t^atftaie p?aiCe tlje l!2anie of tije Ho^D : fejijt^JSameonc'gijI 
{)tm : ans put elicit: trull in Ijis nieccp. e;cceUcnt,aHO iji^piatCe aboiielbcaucn ans enrtb. 

I ^ 13?apre tlje Hojo , $D ©terulalcm : pjapfctlr^ 1 3 l^^e lljall ejcalc tlje home of Ijtsp' opic , allBt* 
©0D,i3D ^ion. ' 'S ninta ll)all pjapCe fttiit : Juen tU cljilcacn of JllratI, 

1 J jTo? (jee &atl3 maoe faR tfie barren of t^j gateu : cweH tbc p wpie tijat feructlj \,im. 
ano l)at| bleffco tl;? cJjilo^ea toitljin ttce. 

1 4 Pe maketlj ;^e3c( in t^p bo;Qct0 ; ana finetTj tDee 

« J l^EJ fenaett) foojtfj IM rommaunijemfnt bpou 
«att6 : ana l^iis too?i] nmnetfj ijevp I'iutftfp, 

16 {^e giuetOfucUitiRelooolt: anDlcattem^tlje 

17 l&c caSetftfooitl&'Ot^pcelifeemojrelj) : to^aiji 

1 8 i^eCenoetli out bis iai;D,anB mtltetF) t'&em ! Ije 
fcfotoetbtottbbiStoina.anti tljc toatcc^floto. 

I <) i^e iefcactlj l)iB toojD Unto Jacob : W Satatesi 
an? ordnances tinto Jftael. 

20 ipe b-ubiiot Bcalt Co toitljanp nation j neltjct 
taae ttc fjtatben finotokcge of biiS ILaljjea. 

Laudate Doniimim. P(al. 148. 

OP^apfe t'&c JlojB o£ ^caiien 

Cantace Domino. P(^il. 1 49. 

OSing bmo tbe JLejo a ncto fong : ict t^e Congre» 


gatio'i ef ^auus p^apfc Ijini. 

I JLrt 3!ftael t£;opce in Ijim tfjat maSe fjim ; 
lettlje r()iIo;£n of ^ion bt topfull in tijcir Slug. 

i ILct tl;em p^ag e %i^ Jl^amc in tlje Daunce : let 
tbem Rng p?apfe0 unto bim tattb Cabjet ann ]^arpe. 

4 ^oj tbe liojD tati) plcal'ure in Ijijs jjceple : anB 
Jdpetl) tbc mec&c bearteo. 

5 JLct tbc faints be topfull tottl; glojp ! Ut tSntt 

6 JLettbep?apfesof(S>otilietntfjetEmout]5 : ana 
atlao eB'jeQCiuojtTin tljeiibanti^. 

7 tSTobeeauengeBofc^eljeatlicn : anntace&ul^e 
tlje people. 

8 ^0 binnctbetr liingiS in cl&aine«! : ann t^eic no» 
p^a^le^im intTje blcjstoitb linked of p?ow. 

9 ^bat tbep map be auengcD of tbem , 80 it t^ 

]^;ap{e l^im all pe Slngel^ of lji<i : pjagfclidn all tejittcn : iiicb bonottc banc aU^tis ^aint^, 

i ^p?a{'& bim ® unne ano ^oone : pzapfe bim all 

4 P^aifc bint all pebeaucnji : ann ft toaterg tfiat 
be aboue tb( beauens, 

5 3iet tbem pijapfe tbe JlJame of tbe HojD : fo? be 
(]^a6etbe troiO, ann tbep tueremaiir, be commanOeD, 

6 'pt batb mane tbem faQfojt cuee ann eiiec : be 
latd giiicn tfttm a late tobicb R)iill not be lijofef n. 

7 IPzapff tijeEo^oi)pon«aw& ; pee Pjagcn^ ana 

LatidjK Dominum. Pfal. i 5 o. 

OPjapre ®oD in biJJboIiHelTe s pjapfc ^im fn t5c 
{icmament of bis potoer. 
s P^apl'e bint in bis noble act0 1 p^apfe bim acco;* 
Ding to bis ci-ctlftnt gteatnetfe. 

? 13?apCi- bim in tbc ibunn of t'&e Strumpet! p^apfe 
bim bpan tbe iiite ana Jlparpe. 

4 Pjapfe bmi in tbe cpmbaljj ano Daimcesi : yjaplis 
bim Upon tbc firingis ann pipe. 

5 J]3?aire bim bpon tbe loci tunen Cpmbal : pjalft 
bim bpoH tbe loteQ Cpmbal^. 

6 ttt euerptfiing tOat ^at^ bjeat^:p^i[£ ti^cEojU^ 


Codly prayers. 

Apravcrcontelmngthedueticof rompafC:ciu!rtettp«erp(lBe,!)mint:rtt(ii««gy5ai 
* ' ^f „ iiiiig cnccD tije combate iiW^ turirig tljis lift 3 tmift 

DiEflinc.iti tbc cnce I ma? attaric tottp tfamnlprtG, 
lijl);rt is pjcpaccD frj mcanc all tljinc eicit, tl):eiia6 
ClijiBflurJlo^nanccr.elj^auicw:. an.m. 

eutry tnie Chriiti&n. 

Cerraine godly prayers for 
luncne dsycs. 


^oRmigfitte ©«B, merdftiH 

ann lomngJFattjti:, 3ito;rt« 

c6«C Cnner come into tfeec m 

tlK j:^ame of t&p Dcatlp I)tlo» 

■ IXC ^oiinE Jeiug €i;^iR, in? 

cntip lament ano Keoce* 

mcr: aiiDnicfiljiimtipbeCeccrj 

tliecto? (jib fake to bfc mercU 

tuli bnto mc,anti to cali all ir.p 
fnincg one cf tlig ug!;t ano tcmc!T;[i;ar.f e , tljouglj c|)e 
iiiciit^ et tis bleocp Dcatl) ano palfion. 

33p\D;e upon mc (® Lo?d) r^p Ijolp Spirit cf toife. 
tctBCi' no grace : ©outmcanclcaccmeebpt!]p()oIg 
toojD , tftat it traj be n '.ante tne tmto mp fecte , am a 
ItgljttJmomjBipg. ^'geintljpmcrcpiiiJenme, ana 
(b ltgi);etit^cnatHrani)Iincii£{l'c auB CarfeiirfCe of »r- j 
licart tbjatigl) tjjg grace, tljat Jl map Dajlp be reti-. totn 
bp rijc fame Spirit anc grace: TBp tte totldx© 1Lo?d) 
ftjrge ti)c gtolTerefiJe ec mv Ijearitig aiiD t)iiDerl!an» 
Cing , tijat 3 mnp yjcfitablp reaoe, fjrate, ano tmner' 
ffa«B tljpifejoji) ani Oraucitip toiH, beleciie arc p?acttte 
tijc Came" tn mp life aim cchitctfaticn , ana euttmeje 
feelB iiG. tfjat bltfifca Ijcpe of r uerlaRitig hff. 

^ouifie auB kill 3!{ aire in me, tfcat mp life ma? tv 
pltSe mp fail!) tit tijce i mcrcifiillp Dcare tjje fumble 
Cute of tli? ff ruant, gt grant mc tijp peace a'.I mp Gapes t 

gractoiia? yarocn mincineanittes , ano cefruD me in r^^trdMifrailiet , bp ta'jeft yoiacr atrij drergtS 
BllBengcriSefbrBp.gootEi.anonamctbKtmoftcbifS?, wtotem.pouircome ourfntmicp bctft bPOilpami 

tmtgljtp ^Sco, tOe JFatl&et cf mete ?, atia ©oa 
or all comfo?t,tu!jicl; ontip fv^giuctl Came : foj* 
.jiue urte usoutfinnes, goiDS^niU, fejgtuc 
biuo i)9 out {Siiies,tl)at bp tU inultitiitic of titip msrcicrf, 
tbf p map lire coiicteti.aiic not tirp utco bnlo £?, ano bg 
tlje operation cf tljc 6olp eijoft, mcc map lane petoet 
ano fttttigtl) Ijercafter to tedft ilnn^ , Lj cur ^euiotit 
aiis Jio^^ i,fius cri?iQ. amen. 

f Tuefday. 

OEo?» ©ot , tofcicb ccfpiftS not a ccnirlte fjeatt, 
ar.D fo^gettefi tfec Cnnes anc toitfecciufi'c cf a fiiw 
Iter, in iiiftat toiire focuer fee ooet^ moutt^e aas lament 
ibis clD marer of tiuii g: graunt bi to ljs(© S.ojD) tttw 
ccnitit.'or. of bf Brt,tlj8t tot map br^cmtt^tlp cefpillc out 
Gnfullifcpaffimin toj^ellpbecoiif.etttu tmtottfC,lgOM 
©auisuraiiD Hc^ Scais £S^iG,amtti. 

^ Wednefday. 

mp fiulc,againS all a[rauItiS,tctnptation0,aeciifati9rg, 
(ubtill battcfi atic fltigUd of tOat elD ewcmie of man* 
6inBe,%8taH t^at tearing Uaa, caci ftektng iri|om U 

gnu [jetc (O ILo^o) 31 p?oI!rate , toitj mot! Bumble 
Jrinbe crattc of tbp Btainc (©atellT', to Ic mtrcifulUm* 
to tlje tiniiictfall(£barcljof tbp ' Cl;?ifi : anc 
erpccialSp afca.:cing te mp bouBCfii Buctie , 3 btfeect) 
tl;ce fo? l)is fake to tlclle , faae bud BrfftiD tfce pjirct. 
pallmcmberti^itreef, tbp feruart our mofi Urate enD 
(bncraigncHo^D JRing Jamss , iiicrcale in bis ropall 
I;c.:rt ttttc fait|,goclp ?eale ann !etic of tlje fame: 2niJ 
graiiUtI;imbicto^ieo:iftaHf)iisl enemies, along, pjo* 
5*rcu*! ano fjcnoiiral U Ufebpon eartlj , a blelltD enD, 

Jozccticr, O Jlo?c, grant brto 6ic C?3afifiie3 moR 

gliefifp : grant h.itu ts,© 3Lcjb, t^at accojctng to ouc 
pKiiBi<e maoc in cur baptirmc, tofemepeiictfcme tlje 
cljicfe entmifs of our fmilf, tlat is. il;e crfirrg of ttie 
b3o;itD, t^epfeafurrs of tljt ficd), anc ibcUig-gtRicnu of 
ttc teicf;cB (Vititianc fo pfter.leace cr-jt lii;rs in felireg 
ant) ngbteoi'.ihffTc , tfat LDcemcpftruetbre infpirit 
ano ttiietb, asiot^atbpeut^iauicMtatic JLojajefu^ 


Oaim'gr;tie arc cu ctlaUitig ^oB, to^ic^ Rot cnclp 
giiif ft rtier? gooB, anc perfect gift , but alfo in* 
trcaf: n tbefe gift s tbat tbr ti fjali gincn: bee meg Ijum* 
tip befcecb t^ee (mercifuTJ ©on) to ittcre.ife in bs t^t 
gif: offaitl), tbat lut map trHelpbflcciie in tine, ana 
in tljy pjoir.iDf mape brtolfi : ano tl;at neitbf t bp euc 
negligtnce, K02 iriSrmitie of tljc flf (l), nuj I p grieuouf* 

honourable (CouHlfllours , anti cucrpct|itc mrmbtt of netfeof ttmptatieti , nritl;rt bp t(;e fubrill ctafie«enD 

tl)is tbp Cburclj of (gnglanc, t^at ti;cp ,n3 tore tn our 

(eueral cal!in5g,map^ruclp anc goQlpffrut tbcf . JBlant 

inciitl'Cartptniefrareano Concur of tip Jl2amc, obe. 

B to oiir 33;ince.ano loue to our nr iglibottrs : Jn» 

ctca'ein ijs true faitt) anc Urinjion : Ueplftiifi) cue 

mtni!0 twitb all cooDncfTe, arc oft!!p great mtrcp kcr pc 

b0 lit tbe fame Fill tlje cue of our tt«"tr0 : (3:t\t tji-to ts cing af tljp U)o:o, tbat all igno^arcc eiyr lfc,ti)f e ma» 

Bgrtlpjcfile inpjapcr, truebHmilitif in p.'cfperitfe, feiioa) te^^attlptoillaniDplfarKreistina!! tBirgs, arn 

pcrfrrt patirncc in acurrfitie, en5 coniiiiiiEllicp in tlEie tc'a) ?o cor oar cucticfi , anc tntrlp tc toaikc in oat bo. 

afTaultc of tire Brnill , toce be t jiut n from faitb in tie 
blooD of ouf&aiiiourannilojB Sciitf Ctjifl.amcn, 

^ Fi iday. 

GHant bnto be, © me rciftiK ©ob (tre moR tcsrf t» 
Ip bcrictlj tjjce) knctolrrgc atjB tru; biiaftfian- 


auB laSlr.Jcommcnl bntotbp jratljcrlppjoferttctT, 
all t^at tboti Ijaft giurn me, as toife, tlHlB'fii, ano rer» 
tidiUB : aptc me, © Le;D, tbat $ map go!!crr:e,nou« 
tit?),ana b?tng tbtui up in thp fe.ire •:■ iirtitr c. 9njj fo?. 
aCmiicb as in tl)ip Uio^Iti J, nuiR aitoapts fe at hwrre 
ana firif:,not toitB oi;e Tort cf Uiitf; an ir« 
R lifr niiniber, not nnrlr toitb fl (!) ans blooP, luit toitlj 
tbpDruiflil)ic'; istbr p;!ncc ofoiirkcnrflc, aiin Initft 

cation : anc tbat alio tore map tipicffc in ctit liuirg, 
tI}ofe twinge tbat hicBce I>nn1ii , tliat k)f bee nor oiuTp 
tnotovs cf tbp U)o,2n, gooc lLo;C, I iit nlfo 't Sjarhni 
of tlje fame , bp out feaiiioiir anc ilc?c 3!cfjig dimH. 

ff Satui day. 

C\n?m:gT:tif sSo::, tolici; fiaflpifparct fwrfafTing 
/ !if.' to .-II tbofe tbat be flip faitbfiil fertiai:te: ttrant 
Unto bs,Lp?c, furc hs^.c of tl;e life ructl.^.3ii.'a, tbat toe 

Mincibic cjnaiancieagaiuRancojtiti^tjon, u.^ic& 31 am Jlo.B JiefiiiS<£fj:.ia,a;nftt. 

Q aimfgfjtte 

Godly prayers. 

O^ctcifult c5oB, ottr mttv aR»tie,fucf a;« $ Rrengt^ 
atalltime^i gtaimttwtoi)?, ©Ilo:ti,tl&attnt^ 
ttmeotp.uiperttpiBebcnatiijaiig, analoffijgct tfece, 
but tljat toitlj ourtobole Ijcart anofitenatOlDfjmi? 
cicaiiebntotijce, auQinctiettmcof aduetfitiCtt&at loe 
faH not into infiDelitfe ano Depcvatton, bticrtat al- 
loivta Voitl) a a i faitO, foi map rail fo; \)i\?t 15"- 
tot^ec; graiinttbi£i,©Iloin,fojouraDuocatcu fauc, 
ana hauteur 3 sru^COjiil flmcR. 


Oaimigljttc ann macifmi £o?D,to!)tcl& ji'ucll fento 
tlip elect people t(je Ijplp ©!)oll> as a fiircpIeDgc of 
t&pljcauenip kinpome .- tSraiiHtWito w,0 llo!D,tI)p 
W? %p;tit,t&at f)f m jp bcarc iritneffc fetti) o:ir fpit it, 
tftat toce he tfip c!;iIo,;ert , ano Octree of t!)p fetngeomf , 
annt6atb?tfteopetatieioftl:t^^ptctt , iDcemapUill 
all racnall I.iac0,lmIaiMfiiIl plcafurf?, reiiciiyiCcfnres. 
tuill alTccticnief. ronraci'to ttjjUjill, Ip ont ^auiauc 
JWD SL,o?B leQis C)ii!R amen 

Apraverfortiiiftin Goci. 

T^t befrtnntiijroL'tijffalofman, toa^tniRfn^im' 
ftlff . Q:i)e liegismng of ttjc reltojing ef man. tuaa 
BiQtKR m l:mifclff,anD ttlifltii (Sou. © mcfi gracious 
aiB moSteire guioe otir ^autoiT (S.M\1 , toljicb Doeli 
leaue t&«m ^tfght toap to imino^tall blfffeDnes, toljtc!) 
ttuelpanmjafameDfp ttulttngtn tljce, commit tbenr 
ft!aegtotf)ee:i5taHnrti«,tbatlikeagtoc6cbUnnf aim 
fec&IeinDecDe, to iufc map take a>KJ repute oiitfelucg, 
t^5t\Bcp;ef:imenotofoiit Mui9, torectooiurfehies, 
but fo fatre to fee, tfjat a^toap lue map ^auc tSccbefo?^ 
aur eve«(,tofoUoU3tFicrj[)Einrcour gtitcc, tobeteatip at 
t'n|» caHmoS obEBimtlp, ana to conmut our f. riiceiiJ':o» 
iptiBtot^ee, that tljcti toTjicFj enefp ftnouientljeluap, 
inapcBleaUebJ tfjc faine Ui;p biuo out htmtvlf tie- 
6r««t tetiectBitf]tf)ejFat()cranntt)efc«Ig@ijoft, be 
jlojp&j curt. amen. 

Certaine godly prayers to 

be vfed for limdry purpofes. 

A general! confeflion of finnes,to be fjyd 
euery Morning, 

aimigl)tic 009 our Itnutnl^ 
jratljcr, 3 confefle ^ arIiiwtD« 
.leDgc, tbat 3 amamifiTable 
ano a tujetc&eD linnet, ^Ijaiie 
nanifclee toapr? moll giic« 
iioi.flp ttafifgtrfTcD tftp moll 
> goolj' comanncnicnt^ t&!or;gb 
inirkcD tl)9t!g(;ti! , imgoDip 
lnQf0 GnftiHiBo^rg^ueete*, 
romnUtcio all mphJiKlellfc. arifinneamSH'oineaMt) 
tonceiiicD.j t';«te tBiiogootncuf m m?,inarnn!f!) as if 
iTjatiCfjoalDcB cntec into tfipnatroto tiitgeittrnt luitft 
nic- i ic ging me accoioirg bar o t%e fame, 3! toereneuct 
alileto fi :ff:r ano si'ire ft , but mvM ne?r t^perifTj aao 
be oamn.afe? euec : %elit!e^c'pf ,rtr!ifo^t,o;rutcoiit 
h if)ere citOer ia mer , oi in aiJp ctfjf r ceature. ©ne tp 
i?)i6i3 mp coin'"ojt(© Ijeaiienl,) jfatdrr ) tiat tTjon ttD' 
sell not fp .re rfip oncip uearc beloiieD *>oFine Nt utD^ 
reS giue (lim fep bnto tit moft bitter, auB moR tiile ana 
gaireroiisccatd ofilierrol&fozmee, t'latbemfgOtfo 
paiififraiiUmiefozmpunnrs, fatif.Te t'^p ftrtgement, 
fiiUijpac'fteibPteiatf), rccaiuiiemcagatnefantotliee, 
ami parcfn^e mc top gtsee ana f.Mtaur, anti ruerlflfimg 
Hfe. 3;iiJ()ctero», tb;6uo:ft t^e merit of f)t< mad bitter 
Seat!) ano p^iTtanv an^i tI);o:tgl! bi^ rnnerent blcarlict?. 
SiMj5> a Mad) t^n, £) UaiJCBig'jrat&er ^ t^attSw- 

toilt boiicbfafe to be gtacfoits awD mertifiin bnto me, to 
fojgiue nnflpatuon met of all mpfinne$, to Itg! ten mj 
Itedtttottt) tup t)6lp Spirit ,tortmii),tcnfinnegtRrcng*' 
tijcnmeeiiiiti; atigljtanDpeifECtfattfij anctotrilame 
me in leue totoato ti)ce ano mp nagbbour,tbat J mag 
btncefcjtlj toitb a iBillirg an:) glao heart, toalfec ag it 
becommctfe mc in tljpmcS go^ilpCammaunDemcnts, 
anoCuglor.fie aiic piapfc tijee ewcrlafiinglp. finnalw 
t&at 31 tnap toitfj a tree tonfcieificE ano quit t Oeatt,itJ aH 
maBaofteipptatt n9,atfiirticn0,e!ntrclVities!,anDe« 
lira In tbe tietp pangs of neatly, cipbo'tl? ^metilpunto 
tbee, anD lap, IbeleeutinGod the Father Alniightie, 
maker of heauen and earth , and in lefus Chiift Sec, 
TBiit O JlojD (Sob beaiwnlp ^atlier,to cemfbjt mp fclfe 
in affliction ano temptation tuitb tijefc 3nicie3 of tl)e 
CEtijiRian faith, it 19 not in mypoSiJcr , £i?faitbii3 tb? 
gift : anc fo^aGniici) as; tboit li^iltbe p;apeB tintn , ano 
Cfl'.lea tjpon fo; it : 31 Mtnt bnto tbte to p.zap antj be* 
fcccO tbre.betb fc? tljat aim fo? all other mp necclVitit s(, 
euen aothp 6e8:ebeIctitD^ennc?tir%aii8iir3!efu(J 
Ch^iR t-inilelfc bacb taught bg. ano from the bcrp bot* 
t.-me of mp hrart J erp ano fap. Our Father which an 
in heauen,halowedbe thy Namej&c 

Prayers to be fiyd in the morning. 

Ot^ercifi'iU Loia ©oD, bcaurnlp JFatlicr, Jrenuct 
molti)ighl-Jittic0, p;ap[e, asititbanfec^bntethtf, 
that thou haBp?eftrneli me both tU^ nighr, anc all the 
times ann cape ji of mp life bit^erto, imnci thp p^tott c» 
tion , antJ baft fHf&tcli mte to line Snto t6(s piefert 
b«ite. ann 31 bcfeccb thee tcattilp , that thou toilt 
boiichfafe to teceine mc tbi2 Bap, ana the rtfiDitc of mp- 
tohob life, from henccfwdj into"thpta.ti*n, riiliitganB' 
goiicrning mctoittj ttghotp^pitit , that arimanet of 
DarkiijOfe, of mifliefltfe, infiDelitieaiiDof catnanitiHiit 
ano.'fftaisnsmapbe utttrlpeljafeti anDCJincnoHtoT 
mp heart, auDtbat 31 map be iiiRiRcu ano faueu botl^ 
boDp ann foiile tljjoiigb a tight mio perfect ftith, anff 
fa toalke in the light af th? moH goclpttHCtb , to i\)f 
glojp ant) p^n.rfc , niiu to the pjogie ano fiittfircance of 
*np rief^'oiiour , tU^ougO Sef"^ «C()^itt out 3E.o;5 aiiB 

Am pofTtbletbanitiS t^at tae art able , tae tenuec 
tmo thee, ® ILoin 3Iefu0 ChJtff, fo? tbat tbou had 
iainen tfeis night paftto bcp^oiperoaaunto b3 : anir 
toee bcfecth thee lifeetoife to p^oiper allt^isfame cag^ 
bnto bsfoHbpgfo'.p, anofoji the bealth of mitfoiile, 
anD that thou bJhtch art tb« true iLight.not Jtnctotng a- 
np going flofc»re,anii tohich art the %uniie etemab,gf« 
uina life, fooa, mto gIaBne(& ijito all thingii, boiichfafe 
to Rjitie into our miHor^! , thft fcee map not anp 'atiti 
Bumble (e fall into anp Gimcbut ma? tluough t]]^ goott 
guioing sflDconoiicting, cainetot^elifjeuttMuig, 

OJLm Slefttd CTjjiG, b3*!ich att tTjc true %tmne cf 
lybich hp thp molttohofcfomc appearing ?.n~D fiahtjCacil 
bzina fojth, pieferuc, noiir.R). anii refrrff) all ti^inoiis i9 
b?dl that are in heauen, agallbthat arc on earth': bses 
befrech thee mtrtfnflp atia faucurahlp tn fliine irto cut 
hcartiS, that the nitrftt ano oarRtnlTe cf fmne e, nno tit 
mills of erroutS on eiierptlce ujiiien alDap,tf!otrfi?!a:hfr 
lpft)i«irgtoithtn cur hearts , tare map Ellsurltferpace- 
goe toithout anp ftitmbtiiig oj cffi-neejan" map setjjit{f 
anaicemelp^tealbe (ajtinthe Uejp time) fring pure e:»n 
cleanefrom tfictoo;ficsoffar!!neiff,anPabc?intiirtr lit 
al! gooB laoifttd tohicfj ®nr harb pjeparcBfrj bS ta^ 
liKlfee in , bJh'ch Initlj tl-f jTathtr ?,nr iotfh rf;£ holg' 
©^auiuft ens rcignca fj^ t««r ano eiwt.aifr'j. 


0©oD asti lLe?B 3lEfii0 (£Tj?il! , rteu Jtneteen, pr a 
r.tiD i)A\t bl<btaugl;t Ui3 ^ol&grrat tlje (li&tmuic 
a'.iQ lucaktiuUe ot m>.n in, aiib Ijols certatne a tijlng tt 
(0 tijat t urn coj net»)ing uut^oui tt? goulf feeipe. 31f 
iRdii truii ro biinle Itc, (t launot be auei'ceo, bcit iijet l;e 
liiuii ran Uat){8i!n:, ana idl into a tteiiiano bnscttigg 
f.un miiclicetfg. © oar jF.itlj:c, bane tljoK p;tie ai>D 
toiiiyaU"a.ii upoii ti)E tojakaieiic uf la tijp cijiia.uu , fee 
Hjiup vfisnoreatii'toiitlgi uis, alb a?ES5fi;ttouigt|p 
jiicTiv upon bs , anB )Jiorj[)f riiig l8l;at caitTiBcrgotiig 
g(i rt Wat, ly t(j3t thou gstaiig l)g ligtjt tec map fee Uiijat 
tjiiigc arc truelp geoD incecDi : tUou ciicoiufiging U^, 
ti}.e ataPfjaueanearHcQ DcQce cc t!;£ Came ; aaDi^ou 
iid'.ff afr gtitDe,toc map ume toijrte to obt attic tljnn; 
fb; iuc (jauiijg '.MJtljuig but mifiiuS in our filiicg , Dee 
^tcz auD cuiimiit our iVIucs fall a;it) kfede bJiro tljre 
»in!c. toijul) too^iicli all tt)iiig!3 ill all ccestutciJ, to tl/g 
i^au0u); aiiD gtQ;|. <g)o be tt. 

A prayer againft temptation. 

O Hoi's 3li.Gi6CIi?ill, t(jc oHclp Sap annftnce of 
our mojtall liate.oHt c«clp !'opf,oiifoKclp faluati' 
on.oiir g!o,2r, ana our triumpi), toljo m tijt flcRj (toUcfj 
tljoii i;aD(l to2 our oncfp caiifc taken tjioit tliie) DtDatft 
fuffjr tijp lilfc to 6c tempteo ef %atan , anD luto onci? 
aim afoue cf all men DtSBeii ttttcdp otiercome ano l)a!i> 
tjuitlj U!.-ne ceatO.tbe toi^lD.tlje Demi,anD aUtljcfetng- 
Coineof Oc!( : aiiB U>I)at oatcc tljoitljaSla ourte$m< 
ineD , fe? out bcijocfc it i$ tljat tljou Oali or-e trpmmcQ 
it ; ncttlKt i&atlj it bene tf;f teilf to Oaue anp of ti;p fct' 
uanti8tofecej)cfaattfU,oj iigtjt iDitlj anpoftiie fofclapa 
CHil£!,but ot"tiutp6Cc to retearD bs luitl; a erotonc oft^c 
tnoje ghiv fo? tt. SlnB to rlje wteiit tijat tijoii mi(ri;teff 
Itfeetoife oitertti^ota 'fe'atan in tljpmembciS , egj ti>;ou 
fiatJBell of nfc Cone in ti&ine otoiie p r tfon, gtttc tijoti (bjc 
feel'itcl) tl)?c) bnto t>0tfjpfoiilDiiis (© Ciptimcfl bic' 
tojieus of tl;e tribe of litiDa) (Itcngcfj agiainB tlje rea- 
rt?.g ilion, toljtcij ctnttiuiailp iuaRa^ct!) to anD fro, fce< 
feing tabom bee map Deuourc. 'S'boiJ being tfmt tame 
^rrpnit , tbe true gtiicr of Ijcaftlj ano life , tfwt iuag 
xuikn on Ijigb bpon a tree, giuc bnto b0 tfjp fillieetiea, 
fatliHf fle againfi tlje eeceitfufi atoai'ting of the moS 
fubnle fcrpttu. Eijait being a limhc as? ^y(}{tt as 
fnobj, tlje banquif^ct cf %atani3 ti^ainue, r^im bnto bs 

labeut b)tt]() me , tTjat J tnaplnoto tc^at ifiatctftzhH 

intbptiglitjipji^ebiiotoctij (tbnBttrianieii Elitijinggf, 
cDi^a fljali cci'.tua !!ic ttgi't iobetli in tljp buo^b 0, 
atij p;eictiic ttie in Ut f peUitt,lo Qidlt tr^ Uio^bf f bt 6C* 

A prjyir.igainft worldly cat tfulncfie. 

O^otilcatcanQU.Dci faiijtr, ourbti'enBetaBB 
iiouriflji t, tn^ue biJ biittj .ijp giaie, tljat ite mag 
calictiiOr great blir.cnctrc of cut liiinctg, atiDeaittul' 
niffeofbJojJtli- tUnu.6, aiibtnapjj:;toiirUiltolc liiioie 
enD rate tn iitfyitig ot t^^pjjofp kaio, ano tt'at tot n.aj 
labour auDtrauuiU fo^oiittitciUitugtn tiis fife, like ofiljeap^e, anbtljeliiitfsoi tie fttli&tt^* 
out care. jFc^i'oGutjartyjrfliiitD tobeecaiciulifc^bft, 
anbljallcomnicnccbttai h^ou tbee uegjoiiic tall all 
ourcace : 2»!;ul}ltuitiai;cr(ipi:^U:'0;tDi:.ittKUCiR0. 

A prayer neceflary for ali perfons. 

OClgerafuU CoB;31 a bJ^etcUC liiHiertifenofclecge 
trp Ceifc botitic to kct].e t.Op tjs.!p commannt m£nts=, 
lutpttbnable to vufp^me tjjcin, enb tobc amptec t*? 
(nll,toitijcutt|ictigbtcouti efieot JelH€l!,;iB tipcnrip 
%on'uMi)Ijo(jatb peifectlptiiliiilcc tljp Labs $otiifti&e 
al! met! tfjat bilccuc mi uu5 m Mm. CLi}ctcto?c giaKt 
mce grace , 2 befceci) i!jet , 10 1 c occcp «d m Comg ef 
gooB lBc:kcp , toi^iclj ti oil Cfir.inanBtll iH i;clp ^crtf 
ture, all t\)i Bapep of mp life , to top glc.'p, anb ?t t to 
ttiifie.i".efp tntOgniercp, aKDinCljjittegmciitri?, to be 
purgeD trommp finnts.anb not in mp gcoD teoikts, bt 
li&cnnfuer fomar.p. ©iuemte grace te (one tljpfjo'j 
iDojB fcrucmlp , to (.cart!jt!;c%crfiiturei3riibgentlp, to 
leaDctljcmLtmiWpjtebiiEeifiaiiD tijemtiurip, toliuc 
after tijmi cSittnaUp 2D;tctinplitVfo. '3 iiofo, t\):.t 
itmapbealtoaperceptaLUeintc'tbre. ©me mce grace 
Hot to rctopcc in anp tbing ((jat sifpleeftil; t^cc , but e» 
iiernio^c te cciigbt in tOefetljings tl;ai {jlcafe ttee, bee 
tiKpnetictrocoiurarp tomp Ddircs: Cfflcii mce Co to 
pzap, tbat mp pcuttoRginnp bcrgraciruflp licatbof 
ti;ce. iSeepcnic bpMgljtenttiigtiuitfittcisofopinion^ 
anc iurgfirriitfStii tbe Ircifb , tljat 3 nrucr iteanie 
from tfiv tcuttbtaiigljtiniiclp^cr.ijtttrc. 3|np;ofpe' 
ritie,® jlLo,!C,fauenu-,tljat Ji toa)cerot;i?oiibc. inao* 
uctfitp ijelijc iiic, tIjat 31 r.citl'cc t c Ipaitt koj blafpljeme 
tbpiioIpBame, iMittntiiigitpattentIp, tcgi'.ictljee 

tbp Httlc Il>epe tbentengtO miD uectuc of tt)? Spirit, ibaviheg.anDtruffto bee t)i1tHi-rcn after tip plcifure. 
t'^at being in out 'dues 'cutakenm feeble , at>B in tfjee G.I!;en 3 l;appcn ta fall into fniKe tl'jiingb ' 

CroHo: ano baliaiit , toce map irttljliana ans cttetconie 
all Affnr.Uc of tlje C«ti(l,lb t'jac our g^jolifp encmtc map 
nor glo2ie on bsJmt being cenqtitrcBt'Moiigb tfjrc. bae 
mapffiuetljanfeeis totljpmftcie, toriitijneuer Icatira 
tbem DcRit«tet{]atputt()Eit mtlf tnt'jcc, toljoIiueS 
auD cctgneQ <3on foj euet buttiboiit enc. amcti. 

A prayer for the olitaiuing of 

O^ofl of Jtir fcitl}cr£«, anu S^njii ofmcrcp, t!)ftt ffjat 
Ijaflm^CealltbingslutbtbptaozTi, ancojreinea 
man t^^o'.igb t!ip bJifcDoitic , tbat beHpii b banc t.omi. 
riou oner tfjc creatures! bjlitcfj tbou bail ntaee , tbat isec 
f!)oi'.lD 3;cer tbctoo:la arcojttng to eqiiitic nnbrigT)te= 
giilhe'Xc ano c]Cfriiteiiogrn;ent iDttO .i trttebcart: giuc 
mcetoi'cboiie, boMcIj is citer about tbPfcatc, an^put 
mcnateatfroTi iimmigtrii'cInlD^cn; fn? 31tl-pferiiant 
Bin fonne of tbp banbniapD, am a feeble pctfon , of a 
n?c!t time , ano toe poung to tljc biiscrSanoing of tbp 
Itiffrcmcutf! AnD Into s: pea, tI;oiigbam:inbencttcc 
fc perfect among tf;e cHlb :cn of men , pet if tbp \aii't' 
Boiue be not toitb btm , btiljallbcnotbingtoooitl) SD 
fenDtbvltiirePomeoutortbpboIp bcaiittrp, aiibfroin 
t^c t])i9Ae of t^g @«iiei^ie,tt)at ^c ma^bcSvit^ nKjaiiQ 

.. ^ frailtie , 3 
befefclitbte ta toorU trite rcpcEtanct ir. mp Ijcait, tt'at 
Ji map be fojfe baitfjout bclpcratfon , tniG in tfjp mcrcts 
Ia)itI)out |\!ertm!}.itioii , tljat i\ map ameiib mp life, cno 
become truelp irligioiis toitljoht i^rpocmlc , lotolp in 
Ijeart teit!)outfatiiinfi;,fattl)fu;i anbtruftieUiitbcut be' 
rrit, merp tuit?;cutltg|)ttuSi,faob'itlir.utmiaruft,fo. 
Iier irtt'jcut flcutKtibifrie, rartcnt irttfj mine otone 
luiiben; couftoKfnelVe , to tell mpnetgbboKt Ijis fr.!;ft^ 
cbaritablp toitljout ciffiimilaticn, to iV.firact mp f)oit!e. 
I;oL' in tbplaVUi'SitrHclp, to obepourlSrngano allgo« 
uernoitrs biiberbtmbufaitieslp, to leceiue ail Ubles 
ant< foiivnon oibinanees ( lufiicS bifagrcetb nor frrm 
tbp i)oIp bjo,?D) oi cPieiitlpjto iiap eucti'Tiian tib^t tobiiTj 
3i tbj'-'unto biii) trtielp, to bacldutena mnn,no?fl[ mcrr 
mp ticii;li';oj fccrcdp, nno to atlj.i?' e allbif «, lonisig all 
goobncire eamefifp. !Lo?t! grant mc tlw (0 toe, foj 
tlje gfcip of tljp i'olp j;5ame. amen. 

A prayer fcrp.itience in trouble 

F]l©lo Tjafitbmi ((D llo?D){)ambleDanD pIurT»eB!rc 
1 6oiwf f J! Sarr note bneatbi? mafee rnp p^Df rs bn« 
totbre,fo;tF)oaartaiigrplD!tI) mc,bi;t Hotl^itboutin;? 
bei'rniing, CT rf ainelp i, banc fmnebXojB, 31 cenf'effe 
tt: 31 l»i!lnottienie it : biit,ob mp ©oB,parton mpttcf. 
pafirg, leTeafempBebtj), renter tcolBtl-p grace ngatHe 
tmto tiic, (loppe mg ivoiiniK^, fp; 31 om all tc plagues 


The creation 


of the world.' 

^The firfl booke of Mofes^ called 

^GENESIS. *Th;sword. 

iiifietbthe br 


THE ARGVMENT. radonoftbfc 

Mores in effcd declareth three chipgs.wbicb are in this booke chiefly to be Confidcred. Firft, acatur<s, i 
thatche worldand all things theiein were created by God, and that man being placed inthis | 

great Tabernacle of the world to behold Gods wondcrfull workes, and to praife his Name ' 

for theinhnite graccs,wherewith bee had endued him, fell willingly from God throughdifbbedience: 
who yet for his owne Mercies fake rcftored him to life, and confirmed hiro in thefamebyhispromifc 
of Chrift to come, by whom he (hould ouercome Satan, tleath and hell. Secondly, that the wicked 
vnmindfull of Gods molt excellent b£nefit»,remained ftill in their wickednes,and fo falling moft hor- 
ribly from finne to finne,prouoked God(who by bis Preachers callcdthem continually to repentance) 
at length to dcftroy the whole world. Thirdly, he afTurethvs by the examples of Abraham, Ixkak, 
laakob, and the reft of the Pattiarkes, that his Mercies neue r faile them, whom hcc chufetb to be his 
Chutchjand to profeflchisName inearth, butin all their affli<aions and perfecutions he euer artifteth 
them/endcth comfort.and dcliuereth them. And becaufe the beginning, increafe , preferuation and 
faccefTe thereof might be onely attributed to God , Mofes (heweth by the examples of Cain, in^macl, 
Efau and others, which were neble in mans iudgemenc , that this Church dependetb not on tbe efti- 
mation and nobilitic of the world : and alfo by the fewnelTe of them, which haue at all times worfhip- 
petl him purely according to his word, that it ftandeeh not in the multitude, but in the poorc and dc» 
fpifed , in the fniall flocke and little number , that man in bis wifedome might be confounded, and tbe 
Name of God euermore prailed. 

CHAP. I. uen. t^otbecwemnajtSenw^ningtucre t'cThefecond 

I God ereateth the heautn and the earthy J The t^e fcCOnO flap. ' day. 

lightettdthedarkfieffe. S ThefirmiimeHt,9Ht C^ODlapaagafttt, * LettfjetoatiW P/2:/.n-7' 

fefarateth tbe rvaterjrm tbe earth. \6 He cret* tllDcr t%t l^eaUCtl bce gatljetefl ttttO mz a»dtf im. • 

tethtbsSuHut,theMooHe,andthefiarres. it He plSCe , anfl let t^C D^P laHD appeat?-. anfltt and%i6,6, 

ereateth the filh fbfrdsy bealls. i6 Hee ereateth tUasfo. 10658.4. 

wan, and gtuethhimrulecuer all creatures i9 10 aufl 0Ofl CaHcB t^t B^P laitO , Cart^, 

^nd proudetb nounture formattaud bea^, anfl ^CC CalUfl tf)e gathering tOffCtljeCoftUC 

B t&e » Ijegtnntng ♦®on toatecs , ^z&9 ; anD (Sofl tinuc tljat u toau 

rreatefl tt)e ^eaH?n anfl BooD. hsothatwofcc 

tfteeartlj. ii "^Dljen ©oti fapfl, t Let tie cartfifiuO « is the onely 

2 anfl t\)t cattlj teas foo;tb t!)e faufl of tlje Ijetbct^at fecflet^ fecfl, po werof Gods 

'' lltottljout fo;tine anfl tljefrtiitfiiU tree, tol^tcljfaearetl) fruit acco^ wordthatma- 

tJotD,anO « aarferncs was flingto Ijw ftinoe,tol)tcl) ijatlj Ijtsfeefle tn It kethchc earth 

topon t!jett5eepc,ano tlje felfe ijpoii tljeeartl), anfl tttuajj fo. fruitful, which 

<S)pUit of ©OD ^ mOO» 12 anOtl3ecartljb20Hgl)tfo;tl)tl)ebuOof cIs naturally is 

nefl ijpoM tlje * tuaters. tl)e ^crbe tbat fccOctl) feeo acco^fling to Ijis barren. 

? Cl)cn(apo<5oO,*iLcttIjcwbeltg|)t: ktnt)c,alfotbetrcct^atbeatet|jfnitt,tu^iclj « Thisfentence" 

anBtt)crete)asMigl)t. batb Ijis feeoe (n it fclfe acco^tittig to fjiis is fo oft repeated, 

4 anD ©oD mtre tlje Itg^t tljat it toas iKinoe : anfl (Sofl ' fato t^at tt tuas gooD. to fignifie that 

gooa,anD <©oc Ceparatefl+tlje Ugljt from tljc 15 t ^0 tljc eueniiig ana tl)e moaning Oodmadcaithis 

flatUeiteffe. U)Cretl)Etl)iCflflav. creatures to fcruc 

<j anO ©ofl callefl tl)e ligl)t, Dav , ana 14 CanU 0oD fain,' S.ct tijetebe Hi^Xyt^ to his glory, and 

tlicDarkenefre, Ijec calleo 0igljt. f t^o int6cfinr(ainfntaftljcfj:aucn,to'rrparate totheprofitof 

t^c (gtiening anfl tljc ^o^tmngUJtre tljc tlje Dav from tlje ntgljt , ano let rlicmbefo; man,hutforfai 

firti Tjav. " fignes, auD fo^ Ccaions, auD fo; Dapcs, anD 'hey wercaccwr- 

6 C agatttc ©oD faiD , * t et tl)cre bee a vceresi. fcd,y <t to the 

n firmament itt tbe mtD3 of t^Etoatcrs; anD I's SnD let tijem bee foMtglits in tljc Br^' cieabvChiift, 

mament of tlje ijeanen to guie ligljt topen they are reftored 

t^e eartl). anfl it toas lo. and fetue to their 

16 (SoD tljen mafletiro » great ligljts'; t^e wealth. 

9 Fiift orall,5nd 
before that any 
creature was, 
God made bca- 
uenand earth of 
etvd 116.^. 
a6ies 1 4- 1 5- 
' and 17. 14. 
b As a rude 
lumpe and wi h- 
out any creature 
in if. for the wa- 

« Darkenefle 

coucied tbe 

deepe waters > for let it feparatc tlje Ujatctft" from rfte toatcts. 

jisyetthc ii?ht 7 'S.ijcn <5oD maDe tbe finiianient, anD 

was not created. feparatcD Vi^z toaters tjlitcb lucre ^ tmDcr 

# Ebr. face of the tbe firmamcntifroni tbe Uiattr? ujbicl) tuccc greater Ugbt to «rnle tl)e Bay,* tbe leiTe ligbt 1 The third 

dcepe, ' 'aboue tbe finnament. anD it iyas fo. to rule ti)t nigbt : be "'-afie alio tbe Carres, day. 

d Hemainrai- 8 !anD(SoDcaUeDtocRcmament,sl^ea» 17 9nD <9oD fet tbem in tbe firmament vfd.iie.j. 

neci thisconfufeJ Of tbebeaueii to Hiineljpon tbe eartl;, dcut.^.i9' 

heape by his fecret power.- i Elr.fkce of the waters. Hebr.ii.i. -8 SlnDtO *rulC ill tbe Da]> , anD tUtbC k By the lights, 

e The light wns made before either Sunnc or Moone was created : nigbt, anD tO feparate tbe Itgbt ft'Om tbe hcmeaneththe 

therefore wee muft not attribute that to the creatures that are Gods SarhenelTe : ailD ©OD fato tbat it UJaS gOOU. Sun, the Moonc, 
inflrumcnts, which onely appettaineth to God. + Ebr. betwtene tbe and the ftarrcs. 

light, and betweene the darkcMeffe. tThcfirftday. ifEbr.foxvas I Which is the artifkiall day , from the Simne rifing to tbe going 

the euem»g,fovras the morning. PfaL^i 6, andti6.%,iere., downc,/ m ofthings appertaining to naturail and politicall orders 

aKdiyi.xs- i Or;jpreadt»iouer,a>7dairc, f As the Sea and ri- andfe.ifons. n To wit, the Sonne and the Moone: and here hee 

U'.rs from thofe waters that are inthc clojidcs,whicharcvpholdcnby (peake th as man iudgethby hiseye: for elfe the Moone is lefle then 

Gods power, left rheylhoiildouerwhelrr.ethcivorld. ^fal,ii^%^, thepIanetSaturmis. o To giue it fufficient !if;ht , as inflrumsnts 

p Tb*tis^thcregionoftbeairc, andalkhatisabouevs, oppjinted for the fame/o ferueco mans vfe. /erc.jt.jjt 

a 19 t^a 

creation of man i^ 


He is placed in the garden. 


.'ouith 10 t <§>a t|c etieniitg ana t^e aio^nins 

20 safterttiaiti Qo'b fain , Let tfjc iDaters 
fiOi snd b^tng foo^t^ m abimoancc eucry p ccMptng 
Acs whi?h " tbiiig 1 bit IjatI) % life : anu let tlje foule flic 
^uvimmc, upon tlje cacti) tit tijc t open ticmainent af 

tlic ijeaiien. 
ihe foule of 21 ^Ijcti (3oU crcatet) tfec great to^alcs 
ano eiierp tl)trt5 limng ajtu moont?igf» toi}tcl) 
f f^«/j;(f o/ tt)e 1 iuatets b^oiisbc fo^ti; iti abtmDancc ac» 
firmrmntt. co^ntnj to t^cicUtiiDc , aiiij eutry featl^rcD 
The h(b and foutc acco^Ding to ^ts fetnuc : aiiD (©oQ faiue 

iles had both t^at it toas gOOD. 

.bediming, 22 tE-tjen C50D ' blelTcB tl)cm , favftij, 

Vrein we fee ^;iin5 fooit^ fniit ana niuUiplj', aim fill tl)c 

k nature gi- luatecs in tlje fca:J,an5 Ut tljc foiiU mmtiplp 

th place to in tbe cacti). 

jods vvii/oraf- ij t ^0 tljectienitig ano t^c ino^niitg 

nuch as the one toctC tl)? Rft Ba». 

>rtismadcto 24 C^go^eettcr ^oU fatO, Lettl)ecart^ 

"■ic a'jouc in the b^ittg foo;ttl) t^c I Ituittg t^ius accoiOing to 

jire,andtheo. ^t3ktn0c,catteU, anO t^at uiljic^ciccpctl), 

ther tofwirnmc anU t^c beatl of tlje cacti), acco^aing to W 

bencathinchc ttttlDcatlbttlUasfO. 

watfr. 2^ ano^oD ma!ietl)cbea(l of tbccartl^ 

t That the acco^Dtiig to l)t0 ktiitJcaHi! tbe cattell arcoi- 

▼ctiic of his Ding to bis Ivtntic, nno cuet? ccecving tljtng 

word he gauc ot tl)e cactl) accoiDiHg to W l^inD: aitB ©OQ 

power to hi* faU) t^at it tDas gooo. 

creatures to in- 26 JFuctl)crmo;e 0oU fayU , * f Let bs 

gender. tiiabc matt ill ouc ^Image accoiOing to out 

1 1 he fift day. lil^eiieflf , ano let tbcw tulc oner tlje Sib of 

t Lb.fouU of life. t\)i fcn,ana oucc tbc foiilc of tbe btaucn,ana 

Cha,^.i.&9.6. oiicctbebcaae, annotiecaUtbeeactb>aniJ 

t .cer. 1 1 .7. ouec ciucF tl)tng t^at ccecpctl) aiiO inoouet^ 

saU(f, oiubeeartb. 

f God coalman- 27 *l^bUS! ©OBCCCatCt! t^C niait tn^ifl 

ded the water 3lHiage ; in tl)c31mao[e of <5oD creatcU iec 

and the earth Ijiiii : bc cctateD i\it\\\ * male an?) female, 
to bring foorth 28 SnQ ©Ob " bleffefl tl)cm,ana ©oD faiD 

other creatures: to tl)em, * IS^iug foojt'g fctiit anO raiiUiplj», 

bucof man he ano OH tlje cavtl), anc fuuDue it , anb rule o» 

faith, Let vs ticc tbc SR) af tbe lea 1 anb ouer tbe foule of 

make: Signifying tjic ijeaucn, and ouec (uerv bealt tljat moo* 

iiiatGodta-- iietbbpontbceat-tb. 
kethcounfcll 20 lelno iSoD fatD»'2JeI)(rfO,3l bauc gtnen 

with his wife- bntofou * tuet? ^crbe bearing iceb, 'mhUl) 

domcand vcr- tg bpon alltbe eartl),anbcutivtcec,lubcrem 

tue, puipofing 13 tbe ftuit of a tree bum^ feeb ; * that ftjall 

to make an ex- be tO pOU fo^ meat. 

ceiient worke 30 £ibeU)ire to cuery bcallof tljecartb, 

ahotie all the aiib to ciizvp fouU of tbc beauen, anb to cuc' 

leftofbisaca- rp tbtngtbatmolletbl3^'on tbc eartli,tBfetcb 

tion. batl) life in it felfe,eii ecj> gcecnc bctbe ihaU be 

t This image fojimcat.anb Utoa0rf . 

and likencfle of ;? I ♦ i^nb tSob fatu all tijat l)ce bab raabe, 

God in man is ario lor, tt toas bttp ffooo. t ^t» tbc cucmng 

cxpounJcd.E- ana ti)c wo^ning tnecc t^t Wxt flap. 


where it is written , that man was created after God In Tighteonfiu (Ce 
aiidtrueholineffc, meaningby thefe two woordesallpcrfetflion, as 
wirdome, trueth, innoctncie, power, &c. ecctui.i'j.x. 
Mttth. 1 9. 4. u The propagation of mnn is the bleflfing of God, 
pral.128. Chap. % \ J. and 9.1. x Godsgreat liberalitietoman 
lakech away all excuft of his ingratitude. Chap.p.}. ly, 
t(<iliu.ip,i^> markf 7,57, t The fw day» 


a God refietU thefeuenth day^Md/aufhfieth 
it.i$He fettetb man i» the Garden. 21 He (re*' 
Uthiliewomea, J4 MuiOgt-is erdaiasiU. 

T15US tljj^canenjs , ana t^aattl) teere a* 
niiljcSianb all tl)2» IjoRe cFtbeai, » tHd? >«, thein- 

2 J^O; in fb? fcnmrt 3a^ C!5oij enticb l)(3 numciaUe abun- 

tuoiUe ujljicb l)c liab matte,' anD tl/'e fcuenrb <^3ncc ofcrea- 
bav be *• rcHJcb ftom all Ijis tuo^he, oJticl} be ^'-^'^ '" hcauen 

bab mabe. and earth. 

J <!S)o <5ob blelTrb t\)t feucntt) tiav, anb E\od 20. 1 1. 
« fanttifieb tr,bL'catiCe rbat in it be Xi^'Q cerceb a-.-i 51.17, </?/*, 
from alU)i!3 bJOihe, l»l)icb <5ob ijab createb ^.i^^-hebr.^ 4. 

anbmaOe. b For he had 

4 C EOefc are t^e n generations of t^ now finiii.ed hii 
bcaiiens anb oftbeeartb,b)ben tbcv tucre aeation, but his 
createb,tntl)ebaytbattbeto^b(5obmaoc ptouidencc Uiii 

t^C Cartlj ^nb tljeijeaucn^, warcheth ouer 

% 3nb eiieri> i! plant of tbe Selb, befo;c it bis creatuTcs,and 
toasfntbccartijjanaciiecpberbeoftbettelb, goucmcth tbem, 
before it gcetue : fci tbe Loib ©eb l)abnoc c Appointed it 
caKfeb it to «i caine ypon tbe cartl), neither to be kept holy, 

was there a nisn tO till tbe grOUUO, that man might 

6 TSuta mill tocntbp from tl)ecart5,anb therein confidet 
toatcreb alt tbc eartb • the cxceiicncie 

■ 7 cCbc !Lo;ibiS3Dalfoiimabe tbe man«of of bis works ant! 
tl)ebijft of tbe grounOjf b^eatbeb in bis face Godsgoodncffe 
b^teatb of life,* $ tbc man boas a lining foule. towards him. 

8 anb tbc Lo?b (gob planteb a garbcn \\0y. the ongi^aii 
(Catltoarbinf^aen, anb tljeteljceputtljc andbegmmng. 
man tabom be l)ab mabe. iOr^trecy m chaPo 

g (JFo?Dutoftbegrounbmabetbcto;il! ji.15. 
€5ontogro\ncncr|>tceeplearanttotbengbt, d Godonriyo. 
anb goob fo^i meatc : ti^t t trceoflife alfo in pcneth thehea- 1 
t^e mibbcstof tbegarbrn, ^ anO tlje tree of uens.and flmt. 
fenotolcbge of goob anb of euiU. tcth them,hc 

10 anbo»tof(Ebentj)ent artnertotoa* fendeth drought 
ter tl)e garben, anb fcoin t\itnu it toas ^x\xi* and raine accor • 
DtD, anb became into foure beabs. ding to his good 

11 '3:bcn3meofoneis*l!3injon:tl)Cf^mc pkafurc. 
compalTet^ tbc tol)ole lanb » of i?auila^, ^Or^formed. 

tobetCiSgOlO. c HelljewetH 

12 9nb tbc ffOlbC of tbat lanb is gOOU : whereof mans 

t^eceKin3Beltum,anbtbconr>]cnone. body wascrea- 

I? attbtbEnamcoftbefcconbriuerJs^t' ted, tothemtene 
hQxi : tljc fame compaffctb t^e toljole lanb of that nian fhouid 

lIQCUflj. nor glory inihe 

14 %'\9t name atfO of tlje (birb rluet is excellencieof his 

Hl^ibbekehtljisgoetb tototirbtbedEaftftbe ownemturf. 
ofiiafibuc : gt tbc faurtbriueris II peratbO i^'er.ij.^j, 

15 C^^cntbeLo^bjSebtooketbeman, f Thiswasihe 
anb ptitbim into tljc gacben ofdEben, tljat paraeofapi.icc, 
l)ce nugl3t k bjicfic tt,ftnb feeepe ft. asfomc thinke, 

16 anbtbeLo^b@0D» COmmatmtCb tfeC in Mefoporami?, 

Mian, fapfng, t "Eljou i^alt cat frcelp of cue-- moft picafant, 

rvtrceoftbrgatben, and abundant in. 

17 ^ntoftbetceeof ftnotolebgeof goob all things, 
anb c Hill.tbcu ftalt not eate of it :fo; II in tbc g which wa?a 
bav tbat tljoueattH thereof, tljou i!jalt Die ligncoftheiifc 

tlje ■" bcatb. teceiucd of God. 

18 Slfotbc te^b (Sob fa{>bc, St is not h Tbati$,ofm*. 
goob tbat tbc man iboulb be btmrelfc alone: ferabie expeii. 
31 toill makt bmi an btlp ? t meet fc^ bim. ence, which 

10 '^otbcLo^Doobfo^meDofthceartb camebTd^fo. 
euerpbeaftof tbe fielbe, an3 cttecp feuU of beyingCod. 

Ecclia. 24,19* 
i Which Hauilahisa countrey ioyningtoPcrfiaBaftward.and inclii 
ncth toward the Weft, p Or,freciotu/ioKe , orfcarlt. "Phnie faith 
it is the name of a tree. \\ Or,Stbfopui. ^Or,Tygris, ^ Or..AJJ}ria* 
[\Or,Euphrateu k God would not liaue man idie,thoi'4;h as yst 
there was no need to hboMr. 1 bo that man might krow there was 
a fouereigne Lord to whom he owed obedience. ^ Eh, Eating tbou 
ffxtlt eate of. \]Or^n>he»ifocu:rr. m Bythisdeatiihemeanerhthc 
fcpsvation of m .n fro n God, who is our life and chiefc fcJicitic : an<i; 
ajfo that o<ir difubcdicncc is checaufe thereof. ^ Eh. beftrt Im. . 

The womBti createdjandfeducecf. 



n By moouing tfic fteaiKH , ^ bfJOUS^t them blttO t\)t » nm» 
them to come tO fee |)Oto IjCC toOlllD call them : fo; IjOlU foe* 

& fubmit them- uer tlje man namcD tljc liuing crcatuce , fo 

felues to Adam, toa0 tUt name tI)crcof. 

tEbr.busk, 20 Clje uiaii tt)etefo^e gaue names bnto 

o sjgBifyinB,that aUcatteU,ani3totbefoHleoftl)c^caMn,anO 

mankindc was to ciierp bead of t!)e6e(D : but to}. ^Qam 

petfir, whtnthc foiiiiD l)e HOC an ^clpc mectefo;t Ijim. 

woman wascrca- 21 C <E.l)ercfo;ie tl)e to^U (Soo canfcO an 

eed, which bcfote IieautefleeiJEtofaUMpon tljeman, anUIjec 

was like an vn* llcpt: anD Ijc toofee OHC Of Ijts rifi.sf , anO cle* 

perfit building. fcD Dp tlje flcl^ tn fteaB t\)tXtQl 

i.Car.t t.i. 22 ^nti tl}e ribte^ttU tIjeILo;ED0olii)aO 

WOr^vtamteifu taUcH ftom ttjc matt , + maoe ^e a " tooman 

6ecaure[be com- QttXib^OUSiitbtttOtiii-nmU 

metbofmtn xfor 23 ^^cn tbe man fapa , • 'C^{3 nolo is 
»>« £6«iv //% «> &one of my bone3,anD flefij of mp fiefb- "©be 
mmjtnd //hob f^all be calUD II iBoiiian , becaufe l^e iuas ta» 

ibe woman. feen Ullt Of matt. 

MM.i9.%.fMrk. 24 ♦^^ccefo^se {^all man leaue p ftis fa* 

Be.7. i,c»r.(j. 16. t&ec anB ^tsmotftec , a«o l^all cleaug to W 

^phef. J. J t. tpife, anu t&ej» f^all be one flert). 

p sothatmari- 2T anD fgep tDCte bot&nafeelJ,tI)e mail 

age requircth a an3 (jw Doife.aua tucte not T aBjamsD. 

greater duety of 

vj toward our wihcj, then otherwift v»e aw bound to /hew to our pa- 

ttaia, q Foi before (InACcntie^, all things were honed & comely. 


f Tht womAn ftinced by ibeferptnt, 6 intifeth 
htr hxpiand to fin. S They both flie from God. 1 4 
They three are funtjhed. 1 J Chrt/i is premifed.t y 
Man is dujl. uMait ncaji out ofVaradif:. 

-wifii. »4. \T^* ^'^^ 'lerpent teas moie » fubtil t^en 

« As Satan can 1>J anp bead Of t^C ttclB , to^tCft tftC Lo^O 

change himfeife 0oD Ijab maDcantJ Ije *> CaiD to t^etoemau, 
into an Angel of J)ea, fjatft CoD (n BctD fato , ptc fljaU not 
lightjfo did he eate of euecp tree of tljc sacBen i 
abufc the wife- 2 anotl)etoomanfapQbntotf)eferpent, 

dome of the fer- iMtt Cate Of tljt ftUlt Of t^S tceC3 Of tt)e sac- 
pcnc to dcceiue Sen, 

man. 3 "But oF tfee fruft Of tijc ttee tofiici) f 3 in 

b God fuffered t^e miUs of the satDeu, (SoD featft faiO, J)ee 
Satan to make lbaUnoteateofu,neiti)Cc^jaUpeetoucutt, 

ehcfcrpent his 'IcSpcefiie- 

inrthimcnt, and 4 "t^^en •tl)e Tci-pent fafu to t^e tooman, 

tofpeake in him. Pe (Ijallnot <•* Die St all. 

c ladouitingof ^ 15i;t<5oDDot!;ftn3iu,tI)attoI)enve 11)31 
Gods threat- eatc tIjereof,voiit epcs n)albc opcncD, anD pc 
ningjOjcycelded l^jalbc as 50DS,e knototntj gooD anD euiU. 
to Satan. t ^0 tl)c ujoman ( (ecmj tljat tlje tree 

i.c»r.ii.j. to3SgooDfci;tmeatc, anD tl)at it toas plea* 
d This is saans lant to tlje cfts , a»iD a tree to bee DcfircD to 
chicfei! mbtiitie, get UnololeDge) tookeof tl)c fruit thereof, 
to caufe vs not to anD DID * eate, anD gaue alfo to Ijcc IjulijanD 

feare Gods tottij iiZr , anD i)Z •DID catC. 

j^rv;atnings. 7 'E^cnti^ecpesoft^cmbotbUjereDpe' 

tsb.dietbe death ncDvinO tbrp s kncbj tUat t!)ev DJere nafeeD, 
e As though hee anD t^cp feDJco fisffc txzz lcaHC0 together, 
rhotiidfay.God anD maDc tliemfclucs t b'rZzc\)t3. 
doeth not forbi.i 8 C ^^ftcttoacD ti)cp IjearD tte bopcc of 
youtoeatof the tl)tlo;Di3oDtualUin3;(n ft)cgarDcnintI)e 
fruir,fjutthat he |i coole ofti)e Dap, attD tbeniau anD bistoife 
fcnoweththatif »>^iD tijjuifelnea froui V p:icfcuce of tljelLo^D 
yee nipuMcare ©oD among tljetteesoftljegacDen. 

therof, yc (hould 

bee iikcvntohim. Ectiut.z^. 26. t.tim.i.i^. f Not fo much to 
pleafe his vife, as mooued by ambition at her perfwafion. g They 
began to fef le their miferie, feu: they fought not to God for remedy, 
♦Eir chimes fs gird ahom them to hide their priMitieSt IJjOr j wi>$de, 
ii Tfae^nfuIIconfcienceflcctbGodsprefencCt 

g "jBnt tlje 2,d^& 6oa calUo to t^e man, 
anD faJD »nto |tni,aa^erc art t&ouf 

10 oatiofapD , JI fecavD t!)p ijopce int^ 
garDen, anDloasafraiDe; bccaufe J tuas . . , 

i nafeeD,t^etcfo« 3 IjiD mv feife. « Hi$ hype 

11 anD&efapD,2a^otolDtl)CctI)attl)en appfateth.. 
toadnakeD^ i^aft tftou eaten of tbe tree, he bid the 
tD^erof 31 commaiiDeD t\jtt tljac t^ow (toul» "* *»» nais«s 
Deftnotcatef which was*> 

12 'E&cn tfje man fapD , "ESe teaman tranfgrtfsions 
tuljicb t^on * gatieft to be tuitfe mc , (Ije gaus ^°'i* <^°"^ 
ine of t^e tcee,anD 31 did cate. dement. 

I? anDt^elLo;iD(0oDfaiDtotIjcteoman, k Hiswickr 
fiaOp Ijaftt6ouDonet^i0; anDt^eteoman andiackeof 
fais, « 'Cljeffrpent^cguilcD mec, anD 31 5iD repentances 

eate. pear«h in tbk 

14 C^fientijeLo^B^oDraiDtot^efet' thatheburdc. 
pent , » 'Becaufe tljou baft Done tW , t&otj n«h God witbl 
art curfeD abone all catte«,anD abone encup hu fault, becau, 
beaftoftbcfielD: upon tlipbellp ajalttbou he had giuen ' 
ffoe, anD ■> Dull l^alt tftcu eat all t^e oapc? ^^'^ ^ wife. 3 

OitJ)f life. ^ I" ft"d of con--y 

I? atoillairo»putcnmitfebstteEentl)cc fcffmghetfinne,^. 
anD tlje tooman, aiiD bettoecnc tbp feeD anD o^ee increafcth 
berfceD. l?e{ljaUb:ca!:etJ)inepUcaD,anD Jtbyaccufingtfae 
tljounjalt<ibiuifei;ist)ccle. ferpent. 

i& C antotfee teomanbeerafD, 31 toill «" He asked th< i^ 
Breatlpmcceafetl)p"'ro;rotee0,anDt!)Pcon* reafonofAdam 
ceptionsj, 31nfo;iroD3n)alttl30ubnng fo8;t^ and his wife, be- 
£l}tlD;en,anDtbpDeGrefli3!befubicfttoti;ine ""f"'= bee would 
i^uffaanD,anD be tball * rule ouet t^zz. bring them to re. 

17 Caifo to aDara faefaiDjIBecanfe t^on pentance,but be 
IjaUobcpcDtljebopceof tljptelfe, anDfcaft asked not the 
eaten of t^e tree, ( tobcreof 31 conunaunDeD ferpent, becaufc 
tbce, Taping, 'Eboulbnlt not eat of ft) ftur* he would (hew 
ftD is tbe e.nrrb fo? tl)p lake : m fo^roDi R)alt him no mercy, 
tijou eat of it all tlje Dapea of tljp life. n As a vile and 

18 « Cl)O^ne0 alio anD tbiftles (ball tt contemptible 
bnngfoonbtot^cc,anDt^onfljaUeate tbe beaft, 

bCtbcOftbeflelD. o He chiefly 

10 3!n tbC £\ueate of tbP face lljalttbou meaneth Satan, 
cate b;caD, till tbou teturne to tbe eartb: fo;t by whofemotion 
otit of it toad tbou taUcn , becaufe tljou art and craft the fcr« 

DuU,anD to Dull fbalt tI)OH rtturne. pent deceiued 

20 (3nD tt)C man caUcD ijis tBiues name the woman, 
lyjenabibecaufelije tea? t()e mother of allU'- p Thar is, the 

Utng.) power of (Innc 

21 CJntoaDamaltbanDtobtstoifcDiD anddearh. 
tfee ilo?D ©oD " mafee coateis of fkinnesi,anD <] satan fhaii 

C!0tl)CD tljem. ItmgChriftand 

22 CanD tbe LO|D ([50D faiD , " IScFjolD, his mcmben;. bue 
tbcman tsbccomeasoneof bs, to kiiotec not oucrcomc 
gooD anD euill. anD notulcrtbcputfoonb '^cm. 
bi3l3anDc3,anD nafte alio oftlje tree of life, rTheLordcom.' 
auD cate ana liue fo? cner, forteth Adam by 

2^ 'El)Crcfo?e tlje !Lo?D <50D fent Ijun thepromifeof 

foo?fl) fromfbegaiDenof (JrDen, to till tbe the bicfled feed, 
eartb tebcnce be toaa taken. & alfo puniiheth 

24'CljU3l)ecaaoutman:anDatt^c^afl the body for the 
fiBe of rbc garDcn of (^3cn l^cc fct ttje «!ibc- finnc, which the 
nibiins,anD tlje blaDc of a fasoiD fljaken, to f^ule (hould 
kcepettieteapoftye tree of life. hauebeenepu. 

the fpirithauingconctiaed hope nfforgiueneffe, might liue by faith, 
g.Cor.t j^l4, f Thetran/gitflionofGods commandcment t»as the 
eaufeth^t both mankindand all other creatures wererubieft to the 
ctirfc. t There are not the naturuil fruites of the c^rth, but pro- . 
ceedeof thecorrnpiionof finne. u Or gaue them knowledge to i 
make tben-.feluo coats, x By this dcrifion he rejirodittb AiJams \ 
miferie,whercintobe was fallen by ambition, y Adamdepriucd o^ 
lifeJoft alio the fignc tliereoC 

'^az CHAP. 



Religion rcftorcd. 


I TljefeHertttt»Hofman\in(L J i(rfw«»(f 
Hibd offer ficrifice. 8 i(<««« ktUsth Habel. 
3 J La'neclj a tyrant encourageth hts Jeare/uU 
U'iUei, 16 Trtts rehgiontsrdtend,, 

AJftectuatu tlje man fenetn l?cual) Ijfsi 
Uiifc jtu^iclj » concctncD anO bare I'^ain, 
aiH)U?a,:iljsue obtaineoaman " by ttie 

/ox were Rot 2 aiin agattic fljc biougl^t f(jo;tt) 1)10 b;0' 
jiy a -ciirned fijcc l^a&cl, aiiO li^abcl ma? a keeper of 
•iugb fiiine, fv'cepejaiiiJ t-iain taas a tiller of tl)C groimu. 
5 C SnQ in p;ioccire of tune it came to 
|)aiTe,tljat Sain b^on&l^t an ' oblation unto 
tljc hm of tlje auit of tlie crouno. 

/d nature, 
4uid God: 

s'of was 


That ii.accor. 

4 9hd t^abel alfo Ijinifcifc b^iotigljt of liiclj as Ijauc catrcU. 

16 ^^ett Ram towt out from t^ep^e. 

fence of tfje Horn , ann Dtucltin tbe lanoof . ;• 

ji5oDtotoiirDtl)e€aafiDsof€tif2:. ' ''.^ 

17 Siatn aUb ftnclu fji5 tuife, tutiic^ con* p Think?i>!»thd?. 
ceiuco ant! bare l^eiioclj: ano l;t built a r ct» by to he furc, and 
tie, anti callen tijs name of tlje citie bp tlje to hiue icire q€. 
name of t)i0 foinie,t;fnoclj. c.iGon to feare 

18 iino to t)enocij teas bo;nc ScaQ, ann Gods luHgmcnt* 
^aDbrQ;atc$lM!iiacl,fC13el)iitaclbe(jate afainfthim. 
$0ctf)n!l)atl,jil@crljufljaclbesaictamcclj. q The lav. fcii in. 

10 C<4nD tamecl) tOOke to tltm 4 ttoO Itirmioncfma. 

iuiiies; tlje name of tljc one was aoalj , anO riage/vhicb is, 
tlje name of tfte ot^ct 5illa^. that two iiouid 

20 anD aoaljbareJabaUtDljoVuacftljc beoncfieavvas 
CfatUeroffncljasbUieilmttictcnt^, anUof firftcorruftm 

t\)t fica Iru'tij of Ijis fijetpe, anU of tljc tat of 

;ng to the Lords fljCHl , aUO t^C iOiO IjaD cefpCCt UntO * ija* 

i:oanife,aschap. bel,ann to l)ts Offering, . 

tj5. tome read, ^ 75ut bnto ixatu anU (0 1)15 offcrinff IjC 
. io tne i)aD no'' regarD.-Cdlljerfo^e l^amtuas eircce* 
teioycinj; for the Bing xuioilj . ^t Ijis countenance tell Doiune. 
fonne which ihc 6 'S^ljtti tl)c ILoiO fapD bnto li\ain,lillljp 
had borne^whom art tl)ou \jy;tot;^?anO yam i!5 tlj? countenancf 
iiic wouU oftef call DoU)nc? 7 jf tljou tioctoel,(l)aIttIjOHUOt ' be ac* 
thefiift fiuiicsof cepten i ana if tl)Oui>oeft not OJtlU fm lietij 
hcrhircb. attljcfDoofc: alfobnto tljecl)i5s Dcriveiiiaii 

c This dedareth bcfubica,anOtl)ounjalt rulcoiier Ijim. 

that the father 
inRruded his 
children in the 
knowledge of 
G jd, & alfo how 
Cod gaiic them 
fflcrifices to fig 

8 CStienRam Ipakc to Isabel Iji3b;i0» 
tijer. anD*iBljentl5ep toere m tlje fielDe, 
Kaiiiroie bp againft Isabel ^ig b;otljet,anD 

'El)entI)v'J.o?U faio bnto Kam, (KHIjere 

is Isabel tljy b;!ctl)cc i cabo anftocccD , 3! 
cannot tell. " am 31 mp bjtotbcrs Uteperf 
tiifie their faiua- lo ajainebtfaiD.caijat Ijait tbouBoncf 

tion: albeit they flj? ' bOiCC of tl)V bilOt^CrU OlOOB CCpetj) btttO 

»vcrcdefli:utc of \\\i from t|]e cartlj. 

the factamcnc of u ji^otu tljertfo^e tljou art cnrfcIJ * Fcom 
tijc cattft , to^icljljatl) opened l)cc niout^ to 
receine ty^b^otljrrs blcoo from tUme IjanD. 
u caijen tljou fiialt till tlje groiinU, it 
(Ball not tjciicefoo^tlj ycelDe bnto tljcc Set: 
firengnj : a » bagabonQ anu a cuunagatc 

chettcc oHif;. 
d Bccaufe he was 
an h/poaire,and 
ofTredopcIy for 
an outward fhew 
without fincericy 
of heart. 
Both chou and 


13 '^\)zx\ Ivatn 'AiQ to tlje Loiii , ^ p^p 
puuifljment is greater tljcn 31 can beare. 
14- 'jSeljoltJ, tljon Ijatt call mcc out t^tsf 
thy facrifice fbaU Dap from tljc % cartlj,anD from tljp face (tjall 
be acceptable to 3j be Ijifl ano tljalbe a bagabont), ana a run« 
mcc. nagate in tlje eactij, anD tuljoCoeuer 6n<3et|) 

f SinnclhalUlill mclljallflap mC. 

torment thy con- i> 'Eljen t^eto?urai!JbntoIjim,Donbt» 
fciencc. iclfc tohofoeuet llayetl) Kain,l)efljalbe ° pU' 

g The dignitie of nltljcD feuen foia.ano cljc <Lo^d fct a ^mackc 
the lira i>orae is bpon li(ain,Ullanp man tinning l^m ^oulO 

giuentoKain ItlUijiin. 

WV^.io.j.WiJtMJJJ. i.ioh.i. ii.iude ii. b This » the nature 
of the reprobate when they are reproueJ of their hypoctifie, eue n to 
ncglcftGodanddefpitehim. i Godreuengedithewrongesof his 
Saints, though none comp'aine : fortheiniquine itrelfecrycth for 
vengeance, k Theearthlha.lbea witneffe againft thee, which mer- 
cifully recelued that bloodjwhich thou mod auelly (lieddcll. 1 Thou 
(halt neuerhauerefl: for thine heart (liall bee incontiiiuallfcarcand 
care, m He burdcneth God asa ciuelliuJgf , becaufe he did punifh 
himfolharpely. || Or, r,)yfinne is g) enter then can bee fardoned. 
% Ebr.from off the face of. n Not lor the lone hee bare to Kain,but 
tofupprclTemurthcr. o Which was fome viftblc figne oi Gods 
iudgcmcntjthat others fliould fcarc thereby.. 

y houfe ot Kaia 

21 gho jjrs b^otljers name was 3iubal, byiamech, "* 
bJtotoastljefatljerof all tljat play on tije Wr^firflinueKi* 
Ijatpe anD II organs. ter. 

22 ana 5iilalj alfo bare 'Eubal kain, lOr.fluus ani 
lofco tojoiigljt cunningly cuery craft of /"/>«. 
bMiTeanOofvicn:anti tljetiKet of '2Lubal- r His wiues fee- 

kain was jlSaamalj. ingthatall men 

25 "SD^cn tamccft fapB bnto l^ijftoines hated him for hii 
aoal) ano 5inal),l;eare mv botce,veboinc3 cruelty ,were a- 
of tamtcl) : Ijearken bnto mv ipeeclj : ' fo; frai i : thcrforehc 
3) Uioulu llaj) a man in my loounD , anU a braggeth that 
poung man \x\ mine l;urt. there is none ro 

24 3ifKainn)all bee auengcTJ feuen folD, Miethat were 
trnclj) Lamecij f feuentie times fcnenfolD. 

2^ C9nu aoam kneto ftis Vuifc agame, though he wcr« 
anu flje bare a fon, anb lljec calleb fcis name already wouJed. 
^Ijetlj:fo;i0oc,f3idfhe,i)attja};pointct)me f Heemockcdac 
anotljet fccue foit Isabel , becauie iSain fleia Gods fuffcr jnce 

5im. inKainJeUngaa 

26 antJtot^cfamc^^etljairotljeretoas though ood 
bojtneafon, anflbecallebljisnamecSnofb. would iuff«r 
1£ljeii began Hien to« calbpon t^e iiamcof none to punifh 

t^C JLO^O. him ,and yet giue 

him licence to 
murther others, t In thefcdayesGodbegantomoouetheheartsof 
the godly to redore religion , which a long time by the wicked baij 
beene fjpprcffed. 


1 The genealogie^ i ^ge & death of ^darth 
6 His fucce^on -vnto Noah and hti chddren. 
24 Henoch rcas tthjeHarva^. 

Tljis is cUe II booke of tbe generations! of \\Or,Tehearf<tU of 
aoam. 3in tlje bay tfcat ©oB cr catcb a» *he /loci^e. 
ZJam,intlje»likenesof<£)camai3el)el)im, a Readcba-i.jtf 

2 SgalcanD female createcijetl)cm,ana bBygiuingthcm 
blelTeb tljem,an3calUD tl)eirname'>aoam bochonenamc, 
in t^e bav tljat tljey tuete crcateb. he north the in- 

? Ci^obJanamltutban l)unD?€tl)anlJ rcpar.-ibie con- 
tTjirtleyreres, ana begate a cbilbe tn Ijis! iunfiion ofman 
otene ' likeneiTe after ^13 image, anD callcD and wife. 
|)i)3name<S>ljetli. c Asweiicon- 

4 *anD t^e Daycs oraBam,after !)e fjaD ceming his crea- 
btgotten '^Ijctlj, teerc eight ^iml/;tcD yeress, tion,a$ biscor- 
anb Ije brgatc fonnes aub Baiigliters. mption. 

5 ^0 all tIjc Dapes tl)at Stbam liucD, i f/;ro».i.i. 
bjcrc nine ^mib^eC anb tljirtie yeerejs : an& d He prouetb a. 

llCbieD- <Jams genaation 

6 anD «< ^6et{) UueD an j^nnD^et^ anD by them wiiich 
fine yercs, anb begate (CnoHj. came of 

7 anD <S)l)ett) liiieD after fjec begate iiiew which b the 
(Z!;nofi],cigl)t ijunaut^ anb leucn yere?, anD true churcb,and 
begate fonneis anD Daugljtcr?. alfo what care 

God had oucr 
the lame from the beginning, in that he continued eu« bis graces to* 
wvd it by a continuall fucccOion, 

8 ^Qi 

Generations from Adam to Noah. 

.Chap.v). Mans wickedncffe. TheArke 

cThechicfe 8 ^0 all tljeBai»esof©t)et'bU«rE' nine 

caufeofiong life ijunB^euaKO ttDelMevwceiBitanB^eBieo. 

in the firft age, q c^lft l^nolij ItiuH ntnctu )Pecres,anB 

wasthcmuiti- begate Kciian. 

plication of man- i d "Ru^q ©noHj KtuD, afttc l)e bcgate IRe- 

kindc, that ac- ttan, cigfe IjiiiiD^ct; anu Hfteene pecces, anD 

cordingtoGods begatcrcuncsanB DauffUters. 

coramandcmcnt II t^e all t^cDa^eeof CiioniteEte nine 

at the beginning ^UH3;eD ailO tJuCfCCrcS: asiD l)C DieD. 

the world might 12 ^C'tHetotfE ixcnan UucO t'enenttcyeresf, 
bcincrcafsd with anQbcgate^Kaljiilnlcel. 
people, which ij anBl'\enait lui£ti,af"tffi)e begat S^a» 
mi°ht vniucrraiiy Ijalalcct, etgfitftuiiC^cDanD foHrtie?ecre;5, 
pt sifc his Narac. aus bcgate lounecauD caugOtf ns. 

14 ^^0 all tlje aapcs of ii^cnau toetc Jttne 
l)Kna;eD ant) ten^eercs; ana IjcBicU. 

15 C^a^alalcel alft UucD (icne anD 8ne 
peere3,ann beffatcHereiJ. 

16 aifo9S5.nfealatecl lui'B after lie bcgatc 
3erci),ctsl)t ijitnDjzi) anb ttjtrtte vec«s»anD 
JjegatcftniiED ana Daugl}tcr3^ 

17 ^oaUttjenavesof^aljalaUeltoerc 
eig^t bunD^eD ninetie anc tiue pcercs : ann 

18 C^nO 3IereD Itueti anbnnBjieDrvtic 
anD t\j?o peercs.anDbegate It^cirocl), 

19 'El)en3!mDlni£D,afterbct)Cgate i?t' 
nocb,eigl)t IjuuD^ieD vcreg,anD begat fonneg 
anD Dangftters. 

20 ©0 all ti}t Daves of 33creD toere nine 
^unD^cD lijrtic anD tuio vceres : anD Ue DicD. 

Scclia./L'i.ig. 21 CSll'o i.?enocl) tuicD iimeanBfiuc 

hebr.i\.<. yeere5,anD legate g^frljuftielal) 
f That is,he led 22 9nD l^enocl) BialkeD ' tuitl) ©oD, af. 

anvprightand terlje bcgateg^etlniflielab, tf)^eel)iinD?ea 

oodlyiife. veerc3,anDb*gatcf8nne0anDDaHgl)tei:0. 
gTofhewthat 2? '®oatlti)cDavcsofl.)enoc^Xoerct|j;ec 

there was a bet- ^nnD^cD ficttc anD fiuc peercs. 
terhfeprepa- 24 3nD tt?enocl)tt)alfteD iDttl) 0oD,anB 

ied,andtobea beeDjasnoniO^e leene ; foil g ©9D tOOfeC ^im 
teftimonie of aU)a?. 

rheimmortaii* 25 S^etl^nflielab alfo l!«cD an l)HMD;eD 

tieoffouiesand etgl)tie anD rfiirnptere5,?nD begntLameclj. 

bodies. Asto, 26 ^uD g^ftljtinicIdiUucD, after ijecbe-- 

inqu re where he gate llaniecl),i"tuen ijunDieD ctgljtv' anD tDJo 

becamejs mcere peece3,anD facgatc fonne s anD Daugftterg. 

curiofitic. 27 igo aUt^eDapesofg^etfjul^clat) toere 

h Lamech had ninel)unBii£B fiptte anB nine pecres: anD Ijce 

refpcdtothe DteB. 

promife,chap.j. 28 C^^jen tamec!) ItiieD an 5Mn9;tcB 
lie, and defired cigbtieanD ttsoveeccs, anDbcgatea lonnc, 
to fee the deli- 2() anD callcD bis nameif^oalj, faptng, 
uerer which 'Cl)i3 fatnc njall^'comfo^ttjs coiiurntng our 
(hoHid be fent, teojike anD foiroU) of otir banDSjas toncbing 
and yet faw but tlje eartb >D!:icb tljc lo?D batb etirfcD* 
a figure thrreof: ?o SnD Laniecb luicD after beebegate 
hcaic* fpakethis jRloab,nnebunD^eDninettcanD gucpeetres, 
bvthefpiritof anDbegateionnesanDDangbtcrs. 
piophefie.bc- 31 ®o alUbe Daves Of taincc!) tocre fe* 
caufe Noah de- uen ^>HnD?eD feuentie anD fenen peeress .* anD 

liuercdthe IjeDieD. 

Church, and pre- ?2 anD 003^ toas fiue buiiD^eD peere 
ferucd it by hit olDe. anD i^oai) begate '©Ijem , l?am, anD 

abcdience. aapbttl). 

J God threattteth to bring the flood, -J MaH 
is altogether corrupt. 6 God repenteth that hee 
mad! htm- 1 8 Koah and hts areprefcrued in the 
.Ar!{e,-which he was commit if ded to ma!{e. 

SS) toben men began to bee niulttplteD bp' 
on t^e mttj, miBt^eretDtrsDaugijter? 


2 tEbcn tbe » fonnea ef ^oD fatoetbc a The 
Dangbtersbofmen tbattbeptoere«faice,anD ofthe 
tbeptoohe tbenmiuesofaltijat tbep lIUi'^eD. wiM 

3 lS[Lberfo/e tbe 5.o^d faiD,!^? Ipuit ttjal <les«f' 
not altoap ^ tfriue toitb man, bccawfe bee is b Thoj 
bnttlcflj,anD Ijts oapes iljallfaean' bnnC;ieD cameoi 
anD ttoentie pecrcs. parents^. 

4, "Cbere toere II giants in tbe eartb in Kain. \ 
tbofeDapesfjpga, anD after tbat tbe fonnc3 of c Hauin^ 
(Sob eame unto tlje Daugbtcrs ef men , anD nfpcet tf 
tbep baD bo^ne tbem cbilD;icn, tbefe toere bejutie,^ 
nugbtic meH,toljicb in olD time toere men of worldly c 

frcnotome. rations, tf 

5 CffiUben tbe !Lo?D fatottbattbetoie* theirmanei. 
ReDnefleof man toas great in tbe cartb.anB godiineffe. 
antbeimagtnattons of tbe tbougbts of bis \iOr,hadcho}. 
* beart were onelv euill t centinnalf v, d Becaufc mai 

6 'Ebenit8repenteDtbeLo;tD',tbatbee couidnotbee x 
baD maoc man in tbe eartb>anD be toas fofiz ^^^nne by Godal 

in bis beart. icmtieand ^ 

7 'Eberefo^e tbe iLo?DfatD,3I toil Bedrop longfuffcrancc, 
from tbe eartb tbe man tobom 31 bane crea^ whereby hee 
teD, from man'' to bead, to tbe creeping firouecoouer-, 
tbtng,anDtotI)cfouie oftbebeauen: toyi comchim,heci 
repent tbat 3! banc maDe tbem. would no long-i 

8 13 nt jQoab ' fomiD grace in t&e epes of ger ftay bis v«n- 

nje t0;D. gcancc. 

C^bcfe are tbe II generations of jl5o« c which termc 
ab-Jl5oab toas a iiitl anD vp^gbt man in bis God gaue man 

tune: and j3oabto3lfeeDtottb<0oD. torepent.bcforc 

10 anD /f5oab begat tb;teefonnes> ^bem. be would deftro , 
l?am,anD Jiapbctb. the earth, i.Pet," 

11 'Ebe eartb alCo toas corrupt befojie j-a-. 
<SoD: fo;i tbe eartb toaefilleD tottb '' crneltp. iiOr,tyr*«»^. 

12 'Et}£n(SoDIcio5sEDbpontbfeartb,anB f Which vftr- 
bebo!D, tt toas corrupt : fo; all flcflj IjaD co;» pcd authoritie 
rupteo bis map ijpon tbe eartb. o«er otheis,3nd 

15 anD ©uD faiD bntO /I5oab, II Sn enBof «i'd degenerate 

all tier]) is come bcfo.:e mee : fo^ tl)t eartb is from that {impK. 

BllcD toitb II crucltie i tb?ougb tbem;anB bC' "tie wherin their 

bolDJ toiH oeltrop tbem toitb tbe eartb. fathers liucd. 

14 CSl9aketbeean ar{^coftpinctreesr chap.B.zt, 
tljOH ft;alt maUc# cabins in tbe arftc, anB «»<««*. 1$. 15. 
fi^altpitcb it tottbtn anD toitbout toitb pitcl). *£*>■. ^ueryday, 

15 anDlltbus Jbalt tboumafeeit: 'Cbe g God doth nc. 
lengtb cf tbe arfee fliall be tb«e buuD^eD cii« u«r repent, but 
tttcs, tbe b^eaD tb of it fiftie cnbites> anD t^^z he fpeaketh af- 
beigbt ofit tljirtic cubites. terour capaci- 

i6 a ttinDotoe Kjalt tbon mafte in tbe iie,becaufehee 
arfee, anDin a cubitefljalttbouSnifljita' did dellroy him, 
boHc,anD tbeDco^eof tbcarfte (bait tbou fet ^ni inthar,asit 
in tbcfiDe tbcrcof: tbou (baltmafeett toitb werediddifa- 

tbC Ioto,ftCOnD anD ti'trBroome. uowbimtobc 

17 anD3|.bcbolD,3Itoillb;tingaaooDOf his creature. • 
toatcra upon tbe eartb to DeQrcpallfle^, b CeddeclaretL 
toberein is tbebicatbofUfeimDertbeljea* how much hce 
lien: all tbat is in tbe eartb Iballperilb. detcftethfinne, 

18 TiJitt toitb tbeetoiU3!'"C(lablia)mp fceingthepu- 
Concnant,anD tbon fljalrgoe into tbe atRe, nifliment there- 
t'oouauDtbp Tonnes, anDtbptoite, anDtbp ofextendethro 

fonncs toilieS toitb tbee. the bruit beaftj, 

10 anD ofeufrp lining tbing, of all flelT), i Godwasmer- 
ttoo of euecp fo^tt (bait tbou caufc to come cifuii vnto hiro« 

k Meaning.that all were giuen to tl .e contempt of God, and oppref- 
fion oftbeir neigh' ours. WOrJ rfill dtftroymanl'jHd. \\Or,oppTiJJton 
and wickedneife. % Ebr frsm the Jhce of them, XEbr,Gofher. 
XE'ur.neJiet. \\Or,ofthis meafhre, I That is, of three hcightSo 
m To the intent that in thi^ oreat enterptifeandmockingsof the 
whole world thou mayelt be confirmed, that thy faith failc not. 

^ 3 into 

ntreth into the Arke. 


The world drowned. 

into tl)e Slrl?e,to Uccpe them aU'H? teiti) t^tt: 
, tijr? fljalbe male anO female. 

20 aDft'jc fonles after £l)«itkinlie,an5af 

tl)e catulLifrec tlietr kmi),af cii?ij> crcepinj 

tl)in5 of tl3J eaiil) after bis l«tnD,to;o of cuc' 

^' tp ro;c iI}aU come Ditto tlject^at ttjou uiaj^etl 

•7« feecpc them alttie. 

»> •« 21 ilnD taUe tl)Oti toitl) tl)ee of all meate 
jo<ls iljatiG eaten: ittl}Ouiljai£SAtl}£rtttoti)ec, 
ndemcnt ({j^ j if ,^.1^ bc Jiieatc fo? tljce anD fo^ tijem. 
inrs, 22 ' /Qoal) tl)erefo;te mQaccozflinsttnto 

adding jj^i ^ (jjat ©oD conimauuBec bu» '<■ '"cn " To 
liihing. tji?) jjee. 


1 Noah and Ins enter into the ^rl^e. 20 7*6? 
flood de/iroyeth all the reft vgon the earth. 

A0D tiit to}.'a faiD Unto 0oal) , (Snter 
tljoii ana all tljine Ijoufe into tfcei^rUe: 
i»rt.i.j. fonliec l)atic3 fccne" » risljteoiis before me 

i'lnrefpeaof in tijis || ajC. 

ibcveitofthe 2 2Dfcnerv*'Cleanebca(tt!)Oufi)altti5{c 

wotid, and be- to tljcs b? feuens , tl)c male anD Ijia female: 

;aure he hail a but of Uncleane beaftg bp cejipUs , t^c male 

deriretofcrue anQ l)is female. 

. God>and liuc 3 ©ftljc fotiUs alfo of tl)el)eaneni)i> fC' 

Yprightiy. HCHS , male ana female to feeepe leeDe aline 

^Or. generation. ijpontl)etSl)3le eartlj. 

;b Which mighc 4 jfo? fciicn Baj^eslienceHtBtllcaufcit 

, be otfcrcd in h- tame Dpon tlje eartl) fo^ie naves ann fo;ttie 

^^ cifice, whereof nig^t0,anD all tiit I'ubaaHce tbat^tiawe 

fixcwerefot m.iDe,VDiU 31 OeRrov from off tbe eartl). 
- breeJe,andthe ^ 'jQoab tl;errfo;!eDiaacco^Dingijntoal 
feuenth (or fa - tl)at tlje lLo;ii) commanQcO l}im. 
crifice. 6 ano ji^aal) was Cite ijunti^ctl) pceres 

JUatth 2^.17. olD, to^en tlje flooQ ef tuatcre toas Dpon tlje 
if M* 17.16. wrtb. 

i i./>*t.3,io, 7 <r<©o 0aal) cntreti anD tis fonnesf, 

antj Ijis toife , anD l)is fonnes toiues \33ith 
tiim into tljc ^tkt , becauCe of tlic tamv^ of 
tlje Hood. 

8 2Df tl3C clcane beartes » anD of t^e tm^ 

cleane beafte^, anD of tl)C foules, anD of all 

tD<»i c«tpetl3 upon tl)e cart^, 

c God compel. q Cbere ' came tiDO and ttoo ijnto Boati 

led them to pre- tnto tl)c 3rSr, male anD female a.0 €5oD Ijao 

fentthemfeluss COmmanDcD 0OA]). 

to Noah,ai they lo QinB fo after feiisn Dayes t4)c\3;ater0 of 

ifidbeforc to A- tl^t flooDUjerc Dpon t^e eartl). 

dam,whenhec II 0'-nI)e Uce{)unDn'DpcercDrBoal)si 

gaue them names, life tn tl)c " feconD monctfc, tt}cfenenti'en:f) 

chap.i.i?. Da))offl)emDK£rb , in tl)e fame Dav lucre nil 

d Which was a- tl5C« fouutaineo Of tlie ffceat Dcejic b^ofeen 

ben: the hej'in- )jp , anD tije toinDo"ujes of Ijcanen tocrt o» 

ningofMay. pcntD. 

when all things 12 9nD tljc mine teas tjpon tlje eartlj 
did moft fioriih. fo;tu DiyeB anD fo;tr!c ntgl-ts. 
c B.Khthewa- 1? "Jin tijz fclfc i>.me D^iy enfrcD jQoal) 
lersin the earth "toitb '^htm , anD t^am atiD 3iap!)£tt), tl)e 
dido(ieiflow,ami fonncs of jitioai), nn5 jBoalisKitfc, anD tlje 
alfo The clouds tljiiec toiues ofljislonnesUJitt) tljcm into tbe 
povvted dorvne. ^rltC. 

14 "EbcvanD cncrpbcart after luokinDc, 

anD ?U ccttcll after tfteir ktnD,^; eucrp tl)ins 

•* tlyy.t crccj-etj) anD moiiubbpon t\it eartljaf' 

» EuervHuing rertit3biiiD, anD cnrrvfoRle after IjisliinD, 

tSing that Cod euencucry>ttrD of ciKiy fe.i.tber. 

would haue to i^ Jfo? rl)cv caine to /f^oal) into tl)e i3rl?e, 

bep-crerncdon fttO and ttUO, fof all fljl't) UjljCttm IS tl)t 
*artb,camr into l>:atl) of Ufc. 

the Aiketo 16 3nD the? entring in , came maTe anD 

Hoah. f jiiiale of all Geiljj.aj? OouliaD comiHAiuiD JD 

i^ini! anD (he tois s p Rjntbini in. p so that Gods 

17 '3Il^entl)ceo3D toas fo;tieDafC5l?p« fccrct power de- 
on tiie eartI),anD tl)c ujatcrs acre inrrr:.rca, fended hima- 
anc b:.rc up iije JtrKc, U)l)icl) luaa lift up a* galnd the rage 

boae tl)C cart!). „ ofthemighcie 

18 ^ije U)>'iters alfo toaiccD rci:ong,anD waters. 
tucrcincrcarcD cjccetinislv upontlieeatti). \',o-/,/htaitvfo>t 
anD ti)e arUe^oJcr.t upon tlie UJatcrs. /•«». 

ig S-tjelaaterstpnuaiUDfoejccfeDinglp ^Ebr.waxeive' 
Upon tlje eartl), tljat all tijc l)ie nioun:aines, 7 imgbtu. 
tljatareunDcrtljc tofjclc l)eauen,to£reco« 

20 jFifteene aibitcs uptoarD DiD tbe toa-- 
ters pienailctaljen tt)e inountatues \uere co= 

2 1 ♦ i;i)cn all flf ilj periffjce tijat niocueB f^^'A ' 0-4- 
upon tlie cart^ , batl) foulc anD cattell, anD eccim.} $.27^ 
bealt, anD euerp tinno; rl>at creepetl) $ moo* 38. 
uttl)i;pon tl)e eart;),aiiii cnerv n-ir.n. 

22 (it'nerptbnig tnra!;orc nortrtls tl)e fpi' 
fit of life Did b^eat;)^ lutjatraener tljepuscrs 

2J ^a ''bee DcttroveD iimv tbingr^at nTnatii.God. 
teas Upentbc eartl), froinmante'jeatl,to 
tl)e creeping tljing, anD to tljefoule of tl)C 
l)eaucn: tl)ev Uieif euenDellrejeDfromtbe > Leamewhattt 
eartl). SnD fionii ontl^ * rcmatneD,aua tyep is to obey Cid 
tfeat toerc tottl) Ijini in tlje arUe. oneiy,and t© fcr- 

2+ 9nD tljc waters pjenailcD Upon tjjc Tike the rruiti- 
wrtl)auljunD,ictt)anDfiftte^Dat>es. tude, i Pet.j.20 

C HAP. V 1 1 1. 

I J Th? flood cea(l'th. i6 J^o^j is c«m»i.tnded 
to come firth of the ^4rl{evnth his. 20 Heficrt- 
ficeth t9 the Lord. 2X God promt feth that all 
thuJgs /hall continue t-n thctr firji ord r. 

N©Uj ©od * rememb?£D iSoalj anD i>eHc» a Not that God 

rj) beaft, anD all tl)e cattell tljat tuas forgetteifchisat 

\uitbl)iminthE arke: tljerefo^eCoDmaDe anytime,but 

aiJuinDetopaireupontl)eeartlj,anDt^eU)a' whenhcfendeth 

ter0 CeafeD. (uccour,tben he 

2 '(El)e fcuntaincs alfo of t^c Dee pe, anD fheweth y he re- 
tljeUoinDotoesofbeanentDereltoppeD, anD membreth them. 
tljccatne fromljeaneniuaBreftrameD. bifcodremem- 

3 SlnD tl)e teatersrctnrncDfromaboue bet euay bvuite 
ti)e eartl), going anD returnmg; anD after beaft,what ought 
tl)e cnD of t5)C IjUnD^etl) anD fiftieth Dajj. tljC w bee y afiuraucc 
toaters abates. of his children? 

4 anD in tl)e ' feiie ntl) moncti), in t!)e c vviiich contci- 
TcnenfeeKtl) Dap oftI)c monetl),tl)e 3rke|i re* n«'J pa" of sep- 
KeD upon tl)e nwtmtaints of ii Ararat. tembe: and part 

% Sno t!)e toatcrs toere going anDDe* orooobcr. 
crcaHng Untill tlie J tentl) monetb: in ttc \'Or.fta^ed. 
tcntl) mone tl), anD in tl)f firll Davoftbe mo= lOr^^rmema.. 
nttl) were ti)e tops of tl)c moHntaincs feme, d vvtiich was 

6 C'^o + alter fo;ttic Daves, /)5oaljopC' themon-thof 
ncDtbcteinDoteoft^ea[rl:e> teJljic^ Ijce JjaS rxcemher. 

mate, XEbr.attheenie 

7 3nD fiJit fo;tl) a t rancn, te^iicl; toent offim^w dayei. 
ont going foo^tb anD rcturmng, untiUtljc iThcrau'.nis 
Icaters lucre D^ieD up upon tbe cartb. font forth and 

8 StfVainefcc(cntatDoucfroml)im,tl)at rccumah. 
ftemtDihtfce ifti)e teattrstoereDmiintiljcD tHcftndabtlie 
fromD{fti)Cfarti). douc, 

1i3!icr;ieDoncfonnDnore{{fO|itl)efole c itisiikethat 
of !)fr foot: tberefo^e iVeereturncD unto l3im the raucn did fik ■ 

ir.tOtljCcUke (fo^tl)2teatergwere\jpontl)C to and fro, re- 

U;l;cle cirtij) anD bcc'piitfoo^tbliisbanD ft^'ngonthc 
anD rrccitict; Ijer, anDtookeljcrtoljimtnto Atkc,hut came 

rbf3rkC. notintoit asthe 

ID SiiD l)c aboDc v'Ctotftcr rcuenDa))C0,aj;D douc that was 
again Ije !nu fc^tlj ti^c Done outof tbc Stke. tabcn in. 

Noah gocth out of the Arkc. 

II ann tl)e Done came to ^tm(ntl}ctue' 

fiO/, htU. lUrtff, aiiO loe , in \)tt \\ tvctitij ivas m f oUue 

f Which \«a$a XzsXt tt}atftcc !jaD pluiht: b3bcrcbi>0oai) 

fi^nc.thatthe kufto tljat t^cteatjcs ucceabatcD tcDm cff 

waters were ttecattl). 

nuchdimiriai- i2 ^ptttnttUanQiHg ^e IwAifeB v^t otijrc 

ed : for the oiiacs ffuenOavee, nnDiintioifij tl}c3oii€, teOici) 

grownocon the retun«linotasati!2bMio!)ini anymore. 

h!c mounta nes. I? C3lni3inr{)crtjcl')unCi2il)annoite vere, 

gCalicdinE- iiu!5cficU:a-.v Of tl)ce ftrS mciirtft , fOetoa* 

brew Abib con- tctsiaecc Ciies L*p fcoin off tt'c carfl) : ano 

temingi)arco{ ilioai) rjmoueti tuK couei:in«Dffl)e3rkaiiiD 

March and part looucu , anQ beliOlUc, ttiC))iJpci; partof i;l}« 

of April. groanDteasD;ie. 

h Noah dech- 14 3nD t« ti)e ferotiB ttionctl) , Iti t!)c fe» 

retb hii obedi- ucn aiiD tijeeiUtf tlj Cap Of ii;t nio;5£Cb , laas 

cnce,inch,ithe tl}efflrrl)D^tC. 

would not de- i^ C ^^ijn: igoti fpafec to li^oal;, faptng, 

parC'OUt ofths i6 i>5c! fo.:ttj of rl)£ arSc,tt!Oi'. J rl)?tEtfc, 

Arke without (J tfcp foniics ar.B tt)T> Tons U;tHce Uof r i) tijec. 

Gods f xpien'e 17 "iSjiiij foul) lottl) tl)re cf.cirv bcaft tbat 

comniandemenr, (3 ffitt!) tl)f E,Ot all tlcftl , t oth fcillc ? CatttU, 

as hedid not en- anO CIICCV tljUIg tl^at CCCtpctl) Stili iKOOUet^ 

terin vvirbout ttpon t^c CvtVtl;, tl}at t^cjJSKavbzecGc ntiun' 

thefjmc : the CaiitJv in tljt cartb» * aiJO L?ing foo^tlj fcuit 

Aike being a fi- fliiD iticrcafe i3pon tijecactij. 

gure of the 18 ^0 09?^^ csmc fo;irl).$ Ms foittus.anD 

Church .wherein IjlS U)lfe,anD IjlS foilllCS U-lUtS tUttl) l)tin. 

nothing moR be 19 ^''ii«vUfaa,cuccy ctcrptngt5nug,at:0 

dune without the cucrpfcule, ail tl}at nioiiert)]:3pontljceat:c^ 

wordof God, attcc tl)£U btnDee,tDcntoiitof tjjearke, 

20 C'^Lljcn l^oal) 'bmltan altai to t^c 

Ghip.ix, . The couenaiitaiidraineb' 

4 *^u5t;tficn)totl)vlif«t^eroF,Imeane, Lt 

tout) tl)eblool5tl;ei-M»f,il)anve not eate. d" 

^ «jFo^fur£lpi!teill require vourblooB, ere 

1i.l):ccin pour lilies are: artljc IjanUofciierp fli^ 

DearttaiUJrrquireJt; an&at t^el)c.R5cof tha. 

matt , tuen at \\)z IsanDc of ainansli b/iot^jcc led ; 

liill i require tgtlue of man. elcrt 

6 CiUijiJ fo * fiicUtcil) nuns b'coU, f bp biddt 
manfliall'otsbleotibeaita: *fo^inrlje sj* e Th; 
mage of <5oB Ijatlj be iksijc man. take vt 

7 "BtubMnEVEfoubfrtiiiantinitiUiplpr forycu 
gvotoepkmtfnltptntbtcanij, anotncreafe \Or,K, 
tljcrctn. Matt z 

8 C ©3ti fpafec alfo to BoiX^ ano t3 l)i3 ««?/. i i 
fc:i«csli;|tbl)tii:, raving, f Not on 

9 BeiiDtt, 3ii,ru>n3l rlfabliRi mp ^ foiie> the Magif 
nr.nt toicl) von- ijiattlj pour ' feeD afterpoa, boe ofttimt 

10 anO vutii; tuetpUuing creature tbat OoJraifeth 

13 ictt!} potl,1SJiri) tl)e foule , toltlj t^C tmilU one nnutheriS 

aiDtcttt) cuap beatiof tijccartjjtoir&rou to kiJi anochei 
frosnalicbatgoeout ofttcar&e.tonto'fiie. chap.i.iy. ^ 

rv bc.lft of ti;s eart!;. g Therefbrct 

11 * anD i!:p coucnant toill 31 cflablifi) kii! n-.^n is toi 
tetriivotKtbsitrroniljencefooitljallflcfljJljal TsceGods im^ 
not be tootco ontbv ttjetnattrs of tbc Hooo, and Co iniuriei 
ndtI)cr(l)aU tl)er£b*ea fiooDtoDearoi'fljc notoneiydon^ 

esrtbanpniC^e. toman,bata!faj 

12 '£licn(5olJfaia,'El)i9is tijetoltenof to God, 
tfecfoucnant tut^icb 31 tnafec betiuctne wee h Toaflure yc 
anc vou, f betttjecnc cacrp iuiing tljing t^at that the world 
istoifl)roauntopcrpetualtgcn£ratton0. fliall benomor 

. , 15 3! banc let my'' botointyeclouD, ana <Jfflrc)ycd by a 

JLo;D,anDtock£ofeuery cleanefaeaft,anli of itfljall beefoz a figne of t^t couenant 6e» flood, 
euerp clcane foule , anD offeteD burnt offC' ttnecne me ano t{)t cartlj. « The chiidr.-o 

rmg0 upon tbe altar. 14 9nD tol;cn 'SI ii;aU concr t^e eartlj which are not 

21 auD tbe Lo;in fmcU£aall''fauoutof tctty a cloiiDjanotljebotoJljalbereene in ttie yetbcme.arc 
reit, anD tbc Lo;tt) (apD in \)i5 teart , 31 U^tU clotis, comprehended 

i^ "Eftcn toil 31 remtmbrr my 'coaenant» in Godjcoue- 
to!)iclj t6 bctto£cne niec antjpon, anDbC' nantnadewich 
tUJeenecucrpUuuigt^iug inallfieflj, ano their fathen. 
tftere fl;all bee nomoitctoatersofaflooDto //2tj4-9. 
DellropallfleS). k Hereby we fee 

16 "Cberefo^e t^e bo\we Riall bee in tl)e thatfigncs or fa- 
cloulit^at3Imavreelt, anD remember t^e mmcntsought 
cuerlaUing coiien?.nt bctDJccne ©od , anD not to he repar* 
cucrp liiuiig tljmg in all fleO; r^at ts t>uon ted from the 

tiit Cattlj. word. 

17 ©08 fapD pet to f5oal;, -" "Ebia ij! tlje r<:f/w.4j.ii,T- 
figneoftbccctstnant, tul)ifb3!feaHeeRabti» l vvbenmen 
flieDfaettoeenemcanDall fle^tijatis upon fnaHfcemyboy. 

Ijencetoojtl} ciirfe tlje gtounD no mo;te fo^ 
mans canfe; fc;! tbc imagination of mans 
* bcart iscuill, fuen from his pout'g : neither 
luill 3i Cnute any mo^e all tljiugs liuing,a? 31 
Ijaue Done. 

22 t;£i eaftet i fccD time anD baraeft,anD 
coiD a«u iicat,anD fummcranD tointcr,anD 
Dap ano nicvlit P.^-all not ceafe, fo long as t^c 
eartt) rematitttli. 


and 9. 1 . 

i For facrifices, 

which were as an 

cxercife of theit 

fifth, whereby 

liiey vfed to glue 

thaiikes to C>c>d 


IJOr, tifweete 


k T.^at^s, therby 

hcfheweth him- 


and his anger to 


Chap.^^MMtb. 1^.19. I The orda of nature deftroycd by the 

flood js lefiored by Oods promitc, 

C H A P. IX. 

I Theconfim^ationofmiiruige. i .Mansdu- 

thontie liuer ellcreatwes. j Ternufjitnaf meats, 

6 Thefiiweroftbefivcrd. 14 The rainebow u 

I the/i_i»epf6odsprcmife. 21 ^cahu dru>il{e» 

and W9f i(«(i ofiufinnt , ivhoru he curfeth 29 

a Godincreafed Ti;ea^e and death of Noah. 

them with fruir, A ^^ <S>0^ * blcKcTS 0VZl) RttD lliS fcnnCS, 

& declared vnto ii auD favD f tijem , * IS^iug foa^tlj fruit, 
themhiscoun- anDnuiltt;lic,r.nD rcplenirt) tbe eartti. 
feiiastouchins 2 fiUo tbe^fcareofyou,* tlieDiieaDofpcu 
the«pieni(hing fijail bc tjpon CHtrv bcaft of tbe cartl),ijiipon 
of the earth. eiicrvfouleof tljc^Muen, Upon all tbatiMO* 
chap.i.z%,ani uctb OH tfcceartl) , anDUponalltljefifijesof 
8.17. tlje Tea ; into pour banD are tbepDeimrrea. 

b By the wi tuc ? (Cuerp < tl)ing tliat mcHCtl) anD liuetb, 
oftbiscomotan- fljall bc meate fo; pou : as tlje * greene ^crbe, 
dement beads ^aue 3! giucn pou all tljtngs. 
rage tjot fo much 

againft man ai they would, yea, and m^nyferue to bis vfctherehy. 
i c By this perniiffion mnn n^ay with a good coaTcicncc vfc the (rea> 
\ tiircs of 0«d for his HeceOTitte. C^af'i •»?• 

in the heaHen, 

18 C0oto tljefonncs of ^oalj going rhevihaiikno>T 
fooiti) of tbe 9rfte, teere <S)l^em anDt?am that ihau: not 
anD 31apl)ett). anD l{?am is tl;e fatber of £a« forgotten mv 

Baat^ coucnant v/itb 

19 '(Ebeftaret^e tlj?eefonne3oFr5aal). them. 

$of tf)em toas tbe » ts^olc cartb ouerfp.zeaD, m Ooddoetfi 

20 liBealjal'o began cobeeaHbalbanD- tepesre this the 
man,anD plaiucD a umcparD. oftcMo con. 

21 anDljeeD^unt^ccftbeteinc, anD teas firme Noahs 
o D?unUcn,ano was i^nconercD in tljj mios Ejith fo much 
of bis tent. 

22 anD \sA)tn Ipant tlie fatljcr PofCa* 
iiaanfaluetbc naUeDneEe of bis fatbcr, s^e 
tDlD bis ttuo b;ctl);en Uiitbont. 

25 "Ebcn tool?e<S!l)tro ft'ilapljet5agar= 


n This declareib 
^^hat was the 
venue of Gods 
he (jid.lncreafc 

and bring forth, Cliap, I, J 8. \\Or,Netth began agaifre. o Thisi* 
fctbtforeouv eyes to ftiewe what an horrible thing drunkennefle is;' 
p Of whom came the Canasnites , that wicked nation, who wert 

alio curfcd of God. q 

In derifion and coo empt of hit father. 

~ 4 m?nt, 



Mans prerumption. 

fi returnc. 

<[^e Gentiles 
ni came of 

meut, antiput tt tponSotft tl)etc(!]onlt!cr0, 

lies of tl)eic tatl)cc iln tl)£tc faces»tatuU ; 
lb ti)cp falu not tljfic fatbtcs nakeUucffe. 

24 W^jiw jRJoal) atwoUe (foni 1310 ajrnc, 
ano knetti ttljar Ijis voiigcr Couhc Ijas Done 

i*? auDfavD, ' ©iirfeD bcc Canaan; a 
(oi '■ fccuant of lentant^e fijal 06 te i)nto Ijig hii- 
spo* tlj^en. 

c ac- 26- !i?e fain moiicouscTiJlcJrcB be tbe LoiU 

27 ©oDiltpcrfaaaDcSapljttt.tljatijeniap 
B^cll in tlje tents of ^b£ni>aHD Ut Canaan 

28 Cana 0oal) liutU after tijc fiooD tl};tc 
IjnnS^ictl) anfi tiftic yeecEs. 

29 "^oallibe Daves of jf2oai&toere nine 
^unD;tetl) anD 6fti£ v5ete3>anD \)i DieD. 




t^t 5 anB aftcttoatD tocre t%z fair.UieiS of t^jc 
^auaanites rp;tcaD ab^oaD. 

10 IStjcntije bofDcr of tijc Canaanitca 
teas from 5ii:'on, as tljoii coninielt to ©crac 
Dnfo 35jsl;,anD g-; tl)Oti goeft unto <Siofloui 
aiiD<eoiUOiral)» anDasuial), anD3cbotm, 

20 'iLljefc acet'jcfons of i^am acco;iDtn3 
io tljcic tamiUes, acco^citig to ttz-x tongues 
in t\]ixt countrtpy w\ in ttictr nations. 

21 ^avito «<©l)emaUotl)etatl)ecofaa » Intusftocke 
t"i)e,ionucsot''(EUjei-, ana(iciDer lj;EOt^£Cof tnechurchwas 
5at;ljcto lucre cl)ilD;en bo^ne. prcfcrued : thtie. 

■ 22 'viliE Tonnes of^tjnn were ®lam,anD foreMof«lca. 

afiljiir, anD at:pacljn;aD,$ i-nD, anD acam. ""f^ o^ (peiking 

23 anDrljei"unn£sofaj;am,{Li5,anoiM ^''^^^phcthand 

anD €)ft!)rr,?itlD g^afl). Ham,and iiutca- 

, 24 aubarpacl)fi)aDb£gate'S)|)£laI),ano t«hofshem 

^l)elaljbigateiii;b£r. more at large. .^ 

1% (IJ!ito<?Ebcralfo&crcbo;tnet*a!oroas: ^ otwhoire 

%etb,andvvercfeparatedfromtheChurdi,flx)u!dbeioynedtothe tljenauig of tlje one was Pelcg: fO^UlblS "me the Ebrcws 

a inefe generati- 
ons are here re- 
/cited, partly to 
, declare the mar- 
\ ueilotuincrcafe 

c by the perfwafion of Gods Spirit and pr t aching of the Gcfpel. 
C H A P. X. 

1 Tbe increafe of mankind by Noah (^ ha fans, 
10 Tbe beginning efctticSyCountrcj'S if nations, 

NaDtoetbefc aretbe 'geaetatusng oft!)e 
fonncsof il^oalj, «^licm, l^ain, anD 31a- 
pbetl): bntottljom tonnes mete bo^n: after 
tbe flooD. 

2 tiljc fonnE3 of Jap^etb were(0omer, 
in fo fmaii a time, anD ^agog,anD " C^asai, anD 3!aiian,anQ 

nd alfo rofec 'Eubal,anDSgefljeclj,anD Ctcas. 
_«rth their great g SuD tbcfonnesofCDomei, a(l)f?etiaj, 
forgetfuincucof anDlRtpl3atb,anb Eogaimal). 
1 Gods, graces CO- 4 atfo tljc fonnes Dt JiauaH,€U(t!alj,anD 
/ward their fa- '5[:aciljiff),Kitttin,anDDoDanun. 
5 thers. f 9Df tbefe lyece tl)C ' Jiles of tljt <9en» 

■ b ofMadaiand ttlcsDiuiDeDinti)ctclanDs,ciicr?manaftec 
lauan came the Ijis tongiie, and aftct t^cit families in tljtiv 

6 C ^o^eouec tlje fonncs of J^atn were 
«< Cuni.anDiT^tjraim, anD put,j«iianaan. 

7 9nD t^e tonnes of Caili , <^Eba, anD 
!^anilab,anD ^abtal;, anD Raaniab, ana 
•©abtcclja: alfo tl)c fonncs of Eaania^ were 

8 anD(!Lufi)bcgatiI5imroD,U)bo began 
to be « mtgtitv m tbe cattl). 

t)tt bjas a mighty banter before tlje 
Ho^D; mbcrcfoic it is fapD. f as jiBtnucB tbe 
tntgljtp banter before tbe fl-o^a. 

10 anD tbe beginning of bisKingbome 
lijas "Bfibel, anD (i£recb> anD accau,* (Cat* 
luh in tljc.lanD s of <S>buiar. 

11 2D lit oftbatlmD cc;!ncanTnir,5bt]ilDelj 
jratneueb,* rbc I citvKeljobotb.anD Ciolab : 

12 SefenalfobettDCcne jfjineueb, (J i2ta» 

13 an'o iT9t5rain4 bcg<it •> E,«Dini, anO a» 
nai«im,anD leljafaini, anD ji^ipbn'.binr, 

14 Patlwulim alfo, anD (.itaflnbim, out 
oftobom canic tbe pijUiftiins, anD It Capb* 

both of Go«l fend tOiHinS. 

man : for he paf- I? caifo (E.anaan btgate ?t5on bis firft 
bo;nc,anD l)ttl}, 

16 anD Jlcbiin,nnD <JEnio;i\0f©irsaa)i, 

17 anD iipiiu,anD SrUi anD ^int, 

18 ana anwDi, anc Jemart^tio l^ama* 

Mcdes and 

' Greekcs. 
c Thelewesfo 

- cali all counrrcys 
which are fepa- 
.rated from them 

> by Grccia, 
Italy,&c which 

, were j^iucn to 
the children of 
laphcth, of 
whom came tbe 
d OfCufliand 
Mizraim came 

'^; the Ethiopians 

V and Egyptians, 
e Meaning a 
and tyrant. 
J Hij tyranny 

fed not to con- 
mit cruelty eucn 
j; ForthfjTewas 
\nother citic fn 
Egvpt caliei) alfoEabcI. \Or,thefirc<ts of the cine. 
thcLydians, \^dt\tbe Capfadoctam. 

fa OfLudcame 

Dayes bias ti)e eartl)' DiuioeD : anDbi3 biio= •"^ ^^'^^* 
tljersnaiiiewasjjDhtan. i.c/;/9«.i..i7. 

26 'EbenlfOiit.^nbegateaimobaD, anD ' Thisdmifion 
^belePb>anD ii;a?aitnai!Efb,anD3lcrab, "•''- ^f '*'^ '^'- 

27 a-i'Dl^iijo^am, anD^5al,$Dit^!ab, ""''"«°f'^"- ■ 

28 ana lii;ba(,anD abunacl,ana ^beba, g"^Sfs- as appea-, 
2g ana i!iJpi)tr,9tt2amlab,anD 33obab: reth.Chap.n 9. j 

ali tbtfc weie tbe lomics of Jolttan. 

50 auD tbeir Duiellmg teas from $0e» 
fija, 35 tboH goeilbiito "Siepbar aniountof 

51 Cbefcart tbefonmsof <®tbemacco;i» 
Ding to tbetr fainites, acco^bing to tOeir 
tongucSjtii tbrtr tonuticins ano nations. 

g2 'Ebefearetbefainiljrsoftbcronnfsof 
0Dabj after tljctr gcnerationst aniongtbttr 
people: anD lloutoftbeletetretbe nations \\Ouof*hefe came 
DtuibeDtntbeeartb after tbe flooli« ditteu natiom. 

6 The bmlitng ofBabel was thecaufe of the 

confufion oftougues, I o The age and gene) ation 
ofSbi m -vnto ^brnm. j t ^brams depanurtfio 
VfWiihljif father Terab^SarM^and Let, jiTbe 
age and death ofTcrab. 

♦^-t^cntbetefjole cartb tea? of one *lan» 
1 guagCjanaoncfpcacb. 

2 anO » as b tbcj> teent from tbe ' QJaff, an hundr^th and'i 

tbc^ founD a plaine in tbe lana of d-^binar, thirtie after th« -ft 

ana tbere tbev aboDc. flood. 

? anatbepfava oneto anotbfr,Conie, b Towir.Nim. 

let bs make bzicke, ana bume it in tbe fire, rod and bis com. 

<S»o tbe? baa biicUc foi (tone, ana flimebaD p^ny. 

tbcy'inftcaaoflHO^er. c Thatis.from 

4 aifotbeyfaya, ©OetO, letbSt'builD Armenia,whfrc 
tiSatitleanaatOteer, tebofe top may reach thcArkeftayea,6 

bnto tbe beanen, tbat toec may get bs a '> which was af- 
nanie, leatlteeebercattereabpontbetebole terward called 

cartb. Caldea. 

5 ISat tbe Ho^D ' came Botene,to fee tbe e They were mo*» 
'"citieano toteer, tebicb tbe fonncs of men »ed witu pride ;> 

bUllDCD. and ambition, 

6 anbtbcLozaCiiyD, e10ebOla,tbEpCO' thmkingtopre- 

pleiscne, anctljey all bane one largnage, ferrethcitowne 
ana tbtstbey begin to Doe, ncitljercantbey gioiytoGodj 
wotebeilotptD from tel^atfocuertljcy bane hononr, 

ln;agUU'atoaoe.:A:..v(<J.*." ;ti/;i:i ..-'■ » f Meaning^that 

he declared by 
effeft ihatlic kncwtheifwkicfd ientCTprife ! hx Gods power is enety 
wiicrc,snddothnciiher3((:endnordefcend. g God fpcakeih thil- 
indetifion,bccaiirc ofihcir foolifhpeifwafionandcntetprift. ■ • 

7 ^m 




Confijfion oftongues. 





FaC; tl)c Lo^B IjaU Ci\io biito iab^im,-'5©et ^^cis - 
t ' ' ' ' 

h He fpeakcth 
at though hee 
with his owne 
wifettome and 
power, to wit, 
wi:h the Sonne, 
and buly Glioflj 
figmfyinj^ the 
gtfatnede snd 
i Bythkgieat 
pligueol tncco- 
fufion oftongues 
appeareh Go Js 
horrible judge- 
ment aj^ainft 
roans pride and 
vaine glory. 
I, piron, I. jj. 
k Hereturneth 
to the genealogie llCgate ©bef. 

ofshcm,tocon)e 15 <S>0'S'&eIa!)Uuc9, afteY ijcbEffatc® 

ber,foiiteljtinB?tQaiiD ti);iE? ptercs, anO be 

gat? fonnc3 antJ l!augi)tcrs. 
16 iLifeet3ife<£bEriii!Ctifoiirc anstljirfp fiai?crt^attl)Eppofl£ir(0, ftijed routes tijat fing w 
cre3,ar3bisn.tei3cie2. tlKPljaDgottciun Iparan, ano tbcvBcpar* theylo 

7 (Come on,'- let Ms stz Dolune, f ' tl)ctc f Oe lano of CawaaH, ant tlje? came to 
confeuno tl)cir It^njuagE, tljat ciittp one ran.anD53toclttljCfe. 
yerceiucnoranot'otcsfpeaci). 32 •©otlieoatcsof'EerflljtotrettJo^tm' 

8 ^0 tl)c LoiD fcatretED tftem fro tijcncc 5;etb a»D fiuc ^itvcs , anD l^ctalb 2if D in 
tiponrau^ccacry, aiiDtijtvkfro&to builO l?aran. 

tljetitie. CHAP. XII. 

'^\iiUf0lt t\)e name of it teas CalleO » ^bram l>y Gods commaud.ment goeth ta C»- 

IITUabdibf cauft tl;e lLo?o Din tijcra csnfc-nnQ «<«''»• 3 r^''/^ « promifd. 7 ^«r5 buiUeth altars 

tbe 'angti^tSB of atttbe cart!): fromtijenCC firtbe exemf- (ir- decUram ofhufinbamigthe 

fljCII fiia (i)e LO^a fcarteC tl;em Vpon ail ti)e tnfdeh. loBtcaufe of the dearth hegoeth into E- 

Carti^. yj/pt- l^Vharaohtak.cthhisn'tfi^andiipunijhtd. 

10 C •"Eijcfe are tlje generations ''Of - - - - 
^fcem: ^ftem was an ijunuico pere D[D,ana 
brgat ^tpacIiltisD tU3o petes after tlje flooO. 

n StitJ <^l}g}r. Uuffl , after Ije begat gr' 
paclia^ai!, tinEljU!it!?£ti peere?, anlDbegate 
tonnes anD Oaug'nters. 

to the hiftory of 


thetThurcb of 


which is Mofes 




ie/hi^i.- ' 
1 Hee maketh 
mention firft of 
Abram,not be- 
caufehe wasthe 
firft bo rne,buc 
for the hiflory, 
which properly 
apperraitieth vn- 
to him. For by 
place vvith vetfe 
verf.4 it may be 
gathered that A- 

tljce ont oftljv cotmtrep, anD from tbv a Fron. 
hinre5,sn^ from tl)v fatl)et3 t)eafeDnto''t9C to this t: 
lanD tijat J tsiii sltic tljec, fourc tui 

2 ana31tDilimak£of t^ceagrcatnati* twentyar. 
on,anD teiU blcITe tl}ee, ant) make ti)y name yeeres. 
12 aUoarpacljfi-aDltucaSueanatljtctp great,anntt;oultjaltbea'blc(ring. b in appd,> 

?eerc.s,aniJbcgarc^ljel3l), 5 31 toiU alfo bleifc t^em tljat blelfe tfite, bimnocerci. 

I? anO arparl){l;aT)Iii!c5 after tie btgate anOciirferlKmt^at ciirfe rl)ee , anD tntljee piace^heprdj 
^ijtlaijjfotircljtiiKjcB anD t!veepeere3,anD l^alUll families of tlje eartijbc bleifcD. fomuchmorf 
bcjjateroniiesanDDaiij^ters. 4 <S>ogb^an;DeparteD,fiicnastl}eJLo,jD hisfaithandt 

14 9nD <S)^ciafe UiieD tljirtppeerejt.ana fp'^euiuo Ijim, anD Lot iuentteitlj feim, hedience, 

(3nD i^b^am teas fenentp anD Sue vere olD, c The world f 
tofjen beDeparteDoutof i?aran.) recouerby thy 

S ^^en ab^am fookc ^arai tistoife, feedc, which is 
anD Lotfjts b^otljcrs fonne,anD al tljeirfub' chrifi,thebleC- 
" ' ' bich 

pecres.arBUisn.teyeies. njcpnaDgottciun yaran, ana ttjcpBepar* theyloiiin 

17 <®0<<rber!tii2C,afterl5ei)egatc^eIea:, tea, to goe to tt)eIanDofC5naan:anDto Adam. 
fourcl)imD2cD anD tyutiepeeresf, anD begat tljclanD of Canaan tfecpcame. d Meaning as 

fonnes anDDaijgljterst. 

18 3wD Peles li«eD t^irtp pcrc0,anB fte^ 
gate Ren. 

1 *3nD 13e!f g ItiKD after I3 e b egat Rcii, 
fwo l}miD2etl) anD nine peeres, anobegAte 

6 CSoab^nn'paflcD tl70llg!)tbelanD well feiuamsas 
iJHto tl}e place of <^'^eci3em, auDijntottie cattell. 
rplatneofS^o;ifl) (anDtije ' (Jianaantte was e He wandrc. 

t5en in t^elatlD) toandfrointhi 

7 9«D tl)e ILoiD appeareD tjnto gbzam, land before he 
$rapD,antotljvfeeDeU3iU31gmttI)(!Sl3nD. could find a fet- 

20 aifoRcu UueDiteoanOt^irtiepeirc;?, Sn'c tl)crc l)ee litiilDeD an g altar unto tlje li^g place : thus 

anD bCgate <©cr«g. lOiD^UiilicbappfatcDTontoMm. God exercifcth 

21 ■SioReulitieDaftcrbcbegate^Jcrug, 8 aftccfearDreniooimig''ti,fnccl)nfoa thcf.ithofhis 
ttDo IjtmDzetl) anD fenen peeres , anD begars moiintainc vif aftiuacD frem I5etl)-el, lie ptt» chiidretu 
fonncs anD Dausl)ters. c^cD tts tent b.-aur.g ISetb- tl on tl3e fiCu-ft lOr.okie groue. 

22 ^o;tcoiier ^eruglmeDtljtrtppecrejf, riDe,f ijaai en tl)e<Sa(t: anD tticreljc built t which *v3sa 
anD begate ji^afeo;. an ' altar i;nto the Hofli , anD catUD on tl;e cmcii audrcbei- 

25 anD <S'crugliueD,aftcrfte begate 03' iI5ameoftlje!LoiD. lious nation, by 

9 ''9g.'tne;^b!am\j3entfo;itl) going anD whom ood kept 
iJrurnepingtoirarD t{)e<^0'.jtl). his in continuall 

10 C-Cben t\)tu cameaif^mfneintlie exercife, 
laiiDjtbertfweaOiiintijeutrotL'tcmto®' g it was note. 
gppt,tofoicurncti)ere; fo^tI}tretta,3agreat nongh for him 
famme in rfee f^nD. to woiaiip God 

11 aaDtefjen be DJetonceret5 enter into in his hearr,buc 

l)Of,t\xo ljimD«tl) pecres, anD begate fonne? 
anD Daughters, 

24 anD |i5al)0^ luieD nine anD tioentte 
peeres(,anD begate "SLerafj. 

25 ^oji5abo;iluieD after tc begate Kz- 
ra5,an bimD^ttl) anD nineteene peereg , anD 
begate fonncs anD DauglKcrs. 

26 *©o'Eeral} liueD fcnentp pert?, ana ©gvprbcefarD to '§>.'' cat fjictoif:, BcljolD icwascxpec'ient 

bramwas borne, begate ab2amji3al)o;f,anDl5aran 

when his fatbe 
was I JO. yctres 

m SomethiBke 
was Sarai. 
n Albfittheo- 
racleof God 
can-eto Ahram, 
yet the honour 
is giuen to Tc- 
was the father. 

ofh. 14 1 nehi. 
7 iudeth.yj, 

^1 7.4. 

nnnj,3i unoto tljattljeu art a fatre ujcman to declare by 

27 € jigoto tl^efe are tlje generation? of to loctie ijpon : outward profeC- 
"Eerab : 'Eera^ begate ' abia:-n,j!5a^o;,anD 12 "^Ijerefo^e it totll come to patfc , tftat fion his faith bc- 
i^aran : anD l?aran begate {Lot. to!)en t5)c ^gvptsana fee tijee, tijcp ^ill fep, fore men, where- 

28 'Etien l?aran DicD bcfoie 'S^crab Ijis "^fecstsfuetorc: tbtoiUtyeyUiUmcejUiit of thi» altar was 
fatl3ertntt)elanDoflji9natiiiitie, inCirof tljcpiatUtietpctiieeaUiic. afigne. 
1:tbe(i!i;alDees. IS 'S>ap,31pitaptftce,tJ;att|ouartmp'nIl-- h Becaufe ofthe 

29 <S)£ab;!am anD 0al)o.i toofte tfiem troubles that he 

hadamongthnt wicked people, i And fo feru'd the true God,and 
renout^C'd !1 idolatry, k Thus the children of God may looke 
fornorcf: inihiiwoild, but nr.tift waite/orthe heauenly reft and qui- 
em^flV. 1 This was anew tri:ili of ALrams faith; whereby wee fee 

50 13Ut^arattua£!batrE!i &^aDnOCljilD. th.ittheendec>fone afflifti nisihe beginning of another, m By 

51 '5Ll3en» 'S^cratl tOOke ab^am IjlS Cbnne, thl; may lea'ntnct to vfe vnlawfuU mesnes, nor to put others in 
anD Lot tl)C fonne of l^ar.'tn, ^9 fonnea dcTigertoCueourfdues, leaJe vorfezo albeit icm^yappeare that 
fomie , anD ®arai Ms Ba;is!)ter tnlato, }?:> A&ra^n leared not fo m^ich death, as that if hee fliould die without if- 
fomieab?amstDtfe: an^ tgjpDcpaiteotO' fue, Gods pro/niftlhculdncthaue taken place: wherein appeared a 

getter from (UtofttjeC^alccWjto* goe into -vyeakefaich. 


totues. 'Efee name of abMm? uife was ^a* 
rai, anD tl3e name of 0al3o;* toifc ^i!fa^, 
tbeD;.U3;!3terof l^aran, ti3k fati;cc of^tl= 
cal),atiD tl3E fati3tr of -^ Sfcal;. 



'!• Lot depart afundcr. 


The Sodomites exceeding finnets. 



•'anger a 
A and 3'. he 
'rcatefull o 
i;,fo di'.( he 

Hfc, tljatSmavfaretoell fonl^vfafte, ana 
tbat mpt Itfe map be picfcrutu bp tbse. 

14 € li^ovnttbenabiam tijasfomeinto 
Cavpt . tl)e®gvptian5 bcljclo tljj tuomaii: 

15 anDrbcpjn:«3cf 13lMtao!3ia^?)er, 
anD coiHJHCtiDcO IjecBntolvJ'oacaol); (oUn 

ivife. ijjoman 11)33 « taken into 1 Jiiaraotja Ijoufc : 

16 tilUjo iutcsateD Sbiam tutU loi Ijec 
fahe, anto dc bat) i])Eepe, anG bfEiic3,ani3 l)cc 
affeg,anlj mni rrriiant3,anD maiD itruaius, 
aiii5 fljcc airc5,atiD casrc's. 

17 'l3iitt!)eLo^3«iJl3gucr!l9tacaol) aru 

ofIoirieii,?tDohc Ijtcietirncpfrotbc (£aft; 
austljejj tQjarti'Dtoc *> one fromr^ifotbcr. h This wadone 
12 Sbiain ciBclIeD in tbc iant!of<ciana» by Gtxis proui- . 
an,ai;Dtotal;oDeir. tl)e cuicsoftljepiaiue, ocnce, tiiatoneiy 

anO ptrcijCC IjiStnit turn to "S-OiJOni. Al.ram and bh 

15 i^oru tt)C nicn of (S'onom were irtciuB rew mii,ht dwell 
ani) c.Ecetoi!:? ' Unv.zts ncjat:Ul tfce LojD. in che land oi 

14 C ^i:-t;cntl;eLo^ardiDLnUO''abiain, Canaan. 

(anc::tijaCLoctDaEQcj}arrcDt"cc{;im) Lift i L.-.tthinli-^? 
up tiiiiic epc=(iiOiu,aua looke from tfee pJacc to^etParadiie^ 
iKljeietijcnart, Bo^tbtuaiD, aiiD tfe'ouclj* found heli. 
iDaiCanu^ait^paiDjaiiQCClcrrluaro. k The Lord co. 

15 f 0; all * £])£ lanS.-JjijiCi) tljOUffCa.toil Ported him, Uft 

^13 tjoiife 'ujitU great plagues, Uecaul'c of 3!Bn:ct):;f3t&cc:,ar.iJtori)pi"ceDto;i£uer 

none Ihould tljp UJap 


18' "^beii IS^arao^ calleu ab:am, am 
fapu , CCllj?l)arc tijouaonc tljuxintomee i 
^^cfcfo^e DtiJiltUounatteUnie, tl^acdjee 
teas ri)v aife f 

10 ^ativ Civntit tl)oi\ y <S>Ijce 13 mv fiacc, 
rfcatj] rt)0!ilo "ta^t ftcc to be mp toifc i Bo\s 
tljercfo^ebiftolDtljviaife, take her anDgoe 

he tiiouJohaue 
taken chough: 
for tne dcpartHre 
ol his nephew, 
^^7,l8.d^ 264 
deut 34.4, 
) Mruning.along 

Airt bim eithcc 
fij his perfon or 

20 gnD i3'oarao5) ganc incti ? comman» 
Bcjr.ciU CDJuenung i^nn ; anD tljey coiutcpcD 
Ijiin fo^ti),auD l;i3 aDifc.anB aii tljac &e IjaD. 

CHAP. Xlll. 

1 ^bram departeth out of Egypt, 4 Hee cat- 
lath vpoH the Nann of tne L^rd. 1 1 Lot depart 
teth fi-om btriU IJ The xeici^ednefje of the Sodo- 
mites. 14 Tkepr<}mtf«maieto ^Abramuretievp' 
ed, 18 ^bram buiidctb an altar t» the 'Lord. 

His greatriches -T-ipen»ab;amtoentbp froiii €gppt,I)ce 
1 auB W toife , auD all tbat ^c ^ao , anQ 
tot toitl; l)tm to^aaro t^e "^otirtj. 

2 anD afaiam wasijeipricy in catteU,ui 

5 :aiiOl)eeujenton ^tsioiiciin' fromtl)? 
He calleth the <S?0!«t!3 totoarJj b ",3cf t;-fl,to tlje place Vuljerc 

eoKen in Hg:ypt, 
hifidccd bini not 
^o follow hisvo 

place by chat 
name which was 
after giuenvnco 

c iThisinconi- 

1)13 tent Ijan been at t^e begmning, between 
l^etli cl,anl} l^aai, 

4 anto tljc place oFtfec * altar, tnljic^ ^e 
ijaO maoe tl)crc at t^efirft: j tljt re abjtam 
calleD on tlje /f^iainc of t^e to^D. 

5 CanB L9t alfo , fcljo toent tuttl) a» 
l)iani,l)alJ n)eepc,anDcattell,anQ tents^ 

6 <©o tbat t^c lanu coulo uot ' beace 

moditie cimeby tl)ein, tl)atrl)ep mig^t Utncll togetljec; In tljeptebtlicD 

tbeii riches, 
which brake 
fiien«!(hip, and as 
icwete the bond 
of nature. 
d Who feeing 
might blafp heme 

tl;eic * fiibllan'ce teias great , To tljat t^tp 
cciilD not D\wcll together. 

7 aifo tbercluas Debate bcttocene t'ge 
iijcn of Lots cattcll. ( anD tl)c <* (Itanaanites 
anD ttje l^e rijjites DtoellcD at tljat ttmc in 

8 <5^gcn fapD gb^im i)nto Lot,tet tljcre 
be no « anfej PW tlJtf • bcttoccne t5;CC ana 

16 anD I OJtll in.ike tiip fecDc, as ttje DuT 
of tlje earfijrfo tijat if a man cm nanibcr t^c 
Daa; of tl)c eactlj, t^cn itjal tljp leeDe be num^ 

17 ar(rc,toalttetl)0?Dto t])C lanD, tn t\)Z 
lenjtl} tl;crc3f, anD b^eaCtU thereof; 'ml 
toill sine it unto tl)ce. 

18 £l5cnab;ainrctB0CHCD 1)13 teat, anD time,and7ii;ihe- 
caHie ann DtocUcD in tlje pJatne of ^"©amrc, of 
UJ'ucl) is in iiebion , ano UutlDcDttjetcan ChrifUs exod. 
altar tnto t^s Lo^D. ii.i4.&ii.^. 

. . . . . deuc. 

fpjntuaily this :s referred to the true children of A(->rarr,,borne accor- 
dinc; to the promifc,and not according to the fle(h,whjcbarc heires of 
the true hndofCsnasn. 

CHAP. X n 1 1. 

11 In the ouerthrow of Sodom Let is ttt^en fri- 
foner. 1 6 ^brdm deliueretli htm. i 8 MeUht- 
fedek, tommith tomeete hiM. 2 J .Abramrrculd 
not be eancbed ly the i{ing of Sodom, 

Ajj^D \\\ t^e Dapes of Smrapbel king of 
» ^i)inar,arioc5 feing " ffillafar, eije* a That is, of Ba- 
Do^laomer hing of ® lam , $ ^iQal king of b)ion : by kjn°$ 

tlje b nations : here meaning 

2 Thcfe men maDCtoartetott^'^era Ring them that were 

of ®oDoin,anI)toitb 'Birnjaking of<5orao» gouemotirsof 
ra^j^binabkingofaDmab, anD "Siljcme* cities, 
berkmgof 5cboiim, anDtljekingof^Sela, b ofapeopic 

tollic^ ts3oac. gathcredotdi- 

5 an tbtfC ' iopnCD iOffetI)CC in tt)Cljale ucrs country es. 

ofll«©tDiiim,tol)icljt3tbe''lalcrca. c Ambitionis 

4 "Elueluc pceres uierc tbev ^i-^\tit to thcchiefccaufc 
CbeDo^laomcc, btitintlje tljirtccnti;. peere ofwarrc* among 


% anD in tljcfoiirtrnitb peer: came (£Ije» > or.rftbe Ubou. 
Doilaomcr, ahD ti)clun5s tljat iucre Xonh red fields 
biin,anlj fmotc tl)c pKepljaims in ail;tctoflj d Calledalfothe 

i'xarna:nT,r.nD tl)e 5iiji!nstnt}an!,aiiDti)e 
(gnitins in || 'g'baticl) Kiitatljauji, 

6 atiD tlje l9o;if es in tl)cirtnoimt*S»ctr, ne«revnto s^ 
bnf t!;e plaint of I3aran , Itljiclj is Iv t^je jom and Con 

dead feSjOr the 

. Go^> and dcftroy me,neitl)erbcttoe£nemincl)etDni£n Jttiinc 
them. ^erDaun: foi toe be b^ettinn. 

c Hceuttcthoff 9 3i3not thetoljolclanUbcfOK tl)cef DC' 
the occafion of part J piav tl}ce from me : if tljou wilt f take 
contcniion : the left b3nD,tljcn toll 31 goe to tlje tigijt : 0? 
therefore the iftljougotocljetig^t ^anDjt^enS toUltake 

euillceafcth. tyclcft. 

f Abram refig- iO ^9 tul)en JLot UftcO Ijp I}i0 VfZS , \)Zt 

neth hisowne f4\u tijat all tlje platne of SoiOcn tuas tea* 
righctobuy tcreD cHrrvVuljcre: (forbcfo^c tl)clLo;Di3e* 
peace. • ftrovrS '^oDom anD £3omo;atj , it was as tljc 

g Wbichwasin figarDenoft^c Lo;o,likctljclanDof€gppt, 
Eden, aa tl;on gocit Dnto 5i3ar) 

II '^ycn ILot cl^ofeunto ^im all tl)epUt)ic 




7 anD tl)cp re tutncD j came to Cn-mid). 
pat,tol)icbi5lKai5e(lj, f lifinotcaU tbccour.' 
trepof tl)£ amalekitcs, ant) alfo tlje atr.o* 
rites tljst ntocllcD tn l^ajrjon-tamar. 

8 v£bcn tucnt ont the king of ^oDom, 
ani) tl)c king of ©omoiali , ann tl)c I'.ingof 
aomab. ano tlje king of Jcbotini, j tijc I^tug 
ofBel.i,U)ljicl) lejoar: ann tbcp icpneD bat* 
tell tDitb tljcm tn tl;c uale of '^iDDtm : 

q To wit, toitl) d)eD9i-laomcr klna-of 
(E!am,anD^iDaIkingofnattou0,anijam' c And aftervvard 
rapbii feing of <S^l!tnar, anoariocljkingof wasoucrwbei- 
Q£llaf.ic : Spure kings asatuG fine. med tvith water, 

10 jBo^ tljC' Dalle of <S)!DDtm tuaC full and fo was called 

pfHtmepi:^, ano ti^c kings of ^oDom anD chefaitfea. 

Lot taken prlfoner. Melchi-zedek. Chap.xv.xvj. Abraham iuftifledby fait! 

iiOr,n>ere difcom- (Somo^al) fleD, auO ll fell t^ecc : anti tl)c rtn= 
ptti. Due ilci) to tije iiiotmtatuc. 

II vil.l)en tf)cv toolse all tbe fubltance Df 

€D3Domcan3!53mcii"i!j, ana alUljcii-isicta- 

ai?,au!) lyer.t tljur ui?.?. 
f Thcgoiliyare 12 Etji^l' ^tooke tbt alfo 3b;iaHia b;o= 
pLgueu raany tl)f fs foune aiiti i)i3 fubifancc {ioi ^ce amelt 
times with the at <S>oi"!oin) atiD atpartcn. 
wicked: there- 15 |[i5Ll)i^» caiiic ou£ tl)nt ijaU cfcapcC, 

foretheir com. flJiO tOiS Sbiam tl)C (Ii;W£'UJ,tal)lctj Dluelt Ul 

p.ini«isd3nge- thcpif.incot"A3ainre tl)c ilaio^ire, b^orljctr 

10U5. of (t£a;f oi, anc Itjotiicr oc aiur, luljicl) \uere 

g GodmoiKd scoaffQiratemul)!i|i.'M!n. 

ihemroiovne 14 uaJ!)cuab;am i)fai:D tl)atl5;3l)?otl)er 

with A'iram,n!id tuas taUeil, l)2C || 'j.teugljt fooirt) of tijnii tljat 

prcfcrucdi irn 'OiZCi DlVilC a»li U^OiiSljt Up UI 1)13 IjOUff, 

from thf ir ijo- fi);;c l;tin3;el! ano etgl)r£ene , aiin ptirfuEO 

latry and fu^ er- tijim liUtO Dait . 

fli'ion?. If 'Ct)CH tjecaiiD Ijis f?ri!aimtsDimDeO 

^flr,<i>tned. tljeiufetuss atiaituui)Ciia by m5l)r,anli faiote'j puci'ueo tljeni Ijjho ij.;obalj, twfeidj 
XEbr.DavimeM, IS Gil tlje left rioe ofi DaiuaUus. 

16 aritj 152 cccoiici-cri r.l! ti;efub(lance,anti 
alio li^oiislji az-'ini l/ia liiotijtv Lor,anQ !)f3 
goja^, anC tije iflOJi?cn alio anD tl)c people. 

17 4iSfccr tijat l)ce returma tVoiii tlje 
Ilatiijljtrr ofdjcco^laotner, $ of t^ic kings 

i.Sam.iS.iZ. tljat lUt re lvtt()l)mj, cans ctl)? king of <S)0' 

Hib.-j.i. tioirt fooiti) to ineete ftmi tu tlje valUpof 

h For Alram ^auciV^ii)" <i 's tl)e * IRinqs Oale. 

andhisfiuldier* ig an^S * i^clcljliSbCk UtUg Of <§>l5alcm 

rcfcaion, and b b^Qugijt foiUj b^caD aiiD touuanO Ije uoap 

not to oficrfa. a piicif of tl)C mofl Ijtgl) iSoH. 

crifice. ic) ^bctcffl^e l}cc i bleffeO l)im, favinj, 

i In that Mel- TBlflTtO arc thou ab^im , Cf ©OD lllOltljisl; 

chi-xedtk feJ po.TeiTciin; ot heaucn ann eattlj, 

Abram,hcdc- 20 ShO blciTcD bee XY^Z moH IjigI)^Otl, 

dared hi -ifelfc U)i)icl) batlj BcUactcO t^WC eHCIlUCS tnto 

to rcprefcnt a j^jnc IjatlCanB Abrim gauc lliJU tilljC Of al. 

kipg: and in that ji 'EOcn f^e Uinj Of .«S)cBoin fairs to 9L« 

hebieffed him, jj^aiH, ©utc DKe tl)c X pafoiis, auD taKc tbe 

the high Priea. gooDS to ti) V itlfc. 

Hebr.j.i, 22 3110 StM:il fslIS tO tI)Cfein30fi©0' 

ifEbr.fouUs. ijom , II 3! ijaisc I:ft I'p mine fjanfl Diito tbe 

WOr^ihuut t,oi\i tijE moa l)is^ (503 pofTeiToi of Ijcaiicn 

ySrsrwe. anU earti), 

xUr.jfi ti\f. 2? 5; ^Lliat 3i toill not take cf all tl)at is 

fiomthteathreed fl^tnc, foUiyC^ aS a tliiCtl! OJ fi!00-laftl)Cf, 

^c.ri«dei.SM. left tljou itjouifiell lap, 31 Ijauc r.iaue Slb^ain 
M-44. , ricij, 

k He would not 24 ^^?A\Z ontlvtljat, to^tcl) tlKi'OnKS 

that his liberahty ,nfn baitc catcn, an\) tljE parts of tfee men 
(houldbchurt- iuinc^U)entu:ir!)nice, i^ncr, ©(ticol, ar.D 
fid) viwoother*. g^awrc: let tlocuj taki tljeir parts. 
CHAP. xv. 
1 The Lord is ^hrr.m^ defince aid revpiird 6 
He is iu§iijied byjkith. 1 j Thefaruituie and de- 
liu.ra>tce out ofEgyf. ts declared 1 8 The Land of 
Canaan i/ prom: fed the fiuiih time. 

WOrAhe-lord A Jftcc tljife tiungc tl)C (! tflO^B oftlje !Lo?tJ 

aake- -.0 jibrAPu r\ caiHc \3nto abiam in * a DtP.on , faping:, 

num \x.6. iPearc not, ab^ini , 3! am ti)? bnckUr , and 

vraUx6.6. tl3ine crct ctiins * rcreatrclDarD. 

a Hij fcarc was 2 auD Sbiant laiQ»» £D L o;T3 63».\rl)at 

notonelylefl he lUllt tljOn 3ilI''inf>f"!nj'J gO Cfjtlf IflfcanT) 

fiioutd not haue tlij (IfiiJarri of mine boute is tljia <SUc?cr of 

chiidrenjbut kft DamatCUCf 

thepromireof 5 agiinc Ib-tam faiTT, TDrl!o'0,tQ m?E 

the blcfledfeedc tI)QHll^(t5Urn UO feCDrtotflcfOZfjlCCtt iCf' 

(iiottJd not be ac- uant cf muic I'.oufr !l\if he nunc bctre 
I egplL'hed in him. 4 '^^y^\ bJljOlD , tt)e tUO^U of tUIL-O^ 

D Eitkiih. \ 
:j) c This was thw 
(• oldcii(lomei4 

came bnto Ijim, favinff, 'Cljf s man lljall not 
be tljine beice* 'JUt one tFiat fl;all eomc out of 
tljuie otonebolael9,lje fDSil be tbine Ijcirc. 

<; fl9o;rontrl;ccb2Dugl]tl)mifoo;tljanU '^m^ 
run , *■ Lookc i!p n8U3 muti bEatirn,ar.Tt tell Xom^ 
tije Uaircs, if t;;ou be a'jle to iKimbcr tljcni: '.am 
anobee(i-aQt!Sstol)nH,<*'0 UjaUtljtifceCcbc. Ci^af.x 

6 9nC Abram*beietue5tbe£o;l),inralje c> ihis 
coimtr B tijat to l)im fo; rtgljteouftuflc. ticuiur u. 

■7 9satne tjee fain bnto l^ini , 3| anUl)c of Gods 
Lo;:D tijat b;ongl5t tbee out of*21rof tljc whichis. 
CalDf es, to g!iie tije? ttjt? tana to inbcntit. lavvfuli f< 

8 anB ijcfatO, SDL 0^9(0 95, biuljttebp iollowini 
fijall Ji knouj ttiat 3l i^^all mljerit iti fignes: bur 

9 Cijcn i)e r^tio bnto Ijim, 'Eakeincean permitted' 
l)eifct ot tlj^ce yeetcs olBe, ann a ibcc goat of fome by a ^ 
tb^eepeeresolce, anDaramofiljjee^etres liar motion, 
olDe,a turtle iJDiie alfo anb a pigeon, to Gedton a»^ 

10 <§)o bee tooke all tbtfe Dnto bim , anU 
' BiuiDeO tljem in t\)t nufls, anb lavcb timy 
pteee one asainit anotljer ; but tte biiB? bi* 

UlficD l)C not, n,nking coue- ;' 

11 E^enfou!c3fcllonttecat:kc(fe2,anlJ nants,ier.34.i^ 
Slf.vam P^oue tijeni aluav. tothe which Cof 

12 9kD to!9£n tbe Cnnne luentJoUmr, added thcfc cor 
t})zn fell an Ijcatne flctpc bpon 9b^im : ana ditions,that A- 
lOC+DetpfeacefullQacknclftfcilUponbUl!, bramspofltritic 

I.? E^enbeefasOfoab^am, ♦i^notofoii fliouidbeeas 
a fiuetie,tbat tljp fecbe iljallbe a ft ranker in tome in pieces, i 
alanD,ti]att0tiottl)£ir2, *<»fourcl]MnC;eb but after, they j 
vecres, anb fi)all ferue ti)em : aimtljepltall fbouldbecoup- 
j'ntceate tljeni eiall. led together: ai- 

14 ji5ottoitblfanl3ing,t!)e nation, tobom fothatitOiouid 
tl)fp 11)311 fenie,t»iir31 iu&gfe:anDafterujarO bc2fl3ulted,buc 
fljall tbep come out ujitlj great fubftance. yet deiiuercd. 

15 TBiittbonnjaltgoeunto tb?fatbei:s!in ^sbr.afiareof 
peace, ind ibalt be biirieb in a goob age. great darXr.ejre, 

16 anb in tbe li fourtl) generation tbep ^£isj.6. 
iTiall come liitljer agalne : fo;t tbe ^ UiicUcD* Sxcd.ii.^o. 
jielTe of tbe amontes is not pet full. d Counting ftom 

17 Slfo toben tlje ^nnne toentbotone, tbebirthofji- 
tijerc tuas a bai'knes: anb bel)ClD a fiiioktng hak to their de- 
fomace, ano a firtb/anb, tobtcljUientbe* pattureoutofE- 
ttocenc tbofe piecea. gypK ivhich de- 

i8*|nt!)atnmicBaptl)el.o^bma5caco» ciareth ihatGou 
uen3utiuaiV'im,ra)'ing:<Linto tlju fcetJ bane will fuffer his to 
31 gtiicntl;tslai:D,'froiiu[)eri«Erof!i:gwt bcafflidedin 
bnto t\)t great riiicr,tl;c rttisr * <cEupb;atef : this wodd, 

li) Wat t'\cn:te5, ?.ub t^e JRenciitef , anb lor^after fiun 

t\}t KaSmonitCS, hundred yeenf. 

20 9ni!tijel^t:tttefi,a"Btl)Cll3cti55ites, eThoi.ohood 
ano tbe Kepbainw, fufTcr the wicked 

21 'S:t)e amoitfes ano,5 tl)e ©ajiaanite?, for a time, yet his 
auD tl)e(&rr5afl)ttcs> 31fl)nlite3. vfn;?eancdaikth 

vpan them, when 
the mcafnre of their wicked neftc is full, Cbap.ii.j a^d i }. i ^,end 
26 ^.deut ^ f, <.?(j»».4 2i.2.f/;r<M;.p.26. iEbrPerath 
C H A i\ XVI. 
2 SaraibeiKgbarren.gittith Htigarto^Abram: 
4 Which concetueih lir dcjpifltbher dame:i^nd 
bciitgtll haidled,ftcth. 7 The ^nge/contjirteth 
ber^ 1 1. 1 i. The name Cr. maners of her fjnne 1 3 
She ctttitth i,poH the Lo,d^tvb'jmflje findeth tru;^ 

^TaDto » 'S)arai QLhmns Uiife bare i)tm na a it ftemeth that 

•icfjilbiiciTjanasbe baoamaioean^grP' '^'<"c s adnfpra 

tianylT/agar by name. to.Gods promio 

2 ana ® arai fnib bnf ^b.jain, TSeboia which could not 

no\u, tl)c lo^b Ijarb'Teftrainebmcefccm beaceompiiaicd 

b She failcch in binding Gods power to the comTonotderoi m? 
turc.astliciiah God could not giu; her children in her oldc a^e. 


lietK Hagair to Abraiii. 


Circumciiion the couenaiit. 

. cfiilBe bearins. 3 pm tW sot in into mp 

%e«- maioe: Bttwap bu tfjatSUjaU + ceceiuea 

cl)ilDe bp \)tt . anD ab^amobcpeQ t^cbopce 

gac^crmat2etl;e ©gvptUn, after <i!:i;am 
0a!jriu)eUeotenne yecce r.i tljclauDof^ilia- 
naaii , ana gaitc iizt to 1)ZK IjmbauQ ab^am 

4 cana ^e tocnt in bnto l^agat ,anB (Be 

conceiacCf U)!)cn iljefata tbat (i)ee &ao con= 

pumfti- cciucD, Ijecbametoaa'^iiefpirefltn^erepcs. 

Jeciareth 5 %i^zn ©arat faiD to abzam , * 'Eyoii 

hey game Hoed jnc ia;ions: 3 Ijaiie giucn mp maibe Ih^ 

^tempc any to tl)? borome,ant)ilje i'eetl) tljat Hjcijat^ con* 

againft the ctiiicts , anD I am ocrptfcD in l)cc eye? : tljc 

/ofGod. jLo^5 iutj^e bettoecnc me anD t^ec. 

y/.Mme miu- 6 %\)tn ab^aiii I'aiD to ^arai, lUel^olD, 

fiuvptnthee. t^pniaibeisintljuicH^anO : DatBttb^eras 

<)r,fQwtr. \i picafetb tbee. 'Cl)en '©acat oealt tougljlp 

tuitl) bet: lyl)St:cFoie (lie flco from b^f. 
Which was 7 <];i2,nt tl;e ^ ^nscl of tlje JLo^b feiinD 
>-?hrift,asappca- bccbeOoe afountainoftBatttint(}eQ3UCcr 

i^ethverfeij.and neiTcbptbe 

fountaine in tbc toa? to <g>bnC' 

8 anD bcc faiD , ipagac ^acais maiDe, 
tobencc commeft tljou , $ uibitbcc iuilt tbou 
go.' ana flje faiD-J flee fco my Dame ^acai. 

9 "Ebcn tbe angel of tbe Lo^B fatD to 
bcr, « Retucne to tbp oatne, miD bumble tbp 

10 againetbe angel of tbe LoiD faiD bn* 
to ber,31 toil fo greatly increafe tbv TeeD, tbat 
it (ball not be niimb^eD fo; mnltttnDe. 

11 aifo tbe angel of tbe Lo^o faiD bnto 
ber,<g«e,tbott art toitb cbilD,anD fljalt beare 
afonne,anD tljaltcallbis uaineJfljmaeCfo; 
tbe ll-o;D batb bsarD tbv tribHlation. 

12 anD be n^albe a H bsilDe man: %\% b^nti 
(hall be agai!i(l enetv man , anD eucrr mans 
banD agamd bim , * a«D ' bee (ball DOiell v\ 
tbe p(ierence of all \)\'5 bietlj^cn. 

15 ' flje callcD tbc/i5ameoftbe toiO 
tbat fpake into ber , 'Ebon (5oD looueft on 
her ownc duines, joc: foj ftjcc latD, E It^ane 31 not alfo bece loo» 
andacknowled- fteDaftctbimtbatfeetbme!' 

14 * CiUberefoitc tbe ttell toa^ calleDilBe- 
ec lab3t-rot;loe, itisbetiuecneiiaDclb anu 

15 canD l>}agar baceabitam a ronne,anO 
abiam callcb bis fonnes name , toljtcb t?a' 

' 16 ano abjiam was fonrefco^e anD fijce 
veere o(a,lybcn t^agac bare bim 31(bmacl. 

5 jiVrtvoKname u changed to confirme htm in 
thefromife. 8 The landof (^aaadnts the fift time 
promt fed. 1 2 CiTcumcifion u ittftituted i 5 Sarai 
is named Strah. 1 8 ^brahamprayeth /or Ijhma- 
el, 19 f\ha\ispromi/ed. aj Abraham and his 
h»ufe are circumcifed, 

Wl^cn ab:am toasf ninety vere olD anD 

„.„ ^ - . nine, ti)c Lo;iD appcarcD to ab^lm 

Chap. 5. 2 1. anD faiD unto bim, 3) am (goD II all fiifficient: 

gor without by- » tD.ilhc before racanD be tboubpngbt. 

focri/*«. 2 anD 31 toill mafee mu couenant be* 

a Not oneiy ac- ttoecnc mec anD tbee , anD 31 tuill multipUc 

cording to th; tbee cjccecDInglp. 

flc(h,biuofafar 5 Cbfnab;amfcll8nbi^face,anD£>oD 

greater ninln- talbcD uiifb bim,fa?ing, 

tuJeby faith, 4 BebOlDJ makcmp COUCttanttoitb tUty 

R01H.4. 17. aiiD t^pw tijAlt bi a »£att)« of man? tiationu, 

chap. 1 8. 1 7, 
c God reiefteth 
none eftate of 
people in their 
miferiesjbu: fen- 
deth them com- 

\\0r, fierce and 
crueti: or^as x 
Wilde afe, 
C-http 15.18. 
f That i$,thc 
Ilhmaeliies Ihall 
be a peculiar 
people by them • 
portion of ano- 
ther people. 
g She tebuketh 

jcch Gods graces, 
who was prefent 
with her cuery 
Chap 34>$2. 
the Uutng and 

5 jSeitbtc (ban tbp name any mo?e bee 

callcD abiam, but tb? name fijall be " abita^ b The changing 
bam : * fo;i a fatb«c of man? nations baue 3! of his name »si 

inaDe t\itZ, fi^^le to confirmc 

6 aifoJI toill ma^e tbee ecceeDing fruit' oodspromife 
full, anD toill mafje nations of tbee: yea, vntohim. 
fcttfp (ball pzoceeDc of tbee. Kom.^.i'j. 

7 S'go^coiser , 31 totll ettablitb my couc* 
nant bettoccne mee anD tbee , anD tbp letDe 

after tljce in tljcir generations, foz an * encr-- C^<fp- ' f • i ^• 
lafting couenant, to beeOoD unto tbee anD 
to tbv fccDe affer tbee. 

8 anD '31 toll giue tbee anD tljy feea after 
tbeetbe lanD, tobercin tbonartaftranger, 
euen all ti)C lanD efCanaan, fo;t an rncrlad' 
ingpoirca't0n,anD 31 toiU be tbeir(&oD. 

9 Cagame ©oD falDe unto ab^abam, 

"Ebou aifo (bait keepe my couenant, tboti, c circumcifion 

anD tbv fecD after tbee in tbeir generations, is called the co- 

10 « Ebis is my coucnanctobicb ye (ball iienant,becauie 
Itcepe bettoeene me anD you, ana tby feea af' " figmfieth the 
tcr tbec,*Let euery man cbilD among you be couenant, and 

CirCUmcifeD. hath the promife 

11 CbatCSjyee (ball circumctfe tbe "Toie- of grace myned 
rhinneofyonrflcib, anDit(ballbcea*rtgne wu: which 
oftbe couenant bettoeene me ana yoH. phrafeiscommon 

12 auD euery mancbilDe of eigbtDaycs to all Sacraments, 
olDe among you (Ijall bcctrcnmcifeDinvout -^^s?-^- 
gcneration3,astoell be tbat is borne inthiBc d inatpriwe 
boufe, as be tijat is bougbt toitb money of a* P^tis circumci- 
iiy ilranger»tobicb is not ot tby lecDe. f^'^jto Qiew that 

13 t;c tb.1t is bs^ne in tbine boufe,anD be all that isncgot- 
tbatis bougbt toitb tby moncy,mu(t neebes »«" oi man is 
bee circtmutfcD : fo my couenant (Ijall Ijtt in corrupt, and muft 
your flelbfoi an euerlalfmg couenant. bemortified. 

14 Uut tbe DnctrcnmcifeD ^ mancbilDe, Rom.^.it, 
intobofe flertjtbe foielkinneisnotcircnm- e Abeit women 
cifcD, ctientbatperfoniljallbce cut off from were not circum- 
bis people, becaufc bee batb b;iohen my cone* cifed.yet ^^erc 

r^ CaftcrtearD 0oD fayDe bnto ab;a 
bam,^ataitby toife ibalttbon not call ^a^ 
rat.butd "Siarab ihaibe ber name. 

16 anD 31 toll bleffc bcr,anD toil alfo giue confecrated.and 

tbeeafonneofbtr,yea,3!totSlbleflcber,anD hercisdcciared, 

(be Iball be the mother of nation?; IHingS alfo that whofoeuct 
bf people (ball conic of ber. contcmnech the 

17 Ebcn aij.^bsm fflUipon bis face,anD figne, dcfpiicth 

* laHgbcD,anD finD in bis beart,<S)bal a cbilD alio the prua-.ife. 
bee bo^netmto bim tbat isanbuuD;ieDyeere \\Or,dame,or 
oloti anD ttjall 'S)arab tljat is ninctie yccre prtnc.jfe. 
olDcbearef f vviuch procee 

18 anD abiabam f?ta tmto ©oD, 2Db. dedofafuddm 
tbat 31ibmael migbt line in tbv Hgbt. i«v,3nd not of ' 

10 ^ben(5oDfaiD,''g)arab tby toife (ball infidelitie. 

beare tbee afonnctnDccDe, anD tljou ibalt chap 18 10. 

call bis name 3i?bar:J anD 3! toil eftablifb my andn.r. 

couenant toitb biui ^oi anscncrlartingtO' « Tbecuerlaft- 

uenant.ani toitb bis fccDc after bim. in^ couenant is 

20 anD as concerning 31 fiimacl, 3! baue made with the 
bearD tbee: lor, 3! bauc blclTcD bim,anD totll children of the 
make bim fruttfiill , ani? toill nmlttplv biui fpitit: and with 
X crtceDinglp : ttoclue piincee iball be beget, the children of 
anD 31 toill mahe a gr;at natinn of bun. the flefii is made 

21 Butrnv couenant toil I tttabliS) toitb the temporaii 
3!5baft, tobicb^arab fljallbeareiintotbee promire,as was 
tbe ne;ct ♦vccre at tbis fcafon. promifcdto 

22 anD be Icftcff talking toitb btm»anD KhmaeJ, 
©oD toent bp from ab'.abam. ^Ebr ireatly. 

23 C 'Eben ab;iabam toofec Hlbmacl bis greaUy. 
fonne, anQaUtbattoet:ebo;netnbt?b9ure, ^6;>/>.2i.2. 

they partakers of 
Gods promife: 
for vnder the 
mankind all was 

Three Aiigelstalke with Abraham. Chap.xviij. Abraham prayethfcr the Sodomites, j 

b jhey were atiti all tljat toasi bq»«fi)t hittl),|t9 moiicv, 

well inllruasi that is , eucf ? llMtt CQUOe aiHCUg t!JE n^^o Oi 
which obeyed to ahMljams Ijoiife, anD k ijce.cucuuictui) t^ 
be circu,T.c;(ed fojcfRui oftljeir lUfl) uitoatfclfe fdins 'a^^y 

ui:hou:- rcfi- a.3 €>0D OoD COUlindnDeD IjUIV 

rtancc: which 24 ab^a^om alio Ijimaite tons ninctie 

tiling dcciateth peets olD ano tunc , ujoc n t^ic fo;clitiii oryis 

thatmafteism tlenjUJascircumc'.reD. 

their hoiifei 25 anDSiijuuell)i5fonnctuastI)irrccne 

ought to be as pceic olo,toi)ent^efoiieltiuiofi)isi flci^ttas 

preachers to their circiimcirfD. 

famiiieijthat 26 Cljc ftlfc Tsme Dap U)as Sb^a^am 
from the bighcft circumcircD,dnD JUimaeUjisloniu : 
tothcloweit 27 aiUJ aUtliE menof Ijis Ijoufe, bot!j 

they may obey bo^nciii^isljoufe, anDbouRgtiwit^moucy 
tbeiMil of o«d, 9ii^i\\xmg%x-i)0izxt circumcitoUJitij Uwii- 

CHAP, X V 1 1 L 

X Abraham Tcceiuith three Angels intihtt 
boufe, 10 J-^ai{tsfronu fed ag»ine. 12 Strth 

iaugheth, li Qhnji n j/rorrtiJedtoalL nxtions. 
►9 ^Abrabnm taught htt famdu toi^now God, 
2t The deftruciion cf Sodom if declared -vnto 
Abraham, aj ,Abraf)amprajfeth for them. 

A (Gallic tijc Lo/D * appcaccDbiuoijim in 
tl)t II platncof i0amc£, as be Tare v.x ijis 
J tent Oooze about tljc fteat of ti;e oav. 

2 aiiO fee lift up bis CVC8, $IooRen : ano 
a That ii, thr«e loe, tl)i£c » men ftooD fa? l/tni, anO ttil)cn ^e 
Angels in mans fatjj them,i}e rail to meet tljeui ftom t^c tent 
(hape. Doo;ic,anD boGJCD Ijimfelfc to tlje scounD. 

b Speaking to 5 ^nD tee fai3, " Lo^D,ifJiijane«oto 
one of them, in founD fauoiit in t^? figljt , goe HOt , 5 P^ap 
whome appeared tljeCjfromtlipfetniant. 
to be moRma.c- 4 jteta Uttle tuatct , 31 P;ia? ?ou, 6ce 
Hiejfofhec l)W»u8t)t,ani)« U)atijpoucfect,an»)«a?cmt: 

thought they had feUies tmDct tt)e tCCC. 

beeneroen. ^ ap.D 3j toiUfa^tinB a moifell oc b^catJ, 

c Formenvfed tljat voumsv comfo;it poncljearis, after* 

becaufc of the uiarH PC ITjall got veuc toavcs : fo^ tijerefo^c 

great heat to goe atcpe '^ covcx to mil fcrwant.anD tljcp fatD, 

barefooted in iDogeu2na5tl)oiit)aftfapD. 
ifaofe parts. 6 '^\)t\i ai);saljam maDc 6aC! into tfie 

6 AsfentofGed teiitbrtto^acal3,anDfatD, SgakcrcaDpat 

that lOaouid doc oncc t|)jee 4: meaiurcsofSnemeaU:kncai3 

my duety to you. it,anlJ makt cakcs Upon tl)f Ijeartlj. 
lEbr.Stm. 7 anBab;uil)amrantotl)cb:aC{es,anD 

toofeea teiiDcranu sooocalfcano gatie tt to 

e For as God f^e fcniant,\E^D l)s;lel3 to mahe it reati)). 
gjue them bodies 8 anOljc tooftf buztccanDmilkcauDtljc 

for a time,(o calfc toljict) l)£ tjaD picpajreO, ant) fct before 

gaue he them the r^em, anD ileclj '^iniCelfc bp tljera tenSer Vat 

feculties thereof trce,anl3 « t^ev DlO EStC 
ro wnlke, to eatc <) C Cf)cn t^ep fapS toljtm , WD^tlZ V3 
anddrinke,and ^araljtliptlJlfc^ ajHJ^eeanfWCrfD> ISc* 
fuch like, ^OlDjOie is in tl}e tcnt. 

chap.17. 19, »t. 10 auD ^c fata , ♦J toill certaittelv come 

& II. i.rom.9.9. aptattietintot^eeacco^Dmg tor&cttnic f of ties fake 

iJii;atI)£c,cueiiaccoii)u;gtotyetimtcf lite» 
a:iD ^acafj n)aU ijanc a fonnc.) 

IS i3iit^^4ial;DenpcD,fui/in£,3laut;l)cO i,;£ctcas.ifcaiD. anQ^cerapO,*3!t iStr.No. ' 
is liOi io: ibl cijOU lailgijCiOlt. *> lehouah C 

lb cattccUJaiO tt)t mm oio rife top from i^trcw word, 
tl)£nce anD.lociUQ toiuaca^oComunBa.- ^Wuchweccai! 
b.iaijam Uiijitujulj t^cui to b^imstljemon Lord.aKwetVr, 

tijeUJap. that tbisAngC, 

17 anu t\ic »" LoiB fapti, €;I^all 3; l)iae wasChnft: tor a 
from abial)ain tl)at tfjing tutjicij "£ Doe, this v otd ii onQ 

18 <S'£viiigtijat ab^aljamiijaibc uiDceD applycdto 
agceataniiamistjtp nation, anD 'alltbc ^od, 
nations cf tl;c cartii fijall be bleffeD in Ijim/ chap. i j. j. 

10 JroiJ kiioujljim' tljat bee tuill com* andn.i^i. 

HiaiiuD Ijis fonnes ana ijis boultoiD alter J Hciheweth 

IjiaijtljattbevfeeepetljeiaapofrtjeLo^iDjto ^a.t fathers 

Doc rigl)teouincire anD iu!}5ement , t^at tlje ought both to 

Lo^D nu'^ bung bpoii ab^ai:>am ttjat Ijec tnow Gods \ 

^atlj fpaUCH iinte Ijun, iudgements,and 

20 OjentbeLo^DfavDjIBecaufet^ecrp to declare them 
of (goDem anD (gomoiab 13 great, anQb€» to their children, 
caulctbcirUnnetseccceDinggiienons, k Godfpcaketh 
21 3B toiU^goeDotuncnouj, anofeetolje* after the faiLion 
tl)cr t^cp ^aue Done altogetber accoiDing to of men : that is, 
tbat ' crp , lu'oicb IS come unto nice : ano if i wli enter mto 

not,that| nu-j knoU). iudgemcntvsith 

2 2 anD tljc «'icn tucncD tljencc ana toent good aduice, 
toujarD^cDoaubutab^a^amitooapetbe* i Foromfinnes 

fo;e tl)e LoiD. cry for venge- 

2? Ctcnab;ta^amD;sctottEcrcanDra(D, ance.thougii 

CaiU tljOll alfo DtftCOp ttiC rtgljteOHS tUir^J noneaccufevs. 
tljeteiCktDf %Ebr,<Uciudgf 

24 IftljerebcSftp righteous tDitbiiitlje »««». 

CitlC,UJ£U tijJUDeitropijnot fparc tt)£ place m Goddedaretfa 
fo; tlje fiftic agljtcous tbat are tljctcm^ thathisiudgc- 

25 XJe it farrc from tbee from Doing t^is ments were done 

rtjlng, to flap tl)C rtgbtCOUS UJlt^ t^etUlC- with great mer- 

feeD: anD tjjat tl}e cigbreons ftjonlD bw euen clc, forafmuch as 
ast^eujickeo-bettfarrcfcomtljee. <©l)aU aliwcrefocor- 
nottl)i'JiuDseofal[t'jetoo,!lD + Docrisl)t.-' tupt that not o!>- 

26 anD tbe ioiD anCioercD , 3If i rtjall ly fiftie,bu£ ten 
finD in'^oDom » tiftte righteous uiittiintbe righteous men 
cmct&miuUl 31 fpare all t^e place fo^tbeic eouid not bee 

raK£3f> found-there : and 

27 'EijcnabialjamanfaJcrcQ auDfapJf^-aiGi^hatthev.x. 

■JBcljOlD nOlB , JbauebCSHUtorpcaKe uht'O ^dcrefpared 

m? io^D,anD 3; am « but Durt anD aSjes, for tTje rsghte- 

28 3jf tljcrcnjalllaclufiucofaftierigb' ousfake,,, 
ttou5;totlt tl)ou DeUrop all tbe citie io} mii n Herft^,- wee 

anD \)t u,% 3If 3 finD tljetC Hue anD fo^tlt, kame.that ih* 
3|toilln0t0eftt0pit. ncarernefcaf% 

29 anDl;epetrpa!?ctof)imag3tne, anD prochvntoosa^ 
CalD,2Uljat if tt)crc fljalfac four;D ioitv ttjcrcf the moe doeth 
'Eben Ijc anfuJcreD,3i teiU not Bee tt fe^ fo^' our mifer^bie 

f That IS, about ute: anDloe, «S)araIjt})valfc fljalltiauea 
rb» time wh.'n fenne : aiiD €)atat) bearb in tbe tcnt Doo;e, 
flisOialbealiue, )ji\}ici^ tuas brbtnD !)im. 
or when the u (|5otO ab:a^3m anD <©aia!) were olD 

child ftiaii come anD ftctfeen in age , and it ccafcD to bee toitl) 
into this life. ©atab after tbe mantr of tuomen .) 
g For fhe rather 12 Cbercfo;!S<Siaral3 8 laHgbeDtettbfii 
bad refped to the ^crfelfcfavtng, after 31 am toarcD olD>*auD 

order of nature, mp lo?D alfO,Ujall jj bailC l"ltf 
. then beleeued Ig anD tijC LozD fapD bntO ab^abajn,; 

30 asatneljefatDjletnOtniplLOiDnela the more arc ue; 
be angiv tbat 3j fpeake , caijat iftbirtie bte humbled. 
founDil)crcf 'Ei3enl)eeiapD,3iiBill«otDoe o ifood rt'urtc; 

it if 3i fiUD tbtrtlcrbCte. not the prayer 

31 i®o;eouerbec[hpD, "BeljolDjnoto 31 for the nicked 
fjauc begun to fpcai<ci3ntompLD^D, Cilihat Solomites,tuen 
ifttoentDfacEfonnDtbecef anDbeeanttuC' to the frt: re- 
reD , 31 tBiU wotDcftrop it fo; tvamtics fake, quea, lio^-^ much 

^2 "Cbcn bee favD, let not mp Lc^D bee nwre will hcc 
iiotu angrp, anD 31 toill fpeake but tbts grai-.ntthtiray- 

the ptomifeof GHbcrefoicDiD "Scarab tljuslaiigb, fapino-, eonre-CCIljattf rcKncbefoutiDtijere^ anD ers of the godly 
God. ^ba{i3i cettainflp tam a cljiUJe,)w^icfa am fee anfroc? ?D,3i l»iU npt DtUrop it fOA tcnncs for the afffi^cd . 

».Pf ».},«. OiO; tiU' Cburcb? 

33 €9^3X 

iccclttcth two Angels. 


Sodom dcflroyed. " tots 

Whereia we 

5? CSnat^cLcttB^Bcnt btrttoavto^rn 
l5e lj3Q leftcomnuuuns witl) ab^nljain, anO 
g.b^al)ajH rctiirneD mno ijis jjiace. 

J t^tf^ recetiteth two Angels intoh'tthoufe. 4 
The filthy lufli efthe Sidomttes. t4 Lot ts delt- 
uered, 2$ Sodom is deftrayed. 26 Lotiwife ts 
made a pillar of fait. }^ Lots daughters he with 
tbeiy ftther,of whom come Mosb ttnd ^mm«n. 

GodV Proui- A ^^° "' "^^ t^tnm tbere came ttoo »a«- 
^i« care in rre- ^L^^'^ ^^ ^ODom;SIlD tO£ fatC at tlje Sfate 

*u n" hiraibcit of ^ot)oiii,aitD tot (m thrp.,anij rofe t^p to 

.Hin^,ai», dJDCii ,„p^^^ them :in-n ho l<nWi»>i i,*.~.<mp» w,in, t,i^ 

e reueilcdi noc 
(like; for Lot 
lad but two An- 
,els,and Abta- 

Mza three. 

h Thatis^ee 

prayed them fa 


mtcte tt)em,anD ^e botoeU Ijimfelfe tottlj (jis 
face to tlje croiniu. 

2 anD ftee faya.^ccmv toques, 31 wa^ 
yoiitunie in notu into pour fcriiaiuc l}Oiife, 
ano tarv all nisbt,ano ♦ toailj your feet,anQ 
fee ftjflll nle Dp eaclp aiiD goe poiic vnapcs. 
mOoraFtj, r5ap,biittoecti)iU aOiOeint^c 
ftreete all nigljt. 

3 ^5ettl)e''p;ean:eDbpontIjcmcartie(l» 
I?, ana tljep tiicnea tn to btm , nnD came to 
I)t3 Ijoiife, ana l)e maae tbeni a fcarcaiiD oiD 

?e but be^aufe ^ T^utDcfo^c tfetptotut tobesltbemcnot 

.be'tlme w« not ^t^S.tV.l\}-^^tlVl^^T' '"'"'^'^'^^ 

tocljoalc romtij about, frem tlje poung twin 
to tl)CoJa,<iaIUl5i; people from ail quartecF, 
% ca'jo a%\\g Dnro £.8t , lapQe to \\m^ 
m.\)tu acs t^c incn,U)ljtclj came to tljte tW 
mmi bnws tbem out iinto ds t^at &e tnap 

yet come that 
thev would re- 
ueile themfeiues. 
4 Nothios is 

s toSr ^^^^ 

then to dwell ^ ■Ei)enLottDcntontatt5ctioo^ei>nto 
t|)ein,anu fiiut tl)cBoo;e after btm, 

« Hce dclerueth g jj^j^^jj, ^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^ , Baugljterff, 
Uii>tcl)bauenotfenotijenman: tljcm toillj 
b«ng out noiD UHto fou, ana Caeto tftcm as 
fcemtrlipou gooD; onelpunto tljcfemenlioc 
«0tl5ing: ' foztljerefoje ace tijep come snDcr 
Clje lljanoU) of mp roofc. 

9 l^Oeu tbcpfapD, attap Ijcnce. 9nB 
t^cp fapo, li^ct ts come alone as a flranngcr, 
anD fi)3ll Ije UiUgc anD rule i tuee UitU notti 
Bealetuajfctoicbtljeetbentoitbtljcm. ^o 
tbcpp^cnfcDfo^e DponLot* bimrelfe, ana 
came to b^eake t^e ooo^e. 

10 'Bnt tlje men Xiwt fo;tl) tljetcljana ana 
puilca tot into tbe ^oiiCe to t^tm , ana (^tit 
to t%z aoo^e. 

11 * ^l)cn tl)f p fmote tfte men tTiat lucre 
at tbe aoo;e of tljc Ijoiifc inttl) OUnancB borlj 
fmall ana great, fo iljat tjjep twece teearp iu 

13 C Eben tl)e men fapae bnto Hot, 
2Qt)oml]attti)oapctl]ercf citbec tonne in 
latD, o;t tl]p founes, o^t tbpaaiigljtcrs, oi 
:j)l)atroeucrtl)oulja(l in t\iZ title, b^ing it 
ont of tl)is place. 

I? JFc^tuee g twill Dedropt^is place, be* 
caiifc tl)e 'ctpof tljem is great bcfo;etijc 
le?a , fitlje Lo^a ftatl) Cent as to Bearop it. 

1+ "Eljcn Lot toent out ana fpaketmto 

where finne reig- 
netk: foe it cot- 

praife Sn defen- 
but he is to be 
blamed in fee- 
r That ( (hould 
prcferuc them 
from all iniury. 


g TbisprooM«1j 
that the Angels 
are ininiflcr;, as 
well to execute 

Oods wrath,a$ ta W fonnes jii laia) bJljtcb ijmanea bis aaugb* 

declare his fa- 

(^haf.ii 10. 

ter3,anBfava , artfe, gctpoaout of tbis 
place: ioi tl)e loja toil! acdtov tbe ctticibut 
lie fcemca to ^ts Conncii in iaWias tbongl) )}C 
Ijaa mockea. 

i^ C ano to^ent^emtmfng arofe, tlje 
ansdj? ^aftcD tot, raping , <^v\ix , taXsx tbp 

tBifs fliia tfep ttoo aanglitfcs * tobirl) are i^shr. which «f9^^ 
Decrr, Icrt tl)OH bee aeftroyf a in tlje punittj' foi*»d' ;" 

inentoftljecitic. '", 

lit ana asbCp^Olongca tlje time, * t^e b The mercy of ^ 

men ca»gl)t botb Ijtm ana bis toife , ana btjJ Codftriucrh to ' 

tiuoaaughtecsbptbe bancs (tbeJLo^abe* ouercomemans 

tug mertifull Dnto bim ) ana tbcy b^ougbt flownefle in foI« 

Ijimfo^tb.anaictbimtoitbOHttbccitic. lowingoods 

17 C auatobentbcp baa b;ougbt tbem ciiiing. 

out, the Angel lapDC, ^TfcapC tOi tbv UffJ ^ifd. 10.6. 

• lookenatbebiiiotbtcntitbEctarptbouin i He wiijcd him 
alltbcplaine: efcape into tbe momitatne, tofleefioGods 

left tb'^JU be aeftcOpCO. Jni{gcmcnts,and 

18 an9!L0ffapabnt0tb«n, 0OtfO,J Hsttobefone 
pzap tbec ,mp Lo;ia. to d«pa« from 

ig "Bef^olanoiUjtbprcrnantbatbfouna that rich coun- 
grace in tbp ngbt , ana tbou bail magnifiea trey and full of 
tbpnificviabicb tbou baft Jbctwcaiintomce vainepkalures. 

in rautngmpltfe : ana 3 cannot efcape in 
tbemountatne,Uft fome emU tahe mee, anQ 

20 ^eenotDtbiscitfebftebpto fleeun- k Though it b< 
to,tDb{cbi3a(ittleone: C>bletmee efcape litde, yetitis 
tbitber : iz it not a ^ little one, ano mpfouU ^rcat enough to 

lljallUuC? lauemy life; 

21 UbcnfeCe Cava Unto bfm,";5ebolBe, 31 wherinhe offcn- 

batje rccf iuea * tbp reqticft alfo concerning deth m chufing 

tbistbing, tbat 3 tuiU not euettb;[oa) tbis anotherpiacc 

atp,fo<i tbc tobicb tbou baft fpoken. then the Angel 

22 i;afttbee. fauetbeetbcre: fo;t;^can had appointed 
Do* notbing til tbon be come tbitber. vEbec* him. 

fo^e tbe name of tbe citv uoas callea ™ 5oar. XSbr. thy face. 
2? C^bc Tonne aia rife Jjpon tbc lactlj, 1 Bcc.,ufe Gods 

tDben Lot entrea into 5oar. " commandement 

24 'Ebcn tbe Loiia *cainea bpon^o* wastodcllcey 
tiom ana Dpon 0omo;ab bitmftone, ana thecicieandco 
fire from tbe to;3 out of bcaucn, ftue Lot. 

25 ana oncrtb^ctutbofc cities ana al tbe m vvhich before 
))laine,anaaUtbeinbabitantsoftbecttte;e, vas. called htia^ 
ana tbat tbat greto topon tljceartb. chap. 14.2. 

16 <fjI5oio bi3 UJife bcbinae bi«ti loolica Deut.iy.iytfs, 

backf ,a'no flic became a " pillar of fait. 1 j.i ?. tere. 50. 

27 cana ab^^bam lifing »p carlp in 40. fs^k\6A9, 
tbe moaning went to tbe place iubcre be bao ^^A" >-8 <«'"« 
ftooB before tbe Lo^io, 4-« « M' »7'»p* 

28 ana looking to"aatB ©oBom ana ©o« tude 7. 
me;iab. If totoaraalltbelanDof tbcplaine, n As touching 
bebolB,befalutbefniDl\CDf tbtlanBinoim* the body oneJy: 
ting bp as tbc fmobeof afoinace. and this was a 

29 CiSu: pet lUben (9oB DeftropeB tbe notable monu* 

cities of tbe p!atne, ©oB tbougbt upon a* mentol Godj 
biabam,ana fent Lot ont from tbe niiasof vengeance to all 
tbc Dtftnirtton , Ijubcn bee ouectb^tto ilje ci» them that paffcd 
tiestobttfin LotamtUca. that way. 

30 c^,ana o Hauingbefor* 
atuclt tn tbe mountain toitb bis tujo Baugb* f«it Gods mercy, 
tcrs: foibce • fcarcB totariein 5oar, but heduritnotpro- 
Bttelt in a cane , be ana bis tUjo aaugbters. uoke him sgaiRC 

31 ana tbe elBcc fapB ijnto tbe pounger, by continuing 
CDucfatbftisolBe, anatbtrcisnotaman among the wic- 
tji tbc p cartb to come in unto bs after tbe ked. 

mancr of all tbe eartb- p Meaningjn the 

32 (JDomctoe trtl mat« our fatbf c i B?inftc countrcy which 
toinf, anaiietuitbbun, tbat tuce map pite- the Lord had 

fcnie fceP of our LUbcr. now deflroye.l. 

3.?®otbfpmaartl)CtrfatbcrB?inl{e toine q Forcxcfpch«« 
tliatntobt, (ttbcciacrtecntijlapti'ii'bber h.>d bcenc ouer- 
fatbetibut bccpcrctiuca n&t,ntitbErtoben come xvith wine, 
(be lap Dotone, ncitbcr toben (lie rofe up. he would ncuet 

34 ana on tbcmo;!rola tbeeiaer fata to tbe hauedoncthat 
pouser, '»eboja,i'«a?cniflbtlar SiiJ^itbrnp abominable ade, 

fatbcr i 

dai^l*ei^* Abimdeck; 'Abbh'afai. Chap.xx»Xxj. 

Izhsk is borne. S 

tEi>T.keepea!jus. fatljcc : IctitisiHikJ ^imtuiiiul toiiic tl)ts 12 J?et in i»eryr>e«6e Hjj IS ini)™ fiflec: Soi »« Eyr^er,h 

r imsGotiper- Btsl)taUO, anQ f;C£ tI)OU and lie lyttt) ^m, fl)€tPtijeli?4iKijtCrofm?fatfect,^J mcanethhisc 

ni c:ed him to fal d^at We UWp * pJClgCUt; kZhZ 0< OUt: fatljCt. a^iiglXSt Ofiftp lHOi;i)Cr>-a!»Q fee W my iV'Jt. (in gcrmalnc,, 

tnolt horribly in 355 <@0-tt)t)>«UOSu)e«:f«Ul)ttD^UkCUJtHe I5 j©0Da'i«lKn(50l) CAUiCD UlC tOlSAftDeC by.daughteri ^ 

thefbhcarymou- tl3.ini!Sl3tairo,aKllti)£VOngcearore,anDlii? Ol'tofmp fatljtCSljOllfc, 31 Hipl) tijCiUa lj?C, brahamsnecci 

tain«,whoni the toul)l)ini> but IjcpcfcettuD uot fljijeul^c Up Eljisu tLp Uia^cjjcftahat rtjaii li^ait flie^ Chap.u.i^.fo 

wtckednes of So Do4ant» nculjcc toljcH i}}t cefe Dp. ^ato inc HI alt places toljece tue come, * <©ap fo the Ebrewet 

djm could not ^6 ^QU3 tucce «■ botlj tljC DailSljteES of tij0U0fme,i)n3illp bptljpC. v^ethefev^or^J^ 

oucrcomc, L6c\iJiJl)Cljtli)fa)?tl3Cii;fatb2c. 14 ^ijeii tooiu abtnulcrli Iljccpe atiD Cjf'iZ/'.ii.ij. > 

57 auDrteelDjirbare afottue, anu (bee &:e«€8,anDin£nreraant3, ansto&mcnfcr^ \\Orysattijco» 

calUDfttsnamc il^oab : tt3Cf3iucistl)?fa' iiaiirs.aHHsaue iljcniuiua abj^iam, anO mandsmeyit. ' 

( IVhoaithey 
vv«re borne in 
mod Iwrrilile in- 
ccft, fo were they 
4'id flieir pofte- 
rine vile and 

ttjer of ti)e "" i©oabitcskiuo tbi3 Dav., 

38 a*iO t^c vonffcr bate a foune nUb | flie 
callcD t}is uame t]3cn ammiutic fame i3 tfec 
fatt)Ct:ofti^SlminomteiB unto tl}i3 Dap. . 

teUo^eU ^tm ■^aralj IjlS lUife. n Such an heai 

i<5 auo abimeiec^ [aiD,'i3sl)©l8,mp lana as with whom 

is II befozc tIjCe: DtUdi tU^CCC it plcafet^ t&e«. thou maycft he 

16 iLtkeujifcto^acub'^e fa?B, 'Bcl;olD, prcOsucdfaift 

Sl^atiegiiien tijvb^orljer a tboaUino pitcee aiidangets. 

t That is, fonne of my people, fi;;nifying, that tbey rather reioyced of fttlirc ; beljOiD, l)ECiStlje''Uatleott^ine o Godcau&d 

in theic (inne, thcti repcntei] for th; iame 
C 11 A P. XX. 

<nc I ^hahmt dweUeih'OS ajhunf^er in the land 

'■i~ c/Gerar. 2 ^bimelechtal^^eth awty huwife J 

God reprooueth tht k.iug, 9 and the f{tng Jibr»' 

ham. It Sarah ft rtjturtd trith ^tfts. 17 kA- 

brabamfiritycth,and the l^tng and his are healed. 

Jf ttriuaro ab.ta'qam Dcpactcb tbencc to» ^aral) ab/abam? tuifc 


a Which was 
toward Egypt. 
b Abraham hail 
noivttvife fallen 
into this fault: 
ftich is mans 

eyes 10 ad rijacarc bsu^ tbee, $ to all ocUcis ; thisheacbcn 
anS (IjetDasotbus rcp;!ooucD. kingto reprocue 

'7 € ^b£»*l Sb^abam p;ia?«9 ^ntO fikjtl, her,brcaufelhe 

anb (Sod yealeb abimelcclj, $ l)is tuife, ana diremWta, iec= 
\)is \MDmcn fciuantstanb tbep bare cbiibzen; ing that God 

18 JFo? t^e- LoiOe ? batJ fijiit l>p cuerp had giucn her as 
toombeoftbeboufeof abimeieclj,bfcai*rgof husband,a$ her 

p Had cake a>v3^ 

/liuatb tbe ^outlj countitp, anbUtoellea 

betbJeeneCCabeiij anO»<©bWV, anbfoiOUC* ^ Ii^iai^u borne. 9 lfl}>»aelmxketb^Txha}{. iVo them the Eiit 

ntQin^ecar. 14 Ha^ar iicaft out %vith her fonve. 17 The ofconcciuiug, 

2 anDab2abamra:D0f'^aeal)bt3^lft> ^ngelcomforteth Hagar. 2» rb* ceuemtHt be- 

*» ®bCC 13 mv filter. ^Ijeil abtmelecb iKinj tweene ^bmeUcb and Abraham. Ji ^brabant 

c So greatly God of<ScratfcnEanO tookC'S'arab. 

called vpon the Lord. 

N£Db)tl)eLoiitv\)tfltc!J €)ai:aS, asfjeljaU 
r — 

g 151)1 &1>V carae to abmulecb in a 

Diseatnebv mgbr,anDfarOtohtm,10ebolDc, i>fapo, 'aiib tibbmo b« * a^coitauis a;5 chdp.iy.i^-ottd 

« tbouart biitDcab, becatifeoftbetDonian bc^al)p;iom:TcD. 18.10. 

tobtcbtboubarttabg:fo;ift)ei3aman3Ujife. 2 jro;i" <S)arab conccinea,an'D(ba«9» Mat.t.i.aa.'j.ii. 

4 (jBottuitbitanDtngabimelecbbabKat bitabaniafonueinbisJ^oUiagc, att^famc gaiat.^.ii.heb. 

vetcomenccrebcr)9nobEraiD,lLo;D, MU fcafontljat<!5oDtoIlJebJin- n.n. 

tboiJtiavcnen'itbcrigbteoii3natiait^ 3 anaabAibamcaUeiJljJ;6fon!tt0najne a Therefore th%, 

^ «S)aiDnotbebntome,<^l)6tsmv^fiffe« tbat teas bo?nebntai)ini> tobwlj "§J)aj:aI) miracle w^$- 

pea, anb ibc bee felie faiD, l;e is irip b^otbcr; bate Uni, 3l5bafe- greater, 

twitb an bpzigbt ' minbe, ana ( iniioceiU 4 Clicn abjabara tircinncifcb 3l5bafe 

bis fonnctubtn be toasi cisbt ba?c3 olO,* ajs t'%,i7aa* 

<kteftethy breach 


d The infidels 

confefled y God 

would net punifh 

but for iuft occa- 

fion : therefore 

whenroeuci bee 

purifhetb, the 


« As one falling ban03,l)aiu 31 'Jonc tbi0. 

by ignoraocc,& 6 anb0ob faiDDntobt'mbf a5;icame, ©oBbaBcDnimaHbcbbim. 

r»t doing cuii of 3! tttiotoe tbattbon DiBfl tbis cuen iDttban 5 ^oab/aljaamasanbimBiebperee!??, 

purpofc. bpnofbt KTiniie , anoa gbcpttbeealfotbat tobenbisronnciJjbafetDasbLtjmebntobtm, 

f Nottiunking tboiiiboiiiDeanotfimte aafaiiiftmee; tl)e«» 6 c ^bcn-^atab falD.ieoD batbmaacme 

todoeanyman fo^efuifereDltbeettottotcficl)bec; totciopceralltbatbearetoilrdovcetottbme. 

hatme. 7 jfiouj tbeii,3eUuEctl;cmanbi3b)ifea« 7 Ssaiite lije faiD , ^ caijo toonlD baue b she acmferh - 

g God by his KJune : fo^ !)£ 19 a •> |9iopbet, $ x}t • iljall piap fapD toab^bam , tbat <f9arab tbwiio baue herfcire of ir.gra- 

holy fpirit retai- foitbeetbattljoumapeitliue.-biu if tbouoc. giuencbtiu^enfucbe ; fo;i3tljauebo^neljrun titudeihatOie 

neth them that Jmetbesnotasaincbecriiretbattljoufljalt afcnnembi^olbage. didnotbeiceue 

otfjndbyigno- iitet{)eDcatb,tnoHanb alltijat tljoubafl. 8 "Ebentbe cfcilDe5rcto,a«Btoasteea* the Angel. 

rance.that they \i 'dxn aotmelecb rifing bp eaclv in tfje KtO ; ano abMOani mane a great fiwft tbe 

fdinotintogrea- mo^niHg, calleb all btslecuaiits, atJD toibc fame bap tbat Jljijak toss toeaneo. c He derided' 

terincouenience. aUtbefetl)inss + amot&em, auO t^jcmen 9 C3nDi©arab£atutl}eron«ecfli?agar Godspromife 

h Thati5,oneto boerefe^e afrapt!. tljeCspptianCtaljicblbebanbo^nebntoia' madctoixhaki,. 

whom God re- g afterUjarbabfmclecb caltcbSlbMbam, b^abam) ' '"o^^ins* which the Apo» 

ueaiethhimfeife anofaib»ntobint,Mlfeat ' "' "- ' - „ - -^.•. ^r. -. 

familiarly. tOt)S i anU boljat bHUe 

i For the prayer tljaitbaft b^Ugbton 

ofthcgodiy it Dome th<^great futile ^tboii bait bone tijinss beite iottb nip fonnc3I?baf{. c^/at 4.J0. 

of force towards bJitometbatougbtnottobebonc. 11 anb tbibtbingUias ttet? grieiwtiaiB d Thcpromi- 

God. 10 ^oabime'ecbfapBebmo abwbstn, ab(iabam0rt5bf5bcc4u{eofbi3ronnt. fcdfccdfliaiibe 

iEb.t>t their eares 4aJbatlattlCfttbOUtl)at tbOil baft Sone tbi0 32 CSJUt^gODfaiD DntoabzabaUl, Let counted from 

k-Thewickednes tbi»!Sf it JlDt begntUOHSm tbpOgbt fOittbe CbtlOe, Izhiikandnoe 

oftheKing brin- It 'CbeHabiabamattrtjjfreU^'BccaufeJI anbco^tbpboiiDbaomaatuiantbat^.irai) fromirhmaeij 

sethGodswrath tbBugbtthas.'^Hrelptbe'feareofjJro is«ot iballfap bnro tbtc, bcarcbetMiee; fo?ia Rom.i>.7.hebr. 

vponthcwbole jn ti)to place, auD ibJPboiUUaomeefo^mp 3i5baft(bantl)vfeei)ebe<icaUe3. im8. 

rcaime, iBuiesfabc* 1? g[3 fc2 tije fonneoftbcbonbtoomatt,3! c Tfein-mae^ 

I, He rheweth twU ina&e ijim * a natipn al&> bCCailfebe ig liresfhatl coiae •. 

that whouefuc can be fepcd for, where ihc ftarc tif Gad is not, tfjyt^gO?'. ofbim^ , 

141 €30 

{raham fwcareth to Ablmclech. 

neeth all na- 
ali aile&ions 

'oey Gods 

* Tor his pro. 
mifc fake made 
;a Abraham, and 
^notbecaufcthe ' 
child had difcrc- 
tion and judge- 

h Except God 
open our eyes, 
we can neither 
fee nor vfe the 
meanes which 
arc before vs. 
i As touching 
outward things 
God caufcd him 
to profper. 
^Or^fhat tti the 
borv, andtexmrt 

i(EbfMaU falfe' 

k So th^tit is « 
lawful thing to 
take an othe in 
matters of im- 
portaHCC, for to 
ludifie the truth, 
at]d to aflur; o- 

1 VVicfeedfir- 
uants doe nnany 
euils vnknowae 
to theix mafters. 

ethe,or offeuettf 
meaning Umbet, 
m Thuswefic 
«hat the godly, 
as touching out- 
ward things, may 
make peace with 
the VTickcd that 
knowc not the 
true God. 
n Thatishre 
tiu.* iSligion. 


Abraham gocth to offer Iz-hak*- 

14 ««> g6^al)am arofe tjp eart^ fn m chap, xxii. 

moimug, ailQtOOfee bieaU, anO a bottle of 1-2 The fxab of Ibrahim tsfraoucdinoffring 

tuater, ailij gaUC it iMItOi^.ljaC, pHCtingtt hn fonne It^ak. 3 li^ak^u afigureofihn^ 

0«l)Ct:(l)OUlDCCattDtl)i:c!)ilOal(o, nnO'fCilt 2.0 The generatiouofNabor ^^brabamsbratbtry 

l)?ratD3p;tUi)0BcpiCttng, iJJanliercO (n tl)C efTvhotnc-ommethKebekfb. 

toilDctnesorj5eet-fljeba. a ji5Daftctil)cfet^iHS5,(SoDmii*p^ooiie fi(f>r.ii,i7» 

i<i a»«)U)l)entftetoatet:oft5c&ottIetoa5 /i!45ial]am,anflfapDmit3bim,ab?atia«u ^f-br.Loe^i. ,.,, 

fpenr, iljce calf t^e cljilo unDcc a cectame eaJI)o anfujccca, ? €?ere am a. ? which figw- j. 

me- 2 anDijecfapD, Cahenoto thine onef? fi«h thejcjrc «f 

16 'C^ettffjctoentffatcljcroucragafnll fotT:i;31?l)ak,tol)omtljOHloticlt,anliffccr^es (^ ywbich 1 
himafarreoff, aboutalioa3Cfl)aot: fa^lftce bntotljelanuof » S^oiia^, ann* offer l^iai place he was ho-., 
favD, 3Itoillnot fcetl)CiJeailjot'(I)e cIjtlDe: tb:refo;t aUutnt otf;ring ijpon one of tUc noured,andsaloft 
anu (tie fate Uotjane oucc asamS him,auo lift mO'.>nMtnes, tol)irt) 31 teill rtieto tijce. ""o" afterward 
Ijp Ijcc boyccana ijpept. ? Ctf" Sbialiam tofe up cad? in tXyz buikthe Temple 

17 'Ctren (Cioti g ijeacQ tfteijofcc oft^e mo,infn3:, anaraulctJi)t3alfe,anntooftetU!o ^ Herein ftoodc 
cI)tlD, anti tlje an(jclof(!5o!3 calleu toDagac of Ijiafeaiantsujtti) Iiun, ? Jjl^al^l^ts fonne, 'f^f chiefeft point 
from {)eauen,anl) fata »ntol)ec.tayatat[Etl) ana rl0MetD00Dfo;t6? burnt offermg, ana othutentation, 
tljee, l?asar i fcacf not. foi <5oa Ijatlj IjsarO rofe Dp, ana ujent to tlje placf, totuci) ^oO '""'"S he waico? 
t§eioovceoftl)ec{)iiactoljcrel)cis. haajo(Dcl)im. manded to offer 

18 arife,take bp t^e ctjilac, ana Ijola \im 4 C ^ijen tfte t'nirtJ Oai> abialjam lift vp him in whom 
in tijine IjanOt foji J toil make of ftim a great top tjis cyes^ana fatj) t'je place afarre off, God had prc^mi- 
peoplc. % ana fava unto l;i3fen!ant0,gibiDevoti fedtobieficatt 

ig aBa(SoB''Opcneai)er eyesf, anaiTjec licreluttljtbcafle; foi3ianatt)ecl)il8ctoiU thenationsof 

faltiatedioftoarcf : roiljetocntuaileat^e soe ponaet ana too;tfiji?, ana « come againe theworid, •, 

bott{ciMtty>i)a:cr, anOijauct»)ebo?a;tnke. untoj'on. <= Hedoubted,, 

?,o «g)O(0oat!jasiujtf^tl)echtiac,anai)e 6 'EliettSb^aljamtooketljelrooBoft^c not, but God ,} 

gtcta,anB5£uelttnt^etBilBernetre,anaiua.3 bHrntofEerinjj, anaia)>acttupon3l?'qakl)i3 would accom- ^ 

an II arcj^er. fonne^ana i^c toofts tl)e See in \)\s i)aHa,ana ph* his promlfc, 

21 anD5eB\neltint^etetlaernesofJ3a' tljefenifetanat^evlyentbotljtogettyer. though he (houid 

tan, anabismotljcrtooheljimatBtfeoutof 7 'Cbenfpakelljlialtuntoatjia^am^tst facrificchisfon. 

tl)Clannof(Esvpt. fatl;er,anaiavD,S©vfatl)cr. Snaijeaufaje* «i The only way, 

21 C^naat tfiat fame time abimelccft rcBjl^ere am 3!,mv fonne. 9na Ije fapaj'^Sc* toouercomeaii 

ana I3&tcljol lji3 cfitefe captainc fpake unto ifiolc tbe Qre ana ti)e toooa , but ialjere iu\it t«ntations is to ..j 

abi!al}am,faptn2,6oOiii3itl)tljcetnallttjat lamb? fo;i tlje burnt offering; ^ rci\vponGod« b 

t^ouQoeff. 8 'EljcnaiJia'^amanfijuercD.^^vlt'Rnc, prouidenec. -o 

2? 00^ rtierefowfojcaretrt to mecl&cf re 0oa\!QiHp?ouiael)tmaLnml)efo»aburnt « Foritisii6»w 

bp^oa,tl)attljonu)ilrnot+ljnrtme nonw 8fferiri3:fotltEvtatntbotl)tc3:tl3Jr. that his father i 

cljiia^en, noii mp c^fiawrs cl)iia;en ; t0OH anatoljcntfetvcamctotlicplacctoliicb haddedarcdto 

Ujaltaeale toitlj me ana toitlj tl^e countPE? <5oa baa fijeiuea btm, ab^aj^amumlaeaan him Gods com- 

tubcretljou^ailbceneaSrangcr, accozaing altar tljere, ana coucljea tljctoooB, anB madement,nrher. 

ijntotl)ekinaneffet[iat Si^fjaucnjeteeatliee. e bonna Ji^tjaft \)\9 fonne,* anB lapB^im on unroheihcwed 

24 ^{}enabia^amfaiB,jItoiIl''fiucarc. t^je altar upon tljetuooa. himieifobedicnti 

1% Caua abia^amrcbKkca abtmelecl) 10 ana ab^abam Sretcbtna foo;jtIj fimi.ii. j 

fo; aluelloftoatcr, tuljtcbabimeleclj.sfec' IjanB.toofeetljelNmfi- to ktU bis fonne. * Tha£is,bythy. 

uantsbaauJolfntlvtafecHatuap. 11 lewt tljC angel of tlje LojacalUBbnto true obedience • 

26 anaabimelecbfapae, J'31!?nobjenot l)im from beanen^ facing, abiabam, ab;ia' thouhaRdccia-; 

tatjobatb Bone tbib thing talfotboutolacft lja?n. i^nabeanCwfrcB,UKream3i- redthyUueiy i 

12 "EgEnbcfaiDjLavnottbmcbanaijp' faith. 1 

on tbe cbila, ncitbev Do anp thing Unto btm; ^Or.a^d hajl >r»f 

fo; no\jj J f Unoto tbat tlioii fcareH c5oa,fec= wuhhoUen thme 

tng fo,2 mv fake || tljou Ijaft not fparea uljine only p»t from m. 

OnelyfonnC. t^br,thy fhnuey 

15 ana abMbnm lifting Up bis eve?, loo- tht>te oniyfime. 
20 'E^cnabtmclccbfaiB Untoabzabam, ftearanobeboia.tbcrctoa^arammcbebtira \\Or,tbe Lord will 

a21l)atmeanetl)efcrcucnlambe0,U)bicbtbou him.rangbt bv tbehomesinabuTb. %\)z\\ fee or proutde, 
t>a{l fetbv tljcmfeulesf abJabam mixt ana tool^c tbe ratnmc , ana g The name is 

^o ana beanfiuerfB, "^Jccaufe tbon fi;alt offercD btm Up fo^a burnt offermg in tbe changed tofluw 
recein? of mine bana thefe feuen lambc5,tbat lleaB of bis fonne. ■ that God ^octh 

it m.iv be a iBitnclTtUnto m: c , tbat 3] Ijaue 14 ana abjaijam callcB tbe name of tbat both fee & pro- 

pldce.'i Jcbonab tireb, as ttisfava tbisaa?, uidcfccretiy for 
Jitt tbe SiBomu toill tbe 1 02a g be ftcnc. his, and slfo em- 
I? tana tbe anucl of tbe LojB erica un* dentivisfeenc 
toabzabamfronUjeaucn tbcfecona time, andf^itintimc 

16 anafaia,*TBv''mprclfebane3Ifiuoinc conuenient, 

me not,ncitber bearB i of it b»t tbis aap. 

27 l^ben ab^^ijam tookc fljeepe, anB 
be eucs,anB gauc tbemunto abimelccb; ana 
tbep ttuc maaea coucnant. 

23 ana ab^abam fctfcnenlambis of tbe 
fioche bv tbcmfeUics. 


Biggec tbis trcll 

ji Cltljercfo^e tbe P^^iee is calleB 
f!)eba,bccaHre tbere tbev botb fujare 

32 '^bu^maa: tbcv a" coucnant atBe 
er-ilitba ; afterUjara aOimelecb ana 13i)t 

cbolbtsfbiefccaptaine rofcup, anatnrneB (faitb tbe iLo;a)be"canrctbeu baft Bone this$.9ee. 

agatne unto tbe lana of tbepoiltftims;. tbtng,^na baft not fpsrca tbine ontl)' fonne, c/«j.44.» •. M< 

3j Cana aii^.ibaiH pl.mtcB a grtmc in 17 Cljcrefo^c teiU 31 fHrcI? bleffe tbce, i.yj./,- 

Beer- ft)eOa,a:iQ"cal{cB there on tbe |5ame anatDiMf<;rcatlvmuUiplv tbv feetje, as tbe b signifying, 

of tbe Lo;a the tncrla!ftng(Soa. Rattcs of tbeljcancn, ana as t!:2fana \ul)tcb that there is no 

^4 anBab,!abamU)a3 ailranscv tntbc isupoiitbefeailwe, anr. rbpr^tanjallpof* p,rearer then he,; 

pjilittun^lauBalonsfcafoii. frffetljefi gat? of Ijis enemies, \\Or,hoUf. 

IS *aiUJ 


Sarah dieth, Abraham buycth Chap.xxtij.xxiiij. Ephrons field. Abrahams fctuam. j^' 


tcclut 44. il. 
uSies J. 2 5. 
gnUt. I 8. 


i Concubine is 
oftentirnts taken 
in the good part, 
fct choiie women 
which were itifc- 
notir to the 

^Sbr.the yeerts 
»ftbe li/i ef 

a Thatis,wben 
he had mourned f 
fo the godly may 
pafle not mea- 
fure: and the na- 
turall affedionis 


b That is, godly, 

or excellent: for 

the Hebrewcs fo 

fpeake of all 

thing! that are 


all excellencie 

commeth of 


% Ebr.inyeur 


II Or^doubUcaue^ 

becaufe one was 

■within another, 


filuer, ' 

c Meaning,aII 
the citizens and 

d Tofliewthat 
tie had them in 
good eftimacion 
and rcuerencc. 

18 * anD in thv feeoc Ifiall all t^c ttatienai 
of tl)c eactl) be UUOeD , becaiiU t^ott^afto* 

iqi C^en tucneuabw^am againe bttto 
Ijis icruanta , nnD i\)Vf rofe »p anD toent to* 
setter to iBeer-fljeba-anliati^aljaroDtDelt 

20 C9nD after t5efctl)inss one tolDea* 
6;al}a»ii,favins,T3cl)olli ^5tlcal),fl)e bat^ al* 
fo bo;tne cl)U0;!eM tJiito tl)p b^iot^cr 0a^o?t 

21 To wit , CJ? 1)13 cl9ctl tenrie , atiO iJu? 
i^tsb^otljtr, ano iuntuel tlje fatljecoflia' 

22 anti (JDIjcreS, anD !?af o,anO PtloaH), 
aim 3itBlapf),anD T5Etl)utl. 

25 anD TBetOutl begate Kcbefea^ : t^efe 
cigljt DID $0ilcal) brace to l^aljoii ab^a^ 

24 anD \iii ■ concubine caHeD ISenmal), 
l!)e bare alfo l^ebati, aiiD (S^a^ani^nD '^^a* 


t ^Abraham Ltmenttth the death of Sarah. 4 
He buyeth afield to bury her , ef the Htttites, 1 j 
The equitte of ^Abraham, ip Sarah ts buried iit 

Wii)ctx «S)arabtDa8tan|)u«DmbttDcn. 
tit ana feuen ?cere olDe ( 4= fo long U» 

2 Cbcn ^aral; DfcD in Kiciatlj arba: 
rte fame is l^cb?on in tbc lanD of (Canaan: 
anD ab?at)am came to mourne foi <^aral) 

? C l^ben ab;taT)ant » rofe bp froin tbe 
fij^t of 1)13 co;ip0,anD talKeD toitlj tlje ti^it* 
titcs, facing, 

4 3! am alfranffcrjafojrctneramong 
you,Btue me a potTeffion of biictatl Uiitb vou, 
tljat 31mav bHcprnvDeaDoutofniprisbt. 

<S ^beh tlje l^ittite? anfwercD ab^a* 

6 ijearc b3 , mp lo?D : tl)0« art a p?tncc 
>> ofiSoD among t)3; in tl)e cljiefeft of onr fe» 
pulcb;e3 burv tl}? DcaD : noncof ))3 fijall fo?« 
btD tktz 1)13 fepulcbiie jbut tliou mapcflbtir? 

t^e Df aD therein. 

7 'El)cnab;ia!)am{fooDbp,anDbotocD 
I)unfelfebefo;tet^e people of t^e lanD sftlje 

8 anD be commtmeD toitb tijem, faving, 
31fitbe +vourminDE,tbat 31 (ball bntVmp 
BeaD out of my Ogbt, bcaic me, anD intreate 
fo^ me to (Epi);oii,tbe fonne of 5oar, 

CbatljcctDonlDgmeme tbecaticllof 
9©acl;pelal) tubtcb be batbintljeenDofbts 
SelD : tbat be UJoiilDgiucttme fo^asmucb 
tmoney as it is tnojitb,fo;t a polfelTton to bii' 
tit in among von. 

lo ( JFo? ®pb;on Dtoelt among tbe iljit* 
titcs. ) 'Ebcn ®pb;ton tbe Cl?ittttc anfiuereD 
ab;abam tn tbe auDiencc ef all tbe ipit» 
tites tbat « twent in at tbe gates of W citle, 

H 0o,mylo;tD,bearemee: tbeSelD giue 
31 tbee,anD tljc caue tbat tberein i3, 3i siw it 
tbee: euen tntbep«fenfeof tbefonnes of my 
people gine 31 it tbee,to buric tbp DcaD 

12 %l)cn abiabam "boloeD Ijunfelfe lit-- 
fo;e tbe people of tl)E lanD, 

IS anD fpahe unto €p!)?on iutljeauDi* 

enceoftbe people of tbe countrep , raping, 
"Seeing tbou wiitgiueit, 3j p^a? tbee,beare 
nie, 31 U)iU giue tbe p;ice of tbe belD : rccciue 
tt of me, anD 1 toUl but? mv DeaD tbere. 

14 <Epb?ontljenanfacteb ab;ia|am,fav 
mg iJKto bim, 

1^ 9©p (o^D,bearften tmtoine : tlje lanD i$ 
worth fourcbunD;!etb<^tbefeEls of filuer; tobat 
ijtbatbetioeeneraee anD tbee :" but? there* 

16 ^0 ab^abam bearftnea bnto ®pb;!on, 
anD abitabam toepcD to (Epb?ott tbe tUutr, 
tDbicb be baD nameo in tl)e auDiencc ef tbe 
i>ittite3,euen fouvc buuD^etb Uluerfljehelis 
of currant money among mErcbant0. 

17 C; <gio tbe fielD of ©pb^on which was tw 

S©acbpclab,anD outr agninft 99ajnre, etien 
tbe ticlD anD tije caue tbat tuas tljcrein , anD 
all tbe trees tbat mere in tbe fielDe, tobicfe 
lucre in all tbe bo^Ders roimD about, tuaj* 
niaDe lure 

18 ^Intoab^abaaife;! a poCTefTtoivn tbe 
figbt of tbe i?ittltcs, eucn Of all tbat 11 toent 
mat tbe gates of bis cirv. 

19 anD after tljis, ab;iabam bnrieD ^a» 
rab bis tuifc in tbecaueof tbefielD ofiI©acb« 
IJelabouer againfl S©amre; tbe fame ts i^e» 
b^on m tbe lanD of Citanaan. 

20 "Cbustbe tielDe anD tbe cane tbat is 
tberein, tuas maDe furc ijnto ab^abam fo^ a 
poflcfftoh of burtall f by tbe IDittites. 

CHAP. XXlill. 

2 .Ahral. tm cauftth htsferuant to fweare to 
ta^e a rviji/Sr f%^jal{ »« bis orvne i^tnred. \ z The 
ferUMt prayethtoGod. n HufideUtietowardi 
hismafier. jo The friends of Kebel^ah commit the 
matter to God. 58 They asl{e her co>i/eHt,and /he 
agreethy €f and is married to f\hal{. 

N2Dto ab^abam tuas olD,and t ftricltcn in 
yeer£6,anDtbe Lo^tDbaD blelTeDab^a' 

2 'Cberefo^c ab^abam faiD tinto bis el* 
Dellfernant of bis boule,tubicb baD tbe rule 
oner all tbat be baD,' » Put noto tbine banD 

3 anD 31 tulll matie tl)tt bfincare by tbe 
Lo?a 60D of tbe bcauen, anD ©oDoftbe 
eartb, tbattbou (bait not tabeatuife^nto 
my fonne of tbe Daughters of t|e Canaa» 
mtes among lubom 31 Dtudl. 

4 j^uttbou fljaltgoDntomy ' conntrev, 
anD to my hinreD, ana take a toife unco niy 
fonne 3I?balt. 

5 anD tbe fertiant faiD to bim, aobat if 
tbetooman luill not come tuitbmee totbts 
lanD i iljall 31 bztng tbv fonne againe bnto 
tbe lanD fromtobence tboucamclf i 

6 'Eo tobamab^abam anfiuercDjIBC" 
toare tbattbou b^lng not my fonne •* tbitber 

7 ^Wl)t HozD 6oD of beanenjlobo tool<e 
mce from my fatbcrs boufcf from tbe lanD 
lubere J tuas bome,anD tbat fpakc tintome, 
anD tbat fiuare tonto me/aying, * CInfo tbv 
fccD totll 31 giuc tbis lanD, bcc iball fcnD bis 
angel before tbee,anB tbon (bait tabe a toife 
bnto mv fonne from tbence. 

8 Bcucrtbelcffe if tbe tuoman totll not 
foUoto tbec, tben (bait tbou brc i Di&bargeD 
of t!)tsmtneoatb ;oncly l)}inz notuiyfonne 
tijttljep againe. 

15 ^ijen 

c Theconstfloa 
Hiekel is about 
20.pence, fo then 
mount to J J . 
pound fixe (hiU 
linos and eiejjt'erfiue 
(liillings Acriing 
the ounce. 


f That is,all the 
people confirinedl 
the (ale. 

t Sir. come iut* 


Chap 47. i9. 
a Which ctre- 
monie declared 
the feniants obe- 
dience toward his 
mafterj power o- 
b Thisfheweth 
that an oath may 
be required in a 
c He would not 
that his fonne 
fhould marry 
out of the godly 
family •• for the 
that come by 
marrying with 
thevngodly arc 
fet fooith in fun- 
dry places of the 
d Led bf fhould 
lofe the inheii- 
t ;nce promifed. 
Chap. < 2 7 and 
I) I f a.d 15. 
iS.and 26 4. 

.Grahams feruant andRcbekah. 


He vttcretKhls inefTagc, 

«) 'Eljett tl)e feruant put l){3if)3intibn?iet: 
t^e tfjig!) of ab^atam tjis malier,an6 fujare 
to l)tn» fo^ tl)t0 matter. 

lo C "^0 tbe Icniant tooUe tnt camels of 
tlje cntnei0 of ^13 iiialler.anD Departea: (fw 
[lOy.Mcyo/xjw- !)e had alll)tsi mailers sootis in Us IjanD: ) 
»;;<,«/ ^mi 0/ and fij ije arofe , anD tucnt to y Sram Jl2at)a» 
the two'floods : to ta(Mi,\)nto ttje ' cit)) of iBabo;. 
wit,ofTygT!s II ano l)e maDcljis camels to jlteCotone 
<j«(i Euphrates, luitljout tbe CUV ^p a tucll of tuater, at enen* 
e Tnatisjto tii3eabouttl)e ttmetljat the women comcout 

Charran. tO DM03 ^a^ef- 

t bow 12 ^110 1)6 faiD,2D f !L0?i3i(5oa ofmvma* 

their l^nees' ttct 3b;tabam,3I bcfeccl) tbecH fcno mc gooa 
f He ^roiindcth fpccii tljis Da)»,anD fijcoj uiercji unto mp ma« 

his prayer vpoi^ tier ab;a{)ani. 

Goiispromifc i^ toe, 31 ftanU bv tbf tucll of toater, 

madetohiima- tul)i[c0 tlje mens aaiigbrcrs of tljig citie 

fler. comcoiittoD^aiuujatcr. 

lOr.caufemee i\ g(5caiuutl)£r£fo.2c tljat tl)emavae,to 

to meete. tuljom'JI fai'^olw Ooiune tbv pitcljf r,31 pw? 

g ' he feruant tljec, t%^tj ma? ounUe : if fbe fav, D^mke, 

moued hy Gods ana J tDill giuc ti)!> Camels Diinke alfo: maj> 

fpirit,dtfircd to be fijE tljat tl)ou l)aao;t)ctnea foi tl)v feruant 

be adiired by a Jjljal? : ana tl)jrel)v (l]all 31 ^Mo\u tljat tljou 

ligne,\vhethcr l;alt fljcUJca mcrcv 6n mv mafter. 

God profpercd i^ |[ ^na notu pcr Ijc baa left fpeafetng, 

his lourney or no. bebolQ,'' Rcbekai) cauie oiit,tp aaiighter of 

h Godgiticth TSctbuel.ibnBfof^tlcabtbctBifeofBafjo; 

good (ucccffc to abM'oams b;[otbcc,anD ber pitcljcr ijpon ^ec 

all things that fljOlllOcr. 

are vndertaken i6 (aina tlje mapSe toa0 ijetp faire to 

for the glory of lookDpon,a tttrstn ana unknoujen of man) 

his Name and anB flie ' Went Doome to tljeweU, ana fillea 

according to his ^cr pitcl)er,anD cante up. 

word. 13 l^ben tfte feruant rannc to mccte Ijrr, 

i Hereisdeda- anafaia,Lctmteannkc,3 p?av tljee,aUttle 

red that God euer U)atq?oFtl)PpitCl)Cr. 

heareth the pray- 18' Sua H)C faiD, Di^infec X Qr : anB R)C l)a« 

crsofhi5,and Ilea, ana Ict aotoJie l)er puc'gcr upon Ijec 

granteth their ^ana,ana gane fetm aiinfte. 

requefts. jc) ^natBljentlie feaagtucn l)!m o^nkc, 

} £br my Lord. 0)e fatac, 31 tuiU a^ilu luatcr foi tl)i> camels 

J Ebr. haw. made alfo,DntlU % t\)Z^ \)3X\Z azunUcn THOUgb. 

mn endofdti»k,- 20 9nO fljec pc^iicD oiit l)ecpitcbcr tnto 
iH<r, tl)e troiiglj fpe^atlp , ana ranne againc tmto 

lOryearering. t\)t ^i\{ tQ B^ltU Uiatfr, anD fijC D^ieU) fo^ all 

fc Godptrmit- feiscamels. 

ted many things 2i €)otljemantoonBercaatbcr,anDi)eia 

both in apparcU Ijto pcace, to htiolD tol)etljcr tl)c Lo?a ijaa 

and other things, maDe l)t3 ioumcv p^ofpcroas o; not. 

which are now 22 9na U)I}ent{)e camela baa left a^tnft* 

forbid J efpecially ing,tbc man tcokc a golDcn u ^ abillemcntof 

when they ap- • balfe a (iicivtii toctgbt , ana ttBo biactlera 

pcrtainenotto fo^ ber banacs, of tennc fljeltels uieigbtof 

our mortifica- golDC : 

tion. 2? ana 'bee fapa , Cillljofc aaugljter art 

1 The poidcn tbonf tell me,3i p^ay tbce,3;3 tbere roomc in 

flickclis here tbv fatbersboufcfo;^ Us toloagetn ^ 

meanr.and n )t 24 Wi)tn \S)t faia to btm,3i flm t;>e Da«gl)' 

ihatof fiiufr. tcr of TSetb«£l tbe fonne of $0ilcal) lubom 

XR Heboaftcth Rjebarcuntojr2<iboj. 

not his Rood for- 2^ figozeoHer (be faia bnto l)tm,(I2Ie bane 

rune (as doc the Utter alfo aoa pitoncuacr pnougbiSna toome 

wicked)! ut ac- tOloBgein. 

knowiedgcth 26 SnB tl)c man botoea l)tmfclfe ana 

that God hath b30ifi)tppea tbeiLozD, 

dealt mercifuiiy 2? ananna,'Blefreabetl)eLo^D<5oBof 

with his maRcr Bip matter ai^abam , tobicl) batb not toitb« 

in keeping pro- a^aiucn bts merctc " ana bis tructb from 

mife. " m m«iRw ; fof )Pb?» 31 vpas in tije tuap, t^c 

!Lo?Bb?onsl)tmeet8W)? niaftwsi b^ctt^enjs 

28 3na tbe mapae ran ana felactfjcm of 
%tt raotbers boufe acco;toing to tbcfc luo;B». 

2^ Cii^otoKebefeabbaaabwbercalleB 
Laban , ana Laban ranne unto t\)z man x^ 
tbe uuelt. 

go fo;itoben^cl)aBfecnc tftecarerittg?, 
ana tH b^celets in bis fillers banaes , ana 
fxiimx bee bearB tbe uao^aes of Kebekab Uis( 
filler, laving, ^bns fata tbe man unto me, 
tben be tocnt to tbe man, ana loe, " be llooB 
bp tbe camels at tbe luell. 

31 ana be fata, <2Lomcin tbonbleflcaof 
tbe Lo^a : uiberefo^e Hanaeil tboti luitbout, 
feeing | baue p^epareB tbe boufe ana roome 
fo^ tbe cantels i 

32 C3Lbcn t^eman came into tlje bonff, 
ana <> be unfaolca tbe p camels, ana fa^ougbt 
liitcr ana pzouenatr fo^ tbe canuls,anB tua» 
ter to toaOi l)ts fectc,ana tbe mens feete tbat 
\uere\3ut bbtm. 

33 aitcriuara tbe meate teas fct befo;te 
l>im: but befaia,3l iU)ii not eat until 31 b^iuc 
faiB mv meffage. ana be faiB,'^pcakc on. 

34 ^ben be faia.31 am ab^abams feruant, 

35 ana tbe Loxi batb ' bleffcD mv mailer 
\j3onBerfiillp, tbat fee tc become grear, fo;be 
batbgiHcnbimfi)eepe, anabeeues, ana f.I- 
uervana gola, anB men fcruants, anB mapB 
feruants,anD camels.ana tilTcs. 

3(5 aiiB <S)arab my mafters toifc bat.b 
bo;tncafonuntomv matter, tubcn fi/cuuis 
»lB,$unto bim batb be giuen al tbat be batb- 

37 jitlou) mp matter maBe me fweare,fap' 
tngj'EbiHi ft)alt not take a Uuife to mp fonne 
of tbe Baugbters of tbe ' (^^anaanice? , m 
Xubofe lanB 3! atuell. 

38 iSuttljou flialtgoe Untomp*fatbers( 
I)oitfe,ana to mp kmrea, anB take a tuife Dn* 
to mp fonne. 

SO ^bcn3IfaiBUntompmattcr,anbatif 
tljetoomanioillnot foUoU) mc i 

40 Jaboanfu3ereame,Cbe Lo?B,befo;e 
toljom 31 ojalfte, totll fenae W anscl toitb 
tbce,ana p^ofpcr tbv tourncv,ana tbou fljalt 
take a tutfe fo^ mp tonne of mp kimeD , anB 

41 ^ben fijalt tboubc BifcbargeB of»mtne 
oatb,\ubcn ttiou commett to mp kinreBt ana 
iftbepgiuetbeenotone, tbou (bale bee free 
from mme oatb. 

42 <g^o3lcametl)i3Bap totbetoen,anB 
faia, © JLo^c tbe ©oB of mp matter ab;a» 
bam,if tbou noto piioTper mp litournep Uibicb 
3Igoc, ' 

43 BebolDc^JttanB bptlictotlloftoa* 
tcr : Uaben a uiigin commetb fo;tb to awlo 
tuater, j 31 fap to ber«<Siue mc, 31 wap tbee,a 
little Ujatcr of tbv pitcber to B^nke, 

44 ana fije fap to mc,^nnke tbeu,anB 3| 
totUairoBwto foj tbp camels, let ber be tbe 
UijifCmbicb tbe Lo;tB batb llp;cpareB fo;i mp 
matters fonne. 

45 aua befoic 31 IiaB maBe an cnBeof 
fpeaking in mine " bcart , bebolB, Ecbekab 
came foonb ana ber pitcber on ber Hjouiaer, 
ana fijc Uucnt aotone unto tl)e luel, anB Bietii 
tuater. Cben 31 faia unto ber,(&tue me B^ink 

46^ ^nt> Hje maBe ijaac,anB too&eKiotnne 

n For he waited 

on Gods hand, 
who had now 
heard hi; prayer. 


p The gentle 5jv» 
teit^iintmcnt ol" 
ftrangeri vfcd 
among the godly 

<] Thefidch'tie 
thai leriunts owe 
t<i then maUers, 
csufeth them to 
makers bufinefft 
roihtirowne nc- 

r Toblene,fig. 
nificth here to 
inrich,or increafe 
with fubftancc, 
asfhftext in the 
fame vtrle decla- 

f TheCanaanires 
were accurfed, 
and therefore the 
godly could not 
ioyne with them, 
in marriage. 
t Meflning,a- 
mong his kinfir- 
fo]kes,as verfc 

u Which by 
mine ; uthoritie 

1 caufed thee 
to make. 

rtrft I }♦ 

Q Or,jhtwti. 

X Signify in*, 
that this prayer 
was not ff>okeii 
by the mouih, 
but onelymedi* 

and l>ruigeth Rebekah to Izhak, 

Chap. ^xv. 

Abrahanj dicth. lo , 

feet pttc!)er from 5er fliswlJcr , nnu faptic, 
DMnke, ano Ij tJiU gtae tljv caiueis fi;tnl;e 
airo. ^0 31 i);anke,an9 (te gaue t^e camels 
D^tnbe alio. 

47 'EijEttJ affeeu ^cr, ants favS , iOljofe 
Daughter art tijouf Slno i]jcanfiueret!,Ei)e 
fiauff^ter of ISetbuel Babels fonnc,to^ome 
£@ilaci) bare unto Ijmi. '^^eit 3It>utt()£<i' 
btdcmcnctiponUerfacc. atto ti)e t);aceUC$ 
ijpon Ijett^anDs: 

48 y anD 31 iJotoeB Botone anO too;t(l^tp« 
pen t^e iLotU ■> attO blelTcQ t^e Le^Oe 0oQ of 
nip matter !«lb;aijam,ui^ic() ^aQ b^ous^t me 
tt)c+ rtg^tinap to taftemp madew lijtot^ers 
Dautj^tcr btito tjts fomie. 

49 ii5oiatt)erefo;iE,ifpeto(U5eale «mcr» 
ctfuili' ant) tcuelp tottij mp matter, teU meet 
ano If not, rcU me, cipat 31 map turuc mee to 
tbe » risi)t ftanO^o^ to t^e left. 

so ^(jenai-.fjjereD tabanantJBetljticI, 
ano fapc , •> "Cbie tl)tns w PiioceeDeo of tUe 
Le^D: U)ee cannot tljerefoite Tap umott)ee> 
neither euiUno;tSOoD, 

51 ■]5el)olD,Kel3ehaljtsp6efoittl)ec,ta'kc 

to meet tid? antJ tl)e fcrufitit Ijan Oivis, 5t is f The c-jr.oire 
m? maRec.) <35o lljee tooke f a i)ailc,anD co* was.y the fpoufc 
uercDijer. was tHctifjhtto 

66 !anDtl)ereruanttoK»3I?l;afe aUfeinffS herhuiJ3an(f,hcr 

tljat IjC Ijae Done. head beingcoue« 

67 afterttiarD 3!jl)afe bzoiigt)! l)erinto red, m token of 
tl)e tent of <^acalj Ijis motljec , ana Ije toofee (hamefaftneflc 
ntbehal),and i^e &as ljt3 totfe , anQ i)ee lo< and cha^itie. 
ueD &ec: ^0 3;fl)afe toas R c(«ifo?teo after 

ijismoCljetiS death. 

y ftefheweth 
ivhac is our due- 
ty,when weluuc 
recciued any be- 
nefit of the Lord. 
%£l/r. iH the way 
z Ifyouwill 
freely and faith- 
fully giue your 
daughter to my 
maflers fonnc. 

a Ihatisjthatl _ 

may prouide elf- faer'anO go', tt)»u Hjt ma^ lie tt)P maajers fon j 

\\OrMd ttft 
mourHtnt /*f 


b Sofooneas 

they perceiuc 

that it is Gods 

ordinance, they 





toife, men as tlje to;iD iKitb fi-fapD. 


I tAbrahtm takjitb I^eturah to vrtfe^d^gettetfi 
mtny chUdren. j Abraham gtutth all ha goodt 
to Iijia^, 8 Ueedteth. li The genealogte of 
Jfhwael. a 5 The btrth of Jaakjob andEfau. jo 
£fau felleth his birthriglit firam^Jfe offottage, 

N2D& SU^al)am l}aa ta^cu* Ijimajiot^er ■ Whiles SjrA 
iuife catUO Cictura^, wasyctaJiuc, 

2 iiXMxtX) bare i)(m 5tmran, and JqR* 
ftan, anD Sgeiian , ano ^iDian , anO jli^ 

g auD Jokj^an begate ^fteba,anli i:>t» 
Dan: •anu tljc fonncs of Dtoan toerc af- «.f*fM.3«.' 
^urim.anH tetttnnm, anD ileummtm. 
4 aifo tljc tons' of ® iDtan were Cl^pba^, 

52 ano tiJ^en ab^a^ama fcruant bearti anDCt)ljer,anlii;;anoc^,$abi8a,anD©l« t^br.allthatbe 
tl)e(t;\»o.2D9,t}eeb8U}cIi^imlclfeto^arDt^e Oaal) aUt^cfeUiercttjefomiesof {tieturab. ^'^ 


53 'S-bcntijererMant tooHe foo^tb teUiela 
of lUuer,anD tetocl90fB0lDe> auD rapment, 
anO to bcr motUc r hi gaue gifts. 

?4 afterttaro tbepUiB eate anD annf^e, 

both bee , anD tbe men tbat were Ujttb btm, 

ana tartcD all mgbt : anD tubcn tbep rofe top 

in tbc mo;tnins,l)C faiD, *Let me Depart ti\^ 

f^*rfej$.&S9. twjipmaiUr. 

55 'Cb«nberb?9tbEtanD brrniotberan* 
uueres, Let tbe niatDe abiDe tuttb ^s, at tl^e 
leaa; tenne Dapes '. tben fljalltlje goe. 

56 T5IU: bee fapD tmto tbcw , iy inDer pou 
roe not, feeing t^eLo;iD batb wofpcreDmp 
tournep : fenD mee atoap, tbat3l map goe to 
mp mailer. 

75 %^tn tbep fatD,22{e toil call tbe inatQ 
^ . 58 anDtbepcaUeDKebelia^,anD fapDc 

not authority t© ^„(p ij^^^ jatlt tbOU gO ttttb tW manf ailO 

narry their chiL jjjj anfojereD,3] tutll goe. 

52 'S)ot6cvlctUcbekab tbefr Oner goe, 
anD bcr nurfe, toitlj ab^abamis Ceruant anD 
bis men. 

60 anD tbep blctTcDKebcftab, anDfapD 
into bcr, 'Eboti art our Oftcr, greiae into 
tboufanDtboufanbs, anDtbpfceDe poITcRe 
tbe d gate of bis enemies. 

(51 C S-benRebekab atofe, (Jber maiD£*, 
$ rdDe bpon t^e camels^ follotueD tbe man: 

62 00)3} 31?bah canit from tbe teap of 
"Beer-Iabai roi,(to.z be Diselt in tbe ^outb 
(ountrcp.) • 

6? anD 3]5bati teent out ta * pwp in tbe 
fielD tottarD tbe cuentng: tobo lift Dp bis 
epe0,anD lookcD,f beljolD, tbe camels came. 
. (>4 aifo Ecbeftab lift tip ber cpes , anD 
promifes.andto tobenftjeefatu 3l!balt,tbee UgbteDjMijaiTC 

pray far the ac ff(„„ ^jg ca„iei. 

eomphil.niet« ^^ ( jfo^ fljg ^aD faiD to tbe feruant,Jabo 
thereof. i^ ppjij,^,; n^^o , tftat wmmsty in tije 6«ID, 


e ThisOiewtth 

that parents bauc 

dren without 

d ThatJs.Ietic ' 
be viftoriciiso- 
uer his enemies' 
(vhicfa bleffino js 
fully accompli- 
(hed in leiiis 

Cliap.i6. 14' ""^ 

c This was the 
exercife of the 
godly fathers,to 
meditate Gods 

5 C anD ab^abam gaue + all bt3 gOOD;!? ^ For by the ver- 
to jIfbaH; '"eof Gods 

6 "But iJntO tbe *> fonnce of tbe <= COncU« **ord he had not 

btnei5,D)ljicb ab;tabambaD,ab^abam "igaue on«ly '^ak, tut 
gifts, anD rent tbtmaujap from 3i?bakbis begatmanymoe. 

luime (\J}bllC be pet UutD) ©alHoacD to tbe 

(jcattccuntrep. »4' 

7 anD tbis is tbe age of abjabams life, <i To auoid« the 
tobtcbbeelmcD, aa ijuiu^etbfeuentpanD diffcnuon chat 

fine peer C. els might haue 

8 'EbcnaB:abampeelDeDtbcfpitit,aMD eomebecaujeof 
8leD in a gooD olD man, auD of great the heritage, 
peeres, anD tuas*gatbercD to bis people, f Her«bythean« 

9 ana bis fonncs, libak anD 3'ift;macl cjentfignified 
burtcD btm in tbe csue of $0acbpelab>tn tbe 'bat n<an by 
fiflD of a2pb;!ou fonneof Joartbei^ittite, <J"tb perifhed 
before ^amre, not wholly: but . 

10 4«abiCb*ficlDab?abamb0UgbtoftbC asthefoulrsof 

10ittites,tobcreab?abam»)asfaurieBUii(b the godly liued 

^arab bis wife af«t in perpetu- 

11 C anD after tbe Deatb of ab^abam all ioy, fo the 
©oDblelfeD Sifijakbts fonne, *auD 55bafe fouksofthewic- 
DtoeltbjiBeer-labai-roi. ked m perpcta- 

12 €00)3} tbefe are tbe generations of aiipame. 
3!QjmaEl ab;abams fonne, tabom t^agae fiap.ij tS. 
tbe ®gpptian,<©arabs banDmaiD, bare pn» chap. i6. 14. 
toab^abam. and 14.61. 

13 * anD tljefe are tbe names of tbe fons i.^6r9.r.2j. 
of SHjmacl , name bp name , acco;Dtng to 
tbeickinreDs; tbe I: clDeft fount of 3Bll5m3£l \Sbr.firfibeTnu 
was ii^abaiotlj, tben KeDar,anD aDbeeLana 


14 anD S^ilbma, anD Dumab, f SIPalTa, : 1 

15 i;aDar,anD'Eema,3ictur,j|^apbttb, 
anD t'xeDemab. 

16 "Ebefearetbefonnesof 31lbmacl, anB 
tbefe are tbeir names , bp tbcir totoncs anD 

bptbcir catties: towic, twlue princes of f which dwelt 

tbeir nations. ^ am. n- the Ara- 

J7 (anDtbeiearetbepceresoftbeltfeof i,j,^ J^^dwerc 
3[iT)macl,an bnnD^etb tbirtp anD fr uen pcre, fepgra-c from the 
a:iDbcvc?lDcDtl}elpirtt,anDoi(D,anDtoas \\zSzdk<iA, 
satbeteoymcijt;3f people.) 

3 1 18 ano 

,aakob and Efau borne. .^^enefis. Ablmelech. Izhak a Granger. 

IS anu tlje^ntoeltfrom l^amlab^mo in tljelanUbJljtd) 31 tt)aUff)etj)i3ntotl)£f. 
<@>i}ui;,tl)at is totBari3s<D5ypt,agtl)ougO£a 5 Dtuclltii tl)ic lanl3,anD 31 toil bt\3iit^ 
fiOrM^^tf^^' toauijiic.inimacitiuweiuuitljepiteienceof tljee, aiiD twU bleffe tbee :fo? to tftce, ana aUl)tsi)^etl)?En. tO tl)VrcCD31totU glue all t!)Efc * COUHtrvest Chaf/ 

that his lot fell to 10 CJJ'i^ett)tfetI)ereat:ctI)e sentrations anDJItaiUpeifo^inctljeotljeUJljicljafUjacc aaUi^.iZ, 

dwell amonsnis ofjifbak, ab^ia^amsfomie. ian^Jaljam 1)6" unto abwJjanul;? father. 

brethren.asthc gateJIjljaU, , , 4 Slfo 31 iMiU caufe tljv fteti to nuilttplp 

Ansel proniifed, 20 m^ Jl^ljafe 1033 fo]itVVttvt 015, Ujljen 33 tftc rtan:c0 of Ijeaticii , ann toill gtue unto 

ciipp.i6.i2. ijecaokcEcbekaljtoiaifctt^cDaujlKEC ot tl3pfceaaUtl)Efecoimtr)»es: anointDpfeea 

\\0r, Syrian of 'Berl3usltl)cii '3,xmm of PaDauatam, and lyaU all tljeuartons of t[)C cartl) be "blcffcB 

Mefopoumu, filtei- to iLabaH tl)e acanucc. ^ ^ 'Becaufe tliat !ab^al)am 

'Befl3usltl)cii aramite of PaDauatam, and 
futei- to iLabaH tl)e acanucc. 

21 anD ijDah pzavcannto tl3ClLo?a fo? 
l)ig\mfE,becaulefi)eetea3 faamn': anotije 
iLo?D isas intteateD of t!UH, ana KebeKal) 

22 But tl}e djilO^en liarone togetljec 
toitljin \)tv. tl3ecefo;te Ujee fapa , 'S)CEtnsic is 
fo, »ji)vam'| httjusf toljevefo^c il)« iuent 

23 9natl)eLo^afava to!)er,'EtiJonati-- 
ens are m tl3p wombe, § ttoo inannec of peo> 
pie fljalbe aimaco our of t^p be ffiels,ana tl^e 
one people fljallbeemtgljtier tl)cntoeotl)gr, 
ana ttie * eiaec njall terue tijc vonger. 

24 Cl^becefo^eiuljcnliei- time of acliue* 
rancc toas fullillcB,bel30ia,tUJUines were tn 

25 ^0 l)e tljat came out firtl teas cca,ana 
Se tuas all onec as a touglj garment, $ tljt? 
callca 1)13 name® fan. 

26 • ana aftertoara came W b?otIjec 
out, ana fttg ftana Ijeiae ©fan bp t^c Ijeele: 
tI)erfo;e ^is name teas caiua 3aakob.0oaj 
3l5ljafea>astt);£erco^6rccwoia to&en Kcbe- 
kah bare tl)cm. 

27 ana tl)e boyes greb) . ana ©fan wjs a 
cunning l3Hnt£f, f t l»Jea in tljetieiag: but 

ifEbr. venifonin jaakcb Vuas a 8 plain man,'jai)oclttn tents. 

C^f*/" 12.5 nnd 
i5.'8. tf»^ i8. 
I'i.and 22. 18, 
and 28. 14. 
c Hecommen- 

^Or, hurt one ttu- 
other. ^ 

h That is, with 
child, (eeiivg one 
(hall deftroy an- 

i For that is the 
onely refuse in 
Rom- 9' 12. 

Hofea. I a j. 
matth. 1.2. 





bis mowh. 
lOr^fecd me 

k The reprobate 
efteem not Gods 
benefits except 
thcyfeelc them 
therefore they 
preferre prelcnt 
Ileb. 12x6. 
1 Thas the wic- 

28 ana Jlj^ak loueB ©fan , fo^ * tiemfon 
was ijis meats, bnt Rcbeltal) ionea 3iaaUob. 

2£) ^on)31aak0bioDae pottage, mXHQ- 
fan came from tlje ficlB ana toas tueatie 

50 Cljen mm faia to 3laafeob, ii Let me 
catt 31 P?ap tljec, of tijat portage fo rea , fo? 31 
am WM^. ^€beref0(ietua5 W name calua 

51 anB3Iaa&ol)fava,'©enmeecuenno)j) 

?2 ana ©fan fapBc, Loe, 31 am almofl 
6eaa,\3)l)at is tljen ti^ts •> bittljngftt to meef 
55 3Iaakob t^cn raia,©\Mearc to me encn 
ked prefcrre their ijo\». anB 1)6 ftoarc to ^im,ana * ' foiae ljl9 
worldly commo- butlj^tglitijntoSlaakob. 
diticstoGods g4 '|:i}fn31aaUobgauE6^faub?eaa ana 
rpirituali graces: pottage of Untils ; ana te Bta eat (i:B;itnke, 
but the children anQ foCe Dp , auB tBcnt l)i3 toay : -^o <2£fau 
contemnea his btrtl);itgl)t. 


. I God prouideth fjr I%bal{intbe famine, i. He 
re»ueth hn promt fe. 9 The l{ing blametb him for 
denying hu wife. i^The Fbiltjlims bate him far 
hit riches, 1 5 flop his weUes, 1 6 and drius htm 
away, 24 God comforteth him, 31 Heemakjetb 
ahfince with .AhimeUch. 

A0 D there toae a famine in tftc » lanBc 
beUBestfecflrft fanmiet^attoas intht 
Bajjesofab^aljam. CiIll3ercfoM;3l5l)aUa)cnt 
to abtmelECij king of tlje IpljiUltim^f unto 

2 JFoi t^e !lo^a appcarea tinto fttm, ana 
faia>''©06 not oo»nc into(lt?sppt, bw ab;a« 

©f God doc the 

aln the land of 
bGods proiii- 
dence al^ayes 
v»afcheth t6 di- 
leftth* vvayesof 

5 Teecaufe tliat ab^abam ' obtvea mv 
liojiceanB kept mine ^ o^ainancc ,mv com» 
mana£raent0,mv rtatiites , ana mp Latues. 

6 C<S)o31?ijakBUieltin(6Erar. 

7 anatljemenof tbeplaceafkeBhimof dethAbrahams 
gis inife, ana be fapBa'Siftec is my fttlcr : fo^ obedience, bc- 
Ijc •* fearea to fap. ^bee is mv toife,lcft,fayd caufe ixhak 
he,tljemenoftl)eplacei{iouiakiilinee, be-- (houidbeethc 
canfeoflebeka^; fo?fljetoas beautifnUto more reidyto 

tlje epe. follow the like: 

8 <^o after Ije I)aa been tljere long time, for as God made 
abimelecb king of tlje pijtuatms lookcB this promife of 
eiit at a U'inaoto , ana loe , Ijee fato S5l)ak his free mcrcie, fo 
= fpo^ting tottt) ISebekal) Ijistuife. docth the confir- 

g 'Et)enabimel£c}3callea3!?l)ak,ffaia, mation thereof 
1Loe,fije is of a fncrtp tljp totfe,!i tab? fapBetl proceed oi the 
t^ou, -^lie is mj> filler^ to tuljom 3l5l)aU an^ fame fountainc. 
itterea, TSecanfe 31 t^ongljtthis, Jt may bee iE6r.ffjy keeping. 

tljat3I Hjall aiC fO^l Ijer. d whereby wee 

10 'Eljenabimelecljfaia.anijp'ballttlOU fee that feare and 

Bone tljis unto us i one of tbe people taB al« diftrun is found 

mOttUenbp tl^VtoifcrofljOUlBCfttljOWljaUC inthemollfaitli- 

bitongljt ' finne upon us. full. 

11 'Eljen abimelccb cbargea all l)is peo« e or (hewing 
pic faying, l^ec tbat toncl)ct5 tljt^ man , ojt fomeiamiiiar 
^isiiuifcHjallBietbeacat^. figncof icue, 

12 aftertoara3!?hakfotoea in t^atlana, whereby it niigiu 
anafonna intljefameveerc [lan Ijnna^etl) be kno wen that 
folB bp etlimatien : ana fo tljc JLo^a blelTea /he was his wife. 

ftim. f In all ages men 

15 anatl)emantoai;cam{gI)tiJ, gtttliU werepetfwaded 

incrcafea till ^e teas erceeaing great: that Gods ven- 

14 Jf ojt be haB flocks of fwepc,ana berBjf geance (houid 
ofcattcll,anaamigbtp tjoufiiolB: tijerefo^e light vpon wed- 

t§e Pl)tlifttms l)aB g tnnte at Ijim, locke breakers. 

15 3lnfOmnclj tbat tbe Pl)illftimS ffOp. bundretb 

pea ana RlleB upUJitbeariljatl tljeUacUes, meafures. 
tobicl) l)i5 fatljers fernants Bigjcea va, i)is %zbr>heewent 
fatljer ab^aftams time. foonb coim ani 

16 -SLben abimeletl) ra?B Unto 3!?^ak, mcreaLg 
©et tlKC from u»,fo; tljou art migljtier tljen g The malicious 
toeagreataeale. enuyauvaves the 

17 CEljerefo^e 3l5l)aftBeparteatl)ence graces of God ia 
anapitcbeabistentlntrje '■ualUp of (Se* others, 
rar,ana Btoelt tbere. h The Fbrewe 

18 ana 3I?bak returning BiggeBtlietoels word fi^nifiith 

Ofto8tcr,UJi3tCl)tI)£pl)aBDtggeBinpaavE3 afloodo" valley, 

of ab^abam Ijis fatbcr : fo? tbe IBbiltfttms wher*- water at 
l)aa RoppcB tbem after tbeBeatb of ab^a- any time run- 
^am , ana bee gaae tbcm t^e lame nameis, nech. 
tol)tcl) bis fcUijer gane tljem. 

19 3l5l)ak3 feruants tljenBiggea tntl)e 
uallep, ana fowna t^cre atocU of 11 Uuing ro/-,/»riWi»ft 
toatcr. !•>.«' i & 

20 "But tl)e ^etamcn of ©erar BiB ffrfne 
toitb3l5{)afesi)erBmcn,faving, 'Efeetoatct 
is ours: tbcrefoic callta Ijec tlje name of tbc '' 
toelJll ®fck,becaufe tl)Si»Ui£reat ilrife toit^ ^or^coHtenriott,. 

|)iW. ilrife, 

21 aftertoarB tliev Biggea anotf)cr toell, ^ ' 
<ma awn? foiitljat aup> «nc &ef calleB tbe 

Efau is fcnt for venifon^ 

Chap.xxvij. laakobgettethhisblcffing. ix 



i Godaffurerb 
Izhakagaind all 
feare by rehear- 
made to Abra- 

k Tofignifie 
that he would 
lerue none other 
God, but the 
God of his father 

I The Hebretves 
in fwearing be* 
gin commonly 
with If, and vn- 
derftand the reft: 
that is,that God 
(hall punifh him 
that breaketh the 
o(he: here the 
wicked (hew 
that they are a- 
come to them, 
which they would 
do to other. 
MOr.the wellof 
the othe. 

Chap 17.4*. 
*Hi rebellious. 

t thr.LoeJ. 

% SbrJmnt. 
a The carnal af 
feflion, which he 
made him forget 
that which God 
(p^ke to his wife, 


2 2 Cfien ^e remeiteU t^ettccantJ tiiggcO 
anotI)£t;totU,fo^ t^e \a%K)i tljcp ftcoiie not; 
t|erefo;e calleD Ijcc tljc name of it II Kcfto» 
botlj, anu I'aiOr, 'BtcaufE tljeio^Q l^ato noto 
maoe ijs toome, tue (ijall incwaft ijpentlje 

23 «©o^el!3enti)ptl)cnce tolSeec-lIjeba. 

24 aiHnt^e£o;DappcareQ intoljlmtlie 
fame ntgtjt, ano faiD , a am t^c (60D • of a* 
biaftam rbp fatljc c ; feacc not,fo;t 31 am toit^ 
^tz-, aMDiijiIlljleffetbee, ano rauUiplp t|)p 
fceo fo; mpfcciiant !3b2a^am0 fahe. 

2? '3ri;en \)i bmlt an i' altar tl)ece,anfl cal« 
leD upon tfie il^ame of t^e Lo;!D, ann t^erc 
(p.zeao l)is tent : toljece alfoSi^afeis feriiants 

26 ^Witn came abimelcclj to Ijini fwm 
^erar, anD aijtijjalj oneotl)ts fttenO!3,an5 
li36icl)0l t^e captaine of bis arm?. 

27 Co tol)om 3l5ljali fapQ , COijerefo^c 
come ?e tome, feeing re bate nic, auDbaRC 

28 cabo anftuerco, Mz fato certatnelp 
tbat tbe HoiO tuas luitb tbce, ^tuetbougbt 
thus. Let tbere be noto an otbe betttieene us, 
euen bettutene tts anB tbcc, anO let D3 make 

29 1 Jftboiiajalt Doeb0nobttrt:,a«tijc 
bane not toucbeD tbec.anD as toe baue Done 
into tbee notljmgbntgooD, anD Cent tbee a» 
toap in peace: tbettnoto, tbe bleQeD of tbe 

JLoitl,doe this. 

30 'Eben be maue tbcm a fcalf, anti tbcp 
DiD eat anu 5;inke. 

31 ^\XQt\^t>^ tofe tp betimes in tbe nio?« 
mng.anB fiuarc one to anotber: tben 31?l}afe 
lee ttjcm goe,anD tbe? DcpacteD from biin ta 

g2 SnD tbat fame Day lljbalts feruants 
came ann toln bimof ati)clI,tiJbicb tbepban 
HiggeD, ant) faiD unto btm, iSXz baue founD 

g? ®obe calleo ttO^bibab t tberefo;e 
tbe name of tbe cttte is calleo II l5eeMbeba 
into tbts Bap. 

?4 c j[5oU) toben (Efaii teas fonctp peece 
"Beeti an tpttttte, anD ";5atbibematb tbe 
Dangbtec of (Elon an t;ittite aifo. 

3^ anu tbe» * \uere II a gciefe of mtnflc to 

8 yaal{ob gettetb the bbjjing jro Sfau by hit mo- 
thers ctUnfel. j8 Sfaubyrveepwgmouethhisfi' 
therto puy htnu^-i Eftu bateth laakob ^ threat- 
neth hit death.^i T^ebel^ahfendeth faal^sb away* 

Af5D toben 3l5l)afe toas oioe. ana bis eyes 
toerentmme, ( fo tbat be coiilo not fee) 
be calleD (!Sfau bis elDeS fonnc, ana faia tin* 
to btm, ^pfomte. ana be anfoieceabtm, 

2 'Cben be faiD,'Bcl)ola,3I am noto olBe, 

3 Ciabctefo^c noiw, 31 P^ap tbee,tafee tbtne 
intlruments, tbv (turner ana tbpbotDe, ana 
ffettbeetotije ticlD, tbattljoumapeftualte 

4 'Ebenmatcemefauojipmeat, Hicb a£t 
31 loue,ana bung tt me tbat 31 map eate, and 
tbatmp'tbuUnia; WSa tb(?befo;( 3I0ie. 

5 ( aoto Kcbeftab beara , toben 3l5bak 
rpahetoCfan bis fonne)ana (iSfaH toent 
into tbe fieloe to bunt fo^ uenifon , ana to 

6 CCb«T Kebefeab fpakc unto 3!aaftob 
ber£bnne, Caping, 13ebolDe,31 bauebcara 
tb? fatber talhing tuitb ©fan tijp biotber, 

7 T52tng me ueniQm , $ mafec me fauoii* 
rp meatctbat 31 map eate ana blelfe tbee be- 
fore tbe Lo;o,afo^e mp Bcatb. 

8 j:5otD tberefo^e, mv fonne, bearemp 
bopcem tbattjjbicbSlcommana tbee. 

''(Set tbee noui to tbe flocl^cana bating 
me tbcnce ttoo gooa ktlis of tbe goates , tbat 
31 map make pleafant meate of tbem fo^ tbv 
fatbecfucb as be leuctb. 

10 Cben tbow ibaltb^ing it to tbp fatljcr, 
ana be fljatl eate, to tbe intent tbat be map 
blelTe tbee befo,!e bis aeatb. 

11 But31aakobfaiDtoKcbelvabbisma» 
tber, 'BebolD, (Efau mp b^otbet is roiigb,anO 
3! am fmeotbe. 

12 ®p fatber map poffjblpfcele me, ana 
31 ibal leemc t to bim to be a II mocfeer:{b ibal 
31 b4ng a curfe tjpon me, ana not a bleOing. 

I? T^ut bis motber faia Dntobim,|| '^p. 
on me be tbp curfcmp fonne: onelp beate mp 
tJOpce,ana goe anD b(!ingme them. 

14 "©o be toent aiiB fet thcm,anB b^ougbt 
themtoljis motbtc; ana bis motber maae 
pleaQint nteat,fucb as yts fatber loueB. 

i^ ana Kebchab took faire clotbes of bet 
clBer fonne ©fan, tobtcbtocre inberboufc, 
ana tlotljea JIaakob berpongcr fonne: 

\6 ana fljce couctcB bis tjanBes ana t^e 
finootbe of bisnecketoitb tljcfkinne^of tbe 
ikias of tbe goats. 

17 aftertuata fi)e put \\)z pleafant meate 
anabjeaD,tBbicbibe l)aa p^teparea, in tbe 
bana of ber fonne 31aakob. 

18 C anO cutien be came to \^\% fatber, be 
fata, S©p fatber. C^bo anfbiereB, 31 am 
bcre : tobo art tbou, mp fonne i 

19 ana Jaakob faia to \s\z fatber,<»31 am 
(il'im tbp Brit boine, 3! baue Bone as tbou 
baaed me, arife,3I p^ap tbee ; fit up ana eate 
of mp i)enifcn,tbat tljv foule niav blelfe me. 

20 Cbcn 31 jbakfatB unto bis lonne,t;;oto 
baft tbou founa it fo quicklp mpfonne.'uHbo 
fata, Becanfe t^^z to?Btbp<Soab;ougbtit 
to mine bana. 

21 agame 3I?baft fapBe into 3IaakolJj 
<2>omencetcnoto,tbat31 mapfecle tftee, mp 
fonne , tobetbet tbou be tbat mp fonne <Efau 

22 'Eben 3Iaal(o& came neereto 3I^aft 
bis fatber, ana be felt bini,ana fapa, Cbe 
« tiovce is 3]aakobs Dopce , but tbe banBeis are 

2? (JFo^beekneto \m not, becaufe bis 
banaes aere tougb as bis b;iotbec Cfaus 
baiiBes : tubcrcfozc be bleifeB btm) 

24 againe bee fapD, art tbou tbatmp 
fonne ®f:iH i Cdlbo anftuereD,tpea. 

25 'EbenfaiDbr,"13Mnsitmcbitber,anO 
31 toilleateof mp fonncs uentfon, tbat mp 
foule map blelfe tbee- ana bee b;oHgbt it to 
btm,anB bee ate ; alfo bebzougbtbini lutnei 

26 a(te()»acOe bi^ fatber 3I?^aik fapae 

^ 3 ^nto 

b Thisfubtiltje 
is blame-wonbyi 1 
bee ufcfhc "'\ 

(hould haueta* 1 
riedtilGod had 
perfoitned bis 

\2hr.hefire hit 


y Or, as though f 



\\OrJ mlltal^e 

the danger eit 


c The affurancc 

of Gods decree 

made hei bold« 

d Although laa- 
kob was aflurcd 
of this blefling 
by faith; yet be 
did euil to feeke 
it by lies, and the 
abufeth Gods 
Name cbeceunto. 

e This dedareth 
that hcfuf^dlcd 
fome thing, yec 
God would not 
haue his decree 
% Ebr./am. 

^fau thrcatneth laakob. 


laakob fleeth , and dream eth 

tJittoi)(m, ciome new note, ana Mfleme, 

27 anB \m came iiccre aiiti ftiiTeu ijt'm. 
'Eljen IjEfuiellcu tlKfauoutofljtsgamicts;, 
nm blcffeD Ijjiu,ano fino, ISeljolD^tije OiicU 
orKii> foimcisfis tlje fmetl of a ficlD , toljic^, 20. 28 *@oQgiuc tijcetbcrefo^c of tlje fletue 
of ijeaticn, aim tl)e fattielTc of rlje zattl) , aiiQ 
plentic of toljcat ano ^tite. 

20 ilet people be tl)»'reniants,antiiiati'' 
om bota ijnto ri)ce:l)c lo^o oner tljp lverf);tcn, 
anolet ti)i> motljcrsi c53tlBKn Ijonour tlice. 
ciicieo be he tijat curfetlj tljec, anu bUlTen be 

?o ca»tHuljen3I?I)aUI)at!niaBe anenu 
of bUiTing: Saishob , am Ji'mkob tons fcarcc 
gesuoiit from ti)e pzcfcnce of IfljaH i)is fa- 
tijer, tl)CJi came (Siau Ijis D^ot{)ei- fromijisi 

gi anDljefairop2cpareDrauo;tj>meatauti 
fo;totisIjt it to Ijis fatl3cr,anD fata mno Ijts fa* 
tljrr, Hftmpfdtlieraritevjcafofljisromie? 
l3CitiroH,tl)at tljpfoulE mapblertemc. 

32 'But 1)13 fatl;cr3;ifl)a'kfapD iintoijim, 
££iljo art tl)oti i ano !)c anfuiercD, 3! am tijp 
fonnc,euen tl)v firft bo^nc ©fau. 
f In perceiuing 55 iE,l)m Jjljak Ujas f ffricRen tjiftl)a 
his errour.hy nianiiiioi!0 {jrcat feare, aiiD faiD , Cilljo and 
appointirg his tuiicrcislje tliatljunteQ ueniron,anD b^ougljt 
heircagainft itHicanD 3Il)a»eeateiiofaUbefo^e t!)ouca' 
Gods fcntence mztti ano 31 bauo blelTeQ Ijini , tljcrefo^e Ije 

pronounced be- fijall be bleffcO. 

foie, 54 eail)en®ranfiearti tljetoo.isesofljts 

e Or, fnfflci- fatljEr,I)e crteri out ujit!j a great cry ann btt» 

exdy. ter,oiit of mcafitre, anD faio Dnto Ijts fatljer, 

e inchecha.25. 'JBlcireme,cueniviea!ro,mr fatljer. 

lie vvns fo called, 5^ 'iCibo anfirercD , 'Cl)v b^otfjcr came 

bccaufeheheid lutti) fiibtiUJc 5 aiiO ^atl) tahcu a\uap tlj? 

his brother by bliffmg. 

the heele, as 36 El)CK IjC faiU,(I£[Ia!J JjC llOt ftiaiv callet) 

though he ivouid g3naaUob; fo^ \)z ijatlj Dccciiiei] me tl)cfe ttoo 
ouerchrow him: tJmcs : l)E too'te Jiiv birtij^tgljt, aiiO loc,nolu 

and there fore he J)atl; \)Z ttAmX WW blefiillg. 9110 l)E fntDjit7a{l 
is here called an tl;ot! HOt tCfcrUCD a bKillllg fo^ Uie i 

ouer:hrower,or ?7 '5Lljen'l5l)a'kanru)ere9,anD faiObiito 

decciuer. Q£fair, "BsljolD,!! Ijaue uiaDet^tm'' tljHo^D, 

h Fi.r ixhak did r;no all 1)13 bictfjjfn Ijaue 31 nJ^itic tis fcr« 

thiiashewasthe iiantj ; alfo h»tl) toljeat anU tunic banc II 

minifter & Pro- fiiciiifijeti btm,ant3 Duto tljce iioVo iwljat iljali 

phet of Ciod, 31 i5oe,mv fPH'Te i 

I Or. J am alfo 38 '(a:i)en<ii;i>.ti fattj inttoI)is(fatI)cr, lljaft 

(thyfonne.) tljoabiitDiKblclTins, juyfatbcrf bleflemc, 

Hehr. 12.17. II <^"«" »^c alfa uu' f^tljer : anD <Efau UfccD yp 

J Bccai'.fctiiine ^tS DOl'CCantl * iuepf. 

enemies !ha!be 3^) '■€Ctienl5^aIU)l3fatI)eri»nfu)et"ca,anD 
roBndabout Cv.DeUiUoIjim, BebolD, tl)efatncircDftl)c 
Thee, cartl) Pjali lie tl))>DtoLilnig place, nnl3 thou 

If which ".'ns UiaU haiie of tl)CDelUOf IjcailCIl from uboiie. 
fulfiilcd in his 40 giliiJ ' WP tl)y fUJOiO fiialt tljOil IttlcatiO 

poikricic the I, fijatt be tl)v b;!Qti)er3 '' fcrtjant. "But it lljall 
dume:^n5 : who comc to yafic , •■xi!)cn tl)Du iljalt get tl)c ma* 
were tributaries ftcric, tijat tljoa (Ijait b^eakeljispokcfrom 

for a time to ]f- tljpnrckC. 

raei , and after 4! ^L '^Dbefcfo^c (Sfau batcB jlaalvob be* 

ometoii'jcrtie. caitfeof tl)ebleffinn:? tol)ercloitl) l)is fatl)ec 

Oiflrf.1. 10. blclTcQ Ijtm.anD QEfau tljotigijt iw 1)15 mini!, 

I Hypocrites * djc fiai'S'? cf moiuturg foi mv fatljtc U)il 

onelvabftcine COIlie fflO^iy, ' lljtU 31 IWlll lUv lUV b^OtljCf 

from doing eoil 31aahDb. 

for fcaic of men, 42 VinD it tC?,? tCiO? tO Kf beUili) pf t^? 

too;ins:of (Sraul)tr elTier fomte, auti l^efent 
anDcalltajlaafeob Ijcrpoagetfomtc, (iffata m He hath good 
tontobmi, •i5cl)olQe,tl)p blotter (Jglaii"' is lopetorecoucr 

C0info.Ite5 agatnit tl3e;,meaniiig to felU tl)CC: I'is birthriglu by 

45 ii5o\« tl)erefO(te my fomie , Ijeare mp killing thee, 
iovcc: arife, ana fice tljou to iparaii to my n For the wicked 

bildtljCr E-aban, fonne uil kill Ehc 

44 lanatarvtuttljbtniatDbtlCjtJUtiUljv godly: and the 
l);iotter s fiercerieflc be fujagcB, plague of God 

4^ anatiU tl)l)b?0tl3cr3 UiiatI)ttIC!Je 3' vvillaftenvard 

toaj? frcm tl)ce, $ be forget tlje rbings xulji'cb light on the wic- 

tljon baft 'Qiswz toljim : tljen will '31 ftna ana ked fonne. 

take tt)ee from tl)Ence : tol)v iljouia 31 be "Se* 0111^.16 3 y, 

p;it!eDofvoiiboti)inon6Cap.' o vvhichwerc 

46 giro ISebelial) fata tb3i5l)afe5'31am Efauswiues. 
toear)'ofmvftfE,fo?tl)e°aa'.igl)ter0ofl;ctl). p HerebyOie 
3;f 3iaa^ob taUe atoifcoftijccangbtccisof perfwaded izhaS 
l;;etl)iikc tl)efe of tijeaaiialjtcrsof tlje Una, to agree to laa- 

r toijat auailetl) it me to \\\.\z i koks departure. 


I jf^a\ firbiddetl) faal{il) to ta\e a voife of the 
Ca>iaanitei. p Sfau tal[eth a rvifi of the daugh* 
ten ej J[l}r/iaela^mnfi his fathers vctil. iifaal{ob 
lit the way to Hay an feeth a ladder reaching to 
heanen. 14 (^lirtilupronufed. iq laakob asl^eth 
of God onely meate and clothing. 

Ti}cn 35l)alual(ca3!iiakob, ana a ijiciTcn a Thisfecond 
ijim, anarbargea J)im » ana faia unto bkiiingwasco 
l)tm, "Eafee not a tetfe of tlje Baugljtcr.3 of confirme laa- 
(jTanaan. kobs faith, left 

2 arife, * ^Et i\it to * USaaan aram to he ihouid thinkc 
tbc lioufe of Uttbncl tbv motljers fatljer, 'bat his father 
anatbencetaftetljecatoifeoftljeaaug^tcrs tad gieenit 

of Haban tbv motljers; b^otbcr. without Gods 

3 ana ©on fiall fnfficsent bleffe tl)ce ana niotion, 
make tljec to tncreafc, jmuUtplvtocctljat Hofe.n.M. 
tljou nui'Cft be a muititiioe of people, chap.-:^. 1 o. 

4 ana giue tbee tbe blefftng of 3b^a' \iOr,^imihtjf, 
liam, euentotl)feanatotl)v fetaioitbtliice, b ihegoiiiyfa. 
tl)at tljoiimaveft inlierit tbelana (toljcrem thcrs were put 
tl)ou art a ^ ftranger, ) UJljtcl) (Soa gaue uti' '" mindcco-ti- 

toabiaBam. nually^that they 

5 ^l)iis3!5l)a'kfcntfoo?tI)31a.iUob,ana wcrcbutftran- 
l)e tocnt topaaan aram unto Laban fonne gcrs m thi? world: 
ofX^etljueltljcaraniite, b^otlier to Kebe» to the mtcm they 
kal) 31aaUob3 ana ©fans motber. n-ouiH iiic vp 

6 CCail)Cn(s£faunitue tljat Jfljali IjaB their eyes to the 

bUlfcailaaliob, anafcnt bim to i;daDan a^ hcaucns, where 

ram,to fetbtm ataife tljcncc, anD ginen bun they ftouid hauc 

acbargetJDbenljebieircabtm.raving, 'Sbou a fuie dwelling, 

ftalt not tahc a usit'c of tlj: aar.gbttrp of fiOr,befdi hu 

C£anaan, n>tues. 

7 ana that3i3aftob Ijaa obc^'ea W fa* c ihinUng 
tl)cranabi9 motljec, anaiuasgonetopa* hereby to hauc 

aan aram : reconciled him- 

8 Mo (Elau feting tl)at tbs aaitgljtcrs fcife to his fa- 
of (S^anaan aupleaffa hWi bi-3 fatber, ther.butali in 

'3:i)entUent®fant0 31flimafl,(Jt00hC vaine: for he ta- 
ll t)ntO tbe lt3iues,which he had.§I9ab>lli1tb tl)e kethnnt a»ay the 

Danrtbter of' 3!fliniael ab;iabams fonne, tljc caufe of the cuii. 
JitrErof0abaiotb.tobel)isiuifc. d c:bri!listhe 

10 f ji5otu 31aakob aepartea from Bccc- iad.icr,whercby 
fi)cba,ann lucnt to i)aran. God & man are 

ir ana became unto a certaincplaCC,ana iovncd together, 

tarica t')cre all nigbt, becaufc t\)C -iSriin luasf & by whom the 
Bol»ne, anatookeoftbeifontc of tbe place, AngchniniHer 
anolavae unDcrbis Ijeaa, ana ilcpt in tbe vmo vs.- all gra- 
mme place. CCS by him are 

12 ia;bcn!)ecB^eamea, anabeI)olD,tI)ere giucnvnrovs,& 

ltp05 a ** UaOfV iJPOn tl;e WVtlj,«UD tbe we bjhimafccnd 

top iniobeauco. 

of a ladder. laakobs vowe." 

Chap, xxix. 

laakob and Labaii. 

Ch<tp.i$ I, and 
48. J. 

c Hee felt the 
force of this pro> 
mife onely by 
faith: for all his 
life time hi was 
but a ftrangcr in 
Deut.yi. 29. 
And ip.i4> 
Chap. I J- J. 

and 2 2, 1 S. 

f He was touched 
with a goJly 

fcare and rCue- 

g To bee a re- 
membrance one- 
Jy ofthevifion 
(hewed vnto 

\\OrJ}oufe of God 
b Hcbindeth 
not God vniicr 
this condition, 
ethhis infirmity, 
andpromifeth to 
be tbankfull. 

a That is , hee 
went foQ'tbon 
his ioumey, 
%EbM the Und 
of the children of 
the Eal. 
b Tnushewai 
only proui'.ience 
ofCJod, who 
brought I'lim al(b 
to Labans houfe, 

c I: fecmech that 
ciif!ome was to 
gers t-rethrep. 
d Or, ishein 
peace? by the 
which word the 
Ebrewes figniSc 
sll ptofperity. 

top of. it reac^et) tp to ^f auen r anti loe , t^e 
angels of ©oB Ujcnt bu ano Dolune bp it. 

13 *anDl3etolDe, tgeLozoaooDeabotie 
it,aniD fdio, J am tlje LoiO ©oD of afa^abam 
tljj) father, ana tfjeOofl uf31?^ab: tbe lantr, 
Dpo»tljemi)ic^tl)oua«iJett, ' iyill31siwe 
tlbec aiiD t^p feeD. 

14 atto tl)vfe£afi)al{3eastl3eBuf!oftbe 
eartf), ani3 tljou iljalt Ip^eao afaioaa * to tlje 
Cacil, anO to tijc (i£aft,s to ti;j f^io^tlj , anU 
totoe^outli , aiiQ in tt)ceano infbvfcciDe 
fljall all tije 'famtUes of ti^e catti; be blelTcD. 

is aiialoe/j] am teiuO tljcE , ano totll 
feeeye tl)ee toljttljecfoetiec tijou gocft, ana 
tuill biins tfice agatnc into t^i3 lana : f02 S 
tuiKnot fo2fakctlj2e Dncill 3! feaucpccfoac* 
mco tljatjtlMt ii taue p;oimrcD ttice. 

16 C ^bcn 3Iaa^ob ataofee out of Ijis 
flee pe, ana favD , ^urelp tlje Lo;iD is in tW 
plare,anD J] uias not atoace. 

17 ana i)t teas f afcaia, ana fava, Deto 
feauefuU is t^is place' tljis is nonebt^ec but 
tf)E Ijoafe of ©00 , ano tW is tlje gate of 

18 €.ljen 3!aaIio5 rofe tjp carelv intljc 
moaning, fitooketljcftoneti)atl;cI)3a laio 
ijnoec lits ijcaa , ano § fct it op as a * piUar, 
ano pote^eo ople bpon tljc top of it. 

icf ano ijee calico tlje name of tljat place 
II "Bctlj el ; nottettljftanoing tljenameoftljc 
title teas at t'ge ficit calico Liij. 

20 ^l)cn3]aahob]ooteEO ai30to,faving, 
3If ^ 600 teil be teiti) nie,anO tetll Uecpc me 
in tljis ionrnep toljicft 31 ?oc , ana tetll gine 
me b^eaO to eatcano cbt^es to put on; 

21 ^0 tl)at 31 comeagame »ntomvfa» 
tijcrs iioufe in fafetw , tljcn Ujall tlje io/o be 
111? ©00. 

22 anO tljis Hone , teljicl) 31 6auc fct bp 
as a pillac , fljall beSoOs boufe : ano of all 
tl)at tljon tljalt giac me,tetl J] giiie tlje tentlj 
»ni'o tljce. 


1 3 Jm\i>'o commtxh to Laban dy ferueth feuen 

yeresfor Kahel.ii Leah brought to hii bed injiead 

ofKiheLi'j He fertieth feuen yeres more for 7^.«- 

hel. 1 1 Leah cinceiueth and beareth foure fonnes. 

Tv?en3iaabob » lift bp Ijis fecteano came 
into t^c + "Salt countccy. 

2 ano a£ \}z loofteo about, beijolo, t^tre 
teas a tori tn tlje ticia, " ano loe,t^icc flotfes 
offljcepelavtljcrebv (.foiattljat toelltocrc 
tlje flocUe-) tuatcrco ) ano tijcte teas a great 
ilonc bpon tlje teels moutlj. 

3 ano tijiixjcc torre all t&e flocI« gatlje-- 
reo, anO t'KP colleo tye ftoncfcom t^e teels 
moiitb, •? teateccB t!jc fije epe, j put tlje ftonc 
againc upon tijE teds moutlj in ijis place. 

4 ano iaaUob favO bnto tljem, ^p 
* bi ?tf)2cn , teljence be yef ano tljev anftec- 

^ 'Wcxn Ijec laiO unto tbem , Bnote yee 
Labaii tl]c fonne of jl^aljo/? Cii^o laio, cae 

6 agatnc \)t fapo bnto tbnn , «• 313 Ijc \\\ 
gooOftcaltljf ano tfjeu anfteereo , Hee is in 
gooo Ijealtl) ,ano beljolo ,ljis Daug'gterKa* 
5el commttl; teirb tljc ftjcepe. 
: 7 ^ljEnl)efaiO,loe,itisvct^ieOav,nci» 
tI)ci-iMtttni£t!jatti)e cattell fijoiilObecga» 
t^ewo tosct'scc ; teatecyce tlje fijeepc ano 


goc feeO them. 

8 ')5uttbepfatS,aaemavnot\jnttnaIl 
ttE flocks be biouglittogetljEr, ano till men 
rolletlje rjoucfcomtijetecUesmout^, tyat 
tee map teatcc tlje itjcepc. 

€i C CCi^ilelje talkeo teitlj tljem, ISaljel 
alfocametoittj&et fatljcrs a;ccpe, fo^ fijce 

10 aao aflbene as 3!aafeob fate Raljel 
tljeOa'.igljtcr of Laban bismot^Ecsbzetljet', 
g t^e iijEcpe ot iaban ^ts motijcrs bwtljer, 
tl}2H t:\mt J'afifeob nccrc , j rolieo tije ftone 
from t^etecl3moutb,3no teatereO t^e fiocfe 
of Laban Ijis motijcts bzotljer. 

11 ano 31aak0b hilTeb Kaljel, anO Uftbp 

12 (Jro;i Jiaa'aob toio Ealjcl , t^at fjc teas 
%tx fattjers i| biotbcr , ano ttjat Ijcc teas Kc= 
belwljsfanne) tl;cnfijccann?an0 tolOljfi; 

ig ana teljcn Laban IjearO tell of Xaa^ 
feob ijis Utters fonne , iiZ ranaie to meet Ijim, 
ano URbjaceo bim 5 J SilTco lum , * fa?ougIjt 
ijim to 1)13 ijoufe .* ano ijce tola tabau « all e That is, the 

t^cfettJtngS. caufewhyhe 

14 'Cote^omtabanfaiD,5aen,tI)8uatt departed from 
mv ' bone ano mp fletlj, anO ^ce aboOe teirtj his fathers honfe 
Ijiint^e fpacecfamonetlj. and what hefawe 

15 C Jro;! Laban fapD bnto Slaalsob, in the way, 
'(£.ljongbtljoubemvb;!Otljer, ftoulOelltljon f That is, of my 
tljerefo^e fernc me foi uougljt; Eel me teijat blood and kin- 

flialbetlivteages^ red. 

16 ji^ote Laban baa tteoBangbftcEf, t^e 
clOet calico Lcay , ? tlje pounger calico Ka» 

17 anOLeabteas!|!tenOerci'eO,bi;tHa> Wr^bhare eyed. 
^f I teas bcautirull ano faice. 

18 an03iaahobloiieoliiayeI,aaOfai?o,3I 
toill feme tijce ICMcn ?ccce3 fOii Katjel tlj? 

It) 'Eijcn Laban anftecrtO , It is better 
tljat 31 gine Ijer tljee, tljcn teat 3! fljoula 
giuebertoanotberman; abioe teiti) uie. 

20 aao 3iaakob Tcriico uucn vccresfoi g Meaning, after 
Kafjcl, =t tbcpfecmeo bnto Ijim bwt a e feia that the yeeres 
Oapes.bccauff ^e \a\xiQ ber. were accorepli* 

21 C^i)cn3!aa&ofafavOtPLaban,(5tue fhed. 

me mv tetfc tfeat 31 map goc in to ijet; ioi mp +£^. my dajus 
4:tenheisenOeO. arefxd. *■ 

22 CClberefoze Laban rcatljercO together hThecaufe wny 
all tl)C men of tljc place, anl' maOe a fcair. laakob w as dc- 

23 But '' teijen tljc turning teas come, ceiuedj\vas,rh:.C 

IjetOGke Lcab bisoangtjter , anO bicu^ljt inoldtiire the 

Ijer to I)im,anO Ije teent in nnro Ijer, v.ife was ouered 

24 anO Laban gauc 1)13 maia 5tlpa§ to withavaiie, 
Ijis oaugljtec Leab,^o be ber fcruaut. vvhen (he was 

2? iDUt toljcn rtje moinmg teas come, brought to her 

btljOlD, it teas Leal). 'CtJCnfaiOljtC to La* husband, in figne 

ban,ili0crcfojc ball tijou Done tljus to n\cti ofchaftitie and 
£)io not 3i feme tijcefoz RaljcU teljerefo^e niamefafineffc. 

tljCn bait tljon bCguilfO mcf i Hee eftecmcd 

26 anO Laban tintteata, 3;t tsncttfje more the profitei 
'mai;eroftInsplace>togi«et^evongcrbe' th.ichehadof | 

fO^CtbCelDer. laskobsfeiulce, 

27 Jriilfili fenen vcres fp;t Ijcr.ano tee teil th^in cyrher his 
alfo giue ttjee tljis id; tlje t'ctaicc,tel)iclj tljon proraTe on the 
fljali fcruE wc vtt feucn veercs mo;e. mantrofrhe 

28 Efjen laakob Oiba.anCfuJfillcaijer counirey, though 
lenen peeres » fo tjee gaiie bin* Kabel Ijis he aiieadged cu- 

Daughter to be bisteifC. ftomeforhiscx'* 

213 LabauaUcigaHetoRa^cUjisDapgl)' cufe, 
"3 4 tec 


.:.eah,Rahel,Bilhah,Zilpah. Genefis. 

m ISil^alj l)t3maiBe tobeijcrftniattt. 

30 <S)oemteDl)Em toKa|)claUo,aiilJlo» 

lieu alfo Eal)el mo^e tljen U&\) , ana fctuco 

bin\ pet fcuen vcres moe. 

zi C^l)e»HljeLo;ti5fa\wt^atiLeal)toas 

iEbr.opeHed her sefpifeDj^e + maDc ^Et " fnUttuU : but lRa» 

irewi'ir. ^el was batten . 

ic rhis declareth 32 anD ileal) concetuetj anobaw a fen, 

that oft times gnQ lljec calUU l)is name Heuben j fo? fijee 

they which are fapD , "BCCaufe t&C • LoZfl ^atl)lookcD Ijpott 

defpifed of men, nipttibulation,no\iOtijefeftiienunel)ufbanD 

ate fauoured of jjttl'^loiicme. 

God. 33 !anDtl)econceiuetiagaine,an5barea 

I Hereby appca- fonne.anD faioe , TSecaufe cl)e Lo^De ^eata 
reth,that{hehad tijat 31 toas ^atcB , liccljatt) tberefoiegiwen 

lecourfeto God mg f^ig Tonne allO , anB flj? CalUB ^13 naUW 
in her affli<Sion. ^tmeOtt. 

m For children 34 ^nB (tic coHccfuea agauie,ana bare a 

arc a great caufe fpnnc, ana favS, 00)3) at tl^ts time iBtll mp 

ofniutualUouc j)csfbanakEepemeconipanp,bccaiifc31l)aue 

betweene man bo^ne ^tm tlj^ce lonne? i tljetefo^e iwa^ Ijw 

and wife, jiamt calUa teut. 

\\Or,confjfe. 35 itgoKouet Qjec concelueB agatne, ana 

Matth.i.z. bate a fonne, facing, jl5ototBiU| llPitapfe 

tEhr. flood frm tl)c Lo?a : *t\)zttfo^t flje calUa ^w name lu* 

*M»«x. Ball, ana + left bearing. 


4-9 Rahel & Leab being both barren giue their 

mxids vnto their husba»d,aad they bare htm chiL 

dreH. 1 5 Leahgiueth JHandra\ei toKahtl, that 

^tal{ab might be with her. 27 Labanis enriched 

: ' for yaa!{obs fal{e. 4} Jaal{ob is made very rich. 

A 0a tol)en Kaljcl fato tljat fije bare 31aa» 
kofa no cl)ilB;ien3a^El enuiea lier tiftcr, 
ana faia tinto 3]aaUQb ,©iue me c^tla;en,Q;t 
1 tls3iaie. 

2 Clicn 31aaiftob0 anger toasTunaieaa» 
a It is ontly God gainfl Kaljel , ana tiee fata, ^m 31 m » ©oBS 
thatmaketh bar- tleaa,tobicSI)at^U)itl)^olBenftomtljectt)e 
ten and fruitfuil, fruit Of tbetBombef 
and therefore I 3 9nBfi)ecfapB,'Be^oiamvma^a'BiU 
am not in fault, jaf), goe in to bct, anB tl)cc il)all beate tjpon 
b I will recciue nip b feneciS.anB +31 fljaUl)auec&ilD?enalfo 

p tier childrcR on bpljet. 

jl my lap, as though 4 ^^en fl)ee gaue Ijlm "JBil^a^ bcf nt^iO 
jl (heyweremiDc to \j)ife,anB 31aahob dentin to ^et 
\\ owne. ^ <a)o TSillja^ conceiueB , ana bate 3Iaa» 

HEbr.yjhaUbe feobafonne. 
' iuilded. 6 CljenrafBeHa^el, (SoB Ijatl) gtpcn 

fentence on mv OBe, ana Ijatl) alfo l)eata mp 
toovce,ana baty ginen me a fonne x tljetefo^e 
calleB flje l)is name Dan. 

iEbr.wreflUngs 7 anB T3ill)al) Eat)el0mapaconceiiicB 

^fGod. againe,anB bare3laaUob tlie feconB fonne. 

c The arrogancy 8 'SD^cn lSal)c{ faiBe, 3aitt^ + ' excellent 

of mans nature to;ietlUngs ftaue 3I tu^eftleB tottl) mp Qllet, 

:appearcchin that anB l)aHE gotten tl)ciippcrl)anB: ana fljee 

fheconccmneth callcB l}isuameBapl)talt. 
; her fifter, after q SnB tuljcn Leal) fall) tljatfljebaB left 

iiiie hath recei- bearing , ft)ce tooke 5tlpa^ l^er maiBe , anB 

ued this benefit gaue l)er 31aakob to wic. 

of God to bearc lo anB jiipa^ Lealjjtma^Be bare 3iaa» 
•/children. bobafonne. 

; d That is.God II 'Eben fapBc Leal), ^ a companp com* 
I , doth incrcafc me metfe; anB fljE callcB l3t0 name ©aa. 

with a multitude 12 agatnc5iipdU ical)ismaiB,bate31aa« 
'^chiidren-.for t;ob anotljer fonne. 
I aakob doth 13 'Eljen fapB Lea^, ai), blefltB am 3I,fo? 

expound this tl)e Baugl)tets tutlt blcife me : anD flje calleB 

nameGad, ^i? name afliet. 

ichap.4^, 19. 14 £0m iKmb^n )»(nt in ti)( nam o( 

lofeph borne, laakobs 

tl)e tol)EatI)arucff f fonna * ^©ana^afecs in e which is a 
tlje fielD.ana b^ougl)t tl)em tjnto Ijis motljer kindc of herbc 
Leab. d)en laio Kabel to Leal), (3iiit raee, whofe roote hath 

31 P;[ap tbee , Ot tljj) fonncs manSitakCS. a certaine likencs 

i^ 13utft)eeanl'iuereBl)er,31s it afmall ofthefigureof 
matter fO(itl3CE to take mine ^ufbana, ejc* a man. 
cept tl)ou take mp fonncs manO;akesatfo? 
'BLl)en fata Kabel , "Cl)crcfo^Ei)e fljall acepc 
toitb tljee t^i3 nigl)t fo;i tljp tonnes man» 

16 ana 3!aakob came from tbe SelBetit 
tbe euening, j Leal) tnent out to mette l)im, 
f faia, (Sioaic in to mcc, fo^ 3i Ijauc * bougl)t xEbr. buying i 
ana papeo foi tl)ee totti) mp fonncs man- haue bomht, 
Bitakes : ana be aept toitl) ber tbat mgl)t. 

17 ana (5oa beara Leal), ana fl)e conceC* 
uea, anB bare ijnto ilaakob tbe Bft fonne. 

18 Eben faia Leab, ©oabatbgtucnmee 
mpteuiara, becaafe 3! gauemp ' mapBcto fin need of ac- 
mp bufbana ,anB ibee callea bis name 31fla- knowicdging her 

C^ar. fault, (be boa- 

19 aftcr,Leab conceiueB againc,? bare (iethasifGod 

31aakOb tbe Oct fonne; had rewarded h« 

20 'Cbcn Leab fatae , ©oB batb inBneB therefore. 
me Dottb a gooa BotDiHc: notu tuiU mine buf* 
bana atuelltuitb mee, bccaufe3l bauebo;ne 
bimtijcefonnes; ana fljee calleB bis name 

21 after tbat , fijec bare a Baugbter, anB 
Ibe callea bcrnameDtnab. 

22 canB<©oa rememb^ea lRabel,anD 
©oB beatD Ijcr, anD || opencB bcr toombe- \]Or,made her 

23 «S)oibeconceiueaanabareafon,anB fiuitfuU. 
faiB,©oa batb taken atoap mp g rebuke. g uecaaft fruit- 

24 ana ftjE callea bis name 31ofepb , fap' fuincffe cimcof 
fng, %\iz Lo?au«llgtHemee yet anotbet Gods bieibng, 

fonne. whofaidjln- 

2^ C ana alToone as KabCl baB bourne creafeand multi- 
lofcpb, 31<iakob favB to Laban^i^cna me a' plie:barreiinefle 

toap tbat 3l ma? gbeiintomp place, ? to mp was counted as a 
cotmttep. curfc. 

26 ©uiemecmpteiuesanB mpcbilB;ten, 
fo;! tDbome 31 baue ferucB tbee , anB let mee 
goe : fo^ t\)m knoiDedlnbat fernice 3! ^aue 
Bone tbee. 

27 'Eo tDbome LabananftjjereB, 31f 31 
Ibauenoo) founa fauourm tbpQgbt, tarie; 
Hbaneliptrceiueatbattbe Le^B batb blef* 
fea me fo; tbp fake. 

28 aifo bee fata, appoint bnto mee tbp 
iuagest,anB 31 toiUgiue ttchce. 

29 IButbefapBDnto btm,'EbouknotoeIl 
tubat feruice 1 baue Bone tbee, ana i\\ uibat 
taking tbp cattell batb httr\t \\ Dnaer me. 

30 JFanbclttlctbattboubaaa before 31 t^br.atmyfoste, 
came,i8 tncreafea into araultituDf: ana tbe " rhe order of 
Lo^ae batb bleffcB tbee tbpmpcomming: "=>'"■■« tequiretb 
but noto M)tn (ball ^ 31 trauel fojt mine oBJn f*^" cuer> one 

bOUfc alfo^ prouide for his 

31 'Cbenbefapa,£aJbatfl)al31giuetbeef owne family, 
ana 3Iaakob anluiecca , ^bou ibalt giue \\Or,feiiarate 
mee notbing at all: it tbou tvilc Boe tbts *'""*• 
tbingfo;ime,3iBJillretutne,fecB,andkeepe tlOv^. , 

tbp fljCepe. > That »vbich 

32 3 mill paffetbOlOto all tbp flocks tbiS niall hereafter 
Bap , and II feparate from tbem all tbe fljeepe J>« '^us rpotted, 
toitb little fpots ana great fpors, anB all l' GodOiaii te- 
ll blacke lambs among tbe ibeepe,tj tbe great ^'S' 'of "^y "gn- 
n)ottea>anaittlefpottea among tbe goates; teous dealing by 

i ana It fljall be mp toagCS. rewarding my U- 

.?5 "©PUjaliiipi'rifibtjgnfnwanfwrefo; '»«»«• 



Tpottcdlambes. laakob 




||0r, redde, or, 

I laakob herein 
vftd no deceit; 
for it was Gods 
commands menc, 
the next chapter, 
verfc^.and 1 1. 


m As tbey which 
tooke the ramme 
about September, 
& brought forth 
about March: To 
the feebler in 
March,& lambdc 
in September, 

a The children 
vttcred in wordes 
I that which the fa- 
ther diflembled 
in heart, for y co • 
uerous think that 
tvhatroeucr they 
pluckt fro them. 
XEbr.a.>td loe^ net 
he wub htm at 
a nd before yefler> 

b The God who 
mv father wor« 

ine bereaftcr , totjcn it fljall come fo? xny re* 
toaiD before tl)v face , & eiier? one ttiat Ijat^ 
not little o^gccatfpats among tlje goates, 
ano blacke among t|)e ll)eepe,t^c fame fljall 
be li tljcft U)itlj mc. 

54 ll\)t\\ Laban faio, 60 to, tooulO (0o5 
it nugl)t be acco/Ding to ttp laving. 

3^ Ct3erefo,2c \\ l)e tooke ottt tlje fame Ba? 
t^e ^ec goatesjtljat merepactp colonteO ana 
toiti) gceat lpots,anO all ibe fljce goats tuitlj 
Ittle anD great fpots , and all t^at Ijao to^ite 
in tl)cm,i: all tbe ublacke among tlje fi^eepe, 
anD put tbem in ti^e kecpingof Ijis tbnne0. 

g6 anD l)ce ftt tt^ee Dapes toiirnep be« 
ttoeeneljtmfelfe anDJaakob. anD 3;aakob 
kept tl)e rett ot tabans lijeepe. 

37 C^t)cnJ!aakob 'rookeroD0ofgreene 
popular, 5t ofljafed, ano of tl)e c^clnut tree, 
ano piileD tuljitc ilrakes m tbem, anD maDe 
rlje toljite appeare m t^e roDs. 

.38 ^l)en ijeptjt tlje roos ,tDftic5 IjtcftaD 
pifleDjin tlje guttcra and tuatcring trough?, 
toljen tlje fljeepc came to Dnnke, befoze tlje 
fijeepe : ( fo^ tt)ep tuece in Ijcat , to^en t^ep 

39 anD tlje ajtepclltocrc in Ijeate before 
t%Z roDs, anD afterward b^ougljt foo^lj y)Ong 
of par tie colour, anD tuitljimall anD great 

40 anD 31aafeob partcD tftcfe lambs.anD 
turneD tlje faces ef tlje fiocketotuarDs thefe 
lanibes part? colourefl, J alt maner of black, 
among tljcl^ecpe of Labaa: lb Ijeeput bis 
otonc flockes bv tljemfclue? > anD put tljem 

41 ana m euerp ramming time of t^e 
■"ftrongerfljeepejIaakoblaiD tlje roDsbe' 
fo?e tlje epes ot tlje fijcep tn tlje gutters, tljat 
tljep mtgljt concciuc bcfoie tlje roDs. 

42 Idut toljen tbe iljeepe tcere feeble, Ijee 
put t^cm not m: anD fo ttie feebler acre ta' 
bans.anD tbe aiougcr laakobg. 

4? "©0 tlje jnan encreafeD e,cceeDingl)», 
anD ^aD many Hockes, anD maiDcfeniant^, 
anD men reruant;s,anD canieU,anD alfe;?. 

CHAP. xxxr. 

1 Labans children murmitre againfl I<ta\oh. 
J Godcsntmiieth hi rt to returne to hn coumrey. 
I J . 24 The care of God for Jaakph. 1 9 Rahelfiea' 
leth herfatherf idols. 2 3 Ldbanfollorveth laal^ob. 
44 The couenant betrveene Laban and-yaakob. 

NSDto ^eeljearDt^e'tooiDes of Labans 
fonnes , taping , Jaafeob ^atlj taken a-- 
iDapall tbattsas our fathers, anD of our 
fatljer? gooDs Ijat^ ^ee gotten allt^isljO' 

2 aifo Jaafeob betielD tfje countenance 
of Laban, * tljat it tuas not totuarD^ t)tm as 
in times paA: 

3 anil tlje HozD ^aD faiD linto 3laakob, 
"Eurne agamc into tlje lanfl of tljp fathers, 
anD to rftv kinreD,anD 3i totll be toitlj r^ee. 

4 El)erefo^e3!aakobfentanDcalleDRa» 
^el anD Leab to tlje ficlD unto Ijieflocke. 

5 Witw faiD be unto tftcm, Ji fee vowr fa* 
tijers countenance, tbat it is not totoarD me 
* as it toas iroont , anD ttie •> OoD of mp fa» 

6 anDpe knoto tljat 31 |au? [%xWQ pow 

father tott^ all mpmi^ijt, 

returneth to his countrey. 1 3 

7 13nt pour fatljer Ijatlj litttmfQ me,anU 
cljaHngeDKiptoages (i ten times: but ©oD ^rManytimes^ 
UiftcreDljtmnottoljurtmec. '' 

8 Sf Ije tljus fapD , ^fee fpotteD ffjall be 
tljp toages , tljcn all tlje Pjccpe bare fpotttD: 
anD If ijcctaiDtljus, ^fje partte coioureD 
fijalbe tljprcnjarD , tljen bare all tlje Ojrepe 
partpcolourcD. ■» v »- 

q 'iSLljus ijatb « (&tiQ taken atoap pour ^ Ttii dedareth 
fatljcrs !; Uibllauce,anD guicn it me. 'hat the thing 

10 Jroi in ramming tune J lifteD top mine "^^^^^ 'aakob 
epE0,anDlatuinaD2Eame,anDbeljolDe,ttje ''•'^ before, was 
Ijee goates leaptD upon tljc fljee goates,tljat ^y Gods com- 
toere partte colouteD toitlj little anD great Tandement^nd 

fpots ipotteD. notthroughdc- 

11 anDttieangelof^oDfapDtomeina «ic. 
D^eame, laakob. anD|anr\wereD,lioe,3I %Or^catttll, 

12 anD Ijee fafDe, Lift bp note tfjine 
cpes, anD fee all tlje Ijee goates leapingup* 
on tljeOjee goates tljat are partte celoureD, 
tpottcD tout) little anD great fpottes : to;i 
31 ^ane fecne all t^at Laban Docth ijnio 

13 "* a am t^e Coa of 'Bct^-el, to^ere ^ "rf"'' Angel 
tfiou " anotntiDd tlje pillar , totjere t^ou was chrift which 
DotoeDftaiJOtountome. ^ororucgett^ee appeared to laa- 
outoftljtscountrep, anD returne »ntot^e kobinBechel, 
lanD toljere tljon luall bo;me. and here by ap- 

14 djcnanCmcrcDHabelanDLealj.anD peareth bee had 
fapD onto Ijim , l^aue toee anpmOite portion ""S*'' *^'* *^'"" 
anD inljeritance m out fathers IjouCe.' thefeareof God: 

is Doetlj not ijee count Bs as ftrangersf forbeetalketh 
fO(i^eEljatb«iolDi)s,anDftatlj eaten up anD as though they 
cont'unicD oar nionep. knew this thing. 

16 C^erefo^e all tlje ricljes, to^tcl)(SaB C^ap.zi.ii, 
^atlj taken from our fatljer t3 our9,ana our e For th«y w" « 
ctjilDiens : noto tljcn toljatioeuec 60D ijat^ ?'"fn toiaakob 

fapD Unto tljee,D0e it. «n recompenfe of 

17 CEljfnlaakobrofeljp, anDfet^is his feruice, which 
fonnes anD Ijis wiucs upon camels. was a kinde of 

18 aiiD bee carpeDatoap all^isflockesf, fale. 
anD all Ijis fubCancc coljiclj Ijec IjaD gotten, 

to wit , bis ricljcs toljiclj Ijee IjaD gotten m 
l3aDanaram,t0go tojijljaklju fatljer un- 
to tlje lanD of i/anaan. 

19 caijtn Laban toast gone to lljeare{ji« 

f^eepe, tijen Eabclftole ber fatljcrs f iDole?. f Forfo the word 

20 (Ebus jiaakob ti dole atoap tlje beart here fignifieth, 
ofLabantbearaHUte: fo^jeetolDbtmnot bccaufe Laban 

tbatbeflC-D. calleth them 

21 €>ofltD tie toit^ all t^at|cljaB,anD|e gods.verfejo. 
role up, anD palTcD tbe | riwer , ? fet &is face iiOr, wtnt awiy 

tOtoarD mount (StleaD. priudyfrom La- 

22 auD tbe tbtrDDapafter toa? (ttolDe b*n. 
Laban,tbat laakob fleD. \\Or,Eupbratet. 

23 lEbcn bee tooke bis II biet^^cn toit^ ioT,k}^fefoii{es 
Ijim, anD follotoeD after ^imfeuen Dapcs andfi-iends. 
iournep , anD u ouertooke ^im at mount @i- lOt.ioynti mtb 
leaD. him. 

24 ano 60O came to Laban tbeara* 
mite in a D^eame bp nig^t , anD fapDe unto 
btm, 'Eake beeDe tbat tbou fpeake not to 

laakob # ougbt laue gooD. ^'Ebr-fromgooi 

2^ C^Lljen Laban ouertoo'keJaakob,anD Mf«<^. 
3iaakobbaD pitcbeD bis tent m tbe mount; 
anD Laban a'fotoitb bis b^etb^en pitcbeQ 
upon mount (©ileaD. 
26 '^tjen Laban CapD to 3!aakob,C2Ibat 

ball tbOU Done i || tbOU baii IWH ttollcH \]Or,coHtteyedthf 

atoap mine ti^art, anD carrpeo atoap mp feifeawaym' 

OdU2il(«r)$ uily. 


laakobs faithful! feruice to L aban. 

Genefis . They make a couenant together* 

aausljtcfs as t|ougl)t^ci?^aai)ecneta^en 

27 £iii)ccEto2e ntoaell t^ou flee fo fccrct« 
Iv auu Uealc atrav from mc,ai;5 moDcd not 
tcUmcc, tl)at3! nugl]tt)aiie tEuttijccfoo.u() 
feitljsniitljanoijuitl) fons0> tyit^ tinib^cU 

28 "iSut tl)oii liafl not fwffeteu mc to fetffe 
my fonncs ano tup uatigbters : 110^ t^ou 
Ij?.(T aone foolifijl? tn Boingro. 

20 4laiw 4= able to DOC yoiicutll: buttle 
8 ©03 of votic fatbcf Ipalve^nto nice vcftetr» 
ntsljt, faying , 'Eal^c l)eeD tljat tljou fpeaUc 
not to SlaafeoO oijgbt fouc gooo. 

„„..„„. 50 jBoiD tl)ot!gl) t^ou tortitsfft5)?toat', 

acknowledge the becaurctljoiigceatlptfingaaffaftct: ti)? fa* 

God of laakob ^llCfS !]Onre , yec tUlj^ttfOiiC 0aU'tl}OU SoHcn 

?! v2;!)cn Julob alTfwcrca* anU faioc to 
Laban, TlSecaiife 31 teas afrai3,Jtnri tljoiisl;t 
tbatttjcu tjjoiiiceil taitc taKcntl)? flaug^^ 
Uts from me. * 

?2 CurlDttljtDljOmtfeOUBiltJefttljVgOtlSf, 

Blctljitnnotltuc. <S)eaicI) tijou Dcfo;tc one 
l);tetij?cntol)at 31 bane ofrbine, ano ta'ae tt to 
tljee, ( but '3laaUob U)iR not tljat Kaljcl Ijafl 

?-? El)en came 2,aban into 3Iaal?ob0 tent, 

ano into tt^l)s tent, 5 ntto tlje ttoo matocs 

tents, but fonnQ them not. <S>o i^ce U)?nc 

out of £ealjj3 tent , anu entcea into Sa^c!s 


54 C ji5oli) Kabel bat) tafeen tbe ittolcs, 

[iOr,y2r<«t»>, or, flttH put tljent tn tl)e camels |j Utter, ana fate 

faddk. 5oii'!ic bpon tljeni ) anD Laban fcatcljcD all 

tlje tent,luit fonna them not. 

j> 'd)fn fara lijetobec Fatljcr, + 05v 

j£ir. ^•Jtrtfy if in 
mine hand. 
g Hewnsanido- 
larer,and there- 
fore would not 

for his God, 


^Sbr.letffot att- 

^er b, 

of my hid, 

tttbttIatiott,ana ^z labour oFmp IjanBiSjanti 
rebiikec thee^ertecnigljt. 

43 'Cljen Laban anf\j3ereB,ana fain bn« 
tcr5,anatOerc Tonnes ace mv fonnes, ana 
t'ocfe fijecpe ace mv flieepe , ana alltbat tftoti 
Iccrt , 13 mine , ana tu'oat can 31 aoe tljis Ba? 

l3nto tijcfe mv Bauffljtecs, ^i te tljctc fonuey ^ 


44 ji^oiu t^ecfoze > come ana lettjs matte i His confcience 
a coticnant , 31 $ tl)OU , toljidj maj> be a \)J!t= repi ooued him of 
ncRe betUicene me ana tljce. i-is misbchauiour 

4s: '€bentooUe3Iaafeobaftone,anBfetit toward laakob, , 

bpasa pillflC. and therefore 

46 ianaSiaafeobfapB bntoljisbictlj^en, mooued him co 
©atljec Hones: tobo b^iongbt ftoncgf, ana fceke peace, 
maae an Ijcape , ana tljev ata eate ti^erc tip» iiOr,f/;e bea^e ef 
ontljebeape. wmes. 

47 gna Haban callea it \\ 3Ic5at:-fa§aau' k The one na- 
tljajana 3Iaaftob callea it •< ©aleeB. mcth the place 

48 JFo?Labanfa!a,tl)isl)eape is toitnes! inthc svrian 
befujcfncmeanatljectljisaayuljccefo^elje tongue, and the 
caliea tbc name of it©alceB. other in the e- 

40 !a!f0hecalledit,!li^l5pab,becaurcl)te brew tongue, 

favD, "EbcLoza 'looUfbetiBcenemecana \\Or,-a>atcli 

tbec, tobcn U)ee fijallbe ij aepacteB one froin toveer. 

anotber, 1 To puni(h tlic 

^o 3lf tljoulbaltlierempBangbterSjO^ trefparrcr. 

(Ijatt take ■" luiucs belitiC nip cangOtcrst WOr^hd. 

thereisnomantuiflj bS,bCljela,©oaisltJlt« m Nature com. 

ne0bct'.ue£ncmeeanatbcc. pell«hh:ni to 

SI S0O2COKCC Laban fata to 3laaftob,'lUe» condemne that 

l)0!Qti;l3l)eapc,anBfaetolatbepillair,il)ljiClj vice.whercunto 

'I bane fetbettaeene mc ana tbce, through coue- 

-Jl d)i3l>capel]iallbetoifiicire,anatbe toufneffeheefjt- 

ptllat(haiibeU)ttnc(rc,tl)af31iiiUinorcame ccdiaakob. 

oner tbts beape ro tbee , ana tbat tbeu ibalt n Behold, how 

in the eyes loi^ , bc not aiijcv tbat '31 cannot rife i)p be not paiTe oner tljig Ijeape ana tbt? pillar bn» the idolaters 
lord, fo,ietl)ce: fo^tijccrirtomcoftjjomenisbpon tomcfounill. mingle the true 

inec : fo bee fcarcljea , but fouuB not tlje 

56 C'Eben3Iaa'ftobtoa£(bj;iotb,$c!joae 
toifb Laban : 3!aa'Kob alio anfaietca ana 
fapB to Laban, faijat baue 31 trefpalTcDf 
tobatbancloffenaea, tbat tljou baftpuc 
futa after me;^ 

57 ^zzi\\% tbon baft featcbeB an mj> 
llnffe , tub?.t bart tbon founa of all t\)\\K 
bonfljolQ Uuffef put it bere before mp b?e= 
tbjen ana tbv bKt{;;en,tl)at tbcp map tuDgc 

38 'Ebis ttoentic veres 3! b^we bene tottb 
tljee: tbine e\ije0ana tbwgoatcs baue not 
^'Or.heeabAm». i! call tbetc young, ana tlje ranmics of tljv 
flofftcbnue 31 not eaten. 

t$br thetor»e,or 59 + tI<Iibatrocuer I'jae tOinC of beartes . 3] 
taken by pray. biOilgbt it UOt UntO tbCC , but maBe it gOOO 

£xod 1112. mpfelfct *ofmtnebanaafail tbou require 
itjwere it ffollen bp Dap o,t ftolicn bv nigi;t. 

40 3) twa3 in t\)t aav confumcB tuttb 

bcate, ana untbfrort in tbentgbt , ana rop 

WOr, fflept Hot. II flecpc BC!?arteB from mint tvts. 

" "^ ^ "^ 41 Cbtis bnuc 31becne tbentp vcerc in 

tbtncboufc , ana feruea tbee fourteeitcperca 

fo;i tbv ttoo aaugbtcrs , ana fire pceres fojt 

tbp fbttPi ana tijonball cbangea mp toagc3 

ten times. 

hThatis,thc 42 dfccept tbc (f5oa of nu' Fatbcr, tbc 

(5od whom iz. ©oa of 5lbraba>ii , ana tbe '•fcareof 3(?bak 

t»ak did feare and baB bene tuttb mcc, fi'.rcb tbo,u banaeil lent 

rciwrcuce.- mc atoap noVJ emptie ; biit (^oa b?tif 10? »np 

S5 'CbeaoBof ab^abam, ana tbe(9oa 
of" ji^abo^ , and tbe 'Soa of tbeir fatb?r bre 
iuDge betluccncDs: but JaakoDlttiarc bp 
tbe" fcare of bis l;irbcr31?bai;?. 

S4 itLljen 3!aa'Kob BtB olfcr a facrifice bp* 
OK tbe n»oimt,ana callea iiis b;ietb«n to ctit 
II b^caa, ana tljeu bid cat b^caB , ana tacriea 
all nigbt in tbfmonut. 

55 ana carelp in tbe morning Laban rofe Ihereiseuerfomc 
tjp ana kilVea Ijta fonnes ana bis aaugbter^, feed ot the 
ana i- blelTca tbcm, ana Laban Bcpactina?, knowied^'e of 
tucnt bnto bis jilacc C',g:me. 

CHAP. X X X I r. 

t Godcomforteth fiiiil{oLbyhii ^Kgels <) lo 

Hcprayith vnto God confcffing his 'vnwoithines, 

13 He p^ndethprejents-vnto £fhu. J4 28 Hei 

wrefiled xpith the ^ngehvho nameth him Ifrael. 

God with their 
famed gods, 
o Meaning, by 
tbe true God 
whom Ixbak 
p \Ve fee tbat 

Cod in the hearts 
oi the wicked. 


SDtu 3!aaf?ob tenu fooKb on bts^tour-- chip: 4i. 16. 

ana tbe aingels of (5 £i) D met a He acknow. 

bim. Icdgech Gods bc- 

2 anaiBbni3iaaftobriU3tbcm,befa?!B, ncfits,whofor 

'i;bi3t3(!5oa3borre» anacallcatbenaine theprcfcruntion 

of tbe lante plaCc ll SQabanatm. of his/endctb 

5 'Cben Jaakob fcntmeflengersbcfoisc hofts of Angels, 

bim to (Efau bts biof bcr , unto tbe lanB of \'Or,tents. 

c£knc into tbe COnntrep Of(SBom; b Hcreuercnccd 

4 '^o \Dbom bee gaue ccmmanaejnent, hh brother in 
favtng, 1K.l)n^ njallpcefpeaf^ctomp '•loaa worldly things, 
CGni: 'EbP fernantjiaauobfaptbtbus, 3| becaufehc chicf- 
baitc bene a llranget Uiitb Laban>ana tan-- ly looked to be 

ca unto tbiS time. preferred to the 

5 3l^aH?b?CHflS!airo$aiIC.«^,(I)efpC,atlB fpijuualpronaife. 


laakobprayethtobedellueredfroEfau. Chap.xxxHj. HewreftlethwiththeAn?el. 14 

men fcruantist,? toomcn reriiant0, ana hawz 
fcnt to fi)eto my lo.tu, tljat 31 mapfiiiDc grace 

6 a^o tl)e meffcngerB came agatue to 

3!aakob, favins-CcJce came^nto t^vbiotl^c 

<2;ran,anD lie 7,1'a fonimetl) agatitfi t})ce,a!iO 

fourc {jiinD^f fg men luttlj Ijtm. 

c Albeit fiee was 7 "Cbcn 3!aahcb teas "= gtreatlp afrartJ, 

comfortcii by the ano taas fo^c trouUIcti, an!3 aujiQca tlje pfo= 

Angels,yet the jjie tljattuas UiUl) i)i!ll,ij tl)enKfPi%ailtl t\)t 

infirmitic of the Dceues,an!i t^/. ca:r.cl3 mfo ttuo coinyamcs. 
flcQidcahap- 8 JF0;iIjeeraiD, Jifflclaucometotljccne 
peare. couipanv aiiD I'mttc it , tlje otijct companp 


9 C f^oiccHJr a^afeob fata, ® <£5oa of 
mvfatl)ccabial)am, anD(Soi3 of mv father>.3i.i J. SljijaU: Lo^D, teijtct) * favDcit luuo fnc , Ec 
tuine imto ti)v countccp , anu to tljv kmrcD, 
i ebr. J amups lo 31 «»» HOt X tiJo^ti))> cf tl)e Icaft of all 
then all tkj tljemetcies ana ad tijc truetij,teijtcl) tljou 
mercies. i)aft fijjtuca iiut'j ti3V feruant: fo^teitlj mp 

d Thacis,poore <» ftaffecameJl oucr tljis Jjo^Sen ,aiiD iioiB 
and without all ijatic 31 gotten ttuo banos. 
■.prouifion. II ji pjtap ciKc acliiirtmc from tIjc l^ana 

ofmp bjoti)cr,from tl)e i)anD of ©(a» : fo^3l 
fearc i)im,Uft Ije Suili tome ana fuute mcjand 
e MeaniF)g,he ttje 'motljerljpon tl)ecytiamr. 
uiii-utallto 12 jfo^tl3oalaiacft,3itetUfiirt!vl!otI)ce 

death: this pro- gooB, ffmahc tl)VfeeD astljefanD of tljtfea, 
uerbe commeth jjuljict) cannot be nnmbzea fo; miiltttiioe. 
of chem v\hich 15 f[i3,na l)c tartca there tlje fame nigljt, 
kill the bird to- ana took of tijat teljtcl) came to ljana,a ' p^ie* 
gethcr with her fent fo<i <^raii ijls b^otljcr ; 
yong ones. 14. '^j^^do IjimS^ca il)ee G0<it5 zWa ttoeittv 

f NotdiftniRing l)ccgoate5,tUJoljiini3^£a eUifs ana ttucntp 
GodsaiTiftance, raumies : 

butvfingfuch j^ "SLlnrtymilcI) c<'""£l3teitl3 tljcircolts, 
meaiiesas God fouctiebine,anD teubiiUocU? , tajcHiic fljee 
bad giaen him. afi'ea anO ten foilf ?. 

16 <£;o ijeCfU'nereB tfjem tntotljelvinSof 
i)B feri!ant?,ctierp Oioae bp thcnuclac-^ana 
fata bnte ijis fcruants, i;3aiic before mejana 
put a (pace bctiyecne Bioitc ana D;oue. 

17 ana be coiuiip.nacD tije fo^cmolf, (av» 
ingj'Jf Clau mp bzotbcrmcft tljce, ana al'iie 
tt'ec, faying, fin'ocfe ftru .nt art tl;ou i 9jiM3 
toljitfecrcocft tljoii i ana tsljoieare tljcfe 
befoje fljce i 

18 'Elicn tljon Hjalt fav. They be tl)v kt-- 
tjanc ;S<«akob3 : it is a uisTent fent unto mp 
lo^a Cfau : ana bcljolD'e, i)e JjiaUcue alio is 

10 C0O Iittc'dJifc ccmmaunaea be tbefc» 
conB,ana t})etl}ira,anB altbatfoUottirarfce 
»;one?, favrnt, after tbismanir pee lljaU 
fpcaKe imto <l"t>.i!, toben pe finfe Jjtm 

20 anBpefl;allfapmofeoucr, TiJeljoIce, 

tljv fcniant jaaliob commeih after bs , ( io^ 

g He thought it be tijoijg^t. 3i « toll! apjjcftfc IjislivatI) ijttb 

no lofle to depsrt {I)e p.icfent t'jat goEtb before mc, ana aftcr« 

with thcfe goods, macBSlteiUfeebis face: u may be t^at ije 

totheintenthe XBtUtacCCptmc) 

might follow the 21 '^o\i)eutt^e p?efent Izloxz fjtmrbtit 
vocjtion <vhere- Ije tarteB tbat rngbttust!) t\it companv. 
unto God called 22 9lna be r3ic Up tlj2 lamc mjbt, ana 
hirn. toolic bi^ tteo biines, ana bis tiDO jiiapDes, 

* Lir.recciue anB ijis cicucu cIjiiBitcn, ana iucut cuer tije 
T»yfa':s. f0D;a3!abbok. 

25 ana be tonT« tljem , nnarcnttbcma^ 
uwtijj (iiierjana fejit pii?r tijac \n i;ii^^ 

24. C il^oto tiJ)en 3Ia3'<tcb *jd as left l)im» 
felfe alone , tljereteJett IcB a ^ mantsitlj i^im h Thatis, God 

imtO tbe b;!eafemg of tljCBap. in forme of man. 

2> ana be fauj tbat be couia not'p;!e-- i ForGodaflai- 
natle agatnilbim : tbercfoie be toucbea tlit Iethh-:s with the 

bolola of bis tb'gb ?* tbe b'oIOlU of Jac^JObS onehand.and vp- 

tbtgbteaslDofea, as be iu^eftleb luitb biJ-n. hoideththcm 

26 anabefaiB, Letmegoe, foubemo<i' withtheother. 
itingappcaretbCaboanfQJcr£B/3lU3illuot Ho/f.12.4. 
let tbcc goe,e?cept t bou blelTe me. 

27 Cben faia be isnto bim, Gaijat is tl)p 
name f ana be faiajaaitob. 

28 "Ebni fata be, ' 'Ebp name fijalbe tal-- chap.^$.io^ 
lea jiaa'uob no mo?e, bat Jfratl ; bccaufe 

tbou ball mn'' poteer toitb ^oa , tijou ^alt k cod gaue laa. 
alio picaaii? toitb men. kob both power 

20 '5LiKJTfl«afe0b.acmaunaca, faping, to ouercome,and 

'Eellme,31 pAiptbee^tbp name, ana be faia, alio the praifeof 
C(ai;crcfo2c uo^jji ftoiiiHljou afke mpname^ tbeviaory. 
ana be blsifta btm tbere. || or, myfouU it 

50 ana 3ltraiiob callea tbe name of tbe ddmered, 

place, peuif I : fC>, faid he, 3] bane fccnc ©OD 1 The faitbfull fo 

face to face,ana h mp life is p^efernca. ouercome th eir 

51 ana tbe ^nm rofc to bim as be paffea tcntation5,th3c 

Pcnici,anB be ' b^ltcB tipon \fl.% tbtgb. they feele the 

32 'Eberefo^e cbcclnlDien ofjiradeatc rmartthereof,to 
not of tbe fmeui tbat fij;anke in tbe boloto of the intent that 
tbe tbi£b>i'nto tbis Bap ; bccaufe be toucbea the (houid not 
tbefmctu tbat fljzaufeeintljcbOiOUJoflaa* gbryi-ut in their 
feobs tbigb. humilitic. 


4 Sfau and, Iaal{o!> meet and are agreed, 1 1 £- 
fait rec eiueth Im gifts. ' 1 g fajl{ob buyctli a pof- 
ft\JioH, 10 ^ndbitdieth an .Altar. 

Ai^a as 3iaalvob lift Dp bis epes , ana lea* 
bcD,facboia, vgfau came, ana tettb bi'n 
foure banOiieB men : ana be »Diuiaea tbe a That if the one 
cbilB^nto Leab, anato Ealjclsanatotl;? parcweicaiTai- 

ttUOmavas. -, led, the other 

2 ana be put tbe maias , ana tbcir cbtl' might cfcape, 
a^t'n fo^moit, ana Lcah,ana bcr cbilQzcn af» 

ter,anj Habel ana lofcpb binacrtiioif , 

3 ^0 be ujent before tbcm,ana bijotacB b By this gefiurs 
btmfelfe to tbe groana feaen ttme5,\jnttll be he paniy did re- 
camenccrcto bisb^otbcr. uerencctohs 

4 ^ben Cfau rannc to meet btm, ana brether,and psrr- 
cmb;acea bim,anc fell on Ijis necKe, ana kif* ly prayed to God 
fcab^y^.anattcvtuirpt. to mitigate e- 

5 ana be lift ijp bt0 cpe^, ana fato tbe faus wrath. 
irom£n,ana tbe cbtiO;en,anfi faia, cUbo are 
tbefeitubtbeef anabeanfacreB, Thcvar« 
tbecbilc^cntebomCoB of l)ts grace Ijatb si* 

6 %\mv. caiiif tl)e mapBc nccre,tbf p.anQ 

ttieir cijiitK';?, p.iiB ' bottea tbe muiucs. c laakoband b?f 

7 Leah airoirttbfccrrbilD^cn came netrc fstniiyaiethc 
ana maae obepfancr: ana alter , 3iciepb auB imag'^ of the 
i^ftbelBKto neereanaaiD reuerenee. CmuchiT.der 

8 'Cljenbefaia,C2ibatmcanefitbcabp the yoke of ty. 
alltbfs c^cnctobici) ;S met i tQbo ant'tue' rants, which for' : 

r?5, I!-.auefcntit,tliatiimtO,;jtl{iiBe faiiCUr fcar« are btougbr , 
i\\ tl)C Hgbt of irip iCiB. to fubiedion, 

g ana SfanfapB, 3! banepneagbnt? d inthatthathis 
bptber : kecyc tbattbon ball totI)p feife. brother imbra- 
10 'But3laakobanfiEe«a, |i5ap, 31 P^a? eel him fo lo- 

tbec: if 31 "q^KXl fOiaiB grace notU m tl;? fisbr, uingly.contmry 

t\)i\\ recei:!C mppjefent at mine banB,: fC'<i to his txptSa- 
" Z baue feene tl;p face^as itoas'; 1\ baa fccn tioD,he accepted 
tbe face at (509, Octaufe tljoubaftacteptcD itasapiaincfigne 

mce. of Gods pre- 

u 3i P^i? tijce tal^e mp Sbl?*8ni5 » t^^^t es fence. 

Dinah is rauiflicd by Shechem. 

Genefis. The Shecheinitcs circumcifcd & flainc. 

e By earned 

f He promifed 
that which (as 
ftemeth ) his 
mind e was noe 
CO pcrfoimc. 



WOrflttmbes, or 
money fo marked, 
g Hccallethchc 
figne fbe thin», 
which it (ignifi- 
ech, in token that 
God hadmighti- 

b?OHgl)t t^ce: foiKgeOljatl) SaB weccv on 
me , anu t!)grcfo?e 31 l)aue all tljtng? : fo ije 
« comptUcD ljtm,anri l)c tooke It. 

12 antJljefatD, Let u 3 take our ionrnep 
ar.D so, atio 3 UJill go bcfo;ie tl)ec. 
I? Cijcn l)c anfuoetei] t)tm,$©p lo?n fenotU' 
crl), tljattfje clnlD^ena'etenDcc, ? ttectoea 
aiiD kine tottl} pons ijnaet: imne fjaiiD : anQ 
If tbcv fljoula oiiccD^uie t^cm one DapjaU t^e 
flockc tuoulD Die. 

14. Let noU) my> lo;iTi go before f)ts fcrwant, 
ana 31 tuill n^tuc foftl^acco^oins to tlje pace 
of tl)e cattell, toljtcij is bjfo^e me, anD as tl)e 
cijiln^en be able to euDiice.BnttU f 31 conic to 
mp lo;o unto ©etc. 

1% 'Eljcn (Efau fayDe, 31U)inieauetl)en 
fome of mp folke taitb tljee. anD be anftoe* 
reu, eabatnecdetht^is^Utme finDe grace 

16 C®ci (Efaii retntneli,and went ^ts toap 
tijat fame Davtmto <S)etr. 

17 ana 31'aakob tuent fo^toarO totoarD 
^uccotb,ana bmlt btm an boufe , ana niaae 
bootljes fo; bis cattell: tberefo^te be calleD 
tbe name of tbe place ll^uccotb. 

g ®o mafte || affinitf e tai^ ts: giiie yonc WOr/uarmges^ 
Daiigbter? Dnto d?, ana take our aausbcerjs 
])nto vou, 

10 anape fijaliatoelltoitb t)«f, ana t^it 
lana Iball be before pou: DtutlUff Co four bu» 
fmeffe in it, f bane pour poffcfftons tbercin. 

11 '©bccbcm alfo fata unto bei" fatbcr ann 

into bet b^etlj^en, (i Letme finaefauoiitin WOugraHtmy 
your eyes, anQ JttiU giuetobatfocuetvee reijueii. 
(ball appoint me. 

12 jaikeof meabunaantlvbotbaoto;? xsbr.muinptjf 
ana gifts,ana 31 toill giue as ye appoint me, g^^'^b' »'« 

fo tbat ye giue me tbe maya to tutfe. dowry. 

15 Cbcn tbe tonnes of laakobanfiucrcn 
€)becbem ana i(?amo? bis fatbcr, talking 
aeceiftully,bccaure b^ ^aa aeSlea Dtna^ 

14 anatbevfayatnto tbem,« Mice can* c They made tbe 
notaoetbistbing, to giue out filler to an holy ordinance 
ijncircumctrea man ; fb? tbat toere a<«re' of God.a meane 

PJlOOfetimOtiS. tocompadetheic 

I? ^Butintbtstoill tDeconfentbntoyou, wicked purpoft. 
ifyetuillbeastoeare, tbatcuerpmancbilae a Asitisabo- 
among you be ' cltcumcifea : mination for 

16 i:benii)ilia)e giueouraaugbtersto thcmthatate 

18 C Slfteituata, Jaakob camefafeto you, ana tuetuill take your aaugbters to tjs, baptixedtoioyae 
<S;becbem a £ity,tobicb is in tbe lauD of (£a» anatuiiatocUtoitbyou,anDbe one people, with infidels. 

naan, toben be came from H }3aaan acani, 
ana pitcbea before tbe city. 

19 ana tbete bee bougbt a parcell ef 
grouna, tobere be pitcbea bis tent, at tbe 
bana of tbe Tonnes of lg»amo;<©bEcbera6 fa» 
tber,foi anbunaitcD y ptecea of money. 

20 ana be fct up tbere an altar, anB caU 
Jy dehueted bim. lea B itj'Ebe migbt? ©oD Of Jfracl. 

I Dinah u rauijhed. i Hamor asl^eth her in rnt' 
riage fir hu fanne. 2j The Shechemites areCir- 
cumcifed at the reejuefi o/faa^obs fonms^and the 
ferfvcafion of Hamor, 25 The whoredome is re- 
uenged. 28 Janl^obreproouethhssfonnes. 

Tt}m Dmab » tbe aaugbter of Leab, 
tobicb fl)e bare iinto 3Iaakob , » tuent out 
to fee tbe aaugbters of tbat countrey. 

2 Culbom tBben ■©becbcm tbe fonnc of 
i^amo; tbe l^iuite loia of tbat countrey faru, 
be tookc bcr, ana lay tuitb bEt> ana t aetilcD 

3 ^0 bis beart claue unto Dinab tl)t 
ana t fpakc ktnaclv Dnto tbe mayB. 

4 i^ben fata <S)bccbcm to bisfatbct l?a» 
mo;i,fayins,''(5ct mc tbismaya to toife. 

<j ( Bou) 3Iaakob beara tbat be baa ae» 
fileaDiuabbis aaugbter, ana bis fonnes 
tnere ttiitb bis cattell m tbe fieiae : tberefo^e 
Slaakob beiae W peace , tjntill tbey Uoere 

6 CILben i^amoitbe fatber of <S)be« 
cbem baent out 'onto 3Iaakob to commune 

7 ana bJben tbe fonncs of 3Iaakob tijcre 
come out of tbe Beta ana bearB it, it grieuea 
tbemen, ana tbcy mere Deru angry, becaufe 

fOr^fiUy. bebaa^^oiigbtll utlleny in Jircacl, in tbat 

t Ebr.and it jhalt ^t bad Ken txiitb 'Jlaakobs aaugbter: ttobtcb 
notbffidone. tbingo«Sbtnottobeaone. 

8 ana ioamo^ communea toitb tbcm, 
faying , 'Ebe tbule of my fonne^becbem 
longetb fo^ your Baugbtet; giue ber bim to 

a This example 

teacheth that too 

much libertieis 

not CO be gtuen 

to youth. 

i Ebr.humbled 


i Ebr.Jpal^e to the 
hearts/ the 

b ThisprouJth 
that the conrenc 
of parents is rc- 
quifitc in marri- 
agc.fceing tbe 
very infidels did 
alfo obferue it as 

17 IBut If ye ijnU not bearkcn unto Ds to c Their fault is 
be ctrcumcifea,tbenttiil toe take our Daugb* the greater,in 
ter ana aepart. ^ that they make 

18 ji5ott)tbcirtoo?B0pleafea l?amo^janB Rdipionaciokc 
^bccbem t?amo;isfonne. for their craft. 

19 ana tbe yong man aeferreB not to Bo 
tbe tbing, becaufe \)t louea Jlaakobs aaugb' 
terrbetwas alio tljeilmoa fct by of all bis lOr.moUho' 
fatbersboufe. _, , , . nourabU. 

20 C €.ben i^amo^ana ®b«beni bis 

fonne toent tnto tbe ' gate of tbeir citie, f For the people 
ana communea tuitb tlje men of tbeir city, vfed to aflembic 

faying, there,andiu(Uce 

21 CbcremcR are g peaceable toitb bs: alfo was mini, 
ana tbat tbey mav a\i)eU in tbe laua, ana Bo fired. 

tbcir affaires tberein(foi beboiae, tbe lanD g ihusmany 
batb roome ynougb fo^ tbcm) let bs take pretend tofpeak 
tnctr aaugbtets to toiues , $ giue tbcm our (or a pubhke 

Bausbters. profit,vvhcn they 

22 2Dnelybetn"toiUbemencoHfentbn' oneiyfpeakefor 

to bS fo^ to BtoeltWttb us, ana to be one PC0» their ownepri- 

ple,tfall tbe men cbiia?en among US be cif uatcgaine and 

cumciTeB as tbey are circumcifta. commoditie. 

21 i^ballnoth tbcic flocks ana tbeir fub» h Thusthey 

ttaiice ana all tbeir cattell be ours; onely let lackc no kinJe 

i)3C0nfent herein bntOtb£U'> ana tbey tCill ofperrwafion, 
BtUClltuttbbS. which prefcrrc 

24 ana unto l^amoj, ana '©becbem bis their owne com. 
fonne bearknea al tbat toent out of tbe gate modities before 
of biscitv :ana all tbe men cbtla^en toere the common 
circumctreB, cuenall tbat toent out ot tbe wealth, 
gate oF bis citie. 

2^ ana on tbe tbirB Bay (tobcn tbey tocre 
fo^c) ttoooftbefonnesof3iaakob,'<©imeon i For they were 
ana LeuiDinabsb^etbJen, tooke ettber of rhcchicfeofthe 
tbcmbisfvwo^B ana toent into tbe cittebolB* company. 
lp,(tna * tlcto " euerv male. Cf^'P 49-^- 

26 'Ebeyflcto alfo ipamo;t ana ^becbcm k rhepeopieare 
bis fonnc toitb tbe t cage of tbe ftuo^a, ana puniiiied with 

tOOkfDtnabOUtOf «©UCCbCm]J }iOU(t. anB their wicked 

toent tbeir toay. ^ ^^ princes. 

27 Againe tbe other fonnCtf 01 ilaakob tEbr.mouthof 

came bpon tbe BtaB , ana fpoylea tbe city, thefvord, 

6? f awft m m 5»Wf5 tm mt- ^, 

28 'Eye? 

laakob clenfeth his houfe of idoles . Chap. xxxv. xxxvi. Kztid dictli_,and Izh^ . i 5 


\'Or^to be abhor- 

he fhewcth foine 

f The Ebreue 
word fignifietli 

a God is euerat 
hand to fuccour 
bis in their tiou< 

b That by this 

outward aft they llicnt*: 

28 'CI)E? tooSe tlm Jbcepe, anu tl}eir to9fc?a}3amanl3:j55a&,tuito(hcf;anlit)!Uo 
|jeeucs,an5 tmv afl"cs,anO tuljatloaicv ima tt)i? lc£!i atm t^ce toil! jl gtue ri)at lanD. 

in t\)e cttic,ani3 in tl)t fielUs. 1 3 ^0 ©oD « afcenCcD freiis tiini in the c As Ooc^ is faiJe 

29 sub tl)Ci> caitca atoi'ip capttue ana place lutereljeijaDtaUufitjitljIinn. 
fpoplco all rljctr gooDs , aiiO all tljcic cl}£l'' 14 i^nD Saal^.ob fctbp a pillar in r^c place 
B^en ano tlKic tomes , aiiO all tljat toa3 m tolitve ije ralkec tout) feini , a piUar cf lionc, 
tlje I30UU3. axB potoieu D^nUe oifcimg tljciTon: alfo IjC he if faid 

50 ^l]cn 3Iaal?ob fava to <©imcon anti poto^cUDyletljctEon. to afcend, when 

iLctu,J>cljau£troiit!lEDme,anDmat)emec if SiiD Jlaafeoli callcU flje name of tlje thcvifionis cn- 

II rttijke among tftemljabitants of tl)£ lano, place tol)tre &oU fpake toitl) i}tm, IBttt-d. ded. 
aiwdi tl)c (£anaanifes,as tlje Pcrtjjitcs, lO C^ljcnrljtvajpartco fromlPeilj cl, 

anO Jl being leto in number , tbep ll;all eca-- ano toljen tl)eie.toas > about ftalfe a t!ave3 

tfeec tl)emfeUie)3 togen)cr againUme , jfia? iotitnep of grouna ro come toCplj^itlj^Ka* _ ..^.... 

mcand fo ft)all3l ant) myljoufebe DcJUopeo, Ijel tcaueilcD , ano in tranetltng lijce toa;s in as much ^ro 

31 an9tl)CpanfoOCCeD,<^l)OUtai)ealJUre Penll. asonemayooe 

ourlifterasatoljo^ef 17 anntoljenfljectoasinpain^of^crla* frombaitetS 

CHAP. xxxv. bour,tl3cmtDtoifefat5i)nroljer,fearenot5 baitc, which is 

I lankob at Gods comniandementgeetb'vpta fO|Z tljOUflialchaoetljisfonneairo. taken for halfe 

"Beth-el to build an altar. 2 Hee re/otmeth his I8 "E-ljeU asftjee toasabont tOy>CClOebp a davtS iourney, 

boujh'jld, 5 Godmal^eththeenemtef of Iaa.kpb tbCg^Olt (fo^ fl)£eBtea) 11)6 CallcO 1)13 name 

afraid. 8 Deborah dteth. 1 1 The land of Canaan li>en-Oni , b«t IjtS fatljCC CallCB IjUH IStnia- 

V pramifed htm. li Rahfl dteth m labour. 22 Win. 

Reuben liethmthhu fathers concubine. 2J Tht IQ '3Ll)US! * 5petlKal)Cl,f toasbntieaitl Chap.^%.'7. 

foanesoflaal^^ob. 2i The death of /jjial^. tlje toa? tO 3I=pl)?atl),tol3icbiS']15Ctl)lel)Cm. 

Tl^eu>«5oo raiar0j!aal\ob,ani"e,soebp 20 9na Jlaakob fet a g pillar bponbcr g iheauncifnt 

to IBttlytl ana atoclltl)ere, ana make St^'iic:tl)is is t^c pillar of 1Sabcl5graHC)jn- fathers vfed this 

tljere an altar i3nto(5oa,tl3atappeareaun' iotl)tsaap. ceremony tote- 

to tbec, * toljeu tUon tleaacft from QlCm tljp 21 'El)£n 3!rracl toentfD;itoara , ana pit> li.fie their hope 

b<!otl)er. cbeaijtstentbcponail^igCaleBcr. ofche refurrcais. 

2 'Cbcnfapa31aal?obijntol)t3!3oufl)oia, 22 jI5ototolien3Ifraeiatoeltintl)atlana, to come, which 

ana to al Itbat toere toirl) l)un , put atoa? Ecnben Wnt , ana ^ law ♦ toitl) TSilbalj feis was not generally 

tbeRtavige goDstbatare among pou, ana tarbers concubine, ana it came tolfracl? reueakd. 

*> cleanfe pour fellies, ana change rour gar* fare, anajaakobbaattoeliiefonnes. h This teachcth 

2? liJLbe Tonnes of Leab, Eeuben SHaa* that the bthen 

fhould fliew 
their inward re- 

c For therein 
was fomc fignc of 
luperflition, as in 
tables and Agnus 

d Thusnotwith- 
ftanding the in- 
conuenienCe that 
came before, 
God deliuered 

? JFo.i toe toill arife, f goe bp to TBetl) el, hobs claeil fonnc , ana Simeon , ana ILeui, were not chofen 
anajtoill malie an altar tbcretouo aoa, a«a31uaab5ana|tracbar,ana5cbulun. for thdr merits, 
tobifbbcaramcintbeaayof tnrtrtbulatio, 24 'C^efonn£3oflSa|>el:3ofepftgtT0en- butbyGodsone. 
anDtoastoit^metntljetoavtoljicbStoent. iannn. ly mercies whofe 

4 ana tljev gaue »nto JIaaltob all tbe 25 ana t^e fonncs of Tfilfjalj Ea^el^ eieftion by their 
Orange goas, tol)ic^ were intl)cirl)ana£0, maiaetDananajBapbtali, fault was noc 
ana al tbeir ' eareringstoUicb toere in tbeic 20 ana tljcfonnes of 5ilpa!) lealjismaia: chanped. 
eace0, anajaaKobbtatljcmijaBeranoIiC, ©aa ana anjer. "S^bcfe are tbe lisnnesof ch<iM9'^ 
tobicl) toas bp ^bccbcm. 3laakob , toijiclj totre bo^nc tiim in ipaaan 

5 'El)entbi?tocntont!)ctciottrn£p,ann aram. 

27 CSDben Haaftob came bnta 3I?ljali 
W fatber to $©amre a citie of arbab: tbis 
isE;£b;on, toljcte ab^abam $3!Jbak toere 

28 ana tbe Bayes of 3I?ba!; toere an Ijun* 
a^ttb ana fonrefcoje yeeres. 

2g ana 31jl)att gaue uptbegbotl, anO 
aten, ana teas* gatl)crea Diuo bia people, cbaf,%^^ 
fating oia juia full of aayes : ana ijiis ronne;9 

tbC"! feareof @oa toasbpon tbe cities tbat 
toere rouna absnt tbcni:fo tbat tbcy aia not 
folloto after tbe fonnes of Slaalsob. 

€^0 came 31aafeob to iU5,tobtcb is in 
tbe lana ofoianaan : (tbefame is 13ctb-c() 
^e ana all tbe people tbat toas tettb bun. 

7 ana be buiU rbere an altav,ana • haB 
calleB tbe place , "Ebe ©oa of ISetb-el , bc» 
caule tbat ©oa appearea )jnt3 Ijmi tbere, 

II Or, o\e efla' 



(^fau anO JIaakob buriea \iini. 


2 The wiues of Efa/4. 7 Iaal{sb and E/au are 
rich, 5 The genealogy of Efax, 34 Tbe finding 

N©totbere arc the » generations of®- 
dcfautoohe btttoiiiCiS oftbC'Bangl)' 

a Thisgeneate- 
Efau was bleflcd 

toben be flea from bisbiotbec 

8 "Eben 2:)cbo;ab Kelicftabat nurfe BicB, 
anatoasbunea beneatblBctbfl i^nacran 
ofte: ana be callea tbe name of it iiaUon Ba» 

9 Casaine (&o3 appearcB tnito 3IaaI?ob, 
after be cameoutofpaaan aram,ana blef* 

feabiin. , -~ ^jnomuunc uitiuiuiis uin;i.-u«nay- tfmnorjUu anrl 

10 S©o;ieoiicr(!5oarai'atintol)Jm, "Ebr tcrsofciranaa.-aaabtbeaaugbrerofffilon thrtEth«r 
uameisJlaafeob: tl)?naniefl)allbeno mo^e anl^ittue, fjaboUbamabtbe aangbftrof k|,fi;" ' kt 
callea 31aakob , but * 3ilcacl rtiall bee tbp anab , tbeaaugbter of 3tbeon an l; imte, ^ '"'";^ '°°, j,„ 
name: ana be callea bis name 31 frael. ? 9natookeTi5arematb3il|nnaelsBaug^' Es " 

n againe, ©oafayaetintobim,3lam ter,Tiftcrofjf5ebatotb. , h Rfi7.)«fhore' 

(S)oailalirufficient,grottj, anamnltiplie,a 4 ana =* Saab bare bnto®fau,®ltpba5; ^^ferv htreof » 

nation ana mulrttuae of nations ft)alfp?ing ana TSafematb bare IKeuel. fooken 

oftbecana mmgeslball come out of t^p 5 aifoabDlibamabbare3!eH(!),ana3Iaa» /. o i«5 z^ 

tol?ncs. lam, ana iRoiab: tbefe are tbeJonnes of , A'" ^ '< 

12 airo31teiU sine t^elauDjtoljUS 31 ffau? ®faw tol)ic5 toei;* bo^e to ijim in tbe '•''*^'^"- •^^'^ 



aaxi Kings of Edoin« ' "loftphi 

c Herein appea- 
rstliGcJi proui 
dence, whick 

ianQ Df (Sansan. Difbon , anlJ ^IjoUbamal) fg? BatigfKff of 

6 <S)c€Elmitooh3l;isVat'ue«fl3(3(fottiTe!J an>il), 

fiat! !5uaaiigl;teca, ants R!ltl)e routes ofijis 26 Jluot^cfe avetlje foimcs of Ditliam 

feoiife.antt I}t6 floci«c,anti ailljis cattcU.anD it)cailian , luiO C-fljban , anQ 3tl);ai! , aiiO 

aU t)i3 fiiurcance Ui^tclj t)c \)m gotten in tl)e (li.l)Cian. 

Inns of (iianaan, aiin <= lutmmto another 27 tJLbefonnesef (Ejec arctSefc t Bil» 

CDuntirev fcoii'. ijis b;iotl)cr 31aakotJ. ftan, anD 5iiauan,anli akan. 

curding CoCjods 


)jOr,f/« Edomitei 

7 ^0^ tl^etv tic\)ts toece fa great tliat tlje? 
coaiD not DtBsd tlje lanUitBljerm 
ked CO {^iuc place tl]Cvto£ccScanccci;0, coutD not fccctue tbem 

to the godly, chat bccaufc Ol'tljeiC flOCfefS. 

laakobn^ghten- g " tE.l)tj;fo»£5\welt(Igfaummount<®«ir: 

ioy Canian ac- '^[.ftisf OcuUI 10 (JEDOm. 

€*o£bereacet!)eBenerattonsof <K» 
fau fatbcc of n ©DDin lu meimt <®f ir. 
ro 'S;ijefe arc tljt naiaejs of STiatis fonnest 
*®tp§ajt!:eronneof aoalj, t^ctotfeot ©• 
fan, amiEruclt^efumieof ^afljeniatl) tlje 

11 i^nD tl)e fonnes of <SUp5aj torec 'Ee« 
Kisn,® mar,5cpl)0,anD ©atam, f Sena? . 

12 anQ Cimna toas concubine to<ifii» 
plja? ©lau^fonnc, ano bare tonta (KlipUa? 
SmaIeH:t(}Cfe be t^e lonne? of ^oai} €(au;9 

i; C^nD tl3crE arc tt)t II fomies of Kenelt 
JI5al3atl),anD 5eral?, ^Ijammal) , anQ iJ©tf • 
nhi t'nzCt tuecc t^e fonne? of IDafljcmatlj C' 

14 C^npt^cfetoerctljefonnes of aijo* 
Itbaniaf) tlje liaHgl)tet of anal), II Uangljtcr 
of 5ibcon (Efaus \wifc: foz rtjee bare into <li^' 
fan aeuflhatio 3IaaJam,anO IHo?a^. 

i<f 'Cl^efc toerc C'^DuKca of tfie fonnes 



WOrtchiefe mt», 
riU Goilspco- 
fnifc be fo One 
tokvards them, 
which arc not of 

28 "EljefonueffofDiiljanaretljcre: 2Jf, 
ana aran. 

2c) "Efcefe are t^c Dnikee of t^e fi)Qjtimt 
Duke tiiim,VuU <slj9bai, £)uUe Jibcon, 
2>uke !3ua^, 

go DukeDt(J)on,2:)H&c®?er,2)u^eDt« 
(ban: 'El)crebeet^eDufee0oftl3e l^o^itesr 

gi CSnDtljcrcarctljc 8 kings tljat raig* 
neD in tlje lanU of (Zeoont , before tljcre reia« 
nea any Ring oner tlje cijtlD^cn of jffrael. 

g2 ^ftenlSelatbcfonneof^BeOiiretgneli 
in (SCom,anQ t|e uame of |ji9 cttp tvas2:)tn> 

g? ana tol3Cit15eIa metijobab tljefonne 
ef 5Era{),cf 16o?ra rcignen in ijis aeati. 

34 caijcn Jabab atib tuas Deao, ii;nfl)am 
of tlje lanD of ^emani tetgneo t« 6»s tteaa. 

3^ ana after tUeDcatlj of ipnffjajn, l?a« 
Daa tl)c fonne of T0eaaD , xal)ic\i flcto g©iBi« 
an in rtje Qcia of $0oab,reignea in ijis acaa, 
ana t^c name of l)ig citte was Suitt). 

go caiKn l?aaaa toas aeaa, tben ^am« 
lal) of ^afreUalj rcigneD in bis fteaa. 

37 fi^l)en'©amlabU)a3aeaD,'S>l)anlof 
••Keljobotl) bv t^e nuer retgnea in bts ttraa. 

38 J^satjen'^banlaiea, lUaal IjanaH t^e 

g The wiokej 
rife vp fuddenl/ 
to honour, and 
pcridi as quickly: 
but chc iniieri- 
canceof chechiil* 
drenof God 
continuech for 

h Which citie 



of GSfan ; t^c fons of <Zf lipba?, rtje tirft bo?ne fonne of acljbo^ retgnea in ijts Ueaa. 
of <IEfau : Duke Fenian , Duke ©mar, 59 ana after tlje BeatJjof iSaal &ana« 

Dufee 5epl)o,Dnke f^tmh tlje fonne of adjbo? , i;aaaa reignea in t)is 

i6 Duke lao^if), Duke (5atani,Du1te (lcaa,5tl)enameof^tsdt{e«ai pau: anH 

Ka-l'mucITmore 9«naltk : tftefe arc tbe Dukes that came of IjistDiucsnamc^ebctabclt^eaaagljteraf 

will he D«formc <Klipljaj in tbc lana of mom i t^efc Uiere ^atrea,tl)e liaaugljter of i©e?aljab. pr^wtee. 

the fame to vs? 


tljellfonncsJofaoal). 40 'Eben t^cfe are tbc names of t^c 

17 Cana tI)Cfearcrt)cfonne3ef Kenel Dukes of (Sfauacco^aing to tl)eir families, 
(ZEfausfonne : Dukc|l5al)atlj,Duke5Eral), tijeir places & bytbetr names: Dnke'Cira- 
Dnhe <S>Oammalj,Duke 90if jalj t tfeefe are na;Duke aiHal),Duke 3Iet!;ctl), 

ti)C Dnkec that came of SeneltntUe lana of 41 Duke aijolibamal) , Diike (Sla^, 

(Eaom :tbefearetUelironneis(ofl0a($tn)atl) Duke Btnon, 

(l^fau3\uife 42 Duke Kenaj, Duke 'Seman, Duke 

18 CJLtfeetoife t^efe toeretlicftnnesfof ^tbjar, 

a^Ubama^ ©fans toife : DukeSeuflj, 4? Duke 8J9agBiel, Duke Jramjtljeft 

Duke3!aalam,DukcEoiial)j t^e(eDHke0 bctljeDukesof (EOom, acco^oing to t^etc 

came of aijolibama^ , t&c aaugljtet of auab babitations,tn tlje lana of tbcir inljeritancr. 

Cfausi tDife. %W ^im\»t%% father of > O^aoui. 

19 'Eljefeare t^e cl)iia?cn of (Kfatt , anD 

tljeic are t^e Dwkes of t^em ; %W Efau itf chap, x x x v i i. 

CaoiH. 2 fofefhttccufethhii brethren. %.He dreameth 

20 C'"S^ljefearetl)Cfonne0Of <S)eii: t|)C »>tduhatedofhu brethren. a8 TheyfeUhtmto 
l^O^itC , lMt)tCt) ' inl)abttca tl^C lanB before, the yjhntae lues. 34 Jaai^pb bervaUeth I»feph. 

1 aakob neUj atuelt in tbe Una, toberein 
1 W fatljecuja? a ftranger , in tfee lanBe of 
2 'E^eXe are tijc » generations of 3Iaa« 

t.Chron.t j8 
e Before that 

ifau did there in- !Lotan,ana''a)l3obal,'ana "Jibcon, ana anafei 
bnbitc. 21 anaDin}on,ana(lB5et»anBDill)an: 

tbefe are tbe Dukes of t^e it}o;ite9,tbe fonis 

cf ^eir tn tbe lana of OEaom. 

fWhotiotcan- 22 auB tl)cfonne3of Lotanttcrc Ipo^t, kob.'whenjofcpbtoasicHcnteenejjeereoia, 

tented with thofc ana l^emam.atrtiLotans lifter wa^'Eimna. Ijee kept fijeepeuiitlj bis b«t^;ien: ana tlje 

kinds of hearts 23 ^ttB tbeifijunes ef<S>l)obal toere tbcfe: cbiiae toas tuitb tUc fonnes of TBilbab , ana 

tvhichGod had aiuan,ana ^aua^atl), auB ^balj'^^cpbo, tottbtbe fonnes of 5ilpab.l;i3farbtrstuiues. 

created, found auBSDnam. anBIofepti b;ousl)tiintot|)eirfat|jertt)e{r 

outthemon- 24 anBttefc are tljc founcfi Of 5ibcon: |i''euUlfaj>ing. 

firous generation botl) Stab, anB ana^ : tbis teas anab tbat 3 Jl^otu Ifracl loueB llofepl) moie tben 

of mules be- fouuB f mulcs in tbcluilBetneffe,anBibefeB all bio fonnes, becaufe be bcgate bim tnbis 

tweencthe Affc ^is fatljcr jibcons aflcs. olo age , ana ij?? maD? ^\n\ a coate of man? 

and ttc Marc. 1% ^i«i tl)C tijUa^en pf a^a^lofrf t5«r?; H colows. 

4 ^fl 

i OfEdomcame 

a That is,' the 
ftory of fuch 
things as came to 
him and his fami- 
lie, as Chap. 5. ■• 
h He complai- 
ned of the euill 
MioTds,and inju- 
ries which they 
fpake nnd did 

drcaincs : His brethren hate him. Chap.xxxvu;. 

lofeph is fold. 



c God reuciled 
to him by a 

i The more 
that God iliew* 
eth himfclfc fa- 
the moied"th 
them:<liceaf the 
wicked rag« a- 
gainft them, 
e Notdefpifing 
the vifioPjbut 
peafe hh tf e- 


f He knew that 

God was author 



ftood not the 


g Thefeoly 
not mens faults, 
asrio vaine wri* 
tcTs wh ch rnalce 
\ -rice vemie. 

» lOr.mafttrof 

'' I dretmth 

>' i 

J Ebr let vs not 

4 €>o luljcn l/t3 bietl);cn fato tW tfjei" c 
father loueO Ijim nioite r Ijcn ail ^ts lneto?en, 
tl)£n tl)£i? fjatf D \]im , anU couloc not fpeabe 

<> € 3nn JjOici^}) « ti;cainca a Dzcnme, 
aiiD tolCe l)is b^ctlj^en, toljo Ijauo ijrnito 
miicl) tl)c nio^e. 

6 jf o;i l)£ faib linto tijem, C;eare, f pwp 
ywi,tl)i3 O^eame \o\)kii 3 l)aucDicanieD. 

7 T3cl)0ia noto,\J32 tucrebinDing fljeaucs 
m the jriti3 of ri)c Rclac : atiB loe, mv ilmft 
ai-ofe, anD aU'oitoooiipitgtjr, anob'cijolCc, 
pour iljeaues compaffci) rounD aUout , ann 
DiD reiicrzncE to my i^eafc. 

8 Eljen i)i3 bict^KJi faiU to Yjim, Ctlfiat, 
R)aIrrt)e«rctgn?ouet »5, ana nilcna ^ o? 
fljalt tl)oa Ijauc alt03etl)tc Donumon ouct 
iJ3 ^ 3uD tlKP <* OatcD l}tm fo mticij ti)C iiio;te 
fo.2 Ijt? D;ear»i£s,3US fa^ his u;o;D3. 

(> ^ againc l^e D^eamcD another B;camc, 
aira toiac u tts t);ict"ozeii,aiio fo.iu, i3ci)olDf, 
31 ^aiic ijau onctiieamcnio^e, $bcl)Cltif,tbe 
<^unnc ana tljc Cl&oone anS etcuen ftactes 

10 ^tjen l)c tola ifonto l)ts fatber ana to 
1)13 b/ct[)zcn , ana ijis father ' rcbukca t)n«» 
anolatBcDmohU'rt) CCihat ig this Dzeaitie, 
loljicljtljcti^atl D^canua f Ojali 31, anathi? 
mothLt, ana top b;i£thwii coiwe in BeeB, ana 
fall on tl)e grouna before thcc i 

11 ^nahts butbieneniiua ^im, but])i3 
father pfnotca the raping. 

12 C Chen l)i0 fa;etb;en tocnt to fteepe 
t|civ fathers Ojeepe in <S>hcchem. 

I? ana Ifracl laya imtoJoftyb-lDoe not 
tl^v b«thzcn keepe tn ^Ijecbciu i come, anD 

U ana bee anfajerca btm , 31 am bere. 
'Ebcnhee faia iinto btm, ©o noru , fee ttihS' 
tljer it be tucll tDitb tljp b^cthzen, ana hob) 
theflocKcspiofpet, ana b^ing me tuo^a a* 
gainetftbeefentbtm from thebaic of l^e* 
b^n,ana be came to-S^bccbem. 

iS C 'Cbcii a man fauna btm i foi loe, be 
luas tDanacting; in the 8cia,ana the man at 
kea him,favin3,cahat fcefeeil tbouf 

16 anabccanffficrEa, 2 UeUe mp b^c» 
tb.ien: tell mc,3i piav tbee, tobeve tbep Hcepf 

flicep e. 

17 ana tbc man fata,'S:bev ait BcyarteB 
bence : foi 31 bearfl tbcm fav, tct D3 goe I5a» 
to Dothan.iEhenteentJofEph after bis b?e» 
tb;!£n,ana foinio tbem in Dutban. 

18 ana bJben the? labj bun afarre og", e» 
uen befoie be came at tbcm , tbep « coHlpireO 
agamtt bun foi to flap bim. 

19 j?02 tbep fata one to anotber, IScbcSD, 
tbis li B^eaincc comtnetb. 

20 Come no\D tberefoze, anb let b3 flap 
bim.ana catt bim into fome pit, ana tne tuill 
lap, a toickca beaft batb aeuoiirca bim: 
then toee RjaU fee, tobat tDill come of bt3 

21 "But tobenEeubettbearb that, beat* 
Iii:erea bim out of tbeir banae9> ana fiua, 
jLetbs not kill bim. 

22 aifo Reuben faiabntotbem, ■©beaO 
tiotblooa, but caa bim into this ptttbatis 
in tbemiiBerntfic.ana lap no b^na bpon 
bim. ihusheefaid, that be migbt acliuec 
^iaiQut of tbeu b^na, ana ((ao^e bttu (9 

bt? father againc. 

2 ? t jBobJ iDbcn Tofcpb teas romcbnfo 
bis bietbzen, tbtp Rcipt i!offpb cut oFbis 
coat, bt3 particolourcDcoattbattpasbpon 

24 anatbeptookebim,<inacaR''bimtn« h ihekhjp^. 

tOapitjanatbCpitwascni^iCiCjtUitbOUttoa* crifieappeareth 
term it. intl)is,ihatthcy 

2<f Cbrn tbep fate tbcm baton to eat b;caar feared man more 
ana f bcs lift ap tbeir epes , ana looUca, ana then God: and 
bthoia, there cauiC a coinpanp fltjfijmfe* thought it was 
lites fromC5ileaD, ana their camels laarn rottr.urtbfr,if 
bJttb fpictticana iibaUnc, anamDirbc. ana they died not 
Ujerc going to carp it Botonc into vZJgppt. bis blood : or cIs 

26 'S^bcnluaabfcibbnto bis bzethzcn, had anexcufcto 
Cahat aiuuletb it, if ttce flap our brother, coucr their fault, 
tbougb tec heepehfg fclooa lecrct ;• \0r, rohn, tur^ 

27 "o-omeanaictas t'cUhim to tbC 3I(b' pemne.ortn-^ 

mcclttcs, 5 let not our banb? be bpoKbim: acU. 
fozbeis eiic bzotber and curflclb : ana bis iVifdAo.tu 
b^ctlucnabepea. pfai.10s.17. 

28 Ebe>itbe*2RiBtanitesmercbantmcn i Mores wiitHig- 
p3ircBbr,ana rljcyazetofooztb, ana lift 3io« accordinqtotbe 
fcphoutoftbt pit, ana Tola JofcpbDntotbe opinion of them 
•ilAjmcciircs foztbsentp pieces of lilu£r;b;ba which tookethe 

b^OUgbt ilOfepb into €gppt. Midianites and 

20 CSttertoaraHeubenreturneBtotbe irhmceiites tob« 
pit, aiiBbcbolB, Jofcpbwasnotintbepit: bothone,doth 

tben be rentbiS CtOtbCS, here confound' 

30 anBrcturneatO bisb;Ctb;eW,(jrapa, tbeirnames:a$ 
' CbilBC 13 not yocder, ana 3!, m'mhtt alfoappeareth, 
(ball3Igoe:' verfej^.&chap. 

31 ana tbep toolte3Ioiepb£( coat,atta kilo jj.r.oreifehe 
leaak»aoftbcgoat9,anaDippcBtbecoatm was firft offered 

t'Ot blOOB. to the Midianttes 

32 "©o tbev Tent tbat parttcoionreB coat, but fold to the 
* ana tbep biought it bnto tbeir father, ana ifhmeeiites. 
faia.Ebis bane ujefounB: fee nob),UJb«ber k Towit.tbe- 

tt be tbv fonnes coat oz no. meffcnfeis which 

33 ^hcnbce hneto it, anB fapD, it ismp werefem. 
fonues coat: a bJickeB bcaft batb * BeuouccB C'^ap.^'^- »8. 
btm : 3ofepb is fnrclp tosmc in pieces. fOr.irnlmounu. 

34 ana 3jaakob rent bt3c!otbC3,anB put firinm,fokng 
fackclotb about bis lopnes^na ib^rotoeB fo^ as 1 hut. 
bislbnnealcugfcafon. j which word 

35 'Ebcn all his fonnes $ alibis Bausb» dmhnotai^av- 
:crs rofe up to cemfozt bim, butbeetoouia fignifie him that 
not be comfc^tcB, hnt faiB, !l <S)Hrc!p 3 toill is geidcd,bur aU 
goe aoiane into tbe grant bnto mv fonne fo him that is in 
mourning,: fo his father tocptfo; bim. fomehiedigni- 

36 ana tbe ^ioianifcs foiat bim into tie. 
(S^gvpttmto l^otipbar ' anCunucbof j^ba-- \\0r, captaineof; 
.raob3,andbi6||cbiefeflrtoara. tbefuard, 


a The marriage ofjuiah. 7.9 The tre^affe cf 
'Er And Qnan, and the 'vengeance sj God tbjt 
coTiie thereupon. I 8 ludah Ijeth rvitb bis daugh- 
ter in Urv Tamar, 24 Tam*r u tudged to bet 
bar-tit /orTvhoredcmi. z$. 30 The bmh of Thar 
re\d»d Zarab. 

AI5aat tbat time > 3Iwi?<ib bJcntBotone a Mofadefcri- 
from bis bzethzcn, ana thvncB in to a beththegtrtakv. 
mitn callea Dirah an aauUamtte. giccf iudab,tc. 

2 ana Juaab fata there tbe aaugbtcr of caufe the Meffias 
a man callea • <ShBab a ^ (Ganaanite : ana fliouid come of 
be tookc ber to wifcana tuent in tinto bcr. him. 

3 ^oiljce concciucB, anabarearomie, \.chrM>.i.i. 
ana be callea \i\'5 name ®r. b which aiSnir 

4 ♦anBfbeconeeineaagaitie.anabarea ticnoti-.itbxan* 
fonncana fijc callea bis name C nan. dmg was con- 

5 ^o;eau?t (b? batf pet aTonn? jtobom drmned of codi. 

^5 J(«ja4.i««i5l»-' 




Tamai hath two Tonnes. 


c This ofilsr was 
for the preferua- 
that the childe 
begotten by the 
ftcond brother, 
fhould hauc the 
name and inheri- 
tance of the firft: 
tvhich is in the 
d Forlhe could 
not marry in any 
other fa:nily Co 
would tcteine 
her in his. 
i Zbr.woi cafH- 


WOr^tH the doore 
or^Tvhere tvere 
two tpayef. 

e God had won- 
derfully bhnied 
him, that he 
coultlnot know 
her by her talke. 

II Or, nre of thine 

f That his wic- 
kcdncffe might 
not be knowcn 
to others. 

^ Sbr.iH coft' 


g He feareth 

man more Chen 


fl3C calico -©fiela^ i ana luJah toast at Gt&e- 

6 '^Lljen 3iM0al) toc^z a toifc to ®r \jis 
6C(I b?xm ronne,tul}orc name was 'Q^amar. 

7 • jI5o'a) (El- mz ticft boim of aaoal) 
tuas toickeD in tijc fig^t of rije to^a ; t^zu- 

8 tEUenilusalj rati)to®han,<So{nbm 
tot!)Vb.JotlKC!5 totfe, ana Oo tbe office of a 
Uinfaian 'onto ^ec ,ana taife = tip feefle i>nto 
tl)j> bjtortcc. 

aiiD i]Dna« kiteto tijat tl)e Tcea fiiottlQ 
not Ijc l)t3 : ^ijerefo^e m^m l)t mnt in mu 
tol)is b;totl)ecs totfe, Ijee fptUea it on tbe 
gcotma , left ^ceajoulugme feeUc ijntoljts 

10 ant) it teas toicfeco in tl)e eyes of tl)t 
j^oiB, toljtclj ^e aiQ ; tu^crefo?e l;e aelu &im 

11 '^Ijeu fapUe ItiUa^ to 'Eamar Ik's 
naiis^tct in la\u,<i Eenianie a toiSota in tljp 
( t'o^ l)ce t^ousl)t thus, Left ^c Die as U)cU as 
^i3 b^etl)^cn. ) -©o i:aniat l»ent anD Dtaclt 
in Ijecfafljcrsijoiife. 

i: € ana in p^ocelTe of time alfo t^e 
fiauflfbtcr of'S)Inial) 3Iu9al)0 tutfe Di£D.'Cl;cn 
3inOab. tDl)cn Ije + Ijaa left moiirnuigf , toent 
Dp to Ins ajcepc flicerecs to i:tmnal),lie,ana 
Ijts netsljbotit i^ivaM tl)eaDiillainite. 

15 anOittoaatolD S^amar, faying, "BC' 
i)olD,tl)j> fatljcr in Um soett) Jjpto "Eimna^, 

14 ^tjen flje put \)zt toiaotoes gatmcntai 
offfi'oin l)cr, u coiieccQ her luttl) a toailc , anU 
U)?appea Ijcr fclfc, $ fate Cotone in ii©et&a^' 
enatnt^tolucl) is by tlje tuay to 'Cininaft, be* 
caitfe flje fato tliat ^Ijelal) tuas gcoU3en,ano 
lljc loaa not giuen ijnto Ijiin to luife. 

i^ eabcn Juoal) fatu lizt, ijce iuageo ^er 
an toljoze : fo;i fi)e tjao cotierca l^ec face. 

1(5 ana i^ec tutneato tlje toaptotoaiDs 
htty ana faia, (Come, 31 p;tay tijee ,let me lie 
b)itl)tl]ee, (fo^fteefencia nott^at njctoas 
Ijiaaaugljtcr in Ia\jj.) ana die anfiuctea, 
eaijat tutlt tl)ou giue me (oi to lie toitlj mcf 

17 'Cljcn fata l)c,3I uiill fena tljcc a ftia of 
tlje goats from tfte flock: ana aje fata, vvei,if 
tljou toilt gttie me a plcage,till tljou fena it. 

18 "Cben ijc faiD,ea&at is tlje pleDge tl)at 
31 Rjall giue tijee i ana fljeanfmcirea , 'Eljp 
fignet,nna tWi cloalte,anB tl)y ftaffc t^at is 
in t^ine Ijana. <gio be gaue it Ijccana lay b^ 

It) i:i)en flje cofe , gs tocnt j pnt i)tt tiaile 
from ^er.ana pnt on Ocr tutaotucs raiment. 

20 aftcrtoara anaal) fcnt a hiaae of the 
goateiS by tbe ijana of ijis fneigljbotir tlje a* 
BMllamitc, fo;i to recetue Ijis pleage from tljc 
toomano Ijana : bnt Ijc fonna l)cr not. 

2 1 'Eben afkea Ije tljc men of tbat place, 
laying, daibcceigtljetoljo^e, that fate in (E= 
naim by tfec tuav nac i ana tljcy anCwerca, 
%\)ta toas no tol)o;e bcre. 

22 L?e came tljcrcfo^e to JnOalj agatne, 
ana faiae, 31 cannot finae ber , ana alfo tlje 
men of tlje place faia, "Ebere toast no )ii})o^c 

23 '5!:iien3Itiaal)raya, lift bertafee it to 
6er, left uie be + s afljamca j Uel)ola. 3| fewt 
tw Kta,anQ tbpu ijaft not founa ber. 

24 C BqSh after tbjse tola 
3lnaalj,r3ymg, 'EaiHac tby aaugbter inlatu 
batl) playea tbe tobo^e,ana loe^toirb flaying 
tl)2U3l;oie, fi3C is great UJitbcbiiae. 'Eben 
3iuaablaia, ipjtHgyeberfoo^tMua let bet 
be •• bBrnt. 

2? m^m Ibetuas b^ougbt foo^tb.flje fent 
tobcrfatber tn laiue, faymg, 15? tbcman, 
unto \X)l)om tbcfe tbings penaine. am 33 feaitb 
cbiiae: ana faiae alfo, Looke, 31 pzay tbce, 
isbofe tbefe are,tbe feaU,ana tbc cloaKe,ana 
tbe ftaffe. 

2§ 'Ebcn Juaabfenetothem, ana faya, 
<S)be is ' mo?e rigbteons tben3l : fo^ n^e hath 
doneit,becaufe I gaue ber not to -©belab 
my fonnes^o be lay tottb ber '' no mo^te. 

27 Cff^oto Uibcn tl)Z tmie toas come, tbat 
(beibouiabeeaetiuerea, bcboia, tb^e^ere 

28 ana tobcn flje toa? in traucll , the one 
pnt out bisbana: ana tbe mtatutfe tooke 
ana bouna a rea thrced about bis bana, fay« 
ing, l^bis is come out 8rft. 

zq lent toben be * pluckea bis bana bacfe 
againc,l0, bts baotber came oiit,ana the mid- 
wife faia, t^ou) baft ■" tbou broken tl)t b^eacb 
Upon tl}zt i ana bts name ixiajs calUa *}0ba* 

30 ana aftcrtoara came out bts b;iotber 
rbat had t\)z rea threed about bis b^na > ana 
bts name i»a.s calUa 5arab. 


1 yofepl) iifoldtoPotiphar. z Godpro^erstb 
him. 7 Potipharsmpifitempteth him, i ). zoHe 
ttaccufedand caii fnfrt/hftt 21 Godjheweth 


V7©lj) 3ofepb teas b^ougbt aotone into 
iN(£gypt: ana Ponpbac^an(£unucb8f 
Pbaraobs (and his cbiefe ftetuara an ©gyp* 
tian)bougbt bim at tbe bana of tbe Jfljmee* 
Ittesjtubtcb baa b^ougbt bim tbitbcr. 

2 ana tbe •> Lo^a ujas imtb 3!ofepb,anQ 
bcctuasamantbatp^ofperca, ^ toastntbe 
botife of bis raafter tbe (Kgpptiati. 

5 ana bts matter Giio tbat tbe loiia was 
toitb \iin\y ana tbat t\)z lo;iD maDc all tbat 
be ata, to p^ofpcr in bis bana. 

4 ^Q 3!ofepb founa fauour in W figbt» 
ana feruea bim : ana be maae biJn ' ruler of 
bis boii^cf put all tbat be baa,in bts bana. 

^ ana from tbat time tbat be baa maJc 
I)im ruler oucr bis boufc.ana oner all tbat be 
baa, tbe Lo^a ^ bleffea tbe ©gyptiansboufe 
fojijlofepbs fake: ana tbe bletfingoftbeLo^a 
toasiipoualltbatbebaa in tbeboufe,ana 

6 "Ebercfo^c be left alttljat be baa in 3Io» 
fepbs bana, « ana tooke account of notbin j 
that was U)ttb bim, faue onelv of tbcb;caa, 
tobtcb be ata eate. ana 3Iofcpb toas a fairc 

7 CBovu tbercfo^e after tbefe tbings,bi^ 
mafters totfe caft bei; eye^^pon 3Iofepbtana 

8 TButbe rcfufea nna faia to bi« matters 
totfc, 'li5(;boia,my matter knotoctb not toljat 
he hath in tbc boufc luitb me, but batb com* 
mittea all tbat fe batb to mine bana. 

9 -Cbere is no man greater in tbis boufe 
tbeti 31 : ne«bw (jatb bee feept a»p tbing 


h We fee that 
the Lawjwhich 
was written in 
mans hearty 
taught them that 
flied with death; 
albeit no Law as 
yet wasjjiuen. 
i That is, (be 
ought rather to 
I her. 

k Forthebor* 
rour of the firne 
condemned him. 
1 Their heinous 
Hnne was (igiiift< 
ed by tbis mon< 
ft tons birth, 
m Or,thefepa-* 
rhee and thy bru« 

a ReadeChap. 

b The fauour of 
God is the foun- 
taine of alt prof- 

c BecaufeGcHl 
profpercd him: 
and To he made 
Religion to ferae 
his profit, 
d The wicked 
company of the 

e For he was 
aflured that a il 
things fliould 
therefore he ate 
and dranke,and 
tooke no c=re. 
f In this word 
(he declared the 
fumme whercun- 
to all her flatte- 
ries did tend. 

lorephisciftintopri/bn. The 

Chap.xl. Butler andBalrcrsdreames. 17 

from mtybut oncl? t^ee, becatift t^ou art W Ring of ©siipt , to^iclj toerc liouna Ut t^c 

totfe : UotD tben can 33 Oct t^is great »tc« p;itfon. 
g The feate of keantCTe aiiD fo fmne againft g ©ou ^ 6 anti iu^cn Jofep^ came fn into t^em 

God preferued lo SLnn albctt (ije fpake to Jofcp^ Bap &i> »H tte moaning, anD loofeeo ijpon t&em, bc« 
bimagainfthct Dap,i)£t^ee t)earf?enEB not bnto^et, tolje lolotbtptoecnaiJ. 
continuaiUen- tottl)t)Et,or to be in t)ct Company. 7 3nDljcafkeDpi)arao5sa:fftcer0,tbat 

wcions. II "S^^cn ona certatneDapJofcphetttrca toeretottl) ^mun ^is mailers toato, (aping, 

into tljetoufctoSoe^isbuOnene: anD t^etc t l£ll)ercfO(!c loohe vefofaDlptoOai' i ifShr.vfwgrt 

tnas no man of t^e IjouHjolD m tlje l)oute; 8 CQljoanUiicreDtim, iCUt^mtU^ta^ reurfictfewll? 

12 'S^^ecefoze fljc caiigljt ^im bp tis gat. mea cchonc a Became, ana tijcre is notie to 
ment,faptns, *Iecpe t]uttb mce : but Ijee left inte rp^tt^ tlje fame. 'Cfjcn 3IorcpU faffl Dnto 

^l5 garment in ^et liana, ana flea , ana got tbem/ arc not interpretations of ©oa i tell c Cannot God 
liimont. tljemmenoto. rafcvpfucha 

13 f5oto to^en ftjee Vii.-. t^at ^ee l^aa left 9 ^^ t^e c^fefe bntler tolaebiaa^earac fhaii interpretc 
Ijtjs garment in bet |ani;,3na toas flea out, to 3Iofcplj}anc fata untoljim, j-n mp a^eamc, fuchtfaings* 

14 ^liecaUeauntotljemenof ^etbotife, bebol8,atoine was before me, 
anatolaetljem, faping, '2eboiae,l)eetatlj 10 anDtntbeuine were t^jee branches, 

B Or,t9 4lo vs vil. b^ougljt in an ©b^etn tonto bs,t8 mocke ijs; ana as it buDQcD,&cr floiD^e came foztl^tanQ 
lame and [ham!. to^ocam2iuromefo;ito^aiieflept ttitljmc, t^e clufters of tbe grapes toarca ripe. 
h Tt^is deciareth bntj i- crvcaivitl) alotoaetiopce. II ana I hod jpbarao^s cup in mmeljana, 

thac^htrein- 1% autiaj^ciiljefteara tUatJ lift bp mp anD 3 tooto tlje grapes; ana tD;!ung tljem 
continencie is, Ijovce ana ccteD, ^ee left bis garment ttttlj info Pbaraobs cup,ana 31 gaue tjje cup into 
me,ana flea atoav,ana gat ijim out. ^Ijaraobs bana. 

16 ^0 ffjcc lapae up bis garment by ^er, 12 "Ebcn JolepS faia into §tm,'3:f)is % d He was aflbred 

thereunto is ioy 

red extreme im- 





bntiUberlojB came bome. 

17 'Eben flje tola bim yaccoiaing to tbefe 
too;iDs,Caping, 'Ebe (Ebjteto feruant, toljicl) 

fan houfe, 
i Hii euill in< 
treatment in the 
prifon may be 
gathered of the 
Pfal loy. 18. 
+ Sbr.mcUnei 
mercy vntohinh 
R Orjord, 
k That is, no- 
thin;; was done 
wimout his coni« 

tbc intcrpzetation of it: %\)t t^^ec b^iancljeitf by the fpirit of 
aretfoeeaapes. God, that his in- 

..._._,. . , , 15 caitiint^;eeaait5R)an0|araoI)lift terpretationwas 

tboii ball bjiougbt unto us, came in to me,to tp tbme beaa , ana rcftoze t\itt unto tbine true. 
rt\Qc^t me. t office, ana t^ou fijalt giue 13baraol)s z\x^ X sbr.flate, 

18 ieutaffoonea£(31 liftiipmp topee ana into bis bana after tbe olDe maner, to^eu 
criea,^e left Ijis garment toit^ me , ana flco tljou toatt W butler. 
G\xt, 1+ I3ut bauemee in rememb;iance toit|> 

lo "Eben tnljen W matter ^atO tfie tbee, tob^n tbou art in gooa cafe, ana {Jjetoe 
tDozas of bts totfe, tobtcbtl)eetolaebim,rap= mercie, ap?aptbce,untomee, ana 'mahe e HerefUfednot 
ing,afcer tbis maner aia tljv fctuant to me, mention of me to 13baraol;,tbat tfy>\x maiett the meancs to be 
bis anger toasktnaieD. biingmeontofthisbottfe. dcliuered.whlch 

20 ana Jofepbs matter tookc bintanU i<j Jroi'Jtoasttolltnatoavbptbeftoutof hcthoughtood 
putbimint'PMfon, in tbe place, toberctbe tbclanBoftbe(Cb2etoe3,anaberealfebaMe ha^i appointed. 
Kings pnfoners lap bounD ; ana t^ere i&ee 31 aone norbing, toberefo^ie tbep ttjonia put 
toasmp^tfon. men in tbe Dungeon. ^Or^rtthtfit, 

21 CBut tbe ilojD teas toitT)'i!orcpl),ana 16 anatoben tbecbiefebaherfatoetbat 
' - .. - tbe mtecpjctationtoas gooa, bee fapatinto 

Sofepb, aifo me tbougbt in mp arcame,tbat 
3ibaDtb2ce ftDljite DalUcts on mine beaa. f Thatis.rrade 
17 anaintbeuppetmottbafkettbcrewas ofnhite twigs, 
tocre in tbe piii6n,ana ^toljatfdcner tbep DiD of all maner bafeen meates fo^i t3baraob : or as'fome read?, 
tbere,tbatrita be. anatbebtraesaiacatetbem out of tbebaf* bafketsfull^f 

23 a,r(D tbe keeper of tbe pjifonlool^eBUn* het Upon mine beaa. hoie«. 

toviotlsingtbattoasunacrbisbana, feeing 18 "Cbfn Jofepb anftoertD, anD fapBe, g Hcfheweth 
tbat tbe LOiia was uiitb bim : fo;t bjljatfocuer s 'E^is is tbe interpzetation tljereof ; Wji that the Mmiftcts 
be Dia,tbeLoia maaeittoozofper. tlj;ieebaftet«aretb^ceaapes: ofOodougi^t 

c H A p. XL. ig CHitbin tiiitc aapes (ball Piaraob nottoconceale 

8 The iHter^etatioHofdreamesu of God. 12. take tftine beaB from tbCe, auB (ball bang that which God 

tbee on a tree, ana tbe birBes (ball eate tbp teueiieth vnto 
flelb from offtbee. them. 

20 anafotbetbiraeDap,wliichwas|3ba» h which was an 

tlbetoea bun mercie, ana got bim fauour in 
tbe figb t of tbc ii matter of tbe pnfoH. 

22 ana tbektEPCi-of tbe piifon commit* 
teatojofepbs b^auB all tbe pzifontrs tbat 

15 fofeph expoundeth tbe dreamei of the two 
frifonen. 23 The ingratttude of the butler. 

A /9B after tbefe tbings.tbebutler of t\)t 

ter^eumche^^ihe Siting of (Sgvpt, anB bis baker ottenBeD raobs^^birtbaap, beemaaeafeaftbntoall occafiontoap 

wordftimjitth tbeir leza tbe Bing of €gppt. \)i5 feruants : ana bee liftea up tbe beaD of point his officers, 

tbimthatwere 2 SnB PbaraobUoas aHgrieagainff bisf tbe cbitfebatlcr, ana tbc beaa of tbe cbicfe and fo to cxa- 

in high estate , or ttoo fffifficcrs.againft tbc cbicfe butler, anD baker among bis feruants. mine them that 

them that ivere agaittft tbe cbiefc baker. 21 ana be rettozea tbe cbiefebutler Unto wereinpriren. 

S ^bercfoze be put tbem in toara in bis W btitlcrfbip, tobo gaue tbe cup into 33ba» 

cbiefe ttctoaras l]oure,tn tbe pzifon and place raobs bana. 
tobete 'lofepbtoasbouna. 22 ISiitbebangeatbecbiefebakerjasJo* 

4 anB tbe cbiefe ftetoarB gaue Jofepb fepb baB interpzetea unto tbem. 


God worketh 
many ivonderfull 

» Thatis,eufry 
Ireame bad his 

cbarge ouer tbem, ana be CeriKB tbem: anD 
tbep continucB a fcafon in toacB : 
^ C anatbcp botb azcamea a azeame citbec of tbcm btsBzcamein our ntgbtj>ecb 

he thing afccT- 
»ard declared. 

23 pet tbe cbiefe butler Bia not remem- 
ber 3ofepb,but fozgate bim. 

26 Tharaohs dreames are expounded by Jofeph. 

one aCCOZBing to tbe intCrpzet.UioU Cf bis 40 He is made m.'er ou<r a.'l Sgypt, 43 Jofephs 
a.zeame, both tbe blUUt ana tb? balder of tbc name ts ckMied. jo Heehmhtvnfgnney.Ma. 

C ndfek 


Phiiraohs dreames. 


lofeph interpretcth them. 

j Ebf,at the end 
vftrvoyecrei tf 

a Tbisdreame 
•vas not fo much 
to be a meane to 
deliuer lofeph, 
and to prouide 
for Gods church. 
}^Orifhire t» be- 

\Pr,flaggie fUce. 
b AUthefe 
fed to deliuer bis 
feruant,and to 
bring him into 
fauour and aii- 

e This fearewas 
ynough CO tcacb 
him,tbac this vi- 
fion was feni of 

d Tbewifeof 
the world vnder- 
ftand not Gods 
fetuantshts wiU 
is reueiled. 
e Heconfefleth 
bb fault againll 
the King.before 
be fpeake of lo- 



f Tne wicked 


phetsof God in 

their necefTitie, 

whom in their 



• As though he 


interprercthi' com- 

methof God, 




% Bhr. iiAftght. 

na/febaudSphmtth J 4 Thefimm heginneth 
throughout the world, 

Aji5D + ttB0 ?ee«sf aFtet, pijaraoB a!fo 
»Dittameli,anli betjoloc^ceflooSbp a 

2 anU loctj^ece came out of t^c xmt fe« 
\xtn II gootJlv feme ana fat flefljeo, aRD ttiep 

^ ^no loe, fetten ot^er ikine came bp af* 
ter tliem out of tlje rtuer.euiU fauoureo anQ 
Icane flcfijco,auQ ftooD Up t^e other \\x\z ijp. 
ontlje&nii^eof tljenucc. 

4 aiiD tljceuilfauoutenautJ Icane fleffj* 
tb htne Dio eate Dp t^c fcuen tQcUfauourcO 
ans fat htne : To p^araol) atuoke. 

? asainelje flipt,anDa^eamelitl)e''rc» 
conD time : ano be'golc, feiien cares of co^nc 
greU) ijpDH one ftalke,ranfec anD gooDl?. 

6 anO loe,feuen t^ln eaccs^, anD blaffcO 
tott^ t^e (EafttJ)inQe,rp.Jans»p aftet tlnm. 

7 anQ tije tl)inne earea DeuouceD t\)t fe« 
wen rankc auo fuUeares.'S.i^tn pijaraoy a» 
ljjakeD,anIi Iock was a Became. 

8 ii5otu to^en tl)C moaning: came, Ijis fpi* 
tit loas <= troubleC; tljcrcfo^e^c fcnt ano cal* 
leu all tbe footfefavers of ©gppt, ani3 all tl)e 
toifemen thereof, ana IJbarao^ tolQe tl)cm 
Ijis Dreames : but ^ none conlQ intetp^tete 
tljem to 13t;araot). 

9 'Cljcn fpake tl^c cbtefe butlct Dnto 
IPljacaolj/avingjS ' call tommoe mp faults 
ftis Dav. 

10 pi)?.raolj being angric toitl) Ijis fee. 
nant6,putnie inUiacD in tlje cljtefe tleluar3;s 

11 %\)t\\ tuee D^eamea a Dzeaincinone 
nig&t, both 3, ana i)ee: tueca^eanuD eaclje 
man acco^Qmg to ttje interpretation of Ijis 

1 2 ana tljerc was toiti) tj3 a pong man, an 
<£b?e\u, feruantljntotlje ctiefe «g)tetuara, 
to'jom teljcn toee toiae, Ijee aeclarea sue 
a^teames to ♦ bs, to euerp one Ije Beclarea ac-- 
co^aing to l)i0 a^eame. 

13 ana as Ije aeclarea bnte bs, fo it came 
to paire:for be refto;tea me to mine offjcc,anD 
I;angea bim. 

14 *E.ben rentpjnraolj anB f callcaaD^ 
fcplj,ana tbepbiioHgljt Ijira bafltlv ont of pn= 
fon, ana bee iljaiita biin,anacljanseQ ti? 
ratmenf,ana came to l^^araob- 

!<; 'Ebenpijaraob taia to 3!orepb,3 bane 
a^camea a a;ieame, ana no man can inter* 
p;!cte it, ana 3 bane beara lap of tbee, that 
when tbou bcaretl a a;teame , tbou canfl in* 
terp;cte it. 

16 ana Jofcpb anfiucrca ijSbaraob , fa^j* 
ing, g eattijout mee dpoa fijall+anftnere fo^ 

17 anai;3baraobfaiBe bntoSofcpb, In 
mp Became, bcbolB, JSooBbptbebankeof 

18 auDloc, tbertcamebp ontoftbeti* 
uer feucn fat tIeHjeB,ana tue( fauourea ttine, 
ana tbrv fca in tbc meaoto. 

icf ana lo?, fcuen otber feine caniebp af» 
ter fbcm,pDOJc ana uerp +euil tauoHreB,anB 
leanc fltSvta : 3! neiitr fabJ tbc like inall tbc 
iana of (2^gppt,fo,! enil fauourea. 

20 ana tbe leant ana euilfauoutfO V\m 
m CCktC bp tl)C fitit W,\\ fAtRtUf^ 

21 antJ tu^entbev + baa eaten tbembp, 
it coula not be knotucn tbat tbep baa eaten 
tbem,but tbeptoereftillas cuitl fauourea, 
as t)it^ tuere at tbe beginning i fo ata S a> 

22 C©8?couet 3 fatoe in rap a?eame , anti 
bebola, fenen eares I'p^ang out of one tlalke> 
full ana f aire. 

2g ana loc,feuen eaces,b)ttberea,tbtnne) 
and blaftea tuttb tbe ^aftipinae, fp^tang bp 
after tbtm. 

24 ana tbe tbtnne eares BeuonreB tbe fe« 
ttcn gooa eares. ji^to 31 baue tola tbe footb* 
(apers,ana none canaeclarc it bnto me. 

2^ C "^bcn lofepb anfajerea Pbaraob, 
h Both Pbaraobs a^icames are one. ©oa 
batb (b(tueapbaraob,tu^at bee tii about 

26 ^be fenen gooa kine are fcuen pccrciff: 
ana tbe feuen gooa eare? are fcuen pcere?; 
tbis is one a?eame. 

27 liketoife tbe fenen tbinne ana cuil fa» 
uourea kine , tbat came out after tbem, are 
fenen pecres : ana tbe feuen emptie eare? 
bliftca toitb tbe €attU)ina,are feuen peeros 
of famine. 

28 Cbists tbe tbtngtDbtcblbauefapU 
bnto Pbaraob, tbat (Soa batb tljeluea bnto 
J9baraob.bobat be is about to aoe. 

29 Beboiae, tbe re come fenen peerei? of 
great ll plcntie in all ttie Iana of ffigppt. 

30 agatnctbcre iljall artfc after tbcm fe» 
uenpeercs of famine, fo tbat all tbeplentie 
(ball be ft7gotten in tbe Iana of (Egppt , anD 
tbe famine (ball confnme tbe lanB r 

31 |5ettber (T)all tbe plentie il bee knotoen 
intbelanae \i'i reafon of tbis fannne tbat 
fliaii come aftct ; fo^ it fljall bet e;;cceamg 

32 anatberefoie tbe B;iearaeU)as!Boub* 
lea bnto Pjaraob tbe fecona time, becaufe 
t\izti)in^ is ertabliftea bp ©oa , ana ©oil 

35 ii^otD tbccefo;c let Pbaraob ' p^ontBe 
fo; a man of bn'icrftanaing anatoifeBome, 
ana fetbun oner tbc Iana of ®gvpt. 

34 Let ISbaraob make ana appoint olfi" 
cers oner tbe Una, ana takei^p tb£ fift part 
of tbe tanaofCgvpiin tbe feucn pUnrroij? 

55 aifelettljem gatbet all tbe fooBeof 
tbefe gooB peeres tbat come, ? lap bp co;inc 
bnBec tbe bana of Pbaraob fo; foca, in tbe 
citie3,anB let tbem keepe it. 

36 <©o tbe fooB iljall bee fo;i tbe p^ouifion 
of tbc Iana, againft tbe ff uenpeercs of fa* 
mme , tobicb (ball bee in tbc Iana of ^gppt, 
tbat tbe lanD pcrifii not bp famine. 

37 C ana tbe faping pleafeB 333ijaraob 
ana all bis feruants. 

38 Eben faia Pjarao!) bnto bis feruantjf. 
Can loc finae fuch a maw as tbis,in bobom is 
tbe i" <S»ptru of ©oB f 

39 'SLben l^baraob raiBeto:joffpb,/Fo;i 
as mucb as 60a batb fljetBca tbee all tbis, 
tbece is no man of i)naerftanains,0(i of ai(» 
come like ^nto tbee. 

40 *Ebou fijaltbeouermtneboMfe,anB 
at tbp + ' too^a fl;aU all mp peo;:'le be armea, 
onel</in tl^e ^'^(n2.s t^^tone^tUSi iieeaboue 

41 ^OjtS* 

iEbr.vpere goHe 
into their iHWM A 

h Eothhts 
dreames tend 
to one end. 

11 Or^ahundanct 

\Orythey PnaUrt" 
member no more 
the f Untie. 

\ Tbe office of a 
true Prophet is 
not onely to 
Ihewtbc cuils to 
come,bHt alio 
rhc remedies for 
the iiKX, 

k Noneniould 
be picfened to 
honour that 
baue not gifts of 
God meetc for 
the (amc, 

X Ebr. mouth. 
1 Some rcade,th< 
people fhallkiffi: 
thy mouth: tbat 
is. fliallobcytbCJ 
in ;tU things,. 



lofeph and his brethren. xS 


iEbr.tbe feconi 

m In fig ne of ho- 
nour; which 
word feme ex- 
pound, tender 
|10r,<6e expou»- 
der affecrets, 

a Hisageismen- 
doned,both to 
R\cvi th;it his au- 
Ood,and alio 
that hefulfered 
and exile cwcluc 
yeres and more. 
tSbr. made for 


o Notwithftan- 
ding that his fa- 
thers houfc was 
the true Church 
of God: yet the 
company oi the 
wicked, and pro- 
him to forget it. 

fjOf , (ome to E- 

41 9@o;cottCi; B%atfao^(hf9e ttSfeiep^* 
%tW^i 3l4aueuttti»o(ieraUt^e (Anoof 

42 9lnt) p^arao^ tooft off {)i8 grf as from 
I)t9 yana , ano puttt topon lofep^e ^ano, 
an9 acaveo Utm tn garment? sf 6ne Unnen, 
ana pHta goiaen cbaine about; %iz necke. 

45 <©o5eeftt^i«i^pontIje +beftcl)aret 
t^at l)ce &afl,faue eueJ ana tfet? crpeD before 
\]im , °> i^b^ecl] , ana plac«a ^tm oiiei; alUlje 
lanD of (Egypt. 

44 agame PliafaoS faia tJtttflaoicplj, 
3Iamp;arao^» ana tutt^out t^ee f^all no 
man m Dp W ^ano 0; (10 foote in ad t^e 

4S, ana p^acao^calleoSorepIjji name 
(15ap^nat^ paaneaftr ana 6ee jfaue^irato 
luife afenatb t&eaang^tcrof pott-pljeralj 
.III9;!mceof SDn. ^bentoew 31olepljabiioaO 

4:5 C ana 3!oiepl) wax «« t^irtfe ye ere olD 
toten Ijee ftooa befoite jaijacaolj Ring of ©■ 
gppt J ana Softplj Departing from nje p^e» 
fence of pijaraoO) )»ent tij^oiigi^ontalU^e 

47 ana in t^e fenen plenteonst ?tre3 tf)C 

48 ana yee gatljercaup atU^efooBe of 
tlje ftncH plentcoHs peres teljiclj toerc in t^e 
Una of (iEgypt, anaiataetipfooamt^cct- 
ttc0: t!)e fooa e of t^e Ketae , t^at toa? rounB 
abOQt eucry cttte, lata ^e DP in tlie tame. 

49 <® lofep^ gat^erea ^Ijeate, litte tin- 
totbefanaof t^e<^eatn miiltituae out of 
meafsre, untill tje left ni»mb;ing : fo? it was 
tettljout number. 

^o l^oiD Dnto Jofirp^ tutre Bo^nc*t)Bo 
fonnes (before t^epere^ of famine came) 
tobubafenat^tlje aaugbter of Poti-p^e- 
rab jp^mce of ©n bare Dntofeim. 

5 1 ana lofeph calico tlje name of t^e &r({ 
6o;ne $0anafl:e&: fo;i ©oB,faid he,l)atl) maae 
me fo;tget all mp Ubotir ana all m? " fatlier? 

% 2 aifo It callea t^e name of tibe fecons, 
^p^;!atm : fo;t ^oa, faid hee , bat^ maae mee 
fruuftill in tbe lana of m»He affliction. 

53 C"®o tbe (ettcn veresf of tbe plenty t^at 
tea0 in tbelana of 3Egppt toere enaca. 

54 *Cben began tbe Cciien peeresof fa* 
minetocomc,accojicing aslofepbbaa fata: 
ana tbe famine U)a0 in all \mti» , but in all 
t^e lana of Cgvpt t^as ll b;ceaa. 

5 5 at tbe lengtb all tbelana of <25gi>pt 
koa? affamilbea , ana tbe people cr)^ea to 
Pbaraob fo;t b;eaa. ana Pbaraolj faia t)n> 
to all t|e (2EgpptianiEt,^o toSlofepb: tvbatbe 

56 caben tbe famine tua^bpon all tbe 
lana, lofcpbopenea all places, tuberein the 
ftore was ana folo unto ttie (2gi>ptian;s : fo? 
tbe faminetoajcea fo;ie in tbe lana of (gg^pt. 

^7 ana all cotintte^esscatne to (Jggppt to 
^wf co^ne of 3Iofepb,becaure tbe famine ^a$ 


3 fofepbs brethren come into Egypt to buy 
tome, 7 He k,Howeththem,4»dtryett)them. 14 
Simeon is put i/i prtfon. i6 The ether retwflt 
t9 their fatkit to fefSenvmn, 

T^en a 3Raalko{t fata t|at tbere bias H foeQ a This none 
in ^S|Pt) ana 3!aakeb faiae Dnto bt? thcwetbpiaindie 
fonnes , mkf *> ga$e ye one bpon anotberf that all things are 

2 anabeefayai'Beboia,31banebeara, goucmcdby 
tbat tiere is fooa in (Ssi>Pt,*(&et yon aotune Gods prouidene« 
tbitber, f buy "on fooa tbence, tbat toee map for the profit of 
ltue,ana not aie. his chuichr 

Z «S;otoent1!ofep^s(tenti^ett);enaobjne ^Or^corne. 

tObUpco<meoftbe®ffPPtian0. b Asmenderu- 

4 'ButT5eniarain31orepb3b;otberteoulO tuteofcounfdL 
tiotJaakobCenatoitbbisb^etbiicn: fo^ibec ^Hi.y.tu 
faia,lLeftaeatb (Ijouia + befall bim. tsbr.fhauUjmtf 

5 anatbefonncs ofiSftrael cametobtip h*nt. 
fooa among tbem tbat came : fo; tbere iDoajs 
famine in tbe lana of <;!I^anaan. 

6 09)s Joftpb tuas ©eutrnourof t^e 
lana,tubo foia to all tbe people of t^e lana: 
tben31ofepb3 b^ctbien came , $ botoea tbeie 
face to t^e grouna before bim. 

7 ana tub en 3Iorepbfatoebisb;tetb?etT, 

be ftneto tbem, ana ' maae bimfclfe ft range c Thisdiflemi 
totoaratbem, anafpalceto tbem rougblp> biingisnotto bi 
ana fata tonto tl)em,£aibcnce come ^tiiiSX^Q foiiowcd.norany 
anlberea, SDutof tbelanaeofODanaanto particular faasoC 

btlV DiCtnall. the Fathers, noc 

8 (jJ5oto3Iofcp5&netoTjis(b?etbiieji,but approued by 
tbepknetonotbim. Codsword, 

9 ana3Iofepbrememb;eDtbe*B;iearaesf, C^af.ij.s, 
\xW^ be a;eamca of tbem) ana be faia bn> 

to tbem,pe are (pie0, and are come to fee t|e 

+ toeaftenelTe of tbe lana. ilbr. nakednt^ 

' 10 ISuttbevfapaeDnto Ijim, Jl5a?,mp 9rjikhtnc(fe, 

lo;tae J but to \in^ bictuall tbvfcruantis ate 


11 223e are all one mans fond: toe meane 
truely,ana tb? feruantsare no fptexr. 

12 15111 bee fata Dnto tbem, Bap, but pec 
are come to fee tbe toeafeenes of tbe lana. 

13 ana tbev fata, caetbp feruants are 
tU}elueb;etb;en, tbefonneo of one man in 
tbelana of Canaan: ana beboiac, tbe pon» ,-, ... 
geft is tbis! aap toitb our fatber , ana one H is l'^''*'* *"*• 

14 ajaine, Jolepb fapD bnto t^tm^W^xi 
f0 tbat l^fpalte unto vou , faring , pee ace 

1% 'ii;erebi> pe ffjalbe p?oouea: a by tbe life t^^^^fP^,. 
of PjaraoI),peefijallnotgoebence,e;ccept ?rXt£ '^^^^^ 
pour pongcft b^otbct come bttber. r.«« i „ their * 

16 ^ena one of pou tobicb map fct pour I^^."",;r^ h"' 
b^otbet, ana pee lljall be hept m p?tfon, tbat ^' f r KjjT^t 
pour too^ag niav be p^oouca , tnbetber tbere , r '<"'''!'''^^^'* 
be tcutb in vou: o? els by t|e life of Pbacaob ^,Sf"?^L i)^ 
peace but (pies. r I ? .^"„ 

17 ^obepHttbemtntoatBtb?eeBate«. ^Tt7u.^''' 

18 ^beti 3Iofepb faia bnto tbem tbe tbicB v^^&^,^'.t 
Bap.-Cbis ao,ana line: for 31 c feare (SoB. 'tu- ""=""*'.°« 

19 3Ifpeebetruemen,letoneofpourb?e' t^eir coirupn. 
tbiien be bouna in pour p;itfonbeure,anagoe °"!* , ..„ ^t .^ 
|ee.carie fboae for tbe famine of pour bou- i„^;„^,SS* 

20 *'lBntb;ingpeiicpongerb?otbecbnto '■""^w 5- 
me, tbat pour b)o;tas map be tcpeB, ana tbat 

pe aie not; ana tljep aia fo. r r - . 

21 C ana tbep favae ojje to another, f Affliaionma- 
'iajee baue bcrelpfinnea agatnft our bw* kethmentoac- 
tber, in tbat toefatn tbe anguilb ef bis foiile knowledge their 
twbenbeebefougbtbs, ana toeetooulBHOt faults, which o- 
^eare him; tbeccfo?e is tbis trouble come t^ewifcthey 

Dpon tS. would dineaible^ 

22 inoiKeub(nMft»eceatl)ein>faptng, 

CC 2 sa^rnta 

Simeon hnprifoned. 


Genefis. laakob fuffereth Bcniaiiiln to depart. 

g God will take 
vengeance vpon 
vs, artd meaiurc 

?aarncn 31 not VOU , favtUgf. *^f nne mt a« 30 Ufeph^otth afide and weepeth. ? i They fea/i 

Batnftt^ecl)ilDe,anO'vcetuaiilDtrotbeare; together. -^^ 

antiloc,fti3feblooDi3notot:eflui«B. ''^' 

2? ( 9nn tljev tocre not atuate tljat 2o» 
repl) tjiioetaooo t\)tm : fo^ ijcc 4= ipaHe mto 

N©to great ' famfne was in t'dclantj. 

vswith ourowne tijemlj)? anmtccp^etec ) 



ter betvpeeft' 


h Tl5ougb hcc 

{hewed bimfclfc 

rigorous, yet his 

24 ^ijenljec tiinieD fram tl)em , ^ ant> 
tocpt,antJ turner) to tl)tm ajaine , anD com* 

-„ , ,- - This was a 

ailDUJljen tljtpijaO eaten J)ptbe great tentation to 
tolCtUall , toftlClj tljCp IjaO b^OSlgbt from Og. laakob to futfer 

gVPt,tl)etr father raiDbntoti)em,Cnrne a* fo great a famine 
game, and bn? ija; a little fooae. in that Und 

. -^,. ^ ? ^"ti3!nDal)anfn)erei)l)tm,r3})fng,'E^c where God had 

nmnco tuitl) tl)em, ana tooke Simeon from man cljartyeu t)s bp an otlje , Giving , " jI5e« promifed to 
among tljem, ano bounfl^uii before t&cic tier fee nip face, ejccept vowc biotber bee bieiTchim. 
eyes. , ^ toitijvou. a<jA4z.2o. 

2^ C-So^lofep^commaimtJeUtljatt^e? 4 31ftIjowt)tUfeHlJo«rb;otI)ertottI)i3;?, 

..„ ,, fl[;oHlijmitl3eirraUe8!tom)tol)eate, anO put toctmllgoeDoiuncanDbuptljeefooBc: 

brotherly atfefti- tuerpnnnsmoncvagaine in lji3facHe,anO 5 TSMtiftljou 11)111 not fcno him, \joctoill 
oniemaincd, giue tljem Dtctuall fo? tlje iouruep-. ann tljua not goe tioiune i fo? ttje man faiue tjnto t)?, ., 

BiDljetintotbem. **'Ool<e me not in tfte face, ercept vourb;iO' C'-"*? 4J'io» 

26 ant) tbevlapntljeirbictnal Upon tliew tljer be tJitlj pou. 
alTeMnf Oepartefl tljence. ,. ^ , ^ ^ilnajO'.raelfatD.eaijerero^etJealtvero 

27 anU aa one of tijem openeB I)t« racRe ctiiUfjit!) me,astotcUtl)eman,U)ljetljecyc 
fo;i to giue Ijisi atfe p^^oncnijer m tije 31nne,l)e tv,n pel- a b^otijcr 0; mi 
trpieni}igmonep:fo;tloc,ittDa.3iulji,5racfejJ 7 SnD tljcpamwcreB.^licmanafecO .^ / /j . 

raoMtlj. ^ , ^ ftcaisbr'piiof^ourffiticaanCofourbinreD, L„lt«T, 

28 'Eljcn\)ecfait)i)ntoI)i9ibmlJ?en,$®p fapmg, -Ja pour father ret aliuc? bane pe ^"j!"'''*'^''''''- , 
monep is rcfto^co ; fo? loe , it ts cuen in mp any b;tptljerf 3no mce tolo Ijtin + acco:Oing %,r """"j"*"^ 
facke. ano tljeir beart + faileD tljem , fj t\)t^ to tijcfc too^Dcs ; coulD ujee knoio cettame. V/^'T i 
toerc * attoniftieD , anO lapfl one to anotljer, Ip tbat bee UjoulD fap , TSzing ponr b^ctber • "'■ ■'^ 

confcicnce accu- S2ll)atiS tI)tS,that<SoDbatbDonCbntO\)0f DoUJtte^ 

fed them of their 29 C^^nri tbepcame\)nto31aafeob tbetc 8 CIjenfaiDjutia^tojrraell.'i'sfatber, 

finne.they fatljertJUtotbclauDof <2ianaan, auO tolDe ^natlje bop toirbmcjtbattoeemav rife, $ 

thought God ijtm all tbat batj befallen tljem/aptng, Boe,ano tljat toe mav Uue, anD not Hit, bot& 

woutd haue 30 '5Ll)e man,who is io?B of tbe lanD,rpakc tue,ano tbou,ann uur cbilo^cn. 

troughtthem to I'ougljlp to \)S, anU putu;5inprifon,asfptest SUuillbefuertie fo^nm: ofminebanO 

trouble bythis oftbecountrep. fljalttbou require btm.*3if3ib;ingb(m not C'"*P-44i*' 

31 anD toe raitJbnto^im,Saec are true totbee,anDletl)imbefo;ietljee,+ t^enUtmc ^^^r.irvtU/utttt 
mcn,and are no fpiesr beare tbe blame fo? cuer. " »^«. 

32 caiebetfejelHeb;!Ctl)^en,ronne£fofoRr 10 JFo^ except toe baB maOc tbts tatping, 
fatber : one il is not , anu tbe pongeft is tbia BoubtlelTe bp tbiiEf lueg baa teturneU tbe U* 
Uap tuttb our fatber m tbe lanD of Canaan. conB time. 

33 XELbentbelozDoftbetountrepfaiDmi* 11 "Eben tbefr fatber llfraelfapOeimta 
tous, H?ercbp fljall 3Iknotuif pee bectrue tbem,3!fitmunnecdesbe fonoto,BoerbujS: 
men: Leaueoncof pom:b;etb;ienti)itbme, tafee of tbe bed fruiteg of tbe laniJ in pour 
ann tafee food fo; tbe famine ef ponr boufe?, beffelsf, anc bnng tbe man a p^cfcnt, a Uttlc 
anO tjepart, rofcn , ann a littlebonp, || fptccs ana mp^bc, ^Orjxvett fmcb, 

34 anUb^tng pourpongeH: b^otberbnto mits,aiiB almonflis: 
me,tbat31mapknototbat pee are no fpies, 

iBecaufe their 

wbtchhe a^l^ed 


lOr, canvci be 

tbcr.ann pe (ball occtipic tn tbe lanB. 

3? CanB as tbcpemptieD tbeirfackcst, 
bebelO , enerp mans bunole of monep teas 
in bis facke.'anU toben tbep ano tbeir fatber 

12 anu take ''Bonble monep in vow bwhenwecare 

banD, ano tbemoneptljattoas b^9ugbta> inneceflitic or 

gaine in pour fackes moutbes; carie ita» danger, God fo> 

gaine in ponr bauD, left it toerc fomcouet» biddcthnott© 

tigljt. vfeallhoncft 

13 Cake alfo pour b;otbcr,anBanTe,and mcanes to better 

oureftate& con- 

(ato tbe bunDel0 of tbeir monep, tbep toerc goeagatnetotbeman. 

afraitJ. 14 ano ' ©oB aimigbtp peine pon mer 

36 'Ebfn 3Iaakob tbeir fatber fatBe to cietntl;crtgbtoftbeman,tbatbeemapDe 

tljem, pebauerobOeB meeof rapcbtlB^en: ltuerponpourotbcrb;u)tber,anBT5eniamin: 


c Our chiefc 

truft o ugbt to be 

lOf, ikht vpon aiofcpb is not , anB «S)tmeon is not , anB pee but 31 (bal ht '' robbeO of mp cbilB,a3 :j Ijaue in God, and not 

me. totlltakeT5eniamm;alltbcfetbinges|iare bcene. in worldly 

k For they fee- againft ^ me. i^ W^w tbe men tookc M^ p^cfent, anB mcanes. 

mednotto he 37 'Ebcn Kcuben anftoercB bi^ fatber, tooke i\3i\\z fo mucb monep in tbeir bautie d Hefpeakeih 

touched with any faptng,'©lapmpttoofonncs,(f31b,itngbim tottbTI5eniamin,anBroretop,9tocntBotone thcfewor.lcs no? 

louc toward their notljntotbee againe: Bcliuerbim tominc to <Kgppt ana ftooB before aofcpb- (omuchoJdc- 

brethren,which b3MO,anB31 toillb^iugbim totbeeagaine. 16 anB toben Slofepb fatoe IStrmuin fpairc.astomakc 

tncreafed hit fo- 38 TButbee fapB, f©pfonneiTiallnotgoe toitbtbem,betfaiB 11 to bis ftetoarB, TB^mg hisfonnesmorc 

row : and partly Botonetottbvoufo^bisb^otberisDeaBanB tbcfe men bome, anB kill meate, anB make carcfud to bring 

asappearethjhe beislcftaloiie : if Bcatbcomeimtobim bp rcaBp: fo; tbe men (ball catc toitbmec at agujnc their bro- 

fofpeaedthem tbe toaptobicl)pe goe,tbenpc (ball b^tngmp noone, ther. 

fcf lofepb, grap lieaB tottb foitroto \)nto tbe grauc, 17 9nB tbe man BiB as 3Iorepb ba&c,anB nor, to the ruUr 

biiougbttbemcnt)nto3!ofepbsboufe. ofbuhoufe. 

C H A p. XL I II. 18 0otoe toben tbe men toere b^ongbt e So the iud^c- 

fnto 31orepb3 boufc , t))tf toerc 'afraiBe, mcntofCod 

IJ yaal(ob fa feretb'Bemamitt to depart with auBfapB, ISCCaufeof tbemoncp tbat CaUIC pre/Ted their. 
ks (hildrtfi, aj Stmtgn »; deUmred out ofprifyn In Ollt fackC? mOUtbC? at tljC 6r(l timC , are confcicnce, . 


Benianiin brought to lofcph. 

Chap.xliii) . A cup in Beniamlns facke. 1 9 

%Eb. route liifH' 
% hbr. caft hint' 
felf.e vpn vs. 

Cbap.^i. J. 

tueb;ou2bt, tljat!)enia)»+picfec a quartUa* a JFtettoatm fee cominanaetj ^ts RcteatO, 

gainft ^s,anli4=lav fometbmg to out cljarge, i\ faping.jf illtfjc mens fache toirb fooo»a0 

anD tiding tistttbonOaseanQ otii- afTc?. miic^ as c^e^ can cary, ano puteuervmattiat 

19 Wiixt^m came tbep to Sofepljo (Teto* monc? (n |)i0 facfes mout&. 
atD , aua COmmHtua VUUlj l)im at t^e DOO^C 2 ana > put nip Clippe,I mesne tljCfilllCt a VVcmaynot 

of rlje Ijotife, cup, in tte facfts mouttj of t&c poiiijetf, anfl by this example 

20 anOfaiDe,©^ fie,* toce came inBceD tiis co?ne monev- anD^eeOioacco^iiingtu vfe any vniaw full 
0oiuncl)ttljecattl)efirfttimetot)upfeo9, tftc commatmaement tljat Sofepfj gauc praaifcs/ccme 

21 aiiQa3tiJcecametoan3!nneaiiBope» hiir. God hath com- 
neo our facfecf, bebolDe.etietv mans money 5 SlnBtn tl)e 4= mo<im'ns tlje men toerc mandcdvsto 
toasm^isfjickcsmout^ , euenoutmoncpin fentatoa)», t^cr, ana t^ttc alTes. walkeinfimpH- 
fiiU acigljt , Out tue tiaue bitougljt it agamc 4 ^ho tiijcn tljev uient out of t^c cttp citfc. 
iRoiic banaa. Jiotfarrc oOcfcpl) faia to bis aeluat:D,ap, j Ei.tfif «#r»»w 

22 aifeotljermonepbaue toeb;iougI)tin foHoiu after ttje men: ana tcljcii tbou aocll fljont. 
outiianaestobupfooa, buttueecamtottcU) ouectaHe tOem , fap ))nto t6em,^^ercfe^e 
toljo put out money in our fatfest. ijaue ye retoaraea cuil fo; gooa i 

11 anai)craia,ii;9eacebeijntoyou,Feare ^ 31snottl)atchecuppc,tB|ctemmylo;!ji 

not: f yonc (5oD ana tljc ©oa of pour fatljer a^uiketlj i » ana in tlje U!l;icb bee aecti) ai» b Becaufcthe 

diiK-the comip. ^aflJStuenpou tbattreafure tn>'our facfes, umcanap^opljerie^fpce baueaone cuil info people thought 

tionsofE''vpt 31 baa pour money: ana bee biiougljefooiittj aomg. he could diuinc, 

^ctiofeph''cau<''hc ^ttHcoutotbem. ^6 C anatobcnbeeuertoofeetbemj^ee leattributethto 

^ctioiepn caustic 24 ^0 tbemanlcaat tbcmintoHorepbs ^^" " ' >«*..--. 

lOHfe, ana gaue tbem tuater to tuaftj tbeic 
feet.ana gauetbeir affcs p^outnaer. 

f Nocivithftan- 

feare God. 

25 ana tbey maae reaap tbcir p;iefe«ta» 
gatnil lofepb came at noone (foji tbey bcarB 
rap,tbat tbtp ftjouia eat b^eaa tbcre.) 

26 £4Jben Slofcpb came borne , tbey 
b;ougbt tbe p^icfent into t^t boufe to bim, 

faia tbofctoo;iB0 unto tbem. ' " himfelfethac 

7 9na t]it'<^ anfuierea bim, SaJberefo^e knowledge: ot 

fattb mp Io;!D ftlCb tro^tas f (Soa fe^sbia tbat els he fainah 

t\)^ feruants fijouia Sofucb a tbing. that he ^onfur- 

8 TSeboia , tbe money teb'a b tece founD tcth with footh- 
ixx ourfatbsJiiot>tbe^,tocbit ugbtagaineto fayersforit: 
tbcecut of tbe lana of Canaan : boiue tben which fimulatioH 
fiioulB^tue fteaie out of tbp Irjtas boute filncr, is worthy to be 


tBbicb toas in tbcir banaesf, ? boiDcB aotone ^l goia.' 

to t\)t gromta befo;!e bim. Cilitb tobomfoeuer of t^i^t feruants ft 

%Ebr.feaee. 27 3ina bcafkeB tbem of their 4:piorpert' befounB,letbtmaie,anatoealfotoiU6emy 

tie, ana fata, 31 s pour fatber tbe oia inan, of lo;as bouBmcn. 

tubem you toUi me,m gooB btaltb i is %t yet lo ana be faia,^o\}) tben let it be ncco;* 

aliue i ting imto pour ibo^Bcs : bee Uiitb tobom it 

28 caibo anfajctea, '(JLbvreniantourfa' »sfouna,i]jaHbemyfcniant,anayetbaUbec 
t5eri0ingeoBbeaUb,bci5pctaUue:?tbey tblameleffe, 

fioiuea ooiune,ana maae obeptance. ii '^Lben at once cuery man toofee Botone 

29 ana be ltfftngbpbtsepes,faebcia bis bislac'Keto tbegrouuB,anBcuctponeope» 
* Pnrtii#afwrt bi^otberBeMiaminlnssmotbetsfonncanB neB bis facfec. 
LriulfrlKrvL ^3iB, 3lJtbi3youeyijugerbiotber,of tobom I2 anBbefeatcbeB, anabegauattbeel- 
^f " ^sT ve tola mce :• anu bee raiB,(S8B be mercifuU Bed, ana left at tbe pongeS , j tbe cup toa;s 

i Ebr.inHKtnt, 

g Fortheytwo 
onely wer 

founa in 13 eniamins facke. 

15 'Ebcn tbcp ' rent tbcir tlotbes,anB la« 
BeB cucrp man bi3 a(re,ana toent againe in- 
to tbe citte. 

c Tofiffoifie 
thing d fpleafed 

tmto tbef,im) loanc. 
50 a!iaioffj.bmaBe ba(fe,(fo^bis+af« 

fection inftanita totoara bts b^otber, 

ana fougbt "^^"^ to uietpe) anB cntteB into 

bis cbamber, ana toept tljf re. 14 C ^0 JuBab anB bis b;ittb;!cn came ,'hem and ho v 

gi afteriuarB be bis face, f came to 3!ofep})s boufe (fo^jec was pet tbcre )aiiB fo,. thev«v£rc 

OHt,anB reftainea bimftlfejana raiC>'S>et on tbcp fell before bim on tbe grouna. f^i^ ' 

tmeat. 15 ^ben 'J.ofcpb faia Imto tbem, cabat 

?2 ana tbey ''p;tepnrea foi bi»n \i\^ bini' ^cf Js tbis tubicb pc baue aoncf knolu pe not 

felfe, ma to; tbem b^f tbcmfclues , ana fo; tbat fticb a man as 31 > can Biuuic ana p;o» 

t\^z O^gppttans , tobiclj aiB cate toitb bim, pbefief 

' ' ~ 16 'EbcnfaiBe jduaab, 2«IIbat(I;antece 

fap ijnto mp lo;iaf lubat ffjad lace fpafxCf 
ariabotocantueeiuflifteoiie fclujcf d(goa ^ ifwefeeho 
batb founa out tbe toickeDnefTc of t^pfcr' cuidfntcaufccf 
uants : bcbolD, luec sreieruantstcmplcp, oiiraffliciion itt 
bot^ tuee, ana bee, toitb tobom tbe cuppe n vj jooke to the 

it "sometime this St"ff^»lfOfcis POUtb: ana tbe nun marueilea foUllB. lecretcounfdof 

" ■" 17 T5ut be anf^uercB, ©oB fo?b!a, tbaf Ji ood, v ho puni- 

fljoula Boe fo , but tbe man , jrirb tubt-;^ tbe n eih vs iuftiy 

h To fignifiehis 

i The nature of 
the (uperftitious 
all other in re- 
(pea of them- 

t^f tbeuUelues , becaufe tbe (tfgpptians 
migbt not eate b;eaa vuitb t\it (gb^etues : 
foitbr.t doasan' abomination bnto tbeffi' 

3? <S)o tbcv fate before \)m: tbe elBeff ac' 
co;!BittsDnto bisage,ana tbe pongtrtacco^ 

to be drunken, 
but here ic is 
meant that they 
had ynou?h,and 
dranke ot ctie 

among tbcmfclues. 

34 ana tbcp tooke meaffcs frombefc^e 
bim,and fent to tbemibut'JSciiiamins mcaffe 
luas fine fo mucb as any of tbrir6;ana 
tbep B^anfte, *< anB ijaB of tbe faeft B^inke 
toitb ^iiW' 


I y foffph accufeih hu brethren of theft, nfu- 
daj> offer^th kmfelfi t« beftruant fir BeitfamiH. 

n\]) is founa, be fl,all br mp fernant,ana got ior ou- ?r.ncs. 
ye in peace Ijnto vour fatber. 

II i[%l)tn Junab B^ttu nicretmro bim, 
ana faire, © mp lo;a , let ttv feniant noin 
fpc-if-e a too^a in mp Jo^as rates, ana (et rot 

tbvt-vatb beekinauaaiainif tbvf.riunt: e Equdlinao- 

fo; tliou art cuen <^ as 13r)ar: cb. tbt. rric o. luxt 

10 ^"^p If^3 iif«eB bis fcruvinf?, f«p:rg, vnio'heKiog. 

*i?aue yc rt facbcr, 0; a b;otl)Cr i ^,Vf/'.4 2.1 j, 


ludahrpcakethtolofcph. lofeph Genefis. difclofcthhimfelfejandrendethfor 

20 anutoeairibjmtsmvlojti, fafC&nic l)t3bi?tT);tcnconloiiotanrtucrel)tm,foittlj£p 
tSBi^. child of his afatl)er tljat U oloe, ano a ijongctcijiioe, U'steaRoinitjcUatijispaefcuff. 

which hee begace in US age : 0115 l)tJ ij^otfjcc 4 agAirif , jlofepl) fyim to l3is b;i«tF)Jf IT, 

fsDtwQ, m'o fifcaloHCisIcftofliiismotljcr, CcinKJtccrf,'Jlp,iavvcn, tonife. anntlicp 

ano 1)13 fatl)fc loiietl) Ijftn. caimnetre. ani!i3erur',31ani*j;orfiJijvo«i; ^^5.7.1^, 

21 Bota t!)GH layift mitQ tljy fsntaHts, l;otl)£r,\yl3omv»ero;T5mto(!:£v'pf. 
"iSMngijimDntomtejtijatlniaFllfetinlne 5 ^otutljcrtfoifljenot^aDDc, ncitl)?!; b This exampic 
epeviJonljiin, grtciicl5U3Ki)ri5!irf.liie0, tliatvcfolanielju teacheth.that 

22 aito Vu2 auftJjetetJ mv lozti,El3e cl)ilD tl;ei' ; * to: <!5oD tie; linsciriec Moit von fc^ vvc mdk by ail 

cannot Depart flOin IHO fdtiicr: foilfljec your p^ifcnfatiOII. meaneseoirfort 

leaUCi;t'3fatllcr,bis father tooUlDDJC. 6 ifOjt liom fWO^Zttt^ of famine hane them which are 

2? ■'CljcnfaiBcfttlion^nrotijvremants;, beiietl)<toufilj tlje JanO , aiiD Sue pccres »rc trueiy humbkd 

* (Eccept vont vongec b^ctijec conic Dotunc bcljinse, Uiljercm ncitljecftiaii be eating no? and wounded fos 

tuitb voii, (oohi: in my face no maze. i)aciicIT. their finn«. 

24 'S)oU)i;f n uiee came ^ntatl)vretii3iit 7 cail)erero2e(5ot!fcntmce before von to chap. $ 

oiii- fiitl^cr, anil tljsfeica ijimtuljatmp \o}Xi pKl'cruevonc pottenttctntljistauD, aiiD to 

J)aD fiUU, r(5iie vou aline b a p;fcat Dcluir ranee. 

2f auBourfatlKrratDeijmo 1);3, ^ca» 8 /i'JoU)tt)f!ivoiifcntnoi:meei;itf)er,l)iit 

gatne,bupU0a!tttiefoot), '^SoD, teljo iiatl; jnaoc mcc a fatljcr unto c Albeit God 

26 EljenlueanfeeccD.creiee cannot goe pijacaolj, anDloi!3ofaliI)i.0l;ciirf,anatu> detefi fumc^yec 
t Sbr.he with vs. tJOlDne; but if our vongeft lJ,zotl)Ct: t goe tDitlj Ice t[;.^ousl)ont all tlje lanD of <!Egvpt. he tumeth mans 

1) Vbvtt tutu \ye goc Doiune : fb^ tee niav not ipatte von ana go ijp to mv fatl)ei;,aHti wickedneire to 

fee tijc nian5 face,e;ccept ouf pongcil b^otljci* tell lj(m, "SCimc iattl) t'tj-p fonnc Sioleplj, <eoD ferue to hisglo:* 

be toitlj U5. batlj maoe lo;iBe of ail ©svpt ; couic rv. 

27 '(E.I)ent!)5)rei'uant mT»fatl)cr faiUtin* Dotonc to nir,tarv not 

old a_^i. 

II Oy, that I may 


f Rahelhareto 
laakob Ii.feph 
and Beniamin, 

g Yefhallcaufc 
me to die for 

t Sbr.bit fottle 
is S'ound'to his 

to yySj'Pi knoiB tlj.u niv f tolfc bate inee tujo 


28 antJ tl)e one toent out from me,ann 31 

2 /(20'ia ve take tijis alfo a\ua« from mt ; 

c^rt^.43 9. 

h Meaning,he 
had rather re- 
maine there pri- 
turne and fee his 

a Not that ?\e 
was sihamed of 
that he ivould 
thfcns fnulr. 

b,iingf)imn&run!o tl)ee agai'ne, tijcnJitjjtU 
bearct'jeMamsvritoniv) fj-.tljcr fo^encr. 
33 0o\ii fl;cr£fo^e,'JI p^ap tl;ee,let mec tljv 

10 anotbon iljaltflVjcU in tl)e Unuc cf 
©oilmen, anDfijaltbtcneece inee, ttjou atiQ 
tl)v cl)iH)ien,anD ti;i> cbtio^cnG cl)ilP:cn. ana 
tljp njeepejano tijp beaUs, ana all tOat tljoii 

11 aubj toil! nonrid) tbcc tijere (foipcJ 
if oeati; tafte bim , tljcn s rball pec b^ins n^V reraalne Rue vccrcs of famine ) leaft t^on i>c« 
graj) bean in (o;tm to tbe granc. riib tbiougb poueriie , tbou anD tljp bouie» 

30 0aU) tbcvefo^e,iuben Jcome totbp IjolD.anD all tbat tbou balf. . 

fernant mp fatbcr, anD tbccbtlD be not UJitb 12 gnu bUjolD, vonr eves Doc fccanD tbs 

t)3 , ( ffctrig tbat 1)13 1 Ufc DcpenDetb on tbe eves of mv tvotber ■i5cmaiiuM » tbat -f my d Thatis,tbac l 

childslifc) niontb*-'PCal<CtbtOVO». fpeakeinyour 

31 'CbentebcnbJi^jaK fee tbat tbe cl^ilue 13 "Ebc ccfoK tell nivfatbrr of nil mine oivneian-unge, 
is notcome,bee mil Die : fo Gjail tbv ffrnant0 bononc tn s£gvpt , anb "of all tbat vcc baue anJ ^•'^- ''O^e 
b^tngtbesi'aybraDoffbvlmtantoiiVfatbcf feene, anD make b'^ft*'* anDb^ingmyfubcr interfrctcr,. 
\ait^ imrou) to tbe grane. bitbcr. 

32 IDoabtltiTc tbv icruant became rnrcttc 14 'Ebcnbtefdlon bts b;!otbcr 1Scma« 
foit tbe cbilDc to mv uvd)tv , anD faiDc,*3It 3] mins nccl\e,anD vuept, auD liJcniamin iucpt 


i^ il5o;coner, bdulTeDnll bis b^ctbicH, 
anD buept upon tbt>n : aiiD after'a-acD iji? 
fernant biDc fo? tbe cbilbc, asa fecuant to mv b^etijien tallxtD ijjttb btm. 
IojD, anD let tbe cljtlDc goc bp bJitb bis b^c« 16 C anD tbe t tiDing? came bnr Pja« . v,, _,>, 
tb;icjt. raob3 boufe, fo tbat tbcv fapO, Jcfcpbs b?e> ^^'>^'^"^^' 

34 jFo> h bobJ can 31 goe bp to my fatbcr, tb?cn are come : anb it plcafeD pbaiao^ 
if tbe cbilbe be not luitb mcunlefle 31 bjonia UJCll,anD bi0 fcruants. 
ll'e tbe CHil tbat tball cotr>e on m? fatbtc? 17 "Eben P)araob CavDe bnto Jofepb, 

<®ap to tbv b^etb?tn,Cbi3 Dec vcjl'iCcvouu 
c H A p. XLV. beaaesj; anD Depart, goe to tbs lanD of <^a» 

1 fafeth wal{eth hivifc/fi l^noiveHtohishrc- Jiaatt, 

thren. 8 Hee [hcrreth that all tvm done by Gods I3 ^nD ta?te VOm' fatbcr,anD yOUrbOUrC* 

frouidence. i 8 Thaya h comrnandeth hmto ftnd bolDe,anD COmC tO mC?, auD 31 b)til gtUC VOII 

fir his father. 2 4 f'fph exhomth his brethren to t\)t e belt Of tbe lanD of ^Cgfpt, anD ^H (i)M e The mofl plcn« 

eaacord. 27 yaakfibretcycctb. Catoftbc ' fat Of tbe lanD. tifull ground. 

19 !clnD31commanDtbef,'Ebn3Doej5ce, rrhcchicfcft 

TliTen Siofepb conlDe not refrain? btm- tafecvoucbnretsoiitofrbc lanDe ofC^gvpt fiuitsandcom. 

felfcbefo^? all tbat ITooDe bv \)\n-\.. bnt foivour cbtlt)?en , anD fo? ponr touicp, anD moditics. 

beecrpeD , > yaue foo?tb cnerv juanfrom b^ingvonrfatbccanDcome. 

mce. lanb tbcre tacicD not onebDttb btm, 20 aubtregarDnot vonr lIuffe:fo; tbe XEbr.Linotyitt.r. 

DJbilc 31olepb bttereD bimfelfe unto ijio b?e» belt of tbe lanD of ®gvpt is vonro. eycjpareyaw 

tbicn 21 9nDtbecbtiD,iE«iof3irraclDtDri3:anD -vehls. 

2 anDbeb}cpta«DcrtcD,rotbattbe(E' 31ofcpbganc tbctn cbaretGacce^uingto tbe 
gVPtians bcatD: tb* boufc of Pjaraob b^fb coi^iiinnDemen t of pbaraob i be sauc tbcnj 
alio. bitailc aUb fo? tbe i^jurncv. 

5 'S.bcn3;orcpbnitD2tolii8b?etb?cn,31 22 i,)cgauetbeinali,noneet;cept,cbange 

am lofepb ^bo; tb mp tatb?vKt Im? i Icut 9f wmnu j, \ivii bntu liJenianun bee s^iss 

his father Into Egypt. laakobs familie Chap. xIVl. going into Egypt, is numbred. zo 

much, to :riu/il' 
uer, as -ver/e z z, 
and ten a£}s. 

tl).iecl)iint);tetl^ piece? Of riluer,ana8Heruiti5 a)nan,attti®^ela5^ anDP^jare?, anti 5e« 

of raiiKtnt. ral; : (but OCc anD aDnanUicD in t^elaiiD of 

2? anD "onto Ijis t\\t\m II Ul;ctoife \)t Pent <«tanaan.) giiD ttie lonnes of pijart j were 

tcnljce aires laOcntoitij tijc bcft tljtngrsof i^CjionaiiD l>?auml 

©SVPt, u ten fljce alTes laoentDttgiutjear, 
ann ti^teai] anD meatc fo^ Ijistat^ei; bptUc 
24 ^ofentljccbis b?et&;ien atoap , anD 

g Seeing hee had fljcp Bepattcn: anD ^c fato UUtO t^Cl«,8 f al 

1 emitted the fauic not cut tivt^e icap. 

done towardcs 
him, hcc would 
not chat they 
fliouU atcufc 
one another. 
h As one be- 
ttvecne hope 
and fear e. 

2> awijtn t\}Vf tocnt Dp fronKSgrPt* 

15 C3lirotl)eronne«of*3iffacljar;l2;0!a, i.chro.j.i, 
aKD Pi)unaEj,anti Jofe, anD ^Sjijimcon- 

14 €3Uotl)E Tonnes of 5ebuliin; <S)cre0^ 
ano iEion,ano 31alUccl. 

IS 1£I}efe be tlje Tonnes of ILeaIj,UiOic]} (Ije 
bare^nto jlaakeb in ^acan iScam, tottfj 
ijisDauglnerDinali. au tljeilfoulccofljis lOr,perfoa^ 

an3 came unto tlje lana of (Canaan unto fcnnesjano W Da»ei)icc?> were tijirtie auQ 

3;asfeolitl}ctriatljci', tljw. 

16 9nDtclDl)im,rawng,3IorcpljJspeta- 16 CSlTo t6c fomifs: ef 0aD : Jipljion 

fine , auD fjes aUo ts gouernour once all tlje ano ii?ass»> *S)^tmt, anO e??bott , ©li , ana 

laiiC of vSgvpt , anD laakobs jjeart ^ faileo: QroDi, ana Sceli. 

fo,il;cbelcnicatl)cmnot. 17 C^tfotljefonnes^t 'ilfijer :;Si«!nslj, 

27 anD t^cv tola l)im all tl)e tooiDes of anD3!iijaa&,anD3!ni!5anD'i5snai),anD4:)c» 
Jofcpl) ,\ul)icl) l)ec l)aD faiD untotbem : but ral) tljetr filter, anu tjjc Tonnes ot UcriaJj; 
toftenl)erao}tljcci^acet3,'ujI)icl)3!orepljl)aD i;cbci-,anD i@alcijccl. 

fent to carp ^im, t^nu^e Qjidt of SiaaHob i8 "Eljcfc are t^e cljilo^en of Jilpalj, 

tljeir fatljcr rcutncD, toljoine Caban ganc to iealj !)cs Daughter; 

28 anD'jrratllaiD,! haue enough: 3iO' auDtijerenjecbareynto ijaafeob, cuen ri;c» 
fepf) mp Tonne is pet aliuc: 31 toiU goe anD Tec tcenc Toales. 


10 %i)t (onms of Raljel Saafeobsi toife, 
were Jotcpl) anD TBentamin. 

20 canD Dnto llofcpl) in tlje lauD of €=■ 
gppt toe re boine ^anafiel), anD (Eph^aim, ^ 
tobtcb *arenati) tl)e Dawgijterof l^oti-plje- C"'<A4''5o» 
tab prince of 2Dn bare unto bmi. 

21 Caifotticnbnnisof 15entamin:lDC» i.r^/*-?-^. 



a Gedajfuretb Iaal{ob rfhis iotirHej into Egypt. 
27 The numb :r of hts famdy rvheti hee tvent into 
^iJ'P*' i9 y^pphmeiteth ha father. ^4 He tea.- 
cheth hts brethren what to anftpereto Puaraoh. 

Tii^m 3!rracl taol^c t)i9 ioucnep toitl; all 

tljarl;CcbaD , anDcame to 'I5ceMl)el>a, lalj,anD^.6ecber,anD afi)bjl, !j ©eralj, anD ands. t. 

a wherchv hee ^^"^^ 'offcicDfactiUceunto t^e (5oD of Ijis lf5aanian,®l)i,anDHoiij,$13uppiJ«,a»Q 

bothfi"nifid tatl)er3l5l}alt. l^uppini.anQ atD. 

that hee ^vo^llrp. 2 anD(!5oDfpaUei)nto3ifraclinabinoii 22 ^befe arc tlje Tonnes of Kaljel.Ujljfc^ 

bp nigbt, Taviug, 3IaaUob,3Iaakob. cabo toeti;bo^uePntoi!aahob,fo«tteeneToulesit« 

anrtDcrcD,3lamt]cre. all- 

3 ■2Lbenl!ceTaiD,JIam(SoD,tlje<goDof 2? caiTot^cfonnesofDaml^uflJiim. 

Ii> heart thepof- tl)V'f<itljcr, fcatj not to got Do)jjiie into ®» 24 caiTo tlje Tonnes of jlSapbtali : 3Ia§« 

fcflion of that S^pf ' fo^tj U)iU tljcremafecof t^ceagrcat ?:c!,anD <5uni,anD J]c?cr,anD <S)l)iilE«i. 

land, fro whence nation. 2f ^ftcTe arc tbc Tonnes of 'iBilbalj, 

prdent ncceilitie 4 JIMU'' gocDotunc trit^ t^cetutoC* U3l)tcl)LabangaueuntoKabcl l)is Daugb* 

gppttanDJtoU'alTobungtbeeDpagaine, ter.anD ilje bare tljcTe to 3* aahob, in all , Te» 

ana Sofcplj (vj&ll <^ put Ijts^anD ijpon tljine wen Tonics. 

eyes. 26 ail tI)e*Toulcs,tl)at came tejtl)3!aa» 

S Ef)en3!aakobrorc\)pfrom 13cer-lT)C= feob into ®gppt, tuljtci) came ont of Ijis 

pe<i thctfue 
that he krpt in 


b Condtiding 

thee by my 


c In thy pofteri- 


d Shall fliut 

thine eyes when 

ihoudieR: uhich 

appertained to 

him that was 

moft deare , or 

ctiiefe of the 



io5.2 3,</2t 52.4 

Exod.i ,r.and6. 
J4,»umb i6 J. 
i.c/j/9. 5.1. 

Exod.6. 1 5. 
].c/;;'0.4. 24» 

i.Chro.i.idr 4" 

Deut 10,11, 

D.n: auD tbe Touiies or JlTracl carteD 31aaUob + lopncs ( bcTiDe SPaakobs Tonnes tottiep) ^Ebr.thtzhes, 

tl)ctrfatl)cr, auQ tijctrdjilD^en, anDtljcir xverc in tI)ctul)o!e,tl5:cETto^e anD Ti^rc Tonics. 
Miiiics in tlje djarcts , tuljic^^ pijacaolj l)aD 27 aifo tt)c Tonnes of Jlofcpl) luljicb u;cre 

Tent to cane Ijun. bo^ne l;tm in ®g>!p;jwcre tUio ToKles : fo that 

6 anD tljep tooke tbcit cattcUjanD thtix all tbe Taiilcs of r Ije ijonTc of jjaahob, iuljtclj 

goDDs , tu[)ici) tljcp baD gotten in p lanD of came into ffigi»pr,are Tenentie, 

C3naan,;!n!5 franc into ©gppt, both «J!aa' 
kob anD atl ijts TceD UjUIj l)iii:, 

7 ins Tonnes anD bis Tonnes Tonnes 
toitij I)an, Ijis Daugbtcrs anD bts Tonnes 
D.-;!i5btcr!7, anD all Ijis TecD b;ieu3l)t Ije Uuitij 
Ijim uuo (Sgrpc. 

8 CanD ti}cTe are tljenamcs of tbe cbil-- 

28 CvJutesi Ijce (cnt 3InDab befote litm 

tntO 3]orspb» to II Direct Ijia'Ujap unto (So- lOr,to prepare 

Torn, auD tl;ep came into t^e lana of «So« h"" a place, 

20 52ri)CUjoTc»b + maDcreaDplj£3 Cba-- tEbr. boandbis 

ret,anDij)ent^jpto©oiljen,tomecte3irrael cbam. 
Ijis fatl)er,anD p:? TcnteD IjijnTclfc l)nto f;im, 

S^enof JTraet,'iyl)tcbcameintoS:gppt,euen anD fell on ttis ntcl;?, anD locptljycnijis 
3]aafeol) .niDlj is Tonnes; *F.eHbei;,31attl%ob3 nccUeat- oood tul)i[lc. 

tirif boine. 

ana tl): Tonnes of Kcuben: i^aiioc|i, 
anD P!)al!n,ir.iD igcjron, anD (Carmi. 

10 (iranD tljcTanncs^f ^©tmeon; 3IC' 


50 aaiDlTracl TaiDDnto 3!o.'epb , 00)01 
lerme tie, Unce 31 bane Tecnc tljpfacc , and 
31 "Cbcn loTcpl) faiD to Ills bzetl)^en,aitn 
miieU auD 31 anun , anD ©IjaD, auD Jjacbtu, to bis Tatljers iiotifr,! lutll goe up anD il.elu ^ "^ "^^f "°'. 
anD 53l)ur,anD'§)baultljc loane of a Ca^ Pbaraob,anD teilljmi , $©pb^ctb^n, anD aHwmedofhis 
naauitiiijiaomati. mpfatbcrsbouTc.tubJcb lucre uitljelanD of fa™r.andkin- 

II caifotbeTonncsof*iLcm>©£r(bon, gDanaan,arc come unto me, red, though they 

Sl0!}atb,anD vl3crari, 52 anDtljemcnarcibccpbcarDS, anD were ot bare 

la C^lfPtl;?fpnuf?of*3iuaa^;®(anO b^caiif? tlaum fl)eepbeato?s, tljcp bane condition, -^ 

(!p 4 D;pugi)S 

laakob brought before Pharaoh. 

Genefis. Kow lofeph dealeth in the famine. 

biojigljt tJjeir fljcepc ano tfjfft: cattcI,anD al 

3? ana if plj3rao^jcaIyou,anl3 aitiei^ou, 
£ai;at is pour rcaBtf 

34 'E'jtnvec iijall tap, Cop feruaius -'re 

Miei! occiipift! about c-.tteil, fcom our cl^ilD' 

they may forfake ijooticuenunto tljis£iir.r,l)otI}\uceana our 

tht filth of the " " 

vioT\i,!ind cleaue 

ttitnacion 'onto tt}e ^svptian;? 

the world to 
hate his , that 

to him. 

fatljcr.s; t'uatycc mapDluellinfte lano of tJ)cv bc!t!3!;t , aub >= Jiarcpl) iapa Up tljc mo 
^ofijen: fo^£Hetvl])ccpel?ecpci:is(auUbO' ntv i" Pljar-^oljs Ijouft 


7 Iaal{ob commeth before Tharaoh , and telleth 
him Ins age. ii TheUitdofGofhenUgiuenhtni. 
^^ The idolatrous friejis haue Uutn^ of the l{t»g. 
28 Iaa\obsagewhenhedieth. jo lofeph fwea- 
reth to bury him mth hh fathers. 

lam ; foulje fvimij^e "a? ejcceetitiigfo;e: fo 
i!:"tfi)e!aiiDo^^gVijr,autJtIjefanD of Ca- 
r.-u.- tocre + tatr.ul/eDlsrrcaron of tl;e fii* fEbr.broughtto 

fi^tl'f- an extremity^ ft 

14 anuJoC^I) satljerct) all fi)e money, at their mtsttid^ 
tljrit tti.^3 fouuD i:i tl)C laiiQ of Orgvpt , ana 
in tiK L;np of 2i:.inaaa_,fo;!tljefo?!ic UiJjic^ 

c Wherein he 
both declartth 

15 -©o teljcn mon:\) failed in tljelantiof liis fidelitie to. 
<S:gpwr,ano in t^e lanD of ffianaan, t\)tn all ward the king, 
tl)e'©gi»ptians came ijuto 3:crfpf),snt) favO, and his mindc 

©me i)5 l)?CaD: fe; tUljV (IjOtllD tue OUfaefCiie free from couc- 

tljeef fo; our monep is fpent. touihes. 

16 '2Li)cn faia 5!erepl),'il5;ing vour cattc!, 
anu 3! toiu giuc j>oh fo; pouc cattell , if your 

, ^, , ^7 ^0 tlje? b;ougf)t tijclr cattell ijnto 

TJ(?eit came Joffplj ana toIDePjaraoo, 3!ofepl),antiiiofepUgaiietl)cmb;eaiifo;tfee 

anD fapo , S^p fatljer, anD m? b^etljiien, ijozfes , an3 fo; tly: flotfees of ajecpr , ana fo; 

ana tbeic a)ecpe , ana tljcic cattell , ana all tlje Ijearas of cattell, ana fo; the affrs : fe l;c 

tUat t\)tv Sane, are come out of tlje lanae of feaac tijem toitt) l);eaDe fo; all t^cir c^tell 

©anaan, ana Ueljoiae, tl)cp are m tl;e lanac tljat pcere. 

a That the king 
might he afliired 
they were come, 
and fee what ma- 
ner ofpeopic 
they were. 


2 9na lofep^ toolte part of Ijts b;ctl);en, 
cuen a fine men , ana p;cfentea tljem ynta 

5 -Clicnpijaraol) faiBijntol)islj;etI);cn, 
ailljat tspourtraaef ana tJjc? anfujereO 
|3l)arao!), "El)? fcruants arc njepljearBef, 
bot^ tee ana our father?. 

b lofephs great 
rcthin thathee 

18 I5uttol)entlj:veerctoas!enaca, tljev 
came Dnto Ijim tlje n'ci;t veerc,ana fnia into 
I)tm , file e totll not Ijiae frommp loza, tljat 
fincc our money is fpent, auBmv lo;a^atl) 
tbefKaiBsoftlic carrel,ti)erHs«otl)ing left 
in tlje fijbt of r.iji lo;c , but our boaicis anD 
ourgrouna. ._ . 

.,„.. 10 eaJl^pfi/airue peril!) in tl3pfig^t,botI) » Forexeeptthe 

4 'El)ep fava mo;coHcr bnto Piataolj, toec , ana our f lano f bup us ana our lana S'^7"'^ bctiUed 
jFo;tofoioutneintl)elanaaretoecome: fo; fo;bicaa,anBtuec*our lana trill be bouna anaiows", «pc- 
tl)pfer^ant0bauenopafturcfo;chei^O)CEpe, toPljaraol): tl)crefo;':5u:clJsfecae, tbat'i'sas 
fo fo;e is tlje famine in tlje lana of Qtanaan. luc msp luic ana not ci; , ana tJ;at tljc lana " **"« ''"''• 
|5oUjet^£rcfo;e, tucep;aptl3cc,lettljyUt'' aoenot tetuaftc. 
uantsatoellin t|elanaof(Sofl)en. 20 iSfea 3!o^cpl)bougI)ta^tbclanaof®• 

S 'Cfienrpakep^aeaobto'lofepl), dxp gj>ptfo;P5}araob:lo;thc<S:acvpttan3folae 
fng, 'Eljpfatljet ana t^vlJ^^Jj^fn are come enetpmanljtsstouna, becanfe tlje famine 
unto thee. teas io;e upsn tljcm : I'o tlje lanae became 

6 'El)e'» lana of<Egvptisbefo;etl3CC: in pijaracljg. 

tbe bell place oftfte lanac make tljv father 
ana tl)v b;eflncn atucll : let tbcm Bterll in 
would enterprifc tbclanB of (5oi\)tn : auB if tljou fenotoeft 
nothing without tbattberebcmenof actiuitteamoi^g tl)tm, 
the kings com- mafee tljtm rulers oaer mp cattell. 

7 Slofeolj alfo biougbt JIaaUob I)is fa* 
tl3cr,ana let Ijim be fe;e p^araolj: ana 3!aa« 
Sob KnlutealQbataolj. 

8 'El^cnpbaraol) favBcbnto Jaattob, 

iEbr.Howmame H?0t»0laaittl)0llf 

9 ana :jaakob fatae Unto pijaraob, 
'E^eto^oletime of mp * pilgrimage it an 
OunOKtl) ana tbirtic vceres : fetoe ana cuill 
banc tl)c Bapcs of mp life becne , ana 3! bane 


^€br bUtfed. 

dajtes are the 
jfeeref of thy lifef 
JUb.ll.Cf, 13. 

21 gnabesremoeHtatbcpeoplebntotbe gSythwchan- 
citics,from one * fiBc of ©gvpt euen to t^c |'"F* '^^'y '>S"i- 
stber. "*'^ '*'" ^ 'y 

22 *2Dnclp tlje lana of tbeI3;ieasbougbt *"Jnothinoof 
bee not : fo; tbe Piettsljaa an o;ainarie of tncirowne but 
Pbaraob, ana tbcp Bib eate tl)eir o;atHarie, r«'^""f.° ^' 7 "^ 
U3bicbPbaraol) gauc tbtm: m^erefo;? tljtv """p '•''y^!"^'- 
folB net tt)cii gronnB. tEbr.eKdoftbt 

2? €ljcH 3Iofepb fapa bnte tbe people. *"'■'"'• 
ISeljoiae , 3i banc boagbt pon tljis Bap, ana 
poarlanB fo;li3l)araol) : loe,hcrc isfceBefo; 
pou: foU) tber£fo;e tlje grouna. 

24 9nB of rbe increafe pee Iball giwe tbc 
lift part unto pbaraob, ana foutc partes 

not attatnea imto tbe pcerrs of tbcltfeof fi)allbepoursfo;tbefeeBoftl)efieiae, ana 

mp Jf ati)cc5, in tlje oape^ of tljeir pilgrima' 
iEbr llefed. ID ^nB 3!aakob t tcohe leanc of Pbara* 
ob^ana BcparteD from tlje p;cfence of Pba* 

c which was a raol). 

tity in the coun- 1 1 CSnB Slofepb placcB Ijis fatbcr , ana 
treyofGoftien, f;'-3b;etl);cn, ana gauc fljcnt pofTelTton in 
Exod.i.ii. tl)e lana of ffigvpt , intbebcllof tlic lanB, 
d Somereade, euenintbelauD of' Kamcfe;s(, asJJbataol) 

that he fed them ^aBCOmmanBcB. 

as linle babes,bc. 12 SuB Joff pi) ncurifficB ^ist fat!3cr,ana 
caufc they could bis bptt^itti , ariB all bis fatbtrs boufe* 
not prouide for bolBc iDitlj b;eaB , '^ cucn to tlje poung cbil» 

thefdues againil B;en. 

tbat famine. J3 C/I^QM t^((( ^09 ilQ i}m Ul aU ttji 

fo; pour mtatc, anB fo; tljem of pour Ijonfe* 

2^ 'Cbcntbcpanfjuerea, "Ebou battfa* 
weB our Une0: IttDs HnBc grace m tbe ligbt 
of mv lo;a , ana teee toill be l^baraob? icr* 

26 E^en JtfTcpb maae it a lato oner tht h Pharaoh m 
lana of ffigppt unto tbis Bap, tbat Pbara* prouiding for 

Db IbOUlB ^aiie tbe fift part, l> eCCept tbe lana idolatrous pricftj 

eftbEP;ieft«onelp, tubicbtoasnotpija* fliaiibeacon- 

raobs. demnation to all 

27 c:a"d3!fraelBtoclrtntbelanBofaE» them which ncgo 
gppt,intbe conntrcpof ©olbcn: ana tbcp lea the true mi- 
baa tbftipoircffionfitbercm.anBgrctoanD niftersofcods 
multtpipea wceeaingi?. ^ word. 

28 ?19o;cciHcr, 

laakobfickc.Hebleflethlofephs Chap.xlvlil.xlix. tworoimes. His prophefie. 2X 


Chap. 14. t. ■ 
i Hereby h: pro. 
tededchache di- 
cdinche faith cif 
his fathers , bea- 
ching his children 
to hope for chc 
promifcd land. 
k Hereicyced 
that lofcph had 
promifed him , & 
ypnn his pillow, 
prdifed God,read 
i.Chro. 3^,10. 

31 toilt ijoe as t^on Ijaft faiD. 

51 %l)enl)t faiD.^toeaceljntome. ^nij 
ijeCujajreuntoljim. anDlQrael ''a3o;(\)tp> 
peQ t3a)av53 tlje bcBsijeau. 


a lofeph more 
eftcfmcd that 
flioitld bee recei- 
iiedinto laakobs 
wjsthe Chnrch 
enioyalthe trea- 
furcs of Eg\ pt. 
\\0r^ ail fufficte>it 
Chap.t\i. ij. 

b Which is true 
in the carnall If- 
raelvnto the co- 
ming of Chrift, 
all for euer. 


e The faith fbll 
acknowMgc all 
benefits to come 
of Gods free 


28 ?^c;ijoner, 3!aake»lj UiieU in tl)e fano i? %\it\\ tooltz aofepl) tljcmbort) , C. 

ofQ£3)'ptfeitc!Uffnei>ere0,fot^at tljetuljolc pluatm in Ijto nsijt baiiD totuarD Jfraels 

ajE of ilaakol) was an IjunQjietlj fo^tie anD leff IjaiiOjanD S^analTcl) in fcie left IjanS to» 

fcaen n rs3. luatD llcatls tigljt i)anri,to Ije \>m&%t them 

20 ji^oo) tuljfntl)etime5?ttonccre tliat Dntoljim. 
3iftael nuiftuie , ije calltu ijis ibnneSofepft, 14 'JSwt 3!rrael (trrtc^eti ont 610 rigljC 

ana ia';D unto l)»n , if 3! bauc uoto foiino l)ano , $ lain it on •< (Z^p^^atms Ijeau, tut}fc|) <^ Godsiudgc- 

gracetntfcT'ligljt, *pnttl)ine^anuuotoijn' toagtl}cvou«gcr, ano Ijis left Ijana iipon "^wtisoft times 

Becnii>tl)i2lj,anaU£alenisicifuUyansttn* ^analTcbs l)eali ( Directing; ijia banOesof ^^trary tomans, 

IpUJittmee: but? nice nor, 31 p^tavt^ee, in purpofOfo2S@anaflti)wasti5CflOEr. and he preferreth 

QcSl>pt. 1% Cairo UeeblctreOIofcplKanBravIi, that, which man 

30 TButtoi3en31(^)alI iflecpctoitljmpfa' Wit ©013 befoie Vuljom nip fathers ab^ia" '^c'pifeth. 

iljers;,tl)onH5altcar\>meoutof<S5PPt,ana l}amanD3i5[)aki!iDUjalfte,tl)e (Sou,tDbic^ Heb.n.n. 

biirp me tn tbetc bunall. ana Ije anfajtcea, l}atl) ftoac me at mp life long unto tW Ba?> 


i6 %\)z ' angcl, tDljfc!) IjatI) aelinereO e This AngcU 
me from all ewtU, blelTc tbe cl)ilD?f h, ano let "i"ft be vnder- 
m^'name fccnameoupon tljcm, ano tlje ftoodofchrift, 
name of mp fatljccs gb^aljam anU jjbak, asChap.jc.ij. 

1 Jofephtfitbhistrt>ofoK>tes-vtCitethhis/ic{e tl^attlje? ma^groluas fiil) tntoa nnjUitllUe andji. I. 
father. J laak.ohrehearfetb Gods prom fe J He in t^e mtOS Ot tlje eartf). f Let them be 
rectiuithfofspbifonnesashn. 19 He prefer- I? T3Htl]Jl)en Sofep^ fato tijat I)tS fatfiCC "'^foasmy 
ntljtbeyoMger. ai He prophefietb their returne laiOl)isrlgIltl)?.nDtipentt)eljCal3 0fffipi)ia» children. 

to Cauaan. im, \t g QifpleafeD Ijim : anD^e (la?eD i)l0 g lofephfaileth 

A (Same , aff rr ti)ts , one fapCc to lofcpl), fathers IjanD to remoone it from ©p^aims: '" binding Code 

lLo8,tl)pfatl)eci&ficke: tl)cnl)cetocUe Ijeaotog^anaffEljs beau. grace to the or. 

toirl; Ijim W » ttuo fonnes , ^^analTelj ana i8 ana Joftpl) Qiia pnto Ijis father, j!5i)t J" of nature, 

(Epljiaim. fo, mp fatter , fo^ t^is ts tljc elaeft : pn: tb? 

2 aii'o one to'De 3iaafeob, ana fapa , 13c-- rigljt banD upon Ijis Ijeaa. 

l)OlD, tl)p lonnc Jofepb is come to tijce , ana lo l5at Ots father tefnrcS,ana fapBe , 3 

jiiacl tooUe Ijis lucngtljimro bnn,ana fate hnotn toell, mv Tonne , 3! fenoto totll : bee 

npentbebto. iballbealfoapeoplcanabee fljallbegreat 

3 "Eben 3Iaafeob faia bnto Jafepb, ©oa liketoife : but bis poimgcr b;otber (ball bee 
Itatmigbtie app:accc ttnto mr e at * Luj in greater tben be)ana bis feeae fljatl be full of 
tbe lanQ of '2ianaan,ana bletfca mc nations. 

4 anabcr,iiaiMUom3c,'15EbolD,3!toill 20 <g'obcblEfl"catbcmtbataav,anaraiD, 
make rbecfruttfuU, ana tBtUmulttplptbcf, JntbccIirraeKbalifalclTcar.Dfap, (SSDD , 
ana \riU make a great nnmbcr of people of make tbee as ^ iJSpb^aun ana as S^anaffeb. ^ i" »''"ome 
tbee, ana toill ginc tbis lana unto tbp feeae 9nB be fet (Spb^aim befoie £0anafleb. ? , ,°""'r a 
after threfo.i an "euerlaftingpolTeffton. 21 "Eben SJfrael ravaDnto3Iarepb,1^c« "^^"'^ mamtcR. 

^ ^ rlna nou) tiii) ' ttuo icinnes,$0snaf' bolD,3;aie,ana(0oafljallbeeteitbroH,aHa l'f,^[fY^; 

feb J (Ep.waini , tobicb are bozMe bnto tbee b^ing you againepiitetlje lana of i pour fa' ! >yh>''>.'hey 

ix\ t\)t lana of (ggppt , befo;tc 31 came to tm tbcrs. ''f' ^y "!'" "» 

22 g©o;iconer,31 bane gineaunto tbee one !"^P^°™'^' 
portion abone tbp b/irtb;ten , tthicb •< 31 gate '^^f "^y cn;i<J«» 
ont of tbe bana of tbe amo^tt b? mp^ftwozB **"°'" God fpa- 
anDbpniybom. red for my fake. 

CHAP. XL IX. Cba^.i^.iSr 

I jfaii\ob bleffeth ali his fanner by namt , ani 
fhtweth them ivhat is to come- lo He telleth thtm 
that ChrtJlfhaU come out of Judah. 29 He xvill 
ttaan, bp tbe lUaplMben there was but balfe be bit-t/drotth his fathers, li Hedtetb. iWhSCoSfhail 

8 aaves ioiirncp sf grcnna to come ta <!£• -y UKn JaaKob callca bis t'onnc6,anB faia, bring you out of 
pbiatb : ana 31 burpca bcr tbcre in tbe tuap 1 <5atbf r pour ftliics togctber-tbat 3 map Egypt: And be- 
to "Kpluatb: tbe fame is Betblebrm. tell pan tob^it ibaU f ome to rou intbe»laa caufe j hefpea- 

8 'd)enIifraelbebcla31ofepb!5 fonnes, aaves. kahofthe Mcf- 

ana£atD,2(abofearetbefef 2 (fi^3tbcrpintrrelucstogetbcr,3nBbearp, fias,henamethit 

9na3Iofepbfaia\)nt8bi^fatbcr,Ebc? ycfonae3of3!aakeU,anBbcatkeHpnto 3if« thelaftdayct. 

arcmpfonnes,tDbicb'<5oabatbgiutnmee raelfourfatbcr. b Begottcnui 

bcre. '2LbenbefatB,3IP^aytbecb^ingtbcm ^ *SmbenmfncelSe(ircntic,tI^OK art myyoutb. 

t8me,tbat3]mapfale{rctbcm. mpfcnugbt;jtbebcgunungofnr?artno:tb> c ifthouhadft 

lo CJFoMbe epesof3iffaeltoereaimme 'tbetcccHencicofBisnitp,anDtbee;t;cetien' not loft thy 

fo;age,fotbatbecoHianotweiirec)Ebcnbe cieofpoiucr: birth.rightby 

caufeBtbcmtocometobim, anabeekiflia 4 Thau waft ligbt as toafer: tbon flialt thine oifence, 

tbemanaunb;taceBtbem. notbecercellcnt, bccaufeti;cn*!Dcntc(l»p pjof-ii-H' 

u ana3irraElfapaunto3ofcpb,3! baa totbpfaH^ersbeaiiltbenDiaaeatboaceBle i.chro».i.i. 

tiottbouffbt to bauefcene tbp face ; pctloe, mpbeB, thy dignity ts gone. tOr.ceafidtoSet 

©oabatbfljetueB mc alio tbp leerc. f C Simeon ana lLeHi,b^ctb?en in euiJl, mjbed. 

12 ana jiofepb tooke tbcm atoap From tbcll inftrnmtnt? of crucUp arc m tbeic ba» jjOr, their fxvorii- 

|tSknce)5,anaDUJrEilCfenCei3(ll©Het0tbe bitattons. wtreinflnmerm 

fiWiuUJ. • 6 3lnKitbeKf?cmUtiwtmp(ottlecDme: ofviohnct. 

into<£5gppt, fljallbemine, asEcnbenana 
^imcsn are nunc. 

b 15uttbP Image tobicbtbOH bad ht^ot' 
tm after tbem, Ibatl be tbiue; tbcp ftjait bee 
callea after tbe names of tbeir b^tetb^en in 

7 i!5oiM toben 31 came from 13aaan,K3' 
^tl*DieaDpon mine bana in tbe lana Of Qia* 

i^ prophefie of the McfTias. 


laakob dieth. 

d o.vongue: mj) d giojj) , occ nott^ou ionfn toUI) tl)c{c top of t\}t ^caS of ttm tijat toasi "feparate u Either in (tig. 

m.aning.chathee aUemOlr : fOi in tI)Cir teiarl) ttjtp fiCteea fromtlsbietUKn. nitie,orvvhcnhc« 

--'-■-'---"-' luan,? ill tljcicr?lfeB,nlU^£? Digged Cotonc 27 CiiJrniaminlliaUrauine asatoolfe: was foide from 

aUsall. iuti3C iiiouunsb-cUiail Dcuourc tfjcp^ap, bi>bitthren. 

7 dirr£tibetlKirto?stl),fo;iittua6Bercc, antiatnta;t;tljeiijaUDiuit!ct^efpot>le. 
anc tl)cir rascfsi it tajwis cruf U : 31 tuiU f Di» 28 C SIl ttiEfe are tljc rajeliie hiUes of 
lusctlicniin 3;a.iUolJ , anD fcattcr tljemtit 31fracl, ana tSjas tl;etc fatljcr fpake unto 
3irracl. tl)En:,ant! {jtcffcO fl)cm : c urrv one of tljtm 

8 C £^cu 3iUi3at,tljv b;ict!iijn nmlpiatfe bUlTtD iie toitl) a fcticralt blcffuifi;. 
tIjcE : rljttif IjanD fcaioe in rt)c ncckc of tliine 20 Sno lie c&aigcD ti^cm , auD favD ijnto 
enemies: tgp farljccs fonncs (yall b boloe t'oem, Irnucacv jobccgatccrcc^momy 
UoiuncJjntQtljec. people: *bunc inccUJitl)mvfar&iis intjje Qiab.j^-j^-^o' 

luBal) , as alvons tol)clpt fcalt tbou cane tljat inn tljcBclsof ©pl);iDn tlje i^it* 

CDinc tsp fram tl)c fpovle,my fonnr. t)e l'.»all tit:, 

ltci}o\yn£andcoi!Clja's'aLi'oti,ani}asaLv» 50 In tl}c cane tbat is in tbe ficlDcof 

cncffc:*'uai)crtjaliairrclnmupf " fli^.ttr^pclAlj bcfiocs S0amrc intljelanBof 

10 "Eljcifccptet (Ijallnct ccpart from (£anai3n:tejbtcljcaue3b;aljamb6ii5l;ttaitl) 
Jiiitial), noialaircrincrtroni betuiecncbts tbcfifltiof(jrpl)iontb£i;ittttcto;apoffeiri» 
f;cte,bnttU ' ^Ijilclj come , anc tlje people on to burte in. 
(haibegatljErelUjntobini. ?i Ebcre tljcv bumD gb^nbani 5t<©a-> 

11 l;t'troaUbint)l)i3ane foile bnfo tbe rabtistetfe: tbece rlicv bi.ruD Ji?bal< ana 
fiiai fo fearc him. kutne, auQ^lsalTe coItbiUotbc bcrt mnc: Ecbetjab^istoifcranbtbctreiburtciiLcalj. 
\flr,ki>tgdcme. l)clljalllv)a[i) btsgatment ui iutne, an53 yts Z^ Sbepurc^ircDfibcticlcantitbccRne 
i Which IS Chrid ciosc HI ti^c blooD of ffcapes. tbat io tljeccin, was bought oi tljc CijilDien of 

the Meirias,the 12 l7i6EPE9UialbertDtoit!)iUtnC,aUtlfeiS Ijetb- 

giuerotaiipro- teEtl)lDl)ttf iuirbuullve. ^? "S^ljusSlaafeobinr.tieanfnBofsimns 

i^ €5ebn!nniljMil trli3f!lbvtI)crcafiDf, charge to bis fonnes, ant) "pIuckeD top l)is x whereby is 
anu beiiiaibeanb?Hrnfo^lj;ippe5: anDijis fe£tiiifotbebcD,anb!jai:Etptljcs{joll,anD fi:;nificd bow 

ne thercofenced 
to them in v.ord 
e The Shcche- 


( For Leiii had 

' DOfac.andSi- 
I meonwasvnder 
Iiidubjiof. 19.1. 
till God gaue 
them the pl;;ce 
^ of the Amalc- 
: kiteSji.CbroD.4 

I '^^' -c J 

I g As was veiihed 

\ inDauid and 


I h His enemies 

Ipetity, v\ho (hall 
call the Gentiles 
k A coui.trey 
molt abuundant 
v.ith vines and 

teas sati;ereD to ijis pf ople. 

bozDcr fbaibe tonto 5iDon. 

14 CiitTacbar (h. ibe \ ' a Rronsf alTccou 
cIjingliotencbcttueenctluoburDcns. chap. l. 

1% aaDbClbalircCtbatrelHsgOO!?, anU 15 Iaa{obts tuned. 19 hfephforgiuethhis 

paRuresispromi- tl)attI;elnnDi3p!eafant,anl5i}e riwUbolDC hrethren, 21 He [ietb hn cbiUnm children. 

fed him. I)lsfl)OUlDeCtObeaCC,anQ HjaibefUblCCt UH' 25 Hcdieth, 
iEl>r.a»a/feof tO tribUtC. 

i6 CS^^an^'RiallinSgcIjis people as one •T'lptn Jofcpbffll bpon bis fatbcrs fate, 

of tbe tribes of Jfrafl. 1 ana turpt upon Inin, anb UiileQ bint 

17 Dan iljal be a " "©crpcnt bv tbe tea?, 2 9ln5 iioCrpl) commanDcii bis fcrnants 
anabDctbvtbepatb^bttingtbcbo^febecle?, tbe » p.^vUetans , ta cmbaln.c bis fatljcr, 
fo tbat bis riDcf iT)aU fcUl baclxU-aiD. auD tbe Pbvilclanscmbaimco Sifiaci. 

18 °2DLo;!D, 31 liauciKaucDfo;tI)i' fal* 3 ^a foztte Dares ircre acconlp'i;^)c5, 

iQ CSaBjan boff c of men (ball onerconic 
^im,but be ll\1!l ouerconicatrbcfa.1. 
20 Cto^ccrntng 3!Ii£f, bis p bicas fhall 

quiedy hediedf 

great bancs 

J Hisfcrcefhall 

begreatjbut hec 

<hall wantcou- 

r«ge to rcffit his 


tn Sh.illhaue 

tbchonoitf ofa 


n Th.uiSjfullof 


o Seeing the mi- 

feties that ills 


fall intOjhc bra- 

a He meaneth 
them th.'it cm- 
_ _ „ _ balmed the dead 

(f« fo long oib'tbe bapes of rbcm tb'it iucrc »"'' ^^"^^ ^^^^' 
embnhncB iatl) anD tbe €grpti.^ng beluav» , , 

let) bl"l " kucimc DapCS. b 1 hey were 

_. „ _,... 4 anOtobcntbcDaKsofbisntOurning '""fc «'^"'''"« 

be fat,anD Ije ibali guic plcaatrE'3 fo^a l%tna:. tocrep.-tfMorcpblpafeetotbcboiifrofpba-- '!^ lamewmg 

21 $li3apbt?.U(haiJcaUinacletgoe,£t' raeb-faving, 31f3!lKUi:noiijfoanOfauom; ttientbefauUuii. 
utng 1 goolilv Uco^Us. ill I'onr epes, tpcake,J! p^aj* pou, tn tbe catc? 

22 Clofcpbii'^iibe 4:afrmtfnU bonttb, of ]30.''raoI},.inD llip, 

euenafnittftiliboiigbbptlje cadlfiDe: tbe 

flethou:in pray- tunsllbougbcs fiiatl iiinne i^pon tbe toall. 

tt to God ,to re- 2? ' ana tbe aicbecs gricr.cii Ijini , anD 

medic it. fljOtagainfthim, anD batcD l]ii\\. 

p He ftial abound 24 TSut 1)15 botu aboifc itiong , anD tbe 

income & plea- ^anDcs of bis armrs lucre llrcngtbcncD , bv 

(anc fruits. tbcbanDsof tbc migbtp God of Siaakob, of 

<j Ouercomming lubO;n was tfeC fceDtC appointed by ttjE ' UonC 

5 iI3vfatbermaDemc*ru3carc,raping, C^'^M7'^9' 
Lor, 3! Dte , burp nice tn wvf granc , tobtcb i! ' 

banc maDe me in tbe lann of i^anaan ; nola 
tbcrefo^c let me goe , 31 p.:av tbce , anD burp 
niv f;if !.;cr,anD3l unll co;nc againe. 

6 'Ebcnl3',©ocypanD!itirj> , .. 
tbj' fatbcr, ^ as be maDe tiice to I'lDeace. *; T''*^ "^'7 . V- 

7 C®o 3 off pb ivcnt top to biirf bis fa= '"^''' "'""''^ ''^"- 
tbrr, aiiD toitb bim luent tM cbz fcrnanrs cf *''''" ?" '""°'*^' 

more by faire 0f3lfcacl, 

wordesthenby 25 Euenbj) tljcSoD of tbv fatbcc, tobo l3bacaob,borhtbc<lrlDcrsof bisboiilCjanQ 

force. fl)aubelpctbce, anDbvtbeabiiigfctv^tobo alltbc^'lDccooftbelanDofSjvpt. 

XEbr.afanneof fljalblcITe tbCE\i.ntbbEancn!vbIciTingsftTm 8 LiucVjifci-ilitbcbciifcof 3iJrcpb,anti 

encreafe. abonc,toJitb blcfTings of tbc Dccpc,tbat Itctb bisbirttiJcu anD bis fatbns boiil'c : onclp 

XEbrMugbters. beneatbitoitbbicITmgsoftbcbieaftSjanaof tbctrci:t:cKn anDtbcir fbccpe, anD tbcti: 

tAshisbrc- tbeUiombc. cattclllctt tbcviHtbclanQof^ofljcn. 

threa.whcnihey 26 'Ebcblcningser t^vfatbcr (Ijallbce 5liiDtberct;enttopU»irbbim,botbcl)a« 

were his ene- t ftrongct tbcn tbe blelTtngs of mine elDccs; rets anD bo^cmcn: anD tbtyiuerean cjccee* 

niies, Potiphar tonto tbc ciiDc of t'oc bUiCs of tbe U)o4D tljev Ding great companv- 

aiid others. Jballbec OHtticljenD of 5iorcpU, atiD ontlje lo ^.nDtbepcameto (!5o;tEnS[taD,tobtc& ^ 

i"That is.God. 13 bcponD 3loiDf ti j anD tbeie tber maDc a P"'^ "f *^"'*' 

t In as much as hee was more necre to the accomplifhmcnt of chc great atlD CCCf CDing fo^C lamentation : anD 

pronjire, and it bad bwc more often confirnsrd. SempllflUO foiilji.sfatljfCftUfnXiapes. 

II ^nU 

fOr^ the come 

He is buried in Canaan. 

Chap.j. lofeph forgliiethhis brcth 

tfoit of the Egyp- 

Chap. 2 ; i(?. 


d Aneuilcoti- 

fwlly at reft. 

e Meaning.tbat 
they which haue 
tc io\ nrd in 
mofi furc Idue. 
||Glr,t/;c mejjen' 

l)itaiU3 oftljcUuio faijuc tftc n-otiniina" i" ^^ aiiolji^b^ftijieiuame fcntol)fm,8nt) 

(53;!cn-ataD, tl)cp favD, %VM is a great f;UoouiKebt:fOit£l}igfaCC,anDtaiD,'Betoi9, 

moticnJHj ijn.'otlje ©gvptiJiis :tol)£rei:'oie iucbi tiiv fcniant-?. 

ri)e nanie rljcrcof tons callcD i| abel-^tjiM' 19 '^^ luScw 5;ofcpI) nnt>r, * JFearcnott 

iin,U)l)tcfe is bfvoiiD '^■nHtw. h} n am not 3! isnDct f ©sn ; 

1 2 <S:a !)i3 fonius u'iD tinto l)im , acco;t« 20 Cciljcn vec tl)9ugl;c cinll agat'ntt nice, 
Ding (13 V,z ^aO conimAriDea tljcni. (Son c ifpou d it to gaoD,! ijat l;e r.iisbt &;tnij 

13 'jFo^ijis foniKs caiieD fetin into tfj? :opaffe,asi£isUji^i2ai',aiiDraueH!iuijiJC0' 
lino Df 2Lanaan,ana biiticU }}im in tije cans pic aline. 

oftt)cfi€lDof S5acl)pclal), U)^icbcau€*g. 21 jFefl»'enoti:oUJtI)fi-cf3je,3tj)ni«oU' 

binljain boajitt tuitlj tlje flclD,to be || a pl.uc rifij von ano voiic cl;ilt:cn : ant; l)ce comfo^' 

tobiiriein,ot <^pl)?iin tlj? IQitcitc bvliocs tcDtl)cm,anafpakt} ktnBi^DiuotJjem. 

$^atm-e. 22 C^oJoicp'oDUjeUiit a:-gi»pr,I)e,anO 

14. Cl^lK»3IorcpI)»;tt«rnei3t!tfc<I;g;)>pf, i>i3 uiijcr0 l)Oiire ; auo jlo.cp^ UiuD an 

Ijce anf !}t8 lncti.)2rn, anij all t'oat totnt up g IjmiD^t t'^ aiiB tea rccrr. 

toit!) i)lm to burit Ijts fatljtc, aftct tljat Ijcc 25 *lnl» Sloi'cpi) iatu (Epfiiaims cljilfliicn, 

l}alittirtcr!l]i;fatl)cr. Euniijiuctlic tljttUc offnciation : alfo tl)e 

15 3ti^^I)cn3IorcpI)sb.ietfjicn Taltitljat foiincs of g^aci^ic t'Xjt ibiuie of ^anafie^ 

tlKicfatiurlLMiiDeaB, fl)cv iaiDe,«s3!tniap Uicv£b;oi!gl]tDpon3;ofcpI)0j?n£E3. 

bcetiMtjiOi'cpljUJiUIjateUs, ano \uiil yav _ 24 !anBIo^cp^, I'avsc linto I)isbietl)2cn, 

Dgagair.calltOe eiiill, luljicljijjccSiQDJUo 

16 'Efjcrero;!? tl)C^>renti)iifoIorcpl),fa?^ 
ing , '311)1' fatljcr conimatinQeO before ^i^ 

• 31 am ceaU)) to £tf , anti ©oD toill fure'v i;t= 
fuc von,ant)t;ting pen oiu of ti)ts laiiD, Ditto 
tijc lant) ialjjcl) l)c fmarc iJiito ab;aljain,i>n' 
to 3;5l)al{,aiii] l-.nto 3!aa'aob. 
2s Jlna 5!al£pt) rockeanotljeoftliccliil 

Gent 4^.8. 
' a Mofes dcfcri- 
beth the womkr- 
fult oti'er that 
God obreratthin 
perf >rmiiighis 
promifc to Abra- 

17 %,\i\Vo ital! vce Hiv luttoloffpl), JFoi-- Dzcn of SfracljCavtug,* h (5oo tutilfDrtl)) W 

giiie notj) , 31 mav tijec," tl)c tfcrpaflfe ot ti)v Ute vcu ariD vetijall carv iv.v bonca Ijcnce. 

b«tl);[cn,?.nDt};cii:rmue:fo^tl)cpi£'a)aiDc3 26 <So lofepi) cicD tuljfii bee teas an 

t^cccuiU. anti lio^j), luce pzaviljtCjfojfiiue Ijiinc^'tlj an^ tcnne v£cce oIBc : anD tljcv 

ti^z tcciVaffe cf tfee r?rii3iit0 of tliv ittDtx-s cir.baliueD Ijim a»o aat i)im ui a cljEft ill 

*(0oD, anil 3;ol"cpI:) tecpt , toljcu 11 tljcp ©SPP^ 

The fecond booke of Mofes^ 

called Exodus. 

T H 1 A R G V M R N T. 

AFter thatlankoh by Gods comir.nndf rmnt. Gen 46. j had \ rougKt his family into Egypf, nhc;t 
they remained for the fpaceoffourehundrcth yecres, and of ff ucntie ptilbns grew to an innnite ■ 
Buniter/o thct the King and the countrey grudged , and endcu. ured both by tyrannic and ciud flaue- 
ry to Hippreflc them : the Lord accordir.g to his f'ron»ire,G<'ne. I J. f 4 had c«impaflhon of I is Church, 
and deliuered them, bur plsgucd thtir encn>ies in rroft and (ui rlry forts. And the more ibtx 
the tyrannic of the wictccd enraged agitift his Church , the more did his he.iuie iiidgfnients incrcafe 
againft them, till Pharaoii and bis arrrie v;cre drounfd in the fame Sea , wbichgnue an entry and pa?^ 
fagetothe children of God. But as the ingratitude ofman isgreat-jfodid they ■mn^cdiat.'y forget 
Gotis wonderful! benefits: and albeit he had giuen them the Palfeouer tube a figneandmtmoriaJlof ' 
the rame,vetthey fell ro,) le .rpred God vvitii fundry miirrrurings :.nd grudgingsagainft hiai 
and his minifiers : fomctime mooued wit;; ambirion ,fomf time for Ircke of dr tike or to content 
thcit lufts ,fcmerime by idolatry, orfuch like. Wherefore Gud vil^ieJ thtm with fliarpe rods and 
plajuesjthat by hii correfliorsthev might feeke to him forremfdy againA his fcoiirgfs , and earneftly 
repent them fori heir rebellions and wickeJntfle. An-ibecsufe God loueththfm to the end^whom he 
bath once begun to loue,he punKbed them not according to their deferts, but dealt wiib them in great 
ir;ercies,:nd etie r with new benefits laboured to onerccme their nalice: for he flill gouerned tbcm>anil 
gaue them his Word and Lavv,both the maner of ftruing himvand alfo the forme of iudgc- 
mentsand citiil rolicie : to the intent that thev llioidd not ferue God after their owne inuentions,bi5t 
according to. that order, which his hcauenly wifcJcme had appointed. 


2 The children of ^tia\ob that ameinto Sgypt. 
8 The new VharaJ-i oppreffith them, i 2 The prs' 
Itidince efGcd forward them, 15 The l^mgi cent' 
nixndement to the midxpiues. 31 Thefonncs of the 
Eirewet are commanded to he cafl into ths nricr. 

£E'i2) * a tiK fe are tl)c nt-uiss 
cf thz djiJDicn of ^, 
tel)ici)camc into ©ppt (t- 
uerv «nan ana bis l)oitiTiol5s 
canic thither uaitb 3IaaUr»b) 
2 Efiro?n3^i;«??n;v;iu, 

ren. 22 

lOr^am Jfitt 
Gods Pad ? 
meaning , to tak< 
f \V ho by the 
good fiicccflc 
ftetneth toremit 
it, andtherforeit 
ought Bot to b« 
rcaenged hy me. 
J their 

g Who notwitb- 
(bnding bee bare 
rule in Egypt 3- 
hcut fontefcore 
ioyned with the 
Church of God 
in faith and Re- 

^u»t 32,?$>. 
Exod.x J.I 9. 
h Hefpeaketh 
thisby thefpirit 
ofprophecie, ex« 
borting his bre- 
thren to haue full 
prcmife for thcit 

ani3 3ut5al), 

3 31irac!)ar,5t&n!tnt,nnU TBcnfamtn,- 

4 2^aii , ana jI^aptitaH , ©au , anu a» 

V '©oaltfieflfDiilcsf, fijat came out of t^e s^nr.pnfon 
fciv;«3 of 31aakDb, ujcrc* fctuntie fouUs; Gene.^6.i 
lofcpbVDas m ®gvpt ali'eaC*'. 

6 0o\M jlcfcpij oittJ f all !jid bwtlj^ien 
aiiD tl)attol-,oie ECiicration, 




/^Urael opprefled. Mofcs borne* 



b Hemeincih ecceet3tnsmtgijtv>fo tljattljcMatitJ toasftil 

the countrey of Of tljem . 

Goflicn. 8 %\]m tijcrt rflfe ijp a neJu Jxing in ®« 

c He conr.a«reJ Sl!'pt,tol)9 'kuCDOnot Jo.cpi;. 

not how God 9 anDljEclatOlnitot)tspcD';Ie,T5c^olB, 

had prcfcrucd tI)E prCplE o(ti)t CljtlDieil cf JtVajl are ^rca* 

Egypt for lo- tec aiiO iiiisl^ttEc tfecii use. 

fcphsfakc lo <2>om?,lettjstBOJfeetoirclptoitI)t^£m, 

UfltljjpmiJltipip>unDit come to paffe tljat 
tf tljcrc be toatce, tljcf iopnc tljcmfclues al* 
fo i)nto oiif enciuiea , anc Rjijc againfi; ijs, 

d Into Cinaan, ant) =* ij get tljjm CUt of t&e l>VilTJ. 

and fo we ihiA n ^ijf tffo^e cto tl)cv fct Cafhc-mallcrs 

lofe our com- olUt t^ClU , tO bcCpe tljCIH iJlltJCt luul) 6i:r* 

nioditie. Deng ; aiio t^tv fjuilt tl)e citus pttyom a:iU 

\i0r,g6e 1/p sat Kaamfcs fo;i tlje fi trcafurcs of J^ljaraolj. 

ofthiLmd. II ')S\\t t%i mo;e tb'v iJcjccD tijcm, tlje 

li Or^corne and nio^tc tl)fv miilctplicO niiD greluc : tgcccfo^e 

frouifion. «t|)C^totc£ mo^c gciEUCD agaittH ttje cljit* 

c The more chat B^enofjfcae!. 

God bieiFeth his, 15 catictefoje tljc S^gvptiaits 6^ cttteltic 

themote doeth cntlfeD tl^C Cl)il5;iMt OflfrcCl tO fecilE. 
the wicked cnuie 14 '^{5115 tftc^ maDC tl)£m to? arv of tljcic 
them, Ii«ss fav fois laljoiir in clap atiD in hiickt, 

nuc in allujo^he jh rtc Selctuitt) all mancc 

t E6Aw/;frfa»ifA of bOUDagC , 4= UJljtC^ t^EV lavDC iJtJOn tljCJJl 
thtyferued tium- moll Cruellv. 

feiutsofthemby 15 €00o;coiijrtl)e J^tngof^gvptceni' 

cruelue. mtiixQtn t^t nitDtumcs of tljc Cb^cUJ too* 

f Thcfe fecme to nien , ( of toljicb tl;c ORES name teas ' <^^i' 

haue bene the pl)>a^,anD tlje Uiwnc Of tljE crl)er \3m])) 

chiefeofchereft. 16 anO fatQC/CaijEnpE HoetljCOStceof 

u^tfd.ti.s. a mtDtutfe to tlje toomcn of t^e Q^bizws^ 

tiOr,feats where- anD fee tbClH OU tljEU i noolcS, if It bCE a 

»/>o» they f»u m fonne , tljen pee fljall hill Ijiin : but if it bee a 
troHtU. lJ3ugljter,tljcn If t Ijfc line. 

17 i^ottoitljflancing t\^t inttJtofiics fca* 
reu iSoQ, atiD DiQ not as tlje King of (Cgvpt 
commanBea tljem, but p^efcriicD aliuerlje 
wen cljilD^eir. 

18 W.)in tijc King of (Eg^jpt calleli foz tlje 
iniDluiiiES, ano faiae unto ttjem, caiji) ijaue 
?ee Done tljn<; , anD Ijaue y^elcrueD aliuc tlje 

ic) 9nD tljc imiDlTJiucs anCtoErcD ISlja* 

raol), 'Bcfai!fctlje<CLuctasUJonicn are not 

as tlje \Domcn of Cgvpt : fo.: tl)cv arc liuElv, 

n auD are DcltuercD per tlje nuDUiife come at 


20 60U tl)ftcfo;ie p^ofpcreD tljc n;iD' 
tollies , aiiD tlje people iniiUtpUei} anti bi^ere 

21 anD bccanfe tlje miDtoiiies ffatcD 
(SoDjtljEtEfo^c Ije ^ maDE tljem l)oufcs. 

22 tLben t3ljaraolj cljacgED all Ijis pco* 
plE, favinj, <25uei:y man cljtlse tlja t is bo^ne, 
'Call PEC into tlje rttier) but refccueeucrv 

g Their difobe- 
dience herein 
their difTemblin; 

b That is,God 
increafed the fa- 
milies of the If- 
caelices by their 
i When tyrants 
cannot preuaile 
by aafc, thev 
braA fonh into 


} JAofes ii borne and cafi into the fliigi. 5 He 
ft taken vp of Pharaohs daughter (y l{ept, 1 1 He 
a ThisLeuItC \iUeth the Egyptian. 15 Heflecthandmarrteth 
was called Am- a xeifi. 1 } The JfraeUxes cry vnto the Lord. 

ram, who niaried -T-i^en tljcreiDcnta Milan of tl)e l)oi!fe of 

locbabedjChap. 1 LEui,f toebcto wife aDaugl)ter ofLcui? 

<.io. 2 anD tlje vooman concciucD anD bare a 

rfum.i6 59, fon-.?: aiiD hJljEU fl;cE fatu tljat ^e luaa fatre, 

j.chron.xi.ij. ♦njeljtDljtnuIjiecmonttljs. 

«i5fi 7.10. ? 3nt U)ljEn ftee coulo no longer ^lUe 

keir.i la j. i)im,nje topu? foi ijim aw ark? made of teeoc, 

anD D>Jti&ffc it\3}[t}) flime ftett^ pitcb ,anD 
t" iapDe t^e cljtiDc tljerEin, anD put it among 
tlje bulrurtjes bp t^e tiuer s b^mkc. 

4 00V} Ills lifter ftooD atarrc off, to toit 
iuljatvuoiilD conic of Ijini. 

5 C 'vSljen tljc Daugljter of Pjarao& 
cameDoUjnctotoafljljccui t^crinec, (j^er 
uiaiDens UjalfecD bp tije nuer riDe:anD to^en 
fijee I'atD fye acke among tlie bulriifljejJ , Ojee 

6 "Efecn fijtc openeD iu anD fatoc itwa 
a cljtlDe: anD btljolDE,tlje babe tocpt : fo Hjee 
IjaD companion on it, anD fapO) ^Ijts 10 one 

7 'Eljen faiDe Ijis fiRetbntoP&araoljS 
tiaugbter , ^Ijall 31 goe anD call Dnto t^ee a 
nurfe of tlje <i£b;iel» toomen to nurfe tljec tfee 

8 9nD I31jaraoIjs Daugbttr fapU to ^tr, 
<Soz, ^0 tlje inapDe tuent aiiD calleD ttie 

9 'vJEo irljom pijarsoljtt Daughter fapD, 
■^akctljis cljilDe atuap, anD nnrlettfonije, 
anD a toill rctuarD tljec. Eljen t^euionian 
tool?e tije cljllDe anD nurfcD ^im. 

10 0OU3 tlje ctjilDE grEtt,a«D iliebiong^t 
^imi3ntopijaraofe3Daugbtcr,ans bee teas 
as ber fonne, anDfije call£Dfet5name®o» 
fes,becaii(e, fatD i}jee,30;tetuijtin9Utof tlje 

11 C 3nD in t^ofe Davejf, to^/:n 9l9ofe0 
tlji£n,anD lookcD on tljEir bnrSens : alfo Ijee 
faui an Ocgpptian fmiting an ®b;etu,one of 
Ijis b^etljicii. 

12 anD ftee lookcD t ronnD about,? toljcn 
6e fata no man, Ije ' flew t^e ®svptian,anD 

i; a?aine Ijcc camE fo?tlj tl^'efeconD Uap, 
anD bEljoiDc , ttoo (ClucUjes llvonc j anD Ijee 
faiDe unto ^im t^at DiD ihc iu^eng , sailjere' 
fo^e fmttetl tljon tljp fclloDJf 

14 anDtjeanftucrcD, OiljoniaDetljeea 
man of aiitlio:(tic , anD a tuDgc onertos? 
'Cliinkcft tljoii to killmcc, as tiiou killeDtt 
tlje (£gvptian; '^hzn ^cfes f feareb anD 
fftio,Q;£"rtc-.inrlv tl;is t^jing i^lmoujen. 

i^ /I5ouJ i^ljaraolj ^CarD t^is matter,anD 
fougljt fo Qav S©of£3 1 tbereftijc J©ofes flcD 
fromp-atcoij, $ Du-clt in tbe lano of ^t» 
DiaH,:iHD IjE fate bciunc bv a )3^tU. 

16 anctbel'iBUcft ofS0injanljaDfeijtn 
Dangl5tcrfi, ijoljui) ciwuc anD D;tE\u "arer.anD 
ftllcD tlje ttougbs , foji to toater t&eir fathers 

17 ^Ijtnttjc fijepIjearD?: came anD D;one 
tljemnlLav; but^ofcsrofiUpanD {Drft;i' 
DcO tlif m.anD luatcreD tbfic fljcipe. 

18 anD lubcn tl:cp earac toKcncl tljcir 
II fatber ,^ee faiDji^oto are pc come fo foonc'to 

10 gnatl)£v fai9,amanof(EgpptDcli' 
HErcD ys from tlje IjanD of tljc fi'tpljeurDs, 
anD alfo D^Etce ))» Uiater pnougl;, auB luatc* 
reD tljE (i)tt\}e. 

20 tLljcnljcc faiDe Ijnto Vi^ Dangljtcrs, 
9nDU)!jcrcts^eef tol;p Ijgne pee fo left tlje 
manf £ call btm t^at Ijc map eate b«aD. 

21 anD^gofesagrecDtotiucll mitljtbc 
manrtebo gaHeUnto 519ofe? Jippo^talj ^is 

22 Ofnli 

b Committing 
whom Ihe ci uld 
not keepc from 
the rage of the 

c ManseounreU 
cannot binder 
that, which God 
hath determined 
fiiall come to 

d That is, was 



t Ebr.thus and 

e Being affured 
that God had ap- 
pointed him to 
deliuet the Ifrae- 
lices, A&s.^.a^t 

f Though by hii 





llOr, frintt. 

t EBr. fiuei 

P Or,grand- 


P Wherein he 
declared a thank- 
full mitide,«hicb 
would recom 
done vnto hij. 

God appeareth to Mofes. 






Ch^p, iS.j, 

h God bumbkth 
his by aflidions 
that they (liouUl 
crie vnto him,& 
receiuc the fruit 
i He Judged their 
cau(e or acknow- 
ledged them to 

^Or,farre within 
the defert, 
a It was lo called 
after the Lawc 
b Called alfo 

^(S?s 7. JO. 
c This fignifieth 
that the C hutch 
by the fire of af- 
God is in the 
mids thereof, 
d Whom he cal- 
led the Angel, 
verfe a. 
e Refij^ne thy 
felfe vptome, 
Ruth 4.7, 
iofh.j. I J. 
f Becaufc of my 
prefence. , 
Matth.ii. 32. 

g For linne cau- 
fctbman tofearc 
fa Whofc cruelty 
j Mofl plentifull 
ef all things. 

k H e heard be- 
fore,H!K now hee 
would leuenge it. 

1 He doetb not 
fully difobey 
Knowlcdgcth his 
owne weaknefTe. 
m Neither fearc 
thine ownt 
weakenes, nor 
Pharoabi cyian- 

11 gnu (!)ce bm a fonitc , ♦toljofe jtame 
!)ecaUci3(&ct(^om: fo;tl)efavli,31 IjaueUenc 
a ftrangcr in a llrange lano. 

2? %[)en in p.ioctfle of time, ti)t ISins 
oF<^SvptmclJ, ana tlje cljUu^en of Iiftatl 
fiSbeQ fo^ tl)e bonDagc ano '> ct:ietj:anU tljcic 
crie fyf tlje bonDagc came tjpbnto (SoB. 

24 "Eljen^oDijearotlKicmone, fOoD 
tcmenib^efl I)ts couenant tuit^ gi);ial)ant, 

2^ <S)0(eoD lookeu ijpon tbe c^tlDjcn of 
2frael, anQ ©on » ^a« refpect »nto tticm. 


1 Mafei^eefetUjhsepe , and God appe/treth 
vmo bim m a bufh, 10 Hee fendethhimto deU- 
uer the children oflfrad. 1 4 The name cfGod, 
16 Godteachetlj btmnhat tcdoe. 

Wt}in 9©oles ftept the njccp of 3[etf);o 
bis fatber tq la\i),}9ueft of i^iotan, 
anD D^oue t\)t flocfec ro tl)e y bacUenoe of t^e 
ttcff rt,anD can'.e to tljc > tnounraine of 6oD> 
'»t?o;icb, . 

2 'Eljentl)c3n5eloftl)eto^tJappeareD 
tjnto I)nn in * a tlaine of fire,outof t^c mios 
of a c bnfl;, ; anti bee loolvCD, unit bebolD, ti^t 
buflj bnrr.cri ivitlj Src, ana tlje liu^) tans not 


3 'E^erefo2e§goresfai'tJe,3IU)tIltut:ne 
afiDe .i!itu, dxxii tee t^isgreat Ggljt ,t»l)v tlje 
buQ burnetii not. 

4 anD U)t5en ^ tljt tofli fato t^at Ijce tur» 
mn auDcto fee ,<9oB calico imto ^im ontof 
tljcmiimcsot tbebnflj, anbfaine, ^ofW) 
$0of£3. ano be anfuiereD , 31 am Ijere. 

5 'E.bent)efayD,(Ji;omrnotbitUcr,'put 
tbv Rjooes otf tbp feete : fo;i tbe place tobf rc» 
»n tljou ftnnbell ts ' bolp aronnO. 

6 $0o^£oucrbe(aiD, •ilamtbeiSolsof 
tl)p fatbectbe <©oO of abjaljam, tbe ©oD of 
3!?ljafe, ano tbe ©oo of Jlaahob. l^bcn $0o-- 
fcs bto 1)10 face : fo^ Ije toajs s aftato to loolte 
ijpon (000, 

7 C€.bcn tl)c lo?Be faio , 31 banc fiire* 
Iv fcene tbe trouble of mv people , tebtcb arc 
til <Cgvpt,ano Ijmc IjearO tbeic crp , becaufe 
oftbeir " tafRcmaaet;3:fo?31 Knott tbcttfo^ 
roiucsf. ' 

8 ^bercfo^e 31 am come Ootone to OcU« 
ncr tbcm out of tbe bano of tlje (Egyptians, 
anDtob;ting tbcm out of tbat lano into a 
gooo lano f a large , into a lano tbat ■ flotu- 
ctb tuitb millte ano bonie,euefi into tl}C 
of tbe(£anaanttc3,an0 tl}e lj?ittitcs,ano tlje 
amo;it£3, anotbepsrijjuc^, anOtbelpi" 

k ano note lot, tf^t crie of tbe cbilOjcn 
of 31fracl is come iinto mee, ano I bane alfo 
fcene tbe oppiclfion , tobEfettitbtbe<2gjP' 
»an0opp?cfrc tbcm. 

10 (Come notu tberefo;c, anO 31 tntll fcnO 
tl)ee bnto l^baraolj, tbat tbon ma?e(l b«ng 
tny people tljecbUD^enof Sfcael out of (S^^ 

11 ClSut SSufesfavObntoeoO, cabo 
am' 31, tbat Ji fljoulo go bnto i^bacaob^anO" 
tbat 31 iboulo b^ing tbe cljiio^tn of 3lfracl 
out of (Egvptf 

12 9nD be anfttcre 0, ™ Cf rtaiutlp 3! toil 
be tuttb tbec i ano tbts (ball be a token bnto 
tl)tc,:ijat3l bau;ft:utbfe) aftwtljattliou 

bad b;ongbt tbe people mt of €gppt,v>e ibai 
ferue (5aD bpon tbia monntame, 

15 "Eben J^ofes faio bnto ©oO,15ebolD, 
when 31 niall come bnto tbe cbtlD^cn of iifta* 
el,ano (ball fav bnto tbcm,'3Lbc6oB of pout - 
fatbccs batb lent mzc bnto pou : if tbcp fav 
bnto me, Mibat 1,3 l}is Brnti uibat Hjalia 
lav bnto tbem? 

14 an0(5ooanfti)fre0^ore», I » am » The God 
THAT I AM. aifo bee faio , Wiiug Rjalt *'^''^'» •">"« ">cr 

tbOUfa?bntOtbeCbtlD?CnofjrraCl. 1 am been,am,and 

batb fent me bnto vou. flialbeuheCod 

i^ anO 1000 Qjalte fnrtbcr bnto SSofeis, Almighty, by 
■Ebns lbalttboura))bntotbecbilOienof3!f» vvhomc aji things 
rati, 'Ebeto;iBe(5ooof vourfatbcrs, tbe ^'^^ ^^^'^^ ^cing* 
(SoB of abzabim , tbe (5oB of Jjbali , anO a""^ ^^^ ^od of 
tbc©oBof31aahobbatbfentmec bnto pom mercie.mindfuU 
tbt3i3mp ^amcfo^ eucr,anO tljis wmp ofmypromife, 
memonall bnto all ages. ReueLi .4. 

16 (5oc ana gatbtr tbe (Eloersf of 3]frael 
togctbcr,anB tbou (bait fap bnto tbcm, ^be 
JLo;B (9oB of pour fatbers , tbe (SoB of a» 
b;abam ,3I?baft, ano 3IaaUob appearcBbJi' 

to mee, anafaio, +3lbaue furelp remem* tsbrM-vijiung 
b;£0 pou , ano tbaibubicb ts Done toyou m »^»* vtfuei, 

17 ^bc«fo;e It BiB Tap, 31 toillb;ifngpou 
out of tbe afflicticn of Cgvpt bnt tbe lana 
of tbe 3I.anaan(tE3,anO tbe lj;ittitC0,anB tbe 
amo;ite3 ana tbe Il3cci?!itc0 , anB tte lpi« 
uttes , ana tbe 3!cbunte0 , bnto a lano tljat 
floluetb toitb mill%e anO bonie, 

18 'Eben fijall tbcp obey tbpboice, anB 
tbon ana tbe drlOcrs of Jfrael tljall gobHto 
tbe ISing of <Kgppt,anB fap bnto btm , "Ebe 
loiiB(5oBof tbe (Za^cbucsbatb limettottb \lOr,<ippt^ed 
b0 : toee p;!a5» tbe nob) tbercfo;c , let bs goe "^i" '^f- 
tb^ecBapcs lourncD in tljebJilBernclTe, tbat <> Eecaufe Efypt 
iue map <> facrifice bnto tbe Lo^B our ©oO. "a* f^ii of idoi*- 

10 ClBut 31 Knobje tbat tbe kmg of ®« trie, God would 
SPPt baill not let pou goe, but bp ftrong appuimthema. 

bano. place where they 

20 "Cberfo^ toil 31 (frctcb out mine bano ^°^^ ^"^ bim 
ana fmite ®gppt tuttb all mp bJonBtra, pu^'y. 
tobirb 3 toil Boe in tbe miBDeg thereof: anU p This example 
after tbat fnail l)tlit pou goe. "lay "«' be foi- 

21 anOitolllmaKetblspeOpIetObe fa« lowed generally 

uoureOof tbcCgpptians: fotljattobcnpee ihoughatCods 

goe pee fljall not goe cmprle. commaundcment: 

22 p ♦JFo; encrp toeman (ball aiTvCofbfc they did it iuftiy,, 
nctgbbonr , ano of bem tbat fotournetb in- recciuingfomci 
berljaufe, tebjcls of filuer, anB icboels of re compcirfe of, 
ffolB, anB rapmcnt, anB pe fball put tbem on tfi='r labours, 
pour fonncs, ana on pout 0augbteri3,$fball ^'"*f- u. »•"»'*' 



boufe fhee fe* 

CHAP. II 1 1. 

J Mefes red ts turned into a ferptnt. 6 His 
handis Upftus, 9 Thewateroftheriueristur- 
ftediHto blood, 14 Barents giuen to htlpe Mo- 
fes. H God hardeneth Vharaoh, 25 Mofes- 
Wife circtiiJicifeth her fottne. 27 ^arenmeetetb 
withMifes^and they come to the JfraeUtes , and 
are beleeued. 

Ti^cn iJ^ofcsanfcueircB, ana TapB , '"But a-God beareth^ 
loetbrvbciilnotbclecnemcf, no;tbear» with Mofes 
hen bnto mpbopcc: fo^bcptotllfap,.'2Lbe doubting, be- 

iLO^B iMtb not appearea unto tbce. caufe hee was noed 

2 anB tbe tOJBC fata bnto bmi , Mlbat altogether with 

is tbat in t:;ine banO,' jauo bee anfjoerea, a out faith,, 


Exodus. Zipporah circumcifeth her foiine* 

? ^^ettra(ti|ee,QI^aattont^egrounD. 

®o I)e call it en tbe 0COUHD , anu it row tur- 

ncd t!uo a ferpeHt ; anU ^Poies fleD from it. 

4 asaine , tlje LojtQtfaiQ tonto ^ofcs, 

Put ioml) tljtne Sawn , anD tafte it bp tlje 

tapte. 'Cften l}e put fo^tb fti? Ijann ? cattgljt 

it, aim it)aMs cumed into a roQDe tn^is 


b This power to f Hoe this, b tbat t6ey maf beUCHC tljat 

wotke (niradc* tlje llo;iO 0oU of tl^eir farl3er3 • tlje ©95 of 

was to csnfirme 9b^a^ain, tljc <Sdd of Jljljah , atiB tt)e (5oQ 

his doftrine , and oflaaUob Ijaclj appeateo laiito tbee. 

taaffurchimof 6 C^^uQ t^e Ho^Be fapD fnrt{)etmo?e 

hisvocacioo, tjntoljtm, "Clj^utl nolue tftine tann into 

tl)p bofome. anu l)ce tl^uift l}isl)anDiiito 

lji5 boiciue , anO toljen ^ee tooke it out a- 

II Onwhiti as §»'"= . beboioc , W f)anD toa? II ttp^oiw a? 

^ 7 ^o;teouecl5efaiTJ,ptittI)ine!)anTJin' 

to t^p bofome againc. <S>o Ijee put Ijis ^anQ 
into l)ts bofome agatnc, anO pliicfet it out of 
l^is borome,aiiD b£i}olc,it ^&9 twntQ again 

as J3i3 other fleil). 

8 <S)o a;al! it be , if t^ep tuill not btlceue 
H Or,the wordet tl)Cf,ncitl)cro&cpiitl)ci3Dicc0f tljefitft Ogne, 
confirmed by the yet 0)aUtt)fv bjlecuf fo^ tljcboicc of tl^e fe* 
firfifignu co-nDfigne. 

But if tbe? totll «ot yetbeleeue t^etc 

ttoo fiffnc0 , ncttljec obep tjnto tfty t)opce, 

« Becaufe thefe tljenRjaltt^outakeof tljc^Doatcrof tberi* 

three fignes uer,anijpo\»;!eitupf)utlKO^planD; fo t^e 

(houid be fuffici- toatcc tDbi£l)tl30uftialt taix? out of tl)e «<= 

cnt wirnencs to uec . i^all bee turned tO tlOOD Upon tljC ^iZ 
prone that Mofes lanO. 

foouid dfhucr lo CBut^ofc^faiDbmotljeLo^ti,©^ 
Gods people. mp L0(!D,3I am not eloquent, + neither at a* 

%Eh.fromyefier' Up tmie haue been,nOI Vet ^X\tZ tIjOU Ijaft fpo* 

day,andyerve'. ken Buto tljv fetuaut : but 31 am * (JoUje of 
^^errfrf;-. fpeecf),ann floto of t ongne. 

XEbr.heauie of 1 1 '^beu tl)c Lo;in faiD ijnto 5im , WChq 
mmb, Ijatl) giu£ntl)emoutl) to man f o;ttobo feats 

maflctljeaumbe, o;ttbeDcafe> o;feimt^t 
feetl),o^ tlje blino i feauc not 31 tl;e JLo?t>f 
Matt;;. 10.19, 12 'El)etefo?cgoenoty , auD *3liuillbee 
tiHdii,zz, toitlj tljpmoutlj, anD lutU teac^ t^ee tvljat 
tl)ou (bait Tap. 
£? 'Butbefai'D,aDbmp!Lo;iI>,renli,3Ip;ia? 

ftOr, miniflery, tl)ee,bv tlje yfeanO of him,\j)l30m tfeou «* ftOHl* 
-d That is,of the HCftfeuU. 

Meflias : or fomc 14 "djcn tl)e lLo;tt) toas « betv angcvtoitft 

other, that is $©ofes,anlJ faiDe , Doe not 31 l^uotD aaren 

more meetc tl)p biotijec tl)C lLeuite,tI)at be bimfelfe fljall 

then I. fpealie i foiiloe , bee commctb alfo foo^tb to 

e Thoughwec mecte tbce,anatubenfeee ftctfe tbee,t)ect»iU 

prouokeGod bcglaH iubisbeatt. 
iuftiy to anger, i^ 'Ebecfo^etboulbaUfpeafeebnto feint, 

yet wiiiheneuer auD ' put tfeetDo;tae0 in feismoutfe, anD 3] 

reica \At, foil be tottfe tfep moutfe.anD tsitfe feis moutU> 

f Thou n^alt In- anD totU tcacfe von tufeat pe ougfet to Doe. 
ftru(a him what 1 6 i^uD \)tz n)all be tfep fpofcefmait Mntt 

to fay. tfee people: auD feee (feall be , euen feec (feall be 
as tfev moutfe , anD tfeou (fealt bee to feim a$ 

Chaf.'j'i. ♦g(S0D. 

g Mcaninf,asa 17 $0o;ieoucc tfeou (fealt taftc tfeict roDDe 
ivife counfciier, in tfeine feanD, tufeereluitfe tfeou (fealt Do mi* 

andfullof Cods racU?. 

Spirit. 18 C'Cfeetcfo;ieg0ofe«toentanDtetut:« 

JieD to 3!etl)?o feis fatfecr in lato,anD faiD in- 
to feim, 3 p;aptfeceletmegoe,anDretut;ne 
I0rjk}mfoll{e tmi tfl rap II faiietfe^en , UJfeicfe are in ©gppt , anD 
bntgi, r^ctv^tfeti; tfee; b^ pet aUu(. %W 31(tfe;Q 

faiO to ^ore«,6pe in peace. 

19 (JPo;t tfee LoitDe feao faiD bnto ^ofes 
in ^iDian,©oe, retutne to ffigppt: foji tfeev 
atealiPeaDtofeicfe* toent about to fetltfeee) X^br.fmghtth^ 

lo "Efeen^ofestoohcfeistoifejanDfeig foitu. 
fonneg, auDtputtfeemonanaCTe, anD re- %sb.caufedthen 
tutneD totoacD tfee lanD of (ZCsppt , anD to nde, 

S^OfeSftOOUetfee HoDDe of @©^ in few b VVherebyhe 
feanD. wrought the mi- 

ll anD tfee !Lo?D faiD ijntoS^ofeSjSHfecn rades. 
tfeou art entreD anD come into ©gppt a- 
gaine, fee tfeat tfeou Doe all tfee teonDcrs &e> 
foicPfeataefe, ttifeicfe 31feauepnt in tfeine 
feawD J but 3 toill ' fearDen few feeart, anD fee > By retaining my 

ifeallnet let tfee BtOUls goe. fpirit, and dcliue- 

22 CfetH tljoU fljalt fap to Pfearaefe, ring him vnto $»• 

'Cfeuafaitfe.tfeC 3Lo;a,3ifrael ismp(bnne,cuen wn to cncreafc 

mp k firft bO^ne. his malice. 

2 J aafee>;efo;te3iraptotfece,tetmpfonne k Meaning moft 
goe,tfeatfeemapferueniee: if tfeou refufe to dcarevmohim. 
let feim goe , befeolDe , 3! tuill ttap t)^^ tonne, 

euen^t^p fictt bojue. 

24 fi 9nD as feee toaj bp tfee toap in tfee 
3nne, tfee Lo^D met feim, ariD ' i»oul9 feaue l God punifhed 

feilleDfeim. him with ficknes 

2s 'Cfeen 5ippo;Eafe toolte a (fearpe ftnife, for negicaing 
anD "» cut atoap tfee fo^efkinne of feeefonne, hisfacramcut. 
anD call it at fei0 teet, anD fatD , 'Efeou art in m ihisadc was 

DeeB a blOODp feUlbanD into me. extraordinary: 

26 •©ollfeeDeparteDfcomfeim.'CfeenOlje for Mofes was 
fapD,© blooDpfeufbanD (becaufe of tfeecic* fore ficke, and 

CUmClfion) God euen then 

27 CCfeen tfee lO^D faiD fant0 3ar0tt,60 required it 

meet ^efes in tfee tnilDcrne©. SnD fee toent liOr,tAe AngeL 
anD met feim in tfee || mount of (SoD, anD ior^HQrsb, 
feitfeD fetm. 

28 "S^feen $©o&s telD aacon all tfeetDo;iDs( 
oftfeeto;D, UJfeofeaD lent feim, anD all tfee 
tigneg b)feeceiuitfe fee feaD cfeargeD feira. 

29 <I<®9 tuent ^ofejtanDaaroR, anO 
gatfeereD aUtfee<Z^lDerj9 0f tfee cfeilD;ten of 

?o anD aaron tolD aUtfee too?Ds(, \xi\i\cJi 
tfee iLo;!D feaD fpokeBMtoS^ofes , anD feec 
Did tfee miracles in tfee Ogfet of tfee people. 

gi anD tfee " pcoplebeleeueDtanDlDfeen n So that Mofes 
tfeep feearD tfeat tfee LojtDe feaD biSteDtfee had now experi- 

CfeUD;teB of 3Ifrael , auD feaD (OO&CD upon enceof Gods 

tfeeir tribulation, tfeep boteeDDotone, anD promife, that bee 


(hould hane 


1 Mo/Ji (tnd ^aron doe their nu^age to Tbd' 
raoh , who letteth not thi people of Jfrael to de* 
partybut oppnffeth themmore andmore. lo They 
cry out >vpon Mofes (^ Aaron tberefortiandJio' 
fes comphuneth to God. 

Tit) en aftertoarD S^ofcsf anD aaron toent 
anD fapD to > Pfearaofe , Cfeus faitfe tfee a Fa«* ouetcom- 
le;tD <SoD of 31frael,tet mp people goe, tfeat m«h fearc, and 
tfeep map bcelebjateafeaft^ntomee in tfee makethmen 

tUilDernelfe. bold in their vo« 

2 anDJ9fe8ta0fefapD,2aife0i3tfect0?D, cation. 

tfeat 31 fi}OulD feearefeisbopcc, anD let3!fra« b And offer fa- 
ct goe; 31 itnoto not tfee ILo^D , neitfeer toill 31 "ificc. 

? anD tfecpfapD,ll22Ietoo^Rjip tfee (SoD WOr.Gadhah 

oftfeelOebitetoes: toeep^aptfecc, letbsgoe mefus. 
tfeitee Dape0 ieurnep in tfee Delcrt , anD facrt* 

fice bnto tfee iLouD enr ®od , (eH t feee b^tiRg t^^r. ujl he met 

t^PMt it? tfe; P((til(nC( 9; rt90j9, ^^ mth fejif 

4 %W it^ff' 

Greater taskcs layd on the Ifraelites. 

Chap.v). God proniifeth deliucraiice* i^i^ 

e As though yc 
would rebell. 

d Which were 
orthc Ifraehtes, 
and had charge 
to fee them doe 
their worke, 
J Ebr.yeficrday 

t The more cru- 
elly that tyrants 
ui^e.the neerer 
f OfMofesand 

t Etr-the worl[e 
efa daj j» hk 

Ji Or, thjf people 

4 "^bcnfaiuetfee Eling of ©gyptbnto 23jro?fince3!cametopjatco^tDfi)cafte - 

tljera, 9&ofes ana aaron, U)^j> caufc pee tl)e in tftj> 0amc,^e ^atlj ucjcen tW people, anO 

people to cearefromttetctvo^hes; getpou vet t|)OK Ijatt itot OeltueceD t})v peopU. 

<i }j3t)acaol)fattJfitrt^ermo;ie,TBcI)-Hic, cH.AP. vi. 
mwcl) people is notu m tlie lanQ, 5 v« ' »«aJ^c 

t^jemleanetfeetrbutlJenS. 3 CadrenuethLjptemife of the deliutranee 

6 'E^ecef0^el9ljata0l)gauecemmanDe' eftheIfrtiehtes.9^M':fes]peal{ethtotheffrae- 
ntent tlje fame Dap tontOtlje'Eafllt-niafteW '«"> butthey beUeuemmmt. 10 Mofesand 
Oftl)epCOplC,anDtOtfeClt'10fflCCrS,rai»ing, ^aronarefefita^ametoTharash. 14 rAf^e- 

7 pee fljall glUe tlje people no m0;e »ea^ogteof]{eube»,Sme(>a,a>tdLe«i,ofivbm 
ftrall),tO make t);ilChe ( +33 m time pad) but cam Mefes and ^arcn, 

Iettl;emsoean!)satl)ei; t^em acatu t^em* 

fellies. "T- J&en t^e lo jD fattie Ijnto S^ofe^, jI5oto 

8 jBlottottljaanUinff lap Ijpon tTjem t^e 1 Hjalt ti)ou fee iw^jat 31 totll Do mno p^a« 
number of b^tche, tatitclj rljep mnDc in time rao^ : fo;i bp a ftcong tianD njall f)ec let tbem 

pad, Dimtniainerl)tngtl)ereofjfenljtpbee goe,anD #cucn be coniltaineo to o^luetbeMi iEbrAnnflrom 

tDlc,tt)ctefojetl)cpcr?,favmg,LetMsoeto outofljislanO. hand 

ciffctfacctficeijntootjreoD. 2 i®o;coucr, £5oa fpafte bnto S©otcs(> 

9 « Lav mo;e tuo^kc upon tlje men , ana anD fata bnro ljim,3I am tfee Lo^a. 

caiife ti;em to aoe tt,ana let tljem not rcgatH ? 3na 31 appeacea ynto Sb;al)am,tB3[?* 

f bailie UJO^D0. Sak,ana to 3!aaU0b bp the name of || aimtgD« ^Or,an fuffcierst. 

10 C Eben tocntt^e 'S^alRe-maffetsof tu(Soo:btitbpmp name»3!c^oual)toa8 a a whereby he 
tlje people, ana tIjciF ofScers out , anatoiae notftnotuentontotljcm. flsnifieththathe 
t^e people, faptiig, '^biis faitlj 13t)ataolj,31 4 ifiirtljecmo^e ag 31 maae mp Conenant win parforme in 
toill giue pen no mo?e ttrato. fcoitl) tt)em to gme tljem t^e lana of Cana* deed,that which 

11 (23oe pout fellies, getpou (Train to{)ere an, t^e lana of t^etr pilgrimage , ttljerein hepromiiedto 
ft can tinae it, pet fijall notlitng of pout la» tljep Uiere ftrangers: their fathers: for 
hour be atminidjeD. s -So 3' Ijatie alfo beara tf)c groning of this Name decia- 

12 ^^tntoerct^epeopIefcattreDab^oaa t^cctjilDzcH of 31t"cael,tul3om ttjcCgpptt' reththacheis 
t^o^otooutall tt)clanaof €gppt, fo^toga» ansheepe in bonaage, ana IjaaercmcmbjieD confiant.and will 
t^erffubbleinfteaaofarato. mpiSoiienant. performehis 

15 9na tlje 'Cafke-mafters %aff ca tl>em, 6 caiUerefo;e fap tl)0u tonto t\t cljiia^en promife. 
fapmg, J^iniflj ^onr Bapc0 tuo^ke + eiietp of3!frael, 31amtbelLo^D, ana3iU)tU(j;itns 

Dapes tafbcas ye did tuijen pee has ittato. pow out from tljc buraens of tbe Cgppti* 
14 ana tUc officers of iije cbilo^en of33f' ans,ana xcill Bcliuer ppii out oftljeirbon* 

oage, anS m!! reccemepeu tnaftcm|)eQ 
out arnif ,ana m great fi iuastment0. ^Or,pkguts. 

7 aifO 31 tBtU •> tdl^t poll fo; mp people, b He n,can«b, 

ana toill btt pour 0oD ; tl)en pec fljall hnotu as touching the 
tl)at 31 toe Lo^a pour <0oa bung; pou out outward vocati. 
i^ C €.i)en t%e officers of t!)t cl3nD;icn of fromtbeburaenscfrlje^gpivtians. onubcdignitie 

3fc3Cl came, ana ctiea»nt0P^arao^,fap' 8 ana 31 tuill b;tng pomnro the lanO whereof they loft 
ing , 2iiljerefo;e Dealcft t{)ou tljiis teitlj ttv toljtdj 3! i ftuare tfcat 3 wouia giue to ab;a» afterward hy 
feruants f IjAni, to jijljah, ana to 3laakeb , ana 3; tnill their rebellion: 

16 'ClKteis no (Iratoe giuen totljpftr* gtuettDiito pcufo;t apoifefltou : 31amt§e bucasforeieftf- 
wants, awatbepfap unto i)s,$9aheb;ickc: !lo;a. ontoJife eueria- 
anaioe,tfepferHants ate beaten, ana Btijp 9 CSioSSofestoiaetliecbila^ettofSir' rTrng,icisjmniu. 

rael , toljtcl) ^Ijara^'DS "Cafkc-malterg IjaO 
fttouer tl)nn, toere beaten, ana DemanDea, 
Qllbetcfoitc bane pee not fulflllea pourtafke 
in mahingb^icke pelf eraap ana toaap, a? in 
times pau; 

the Egyptian, are P WPlC JS bUmep. 

rael tljus : but fljep Ijearhenca ' not i3nro table. 

in the fhtdt. 

17 'Silt bee raiD,tpte are too mucliiale: S©ofts,fo;ianguiajof fpirtt ana fo; crutll tEbr.itfivpv.iae 


t Ebr'idleye are tbctcfo^te pce lap, Let i)0 goe tooffer facrifice fionaagt. 

idle, tottieLo^a. JO 'ffi^ljentbeJLojD fpakt into$J5ore0, c soharda 

18 0otbcrefo,jcno^andtijo;il;e;fc;tl)ere rapfn§r, thingitistoCbewj 

fljall no ftrato be gtucnvou, pet fijall PC Deli* 11 ^oc fpeafee to Pjaraoo iStng of€E> trueobcdicnce 

iiert}ielrl)oletaleofb;itcke. gppt, tljat ijcelct tljecbtlB;senof3lltatlgoc vDderthecrofTc. 

lO 'Elicn tlje officers of tlbe cI)ilB?en of oiitofljislanD. d or,barbaro« 

\iOrjo9\edfadon 31fracllifalu tbemfclucstnan entU cafe, be* 12 13111 S©ofe0fpakebefc;e tlje iLo?a/ap» andrpde in 

them, which fatd. cattfc it toa0 faiB, ft ftall Diminta) nct|i»ns cljala, t^c el)tiD^en of 3!l'«'acl licarlttn fpcech : and by 

ofpoHrb;ict;c,nor of eiiccp Dapes tafke. net »ntome,yotu then l})all}i2i)acaol)^csre thjswordcvncir. 

20 C ana tljcv met ^ofcs ana aaron, mc, tobicl) am of" isncirrumcirca lips.^ cumcifed) is 5g-> 

*ReadeGfne. to^icb dooB in tljett toap as tlje? came out i? '^Lbcn tlje LoiDtpahc into S©ofc0 ana mfiedthewhok 

34.30, fromlDbataef), i3nroaaron,ana cbargtBtbenuogoetotbe corruption of 

g Itisagrieuoui 21 'Eotyljomtljeplapa, "Cbelo^ioolte cl)tlD^ensf3!frat!,anBto}3bataoI) S^ingef mansjiam»e. 

thing to the fer. tjponpOU anB tuBge : fOiKeftaiiemaDeDUr ®gppt,tOb2tnstl)CCljllB;cnof SfcaclOUtOf e Ihiigencalo- 

uan.tsofGod,to fauourto*ffinke before pijaraol) anD bcfo;!e tl)clanoof<Egppt. gitfliewetbof 

beaccufcdof ^tsferuants , tntljatpee baue tsput afiiJo^D 14 fi 'Eftcfc bee tl)c « ^eaas oftlieirfa' whomMofcs 

euiii.efpeciaijy in tl)etrl)ana toflapbs. tljcts ftoules : tlje* fimnes of Sciiben tije end Aaron tame, 

of their brethren, 2.2 cailjcrefo^e $©ole3 rttHmeB to t^e firtlbDineof3ifraclare l^anocljanapalUi, Gene.^e s). 

ivhen they doc Lo^iD anB faiB , LozB, UJ^P l)afl tl)ou afflic* i7e?ron ana (Sarmi : tbele are tl)c faBiiUts numb. 26.5. 

as their dtietic tCD t^iS PCOyU f l»^«ef0;« i>aa t^QU tbU3 OflSeilbcn. i.f/;/«».5.3, 

wquircth. rr»um?f is*airett)cri):me3 0f^imccu;31cn:utifi i.rbt^m.^^^ 


.>r what ftockcMofes and Aaron came. Exodus. 

The firft plague of Egypt. 

31amf»,ana ©l)a9, anti3Iacln'n,anli3;oar, 
ano «©l)anl tije foiitie of a (Jtattaaintit^too* 
mail : tljcfe ate t^e faimlies of <^imeon. 

i6 C* Eljeft alfo ate tbcnaim^of tfic 

fonnesof Lcut in t^dc generations : ©ec» 

„.,.-. fljon f Koliatl), ano jH^erari (anD tl;e peeres 

f Forhevia$4i OftljeUfcofLeuf were au IjllllDiieO f t^tftU 
yeer€old,«he!i aill) fcuenVtCCe.) 

17 "CI)!; Tonnes of ^erdjon, were Libm 
antj ^fttmiOv tl)cir families. 

18 * anB ti)e tonnes of Koljatlj , amram 
anu Jj^ar, ana ti?cb;on, ano (Hj jtel, ( ana 
JSoljatljlincDan^iuiDiieQ tljivtic ano tljjiec 

19 aifo tf)e Tonnes of S^erari were g©a» 
ljaltanos@ui^i: t^efc are tljefamiU'esofiLe' 
ui Op tl3CiE kinreDs. 

20 * anD gnirani tooUe 3Ioc5e&eti I)ts 
8 fathers nac c to ftis toife , aim t!jc bateljini 
aaten anti ^oTes C ano gintam itiieU an 
Ijunn^ftJ t^ictte arnj fencn veere.) 

21 C aiTotljeTonnesof3lj^a»;;''Ko;a&, 
ano 0epljce[,ano Jiclj^. 

22 anu tUe Tonnes of 2J?!iel ; ^Pil^ael, 
anD ©Ifapljan, ano «i&itl);i. 

2^ ann aaion tooHe(Klill)eba uaiig^tee 
of ' animinalial), liUcc of ji^aljafijon to W 
toife, \u^icl) bare Ijim BaDafa anD ^lii^i 

*N«w 3.17. 

and 2 3 . (> 

he came into E 
gypt,and there 
Num. 16. $7. 
4nd 11,6, 

Chap. 2. a. 

g Which kinde 

of mariage waj 

after in the Law 

forbidden, Leuic 


h Mofcsnndhe 

were brothers 


rebellion was , _.,„., ,, .^..„ 

punifhed, Numb. CSleajav anUJtlianiar. 

' ^- '• J^'^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^"""^^ of lSo;iaI) : aiTir, anU 

i who was a ®lkanal),anri ai)taTap^» \ t^elc ars t^e fami= 

prince of ludah, IteSOftbelKo.ZljitCS. 

Niimb.i.j. 2^ ana dea?ar9arons Tonne tooftebim 

oneoftl)eDaii5l)tctsof Putielto Ijistoife, 

Uum.iy 1 1. luljiclj bare bun » ptineijas : tbeTe are tlje 
IJ^incipaU fathers oftbf Lciiites tjjo^otooiit 
tljeir famtliea. 

26 "CbeTc are aaron oe 2©oTes to tobom 
m to^a Tata, iSms tbc cWia^en of 3!Trael 
out of tlje lana of (Esppt , acco^atng to tljeic 

Ic For their fa- kamites. 

miiicswerefo 27 'Cb^Tc are tbat S0oTes ana aaron, 
greaMhat they tobtcb Tpake to pbaraob lining of ©gppt, 
might bccom- tbat tbey luigljt b^ing tbe cbiia^icu of JiTrael 

pared to armies. OUt Of<2f:g))pt. 

28 C. ana at ttjat time toben tbe Jlo;tO 

fpaheunto ?©oTe3 in tbelana of ®gi>pt, 

I Thedifobedi. 2() aabentbeloiB,ifay,Tpaftebnto$0O' 

ence both of fes, fa)Jins,31 am t'oe iLo^a, Tpcafee tbou unto 

Mofet and of the Pbaraob tlje KiHg of (J^gppt aUtbatSTa? 

■ people flieweth 1ontOtb.ce, 

that their deiiue- go iL\)zn gpoTes fatac before tbe toiia, 
ranee came oneiy 'i^ebolbe, 31 am of ' tmcircumcifeD lips> ana 
^- ' - botofljaUPbaraobbearemci 

CHAP. vir. 

3 Godbirdeneth Pharaohs heart. 10 Mofes 
and^Aaron doe tbe miracles of the ferpent ,a«d 
the blo'td^tind Pharaohs forcer ers doe the lil{e 

T%)m tbe Lo;a Taia to S©oTc3,10ebolBe,3I 
f' ^ ■ — 

of Gods free 



a Ihauegiuen 

thee power &3ti- 

bauemaae tbeciiPbaraobs" (0o0,anD 
aaron tljv b^orber Hjall 11 be thv JS^opbet. 
- . - 2 'Ebon n)altrpcake all tbat 31 comman- 

thority to fpeakc BeD tlice: aHb a.uon tl)v b^otber fijall Tpeafec 
in my Name, and DHto Pbaraob,tba t Ijce Tiififcr tbc cbtlBiicn of 
to execute my 3Ifracl to goc out of bis lanD. 
iudgements vpon 5 iBnt 3 tuill barBen Pbaraobs Ijeart, 
him. ana mnltiplv mp miracles anO mp iwonacrs 

\\Or,fhallJpea{e tn tbe fanB of dEgppt. 

fir thee (befirt 4 atiB Pbaraob fl}all notbearkcn Jjn» 
fharnQh ) to fou, tb At Jl map lap mine bans i»pon <Q^ 

gppt, anBb^ing out mine armies, cuenmp 
people, tbe cbiia^en of STraei out of tbe (ana 
of (BJgppt.bp great ^ magements. 

«j Cben tbe ©gpptians Iballfenoto tbat 
31 amtbeHO/iB, toben 31 ttretcb fbo^tb mine 
banaiipon<CEi>Pt, ana b^ing outtbecbU* 
0;en of Slfrael from among tbein. 

6 ^o^goftsanaaaronaiaastbetoiia 
coinmanBea tbcm,cuen To aia tbep. 

7 C Boto $©0fes toas ' foureTco^e peere 
oiae,aiia aaron fourcTco;te ana tW^, luben 
tbep TpabeDntol0baraob) 

8 C3natbeiLo^abaDTpoftcnbmo$0o» 

31f Pbaraob Ipeafee bnto pou. Taping, 
^%t)3iz a miracle fo; m^-, tbcn tboit fljalt 
Tap bnto aaron, "Eaftetbp roa , anacaftit 
before Pbaraob>an<i it (ball bee turned mto a 
jl ferpent. 

10 C^LbcntoentS^oTes ana aaron bn« 
to |9baraob , aua aia ciien as tbe Lo^a baa 
commanaea : ana aaron call foo^tb bis roa 
befo;ePbaraob ana before bis Teruants,ana 
it iuas turned tnto 3 Tcrpent. 

11 'EbenpbaraobcatleaalTofo^ tbe toiTe 
men, ana << loiterers : ana tboTe cbarmers 
alfoof(2£gpptaia inlt^emane( toitb tbetr 

12 JFo; tbep call Botone enerp man W 
roB,anB tl}^? tucre turned into Terpents ; but 
aarons roa acuonreatbcirroae. 

13 «S)0 IPbaraobs beart loas barBeneB, 
ana be bwrfeenea not to tbem , as tbe Lo^a 
baa Taia. 

J4 €l^bc^o;ili tbenTaiacbntoSPoTcs, 
Pbaraobs beart in « obainate,be refuTetb to 
let tbe people goe. 

15 ©otjutopbaraob in ttjemojinirtg, do, 
be toill come fo;tb bnto tXyt toatcr ) ana tbou 
ibalt ttana $ meet bim bp tbe « rtners bjtink, 
ana tbe roa , tobicb tuas turnea into aTer» 
pent,(balt tbou talte in tbtne banB- 

16 ana tbou fljalt Tap unto binr, E^c 
lo^B (5oa of tbe Ipcb^etoes batb Tent me i)n« 
to tbef,Taping, Let mp people goe, tbat tiyt'f 
mapTerueme in tbeU)tiaernelTe:anBbeboia, 
bitbctto tboutoonlDeft not beare. 

17 Cbus Tapetb tbe iLoita , 3lHtbistbou 
fljalt ^nm tbat 31 am tbe Lo;tD : bebolBc , a 
toil finite luitb tbe roa tbat is in mine band, 
bpon tbe toater tbat is in tberiuer, ana tc 
(balbe ttirncB to blooB. 

18 ana tbe 8fl) tbat is in tbe ri.icc, fijall 
tie, ana i\)t rtner (ballltinltf ,an:; it (ball 
n grieiie t^t (i^gpptians to B^intte of tbe toa- 

10 C "^be i^o^B t^itw Tpatje to S^oTes, 
^ap iinto aaron,^aUc t\)x> roo,ana ilretf b 
out tbine bana oner tbe maters of <Cgppt, 
cuer tbeir ftreames , ouer tbeir riuere, ana 
ouer tbeir ponBes , ana ouer all pooles of 
tbeir ujatcrs,ana tbep fijall bee t blooB, ana 
tberefljallbce blooa tlwotoout all tbelana 
of ©gppt, botb in vcffeh of tuooB, ana of 


2o ^0 $i©oTes ana aaron aia tmn as t\)t 
Loiia commanacB ; * ana be liftbp tbe roB, 
ana finote tbe toater tbat ituas in tbe rfuer 
in tbe ligbt of Pbaraob, ana in t\iz figbt of 
btsferuants: ana * all tbe toater rtjat U)as 
in tbe (tu(r ya^a turnea into blooa. 

21 anQ 

b To flrengthen 
Mofes faith, God 
promifeth againe 
topunifh mod 
preflion of his 

c Mofes liuedin 
afflif^ion and 
banifljment for. 
tic yeere before 
be enioyed his 
Office todeliuct 
Gods people. 


d Itfeemeth 
that thefe were 
bres, read 2. Tim. 
j.8.(beuer the 
wicked nialici. 
oudy refiftthe 
truethof Cod. 

Oryheauie and 

c To wit, tbe ri- 

II Or.,tbcyfhalbi 
weary ytnd ab- 
herre to drmhj;. 

t The fii-ft plague, 


The fecond Plague, The third and fourth Plague. 2j 

f Tofignifitthat 
it was a true mi- 
racle,and cbac 
God plagued 
w hich Was mod 
neceffary lor the 
preferuation of 

IVifd. 1 7.7. 
g Inoutwaffl 
appearance,. nd 
af:er that the fe- 
uen dayes were 

iEbr, was mtde 
' Jlrtng. 
his heart at ali 
\^Or,feasH dayet 
were acctPtPli' 

21 antj t&e f 6(5 t^at toa^ fii t^e riuer, 
DieD,an9 tije nucc itanhe: li) tljat tlje ®gpp» 
ttans coiilD not o^ttikt of tlje toatcr of tlje «• 
uec : ano ti)et;e tna$ blooQ tl}o;oti}OU£ allt^e 

22 * anD r^e inc^antccs of <SsT'Pt tiiD 
g lifectotfeiuitl) tl)eicro2ceri£0:anO tl)c^eart 
of Pbaraol) teas % l)ai:Dcncti : fo tfeat fete 
DtQ not ijeacheiitmto t^em, as tfee &o;o ^aD 

2? '^lien P^acaobretttrnea, ana toent 
againe into Ijis (jotife, * neit^ccDiD t)^\,9 pet 
emec into t)ts ^eart. 

24 ai t^e^tjvptianst^entiisffearounn 
about t^ertiicc for toatccs to 84uke;fo^tl)ep 
coulD tiota;itntteof t^etvatecof t^e rtuer. 

2^ ana this t1 conttnnea fully ftuen0a?e3 
after tlie &o^a yaa CnUtten t^e mix. 

11 ^0 t\)z fregs nball Depart from tljce, 
ana from tbtne t)OHre0,ano from ti)p fer* 
uant0, ano from rijp people: onelp t^ep ftall 
remainc in tl)c rtuer. 

12 'E^en 09ofe5 ana aaron taent out 
from pljaraot): ana ^ofts crteQ Dntotlje 
$.023 concerntng tijeftos?, toljic^j ^eeyaB 

15 ana t^e Lo^a aia accojiafng to t^e rap* 
ingof^ofcstfo ti)e frogges "^ atea in t^e 
y oule0,m tl)c totene0,ana lu tlje fielBs. 


d In things of 
this lite God oft 

a There is no 
thing fo wcake. 


6 frogi are [era. ij Mofes frayexh^anithey 
die. 17 LtcearefentywhirebytbcfarceTtrsac- 
k>i9i»ledge Gods power. 24 Egypt upUgued rvttb 
noyfome flies, 5 o Mofe^ prayeth againe: 1 1 But 
"Pharaohs heart u hardened. 

AJFtertoara tl)e ILo^a (a?Be ijnto S^ofcs, 
(Soe unto ]3^ataol), ana ten 6tm,'Cl)u« 
fattb tl;e LoiB, Let mp people Sfoe, ti^at t^iep 
map feme me: 

2 anBiftt)outDi!tnotlett!)emgoe, be- 
l)olae, 3 tutU fmtte all tfep counttep toUl) 
* frogs: 

ana tljeriucrejallfcrall full of frog«, 

t The thiri 

caufe to oucr- 

come the grea^ 

teft power of 


fl Or^vpon thy 

dough, or into 

tbme ambrus. 

14 ana tfeep gatljcrcatljem togit^crbp "m" heareth the 
^eapes,ana tlje l?.nQ Sanke of them. P'f/r"*'? ""^ 

I? But toUenPbaraoIj fata tf)atf)ccl)aa '"«|o"h€vn. 
tettgiuenhni,^efiljarDncai)t3ljeart,etl)ear» ^° ^^ , ,. 
ticntanotiintotfeem, aotfeelozafeaafaia. llt'^'«^<»^'« 

16 C againe t!}e to^a fata into SGofes, *'«''^' ''"'^' 
^a? ijnto aaron , ^tcetclj out tljp toa, ana 
fmitetfeeauttof tlyceatti), tt)at it map bee 
turned to t lice tlj<icHgl)out all tbelana of <£» 

17 anatl]f^ aia fo:fo?aaron(lrctc]bcl) 
outtis bana toit^ bis roD,anB fmotc tge 
Buaoft^E eactljtana lice c.^.me upon man 
anti ^jpen br aft: al tlje DuS of t^e eartb toa* 
lice rl)?oitgl)oi;t all tl: e lana of ©gvpt. 

18 fiora tbe incbantecs aCTapcB liketoife 
toit& tbetr tncbantments to b?ing fo^tb lice, 
but tbcp « couta not. ^0 tbc lice tuete Spon 
man ano i3pon bcaft. 

10 '%%tn fata tlje incbanters into Pba» 

raob ♦ 'EljtS ta tbe f angCC of <500. ISut ride in a thing 

Ipbataoljs i)cact remameB obftinare,anB be moft vile, 
bearkeneanottmto tbem»a;stbe)lo<tabaa f Tbeyacknow. 

faia. ledge that this 

20 C^O^eoUCrtbelO^BlaiatintoSr^O' was done by 

. . , . ic0r5ltfc bpearci^ in tlje mojiiinor,ana Sana Gods pow^rand 

pell, ana bpon tbp bcB, 8:ia into tbe boufe of bcfo^eI3baraeb (loe,be toill confe foo^ti^ ijn* not by forccrie, 
" " ' '^' to tbctoater) ana favtjntol3im,'S^bU0lattb Luke 

e Cod confoua- 
ded their wife- 
dome and autho« 

that God cannot tobtcb (ball goe bp auB come into tbme 

boufe,anB into tbp cbambcrtuberetbou flee* 

tbp fecuantiS, anB u^on tbp people, ana in 
to tbtne ouen0, ana )| iuto tQp kneaaing 

4 j'ca, tbe frogffcs (ball dtmbe bp bpon 
tbee,ana on tbp people, ana upon all tbp fer» 

% Caifo tbe !Lo;ia fata i)nto20ofe0,®ap 

tboubntoaaren, ^tvm\i out tbinebana 

tuitb tbp roB upon tbe ftreaiws,bpon tbe rt* 

uers.ana <jpon tlje ponBs,ana caufe frogs to 

come upon tbe lane of £gi?pt. 

6 'Eben aaron ttrctcbeB out bis banB 

t The feconJ bpon tbe toaters of Cgvpt, ana tbe t Frogs 

PLigue. camcDp,anacouereB tljc (ana of' <Egppt, 

b But Goflien, 7 * ano tbe fo;icerers BiB liketuifetuitfi 

where Goiis tl)eirfo;iceites,anB b.iougbt ffogs top lopon 

pei pie dwelt, was tbelaHBof^^Egvpt. 

«xcepred. 8 'Ebett PbaraobcalleafoiS^ofesanB 

Wtfd. 17.7. aa:.^'^,an!3 fata, «13?ap]iee bnto t^t Lo^O 

c Not ioue,but tbat bc map take alaap tbe frogs from mee, 

feare caiifeth the auB from .ov people , anB 31 toill let tbe peo» 

▼eiy infidch to pit goc , H^aI tbcp map Boe facti6c« unto tbe 

feekcvncoGod. LOiB. 

isbr.hauethu (j 303 S^ofesfaiBbntolBbaraob.lCon* 

ho>ionr euer we. cemtng mcc , euen \\ commanB toben 31 tball 

[Or,^e<ii{e piatae piapfoubce, anBfo;i tbvfeiuants, anafo.i 

vttto me. tbp peoplcto Beftroptbe frogs from tbee ana 

from tbme boufes, tbat tbep map temaine tn 

tbe riuer onelv. 

10 CbeH^e(atB,'Eomo;!OtD. ana bean* 

t ehr according fujcreB, I3tt it + 33 tbou baft fata, tbat tbou 

tatbf wofd. raaped knoto , tbat t^ere i.s none Ukebnto 

' tbeLQ^aiu;6i)a. 

_ , 11.20. 

tbe Lo;a, Let mp people goe, tbat tbep map 
feme me. 

21 ®lfe if tbcn toilt not let mp people go, 

beboiae, 31 toill fens ll ftuarmeo of fliesbotb l|Or , « multitude 
ijpon tbecana ^pon tl)v feniants, anB upon ofvenemoM 
tbp people, ana into tbme boufcs :ana x'qz beaiis,asfcr' 
boiifes of tl)t ©gpptians Ojall bee fiill of pemsy&c, 
fmarmes offlie5,ana tbegtouna al(oU)bere» 

22 l^uttbe lana of (Sofben, tobere mp 

people arcli anil S caufe to bclBonBetfull in wOrjmUfef*. 
tbatBav, fo tbat no fmarmes of flies fljallbe rate. 
tbere, rfjat tljcu mapcfr knoto tbat 31 am tbe 
iiOiH m tbe miBB of tbe fi eartb. I'Or, land of 

2; aua3JU)ilmakeaBeliuerancc of mp ^gypt. 
people fioni t^i people: to mo^roto (ball tljts 
mirscic be, 

24 !?.nBtbciLo;tBaiafo:*foit:5crerame Wifd\6.9. 
t great ftoarmes of tltcs into tbe boulc of t The fourth 
Pbaraol), ana mto gig feruiwts boufr?, lb Plague, 
tbat tb^cagb nil tbe lana of (ggvpt tbe eartb 
teas conuutbp tbe fccarmes of flics. g portheEg^'p- 

2s "E-bcniabaraobtallfafeiCeofeSjanB tians worf"hippeJ 
aaron,an3 faia,(Soe, Boe facriSce Pnto pour diuers be.n?, ss 

(gCBintbi0fanB. tbeoxc.tbe 

26 'j3ut^ofc0anfu)ercB,2t!0 not meet fhetpe.andfuch 
to aoe fo : foi then Matt tbeuia offer tmto tbe like, which the 
JLojB our (3oa that , which is an s abominatt« irraciitcb offered 
ontjntotbc<e2Vptians.Lo,cantPc[afriSce infacrificejAvbicii 
tbe abonnnat'.on of tbe ©gpptians before tbingthcEgyp- 
tbeir cpe0,ana tbep not tfonc Ds i tisns abhorred 

27 teta0aeftl;?ecaafegio«rnepinfbe to fee. 

D Defert, 

The fift and fixt Plague 


The feu enth Plague* 

Defert, anU facn'Hc« bnf o tl^g iLo^U owr (SoD, fo?e £@o(e3 , becanre of ttic Ccab : fo^ t!)e (tab 
Cbap.i.i%. ♦asl)e^atl)comnian6eDag. toasuuent^c inc^antcrs.anQ upon all t^e 

28 S[nDPI)3raol)fatD,31tDilllefi>oagot, ©gppttans 

tbat i)e map iscnfite unto tljeLojD pour ©on 
b Sothe wicked intI)ctoiloecneircjl;Ht hgocjiot farrcatoap. 

prefcribe vnto 
Gods meiTcngcrs 
bow farre they 
fhall goe. 

i HecouIJnot 

iud«e his heart, 
bu: yet he char* 
gedhimto doc 

k Where God 
giucth not faith, 
no niirades CAn 

ourfcomtljce, atiDp^avuntotljcHojfi, tl)at 
tl)C fojutMies Bf tiles map Depart from I31]a 

3 1 ana rl:e iLoia did accoitins to tlje fap' 
trig of S©ofc0, aiifl ti)c fiuaruug of tiies dg' 
jJitteDfroinyijaraol), from fejs fi:riiant0, 
ana from ^i.i pcople,atk] tljere rcmatneo not 

32 |>ctJ]3l3nraol3'<b3rUemri btsljeattat 
tljtd tune siro,anD DiQ nst let tlje people $oc. 

1 The murraine of bexstts, 1 j The flagui 
of botches and fores, aj The hornbie baih, thun- 
dcr^andthc Ughtnmg- i6 The landofGofhene- 
uer fc- excepted. 27 PDnraoh conjejftth his wic 


II ana tl)cLe?aiiaraeneat^el)eart of 
19§araob, ana \)z Ijcarkenea not ijnto tijem, 
* as tl)e toza l)aa faia unto 0@arcs. 

13 Caifo tbe Lo;d faia unto ^ofesjEife 
i3pear-;lvintl5C nio;5nin5,«na rtrino before 
33;^araob,ana tcUt)im,'5iLt)U3 faitlj tt)etoilJ 
raoI),froin ftis feritant3,ana trom bis people t9oD of tlje (Cbzctot 0, Let nip peoplt gctfeat 
to niojoco: but let pljaraoij from Ijcnccfoztl) t^itp raap feme me. 
•Deceiiie no mo?c, 111 net fnjtetmgtlje people 14 f o;t31tuill attljis time fenae allmp 
to facntice unto ttjeLo^a. plagnes upon ^ tlnnc Ijeart, ana upon tijv c So tfut thine 

30 'g'og^orestuentoat from pijacaol;, reruant0,?lipontl)vpcople,ti)attl)oumapell ov,ne conkicncc 
ana p^apca uttto tljc lojd. hnouj tftat tljerc is none like mcc in all tlje Oiaii condcmnc 

Cartb. thecohngrati- 

i^ JFo?no\u 31 toil flretcj out mine Ijana, tude and malice. 
tbat31mapt"mitetl)ce ana t^p people toitlj 
t!ie pefltUnce; ana tljon fijalt pcitHj Item tlje 

eartl). ■ _ . >: . 

1 6 ana inaccB , » fo; tbis canfe Ijaue tl 3 f-^- ^- '7; t 
ausotutea tbee u to fl)cU3e mp potocr in tljce, Or ,fettheevf, 
ano to Declare mp '»0amc tljioHgljout all VOr *efhervthee^ 
tl)?tL-o;iD. '^,,1'"""''^'' 

17 pettl)0» ocalfcfltl^pfelfeagainrtmp aUtheworidnuy 
people, ana Uttctt tiicm not goe. maRn:he my 

-.- ,- . ., 18 "Bclioiae, toir.oircU3tl3i3time31toiil PO"'e'','"o""". 

k^edneffe. j j Mofes fray sth fir htm. J5 Tet is het f anfc tO raine a U.igljtV great Ijailf , fllClj as comming tbce. 

ebilmate. inas not in ©svpt uncc tbe founsation 

T f;tntl)e 1.01a lata l3nto$13ore«, 0oe to tbcteofUjaslapD unto ibis time. 

Ii3l)araab, ana tell l)im , 'S.I)hs fattU tbc 19 «©enD ti)crtfo^e noto, and e gather tl)p ^ Here we^fe 

Lo^a (Soaof tl)e ©b^eujcs, Let mv people cattell, ana all tl)at tljou l}ailtntl)eficiac: ^"*^"|l ^^ j 

goe,tl3attl)£pmapl(:cacme. for upon nil tftc men, ana tlje bcatUe.tuljicI) j^Tath bckind- 

2 'Bnttftljontefnfetoletthemgoe, ana are fonnain tbe ficiac, ana not b^ougljt '^'^'y".'"^'^"' . 

teiltpctljolDtljcmaiU, l)ome,tl)el)ailettjal fall upon tljem, ana ttjcp 'certame mercy 

^ Qi5eboiac,tl)ei;anDoftf)cLo;aisbpon njaliaie. .. 

tijp flocke tobicb is t:i tl)e Reia ; foi upon tlj? 20 ^uffb then as feacea tl)c too^a of tlje ^ enemies. 

Jjo^fc^jUpon tlje aflcSjUpon tl)e camels,upon £c la among tlje feruantis of 19haraol).maae 

tljecattcll, ana upon tlje fgecpe iiuUbcea btaretuant? ano ^iu cattell flee into tie 

tmigljtie great mnrratne. bOHre0t ... ^ ,. 

_...„, 4 '-dna tlicLoiD r;;nllDoe»toonCetftil= 21 "BtitfadjaattegarDeanottljeftDO^D XJbr.Setmbu 

dare hi; heauie Ip bt'teeenc tljc bcaite? of 3irracl,anBtl)e oft^e Lota, left bis ft tuant.s,ana bis cattell *'fr*'*' , . 

judgement a- bcaftsofOJgppt :fo tljattbtre Qjall notbing tntbeficlD. t Thev.^ordot 

DiS0fall,tbat pertainetn tO tiJC Cljlia^Cn Of 22 C SttB tbC LOIB fapBe to ®0feS, theminiileris 

afrael. ^ttttt\i foo.itb tbine ba«a totoara beaucn, '^f i^*^^"^ "°" 

% anatbeLo^aappointcaatimcQiptKg, tbat tbcrc map be bailc in all tbc lana ef(L'« »>'God, 
'Eo mojroto tbc Lo^D lijall Snti^ tbu tbing gvpt,upon man, ana upon bcall, ana upon 
in t\)U latta. all tbe b^atbes of tbe Qeiae in tbc lana of (£;• 

6 ^0 tbc Loia Dia tbis tbmg on tl)t gppt. 
mojroty : ana all tbc cattell of Cgvpt DicD : 2? 'Ebtn S^ofes fftftcbKa outbts roa to» 
but of tbc cattell of tbe cbil^i"?" of Jirracl toara beaucn,ana tbcLoza fent tbunaer anQ . .^ . 
aica not one. t baile , ana x ligbtning upon tbe gronna ; 1 "rne teuemb 

7 'STbcn l^baraob ^ fcnt , ana bebolPe, ana tbc Lota canfca bailc to ratne upon tbe f^f^^x . 
tbcre teas noione of tbc cattell of tbcjjfra- lanaof€gvpt. tEbrprtwai* 
elites aeaa : ana tbe beart of Pbaraob lDa3 
obiltnate,ana be did not let x^z people goe. 

8 € 9n3 tbe Lota faia to ^ofe3,ann to 
fo^nace, ana ^ofes (ball fp^i'-l^tc cbcm tO' 
toara tbebcaucn m tbe figbt of Pbaraob: 

ano tbep fijall be turned to onft in all 
tbe lana of(2£gppt:flna itfijallbeeas afcab 

t The fife r!agu«. 
He (liall dc- 

gainfl his cne- 
niies,and his fa- 
vour toward his 

b Into the land 
where the Id'ae- 
}itcs dwelled. 

B Or^eri, 

I Or. fir. ce itwM 

b^trafeingont into blidcrg upon man, ana 
upon bead , tbjougbout all tbc lanae of ۥ 

10 'Eben tbcp tool^c ndjei? of tbe fo;nacc, 

ana ftooac bcfote IDbaraob : ana Sg^ofcs 

fpiinMeatbcm totoara tbc bcauett,i3t'tbcre 

tTfee fixtplaguc. came t a frab btcal^ing cut into biillers up» 

on man,ana upon faeafi. 

jii anotb«rpz(?r{t? cQuU) ttot aanDbe* 

24 'Sotberctoa0baile,anafiremiHglca v* 
toitb tbebaUe, fo grienons, as tbere ujas 
none tb.toiigbout all tbe lana of (£gppt,(tnce 
llittoasanation. x. , j 

2^ ana tbebailtfmotetb^ongboutal tbe »»o^»f'«' 
lana of Cgppt all tbat toast tn tbe Bela,botb 
man ana bead :alfo tbe batlc fmotc all tbe 
bearbcsofibefieia, ana b^ahe to pieces all 

tbetreesofrbe9eia. g The wicked 

26 2Dnelvintbelanaof(5olIjcn (tobere confcffe their 
tbe cbilDjen of Hfracl tocrc) toas nobatle. finnes to theft 

27 '5Lben ^Sbarnob lent ana ciliea fo^ condemnation, 
SBoCcs ana aaron, ana fatae unto tbem, 31 but they cannot 
g bane noto fmnea : tbe Loia is rigbtcous, beieeuetoob- 

but 31 ana mp people are toiCftcB. taineremillion. i 

28 IDtap pe unto tbeLo;ia(fof it is pnongb) j Ebr.vojces «/ 
ttjat ti)e« t)« mm9}i i iiiisbt? tbunDcrs God, 

The eight plague threatncd* 

Chap. X. The eight and ninth plague. t6 

&nn ijatlcanD 3! toUl let i^ott goe,attD i>e ^^1 
tar? no longer. 

29 ^tcn^oressrafabntofttm, acbone 
as 31 am out of t^c cute , 3i UfUl (p^f aD mine 
^aHDsDntotticLo^O, andtiietljunOec igall 
ceafe, ncitljec fijail tt)cte bee anp mo;ie ftatle, 
tijat tl)ou niapea knob) t^at nlieeact^ t? 

h Meaning , that go Ss fo; tljceatttj t^? fcruantff, 31 l^noto 
when they haue hafe?cipray,peeaiHf£arebefo?ct6cfa« of 

their requeit, tl)C io;fl iSoB. 

tfaey are neucr 3 1 ( 9nD t^e flajJC , ailO t^C bacUp MUttZ 

the becr», fiiutteii : fo; t)ii bacUp isost eaceD , ano tije 

though they flarc toas boUca. 

make many (aire iz '^\xt tJje toljcate anO t^e tie toete not 

promifts : where- fmittCn: fo^ tljC? tOCCe ll |iO HI t\it glOtlUD •) 
in we fee the pta- 55 WtjZn ii^OlCS toent OUt Of tlje Clfte 

aifesof the wic- froni l^ljarao^, anD fp^eD ^ts pannes to ttje 
fced. Lo^D, anD tl)c t^unDec anD ttie IjniU ceafeD, 

prelate ftreen. neither taineD It upon t^e eart'g. 

34 anotoljenl^fjataoyfattitbatpcamc 

anD rbe fjails ana tlje tljmiDet teere ccafcD, 

IjeeOnneoagaine, ana ^atDcneD ftis Ijeait, 

both \jt^ anD 1)13 fetiiants. 

3i 'S)atl)cl)eartofI:3^acao5toas5acDe« 

. , , , i iuD,ncctljectooijlD^elett^ECbilD;ienof Jil* 

$ ^ the hM» (3ji go^a^ tij5 j^O^I, jjaa (aiD * b? ^ofw. 

7 Vbtrtoh femsnts couu/iU hint t» let the Jf- 
raeiites depart, i^GrajhafpersdeJlroythe coun- 
trty. i6Ph*r*ohco»feffetbi)tsfMne,i% Dur^- 
neffiis fent. i8 Pbaraah forbiddttb Mofes ta 
come any more in hu fiefenct. 

A^afne , t^e Lo.tD fauDtnto 50orcs, <5ot 
,,.,_f.-.,.. tol'iljaraoi); fo;* I {^auctjarDeneD l)i3 

leart, ana tUe J)eart of Ijts Iciuants , t^ae 3 
I0r,in bis pre- mjgljt Uio^ke tljefe mv micacUs um t^c mm 

fcnce^or among Ot ljt0 rcalme, 

tUcm. 2 auD tftat tljoti nia^ctt Declare iHtSe 

a Themiracics »earcsofi^vuj:inc,anQuftl)yfonnc3fonne, 

flioukl bee Co Uiljat tlnuffs 3i l)'itie "ooJU til <jrappf,anD my 

f rear, thatthev miroclw lui^iclj 3! Ufiue Doue among tljem: 

ftiouid befpokcn MjatpccmapikiiouotUat^l amtlje Lo^D. 

offorcuer.wherc 3 ■C&cn fame $yafe5 anD ^aton DHfo 

alfo wee fee the Pljatao^ , anD tOEp latD unto l)(m , "Eljiia 

dueiie of parents (Aitl) t\]t LOiD CkJD Of tf)C ©b^ettes , OoUJ 

toward their chil- lOttg toilt tijoil Itfufe ^ tO Ijumble tlj?fclfe 

dren. bf fo^e mc^ JLcf mp people ffoe,tl)at tljepmap 

b The end of af- ferucme. 

fliifHons, isco 4 "JSutif tI)Oin:cfijrefolctniypcopleg0, 

humble our betjolD, tomo^rou) iBtH 31 b^HHg || ' graitjop* 

felues with tme pCtS into tljp COaiT0. 

repentance vnJer ^ a»B tljCV fijall COIICC tl)C faCC Of tljC 

the handof tartl) tl)at a man cannot lee tlje eattl) : atiD 
Cod. tiKP fljail earc tlje reUDne luljicl) tfmainetl) 

[.Or,iocufis, tonto voii , auD ijatlj cfcaptD from tlje Ijaile: 
\v,rd,i6.9^ anD tljep fijall eare all poiic trees t^at buD m 

6 g[nDtI)cpa)anfiUtl)Ute^eure«,aiiDall 
rtjpfcruantsljoufcs, aiiD ti)e boufes of all 
ti)e<i5gvptian0,a3neitbcr tl))>fatl3er0, no^ 
tfjv fathers fattjcrs Ijaue feenc , fmce tye 
titiie tbe? tucre spon tbe cartl) unto tljta 
Dap. <^ol)eeceturneD, anD^entout from 

f The eighth 



c Meaning, the 

occaiioB oi all 

thefe euils : (o are 

the godly euer 




8 <feio S^ofes anD aaron toece b?oug^t 
againe anto l^bataol}, anD ^e fa?D to tljcm, 
(&of»f£nieil}eioiBvoar(Z50D> but lufto arc 

Sno iT::>o'ics anftueircD , iOee toill goe 
tottft our vong anD toujour olD, tettl) ouc 
ronnc0anD tott^ our Daugljters, toiti^ ouc 
fi;ecpe anD Mi% our catttUUiilliacgoE : fo;t 

toe mufi celebrate a feall »nt0 tbe LO^D. 

10 anD ^ce fapD isntotljem, Left^e i That {$,1 
Lo^Dfobelcttbvou* as Jl totllletpon goc uouidthe Lord 

anD pout Cl)llD;en X beljOlD , fO? « CUlU is be» "ere no more af- 

fOZC poar face. fedioned coward 

"ll It fhall not be fo: noto goe pee thatare you, then I am 

mcn,anD fcrue tije LoiD : foz ttjat tuas pour minded to lec 
Befire. 'E^cnt^£ptocretl);siitl:outirol3t)<> yon go?. 

raoljj! Pftefence. <? e Puniflimcnt is 

12 CaftCr,t^ClD2Dcfapl> IJIttOgy Ore0, prepared foryou. 
"S*ttCtCijOUt£l)tncl)anDUpont^elanaof®= some read, Ye 

BPPt fe; tl)c graR)opp£r0 , tijat tl;ep map intend fomc mif- 
comeupont^ElanDotfSgppt, aiiD eateall cfaiefc 
tlje ijf rises of tlje lauD , eucn all t'gat t^c ^ailc 
Ijatl) left. 

13 'Ebcn 9J9ofe6 ftretcbefl fb^t& lie toD32 
i5pon tlje lanb of (Eg)«pt ; aiiD tijc LoiDc 
b;ougl)t an <J2afl tomDevpontljClanDeall 
ti)atDap,anDall tbatntgljt: anD in ttc mo;» 
ning t^e (Z^aft totnsc biiougljt tlje t gta8jop» 

14 ^otlje gcafijoppctstoentbpbponall 
tljelaiiD of ©gppt, anD n temaineD in all 
quartets of ^gvpt; fo grieuous grafijop* 
pers,l!fte to ttjtfc tjjerc neuec before, Heitljcc 
after fQemiljallbefiicl?. 

15 JFo: tljcp coueicD all f^c face of t^e 
eart^,ro ti;?.t t\z lanD was Darke : anD tljcp 
Did rate all rl)e tjcibes of tlje lanD,anD al tbe 
fruits of t^E trees, to'gtcbtftEl)aileljaD left, 
fotljattfjerctoasnogreenetljing left upon 
tbe trees, no;j among ti)e berbes of tljcftelO 
tljozoiuoiu ail tl)c lanD of (Egvpt. 

16 'El)crcfo;ct3l)aiaoi3callcDf0z f ^fi- 
fes anD aaron in halt, favD, 31 bane fui' 
neD agaiit ttjc Lo;d vout©oD , anD agamft |t° n""* h"eri 

17 anD noto foioiiuc mec mp Onnc ontlp ^' j^'f '^7,i;''^• 
tbisoncf,anD p^apnntotbe LojDpour(5oD, an^«J«cutncm. 
tba t bee map take atoap from me tbis Deat^ 


18 Mofes tljcn tocntout ftompjavaolj, 
anD p^ipcD Diuo tlje Lo^D. 

ic) auD tlje LojD turneD a migljtp Crrong 
GaetltoinDcanDtcsUe atuaptljc gianjep. „ Thewaterree- 
pecs , aiiD uiolcntip caft tljem into tlje e rea ^„h red b-cdufe 
fca, fo that tbcre rcmanicD not one gtafijop- Te ra,!^dor^2 i 
pet iw all tlje coad of egvpt. ^ ""^ ' -- '"" 

20 "But tbe LoiD baiDeneD pijaraoba 
beart , ana ^e DiD not let tl)C cljilD^en of ai* 

2 1 eagsine tlje lozD lapD bntc fBofe?, 
•Strctcb out tljtne IjanD totoatD Ijcaiic, tbat 
tbere map bee upon tbc lanDe of Qfgppc 
Datkenetle, euciiDatUcncirc, tijat map be 

2 2 -E&en S0ofes fttctcTjcD fo;tb Ijis banD 
totuarDbeaiicn, ana tbcre toasa tblacUe 

f The wicJccdIn 

their mifcry (eeke 
to Gods n-.ini- 

isred : theE- 
hrewcs tall it the 

Ii Bccaufc ic was 
fo thickc. 
t The ninth 

'Cbcn pjarao^sferuants fapDbnto *Dar&eiicaJ: m all tljelanDof ©gppttlj^ee W .^, 
,l&otolongff)allbebeDan«9frencebn« Dapes, w^// .tjJ- 

^ini. . _ . 

to tjsf let tbe men goe , tbat tbep mar> feme 23 f5o man fa to anotljet , neitbet arcfe 
tl)? &o;q tljtit; ^99 ; lioilt tljQK Qtr^Uito^ i^p fcom tlje place tober; ijtc toas fortb^ee 

£) 2 Dapcs; 


The Pafleoucr inftitutcd. 

i The m'Miflers 
of Ciod SHghr 
not toyeeld one 
iotto thcfvic- 
ked,as touching 
their charge, 
k That is, with 
what beads , or 
flow many. 
1 Though before 
he c onfeffrd Mo- 
fesiuft, yeta- 
threstncth to put 
bin} to death.' 

a Without mv 
%vithhafte and 

and 12, j$< 

Sccliti 4$.i, 

Cliaf, ti.i^, 

Wija. 1 8. 11. 

b From the 
high eft to the 

Da?e3 : * but all t^c c!)iUi?cn of JfracIJaD tljc cStlB^en 8f Jfracl to gcw out of hiss 
ltsl)tto^etEtfec??)U5elt. UviO, 

24 EUen l]9garaob calitH fox Jl^ofes, anQ 

favbySoZjtefue ti)C Lo2Q : onclvvoucfljcepe 
anoyourcatteUfiiaUabiDc, ano poacc^il' 

2^ ann Stoles fapa, ^Soii misH gttte ti3 
alfo lactifices, aiia burnt offenng^, ttat toe 

Uiav Doe facrifice DntO t^C HOiQ QXlt i3dB. 

26 'C'oeifozeouccartcnairoiball gotnttft 
l3e: tljccc iljal not an ' l)oofe be left,fo; tl}tc» 
of muitine take to ictuc tlje to?9 our <5oa: 
neitticc Do tue fenom ^i)o)3i toe fltjall ferae tlje 
Lo:D, untiU ire ronic tUitljet. 

27 ( jJuctlje Lo2D ijai-DcncQpliacaoIj.s 
5?att, aiiD be tooulo not let tijem go) 

CHAP. X [ T, 

1 TbtLofdinftauuththeTaffioUir. i6 Th* 
fathers mufi teach then children tbernyfteryther- 
of. Z9Tbcfirfi borne arefhune. 3 1 The Ifratlttes 
arednuenvutoftbeU^d. 3 J The Sgyptiani ar^ 
Jpoy/ed. 37 The number thai depart ctb em ofE^ 
gyft. 40 Mow loHg they were ia E^ypt. 

Tt)en tl)c lo^D fpalte Unto f^ofes ano ta 
aacontiitljeIanDof(£(n»»t,fapmB, ^ . , , 

2 ^ijij a jiionctl) (haibc unto pon t^efic* * Called Ni6» 
gfnmn(5efnionctl)^:ulljalb€tOJOlJtl)e8ril tomaining pare 
''inonCtI)0.''tbC)'eerC. of March, and 

. - , , 3 <S5pcalser)etontoantl)e OIoagregatioH pafto^Apr'J- 

2S a::aP3araol) lata unto l)uii,(5;tt^ec of luraet, Taping, 31ntl)etentl) of tlnsniO' ^ Astoucbing 

fronnncc: lookett)cu Icem? faccnomo^t: nct^ iet cueip man tafee untobtm alanibe, theobfciuation 

foi tol)enibcutt tijou tonmteft iwm^ ligbtj acco^iDms to tt)e bcufc ot tlje ' fat^cr;s, a '^^ feaas :asfot 

t{)OH fljalt ' Die. lanibe foi an I)OHre. other policies,. 

2C) E!]cn$0oresrapB,'Et)OH^aaravDe 4 anD if tijebouOjolD be too little fo^tlje fbcy reckoned 

teelt: fcomljtncefoitljtoUlS fee tljptaceno lambeajefljaUtabe^isnctgbbonr.totitcliis fr°'" sertem-er, 

uic^c. new Dnto bie boufc, acco^icmg to tl^e num-- ^ As the fathers 

CHAP. XI. becof tbeptrfons:£utrvontofvou,atcoz' of'hehoufi.oid 

1 Godproffkfiti their departure, i He wiUeth Ding tO 1)13 <* fating , fljail makc POUP COKttt ^'""^ S^^t or 
tbevito l>7rou> their neighbours uivels. ^ Mof:S foz tljC laBtbC. fmall families. 

S Pouclani&e(^allbcto!tl)OUtblemi(!), <i He ihaiitakc 
amaleofaveetfolD; peefijalltakcttof tlje fo'^^fya^a^ 
(rvTOtotljcloiBtbdii fapDbnto 2©ofc£f, lambp,B^oftl;Chi3s. fufficienc to eate 

IMpfttoill SibiiUKont ulaccucmoJCDu* 6 anDKCil'aIlhccpe>tbntiIltbcfourc> 

teentbDapocrinainonctbJtben'alfbemuN eEueryonein 
toil] let you goe bJncc: toben bee Icttftb vou titoDc of tbe Coitgcegation of afrael (ball hi^V.oufc. 
goc,be (ball » at once cbafspou tjence. fttll it + at cnen. tEbr.betmene 

2 ^peal^e tbounoto to tbe people, tbat 7 after,tbcp(lialltal\foftbc'b'ooD,anD "t'^'w" f«''»»«5* 
tnctp man r require of Insncigbbout, anD flrifeetten tbetiuopoftec, auD oucljebp' ortmL^ht. 
ciicrv tooman of ijcr neigbboiu; * ictoels of pec Doo^c peft of tbe Ijonfes tobcre ti;tp ftall 
fitucranDtctoelsofgclQ. eateit. 

3 ana tbe loiD gaue tbe people Euionr 8 anB tbei» (ball eatc tbe flcfi) tfee (iime 
in tbe Ssbt of tbe Egyptians ; airo* $©oreff nigbt, toft toitb 8re,anD bnleaucncO b;ieaDt 
wasuerTJgrtatin tbe (anD of (Cgppt, in t)^t toitb lito^eberfce tbcp (ball eateit. 
figbtofPbaraobsferHaHtSjannintbcCgbt ®atcnottbercofrato,bO¥leDtw;(bD« 
of tbe people) Benin toater, bat roile toirb fire, botb W 

4 a!ro?©orcsraiD,ia:bHflfaltbtbeLo?D, fbeaD,bt3fect,anDin6piu-tenance. f That is, all tha* 
* about miunigf)t toill 33 goe out into tbe 10 auD n (ball celerue notbing of itbn« may bee eaten. 
tnlDs of (Sgppt. to tbemoining : but tbat , tobtcb remainetb 

<y * anD all tbe Bra botnc in t\^z lanD of of it unto tbe uiojcoto , (Ijall pec bucnc toit^ 

ffigvpt aj8liatc,from tbe tirrt boiuc of ]3ba« fire. 

raob tbat fittctb on bis tb?oue,ijntotbt firil 11 C 9"^ tbus (ball ^f e eatc it , Pout 

bo;ncoftbemavQcferuant, tbsttsat ''tije loj>ne0 gtrDea, "fow fijoocs on ^joiir feete, 

mtll.anD all tijz firll bo^.ic cfbeads. anD vour (laues Ini^our banD?, anD rce (ball 

6 ^bcn tbcre ibalbe a great crp fljojoto* eatett tn ^ade ; for t im tbe llo;tBs PaiTe* g The lanfibewai 
oat all tbe lanD of ^gpptjUitb as toa.3 ncucr ouer. not the Pafleo. 
tu)ncUke,no^(balbc. 12 JFoi 31 toil pafTetbo^oto tbe lanD cf(K' uer,butfigmfied 

7 ButagainllnoneoftbecbilB^cnofJjf' gvpttbcfatnenii^bt, anD toiUfaiitealltbe ittasfacraments 
raclfijalaDojgcmoouebia tongue, neitbec nrftbotne in tbe lanD of (ISgvpt, botb man arc notthcthii.g 
againftmanuoibeait, tbat pcema^l^noto anDbca(l,anD3]toilcc£(ut£tuDgcmcnttip' itfdfe, which 
tbat tbe LoiD puttetb a Diifcrence bcttoeene on all tbe i! goDs of 25g?pt,31 am tbe iloiD, they doe reprc- 
tbe (Sgvptihna anD Jllrael. 15 anD tbe blooD iball bee atoken fo;iT»oa fcnt.butfigmfie 

8 anD all tbclc tbv fcruantff (ball come lipon tbe boufes toijereje are: fo toben S fee it. 
Dotonebntome,anDfallbefoicmeejfapu!g, tbe blooD, 3! toUl palTcoucrrou, anD tbe iOrj>nHcest 

was cfleemed ofaMfaue Phuraoh, 5 Hefigmfieth 
tiie death ofthefirfl borne. 

r2D to tbe tozB t ban fapD bnto 2©ofc£f, 

(Pft toill 3i baling one plague mojc Dp* 

on ^^araob^auQ upon Cgvpt: after tbat,bc 

c TIatisjvndct ©sttbceout, anDalUbc people tbat 'are 
thv power and at tby feet, auD after tbis toill 3i Depart. 
gGuemment. ^0 (jcetoent outivom Pbaraob ijerp an» 

pCodhardcneth grp. 

ihcheansofthe () anD tbe to^Bc fepBe bnto gj^ofesi, 
reprobate , that 13barsob (yall net btare you, •* t^t my 
hi'; glory there- toonDcrs mav be muUtpiycD i\\ tbe lanD of 

by might be the <Egvpt. 

more fct foortb, lo ^0 ST^ofes anD aariu DID alltbcfe 

lUm 9.17. toonDere before 13bai'aob;but tbe toiD bar* 

BtiKDi3i}ai;ao!}«bart^i';Dbe iw^Wii xmt 

plague (ball net beuponvouto Dellruction, endoks. 
toben 31 finite tbe lanD ef Cgrpt. 

14 anD tbis Dav fiiall be unto you a i" re* h of the beneFt 
iTiembiance: anD yee ftiall fetepe it an boly recemcdforyouc 
fcatl unto tbe Lo;iD,tbo;ietoout vour genera- deliucrance, 
tton0: yefljallfeeepeitbolybyanojDmance 

' fs^ f UCr. i That ?s,vnti(l 

15 «feeaueHBayc«( (ball yee eate bnleauc' chriihcomnring^ 
neD b^teaD, auD in any cafe yee (l)all puta» forthenceremo- 
tony Icauen tbe firll Day out efyour bou* nieshadaneiKi. 
f(j»: fo^ tobofoeues eatetb UaueRcB bitan 

The tenth Plagued 


Departure out ofEgypt. 57 


from t\)t Brtt Ba? Ijtttil t^t ttiKnH) 6av, t&at bf m"s^t,an& fa(li,Fiife Dp, gctyoii out from 

^Or^ilUng toge- 

pwfon iljalfje cut off from Jftael 

16 ano m ttie firrt ijai> ftaibc an Ijol? Ilai* 
ii<rr oftheptoflt ftiftfa!? : alfo lu t&c feiient^ cavfljallbre an 
«9/'</2M Ggd. ^ol? aiTcmblp bnto fou : no xoqoM %^\\ 

liec tione m tijem , fane a&out tljat tuljic^ 
enerp man mutl eau ; t^at enclpmappee 

17 Pt fljall kecye alio the feaft of Dnlcauc 
nen b;ieaQ : fo? ttat fame say 31 toill b?uis 
voHC armies oiitoftl)clantJ of ©ffvptitljcre-' 
fo;eveK)aloljf£ruc ti^is Dapt^ious^gutpoui; 
pcilertticbp an o?o«iancc fo.i eucr. 

18 €*3in t^c firlt moncch antit^cfbur- 
teentfj aav of rlje monett) at '' cnen pec Rjall 
eateunlcatiencD bican tonto tt)e one (j ttoen* 

k Fortnolde 
time fo thejr 
tiing cbe day at 

among >nv l^eople » bott) l»e» ano t^e cljtlD;en 
of Jlfcael ,anD goc feme t\it Lofo as pe tiauc 

32 -EaKc alfo voiic (Ijecpe ,antJ votir cat. 
tell as ve ^auc favQ , ana Depart, anu p faleCfe 
me alfo; 

35 ana tlje O^gvptians aia fo^ce tu 
people, faecaufe t^ev toouia fenDc tl)cm out 
of t&e lana in ijatte : fo; tljey fapa , £acc Die 

34 'E5crfo?ctf)e people toofectljctcaoug^ 
befo;!C it teas Icauenee , cucn tljeic Dohs6 
bouna in clot^ca upon tijeir fljoulDers, 

3^ ana tlie cljiic^f n of ^jfracl Dia acco:- 
aing to t^e facing ot"$0ofe0, ana tl;ej>affeeo 
of tljc !£3?pttans * tcU3tl;3 of filuerjana teto* 

6 anotljcto^a gAuetSe people fauonc 

p Pray for roe. 

ttctb aap of t^e monetl) at euen. of tljc (^gppttans * t cU3tl;3 of filuer/aria teto* cbap.i.tu 

1(9 ^tmn Baves ftiall no leauen be fonnO els of soia,ana ravmtnt. ««d n . a, 

fn?>oucl>ourcs:fo?Qi{)oroeucreatct^ lcaue« „' ". " . „ '._,... 

Sunnefet, till the ncabjeaB, tt)3tpcrroniliaUbeecutofffrom in tlje Iisljt of tlje Qi'gvptians : ana tljcv 

nextdayatthc tt)e(L,ongtcg3ttonef Ifracl: to^ctljerljcbf llgrantca tljeirtcauell ;fo t^epfpopUat^e lOrtUnttbtxt, 

fame time. a tttanger,o^bozne in ti)elanD. ©gvptians. 

20 pell5aUcatnoleauencDb;eaa:butin 37 ^Ijen t!)e *c|ilB^enof3irracl too&e i^»m*.jj.j. 
all pour habitation? fljall pecatijnlcaucneo tftctc ioijtncpfcom sEamefe« to <©uccoi^ io(h.i^e. 
bftatt. about fijccljHna;tetMl)Ourana men effoote, q which wa$a 

21 C^lK" 50ore0callcaallt^e<Eiaersf beUBe cftiia^cn. ckyinGoOien, 
of3|frael,ana fata i3ntot^cra,€l3ure out ana 38 ana ' a great multttnac of funa?p Gene.47,n. 
takepoufo^ieuervofyourftouiljoiasialambc, fo?t0 of people went out ttitlj t]iem,anD r which were 
anafetlltljePalTcouer. fi)eepc,anabecuc?,andcattell in great abrni* ftranger»,3nd 22 9na take "a bunclj of l^pfope,anaaip Dance. not borncofth« 

Uint6eblooatl)atisintl)ebafen,anaatifte 39 anDt^cpbafeeatl)eaoug^toI)tcl)tlje? Israelites. 

iOr,trartfeme,er tljc II linteU,ana t^e (| aocie cljeefets ajitl) tbe b^ougftt out of <i£gppt , and made bnleaue- 

vpper doerefofl. blooD tljat is m tije balcn , ana let noneof nea cakes: fo^ it mas not tcauenea,l)ecau(£ 

pouffoeoutat tfee Doo^c ofl)isit)0wre,untiU ttieptecretb^uaoutofargvpt.ncttljcrcoHia 

t^c moaning. i\iv? tarp, noji pet prepare tijemfelues tsic* 

23 JFo? tie Lo?a toil palTe bv to unite tSc twals. 

®gpptian3:ana toljcn I)e fectl) tlje blooa ljp» 40 C '®o ttje Dtorlltngof t^e cljilB?en of 

on tl)e lintel ana on rl)ettuoDoo^ec^eeks,t^e 31frael, toljile tl)ep atocUca in (Eg?pt,was 

LojotjjiUpatreoiier tljeaooic, anatoillnet *fonrelnmaml)anatl)irtppceres. fffwf.15.15. 

1 The Angel Tent fuftcrtlje'Deftropertocomeintopourtoiiie? 41 ana te!}en tlje ''fourc ijuna^ctl) ana aiis.7.6. 

cfGodtokjii to plague yf^u. tljirtie peercs lucre ecpirea, euen tljefelfe jrrt/^t.j.iy. 

24 El3crefo;!e djall pe Dbferue t|Cs t^ing fame aap aepartca all tjje Ijoltegi of t|)e L020 t Prcm Abra* 
as an piainancc both fo; tt)ee anD t^p fonne? out of t^e lana of Cgppt. ham departing 
fo; euci:. 42 31 1 is a ntgl^t to bee Sept holy ts tlje from vr inChal- 

2? ana to^en pee (fjall come tnto tlie ilo^a, bccaufel3tc b;oug^t tijtm ontof tlje deavnto the de- 

"lana, totted tbc iLo;d ttill gme pou, as? lanD of <Kgppt : tlats is t^at mgljt of tfie paningofthe 

Seeljatl) p;omifca,tl)tnp£e fijalll?eepet^i;s Lo;a,tr)l3icl)aUtl)e c^ilD2cnof3irrael mull children-of irrael 

I Or^tvfofide 

zhefird borne. 

m The land of 




n Theygaue 
God thanket for 
fo ^cat a bene- 

t The tenth 

II fcruice. 

26 *anD tolienpour cljt'lB;eu affee poii, 
CBl^at fcrutce is tljis vt keepe ? 

27 'El)cn pe (Ijall fap,3it is tlje facriBce of 
tlje !Lo;Cs palTcouer, tuljicb palTea oner tlje 
ijoufesof t^ccljita;cn of Jlfrael in <Egvpr, monev, tolien tljon Ijaft circumcifea ^im, 
toljen 5ee fmote tlje Cgpptians, ana p;ercr« t^en lljall lie eate tljcreof. 

fteepc tbjongljout tijeir generatiens. from Egypt arc 

43 aifotycLo^aiaiaeijnro ^ofcsano 4Jo.ycexcs. 
aaron , 'Eljis is tlje Laiu of tijc l3alleouer; 
t no Itrangcrfliall rate tljcreof. t Except he be 

44 "Buteuerp feruantt^atisboHg^tfo; circumcifedand 

onely profcflc 
your religion. 

4^ attrangec 0; an ^ireafeniant (fiall 

46 *3In one Ijourcfijall it bee eaten :tl)oa n»»».?.i2. 
ffialt cartp none of tlje flcflj out of t^e 
^onfe , * neither (Ijall pee b;eafee a bone John 19.16, 

47 ail t^e Congregation of Ifrael lljall 

48 iSut ifalfrangecDtoell toitl) tfjee, 

tljat luas i\\ p;tCon , ana all tlje fictt boine of ana toill obftrue tlje palTroner of tlje te?a, 

beall0. let ^im cirrumcife all tlje males tljat belong 

30 ana l^^arao^ rofe ijp in tlje ntgljt, l)nto^tm,anatljen let him come ana obfcrue u They that are 

o Of thofe hou- Ijcana all bts feruants, ana all tlje (Egppti' ir,ana tje fljall be as otie t^at is bo;ne in tte of the houQioid 

ret wherein any ans ; ana t^crc toas a great crp in <Egppt : lana : fo; none Ductrcumtifea perfon fljall of God,muft be 

firft borne was, fo; tljcrc was » no IjOUfe to^CrC tljcrc was Hot eate tljcreof. all ioyned in on8 

eitherofraenor oneaeaa. 40 £Dnc "latoe ffjall bee to Ijtm t^atfS faithandRc- 

beaftj. 31 ana 6$ calUD to 90ofw ana to aarcn lem in tijc lana, ana to tije ttranget tijat Ugion. 

D 3 VSifM%t\i 

nea our ijoufes. 'Eljcn tlje people ° botoeo 
tljerafelues, ana toojiljippea. 

28 ^otl)ecmlo?cn of 31fracl toent, ana 
Dia as tljc JLo;a ijaa commannDea $©ofesf 
ana aaron : fo aia tljtp. 

29 C"ii5oto at*mtcntgljtt]&?l.o;atfmote 
an tbe 8cft bo;ne in tlje lana of (Egppt, ftom 
x\)z firft boine of ^Obaraolj tljat fate on ^ts 
th;one,'bnto tbe *RraboincoftIjccaptiue 

Firft borne. Pafleouer. 


The fierie aiid doudie pillar. 

SiUEllctl) among poll. 

?o "EbcB all tljc cijiltiiicit of 33rrael UiD as 
the JLo^n comsnanUcD $©olw am aacon: fo 

<si 9niJ tl)e Telfe Tame ca^ Din tlje Loja 
DMngtl)ect)i(D?cn of 3Iftael out oft^elauD 


I The frjl borne arc ojfcred to God. J T/« 
memariaUoftbcirdeUuemnce. 6 The piiiituti' 
cnoftheVafeoHir. 8. I4 ^uexhottationta 
teach their children to remember this deLtterance. 
17 Wbytheyf.rcUdbythemlderneffi, 19 The 
banes of Jift^h, zi Th* fillar oj thee Imd and 
of the fire, 

A0D tljeto^tiryaSc ismo^t^ofesf, fai)» 
Q;apM.-i9'tind 2 *<gi3ncttficJ3ntomeaUt!)eRvabo;nej 

54 I f.lemt.ij. that is, f iierV OHC tijat firft OpntCt5j tl)C )XOiVbZ 

^Snum.^.xi & amostjtbcdulDzcnoflfratlasteelofinan, 

2.i6.iukf lAl- asofbfn(t:foritt3imne. 

£Ar«.'/.2j.i.j. ? 41 'SLl^n ^Dfes (nvBlintotlje people, 

ifEbr.hnnfe of * Ecnjciiibet tl)is Dap in t!)e uiljtcb pec came 

feruants^ oiit of (lEgvpt,out of tljc 4:lioufe of 'bonQajjc: 

a vvhaethey fo;tbp amia;l)tp l)anu tljeLo^o b^ougijt vou 

woe in moftcru- out tcom t^enccj rt)Ctefo^e no UaiieneD ti^ieaa 

el flauery. fijall \}Z *> eatCH. 

bTofignifiethat 4 'd)isDapc9mcv«out iutljemonetlb 

they had not les- of ' Sblb. 

fure to leausn % C JI5oto iD^eH t\)Z ILO^D ]&at& b?0UgI)t 

their bread, tfteeititotljclani] cftlje ([^niinamtcsf, aiiD 

c Contcining Ji)ittite0, anU 3mo;!!t€S , ana i;)iHite0, anU 

partof March & jEliuates (mljicljlicfujaretonto tljvfatljersf, 

part of April, t\)<\t 1)6 tooiil3 gtiie tl)ec,a laiio floUJIKStUitl) 

when come be- iHtlUc atiD toiuc ) tljcn t^ou (I)aU Uctpe tl)is 

gan to ripe in [iXiXizZ ill tbts monctl). 

thatcouncrcy. 6 ^eiicH DavE3i fljalt tl)ou catc titileauf* 

d Both the fe- IICD l»?eaO, ailD tl)? 'I tcUClUlj Dap fliall bee tlje 
utnthandthc IVartOi^tbeLoitl. 

firft day were 7 CinlcaueneD&«ati{Ijalbe catcttfctien 

holy , as ciiap. tiavcs, aiii3 tljcrc uj^iil iio Icaucnefl b^can 'd«e 

12, 1 (S. fceii;U3ttl)t5ce,no^p£tlcauen&cfccneU)it5 

e When thou tljEC tJi all tlr^ qtiactei:0. 

dodtcelebrate 8 <C ailO tljOtl (Ijalt fi}Cto tI)P fontlC « in 

the fcaft of vn- tl)at Bap.faping, This is lione, bccatjie of t^at 

Icuencd bread. tcljicl) t\)Z L0.2i3 fllD iJlUO mc , U)I)C» S CamC 

rThoun)a!c pUtOf^SVPt, 

haue continual 9nD It iTjall be a figllC iJlttO tl)e« ffepOlt 

rcmembfancc tl)t:iEl)anD, anD foi a tcmcmbjaiicebcttuctti 
thereof, a^ thou tl)tne cpc0, tl)at tl)t tato of t^e Lo^o mav be 
tvoiiicicit ofa in tl)p moiitl) : fo? bv a rtrong IjanQ t^e I'o^U 

thing t':at is in bZDIljljt t!;CC Ollt Of (Jfgvpt. 

thine hand or be- lo IScf;-ietl)ti'cfo?e t^iflio^tJiHancetii^ijei 

fore thine r,'e!. rfaronnppoiiiteB ffoin vecrc topccrc. 

Chap.ix29. and II fi 3510 !.-ul)en tfKlL02T) fljall b^iJioc tljee 

34. 1 9 * V44- jo* ''■•^° ^^'^ -^"^ ''^ ^^'^ (£anaaratc0,a0 be fuiacc 

■^Ebr.ihatfirfi tmtotl)ccanDtot{)yfat&cw, aiiDfljallsitic 

ccmmth firth. It tljt'f, 

s ThiMsaifo iz * "iS^bcndjalttljon fct apart bnto tbc 
vnderftood of ILo^u all tljat firft opnutb tlje ujombe : alfo 

thehorfeand tuetptylllg that (irltticet^ OpCll thewom^e, 

other beaiies, snd comiuerl) foo^tl) of Ujp bcall: tijcmalw 

which were not Hiall be tl}C LoiQS. 

ofl'credinfacri- 1% 'Bat EUCtp i: firfl foalc oFail BAfTc tllOU 

fice. fljaltrcacciueluitbalambc : anu if tboH re* 

h Bvoffringa I)r£incliimnar,tl)c:i tl) u fiialt b^calic l)i3 

cjejr'c beaft in 11 c :\zx ItUctoffc alio tl; r {!rn boiijc of man a» 

lacrifice, Lcuit. JUOUg tl.p foinics fiialt tbCH '' bup out- 

13.^. J4 €.SlfiDiyVcntl)v Tonne QjaUafnett« 

B to me?roto,favittff,2:(Hbat i« tbtsf tljon ajalt prMeafer* 
tl)cn lav Diuo l)int> fiiiitb a jiug^tp IjanO t\)t wards. 
jLo^B bioiigbt U3 out of ©sppt, out of tljc 

i^ jro;i toljcn ^9i)acaol) tuas barBljeac* 
tetjagainft out Bcparting, tbs lo^Q tijcn 
fleto all tbc Qcd bo;in£ tn ti)c lanDofCgppt 
from trjc fitft to;t!ie of man eucn to tlje ticli 
bojtncof bcaft: tberefo,ic 51 fattificetontotljc 
Lo;tO al tbe males tbat fir't open tlje ioombe, 
but all tlje fitll bo?ne of mp fonne? 31 ce» 

i6 gnOirfijaUbeeasi atokcnbpont^ine 
^anD,ann acijfrontlets bcttocc ne tbtnc epe^, II Or, (ignts ofn* 

tljat tbe Ld;iD b.lOUgbtbS OHtCf<Cgpptbpa mmtrawe. 


17 c; Jf5o^ to^en Pbaraol; ban let tlje 
people goc> ©OB carieD tljtmnotbpiijeijjap 

of tljeiJbUtlUm.S COUUtrev , II tOOllgb it ^vcre \\Or,iecaufe. 

necrc: ( to.: c5oD fain, ILeit tbe people repent ' ^ hich the 
UJben tbtp fee > toarrc , anD tiirue againe to PhiiiiUms wouli 

(Egppt) hauen-adea- 

18 l5ut^otimaUetbe people to go about sa'"ft thcnn by 
bp tbe toav of tbe toiltiernciTe of tbe rea fea: flopping them 
ani3 tbe cljilDien of Jlfratl toent ijp '< armcD fhe paffage. 

OUtOffbclanDofffigppt. k That is, not 

10 ( anD ^^ofestoofee tbe bones of 3I0-- pritiiiy, buto- 

fcpb ^it\) \]im I fo? Ije baD maDe tljc cl)tlD?en penlv,and a$ the 

efSfracl lv«care, Taping, *©oD ^illfurelv wrddocthfig, 

biUtc poii, anD pe fljall taUe mp bone3 ai«ap nifie,f« in or- 

\)tnci tuitb pou.) <i" h f""? and 

20 C*"^otbci'toofeetI)eiriournepfrom fi"c. 
"SiurcotbjanD camgeD in ©tljam in tbe eDge Ge»,iz.. 
oftbeVuilDernelfc. tojh z^.^o. 

21 * anD tbe to?D toent before tbembp n«»». jj.^, 
nap in a pillar ofa 1 cloiiD, to leaDe tbem tlje Num. 1 4. 14,. 
toap, anD bp ntgbt in a piUar of Sre to giue deut. i , j j. 
tbemltgbt,tbat tbej-'migbtgoebotbbpDap //i^ 78-14. 
anD bp ntgbt. 

22 *i;ectoofte not atoap tbe pillar of tlje 1 rodeftedthew 

ClouD I})? Dap, no? tbc pillar of fire bp ntgbt from the heat of 

from before tbe people 

the Sunne, 

■ 4. 8 Vharaohs heartis hardened^andpurfueth 
the Jfraelites. 1 1 The Ifraehtes (iriehjn with 
yeare^rmtrnture agaittft Mofes. i j Mofes doetf/ 
encourage them, ii Hediuideththe Sea, aj,»7 
Tbe Sgyptians follow and are drowned. 

Tljtn tl)t iLo?D fpabe unto ^ofcisijfa?" 

2 <©pcaftc to tbe cbilDjen of Jfrael, tbat 
tbcp » returnc anD camyc bcfo2C b pi-l)abi' a Fromtowara 
rotb, bcttoecntQBigDdlanD tlje ^ca,oucr tbecoumrcyof 
againd * TSaalKPbon : about it iball pec t^-e Phiiiftim*. 
campebvtbe<§?ea, b sothcseawas 

5 fo? JBbaraob toill fap of tbe £btlD?en before them, 
oflfcael-EbeparctangleDintbelanD: tbe mountaines on 
toilDcrnetTebatb fljut tbcm in. cither iide,at d 

4 anD31tui[lbatDenliDbaraobsi beart, theencmieac 
tbat be njall foUotu after pou : fo a lutll « get their bscke: yet 
me bonour upon pbar job , anD upon all lyis the v obsycd 
bollc:tbc<S:gpptiansaironialUnoUJtl)at3I God. and were • 

anUbCLozD ; auD tbCpDiD fo. deliucrtd. 

5 C^benittca0tolDtbe*{ngof(!Pgvpt, t^uM.^i.j. 
tbattbcpeoplefieDrai'.D tbc beartofitDlia- c Bvpuiudifng 
raob anD of fcis frrtianto toa3 tiirnco a* hisobHinatti*. 
gainrttije people, an^tbcpTarD, tilfbpbaiie beliion. ■ ', 
luc tbis Done, auD baue let 3!frael gee out of 

one fern ice? 


Pharaoh purfueth the Ifraelites* 

Chap. XV. 

The Egyptians drowned. a8 


• d lorephos wri- 
ihcfe charcts 
there were 
50000, horfnjen, 
and 2000SO. 
e With greac ioy 
and bolur.crte, 
fojh. 14. 6. 

i TViey,whi*ch 
a little before in 
their deliutrance 
f eiovced, bting 
Bow in danger, 
g Such [-, the im- 
patience of the 
gefh, that it can 
not abide Gods 
appointed ciirie. 

6 Onlyputj^our 
truft in Ood 
without grudging 
or doubting. 
i Thus in tenta- 
tethagainft the 
witli inward gro- 
ningsto the 

k Tfee doude 

(hewed hght to 
the Ifraeliccs, tut 
to the Egyptians 
fo that their two 
hoftes could not 
ioyne together. 
II .J. 
Ifal.yi. I J. 

toohe W peoplcteitl) &tm, 

7 antj toohc are l;HnD;tftl3 t^or«n cW 
rets, anD<*alltlj2 cljatcts of ®sj»i)t, ana 
captames oaec eiier^ oueof tl)cm. 

8 Sro/i t^c Lo;iti IjaD Ijacocnco t^e ^zatt 
Df 3j31jarapl) liingof €s¥pt,anti ^c foUoiuca 
afret t^z cljiis^^tn of Jfcael: but tl;e cIjilQjttn 
ofifrael meiuoKtiuit^ an ^ ^icl;anD.) 

9 ♦ ana tlje ©gvptians; pntfHeD aftet; 
tbem, ana all t'ge ^s/fcs & cljarets of ©Jja- 
raob,ana iits i)o?rcjntn , aufi ins Ijotte ouer» 
tooUc ti^cm camping bv tf}t <S)ea, tjefiBe pt- 
ialjuotUliefoze j3aal ?cpljon. 

10 ana tD^en ^l3araol)a^ctonfg^, tfee 
cljtla;icn of 35rcacl Ift »p tljcir zhs , ana bt- 
IjolCe , tljc (CgjjptUns macc^sb after tljcm, 
ana t'utv toece to?c f afcaiae : toliefefo;tc tl>c 

11 ana tbep fapa n nto Sdous, L}aft tfion 
6;ioiig^tb3 to ate m t^e totiaecneHc, becanfc 
tljcrc toere no gcancs in Qigv^ti ioljcrefo^s 
l)ail tljou ferula )a? tljus , to carcie "qs outof 

12 Dia not toe tell ttjee tljis tWs in (£• 
gppt,favins,{Lct giasbe ini-elT,r^atn3einav 
t^i'ue tl)c (Ksppttans; fo^ it l)aa been bettic 
fo^ us to fcrue tt)c Oavptiane, tijen tljatiuee 
ftoulB Die in thz tuilaecncffe. 

15 'Eljen g^ofcsiata to tbc pcoplciFearc 
ye not, ftana rtiil, anij beljoia 5 ttje faliiatton 
cftl;e to^atoljic&^eciBill Rjelu to yon tbts 
Dap. JFo?tOe(Ssr)ptians, toiomcvteljane 
feeneti)t9Day, yee (^alUuuec lee ttem a> 

14 C^e lojtD (Ijall 6gl)t fo;i you: t^etfo;ic 

I? Cana tOe S.o;ia fayaebnto g^ofcs, 
Cailjerefoie icrj)eilt^ou tjnto mce; ipeafee 
tjara : • 

1 6 ana lift tljoni tjp tt'? roa , ana ftretcl) 
out tl)tnc ijana 'upon tl)e ®ca , ana amice it^ 
ana let t^e cljilaien of afracl goe on a^tie 
gronua tbo^oio tl)e uiiDs of t^i ^za. 

17 ana 31,i)el)o!a,31 toUbataen tfeeljcart 
of the ^fgVjJiians, tt)at tl)c? map foUotoe 
tljcni,aua3l tatllgEttne Ijonciabponpija* 
raol},ana))poaall WljOiUt ^ponlji;3clja-> 
rets.ana upon Ijis l;o^rcrntn. 

18 "Etjcn t'm OSgyprians fijalUtnotu tljat 
31 am tl)e Le^a , U3l)cn 31 banc goctsn me i;0' 
none ijpon pi);iraoI),»pon Ijis cljacets , «nD 
i)pon bis Ijo^fcmen. 

!<) (anati3eanselof(5oa, toljidjiaent 
before tlje boue of 3irratl,cemoonca, ana 
teentbebinactnem: alio tbcpUUc of tlje 
f louae toent befejie tljcm, ana fteoa beljinae 

20 ana came bettocnc t\iz campc of tbe 
®gpptian0,aHa t\)Z campe of ja-ael ; it loas 
botb a clouae ana aai-UeneiTc, ytt gane it 
"■Itgbtbv m'gyt, fo tl)at al tl)e nigbt long tbe 
one came not at tl^e otl)ci") 

21 anas^ofea ftcetcbea fo^tl) Ijisljana 
Ijpon tl}e <£^^ca,ana tlje tofa cayfea ti}c <S)ea 
ta runne l)ncl<c bp a itrons C^aiitoiuBe all 
tbenigljt, ana maaet'K <©caD;ie lana : fo? 
tbe tjjaters torre * aiutaea, 

22 W}zn tljC *cbilD;ttn of Ifrael toent 
tlje^otoc tbe miaaes of tbe ^ea upon tbe 
J^y Cfoun5,ana t^c XMdt«? wuc a toal uiuo 

t\}tm on t^eir tfgf)! Imn , ana on tfieic left 


25 ana tijc ©g^jptians piitfuea anB "mnit 
after t^em to tl)£ mros of t\)c <£■£ a , euen all 
]^^auo^sW^ts,W cbatctg,ana Ijts Ijo^fc- 

24 Boto in tbenio^ning ' toatf&, iuljen 
tbe !Lo^a looiica unto tbe liotfe of tljeCsvp* 
tiansout of tljc Qerie ana cionDie pillar ,i'ce 
fircoke tbe ijoae of tbe Csppttaas teft^ 

25 f 0? 1)6 too'fee off tijttr cbatet tebctlc^, 
ana tbev a?ane tbcm |i toittj mucb aaoc ; fo 
tl'at tl)e©spptiau?eueryone faya, a totU 
flcs from tijctnrcof Jfrael: foi tlje LcJBe 
tJaljtetb foi tl)cm agaiHil tlje (L'g^y ttans. 

26 C'-SLfeen tbe jlo^ac tara to $l5crcs, 
<©tmtljtt)inelj3iiai!poHtl;c"<©ca, tljattbe 
tjjaters mav ceiurne ijpon tl)c Q^Qv^timSy 
ijposi tljcir cljarets, ana ijpcn tljetc ^o^Cz- 

27 'E,l}zn (3?'9rc5 Urctcljta focitlj Ijf* 
l^ana ijpon t])z ^■'ea , ana t!)s <g'ea teturncu 
tol)i3fO(!ce carelvin tbemozning, enat&e 
(Egvptians flea againll ir:but tl;e LoiB ™ O' 
utrttucto tlje C£FPtian.5 in tfeemiaaes of 
tlje <S»ca. 

28 ®o tbc toatcr rctntnea ana couereo 
tlje cljarets ana tlje IjoM'emen, euen all tijc 
ijoReof Pbacaob tljat came intotbs ^ca 
after tl)£rji:tl]erercnif.nKa not one of tljem. 

2ql3ut tlje cl)ilB?cn of Jfrael toalkeB up* 
on a;ne lana tljo^toto tbc mtaaes of tlje «S)ea, 
ana tlje toatcrs were a toalt Dnto tbem o» 
tljctr rigljtljana , ana on tljcir left. 

50 %i)m tlje to^n fauea Jfrael tljc fame 
Bay out of rijc IjanB of tljc (EgvptiaH3 , ana 
Jfrael fatoc t^e S:gvptian.o aeaa uyon t\)s 
fca banlte. 

51 ana Slfrael fatn tlje mighty + polucr, 
tDtjtclj tlje !Lo?De fljctucB Upon Hje <Z;gpptt» 
ansf fo tlje people tcnicB tlje LoiD, ana be» 
JeeueD tbe Jlo^B,anB Ijis " fetuant ^eoftis. 


I. 20. Mofes with tbemsn and rcomen [ing 
frayfesvmoGodfortbetr deUuerance. 23 The 
feaple murmur f. 25 i^itthe prayer of Mops the 
bitter rcttters are frveet. i6 God teacheth the 
people obedience. 

! U'hichwas 

about the three 
the night. 


IS So the Lord 
by the water fa* 
□ed his and by the 
water drowned 
bis enemies. 

^Ebr hand. 
n 1 hat is , the 
dodiinc, which 
he taught them 
in the name of 
the Lord, 

Tl)tn a nmg *S9orei3t ana tlje cIjilBiictt of 
3irrael tljis fon^ unta tlje £o?d, ana fata 
in tlj is mantr, 3] toil ring iJnto tlje iLojsB; fo? 
l)c Ijatl) triumpijcD gloziouap : tbc Ijoife ana 
bim tgatroBeypentimtjatblje oi!ertlj?ciH= 
en in tlje "Sjca. 

2 "Cbc lLo?a is my arengtl; anB |l p?aife, 
ana bee i? become my faliiatlon. i^ec is my 
(Sob , ana 31 totU *> prepare Ijim a ^nbcrna-- 
clc: heeismyfatljer^^oB, ana 3IU)ill e^:-- 
alt bim. 

:? ^be iLoiBe is a ' man of taarte , W 
^ 0amc is icbouab. 

4 13baraob5 cbarcts ana \iis bottebatb 
bee cafe into tUe'S)ea:biscl)cfencaptaine? 
alfo U)crea;oij)neB in tbe reB ^tt. 

^ Cbe Bcptbs! bane conerca tbcm , tljcy 
fanUe te tbe bottome as a (tone. 

2^bPlinct)tb<i'^'3''^ lLoiB,i,3glo?lc«s(iH 
£) 4 ^m%x; 

a PrayfingGod 

for the oucr- 

throwofhis enfri 

mi:s and their 

deliuerancc. 20. 

lOr^the tccajioft 

of my fang of 


b ToworDiip 

him therein. 

c Inbattellhe 



d Euerconflant 



A fong of deliuerancct 

Exodus. Bitter waters made Tweet. Murmuring, • 

f,Qr^i»the depth 
t/tbe Sea. 

XSbr. my fouU 

f For fb often 
limes the Scrip- 
ture callcththc 
mighty mcH of 
the world. 
g Which ough- 

tlie land of Ca- 
naan: or into 
mount Sion» 


f The Jfradites come to the defert ofSiH.,tini 
murmure agdtuji Mofei & ^aron . I 3 The Lord 
fendcth HjiaiUs and Manna, 2 j The Sabbath n 

tlje eneiiue. , !Lo?o fljeujco l)im a * tree , which ujijeii Ijee Scclus 38.?. 

7 ant) in tbv sreat gloi? tljoti ^aft oaef IjaD catl into tlje looatecs , tlje taatcc? iuere 

e Thofethat are tb^otuzn ttjcintl^attolc aaainit^ tfeee 1 tljoii lujcet; tljete ftcemaDetijcm an o;!Utnanc6 

enemies ro Gods feuteft tOO^tb tt)V UJ?fitl) , which COniUmca anQ a la\B , anO tljete » ^e p;tOUCD tt)em, n That is, Godj 

people.archis tl)em aS tlje (lllbbic. 26 ianOfavDe, 31f tioutotlt Diligently or Mjfes in 

enemies. 8 anO b? tl)e blclrt Of tl)l> ItoUrclS tl)e Ijeachen, O Ifrael, iJlitO tl)e UOVCC Ot tlje Lo^a Gods name. 

t3atet3 tuEcc sat^ereD , t'oe tlooDs UooD ftiU tljp ©on, ana tutlt Doe tljat, tuljtclj is " rlgbt o which ii to 

a3a!)enpc, tljc Dtptljs consealea tosetljet in ^is figlit , anD milt sine care lunto W do that only that 

in tljc |! ocart of tlje fea. commanDcments! , atiD ttccpr all Ijt3 o;iQi' God comman- 

'Qil)z tnzmiz faidj titU purfucj tetU nances, tljcn mli ii put none of tljcl'e Difea^ dctw. 

ouectabe them , 31 toiU DintDc tlje fpople, fcstopon tljee , tuijictj a b^ongljt upon tije 

X mp Uilt iljaU be fatilaeD bpon tljem , 3! totU ©gvptians : foji 3i am t^e tojiD tljat Ijealet^ 

Diiatomvfujo^Qe, mine Ijanu fijall Diilcop tljee. 

t^em. ^ 27 C*ana tljcp cameto<Slim, toljere N««6.3j.9. 

10 'Cljoti bletoefl toitlj tlj? tBinlie,tl3e fea were ttoclne tountames of toatcr, anD fenen* 

coucreD tljem, t^cvfanfeasleaD tntljemislj* tieii palmetreeg,ano tljep cainpeD tljew b? uor, Dutetreet, 

tietaaters. "■*" " 

II caijo isUfeeijnto tIjee,2D lLo?IJ,amons 
tljc fgoos ! iBljO islihc tljec fo glorious in 
Ijoltnefie, g fcacefull in p^apfcs , Doing teon* 

12 'EljoH Hretcljeisilouttl;^ i:iSljtI;aHU, 
tljeeartljiUjalloiucQ tljcm. 

13 "CljOUtollt b? tl))) mcrCie Carcie tIjiS /i«c7yfe<i -^at(7 tfee Lord, z^ The feuenthdty 
tcft ts be prayfcd people « which tljOU DeliuercDrt : tljOll tolU Mxnna could not be found, jzltii l^eptforart' 
with all feare and b;ting them tn tlj? fttengtlj i3ntO t^lttC i^OlV nembmncetothefoSicritie. 

reuetence. "habitation. • 

h That is, into 14. -^Llje pcople Sjall Ijcatt and be afraiu: a jFtcrtoarD all tljc QEongrcgation of tlje 

fo;oti) fl)aU come tjpon tlje mljabitant? of ricljilD^^n of 311'iael DepartfD from ®ltm, 

Paleftina. anD came to tlje tuilOcrnes of » ■Sin (tuljidj a This is the 

15 'Cljcntl}CDnl?e;sof CcDomfljallbea* isbcttoeene®ltmanD<S)inai)t^eBttcentlj eight phcewbcr- 
ma?eD , anD trembling fljall come »pon tlje aajpoftljcfeconDmonetlj aftej; t^eirDcpat' in they hadcan».' 
great men of $!3oab : all tlje inljabitants of ting out of tljc lanD of (Egvpt. ped: there is ano- 
(itanaan (lj?.ll Ujaj;e faint bcatteD. 2 anD tbe tuljole ©ongicgatfon oF tlje ther phce called 

16 * jf care gsD^eaDRjall fall lapontljem: cljilD;cH of jfcael mnrmnrcD againft 9©0' zin, which was 
bccanfe of tlje (1 greatncs of tljine arme , t^ep ii& anD agaf nil aaton in tlje totlDerncffe. the j j.piacc 

iirt e * fU >rr»M J^'^ll &£ ft'Jt as; a ttone , till tln> people palTc, 3 JFo^ tbe c^tlD^cn of Ifratl faiD ro tljcm, wherem they 

\iur,for inygrea ^ ^^^^^ ^ ^.^ ^j^-^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ,^^^ j^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^j^^ j^^j^g ^^ ^^^ camped.-and is 

tower. jj^jj. p'„f cijaCgQ. ilo?Dein tlje lanD of ®gj>pt , m^enttcefate aifo called Ka. 

17 "Eljoufijaltbittngtljcra in, anD plant bi^tljeflcflj •> pots, tolje'n toee ate b?eao our dcQi.Num. jj. 
jwWfiiwn f^em in tljc muimtame of tljttie « inljeri' belltejs full: fojvecljaueb^onflt^tDs out into 3<s. 
Ll,,nr7;In tanccwWch is t^c pUicc that tljou Ijatt piicpa- ttisiutlDttne{re,tolullt^tgtuljolecompanie b So harda 
\l.rl 2»^-^rA reD,2)Lo^!;itoDU2cllin>cucntl)e<§)anc» tottlj famine. thing it i« to the 

wntre atcetwara j^j^jp^Q jj^p^g^^ which tljincljauDeS fijall «• 4 € 'EftenraiDe tftC £-O;iDbntO$0orcS(, fleftinotto miK- 

ftablidj. TBcfiolDe, 3 tiJillcaufc6?eaD to catnc from mureagainft 

18 "^LbelLo^Blballrefgnefo^ctiecf tucr. ibeanen to you, anD tlje pcople fijall goe out God.whenthe 
ic) jfoA9l)'i'^''»°l)3 ljo;ifcs tocnt luitfj Ijts anD gather* tljat tljat is fufficientfo^euer? belly is pinched. 

cljncets ana ijo^fcnicn into tlje -©eajauD lije « Dav, tljat 31 m^'o v/uue tljcm, toljet^cr t^ep X£br. the pomea 

Lo^Deb^ongljt tljetuatecs oftlje^eabpou toillujall^c in mvLnuJo;i no. c/adaymbit 

tljcm: bnttt;cc^iii)^£nof3!rraeltocut on D;? ? T3ut tlje Ort Raj) tljeyfi;al prepare tljat, da_/. 

lanDintljemiDaoftljC'S'ea. ii)ljic^tljej»R;?!Ub?inghonie,anDtt(ljallbee c Tofignifie 

irc T. -ofh^iV 2o canD Miriam tlje piop^etefTcliacc ttttceaomucliastljcvgatljcrDa^lp. that they Qiould 

KM;,nttyin^t^ncir of^a^Qj,^ tO0{{e£lti.H{jjelltnl)Ct:l)anD, anZJ 6 ^^cnS&orcsanDaaronfaiDbntOall patiently depend 

all tljc ujomen came out after IjerUjit^tim* tSecljilD^enDfJIftaeWteuen ye fijall fenoto vponGod^pro- 

b;!els ana ^ oanccs. tljat tlje Lo^D bwiig^t you outof tlje lauD of uidence from 

21 anD (©iriamiaunfwcrcD tljc men, (Egypt. _, day to day. 
«S)intj vce 'onto tljc !LoiD: fo; Ije ftati) trium* 7 anD4n tljc mo;ming yce fijall fee tlje 
ptjeD glonoufly: tlje ^o;fe anQ Ijisf tiDtr Ijatlj glo^iy of tlje iLo^D : «• foj ftce Ijarlj IjearD youc d h« gauethem 
^eouertlj?utoenfntlje<Siea. gtHDging0agatntttljeLo?Dr anDtoljatare notMnnnabe- 

22 'C^cn i^oits bJoiigljtmfcael from tlje toe tUatyeftaue murmure d agamft U0f caufc they mur- 
teD-igica , anD tljcv totnt out into tlje ttitl* 8 againe S^ofee faiD , at cuen fijall tljc mured, but for ■ 
DcrnciTe of "> @Ijiir : anD tljcp lucnt tlj^cc lLo?D gtneyouficfijtocatc, anD in tljemo;» bis piomilc fake 
liayesmtljetoilDenieirejanDfounDnotoa* ning your fill of b^eaD: fo; t^e Lo^De ljat& 
tcra. IjearD your murmurings , toljiclj yec mur- 

25 anD toljen tljcy came to Sl^aralj , tljep mure againa Ijlm : To? toljat are toee i your 

fCUiDnotDnnUccf ti^c maters ofS^aralj, murmuring0arenotagainftB35butasaintt eHethatcon- 

fo;tljeytoerc bitter; tljerefo.ietljenamc of tlje«Lo?D. temneth Gods 

tbe place tuaswllcD 11 fearatj. C9^"OS0ofe«rafatoaaron,«S>aybnto minifterj, con. 

2+ Cljcn tljcproplc nmrmurcD againd all tlje (Congregation oft^ecljilD;ien of 3If' teinnethood •; \ 

§©ofe?jfflyiiis,C^i)atiI)aii\3ciJ^iuUe? rael, S>tmt mere befo/e t\it Jlo^ae : fo;i himieife. 



the TcTiple was 

great loy: which 
cuftome the 
oiiies.ludg. II. 
34. and XI. 21. 
but it ought not 
to be a cloke to 
couer our wa:i- 
ton dances. 
like fong of 
m Which was 
called Etham, 
Num. 3 J. 8. 
[\0r bittcmejfe. 

GodfendethQiiailcs and Manna. Chap.xvii. Manna kept for the poftcrity. 2^ 

\\0r, in the twi- 


Uum.i 1.7. 


f Which fignifi- 
on or gifc: alio 
tneace prepared. 
j^obn 5. 3 1 .}. 
g Which con- 
taineth about a 
pottle of ouc 
XSbr.foT an head. 

h God is a rich 

Ije Ijatl) fecara pour mnrmutf itgsf. 28 S[nB tl)e !L.o?i3 fa?a bnto S^ofes, Mitim 

10 jf5o\Bas aatonfpaheit)iUot:i)eto\)Ole longrtfufc^etobeepcmpcommanOcmcnts 

atongregationoft})Ccl)ilD?eHo{Jifiael,tljep anomplaiue^f 
lookeD toajacD tljc tDilociueiTe , anD Ijcljoio, 2g iSeljola, ^oto t^elt-o^Q I)f!tl) giHen roll 

tte slo;p of tlje Lo^D appeacea * in a clotiO. t\)z <©abbatl): tt)Ctfo;!E Ije giuctl) you tlje ti^c 

'I (JFo^t^eS.o^Dl}aDfi)oUeuDHtoil9o« Davb^eaofoutooDaveer tarp therefore- ette» 

ft0 , facing, rp man tn Ijts place: Ut m man £0 out of ^i? 

12 *i!l;auci&Eaiatl)cmumiiinngsoft5e place tljefcuenrljsav. 
c1)ilD^cn oflCrael; tell tljera therefore, ana 30 ^otlje people teffcUt^e feumtljBap. 
fay,ygcEucnvccrtallentcficn), auiJtntt)e 31 ani3ti)el;o»feof3!rraclcallcai)name 

ino^tmiig ve R}aU be fiues txiitij b^eaD.auD pe of it m a n , ana tt iaas liks " to (£o;ttanaec n In forme and 

fijall knouj tljat 31 am tOe Loisa pour (5dD) feea, but t3l)ite : ana tlje ta(f e of it iwa? U'fee figure,biit not in 

15 9na fo at euen tf)e *21uailes came anD tonto iaafctB made tuttlj Ijonp. colour, Numb, 

couereatljecampe; anaint^cmOitmnstljc 32 ana$goresfaifl,^{)(s({8rSat,tol)icIj 11,7, 

Dete lav roiina about tije W\. t\)t iLo^a bat}) commanUea , j-ili an ffimei; 

14 ♦anatuljcn tl;eacu)tl)at teas fallen, ofit;tokcepeitfo^5?Quepoaentie:ti&attie? 
teas aTcenaca , betcia, a fmaU rouna tbing tttav itt tljc b;eaa to'gjtetijitlj 3! feaue feaae 
was ijpon tbe fr<ce ot ttje \jjilaetne0 jlmaU a^ I'ou in tlje toilDcrnelTe, tu'^en 3! b^ougljt >'ou 
tlje Ijoare fcoft on tljc carrlj. out of tlje lana of (^^cgrp t. 

15 anatobcntljc cljilD;ienof Slfiracl fato 3? Sg^ofes alfo faia to Saron, 'Eahe a 
i^,tbepfataonetoanotlJEt•,3ltisfMAN,fo; °por,anDputan£DmerfuUofM an ttjece* o ofthisvefTdl, 
t^et>U!iftnottoliatit>uas. ana Sl^ofes fata in,3-fetttbefoi!gti)eJlo;3tobe feeptfo;tpoi»: readHcb.5».4. 
untotijrm, *'E!ji3 is tlje b^eaatoljict) tlje 'poilcritv. 

JLo^a l;atb giucn pou to eate. 34- Ss tbe iLo^iB tommanOea S©£ fes, (b 

16 C^u^tsistbetljtngaj^icljtlje lo;tB 9aron lata tttjp before tlje p'S.eftimome to pThati5,thc 
Ijatf) comniaunaea : gatbtt at it cuery man befecpt. Arkeofthccone. 
acco;iaing to bis eating , e an SDmer fo;t + a 3^ 3nD t\)t cljila^tcn of Ijrrael aia catc n^nt: to wit, after 
man, according te tbennmbccof voutpcf man *fo,ntcvEetes,untilltljep came unto that thcAtkt 
fons : euEcy man fljalUalvefo; t|)em tuijicfi a lana inbabttea : tljepaia eate man jju* was made. 

are in tjts tent. till tljep came to tfec bo;iBersf of t&e lanac of Jo/^- 5- « *• 

17 anattecIjtlc;tenof3IfraelDiBfo,anO Canaan. nehe.g.i^. 

36 -Ete ©mej; is t^e tents part of t^e q Which mea- 

' ' furecontainetha* 

bout ten pottels. 

gatbetea fonie mo;ie, fomc leffe 

18 ana luljcn tljcv aia mcaftire tttoitl) s O^pljalj, 
an 2Dmer, *lje tbat ijaa gatbcrea mucb. baa 
notbing ouer , j be tbat ijaa gatbcrea little, 
Ijaano " lacke: foeuetpman gatljcreaac' 

feedcrof all, and co;iaing to bts cating. 

19 i®ofes tbcn taiBintotliem, let no 
man releruc tbeteof till rao;tning. 


I The Jfraelitti come iMo Rephidm^^ grudge 
for w/itsr. 6 Water is gmtit them out of the racist 
II .Mofeshildeth-vp htibandeSf andiheyouef 
c»me the .AmaUi^ites. 1 5 Mafis buiidetb an altar 

20 ^oth3itl)ftanaing,"tbtpobcpea not to the Lord, 

^^ofes : butfume of tlicm refcruta of it nil a 0D al {\)t Congrcaratton of tlje cljila^cn JE*. auhe mmb 

mowing , ana it toasf full of iBO^mes , ana />of3irtael3fpaiceDfiomtljE U;ilDcrneQc a Mofeshcreno- 

•ftanke: t^erefo^e ^ofestoag angry iBttlj of^tn,bptbcitioucnepe)3*attbecomman' tethooteuery 

fopure,but being ({jj^, BcmentcftbclLO([a,anC campcainaKepbt* place where they 

abufed,itturneth ji ^nB tljep gat|)eccB itenetpnio;ining, aim, to^ere was no tuater fo^ tlje people to camped, as Num» 

enetp man acco^aing to bis eating : foj a?inl\e. j j. but only thofe 

toljcntbelicateoft^e'g'unnecamc, it\ya0 2 *wa{)erefo?etl)ej}eoplecontcnaeaii3ttlj piaceswhere 

meltcD. £0ore5,anafapa, (Sine us teater, tbat uice fomenotabie 

22 C 3na tlje Q.ctS Bap tbep gat^gccta mapa^inke. ana ^ofes iiiva unto tljem, thing was done, 
fcttoifefonincbb^eaa, ttoo £Dmersfo;one caijpcontcnapeuiatjnue; iii^ercfo^eBoe :?^um.2o.^ 
man: tben al tbe rulers of tlje iSongrcgati' veteinpf'tbeJloiBf b wnydiitruft 
en came ana tola ®orc3. 3 <S)otbe people tljitUcBtbcrefo^toatcr, youood'why 

23 anabeanfiycrEOtijcm, ^Ijiststljat ana tbe people murmurca againff il^ofes, lookeyounot 
tobicb tl)E !L9;!B Ijatb faia, 'Eo mo^roto is tije ano faia,cai)eref0^c b-^ff tijoii tbus biougbt for fuccour of 
reft cf tbe bolp ^nbbatb uuro tbe lL.o;!Be: U£(outof ©^vpttofetUusanaourc^ila^eu bim without 
baltc tbat today tobicbvce tutil bake, ana anaourcattclllcitbtbirft^ murmuring a- 
fectbetl)attDbtcbpcEtuillfeerb,anaalltl)at 4 ana J^ofca ciiea to tbe loiB,favtng, gainftvs? 
remaineti),lapit<3ptobekEp«illtbemoit» CiU^atlbaliaaoctotbispeopUKo^ttepbec c Howreadythc 
ningfo?po«. alnioftrcaapto'ftoneme. people arc for 

r I, • 1 k^ 24 ana tbcplapB (tip tfll tlje moaning, «> ana tticLo/aanftuercB to g^orc?,^oe their ownemat- 

from their labor, {jg^ofesbaBc, ana it ftanltenot, neither bcfs^e tbe people, ana take tottbibes of tbe tastoflay ytrtte 

to figmfae bow ^gg jjj^jg j,„P too;ime tberein. ®iaers of 3!frael : ana tb? roD, tcljcrcujitlj Propliets, & how 

l!'^ u "^c" wu u 2^ '@:ben ^oks faiB , O^ate tijat to Bap: tbon * Imotcft tlje riuer , tafee in tljine Ijana flow they are ta 

hauc the Sabbath ft^o Bap is tlje -SJabbatb Unto tbe to;iBe : to anagoe: rruengeCods 

»«T'- . -. ,. Bappe fijallnotianactt in tbe atia. 6 •"SeSolBclteillftanB tljctetefo^e caufeagainfthls 

m Their mfideli- ^ - - - -■ . . - ... . _ . .... 

none can iudly 

i No creature IS 


k Which portion 
thould fcrue for 
the Sabbath 
and the day be- 

1 Codtookea- 
way the occafion 

that they did ex- 
prefly againft 
Ck>ds comman> 


26 "Siceaapcsiballrcegatljeritjlnitin tbectjpon tbe rock ml^c^eb, ana tboufoatt enemisand Fahc 
tbefeucntbaapistlje<g)abbatlj: intttberc finite on tlje rocke , ana taater (ball xoir.e Prophets. 
Iballbenone. out of tt, tbat ttcpzople map Bjir.he. ana c/;*/' 7.20. 

27 CJi5ottDitbilanaing,tbere"'tofiitont fRofesaiafotntlje figljt of tbe ©lacrs of n«w lo^.reifd. 
fome of tl-e people in t^e fcnent^ Bap tw to jlfrael. 1t.4ffii.7S.1s* 
B8ti5r,anB t^ev fo«n5 «9n?, 7 anBttccaScBtSnmmfoftb^iacr. & lOiA-^. %.eor. 

Lofhua ouercommeth Amalck. 


lethrohls counfell to Mofes. 

'^Qr.tefitatioKs |!^a{falj,anB L!g©ertbafj, bec?:ufcoftl3e can* 

[Or,j7nfi, ui\tton ef tlje cljilD^icn of 31 fraeUno bccaiiCe 

d When in ac!- tljep IjaD tcaiptcD tije JLo^iDe, IJaving , 3!» ttje 

ujtfic) we thinkc d £.0^0 amoug bs 0^ no f 

God CO be abfcnc, 8 C * ^Oeii Came ' ^malefj anS foiigljt 

then we negka U)tt'} jllhUl til Sepljifltai. 

his promifc, and g SnU SPofes faiD to 3io(^ua,€;i)ure bS! 

fTiake him a liar, out jn"n,.^iiD gos Cgiit luttl) Amalck: to mo* 

Deut.iS'i?' tO'Sy 31 Ujillitauti DH t\)i top oftlje f g^lUleiflj 

K-tfd.n.i. tijc tcacf (SuC nuriinei)aniJ. 

e vvhocafneof lo <^o 3iofij'ia Sto as ^ofesbatscljtm, 

Eiiphai/onn: of au3 foiiaijt tott^ ^inalek : anD g^ofes , ia,r;« 

jofaj.Gea j^.!». ton, anD k}'M isentDp to tije top of tl)z\)Ul 

< ThatijjHoreb, n SuS U3f)en^0fes IjelDCDpljH ^auD, 

which is aisl. cai- Siftael j!;!cimiU'D : but la^en Ijec Ut ijis yan5 

led Sinai. g l30i3nc,a!Ualfk p^JUailcU. 

; g So :bac we fee 12 ji^oU) ^oies ijajias iBCte ftcativ: tl)er- 

I how dangerous a fo;etI)ep tookeaaone,ani3putitDn5erljtra, 

thing it is CO faint ana l}cefateDpcnu ; anD ^aron anD Ipur 

in prayer. tlavcD bp liis ^anD?, ti)e one on ti)e one liDf, 

h In the booke ajiD tl}c otfjer on tl)c otler liDc: To Ijis l)anB0 

; of the Law. iysf £ Hea'Sp DHtili tlje going ^qwm of tij5 

' sfEb. put it tH the ^imnt. 

' ram offojhux. ij g[nD ^oHjiia DifcomStcB 9male^ ana 

I j^um. 14. 10. %i^ people loitl) tljc cBge of tlje Ibdo^. 

[ a./aw.ij.j. 14 ^'3,uJi tl)e to^Xi (ail} to S^tiCzsMltlU 

i That is» the t\)i9 fo^ a remembrance Mitt6efaoofte, anD 

i Lord is my ban- * teljcarfcittojofljiia : fo; * 3! teillDtfetly 

Bctrashcdcda- put out tlje renumtJ^ance of SmaUfe fcom 

; red by holding DnDcr i)cauen. 

I vp his rod & his i^ (anD Jgofc? btjtlt an altat,anD caUeD 

I bands. tljenamcof u«31cfeoua^-mffi) 

i^r.tbehitndof 16 9ub ijefaiDjt^ljciLo^Dljatljfttjoitne, 

, the Lord v^su 
»he tbretie. 

a Itmayfeemc 
that he lent her 
backe for a time 
to her father for 
her impaticncy, 

t^at Ije bJiU l)aue toarrc tua^ amaU^ ffom 
generation to generation. 


I jfcthro ccmmeth to fee Mofes bis fannt in law, 
% Mo/is telleth him sf the wootiders of Ejyft. 
^ lethro reioyctth , and offirithfacnfice to God. 
A I What raa-Her of men officers and ludges ought 
to bee. 24 Mofes abe^ethlethrescouft/eii in ap- 
foiHtiiti officers, 

W'tmx 3!ct^JD tl^e *p?!ea ofS^iDian 
g^ofcs t>.tl)cr tn iaiu l^eatD atl tijat 
@3D I)aD Done fc-^ i35ores,auc fo^ Sftael W 
peopl?, and })c^ tlje 10/!D ijuD bicus'jt 31fra-- 
2 Ci)cn3icti}JOffiefatl)crtulab)ofS©o« 
leftiiieQiouidbe festool<c5ippo;.aii$0ores tuife, (aftctljee 

a let to bis voca- IjaD > ftnt l)Cl' flluav) 

tion, which was ? 3113 gertt«Dfcnnes,(tol3Ertofti)Conc 

fo dangerous, to<is callcQ * (Setdjom : fo^ ^cc favD , 31 Ijauc 

Chap.4.2 J. bene an aUaut in a firanse lanD: 

Chap. a. 2 1. 4 SnD tlje name of t^e otljer was (Elie- 

b Horcbis called jec: fo^ t^e (SoD Of m? fattjec , faidhee, was 

ymountof God, unncljdpc, (jDtUiieccD mefromtljcfu3o;!De 

becaufeGod Ofi3l35raoh) 

wroughtmany 5 SnD 3ietI)2DS3orcsratI)er in lato camc 
miracles there, tsiti; I)t3 ttco fonijts atiD lji3 loifeDnto i^e* 
So Peter wUeth fe3inietl}etijtroenicirc,'b;l)erel)eecampcD 
ibe rooiinc where by tl)t ^ nionut of (5oD. 
IChrift was tranf- 6 Snt i)e <= fatD to S^ofj iS , 31 t^v fat^jCt 
figured, the holy in latu am come to tljtcanD tlj? toife 
mount} for by aRD Ijcr tiDo fonnes UJit^ l)er. 

Chriftiprefcncc 7 CatlD ^orestUCUtOtU tO mCCtCl)i3 

it was holy for a fatl)erinlatu,anDDiDol3Eprance,anDki(rcD 

rime, i.Pet.i.iS. ijtm, anD cacl) at'UcD otljer of bw *U)elfare, 

c Thacis.hcfenc anD tl)cpcamE into tl)e tent. 

raeffengerj to fay 8 'EUcn ^^ofcs tclDc lji3 fatl)er in lato 

vneo him. r.Il t^at tlje LOitDc l)aD Done unto jQljaraol), 

iSir.of{Mce, auD to t^t C^p^tcan? fo; Mnila (&U t and 

all tfjetrattatle t^at!ja5 comeimto tljcm 6? 
tlje "u!av,ana how tije lo?D DelniereD tljem. 

ana 3Ietl)^o rciovceD atalltljegooQ* 
ncffe, teljiclj t!je £oiD liaD ujetucD to JiiracI, 
and becaule ije ^aa DcltuereD tijem oKt of tl)C 
l)anD0ft{je(£svpttan3. , „„ , , . 

10 'Eljecefo^^SIetij^ofayD, dTBleOeabee ^ .Wherebyitis 
tl)c {Lo;D , toijo tjacb DeliueteD yon out of tlje «"'^^"' ^"^} "« 
IjaiiB of t^e Cgvptians, anD ewt of tlje IjanD vvorrhippcd the 
of l^ljaraoi) : aljo^atl) aifo DcUnereD tljc tf^^Godiand 
people from bnDcr tlje IjanD of t^c ©sppti' ^<^c'efore Mofe« 

atI3. retufcd not to 

11 0oto3!fenebJtl)att|cXo;l!ei3scea= marry his dsugh- 
ter tljenalltlje gcD«t *fo: as tljepijatie Dealt ^"^ 

p^OHCelp tSJitlj tljtai. fo they are «recompen« 6^<?^,i«', 
fed. ii.andi.y^ui 

12 tE^cnSIctlj^of^oresfatljec inlahjc '4.8. 
too&ebntntctfcringganB facritices to offer c For they that 
i)ntoC5oD. anD aaronanDaUtljcffilDerjs f^ro-nedthc 
of:jrraeicametoeatb;eaDlatt& ^ofesfa* children of the 

tijer in lata ' befO^te^OD. Ifiaelires, pen- 

13 €00)33 on t!je mo^iroto , )xsUn Weteg J«'i themfeiues 
fate to tiiBget^e people, tlje people ftQ0Dea» by.vater. _ 
bout Woits from moaning to ciien. ', ^ney ate m 

14 anDtoften ^Pofcs fatljer in lato fatoc »hat place where 
all tljat Ijee DiD to tlje peoples^e fapDiMlljat '•'5 "cnficc was 

iStljiStijattljOaDoeft to t^e people f ailJV offered: for part 

fitttft tljoutfjvftlfe alone, anD all tlje peo» "^^ burnc,and 
jjle ftanD about tijec from moaning unto ^^ "'"■ <*«"• 

1 <i anD iipore0 fapDe into iji3 father in 
lalu, 'Bccanfetlje people come bnto mee to 

feefee g <SoD. g That is, to 

16 eaijcn tijev bane a matter tljep come know Gods will,. - 
into uiCjanQ 3! iuDge bettucene one anD an* and to haue iu. 
otljcr, anD Declare tftco^Dinanceg of <©oD, ftice executed. 
anD Ijis latocs. 

17 IBut ^ofes father in latu faiDelm- 
to Ijini , "Efee tijing tuljicl; tljou Docrt . is not 

i8 ^ftou botli+Vueanefltljjirtlfe great* tE^r.tbot4 wih 

Iv, anD t^lo people til at is iuuljtijee; foittlje /»«« "ndfali^ 

tljing is too IjcantefoitljiC J *tijou art uoc -Of^M.^. 
ablctoDoeitofrbprd enlonc. 

i^ iDearenaium))!! uoice, (3!U3ingi»e WOryCounfea, 

tljee counfell, auD (SoD i'uUb!.iDitlj tljct) . , , 

15ce tiiou fn; tiji- prople to '■©oiiijaarD, ana " ludgethou 

iep0;!t fljOUtije C aifes bntOiSoD, mhardcaufes, 

20 auQaDmoaiajtljemof tl^e ozBrijan* which cannot be 
ces , $ of tlje liteci , anD (Ije'c! tljem tlji ajaj> f^ecided hut by 
toljerein tljep ir>utlUiuU-:c, anD t'gz 'u.of.U confuitmg with 
tt)attljcvmulfi?oe. <^°''- 

21 $©o^ccu<:r,p?Dm"DctI)Onamon' alt^e . 

people,' men of courage, fcarujc;©r J, men » whatmanerof 

Dealing truciu, Ijattng r cuctotifnes , anD ap» »^«" ^"Sht to bee 

pomt fuchouertljcmtobe rulers r.i;cr tljou' chofentobeare 

fanD0,rulerf oner t)nnD;!cDs,ruUts oner ttf» J*™"* ,, 

tit3, auD rulcr0 ouer tcnne?. ^ 9°^ counfei 

22 anD let tljem iuDaetJje peopleatftll oughteuerto be 
feafons; but cuerp great matter let tOcm obeyed, chough it 
b^ing buto tljce, anD let f!!cnj iuDge al fmali ^ome oi our m- 
caufes: fo iljalit be eafiet fo? tl)ee,i«^ui t&ep f'^norsriorto fuch 

fljall bearc the burden UJttlj tljee. ^°'^ oftentimes 

23 :jf t'gou Doe tljis tljing, (anD (SoDfo giiitth wifcdome 
commauDtljee) botlj tljou iljalt bee able to to humble chcm 
enDure, aiiD all tljis people lljallalfo go q:it= that are exalted, 

ttlV to tljcir place. ^'"^ ^° declare 

24 <S)O50efe0''ObCVCDtbC\)O)>Cf. Ofljisf that one member 

fatber in laiue , anD DiD all tJjat ijee ^jaD bath need oian- 
fftpD: oth««. 

2s anD ^of^;; (^r^ nm of t9wm om 


Ifraelchofenabou call people. God Chap.xlx.xx. 

ca(iun,Nuni. io< 

I Which was in 
the beginning of 
the moneth Si- 
lian, co'^teining 
part of May and 

rrtof lune. 
That they de- 
parted KC- 

c God called 
laakob Ifrael: 
therefore the 
houfc of laakob 
and the people of 
Ifrael '•;^:iifie on- 
ly Gods people. 
i>eia 19. i. 
d For thecsgle 
by fl/inahic, K 
ourofdangcr, & 
birds rather on 
her wings then 
in her talents, de- 
dare' h her loue. 
Deut 5,2. 
Deuty I o> 141 

Chap.i^ 3. 
deut. ^.27. 
«t<i 26.17. 
i«/i&.l4. 1 6, 

e Teach them to 
be piirein heart, 
asthey fhewe 
themfelues out. 
by waihing. 



of all 3lfcael, aiiB mane t^cm Ijeaast omtt}}t 
people, tillers oucc tljcufanas, rulecsouec 
tin»ti?eci)s, ruUc)5 ouet tiftiefit, anD tulerja o» 

26 anD tljevtu'ogfB tl}e people at all fea' 
fons,but t'gev bdougijt rt)e baiD cnufes unto 
^ofes: foi tljcji iui3gci3 all (hiail matters 

27 aftertuaro $13orc0iUtI)i«f fttljei- in 
latu Depart, r.:ju ije tuent iiue ti.s couiutev. 


I The Ifiae'itescimetoSiaai. $ Ifr/ielis ebo- 
p-nfremamrDigaUother nations' 8. The people 
pomifeto ebey God. 12 He that toucheththt hill 
dtvh. 16 God afpearethvKto bilofesi/pon the 
mount in thunder aid Ug'ntning. 

7 tl)c ' tijirD moneto, after tlje cl}il0?cn of 
1 3!:i'atl luere nc&ne oat of ti)e laiiB of ©sppt, 
tl)e fame '' Bay came tljev into tbetoilQetnes 

2 jrO(i thev Dcparteti from KcpljiTimi, 
ana came to t!)Ciidcrtofi©inr.t,anD cam- 
pco in tl)c toiiDeniclT; : eiien t^ere Sfratl 
campen before tljc ^oimt. 

5 ' j3iit a;"efes went tip Ijnfo (SoO , fo.i 
t^e Lo;ii5 IjaO callcD out of cljc $)9omit yiuo 
feima'aping;, 'E.ijiis (Bait tljoti lap to tl)e l)Oiile 
of ' jCaa'kob, anO tcU tljc ctjiltijtn of Ifrael, 

4 *pecl)aue feene \3l)at3I JJiQ to t!)e ۥ 
5)'pttan3,(tbow3l cariciDycii upon "^ eagles 
totiTS£,ana ^aue bzougyt ?oii iMito me. 

% 0OU) tljerefoij *ifpeetui!l Ijcare mv 
Ijovce in ticeD,anD bcepc m? <Z>oitcnant,t^c« 
pee iljaUbemi' cljicfc treafure aboiicall yeo» 
pie,* tljougl) ali tl^e eartlj be mine. 

6 pe fijal'^c "auto me alfo alung5omcof 
*13jicit0,anC an bclp nation. 'E^efe are t ije 
ino^Des \jilnt]i tljou Rjalt fpeake ^nto t^z 

7 C33ofes tijen came anU calico foi tljc 
(EltJers of tljc people , ana p;!opofeti "anta 
t^cm all t^efe ttiings , toljic^ tlje to^iD com* 

8 anD tlic people anftoecea all togetljerj 
anD favD, * aii tl3at tl)c Lo^d Ijatl} couiman* 
acD,\BeeteiUaoe. anDS^ofes rci^o^teDt^e 
tooiCes of t!]c people imro tlje LoiD. 

anD tlje Lo?& fata unto® oresfjLof, 
3 come bnto tljcc iixii tijicUc clotioe, tftat tlje 
people map \}C?.tc , tsljilec 3 talks tuttl} tijce, 
anD t^u t^ep alio may beUenc tljee foz eucr» 
(foji^^ofes IjaDtolD tljc toOiDcsofti)cpco= 
pic bnro tlje £o^D) 

lo ^i3D;ttoucr t^e IsiD fatD tnto UdoCes, 
©oe to tt)e people, anD 'fanctttie ti^em to 
Dap anD ta mojroly, anD let ttiem toaiij tijeic 

II auDlettljtmbcereaDp ontl)e t^trDc 
Dap: fo^t^etljJrDDav t&e Lo^Qc totUcome 
Doiunc in tl)t l!gl;t "of all tUe people ijpcn 
mount ^inatr 

12 anD tijou fi)nlt fct tnarftesf bnto tl)e 
people romiD about, favintj, "Ealic^ecDero 
l^ourrelucsfbatvegonottop totfte mount, 
no;i touc!^ rljebcitDcc of it: toboQjcucr to«c^= 
tt'^ tIje*S8ouRt ftallfiirelpDie. 

15 0oljanDn)alltcuci)it, butlje (^allbc 
(toHcD to Deatl), 0^ ftticlvcn tljo^otoc toiti) 
Datta : tobctUent be bead m man, ^c frail 
wt Im ; )»iien t&e i|ijQ;n« Wmt^ long. 

appearcth to Mofcs in the Mount. 5 o 


tljev fijall come tp !l into tlje 2©oimtaine. 

14 CEyen $6ofes toent Doujne from t^c 
£0oimt bnto ttje people, anD lanctifieD tljc 
peoplcanD tijev VuafljeD tl)£ir clotljcs. 

15 anDl;efaiDtmto tl)c people, loercaD? 

on t^c ti)ic9 Dap,& come net at your 1 UJiues. f Butgiue yout 

16 an5tIjetljllDCDap,to^enittoaStr.DZ' fehies to prayer 

ntng, tlicre toas tbtmDers anDligljtniiiss, and a'^ftmence, 
anDdtlj(cfeetloiiDbp8ntl)e£i8oiint,anDtl)c that youmayac 
foi!:)D of tljetnuupet e)cceeDinglotoD,ro ttat this time attend 
all tije people tljattoas in tlj? campc, toas oiKiyvponthc 
aftaiD. Loid, i.Cor.7.1, 

17 ^l)cn fSofeg b?ougl)tt^e people out 
of t^t tents to meete luttl) Ooo , anD tlje? 
ftooD in tbe nettetpart oftl)E $ljoimt. 

18 ♦ anD mount ^tnai was all on fmohc, l>e« 
becanfc t'i;t la;D came Dotone t.pon it in 

fire, anD tOe fmoke tljcrcof alcrnDcD , as tU 

fmoUe of a foinace,anD al tljc $©ount gtci-iii' g Cod vfcd thefc 

bleD CirceeDinglp. fearefuli Agnes, 

19 anD S3Jl)CH tbe founD of tlje tntmpct th^tbisLawe 
blei3l-ng,?tuajLeDlo\j3DerijlotuDcr.,$]gere.s fliouidbc h^d in 
fpakc, auD ©oB anfac refl feim bp "» Dopce. . greater teuc- 

20 ( JrOi tljc JLO(!D came DOCUne ^pon rence,andhis 

mount <S;inaion tlje top oftlje amount) <inD maiffty the more 

tD!)en tljc Lb;D calleD fl^olcc Up into tlje top fsared. 

Cfti3emount,^Ole3lBCntbp. h Hegau« au- 

21 "CljentljClLo^DfatDlJnrcJil^OfcSj^OC rhoiitytoMofe* 

toumc, cljacge tlje people, tljattljcpb^tealie by piaine words, 

not th«ir b< iiiids,to goe vp tO tiJC £o;D tO gajC, that thepeoplc 
left manp of tbcmpcrtflj. might vnder- 

22 anD let tlje |1 IBlitds alfo )3)Ys\C^ come fland him. 

to ti)c LoiD, be fanctt6ca, lc;i tije to^io !l Dc* ^Or,ruferf. 

ftroptbtm. lOr,breaf{e Ota 

21 anD ^ofesfaiDeiinfc tlje !lP^D,'Elje vpomhem, 
people cannot come Dp u;to tlje mount "©i* 
nai: fojttiottljaft djargcD l}3,f?.ymg,^et 
marhs en tlje mouniainc, anD fanctifie ii". 

24 anD tljc Lo^D faiD ynto Ijtm, €>o?, get 
tIjce Doujne, auD come i?p, tijoii, anD a<iroit . .... 
liiitlj tijce : bntlctnottljf ' ia/icfts anDt^e » N'eitncrdigm- 

PCOple bZCaHC thfir touncis tCCOme up Unto tynormuUj.ude 
ti)t ilOiD, ltd IjC DellrOP tijem. ba-ie authority ro 

2^ <S-oCT5ore0iacntDo\miebnto{ljcpeO' p-ffethebowrds, 

pie, anD tOiD tije m. that Gods v.orti 

CHAP. XX. prcfdfceth, 

2 The conmniHdcmenti of the firjl table. 12 The 
cgmmayidememsofthef-cond. 18 Thepcplea- 
fi*id,arecomf3rtedby Mofes. 2} Godicffiluef 
and golds are agatne forbidd. «. 24 Of what fort 
the a/tar aught to be. 

Ti?m (60D n'pahe all t^cfe teoiDs, Taping, a when Mofe* 
2 * 3!amti)e HoiDe ti)P©OD, \il)iCl) aad Aaron were 
IjaHCb^CUgbt tljeeOUtOft^elauD Of(Z^gppt, gonvp,orh3d 

outoftbcl)o»reoi!lboiiDage. paired the bofids 

5 ^'you Ujalt tiaue none otUcr goDs ^ bc» of the people, 

fope;ne. God fpake thus 

4 ■' Oou fljalt maSc t&ee no granen (urefAemoHnr 
linage, neitijer anp fnnilituDe ofchings tljat Horeb.thataH 
are m Ijcaucn abeiic , neitijer tljat are in tlje the people heardi, 
cartijbcneatl>, noji tijat are in tljetuatersi i>eut. s.s.pfaL 
unDertoeeartb. 8»,io. 

<> '^ijou iijaltnot'bobjDotene totljem, l.Or./eruantu 
neuljcr fcnie ttjem : fox 3! am tljr LoiDc tljp b To «hofe eyes 
CpoPja-ite.ilcuscgoDjUtruing t^eintriiutie aiid>ingsare 
cf tftc fatljciij i;;jon tbe cijilD^cn , upon the fpen. 

t'oirD gtncrationj gs upon i;vefCiirtlj,0ft9Cm Itmtr.S.i. 

t^at^ateme; pf^'- 91:T' 

c By thisc^it- 
\vard geftiireallkindeof fcrH'ceand worfl.ipto idols ii forbiddSJJ. 
d Andwjli bcreuengcdof the conarDncisofrr.jnchonou?, 

6 and 

r*'fhe Commandements. The Altar. Exodus. 

Puniflimcnt for killlng,hurt. 

c So ready is he 6 ailU RjetottlS mtVCV tjntO * t^OltfatttlS 

rather to fhew to tfecm t^at leuc jiiee, auQ Hcepe m? m\u 

mercie then to ijianDemewts. 

puniOi. 7 *E&oii(!)altnottat5ctI)ej!5amcoftf)e 

LeuitA9.ii.deu. Lo^D tljvcJoDm 'Maine: fD;itOeLo?IitBiU 

s.ii.»«t.f.jj. not IjolCe I)im guiltUOe, tjjat takctlj Iji? 

f Either by fkvea- Ji^ameill ijaillC. 

ring f .ifeiy. or 8 Ecmembettljc^abbatljtiavtosKeepe 

rafhiy by his It ]}Qly. 

Namc,orbycon- q "*^f,t;eDave)3(Ijaltt5oKlabour,antlio 

temning it. aU tfjy UJO.ifvC. 

g Which ijby 10 TSiittljs feiicntfi Ba^is t^z «S)al)lJat^ 

meditatingthe OftljCLo^D tl)p©aD;init tljOUfljaltnotBoe 

fpirituall reft by ail? U3o;iUe , tljeu , ito? tftp fotine , «o; tbp 

hearing Goiis Bausl)t8t:, tl)i> man feruant, no: t^P matue, 

word.and rcfting ju)^ t:i)e &eaa,no; tlj? Htmstt tW i? toit^in 

from worldly 

matt, 154. 
n By the parents 
alfo is meant all 
thathaue autbo* 
ritie ouet vs« 
Mat. ^.21. 
i Butloueand 
prcferue thy bco- 
thets life. 
k But be pure 
in heart, word, 
and deed. 
1 But ftu'iy to 
faue his goods, 
m But further 
his good name, 
& tpcakc tructh, 
Rom. J J. 
n Thou mayeft 
aoc To much as 
wi(h hit hindc- 
rance in any 


o Whether you 
wil obey his pre- 
cepts as you pro- 

and i 8.7. 


I jtbtt it, 

" p Which might 

be by his ftou. 

ping,or flying 

abroad of bis 


tljp II gates. 

11 • JFojinfijce BapwtftcLoiiamalJetbc 
tcauen ano tlje cartli, t^e Tea, ann all tbat in 
tWiWi, aiiBrcfteiit^creusnt'g Dap: tljerc^ 
mt tlje tm blcfi'eD t^e ^abbatfe sa?, ana 
^aloiocQ it. 

12 € * i;onout rtjv •> father shd tbp mo* 
tbei-jtljat x\)v Da?cs may be piolongcls upon 
t^e lanD tobtclj v to;n rbp ©oD giustt) tljce. 

15 *El)oii(l)alt not i kill. 

14 'Ei30u fijalt not ^ commit aBulteri?. 

15 'd)onfi)altnot'tieale. 

16 %\]o\\ (tjalt notbeai;efaire'»b5ftneire 
againft tljy nctgljljoiie. 

c H A p. xxr. 

Temporal & ciutl ordmancei appointed by God, 
touching ferurudeymurthersy(i^r(!r9Kgs;tbeobJer-' 
uitiion whereof doth not iu^ijie a mitn, but tire gi- 
uen to bridle our corrupt nature^wbich els would 
breaks out into all mifchiefi and cruelne, 

^^£D\ue tOefe ace tl)e Lalue? to^ic^t^ow i'»»Mj-j^ 

^fljalt fer&efo^e tfcsm. deut.i^.tj. 

2 • 3tf tljoti bup an <i!:\i}.€^ feruant, Ijee i^revt.i^.i^, 
fi)aU feme tire peeres,anij in tljefeuentl) See ^ Paying no mo- 

fljall g0£ out free, » fo? notljing. "y for bis liberty 

3 i]fI;ecaRie''lnmf£lfealonc,^E(TjaUgo d Nochaumg 
oiit^tnilclfc aloue:ifljetvereniamcD,t^en "^"^ sorchii- 
%{$ iatfe fi)an goe out tuit:^ l)im. arcn. 

4 31fl)ismaftet: Ijatft siucnI)im3V0ife, c Tiihertime 
aiiDfijeljatljboin ^imfonneso^aaugtters, of feruitude was 
tl)C tuife ana Ijcc c^ilB;ien iTjall bee Ijcr « ma* cxpired,»faich 
ftecs,bat \)t n^all goe out ^imfclfe alone. "'Sht be the 

% 'Bnttftbefcniantfaptljus, 31loueni? feuenth yc«coi 
maUcMnp toife ano mp diiiu^cn ,| totU not ^^'^ fif"«h. 

gOCOlItfcee, XEbrgods, 

6 El)eiil)is!itta{lec(T)aIlb^tngl}imtjnto ^ Where the 
tl)et3^uDgcs,anafet^tm to tl)e«iaoo;!e, o? iu<^g«fatc. 
totljepotle,anD l;is maffec (ball bo;e ^is « That is, to the 
cace t^o?oto ttulj an atole, ano Ije fljal (tmz y^»^ of lubiie, 

^im fo; e cuer. which was euery 

7 tifeetuife if a man ffcl ^tjef Daughter to fiftieth yeere. 
be a fccuantjdje ftjall not goe out ast tlje nun ^ Conftrained 

rei"Uant050. cither by pouer. 

8 31fll)epleafe not 6ecmaffer,toljo&at|) tie,oreittothe 

17 ^Eljonfijaltnofcouett^vneig'gbo^ss betrot^eU Ijer to Ijimfelfe, tl)tn fijall gljee '"tent that the 

boufe , ncitbec fijalt tfeon coBEt tljp nsigS , . . 

boufs ujtfe, no^ Ijtsnianfccuant, ne^ tjts fell Ijec to a licangc people, feeing IjeHDelpt 
mapDe,nO(il)t5o^c, noMjigaffe,n£it|)ei;anp Ceoi&ec. 
tljing tljat 15 tl)p neighbours. 
18 C gnu all the pcojjlc H fatoe t^e t^tm 

caiifetobuplierrbccPoallliaaeno potocrto mafterfliouid 

marry her. 
g Bygiuingan 
C) 'ButtflieljatljbetrOt^ellbcrijntO^iSf othermoneyto 

fonne, ijc Rjall Beale tnitlj Ijer »■ acco^Oing to b"y her of him. 

Ser0, auD tUc 1 Itgl^tnings, ano tlje foi-na of tljc cuftcme of tfee Daus^tcrs. 

tl)etninipet,ana tl)c mountaiiie fmoiung: 
ana tuljentlje people faU)it,t^cpfleO, ana 

It) ana fatoe Unto S©ofe«, *i:alket!70tt 
toitO i)3, ana toe luill ijeace ; but let not <£>oH 

20 'E^en iS^ofcs fapBc bnto tbc people, 
JFeare not : foz 0oa is come to ° p;ooae pou, 
ana tbat Ijis fcare map be bcfo;ie vou,tl)at pe 
fnme not. 

21 «a)o tl)c people dooa a farreoSf, but 
£J5ofc0 B^eUJ nceve unto tlje aarknw UJ^cie 

($oa was. 

22 € 9na tlje !L9;iO faiae \3nt6 S^ofcst, 
W-m ftjalt tljou fap unto tlje cl)ilD?en of 3!f« 
tael,Pel)auefeene tljatj ^aue talftcaujit^ 
yon from Ijeancn. 

2? |Jee iTjall not mafee therefore teit^ mee 
goas of aiticr , nojt goa? of goiae : pou fljall 
make pou none. 

24 ♦ an altar of eartl) tljou (lialt make 
iJHto mee , ana tljercon fl}alt offer tl3p 
burnt oJfenng<7, ana tl)V* peace offerings, 
tl)V fljeepc, ana tfeine o.cen; in all places, 
lubere 31 Iball put tlje rememb;iance of mp 
0ame,3] UDtil come bntot^ee, ana bleOe 

2^ *'Butiftbontoiltmafee mee an altar 
offtonc, thoufl^alt not butiaeit of betoen 
ftonea : fo;t if t ijou lift up tljp toolc l)p6 tljein, 
tljou f)a(l pollutea :t tl)em. 

26 0zithtt fljalt tljon goe top bp Htps 
bnto inine altar,tl)at tbv p RUljinelf« bee not 
oifcQu^r^a tljercon. 

10 Ifljei take Ijim another wife, ijelbaH 
tTot aimiiudj \)ct fooa, bcr raiment , ana re> 
compcnfc of bertjicginitie. 

11 ana tfl)cBoiiottl)cfe''tbiiecijntofjer, 
tlien fijall (be goe out fcecpaptng no money. 

h Thatis.heflial 
giue her dowrie, 
i Forhisfonnc. 
k Neither marry 
hcrhimfelfe not 

12 C*t}et0atfmttctbaman,anai)eDie, gme anothermo- 

(baUaiCtbeaeatlj. neytobuyher, 

I? anaifamanbatbnotlayaetoait,b«t norbeftowhet 
' (Soa l;atb oiferta him into bis bano, ♦ tben vpon his fonne. 
31 totllappoint tbec aplacetobitberbcfljalt Leuit.x^.ij. 

flee. 1 Though a maa 

14 "hVLt if a man ceme p^eftimptnotifly be killed at vn- 

iiponbisneigbbour to BavbiRituitb gutle, wares.yctitif 

tboH fl)alt take biui from ininc"' altar, tl;at Godsprouidencc 

be map Die. th,-tit(houidfo 

i<y ftaifo be tbat fmitetb bis fatber o^t biiS be. 

motbcr, (lialiaietbeaeatb. Deut.M$.^. 

i6Cana be v tlcalctb a man 5 felletb iitHy m The hoiinefle 

if it be foima luttb btm, ftjall aic tbcBcatb- of ypiace ought 

17 C*ana be tbat ClirfctbbtsfatbCro; not to defend the 

bis motbcr,n)allDic tbeBeatb. munher. 

18 C'Klbetnncnairottriuetoget!)er,ana Lemt.zos pro. 
onPfmiteanotbcrtiJitb "aftonco^toitbtbe io.20.mat.ti. 4, 
8a,ana be Die not,but lietb in beD, ttur^e 7. 10. 

19 jCfbcrifeagainc, ana toalketoitbout n Eithcrfarre off 
ijpohbts ftaffe,tbcn iball be tbat fmotebim, himomeere. 
goofiuitjfaueenlybc Qjalbeare biscbarges o By the ciuiil 

U fo;i bis reftinff,ana fljal pap fo^ bisbealing. iuftice. 

7,0 C ana if a man fmite bis feruant, 0(1 ^Or,ioofi»gof his 
bismavDtoitbaroD, ana be Die ^jnaer bi3 '"««• 
bana,ben)allbefiirclvpinnfl.iea. p Bytheduiii 

21 iSutifbe continue a Dap,o;ittyoaaie£f, Magiftrate.but 

be(balllOtrbepilKi(l3CD:fO(tbci^bi5n?oncp. before God he is 

22 C^lfotf menftriwe^buttaijjoman amuRhtrcr. 


Theft and damage. 

Chap.xxii. Of lending and borowing. 32 

q OFthe mother 
or child. 

matih, 5.38. 
r The execution 
of this lawonelie 
belongcii to the 

f SoGcjdreuen. 

gcrhcruclty in 

moft lead things. 

Gen, 9,5. 

t Ifthebeaftbec 


more fliall the 




H By the next of 

X Read Gen. t J. 

y This laxv for- 
biddeih not only 
not to hurtjhut 
to beware left 
any be buit. 

»E5tfer great 
or a Imall bead 
i.Sam.i 2.6. 
h Breaking an 
houfcto enter 

%Ebr.vf>htn the 
funne rifeth vp' 
on him. 

c He (hall bee 
put to death, that 
Killeth him. 
^Sb.ta bis hand, 

toit^ cljiinc, fo tbat^er cIitlBe Ucpact from 
6ct;,ana 1 Deati) follotu not,l)C (Ijall be furclv 
pimt'neo accoiDing as rt)C tuomans Ijuf' 
banD iljal appoint biW) ojt ^t ftjaUpayasf t\)t 
Onuses actermiiie. 

25 Buttf QutljfoUoto, tl)cn tijou ll)alt 

24 * ' ©?e foz £))e , tootl) fo? toot^ , ^awa 

2'j iBmninz fo? imrHina , toouna fo;t 
toet'nD,ft«pe foi ftcipe. 

lb C ^JiQ i' «» 'iwi' finite 1313 ftniantiti 
rlie epco^ Ijts tnaiTj hi tl)e eye , ana l)auc pc» 
rifijeO it, Ue RjaU let l]'.m goe free foi i)i3 eve. 

27 31(0 if lice finite ^ out i)ts untants 
tomi).M W mains to0tlj>l)e lljaU let ftim goe 
out tree fo? l)ts tootb. 

28 C 31f an oce go;e a man o;t a tooman, 
tl)atljeaie,t;3c* ore iljalbt ' ftoncD toDcatlj, 
ana Ijis flef^ il;al not be catcn,Ui!t tlje otontc 


20 31f tljc a;'e biire raont to pufl) in times 
paK.anD it^ath btcnetl lolD bis maaer,ana 
be I)atl; notfecprijim , ano after ijcftiUct^ a 
imn 0? a ujoman , tlje o;ce fijalbe ftoncD, ana 

50 3!f tbcre be fct to »)im a^ftimme of mO' 
nev?,ti)cn be fljaU pavtl)e ranfomeof Ijislite, 
tojljatfoeiicc fljalbe lava ijpon Ijiin. 

31 ailt)crl)ct be batb go^ca a fonnc,o^ 50* 
rca a aaiigljcec, Ijee Ujall be iiiagea attet tlje 
fame mancr. 

3 1 31f tt;e occ go;ie a rertiant oi a raata, It 
fijalt guieantotbeir maftettljirtv^fljehets 
of lUuei-,ana tbe ojcc llialbc ft onea. 

35 C9"0tubcnamann)allapcn aftrll, 
oibjljenbe fijaJ aigcgcapit anacoueritnot, 
ana an o;cc 0^ an aitc fall tbeicin, 

34 'Ebeotenerof tbe pit fljallyniafte it 
gooa, and giae monpi> to tije oiuners tljereof, 
but tbe ae aa heart fi^all be ^is. 

3^ C^na if a mans oiecburt^isnetgl)' 
bouts ore tljat be aic, tben tbey HyM fell tbe 
line o;t;e, ana ainiae tbc money thereof. an& 
t^caeaaoxeaiCo tbev ftaliaimoe. 

56 5D(i If it be knoiucn tbat tbe oj;c 5atl) 
l)[cB tapnfijin times pad, ana Ijts maftec 
i)3tl) not fecpt bim , bf e fi)?.Il pay ojce £0; Ojce, 
but ti}t aeaa iljalbe bis etune. 

CHAP. X X I r. 

t Of theft, 5 damage, 7 lending , 1 4 harmp' 
ing, 16 efitifingofmaidi, \% witchcraft, 20tdo- 
iatry,! i fupport of [irayigers, tvidotres.ijr' father- 
Its, »5 vfury, 1 8 reuerence to Magiftrates, 

1 f a man ttealcan » oi:c oi a iluepe,ana ftill 
Itto^felitt, bee tljnU reffo^e fiueorcnfe? 
t^e ojee,* ana foure Hjeep fo? tbe iTieepe. 

2 ^ 3if a tbeefebefotma ''b;ieafetng bp, 
ana be fmittcn tljat ^e Bic,no blooa fimii bee 


5 Ent if it bee 4= in tbcoay Itg^t,* blooa 
fliaJlbe fhed fw \)im : fur bee fljoulB make full 
reftitutiou : if bee baa not wherewith , t^cn 
fijeuiabebefoia fo;tbi3tb£ft. 

4 3If tfee tbeft be founa + toitb btm alitie, 
(tobetbet it be c^ejaffe, o? ftjef P0t)c R?aU re* 

5 C'Jlf a man aotjnrt fiela, o^bfneyai-a, 
^tpntinbisbcadtofecacin anotber niana 
ti£lB,b£ fijal leconipcnfc of ybeft of bts otan 
fielo,a«a of tt)C bea of ijis oiwn? vinevata. 

6 CJtf 8re b;ica!?c out, ana cafe^ in tlje 
tboincs, ana tbe Unchs of co^nc, o; tlje Uaiu 
aing co;ne,o^ tijc UclQ bj confumca , be tljat 
tiinaiea tbe firc,n)allinahe full reltifutlon. 

7 € 3 fa man aclintr bis ncigbboiit mo» 
«ev,o;i ftnffc to kccpc.ana it be aolicn out of 
ijis imiCt, if tijc tljtefe be founa, Ije ft}aU pap 
tijt aouble. 

8 3If tbetIjeefebettotfotma,tI)fn «;ema» 
Her of tlje boule fljallbcc b^ougbt iJntotlje 

+ Juages to fweare , ttbCtljCr bee batl) «» pnt t^h. gods. 

Sis ljanatnto^i3neigbboiirsgooa,o; no. d ihatis.whe- 
31ii all manner of rrcrpaffe,iDb£tber it thethebathflol* 

ucfo; o.rcn,fo^ a(fc,fo^ Jl}Ef pe,fD2 ravment>o; kn, 

fo^ anp manntr of loft tbtng, tobtclj anotI;ec 

cbalengctb to be bis, tbe caufe of botb parties 

ft)all eome before tlje Juages, and uj^om tbc 

Sltiagcsconaemnc^eeftjaU pap tlje Bouble 

lo 3lf a man aelinertintoljts neighbour 

to ttef pe affc, o;i occ, o; Hjcepe , o; an^ beaft, 

ana it aic,o? be 4=i)«rt,o;i tafeen alwap bp ene. ^EBr.ho^eft. 

jmes,and no man fee it, 
n 'anotbcoftlieLo^adjalbefcetVucfne * Theyfliould 

tljcm ttoaine, tbst be batb not pur bis bana ("^^re by the 

l)nto bis nctglibotiis gooa,ana tbe otuner of Name of the 

it ftjall tahe theothe , ana ijee Rjallnot mafec ^°^^' 

it gooB: 

1 2 '15nt if it be Sollen from btm, Ije fljall <?«».3 i-i9' 

13 l!f it be to;ne m liiut^,, Ijte njallbnng 

f reco^Byind Rjati no: mal^e tljat gOOB, which f He fhall (hew 
isBCUOBrcB, foniepartofthe 

14 CSlnaifa man bO.JtOtoou^htof^iS beaft, or bring Jo 

neigljbonrjf^itbeburto^clsaie, tl)co\Bnec wnntflis. 
tbcr.-of not bema bp , ^e fijall furelp make it 

i-j af tbc otonei- t^ereofbe bp,!)e fljal mt 
tr-afee itgooB : for if it be an i)iteB tijins, it „ . . . , 
g came fo^ bis Ijlce. ? ^V "^ ^'^^ 

i(j C^anBif amancnti&amaiaet^at Kiha^'^ffrccbf 
is not bm-otljca, ana lie i3Jitbljer,ljec fijall Pfy"'S the hire.. 
inBotu bcr,ana take bcr to bis ijJtfe. ^^«'- * *♦*'» 

17 31f berfatbcr tefufe to giue b£r te^im, 
i)e ftinll pap montp , aeco^Bing to t^beBotu^ic 

18 C Ebon fijalt not fuffer a toittb to line. 

1 9 c^ftofocuet Uctlj xwit^ a beaft , fijall 

20 C*li?ce tftatoReretlj Dnto anygoDsf, r>f»». 1113,14, 
fauc^ntotbtLo;iaonlv,fijalbeflaine. 15. iMacz.i^ 

21 C*i!©o^o»er,tbbufi)altnotaoe{n{u» Leu1t.19.ii. 
tit to aftrangcr,ucuber opp,2fn"c bun J fo^ pe 

toerc ftrangers in tbe lanB of <?J:gppt. 

22 «i*J'cen)aU not trouble anptoiBoto, Zef&, 

2? 31f tbou bcrc 0? trouble fHC^,?^fo \}t call 
ana crp unto me,3I toiU furelp beare bis crp* 

24 "Ebcn fijall mp ir^'.tb be kmalea, ana 
31 UJiU kill pouBjitb tbe firoiiBe, ana pour 
h ttiuies fijall be UjiBo\»e?,aHD pour ci^iia^cn h The iuft plague 
fatljerlclTc. o( God vpoB the 

2s; C*J!ftftoHlcnamoncpfomppropIe, «pprcflbars. 
thatis,totbepoo?ctottbtbte, tijoufijaltnct Lemt.2$. j7* 
bccasanDfiireetintobtm: peefljaUnotop- dent. 2119. 
P(!cire bim tctrb ufurie. ffal. ly 5« 

26 31ttljontnUetbvneigljb0nrsra*»ment 
topleBge, tbou fl3?ltr£fio;c itijmotjtmbe' 
fo^e tbe funne goe Bolanc: 

27 JFo: tbat is tbc coiif ring onilv , and 
tlji;s is Ijis saimf nt loji ^ls ifeimu ; io^ereni- 



llcuercncc due to Magiflrates. The Exodus.^ three folemne feafts. Gods proeiiTc, 

i For cold and 
^£ii 2 J. 5. 

fc Thine abun- 
dance of thy 
cornCjOyle, and 

Chaf. i;. 2,12. 
and 3 4,1 5' 

1 And fo haue 
nothing co doe 
tvitb ic 

ti3me,3I tutilfteareijtm; foz 3! ammsrcifHit 

15 %\)m " dial: ftcrpe tlje feaft of s bnlea» c^fr*/.. i j. j. 
ueneD bmiQ: t^iou iijatteare tinleaueneO d»<<j4.i8. 

29 C^i)tnc''Sbuntianceanat^vltq'.io;t appcarcl3?fo«tiueinpf)?. pafiedcucrand 
fi3aUtl)ounotfeeepebache.*Elje8riiboiHe i^ (5{)« " ftaft alio of tijc Ijarnert oft^e fparcdthcifrac* 
oftlj^fonnesfijaUrlioiigiueme. fiL'ftfnu£E0Oitlj|»lafaotjcs,t)ol)icl)ti^oul)atl iites,»henhe« i 

30 tiUetoifc fljalt tl}ou fioc tettt ti)inc tototntntljetJclD; ana t^e'feaftof gat]^e> flewthcfirft , 
ojcnanDtuUI)tl)?iljecpc:fsnEnliav£suiijai nng fmites in tljc enfl of t^e peete, tnliett bomeofthe 

be ttiiti) ijta Damme, and tlje Eigi)t^"Dap rtjou tljoti fjaft satijcceD tn tljp labour? out of tl)C Egvptians. 

fljaltgmc it mc. ficlD. i)eut,i6.\6. 

51 CPeiljallbeattljolvpcDpleljntome, 17 There tluee times in t^epeerei^all all «(rf/wjj.4. 

* ncin>et: ftaU pc cate anp flcrtj tl)at is tu?nc tbp men cljiic^eu appcace befc^te t^e Ho^Dc h which is 

of beaftesiutljefielQi pecrvaiUaftU'tOtljC 3iJi}0«al). Wbitfohtide,in 

Uogg?, 18 CljoufljaUnot Offer t^eblooti of mp token that the 

facri5cEtettl)i'leaaeneDb(ieai):Heitl)et^aU Law wasgiucn 

CHAP. XXIII. tijefatceof mp factitJceremameDntiUtlic jo.dayesaftet 

a Uot to foUoTv the multitude. \i Uott«mii\t ino^iunj. tiicy departed 

nuHtivnoftbeftrangeGods. 14 The three fo- I^ * E6e firll 0ftr)Cfir({ fmited Of tft? from Egypt. 

Umnefeajls. ao2j The .Angel ufromifedtoleai l2n9 tl)OU fljalt b^lHg intO t^e l)0«fe Of tfte i This is the 

tkef>eof>le._i$ What God fromfetb ,t} they obey I-O^tl tljV0O3: yctfijaltt^OUnOt£eetl}a ftlD feaftofTaber- 

iil ijtS ' motl3eri5 milfee. nacles, fignifymg 

20 li*i3cl?olo,3]renBan anjclbefoie that they dwei- 
tl}ee,tot?ccpEtI)ecintljeiua?, aiiQ tob^thg kd4o.y£cresyn- 
tljcctot&e}Jlacetul)(cl)| ijaue p.iepareO. derthettntjor 

21 Betoareoffemi,$^eareljtsuoice,and the Taberoacies 
p^Duofee l}un aot : f02 bee toill not fpare pour in wiidcrncnc. 

2 C Efeou i^alt not follonu a muUif nUc nutncctss.becaiifempa'jHianieisinbim. k Noleauened 

fc) Doe CHii, neither + agree in a controuerQe 22 ";2t!t if tbcu bearheii iintoljtsuopce, bread(ballb«€ 

» to Decline after man? ano oaertij^otu the ano Doe all tbat 3 fpcaUe,tl)tn 30 yoiH bee an then in thine 

trucrh. EnemieDHtotljmetnemie?, anDtolU afflict hoife. 

him. 29 God will caft out the CsnaAmteibjfUt' 
tie and little ^ and why, 

Tl7oiift)?.yt notjrcceineafiillitalc, net« 
tl)er lljalt tl)ou put tbtns banDijjit^tljc 
ij)icI^eD,to be a p faift luitHeff?. 

\]Or,r(l>ort a/alfe 



XEbr, afifrvere, 
a Do chat vsbich 
is godly though 

fcwdofauour it. g CE'Swinjaltnotcifecmeapooiieman tijenuljataitiict cljee. chap.j^if. 

bifwebeboud in 1)13 caijfe. 25 Jrozfnine9ngel*(ljalgoebefo;et|)ee, </e» ' 

todoegoodto 4 €Sf tfioumcetc tljine enemies: orc,o? anDb^tngtbeetontotljeamo^ites, anDtye l Meanin°,that 

Ijis alTe going alltap , tljou itjait'' basing Ijim l^ittires , anD tlje J3eri?5ttes, gt tlje (!Lanaa» no fruits Qjouid 

toljimagaine. nites,tljeii?mites,anDtlje31ebuGte.0,anD31 betaken before 

5 3if rboHfeetbinc cnemiesi 'alTelving toill Deitrep tbem. iuft time-. & here- 
ijnDcr bis burDen , tutlt t^ou ceafe to bcipe 24 Wiou flialt not hoXD Dotone to tljeir by are bridled all 
^imft[)0tifi5altl)clpl)imtoyagai!ie luitbtt. SoDSjneitljerferHCtljem, no; Doe after tbe cmeiiandwan- 

6 CEl)0u flialt not oucrtlj^oto tlje rigljt U)o;kesDftl;cm:but*°i3ttcilpo«ertl);iol«e ton appetites, 
mand to help vp oftf)vpoc^e:n Ijtsfnir. t^em,anD b;eahe tn pieffs tbcir images. C>"'P'ii-*' 
our enemies afle 7 'Eljotifljalt t^eepctbce far fromafalfe 2^ To; vreflmll feme tlje lo^iD pour ^oD, deut.-j.n. 
vnderhisbur- matter, 'anD lljalt not flap tbe <• innocent atiB Ije il;.ul tjlefTc tijp <> b^taD tttljp toater, m iwiiigiue 
den, will he fiiffcr anD tlje rigljtcous : fo; 3] ijjill not mrtitie a a"5 31 tutU to^^z all Ucfeeneite aiwap from t^e him mine autho- 

our enemies 
bea(^, much 
more to our cne 
c If God com 

Tsto caftdownc UiiclieDman. 

our brethren 8 C* Eljou l!)alt tafee no gift: fo; t|)e gift 

with heauy bur- bttnDctlj tl^c % luife , f perucrtctl) t^e too;D5 

dens? oftljerrgljteonff. 

i><j«.ij.jj. <5 CEtjon fijalt not opp;cflc a Granger: 

miD£JOff{)ee. ritie.and hee ftall 

2<5 <5r'^i)frci!)aU none caft tljeir frttit gouemeyouin 
«o;beeb;.H'Mi tntl)planD;.4)e number of myname. 
tljv Caves toili Ji fulfill. chap j j.a. deut, 

27 31 luiilfeiiD my pfe?.re before tbcc, anD 'j.ix.tojh.i^.iu 

d whether thou fo; vce UnoU) tl)e « beart of a ltrangcr,l£eing toilt Dcluop all tbe people among labome Deta j. 1 5. 
beaMagiftrarc, petoeit ftrangers in tlje lanDnf^gvpt. thou fijaltgoe: anD 3iU3il make altljineene* n Godcoman- 

' •'■ mifSturnetljCtrbafllCSbntOt^ee; dcth his not only 

28 ilnD31ijotllfenD*bo;ncts[ieFo;et6ee, nottoworfhip 
b)I)icb ii;allDmieonttijelojuive0,tbe©ana» idoies,buttodc- 
anitcs,anD tl)c tptttites from tliv face. Uroy them. 

29 JiU:rU not call tliem out fiomtljp face o Tbans,ail 
in one pcf re , left tbelanD grooa to a toilDer* things ncceHary 
ntlTcjanritljebtaagof ti)eSeiaimiltipIpa» for this prcfcnt 
gainftt[^r. life. 

30 '}0pltttleanDlittle3ItoillD;{iie tbem Deut.^u- 
out from tbp face, ^milltljouuicreare, anD p iwiiimake 

inberitetl)elanD. thfm afraid at 

31 SnD 31 tuill make tbptoafteg from tbc thycomming, 

or art commaan 
ded by the Ma- 

ecclus 20.3 S. 

10 ♦i6l5o;couer , fijte pceres ti)ou Ujalt foso 
t^p lanD, anD gatljer tlje fruits thereof, 

11 '35uttl)c teuentljpeere ttouftjaltletit 
rctt nnD lis Uill , tliat tbe poo;e of tlji? people 
map eate , anD tuljet tljcp leaue tije beatTs of 
tIjeficlDliiallcate. 3]nlikemancrtl)ou (liait 

e Forinthltthat DaCttlitt)tljpl3tnepatD,andtoltl) tbiHCfliue 
he is a ftrangtr, trcea, 

hishsanis for- 12 ♦^ijL'eDapesf n)aUti&ouDoetI)piMo;{ie, 
towfuii enough. anD in tljc fcuentlj Dap tljou fijalt reft , tbat 
I,«».25.j.«Wa<J t^ineorc, anD tinnealTc map reft, auDtlie 
Ai.deut, I s.«. fonne oi tl)p mapDc anD tlje (Irangcr map be refrefljeD. 

f Neither by 

tcD fca imto the fea <) of tlje pijtliftims, anD ami fend mine 
13 aiiD pee (ball talte beeDe to alltbings from tljc f Deferttinto tbe "^Kiuer; fi);3!tDill Aug i to de- 
tbat 31 baue faiD unto vou: anD pe Hjal mahe Deliucr tlje inljabitants of tlje lanD into ipour flroy tbem , at 

fweating by the, f no mention of tlje name of 8tbcrgoDo,nei' banD , anD t^ou (bait D;iue ttjem out from chap.jj.*. 

nor fpejkingof t^er fijallitbebearDoutcf tljpmoHtlj. tbjface. iolhi^,ii. 

them, Pfal. 16,4. I4 €3^'0ieetimest^0ilfi>lUkeep5afCa(l , qCalledthefea 

Efhcf.r.i . IJIUO m? Ill tJje ptet?» of Syria, r Of Arabia , called Delerta. I Two wit, Euphrates. 


Chap.xxiiij.xxv. Offering for the Tabernacle, 32 

32 * '^Im <laTt malte no coucnaHt luU& S^omit ^in8f,flnij tbc cloistj ccimtn Fit Oj;e iior, /;»«. 
ttjera,no^toitl)rt)eicgoDsj i)3Vt3:fi»a rbefcuentbDav l)« caiUUtimo 1 The Lord ap. 

33 /I5Eiti)ec tljall tljcv DWcU in % lana, ^oiEJontaftljemiusofttjecio'.iB. pearahiikerfe- 
leatfttvmaftEtljeermneasatnftmee: foMf 17 9iiatl)eOsl]t0ft^cglo;v of tl]eto?tJ uouringHreto 
tljottieruetljcirgoD;?, funlp itJ^allbec tiiv *»as tike confiimmg fire on tljctoppeof rge carnaii r.'tn:but 
t * Cedructton. $13oanu^tnc,tu tljs cpe? of tl;e tljtlc^en of 3if> to them that he 

CHAP. XXI I II. taci. draweth with his 

J The people prcmife toobeyGcd. 4 Mo/Jf 18 3na S^ofeS ElltrjO tltfO tijt nutl0 of Spirit,he is Jike 

wnteththeCtuiUlawes. 9. i^ Mofesreturneth tljC ClOilD, an'J tl3EHt Up tOtlje ^^OUUtalne: pleafar.tSaphir. 

into the JHountaifie- j^ ^aron and Hurhaue ana$?©ofES teaSintl)C*^0UnCf0.2t?J)apf3 f^3^;?4.28. 

the charge of the people. i2 Mofis rf as fiurtte fltlD tO^itp lltgijtS. diUi.99. 

dayss and fiurtte nighti iHtheMountahHe. C HAP, XXV, 

K TSDto Ijee ijafl » faiDe imtO ^Ofes, QTmne * ^'Ae voluntary gifts for the m.ii^ng nftbe Ta- 

iNuptOtlje LO^B, tbOllj anD Saron, J2a' iemacle. loThefirmeofthe^rke. tyThe Mer- 

t)ab,ani3ablljll,antlfetJCntiC0ftl)e©lDet3 ciePat.r^ The Table ji The CandUJluke. /^a 

of 31fcacl,anO pC fliaUU)0;tft)ip afarrC off. ^AUmu^ be done accatdmg totbepaterne. 

2 anu ^fes ^tmfclfc a(one fljall come 'T't^en t^e HoiiU fpaKe into ilgofest , fa?» 
tiferc to t})E L02D , but ti)cp fijall not come i mg, 
Keere,neitl)ec ajall tljc people go DP t5l)tm. 2 "'^pcaftebnto tl^ec'gtlc^cnofJTracI, a Afrertr>cMo, 

3 Caftcttoaca $l5oi>3camcanDtDOe tljattljtytEcemEanoffctmgfoiniE.'of'cue' rail and ludic^ail 
tI)epEojJlea!l tl^Elua^usoftlje £.OiiD,anQ aU r)>man,\Dliofcl)eartgiii£tl3itfcef(p,?ECfijall Law.heeiweth 
tlje + ilatoEs : ano all tbe people anfiDeita tafec tlie oftcttng fo; me. them the cerc- 
toitlj one uopce, anu faine , * Sll the tljmgs 3 ano tijts ts tlje offer ingto^icl) ?e HjaU moniaii Law that 
tot)tcl) tlje to2t3 Ijatl) fain, totll u?e use. ^ t^<.'s.t of t|)em,go!D, ano ftUier,anfl b;taire, noihing niouid 

4 anD ^ipofcs UJ^ote all tijE luoiBEg of 4 anoii blftufUUE,anDpiirplc,anat'kar' hciefttoir.ans 
t^E £.020, anfl rofe up Eareir' , ana fee ttp att let,aBi3 tiwe Unnen, ano goats haire, jnucnticn. 

^ ,. ♦ aitac iliincec tl)e^3ountatne , anD tujcltie 5 9[ua lammEs n^tnnescoleiirED reMe, chap.js-^. 

^Or,atthef59tof piKacs acco^Diug to t^E ttoEltie 'Ci'ibEsof ajiatl)efivtHnc3 offaaDgcr?, ano tljetoooa b Forthebuii- 

the Mountame. ^fratl. ' ^Ijttttm, ding and vfeof 

% ^ntJ \)Z fent vong « men of tl)e cl^tlti jcn 6 ©jjle fo;i ttjelig^t , fpices fo? ^ anovn» the Tabctnacic. 

ofifraeUtubtcljotfcrei] faucnt offEcrngs of tmgovle, ano fo;tljEpctfi;meof fojectEfa' \.or,yeUow. 

beeuES, anH facciBceo peace offerings unto HO'it, c which is 

tljeLo^a. 7 2Dm'.s;(Tone5!,anr> (loncg tobcefettit thouohttobca 

6 •Et)cnS©ofE»toofeeI)?.lfeoftI)Ebloo9, tljc*(Il:pl;OD,anamtl)e*b;tEftplatE. kindeof cedar, 
ano pnt tt \n bafuis , ano Ijalfe of tlje blooD 8 alio tijcv lijall mafec me a « ^anctua* which will doc 
IjefpMiifeleU on tl)e altar. i'J'>tljat31 KiavDtocllsmongttjem, rot. 

7 aftErljEtooketljellboofeeoft^eGEoue* 9 accozotngto alltliatiiflietoetftee, e» a OrdeineAfot 
nant, ana ceati it in tlje aiitsiEncc of t^e pEO' mm io rtjaU n make tljE fo^nic of tl)c 'Eatiec' the Priefis. 
pie: tobofatD , ailt^attlje to;D Ijat^ fajio, nacie,anli t^e faftjionofaUt|jEtnnrHment;S chap 284. 
toEtX!iUDoe,an!ibEobEDtent. thereof. rhap.-.s t<. 

8 'EftEH il^ofcs tookE i^c * blcoQ , anu 10 C '^I)t? fl)an msfee alfo an * Srfee of c a place both 
fp^nMeDitoutl)epcoplE,anDfaiCf,T?etoia "©tittun U)ooD,ttuo cubiteg ana anljalfe to offer facrifice, 
tUe «'blooB0ftlje(£:onenattt,iDl)ici) tlje lo?D long,an5 a cubtte ana an ^alfe b?oaD, an5 a andtohearethc 
Ijatb maae toitb you concernmg all tljefe cubueanaanijalfcl)te. Law. 
things. II ana tijou lljalt oticrlay? it iuitlj pnre chap 37 1. 

C^ftftttoentfep $0ofe5anaaarou, soloe:toitfeinanatoitl)otit fljalttlwicuer' 

|5aBab, ana abiljB, ana (xucntieof tjje €1* Uv it, ana (ijalt make iipon it a li croioneof 

e As perfeaiy as BcvsofUfracl. ^ goloronnaabout. '. 

their infirmities 10 9nDt[)C})»ratotI;c(Soaof3irrael,an3 12 9na tI)on (I^alt calt foure ting^of 

couidbchoid his i)nccrl)i3fEEte wasasittoerea ttoo^feecfa goiafo^ it, ana put t^cm in tbe foureliei^ 

Maieaie. ©apljtr if OHE, ana as t'ge uery l)cauen tuljen ncrg cljcreof; tbat is^voio rings fhabe orffoe 

iEbrbrtch- ttisclearc. oneriaeofit,anattooringsontljeotl;Ec3fe& 

vork^e. u 9na upon tl)e nobles oft^ECIn'ia^cn of thereof. 

f Hemadethem aifrael^f la^eanotljjsljana jalfotijE^faX^ 13 anat^ouflialtmafeebatrEs; of ^tjit- 

notafraid, nor (^oa,anB 6 cio fat anD D^infee. tlm toooa.ana ccner rljcm tottl) gcia. 

puniOied them. 12 C 3"5 tljc l-o^a •'fevabntoSpofesr, 14 "Elicn tl)otrtl)a[tputtl]ebarre0in tijc 

g Thatitjteioy. ©omeijp tomEmtotbeS©o"untainE,anabc ringsbptljEfiaesof tlje :arke,tobEaretl)e 

ced. tl>Ere,ana 3! luilSiMEtbeei Stables offtonc, aruEtQit!)tl}Em. . 

b rnefccond anattjeiLaiuf tbeCommanBcmcnt to^iclj i? 'Clje barren l^albe in tfie rings of t^e fTheflois?Ta= 

time. 31 Ijaae tP(!itten,fo^ to tcacft ■« tl)cm. grkc: ti)ev iliall not be taftenaluav from it. bles,fherodoF 

i signirv!n|,tfee I? 'i[,ijen$l?olisrDretip,ana Ijismfmaec i6<g!otijOU(I)aUputinrljEarl<etl3ei'5L.c» Aaron andMano 

hardneflcoFour 3!efi)na,gt2@ofcsf tueiit ijpintotlje^ouH* nimajuetol3ic5331il3allgin£t6cc. na.whicbwcre 

hearts, except taine6f©03, I7 aifo tijOU fijaUmafeeailg^frcpfcat attftimonit of 

God dowritehis 14 auBfaiabnto tljE <Eiaet;5, "Earpiis ofpuregoia^t^ociitutcaairBanljalfelano-, Godsprtfcnce. 

Lawes therein by ^ere, i5ntiU tuee come sgaine tmto yon : ana ana a cubite ana an l)alfE b^aa. "" || or.couering, o- 

his Spirit,iere. ji'. be^ola,aaron, ana l^nt are toiti) yon : tol)o= i2 ana tljou fl)alt nia&e tUioCCKruBiras. propniatone. 

3j.ezek.ii.ij>, ibcHetfcat^ any matters, let ^m come to of go^^ : of uio^ke beaten out \jjitlj tbe Ijam- gThereCo^np- 

a.cor. J. j.hebx.S. t^em. mer njalt tljoU make tljem at t^C tU30 cnaef peared mr rciful- 

lo.andio.itf. i^ 'EScn^orcs toentbp tot^eSJ^omtt, oftfief^erciEfEat. lyvntothem: 

k To wit.thc ana t^e cIohb couersa tl3C i^ountaine, iq ana ttie one QKjenib flialt tl)0ii tnaftr and this was a&» 

people. - J0 ^0t^$glQjtpQftg(S,Q^aftbQ9(]0P9n att^$o»(«nQ?)ar,o ;l)eat^ei;^'g»;ubat guteofcbiifi., 





a When he cal- 
led him vp to 
the Mounrainc 
to giue him the 
ter hitherto. 
b When he had 
Lawes in mount 

+ Ebr.iudge- 
Chap.i9.%. »4 

For as yet the 
Priefthood was 

the Law. 
hibr,9 io. 
d Which blood 
fignificth that 
befatisfied with- 
out bloodf^cd- 

il Or^a circle, 
aud a border^ 

i Or,feet»» 

The forme of the Table and Candleftickc. Exodus. 

The forme of the curtaincs. 

ivtth thee. 

Ch€fi'}. 10. 

h To ret the 
bead vpoB. 

i IcQiallnotbe 
t«n out of the 
lumpe ofgol J 
with the iutn> 

t\)Z ot^cc enU: of the matter of tl^e ^trcpftat 
fliall j»cc mafec J^c Q^^tjerubims, ont^ettBO 

20 aiiQ tbe Cljcrtibimg fl)al a rttcl^ tl)eir 
tomis on IjU, coucctng tl)e $0ccc)» feattoitb 
tljeit ttJtngs, anu tticir faces one to anotl)cr; 
to tfte 9®ercp fcat^aaro fljall tjje faces of tlje 

21 auDtijon n)aUputtl)e S^ercvfeata' 
tone Upon tlje grkt, ana in t^e atfeetljou 
fijaltpuc t^e ia^eftunonie, toljtcO 31 toill gmc 

22 ano f^jreH toill nocclaic mp felfc tiif 
to tiiee.anU from r.boue t^e SGercvfeat * be* 
tujcnic tljc ttoo €()crtibim3,iclj!clj are bpou 
tlje arfte of t^c 'Ecftanonte , "S\ luill tell tlje^ 
all t!)mg3 tQljiclj 31 totll ginc tlicc i\x com« 
manScmcntijnto tl;e cttlD.'cn of jlfraeL 

tljereof} anti tlje lampes tbetcof fljalt tljoti 
put tljeteon, to gtue Ugijt totsacQ t^at t|)at 

38 t^lfo t^e fnuffer? anQ inuSe-Htdje^ 
thereof flialbe of pute golB. 

30 ©fa'' talent of fine golBcfljalttSou 
mal?e U tottl) all tljefe tnatujncnt0. 

40 *LooUct&Ctf0;tCtl)attl)OUma&Cthem theTemple,axid 

aftec \^m fafljton, tyat Uia? UjetoeD tljee in weighed i lo, 

k This was the 
taknt weight of 


I The firmc of the Tabernacie aftd the appertU 
fiances. 33 ThefUce ofthe^rl{e,DftheJitrcte 
feat, of the Table, and ofthe^andle/}icl{e. 

AJrtermarD tyoii ibalt make tbc Cabct* 
naclc tuttb ten ciirtstnes of fine ttoinea 
Unnen,aBlj blctu Ulke, anD purplcana that 


25 C * 'Ei)on fijalt alfo maJ^e a "Cable of let.-snD tn t\)tvt\ tljou il;alt jnafec<iibetubim)» 
^feittuntDooDjOf tiDO ci.bitcs long,aniJonc of' bjopbeteDUJO^fec 

cubite b<ioaD, anD a cnbire anb a ^alfe btc: 

24 9nO tl)OU fl;alt coucc it tnitlj pure golB, 
anb mafee thereto a ccowneof goioerouno 

25 '3Lbon ifjalt alfo makebntottabcibfc 
0f Ufoarc fingers rounb aboiit:anO tfeou fijalt 
njikc a goloen ccobojic lounb about i&e bo^' 
Ser thereof. 

2$ after.tbou ITjalt make foz it foure rings 
of golDe, anb fijalt put tbe rings in tl)? fourc 
coiiners tbat are in tljc foure feet tljercof: 

27 aDucr againit tije boiuet fljal tlje rings 
&e fO(i places fo^ bartcs, t^i bcare t^e tabic. 

28 ano tbou Ibalt make tl)e barrea of 
^btttim b:ooD,anQ fljnlt ouerlav tljera luttb 
BOlD,tljat tbe tabic nia^) be bozne b)it^ tljem. 

29 'Eijou fljalt make alfo bDUIjes font, 
anu incenfe cups foMt> anb couetingsfo^it, 
ana goblets tubcrebJitbit flwtl bee ceuetcb, 
cuen of fine goia fljalt ttjou matte tbem. 

30 ana tbou fljalt fet b pen tlje table {!jcb) 
b^eab bcfoje me continuallp. 

31 Caifo tljeu fljalt make a €anblenicft 
of pure golDe: of' tooikc beaten out toitlj tlje 
Ijammcr fijall tlje Canbleftickc be maae, ijts 
fljaft, ana bts b^ancbes , bis bobjlea, bis 
bnopg;: a«a bt3 floures fljaU be of tfje fame. 

32 <S>ij;e b^ancbes alio fijall come out of 
tbe fiacsof it: tb^tte b.zancl^es of tbc (Can' 
Dleftickeoutoftbeouenac of it, ana tij^ce 
bitancbes of tije (ll^analefltch out of tbe otbec 
CDC of it. 

35 'Cb^eebotales like bnto almonDs, one 
Itnop ana one flourc in one biancb;ana ttj^te 
fcotolcs like almonas in tbe otbcr b;ancb, 
ouekiiopanaone floure : fotljo^otaouttlje 
fijceb2ancl)e;5tbat come out of tbe€anDle* 

34 ana \\n})t fhaft of t%e CCanbletticke 
(h3ii be fourc boiales like bnto almonDsi , bis 

3^ ana there (hall bee a knop bnaer tbJO 
l);ancljes made tbeieof : ana aknop bnacr 
Der ttoobwncbes made tbereof,acco;iaing to 
tbe lijce b^ancljc3 comming out of tbe GLan* 

36 Wizxx knops ana tbctr b;ancbes fijall 
be tijercof: all tbts fljall be om beaten tto;ke 

37 ^m tljoit H^alt make ti^c fsuen Umpos 

b Ontftefidf, 
that the curtaines 

... a Tbatu,of 

2 'Ebelengtbofonecurtainefliaibecigbt moft cunning, 
ana tbjcntie cubites , ana tljcbieaatb of one orfiae woike. 
curtame,fourc cubttes : cuerp one of tbe cur* 

taint? fljall baue one meafure. 

3 ^lue curtaines fljall bee coKpIea one to 
anotber ; ana tbe other fiue curtatnes fljalbe 

4 ana tbou fljalt make Urtngs of bletoe 
filkebpon tbe eDgc of tbe one c»rtaine,which 
is in tbefelueage boftljccDupltng-.^Ukttoire 
fljalt tbou make in tbe epge of tlje other cur* 
taineintljjEfelueDgcin tbefeconacouplmg. might be tied 

5 JFiftie fttings fljalt tbou make in one together, 
curtaine, ana fiftie firings (bait tbeu make 

in tbe cage of tbe curtamc, toljicb is in tbe 

t ferona coupling : tbe llrings fl-ail bee one c in tying toge 

rigbt againft anotbcr. ther both the 

6 -Cbon fljalt make alfo fiftie 11 tacljesof fides, 
goiae,ana couple tbe curtaines one to aH0» \\Or,bookes. 
tbcrwitb tbetacbes,ana it ^^aWitontW^s,' 

7 C aifo tboH fijalt raakecurtatncsof 
scates haire,to be a <iccueringiipon tbe Ca« 
bernacle : tliou fljalt make tbcm to the num- 
ber of clcucn curtaines. 

8 "^Dbelengtb of a curtaine fliaibctbirtie 
cubites , ana tlje b^eaatb uf a curtaine foure 
cubites ; tbe eleuen curtaiiesfhau be of oue 
meafure. » 

ana tbou Ibalt couple fine cflrtaines b? 
tbemfclucs , ana tbe lire curtatnce bp t^cm* 
feints: but tljou fljalt aotible i\iz ' fijrtb c«r« 
taine bpon tbe foieftont of tbe coucriug. 

10 ana tljou Ibalt make fiftie ftrings in fiue on tix other, 
tbe cage of one curtame in tbe fclucDse of & thefixt (houid 
tbecoupling,anOfiftr ftrings tntbecDgeof hang oner the 

tljC other CUttainC in rbC fcCOnD coupling. dcore of the Ta- 
il Likftoife tbou fi'.alt make fiftie iit4tb'"S bernscle. 

ofb;afle,anD fatten tbem on tbe Urmgi.anD \\OrMok"* 

fljalt couple tbe couering togetbcr , rUt tt 

map be one. 
12 ana tbe f remnant tbat tefittbin t\)Z f Forthefecur- 

cuitaines of tbccouering,':ufntbeba'.rccur' tainetwerctwo 

tatnetbatrcaetb,flialbeUftattbebacl:fiae cubites ioniser 

of tbe EabernaCle, then the curtaines 

i; 'Ebat tbe cubit on tbe one fiacjcna tbe oftheXaberna- 
cubitc on tij: orbrr fibeof tbat tobicb is left cle: fo that they 
in tbrlsngtl) of tbe curtaines of tl;c couc* wercfid.vbya 
ring, map tcmaine on cttber fibc of tbe Ca* cubitconbott 
bernacle to couer it. fides. 

Ji4 V@02(ouet:>fo;t^atconcrtnst^ou (bait 



d Left ralne and 
weather (hould 

e Thatisjfiucon 

the booicis,the barf es,thc vailc. 

Ghap.xxvij. the altar oFoffrlngSjand the court. 3 5 

f|<3r, J<t/? pieeetf 

wherein were 
the mortaffes/ef 

g To be put vp- mafee a g conerins of csntmes rkinnefiCicO 
on the couenng reDQe , anil a coutcing i- of baDscr;? ffeinnw 

that was made of abOlie. 

goats hairf. i^ Caifo tlj0ufl&altmafee6oo?i3esfouit)e 

i) Tfcis was the 'E^a&ErnacUof^^immtuooo toftantJ tip. 
third ccuering i6 "Eciinc ciibitcsfhaiibc ttjelenst^ofa 
for the Taber- booitB, anD a ciibtte anQ an ^alfc cubue tlje 
Hade. bjcal3tf}ofoncbco?D. 

17 ^tuo tcnonff (halbe ftt oitt booflj ff t ill 
ojDer ag tljc feet of a laUDer, one asamtt an» 
otljcntljHs (ijalt tljou maltc fo? al ttje boo^Ds 

18 anD tl30u ftialt mafte feoo^ucs f« t^c 
'Eabernacte, eucn tlucntp boo^Iif;? «u tljc 
^OHtlj fiDe, EnenfuIl-^ofUlj. 

19 anD tfeOK fi)alt make foiirtpKocfeew 
oFfifUEC unDcc tljc ttoent? buo^Des, mo fqc* 
kct0 tnQec one boo^D fo^ ijistojo tenons, 
anD ttDo focfeetjs tinDec another boo^D fo^ 
ijie ttoo tenons. 

20 InUkeuianeroinljeotljtt fiDeoftlje 
'EabernacletotBara tt)C j;2o?tl)tlDeniaiibcc 
ttucntf booiDs, 

21 9nDt^etcfourtprocfeets(ofRluer,ttoo 
lockets tinDcc one booiiD, anD tvoo fochctst 

22 SnDontlje fiDeoft^e'CabernaclctO' 
toatD tbe 2aea,SjaU tljoji mafee fijce boo^D?. 

25 aifo ttDO booiD0 fljalt tljonmake tn tlje 
cornets of tf)eEabeniacle tn tbe tluo fiDes. 

24 aifo tfjcp fljalbe • tovncD beneatlj, anD 
likettifc tl)cv flialbe iopneD aboue to a ring: 
tl)U3 Ojall tt be isf. t^em ttuo : t^e? Rjaibs fo^ 

25 ^0 t])tv {^albeets^tfioo^Deiergaufns 
fijcfeets of filtie'r,euen fij;teene fockct^, that is, 
ttna&cketstonDcrone boo^D, anDtteofoC' 
Itets bnDec anotl)cr boo2D. 

26 fK^^enfljaltt^ou make flue barteg 
of <S)^ittim ijjooD fojE tl)e boo^Des of one aoc 

27 anD flue barren fo?t5eboo?De0 of tl&c 
ttt^ec flDe oft^e'EabecnacIe:al(b flue barred 
fo;i tl)e boo;iDe9 of tlje QDc of t^e 'Cabtrnaclc 

28 anDt6emtDDlebatrefl)alsot5;ious5 
tie miDs of tl)e boo;iDs,from enD to enD. 

2c) anDit^oH fi)alt couec tie boo?Ds toftl) 
fiolD, ana make tijeir rings ofgoID,fo;ip(a» 
ces fo; tlje barres , anD tljoudjalt couec tlje 
bartes tolti) golD. 

50 ^otljottt^altrearebptlje'Eaberna'' 
rie * accojDing to tbe falliion tljeceof, 'm^lcJi 
tuas ff)ctoeD t^tc in tbcSgount. 

31 C" S©o?coiicr, tl)OU njaltmakeaiailc 
of bUie tilkc , anD ptu:ple , auD fkarlet, ana 
fine ttoineD Unnen ; tljou Ujalt make it of 
b/eoDereD lduo;ikc toitb (derubims. 

32 anD tljou Ojalt tangitupon foHre pil- 
lars of ^IjtttimtoooDcouereD toitft golDe, 

(UJljofc ''lioo'kcs flialbe of SOlD)ftandingijpon 

33 CaftertuarD tftou fijalt Ijang tfic baile 
t on tbe booker, tbat tbou mavtH b;ing in 
tl)itljer,tbatis,(toitl)tn tljetjailc) tI)earkeof 
tbe 'Ectlimonv; auD t^e tjatlc fl>al make j>ou 
afeparation bhtoeene tte ijolp place anD 
tbe 'moll t?ol? place. 

34 aifo tl^ou fljalt put t^e S©crtt> feate 
Upon tbe arke of t^f ^jftiinonie in tie mod 
i(;olp place. 

i llieEbrew 
word fignifieth 
twinnes: decla- 
ring that they 
fliould be fo 
perfedl and well 

fi«/>. a 5.9,43. 

:k SomereaJe, 
(^cads of the 

+ Ebr. iinder the 
hwkjif. meaning 
hang dorvrnvtrd 
fitm the bookie*. 
1 Whereintothc 
fcie Prieft oncly 
cntrcd once a 

I'i anD tftOUfijalt fettle table "^taitiout m Mearingln 

tfte DailE,anD tie (CanDlefticke outr againll the holy place, 
tljc liable on tlje <©outfifiDe of tie 'Eabtr« 
naclc, anD tiou lialtfc: t\)z 'Sable on tie 

36 airotiouffjaltmakcan-Ijangingfo; n Thishaneinc 
tlje tiooie ot tie Eabecnacle of bleta Ulke, orvaiie wasbe* 
anD piirplcanS fkarlet, anD tine ttoincDUn' tweenethckoir 

nCHjto^OUgit Vaiti necDlc. phce.andtbere 

37 anD tiou ^alt make fo; tic iangins where thopcoplc 
flue pillars of«S)ljttfim, $ coHfr ticmtoiti were, 

golD : ticic ieaQs (liall bee of golD , anD tio« 
tialt call flue fockctjeof b^alTe fo^ ti<uu 

t Tbi ^Itar of the burnt off eriMf. 5 The 
court of the Tabernadt. zo Tbelamfeiconti' 
suaUjr burning. 

\ /tDjieouEr tiow ITjalt m?.ketie«aItatof a for the bum* 
lVl^l}ittimtoocD, flue cubits long $Bue offering, 
cubits b^oaD ( tie altar fijalbe fouretquare) 
anD tic ieigit tiercof tiuc aibits. 

2 anB tioii tialt make it io^nes in tic 
foure corners ticreof: tic io^nes fljalbe of it 

•» felfe : anD tiou fijalt coucr it toiri b^alTc. f> oFthc Tan e 

3 aifo tiou lialt make iisafijpanncsfo;! wood and irot- 
iisafijes, anD iisbtfomSjanDiisbatins, temct faftenei 
r.nD iis flefliiookea , a«D iisyccnfcrs : tiou vnto it. 

lialt make all tie inHrumcnt;? tieteofof II Or,firefaititet 

4 auD tiou (ialt make Unto It a grate 

like netteoikc of b;iaire : alio bpo tiat t grate t, 
fljalt tiou make foure b^afen rings Upon tic 
foure co;mer9! ticrtofl 

^ anD tboti (bait put tt bnDcr tie com* 
oafle of tie altar bencati.tiat tie grate map 
be in tie miDs of tic altar. 

6 aifo tiou lialt make barren fo; tie al- 
tar,barrcs,ifty,of -©iittmittooD, anD fljalt 
cower ticmtoitib^afle. 

7 anD tie batresticteoffiallbeputitt 
tie rings, tie Uiiiri barres liall bee bpou 
tie tbjo noes of tic altar to beare it, 

8 'EioH lialt make tic altar iolloto be- 
tweere tie boojDs: as God lieUieD tiecm tic 
mount,fo fljall tiep make it. 

C aifo tiou (ialt make tic ' court of c This wasthe 
tie 1.abcrnacle in tie ^oiitifiDc , cucn full firit entrie into 
<S)outi: tiecouctfljaliauccurtainesoffiiie the Tabcmadc, 
tttJincD linnen, of an ituiD^eDcubitesdong wbere the people 

fO<loneflDC. abode, 

10 anD it fljalliauc tbJent^ pillars toiti 
ticir ttocntv fockctsof b^alTe : tieicaDsof 

tie pillars, anD tiClt <* fillets rhalbc mutt. d They were 

11 i-ikctoife on tie j;3o;tiriDeinlengti certaine hoopcs 

therefhallbeiangingSOfan iunD^eti cubits or circles for to 

long, anD tie ttoentp pillars tiertof toiti beautifietbe 
titir ttuentv fockets of b^alfe : tic ieaDs of pillar, 
tie pillars anD tiefllletsniaibefilucr. 

12 C anDtieb^caDtioftic court on tljc 
Caell fiDe (ball haue cuttaincs of fiftic cu^ 
bites,with tieicten pillars>anD tieie tenfoc» 

13 anD tlie b?eDti of tiecoutt.^aflUjatD 

full (Kaft,fhall haue ' fiftlC CUbitS: c Meaninj?,eur. 

14 airoliangingsoffiftecnccilbitsfihalbe lainesoffiftic 
on tie one ffiDcvvithtieiC tlj?CC pillar;S anD cubites. 

ticir tiice fockets. f of the doore 

I? LiketotreontieotierfiDcQiaiibeian' of the court, 
gings of flftecne cubites , with tieir ti;ec 
<2£ piUar? 

lampcs continually burning. The Exodus* 

garments and apparel! 

iJillaciS ant) tljeic tli^cc foctets. 

i6 C ani' in t\)c jjatcof tbtfouttflwilbe 
a Datle ofttonuie ctibites, ctbletD rttke,ano 
yiirplc, aiiO fKarlct, auD tine ttomeu lumen 
lu^oagUtiDitljneeDIe, uithtije foucepUtatg 
ti)et:Eof,an'o tljcic fomefockcts. 

17 Sll rbc ptllai-softljeconttf^aaijane 
fillets of liliier roimtj about, with t^ctt Ijeaa.3 
of filutr,ano t!)ctcfockEt5 of b^afle. 

IS C^US ICHgtljOftljECOUrtfiiallbeean 

iSbrMie in IjunD^f tlj cubtta, ano tbe b^eaott) fiftie + at 
^t«. Eitl)£c cntic, aao rljc betgbt fine cubits, and 

the hangings of fisc tluinED Unncn , aiUJ tljeic 

rackets otb^nlTe. 
ic) an tl3cUc£fclgof tl;ei:aberHaclefD? 
g or, flakes al wanct: fctuice tljcfeof,ano all tlje % ptnncs 
*vhcicwi!ii the tljcccof, ano all tlje pinncis of tlje conr: nwL e 

curtaineswere b^aflC- 

faftened to the 20 CSntJ tljsn fljalt commaunB tl)etl)t!» 
"round. B»n of 3]lVacl,ti)at tljcy b^tngunto tljcc pnre 

h Such as com- oylE oltijs b beaten fo^t tlje lig^t, t^at tije 
meth from the lanrpcs map altuav li bnrne. 
oiiue.whenitis 21 3!nti)e Cabecnaclsottbccicngrega' 
firftprcflcdor ttonlBitljont tl;e»atle ,ti)!jtclji3 befojc tlje 
beaten. 'Eellimonte , fljall aaron ano ijts foimes 

Wr.afce'advp. U?e(retl)cmfromeucntngtomo;ntng before 
t^e Lo;ttJ, fo; a ftatutc fo^i cuec Dnto tXjtxt 
genci-ation9,tobeobfetucdbptt)e c^ilD^cncf makett. 



1 The Lord calietb xAitron and his fames to the 
TneUbood. 4 Their garments. 1 j. 19 yAaron en- 
treth tntothe Sanctuary m the name oftht chil- 
dren of ffrael. 10 yum and Thummim. 38 .Aa- 
ron beareth theimquitie cfthe Ifraehtes Ojf rings, 

Ai;5Q canfe tljon tl)p b;ot!)Er aaron to 
come tmto tljecanO Ijts tonnes ujitij 
l)tm,fi-0iu among tlje c!)il5:cn of 3irracl,t^ac 
\)z map ff cue me m tl)e$3;!ieit3 oiftce:i meanc 
aaron,|5aQab,ana Sibilju, <£, anD a- 

2 aifo tljon (Ijalt make |)orv gacmmts 
a Whereby his fo^ ^aton tljv b^otljer , » glorious an3 beau* 

office nwy be tltllU. 

knovven to be g ■^Lljctrcfo^c tl)0H (Ijalt fpcake ijnto all 

glorious and +tunntn5 men, toljom 31 ijatic fiileu teiti^ tl)c 

occcilent. iptrit of toifcBome, tljat tljcv make Sarena; 

t ebr.wife in garments to " confccrate Ijim, tljat \)zz map 

keart. fcme nic in i\)t l]3.:tc{ls office. 

\> vvhicViisto 4 i^ovue tljcfe fiiall bcc tlie garments, 

feparace him tol)tcl) t^ep ftjall make,?. hxt:i:x plate, anD an 

from the reft. ' Qrpl)OLi,anD A robe, ana a b^vDercn coate, 

e AOiortmid amUEr,anDagirDIe: fothtfegolpgarmenta 

flrait coat ni:h- lljall tl^cv tnake fo^ aaron tl)p b<!otl3er, anD 

out flceues put fo? lits tonncs tljat Ijec mav fc me mc e iw tijc 

vpmoft vpon his 13^tcrtS office. 

sarmcncs, to j 'S-fecrcfb^e tljcplTial takc gol5,anl3bla: 

kecpe thcni clofc filkc, aniDpiirplc anp rkarlet,anDfincnntn, 


10 ^x%t names of tijcra tjpoti tfjc one 
(tone, anD tl^e lire names tljat tcmaine, ijp» 
on tlje icconQ ftone, atco^nmg to t^etr < se> e As they were , 
nerattons. in age , fo fliouW 

11 %\V\\ fljalt caufe to graue tljC ttoO theybegraucn 

(loncs acco;tCing to tlje namcc of tliecljil' in order, 
Xiizn of IXiael bp a grautt of <S>ignctgf, 
tljat tooiketl) anD gtauctt m ftone , ana 
(ijaltmakc ttcmtobefet anD emboiieD in 

1 2 anD tl)ou Rjalt put t^e ttoo (tones bp* 
on tlje fijonlDE w of tlje (EpljoD, as itoncs of 
f remembrance of tlje cljilD^tn of Jfraet ; fo^ ^ T^at Aaron 
aaron fljall beaic t^eir names before tlje '"•giit remfmUer 
!Lo;Dfeponljt;3il]goiljoulDersf0? a rEmem* the ifraciitcsto 

b^ance. Oodward. 

15 «©otljou fljalt make bofTes of golD, r , ■, ^ 
14 canDtU^ocljatnesof finegolBcgafS Oftheboflts. 

tlje enDc, of te?ctt)ED teo;kc iljalt tljon nmke 
tljem , anD ftalt tallcn tljc iu^f tljeD cljameis 

1% caifo tljoHfijalt make tlje bjtcrt plate . _ , , ,j 
of •> inDgcment vuttl) b^ovDcrcD tuo^ke : like P }] ""^^ '" ^** ' 
tlje taoo^kE of tlje Cfpljr.b Hjalt tljeu make h*^'^"!' ."^^ 
it: of golD, bleU) filkc, anD purple, anD Ikac* '"« P"«'* '""'** 
let, anD 8ne ttoineD linucn Halt tljow n-'tg"'erentence3 


16 i'iFcnre^qtlat^it(IJallfJCCandDoilblp^ >^."^.out that eo 1 
anl)anBb^caDtljJong,anDan\)ai;Db^EaDtl) v'^^,^"*- . . 

b;ioaD. ' ThedefcriptVi 

17 EljentljOHdjaltrct it ful of places fo;t onofthebreft. 
fioneSjtuen fonre roloes of Sencs : tlje o^Dec P'^"^^- 

ihaibe this,a || rubie.a copaje, anD a ll carbun* llO'-> Sardome, 

ClC^ tlje lira roto. WOr.Emeiaud, 

18 anD in tljc feconD roto thou f])3ic fet an 
|fcmEranD,arapljir,anD atlDiamonD. ^Or.CarltincU, 

10 anD in tije t^irDe rotte a tnrkeis, an WOrJ'Ipcr^ 

acljate,anD an hematite. .^, ^ n „ 

20 anD in tljcfonrtljrotoeatcIj^foUte, \Ei>r.Tarjh»jh. 
an ont;c,anD aiafper : anD t^cp fljall befetim 

golDtn tljetrcmbolTcments. 

21 anD tlje ftones lljalfae acco^Dtng to t^e 
names of tljecljilD^cn ofjlfracl, ttoclne, ac- 
C0(iDing to tljcir names , granen as fignets, 
eucrp one after Misname) and tljep fljallbec 
fo^ tlje ttoclue tribes. 

22 € '(EI)eH ttou fijalt make bpon tlje 
b<ieil plate tbro cljainrs at tlji enSes of Dj;e» 

25 ^Ijou fljalt make alfo bpon t^eb^ed 
plate ttuo ringes of golDe , anD put tlje 
mo tinges on ^ tljc tujo cnDes of t^e b^eft k which are 

plate. vpmoft towai^ 

24 anD tljonl^alt pnttbe ttoote^etljen thsQioujdeu 
cljatncs of golD in tlje tiwfi tings in tljc enD? 
of tlje biefi- plate. 

2^ anDrtje otherttoo tnDcs of tlje t'mx 

veto hiTt), 

6 C anD t^cp (Ijall make tljc ©pIjoDof tomljenchaincs, tton fljalt faRen int^ettoo 

golD,b!c'n) ni&c, nnD purple, fknrlet anD fine 

tlwintD Unncn of b^opDereD tuo^ke. 
7 ''Clje ttoo flionlDcrs tljereof fijalb? fov» 

lUD togctljer bp tljcir fujo cDges j fo fijall it 

A whichwe-it 8 anD tlje -^ imbiopDereD garDe of tlje 
abouc his vpnioft ramc®pl)op,\j)ljicb fijall bcejjpon l)im,n)an 
coat, - «--« "- « /T..r>. 

embolTcments , anD fijalt put them upon 
tlje fljoulDcrs oftlje^p^oD on tlje fojteUDe 

26 C atfo tljoH fljaltmake mo ctngs of 
golDe, tuljici) tbou fljalt put in tlje 'ttoo , whkhate 
cr>ther EuDcs of tljc b«ft plate , t^pon tlje u-n.^u 
ba^DcrtljcrcofjtoiuarDrlje mUDeoft{jc<Z£» ''^ "''• 

beoftlJefclfe^amcb)o?keanD(tu!^e, cucn of pljOD 

golD,bleU)IUkc,^i;iD purple, anD fkarlctjanD 27 anD ttoo other rings of golDe tljou 

tine ttuineD linnen . fljaltmake , ana put tljcm on sU tuio lIDcs 

q anD tlion iljolt take ttoo onir flcnc?, of tijt dilpljoD, bencatli in tljc forepart of it 

anDi2;raii?yp$»tijwti)eiiflm??ofti)ecljt;» wkv asAiRll tlje cpupUns of it upon tije 

for Aaron and hisfonnes. 

Chap.xxlx. Theconrcerationof thePrlefls. 34 

his owne name 
bucinthe name 
of alltliedifl- 
drenof ifrad. 

mim pcrfedion*. 
declaring cba<^ 
moR c!eare,and 
of perfcd beau- 
ty : by Vrim alfo 
ii meant know- 
ledge , & Thiim- 
iTiim holineflc, 
(liei'ing what 
vercues are rc- 
cjuired in the 

titaio^tQ ffara ofttic Cp!)oTJ. tWt\)tv' commit not iniquittc, anH fo Hit. r in not hidm« 

28 'EijustlKP iijalibiuDet^t&iitll plate TbisaiiUbeaLatoto^cuetunto^miauota their nakwiacfltf* 

6y tts lings Ijnte tht rings of t\}t <Kpl)oo, Ijis ft cfl aftct Ijim. 
lEitl) a lace of l)Itie ail^e, tljat it may lice faft 
»pont^cbwO(!ctigatiieoftl)c(KpJ3oD,ano chap. xxix. 

thattljeb^eiiplatebeJtOtlOereDfWnU^efJi;' » Themamerofco«fecrati>tgtheTrieJlt. j8 
pj)OD. TheconttnuaUfacnpce . ^^ The Lord promifetk 

2q <^0 9ar0nfi)an ""bcatetfjC names Of to diveUa»Honitbe children of Jfrad. 

tljc cl)i{D;tcn of 3iriacl in tljc D^efiplate of -rt;is tiling alfo fljalttljou Doe unto tijem 
luDacmentBponljisteattjUJljenlicegoetl) 1 loljcntljouconfeciatefttljcni to bcemp , . 
' " B^ietts, *^fseavoung(i:;alfe,anl) ttoo ^'^'*^'** 

Bammes tottljout lileiniHj, 
2 anD isnleawcncD l);tcal5,anB cafecs ljn« 

UanentatEmpcrtO luitljoplc, anu tuafcts 

a To offer tfcem 
in facrifice. 

b Which wax 
next vndir the 

m Aaron (iiall 
not enter into 

UK noiy p